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1, f -I -sf . 41", . Y . It Q , . 4 " al 1 1 ' : - .sl , I YJ ,gawk z f 0 'Q ' x 3. w x,, 1, 'ri ' 'K Q. . 'Q 3 aM., I , 'S n 2 '5- 1 --15" 1... ln. FW," ' ,, Q 3546 B' , A 16 ' Q 1: -1 n N, 3 nfs - f ww x H J ,Q ' if ' f 4 M-J 1 -' , V ,Q :UM .x A lr?-. V : If ,P . . . ,T Fyw WW U ,,, X 2 ' W'51' Wm 5 WH VI. . ' M kg . - 1 Y ,wi l: W, V 1 'IEA ng Zqiyfzfryy Y ,.q?gQ-Qdgww., 1 -. ,, ' 'Y r" 5:5 Az, b , 'saw' hwike, SF.,.3,i!. 1, , - --4'?L..'1'X?7f4 J V751 Riff' A 31.2 4 ' A Hifi? wt 1 ?f ' L V fy,-. 'Y rn , V M4 MA -1 .f,. 4' . Q,,fw,L1 J A W ,y ' 15 afff3'f?'j f ,,u.fHfx 4 -Mfg' J' Y M -fc 'ml A' h A " 'Ns ., 4 '5f'e0"x,! , - W '?Q5hiQ!'rg1Z g,qfi,A'l 'A YB! A my M FM N. J Y . V w f' if , -' ' awk ' Ya v ' 'QV ,fx -A a, Wwww f..MlfMH !1Kf + w A 1, , ,W ,s' fnmww, ,M W , W, 'W A f wwf .sf ,, , , , 1 -- gh A " A flew' ww'-v A ' aww .tbl X. J., MW A .aW,i,,7 M Mf2X ..,f5wd.fW -5, rig. LT'fQf1Q'?5gg'xL:Y i M ,554 ' ,XM 5 'wp . VM T' ' ,M Y W , fb, .m'jfflff,g, 3yf1f.f-M' - ' ff .fn D. - 1,4 V wlia 13" V V 71 ' vif?!ef"f?m'9f-,g ' A aw.. HW- -' X -V 5 V5 , hifi, mr N f 1331 Ji , ,,g'w:':1'.?Fff gf .yawn b VA - 1 kurt X ..r: K -f-. Ml", nj, sg ,- 5' f , A -, .qs-:--'. nf ,f..,3 1 ,'.1 ' H ' ' ij - f . 5 -, A . fl, .- -ku ,g 4, 4 H151-L, A ,Q 5:11, - 3 , K ,. - -,Fir , ,f - -1.45 . -. - PM,-1 4 -AQ, , , Se , ' Af - ,M K, H ami: " ' , - fel' ,f'1,f,..f4. , -4, ' ' , - f'- V La. ,i s " Y, M .Q 1 ad L 1-MV '47 -pf f . , 'a'f'f f if iii. -V W9 1, W' f , L'-"' wwf- ' f- 5 H:ff.f:4"fT ,Mx-f f qw 'T-. A 155-:W ' .- ' "mf .5 ww.,-.. 'ffi-' H' W. aff' , w 95 w 3 iw? . T55 ,ff-2f1:' N 'ffgm 1 5 " - , ag 41. 2 Wf '1 '-,f"' ' 1' ' . ' , f .M f .AQf VFW 3 's2f4. , ,, A V W f " nam-Mi!'Wf fm...w,.W 1 V ' 'HW A... ?.-fzsmh, 11- W' AM M gf., . " mm Mrrghnunh Fwmk Wah 5f1IUU1 Hmxgahxck, Qlmmectizut fffu Q Dianna 31. Binh Sharma E. Brihgr Ehitnr Buainrna Manager Dedica tion - i1 1 fl2 Mr. Richard G. Leonard It is with true respect and admiration that we, the Class of 1980, dedicate our yearbook to our principal, Mr. Richard G. Leonard, one whose life is dedicated to training and shaping the lives of those who will one day assume our nation's leadership. He is a man who is always willing to listen to our problems, and is never quick to judge, but carefully weighs both sides of the situation. He is one who shares his knowledge in the hope that his efforts will not be in vain. He gives us kindness and trust and one day we shall become all he ever saw in us. Until then, we can only say, from the bottom of our hearts, t'Thank you, Mr. Leonard." The Class of 1980. In Mem ori am Kathleen A. Litke ' UGone From our sight, but never our memories. Gone from our touch, but never our hearts." Kathy was a friend to anyone who needed one. She had a great ability to understand things and really care about people. Not only was she beautiful with people, but she expressed herself through art. She was truly talented. Art was something she loved and she planned to go into it after high school. She did very well academically and was a real part of school spirit, always supporting our teams. She participat- ed actively in many clubs. She was a person who liked to see people happy and simply that sight could make her smile. Her View of life is expressed in one of her favorite poems, "On This Day." In memory of Kathy, let us all take note of these words and try to make the world a better place in our lives to come. On This Day Mend a Quarrel, Search out a forgotten friend, Dismiss a suspicion and replace it with trust. Write a letter to someone who misses you, Encourage a youth who has lost faith, Keep a promise, forget an old grudge, Examine your demands on others and vow to reduce them Fight for a principle, express your gratitude, Overcome an old fear, Take two minutes to appreciate the beauty of nature Tell someone you love him, Tell him again, And again, And again. Kiqdness in words in fgreates gil: Q L,L,L L,,,,LL. A, ,::,:,A: ,,L.A ,AL,L ' 1 l Mr. John Howard Whittemore Board Of Education 1 . - as Q . 9 if ii w. 0' lst. row 1. to r.: Gerald Labriola, M.D., Mrs. Loraine C. Dibble, Chairman C.C. DiMaria, Mrs. Mary P. Tamosaitis, Mr. Eugene Massa. 2nd, row: Mr. Raymond E. Dowling. Mr. Frank Klonoski, Jr., Mr. Henry A. Kogut, Mr. Joseph Fitzgerald, Mr. Charles Anderson, and Mr. Robert E. Ruccio. Gerald Labriola, M. D., Mrs. Rebecca Schoeck, secretary and Chair- man C.C. DiMaria. "There is an old Chinese saying that each generation builds a road for the next. 'l'he road has been Well built for us, and we believe it incumbent upon us, in our generation. to build our road for the next generation." John F. Ken nedy L. to r.: Mr. Joseph Fitzgerald, Mrs. Mary P. 'l', Mr. Eugene Massa, Mrs. Loraine C. Dibble, and Mr. Charles Anderson. v Mr. Raymond E. Dowling Members of the Graduating Class of 1980: I congratulate you most sincerely upon your completion of the required Naugatuck High School course of study. You have done well if you have the satisfaction of having made the most of your .skills and talents. As you begin your new endeavors I am certain that, in your future decisions, you will remember the counsel and guidance of your parents and teachers. Complete emotional control will be a necessity for your generation, avoiding discouragement which always interferes with progress. Think the thoughts that will stretch your mind and learn to stick with things a little longer. Go forth and build, establishing precedent rather than glorifying it. Initiate your work with enthusiasm, and the success of whatever you choose to do will undoubtedly be proportionate to the element of sacrifice entering upon your efforts. My personal hopes and wishes are that each of you will enjoy prosperous living, achieve satisfying successes, and continue the unbounded happiness of your youth. May the blessings of God be always upon you. Raymond E. Dowling Superintendent of Schools -I . ...ef .. r V . f- ..-- mm m1 :: .: N', 3 ii 1 ,., if ,X A Wf'X f s "fe J Mr. Richard G. Leonard To The Class of 1980: All members of the faculty join me in congratulating a distinguished class of fine young men and women. You have excelled in athletics, scholastic achievement and good citizenship. Your four years in our new facilities and our renovated senior house have offered you many advantages. You have proven that you have deserved the confidence our community places in your future. Naugatuckis investment in a new secondary school plant has been justified by your diligence and good citizenship. We look forward to your continued success in the future with the knowledge that you have prepared yourselves well. Richard G. Leonard Principal Beginnings are always unique They are the start of your individual dream Everything has a time of growth Which is preceded by a momentous birth- It's beginning at your hands. Janice Passabet ,,'31,Zg,j4- .. ,,- M -tw., ' fp: 2, 'fm:' ,i..:g:,3y 7- M .wyi W Q: f 2 we 'ru - ' ,, as ,,,, A , K H 2. ' V we , , .V .,. ,, The Year, 1980 . It Was A Beginning As we end our high school years, we also begin building our dream for the future- 1980- our opening to a new decade. A lot has happened and somehow we all made it through the year . . . a little older and a lot wiser. When we reflect on it, things weren't so bad after all. It was a time of form- ing friendships, making strides aca- demically, and im- proving as people. Let's take a look at what kind of year it was . . . To the members of the Class of 1980: It is with great pleasure that I congratulate each of you for successfully completing your course of study at Naugatuck High School. The Freshman faculty and I were very much impressed with your scholarship ability, and school citizenship as Freshman, and I know you carried this through for the following three years. For each of you, it is my sincere wish that God may bless you with many years of good health, happiness, and much success in your chosen field. John L. Kane Assistant Principal To the Class of 1980: Commencement from high school is not the end, but the beginning - the beginning of new experiences and opportuni- ties as you pursue your chosen careers and fields of endeavor. Your class has great potential as reflected by its leadership and the events highlighted in this yearbook. Whatever your aspirations, I wish each of you good fortune, great success and complete happiness. Charles E. Triano Assistant Principal To the Class of 1980: I am very pleased to have this opportunity to congratulate you, the Class of 1980. Your years at NHS, I trust, have been memorable years. During the past four years you have done well in various areas of the curriculum. The 1980's present many challenges and opportunities for each and every one of you. Along with the other members of the faculty and administra- tive staff, I wish you continued success in all of your future endeavors. Raymond A. Legenza Assistant Principal FACULTY J6+6,2f6 CX -I' .X'j,,2X?,+ Y ,L -vw-"' Mrs. Elizabeth King Mrs. Pauline Aiken Mr. Richard Robinson Mrs. Jean Loomis Mrs. Cbarlolte Scully Yi Miss Susan Bria L 1 Mrs. Marlene Robinson Miss Millicenl, Ford w'u.7VsV'7'k 5.0, N "lm ... 'A "i:Q'w ' A ' - K ..r,..,N Mrs. Mary McDougall Miss Dorothy Wuestman , ,X X B- f, as f X W V 1.7 M Mrs. Mary Casey Mr. William Walsh if Mrs. Regina Magus ,vb if sl.. A38 Mr. Robert Clallzlghel' Mrs. Lois Devinu Mrs, Paula Bmwzek , . Mrs' Anne Lem'-'ine Mr. Stephen Flaherty o S 01 en ce A W , . H 1 1 ' Lmm'12 l . 'Q ,L + Q Q i if 6 fl Mr. Barry Stiber Mr. Guy Tarantello :.' , i , if if, M 7 if il Mr. John Bell Mrs. Patricia Petzing Mr. James Bilancia ,2 if Mr. Robert Stahl Mr. Paul Cieslewski Mr. Frederick Pappano MA THEMA TI CS s.. r Q4 X wi 3 Mr. Joseph Bojko Mr. Alan Maccarella Miss Mary Ann Piekarski -ns.. K ihtrii' i Mrs. Carol Jadach Miss Diane Fairchild Mrs. Patricia Consoli du. 'gf S3-rl miwfifwih af .,,, ? ir Mt' X x Miss Jayne McKnack f ' wr, :vs Q J' .,i-- 1 Mrs. Joan Werzinger Foreign Language Mrs. Nancy Rosa Mrs. Patricia Pawlak Miss Joan Vollone Mrs. Barbara Krayeske 5 .k,,igf'2' x gp fl X fx M "' , .e Mrs. Nancy Siecienski Mrs. Joan Mahan MY- Man'-191 Ruella Social Studies 4?- e Miss Madeleine Caine MT- R0b91'f Aquavia Mr. Louis Farrar Mr. Patrick Moretti Miss Joanna Walsh 1 If W' i i Mr. Ralph DeRubertis Mr. Joseph DiSLasi0 Mr. Lawrence Festa sassy Mr. Rosaire Ratte B usin ess 'Li Mrs. Linda Casella Mr. Francis Franzoso Mrsg Millicent Booth Mr. Robert Copley Miss Marilyn O'Brien -1+ ' Mr. Brian Kennedy Mr. Richard Zekala s 'ir .M , ,,,, ..-Q 'Fl fb 4,, ,IJ ,i,,. W . fi x I kiEE,' H -7 Q 4 K 494' .fig Mrs. Charlotte Bristol i '-11 4,M5"' -.. K .linaasanasaxfraa Mr. Robert Wislocki gif Mr. Donald Lalla Arts Mr. James Vanasse Mr' James Mahan In d us trial Mr. Thomas Horan .J or aaa- Mt: X , " Lwgusi , V. h b Y V L o,:o,, D ' H J ,g L K ij , X-'ik 4.5 , V in f? K . Q xg' fi 5 'g M N Q 5 1- 1 51 az 2 4 , Q, , ,ig- ili an D ffi"i i D H in . A . ff . ,, , V ,X-, gg . V3 L an Mr. Harrison Baker Mr- George Macafy Mr. Michael Lombardi W . -LW if I . f' 4 ' r . x U L Mr. Gordon Decker Mr. David Smith Mr. Arthur Swanson x , me- 1 . . , . - - I I ' I W I f 1 , . - . , ,,, - . , - . 'I ' . , I O 1' , , 4' .,,, Q I I 303. ' a n' " ' I I r H 1 .. ,, ,. N, , . s u u""x ,- ' ,uutx ,vi s 1 ' 1 1 1 X 1 A ' 1 u I . -..51. 'Wa s sf 'As ,. 55' .4 .,,. N Fx, ,j , j Mr. William Davis .1 ','i ri Mrs. Bette Sturdevant Miss Margaret Connell Mr. Charles DeCarlo The Arts Mr. Robert Filippone if Mrs. Tina DiMaria Mrs. Marion Steinman Mrs. Patricia Blanchard Physical Education i ' AIQQ? K' I Mrs. Barbara O Brien Mr- William Rado Director of Athletics v Q. 'X Mr. Craig Peters Mrs. Phyllis Cook Miss Melissa Tottenham Mr. Robert Harrison 5 ll K Q Q Y ti w, tm, W' 1' .9 if 4 A .fd l 'SK-v Guidance L. to R.: Mrs. Maxine Balaban, Mrs. Nellie Beatty, Mr. Franklin Johnson, Seated: Miss Jayne McKnack. 5 . ..'- vi Q 1 .fr Reading: Mr. Edward Dwyer, Mr. Edward Stankiewicz. Nurses: Mrs. Ellen Flaherty, Mrs. Marilyn Shaw. fir Resource Center: Mrs. Emily Gibbs, Mrs. Mary Forchielli, Mrs. Mary Jane Fernandes, Mr, Charles Cosgriff. . ,,... . , "ua ', --1 H44 9' f' mi P , PQ - ii I. ,tg figs' 'tsl if .4 wrt is I if 'N 1 -f . wt-...S - P . ..- .fr ' Secretaries, l. to r.: Mrs. Lois Guisti, Mrs. Laura DaSi1va, Mrs. Diane Pesanelli, Miss Donna Peterson, Mrs. Dolores Pascale, Miss Donna Kuzan. Skills Lab, 1. to r.: Mrs. Suzanne Jaco- vino, Mrs. Regina Birdsell. Non-Graded High School: Mrs. Ce- cilia Ramos. , f 5 ' Q- I' Q la 1 . 'L u - f Q i .,, ws, ri .. if .1 -. -s .. yy L . Y 1 o fl 1. L 5 I ' if - , it , .. 