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Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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NAUSET I Cl faq co Table of Contents Seniors Faculty Classes Activities Athletics Advertisers We, the first graduating class of Nauset Regional High School, in apprecia¬ tion of your untiring efforts and zeal in bringing to full realization the cherished dream of a Regional High School in the Lower Cape, respectfully dedicate our first yearbook to you, Mr. Griffen, and sincerely hope that the future classes enjoy, appreciate and love this school as we do. Having set the sails of our sturdy crafts, we have sailed free and easy with a minimum of threatening weather, thus far, to our present mooring. Here we shall drop anchor, and disembark in order to board a larger vessel which shall carry us on through life ' s voyage. The course may be uneven, stormy seas and foul winds may hamper our progress, but the experience, gained on our initial journey and the anticipation of our goals bring promise of clear skies, calm waters and fair winds ahead. ■ . JAY ELIOT SCHOFIELD Jay College Class President 4; Senior Play 4; Yearbook Staff 4, Advertising Editor; Soccer 1,2,3,4, Co-Cap¬ tain 4; JV Basketball 1,2; Varsity Basketball 2, 3,4, Co-Captain 4; Orchestra 1; Band 1; Chorus 1; Variety Show 3,4; Junior Prom; One-Act Plays 2,3. Hobbies - soccer, fun, sleeping, sports BARBARA ELITA NEESE Barb Airline Hostess Class Vice President 4; Student Council 3; Year¬ book Staff 3,4; JV Cheerleader 1; Varsity Cheerleader 2,3,4, Co-Captain 3,4; Softball 1; Chorus 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,2,3; Cape Cod Music Festival 2; Junior Prom; Office Help 3, 4. Hobbies - cooking, eating, dancing PAULETTE ANN REMILLARD Sketty Hairdresser Class Secretary 3,4; Senior Play 4; Yearbook Staff 3, 4; JV Cheerleader 1; Varsity Cheer¬ leader 2,3,4; Softball 3,4; Chorus 1,2; Glee Club 1,2; Variety Show 3; Junior Prom; Li¬ brarian 1; Cape Cod Music Festival 2; Office Help 3,4; Honor Society 4. Hobbies - drawing, eating, sports cars IDA JANE SELL Duck Secretary Entered 4; Class Treasurer 4; Orchestra 4; Major¬ ette 4; Chorus 4; Glee Club 4; Office Help 4. Hobbies - music, dancing, walking, boys SUZANNE ATHEARN Sue Nurse Senior Play 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Orchestra 1,2, 3,4; Band 1,2,3, 4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Cape Cod Music Festival 1,2,3,4; Vari¬ ety Show 1,2, 3, 4; One-Act Plays 3; Prize Speaking 3; Junior Prom; Librarian 4; Office Help 3. Hobbies - music, bowling, swimming ALAN DOUGLAS BLAKELY A1 Coast Guard Entered 4; Senior Play 4; Soccer 4; Chorus 4. Hobbies - sports, music Cath CATHY BAXTER BALDWIN Honor Society 1,2,3, 4; Senior Play 4; Year¬ book Staff 4; Field Hockey 3; Softball 1,2; Orchestra 2,3; Band 3,4; Chorus 1,4,_ Librarian 4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Cape Cod Music Festival 2; Variety Show 2,3,4; Junior Prom; English Award 1; Librarian 1,2; Office Help 2,4. Hobbies - music, dancing, drawing, certain boys ALINE BEATRICE BOILARD Nursing Senior Play 4; Orchestra 2; Band 1,2,3. 4; Chorus 1,2,4; Glee Club 1,2; Cape Cod Music Festival 2,3; Variety Show 1,2,3; One-Act Play 3; Junior Prom; Librarian 4. Hobbies - music, sewing, traveling SANDRA GAIL BLOMME Speedy Secretary Senior Play 4; Chorus 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3; Variety Show 1,3,4; One-Act Play 1; Junior Prom. Hobbies - ice skating, music SHEILA BONNELL College Senior Play 4; Junior Marshal; Varsity Basket¬ ball 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3, 4; Glee Club 1,2,3, 4; Cape Cod Music Festival 1,2; Variety Show 4; One-Act Plays 2,3; Dra matics Award 2,3; Prize Speaking 2; Junior Prom; Librarian 3. Hobbies - tennis, horseback riding, swimming, walking JACQUELYN RUTH BOYD CHARLES ALBERT CAREY Charlie Electronics Engineer President 1; Vice President 3; Treasurer 2; Var¬ sity Basketball 1, Manager 2; Chorus 1,2,3, 4; Cape Cod Music Festival 1; District Festival 4; Senior Reception 3. Hobbies - golf, bowling, driving LILLIAN EUJANE BYNOE Lill Government Job Entered 3; Junior Prom; Participation in all class activities. Hobbies - swimming, dancing, making recipes, having a good time Jackie Airline Hostess President 2; Secretary 1,3; Senior Reception 3. Hobbies - horseback riding, being lazy, driving JEANETTE KATHERINE CAURANT Crunch College Vice President 3; Student Council 2,4; Honor Society 2,3, 4; Senior Play 4; Yearbook Staff 4, Associate Editor; Orchestra 2; Chorus 1,2, 3,4, Vice President 4, Librarian 2, 3; Glee Club 1,2, 3,4, Librarian 3; Variety Show 1,2,3,4; One- Act Plays 1,2,3; Dramatics Award 1; Junior Prom; Cape Cod Music Festival 1,2,3,4, New England 3; Girls ' State Rep. 3; Student Govern¬ ment Day Rep. 4. Hobbies - skating, music, enjoying myself FAXON DAYTON CHAPIN JR. Dayt Unknown Entered 4; Honor Society 4, Vice President 4; Soccer 4; Basketball 4; Senior Play 4; Baseball 4; Variety Show 4. Hobbies - tennis, swimming, driving PAMELA COLLINS Coll Teaching Senior Play 4; Hockey 1,2,3, 4; Softball 3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3, 4; Chorus 1,2,3, 4; Glee Club 1,2, 3, 4; Cape Cod Music Festival 1,2,3, 4, New England 2,3; Variety Show 2,3,4; One-Act Plays 1; Junior Prom; Alternate Girls ' State Rep. 3; Librarian 3; Student Secretary 4. Hobbies - piano, swimming, skating, bowling ROBERT CHARLES CONNERS B 0 b Electronics Junior Prom; Participation in all class projects. Hobbies - electronics, cars, brewing ROBERT W. CORRIGAN Bull Electronics Engineer Senior Play 4; Soccer 3,4; Baseball 1,3; Chorus 1,2,3, 4; Variety Show 1; Junior Prom. Hobbies - sports VERNON STEVENS COSTA Vern Physical Education President 2,3; Vice President 1; Student Council 2,3,4, Vice President 3,4; Soccer 4; Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,4, Captain 3; Baseball 4; Chorus 2,3,4; Senior Reception 3. Hobbies - sports JOSEPH ROBERT DAVIS Joe Draftsman Soccer 2,3,4; Varsity Basketball 4; Baseball 4; Variety Show 2,3; Junior Prom. Hobbies - hunting, fishing, stamps JUDITH DICKEY Undecided Cheerleader 1,2,3, Captain 3, Co-Captain 2; Chorus 1,2,3. BRADLEY JOSEPH DELANEY Brad Business Administration Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Vari¬ ety Show 1,3; FTA 4. Hobbies - jazz, sleeping Hobbies - cooking JONATHAN DONALD FIFE J° n Business Administrator Student Council 3; Honor Society 1,3,4; Har¬ vard Book Award 3; Yearbook Staff, Photography Editor 4; Soccer 1,3,4, Manager 3; Basketball Manager 3; Chorus 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4; Cape Cod Music Festival 1,2,3,4, New England 2,3, 4; Variety Show 1,2,3, 4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4, Manager 4; One-Act Play 3; Prize Speaking 2,4; Photo Club 4; Boys’ State 3; UN Delegate 3. Hobbies - photography, tennis SALLY DROWN Hairdresser Senior Play 4; Yearbook Staff 3,4; Varsity Cheerleader 1,2, 3, 4, Captain 3,4; Softball 2; Chorus 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,2; Cape Cod Music Festival 2; Variety Show 2; Junior Prom; Office Help 1,2,3,4. Hobbies - sewing, cooking, bowling JANETTE FOSTER ELDREDGE Airline Hostess or Nurse Softball 1; Orchestra 1,2; Glee Club 2,3; Chorus 1; Variety Show 2; Junior Prom. Hobbies - skating, drawing, collecting foreign coins, records TIMOTHY HORTON FIFE Tim College Mathematics Award 3; Soccer 1,2,3,4; Orches¬ tra 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2, 3, 4; Cape Cod Music Festival 1,2,3, 4; New England Music Festival 3; Variety Show 1,2, 3,4; One- Act Play 1,3; Junior Prom. Hobbies - hunting, tennis, beach parties, music PAMELA MARGARET ANN FLINCHBAUGH Pam Hairdresser Varsity Cheerleader 3,4; Chorus 1,2; Glee Club 1,2; Variety Show 2,3,4; Junior Prom; Senior Play. Hobbies - dancing, drawing, sleeping, ice skating KENNETH CARL FORSBERG Fuzzbug Chef Senior Play 4; Soccer 3,4; Variety Show 1,2; One-Act Plays 1,2,3; Junior Prom. Hobbies - boating, water skiing, hunting, hockey, coins, smoking EVERETT FRANCIS FULCHER ROBERT ALLAN GIBSON Bob Engineering Senior Play 4; Junior Prom; Participation in all class activities. Hobbies - fishing, hunting Abe Navy Senior Play 4; Soccer 2,3, 4; JV Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4, Co-Captain 4; Base¬ ball 3,4; One-Act Plays 1,2; Junior Prom. Hobbies - sports JUDITH ANN GALLANT Judi Teacher Student Council 2,3,4; Honor Society 1,2,3, 4; Senior Play 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Field Hockey 1; JV Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 3,4, Manager 4; Softball 1,2,4; Chorus 1,2,3, 4, Secretary 3; Glee Club 2,3,4, Librarian 2; Cape Cod Music Festival 1,2,3, 4, New England 4; FT A 2,3,4, Secretary 2,3, President 4; Variety Show 2,3,4; One-Act Plays 2,3; Dra¬ matics Award 2; Junior Prom. 5 Hobbies - dancing, sports, piano, fun LILLIAN MARGARET HARPER Jill College Field Hockey 1,4; Softball 1,3,4; Glee Club 1, 2,3; Variety Show 2; Prize Speaking 2; Junior Prom. Hobbies - ice