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Naugatuck High School - Greyhound Yearbook (Naugatuck, CT) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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1 F ' ,. ft g 4 1 ' 4. "1 'U wk ff Wk" li - HQ, M1 1. -J Y ' nfvj,nA.u JJ fxEff ,f LU, A r,. I . Azz, V15 H IQH THEGREYHQUND I I X Ix I I I I + E Q E559 Qliuam Wiueri vx!.T?xrXF'KidqeJs4 THE GREYHOUND 5 s X Page Four NAUGATUCK HIGH SCHOOL 'l'lllZ CiRliYllOUNlD MR ,IUIIN HOXVARD XVHlT'l'lZlNlORl llut lull' so wcl beloved .1 mlm is hc Nc was thcr ncvcrc in fourt, of his dcgrcc HQ was so gcntil of condicioum 'l4h.1l throughout .ll the world was his renown Al ol his dcdca. Faye' 1511 L' THE GRIHYHOUND Q - I I Y ' THE BEVY P.4,qL Six .l.lCllLlCllI'lC Ardry 'l'lIli GRFYIIOUND 'lllli EDITORIAL S'l'AFF Cn-Ijzfilnr i -111-Clvlef lhomas Behrman Kathryn Kissane fljjjlfilllf Ifrfilnri Martha Lundin Marcin Mertelmeyer Souza! Cfllllllllffvt' Karen Carlson Qllflftlfllllll Lois Fox Betty Mazaika Sylvia Ohst Wailter Andrew Mrs. Roger Anderson Kevin Daly Roger Brennan Xxfilliam Caulfield Angela DeCarlo Shirley Gahrielski Irene Gesek Mary Grabowski Francis Morrow Roslyn Kosakoski Genevieve Mareisz Arm lllet Linda llklund A rl jean Sabio Mary Penrose- fflffl Pf70I!lgI'.IfIf7I S11 nr! i' Ralph Tripp fldI'c'l'lllHlg Louis Farrar T13 ping Ellen Butwill Banlnltq ll"'i'1le-Uj2,i Eileen Fitzgerald Dorothy Galnianelli Florence Phillips Franris Morrow IWW Bruce lirit kson Manuel Oliveira judy Foley Lenore Klot Howard Schwartz joan Owens Lorraine Peck Frances Vieira Thomas Behrman jean Sabio Larry Terra Mrs. Elma Eames- 'f'ltlIIflL'f Tlw Firrlzlri Adimir-Miss Louise Grainger fillet Si 1 i 71 l'I'Il2 GREYHOUND Pzlgt lffgbf UCATION ED ARD OF BO THE Tl lll GRIZYIIOUND Tl Ili PROLOCEUIZ Aa we eloxe thix high sihool chapter in our hook ol life .md prelmre to turn the page to .1 new .mil ilil'l'1.i'eiil period. let us pause as our thoughts rex ert to that reieiitly completed and colorful ilmpteix Our ye.1ix .it Naugy High have been among the liiippiut in our lives. 'Ihey will not soon be forgotten. The liriendsliips .ind lop we h.1x'e 5l1.iiul will loom high Among our lionilest memories. May The Greyhound help to preserve them, Wetl1c'Cl.1ss ol' 193-i look lvOI'W.lI'Ll to the lulure with .ill the fonfidence ol' youth, l"e.ii'lessly .mil eagerly we turn the page. KM HRYN Kiwwif Ilzgii .Ylfn THE GREYHOUND MRS. MARY G. PENROSE lily 'Im 'I I Ili CQRIQYI IUIINIJ 'l'IIl2 DIiIDiC NI Iii-N It xx xxxtlm .1 xurncm Iwllxmg ui igr.1tltmIg .1mI XVIIII Input of IIINI wmmIIx IIuI1 IQII .1pp1'u1.1t1o11 tI1.1I xw IIIQ C,I.1w ' I ' ' I mic our nI.lsxIm0Ix. 'IIN CQrq'I1oumI. to MIN Mary I'c1m Alxmyx rn-.uiy to .lwul III our CIXLIIIIIIQ .xml mrrul .mul ilu, who Ims ruL.1IuI tu us Inu' KILJIIXL .md .lrtlstu p mulxty, IDIIIIIIIQ OLII tom' yullx. Mix. Iiuuxwwu Ins mov 4ijLlIL'I'UlI I NIl.II'L'kI xx1tI1 LIN Inf Lxlumtx .lx Iwotlm tc.uIu-1' .HMI .IIAIINI Mn In' umtnup lu IIIIIRIVI tluwc AQIIIN Im' 111.1l1y ymrx to umm Ii.-XIIIILYN KIWINI lily lfl 1 I fx ISL THE GREYI-IOUND MR. RAYMOND K. FOLEY Page Twrlrc Tllll GRIZYIIOUND To 'lille Cmss or 195-iz lt .iffords me sincere pleasure .md profound s.1tisf.1ction, to extend to e.ic'h member of your class the congr.1tul.1tions of our entire faculty. Erich teacher joins with me in the wish that the future will provide happi- ness, success .md good fortune for every graduate of 193-i. Your four brief years, .is students in NLlLlgLlfL1L'k High School, have p.issed xery quickly. You .ire now prepared to continue your lives in the l-:ind of America you want-.1 country that is free, peaceful .ind prosperous ---the kind of America which your fore-fathers built .ind handed clown to you. This building was not done by men of little lltitli. but r.lther by men of courage who had confidence in themselves. lt now depends on youvand other young Americxinsr to h.ue the courage .ind strength to keep your world its you want it to he. Do not be .ifraid of the future. Have faith-be optimistic- .ind remember no one yet profited by selling America short. Your opportunities for self-expression .incl le.idership .ire limitless. l .lm c'eit.un that .ill of your aspirations c.1n be re.ilizc-cl .ind that .tll ol your LlI'C.ll1'l'a Lllll come into existence. I .im grateful to each grgicluate for cooperiition throughout your high school yc-.irs. May God bless you. forever. RAYix1oNti K. l:Ol.IfY. l'.1,uc' Tlljiftcll TH E GREYHOUND J' 4: ' MR. HAROLD E. CHITTENDEN Page FUIIVIFL ll THE GRIZYHOUND CLASS OF 1954 lt is always .1 pleasure and a privilege to extend felicitations to the graduates through the medium of the annual class book. Our High School here in Naugatuck has a splendid record of thirty years of successive books of which we may well be proud. Throughout this period of the scho0l's history these have served as a source of information concerning the gradu- ating classes as well as a life long record and history to each and every graduate. As I write what is probably my last message for these books it is with the hope that this tradition may be continued as one of the many outstanding achievements of the Naugatuck High School. And now to the members of the Class of 195-fi may I express my sincere congratulations for all that you have accomplished thus far and my best wishes for whatever may be before you in this new age. It has been a pleasure to work with you since your kindergarten days and I am certain that I can speak for all concerned with education in this Borough when I express the wish that the future may be bright for you and that success may crown your efforts. I shall watch your progress with the same degree of interest I have had for your predecessors, and now au revoir but not good-bye. H. E, CHITTIENDEN .page Fzfltnz THE GREYHOUND Pugc Sixn L Il MR. CHITTENDEN AND THE BOARD 'I'l Il: 1QRl.Yl1OllNlD ' I-'ARliWlf1.1. TO MR. C1111 'I'1ZND1iN XV1' 511111111 11.111-1111111 111 113g.11'11 M11 C1111111111111 .11 1111111 111.111 .1 S11111'1'11111'11111'111. 111'1.111sc s11111' our y11111111'111 11.1ys 111 1111 w111 11111'g.11'1111 111- 11.1x1' 1111111111 111111 .1s 11111' 1.I'ILI111. 111 w.1x 1 11x .11 0111 1-1131 111111's111111' 111 g1'.1111111.1r s1111111l, XN'1lLIl 111' I11'cs1111111 us 111111 11111' 11111l11111.1s. 1111113 XVL 11.111 lux w.1r111 .1111 1 w1111c1'c w111'11a 111 111111151-1 II1 11111' 11111111 13f011lL'Thv .11111 s1s11'1w films Iiuoks, IXIIK1 now 111' is Wl'11lI1g 1115 1.1s1 111111111g1'.11111 Ill 1115 01-1-1' 111.11 1.111.11'11y Ill '1411L' C'1r1'y1111111111. 1,.lf11I1KQ is .l1WLlyS sw1'111 s111'1'11w. XV1 11111 .111 I'L'.1111Illg 1111 11111 1114 11111' l11g11 811111111 L1.lyN. .15 111' IS 1111111111111 111 .1 1111w1' 1118 111.1111'11111' 'L.lfx 111 5 F' 1 .11'11x'11y .ls our S1111Cr1111111111'111, 11111 C1111111111111. 111- WlN1I 11111 111.111y WL11 111's1r11'11 y1'.1rs 111 111.11111 .11111 11.111111111xx .11111 1111111111111c111 XV1' 11111 21511111 111111' 31.111 111.11 you 1'1111.1111111 10 Q1'.11111.111' WVI111 1111- f.1.1sx 01 1 1 IOM' l'.1-1j1 .Y1111,'l1111 THE GRIZYHOUND Tllli NAUGATUCK HIGH SCHOOL IVACULTY Mit. RM'rnoNn K. lfolaay, Pl'Illl'IfI1!I Miss lflorenee I-. Antlerson Mrs, Nellie S. Beatty ....,...... Mrs. Kay V. Bergin .......,. Miss Mary S. Burke ..... Mr. Thomas j. Byrnes ...... Miss Matleleine li, Caine Mrs. Mary D. Casey .......,., . Mr. Henry S. Cieslewski .... Ann G. Cretella ....... 7l'Miss Colette M. Daly .... Miss Mr. jesse lx Davis ............... Mrs. Lucille P. Davis ..,..... t'fMrs. Frances M. Dickerman "'Mrs. lllma N. liames ,.... mMiss Mary ll. Emerson ..... Mrs. Margaret M. lfulton 'l'Mrs. Emily C. Gibbs ..,..... Mr. George F. Goodwin .,..,. HkMiss Louis Grainger ......,., Mr. Davitl Habel ...,.,..,., Mrs. lfthel M, Honan .,.,.. Mr. Franklin E. johnson ..... I f 't'Mr. john lxane . ..,.......,..... .. Mrs. Elizabeth CI. King ..,.,.. WML Alexander j. Krayeske . Mr. Raymond A. Legenza .. Mr. litlwartl j. Mariano ,.,.. . Mrs. jeanette W. Matzkin Mr. ljtlwin C. Miller ......... . XMiss Dorothy M. Moss .... Miss Della H. Nyberg .... Mr. Herbert G Phelan .. Mrs. Mary G. Penrose ...... Mr. joseph Ruggerio Mr. Leon Sarin .............. Miss Virginia A. Smith .... Mr. Robert G Stahl .......... I. II. !f1lll'7l1III.flll .........S'lLzfognzjllvy. Offire I'fm'fire. B11,ri11e.r,r P:'0fed11re.r I. II. Erzgliyla I .............................,7lj'f7L'Il'I'IIIIIg I. II .......flm'iez1f IIA-fury. U. S. Hirfory ....................G?ll6I'4ZI Sriefzre. IjngIi.rI1 I ................,.................AIgebm I, Geomeiry .......Dirc'rf0r of Girlr' Pbyriml Edlmztiou I, II, III Geomefrjg Algebra II. 'I'i'igw1r1111cff1'j'. Solid G'f'!N1l9II'Y'j'. Prm'liz'aI 1VIalbez11a1ic'.r ..........I3r10IeI2eej1ing I. II, Banking, Bll.fI7I8,f.t' Pr0c'ed1zre.r .......lV'w'Id fljrffny. lWm'IzI Geography, ClH'I'6'7lf Hirlary .............,................................ Lalm I, II. III. IV ...............................Bi0I0gy, Ge1zeraISrience ........,Ij11gIiJb IV. Senior Aflirilier. Dranzatizix . ........,......... Gwzertzl Sbfip. Merlvauiml Dmirifzg .......Bm'iz1e.r5 P1'm'edf11'ar. BIl.t'IIlC'.f.t' MnfIne11mtir.r ................................Cilize11.rbip. U. S. Hirlofy .....................Gw1ef'r1I Shop .....................EngIi.fb III. IV . ...... Plwjyrhir. Gefffwmzl Sriefzre ..............,ljjrerlnr of Atbleliar f2fB1I.fkl'Ibr1II S. Hirlm'-y. Ef1gIi,rl1II,III .......E11gIi.fIv II. III. Drjrer Iidlfrafiozz .............I-Iowa mul Family Living Il ........G4'IlL'I'l1l Slwjr Orfbeffm ..................................Aer0mz11lir.r. Cbemiflrj' ................Pr0bIem.r of IDcf111nfmry. Emn0mir.r . ................... If11gIi.rIv I, Gwzerfzl Mfzflweumliiir. Geomelry YDepartment Chairman rln Absentia lime Iffgfrlt t II MR. BYRNES MISS CRIZTELLA MRS. if X I - '- I 1 if if fx I O I I Q If Quai Wulf GREYHOUND ' V2 THE ifAciUm'Y -Q 3 '0- . Q I - . aff. .' 4 U Z 7 ! . ' . XB , 5 S IH I IXIIIS. i5IfRC1IN MISS ISIARKIJI I K.. IX 1, fzsmq of-6AQfvf4-. 1 ,F Q ' ' ' ' CfIIiSI.If'xY,SKI ,Qi A an Q V eng if . Q us- A I MISS DALY 'x , 5 , . sz. . ,x 3 It-A1 . 9 ,Y I- I . MRS. IZAMES MR. DAVIS R5 MISS E SON MRS. FULTON Page Nf ' f Q THE GREYHOUND Anus 4 5,3 5' -Xp Mks. umm MR. GOODWIN MISS GRAINGIZR MR. HABEL ' rw' MR, KANE ll MR, MRS, HONAN MR. JOHNSON 4 4 v " 6 NIQIREKING V- f' MR. KRAYIZS Q - , I O , fl, .,. Aff , . , 2, - H it A Y' f -u '.f A o ' . ', 'i , ' J' Q. b 1,2 V, ' ,gl " - .,,' 4 MR. MARIANO MRS. Mwrzxm , Pdgv T111 1115 1 I 191- 'l'lll2 CQREYHOUND X lb. ' S X , .5155 . W Uznkyjc. , , , ' I-l?.:.'l.u. ...f:."1?: I xx NN QJX MR. MIl.I.l2R Ix l. NOQ HSS NYHIQRU F 1 V' , MR. I'lIliI,AN MRS. PIZNROSIZ MR. Rl fvfvlilllfl if ,-ov' NK SARIN RUSS 5MlTH MR SVAHI. Y jx-1 9,5-aj W 151,141 'lluufbm Um MISS W x -1 MISS MQCARTHY M ISS BRAZIS THE GREYHOUND 5- MISS BROOKS MRS. VVILCOX MRS. GRUNER MRS. XWYSOCKI MR. POSCQOVITCH l'.1,uL 'I uufl-1 Tun ,D -,. W 11 ?', I 5 ' ' A. MISS Dl'lfI4Y 4l MR, NOI.DIi INIR. INIQKIION 'Ii JI THE GREYHOUND MR. MILTON BIZRKOXVITZ Septeinber 8, 1949 june 19, 1953 T K4 Wlieii Naugatuck High staged its first annual Talent Revue in 1950 it was due to the efforts of Mr. Berkowitz, nur band and nrehestra direetnr. He and his trumpct were always to be found, leading the band at every fnotball game. Though we miss his musital talent, we wish him success in the future. MR. THOMAS DICQKSON l:ehru.u'y 9, 1955 june 19, 1953 As our Industrial Arts instructor, Mr. Dickson was always willing tu help in nur activities and especially in printing tickets for nur mQ,'i'iad sutial affairs. Though his tenure at Naugatuclc High Sthnnl was brief, we remember his gentlcmanly, responsive personality. MISS lil.lZANOR M. VUI2l.l.ES ' September 6, 1922 -Iune 19, 1955 Qs ln September 1953. we regretfully learned that Miss We-Iles lb. had retired. During thirty years nf teaching Latin, she revealed W rn: only a thorough knuwledge uf her suhject but that wisdom and kindness which made her far superiur to the ordinary teacher. Har fiiendliness and ready smile endeared her tn thus: who stinlied under her. May she have happiness ad infinitum in the years tn llllllli. Ililige T111 my Tlaruc ...-WW. THE GREYHOUND X x x 11 1 . 4 i J .,,., Vr .J ,...,- '.'.,j'17f', , 4' 1 , .I ,'5 Zfnq. in ,fi ' ' . .Z if 1 ' A 3 ,I 5 fff if ' L 4' --3 f -K. ' lf'34'5,..-:ar 'ff-,, x ' If f- ar sz Diff ff ff. sf -' 21- All 4-l xv .J N 1 "M.. I e,S?r'.r , . ' fi ,141 - . , , 5 -if.,-!4fq, 1 .a1"a'f ., ' . A, ',, a ,4 ,, 'il 1 ,. , AJ. .4 - . THE C20-EDITORS-IN-CHIIEF l'.1.uu 'I'u'f.'ul.3 l"w4f N XXA I iq., . lr- -....'... Q I iz, 1' - . 4, 'l'Hli GRIZYIIOUND Tl-Ili EDITORIAL Cflasfmates, as we proceed to assume a new task, the task of leading our glorious country out of these tumultuous, worldly troubles which beset it. the path will be no super-highway. As we struggle along, Communism will be nipping at our heels, ever trying to veer our course. Eternal vigilance must be ours in dealing with these mur- derous men who do not even believe in God! Iiducation today has reached the highest standard in history. In as much as highly qualified men and women instruct us, we study the texts of the expert minds among our professional people. Every method is approached to broaden our outlook on life. All of these objectives are aimed at a thing called success, which should be our success. Today's educators realize the horrendous danger in the world today and sincerely urge us to choose a vocation not lightly but after due deliberation if we would succeed at it. They are wary of the fact that floundering, cliscontented people are vulnerable to cor- ruption and tyranny. Now some of us may aski " is success?" Success is a very intangible thing. lt is defined as the gaining of wealth and positiong good fortune, favorable resultsg wished for ending. Take your choice. I personally prefer the last because it includes the personal element of striving for a goal. Many of us will never achieve OLII' childhood dreams but success may be reached in many other ways. How about the feeling of personal satisfaction when we cast our first vote? Many of our boys will step from N. H, S. into the uniform of Uncle Sam's armed services. How about the personal pride that will be ours, knowing that we stand ready to protect our family, our town of Naugatuck and our country if the need should arise. I am convinced that in our first seventeen years, the need for Gods guidance has been manifest to all of us. Witliotit Gods help you and I are nothing. The need for reassuring sceptics of our dependance on the Almighty has been recognized by our president who recently initiated a "Back-to-God movement." As the pendulum of fortune starts to swing toward us, the leaders of tomorrow, we must gircl ourselves for the battle. The heritage and traditions of the grandest country in the world will be ours but so will the gigantic responsibilities. We cannot realize the adjustment that faces us but the feat must and will be accomplished. May God bless each of us. May we find ac'c'omplishment. contentment and gratifi- cation in the course of our adult lives. T. B. 1'.1,qt T1c't'r1!,i liirc' HIE GREYIIOUND Ilzxqu 'l'1uu!,3 SIA' THE BOARD IIH C.Rl1NIIUl'XID ww Illl CLASS M0110 I ISSI OIUXM VI D Qlo lx IIIIILIA tlmn to NL my IAS5 GUI Ill I AND S ,ORS 7 ILXIR LASS VIOXY I R CA MITLLIA I ff ,,', f ,Nyfw THE GREYHOUND INIARTHA LUNDIN MARCIA MERTELMEYER Auiytafzt Editor A-Ui-ffdffl Edimf KATHRYN KISSANE Co-Edilm' 'ua' PfJ0l0g7'L1fIbil' Edil0f C1451 Begg!-1 Page T1l.'L'lIlj' Eight THE GREYH OUND KAREN CARLSON JEAN SABIO Srzriuf Commillcc ,ffl Cffmzzzlillu THOINIAS BEHRINIAN Co-Ifdilor .IACQUELINE ARDRY FRANCIS MORROVV Quolulioru Committee ff WHL 'Y M111-I.Uff' P.lxQt Tzzmlvx Xim THE GREYH OUND ROGER BRENNAN JUDY FOLEY 119' 0"df0'f Adzwlifmg - Clam Pm! Adm riixiug LOUIS FARRAR Ad 1,'6'7'liJilI g Manager GENEVIEVE MARCISZ SHIRLEY GABRIELSKI Financial Typing Page Tbiny THE GREYHOUND THOMAS BEHRMAN KATHRYN KISSANF Treaxurer Serrciur-5 KEVIN DALY Pre rid: nt Q LIANUEL AIHIVEIRA CHRISTOPHER SHEEDY Clint Ref1n'rw1h1tiIL' VW-Pff"fd1"1' Ivy Omlar llrgn 'I'fwir'l'3 Um' ,647 .WJ .fl X 9 I 7 4 'Z-, TH 13 GREYHOUND -I fr kv . '-y., 3--1 "S-K lillm Tffiflwx 'I H17 THE CO-EDITORS-IN-CHIEF AND THEIR ASSISTANTS Z' Q f ' , 1-ff' li 4 'x THE GREY! IOUND I lilyu Ybirty I Dru' xl' THE ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE THE GREYHOUND THE ADVERTISING COMMITTEE Iizgu Thirty Four tl, "A- G A F 5 THE GRIZYHOUND ,av- f I Page Tlvirlg Six '9- 21 ROOM T1-IE GREYI IOUND Page Thirty Sum ll ROOM 22 l'HE GRIEYHOUND ' 4v.e1v-" LW' -"' P.1.qu Tbirlg Eight ROOM 23 THE GRIEYIIOUND i Page Thirty Nim l - 2 1 - i K ROOM 24 THE GREYHOUND Page lforty 25 OM RO W ww Y' WY? for THE GREYHOUND ROGER ANDIEIISIEN THIE RA-IAH Ccntml Avenue llirlurlr Fllllllll. 1,lLljtlIt ul '54 Hi-Y ' Ntllb Club I-:mth Club ' flllfjvllf llllfllfj fill!!! 5 I-. Q aa- IT IS IXCITI I I'N'l' 'IO IIAYI' :X Gl.XlN'I' S i'I'RIfNG ' Witli his puissmt inrtstulinc physiqu., Ruger walks in .I wnrltl , .ill his own. Hc takes lifc Lx.rLtly .rs it mrncs. without .my undu- exertion, without any unduc excitement, I ROGER W. ANDERSON HOPPY Salam flrliriliii Cummllltt '52-'54 JIU-Sl.1!t Cbrnnr '54 A C.l1ull.1 Clmir '51-'54 flmlm-l"1r1r.1l Aide Cliff: Golden Luft 01-I'fwlnymffliir Ifdllm. Ylu Girm-ibulrlld iNv.IllfHI.l! llr,-nur Snriclbi Glllli NII1 ,X Ill I I3 'IU PIIUYI7 MY I'lI'IiII Rugcr's tliligcnt .mtl iulruit work h.1s hclpul tu nulcc thu class of '54 unc of thc tops. As plnwtngi'.rpI1it Ltlrtm' fur Thg Grcylmuiml .intl gin imlustriuus .lttixitigs rnunhnr. hc tlispl.r-,ul his lmalty, MURIIQI. ALICE ANDERSON XWINKY Salun xl f,.l11tH.I Chun 51- 54 lllllllfn lIrum111.1lui all .Alm,rir.r. S4rul.n-i '52 H4111 I' Hllifllc so Clllfi HPR XYUIYS ARI: XY .-NYS OI- I'I I ,KSAN'I'NIfSS Hurt' is .1 quiet .intl rntxtcnt miss, hut one whose ht.rrt hrims V with tlclightlul ways. XVAl.TIfR ANDRIZXW SCOTTIII Saluni Ilnfllfxj Gu1,qr.rlrfri Cliff: llllllllhl lrflflllll Ar! Club Btllu' I3llljllt'1i.f Club A C.rfu1f.1 Clwir '51-'5-J THF Ill-'ST OI' ISI ISSINCI. ,X CON'Il Nfl I IJ MIND Scott-y's face rcflccts his uwntcntrmrit. NXfitlmut .i trmxri nr .r sign of worry hu pursues his tranquil way. Oh, hu! Altcr st-ming those cnlnrful pnstcrs. du wc nlctcct .1 vmrltl artist in nur midst? Plus ljlfff-Q flllt' THE GREYHOUND AV.llfl1ll.lf Hmmr Sorielj GOOD AS GUI U ,NND Tlilii .KS S'l'l'l'I. hvuzztl .is qtmtittioizs chnirnmn! JACQUELINE CAROL ARDRY JAcQKi12 Saint Francis Fulure llrzfllenmhff of flliltficll. I,iL'1'Pl'LljLlL ul '53 jznznm-rfei Qlmmlimu Cbaljfllldll. The Giejbrzzuzd lfr-ulfb Club jlllllllf and Senior' lillllfebtfpfllg Aumds 1311111 15111111411 Cfnlz Tri-Hi-Y. Vive-Prefideul '53 A C.1jrcll.1 f:1,7I1l7 '51-'54 fklitml spirit is j.tekie's niuttu! An .irdent sports tlirmiglmtit high selnml, she zidded it inteworthy euntrihutitm tu Thq Grey- DONALD DERALD BAKER DONNIF Presque Isle High Selimvl PIXSQLIL' Isle, Maine lhllu' Iillljlflll Cfnb fI11d1u-l'1i11.z1 Aida. Tr't.1i111u ,l,r111ur lir1uH'tef1i11g Atlmlrd HF HAS I-Al'I'll AND HOPI' Al'l.l7N'lY Here-'s tn the l.iel with .1 great sense of humur. He heli.xes in "iL.lVil'Ig them laughing." WI LLIAM BARANAUSKAS flitlory Club Womifrsi Ni-vi-it ismuin Mi lt's ii man's world, says he, .mtl sticks hy his hiidths. ROliI2R'1' BARKFR BOB Saint Francis llirtory Formal Baller Bufifzeir Club li"m-ld G'mgr.rpbV1 Club I I.IVl-I IN MY OWN XYZURLD He gave his hest, eurrying favours from no une, ptmdering to none. liwh .md the enigmatic sphinx had much in common. Page Forty Two l3ll.I, Salem No heart interest fur Bill. He l-.ives the wumeii s ii..l .thine 2 Q2 .gwvf QV 9 QM W1 OW K jOANNE MARY ISIEHLMAN THE GREYHOUND Saint Francis Iivllw' Husiwin C1116 Frwzfb Club Flllllfc' Iinzmwmrfliri uf rlfmnira Ililfllfjl lim-um fllllilll' Brn1ihrj'i11g AIILHLI ll"w'1d G'u1gr.1j1fvA1 Club Brldlllilllllfl '52 lfNI7I'R.'XNClA, l-0Rl'SlGll'I', S'l'Rl'NG'I'H AND SKIII. .lo was om- ot thc most active of our S mor gils rn srliool ln extra-curriv.ular mlm was an inrlcfatigablc worker for tlic Grangc, wlicrc appreciation ot her utforts ram high. f 'l'llUlXIAS PAUL l5lfHR1NlAN T051 Hop Brook CH- dilrfr. 'l'fu Cu-nfwlnm' liauibilll '51-'52 Cfaii 'l'rLin11mr '51-'S-i Miclb Club Guldwl Lulu ixvllllllclk' limit' Stale '55 Laliu Club, l'irr-Pfiififi 111 'Si .-I C.1fuH.1 Choir '51-'53 Nalin 11.11 Ilumn- Smit li A CAl.I. 'ro li.-K'l'Il I ,-mlm 'rmf liAT'l' DONE For four years Tom has workul unrcmittingly as class trrasurcr. This year lic assumul thc tnlonsal task of Co-editor of The Grey- hound, NVQ salute hun tor lm work lwrilliantly auomplisliul. BARBARA ANN BIENZ t,.u-Qr.1fffv-. Cum 4 1 . fir L JI l..1.f1:uf Girfl' 51.110 '54 juuim' .md Suzim' lifmlrlr .Y.lliu1l.lI lluurn' Sflfitf-I V ,. lit In L fllllig' BARIS Ccnttr, Br-anon Falla r Bulimia Cfub. 'l'r4.n1n-if '53-'54 lfulun l1f11m1u.riu:r of Afmrim Armrdi liudfflnllfzff '52 ' Wim in R s'1.