Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA)

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Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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i • »ap» ME iSmflf , .v ,A vt ' v fc ' V ' r WfjyiFM JNH BsRMr Mr Hl , 4w vHfflMb niK nilGW fftSI .V ■Tgir1P«FfMHi jfiWh. wiU ' jftaBfT JWfRjiwffaTrnj mBUI “W-jt «uHQ fatoJWff Sit. .aBaf u 4fc- ra lr j[ • b p j| jfil |L PStm i, rJK fy . m mi utusii 9 I. •. . I . 30809000203099 mzm Ffe- ' SSB© ' A P A I L f ■ r NAUSET REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL ORLEANS, MASSACHUSETTS 1971 ; v t ' 1 y ■ 1 2 .k Administration Faculty. Underclassmen Activities. Seniors. Clubs. ORLEANS SCENES I The last ti ly weekly 1 till on the ti o various sh ad droppe( doomed by f chrysanth (Ut front. A ly first hos ollowed a 1 to type out leaves were lad changed me of them Roses still bright hues brick steps for 18 days, ears. Then l in Boston hile I underwent X-ray treatments. It was not an easy time, ut the results have proven most worthwhile. Now I have retty well regained my strength and was able at last to eturn to my classroom a week ago Monday. There I; eceived a most warm welcome from both my students and ellow-teachers. It was indeed good to be back. 1 have gone into some detail about the reason for the long ibsence of “Orleans Scenes” chiefly because I have had hany inquiries from readers, especially from off the Cape, as o why the column has been missing. I am grateful for their nterest and I am especially appreciative of the literally iozens of cards and letters I received during my illness, hessages from many friends and acquaintances as well as rom many folks whom I have never met but who read The F " pe Codder. To them all I extend my sincere thanks. Their j___ Jiff!_ iu We, the Class of 1971, dedicate our yearbook to Dr. S. Stewart Brooks " Thus Cape Cod is anchored to the heavens ... by a myriad little cables of beach-grass.” Thoreau " The waves forever rolling to the land are too far-traveled and untamable to be familiar. " Thoreau 7 T rees I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree. A tree whose hungry mouth is pressed Against the earth ' s sweet flowing breast; A tree that looks at God each day. And lifts her leafy arms to pray. A tree that may in summer wear A nest of robins in her hair; Upon whose bosom snow 1 has lain; Who intimately lives with rain. Poems are made by fools like me. But only God can make a tree. Joyce Kilmer A god has brought us this peace. Vergil 9 10 MR. THOMAS MOHAN MRS. PRISCILLA WHITE I I X MRS. ANN MEADS MRS. EVELYN ANDERSON MISS SHARON KLENK MR. LEO MILLER MR. WILLIAM McCASKIE MR. DAVID deBAUN MR. JOHN GRAY MR. RONALD CHAD MR. SUMNER CAMPBELL MR. EDWARD BROOKSHIRE 13 MRS. MURIEL SMITH V MR. JAMES OWEN MRS. JANET PALMER MRS. JUDITH BUTTERFIELD MRS. JOANNE BRIDWELL MR. STUART FINLAY MRS. MARY BERRIO MR. FRANK HUTCHINGS MISS DONNA LUMPKIN MRS. MARY MORRISON MR. ROBERT WILKINSON MRS. KRISTIN WALSH MISS SUSAN AVELLAR MR. PAUL WHITE V MR. RONALD SPINNEY MR. KENELM COLLINS MR. ROBERT BRUCE MRS. CATHERINE LUHMAN MR. ROBERT MORSE MISS JEAN ROBERTSON Jill m MRS. PHYLLIS BAKER MR. FRANK JAMES MRS. NANCY LANING MR. JAMES SMITH MRS. ANNE STOUT ak MR. BERNARD COLLINS MISS CAROLYN RICHARDSON MR. DONALD CAMPBELL MR. DAVID GATES MRS. DOROTHY FULCHER MR. THOMAS EGAN MRS. VIRGINIA EMERSON DR. DAVID GESSFORD MR. HENRY KELLEY MR. RICHARD COCHRAN MRS. MARGAR ERICKSON I MRS. JOAN HOWES MR. RICHARD GREENMAN MRS. KSENIJA POWERS THOMAS A. MOHAN (p. 12) Principal; Boston College, EEM; Tufts U., AB. ANDREW KALINICK (p. 12) UMass, BA; Clark U., BA, MA in Ed. SUSAN AVELLAR (p. 15) Spanish; Suffolk U., BA. PHYLLIS BAKER (p. 16) Librarian; Simmons Coll., BS. DONALD BARKER (p. ) Chemistry, physics; MIT, BS; Columbia U., MS. MARY BERRIO (p. 14) English; Wilson Coll., BA; U. of Scranton, MA. JOANNE BRIDWELL (P. 14) Art; Jacksonville U., BFA. S. STEWART BROOKS (p. 20) Latin; Princeton U., AB, MA, and Ph.D. ROBERT BRUCE (p. 16) General Science; Springfield College, BS. JANE BUCK (p. 20) French; Barnard Coll., BA; Columbia U. JUDITH BUTTERFIELD (p. 14) P hysical ed.; West Chester State College, BS. DONALD CAMPBELL (p. 18) European history, government; West Vir¬ ginia Wesleyan, AB. JOHN DONAHUE (p. 20) Physical ed.; Dartmouth, BA. MARY DOWGERT Biology; Holy Family, BS; Smith College, MS. THOMAS EGAN (p. 19) Guidance; St. John’s Seminary, BA; Boston College, MA. VIRGINIA EMERSON (p. 19) Drama, Sociology; U. of Maine, AB; Clark U„ AM. MARGAR ERICKSON (p. 19) Physical ed.; Panzar Coll., BS. STUART FINLAY (p. 14) Industrial arts, Math; U. of Maine and Fryeburg Academy, BSCE. DOROTHY FULCHER (p. 19) Geography, Social studies; Bridgewater State, BSE, ME. DAVID GATES (p. 18) Biology, Physiology; Stonehill Coll., BS; Bridgewater State, M.Ed.; Simmons Coll., MS; U. of Hawaii. DAVID GESSFORD (p. 19) MR. DONALD BARKER Our apologies to Miss Dow- gert and Mrs. Schmidt, whose pictures we did not take. Faculty Directory Earth science, Genetics; Ventura Jr. Col¬ lege, AB. WILLIAM McCASKIE (p. 13) English; Northwestern U., BS, Boston Col¬ lege, M. in Ed. LEO MILLER (p. 13) Special education; Fitchburg State, BSE. MARY MORRISON (n. 15) French; Laval U., BA, MA. ROBERT MORSE (p. 16) English; Tufts U., AB, Ed. M. JAMES OWENS (p. 14) Art; New York U., BFA; R.I. School of De¬ sign. JANET PALMER (p. 14) Business; Bryant Coll., BS; Columbia U., MA. HERBERT PETTINGILL (p. 17) Chemistry; Ricker Coll., AA; U. of Maine, BS; Brown U., MAT. KSENIJA POWERS (p. ) Russian; U. of Zagreb, BA; Southern Meth¬ odist U., MA; CAROLYN RICHARDSON (p. 18) Typing, Bookkeeping; Boston U., BS; Bridgewater State, M.Ed. JEAN ROBERTSON (p. 16) Guidance; Ferris State, AS; U. of Americas; U. of Md.; Merrit Coll.; Mitchell Coll.; U. Conn, BA; Bridgewater State. SUMNER CAMPBELL (p. 13) Guidance; Suffolk U., BA; Bridgewater State, MA in Ed. RONALD CHAD (p. 13) Special education; Fitchburg State, BSE; Bridgewater State. RICHARD COCHRAN (p. 19) Algebra, Geometry; Tufts U., BS. BERNARD COLLINS (p. 18) Industrial Arts; Fitchburg State, BSE. KENELM COLLINS (p. 16) Industrial arts, Math; Mass. Maritime Acad¬ emy, BS. JUDITH CORKUM (p. 17) English; Tufts U., BA. GERALDINE CROWELL (p. 17) Home economics; Framingham Teachers College, BS. DAVID DEBAUN (p. 13) Social Studies; Bowdoin, UMass, BA, MA., Cornell U., BS; Michigan State, MS, Ph.D. ROBIN GIBBONS (p.17) Current history; Boston University, BA. JOHN GRAY ( P . 13) English; Yale U., Harvard U., AMT. RICHARD GREENMAN (p. 20) Ancient history, World geography; Harvard U., AB; Boston U., Ed.M. DAVID HAMMATT (p. 20) Math; Wellesley College, BA. LAWRENCE HANSEN (p. 17) Social studies; Maine Maritime Academy. JOAN HOWES (p. 20) Math; Douglass Coll.; Rutgers U., BS; Bridgewater State. FRANK HUTCHINGS (p. 15) U. S. history; Wentworth Institute, MC, TD; UMass, BS, MA. FRANK JAMES (p. 17) Orchestra; New England Conservatory of Music, BM. HENRY KELLEY (p. 19) International relations; Brown U., AB. NANCY LANING (p. 18) English; Boston U., BS in Ed. CATHERINE LUHMAN (p. 16) Home ec.; Douglass Coll.; Rutgers U., BS. DONNA LUMPKIN (p. 15) Math; Colby Coll., BA. ELEANOR SCHMIDT Art; William and Mary, BA; Columbia U., MA. JOYCE ROCHE (p. 17) Biology; Chestnut Hill Coll., AB. JAMES SMITH (p. 18) Math, Science; Northeastern, AA, BS. MURIEL SMITH (p. 14) Reading; Radcliff College, BA. STANLEY SMITH, JR. (p. 20) Math, Electricity; Boston U., AA, BA, M. in Ed. RONALD SPINNEY (p. 16) Math; UMass, BS. ANNE STOUT (p. 18) English; Vassar, BS. PAUL WHITE, III (p. 15) Physical ed.; Yankton Coll., BA. ROBERT WILKINSON (p. 15) Algebra, General math; Fairfield U., BSS, MA. KRISTEN WALSH (p. 15) English; Emerson, BA. SOPHIE MARTIN (p. 17) Nurse; Worcester State Hospital, Belmont Isolation Hospital. 