skating, dancing, horses ROBERT STERLING HAND Nickname Teacher Various things by various people Student Council 2; Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Sen¬ ior Play 4; Baseball Manager 3; Orchestra 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2; Cape Cod Music Festival 1,2,3,4, New England 3; Variety Show 3; One-Act Plays 3; Language Award 2; Social Studies Award 3. Hobbies - music MICHELE LETTIE MAE HARRIS Nursing Yearbook Staff 4; Field Hockey 1,2,3; Basket¬ ball Manager 3,4; Chorus 1,2,3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2,3,4; Cape Cod Music Festival 1,3,4; FTA 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 1,2,3,4; One-Act Plays 1,2, 3; Prize Speaking 1,2,4; Junior Prom; FTA Treasurer 4. Hobbies - Mariners, sports, music, dancing STEWART F. HILL RICHARD BLAINE HOFFMAN Dick Using Heavy Equipment Soccer 3; Baseball 3; Junior Prom; Senior Play 4. Hobbies - bulldozers, hunting, swimming, fish¬ ing, surfboard riding Stu Mechanic Chorus 3; Senior Reception 3; Participation in all class activities. Hobbies - cars JOHN PHILIP HINCKLEY Hink Biologist Senior Play 4; Soccer 3,4; JV Basketball 3; Bas¬ ketball Manager 4; Orchestra 1,2,3; Band 1,2, 3,4; Cape Cod Music Festival 1,2,3, 4; Band Manager 4; Variety Show 1,2,3,4; One-Act Plays 2; Junior Prom; Librarian 2,4. f ; a ;yc Hobbies - hunting, boating, music, reading LEO HENRY LEARY Skip Business Administration Senior Play 3,4; Soccer 4; Baseball 2,3, ' 4; Ochestra 1,2,3,4, Orchestra Captain 4; Band 1, 2,3,4, Band Captain 4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Cape Cod Music Festival 1,2,3,4, New England 3, District Festival 4; Variety Show 1,2,3; One-Act Plays 1,2,3; Junior Prom. Hobbies - stamps, work, cars, sports, and music BRENDA JEANETTE HOFFMAN Bren Nurse Honor Society 3,4; English Award 3; Field Hock¬ ey 3; Junior Prom. Hobbies - reading, swimming, stamp collecting and people GAIL PURDY KOCH Sunny Social Worker Vice President 1; Secretary 2; Student Council 3,4, Secretary 3,4; Honor Society 1,2,3,4, President 3,4; DAR U. S. History Award 3; Social Studies Award 2; Senior Play 4; Hockey 1,4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Softball 1,2; Orchestra 1, 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Cape Cod Music Festival 1,2,3,4; Variety Show 1,2,3,4; One-Act Plays 1; Junior Prom; Prize Speaking 2,3,4. Hobbies - Mariners, music, smiling EARLE LUSCOMBE Lee Musician Senior Play 4; Orchestra 4; Band 3,4; Chorus 4; One-Act Plays 2; Senior Reception 3. Hobbies - music, make-up SHEILA ELIZABETH LUSSIER Wacky Marriage Secretary 2; Treasurer 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Bas¬ ketball Manager 3; Senior Reception 3. Hobbies - driving, talking ; V BRUCE WILLIAM MacPHERSON Mac Physical Education Senior Play 4; Soccer 1,2,3,4; JV Basketball 2, 3; Varsity Basketball 3,4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1; Chorus 1; Variety Show 1,2,3,4; One- Act Plays 1; Junior Prom. Hobbies - sports, " Hot Plymouths " JEAN MUNSEY KATHLEEN DORIS PETERS K. D. Math Teacher Student Council 4; Senior Play 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Hockey 1, Manager 4; Varsity Basketball 2,3, 4; Softball Manager 3; Chorus 1,2,3; Glee Club 2,3; FT A 2,3,4; Prize Speaking 1,2,4; Speech Awards 1,2; Junior Prom; Vice President FTA 4. Hobbies - sports, Mariners Gardy Undecided Secretary 1; Student Council 1,3; Yearbook Staff 4; Chorus 1,2,3; Cheerleader 1,3,4; Glee Club 1,2; New England Music Festival 2; Variety Show 1,2,3. Hobbies - ’Hot Fords ' , Hugga JAMES HENRY NICKERSON Henputt Veterinarian Honor Society 1; Orchestra 1; Band 1; Junior Prom. Hobbies - hunting, cars RICHARD STAIGG PHILBRICK Dick Marine Biologist Senior Play 3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Band 3; Chorus 1,2; Cape Cod Music Festival 3; Variety Show 1,2,3,4; One-Act Plays 3; Dramatics Award 3; Junior Prom. Hobbies - photography, dancing, swimming, collecting coins RHODA ROBINSON REED Lightning Housewife Orchestra 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2,3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2,3,4; Cape Cod Music Festival 1,2,3; Junior Prom. DONNA LEE SIVEE Skiv Nurse Treasurer 3; Student Council 2,4; Senior Play 4; Honor Society 3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Circulation Editor; Junior Prom; Librarian 3; Student Secre¬ tary 4. Hobbies - talking, work, music, people, col¬ lecting red tse-tse flies Hobbies - sewing, art, music MARY DENISE SHEEHAN Dee College Senior Play 4; Treasurer 2; Student Council 1, Secretary 1; Cheerleader 1; Varsity Basketball 1; Chorus 1; Glee Club 1; Variety Show 1,4. Hobbies - sports, collecting records, albums, books JOHN ALFRED ROBINSON Robbie Military Service Chorus 1; Variety Show 1; Junior Prom; One-Act Plays 1,2. Hobbies - coin and stamp collecting PETER WHITMAN SOULE Pete Engineering President 2; Treasurer 1; Student Council 3,4, President 3; Honor Society 1; Senior Play 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Editor-in-Chief; Soccer 1,2, 3,4, Co-Captain 4; JV Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1; Chorus 3,4; Cape Cod Music Festival 4; FT A 3, Treasurer 3; Variety Show 1,2,3,4; One-Act Play 3; Junior Prom; Boys ' State 3; Photo Club 4. SIPS Hobbies - swimming, tennis, traveling RAYMOND SARGENT SQUIRE Ray Teacher President 3; Student Council 4, President 4; Kiwanis Club Award 3; Senior Play 4; Soccer 1, 2,3,4; JV Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball Man¬ ager 3; Baseball Manager 2; Band 1; Chorus 4; Cape Cod Music Festival 4; FTA 1,2,3, Presi¬ dent 3, Treasurer 2; Variety Show 1,2,3, 4; One- Act Plays 3; Junior Prom; Alternate U. N. Rep. 3. Hobbies - Fire Dept. , work, sports, fun, music ANNA MAE ULLES Ann Secretary Junior Prom 3; Librarian 4; Office Help 4. Hobbies - piano, stamps, dancing, knitting LINDA KATHLEEN TOOMEY Toom Physical Education Coach Student Council 2; Senior Play 4; Yearbook Staff 4, Associate Editor; Hockey 1,2,3; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Softball 1,2,4; Chorus 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,2,3; Cape Cod Music Festival 1,2; FTA 2,3, 4; Variety Show 1,2, 3, 4; One-Act Plays 1,2,3; Prize Speaking 1,2,3,4; Speech Award 2; Junior Prom. Hobbies - basketball, swimming, bowling, eating, parties and fun EDITH ALISON ULLMAN Alison Journalism Senior Play 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Softball 3; Chorus 4; Glee Club 1,2,3, 4; Variety Show 1,2, 3; One-Act Plays 1; Dramatics Award 1; Prize Speaking 1; Librarian 4. Hobbies - art, bowling, reading, mythology, interior decorating BARBARA ANN WEBER Barrie Secretary Senior Play 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Field Hockey 2; Chorus 4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Junior Prom. Hobbies - dancing, sports ROBERT BARRETT WILCOX Bob College Soccer 4; Varsity Basketball 4; Chorus 1,2,3; FTA 3; Junior Prom; Math Contest Award 3. J Hobbies - sports, cars, parties, fun DAVID BRUCE WILLARD Blimey Sports Journalist or English Teacher Student Council 4; Honor Society 2, 3, Vice President 3; Yearbook Staff 4, Sports Editor; Baseball 1,2; J. V. Basketball 1; Chorus 1,2,3, 4; Cape Cod Music Festivals 2, 3,4; F. T. A. 1, 2,3,4, Vice President 3; One-Act Play 3; Jun¬ ior Prom; Sports Writer 3,4. Hobbies - Sports, fun, writing, swimming, fishing, girls. Acknowledgement - MR. GATES The class of 1960 wishes to take this oppor¬ tunity to extend our thanks and appreciation for the assistance, guidance and advice we were so generously offered by our Class Advisor, Mr. Gates. He has always been on hand for dances, plays, meetings and other times when we needed him. The memory of his jovial countenance will long be remembered. Science Stonehill College, Bridgewater State Teachers College, M. Ed. CLASS HISTOR Y The time has come for the Class of ' 60 to leave the portals of Nauset Re¬ gional High behind. Let us look back on our memorable years together. On a bright September morning 60 new pair of feet could be heard amid the noise of the first day of school. Our little and some big legs carried us to rooms 2 and 4 where our sizable group was divided. The lucky homeroom teachers were Mrs. Fulcher and Mr. Pettengill. Freshman year was the big step forward for now we were members of the elite high school. It was an exciting year for now we could participate in all those high school activities. Sheila, what happened in Wellfleet in our Freshman year? It was a big year for us, too. This was our chance to participate in the well-known, annual Freshman Reception. We realized it wasn ' t as bad as it sounded even though the Sophomores thought up some means things for us to do, as the theme was " Truth or Consequences. " After this initiation we were officially Freshmen and-allowed to take part in high school activities. At the end of our Freshman year we went on a class picnic to a wonderful spot on the Pamet River. Mr. Kane chaperoned. Vern and Charlie seemed to enjoy the swimming while the