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NAUSET TIDES 1967 We dedicate this book to you, the reader, with hopes that you will find its contents both memorable and enjoyable. 2 Contents Administration and Faculty.p. 5 Seniors. p. 19 Classes.p. 65 Activities.p. 71 Sports. p. 95 Sponsors.p. 121 In Memoriam | V MRS. MADELEINE WYNNE Head of the French Department September 1965 — September 1966 Superintendent of Schools EASTHAM - ORLEANS - WELLFLEET REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT 0 53 n cum . Sv»rT. Ttu 253-00 6 To The Class of 1 67, Numerous dedicated school committee members have served diligently and unselfishly to establish distinguished standards designed to enhance the probability that your future might be happier and more fruitful than that of any ether society. In spite of all adult hope and planning your challenges have not seen simple and they will only maximize in the future. Ho group of young people has ever been bombarded with so many de¬ tractors and yet you have filtered and discarded or absorbed all with distinction. On behalf of all school committee members in service during your educational programs, the members of the Regional School Committee join with me in wishing you health, happiness and self- ad t ua 11 z, at i c n , Bast wishes. P jl th €ccj c MR. PAUL N. ELLIS Regional School Committee SEATED, Mr. Robert M. Burrill; Mr. Charles Silva, chairman; Mrs. Isabelle Brackett, secretary; STANDING, Mr. Everett Winslow; Mr. Brooks Thayer; Mr. Alfred Mills; Mr. Edward Lane, Jr.; (absent from photo, Mr. Ronald Lindemann). 6 Principal MR. DONALD J. FLEBOTTE NAUSET REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Orleans, Massachusetts Don; !d j. Flebortc, Principal Stanley E. Smith, Jr., Ass ' t Principal To the floss Of 1 0 7 • , 33 -in ]nn-|n , i- • -- nOV - -1,-. OOP of the ssost important and, T hope, noai. enjoyable phases of yonr lives, Theso past four years fnus« i “dons ' ‘ i, 7 chooJ has afforded you excellent educational opportunities to provide you with a solid founda¬ tion on which to progress and develop, " t ha- been ratifying to jne to spend this one short, year with you.. by sincere congratulations to you all and best wishes for + » future. Donald J. -lobotte Prl rod pal Vice Principal MR. STANLEY E. SMITH, JR. Administration 7 d 4 SUMNER CAMPBELL " Did you want to see me?” Guidance; Suffolk University A.B., Bridgewater State M.Ed. ANDREW KALINICK " I want some volunteers. ” Guidance Director; University of Mass., Clark Uni¬ versity A.B. A.M.Ed. ELISABETH HOOKER Senior Research Paper; Smith A.B. M.A. ELIZABETH BUCK " You owe me a quarter. ” Office Secretary; University of Pittsburgh PHYLLIS HIGGINS " What do you want dear?” Office Secretary; Spencer Business College EVELYN ANDERSON " What can I do for you?” Guidance Secretary; Brocton Business College 8 LEO MILLER Special Class, Basketball Coach; Fitchburg State College B.S.E. SOPHIE MARTIN Nurse; Worcester State Hospital, Belmont Isolation Hospital DR. WILLIAM WHITELAW School Physician; Trinity College A.B., Albert Einstein Col¬ lege of Medicine, Yeshiva University M.D. MARGAR UNDERHILL ' Let’s all take showers, ladies. ” Physical Education; Panzer College B.S. RONALD CHAD Special Class; Fitchburg State College B.S.E. JOHN DONAHUE " No more mommy letters ” Physical Education; Dartmouth University A.B. 9 FRANCES MAYFARTH " Now Juniors ...” English; James Millikin University, A.B., Colombia Uni¬ versity, A.M. Ed. D., Honorary Degree, L.H.D. WILLIAM McCASKIE " All right, let’s quiet down now.” English; Northwestern University, B.S., Boston College, M. Ed. MARY BERRIO ' Let’s get organized people.” English; Wilson College, A.B., University of Stanton, M.A. ROBERT MORSE " Knock it off” English, Creative Writing, Driver Ed.; Tufts Uni¬ versity, A.B. Ed. M. SUSAN JOHNSON " Rats!” English; Cornell University, B.A. J. FOSTER CASS " Shut up " English; Springfield College, B.S., Bridgewater State College, M. Ed. 10 NANCY L ANING English, Government; Boston University, B.S. in Ed. BARRY SHE FSHICK French; Suffolk University, Suffolk Law School, A.B. S. STEWART BROOKS " Oh piffle!” Latin, German; Princeton University, A.B., M.A. Ph. D. RALPH HUNTER 7 demand the appearance of study. ” French; Wesleyan University, B.A., Univ. of Chicago, A.S.T.P., Syracuse Univ., M.A. RICHARD HOYT " Bon!” French; Bates College, U.S. Army Lan¬ guage School, B.A. i t I I J FRANK HUTCHINGS " Get the picture?” U. S. History, Geography; Wentworth Institute, M.C. T.D. Mass., B.A. M.A. 4 RICHARD GREENMAN " Am I boring you?” Ancient History, Geography; Harvard, A.B., Bos¬ ton University, Ed. M. HENRY KELLEY II " Check that” I. R., Current History; Brown University, A.B. DOROTHY FULCHER " Why?” Geography; Bridgewater State College, B.S.E. M.E. DONALD CAMPBELL European History, Am. Government; West Virginia Wesleyan College, A.B. 12 STANLEY BOYNTON r However ...” Math; Clark University, B.A., Boston University, M. Ed. RICHARD COCHRAN " That reminds me of a story” Math, Tufts University, B.S. HAROLD ZANTOW " Zip for the day ” Math; Brown University, Ph. B., Stevens Tech. M.S. RONALD SPINNEY " Room three, tonight ” Math; University of Massachusetts, B.S. PAUL CHAMBERLIN " Oh, I see ” Math; Valparaiso University, B.A. 13 EDWARD O’BRIEN " Put the gum on your nose ” Physics, General Science; Boston College, B.S. M. Ed. HERBERT PETTENGILL " Come on now, people, think!” Chemistry, Electricity; U. of Maine, B.S. in Ed., Brown University, M.A.T. ROBERT BRUCE General Science; Springfield College, B.S. DAVID GESSFORD Science, Physics, Gill’s Basketball Coach, Tennis Coach; Ventura Jr., College, A.B., Cornell University, B.S., Michigan State Univ., M.S. Ph. D. DAVID GATES " Flattery will get you everywhere” Biology, Physiology, Science; Stonehill College, B.S., Bridgewater State College, M. Ed., Simmons College, M.S. JOYCE ROCHE " All right Detention” Biology, General Science; Chesnut Hill Col¬ lege, A.B. 14 Industrial Arts; University of Maine, B.S. MARY LEARY ' Don’t look at your keyboard” Commercial; Boston University, B.S., M.C.S. CAROL GRAY CAROLYN RICHARDSON " Forget it” Home Economics; Keene State College, B.Ed. " You people in the back quiet down. ” Business; Boston University, B.S., Bridgewater State College, M. Ed. 15 FRANK JAMES Music; New England Conservatory of Music, B.M. MARION GREENE Now I have plenty of detention slips here 99 Music; New England Conservatory of Music, Dennison University PHYLLIS S. BAKER " Quiet down or I’ll send you back to study hall. ” Librarian; Simmons College, B.S. JAMES OWENS " I had 35 rulers at the beginning of the year. ” Art; New York University, B.F.A., Rhode Island School of Design DOROTHY WARDELL Music; Boston University, School of Applied Arts I 16 FIRST ROW; L. to R., Muriel Snider, Gilda Deragon, June Bohannon. SECOND ROW; Sylvia Bonnell, Berthanna Richardson, Bertha Meads. L. to R., Fred Garfield, Jay Edward Nichols, William Card, Bill Chase, Ernest Small. 17 All In A Day’s Work 18 Betty Ann Adams Bet David M. Anderson Andy SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS CHRIS LANGLAIS, Secretary BILL PHILLIPS, Vice President BOB ELDREDGE, President RHONDA COBB, Treasurer Darlene Margaret Basset Leanie Edward Anthony Bessom Jr. Eddie Meredith Ellen Blakely Meredith 20 Linda Anne Burton Lynn Douglas Bruce Bohannon Doug George Thomas Bolton Georgie Porgie David Warren Brown Dave 21 11 Deborah Ann Campbell Deb Sandra Bonnie Callis Bonnie It’s going to be one of those days! 22 Beatrice Elizabeth Creighton Bea i I Did Madame Curie start out like this? I Ronald Paul Corrigan Ron Rhonda Jayne Cobb Honda Roberta Elizabeth Collins Bobbie Marilyn Ruth Corbett Mai 23 1 Kathleen Judith Dignan Mugs Kenneth Edward Doughty Ken Mary-Jo Duffy Susie M t I ' 11 » Douglas Alan Delano Doug Stanley Michael Crosby Mike It was a very good year. 24 Hear no evil, See no evil, but Go your evil weigh. Vere Edwina Edmunds Fee Luther Robert Eldredge Bob Irene Farrell Irene David Steven Felt Chico Edward Robert Dumont Eddie 25 Cheryl Kay Fisher Fish I I ! I I t David Paul Francis Dave Sometimes we even study! Richard A. Fulcher Jr. Thomas Fuller Lee Therese Gainey Hydrante Thom Lee 26 Sandra Louise Garfield Sandy Wilma Rafael Guedes des Santos Wilmaguet Michael Charles Harris Mi key Work is begun on our History papers. Constance Suzanne Haynes Connie 27 i Julie Ann Herrmann Julie At last, our own Tower of Babel ... or is it babble? Elaine Hill Bantam Nancy Ellen Hokkanen Nance Richard John Jennings Rico 28 Edward Joseph Kinder Ed 29 i Douglas Neil MacArthur, Jr. Doug Robert A. McWilliams Bob Paula Elizabeth Meads H ossie I I I » » Dorothy Dickinson Letts Dee Dee Brian Scott Lavallee Brian Our gourmets face the noonhour . . . 30 Linda Theresa Menard Mayonnaise Sydney Monzon Snyd John E. Morton Jacke 31 Donna J colyn Ohmann Donna William Henry Ormsby Zombie Virginia Paine Ginny 32 Margaret Kathleen Parkington Pegeen Janet Patten Jan Donna Mae Perreault Donna Gary Dean Philbrick Curly Bureaucracy in action — a Senior Class meeting. William Foster Phillips Bill 33 Robert M. Randall Bob Donna Lynn Rhodes Donna Ellen Richards . Ellen U 34 4 35 Ruth-Ann Rose Thann Frederick A. Slade Fred The Mad Cameraman strikes again!! Ronald David Smith Ron Forrest Reed Snider, Jr. Seed 36 The sound of a bell does wonders for student morale . . . David Winchell Tellier Dave -a Patricia Ann Tartaglia Pat Patricia Lynn Squire Pat David Laurence Stoddard Dave Hrayr Chant Tamzarian Harry 37 Peggy Eileen Turner Peg And the stampede is on. 38 Brooks Whelan Joan Frances White Brooks Joanni 39 Class History The Class of ’67 entered N.R.H.S. in 1961, as a group of gaggling seventh-graders. We were fortunate to have had our Junior High classes integrated in a High School atmosphere, for when we reached eighth-grade, we felt like veterans. Our freshman year was the first year of hard work. This was also the first year we could participate in team sports. On our planning agenda were both a dance and a carwash, neither of which proved to be very successful. In the One Act Play competition, our entry was " Life of the Party”. Ed Kinder won the award for Best Actor. As sophomores, we were even more determined to make this a good year. Plans were made for another carwash, but our success was no greater than in the previous year. The Drama Club, with Peg Parking- ton, who had won the Best Actress Award, entered " The Mad Woman of Chaillot” in the State Drama Festival preliminaries, where it won first prize. We returned as Juniors to the toughest year in our high school ca¬ reers. Our post-graduation plans were upon us, and some of us began taking PSAT’s and College Boards. Students having both Mr. Petten- gill and Mr. Hutchings were in double jeopardy. Our first full-fledged fund-raising activity was a successful bottle drive. Activity continued with a record hop, and finally, our Junior Prom. Preparations for " Over the Rainbow” were begun in late February, and Friday, May 13, was a grand night. Franni Turner was chosen as queen of the Jun¬ ior Prom. Class History We returned as " Mighty Seniors”, and after awhile, we began to feel the part. This was The Year That Was; not only for our class, but for all of Nauset High. Mr. Flebotte, our new principal, arrived, and Mr. Ellis was elected our new Superintendent. The American Field Service Club welcomed Nauset’s first foreign exchange student, Wilma Guedes, from Brazil. The Journalism Club was formed. We chose our first Junior Miss, Donna Perreault. The basketball team won its first championship. Tennis became a varsity sport. Our Senior Prom, " Winter Carnival”, was indeed a night to remem¬ ber. Sandy Garfield was radiant as our queen. As we look back over the year, we find some incidents unforget¬ table. Remember when: Jo Higgins wagered she wouldn’t speak to boys for a month? Bill Cosby was the order of the day in Mr. Kelly’s classes? Three brave souls went rabbit hunting outside Advanced Biology Class? Two Nauset effigies were hung before the Harwich game, but not by Harwich? " Stanley the Snowman” popped up overnight in Mr. Smith’s drive¬ way? The baseball team held spring training in January? Our final weeks at Nauset were hectic ones which included the Class Trip, Banquet and, of course, Graduation. As the end of this stage of our lives approached us, we realized all that we had gained from N.R.H.S. Donna Perreault Luther Eldredge 41 Class Will I Betty Adams, leave mi ability to spel to next