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Naugatuck High School - Greyhound Yearbook (Naugatuck, CT) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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r Q M . yr, ,, .n MgQw.:w11.,,,,,mm , Q W ',,., www? Q' is ,ap lx? y , In I , ,, gs .ikww pq ,v H 1 K. an 4' 5 M 'rm xii i xy , xv -l 0' ' if...-v ...gus- A.- --nu. -Q- -nn-U" all is W V..-...K M-Q-M as I K -no-F , , K ,M ...-.,-- -sn it-, ru. W a, 4 1 '- lf , 'fiazz .W 1 ' - -cr I '-i3fS2K2s12EQ5ezi3gp1-.. ' K' Xigf M- K ' liiifgigw 5 I A " 1- 4... i Vfymy 'fa ' 425403 24" 'Q' O, bu ,..Q..-.T...-- M.. - 2, f V. 1:1 v g,,qk,f1 . ,V 91,4 JL' - I , Qi- .ff i xi ffs :ff 5 ,M A41 359 553' .L Q. Hu, , Q' 13 Gs vw w SH if A 1. f " ff 1 ,jfs ' 'ill' Q- -XX J 2 X K 1 ,U ff ! f Pax! X .W " 3 1 1 5 R K X 'iaemium .5f1PlfnIum. I XX W!! N I-Q-1... f Q29 f xi! In 'Z I -, gif-f , y ,ffVgJ:: 'J-7, v 5 j , af 4, ,,:f . ' 1: . , eff!! L -A Q X- I ., .. N 1 ' JJV' 1 if f.-XB ,llgfrg-' 4 ' '. I f' ff 1 -f 443 ff' - ifwf' ' X .S , :.. ., -4 "' .5-fi '1' L.s rg , P T! FOR SENTIMENTAL REASONS Page Four FORMER NAUGATUCK HIGH SCHOOL MR. JOHN HOWARD WHITTEMORE But half so wel beloved a man is he Ne was ther nevere in court, of his degree He was so gentil of condieioun That throughout al the world was his renown A1 of his dedes. Page Five Page Six THE BOARD OF EDUCATION Richard Magas Penelope Borisuck Judith Celello Patricia Lee Beverly Franklin Gretchen Anderson Dreama Mealey Barbara Bryk Arlene Rykoski Carmen Beasley Phyllis Pape Marylin Henricks Kathy Geraldi Alice Gibbons Moira Kinne Raymond Drapko Kevin St. John THE EDITORIAL STAFF Editor Robert Oldakowski Arroriale Edilory Mary Cavanaugh Copy Writerr Mary Beth Hogarth Sportr Cynthia Zembruski Page Seven Paul Cashman Regina jankowski George La Rose James jacewicz Martha Seitzer Robin Spearrin Dorothy Zibluk Donna Crotty Tekla Rek Mary Cavanaugh Robert Oldakowski Richard Magas Barbara joan Sheedy Paul Cashman Elizabeth Reich Richard Magas Nicholas Krenitsky Leo Smith Jessica Wegiel Carol-Joan Scullin Ronald Johnson Doris Canaperi Fred Fairchild Gretchen Anderson Ann Gallucci Ida Vimer Richard Cooney Paul Cashman Fred Fairchild joan Zembruski jo-Ann Ambrose Richard Petrucelli Barbara Brush Paulette Guarino Ann Estes Joyce Kawecki Carol Karasinski Barbara Adamski THE EDITORIAL STAFF Artiftr Sharon Monahan Photography Activitief Burinerr Mafzagerf Advertising Official Typirlr Donna Crotty Page Eiglal Elizabeth Reich Tekla Rek Patricia Bielanos Donna Crotty Shirley Lanouette Alice Gibbons Kathy Geraldi Richard Magas Geraldine Chisek Kathy Geraldi Doris Canaperi Gretchen Anderson Robert Oldakowski Nicholas Krenitsky Dennis Curtin Carol Bongivani Edward Halloway jerry De Carlo Shirley Kindulas Karel Taranovich Clayton Fernandes THE EDITORIAL Our motto proclaims that peace is the reward of wisdom. During our formal educa- tion, we have attained some degree of wisdom. What will be our reward? As we venture into the world, hoping to achieve an abundance of material wealth, we would best stop and contemplate the true, although obscure, end of our future endeavors. Should worldly fame, mundane riches be displayed from our standard as we march into a world so tarnished by these erroneous conceptions, or should we raise our sights to something more perfect, something to make us spiritually complacent? This all- important decision is left entirely to us. For no longer will there be parental guidance and counsellor advice. These crutches will be removed, and now comes the test. Has the advice of those whom we trust prepared us to walk firmly, unfalteringly into life, or has it made us dependent and incapable of rendering our own decisions? In our transition to maturity, we should always strive to do better, accomplish more. Our deeds need not be great, but their results should be wholesome. Our thoughts need not be shattering, but their consummations be salubrious. Graduation will serve as a road-mark in the journey of our life. There will be many to follow-some not as joyous as graduation - but we will meet them all with courage. And in meeting them, let us always use wisdom and never lose sight of our primary purpose to gain peace . . . for peace is the reward of wisdom. Page Nine MISS VIRGINIA A. SMITH Page Ten THE DEDICATON We, the class of 1960, dedicate this edition of the GREYHOUND to our beloved social studies teacher, Miss Virginia A. Smith in grate- ful appreciation for her many years of service to the young people of Naugatuck. She has not only educated her charges, but has also inspired them to further achievements. Her quick wit has Won the hearts of her pupils as well as making the social studies classes in- formative and scintillating. May she long continue her service to the school and to the community. Page Eleven MR. RAYMOND K. FOLEY Superintendent of Schools Page Twelve MEMBERS OF THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1960 It is with genuine satisfaction, extreme pleasure and complete con- hdcnce that I extend to you the congratulations of the entire personnel of the Naugatuck Schools, upon your graduation from Naugatuck High School. Your achievements are most pleasing to your parents, your teachers and your friends. I join all of them in complimenting you. As members of the first class to graduate from your new school you have had the unusual privilege and the creative responsibility of aiding in the formulation of customs and traditions which will serve as guide lines to all future students in the school. Now, at commencement time, you have new challenges to establish a way of life that will prove pro- ductive and satisfying to yourselves and to others. Each graduate has made a most promising start in life. May your careers now fulfill this promise and may each one of you serve as an inspiration to all pupils who will follow in your footsteps. It is my expectation that every graduate will now be dedicated to realizing to the fullest the many and varied opportunities that lie ahead. May the choicest blessings of God be upon you. RAYMOND K. FOLEY Page Tbirzeen MR. RICHARD G. LEONARD Principal Page Fourleefz To THE CLASS OF 1960: To you belongs the unique privilege of being the first class to graduate from our new institution of learning. You will always pride yourselves on this distinction. Your first three years were spent among the memories and heritage of our former half century old building on Hillside Avenue. Ten months ago you entered the new Naugatuck High School as members of the Senior Class. With your excellent co- operation we have been able to continue our traditional, academic pro- gram in our new edifice. We now present you to the community as educated and mature young citizens. The faculty joins me in wishing you the utmost success in your plans for college and for life itself. RICHARD G. LEONARD Page Fifleen THE FACULTY MR. RICHARD G. LEONARD, Principal Miss Florence Anderson ...... ..................... G uidance Mrs. Nellie Beatty ........ ......... E nglishg Guidance Mrs. Kay Bergin ........ ...................... B usiness Mr. Charles Bertero ......... ....... S eience Miss Catherine Brooks ........ ......... N urse Miss Mary Burke ......... ............... F reneh Mr. Thomas Byrnes ..... ............... B usiness Miss Madeline Caine ....... .......... S oeial Studies Mrs. Mary Casey .......... ................. E nglish Mr. Henry Cieslewski ..... ......... M athernatics Mr. Leon Corliss .......... ................ M usir Miss Colette Daly ...... ........... F rench Mr. Jesse Davis ............... .................................... M usir Mr. Raymond Dowling ....... ........................... S oeial Studies Mr. Edward Dwyer .......... .......... E nglishg Driver Education Mrs. Elma Eames ......... .................................... B usiness Miss Mary Emerson ...... ............. S ocial Studies Miss joan Gallo ......... ......... P hysical Education Mrs. Emily Gibbs ......... ................. L ibrarian Mr. George Goodwin ....... ................. S eienee Mr. Thomas Horan ...... ........ I ndustrial Arts Mr. Donald House ...... ................. E nglish Mr. Franklin johnson ...... ..,....... S ocial Studies Mr. john Kane ............ ........ I ndustrial Arts Mrs. Agnes Kehoe ......... ............. E nglish Mrs. Elizabeth King ........... .... .......... ................. ....... E n g l ish Mr. Alexander Krayeske ...............................................,.............. Sfienee Mr. Raymond Legenza .... Director of Physieal Education and Athletirs Mrs. Anne Lemoine ., .......................................... . ................. Mathematies Miss Genevieve Marcisz ...... ................... B usiness Mr. Edward Mariano ....... ........ B askethall Coach Mrs. Jeannette Matzkin ....... .......... S ocial Studies Miss Dorothy Moss ...... ....... H ome Economies Miss Della Nyberg ...... .................... E nglish Mrs. Mary Penrose ....... ....................... A rl Mrs. Betty Pope ......... ......... M athernaties Mr. Timothy Ring ....... ......... L ating English Miss Mary Ann Rung ..... .......... F renehg Latin Page Sixteen Mr. Leon Sarin ...... Mrs. Charlotte Scully Miss Virginia Smith Mr. Robert Stahl ..... Mr. Charles Triano .. Mr. James Vanasse . Mr. George Vought THE FACULTY .........Scieme ...............Englirla ...facial Studie! ....Ma!lJematicJ ...........Burinerr I ndurlrial Arif .............Srience Secretary Mrs. Irene Rotella Curtodianr Mr. Edward j. Nolde Mrs. Jennie Slawski Mr. Patrick McKeon Mr. Charles Mascola Mr. Peter Liakus Mr. Edward O'Connor Cafeteria Mrs. Mabel Solberg Mfg, R056 Amafal Miss Hattie Brophy Mrs. Helen Casey Page Seventeen THE FACULTY MISS ANDERSON MRS. BEATTY MRS. BERGIN MR. BERTERO MISS CAINE MRS. CASEY MR. BYRNES MISS BURKE MR. CIESLEWSKI MR. CORLISS MISS DALY MR. DAVIS Page Eighteen THE FACULTY .. .Lg fy. . .. wi - 1- Q , I mm ff E , 752 . 4 . X 94. MR. DOWLING MR, DWYER MRS. EAMES MISS EMERSON MISS GALLO S 'EZ AQAA ' MRS. GIBBS MR. GOODWIN MR. HORAN MR. HOUSE MR. JOHNSON MR. KANE MRS. KEHOE Page Nineteen THE FACULTY w MRS. KING MR. KRAYESKE MR. LEGENZA MRS. LEMOINE MISS MARCISZ MR. MARIANO MRS. MATZKIN MISS MOSS , ,,.. , ..,... . .f.,,,,.,, W A,.,.,...., 7. 1 2- sir fr. . a . 23 73555 :AK i . AV ly: - . 'uw 'Ts' ., , 531 M . , me MISS NYBERG MRS. PENROSE MRS. POPE MR. RING Page Twenty THE FACULTY MISS RUNG MR. SARIN MRS. SCULLY MISS SMITH MR. STAI-IL WANNA X V f . gil , SEQ ' V f i if f MISS BROOKS MR. TRIANO MR. VANASSE Page Twenty One .i:2.',f x g MR. VOUGHT 'xl Wm QM ,..,,AA,,, ..,. . ,.,.,,, "" 1. MRS. ROTELLA MR. NOLDE MRS. SLAWSKI M., LIAKUS MRS. AMARAL MISS BROPHY MRS. H. CASEY MR. MASCOLA MR. O'CONNOR MR. MCKEON Page Twenzy Two MRS. SALBERG U x NEW' HIGH SCHOOL ENTRANCE Page Tufefztj' Tbree PRESENTING THE ly Fam' 19 GREY 60 Homin ly 1714 TABLE OF CONTENTS Editorial Dedication Faculty Class Poem Senior Home Rooms Senior Portraits Sports Clubs Prophecy Scrap Book EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITORS SPORTS ADVERTISING ACTIVITIES TYPISTS Page Twenty Six BUSINESS MANAGERS Sta PHOTOG COPY WRITERS Page Twenly Seven THE HANDS THAT GUIDE US Guidance seeks as its primary service to provide an opportunity for every individual to evaluate h'mself in terms of adjustment to life. Assistance is offered to pupils at N.H.S. in making choices, plans and necessary in- terpretations. Our capable Guidance Depart- ment offers the following serv- ices 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pre-admission Individual study service Counseling service Educational and vocational service Assistance in group activi- ties Placement and follow-up services l Page Twenty Eight CLASS OFFICERS Page Twenty Nine ,H , 53,5 f w ft ' A " 3 ' gf' ' -t 'r .qw fxzfffiwf' Q f' H -5? X it - A V. 1 lf A Iii rn H. f?.l:415?3 3 1 7-. tiff rt, .+ 'iff-4 Yi! ,. 4 it 'CP' it-M . 4 f - M .f-1 -if 4 .tW'?.f:'fif at t- 19 .A egiifizff gg .nr 541k-4'-,. , -we '-it--. 4 fJ,,:f5 ,' Yi f .tty -21.5.4 E 'fe :Zi fi ,- ,. A .t,,., if"?'1f 1 ..,,,1, R Q gf . ill: , 1.3. .J , JL 4 Q, I 5 1 x A ' .,-11. x -,r 1: ' at -:- -,.-t , H, 1.- tty - l71fg2ih:,fflf Z 1 - ' ,,vK., rgff 1. 525.5-,,2j . .flwv Q .1 rf.t,,A, sfliii. 'J nu ' h .4 .Y I ,M .W 3 1 'rt' ,:,v ,. 2' V f'-'W'fa,+'Q.A -. ntl? 1' REI 2 ez , .M L in 5. E+ it 41 - 1 , kg' u, gr.g5.1,j". 2 :tara y ,V-SJW Ht. 11, k X 31 Are. .W .H 1 ! , , ,YW 2 . ,L -5 ,': many, upward we tumb, Wiiix hope for success and for fameg t-rmrw.. - t Q and Courage a bit of trust, too, Q, x 47... ,Qt , . fisla Aiiffimlt game! A mf, - af., V r-. , 1 su: W ff- ' 'f ' in the sense of a pastime, 31:75 C9 gain a Bids dream. are so hngh, and what are they? I 1:'1i 1. A .W - ttttt held mesteem. t 1 'Q5 , c iii ,wig J" .. r ,. figgf-rcky " f, in : . 5 r -v . 4, , . 1 '+L 'f 5 'K ,rv ...xt , xi gQ,Ahighe: still higher 'rua .pat Qin. limits unknown, To the gold at the end of the rainbow, To success which we've made for our own! LINDA JANE PRITCHARD Pnge Tbirty Q Wahl' fad CLASS MOTTO Pax, Praemium Sapientiae QPeace, the Reward of Wisdonl CLASS COLORS Blue and Grey CLASS FLOWER Happiness Rose Page Thirty One D Page Thirty Two NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY EMBLEM: Keystone and the Flaming Torch. PLEDGE: I pledge myself to uphold the high purpose of the National Honor Society to which I have been electedg I will be true to the principles for which it standsg I will be loyal at all times to my schoolg and will maintain and en courage high standards of Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service Members of Naugatucle Chapter National Honor Society JUDITH CELELLO ROBERT DAHLIN RAYMOND DRAPKO DEBORAH HAYWARD LESLEY HOWARD MARIANNE JAZINA MARGARET KEKA SHIRLEY KINDULAS PATRICIA LEE ALFRED MEYERS SHARON MONAHAN ROBERT OLDAKOWSKI MARY JANE PETRO LINDA PRITCHARD BARBARA-JOAN SHEEDY LEO SMITH JUDITH SQUIRES NANCY TITLEY JANET WARE Page Thirty Three Page Thirty Four ROOM 2 HOME Page Tbirfy Fire HOME ROOM 4 Page Thirty Six HOME ROOM 6 Page Thirty S61'C"Il HOME ROOM 8 Page Thirty Eight HOME ROOM 9 Page Tlzirly Niue 11 HOME ROOM Puge Forty HOME ROOM 5 1-4 SENIORS 3 7 Any, 14" ' . f bf? 47 f ' it ' ,, V' X iv'- XW U UM .. x v -1' ., v er ff.. Cb iff ' ivv"'- Y ' Q- x't"Q fi NX x L.-fnnifh 1190 BARBARA ANN ADAMSKI BARB St. Francis Garnet Gleom Hlilory Forum Yeor Book Staff B.B.C. "A PRETTY WOMAN IS A WELCOME GUEST" Her golden hair is like the rays of sunshine. Barbara possesses other admirable qualities also. Perhaps the best known are her smile and cheerful disposition, WILLIAM LEONARD ALBAITIS, JR. BILL Western Hirlory Forum Foozbull Freibmun Baiebull "A HEAD To CoNTR1vE AND A HAND To EXECUTE" With his sly wit Bill enlivens his classmates no end. He is an easy-going fellow often seen at the center of much gaiety. JO-ANN MARY AMBROSE JO Prospect Street Ar! Club Cbeerleader Fuzure Nurrer of America Guard of Honor Hifzory Forum Yeor Book Stuff "A CHEERFUL HEART, A SMILING FACE AND MUCH SWEETNESSU Good-natured, peppy and forever smiling is our We c0uldn't ask for a better cheerleader. Her spirit and patience are valuable assets for this future nurse. CAROL JEAN ANDERSON CAROL Salem junior Red Croix Young Cifizem World Geography Club Art Club Hiftory Forum B.B.C. "WHO LIKES ME MUST HAVE A TOUCH or EARTH" Here's to laughter, mirth, and jollity-that's Carol. Practical minded, carefree, fun loving, she romps through each day, deplor- ing the brevity of its twenty-four hours. Page Fort y Two GRETCHEN MARTA ANDERSON GRETCH Salem Future Teacberr of America Secretary Yearbook Staff Cbeerleader Le' Cerfle Franpair S.P,Q.R. Hirtory Forum Secretary Home Room Reprerentatioe Art Club "W1T' To PERSUADE AND HUMOR T0 DELIGHTH Vivacious, friendly, and cheery-that's Gretch-a smile and hello for all. She is an active member of our class and is enthusiastic in all that she does. HAROLD ROBERT ANDERSON ANDY Middlebury Memorial School Audio Vixual Aid Talent Review Cboir HHANDSOME rs AS HANDSOME Dons" Ever well groomed and an all around guy is Harold. His rugged individualism is worthy of note and sets him apart from other classmates. NORMAN DAVID ANDERSON SWEDE Western Home Room Reprerentatiue Art Club Young Hixtorianr "WHAT SHOULD A MAN Do BUT BE MERRY?" jovial and fun-loving . . . Norman enlivens the corridors each day exchanging antics with his colleagues. ROGER ERIC ANDERSON ROGER . Salem Latin Club French Club IWorld Htrtory Club Young Hirtoriam Home Room Reprerentatiue "HE THAT INQUIRES MUCH, LEARNS MUCH" Roger's wit and affable personality make his presence in the classroom known. His competence makes him active in classroom activities. H Page Forty Tbree 5 SHIRLEY ANNETTE AQUAVIA SHIRLEY Central Avenue Clair Beauty B-B-Cf Art Club HIIIUVQI Forum Guard of Honor "I'LL BE MERRY AND FREEQ I'LI. BE SAD FOR No ONE" Shirley walks with a native grace and draws her friends with her alluring smile and personality. Beauty's namesake, she reigns as our class beauty. ANNA MARIA BALZANO ANNA Salem B.B.C. Hiftory Forum Future Homemaker! of America Art Club "MY DEAREST REWARD, A FRIEND'S ESTEEM AND PRAISE" A gay personality plus an ability to please never detracts from any girl's popularity. Anna lacks neither. CHARLES JOHN BAUKUS, JR. CHARLIE Laurel Ledge Football Basketball Bareball, Captain '60 Hiftory Forum Vanity Club Intramural Volleyball UBLEST ARE THOSE WHOSE BLOOD AND JUDGMENT ARE so WELL COMMINGI.ED" Charlie has pursued his future goal, both athletically and scholas- tically with a great amount of perseverance and fortitude. CARMEN DORIS BEASLEY CARM Laurel Ledge Future Tearberi of America Year Boob Staff Future Homemaker! of Amerira Hirtory Forum Le Cercle Frangair "TO CHOOSE TIME IS TO SAVE TIMEU Carmen is a most capable, enthusiastic and eager person with keen interests. She has a very dominating personality and is always in the center of all activities. Page Forty Four GERALDINE ELIZABETH BEHAN GERRY Salem Future Homemuberf of Ameriru Art Club E.B.C. Hifmry Forum Pep Club "Go, PRESENTLY INQUIRE, AND so WILL I" Gerry's work is all on a high standard of achievement, She loves learning and seeks new knowledge constantly. She takes part in all activities, carries through her responsibilities and works well with any group. PATRICIA ANN BIELANOS PAT St. Hedwigs Uyorld Geogrupby Club B.B.C. History Forum HENTHUSIASM IS THE LIFE OF THE SOULI' Her many extravagant and divergent energies add color and excitement to her experiences. Here's to a girl brimful of mirth and mischief. JUNE CAROLYN BILETZ TAFFY Hop Brook Hzrzgry Forum Le Cercle Frurzgtzii Art Club Garnet Gleum Talent Revue "ONCE RIGHT, NEVER A NEED TO REPEAT" june is a girl with talent, gracing our Talent Revue with her dancing ability. Her aims are focused on a dancing career and her sporty blue jeep. RAYMOND JOHN BOLEK RAY 4 Sacred Heart Engl!-fl9 Club Cbemiitry Club Latin Club " 'Tis GOOD To BE MERRY AND WISE" Ray traded the "Heart's" Garnet and Gold for the "Grey- hounds' Garnet and Grey. Joining us in our Senior year he pursues studies and amusement with equal enthusiasm. Page Forty Five CAROL MARIE BONGIVANI BONGI Central Avenue Year Boob Staff B.B.C. Art Club Hislory Forum Geograpby Club Pep Club Young Citizenr' Club "MY INTERCESSION HEADS MY FoE" Her use of colorful, imaginative words brightens many a dis- cussion. It makes work interesting for all of us. KENNETH EDWARD BONTEMPO TAB Central Avenue Le Cercle Fraugair Hixlory Forum llVorld Hirlory Club Intramural Volleyball "FIRST--TO THINK, SECOND-TO DECIDEH Kenny is one of the few people who believes in being seen and not heard. After thoughtful consideration of a subjecT, Kenny de- cides on the best course of action and then pursues it-a charac- teristic greatly admired. JUDITH ELAINE BOOTH JUDY Prospect Street School Art Club Hifzory Forum llvorld Hiylory Club Yearbook Slay? llyorld Geography Club B.B.C. "A WELL EDUCATED PERSON is ONE Wm-1 A BROAD BACKGROUND" judy's face is one familiar to every senior, whether demonstrat- ing her ability and efhciency in the business field, or displaying her pleasant disposition. Her hobbies are varied, but she is quite intent on being a future hairdresser. EDWARD A. BORASKI ED Q Hop Brook ' Hirtory Club Le Cerfle Frangair "COME, Go WITH ME, PURSUE THUS AS Ti-ioU GoEsT" Fun-loving, happy and boisterous, Eddie is a very stimulating and out going member of the class. He finds enjoyment in all class ' activities, always suggesting newer and better ways of improvement K for our benefit. Page Forty Six PENELOPE ANN BORISUCK PENNY Central Avenue Gurnez Gleum Year Book Sm Future Nurxex of America Hiizory Forum Le Cercle Fmnpuix Art Club "BUNDLE OF joy IS THIS LAss" Full of vivacity is our human dynamo . . . Penny, Lending a gay touch and smile to any activity, she is always eagerly welcomed. LAWRENCE PHILIP BOSCO LARRY Crosby Hixtory Forum A.V.A. Tremurer Young Citizem Club "SPEECH is GREAT, BUT SILENCE is GREATER" Life is I1 great sport to Larry who takes whatever comes and makes the best of it. He demonstrates a carefree attitude at all times. PATRICIA ANN BOTTOMLEY PAT Central Avenue B.B.C. Arr Club I-Iiftory Forum "A SMILE REAPS IT's OWN REWARDY' A friendly hello and thoughtful smile are a few of Pat's ad- mired qualities. In her own quiet way, Pat meets all problems with undying determination. JAMES JOSEPH BRENNAN JIM St. Francis B.B.C. Hifrory Forum "CALM, COOL, AND COLLECTED AM I" Rated tops by all his pals, Jim is an easy-going person who takes things as they come, but is always prepared to handle easily any emergency that may arise. Page Forty Seven STEVEN GEORGE BROADRICK STEVE I Central Avenue Young Cztizenf' Club Il"orla' Geography Club Hirtory Forum "GOOD NATURE IS ONE OF THE RICHEST FRUITS OF PERSONALITYH Ever so easy to get along with, Steve is Welcome in any group. He lends, .vvith gracious pleasure, many of his talents to com- munity activities. CAROL ANN BROSTIC CAROL St. Francis Future Homemaker! llworld Geography Club B,B,C, Young Hi,rtorian.r "BUOYANT AND BREEZY FROM MORNING TILL NIGHTYV To be gay and charming is half the battle won. The other half is possessing friendship in which Carol abounds. BARBARA ANN BRUSH BARBARA Central Avenue Hirtory Forum B,B,C, Future Homemaker! Year Book Slap' lWorld Geography Club "To FAIR REQUEST, SILENT PERFORMANCE MAKES THE BEST RETURN" Modest and reserved, Barbara is ever eager to accommodate others and accomplish all matters. She is pleasant to talk with and pleasant to be with. BARBARA ANN BRYK BRICK Central Avenue S.P.Q.R. A Cappella Choir Future Teaeherx of America Le Cercle Frangair Wforld History Club Young Citizenf Club Hirtory Forum Year Book Staf "NOTHING IS RARER THAN TRUE GOOD NATURE., Barb's sparkling smiles and