Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA)

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Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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FEP EWAL WP UHUER CSEA _mi-ri r 1 r NAUSET REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY GASTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS 02651 Nauset Regional High School, Orleans, Massachusetts 1968 2 table of contents dedication 4 administration 5 graduates 21 underclassmen 61 activities 67 athletics 89 sponsors 1 1 7 editorial staff of the 1968 tides jane c. hertig editor-in-chief joseph d. algeo and robin downs associate editors eric a. hart business manager cover design george cotten 3 To Mrs. Berrio, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Flebotte we would like to express our appre¬ ciation for all the help that they have given us throughout our high school years. 5 Superintendent of Schools MR. PAUL ELLIS Regional School Committee EASTHAM - ORLEANS - WELLFLEET REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT Orleans. Massachusetts 02653 Paul N. Ellis. Superintendent Tel. 255-0036 March 1, 1968 Graduates, Class of 1968 Nauset Regional High School It is my pleasure to extend congratulations to Seniors at Nauset Regional High School upon your impending graduation. You young people face uncertainty, tension, and problems not of your own creation, in greater magnitude possibly than has any preceding group of graduates. On behalf of the Eastham-Orleans-Wellfleet Regional School Committee and myself, I extend to you sincere best wishes to your future success, health, and individual happiness. Yours truly, Paul N. Ellis Superintendent of Schools O- o’ .0 K ISABELLE BRACKETT BROOKS THAYER 6 ROBERT BURRILL EDWARD LANE EVERETT WINSLOW CHARLES SILVA TED HICKS JOHN BLAKE Principal MR. DONALD J. FLEBOTTE Administration NAUSET REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL (KUAO H4CKII0 a tOUtCU 1 MfJWNH bUKi ' WO ■ IM Orleans, Massachusetts Donald J. Flebotte, Principal Stanley E. Smith, Jr., Ass’t Principal To the Class of 1966: It has been a sincere pleasure to work with you as your principal and on behalf of the faculty and the administration we extend to you our con¬ gratulations and slncerest best wishes. It has been the dedicated purpose of your faculty to provide the best possible of educational opportunities which, I am sure, have given you a strong foundation for your futures. Hay the challenges you face in the future be easily conquered and rest assured that the doors of Nauset will always be open to you. Donald J. Flebotte Principal Vice Principal MR. STANLEY E. SMITH JR. 7 Guidance Director; University of Mass., Clark University, A.B. and A.M.Ed. SUMNER CAMPBELL Guidance; Suffolk University, A.B. Bridgewater EVELYN ANDERSON Guidance Secretary; Brocton Business College 8 ELIZABETH HOOKER Senior Research Paper; Smith, A.B. and M.A. HENRY KELLEY International Relations, Current History; Brown University, A.B. FRANK HUTCHINGS U.S. History; Wentworth Institute, M.C. and T.D., University of Mass., B.S. and M.A. VIRGINIA EMERSON Social Studies, Speech; University of Maine, A.B., Clark University, A.M. DOROTHY FULCHER Geography, Government; Bridgewater State College, B.S.E. and M.E. DONALD CAMPBELL European History, Government; West Virginia Wesleyan Col¬ lege, A.B. RICHARD GREENMAN Ancient History, World Geography; Harvard, A.B., Boston University, Ed.M. FRANCES MAYFARTH English; James Millikin University, A.B., Colom¬ bia University, M.A. and Ed.D., Honorary De¬ gree, L.H.D. NANCY LANING English; Boston University, B.S. in Ed. WILLIAM McCASKIE English; Northwestern University, B.S., Boston Col¬ lege, M.Ed. ROBERT MORSE English, Creative Writing, Driver Education; Tufts University, A.B. and Ed.M. MARY BERRIO English, Journalism; Wilson College, B.A., University of Scranton, M.A. JUDITH CORKUM English, Social Studies; Tufts University, B.A. 10 JOSEPHINE COTTEN French; Wellesley, B.A. S. STEWART BROOKS Latin, Germany; Princeton University, A.B., AA.A. and Ph.D. JANE DONNELLY French; Barnard College, B.A., Columbia Uni¬ versity GERARD BERTRAND French; Liege State University, License Phil, et Lettres (B.A.), Aggregation E.M.D.S. (M.A.), U. of Michigan Certificate of Proficiency in English PAUL CHAMBERLAIN Math, Valparaiso University, B.A. 12 RICHARD COCHRAN Math; Tufts University, B.S. ROBERT WILKINSON Math, Economics; Fairfield University, B.S.S. and M.A. DAVID GESSFORD Earth Science; Girl ' s Basketball Coach; Ventura Jr. College, A.B., Cornell University, B.S., Michi¬ gan State University, M.S. and Ph.D. DAVID GATES Biology, Physiology, Science; Stonehill College, B.S., Bridgewater State College, M.Ed., Sim¬ mons College, M.S., U. of Hawaii JOYCE ROCHE Biology, General Science; Chestnut Hill College, A.B. ROBERT BRUCE General Science; Springfield College, B.S. HERBERT PETTENGILL Chemistry, Science; Ricker College, A.A., U. of Maine, B.S., Brown University, M.A.T. EDWARD O ' BRIEN Physics, General Science; Boston College, B.S. and M.Ed. 13 CAROLYN RICHARDSON Business; Boston University, B.S., Bridge- water State College AA.Ed. LEO MILLER Special Class, Basketball Coach; Fitchburg State B.S.E. JEAN ROBERTSON Shorthand, Typing, General Business; Ferris State College, A.S., University of Connecticut B.A. RONALD CHAD Special Education; Fitchburg State B.S.E., Bridge- water State BERNARD COLLINS JR. Industrial Arts; Fitchburg State College B.S.E. STUART FINLAY Industrial Arts; University of Maine, B.S. 14 MARGAR UNDERHILL Physical Education; Panzer College, B.S. JAMES OWENS Art; Rhode Island School of Design, B.F.A., New York University FRANK JAMES Music; New England Conservatory of Music, B.M. JOHN DONAHUE Physical Education; Dartmouth College, B.A. PHYLLIS BAKER Librarian; Simmons College, B.S. GERALDINE CROWELL Home Economics; Framingham Teachers College, B.S. DOROTHY WORDELL Music; Boston University, School of Ap¬ plied Arts, B.M. SOPHIE MARTIN Nurse; Worcester State Hospital, Belmont Isolation Hospital 15 16 :a«i 20 An unadorned Monday in June, and 106 seniors restlessly recall 106 memories —Memories of four years, and, pressing on these, the sensations of the last week¬ end at Nauset: the tradit ional pageantry of an academic procession, the last not-so- futile attempt at a party, interminable speeches, sentimental visits, bemused parents awed by and yet proud of their child ' s maturity; long sought recognition, perhaps, but most of all, anticipation. 21 DAVID CHARLES ACORN " Keep it in your sneaker. " Charlie . . . School . . . Hob: fixing radios and T.V. ' s JOSEPH DENNIS ALGEO Joe . . . College . . . Hob: playing cards, politics, skiing, hockey . . . Known for: Silverbullet, " Aggressors " . . . Act: Student Council 3, 4, Pres. 4; Baseball 2, 3; Yearbook Assistant Editor in Chief. ROBERT WILLIAM ALLARD Bob . . . Tech. School . . . Hob: water sports, ice skating, mountain climbing, off the road driving, trucks and four wheel drive vehicles, camping. DEBORAH MAY BARRIO " You ole buzzard! " Debbie . . . Nursing . . . Hob: swimming, sailing, rowing, Rainbow, Mariner . . . Known for: eating bagals . . . Act: Yearbook 1, 2, 3, 4; Usherettes 1, 2, 3, 4; F.N.A. 2, 3, 4; Pres. 4; Tennis 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 4; Library Aide 4; Basketball, JV and Varsity Plotter 3, 4. jggg|MMH| • ' VC PAUUNE AGNES BELANGER " I know " Pauline . . . Secretary . . . Hob: parties, summer, riding, John ' s V 5 . 1 . Act: F.T.A. 1; Cheerleading 2, 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Junior Prom; Var¬ sity Basketball 4. CHARLES KENNETH BEALS " Oh Brother " Chuck . . . College . . . Hob: hunting, fishing, T.V., hanging around the beach . . . Known for: new kid, West Bridgewater refugee . . • Act: Entered 4; Science Club 4. CANDYCE ELLEN BENN " Can you imagine that. " Candy . . . College . . . Hob: mariners, S.D., sneaking around . . . Known for: delicious egg nog, talking too much . . . Act: Drama Club 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2; Glee Club 3; Science Club 2; Junior Prom, Tennis 2, 3; Business Club 4; Usherette 4. % DAVID ALAN BROWN " What ' s it to ya? " Dave . . . College . . . Hob: water skiing, ice hockey, soccer, ice skating, 3-d ' s . . . Act: .V. Soccer 1, 2; Varsity Soccer 3, 4; J.V. Baseball 1; Track 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Class Vice President 4; Junior Prom, Varsity Club, Variety Show 2, 3. LAURA PERRY BROWN " All you need is love. " Laura . . . College . . . Known for sarcasm . . . Act: Yearbook 3; Art 3, 4; F.T.A. 1, 2; Senior Class Play. CHARLOTTE ELAINE BRUCE " Good grief! " Charlie . . . College . . . Hob: Mariners, Rainbow, sewing, writing, arts and crafts, swimming, tennis . . . Act: Usherettes 4; Science Club 2; Drama Club 1, 2; Glee Club 3, 4; Creative Writing Club 2, 4; Senior Class Play; Tennis Team. MARIA ELAINE BURGESS " You crazy apple! " Maria . . . Medicine . . . Hob.: horses, roller-skating, weekends, swim¬ ming at night, sleeping . . . Known for: my perfect attendance record. ELIZABETH SUZANNE BURRILL " See ya! " Liz . . . College . . . Hob: sewing, cooking, talking, long walks, playing the guitar, dancing, having a good time . . . Known for: daisies, dimples . . . Act: Basketball 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sr. Honor Society 3, Sec. 4; A.F.S. Club 3; V-Pres. French Club 3, 4; Independent Study 4; Class Sec. 1; Class Treas. 