7 ' x K K :VW 1 ,. s E .... Cafeteria Staff: 1. to r.: Mrs. Jaqueline Crouse, Mrs. Dorothy O'Too1e, Mrs. Helen Leona, Mrs. Marian Janus, Mrs. Lucille Grella, Mrs. Celeste Fidalgo. Missing when photo was taken: Mrs. Clara Bryk, Mrs. Josephine Dowling. Career Center: Mrs. Gail Fitzgerald. Head Custodian: M1-, Michael Brich li 411 Q J li During September 1976, a class of approximately 500 Freshmen entered Nauga- tuck High School. We looked forward with anticipation to the four years we would spend here. At first we were a little lost but eventually we adjusted to high school life. We were the first Fresh- man Class in a long time to be able to elect class officers. Mark Magas was President Julie Macri Vice President, Rachael Woodside Treasur- er, Debbie Olivera Secretary, and Cathy Burmeister Class 7 J " '-:Q f 3'-T NLE W Representative. Our activities included two bake sales, tree planting around Veterans' Field and a car wash at Yoders' Arco. We concluded the year with a class picnic at Arrow- head Grove. Everyone had a fun day, especially those who participated in the pie eating and water balloon contests. Sophomore year had to have been the toughest aca- demic year but somehow we ij cms WASH AJ ',-f? - , I 1 4+ .n gf y flu I Z 1 1 AI ' , , ,.,. .....1 ,Q --- fr ' 4 all pulled through. The offi- cers we elected were: Presi- dent Terry Zehnder, Vice President Terry Palmer, Treasurer Rachael Wood- side, Secretary Debbie Oli- vera, and Class Representa- tive Enid Batista. Once more we had bake sales and a car wash. We also had a raffle for Foghat tick- ets. The highlight of the year was ordering our class rings. Who was the lucky one to I' "1 dl :X Mtek gf, Q Q I nx ll turn yours for the 80th time? The year was made com- plete with the Sophomore Dance held at Falcon Hall. Everyone enjoyed the great food, and the entertainment provided by the group, Ava- tar. During our Junior year we got caught up in many fund raisers. Two bake sales, a grinder sale, car wash, a night of roller skating at Skate Odyssey, a Christmas stocking raffle, and the an- nual Spaghetti supper. The officers elected were: President Glenn Myers, Vice President Bill Abdalla, Sec- retary Debbie Olivera, Trea- surer Rachael Woodside, and Class Representative Kim Foster. The main event of the year was our Junior Prom at the Castillian Room in is ,eq ,. f M025 We Waterbury. The food was ex- cellent as was the music pro- vided by Maze. We ended the year by se- lecting Junior Honor Guard, and the baton was passed to our President Glenn Myers at 8:43 p.m. on June 13th, proclaiming that we were now Seniors. Release Hostages In lran During our Senior year our attention was focused on the desperate situation in Iran. Fifty American hos- tages were held captive at the American Embassy. A Y' 'Vff',6'y1 vf"'l1W ' s ' g , ",1ff 'j .,,.,!6g x T .J ff 'il f E U.N. committee was formed and met with a mediator from Iran, the mouthpiece of the Ayatollah Khomeini. Al- though thirteen women and blacks of the original sixty- three were released, we anx- iously awaited the release of the remaining fifty. Very soon after the school year began we elected our class officersg President Glenn Myers, Vice President John Sickola, Secretary Debbie Olivera, Treasurer Rachael Woodside, and Class Representative Kim Foster. The first fund raiser was the Halloween Dance, fol- lowed by several raffles, a Pancake Breakfast, a Christ- mas stocking raffle, a great Variety Show, the Pot Luck Supper and a successful Sen- ior Class Auction. Unfortunately, we lost once again to our football ri- vals, Ansonia, although our team put out a great effort. Terry Palmer, our quarter- back, was chosen for the All N.V.L. Team. For the first time our Girls' Badminton team had an undefeated season, and they also captured the State Title. Before we knew it, we were preparing for graduation. Yearbooks arrived and Sen- ior Week activities had al- ready begun. Our Senior Prom was held at the Shera- ton Park Plaza Hotel in New Haven. Even though it was held on Friday the 13th, Su- perstition didn't stop anyone from having a good time. Finally, on June 16th, x Xe We 1980, Graduation Night ar- rived. Although we were ending our four years here, we looked forward to the challenges that faced us in the future. Good Luck to the Class of 1980! We can never forget all the memories of our high school years. We thank the administration and the fac- ulty for the knowledge they have passed on to us, not only in academics, but also in dealing with life. is 1979-80: l. to r.: President Glenn Myers: Class Representative Kim Foster: Treasurer Rachael Woodside: Secretary Debbie Oliveira: Kneeling: Vice-President John Sickola. 1977-78: l. to r.: Class Representative Enid Batista: Vice-President Terry Palmer: President Terry Zehnderg Secretary Debbie Oli- veirag Treasurer Rachael Woodside. Class Officers T he Y, WH I ! 1976-77: Standing: Vice-President Julie Macrig Presideni Mark Magasg Seated: Treasurer Rachael Woodsideg Secre- tary Debbie Oliveira: Class Representative Cathy Burmeis- ter. 1978-79: Standing: Class Representative Kim Foster: Treasurer Rachael Woodside: Secretary Debbie Oliveira. Kneeling: President Glenn Myers: Vice-President Bill Abdalla. IOR 1,l'x' fn. .13 William M. Abdalla t'Bill', 157 Cedar Lane, B.F. Vice Pres, 35 Swimming 35 Track 2,3,4 fLetter 4, Captain 45g Bibliophiles 2,3,4CV.P. 43. James F. Allen "Pie" 89 May St. Baseball 1,2,3,4 lLetter 3,4, Captain 455 Football 1,2,3,4 CLetter 3,4, Tri-Captain 45g Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Boys' State. Tammy L. Adams 207 Meadow St. Bibliophiles 1,25 Concert Choir 33 Future Nurses 1,2,3,4. Da vid M. Albright A'Dave" 216 Conrad St. Swimming 1,2,4 iLetter 413 Band 1,2,3,4g Stage Band 1,2,4. Cheryl L. Anderson 42 Morris St. Choir 1,2g DECA 3, G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Modern Dance 1,2,3,4g Homeroom Alt. 3. Janice Anderson 41 May Ave. Homeroom Alt. 1,25 Chamber Singers 2,3,4g Choir 1,2,3,4 lVice Pres. 45g Concert Choir 1,2,3,4g Madrigal Singers 2,3,4g Ski Club 4g Exchange Student 33 Junior Honor Guard. William S. Allison t'Bill' Adella St. Intramurals 1,2,4g Chamber Singers 4g Concert Choir 1,2,3,4g Ski Club 1. Matthew M. Anderson "Matt" 132 School St. Sunburst 3,4. Diane M. Ardry l39 Gorman St. D.E.C.A. 3g Drama 2,3,4g Pep llub 4: Handicapped Swim Jrogram 2,43 Intramurals 4. inf' "W, Ulf" ' ' Philip Arnold "Phil 21 Longwood Dr. Robin Arnold 519 Andrew Mt. Rd. D.E.C.A. 3. 'LSmile You're On Candid Camera." Jeffrey A. Aslz t'Jeff" 381 Rubber Ave. Basketball 1,25 Intramurals 1,2,3,4g D.E.C.A. 3,4. Kathleen P. Baldwin "Katie" 168 Rimmon Hill Rd. Intramurals 3,45 Drama 23 Fencing 2g Sunburst 2. 29 Rimas J. Balsys "Rimbo" 33 Phoenix Ave. Baseball 13 Football 1,2,3,4 lLetter 433 Swimming 13 Track 2,3,4 iLetter 3,43 Cap- tain 4J3 Intramurals 3,43 Or- chestra 1,23 Ski Club 3,43 Boys' Stateg Band 2. fa I ,V . 5 1 Q?" f Ea Enid M. Batista 587 Milville Ave. Class Rep. 23 Homeroom Rep 1,3343 Basketball 2,3 lManager 2,3lQ Volleyball 1,2,3,4 lLetter 3,43 Manager lg Captain 4l3 Intramurals 13 Choir 13 Concert Choir 2,3,43 Yearbook CGirls' Sports Edi- torl. Z sim! wr '1- Tlzomas WC Baranowski "Tom 46 Joseph Rd. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Antonio S. Barbosa "Tony' 137 Hill St. Bibliophiles 3. X' X1 'Mr' Yxgsr Richard A. Beam "Rick" 23 Woodbine St. D.E.C.A. 3,4. Daniel Bierce "Danny" 56 Rockwell Ave, Iv' .4-.,...w""' Margaret M. Battiste Union City Road. Art 13 Choir 1,2,3. W:':':uv:l 4--..,.l Robert .L Bilinsky "Binky" 34 Frederick St. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Donald R. Bolton "Duck" , 7 Crown St. ,2,3,4 fLetter 2,3,4J5 Track Robert ,L Binette "Bobooch" 69 Clark Rd. Homeroom Rep. 2,35 Home- room Alt. 15 Baseball 1,2,3,4 fLetter 3,415 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Band 3,45 Bibliophiles 2,35 Stage Band 1,25 Yearbook 45 Boys' State. mllllll John A. Birdsall "Bird" 933 Rubber Ave. Homeroom Rep. 45 Baseball 1,45 D.E.C.A. 4. ootball 1,25 Swimming 3,4 fLetter 3,4J. 'QQQQQ'-. Diane Ii Borbas 95 Cold Spring Circle Homeroom Alt. 15 Homeroom Rep. 33 Choir 25 Concert Choir 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Syn- chronized Swim 1,2,3,4 fCo- Pres. 4795 Modern Dance 1,2,3,4. Karen A. Borsos 275 Conrad St. Homeroom rep. 25 Gymnas' ticsh 3,4 fLetter 3,415 Tennis 1,2,3,4 fLetter 3,415 Choir 15 Concert Choir 1,2,3,4. Diane F. Bousquet "Di" 217 Burton Rd. HF. Homeroom Rep. 23 D.E.C.A. 3,4lAward 3313 G.A.A. 2,3343 Ski Club 43 Modern Dance 233,43 Junior Honor Guard. Douglas R. Bousquet "DtJUgi 217 Burton Rd., B.F. Intramurals 1,22 Track 2. John F. Brennan 4'J.B." 120 Dunn Ave. Mark S. Boutot 30 Pond St. it-o M .X 'YZ in-in ,, , Sharon E. Bridge "SEB" 130 Horton Hill Rd. Homeroom Alt. 4, Gymnas- tics 132,3,4lLetter l,2,3,4l1 Swimming 1,2lI.etter 1,233 G.A.A. l,2,3,4Q Ski Club 43 Synchronized Swim 23 Mod- ern Dance 1,2,3,4CPres. 433 Girls' Silatej Yearbook Busi- ness Manager. Joan M. Brody 31 Heritage Drive Tennis 3,41 Bibliophiles 1.2.33 Choir 1323 Drama 13 G.A.A. 132,33 History Forum 43 Syn- chronized Swim 132,233 Year- book3 Handicapped Swim Program 23 Girls' State3 Mod- ern Dance 1,23 Ski Club 4. X 3 Michael A. Brennan 359 Burton Rd., B.F. Football li Intramurals 1,2. Robert Brown 55 Partridgetown Rd. Homeroom Rep. 13 Footbal 1,2. Eric WC Brummett 60 Hillcrest Ave. 1 X X X , X X Clayton P. Burgess "C.J." 9 Cotton Hollow Ct. athy M. Burmeister 5 Park Ave. asketball 1,2,3,4 fLetter Z,3,4Jg Softball 1,2,3,4CLet- r 1,2,3,4lg Volleyball 3,4 ,etter 3,43 Tri-Capt. 415 ass Rep. 1. WY? "Honestly Julie, I 49 -1-v ff' S X ::hh Iffsz Robert K. Burnop 145-4 Lantern Park Dr. Can Carry Your Books!" Kevin.LBurns "Burnsy" 64 Pleasant Ave. Baseball 19 Basketball 1,2,3,4iLetter 41g Football 1,2,3,4CLetter 3,4l. Christine Butkus Lewis Circle Joseph Byron 'tJoe" 933 Rubber Ave. Q24 Frederick J. Campbell HMaaco" 136 Wedgewood Dr. John A. Ca pizzi 4 John Street 34 Robert M. Cantoni "Boink', 48 Little River Dr. ,om 'UQ 9305. 'hum Joseph Carlson III 'lJay" 536 Hillside Ave. Homeroom Rep. 1,2,3g Swim- ming 1,2,3,4 lLetter 23,455 Barbershop 1,2,3,4g Chamber Singers 1,2,3,4g Choir 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 1,2,3,4g Madri- gal Singers 1,2,3,4. Kent L. Carlson "Stone" 158 Beacon Manor Rd. Ski Club 1,2. Rocco Capozzi Gail Dr. Ski Club 1,2,3,4. Stacey Carlson "Stac 20 Cedar Circle B.F. Home room Rep. 45 D.E.C.A. E G.A.A. 2,3,4g Ski Club 2,3,4 Synchronized Swim 2,3,' fRecording Sec. 41. Donna M. Carnaroli 100 High St. Choir 1. , 5 L' fx . J I VW .. U.. U QQ ix I Donald C. Caron "Chinger" 82 Margaret Circle Baseball 1,2,3,4 fLetter 3,4J. Caroline J Carreiro ncaseyn 787 Osborn Rd. Soncert Choir 45 Synchro aized Swim 25 Rotary Ex :hange Student 3. QQ,- 1 ' '.ix. A.. -of ' -2:-'T .4 " 3 159' IFF' . me . Qs 'eff' "Big test tomorrowf' fri ,, F, Patricia Chang' 93-3 Ridge Rd. Tennis 1,2,3,4 fLetter 1,2,3,4g Volleyball 1,2,3,4 lLetter 1,2,3,4J. .v""A" David Cherkus 78 Woodbine St. Amateur Radio Club 2,3,4. Laurie A. Christianson 376 Wooster St. Paul R. Clement 236 Morning Dove Road '. WY' xl :px Robert .L Cochrane 1 Cross St. "Squirrel', Sedriclr H. Cobb "Rick" Daniel R. Cormier "Pie" 168 Evening Star Dr. 287 Spencer St. Track 2,3, fLetter 315 Art Intramurals 1,25 D.E.C.A. 3. Club lg D.E.C.A. 3,4 Jason R. Cochrane 1 Cross St. Joseph A. Corona "Joel' 240 Millville Ave Amateur Radio Club 2,3,4g Choir 1,2,3g Concert Choir 33 D.E.C.A. 3,4 fPres. 43g Ski Club 2,4g Yearbook 45 D.E.C.A Food Marketing Award 3. 'ICQ . 5 'S if Mark T. Cote 663 Millville Ave. Ski Club 3g Baseball 1 Tammi A. Cowan 0 Fairwood Rd. Gymnastics 1,2 KLetter 215 Zhamber Singers 1,2,3,4g Dhoir 1,2,3g Concert Choir ,2,4g Folk group 2,3,4g G.A.A. ,2,3,4g Ski Club 13 Modern lance 1,2,3,4. rj -Qgnuwv Dolores M. Cretella 176 Ruela Dr. Modern Dance 1. Udith A. Cross "Judy" 4 Diamond St. l "I'll never tell!" R,- Ng , rv' xy NIV' Lisa M. Crossley 234 Bethany Rd., B.F. Colorguard 33 Junior Honor Guardg Choir 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 43 Future Nurses l,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Ski Club 2,35 Synchronized Swim 1,2,3,4g Future Medical Ca- reers 1,2,3g Homeroom Alt. 3. Lisa J. Crouse "Lee" 101 Ward St. Yearbook. Cynthia M. Cyr "Cindy" 163 Margaret Circle. G.A.A. 1g Art Club 1,3. Roger J. Dandeneau Hill Rd. Homeroom Alt. 3. Jose M. DaS11va Lon J DeAngeIis "Lor" Mary E. Dayton "Mear" 151 Andrew Ave. Intramurals 43 Color Guard 3' G.A.A. 4g Pep Club 45 Syn- chronized Swim 4. 22 Olive St. 59 Sunburst Rd. Soccer 1y2y3,4 tLetter 123,45 Badminton 2,35 Intramurals Captain 435 Intramurals 1' 2,33 Color Guard 3,43 Choir Mearl Davis MINE" 211 Spencer St. .nf 'Q lf' 'K f 1,25 D.E.C.A 34 Diane M. Descbino 137 Cedar Circle, B.F. D.E.C.A. 3g Ski Club 3,4. 7 Sandra L. Dickson "Sandy' 10 Anderson St. Future Nurses 1,2,3,4 iTrea- surer 2,4J. 'eborah DiLa urenzio "Debi" 73 Cherry St. Ext. nrt 23 D.E.C.A. 35 Future urses 1,2. XIX X Rocco Tl DiTu1lio 2 Gail Dr. Football 1,2. ,uke E DiMaria artridgetown Rd. lomeroom Rep. 1,2,3,4g Bas- etball 1,2,3,4 fLetter 3,419 . '-Y h ' v' 'earbook KSports Edlt0flQ ea ' anything you Say' loys' State. l l l , Marianne DiMaria 169 Platts Mill Rd. sg 4. YN .ll 7 Hilda DosSantos 226 Maple St. Homeroom Alt. 4g D.E.C.A. 3. Donald D. Dryckenmiller - HDR. Z" 170 lCoen St. Cross Country 2,3 1Letter 313 Track 23 Band 1,2,3g Stage Band 1,2,3. Shirley J. Dumonski 194 Union City Rd. D.E.C.A. 33 Pep Club 4. Charlena H. Easterbrook Martha Eason "Hilary 44 Beebe St. D.E.C.A. 3,45 G.A.A. 43 Year bookg Modern Dance 4. ' ii Christopher Da ve y 359 Quinn St. Lisa M. Dziura 56 Albion St. Track 2,3 QCapt. 