year’s creative wrhting clas I, David Anderson, leave to Fory Quinn, one V-J-12-Y champion spark plug. I, Darlene Bassett, leave my straight hair to my sister. She can have it. I, Eddie Bessom, leave the reputation of the Fastest Pick-up Truck to Bob Allard. I, Meredith Blakeley, leave my ballet slippers to Mr. Hoyt, so he may twirl gracefully down the hall. I, Doug Bohannon, leave, for the best co-ed college in the country. I, George Bolton, leave. I, David Brown, leave a dozen buzzards for Doctor Brooks to chase out of the halls. I, Linda Burton, will just leave. I, Paul Burton, leave my Peugeot to the Shop Class. I, Bonnie Callis, leave Brenda Wilcox a shovel and the song, ' Bend It”, so that she may always stay in shape. I, Deborah Campbell, leave my political acumen to Mr. Cass. I, Maureen Caton leave the estimating machine to all of Mr. Zantow’s next years’ economic classes. I, Joseph CensuOo, leave the boys gym a new supply of towels. I, Marion Chase, leave my body to Advanced Biology. I, Rhonda Cobb, leave Jane Hertig all the " townies” and a one way ticket out of here. I, Roberta Collins, leave the Stop Shop in peace. I, Marilyn Corbett, leave all the burnt ashes from my Newsweeks to Mr. Kelly. I, Ronald Corrigan, leave all my burnt off rubber to the person with the thinnest tires. I, Bea Creighton, leave my athletic ability to Michele Nichols, hoping that she will be next year’s team star, instead of manager. I, Mike Crosby, leave a gutter pipe-tail to anyone who wants it. I, Doug Delano, leave all my dirty work to future kitchen helpers. I, Kathleen Dignan, leave, wondering how Mr. Spinney will ever make it without me. I, Kenny Doughty, leave to Joe Algeo, my terrific harem. I, Mary-Jo Duffy, leave 3,000,000 ants to the aardvark that sits in my locker. I, Eddie Dumont, leave my surfing ability to my under-studies, Peter Brown and Jay Hagenbuckle. I, Vere Edmunds, leave my history notebook to my sister. She’ll probably need it. I, Luther Eldredge, leave for Troy, New York, for reasons unknown. I, Irene Farrell, leave 13 17 of my long straight, pointed nose to my " little brother” I, David Felt, leave my scarf ties to " Wild Bill” McCaskie to go with the shirt my brother left. I, Cheryl Fisher, leave a certain French teacher, (bon, tres bien) I, David Frances, leave an echo to Miss Leary. I, Richard Fulcher, leave my STP decals to Albert Pease. I, Tom Fuller, leave forty three zubesuchs and azeebezahs to Ding-a-ling. I, Lee Gainey, leave Gaineys’ Store as a resting place to all prospective lunch period skippers. I, Sandy Garfield, leave my gym suit to Mrs. Underhill, for next year’s unprepared. I, Wilma Guedes, leave all my friendship and affection at Nauset. I, Mike Harris, leave 20 toads to Dennis Nelson to do whatever he wants with them. I, Sally Hayes, leave Vicki Hayes my ability to walk without falling. I, Constance Haynes, leave the future to those who dare enter upon it with me. I, Julie Herrman, will my Economic book to anyone who is crazy enough to take the course. I, Georgette Higgins, leave my immense, sophisticated vocabulary and my great speling ability to anyone who needs it I, Elaine Hill, leave 7 shattered test tubes, 1 slightly cracked crucible, and 1 lost text book to Mr. Pettingill. I, Nancy Hokkanen, leave smiling for once. I, Richard Jennings, leave my great wit and wonderful ability to tell a joke in a split second to Kimbal Fates. I, Bob Jones, leave some of my weight to Jimmy Rawl, hkping he can use it. I, Gary Joseph, leave my laziness to Joe Algeo. I, Ginger Joseph, leave my pretzels to Mrs. Baker. I, Edward Kinder, leave my box of NO-DOZE to Mr. O’Brien. I, Christine Langlais, leave my ability to dance to Dale Sipple and my ability to diet to Jackie Gleason. I, Brian Lavallee, will my beautiful Chevy to Clark Gray since he’s got a piece of JUNK! I, Dee Dee Letts, leave my abibty to keep out of trouble to my younger brother. He needs it! I, Doug MacArthur, leave Billy Eldredge all the leftovers from the graduation party. I, Bob McWilliams, was unable to salvage anything to leave. I, Paula Meads, leave amid thundering hooves, shouting " Hi, Hi, Ho Cavalier, away!” I, Linda Menard, leave my nickname " Mayonaisse” to Heilman’s. I, Sydney Monzon, leave with the belief that the future holds more valuable hours than has the past. I, John Morton, leave all the dishes — dirty! I, Carolyn Neese, leave, would you believe, U. S. History? I, Kent Newcomb, leave all my love for Miss Leary to Jeff Finn. I, Maureen Nickerson, leave my quietness to Kerry Wiley. I, Kathie Norgeot, leave Brenda Wilcox to clean next year’s soccer uniforms. I, Donna Ohman, leave for Vietnam. I, Billy Ormsby, leave my bottle of bleach. Most beautiful of things, I, Peggy Parkington, leave ripe cucumbers and the sun and the moon to Laura Brown. I, Janet Patten, leave my will to someone else to figure out. I, Donna Perreault, leave with my Duck on a leash. I, Gary Philbrick, leave my ability to give speeches to my brother, Jeff. May he use it with good intentions. I, Bill Phillips, leave Mr. Smith a neon " NO” sign. I, Sheri Putnam, leave my big blue eyes to a frog in need, CROAK! I, Karen Quinn, leave my magical baton to who ever might need it in the following years. I, Robert Randall, leave. I, Donna Rhodes, leave all my recipes to the kitchen. I, Ellen Richards, leave my Scott to Candy Benn. I, Carolyn Richardson, leave Miss (Carolyn) Richardson to her name in peace. I, Mary Richman, leave a roll of ticker tape to Scott Nickerson. I, Glen Rockwell, leave Swann’s Way to the Post Recaptured. I, Karen Rongner, leave my ability to surf to next year’s gremmie and my long blond hair to Mia Farrow. I, Janet Rose, leave my four study halls a day to Barney. I, Ruth-Ann Rose, leave Miss Leary a new errand runner, Sandi. I, Diane Silva, leave the trampoline to Brenda Adams, so she will have something to do in majorette practice. I, Ronnie Smith, leave, hoping mjT ' car will make it off the school grounds. I, Reed Snider, will Lynn Brown to the school for one more year. I, Pat Squire, leave The Trampoline. I, Dave Stoddard, leave my warbling voice to some poor off-tone base. I, Harry Tamzarian, leave two glasses of gingerale (well-mixed) to Karen Rongner and Jo Higgins. I, Pat Tartaglia, leave flipping hamburgers. I, Dave Tellier, leave my Raleigh Coupons to Mr. Miller. I, Peggy Turner, leave Nauset to join the Coast guard. I, Roland Verfaille, leave all my past obessions to Scot Nickerson and David Brown to divide equally between them. I, Kenny Viprino, leave. I, Marion Walsh, should leave my freckles to someone, |yjt I can’t get them to come off. I, Skip Weber, leave my golden toe to Paul Tucker. I, Brooks Whelan, leave. I, Joan White, leave to Karen Delano, what I promised to remember in my will “Hi ya Kare”. I, David Young, leave my truck to anyone who can get it out of the parking lot. I, Eddie Young, leave the office in who knows what state? Kathie N. Mike C. Meredith B. Rhonda C. Irene F. Pat T. Roberta C. Lee G. Eddy Y. Kent N. V. v -v rtf " Nancy H. 4 W Richard J. Paula M. Peggy T. Ruth-Ann R. Ginger J. Doug M. Sally H. Julie H. Chris L. Connie H. 45 l Ginny P. Bob J. Bonnie C. Sydney M. Bin p. Sandy G. Mary-Jo D. Mary R. Elaine H. Skip W. David Y. 46 Class Prophecy Betty Adams’ future entails repairing motor scooters at Paine’s Garage. David Anderson has changed his work-study title to business-pleasure. Good going Dave! Darlene Bassett has caused a rather noticeable change in her Dad’s Ice Co. The sign now reads: " Bassett Daughter.’’ Eddie Bessom can still be found at Marceline’s Junkyard, searching for parts to keep his truck together. Meredith Blakely is recovering from a terrible traffic accident — somebody stepped on her car. George Bolton, Education Director of Mass., recently passed a law on what to do between clasws. Doug Bohannon is now Chief Executive of a new N.P.A., National Party Association! David Brown, Mr. Zantow’s protegee is a Computer Programmer for the N.A.S.A. Linda Burton’s geneologist has revealed Richard as a relative. ’Way to go, Linda! Paul Burton is the new " Bert” in the famous " Bert and I” stories about Maine life. Bonnie Callishas just accepted a spot on the T.V. series, " Is There a Nurse in the Hospital?” Debbie Campbell has just won a Nobel Prize in animal husbandry. Good work Deb. Maureen Caton just sold her hair as a prop for the new production of " Rapunzel.” Joe Gensulo’s Caesar-style haircut is invincible to the Army Barber’s shears. What a way for deferment! Marion Chase has made all I.B.M. Computers obsolete. What brains! Rhonda Cobb just left on a trip to the United States. Roberta Collins has purchased the " Surf” in Hyannis. Marilyn Corbett now writes a daily comic strip for the " Standard Times”. Ronnie Corrigan has run out of G.T.O.’s and is hoofing it to a used car lot. Bea Creighton’s Olympic Field Hockey Team has won 5 gold medals for the U.S. Mike Crosby was just chosen for the Davis Cup Tennis Team. Doug Delano is the sole owner of the " Standard Times” — seems his paper route enlarged. Kathy Dignan, our girl in First National is now with Stop Shop. What happened? Kenny Doughty appears regularly on " The Dating Game.” What a life! Mary Jo Duffy is the star in the new filming of the movie " Cleopatra”. Eddie Dumont has yet to buy his own surfboard or a real surfing helmet! Vere Edmunds recently bought out the Corvair division of G.M. Like ' em, huh, Vere? Luther Eldredge owns a clothing store three blocks from Sage. Know someone close-by, Luth? Irene Farrell is moving to Dennis — or is it with Dennis? David Felt is Roy Rogers’ counterpart. Whoa, Dave! Cheryl Fisher, after many years work, has completed a rain stopping device. Congrats! David Francis is the new star of the Bozo Show. Dick Fulcher is working on a plan to improve the food in public school cafeterias. Tom Fuller is head photographer for Bob Dylan — seems they have something in common. Clark Gray is now a wealthy man. His STP stock has tripled in value. Lee Gainey can still be found in high spirits every weekend. Yo Ho Ho! Sandy Garfield has just raised her voice for the first time! Wilma Guedes was recently elected to the presidency of Brazil. Mike Harris committed himself to a sanitarium to try to kick the habit of V-8 Juice. Sally Hayes is giving " stuffing” lessons to Wilt-the-Stilt Chamberlin. Connie Haynes has finally unwrapped Mr. Smith from her little finger. Julie Hermann is now a war nurse, treating her Navy friend(s). Jo Higgins can be found at the nearest hospital, curing aches and pains, after she recovers from her own! Elaine Hill is taking the first of all those ’trips” she talked about. Have fun in Boston, Elaine! Nancy Hokkanen now has a pair of false bangs, ’guess she still can’t make up her mind. Richard Jennings just talked Wild Bill out of his six-guns. Nice going, Rich. Bob Jones is teaching Bill Russel ’’the right way to play” Gary Joseph holds a record for pitching no-hit games, (25 against the Mets)! Ginger Joseph is now a cheerleader for the Boston Celtics. Lucky girl! Ed Kinder and his group, after a world tour, have passed the Beatles in popularity. Good show, Ed. Chris Langlais is still awaiting the end of her last grounded penalty. Brian Lavallee is now Marceline’s Wellfleet Competition A lots of old cars, huh, Brian? Dee Dee Letts’ hair, by now is so long, she carries it in a knapsack on her back. Doug MacArthur is still cleaning out his car due to " those” Saturday nights. Bob McWilliams attends college, majoring in psychic travel and enjoying it immensly. Paula Meads is winning races as a jockey at Hialeah. Linda Menard can be seen modeling Sacks at Fifth Avenue. Sidney Monzon ran into difficulties, when a little girl mistook her for a ’Baby-First-Step”. John Morton can be heard saying, " Well, back to the salt mines.” Carolyn Neese is now seen riding the elevator in the Empire State Building, looking for her office on the 13th floor. Kent Newcomb goes scalloping every morning, before going to college classes. Maureen Nickerson is now a disk jockey for W.B.Z. and is very successful because she doesn’t say much. Kathie Norgeot has initiated a college degree for Extra-Curricular Activities. Donna Ohmann is headed for Vietnam to make love, not war! Billy Ormsby is in New Hampshire " hunting” for his feet. Ginny Paine may be found driving a taxi cab in Provincetown. Peggy Parkington is now employed by the C.I.A. and is making full use of her German accent. Janet Patten