2; Yearbook Staff 4; Variety Show 1, 2, 3; Varsity Club 4; Girl State Alternate 3; Junior Prom. 24 DUNCAN NATHANIAL CAMPBELL " Baby! " Duncan Dampbell ... College ... Hob: team sports, gymnastics, water-skiing, model cars, parties, listening to W.R.K.O. . . . Act: J.V. Basketball 1, 2; Soccer 4; Gymnastics 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2; Orchestra 1, 2; Junior Prom. NANCY LOUISE CHASE " If I do not believe as you believe, it proves that you do not believe as I believe, and this is all that it proves. " Nance . . . College . . . Hob: picking artificial flowers . . . Known for: earrings, association with " peace creeps " ... Act: Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Class Secretary 2; Library Aide 2; F.T.A. 1, 2, 3; Yearbook Staff; Junior Prom; Art 4; Senior Class Play. JOHN THOMAS COOMBS " What seems to be the problem " MICHAEL WAYNE CLARK " Don ' t be that way " Little bitty jesus . . . Airplane Pilot . . . Hob: guitar, Buddhism, joga, chess . . . Known for: heated discussions, following the path toward vegetarianism . . . Coombsey «. . . College . . . Hob: coin collecting, fishing, hunting, hiking . . . Known for: fairly quiet, happy go lucky guy . . . Act: Entered 4; Cross Country Varsity 2, 3; Boy State 3; Chorus 2. LYDIA ANN CURRAN " You think so! " Lyd . . . Travel . . . Hob: records, D.A.W. . . . Act: Business Club, V-Pres. 4. MARCIA ANN DALEY " You wanna get mugged? " Mouchi . . . College . . . Hob: Mariners, guitar, cooking, music . . . Known for: D-Y affiliations, getting grounded, egg nog . . . Act: Field Hockey 3, 4; Co-Capt. 4; All Star 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Honor Society 1; Sr. Honor Society 3, 4; V-Pres. 4; F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sec. 4; French Club 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Band 1, 2. STUART RAY DAILY " Yu ' all! " Stu . . . College . . . Hob: reading, stamp collection . . . Known for: living in the Philippines . . . Act: Track 3, 4; Science Club, Math Club. MELANIE SUE DALEY " Catch ya later. " Mel . . . College . . . Hob: summer, beach. Mariners, parties . . . Known for: egg nog, freckles, mugging people . . . Act: Honor Society 1, 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4: Sec. 4; F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; V-Pres. 4; French Club 3; Band 1, 2; Chorus 4; Cape Cod Music Festival 1, 2; Field Hockey 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3; Varsity Club 4. KAREN JANE DELANO " What " Kare . . . Fashion design school . . . Hob: stamp collecting, sailing, swimming, sewing, long walks, playing records, having a good time, singing . . . Act: Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2; Drama Club 4; Senior Play 4. JUDITH KNOWLES DUNHAM " Are you ticklish? " Jude . . . College . . . Hob: bowling, singing . . . Known for: the group, Frank ' s, First National Twins, T.H. in physiology . . . Act: Glee Club 3, 4; Chorus 1,2; Library Aide 3, 4; Variety Show 1,2, 4. FORBES FREEMAN DODGE " You grub you " Rug . . . College . . . Hob: surfing, hunting, taxidermy, mind -bending . . . Known for: A little of everything but a lot of nothing . . . Act: School Paper Editor; Science Club 1,2, 3; Track 3, 4. NICHOLAS ROSS DEMETRAS " Who ' s gunna play hockey tonight? " Nick . . . College . . . Hob: ice hockey, football, swimming, eating, poker, water skiing . . . Known for: intelligence, being Greek, funny guy, being almost as good as Bobby Orr making the best pancakes in school . . . Act: Class V; Pres. 2; Soccer 1; Basketball 1 Yearbook 4; Student Council 3, 4. SHARON ALICE DURGIN " File that! " Sher . . . College . . . Hob: sewing, C.Y.O., dances, reading, writing, poetry . . . Known for: teasing, laughing, very frank . . . Act: Entered 3; F.N.A. 3, 4; Creative Writing 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Senior Play 4; Jr. Prom 3. ROBERT DAVID ELDREDGE " I could give a care. " Zetey . . . Work . . . Hob: Special someone B.J.S., hunting . . . Known for: goof-off, getting in trouble . . . Act: Track 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Gymnastics 3, 4. WILLIAM M. ELDREDGE Bill . . . Undecided . . . Hob: Sports . . . Act: J.V. Soccer, J.V. Basket ball 1, 2; Varsity Soccer 3, 4; Varsity Baseball 3, 4. SUSAN JEAN ELLIS " What do you mean? " Sue . . . College . . . Hob: Mariners, parties, driving . . . Known for: obnoxiousness, sarcasm, egg nog . . . Act: Band 1; J.V. Basketball ' 1; Jr. Honor Society 1; Cape Cod Music Festival; Orchestra 2; Field Hockey 2, 3; Co-Capt. 4; F.T.A. 2, 3; Pres. 4; French Club 3; Varsity Club 4; Yearbook 3. 28 JOH John . . . Music or Architecture vation Air Force ... Act: Drama 1, One-Act Play 1,2; School Play 3. JEFFREY DALE FINN Hut ' ANTHONY EUGENE FITSCH " I don ' t care what YOU want me to look like! " Footch . . . College . . . Hob: tennis, guitar, poetry, reading, meditating, pacifism . . . Known for: reluctance to get haircuts, tendency to argue with anybody at any time . . . Act: Jr. Honor Society ]; Chess Club 2, 3; Math Club 3; Drama Club 3, 4; One-Act Play 3, 4; Tennis Team 3, 4; Junior Prom. Jeff . . . Music school . . . Hob: guitar, harmonica, karate. Salvation Air Force, coins, leather craft . . . Act: Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1; School Play 2; 1 Act Plays 1, 2; Camera Club 2, 3; Art 1, 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 1,2, 3. BRUCE EDWARD GARDNER Bruce . . . College . . . Hob.: duck hunting, baseball, hockey. ROBERT GABRIELLE GASTON " Hold on. Now wait a minute! " ' (p " The Tank " , " Gassey " . . . Business Career . . . Hob: surfing, motor¬ cycles, turning-on, water skiing, sports cars . . . Known for: motorcycle wrecks, being cranky . . . Act: Junior Prom, Student Council, Year¬ book. TIMM WATERFIELD GOULD " So? I care " Timm . . . Service . . . Hob: car . . . Known for: hate corvairs. WILLIAM DEAN GROVER " That was suppose to be funny. " D ' no . . . College . . . Hob: water skiing, tennis, reading . . . Known for: sense of humor, ability to make bad jokes, ability to lose tennis matches . . . Act: Drama Club 2, 3, 4; Creative Writing 2, 3, 4; Jour¬ nalism 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 3, 4; Debating Club 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Play 4; Audio Visual Aide 2, 3, 4. ARTHUR HANCOCK JR. " Some people think work is a pain in the neck; I have a much lower opinion of it. " Skip . . . College . . . Hob: sports . . . Act: Entered 3; J.V. Football 1, 2; J.V. Wrestling 1; Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4; Varsity Track 1, 2; Varsity Tennis 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom 3; Senior Play 4; Dramat¬ ics 4; Independent Study 4; Science Club 3. RICHARD JOSEPH HARRIS Rick . . . College . . . Hob: hunting and fishing . . . Act: Basketball 1-4; Soccer 2-4; Baseball 1-4. _ CARYL DARLENE HART " C ' mon, pay your dues! " Caryl . . . Drama School . . . Hob: cheering, dancing, Highlanders, drawing, ice-skating ... Known for: dramatics ... Act: Chorus 4; Art 3, 4; Treas. Senior Class, Drama Club 3, 4; V. Cheerleader 4; Senior Play; Jr. Prom. ERIC ANDREW HART " Quite the facial expression! " THOMAS FREDERICK HAYDES Hey " Back. " j Tom . . . College . . . Hob: sports, hunting, fishing, girls, having fun, parties . . . Known for: shy, quiet . . . Act: Soccer 1, 2, 4; Baseball 1, 3, 4; Class Pres. 2; Student Council 3, 4; Jr. Prom, A.V. 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. VICTORIA HAYES " Ya know? " Heafey . . . College . . . Hob: dryer spinning, debating, harmonica, base guitar, writing, picketing . . . Known for: protesting, getting in the way at the right time, best speller in the school . . . Act: Track 1-4; Drama Club 1-4; One Act Play 2, 3; Dramatic Festival 3; Senior Play 4; Student Council 3, 4; Yearbook Bus. Mgr. Vicki . . . business . . . Hob: summer, dances, bowling, walking . . . Known for: talking and tripping over " nothing " while walking . . . Act: Business Club 3, 4; F.N.A. 3, 4. JANE CHRISTINE HERTIG " You brat " Jane . . . Elementary Education . . . Hob: sailing, rain, giraffes . . . Known for: borrowing quarters from Malcolm . . . Super Rat I, faraway people, " Mr. Freeze " , cranky, losing bets . . . Act: Entered 2; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; Usherettes 4; Yearbook Staff, Associate Editor 3; Editor 4; Junior Prom; Class Trip Committee 4. SANDRA JEAN HIGGINS " Oh, shut up! " Sandi . . . College . . . Hob: parties, Jeff ' s cottage, water skiing, Livingstons, a certain someone . . . Act: Class Secretary 3; Junior Prom; Business Club 3, 4; Business Club Secretary 3, 4; Class Treasurer 1; Senior Class Play 4. THOMAS JOHN HILFERTY " Crash and burn. " Tom . . . College . . . Hob: S.L.A., cars, hunting . . . Known for: ' 49 chevy . . . Act: Jr. Prom; Track, Manager. CRAIG LOUIS HIGGINS " How ' s every little thing, skully? " Higgy . . . College . . . Hob: sports, hunting, fishing, bowling, playing cards. MARGARET HOLLER " What a riot! ' f Maggie . . . College . . . Hob: talking, eating, peeps . . . Known for: Kemps, eating too slow, bubble gum ... Act: F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; National Jr. Honor Society 1; Glee Club 2, 3; Chorus 1; Tennis 2, 3; Usherette 4. DEIRDREMORRILHOPE " Do you need disciplining? " Dede . . . College . . . Hob: writing poetry, guitar, riding, peace movements, a certain someone, sewing, walking the beach, P-town . . . Known for: wearing moccasins, being pigeon-toed . . . Act: F.T.A. 1; Drama Club 1; Creative Writing; Glee Club; Chorus; Variety Show; Field Hockey. MARGARET JEAN HOUGHTON " Oh, this is awful! " Maggie . . . College . . . Hob: spending money, singing, acting . . . Known for: school spirit, talking too much ... Act: Entered 3; Stu¬ dents for Social Action 2; Pep Club 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 4; French Club 3, 4; Pres. 4; Future Teachers Club 4; Jr. Prom Comm. 3; Cape Cod Music Festival 3, 4; Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Play 4. PAUL SCOTT HUMPHREY " I ' m still livin ' . " Hump . . . College . . . Hob: my sax, music. Pilgrim Fellowship, sports, Demolay, hats, cheering, making a fool of myself, Nashua, N.H. . . . Known for: my sax, my derby . . . Act: Band 1-4; Band Capt. 2, 4; Drum Major 4; Student Conductor 4; Cape Cod Music Festival 1-4; Soccer 1-4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Manager 2, 3; School Mascot 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Jr. Prom Comm. 3; Senior Play 4; Variety Show 3. DAVID KEITH JAMISON " We ' re never going to get out of here, Malcolm. " Jamie . . . Undecided . . . Hob: football, all sports, hunting, listening to good records, eating, 3-D ' s ... Act: Football 1, 2; Baseball 2; Entered 3 from Bage High School; Trade 3, 4; Student Council 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Junior Prom Comm. 3. JOHN HENRY JOY, II " Insane people easily detect the nonsense of other people. " John Hallan Andronicus ... To be free and to remain free . . . Hob: waiting for the leaves to turn green, making ridiculous remarks, studying the functions of a rat race, lying in the middle of a large field . . . Act: Junior Prom Decorating Comm. ALYSON KNOWLES " There ' s a roadblock! " V dO Al . . . Beautician School . . . Hob: driving, television, radio, baby¬ sitting, volkswagens . . . Known for: chewing gum in class . . . Act: Business Club 3, 4; F.N.A. 2, 3, 4. MARIE ELLEN LAPOSKY " Whoopie do! " Ree . . . Marriage . . . Hob: writing letters, having fun, listening to radio, cooking, sewing, riding around, having long and serious dis¬ cussions, R.A.H. . . . Known for: being so short . . . Act: Junior Prom Comm. 3, Business Club 3, 4, Pres. 4; Library Aide 4. GARY MICHAEL LEE " Sure you are! " Irvink . . . College, millionaire . . . Hob: hunting, fishing, sports . .. Known for: my hair, my many nicknames, ' The Aggressors " . . . Act: Baseball 1-4; Soccer 1-4; Soccer Cape All Stars 4; Track 1; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4. MICHELLE LEE LEMOINE " Ask me if I care! " £e y ' OJ c Mickey . . . College . . . Hob: talking, records, traveling, parties . . . Known for: Chatham, Connecticut, laughing . . . Act: F.T.A. 1, 2; Business Club 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2; Glee