313 Art Club 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,25 Pep Club 43 Junior Honor Guard, Year- book. 4 . L'Charlie" 135 Lorann Dr. Tennis 1 2 3 4 Letter 3 41 In . u rv 1 y u 4 9 ' Rohm L' Durand Pokey tramurals 4g Choir 1g Concert 43 Andrasko Rd. Choir 1,2,3,4g Drama 3,43 Team Spirit Award, Tennis. Barry C. Ezmk Heimken Edward J. Dwyer "Eddy" 86 City Hill St. 34 Rustling Reed Rd. Basketball 1,23 Intramurals 29 Band 4. . X wb- Raymond D. Ericson "Down Hill 186 Webb Rd. Denise Ekberg Scott St. Judy A. Ernst Donovan Rd. Intramurals 35 G.A. A. 1,2,3g Synchronized Swim 1,2. if Max Teresa A. Feijoo 88 Moonlight Circle Modern Dance 4g D.E.C.A. 3,45 Pep Club 43 Yearbook. Kathy L. Fellows "Kath" 47 Mulberry St Homeroom Alt. 2,3g Art 49 Choir 1,25 Concert Choir 3,4g D.E.C.A. 3g G.A. A. 1,23 Pep Club 49 Synchronized Swim 1g Yearbookg Modern Dance 1,2. "Oh, no! I'm late for class!" ,r Z Kari A. Errico Juanita Fernandes "Juan" 146 Millville Ave. Gymnastics 2,3,4CLetter 2,3,4Dg Ski Club 2,3,4. Maria A. Fernandes 28 Aetna St. 26 Phoenix Ave Band 1,2,3,4 1Librarian 313 Chamber Singers 4g Choir 2,3,4g Concert Choir 3,45 G.A.A. 1,25 Madrigal Singers 45 Synchronized Swim 1,25 Yearbook. Stacey Ferrante 48 Diane Lane, B.F. Victor M. Ferreira I X 57 Beebe St. qv-' Homeroom Rep. 1,2,3,4g Soc Yearbook fSports' Editorl Boys'State. K'Furry' cer 25 Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Robin L. Fleisher 21 Beacon Manor Circle. Homeroom Rep. 13 D.E.C.A. 39 Ski Club 3,4. August Fidalgo Steven Fiorillo "Steve" 55 Lincoln St. Amateur Radio Club 2,3,4. Gini A. Flora 109 Pine St- Hunters Mountain Rd. A.V.A. 1,2,3,4g Amateur Ra- Ski Club 4. dio Club 1,2,3,4g Bibliophiles 1,2,3,4. 551: I fte Lori .L Follett 70 Andrasko Rd. Homeroom Alt. 45 G.A,A l,2,3,45 Ski Club 2,3,4 fAssis- .ant Sec. 35 Sec. 455 Synchro- iized Swim 1,2,3,4 lCo-Pres. Q5 Yearbook fAdvertising Editorj fl X n 9 X J Michael M. Fonseca 101 Albion St. Seorge A. Fonte "Jorge" L76 Lantern Park Dr. ntramurals 1,2,3,45 D.E.C.A. L,4g Yearbook 4. 1143 522.15 "f-has hm... "Where did you see him last night?" Gregory J Fottin "Greg 85 John St. 'S,T"7' Lois A. Fortin 300 Wedgewood Dr. Intramurals 45 Choir 152,35 Concert Choir 45 Pep Club 4 KTreas. 415 Handicapped Swim Program 2,3,4. Paula .L Fortin 49 Beecher St. Ski Club 1,2,3,4 fSec. 41 v Kimberly A. Foster "Kim'l 65-5 Lantern Park Dr. Class Rep. 3,43 Homeroom Rep. 1,23 Badminton 2,3,4 QLetter 3,413 Band 1,233 QTreas. 315 Concert Choir 132,334 fLibrarian 33 Treas. 413 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Synchronized Swim 1,2,3,43 Modern Dance 1,2,3,4 QTreas. 413 First Place- Junior Women's Club Speech Contests 3. Joseph E. Gallucci "Joe" 136 Lorann Dr. A xx S3233 'MV 3 Andrew P. Gaffney 'KGaf' 5 Cold Spring Circle John Gallagher 591 Rubber Ave. Football 1,2,33 Swimming 43 Track 23 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Ski Club 1,2,3,4. Q:-fir' Gamalier Garcia 515 North Main St. Kathleen Garrett "Kathy" 198 Cherry St. Badminton 2,33 Intramurals 2,3,43 Choir 1,23 Drama 2,3,43 Future Nurses 1,2,3,4fTreas. 33 Pres. 413 Pep Club 43 Year- bookCActivities Editor13 Handicapped Swim Program 2,3,43 Second Place- Junior Women's Club Speech Con- test 3. 'aigx '. . X, Mary M. Gallucci "Mair' 136 Lorann Dr. Homeroom Rep. 43 Intramur als 23 Pep Club 4 lVice-Pres 413 Bibliophiles 33 Choir 1,2 Drama 2,3,43 Garnet Glean 1,2,3 CRep. 313 Junior Hono Guardg History Forum 3. 4.4 'lu'-Q-f .gf '41 3 - 51 ix ef, "fa, Irene Gaspar 58 Highland Ave Gary D. Gauthier 248 Union City Rd. 'Qi' David R. Gay 933 Rubber Ave. Handicapped Swim Program 1,2,3,4. . , "Who, Me?" .5 'Q Frank Getchell 428 Skokorat Rd. B.F. 5151 v--nv iv.. Norma L. Giraldi B2 Woodland St. Art 2,3,4g Choir 1. ,Q-tr Tirzah Gogolski 152 Highland Ave. B.F. Lori .L Gondola "Gonzo" 306 Lopus Rd., B.F. Art 1,25 Choir 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 KPub. Chairman 41g Ski Club 2,3,4g Synchronized Swim 1,2,3,4 Modern Dance 1,2,3,4. wife if 5544-'f"' Katherine M. Grieder "Quad" 122 Johnson St. Cheerleader 3,4 iLetter 3,4Jg Choir 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Ski Club 2,3,4g Synchronized Swim 2,3,4 fTreas. 43, Modern Dance 15 Homeroom Rep. 1,3. 'Q f,ij5.j I 'lll I 3 A .gi f '. 1 f.2 Fiona M. Graham "Fi" 248 Spring St. Intramurals 33 Choir 2,39 Concert Choir 43 Pep Club 4 Yearbook 4 CCopy Editorl. Lucia A. Grella "Chia" 42 Alma St. Gymnastics 2, Cheerleaders 3,4 fCo-Capt. 43 Letter 3,45 Junior Honor Guardg Choir 1,2,3g Concert Choir 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Modern Dance 1,2,3,4 lPub. Chairman 45g Pep Club 45 Homeroom Alt. 2g Year- book 4 KLayout Ed.l x uw Gary A. Gua y 83 Longwood Dr. D.E.C.A. 3,4. Linda T. Guilbeault "Lynn" 58 Ruela Dr. Swimming 1,29 Intramurals 1,2,3g Modern Dance 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3g Homeroom Alt. 3. . '93 We Estelle M. Guay 83 Longwood Dr. Choir 1,2,3,4g D.E.C.A. 3. Lois A. Guisti t'Juicer" 44 Lewis Circle Drama 43 Pep Club 4 fPres. 41. Yvonne A. Haigler 56 Scott St. Band 2,3g Sunburst 2. Pamela G. Hall "Pam" 191 E. Waterbury Rd. Track 25 Cheerleaders 3,4 tLetter 3,455 Colorguard 25 D.E.C.A. 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Pep Club 45 Yearbook 4 fLay- out Editorj Modern Dance 2,3,4. Mark R. Hanks "Hankers" 115 North Hoadley St. Baseball 2g Football lg Year- vook 4. lla "They call that Golfingln ,., - "UP 1' Wim. Daniel R. Hansell "Rock Starn 1 Patricia Terrace, B.F. 5 CII? Kevin .L Harrington "Beaver" 69 Cold Spring Cir. Homeroom Rep. 2. Kathleen M. Hayden 52 Qamson Lane Modern Dance 3.4. 47 Vincent R. Healy 19 Deepwood Road Homeroom Rep. 4g Basket- ball 1,3g Boys' State. J Robin M. Hennessey 32 Avenue B,B.F. Gymnastics 3,4 QLetter 355 Concert Choir 3g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g History Forum 49 Ski Club 2,3,4 QPublicity Chair- man 3,4lg Synchronized Swim 1,2,3,4 lCorresponding Sec. 45, Modern Dance 1,2,3,4g Most Improved Gymnastic Award 3. 48 Jacqueline C. Heczko 4'Jackie" Christopher T. Hill 203 North Hoadley St. Choir 2 3. Dana M. Hennessey 44 Lewis St. Homeroom Rep. 1,35 Home- room Alt. 4g Pep Club 4 iSec. 45g Yearbook CFaculty Edi- torlg Junior Honor Guard. A iv. 30 Pond St. Kenneth L. Himango ul-leroyvv 212 Wedgewood Dr. Baseball 1,23 Soccer 1,2g In- tramurals 1,2g Ski Club 1,2,4g Yearbook. David T. Heston "I-Iesty' 288 North Hoadley St. Intramurals 1, Orchestra 1,2 Linda M. Hoff 18 Morning Mist Rd. Choir 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3. Joseph L. Holland "Joe" 276 North Hoadley St. ootball 1,3,4 KLetter 455 wimming 2,3,4 CLetter !,3,4Jg Barbershop 43 Cham- Jer Singers 3,43 Choir 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 2,3,4. Tracy E. Jacques 33 Hillview St. 'ls Ronald P. Hollie "Hayes" 108 Fern St. Track 23 Band 1,2,3g Stage Band 239 Most Improved "Don't squeeze the bread, Mr. Whipple!" Runner. Tynthia Ireland "Cindy" 40 Cherry St. Iomeroom Rep. 2g Choir ,2,4. . t . K Todd M. Jeffreys "Toad" 18 New St.B.F. Intramurals 1,2. Kathleen T. Johnstone llKathyi1 1405 New Haven Rd. Art Club 13 Chess Club 1g Choir 1,2,3g Sunburst 1. Sherri A. Johnstone 1405 New Haven Rd. Art Club 2,4 fSec. 475 Choir 1,23 Future Nurses 43 Ski Club 4. 'Lp Nancy M. Kane L' Nance" 5 Hilltop Rd. Swimming 2,3,4 lLetter 2,3,4g Capt. 415 Girls' Stateg A.V.A. Club 1,23 Bibliophiles 1,2,3, 4 iSec. 215 Choir 1,2,3,4g Con- cert Choir 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3, 43 Pep Club 4g Modern Dance 1,2,3,4g Homeroom Rep. 2g Homeroom Alt. 1,3. Gary L. Jones "Jonesey" Chris A. Kean Shadduck Rd. 776 New Haven Rd. Sandra K acko wski Union City Rd. Patricia A. Kempka 41 Kent St. Badminton 3,43 Intramurals 45 Colorguard 1,2,3,4g Pom Pom Girls 1g G.A.A. 1,2g Mod- ern Dance 1,2. ' Karen Katchmar 35 Stoddard Place, B.F f-...f Yci' John Kennedy 27 Lewis Circle William J. Kennedy "Bill" 151 Andrew Ave. Basketball 2,3,4 KLetter 4Jg Track 2,4 lLetter 43g Band 15 Bibliophiles 3,4. John Kevit 621 Field St. Baseball 1,2. Donna Kevorkian "Ke- vork" 17 General Patton Dr. Homeroom Rep. 43 Choir 1,2,3,4 iLibrarian 455 Concert Choir 3,43 D.E.C.A. 3,4 CSec. 43g Junior Honor Guard. K"-x 'A f4.a..:,,a 6 W "What a rough night!" naw' it in-0' Ronald S. Kielb "Stanley" 66 Ward St. EP - 1 . U ,K 4, , . 'mx V fm --" Constance B. Kirdzik "Connie" 37 Washington St. Homeroom Rep. 3g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Modern Dance 1,2,3,4g Yearbook. Da vid K limasze wski "Dave" 212 Lincoln St. 51 Anna-Marie Kmetz "Metz" 12 Dolly Dr. B.F. Intramurals 23 G.A.A. 1,2,4g Ski Club 3,43 Yearbook fAc- tivities Editorjg Modern Dance 1,2,4. G-P' AlRich7! Richard Kosko 154 Prospect St. I ff? .115 Arif 'Rl Teresa Kochis "Teri" Kurt W. Krantz 42 Anderson St. 60-4 Ridge Rd. Terri A. Kosko "Te: 1025 New Haven Rd. Drum Majorette 2,3,4g A.V.r 2,3,4g Band 1,2 lSec. 21, C01 cert Choir 2,3,4g D.E.C.A. 3 lReporter 41, G.A. A. 1,2gSy1 chronized Swim 1,23 Model Dance 1,2. xv Q., .55 , .Mr 4 ,3 Kirk V. Krasinsky Charles J. Konavage "Cuties" 79 Curtiss St. 45 Mulberry St. Football 1. .4-4-vwv Philip LaBonte "Phil' 156 New St. Football 1,2g Intramurals 1. usan P. Labriola "Sue" 5 Timothy Rd. ennis 3,4 lLetter 3,455 Intra- urals 1,3,4g Art 1,2,4g Choir 3,45 Yearbook. 4,..u-5. 'N . Michael J. Landry "Mic" 179 Lasky Rd., B.F. Baseball 1,2,3,4 fLetter 3,4Jg Basketball 1,2,3,4 fLetter 3,4J. 9.-P4-f Wilson Lamas "Sacs" Ann Lang 932 2 Ridge Rd "I don't believe it!" 126 Hillside Ave. I Richard J Langlars Brenda L. Landry 567 Milville Ave. Track 2 fLetter 25. 181 Heritage Dr. img K'Rich" 4- ,ie Brenda L. Lapham 140 Deepwood Rd. Intramurals 2,3,4g Modern Dance 1,2,3,4g Marching Band 1,2,3,4g Future Nurses 13 History Forum 35 Band 2,3,4. Andrew J. Laudate "Andy" 109 South Main St. Homeroom Alt. 4g Intramur- als 1g Art 1,2,3g Chamber Singers 3,43 Choir 1,2,3g Con- cert Choir 2,3,4g Drama Club 1, Madrigal Singers 45 Ski Club 43 Yearbook lAd. Edi- torbg 2nd Place Voice of De- mocracy 3. aw" fave dmv: David T. Lengyel t'Dave" 29 Sweeney St. Howard A. Leeper "Leap" 240 Skokorat Rd., B.F. James A. Lefky "Lefk" 63 Andrasko Rd. Homeroom Alt. 3, Basketball 1,2,3,4 fLetter 41. iw" 1 Marla J. Lindsey " Mar" 933 Rubber Ave. Choir 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 1g D.E. C.A. 3,4. Da vid S. Lineweber LAWeb!7 31 Valley Dr. Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Ski Club Laa4 Lisa J. Lennan "Lemons" 96 Fern St. Homeroom Rep. 1,23 Basket- ball 1,2,3,4 fCapt. 4 Letter 2,3,4Jg Softball 1,2,3,4 QCapt. 45 Letter 2,3,4Jg Volleyball 3,4 QLetter 3,415 Concert Choir 1,2. Tony G. Locke "Weekend Warrior" 153 Rubber Ave. Amateur Radio Club 3,43 Sunburst 2,3. Douglas J. Logan "Paco" 181 Lewis St. wwf 'lsr-V" D.E.C.A. 3,4. fi t TL 4 Robert Laughlin Hunter's Mountain Rd. "Darling, I luv you." Maria C. Lourenco "Ms" 57 Galpin Dr. Chess Club 1,2,3,4. iuingu-lr inn' md Janette H. Lovell 109 Sunburst Rd. Bibliophiles 4. Brenda A. Luddy "Fudds', 9 Lewis Circle. Homeroom Alt. lg Majorettes 15 Choir 1,2g Concert Choir 1,2,3, 49 G.A.A. 45 Modern Dance 4. Brian Lunn "Lunzy 73 Goodyear Ave. Football 1. Julie Ann Macri "Julie' 14 Westview Dr. Vice-Pres. 1g Homeroom Rep. 2,3,4g Choir 1,25 Concert Choir 2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 CPres. 453 Modern Dance 1,2,3,4. Kevin L. Mallory "Boo" 254 Wedgewood Dr. Tennis 2,3,4 fLetter 2,3,4J. 56 Mark S. Magas "Mag" 76 Sunset Dr. President 15 Football 15 Golf 1,2,3,4 lLetter 1,2,3,4Dg Intra- murals 1,2g Ski Club 1,2,3,4. Marianne Maguire 24 Round Hill Rd. Homeroom Alt. 3,45 Badmin- ton 1,2,3,4 fLetter 2,3,43 Capt. 415 Intramurals 2,3,4g Junior Honor Guardg G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Track 2. Margarida M. Marques "Margiel' 112 Ruela Dr. Homeroom Rep. 13 Choir 2,35 Concert Choir 4. James A. Marticello "Mort" 127 Cedar Lane, B.F. Football 1, 2 CLetter 1,2Jg Ski Club 1,2,3,4. CV' Tami F. M aroney "Mahoney" 105 Fern St. Fencing 2. Scott T. Martin " Scotty 71 May Ave. Brianue E. Mascola ASMarel! 46 Salem Blvd. - 1 J W Christopher J. McDermott "Chris" 30 Orchard St. Lisa M. Ma tos "Motts" 79 Ward St. D.E.C.A. 3. Douglas P. McCann 0 Heritage Dr. ywimming 1,2,3,4 lLetter ,2,3, 41. "Just a minute Lor, I'll let you out!" J 49' James McGrath "Jimmy" 18 Beacon Manor Rd. Linda A. McGrath "Mel" 18 Beacon Manor Rd. Homeroom Rep. 1,33 Home- room Alt. 49 Colorguard 15 Art 4gChoir 1. 58 l Allen Mclntyre 51-4 Ridge Rd. 'ln 41' "' -fr' 11191 Mark J Mello L' Mells" 168 Quinn St. Football lg D.E.C.A. 3,4. Maureen E. McKee "Moe" 26 Locust St. Homeroom Alt.2,3g Home- room Rep. 49 Intramurals 3,4. Douglas S. McNeely HMHCYY 274 Quinn St. Richard J Messier "Yo-Yo" 20 Lewis Circle History Forum 45 Pep Club 45 Latin Club 4 fCo-Vice Pres. 45. Jan J Mizeski "Stick" 106 Woodbine St. Amateur Radio Club 4 Nice Pres. 41. 