-x'il'ursr:i'1'ms "A tall and prrtti ilixlf' rlcsrrilws our liarlw, Not onli' is slu lwluaul with looks, lwnt also with an appgaling pcmwnality.' CORINA Dlil. CARMIZN BIZRGANZA Tlic AII1L'l'lK.IIl School, Guatcmala City Central America lirllu' Bllvfllrtj Club l NFVFR SAXX' SUCH lil ITHIZNIESS Corina tame to us early in licr senior year from Guatemala. Wliart animation and mcrrilncnt arc in licr rlark cycs. Page Forly Tbftf mtl Ovac- Yak 1 JAMES BEST Iinltlball '51-'53 lzolr- Jwfcfuli-5 Xlxb ft owl!! THE GREYHOUND ROBERT DONALD l5lfRGlN BOB Hop Brook Aurieuf Hixlorj Club Millb Club F:-curb Club Laliu Club. Pwridwil '54 Golrltu Lum' N.1lfmm,l llourn' Sflfiffj IDEVOIIT YET CllEERl'Ul.1 ACTIVI' YET RESIGNIZD L-vcr tlcpsmlailvlc with rcvei' an unprcparctl assignmcntl llis fricmls, howcwcr, report that hc has a rgal st-ns: ol humor. JIM Saint Francis If.mb.1ll '5l"5.2 HE MIXT I.AUGll'I'liR W'l'l'll THE SERIOUS No mattci' how serious thc situation, .Iimmy always has a fricmlly grin to mcct it with. His pals are manyg his pals are loyal xx l lffslfpil -IOHN l5lEl.ANC75 l5ANANAS ooklyn Al'.Cl1l1lC.1l High Sthool Belaubilll '52-'53 IJVUIIIIJ Club fld1'u'lini11g ClllI1NllllLfL', Tbv G'f'e'3lmlfud Illizib Club G0 ldv u Lum' How l.ooKs THF WORLD 'mis MORNING? Posscssctl with intclligcncc aml indapcndcncc is joz. Ha argues zmccasiiigly for whatcvcr hc bclicvcs is right. RICHARD BONCAI. BONC Salem liullw' Iiuxim Ill' Club lliimr-1 FIIVIHII llnorld Gwgrtzpby Club NOT THAT l DISLIKIE STUDY HUT l LIKE FUN BETTER Anyone can tell at a glanct- that Rich is happy-go-lucky. This hoy is always ready for a good time-and study! Wliy that's some- thing you tlo if thcrc's nothing else left. Page Forty Fvur ,gf dl' lfw V lu Www? Z X Z C Z3 Z5 if THE GREYHOUND XX'll.l.lAM l.. BOYD DEET Prospect Street Bcllcr' liuiimii Club Iulu'-rltzrr Bmkilbirll '52-'54 llnm-ld Cicflff'-'l'lU Club Acliiiliw Commillee '52 li.1vlilb.rll '51 WH.-xT's 'rms iii's'i'i.iz, imsrr AND Hi'Riu'? Iii' iixi' Mis, I Nizviak vc'oRRY liill .iiiil his hluc ulllpl' arc- practically inseparable. Ancl for imitations, in his sparc timc, hc has no cqual. For particulars con- sult Donalcl Duck, ft , -Qui' Q ' 12' PATRICIA INIAE BRADSHAW PAT Salam FYLIHAIJ Club Nucl: Elirliou '53 Mull? Club Guard of Honor '55 fl Cidfftlltl Clmiv' '51-'54 All-Shila Cbarlu '54 !Ill1i0Yt'Ilt.l Ivcllilllltll Hrnmr Sucivlj SVCH AN AIR THIS MAIDFN IIAS AND SI'CII .I PRIYTTY FACE This attractive, aspiring blonde-liairccl maiclcn has colorccl Our class with her gay, lilting laughter. Sha won a highly esteemed place in the National Honor Society, too! LORRAINIZ ANN IIRAIIN LOLLY Central Avcnuc flnlirnxlft v Baikulbirll '51 IIIUIJAVII l7.111ru Club French Club G.-XRl..'XNDliD AND GAILY DRFSSFD Hcrc-'s .i girl who hrightcnccl all of our classes, cvcn on thc most rainy tlays. VUL like l.ori'.iinc and hc-r iocund ways. ROGER ALLEN ,IUSEPH ISRIENNAN HOSCO Fairfield Prep funlbslu '52-'54 fllvfb Eleclian '53 Gnfdeu Lane Iazlcv'-c1.1,ri Bmiiclbilll '52-'53 Lrrifz Club Uuiftd Naliofu Coulvfl '52 fldi'erli,fiug Committee. The GifLjZ70l1IId NOT T0 SORROVC' no I TUNE MY now Dark-hairccl and mischievous, Rog of thc Irish blur eyes is a lcaclcr in mcrrimcnt. Add his flair for original skits and you have an unbeatable combination! Pagi' linrlj Fin' ,I THE GREYHOUND GLENDA CAROL BURTNETT Salem All Stale Cbofm '54 Frenrb Club Talent Rerue '51-'53 A Capella Cboir '51-'54 PLEASING MANNIERS AND A PLFASING GIRL Glenda has personality and a clear, vihrant alto voice, which has made musical history for our class. ELLEN MAY BUTXVILL EL Prospect Street llellw' Bll,fiIIL',l.f Club Hiriofy Forum llnorld G'wgr.1jvla3' Club lfulurc Ilomcmakefr of Amerim junior liunihfepiug Auwrd Badminton '52 A SILENT, suv, Pimclz-1.oviNG GIRL Reserved and reticent, Ellen speaks when the opportune mo- ment comes. She is worthwhile listening to as well. S-7 up ' J KAREN BERGSTEDT CARLSON KACY "-5 at Salem J Claewleuder, Capluifz '54 Soviul Editor, The Greyhound Y Golden Lune Guard of Honor '53 0 6, Avtiritiei Committee '54 Tri-Hi-Y 9 Q' Modem Duufe Club, Preaidcfll '54 Iirezzrb Club 1' Q, 0 D THOSE EYES, THOSE EYES, HONXI lfUI.1. Ol: HEAVEN THEY ARE Such spirit flashes from the deep blue eyes of Kacy, the peppy captain of our cheerleaders. She is winsome and petite, with presidential aspirations! ROBERT CARUN BOB Saint Francis Better Bll.fllIl'5.F Club Hiilvfy FOVWH llnorld Geography Club WHO INVENTED THIS THING CALLED STUDY? liolis deep seated dislike is study. He's a happy-go-lucky fellow, always prepared for a hearty laugh. Page Forty Six THE GREYHOUND WII.I.IAhI CAUl.l:IIfl.D DODGIZR Saint Francis Ffcllfb Club flllltrliiillg Crzmmlllct, The G7'L-Jljfllllld lliilm-I' Fm'um llIdll.lH'llll Arn Club Muffy Club I I-IAVIE AND THIS DRIVIE Oli MY Wll.l. liill will ncwr lct you down. As il mcmhcr of thc .ulvcrtising Cummitt.c, lm workcil inilcfiltigalhly. In fact, in all of his under- takings hu was scmpcr fidelis. IANE GLEN CHRISTIE A C.Ijnll.1 Cboir '52-'54 Tri-HPY Guldul Lum' N X l -IOAN MARY CCJWAN RISD Saint I:l'.lI1LIs lidlu' liuiimii Club Ifnlmt' IIn1mn1.1lti.i nf Amwiim Iliilmg lfurum So TINY SIII7' 'A PIXY S'l'll.XYIilJ FRUINI THIS YNIISTY Slfl Small in size hut big in llC.ll'lTllIiltlS littlz juan. WlIci'c sh: cnntrivcs to cullut so much uncrgy is still il mystery tu us! wholly free! Page Farly Scrwz I BUNNY wins, lfruzrb Club juunn Kill Cmii' Cllllllfll I NIl'S'l' l.Xl'I1H XYHIN I AM MFRRY Witli her quick smile iintl gay Buhhling with vivacity is jam. lxintcring, she has been ii real class asset. IUAVIIU CIIUNIN DAVIS S.Il1m Sllllllllllllllf '51-'54 .Aludm l'1iu.1l xlnli. VIII Pri uidml Ql'lCK T0 ACI lil"I' Ql'lCKl'R TO Rl PlfN'I' D.Ix'L' is the l.ILl who spurs our swimming tc-.Im to xigtnry, Howcxcr, his mitlillc name is' misqhitl. funn wlmh lic I9 ncvw J Wm ANGELA JOANNE Kidz 4 rliiiug Clllllllllllc 4. Vuilwl Nulfrxm Conte. Mullv Club Glllldlfll Lune IN EACH STROKE 'TIS SUCCESS Born to succeed-fscholastically and socially is Ang. A worth while girl with worthwhile objectives. LINDA LEE EKLUND LYNN Tri-Hi-Y Hiffory Forum, Secretary '53 Burbeiball '51-'53 ll"0rld Geogmfrby Club, lfice-Preriderll '52 Future Homenzakerr of Arlizilitr Cbuirnmrl. Tbe Greyhound ADORNISD WITH EVERY GRACEFUL ART Right from the start Linda has taken an active part in school affairs. In charge of The Greyhound. THE GREYHOUND KEVIN JOHN DALY RUCK Saint Francis Galdul Lum' Cl.m l'rtiultul '5l4'53-'5-1 Freurb Club Football '53-'54 Clan Vice-Preridezzl '52 Barbeibull '53-'54 Vanity Club '54 Barebull '53-'54 HE HELD ON THROUGH BLAME AND I-'AI.TIiRIZD NOT AT PRAISE Here stands the pillar of our class-our Presid.nt! Witli his terrific personality, Kev has been a class officer for four years and has been stupendous! As a thre: letter man, in football, baseball, and basketball where he was captain, Kev displayed his athletic prowess. DE CARLO ANG Central Avenue Tbv CvlI'6'.Il71IlHld Freurb Club il '52 Bdd,lIllI1I0l1 '51-'52 jluliorerler Naliwml Honor Society EARL DOUTY, JR. HOVVDY Salem Bt-mr Bll,fll16.l.l Club llnwld Gtugruffbg Club I VVOIILIE I,lVl? THIZ SAME I,II'lf Il' l HAD TO LIVE AGAIN just spend an evening with Earl and laughter never ceases. Life pleases him just as it is, without any alterations. Center School Belief Burinen Club Amerim junior Bnobbeeltzing Auwzl' activities, she started the ball rolling for ' --44' n Puge Forty Eigbl I Ava., 21444 'fi THE GREYHOUND BRUCE T. ERICKSON Salem Slfilllflllllg '53-'54 Cu-Plinlrzliguljrlfii' Ezlilnr. Tb. Gnjbolnlzf limd '51-'53 Uf':'bL.llI'LI '51-'53 A Cdlflfllcl Cboir '54 Mulb Club N.1l1au.1l llfnmr Surliz-1 HI? VVAS A SHINING LIGHT XVitI1 his intellectual .ind swimming abilities. Bruc. st.mds man' thu top of our class. His unceasing work in all fields, has p.iid off in weighty dividends. IXTIIIS IIIICHAEI. FARRAR ECU Hop Iiruolc flzlluliiilfg Crlmmltlti Cb.1inu.m. 'I lu Clmibunml l3.1vkclb.1ll '52 l'rmlb.rll '51-'5-I flfllllllii CIll1Ill1lll4'L '51 Binabizll '52-'54 Guldul Lim TI-IIZRITS MISCHIFI- IN THIS MAN Witli mcrriment and liiughtcr. Lim greets e.1cli d.iy. His smile is .1 camouflage for the miseliiet .md lun lurking within. Seri- ously, hc lad the Advertising Committee tommundalvly. M. EILEEN FITZGERALD EII. Saint Franti- Lillill Club l'llllLd lx'.HffHl,l' Cuuful Iluimiw' '53 lfrulrb Club. Plllhffillll C,7illl'l1IilIl '54 ,ll01l'1"1f11' .X'.llillll.II llaflm' Sfzuiilj A SPIRIT or COIYRAGIZ AND Slfl.I- Possifsslom I-'AR BEYOND HFR YITARS This demuisclle has reached maturity fiir .ahead of must of th. el.iss. She is winsome with ii real sense of integrity. A girl who never fails to rulcli the highest guul is Eileen. IUDITH RAE ITOLEY JUDY Saint Francis L,r1rr4l Girls' 51.1141 '53 Arlii-izifr Commune '5l"5i fId'1'erli,fir1g Cnmmillei. Tbf. Gitgilmfnld A Cdfulla Clmir' '51-'54 IT.1,ihlb.1ll '51-'54. Co-Cizfrmifl '53 Gnldul Lam jfnzifmmx. Snvial Clizllflllilll '53, Prfildi 111 '54 D. A. R. Auurd M.rlb Club. Scrrelmqm' '53, P!'0lQ7'.HIl Cb.m'm.n1 '54 ixzllffllllll Honor Sflfiff-I SHI? IS I-'AI'I'HIflILQ SIII' IS CONSTANT1 SIII' IS VAI.OROl'S P.'rsunifying uc-rytliing that nukes .1 well ruunded girl, Judy is lmuil. .Imhitimis .ind dep.nd.ilwle. She is our ilmicc for the R typical American lass. X-744 K4 lf : r , ,,j'C.,r g,,! ' "' Page Farlg Nine .' ,I ...,fg,, ,u 1 ,s.,C,,,! 1 -.X A J .J K" ! fly'-rf .ff ff' '17 ..6.fTfC9 f". I df y' 7 9.1, , 'Z' jg r"" ffp.,-g... . 'Ts i J- J' x .,. no .X - xX5E X o" ' 0 9 U .1 X 0 I 2 " ' of V s 'wqf' THE GREYHOUND l.OlS ZELLIA FOX LO Hop lirool. l,lil,il'elbi1ll '55 Trl-Hi-Y Guldfu Lum' jlllljflllflferl A C.1pellu Choir '51-'54 l:f'U1t'lJ Club. l"u'4-Pfclldwll '5-1 l'.IlL'l1l RUVHL '51-'53 I BRllATHl7D A SONG INTO Tllli :UK Hei'e's .1 miss who helieves th.1t sleep is izixiuies clrel.-t physician. Rarely did she arrive at N.H.S. lmfore 8:19 A M Ilut she was allways ready for matters imisicul-always in time with the Senior Sextetl SHIRSH Hop Brook Sli IRLEY KATHRINE lfUl.l.l?R Ffa wb Club A C.lf1L'll.l Clwir' '51-'53 Tri-Ili-Y Gffldwi Lune IT WAS SUMMI-R XVHIEN Sl-Ili sMil.ED XVhen Shirl smiles there is it glow of her w.1rm personality. Our pert lihiariun possesses an individualistic air and ri manner which spells for future success. DOROTHY FRANCES GAl5lANEl.l.l DOT Central Avenue Golden Lime Tuleut Ruue '51-'53 A Cuprllu Clmir '51-'54 fl'lfldL'f'Il Dil1l1'U Club 1l1'L'llL'b Club. Pupridwzl 'il !lHliUl'8lll4l I?.ziifelb.zll '53 AT FIRST sur LOOKS TINY, DIEMIIRE AND SIIY Dot looks so small and delicate, hut can she handle .1 lmihjv griiml! Our musicalvmincled miss has lent her talents Livishlx tw N. H. S. Wm . MM SIIIRLIZY ANN GABRIELSKI SHIRI. Saint Francis Glwmff Glcum '51-'52 Golden Lane A Capella Cboir '51-'54 F1'L'lIt'X7 Club junior and Senior Bookkeeping Award: Nuzimml llouor Smtiely l1H1i0!'1'llt,l Iiefler l5u.ii1lc.i',f Club I'li,rfm'j' C!lllfi'71'L'lIfC' You HAVIZ DONE HoNo1'R TO EVERY VIRTUF Coupled with her attractive uppeiirzlnce and niituixllly curly locks, she is an industrious worker. Shirley has meticulously won her place in the Honor Society. Page Fifty ll? ,MU a0'W"mf W I THE GREYHOUND AIOIEL GAGNON. -Ill. IIOE Community High School, Fort Kent, Maine Dubizlv Club Golden Lam Ifnurb Club Dftlylli FORTUNE NEVER FEAZED HIM joel came to us in his senior year, but this delay didn't bother him. His easy going manner made for him numerous friends and very quickly, DONALD GAVIN HOIT Edison, Pennsylvania Btmr I3u,niz1e,f.r Club ll"r1rld Gkognzpby Club GLEE GIVES Mi? NOW AND THIEN A VUALLOP NVe never envied the keeper of this man's attendance. However, with his keen intellect he solved more than one riddle-Remember Futrelle's "Master Mindn? IRENE ANN GESEK RENIE Saint Hedwig's Heller Bll.tlIlL',f.l Club junior Bookkeeping Auwrd lllrmry Fllflllll Fulure Homemaberi of Auzerim llnllfllj Glfogmpb-1 Club I A SOUND 'JUDGMENT AVOIDS ALL EXTREMES A well poised lass is Irene. Temperateness in all things is her watclmword. Wit ofttimes spiced her conversation. STANLEY CHARLES GESSECK GESS Hop Brook Sll'llllllllIl,2 '51-'5-I Iicltcf Bu.riue.r.r Club Ffmlbull '54 Hinory Club A Cupelltz Cboir '51-'53 Hifs ONE GRAND Gl'Y, A GOOD SPORT T00 An expert in the water, Stan has aided Naugy in numerous swimming events. An all-round good sport, he has proved himself X a valuable addition to our flass. Puge Fifty One THE GREYHOUND -JAMES IYDWARD GIBBONS JIM Salem Fombnll '52 Ilixtury Forum Sujfllllljflf '53-'54 Ffvflffi C1115 Ifzlut-C,'I.1,s.s' liilxfbulball '51-'52 Hi-Y Liifif IS T0 HIM A SPORT Cafefrce jimmy is a relaxing influcnce in a clans not noted for 'ts tranq ,il moments. We found his mild temperament a pleasant i terlude on more occasions than one. Sl'lllll.EY ANN GOGGlN Sl'l'Rl, Prospect Str et G'n.1r'd of llnzmr '53 Arlililita Commfilet '51 Reiter Bniim if Club A Cfzpullu Clwir '53 IlHliIH'L'llLzt ll"f11'lrf Geography C1110 Tri-Hi-Y. Pnlidulf '52 Gc11'1lcl Glcirm '53 Gr1l:!'t11 Lam' TALL AND SVlZl.'I'lE ln the Honor Guard, Shirl made a pretty picture. l.: manner and hearing, She is outstanding among our ultra-attractive maidens. INIARY JANE GRABOXVSKI INIARY S Prospect Street lltllu' Iiniiutir C1110 1311112 lbiifl '52 ll 'fn-Id Cluzgnzpby Club liutmc 11f17NLllI.lfL'1',l of A71lK!'ft'4J SHE? HAS SUCH COAXING PRETTY WAYS legion. MURIEL LOUISE GREENE MUR Faist Frames Fftllfll Club Uflilad Ntzfi01:.r Cnflluf '52 L.Iffl! Club G'eog1'11jrl7-3 C0lIfL'1'l'IIli9 '52 Mm-1? Elvrlimz '53 Golden Lam SOBER, S'l'l'ADl-AST, AND DITMURE Oblivious to all She gow her unruffled way. No rash excite- ment has evzr been ahlc to affect this maid'S equanimity. Page Fifty Y uv Mary of the winning Smile. Small wonder that her friends are V. XT' THE GREYHOUND xp mais soNYA G1uEs1aACH Central Avenue Grllullll LJIIL' Frenffj Club slr! Club. Pr-uvidwzl '54 juniorettex nl Cnfwlltr Cboir' '51-'52 Tfi-Hi-Y LISTEN TO MY GOLDEN DREAMS just listen to Lee and you'll dream right along with her. She paints her dreams in such picturesque colors. Effervescent and aniiimted, Lee personifies unadulterated joy. X r . 1 CAROL LORRAINE GUSTAFSON Salam Golden Lane Gurnct Gltunz Cwmilw-Pmflry Auurd A Capella Cboir '51-'54 lllorb I'fl44'lir1n '53 , Frenfb Club 4 4! THE BEST AND THE XWORTHIFST THAT HAVE BEEN A steadfast student and a loyal friend Carol is. Undaunted she X has chosen hzr future calling, And firm she stands as the rock , of Gibraltar! M Lois Loiu1A1NE HAMM LO K u I Salem Bains' Buiint.r.r Club junior Bookkeeping Award iI"m-ld G'wgr.zfvb5 Club Future Homemaberx of Amerim lIi.rfnr'1' Club SHI? EXCIELS ALI. WOMEN IN THE MAGIC OF HER HAIR How we admire her crowning glory! Naturally Lois's abundant trgsses are only one of her sterling qualities. jvc! hi, - ,Jw KARIN GIsE1.A HAMPE1. l ' vw 'QV Alarich, Berlin, Germany Ifremb Club Modern Dance Club ' llvmr Burincn Club junior Red Cmrr Council tiifwh jIHIi0l'UlfL'.l' A Cupelltz Cboif '54 Ntzlinnul Honor Society if J 3 17.1.20 Fill!-1 Tbree Guard of Honor '53 Laurel Girlr' Stale '53 Hl?RSlfl.lf A FAIR l'l,0XVl'R G.rm.1ny's loss was our gain when Karin came to Nzlugy High. Her intellect and Winsome personality have won her many friends. THE GREYHOUND llllllfll' Bookkeeping Auurd GERALD CHARLES HIZNNESSEY IRISH Salem Gurmt Gleum, BIl,IllI6'.f,l' Muuugcr '52 Baud '51-'54 Clair Rfj1ra.1u1luti1'e '51 Talent RCTIIC' '53 Sllflllllllllg' '51 Auliiilier Cammillee '54 A CIIFIERY I.AD VUITH A GIQNIEROUS SMILE Always prasent at football games and all pep rallies, Gerry is uite '1 mm We thank him for 'ill of his numberlcss contribu- q 1 . . .E . tions, not forgetting his huge bass drum. WlLl,lAM WADE HOLLAND WADE Saint Francis Ffmfball '51-'5-I Gaiden Lam S1l'lIl1llllI1g' '52-'54 junior Bookkeeping Auwrd Butler Buiim ll Club A Capella Cboir '52-'54 lluorld Gvogmjvla-3 Club. Pm videul '52 WHA'I' Hls 111fA11T THINKS, HIS TONGUI? SPIEAKS Wade and swimming are synonymous. When the mcrmzn Won, his face was always wreathetl in smiles on the following morn. But when they lostAno frown could equal his grim countenance. W Page liifig I-'our W1LT1uz1w11fM1s1f11 Mr, I 1101111 THOII w11.T Amiahlc and tlcpcnclahlc is this reticent g.1l,We shall ever Bev and all hcr attractiveness. I 'X K VIRGINIA LEANNIZ I-IENRICHS Bcllu' I3u,ii11c,11 Club llnoflcl Gu TA11, I.l'I'lfIl1 AND GAY This raven-haired miss is always full of livclincss and laughttr. She has sharecl her gaicty with .1ll of her pals. BEVERLY ANN HIENNESSEY BEV Salem ll"r1rld G'Logr.lj1lJ-3 Club Yri-Hi-Y Hillary Club Buiktlball '51-'53 Belief' Blziimqii' Club lfulzm 110711-llltlklffl of AlI1C1'll'tI GINNY Salem , , gfupby Club l 65.1 THE GREYHOUND MARY LOUISE HORAN MARY LOU Saint Francis Mark Elerlion '53 Englirb Club lllllflfc' IIrw1tu1.1itri of Al1lL7'lL'd flllfiull lllilory Club Lyliltd N.lliw1,i Coulul '52 SUCH A VERY LITTLE MAIDEN AM I Mary and thc Grange were constant companions. Such a tiny inaitlcii, but such accomplishments as were hers. JOAN MYRTLE HOTCHKISS Hop Brook Fulnre Ilomcmaleerr of America Talent Rezue '53 61111141 Gleum '51 '51-'5-i Baller Bu,fi11e,r.r Club fuuiar Baokbeepilzg Azzurd llurifld Geogmpbj Club SIMPLICITY IN I-IABIT, TRUTH IN SPEECH Our hilton twirling miss has never lost her pep. joan was al- ff ways there to liven up half-time at the football games! IUNE MARIE I-IOTCHKISS Hop Brook Baud '5I"5-i Moderzi Daure Club 01'c'l1c'.ilnl '51-'5-l Gdfflfl Glgdm 751 Yklztllf Rcrm' '51-'53 Auriwlt Hl.fl0f-1 Club Coma VCIZAI., COME XVOIZ, SHl?'S NEVER OUT OF TUNE ,lunc-f-the othtr twin-was always loyal to Nuugatuck-in vic- tory or in dc-feat. Hers is the spirit that wins! JAINIES RICHARD HUTT BIG HUTT Central Avenue Bella' Buiimir Club Baiktflball '51-'52 ll"m-ld Geogmpby Club Bnreball '52-'54 Ifzfef'-fluff Bafkzlball '51-'53 Hiftorg Club lldlId.f07ll8Il B03 llf You ARE CONTENT You HAVIE ENOUGH TO LIVE COMFORTABLY jimmys skill on thc haschall diamond lcd Nnugy to many vic- torixs. His selection as Class Apollo hrought honor to The Sixth Period English Boys. Pizgt Fffl-J' Fire THE GREYHOUND JOHN HUTT YOUNGER Central Avenue llnorld Gmgrupby Club Blmbull '52-'54 Belter Bll.fll16.l',l' Club Ilirlorj Club. Treuiurer '53 Iflfef'-rlau Burkefbull '51353 EARTH'S THE RIGHT PLACE FOR FUN Don't let this fellow fool you! In studies hc could accomplish much-if he woulcl. But right now having fun is his watch- word. HERBERT JENSEN HOPPY Prospect Strcet lhtlu' l3u.iim'.u.r Club Hirfory Club ll"1frld Cimgnglfbg' Club Induytriul A111 Club Iltlihlbull '51 SEEK NOT T0 ALTER ME Heres to Herb-witty, jolly, ever pursuing a good time. Come what may, he will always be the same provocative fellow. SHIRLEY JANE JOHNSON SHIRL Central Avenue Future l10IIll'Nl!lLU7'.l' of America Freutb Club Art Club Hirlory Club Momssr AS MORNING Shy she is and som.what reticent. However, Shirley harbors an innate sense of real appreciation of humor. RUSSELL FREDRIC JOHNSON RUSS Salem Mull: Club Frenfb Club Golden Lune DOWN THE l.AlrR12l,1,liD YEARS H12 WALKS A keen student is Russ, who amazed us ofttimes with the wealth , of his vocabulary. He has hitched his wagon to a certain star- l watch this fellow go! l Page Fifty Six THE GREYHOUND eAuo1,13 'lox' Salem l7r'ti1z'f7 Clllb 0f'1'be,i11,1, '51-'53 L.11111 Club Al'1il'jfjtl.f Cflllllllfllftf '52 .1 C.11v.ll.1 CINIII' '54 Bdikflbdll '53 C1'r1ldt11 L.111t' Tri-Hi-Y You' Mui I-'ok DREAMS A fashion tonnoisseur and a music lover is Carole. bhe sport- ed the latest in Vogueg she sang in her colorful alto tone. , THEODORE KACKOVVSKI KACK Sacred Heart High School, Waterbury ll"orld Grogrupbg Club Better Bll.llIlE.l'J Club Wuifmf THITRITS N0 iusx, THlfRli'S N0 GLORY l Another member of that famous English 6th period aggregation! There's no stopping Ted at l:50! It's "full speed ahead" as he zooms around the high school in his speed car. BARBARA ANN KACZKCJWSKI SHORTIE Hop Brook 'I'1'iAII1-Y. 'l'1-t.1i11rt1' '54 G'11ard of Hr111or '53 xl C.1f1tll.1 Clwir '52-'54 fllllillf Bookkeeping Auurd G.11'11t1 Gwlcillll '52 A111t1'11'.111 Ltginu C2l'tlf0?'ll'L11 Coureyl, lbvfllllff '53 lltllu' Blltjlltjj Club llnorld G80g7'df1b-Q Club A MIGIITY SPIRIT IfII.LS THAT LITTLIE FRAME Bursting with vitality, Barb found a worthwhile outlet in the Oratorital Contest, Otherwise, mirth has been her constant Com- panion in h.r days at N.H.S. ANDREW! DIOSEPH KAPFER ANDY Saint Frances G'f1ldt11 Ltmc A11riL111 Ilirlmj' Club M.11b Club l'11iltd Nnliour C011lf..ri '52 1:11 wb Club Mark Elrrtifm '53 HF DOTH, INDEFD, SHOW' SOMF SPARKS THAT ARE LIKIZ WIT' Heres to one of the shining lights of first period college dra- maticsl Andy's skits ever hore the mark of something different. He ranked high in dual personality roles. 