Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA)

 - Class of 1957

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Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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r .T n —»l » % £ ' s X ' « - U i mnm +rnymm f- Mr. Richard Shaw, Class Advisor Dedication: “Mind is the great lever of all things; human thought is the process by which human ends are ultimately answered. " Daniel Webster Foreword We the class of 1957 dedicate this year book to our class advisor Mr. Shaw, and to our faculty members, whose patience and understanding have made our years at Orleans High School rewarding. We shall always appreciate their help. i First row L to R, Mr. Armand Guarino, Mr. Stanley Smith, Mr. Richard Shaw, Mr timer mgge.s, m:. - — Ed w ar d S Mr Herbert Pettengill. Second row L to R, Mrs. Helen Ostrander, Mrs. Ruth Denman Mrs. Georgia Lowell, Mrs Dorothy Fulcher, Miss Jane Tobey, Mrs. Edith Pierce. Third row L to R, Mr. Gordon Argo, Mr. Moncnefl Cochran, I Samuel Sherman, Mr. Bernard Collins, Dr. Stewart Brooks, Mr. Stanley Boynton; absent when picture was taken, Mrs. Lorraine Blanchon. Mr. Armand Guarino, Principal Mr. Sydney Pierce, Superintendent I Peter Tristram Arnold “Pete” Sportswriter “Darling, do take your gruel!” Baseball 1-2-3-4, Co-capt. 4, Basketball 3, Soccer 3-4, Chorus 2-3, Orchestra 1-2, Play Competition I, Circus 1-2, Variety Show 4, Prize Speaking 3, Hobby - Puerto Ricans Samuel Alan Bartlett “Al” Sell “Let ’er honk” Participated in class projects, Hobby-cars cars Sondra Wain Beardwood Woody” Secretary “Chunk!” Cheerleading 3-4, Chorus 1-2, Play Competition 3, Senior Play 4, Junior Prom, Speech Club 4, Fash¬ ion Show 4, Hobbies - cheering, collecting post¬ cards, photography Katherine Murray Boyer “ Zelda ” Ride in a Helicopter “Please” Glee Club 2-3-4, Chorus 2-3-4, Softball 3, Play Competition 3, Student Council 2-3-4, Senior Play, Speech and Drama Club 4, Fashion Show 4, Va¬ riety Show 3, Junior Prom, Yearbook Staff, Hob¬ bies - swimming, sleeping Edward Clarke Brookshire “Brook” Jet Pilot “Shut up” Basketball 4, J.V. Basketball 2-3, Senior Play 3-4, Play Competition 1-3, Junior Prom, Student Coun¬ cil 2-3-4, Vice pres. 4, Hobbies - collecting and building model air craft, and ships Ellen Priscilla Cady “El” Teach and Travel “I See - -” Class Secretary 1-2-3-4, Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Treas¬ urer 4, Chorus 2-4, Honor Society 1-2-3-4, Bas¬ ketball 1-2, Manager 3, Softball Manager 1-3, Play Competition 1-2-3, Senior Play, Junior Prom, Variety Show 3, F.T.A. 4, Girls’ State Alternate Delegate, Art 3, Yearbook Art Editor 4, Librarian 1-4, Prize Speaking 2-4, Hobby - Sewing s I Pamela Rae Crosby “Croz” Nurse “Finest Kind” Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Basketball 2, Junior Prom, Play Competition 3, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Freshman Paper 1, Senior Play, Fashion Show 4, Field Hock¬ ey 1-2, Softball 2, Hobbies - horses, swimming Dorothy Marie Dennison “Dottie” Housewife “Watch out, I’ll replace you with a human.” Glee Club 1-2-3, Chorus 1-2-3, Student Council 4, Honor Society 2-3, Cheerleader 3, Junior Prom, Hobby - record collecting ■I ‘Lu” Mary Lou Dunsford College “Better late than never” Chorus 2, Junior Prom, Play Competition 3, Se¬ nior Play, Yearbook Editor, Fashion Show 4, D.A.R. Good Citizenship 4, Freshman Paper 1, Hobby - bowling James McGregor Fife “Jim” To live each day to its fullest “Good Grief” Soccer 2, Track 2, Chorus 3, Play Competition 3, Hobbies - fishing, hunting, square dancing Peter Christopher Hamilton “Pete " Scrap Iron Business “Smackeroo dere Amos” Junior Play 3, Student Council 4, Vice-president of Senior Class, Hobbies - hunting, fishing, auto mechanics Douglas Higgins “Doug” To know “Happy people are disillusioned” Baseball 1-2-3-4, Basketball 2-3-4, Soccer 4, Senior Play 4, Student Council, F.T.A. 4, Speech Class 4, Play Competition 1, Prize Speaking 4, Hobby - music Jane Higgins “Spot” Creative Arts “Wait for me, Judy!” Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Basketball I-2-3-4, Field Hockey 2-3-4, Softball 1-2, Junior Plav, Senior Play, Drama and Speech Club 4, Band 3, Junior Prom, New England Chorus 3, Prize Speaking 3-4, Hobby - swimming Peter Carl Howerton “Pete” To succeed “See ya ’round the campus” Junior Prom, Senior Play Stage Crew 4, Play Competition 3, Hobbies - cars, hunting, mechanics Geraldine Harriett Kelly “Gerri " Art and Music “O’ Crumb!” Glee Club 1, Chorus 1-2-3, Art Class 1-2, Junior Prom, Hobbies - records, horseback riding, pen pals, swimming, water skiing ruftftk ' Sandra Rose Kelley “Sandy” Teach “C’est la vie” Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Field Hockey Manager 4, Play Competition 1-3, Senior Play, Prize Speaking 3, Variety Show 3-4, Junior Prom, Speech and Drama Club 4, Yearbook, Fashion Show 4, F.T.A. 4, Librarian 1-2, Hobbies - col¬ lecting miniatures and records Marilyn Mae Koch “ Mai ' Physical Therapist “Definitely” Basketball 1-2-3 Co-capt. 3, Softball 1-2-3, Field Hockey 2-3-4 Capt. 3, Freshman paper, Junior Prom, Student Council 1-2-3-4, Secretary 3-4, Art 1-2, Class Treas. 1-2-3-4, Senior Play 4, Play Competition 1-2-3, Inside O.H.S. 3, Hobbies - Swimming, pen pals, sports Carole Ann Landers “ Carole” Secretary “Eat a wrench” Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Cheerleading 3-4, Honor Society 2-3, F.T.A. 4, Librarian 4, School Treasurer 3-4, Prom, Play Competition 1-3, Senior Play Publicity 4, Girls’ State Rep. 3, New England Music Festival 2-3, Fashion Show 4, Yearbook Staff, Variety Show 3-4, Speech and Drama Club 4, Hobbies - music, reading Ingrid Martha Landers “Iggy” Medical Technology “Franger than Striction” Basketball 1-2-3-4, Captain 2-3, Softball 1-2-3-4, Play Competition 2, Senior Play 4, Speech and Drama Club 4, F.T.A. 4, Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Chor¬ us 1-2-3-4, Fashion Show 4, Variety Show 3-4, Junior Prom, Year Book, Hobbies - Music and Sports Virginia Grace Liska “Wiggles” Housewife “Don’t” Chorus 1-2-4, Glee Club 1-2-4, Junior Prom, Senior Play 4, Art 1, Hobbies - roller skating, reading, day dreaming Christopher Macomber “Chris” Commercial Pilot “Hell no” Basketball 2-3-4, Track 2-3, Art 1-2-3-4. Yearbook Art Editor, J.V. Basketball 1-2, Play Competition, Hobby - music Catherine Delia McAnistan “Kate” Physical Education Teacher “Wal, did you evah!” Basketball 1-2-4, Softball 1-2-3-4, Field Hockey 4, Play Competition 2-3, Speech and Drama Club 4, F.T.A. 4, Chorus 1-2-4, Variety Show 4, Prom, Senior Play, Fashion Show 4, Hobbies - records, reading Richard Carroll Neese “ Dickie” Math Teacher, Engineering “Keep a-goin’ ” Basketball 2-3-4, Baseball 3-4, J.V. Basketball 1, Senior Plays 3-4. Junior Prom, Stage manager 3, Yearbook Business Manager, F.T.A. 4, Hobbies - sports and girls Evelyn Elizabeth Nickerson “Ritdie” Dramatics or Teaching “Where there is a will, there is a way!” National Honor Society 1, Student Council 2-3-4, F.T.A. Vice-pres. 4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Co-capt., Softball 1-2-3-4, Hockey 2-3-4, Capt., Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Pres., Asst. Director, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Drama and Speech Club 4, Variety Show 3, Pro¬ ducer 4, Librarian 1, Inside O.H.S. 3, Junior Prom. Play Competition 3, Senior Play, Fashion Show 4, Hobbies - Sports, classical records Joan Lorraine Norgeot “ Fi-Fi” Housewife “Smile” Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Speech and Drama Club 4, Junior Prom, Fashion Show 4, Hobby - record collecting ■ . . “Ollie” Soccer 2-4, Play Competition 3, Hobby - wailing with Elvis Presley Sandra Lee Ormsby “Sandy” Secretary Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Fashion Show 4, Variety Show 3, Senior Play 4, Speech and Drama Club 4, Field Hockey 2-3-4, Hobby - piano Gail Ann Perreault “Pail Gerreault” Medical Secretary “Oh - - Beans!” Chorus 1-2-3, Glee Club 1-2-3, Play Competition 1-3, Junior Prom, Senior Play 4, Basketball 3-4, Asst. Manager 3, Manager 4, Drama and Speech Club 4, Hobby - having fun Robert Alan Peterson “Pete” Merchant Marine Baseball 1-2, Basketball 1-2, Soccer 2, Hobbies - hunting, cars Judith Alice Rapp “Judy” Teach “Hurry up, Jane!” Cheerleader 1, Newspaper ed. 1, Bowling team 1, Chorus 3-4, Glee Club 4, G.A.A. 2-3, F.T.A. 4, Speech and Drama Club 4, Prize Speaking 4, Hob¬ bies - swimming, driving ■ Almira Jane Robinson “Bevo” Medical Technologist “The moon is made of green cheese” Field Hockey 2-4, Basketball 1-2-4, Softball 2, Glee Club 1-2-3, Chorus 1-2-4, Honor Society 2-3-4, Fashion Show 4, Variety Show 3, Junior Prom, Senior Play 4, Hobby - indoor and outdoor sports Richard D. Ryder “Frankie” Scientist or engineer “Darned if you know; I don’t” Soccer 2-3-4, Stage Manager Senior Play 4, Bas¬ ketball Manager 4, Hobby - stamp collecting Rita Gail Shakliks “Shak” Private Secretary “Salami!” Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Cheerleader 1-2-3-4, Captain 3-4, Prom, National Honor Society 2-3-4, Vice-pres. 4, Fash¬ ion Show 4, Variety Show 3, Glee Club Secretary 4, Play Competition 3, New England Music Fes¬ tival, Freshman paper, Hobby - music of all kinds Chorus 2, Play Competition 1, Baseball 1, Hob¬ bies - automobiles, guns, stamps Nancy Ann West ‘Nan” Nurse “l don’t like that!” Chorus 1-2-4, Glee Club 1, Fashion Show 4, Orchestra 1-2, Art 1, Senior Play Refreshments, Junior Prom, Hobby - music of all kinds Jeffrey Lane Whitmore “Whit” College “Ulegitimi non Carborundum” Basketball 1-2-3-4, Co-capt. 4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Soccer 2-3-4, Co-capt. 4, Play Competition 1-2-3, Senior Play, Harvard Prize Book, Boys’ State Delegate, Representative to Student Government Day, Honor Society 2-3-4, Pres. 4, Student Coun¬ cil 1-2-3-4, Pres. 4, Vice-pres. of class 2, President of class 1-4, Prize Speaking 2-3-4, Hobbies - Pil¬ grims Point, music, the wild man, Uncle Howard specials, summer, and parties Barbara Jean Whitright “Whitty” Business Woman “That’s the way the ball bounces” Student Council 1-2-3, Glee Club 1-2-3, Chorus 1-2-3-4, F.T.A. 4, Drama and Speech Club 4, Hobby - 4-H work Jean Adelaide Williams “ Jcannic” Beaut i cia n Play Competition 1-2, Chorus 1-2, Hobby - Pho¬ tography J Doris Winn “ Dorrie” Air Force “Winners never lose, losers never win.” Basketball 1-2-3-4, Field Hockey 2-3-4, Softball 1-2-3-4, Play Competition 3, Chorus 1-3-4, Glee Club 4. F.T.A. 4, Senior Play, Hobbies - collecting stamps, silver pennies J.V. Basketball 1-2, Basketball 3-4, Senior Class Play Stage Crew 4, Hobby - hunting John Arthur Young “Reb” Air Force “Let ’er Honk, George!” Class Officers 1. to R, Marilyn Koch, treasurer, Jeffrey Whitmore, president, Peter Hamilton, vice-president, Ellen Cady, secretary. Junior Class 3 3 c o i E X fsi CL 3 O X s 3 c C 3 c L_ X 03 3 3 , u 03 s c o 3 o£ c C 3 3 L- 03 X £ 5 U .S C 03 o 03 a CJ 03 3 X JJ 3 x 03 c o X 3 12 03 C o Q 3 g .5 3 Q0 Jj Ctf cd 03 CL o 03 C o C 3 u, 3 -a c 3 z 3 X) o ac a. E a X 3 c o C 3 — 3 3 c = Z 15 D o 3 3 , 3 c c O aa 3 03 •- X i a D a c 3 -is 72 3 X o 3 -C «- 3 a oo x 3 CO 03 a: u o C 3 u 3 u 0 ) s E a. X c 03 o 3 c 03 N 3 ac o •3 o I X a o CO M ■ — X 3 1 ) X 3 CL C 3 U. X u 03 £ o Otj O u _ , u " 3 c uT 3 o u O 3 co o 3 o o 00 X £ C 3 l_ 00 .2 3 o u 3 t- cd 3 co C 5 u c 3 3 u 03 u 03 03 s o » co S X 03 C c o Q o CO X o Q- -o — t— 3 3 ; £ « 3 ti- CL £ O 3 E 03 3 T3 C 03 X 3 01) L- o 3 o .5 1X3 c O 3 3 C 3 3 01) u 03 55 s — O 03 C Z O a C 3 u. X O U 1) X 3 3 3 c c 3 U CL c T 1 u 03 £ 3 N 3 CO 0) c C o X X X U c 3 X 3 3 £ 3 c O ■D 3 c 3 X X CC u r 03 2 u Im o 5 E 3 Sophomore ci 0 o o «- oj h4 o U CO 3) 3 a o C Q c _ 1 W) l-J I w - ■O 2 £ D o co S-l E o C 5 C 5 0) Cfi 2 cti Q J£ T3 P i- % £ — CO ns c Q 5 «“ 8 w = 5) C 5 « qj CL co L 15 - ao c O O ( ) zs ■a is j= . ! cX c g " i l§ on W l J3 1) cl c « 8 - co S3 £ u o _ ' c - u u Z » o u =a e 5 § " o 1 5 r. CT3 c X O O co 1) .3 U CO .o 03 03 N « 33 O u 03 W xT 00 3 3 X) X o c E D CU D D £j C U » C U S w u c o E 3 Q 4) i c ca « O V— u 3. « u 3 2 1) J ■§ cx 2 j w o «: ca JC U 2 § 3 V5 3 on c ca c 00 w ; Q CX _ „ 1) r fl¬ ea _, 2 - g 03 C i_ a 5 !a »T 00 2 - O O C 2 u a , .c •= ° ca i—, s - x - o c o ca — E £ a 2 u U « c £ C3 Q = o N S O u, _ ca oj CO -E CO u c u 0? o SZ 3 00 - 3 CQ O Q JL CO 4 E 03 Freshman Class I 1 X CJ C 5 - u cd 2 CO C 03 C E 2 03 CL c u U C 3 D D 03 2 z C Cd c u 03 X) 1 ) CL u 03 CO ■a cd c U £ cd 0 u 33 a E CO CL 35 C 5 33 c , c U 0 C 5 c CO 1 2 ’53 c X Cd C 5 oC T3 0 s- 03 -l E 4) oc £ 0 u U 0 a3 C O — O D 03 C 5 CL J C W) ■O 0) % 2 T3 CO CO 2 , •w JZ D C 00 03 u l “ " 5 c f ■0 JL D •U D oc D 03 03 TZ S O X 03 2 C rv c c 03 E " O — u. 2 03 . — C O O CQ C 3 l " " " c i V »V OS c 5 0 03 C c 0 £ Q 0 •_ X t 3 W OJJ 3 03 E JO 1 u 0 -O u a 3 Ql J c 03 C T 3 0 u c X 3 JZ u u, 0 U 2 3 u 3 c CO O 2 2 _ D I 3 03 2 2 N •S C C 3 U 1 ) i3 CL TD •O aj u 0 cd , C 3 s JZ U f " JZ 03 E 3 a. 3 c — a a cd c D JZ 2 2 •w 33 Q C 03 D c -3 JZ c 03 N 03 u CQ 2 c 0 3 ►— C 5 C e. c T O c 3 1 ) 4- u u u w E 03 DC JJ o JZ 2 z 0 a C 3 E JZ 0 i E H 3 3 c 3 A DC E u tz E O 0 0 0 f- 2 K 2 ca T3 c £ O u CJ Q Z 3 u •0 c 2 3 JZ CJ H DC 0 c 3 U- 1) X ca 0 E c O oC ,, Q J4 CJ E c 3 2 E _o S X X CO u CL u 03 D. •O u u TZ 03 3 c 03 X X CJ C 5 c s r .2 c — 03 U 2 2 3 3 c CJ c u 3 1) E tz 0 5 q d3 jr c DC O 3 D 3 " 3 C — C 3 1) cd C u D — 00 2 O U 03 C 3 U E 0 u 2 0 •v L C 5 2 E cd CL » a L. 0 C 5 32 cd Q c T JL o c X 2 o • cd I c T 03 E o X H o t; iT Urn 3 or (75 c ca ■_ JZ y . cd O U 0 c 0 3 u s 03 zz M £ u U JZ V) .