21 UNDERCLASSMEN ’71 t 22 1976 . i 1. Susan Joseph 2. Janet Bassett 3. Lynn Collins 4. Maura Doyle 5. Julie Clark 6. Debbie Cahill 7. Karen Gray 8. Cindy Kew 9. Sheila Adams 10. Debbie Fulcher 12. Kim Allmon 14. Sandy Baker 16. Fern Crowell 18. Dianne Castro 19. Karen Benn 20. Mark Alward 21. Joyce Doughty 23. Ginger Klingenstein 24. Wayne Contonio 25. Carol Berger 26. Elaine Beals 28. Joe Benecosta 29. James Brewer 30. Susan Kew 31. Cindy DeCosta 32. Robert Curtis 33. Judy Deschamps 34. Dennis Adams 35. Jeff Rose 36. Richard Chilson 37. Valerie Filler 38. Joel Erickson 39. Wendy Chase 40. Arthur Nichols 42. Becky Bennett 43. Howard Dykemen 44. David Paine 45. Eric Fowler 46. Timothy Bainey 47. Chris 48. James Doell 49. Leonard Butilier 50. Christine Brown 52. Lisa Brown 53. Richard Higgins 54. Andrew Kane 55. Chris Chambers 56. Kennith Fettig 57. Cindy Blakely 58. Marsha Ide 59. Bruce White 60. Clifford Ambrose 61. Robert Burrill 62. Scott Bronston 63. Allan Chase 64. Thomas Finlay 65. Lee Bengston 66. Kathy Eldredge 67. Jo-Ellen Harris 68. Robert Irving 69. Maurice Gluckman 70. Jonathan Brook 71. Cindy Higgins - : 24 1976 1. Judy Turnbull 2. Lori Rapose 3. Nancy Perkins 4. Jinna Pickard 5. Jeff Rose 6. Frank Richards 7. Steve Penney 8. Pam Peters 9. Francis Mayo 10. Paul Stevens 11. Del Meyer 12. Micheal Taylor 13. Paul Holbrook 14. Wayne Rhodes 15. David Paine 16. Kim Langens 17. Mary Ann Nickerson 18. Valerie Fillimen 19. Kathy Pierce 20. George Millikin 21. Mark Nossiter 22. Robert Waters 23. Joe Tillmen 24. Theodore McAdams 26. Micheal Parlante 27. Dianne Moore 28. George Snider 29. Karen Underhill 30. Betty Schofield 31. Annabell McElroy 32. Laura Smith 33. Terry Macioci 34. Lisa Minor 35. Marie Straiton 37. Robert Penny 38. Glenn Maker 39. Carol Poole 40. Michael Pettengill 41. Vicki Richardson 42. Debbie Unger 43. Arthur Nichols 44. John LaMoine 45. Steve Payne 46. Phil Peterson 47. Cheryl Pillsbury 48. Elaine Peluso 49. Steve Skinner 50. David McPartland 52. Karen Peterson 53. Peter Taggart 54. Marion Pilling 55. Danny Yonce 56. Nancy North 57. Sigurd Winslow 58. Dawn Radke 59. Kenneth Peters 61. Joey Bennencasser 25 1975 1. Roberta Carey 2. Cheryl Contonio 3. Elizabeth Hubler 4. Janet Hunter 5. John Bahr 6. Daniel Chambers 7. Marie Creonte 8. Ronald Evanko 9. Laurie Crowell 10. David Corbett 12. Peter Haskell 13. Margaret Hall 14. Carla Haubner 15. Ben Buck 16. Jane Dyer 17. Nancy Kalinick 18. Marka Finn 19. Mary Ellen Blatchford 20. Louise Peluso 21. Vicky Hopkins 22. Cardine Gallagher 23. Pam Ekberg 24. Leslie Ide 25. Dawna Hurley 26. Cinthia Finley 27. Phil Keppelman 28. Kathy Burton 29. Robert Butilier 30. LeRoy Brown 31. Thomas Doughty 32. Graig Brooks 33. Barry Cummings 34. Colleen Leary 35. Susan Bailey 36. George Eldredge 37. Valerie Ellis 38. Judy Deane 39. Linda Bean 40. Elizabeth Clark 41. Robert Hall 42. Thomas Gainey 43. Jay Gould 44. Thomas Kane 45. Michael Dennison 46. Karen Clark 47. Robert Howard 26 1. Alvaro Castro 2. Paula Nickerson 3. Kim White 4. Elizabeth White 5. Richard Norgeot 6. Brenda Pettengill 7. Traci Landers 8. Connie Delano 9. Holly Wilcox 10. Lisa Pierce 11. Denise McCafferty 12. Linda Collins 13. Susan Townsend 14. Lorie Newcomb 15. Terri Perreault 16. Marcia Peterson 17. Robert Reynolds 18. Edward Schmidt 19. Barry Day 20. Gary Woods 21. Wayne Clark 22. Gary Woodland 23. Gary Walwer 24. Thomas White 25. Bart Melcher 26. Glen Wilcox 27. Mallory Comins 28. John Kane 29. Kelly Walker 30. Susan Snow 31. Debbie Meyer 32. Tracy Marshall 33. Lisa Melenbacker 34. Wendy Underhill 35. Karen Erickson 36. Jamie White 37. Elizabeth Reynolds 38. William Daniels 39. Stephan Samery 40. York Wade 41. Cindy Robicheau 42. Alan Dunham 43. Roger Fipps 44. Robert Hartly 45. Debbie Linnell 46. Wendy White 47. Timi Thomas 48. Jeff Putnam 49. Candy Robicheau 50. Joan Richardson 51. Kristine Williams 52. Robin Perron 53. Jeff Wittman 54. Kenneth Langham 55. Mark Soy 56. Mark Phillips 57. James Taggart 58. Sara Windslow 59. Pat Tibbits 60. Michael Radlhammer 27 1974 I 1. Dale Adao 2. Lucy Elmer 3. Ulrich Gebhard 4. Valerie Clark 5. Greg Gillmore 6. Pam Gill •7. Rex Christian 8. Vicky Blakely 9. Diane Holbrook 10. Peter Higgins 11. Cornelia Emond 12. Douglas Coe 13. Gary Bismore 14. Ellen Peterson 15. William Bayerle 16. Patty Gallager 17. Carl Daffinee 18. Debby Dunshee 19. Daniel Holbrook 20. William Edwards 21. Mark Frazier 22. Fran Guyer 23. Charles Chilson 24. Martha Kerwin 25. Becky Jones 27. Thomas Cahill 28. Kate Gray 29. Merlee Francis 30. Janice Harding 31. Stacy Bowen 32. Sherry Bailey 33. Stacy Atwood 34. Debbie Johnson 35. Walter Dutra 36. Ray Castro 37. Linda Heyd 38. Thelma Blakley 39. Charles Finley 40. Steve Coombs 41. Thomas Cahill 42. Cindy Nickerson 43. Barbara Cumiskey 44. Michelle Costa 45. Terry Allen 46. Becky Gardner 47. Julie Higgins 48. Debbie Carpenter 49. Robert Clark 50. Peter Fates 51. Cindy Brownville 52. Martha Johnson 53. Harold Ellis 54. Ralph Basset 55. Pam Dinger 56. Richard Koehler 57. Robert Creonte 58. Steve Bennet 59. Craig Brown 60. Peter Hart 61. Keith Clark ■ I ■i 28 1. Beverly Velander 2. Joanne Parkington 3. Lynn Wilcox 4. Holly Morrison 5. Linda Willis 6. Ted Poluso 8. Norma Rockwell 9. Leslie Quinn 10. Rita Riley 11. Fred Lapiana 12. Belle Verbics 13. Peggy Silva 14. Lori Young 15. Denise Pickard 16. Sheila Crosby 17. Lynn Nickerson 18. Sally Nickerson 19. Diane Smith 20. Pat Langlais 21. Micheal Leary 22. Ellen Peterson 23. Carol O’Conner 24. Becky Walther 25. Russell Young 26. Richard Tesson 27. Kieth Clark 28. Richard Penny 29. Karen Viet 30. Matt Reynolds 31. Wayne Taylor 32. John Simon 33. Sandra Quinn 34. Brian Schwartz 35. Scott Newcomb 36. Deken Schmidt 37. Peter Woods 38. David Tulloch 39. Ted Thomas 40. Ed McPartland 41. Cherle Richardson 42. Doug Ramsey 43. Terry White 44. Tina Tarusers 45. John Richman 46. David Lindholm 47. Stephan Pacino 48. Mary O’Conner 49. Donald Macioci 50. Jeff Wade 51. Gerald Rich 52. Malcolm Straley 53. Cindy Smith 54. Cindy McPherson 55. Betsy Mittman 56. Christine Lohan 57. Vicky Whiting 58. Linda Pane 59. Jennifer Smith 60. Jill Sorenson 61. Richard Tung 62. Leighton Taylor 63. Paulette Vicsik 64. Tod Whitlaw 65. William Yonce 1974 I 8 ? ' 1973 I - 1. Leslie Hauck 2. Rosemary Kerwin 3. Helena Bassett 4. Nan Chase 5. Tina Bell 6. Stephanie Buck 7. Robin Filliman 8. Patty Duffy 9. Sandy Burton 10. Fawn Englemann 11. Ellen Avellar 12. Joann Coombs 13. Richard Kelly 14. Steve Ellis 15. Mary Gainey 16. Paul Feagan 17. Holly Joseph 18. Gwen Gage 19. Debbie Fulcher 20. Wendy Chandler 21. Joanne Hart 22. Mary Fitzgerald 23. Shirley Eldredge 24. Sandy Bengston 25. Bruce Hunter 26. David Burdick 28. Florence Field 29. Scott Hoger 30. Gary Brooke 31. Nita Erickson 32. Micheal Bean 33. Fritz Haubner 34. Chris Adams 35. Aubrey Field 36. Donald Johnson 37. James Hayes 38. Susan Chase 39. Robert Deshamps 40. Robert Henson 41. Jerry Doyle 42. Jerry Howes 43. Candy Gray 44. Eugene Emerson 45. Michael Demetri 46. John Eldredge 47. Donald Chase 48. Richard Holmberg 49. Theodore Mickle 50. David Adao 51. Jeff Day 52. Jenny Joy 53. Noel Dunham 54. Peter Connick 55. Gary Ellis 56. Carlton Grew 57. Stephan Craffey 58. Eric Hubler 59. Jonathan Grout 60. Jenny Burrill 61. Jay Costello 62. Bruce Dunne 63. Kenneth Allen 64. Dana Kew 65. Irving Bronsdon 66. Robert Crowell 30 1. William Ramsay 2. Kathy Nadeau 3. Susan Norgeot 4. Marcia MacCray 5. Jon Montgomery 6. Marilyn Willis 7. Kathy Verfaillee 8. Donna Ramsdell 10. Lorraine Perrault 11. Nancy Murzyn 12. Laurie White 13. Kim Straughn 14. Peter Larson 15. Sidney Milliken 16. Patty Lyons 17. Jon LaVallee 18. Chris Moore 19. Jane Peno 20. Lisa Mead 21. Steve Phillips 22. John Winslow 23. Peter Melcher 24. Thomas Leary 26. Bonnie MacDonald 27. Richard Townsend 28. Cindy Quinn 29. Gail Moulton 30. Edward Lamperti 31. Laurie Smith 32. Daniel Doucette 33. Stan Wilcox 34. Debbie Young 35. Tad Price 36. Mark Sherwin 37. Charles Melcher 38. Duncan Penny 39. Frank White 40. Ann Saylor 41. Candy Nickerson 42. Todd Shorelier 43. Barry Turnbull 44. Taffy Tesson 45. Susan Tabor 46. Denise Stomatos 48. Pamela Stonier 49. Donald Watkins 50. Micheal Yonce 51. Bruce Peters 52. Mary Smith 53. Ruth Morton 54. Robin Lovely 55. Caren Penny 56. Steve Young 57. Glenn Svenningson 58. David Mulholland 59. Donna Pick 60. Debbie Wiles 61. Jane MacArthur 62. Laurie Price 63. Stan Smith 64. Cindy North 1973 1972 1. Kevin Bardwell 2. Harry Condit 3. Rod Fulcher 4. John Howard 5. David Bean 6. Paul Adao 7. Steve Eldredge 8. Jeff Haskell 9. Jon Harris 10. Cathy Gallager 11. Charles Klingenstein 12. Donna Dyer 13. Roger Bismore 14. Beverly Crowell 15. Cora Avellar 16. Richard Banas 17. Ronald Alexander 18. Larry Kreber 19. Burt Benard 20. James Baker 21. Leslie Bailey 22. Linda Brewer 23. Dorothy Jordon 24. Gerald Harp er 25. Alyce Engelmann 26. David Kein 27. Richard Backus 28. John Allen 29. James Gainey 30. Warren Emond 31. David Holbrook 32. Paul O’Connell 33. Carolyn Collins 34. Alex Guyer 35. Donna Pillsbury 36. Robert Doane 37. Lucy Daniels 38. Linda Cullum 39. Sharon Clifton 40. Mark Brogi 41. Pat Duffy 42. Peter Burling 43. Tina Penney 44. Steve Burns 45. Karl Lindstrom 46. Mariellen Fuller 47. David El dredge l 4 | t 32 m ■ SUf 1 1. Patty Seddon 2. Linda Phinney 3. Sharrie Wilcox 4. Pat Howes 5. Kenneth Reis 6. Jamie Rice 7. Michelle Lane 8. Larry Leonard 9. Laura Graham 10. Wendy Meads 11. Steve Lajoie 12. Janice Fisher 13. Elinor Spear 14. Marcia Walwer 15. Shane Howland 16. Erica VanSchyndel 17. Richard Olson 18. Marsha LeCompte 19. Lisa Lorraine 20. Laurie Wilcox 21. Thomas Sturtevant 22. Judy Manning 23. Nils Miner 24. Debbie Nickerson 25. Eric Larson 26. Sherry