girls tried to get a tan. What were the exciting events of your Freshman year? The most important event of this year was the One-Act Play competition held in April. Our play was entitled " Five for Bad Luck. " No one will ever forget Bruce falling off the piano bench, the lamp shade falling off the lamp, beads popping backstage, and Linda ' s attempt at piano playing, and the loss of Alison ' s glasses. Despite these incidents and the seemingly hopelessness of the play, we won! There were certainly a proud bunch of Freshmen walking around for the next few days, and two happy teachers namely Mrs. Denman and Mr. Cochran who did so much to help us to our first spot of recognition. To end the year we had a class picnic at Robin’s Hill Beach where everyone enjoyed their sandy hot dogs and charcoal marshmallows. So ended our Fresh¬ man year. Our chaperones, Mr. and Mrs. Koch were certainly good sports about it all. What were the big events of your Sophomore year, Sheila? To begin our Sophomore year we had a big project. We had the honor of sponsoring the Freshman Reception. We chose the theme of " This is Your Life. " It was worth all the work and enjoyed by all. After the initiation we had a record hop with Hank Elliot as disc jockey. We ordered our class rings and received them in January. To end the year we had a picnic at Gull Pond. Jackie and I realized that lanolin cream doesn ' t help you tan and we both went home with terrific sun¬ burns. What did you do as Sophomores, Jeanette? Our Sophomore year was off to a good start with our dance entitled " Bohemian Bop " which will long be remembered for its different decorations. Especially those who were jungle sick for the next week. April rolled around again and this year our play was " SHADOW OF A DREAM. " Judi’s brogue, Sheila Bon- nell ' s sudden faint and Toom ' s wrap-around fur piece are hard to forget even if you wanted to. This was another victorious year for us and the class of ' 60 was well on its way to become one of the few classes that had ever won three years in a row, or so we thought. We had a class picnic this year at Camp Wono and despite the weather everyone, including Mr. and Mrs. Boynton, enjoyed themselves . . . Well, Sheila, our Junior year was one of the busiest ones we had. How was it down in Well fleet? Our Junior year had many problems. The main problem was raising money. We had a class of four and we all learned that most people don ' t like to buy Christmas cards in October. Jackie and I learned it ' s a long walk from the highway to town carrying a box of Christmas cards. Another problem was whether we should try to have a Junior Prom and the Senior Reception or to save all our effort and work and put it into a good Sen¬ ior Reception. We voted for the latter. We went to work and chose the theme of " Out of This World. " Vern, Charlie, Jackie and I set out to draw moons and cut out stars. The Reception was well-attended and couldn’t have been possible without the help of Miss Hooker, Class Advisor and Mr. Bolton, Art Director. We all learned that the auditorium ceiling was higher than we thought. And so ended our Junior year. What did you do in your Junior year, Jeanette? Along came our Junior year and a dandy it was too. In December of ' 58 we received our class rings. No upper or lower classman will ever forget those shirt polishings, looks and smiles that we gave our long awaited rings. April approached and plans were underway for that year’s one-act play. After all we had won two years in a row and this year we were hoping for another victory. Anxiety, hope, and confidence were in the air that night, however, it didn ' t seem to be enough because the judges didn ' t agree with us this year and the mighty Juniors lost. Do you remember Robbie ' s eerie silhouette and Micki’s toity-toid street accent? This was the year of the great debates between Leo and Dr. Brooks over the finer points of history. Dr. Brooks, somehow, was always the victor. Then Junior Prom time rolled around and Cathy Baldwin, our Chairman of the decorating committee, was busy cutting flowers, castles, etc. The theme this year was " Chateau d ' Orleans. " The gym was really beautiful, but it was Mr. Gallant ' s castle scene that gave the extra touch to everything. During the Grand March our two little chirping ducklings, who were the inhabitants of the little pool on the gym floor, decided to join the marchers and they were the cause of a large traffic jam. This was the year that Micki proved, beyond a doubt, the theory that acid does take the paint off the lab tables and Pammy, after five attempts or so, finally realized that wet test tubes do break when heated too quickly. It was also the year that some of our more daring girls decided to put some of their newly acquired chemical knowledge to work in the coloring of their hair. To the great surprise of everyone, including Tim Fife, we found that he had won the Math contest in school. However, his brother Jon couldn ' t possibly let the year go by without gaining some recognition so he was later chosen the U. N. delegate and along with Pete Soule, he went to Boys’ State. Pammy Collins and Jeanette were chosen as delegates to Girls’ State. We had some other glory in our class when Kathy Peters was once again one of the winners of the Prize Speaking Contest. Let ' s look at the last part of our journal, Senior year. This was a transition year and everyone seemed to stand up under the strain of things except for Bruce, who found it difficult to get adjusted to the new seats. This certainly was a different year because now Wellfleet and Orleans were combined and ther e was a new school and new personalities to get accustomed to. However, after a late start everything worked out fine. Preparations were immediately begun for our Senior play, entitled " And Never Been Kissed. " Such lines as; " I just love pancakes, " " Stop smelling me, Gilmore, " " We ' re going to see who can burp the loudest, " and " I ' m rough and tough and ready for anything " will never be lost. After our play came Toom ' s now famous party where through the course of the evening some one hundred and seven people showed up. What a party! ! We were a class to start new traditions, like our Senior banquet and Prom. Then, of course, we were the first class of N.R. H.S. to wear the black, gold and white at graduation. The class of ' 60 were the leaders of a new school and a new decade. Our class can feel proud of the high scholastic, athletic, dra¬ matic, and musical achievements it has attained. All through high school we have had a large number of classmates who have participated in band, orches¬ tra, glee club and chorus. A good number of these have had the honor of be¬ ing chosen as members of the All-State and New England Music Festivals. In sports, we have had a tremendous group of letter winners who have shown skill and sportsmanship at all times. We have been a class of many sizes, types and personalities, no one will ever dispute that. We, the class of ' 60, would like to thank all those who have made these past four years difficult, trying, and almost unbearable at times, but wonderful. Sheila Lussier Jeanette Caurant CLASS PROPHECY Engineer Bob Conners, recently completed another rescussitory, spondulating, wobulator and . . . alack! It wasn ' t spondulating and he tuned in on the future and was able to see his old classmates again! The " Law " finally caught up with Dayton Chapin. Seems he was suspected of bigamy, but come to find out, he’s got four wives! Hear tell he’s been working about 23 hours a day to support them all! Now residing in New York City, Sally Drown and Jean Munsey have opened their own hairdressing salon where they are advancing the latest craze . . . Crewcuts for cheerleaders I Flash from Wellfleet City! Blakeley Petrol Co. threatened by major strike . . . Seems the workers want higher pay ... At least $20 a week! The manager of the Slenderella Reducing Salon was hauled into court last week on a charge of false advertising. Reports say our own Bruce MacPherson is suing the com¬ pany because he didn ' t get the " guaranteed results. " Tiajuana jail blasted apart . . . Stewart Hill escapes . . . Seems he was charged with overloading his " Hot Olds " after repeated warnings! His only comment; " I can ' t refuse a kid a ride. " After a very successful year at the Indianapolis raceway, Brenda and Dick Hoffman have decided to enter again this year. Dick keeps the speedy bulldozer in top-notch condition and Brenda drives in the races! Good luck, kids! Donna Sivee was last seen going like " voom " in an open gray jeep . . . that-a- way!!! America ' s bid for Olympic Honors in the weight lifting field, Jay Schofield, has been charged with " woman-slaughter. " Seems he mistook a BARB for a BARBELL! ! ! Boatbuilder Robinson is having difficulty out Kansas-way. Rumor has it that he can ' t seem to sell his boats ... no water, maybe? Seems someone else is encountering occupational troubles: Ken Forsberg, of the