1-'79 'fan' TF" Sherry L. Merrill 21 Church St., B.F. Art 1. sl Dana Morel 391 Bradbury St. .ndrew .L Morrissey uAndyu 45 Heritage Dr. ootball 2,3 lLetter 31. Wendy .L Morrissey "Wen" 137 Sunburst Rd. Badminton 1,2,3,4 fLetter 2,355 Intramurals 2,35 Latin Club fCo-Vice-Pres. 45, Mod- ern Dance 1,2,3g Choir 15 Fu- ture Nurses 1, G.A.A. 1,2,3. Taro! M 'Sadoques UDiZZy!! 45 Beacon Manor Rd. .rt 45 Choir 1,2. qs. . A 'fig L 'Y,,i ,, g, git N321 lim. ai? '19 4 Ann V. Murdock 59 Quarry Rd. B.F. '92 UI think we need a little practice!" 1' iii Glenn H. Myers 675 Beacon Valley Rd. Homeroom Rep. 25 Class Pres. 3,43 Swimming 1,2, 3,4 CLetter 3,413 Baseball 1,23 Boys' State, A.V.A. 2,3,4g Band 1,25 Orchestra 2. Michael P. Nardello KlMikel7 20 Laurel Ave. 59 Richard L. Newhart "Stoner" 603 High St. Art 1,2,3,4g Choir 3,4. John Nislri "Nisk' 112 Irving St. Intramurals 1,2. I4 .-v ' N-.. f V 1,, Irving A. Nichols 10 South Circle, B.F James A. Nichols 1 18 Melbourne Ct. Judith A. Nitowski "Judy' 51 Beacon Manor Rd. Homeroom Rep. 1,25 Feature Twirler 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4 Future Nurses 1g G.A.A. 1 Modern Dance 1. Joseph VI Nunes 125 Gorman St. ' Soccer 1,2,4 fLetter 41. in Picu qua' 'g,, Erin M. 0'Boyle 933 Rubber Ave. Majorettes 15 Colorguard pickles-7 2,3,4g Choir 1,2,4g Concert Choir 4g Drama 1,2,3, 4 fHis- torian 35 Pres. 413 Handi- capped Swim Program 2. ,an-s Debra A. Oliveira , "Debbie" 50 Park Ave. Class Sec. 1,2,3,4g Junior Honor Guardg Chamber Sing- ers 1,2,3, 43 Choir 1,2,3,4 iLi- brarian 3g Sec. 435 Concert Choir 1,2,3,4g Folk Group 2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Modern Dance 1,2,3,4. Linda M. Oliveira L Pleasant Ave. ntramurals 45 Future Nurses ,,2,3,4 fSec. 2,39 Vice-Pres. 419 Drama 4g Pep Club 45 Handi- :apped Swim Program 3. Q,,"fl"I7" kt? .fra 1 - .J Debra A. Palangio "Debbie" 134 Curtis St. Choir 4g D.E.C.A. 3,45 Home Ec. Crafts Club 1,3,4g Syn- chronized Swim 2. X......-'S Maria A. Oliveira 10 Carroll Ct. George F. Ostrom "Chet" 44 Cook Lane, B.F. we' Terry A. Palmer 58 Bird Rd. Baseball 1,2,3,4 fLetter 2,3,4g ..Hey, Mom, I forgot my hmchln Capt. 413 Basketball 1,2,3, 4 "Q"'?' ,QYQQ-v QLetter 2,3,4 Capt. 419 Foot- ball 1,2,3,4 fLetter 2,3,4g Capt. 415 Boys' State. Janice C. Passabet "Jan" 41 Ash Rd. Homeroom Rep 3,45 Badmin- ton 2,3,4 CLetter 3,41g Intra- murals 2,3,4g Choir 15 Concert Choir 2,3,4g G.A.A. 2,3,4g Yearbook fCopy Editor1g Modern Dance 2,3,4. Linda L. Patchkofsky 31 Pent Rd., B.F. Choir 2,4. Gary J. Pelchuck "Pops" 7 Margaret Circle Choir 15 Concert Choir 33 His- tory Forum 3. fn,f Michael Pavlowski "Pav' 165 Walnut St. Baseball 1,23 Basketball 1,2g Football 1,2,3,4 iLetter 3,41 Michael Pavone 211 Field St. Concert Choir 1,2,3,4. iqfzffix ,gan- 'ff' Da vid S. Petersen "Skinner" 25 Bird Rd. Baseball 1,2,3,4 tLetter 3,41 Brian J. Peterson 115 Walnut St. Daniel F. Perlini "Per 20 Fern St. Baseball 1,2,3,4iLetter 3,41 Football 1. a-Huw, Richard Petit 57 Ash Rd. Sa M. Phoenix 'KPheenie' Phoenix Ave. rmeroom Rep. 23 Basket dl 1,2,3,4 iLetter 3,4Jg Soft l 2,3,4 KLetter 2,3,4Jg Vol 'ball 2,3,4lLetter 3,45 Capt. A.V.A. 3. 4ntonio QL Pinho "Tony" L S 251 Cherry St. Soccer 1,2,3,4 fCapt. 413 Best Dffenswe Soccerman- "Our cars broke down again." Louis QL Poeta "Lou" A f 34 Stoddard Place. B.F. .1 -,:- ,saga x"""' Football 2. At Susan Polakowski 100 City Hill St. it Kenneth J. Pollock t'Polack" 85 Trowbridge Pl. Baseball 1,2,3,4fLetter 2,3,4g Statistician 2,3,4lg Intramur- als 3,45 Boys' Stateg Amateur Radio Club 2g Bibliophiles 3,45 History Forum 3. Zosb Primerano 85-6 Lantern Rd. John QL Purdy 103 Pent Rd., B.F. David A. Pugliese "Pug" 85 Ash Rd. Intramurals 1,2. Richard A. Purcato "Peaches" 193 Union City Rd. Football 1,2,3g Ski Club 1,2,3,4. Dianna J. Reed "Di" 36 Wanda Dr.B.F. Intramurals 25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Ski Club 45 Synchronized Swim 1,2,3,4g Modern Dance 1,2,3,4g Yearbook fEditor-in- Chiefj. Matthew Reilly 'KRiles" 35 Joseph Rd. Football 2,3,4KLetter 3,413 Ski Club 1,2,3,4. GreggJ. Ralzuba "Hooch' 155 Lorann Dr. Soccer 1QManager U5 Ama teur Radio Club 3. '-5-,f X Phillip Rella 35 Jones Rd.,B.F. aanne S. Rice 'tPoe" 5 Beacon Manor Rd. ymnastics 2,3,41Letter 3,439 Intramurals 1,2,3,4g noir 2,3,4g Concert Choir 43 ,A.A. 1,2,3,4g Modern Dance 2,3,4g Homeroom Rep. 3,4. Bridgit Ritchey 90 Brookside Ave. Teresa L. Rich 37-3 Lantern Park Dr, Colorguard 2,3,4iCapt. 3,453 Junior Honor Guardg Home- room Rep. 1,35 Synchronized Swim Ig Modern Dance 1,2,4g G.A.A. 1,2,4g Ski Club 4. Gina Rioux 128 Sunburst Rd. M1-bd ,qs-JA. Lora L. Rivers 47 Evening Star Dr. D.E.C.A. 3,4. Elizabeth Roaix "Beth' Brookside Ave. John C. Roberts UJ.R." 215 Tawny Thrush Rd. Homeroom Rep. 13 Intramur- als 3,4g Amateur Radio Club 2,33 Bibliophiles 2,3,4g Ski Club 1,2,3,4. 'bf if ' ...,,,.f Don J. Robinson 45 Little River Dr. Concert Choir 3,4. Barry A. Rogers 109 School St. Football 3,4iLetter 3,4J. Julianna C. Rodotigo "Julie" 137 Burton Rd., B.F. Concert Choir 33 D.E.C.A. 3,4. Cesario Rocha 80 Ward St. Soccer 3,4QLetter 3,45 41. 'ICQ' Lori A. Roland 29 Allerton Rd. Badminton 2,3,4iLetter 3,45 Capt. Capt. 435 Intramurals 1,25 Band 1,25 Homeroom Rep 15 Homeroom Alt. 2. Qf 'V John Rodrigues 14 Nixon Ave. Rosario Rositani "Rc 361 High St. Tennis 1,2,3,4fLetter 1,2,E Capt. 3,42 Soccer 4fLetter Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Chl 1,2,3g Concert Choir 1,2,3. Teresa Anne Rouillard 273 City Hill St. Choir 1,2g Concert 3,4g Drama 1,3,4g G.A.A. 2,3513 Modern Dance 2,3, 4. 1" lv' 144 ax, 1 1 1 Nancy Russell 412 Blackberry Hill, B.F. 1,9 . E - g - ska. John Rourke Q an Joanne Rynecki 162 Red Robin Rd. A-A 131 Ward St. Robert J. Ruggeri 70 Florence St. Cross Country 15 Track 13 ln- tramurals 1,2,3, 4g D.E.C.A. 3,4. "Flip's Forty Thieves' Gretchen A. Sagendorf 325 Quinn St. Junior Honor Guard, Cham- ber Singers 2,3,4g Choir 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 1,2,3,4g Fencing 4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Synchronized Swim 15 Year- bookg Handicapped Swim Program 15 Modern Dance 2,4. 67 Ronald S. SanAnge1o "Saint" 77 Chestnut St. D.E.C.A. 3,4. Debra L. Scarpa "Debbie" 111 Lincoln St. Badminton 25 Cheerleaders 3,4CLetter 3,413 Junior Honor Guardg Choir 1,35 Concert Choir 2,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Modern Dance 1,2,3,4. Norma Santos 164 Walnut St, Lydia R. Scales 130 Tawny Thrush Rd. Tennis 2,3,4fLetter 3,453 Co lorguard 2,3,4. Antonro J. Santos Carol A- Svhlegel "Mu5Cles" 701 Beacon Valley Rd. 114 Oak St, Intramurals 45 Art 43 Ski Club Soccer 3. 3,43 Yearbook. Kari A. Sa wicki 5198 N. Spring St. 68 Kurt WI Schmidt 97 Fern St. Band 1,2,3,4g Barbershop 3,4 Chamber Singers 3,45 Choi 3,43 Concert Choir 3,43 Stag Band 1,2. Sandra L. Scranton usandyw 52 Curtiss St. I-Iomeroom Rep. 2,3g Gym- nastics 1,2,3,4fLetter 2,333 Ins tramurals 3,45 Chamber Sing- zrs 2,3,4g Choir 1,2,3,4g Con- :ert Choir 2,3,4g Madrigal Singers 2,3,4g Modern Dance l,2,3,4fVice-Pres.43. we-......,,, Lynda M. Seamour l'Lyn" 714 Maple Hill Rd. Homeroom Rep. 43 Gymnas tics 2,39 Softball 1,23 Intra- murals 2,3,4g Choir 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Modern Dance 2,3,4. iteven A. Server 01 Trowbridge Place Baseball 2,3,4KLetter 3,435 'ootball 3,4CLetter 3,435 Soc- er 2, Intramurals 1,2,3,4, 3.E.C.A. 3. N, . i'What -7 Eddy doing home- 'YY work. 'Mx ,fu-aunt Sean P. Shea 100 East Waterbury Rd. Cross Country 1,2,3,4fLetter 2,3,4g Capt. 435 Track 1,2,3,4 fLetter 2,3,43g Intramurals 1,2. Joan M. Shemanski 837 May St. Ext. Homeroom Alt. 13 Gymnas- tics 2,3lLetter 2,335 Intramur- als 2,33 Chamber Singers 2,3,4g Choir 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 2,3,4, G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Modern Dance 1,2,3,4CSec. 433 Junior Honor Guard. John E. Sickola III 58 Andrasko Rd. Vice-Pres. 4g Homeroom Rep. 33 Drama 33 Ski Club 2,3,4fAss't. Treas. 35 Treas. 435 YearbookfFaculty Editor3. ww?" IF' Wilma Skidmore "Willie, 105 Brookside Ave. Daniel C. Sigetti "Sigets" 'x Z' 105 Irving St' Jeffrey T. Smith "Smitty" Intramurals 1g A.V.A, 2,3,4g 311 Bethany Rd., B.F. Bibliophiles 2,3,4. Rosemarie Silva t'Rose" 311 Wooster St. Michelle A. Smith t'Mis" 166 Wedgewood Dr. Homeroom Alt. 2,45 Choir 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 2,3,4g G.A.A. 2,3,4g Modern Dance 2,3,4g Handicapped Swim Program 3,4. Cindy Skypack l'Six Pack" 48 Rimmon Hill, B.F. Tarra L. Smith "'T'error,' 60 Morris St. Badminton 2,33 Swimming 1,23 Colorguard 1,2,3,43 Choir 1,23 Concert Choir 3,43 Future Nurses 2,3,4g Ski Club 2.3. Mary Snabaitis 20 Spring St. George W Sorbie, Jr. "Zeher', 27 George St. Baseball 1,2,3,4 fletter 2,3,4g Manager 1,2,3,4Jg Intramurals 3,43 Bibliophiles 3,45 History Forum 3 lVice Pres. 35. Lisa M. Stabile 4 Briarwood Circl Badminton 2,3. S-dv Q11 "Here comes Mrs. Beatty!" f ?'X Leonard Starziski 69 Hill St. fl' ,wwf W r William IL Steinbacker "Bill', 31 Pent Rd., B.F. Football 2,3,4 CLetter 43. Nancy A. Sullivan 49 Hill St. Homeroom Rep. lg Concert Choir 1,2,3,4g Synchronized Swim 1. Janet M. Swanson "Swany" 36 Fuller St. Homeroom Rep 25 Home- room Alt. 3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Concert Choir 1,253.45 Future Medical Careers 25 Future Nurses 2,35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Modern Dance 1,2,3,4. ?' Timothy B. Sweeney 13 South Circle PaulS.Szarzynski 'tZar 53 Nettleton Ave. Rocio Tapia 315 Millville Ave. sulwirnn Exchange Student5 G.A.A. 45 Modern Dance 4. vs Cl1ristineM.Swirbitowicz 'lSwirby" 433 Quinn St. G.A.A. 15 Modern Dance 2. William Silkowski 6 Kent St William WY Sweet Carla A. Taylor "Sweeter" 99-3 Ridge Rd. 62 Kosko Lane Football 2 Maria D. Teixeira 91 Rockwell Ave. Choir 25 Drama 3,45 Futun Nurses 3,4. Brenda Thies "Thunder" .02 Gail Dr. Iolorguard 23 Pom Pom Girls .3 G.A.A. 1,23 Modern Dance .,23 Handicapped Swim Pro- gram 1,23 Track 23 Ski Club 4 Sonia M. Thompson 607 Milville Ave. Intramurals 43 Choir 13 Fenc- ing 2,4Q G.A.A. 43 Sunburst 1,2,33 Ethnic Group 1. Jeffrey R. Thurston "Fox" 134 Craig Circle Homeroom Alt. 23 Homeroom Rep. 13 Baseball 1,2,3,4iLet- ter 3,453 Football 1,2,3QLetter 353 Boys' State. ar!!! 4 1 Linda M. Toole 128 Beacon Manor Rd. The Three Musketeers '-9. ti, 'Q-W R-. Q .t . g Sl' Deborah A. Trzaski "Trosk 1. 32 Wolfe Ave., B.F. Homeroom Rep. 3,43 Gym- nastics 1,23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4lTreas. 413 Ski Club 23 Synchronized Swim 13 Year- book3 Modern Dance 1,2,3,4. Richard L. Tuckey "Tuck" David St. Baseball 1,23 Basketball 13 Golf lg Football 1,2,3,41Letter 3,453 Intramurals l,2,3,43 Ski Club 1,2,3,4 fVice-pres. 4l. Roger M. Uszakie wicz i.Uke,, 53 Hackett St. Baseball 1,2,3,4 lLetter 3,4lQ Football 1,2,3,4 CLetter 2,3,43 Tri-Capt. 41. Donna L. Vitiello 'tVites" 56 Hill St. Homeroom Alt. 33 Gymnas- tics 2,3,4 fLetter 2,3343 Co- Capt. 433 Junior Honor Guard, Chamber Singers 2,3,43 Choir 1,2,3,43 Concert Choir 1,2,3,43 Fencing 43 G.A.A. 13233343 Synchronized Swim 13 Yearbook 43 Handi- capped Swim Program 13 Modern Dance 234. Joe C. Valen te 60 Scott St. Soccer 2,4. Maria Vinagre "Mita', 174 Ward St. 4 E XX GP" Lorinda J Ward 22 Ruela Dr. Swimming 1,2lLetter 1 J: G.A.A. 13 Modern Dance 1. James P. Warren "Jimmy" 35 May St. Swimming1,2. Carl Wagner 88 Spring St. trqzvjw wwf i Timothy J. Watkins '4Wox" 585 Webb Rd. Homeroom Rep. 33 Baseball 1QManager 113 Cross Country 4iLetter 453 Intramurals l,2,3,4Q Boys' Stateg History Forum 4iVice-Pres. 413 Year- bookg Latin Club 4QPres. 45. lizabeth A. Weiss "Liz" Columbine Lane,B.F. oftball 1. if Patricia A. Weglarz upattyn 97 Longwood Dr. Scott B. Whipple "Whip" 275 North Hoadley St. rlomeroom Rep. 45 Football lg Tennis 3,4 iLetter 3,4Jg D.E.C.A. 3,45 Drama 2,3,4. -'Y Vicki here?" Q Cynthia T. White "Cindy' East Waterbury Rd. Homeroom Alt. 33 Drama 4 History Forum 43 Modern Dance 3,43 G.A.A. 3,43 Fenc ing 4. Marilee A. Wilkas "Mar" 575 Rubber Ave. Homeroom Alt. 23 Gymnas- tics 3 iManager 333 Swimming l,2LLetter UQ Choir 1,23 Con- cert Choir 2. Valerie J. Wilmot "Val" Gunntown Rd. Intramurals 43 Fencing 4 QCaptain 41. 75 Sharon Wisniewski 95 Cook Lane, B.F. Ski Club 2,3,4. Terence G. Zehnder "Zeke" 10 Buckingham St. Ra-Vm0ndC'Withe"uRayv Class Pres. 23 Tennis 778 New Haven Rd. David Yates 88 Ward St. Rachael E. Woodside 151 General Patton Dr. Class Treas. 1,2,3,43 Cheer- leader 3,4 fCo-Capt. 43 Letter 3,413 Bibliophiles 23 Choir 13 Concert Choir 233,43 G.A.A. 132,334 lSec. 413 Modern Dance 1,2,3,4. 