■0 — ’ ea O u. a x: - —• •t u - —» c a c C c CO c 2 0 0 L •— cd QC DC O C 3 O oc 2 C Ui D E X CJ 2 " 3 2 Q c T u U 2 O 2 X a. D D X C 3 0 O X CJ C 5 CJ) c 3 O C O — C 3 a u. x u O cC X 2 CJ 3 Ih a 5 a 0 a 0 CJ 35 3 u CO D r, a til) c (J5 0 Q . Yearbook Staff First row L to R. Christopher Macomber, Katherine Boyer, Carole Landers, Ellen Cady, Gail Shakliks, Richard Neese. Second row L to R. Marilyn Koch, Mary Lu Dunsford. Student Council First row L to R, Janice MacArthur, Jean Munsey, Katherine Boyer, Dorothy Dennison, Edward Brookshire, Marilyn Koch, Jeffrey Whitmore, Bon¬ nie Pierce, Evelyn Nickerson, Patricia Chace, Stasia Shakliks, Stephanie Bonnell. Second row L to R, Gene Schofield, Mon Cochran, Bruce Quinn, Kenneth Peterson, Peter Hamilton, David White, James Knowles, Mervyn Hammatt, Jay Brackett, Douglas Higgins, Mr. Guarino. Honor Society u 3 m - ' JS! : co 33 is £ JC C ' ' a 5 C U ’ ' 5 ! 3 ji : « E s £ g cs jc ; « 1 , c ■o o a 1 9 3 « o -J 00 , u u a 5 « ■5 CL «r 3 w £ o O o c c 5 “ 1 ) CT3 C g O ' 3 3 3 Chorus 07 SO " O 07 12 UJ 07 c 03 t C 3 2 1 ‘u X o TJ 03 U o a CL .2 Ui X r. c » X 07 J3 X C 3 C- o s o u T3 X U ■— 07 c r i 03 03 X C 73 07 a u 07 c X S « X o 03 4—3 03 P- 07 " X PC E oT E o s 4- ' C 07 C — 03 X 03 03 i S cu 07 £ 2 2 7 3 03 O 03 a . 03 c p4 .2 a o c c 03 N a CO O o es 07 z §=5 C 2 c . ■£■ c « m © „ ffl w o v 93 03 93 93 ea X) u CS CQ C £ o c 03 («? X „ ■X 93 c 3 c 5 3 (55 o X — X H x ua •a 3 .22 c U- — O u, o 03 X) u 03 CQ 07 C c 1 ) CQ o Q oi 03 CO c o 73 J .g N© E E CD 03 u ”0 C 03 CO tT a 5b oo - 03 2 i (55 UL a3 s C ... 03 .22 c c °- o S £ OS c3 X PC - O K — o 07 DO 07 c o3 X O X Ctf 73 o z c 03 O C o o u C 3 CS X c o C 5 k. 93 x c x L_ 03 o X =s o 1 ) S . « • j Cu a c« _ r i c c o CQ , iS a S 93 X C 3 1 2 — 03 00 c« 93 u X x P « o t 3 . 93 U, •o 3 03 93 X x x 60 X £ c jo 03 Q c c o CQ 07 -o c 03 i-) o U o X O 07 " O OC 07 c c 03 N D CO 2 o X 07 C 3 cs X X u c c H w 93 C c 03 N 3 C 3 x 9» O O e C73 07 03 •v U — T 3 n « X O X N -O J= C73 QJ U 1 ) w u Qh c 0 73 U 93 DC 03 c 0 " c5 C O « 0 07 -a E , X 0 0 3 u ,? C X 0 C Q E t 0 — O -J oC o 03 o .s O —! O H 03 •o c 93 X k. 93 X 03 0 . . _93 " 93 03 a. o ' - s c 03 C DO 1 ) Q 03 03 S o c a CO 07 73 07 E 03 C 03 u 3 03 u x C 3 E t- O T 3 C CO » 07 C 3 C 3 07 S C 03 07 O , 03 s Glee Club 3 c 3 u o O -C y hJ H , u C 3 03 U E D. ■— o co D. 03 05 » ' U C 3 a i_ 3 3 JC — ‘ -5 c 3 S 3 C •s C 3 ■— V ’ ZL 03 E x 1 x E U o uT CO D c 03 1_ O c 00 03 •o N c u 3 a c CO on u D C 3 •v J3 c 03 12 03 Urn 03 3 X 03 CO u t- c » c " O C 3 03 X a 3 C S o •— i Q .2 X 03 5 03 «J u —1 3 3 " 3 O 3 03 X cu C 5b c 05 x C 5 c o E £ Pi o nJ o u, Q o £ 03 u o u ■a c 15 £ 3 03 CO o C CO u o » jE o C 3 JD D u, C 3 — CO L. o 3 U C 3 D c X o 00 a. CJ 03 c c s Q) 03 3 X N -J CO 3 CO •_ x: 03 b j 3 o£ s 03 o X 1 C x o -j 03 C _c £ u EC o u, 5 y o — £ u -§ 05 Orchestra First row L to R, Gail Koch, Audrey Somes, Jean Mayo, Bonnie Pierce, Janet Eldredge, Pamela Collins, Suzanne Athearn, Judith Johnson. Second row L to R, Leo Leary, Jay Brackett, Jay Schofield, John Hinckley, Gail Shakliks, Joy Bennett, Rhoda Reed, Stasia Shakliks, Jonathan Fife, Mr. Pic¬ colo. Band r — First row L to R, Judith Johnson, Audrey Somes, John Hinckley, Gail Koch, Jay Brackett, Leo Leary, Suzanne Athearn, Aline Boilard. Second row L to R, Robert Hand, George Handel, Timothy Fife, Jay Schofield, Pamela Cady, Jonathan Fife, Bruce MacPherson, Mr. Piccolo. Cheer Leaders First row L to R, Bonnie Pierce, Sondra Beardwood. Second row L to R. Sally Drown, Donna Mayo, Carole Landers, Suzanne Ryder, Third row L to R, Gail Shakliks, Lois Anderson. Senior Play First row L to R, Jane Higgins, Sandra Kelley, Evelyn Nickerson, Kathy McAnistan, Second row L to R, Jeffrey Whit¬ more, Richard Neese, Douglas Higgins, Edward Brookshire, Jay Brackett F.rst ro. L to R, Ellen Cady, Mon Cochran, Evelyn Nickerson, Marilyn Koch, Sandra Kelley, Carole Landers. Second row L to R, Pamela Collins, Juuii.i Kapp, Sally Rogers, Gay Henry, Jane Winchester, Kathy McAnistan, Mary Lu McPhee, Ingrid Landers. Third row L to R, Ray Squire, David Willard, James Kew, Douglas Higgins, Bill Livesey. Class History by Mary Lu Dunsford The strangest story ever told is the history of our class, which began in 1953, “The year Sandy Kelley learned about Science.” A group of beaming Freshmen was herded into rooms five and seven and the lucky home-room teac hers were