1,.IgL' Fiflj SL1111 THE GREYHOUND -IAINIES W. KEAN JIMMY Hop Brook Hi-Y Hiflory Club llqurld Gitugfutfrby Club B.t1u' Buriuerr Club A SPUR TO VALIANT AND MAGNANIMOUS DFFDS As the car rolled off the lift, 'twas another job well done by our jim. The mechanical industry will improve itself greatly when it acquires jim. BENJAMIN PETER KERSKI BEN Salem Bclltt' Bll,lllIE,l,l' Club llnoflcl Ilhrlfnlg Club ll"f1rld GUUgf1lf7l7y Club EVERY INCH A MAN Witlm empty arms, Ben strode down the hall, for hooks weren't to hia fancy. But one had to rise early to outwit Ben! UIOAN ANN KLEIVA KATHRYN B. KISSANE KATE Saint Francis Golden Lrme A Cttpellu Choir '51-'54 Tri-Hi-Y. Set't'Llt1v'.1 '54 Bnjketbzlll '51-'54 Cluri' Sefretary '52-'54 junior Red Crmyf Coutzril, Sevretary '53 C0-Etl'ilor, The Gregbuutltl flltll0t'Lfll6'J', VlL'L'-P?'6Jid6!If '55 Nutiouul Honor Soriely Pt'0grauz Cbttirnmtz '54 SHE GAVE A GLAMOUR TO THE TASK We przsent our vivacious class secretary! Though carrying half of the burden of the Greyhound as Co-editor, Kate never lost her bubbling laughter, And her merriment ran especially high at recess, when she held forth every day in the center of The Foun- tain Sorority! Salem Better Blzrizferr Club llnorld Geography Clttb A Cilprllu Chair '51-'54 Future Homemaketr of Amerzm A SIZRIZNIE AND BLESSED MOOD IS MINE Tranquil joan! We heheld her hut rarely heard her. A favourite with all of her pals, we've been tol xox ' Q34 .NPV Baba sl' hs. X-" 0- I' ,i Page Fifty Eight Mil if W' ml W L Q- M THE GREYHOUND FLORENCIZ Kl.lhICJWlCZ FLOSSIE Hop Brook lfnllm' lI0lllL'Nl.!i.7'.l of flllldfllll Butler Bllflllfjj Club Il"m'ld Gtugr.111lJ-3' Club LIST WHAT WILL BE, BE Flo takes all things in her stride. Unruffled and imperturbalwle, she usually comes out on top. LENURE ISIARY KLUC NORA Saint Francis Gutzrd of Hrmor '53 Citngv-afflay Club, Secfelary '52 Golden Lau: Arlirifief Commillee '51, '53-'54 Modern DLIIICU Club Gl6'flg7'dfIl7Q' Conference Tri-Hi-Y Bufkelbtlll '51-'52, '54 WITH VIOY AND IAUGHTFR BUILD Y0l'R OXVN GREAT w'ORLD Make way for the merrymaker! Hare comes our "Alice in XVond:rland" so piquant, so appealing. But lEt'S n0t nore's superb work in Greyhound advertising. SARA S. KOPP SALLY Salem A C.1j1ell.l Cbnir '51-'53 Trl-Hf-Y li.nit'1b.1Il '51-'54 Golden Law llnfnrlzl Cflvzgrtllfb-1 Club, Pf0gI'zIlll Cllhllflllzlll '54 LIGHT Olf STEP AND HEART WAS SHE Slender Sally laughed h.r rollicking way through school. She and dull care never met. 1 ROSYLN SUSAN KOSAKOSKI ROZ Hop Brook Bulrrr Blljllltll Club Golden lane lluorld Geogmpby Club Ar! Club Tri-Ili-Y junior .xml Sulim' Bfmkketpiug Award: Ifumre lIOIl1LlI1df6f,l' of Amerira HoW FAIR YOU ARE Demure and capable is Roz, Witli a flair for painting and the tynewriter, she managed additionally to maintain the unflagging int-rest of a certain lad, every day at recess in Room 23. Puge Fifly Nine Q5 THE GREYHOUND CLAIRE MARIE KOZICH " Y ANN INIARIE LAFO FRENCHY Saint Francis Iiiirhfllmll '51-'54 Baller Bll.IlfIC,f.f Club A Cilfwlln Choir '51-'54 Ffwlfb C1145 Tri-11j.Y Ilnziofclzer C,'u,n-d of Hmmr '53 junior B00kk6L'fIl11g Aww-d Guldwf Lime So DIMINUITIVIEQ so ANIMATED Petite and sprightly is this diminuitive lass Whom we have al- ways admired. She appears to float-not walk-punctuating her gaiety with a very contagious smile. DANIEL HARRY LAMBRIDES Faulbull '51-'5-1 Bilfelmll '52 plans SANDRA LA VALLEE SANDY Hop Brook Fnlnrc Illlllltlllilflfl of Amtrifa Biukelball '51 THE III-'RIGHT HEART, THE HONOR DEEP Wlicfn the task is done, Sandy's ready for fun! Meanwhile we envy her the calmness and poise which so rightly helong to her. Pug L' S IJVIJ Coughlin High School, Wilkes-Iialrre, Pa. A Cizjwllu Choir '54 jlllllfll' Red Ci1'f1JJ' Crnmril F1'61lt'Z7 Club Marla Club THERE IS A MERRY LOOK IN HER EYES Claire was serious, direct, and aspiring. We met her for the first time in junior ysar. We are glad she became one of us. DANNY Salem Bimd '51-'54 Orrbcrlm '51-'54 Golden Lane Ifffer'-flim Bmkiffball '51-'53 Gizmo! Glmm, A.m.ii,r1i111f Spam Edifor '51g Bnriuerr Maf1uge1"52-'54 IT TAKES LIFE TO LOVE LIFE This lad had a finger in every pie, enjoying life to the utmost. No day seemed long enough for Dan to crowd into it all of his 7' 9. 'L F P 2 ,i JN THE GREYHOUND Y'C'lI.I.lAM DI. Llili, lll BILL Ccntcr, lic-acon Falls Slljllllllflly '52 Fflllfbtlll '54 l'i' is lllll 5 l4lfI.Ilfl-', 'rmf lfl'XYFR WORDS THIS BliT'l'l'R WI15' say in ten words what unc can say in five? We grant you that liills hcaming muntcnamc leaves nothing left unsaial llc is really at home, over at Shop! l"NlE l.lf VASSIZUR if l71u1t'l1Cl1rl1 !I.1il111l11iu11 '52 ANI: xvl'l'iloi"i' .Vx 'l'l1c1ltN-A R XY'ith h,r alluring smile antl hcr wft vi "3 Prospect Struct H.1,ff:fll1.1ll '53 ,ll-Ill-3 limi' Ii1z,ii11eJ.r Club Glam! uf Honor '53 OSI? mice, pctitc june is -up rtally nur Class licauty. Hcr daintincsa and ruse-loaf complexion 1 :xcitc our envy. QUEIINF Bcthamy Cunmuunity Illllllli' Brlvikufvillg Autna' MARY vlANlE l,lNliXVlil5lfll liillir' Iiniim ii Clulz lxla' IIMQ Eli llOl'RS AVID l'NRliI.l'C'I'.-XNT YEARS l'I.Y ONVUARD ln the tla-vw imvm ni' Lluwn thc Ncw Haven Road, Mary jnnc malct-s tha must of hcl' Hitting moments. Witlt A. and N., sh. furim an iiupiwsilwlc Trim in thc ways of jollity. MARY LOUISE LINSKIZY Cnlllwl I..111e G liillu' Hnsimuf Clnln it, with a thccrful, pre-tty smile. lizgt' Sixfli flllc' I LOU Prospect Strcct .mul Glumrl '52-'53 flnfiur Iimalitijviulig Anxmf ll"f1v-ld GlLll,El'Jf7l7j' Club Ar! Club THIS GLADS Ml? MUST, 'l'llA'l' l VNVIOYED Dynamic is Marv lam, .intl well versa-il in thc manner and micn uf thc will trainctl sn-all-t.1i'y. It you me-tl .1SSlSlLlIlLLA, Qhc offers be 0 N so A fy? THE GREYHOUND CATHERINE ANN LOKITES LO Saint Francis junior Bookkeeping Auuzrcl llnarld Geography Club jzwiur Pram Cowmillee '53 Belief Buurimrr Club Biz THYSIELF Loyalty and devotion are I.o's motto. She gives her utmost to ex ery cause and reciprocally her friends are true blue. NANCY LUBANDA LUMP Wirrth, Wcnlccmtt Balm' Bznifzen Club Golden Lam llnnrld GlL'llg7'clf7b-jf Club, Progmnl Cbiliwmul '52 juuim' Brmlakeejvifzg Auwrd ALL YouTH's LIVELY snrsisrzs, KDEN AND QUICK Nancy always had an answer for everything. She interspersed work with ample fun. Her liveliness had no equal. MARTHA GRETCHEN LUNDIN MARTY Salem Orfbefmz '51-'54 French Club Trzlezll Renae '51-'54 Golden Lane Barlaelball '53-'54 All-Stare Cbornr '54 A Capella Cboir '51-'54 A.r.ri.i'm11l Edilor, Tbe Grejbouzzd Ilnzioreller, Sefrelury '53, Tr'm.i1n'er '54 Nrlllllllill Honor Sofielj' So HLONDEQ so ixLl'rH12g so DEBONAIRE Marty is the lass with the delicate air! Her savoir-faire and chic belong exclusively to har. Her golden voice she shares with us' BARBARA ANN LYONS BOBHI Salem Tri-Hi-Y f21't'hU.fl7'll '51-'53 Band '51-'53 Game! Gleam '51 Golden Lane A GOOD LAUGH is WORTH A THOUSAND GROANS Wlmerever her fancy dictated, Barb dropped in at all collzges. From the granite state of New Hampshire to the environs of New York, she visited all of them. Lucky Barb! Page Slxlj' Two THE GREYHOUND NANCY MacDONAl.D CHOP Xvoonsocket, il. I. jlnxfur linuilttjvifig flziuird Bdjfelbrlll '51-'52 ilfliv' l3lr' Clfllz -l'HA'I' NATVRAI. lII.llSH IS BEYOND ORNAMENTS Pretty and graceful, Nancy attracts the Lotharios of Room 25 At piesent, one of the falvl.d Road Kings appears to have the inside track! GIENIEVIIEVE BIARCISZ GEN Saint Hedwigk llcllal' Buiizzcii Club French Club junior .md Senior Bll0kLt'tfl7lllg Aunmli Il"w'ld Gmgmplyj Club .future llrHml11.1IPu',f nf Affzwim Ylflwn Reruv '53 I'.:i1ed Nizfinui Cmiifpil, 21111 prize '53 G'mgr.11Il13 C0l1fC'l'L'71L'? '53 .xqjfilllldl Hormr Soriefj YVHATEVER SHI? DID. SHI? mn WITII DIGNITY AND IZASI2 Gen, our banker, was instrumental in keeping the sznior class In Calm waters. Yet she always sailed on even keel even when the tempests tossed, occasionally. FRANCES ANN MARIANO HONEYGIRI. Salem jlHllHl'4llL,I Bizdmiuluu '51-'52 fl C.ffull.l Clmir '51-'54 Golden Lam G'.m1cl Gluam '52-'53 Tri-Hi-Y Cjlmrltudw- '53-'54 'llilvut Rerue '51 SHI? IS I'IlIi'l"I'Y TO XIl'AI.K XIC'I'I'II, AND XY'IT'I'Y TO TALK VUITH Sprightly liran's famous antics will he missing from the cheer- ing squad next year. She leayes an enduring memory of devoted- ness to the athletic activities ol N.H.S. W XX'll.l-lAlNl PAUL INIARUNIEY ROD Saint Francis llalltr lilfiizferv Club Iliiturj Club STVDY IS A IIRIARN' THING, I xx ISII I IQNIW 'I'IlII ItI'xIl'm' Bill seems to have found a remedy for study. Ignore it! How- ever, he is a rcal fellow. likeahle and hursting with merriment l Lrom morn till night. x I ' Paige Sfxlj' Thru' X x yo, J of NUT KP m X . 'QL .XJ I THE GREYI-IOUND STEPHEN MARTIN MONK Hop Brook F,,,,fb,1ll '51-'54 Bellu' B11.r1uf.i.r Club Bmebdjj 'j1.'j4 llnmlcl Gw1gr.1j1b,J Club Bnukellmll '51-'52 lfiL'e-Pnziidclll '52 IN MANLY DIZFDS IIIE HAS MIZRITED Steve starred in Football. Between seasons, his int:r.sts were de- voted to shop and outside labours. Studies did not overtax this youth. IELIZAISETI-I A. INIAZAIKA BETTY Central Avenue A Ctl,bL'll.1 Choir '51-'5-f Tri-Hi-Y Golden Lune Btldlllilllflli '51-'55 limiefbnll '51-'54 j1n1im'u1l..r. Sm-ml Cbulrfzzlzfz '54 fznlinr Real Crow Conllril. 'l'1'o1i11i'u' '53 I'II.UIi XVERI? HITR IEYIZS AS THI? FAIRY FLAX Vivacious, attractive Betty leads a stimulating, delertahle life. Her sparklirg personality shines nsplendently in class or in the rollicking Fountain-at-Recess Sorority. CAROLINA KID Salem WARREN MERCER I:7'L'llt'l7 Clllk 11l.1lur'3 Club THIS MIND PROCLAIMS TIII2 MAN Although he is rather reserved, XXlarren came into the stliolastic limelight early in his senior year. This fellow seldomA1t ever- missed the Monthly I-Ionor Roll. MARCIA MERTELMEYER MERT Salem Alllilillll Ifdilrur. Tbe GIVE-IbUlllld Biziietbnll '51-'5-l Arriiilicr Cwzzwilfee '52, '54 Tri-Hi-Y Clem Sun'el.1ry '51 Latin Club jlllIll11'c'llc'.Y. Pnbliritg Cbtiirnlml '54 Malin Club Golden Lune Naliomzl Irlmmr Soriely A WoMAN is Ailwfws CHANGIEAISLIE AND CAPRICIOIIS's to Mareiawa wonderful girl to know. She keeps all of her pals stepping with her whims and high voltage schemes. In her role of Assistant Editor, she grasped myriads of thorns with the roses. Page Sixfy Four OC-. lf pgk O ol QQSQ THE GREYHOUND LlfRUY INIORINE SLIINI Prospect Street lliilfn-3 Club Uzliltd Ntlflfllll Canter! '51 Tm mfs A soon 'rlsiiz Comma Laughter holds both of his sides when Leroy appears on the scene. lhe eight A. M. club in Room Z3 never failed to enjoy his mciry yarns. FRANCIS ISURDETTIZ INIORROXV SONNY Prospect Street liirilfleri 1lI.1f1.1gcr, The Gm'-pbwuld Golden Lune lltllrr Bn.iim,i,i Club Ari Club junior BOIIkkL'L'17l1lg Auuml A MAN Olf HONOVR AND INTEGRITY ln Sonny we find our own budding Rembrandt. Space docs not the complete listing of his artistic contributions to all and sundry causes. We are enormously indebted to you, Sonny, and so is The Greyhound. 4 RICHARD C. ISIORTIZNSIEN DICK Prospect Street Audio lylflltll Aidr Club A Capella Cboir '51-'54 Ghrffef Gltzlm '51-'52 Safely Comer! Auurd '51 A GOOD l"lZl.I.OXY', CALM, COOL AND COLLECTED Witli an answer for everything, Richard easily meets an emer- gency. His pals rate him as one of the best. .IOAN FRANCES IVIURPHY JO Saint Francis l3.tlu' Bnilmiu Club llnofld Grrzlgngzpbj Club Fnlnre llumumzberzr of Amerim Tri-Ili-Y l.ll'li IS SHORT SO lil? MERRY XY'l"lII,lE YOU CAN 'Ioan can be serious or merry, when the octasion calls. She has many friends but prefers to devote herself exclusively to one! Page Slxlj' Fife THE GREYHOUND JANE ELLEN NoLAN JANIE Saint Francis ll"m-ld G'u1gr11f1b,i' Clzzb Iliifwg Club jnuiur Bfmbketpiug Alzuzrd Brllrr l311,rif1c.1'.r Club lllllllfc' 11fHllL'NlrIkt:1',l of Awcriuz ca MINI: IS THIE LONE TRAIL, THE HARD TRAIL, THIS BIEST -lane can he depended upon to do her utmost when the OCCLI- sion rises. She tempers her seriousness with just the right amount of levity. MARY ANN NOLAN REDHEAD Sal.m Gnldtu Lam' Briihflmll '55 5 A Crrjwlliz Cbnif '52-'54 BrIdl1lllII0ll '52 " Tri-Hi-Y THERE XVAS A STAR DANCIED AND IYNDFR THAT I XVAS HORN Mary Ann with a heart of gold is an exciting addition to any confah. During senior year, her thoughts have offtimes gone sky- larking. Vermont is far away, Mary Ann, but june is coming! Modern llwre Cln b MANUEL OLIVEIRA illtllflll Rcfl'llc'. ilflrmlu' of lvlllllltf lin-yi" 51.11. '53 Clm r Ri f7l'L'.l't'IlldllI'C '54 Fllfllballl lllrlllilgvr' '52 Bia MERRY I sn' Sound the cannon! Beat the drums-for Manny comes! Our popular class representative has no peer. SYLVIA OBST Central Avenue fl Ctlf7L'll.l Cbuir '51-'5-i Ltzliu Club l3.1d11Ji111fn1 '51-'52 Tri-Ili-Y Golden Linn Wfrrii AN ANGlEl,'I,lKli ifliiu-'IQCTION ' ' rio-as to dimi:.uitive. angelic Sylvia. Exquisitely groomed with I .1 personality all her own, she stands out in any gathering. 3. IPEE-WEE Salem lfmebflll '52 llllLf"l'liIll Iiilrbullull '51-'52 Puxridezil, Golden Lime Hi-Y, Vive-Pnaridelll '51 c:Ll'L'l1IfHIlLl '53 Page Sixty Six Y ei? YA Nl we wo S Wil TH E GREYHOUND DOUGLAS HILDING OLSON SWEDE Salem Ifmllrlv Clnlz f!i.IllH'j' Club Ciuldtu LIIIIL' lulu'-a'lu.rr B.I.Ilelb.1ll '51-'54 flI'li1'ilitI Crwlmillte '52 Hi-Y xl C.1full.1 Clmir '51 LI2'1' MY I1IfI2I' sII.I2NCI2 SPEAK Ifon ME Dougvin his scarlet sport jacket-and his buddies form .I dynamic and colorful combine. H155 a serious fellow with his futur. in the ranks of college men. Quite a stud.-nt, in addition! MARILYN IELAINIZ ORIS LYNN Prospect Street Alllff lfltflirnl '53 A C.rjwll.z Chair '51-'52 -llllllfll' Rtd Cmiir C.-flllllfil flmiur Iifmihajziulg flirxml llwrurld GiLUlHl1lflA7,Y Cllllfi Hiller' BlUlllL'.I1I Club Q T IA jig' IxII'Iuzx' I'r IS 'ro I..'xI'GII L A really peppy Miss is Marilyn. Loyalty to her fri.nds is her 'grezttest asset. o A1 0 9. I 9 ' Q Ling all ,in VI V' I .OAN PATRICIA OXVENS jO Prospect Street . , 3's. Iltrltr liffilzltri Clnlz Mrzrk Elrrlmu '53 755 llllllfll' Bfifzihtjlirzg Arzuml lfulnrt llw1ltn1.1lu1I of All1L!'ll'.l llnzrll C' ogrz 'lv-3' Clnlz Ar1 Club 1 I :L K If Cfnldul L.1m' THI2 CHANGING LIGHT OI: HIfR OVUN SMILIZ Her blue eyes dance when she converses, jo is in a class all her own. Sh, sets many .I goal for herself and, may we add, she never fails to reach it. ELLEN FRENCH PASSIECK EL Salem Aff C1110 Uv'I'luIlr.J '51 F!'L'l1t'b Clllli Ilfifgy-J Cfyb' '51 LIFF, THOI' ART GOOD lor Ellen, it's great to he alive. The drive of her will and a y g Ire out solutions hid fair to enable hgr to reach that elusive thing called personal success. I PJQQL' Sixlvi S4 rt ll TH 12 GREYHUUND LORRAINE AINIELIA PECK LORRY Central Avenue II"m-IJ Cfw,'qr,,pb-y Club jnumr ljfmibt-tjwzg Award Fruzrfy C1110 Fllfllle' Ilu111um1iw'.i of AlIlc'!'il11 Belief' B1r.fif1w.f Club Mark Elwliou '53 W BY MY Titorii, I SI'IfAK MY THoi'oH'r In competition, Lorraine wins-and easily. We salute her for steadfastness of purpose and a flair tor knowing yust what to do. VIRGINIA ROSE PEREIRA HONEY . Central Avenue A Cuffelfrz Choir '51-'54 Btldllljflfflfl '52 HPR GRAVIE DIIIICIZT IEYIES Virginiafs eyes reflect her sweetness. In microphone technique, however, she amazed us with her stentorian tones. Her voice cadence spoke volumes, too. IYRIZDRIC DAHIJN PETERSON RICK Salem Minh Club A Crlffellu Choir '54 I-Iia's so Qoi1aT! Wi: woNmzR- And wonder we do! For Fred seems so unohtrusive, However, still waters run deep, someone has said. His high academic stand- ing is constantly maintained, His manner s always that of a gen- tleman. LIZNNART NILFS PETERSON PIZTIE Salem llurzrld G't11.w'.1jrf1-3 Club, 7I'LrlIlH'L7' '52 fl Cnjfefln Cbnr '51-'52 Illltr-flint lirzihlbrrll '51-'52 Html' Bll.IjllL.l.f Club Fon mfs A 'norm' oooh I-'I'I.l.0XX' lirea as the sun and air is Lenny. An important mtmher of 6th Period English, he joins the gang in all their fun seeking. But he is no laggard with the hooks when the mood seizes him. Page Six!-3' lfigbl THE GREYHOUND EARL C. PHILLIPS PHII. Saint Francis fl Ctlflflltl Cblllv' '5-i Millb Club I TAKE 'I'Hli VUORLD AS I FIND IT Being late for school seldom worries Buddy, except when it msans detention. Hes full of good resolutions which somehow seldom last very long. He accepts life for what it is! FLURIZNCE DIARY PHILLIPS FLUFFY Saint Francis Bmhllmll '51-'5-i. Cu-Ctljrltuu '51 Guard nl Ilufmr '53 Golden Lune Aclilimt Culllvllllcc '51-'52. '54 A Cuflellu Choir '51-'54 French Club Tri-Hi-Y, Preildwll '53-'54 THE SMILES THAT WIN, THE ifviis THAT oLow A merry miss with laughing eyes, our Fluffy is always the cen- ter of a happy throng. Clever and erudite, she accepts the chal- lenge of each new day, with effortless grace. INIARY LOUISE PHILLIPS LULU Prospect Street juuinr Bunfhcfviflg Auund Alori Eleflillll '53 licllu' Blnifleii Club A Calwllu Choir '54 fjflijltlllill '51 A CQOOD SIIHSTANTIAI. LAIIGII CHIEIERS Yflll To he ranked among Mary Lou's friends is to hanish thoughts which are too serious. To her, life's a bowl of red, red cherries. IEDWAIQD Pf3Gf5RZIfI.SKI PCYGY Saint Hedwig's Fulurc HlIIllL'lIldLt'V1 of Alllll'll 1 luzluilrml Arli Clulf Baller Bll.fflI6'J.l' Club l'. S. IIIIIIH'-1 Club unllfld GNt'lIgl'dfFb.'Q Club ONE MAN WITH CUIIIIAGP IS A INIA-IORITY Eddy dares to be himself. lnvading the realm of Home Eco- nomics, he has emerged a chef of highest attainment. His achieve- ments at Shop have been commendable, too, Page Six!-y N im 'I HE GREYHOUND ANGlfI,A PRIISIU 'I'WIIlI, Central Avenue lirllrr Iinvimuu Cliff: ll' wld Glnlqhzfffu Club Cfufdul Linn Hlfvll IIO4OI'I- lflll Il'N XXII GOI Ifxeuse my tlust! A high voltage live-wire, Angela keeps hui pals in an Lxtiting state of jueularity. Her sense of lun is miilh provoking. IIOCEIER DAVID QIIINT I'IIERRIi Saint Francis lfmmfl Cliff: lulu-:fair lf.ulclb.llI '51-'54 flldlfr fifllfi ,'Ir'll1'fliii Cfmnmlllrr '51-'54 llnlmi C1116 fl C..1lull.r!,lm1r'5i Iavi Now on -Nrvian! Rugs theury nt life is tn live "sans snueif' However his mathe- matital prowess easily takes the lead, He and Hamlet were never palsfsatl to sayl LORRAINE RAUCCI LOR Prupect Street lhmr Blltlllwt Club 'llflml lhrm '51 A C,4f1i!1J Cflmir '52-'54 lluurld G'urgv'.1lfb3 Club ISJILLIXMII '53 IIIIIIIVL llflNIL'fll.lktf7'l of fllflnfjtll Gnlduf Lllllf IIHIIIH' Huuileejfiflg AIl.llll HPR LIII-IRS HAD THIS 'I'IfX'I'lIRIf OI- OLD IVORY I.uriainc's pale, pink complexion and her gentle manner seem tu gn together tu make a very attrattive damsel. bhe stands apart in nur galaxy ut ultra-garruluus maidens. IIRANKIIB RIfI5IfI.I.U IFRAN Hop Iirnuk Ifnflrlr Cliffs !lIllllH'6'ff1l Laliu C1116 Tri-lrli-l' Cinfduf Lam lizdfzliullwz '52 .I Cf.1fulI.1 Cflwir '5l35-4 Hin nnue isis sm,-xx Animatul antl sparkling is nur vivatiuus Fran! Her zest fur Iile with all ol' her xariegatetl attivities spell the Teen Agei' at her most wluurtul stage. Page Sul Nil-I 1HL QREYHOUND if JOANIE Cant: al Aw cnuc lfenrla Club AVI Club Tri-Hi-Y XYHII I' Mum Mm nund full vru II s1orts.And what u lnbg m s sln Lhurs the Greyhound IOAN MARQARI T RUSSI 1 I JOANIE Hop Brook C uldlu Lum Frvurb Club 'I Cqlfllll Chun 57 54 fzmiorellex 1 ru I LIIIHI 5 Trl-Hi-Y ws putty mudcn md lf,l'lI'lL I ll 1 um Info amd ite complexi- CONSTANCE SANTARSIERE Girard of Hmmr' '53 Bmlfvlbilll '51-'52 !lllIl07'l1ll6",f Golden Lum' KNIT OF THII ABUNDANCIZ Ol- THIA HEART, THIS MOUTH SPFAKS Heres to Connie, with her sweetness of manner and girlish friendliness. Wfarmth of p.rsonality and loyalty to her pals pro- duce a maiden well worth knowing, Q N 4 HCTWARD JOHN SCHWARTZ, -IR. HOWIE Salem !ldl't7'll.lllIK2 Commillu. Tbt Giftjblllllld Anrient Hirtory Club Frwirla Club Mnlb Club, Trm,r1n'w' '54 Golden lane MEN MAY COMF AND MIEN MAY GO, BUT l GO ON FOREVER Howie stands high-a man among mcn. Stalwart to th. Nth degree and a seeker after knowledge, his academic record speaks for itself. THE GREYHOUND JENNY NANCY SABIO JEAN Sal.m Be-mr Bn.rim.rr Club lVorld Geogmpby Club Art Club Future Hnmenzakerr of Amerim lN THF ARTS, SHE DID HER PART Artistic jean and her works of art. Her classmates should give due honour to this little maid.n who labored long and altruisti- tall, tor them. CONNIE Central Avenue Freflcb Club Tri-Hi-Y Blzdminfou '51-'52 1 X 5 ROBERT SAWICKI SWICK Hop Brook llufffld' Gmgmpby Club Szrimming '51-'54 ihmr Bu.r1m,r,r Club His msn wits RAPID Heres to a mermaa who did not neglect his hooks. I-lerfs to a 5,-.itlcinan who was not afraid to be one. Heres to our Bob! Uuiled Natimlr COIIMJI '52 Mark Election '53 Page S4 1 eulg 7'u'o - - ff' ff ,,----- WA X. 4 . ' fy QLXLI 3 J THE GREYHOUND In Q 54,0 DAVID SEARS DAVE Central Avenue .flm.rir.1u Ligiml Omtariml Caulcrl, W'irmcf '53 Marla Club fzlofl' Elcrliml '53 WITH AN HIEROIC MAGNITUDE OI: MIND Our hoy orator, Dave, brought honor to N.H.S. A man of scien- tific bent he garnered ranks of highest attainment. His was the guiding light in the 8:00 A.M.