local Dairy Queen, reports there was a minor fire there last week . . . seems someone left a cigarette going in the back room. Any idea who, Ken? When Pete Soule left us, back in ' 60, he had high hopes of becoming an engineer. Well, his dreams came true - he ' s the CHIEF engineer of the East Girdleburg Railroad, Inc. Congratulations, Pete. Journalist Ullman, just back from South Ubangiland, has some very interesting re¬ ports on the psychological behavior of shortnecked giraffes. Even back in high school Alison was never satisfied with the ordinary, common, everyday, occurrences of life! (Continued at end) CLASS WILL We, the first graduating class of Nauset Regional High School, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath these, our most outstand¬ ing personal characteristics, in the hope that they will benefit greatly those to whom they are thus given. I, Suzanne Athearn, leave my necklace to the Activity Fund. I, Cathy Baldwin, leave my artistic ability to Suzan Portias. I, Alan Blakeley, leave six inches of my height to Danny Joy. I, Sandra Blomme, leave my laugh to Peggy Tulloch. I, Aline Boilard, leave a charming French accent to Susan Eldridge. I, Sheila Bonnell, leave my dramatic ability to the next Sarah Burnhardt. I, Jacqueline Boyd, leave my fighting spirit to Patty Smith. I, Lillian Bynoe, leave my collection of class rings to Ellen Westerguard. I, Charles Carey, leave my sermon to posterity. I, Jeanette Caurant, leave my ability to comprehend jokes to Martha Bonnell. I, Dayton Chapin, leave my charm and winning smile to John Shakliks. I, Pamela Collins, leave my violin to the termites. I, Charles Connors, leave my collection of cars to Sherwood Smith. I, Robert Corrigan, leave my very complete, little black book to Duane Fulcher. I, Vernon Costa, leave my outside shot to Andy Pierce. I, Joseph Davis, leave my muscles to Lionel Gill. I, Bradley Delaney, leave half a dozen empty bottles to next year ' s chemistry class. I, Judith Dickey, leave my Betty Crocker Good Housekeeping award to Priscilla Turner. I, Sally Drown, leave my resonant voice to Nancy Nickerson. I, Janette Eldredge, leave my sweet smile to Mary Reed. I, Jonathan Fife, leave my slide rule to George Morin. With all that figuring he can use two. I, Timothy Fife, leave my classroom pillow to Wayne Joseph. I, Pamela Flinchbaugh, leave my high, squeaky laugh to Claire Hollis. I, Kenneth Forsberg, leave a package of cigarettes to Tommy Gill. I, Everett Fulcher, leave my secret passageway to the smoking lounge to Rich¬ ard Bessom. CLASS WILL Cont. I, Judith Gallant, leave my expression BLAST to the Atomic Energy Com¬ mission. I, Robert Gibson, leave my harem to Richard Hopkins. I, Robert Hand, leave my A ' s to Sandra Dunsford, in case she might need them. I, Lillian Harper, leave my golden locks to Sharon Murphy. I, Michele Harris, leave my foot-in-mouth disease to Jinny O ' Hara. I, John Hinckley, leave Amy with very strict orders to be a very good girl. I, Brenda Hoffman, leave my physiology notes to one of next year ' s Seniors. 5 I, Stewart Hill, leave my bad case of schoolitis to Brian Monzon. I, Richard Hoffman, leave with a sore arm from too much weight lifting. I, Gail Koch, leave Jimmy, Mervyn, Ken, Jay, and George for Colby and John. I, Leo Leary, leave my honorable position as teachers ' pet to Wayne Carron. I, Earl Luscombe, leave my eloquent tone on the horn to John Sparrow. I, Sheila Lussier, leave my spike heels to Richard Stevenson. I, Bruce MacPherson, leave my intestinal fortitude to Charlie Savage. I, Jean Munsey, leave the memory of the sound of a certain blue Pontiac to next year ' s Seniors. I, Barbara Neese, leave, but not without Abe. I, James Nickerson, leave Winnie Knowles with time on his hands. I, Kathleen Peters, leave my teaching ability to Carol St. Aubin. I, Richard Philbrick, leave my " non-conforming attitudes " to Monis Rose. I, Rhoda Reed, leave flashing my diamond ring. I, Paulette Remillard, leave my " Mavy " costume to next year ' s Senior play cast. I, John Robinson, leave my bruises to Dennis Marsh. I, Jay Schofield, leave my crewcut to Lloyd Ellis. I, Ida Jane Sell, leave, chasing my man. (It ' s Leap Year!) I, Mary Sheehan, leave my obscure past to the editors of " Confidential. " I, Donna Sivee, leave my talent for arguing to Sally Rogers. CLASS WILL co„, I, Peter Soule, after catching my breath, leave my position as Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook to next year’s likely candidate. I, Raymond Squire, leave my leadership ability to Gene Schofield. I, Linda Toomey, leave my love of basketball to Paula Hatch, a future all- star. I, Anna Mae Ulles, leave my hair curlers to Barbara Fickett. I, Alison Ullman, leave my " Dance to Spring " to my sister. I, Barbara Weber, leave three inches of my pony-tail to Pat Quinn. I, Robert Wilcox, leave in a cloud of dust, as I dig out in my pint-sixed hot rod. I, David Willard, leave my journalistic talents to our up and coming school reporters - Amy Hopper, Barbara Chase, and Barbara Dunsford. J udi Gallant Brenda Hoffman ! I FACULTY mu MR. SIDNEY G. PIERCE Superintendent Hyannis State Teachers College Harvard University, Ed. M. MR. ARMAND A. GUARINO Principal Dartmouth College University of Vermont Harvard University, Ed. M. SCHOOL COMMITTEE MR. STANLEY E. SMITH Assistant Principal Boston University B. S. , M. A. SEATED: Mrs. E. Fletcher, Mrs. F. Van Buskirk, Mrs. J. Kidd, Mrs. I. Brackett. STANDING: Mr. D. Chisholm, Mr. T. Hicks, Mr. R. Vander May, Mr. S. Pierce, Mr. W. Griffin. MRS. BAKER MR. BOYNTON DR. BROOKS Librarian, English Simmons College, B. S. Math Clark University, B. S. ; Boston University, M. Ed. History, Latin Princeton, A. B. , M. A. , Ph.D. MFC M. COCHRAN MR. R. COCHRAN MR. COLLINS Guidance Math Industrial Arts McGill University, Har¬ Tufts College, B. S. Fitchburg State Teachers vard; Boston University, B. S. ; University of Colo¬ rado, M. Ed. College, B. A. MRS. COLLINS MR. DICKINSON MR. DONAHUE Home Economics 1 History Physical Education, Boys’ Coach, Science, Orienta- Boston University, B. S. tion. 1 1 Dartmouth College, B. A. MR. DOWNIE MR. EDWARDS MR. FISK French History and English Civics and History Knox, A. B. ; Sorbonne. Colby College, University Swarthmore College, A. B. ; of Rochester, B. A. Clark University, M. A. MRS. FULCHER Social Studies Bridgewater State Teach¬ ers College, B. S. MISS HOOKER English Smith, A. B. ; M. A. MISS LEARY Commercial Boston University, B. S. ; M. C. S. MRS. LOWELL MR. MILLER MRS. MURPHY English Special Class, Assistant Coach. English and French Tufts College, A. B. Fitchburg State Teachers College, B. S. E. Tufts College, A. B MR. O’HARA MR. O’BRIEN MR. PETTENGILL Sciences and Math Sciences and Math Industrial Arts, and Math Boston College, B. S. ; University of Maine, B. S. Fitchburg State Teachers Boston Teachers College, College, V. E. C. M. Ed. MISS RICHARDSON MRS. TURNBULL Commercial Boston University, B.S. Physical Education, Girls’ Coach, Orientation, and Science. Trenton State Teachers College, B. S. r : «rf!c:« If i if ’ r% » i • f . MjgaBS -»»•-, -Jr. i ial-A - . - - ■ -w p%««3 z. V ft. 4 . fill JUNIORS The arrival of our new class rings and the planning and anticipation of our Junior Prom have proved to be the highlights of this year. A Student Council committee de¬ cided on the style of the ring which will become the standard. On one side of the ring, the Nauset Indian, symbolizing the Warriors and on the other side is the educational symbol. The stone, in the center, of the ring is surrounded by the words " Nauset Re¬ gional High School. " The date set for the Prom was May 6. The usual amount of planning and decorating went into it, following an oriental theme. The members of the Junior Class justly showed pride and satisfaction at the successful transformation of the gymnasium and the enthralled dancers into the oriental atmosphere. Our thanks to Mr. Donahue, our class advisor, for helping us along. President GENE SCHOFIELD Vice President AMY HOOPER Treasurer NANCY LEE Secretary JANE WINCHESTER SOPHOMORES The first activity of the Class of 1962, was the Sophomore class dance. It was named the " Frosty Frolic, " with blue and white decorations, to carry out the wintry theme. Those who attended the dance thoroughly enjoyed it. Our advisor, who has contributed much to the success of the class, is Dr. Brooks. He has helped us whenever we needed it and we are indeed grateful. We chose our colors and mascot; the colors are navy blue and white, the mascot is a white polar bear with a navy ribbon around his neck. A motto is under consideration with a committee to look into it. The Sophomore Class was well represented at all school activities and of course athletic events, either as participants or spectators. We had a good showing on the Honor Society and Junior Varsity Basketball Team and always showed a great deal of class spirit and school spirit. President ANDY PIERCE Vice President NANCY DODD Secretary CAROL ST. AUBIN Treasurer DOTTY