just bought the goldenrod. She likes long cars. 48 Donna Perreault is very successful selling eggs — she has connections with the Head Duck”. Gary Philbrick has a chain of Snack Shacks on the west coast. Bill Phillips is now Executive Vice President of Taylor Publishing Company. Take a bow, Billy. Sheri Putnam, after 50 years, has finally paid all her lunch debts. Karen Quinn has become a registered pharmacist and is still with the Livingstons. Bob Randall now attend work, still accompanied by his faithful retriever. Donna Rhodes has opened a public cafeteria in Welfleet. Good luck, Donna! Ellen Richards has made plans for a new Scout — with one gas tank! Carolyn Richardson has fdled the opening of teacher left by her favorite business instructor., Mary Richman is now the originator of all the College Entrance Examinations. Glen Rockwell is now solving people’s problems in his popular column, " Tell it to Glen”. Karen Rongner may be found surfing at Crystal Lake, where there are no people to bump into. Janet Rose is doing " you bet it is” commercials for Eastern Airlines. Ruth Ann Rose has ironically set up competition for Donna Rhodes in the cafeteria idea. Diane Silva is now the Chief of Police in Welfleet. What do you mean, ’It’s a raid?” Fred Slade has started a rock and roll group, " Freddy and the Day Dreamers”. Ronnie Smith is suffering injuries from an exploding frappe machine. Reed Snider has been made Chairman of the Board at Ho Jo’s, (the cutting board). Pat Squire and the trampoline company have finally settled, after 20 years in court. Dave Stoddard is now an electrical engineer and is checking all the wiring in space capsules. Hrayar Tamzarian has just been deported for assaulting Mr. Hoyt. Pat Tartaglia has recently added a discotheque to " Happy John’s”. Dave Tellier has just broken an Indianapolis speed record — on Route 6! Peggy Turner was just as happy as Pat was to leave. Roland Verfaille is the head of the Nuclear Fission Research for Russia. Ken Viprino is doing an outstanding job as head of the Safety Commision for automobiles. Marion Walsh has just enlisted in the Army — the only way she could be sure to get the jeep every weekend. Skip Weber has been convicted of polygamy, would you believe bigamy? Brooks Whelan has revived the Goldwater issues and is running for president. Joan White has recently acquired the nickname " Snow”. Dave Young was seen yesterday window shopping on Fifth Avenue. Eddie Young may be found picking cranberries in Ocean Spray bogs. Is that a promotion? By Rhonda Cobb and Eddie Young 49 Our Class MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Marian Chase and Bill Phillips CLASS FLIRT AND SHEIK Connie Haynes and Ken Doughty BEST LOOKING Sandy Garfield and Bob Eldredg CLASS CLOWNS Marian Walsh and David Francis SHYEST Maureen Caton and Skip Weber MOST ABSENT MINDED Peg Parkington and Bob McWilliams 51 ■mm. mi w iSPil •• ' V mi m Mm ; ■::: : -x-s Jl« 1 11 . ■ h ■! ■ i -S’M - . ,4’ , ■ ' ■■ ... ■. 8 I • m-nm® BEST NATURED Sandy Garfield and Skip Weber 44 . . ■fiStSSS ' . !. BEST ALL ROUND Kathie Norgeot and Bob Eldredge ■ «:ri»{3 «Q0 CLASS CHATTERBOXES Sheri Putnam and David Francis BEST DRESSED Cheryl Fisher and Ed Young CLASS CROONERS Carolyn Richardson and I avid Stoddard FRIENDLIEST Wilma Guedes and David Young he Year BEST SURFER Mike Harris CLASS ARTISTS Ed Kinder and Marilyn Corbett CLASS PROCRASTINATOR Doug Bohannon PEPPIEST Sheri Putnam and Ronnie Smith DONE THE MOST FOR THE SCHOOL Kathy Norgeot and Bob Eldredge Who’s Who BETTY ADAMS Beautician rco 99 super Act: One act plays 1; majorettes 2, 3, 4; business Clb. 3, 4; Jr. Sr. Prom Hob: Surfing, water skiing, riding, scooters. DAVE ANDERSON Air Force " Not too queer” Hob: Hunting, 1 special girl, boxing, C F engines. DARLENE BASSET College " Dumby” Act: J.V. Basketball 1, 2; Jr. Sr. Honor Soc; FNA 3, 4; Independent Study 4; V. Basketball 3, 4; Tel Fad 4 Hob: Dress making, sec. for church school, Girl Scouts, B.Y.F., autoharp. EDDIE BESSON College " Ya, that’s close” Act: A.V. Aid 2, 3; yearbook 3, 4; Christmas Tree Sales 3, 4; Jr. Sr. Prom Hob: Surfing, cars, driving (slow), parties, trucks, water skiing, N.P.A. MEREDITH BLAKELEY " Must you?” Act: Chorus 2; variety show 2, 3; Jr. Prom; French Cb. 4; Journalism Cb. 4. Hob: Ballet, gymastics, surfing, art. DOUG BOHANNON College " Where’s the party?” Act: J.V. Soccer 1; Chorus 2; Jr. Sr. Prom. Hob: N.P.A., D.B.A., S.L.G., sports cars, crack-ups, J.J., football, hockey, railroad ties. GEORGE BOLTON Electronic Sch. " You son of a gun” Act: Jr. Sr. Prom Hob: Radios, water skiing, cars, swimming. DAVE BROWN College " I’ll see you later, if not sooner. ” Act: J.V. Soccer 2; V. Soccer 3,4; V. Baseball 1, 2, 3,4; Varsity Cb. 2,3, 4; FTA 1; Math Cb. 3, 4, Pres. 4. Departmental Award in Math 3; Boys’ State 3; Tel Fad 4. Hob: Bowling, swimming, sports, girls! LINDA BURTON Work " That’s the way that life goes.” Act: Chorus 2, 3. Hob: Knitting, babysitting. PAUL BURTON Work " Get outta here” Hob: Surfing, motorcycle races, trying to keep the Peugeot going. BONNIE CALLIS Registered Nurse Act: FNA 3, 4, vice pres. 4; Field Hockey 3, 4; Lib. Aid 3, 4; Journalism Cb. 4; Yearbook 4; Jr. Sr. Prom; Varsity Cb. 4. Hob: V.W.’s, parties, summer, field hockey, dancing, horses, people, hav¬ ing a great time. DEBBIE CAMPBELL Undecided " Who me?” Act: Girls’ Track 1, 3, 4. Hob: Horses, reading, sewing. MAUREEN CANTON College Act: Business Cb. 3, 4. Hob: swimming, movies, vacations, good music, working with Job Corps, J.F. JOE CENSULLO Electrician " Take it easy” Act: Entered 4. Hob: Skin diving, hunting MARIAN CHASE College Act: Art 1; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Cape Cod Music Festival 1, 2; Jr. Sr. Honor Soc. 3, 4, pres. 4; Independent Study 4. Hob: Reading, cooking, music, driving RHONDA COBB College Hi ya kid.!!!” Act: Entered 3; Latin Cb. 2; Jr. Sr. Prom; FTA 4; Class Treas. 4; Year¬ book 4; Modern dance 3; Usherette 4. Hob: Mariners, V.W., diets, Hondas, yellow submarines, weekends (?), Townies (???), G.S.’s D.G.’s. ROBERTA COLLINS College or R.N. " Sorry ’bout that” Act: Entered 4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Orchestra 1,2, 3,4; Speech Cb. 1, Drama Cb. 2, 3; Jr. Prom; FNA 4. Hob: The ’Surf’, dancing, driving, dating, C.Y.O., eating, having a good time, hamburgers, Hondas. MARILYN CORBETT Office Work " You’re kiddin”’ Act: Yearbook 4; Business Cb. 3, 4. Hob: drawing, painting, sewing. RON CORRIGAN College " If you say so ” Act: Track 1; Jr. Sr. Prom; Tennis 4. Hob: Boating, hunting, cars, water skiing. BEA CREIGHTON Beautician College Act: Field Hockey 1, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Cb. 3, 4; FNA 3, 4, sec. 3, treas. 4; Yearbook 4. Hob: Sports, dancing, swimming, working, having fun, spending money, driving, skiing. MIKE CROSBY College " Sorry about that” Act: Varsity Cb. 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Sr. Prom; Tennis 4. Hob: Hydroplane racing, skiing, hunting, tennis, fishing, guns, surfing, water skiing. DOUG DELANO Work " I don’t want to do that” Hob :Stamp collecting, coin collecting, baseball, sports, girls, collecting records, not getting too many haircuts, swimming KATHY DIGNAN College " Drive ” Act: Entered 3; Latin Cb. 1, 2; French Cb. 1, 2; Pep Cb. 1; FNA 4, Motto comm. 4. Hob: C.Y.O., weekend trips, dancing, riding, acrobatics. KEN DOUGHTY U.S. Air Force Act: Baseball 1,4; Basketball 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2, 3; Jr. Sr. Prom; Gymnastics 3, 4. Hob: Cars, hunting, gymnastics. MARY-JO DUFFY Nursing Act: Home Economics Cb. 1; Chorus 1; FNA 3, 4. Hob: Driving, being lazy, sketching, piano. EDDIE DUMONT College " $5.00 and a note from your mother” Act: Baseball 1, 2,4; Basketball 1,2; Varsity Cb. 4; Jr. Prom; Tennis 3,4; J.V. Soccer 1, 2; V. Soccer 3, 4. Hob: Surfing, bowling, sports, fooling around. 55 Who’s Who VERE EDMUNDS College Act: Entered 3; FNA 3, 4; Orchestra 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2; Color 60, 2. Hob: Tennis, riding, music. LUTHER ELDREDGE College RIGHT!” Act: Orchestra 1; Cape Cod Music Festival 1; A.V. Aid 4; J.V. Soccer 1,2; V. Soccer 3, 4; J.V. Basketball 1,2; V. Basketball 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3,4, co-capt. 4; Track 3,4; Varsity Cb. 2, 3,4, vice-pres., 3; Student Council 2, 3, 4; School Store 3,4; Class Pres. 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Jr. Sr. Prom; Vari¬ ety show 3, 4. Hob: Surfing, summer, buying clothes, spending money, team sports, parties, driving, water skiing, dancing, skating, P.J.D. IRENE FARRELL Undecided " Oh say ” Act: Class Sec. 1; Jr. Honor Soc. 1; Lib. Aid 2; Jr. Prom, Yearbook 4; FNA 3; Art 1, 4. Hob: Swimming, spending money, dancing, collecting records, having fun, D.A. St. A. DAVE FELT Service ’ Cornin’ Days Are Better” Act: Soccer 1, 2; FTA 1, 2. Hob: Mean women, other people’s cars, working hard at hardly working. CHERYL FISHER College " Oh no, it’s humid!” Act: One Act Play 1; Chorus 1,2; Cape Cod Music Festival 1; Honor Soc. 1; Lib. Aid 2; FTA 2; Variety Show 2; Jr. Prom; Departmental Award in French 3; Yearbook 4. DAVE FRANCIS Navy Act: Drama Cb. 1, 2; Chess Cb. 1; Chorus 2, 4; Summer School. Hob: Horse back riding, jokes, movies, N.P.A., Engbsh. RICHARD FULCHER Welding School " Hi boy” Act: Treas. Special Class 4. Hob: Water Skiing, Photography, welding, cars working. TOM FULLER Act: Art 1, 2, 4; Photography Cb. 3, 4, Pres. 4. LEE GAINEY Travel " I’m so glad” Act: Basketball 1, 2; Field Hockey 3; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Creative Writing Cb. 4; FTA 3, 4, treas. 4; Varsity Cb. 3, 4. Hofy: Skipping school, writing, surfing, reading, spending lots of money, Nauset Beach, having fun. SANDY GARFIELD College ”Hi!” Act: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, tri-capt. 4, All-Star 4; J.V. Basketball 1, 2, co-capt. 1,3; V. Basketball 3,4; Jr. Sr. Prom; Yearbook 4; FNA 3, sec- treas. 3; P.E. Honor Roll 4. Hob: Sports, spending money, clothes, stuffed animals, Hyannis, writing letters, Worcester. WILMA GUEDES Law Journalism " Oh! Meu Deus que confusas!!” Act: Entered 4; A.F.S. student 4; Journalism Cb. 4; Brazil — Student council 3, pres. 3; Reflexo (magazine) editor-in-chief 3; Blue Sky Band 3; Municipal Cb. 1, 2, 3. Hob: Dancing, key chains, riding, writing, driving, Volkswagens. MIKE HARRIS Technical School " Hey” Act: Jr. Prom; V. Soccer 4; Varsity Cb. 4. Hob: SURFING, eating, sleeping, N.P.A. SALLY HAYES Work " So!” Act: Business Cb. 3, 4. Hob: T.L., going out, weekends, dancing, " would you believe gym?” CONNIE HAYNES College " Must we suffer to find truth?” Act: Jr. Honor Soc. 1, 2; Cheerleading 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2; Cape Cod Music Festival 1; Variety Show 2; Jr. Prom; Yearbook 3; Journalism Cb. 4. Hob: Dancing, boots, motorcycles sports cars, " singing”, wearing any¬ thing, observing people, music, people who are what they seem to be, trips, black and blues. JULIE HERRMAN College Nursing " I’ll see fall” Act: Entered 4; FNA 4; John Marshall High School — FNA sec., pres. 3; Latin Cb. GEORGETTE HIGGINS College " Such is life” Act: One Act Plays 1; Student Council 2, 3, 4; corr. sec.-treas. 4; S.C. Leadership Workshop 3; Jr. Sr. Prom; Channel 2 Correspondent 3; Class Marshall 3; Varsity Cb. 4; J.V. Cheerleader 2; V. Cheerleader 3, 4; FTA 2; Variety Show 2, 3, 4; FNA 4; Usherettes 2, 3,4; Science Conven¬ tion 4. Hob; swimming, Rainbow, buying clothes, eating, talking to people, sum¬ mer, cheering. ELAINE HILL Museum of Fine Arts Sch. " You ' ve got to be putting me on!” Act: Entered 4; Yearbook 4; Drama Cb. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; French Cb. 2, 3; Ski Cb. 2. Hob: Sculpture, blue V.W. with a cracked windshield, guitar, chemistry. NANCY HOKKANEN College " Now, ash me if I care ” Act: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3,4, All-Star 3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Orchestra 1, 2; FNA 3, 4; Varsity Cb. 3, 4; Student Council 1; Jr. Sr. Prom. Hob: Sports, being mad, taking weekend trips. RICHARD JENNINGS Commerical Art Sch. " Don’t give me that Bull” Act: Track 1; Soccer mgr. 2, 3. Hob: Collecting empty peanut shells. BOB JONES College " Ya! that’s close” Act: Class Vice-Pres. 3; Jr. Sr. Prom, Variety Show Jr. Sr. M.C.; J.V. Soccer 2; V. Soccer 3, 4; J.V. Basketball 1, V. Basketball 2, 4, capt. 4; Varsity Cb. 2, 3, 4, pres. 4; A.V. Aid 4. Hob: Team sports, summer, parties, spending money, driving, swimming, growing, V.L.J. 56 Who’s Who GARY JOSEPH Coast Guard " Go take a pill!” Act: J.V. Basketball 2; V. Baseball 2, 3, 4, co-capt. 4; Varsity Cb. 