twinkling eyes have a winning way with us all. That mischievous giggle always predicts merry mo- ments ahead, whether in the classroom Or among friends. Page Forty Eight THOMAS JOSEPH BUTWILI. TOM Hop Brook Orrberzra Young Hirzorianf Club Baud Le Cercle Frangair lVorld Hirtory Club "A MAN,S THOUGHTS ARE HIS OWNU Easy going Tom is relaxed in any surrounding, in or out of school. Quiet and reflective, he often surprises us with bits of unexpected philosophy. DORIS FRANCES CANAPERI DEE Salem World Hirzory Club Hirlory Forum Fuzure Nurfer of Amerira Future Teacberx of America Yearbook Slab' B.B.C. junior Red Crow "MANY Gooo THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES" Though Doris is small in stature she attracts all who see her by her charming personality and graceful manner. PATRICIA ANN CARLSON PAT Hop Brook llforld Geograpby Club Future Homemaberr Hiylory Forum B.B.C. "SHE HAS A MEEK AND SIMPLE GRACE" Indeed she has! Pat's quiet manner is looked upon as one of her many charms. Her deeds have spoken for themselves and her smile has won her many friends. ROBERT EMIL CARLSON RED Laurel Ledge Bareball History Forum Football B.B'C' Intramural Barbelball lI7or'ld Geography Club Varsity Club "THE MAN WHO BLUSHES HAS AN EASY CONSCIENCEU Red, ordinarily rather quiet, becomes a dependable, fun-loving friend once his acquaintance has been made. Adding his bits to Naugy's sport life, he proved to be truly "one of the boys." Page Forty Niue JANET GERTRUDE CARREIRO JANET Central Avenue Hittory Forum Geography Club B.B.C. "YOUTH WAs EVER FOND OF FUN" Diminutive Janet's dimples and ceaseless grins are abundant and appealing. Her laughter can always be heard through the halls. PAUL JOSEPH CASHMAN PAUL Franklin High, Franklin, N. H. Football Student Coumil Ski Team Dramazift Arrembly Committee Orebertra Band Year Boob Staff "A GOOD CHARACTER SHINES HY ITs OWN LIGI-IT" New to us this year, Paul's merits are rapidly being discovered. Industrious and versatile in studies and in sports, his many con- tributions have been appreciated by all. FRANK ANTHONY CASTAGNA, JR. FRANK St, Francis S.P.Q.R. Irzlrarrzural Volleyball Young Hirtorianr World Hittory Club Young Citlzem "A LITTLE WORK, A LITTLE PLAY, KEEPS HIM GOING DAY BY DAY" Frank lightens his classroom labors with an unlimited amount of revelry. His humorous contributions are always welcome. MARY CHRISTINE CAVANAUGH MARY St. Francis Le Cercle Frangatt Wforld Hirtory Club Pep Club Guard of Honor Better Burinerr Club Future Nurref of America Year Boob Sta A Ca ella Cboir If PP "A MOST ENGAGING LITTLE BEAUTY" Mary's shiny black hair, happy smile and sunny personality have made her one of the best liked girls in the class. Whenever laughter is heard, you can be sure that Mary is one of the crowd. Page Fifty JUDITH ANN CELELLO JUDY Central Avenue A. Cappella Cboir S.P.Q.R. Future Tearberf of Amerira Le Cerfle Frangair Pep Club Modern Dante Club Young Hinforianr Club Year Book Slaf "GENIUS HAS ELECTRIC PowER, WHICH EARTH CAN NEVER TAIvIE" Judy manages to combine a marked scholastic ability with an equal amount of Congeniality to produce a friend of whom any- one would be proud. DIANE MARY CHARETTE DIANE B. W. Tinker Hirtory Forum Geograpby Club B.B.C. "A GooD NATURE BRINGS MANY FRIENDS" Diane is full of fun and laughter. Never at a loss for words, she always seems to make friends easily with her gay sense of humor and pleasantness. GERALDINE ELEANOR CHISEK GERRI Hop Brook Geography Club Hixzory Forum B.B,C. Year Book Sldj? Banking "QUICK To BEFRIEND, SLOW TO DESERTH A pleasant disposition and a willingness to assist are charac- teristic of Gerri, As business manager of the Greyhound, she shows the eliicient side of her nature, MARILYN BARBARA CHONKO MARILYN St. Hedwig's History Forum Young Hirlorianf S.P.Q.R. Guard of Honor Art Club Young Cizizenr Home Room Reprefentatiue '58-'59 Le Cerele Franpaif "A PRETTY GIRL IS LIKE A MELODYH Quiet and serene, Marilyn 1S the essence of composure. Her manners and dress lend grace to our class. Page Fifty One MARJORIE LOUISE COE MARGIE Q Staples High, Westport Glee Club ure .e o erica ' Young Hivzoriuzzi- enre ub ' f 'IE u Aga C T HAVE ENOUGH . v . LLYH argE'pR-Caysxfms ont It seems as if she will change as e Zor c We a ure she won't. DONALD A. CONTALDI DON Laurel Ledge Young Cilizenf' Club Arr Club Garnet Glearn Printing Stuff Tbe Young Hi.r1oriun.l Wforld Geograpby Club Foolbull Baikelbull "A PRINCE AMONG MEN HE MovEs" Don's congeniality, dependability, and unselfishness make him a unique personality. A cheerful fellow, always ready for a good time, he finds life and studies pretty much worthwhile. RICHARD THOMAS COONEY DICK Salem Hiflory Forum Swinzming Home Room Re,t1re,ver1tuti1'e Le Cerrle Frunguil Your Boob Stub' lluorlnl Hixlory Club Pon American Program Cbuirmun Audio Viiuul Aid "GooD NATURE IS His MIDDLE NAME" Dick is good looking and always handy with a smile. A smart dresser, well liked, he is noted for his everlasting joking in and out of school. Dick is an avid sports fan and a member of our swimming team. DONNA SYLVIA CROTTY DONNA Central Avenue History Forum Geography Club Future Hornenzakerr Pep Club B.B.C. Yeur Book Slug Future Nurfef of Arnericu "NOTHING HURRIES HER, N01'HING WOIQRIES HER" Donna takes life as it comes. Her contagious laugh is well known in the high school, and her carefree manner well liked. Page Fifty Two in DENNIS THOMAS CURTIN DENN St. Francis Swimming Team Young Citizeur' Club Hixtory Forum USKILL TO Do COMES or DOING" Forever smiling that Irish grin and a bit of the blarney for one and all, "Demi" gives that adding humor to our class. ROBERT NELSON DAHLIN BOB Salem Choir, Treafurer S.P.Q.R. Young Hiftoriam Boys' State Le Cerrle Frangaii' All State Choir "FEW THINGS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO DILIGENCE AND SKILIJ' Bob's knowledge and ability to acquire friends make him suc- cessful in all he endeavors. MURIEL P. DALTON MURIEL Salem B.B,C. Hirtory Forum llVorld Hirtory Club USOMEVVHAT QUIET AND SUBDUED, BUT ALWAYS IN A CHEERFUL Moon" "Silence is golden" is her motto. Although she says little, she I H I really rates with us. in V.,,.V Vzvl- ..,, ' 'A -ivti MICHAEL JOSEPH D'AVERSO MIKE ' St. Francis B-B-C llforld Geography HIIl07y FOVIUIZ Ygung Cigfzgnj "A CHEERY LAD, WITH A GENEROUS SMILE" Likeable, laughable Mike is always ready to brighten a drab day. He puts his whole heart into everything he does, especially when it includes merrymaking. Page Fifty Tbree GENNARO ANTHONY DeCARLO JERRY Central Avenue BB-C W'orlzl Hirlory Club HIUUVJ' Club Year Book Staff Young Citizenr' Club "THERE IS A TIME FOR SPEAKING, AND A TIME EOR BEING STILL" Here's to our quiet, efficient man of the hour! His winning smile has won admiration among all his companions. Jerry has little time for mischief but plenty of time for work and fun. NICHOLAS THEODORE DI BENEDICTUS NICK Leavenworth Young Hirtorinnr Young Cizizenr' Club Printing Art Club HENTHUSIASM IS THE LIFE or THE SOUL" With a cheery smile and a friendly "Hi", Nick has gained a multitude of friends. His various talents insure an impending success. MARIA ANNE DIETRICH MIA Prospect Community Young Cifizenr' Club S.P.Q.R. Future Nurrer of America Hiitory Forum junior Red Crorr Reprerenlolirfe Cboir llforld Geography Club HPLEASING MANNEus AND A PLEASING GIRL" Maria has a pleasant, cheerful personality which is always wel- come. Although she takes her work seriously, she is always ready for fun. JACQUELYN MAUREEN DONOVAN HALF PINT St. Francis B.B.C. Young Citizenr' Club Young Hirlorianr Le Cerrle Franguir "As JOVIAL A PERSON AS EVER WAS BORNH Always on the go, carefree, gay, that's Jackie! Frolicking, fun loving "Half Pint" lives in a gay world all her own, full of mirth and mischief. g Page Fifty Four THOMAS HERMAN DOUTY TOM Central Avenue Hirlory Forum Geograpby Club UDONAT Do TODAY, WHAT YoU CAN PUT OEF TILL TOMORROVVH It isn't that Tom doesn't like school or work . . . it's just that vacations are more fun. RAYMOND LEON DRAPKO RAY St. Francis Le Cerfle Franpair Year Book Slajf S.P.Q.R. Young Hiftorianr Varsity Football "LEISURE WITH DIGNI'I"Yy' In a quiet, unassuming manner, Ray makes a favorable impres- sion on all who encounter him. A diligent student and a loyal member of our class, he is renowned for his conscientious and straight forward ways. CLEMENTINA MARIA DUARTE CLEMEY Laurel Ledge W'orld Geograpby Club Young Citizenr Future Nurrer of Arnerifa Art Club Hirtory Forum "BEAUTY LIVES WITH KINDNESSH Clemey can be serious or full of fun. She has her own special circle of friends in which she is content and not quite as quiet as she may appear to be. BARBARA ELEANOR EDLER BARB Central Avenue Le Cercle Frangair Young Hirtorianr Garnet Glearn Edilor '60 Fulure Teacberx of Arneriea "QUIET, DEPENDABLE, AND LADYLIKEH Sincere in all her efforts is an avid description of this fair dam- sel. True to the end of any endeavor, Barb can be depended upon. Page Fifty Fiue FRANK DOLPHERD EDMONDS, JR. BUTCH Western Ilforld Hirlory Club Young Hirlorinns Home Room Reprerenlutiue Intramural Bnflaezboll Football "I HAVE KNOWN A VAST QUANTITY OF NONSENSEH Here's to our fun loving Frank! Quick to lend a hand, sincere in all his undertakings, and a most congenial companion, "Butch" indeed is marked for success! RONALD CHARLES ERRICO RON St. Francis Young Citizen? Club Young Hl.flf17'ldH,l' Wforld Geogrupby Gornez Gleum Sfaff A Cappella Cboir "IF YOU WOULD RULE THE WORLD QUIETLY, YOU MUST KEEP IT AMUSEDU Is life worth living? Ask Ron his answer. In the affirmative, of course! Why shouldn't it be when life has treated you so well? LOUIS JOSEPH ESPOSITO LOU Laurel Ledge S.P.Q.R. Young Citizenf' Club Hiyfory Forum "HIs SHYNESS, INTELLIGENCE AND ALOOFNESS MAKE Us ALL EAGER TO KNOW HIM BETTER" Louie, that aloof, subtle, and blushing young Adonis from Beacon Falls has made quite a name for himself in high school, as a guitar player for that famous hand, "The Cool Notes." just W goes to show you that you can't keep a good man down. ANN LOUISE ESTES ANN Grover Cleveland, Buffalo, N, Y. Art Club B.B,C. Le Cercle Frunguir Year Book Stnf Wforld Hirtory Club Hirzory Forum "A SMILE so QUICK AND A VOICE so GAY HER WITTY HUMOR LIGHTENs THE WAY" Ann, though quiet, has a cheery "hi" for everyone. Her unob- trusive efhciency and flair for organization acted as our most valu- able asset in compiling "The Greyhound". Page Fifty Six FREDERICK JAY FAIRCHILD FRECKLY Salem Hirtory Forum Bdffbflll Young Cilizenr' Club Le Cerrle Frangau "HE WHO HAs HEALTH HAS HOPE AND HE WHO HAS HOPE HAS EVERYTHING" Fred works hard for what he gets and gets what he works hard for. His cheerfulness is an asset in any classroom. LYNN ANN FARKAS LYNN Hop Brook History Forum B.B.C. World Geograpby Club "A MERRY HEART DOETH GOOD LIKE A MEDICINE" Although she seems quiet, her friends know her to have a pleasant personality full of merriment. During her four years at Naugy she has gained many friends. BARBARA JEAN FAVALE BARB St. Francis Geograpby Club Hirrtory Forum B.B.C. Pep Club "A WOMAN NEVER SPOKEN OF IS PRAISED THE MOST" Quietness describes this clemure maiden. The ones who know her best have found her a loyal friend. 5 CLAYTON ALBERT FERNANDES CLAYT St. Francis Football Bareball lWorld Geograpby Club, Preridenl Young Cilizenr B.B.C., Vice-Presidenl Varrily Club History Forum, '59 Prefidenl Year Boob Szaf "THE BETTER PART OF VALOR IS DISCRETIONH Clayt possesses an easy going and friendly personality and is mannerly and good natured. His athletic ability has been displayed by his active participation in sports at Naugy. Page Fifty Seven BEVERLY ANN FRANKLIN BEV Wilby World Geograpby Club Ilirtory Forum Bowling Captain B,B,C, Year Boob Slap! "A SOFT VOICE IN A WOMAN IS MUCH TO BE ADMIREI1' Winsome ways and a pleasant voice are possessed by Bev. Her willingness to help others in time of need is appreciated by both her fellow students and faculty. BARBARA JANE FROELICH BARB St. Francis P617 Club Hiffory Forum Geography Club B.B.C. "A SWEET ATTRACTIVE KIND or GRACE" Barbara, soft-spoken and attractive, has gained friends by the shyness of her winsome manner. ANNA MARIE GALLUCCI DEB Central Avenue Le Cerrle Fraugair Geograpby Club Hirtory Forum Pep Club Better Burinerr Club Banking Year Boob Szayj' UPERSONALITY IS AN IMMORTAL TREASUREH Attractive and fun-loving, Ann graces our balls with ber pleasing Ways and winning smile. Her efflciency and dependability spell future success. JACQUELIN MARY GENOVA JACKIE Central Avenue Geography Club Hirzory Forum Young Hirtoriam B.B.C. Pep Club "HAPPY IS SHE WHO IS CONTENT" Quiet ways are most alluring as Jackie-:'s friends can tell you. She has wencled her way serenely through four years of study. Page Fifty Eigbz ROBERT LAWRENCE GENOVESE BOB Sacred Heart Ciuifr Club Hiflory Forurn Biology Club Home Room Reflrerentazioe Englirb Club Bookkeeping Award '58 "OH, 'ro HAVE THE POWER To SMILE" Bob is a friendly chap who tries to do his best regardless of criticism. Whether you see Bob at the library reading some scien- tific novel or being a clerk at Everybody's Market you'll be greeted with his cheerie "hello." KATHERINE MARY GERALDI KATHY Laurel Ledge All Szale Cborur Senior Sexlel Future Nurrey of Arnerira Latin Club Year Book Slab' Home Roonz Reprerenlaliue Young Hiftorianr "THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE A FRIEND IS TO BE ONE" Here's a girl who's always gay and friendly. Kathy enjoys writ- ing and has proved her talents. English and U. S. History, re- member? ALICE BERNICE GIBBONS AL Central Avenue Garnet Gleam A Cappella Cboir Year Book sldj? Future Nurxer of Arnerira "HAPPINESS IS MADE 'ro BE SHARED" Laughter and friendliness, a combination which "Al" can make unbeatable. Her subtle wit lends a pleasant note to all activities. JOHN ARTHUR GINTY JACK Central Avenue l!f'orlu' Hirtory Club Voice of Denzorrary B.B.C. "STILL WATERS RUN DEEP" john has won our admiration with his excellent speech in the Voice of Democracy. Good luck to him in the future. Page Fifly Nine JOHN JOSEPH GOMULINSKI BIG JOHN Hop Brook Football Hirtory Forum Young Hittorianr Vanity Club "WHY THE HURRY AND ALARM" Well-known to us all "Big John", his motto may well be never hurry. But somehow he was never slow with a witty remark. EDWARD FRANCIS GRICKIS ED Prospect Street Young Citizent' Club Art Club Hiytory Forum Football Manager "SHADOW OF ANNOYANCE NEVER CAME NEAR" Who hasn't come into contact with Ed at sometime or another? This lad is always laughing and teasing. Where mischief abounds, look for Ed. PAULETTE MARIE GUARINO PAULA Central Avenu: B,B.C. junior Red Croft Young Citizent Hiftory Forum U7orld Geography Club Pep Club Year Book Stag "L1FE's A BowL OF CHERRIESH Life is zestful to "Paula" who would rather smile than frown any day. With a disposition to do and a will to dare, she takes all in her stride. I r A EDWARD A. HALLOCK CHICK East Farms, Waterbury Hiftory Forum Intramural Sporty Young Citizenf' Club "HE HAs A PLENTIFUL SUPPLY OF WITH And he distributes it with vim. "Chick" takes the world as it goes hy, and how does he find it? "All's well!" says Chick. Page Sixty FORREST SIDNEY I-IANSON, JR. FORR Salem Le Cercle Frangaiy Hifiory Forum Young Citizenr' Club Inlramural Barlzelball Intraznural Volleyball "BE THOU NOT THE SLAVE or WORD" Girls, take notice, we have in our midst a handsome, reserved, and friendly fellow. Boys of Forrest's calibre are few in number. DEBORAH HAYWARD DEBBIE Western S.P.Q.R. A Cappella Cboir Le Cercle Frangair Young Hiflorianr "HER VOICE WAS SOFT, HER MANNER GENT"LE,' Debbie is one of those seldom-found people who gives one the impression of calmness and serenity. Although she is quiet, she is always smiling and pleasant. MARILYN JOYCE I-IENRICHS MAR Salem Hirlory Forum Ilvorld Geograpby Club Young Cilizenr' Club B.B.C. Year Boob Stag "WHERE THERE's A WILL, THEREVS A WAY" Bubbling with energy and always ready to lend a hand, that's Marilyn. Her enthusiasm carries her along the road to success, her undying perseverance and winning smile lead her to true friendship. PATRICK C. HIGGINS PAT Prospect Street F00ll2flll Young Citizens" Club Young Hittoriam "IN QUIETNEss AND CONFIDENCE SHALL BE YOUR STRENGTH" Here's to Pat who thinks much and talks sparingly. What would our football team have done without him? Page Sixty One WILLIAM JOSEPH HIGGINS HIGGS Salem IVorld Hixtory Club Swimming World Geography Club Young Hirzorianx Young Citizenr' Club Le Cerrle Frangair "NO HUMAN THING IS OF SERIOUS IMPORTANCE" just spend a little time with Bill and you'll soon be splitting with laughter. Never a dull moment when he's around. MARY-BETH MICHELLE I-IOGARTH MARY-BETH Prospect Street Art Club Pep Club S.P.Q.R. Garnet Gleam Guard of Honor Young Hlftorianr' Club Year Book Staff Future Nurfef of Amerifa "STYLE is THE DRESS OF THOUGHTS" Mary-Beth's immaculate, well-groomed appearance reflects her personality. This attractive Miss sports a friendly What would we have done without her support at all the games? l EDWARD ALBERT HALLOWAY EDDIE Laurel Ledge Football Manager Garnet Gleam Hirzory Forum Year Book Szujf B.B.C. HSILENCE is MORE ELOQUENT THAN WORDS" In the classroom he's a man of few words, but in the halls at recess or after school you can always End him laughing or joking with the boys. HELEN CHARLOTTE HOTCHKISS HELEN Laurel Ledge Le Cercle Franpaix YOWK Hlff0"l4'1f "OE MANNERS GENTLE, OF AFFECTIONS MILDY' Hard-working Helen can always be counted on to do her best. Under that quiet exterior lies a heart of gold. Page Sixly Two LESLEY CLAIRE HOWARD LES A Cappella Cboir 5'.P.Q.R. "A WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE WITHIN THIS MAID DoTH LIE" "Les" is a friend to everyone and is always ready to lend a helping hand. She is a real asset to our class. Prospect Le Cerrle Frangaix . Young Cizizem' Club MARY CAROL HUNT HUNTZIIE Saint Francis Geograpby Club Fulure Nurtrey of America Young Hirzoriaux "SHE s ALL THAT'S HONEST, HONORABLE, AND FAIR" Quiet-spoken Mary is a good student and seeker after knowledge. Yet when she's with the crowd watch out! JAMES JOSEPH JACEWICZ JAZZ Hirtory Forum Le Cerrle Franpaix Intramural Barketball "ALTHOUGH HE HAs MUCH WIT, HE IS SHY or USING IT" Quiet in class, jim's friendly humor is comfortable and reas- suring. I Saint Francis Intramural Volleyball Year Boob Staff DIANNE CAROL JACOBOSKI DI Western Home Room Reprererzlaliue Pep Club Geograpby Club B,B.C. A Cappella Cboir Guard of Honor Hirtory Forum Young Cilizenx' Club "ALWAYS GREETING WITH CHEERY SMILE, DI IS A FRIEND WORTH WHILE" A merry greeting, a cheerful smile. These may serve as an in- troduction to our jovial classmate, Dianne. She has taken an active part in class activities, and is one of the most popular of our Seniors. Page Sixty Tbree REGINA ANN JANKOWSKI GINA St. Hedwig's S.P.Q.R. Le Cerrle Frangaii World Hirtory Club . Hiitory Forum Fulure Tearkerf of America Garnel Gleam Pep Club Year Book Staff "YOU HAVE DONE HONOR TO EVERY VIRTUEH Attractive "Gina" leads an active life. She can be serious and merry, when the occasion occurs. With her pleasing personality, she will someday be a successful teacheri ' ':-' 1 ,.,t.-:"-. 2 -' "- 5 MARIANNE JOYCE JAZINA JAZ ':" Central Avenue i A J' ' , lV'orld Geography Club Banking , 'ltr 5 Hiftory Forum Year Book Staff I azb Q. H ff "" B.B.C., Treaiurer Le Cerrle Franpaii 'J A lll, J V.,V Pep Club Bookkeeping Award "SHE HAs A MEEK AND SIMPLE GRACEH Marianne! That name recalls to us a sweet young face, and a -"- : ii"' . ,,. quiet manner, and happiness. She brightened the atmosphere of - .., N our classes. May her friendly manner remain with her. A. RONALD FREDRICK JOHNSON RONNIE ELIZABETH MARY JONES BETSY Le Cercle Franpaii IWorld Geography Club "QUIE Demure Betsy seems as timid as she appears? Kaynor Technical Student Patrol fKaynorJ A. V.A. Vice-Prexidenl Young Hiiloriani "HE's A GREAT GUY AND A GOOD SPORT TOO" Ronnie, who seems quiet and shy, has a fondness for fun. This fellow has proved his worth since he came to Naugatuck High School. I St. Francis Young Hiflorianr Pan American Aisernbly -r AND UNASSUMINGH to be shy and quiet in class, but is she Page Sixry Four SUZANNE JOYCE JONES SUE Western Hirtory Forum Le Cercle Frangair Future Nurrer of Amerira Young Citizenr' Club Better Burinerr Club HSERENE, I FOLD My HANDS AND WAIT" Although she may be quiet, Sue's deeds have spoken for them- selves. Her gentle manner and shy smile have won her many friends. CAROLYN CLARKE KAMERZEL LYN Salem Intramural Basketball Intramural Baseball A Cappella Claoir Le Cercle Franfair "IN SPORTS SHE PLAYED HER PART" Lyn is a versatile athlete, active in various sports. The girls' basketball team would be minus a few of its honors if it hadn't been for Lyn's precision playing. CAROL ANN KARASINSKI SHEENA St. Hedwig's World Geography Club Ar! Club B.B.C, Hlrzor Forum 3' "HIGH Ho-OFF Fon FUN WE Go" A high voltage live-wire, Carol keeps her pals in hilarity. Whenever there is laughter and gaiety in the crowd, you can be assured of Carol's presence. JOYCE KAWECKI JOYCE I St. Hedwig's Hzrzory Forum B,B,C, W'arld Geograpby Club Young Citizenr' Club Year Book Slajf "A LIGHT HEART LIVES LONG" Happy-go-lucky, Joyce is always on the go. Quick Witted, she is friendliness personified. Page Sixzy Five CHARLES MATTHEW KAZEMEKAS KAZ Salem lVo'flzl Geography Club Young I-lirfor-ian.: Swifmmng Foozball Home Room Reprerenlatizfe "LIFE IS Two-THIRDs FUN" Mischievous Kaz is always on hand for a good time. Our hand- some classmate enjoys life to the utmost in his own carefree manner. MARGARET MARY KEKA MARGIE Western Cheerleader, Co-Captain '60 Young Hi.rtorian.s" Club Le Cercle Frangair Honor Guard Home Room Repferenlazive A Cappella Choir Year Book Slapf Young Cilizenr' Club "A FRIENDLY SMILE IS WoII1'HwHILE" Never a dull moment when Margie's around. As co-captain of the cheerleaders, she is full of vim and enthusiasm. Although she always seems to be hurrying down the hall, Margie will never pass you by without a warm smile and a friendly "Hi", JOHN EDWARD KELLEY, JR. KEL Salem Hirtory Forum Young Cjlizeni' Club Geography Club "AH, WHY SHOULD LIFE ALL LABOR BE ?" Easy-going John belongs to that group of people who believe in lightening the burdens of the day with a laugh. Continue to enjoy life, "Kel", and thereby set us an example. PHILIP PAUL KEPLER CHICO Laurel Ledge Talent Review '57, '58, '59 Young I-Iirzorianr "HAPPY is THE MAN WHO HAT1-I Nor TROUBLESH Dancing eyes and a flashing grin distinguish this modern trou- badour. Well known for his lively music making, he presents a dashing figure with his smooth clothes and equally smooth wit. Page Sixly Six STANLEY R. KIELB Ari Club Young Citizenr "LIFE IS NOTHING BUT FUN!" Stan enjoys life to the utmost in his own carefree way. He has put two and two together and come up with the solution that three quarters of his life is not strictly study! Right, Stan? STAN Hop Brook Hiylory Forum Printing SHIRLEY ANN KINDULAS SHIRL Prospect Street B.B.C. Year Boob Slaf Hirfory Forum World Geograpby Club "NOT MUCH TALK, A GREAT SWEET SILENCEH Shy and gentle, Shirley always has a kind word for everyone. Her outstanding characteristics of sincerity and dependability have gained her many friends. MOIRA HIGHLAND KINNE Ar! Club Hiftory Club B.B.C . Year Book Slay? "VARIETY IS THE SPICE or LIFE THAT GIVES IT ALL ITs FLAVORH Moochie is quite a "gal" whether it be in the classroom or on the dance floor. We are sure that a girl who possesses such talents will succeed in any endeavor. MOOCHIE St. Francis Geograpby Club Young Citizenr' Club GARY JEROME KNAPIK GARY Central Avenue World Hifzory Club Intramural Sportr Young Hirzorianr Young Citizenr' Club Varrily Club Le Cercle' Franpair junior Prom Cornmillee Home Room Reprerenlative UGIVE ME A MAN WITH A SENSE or HUMoI1" There's never a dull moment with Gary around. Always laugh- ing and joking, he finds humor in almost anything. Page Sixty Seven JOANN M. KOWALEWSKI GIDGET - St. Hedwig's Hzxlory Forum An Club "QU1ETNEss AND CONFIDENCE SHALL BE Yoon STRENGTH" joann is that pert young Miss with a smile for all. Her artistic abilities show promise for a bright future. JOHN ANTHONY KOWALEWSKI JOHN ' Hop Brook Basketball Young Hixlorianr Intramural Sports junior Red Crow World Hirlory Club Le Cerrle Fraugazx "No MAN is HAPPY WHO DOESN'T THINK HIMSELF So" Carefree John always has a cheerful word for everyone. An atmosphere of pleasantness prevails when he is around, and who can resist that rumbling voice? . BEVERLY ANN KRASINSKY BEV Prospect World History Club Hiflory Forum B.B.C. Le Cercle Frangaiy Pep Club S.P.Q.R. "So FAIR, So CALM, So SOFT OF Vo1cE!" Serious and laughable in just the right proportions, Bev is always willing to give a helping hand. Surely, ingredients for a happy future. MARY LINDA KRAYESKE LINDA Western World History Club Orrbextra Band Future Teacberr of Amerira Talent Review Pep Club Le Cercle Fraupais HALL THAT SHE DoEs, SHE DoEs WELL" Linda is well-known among her classmates for her talented piano playing and her friendliness to everyone. Success will come readily to this damsel. Page Sixty Eigbl NICHOLAS JOSEPH KRENITSKY NICK St. Francis Le Cerrle Fnznguif S.P.Q.R. Young Hi,rloriuu.r Year Book Smf Young Cifizem "A LITTLE NONSENSE Now AND THEN IS RELISHED BY THE WISEST MEN" Always full of fun, Nick creates an atmosphere of enthusiasm. He brings about much of the laughter that rings through the halls of N. H. S. LINDA ANN KWASNIEWSKI SQUASH Hop Brook Uyorld Geography B-B.C. Wforld History Hifzory Forum Young Citizens' Club "No CARE BEYOND TODAY" With a subtle sense of humor, Linda has achieved a long list of loyal friends. This is her formula for a bright future. FRANK JOSEPH LA BRUZZA CURLY St. Francis Science Club Young Citizenr Fulure Tearberr of America Art Club Young Hiitofiunr "WITH A BRIGHT, DIMPLED SMILE, HE REIGNSH Ever ready to lend a hand, tlIat's our fellow classmate. With mischief in his mind and a challenging grin, we wish success to this jovial man. LORRAINE BIBIANE LACOURSE LAURIE St. Francis Wforld Geogmpby Club B.B.C. Hiflory Forum Pun Anzefimu Auembly "IN EVERY GESTURE-DIGNITYH Although to most people Laurie seems quiet and unassuming, her flawless mannerisms speak highly of her. Page S ixl y N fue SHIRLEY ANN LANOUETTE SHIRLEY Hopeville Hirtory Forum Le Cerrle Frangair Young Citizenr' Club Year Book Slay? B.B.C. "I SING AWAY SORROW AND CAST AWAY CARE" Quietness coupled with demure charm portray a co osite pic- ture of this fair maiden. ,jf 'SILK - GEORGE HENRY LaROSE, III JULIUS Western Young Hirtorianr junior Red Crorr World Hiftory Club Year Book Staff Band Orflaertra "HE TAKES THINGS AS HE FINDS THEM" George is popular and well known to his classmates for his alert personality and his practical jokes. Unlike many jesters, he can also laugh at himself as the point of someone else's joke. PATRICIA ELLEN LEE PAT Central Avenue Cheerleader Le Cercle Franpai: Horneroom Reprefentatiue A Cappella Choir Guard of Honor S.P.Q.R. Hirzory Forum Year Book Staf "BLONDE OF HAIR AND So BLESSED A DISPOSITIONH Pat's cheerfulness and amiableness is abundant in all she en- counters. Her Warm smile and radiant eyes reflect her character to perfection, and her dependability ranks her high on any popu- larity list. HAROLD GEORGE LENNON HARRY Laurel Ledge IWorld Geography Club Inzrarnural Barkelball Hlrtory Forum Inlramural Volleyball B.B.C. "A WELL-BRED SILENCE IS ALWAYS AT COMMAND" ' Although reticent, Harry is a loyal member of our class. His pleasant companionship makes him well liked by all. I Page S evenly CHARLES JOHN LODGE "THE GOV." St. Francis S,P,Q,R, Izztmuzuml Volleyball "THE FORCE OF HIS OWN MERIT MAKES HIs WAY" john is a rather quiet person, but under this exterior appearance he is a good student and a friend to all. His studious habits may earn him the title of "Engineer" in years to come. THOMAS ALEXANDER LOMPERT MR. CIVIL DEFENSE St. Hedwig's Audio Vlruul Aid Young Historians "VERY LITTLE IS NEEDED TO MAKE A HAPPY LIFE" Tom! Our proficient projectionist, forever ready for fun, lends an able hand to the Audio Visual Aid. GLORIA ANN LORD GLO Central Avenue lVorld Geogmpby Club Af! Club Future Nurfer of America Hi.fI01'y Forum B'B,C, Pep Club "SPEECH IS SILVERQ SILENCE IS GOLDU . I Gloria's quietness is no handicap to her personality. She 15 a pleasure to know and we all wish her success In the future. RICHARD JOSEPH MAGAS "RICH" Western S.P.Q.R. Le Cerrle Frunpuir Af! Club History Forum Sopbouzore Clan Tfeururer llyorld Hiflory Club A Cuppellu Cboir Yeur Boob Stuf "IT IS A FRIENDLY HEART THAT HAS PLENTY OF FRIENDS" If ever there was a heart of gold it belongs to Rich. With his carefree manner, his ever-radiant smile and his willingness to help, Rich is the epitome of composure. Page Seventy One THOMAS FRANCIS MAHAN, JR, FARMER Sacred Heart Spuzzifb I Club, Serrelury Algebm Il Club, Pre,Iiu'e1zt Englirb Club llnorld Hiizory Club Latin I Club Hirtory Forum Wforld Geogmpby Club "No MAN is FREE WHO CANYT COMMAND HIMSELF" A wonderful sense of humor, Tom always enjoys a good time. His friendliness has won him many friends and he is a welcome ad- dition to Naugy. ALBIN JOSEPH MARCISZ St, Hedwig's Art Club Hinory Forum "ONE CANNOT ALWAYS BE A HERO, BUT ONE CAN ALWAYS BE A MAN" Quiet in his Own way, Al is always dependable and loyal. His art ability and his congenial spirit are only a few of his talents. A LORETTA MARY MARINO RET wriby B.B.c. Pep Club Young Hi.rf0riun.r' Club "AH, BUT WHY SMILE, XWHEN A LAUGH MEANS MORE?" This young lassie came to us from Wilby, bringing her delightful mannerism and her friendly smile. Here's to a welcome member! WILLIAM MICHAEL MCKENNA BILL Western lVorld Geography Club Hi.fl0'fy Fofllm "MANHOOD, NOT SCHOLARSHIP, IS THE FIRST AIM OF EDUCATION" Giving sincere compliments is one of Bill's arts. Though his interests range beyond our class, he is ever loyal to his Old friends. Page 8817672131 Two ROBERT JOSEPH MCNAMEE MAC St. Francis Young Hirlorianr Le Cercle Frangaif Young Cilizenr' Club A Cappella Cboir Swimrning "GooD HUMOR IS THE HEALTI-I or THE SOULH Bob can take as well as give a joke. An active member of the swimming team he is sure to succeed in the future. MARY DREAMA MEALEY DREAMA Central Avenue Year Boob Sldf Garnet Gleam Fulure Nurref of Arnerira Art Club, Sefretary '59-'60 Le Cercle Frangrair Young Hiflorianr' Club World History Club Pep Club "A MERRY, GAY, CAPRICIOUS SPIRIT" Don't let Dreama's name fool youg she's extremely versatile and a neat dresser, too. Well liked, her titian colored hair is the envy of almost all who know her. CAROL ANN MEDEIROS CARRIE Central Avenue Wforld Geograpby Club Year Boob Staff Future Nurrer of Arnerira Hirlory Forum Pep Club B.B.C. "NOT 'TIL THE SUN EXCLUDES You Do I EXCLUDE You" Carol is always ready to ,lend a helping hand. Her quiet beauty and warm smile are a welcome addition to the Class of "60". WILFRED MEGIN WILL n Ridgefield High School Young Hzrtorianf UINDIVIDUALITY IS THE SALT or HIS LIFE" "Mechanics" is the password for "Wolfie's" future. The picture of placidity, he is most at home when he has a car to tinker with. Page Seventy Tbree ALFRED L. MEYERS MOTTS Central Avenue Irzlramural Barkelball All Slate Cborul' A Cappella Cboir S,P,Q,R, "A NOBLE MIND DISTAINS NOT TO REPENTH A person Of high inielligence, Al is amiable and a good com- panion. He is full of fun and is always ready for a good time. RICHARD S. MEZZIO MEZ St. Francis Hirtory Forum IVorld Hirzory Club Frerbman Bareball Intramural Volleyball Frefbmarz Barlaeiball Vanity Bafketball "IT IS ONLY LIQUID CURRENTS OF THOUGHT THAT MOVE MEN AND THE WORLD" A pleasing personality, a witty remark and a wonderful sense of humor produce Dick, a well-liked person. We're proud to know him. BEVERLY MARGARET MEZZO BEV Central Avenue Le Cercle Fraugair lWorld Hirfory Club Future Teacberr of America Young Cilizem' Young Hifloriunr Year Book Staf Garnet Gleam "A GOOD DISPOSITION IS MORE VALUABLE THAN GOLDU Although quiet in class, Bev always offers a cute smile and a happy hello whenever she greets you. LINDA SHIRLEY MEZZO LIN Prospect Young Hirlorianr B.B.C. World Geograpby Club HFRIENDLINESS IS THE WINE OF LIFE" Dimpled smile and chestnut hair, we predict for our girl a life- time of happiness and a multitude of friends. Page Seventy Four GEORGE EDWARD MITCHELL MITCH St. Francis W'orld Hirlory Club Wforld Geography Club "BE NoT MERELY Goong BE Gooo FOR SOMETHINGU Carefree in whatever he does, George likes a good time. The unusual is the expected when he is around. CHARLES MITRIK, JR. CHARLIE Central Avenue World Geography Club Hirtory Forum W'orld Hirtory Club B.B.C. "LIBERTY OF THOUGHT IS THE LIFE OF THE SOUL" Happy-go-lucky Charlie. "Ready for a good time, any time" is his motto. GAIL THERESA MIZESKI GAIL Prospect Street B.B.C. Hiflory Forum World Geography Cluh Girls' Bowling Team "CARRY THROUGH LIFE A SMILING FACE AND LET YOUR HEART BE GAY" They say that good things come in small packages and that describes our Gail to a While reserved on the surface, actu- ally she possesses a grand sense of humor and a most pleasing personality. RONALD ALBERT MOLNAR RON Salem World Geography Hixlory Forum B.B.C. Football UCONTENTMENT AND FUN Go TOGETHER" Ron's spectacular personality rules over all his other assets. Keen wit and high integrity go hand in hand. Page Seventy Five SHARON ANNE MONAHAN SHARON Prospect Street Hiflory Forum Gcl7'IZ6l Gleam Slab' Art Club Le Cerrle Frurzguir Future Nurrei of America "A WOMAN SURE To MAKE HER MARK" Sharon's aims are set high, and she possesses the ability, ambi- tion, and amiability required to attain these goals. ROSE MARY MUCHA ROSIE Western Pep Club Guurd of Honor A Cappella Cboir Home Room Reprererzzulive Geography Club "THE SMILES THAT WIN, THE TINT THAT GLOWs" That's our pert and pretty Rose. With smiles and laughter this little flower took root deeply in our hearts. CAROL ANN MURPHY MURPH Si. Francs A Cappella Cboir Geography Club History Forum Future Ilorzzerruzberi' Young Citizem' Club Beller Buiizzeir Club "YOUTH IS FULL OIf SPORTH Placid, yet missing nothing, Carol goes on her way, certain that all will work out in the end. And why not, Carol will help it along. JAMES EDWARD MURRAY JIM St. Francis Hirlory Forum Wforld Hjrtory Club "EVERYONE EXCELS IN SOMETHING IN WHICI-I ANOTHER ONE FAILSH Always on the move, jim Ends that there is not enough time in the day to include all his outside activities. A score of hobbies occupy his spare time. Page Severity Six HAROLD WILLIAM MURTHA, JR. MURT St. Francis B.B.C. Clan Reprerentatiue '60 Young Cilizenr' Club Intramural Spam Hirtory Forum Varsity Football lVorld Geography Club "NEVER TROUBLE TROUBLE, TILL TROUBLE TROUBLES YoU" Wluo said, "Only Atlas could hold the world on his shoulder?" Many are liable to think that Murt will some day also accomplish this feat. He has the strength of body, will, and the friendship of all. A perfect picture of personality personified, this handsome goliath never walks alone in our fair halls. RICHARD M. NALICHOWSKI RICH Laurel Ledge Hiriory Forum Young Citizens' Club "KEEPING THE GOLDEN MEAN BETWEEN SAYING Too MUCH AND Too LITTLE" Adding interest and humor to any crowd of which he is a part, Richard constantly displays his wit and humor. No worries for this lad! FRANCIS ANTHONY NARDELLO FRAN Central Avenue Le Cercle Francais . A Cappella Cboir Inlramural Barkelball Football Basketball Hirlory Forum Band "WHAT A TIME! WHAT A CIVILIZATIONH No gloom hangs over this lad's head. Fran's casual and fun- loving manner easily make him "one of the bQys." 3. 1 'i 'I ' A I' ., A ,V I J E E4 .5 -5 .HQ . W Z ..., 'Q-rv I , ' W I I U s ips an 1 :fi- gs, 'jfwf .ui ' I '- GEORGE E. NASON GEORGE Tilden School, Reene, New Hampshire Science Club Af, Club Young Hixlorianr Ofglggypm Le Cerrle Frangair Bam! "LET THE PATH BE OPEN T0 TALENT" Though new to us in our junior year, George has already dis- played his versatility-music-wise and otherwise! Winning the title of Vice-President of the band is just one of his well deserved accomplishments. Page Seuenl y Seven NORMAN HALL NAUGES NORM Western Young Hirtorianr Football Vanity Club Intramural Baxkelball Young Citizenf' Club Le Cerfle Frangalf "THAT INEXHAUSTIBLE GooD NATURE WHICH IS ITSELF A GIFT" Norm's main objectives ?-football and fun of course! With the gridiron his brother, and a good time his twin, he has made him- self a general favorite. CHESTER MARIAN NIZIOLEK CHET Hop Brook School Young Hirtorians' Club Young Cilizenr' Club Frenfb Club Hirlory Forum "MEN OF FEW WORDS ARE THE BEST MEN" Outwardly Chester is of quiet disposition but he certainly can hold his own with the crowd. His quips keep us all amused. BRIAN THOMAS NOLAN BRU Salem Wforld Geograpby Club Hirrory Forum B.B.C. Young Cilizenr' Club junior Varfizy Foolball "I AM INCLINED TO LET THEVIWORLD Go BY" Bru's care-free manner surely indicates he shall never forget these high-school days. Nothing will stop him in his pursuit of happiness. LAWRENCE EDWARD NOLAN LARRY Hop Brook Young Citizen! Hixtory Forum Le Cerrle Frangaif A Cappella Cboir All-Slate Cboir Swimming Team Football Team "I LovE A WIDE MARGIN To MY LIFE" Larry's quiet manner and unassuming ways speak well of him. His endeavors in the Choir and the Naugy Swimming Team make him a much appreciated member of our class. Page Seventy Eigbz DANIEL JAMES NOONAN DANNY Central Avenue Hirtory Forum Young Citizeni' Club World Geogmpby Club "A FREE, A FRIENDLY FELLOW" Danny greets everyone with his boyish grin and a cheery hello. With a fondness for merriment, Dan wastes no time on dull cares. PATRICIA ANN O'BRIEN PAT St. Francis S.P.Q.R. Le Cerrle Fmngair Future Nurier Arroriolioo Young Hiftorionr "FRIENDSHIP IMPROVES HAPPINESS" Pat's calm and pleasing manner speaks for itself. She can be serious, she can be gay. Either way, we like her! REGINA OLDADOWSKI REG Western Geogrupby Club Art Club Young Cizizeni' Club Young Hiitoriuni "WHAT WISDOM CAN You FIND THAT IS GREATER THAN KINDNESSH Though quietly pensive, Reggie has won many friends by her agreeable self. With her rare wit, willingness and consideration, she has made a lasting impression on us all. ROBERT PETER OLDAKOWSKI BUDDY Western II5'o1'ld Hirlory Club, Vire Preiidenl '57 Year Book Editor Young Hi.r1o'rimz.r, Preiident '60 S'.P,Q.R. Homeroonz Repreienmtiixe '58-'59 Talent Revue Cluiiv Viee-Prefidenl '57 Orcbertm "THE ABLE MAN SHOWS HIS SPIRIT BY ARDENT ENTHUSIASM AND RESOLUTE ACTIONS" With a strong determination to tackle a task, Buddy personilies dependability. Amicable and sturdy, this young man has won high esteem from all who know him. Page Serenly Nine TIMOTHY GORDON O'NEILL TIM Bucfgs Hill, Waterbury IWorld G'90g7'tlf1hJl Hi,i'l0yJf Fgfyfgl "LIFE IS A JEST AND ALI. TIIINGS SHOW IT" Fun-loving and laughing describes our Tim, His subtle humor and remarks create an atmosphere of buffoonery. DOLORES MARY OSIECKI DEE Hop Brook School Geograpby Club Freurb Club Young Hirtorium Banking B.B.C. "A LIGHT HEART LIVES LONG" Quiet, efhcient, self-contained, light-hearted Dee shows her seri- ous nature by giving able assistance to the business management of the classbook. EMILY THERESA PAINTER EMILY Central Avenue Hirtory Forum B.B.C. World Geogrupby Club "LET MY SILENCE SPEAK Ifoit ME" Emily's quiet nature helps balance the more aggressive in our class. With a certain tranquillity she dwells among us. PHYLLIS ANN PAPE PHYL St. Francis I-lirlory Forum junior Red Crow Modern Dunre Club Le Cerrle Fruuguii Pep Club Year Book Stuff Young Citizezzr' Club Future Teucberr of Amerim "CARRY THROUGH LIFE A SMILING FACE AND LET YOUR HEAIIT BE GAY" With a personality that says much, this merry l?ttle bundle of feminity delights all who know her. A smile for all, her friends are many. Page Eigbly ANTOINETTE PAVAO N ETTI E I-Iiflory Forum "A MIGHTY SPIRIT FILLS THAT LITTLE FRAME" Our Nettie: fun-loving, frolicksome, and forever scintillating. Her personality personified, she has gained a multitude of friends in and out of the "Halls of Naugyn. IVARS A. PETERSONS IVARS Central Avenue Le Cerrle Frangair Uniled Natiozzr Comer! Young Hifloriam "HE THAT HATH KNOWLEDGE, SPARETH HIs WORDS" Ivars is quiet, industrious, and clever. Carefree and energetic . . . his fields of activity have been broad and permeated with loyalty. St. Francis HAROLD RUSSELL PENWELL, JR. HAL Laurel Ledge Le Cerrle Frangair Bayketball Intramural Barkelball Yourzg Hiftorianf Varfizy Club Bareball Baud "ALL'S RIGHT' WITH THE XVORLD-AND WITH HAL" On the diamond, Hal is as reliable as they come, and in the classroom, his easy going manner, good looks, and amiable per- sonality have Won him a wide circle of friends. MARYJANE ANNE PETRO MARY JANE St. Hedwig's School Wforld Hillary Club Hirlory Forum Cheerleader Honor Guard Future Tearlyerf of America Year Book Slajj' s.P.Q.R. "BEAUTY IS POWER, A SMILE IS ITS SWORD" Mary jane is easily recognized by her smiling countenance and shining personality. Dignity and poise make her a leader in all she undertakes. Page Eighty One '51 WWW RICHARD L. PETRUCELLI DICK Western Art Club Young Historians Young Citizenr' Club "HE DOTH INDEED SHOW SPARKS THAT ARE LIKE WITH A friendly smile and bubbling laughter plus an unforgettable wit describe our Dick. A fellow with a wonderful sense of humor, Dick tackles all problems with a smile. EDWARD JOSEPH PICHULO ED Western Hirtory Forum Young Hirtorians Orrbertra Band HBREVITY IS THE SOUL OF WIT" This seemingly quiet boy is really the possessor of the gift of loquacity. His ability and competitive spirit accompanied by his sense of humor and appealing personality make him a sure winner of every contest. WILLIAM BRIEN PIERCE BRIEN Country Day School, Providence, R. I. Le Cerele Frangair Young Hirftorianr Young Citizens' Club A Cappella Cboir "FOR KNOWLEDGE Too, IS ITSELF A POWER', A likeable boy is Brien, ever ready to aid his classmates. Al- though at times he is shy, Brien becomes an appreciated friend when his acquaintance has been made. ., ARLENE LOUISE PISTARELLI ARLENE St. Francis Future Nurrer of Amerifa, Secretary Hixtory Forum Le Cercle Frangair S.P.Q.R. Home Room Representative "A MERRY HEART DOETH GOOD LIKE A MEDICINE" Poised and smiling, and a whirlwind of energy describe Arlene. She is one of the few individuals who possesses seriousness and hilarity in just the right proportions. Page Eighty Two HELEN JANET PRITCHARD BOBBIE Wasliingtcmn School S,P.Q.R. Fuiure Tearlaevxr of Amerira Young Hi,rforinn,r Young Cilizenx "HER Am, HER MANNERS, ALL WHO SAW, ADMIREDH Possessed of fun, zest, and vitality, Bobbie is bursting with energy. Short, dark, and beautiful, she captivates her own coterie. LINDA JANE PRITCHARD LIN Western School S.P.Q.R. Tfeniurer '58-'59 Hirlory Forum W'orld Hirzofry Club, Sewelury '58 A Cappella Clooir Clam Secretary '58-'60 junior Prom Conznzitlee Le Cercle Frangair "THY WORK VVILI. GUIDE OTHEI1s T0 HAPPINESSY, Lin's pleasantness and sincerity are responsible for her multitude of friends. This girl excells in intelligence and vivacity. RONALD WILLIAM PRUCHNICKI PERNUCH Central Avenue Young Cizizefzr Young Hlrzoruzny li "f' orld Geogmplay "MANY A LIVE-WIRE WOULD BE A DEAD ONE EXCEPT Ifon His CONNECTIONS" Fun! Fun! Fun! This is Pernuch's password to life. He is 21 gay lad with scintillating blue eyes. BEVERLY JOAN QUINN BEV Central Avenue llyorld Geograplay Club Young Hi.rlo'riu1z.r B.B.C. "BE GOOD, SWEET MAID, AND LET WHO WILL, BE CLEVERU A vivacious girl, bubbling over with frivolity and good fellow- ship is Bev. Her ever-ready wit and energetic spirit have won her the friendship of her many classmates. Page Eignly Tlaree HAROLD ADOLF RACEVICIUS HAROLD Western Le Cerrle Fraupair S.P.Q.R. Bareball Yourzg Citizem' Club Art Club A Cappella Cboir Clam Apollo 'KMANLINESS IS NEXT To GoDL1NEss" Good-looking? Pleasant personality? You name it4Harold's got it. He has won the respect and friendship of all his fellow class- mates and our whole-hearted vote for class Apollo. CHARLES F. RADO CHARLIE Central Avenue Clan Treasurer Varfily Club Varsity Football Varsity Basketball "Tis Goop To BE MERRY AND WISE" Charlie has an avid interest in sports, especially football, and has given his strong support to our team. His service as Class Treasurer show that he is responsible as well as athletic. WILLIAM CHARLES RADO BILL Saint Francis Baxbelball, co-raplaiu Varsity Club Ba5eball Young Hiiloriarzi' Le Cerfle Fraufaif "EVERY MAN is THE ARCHITECT or His OWN FUTURE" "Bill', amiable and affable, likes lots of fun. His many contri- butions in basketball make him a sure victor in every contest. ELIZABETH CATHERINE REICH BETTY Western Cboir junior Prom Committee Young Hirtoriaui' Guard of Honor Pep Club, Vive Prefidenl Art Club, Vice Prerideut Home Room Reprerenzazire Year Boob Staff "QUEEN OF HEARTS, DAUGHTER OF HEAVEN" Possessed of sincerity, intelligence and beauty, Betty has won everyone's heart through her exuberant personality and engaging smile. Page Eigbly Four JOAN SANDRA REILLY JOANIE St. Francis Le Cerrle Frarzgaii S.P.Q.R. Future Nurfer of America Pep Club Young Hirmriam "OE SURPASSING BEAUTY IN THE BLooM OF YOUTH" Joanie has a friendly smile and a kind word for everyone. Her charming personality and outstanding beauty have won our hearts. TEKLA MARGARET REK TEK St. Francis Young Hiftoriam Year Book Staff A Cappella Claoir Art Club S.P.Q.R. Future Tearloerr of Amerira Pep Club Le