DELANEY FRESHMEN FRONT ROW: T. Ryder, M. Wright, P. Jordan, M. Dennison, B. Dunsford, K. Cummings, E. Clark, J. Boyer, S. Sparrow. SECOND ROW: E. Westergaard, D. Dupuis, D. Gill, S. Richards, J. Laposky, K. Nickerson, P. Williams, B. Brooks, D. Stevenson, K. Landers, S. Bessom, P. Morgan, V. Perreault, J. Nickerson. THIRD ROW: Mr. Miller, F. Turner, C. Young, S. Blakely, J. Barry, M. Henry, C. Hoffman, A. Nichols, P. Ireland, N. Nickerson, J. Sencebaugh, K. Constant, J. Hastings, S. Moore. FOURTH ROW: J. Buck, B. Rowell, R. Kmiec, B. Mac Donald, P. Anderson, S. Smith, K. Vanbuskirk, R. Blomme, P. Daniels, N. Cozart, B. Holt, J. Sparrow, E. Ketchen. FIFTH ROW: C. Berrio, R. Hopkins, L. Perry, L. Williams, S. Savage, L. Jones, G. Plimpton, D. Atwood, T. Pellegrino, J. Perreault, D. Constant, L. Hyman, M. Tulloch, J. Reynolds. EIGHTH GRADE For the first time the eighth grade was divided into three sections ranging from 8-1 to 8-3. This was due to the increase in the number of students because of regionalization. At the beginning of the year, we elected class officers. The manner in which we did this was new but brought forth desirable results. Members of our class submitted their names for candidacy and l were elected by class members. During class meetings we discussed field trips to museums and class dances. We ' ve given several dances which were very successful. In all of the school activities the eighth grade has shown fine school spirit. SEVENTH GRADE After the election of our class officers, we had our first class meeting of the year. It was an¬ nounced at our next class meeting that the eighth grade was going to welcome us into the Junior High by putting on a dance for us. This fine dance was held in October. After a little " breaking in, " we decided to return the dance. At the last minute it was postponed because of a basketball game the same night. Finally, after much waiting, we had the dance on March 4 with much success. To top off the year the seventh grade attended a wonderful Junior-Senior Prom, the highlight of our first year at Nauset Regional High School. President L. SQUIRE Vice President D. JOY Secretary L. TAYLOR Treasurer S. HORTON ACTIVITIES STUDENT COUNCIL The first Student Council for Nauset Regional High has been working hard both to represent their fellow students and set a good example for the future student councils of the school. Some of its accomplishments have been the following: serving refreshments to the visiting teams during the fall sports season, organizing the Tuesday morning assemblies, running the class officers ' elections, the making and posting of fire-drill posters, es¬ tablishing and running the Lost and Found Department, serving as guides for the Open House during Education Week and, running the Christmas Program. The Council meets once a week to discuss the problems students bring to us, plan ways in which we may be useful to the school, and give our approval or disapproval to items ranging from the cheerleaders ' uniforms to the school seal. Left to right; Secretary - GAIL KOCH Corresponding Secretary - BARBARA CHASE President - RAYMOND SQUIRE Vice President - VERNON COSTA HONOR SOCIETY The National Junior and Senior Honor Societies do not, as their names imply, base membership solely on scholarship. Not only scholarship, but leadership, char¬ acter, service, and citizenship are required of their mem¬ bers, who are selected by the faculty on the basis of these qualifications. Scholastically, a student, must attain honor roll status for two successive marking terms in order to qualify for membership. Inductions are held twice a year, in the spring and fall. G. Koch, B. Chase, D. Chapin A newly created program makes it possible for any student to seek scholastic aid from any qualified Honor Society member. The society holds an annual dance and takes a yearly pleasure trip, usually to Boston. SENIOR A Comedy in Three-Acts by Aurand Harris CAST Millie Myers - - ■ Flory Patterson - • Gilmore Picker - Mrs. Patterson - - Mr. Peabody - - ■ Mavy Patterson - Charlie McCulley Betty Ferguson - - Douglas Schaeffer Christine Roberts ■ Gertrude Mason - Phillip Peabody - - - JUDITH GALLANT JEANETTE CAURANT - RICHARD PHILBRICK - - - LINDA TOOMEY - BRUCE MacPHERSON PAULETTE REMILLARD -JAY SCHOFIELD - - KATHLEEN PETERS -LEO LEARY -GAIL KOCH - - ALISON ULLMAN - - RAYMOND SQUIRE Under the Direction of MR. MONCRIEFF COCHRAN MR. DAVID A. GATES November 20 and 21, 1959 PLAY " AND NEVER BEEN KISSED " This was the play presented by the Class of ' 60 this year. Mr. Gates and Mr. Coch¬ ran had a hard time trying to schedule re¬ hearsals what with soccer, field hockey, work and then basketball to contend with. But finally we all settled down to some se¬ rious studying, realizing that this was our Senior Play. We had our share of hilarious laughs and also the inevitable disappoint¬ ments, discouragements and fear that the play would never be staged. True to theatre tradition though, the show must go on, and so ours did. We all felt the play was a suc¬ cess and again wish to thank Mr. Gates and Mr. M. Cochran and all those who worked on scenery etc. Without their help our un¬ forgettable comedy would never have come alive. YEARBOOK EDITORS SEATED, left to right; Donna Sivee, Circulation Editor; Jay Schofield, Advertising Editor; Pete Soule, Editor-in-Chief; Jon Fife, Photography Editor; Have Willard, Sports Editor. STANDING: Jeanette Caurant and Linda Toomey, Associate Editors. Mr. Craig of Craig Studio deserves a wealth of credit for his work. All of the photography in this annual was made possible by his generous devotion of time and skill. We will always be grateful to you, Mr. Craig. For all your knowledge and time which you so freely contributed, Mr. Edwards, we of the yearbook staff will always be sincerely appreciative. Without you to guide us and help us, this yearbook would have been an impossibility. Thank you. YEARBOOK STAFF 1 1 The size of the 1960 yearbook staff is in itself evidence of the increased emphasis which has been placed upon it. Whereas most of the past yearbook staffs have been composed of but a hand¬ ful of editors and typists, this year ' s organization consists of nearly fifty stu¬ dents. The impressive size of this group seems to imply unwieldiness, but the fact that it is subdivided into several separate sections (advertising, circulation, sports, photography, and general editing) makes for a rapid and smoothly functioning system. The main feature of this year ' s staff is a sort of apprenticeship program. The yearbook staff is no longer restricted to just seniors, but freshmen, soph¬ omores, and juniors may belong. The theory behind this rather radical change is that the junior members may accumulate experience, thus leading to a pro¬ gressively improving yearbook. ORCHESTRA BAND MR. FRANK B. JAMES The New England Conservatory of Music, B.M. ORCHESTRA and BAND The first Orchestra and Band of Nauset Regional High School are comprised of stu¬ dents from the entire school, under the expert direction of their conductor, Mr. Frank B. James. The groups meet Monday thru Thursday during 5th period to practice for their many school activities and interscholastic festivals in which they participate. The variety of music and the expressive manner in which it is presented is evidence of the talent which these promising groups possesses. PAM COLLINS - Orchestra Mistress LEO LEARY - Orchestra and Band Captain JONATHAN FIFE and JOHN HINCHLEY - Band Managers ROBERT HAND and SUSAN ROCK - Librarians MAJORETTES CHOR US The Nauset Regional High School Chorus is comprised of a selected group of students from the ninth through the twelfth grades. This group comprised of the Wellfleet Chorus and Orleans Chorus got off to a good start under the directions of Mrs. Ryder. The elected officers of this organization were; President, Barbara Chase; Vice President, Jeanette Caurant; Secretary, Jon Fife; Librarian, Cathy Baldwin. At its first performance, the Christmas Assembly, the chorus ' Courageously ' sang " Twas the Night Before Christmas " under the direction of its secretary. A selected group attended the Cape Cod Music Festival at Chatham. Also, this year there were 7 who attended the New England Music Festival at Plainville, Connecticut in April. They were: Tim Fife, Skip Daisy, Charlie Carey, Leo Leary, Judi Gallant, Barbara Chase and Dave Daniels. GLEE CLUB The Glee Club is an all girl singing organization. This year there are 29 members from the ninth through twelve grades. Every year the Glee Club puts on a Christmas program and a Spring Concert at the Glee Club Formal. This is their biggest event of the year, which means many long hours of preparation for the concert, the theme, and the decorations. Each member invites a boy to the formal and the general public is invited to the concert, which is put on around 8:30 p.m. After this the girls and their dates enjoy dancing to an orchestra. The final appearance of the group is at Baccalaureate where a hymn is sung to set the solemn mood. Vocal Director - MRS. RYDER Boston University, MMU Christian College, AAB F.T.A The Nauset Future Teachers of America Club began its fifth year with a new advisor, Mr. Boyn¬ ton. It was through the efforts and help of Mr. M. Cochran that the F. T. A. first came to us. Our first business this year was electing officers: Judi Gallant - President; Kathy Peters - Vice President; Michele Harris - Treasurer; Carol St. Aubin - Historian and Jane Winchester - Librarian. Under Mr. Boynton ' s direction we planned several projects. The first was the banquet for all the Cape’s F. T. A. clubs. The purpose was to thank them for inviting us to their schools last year. Dur¬ ing the year we have observed classes and have done some practice teaching. We have invited several teachers to our meetings to discuss their teaching practices and theories. On the lighter side of our meetings, we have movies sponsored by the Nauset Education Associa¬ tion and we have presented a play to arouse interest in our club. Trips were also taken to different colleges. Our activities are designed to help answer some important questions: Do I want to teach? What do I want to teach? This year has certainly been a help in answering some of these questions. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB The photography club, which is new this year, is made up of approximately twenty-six members. Its officers are: Bill Holt, president; Ken Forsberg, vice president; Karen Nickerson, secretary-treasurer; and Mr. Pettengill, advisor. The purpose of the club is to further the interest and improvement of pic¬ ture taking and to teach the fundamentals of developing pictures. From time to time the club engaged in various projects. One of these was the taking, developing, and printing of all pictures for the pamphlets which were passed out at open house. The photography club also helped with the candid shots pages for the yearbook. VARIETY Our an¬ nual show this year proved to be one of the best in terms of par¬ ticipants and effort put forth by all concerned. Mrs. Blake and Mrs. Evens provided the guiding hand and the imaginative mind of Mr. Smith provided the broad shoulders to fall back on when we erred. The Master of Ceremonies was the Will Rogers-like Murray Savage and his assistant, the man of the world, Ray Squire. SHOW One of the acts was the bearded Juniors and their beatnik inter¬ pretation. Others included Sandra Blomme ' s pantomiming wiz¬ ards, and Leo Leary ' s " Detention 5 plus 2 . " The show was very successful and was enjoyed by all. It will certainly be a well-remembered two nights in the minds of all who took part. ONE-ACT PLAY LIBRAR Y AND OFFICE HELP STANDING, left to right: Aline Boilard, Mrs. Baker, Alison Ullman, Anna Mae Ulles. SEATED: Dotty Ann Delaney, Claire Hollis, Suzanne Athearn, Carol St. Aubin. STANDING: Priscilla Turner, Ann Mae Ulles, Sabra Lombard, Ida Jane Sell, Pamela Collins, Ann Knowles, Donna Sivee, Cathy Baldwin, Mrs. Gray. SEATED: Jackie Boyd, Sally Drown, Janette Eldredge, Paulette Remillard, Barbara Neese. ” CHATEAU” We started planning for our Prom early in the school year. After much delibera¬ tion, a theme was decided upon: - a castle in France " Chateau d’Orleans. A commit¬ tee was sent to Boston to acquire the dec¬ orations and upon their return, work was begun to assemble silhouettes of dancers, castles, etc. with which we adorned the bleak walls of the gymnasium. A lovely mural of a castle was generously donated by Arthur Gallant, and attracted a great deal of attention. A great deal of work went into the plan¬ ning and the decorating for this " spectacular " and the dream of every Junior was realized as the finishing touches were put on ap- d’ORLEANS ” proximately one half hour before the dance was to commence! It wasn ' t until late that afternoon that Pete and Ray struck upon the idea of a small swimming pool with several baby ducks paddling around in it. It cer¬ tainly served as an intriguing and unique centerpiece, and was the source of many • laughs as the little ducks persisted in leav¬ ing their pool and joining the dancers on the floor. That night, which took many enthralled young couples for an evening in " gay Paris, " will not soon be forgotten. ART The Nauset Regional Art Classes under Mr. Bolton ' s guidance have made progress this year. Separate rooms used expressly for Art projects and new equipment has also helped this program. At the Nauset Regional Openhouse an exhibition of charcoal, pastel, pen and pencil drawings and water colorings was very impressive. Other projects being worked on now and to be started are: ceramic bowls and sculpted heads, that will be glazed in the kiln; oil painting, jewelry and copper enameling, poured molded ceramics,. copper tooling and various worthwhile and interesting art projects. MR. EDWARD BOLTON School of the Museum of Fine Arts Tufts University, A.B. Salve Regina College Bridgewater State Teachers College, M.Ed. ATHLETICS FIELD HOCKEY Nauset l Nauset 5 Nauset 0 Nauset 3 Nauset 1 Nauset 0 Barnstable 7 Chatham 0 Barnstable 11 Chatham 2 Harwich 0 Harwich 1 LETTER WINNERS M. Bonnell R. A. Knowles H. B. Chase N. G. Koch P. S. Rogers P. M. Reed P. Dunsford L. Harper Knowles K. Cochran Lee K. VanBuskirk Collins J. McArthur Tullock G. Henry Smith K. Peters, Mgr. SOCCER Nauset 1 Nauset 4 Forfeit Nauset 2 Nauset 3 Nauset 5 Forfeit Nauset 3 Nauset 2 Nauset 4 Nauset 3 Nauset 3 Nauset 4 Nauset 5 Nauset 0 Nauset 4 Sandwich 1 Barnstable 0 Harwich 0 Falmouth 1 Dennis - Yarmouth 0 Chatham 2 Tabor 0 Barnstable 1 Dennis-Yarmouth 5 Chatham 1 Tabor 3 Falmouth 0 Sandwich 1 Harwich 3 This past season, being the very first for Nauset, was a success in many ways. Although losing their mathematical chance for the championship as the result of an unfortunate incident, the boys gained invaluable experience in sportsmanship. After a momentary let-down they showed the same drive and spirit that was characteristic of their play all season. A fine tribute was paid to the team when six were chosen for the All-Star squad. Those selected capped a fine season by putting on an outstanding performance in the post season All-Star game. For these reasons this premier season will linger long in the memories of fans and students alike. LETTER WINNERS B. MacPherson G. Schofield J. Schofield B. Corrigan J. Hinckley A. Fulcher A. Fancy P. Soule B. Wilcox R. Squire T. Fife V. Costa D. Chapin D. Danials, Mgr. SCORERS J. Schofield B. Wilcox A. Fulcher P. Soule G. Schofield R. Squire J. Davis P. Winslow Total 13 9 7 4 4 2 1 1 41 BASKETBALL FRONT ROW, left to right: Barb Wilkinson, Barb Dunsford, Amy Hooper, Barb Chase, Paula Hatch, Carol St. Aubin. BACK ROW: Coach Turnbull, Linda Toomey, Gail Koch, Sheila Bonnell, Janet Huntley, Martha Bonnell, Kathy Peters, Sue El dredge; Managers, Mickey Har¬ ris, Judy Gallant. This year ' s illustrious team finally reached the pinnacle of Lower Cape basketball, dethron¬ ing Sandwich, a goal that other teams have been striving towards for many seasons. Although losing to Barnstable in the final playoff for Cape supremacy, the girls performed admirably, as was their custom throughout the season. Possessing a masterful defense and a well-balanced offense, coupled with a dedicated coach, the team displayed excellent co-operation and spirit in comprising a squad that anyone would find a pleasure to watch. 1959-60 SEASON Nauset 37 Nauset 27 Nauset 30 Nauset 43 Nauset 15 Nauset 31 Nauset 36 Nauset 41 Nauset 30 Nauset 34 Nauset 39 Nauset 33 Nauset 31 Sandwich 9 Barnstable 44 Alumni 27 Harwich 31 Dennis-Yarmouth 26 Falmouth 37 Provincetown 15 Chatham 13 Harwich 32 Sandwich 32 Chatham 30 Provincetown 19 Cape Playoff Barnstable 46 CAPE C A M P S COD BASKETBALL FRONT ROW, left to right: Abe Fulcher, Bob Corrigan, Bob Wilcox, Dick Stevenson, Vern Costa. BACK ROW: Coach Mr. Donahue, Jay Schofield, Bruce MacPherson, Pete Soule, Dayton Chapin, Gene Schofield, Wayne Joseph. LETTERWINNERS Dayton Chapin Vern Costa Bob Corrigan Abe Fulcher Bruce MacPherson Pete Soule Jay Schofield Dick Stevenson Bob Wilcox John Hinckley, Mgr. Dave Danials, Mgr. Although this year ' s squad did not set the league on fire, it deserves praise for its spirit, hustle, and drive. Spurred on under the tutelage of one of the Cape ' s outstanding coaches the boys never lacked for leadership or drilling. With only one returning member from last year, the predominently senior club acquired many a valuable lesson in battling their Cape ad¬ versaries, while several times mak¬ ing their more experienced foes work hard for their victory. OLD FAITHFULS 1959-60 SEASON Nauset 63 Nauset 59 Nauset 45 Nauset 48 Nauset 43 Nauset 35 Nauset 46 Nauset 39 Nauset 38 Nauset 38 Nauset 40 Nauset 51 Nauset 36 Nauset 32 Nauset 56 Sandwich 37 Barnstable 82 Alumni 74 Harwich 55 Dennis-Yarmouth 62 Falmouth 36 Provincetown 52 Chatham 54 Harwich 65 Sandwich 53 Chatham 68 Provincetown 47 Bourne 66 Barnstable 68 Alumni 45 SCORERS Stevenson G F P 50-38-138 Soule 42-32-116 Costa 40-20-100 