Clark 27. Gail Peterson 28. Joanne Nickerson 29. Kathy O’Connor 30. David Gould 31. Joanne Gage 32. Patricia McElroy 33. Janet Peterson 34. David Edwards 35. Pam Gage 36. Steve Gilmore 37. Victoria King 38. Peter Hall 39. Lynn Macioci 40. Thomas Mohan 41. James Smith 42. Jon Philbrick 43. David Johnson 44. Sherry Viet 45. Darri Lynn Fowler 46. John Milliken 47. Sally Nichols 48. Lisa Whelan 49. Sandy Pirnat 1972 33 ACTIVITIES ’71 35 Our Junior Prom used the Zodiac as the theme with the title " ' Mirage in the Stars.” Willow’s garage came in handy as a meet¬ ing place to paint the 24 zodiac posters which lined the walls of the gym. The Mel Von Trio provided the music which was a good selection of popular songs. At ten o’clock the Grand March start¬ ed and the doors were crowded with spectators who came to see the crowning of the royal family. The big moment came when Darcy Gainey and Brian Savin were crowned Queen and King. Members of the court were Willow Dougherty, Patty Fettig, Linda Young, Mary Coombs, Bob Haskell, Bruce Bartlett, Ken¬ neth Hibbs, and David Crocker. Other features of the Prom were the goldfish pond and our gypsy fortune teller. Some of us didn’t go home for two days. f They’re only goldfish! Tell us what she’s saying Don! Queen Darcy with Bruce Mariellen Fuller Linda Cullum The Styx Excursion McKendree Spring The Junior Class, headed by David Edwards and a host of real workers, brought a little life and some really great music to Nauset. McKendree Spring showed us why their " weird folk " sound is so popular on college campuses and why they are a ; ;roup that we will hear a great deal of in the future. Linda Cullum and Mariellen Fuller, followed by the Styx Excursion, opened what has to be the greatest night of •opular music ever heard in a high school on Cape Cod. We only hope it is the start of a new tradition at Nauset. Class Scholars Seniors as They Are! Wanna trade? , 1 Class Flirts Laziest 40 Teachers’ Pet i.l j M | U, m How could this technique fail! Individualists ill What the heck, take the picture, Most Likely to Remain on Cape Cod 42 Representing Nauset v Mary Coombs, Girls ' State representative, and Mary Craffey, Girls’ State alter¬ nate and Telfad representative. Jon Donahue and George Beals, Boys ' State representatives. 43 SENIORS ’71 DANNY GOULD MIKE MURZYN WENDY FATES BETSY GARDNER RONNY PATE NANCY LARSEN TIM BRADY LAURA JOHNSTON ii ti ll ' MARSHA LIVINGSTON i i i t i i If MARGARET BURDICK MARY DALEY 0 48 SCOTT FLAVIN SHERRY BREWER " BRIAN SAVIN DEBBY BREWER 49 ANNE CHILSON AMY BURR ILL ROLLIE BASSETT 50 GEORGE BEALS 52 t II i RICHARD KNOWLES BRUCE BARTLETT BEVERLY FULCHER 54 55 56 DOUG GROVER LAURIE CURTIS MARTHA HOLBROOK -,:v . .. . . —■ •r •—v—.-.i JIM KAYLOR 59 I BINDY BROWN JON TULLOCH JOANNE GARFIELD w MMMi BRUCE BARNARD NINA MURZYN KATHY BERGER PETER HARDAWAY 62 MIKE KANE HOLLY SALLEE, BONNIE JENNINGS, AND CHERYL BERRIO 63 BEVERLY BRUCE DAVID MEAD MONA SCHMIDT. IRENE OSTLER. CAROLE BERRIO DANA SCOTT JON RICE MARY CRAFFEY ERNEST LIBBY FAYTHE ELLIS JUDY HAYES KING, PENNY AND ANGELA GOLDING DAVID CROCKER JUDY CHASE LINNEA HOGG TINA IRVING RITA HOFFMAN 67 JANET SVENNINGSEN ROBIN DODGE KEN HIBBS BETTY-LOU WILLIAMS 69 BRUCE GROVER 71 BILLY MACDONALD KATHY RICHARDS BOB HASKELL GINI COWEN 73 KATHY MENENGAS BOB AMBROSE . TOM DOUGHTY DENNIS STOKES 76 DANNY STOKES BOB FRANCIS mm STEVE KOEHLER VICKI COLE 78 DARCY FOR LAURIE! DAVE ROLLIE BIBBY, DARCY, AND VICKY MARILYN FONDA, ROY, AND MARSHA ROGER CHIP and SUE ■ mi ■. ' ORGANIZATIONS L 82 Ride ’em cowboys! Mr. K’s eye is on you! s I’m warning You! Ready, aim, . . .! Ouch! Good grief! Tickling the ivories again, Patty? Am I boring you? That’s one point for my side! Remember when Broken again ' . N II Music Department The students of this year’s Music Depart¬ ment have been involved in numerous activi¬ ties — New England and Cape Cod Music Fes¬ tivals, parades, and concerts in other towns, thanks to Mr. James, the director of music, Mrs. Dary, and Mrs. Emerson. The main objective of the department is to bring an understanding and enjoyment of music not only to the students participating in the activities but to the whole student body as well. Annually Nauset has Sponsored a Christmas program, which includes the senior high band, orchestra, and chorus. In the spring are the spring concert, Memo¬ rial Day parades, and graduation. Majorettes 1st row: Margaret Hall and Martha Johnson 2nd row: Michelle Costa, Flossie Field, and Linda Heyd On top: Tina Haskell Band rhe members of the band .re Steve Coombs, W. Delta, D. Fulcher, W. Chandler, S. Ellis M. Philbrick S. Gage Livingston, P. Gage, P. Helcher, G, Howes, J, Cahill, J. Baker, C. Dettenborn, J. Gage, S. Lajoie, A. Saylor, LNlckemon, C. 0 Connor, J. Philbnck, Edwards M. Reynolds. D. Koehler, J. Nickerson, S. Snow, D. Penney, S. Smith, G. Svenmngsen, B. Deschamps, S. Norgeot, M. Howes, and J. Eldredge. 86 The members of the Orchestra are J. Fisher, K. Penney, S. Vonltter, D. Deschamps, J. Richman, K. Berger, M. Fuller, S. Gage, M. Livingston, P. Gage, P. Melcher, G. Howes, J. Cahill, J. Baker, C. Dettenborn, J. Gage, S. Lajoie, A. Saylor, L. Nickerson, C. O’Connor, J. Philbrick, D. Edwards, M. Reynolds, D. Koehler, J. Nickerson, S. Snow, D. Penney, S. Smith, G. Svenningsen, B. Deschamps, S. Norgeot, M. Howes, and J. Eldredge. Chorus Chorus members are L. Macioci, E. Von Schyndel, J. Sorenson, M. Smith, H. Joseph, T. Penney, W. Jamison, L. Mead, L. Fox, S. Tabor, C. Deane, G. Finn, P. Field, T. Richards, D. Scott, B. Brown, B. Houghton, B. Fulcher, L. Johnston, and H. Arnberger. 87 Trid, our bomb from Sweden! The way we’ll remember her. AFS Astrid Sundstrom came to Nauset as an American Field Service student from Lulea, Sweden. She spent her year here with Mary Rogers’ family in Wellfleet. Trid adapted well to us. She spoke excellent English and made friends of the entire student body. She joined the girls’ basketball team though she had never played the sport in Sweden. Her height was certain¬ ly an advantage! We hope Trid remembers her year at Nauset. We certainly won’t forget her! What a pair! Debate Club ib ■ : f L to r, sealed: M. Smith, S. Taber Standing: T. Whitelaw, Mr. Gray, C. Gray, S. Chase, C. Grew, E. Lamperti. C. Penney, R. Lovely, C. Dettenborn, J. Richman Debate started as an English elective in the fall and ended with Nauset being one of the cha rter members of the Cape Cod Debate League and re¬ cording a fair percentage of success. The question endlessly refined all year was — Resolved: the federal government should organize, finance, and administer a program of air and water pollution control. Generally speaking, Nauset was more success¬ ful on the affirmative than on the negative side of this question. The top debater over the season proved to be Edward Lamperti, who also func¬ tioned as the club’s secretary, the only office in the informal organization of the group. Mr. Gray was the advisor, and the members were all freshmen or sophomores, indicating a good future for debating at Nauset. 89 Audio-Visual Aides I_-___ The A.V. crew has been working hard this year, taking care of films and equip¬ ment. The boys work in the A.V. room during their free periods delivering needed equipment to classrooms and are noted for their dependability. Rex Christian Bruce Dunn Fred Lapiana Wayne Crespo Leslie Quinn Jimmy Hayes Walter Dutra Billy Ellis Library Aides Mrs. Baker’s girls work in the library during their free periods doing clerical work, checking out books, straight¬ ening shelves and keeping the library organized. Marsha Walwer, Roberta Cary, Denise Miner, Michelle Lane, Susan Tabor, Lisa Lorraine, Gail Peterson 90 Chef’s Club Barry Day, Tom Gardner, John Avellar, Wayne Clark, Steve Samry, Roger Phipps Under their advisor, Mrs. Crowell, the boys of the Chefs’ Club learned that cooking is a man’s world, too. From omelets to lobster, the boys progressed from week to week. Highlight of the year was a lesson from Mr. Kalinick, who demonstrated the way to cook lobster. Besides the boys in picture, members included York Wade and Bruce White. 1 Business Club The Business Club’s main function is to give members a chance to learn further on their own about various facts of life in the world of business. 