2,3,4iLetter 3,413 Ski Club 1,2,3,4 1Rep. 23 Vice-Pres. 33 Pres. 41. Lori A. Zemeir 24 Brennan St. Homeroom Alt. 23 Badminton 23 Choir 1,23 Concert Choir 3,43 Drama 1,2,3,4CVice-Pres. 412 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 History Fo- rum 3fRep. 311 Modern Dance 1,2,3,43 Junior Honor Guard. Laurie M. Zak 132 Radnor Ave. Homeroom Rep 1,23 Tennis 2: Cheerleaders 3,4iLetter 3,413 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4lVice'Pres. 41: Synchronized Swim 1,23 Yearbook3 Modern Dance 123334. George M. Zeigler "Ziggy' 202 Cold Spring Rd., B.F. Basketball 13 Football 1,2 Choir 1,2,33 Concert Choir 3 Sandra C. Zionkowski 110 Walnut St. Badminton 2,3,4lLetter 3,455 Intramurals 2,3,4g G,A.A. 1,2,3,4g History Forum 3g Sunburst 2,33 Modern Dance 1,2,3,4. Cheryl A. Zuzick Shadduck Rd. Homeroom Alt. 43 Colorguard 1,2,3,4lCaptain 473 Drama 3,45 G.A.A. 1,25 Modern Dance 1,2 Memories Thanks for all the memories In which you've played a part, For they are always nearest And dearest to my heart . . , Thanks for all the memories that are yours and mine alone, For they recall so many special moments I have known Thanks for all the memories that time can never dim . . . I could never repay you for the joy I found in them. Mary Dawson Hughes Seniors Not Pictured. Neil Avcollie Alan Boucher William Davidson Stephen Ericson Amilcar Ferreira Dale Hallock Mary Ann Mandler Robert Potter Thomas Salerno It Was Making Friends For some, the year will have a very special meaning. It will be remembered as more than being a part of a group It will be remembered as an important time of sharing part of our lives with others. It was comaradarie of being on a team, all the fun of belonging to a club, and all the friendships formed during the year in various classes. Perhaps it didn't last, but at least it felt good to share a moment with someone else . . . and to be welcomed into another person's life. ""'-R .E 1 . . asf? K IX - L.i.L1 ,W :Ny 45- 4, "xi R A I 7 '-It It Was Learning It is said that the search for knowledge is never ending. That surely seemed to be the case for most of us this senior year. We spent hours lost in books, peering through microscopes, pounding keyboards and singing with the Choir. In short, we made great efforts to improve ourselves, to take advantage of all that has been offered to us. No matter what our pursuits entailed, We can novv look back and say it was all worthwhile. 'QQ it ai. wavy!- .M--""' 'V Hs' Q-.IN I xi. Gif' 3 i i' S- SS, , 'x A ,. - .7 Rf ,.r-3,935 K "W A K, .. ,, ,, vs. - ff fbvsirfhgi in get It Was Getting To Know Ourselves. Amid the excitement of football season, the involvement of classes, and simply the everyday bustle in the halls, the year was also a time of getting away - studying for the biology final, reviewing history notes, or just taking time for some quiet reflection. Being responsible for ourselves gave the year a new and fresh perspective. The chance to evaluate where we've been and where we're going was time well spent Class Beauty and Handsome: Kori Errico, Jeff Thurston. Teeth: Nancy Kane, Jamie MHFUCGHO- Class Superla tives 12+ , Legs: Brenda Thies, Willie Kennedy. Laugh! L0ri G0Hd018, R011 Kielbl Hair: Debbie Trazski, Danny Bierce. Q . .11-' 'K ' I Physique: Lucia Grella, Ron Hol- lie. E 2 5 Walk: Mark Cote, Cindy White. . . .... Brains: Sonia Thompson, Matthew Ande son. Voice: Debbie Scarpa, Bob Bilinsky. Smile: Don Caron, Tami Cowan. 1 g,fm9" f 1, 7.4, ! Egl- Ju.. ,, , 11 ..,- W f.4!. LM ., 1, f sp, 'af J ,1 .K-ff' W if I , 4.1 Daydreamers - Katherine Grieder, Bob Brown Musician A Janice Anderson Pranksters - Lori Follett, John Gallagher Friendly - John Sickola, Sharon Bridge Chatterboxes Donna V1 tiello, Gary Pelchuk Jg' S.. ,mam fd .f""-f N'-an Q i is lg A E . mv ,, 7 1 "Bw, yk , , . 2 i 1 1 It Was Those Special Days. The year will be remembered for all those special happenings it contained. We'll recall the excitement of the Thanksgiving Day game and dance, the beauty and elegance of the Junior Prom, and the color and pageantry of Senior Week. These special days were really great and we can say we were there and a part of them. 1: 79 O- I ,,..----5.x 5 ,D sw -w.. asain. v v . n I 'vi' . 'H lg? P r x.:X.,,, ,L.L K YA LL.,, A i F if AAIEAS E? 3 EV x As vw. si I U aw A m.. vga, ,V 2 2' in A - -. . 1 fd if S 3 M ui-ff, 1 z W'W'I 1 .L svn, rm 1 9 X is Spaghetti Supper AQ-N ji. 5591 531 ,. KR i S N ,,, X . ,.,- Mfg'- Qs, . wx 4 M, .W F. Q7 G N Q- ? x U4 fs 5"--X it cfb ' QW Nllisf : 'lf-11585. ,V N Pep Rally I ff' XX X Nh 7-,HW sQ'hT?lf"QQ K N,,, ,M A 1 I I ggaf ' ,gy Fl ZX - ' ' ? Q-if - -,41 ef Xx I A 'IXXIYQ W m , I I X 1 , iw 0 W M as Z 6,12 4 114' I0 cb va fd x X X I 6969965 ii? QQ X3 I 5 x f g f? , Q, X vafxl, x- bf" ACTIVITIES fS fi M K f'x N 1 'Qty fkkx' X6 X x x 14 1 C YN I sq O ff I Q Q v Q Q1 f 3 I ff ff "- 27 fm I Q 'I I I I .X . i i 3 s W . fxxgi J F I Q hi yxvf? -4 ' X ' P W W DIVU ' R S I 5 if ""'E X 1, fi ,, ' a st yxxxi ff savvy . x 3- .R Q 4 , J :gh I I L in wb ' sv ,f' ,, It Was Belonging. We came from many places and now We are undoubtedly headed in many different directions. But, for a short space in time, we were oneg all sharing a common bond of belonging to the same groups, achieving together, helping one another. Sure, We had our disagreements and our off days. But as We look back, would the year have been as meaningful Without the others around us? Each of us would be a little more shallow, and a little less enriched. -' " SOCCER crrossc 1.5 V 'I' 4- M his .,,, W, s' 1 ' ...A -W ,l , ,,.,,f,3f,v - afyfuyjg Q E A nz,-1 'Mun Z ,---.- 4-..,,,sihM M! jf a Q ,f ff! ,,,,, ,fffl "n"""---f-..,.,, Bibliophiles Seated 1. to r.: Debbie Foss, Secretary, Linh Bui, Treasurerg Diane Hassenfeldt, Vice President. Standing: Alan Swirski, Publicity Chairmang and Bill Abdalla, President. The Bibliophiles, advised by Mrs. Emily Gibbs, are respon- sible for circulating library ma- terials, covering and shelving books, and Writing and deliver- ing overdue notices. History Forum Members of the History Fo- rum become involved in gov- ernmental affairs, sponsoring the annual United Nations Day. With the help of the group's advisor, Miss Mad- eleine Caine, they encourage their fellow students to take part in their government by registering to vote. Officers seated, l. to r.: Joan Brody, Cindy White, Representativesg Liz Mozeski Secretary, and Cheryl Johnson, President. Standing: Tim Watkins, Vice President and Rosario Rositani, Treasurer. f , Tm, . , Future Nurses The purpose of the Future Nurses Club is to stimulate interest in nursing by introducing members to various types of nursing and ex- posing them to commu- nity activities and ser- vices. Funds are also raised for field trips to hospitals and institu- - W' tions. Officers l. to r.: Kathy Garrett, President, Linda Oliveira, Vice President, Sandy Dickson, Treasurerg Lori Kalinowski, Secretaryg and Karrie Rieman, Publicity Chairman. Seated: Mrs. Marilyn Shaw, Adviser. Art Club CG Kg 1 4. I Directed by Mr. Charles l DeCarlo, the Art Club is an organization which increases I the students, awareness of I this cultural aspect. In gen- I eral, this club is intended to l give the pupil a basic under- standing of art. Officers l. to r.: Matt Anderson, Vice Presidentg Gina Rioux, Presidentg Stacey Carlson, Treasurer, and Sherri Johnstone, Secretary. 1. to r.: Lois Guisti, Presidentg Lois Fortin, Treasurerg Miss Diane Fairchild, Advisorg Dana Hennessey, Secretaryg and Mary Gallucci, Vice-President. Pep Club was once again supportive of our varsity teams. Their cheers helped to encourage our athletes to play their best. Ad- vised by Miss Diane Fairchild, funds for next year were raised by selling candles and support buttons. 1. to r.: Debbie Trzaski, Treasurer, Lori Gondola, Publicity Chairmang Julie Macri President Mrs Phyllis Cook, Adviserg Laurie Zak, Vice-Presidentg and Rachael Woodside Secretary sl g - -1:-f f . ki" P 'P """'Q ses- P ,NNQMWQ fi t ' - Yll'l Despite the lack of snow the Ski Club had a good year taking several Sunday trips to Brody Mt., Jiminy Peak, Hunter Mt., and Bromley. Also, we conducted a 7-Week clinic at Ski Sundown and ended the season with a weekend trip to Sugarbush. Our two new advisers, Mr. Barry Stiber and Mr. Mike Lombardi, did a fantastic job in keeping the club together. We would also like to recog- nize the hard Work of Teresa Rich and Jamie Marticello who helped throughout the season. X ,Jr ombardi Mr Stiber Terry Zehnder Robln Hennessey Jamie Marticello - wr' T 1. ' X '24, ffallwv wb 4- 4 Y R 1----, an f fs A W A 5 ,- 45- 14, 3, J", fn 1' A,f , , L?" ,A,1 1 Dianna Reed, Editor-in-Chief Html., Lucia Grella, Pam Hall Senior Layout Editors Joan Brody, Photography Editor. 104 ' Dana Hennessey, John Sickola Faculty Editors Yearbook Teresa Feijoo, Sue Labriola, Martha Eason, Debbie Trzaski, Kathy Fellows. J Cathy Burmeister, Enid Batista Girls' Sports Editors. E F. 1 Andy Laudate, Lol Follett Advertising. ,ff Mrs. Mary McDougall Advlser Vic Ferreira, Luke DiMaria Boys' Sports Editors. Leroy Himango, Tim Watkins, George Fonte Mark Hanks Lisa Dzlura Sherrl John Kathy Garrett Anna Mane Kmetz Actlvltles Seated l. to r.: Jay Carlson, Presidentg Janice Anderson, Vice-Presi- dent. Standing: Donna Kevorkian, Librariang Sue Cantoni, Librariang Debbie Oliveira, Secretaryg Kim Foster, Treasurerg and Joe Hassend- felt, Publicity Chairman. Ch oir The Naugatuck High School Choir, un- der the direction of Mr. William Davis, in- cludes Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Madrigals, Folk Group, Barbershop and Chorus. Members from each are selected to participate in an exchange concert. This year's concert was at Brunswick, Maine. There were also the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts. All-State winners were: Debbie Oliveira, Lisa Cullen, Kurt Schmidt, Allan Swirski, David Platt, Jay Carlson, and Neil Avcollie. MQW r ' Q 1 5 . if GL . -tw he The Naugatuck High School Or- chestra, under the direction of Mr. Fi- lippone enjoyed an interesting and productive year, including participa- tion in the Christmas and Spring Con- certs. 5 Orchestra I 1' I puxnulQ v " 5 f" 1 Q T Q 'X 52 K, r 3 " ii e., ttttt 4 p--5. T Terri Kosko, Officers l. to r.: Cheryl Zuzick and Teresa Rich, Colorguard Co-Cap- tains, Karen Daniels, SecretaryfTreasurerg Paul Myers, President, and Leah Nichols, Publicity Chairman. Missing: Juanita Fernandes, Vice President. Band The Naugatuck High School Band, under the direction of Robert N. Filip- pone, sets its primary objectives toward providing a good musical education for its members and good music for the school. ,nun 1 , , 'ef f 7 ... . W yi . .'1 . V writ., If r "1"Mi i ' . , .K i s -J s icc f Wk ,,,, , Feature Twirler, Judy Nitowski. , ,ev wa wg ff' 1: L J y .K gy ,, H J. I ' " 'Zz,'r,gw 'g,i5'1f',.- , ,Q l-'l , . .' ,, V .. V -3 W' ,ff ' W' g,,v",'W"'w06, ,-we fi I ,fame ,- I ., we v ,' fa ea' er. 4 . ,,f' A Y .M N . f C0-Captai1-,Sr Cheryl Zuzick, Teresa Rich Kneeling: Cheryl Zuzick and Patti Kempka. Standing: Erin O'Boyle, Tarra Smith, Teresa Rich and Lydia Scales. Color Guard A A A l Feature Twirler, Judy Nitowski N, . N, l Ll: i Q - -ninl" 1 5 a 5 1 i I 4 + L 5 z i e E 3 i VK 14 M W I lm. .2 9 .f 4 Wx.- 3- -..' A Q-1 wt J?-2' Latin Club It . if ? L.,: H , , .at iqwi ' k" M i ff I t g ' in ' 9- fr :-21.32 ff ' .1 V I " ' , ' , if 23. 1" " J 5'l' A Q 5' L. To R.: Richard Messier and Wendy Morrissey, Co-Vice Presidents, Timothy Watkins, President. The purpose of the Latin Club is to delve into Roman History and the influence of the Latin language. The club does this through the use of films, research, and class assignments. The officers of the Latin Club for 1979-1980 are: Timothy Wat- kins, President, Richard Messier and Wendy Mor- rissey, Co- Vice Presidents. Drama Club The Drama Club, under the direction of Mr. Robert Gallagher, endeavors to build self-confi- dence and acting ability through participation in workshops and one-act plays. Trips to area stage productions are made periodically. Officers L. to R.: Secretary, Ana Martinez, Treasurer, Joseph Hassen- feldt, President, Erin O'Boyle, Historian, MaryBeth Anderson, and Vice-Pres.g Lori Zemeir. 112 5 K snfvnuuuns l U D.E. C.A. D.E.C.A., with Mr. Robert Copley, Adviser, is dedicated to the development of stu- dents as future leaders in marketing. D.E.C.A. mem- bers are involved in the op- eration of the school store which offers the student body a wide variety of sup- plies. Funds raised have been used to purchase new supplies as well as provide members with the opportu- nity to attend conferences which help to further their knowledge of the business World. Front Row l. to r.: Secretary Donna Kevorkiang Public Relations, Terri Kosko. 2nd row: Vice President Scott Whipple, George Fonteg President Joe Corona. Amateur Radio Club The Amateur Radio Club, under the supervision of Mr. David Smith, is devoted to the instruction of students as to the proper methods of amateur radio communication and preparation for an Amateur Radio Cperator's License. Front row L. to r.: August Fidalgo, David Cherkus, Jan Mizeski. 2nd row: Joseph Corona, Adviser David Smith, Stephen Fiorillo. Na tional Honor Society lst. row l. to r.: M. Anderson, M. Teixeira, D. Scarpa, L. Zemeir, T. Rouillard, and J. Carlson. 