-Fraternity of Solons! H, MICHAEL SHARON BIG MIKE Salem llicllfllf Rcruc '51-'53 Silfelj Coulefl '51 Gufllel Gltam '51-'52 Uuilcd Nllll0l1J Context '52 A MAN oif HONOUR Mike is the fellow with a purpose in life. He sees life steadily. I, his moments of levity he is a staunch member of The Early Morning fraternity with headquarters in Room 25. CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH SHEEDY EDDIE FISHER Saint Francis Claim I'ii'r-Prwidtzll '51, '53-'54 Clam Pnyideul '52 134114-v' Bu,vim.r,r Club. P1'e,ria'u1l. '52-'53 Golden Lane' A C.r,'ftll.r Chair '51-'54 Football '53-'54 fill-Slale Cborui '54 Talent Rerue '51-'53 I.l?T l'S SIT AVUHILE AND DREAM Y"lic-'i our vc-ep croons, th. audience succumbs to his spell. Chris and his rich baritone voice have made never-to-be-forgotten music i.i the hearts of 1954! BARBARA ANN SMITII BONNIE Salem Bef! r Buriuery Club Ar! Club ffmim' Bookkeeping Award Freurb Club Fllfllfe Ilomtmalaeri of Amerifa How LIGHT T0 LAUGHING MY MIND IS You can always tell when Barh's near! Laughter and fun: merry-making and mirth are in full swing. Page Sei wily Tbree THE GREYHOUND RAYMOND SOBIRESKI CAP Saint Hedwigs Altiriliu Committee '51 Btlter B14.rir1e.rJ Club WITH A MIZRRY mmm or MATES Ray az d the gang are ready for fun at the drop of a hat. When study rears its ugly head, he and the boys stand ready to banish it to outer darkness. Ray does! g' :Z K 'gg' I BOB Geogmpby C l nb ROBIZRT SORTINO Audio l'iin.4l Aids Club HAII. T0 THF KING OI-' IMI-'S would our classes have been without Bob? Although he sported no affinity for hooks, this hoy tried to make every mo- ment merrier. AIRLINE ELIZABETH SPUROSKY R Saint Francis A Btllcr Buiiaztu Club llnofld Gvogmpbg Club junior Prom Comnlillec '53 junior Brmlkcepnzg Award I4.'llll7'0 Ilfmzuflakeu of Aww-im Golden Lane I THIS LIGHT THAT SI-IINIES COMES FROM THINIZ EYES Cheerfulness is one of R's many splendid qualities. To work with her on any committee was a joy, And what dancing eyes this lassie has! IIUSSIZLI. ll. STABLEY RUSS Salem W G1!r'!ll"l Glimzz, Sjforlx Ifdllov' '52 United Nation: Context '52 5 Mall: Club, Prixfidult '54 IIIIU'-L'l41,fl' Bnxkelball '51-'52 C:f1ld'ClI Lone Noliomal Honor Society HIE SAYS HIS SAY, WITH A DIFFERENCE We have been swayed by his eloquence! Here's a fellow with marked potentialities hut not always the unfailing dependability which helps to develop them. P.l,Ue Svfwzly Four JS AIM!! 1' Jlbz We ill ?7'LUZ1,rnd!l??Lrwo4 zoom, idx-rg 'IANET MARY STANKIIZVVICZ JAN Prospect Street fimmr lifmlltpplfltq Auxird Baller Burinesf Club liailt-lb.1ll '51-'53 Mock Election '53 THE GREYHOUND Il 'wld Gcogvxipby Club A Capella Cboir '51-'52 Wiz CANNOT EXPRESS HER VIRTUIES janet has so many admirable traits that it is well nigh impos- sible to list them. To know her well is to discover her worth. JOHN li. ST, JOHN Saint Elizaheth's, Goldiri Lime Illlw'-rlilii Binlclboll '51-'52 lliilorvy Club IN FULL ARMOR CLAD PATRICIA ANN STOKES STOKIE Salem liillu' Iilniui If Club, Sl'L'1'Alil7'v1 '54 Golden Laila llufnlil Ciia4qr'.ij1b,i Club. l'n.iidu11 '52 ll"0rld Hillary Club ilklltlll Riirnu '51-'53 Guard of Honor '53 7 xlfllllllct CIIHlHllllH.' '52 A Capella Cboir '51-'5-. TTMF To TASTE Lllflii-UI' XVITII THE CURTAIN Pcrt Pat with th- hc-coming air and manner! The Talent Revue annually reveals her flair for vivid pantomime. Expressive maiden with the expressive eyes. FRANCES MARY SUCHENSKI llitltr Bufimir Club' junior Profil CIIIIIIIIIIIFL' '53 xl Ciljullil Cboir '51 I HAVE N0 TIME FUR IDLE CARES l.ixely Fran lends her support unendingly to terest her. A popular girl with myriads of friends. Prlgt S4 im ally Fire I SAINT New York City Frenrb Club Mall: Club A knight in shining armor! Fortified by a certain serious ap- proach to studies with a will to achieve, .lack made it scholastic record. Wit rounded out his character, when the occasion arose. SUCKAY Saint I-Iedwigs Gmgmpby Club Art Club Golden Lane pursuits that in- ,ill if x. 0 THE GREYHOUND DONALD SUNBURY XVAHOO Hop Brook litrfhflbtlll '53-'54 Iluorld Ciicflgfdffbj' Club Hiller B1z.u'i11c'.i1r Club A Cr1AIvc'll.1ACfb0i1' '51 Inter-rl4z.f,r Bizxlzctbtzll '51-'53 IIIIIIITJ' Cllrll Hia is A sum: cfuzn Witli his own brand of humor, Don proved himself an enter- taining buddy, Witli an equal amount of energy expended, his books might have brought more enduring results. But-who can change this boy's belief? ERIC A. SWAN IVIORT Salem limi'-flizii I3.okefbi1,ll '51-'52 A Crljrzllir Chan' '51 litlltr liIllil1L'.l.l Club A volclf THAT t.l.ADs Us OVER MUCH A likeable fellow our Erie, with a voice of tantalir ng timbre His bgsetting weakness-a lack of confidence in his own worth- prevented him from maturing to the fullest degree. l'ATRlClA RUTH SWICK PAT Hop Brook lllork lfleiliuu '53 lllfxdwll Dilmw Club Tri-Ili-Y A Ciljwlliz Choir '51-'54 limkellillll '53 French Club Cfaldtu Lime Smf THINKS IN GOLD AND IJRFAMS IN SILVFR 'i'itian-haired Pat with tlig creamy-pink iomplexion. Dreams ap- pear to be her vivid toneern. Socially, she occupied her own spe- eial niche. LAURENTINO JOSEPH TERRA, JR. DAGO Salem Brflu' Illllj1lLll Club, l'rtiia't11l '5-Z llifebtzll '51-'54 liuollnall '52 Iilfbzlbnll '52-'54 A Clrllullil Clmn' '51-'5-1 lfllw'-z'lar,r Br1fi4'f0.1ll '51-'54 flmirn' lirirzlfieepifre Afluzrd Xlrllliliti Comnzitlte '54 lN l,Il'lilS SIIIl"'I'lNG SCFNIS, CHll'lfli5'I' OF MIZN I,ai'ry is an animated sportsman with a persuasive marnet. He has hopes for reaching the Hudson. Devotion to this ideal ought to bring the coveted goal within reach, ere long. Page Sczwrly Six ,LL 0-'foo ,.., -Q , THE GREYHOUND Q'4'C-v l'A'l'lllClA l.UCll-Lli THll5ODEAU PAT Central Avenu. Cfilfllil Gli.1111. Pbulrzgruljvbir '51-'54 Golden bun' 'l'r1-Ili-Y A Ciljwellu Cbflir '51-'54 Muduvl Ilarlfu Club Bafkelball '51-'52 Slfllllllllllg Ttizm '52-'53 Badminlon '51 VVVTH GRACE oi- ifoim AND FACE If our aspiring young photographer snaps pictures as pretiy as h.rself shell have no trouble at all in snaring success in her future. Witli her dad as class Photographer, her climb upward should be meteoric. IXIARGARET INIARY THRALI. MARGIE Center, Beacon Falls Ilillir I514,fi11u,i1i" Club A Cujrelliz Cboir '51 flnlirn' l300LLL'tf7lllg Azziud lldorld Gcognzpby Club Flllllfl' Ilwfzuzlakwzr of Amerim GRACE IN ALL SIMPLICITY No one can help liking Marg with her pleasing smile and her :.oft giggle. Her disposition is an enviable one. ANNE MARIE TOOLE ANNE Saint Hedwigk 11.4. R. liimvi Cnnliii Azmrd '51 Talcnl Reruv '53 Uuiftd Al.lllIllI,l Cmmil '52f'53 Bcflter Bufinefi Club jzmiur ljnubhifwirlg Anim! Geogmpby Club FASHIONIZD so vuRifI.Y, PRAGILIELY, SURELY Dainty as a Dresden china figurine, Anne adds boundless pep .ind energy to her fragile appearance, This, you will grant, is an unusual combination. DONALD ROBERT TRIANO DON Salem i lunar B00tfL.f7lI1,2 Auuzrd lluurld Gcngfizjrby Club Hiller BIl.flIIL',f.f Club I MAKE THE MOST or AI.1. THAT COMES Dons dependability and warm personality blend in a strong manner. Effortlessly, he scams to grasp all opportunities which come his way. L I Ilzgi' SLIIIIIJ Scrul l Nlilmiilfgllfixlsyf THE GREYHOUND IIALPH ALLAN TRIPI7, JR. HONK-HONK Crnslwy, Vifatzrbury Iliiffzry Fuflnzl, P7'L',lldL'lll '55 lfrmllmll '53-'54 Claw Ifcprwwzliilln '53 IJHIIIZ7 Club Uizicbull '52-'54 Cfulr,lL11 Lam. l'i4'L-Pvwfidulf B.Ilft:l,7.lll '52-'54 HIE STANDS S'I4AI.XWAR'I' ANU HIGH MINDIED Upright as a Ralph utilizal his great physital abilities 0.1 the frmtlwall eventually for an Ivy college, he will luring 'i x RICHARD C. TUCKIZY, Ill ' Avenue Iliimry IJUVIIIII, I"in'-l'vn.iidu1l lfflu-rl.zii Iiinlfltbizll '51-'5-l Illlflfliilll '52-'54, C.lIl2l.lif1 '54 l:7'l,'l1l'b Club liiielftlll '51-'52 GRIEAT' IS THIS HIIRO XVHU XWINS WITH VALOR Diqk has gainzd honors galore in foutlvall. In his uimlmit with Life, we earnestly hope that equal success will he his. As a starting inspiration he shuultl r.memlver that hc was plmtugiuiplietl with Governor Lodge! INIARY CATHERINE TIllWINIARIfI-I.O MAIIE Central Avenue Diller l311,iim,r.i Club Arr Club ljllfltll' f1UUIL'7lIJkL'1',l of Azmrifil Millb Club B.1ih'lb.1ll '51 lllllllfb Club A C.11ull.1 Cboir '54 MY MiNli'rI2s WING THFIR WM' XVITH 12AsI3- Villmenever in the years to rome we wish to recall perfect tran- quality, we shall think of Mare. The unobtrusive maiden, whim L juyetl her school days in her own way. CHARLES VEST CHUCK Saint Franiis Siwlunfifzg 72-.1111 '51-'52 Malb Club Tm' MlGH'I'Il1S'I' Olf mix SPIZAK Tllli ifl2WlzsT XVORDS Charlie was retire t except when he was surrounileil by the 6th Periml English Buys, Then jokes and hurseplay hcram. the order of the day. Page Scrwztg Eigbl WJ Myf FRANCES lNlARY VIEIRA FRAN Saint Francis Gaim: Gltrmz, lf.wb.n1ge lfdilur '51-'52 Belief Burifzerx Club Gwgnlfvby Cfll1fU1'LlIL'U '52 Talent Revue '53 Civzzgfurpby Club, Program Clmifwluzl, '52 French Club A Capella Cboir '51-'54 Golden Lane VUVTH SMILIZS FOR ALL, AND SCOWLS FOR V' I-lere's to Fran who loves to sing, to A born organizer, she lent hir talents work or in play, we pronounce her WAITE ARNIE Hop Brook lrllcr-clan liiubelbirll '51-'53 Golden lane Auciezzt llirlory Club Fruzrb Club Sll'll7lIIlllIK '51-'52 Hi-Y LIFE IS REAL, LIFE IS EARNEST Frte as the breeze, Arnie goes his unrufflcd way. He combined athletics with the liberal arts, as his activities indicate. l'llYl,l.lS ANN WEBSTER PHIL Hop Brook Clmr Leader '53-'54 Tri-Hi-Y l3.4rhfl1.rll '51-'54 Ffenrb Club .'li'li1'i1lw Crmzzlliflee '53 Golden Lane, Secrelary il C.11ull.1 Choir '51-'54 Guard of Honor '53 A BUNDLE Oli IENIERGY AM I A pretty rliccrleatler, a gay companion, a petite human dynamo- this describes Phyl. Following her strcnuous Football season, she found it necessary to go to Florida! JOHN WHITE JACK Prospect Street Golden Lane GVLIIKQHJIFZJJ' Conference '52 Geography Club Gidfllfl Gleam '51-'52 Better Bu.ri11e.r.v Club A Capella Choir '51-'54 A FREE, A FRIENDLY FELLOW jack scored early as a Thespian, triumphing in his class book skit as King of Hearts. His accomplishments have been many and varied. l Pugc Sr.-rcuiy Nine Dimples of Angela DeCarlo THE GREYHOUND ANTHONY WILLIAINI FREDRICK VVROBEL TONY Center, Beacon Falls Ifller-flair Batrbctball '52 Hirmry Club Foolbull '51-'54 Hi-Y, P1-exidezzt '51 BETTER LATE THAN NEVER Tony kept his talent for basketball well hidden-.until the Y. M. C. A. Tournament, that is! Hail to The Mayor of Beacon Falls, who mad: the grade, somewhat late. DANIEL ZUBANCH ROCKY Central Avenue IIIIU1'-t'ltl.I,I Barbelball '51-'54 Football '52 Bvlfm' BIl.filIU.I.I Club Gcogmpbj Club Arli1'ilie,r Cfllllvlfflee '54 l HAVE LAID ASIDE BUSINESS AND GONE A-FISHING He tolerated schoolg he tolerated studiesg he tolerated books. And yet he might have achieved something scholastically worth- while, if he had been equipped with a different set of values! THE IDEAL SENIOR BOY AND GIRL The Ideal Senior Boy The Ideal Senior Girl Il'0llld babe tbe: zvonld bare fbe: Hair of Francis Morrow Hair of Pat Bradshaw Eyes of Roger Brennan Smile of Ralph Tripp Teeth of Roger W. Anderson Dimples of Roger Quint Eyes of Karen Carlson Smile of Phyllis Webster Teeth of June LeVasseur Complexion of Lenny Peterson Physique of Wade Holland Hands of Kevin Daly Voice of Chris Sheedy Personality of Manny Oliveira Wit of Louis Farrar Savoir-faire of Tom Behrman Grooming of Doug Olson Erudition of Bob Bergin Complexion of Fran Rebello Figure of Martha Lundin Hands of Dot Gabianelli Voice of Glenda Burtnett Personality of Kate Kissane Wit of Lenore Kloc Savoir-faire of Judy Foley Grooming of Carol joy Erudition of Marcia Mertelmeyer Page Eigbty THE GREYHOUND WE NOMINATE TO OUR HALL OF FAME ROGER W. ANDERSON because he so capably assumed the task of co-photo- graphic editor of The Greyhoundg because he scored high scholastically and because of his ever ready smile which won him many friends. THOMAS BEHRMAN because of his superlative work as Co'Editor in Chief of our class bookg because for four years he has been the highly competent and efficient treasurer of the Class of 1954 and because he so adroitly combined the qualities of a gentleman and a scholar. ROBERT BERGIN because of his superior scholastic standingg because he was one of Naugy's most devoted sports enthusiastsg and because of his subtle sense of humor enjoyed by those who knew him well. KAREN CARLSON because of her indomitable school spirit as the dynamic captain of the cheerleadersg because of her excellent work as chairman of the Social Committee, and because of her genuine friendliness which endeared her to all of us. KEVIN DALY because he proved to be the indispensable president of the Senior Classg because as Captain he led the basketball team with steadfast determination, and because he personified class spirit. BRUCE ERICKSON because of his unceasing work as co-photographic editor of 'l he Greyhound, and because of his swimming ability and his scholastic achievements. LOUIS FARRAR because of his energetic work as Advertising Chairman of The Greyhoundg because of his accomplishments in the field of sports and becaue of his personality rating. JUDY FOLEY because she was one of the "spark plugs" of the Activities Com- mittee for four yearsg because of her scintillating work on the Advertiring Committee of The Greyhound, and because she so ably represented our school at Laurel Girls' State. WADE HOLLAND because of his aquatic ability as Captain of our swimming teamg and because of his fighting spirit on the gridiron. Page Eigblwy fJ!IL' THE GREYI-IOUND KATHRYN KISSANE because she gave so generously of her time both as secre- tary of our class and as Co-Editor in Chief of The Greyhoundg because of her power- ful school spirit, and because of her superior qualities of leadership. LENORE KLOC because of her inimitable animation in all her tasks on the Activities and Advertising Committees of The Greyhound, and becaufe of her con- tagious school spirit at every sports event. MARTHA LUNDIN because of her celebrated vocal talents as shown in her expert performance in "The Mikadoug because of her scholastic accomplishments and her skill as Assistant Editor of The Greyhound. GENEVIEVE MARCISZ because of her indispensable mastery as assistant treas- urer of our class, and because she so effortlessly and cleverly handled the financial side of our class activities. MARCIA MERTELMEYER because of her brilliant academic record, and because as Assistant Editor of The Greyhound, she has manifested efficiency par excellence. FRANCIS MORRCJW because of his invaluable work as Business Manager of The Greyhound and because he has so unselfishly donated his artistic talent for each and every class activity. MANNY OLIVEIRA because he was our envoy to Nutmeg Boys' Stateg because of his untiring efforts as Class Representative, because as M. C. of the Talent Revue for two years, his sparkling wit and personality made each production a smash hit. EDDIE PORGORZELSKI because of his Herculean efforts in collecting single- handed 356.60 for the Alumni Drive and because this sensational achievement pro- vided the incentive which brought forth IOOW class contribution. JEAN SABIO because of her superb artistic work for both the classbook and class activities. and because she performed her many tasks as Assistant Manager of The Greyhound with quiet proficiency. DICK TUCKEY because as Captain of the football team he led the Greyhounds across the gridiron to one of their best seasons in years. CHRIS SHEEDY because of his energetic leadership as Vice-President of the Class of 193-1 and because his vocal abilities have won for him the title of "Our Class Croonerf' Ilzqqu Ifiglitli 'liuvz 6 C , af GRHYI IUU fr l',lv1f1 l'vf.1f!77f, ,I ffm f 5 W iw' Hlli CQREYHOUND l'.1.uL lfiylflx lffmr THE FOOTBALL SQUAD THE GREYHOUND FOOTBALL Emerging from frequent defeats in the last few years, the Naugatuck High School Greyhounds come back courageously to record one of its best sea-:ons in a long time. A four-four record may not seem tremendous but for N. H. S. it was a great one. The spark and spirit was not only provided by the team but by our coach. Raymond Legenza. Under his guidance we took the field that warm September night and proceeded to give Willuy one of its worst beatings in many years. The crowd which witnessed the slaughter tsometimes called a contestj was never in doubt as to who was the master. Naugy was paced by Capt. Dick Tuckey, Steven Martin, who perhaps played the best game in his high school career added to this was some stellar line work by Kevin Daly and W.1de Holland, as our boys went on to win by a lopsided score of 49-O. The second game was a replica of the first, both home games, both night games and both trouncings. This time it was a 37-0 rout of Torrington, a team which was supposed to be a contender for the Legenzamen. However, the hard charging wall of Naugy deserved the credit. Budgie Gabrielson and Bill Brewer, two underclassmen. did a man sized job by breaking up plays and making some fierce tackles. Witli Naugy's machine running smoothly, we met a powerful Derby team. This game, which was a reversal of the first two, was a bitter battle all the way. After the dust had cleared, the decisive play was a blocked pass by Kevin Daly, caught by Ralph Tripp and a race for the goal which netted 65 yards for a T. D. The all important extra point was provided by Dick Tuckey with a plunge through the center. Final Score-Naugy 7 - Derby 6. Rated 7th in the state, we next faced Crosby, regarded likewise among the Top Ten. In the first half, we started slowly not seeming able to get rolling. Crosby, taking advance of our lax playing, scored two touchdowns to take a I4-O lead at half time. At the second half, a fighting, spirited bunch of determined ball players trotted out on the field. After Kevin Daly tackled a Crosbyite in the end zone for a safety, Naugy began a clrive of 97 yards in which we scored. But the obstacle was too great for us to overcome. The Garnet and Grey bowed in defeat to the tune of 14-9. A stubborn Leavenworth team was next on the agenda. Trailing by 7 points we fought back in true Greyhound fashion, subduing the Red and Wliite by a score of 23-7. Up to this time we were riding smoothly on a 4-l record having amassed 125 points to our opposition's 27. Then the roof fell in as we met our down valley rival, Shelton. After a scoreless half, Shelton rolled up 28 points, It marked the first time P.l,c't' lfiglvly Fire Tl IE GREY! IOUNIJ during the season that Naugatuck has failed to score. Again we were plagued by a down valley team. our neighbor, Seymour. When Capt. Tuckey hurt his ankle early in the game, we were left with no offensive. This, plus some bad breaks of an intercepted pass and a missed punt, resulted in our downfall. However.Tony Wrobel was magni- ficent in defeat. Thanksgiving Day and Ansonia loomed on the horizon. A nipping and an eager air braced us for the fray, The kick off followed up by a touchdown completely stunned us. Even a Don Doiron pass to Ray Marinko for a T. D. could not stop Ansonia. Our star fullback Lou Farrar perhaps played his best game, his last for the Garnet and Grey. We landed in Srd place in the Valley. lt was something to be proud of and likewise we had four members of our team selected on the All-Valley Team. Three were from the celebrated class of "54", and captains all! Dick Tuckey, Captain of Football-AMWade Holland, Captain of Swimming and Kevin Daly, Captain of Basketball. MANUIEL Ouvisam. THE CLASS POEM The time has come to say good-bye, As we depart from Naugatuck Highg The way through life is mighty long, But we are youth-ambitious, strong. We seek what all desire-success, The well trod road to happinessg We'll struggle on with eager feet, Proclaiming victory-not defeat. Let no ambition be too great, To test our power-conquer fateg Let loyalty color all we dog To God and to ourselves be true, Success comes not at our commandg Deserve it-try to understandg And to the world may we add loreg Long life to the class of '54. JUDY IIOLEY Page Highly Six L LL THE GREYHOUND SENIOR LETTERMEN Q.. vs KEVIN DALY At his hest when on the gridiron, Kevin, with his vicious, crushing t.lckle, plus his glue- lilce fingers on offensive, made his opponents think twice when it crime to stopping him. Selection on the All-Valley Team ended for Kev ii perfect season. A -e','Yd."' ROGIZR ISRIZNNAN Roger was the lL'AlIll'S field geneiuil, always ciip.ihle of giving us that play for the extrii yardage. His lrish smile .ilw.iys present in victory or defeat. "A . Awww A LOU FARRAR Lou, small hut mighty, was ii menace to the hurly tackles of our opponents. Louie stole the limelight in the Turkey day classic with his rushes .tt Ansoniifs defensive wiill, Pilgc Iiigffly Se 1 4,11 THE GREYHOUND STAN GESSECK One of the heavier men on the Naugy line, Stan was worth his weight in footballs. Al- though a rookie, he shone like an old pro, WADE HOLLAND Wacle saw quite a bit of the opposing teams backfield. His untiring efforts on defense mer- ited his selection to the All-Valley Team. Y . f In . I A. ' DAN LAMBRIDIES Although an injury hampered Dan in the pre season practice, he was ready for the open- ing game. A true Greyhound, when the spirit was low, he was still in there giving his ever- lasting spark. Page Eighty Eigbl THE GREYHOUND at . 'va au. ' , - I, f 1 The punt returns of the best conditioned player on the team were something to see Wliezi a mistake was made Steve was ready to come hack. He was outstanding in the Wilhy' game. -Y----.M . BILL LEE Although inexperienced at the beginning of the season, his willingness to learn found him ready for the opening game. Opponents ran at Big Bill with their eyes closed. u . 1. 's STEVE MARTIN CHRIS SHEEDY Reliahle Chris was always there when need- ed. He saw most service at the center position and did a great joh. His importance to the team was unparalleled. Ilzge Eighty Nine THE GREYHOUND DICK TUCKEY There could never have been a better cap- tain. He was superior in every phase of the game. Of all the honors his selection on the All-State team was tops. - T RALPH TRIPP Ralph excelled on both offense and defense. His Herculean efforts to subdue a determined Derby team will be especially remembered. TONY XVROBIEL A thundering crash, a Tony tackle! This man was the best defensive player on the Grey- hounds. Page Nirzely 'Hill GREYHUUND Ilzlngu Nim 1.1 Om' THE BASKETBALL SQUAD THE GREYHOUND BASKETBALL WRITE-UP Trinily Parirb 42-46 Naugy's own Greyhounds, with our new mentor, Ed Mariano, at the helm, showed their shooting ability by downing a determined Trinity Parish of Ne Haven with a -16-42 score. The Greyhound Quintet dominated the play till the final minutes when they seemed to relax their defensive play. At this point the seniors proved their value to the l.augrtuck hoop machine. Their cool play helped the Marianomen to go on to a victory in their first start. Seymour 61-54 The Garnet suffered their first setback of the season at the hands of the Wildc.its from Seymour. 