1st row: K. Silva, B. MacDonald, P. Crowell 2nd row: H. Sallee, C. Berrio, D. Dyer, D. Walsh 3rd row: L. Brown, D. Jordan, L. Bailey, E. Spear, J. Manning 4th row: T. Sturtevant, D. Brewer, M. Daley, N. Murzyn 5th row: Miss Richardson, S. Johnston, Mrs. Palmer 91 ■ FTA jj • y The Future Teachers of America have had a really i Fine year because of the program under which members worked regularly with teachers in Orleans, Eastham, | and Wellfleet elementary schools. » Thanks to Mrs. Berrio, the advisor, and the coopera¬ tion of many elementary school teachers, FTA members this year have gained real insight into the problems and rewards of being a teacher. I The FTA was one of the most active clubs in the school. Besides the school work, there were field trips, meetings, and plenty of lighter moments as well. Officers of the club were Janet Svenningsen, presi¬ dent; Wendv Fates, vice president; Mary Rogers, secre¬ tary; and Lana Pickard, treasurer. The little darlings. % 1st row: L. Hendrickson, S. Cooper, L. Pickard, N. Downs, N. Larsen, W. Simon 2nd row: M. Crowell, J. Thomas, P. Straley, Mrs. Berrio, M. Rogers, J. Cowen, J. McArthur, L. Fox, T. Montgomery 92 FNA MR ist tow: S. Clifton, B. Williams, M. Popoli, G. Peterson, T. Penney 2nd row: F. Engelmann, A. Guyer, L. Acorn, D. Fulcher, J. Hart, C. Penney 3rd row: Mrs. Martin, W. Chandler, C. Clark, J. Straiton, C. Gray The Future Nurses of America had a successful year with a varie¬ ty of activities, including field trips, guest speakers, and regular meetings to work and plan. One of the highlights of the year was a trip to the Newton-Welles- ley Hospital, during which members got a real opportunity to learn First-hand some of the behind-the-scenes activities of a big hospital. Mrs. Martin was a great source of knowledge as the advisor. Linda Acorn was the president; Janice Fisher, vice president; Joanne Garfield, secretary; Alexander Guyer, treasurer. Below r and to the right are some of the FNA members helping the Red Cross when the Bloodmobile came to Orleans. Steve Koehler, who is interested in pre-med, also helped out. One of those thrilling classes! The sky’s the limit A Tiparillo? Springgg! Soup again? A rainy day gym class ' ie, Dana? DW rides again!!! Pull harder; we’ll get them in school yet! I Independent Study Dr. Gessford, Advisor Margaret Burdick, Candy Chase, and Marilyn Miller Mary Craffey and Bob Houghton Marjorie Howes, Jon Rice, and George Beals 96 Senior Honor Society 97 Junior Honor Society 1 to r, seated: B. Pettingill, L. Bean, T. Allen, K. Gray Standing: J. Hunter, J. Deane, L. Dunham, V. Ellis, L. Denison, Kalinick, Mrs. Fulcher, D. iolbrook, S. Quinn, S. Crosby, H. Morrison, P. Woods L to t, seated: C. Nickerson, F. Ellis, J. Chase, J. Rice Standing: R. Bassett, G. Beals, R. Houghton, K. Blake, V. Cole, Mr. Hutchings, M. Menen- gas, M. Miller, M. O’Connor, M. Daley, W. Dougherty, M. Craffey, E. Sparrow The basic requirements for membership in the Honor Society are high marks (a B average) combined with charac¬ ter, leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. The highlight of the year for both the Junior and Senior Honor Societies was the trip to Salem. Getting a sample of both the historic and the literary background of the city, the group visited the Witch House, the House of the Seven Gables and the Peabody Museum. jl : Student Council ; 1st row: D. Holbrook, S. Norgeot, K. Poor, E. McWilliams, L. Cullum, D. Walsh 2nd row: J. Nickerson, M. O’Connor, J. Milliken 3rd row: G. Finn, R. McCoubry 4th row: P. Lyons, E. VonSchyndel, B. Houghton, M. Coombs 5th row: L. Young, P. Duffy, J. Chase, B. Sparrow, C. Moore, D. Burdick, C. Nickerson, W. Taylor, D. Lee, D. Penney, D. Edwards, S. Vonlt- ter The Student Council embarked on some fairly large projects this year, including a pancake breakfast and a buffet supper to earn money for the scholarship fund. The council also organized various committees, such as the Grievance Committee, which carried on the business between the administration and the stu¬ dents. Our thanks to Mr. James Owens, who acted as advisor to the council during Mr. Paul Chamberlin’s absence. Council officers are Kathy Poor, President; Donna Walsh, vice president; Mary O’Connor, secretary; David Holbrook, treasurer. solemn . . . even grim. A serious group . . . thoughtful . . . pensive . . . - “ . Drama King Honeybee. There ain’t no thorny bore of Borythorne. The Drama classes directed by Mrs. Emerson have been a high point of the school year. We adapted four children’s plays from fairy tales and produced them as one-act plays. They were " Zer- bin the Woodcutter,” " Thirteen Clocks,” " The Wizard of Oz,” and " Alice in Wonderland. " The elementary school children of the region loved them, to say nothing of the high school audi¬ ences! Besides these plays the Drama classes also en¬ tered the Regional Drama Festival with a play from Collision Course entitled " Rats.” The stars were Robert Houghton, Paul Fegan, and Mary Ann Popoli. One big project of the classes was the weekly radio show on WVLC, on which the journalism class also helped. Drama field trips this year included a trip to Boston to see " Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well Liv¬ ing in Paris.” We also went to see " Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe,” at the Charles Theater in Bos¬ ton. We were afraid the Charles would not open this year because of their financial problems, but with hard work they pulled through. Other interesting trips included the Harwich Winter Theater and a production of " Earth Song,” a contemporary audience-participation musical which was spine-shivering with emphasis on world problems today. Our big show this year was " Guys and Dolls.” Zorn of Zoma! I Justice in Wonderland. Munchkins! A member of Period 4. Bindy and Mrs. Emerson Madness k 4L. 1 i i If ■t Wma " % CTBT. Radio and Standard Times 1st row: Kenny Blake, Bob Houghton, Lynn Macioci, John Allen, Keith Craven, Tina Irving 2nd row: Judy Manning, Alyce Englemann, Ann Chilson 3rd row: Debby Brewer, Leslie Morse, Bindy Brown, Marsha Livingston, Kathy Poor 4th row: Howard Arnberger, Eileen McWilliams, Mary Coombs, Peter Field, John Tulloch, David Mead, Billy Quinn, Dana Scott, Jon Rice, Steve Brown 5th row: Mrs. Mary Berrio, Mrs. Jean Emerson Journalism at Nauset this year was quite different this year. There was no school newspaper, but we branched out into radio with a weekly program on WVLC, a combination of school news and original drama club productions. There was also a weekly news column in the Sunday Standard Times. Dana Scott was the voice of Nauset over WVLC with Steve Brown covering sports. On the writing side, Jon Rice, Lou Anne Dorrie, and Steve Brown again pro¬ duced the best columns. The dramatic half of our show. Three views of the Nauset action at WVLC each week. t photography john renie Our hero, Mr. Gray Yearbook Ordinarily a yearbook staff has a professional photographer who comes in and takes the pictures, and develops them, and a yearbook company representative who comes in and shows the staff how to lay out each page in the book. Not so with the Class of 1971. The pictures in this book were almost all taken and developed by students. Each page in the book has been designed and laid out by a student. Most yearbooks feature the senior class in a series of identical por¬ traits, page after page. Not the Class of ’71, which features seniors in a variety of informal pictures. We of the staff hope that our new ideas meet with your approval. In any case, we know that this book is uniquely our own, not something we have gone out and hired to be done. Although every member of the staff has contributed to the final re¬ sult, some are deserving of special notice. The sports staff and the pho¬ tographers have been outstanding, and four individuals have carried the book all year and deserve the greatest credit for any success: Candy Chase, Mary Coombs, Willow Dougherty, and John Maffin. Candy and Mary werq the co-editors. Willow was the business man¬ ager. John was the head photographer. Others deserving of special mention include Renie Menengas, Steve Koehler, Mary Craffey, Ken Blake, Jon Rice, Mary O’Connor, Darcy Gainey, Chuck Melcher, and David Johnson. We wish to thank also Mrs. Baker for her patience and her library, and T. Nichols for his cooperation and his negatives. — John Gray, advisor. Margie, one of the sports people. Chip and friend working in the darkroom. Business manager, Willow One of those productive meetings Candy, co-editor Mary, co-editor Faythe and Billy, more sports people. SPORTS ’71 lljfMfillTf T ' iL til 106 i ' The pre-game strip Rinkside Action Heads up Torture is my hobby 108 Standoff Halftime energy The Mole rockets skyward Cheei Donna Dyer, Joan McElroy, Jamie Rice, Kathy Menangas (in front), Donna Walsh, Laurie Smith, and Mary Daley. What would a basketball game be without cheerleaders? These bright, attractive girls brighten the sport¬ ing scene at Nauset. Through hours of practice they polish their cheers with fine precision and high enthusiasm. Although they did not have a championship team to cheer for, the girls never lost their enthusiasm, and whether it was an early season defeat or the final upset win over