Club 3; Cheerleader 1, 2; Jr. Prom Comm. 3; Variety Show 1,2, 3; Library Aide 4. ERIC NORMAN LINDHOLM " You animal! " Crash . . . College . . . Hob: hunting, fishing, trapping . . . Known for: accidents . . . Act: Trade 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1; Science Club 1. WENDY JEAN LORRAINE " Oh, no! " Pooh . . . Nursing, Newton-Wellesley Hospital . . . Hob: sailing, sew¬ ing, learning to knit, dances, putting on surprise parties, Chlamydo- monas, skate-boarding, cook-outs . . . Known for: Charlie Brown, Winnie-fher -Pooh . . . Act: Yearbook Staff 3, 4; Chorus 1, 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Library Aide 2, 3, 4; Usherettes 1, 2, 3, 4; Telfad 4; Honor Society 1, 3, 4; Treasurer 4; F.N.A. 2, 3, 4; Sec. 3; A.F.S. Club 3; Independent Study 4; Junior Prom Comm. 3. S ' BRIAN JOSEPH LYONS Brian . . . College . . . Hob: hockey, football, summer . . . Act: Entered 2; Soccer, Varsity 2, 3, 4; Cape Cod All-Stars 3, 4; Tri-Captain 4; Basketball, Varsity 2, 3, 4; Co-Captain 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Class Vice-President 3. JAMES BRUCE MACGREGOR, " I don ' t want to hear it! " Bruce . . . College, Forestry . . . Hob: hunting, driving, scuba diving, scrambling . . . Known for: moon lighting for mafia . . . Act: Junior Prom Comm. 3; Future Teachers Club 1, 2; Chess Club 1, 2; Yearbook 4. MALCOLM JOHN MACPHERSON ' We ' re never going to get out of here, Dave. Mac . . . College . . . Hob: surfing, ice hockey, football, playing cards, soccer, eating, summer . . . Things Known for: the laundry, " the Ag- ressors " , Bruins-fan, shooting . . . Act: Class President 1; Student Coun¬ cil 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Asst-Ed 3; Yearbook Sports Ed 3, 4; Soccer, Junior Varsity 1; Soccer, Varsity 2, 3, 4; Tri-Captain 4; Cape Cod All-Stars 4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4. GARY D. MAYO | Gary . . . College . . . Hob: guitar . . . Known for: hair, custom amp . . . Act: J.V. Baseball 2. MARY LOUISE MAZA " Dummie! " Mazz . . . Nursing . . . Hob: cooking, sewing, sailing, Mariner Girl Scouts, having fun . . . Known for: teddy-bear suit, walking too fast . . . Act: Usherettes 1, 2, 3, 4; F.N.A. 3, 4; Treasurer 4; Field Hockey Manager 2, 3, 4; Girls Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4; Library Aide 3; Glee Club 3, 4; Chorus 4; Jr. Prom Comm. 3; Sr. Play 4; Cape Cod Music Festival 3. LEONARD DAVID MAZA, JR. " Hi, people—you too Penny! " Dave ... Service ... Hob: Sea Scouts, C.Y.O., Pilgrim Fellowship, parties, hunting, girls . . . Known for: going downtown for Mr. Col¬ lins . . . Act.: Drama Club. " Got a cigarette? " Don . . . College . . . Hob: cars, boxing . . . Known for: speeding, fighting . . . Act: Transferred 3; Student Council 4. KATHLEEN AGNES MICKLE " Hey Sue! " Pickles . . . Beautician School . . . Hob: getting in trouble, walking to the beach, telephone booths, records, dancing . . . Known for: getting in trouble . . . Act: F.N.A. 2, 3, 4; Business Club 3, 4; Junior Prom Comm. 3. DONALD R. MEDEIROS 38 PRISCILLA GABRIELLE MURAD " You little rat, Shut up! " Pris . . . Kindergarten Teacher . . . Hob: swimming, sailing, tennis, skiing, having fun, taking trips, bears . . . Known for: Roxbury Latin School, Arrowhead . . . Act: Transferred 3; Glee Club 3; Usher¬ ettes 4; Chorus 3; Jr. Prom Comm. 3; F.N.A. 3; Class Trip Comm. 4. JANET CAROL NADEAU " What ' s your hang-up? " PAUL EDWARD NICHOLS " So What? " Lucky . . . Service . . . Hob: cars, model building . . . Act: J.V. Soccer 1,2; Band 1-4; Junior Prom; Band Officer 4. Nades . . . Dental Hygenist School . . . Hob: swimming, skiing, parties, summer, riding . . . Known for: Frank ' s, the group . . . Act: Field Hockey 1-3; Yearbook Staff 2-3; Future Nurses 2-4; Class Treasurer 3; Usherettes 1-4; Library Aid 1-4; Junior Prom; One-Act Plays 2-4; Variety Show 2, 4; Future Teachers 1,2. Dennis ... Fat Cook . . . Hob: toads, eating out, home games, trying to surf . . . Known for: partying in a wet suit, The Calimine kid, reading . . . Act: Student Council 3; Track 2, 3; Variety Show 3. DENNIS EDWARD NELSON " Where am I sleeping tonight? " Brian . . . Air Force . . . Hob: working on cars, girls, cycles . . . Known for: trouble. BRIAN WEBSTER PATE STUART JAMES NICKERSON " Ya think so, huh?! " Stu . . . College . . . Hob: hunting, fishing, winter skiing, sailing . . . Known for: loosing in cards . . . Act: Basketball Manager, Varsity 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 3, 4; Varsity Club; Boy ' s State; Audio-Visual Club 1 2 . CAROL ANN NICHOLSON SCOTT NICKERSON " I like Hunt ' s, they ' re saltier! " Scott . . . College . . . Hob: all sports . . . Known for: sick jokes . . . Act: Soccer, Varsity 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball, Varsity 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball, Varsity 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Pres. 3, 4; Jr. Honor Society 1; Sr. Honor Society; Varsity Club 2, 4; Foreign Exchange Student 3. " Smart guy! " Nick . . . Beautician School . . . Hob: listening to records, talking on the telephone . . . Act: Transferred 3. ROBERT LOUIS POPE Bob . . . College . . . Known for: keeping my nose on the grindstone . . . Act: Pres. National Honor Society 4; Journalism 2, 3, 4; A.V. 2, 3 ; 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4. SUZANNE PETERS " Oh! No! " Sue . . . work, marriage . . . Hob: sleeping, walking to the beach, spending money, haing fun . . . Things Known for: getting into trouble with Mr. Smith ... Act: Future Nurses 1, 2; Business Club 3, 4; Junior Prom Comm. KAREN FRANCES PILLSBURY " You grape! " Raisin . . . Nursing . . . Hob: swimming, parties, horseback riding, talking, reading . . . Things Known for: " the group " , franks, clumsi¬ ness, library during lunch period, wheedling passes, First National Twins . . . Act: Entered 4; Future Nurses 4; Varsity Show 4. ALBERT CAMPBELL PEASE " You Pagan! " Al . . . Maritime Academy . . . Hob: fishing, hunting . . . Act: Track Team Manager 1; Junior Prom Committee. GEOFFREY HAMILTON PUTNAM " Don ' t sweat it! " Putt . . . College . . . Hob: hunting, fishing, driving, skiing, foot¬ ball, baseball . . . Things Known for: having the best jeep in the world . . . Act: Always Active. V x BRIAN ALFRED ROSE " Get it?! " Barney . . . Air Force . . . Hob: 1955 chevys, guitar, hunting, a certain Sandy . .. Things Known for: 1955 Chevys, changing person¬ ality, animal tactics , . . Act: A.V. 3, 4; Junior Prom. PAULA DOREEN QUINN " Are you kidding? " Peedee . . . Secretarial School . . . Hob: guitar, dancing, art, swim¬ ming, driving, bowling, letter-writing, tennis, collecting old bottles . . . Things Known for: talking, Chatham friends . . . Act: Future Teachers Club 1; Drama Club 1; Chorus 1; Variety Show 1, 3; Science Club 2; Photography Club 3; Library Aide 3; Business Club 4; Art 1,2, 3, 4. MICHAEL A. RICE " Shut up stupid! " Bomba . . . College . . . Hob: horses, jungle cruising . . . Act: A.V., Outermost Press. SANDRA CHRISTINE ROSE ■ MARIE ANNE ROZA LUCILLE ANNETTE ST. AUBIN ' Tm only kidding! " Lu ... Business School . . . Hob: horses, driving, walking down he beach, talking on the telephone, dogs, sleeping . . . Act: Business Club 3, 4; Kitchen Aide 3, 4; Junior Prom Comm. " I ' m so confused! " Sandi . . . Undecided . . . Hob: sewing, reading, driving . . . Act: Future Teachers Club; Business Club 3; Library Aide 4; Office Help 4; Junior Prom Comm. 3. EILEEN ROY " Ya don ' t know, do ya?! " Ei ... Art School . . . Hob: driving, painting, sports, parties, having fun . . . Things Known for: bothering home room teacher, going to Walpole, avoiding Mr. Smith . . . Act: Future Teachers Club 1; Library Aide 2; Junior Prom Comm.; Yearbook Staff 4; Art 1,2, 3,4. " Don ' t know, do ya? " Koo Koo . . . Marriage . . . Hob: dancing, eating . . . Things Known for: Provincetown, bumping my head, getting into trouble, putting my foot in my mouth . . . Act: Business Club 3, 4; Art 2; Chorus 2. SCOTT P. SALISBURY Scott . . . College " You ' ll get over it " . Hob: surfing, skiing, sports . . . Transferred 4. NANCY LILLIAN SANDBLOM Nance . . . Hairdressing School . . . Hob: swimming, eating, skating, sewing . . . Known for: " the group " . . . Act: Business Club 3, 4; Junior Prom Comm. DARRYL DALE SCOTT " There he is! " Scotty . . . Navy . . . Known for: quietness . . . Act: Entered 4; Baseball 1, 4; Basketball 2; Cross-Co untry 2; Class Play 3; Science Fair 1,2. AUDREY ELIZABETH SHERWIN " You know! " Aud . . . Nursing or Junior College . . . Hob: swimming, parties, ski¬ ing, horseback riding . . . Known for: the group, Franks, p.j. parties . . . Act: Yearbook Staff 2, 3, 4; Usherettes 4; Junior Prom Comm.; Art 2, 3. GARY M. THOMPSON " What a grub! " Gare, Bunsen, Chickie ... College, in Florida Hob: surfing, skiing . . . Known for: quiet homeroom behavior, famous chicken imitation . . . Act: Track; Audio-Visual Club. SUSAN ISABEL SPARROW " What? " Sue . . . Business School . . . Hobbies: Reading, cooking, driving . . . Act: Future Teachers Club 1; Chorus 1; Business Club 3, 4; Kitchen Aide 4. ROLAND EDWARD TABER Roily . . . Technical School . . . Hob: guitar, football, hockey, hunting . . . Act: Gymnastics Club 3; Baseball, Junior Varsity 3. DALE CLARENCE SMITH " Strictly Chevrolet! " Clarence . . . Service . . . Hob: ' 55 chevys, water skiing, hunting . . . Known for ' 55 chevys . . . Act: Track 1, 2, 3; Audio-Visual 4. 45 DEBORAH ANN THORNE " Pow " Debbie . . . Medical Secretary . . . Hob: sports, playing the " Like, " Mariner Girl Scouts, CYO, horseback riding, sleeping, playing cards, having fun ... Act: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey Manager 2; Future Nurses Club 2, 3, 4. LINDA ANN VELANDER " Howdy! " Linn . . . College, Travel Abroad . . . Hob: horseback riding, lan¬ guages, travel, dramatics . . . Things Known for: talking . . . Act: Junior Honor Society 1; Library Aide 2, 3; Drama Club 2, 3, 4; AFS Club 3; Usherettes 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom 3; Senior Class Play 4. PAUL ARTHUR TUCKER Twigg . . . College . . . Hob: hunting, football, hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball . . . Things Known for: my physique . . . Act: Soccer, Varsity 2, 3, 4; Basketball, Jr. Varsity 2, Varsity 3, 4; Baseball, Varsity 2, 3, 4. RICHARD ALAN TROTTER " That ' s a lot of bull! " Rich . . . College and Journalism Career . . . Hob: thinking of ways to make money and thinking of new ways to be cheap and stingy with it ... Things Known for: giving away desert, being cheap . . . Act: Journalism 4. 46 KATHLEEN ALICE VIPRINO Kathy . . . Undecided . . . Hob: cooking, driving, walking, creating . . . Act: Field Hockey 1; Art 1, 2; Honor Society 1-4; Junior Prom. LINDA CAROL BARNES " Really? " Lyn . . . Writer and Poet . . . Hob: reading, writing, dancing, swim¬ ming, skiing . . . Known for: poems, silence, desert boots, Bill . . . Act: Journalism, Creative Writing; Dramatics. SCOTT ASHBY MILLER Scott . . . Service . . . Hob: football, baseball, folk music . . . Act: Entered 4; Football; Baseball; Basketball. 