'Ihis vas not an easily won victory for Seymour, becaue the scrappy Greyhounds were fighting all the way for a victory over their newly found foe. The :core was tied both at the half and at the third period but personal fouls proved fatal, as our two ltigh scorers, Larry Terra and Captain Kevin Daly, were lost on 5 personals each. Seymour capitalizing on this offset went on to a seemingly easy victoy in the waning minutes. Fairfield Prep 35-S3 Notable for height and scoring ability, Fairfield Prep invaded the Y and decisively beat the N. H.S. combine by a 53-35 score. Nemesis rode high that night as the Greyhounds lost. Sacred Heart 60-43 Naugy traveled to Waterbtlry where they played their first grme of the season on the Armory floor. The nervous tension of the Greyhounds had a great bearing on the final outset of the game. With Dick Colby paving the way, Sacred Heart got off to a fist start which Naugy was never able to overcome. The second and third periods were tight, but Larry Terra and Kevin Daly excelled for the Borough team by cutting the cords for double figures. Almmzi 38-47 In the traditional Christmas vacation game, the confident Grads who were led by Yin Healy were knocked off their pedestal by a flashy Naugy 5. lt took more than the book learning of the Alumni to defeat the Varsity! Witli Coach Mariano':s men relying on the fast break, our high school team was never jeopardized by the height of the Alumni. The coach substituted freely proving his confidence in Iris team. Naugys leading scorer, Larry Terra, had another night as he collected points. Not to be denied, Captain Daly also hit for points. Arzmzzifz 48-43 Two perennial foes met when Naugatuck and Ansonia clashed in their Valley League game. It was Ansonia over the Garnet by a 48-43 score with Sam Olenchec doing most of the damage, scoring 22 points and controlling both boards, Matching basket for basket, the experience at the foul line proved the one loophole in the Gar- net attack, as the Lavendar from down the Valley pulled slowly ahead. Larry Terra kept us in the game by scoring from the outside and with Kevin Daly doing most of the driving, the Greyhounds were contenders till the concluding seconds of the well played contest. Every boy played commendably in this classic but the reserve strength and the rebounding ability of Ansonia were just too much. Captain Kevin Daly and Larry Terra were the two shining lights for the Greyhounds. Page Nfl1L'f-1 Tim THE GREYHOUND BASKETBALL INDIVIDUALS KEVIN DALY-Captain Kev, .1 three-letter man, made basketball his best. On the floor, Kevin kept the Greyhounds in control all the way. His spirit throughout the season could be matched by none! LARRY TISRRA---Dago was the high scorer on the team, hitting double figures practically in every game. Larry, for a small man, continually out-jumped many of his taller opponents. Placement on the All-Valley team ended for Larry a perfect season. Page Nim In 'l'bfL'c Tlflli GREYHOUND Iiarrfield Prep 55-45 The N. H. S. Basketeers completely astonished all the partisans at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Bridgeport. They just missed beating the powerful Prep S. It was a rough tussle with the Garnet committing 23 personal fouls which proved their Waterloo for they outscored the Fairfielders from the floor 17 to l6. In the previous encounter the Fairfielclers walloped Naugy 52-34 but this time Pep was lucky to walk off the floor victorious. Ray Marinko, our elongated center, led all scorers by hitting I0 times from the floor for 20 points, while Terra popped in 10. Allmzmz 56-60 The Copper City was the scene of a hectic basketball game when Naugatuck de- feated its arch rival, Ansonia by a 60-56 score in an overtime period. The spirit dis- played by the Marianomen could not be bested by either the clock or the home forces of the Lavendar. It was a nip and tuck battle, for the score was tied any number of times. Kevin Daly was the big gun for the Garnet for his moment of glory didn't come once but twice. Ansonia was leading our boys by two points when Kev sank a basket to tie and then put us ahead with another quick tally. But at this point jack Ahern, who inciden- tally scored 16 points, dribbled the length of the court and put in a hook shot to send the game into overtime. Witli the score 54-ill the play was of high caliber and when Naugy and Ansonia exchanged basket for basket, possession of the ball was the im- portant factor. Captain Daly sent his 16th point rippling through the net and then put his 18th point in to climax one of the best games of the season. The honor of beating the Lavendar on their home court comes to few teams and the Greyhounds were a proud group of boys that night. With the rebounding of Ray Marinko and the shoot- ing of Larry Terra and Captain Kevin Daly, the Garnet was unbeatable. Mffffll'll The Quintet from the shore line town of Milford invaded the Y and were beaten in one of the most crucial games of the season. Avenging their previous loss to the Indians, the Garnet had to make a second half recovery to overcome an early splurge of points garnered in the opening minutes of play by Milford. The outside shooting of Larry Terra and the rebounding of Ray Marinko were the important factors in the Naugy attack. Witli Milford leading in the opening minutes, Coach Mariano sent in Charlie Doyle, a sophomore, who promptly sparked the team and aided the cause by scoring I6 points. He was easily the high man in the game. Cmrbj -16-38 The Old Ivy and the Greyhounds clashed on the Armory floor with the Crosby- ites coming off the victor. Naugatucks defeat was clue to the height of the opposing quintet. Man for man, Crosby had the taller players but lacked the fight and spirit displayed by the flashy Naugy 5. The Rubber Towners were never more than 4 points away from a deadlock. Again it was an underclassman who did the burden of the work, for Roy Stinson a sophomore, scored 18 points and was responsible for many baskets. He along with his teammates played their hearts out. The height factor proved costly. Though they did not win, they succeeded in putting a scare into the Naugatuck Valley leaders. lhgt Ivflltll livin' 'lllli GREYHOUND Wfflby 4749 To prove that the previous victory over the Wildcats was not won by just a fortunate break, the fired-up Greyhounds completely humbled Wilby by a 59-47 score. Witli Roy Stinson and Kevin Daly accounting for more than half the team's total, scoring 18 and l-1 points respectively, the Garnet lead was never jeopardized by the boys from the Grove Street school. Naugy jumped off to a fast start by scoring 12 points before Willuy' even scored a point. The quarter ended with our boys leading by a comfoxtable margin of I5 to 3. Witli Coach Mariano employing a man for man de- fense, Willwy was helpless while the Naugy lads seemed to score at will. The fast stepping Greyhounds took one more step toward the State Tournament. The question of the moment wasf"W!ould they be able to upset one of their remaining foes?" Our boys played that night as though they would. St1cl'ed HL'4!l'f 5 5-si-1 The N, ll. S. combine opened the game with a quick flurry of points and built up a 10 point lead by the climax of the second quarter. Sacred Heart came back in the third and final periods to just nip our boys out of a victory. Both teams needed this game while the Boroughites just missed upsetting the East Enders from Waterbury. Tension mounted as the game grew tighter and tighter toward the closing minutes of play. Then Ray Marinko, our lanky center, fouled out while checking the Hearts' star, Dick Colby. At this point they broke the game wide open and won for themselves their tourney birth. Larry Terra again headed the scoring column by notching 17 points which was high for the game. The young Naugy team now had to play the powerful Red Raiders the next night for the final attempt at the coveted victory. 'I'f11'rn1gl0z1 52-43 Coach Mariano took his boys to Torrington to meet the Red Raiders. The winner was slated to go to New Haven to the tournament. The Torrington Armory was packed to the rafters to see this crucial contest. A battle of rebounds, the shooting on both sides was off because of the tenseness of the opposing players. Ray Marinko and Roy Stinson led the opening attack and the Rubber Towners quickly built a 10 point lead. The defending N. V. L. champions were frustrated and a very confused aggrega- tion of boys. They continually called time to collect their thoughts. The pace was fast and the two teams walked off the floor with our boys leading by 4 lowly points. The third quarter opened up fast and furious with both teams matching basket for basket while the Garnet still held their minute lead. Wih the same 5 men playing the whole game, one could see that our boys were tiring. Coach D0nahue's boys pulled slowly ahead and finally won by 9 points when the final buzzer sounded. Two games in two nights were too much for our young basketeers. They played strenuously and consistently but defeat could not be avoided. LLHII L'1lIl'0?'fl7 50- 52 Meeting the engineers from Leavenworth, the galloping Greyhounds won their third victory of the season and the first in Valley League competition by downing the Tech Tigers S2-50. Employing a pass and cut technique, Naugy got off to a fast start with Roy Mallane leading the offensive. The play was tight, right down to the last whistle but the Boroughites controlled both boards which proved a vital asset. The Greyhounds put on the climaxing touch by freezing the ball wtih a minute to go and held the Tigers to one lone basket. Roy Mallane was high scorer collecting 13 points, mostly on drive shots, while Terra tallied with 8. PJIUL iwfllclt L' THE GREYHOUND Milford 55-39 The Milford Indians humbled Naugatuck at the Milford gym collecting a score of 55-39. Naugy could not do much on the strange floor as the man to man defense collapsed owing to the vastness of this court. Milford completely dominated the whole game while Coach Mariano got a good look at some of his bench material in this contest. True-to-form Larry Terra was high man with 12 points and Frank Monahan contributed 8. Crosby 46-38 The Rubber Towners met a confident Crosby 5 on the armory floor in Waterbury. Our boys showed the spark and fight which made great Naugatuck teams of the past. lt was a hard defeat to take, for the Greyhounds played truly fine ball but just didn't get the breaks of the game which are so vital in the sport of basketball. In this game, the pass work on both sides was superb. Naugy trailed all through the game but was never more than five points away from a deadlock. Crosby was picked to ovehwhelm our boys but was happy to eke out a victory. In the final seconds, Crosby pulled a fast break and scored while joe Trapasso iced the contest by sinking a couple of foul shots. Larry Terra had his best night of the season by hooping in 18 points while his teammates played commendably. There was glory in defeat as the Greyhounds put more than one scare in a powerful Crosby combine. Wfilby 48-49 The Garnet temporarily ended the Wilby supremacy knocking off the Grove Streeters 49-48. Roy Stinson, the smallest man on the squad, played the key role in this game. It was a see-saw battle all the way till the concluding seconds showing on the clock. At this point Roy Stinson drove in for a shot and was fouled by joe Silva, Wilby's star center. Pandemonium broke loose from the 1500 spectators as Roy stepped to the line. His first shot rimmed around and out and with all the pressure centered on the young Sophomore, he put the next one clean through the hoop. True to the old Naugy tradition of being calm, cool, and collected, Roy came through in the pinch. Wilby quickly took the ball down court and Captain Dick Ierardi fired a shot which just missed. Again Stinson took the rebound. The Greyhounds froze the ball for the few remaining seconds as the clock ran out. This was one of Naugy's biggest victories and again it was led by Terra, who scored 15 points with Roy Stinson account- ing for 10 markers. Torrington 67-43 Led by Gerry Alaimo, who scored 26 points, the Torrington Red Raiders racked up the highest total of points against the Garnet for this season, by defeating them 67-43. The Quintet from up the Valley just had too much on the ball for it was prac- tically a score-at-will contest. With Nemesis riding high on her white horse, the Grey- hounds were a frustrated group of boys. The one consolation of Coach Mariano was the vibrant play of the underclassmen led by Frank Monahan, who hopped up 8 points. Lerzvenworlb 41-57 The Garnet stepping off to a 15 to 4 advantage in the first five minutes, com- pletely overwhelmed the Tech Tigers by a 57-41 score. The Greyhounds virtually wiped the stripes right off the snarling tiger. Captain Kevin Daly broke his scoring slump by pumping in 12 points while Ray Marinko, junior center scored 13. Coach Mariano cleared the bench by the final buzzer with all players seeing action. This was Nauga- tuck's most impressive victory to date. The closest that Tech came to the Borough Quinta-t's score was six points but the Greyhounds quickly rallied to overpower the Leavenworth team from the Brass City. P.l.Qe Niucfy Six CAPTAINS 51 .W "5'!""' Gal P 5 0 'I I IIi CiRIi'1'IIOUND Page Nimlq SI rw DICK TUCKEY WADE HOLLAND KEVIN DALY N. s. g Footba immin Sw ll wx -A -.. N -nz -Q '1 FC 'fs E. '74 5: . I THE GREYHOUND Wilklll r,,.a-an ..-ai P.lgc N ima! y Eight QUAD S SWIMMING THE We salute Coach Sullivan and his 1954 Garnet Tankers for a record of which Tllli GREYHOUND THE SWIMMING TEAM Once again in 19541 the Naugatuck mermen were a team of which Naugy was rightly proud. Under the easy-going but forceful guidance of Coach Alex Gimbo Sul- livan, the team achieved an admirable record of seven wins and three losses, ranking second in the Southern Division standings. We were also proud of the Naugy tankers' fourth place showing in the State Championships. Our 160 yard relay team of Wade Holland, Bob Sawicki, Dave Cronin, and Budge Gabrielson, set a new school record for that event with the sensational time of 1:18.9, in which they broke their own record of 1119.2 of a few weeks earlier. This relay team also took third place in the State Championships. The class of 'S-i was well represented on the squad with six invaluable members, led by Captain Wade Holland, a matchless sprinter and 100 yard breaststroker, Bob Saxzicki, our most valuable swimmer, placed second in the S0 yard freestyle at the state meet and was throughout the year a great asset to the team, swimming both freestyle and backstroke. Indispensable in swimming the 200 yard freestyle and the relays was Dave Cronin, :nother first rate Senior. Stanley Gesseck who began the season as a diver turned the table by developing into a crack backstroker. Bill Lee was a stalwart swimmer in the 200 yard freestyle, an event calling for the stamina which Bill was ever ready to produce. Bruce Erickson, slicing through the water in the 100 yard breaststroke, proved to be a capable and enthusiastic member. Naugy is justly proud. SWIMMING SUMMARY Alumni 31 ,.,......,.... ....,...,........,.....,.........,.,.......... ...... N 4 iugatuck Hartford Public Naugatuck Hillhouse -10 ,........ Naugatuck Hamden 30 ,.....,..., Naugatuck Sacred Heart S9 Naugatuck Wilbur Cross 22 Naugatuck East Haven 27 ......., Naugatuck Canterbury Prep ...... Naugatuck Warren Harding 20 ....,. Naugatuck Crosby 55 ........ Naugatuck Greenwich 28 .... Naugatuck Piet Nffltli Nim INDIVIDUAL SWIMMING THE GREYI-IOUND I 1 hr-sur Q I P480 Om Hundred STAN GESSECK BRUCE ERICKSQN DAVE CRONIN 1: ESQ 3.9.93 'ADM ..: 92' -Eeavf Q- '6 EH 'SUE'-3 :Ex -E53 rw u,. Wagga E322 .,,':..f'U 2.35 ::,EJ: Us -um mag: 5 ,E JM. Eff: E55 SG' -ag U '- -Cu fi :Ee 23,5 05-U if-E O Q.: aa-C 0-M: 5213 'UWE "' GJ Ri LEE P.. U ew? EZ 3535 we 'EU' UN Os, 104 2.55 -C o wen 9-cu' mic ... Quin .EE El-'-3' Q, m x-'11 si-3? -:B-2:1 ., QM, 'Sim -C E .305- .CCE .CEU -C- 5:5 ,-'--U -1:1 ,Q CI anion U ENE :va I-was 'Ul- .o-.. ci Q.: E +11 E 2 .O C1 .E E' v U vm C E I-. D C of UBC' breaststroker, MU u FS on l'l'lCl'l. lf THE GREYHOUND O .5 't n O 6 sq.-. -'T any 5 . S o C l' h . -.n4u.,l 4.44m , , .--,-, .. ..-... Page One Iluudred One BOB SAWICKI BILL LEE WADE HOLLAND Wkide was .1 captain in every sense of the Bill was another converted gridiron man, At his first try out, Bob pleasantly surprised word. Indispensable in the 160 yard relay, he showing his superior ability in the 200 yard everyone in making the 40 yards in less than often p wided the spirit which carried the freestyle. A sound and sturdy swimmer, there Z2 seconds Needless to say, he was immedi- Garnet Tankers ti victory. was no fear of the enemy with Bill in the ately adopted as a regular and became a back- E the team. -+- C IJ C H pe hc IHC-U GREY! IOL lf Um llmnlnfl luv IND THE GIRLS' BASKETBALL Tl IIE GRIZYI IOUND GIRLS' SPORTS The final score 3-i-555 The Senior girls have won their second season in the In- tramural league. Twice the sparkling Senior girls led by their able joan Rossi, have defeated the Freshmen, Sophoniores and juniors. During our Freshman year the Seniors were amazed to see the spirit and speed our team showed. "'lhese girls are going to be early champions." How true these x.ords were! Under the capable leadership of Miss Qretella, we captured the title in our junior year. Bound and determined to attain it again in our Senior year, we bravely faced our fiist opponent, the juniors. But alas! Our spirit was somewhat dampened as we met a determined bevy of girls who were going to launch forth in an attempt to upset our determination to win the championship. For a few dim moments it seemed as though the Seniors were going to be downed. But with capable teamwork of Kathryn Kissane, Florence Phillips, judy Foley, joan Rossi, Phyllis Weluster, Karen Carlson, and Betty Mazaika, the Seniors excelled with flying colors and the championship. The final score was 5-l to 55. As Freshmen, physical education was new and exciting. Under the competent leadership of Mrs, Daly, we grew accustomed to this strange and wonderful subject. Our Sophomore year brought a new teacher, Miss Lynch. Many of us were intro- duced to tennis, badminton, and softball. Although we were disappointed to see Miss Lynch leave, she was replaced by the capable Miss Cretella. Still more, physical education was brought into the limelight. A favorite was the modern dance. Spring board and tumbling were brought into the curriculum, additionally. As the girls of the Senior class look back on the past four years, they will, we think, always remember their "Gym Days." P.I4Qi Um lf11mfv4tf'lfvr'u' 'l'llli GREYIIOUND THE CAPTAINS AND MANAGERS Pug Om llznnlrul lfunr lll1iCiRliYlIUlINl7 L' Um ll1lf.'LJMJI'lIL' CHEERLEADERS THE THIS GRIEYHOUND . . Q -6 9 4' .433 . F fi V 4 Q t I + gli - ' o U ,. any Q + ,S'J7"":4 l'.1,q1 Um ll1nm'u1fSix THE GREYHOUND THE PROPH ECY The year-1964. The setting-somewhere in the exosphere. The place-the pres- surized cabin of "The Garnet and Gray Glory", a space ship par excellence designed by jOE BIELANCS. The pilots-RUSS STABLEY and DAVE SEARS. The plot- our two pilots. weary of the monastic life in outer space, are contemplating an unprece- dented action-to re-enter the earth's atmosphere and determine. via the atomic TV receiver built by LITTLE ROG ANDERSON and RICHARD MORTENSON, how their fellow classmates are faring after ten years of being "on their own." STABLEY to SEARS:"Pressurize the cabinvweve entered the earth's atmosphere, according to the radar screen, we should be approaching the Atlantic Coast of the United States. Over." SEARS to STABLEY: "Roger-Cabin depressurizedn-I've picked up Florida on the TV receiver." These two flyers managed to see every one of their classmates. This is the report of a day's wandering. In Florida, jUDY FOLEY'S AQUATIC SCHOOL is in progress. WADE HOL- LAND, Olympic Swimming Champ, is training there for his channel swim. RALPH TRlPP'S the star third base-man for the Red Sox. Petite BARB KACKOWSKI is relaxing on Daytona Beach. She's secretary to LOU FARRAR, the Wzill Street tycoon. ARNIE'S Hotel is now the gathering-place for the elite. Mr. WAIT'E'S done rather well for himself. Appearing nightly there is MANNY OLlVEIRA'S band, featuring MARTY LUNDIN as vocalist. Several celebrities can be seen there fre- quently-among them vivacious PAT STOKES, the pantomime artist. Farther north-CAROL GUSTAFSON'S in Kentucky, teaching in a little mission school, SENATOR ANDY KAPl:ER's busy in Wasliington. He has two attractive secretaries, FRAN MARIANO and BARBARA SMITH. His old buddy, HOWIE SCHWARTZ, has just been named Chief justice of the Supreme Court. The coast guard is very fortunate in having ROG QUINT at the helm. FRAN SUCHENSKI is the girl who takes his dictation. Palm 01.1 llumfnd SLEICII THE GREYHOUND New York has many familiar faces.