Cerrle Frarzgair "So SWEET THE BLUSH OF BASHFULNESSH "Tek", sweet of voice and willing to aid, is a friend worth culti- vating. She is so unobtrusive in class We hardly know she's there- but wait! PETER CHARLES RICHARDS PETE Rookery Road S. M. S.g England Swimming Hirtory Forum A Ca ella Choir Le Cerrle Frangair PP lnlramural Sportf UPERSEVERANCE SPELLS SUCCESS" Hard-working, intelligent, and frank, best describe "Pete." Though usually quiet and pensive he has his noisy moments. ROBERT F. RIMKOSKI RIG Salem Swimming Hillary Forum "THE GREATER MAN, THE GREATER COURTESYH "Rig" gives the impression of being quiet, but we wonder. That smile of his leaves us in doubt. We all enjoy his earnestness and sincerity. More goes on behind that calm gaze than we know a out! Page Eighty Five ALFRED F, ROSA AL Central Avenue Vanity Fanzbull Hiitory Forum S.P.Q.R. Le Cerrle Fmnguir Tulenz Reuieu' Iutrunzuml 5170111 "IE You WANT A SENSE OF HIVMKJIK, BORRow MINE'l Happy-go-lucky from morning 'till night. A cheerful fellow al- ways ready for a good time, "Al" finds life and studies pretty much worthwhile. MICHAEL JAMES RUBY MIICE St. Francis Youn Cilizenr' Club Frenfb Club 8 Young Hiiloriunr HTHEREYS A GOOD TIME COMING BOYS, A GOOD TIME COMING" Who can ever forget the side-splitting laughter Mike brought with him to all his classes. He is a true advocate of the belief that fun should precede business. , DAVID P. RUPSIS DAVE Laurel Ledge Hiftvfy Forum Printing A,V.A. "A FREE FRIENDLY FELLOW" With his easy-going nature, Dave sailed through his senior year in his own inimitable way. His congenial manner has won for him a host of friends. HENRY LEO RUSZCZYK HANK Central Avenue Art Club Young Cizizenf' Club Hirzory Forum Printing "LIFE IS Too SHORT To BE SERIOUSH Hank is not one to let schoolwork get in his way. He just breezes along and takes the world as he finds it. Lucky boy--he finds it pretty exciting. Page Eigbzy Six ARLENE CATHERINE RYKOSKI "AR" St. Hedwig Yearbook Staff Pep Club, Prexident '59-'60 Fuzure Teacberr of Amerira Le Cerrle Frangaix Young Hirtorianf Garnet Gleam Szajf junior Prom Committee "HER WAYS ARE WAYS OF PLEASANTNESS AND HER PATHs ARE THE PATHS or PEACE" Peppy on the dance floor, studious in the classroom, exuberant at the football games-these are a few pictures of this versatile damsel. "Ar" is always ready to help and faithful to the end in any endeavor. DIANNE FRANCES SCHEITHE DI St, Francis Geogmpby Club Art Club Hirzory Forum B.B.C. Young Citizens' Club "COMMAND THE ASSISTANCE OF A FAITHFUL FRIEND" Dianne, with her quality of amity, is bound to be a success. Her friendly smile plus her pleasing manners have contributed to make her well-liked. KARL FREDRICK SCHUMACHER KARL Salem Varrily Football Intramural Volleyball Vanity Club Intramural Barkezball Baseball Manager '01-'HY WIT SHALL NE'ER Go SLIP-SHODH Ever since his freshman year, Karl's witty answers and jokes have been heard throughout our palace imperial. We are all hop- ing, Karl, that your wit will help fulfill your ambitions. LAWRENCE EARL SCHWARTZ LARRY Central Avenue Le Cerfle Frangair Baygbdll Young Cilizenr' Club Vu,-yily Club Hiftory Forum "MY SUBJECT SHALL BE WITTY AND IT SHAN'T BE LONG" Here's to Larry with his hail-fellow-well-met air and carefree manner. His infectious, buoyant way, his swift atonement for blunders, interest in all of his pals, stamp him as one of the best. Page Ei gb! y Seven CAROL-JOAN SCULLIN "SCULLY" Salem Wforld Geography, Treafurer Hirlory Forunz Art Club B.B.C. Year Book Staff junior Red Crow "CAN IT BE THAT SHE NEVER HAs ANY VUORRIESY' She's all smiles and jokes and merry making-yet she always has time for her school work. These qualities will take her far. A better friend, there is not! DANIEL F. SCULLIN DAN Prospect Young Historian! Intramural Sporlr Le Cerrle Frangaif Young Citizens' Club "ONE VAST EXPANSIVE SMILE" Every morning bright and early, Dan breezes in, flashing his broad grin. Perhaps this is his chief agent in winning so many friends. Garrulous to the "nth" degree, impulsive, but quick to repent, these round out his character. ROBERT LOUIS SEBOLAO BOB Hop Brook Garnet Gleam Stab' S.P.Q.R. Orchertra Band Talent Review Young H irtorianr Bareball Stazirlirian "NOTHING EVER WORRIES ME" With his deep bass voice, Bob expressed his opinions vocifer- ously. He's a well-liked fellow with well-planned leisure time. Has he a sense of humor? Ask his pals! RONALD E. SEELEY RON Nathan Hale jr. High, Norwalk, Conn. Intramural Sport: Young Hirtorianr Football Health and Slrengtla Club "THIS Boy HAS SPIRITH For honors in garrulity, we hand all to Ron. In study hall or homeroom it's all the same, but with that good-natured grin he is soon forgiven. Page Eighty Eiglu MARTHA LEE SEITZER MARTY-LEE Salem A Cappella Cboir junior Prorn Cornrniltee All State Cborur Le Cerrle Franpair Young Hirtorianf S.P.Q.R. Talent Review Year Boob Staff "LIFE IS A PUDDING FULL OF PLUMs" A popular member of her group, Marty-Lee hnds life a sparkling adventure. Combine this with scholarship and a never-failing de- pendability ancl you have an accurate composite of our Marty-Lee. RONALD THOMAS SGRILLO RONNY Central Avenue S.P.Q.R. Orchestra, Preiident '60 Le Cercle Frangair Band, President '60, Trearurer, '59 Young Hiftoriany Hislory Forum Talent Review "A MAN or HOPE AND MUCH ACCOMPLISHMENTH Ronny is considered the backbone of our N. H. S. band and de- serves much credit for his loyal support during the past four years. His alfability has tabbed him as one of the most popular and well liked boys both in and outside of the halls of Naugy. BARBARA-JOAN SHEEDY BJ. St. Francis A Cappella Cboir Tbe Young Hirtorianf Cbeerleader ca lain '60 Home Room Re refentaliue , P P Guard of Honor Laurel Girl'J Stale '59 Year Book Staff "NOTHING GREAT WAS EVER ACHIEVED WITHOUT ENTHUSIASMH "B.J." has excelled in her four years in high school. Her en- thusiasm has certainly proved her worthy of the honor of captain of our cheering squad. As to the future, we're certain it will hold nothing but success. W. GARY SHEEDY GARY St. Francis Bafeball Barbelball Football Varxily Club Clan Reprerentatioe '59 Young Hiftorfanr B-B-C IVorld Geograpby Club RACE BY Vison NoT BY VAUNTS IS WoN" Versatile Gary has excelled in sports throughout his high school years. Our well groomed classmate is also a proficient dancer. Page Eigbty Nine 1 W, r , 'ik' . . CAROLYN FRANCES SHELDON CAROLYN Hop Brook Future Nurrer of Ameriru Pep Club Future HONZEIIZLIEBVJ Young Hirzorium Hirlory Forum "HER EYES AS STARS or TWILIGHT FAIR" Carolyn possesses a reserved manner which is sometimes deceiv- ing, as she surprises you with her quick humor. A diligent worker, and steadfast friend, Carolyn is marked for success. DONALD FRANK SHOPIS DON Prospect Street Young Hiftoriunr Intrunzurul Burkelbull A Cappella Cboir World Geography Club Garnet Gleum Printin Stuff Swimming 8 Young Cilizenr' Club "HAVE FUN-YOU'RE ONLY YOUNG ONCE" An avid humorist, Don is the idol of friendship and willing- ness. There is always a bit of mischief in the air when he's around. Naugy will never forget Don. EDWARD SLOMCENSKI, JR. BIG ED Prospect Street Vurfity Club Young Hirtoriunr Burkelbull, co-rupluin Home Room Reprerentulive '58 S.P.Q.R. Le Cercle Frunguir Clurr Reprerenlutive Home Room Reprerenlutioe '60 "WHATEVER IS WORTH DOING IS WORTH DOING WELL" Naugy is proud of our "Big Ed". His 6'10" height has been an asset on our basketball court. He is highly regarded by his class- mates and has the reputation of being a friend to many. DONNA MAE SMITH DONNA Salem Hirlory Forum Future Nur.fe.v of America Art Club P917 Club B.B.C. UTHE MOST MANIFEST SIGN OF WISDOM IS A CONTINUAL CHEERFULNESSH A sophisticated Miss, always ready with a warm smile and merry greeting, is our Donna. Her cheerful manner will certainly aid her future patients and what a pretty nurse she'll make! l Page Ninely GERALD S. SMITH GERRY Laurel Ledge Young Hirtoriunf "A Gooo LISTENEII IS A SILENT FLATTERERH Gerry is one of our more taciturn classmates and one of our favorite conhdantes. We're sure he'll be happy in all his future undertakings. Boyf' S lufe football. MARION FRANCES SMITH MARION Central Avenue Young Hirtorium Pep Club Hiftory Forum A Cappella Cboir "SUCH JOY AMBITION FINDSH Marion is a soft-spoken damsel with bright eyes that tell a story of their own. Her gentle spirit and conscientious nature make her well liked among her friends. Page Ninety One LEO THOMAS SMITH LEO Clan President '57-'60 Foolbull ro captain 59 Art Club Inlrumurul Bufkelball Vanity Club Year Book Sta "LEARNING MAKES A MAN FIT COMPANY EOR HIMSELF Leo is contained, but sometimes surprises us with his wit and subtle sense of humor. Our well liked President and art editor would be at his happiest if life were divided be ween studies and PAMELA JEAN SMITH PAM Griswold High School Jewett City G.A.A. Hlftory Forum Art Club A Cappella Cbozr "Boo'r, SADDLE, TO HORSE AND AWAY This quiet Miss with her whimsical smile was welcomed mto our class in '59, Anyone for riding? We are justly proud of Pam s prowess as an equestrienne for they are without peer JOHN ROMALDAS SOLTANAS JOHNNY Western Bafeball Le Cercle Frangaif Varlily Club Young Hirzoriaos Hirfory Forum "STRENGTH OF HEART, AND MIGHT or LIMBH Suave, debonair, and a smart dresser, Johnny is a star baseball player whose pitching arm has won many games for Naugy High. WILLARD M. SOPER BILL Salem S.P.Q.R. Hirlory Forum Le Cerele Fraupair All-State Cborur Young Cizizeur' Club A Cappella Cboir Young Hirzoriam' Club "A GENTLEMAN MAKES No NOISE" Bill is a boy wifh manners who isn't afraid to use them. His easy-going style wins him friends in abundance. EILEEN DIANA SOUZA "I" St. Francis W'orld Geography Club Pep Club Hiflory Forum B.B.C. HSTARLIT BLACK HAIR, WINSOME SMILE" ' Get ready for a laugh because here comes Eileen, When you feel bad "I" is the sure cure. Future bookkeeper. Good luck, "I"! ROBIN CHASE SPEARRIN ROB Hop Brook Modern Dance Club Girlr' Bafketball Future Nurfer of America Home Room Reprerenzfative "MANNER, NOT GOLD, IS A WoMAN's BEST ADORNMENTU Her serenity and self-assurance are far beyond her years. Ably and willingly she carries out any task set before her. Page Ninety Two JUDITH PAGE SQUIRES JUDIE Salem Latin Club Young Hirtorianx Future N urter of America Varxity Batketball Le Cerrle Franpair "FRIENDSHIP HAS No BOUNDSU Always ready to inject a kind thought this quiet girl is au model of personality plus. Anyone would be proud to have Judie as a friend and future nurse. WILLIAM T. SQUIRES BILL Western Hiftory Forum "THINGS ARE SELDOM WHAT THEY SEEMU Reticent is Bill, greeting each day without a care in the World. He has a subtle wit, readily discovered by his friends. NANCY MATTOON STAUFFER NAN l Central Avenue HWWJ' Forum A Cappella Choir Le Cercle Franpaif Future Teacberr of America Pan Amerifan Afrernlnly Garnet Glearn Staff UGENEROSITY, WHOLE-HEARTEDNESS" Sincere, whole-hearted and content, Nanls happy disposition has won for her many friends. She will make a vivid addition to any school staff. Z WARREN BARRY STIBER BARRY Salem Senior Clan Vice-Prexident Football, co-raptain Varsity Club Young Hiftorianx Hiftory Forum Le Cerele Frangais Barketball Manager "THE REASON FIRM, THE TEMPERATE WILL, ENDURANCE, FORESIGHT, STRENGTH, AND SKILIJ' Attitude, ability, and personality, added to sincerity as the least common denominator, equals the co-captain of our football team and vice-president of our class, Barry. p A W, ,fm Page Ninety Three 4.1 Zw7y 6 0 KEVIN JOSEPH ST. JOHN KEV St. Francs S.P.Q.R. Year Boole Slaff junior Red Cro.v.r Garnet Gleafn Heallb and Slrengib Club "FROM THE CROWN OF His HEAD TO THE SOLE OF HIs FOOT HE IS ALL MlRTl'I" Kev is gifted with an insatiable love for fun. Always laughing, joking, impersonating, he has gained many friends. GEORGE O. STOWELL CHAUCH Central Avenue B.B.C. Young Cilizenf' Club Hiflory Forum Geography Club Intramural Baikelball Intramural Volleyball "QUIET AT FIRST BUT LOOK AGAIN" At first glance George appears serious but you have to know him to realize that he is funloving and dependable. EDWARD G. STOCKUNAS ED Central Avenue Le Cerrle Franpaif Hiitory Forum lnfra-Mural Sporlf "WHAT SCULPTURE IS TO MAIKBLE, EDUCATION IS TO THE SOUL" A rather quiet fellow, Ed is cordial and faithful to his friends. We all admire his sincerity and good intentions. BRUCE EDWARD STREETER BRUCE Hop Brook Le Cercle Franpaix Band S.P,Q.R, Orclaeilra W'orld Hiflory Club Young Hiszorianr Talent Review '59 "I NEVER WITH IMPORTANT AIR IN CONVERSATION OVEliBEAR" Bruce is very quiet but also a very conscientious worker. He is a talented fellow, contributing much to our school band and Orchestra. Page Ninety Four HELEN MARY STUDLEY DOLLY Ansonia High B.B.C. Future Nurfer of America USHE PLEASED WHILE DISTANT, BUT WHEN NEAR SHE CHARMEI5' Ansonia's loss is Naugy's gain. Dolly's attractive smile adds warmth and welcome to the library during period one. EDWARD STANLEY SUVGSKI THE MAGICIAN Anderson Hirtory Club Art Club Printing Stuff "No MAN WAS EVER so MUCH DECEIVEIJ BY ANOTHER AS BY HIMSELFH Ed is a young man with the depth of a philosopher, the tact of a diplomat and the exactness of a mathematician. What more can you ask for? JUDITH ANN SWIRSKI JUDY St. Hedwig's Future Nurfer of America Future Hornernaberr of Arnerim Le Cerfle Frungaix Modern Dance Club History Forum "A DIMINUTIVE MISS WITH A PERSONALITY ALL HER OWN" Judy, bound for a career in nursing should keep her patients amused with her sunny disposition. You can always End her with a bowl full of smiles. DAVID FRANCIS TALEVI DAVE Central Avenue Le Cerrle Frangair Hirtory Forum Football Manager "NOTHING WORRIES HIM, NOTHING HURRIES HIMU Dave is an intelligent, easy-going fellow, liked by all his class- mates. His little blue "Vauxhall" is the talk of the town. Page Ninety Fine ,NANCY ANN TITLEY NANCY KAREL MARIE TARANOVICH KAREL Prospect Guard of Honor Hirtory Forum Inlramural Sorrer Ifzzramural Tennis' B.B.C. Le Cerfle Frangaii' "SHE SEEMS To WALK ON WINGS" Enchanting eyes, a captivating smile-this description does jus- tice to our Tartsie. Her infectuous laughter has brightened many a dull hour. Add this to her popularity and matchless needle- work and you have a composite picture of this damsel. RICHARD DONALD TARANOVICH TARS Prospect Street Baud B.B.C. Hiflory Forum Choir "I AM YOUNG BUT ONCE" For honors in garrulity, we hand all to "Tarts". In study hall or homeroom that good-natured grin wins over all. a THOMAS JOHN TATOAIN TOM Central Avenue Le Cercle Frarlgaif Hixtory Forum Football "WOMEN BOTHER ME Nor!" To most people, Tom seems the quiet, shy type. Actually though, he harbors a great sense of humor, which makes him one of the best-liked boys of our class. v jun., Salem Le Cerrle' Fraugair Laurel Girlr' Slate '59 Hiftory Forum Guard of Honor A Cappella Choir Talent Review Home Room Reprerematiue "BEAUTY AND W1sDoM ARE RARELY CON JOINEDH Whoever said that beauty and brains don't mix? Nancy proves that this idea is a falsity. And without her voice, the choir would surely have been at a loss. Here's to success, Nancy! Page Ninety Six LOUIS WILLIAM TRIANO RED St. Francis Young Cilizenr' Club Young Hirtorianr S,P,Q,R, Baxeball Manager Le Cercle Frangaif Football Manager "NoT BY MIGHT NOR POWER BUT BY THE MOST IMPORTANT THING or ALI., BY SPIRIT" Blend courage, integrity, character and personality, sprinkle with red hair and freckles and you have Louis, one of our favorite seniors. THOMAS JOSEPH TRZASKI TOMMY Laurel Ledge Hiftory Forum Football Le Cerele Frangaif Basketball Young Cizizenr' Club Baseball "WI-IAT A PIECE OF WORK IS A MAN" With a striking personality, and an animated smile, Tom struts the halls. Although conscientious and studious in school we know Tom possesses a stimulating sense of humor. CORNELIUS FRANCIS TUOHY CORNY St. Francis Young Cilizem' Club Le Cerele Franpaix Hixzory Forum World Hirtory Club Young Hirtorianf Varsity Football "LET Nor YoUR HEART BE TROUBLEDH If Corny appears to be quiet, it is probably because he is con- serving his energy for his favorite period, history class. A most likeable boy, and a dependable friend, life is pleasant for him. IDA VIMER IDA Prospect Street Bufineu Manager, Year Book Hiftory Club Geograpby Club Hixtory Forum B.B.C. Banking USOBER, STEADFAST, AND DEMUREH Friendly, co-operative, unruffled and attractive is Ida. Her sweet smile, quiet humor and cheery disposition are on constant display. Her many virtues have captured everyone's heart. Page N ine! y Seven JANET VIRGINIA WARE A Cappella Cboir All State Cborus Future Tearbers of America Young Historians "KNOWLEDGE To KNowg ABILITY TO Dog ENERGY T0 ACCOMPLISHU Janet possesses many talents-scholastic, social, and musical. Her outstanding achievements never fail to produce success! BARBARA MARIE WATKINS A Cappella Cboir Future Nurses of America Modern Dance Club "WITH GRACE OF FORM AND FACE" Slender Barbara is seemingly quiet in school, but outside, her friends can attest to her jocularity. RAYMOND WAITE GEE Central Avenue Young Historians Printing World Geograpby Club Young Citizens' Club Class Representative '59 "His GRIN THE INNER MAN BELIES THERE'S MISCHIEIF HIDDEN IN His EYESH An ever-present good nature, blended with a soft touch of rascality, gives a composite picture of Gee. JAN Salem S.P.Q.R. Talent Revue Le Cercle Frangais PATRICIA ANN WASDO PAT Central Avenue History Forum Future Hornernakers of Arnerira Geograpby Club Guard of Honor Art Club "THIS GLADS ME MosT, THAT I EN JOYEDH There goes Pat, surrounded by her many pals. As office mes- senger, she was well known to many. BARB St. Francis Young Citizens Geograpby Club Pep Club Page Ninety Eigbt BARBARA ROSE WEDIN BOBBIE St. Francis S.P.Q.R. Young Hirtorianr Le Cerrle Frunpuir Fulure Nurser of America "SOME ARE BORN WITH HAPPY WAYS" Friendly Barbara with the glowing tresses! Her sparkling per- sonality assures a successful future. JESSICA MARY WEGIEL JES St. Hedwig's Ilyorld Geography Young Cilizenx' Club Year Book Stab! Hirlory Forum Pep Club "HER EYES SAY WI-IAT Wonos CANNOT" Naugy awaits the time to hear Jessica "giggle," With her in- fectious "giggle" she can move mountains. This little mischief maker is fun to be with. She has won many friends by her pro- found doings. JOHN M, WEYMAN JUAN Western School Hiftory Forum Young Hirloriunr' Club "HE DoTH INDEED Snow SOME SPARKS TI-IAT ARE LIKE WIT" Rarely is found such a sharp sense of humor as John is blessed with. His witty replies to any question uphold an air of frivolity wherever he is. GREGORY NELSON WHITE GREG y Salem World Hlxtory Club Le Cercle Frungaif Hzrzory Forum "ONE Goon SPORT, AND A GREAT GUY, Too" Full of fun, sharp of mind, and frank of wit, Greg combines these qualities to leave the class of "6O" an unforgettable memory. Page N inely Nine IACQUELINE MARY WOLCIN JACKIE Central Avenue B.B.C. Future Homemakerr Hirtory Forum Pep Club Art Club "LIFE IS SI-IOIIT, so BE MERRY WHILE You CANH Fun-loving Jackie seems always to be enjoying life, ready with a friendly smile for all. RONALD L. ZAPATKA RON Prospect Audio Vilual Aid Hifzory Forum "ANYTHING FOR A QUIET LIFE" Here's to our expert mechanic! Whether it be cars, cameras or projectors Ron is always able to fix it. CYNTHIA JEAN ZEMBRUSKI CYN St. Hedwigs Cheerleader Home Room Reprefenlatioe, '57-'59 Fuzure Nurrer of America Le Cercle Frangaif Young Hirtorianr Year Book Slap' junior Prom Commillee UVIM I! PEP !! VITALITY! I" Pert, petite, and pretty, Cyn has an inimitable sense of humor. Not only does she cheer her team, but lends a hand in their write-ups in the Class Book and the Garnet Gleam. JOAN ANN ZEMBRUSKI JOANIE St. Francis Modern Dance Club Talent Review Home Room Reprerentative Le Cerele Frangair A Cappella Cboir Guard of Honor Year Book Stajf Future Tearlaerr of America, Prefidenz "MERRY TWINKLE IN HER EYES, A SMILE FOR ALL SHE PASSES BY" Vivacious joanie is always near to lend a helping hand. Pleasant wit she offers for the amusement of all. Page One Hundred DOROTHY ANNE ZIBLUK DOT Prospect Street History Forum Le Cercle Frungair Art Club Pep Club Future Nurrer of Amerim World History Club "IT MATTERS NOT HOW LONG WE LIVE, BUT How" Dot is an easy-going girl with a pleasing voice and agreeable personality. Always scintillating, she has gained a multitude of friends. LEONARD ROBERT ZOLLO ZEKE Laurel Ledge Tulenl Review B.B.C., Prefidenl '60 Art Club Young Hirloriunf Garnet Gleum Home Room Reprerenlutiue "LET ME HAVE MUSIC DYING, AND I SEEK No MORE DELIGHT" Music loving, artistic, a faithful friend, full of fun and pep and carefree spirit mark him as one of Naugy's best. HELEN JANE ZOPKA HELEN Salem World Hirtory Club B.B.C. Le Cerrle Fmnguix Hirrtory Forum "RISING MERIT WILL BUOY UP AT LAST" Quiet, fun loving, cheerful, and gay . . . this is Helen. Always conscientious, initiative is her byword. Page One Hundred One Barbara Adamski William Albaitis Jo-Ann Ambrose Carol Anderson Gretchen Anderson Harold Anderson Norman Anderson Roger Anderson Shirley Aquavia Anna Balzano Charles Baukus Carmen Beasley Geraldine Behan Patricia Bielanos June Biletz Raymond Bolek Carol Bongivani Kenneth Bontempo Judith Booth Edward Boraski Penelope Borisuck Laurence Bosco Patricia Bottomley James Brennan Steven Broadrick Carol Brostic Barbara Brush Barbara Bryk Thomas Butwill Doris Canaperi Patricia Carlson Robert Carlson Janet Carreiro Paul Cashman Frank Castagna Mary Cavanaugh Judith Celello Diane Charette Geraldine Chisek Marilyn Chonko THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 Marjorie Coe Donald Contaldi Richard Cooney Donna Crotty Dennis Curtin Robert Dahlin Muriel Dalton Michael D'Avers0 Jerry DeCarlo Nicholas DiBenedictis Maria Dietrich Jacquelin Donovan Thomas Douty Raymond Drapko Clementina Duarte Barbara Edler Frank Edmonds Ronald Errico Louis Esposito Ann Estes Frederick Fairchild Lynn Farkas Barbara Favale Clayton Fernandes Beverly Franklin Barbara Froelich Anna Marie Gallucci Jacqueline Genova Robert Genovese Katherine Geraldi Alice Gibbons John Ginty John Gomulinski Edward Grickis Paulette Guarino Edward Hallock Forrest Hanson Deborah Hayward Marylin Henrichs Patrick Higgins Page One Hundred Two William Higgins Mary-Beth Hogarth Edward Holloway Helen Hotchkiss Lesley Howard Mary Hunt James Jacewicz Diane Jacoboski Regina Jankowski Marianne Jazina Ronald Johnson Elizabeth Jones Suzanne Jones Carolyn Kamerzel Carol Karasinski Joyce Kawecki Charles Kazemekas Margaret Keka John Kelley Philip Kepler Stanley Kielb Shirley Kindulas Moira Kinne Gary Knapik Joann Kowaleski John Kowaleski Beverly Krasinsky Linda Krayeske Nicholas Krenitsky Linda Kwasniewski Frank LaBruzza Lorraine Lacourse Shirley Lanouette George LaRose