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 4; Cape Cod Music Festival 1,2; A.V. Aid 4; Jr. Sr. Prom. Hob: Baseball, sleeping, ice hockey, listening to the radio, C.B. GINGER JOSEPH Secretarial Sch. " Toodles” Act: Varsity Cb. 3, 4; J.V. Cheerleader 2; V. Cheerleader 3, 4, capt. 4; Business Cb. 3, 4; Variety Show 3, 4; Jr. Sr. Prom. Hob: Cheering, dancing, eating, having fun, driving, parties, R.W.J. ED KINDER Dramatics Music Go way Act: Drama Cb. 1, 2, 3, 4, vice-pres. 3, pres. 4; One Act Plays 1, 2, 3, 4; Acting Award 1; Director 2; Drama Festival Preliminaries 1, 2, 3,4, actor in winning play 1, 3; Regional Cast Award 3; Drama Festival Finals 3; FTA 1; Photography Cb. 3,4; Journalism Cb. 4; Chorus 2; Chess Cb. 1,2; Jr. Prom; Variety Show 2, 3, 4; Art 3, 4. Hob: Playing drums, all kinds of music, horseback riding, optimism, read¬ ing super-hero comic books. CHRIS LANGLAIS Junior College Act: FTA 3, 4, vice-pres. 4; Art 3; Jr. Prom; Class Sec. 4; Usherettes 4. Hob: Dancing, parties, bowling, Mr. Cass, C.Y.O., Mariners, blond boys, drawing, diets, spending money, summer, getting grounded. BRIAN LAVALLEE Navy " Just about” Act: Jr. Sr. Prom Hob: Chevies, most sports, parties, travelling, working on cars, one girl in particular. DEE DEE LETTS College I could walk on the ceiling when you’re around. REALLY!” Act: Band 1, 2; Orchestra 2, 3; FTA 1, 2; Science Cb. 3; Yearbook 3, 4; Drama Cb. 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Sr. Prom; Journalism Cb. sec. 4 Hob: Stuffed animals, Hyannis, Monomoy, Scuba diving, Rainbow, water- skiing, motorcycling, horse-back riding, surfing, " Irish”, Br. R, having fun. DOUG MacARTHUR College " Aw . . . Come on!” Act: Student Council 2, 3,4; A.V. Aid 2, 4; Soccer 3; Class Marshall 3; Jr. Sr. Prom; Boys’ State 3. Hob: Surfing, skin diving, swimming, boating, water-skiing, hunting, Model " A” Fords, parties, having a good time. BOB McWILLIAMS Travel " I can’t accept this ” Act: Entered 3; Creative Writing Cb. 3, 4; Drama Cb. 3, 4; One Act Plays 3, 4; Journalism Cb. 4. Hob: Four Twelve String Guitars, Blues harp, black jack systems, argu¬ ments, Banjo, prose poetry, travelling, palmistry. PAULA MEADS " Sorry about that. Chief” Act: Jr. Sr. Prom; Science Cb. 3,4, sec. 4; Art 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls Track 1, 2, 3, 4; J.V. Softball 1,2; J.V. Basketball 2; One Act Plays 1; Yearbook 4; P.E. Honor Soc. 3, 4. Hob: Horses, drawing, flying, climbing trees, M.G.C., P.L.C., skiing, night wandering. LINDA MENARD Modeling " Oh ya!?” Act: J.V. Cheering 2; V. Cheering 3,4; Business Cb. 3, 4; Varsity Cb. 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Variety Show 2, 3, 4; Jr. Sr. Prom. Hob: Dancing, Water Skiing, Horseback riding, exercise, parties, eating. SIDNEY MONZON College " Some men would sooner die than think; in fact, they do. Act: Jr. Sr. Prom; FNA 4; Yearbook 4. Hob: Drawing, weekend trips, reading. JOHN MORTON Culinary Inst, of Amer. Hobbies; Fishing, boating, sailing, model cars, radio building. CAROLYN NEESE Work (, ‘So 99 Act: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3. Hob: water skiing, bowling. KENT NEWCOMB Service " Nice Meces” Act: Soccer; Jr. Sr. Prom; U.N. Delegate 3. Hob: Fishing, cars. MAUREEN NICKERSON Beautician " Oh, forget it!” Act: French Cb. 4; FNA 4; Jr. Sr. Prom. Hob: Dances, parties, summer boys, swimming. KATHIE NORGEOT College " Oooh!” Act: J.V. Basketball 1; V. Basketball 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 2, 3,4; Student Council 2, 3, 4, sec. 4; Sr. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Variety Show 3, 4; Glee Club 2; Art 1; Gil ls’ State 3; Jr. Sr. Prom; FTA 2, 3, 4, treas. 3; Varsity Cb. 3, 4; Usherette 3,4; Yearbook Co-Editor 4; S.E. Convention 3; S.C. Lead¬ ership Workshop 3; A.F.S. Club 4. Hob: C.Y.O., riding, sports. DONNA OH MANN Undecided " Would you believe ...” Act: Business Cb. 3, 4; Glee Cb. 3. Hob: S.D., reading, dancing. BILL ORMSBY Service " Hey Pard!” Act: J.V. Baseball 1; J.V. Soccer 1,2, 3; Baseball Mgr. 2; Basketball Mgr. 1, 2; Varsity Soccer 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 4; Orchestra 4; Jr. Sr. Prom; Yearbook 4; Varsity Cb. 4. Hob: Records, parties, sports, drums, surfing, K.J.S. GINNY PAINE Marriage " Oh, you’re horrible!” Act: Chorus 1; Art 3, 4; Jr. Prom; Business Cb. 3, 4. Hob: Drawing, reading, parties, music, M.R.D. PEGGY PARKINGTON College, Drama " I’m hungry” Act: Orchestra 1, 2, 3,4; Creative Writing Cb. 2, 3,4; Drama Cb. 1,2,3, 4; Photography Cb. 4, sec. 4; Art 4; Variety Show 1, 2, 3; One Act Plays 3; Wrote directed play 3; 3-Act Play 1, 2, 3, 4; Mass. Drama Festival 3; Regional Cast Award 2, 3; Nauset Drama Award 2, 3; Departmental Award in English 2; Farrago Staff 2, poetry editor 3; Cape Cod Music Fes¬ tival 3; Concert Mistress 4. i o6. Writing,poetry,music,violin,acting, war, parlor games. 57 Who’s Who JANET PATTEN College " Ask me if I care” Act: Art 1,2; Drama Cb. 1,2; Basketball 2; Gymnastics 2; Softball 2; Vol¬ leyball 1; FNA 4; Art 3. Hob: Water skiing, driving boys, Mariners, C.Y.O. DONNA PERREAULT Beautician " Whoopie-do!” Act: J.V. Cheerleader 2, 3; V. Cheerleader 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Class Sec. 2, 3; FTA 2, 3,4, sec. 4; Variety Show 3,4; Jr. Sr. Prom; Usherettes 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Nauset Junior Miss 4. Hob: Cheering, horseback riding, sewing, cooking, buying clothes, K.N.M. GARY PHILBRICK College Well, I Dunno” Act: Class Pres. 2; Class Vice-Pres. 1; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1,2, 3,4; FTA 1; One Act Plays 2, 3; Math Club 4; J.V. Soccer; Tennis 4. Hob: Clarinet, guitar, " The Wabbits”, DeMolay, Travelling, Swimming, golf, tennis, chess, writing songs, sailing, pool. BILL PHILLIPS Dartmouth " Good Grief ’ act: Entered 3; Chess Cb. 3; Drama Cb. 3,4; Band 3; Orchestra 3,4; Cape Cod Music Festival 3; Creative Writing Cb. 3, 4, pres. 4; Editor of Farra¬ go 3; Sr. Honor Soc. 3, 4; Yearbook Co-Editor 4; Journalism Cb. 4; Jr. Sr. Prom; One-Act Play Winner 3; Acting Award 3; U.N. Contest Winner 3; J.V. Soccer 3; Tennis 3, 4; Boys’ State 3; Andover Summer Session 3; Class Vice-Pres. 4; English, Latin, Soc. Studies Music Departmental Awards 3; Harvard Book Award 3; Independent Study 4; Science Con¬ vention 4. Hob: Reading, P.F., music, sports, falling off surfboards, 1930 Model " A”, girl appreciation. SHERI PUTNAM College ' Got a quarter I can borrow?” Act: J.V. Cheerleader 2; V. Cheerleader 3, 4; Varsity Cb. 3, 4, sec. 4; Ush¬ erettes 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1; Glee Cb. 2; Class Treas. 2; Variety Show 3, 4; Jr. Sr. Prom; Journalism Cb. 4, Editor 4; Yearbook 4; FTA 2, 3, 4. Hob: Skiing, cheering, riding, eating, J.J. KAREN QUINN College " Yetch ” Act: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Cb. 1, 2, 3, 4; Majorettes 1, 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 4; Drama Cb. 1, 2. Hob: Swimming, sports, horses, ice skating, post cards. BOB RANDALL Coast Guard 7 guess ” Hob: hunting, fishing, water skiing. DONNA RHODES Beautician " You better believe it!” Act: Kitchen Cashier 3, 4; Lib Aid 3, 4; Business Cb. 3, 4, treas. 4; Jr. Sr. Prom. Hob: R.G., fooling around, sleeping overtime, spending money, sewing, knitting, cooking goodies. ELLEN RICHARDS College Act: Art 1; Glee Cb. 2; FTA 2, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; J.V. eo-capt. 2; College Field Hockey 2; Variety Show 4; Yearbook 4; Sr. Prom. Hob: Travel, reading, sports. CAROLYN RICHARDSON ' " Are you kidding me?” Act. FTA 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3,4; Glee Cb. 4; Yearbook 4; Cape Cod Music Festival 1, 4; Jr. Prom; Public Speaking Award 3; French Cb. 1; Lib. Aid 4; AFS Cb. 4; Girls’ State Alternate 3. Hob: Swimming, records, sewing, knitting. MARY RICHMAN College " Feh! Who needs it?” Act: Entered 4; Photography Cb. 4, vice-pres. 4; Drama Cb. 4; Indepen¬ dent Study 4. Hob: Biology, music, photography, psychology, race relations, politics. GLEN ROCKWELL College; Analyst " We are born in an age when only the dull are treated seriously.” Act: Chorus 1; Art 2; Creative Writing 3,4; Drama Cb. 1, 2,3,4; One Act Plays 1, 3, 4; Drama Cb. Play 1, 2; Drama Festival 1, 2. Hob: Proustifying Proust, music, (Wagner, Prokofiev, Bach), Art, Litera¬ ture, winning arguments, losing fiends. KAREN RONGNER College Just my luck!” Act: Chorus 1, 2; C.C.M.F. 1; Student Council 1,2, 3,4, S. C. Convention 3, S.E. Branch Convention 4; Majorette 3; FTA 2; Usherette 3,4; FNA 3, 4, pres. 4; Journalism Cb. assist, ed. 4; Yearbook 4; A.F.S. Cb. 4; Jr. Sr. Prom; Variety Show 2, 3, 4. Hob: Rainbow, sewing, surfing, Nauset Beach, summer, eating, diets (?) JANET ROSE Airline Care er " ' Not half bad” Act: Business Cb. 3, 4; FNA 4; Chorus 1, 2; C.C.M.F. 1; Jr. Sr. Prom. Hob. Travelling, driving, reading, dancing, working, parties, dating, boat¬ ing, summers, Drive-In. RUTH-ANN ROSE Employment If you don t like it, look the other way” Act: Honor Soc. 1; Business Cb. 3, 4, Treas. 4; Yearbook 4; Lunchroom help 1, 3, 4; Art 1; Jr. Prom. Hob. 57 Chevy, Ice skating, roller skating, travelling, drive-in, spending money, letter writing, working, my man. DIANE SILVA ' College " Yeah Right!” Act: One Act Plays 1; Drama Cb. 1; Majorettes 2, 3,4; Usherettes 2, 3,4; Business Cb. 3, 4. Hob: Riding, dancing, travelling, summer ’65, drive-ins. FRED SLADE Navy or Coast Guard " Wanna run it?” Act: Entered 4. Hob: Cars, boats, hunting, fishing. RON SMITH College This is true . . . However” Act: Track 1; J.V. Soccer 1; V. Soccer 2, 3, 4, capt. 4; Varsity Cb. 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; C.C.M.F. 2; S.E. Convention; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, pres. 4; Jr. Sr. Prom. Hob: Soccer, parties, summer, D.B.A., N.P.A., Nauset Beach, J.J., driv¬ ing, D.L.M. 58 REED SNIDER Navy " 283 — Go Everywhere” Hob: Cars, electronics, explosives, Lynn. PAT SQUIRE Nursing " What a riot ” Act: FT A 1, 2; FNA 3, 4; Jr. Prom. Hob: Mariners, Rainbow, volunteer hospital work, sports, driving, boys. DAVE STODDARD Navy " Straight Out!” Act: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Hob: Swimming, cars, electronics, girls. HARRY TAMZARIAN College " Now how would I know?” Act: Entered 3; Soccer 3; Track 3; A.F.S. Cb. 4, pres. 4; Band 3. Daeya Sec. Sch. in Kuwait: Basketball 1, 2; Volleyball 1, 2; Table Tennis 1, 2; English Cb. 1, 2; Sports Cb. 1, 2. Hob: Music, dancing, sports, parties, girls. PAT TARTAGLIA College " Are you serious?!” Act: Student Council 3, 4; S.E. Convention 3, 4; SMABSC Spring Con¬ vention 3; Chorus 1, 2; FTA 1, 2, 3, 4, pres. 4; Variety Show 3, 4; Jr. Sr. Prom. Hob: Mariners, sewing, skiing, C.Y.O., sailing, eating, P.J. parties, having fun. DAVE TELLIER College " Oh yeah!” Act: Entered 3; Math Cb. 4; A.V. Aid 4; Chelmsford H.S: Talent Show 1, 2, 3; Musical Comedy 1, 2, 3; Varsity Choir 1,2, 3; J.V. Baske tball 2; Key Club 2; A.F.S. Cb. 2, 3, vice-pres. 3; Madrigal Singers 3; Weight lifting 3. Hob: Golf, fishing, skiing, travebng, staying away from school. PEGGY TURNER Hairdressing Sch. " Are you kidding me not?” Act: FTA 1, 2; Business Cb. 3, 4; Jr. Sr. Prom. MARION WALSH Travel, Florist " Think of it!” Act: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, tri-capt. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 4; Lib. Aid 1; Band 1, 2, 3; Drum Majorette 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; C.C.M.F. 1, 2; FTA 2; FNA 3, vice-pres. 3; Business Cb. pres. 4; Variety Show 1, 2, 4; Departmental Award in Music 3; Varsity Cb. 3, 4; Jr. Sr. Prom; Class Treasurer 1; Class Vice-Pres. 2; Class Treasurer 3. Hob: Mariners, sports, driving a jeep, summer, avoiding the Orleans Po¬ lice, uncle Sully, J.J. SKIP WEBER College " You hot ticket” Act: J.V. Soccer 1, 2; V. Soccer 3, 4; Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Varsity Cb. 4; French Cb. 1; Math Cb. 3, 4, vice-pres. 4; Yearbook 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3,4, vice-pres. 4; MASC Convention 3; Jr. Sr. Prom; Student Gov¬ ernment Day 4. Hob: Sports, hunting, summer, Sea Scouts, DeMolay. BROOKS WHELAN College Act: Drama Cb. 1, 2, 3, 4. JOAN WHITE College " Hey Sam!” Act: Photography Cb. 