2nd row: M Gallucci, J. Passabet, C. Easterbrook, C. Kirdzik, F. Graham, D. Olivera, M. McKee. 3rd row: L. Scales, D. Borbas K. Grieder, J. Swanson, A. Kmetz, J. Brody, J. Ernst, D. Ardry, and K. Borsos. 4th row: K. Pollock, S. Thompson T. Watkins, S. Zionkowski, B. Kennedy, T. Sweeney, V. Wilmot, C. White, and W. Sweet. Thirty-one students of the Class of 1980 were elected to membership in the Naugatuck Chapter of the National Honor Society, sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Admission to this group requires a four-year average of 90 or above. Each member is also evaluated by the adminis- tration and faculty for qualities of leadership, character and service. Mrs. Joan Werzinger, Chairman of the Foreign Language Department, is adviser for the Naugatuck Chapter. ' ' if O NATIONAL HONOR soclsrv I X , A Q JE 'su "I pledge myself to uphold the high purposes of the National Honor Society to which I have been elected: i ,X 'fix fx- ' s es jwi I will be true to the principles for which it standsg I will be loyal at all times to my school, and will maintain and encourage high standards of Scholarship, Character, Leadership and Service." "sf- lil V1.1 Lf, N..-ov' ,J ' ,,.-4' 5 lst row 1. to r.: B. Binette, V. Ferreira, T. Palmer, G. Myers. 2nd row: T. Watkins, K. Pollock, J. Allen, J. Thurston, R. Balsys, V. Healy, and L. DiMaria. 2 ss' " r . 5 J' J . 'Ax . T 4 A ' . 45 5, 4 l. to r.: N. Kane, J. Brody, and S. Bridge. Q ' fff 5 . . 9'?"ff? 1 5 'A all K - f- . Q if I A VVVL , t JL W! A l. to r.: C. Carreiro, M. Zaicaner, Brazilg R. Tapia, Peru, and J. Anderson. J ourneying Through Life Onward we travel the roads of life, Over the hills and Through the valleys of success and failure, Through the tunnels and Over the bridges of distress and desire. Upon the highways and Amidst the backroads of the exciting and the unusual, Amidst the forests and Upon the fields of the extra-ordinary and the everyday happenings. Journeying through life to Fulfill our dreams and await our destinies. Sherry Merrill Qi Sherry Merrill Class Poet S- A 'Q ' t S i es' 5 , +P Q-at y F its t... s. a L-" ' ' , il fi .S I evp p y e up 1, p it pl l-q to , ptlpp sssy '- J .- 'sl 55, A ' e .. Hi - N' . ,bww My Qvs .XL. 5 . 1 4 .. if Q 1 , Q , It Was Physical Expression . We've always been noted as a school with a strong athletic tradi- tion, not just on the varsity level, but all the way from clubs to in- tramurals to individuals. We ran, swung, hit, jumped and, above all, tried. We didn't always win, but we attempted and just as in the classroom, we took some giant strides on the athletic field. It was indeed a year of accomplishment. 14", 1 4' k - v " 'lf 0' 4 of Y +P 1k 1 Q ' U I 4 4 A Q' i Q 4 f . Q 4 1 'I h K 4 4 1 4' ' 0 4 ir Q i 1 4 Q I "' v + i I W l Y ', 17 ex N f f? PL I Jig Q . -- ff Wy. X " 'E - f 8' 5 .t A V R 5 'f wa 'Il ' I X . I A 'lv AJ -' 1 . . :I 1 1 X 1 Y' ' I ,sg . I i,-5 . 1 - Y, 5 V keg-v N J i3 KL ' H Q' 'H 3 H W 1 f w I l.. I A VA- , RJ yr L :M J N , - fV A . 2 + M gm I 1 , , W ,H UE K X I' 'LN xi 4 ug, k VF '- tl, X f a - 4 ' x 1 -1 Q ATHL1315151 Cs x - f Steve Server Matt Reilly Mike Pavlowski Rich Tuckey . ,,-' . no r eeee B J , f . . .-. f - ff ,, f ,, , . . ,.., ,. eee'- B '..- .f ..', -,,. m" 1-- - ee" ",- f. ' " vw W """ KL"- ' 1 . B .4 -, H I - , a vr 'l u ' g,r sw vi ' -- ,A 2 gf' 'Hg I " . . sz ' -1 ie: ' ' V-T2 -gf., A 111' " J. ' 'eyyy - ' . ,,.. , A . H . V ,,,, H Rn K . fp-: . .,,, L, ,H I K 4 ',,,- V - "ee . 23 ' -W -1 - Uv of 1- rp . .V . Vw ' ,e" t ' . . ee"eee'e, 1 if , M ' 1 '- VLA lb 'Y' .i MW... if 261' ' . f7.....:Lf 225' W '25 31r"aH f mwivfif 'I''f' lst row l. to r.: S. Server, R. Tuckey, M. Pavlowski, B. Roger Palmer, J. Allen, R. Usakiewicz, M. Reilly, J. Holland, R. Balsys row: K. Burns, F. Johnson, R. Hertle, D. Drown, A. Salvetti Pascale, B, Antrum, B. Healy, J. Connolly, K. Jensen, M. Best row: T. Douty, R. Ferreira, D. White, J. Lynn, J. Prior, K. Moref .... Bill Steinbacher' mu fx Roger Usakiewicz Ai..m.,g45k k:,,,,,6,wm5.kf:igil.-2u..?.V,. K, f , f..gasm1...Mg3.,zag...gQ...fs.1.. '..,,..'ff. .g,..., ...H .. I 'I rf is-' A--... hx . H- 1 :H ' ,. . M, M.. ...W , . I K. 5. w,,g5 '--"f 'gug1.,ff.K. V' .E . .- 'C I e , e 'SIM ' ' .vfl . M .. . a Nr A mn M ., , A .ye - . fe , Mx .. :ug-5 . ry , R : 1 sf 18 lfii J F T - v P"" 1,1-+w,fififf1, S ' ' -1 ..z W 'D J Ruest, M. Lynn, J. Vaz, C. Rek. 4th row: B. Shea, E. Santiago, J. mik, C. Rodman, D. Langlais, J. Sanford, S. Skidmore, T. Genovese, Walsh. 5th row: Coaches: R. Harrison, C. Peters, R. Aquavia. ssing when photo was taken, Bill Steinbacher. . 3 V. .H R Q- . V15 .7 Barry Rogers James Allen W 3 ,,, 6 ,M . xi Terry Palmer .. Rimas Balsys M fs fi K . MM W g , -w W '71, W '. - I ,lff,,irifWf7:Ef7,,V ' fy 7. V , Aw' 5 5 "T'.1'2f14,t 9 ' ...A . - ,Y gy,:f:,iv,- 351141 ' Kevin Burns Sept. Oct. Nov. 'f 'i1Qii..3m.4Qf,:LrL...' ' . of E'-if I 'I I r -'kkLk - - 4 'sf K Q . qz.. w.3sE.s'wia f- W v ..- I Joe Holland . ...typ f. :gi C " ' Eg f f.-J.xs?1-vi SP' 'I ffskiwgqg . g fi uf .- , -if-f Tri Captains - Roger Usakiewicz, Fred Allen, Terry Palmer. Watertown Torrington Clarkstown South Crosby Kennedy Wilby Sacred Hea Holy Cross Seymour Ansonia rt 29- 8 27-24 7- 8 41- 0 51- 0 26-13 31-13 7- 0 8-21 14-21 Coaches: Robert Aquavia, Craig Peters, Robert Harrison Mk 4. as 4? v, W T 1,-.1 2 Vl f A fi. fi ff M K L- virus.. K' 5 Q , W 1 K . 5. 'f gif' . Q " 4 - flip' , . 2 T - x Q N in Y -QQ..-K. fgfi A . 5 t 6 f ' f fffi .Q A ' , 6 I 7 , nl 1 . , 1 4 f L ' ' 1 X1 . 5 -I' v 3 , W ' - ' ' b 9, 'H e lm u X 8 tus. . f - 5 J 5 ' ' R ,- an 'r - ' A ,.,,.,J',..g, , L 1 ' ' . I "" '1 , M .4 .Myw f . A J v 5' .pit 1 V . - W-:,.! .4 W Q, L -' .V iw, Q L, W - Fr Ar . Q ..f,,,..,. , . A ,R A Z X5 A 1 ,: H K 4 k Y - "fn ,ssww W ,A , w..c.w mm ...W 5 , A 'Qt , ' V K . K - V V. Y gr'1f., f-ff4:,h,,. ..,.-A ,.,, - -Q 52. M., N, ,pg .--. .L ,bw V A , - .Q - v--- 'mm -, A N. N -A ' S 'Qifif fi .x,...,w-m2":,. Q . . - L... f Q RN F ,f,,p,Qf, 1 fp f, 4 ,Y " H nr 1 .- fmffzy 'A- L L fn! FK X1 ,fy Q. 'wx lg . ,gary f c:g.q,,1Q.w,83k , . ,,, N' , fi. f P S1525 Mm xqgxyj ifiwbxfq x J L 2 GX ,M Z O fY,X"Q if Qffjgfw J!! TM' Tiffi- 'F5-vb, - .,. , Vw " ,a51ig.x,,, N f 1 y L.. WET. , X . ,P . S H ' 1 1 i 5 2 1 My i .13 fl Q L ' it 1 1 ' S . L ,.,. , . , y ,W f l 1 .X 1 . ' ' P . N . . . l'-m 1.sse Y 4 . . 1 l , ' 2 . l .I ,K tgix u 1 . ' S 5 M . A lx .- . . , Q .. . 1 1 :L . C an U Ex' .1 K . f f , X V xx W 5 ...K E - I g"""lS .fjg 1 , X' , P X P ,f SW S K 5 . . L s f -f . . . ' - 1 5 1 . 4.2. . . '-" ' X ' qt if 1 . . 'K . A .K . , 13" .. H' T F131 1 Q 4' 551' . . 'ici . it W f 1 . 1st row, l. to r.: B. Fain, E. Santiago, J. Molnar, M. Leary, S. Wise, D. Valente. 2nd row: R. Stabile, M. Mariano, J. White R. Malz, B. Murtha, M. Kane, B. Antrum, M. Drawbridge, J. Goggins. 3rd row: C. Rek, K. Burns, V. Healy, L. DiMaria T. Palmer, M. Landry, W. Kennedy, and J. Lefky. Dec. 7 Amity 11 Kennedy 14 Holy Cross 18 Wliby 21 Ansonia 28 Ridgefield Jan. 2 Emmett O'Brien 4 Crosby 11 Watertown 15 Sacred Heart 18 Kennedy 22 Holy Cross 25 Wilby 29 Ansonia Feb. 1 Emmett O'Brien 5 Crosby 9 Torrington Feb. 12 Watertown 15 Sacred Heart 19 Torrington Co-Capts.: T. Palmer, and L. DiMaria. r' Q Co-Capt. Terry Palmer. Co-Capt. Luke DiMaria. K ,An X N12 in 4 3 5 . 3:r"' . is X 'JH T W ' . . .Q . .- p . . me A . : . , . e to , ,.., . ye... - ' ,- f jk ff- . F. M K5g,Qm51si2k5wa,jL. A limi .famvwvsefkx . . L84 any ,.mf, I " e 'F hhL g T ' f tgggew c ss If 4, I is .fem . Qt. , '-I . , wif'-f ff . , , - , -.f 4. . . .5 ' ,--air.. :'i..gfgi,1e-z2.- fa Tim Watkins Sean Shea 1' 0 S S 0 ll I1 1' Kneeling l. to r.: G. Teixeira, H. Lovell, A. Lapham, P. Gilbert, F. Fonseca, K. Bond, C. Schumacher. Standing l. to r.: S. Shea, G. Charette, R. Malz, L. Michaels, P. Lamb, T. Watkins, M. Jensen. Sept. Oct. Nov. Windham Invitational E. O'Brien, Kaynor, Hamden Wilby-Crosby Holy Cross, Ansonia, Kennedy Wolcott Litchfield, Watertown, Torrington Postal Relays New Haven County Meet N. V. L. Championship Sacred Heart, Bassick Holy Cross Freshman Invitational State Sectionals State Class Championship State Open Coach George Jerome Soccer Za. A 2 'Q-.. ,:,.........--.-,-..... .... ,..........-., ,........,..,...,,, ,a.. V- First row l. to r.: T. Pinho, S. Thammavongsa, H. Ruiz, R. Behuniak, J .Geletka, M. Branco, B. Creager, P. Andrade J Nunes, T. Carvalhais, G. Clark. 2nd. row: Coach V. Giannini, J. DaSilva, R. Hill, D. Faroni, C. SanAngelo, T Teixeira T. Conciaceo, P. Amaral, R. Velez, T. Oliviera, M. Sullivan, P. Warren, J. Valente, P. Core , G. Harnish, S. Dra eau J Santos. Capt. Joe DaSilva, Coach Giannini, Capt. Tony Pinho. l Joe Nunes Y P Capt. Joe DaSilva Sept. 14 18 21 25 27 Oct. 2 5 9 12 16 19 26 29 Bristol Central New Britain Holy Cross Lee High Watertown Torrington Emmett O'Brien New Britain Torrington Holy Cross Emmett O'Brien Watertown Southington Litchfield Watertown Holy Cross Kennedy Wilby Sacred Hea Crosby Torrington-Wolcott Litchfield-Tornngton Holy Cross Crosby Wilby Watertown Kennedy Sacred Heart lst row l. to r.: J. Nichols, M. Rabuska, J. Ernst, L. Hoff, K. Johnstone. 2nd row: Coach Dave Bebrin, K. Baldwin, D. Druckenmiller, Co-Capt. T. Sweeney, R. Wergin, R. Ditullio, C. White, Co-Capt. V. Wilmot. Absent from picture: S. Walpole, M. Merrian, R. Wilmot, R. Dandeneau, F. Cannizzo. i e What started out as a Fencing Club two years ago has now devel- H oped into a varsity sport. Under the direction of Mr. David Bebrin, the C fencers enjoy the thrill of the sport. i Boy's Meet N.W. In Feb. 9 Wolcott 9-7 Girls' Meet Feb. 23 Westover 17,3 State Finals Mar. 1 Roger Ludlow State Finalists: Valerie Wilmot, Judy Ernst, Katie Baldwin, Cynthia White, Donald Drucken- miller, Roger Dandeneau, Robert Wergin, Tim Sweeney. Co-Capts. Tim Sweeney, Valerie Wilmot. Volleyball 65 Consecutive Victories row l. to r.: L. Lennan, Capt. C. Burmeister, Capt. L. Phoenix, Capt. E. Batista, Coach B. Giancarlo. 2nd 1 L. Mancini, D. Marcisz, L. Schiller, B. Stauffer, C. Cuccaru, C. Anderson. 3rd row: E. Loskey, K. roney, K. Rieman, D. Anderson, C. Shea, L. Sprague. The Girls, Volleyball Team ended the season with an undefeated record of 14-0. They Won, Within the last four years, 65 consecutive victories under the superb coaching of Miss Barb Giancarlo. They ended their season as 4th in the Class L State Tournament. Sept. 19 Kennedy 21 Crosby 28 Wilby Oct. 3 Ansonia 5 Watertown 9 Holy Cross 10 Farmington 11 Kennedy 17 Crosby 19 Torrington 23 Wilby 25 Ansonia 29 Farmington 31 Watertown Nov. 2 Holy Cross 6 Cheshire Capt. Cathy Burmeister - Coach B. Giancarlo, Capt. E. Batista, Capt. L. 'Isa Lennan Phoenix, Capt. C. Burmeister. Capt- Enid Batista apt. Lisa Phoenix 'A f Badminton - State Champs A- .. 'Lu'-J Q , 45. xl i fl . 1.1 4 A' 3 If 1 ' f . ff f - :MS t iq f 1 y L lst. row, 1. to r.: Co-Capt. L. Roland, Co-Capt. M. Maguire. 2nd. row: M. Anderson, P. Kempka, J. Passabet, K. Sawicki, Zionkowski, K. Foster, N. Barton. 3rd. row: Coach Barbara O'Brien, Manager E. Kelly, M. Anderson, L. Bisson, M. Stabile, Becchetti, G. OlReilly, C. Murtha, D. Benoit. The Badminton Team ended its successful season as State Champions. Lori Roland won the Silver Medal for runner-up in the State Singles Finals. Other girls involved in the tourna- ment were: Marianne Maguire, Kim Foster, Janice Passabet, Sandy Zion- kowski, and Kari Sawicki. Oct. Nov. Sept. 18 20 25 27 2 10 11 16 18 23 25 10 Co-Capt. M. Maguire, Coach Barbara O'Brien, Co-Capt. L. Roland. St. Thomas Aquinas Hamden Farmington St. Thomas Aquinas Northwestern West Haven Hamden Lewis Mills West Haven Farmington Lewis Mills Northwestern CIAC Tournament S 1 D Co-Capt. Marianne Maguire. C0-Capt, L01-i Roland Kari Sawicki Sandy Zionkowski Patty Kempka Kim Foster Janice Passabet Swim Team Girls' 5.71 Ulsfg Row 1, l. to r.: L. Prifty, S. Murphy, V. Redmond, N. Bolton, Capt. N. Kane, M. Koonz, C. 0'Brien, E. Mozesky. Row 2: M. Wechner, B. Danby, D. Walsh, D. DuBois, J. Legenza, K. Mallane, L. Mallane, M. Vanasse, S. Carrington, E. Malz. Row 3: R. Branco, K. Meehan, C. Benoit, M. Branco, P. Kennedy, and L. Cullen. Coach: Mr. Brian Kennedy The Swim Team had their best season ever as they placed fourth in the State with a 12-3 record. Individual records were set by Nancy Bolton, Marga- ret Vanasse, Colleen O'Brien, Ann Hennessey, and Elaine Malz. Sept. 14 18 21 25 28 Oct. 2 5 9 12 16 19 23 Oct. 25 30 Nov. 2 Newtown Middletown South Catholic Shelton Bulkeley Plainville New Fairfield Woodrow Wilson Seymour Maloney Jonathan Law Bunnell 8: Stratford Laurelton Hall Sacred Heart Watertown Elizabeth Mozesky Captain: Nancy Kane The Garnet Divers were rated Number 1 in the Class L Division. Elizabeth Mo- zesky placed First and was named to All-State in div- ing, while Colleen O'Brien and Sally Carrington placed among the top ten. row l to r Co Ca t L Lennan Co Ca t C Burmeister 2nd row J Da ton, B. Litke, N. Bolton, C. Vagt, D. Marcisz. 