47 Class Will I, David Acorn, leave my hair to Mr. Smith ' s bald spot. I, Joseph Algeo, leave Jimmy Demetras a 5 lb. bag of beans to raise with. 1, Robert Allard, leave finally. I, Deborah Barrio, leave one stale bagel to my sister, Donna, for further " reference " . I, Charles Beals, leave my Advanced Math answer book to Mrs. Dupont. I, Pauline Belanger, leave a 5-year membership to the Bobbie Gentry fan club to Mr. Eastman. I, Candyce Benn, leave Debbie Dalhrymple one pair of white underpants. I, David Brown, leave Mr. Hoyt a new pair of springs for his shoes. I, Laura Brown, leave to Becca Brock, the girl with the sun in her eyes, tangerine trees and marmalade skies. I, Charlotte Bruce, leave Mrs. Baker a bed for her overnight visits. I, Maria Burgess, leave my brothers, Steve and Gary, my sore throat and my ability to like my mother. I, Elizabeth Burrill, leave the Dartmouth Jacket to Suzie Chilson to wear whenever I ' m not. I, Duncan Campbell, leave, to build a motel on Miami Beach. I, Nancy Chase, leave a copy of the first S. A. F. album to Mariellen Fuller. I, Michael Clark, for the glorious extinction of N. R. H. S., leave my orange shoes with black stripes, in which you may find leg hairs intact. I, John Coombs, leave the purple bacteria of A. P. Biology. I, Lydia Curran, leave with a note from my mother. I, Stuart Dailey, leave all my " Lemna minor " to Mr. Gates. May he count in peace. I, Marcia Daley, leave a year ' s supply of tape and kleenex to Marilyn Packett. I, Melanie Daley, leave a statue o f liberty to Kris Svenningsen and Ellen Crocker. I, Karen Delano, leave Bindy Brown a 10 ft. by 10 ft. color picture of Peter Tork. I, Nicholas Demetras, leave Mr. O ' brien six broken hockey sticks to throw out of the Kennedy rink when he gets mad. I, Forbes Dodge, leave all my admirable qualities of leadership, Sympathetic understanding of problems, reserved patience and, above all, respect of the student council, to Mr. Flebotte. I, Judith Dunham, leave the baby blue-eyed monster a weekend without Johnny. I, Sharon Durgin, leave my orange hat to Mrs. Emerson. I, Robert Eldredge, leave my ability to get a job done well the 1ST time to Mr. Collins. I, William Eldredge, leave 451 pieces of my beautiful hair to the " Skull " . I, Susan Ellis, leave Matt Nickerson a package of " Summer Blonde. " I, Kimball Fates, leave Mr. Smith a bottle of polish, to polish his bald spot. I, John Finlay, leave my curley locks to Barbie Viprino. I, Jeffrey Finn, leave 2 blown out C harmonicas to Brock Collinsworth. I, Anthony Fitsch, leave the pine needles on the trees, where they belong. 49 I, Paul Francis, leave my ability and knowledge of Karate to Steve Fulcher. I, Anne Gainey, leave the " girl from UN-CURL an engraved mug. I, Bruce Gardner, leave all the geese in Nauset Marsh to Mr. Kalinick. I, Robert Gaston, leave to follow the yellow brick road and harass all the ugly plastic people. I, Timmy Gould, leave nowhere for somewhere. I, Dean Grover, leave my ability to make " almost funny " jokes to Robin Downs and Donna Berrio, hoping it will do more for them than it did for me. I, Arthur Hancock Jr., leave my plankton cultures to Mr. O ' Brien, and all the stolen equipment to Mr. Pettengill. I, Richard Harris, leave my cast to next year ' s soccer team. I, Caryl Hart, leave my hay-marker Swing to a future actress in the drama club. I, Eric Hart, leave my seat in Student Council to anyone else who would like to be a puppet. I, Thomas Hayes, leave my great reputation as Ken Walsh. I, Victoria Hayes, leave. I, Jane Hertig, leave Mr. Kalinick a first edition copy of " Johnson ' s Guide to Better Counseling. " I, Craig Higgins, leave the management of Skully Square to Ken Walsh, who has proved his ability as employee. I, Sandra Higgins, leave Mr. Smith in peace until my brother is a senior. I, Tom Hilferty, leave with Joe in the crazy Comet for New York. I, Margaret Holler, leave wishing I could take my pedal pushers with me! I, Dierdre Hope, leave my ability to walk pigeon-toed to Mr. Smith. I, Margaret Houghton, leave Mr. Hoyt to turn red for future French classes. I, Paul Humphrey, being of sound mind, leave my Indian Suit to anyone who has the nerve to get in it. I, David Jamieson, leave my straight blond hair to Matt Rowe. I, John Joy, leave my personal cage to some deserving individual who refuses to put up with the establishment. I, Alyson Knowles, leave all my chewing gum to Miss Richardson. I, Marie Laposky, leave shorthand class to next year ' s " secretaries! " I, Quail, Gary Lee, Irving or is it Red, leave trying to remember my correct name. I, Michele Lemoine, leave Chatham to Cheryl Wilkinson and Mary Jane White. I, Eric Lindholm, leave my drawing skills to Mr. Morse ' s Driver Ed. Classes. I, Wendy Lorraine, leave Mr. Gates a recording of " Alicess Restaurant. " I, Brian Lyons, leave for the Hillside and " Little Vietnam. " I, Mary Maza, leave the job of manager and score keeper to anyone who wants it. I, Bruce MacGregor, being of sound body leave for the Virgin Forest. I, Malcolm MacPherson, leave a schedule of next year ' s basketball team ' s hockey games, to Mr. Miller. I, Gary Mayo, leave my ability to play the guitar to Brock Collinsworth. I, David Maza, leave all the ruined paint brushes to Mr. Collins. 50 I, Donald Medeiros, leave Marsha Bowker one year ' s supply of weight-on to shape up with. I, Kathleen Mickle, leave my friendship with Mr. Hutchings to my brother, Mickey. I, Scott Miller, leave a wish for more sports expansion. I, Priscilla Murad, leave my feud with Mr. Smith to Diane Arriola. I, Janet Nadeau, leave a combination of the seven fruits to all who may need it. I, Paul Nichols, leave Mr. O ' Brien one pack of ciggies and one cigar. I, Carol Nicholson, leave the U. S. History class to next year ' s seniors. I, Scott Nickerson, leave a debt of gratitude to Eddie Nichols because our playing fields have always been the best. I, Stuart Nickerson, leave Stanley Goodwin my elevator shoes. I, Brian Pate, leave all my Burned oil to Bill Cash. I, Albert Pease, leave 50 lbs. of my weight to Mr. McCaskie. I, Suzanne Peters, leave my grades, as they are, to my brother. He really needs them. I, Robert Pope, leave Bill Brooks in complete authority in the A-V room. I, Karen Pillsbury, leave in hopes that Mr. Pettengill will receive another student just like me. I, Geoffrey Putnam, leave my love for poetry and good books to Mrs. Berrio. I, Paula Quinn, leave all my school clothes and slacks to Val Lemoine. I, Michael Rice, leave, and I ' m extremely happy to do so! I, Brian Rose, leave all my brownie points to Steve Rose. I, Sandra Rose, leave Miss Robertson and her Consumer Ed class to the birds. I, Eileen Roy, leave all my overwhelming enthusiasm for Mr. Smith to Diane Arriola. I, Marie Roza, leave Pat Hill and all the happiness of P-town to Pam Nickerson. I, Lucille St. Aubin, leave my ability to leg wrestling to Linnea Hogg. I, Scott Salisbury, leave my bicycle to Doc Gessford. I, Nancy Sandblom, leave Susan Barnard my history marks in hope that she will improve them. I, Darryl Scott, leave my quiet ways to my brother, Dana. I, Audrey Sherwin leave a cottage full of blankets for the orgy walks to the beach at 2 a.m. in the morning. I, Dale Smith, trade my ' 55 for a 427 powered V. W. I, Susan Sparrow, leave my quietness and my ability to get into stupid messes to anybody because I don ' t want them. I, Roland Taber, leave my cap and gown to Mr. McCaskie. I,-Gary Thompson, leave Mr. McCaskie a 20 lb. bag of Super Tranquilizers. I, Deborah Thorne, leave my ability to read to Miss Richardson. I, Richard Trotter, leave 1,000,000 jawohls and an syezeichnet ' s, plus my German knowledge to some deserving student in German I. I, Paul Tucker, leave my 20 lb. barbells to Mr. McCaskie. I, Linda Velander, leave to Lorrie Eldredge all the unused advice she has given to me. I, Kathleen Viprino, LEAVE! 51 Senior Supers LAZIEST Bruce Mac Gregor and Audrey Sherwin 52 CLASS PHILOSOPHERS Tony Fitch and Nancy Chase B.M.O.C. Joe Algeo MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Scott Nickerson and Melanie Daley MOST LIKELY TO MOVE TO HAIGHT-ASHBURY Mike Clark and Laura Brown MOST ATHLETIC Marcia Daley and Brian Lyons 53 BEST HOME ECONOMIST Caryl Hart BEST DRESSED Jane Hertig and Bob Gaston WILD CHILDREN Janet Nadeau and Billy Eldredge 54 BEST LOOKING David Brown and Pauline Belanger Class Prophecy David Acorn has finally made it to the top, he is the manager of the First National Stores, replac¬ ing good old Blondie. Joseph Algeo, can be found cutting holes in sheets for his favorite charity organization, the KKK. Robert Allard can be seen in Brewster finishing the new thruway with his fleet of bulldozers. Debbie Barrio is still competing with her mother for cheering at basketball games. Charlie Beals is still dreaming he is dancing in his Maidenform socks. Pauline Belanger has now moved to Germany where she owns her own VW factory. Candy Benn is now world record holder for non-stop conversationalist. David Brown can be found water-skiing in the new Nauset Regional High School swimming pool. Laura Brown has just bought her supply of wool for her skirts this coming winter, 4 yards of wool for 16 skirts. Charlotte Bruce is now treasurer of the World Bank, seems her bicycle didn ' t take her far enough. Maria Burgess has been signed up by Warner Brothers for the new " Bonanza " TV series. Elizabeth Burrill is now the first female student at Dartmouth, seems she still doesn ' t under¬ stand that it is strictly a boy ' s school! Duncan Campbell has just produced the Super Soup, to go along with his Dunkin ' Donuts. Nancy Chase has been seen buying another box of straight set, seems she has a friend in need. Micheal Clark is building a guilded temple to Buddha on the shores of Nauset Beach. John Coombs, one shy boy, has become S.H. ' s boss of the club in Eastham. Lydia Curran is now singing with the " 4 Seasons " about Don. Stuart Dailey is now replacing Paul Parrot in his new line of shoes. Marcia Daley is still wandering a certain Dennis beach. What are you looking for Marcia? Melanie Daley has recently returned from a trip around the world, she hitch-hiked all the way! Karen Delano is now designing clothes for Saks on 5th Avenue. Good work Karen! Nick Demetras has finally done it, he ' s staring for the Hyannis Pee-Wees. Forbes Dodge is now the editor of the " Daily Planet " . Judith Dunham can be found in a melon patch, lose something Judy! Sharon Durgin is now head soprano in the " Up With People " group. Robert Eldredge is still earning money at Mayo ' s Duck Farm. William