P’town, the boys and the fans always knew the cheerleaders were behind the team all the way. ' pleaders Mariellen Fuller is tops! The Junior Varsity 1st row: Lisa Lorraine Diane Smith Sherry Wilcox 2nd row: Ruth Morton Marcia Walwer Gayle Moulton Holly Morrison Soccer Tri-Champs ■ I ' J Kneeling: Mr. Donahue, M. Kane, J. Brown, D. Crocker, Capt., J. Do¬ nahue, Capt., B. Macdonald, Capt., E. Libby, R. Bassett Standing: P. Melcher, S. Gilmore, S. Lajoie, D. Lee, B. Stafford, B. Dunn, P. Adao, J. Harris, J. Gainey, D. Penny, N. Dunham, R. Bis- more, S. Newcomb, D. Bean, J. Smith, C. Melcher, B. Hunter Senior Players B. Macdonald , D. Crocker . R. Bassett , M. Kane , E. Libby, J. Brown, J. Donahue Rollie saves another. The Nauset soccer squad had a record of 13-3-1, and wound up with a share of first place. Six team records were broken during the season which saw four Nauset players make the All Cape Soccer squad. Bad luck on a coin toss and a corner kick ended the season and kept tin; team from going to the state tournament. Field Hockey 7ea ra Captains and Seniors: M. O’Connor, M. Miller, K. Berger The varsity field hockey team had an undefeated sea¬ son, taking second place in the Cape and Islands league with 7 wins and 4 ties. Led by tri-captains Mary O’Con¬ nor, Kathy Berger, and Marilyn Miller, the team dis¬ played a strong offense and consistant defense. Spirit was high during both games and practices, and the girls look eagerly ahead to next year’s season, and another crack at Sandwich. High Scorer - Vicky King 16 J. Nickerson, 19 J. Gage, 15 V. King, 24 J. Peno, 13 M. Fuller, 23 S. Vonltter, 18 K. O’Connor, 14 Pam Gage, 17 M. O’Connor, 21 M. Mil¬ ler, 5 K. Berger, Coach Ginger Erickson I 113 David on the offensive. 114 . v imr A Promising Future The junior varsity field hockey team had a good 1970 season. Some promising players for next year’s var¬ sity include Barb Cumiskey, Nancy Norgeot, Sue Norgeot, and Bonnie Macdonald while the whole team showed fine sportsmanship through¬ out the season. Another O’Connor. Oh no! D. Holbrook B. Cumiskey S. Gage N. Emond V. Blakely L. Nickerson U. Gebhard Mrs. Erickson C. Penny K. Norgeot S. Norgeot B. Macdonald G. Gage L. Smith M. Gilmore L. Price L. Young S. Lajoie C. O’Connor E. Peterson Try a flick, Steve. til 116 J V Leighton puts a foot to it. Tackle him, Peter. Kneeling: D. Ramsey L. Taylor P. Higgins A. Nickerson K. Clark D. Deschamps Standing: S. Young B. Crowell B. Deschamps C. Chilson M. Tartaglia J. Winslow B. Ramsey S. Bennett P. Woods D. Mulholland S. Wilcox E. Emerson Coach Jim Yeuter Defeat. 117 Get ready for a scoop, JoAnn. Soccer in the afternoon light. Too bad it’s only practice. J 118 Getting Psyched Hair-raising experience. 119 Cross-Country Some Senior Squad Members The Cross-Country Team had a successful season, racing against 9 teams in 10 meets. Under Coach Gray the Nauset team was a mem¬ ber of the newly-formed Mayflower League but ran against non-league teams also. The team participated in the Catholic Memorial Invita¬ tional Meet, where Captain Steve Brown and sophomore Gary Ellis both won trophies. Nauset also ran in the State Meet, where Brown, placing 1st in Division VI, won an¬ other medal. Nauset’s season rec¬ ord, 9 wins 6 losses. A hard day on the Cinders Wait for me! Squad Members, L. to R.: Capt. Steve Brown, Gary Ellis, Bob Houghton, Peter Field, Peter Burling, Carlton Grew, Absent: Senior George Beals, David John¬ son, Rick Backus. 120 Gymnastics With the illusion of ease, Steve Fulcher demonstrates on the rings The gymnastics squad is a new addition to Nauset sports. Under the coaching of Mr. Lawrence Hansen the squad is formed from mainly Jr. High students. Stephen Fulcher, the senior member of the squad, was instrumental in starting the group. 1st row: P. Ekberg, J. Doell, J. White 2nd row: B. Waters, S. Baker, S. Pillsbury, P. Puffer, H. LeMoine, L. Ferreira, A. Caine, P. Tibbets 121 a David at the foul line A moment of relaxation Coach White, Rich Olson, Peter Burling, Steve Lajoie, David Crocker, Coach Miller, Mgr. Bruce Hunter, Bill Macdonald, Rollie Basset, Scott Newcomb, Rick Backus, Coach Yeuter Kneeling, Ron Rice, Jon Donahue Bill Stretches It was a season of ups and downs. There were many high as well as low points. The boys although starting slow never quit and they gave the fans exciting action. The highlight of the season was a 60-54 victory over P-Town. The win helped the team move into third place and end up with a six and six record. Undergraduates helped the team a great deal showing a lot of promise for the next two years. Donahue for two A " Lordy, Lordy up above . . The Nauset J.V.’s, coached by Paul White, found themselves outmanned for much of the year and wound up on the short end of a 6-13 season. Despite the overall record the boys had their nights and played some fine ball games. The opponents margin of victory averaged out to 3.8 pts. per game and this produced some excit¬ ing basketball. The J.V.’s were led in scoring by David Mulholland, Steve Bennett and Bruce Dunne. Bennett and Dunne led the team in rebounding and should be ready to help the varsity in that department next year. Waiting in Readiness 0 % Mgr. Bruce Hunter, Mike Tartaglia, Bill Ramsay, David Mulholland, Bruce Dunn, Steve Bennett, Peter Woods, Noel Dunham, Duncan Penny, Steve Phillips, Stanley Wilcox, Mgr. Jerry Doyle, Coach White. The Nauset Freshman Team had a respectable season, considering the schools they played; their opposition included D-Y, Falmouth, Barnstable, and Duxbury. The Freshmen finished the year with a 6-5 record led by high- scoring Peter Woods. The highlights of their season was their win over P-Town, when they came back from a 10 point half time deficit. This team shows fine promise for future years. Coach Yeuter Leighton Taylor Rick Ting Charlie Chilson Dana Deschamps Doug Ramsey Peter Woods Steve Bennett Deacon Schmidt Allen Nickerson Peter Higgins Keith Clark Mgr. Glen Higgins A freshman that didn’t make the tean ' 3 v A I ] jk 125 Kneeling: Kathy Berger, Judy Cowen, Margie Crowell Standing: Coach Judy Butterfield, Mgr. Gwen Gage, Jody Nickerson, JoAnn Gage, Vicki King, Debbie Deschamps, Kathy O’Connor, Pam Gage, Trisha McElroy, Mgr. Laurie Price. The girls’ team exploded into action this year starting the season with a 5 man game and a new coach. They compiled a very impressive record of 9-7 which doesn’t even show the 4 games they lost by under 4 points. Loaded with talent and spirit the girls played with a new confidence that Coach Butterfield hopes will lead a better record next year. 126 A prospective steal Lou makes a save for Nauset With a 13-3 record and a good eye for the hoop, the girls’ junior varsity team was com¬ prised of 10 very prom¬ ising players. Behind high scorer Bonnie Macdonald and a great team defense, this club was the one to beat. This fine team ought to be proud of its record and is looking forward to an exciting season next year. Nauset on defense Lou for two Mgr. Carol O’Connor, Sue Norgeot, Bonnie Macdonald, Nancy Norgeot, Tina Tarvers, Ellen Avellar, Jane Peno, Laurie Young, Lynn Nickerson, Sherre Gage, Mgr. Erika Gebhard 127 IP V . V ' --- 7 i Senior Directory ’71 129 LINDA ACORN (p. 71) FNA, 1, 3, 4; Ache, her gears are stuck, squirrels, orange, sewing, working at Stop Shop. SUSAN ADAMS (p. 53) Drama, 1 - 4; Photography, 1 - 4; Creative writing, 1; reading, going to the beach, tak¬ ing pictures, CSW, vino. CLINTON BAHR (p. 57) Drama 4; " Let’s go truckin’ art, music, Zig Zag, The Who. BRUCE BARNARD (p. 62) A-V, 1, 2; Drama 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; driving, singing, BLW, Highlanders, sail¬ ing, swimming, bowling, the Beach, Living ston’s! ROBERT AMBROSE (p. 75) " Our gift from Milton.” Engaged, Linda, " It’s irrelevant to the question.” HOWARD ARNBERGER (p. 58) basketball 2; Drama 3, 4; Stu. Coun. 4; peace, equality, happiness — something rare in this school. I I KATHLEEN BERGER (p. 62) field hcky 1, 2, 3, 4; Lttrmn, tri-cpt. 4; bsktbll 1, 2, 3, 4, lttrmn; sftbll, 1 - 4; Libra¬ ry aide, 2; Yrbk, 4; Drama 3; Vrsty club 3, 4; jrnlsm, 3; orchstra 1 - 4; reading, horse¬ back riding, getting ripped, bad trips to Boston, sailing, Nauset Beach. CAROL BERRIO (p. 64) Bsness 3, 4; Libry aide 2, 3; Yrbk 4; " Be serious you fool.” Berry, swimming, read¬ ing, P’town, JWN, J. Prom. BRUCE BARTLETT (p. 54) Bikes and Sailing, Central Garage ROLAND BASSETT (p 50) soccer 2, 3, 4, letter; bskbll 3, 4; baseball 2, 3, 4, letter; Hon. Soc. 3, 4; hon. roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity club 2, 3, 4; hunting, fishing, sports, moto rcycle riding, " Who dropped you on your head when you were little?” GEORGE BEALS (p. 51) bsktbll 1; track 2, 3; crss-cntry 1, 3, 4; Hon. Soc. 3, 4; hon. roll 1, 2, 3, 4; indep. stdy 4; ham radio, jogging, freaking out people by showing up at parties, putting to¬ gether VW engines that have been screwed up by a lousy driver; remaining quiet most of the time. MARK BELISLE Our student in uniform. CHERILE BERRIO (p. 63) Business 3, 4; Libry aide 2, 3; J. Prom; Flip; Berri, " You jerk”, swimming, read¬ ing, going to P’town, a Holy Cross guy, DRD. KENNETH BLAKE (p. 60) Hon. Soc. 