Patricia Lee Harold Lennon Charles Lodge Thomas Lompert Gloria Lord Richard Magas Thomas Mahan Albin Marcisz Loretta Marino William McKenna Robert McNamee Dreama Mealey Carol Medeiros Wilfred Megin Alfred Meyers Richard Mezzio Beverly Mezzo Linda Mezzo George Mitchell Charles Mitrik Gail Mizeski Ronald Molnar Sharon Monahan Rose Mucha Carol Murphy James Murray Harold Murtha Richard Nalichowski Francis Nardello George Nason Norman Nauges Chester Niziolek Brian Nolan Lawrence Nolan Daniel Noonan Patricia O'Brien Regina Oldakowski Robert Oldakowski Timothy O'Neill Dolores Osiecki Emily Painter Phyllis Pape Antoinette Pavao Harold Penwell Ivars Peterson Mary-Jane Petro THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 Richard Petrucelli Edward Pichulo Brien Pierce Arlene Pistarelli Helen Pritchard Linda Pritchard Ronald Pruchnicki Beverly Quinn Harold Racevicius Charles Rado William Rado Elizabeth Reich Joan Reilly Tekla Rek Peter Richards Robert Rimkoski Alfred Rosa Michael Ruby David Rupsis Henry Ruszczyk Arlene Rykoski Dianne Scheithe Karl Schumacher Lawrence Schwartz Carol Scullin Daniel Scullin Robert Sebolao Ronald Seeley Martha Seitzer Ronald Sgrillo Barbara-Joan Sheedy Gary Sheedy Carolyn Sheldon Donald Shopis Edward Slomcenski Donna Smith Gerald Smith Leo Smith Marion Smith Page One Hundred Three Pamela Smith John Soltanas Willard Soper Eileen Souza Robin Spearrin Judith Squires William Squires Nancy Staulfer Barry Stiber Kevin St. John George Stowell Edward Stockunas Bruce Streeter Helen Studley Edward Suvoski Judith Swirski David Talevi Karel Taranovich Richard Taranovich Thomas Tatoian Nancy Titley Lewis Triano Thomas Trzaski Cornelius Tuohy Ida Vimer Raymond Waite Janet Ware Patricia Wasdo Barbara Watkins Barbara Wedin Jessica Wegiel John Weyman Gregory White Jacqueline Wolcin Ronald Zapatka Cynthia Zembruski Joan Zembruski Dorothy Zibluk Leonard Zollo Helen Zopka The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The THE IDEAL SENIOR BOY WOULD HAVE - Physique of Harold Racevicous Hair of Ronald Molnar Profile of Nick DiBenedictus Eyes of Ronald Pruchniki Complexion of john Sultanus Blush of Richard Cooney Dimples of Frank Edmonds Smile of Barry Stiber Teeth of Clayton Fernandes Voice of Gary Sheedy Hands of Leo Smith Grooming of Ray Drapko Savoir-Faire of Donald Contaldi Wit of Roger Anderson Personality of Harold Murtha THE IDEAL SENIOR GIRL WOULD HAVE - Figure of Carol Medeiros Eyes of Betty Reich Hair of Marge Keka Complexion of Joan Reilly Hands of Linda Mezzo Profile of Mary jane Petro Blush of Penny Borisuck Dimples of Gretchen Anderson Smile of jo-Ann Ambrose Teeth of Eileen Souza Voice of Shirley Aquavia Grooming of Mary-Beth Hogarth Wit of Judith Celello Personality of Rose Mucha Page One Hundred Four I' 22 . . QD I ...,.r - B- 5 , QP ,- V Th dd FOOTBALL SQUAD First Row: C. Fernandes, C. Rado, G. Sheedy, R. Drapko, P. Higgins, B. Stiber L. Smith, K. Schumacher, H. Murtha, N. Nauges, R. Molnar. Second Row: P. Lusas, R. Dumschott, R. Merolli, P. Gruner, J. Reilly R. Boughton, R. Ambrose, Seitzer, R. Sundberg, F. Fazzino, C. Kudzma, D Federowicz, R. Klimasewski, H. Celello, R. Tomlinson. Third Row: R. Grenier, S. Malgari, C. Vieira, Butkis, S. Smith, W. Birdsall, W King, R. Foley, R. Gudauskas, T. Murtha, G. Sheedy, R. Powell, W. Metcalf, E Kennedy. Fourth Row: A. Finateri, Sheedy, O. LeDuc, C. McGovern, R. Squatrilia, J Blondis, H. Murowsky, McLaughlin, T. Klimasewski, Smey, K. Shiliaskas, J Magnamo, J. Adamski, R. Furs, P. Sasso, D. Steponatis, T. Gesseck, R. Seranton. Page One Hundred Six 3 FOOTBALL "Naz1ga1'm'k Virlor Offer Slrafford ffl Opening Game" Coach Ray Legenza's men displayed a fast moving game by defeating Stratford High 18-6 at the Recrea- tion Field. It was the opening game for both schools. Junior half-back, Dave Federowicz, plunged through Stratford's line for "Naugy's" three touchdowns and carried the ball for most of the 250 yards gained by the "Greyhounds" Time and again Federowicz was handed the ball by quarter-back Gary Sheedy to find holes carved out by senior linemen Charlie Rado, Leo Smith, Barry Stiber, Harold Murtha and Karl Shumacher. Naugatucles three touchdowns came on sustained ground marches. They completed only three passes in the entire game. Stratford scored only once in the second period on three lightning-fast aerials over "Naugy's" pass defense. iiGl'6-j'b0Il7Z6ZJ'H Triumpla over Torrifzglafz As the temperature soared into the mid-70's, a shirtsleeved crowd of about 1000 spectators were on hand to see Naugatuck score another victory at the Recreation Field. The local team downed the "Raiders" 16 to 0. This win was the fifth over Torrington High in seven starts for our team. There were four shut-outs. Gary Sheedy and Dave Federowicz scored touchdowns. "Clayt" Fernandes tallied two extra points, and "Bud" Kudzma blocked a punt for a two point safety in the third period. Torrington's offense gained only 25 yards against Naugatucles defense, while the "Greyhounds" smashed through Torrington's defense for 170 yards. The two hrst period touchdowns were the high- light of the game. The last quarter saw neither team making any serious threats. lvdllgrlfllfk Team Slfffeixr Fizivf Defeat of Seamfz Naugatuclc lost its first game of the season to Ham- den 26 to 8. The "Naugy" team got off to a good start when Frank Fazzino recovered a fumble on Hamden's own 16 yard line. At the five yard line, "Naugy's" Gary Page One Hmzdred Seven CO-CAPTAINS AND COACHING STAFF R. Marcovic, Assistantg Co-Captains B. Stiber and L. Smithg Coach R. Lagenzag C Bertero, Assistant. Page One Hundred Eight Sheedy pitched out to "Clayt" Fernandes for the first touchdown of the game. Another pitchout gave Nauga- tuck the extra two points. The Greyhounds were ahead 8 to O, when soon after, Hamden scored its first touch- down. Failing to convert for the extra points, the "Grey- hounds" now led 8 to 6. Neither team scored again until the fourth quarter, when Hamden let loose for three more touchdowns. There was little hope that we could catch up with time running out, but 'iNaugy" stuck with the game and played hard right to the end. Naugafzzrk Downs Crosby After a sound defeat at the hands of Hamden last Saturday, the "Greyhounds" bounced back this week to trample Crosby 8 to 6. The extent of the scoring in the first half was a two point safety by Bud Kudzma. Although both teams threatened with marches deep into the opponents territory, neither team was able to hit paydirt. Naugatuck punted early in the third period. On the next play Crosby's Yurgaitis went over the right tackle for Hfty-eight yards, giving Crosby their lone touchdown. In the fourth period, "Naugy', roared back on a fifty-five yard scoring march which was climaxed by Dave Federowicz's ten yard gallop around right end. The try for the extra point failed. After that Crosby was unable to move the ball, and Naugatuck con- trolled the rest of the game. Wilbur' Cmrf Douflzf G1'eyla0u1zc!.r A hard battle was predicted for Naugatuck's lone night game. Aware of the fact that two hospitalized senior linemen, Stiber, an end, and Baukus, a half-back, would not engage their services, the "Greyhounds" still showed their fighting spirlt until the last play. The score-board read 6-6 at the half. Trailing 12-6 late in the third period, Cross re- covered an important loose ball after Naugatuck punted and a few plays later converted it into a tying score. Cross got its first real big break when the teams ex- changed punts. The "Greyhounds", desperately nghting, 7 Page One Hznzdred Nine SENIOR FOOTBALL SQUAD First Row fLeft to Rightj: R. Molnar, H. Murtha, C. Rado, R. Drapko, P. Higgins C. Schumacher, N. Nauges. Second Row: B. Stiber, G. Sheedy, C. Fernandes, L. Smith. Page One Hundred Ten were not able to capitalize Cross errors until the final score read Naugatuck 12 - Cross 18. Crofl Defefzzir Nangatmfe A crucial 6-O loss to Croft was witnessed by 1,086 at Municipal Stadium, after having been postponed twice by rain. Naugatuck, which had not played a game in three weeks, could not mount a successful attack until the fourth period when they went twice to the Croft 19 yard line. There the team's hopes were frustrated. Frank Fazzino starred in the second period when he dashed for 12 important yards around end on a drive which was eventually thwarted at the Croft 19 yard line. The "Garnet" was hurt by fumbles. Croft turned one of these fumbles into its lone and winning touchdown in the opening quarter. Although the "Greyhounds" fought hard the remainder of the game they could not successfully carry the ball over the l'Tiger's" goal. G1'eyb0u1zd.f Lore to Sacred Heart A crowd of 785 watched Naugatuck lose to Sacred Heart for the first time in a six game history. 'The Hearts" scored their first touchdown in the second period on an intercepted pass. "Naugy" came right back in the third period when quarter-back Gary Sheedy tossed a pass fifteen yards to Frank Fazzino at the thirty-five yard line. Fazzino caught the ball and raced down the sidelines for the Hrst "Greyhound, touchdown. But again the "Hearts" surged back with another touchdown and the score stood 12-6. This was the deciding touchdown of the contest for neither team scored in the final period of play. The "Greyhounds" played a commendable defensive game against the "Hearts" holding the final score to 12-6. Nazzgazizlrk Lowa' I0 S6j'i7Z07lI' Naugatuck High lost a hard fought game Saturday at French Field in Seymour, when the "Wildcats'l of Seymour High maneuvered a 20 to 14 victory. Although the "Greyhounds" fought hard all the way, better blocking and tackling could have helped to win the game for them. A soggy, muddy Iield added to the constrictions. Naugatuck scored its first touchdown in the second quarter, when Frank Fazzino capped a drive with a ten- Page One Ilwzzlrenf Eleven yard sprint around left end. Roger Sunberg ran over for the two extra points. Later in the period Seymour managed to score a touchdown, but failed at the try for the extra point. Early in the third period, Seymour was able to score two more touchdowns. The scoreboard read 20-8. However, near the end of the period, the "Greyhounds" went 68 yards and "Clayt" Fernandes scored from five yards out. The try for the extra points was unsuccessful. Neither team could generate an attack in the last quarter but the "Greyhounds", who fought to the end, were defeated by only one touchdown. Naugamrk Lore! Thazzkrgivifzg Day On Thanksgiving Day, a crowd of about 8,000 gathered at Nolan field to witness the fifty-ninth meeting of the two traditional rivals. It was a beautiful fall day, enjoyed by both the team and the spectators. Enthused and optimistic, our "Greyhounds" were prepared to upset the "Ansonia Eleven". Early in the second period, Ansonia was awarded a Hrst down on interference. Four plays later, they ma- neuvered a touchdown and the two extra points. In the third period Ansonia struck again for their second touch- down. The scoreboard now read 16-0. Toward the end of the third period, Naugatuck's Gary Sheedy threatened with a short pass to Bud Kudzma. The husky end ran 35 yards and looked like he would go all the way but was blocked from behind and the play was incomplete. In the final five minutes of play the "Garnet" got the ball at mid-field. Gary Sheedy fired a lightning-fast pass to Dave Fererowiez for a first down on the 26 yard line. Two plays later Gary hit Bud Kudzma on the two yard line and the Naugy end stepped over for the touchdown. The try for the extra point was un- successful and the hnal whistle soundedg Ansonia was the winner with a score of 16-6. Page One Hlnzdred Twelve BASEBALL 4, wry' F First row Cleft to rightj: Charles Baukas, Ed Weaving, Earl Sanford, Ed Drab, Howie Slason, Harold Penwell. Second row: Barry Stiber, Larry Schwartz, Clayton Fernandes, john Sultanus, Bill Rado, Gary Sheedy. Third row: jim Seitzer, Dave Federowicz, Bob Witkowski, Frank Fazzino, Conrad Kudzma, Bob Klimasewski. Fourth row: Phil Lusas fmgrj, jim Reilly, john Desmond, Bob Sebolao Cmgitj Page One Hundred Thirteen BASKETBALL SQUAD Front Row, left to right-Dick Mezzio, Charlie Baukas, Bill Rado, Ed Slomcenski, Gary Sheedy, Charlie Rado. Second Row-Bill Garfield, Roland Boughton, Roger Sundberg, Bob Klimasewski, Dave Federowicz, Pete Johnson. Third Row-Barry Stiber, jimmy Seitzer, john Doyle, Ray Foley, Leo Smith, Coach Mariano. Page One Hundred Faurleefz "Gfeyl:10z4ndJ" Crnrb U, Bridgeport Frofb The "Greyhounds" coached by Ed Mariano, romped over Bridgeport University Freshmen, 90-79 in the opening game of the season. Bill Rado and Ed Slomcenski paced the torrid attack for the "Garnet". The 6'1" playmaker poured in 34 points while the 6'1O" center meshed 27. Naugatuck led 18-16 at the end of the first period, 47-36 at the half and 60-50 at the close of the third period. The Garnet retained its agile pace throughout the final period. The first game of the season showed the great Ki ability of our team and we are looking forward to a victorious season. Naugatuck Tops' Sacred Heart A crowd of approximately 2,500 spectators saw Naugatuck triumph over Sacred Heart 52-35. This was the "Grcyhound's" second win in as many games. In the Qrst period Naugatuck got off to an early lead, and from then on was never threatened seriously. Naugatuck led at the quarter, 14-6, at the half, 23-14, and at the three quarter mark, 31-22. A twenty-one point outburst in the final quarter put the game away for the "Garnet". "G1'eyla0nndr" Top Almnni Naugatuck raced to a 73-66 victory over the Alumni in a well matched game at the local Y.M.C.A. The strong Alumni team proved to be a rigid test for the "Naugy- five". Down by 17 points, 23-6 in the second period, the Alumni narrowed the gap to 29-23 at the half. Alumni rebounds were exceptionally strong in the third period and the score was 37-35. Rado and Slomcenski pulled the 'lGarnet,' out of the fire to win by a comfortable margin. The "Greyhounds, teamwork prevailed throughout the game, preventing the Alumni from scoring above them. Naugatuck Har Nem' Win Againrf Craft A hustling Naugatuck High basketball team never quit against their rivals, after trailing by as many as eight points in a 55-53 thriller in New Haven. The "Greyhounds" man-to-man defense kept them in the game although Wilbur Cross appeared to break it open with a 36-28 lead in the final minutes of the third period. Ed Slomcenski, Bill Rado, and Gary Sheedy plugged away, however, to knot the count 53-53 with 45 seconds to play. "Naugy', tried to hold tight to the ball in the re- maining seconds of play. In the last four seconds, Cross captured the ball and sunk the winning basket to the dismay of a disillusioned crowd, for those four seconds lasted a long time. "Nancy" Rants Croft Naugatuck traveled to Waterbury Armory on january 4th to play a strong Croft team, before a crowd of 1900 spectators. Page One Hundred Fifteen COACH AND CO-CAPTAINS COACH Edward Mariano CO-CAPTAINS William Rado - Edward Slomcenski Page One Hundred Sixleezz At the end of the first period the l'Greyhounds" were ahead 18-12 with Slomcenski and Rado, once again, sharing the scoring honors. As the whistle ended the half, the scoreboard read 62-30 in favor of the "Greyhounds" and 1 at the end of the third period 69-39. When Naugatuck gave the reserves a chance in the last quarter, the Croft team caught fire and cut the lead by 20 points, but a hard-fighting "Greyhound" team remained ahead, leav- ing the final score 79-72. "Greyl10umiJ" Vazfzqniila Croxby Naugatuck's classy quintet still has a spotless record in league play. The "Garnet" riddled Cro5by's eager but outclassed "Cagers", 89-57, for its third straight valley league win. Trailing 18-17 at the end of the first period, the 1 "Greyhounds" deployed a new "zone defense". Crosby was taken by surprise and scored only 9 points in the second period, while the "Garnet" tallied 20 points. The third period was played on more or less even terms, but Naugatuck finally began scoring and tallied 31 points in the final quarter. "Nnngy,' Topr Wilby With the "Greyhounds" taking the opening tap another victory was underway. The Garnet held period leads of 25-12, 48-31 and 69-36 with the help of Charlie Baukus, Gary Sheedy and Roland Boughton. Ed Slomcenski and Bill Rado prevented the "Wild- cats" from scoring more points. "Naugy's" reserves were playing during most of the game and almost broke the all-time Armory record, which is 91. The final score was 91-48. N an gnfnck Siifler "Raiders" An inspired Naugatuck team played on even terms in the Hrst period of the Tor- rington game, but soon turned on the power and coasted to an easy 82-51 victory. The Naugatuck Valley League victory was achieved through the sensational efforts of the N.H,S. co-captains, Billy Rado and big Eddy Slomcenski. Rado scored 35 points while Slomcenski had 28. At the end of the first period the scoreboard read in 'lNaugy's" favor 18-13. The score at the half was 37-28 and at the end of the third quarter 59-37. The "Greyhounds" kept up the pace with the first team playing most of the final period. "Nangy" Snjeri Second Defeat-68-57 Naugy's second defeat bounced at them when they played their worst defense of the season against Bulkeley of Hartford. The "pill box gym," Bulkeley's full court press during the last quarter, and the loss of Ed Slom- censki at the end of the fourth period all added to the "Garnet's" drawback. Bill Rado scored 36 out of the 57 points that the "Greyhounds" made. At the end of the first quarter the score was 17-10, and at the half 25-22 in favor of Bulkeley. "Naugy" trailed 42-36 at the end of the third period. Page One Hundred Seventeen SENIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Charlie Rado, Bill Rado, Ed Slomcenski, Charlie Baukas, Gary sheedy, Dick Mezzio Page One Hundred Eighteen "G1'eylaou1za'J" Defeat "Tige1'r" The "Garnet" quintet trounced Croft by 14 points on their drive for a second undefeated season. Although "Naugy" didn't score until the fourth minute of the first period, they then vaulted in points to make the scoreboard read 16-11 at the end of the first eight min- utes. Ed Slomcenski and Bill Rado, after a cold first half, began to display good playmaking ability. They paced the team to a 52-43 lead at the end of the third quarter. Gary Sheedy and Dave Federowicz, playing one of their finest games, scored timely and were outstanding under the backboards. With this teamwork the "Grey- hounds" won their sixth Valley League game in a row, with a final score of 73-59. Naugatuck Willy Over Barrick After the "Greyhounds" lost a 58-51 lead over Bassick to 59-58, the "Garnet's" Ed Slomcenski canned a short shot off the boards to cap a pulsating victory over a strong Bassick team. The "Garnet" held a 21-14 period lead, and although scoring only 10 points in the second period, had the same half-time advantage of 31-24. Bassick was really mov- ing in the third period and the score stood at 47-43 in favor of Naugatuck. When playmaker Bill Rado fouled out with 6:15 left in the last period, a 50-45 lead didn't seem large enough to contain an eleven game winning streak for the Bridge- port club, but big Ed Slomcenski took up the slack to keep "Naugy" in the contest and on to victory. "Greyla0a12a'J" Defeat Afzrolzia A terrific first half performance by Ed Slomcenski, matched by an equally great second half by Bill Rado, carried the "Greyhounds" to a 73-66 defeat over Ansonia. Slomcenski led N.H.S. to a quick 15-9 first period lead and Ansonia never got any closer than 6 points, as "Naugy" built a 38-27 halftime score. After a third period score of 52-42 everyone got into the scoring act for both sides as Naugatuck captured 21 points and Ansonia 24. Naugatuck won the game at the foul line, sinking 23 shots out of 39 attempts, while Ansonia made but 8 in 13 tries. Naugatark Datum' Crorby Six-foot senior guard Bill Rado played one of the outstanding games of his high school career in leading the "Greyhounds" to a convincing 75-53 win over Crosby. The "Garnet" led by six at the end of the first period 12-6, at the half the score- board read in their favor 37-25. For the Hrst time in five games Naugatuck outscored their opposition from the floor 28-21. While again performing well from the foul line. The "Greyhounds" sunk 19 out of 25 free throws and gained possession of 41 rebounds. The first team remained throughout the third period. With a score of 53-37 at the end of the period Coach Mariano substituted several players. They continued to play in the fourth period and went on to win with a pulsating score of 75-53. Page One Hundred Nifzeleen DEDICATION GAME Date: February 6, 1960 Time: 8:15 Place: Naugatuck High School Gym Opponent: Wilby Present: All loyal "Naugy" fans to see the dedication of their new gym. Mayor Adam Mengacci threw the first ball into action during a brief ceremony. The uniformed band, cheerleaders, school and town officials, and spectators stood up as the game began. Using a full court press the "Garnet" was able to trounce Wilby in every quarter. Slomcenski sunk the Iirst basket at the foul line and Charlie Baukas netted the first ball from the Hoor. The game was the beginning of a successful season in the new gym with a final score standing at 85-25. That new gym is really great! "Greyla0undJ" Avenge Lori Within the walls of Naugatuck's dazzling new gym, wild pandemonium was brought to a climax when the "Greyhounds" sank their last glorious basket, thus trampling over powerful Wilbur Cross. The 85-75 thriller drew screaming cries of approval and joy from a capacity crowd of 1,500. Throughout the first tensive half, Cross's quintet led the way with its fancy play- making, but Naugatuck refused to let the opposition leave without avenging a 55-53 defeat earlier this season. Cross led by eight, 23-15. Naugy closed the gap with a half- time score of 37-32. At the end of the third period, the Garnet "five" caught fire and amazed the spec- tators by putting on an exhibition of effective teamwork and accurate shooting. Finally, at the end of the third period, Naugatuck led 60-57 with Rado and Slomcenski pacing the winners. A stellar performance by Gary Sheedy, Charlie Baukus, Dave Federowicz, and Roland Boughton, helped immensely in conceiving the win. Their fine show of agility and skill led the supposed underdogs to a victorious finish. N. H. S. Twzmpler Hearty Naugatuck romped to an easy 90-69 victory over Sacred Heart, clinching their 12th Naugatuck Valley League title and moving up a step closer toward that State Champion- shi Title. P The victorious "Greyhounds, out ran and out shot the "Hearts", and led all the way from 19-9 at the end