Mr. Shaw and Mr. Boynton. Soon all the confusion and excitement subsided, and we got down to business. The first thing on the agenda was the election of class officers. Eastham, Orleans and Brewster were represented by Jeff Whitmore, president; John Mayo, vice- president; Ellen Cady, secretary; and Marilyn Koch, treasurer. The election was an important decision since those chosen had to guide us through a crucial period in our high school career. As Freshmen we did our share in making our first year at O. H. S. an unfor¬ gettable one. We sponsored a Thanksgiving assembly consisting of readings by lanet Bentley, Doug Higgins, Jeff Whitmore, and Martha Reynolds and also an Easter dance. Our selection for the one-act play competition was “The Ugly Duckling.” Janet, Carole, Doug, Jeff, Dick Ryder, Eddie, and Sandy Kelley put on a good performance which received praise from everyone but the judges. That year came to a close with a picnic at Nickerson Park and for the girls a pajama party at Camp Wono, thrown by Marilyn Koch. During our Sophomore year, the momentous year Kitty walked out of History class and the cough drop plague hit us, the election of class officers was less of a problem because we knew the abilities of our classmates. Morgan Clough was chosen president; Jeff Whitmore, vice-president; Ellen Cady, secretary; and Marilyn Koch, treasurer. That year we chose “Poor Aubrey” as our play for the competition. Again the cast, consisting of Jeff, Martha, Sandy Kelley, Kitty, and Cathy, did a fine job; and again we were acclaimed by everyone but the judges. I’m sure Marilyn and Jeff, the famous “spotlight kids,” will always remember Dur field trip to Waltham to see the movie, “Julius Caesar,” that was one of the many enjoyable times we had with Mr. Shaw’s English class. The days flew by and it was soon necessary to make plans for our annual picnic at Nickerson Park and close another chapter in the history of the class of ’57. The last two years of high school proved to be the busiest. The year of “Tex Macomber’s last ride and zorch” was our last chance to win the play competition, as we were now mighty Juniors. We were all anxious to choose a play that would win first prize. Mr. Shaw, our class advisor, suggested the forum scene from “Julius Caesar” and due to his much appreciated help and also to the splendid performance of Morgan Clough, as Mark Anthony, we clinched first prize - - at last. The highlight of our Junior year was the Junior Prom. The theme was “Lost in Loveliness.” Everyone did his share in making it a success, but I think we all agree that a great deal of credit should go to Marilyn Koch and the decorating committee for a wonderful job. I don’t think the class will ever forget the famous “fountain,” an Ollivier-Peterson production. Thus another successful year came to a close with a rousing party at Coast Guard Beach. As we gathered for the first class meeting of our Senior year, the year “Doug discovered relativity, Pete Arnold discovered studying, and Thompson discovered Drown,” there was an air of excitement and anticipation. The coming year would be an important one, and whoever was elected president would have great respon¬ sibilities. Jeff Whitmore was chosen and he has done a fine job. The first topic of discussion at class meeting concerned raising money for the Washington trip, an age-old problem which has confronted many classes. The Senior Play was our answer to this problem. We thrilled first-nighters with our magnificent production of “The Late Christopher Bean,” which received many favorable comments and a pile of money. After the final performance a party was held at the Southward Inn, and gifts were presented to Mr. Shaw with our sincere appreciation. At our next class meeting we voted to undertake the publication of a yearbook. Thus, the final chapter in our class history closes, and we can look back on four years during which hard work and happy times were experienced by all. Baseball First row L to R, Gail Koch, Kathy Baldwin, Janet Eldredge, Evelyn Nickerson, Doris Winn, Mary Lu McPhee, Suzanne Gill, Mary Mayo. Second row L to R, Mrs. Blanchon, Helen Cochran, Judith Gallant, Audrey Somes, Michele Harris, Ellen Moore, Linda Toomey, Sally Drown, Barbara Whit- right Girls Basketball First row L to R, Almira Robinson, Evelyn Nickerson, Doris Winn, Jngrid Landers. Second row L to R, Gail Perreault, manager, Joy Bennett, Jean Ozon, Kathy McAnistan, Mary Lu McPhee, Mrs. Blanchon. Boys Basketball d First row