Eldredge on one of his recent trips was ordained a priest. Sue Ellis was recently seen inspecting the bottom of Old Iron Sides. Wavy haired Kimball Fates is a driver of a stolen pickup truck in his new movie. John Finlay finally got caught by federal agents seems he couldn ' t keep his still quiet. Jeffrey Finn can be found in Haight Ashbury still playing with the Salvation Air Force. Anthony Fitch can be found in Greenwich Village, writing philosophical poems. Paul Francis, the newest Mr. Hercules, is now lifting up little red Corvairs. Anne Gainey can be found in court with the Hunt ' s Company, seems she has been taking all their business away. 55 Bruce Gardner is finally finding for himself. Bob Gaston can be seen racing the " Brown Toilet " down Cable Road. Timm Gould can be seen in the hilly grass lands of East Orleans with his Gravely. Dean Grover has just been appointed head editor of Newsweek for the designs of their covers. Arthur Hancock, alias Clark Kent, mild mannered reporter for this great Metropolitan newspaper. Richard Harris is now a specimen for Mr. Gates physiology class, an ideal way to study mending bones. Caryl Hart, now living in Florida, says that the Grapefruit, Melons, Raisins, Tomatoes and Bana¬ na ' s are growing great. Eric Hart has been elected Speaker of the House! No filibusters now, Eric. Thomas Hayes and Gary Lee are now partners in one of the large chain stores of Eastham. Victoria Hayes is now starring as " Wanda the Witch " in Hidden Magic advertisements. Jane Hertig is now a member of the pit crew of Gassies ' " Brown Toilet " . Craig Higgins now owns his own gambling casino in Reno. Sandi Higgins is now head playboy bunny in Eastham. Tom Hilferty has now fulfilled his childhood dreams and is a fireman now! Margaret Holler can now be found standing on the deck singing " Blue Navy Blue " . DeDe Hope has recently dislocated her hip. Tough break, Dede! Margaret Houghton is busy making bandages for soccer game spectators. Paul Humphrey has progressed to Pro-Basketball. He is now the tail end of the Chicago Bulls mascot. David Jamison and Dennis Nelson are now co-owners of a chain saw store together. John Joy is the new " Mr. Lion " on the Bozo Show! Alyson Knowles is now production manager for the V. W. Corporation, trying to use up all the space she can. Marie Laposky is the owner of her own gymnasium, but it seems she still can find the right song to play. Michele Lemoine has been seen in Conn., seems she has run out of Chatham boys. Eric Lindholm—it looks like Crash finally got into the right business, demolition darby ' s. Wendy Lorraine—Although she has switched her topic, Wendy Lorraine is still asking questions. Brian Lyons has now moved up to the Majors, seems his hand work has improved greatly. Bruce MacGregor is now running a unique orphanage for baby faced kids with curly hair, seems they are hard to get rid of! Malcolm MacPherson is now the proud owner of 20 dead toads Mike Harris left to Dennis Nelson. Have Fun Mac! Gary Mayo and his custom amplifier can now be found playing for the Jefferson Airplane. David Maza has just been made fleet commander of the Boston Garbage barges. Mary Maza is now found manager of the Celtics—going up in the world huh, Mazz! Don Medeiros better known to as B.R.E. to some raisins has learned to walk right. Keep up the good work, Don! Kathy Mickle after long years, has finally made it big, seems her stocks paid off, that ' s loyalty for you! 56 Scott Miller can be found in the dense forest of knowledge looking for some competition. Priscilla Murad has bought water repellent seat covers for her car! Janet Nadeau can be found in Florida sharecropping grapefruits, seems that ' s all she lives for! Paul Nichols is following in Dad ' s footsteps as janitor of N.R.H.S.—caught anyone smoking, Paul? Carol Nicholson has now installed cigarette vending machines in all the girls rooms across the nation. Scott Nickerson was recently hired by the Celtics as Bill Russell ' s personal gambling agent. Stuart Nickerson reports that orange sales are up over last year. Could this have something to do with the Celtics winning, Stu? Brian Pate is just starting competition: Pikes Peak vs. Pate ' s Pole. Albert Pease is still the object of a search on the snow covered passes of Maine. Suzanne Peters reports that college life has improved along with the study halls. Robert Pope had some of his brains left over so he is now sharing them with the pigmies of South Africa. Karen Pillsbury ' s raisins have now turned into pitted prunes. Keep up the good work, Karen! Geoffrey Putnam has just received another good looking shirt from his uncle to go with his cowboy boots. Paula Quinn has finally inherited ' ' the ' ' store, seems she found friends that she didn ' t know she had before. Michael Rice—our boy in the A.V. Room has just been fished out of a projector after catching his shirt tail in it. Brian Rose just swallowed a pencil sharpener with hopes of destroying the pencil inside. Sandra Rose has just swallowed a pencil so that she can borrow the " Rose " sharpener. Eileen Roy can be seen having fun with both the " Millers " . Marie Roza can be found fishing in the Provincetown summer crowds for Wayne. Lucille St. Aubin has finally got her own zoo on Turnip Field Road—Come one, Come all. Scott Salisbury now has a taxi service. Seems he had to pay for the Limousine somehow. Nancy Sandblom is now head of " McGorry ' s Mob " . Darryl Scott is making himself known. Audrey Sherwin on one of her recent trips to South. Africa was found beating bananas. Dale Smith can be found " souping up " his metallic blue ' 55 Chevy. Susan Sparrow is now head cook in the cafeteria. Have you improved the menu? Roland Taber now holds the world record for being hit in the stomach. Gary Thompson has just cut the first sound track for his new movie " Old MacDonald " . Deborah Thorne is now the director of the Cape Cod Coral Society. Keep up the good work Deb . . .! Richard Trotter alias " Cousin Dick " can still be found bundling at the First National. Paul Tucker was mistaken for " Twiggy " during his recent stay in London. Linda Velander has her own charm school for chatting. Linda Viprino has been recently seen but not heard. Linda Barnes is now composing poems for a Ubanghi tribe in Central Africa. 57 i i I I ) tV-sddya ' —•==- — ’wed a soct? Co—s on, S-s, v.a e up! 58 C. Benn, M. Roza, E. Burrill, C. Bruce, S. Higgins The Reception Line The Grand March 59 Senior Class Play 60 I UNDERCLASSMEN 61 Class of 1969 ROW 1: L. to R.: Mr. Owens, V. Leiden, N. Westergaars, C. Wilkinson, T. Johnson, S. Kulesza, M. Doyle, S. Caton M Francis, M. Bowker, J. Montvilla, L. Kmiec, K. Crowell, J. Collins, N. Bertrand, B. Cummings, L. Smith, H. Trautz, D q Berrio, D. Dalrymple Miss e ° n - R0 2: M. Holmes, C. Bartlett, S. Chilson, J. Tartaglia, M. Stoddard, L. Eldredge, C. Dickson, D. Weber, B Wilcox K Berger, D. Finn A. Bell M White, M. Nickerson, J. Creonte, M. Conners, K. Svenningsen, B. Skillman, j. Montvilla. ROW 3: M. Baker, M. Packett, D. Bean, H. MacDonald, P. Edmunds, P. Snow, R. Downs, S. Algeo, C. Slade, C. Ketchen, B. Berger, L. Daily, K. Brewer, P. Whiting, G. Bearse, M Cooper, E. Crocker, L. Holbrook, K. Bassett, L. Trahan. ROW 4: S. Cole, B. Brown, N. Pellegrino, J. Smith, C. Newcomb, C. Letts, D. Bashaw, M. Leger, P. Lavasseur, D. Alvarez, G. Farrell, D. Ilkovich, P. Phlock, R. Studly, J. Curran, B. White, B. Duffy, W. Gainey, S. Lohr, D. Collins, R. Campbell, J David, D. Scarry, D. Hayes, J. Demetras, P. Hendrickson, D. Fitzgerald, S. Holbrook, D. Nickerson, K. Walsh, N. Nickerson, M. Rowe. ROW 6: T. Scherer, W. Norgeot, W. Brooks, D. Verfaille, J. Rawl, N. Roth, J. Emerson. We are nearing our final year at Nauset and realize we are faced with the most important year of all still before us. But we all will remember the events and happenings through¬ out our Junior Year. Such events were the successful pancake breakfast and our memorable prom. All these are things of the past, but will long be remembered. CLASS OFFICERS: JIM DEMETRAS: President CAROL BACKUS: Secretary DONNA BEAN: Treasurer NEAL ROTH: Vice-President 62 I Class of 1970 ROW 1: L. to R.: S. Campbell, B. Adams, D. Jennings, K. Roza, D. Felt, M. Finlay, H. Delano, L. Tilga, K. Bolton, L. Flavin, G. Snider, E. Fitzgerald, S. Barnard, D. Fulcher, M. Daniels, S. Delano, P. Nickerson, L. Rockwell, B. Fates, A. Nickerson, D. Sipple, Mr. Campbell. ROW 2: P. Brady, J. Laposky, D. Sallie, B. Viprino, M. Latham, M. Joseph, L. Putnam, A. Dutra, J. Dalby, N. Kangas, A. Pickard, H. Baker, T. Coe, P. Sparrow, S. Sanders, L. Shovelier, D. Jordan, B. Baily, D. Saulnier, L. Joy, I. Arriola. ROW 3: B. Taylor, A. Bacon, C. Curtis, D. Peterson, L. Baker, G. Bengston, J. Vandermay, M. Nichols, C. -Jans, N. Watts, B. Howland, S. Hancock, V. Lemoine, J. Lohan, C. Terhune, K. Jones, B. Erickson, C. Rogers, P. Hoffner, C. Chandler. ROW 4: G Pease, D. Parkington, P. Corbett, L. Sparrow, N. Whelan, S. Murphy, D. Scherer, P. Fettig, K. Richmond, G. Hagenbuckle, R. Deschamps, D. Taber, F. Egert, E. Butilier, B. Hayes, D. MacGregor, P. Coleman, M. Lindstrom, P. Brown. ROW 5: S. Edwards, V. Olivier, G. Fisher, B. Ferreira, R. Larsen, B. Nickerson, M. Allard, P. Bohannon, B. Hicks, B. Spear, R. Chase, G. David, D. Gilmore, D. Murphy, R. Tower, M. Hogg, M. Carron, E. Tesson, J. Hagenbuckle, M. Walwer. ROW 6: F. Quinn, B. Hilferty, D. Newell, B. Harris, S. Pierce, H. Adoa, B. Collingsworth, D. Langlais, R. Mulholland, J. Sturtevant, W. Cash, R. O ' Brien, S. Peno, J. Holbrook, H. Olson, G. Cotten, J. Carter, R. Durgin, G. Sinclair, R. Trotter. We are now Sophomores and are in the midst of our high school years. We now understand the meaning of responsibility and study. Also we are taking an active part in school functions. Our plans for this year include fund raising projects in prepara¬ tion for the coming years. CLASS OFFICERS: ROBERT O ' BRIEN: President BETSY ERICKSON: Vice-President DALE SIPPLE: Secretary LEONARD SPARRO W: Treasurer ' _ 63 Class of 1971 ROW 1: L. to R.: Mr. Chamberlain, B. Jennings, J. Chase, W. Fates, K. Davenport, V. Cowen, L. Acorn, L. Johnston, S. Creighton, K. Menengas, J. Svenningsen, P. Fettig, I. Ostler, L. Ward, M. Howes, K. Richards, M. Crowell, B. Bruce, W. Dougherty, J. Snow, M. Daley, Mrs. Underhill. ROW 2: M. Lindholm, M. O ' Conner, S. Minor, B. Gardner, H. Sallee, P. Benson, L. Hogg, N. Larsen, C. Sparrow, I. MacWilliams, K. Poor, J. Garfield, C. Berrio, V. Ladner, C. Chase, M. Rogers, L. Pickard, M. Burdick, S. Adams, M. Menengas, C. Lee, B. Tesson, B. Grover. ROW 3: T. Brady, C. Bahr, J. Carter, C. Berrio, D. Gainey, K. Berger, K. Holbrook, K. Bennet, S. Brewer, M. Miller, M. Coombs, B. Clark, M. Livingston, C. White, L. Curtis, M. Craffy, B. Fulcher, D. Walsh, W. Nickerson, R. Brock, C. Nickerson, B. Heyd. ROW 4: D. Nickerson, R. Dalrymple, B. Allard, P. Thimas, D. Williams, R. Westergaard, M. Kane, K. Silva, J. Haynes, G. Larsen, A. Burrill, J. Cowen, B. Brown, M. Holbrook, F. Ellis, R. Hoffman, A. Chilson, J. Donhue, R. Dodge, S. Blakely, J. Hart, R. Pate, B. MacDonald. ROW 5: D. Mead, G. Gardner, M. Censullo, T. Shaigten, B. Chapman, R. Cavanaugh, J. Kaylor, J. Creonte, D. Crocker, J. Haynes, S. Khoeler, R. Houghton, R. Ellis, B. Weber, R. Bassett, D. Scott, M. Shipway, S. Patten, D. Gould, T. Doughty, B. Grover, B. Savin. ROW 6: F. Fulcher, G. Beals, R. Knowles, M. Nickerson, S. Rose, E. Gardner, J. Eldredge, D. Clifton, B. Barnard, M. Belisle, J. Tulluck, J. Foran, D. Richardson, C. Oar, P. Field, G. Finley, J. Rice, L. Smith, S. Fulcher, W. Ellmore, J. Brown, R. Francis, M. Ferreira, B. Bartlett. Even though we have just started our high school years, we have been putting on activities to make money for future use. We plan to do much more in the years to come. CLASS OFFICERS: JOHN DONAHUE: President WILLOW DOUGHERTY: Secretary MARY DALEY: Treasurer 64 Class of 1972 sSBiT -7r M y k K ui Ir ' ii Jr ' r : ' Tt i il IiKIm ’ ili ' ” 1 SlKk i , U mam 1 Ml ROW 1: L. to R.: L. Daniels, A. Whitman, K. Cooper, D. Nickerson, M. Fettig, L. Macioci, F. Buck, K. Mann, L. Dory, B. Smith, D. Minor, D. Dyer, P. Atwood, L. Brewer, L. Wilcox, G. Peterson, L. Hendrickson, L. Whelan, M. Fuller, R. Collins, Mrs. Laning. ROW 2: J. Rice, A. Dyer, L. Brown, J. Nickerson, L. Young, C. Ladner, L. Cullum, D. Deschamps, E. Spear, J. Thomas, C. Nickerson, D. Fowler, S. Veit, M. Richards, T. Penny, L. Lorraine, D. Jordan, S. Clark, R. Smith, V. Meldahl. ROW 3: J. Peterson, J. White, W. Meads, J. Manning, L. Filliman, S. Voniter, P. Straley, P. Woods, P. Crowell, B. Crowell, J. Fisher, M. Walwer, M. Lane, L. Finney, V. King, A. Engleman, S. Nichols, S. Clifton. ROW 4: L. Wilcox, H. Hunt, D. Holbrook, S. Ellis, B. Valle, J. Harper, D. Johnston, S. Paine, J. Philbrick, C. Scherer, D. Stokes, J. Howard, R. McAdams, J. Lyles, C. Dickson, S. Gillmore, D. Gould, K. Reis, F. Brock, M. Rogers, S. Snow. ROW 5: G. Burgess, E. Larsen, R. Banis, S. Harrison, D. Bean, J. Smith, B. McAdams, J. Eldredge, J. Miliken, B. Stafford, B. Wilcox, D. Lee, R. Fulcher, G. Burns, P. Burling, D. Eldredge, J. Rose, D. Stokes, D. Kew. ROW 6: J. Baker, D. Edwards, T. Sturtevant, D. O ' Brien, B. Johnson, S. Burns, R. Doane, S. Burgess, J. Gainey, R. Alexander, E. Fogg, K. Webb, W. Elgredge, B. Verfaille, G. Norgeot, R. Olson, S. Eldredge, S. Howard, L. Leonard, R. Backus. A, mfflw S m In November we held our first class dance of the year. It was a great success, as everyone had a great itme. We are now planning a cake sa le to be held at a store parking lot. We also plan to hold a car wash in the spring. Both of these will be a new experience to us, but we are sure they will both be a success. ¥: CLASS OFFICERS: DAVID EDWARDS: Vice-President GREG NORGEOT: President JODY NICKERSON: Secretary DAVID BEAN: Treasurer 65 Class of 1973 ROW 1: L. to R.: Mr. Spinney, C. North, C. Nickerson, A. Erickson, D. Fulcher, L. White, R. Renolds, S. Miliken, S. Bangsten, W. Chandler, F. Engleman, C. Clark, P. Lyons, J. Hart, D. Young, S. Buck, L. Smith, L. Mead, A. Ketchen, M. Fitzgerald, S. Chase. ROW 2: M. Collins, M. McCray, E. Avalar, J. Joy, R. Morton, J. Coombs, C. Roderick, T. Bell, K. Tesson, B. MacDonald, P. Duffy, L. Quinn, H. Bassett, E. Miller, H. Joseph, R. Filliman, J. Burrill, P. Taylor, S. Norgeot, C. Penny. ROW 3: J. Straighten, A. Fitzgerald, K. Verfaille, W. Mayo, D. Wiles, N. Norgeot, J. MacArthur, K. Nato, P. Rice, R. Larson, C. Grey, R. Lovely, G. Moulton, R. Kerwin, F. Field, S. Burton, D. Ramsdell, M. Gainey, M. Popply, J. Peno. ROW 4: J. Grout, C. Grew, F. Coburn, R. Dwinnel, R. Orkhart, M. Yantz, E. Lamperdy, F. Hobner, R. Deschamps, D. Doucette, P. Melcher, W. Crespo, B. Hunter, I. Bronston, B. Whitelaw, F. White, M. Philbrick, C. Melcher, G. Brook, D. Kew, B. Dunne. ROW 5: C. Adams, N. Race, E. McAnn, S. Smith, M. Costa, J. Winslow, M. Bead, J. Costello, M. Mickle, J. Clingingstein, M Ferreira, S. Wilcox, J. Levalle, G. Clark, C. Grew, J. Hayes, D. Johnson, B. Peters, D. Holbrook, P. Fegan, P. Livingston. ROW 6: J. Day, G. Svenningsen, P. Larson, N. Fowler, S. Young, R. Towsend, R. Homeburger, S. Phillips, S. Hogg, D. Harrison, M. Urbanski, D. Mulhullen, M. Tartaglia, D. Penny, D. Burdick, K. Allen, C. Comins, N. Dunham, A. Field, H. Dyer, J. Chapman, M. Sherwin, T. Price. V The class of 1973 has started with dues of 50c for the year. We are planning to have a dance in February. Ideas have been brought up for raising money. Bake sales, car washes, bottle drives and dances are just a few of these. 4 CLASS OFFICERS: MARGARET COLLINS: Secretary NOLE DUNHAM: Vice-President SUSAN NORGEOT: Treasurer BRUCE HUNTER: President 66 67 Fifty Years From Now, Who’ll Care? The Tides was somewhat of a community project this year. People from the Outermost Press and First Period Library Squad all pitched in and did their best to make sure the book didn ' t come out on time—and they almost succeeded. However, had they not helped, the Tides would have been a lot more tired book than it is, which from some people ' s point of view, may or may not have been a good thing. Having set down the policy at the outset, the Editors saw that their entire 2 to 20-man staff (it varied throughout the year) adhered to it. Briefly, this was, " This year the Tides will be a book and it will con¬ cern the year—after that anything goes. " The staff tried some experiments in layout and headline de¬ sign, copy and photography, but other than that every¬ thing remained unchanged. " The 1968 volume of the Tides may not win any awards, " its staff admits, " but we hope that the Nauset student body will enjoy it during the few hours that they spend thumbing through it. " 68 i Yearbook Staff 1ST ROW SITTING: L. Kmiec, J. Collins, E. Roy, N. Westergaard, L. Smith. 2ND: B. Tower, P. Belanger, K. Croll, D. Bean. 3RD: J. Vandermay, A. Sherwin, J. Nadeau, P. Snow. 4TH: W. Lorraine, C. Backus, J. Hertig, H. MacDonald. STANDING: M. Mac- Pherson, G. Lee, R. Gaston, E. Hart, D. Grover, P. Edmunds, K. Bassett, M. Packett, L. Burrill, D. Berrio, R. Downs, N. Demetras, B. MacGregor, D. Jamison, P. Humphrey, J. Algeo, Mr. McCaskie. TEAM RECORD 1-2 AT LEAST WE MET ONE DEADLINE, SO YOU COULDN ' T CONSIDER US A TOTAL LOSS. 69 Dramatics Club SITTING: S. Hancock, G. Lee, J. Finn, M. Houghton, K. Delano, L. Velander, A. Gainey, D. Grover, T. Fitsch, C. Hart, D. Maza, Mrs. Emerson, K. Fates. KNEELING: M. Graham, L. Daley, N. Kangas, S. Hancock, L. Eldredge, C. Jans, S. Kulesza, D. Finn, D. Delrymple, K. Croll. STANDING: M. Menegas, E. MacWilliams, K. Poor, V. Ladner, A. Bell, P. Edmunds. CARYL HART Secretary Senior Science Club L. to R.: D. Bashaw, J. Coombs, C. Beales, S. Lohr, S. Daley, V. Olliver, Mr. O ' Brien. This club provides an opportunity for students interested in the field of science to further their knowledge. Under the patient supervision of Mr._ O ' Brien, these students delve into the unknown mysteries of science. DOUG BASHAW: President VINCENT OLLIVER, Secretary STEVE LOHR, Vice-President DAVID MEADS, Treasurer 71 Future Teachers of America FIRST ROW: L. to R.: C. Holmes, AA. Daley, N. Westergaard, K. Bolton, D. Campbell, C. Rogers. SECOND ROW: L. Putnam, D. Sipple, P. Sparrow, AA. Nichols, S. Delano, P. Sparrow, M. Daniels, AA. Miller, B. Skillman. THIRD ROW: S. Croll, W. Dorhery, J. Hertig, A. Bacon, M. Packett, M. Belish, AA. Rogers, AA. Daley. FOURTH ROW: AA. Houghton, L. Eldredge, L. Burrill, G. Bengeston, B. Wilcox, S. Ellis, AA. Daley, J. Vandermay, AA. Croll, J. Crento, B. Fulcher, A. Gainey, L. Johnston. ANNE GAINY: Treasurer AAELANIE DALEY: Vice President AAARCIA DALEY: Secretary SUE ELLIS: President The purpose of the F.T.A. is to give students the chance to observe and participate as a teacher by helping elementary school teachers, and to prepare them for a teaching career. Two one-hundred dollar schol¬ arships are given each year to persons entering the field of teaching. 72 Future Nurses of America FIRST ROW: L. to R.: D. Jennings, E. Fitzgerald, Pickard, Mrs. Martin. SECOND ROW: S. Caton, D. Berrio, M. Maza, W. Lorraine. THIRD ROW: J. Thorne, D. Peterson, D. Sellee, J. Tartaglia, M. Nadeau, D. Weber, C. Dickson, H. MacDonald, B. B. Creighton, B. Jennings, M. Collins, D. Berrio, T. Johnson, H. Trautz, S. Durgin, A. I. Osier, C. Wilkinson, M. Connors, K. Svenningson, L. Kmiec, C. Chase, B. Cummings, Garfield, D. Walsh, K. Berger, M. Joseph, J. Wilcox, M. White, L. Trahan, D. Finn, D. Stoddard. LAST ROW: A. Sherwin, P. Hoffner, N. Watts, D. Brewer, K. Mickel, J. Berger, D. Bean, K. Berger. MARY MAZA: Secretary ARNA PICK ARD: Treasurer DEBBIE BARRIO: President MARSHA CONNORS: Vice President The Future Nurses Club was organized to promote the ideas of nursing and other relat¬ ed professions to the stu¬ dents of Nauset. It is the hope of this organization that our members will find help¬ ing the many people in our community a chal¬ lenging and rewarding experience. 73 Pre-Med Club L. to R.: Mr. Chamberlain, N. Nickerson, D. Ilkovich, M. White, P. Levasseur, B. Norgeot, J. Smith, D. Scarry, B. White, N. Roth, H. Montgomery, C. Letts, J. Rawl, B. Brown, D. Murphy. The Pre-Med Club is meant to arouse interest in the many fields of medicine. It also instills a high sense of profession¬ alism that is needed in this field. By dues and projects it sets up a scholarship fund for anyone who intends to enter the medical profession. 74 Vice-President, HERB MONTGOMERY President, BRUCE WHITE Secretary-Treasurer, NEIL ROTH Business Club 1ST ROW: Miss Richardson, D. Darymple, M. Doyle, S. Chilson, K. Mickle, M. Rosa, C. Benn, M. Laposky, Miss Robertson. 2ND: S. Higgins, L. St. Aubin, M. Nickerson, L. Curran, P. Quinn, M. Lemoine, S. Sparrow, S. Peters. 3RD: N. Sandblom, V. Hayes, G. Bearse, A. Knowles, K. Brewer, S. Algeo, C. Ketchum, H. MacDonald, P. Whiting. President, MARIE LAPOSKY Treasurer, PAULA QUINN Vice President, LYDIA CURRAN Secretary, SANDI HIGGINS The Business Club consists of only Juniors and Seniors who are taking at least two business subjects. The purposes of the club are to promote more interest in business subjects, and to strive to earn money for two scholarships for deserving members in the club who in¬ tend to enter the business world. 75 Journalism Class SEATED: M. AAaza, Mrs. Berrio, D. Hope. STANDING: F. Dodge, R. Trotter, M. Roth, R. Pope, M. Rice, D. Grover. Assistant Editor: MIKE RICE Editor: FORBES DODGE Treasurer: DEDE HOPE Secretary: MARY MAZA The Journalism Class was originally set up as a club, but with increased interest it became a credit course. This year Nauset had its first school newspaper—The Outermost Press, which has become the main interest of the class. The hope expressed by the staff is to present the social, political, and enter¬ taining aspects of the school to the stu¬ dent body. 76 Chorus FIRST ROW: B. Brown, N. Watts, W. Lorraine, M. Maza, D. Hope, M. Stoddard, J. Fisher, M. Joseph, G. Bingston, J. Vandermay, B. Howland. 