-BRUCE ERICKSON has replaced Mad-Man Murtz in the automotive business, it's rumored that he's infinitely more successful. Graceful LINDA EKLUND, heads his sales department, and he even employs his own certified public accountants-LARRY TERRA and FRANCIS MORROW. His able staff of mechanics is under the guidance of BILL MARONEY and BOB BARKER. At Radio City is CHRIS SHEEDY'S incomparable TV show, starring radiant FRAN VIEIRA, Broadway's current favorite, and GLENDA BURTNETT, Metropoli- tan Opera's luminary. SALLY KOPP and CLAIRE KOZICH do the hair-styling and dress designing, respectively for all of CHRIS'S shows. Other familiar names in lights are DOT GABIANELLI and PAUL ROSA, giving a joint recital at Town Hall to an enthralled audience. PAUL has composed a concerto for piano and violin. This is his premiere. One of New York's newer building houses Dr. TOM BEHRMAN'S CLINIC. TOM'S making quite a name for himself in the medical world. Working with him in scientific medical research are ANG DE CARLO and her assistant, GINNY PEREIRA. BEV. HENNESSEY and BARB LYONS are his secretaries, LENORE KLOC and JOAN RUSSET his head nurses, and peppy PHYLLIS WEBSTER and FLUFFY PHILLIPS, his physical therapists. There was a search for other Naugy grads in New York-EILEEN FITZGER- ALD was discovered as editor-in-chief of the Journal, PAT THIBODEAU is pho- tography editor. JACK ST. JOHN, the advertising manager of Mademoiselle, has a great line surrounded by beautiful women--like JUNE LE VASSEUR and PAT BRADSHAW, top fashion models ..... FATHER BOB BERGIN says Mass daily at St. Patricks Cathedral. The Cathe- dral was recently rebuilt by RICH BONCAL, assisted by MORT SWAN, his chief electrician. The Brooklyn Bridge has been replaced by a new, giant super structure with LENNY PETERSON and RUSS JOHNSON, the engineers. BILL BOYD en- gineered the highway approaching it. Speaking of Brooklyn, BILL CAULFIELD has bought the Dodgers. His rich uncle died and left him a fortune. Opposing his team almost yearly in the World Series are two Yankees-KEV DALY and DICK TUCKEY. In Naugatuck our co-pilots found many old friends. The new high school is well populated with alumni, KATE KISSANE is the principal, MARCIA MIIRTEL- MEYER heads the Math department. KATE'S secretary is IRENE GESEK. STEVE MARTIN returned from Purdue to coach football at his Alma Mater. The French students, especially the boys, are eager to come to class now that KAREN HAMPEL has taken over in that department. CONNIE SANTARSIERE is head librarin-and JACKIE ARDRY can be seen doling out an assignment in busines procedures. As Page Om Illnldrtd Iiigbl THE GREYHOUND BETTY MAZAIKAS the new Physical Ed teacher, the old gang is almost all to- gether again. tl wonder if they still have pajaina parties?J KAREN CARLSON is teaching dramatics. She got her start in Room 23ften years ago. SHIRLEY GA- BRIELSKI is secretary to jACK VVHITE. superintendent of schools. COMMANDER 'IACQK HUTT and LIEUTENANT RAY SOBIRESKI are home on leave from the U. S. Navy. Presiding behind the desk in the Mayor's office of the city hall is genial ROG BRENNAN. puffing a fat cigar and dictating to ANNE TOLLE, his secretary. His campaign manager in the recent election was DAN ZU- BANCH. the man behind the scenes in local politics. A few paces down on Church Street is energetic DAN LAMBRIDES, editor of the Daily News. Across the street is IIENNESSEYS HABERDASHERY. GERRY attracts his customers with his ever- winning smile. His head buyer, MARY HORAN, keeps the ladies coming with her swank selections. JIM GIBBONS. manager of the A and P, has made the Naugatuck store one of the best in the chain. BEN KERSKI assists him behind the meat counter, wielding his cleaver with a mighty hand. On the other end of Church Street, DOUG OLSON of the Savings Bank is locking the vault prior to leaving for a round of golf. Hc-'d be lost without red-headed PAT SWICQK to keep those accounts straight. 'IACIK LENNERS has just taken a new partner in his service station. Wlio else but IIIMMY BEST! jlMMY KEAN is head mechanic in this growing concern. The housewives of Naugatuck have no worries now that EDDY POGORZELSKI is creat- ing such delicacies in his ultra-moclern bakery. . . . 'l he offices ot' the U. S. Rubber Company are being graced by the presence of ELLEN PASSECQK and MARY TUMMARELLO-two busy. efficient secretaries. Their cohorts GINNY HENRICHS and ELLEN BUTXWELL are just returning from lunch. They really enjoy working for their boss. SCOTTY ANDREWS. 'IAN STAN- KIEWICQZ is his new secretary. LEE GREISBACQH is in lights on Broadway. Her latest triumphfMedea! St. Mary's Hospital in Vlfaterbury is fairly bursting at the seams with Naugatuck personnel. Cheery JOAN ROSSI keeps the children from being homesick with the diverting way she treats them. The male patients are soon up and around with diminutive ANN LAEO as their nurse. A group of probationers are sink- ing hypodermic needles into oranges. MARY ANN NOLAN. their instructor, is show- ing them the technique, SYLVIA OBST and 'IANE CIHRISTIE, as attractive as ever, are efficiently training student nurses. LOIS HAMM is student secretary. WARREN MERCER is St. Mary's newest intern. The Wrlterbury Hospital has its share of enthusiastic alumnae too. ROSLYN KOSAKOSKI gives a friendly greet- ing to new arrivals from behind her recepti0nist's desk. just coming down from OR l'.1,ui Um lllllltlftll Nm: THE GREYHOUNIJ is LORRAINE BRAUN. keeping a careful eye on her patient. SHIRLEY FULLER looks very modern. showing a proud papa his new little boy. Head nurse NANCY LUBANDA keeps the whole system functioning, as it should. At bit farther north-at Brainard Iiield in Hartford, BILL BARANAUSKAS is seen giving the engine of TWA's newest airliner a final check! The pilot is dis- covered to be DON BAKER, with his stewardesses, LOIS FOX and SHIRLEY GOGGIN. MIKE SHARON is being checked in by BARB BENZ, another attractive stew- ardess. MIKE, st.1te police commissioner, is headed for Wfashington. MARILYN ORIS, his private secretary, is going along to take notes on the proceedings. CORINA BERGANZA is returning to her native Guatamala. In Hartford, G. Fox's windows are sparkling with an array of the very latest in clothes for the debutante. They're the work of CAROLE JOY, top fashion consultant. And Ifox's has been attracting twice the usual number of customers since JEAN SABIO'S been drawing their ads. Over in the sporting department CHARLIE VEST is trying to interest ARLENE SPUROSKY and JOAN COWAN in some skiis for their lflorida vacation, water skiis! ARLENE and JOAN are working in the capitol as assistants to TONY RUSATE, head of the Bureau ol' Internal Revenue. Right next door, LORRAINE RAUCCI is typing a letter dictated by her boss, His Excellency the Governor. Its been rumored that big ROC ANDERSEN is working on his third million in the Texas oilfields. Naturally, no town would be complete without a glimpse of him-iso our two pilots headed west, On the way, in Indianapolis, TED KACKOW- SKI, king of the speedway, was seen trying to better the worlds record which he set last year. Whiting in the pit is BOB CARON, his speedy mechanic. Chicago-Navy men BOB SAWICQKI, EARLY DOUTY and DAVE CRONIN are seeing the sights of the XX!indy City. They're on their fourteen day re-enlistment leave. The Waves -V---represented by MARGARET THRALL and MARY GRABOWSKI-ztrc on their way to recruit for the Navy via EARL PHILLIPS radio broadcast. This commentator interviewed NANCY MACDONALD last week. She thrilled the audience with tales of deathadefying motorcycle stunts. JANE NOLAN and JOAN KLEIVA find there's never a dull moment working there. llzgt flue llnudud 'law 'I'l Ili GREYIIOUND TONY WROBEL is with ROG in Texas. The life of a bachelor appeals to TONY. Head of productions for their oil company is FRED PETERSON, whose efficiency accounts for half of TONY'S millions! Commanding Fort Bliss in El Paso is JIM I-IU'I T. DON SUNBURY is another "wheel" down there. 'lhe class of 195-I is famous even in Hollywood. FRAN REBELLO'S the feature attraction at MGM these days. In private life this beauty is married and sends her little girl to SHIRLEY JOHNSON'S Day School. CATHERINE LOKITES and JOAN HOTCHKISS are her able assistants. They have their hands full explaining to Hollywood children why the three R's are as important as movies. FLORENCE KLIMOWICZ, RKO's head receptionist, lunches daily with MARY LOU PHILLIPS who provided the technical information for RKO's documentary film on Physical Therapy. TWIRP PRESTO answers the flashing lights of the Studio's switchboard. Shes known as the girl with the smiling voice. Soft-spoken DON GAVIN has de- veloped into quite a director. All of the studios are clamoring for him. He refuses to work without his gifted assistants, JOAN OWENS and LORRAINE PECK. The next stop in Alaska-finds LEROY MORINE working for the government as an engineer. He is discussing plans for a new hydro-electric dam with DON TRIANO, whom the U. S. Army placed in charge of the project. GENEVIEVE MARCISZ, who campaigned so vigorously for Alaskan statehood has been named its first Secretary of State. JUNE HOTCHKISS and MURIEL GREENE deciding against a Southern vacation are spending their two weeks in Alaska. Johns Hopkins must be lost without them. They've been tobogganing with BOB SORTINO and STAN GESSECK, who have been sent to this newest state by Uncle Sam's Army. The GAG- NON EXPORT COMPANY is doing a thriving business up here. JOEL employs MARY JANE LINEWEBER and JOANNE BEHLMAN as his secretaries. On the last stop we saw Paris. SANDRA LAVALLEE and JOAN MURPHY, two Navy nurses, are taking life easy while their ship is in dry dock for repairs. MARY LOU LINSKEY and MURIEL ANDERSON are doing statistical research on economic conditions in France for UNESCO. BILL LEE is touring Europe-having inherited his family's fortune. His private secretary HERB JENSEN, always travels with him. At this point, having seen every one of their classmates, and being thoroughly satisfied with their day, the two pilots re-entered the exosphere to spent another 10 years of loneliness,--loneliness enriched with memories. Page Um Hundred Eltruu 'I IHE GREYIIOUND -.O "1 v rv ..4,-M digg' Illxqc Um Iflllldlld 7'zz'c.7l'c ES OMMITTE TOGRAPHIC C PHO D AN ORTS SP 'I I Ili CQRUYIIOUND 'ilqj' Sq lifgjg O fn I.'f1mfnJ 'I fmnu THE OFFICIAL TYPISTS In H1 I Ill CKl'Yl!C'l'l'X'lD rmfvuf lffnvlf THE BANKERS Tl Ili GREY! IOUND 'X-..- . 2 El -'1 I ,,...:.J Pugu Om' Illllldllll fijflrifll THE DRIVER TRAINING CAR I'HlE CBREYHOUND lily, Um l11111Jnu'S1.xl1u1 THE SOCIAL COMMITTEE 'I I Il: GREY! IOUND lun Um Ilzfmlmf Sum THE GRIZYHOUND as THE GARNET GLEAM s'1'A1f1 l'.14yL Um llnmfruf Ifiybfccw - - 'l'IIl, GRIN IIOIINID W I 'Q A 'Q flu Um ff1n.nfn.f.X'lmIL GREYHOUND ili 'l'l CLUBS HOOI. SC :gg-2. Bam uuuuu NEDCEQ Laugwq 31:52 in 4...AA., 36-3:2 ggi ix-CEW EEUE. 4 C3202-Q Smeg 5 MZEU WEE - ' 5-sm gui. A UUA mnegzx I an NU:Eim 1225: vvu- 20 Ei: C7232 C33 uuqll 5-gum :wmmjm uuvuu Zfzxmv-U5 22 H C555 wcqi Vuvu an-Cl :ESQ ..,A ECCLCQW E-,EL AQECOJZ :EN I b Emma :ECM .AAA ZOSDL -22 I EEUMNHE EU-in 1 I Ersxgre-um I Etsizahz I ZXEERH l "A4- -SSEQNM E In Nxbgzmilmrb- 1 1 Vulv mtsszkl ' HADMOL 'WMO'-iw-I , ksahtmdu ztimik I -I 532:N.MilE':z.:N: T4 V I , 33:5-Q 1 V Firth NNNQTNXFUKQVMVQNKQ V1 IQQII Nmxvwrixvkl may-U -I-P42 5 QEEQQQ 221.55-i V ,V E Q I 'SHZNYVNDH-N , A4-:USISUM E JNi3:Nlmv:lk- I t V QIRNIVSN Edu xii Az .U -L I V IEQIZEXQ Q:-as-xl OTHOUQ E334 Z 1 Sikkim MASL W-:Av I V. - N:d.NQ?4u-:x:q'Ql- 53250 VEMECQ V I ztqigi :CQ 22 H Nami dv-nL':'m. I WZNUZQMML MSUMEU m: E :::3Ag :OECEU BEDS Q b E Dwzlzbm ,Swim SLQELEU A at-SH VA-:J Q EXMNQE U.-mivqbh v I 1 NNKKMENDIMXQ Z-Q55 AQ2 I A QDAU mmmzmmpm mmrrwmm gig-'mm -0222 EUC-:au En:-S9 --A-. MEVEBOI 255 Ntgsiw Uzacm 'VA'.V 0:52 ,ECLEQ Ci-O :J-Missa. Tp-Em 22 I , 33:62 gain OES C55 ...-,v', Bbacq by-HS? LZLCEU BA .- 3055 E2 H Naam MMO :Stow :Aziz bg-am Eiga bllll GH-Lads Z CHECUCAQA 1':1x SEM iz H LMUCMLLM-AQ 'itch suis? 2:31 Ev!-O rim-go EEF :EGM A E333 ,EEZ 72120 IW-:H Ui :QE mp Z ttsziiqbk :QU Nzgltazttx :Qu , ,.v'...I...'A4.--- Tzbfsvl :Kiwis Nsxgkmlm-Sh ....,,b .'vl.4VVA- N ENEENN EDAU mZmHN-'EU OZDOV stvxxtqskk I : -Altcxrrzvl 1 I MNNMYblbkA+'K0vlbXm 1 lllulllll NNTMENHIM-nl 35:0 'swf Mm:,EFc-J 3:2595 .QEMEDM Q NNTUQEIM-KQJQVQKQ NENSSQ JU WD-4 I-tag? O-Dpi Elxitdw SN.-5,2-Al . Al-Lxlx-QAKVQNQZ -'bk rx llhk 5 :X gal.-llhthh -EINQVSKAN N244 ZWQVHOO N:.N.kk:jQ,O Uhmtzscw ,gsm irc-LCE HSLAHM E-'CEU 'ESO ,ESQ 0:1234 AUENEEQ 3: ,big-Q :Elly ,I -Q -,.vv,'--vv-'.'vv , INANQ--:imxvu NQNQNYQ--Q Nagy? mublcg - V .---, YQQV' Y I kbizjwulks TEUEUZM UE: I Q kltitum :EM E!-U uluu an in :3N23kki'S- :Zi WULEHUD A V llgll I :ENN-,El 302 M22 I QUEMZQ me QEVZEMZOI mmiwgbiz I H Ac WI. J J U H I 'I- M I I y M 'Hlli GRHYHOUND THE OFFICERS OI: THE GOLDEN LANE 1'.l,gm Um llffflffvuf 'I In 1111 Om I Hli CIRIZYI IOUND THE s. P. Q. R llg Um l!1ff,'Mm!'l'14 fl ll THE GRIEYHOUND 'WH' THE B. B. C. CLUB l'.1gu Um Illzmfnlf 'I 14 Lffllg 'lf HIE CLRIZYIIOUND lm Um lllrmfnlf 'I 1111113 THE MATH CLUB 'lllli GRBYIILLLJF-IIB THE FRENCH CLUB I ru Um IInm!fLJ'I11w1f1 I-'11 I K GREY! IUUFQIJ I rg 011 Illfmfmzf Tllklll-J Sm THE YOUNG CITIZENS CLUB Ili CRliYllUL 'RWTH' N QV' llzlul Um llnmfuJ,l1rwf, S 1 1 THE HISTORY FORUM Tl Il' GREY! IULIP-JD 4 r -A "f'1fJQXT"!- ...of- P.l4Qc' Om II ll mfr L d 'I ' H L Mtg Ifig ll! THE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA YI IUI III U1 llnff full 'l 14.1113 Ning THE AUDIO VISUAL CLUB THE GRIZYHOUND l'.4.uL Um Il1fmfnJ'lffvfvlA3 THE MODERN DANCE CLUB lp QIRLYIIOL IND fl f M fn'lJf,'.ffUf ,!f'fr!., U lla THE ART CLUB Q X I 8 XS 'xi I J' iw Hlli CERIZYHOUND N w Q Q L. X Q 0 ss 6 2 J Cvgv Q15 J J' Pyyzofr I QL Um lllnnfnd 'I fmlq 'l'u'0 Tllli GRIZYHOUND MUSIC, XVithout a song the day would never end, and so with this thought the school ycar ot' H253-it opened As wo look hack to the lfall, we see the hand under the direction ol' Mr. Ruggiero. lead the lians and tlae team on to a line foothall season. 'l he hnnd was small. hut v hat they lacked in -ize. they made up in volume. The choir at this stage was in husy preparation tor the annual Christmas concert called "A Song ot' Christmas". 'Ihis cantati was presented with ease, following only long hours ot' rehearsing. Three -oloists were heard during the seventeen minute song. They were Martha Lundin. Glenda Uurtnett, and Chris Sheedy. Roger Anderson was the narrator. Witli the coming ot' the new year, the spring music' program was posted. lfirst ol' these tour programs was the Gilhert and Sullivan operetta, "'I'he Mikado," 'l'he list was completed by the spring conceit, the trip to the Metropolitan Opera Houre in New York to see "La Boheme," and our annual talent revue with Manny Oliveira as master ol' ceremonies. Each production was specialized hy the trademark ot' professionals, not that ot' amateurs. The senior girls' sextet was one of the many shining lights, 'lhey ap- peared on telexision sexeral times and highlighted their careers at N.H.S. at the spring concert, Members were Pat Bradshaw. Martha Lundin, Carol joy. Dorothy Gahianelli, Glenda llurtnett and l,ois Ifox. 'lhroughout our high school years. the complete music program has heen among the tinest in Naugy's history. It prox ided the light, gay side ot' our education. llrlgt Hut lfllmflcrf ilftlffl illluct 'l'HlE GREYHCUND l'.14qL Um lllllfdncl Tlfirlj Four THE SENIOR A CAPELLA CHOIR TH E GREYHOUND P.lgL Um lluudnd Thing I-in THE ORCHESTRA AND BAND QSREYIIOUNID U1 ll1rmfnLflfflr!15fx SENIOR SEXTET 'IHE li CSRIZYHOL I lg ff f1'frf1JmJ 'I fvxrm S JNID 'J Tllli CPREYIIOUND DRAIVIATICQS Seven tlasses strong we met ii1 the Dramatits Room in late September. We m.1de history e.1rly in our iareer with tl1e four segregated aggregations. We were stared--some of us. Why not! More than .1 few of us found tl1.1t our hearts tould beat like a trip hammer. And when we were called upon to emote, we wished we were hundreds of miles away. Such tlammy handsl What big eyes our tlassmates had! Stage fright! llowever we forted ourselxes to look confident. With the llard of Axon we as- sumed .1 xirtue -,if we h.1d it not. llad we not s.1id Htl-.l-.1-lln at home for ten minutes daily during the past week! llad we not breathed- iluite properly-as we had been diretted? And sueh laeial expressions as we had foited ourselves to present! But when tl1e bell sounded the antitipated end of tl1e period on th.1t first day, we breathed n.1turally .1g.1in and' Vregretfully. Uur lirst step at self conquest had been taken and for the most part sueeessfully. lfor in eaeh class two winning seniors were xoted into Golden Lane. With the arrival of the setond week, .1 tertain assurante was ours. We tontluered Anger, llatred, Sartasm, llgotism, lndignation. Our greatest milestone was reaehed as lot! odd seniors le.1ped into the airf-f individually of eoursef-is we personified joy, to the atiompaniment of the words of "A 'l'ouehdown, A Touchdown" which eehoed and re-ethoed into the far reathes of the tl1ird floor tornidor. With this agile act, .1ll of our past fears seemed to haxe exapoiated--'we were lH.l5lCI'5 of the spoken word? ln Spartatus to the Gladiators. we rounded out our primal training, lnto tl1e realm of poetry we s.1iled during the next week, learning the value of the klI'.ll1l.lllL' pause in saving our rendition from .1 mundane, sing song effect. lire we were aware, Christmas loomed on the horizon with the promise of skits. Wl1at .1 magie word! But problems arose. With two classes of damsels with nary .1 l.1d enrolled who would be Santa Claus! We solxed that nitely- at le.1st we girls did. 'l'he distafl' side needed no masculine aid. With the help of .1 few pillows added to lizgt Out lllnnfftzl Tlvirli lflluffl THE GREYHOUND Santy's costume, we produced two of the jolliest, roly-poly Santas that anyone ever gazed upon. For proof, ask Fran Rebello to show you her set of colored snapshots. Girl Santas can be captivating. We saw the gamut of emotions garbed in gay, holiday costumes. Angels, animated stars, cherubim, seraphim, carollers, the pig tail set, mommies, daddies, brash brats and reindeer passed in a Yuletide panorama. And every class recaptured the rapturous moments of childhood when we sat in a circle on the floor, as Miss Grainger read to us in hushed tones: "The Night Before Christmas." Following Yuletide and with the arrival of 1954, we met the long awaited tryout for Class Book skits. What a wealth of entertainment was ours. Fifteen were selected. The fortunate Thespians included versatile Roge Brennan and his troupe of saucy third "graders", wherein pert Martha Lundin tripped capricious judy Foley, as roguish Lou Farrar blew a pink bubble gum monstrosity, to more huge proportions than were ever seen outside the comics. Prexy Kev Daly presented his troupe in a spirited pro- duction, cleverly executed, in collaboration with Tom Behrmang Karen Carlson, the Queen of the Cheer Leaders, agile Fran Mariano and diminutive Ann Lafo. Fran Vieira who proved herself an Emcee of A+ rank, at Christmas time, went on to gar- ner new honors as a tragedienne. Veep Chris Sheedy brought Alice in Wonderltliid to life with the able assistance of clever Pat Stokes, jack White and petite Lenore Kloc. Space Ships were in evidence as Fran Suchenski and Arline Spurosky with the aid of their mothers' colanders took us on aerial adventure. But the highlight was reached when our class Venus, june LeVasseur, led her troupe in presenting the Hicksville Variety Show of ancient vintage, with costumes retrieved for the occasion from the family trunks in dusty attics. And the classics were not overlooked by vivacious Lee Griesback in her stunning Cleopatra costume. Skits were temporarily placed in abeyance as Microphone Technique was the order of the day, allowing us to write our own scripts. Our enunciation improved. And now as the Greyhound goes to press we are looking forward to tryouts for Class Day. We are ransacking radio, TV, magazines and our own somewhat limited creative powers for ideas. May Lady Luck smile upon us. Dramatics? Traditionally dear to every Senior we heartily endorse it. Our one regret is that we were limited to one weekly class! Page Onto Ilmldrtd Tbirry Ninn THE GREYHOUND l'.1,q4 Um lllfmfucl l'ml3 THE INSTITUTE FOR EXTRAORDINARY GENIUSES iililiYllUl I1 fl ll11f.JrLJlfH1, lim NELLYBEI.L'S CONQUEST THE GREYHOUND Pugu Om IIIIIILIVCLJ Iforly Two OPERATION MARS I lqb THE GREYHOUND Um Illnldnd 1511115 Thru' COLLEGE DAYS 'I'l'lli CPRIZYIIOUND THE TREASURE CHEST llzlqu Um lllmrfrnd I5m'lQ Fam' ff A92 .U Q I Q ,. .--J 'l H12 GRILYHUUND ,f ALL HAIL MACBETH! Riga Um' Iflnldmzf lfmflg lin THE GREYHOUND LATE, BUT N014 TOO LATE lily Um lllllltllczl l"fnl1 Six THIS GREYHOUND THE ASSASSINATION OF JULIUS CAESAR Pugu Om' 111111117011 1511113 Surwl THE GREYHOUND TOM SAWYER 1 0114 IllIlldI'L6!l:fIlf.1 lfigbt THE GREYHOUND LADY MACBETH WALKS AGAIN I'.lg4 Um Ilmfdmll-mf-1 Nim K ,v ov Tl Ili GREY! IOUND ALICE IN WONDERLAND P.z4q4 Om lIlHIllILll1Jf!l-1 4 Tllli CIREYIIOUND J-.,, .zvmrs ofunww A CALAMITY l'.1.gL Om Ilnmfnff lfiflry Um THE CSREYHOUND CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA 1'.1yL Um lllzfnlluf Iflfly 'lim 'I'l Ili CERIZYHOUND 1 X,-ff f STRANGERS IN PARADISE l'.l-QL Um l11a1nluJl'l-flbx 'I lun THIS GREYHOUND XXSN-'fVy THE HICKVILLE VARIETY SHOW P.14uc Om Hmldwd lfiflj Four 'l'llli GRIEYHOUND HONOUR TO WHOM HONOUR IS DUI2 Once again we of The Greyhound are indebted to our friends, Chief among them we thank most heartily our advertisers-one and all. But especially our gratitude is conveyed to our sponsors who gave us full page ads. The United States Rubber Company Naugatuck Lumber Company Breen's Sport Shop Peter Paul, Im. Naugatuck Dairy Ice Cream Company Bristol Company Thibodeau Studio Naugatuck Chemical Company The juniorettes Wiilter Boncal--Contractor 'I'hurston's Sons Alex Samborski--Contfactor To our printer, Mr. Nolan of Perry Press, our class photographer, Mr. Thibodcau, and the Valley Engraving Co. our appreciation. And though somewhat unconventional, we should like to mention at this time the record breaking Alumni Drive of 19541, in which we collected 5527.40 Most out- standing is the fact that every member of The Senior Class helped to collect this Slim. .1 l00'I2 contribution therefore, of which we are a whit proud? Puts Um lllllltlftlj lilly Iwi RIQYIIUUP JD I IL U1 llf1f,wf1Ufll!'