L to R, Douglas Lai, Richard Neese, Douglas Higgins, Jeffrey Whitmore, Robert Clark, Christopher Macomber. Second row L to R, Rich¬ ard Ryder, Manager, Bill Livesey, Edward Brookshire, Peter Norgeot, Jack Young, Mr. Biggers. First row L to R, Ingrid Landers, Almira Robinson, Evelyn Nickerson, Patricia Chace, Doris Winn, Jane Higgins. Second row L to R, Stasia Shak¬ es, Joy Bennett, Gail Koch, Helen Cochran, Marilyn Koch, Mary Lu McPhee, Judith Johnson. First row L to R, Jonathan Fife, Ralph MacKenzie, Timothy Fife, Ray Squire, Peter Soule, Harold Bennett, Bruce MacPherson. Second row L to R, Gene Schofield, Art Fancy, John Knowles, Jeffrey Whitmore, Richard Ryder, Kenneth Peterson, Bill Livesey, Bruce Quinn, Paul Ollivier, Jay Scho¬ field, Mr. Biggers. Third row L to R, Jay Brackett, Peter Norgeot, George Dunsford, James Knowles, Mike Ozon, Mon Cochran, Bob Clark, Neal Nevin, Paul Doyle. Class Prophecy by Douglas Higgins and Gail Shakliks We, the prognosticators of probability, destined to relate of the inexorable (low of the four-dimensional time draught, have descended from the white capped promontory of Mount Olympus, in the flaming chariot of quick-witted Hermes, to succor mankind with the celestial fire of the inexhaustible fountain of superfluous knowledge. The first subject of discourse whose future will be illuminated is Edward Q. Brookshire. Edward Q. Brookshire, you have received the honor of being the first man to fly the ocean underwater. Allen Q. French, you will join Phi Betta Kappa, for carpentry. Katherine Q. Boyer has done something new in interior decorating; she has papered her room with ten dollar bills just for the pictures of Hamilton. Peter Q. Hamilton, you are on one of the ten dollar bills. Kathy Q. McAnistan, you are replacing the atom as a new source of energy for the Nautilus. John Q .Young, you will become the first man to model Neon Shirts. Nancy Q. West, you will win the Pulitzer Prize for your sensational book, Escaped my Lurid Past. Ellen Q. Cady, for telling the story of the tragic loss of your favorite Teddy Bear, you will be Queen for a Day! Judith Q. Rapp, you will go on an extensive lecture tour around the world to convert A-rabs to Arabs. Alan Q. Bartlett, you will become a protege of Liberace. Otis Q. Thompson, you will model the ever trimmer, ever skinnier Bikini for the Fishy-Wishy Skin Divers Association. James Q. Fife, you will become a famous ornithologist, and become the first man to fly South with the birds. Christopher Q. Macomber, you will be requested by M.G.M. to play Na¬ poleon. Richard Q. Neese, you will become a brilliant mathematician and make the first flight to the moon. Unfortunately, you will never return. Richard Q. Ryder, you will play Rhett Butler, the romantic lead in the reviv¬ al of the movie, Gone With the Wind. Sondra Q. Beardwood, success will be yours when you travel abroad to play your mello cello in the Fiji Islands. J Dorothy Q. Dennison, you, “Little Dotty,” will have a very responsible position inspecting gherkins in a pickle factory. Sandra Q. Kelley, you will be the new manager of the A P, in Wellfleet. Gail Q. Perreault, you will be voted “Miss Wrong Number” by your col¬ leagues in the telephone office. Gerri Q. Kelly and Almira Robinson, you will make headlines when you lead an Alumni reunion of the Mau-Maus in Africa. Carole Q. Landers, fame and glory will be yours when you sell one million records of your sentimental song, Oh, Where Have You Been Billy Boy, Billy Boy. Ingrid Q. Landers will attribute her undefeated season of wrestling at Spring- field to the Ormsby inverted strangle hold. Sandra Q. Ormsby, you still refuse to reveal where you first discovered that strangle hold. Virginia Q. Liska, you will write a startling book on the 24 ways to boil a peanut. Doris Q. Winn will become a sound effect on T.V. Paul 0. Ollivier, you will become the first man to ever Simoniz himself. Jeffrey Q. Whitmore, you will hypnotize yourself one morning while shav¬ ing; and after convincing yourself that you are David Drown, you will start using Broadway as a “drag strip.” Robert Q. Peterson, you will have charge of the Merchant Marine in Nevada. Marilyn Q. Koch, you will perfect a new type of diving equipment, wrap around water wings, and windshield wipers for goggles. Peter Q. Howerton, you will suffer utter disgrace; you will sink an unsink- able Coast Guard boat. David Q. Drown, you will enrich the English language with the “classy” expression, “Eeeuuuuuu,” which