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Cb. 3. Hob: Photography, travel, people, water sports, children, animals. DAVE YOUNG College " Oh well; Ya ’ win some, ya’ lose some . . . And some get rained out!” Act: J.V. Basketball 1, 2, co-capt. 2; V. Basketball 3,4; Band 1, 2; Orches¬ tra 1, 2, 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Variety Show 1, 2, 3,4; C.C.M.F. 1, 2; Jr. Sr. Prom. Hob: ’40 Ford Pickups, surfing, sleeping, eating, all sports, a girl. EDDIE YOUNG College (Bus. Admin.)- " Judge ye not lest ye be judged” Act: Class Pres. 1; Variety Show 2; Yearbook 4; Student Council 4; SMABSC Convention 4; Finance Committee Chrmn. 4. Hob: Scuba diving, surfing, guitar, driving, girls, working, water skiing, meeting and dealing with people. ROLAND VERFAILLE College Act: Entered 3; French Cb. 2; Drama Cb. 3, 4; Drama Festival 3; Creative Writing Cb. 3, 4, treas. 4; Student Council 4; S.C. conference 4; Science Cb. 1, 2, 3, 4, pres. 4; State Science Fair 2; State division Science rep. 1, 2; Future Science America 2; National Competition 2; School Science Fair 1, 2, 3, 4. Hob: Numismatics, riding, hunting, fishing, science. KEN VIPRINO College " You know it!” Hob: Surfing, shooting, swimming, fishing, skating, driving, anything fun, D.D. 59 Junior Prom 60 The Queen C. Langlais, K. Norgeot, F. Turner, N. Hokkanen C. Fisher The Reception Line The Grand March 61 Senior Prom If the bossman says work . . . brother, you work . . . usually. Sitting one out w Winter Carnival " Stanley” approves 62 The Queen A proud look from Doug [If - i lUll ' " TO, ' B f I rS , | J || - JPbl; 1. mm ' JUm ■ 1 i iJK fir % wmm .§ JlL yiflk First dance with Luther Linda Menard, Vere Edmunds, Sandy Garfield, Kathie Norgeot, and Chris Lan- glais THE GRAND MARCH 63 Representing Nauset Junior Miss: Donna Perreault Student Gov’t. Day Representative: Skip Weber Telfad: Darlene Bassett David Brown U.N. Representative: Kent Newcomb D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award: Kathie Norgeot Class of 1968 n • « FIRST ROW, L. to R.: C. Nicholson, M. Laposky, D. Barrio, S. Rose, C. Benn, E. Roy, A. Sherwin, R. Dignan, J. Felt, J. Nadeau, M. Lemoine, J. Dunham, A. Gainey, K. Mickle, M. Daley, L. Brawn, P. Belanger, K. Viprino, M. Holler, Mrs. Roche. SECOND ROW: C. Hart, M. Daley, S. Peters, M. Maza, S. Higgins, K. Delano, N. Chase, N. Sandblom, M. Houghton, V. Hayes, L. Curran, S. Ellis, W. Lorraine, D. Thorne, S. Sparrow, D. Hopei L. St. Aiibin, M. Burgess, J. Hertig, P. Quinn. THIRD ROW: K. Fates, D. Brown, R. Eldredge, D. Acorn, D. Grover, C. Higgins, P. Francis, L. Bur- rill, A. Knowles, L. Velander, E. Hart, T. Gould, T. Murzyn, R. Trodder, D. Jamison, S. Nickerson, J. Joy, B. Gardner. FOURTH ROW: P. Nichols, F. Robicheau, R. Gaston, G. Lee, G. Thompson, D. Smith, T. Hilferty, D. Alvarez, J. Finn, T. Hayes, B. Rose, D. Nelson, B. Lyons, A. Hancock, A. Pease, W. Eldredge, S. Nickerson, E. Lindholm, R. Harris. FIFTH ROW: M. Rice, D. Creighton, R. Allard, S. Crossman, D. Maza, N. Demetras, R. Pope, M. MacPherson, B. Pate, J. Algeo, P. Humphrey, C. Gray, F. Dodge, B. Macgregor, D. Medeiros, D. Campbell. SIXTH ROW: S. Daley, G. Putnam, J. Finlay, A. Fitsch, P. Tucker, G. Mayo, M. McCray. Officers SCOTT NICKERSON, President JANET NADEAU, Treasurer BRAIN LYONS, Vice-President SAND HIGGINS, Secretary As Juniors, we are nearing the end of out- years at Nauset. In the fall we receive our class rings, signifying that we are members of the " ' elite group”. We also get a taste of PSAT’s. We are kept busy with fund-raising projects in preparation for our senior year. By mid-winter we find that basketball, sock-hops, and Chemistry don’t mix. As we struggle into Spring, we begin work on our Junior Prom, and in May we hold the BIG social event. Before we realize it, June is here, and we attend graduation to see the seniors leave Nauset, knowing that this time next year, we will be marching down the aisle in their place. 66 Class of 1969 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Miss Gray, L. Holmes, H. Trautz, H. Goodrich, B. Cummings, K. Crowell, B. Adams, M. Doyle, L. Kmiec, J. Montvila, S. Kulesza, J. Montvila, B. Gardner, J. ' Collins, T. Johnson, L. Smith, N. Westergard, D. Barrio, Mr. Boynton. SECOND ROW: J- Gill, M. Francis, M. Conners, C. Bartlett, M. Stoddard, M. Baker, D. Finn, L. Eldredge, D. Weber, B. Wilcox, C. Dickson, S. Miller, L. Trahan, M. Bowker, J. Wilcox, J. Creonte, M. Graham, J. Tartaglia, S. Caton. THIRD ROW: M. White, A. Bell, B. Mayo, K. Bassett, E. Crocker, M. Packett, K. Brewer, R. Downs, S. Algeo, C. Ketchen, G. Bearse, A. Gallant, D. Bean, P. Edmunds, K. Brown, K. Berger, C. Backus, M. Nickerson, W. Scott. FOURTH ROW: S. Porteous, S. Cole, R. Cota, G. Carpenter, M. Fallon, J. Curran, T. Scherer, P. Whiting, P. Grantham, B. Berger, L. Daily, C. Slade, P. Snow, C. Letts, C. Newcomb, B. Brown, L. Reis, N. Pellegrino. FIFTH ROW: J. Smith, D. Bashaw, M. Rowe, M. White, G. Farrell, B. Duffy, N. Nickerson, H. Montgomery, K. Walsh, R. Campbell, S. Lohr, M. Leger, D. Verfaille, P. Lavasseur, G. Nickerson, D. Ilkovich, J. Doughty, B. White. SIXTH ROW: W. Gainey, C. Silver, G. Norgeot, D. Collins, W. Brooks, J. Rawl, N. Roth, J. Demetras, R. Hayes, D. Scarry, S. Holbrook, D. Fitzgerald. As sophomores responsibility finally means something to us, and we are taking an active part in school activities. Our plans include many money-making events which will help build our treasury for future years. Officers KEN WALSH, President BARBARA MAYO, Treasurer BETSY CUMMINGS, Vice President MARILYN PACKETT, Secretary 67 Class of 1970 a n 0 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Underhill, R. Trotter, D. Jennings, K. Roza, M. Lavallee, D. Sip ple, A. Nickerson, M. Daniels, M. Latham, S. Delano, J. Tapos- ky, L. Rockwell, C. Colman, S. Herrman, R. Fates, J. Doucette, H. Delano, M. Finlay, M. Curran, K. Derby, R. Durgin, B. Harris, Mr. Charblin, J. Carter. SECOND ROW: I. Arriola, C. Chandler, R. Ladner, L. Joy, C. Rogers, J. Dalby, P. Sparrow, M. Sfarzo, M. Nichols, D. Leonard, T. Nelson, E. Fitgeraled, A. Pickard, A. Dutra, S. Campbell, K. Bolton, D. Felt, L. Putnam, R. Bell, H. Olson, W. Cash. THIRD ROW: P. Bohannon, G. Fish¬ er, P. Nickerson, L. Shoveher, G. Snider, T. Coe, D. Jordon, G. Bengston, B. Erickson, S. Sanders, C. Curtis, D. Sellee, D. Saulnier, K. Souza, S. Hancock, M. Joseph, B. Viprino, B. Adams, M. Fulcher, S. Bernard, B. Hicks, S. Pierce, D. Langlais, J. Holbrook. FOURTH ROW: M. Walwer, R. Spear, P. Corbett, L. Sparrow, N. Whelan, V. Lemoine, B. Estes, D. Peterson, J. Vandermay, P. Hoffmen, C. Jans, B. Howland, R. Burrill, M. Col¬ lins, D. MacGregor, D. Lindstorm, D. Parkington, A. Bacon, B. Taylor, J. Sturtevant, R. O’Brien. FIFTH ROW: R. Hilferty, J. Higgins, D. Taber, P. Coleman, R. Chase, A. Sherwin, D. Clifton, G. Pease, G. Hagenbuckle, P. Brown, W. Hayes, P. Brady, D. Brown, E. Tesson, R. Deschamps, P. Fettig, R. Whiting, R. Magee, D. Scherer, S. Murphy, G. Sinclar v S. Peno, W. Rhodes, H. Adao. SIXTH ROW: E. Butilier, K. Richmond, S. David, M. Allard, J. Hagenbuckle, B. Nickerson, T. Dickey, W. Ferrira, P. Whiting, D. Gilmore, M. Hogg, M. Carron, L. Jamisbn, V. Olivier, R. Chase, D. Murphy, S. Edwards, R. Larsen, B. Colli ns worth, F. Quinn, G. Cotten, R. Mulholland. Officers We are now members of the senior high division at Nauset and are proud of our posi¬ tions, for now we are eligible to participate in all Senior High activitie s — school dan¬ ces, special assemblies and fund raising projects. Although we’re just begun our high school years, we are eagerly anticipat¬ ing the years to follow. BETSY ERICKSON, Treasurer CINDY CHANDLER, Secretary PETER BROWN, President JAY HAGENBUCKLE, Vice-president 68 Class of 1971 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mrs. Laning, W. Dougherty, P. Benson, B. Bruce, C. Berrio, S. Adams, L. Van Buskirk, B. Tesson, M. Rogers, C. Berrio, C. Chase, L. Hogg, J. Svenningsen, E. Sparrow, K. Murzn, M. Burdick, B. Jennings, J. Snow, M. Daley, Mr. Campbell. SECOND ROW: L. Johnston, K. Menenga, C. Rogue, S. Minor, V. Lander, L. Curtis, C. White, K. Silva, K. Brown, M. Miller, D. Brewer, S. Brewer, R. Brock, M-. Livingston, B. Fulcher, J. Carter, K. Poor, L. Pickard, N. Larson. THIRD ROW: D. Gould, J. Hart, B. Grover, M. Lindholm, C. Nickerson, R. Clark, K. Durby, A. Burrill, B. Brown, R. Hoffman, M. Holbrook, C. Barr, B. Grover, G. Gardner, W. Heyd, W. MacDonald, T. Brady, M. Kane, R. Rose. FOURTH ROW: P. Thimas, M. Lesser, E. Straiton, R. Westergard, C. Dwindell, B. Webber, R. Dodge, R. Houghton, R. Cauanaugh, J. Donahue, J. Kaylor, S. Blakely, R. Pate, W. Chapman, M. Murzyn, D. Nickerson. FIFTH ROW: D. Williams, S. Patten, S. Koehler, J. Tulloch, J. Tulloch, S. Fulcher, G. Bissonette, S. Rose, M. Ferreira, E. Gardner, R. Francis, J. Creonte, J. Brown, G. Phinny, G. Lemoine, J. Rice, D. Mead. SIXTH ROW: T. Doughty, B. Bartlett, D. Richardson, M. Belisle, F. Fulcher, P. Fogg, R. Knowles, P. Field, B. Savin, L. Smith. Officers As eighth graders, we are in charge of the weekly junior high newspaper, the Papoose. A lot of work goes into this paper and we are proud of its accomplishments. The Boston Science Museum is our yearly field trip; however, the social hi-lite of our school year is the Jr. prom, which is held in May and sponsored by the student council. TOM DOUGHTY, Treasurer JON DONAHUE, President WILLOW DOUGHERTY, Secretary STEVE FULCHER, Vice-President ' 69 Class of 1972 FIRST ROW: Mr. Spinney, L. Daniels, S. Johnston, L. Wilcox, L. Young, L. Macioci, L. Rice, S. Sfarzo, T. Dicky, S. Nichols, E. Spear, L. Hen¬ drickson, K. Mann, G. Peterson. P. Atwood, F. Buck, D. Nickerson, L. Whelan, Miss Johnson. SECOND ROW: M. Fuller, D. Brawn, D. Dyer, D. Jordan, L. Brown, L. Lorraine, S. Clark, D. Desehamps, C. Lander. D. Fowler, L. Dorrie, S. Clifton, J. Nickerson, J. Peterson, R. Smith, C. Nicker¬ son, L. Fillman, F. Penny, L. Cullum. THIRD ROW: J. Thomas, N. Downs, L. Allen, W. Meads, P. Straley, J. Fisher, J. Manning, J. Peterson, P. Crowell, B. Crowell, P. Woods, S. Vonitter, M. Lane, V. King, J. White, L. Phinney, L. Filliman, F. Penny, L. Cullum. FOURTH ROW: R. Murphy, M. Rogers. H. Hunt, D. Johnson, L. Wilcox, J. Howard, G. Harper, S. Ellis, D. Kew, S. Paine, D. Bean, D. Stokes, K. Scherer, B. Valley, S. Gilmore, F. Brock. R. Whiting, C. Dickson. D. Gould. FIFTH ROW: D. O ' Brien, R. Johnson, G. Burns, B. Wilcox, D. Edwards, J. Eldridge, S. Gnazzo, D. Stokes, J. Carpenter, J. Rose, J. Philbrick, G. Burgess, R. Banas, J. Milliken, R. Fulcher, J. Howard, D. Eldredge, S. Snow, D. Lee. SIXTH ROW: S. Howland, J. Baker, R. Buckus, R. Olson, S. Burns, S. Elderedge, G. Norgeot, R. Alexander, S. Bass, K. Webb, E. Fogg, W. Eldredge, J. Burgess, B. Verfaille, L. Leonard, M. Chambers, S. Thomas. Officers SID SNOW, Treasurer VICKY KING, Vice-President DAVID ELDREDGE, President JANICE WHITE, Secretary This year was our first at Nauset. Many new things were introduced to us for the first time. The election of class officers was a new experience, and we all thought it was a lot of fun to hear different people give their speeches and then elect the ones we wanted the most. Also, we were able to go to our own dances. One of our dances was put on for us by the Seniors in late October and everyone had a lot of fun. 70 Li SkssaS SS Jte- W ■ «!:w • s. ; ■■ . ■ ;,i. - pr. • • • ■ :• ' • • . •Vv.-’. Vr :.., ‘ ' •’ • Yearbook Staff MR. McCASKIE Faculty Advisor ' FIRST ROW: S. Monzon, D. Barrio, P. Meads, K. Rongner, D. Berrio, A. Sherwin. SECOND ROW: E. Bessom, M. Rice. D. Grover, W. Phillips, W. Ormsbv, E. Young, N. Webber, L. Eldredge, M. MacPherson. THIRD ROW ' : Mr. MacCaskie, E. Hill. R. Downs, C. Fisher. N. Ho- khanen, E. Richards, A. Bell, B. Creighton, D. Perreault, S. Garfield, B. Callis, L. Menard, J. Nadeau, S. Putnam, R. Rose, J. Hertig, S. Ellis, I. Farrell, C. Richerdson, M. Corbett. Creating a Masterpiece 73 Dramatics Club . rumT nr. i IL nmar. ?. Ladmr. M Fima - £ u-nwsL Z - r ♦Cur s sr_. r. H_ M- _az Ft. . ' I B .‘ " W L r. .usrn •- -.rabaBLi Fom. V • n.rnr at _ . - ' ! tanniKo r Han: • -!..! Letts. A Tr„t_ I ' V £ £ma - I .v-.- B R. M lliiamr, v •en.ailjtt J. Fuller. J. Finn. £ Hart B Pnilims.. Officers " Tiir z i£ - rrr- :nm£. anc ar T - stndeir: ufi-sresri-i m a ant. vr;ini£. or .anTin r a welcome meriiner of :n IFramaties Oiiii. Lnaer rht air-i’ll or :»: Mr. Zamnv.- an- iida xc- ensrvw mtiar :»ic T a - t ar anc m- nrunnal -nt a: i»ia •.•nrei- l!OH _ ' a fO OB H £B_ cr?nar - ' -T T asirrer El ' KI IhFL P —iom ' P t.