!VyS IX NATIONAL HCNOR SOCIETY Patricia THE GREYHOUND MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ROGER W. ANDERSON ANGELA DE CARLO jACQUELlNE ARDRY BRUCE ERICKSON THOMAS BEHRMAN EILEEN FITZGERALD BARBARA BENZ jUDY FOLEY ROBERT BERGIN SHIRLEY GABRIELSKI PATRICIA BRADSHAW Roger Andersen Roger W. Anderson Muriel Anderson Walter Andrew jacqueline Ardry Donald Baker William Baranauskas Robert Barker joanne Behlman Thomas Behrman Barbara Benz Corina Bergenza Robert Bergin james Best joseph Bielanos Richard Boncal William Boyd Patricia Bradshaw Lorraine Braun Roger Brennan Glenda Burtnett Ellen Butwill Karen Carlson Pohert Caron William Caulfield lane Christie joan Cowan David Cronin Kevin Daly Angela DeCarlo Earl Douty Linda Eklund Bruce Erickson Louis Farrar Eileen Fitzgerald judy Foley Lois Fox Shirley Fuller Dorothy Gabianelli Shirley Gabrielski joel Gagnon Donald Gavin Irene Gesek Stanley Gesseck james Gibbons Shirley Goggin Mary Grabowski Muriel Greene Lee Grieshach Carol Gustafson Lois Hamm Karin Hampel Beverly Hennessey KARIN HAMPEI, KATHRYN KISSANIE MARTHA LUNDIN GENEVIEVE MARCISZ MARCIA MERTELMEYFR RUSSELL STABLEY THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1954 Gerry Hennessey Virginia Henrichs Wade Holland Mary Horan joan Hotchkiss june Hotchkiss james Hutt john Hutt Herbert jensen Shirley johnson Russell johnson Carol.ann joy Ted Kackowski Barbara Kaczkowski Andrew Kapfer james Kean Benjamin Kerski Kathryn Kissane joan Kleiva Florence Klimowicz Lenore Kloc Sally Kopp Roslyn Kosakoski Claire Kozich Ann Lafo Daniel Lamhrides Sandra LaVallee William Lee june LeVasseur Mary jane Lineweber Mary Lou Linskey Catherine Lokites Nancy l.uBanda Martha Lundin Barbara Lyons Nancy MacDonald Genevieve Marcisz Frances Mariano XVilliam Maroney Steve Martin Betty Mazaika Warren Mercer Marcia Mertelmeycr Leroy Morine Francis Morrow Richard Mortenson joan Murphy jane Nolan Mary Ann Nolan Sylvia Obst Manny Oliveira Douglas Olson Page One Hurzdred' Fifty Sefwz Marilyn Oris joan Owens Ellen Passeck Lorraine Peck Virginia Pereira Fredric Peterson Lennart Peterson Earl Phillips Florence Phillips Mary Lou Phillips Edward Pogorzelski Angela Presto Roger Quint Lorraine Rauccr Frances Rebello Paul Rosa joan Rossi Anthony Rusate joan Russett jean Sahio Connie Santarsiert Robert Sawacki Howard Schwartz David Sears Mike Sharon Chris Sheedy Barbara Smith Raymond Sobicrski Robert Sortino Arline Spurosky Russell Stabley janet St john St. Patricia Frances Donald Eric Sw Patricia ankeiwicz john Stokes Suchenski Sunbury an Swick Larry Terra Thibodeau Margaret Thrall Anne Toole Donald Triano Ralph Tripp Richard Tuckey Mary Tummarello Charles Vest Frances Vieira Arnold Waite Phyllis Webster john White Anthony Wrobel Daniel Zubanch THE GREYHOUND Riga Om' Iflllldfuf Ififlg Eight THE SENIOR SOIREE CiRliYHK JUND lf U ll,w,nfmJ lffl. N HH' THE SENIOR SOIREE THE GREYHOUND Pdge One Ilnudrvd Sixty . .....v-u-,..... 1 H ...ZF THE GREYHOUND . ..-.-....-Q... ., M- 'ii' lf i .. , .. ..-N Y. ., Page One Ilzuldrcd Sixly One -.ana-me THE GREYHOUND Page Om lllmdnd Sixty Two THE GREYHOUND xlwgiga -, lm Om llnudnd Sixlj Tbnc SZ, THE GREYHOUND J- x - ' - ---- fy-Qnv is Pugu Om Iluudrud Six!-3 Four Tlll' GREY! IUUNID 50 57 512 - --- D' E. -4- ffm f M Mt 1 Inq Dm 7? Ouu!CDhw!i.2arga1f 65? 'O IMA: Um llnmluff Six!-1 l'jIL pu! YW M - .nui- ,.1-......- Y . , THI2 GREYHOUND 6 Bog OYQQVOY- q EOD O5 l'.lu Um ffllllullccf SIXI1 Su Tl IE GRIEYI IOUND wa n 5 -,ggi if I :gg Um Iln11druf5'lx'l.1 Suu! we-v .....'-- , ....- - - Tl IE GREYI IOUND 1y",LL.-..,..,,,..---,,-,.,m, ,H , , ,, , H U .,...5-.., ,Y ---...,....... . - 4..t.i.... 111, Page Om' lllzmlnd Sixly liiglff Tl-IIE GREYHOUNIJ 5... -. .. -... -. , , --... ,..:.., ,..,..... - Y - 1' ag.Qk if WEEE H C2"....'3....i' -T5 15154 Om lI1u1Jnd'Sixlj Axflllc I 7 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I0 Il I2 I3 I4 I5 I6 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 .25 26 Z7 28 29 so 51 52 55 54 35 36 37 S8 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 THE PAGE I Roger Brennan ....,,..... Roger W. Anderson . Wfilliam Boyd .... .,.,.... Wfade Holland ..... Bruce Erickson ...... Pat Stokes ......,.... Earl Phillips Pat Swiek ,....,. -lane Nolan ,..., PAGE II Kathryn Kissane ........ Shirley Goggin .. llorenee Phillips ..,,.. . Connie Santarsiere ..... Marcia Mertelmeyer ..,. .Iaequeline Ardry .....,. 'Ioan Russett ........... Betty Mazaika ..,.. Ioan Rossi ..,..... PAG Ii III -Ioan Cowan ..... . ......i..,. . Ellen Butwill ............,. Virginia Pereira ,.... Roger Quint .,.,i...., Howard Schwartz ..... Shirley Gahrielsl-ci ..... Lorraine Raueei ....... Thomas Behrman ,,.., Martha Lundin ..,.., judy Foley ..... ...,. Ralph Tripp . PAGE IV Nanty MaeDonald Anne Toole ...,.... ...... Frederic Peterson ..., lfrantes Rehello . Frances Mariano .... -Ioan Murphy .....,,. Sylvia Ohst . Frances Suehenski ..... Grieshath ....,,... . Barhara Ann Benz Barhara Lyons ............. PAGE V jane Christie ,,,.. ....,..,.. Russell Stahley ........ .. Barhara Kaerkowski .. Dorothy Gahianelli Nancy I.uBanda ..... jean Sahio ....,,,.....,. Mary Ann Nolan ...., Carole joy ....,,,,,. Rohert Caron 'II IE GREYIAIOUND KEY TO OUR BABY PICTURES year years . .9 months ........iy2 ........31f2 7 ........zy2 ........iy2 -.-zyz years years years years years years years years years years years years ......Z3 months ........2y2 ....2 years years years years ......Il months ..i1f2 years ,.....10 months ........2lf2 .3 . .....,, I aryl ,.,. 4V2 . SVZ .l years years years years years years year years years years years year year year years ......I4 months l year ......22 months . .,i,,. iy2 . .,,,. l ........iy2 ytars year years year years years months yea rs 50. 51, 52. 55. 14. JD. 56. 17. QS. 19. ful. Ol. ol. 05. 64 61. 06, 67. OB. 69. 70. ll. 72. 75. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79 80. 81. 82. 85. 84. 85. Bo. 87. BB. 89. 90 91 92 95 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 Iizyqe Om llmzdreff S PAGE VI Chris Sheedy ................. ........ 2 years joan Owens Karen Carlson ...... 16 months Wailter Andrew ....... ,. ,...... ..4 years rrances Viera ........ ....... 2 V2 years Lois rox ,,.............. ........ 1 year Eileen titzgerald . .,.. ........ 2 years Catherine Lokites ..,.,. ........... 2 years Roslyn Kosakoski ....., 11 months Richard Boncal ,,,... ....... ..... 1 y ear PAGE VII lvlaniiy Oliveira june Levasseur ...,,........ .....,.. 5 years Uave Sears Ellen Passeek ......... ....,,,, 2 years .Genevieve Mareisz .... ....... 2 V2 years Pat 'Ihihodeau ....... ......,... 3 92 years Phyllis Weluster .,..,.. 15 months LJ1lI'1 Lamhrides ...,... ,...... 2 M years Billy Caulfield ...... ...,.... 2 years Linda Ekluntl .............,.... ....,,.. 1 year PAGE VIII Angela Presto ............... ..... 6 years joan Hotchkiss ....... 10 months june Hotchkiss ....... 10 months Lorraine Braun ....... ....... 3 V2 years Mary Horan ..,..... .......... 6 months Shirley ruller ........,,. 10 months Stanley Gesseek ..,.,,. ,.... 1 year Irene Gesek Mary Lou Linskey .,.... .,....,. 2 years Carol Gustafson ........... ...,. 1 year PAGE IX Arline Spurosky .........,....., ......, 1 W years Wlilliani Baranauskus .,...... 4 years Rohert Bergin ........ ..5 months Karin Hampel ...... ,, ...... 2 years Kevin Daly ....... ....... 2 W years joan Kleiva .,..,.... ....... 6 months Angela DeCarIo ....... ....... 2 VZ years Russell johnson ..,,... ....... 1 W years Ann Lato .....,........... ...,.... 5 years Mary Tummarello .... ........ 2 years joe Bielanos .......,,,... ....,. ..,..... 4 y ears PAGE X Larry Terra ..,,...........,......,,.... 18 months Francis Morrow ..... ....... 1 M years Lois Hamm ....... 10 months Marilyn Oris ...,.,.. ........ 2 years Glenda Burtnett ......... ..,..... 1 year Ilorenee Klimowicz ...... ..,,,... 3 years Shirley johnson ...,...,.,. ........ 2 years Barbara Smith Margaret Thrall . .,..... H8 months Sandra LaVallee .......,. ...1 month Mary Lou Phillips .,,.. ...... 1 year L'I'L'71fvJ THE GREY! IOUND I S PJIUL Om ll111nfrufS4lull-1 011 Tl IIE GREYIIOUND 1 f Q .rlqc Um Ilnudrul Scruzlj Tu THE GREYHOUND 1. ,pl PJKKL' Om' 111111111111 Stlclllj' Tbrvu QQ. , ' I - . N 'I v fi Y I iw 55 5 H THE GREYHOUND 55 3-5 513 I I l P.l.uL 011. Ilnmfud Strung Ifunr I'l Ili GREY1 IOUND Pu, Om lllzmlnd Sgnulg 1710 DO THE M Iliisiness Period I Geneml Period VI College Period II College Period I Ihifaiiie- 5 Period VI College Period III College Period V .. 'I'O'I'AL 'I'I IE GRIZYHOUND 'IIIE ALUMNI DRIVE CLASS Ol: 1954 IIINAL REPORT February 8, 1954 5102.85 96.10 93.50 76.75 60.00 52.25 45.95 SSSZTIIO THE GREYHOUND BUSINESS I Couiacroirs Irene Gesels Barbara Kaczkowski Alfred Smith Norman Anderson Ann l'enn Sherry Fenn jacqueline Fenn Naaey Lawlor Michael Rollins Marion Sullivan '49 Flenor Perruccio '50 joan Pronovast '50 llelen Lasky '52 Sally Mancini El.anor Molino llarry Chofey Alicia Chofey Terry Laktieh Mary Hefferman Maxi Callahan Patricia Duffany Gloria Be-ngala Genevieve Ferdina lfdna Fitzmauriee fern Marques Walsli '47 ihomas E. W.ilsl1 '47 Mae Srnkwich H.len Murphy Betty Voegtle L. Irene Rieeuito Mr. Ralph Arelry Mrs. Ralph Ardry joan Arrlry Susan Mahl A Friend Wfilliam Wee-ks jim Tuohy joseph Como joe Dinniney Kevin Perkins llohert Behlman Anna Behlman Patty Behlm.ln '55 Harold Farrow Suzanne Greenwood llarry Steele Sally Cirello Franklin Behlman Nancy Kalinowski Anna Brush Ruth Wfileox Patty M. Behlman Skipper Behlman Franklin Be-hlman Mary Behlman Mary Beth King Billy King Ted Rozanski Henry F. Benz Henry A. Benz Mrs. Henry Benz A Friend lulie' Butwill '53 Charlie Glick Frances Butwill '57 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Butw ill A Friend Ronny Petereit Lois Swanson '55 lfrank Lynch Corp. j.unes F. Hennessey Mary jane Costello Mr. and Mrs. W.1lter Pernal Llaytoa F. Davis '07 Clayton S. Davis '41 Ruth Ruhin Sehwartz '51 Rohert Harvey '52 Riehard Kelley '51 Beverly Ash '57 liddie Raelo ranees DeBarher '57 i lorenee McKenna '57 We'nely' Sehooley '57 Carolyn Karhowicz '57 l.ynn Kazainekas '57 jo Ann W.ilsli juely Wllite '56 Barhara Huelohenko '57 Nick Paradiso Margaret Kaezkowski '57 Mrs, Helena Krause, Pgh, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Ciak, Pgh, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. A, Kraska, Pgh, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. R. McWriglit, Pa. W.ilter Kean '55 Ethel Kean Ruhy Oldakowski , Bob Perlini jimmy '54 Martin Weiss Mary Kerski Stanley Kerski Benyamin Kerski '54 Mrs. Anna Kerski joseph Mamhrino Mrs. Berta Shepard Theresa Healy '50 Daniel Healy '47 Mrs. Ann Healy joseph Roherts julius Kerski Ada Kerski Helen Zopka Baranowski R Nloore Wfestern Alito Store Rudy's Pants Shop lludy's New Zippers Replaeeel joe Coelho Vies Smoke Shop 'l'homas j. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gagnon Connie Gagnon Barbara Bradshaw '52 Fred Are her Carole Ann Crelan Mis. w'llll.lll1 Kleiya Mrs. lirlward Crelan Florence Klimowiez '54 Barhara Henrichs llelen Shia Henrietta Vitale Mr. and Mrs. C. Fazzino Florence Rachuho D. W. Walters Catherine Lyng Delores DePalmer Mrs. Catherine Rielly Mr. and Mrs. E. Grickis june Ann Kalinowski Mary Wilrgrr Mr. and Mrs. M. Sabio jim Sabio Lorraine Peek George, Anne Harper Anne Harper George Peter Weissin Lucy Fazzino '42 Snooky '52 Edith Best Bill Corey Crien Corey joe Vieira Don Messner Mrs. Mary Vieira Antonio j, Vieira, jr. johnny Branco Mrs. Mary Marques Tony Marques Mary Luiza Marques Henry Marques Mrs. Hilda Lopes Hilda Lopes Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Am idor Virginia Canaperi Fran Vieira '54 Tony and Helen Amador A Friend Barbara MCHale '56 juely Hart '56 lflicka '56 Thelma Nelson '56 joseph E. Ruccio, jr, Karen Lockwood Patricia Smith Felicia Stango Lillian Noble jennie Capeee jennie Hefferman Bette Valuskas Theresa Lombardo lflorence Ploalcowski Louis W. Rose Ruhy N. Andrew '33 Mrs. David Claburner Lois '56 Rosemarie Augelli '46 jan N. '56 Audrey '56 "Casey" jane Beardsley Karl Sehumaeher George Birdsall Bertha Zuzenski Frank Kosko Charlie Butwill Vfalton Clark, Ballston Spa, N.Y Ivlr. Ex Mrs. Henry j. We-lls, N.Y. Stringbean ilhar Wl1ite'55 lhnie '57 Gene Leavitt .Delores Terra '56 Phyliss Hermonat '55 Hallie Ann Eklund judith Louise Eklund Robert Wloodfield Mrs, H. Dielc Mrs. G. Errico Mrs. Carmine DelGaizo Wfilliam Rosenblatt Mr. Mrs. james Cross Mr. jamns Cross Mrs. IZ. Hartwell Mr. David Swanson Mr. Harold Wfoodfield, Sr. Mrs. Harold Wfoodfield, Sr. Tina Grant '56 Pat Garbukas '57 Mary G, Wfysocki Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Gesek joanne Gesek john Speck joe Kwaraceius Renie '54 Genevieve M. Gruner Pat Duley '54 Helen Linskey '55 Mike Churchlow '57 Bob Kissane '50 john Goggin '50 Bob Graben '53 Vin Healy '47 Carol Metcalf '57 Mrs. Anna Goggin Mr. Raymond Goggin Mr. and Mrs, Edward Russo Lois Wlooster Bob Wfooster Mary Grabowski Eugene Grabowski Francis Grabowski Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hamm, jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hamm Richard Allan Hamm Wlilliam E. johnson, U.S.M.C. Mr. George johnson linet Elaine Hamm Lois Barlow Mr and Mrs, Lester Mike Alishauskas Follett Mr, and Mrs. Guy P. Winsttmn, jr. Bob Sawicki joseph Przylyloski Leonard jacoboski Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pait THE GREYI-IOUND BU5'ffVE.5i5' I-C.7lI1llIlHL'rf Marianne Vitzoslzi .Mrs. Stella Korowotny Ed Zemier Caesar Krzykowski Sabina Krzykowski David Kosakoski Lorraine Swiderski '53 I ra..ces Krzykowski Wriiter Makauskas Pat Sullivan Ken Follett Louis rroelich Vfilliam Coffey jack Ambrose .Luth Morgan Lyman Witlacr jack Curtin johnny Paszel Barbara joan Paszel Rita Paszel Ray Hanley Helen Purkoski Mary Witlmer Mrs. Francis Morrow Mrs. Cosmo Rometo Peggy Layton Betty Swiderski Alicia Capardino Florence Newlander Frances Malleur jane Nolan '54 Mrs. Otto Keller Sandra Mizyiewski Ruth Ann Rice '50 Indian Boy '52 May Cowing Calvin Oban Violet Kabanski Mr. and Mrs. B. Brown Mrs. Raphael E. Ford james Nolan '52 Al Broman Wrllter Haas Willirim Phillips jacqueline Rice Louis DeVito jerome Fox Cecil Flynn Timothy Flynn Tony Domico Mary McCully Ruth Hodson Peter DeVito Chester Schultz Eleanor Irving judith Ann Pocoski johanna Cignotti Mickie Carr "Ethel Barrymore" Herb Ludg.wait '55 Rupert Brooke Carol Marquis Williant Shakespeare Billy LaGrave Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr M'r and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Rocco Rado Thomas Foley Sal Garfi Vito DonDiego Arthur Terry Vincent DoaDiego Nick Sileo Charles Sabio Miss Terry Sabio Mrs. jznnie Sabio Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kaczkowski james Karabanowski Mr. and Mrs. john Yachtis Mary Kackowski Maureen Garrick '57 Ann Yarosis Ronald Pernal A Friend Catherine Corcoran jacky Ambrose Mary Sodloski Ben Clemente Gary Cowan Adele Czaplicki Albin Marcisz Vickie Sabia Eddie and Luranna Chicoski Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Pat and Mrs . and Mrs . and Mrs . and Mrs and Mrs . and Mrs . and Mrs and Mrs Ciailegio Stanley Marcisz Edward Mazejko Marshal McCann Earl White Ralph Pilbrow Adolph Gogleski Maurice Mynahan Sam Hartle Lynn Andrew '57 The Vlilliams Abigail Andrew Karen Andrew Dolores Bigert Scotty '54 Warlter Andrew Bobby Andrew '52 Moose '56 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley T. Zapatka Paul Maciorowski Edward P. jurzynski '45 Raynfond B. jurzynski '49 Gerald Betta '55 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chicoskr GENERAL VI COLLECTORS Ted Kackowski Charles Keller A Friend George Chicorne A Friend Pat Capone David BUYCC joann Sartino Sally Eason lhlly lruin Phy hss Samborski lie-'erly lossagna ltoberta Sabia Audrey Gabriel Lowelle Fredsall Mr. F. R. Harsen Larry L,0.1.l 'd jaques jack Gereski YV, Charles Behlman George Kraus Mr. and Mrs, Stanley jure Lompert rom Reagan Ann Straieski Carmella Grande Karyl Wfasdo Mrs. Thomas jackson joseph L. Kerzntr john L. Garland Francis Zapatka janet Haas Bruce johnson Ronald johnson Ken Hanks john Hassenfeldt Marge Douty Ann Ash Linnea Wasilus Mr. john Zlikowski Henry A. Swicki Fred Bendler Tom Mc Dermott Lorraine Kenney '55 Mrs. Flrl l E.irl L. Phillips .. Phillips Edward Farrell '47 joan Phillips '50 Miss Rita Butler joe Greene Billy Caufield Alexander Korowotny joseph Przylyloski Frank Sobireski Edna Sobireski joseph Szczeplowski jantt Ann Sobireski juli.i Wisinski Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Sobireski Ken Slawski Walter Haas Lesley Gallagher Mrs. hlrs. Mrs. Don Ray Alberta Harclens William Boyd Kate l.a Rosa Anderson johnston G. Wargo Albert jones William Barker Marion Moruska james O'Rtilly Peter Crower 'll Bernice St. john '30 Kabinski THE GREYHOUND CIENERA l. VI-f.i!1lllll1llt'if Anna Roscavagc Anna Ve Ara K. Brnn Marjorie Bemis A, Prchalones C. Mandirene R. Even Eleanor Granger Rose jamile j. Stopper Erma Cook Pearl Sewgny L..itherine Merville Annette Rikteriatis j. Simoes Michael j. San Angelo Ponald E. Blanchard 'Clfilliam W. Wasko, jr. l laryey Zopka Thomas Doll Albert VU. Beneville Carl F. Merolli Dominic Pompamo Alex Bridgeman H. lf. Candee H. Kezelevich j. S. Abel Algred Chipelo Chris Corider Martha Batosenski Hugh Houston Art Sargent M. Pavao frank Mis Sue Bassett Edward Adamski Stanley Pogy A Friend Ruth Hardy Mary Carey Agnes Geruth Mary Gaudreau Vissie Tripp Nick Pisame W.ill11ce Senslcie 42 Chas. Triano Otto Cietereit S. Heller Mark C. Folmar Charles juadrato Manue Rucla, jr. joseph R. Schultz Renee Michael Bagaino j. Pegonwski joe Maco Mary Yachtes Smithy Monaci Henry Lavino loe and janet Kraus Mike Zubanch Antonio Gon Calves Bob MarkoviC Porky DzllCy Eleanor Butler Carol Monieo A Friend Mrs. john Forish Mrs. Henry Haskins Mrs. Zigmund Korowotny Frosh. Mastro Pietro Mr. john Woods Mrs. C. Kelly Mr. W. K. Mourey A. E. Algren Marian Vitrauskas john R. Felippone A. M. Stover P, W. De Tullio Barbara Eaton Natalie Dreika jean Sukowski Andrew Kukiel Caroline Fahey William Lee, jr. Mildred Lee june Mancini Mr. and Mrs. joseph Maye Mrs. Gesse McLellan Miss Helen Maye Mrs. jean Membrino Mrs. Raymond Ericson Mrs. Sue Ericson I.ouis Carlo Paul Everett Andy Eozza Carmine Mucciano Sam Pulch Eddie Hayward Al Rozum Elmer Cardinal Robert Stepney Vinnie Cpezzino joe Pete Harry Roberts R. B. Parker joan Roberts Ray Cerebasie liarl Glass Bob Adams Williiinr Mazeika john MacDonald Phillip's Reva Pike A Friend Ed "Buick" Korowotny Edward Larson Ruth Larson Manny Wasula Mrs. Forish Mrs. M. Burke A Friend Mrs. P. Della Valle j.rry Dunn Katherine Kelley jayne Balcer jeanne Cidela Roth Durette Charles Rice Mrs. Howard Frick Margaret C. McGuire Bob Caron Mr. and Mrs. Bob Caron lienritla Suivanowiez Lnarles Zallo ii. Sargent Anthony Ensero Mary Valeehko Kitty Breault Lueille Dalton Albert Miele '45 Arthur Nitowski Fred Loman Clarence Fortin Crone Sequengis joseph Gelda, jr. '55 juiean Dumouchel Pat Spino Stanley Rozyeki Stanley Towiosouskas Edward Slomcenski Smithy john Rynecki john Bolck Rose Comstock Deet Boyd Mrs. jar et Lkimasewski Mr. Xllfilliam Boyd C. Gorish E. Gladding Martin Suizdak Frank Gilroy Frank Leniskea Sophie Gentrlo Ann Litke Dominic Cersoli Nancy D'Andrea M. Lenzo Tl IE GREYHOUND Cflg'NlfRfll. Vf-f,'0IlllIlIlt'rf Mrs. Monieo Don Sunbury Mr. Sunbury Mrs. Sunbury Donald Mariano llmmett Murtha i-.onald Lenygle Wesly Burns janet Brault A Friend j. H. Simmons E. j. Parker A Friend Steve '44 H. Glick Gus Klimaszewski j. Freire, jr. A. Koonetosky A Friend Edmund j. Lawlor joseph King, Sr. D. De Dito Master j. M. Mariano Nathi Tarasiewicz Tony M. Cawller M. Forte Harvy Fkmitakys Billy Fellows jack Shankey Aldina Luna A Friend Anthony Farrar Arthur Grant j. Hanky COLLEGE II Coruzcroas Richard Mortensen Della H. Nyberg Dave Sears '54 Carole Wleaver Maryann Wfither Leo Moraski '55 B.tty Ann Smith '55 P.nny Benson iretl Gruner janet Bavier Dare Rappe Rirhai'd Smolkis Roy Burke Dirk Cam Geraldine Ciampi Carol Darin Fernando '56 "Albino" Hernonat '55 Dorothy Pruehnirki A Friend "VUee Willie" Hulstrunk joe Marinello john MiKee C'harlie Klukis David Long joseph Seullin jenkins '57 Billy Lauer Richie Bobinski '56 Rirh Dreher '56 joy Heavens '57 .Jolores Aquavia '52 Alan Crosswait '51 Inez Rossi C. Kennrth Murphy '33 joan Lengyel '52 George Raczkoski '52 Thomas F Rowan Mr. Robert Breault Mrs. Catherine Breault Edward Funaro Ray Dowling i'rank Leahry A. Marzano Bob Fenton Dean Berry Eddie Usawiea Tricia Hale Burl Hale Lois B, Hale jearre K. Brennan Raymond Caron Blaneh Caron Florence Caron Mrs. Scott Halloway Mrs. Timothy Cronin Uave Cronin Kay Cronin Mrs. D. Cronin Mary D. Casey Ralph Horan Buddy Mr. and Mrs. Carl Peterson Allan Peterson Barbara Halloway '56 Bill Maroney '54 Betty Miller '43 Ray Pistarelli '52 Margaret Maroney '4' Mrs. Heavens Princess Prince Thomas LIPPY jack Lenners '46 Alvin Schiller Reginia Boncal julian Morris Don Hayes Mr. and Mrs. William Caufield Margaret Mary Cauficld Thomas O'Donnell Louie Krevgle Mrs. john O'Donncll Catherine O'Donnell Mrs. Harding Larry Terra Horace McCann Mike Kudzma '57 Louis P. joe Farren Bob Dellavalle Fred Schumacher A Friend jance Ben Fdwards '53 Harold Canaperi Wfendle Stiber '53 Louise Cardarillas '49 Thomas Curtin Dan W.1lsl1 Don Brodeur Mahlon R. Sears W. Fremont Hoadlry Mrs, Rita fStaufferj Borbas Anna Held Randolph Manuel Alberta Olive Alberta A. Stauffer Arthur Stauffer Florextce Schiller john Hassenfeldt Norm Krampetz joel Nelson Robert Magnamo joseph Scullin Harold Dillon Hilding N. Olson Dorothy Olson judie Hankey '57 joseph Carlson Ernie Froelick Lucille P. Davis Ned Penrose Constanee Penrose Ciitt Mary Penrose Thomas George Petro Kay Bergin Florence Anderson jeanette Matzkin joseph Plaskey james Canter Robert Wliite Tom McDermott Bill Allen Marilyn Boraski jayne Quint Dorothy Tuckey Carol Kolakowski Ann McGroary Antony K. Wiisilcrsky' joan Ostroski Leon Sarin M. Rizzuti A Friend Mae Maybury Wfalter Lyskiewicz Franklin j. Hubbell Emily S. Hubbell Rose L. Hubbell Ray Decker T. K,'ing H. C. Racki Wfilliam Leuchers Francis "Red" Smith George Sigetti john Sigetti