3rd row: M. Silva, C. P P Y G11'Is Basketball Kennedy Wilby Ansonia Hamden Tournament Crosby Torrington Watertown Sacred Heart Kennedy Holy Cross Wilby Ansonia Crosby Torrington Watertown Co Capt Cathy Burmeister f+'f 4 .,., TNC, Co-Capts., Cathy Burmeister, Lisa Len- nan Coach Barb Giancarlo 'YW KW at kk - . sweet. T, ,x i - K, A 5 w i 'f n .Q ls- "- 0 W Q, ,N .C WM ,. , .,.,.... .. .. . Y K A 1979 Nfyuez Mr. Louis Farrar, Coach Softball April May Kennedy Crosby Wilby Torrington Holy Cross Ansonia Watertown Sacred Heart Kennedy Crosby Wilby Torrington Holy Cross Ansonia Watertown Sacred Heart H Seniors: C. Burmeister, L. Lennan, L. Phoenix 1st row l. to r.: C. Burmeister, L. Lennan, L. Phoenix. 2nd row: L. Schiller, M. Koonz, J. Dayton, B. Litke, C. Vagt, L. Mulhall. h Q-. .--.f ' .feei VJ ji ?:v ,', nfs .WW Qf-it ' 7 P ,- .. ass... fT' 1 S :..3...-.. Lisa Phoenix Cathy Burmeister Lisa Lennan lst. row, 1. to r.: M. Landry, R. Uszakiewicz, D. Perlini, J. Thurston, B. Binette, T. Palmer, D. Caron. 2nd.: D. Petersen J Allen, S. Server, Statistician-K. Pollock. ,., , if A dk Q Y ' X 1 ' k e y 3' C f Co-Captains, T. Palmer and J. Allen. .E N, if Head Coach, Joe Bojkog Ass't. Coach, Brian Sullivan. Managers: K. Pollock and G. Sorbie. April May Guilford Torrington Holy Cross Ansonia Sacred Heart Crosby Wilby Watertown Notre Dame Kennedy Torrington Holy Cross Ansonia Sacred Heart Crosby Wilby Plainville Watertown Kennedy Plainville Don Caron Steve Server Bob Binette .1 ,y Q I , l - - f-,, pa ,.x. 1 ., ye . , 41,211 ' X Fred Allen Dan Perlini I 'gf ,.. ,, -. , ' 1 ' ww. . - ' .. ' , "' J , 1' 9k'f"f ' W :TIS 71" A J 1 vf,':132?x"ff4-'ggi 5 11.41 15 ,.s:'5f-.-gI?9r'f5Q5': , I "" 'K i Jeff Thurston ' ' .f ' ' 4 .. , ' .. ' " A K -- ,x-'- if-- 11: A V - N , ,, ,A -, , , 3-i n a ,, wk my X a-1 ',.eE'XYf5'4 g,. :Nia 'Tri ,I-F. ff' S,-if' , M . 'f Y ' - F -"rf f' .Yi Q '-"I ax"':'5" -' ff f i " Sh "N s f f " - xi ffii l er 1 Terry Palmer Roger Uszakiewicz Mike Landry rl 5 4-1 ff? rf, 'QL f lf? . 'K J' R , 4 V 1 I' v f.: 4 N ..i.., v .,g --+ I . ' ,nm ' ' , .... . . r ' .frfzr '. "WR .ry-5.,-n,sR105. dif'.y-,agar BW K' ' 4,+'WQ.B,"-f9Ei.k?Qf35,ff'ff' . 'fi' 1-Q' W. Q' 4- f 'M urn . 1 V. ,.i. k L. k ,YW ..q,k-az-3--v S-1, .r,. mv... .-4 I ,e g - . VFII 'N ,- . , ,M 5 1-,T I .M v - , KN' E' W "4" f " Wiiw-A r Q David Petersen Boys' Swimming lst row, l. to r.: Manager J. Waite, Manager V. Redmond, D. McCann, Tri-Capts.g J. Carlson, D. Bolton, G. Myers, Joe Holland, Coach James Mckee. 2nd row l. to r.: Manager D. Hassendfelt, Manager M. Koonz, J. Snabaitis, M. Duchnek, P. Buckmiller, J. Hassenfelt, M. Beauchemin, J. Moffat, L. Peterite. 3rd row: S. Lund, R. Valez, V. Kloc, T. Sandt, B. Shea, M. Branco, K. Delgobbo. 4th row: R. Jones, T. Rich, V. Dvariskas, P. Malinsky, J. Reed, T. Waite. 5th row: D. Hale, J. Caredu, T. Vanasse, T. Carlson, B. Allen, E. Granski. Tri-Capts. l. to r.: J. Carlson, D. Bolton, G. Myers. lst row l. to r.: Tri-Capts.g J. Carlson, D. Bolton, G. Myers. 2nd row: D. McCann, J. Holland. Glenn Myers Doug McCann N Don Bolton Joe Holland Dec. Jan. Feb. Feb. Mar. Jay Carlson 14 Wilby 17 Shepaug 20 North Haven 27 Alumni 4 Torrington 7 Branford 11 Holy Cross 16 Crosby 19 Seymour 22 Stratford 26 Kennedy 29 New Fairfield 1 Watertown 5 Bunnell 8 Sheehan 13 Sacred Heart 14 N.V.L. Trials 16 N.V.L. Trials Sz Finals 24 J.V.N.V.L. Meet 27 C.I.A.C. Class L Trials 29 C.I.A.C. Class L. Finals 8 State Open Meet Front row, l. to r.: D. Bolton, R. Cobb, S. Shea. 2nd, row: R. Walsh, R. Ferreira, T. Koncieco, G. Teixeira, T. Scierpo, R. Behuniak 3rd row: R. Malz, A. Swirski, H. Fuller, F. Fonseca, E. Petzing, J. Prior, B. Pompa. April 10 17 27 May 1 7 Coach Vin Gruszkiewicz 20 4 9 10 14 18 26 Seymour Holy Cross Bristol Central Crosby Wilby 8x Kaynor Tech. Sacred Heart Kennedy N. V. L. Novice N. V. L. Meet Torrington 8: Watertown Ansonia Lower Valley Meet Lisa Dzuira, Marianne Maguire B, Abdalla Bill Kennedy DOH Bolton 1' 3 C Rick Cobb Q G! ,f fo 9 E wk ri I . , ' ,G ff ' 4 4 f ff' . 41 ff ff 4 ag X If , X, I A " , Q I Rimas Balsys Sean Shea e 11 n i S 3 1 M Kevin Mallory Coach William Davis Captain "Ros" Rositani . Z5 If T71 - in VJ 1--J fn. QW 'tl u - A it f PY ig ,L Ji? lst. row, 1. to r.: S. Pompa, S. Whipple, P. Popick, L. Salerno, T. Santos, T. Johnson, T. Florek. 2nd. row: K. Mallory, Capt. R. Rositani, T. Zehnder, R. Hill, G. Traver, R. Punhalsky, Coach W. Davis. ...vw Scott Whipple April May Sacred Heart Wilby Kennedy Crosby Wolcott Torrington Holy Cross Sacred Heart Kennedy Torrington Wilby Holy Cross Wolcott Crosby 'Qt Terry Zehnder 3 'FN' ... Karen Borsos Coach, Mrs. Phyllis Cook Charlena Easterbrook in Joan Brody Lydia Scales lst. row 1. to r.: J. Brody, K. Borsos, C. Easterbrook, L. Scales. 2nd, row 1. to r.: Coachg Mrs. Phyllis Cook, S. Labriola, K. Rieman, B. Stauffer, S. Opalak, V. Aurora. April 3 Ansonia 5 Wilby 10 Watertown 12 Sacred Heart 24 Holy Cross 25 Ansonia 26 Kennedy May 1 Crosby 2 Torrington 3 Watertown 8 Sacred Heart 10 Holy Cross 16 Torrington 17 Wilby May 22 Kennedy 24 Crosby Sue Labriola if ., ,R J 7 L K'-' hf : J 2, 3 Capt. Sandy Scranton Capt. Donna Vitiello Capt, Sharon Bridge f 3 'fiffixrviis Karen Borsos - Joanne Rice Coach Phyllis Cook W Gymnastics Team: lst row L to R: J. Allison, K. Errico, K. Borsos, R. Hennessey, S. Scranton, D. Vitiello, J. Rice, S. 3 Bridge, Coach P. Cook. 2nd row: E. Niccolo, J Meyers, J. Johnson, J. Kovach, K. Shea, M. Cantoni D. Long, L. Weeks, D. Anderson. 3rd Row: D. Glen dening, S. Bierce, W. Stevens, L. Fruin, L. Mallane D. Petersen, S. Cantoni, D. Borsos, Manager D. Schu macher Kofi E ffico Robin Hennessey K' Q ,w 1, 'S v I -. If R . i fF N 5 149 Much success and happiness to the Class of 1980 from the Girls Athletic Association t 1 t to the Class of 1980 Modern Dance Club 729-2294 168 City Hill Street Union City, Connecticut 06770 COMPLIMENTS of CHARLES F. CLARK - af-wi 0 e n Q 0 1 , 4. Q 1 ifbyf-' p Q6 55 "fI"':l 5- as-it , , , -W -f -n -I WE u ' 1 -V-s BILAN CIA 'S BAN DI TS And on the eighth day God created . . . Beacon Falls! L xc .y - x QQ W 1 1 Trying out the new modern convenience -A I I I i ii 154 KING S CR UISERS AIKEN 'S AIRHEADS 'POST Areas of Concentration We f 0 ff irc, If you re lookmg for a small New England college that can offer you a quality educatlon IH a comfortable atmosphere take a closer look at Post Post College offers both four and two year programs leadmg to a Bachelor of Science Degree ln Busmess Admmlstratlon or Assoclate Degree ln Buslness Apphed Arts and Sclences or Llberal Arts Business Administration Accountmg Management Marketing F shz a on Merchandlsmg Banking 81 Finance lndustnal Admlmstrauon General Busmess Applied Arts and Sciences Executive Early Childhood Secretary Education Admmlstratlve Horsemanshlp Assnstant lntenor Deslgn Legal Secretary Human Services Legal Assxstant Therapeutic Medlcal Secretary Recreatlon General Secretary Recreatlon Leadershlp Liberal Arts Psychology Sociology History English General Studnes Liberal Arts Write or call us today for more information about Post, the small NewEnglandoollegetlmtcanmakeabigdlfferenceh1yourfutune. POST COLLEGE 800 Country Club Road Waterbury, Connecticut 06708 C2031 755-0121 : A14 ' ji . .V 1 , . K X . l x -HL L 1 f' V an : V' nf, V , .t I lfxk T k 1 I7 Y' ' V f, : 'A ' .' - -' r ' 1 '-'- . Y 1 " '-'ff fy ' .' 1--EL" -ruugfcir ,4 11---W-f , . 1 , . Good Luck To The Class Of 1980 From The CLASS OF 1 981 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1980 E-Z RENTALS Kc LA UNDROMAT 457 N. Main St., Union City. Compliments Of 8 'I'erri's Flo hop 411 North Main Street Tel. 729-2249 AUTO AND TRUCK RADIATOR REPAIR SPECIALISTS DEPENDABLE PICK UP and DELIVERY M..D'AJ..o,.E Soldermg and Gas Tank Repa1rs Beacon Radiator Shop A be AIR CONDITIONING SER ALL. MAKES AND MODELS ROBERT KREDJ GONDOLA 306 LOPUS ROAD 729 4789 BEACON FALLS CONN 06403 4.2 is . 0 . Good Luck to the Class of 1980 from the Class of 1 982 1 1 1 L.. - 160 l Congratulatlons to The Class of 1980 BREEN S The Blggest Llttle Store ln the Country Wlth Fashlons For All J f K W K HOME MARKET INC R bb A H me Of Shu fne Food and Cho e Meats 729 7084 STOKES PAINT WALLPAPER 199 Church WM 1 STOKES PROP ilffeef k GEORGE WASDO MGR Cfflfatuc ANDROPH YS Furmture and Agpllances 21 Church treet Naugatuck Cohn Best W1Shes to The Class of 1980 GANS HARD WARE MA YFAIR LUNCHEONETTE 86 Church Street Naugatuck Connectlcut Phone 729 8228 25 Cedar Street Q Naugatuck CT 06770 9-WJ, W We CAVANAUGH TRAVEL AGENCY 67 Rubber Avenue Naugatuck Connectlcut 06770 James IVI Jensen CAMERA SHOP POR TRAI T STUDIO 80 Church Street 149 Maple Street Naugatuck, Conn. Naugatuck, Connectlcut 729 1877: Bus. 729 4337- Res. AND SUPPLIES MARYANN'S 91 1 'ff -431 -1 , ' 016 hx . . , , ,Q 1 UNIVERSAL TRA VEL AGENCY 180 Church Street Naugatuck, Cohn. PATRICK H DeTULLIO INSURANCE Next To The Salem Theatre Naugatuck Conn 729 8296 mg? hardware 160 RUBBER AVENUE NAUGATUCK CONN 06770 TELEPHONE 729 7200 Compliments Frank Dileo nofhm 164 Meadow Street ' Naugatuck, Conn. C2035 723-1230 DILEO'S HAIR STUDIO A Full Service Hair Salon Frank Dileo, Proprietor Wm SCHPERO JEWELERS Fine Diamonds and Watches l62 Church Street Naugatuck Connectleut Tel 729 5445 Congratulations from M0 UNTVIEW PLAZA WINES TONY FURTADO 727 Rubber Ave Naugatuck Conn 06770 PROM GOWNS CREATED BY RAPHAEL S INC Manuella s Bridal Shoppe Naugatuek S Smartest Shop for Women 108 Church Streql I92 Meadow Street Naugatuek Connectltut Naugatuck Conn Phone 729 5278 Phone 729 4040 Manuella Magnammo BRIDAL ENSEMBLES f ORIGINAL DESIGNS of 1 7 ' 3 ' mtl 7' Q We ve got over 50 years experience NAPA has been provldlng top duallty vehlcle parts for over 50 years Besldes long experlence and a reputatlon for duallty NAPA offers you somethlng more the expertlse of nts count er people People behlnd NAPA counters un luke those at mass merchandlsers and discount stores are tralned to glve you frlendly and courteous advlce on every thlng from sample adjustments to major repalrs So lf you seek advlce as well as top quallty parts vlslt your local NAPA store The person behlnd the NAPA counter knows Gnlunlal llutn Parts, Inn 879-1477 729-5231 1133 woLcoTT ROAD ez CHURCH smear vvotcort, ct. oevle NAUGATUCK, coNN. 06770 4llllPllb we help keep America moving Terry L Buckmlller Francls E Smith Wayne P Buckmlller Comphments HOMES 82 FHITVICW Avenue Naugatuck Connectlcut Waterbury Prospect Road Prospect Connectlcut Naugatuck Prospect 729 4324 758 4548 UCKMILLER FU ERAL MEGIN CUNSTR UCTION INC if KJ 3 0 R NAUGATUCK. XY S CONNECTICUT j Phone 729 2235 Tel. C2031 729-1593 a C Eunnerticut ilnstttute ibm esngn Barber!Styl1ng School 305 Church Street Naugatuck Conn 06770 ROOT 8a BOYD INC I0 Church Street Telephone 729 8218 N lugdluek Conneclleul Dom1n1eM1nleuec1 Mgr JohnM NIIHILUCCI Il Congratulatlons THE NAUGATUCK HARDWARE AND GIFT CENTER Ann Hlldreth Bob Hlldreth 723 1973 The Pop Shoppe Amerlca s Soft Drmk Supermarket 129 Rubber Ave Naugatuck Conn I I J X 2 ox, 0 9 ' 0 on ra u a ions TOIII D Thurston Kc Sons, Inc Home Heatmg 011 410 Rubber Ave. au a uc , onnec ic Whmau1dwLd1uaLAofwwe,mm1po'1Ia11L7' JIIIIII M 3lIlllBI'lllIlIl IIIII HWSLPEIWKEE 203 729 5261 VVALKER CCJIVIPAINIY 203 755 OOO2 Cgtlt F I O O NgtkC tt I lu 'n FORD PHARMACY W F Ford R Ph Mgr T Remblsh R Ph 2 Church Street Naugatuck Conn 06770 Phone 729 2680 Charles E Aquav1a, Jr Insurance Agency, Inc All Forms of Insurance 305 Church St Naugatuck Conn 06770 729 4285 ROSSI s Shoe and Tot Shop 70 74 Church Street Naugatuck Connectlcut 729 8762 Congratulatlons to the Class of 1980 Aust1n s Pharmacy Church Street Naugatuck Conn T Phone 723 1400 723 1409 Mr Frank s Halr Styhst 53 Oak St Naugatuck Conn . . Congratulatlons Class of 1980 Ter1 Travel Serv1ce Cedar St 21 Bank St Naugatuck Ct Seymour Ct Tel 203 729 8268 203 888 4581 Congratulatlons to the Class of 1980 Comphments of Ann s Style Salon , . . . , . . , . f ' . , . . I X - Q .- Q , . 9 I , . E ,E , tix . x o O O I I I . , . - s - a ' 'I ! a - ff X HENRY T MGECKEL A I A ROBERT J GRIS A I A I l , O O O , O O O ARCHITECTS rch Street Connecticut: X ml ' pr Facilities and programs available at the Naugatuck Y.M.C Health Club with private sauna, whirlpool, lockers , nap room, exercise room, jogging and exercise classes yoga, handball, racquetball, recreation swimming, sauna, showers, volleyball, basketball. Memberships available for boys , girls , men and women Family membership also available. 1 Congratulauons from Bob and Maureen Sruzdak Comphments Sugar Loaf Bakery 727 Rubber Ave Naugatuck CT RUBINS 0 7 160 Church St YUDER S ARCO UENEHAL REPA RING 7 1 RUB ER BRAKE SERVICE NAUGATLJCK CONN BRAND NAMED ITEMS TEL 729 0778 Congratulatlons From PAMS BEA UTY SALON 432 Rubber Avenue Naugatuck Connectlcut 'H , X 5 s Q 0,1 0 ' X X311 , of Compliments of ! Z Wm' SIIVICK Q B A E f VA LLE Y-PO WER EQ U IPMEN T Sales- ' Complete SGTVICB Repalrs New Haven Road Naugatuck, CT. Telephone: 729-5654 Good Luck Class of 1980 From the Seniors of the Synchronized Swim Club PIZZA PALACE 'bfi Ylz mon: 729 ma: 115 . f- za cnuncu srnm f - -4 - Nwenucx, counscncur PIT' Ju' ."1v 'a."'