2ND: M. Daley, B. Fulcher, B. Gardner, P. Felt, V. Olliver, B. Barnard, D. Barrio, M. Finlay, L. Johnston, I. Arriola. 3RD: L. Rockwell, D. Thorne, M. Houghton, K. Delano, J. Tulloch, Mrs. Wordell, M. Belisle, S. Fulcher, S. Durgin, P. Hoffner, M. Daley, C. Hart. Glee Club FIRST ROW: Mrs. Wordell, C. Bruce, L. Johnston, M. Finlay, S. Durgin, D. Barrio, L. Rockwell, D. Felt, B. Gardner, D. Hope. 2ND: B. Fulcher, M. Maza, W. Lorraine, G. Bengston, J. Vandermay, K. Jones, J. Dunham, M. Houghton, M. Stoddard, D. Peterson, D. Sallee. 77 SEATED: P. Edmunds, S. Durgin, B. Clarke, C. Bruce, L. Johnston. STANDING: K. Poor, B. Fulcher, E. MacWilliams, Mr. Morse, D. Grover, A. Bell, V. Ladner, M. Menengas, R. Houghton. The Creative Writing Club meets informally throughout the year to discuss its members ' stories, poems, and plays. A collection, of work, " The Farago " is published in the Spring. 78 Independent Study SEATED: Wendy Lorraine, Skip Hancock, Liz Burrill. STANDING: Dr. Gessford, Mr. Pettengill, Mr. Bertrand. The Independent study group consists of exceptional students who are chosen by the faculty on the basis of their academic record to do concentrated work in one particular field during their senior year. The students report their progress to a board of facul¬ ty members regularly. This year Liz has chosen " The Educational Theories of Jean Jacques Rou¬ sseau " as her topic, and Skip and Wendy are doing research in the field of marine biology. 79 Student Council SEATED: SENIORS: B. Gaston, T. Hayes, D. Jamison, S. Nickerson, M. MacPherson, N. Demetras, J. Algeo, M. Daley, E. Hart, G. Lee, STANDING: Mr. Kelly, M. Miller, J. Fisher, K. Bolton, S. White, M. Costa, S. Brewer, T. Brady, R. Westergaard, J. Hagenbuckle, K. Berger, J. Tartaglia, J. Demetras, B. Cummings, V. Olliver, B. Wilcox, B. Taylor, K. Bassett, B. Norgeot, N. Westergaard, B. Brown, P. Brown, J. Hagenbuckle. Representatives to the Student Coun¬ cil are elected from each class and this year we were lucky enough to have a group of interested, senior boys called the Aggressive party. Their aim was to give the student better communication with the council in its procedures and business. They tried to become a more active council in school procedures and in bringing the student body and adminis¬ tration closer together. NICK DEMETRAS: Treasurer MELANIE DALEY: Secretary JOE ALGEO: President ERIC HART: Vice-President 80 Nat’l Honor Society SENIOR: SEATED: L. Burrill, AA. Daley, K. Viprino, W. Lorraine, AAar. Daley. STANDING: B. Pope, AAr. Hutchings, S. Nickerson. SENIOR OFFICERS BOB POPE: President WENDY LORRAINE: Treasurer AAARCIA DALEY: Vice-President LIZ BURRILL: Secretary JUNIOR OFFICERS CRAIG NICKERSON: Vice-President JOHN RICE: President ROBERT HOUGHTON: Treasurer STEPHEN KOEHLER: Secretary JUNIOR: SEATED: J. Nickerson, L. Lorraine, L. Johnston, P. Woods, C. Chase, L. Filliman, V. King. STANDING: R. Houghton, S. Koehler, J. Rice, C. Nickerson, D. Kew, S. Clark. JUNIOR: SEATED: J. Nickerson, L. Lorraine, L. Johnston, P. Woods, C. Chase, L. Filliman, V. King, S. Koehler, J. Rice, C. Nickerson. Q Library Aides 1ST ROW: S. Higgins, L. Daley, P. Whiting, J. Nadeau, S. Brewer, C. White, Mrs. Baker, J. Dunham, M. Lemoine, L. Eldredge, M. Stoddard, S. Durgin, W. Lorraine. 2ND: A. Gainey, D. Jennings, J. Montvilla, M. Laposky, A. Sherwin, D. Sipple, D. Barrio. Audio-Visual Aides 1 1 ni V " j ’ . i 1ST ROW: E. Tesson, H. Montgomery, B. Norgeot, J. Smith, D. Alvarez, D. Grover. 2ND STANDING: V. Olliver, R. Chase, J. Waters, J. Tulloch, C. Letts, D. Smith, B. Rose, E. Boudilier, J. Curran, T. Hayes, J. Emerson, M. Rice, W. Brooks, R. Pope. Usherettes , j -e je fflif i tH . JmSl-k. fvjH P m: ft 11 1 J w m l M M 1ST ROW SITTING: W. Lorraine, L. Velander, Mr. Smith, P. Snow, A. Sherwin. 2ND ROW SITTING: S. Algeo, J. Hertig, J. Nadeau, J. Wilcox. STANDING: D. Bean, C. Backus, H. MacDonald, M. Connors, C. Dickson, D. Weber, R. Downs, P. Whiting, M. Cooper, B. Berger, M. Maza, D. Barrio, L. Smith, N. Westergaard, D. Barrio. French Club .•-• ' t ;‘i :J .v. .« « fttll i ■» ' ♦ ' » ' ♦■ , ‘ n i 44« + , J E L. to R.: D. Barrio, P. Edmunds, Mr. Hoyt, K. Croll, N. Bertrand, L. Burrill, M. Houghton, E. Crocker, M. Daley, A. Bell. 83 Band 84 FIRST ROW: P. Nichols, J. Collins, M. Packett, M. Howes, D. Koehler, C. Chase, L. Leonard, A. Dutra, R. Deschamps. 2ND: D. Berrio, S. Hancock, F. Ellis, M. Fuller, J. Philbrick, M. Latham, E. Tesson, G. Norgeot, B. Studley, D. Deschamps, Mr. James, P. Humphrey. 3RD: S. Snow, B. Larsen, S. Delano, D. MacGregor, J. Nickerson, M. Walwer, P. Bohannon, S. Pierce, D. Edwards, J. Baker. BAND OFFICERS PAUL NICHOLS MARILYN PACKETT DONNA BERRIO MR. JAMES PAUL HUMPHREY ROBERT STUDLEY Majorettes KNEELING: Janice White, Captain Paula Quinn, Michelle Joseph. STANDING: Sandy Saunders, Sherry Brewer, Cindy Bartlett. Orchestra FIRST ROW: K. Berger, L. Lorraine, T. Atwood, S. Von Itter, K. Penny, D. Deschamps, P. Larsen, D. Parkington, J. Philbrick. 2ND: AA. Daley, D. Berrio, AA. Fuller, AA. Howes, C. Chase, J. Collins, AA. Latham, P. Humphrey, AAr. James. 3RD: AA. Joseph, R. Deschamps, S. Snow, D. Eldredge, D. AAacGregor, J. Nickerson, A. Bacon, P. Bohannon, S. Pierce, D. Edwards. ORCHESTRA OFFICERS PAUL HUAAPHREY AAARCIA DALEY AAARILYN PACKETT JODI NICKERSON JUDY WILCOX AAR. JAAAES Jr. High Band FIRST ROW: J. Straighton, W. Chandler, L. AAeads, S. Smith, P. AAelcher, D. Philbrick, L. Leonard, P. Lyons, J. Philbrick, AA. Fuller, S. Buck, L. Lorraine. 2ND: D. Kew, R. Curley, R. Lovely, D. AAulholland, R. Holmberg, H. Dyer, D. Harrison, S. Snow, R. Backus, D. Penny, J. Nickerson, D. Deschamps, AAr. James. 3RD: A. Erickson, C. AAelcher, G. Svenningsen, AA. Tartaglia, G. Brooks, J. Lavallee, J. Baker, R. Dwinnell, D. Phillips, S. Pierce, D. Eldredge, R. Gainey. 85 The Year of Petitions FIRST ROW: S. Lohr, T. Fitch, M. Clark, S. Koehler. SECOND ROW: S. Young, C. Nickerson, D. Bashaw, R. Cota, B. Gould, Mr. Pettengill Members of the newly formed Chess Club went to all extremes for what they felt were common rights; however, none of the petitions did much good, because the boys were still not allowed to play during studies or lunch periods. Despite this, there still remains much enthusiasm for this great intellectual game. 86 Photography Club Jack Joy, Mr. Owens, E. Me Williams, R. Menegas, J. Finn and J. Finlay Although not one of the more active of the high schools organizations, everyone has at one time seen the flash of Jack ' s camera. Between f-stops, hypos, resolution and cropping, the jargon of these people is often hard to comprehend. If it had not been for Jack and Mr. Owens, a great deal of the 1968 Tides would simply be blank space. 87 J Varsity Club FIRST ROW: Mrs. Underhill, M. Daley, K. Svenningson, M. Latham, M. Packett, B. Erickson, S. Ellis, B. Wilcox, M. Maza, M. Daley, A. Nickerson, Mr. Donahue. 2ND: J. Smith, E. Hart, B. Taylor, B. Eldredge, E. Crocker, L. Burrill, K. Basset, C. Higgins, C. Letts, D. Bashaw, C. Newcomb, S. Nickerson. 3RD: B. Eldredge, B. Hicks, M. Rowe, N. Nickerson, G. Lee, T. Hayes, K. Walsh, S. Hancock, B. Lyons, E. Lindhlom, P. Levasseur, D. Brown. 4TH: S. Nickerson, M. MacPherson, D. Hayes, J. Rawl, P. Tucker, P. Humphrey. GARY LEE: Vice-President SUE ELLIS: Secretary MELANIE DALEY: Treasurer DAVID BROWN: Sergeant-at-arms PAUL TUCKER: President Included in the formidable organiza¬ tion of the Varsity Club are those mem¬ bers of the student body who have earn¬ ed one or more letters in any Varsity sport. Sponsored by this club are the annual Varsity Club Banquet and the Varsity Club trip. 88 89 From the Locker Room to the Sidelines . . . Kathy Brewer, Pam Sparrow, Kathy AAenegas, Donna Berrio, Caryl Hart, Lorie Kmiec, Kris Berger 90 Mary Daley, Cindy Chandler, Gail Snider, Candace Jans, Sue Hancock, Donna Walsh, Lorraine Holmes 91 Cape Soccer Champs FIRST ROW: D. Brown, P. Tucker, T. Hayes, B. Eledrege, A. Hancork, S. Nickerson, AA. AAacPherson, B. Lyons, G. Lee, P. Humphrey, D. Campbell, C. Higgins. SECOND ROW: Coach Donahue, J. Smith, AA. White, D. Crocker, B. Taylor, R. O ' Brian, D. Hayes, AA. Roth, N. Nickerson, P. Laueasseur, AA. Rowe, K. Walsh, P. Burling. The year of ' 67 proved to be the year for the Nauset soccer team. The senior-packed team, started off by losing only one game in the first half of the season. Led by a great defense, the Warriors beat D-Y to take the lead. A loss to Falmouth and a tie to Sand¬ wich set up the last game. When the Warriors beat Barnstable, they were in. An early second period goal, by senior wing Dave Brown was the difference, and our boys were the champs. On to the tournament, beating Lexington 2-1, and losing to Medford 2-0 ended the. season. Tremendous team spirit, a good defense, and an offense that got enough goals to win, were the factors of this great season of 10-3-2. Nauset placed six players on the Cape All-Star Team: Brian Lyons, Ken Walsh, Tom Hayes, Malcolm MacPherson, Gary Lee, and Scott Nickerson. 92 At last The Championship. FIRST ROW: L. to R.: D. Williams, F. Fettig, W. Hyde, AA. Crane, W. AAcDonald, P. Brown, J. Donahue, W. Hayes, R. Studely, AA. Allard, B. Nickerson, R. Tower. SECOND ROW: R. Basset, AA. Nickerson, J. Brown, K. Richmond, R. Trotter, B. Bartlett, H. Olsen, O. AAuIhulland, S. Peno, B. Harris, H. Adeo, P. Bohannon, D. AAurphy, Coach Campbell. 93 All-Stars M.V.P. COACH DONAHUE Field Hockey KNEELING: AA. Daley, S. Ellis, K. Bassett, B. Erickson, AA. Latham, AA. Daley, B. Wilcox, A. Nickerson. STANDING: B. Adams, M. Joseph, A. Gainey, AA. Nichols, AA. AAaza, K. Svenningsen, E. Crocker, AA. Packett, Coach Underhill, T. Johnson, AA. O ' Connor, K. Berger, J. Chase. RECORD wins losses ties 3 2 5 ALL-STARS Marcia Daley Melonie Daley The year of the tie game will be the mark of the 1967 field hockey season. After being champions for so long, the girls hockey team needed rebuild¬ ing, and this was the year. Marcia Daley and Sue Ellis, the team captains, provided the leadership, Betsy Erickson provided the goals, Ellen Crocker the saves, and the team, including managers, provided the spirit, and the will to play hard, and give that 100% every minute of the games and practices. 95 96 J.V. Soccer This year soccer proved to be a good one not only for the varsity, but also their " little brothers " . The J.V. team comprised an amazing record of 12-1, which was the best record on the Cape. Led by Billy Hayes with 7 goals, and Brian Harris with 6 goals, the team exploded. Goalie Rollie Bassett had 5 shutouts and B. Bartlett, R. Mul- hulland and B. Studely were defensive standouts. 