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Hon. roll 1, 2, 3, 4; journalism 4; studying people, walking in the city, thinking philosophical thoughts (Where am I?), helping animals, listening to Dylan or Stills .:m W L. ' .r ' . ' ‘ tWiiwiwMwwn ' » £ " ..■■■ ■.-.4in ' .zi BELINDA BROWN (p. 61) FNA 4; Yrbk. 4; Drama 3, 4; H.R. 1 - 4; Journ. 3; Chorus, Glee Club 1 - 4. Nick¬ name: Bindy, Horses, politics, (radical?), drama, music, Thinking faster than I talk. JOHN BROWN (p. 70) Soccer, 1 - 4, Sweet Geraldine TIMOTHY BRADY (p. 47) Never underestimate this kid. DEBORAH BREWER (p. 49) FNA 1; Bus. Club 1 - 4; Lib. Aide 1, 2; Yrbk. 4; H.R. 3, 4; Jour. 4; Nickname, Dede; Livingston’s; Fertile Valley Gang; giving people rides; being embarrassed; Fa¬ vorite saying: " I’m so embarrassed.” MARILYN MILLER BREWER (p. 78) FTA 1; Hon. Soc. 3, 4; Yrbk 4; H.R. 1 - 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Field hockey 1 - 4, Capt; St. Coun. 1 - 3; Ind. Study 4; AFS 1, 3; Class Sec. 4. " John” water and snow skiing, living, figuring things out. SHERRY BREWER (p. 49) Bus. Club 1, 2; Drama 3, 4; H.R. 3; St. Coun. 1, 2. " You can split if you want to. We’re just jammin’.” Music, nighthawks. ROY CAVANAUGH (p. 78) Drama 3, 4. A really nice personality. VW., Artist. CANDACE CHASE FNA, 1, 2; Hon. Soc., 1, 3, 4, pres. 4; Yrbk. editor; H.R. 1 - 4; Ind. St. 4; AFS 2; " Candy”; painting portraits; drawing, Rain¬ bow; Highlanders; costume design; sewing crocheting. STEPHEN BROWN (p. 53) Bsktbll 1, 2; Track 1 - 4, let. 3, 4, Capt.; x- country 3 - 4; H.R. 1, 2; Varsity 2 - 4; Journ. 3, 4; WVLC Radio Show; Nauset correspondent to Standard Times. Going for doughnuts; rock music freak; partying, running. BEVERLY BRUCE (p. 64) Drama 2, 3; " Bev”; playing a wooden flute, smoking; painting, sewing, walking, saying, " huh?” JUDITH CHASE (p. 67) Field hockey 1, 2; softball 1, 2, 3, 4, let. 3, 4; Hon. Soc. 3, 4; Yrbk, 4; H.R. 1 - 4; St. Coun. 2 - 4; AFS 3; Worcester ETO; skiing; tennis; Vars. Club 3 - 4. ANNE CHILSON (p. 50) Drama 3, 4; So sweet, Artistic, Knitting MARY COOMBS ( P . 79) Class pres. 2; St. Coun. 3, 4; Yrbk. Editor 4; Drama 3, 4; H.R. 1 - 4; AFS 2. " That’s strange!”, Slowpoke; drama; Screaming Yellow Zonkers; always undecided and get¬ ting involved. JUDITH COWEN (p. 55) Basketball 1 - 4, let. 3, 4; softball 1; Varsity Club; " S tretch”; DJG DONALD CLIFTON(p. 76) Surfing, A good man around cars VICTORIA COLE (p. 77) Hon. Soc. 3, 4; Yrbk. 4; H.R. 1 - 4; Jr. Prom Comm; Bruce; trips; good times; VW’s; sailing; skiing; M M’s. MARGARET BURDICK (p. 48) Drama 2 - 4; H.R. 2 - 4; Ind. Study 4; Art 1 - 4; " No one know the answer, the truth has not been found. So be a child and turn the world to ripe.” Trees, flying, Seagreen Ser¬ enades, ecology, Gormenghast, Lewis Car- roll, Pisces: emotionally extreme AMY BURRILL (p. 50) Drama 3, 4; Witch specialist, knitting, art, skiing, walking 131 CYNTHIA CROSSMAN (p. ) H.R. 4; majrtts, 3; hobbies; taking walks. MARJORIE CROWELL (p. 60) yrbk. 4; H.R. 1; Var. Club 3, 4; Class sec. 3; FTA 1 - 4; treas. 4; basktbll 1 - 4; sftbll 1 - 4, let; Jr. Prom Comm.; " Mole” . . is my kind of place.” curly hair. WILLOW DOUGHERTY (p. 55) Hon. Soc. 3, 4; Yrbk. bus. man. 4; H.R. 2 - 4; Class sec. 1; Jr. Prom Chrmn. 3; FTA 1; Known for; " mouse” fooling around. " Okay, who’s having the party this week¬ end?” " Robin?” Hobbies; J.E.C., driving, going out, fun and tickling people. THOMAS DOUGHTY (p. 76) Hobbies; Drinking, rolling Ford trucks, OFD, ORS. VIRGINIA COWEN (p. 72) FNA 1 - 4; Pre-Med 3, 4; Hobbies; R.E.H., " riding motorcycles and my horse,” B. H., Holly, walking beach, writing poetry. " I don’t want to!” MARY CRAFFEY (p. 65) Hon. Soc. 3, 4; Yrbk. 4; H.R. 1 - 4; Indep. stu. 4; known for: sunshine, waterskiing, S S, a deserted beach, P.D.S. JAMES CREONTE (p. 55) Hobbies: Willow DAVID CROCKER (p. 66) Soccer 1 - 4, cap., let.; basktbll 1 - 4 let; bsbll 1 - 4, cap. let.; Var. Club 2 - 4; Class V-Pres. 1; Jr. Prom 3; Hobbies: V.K., " the ' blue bomber” work parties. LAURIE CURTIS (p. 59) Yrbk. 4; Jour. 4; Jr. prom 3; " Lau” Hem- mingway, Peniman House, Girls’ rm, knit¬ ting, parties, talking, bets, tandom rides. " Listen to this . . .” MARY DALEY (p. 48) Cheerleader 1, 3, 4; Yrbk; Livingston’s. FTA 1; Hon. Soc. 3, 4; Bus. 1 - 4; HR 1 - 3; Class treas 1, 2; Cheer Capt. 2; laugh, pen- niman house. ROBIN DODGE (p 69) Drama 4; known for; hiding things in a bad spot, private-public parties. Hobbies: hunt¬ ing, fishing, surfing, scuba-diving, bikes, drinking. " Who’s having the party this weekend? Me?” " No” JON DONAHUE (p. 57) H.R. 1 - 3; Var. Club 2 - 4; soccer 1 - 4, cap, let; bsktbll 1 - 4, let. cap; bsbll 1 - 4, let, cap; sleeping, water skiing, P-town, " That’s true” PETER FIELD (p. 55) Chess 1, 2; drama 4; Var. 2 - 4; chorus 4; wres. 2; trek. 1 - 4; X-country 3, 4; Hobbies; commuting to Chatham, watching out for Roger Hamilton? SCOTT FLAVIN (p. 48) Cars, Orleans Furniture, St. Tunes corre¬ spondent, Scott’s Van, parties, Hemming- way. JAMES ELDREDGE (p. 73) Likes cars and motocycles FAYTHE ELLIS (p. 65) Hon. Soc. 1, 3, 4; Yrbk 4; H.R. 1 - 4; Indep. stu. 4; " Keep the baby, Faythe” whistling with my mouth shut. 132 WENDY FATES (p. 46) FTA 2, 3, V-Pres. 4; FNA 2, 3 Treas; Lib. aid 1; " What a fifty niner” Hobbies; music, Chinese red lights, eating nagging, Hem- mingway. PATRICIA FETTIG (p. 49) Yrbk. 4; H.R. 1, 2; Jour. 4; Jr. Prom 3; " Pat” yellow, bananas, " Fertile Valley” fun, hanging around. ' .vs- . • • V - 4 VAil ROBERT FRANCIS Gone to the Coast Guard BEVERLY FULCHER (p. 77) Bus. Club 4; Drama 4; AFS 1; chorus 1, 2, 4; c. writing 1, 2, 4; CC music Fest. 1, 2, 4; Glee cl. 1, 2; Hobbies; Music, practical jokes, swimming, " Flip Wit”, GLC BETSY GARDNER (p. 46) Bus. 1 - 4; chorus 1 - 4; Hobbies; singing, S.L.D., T.C., creating, theatre work. JoANNE GARFIELD (p 61) FNA 1 - 4; Hobbies; horseback riding, " Garfunkle.” STEPHEN FULCHER (p. 73) Drama 3, 4; H.R. 3; Var. club 1 • 4; Stu. coun. 3; Pre-Med 3, 4; gymn. 1 - 4; Pres 3; State Comp, drama 3; chrmn. Summit 2, 3; karate, orange VW, waterskiing, certain girl R.M.H.; travel — Guatam- ala, Panama, Acapulco. DARCY GAINEY (p. 60) Yrbk. 4; drama 3, 4; class sec. 2; treas. 4; Jr. Prom Comm. 3; Hobbies; Nauset Beach, mystery tours, mashed potatoes, the munchies, pot belly. Conn. " Howdy” bike riding. BRUCE GROVER (p. 70) A-V 2, 3; Automobiles DOUGLAS GROVER (p. 59) Soccer 2; wres. 3, 4; tennis 4; Hobbies; mo¬ torcycles, skin diving, skiing, tennis, skat¬ ing, 47 Dodge, Camaro, Orleans Cinema. PENNY GOLDING (p. 66) Bus. 2, 3; lib. aid, 2; yrbk, 4; jour. 4 DANIEL GOULD (p. 46 Hobbies; VW’s, surfing, chess SYBIL GEBHARD (p. 63) FNA 4; Trans, stu. 4; gymn. 1 - 3; Hobbies; riding bikes and horses (Willie) thumbing to N. J. and Boston, McDonald’s, house on M. Vineyard, BHSVC " The devil made me do it” " Oh my god” HERBERT GOLDING (p. 66) " King,” Hobbies; Penny and Angela ROGER HAMILTON (p. 60) Drama 4; Var. club 4; trek 3 let; Hobbies; surfing, motorcycles, hockey. PETER HARDAWAY (p. 62) Hobbies; Track, javelin, dropping in on ad¬ vanced biology. JONATHAN HART (p. 56) H.R., JV Soccer, Stu. Goun. 1; Drama 3, 4; EVS, Chi Rho ROBERT HASKELL (p. 72) Drama 4; Honor Roll 3; St. Coun. 4; Journ. 3; V-Pres. 4; Hobbies; V.S.C. bikes and VW’s. KENNETH HIBBS (p. 69) Jour. 3; Jr. Prom Comm. 3; Hobbie . Drinking, The Pig, Canada-Montreal Can dians RITA HOFFMAN (p. 67) Hobbies; Ken, independent, good time RUSSELL HUBLER (p. 57) Trek let. 1 - 4; Yrbk. 4; Var. club 1 - 4; Stu. Coun. 1 - 4; Pre-Med 1 - 4; Class Pres. 4 CHRISTINE IRVING (p. 67) Drama 3, 4; Hnr. Roll 3, 4; art. JUDITH HAYES (p. 66) Hobbies, crocket, nighthawks. WILLIAM HEYD (p. 74) Bsktbll 1; trek 1, 2; soccer 1, 2; journ. 3; Wk. Stu. 4; Hobbies; water skiing, bowling, " Heyde” " If at First you don’t succeed, try, try, again.” HENRY KAYLOR (p. 59) Trek let. 2; gymns. 