-:."-. . .-NL-,?,,-,. , N... ., ' 4 .. H., A, .'.,! Sr , ,-'M ' Mar " "' . 'I-im :fe '-'.cm.,gx. 'Mfg' """'-fv,ww.f,-u'- A , Q..l, , . -..f ,' :z.Q -V -N 'I T ,, A 1 ' ' ,' '.L-- - V ' r . , . I , .., .. A. .. . 9 . , ,,,.,l ,,., .. 4 ,, - -1- .-'I- 31, .4'X., .-Tu-v Aj- , u--- .r 1., - -,, , A.. . .4 .' ,T r 5--.,. rx. .,f1. 4 yin' -.'7.,'1 -I-.LQ .4 - , ,..--.. ..- .." ' ,- . .. -. .. -.. - .. I . , 1 ,g..A,,.,.,r, . - '-f T A ' Q K rl 7 "x -1 1 -., ' C , 1. , ,Z A . 1,1 . 1.1 Q-I, 1 f fl Compliments of Marty's Corner Patent M6dlC1D6S and Noveltles Qumn Street Compliments of Dr Harold E Da V1dS Dr Joseph Srxngut Peppendge Tree Card Shop ea TEN ACRE MALL 619 STRAITS TURNPIKE CREATIVE HAIRCUTTING 06795 BY APPOINTMENT NEUMANN ST 729 2165 NAUGATUCK CT OPPOS TE F LD ST EX T OF MOLJNTVTEW PLAZA! Speed Sz H1 Performance Shores Auto Parts 430 Rubber Ave Naugatuck Ct 06770 274 1122 MOUNTVIEW SHOPPING PLAZA 727 RUBBER AVENUE NAUGATUCK CONN 06770 729 1981 Thls IS our 80th year sellmg the best furmture to the best people ln the world our customers fk SUIIL ,g-.M-1 Naugatuck- J729 2251 Church St 4 Floors . I I I , . , . I . P - .. -Q f-25111: . 7 -'- .3 Q . y . - - 3 ' if Q-. - , ' -2' . C , , - -:' C .- ' Q 5 . BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1980 CAROLE A ERRICO REAL ESTATE 35 PORTER AVENUE NAUGATUCK CONN 723-0685 O 8: 0 Radiator Shop 124 Rubber Avenue Naugatuck, Ct. 06770 Phone: 723-2806 Radiator and Gas Tank Repairs New and Used Radiators New Cars- Same Day Service , ,y I VARIETY or C , 'P PARTY PLATTERS ,R ELLI E 'S DELI HOT AND COLD GRINDERS FRESH MADE ITALIAN SAUSAGE IMPORTED SL DOMESTIC CHEESES 40 CHERRY STREET TELEPHONE NAUGATUCK, CT 06770 729-5811 American A uto Parts 124 Rubber Ave. Naugatuck, Conn. 168 Meriden Road Waterbury, Conn. We are authorized dealers for Fender, Rhodes, Gibson, Guild, Sunn, Slingerland, Ovation and many others. nv---- 129 Rubber Avenue Naugatuck Conn 06770 GETTY CAR WASH 602 Rubber Avenue Naugatuck, Ct. 06770 Congratulations to the Class of 1980 from "Mr. C." Records- Rentals- Repairs- Lessons We buy .. . Sell . .. Trade 723 1408 Congratulations to the Class of 1980 from Cohen Kr Alschuler, P. C. 24 Cherry St Naugatuck, Ct. 06770 12 Bank St. Seymour, Ct. C 06483 Personal Service at the Lowest Prices Congratulations to the Class of 1980 QI u iumuni ig 159 Qumr: bT. N C O67 7,2 T 72 3 4 03 ,gI2:e.p,DD?R'f2' 'VDHCQELG Tony Pesanelli Permitee Congratulations to the Class of 1980 from the Yearbook Staff Dianna Kathy Sharon Vic Dana Luke Lori Theresa Anna Kathy Connie Cathy Fiona Joe Janice Leroy Lucia Sue Pam Mark Teresa Sherri John Lisa Andy Debbie Enid Joan Martha Congratulations to the Class of 1980 from Mr. and Mrs. JK. Graham Action Sports Equipment 90 Cherry St. Naugatuck, Conn. 06770 Office: 729-4509 REBELS COPLE Y'S CON VIC TS RFALTOR SETTANI ASSOCIATES C A House Sold Wordj 774 New Haven Road fRt 631 Naugatuck Conn 06770 We Don t Sell You We Help You Buy Resldentlal Commerclal Industrlal Rentals Purchaslng or Selllng Naugatucks s largest home selectlon See our showcase of Home Dlsplay Open 7 Days a week to serve you fFree Appralsalsj Call 723 1414 MEMBER OF HOMES ,--4--.1 I l I . , . ."" V'- ' x 1 74 X 1 '21, K . . -j 'Q W, .. ' Y l , il 41 , 7 5, I if 7 ,, , . T th f 1980 EMI 6 YEARS Q or ExcELLENcE Q un MANurAcTumNc cHEwncALs O QQ 1923791 40, ,Q- C g t 1 t' Cl Our Best Wishes for h S ' of its members ' h d. l Congratulatlons to the Class of 1980 Nougotuck Volleg Savings and Loon Assoclotlon IVIann Offcce 21 IVlapIe Street Nau atuck Connecticut 06770 Tel 729 8 85 Tel 723 740 Best wxshes to the Class of 1980 We Make Bankmg Human NA UGA TUCK SA VINGS BANK Branch: 1007 New Haven Roa-di Naugatuck, Connecticut SIECIENSKPS SCH OLARS Congratulations To The CLASS OF 1980 From the FITZGERALD - ZEMBR USKI SGRILLO FUNERAL HOMES Naugatuck-Waterbury We make thmgs happen m onnectncut flsssafe v r. 1 MAD Et Txculonual l an!! Ron SL Joann Pruchnlckl Congratulatlons COREYS MARKET INC to the Class of 1980 Home of the World Famous Grlnder JIIII M6Hg3CC1 927 4246 Good Luck Senlors IRENE'S LUNCH 8: VARIETY Try Our Breakfast IQ 1 2 Un?OnSCI?1Ig?gCiEm Nobody Can Do It Llke McDonald's ' Can 718 Rubber Ave O I I E M ,s Eiiii l bf'l'!! fiiii Args and iiffl gyeiljiif 1 L. s s. , 4" of if gn ' IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllll Asphalt Paving WILSON T CLARK COMPANY Con orete Work 729 6973 Rlchard D Clark 801 Rubber Ave Naugatuck Ct 06770 Open 7 Days 24 Hours 729 2515 QUTO CENTER6 379 Rubber Ave Naugatuck Ct Tel 729 8247 Fore1gn and Domestlc Mufflers Brakes Ahgnment Shocks Coohng Systems Startlng SL Charglng Systems Owner A 7-Eleven Food Stores 1 ' ', S g Nlcholas MHCTI L1C9HS9d Opt1c1an Cherry Street Garage 1161 Rubber Ave Ext Polarls Snowmoblles E Z Go Golf Cars Parts and Servlce 729 4739 CLASS OF 1980 May The Years Brmg You Success and Happlness R OSENBLA TT S DEPT STORE 85 Maple Street as con EYENNEAR PRESCRI FILLED MOUHtV19W Plaza 171 Rubber Avenue Naugatuck Conn Phone 723 0465 Congratulatlons the Class of 1980 from Valley Auto 1510 New Haven Rd 729 6511 Auto Body General Repalr Weldlng Marg1e Sz Blll Ashmore o Don Anderson . . U 7 xy WWSNEX HEY X ua. RRAR xr' mfmxxmh FLEET S TAHL'S SCREWBALLS Congratulations to the Graduating CLASS OF 1980 ALLOY FO UNDRIES 112 Bridge Street Union City, Connecticut CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD LUCK to the Class of 1980 from THE RISDON MANUFACTURING COMPANY F.M.P. Division, Naugatuck, Conn. Bus 729 5267 Res 729 4348 Na uga tuck Cleamng SGPVICG 855 Rubber Ave RI TA S BAKER Y 52 Sprmg St Unlon Conn 729 8485 'AHERNIE S MARKET QUALITY MEATS GROCERIES FRUITS VEGETABLES FROZEN FOODS ERNIF FROELICK 15 QUINN bTREET NAUGATUCK CONN KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS FOUR SONS CATERING SERVICE Your S3t1Sf3.Ct1OI'1 Is Our H3pp1H6SS Dlck 574 0649 Vln 758 4298 Evenlngs 729 8081 , - , I . , I Good Luck to the Class of 1980 CL UB UNIAO Portuguesa, Inc Portuguese Club Rubber Ave Naugatuck Ct 06770 GOOD LUCK AND SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1980 From Your Local Agent Wham Lynn 27 Walnut Street Allstate kc 19 Deepwood Road NaLfg?3tY?392 t , . . .. E , . 1-1 , . '1 , . . b 0 Naugatuck Ct 729 5091 Remember through l1fe You re m good hands Wlth AIISRHB FASSETT'S FARM Phone Naugatuck 729-3448 Congratulations BAR-B-QUE st HOME COOKED to the Class of ow, SPECIALTIES ww, FRESH EGGS 4lF 48N FROZEN POULTRY and TURKEYS 1980 from BEACON VALLEY ROAD Mr and Mrs Kenneth S NAUGATUCK CONN Reed, JI' Best of Luck LONGMEADOW CAFE To the Class of 1980 876 Rubber Ave from the Naugatuck Conn Umted Day School Where The Sports Crowd Gathers 729 2102 JOANIES BAIT BOX 291 Sprrng St UDIOI1 Clfy Comphments LNG Balt and Worms DONOVANS PHARMACY COpen Dally 6 a rn to 7 a m Prop ROSGCGI1 Rader Peterson s Pre School 43 Hlghland Ave 3 5 year olds Tune 9 00 11 30 Kmdergarten Preparatlon State Llcensed Call 729 3619 f 4 c ' J i fGoing Fishing'?J of . . , ' . . . .J COMPLIMENTS OF CARDI ASSOCIATES, INC. Oscar Dell C C DIMHPIR All types of flooring Route 63 Turnpike Drive Middlebury Connecticut 96762 Phone 758 1741 GLEN DA LE HEAL TH CENTER INC long term care FOR THE FASTIDIOUS The Ultimate in Care Comfort and Convenience 4 Hazel Avenue Naugatuck Connectlcut 723 1456 1 O In keeping with the high standards always found in Connecticut. Glendale is a fabulous Center for Convalescents requiring rehabilitation, theraphy, intensive andfor Cknfuuf VIGIT3 Agency Inc 24 Cherry Street Naugatuck Connectlcut 06770 729 2271 Integrlty and Professlonahsm IS our trade mark ln helplng you wlth all of your Real Estate needs WE RE THE NEIGHBORHOOD PROFESSIONALS Each office us Independently owned and operand V, ' I . . 7 l v as ' ' ' as ' - 7 0 Q Q Q l ' ' 1 Congratulauons to the Class of 1980 from INDESCRIBABLY DELICIOUS ter Paul Cadbury BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1980 BRIETIJL From Instruments ! systems -SN 9, CAQM 7 N H g 06770 12035 729 3232 ,5EALZ'0i?5 ay! yo 5 0+ ' gfw Q MAIMNNE off 0 QQ Maw: ,W 27227 ff 'Uwe' QOVQPJ WM- 195-,ed R V Qfkgg 5321 GE lik: 2' Mgwvvs 33 yggg 35 0 39, S 'Nspfgvjfgbefg vi Ei5v?Sh wr ChrEI.r,1,1:mCh"'q Q . 0 'Q cgi- l6 ew aven Road Ww gi, l A A' ' Nau atuck, Conn. X Xl' I l SQ. 1 0 e Z5 IO y new ron KJ 0 o-00 ,. ,N X. n X .n 99' 446 MM? WV 'O G 635 +0009 2 40 , 5 .wb as ,Q X iv: 7- - J 5 2' 9 Y '30 T 55 X "' Q 39. 5 OA., X g 'QDQMIA X 3 1 Q' st? I f -N Z 0 + I H . V 0 'M?jvla'zl' .CSU A I' F UD Mary Ann Branco Jeff Burmeister '77 Gary Pelchuck '80 Mr. and Mrs. Morris McKee Todd Hennessey '87 Rose, Irene, Maria, Kim '83 Paul Aresta and Lori Roland Sonia Thompson '80 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hennessey Mr. Victor Ferreira "Furry" Mr. and Mrs. J. Branco Mrs. Elizabeth King Mr. and Mrs. Al Nitowski Mrs. Jenny Pica Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Somers Irene Gaspar '80 Michele Scarpa Robert DiGiorgi Connie '80 Todd Kozey Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kmetz Mary-Ellen Kmetz '76 "Cuz '80" Mr. and Mrs. Saunders Hilda dosSantos BOOSTERS Billie Ruth Kovach Carl '82 "Friends are Forever"- Lois Fortln SEB '80 Hankers '80 Kim '80 Sz Peter '78 Dave Pugliese '80 Joe Gallucci '80 Laura '82 Donna Reed Lango '77 Kathy Fellows Kim Newhart Yearbook Staff members make better lovers' Don't forget triple"F" Diane Pesanelli Dolores Pascale Renee Kmetz Denise Howard Joe Kmetz '83 Janet Freer '74 "Rose Here" "Mogulize" "Skiers are the BEST!" Lori '80 Mr. and Mrs Judy Ernst Mr. and Mrs A well planned future is just as important as a well planned Mr. and Mrs party-Julie Jay Carlson Matt Anderson Mrs. Laura M. daSilva "Kevork" MIDGIT MARIA '81 Janice Sz Noel Smitty did-it l '80 William C. Davis FUDDS '80 Swany finally succeeds! '80 Julie and Chris forever Mike Sz Jill always Sz forever "Ma- Trich" Anna '80 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Follett Lester Follett Thomas Rich 80 Patrick Moretti Peace I leave with you, my Friends JCR 80 Dianna- "Peppy" Fiona '80 J.E.S. '80 Mr. and Mrs. John Sickola, Jr "LoLo" '80 Who could forget. Cheryl '72 Shari '76 Joey '91 X 1-"' 1 V, a V, S v " jx El"' b L""'Hux Q . w PS W A ,T xx - 1' Sy LEX f""X 'S' ,.Q .V X Q ,N f iff' LA VESA? Mlm S . ,3:gA,Q, Our thanks to: Mr. Richard Leonard, our principal, for his support and guidance throughout the year. Mrs. Mary McDougall, our adviser, for all the patience and understanding she showed us. Mr. Charles Triano, for his help anytime We asked. l Mr. Charles DeCar1o, for giving his time whenever we needed his help. Mr. "Hank" Hansis, our publisher's representative, for helping us in many Ways. . Loring Studios, for service beyond belief. The entire faculty, for their cooperation whenever we needed it. Mrs. Diane Pesanelli, and Mrs. Dolores Pascale, for their cheerful cooperation when- ever we asked. Special thanks to Bill Abdalla for his help in taking and developing pictures overnight i when we desperately needed them. "The Future is Before Us . . . " 'i W J" 5' , fa"--sung... ,- - ,....,.. wk Ju' mr, P' C 1 1 s .4 rf' 194 Q ax 141. 5 Rf? I 'Q 'Pl r' Q 3 Q S. " 1 o if ' l 4 ,X W, VA 'V y 431 ,fm 1 mi - , w4,f,'I:' -5 . , f A 'A . Jw -. 1. if ' . f Xf V 1 w --.. , V 1 ,nx,,xs.v V 'J A Q .4 ' fs 4 F i , 5' b 1 , I. , i 'ww' 1 X Mi, A 1 1-1 . -f 'z-H . ' " 1 A 2 -'X 4' - , ,741 ,, .V 4 W "' ,M ,A . X ,L .gs-,, Lf.- .Ag F JF? v ' n , . .' K W , 5 , .. WgV,H,. , . . 4 4 J -'T W x Y 'n ' ,?"f'4"':"i 'YR 'N'-PWM" If f Y 'Md , , A I , 4 y H' . lg I I I K, ' P ,- I- 0 1 X Q v e .. f . . Q L .Qi .. I - g t L' ' ' .- 5 ' . wg., 2 Q - . a ' 5 . ,'-G, ' .461 5 ' -14 'if' 'rv ,v Y . ', M V . ' .n ' , ' i + '19 1 Y ,a 9' I. 3 x ' E'- Q' In -' Xie? L 5, .9 fm .vs ' 3.5 Q' 5- 'N Us-5 - 4 . JW? 2.15 Y 1 ft L. if 'Q f , 'hi ' YH? .f . A ws' , . ,A W ? i ali , 'W:,,f'x , , X M ' I Y . X i M W T . M 3 , A A 1 ,- . , . Q' ig I R . ' if ' fi RN W, i 1 .y - Q K "A ' Y E - M , ,Wg f-- A, ' K 42 ,s ' K. iv F X fx r. ,inn ME 4. , - f ' , P 3 i iff,,w 'JW ' ' ' fx ' X. 6 if K , ' . f , -15, 'M ,,f.,., ,aw - '4 K , ff." 311, , - .: iw A fu, V - ... ' N .'-.- V f 4- f ..f.' 4 .1 we , f- " , ' , ,xr ' -L H - V ,N Hff? - x' . , . 1 "' . 17 M W N 1 , Q, i is f' ,f'Q1f?'NN, ww Q -f H W-PM '51 -,. 215, M fi 1 A 1 JFWW' ima. , N f ' fafxga J' '1F' Fff+iff a7.5ff" I . " .f 1 1 " 5 J v 5 2 , , g, , I 3 , . fp, . iii - : iFw , ' ' ' ' W ,w Eu' .1 'L ,V A- v, ' 4 'ff ' ' " - .f E ' ', , ' W , , ' - X w V '. Y ,- M " . Q, ,, f' 5+ 'f' " ' if -ZW f :iw ffl,-1 1 4, S-vi.-"" ' 1-wig' ' M Va-Qi-'S' PW E4 ,f J iq .f i, A :nv 5 b i, K J 4 A Q M,.:?..,xf ,gig ui2ii1Ie,v ,, a L .. K' fi n . Z' ' C f js' k ' -n7,,.msef:,:as an t' ,s"',1

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