can mean anything. Douglas Q. Higgins, you have finally won an argument. Peter Q. Arnold joined the telecast department at Fenway Park. “Hi neigh¬ bor, have an Arnold!” Pamela Q. Crosby, you will win the Kentucky Derby. Barbara Q. Whitright, you will become a banana peeler in the Belgian Congo. Joan Q. Norgeot, you will become the managing editor of Playboy Magazine. Gail Q. Shakliks, you will be jailed for misleading a “locomotive” in Grand Central Station. Evelyn Q . Nickerson, you will “outdrag” Whitmore on Broadway in your 14th Thunderbird. Mary Lu Dunsford, you will be the champion hog caller. Jane Q. Higgins, you are reminded to return to Orleans to get your diploma. Jean X. Williams, you will win the Pulitzer Prize for your photograph of the orange grove at midnight. Class Will THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF ’57 by Kitty Boyer, Almira Robinson and Richard Ryder Ingrid Landers leaves her ability to be late to class to Eddie Leonard. Dick Neese leaves his Fred Astaire ability to Dick Francis. Jane Higgins leaves her absent mindedness to Gay Henry, if she doesn’t forget. Gerri Kelly donates her Calorie Counter to Mary Lu McPhee. Chris Macomber lends his leftover sleeping pills to Paul Doyle. Carole Landers leaves her reflection in any handy mirror. Joan Norgeot leaves her inhibitions to Sue Ryder. Doug Higgins leaves his Socratic method of argument with Mr. Brooks. Judy Rapp gives her favorite volume of Encyclopedia to Bob Linnell. Evelyn Nickerson refuses to leave her Thunderbird; she prefers to leave in it. Jim Fife leaves his bird books and binoculars to Mrs. Lund. Nancy West donates her reticence to Stephanie Bonnell. Pete Hamilton gives his Florida tan to Richard Philbrick. Pam Crosby leaves her purple hot rod to Sue Gill. Bob Peterson leaves all of Shakespeare’s works to Mr. W. Shakespeare Shaw. Ginny Liska donates her sideburns to Dave White. Pete Arnold leaves his ability to “steal home” to Ted Williams. Sondra Beardwood leaves her echo to Bruce MacPherson. Jean Williams donates her pony-tail to Judy Johnson. Doris Winn gives her boisterous laugh to Christine Munsey. Jack Young leaves his hypnotic powers to Mrs. Fulcher. Sandra Kelley leaves the First National to go to the A P. Paul Ollivier leaves his Wyatt Earp pistol to Dave Young. Ellen Cady leaves the Denise Ann Bakery to her sister Pam. Jeff Whitmore gives his favorite Elvis Presley record to Mr. Edwards. Almira Robinson donates two aspirin tablets to the writer of next year’s Will. Alan Bartlett leaves his candelabra to Betty Blake. Kitty Boyer leaves her life-saving ability to the Coast Guard. Dot Dennison leaves her “pixie” look to Alison Ullman. Gail Shakliks leaves with her loudest cheer for good old O. H. S. Dick Ryder passes on his title of Romeo to Eddie Jones. Gail Perreault gives her ability to do the egg-sit to Pat Boyer. Dave Drown leaves his license at home so he won’t lose it. Mary Lu Dunsford donates a lock of her red hair to Mr. Argo. Allen French donates his annual weekly vacation to next year’s mighty hunter. Barbara Whitright leaves some extra safety pins to next year’s variety show. Marilyn Koch will give a carrot stick to anyone who’ll eat it. Peter Howerton leaves his all-around athletic ability to Art Fancy. Cathy McAnistan gives her magnificent portrait to Jay Brackett. Eddie Brookshire donates a few inches to Joey Davis. Sandra Ormsby donates her box of receipts to Mrs. Richardson. Otis Thompson leaves the chair outside the Principal’s office to Nicky Snow. ' ww... i SB ■p ?■ ' ■ . 1 . • . . . I - yiKftln m iiiififitif fi • • ....»,. - ,. V ' K - 81 p H ■ W " fW rKS ‘ Pf ,T r M j : ;: x5al ' „W I P » ! B: ■wJBs’’ ■ ' ' l A Compliments of LIVINGSTON’S PHARMACY Qompliments of ORLEANS THEATRE PHARMACY PURITAN CLOTHING CHATHAM — MAIN ST. ' JUST GOOD MEN AND BOYS CLOTHING SHOES and FURNISHINGS’ Tel. 3 26 Qompliments of BREWSTER SELECTMEN Orleans, Mass. CUMMINGS STORE Compliments of David E. Johnson, Prop. CENTRAL PACKAGE STORE SHOES—SPORTSWEAR—BOOTS MEN’S - WOMEN’S - CHILDREN’S WEAR OF ORLEANS, INC. Main Street Tel. 8 Orleans, Mass. Telephone 70 PHONOGRAPH RECORDS - RADIOS TELEVISION - HI FI PHONOS COMPLIMENTS AL HOLLER’S OF TV and A PPLIANCE SALES - SERVICE COBIE’S Open - 9 AM-5 PM Daily 9 AM-8 PM Wed. Sat. Main St., Brewster TW-6-3606 EAST BREWSTER Compliments of MURRAY’S RIDGEWOOD MOTEL YARD GOODS and Rt. 28 Orleans COTTAGES So. Harwich THAYER’S FLOWER AND GIFT SHOPS Mr. and Mrs. M. Norgeot “The Central Cape Florist” Oil. 