of the first period to the final score of 90-69. The "Garnet" gained complete control of the boards in the first half and utilized it throughout the game while Sacred Heart utilized zoned alignments against man-to- man defense. Rado and Slomcenski were once again the stars of the game with scores of 30 and 20 points respectively. Greyhounds Win 13tla Straight The Greyhounds nailed down their 13th class A win, playing Torrington with a lead in all quarters, and a final score of 84-61. jostling under the basket, big Ed was the star of the game with his 31 points. Using a full court press, Bill Rado managed to sink 24 points while Gary Sheedy playing his best game of the season, tallied 12 points. Tempers flared throughout the game when the players and fans exchanged heated words. The Garnet squad on winning this game, placed themselves No. 1 in the CIAC, the final step to the tournament in New Haven. Page One Hundred Twenty "Garnet" Winr Over Hillhonfe Naugatuck had an "off" night, but came through for a win over Hillhouse 67-53. The "Greyhounds" held fair control over the boards. Naugatuck held a half time lead of 34-23 but this was cut to 44-41 at the end of the third period. At this point, Rado and Slomcenski broke the game wide open and Naugatuck was never threatened again. Both Rado and Slomcenski held the scoring honors with 33 and 26 respectively. The only other "Greyhounds" to score were Sheedy and Federowicz with four points each. Nangaztuck Break! Several Reconii' It was a great day for the "Greyhounds", Naugatuck won its 24th straight Valley League contest Cover a two year periodj and Billy Rado broke the all-time Valley League and area scoring records. The "Garnet", on top of all this, handed Ansonia a 73-55 defeat. With this win, Naugatuck achieved the No. 1 ranking in the State Tournament. Ed Slomcenski deserves a great deal of credit for his splendid performance in this game. Both Rado and Slomcenski scored 27 points, with Gary Sheedy next with 10. A 20-11 first period lead was increased to 44-20 at the half. At the end of the third quarter, the Greyhounds held a 59-44 period lead. Reserves finished up for the starters with Charlie Rado scoring his first Valley League point. C.I.A.C. TOURNAMENT The "Greyhounds" made quick work of their first tournament game by defeating Greenwich 77-58. Before a full house at the New Haven Arena, Naugy exhibited skill on the floor, using a man-to-man defense. Ed Slomcenski took command of the boards, while Bill Rado, assisted by Gary Sheedy, Charlie Baukas, and Dave Federowicz, con- tributed to the cause. Naugy then advanced to the quarter Hnals of the C.I.A.C. Tourna- ment. Sparked by the spectacular performance of Bill Rado, the "Greyhounds" advanced to the semi-finals of the tournament by defeating a hard hitting Hartford Public team, 60-59. With only three seconds left in the game, Billy sunk the most astonishing and heart-stopping basket in the annals of N.H.S., tying the score and opening a three minute overtime period. The "Greyhounds" took the lead and marched off the Hoor triumphantly. One of "Naugy's" most spectacular basketball seasons came to a bitter end, when a sorrowful loss was inflicted by Wilbur Cross of New Haven. The hard playing boys from N.H.S. never said "die" as they cut the score down twice to no avail, The six "Naugy" seniors, playing their last game for the "Greyhounds", seemed visibly touched as the buzzer sounded in the last quarter, with the score standing 72-61. Although the cheering at the end of the game was not ours, we know in our hearts it was a "GOOD TRY, GOOD TEAM, GOOD SCHOOL." Page One Hundred Twenty One SWIMMING Page One Hundred Twenty Two N. H. S. SWIMMING MEETS "Nuugy" Mermen Dawn Alumni Naugatuck High's new swimming coach, Charles Bertero, has a perfect record so far this season with a 1-0 record as the N. H. S. tankers successfully launched their new season with a 46-29 win over the Alumni. The local Y. M. C. A. pool was the scene of the annual meet which saw the Alumni gain five of the nine first places, but lose vulnerable points snapped up by the N. H. S. second and third places. Strong performance by the high school in the butterfly, back- stroke, and freestyle relay clinched the win. "Greyhounds" Vunquirh Croft Tunherr Naugatuck's mermen trounced Croft High of Waterbury by a score of 53 to 24 before a packed house at the local Y. M. C. A. pool. The win followed a triumph over the Alumni two weeks before. Dave Pranulis was again the star as he swam victoriously in both the 200 yard free- style and the 100 yard backstroke. The Greyhounds exceeded in every event throughout the game except in diving which was taken by Croft. "Naugy" now boasts of their 2-0 record. "Nuugy" Winr Third Meet Over Wilhy The third victory of the season without a loss was achieved over Wilby with a score of 54-23. Winless Wilby dropped its fourth straight meet. john Wakelee, of Wilby, set a new pool record in the 100 yard breast stroke with a time of 1:1O:7, but was pressed by sophomore johnny Mariano. The fine showing of the underclass constituents of the team helped our team to an easy victory. Naugatuck Lorer Firrt To Stratford After .several disqualifications the "Garnet" team lost its first swimming meet of the season to a fairly strong Stratford team. The judges disqualihed Naugatuck's winning medley relay team and a Naugatuck second place in the 100 yard dolphin also. This hurt the "Garnet's" team immensely. A win at this point was not feasible. Dave Pranulis, a sophomore, won the 200 yard freestyle and also the 100 yard backstroke. Dennis Curtin and Ronnie Molnar brought home the honors for the "Naugy" team in the 160 yard freestyle relay. Amity Fourth Straight Virtirn Of N. H. S. The "Greyhounds" achieved their fourth win with an easy conquest of 55-22 over Amity Regional High of New Haven. Three "Garnet" swimmers were individual win- ners and shared in relay victories: Terry Buchmiller in freestyle sprint and freestyle relay: George Turley, 100 yard backstroke winner, and John Mariano, 100 yard breast- stroke winner. The latter two participated in the opening medley relay run. Page One Hundred Twenty Three SWIMMING TEAM Front Row, left to right-Coach Charles Bertero, D. Curtin, P. Richards, P. Gruner G. Turley, R. Molnar, L. Nolan. Second Row-J. Mariano, J. Kane, E. Kennedy, D. Pranulis, M. Casper, T. Buck- miller Third Row-R. Veillette, B. Howard, D. Steponaitis, B. Soper, B. Tuthill, S. Nies R. Booth. Page One Hundred Twenty Four Nnugatnek 53 . . . Barrick 23 The "Greyhound" tankers won their fifth meet over Bassick High of Bridgeport by a score of 53 to 23. Dave Pranulis starred for the N. H. S. club with victories in the 200 yard free style and the 100 yard backstroke. Other Naugatuck winners were Mike Casper in the 40 yard sprint and Bud Kudzma in diving. Also on the winning circuit for the night was Pete Gruner in the 100 yard freestyle, as well as the two relay teams. Garnet Surtainr Seeond Lofr A fine Naugatuck squad lost its second meet of the season to an equally fine Tor- rington team. Coach Bertero was pleased with his squad even though they lost, because they swam their best times of the year. Dave Pranulis excelled in the backstroke and Terry Buckmiller took an exciting forty yard freestyle. The final score of the meet was in Torrington's favor 42-35. Greyhoundr Down Hillbonre N augatuck upheld its second district meet by overpowering Hillhouse of New Haven by a large margin. The "Greyhounds" took every first place except the final event which was the freestyle relay. ' Pete Gruner edged out a Hillhouse swimmer in the 100 yard freestyle. Other out- standing swimmers were Terry Buckmiller, john Mariano, and George Turley. Nnugatuck 33 . . . Sacred Henri 44 The "Greyhound" tankers lost their third meet of the season at the hands of a strong Sacred Heart team. Naugatuck picked up victories in the 100 yard freestyle by Pete Gruner, 100 yard butterfly by George Turley, and the last freestyle relay. Swimming in the relay were Dennis Curtin, Ron Molnar, Terry Buckmiller, and Mike Casper. Even though the "Garnet" won several of these events, their 33 points were not good enough to beat the Hearts' 44. Greylaoundr Hand Crorby First Defeat Tremendous! That's the only word that can describe the "Naugy" tankers and their biggest scholastic upset in quite a few years. The crowd sat tensely quiet as the final freestyle relay was underway at the sound of the starter's gun. Crosby was in the lead with the score standing at a pulsating 36-34. Then, in that last 1:31.6, the "Greyhounds" soared through the pool, obtaining for themselves a well deserved win. Naugy Tankerr Whip Crorr The Naugy tankers gained 2 3-O record in the New Haven District of the State Swimming Association Southern Division, when they defeated Wilbur Cross 51-26. Sophomore Dave Pranulis easily defeated his opponents with his 200 yard freestyle and 100 yard backstroke. Naugy was disqualified in the opening 200 yard medley race, while it gained the lead with the clinching of the 100 yard freestyle, which Pete Gruner won for the Garnet. Nnugazfuck 52 . . . Hamden 35 Naugatuck High's swimming team clinched the New Haven District swim title by turning back Hamden High 52-35. It was their fourth district win without defeat. Charlie Bertero's men picked up victories in the first eight events. Winners for the Garnet included: Molnar, Mariano, Turley, and Casper in the 160 yard medley. Buck- miller won the 40 yard freestyle, Pranulis the 200 yard freestyle and Kudzma excelled in the diving. Page One Hundred Twenty Five GIRLS' INTRAMURAL SPORTS Page One Hznzdrcd Tzwezzly Six aww' ew""" BETTY REICH Riga Om' H1zucl'rcd Tzvwztj' Sewell FUTURE NURSES CLUB The main objective of the club is to stimulate interest in nursingg to have members become more familiar with other careers available in the hospitalsg and to have members keep an avid interest in community activities and service projects. In order to broaden our club horizon through links with other clubs and the ex- change of experiences and friendships, the Future Nurses Club has applied for a char- ter with the National League for Nursing. Page One Hundred Twenty Eight OFFICERS Prefidefzt .............. jo-Ann Ambrose Vice-Prefident .......... Kathy Geraldi Serrelmy ................ Arlene Pistarelli T1'ea.rzn"er .................... Betty Hankey Advifor Miss Catherine Brooks, R. N. Page One Hundred Twenty Nine VV CHEERLEADERS Nothing is achieved without effort. Since competitive tryouts during the Sopho- more year, the Naugatuck High School cheerleaders have pursued the patterns of be- havior which all cheerleaders are expected to follow. Vitality, appearance, agility, voice, and co-operation are requisites for any success- ful cheering squad. These twelve cheerleaders have demonstrated this during the regular football and basketball season. In addition to arousing the enthusiasm of the crowd they have accepted the responsibility of representing the school at all times. Of invaluable assistance to the squad is the instruction and guidance of their ad- visor, Miss Joan Gallo. Page One Hundred Tlairly MISS GALLO AND C0-CAPTAINS SENIOR SQUAD Page Om' Ilzrfzdrau' Thirly One THE PEP CLUB The Pep Club, organized three years ago, now has an enrollment of 130 girls. The main objectives of the club are to learn the cheers, attend all sport activities and to sup- port the team by cheering. The club sponsors the football schedules, makes Naugy cheer signs and has pep buses going to most out-of-town games. Garnet Pep Club sweaters with megaphone emblems symbolize the loyalty of Naugy- ites at games which are well attended. Each year the club sponsors a dance, the proceeds of which are donated to the Athletic Association. Open to any student of N.H.S., the club does its best to promote school spirit. Page One Huzzdfea' Tbirlj Two Qld-MMLN Pugu Omf Hlfzzdrcd Tbirfj Tbrcc AUDIO VISUAL AIDS CLUB "A picture is Worth a thousand words", claim the boys of the A. V. A. Under the supervision of Mr. Alexander Krayeske, a physics and chemistry teacher, this club is open to all who are interested in furthering their knowledge about sound and movie apparatus. In addition to the personal interest attraction, the club carries on the audio- visual aid program of the high school, whereby any subject matter may be supplemented by movies. This year, on its annual New York excursion, the group toured the R. C. A. Build- ing where they received useful information about sound transmission. Page One Hundred Tlairly Fouf CHECKING EQUIPMENT PLAYING BACK TAPE Page One Hmzdreni Tbirly Five THE BETTER BUSINESS CLUB Ni as The Better Business Club draws members from those Senior students enrolled in at least two advanced business courses. Its purpose is both social and professional, and a variety of activities is provided to realize these objectives. Guest speakers from business, industry and education institutions present up-to-date informationg field trips to offices llzgu One Ilmzdrud Tbirly Six provide a realistic view of busi- ness in operationg dances and parties are planned and carried out by the studentsg time and money are provided by the B.B.C. for charitable organiza- tionsg and the development of special skills to supplement class- work is encouraged. Page One Hundred Tlairfy Scwfwz ART CLUB Increased interest in the advancement of art is promoted by the Art Club. Its sixty members sponsor annually, a cake sale and dance to raise funds for their various art projects. This year the money will finance the purchase of picture frames, ceramics, and smocks. With the new colorfully appointed art room, the advantages and opportunities of the Art Club are unlimited. These advantages include spray booths, a potters wheel, a modern kiln, ceramic tables, showcases, display surfaces, and artist's desks. In the spring, the club holds its annual picnic at Lake Quassapaug which is always a big success. Page 01141 Hmzdred Thirfy Eight ART CLUB AT THE KILN OFFICERS CLASS REPRESENTATIVES SPONSOR Page One Hundred Tlfirly Nine YOUNG CITIZENS' CLUB This club, s onsored b Miss Vir inia Smith, is o en to those students who are , , P Y 8 P taking Economics or Problems of Democracy. Its general purpose is to promote better fellowship among the students. This pro- vides a background which will help them perform their duties as citizens more capably. In addition the Young Citizens' Club is a strong supporter of the Voice of Democ- racy Contest. Many of the club's participants have worked diligently to make the contest enjoyable by both faculty and student body. Page One Hundred Forty ---...,,,, YOUNG CITIZENS' CLUB CHECKING THE FACTS PREPARING TH I' PROGRAM Iirgu Omf Illrfzdrmfd I'.U7'f'1 Ulla s. P. Q. R. Senatus Populusque Romanus, under the direction of Miss Maryann Rung, is open to all second, third, and fourth year Latin students. The club endeavors to join work and play in the study of this classical language by providing at each meeting a pertinent, suitable game, such as Latin Scrabble or Charades. A high point of the year is the joint Latin-French Club function at Christmas. The year is climaxed by a meeting at which the Seniors are honored and amused by a mu- tually fun-Hlled program planned by the juniors. Page One Hundred Forty Two PYRAMUS ET THISBE We learn many things besides Latin in Latin class. For instance, why are mul- berries red? You don't know! Well, we didn't either, but found out the whole thing began with a pair of Babylonian lovers. Spectate. Pyramus Thisbe : Pyramus Thisbe : Pyramus : Thisbe: Pyramus : Thisbe: Pyramus : Thisbe : Pyramus Thisbe : Pyramus Thisbe: Pyramus Thisbe : Pyramus Thisbe : Thisbe : Leo : Pyramus : Thisbe : Ubi es, Thisbe? Hic. Ubi? Te videre non Possum. Hic. Veni ad murum. Specta me, Thisbe. Oh, Thisbe, tuus oculus est pulcher. Oh, Pyrame. P. Te videre desidero Thi Meus pater dicit, "Non." Te maxime videre desidero. Mea mater quoque dicit, "Non." Oh, jove! Sed te totam videre maxime desidero. Qsilentiumj QHits wall.j Male mure! Es crudelis. Scio-relinquam de domicilio nocte. Me quoque. Te videbo nocte. Ubi? Prope fontem. Ubi est fons? Sub arbore. Qua arbore? Arbore cum buccis albis. Oh. Illa arbor. Bene! Vale, Pyrame? Smemz Deux Seculzda Pyrame. Qseveral times while looking for himj Pyramus non est hic. Pyramus est tardus. Sedebo. fSits and hums.j QHears roar.j Oh! Leo! Terreo. QWrings hands, and looks around.j Occultabo. Aqua! Aqua! fsees fountain and drinksj Ah! bona! fStarts to walk off, sees cloakj Tunica! Qpicks it up in mouth, shakes it, drops it, pads off stage.j Qenters and calls "Thisbe" three times while looking around. Sees tunic.j Tunica! Tunica Thisbis! Sed ubi est Thisbe? fexamines cloak.j Sanguis! Sanguis in tunica. Sanguis in tunica Thisbis. Thisbe! Misera Thisbe! Necata est! fweepsj Me quoque! fstabs himself with knife.j fwanders on stagej Pyrame Ccalls several times and stumbles on bodyj Pyrame! Pyrame! Pyramus est mortuus. fcriesj Me quoque! Qtakes knife from Pyramus and stabs herself, falls on Pyramus dramatically. Announcer: The blood from their bodies seeped into the ground and turned the white berries red. Thus, the blood red mulberry tree is an eternal tribute to these two faithful lovers in Babylon who wouldn't be separated even by death. QPyramus and Thisbe hoist sign "FINIS".j Page One Hundred Forty Three WORLD GEOGRAPHY CLUB PROGRAM CHAIRMEN AND MISS MARY EMERSON Puge One Hundred Forly Four WORLD HISTORY CLUB The World Geography and World History Clubs have as their purpose the creation of an active interest in the world and its people. Economic interest is fostered annually in sending a package to C.A.R.E. Students socialize internationally through corresponding with Pen Pals in various parts of the world. The Voice of Democracy and the U.N. Contests, in which our and other club members participate, offer opportunities to compete on issues of national importance. The Pan American Assembly Program sponsored by the clubs is designed to enrich the extra curricular program of the school. In addition to these projects, programs of fnterest are present:-d every month and a joint picnic is enjoyed at the end of the year. The members also present a gift to either the Naugatuck High School or to the Social Studies Department. Q Page One Hundred Forty Fife THE GARNET GLEAM The "Garnet Gleamn, a student publication, is printed four times during the year. Its primary function is to inform the students of the various activities of the school. The course also provides a background for those students interested in newspaper work, and instructs them in various fields of journalism. The paper is self-supported by money obtained from advertisements. Page One Hundred Forty Six GARN ET GLEAM STAFF Foreground-Barbara Edler, Editor in chiefg Gina jankowski, exchange editorg Cynthia Zembruski, Sports editorg Beverly Mezzo. Standing, left to right-Richard Spearrin, Barbara Paul, Walt Muroflf, Elinor Agonis, Penny Borisuck, Feature editorg Kathy Kaczkowski, Business managerg Dreama Mealey, Fashion editorg Nancy Stauffer, Mr. Donald House, Advisorg and Miss Gene- vieve Marcisz, Business advisor. Page One Hundred Forly Seven FUTURE TEACHERS The Future Teachers of America is a club composed of students with a teaching career in mind. It's main objective is devoted to the consideration of what teaching involves and a look at some specialized areas of teaching. The club is open to any Sopho- more, junior, or Senior boy or girl, interested in teaching. Cake sales, dances, and school assemblies are some money raising projects sponsored by the F. T. A. The club officers are: President 'Ioan Zembruski, Vice-President Judy Celello, Secre- tary Elsa I-Iumiston, Treasurer Mary Pilch, and Program Chairman Gretchen Anderson. Page Ozze Ilmzdred Forly Eight FUTURE TEACHERS Page One Hundred Forty Nine YOUNG HISTORIANS The Young Historians Club is an organization comprised of the United States His- tory students under the direction of Mrs. Matzkin. Its main purpose is to make all its members thinking people, and to have them express themselves openly. The organization is divided into individual class sections, which hold their own meetings and other functions, such as debates and round table discussions. Each year, in the spring, an annual combined meeting and party is held. In prepara- tion for this event, students make special projects connected with their studies, and others prepare entertainment that is pertinent to U. S. History. Page One Hundred Fifly Page One Hundred Fifty One HISTORY FORUM The main objectives of the History Forum, a club comprised of Miss Caine's His- tory students, are civic, humanitarian, and scholastic. Each year the group sponsors several projects such as the support of the usave the children federation" drive to which they contributed 3,000 pounds of clothes last year. Frequent panel discussions and debates as well as a United Nations program stimulates an interest in World affairs and gives the pupils an opportunity to express themselves. Although no dues are assessed, money raised through cake sales and other projects is used annually to purchase gifts for the school. Page One Illmdred Fifly Two HISTORY FORUM Page Oue Hundred Fifzy Three FUTURE HOMEMAKERS LEARNING THE SECRETS MODERN AS TOMORROW Page One Hundred Fifty Four FUTURE HOMEMAKERS CLUB HOME PLANNING CENTER This club is open to all girls who are now enrolled in or who have previously taken Home Economics. In the State of Connecticut there are 900 members belonging to this club. The purpose of the Future Homemakers Club is to form a more mature point of view of Home Economics. It also stresses a higher degree of performance, greater per- sonal responsibility as a member of a family, and the acquisition of high moral standards and ideals. Page One Humfr-ed Fifty Five Connecticut motor vehicle law, accident facts, driver and pedestrian attitudes, traffic and automotive en- gineering, auto-mechanics, and the art of driving. "Man and the Motor Car" and "Sportsmanlike Driving" are the texts used in the course. Film strips, motion pictures, and a model of the automobile engine are used to im- prove understanding of the outside reading assignments and class dis- cussions. DRIVING EDUCATION The driver education course at Naugatuck High School offers all students thirty hours of classroom instruction and gives to each student a minimum of six hours "behind the wheel" training. Each student also spends at least four hours in the car as an observer. In the classroom, attention is given to the following: 47 ll I " " --in-n ' Y z!gm!:!ii!!l!lF!ln:::!5B X i Page One Hundred Fifty Six 311115361 fyx ffx-A , ,X . Shqqp Page 0116, Ilmzdfud Fifly Serwz J oqqhQJz0 BAND The band provides support for the school and community at football games, parades and other special events. Band members have the opportunity to become efficient at the instrument of their choice and are taught the fundamentals of harmony, scales and chord structure. Each year all members have the chance for audition and possible recognition in the All-State Band. THE SENIOR BAND MEMBERS Page One Hundred Fifty Eight BAND FIRST GAME IN THE NEW GYM Page One Hundred Fifty Nine ORCHESTRA Under the dynamic direction of Mr. Corliss, the Naugatuck High School Orchestra furnishes the musical background for all school events. The increasing interest in the orchestra has resulted in the purchase of a larger ntunber of instruments this year. The Spring Concert acts as an admirable show case for the display of the work of these talented people, some of whom are given the added recognition of being chosen to attend the concert given in Hartford. Page One Hundred Sixty CHOIR SENIOR CHOIR The Choir, capably directed by Mr. Jesse Davis, gives an oppor- tunity for all students to enjoy the pleasures of singing. With atten- tion given to the development of the voice, a choir member learns the correct way to sing. The Choir serves at assemblies and special programs, and selected members attend the All-State Chorus Festival in Hartford. Highlighting the activities of the Choir is the annual trip to the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, which proves itself educational and entertaining. Page One Huzmlred Sixty Ozze P.1.g4' Um' flllllullktf Sixly 'lim CHOIR SCHOOL NAUGATUCK HIGH QP ES , X , M A ,V A I, f 9' ' xx' ' sp A 1112 I If f' ,. X. . .,, V ff' n ' ' A L fz.. ' xi' ff Q Q K V I ' WX? 4.1 . Z ff 1 E Ab 4 Bm' MH ""'vTv-X..I,:., fT'.