2; " Right on” Riding horses, skindiving, hunting, having fun. RICHARD KNOWLES (p. 54) Drama 3; Hobbies; Picking up girls during the summer, sawing wood, going in the beach in a jeep. LINNEA HOGG (p. 67) Lib Aid 1; drama 3, 4; " Forget it, Charlie!” knitting, sewing, reading, S.G.R.D.D. MARTHA HOLBROOK (p. 59) " Oh, yah sure” nickname " Ma Ha;” swim¬ ming, parties, having a good time. ROBERT HOUGHTON (p. 54) Tennis 1, 2; Xcountry let. 1, 3, 4; chess 1; Hnr. Soc. 1, 3, 4; Yrbk. 4; drama 3, 4; Std. coun. 4; Indep. Std. 4; Chi Rho and Cold Duck, parties, beaches, trees and grass. MARJORIE HOWES (p. 57) music, dreams, listner, strange indep. Std. 4 BONNIE JENNINGS (p. 63) FNA 1 - 3; Bus. 2, 3; Lib. aid 1 - 3; Yrbk. 4; Hnr. Roll 4; " Oh, forget it” skiing, hav¬ ing fun, nickname " Teddy” LAURA JOHNSTON (p. 47) Hnr. Soc. 1; FTA 1, 2; drama 3, 4; Jour. 4; c. writing 1; " Wait till I’m famous” music, writing. 134 MICHAEL KANE (p. 63) Soccer letter 4 RUSSELL KARBER (p. 68) Bkbll. 2; Wres. 4; Bsbll. 1; Working 1 - 4; " Back Off Bucko” NANCY LARSEN (p. 47) FTA 4; YRBK 4; HR 3; Summit; Jr. Prom; Saying: Oh no, what am I gonna do! Hobbies: walking on the beach; thinking; being alone MILTON LeMOINE (p. 58) Journ. 4; Soccer 1; Freshman President ERNEST LIBBY (p. 65) Soccer 1, 3, 4; Jr. Prom comm. 3; " Better late than never” sailing. MARK LINDHOLM (p. 54) Track 3, 4, let.; H.R. 3, 4; Stud. Coun. 3; " Caps and gowns forever!” Hobbies; motor¬ cycle riding, working with the leading Motel of the Cape. WILLIAM MACDONALD (p. 72) Soccer 2, 3, 4, Cap.; Bsktbll 1, 2, 3, 4; Bsbll 1, 2, 3, 4, Cap.; YRBK 4; Varsity Cl. 2, 3, 4; St. Council 3; Hobbies: Sports, reading JOHN MAFFIN (p. 79) Bsktbll 1; Track 2; Ftbll 1; YRBK 4; Drama 2, 3, 4; Photo 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3; " No sweat,” making a click, making a fool of myself, moving STEPHEN KOEHLER (p. 77) Orchestra, band, pre-med, Jr. Honor Soc., individualist, Canada, collecting insulators, protesting the system. VICTORIA LADNER (p. 58) YRBK 4; Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; H.R. 4; Saying: " Far out” Known for: Usually quiet; Hobbies: Listening to music — inner re¬ flections. Handicrafts eileen McWilliams ( p . 57 ) YRBK. 4; drama 1 - 4; Std. coun. 4; photo. i 1 - 4; c. writing 1, 2; Hobbies; drawing per¬ sistence, music, truckin’, sunrise. " You can’t always get what you want, but if you { try sometime, you might find, you get what you need.” DAVID MEAD (p. 64) A-V 1 - 4; drama 3, 4; jour. 4; " Arc” elec¬ tronics, stereo, bowling, pool, movies, girls. " You’ve had the royal biscuit” ' MARSHA LIVINGSTON (p. 48) YRBK 4; Drama 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 3, 4; Bsktbll 1; Sailing 3, 4; Hobbies: horses, reading, sailing, doing things that make no sense at all, V.O. — " Ducks” DANIEL MACDONALD (p. 73) Trans. Stu. 2; track; Bezie; blue Mustang. KATHLEEN MENENGAS (p. 75) Bus. 3, 4; var. club 4; gymn. club. 1 - 4; Hobbies; gymnastics, horseback riding, woods rides, " What a pain!” " Oh mother buzzard” Dyers pond, pit. MAUREEN MENENGAS (p. 54) H.R. 1 - 4; YRBK. 4; drama 1 - 4; hon. soc. 3, 4; Stu. coun. 4; photo. 1 - 4; c. writing 1; running down R.R. tracks, working with hands, trying to come to a conclusion, frustrating people, being meticulous, picking reeds, creating, giving in to Eileen. KRISTINE MURZYN (p. 62) business 4; jeans, Connecticut, give me an " F”, " Nina”, skiing. MICHAEL MURZYN (p. 46) root beer, popcorn, skiing, swimming, known as the kid at the 5 10 WILMA NICKERSON (p. 58) Art, drama, independent thinker. MARY O’CONNOR (p. 70) fid hcky 1 • 4, lttrmn, cptn; bsktbll 1, 2 mngr, 3; sftbll 1 - 4, cptn, lttrmn; Hon. Soc 3, 4; Yrbk. 4; hnr rll, 1 - 4; vrsty club, 1 4; stu. coun. 2, 3, 4, scrtry, 4; indep. stdy 4; " Ogie”, " Micky”, naturalness, JGR grumpy in the morning, a good tan, swim ming, walking down beaches. JONATHAN RICE (p. 65) tennis 3, 4; bsktbll 1 - 4, lttrmn, cptn; Hon. Soc. 1, 3, 4; yrbk 4; hnr rll 1 - 4; vrsty clb 3, 4; indep. stdy 4; jrnlsm 4; Nauset corre¬ spondent to the Cape Cod Standard-Times, loafing in the Bayberry basement. KATHLEEN RICHARDS (p. 72) sftbll 1; gymn. 4; yrbk. 4; Drama 4; Junior Prom, traveling, screaming, Byron, not studying. IRENE OSTLER (p. 64) Softball 1 - 3; gym, go-getter. RONALD PATE (p. 47) Camera shy. Cars and a truck. BRIAN SAVIN (p. 49) wrestling 3, 4; A-V 3; " What’s going on this weekend?”, motorcycles, cars. MONA SCHMIDT (p. 64) fid hcky 1, letter; sftbll 1, 2; FTA 4; lib. aide 2, 3, 4; hon. roll 1; band 1; always doing something, gum and lolli-pops, " Hey aren’t you Mona’s kid?” Provincetown Fishermen, " Blinker Brain”, PJC. PAUL MURZYN (p. 78) Frank zapper, blue Falcon CRAIG NICKERSON ( P . 56) chess 1; Hon. Soc. 1, 3, 4; hnr roll 1 - 4; stu. coun. 4; indep. stdy 4; journlsm 4; sail¬ ing, Sea Scouts, " Homina, Homina,” driv¬ ing. LANA PICKARD (p. 75) " Sh-h-h-h-h” quiet, studious, Equestriene. KATHLEEN POOR (p. 53) yrbk. 4; drama 1-4; hnr. roll 2, 3, 4; stu. coun. 3, 4; pres. 4; driving, cooking, cro¬ cheting, the cottage, summer, good times, people, " Even so?” DANA RICHARDSON (p. 74) The skinhead of IR, Skinhead vs Hippie; boats and fishing. MARY ROGERS (p. 74) FTA 1; AES 3, 4; known for, clown, flirt¬ ing, left pocket — right pocket. Hemming- way. Fun and parties. STEVEN ROSE (p. 70) In and out of school. Just a part time stu¬ dent. HOLLY SALLEE (p. 63) business 3, 4, v-pres. 4; horseback riding, walking the beach. ASAttKtSOMMR DENNIS STOKES (p. 76) hobbie; surfing. EDWARD STRAITON (p. 51) hobbies; sketching, creating, architecturi- cally, ecology, studying complex things, as¬ tronomy, geology. DANA SCOTT (p. 64) A-V 2, 3; drama 3, 4; jour. 4; known for; " You win a cookie!”, electronics, numisma¬ tist. KAREN SILVA (p. 69) Lib. aid. 4; hobbies; horseback riding, lis¬ tening to the radio, walking beach. JON TULLOCK (p. 61) Drama 3, 4; Radio program. DONNA WALSH (p. 52) stu. coun. 3, 4, v-p. 4; cheerl. 1, 3, 4; journ. 4; bus. club 3, 4; yrbk. 4; known for " Wally” getting in fights with Raymond, hating shorthand, knowing a certain police¬ man, " Fertile Valley” ELIZABETH SPARROW (p. 74) Hon. Soc. 1, 3, 4; yrbk stff 4; h.r. 1 - 4; stu. coun. 4; indep. stu. 4; AFS 1 - 3; treas. known for; jr. prom comm., skiing, driving around, rolling red VW’s, getting lost, KCF, Nauset lifeguards, getting ripped, horse¬ back riding, bad trips to Boston. DANIEL STOKES (p. 77) A twin. Work study. Cars. BETTY LOU WILLIAMS (p. 69) FNA 4; Yrbk. 4; Jr. Prom 3; known for; " Ya know?” Are you kidding? walking along the beach, sewing, reading freckles. DONALD WILLIAMS (p. 53) " I am not!” Quack, Quack . . . bikes. Lau¬ rie, FORDS, mustang. ASTRID SUNDSTROM (p. 51) bsktbll 4; sftbll. 4; yrbk. 4; AFS. 4; known for; " Trid” the house, school lunches, bas¬ ketball practice, library. JANET SVENNINGSEN (p. 68) FTA pres. 4; FNA 1 - 3; H.R. 2 - 4; AFS 2; Jr. Prom 3; known for " you devil you”; good times, Hemmingway, shrieking, night¬ swimming; hobbies; clouds, J.T.O. music, learning and living. PAUL THIMAS (p. 52) chess 1; known for " Jesus Saves All Sin¬ ners” reading my Bible, telling others about Jesus Christ, hobbies: stamp collecting. BEZIE (TESSON) MacDONALD (p. 73) Office work, Danny. LINDA WARD (p. 68) FNA 4; Bus Club 4; H.R. 1, 2; known for; " I was so embarrassed” " What do I do?” sewing, embroidering, eating, records, Lin RAYMOND WESTERGARD (p.71) Hobbies, Robin, bikes, hunting. :HERYL WHITE ( p . 78) Lib. aid. 1, 2t Yrbk. 2; drama 3, 4; H.R. 1, 4; photo. 4; hobbies; going to N. H., smok¬ ing; Joder, macrane, skiing, trying to under¬ stand people, photography " The person next to you is your brother and you damn well better treat him that way.” ROBERT WILES (p. 71) Drama 3, 4; drag racing, hunting. 137 Congratulations from ROY SVENNINGSEN, Builder and Contractor, 255-0809 138 TIT-T. " . I ' A-l L’i HillSfeUi gmutttahi v»-.t j . • na» Congratulations From CRAIG STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY SPONSORS ’71 Our sincere thanks to Mr. Craig for his co-operation with us. Congratulations From EASTHAM SUPERETTE INC. Route 6 Eastham Compliments of PEGGY ' S YARN SHOP Route 6 Wellfleet Congratulations to the Class of 71 SYDENSTRICKER GLASS NAUSET MARINE INC. Penn Yan—Mercury Boston Whaler—Bearcat Aqua Sport—Mercruiser Trailer and Snowco Rt. 6A Orleans 255-0777 140 .. . . I FREEAL CrlecisUcal, One. ELECTRICAL COST 945-0765 398-6911 775-5557 RACTORS SOUTH YARMOUTH CAPE COD MASSACHUSETTS 02664 Congratulations From THE SIGN OF THE CRICKET East Orleans LAURINO ' S CAPE COD VILLAGE Homemade Pizzas Hot Oven Grinders Open Year Round Brewster 896-7714 Compliments of THE BREWSTER GOLF CLUB RINGS BEADS BARRETTES POUCHES NECK THINGS BELTS OUR OWN POTTERY THE LEMON TREE POTTERY Rt. 6A Brewster 142 HENRY A. CALLAHAN INSURANCE AGENCY Main Street East Brewster 896-3665 Compliments of ARROWHEAD PARK Brewster Compliments of IRELAND ' S REAL ESTATE Orleans Congratulations to the Class of 71 BILL ' S SUNOCO SERVICE 255-Service 1396 Best Wishes OLDE TAVERN MOTEL Orleans Compliments of TOWN-HO ANTIQUES AND COUNTRY STORE Route 6A and 124 Brewster j Compliments From SOUTH WELLFLEET GENERAL STORE BLACK DUCK SPORT SHOP Compliments of MONTVILA BUILDERS