473 j SOUTH ORLEANS CAPE COD ORLEANS DENNISPORT ORLEANS MOBIL M.C. ARMY 8c NAVY SERVICE STORE “THE HANDIEST STATION IN TOWN’’ EVERYTHING FOR MEN AND BOYS James L. Delorv Jr. ORLEANS — HYANNIS Compliments of BEST WISHES FITZ’S RADIO SHOP TO THE CLASS OF “57“ ; Jet. Rt. 6 28 ROBINSON’S ORLEANS, MASS. 5c., 10c. $1 Store j Phone 556 ORLEANS, MASS. ACME WASH-O-MAT Compliments of WEBB’S MAIN ST. ORLEANS Orleans, Main St. Phone 561 Compliments Compliments of of NAUSET MARKET DENNIS DUGAN Compliments of RAY PERREAULT EARTHMOVING INC. Compliments of BARNES MOTORS OF ORLEANS, INC. ORLEANS, MASS. Compliments of:— DAVID H. BESSOM STORE EAST ORLEANS Compliments of A. F. SMITH 8C SONS - ORLEANS, MASS. - Hardware - Plumbing - Heating Compliments of HOME OWNERS SUPPLY Tel. Or. 560-W PLUMBING, HEATING and BUILDING SUPPLIES FLOOR and WALL COVERINGS Gompliments of FRANKLIN W. RYDER BUILDER OF BETTER HOMES Locust Rd. ORLEANS Orl. 461 Best Wishes To the Class Good. Luck of " 57” and Hest Wishes From Your Class Photographer V IROGERS.niGRAY IINSURANCE ACENCYJ William Quinn Dependable Personal Service Quinn Studio Since 1906 G.A.R. Highway ORLEANS, MASS. Tel. Orl. 635-W Orleans, Mass. Phone 110 Hopkins COMPLIMENTS Cleansers OF For CAPE COD Complete Dry Cleaning and RUBBER Laundry Service Company SERVING THE LOWER CAPE George Hinrichs, Prop. ORLEANS | P.O. Box 135 Orleans — Provincetown — Wellflect MISS ROGERS ORLEANS HARDWARE FLOWER SHOP Inc. Brewster Rd. Tel. 884 PAINTS - TOYS - HARDWARE FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Theatre Building Telegraph Delivery Service V ( ' . ' ' Tel. Orleans 487 . „. i Compliments of:— BOB’S FLYING " A” DENISE ANN SERVICE BAKE CENTER SHOPPE MAIN ST., ORLEANS Tel. 623 COMPLETE CAR ACCESSORIES Phone Oil. 8955 Compliments of NICKERSON LUMBER C0MPANY ' Best Wishes from Emile A. Ollivier ARBORIST COMPLIMENTS OF Fuller’s jui. Package Store COMPLETE ARBOREAL and LANDSCAPE SERVICE Orleans, Mass. Oil. 315-M MEMBER OF MASS. ARBORIST ASS’N. Incorporated Phone 63 ORLEANS MASS. j HAMILTON Compliments of j WATCHES Backus and Soule The Cape Cod JEWELERS Five Cents | Orleans, Massachusetts Orl. 405 Savings Bank j REED BARTON HARWICHPORT SILVERWARE ORLEANS Compliments of L. R. ELLIS MARKET Compliments of COCA COLA Company ORLEANS SAGAMORE - MASS. M-M-M DAIRY QUEEN Route 6 — Orleans Credits Editors-in-chief - Mary Lu Dunsford, Gail Shakliks Photography Editor - Marilyn Koch, Chief, Evelyn Nickerson, Assistants, Pam Crosby, Sandra Kelley Circulation Editors - Carole Landers, Chief, Richard Rogers, Sondra Beardwood, Peter Howerton, Sandra Ormsby, Assist¬ ants Advertising Editors - Katherine Boyer, Chief, Sandra Kelley, Peter Arnold, Marilyn Koch, Dick Neese, Doris Winn, Assist¬ ants Art Editors - Ellen Cady, Christopher Macomber, Ingrid Landers Business Manager - Richard Neese Faculty Advisor - Richard Shaw Printed by The Cape Codder Printery Photography - Quinn Studio Sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Alton Crosby Mr. Clyde Rouleau " The Big Five” Mr. John M. Hamilton Jr. " The Best Two” Mary Gildersleeve Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Cady Mr. and Mrs. Grant Koch Mr. and Mrs. E. Kenneth Graham Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shaw Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Dennison Mr. and Mrs. Russell Boyer Mr. and Mrs. George C. Dunsford Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. McAnistan Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Clinton West Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Whitright Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ormsby Mr. Richard Carr Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Beardwood. Jr. Mr. Eddie " Ski” Mr. and Mrs. R. Higgins Mr. Peter C. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Burl Brookshire Mr. Edward Brookshire Mr. Paul P. Ollivier Mr. and Mrs. Emile A. Ollivier Mr. and Mrs. Laurin C. Peterson Outlaws Auto Club Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Landers Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Whitmore Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Ostrander Mr. and Mrs. Armand Guarino Mr. and Mrs. Harold Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Carroll E. Neese Mr. and Mrs. Chester Landers Dr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Kelly I I i

Suggestions in the Nauset Regional High School - Nauset Tides Yearbook (North Eastham, MA) collection:

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