£TNOT V jr ' -icFTi: Science Club FIRST ROW. Left to Right: C. Newcomb, C. Letts. R. Bell. D. Bashaw. D. Verfaille. SECOND ROW, Left to Right: S. Lohr. F. Dodge. R. Verfaille, R. Pope, S. Hancock, H. Montgomery. THIRD ROW, Left to Right: P. Sparrow. H. Goodrich, P. Meads, V. Oliver, K. Brown, Mr. O’Brien. Future " Dr. Jeckvls of Nauset Find this club an appropriate place to delve into the more intricate mysteries of nature, kept within certain boundaries bv the guiding hand of Mr. O ' Brien. It provides an oppor¬ tunity for ambitious students to further their knowledge in the field of Science. Officers DOLG BASHAW , Vice-president PAL LA MEADS. Secretary ROLAND VERFAILLE, President KATHY BROW N, Treasurer 75 Future Nurses of America WENDY LORRAINE, Secretary BEA CREIGHTON, Treasurer KAREN RONGNER, President BONNIE CALLIS, Vice-president The Future Nurses, wrapped up in dreams of gauze and hypodermic needles, are busily planning for a future of service and dedication. Meanwhile, these prospec¬ tive Florence. Nightingales are content to send packages to our boys in Vietnam and to underprivileged children as well. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Martin, K. Derby, K. Rosa, J. Doucette, B. Cummings, J. Rose, L. Kmiec, D. Barrio, J. Montvila, P. Squire, A. Pickard, B. Adams, T. Johnson. SECOND ROW: J. Tartaglia, J. Wilcox, M. Stoddard, A. Sherwin, G. Higgins, D. Sallee, D. Weber, S. Miller, C. Dickson, L. Trahan, N. Hokkamfen, J. Herrmann, K. Brewer, P. Whiting, C. Backus, Q. Harbor, V. Hayes, P. Snow, B. Berger, C. Slade, A. Knowles, P. Hoffner. FOURTH ROW: S. Caton, B. Callis, K. Rogner, D. Bassett, D. Thorne, S. Algeo, B. Mayo, M. Nickerson, M. Duffy, B. Creighton. R. Collins, S. Sanders. FIFTH ROW: J. Nadeau, S. Monzon, T. Nelson, K. Mickle, D. Peterson, R. Downs, J. Patten, H. Trautz, D. Jennings. 76 Future Teachers of America The Future Teachers are courageous students who plan to enter the world of chalkdust and flying eras¬ ers. To obtain a taste of this work. Junior and Senior members are permitted to observe and to assist ele¬ mentary school teachers in classroom procedures, hopefully aiding the prospective teacher in deciding his career. PAT TARTAGLIA, President CHRIS LANGLAIS, Vice-president LEE GAINEY, Treasurer DONNA PERREAULT, Secretary FIRST ROW, Left to right: Mr. Kalinick, M. Holler, M. Daniels, K. Crowell, L. Putman, S. Campbell, K. Bolton, D. Sipple, L. Holmes, Mr. Camp¬ bell. SECOND ROW: PL Westergard, M. Daley, P. Sparrow, C. Langlais, L. Gainey, M. Daley. J. Hertig, S. Putnam. B. Adams, C. Rogers. THIRD ROW: M. Nichols, B. Wilcox, K. Basset, N. Chase, L. Burrill, P. Horton, J. Vandermay, D. Perreault, M. Packett, P. Tartaglia, S. Ellis. 77 Photography Club T0L .ySg 1 . d y FIRST ROW: J. Joy, E. Tesson, P. Parkington, M. Richman. SECOND ROW: D. Bashaw, D. Verfaille, P. Quinn, T. Fuller, J. White, Mr. Owens. Out of their Ali Baba cave of wonders come things of beauty designed to inform, entertain and beautify. Negatives, film, f stops, focal lengths, hvpo, expo¬ sures, resolution, grain, and cropping; this is the lan¬ guage of these wizards of the darkroom. 78 Creative Writing Club FIRST ROW, Left to Right: B. Phillips, L. Gainey, D. Hope, P. Edmunds, R. McWilliams, G. Rockwell, R. Verfaille, Mr. Morse. SECOND ROW. D. Grover, M. Parkington. I think that I shall never see A group of writers quite like thee Who publish, as it can be seen. The literary magazine. ROLAND VERFAILLE, Treasurer PAT EDMUNDS, Vice-president PEGGY PARKINGTON, Secretary BILL PHILLIPS, President 79 Library Aides FIRST ROW: L. Eldredge, A. Gainey, K. Crowell, Mrs. Baker, W. Lorraine, J. Nadeau, M. Maza, P. Quinn. SECOND ROW: J. Dunam, L. Velan- der, M. Nickerson, P. Whiting, B. Callis, C. Richardson. Audio Visual Aides FIRST ROW: G. Joseph. D. Brown, B. Rose, D. MacArthur. SECOND ROW: L. Eldredge, D. Tellier, R. Jones, M. Rice, R. Pope, F. Dodge, D. Gro¬ ver. 80 French Club Left to Right: M. Houghton, S. Ellis, D. Letts, M. Daley, C. Fisher, M. Chase, C. Haynes, E. Crocker, P. Edmunds. Usherettes Left to Right, FIRST ROW: D. Barrio, K. Rongner, S. Putnam, D. Perreault, B. Berger, C. Backus, D. Barrio. SECOND ROW: K. Norgeot, W. Lor¬ raine, C. Langlais, L. Velander, J. Nadeau, S. Algeo, M. Maza, THIRD ROW: H. MacDonald, D. Silva, B. Mayo, P. Tartaglia, P. Whiting, R. Cobb. 81 Varsity Club BOB JONES, President SHERI PUTNAM, Secretary KATHIE NORGEOT, Treasurer RON SMITH, Vice President The school’s most outstanding athletes can be found in the ranks of the Varsitv Club. Comprised of the letter winners in the various inter-scholastic sports, the group sponsors the annual Varsity Club Banquet and trip. Left to Right, FIRST ROW: S. Putnam, G. Higgins, B. Caflis, B. Creighton, G. Joseph, K. Bassett, S. Miller, E. Crocker, M. Packett, B. V ileox, L. Menard, S. Garfield, M. Dalev, N. Hokkanen, L. Gainey. SECOND ROW: D. Brown, S. Nickerson, P. Francis, G. Bolton, B. Eldredge, E. Lin- dholm, G. Lee, G. Joseph, J. Smith, C. Newcomb, B. Eldredge, E. Dumont. THIRD ROW: R. Smith, D. Brown, B. Ormsby, M. MacPherson, L. Ell- dredge, J. Rawl, B. Jones, S. Weber, K. Walsh, B. Lyons, S. Nickerson, Mr. Donahue. 82 Business Club Open to any Juniors and Seniors taking at least two business courses a year, the Business Club plans field trips and other programs to promote a greater interest in the business world. MARION WALSH, President BETTY ADAMS, Vice President DONNA RHODES, Treasurer (SANDY HIGGINS, Secretary) Left to Right, FIRST ROW: J. Rose, R. Rose, J. Felt, K. Quinn, D. Silva, S. Rose, M. Laposky, Miss Richardson. SECOND ROW: B. Adams, K. Mickle, S. Sparrow, S. Peters, M. Lemoine, P. Francis, S. Higgins, G. Paine, D. Ohmann, THIRD ROW: L. St. Aubin, L. Curran, G. Joseph, V. Haves, B. Rose, D. Rhodes, M Corbett, L. Menard, N. Sandbloom. 83 Journalism Club Left to Right: C. Haynes, B. McWilliams, D. Letts, E. Kinder, Mrs. Berrio, M. Maza, K. Rongner, S. Putnam, B. Phillips, D. Grover. DEE DEE LETTS, Secretary DEAN GROVER, Treasurer SHERI PUTNAM, Editor KAREN RONGNER, Assistant Editor " Deadline” is a key word for this group, for every Friday material is collected to ap¬ pear in the following week’s ORACLE. Write-ups of school sports, activities, awards, special interviews and an A.F.S. column highlight the newspaper’s " Nauset page”. 84 American Field Service Club Left to Right, FIRST ROW, seated, W. Lorraine, M. Collins, A. Pickard, M. Walwer. SECOND ROW, E. Hart, B. Norgeot, H. Tamzarian, S. Nick¬ erson, W. Guedes (Nauset’s first exchange student), L. Velander, K. Rongner, K. Norgeot, B. Fulcher. The newly-formed A.F.S. Club brings an international flavor to Nauset, and this year it was Brazilian. Wilma brought with her the spark that should make the A.F.S. program a permanent part of N.R.H.S. HARRY TAMZARIAN, President BILL NORGEOT, Vice President KAREN RONGNER, Sec.-Treasurer WEND LORRAINE, Corresponding Sec. 85 Student Council RON SMITH, President JO HIGGINS, Treasurer KATHIE NORGEOT, Secretary SKIP WEBER, Vice President Here is found an important link between the student body and the administration. Representatives are elected from each class, and the weekly Student Council meetings include such business as discussing various suggestions from students and running and maintaining the school store. Left to Right, FIRST ROW: B. Taylor, E. Hart, D. MacArthur, W. Brown, T. Dickey, D. Brown, D. Brawn, J. Hagenbuckle, J. Hart, T. Brady, SEC¬ OND ROW: S. Nickerson, M. MacPherson, B. Eldredge, R. Verfaille, D. Young, S. Weber, T. Hayes, D. Nelson, R. Smith, THIRD ROW, N. West- ergard, B. Adams, J. Tartaglia, C. Berger, B. Wilcox, G. Higgins, K. Rongner, P. Tartagba, Mr. Kelly. 86 Math Club V Pythagoras had nothing over these shrewd calculators. " Boynton’s Theorem 1 " , that math can be fun, is supported by direct proof with this group. SKIP WEBER, Vice President DAVE BROWN, President LORRIE ELDREDGE, Secretary Left to Right, FIRST ROW: D. Brown, D. Tellier, S. Delano, L. Eldredge SECOND ROW: Mr. Boynton, S. Weber, J. Demetrias, G. Philbrick, T. Fitsch. 87 Warrior Band Left to Right, FIRST ROW: D. MacGregor, S. Snow, H. Delano, J. Nickerson, A. Dutra, M. Fuller, J. Philbrick, S. Hancock, D. Barrio. SECOND ROW: G. Philbrick, K. Doughty, M. Packett, J. Collins, P. Bohannon, R. Deschamps, M. Latham, C. Roque, R. Collins, M. Miller. K. Jones, THIRD ROW: Mr. James, R. Larson, M. Walwer, P. Nichols, P. Humphrey, S. Pierce, G. Norgeot, J. Baker, D. Edwards. JOYCE COLLINS, Librarian MAJORETTES FIRST ROW: J. White, M. Joseph, B. Adams. SECOND ROW ' : K. Quinn, B. Adams, D. Silva Orchestra Left to Right, FIRST ROW: M. Parkington, D. Parkington, C. Berger, B. Berger, D. Barrio, N. Chase, V. Edmunds. SECOND ROW: P. Edmunds, S. Miller, J. Wilcox, D. Deschamps, P. Atwood, L. Lorraine, S. Vonltter, M. Packett, B. Brown, M. Chase, G. Philbrick, J. Collins, P. Humphrey. THIRD ROW: C. Roque, J. Fisher, M. Joseph, Mr. James, S. Snow, D. Eldredge, J. Nickerson, A. Bacon, D. Edwards, P. Bohannon, S. Pierce, B. Phillips, P. Deschamps, G. Joseph, R. Smith, R. Collins. GARY PHILBRICK, Vice President ROBERTA COLLINS, Librarian MARION WALSH, President MARILYN PACKETT, Secretary 89 Glee Club Left to Right: FIRST ROW: J. Ducette, M. Holler, D. Barrio, C. Benn, S. Saunders, J. Felt, M. Finlay, D. Felt, K. Derby SECOND ROW : J Dun¬ ham, D. Hope, K. Delano, D. Peterson, C. Richardson, W. Lorraine, M. Lemoine, M. Maza, K. Quinn. Chorus Left to Right, FIRST ROW: M. Finlay, M. Bowker, S. Caton, K. Quinn, V. Oliver, G. Bengston, B. Adams, B. Fates, D. Felt, SECOND ROW: D. Thorn, K. Delano, J. Doughty, D. Stoddard, B. Ormsby, C. Richardson, M. Houghton, M. Daley. 90 National Honor Society FIRST ROW: R. Cobb, M. Daley, K. Viprino, M. Richman, M. Chase SECOND ROW: K. Norgeot, M. Daley, D. Bassett, W. Lorraine, E. Burrill THIRD ROW: B. Phillips. B. Pope, S. Nickerson SENIOR OFFICERS: MARION CHASE, President BILL PHILLIPS, Treasurer KATHIE NORGEOT, Vice-Pres. DARLENE BASSETT. Secretary JUNIOR OFFICERS: MARY ELLEN ROGERS, Secretary CANDY CHASE, Treasurer MIKE WALWER, President FIRST ROW: D. Kew, K. Brown, M. Rogers, J. Nickerson, C. Roque, L. Johnston SECOND ROW: J. Rice, K. Bolton, V. King, L. Filliman, L. Allen THIRD ROW: M. Walwer, C. Nickerson, C. Chase, L. Lorraine, S. Clark FOURTH ROW: C. Jans, S. Hancock, S. Koehler, P. Spar¬ row, P. Woods " A Family Piece” The Drama Club was proud to present the world premiere of A Family Piece,” a comedy satiriza- tion of life on Cape Cod, by Robert Nathan and Paul Chavchavadze. ' Well, I never! . . " Darling!” " It’s that darn schtove again” " I recovered your mother’s jewels.” ff¥ 99 1 pass Daughters of the French and Indian War Author previews the play Our director 92 One Act Plays The annual One Act Play competition was held in March. Scenes from original plays by Nauset students are shown here. Tamaril’s Interlude”, by Mary Richman, takes place in a Greenwich Village coffeehouse where Tamaril gets her first real glimpse of the Beat world, and of herself. ’’The Curator”, by Pat Edmunds, is a Poe- like chiller about a crazed caretaker in a Wax Museum. Surrounded by the figures of infamous murderers, he finds it hard to sleep at night — not without good reason. " The Madison Avenue Muse ”, by Bill Phil¬ lips, is about a struggling writer who invokes di¬ vine power to help him finish a novel. An¬ swering his call is a kooky Muse, whose antics -- make him think twice about the value of immor¬ tality. Faculty vs. Junior Varsity The Faculty Won y H if | ' 94 Cheerleaders DONNA PERREAULT GINGER JOSEPH BARBARA MAYO SHERI PUTNAM GEORGETTE HIGGINS MELANIE DALEY 96 Junior Varsity L. to R. Kathy Derby, Pam Sparrow, Becky Burrill, Kathy Brewer, Kris Berger, Janice Tartaglia, and Donna Barrio. We were all very proud of both our cheering squads this year. With much hard practice, they learned and perfected many new cheers; and with their sincere enthusiasm, they in¬ stilled high spirits and pep into all the Warrior fans. 97 Soccer FIRST ROW: Coach Donahue, E. Dumont, B. Ormsby, D. Brown, R. Jones, R. Smith, M. Harris, L. Eldredge, S. Weber, G. Bolton, P. Bohan¬ non Mgr. SECOND ROW: B. Taylor, S. Nickerson, B. Lyons, G. Lee, M. MacPherson, R. Harris, K. Walsh, A. Hancock, M. White, B. El¬ dredge, C. Higgins, D. Brown. RECORD Nauset . . 1 Chatham . . . 4 Nauset . . 3 Sandwich . . 2 Nauset . . 1 Barnstable . . 0 Nauset . . 3 Falmouth . . 2 Nauset . . 2 Harwich . . . 1 Nauset . . 1 D.Y. 3 Nauset . . 2 Tabor .... 0 RECORD Nauset . . 2 Chatham . . . 2 Nauset . . 