-- -A ft-AMI-mL.L,Lux.,.Xu - -X K Page OHL' llfnzdrecl Sixly Three THE CLASS PROPHECY PROLOGUE When '60 left dear Naugy High Its rooms its halls, those ivy walls, The cry of all was "do or die" In answering the future's calls. Our occupations and professions Are varied, so here's a clue To what we do: This mythical progression Shows our hopes and dreams come true! Strike! that's BARBARA'S call, ADAMSKI really rolls that ball. Mechanic ALBAITIS is alert, fixes things that go berserk. If the healthy become ill, they call nurse AMBROSE for cure pills. Heading off the ANDERSON list is CAROL, always ready to assist. GRETCHEN ANDERSON, now in guidance, helps develop student confidence. HAROLD ANDERSON, his name in lights, has risen musically to great heights. Here's another known as NORM, who still refuses to conform. Then there's ROGER, known far and near, as a leading engineer. SHIRLEY'S beauty, seen from East to West, is Miss America, best by test. ANNA BALZANO in her job at Macy's has been made manager-Congratulations The Yankee catcher, say the fans, is CHARLEY BAUKAS, a Naugy man. O' mystic CARMEN BEASELEY tells each fortune using tea. GERALDINE BEHAN'S now for hire, to be a secretary she aspires. PAT BIELANOS, dressing hair, fixes each coiffure with much care. Heading the dancers at Radio City is JUNE BILETZ looking so pretty. RAYMOND BOLEK, as we now see, sails a freighter across the sea. CAROL BONGIVANI has joined the WAVES so the U. S. she can help save KEN BONTEMPO, a driving ace, wins each national speedway race. JUDY'S BOOTH at the county fair displays, apples, peaches and pears. ED BORASKI, the humanitarian, helps abolish each freedom ban. PENNY BORISUCK, an office nurse, helps keep the sick from getting worse. Get your cars now-prices low! Go see salesman L. BOSCO. PAT BOTTOMLEY in her Curio Shoppe has antiques from bottom to top. JIMMY BRENNAN, private eye, asks suspects-Who, Where, When, and Why STEVE BROADRICK at the "Y" is social director- Oh! My, My! Stand up! Let's hear you holler! CAROL BROSTIC won a million dollars! BARBARA sells to all of us, for household use, each kind of BRUSH. BARBARA with five kids and spouse cares daily for a fine BRYK house. TOMMY BUTWILL, we hear tell, goes door to door with wares to sell. "Come now children, time to play" says teacher DORIS CANAPERI. Charity worker, PAT CARLSON, is praised by all for the job she's done. Stage director, BOB CARLSON, in his plays can't be outdone. JANET CARREIRO, now a waitress, can be told by the name on her dress. To CASHMAN we must give our all, an internal revenue collector is PAUL. Known world over for his lasagna is noted chef, FRANK CASTAGNA. Horticulturist CAVANAUGH, MARY, raises cabbages and keeps Canaries. JUDY CELELLO, living by pen, is a top author now- la creme de la creme. Leading the band and its majorettes is baton twirler DIANE CHARETTE. Slimming the gals in her baliwick is masseuse GERRY CHISEK. Photographer's model, M. CHONKO, has a complexion all aglow. MARGIE COE, as a woman surgeon, is trusted by patients to save each one. DON CONTALDI, when beating his drum, makes all nearby begin to hum. Page One Hundred Sixzy Fam' DICK COONEY, when he turned "pro" became the star of a water show. DONNA deciphers an attorney's scrawlg CROTTY'S working in the capitol. DENNY CURTIN, an Olympic swimmer, amazes all with his vim and vigor. BOB DAHLIN'S state governor now, to lower taxes is his vow. MURIEL DALTON'S cosmetic selections aid each feminine complexion. There's no one in town MIKE doesn't know, since he became mailman D'AVERSO. JERRY DECARLO, a railroad tycoon, was a conductor before business boomed. "NICK'S Novelties" says the neon sign, DI BENEDICTIS is in the hobby line. MARIA DIETRICH, town librarian, advocates a children's reading plan. Just call JACKIE DONOVAN if you are moving and need a van. Financing a theatrical production are stock investors, T. DOUTY 8: SON. As a specialist in brain surgery, RAY DRAPKO can name his fee. Write to CLEMMY DUARTE, female D.J., to vote in the newest record survey. In the literary world of "Harper's Bazaar" editor BARB EDLER has gone far. "Trusy FRANK" a neon sign reads, making loans is EDMOND'S good deed. Policeman ERRICO can be seen directing traffic from Naugy's green. LOUIS ESPOSITO, head band-leader, conducts his group in a Broadway theater. To help figure taxes and budget your pay, call ANN ESTES, town C.P.A. Those famous Congress speeches were said by Rep. FAIRCHILD, that's FRED! LYNN FARKAS, with pen in hand, takes dictation as fast as she can. BARBARA FAVALE, with needle and thread, makes money for her butter 'n bread CLAYTON FERNANDES leads the way, now he's starring in his own play. Pleasant smile, soothing voice, that's BEV FRANKLIN, nurse of our choice. BARBARA FROELICHLS outfits galore are from her own clothing store. As an actress on T.V. or movie screen, ANN MARIE GALLUCCI can be seen. GENOVA in her baby shop specializes in clothes for your tot. ROBERT GENOVESE travels to foreign lands, willing to lend a helping hand. KATHY GERALDI, dressed in white, stays by her patients day and night. ALICE GIBBONS, now for hire, is working as a woman umpire. Radio announcer, JOHN GINTY, broadcasts the news for you and me. Sports commentator, JOHN GOMULINSKI, is reporting for station WXYZ. Salesman GRICKIS, from door to door, sells things not found in a store. PAULETTE GUARINO takes dictationg a record she holds for the whole nation. ED HALLOCK, an instructor of dance, with a show on T.V. has advanced. When FORREST fires start causing trouble, HANSON arrives on the double. Mechanical-minded DEBBY is known for HAYWARD'S I.B.M.'S-her very own. HENRICHS' articles in magazines concern the unusual-not the routine. Our PAT HIGGINS, we must boast, owns a factory on the West Coast. BILL HIGGINS has made his fame, directing quiz shows is his game. MARY BETH HOGARTH, noted designer, head of the fashion world we hnd her. Helping the state is ED HALLOWAYg a toll collector on the Merritt Parkway. The former HELEN HOTCHKISS had a Mrs. replace her Miss. Singer LESLIE HOWARD, amateur, also works as a composer. M. C. HUNT owns a skating rink, has lots of business and bought a mink. Carpentry is JIMMY'S tradeg "JACEWICZ 8: SONS" has made the grade. Housewife DIANNE JACOBOSKI is now married to a certain M.C. GINA is principal of a Nursery Schoolg JANKOWSKI teaches the Golden Rule. MARIANNE JAZINA, as you can see, is keeping books for N.B.C. Congressman R. JOHNSON of the U.S.A. passes a new bill every day. When operator JONES answers your call, you'll hear BETSY'S voice, sweetest of all. Vice-President of our bank is SUZANNE JONES, interviewing for loans. CAROLYN KAMERZEL, a mathematician, assists her husband, a pediatrician. CAROL KARASINSKI is walking the floor, her six kids present many a chore. Page One Hundred Sixly Five Seen on the beach at Waikiki is surf-board rider, JOYCE KAWECKI. CHUCK KAZEMEKAS is next on the list, sports car racing, that's his dish. Legal matters come MARGE'S way, leave it to KEKA to save the day. A famous mechanic, JOHN by name, to start "KELLEY 8: SONS" is his aim. PAUL KEPLER has gone mighty far, now he's our number one recording star. Since buying a Miami Beach hotel, a millionaire is STANLEY KIELB. SHIRLEY KINDULAS will don a smile when she walks down that certain aisle. Operator KINNE, we may say, answers the phone both night and day. Comedian KNAPIK steals the show, thus he's making lots of dough. Stuffing animals, birds and bees is taxidermist JOAN KOWALEWSKI. JOHN KOWALEWSKI is an auctioneer, using that voice that oft made us stare. Sergeant KRASINSKY travels to foreign lands, BEV leads a life that's grand. LINDA KRAYESKE, our fashion queen, models clothes for "Seventeen" Here comes KRENITSKY, a ventriloquistg NICK'S a big time humorist. Wait! My goodness, who do I see? Why it's top-notch model L. KWASNIEWSKI. FRANK LA BRUZZA with his debonaire charm, is seen with a girl on each arm. LORRAINE LACOURSE is busy as a bee, fulfilling her job as a secretary. SHIRLEY'S violet rosettes are the specialty of "LANOUETTE'S.H Why here comes GEORGE he's quite elated, as manager of "LA ROSE, Incorporated Let's not forget petit PATTY LEE, keeping house for a certain W.J.C. Next on the list is LENNON, of courseg HAROLD'S hit success with force. We see JOHN LODGE is known in town as a professor of math at Brown. TOM LOMPERT is spending his time working the cameras on "What's My Line." GLORIA LORD, we hear tell, is a busy bookkeeper, doing quite well. Here comes MAGAS, there's none Hnerg RICH is an industrial designer. Look! There's TOMMY! He's our MAHANg fixing cars heis best in the land. AL MARCISZ has orders to the hilt, all wanting houses that he has built. LORETTA MARINO is a famous gal, a wealthy socialite is our pal. Captain MCKENNA is on the patrolg his job is keeping crime under control. Owner of farms is BOB MCNAMEE, making his profits in husbandry. DREAMA MEALEY, a roving reporter, finds her news as a world voyager. Lovely CAROL is now a momg her last name, MEDEIROS, was changed by Tom. "Zoom!" There goes high-speed MEGIN, at the racetrack he always wins. In the ballistics field, which AL knows, the height of intellect MEYERS shows. DICK MEZZIO is doing real fine as ace pilot of a famous air-line. BEV and LINDA are working together, on each problem, the MEZZO'S confer. Manager MITCHELL of the A8zP is making millions selling their tea. CHARLES MITRIK, plumber by trade, bought a business with the money he made. In case of fire, theft or hail, selling insurance is MIZESKI, GAIL. RON MOLNAR, that fine lad, is now distributing editor of popular "Mad." SHARON MONAHAN in world-wide ports interviews people of various sorts. ROSE MUCHA, pert and sweet, has made many friends among the elite. For a new house and key, contact CAROL MURPHY'S Real Estate Agency. A wizard scientist is our JIM MURRAY, making weird concoctions in a hurry. It's HAROLD MURTHA, we now present, driving his trucks from Boston to Kent. Need a ride? Hail a taxi, driven by our own RICH NALICHOWSKI! Noted hair stylist is FRAN NARDELLOQ father and son, what talented fellows! Mr. NASON worked at Murphy's as a janitor: still there - hels now manager. Here comes NORM, gay as ever, NAUGES' muscles show his endeavors. The golfing fans know our CHET NIZIOLEKg as a "pro", he's the one to check. NOLAN'S company of wreckers destroys more for less, a well-known record. The other NOLAN, LARRY by name, has recently become an English thane. NOONAN must look left and right, DANNY'S a factory watchman at night. Page One Hundred Sixzy Six PATTY O'BRIEN, where have you been? She's an interpreter for the U.N. REGGIE OLDAKOWSKI, with her photographic flair, in dress must take much care. BUDDY OLDAKOWSKI, editor of the News, is making money expressing his views TIM O'NEILL served as an apprentice, now he's a professional dentist. OSIECKI'S draperies, made by DOLORES, are custom-fitted with care and fuss. A famous PAINTER is our EMILY, she paints landscapes down by the sea. Mademoiselle PAPE says "Bonjour monseiur", in French she's a connoisseur. A western star is ANTOINETTE PAVAO, busting wild broncos in a rodeo! Here comes PENWELL, pretty nifty, he bats that ball, four hundred-fifty! IVARS PETERSON, a VIP, can be found in industry. Miss PETRO'S making fashions sell, modeling clothes for "Mademoiselle" President PETRUCELLI, oil of course, gets his money from a real good source. High in an airplane ED PICHULO soars, setting records as his engine roars. Expert PIERCE still leads the race, BRIEN has conquered outer space. A. PISTARELLI, we've been told, is caring for patients, that's her goal. Still quiet and sweet is HELEN P., selling shells and coral from the sea. LINDA PRITCHARD has won our votes as an orator with many notes. To keep the peace and enforce the law, Sergeant PRUCHNICKI helps his "paw". Cold-cuts and rye in a delicatessen are being sold by BEVERLY QUINN. Mr. Atlas has a rival, H. RACEVICIUS can take his title. CHARLIE RADO, a "pro" in his field, tackles all with a great deal of zeal. The greatest Boston Celtics star is BILL RADO, still the best by far. Paintings of artist BETTY REICH are by each critical crowd liked. JOAN REILLY, that language whiz, won lots of money in a Latin quiz. T. REK has gone to far away Spain with her money, made from sugar cane. Foreign correspondent for the "Times", PETE RICHARDS comes here sometimes. BOB's Repair Shop is really buzzin', RIMKOSKI's business gets cars by dozens. ROSA's Music Shop sells hi-fi's, AL pleases all who want to buy. A RUBY collector is our friend MIKE, red ones, blue ones, his pride is white. DAVID RUPSIS, a mountaineer, climbs the Matterhorn every year. HENRY RUSZCZYK, a top magician, works on the side as an electrician. Holding a class in pep and vim, ARLENE RYKOSKI owns a gym. If vacation hints you need, consult Travel Agent DIANNE SCHEITHE. Leading a famed debating team, K. SCHUMACHER never loses, it seems. LARRY SCHWARTZ, the millionaire, hasnit a worry . . . not even a care. Head of a famous business place, Miss CAROL SCULLIN is up with the pace. "DANNY'S Donuts", they're the best! It's always SCULLIN,S we request. Selling the tasty candy "Rollo", is salesman BOB SEBOLAO. Counting cash in the national bank, RONALD SEELEY, now a teller, ranks. Physical therapist of our hospital is "MARTY" SEITZER, making the sick well. SGRILLO'S music is known through the land, RON plays trumpet in his band. Here comes B. J., dernier cri, she sells just Diors at SHEEDY'S LTD. The other SHEEDY, GARY'S his name, has a coaching job as his claim to fame. Miss SHELDON has advice for the blue, "Dear CAROLYN, what shall I do?" At SHOPIS' Airport, business is booming, DON's planes are really zooming. Another basket and the crowds all shout, it's BIG ED'S hoop they yell about. The SMITH list has Hnally begun, with DONNA still so pert and young. Next comes JERRY, here's a feat, in dance contests he can't be beat. Remember LEO, our Class President, he now holds office in Parliament. MARION SMITH, with customers galore, is now running a new department store. The end of the SMITH's comes with PAMELA J .... she's a receptionist, they say. That new movie star, JOHN SOLTANAS, is out of our reach now girls . . . ALAS! We hear the "Met's" got a new addition, since they heard B. SOPER'S audition. Page Om' Huzzdred Sixly Seven EILEEN SOUZA, still smiling bright, has landed in Broadway's frantic limelight. A ROBIN and Blue Jay are two kinds, in SPEARRIN's Shop a customer finds. SQUIRES is now living in wealth, JUDY married a doc, good for her health. Who is the man behind the screeching tires? It's thrill driver, BILL SQUIRES. STAUFFER's Shoes just can't be beat, NANCY has all kinds for your feet. Coach STIBER has a top-rated team, BARRY's players really turn on the steam. Selling tailored clothes for men, "KEV ST. JOHN'S" is the place to spend. STOWELL Advertising, familiar with all, earns GEORGE enough to have a ball. ED STOCKUNAS, with a new M.G., won the race at Indianapolis H- Golly! STREETER's strains heard o'er the land, BRUCE beat Brubeck with his band. HELEN STUDLEY, world famous cook, has listed her secrets in a book. EDDIE SUVOSKI is sure doing swell since he inherited a new oil well. JUDY SWIRSKI's Beauty Shoppe makes every mom look better for pop! DAVE TALEVI married into money, his "savoir faire" found him a honey! KAREL TARANOVICH is a socialite hostess, her parties prove shels the mostess. Referee TARANOVICH, impartiality plus, for RICH all the teams make a fuss. TOM TATOIAN is now an old pro at making the trees and flowers grow. NANCY TITLEY has clothing galore, she makes her own - says, "Who needs stores LEWIS TRIANO owns an apothecary, mixes drugs and potions with glee. Fireman TRZASKI rushes to the scene, TOMMY's really on the beam, NEAL TUOHY, a matador, kills ferocious bulls by the score. IDA VIMER in Washington, D. C., works as a Senator's secretary. Sergeant WAITE is doing fine, RAY's leading his men across the line. Oh WARE, oh where can she be? That's JANET teaching French History. PAT WASDO, straightening files, greets each executive with a smile. With her designs and new creations, BARBARA WATKINS is quite a sensation! BARBARA WEDIN is in surgery, assisting at an appendectomy. JESSICA WEGIEL, always at ease, is now starring on the flying trapeze. Diving for pearls in oyster shells, JOHN WEYMAN is sure doing quite well. Selling shares left and right, is stock broker GREGORY WHITE. JACKIE WOLCIN, with tools galore, works in a certain hardware store. In the frozen country of Alaska, we find flier RON ZAPATKA. In the rockettes CINTH is advancing, ZEMBRUSKI does spectacular dancing. Playing piano, JOAN ZEMBRUSKI enthralls the music group at Carnegie Hall. DOT ZIBLUK, typist on the side, says being a mother is really her pride. "ZEKE" ZOLLO has come a long way, selling millions of records every day. HELEN ZOPKA, last of these names, comes first on our list of fame. EPILOGUE 'Tho we knew that in our lives There would be tribulations, Trials and joys to mix we strived So there'd be jubilations! Thus, you see, we're all successes. QNO mention of failure here lj Thanks to the Good Lord Who blesses '60, we get better still each year! Page One Hundred Sixly Eiglal SENIOR WEEK CALENDAR Monday ...... . Taefday ....... Wed nerd a y .... . Tbumday .... . Friday ...... Monday ....... I attended Poetry Night with. Following Baccalaureate I ....... JUST FOR THE RECORD My escort to Enchanted Evening was .......... Proceeding Class Day exercises I ......... I was escorted to the Senior Prom by .......... Following Graduation I ......... ....... Page One Hundred Sixty Nine ........POETRY NIGHT BACCALAUREATE EN CHAN TED EVENING DAY .......SENIOR PROM GRADUATION M.-v, 0 - , '1' 0 -fn wh gm'-R "G Av -, Y' 4 ,, a I 1 rk if ing A 135 fl 'f it-?.:5Lf'if75i'-QQ f'm:""? ' A '5 .f Y, EQ 'Ji ' urn "f , : 1 0 gf- A ww . 5 P' I X 03 H -u if Y 1 , - , noooooo-ooo, oe zqva ,ggi I . ' , new -W' - 2:0351 - 2 . . .. ....... as 200-70 L., .... 188-30 ng 0"0 464 ,.... . . 151-15 105 .... 139.65 WH 3 139.51 A00q ,, 108.05 lwigxz. ..... 0 87-75 S1,015.09 3COC090QOC090C090COC47COCOGOG0O1 P4ga 0qe Hndred Swenzy 4 1 , it ,J if is , ,..f , 0, V J 4, QM 0 0 ,L -0 . 3 KJ! Fvff D34 V24 FJ! Y24 YL51 !.! rv-I P654 s.! !.x X24 F..-I !.x xv-I rv! Xl!! F.! !. MISS RUNGS SENIGR HOMEROOM 2 'Begzm mlb '71 D and feazdf Ike way P, 0 II ddS 30 JJ YY D524 ii P154 ?3i ?E ?3-I ii-I iii iii 7551 ii-I ?3-i ?3i XLSQFS-I YL! 33-1 334 3624 ?3i QQY X31 HOME ROOM 4 Mrs. Elizabeth King 'Wisdom, Scholarship, and Leadership-Man's Tools of Achievementf :ft Name Nickmwze Mary Cavanaugh Canary Judith Celello Judy Diane Charette Diane Geraldine Chisek Gerri Marilyn Chonko Marilyn Marjorie Coe Marge Donald Contaldi Don Richard Cooney Dick Donna Crotty Donna Dennis Curtin Denn Robert Dahlin Bob Muriel Dalton Muriel Jerry DeCarlo Jerry Nick Di Benedictis Nick Jacqueline Donovan Half-Pint Thomas Douty Tom Raymond Drapko Ray Clementine Duarte Clemey Frank Edmonds ButCh Ronald Errico R011 Louis Esposito Lou Ann Estes Arm Frederick Fairchild Fred Lynn Farkas Lyrm Barbara Favale B2-fb Clayton Fernandes Clayt Beverly Franklin Beaver Barbara Froelich Barb Ann Gallucci Deb Jacqueline Genova J21Cki6 9tAnn Gallucci 5f20f2f?1i7S50i5fPf2f?1i5R5f?1'l?2i3STfPf20f20K5l'1i7554?-3,ST?i?1i,3?1i ?Zi?1i?3'1530s5O'3i?i502' Page One' Hundred Seventy Two 5624 5626 iii iii KD! 3524 7626 56263-1 I-Zi DCD! ii-I 7-Z-1 X24 YD! PQ! ii-I 3526731 1-Z-1 ?3i I-3-1 7-3 HOME ROOM 8 How do we rate? With much resource We're the best of course. Mrs. Kehoe Moira Kinne Gary Knapik Joan Kowalewski john Kowalewski Beverly Krasinsky Linda Krayeske Nicholas Krenitsky Linda Kwasniewski Frank La Bruzza Lorraine Lacourse Shirley Lanouette George La Rose Patricia Lee Harold Lennon Gloria Lord Richard Magas Thomas Mahan Albin Marcisz Loretta Marino William McKenna Robert McNamee Mary D. Mealey Carol Medeiros Alfred Meyers Richard Mezzio Beverly Mezzo Linda Mezzo George Mitchell John Lodge Charles Mitrik Thomas Lompert Gail Mizegki Ronald Molnar PZOSOZOCOSCPTQGQQY30345S'.H?31!?3i5RT2O'L545C2i5S72OfD'0RT2024?3'l7STJi?3'!lK3'IPCD021?3'l5f2fPfDQ'D'! Page One Hundred Seventy Three YY P 7 4 iii iii ?3'l ' 34 ?3'i iii 734 RTX iii iii 2341334 iii KA I' Sharon Monahan Rose Mucha Carol Murphy james Murray Harold Murtha Francis Nardello George Nason Norman Nauges Chester Niziolek Brian Nolan Lawrence Nolan Daniel Noonan Patricia O'Brien Robert Oldakowski Timothy O'Neill HOME ROOM 9 Donald Shopis Dolores Osiecki Emily Painter Phyllis Pape Harold Penwell Ivars Petersons Mary Jane Petro Richard Petrucelli Edward Pichulo Brien Pierce Arlene Pistarelli Helen Pritchard Linda Pritchard Ronald Pruchnicki Beverly Quinn Harold Racevicius K1 i ?Z-4 ?3iKT2Of30i51?3i ?3i?3i?CiDG1i2i!3i?3i?3-1 1-Zi iii ii-1? -1 'Q' -! Page One Hundred Seventy Four 534 7CX YS! V24 F24 ?3-i 113i 1134 ?3i I-3-1 , Zi ?2i iii iii iii ?3i PCPC KD! 2-34 PS4 iii ii K? iii DCD! V21 D34 PCG HOME ROOM 11 BARBARA "BARB" EDLER CHARLES CHUNKYH RADO WILLIAM "BILL" RADO ELIZABETH BETTY" REICH JOAN JOANIE" REILLY TEKLA TEIC' REK PETER LIMEY" RICHARDS ROBERT RIG" RIMKOSKI ALFRED "BUG" ROSA DAVID DAVE" RUPSIS ARLENE AR" RYKOSKI KARL BIG LARK" SCHUMACHER LAWRENCE SCHWARTZIE" SCHWARTZ CAROL JOAN SCULLY" SCULLIN DANIEL DANNY" SCULLIN ROBERT BOB" SEBOLAO RONALD CURLYH SEELEY MARTHA LEE "MARTY" SEITZER RONALD SGRILLH SGRILLO BARBARA JOAN "B, J." SHEEDY GARY BIG GAR" SHEEDY CAROLYN CAROLYNH SHELDON EDWARD SLOM" SLOMCENSKI DONNA SMITH GERALD JERRY" SMITH LEO SMITE" SMITH MARION "MARION" SMITH PAMELA PAM" SMITH JOHN "JOHN" SOLTANAS WILLARD "BILL" SOPER KEVIN "KEV" ST. JOHN JESSICA "JESS" WEGIEL rsaifxziPS45430254C24KTJOGOGGQGK5sT20C2i?3'4?'D45C2OQ51!