INC. North Eastham Congratulations and Best Wishes WALCLIF INCORPORATED Antiques • Interiors 896-3604 Brewster Walter Babbitt Clifford Harpington Best Wishes to the Class of 1971 DORA ' S BEAUTY SHOP Wellffeet 145 Good Luck to the Class of 71 ROUTE MOTOR INN Rt. 6 Eastham ROUTE 6A BREWSTER, (CAPE COD) MASS. S. J. Chilton H. f. Frederickson Best Wishes to the Class of ' 71 LOWER CAPE CONSTRUCTIONS INC Well-fleet 146 Good Luck to the Class of 71 CAPE COD READY MIX CONCRETE CO. Congratulations to the Class of 71 BREWSTER COFFEE SHOP Brewster Orleans Compliments of BREWSTER ICE CO. 147 ■ : ' Compliments of HERB MONTGOMERY REAL ESTATE Brewster Compliments of MURRAY ' S PHARMACY Wellfleet % Congratulations to the Class of ' 71 TOWN OF BREWSTER Compliments of ESTES ' Orleans Congratulations to the Class of 71 SEARS ROEBUCK CO. Orleans 148 [ Compliments of CAPE COD REALTY Well-fleet Compliments of DUNNE ' S DOONE ROCK SHOP Wellfleet Compliments of ROGERS ' LIQUOR LOCKER and PILGRIM ACERS COTTAGES Wellfleet Hv • V Good Luck MANUEL 0 . THIMAS General Contractor Wellfleet Compliments of THE HOLTS’ GREEN HAVEN COTTAGES South Wellfleet 149 To the Future of the Class of ' 71 Compliments of JOHN R. WENNERGREN CO. Contractor Tide Lane East Orleans Compliments of Rowena’s Beauty Shop and Red ' s Barber Shop Compliments of GOULD’S ENTERPRISES Corner of Rt. 6A and Rt. 28 150 mud «ki . i : , j sa .x u •■m-. TOWN CRIER MOTEL Rt. 6, Eastham Your Hosts— Bob and Eva Thayer HOUSEKEEPING HEATING Compliments of Vtecv Dottie and Bud Schmidt SOUTH WELLFLEET 896-3260 East Brewster Orleans, Cape Cod Distinctive Fashions Accessories for Casual, Resort or Country Wear SUNOCO Wellfleet OPEN YEAR ROUND A. 151 Compliments of DENISE ANN BAKE SHOP Main Street Orleans Compliments of Best Wishes From ORLEANS MOTORS INC. Congratulations to the Class of 71 HOPKINS CLEANERS Orleans Wellfleet Provincetown LIVINGSTONS ' PHARMACY INC. Orleans nUHHHnaBHMHI --tufimJ Compliments of Compliments of 1 GOOSE HUMMOCK Sports Goods Orleans THE CAPE COD FIVE CENTS SAVINGS BANK Compliments of NELSON’S BARBER SHOP Orleans PHONE 255-1259 TttE INCHEDIBJ-E BABN Antiques Books c Tunny cJhings WENDELL MURIEL SMITH On The Road Td Main St. (East) Orleans. Mabs.Q36S3 Naubet Beach Compliments of JOHN G. LATHAM Plumbing and Heating Knowledge is your enlightenment . . . RICHARD O ' CONNOR ELECTRICAL CO. INC. Brewster Old North Road Brewster Compliments of DON ' S REFINISHING and AUTO BODY Inc. Orleans Compliments of H. H. SNOWS AND SONS Orleans Best Wishes of LAYMON W. CLARK Builder Wellfleet Good Luck fo the Class of 71 WELLFLEET PACKAGE STORE Compliments of CAMPS Brewster MONOMOY Boys WONO Girls II Compliments of HUBBARD PAINT AND SUPPLY Orleans Compliments of DAVID H. BESSOM COUNTRY STORE East Orleans 156 .JR._ Good Wishes From SIDNEY T. SWAN Real Estate and Insurance Orleans Compliments of MAYO ' S Catering for all occasions Nauset Beach Rd. East Orleans Compliments of JENNING’S PLUMBING AND HEATING INC. North Eastham Best Wishes From E. J. DAVIS PACKAGE STORE South Welltleet 157 Best Wishes From Congratulations to the Class of ' 71 From WELLFLEET REAL ESTATE JEAN and LYMAN OLMSTED and Wellfleet AMERICAN HERITAGE REALTY Chatham Road South Orleans 255-2202 Prompt, Courteous Professional Service THE BREWSTER TENNIS CLUB Compliments of EAST ORLEANS BOAT YARD INC. Compliments of the FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CAPE COD Compliments of THE GOVERNOR PRENCE MOTEL Orleans For Old Time ' s Sake Congratulations From GIGI ' S SHOE REPAIR Best Wishes From the People at: My Hairdresser ORLEANS ‘Donot up A P Plaza 945-0173 Main St. 255-1214 Chatham Orleans Best Wishes From WATSON ' S Orleans 160 r - ..—... 1 ■? . «» ELDER BREWSTER EAST " Where there ' s smoke there ' s fire. Where there ' s good homes, there ' s Maguire. " RALPH W. MAGUIRE OFF RT. 137 SOUTH BREWSTER Compliments of THE SLADE AGENCY REAL ESTATE and LAND SURVEYING Wellfleet— Truro Congratulations THE CHEESE CORNER Orleans Best Wishes From COVE MOTEL AND GRILLE Rt. 28 Orleans Congratulations From MISS ROGERS ' FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All Occasions 255-0884 Best Wishes From PHILBRICK ' S SNACK SHACK Orleans Congratulations to the Class of 71 BACKUS AND SOULE JEWELRY Orleans Congratulations From 163 Best Wishes to the Class of ' 71 From CARL A. BENSON Builder and Contractor Truro Best Wishes From ORLEANS PHARMACY 255-0570 Orleans 164 Congratulations From NICKERSON LUMBER COMPANY DICKERSON LUMBER CO Orleans .1 it ti .m iBBliiTT " " i-- 165 Congratulations From HENRY T. CROCKER Insurance Agency { Greetings From LOWELL REAL ESTATE Orleans, Eastham Orleans Alfred and Alison Lotter Congratulations From NEW ENGLAND DEACONNESS HOSPITAL Be Someone Special— Be A Nurse! 185 Pilgrim Rd. Boston 734-7000 School of Nursing When you go to college in the fall you really don ' t have to leave the Cape; take Cape Cod with you. Subscribe to The Cape Codder with the Special Student Subscription Rate of $5.00 from September ,15 to June 15. Write Box 38, Orleans. L I L Citizens of Dogpatch, U.S.A 171 A B N E R A not-so-bad bad guy. A Dogpatch beauty. Marryin ' Sam and the happy couple. Because " L ' il Abner " was one of the high¬ lights of our junior year, and because so many of our classmates participated in its production, we feel that it should not be omitted from our yearbook. The Scraggs 167 PATRONS Compliments of a friend Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Brewer Jr. Mrs. Kearney Bahr Mr. and Mrs. Lawren Cowen Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Poor Donald and Virginia Clifton Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy F. Richardson Jean Emerson Mr. and Mrs. William Chase Mr. and Mrs. Frederick DeAvellar Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Koehler Mr. and Mrs. Franc D. Ladner Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Knowles Mr. and Mrs. Manuel G. Thimas Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Smith Daniel Eldredge Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fettig Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kane Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Menengas Roger and Edith Lindholm Marion and Howard Brewer Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Coombs Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Adams Eldredge E. Sparrow Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Fulcher Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Chase Mr. and Mrs. Roland Bassett Robert and Hildegard Cross Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Crocker Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Livingston Mrs. E. Stocking Libby M rs. M. P. Stocking Mr. and Mrs. William T. Mayo Mr. and Mrs. William Heyd Mr. and Mrs. William Gainey Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Mills Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Creonte Mr. and Mrs. William P. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. James H. Rice Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Burrill Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Hubler Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Ward Jr. Mary R. Berrio Mr. and Mrs. Wallace R. Houghton " Mr. arid Mrs. Robert H. Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Savin Mr. and Mrs. Donald Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Ellesworth E. Brown Sr. John and Pauline Flavin Mr. and Mrs. Reginald B. Moulton Mrs. Geraldine Crowell Charles and Evelyn Beals Mr. and Mrs. Albert Larsen Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bollas Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Field Mr. and Mrs. William MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. John Pate Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Jennings Mrs. Charles Meads, Jr. Mrs. Priscilla White Sharon Klenk Sumner and Marjorie Campbell Mr. and Mrs. David Gessford Mrs. L. W. Baker Mrs. Joyce Roche M iss Donna Lumpkin Mrs. Anne Stout Mr. John Gray Mr. David H. deBaun Mrs. Richard Powers Miss Jean Robertson Mrs. David Luhmann Robin Gibbons Mrs. David Howe Mrs. David Laning Mr. Henry Kelley Mr. Donald Finlay Mrs. Robert S. Erickson Mr. Jon Vaughan Mr. David Gates Mr. William McCaskie Mrs. Janet Palmer Mrs. Kristin Walsh Mr. Robert Wilkinson Mr. Stanley Smith Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Pickard Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Svenningsen and Mrs. Dorothy Fulcher, to whom we give special thanks for everything. Congratulations From THE EASTHAM MOTEL DOM AND TONY CREONTE, Props. 168 ' f:f. UlHSii wm Wr m

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Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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