5 Barnstable . . 1 Nauset . . 3 Falmouth . . 2 Nauset . . 5 Tabor .... 1 Nauset . . 3 Sandwich . . 1 Nauset . . 0 Harwich . . . 1 Nauset . . 0 D.Y. 4 _Captain, Ronnie Smith and Coach Donahue SENIOR PLAYERS F FIRST TEAM E. Dumont, B. Ormsby, R. Smith, D. Brown, G. Bolton, N. Weber, L. El¬ dredge, M. Harris, R. Jones, Coach Donahue. C. Higgins, S. Nickerson, B. Lyons, B. Elaredge, R. Smith, D. Brown, P. Humphrey, K. Walsh, M. MacPherson, S. Weber, L. Eldredge. Junior Varsity FIRST ROW D. Scherer, P. Fettig, S. Porteous, L. Reis, R. Cota, K. Richmond, K. Fates, B. Nickerson, J. Smith, C. Letts, D. Ilkovitch, G. Farrell, R. Campbell, P. Brown SEC. ROW L. to R. Mgr. E. Boutileer, D. Nickerson, H. Adayo, B. Harris, B. Gainey, M. McCray, R. Mulhol- land, N. Roth, R. O’Brien, D. Hayes, N. Nickerson, P. Lavassuer, B. Norgeot, B. Duffy, H. Montgomery, Mr. Campbell. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SEASON After losing their first game, the Warriors went eleven games with just one loss, with a chance at the Cham¬ pionship, Nauset played Harwich only to be defeated 1-0. Another loss, to D-Y, ruined the Warriors bid for the title. This season the Warriors were led by a stalwart defense and a good offense. Scott Nickerson led the team in scoring with one goal and nine assists. Brian Lyons had seven goals to lead the team in goals scored followed by Luther Eldredge with five. Goalie Ken Walsh, Fullback Ron Smith and Halfback Malcolm MacPherson were outstanding members of Nauset’s potent defense. LETTER WINNERS K. Walsh S. Weber R. Smith P. Humphrey D. Brown B. Eldredge C. Higgins M. MacPherson L. Eldredge B. Lyons S. Hancock E. Dumont R. Harris M. Harris D. Brown G. Lee B. Ormsby Cape Cod All-Stars 99 Cape And Vineyard Field Hockey Champs Captains: Kathie, Sandy and Mair with Coach Underhill. Success is Nothing More Than Doing What You Can Do, Well. RECORD Longfellow Nauset . . . . . 7 Sandwich. . . . .0 Nauset . . . . . .5 Sandwich. . . . . 1 Nauset . . . . . 1 Harwich. . . . . 0 Nauset . . . . .0 Harwich. . . . . 0 Nauset . . . . . 3 Provincetown . . . . . . . 1 Nauset . . . . .0 Falmouth. . . . .0 Nauset . . . . . 2 D.Y. . . . . 0 Nauset . . Provincetown . . . . . . .0 Nauset . . . . .5 Chatham. . . . . 1 Nauset . . . . . 4 Chatham. . . . .0 Nauset . . . . . 2 Vineyard . . . . . 0 ' Nauset . . . . . 1 Vineyard . . . . . 0 non-league games 100 E. Crocker, B. Ericson, M. Latham, B. Wilcox, K. Quinn, C. Neese, M. Daley, S. Ellis, B. Creighton, S. Garfield, K. Norgeot, M. Packett, K. Bassett, K. Svenningson, S. Miller, D. Hope, N. Hokkannen, B. Callis, and K. Brown. BACK: M. Maza, M. Nichols, Mrs. Underhill, and J. Na¬ deau. Senior Players Kathie, Sandy, Carolyn, Karen, Mrs. U., Bonnie, Bea, and Nancy. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SEASON We’ll never forget Ellen at Sandwich, her first game in the nets, when she saved the goal by kicking the ball 40 yards. And Marilyn and Marion, our fullbacks, who, donned with ace bandages, called to one another " Don’t forget to stop it!” Our famous halfbacks, Sue, Sandy, and Kathie, who, with pig¬ tails flying, backed up the fullbacks as well as the forward line. Bea, our high scorer, with 12 goals to her credit (second highest in the league), and Bonnie, who scored the winning goal in the last quarter at Provincetown. That goal broke the ice and kept us in the ranks of undefeated. Nancy, who, game after game, took the ball down the field and with her stick- work, set up the ball for many a goal; and Marcia and Karen, who held up the right side of the forward line. We’ll always remember our tri-captains, Sandy, Marion, and Kathie, whose good sportsmanship and spirit kept the team’s morale high. Our substitutes and managers were also loyal members of the team. LETTER WINNERS Bonnie Callis Bea Creighton Sandy Garfield Nancy Hokkannen Kathie Norgeot Marion Walsh Marcia Daley Karen Bassett Ellen Crocker Sue Miller Marilyn Packett Cape Cod All-star Team 101 102 Cape And Vineyard Tri-Champs FIRST ROW: L. to R. S. Nickerson, B. Lyons, B. Jones, J. Rawl, D. Young. SECOND ROW: K. Walsh, P. Tucker, J. Demetrias, B. Eldredge M. Macpherson, C. Higgins Seniors David Young, Captain Bob Jones, and Luther Eldredge. RECORD Nauset . . .39 D-Y .... .48 Nauset . .80 Sandwich . .46 Nauset . . .54 Falmouth . .53 Nauset . .79 P-Town . . .49 Nauset . . .67 Barnstable . .55 Nauset . .90 Chatham . . .41 Nauset . . .79 Bourne. . . .41 Nauset . .77 Vineyard . . .54 Nauset . . .63 Wareham . .52 Nauset . . .64 Harwich . . .53 Nauset 80 Brockton . .54 Nauset . . .88 Sandwich . .34 Nauset . .88 Chatham . . .52 Nauset . . .93 P-Town . . .64 Nauset . . .82 Vineyard . . .84 Nauset . . .81 Nantucket . .66 Nauset . . .60 Harwich . . .62 Coach Miller wants some action All eyes on the ball . . . wherever it is! Junior Varsity FIRST ROW: L. to R. R. O’Brien, R. Harris, S. Peno, R. Mulholland. D. Hayes, Mr. Cass, R. Trotter. P. Fettig, M. alwer, B. Harris. N. Nickerson, M. Rowe, B. Taylor, B. Nickerson, and D. Deschamps. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SEASON The heavily favored V arriors started the season off in a strong fashion, winning five of their First six non¬ league battles. The team began its league play off on the right foot bv downing Chatham, 88 to 52. The winning streak wasn ' t to last long; Martha’s Vinevard and Harwich both edged the arriors bv two points. Back to the winning ways. Sandwich, P’Town, and Chatham became victims of the potent Nauset offense and tight defense. Martha’s Vineyard and Harwich were next, the two most important ballgames of the season; Nauset, led by Bob Jones topped both of them, to tie for the league leadership. ith Sandwich and P’Town falling victim to the powerful Warriors, Nauset clinched a three-way tie for the First Cape and inevard League title. LETTER WINNERS Bobbv Jones Luther Eldredge David Young Brian Lyons Scott Nickerson Jim Rawl Nobody’s going to get that ball from Jonesie. Scott adds two more with a neat hook shot. 104 105 Girl’s Basketball FIRST ROW: L. to R. A. Dutra, A. Piccard, A. Nickerson, N. Westergard, M. Latham, B. Ericson, L. Burrill, SECOND ROW: M. Nichols, K. Bassett, M. Packett, Coach Gessford, P. Grantham, B. Wilcox, E. Crocker, M. Maza, THIRD ROW: Darlene Bassett, M. Walsh, S. Garfield, B. Creighton, K. Norgeot, and M. Daley. RECORD Nauset. . . . . 26 D. Y. .22 Nauset. . . . . 32 Sandwich. ... 28 Nauset. . . . . 19 Barnstable . . . .21 Nauset. . . . . 36 Provincetown . . . . . . 48 Nauset. . . . . 45 Bourne. .15 Nauset. . . . . 41 Chatham. ... 29 Nauset. . . . . 54 Alumnae . . . . .33 Nauset. . . . . 40 Vineyard . ... 26 Nauset. . . . . 36 Chatham . . . . .19 Nauset. . . . . 28 Harwich. ... 26 Nauset. . . . . 18 Vineyard . . . . .23 Nauset. . . . . 45 Sandwich. . . . 26 Nauset. . . . . 38 Harwich. .25 Nauset. . . . . 23 Provincetown . . . ... 36 Nauset. . . . . 22 Medway. . . . 43 LETTER WINNERS A Bea Creighton Sandy Garfield Darlene Bassett Kathie Norgeot Marion Walsh Ellen Crocker Karen Bassett Marcia Daley Marilyn Packett Go in . . . please! Hey . . . over here! Senior Players Marion Walsh, Bea Creighton, Sandy Garfield, Darlene Bassett, and Kathie Norgeot. CAPTAINS: Bea Creighton and Sandy Garfield with " Doc”. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SEASON The Nauset Warriorettes started the season well by defeating three of the four non-league opponents. The spirited Warriorettes came back from vacation to be defeated only three times in ten league games for a second place finish, two games behind first place Provincetown. Most of these victories were due the tough zone d efense employed by guards Ellen Crock¬ er and Kathie Norgeot, and Bea Creighton and Karen Bassett. Bea was also the main play- maker, while Karen and Marilyn Packett were high scorers for this profitable season, followed by forward, Sandy Garfield. ’Any cellophane over the hoop. ' ' It’s a different atmosphere than a boy’s huddle. Karen outjumps a Vineyard opponent. 107 108 Gymnastics L. to R.: Mike Harris, Ken Doughty, Duncan Campbell, Skip Hancock, Steve Fulcher, Lyle Jameson, Bob Eldredge and Jon Hart Ooh! I see a mosquito. Coordination Gold Trunks Winners 109 Track l««JT j l a V 1 , t ' 3? J ' k w i Ifr M ... ,1 « J? £ _ m •mm- +■ _ ■ FRONT ROW: L. to R. Dennis Nelson, E. Hart, G. Lee, B. Eldredge, S. Nickerson, D. Smith, C. Newcomb, J. Smith, SECOND ROW: J. David, P. Whiting, R. Alexander, P. Cole, T. Murphy, THIRD ROW: Mr. Cass, L. Eldredge, G. Williams, N. Roth, M. Crosby, K. Williams, and M. Campbell. Tennis Dr. Gessford, D. Oschwald, W. Brown, R. Clark, G. Allen, P. Humphrey, B. Phillips, T. Fitsch. R. Downs, C. Dickson, W. Lorraine, M. Daley, D. Barrio, C. Benn, L. Jewell, D. Barrio, M. Holler, Dr. Gessford. In the Spring of 1966, Nauset was successful in its first tennis match, beating Barnstable High 3-2. This victory paved the way to making Tennis a varsity sport. Basebal FIRST ROW: L. to R. Mr. Donahue, R. Cochran, P. Hedin, R. Cowen, F. Gallant, J. Latham, B. Hayes, S. Weinig, C. Reynolds, SECOND ROW: M. MacPherson, B. Lyons, B. Eldredge, K. Doughty, G. Joseph, D. Brown, P. Tucker, S. Nickerson, D. Brown, J. Demetrias, R. Harris, K. Walsh, J. Algeo, B. Duffy, G. Lee. Co-Captain Bob Eldredge, David Brown, and Co-Captain Gary Joseph. LETTER WINNERS Bob Hayes Rick Cochran Paul Hedin Ray Cowen Framk Gallant Jack Latham Steve Weinig Charlie Reynolds Brian Lyons Gary Joseph David Brown Scott Nickerson HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SEASON The 66 Baseball team lost to their first opponent, Barnstable. Chatham, P ' Town and D-Y were next, all victories, including the highest run total in a single game, with 28 scored against Chatham. In the next seven games, Nauset won three and lost four, finishing the season with a six and five record over all, and a five and three league record. Sophomore third baseman, Scott Nick¬ erson lead the team in hitting with a .415 batting average, and was also the team’s most valuable player. Gary Joseph came through with a fine four — two record. Steve Weinig, Jack Latham, Frank Gal¬ lant, Bob Hayes, also had a good year on the field, and Luther Eldredge was always a steady man behind the plate. Spring training ... in Januarv! RECORD Yauset. . . . . . . . 6 Barnstable . . . . . . . 7 Yauset. . . . . . . . 2 Harwich. . Yauset. . . . ... 25 Chatham .... . . . . 2 Yauset. . . . . . . . 2 Sandwich . Yauset. . . . .... 6 P ' Town. . . . .2 Yauset. . . . . . . 16 Chatham . Yauset. . . . .... 9 D-Y. . . . . 2 Yauset. . . . Sandwich . Yauset. . . . .... 3 Bourne. . . . . 5 Yauset. . . . . . . . 4 Harwich. . 113 On CO rf 10 Softball Team FRONT ROW: Mrs. Underhill, J. Holt, S. Campbell, P. Deschamps, P. Packett, K. Berger, P Nickerson, SECOND ROW: L. Burrill, M. Daley, M. Daley, E. Crocker, K. Bassett, D. Finn, M. Packett, L. Gainey, B. Wilcox. Captain Lee Gainey with Coach Underhill. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SEASON The ’66 Nauset Softball team pulled through a four-way tie for first place in the Cape Cod League to become runnersup, with a 6-2 record, second only to D-Y. The Warriorettes were led by the fine pitching of sophomore, Karen Bassett and the steady hitting of Ellen Crocker. To go along with her pitching record, Karen had a batting average of .545, and catcher, Ellen, had a .561 average. Other top hitters on the Warriorette team were Pam Deschamps, Jan Holt and Pat Packett. RECORD Nauset. . . . .... 9 Barnstable . . . . . . . 7 Nauset. . . . ... 25 Chatham .... . . . . 8 Nauset. . . . ... 10 P’Town. . . . . 2 Nauset. . . . .... 8 Sandwich .... . . . 19 Nauset. . . . .... 4 Falmouth . . . . ... 13 Nauset. . . . ... 18 D-Y. ... 16 Nauset. . . . ... 17 Bourne. ... 13 Nauset. . . . ... 14 Harwich. . . . . 7 Nauset. . . . ... 18 Barnstable . . . . . . 15 Nauset. . . . .... 0 D-Y. . . . . 