Fulcher 33-21- 87 J. Schofield 30-22- 82 Wilcox 20-11- 51 MacPherson 21- 8- 50 Chapin 12- 6- 30 G. Schofield 2- 7- 11 J. V. SQUAD FRONT ROW, left to right; Duane Fulcher, Stu Moore, Dave Atwood, Pete Winslow, Paul Daniels, Andy Pierce. STANDING; Coach Miller, Jim Buck, John Perreault, Gene Valli, Keith Van Buskirk, John Stewart, Fred Turner, Managers Bill Holt, and Kim Boyd. SPRING SPOR TS Although no pictures were avail¬ able by press time and the records of last year ' s squad were inadvert¬ ently destroyed, Regional High School has a full program of spring sports. Our baseball, softball, and track teams compete with the other schools on the Cape. Our apologies to last year’s teams for not having their pictures in this annual. The Editors CLASS PROPHECY , Cont. New Discovery! Barb Neese has finally formulated to perfection a cosmetic that is guaranteed to hide any blush - I wonder who her best customer is? Kathy Peters is currently teaching a refresher course in mathematics for worn -out math teachers. Kate reports some familiar faces in her classroom - I wonder who? Seems that the latest fad is stowing away on Air Force planes and our own Lil Bynoe heads the list. Tell us, Lil, what’s so intriging about those planes? Delightful Dick Philbrick is no longer selling his delicious deep-fried delicacies since the National Park moved in. It ' s reported that Dick has joined the underground movement against the ruination of private enterprise. Fixed quiz shows plus the payola craze of the late 1950 ' s has risen again! Quiz¬ master Hand is exposed! Mark Van Hand pleaded guilty to charges of moral corruption of quiz-shows while Jazz Jockey Delaney pleads the 5th to charges of advancing sales of Rotten Records, Inc. Will the people of America accept this ... or crucify these deceived individuals? Our faithful Miss Central, Anna Mae Ulles, was seriously maimed when the antiquated switchboard toppled over on her during the frenzy of a transatlantic call. She ' s doing as well as can be expected. After joining the Foreign Legion Nursing Corps, Sue Athearn traveled to Algeria where she is currently tending sick camels - for recreation, I hear she ' s charming BIG snakes, with her magical flute. Nurse, Aline Boilard, was asked to resign her post as head supervisor of a ward at the Ailee Paine Hospital where she was found asleep in the elevator shaft. Life Fotos went bankrupt when Craig Studios took over the Death Valley region. It is rumored that Jon has taken up professional bass playing. He reports that the competition is lower, and wages higher - Good Luck, Jon! The director of the original Tanny Gyms, Vern Costa, has completed his much awaited for book entitled " Sweat it out, " I hear it is pretty HOT! Tarzan returns in a smash-hit starring Joe Davis . . . playing the part of the lead¬ ing monkey. How do you like Show Biz, Joe? Psychoanalyst, Leo Leary, has finally perfected his much needed anti-persecution pill. His previous attempts left patients feeling too superior. Hollywood has claimed one of our illustrious classmates. Actor Bob Gibson, recently completed his latest 4-D film " I Was a Teenage Wolf. " Hear tell old Bob is planning an early retirement. CLASS PROPHECY, Cont. The former Miss Ida Jane Sell is happily married to a prosperous businessman. She is now known as Ida Jane Purchase. After finally graduating summa cum laude from Boston College with a degree in literature, Jeanette Caurant has published her first book; " The Life of a Navy Man in Korea. " THIS should be a best seller! Cagey, Charlie Carey, has clipped a new Pontiac for his wife. Sneaky Sandie Bloome ' has clipped a new Pontiac for her spouse. Rumor has it there will be a new Pontiac Incorporation soon. Never famous for her height, Sheila Lussier was seriously injured when she was struck down by a hit and run roller skate. I dare say she will recover! We have just received word that Jackie Boyd has accomplished an " UNBELIEVABLE” feat! She made it around the world in 79 days - on horseback! The light weight in the saddle must have been a great time saver. Rocket expert Werhner Von Fife was last seen heading way out! Seems he got his foot caught in the launching gear. Now you ' re really in orbit, T! Among the many enjoyable TV programs available to the viewer, Dave Willard ' s show, BLIMEY heads the list. On his show, Da ve gives play-by-play sports casting of all national and international women ' s athletic events. I hear he’s doing very well. Barry Weber has invented a new, improved automatic shorthand taker which requires no effort on her part, what-so-ever, I guess she ' s living royally on the royalties! Mary Sheehan is currently employed as a tutor. I understand she ' s helping mediocre English students to struggle through the year. Is it true they ' re all seniors, Mary? Rhoda Reed has taken over the " Coffee Break " where she was formerly employed. She has enlarged the place and redecorated it and rumor has it that she’s doing a boom¬ ing business. Good going and good luck, Rhoda! Down Florida way, the Remillard Foods Stands, Inc., have put the " Woo-Woo Gins- berger " out of business with the new bigger and better " Woo-Woo Nealberger. " The fantastic wrestling combo, " Crewcut Corrigan " and " Forelock Fulcher " have gained world renowned acclaim for their K.O. watch with the former champs - " Hay¬ stack Calhoun " and " Gorgeous George " ! However, I doubt if the management was overly appreciative of the gaping hole in the arena roof! (continued somewhere else) It was about ten years ago that the idea of a regional school for this area first came to the surface but it failed in the first round to even reach the stage of a formal recom¬ mendation. In 1953 it came up again but four of the five towns involved rolled up majority votes against it. Finally, on November 23, 1956, Eastham, Orleans and Wellfleet voted to establish a regional school district and appropriated $10, 000 for its initial expenses. Ten months later, September 23, 1957, these towns authorized the District to borrow $100, 000 for building plans and a firm bid for their construction and on May 26, 1958, authorization was given to borrow $1, 500, 000. A general building contract was signed June 19, 1958 and the school was opened September 17, 1959, al¬ though the project was not substantially completed until about the end of the year. Many people played considerable parts in the successive stages of the development of this enterprise and others contributed by resisting and opposing it, thereby forcing those who were for it to do the best they could instead of doing just enough to just barely get by. Someone said to one of us after we had approval of the big borrowing that from there on it would probably be just good clean fun. This did not prove to be altogether the case. We say to you and to those who will come after you for perhaps at least a generation, that now that the building has been substantially completed, it will be you and nobody else who will determine whether the building is any good or not and while we hope you will have fun, it will not be fun but hard work that will make the answer what we hope it will be. Our faith is strong that our hopes are in good hands. Photo by Quinn Studio filif CUSTODIAL STAFF STANDING: Raymond Westergaard Eddy Nichols William Holt Sammy Smith George Cowen KITCHEN STAFF STANDING, left to right: Bertha Meads, Pearl Hopkins, Anna Henry, Louise Fulcher, and Berthanna Richardson. ADVERTISERS Compliments of Compliments of MURRAY’S THE SPORT SHOP Sales TV Service FITZ’S RADIO SHOP Jet. Rt. 6 and 2 8 Home Phone 40 1 Compliments of Orleans, Mass. CENTRAL GARAGE phone 556 RCA - Zenith - Admiral - Emerson - Dumont HERBERT F. WILCOX . Orleans, Mass. Phone: 118 Compliments of ROWENA’S BEAUTY SHOP Best Wishes of Success to the Class of ’60 and RED’S BARBER SHOP CHARLES H. WATSON CO. BETH BISHOP Compliments of Orleans EASTHAM Smart fashions styled for smart young women SUPERETTE CAPE COD TRUST COMPANY Harwich Port, Massachusetts Branch Office at Orleans, Mass. Commercial Banking Business Loans Personal Loans Savings Department Trust Department Safe Deposit Boxes Travelers Cheques Member F. D. I. C. Build with care - Use “CAREMIX” concrete . Now serving the lower and upper parts of the Cape. Bourne Plant - - - Locust 3-3948 Hyannis Plant 5-5615 Spring 5-5616 Congratulations to The Class of I9 60 THE DOWNS AGENCY Wellfleet Mass DAISY-LESSER, INC. Plumbing and Heating Contractor Compliments of Wellfleet Mass WELLFLEET Compliments of PAINE’S GARAGE PACKAGE STORE Wellfleet Mass. Compliments of WASH-O-MAT A. F. SMITH SONS Main Street Orleans Hardware - Plumbing Tel. 361 Heating Cash and Carry Service Laundry and Dry Cleaning Orleans Mass. Rug Cleaning Fur Storage MISS ROGER’S Compliments of FLOWER SHOP and GREENHOUSE W. H. SNOW SON Flowers for All Occasions Telegraph Service and Delivery Tel. Orleans 884 Route 6 - - Orleans, Mass. Sport Fishing On the QUAHAUG Telephone: Orleans 1271 Out of Wellfleet Harbor WARRENTON A. WILLIAMS