97 The Team to Beat . . FIRST ROW: Mgr. R. Deschamps, C. Higgins, S. Nickerson, B. Lyons, M. MacPherson, P. Tucker, Mgr., S. Nickerson, Coach Miller. 2ND: J. Demetras, S, Peno, D. Hayes, D. Nickerson, G. Huebler, J. Rawl, B. Gainey, K. Walsh. The Warriors started off the season on a sour note with a loss to D-Y. Following that loss, the Nauset hoop-men went undefeated for the rest of the scheduled season. With big Jim Rawl scoring and rebound¬ ing, and Scott Nickerson and Brian Lyons also helping with the scoring, the Cagers went to a 12-0 league record. Some of the high points of the season were Jim Rawl ' s 47 points against Bourne; the important victories over Provincetown and Martha ' s Vineyard; the defensive player award being voted to Ken Walsh; and the Seniors scoring 35 points in the last period o f the final game against Harwich. Despite the loss of the Mighty Seniors, the Warriors will be very strong next year with the return of Jim Rawl, Ken Walsh, Greg Huebler, and other underclassmen. Had it not been for Coach Miller and teamwork, the season wouldn ' t have been such a success. 98 Captains Scotty and Brian build up the score . .. J.V. Basketball FIRST ROW: Mgr. R. Durgin, J. Rice, M. Caine, D. Williams, B. MacDonald, B. Nickerson, Mgr. M. Carro, Mr. Spinney. 2ND: H. Olsen, R. Bassett, D. Crocker, S. Peno, R. Mulholland, B. Taylor, R. O ' Brien. VARSITY LEAGUE RECORD Chatham. . . 35 Nauset. .81 Martha ' s Vineyard . . . . . . 73 Nauset. .80 Harwich . . . 71 Nauset. .90 Nantucket . . . 60 Nauset. .90 Provincetown. . . . 80 Nauset. .90 Chatham. . . . 51 Nauset. .97 Sandwich . . . 48 Nauset. .88 Martha ' s Vineyard . . . . . . 57 Nauset. .81 Provincetown. ...55 Nauset. .58 Nantucket . . . 51 Nauset. .75 Sandwich . . . . 64 Nauset. .90 Harwich . . . 59 Nauset. .95 OVERALL RECORD 16 wins 1 loss 100 A Running, Jumping, Standing Still Team . . . SENIOR PLAYERS: Manager Mary Maza, Nancy Sanblom, Melanie Daley, Marcia Daley, Pauline Belanger, Liz Burrill, Manager Debbie Thorne. Team Captain Marcia Daley with Coach " Doc " . r FIRST ROW: Manager M. Maza, P. Belanger, L. Burrill, M. Daley, M. Daley, N. Sandblom, Manager D. Thorne. 2ND: E. Crocker, M. Packett, B. Wilcox, K. Bassett, K. Svenningsen, Manager M. Nichols. 3RD: B. Erickson, A. Nickerson, M. Latham, M. Livingston. 4TH: K. Berger, Coach Gessford, M. Howes. 101 The Girls Basketball Team tried their best to pull off a winning season, but they just couldn ' t seem to get anything started. The girls, especially the Seniors on the squad, wanted to bring the Championship back to Nauset in their final year. However, there is much hope for next year ' s squad with the power of the " new " Seniors. SOCK IT TO ' EM! 102 Baseball KNEELING: K. Walsh, B. Eledredge, R. Harris, M. MacPherson, B. Lyons, S. Nickerson, M. Rowe. STANDING: G. Lee, J. Algeo, B. Duffy, P. Tucker, T. Hayes, J. Demetras, Coach Campbell. The year 1967 proved to be one of the teams best. The i season record was 8 wins and 4 losses, beating Chatham 3 times and Sandwich and Provincetown twice. The hard fight¬ ing Warriors, after losing their first game, came back to play Harwich on the last day of the season, in the game which would mean the championship. However, the Warriors went l down to a hard fought score of 1-0. { i 105 d Softball Team KNEELING: K. Brown, D. Finn, M. Latham, A. Nickerson, K. Basset, M. Packett, E. Crocker, B. Erikson. STANDING: W. Guedes, Coach Underhill, N. Westerguard, M. Cahill, M. Daley, P. Grantham, M. Daley, S. Miller, B. Wilcox, T. Johnson, M. Nichols, L. Burrill. RECORD wins losses 6 4 LETTER WINNERS Lee Gainey, Capt. 1 st. base Sr. Karen Bassett P. S.S. Soph. Ellen Crocker C. Soph. Betsy Erickson 2nd. base Frosh. Brenda Wilcox S.S. Soph. Diane Finn 3rd. base Soph. Marsha Latham S.S. P. Frosh. Marilyn Packett C.F. • Soph. Audrey Nickerson L.F. Frosh. ALL-STARS Ellen Crocker Lee Gainey RECORD wins losses 6 4 106 107 4 108 _ Track KNEELING: C. Newcomb, P. Whiting, P. Francis, C. Letts, J. Smith, J. Hagen buckle. STANDING: Coach Campbell, P. Lavasseur, H. Montgomery, Lohr, G. Thompson, F. Dodge, N. Roth, S. Daley, B. Hicks, Coach Cass. This year ' s young Nauset Regional track team had a record of 1 win and 5 losses. The team was composed of one senior, 7 juniors, 8 sophomores and 1 freshman. Even though the record does not seem very impressive, out of ten events, new school records were set in five. With the return of many of last year ' s squad and plenty of experience, along with some new faces, the team should do fine this year. 109 Enthusiasm, Drive, All Lead to I , ■ I . ' • . I 4 Team Work, and Spirit The Glory of Victory and the Agony of Defeat 4 The New School, A Symbol of Growing Cape Cod. I 12 !i I Il SPONSORS 117 I Compliments of HYANNIS COOPERATIVE BANK CO-OPERATIVE BANK Orleans, Mass 1 Kvl t .■ ■ WS3 r ] -1 Compliments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CAPE COD Orleans, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of 1968 From THE GOVERNOR PRENCE MOTOR LODGE Route 6A Orleans, Mass. • r r I r Compliments of PURITAN CLOTHING STORES Compliments of WATSONS CLOTHING SHOPS Compliments of - =f KATHARINE B. HALL GFTS CRANBERRY COTTAGES The Rte?xatfoa l £ fiop Eastham Orleans on cape cod J- Compliments of Compliments of OUTER CAPE REAL ESTATE EDEM CRAFT SHOP N. Eastham Mass. N. Eastham Mass. Compliments of NAUSET ROD GUN CLUB North Eastham Mass. SHORE GARDEN COTTAGES Rte. 6 Eastham ASPINET COURT RESORT Compliments of AT EASTHAM VanNORMANS HIDDEN POND ANTIQUE FURNITURE REFINISHING Housekeeping and Overnight Eastham 121 4 Compliments of THE LOBSTER CLAW Rte. 6A Orleans Compliments of CENTRAL GARAGE Lubrication—Tire and Battery Service AAA and ALA Orleans Mass. l Best Wishes and Luck to the Class of 1968 PACKET LANDING INN From and MOTEL THE HITCHCOCK ' S Sign Carvers of the Cape East Orleans, Mass. East Orleans " On the way to the beach " Congratulations to the Class of ' 68 SYDNEY T. SWAN NELSON ' S BARBER SHOP NELSON ' S BARBER SHOP Compliments of Main Street - Orleans Ladies Haircutting DUNHAM T.V. Tel. 255-0935 Beach Rd. Orleans Bus.: 255-3434 Res.: 945-0071 ARTHUR W. BLOOMER Public Accountant Compliments of HOME OWNERS Complete Financial Route 28 Planning Orleans, Mass. (Above Chat. Furn. Store) Rte. 6 Orleans Compliments of Compliments of O ' tCetUtA ' FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. PHIL ' S BARBER SHOP Orleans, Mass. 02653 Main St. Main St. Orleans Compliments of Compliments of THE INCREDIBLE BARN MUSITRONICS INC. Antiques—Books Orleans Mass. Orleans Mass. 123 Compliments of Compliments of EASTHAM SUNOCO SERVICE NAUSET MARKET North Eastham, Mass. Route 6 Eastham, Mass. Compliments of Congratulations to the Class of ' 68 DAVID H. BESSOM ' S COUNTRY STORE BETH BISHOP ORLEANS East Orleans Compliments of Congratulations to the Class of ' 68 DENISE ANN BAKE SHOPPE GOULD REAL ESTATE Orleans 255-0623 East Orleans CASSEROLE KITCHEN Compliments of STOP SHOP East Orleans Main Street Orleans 124 Compliments of Compliments DORA ' S BEAUTY SHOP Wellfleet, Mass. Compliments of DAVIS PACKAGE STORE Wellfleet, Mass. of SVENNINGSON Contractor—Builder Orleans, Mass. Compliments of ORLEANS ESSO Orleans, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of LIVINGSTON PHARMACY INC. ORLEANS MOTORS, INC. Orleans, Mass. International Scout Land Rover Rte. 6A Orleans, Mass. 255-0685 125 Best Wishes to the DAME STANDISH CANDLE SHOP Class of ' 68 Bayberry Candles TOWN CRIER MOTEL Wellflee , Mass. Route 6 Eastham Compliments INDIAN FILLING STATION of Gas, Oil, Lubrication WENTWORTH ACRES Wellfleet Route 6 Eastham Compliments of WEST WIND ANCHORAGE MOTOR COURT CLAYTON and VIRGINIA HORTON Route 6 Eastham Compliments of Compliments of Velander CEDARCREST INSURANCE AGENCY Eastham, Mass. Village Green, Route 6, North Eastham, Massachusetts 02651 126 Best Wishes From THE BREWSTER TENNIS CLUB THE BRASS BELL Route 6A Brewster, (Cape Cod) Mass. S. J. Chilton H. F. Frederickson Compliments of CHILLINGSWORTH East Brewster Compliments of THE DAIRY QUICK East Brewster, Mass. Best Wishes From PACKETT ' S MARKET Compliments of HENRY A. CALLAHAN Insurance Agency Main St. East Brewster Best Wishes From BREWSTER ICE CO. E. J. EDMUNDS Builder • Contractor Brewster, Mass. 127 Compliments of Compliments of BREWSTER GIFT SHOP WILLIAMS GARAGE Brewster Mass. Brewster Mass. Congratulations From Compliments of BREWSTER COFFEE SHOP EASTHAM COUNTRY STORE Brewster Mass. Compliments of Compliments of NICKERSON AUTO BODY EASTHAM T.V. and RADIO N. Eastham Mass. N. Eastham GERTRUDE ' S BEACH BOX Congratulations From HUBBARD PAINT SUPPLY Route 6 N. Eastham, Mass. Theater Block Orleans, Mass. 128 Compliments of WARRENTON A. WILLIAMS Compliments of BAYBERRY BOOK TOY SHOP Orleans Best Wishes Compliments of From COVE MOTEL NONNIE ' S COUNTRY KITCHEN RESTAURANT Rte. 28 Rte. 6A Orleans Orleans MR. JEFFREY ' S PORTSIDE Compliments of SHOPPING PLAZA Orleans, Mass. CAPE COD NAT. SEA EMPL. ASSN. South Wellfleet, Mass. Compliments Compliments of of IRELANDS REAL ESTATE HUNTLEY ' S FLYING A Harbor Hill Wellfleet Orleans Mass. 129 Compliments Compliments of of P.J.’S DARI-BURGER SALT POND MOTEL Wellfleet Mass. Rte. 6 Eastham, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of LIGHTHOUSE RESTAURANT WELLFLEET PACKAGE STORE Wellfleet Mass. Wellfleet Mass. Compliments of Compliments of SMITH ' S DRY GOODS PEGGY ' S YARN SHOP Wellfleet f Compliments of Compliments of BAYBERRY GUN WORKS NAUSET HAVEN COTTAGES Nauset Rd. N. Eastham 130 Compliments of CHEQUESSETT VILLAGE LET Wellfleet, Massachusetts YOUR IMAGINATION SPIN BACKUS SOULE JEWELERS SPIDER WEB PRESS— Orleans Orleans, Mass. 131 JOSEPH A , HERTIG Realtor Route 28 • Orleans, Mass. 02653 • Tel. 617 255-3001 William S. Treese, Associate Residence 255-1342 Business Appraising Commercial Building Residential Designing Land Mortgages CHATHAM • ORLEANS • BREWSTER |jg|| EASTHAM . TRURO • WELLFLEET Congratulations to Class of ' 68 From WHISPERING PINES SERVICE CENTER HILLSIDE RESTAURANT Eastham Eastham Mass. Mass. 132 Compliments of EASTHAM SUPERETTE INC. 133 Best Wishes to the Class of ' 68 WHISPERING PINES VILLAGE HOPKINS CLEANERS ORLEANS Eastham, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of CAPE COD REALTY TOWN OF Wellfleet, Mass. EASTHAM 134 Best of Luck to the Class of 1968 ROBINSON ' S 5? -10? AND $1.00 STORES, INC. Orleans, Mass. Compliments of EASTHAM MOTEL DR. and MRS. J. SCHNEIDER Route 6 135 Congratulations to the Class of 1968 NICKERSON LUMBER CO. Chatham, Orleans, Wellfleet Best Wishes to the Class of 1968 From THE DOWNS INSURANCE AGENCY Wellfleef, Mass. Compliments of MAYO ' S FARM KITCHEN East Orleans, Mass. 137 r Compliments of HOWARD JOHNSON S Best Wishes to the Class of 1968 NAUSET REAL ESTATE •“t-J-Vi . ■ tpc TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made " NAUSET REG H S LIBRARY

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