8 Physical Education Honor Roll L. to R. Mrs. Underhill, R. Cota, C. Newcomb, P. Francis, D. Bassett, B. Wilcox, S. Ellis, M. Daley, N. Hokkannen, L. Reis, Mr. Donahue. SECOND ROW: E. Crocker, M. White, G. Lee, B. Lyons, K. Brewer, R. Downs, D. Campbell, N. Nickerson, D. MacArthue, W. Lorraine. THIRD ROW: M. Daley, M. Packett, D. Barrio, D. Barrio, B. Mayo, S. Garfield, K. Bassett, I. Farrell, S. Kuleska, P. Meads, FOURTH ROW: K. Walsh, R. Snider, P. Humphrey, S. Weber, B. Ormsby, S. Nickerson, L. Burrill, N. Westergard. Softball Candids LETTER WINNERS Ellen Crocker Pat Packett Karen Bassett Janet Holt Pam Deschamps Marilyn Packett Lee Gainey Brenda Wilcox 115 ! ti • rrr n ! jr rrr Cape Cod Photos Orleans, Mass. 121 NAUSET CHAPTER ORDER OF DeMOLAY 122 Compliments of PAINE’S GARAGE Wellfleet Mass. 6 0 1 Compliments of ALICE’S RESTAURANT ORLEANS CENTER MOTEL Main Street Wellfleet, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of JOSEPHINES BEAUTY SALON DRUMMER COVE COTTAGES Wellfleet, Mass. South Wellfleet, Mass. Compliments of PACKET LANDING INN and MOTEL MR. AND MRS. HENRY W. CARLSON East Orleans, Mass. CASSEROLE KITCHEN NAUSET KNOLL MOTOR LODGE East Orleans, Mass. East Orleans, Mass. MARIE’S FISH AND CHIPS Compliments of Harry and Penny From Post Office Building East Orleans, Mass. THE SEABERRY GIFT SHOP Compliments of Compliments of MASSASOIT HILLS TRAILER PARK INC. MANUAL J. THIMAS GENERAL CONSTRUCTION North Eastham, Mass. Wellfleet, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of BARB RANCH LEA O’PINES Wellfleet, Mass. COTTAGES Congratulations Compliments to the Class of 1 967 of FRATERNAL LODGE THE BARNCRAFTERS OF ODD FELLOWS Sponsor of the United Nations South Wellfleet, Mass. Pilgrimage Delegate WESTERN AUTO ASSOC. STORE Orleans, Mass. Com pliments of ROWENA’S BEAUTY SHOP AND RED’S BARBER SHOP Compliments ARMY AND NAVY STORE of VI AND MAC’S Orleans, Mass. Orleans, Mass. Compliments Compliments of of DAME STANDISH Gl GI’S SHOE REPAIR Orleans, Mass. Wellfleet, Mass. Compliments ■ Compliments of of LIGHT HOUSE RESTAURANT DORA’S BEAUTY SHOP MARY AND JACK SHEEHAN Truro Rd. Wellfleet, Mass. Wellfleet, Mass. Tel. 349-3644 Compliments of THE HILDRETH HOUSE ANTIQUES, ETC. Route 28 Orleans Cape Cod, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of ’67 HILLSIDE INC. MOTEL, RESTAURANT, GIFT SHOP Furniture, Collectors, Curios, Serendipity Eastham, Mass. Compliments of THE LOBSTER CLAW Orleans, Mass. Compliments of EASTHAM SUPERETTE Compliments of A. F. SMITH AND SON HARDWARE Plumbing and Heating ORLEANS ATLANTIC STATION ROBERT LORING Prop. Tel. 255-2039 Orleans, Mass. A “FULL SERVICE” Station Compliments JOHN’S SERVICE CENTER of ALA NMA SALT POND MOTEL Eastham, Mass. JOHN HILFERTY Prop. Complete Auto Repair Service Route 6 — N. Eastham, Mass. Tel. Orleans 255-0758 Compliments of Compliments of YE OLDE HELPEE SELFEE LAUNDRY THE HOLTS GREENHAVEN COTTAGES Wellfleet, Mass. South Wellfleet Tel. 349-2150 Compliments of Best Wishes to the Class of 1 967 From WENDELL CREIGHTOI WELLFLEET MARINE Building and Repairing Tel. 896-3284 Brewster, Mass. LAWRENCE J. ROSE Sales — Service — Rentals Radio, Television, Hi-Fi C. B. Auto Radios Compliments of CAMPBELL’S SUNOCO and GENERAL STORE Mill Hill Road Wellfleet, Mass. Route 6 South Wellfleet, Mass. DONNIE’S REST DE LUXE CABINS and COTTAGES CORA’S HOME MADE JELLIES Route 6 South Wellfleet Cape Cod, Mass. Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Medeiros Phone 349-2804 Route 6 Wellfleet, Mass. BILL AND VICS SEAFOODS Compliments of FANCY’S BARBER SHOP Route 6 Wellfleet, Mass. Village Plaza Orleans Compliments of Compliments of HOLIDAY HOUSE AND COUNTRY INN WELLFLEET BOOK AND MAGAZINE STORE Wellfleet, Mass. Wellfleet, Mass. STAGE STRUCK! “We Serve the Food That Others Brag About” PHILBRICK’S SNACK SHACK Nauset Beach Orleans, Mass. Compliments of ROUTE 6 MOTEL AND EASTHAM MOTEL Eastham, Mass. Congratulations to the Class of ’67 Compliments of PAUL LA BRECQUE SYDNEY T. SWAN Master Electrician Tel. 896-3515 Brewster, Mass. Compliments of E. HILDRETH PUTNAM AND ASSOCIATES REAL ESTATE Compliments of COOK’S COTTAGES Orleans, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of WELLFLEET REAL ESTATE RODGER’S LIQUORS AND PILGRIM ACRES COTTAGES Wellfleet, Mass. Wellfleet, Mass. Congratulations to the Class of 1 967 NICKERSON LUMBER CO. Chatham, Orleans, Wellfleet mm If l Best Wishes to the Senior Class From G. MEADS PLUMBING AND HEATING Orl. 255-1013 Compliments of HUNTER COUNTRY CLOTHES Orleans Chatham Compliments of NONNIE’S COUNTRY KITCHEN RESTAURANT Orleans Compliments of THE INCREDIBLE BARN Orleans Compliments of DAVID H. BESSOM’S COUNTRY STORE East Orleans Compliments of DUNHAM TV Orleans THE EVEN’TIDE COTTAGES South Wellfleet GOULD REAL ESTATE East Orleans Compliments of JOLLY JACK’S Orleans PILGRIM LANE COTTAGES WILFRED O. and ELIZABETH F. WORTHING THE PACKET ANTIQUES AND COUNTRY STORE DRUMMER BOY MUSEUM MR. AND MRS. LLOYD S. GODWIN SR. Antiques — Gifts — Penny Candy The Story of the American Revolution From the Boston Massacre to Yorktown Tel. 385-3189 Stoney Brook Rd. Brewster Rt. 6A Brewster Mass. Best Wishes From Compliments of PAULETT’S BEAUTY SHOP BREWSTER VARIETY STORE Jolly Whaler Village Tel. 896-3861 Brewster, Mass. Compliments of EUGENE B. RYONE Building and Remodeling Best Wishes and Success Brewster, Mass. Compliments of WALCLIF INC. DENNIS DUGAN Contractor Compliments of Congratulations to the Class of 1 967 WHISPERING PINES COTTAGES LIVINGSTON’S PHARMACY RICHARD VANDERMAY Eastham, Mass. “Serving Cape Cod With Better Health Since 1925.” BACKUS AND SOULE JEWELERS Orleans, Mass. Compliments of CHEQUESSETT VILLAGE Wellfleet, Mass. E ■ Compliments Compliments of of CAPE COD REALTY AND BUILDING CO. AESOPE’S TABLES EARL GODWIN LUTHER A. CROWELL Wellfleet, Mass. Tel. 349-2245 Route 6 • South Wellfleet, Mass. All Good Wishes to ORLEANS the Class of 1 967 MOTORS, INC. From MAJOR AND MRS. International Scout Land Rover ROY WYATT Complete OF Automotive HILLBOURNE HOUSE Route 6A 255-0685 in Orleans So. Orleans Mass. 137 Compliments of TOWN OF EASTHAM Compliments of WHISPERING PINES SERVICE CENTER Eastham, Cape Cod Phone: 255-0800 Compliments of Compliments of » M EASTHAM OIL CO. TOWN OF WELLFLEET Best Wishes to the Class of ’67 DR. AND MRS. ROCK Wellfleet, Mass. Compliments of NAUSET GRANGE SEWING CLUB Compliments of ACME LAUNDRY CO. INC. Main Street Orleans, Mass. Compliments of HENRY A. CALLAHAN INSURANCE AGENCY Main Street East Brewster Tel 896-3665 Compliments of WILLIAM’S OIL Brewster, Mass. Compliments of TOWN CRIER MOTEL Route 6, Eastham, Mass. Tel. 255-2893 Compliments of SHORE GARDEN COTTAGES Route 6 Eastham — Cape Cod — Mass. Ed and Marguerite Fruean Tel 255-1046 Compliments of CRANBERRY COTTAGES Route 6 Eastham, Mass. Tel. 255-0602 » TROUT BROOK VILLAGE Modern Housing Cottages Overnight and Weekly South Wellfleet Tel. 349-2087 MARION and ROBERT LONG Owners — Managers i Compliments of SIMEON ATWOOD Wellfleet, Mass. Compliments Compliments of of CAPE COD LURES INC. WELLFLEET PACKAGE STORE Wellfleet, Mass. Compliments Compliments of of SMITH DRY GOODS PEGGY’S YARN SHOP Main Street Wellfleet, Mass. Wellfleet, Mass. ■ HENRY C. ATWOOD Compliments REAL ESTATE of Sales and Rentals NAUSET MARKET Wellfleet, Mass. North Eastham, Mass. Office 349-2332 a Compliments of DAVIS PACKAGE STORE South Wellfleet, Mass. Compliments of JANSEN’S INC. Village Plaza Sportswear, Dresses, Shoes Compliments of NAUSET GRANGE 367 Compliments of PHIL’S BARBER SHOP Orleans, Mass. Compliments of Congratulations to the Class of ’67 BILL’S SUNOCO BETH BISHOP Orleans, Mass. Tel. 255-1396 Orleans, Mass. Compliments of Best Wishes to the Class of ’67 COLONIAL CANDLE CO. MURRAY’S PHARMACY Main Street Wellfleet, Mass. Wellfleet, Mass. Tel. 349-3774 Compliments of I HYANNIS COOPERATIVE BANK 142 Compliments of RAY PERREAULT EARTH MOVING, INC Orleans, Mass. Tel. 255-0312 Best Wishes to the Class of 1 967 WELLFLEET SAVINGS BANK Compliments of HOWARD JOHNSON’S 144 Compliments of ■k4 . PURITAN CLOTHING STORES Compliments of WATSON’S CLOTHING SHOPS 145 Compliments of DON’S AMERICAN AND AUTO BODY SERVICE DR. AND MRS. SIDNEY B. CALLIS Wellfleet, Mass. Tires Spray Painting 255-1 242 Batteries Glass Installed Orleans Compliments of CENTRAL GARAGE Lubrication, Tire, and Battery Service AAA ALA Orleans, Mass. LEO’S ORLEANS SUNOCO STATION Route 6A Orleans, Mass. Compliments of ORLEANS ESSO ROBLEY E. FULCHER, JR. Orleans, Mass. Compliments of RIDGEWOOD MOTEL COTTAGES South Orleans, Mass. Compliments of DORIE KLIMSHUK BUILDER South Orleans, Mass. Compliments of SKAKET BEACH MOTEL Orleans, Mass. Tel. 255-1020 146 Compliments of VICTORIA’S Wellfleet, Mass. Compliments of SOUTH WELLFLEET GENERAL STORE AND BLACK DUCK SPORTS SHOP Compliments of ROOKIES FAMOUS PIZZAS So. Wellfleet, Mass. WELLFLEET SERVICE CENTER INC. General Automotive Repairs Route 6 Wellfleet, Mass. Compliments of JERRY SUTTON Electrical Contractor Pilgrim Springs Rd. Compliments of IRVING HULTBERG Wellfleet, Mass. Compliments of WELLFLEET NEWS STORE Compliments of CITGO STATION gas, oil, lubrication No. Wellfleet, Mass. Compliments of SAMPSON ELECTRICAL INC. Electrical Contractor 69 Crowell Rd. Chatham, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of ' 67 CAPE COD FIVE CENT SAVINGS BANK Chatham — Harwichport — Orleans Compliments of Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CAPE COD WIRTHMORE STORES Compliments of H. H. SNOW’S AND SON Best Wishes to the Class of ' 67 HOPKINS CLEANERS Orleans, Mass. Compliments of ORLEANS PHARMACY Compliments of AL’S HAMBURGER Koute 6 Wellfleet, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of 1 967 NAUSET REAL ESTATE Best Wishes to the Class of 1 967 CAPE COD BANK AND TRUST CO. Orleans Hyannis Harwichport Osterville So. Yarmouth 50 Compliments of MAYO’S FARM KITCHEN East Orleans, Mass. l Best of Luck to the Class of 1 967 ROBINSON’S 54 — 104 AND $1.00 STORES, INC. Orleans, Mass. 151 Compliments of ' - 2 5 A . aw TOWN OF ORLEANS 152 Compliments of 153 Compliments of Compliments of JENNINGS PLUMBING CAPE COD NATIONAL SEASHORE AND HEATING EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION Route 6 Eastham 255-1 126 GEORGE “DICK” JENNINGS Compliments of Painting Wallpapering BAYBERRY BOOK STORE 255-3618 Compliments of WILFRED J. TRAHAN PLUMBING — HEATING — WELL CONTRACTOR FULLER’S PACKAGE STORE Licensed Master Plumber Reg. No. 4707 Orleans, Mass, tel. 255-0063 No. Eastham, Mass. EDEM CRAFT SHOP where Cape Craftsmanship adds extra value to your Gift Aluminum Craft Other Unusual Local Crafts igi CRANBERRY SCOOPS - SHELL ITEMS CAPE COD BEACH STONE JEWELRY Jbdl Route 6 at Nauset Rd. N. Eastham Phone 255-1 161 KARBUNKLE FOR PRESIDENT 154 Compliments of Compliments of MUSITRONICS, INC. HOME OWNERS Orleans, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of 1967 Compliments of LITTLE’S HOME FURNISHINGS TOWN CENTER PACKAGE STORE Village Center Route 6A Orleans, Mass. Tel. 255-3200 No. Eastham, Mass. Compliments of NICKERSON’S AUTO BODY Best Wishes to the Class of ' 67 N. A. NICKERSON No. Eastham, Mass. SONS Compliments of jl _ Orleans 255-1500 Area Code 61 7 NAUSET VILLAGE (Formerly the Three Acres) REALTOR Housekeeping Cottages and Motel Units No. Eastham, Mass. 255-0750 G. A. R. Highway, Eastham, Massachusetts, Compliments of INSURANCE AGENCY VILLAGE GREEN, ROUTE 6, NORTH EASTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS 02651 Compliments of Best Wishes and Luck to the Class of 1 967 From THE HITCHCOCK’S Sign Carvers of The Cape East Orleans, Mass. “On the way to the beach.” Best Wishes to the Class of ’67 From THE SANDPIPER SHOP MISS RODGER’S FLOWER SHOP Orleans, Mass. Clothes for Juniors Misses Children Next to the Cove Motel Petites Best Wishes to the Class of 1967 From THE GOVERNOR PRENCE MOTOR LODGE Route 6A Orleans Massachusetts Best Wishes to the Class of 1967 From THE SOCIETY FOR THE BETTERMENT OF AMOEBA 156 Editors’ Joys Getting out this Nauset Tides is no picnic. If we print jokes, people say we are silly. If we don’t, they say we’re too serious. If we take ideas from other yearbooks, We are too lazy to think them up ourselves. If we don’t, we are stuck with our own stuff. If we stick close to the job all day, We ought to be out taking pictures. If we do get out with our cameras, We ought to be inside copying layouts. If we don’t have a black and gold cover. We don’t appreciate tradition. If we keep the school colors. We are old fashioned. If we make a change in someone else’s write-up, We are too critical. If we don’t we are asleep. Now, like as not someone will say, We swiped this from some other yearbook, And we did. We wish to thank Mr. McCaskie, our advisor, for his patient prodding throughout the year; Mr. Owens, for his voluntary services and opinions on artwork; Mr. Craig, for his always ready camera; The Cape Cod Standard Times and the Oracle, for their aid in pro¬ curing pictures; Mr. Devoe, our Taylor Representive; and the entire administration and faculty for their cooperation with the loony antics of the 1967 yearbook staff.

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