Congratulations REALTOR INSUROR CON LAINE G. A. R. Highway BEAUTY SALON Success and happiness in Eastham, Mass. j all your undertakings. AL HOLLERS TV Sales and Service BREWSTER VARIETY STORE Groceries Hi-Fi Phono Records Accessories, Radio, Television Esso Gas and Oil Bottled L. P. Gas Main Street Brewster EARL K. ELDREDGE Manager Tel. Twinoakes 6-3 606 Compliments of Compliments of WILLIAM’S GARAGE VIC AND MAC’S LUNCHEONETTE Brewster Massachusetts Main Street Brewster Our wish is that this building may be a source of inspiration -- not only to the present occupants but to the coming gen¬ erations who will pass through its portals and accumulate knowledge in its class rooms. THE ARCHITECTS Compliments of SIMEON ATWOOD CO. Compliments of Wellfleet Mass. Compliments of MURRAY’S PHARMACY NELSON’S MARKET, INC. Provincetown Wellfleet Compliments of Compliments of LIGHTHOUSE RESTAURANT EMILLE OLLIVIER SON Certified Arborists THE SHOW CASE Infants, Children and Teens Wear Orleans Mass. Route 6 S. Wellfleet Compliments of OCEAN VIEW GARAGE SUTTON’S Eastham Home Furnishings Complete Automobile Repairs Orleans Lawn Mower Repairs RICH CO., INC. MAYO’S DUCK FARM, INC. Fresh Dressed Chickens and Ducks South Orleans Mass. Compliments of MARSTON E. DALEY THREE ACRE’S COTTAGES Building Contractor and Designer Custom Built Homes Best Wishes to the Class of ' 60 LOUIS K. GREGORY ROGERS AND GRAY REAL ESTATE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Orleans 505-W Dependable Personal Service Route 6 Since 190 6 Orleans, Mass. North Eastham N. A. NICKERSON, SR. Compliments of Hot Mix Drives Road Construction JAMES L. DELORY, JR. Eastham Orl. 393M3 Orleans Mobil Service Orleans, Mass. THAYER’S Tel. Orleans 700 FLOWER GIFT SHOPS WHISPERING PINES MOBIL " The Central Cape Florist " SERVICE Orleans So. Harwich Eastham, Mass. Tel. Orleans 800 _ BACKUS SOULE Compliments of Jewelers SIDNEY T. SWAN Orleans Ma s s. Best Wishes from FIRST NATIONAL STORES Compliments of Compliments of ORLEANS FURNITURE CO. RAY PERREAULT- Compliments of EARTHMOVER, INC. THOMPSON BROS. Orleans Compliments of Wines - Liquors - Beer L. R. ELLIS FULLERS PACKAGE STORE INCORPORATED Compliments of LOUIS AND " REG " HIGGINS HOME OWNERS Route 6 Orleans, Mass. SUPPLY CO. — Free Delivery Tel. 63 __ Compliments of SKAKET BEACH MOTEL EAGLE WING MOTEL ORLEANS ESSO CUMMING’S STORE C. A. BATSON CO. CABCO General Contractors Juniper 6-7900 P. O. Box 436 Brockton, Mass. All Good Graduates Compliments of Read THE CASSEROLE KITCHEN THE CAPE CODDER in East Orleans BLEEKER MARTIN Compliments of Compliments of j DAVID H. BESSOM’S STORE CAPE COD RUBBER CO., INC. East Orleans Compliments of Congratulations to the Class of I960 HOPKINS CLEANERS WHALEWALK FARM Orleans Mass. NAUSET " SARGE " SARGENT ' S OIL CO., INC. GOOSE HUMMOCK Watchdog Service SHOP Budget Payment Plan Everything for the Sportsman Kerosene and Fuel Oil Outboard Motors - Sales and Service Phone Orl. 699 or 783 Orleans, Mass. Tel. 455 Orleans, Mass. Cape Cod v j’T- $ ' Compliments of Gifts KATHARINE B. HALL ORLEANS CENTER THE INTERNATIONAL SHOP MOTEL Orleans on Cape Cod Compliments of Compliments of SANFORD’S DENISE ANN BAKE BARBER SHOP SHOPPE Orleans Main St. , Orleans Tel. 623 Compliments of JOHN N. LOWELL EASTHAM LOBSTER POOL, INC. REALTOR Orleans Tel. 8993 Main St. , Orleans Tel. 400 Compliments of ORLEANS BOB’S SUNOCO SERVICE FLYING " A " SERVICE CENTER LEO H. CUMMINGS, Prop. ROBLEY E. FULCHER JR. Tires - Batteries - Accessories Motor Rebuilding Orleans Mass. Route 6 A Tel. Orl. 440-W Compliments of Compliments of NICKERSON RIDGEWOOD MOTEL and FUNERAL COTTAGES HOMES Orleans Wellfleet S. Orleans, Mass. Province town Compliments of ORLEANS INN Orleans on Cape Cod, Mass. Serving the Finest Goods and Liquors - Live Lobsters From Our Ocean Pools MAC REED’S Spacious Dining Rooms Overlooking the Cove BAIT SHOP Dancing on the Sunset Patio During Season Compliments of Freezer Service THE COFFEE BREAK Cranberry Highway, Orleans Post Office Block Orleans Orl. 190 ORLEANS Compliments of CAMERA SHOP " The Only Complete Camera Shop on the Lower Cape " HENRY T. CROCKER Orleans, Cape Cod, Mass. INSURANCE AGENCY M. C. ARMY AND NAVY STORES Orleans and Brewster Orleans Hyannis Everything for the Man and Boy in Work and Play Compliments of and Womens Sportswear ORLEANS Compliments of PHARMACY DR. JAMES LEACH COMPLIMENTS OF GOVERNOR PRENCE MOTOR LODGE Orleans, Massachusetts GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES to the Class of I960 ROBINSONS 5£ - 10£ - 25£ - $1.00 - STORES Orleans and So. Yarmouth THE FANCY’S Compliments of Early American Decorating Heirlooms Restored Route 28, Orleans, Mass. ORLEANS MOTORS JENNINGS PLUMBING HEATING Route 6 No. Eastham Mass, Compliments of BILL’S SUNOCO SERVICE JOHN’S SERVICE CENTER Route 28, Orleans, Mass. CAPE COD PHOTOS In appreciation for your help with our yearbook. End sheet pictures. Thank You Rt. 6, No. Eastham, Mass. Complete Auto Repairs Firestone Accessories V : ■ ' . ' J ' ' : ' WR Bi i JR®®- ' ?8j : jt WmStiBWM ! mi mMm flTf jHl mmm M9W «5 s8e f ” lit 11 rp? 1ia« I ' ' ■ !?§ a ‘ ||OwfT ?e f afi j Best Wishes to Class of I960 ORLEANS CO-OPERATIVE BANK Branch Hyannis Corner of Route 28 and Main Street, Orleans, Mass. CLASS PROPHECY, Co „, Seems that Pam Collins has been able to follow her chosen profession of ticket - selling. She is now residing in deepest, darkest, Africa where she sells tickets to her own show. Here she instructs cannibals in advanced methods of boiling people. I wonder where she got her excellent training? Interior decorator, Cathy Baldwin, has come up with the latest thing in wallpaper: BLANK WHITE! ! And it ' s selling like crazy! ! Keep up the good work, Cath! Have you read the new best-seller, " Make Yourself Remember " which is missing about 6 chapters? You can guess the author . . . good ol ' . . . good ol ' . . . ah, ah, . . . Sheila Bonnell! Judy Dickey and her husband have taken over General Mills, Inc. - The home of Betty Crocker! Judy does all the cooking while Hubby does the dishes! There’s the man with the dishpan hands! ! Janet Eldredge received the " No-Frown " prize for the biggest smile of the 20th century! What keeps you so happy, Jan? The world famous Pam Flinchbaugh has finally completed her greatest work of art . . . the painting of the baseboards in the White House in Washington. I doubt that anyone will EVER match her master work of art! East Podunk ' s High School ' s newest addition to the faculty, Judi Gallant, was the victim of a flying eraser. Apparently the eraser was innocently whipped across the room hitting Miss Gallant and knocking her out! It is reported that she suffered mostly from shock and will be back in class as soon as she has rested! Duck hunter Hinckley has caught a 500 lb. yellow bird. Seems some canary-lover grew a real brute and John blasted away when the bird broke its chains and landed on a pond. Why don ' t you pick on something your own size, John? Gayle Koch is now living in China, doing social work. I hear she ' s bringing " sun¬ shine " into everyone ' s life over there. Maybe that ' s why she ' s been nicknamed, " Sun¬ ny” ! Bob Wilcox is currently employed as the Driver Ed. instructor at the East Crash Bang H. S. He also has his own radio program, sponsored by VW, Inc., entitled " Safe Driv¬ ing For Teens. " We ' re all real proud of you. Bob! Mass confusion strikes peaceful Brewsterville! 500 chickens are loose! A member of the Rescue squad leads " Chase " to recover the chicks. The hero of the Chase - Ray Squire! Nice going, Ray! The former Micki Harris has opened a large nursery school - with her husband as disciplinary agent. I understand there are no outsiders allowed - its for her own kids only! Good Luck, Miki! Earle Luscombe, the wonder of Wellfleet - recently made his debut at Carnegie Hall, conducting his symphony orchestra. However, he was later arrested and jailed on charges of a fraudulent performance when it was discovered that the mellow music came from a tape recorder - and not from his orchestra! Tough luck, Earle, - can’t say you didn ' t try. Lil Harper sends her best to all, from her home down in the Sunny South. " Hi-ya ' all, " and how ' s things down in the land of the sun, Lil? Our own Jim Henry Nickerson attained fame and fortune after his brilliant discovery in the world of Medicine. Dr. Nickerson, a well-known veterinarian in these parts, recently perfected a serum to cure rabies and distemper in human beings. I hear it won’t be long before he ' ll try his new serum on real live dogs. Linda Toom ey has not been seen or heard from since the day she graduated from high school. I guess the shock was too much for her! ! Linda Toomey Robert Connors ‘ | ORLEANS BOWLING CENTER Open 1 P. M. - 12 Route 6A Orleans, Mass. Tel. Orl. 636 COMPLIMENTS OF CAMP MONOMOY CAMP WONO AND CAPTAIN DEL ASSOCIATES TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " Th« World But Yt rbook» Ar Taylor-mada "

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