-?kTX?3-1?3'lDf45!Y2Ps?YL54K5?3-i RA KA Page One Hundred Sevenly Five KDOCX?Z-4 PC2631 ?fD4?C'i kiiiiiiii K? S - scHoLARsl-up T - TEAMWORK V - VITALITY W - WILLINGNESS Z - zEsT HOME ROGM 15 X55G0G45ST24Xf2OQT24?C-132724764kC45s7iYL50-2451345-CiPCA!-Cikiii-C-0GOO4?Ci5Cb4 Page One Hundred Seventy S' N434?Cb473O34bCPO3b5472043O5Q Y24D247EO4DO43Oi?1lP2OlCPZ4PZO3PZO4ID4P34P24 CmzQgr.1l11l1110n5' to CMI of 1960 'blafnbt G3 fl 0 J Xp QZZL W 15 iii! 4 Av Xxiy THE WORLD GEZSAGRAPHY CLUBS Z lo 0 I!! Ry CWS YY V K! X B 0 T X' i R R L D fx, qkvdqffx, 0 FQ' if Xf j If Page One I1lllId7'L'd Sewfl S xy even 3303021 IT IS OUR PRIVILEGE TO EXTEND TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE NAUGATUCK HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS OF 1960, OUR WARM GOOD WISHES FOR A FUTURE OF JOY AND ACCOMPLISHMENT. MAY WE WISH YOU SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS IN ALL THAT YOU DO IN THE YEARS TO COME. United States Rubber Company NAUGATUCK FOOTWEAR PLANT RUB B E R ag.A-'acxaovoocxao'aoA:oc:c2cxbcaocaoeacxacx:goc:o4aocaoc:o4wocwo4?O1PO4'O4'O45O4fO4PO4?O45O' Page One Hundred Sereufy Eighf DZOCOCDOSOSOSOGOSOZOZQ?203034b3472024DS4D3C72!b34D30392054D347S4DGO2024D24 So much depends on the money YOU earn - money YOU save - make it Serve you well! Start building a SAVINGS RESERVE today - for emergencies, opportunities, any purpose you choose - and achieve greater peace of mind the SAVINGS BANK way! . . . i' Naugatuck Savings Bank :ocxocaoeaocmocaofaoeaocaocxzacaooooocaocxzwcaocwocwoocacrooormofzaooeaooocsocsocpocaoc Page One Hundred Seventy Nine 32020202020CDOZO24 C04DOZO503024b34D20C173CKZPCDCb4D2OZO4D4PCD4934 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 7960 NAUGATUCK OFFICE TI-IE COLONIAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY HYOU R COMMUNITY BANK" d'd 'IJ' D21 KD0SOGO30'3O2024P24724R54734?3i?2i?3i?3iK5i5x5i?3'l5G1?3'C'3il-3-0S5i?fL5'!Pi547fLXP3KKD0fD0GC Compffn1efz1f and Bm Wlklvef Of The Naugatuck Dairy Ice Cream Co. aoooc:ocao:aocaocaoc:ocacacaocscxaoeagaxcfxeeagofxcixeewciacxcxiciicixooowc-ocaoc-ez-:-zz-of Page One Hundred Eigfaty Ozze l3O20l4iO2O317Z0Z03OlQ1 Q34T?1bZO2175473C724bZOCD4D2455C724bZ4PCDC5ZQ5CDOZC5l1iC5iC OUR BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS OF EVERY MEMBER OF THE CLASS OF 1960 1' THE NAUGATUCK LUMBER CUMPANY '3fCDf3iO30305050Z03OC?4l7Z4DC345050CD034J2030'2C7CDC7305473C7347247l4PC?O2CPCPC5l4 Page One Hundred Eigbly Two LOOK YOUR BEST 'k Compliments ot BREEN'S The Biggest Little Store In The Country CHURCH STREET NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT D204D020302034KDOG0302 DSKPZOZOZKPSOCXDZQJZGDZCFQCPSOSKPZOGQPGKDZGDSCDZQBZQDZ1 Page One Huazdreu' Eighty Three PSIDGKPCQXGDQCKWGKFGGPCCPQBSKYGQUGG A Cbmplfhlmtf of 1. WI-IITTEMGRE COMPANY ' ' Page Owe Hundred Eighty Four Compliments of The Democratic Town Committee of Naugatuek Pg 0 H d'dE'gfyF' W. 1. MEGIN, INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS 'k Main Office and Yard - 51 Elm Street Phone PArk 9-2235 Naugatuck Connecticut 2'f?24?2'Df20f1i73' Page One Hundred Eigbly Six Compliments of THE FUSCO-AMATRUDA COMPANY Building Contractors for the New High School Building 59 AMITY ROAD NIEW HAVEN. CONN. P34PCDO24724724P34D2034P30203OEQ7Z02472473C721P3037l'DZOZOZOGOZOEPZOZK Page 01111 Iilllidfyd Eighty Se1fcf11 7 b3024b2OCP4724b34D434D2474D4754b24X94P24b24b34b34?3ip20:4554 Complimenlf of THIBGDEAU STUDIO A Mqwf 5GOG4P34DG4P3CP90CO34P4ZP4X94DG4bG47G4b34PC4b3t?CXPG4P3034 P 0 d'd"f, 'f The Perry Press, Incorporated Primer! .Vince 1889 Primers of Naugatuck High Class Book Phone PArk 9-2226 168 City Hill Street Naugatuck, Connecticut COMPLIMENTS OF BETTER BUSINESS CLUB OFFICERS 1959-1960 President-Leonard Zollo Vice-President-Clayton Fernandes Secretary-Rose Mucha Treasurer-Marianne Jcszinci KDOSOZOQDOZOGCb30203D20303C7ZCD3P373C02iP24?31D3D3b372fDS4721724P2C52031 Page One Hundred Eighly Nine' 7G03020247303OZ4bZ04D021D34b2021P24D20304DOZ030SO2020CPOG4D3CbZCD3C721 Compliments of DOOVAL TOOL AND MFG. CO Compliments of SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF NAUGATUCK INC. H ddN' ROOT 8. BOYD, INC. INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE 10 CHURCH STREET TEL. PArk 9-8218 NAUGATUCK, CONN. DOMINIC MINICUCCI, Mgr. WM. H. SCHPERO - JEWELER - 162 CHURCH STREET NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT 'vga' 'DQAA hrs? 'KDOCXK5 'PRAA 71.5 'ina' 'DQJKA "AV '5u2sA "AAA VW A "A.2sA M55 '7K3i?Zi?3-iii-f?3iPS.X' '!D21?3i'1s2i' iii?-2i?34?4DOG1 Page One Hundred Ninely One Comlolimenff of WIGGLESWQRTH, Incorporated Plumbing Sc Heating Contractors 165 MAPLE STREET NAUGATUCK. CONN. Compliments of JUNioRETTEs P24D2020247347302CP247CX75C7Z4D2024D34D21D54D373b31bZ4D3DG4C1G1 P g 0 Hundred Ninety T ' I D21 J2173CX34P'3i2CC0GO20345xT2i '?2i?Z-l?f24KD0ST2'I?3iPRT2i?fL54?Zi?3i?fL5155061 SYLVANIA ELECTRIC PRODUCTS, INC. NAUGATUCK, coNNEcTlcuT COMPLIMENTS OF THE M. FREEDMAN COMPANY NAUGATUCK FASHION CENTER Air Conditioned for Your Convenience Sincere Congratulations on Your Graduation Day 72020247334345351733PZ4Pl0C302473CP302f75f720?4PCPOliP2C3TfP'2C73fPC702f?37l1 Page One Hundred Ninety Three D2024P24724724b20202024b2OSO20247302034D302024bZ473Cb2KD4b51D4D024P49472C?QD4TG1 COMPLIMENTS OF POST JUNIOR COLLEGE A Collegiate School of Business Specializing in Business Education Since i890 DAY AND NIGHT SCHOOL COURSES Business Administration Secretarial Science Program and Accountancy Program Executive Secretarial Business Administration Medical Secretarial Senior Accounting Legal Secretarial Junior Accounting Engineering Secretarial Special Courses Finishing Secretarial Send for 7960 Catalogue 24 Central Avenue Waterbury, Connecticut. PLaza 6-3658 To the class of l96O Naugatuck High School, congratulations on this, the completion of your high-school years, and our sincere wish that the future holds much that is good for you. HOWLAND-HUGHES Waterbury's Friendly Department Store Page One Hundred Ninety Four' xsogaaoc:oeao:Koanoexaocgeacx:oeacxxacacaogaiciaavocxa-:Aaasocxagszycvciafeerciaavca-:-Qcxw:-1 COMPLIMENTS OF COTTON HOLLOW MANUFACTURING COMPANY Compliments of LEO PERTUCILLI LEO'S OIL SERVICE HEATING OILS BURNER SALES AND SERVICE AIR CONDITIONING OF ALL TYPES Phone PArk 9-3749 Page One Hundred Ninety Fiffe bC1724P24P2174D47'24P24D4D4P2Cb31D302CP3024DZ4D2024bG473P2024P21b2i734bZO2OZCPZ4?20CDC COMPLIMENTS or DR. SIDNEY M. GROSBERG COMPLIMENTS OF CULVER FLORIST FLOWERS AND GIFTS 184 Church Street Ncugcutuck, Conn. GO24PC02024P2CP24724734Dl4D24P2020C4i4b24b24P2C724P247202417GOZO30247302Q3034 Page One Hundred Ninety Six Compliments of The Homer D. Bronson Company Compliments of ATLANTIC S7-A7-fcfv 741412 eszmzuz ' Page One Hundred Nizlefy Seven KIPOSOZOZOZCPGOSOZOZOCOZOZOS47CXKD4KD4PCXD2034734734D20G4b4DOS4bCDCb4D03QZ4bZ4 Sfafionery Greeting Cards T Kodaks - Pictures REXALL Typewrifers PHARMACY Cards and Gifis For All Occasions 153 Maple Sf. Ncxugatuck, Conn. S W E E N E Y I S TSISPTIOFIS ART AND STATIONERY STORE NAUGATUACK VALLEY ENGRAVING coMPANY I8 PARK PLACE NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT Telephone PArk 9-2802 :of:oo-of:ocacxaoocxaoocxaoc:oe:o4:oc:ooo4aoooooc:o4:cx:c:cao4:ocao4aoooe:oe:o4gcx:o4 Page One Hundred Ninety Eigbz 73420247ST20x5ii04DOs5?Zil'Z-0Z1F3iI'3'OKZiYC5il'3i?fZi7CP0'Z'l?f20fL50ST2iix5O20CD0f2iP347247C702i Compliments of D. THURSTON'S SONS FUEL AND RANGE ous Compliments of Compliments of MR. AND MRS. JOHN L. MAZILAUSKAS CO. IDRIS R. ALDERSON XD!PC1024F314KBCYD!XTX?fl50fL51?31O-3iPf24?3iP31Of20C2iKT2iKDCF?lF3i!fD0C3lPf2!?f24X2!?fl50Q54Xl5!?i502K Page One Hundred Ninely Niue ?G4b24D24bS4724724b24P2D2024D34724P34D2OZ4D2024D34G4D3024P24bCbO4b47G4724P54D24Z4534 Compliments of JOSEPH L. PICHULO PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTOR Telephone PArk 9-5692 Compliments of JAMES SWEENEY HOME ROOM 6 524D34b24PZ4734524724P34D2024734S4724P34D24b34b24iO2OS4D24724 P34b24D24P24bCD47C024534 Page Two Hundred DZOZQXDCDZOZOSOSG3-A-O24""A "-!3K""A -. x.!!-. -J-2 -.F-! F- -!1x2sKDOGO2024iO3720202l Compliments of CARLSON FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. NAUGATUCK - OAKVILLE Compliments of Compliments of the SQUATRIGLIA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY BROWN DERBY RESTAURANT C. R. Scheithe, Proprietor LANDSCAPING Telephone PArk 9-5753 Page Two Hundred One COMPLIMENTS or N. H. S. DINERS CLUB E. O. C. D. N. H. S. NAUGATUCK WONDER BREAD DAILY NEWS "Dedicated to Community Public Services" Complete Nougatuck, Beacon Falls 8. Surrounding Area Coverage For Best Results Recd cmd Use "Wont Ads" Complete Job Printing Service HOSTESS CAKE Naugatuck - Tel. PArk 9-2228 P5473154D34724734734KD0fD0fD1!3i?'3-013iP30654?-3-4bsT2i?fL51F3iKT2i?fL50s54lbg5iP13iKD4PfL51?3-0si'QC2473 Page Two Hundred Two 7s5i?f20QT2i?fb0C2i?i5OC2015Ox??3iKT2i?3i?'3i?3iKD1?3i?f20f3i?3i?fD'0'?Pf24?fL50x5i?3iP20'3i?3iPf2iYL54 Best Wishes of RITA'S BAKERY TELLERS LUNCHEONETTE 51 Spring street DINNERS - GRINDERS - sANDwlcHEs Union CNY PArk 9-8100 PArk 9-1672 Union City, Conn. NORMAN HAIR STYLIST Compliments of Where Every Hair Style is Ple tMe o 'J m 'Y PREsTo PHARMACY Connecticut's Most Modern Beauty Salon 124 Church Street Air Conditioned For Your Comfort Call Naugotuck PArk 9-2246 Rx Tues.-Sat. 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Fri. till 9:00 p.m. Naugotuck Connecticut 53 Oak Street, Nougotuck Parking for 25 Cars Page Two Hundred Three Have Your Wedding Gown DUFFY'S RESTAURANT Designed and Made For You AND GRILL Order Early At MANUELLA'S Water Street BRIDAL SHOPPE 192 Meadow Street PArk 9-4040 Compliments of WORTH' S Your Store of Smiling Service Compliments of PAUL E. BUCKMILLER 82 Fairview Avenue Naugatuck 1-Zi5C20flH!?3i5K31!iiiifziPfD4?Zibf20Z45K2i7xT247fL5!Xl50x5i5xT2i?fD4?3i5C2ibG02G PZOSOZOGQCOZOZOZG Page Two Hundred Four b3C72030202CX3452C72473C7lO2i72473CD34iO24D21P34PZ4PZOS4D2PZOSOZOZOZOSOZOZC Compliments of Compliments of PARSON'S SCREW PRODUCTS DUFFY'S LUNCHEONETTE Rubber Avenue, Msnvine '64 MC'P'e Sffeef Compliments of Compliments of L. H. RACKE NAUGATUCK HOSE, HOOK 8: 600 High Street LADDER COMPANY NO. I, Nougcutuck Connecti t P ge Two Hundred Five memco AuroMAncs Co"'P'I"'e"'s of 497 South Leonard St. Waterbury JOHN M. SUTHERLAND INC. SCREW MACHINE PRODUCTS - INSURANCE - Neory Building "Service and Quality is our Menon Naugotuck Connecticut THE J. H. TIFFT COMPANY Compliments of PLUMBING - HEATING - OIL BURNERS Culligan Water Conditioning CLARK OIL INC. 38 Cherry Street Nougatuck, Conn. 73PCXY2!520203034KDKYDQDQDQD21YD!?-LS!xiPf32i?i50'3i?G1!3iP34?3-4KT2ii547s5ii5OC2OCXb2O2054 Page Two Hundred Six 73453034D24534P24b3O3O245C2iix5CD2O345-ZiPC15Kl'i5x5034?Zi?24?3iP25bQ5!?3iKD4?3iix5OfLY?3iD31 Compliments of SOARES LIOUOR STORE DR. HAROLD E. DAVIDS 72 Church Street Naugatuck, Conn. OPTOMETRIST Telephone PArk 9-5124 Free Delivery Compliments of MAYFAIR LUNCHEONETTE ' 86 Church Street Naugotuck THE NAUGATUCK POLICE Compliments of MELBOURNE'S FLQWER 5H0p AID ASSOCIATION Rubber Avenue Nougotuck Connecticut Page Two Hundred Seven LEE'S PACKAGE STORE Compliments Of Phone PArk 9-3803 531 South Main Street C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME NGU90fUCk, Connecticut Liquors, Wines and Cordials We Deliver FRED'S HIGHWAY GRILL Complimems of The Restaurant that Specializes in Food to take out 1 American and Italian A FRIEND LIQUORS, WINES, BEER Vince, Pat and Bob Paolino, Props. Coll Naugatuck PArk 9-1152 501-505 South Main St. Naugatuck CHARLIE'S I' f senvlcs STATION CO"'P""e"'S 0 MOBIL PRODUCTS A FRIEND 109 South Main Street Naugatuck, Connecticut Page Two Hundred Eight 521D34KDOZOZOCXDCXbZ03D37203024KD4DZCb2b2CD24P24DS4DC03CP37Z4724D203b24DZ4P21 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 MAYOR ADAM T. MENGACCI JACK LENNERS ERICKSON MOTORS NAUGATUCK LARK DEALER 129 RUBBER AVENUE NAUGATUCK CONNECTICUT PArk 9-8268 PGOGOCDOCOSOZOGOSOSQ7CO3030303CPCO2472OC472CPG4b3fKD4?G4?24PCb47C4P3C73Q534PG1 C4D24D2C73C4C4P3b5472OG45034P24724P30G4P3CDZ4DZO3P3ZO24PG4P34P34320302034 Congratulations and Best Wishes for the future to the Young Men and Women of the Class of 1960 of the Naugatuck High School. RAYMOND G. ANDERSON President ANDERSON CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION CHARLES W. BECKER Builder HOMES OF DISTINCTION SUB-CONTRACTORS NEIL CASINI -- MASON Mariano Bros.-Painting 81 Decorating William DeCarlo-Plumbing 8. Heating Sam Russo 81 Sons-Electrician Compliments of FRANK BUICK 450 Rubber Ave. NAUGATUCK CONNECTICUT f-!F-if-V-lrv !-2 - ?fDKFv!Fv'I vi Compliments of GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE I78 Maple Street 3i?3i?2iPQ54i-34P2'7G0x5iPsT2Ox5iD20347C2i Compliments of DR. EDWARD GERBER, JR. HAPPY'S SERVICE STATION GAS - on - LUBRICATION 379 Rubber Avenue Tel. PArk 9-2217 Compliments of NAUGATUCK INSURANCE AGENCY, INC VALLEY OFFICE 8. EQUIPMENT CO. ARTIST'S SUPPLIES Wholesale and Retail Distributors 20 Park Place Naugatuck, Conn. Phone PArk 9-7145 Compliments of DR. WALTER J. REILLY gJwoc:o4LzRxRAxJRJR!Kxxz-:QA1-vx!.!!.!!v!!.wg.,w.x:-.!F.vgx,-.!f.wgJx:4N,-vgfocaocx Page Two Hundred Nine DSC P-2324!-HD'D4!-!F-!!Q54PfD4!.xb20202f9CbO20ZOG4724bCD45lP24 Compliments of M. A. GREEN JEWELERS 8. SILVERSMITHS Quality Since 1898 Waterbury, Connecticut Compliments of DONOVAN'S PHARMACY Rx 217 Church Street Ncugcutuck, Conn. Compliments of COREY BROTHERS 99 Cherry Street Nougcituck, Connecticut Compliments of DR. KENNEDY Compliments ot FASHION CORNER BEAUTY SALON Tel. PArk 9-3006 53 Rubber Avenue Nciugcituck, Conn. Compliments ot A F R I E N D b2024D3PZ4P24P24P2034?Z4Z034D20CO24D34D24bS4b2D21Z4C473ib24DS024KDOG020302- Page Two Hundred Ten P494530247302172024P2024D203DC4D2034PSCD24iOZCDS4D3CD24D3fCQP3034D3D3C73D34D21 CARRQLL BILL'S SERVICE STATION 36 Maple Street 81 PERFUMES Tel. PArk 9-8120 Naugotuck, Connecticut 156 Church Street Naugawck Hours 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Compliments of MURRAY'S DELICATESSEN 176 Church Street Nclugatuck, Conn. Phone: PArk 9-8052 ANDROPHY'S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Naugcituck Connecticut Compliments of Compliments of ANDREA'S GIFT SHOP DR. E. H. DELANEY ?24P202472024KDO20247Z4D247S4i4P24D2CD2C924724D2CiC72472OS1PZOCOCDOZOZOZOZOG4 Page Two Hundred Eleven 5303034734P2034b3034DZ4b24b34724b2KD04DCb34PC0202Q7C4DSOZOZOCXKZDOCOZOCDOZOZC Compliments of Lester W. Brodeur Complimenfs of LESTER'S PHARMACY UNION CITY PHARMACY Rubber Avenue Nougcntuck Connecticut Compliments of Tel. PArk 9-3420 32 Rubber Ave. WILSON CLARK TRUCKING O'DELL'S SERVICE STATION ESSO GAS - OIL - GREASE - TIRES LANDSCAPING GRADING BATTERIES PArk 9-6973 REPAIRS - ACCESSORIES Compliments of Compliments of GLICK'S GROCERY STORE WEISSMAN'S GROCERY Cotton Hollow Page Tufo Hundred Twelve P21 P3321 P24 D21 D24 D34 32563-U'Z'I ii-lil-WZ-I Pilkllli-Z-fiiiiiiiliili 7s57CD1?f21 D34 YL! D21 734 724 Compliments of MAPLE LEAF GRILL Compliments of WALT'S 18 Church Street Compliments of GRAND UNION "The Best For Less" 60 Church Street Nougotuck, Conn. Compliments of STEPHEN J. SWEENEY INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE AL'S BAKE SHOP 432 Rubber Avenue Finer Dry Cleaning Since 7907 Nougotuck Connecticut 78 Church Street Phones PArk 9-2022 or PArk 9-4132 Phone PArk 9-3623 lfiliiliPiikfiiliilikiiliili?'L5'f?f'l?Z'i?I'ii547-2i1'1'U'2'OI1'1?3'i?Zi 3' Ii?Z'I?Z'I' Page' Two Hundred Thirteen Compliments of Compliments of RUDY'S RESTAURANT DR. EDWARD M. LERMAN Compliments of Compliments of WILLIAM J. OLDAKOWSKI HANS H. GRIESBACH AND FAMILY D. D. S. Compliment' of Compliments of RUB'N'5 Blu. RADO'S VARIETIES MENS AND BOYS' CLOTHES . THE STORE THAT HAS EVERYTHING I60 Church Street Open Everyday 5:00 o.m. Thur Midnite Nczugcztuck Connecticut I CALL PARK 9-8107 acxacxmoeao4x:ocxx:x:cx:cxx:xaooc:4:o4:oc:ooocao4:o4acSoo4:cx:o4ao4:ooooocaoocx:o4:o4 Page Two Hundred Fourteen 6021P24P24KBCD21720GOfD!?fl50Z1?Z-1!-Zi?3'!YL50s5i5sT2i?i5K?3i7CP0ST2' Compliments of DR. LEO L. TYLEC T Compliments of DR. VICTOR CASELLA Compliments of DR. WILLIAM E. HILL, JR Compliments of DR. DAVID D. BLUESTONE Compliments of MASCOLA TAILOR Telephone PArk 9-8857 Compliments of GANS HARDWARE Page Two Hundred Fifteen DCC 720247Z4KD0302024?2020G472021KD4bGCD24BCi547CXbGCbZ47Z473 ?SOZOZ02030ZOZ034 Compliments of HOME MARKET INC. ' Compliments of T. F. BUTTERFIELD, INC. Compliments of RAY'S HARDWARE 160 Rubber Ave. Nougcatuck Connecticut Compliments of MAXIE'S PACKAGE STORE 436 Rubber Ave. Naugotuck Connecticut PArk 9-6270 O'TOOLE'S PHARMACY Flowers For All Occasions TOM'S FLOWER SHOP FLORIST 430 Rubber Ave. 434 Rubber Ave. Nqugmuck Connecticut Naugatuck Connecticut Free Delivery G E OTOOLE Reg Phar THOMAS SECZEPKOWSKI, Prop. Phone PArk 9-6251 Page Tu'o Hundred Sixteen C0mP'f"'en'S of SURRY'S BAKE sHoP scHooL sr. MARKET ,71 M,,,,,e me, PeI'n"lII'Iee Nqugqfuckl Connecticut 39 School Street Union City, Conn. PA,-k 9-3015 Compliments of Dress Rlghl You can't afford not to! KOPPENHEIMER GOOD CLOTHES CURTAIN SHOP FITZGERALD 111 Bank Street 17-21-25 EostMc1in Street Waterbury Connecllcul Waterbury Connecticut Compliments of DRIVE-IN MIKE'S SERVICE STATION CLEANERS - TAILORS 45 Bridge Street PArk 9-8126 "Let's Be Clothes' Friends" 428 Rubber Avenue Naugotuck Union City, Connecticut At The Big "Cleaner" Sign Page Two Hundred Seifezileen Compliments of b WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 26 Church Street WESTERN AUTO SALES 81 SERVICE I I I Rubber Avenue ROSSI SHOES ROSSI TOT SHOP 76 81 92 Church Street Nougctuck Connecticut Compliments of NAUGATUCK RESTAURANT 32 Church Street ADELPHI Paints that Last Distributed by STOKES PAINT 8. WALLPAPER I 02 Church Street Ncugotuck Connecticut CONN'S MUSIC SHOP Naugatuck House Of Music Phone PArk 9-5287 88 Church Street Nciugcituck Connecticut Compliments of NAUGATUCK HARDWARE I89 Church Street Nougcituck Connecticut Page Two Hundred Eiglalewz woozbocacmoocxwcaocxaoocxacxacvocxicixc-4wcbocxx:-ofeogvceciwc-oow:w:-zwciwc'wciaawacxyaaom Compliments of HANDY DOUGHNUT SHOP SIDNEY WEISS Compliments of R' R' JEWELRY AND GIFTS DR' GEORGE DU BOIS 17 Maple Street Naugatuck, Conn. Compliments Of Compliments of HQME RESTAURANT ROSENBLATT'S DEPT. STORE 83 Maple Street Naugatuck, Conn. 93 Maple Street x:wc:o4:ocaocaoc:o4:o4:ocaoe:o4ao4:oc:ocwc:cwoc:ooc:4:cx:ocwocao4aocaocrooo4bo4vc:ooQo1:o4 Page Two Hundred Nineteen Tel. Seymour 6772 VALLEY MOTOR TRAILER SALES Americc:'s Finest Mobile Homes THERE IS MUCH OF TOMORROW Compliments of 'N OUR DR. HEACOCK MAKES OF MOBILE HOMES TODAY Route 8 Beacon Falls, Connecticut Compliments of TOWN 81 COUNTRY CLEANERS Beacon Falls Connecticut SHOP AT MARTY'S CORNER MARTY'S PATENT MEDICINE CANDY AND ICE CREAM NOVELTIES I53 Quinn Street Nougatuck Phone PArk 9-8166 - We Deliver - Compliments of BEACON LUNCHEONETTE Ida and Paul Mclciorcuwski Compliments of CHICOSKI'S MARKET MEATS AND GROCERIES Fnulrs AND VEGETABLES Phone PArk 9-3708 81 South Main St. aoeacxaoc:oooc:o4:c:4:o4:o4ao4:o4aocacxxoracacaocacxxbocxaoraocwocaoracpcmoeaoewocaofxbeaom Page Two Hundred Twenty H. W. WILCOX PATENT MEDICINES Beacon Falls, Conn. Compliments of ANNENBERG BOWLING ALLEY 102 Church Street Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of NAUGATUCK - EMBLEM CLUB No. 160 GAWITT'S MARKET 157 Quinn Street Nougotuck Connecticut Compliments of CENTRAL BARBER SHOP Beacon Falls Connecticut D34 734 DG! 321 D24 524 534 P34 KD! D24 ?3i D34 Pi! F3-4 7524 Pii iii YD! ?Zi iii ii ' iflliii iii iii ?Zi iii ?3i Page Two Hundred Twenty One zorbocaocaocaocaocwoeaocaocaoc:ocwo4:oc:oc:o4aoc:o4x:c:oraoc:oc:oeSO4pO4SO4,O4,O4,O4,O4,OQ MURRAY'S DELICATESSEN Compliments of l75 Church Street COFFEE SHOP Nciugotuck Connecticut 83 Maple Street Ncxugatuck PArk 9-8052 RAYMOND M. SHEA REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Neciry Building 203 Church Street l8O Ru Compliments of ED ANDERSON'S USED CAR LOT bber Avenue Ncugatuck MEZZIO'S SERVICE STATION BRAKE SERVICE and REPAIR FRONT END SERVICE Compliments of BEACON MOTORS Route 8 228 Riverside Drive Beacon Falls Connecticut 743043021DZKKDOZOCDOZOZOSKb203CJ54P3452472034734D5Cb30i03472024bCD1DZ03CD2Cb34b2C Page Two Hundred Tufefzfy Two 'CLAPP - ROSE 8. VAUGHN, INC. ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION - ENGINEERING SERVICE - HOME APPLIANCES STORE AND OFFICE - 11 LEWIS STREET WATERBURY 20, CONNECTICUT Telephone PLOZO 4-2129 Established T900 Complimenfs of CHI UPSILON James and Doris Aquavia :oc:ocaoc:oc:o4aoc:o4x:4aocao4:o4:oc:o4ao4ao4aoc:ocaocaoe:ocao4x:aofso4so4poqsO4,O4,O4,O4 Page Two Hundred Twenty Three Compliments of Compliments of AL'S MEAT 8. DELICATESSEN 46 Prospect St. TALEVI'S FURNITURE STORE Union CNY COLONIAL AND MODERN pArk 9-1920 FURNITURE Gifts for all members of the family 628 South Main St. PArk 9-8271 Compliments of GUS'S PACKAGE STORE 421 North Main St. Compliments of BARBIERIO'S PIZZERIA 5PeCl"'iZi"9 in CHUCK'S FRIENDLY SERVICE APizzA, SPAGHETTI, 8. GRINDERS 531 North Main St. 126 North Main St. PArk 9-8043 Union City, Connecticut 5xT20204DCf2i?Ii?Zi?3iPGO3O-ZiXTX?3i?l'i?3iPi54?3ibCD0fD4?3-1P30G0CPPG4bCbOCD47CDCZ4D202024 Page Two Hundred Tuieizfy Four BEA'S FLOWER SHOP Compliments of 686 Rubber Avenue Telephone PArk 9-8451 CQQNEY'S MARKET Flowers for All Occasions Compliments of Compliments of RAYMOND J. ST. JOHN FRANK AUTO BODY TOWN CLERK Union City Connecticut JG4X9CC03054724PG47347373C034C4PG4754P3472OG4DZC7347C47GO24PCDOCPOCXDCXPSOCPOCQ Page Two Hundred Twenty Five JH' fly A X J' f , ,L , , 1 , my ' 5 wiv Af, 4 E, 1 . Ai- '72 :fp '- -f nf 5 E5 ' ,4 , M H' K ai 11: , . 1: if ,L if K - .1 W5 Q. , .1- xf- 1 xf, 'iff ' A .5 -- fa-V f - uw. -W ae' -1 ,f .al , H A, . , Kg, .K .H SZ 'fl 13 I, 4 :rj 1-2 'V ' :ii sf 2193 x 'iz ' P3144 urf'.U?gz' 3'fX2I??Nzz:?9'fX -V ,L,. , 7.m, W L.V,. 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Suggestions in the Naugatuck High School - Greyhound Yearbook (Naugatuck, CT) collection:

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