Fannie P, Wfood Bill Ford '43 Marjorie Thibodeau jim Sweetman Fred Mowrey. jr. Barnes' Davis Ronald Bryk Thad Valechko Richard Lokites Francis "Rip" Ruccio Helen Sutor '40 Fr.inces Burke Charles Taft Luella Anderson Armand Fratesi Alex Sullivan Bob Gallagher Marv Nauges Hollis Henrv Tomkowicz Teddy Chmielewski W.ilter Weiss '56 THE GREYHOUND C,'Ol.l.ECiE ll-Cfw1l1'l1rmf A Friend Alice B. Gibbons A Friend C. Kenneth Murphy '35 Howard j. Nixon '49 Phillip A. Turkington '49 Michael Daley '57 Ronnie Hanks '57 Francis Aurora '57 judy Schofield '56 Helen Klimaszenski '56 Helen Lawley '56 A Friend john P. Blood Mr. and Mrs. john Quint Richard Morrissey john Mallia FrCel Rossi john Callahan Dave Nelson Angelo Carriero Dick Wfatterworth Gina Serrell Madeline Basile Mrs. Loretta johnson Helen Solomita Mr. Francis Lynch Mrs. Hildah jackson Mr. Perry Fox Mr. Theodore Chism Beak Evon Susan Marchiani George Painter Ann Meyers Richard Baxter Charles F. Clark Pete Glover George Mikan Beatrice fSchillerj Sears Mr. joseph Ruggiero Mr. ard Mrs. Manuel Oliveira Mr. and Mrs. Augusto Oliveira Miss josephine Triano Robert Olson Bevo Francis Bob Cousy Billy Fulton Mrs, l., Oemcke Mrs. joseph Lokites Mary H. Emerson Mrs, james Higgins Karol Morine Leroy Morine Kithrvn Morine Evelyn Morine Annabelle Smith '57 Richard Mortensen Doug Harrison David Edward Mr. and Mrs. Wilniiwn Mercer llarbara Litke '56 Floppy Tex '53 Mr. and Mrs, Arnold Waiite Carole Waite '56 Howie Thurston '55 R. Randolph Wilmii Mercer Donald C. Olson '48 Mr. and Mrs. I. V. Olson Wlilliam Dolan Edward Flannagan joseph R. Kane john L. Kane Gary Wfood Marjorie Nauges Art Fager Evelyn: Ko Mary Lupo Elizabeth Hacket McGrath Mis. Fred Riley Vera Magas Alice Davis Fred Engelhardt Emil Martino '48 Albert N. Marano joe' Fox Willizim Conroy Ruby Conroy Robert "Beely" Swanson jane C. Linhard Donald G. Linhard Mrs. Henry P. McCarthy jean Dupre Irene Smythe Donald Nelson Mrs. Williiim Mangini Deanna Urban '56 Helene Gomes '55 Betsy Ross '53 Bill "Ga Ga" Goggin '53 Arthur Nauges Mildred Nauges Oscar Blomquist Frank Semplenski Edmund Mis '41 joseph Louis Schiller '47 Bill Hutt '47 john Dominic Como George Follett Harold Peterson Frank janus james Casey Al Robinson Lenny Baker joe Amaral '57 john Sullivan '57 jack Ennis '42 janet Monahan '55 's Airman SecfClass Dick Kelley john L. Linebough Eagle Press Barbara and Donny Gus and Bobby George Mazeika He-len Mazeika Ann Tripp Bill Tripp Anthony Tangerdi joseph Hanley C'Ol.l.lfC,'E ll-C,'on11'nzmf Charles Starziski THE GREYHOUND Denny Hayward Shirley Gyurik Charlane Nelson Collette Daly Henry Cieslewski Thomas Byrnes Miss Lillian Baranauskas Mrs. E. Baranauskas Miss Marie Baranauskas G. Mitchell '51 8: Anonymous Bruce Steele Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Rusate jesse F. Davis N. S. Beatty Tommy Ward '57 Kathy Regan '56 Richard Glendenning '55 Mary jane Modzelewski '55 Nancy Anderson '57 Mrs. Arnold Lundin Mrs. Francis Smith rritz Klampt Marty Ciriello Walt Carlson Tarts '56 Barbara Zopka '56 terry Sulkosky '49 lxily Smith '49 Rene Ciriello beroice faranovitch itobert Roditis Albert Burt Mr. and Mrs. james Thurston, Miss Barbara Thurston COLLEGE I COLLECTORS jr. john Monaghan Williiim Behr joan Foley Shirley Dobbins Mrs. Carl Lindquist Paul DeFranzo Ralph Crosby Mr. and Mrs. Dick Tuckey, I Dick Tuckey, Il Dick Tuckey, III Dick Tuckey, IV Dick Tuckey, V Tony Wrirbcl, I Tony Wrtmbel, ll Tony Wrobel, Ill 1'ony Wriibel, IV Larry Fred Peterson Russell johnson Martha Ricker jean Nelson Lorraine Owens jim Petit Kenneth Vlfoodfield '47 joseph Hanley '48 David Thibault Tom Rooney Barbara Breault '53 john R. Sousa '47 Ron Mariano jane Harvey Anna Nolde Alex Nolde jean Smith john jerome Stanley Bob Gray Robert E. Gray Patricia Kaczkowski Theodora Ann Witkimski A Friend A Friend Fern Carlson '57 Terry Citati '57 Roberta Moffat '56 Elaine Moore '56 Clarence Herron Mr. and Mrs. Henry Braun Mrs. Mary Bergin Carol Bergin jack Kepler Mr. and Mrs. Carl Erickson Ann Elise Erickson '51 Mrs. Maria Anderson justine Sanford '49 jack Thibodeau Roger W. Anderson Frank Venus Agatha Peck Robert Grant Stanley Bridge A Friend rloppy A Graduate julia DeCarlo '27 Dominic j. Decarlo jinda DeCarlo '57 Virginia Rosa '47 Mrs. Franklin johnson Mr. 84 Mrs. Hubert A. Hampel Karin Hampel '54 Mrs. C. E. Anderson 8: Nancy Lee' Betsy Anderson Uiane Dahlin '57 Rhoda Marnon '57 Lois jane Oldakowski '57 Wiilte-r Wfojtak '46 Lorraine Wcmjtak '47 Cheryl Ann Wcijtzlk Roy Stinson '56 Eleanor Klieva '56 Lois DeCarlo '52 Frank SanAngelo '47 jane M. Sannders '42 Alden T. Sannders '41 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Feestrom Snooky '57 Audrey Vitali Howard Schwartz '54 Sandra Schwartz '56 janice liurtnett Mr. Edward Nolde Mr. Patrick McKeon Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Carlson Miss Gale Balinsky Mr. james Upright Miss Pauline Carnaroli Mr. Fred Robinson Will Mariano '43 Viola Mariano '44 Anita Martino '52 "Winstcin" Elaine Malriilnim '62 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mariano ooo Crelan '55 jack Skowpski '57 Elsie Peterson '37 Wilman Best Anna Mae Kozich Elaine Kozich Claire Kozich Richard Bellemare Carl Bovay A Friend Frank Monahan june Wilctmx Willianm Dubay Terra, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hennessey Louis Hennessey Neal Hennessey Arline Hennessey Leo Hennessey joyce Ann Lafo '51 rfran Lafo, U. S. N. Dominic Rio Louis Fazzino '43 Class of '55 Agda johnson Mr. and Mrs. George Oscar S. Anderson Mary jane Oemcke Bob Sagendorf '51 Mike Helms Richard Lewonski '52 Florence Bird '53 john Lewonski Bill Kapfer Bob Mills joseph Furando john Casper '56 Robert Rung '55 A Friend Donald Quinn '44 Donald Dibble '44 Howard Hoppe '43 Ken Upright '37 Anderson Hob Ford Bill Sullivan '26 George U. Ellis Cookie Graben '52 "SLL7lI1L"' Donald Hedman joseph Noyack john Butwell '29 Harry Dulsaley Phyllis Vest '46 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Quinn l'rank jones Bertha G. Fairbank '28 Laura and Clarence Baldwin Donald Starziski Donna Ardry Ruth Marie Oemcke '57 judy Burtnett '58 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Moeckel Mrs. Gen Paieski Anonymous Miss Mary Grant Mr, R Mrs. R. G. Andcrson Mr. and Mrs. Leroy P. Fuller Bob Annelli jack Hackett jack McNamara Fran SanAngelo Mrs. Olga Grant '35 Elaine Benz Ray Cuddy Bill May-Mae Herman Zommick Howard Raphael jack Hackett Wags Boblvy Hobtn Eleanor jenzell Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Behrman Richard Behrman '58 Susan Behrman '59 joan Owen Steve Palmer '55 Dolores Gallucci lidwina Spellman Robert Nelson, Inc. joe Gis Vic Kloe '52 lanny King '55 Richie Roland '49 llelen Kloc '50 Merwin Packard '48 Cathy Kloc '51 johnny Gasper THE GREYHOUND COl.!,lfCE I-Cwflfilimf Mr. Ernest Lundin Mr. and Mrs. Andrew RichardsonDon Lowe Elizabeth Lundin Fontanella '46 janice 1-ontanella A Friend Edward Schrull '42 Grace Waterhouse Schrull '44 Sam Brady '53 1-ranklin Hotchkiss, jr. '48 Donald jones '57 "Beacon Bombers" "Krab" Karbowicz '55 Cookie Kinch '57 Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Spearrin Robin Spearrin Richard Spearrin hlrs, Vincent Tolonieo Miss Ann.i Pilla Mrs. Gerard Rosa hlrs. Anthony Tangredi Mr. Domenic Pilla Sandy Mikletonas '56 Marie Baranauskas '53 Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Smith Kenneth C. Smith '51 Barbara Halloway Linda Bea "joe" Swiercewski "joan" Tucker Mrs. Harry Peterson Mr. Fridolf Carlson Miss Helen McDonough Miss Mildred Carlson Mr. joseph Monahan Gaye Farrow Ellen Duffy Mary Lou Horan Carla Pepperman '53 Arthur Pepperman Mr. and Mrs. Layton Spaulding Ernest A. Severson '34 BUSINESS VI Coi-i.i2croRs S Audrey Peek Nancy Gail Peck Shirley Alberta '55 Mary McCarthy Linda Seeger john Phillips, jr. Mrs. john Phillips john Phillips, Sr. Mrs. XXfilliam Roche Mrs. Mildred O'Brien Ray Kogut Thomas Pierre Pohorilak A Friend Clarence A. Isbell, jr. '44 A Friend Edward Kogut '44 Thomas Good Anne Simbolick Edward Gesseck '41 Flora Carver Naney Dodds Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Peterson Mrs. H. Kackowski Mrs. M. Gilbert Mrs. Ann C. Bendler Mrs. Edward jones Mrs. Walter Lompert Mrs. R. Hughes Miss Helen A. Zapatka Mr. George Kraus Mr. and Mrs. Paul johnson Mrs. Marshall Long Miss Harriet Anderson Miss Eleanor Anderson Mr. Carl Anderson Miss Vivian Anderson Miss Della Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Roy M, johnson Miss Diane Englestad Miss Ruth Abramson Mr. Robert Wilmot Mr. jan Pcnwell Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nelson Bob Hanley '55 A Friend Thomas j. Horan "Pat" HT- jj. Mrs. joseph P. Thomas Mr. Patrick F. Horan jeanne Ricker Chris Sheedy Mary and Len 4 R's Tishler's Stella Furs Cora Zonas Margaret Summa jack Tierney Katherine Triano joseph Triano Alfred Mormile john Crotty james Fleming Eleanor Severson Arline Nelson Louise Sexton a d Mrs. Gene Dry i.ichard Carrairo Marie Anderson Ray Kloc '57 Ed Kloe '55 Mrs. William Linskey Mr. William Linskey Mrs. Louis R. johnson Louis W. johnson '71 Lo '54 Catherine Lokites joan Lokites '52 john Lokites Anne Shea Mae Robinson Mae Kaiser Ray Kaiser Leona G. Dunlap Nancy Klukis Cora Rosenthal Ed Kernathan A. N. Garceau Mary Sousa john Tarrant jerry Gavin "Pepper" Moran joe Ford Helen O'Connor Nick Di Laurenzio joe Di Laurenzio A Friend Edith Hotchkiss julie Di Laurenzio Mr. and Mrs. Donald McCann Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wooster Marilyn Murphy '55 Francis Moss '57 Peggy Smith '55 janet Haas '57 Lynn '54 Mr. and Mrs. julius Oris Mr. and Mrs. Robert Oris Clifford Owens Irma Owens Norman Owens '46 Cherie E. Weiss '53 Barbara Stien Edward Lingenheld Rita jo '54 Ralph Blake Nellie Chapman A Friend Irene Peck Athelm Peck Buckey Hanley '55 jean Sabio '54 Robert Peck THE GREYHOUND BlfS'lNE.SiS' VI-C,'nr1l1'n1mf Robert Kindulas Evelyn Mello Mr. 84 Mrs. Walter Stankicwicz, jr. Pamela Stankiewicz '70 Annette Sansoucie Nancy Stankiewicz '67 Mr. 84 Mrs. Walter Stankiewicz, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeCarlo Alice Fanning, W.C.H.S. '54 Jick Smolkis '55 lfleanor Smolkis '57 john A. Fitzgerald, U.S.N. Mrs. C. Sheedy Miss Ann Sheedy Miss Barbara joan Sheedy Mr. Christopher Sheedy Mr. Chris Sheedy, jr. john Sheedy j.rry Slleedy Gary Sheedy 1 i Ethel Smith Mis. Edward Strobel lr. Edward Strobel Mr. john Weaving ".Irs. john Weaving "Moon" Brousseau A lriend '31 Mike Leary "cd and Milton Gary Gendron Fritz Baukas Sparks '54 Ros Mattie Fain Mrs. Carmen Fain Mr. Sam Fain Corina Bcrgenza joseph Suchenski '46 Richard Suchenski '48 M uireen Suchenski Dick Hedman '52 Tom Niland Mrs. Maurice King Nr. Maurice King Lowell Frerlsall '53 Mrs. Ann Fredsall Nr Kenneth Fredsall Mr. and Mrs. William j. Stokes Eileen Stokes llirx' Ann Hoadley Cal Hoadley A Friend A Friend loseph Chicoski Gary Fusco Susan M. Thrall Ilfss Anne Cretella Princes Bendler Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Toole Pefzina Toole Richard Toole Stella and Dan Betty Schlesinger '51 janet Phillips Mildred White '50 William White '49 Donald Cowan Valdee jones Barbara Umlauf Brian Latozas Sue Latozas loots Latozas Ben Latozas Andrew Latozas Ann Latozas joe jackson jo jackson Corky jackson Butch jackson Inky joanne Pocus john Pocus Fheresa Pocus Betty Reed Catherine Kierre Mr. Richard Baxter Mrs. Richard Baxter Barbara Baxter Doby Ed Clark Delia E. Scbeithe '44 Leroy W. Scheithe '39 A Friend Stephanie Pistarclli Renato Pistarelli Eda Klampe A Friend Dorothy Sousa '47 Mary Ann Tuohy Neal Tuohy ..R.. Brian Lu Kiernan Angeline Hochon Lois Nevers Nellie Genova Emma Zibell Evelvn Nelson Lvnn Valois Phyllis Lokites Henery Di Domizio llarriet Clark Helen Tarnowski Anne Lawlor '33 llelen Carzasta '36 Cecille Tracy Shirley Hayes Don House ltehamoe Irene Zonas Dorothy Cowan Mr. Louis R. johnson 'II IE GREYHOUND COLLEGE III Coruzczroixs Mary Ann Nolan Pat McKee '55 Don. a Marnon '55 ,lean Coe '55 Catherine Happy Griffin '25 Marie Hoffman Botclle Ethel Clark Vest Agnes Anderson Esther R. Anderson A rriend Earle l.aVallce Iiill liroadrick '56 :sandy lucker '57 Dorothy Ferguson tied U' l'oole '56 Nancy Lou Wasilesky '55 ,ludith l'insel '57 Edna Conn '57 'lamcs tt Kissane' jr, '46 lietsy Kissane '48 Peggy Perry '48 Mrs. blames F. Kissane Mr. vlames F. Kissane, br. Mary Lynch '55 Robert Kindulas '57 Diane Zmyemski '57 Al Nlskl '56 Ruth Bird '57 Miss Caine joann Santarsicre '56 ,loan Alves '57 Pat McDermott '55 Betty Fowler '55 Charlotte Floyd '55 Elaine Lundin '55 Ruth Glascr '55 Carol Anderson '55 Shirley Tuckey '52 .Eleanor Patritia Magine Grayce McNainee '55 Carol and Fred '53 Helen Rugines '53 Nancy Anderson '57 Miss Mary S. Burke Maryann Wither Carol. Weaver Dolores Kelsey '55 Maureen -loy '55 Dorothy Ann Peaker '57 Penlope Wityak '57 Tommy Lee '55 Sandy Passcck '57 Pegi Curtin l.ynth '59 E. Mildred Curtin '42 A Friend Mr. and Mrs. McNamara Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Phillips '55 rlorcnce Phillips '54 john Sullivan 57 Liloria vanUeltt '56 I.. bakorski '56 Patricia tjehlman '55 Pat Bradley '55 Ida jane Coppola '55 tiarbara Chesnavieh '55 William Brewer '55 Madeline Karbowicz '57 Robert Ward '56 Arthur C. Pearson Pauline Pearson 'Iudy Kalinoski rred Robinson Audrey Grickis '57 Doris M. Mitchell '50 Mary Ann Klukis '52 Florence Kimmer '53 Anne Behrendt '46 Clara Behrendt '52 Wanda Leary '38 Don Doiron '55 Marilyn Murphy '55 Grace Fairchild '55 ,lacquelyn Schmitz Holling Edith Tudor Gloria Finger '56 judy Schur '55 Peter A, Kinney '53 t'red Robinson Theresa Allen Mr. and Mrs. Obst Walter Noble Mr. and Mrs. Forsert Tina Silva Loretta Lytle '55 Mary Ellen Lennon '51 .lonna Sunclberg '55 .ludy French '56 Swede Gabrielson '56 Madeline Geloso '57 Donald R. Doiron '55 Marion -I. Reilly Martha Beck Mrs. Edward H. Delaney Dr. Edward H, Delaney Eddie Delaney '52 Anne Delaney '48 Mr. Charles Mikulski Mr. and Mrs. Chester Mr. joseph Pereira Mr . Stanley Moriconi, jr. Miss Victoria Balzano Leda Shumak '57 Bob Lyons, blr. '43 Connie Santarsiere Lawrence Lazidry james Davy '56 Carol LeVasseur '57 'I'he Two Catamounts '53 ,Ioan R. Mazaika '48 Robert Mazaika '51 Loretta Kenney '57 Lucille Krasinsky '5I Mr. and Mrs. Robert joy Ann Leary -Iudy Rado '57 john Ambrose Mr. and Mrs, Warren T. Kopp Tom Kopp '57 Elise Peterson '52 Mr. blames A. Lyons Carolyn Weeks Connie Stauffer '55 Judy Deegan '55 Karin Anderson '57 William Ward '55 A Friend Pip Foulkrod '53 Russell Cruver Deanna Peck '57 clalg '47Mrs. Charles Garvin Mr. and Mrs. Richard Whalen Diana Whalen '57 Tom Hanlon Elaine Biscoe '52 Ray Paieski '35 Rosemary Puopolo Mrs. Laura Simat Cignotti '38 Alfred bl. Cignotti Grace Meyers Crane '36 A Friend A Friend Patricia Olson '50 Elizabeth Neal Lucille Smey McAuliffe '50 Mr. and Mrs. joseph White '28 Helen Zbig Margaret O'Connor Lois Hubbell '55 Hank Yacek Mrs. Florence Weiss Ingeborg Raap '52 Alberta Weiss '52 Victor Bartelo Anthony Vieira Robert Vallee Shirley johnson Mr. and Mrs, Anthony Johnson Mrs. james Fairchild Mr. and Mrs. Frank Raucci "Lor" '54 Anthony Sagnella '50 THE GREYHOUND COLLEGE V COLLECTORS Angela Presto Christine Pilacinski '56 Harold "Pete" Peterson '52 Carl Ostrom '55 Bev Birch Bob Curtin '53 Steve Knapika '52 Wrryne Salvestor Richy Regan Cynthia A. Squires Ann Adamski Bill Adamski Patty's Campus Patty Kreidler '52 Lea Zapatka Herb Denise Shea '55 Charles Tummarello Officer jerry Sirica Robert Lengyel '55 Ray Rossi '57 Violet Gustafson '52 Verner Gustafson '45 Mr. and Mrs. V. E, Gustafson Linnea Ostrom '53 Gail Noble '53 Frances Samplis George Heidorn '56 liill Lawson Sally Wfoods '52 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard King Loretta Weziving Tony Tauares Hank and Dave Vito D. Pupolo '52 Naugatuck Candy Kitchen Russell Savard Diane Obiinski Louis Napolitano Mrs. Edith Passeck R. Peter Passeck '51 Trixie Fleanor jc-nzell joan Moeckel Verva Anderson Blackwell Phyllis jenzell '48 joan Moeckel '49 Mr. Paul V. johnson Norma Widen '41 Byrant Kirkendall '50 Ronald Kirkendall '55 Mrs. john Palmer '52 Mrs. l'eresa Napolitano Grace Napolitano Doug Hart Patti Mr. and Mrs. F. Bradshaw Genevieve Carl B. jack Thibodeau john Thibodeau Kajo Frank Freer Pat Thibodeau Mrs. Madden jimmie Fitzgerald Sally Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Barrie Smith Dr. and Mrs. Hans H. Griesbach Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Green Stanley Kerski Clarence Schiller Edgar Griesbach john Shumak '51, U.S.N. Donald Brubaker joseph Greene Eileen Greene Olive W.ilters Mrs. Clayton C. Forish james Hankey joseph M. Alvarez Fred Loman Vincent Orso Alfred Almeda joseph Valechko Louis Goldenz Sylvester Cagrio Manuel Lopez joseph A. Morissetta Cliff Russell Barry Norton Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Linewebtr Fvelyn Litkis Rosemary Fitzgerald Laura Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greene Ellen Passeck C. R. Scheith Smokey Ozzy Nelson Mrs. Grant George Haigh Eddie jack Darby Ruth A. Parson Herbert F. Parker james M. Healey Henry Fabes Mr. and Mrs. Fabes Mr. and Mrs. john Murphy Isabell Fernandes Clarence Haigh Mr, and Mrs. john j. Presto Donald Canaperi Mr. and Mrs. john Henrichs Mr. and Mrs. Robert Henrichs Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Paul Mr. and Mrs. Robert Conway jerry Summa Mr. and Mrs. Orin Huntly Arnie Carrington A Friend Bob Gondola Donald Canaperi, U.S.N. james F. Fox Mrs. james F. Fox Grover Fox Dana Fox Lorraine Telles Mrs. Shirley Sagendorf Mr. and Mrs. Bart Russett joan and Pete Phil Sherman Richard Buell Vinci-Ann Sabia Corinne Lawley '52 Terry Brown Bubsie and Myrna '51 Dolores R. Marchlewski '48 Carole Hackett '53 judy M. jaworski '50 Andrey Patterson '45 janet Petrucelli '52 Evelyn Gunn Libby Rung 'lllli CiRlfYIIOL "OUR PARIZNTS SUPPORI U Mr. .rnrl Mrs. Allust Mortensen Roger Andcrsgn , .,..,......,.... Rllklkllkl Tnckrry . ,.,,... Mr, .lllxl Mrs. Ulolrn Qurnt ...... Mx. .lllkl Mrs M. Ll, Nolan Mwlllr' Cl, l..lV.lllL'L' .,,.,,.. ., Mr, .tnrl Mrs. Cklrrrlcs S.1nt.1rsicrc Mr, .rnrl Mrs. N, B. Martclrncycr Cnffcgc ll CtI1HL'A'L' I I I !gll.ffI1L'.I'.f I Mr. .innl Mrs. .lamgs llnnnnsscy ..... Mrs, .lllll.l Klimowinz ,,... .,..,. ...... Ma Jnrl Mrs. Smnlcy Knczkowski Mr, .xnrl Mrs, joqsh M.lfL'lSZ ..,, ,.., Mrs. Mary ALIIKISZ .,........,..,.....,,. Mr. .xml Mrs. f,ll.lflL'N I.. 'I.Fl.ll1O .. lil! lHlt'.f,l' I ' Mr. .md Mrs, Clhristoplrcr Slrcccly. Sr, Mr. .rnrl Mrs. O. Gabnmclli Mr, .llkl Mrs. lf. Rossi ,......... . N.1I1Ky' lfolcy '53 Rly lfolcy, lr. '62 Pctcr j. lfolcy '67 Anne K, lfolcy Mr. P.1fI':Kli lf. Horan ..., .,.. ,... Cnffciqc' lf CWUIIUA' L' I Mr, .lllkl Mrs. Leroy P. Fuller ..,.. Mai .xnrl Mrs. Hubcrt A, Harnpcl Mrs. Milrlrul C.lI'lSOI1 ........,4...,..,..... Gwzeml VI Mr, .lllkl Mrs. bunluy Cfcssulx ........ .... ...... , Mx, snrl Mrs, Mnlmcl Sharon Mrs. llulwig Porgorzclski ..,, ., Mr. .lllcl Mrs. Erlwnrxl Gavin joseph Noyaek ....,....................,.......,......... 'll II? GRIEYHOUND "AND OUR FRIENDS TOO" College l Rohert Grant .,......,,.......,..,....,...............,..,........ . ..,.,. SI l Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Anderson ..,....... ..,. I Mrs. CQ. Edwin Anderson and Nancy Lee ....... ..,. I Mr. joseph Monahan ..,.......,.....,.,..,.............. .... I Mr. Bertel V. Olson ....., .,.,.......,..,........... I College II Alex Sullivan ,.,......... ...,....,.,....,... .... I Fredrick D. Zonino .,.., ..,. I Wglltei' Lysl-ciewicz ....... 2 john Sigetti ,..........,,. ,... I C, Freedman ..,...... .... I College III Rohert Anderson 'I7 ...... ...,.......,..,..., .... I Charles Wooal '25 ..,. I Wiiliqiiri jepson , ....,..... I I?11.rif1e.r.r I Florena Reilly ....... , .... I Harry Monroe ....... ..... I joseph Wojtc'zr1k , ..,., ..,.,.............. ..... I College VI Mr. and Mrs. joseph CQ. Triano .,............,,..... .... I College V Lanny Giroldi .....,. ........,.....,.... .... I joseph Allvanue ...,. .... I A Friend ........... .... I IO Friends I GiL'llL'l'rIl VI Frank Owens I A Friend ...,..,.,,.,..... .,.. I Michael liagain ...,.,.. .,.. I Ronald Mariano ,..,.,. .... I A. Galluci .......,.........., .,.. I james G. Pistarelli ..... .... I 5l4l3iP30C,5OC3!5C715E0l4lOCD'fblOlO'EOl1534bSCCDOCP4PE1!215l1b2C5iCiiYCD4i0lf7317l1 It is our privilege to extend to all members of the Naugatuck High School graduating class of 1954. our warm good wishes for a future of joy and iiceomplishmeut. May we wish you success and happiness in all that you do in the years to come. United States Rubber Company NAUGA'I'UCQli FOOTXVITAR PLANT QUBBER Kbog5sxb0Q34xb03cbCDOCxbCboCp-KD04D1KD1b2xKD03 b-Cb0CXKD1xbo30Cp0-30qDoQ1K3-cKixwqv1bCxx2r PEOCDK D CX bE15Q4 7CX iP4b4b1kC!'15CDZ524b3J34b43K524NCb452CDi-45E02154J45CJ4 OUR BEST WISHES EOR THE FUTURE SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS TO EVERY MEMBER OE THE CLASS OE T954 THE NAUGATUCK LUMBER COMPANY i47CD4PS0372173024Yl1PCP1737ZOC3CDC71330l43'CIDO'34i1 FCUXXDQDCDUZK C cu1grJrLHJrurux .umd l3csr XX,Lq1CS AYU 'VIIF C1lfXSS CDV"54 if THE BRISTOL CQMPA Y xx xx x 'xx,Axx.'xh-gun., xwgb0Q:cxDxx.'Xb',74x,b1KgXx,xxgxx,xr-gram 'xxib-x,xxLxbCxKLxl-gJ11Cb0QxKD0-1g,,x ECDCifDiX5l4PS4biDCK7blC7CXKDOi47l4DlCbl47lOiNPi4bl4KD45ll45lCiO1'4 K3'OCD-QKDOQDOSQKDOCOCX 1-30cbcbCbcKDOQv034m34x34KDOC7ch34b34KD1731bCb4 TO THE CLASS OF 1954 OUR CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES Naugatuck Chemical Division of United States Rubber Company 521 xcboii iCDlC5l1il0l13'C7C3'C5i5Cb1!24b3531l5C51!i'0iO4DKP2'iKD1bC51 D. THURSTON'S SGNS FUEL AND RANGE UILS TELEPHONE 5274 6oCXxDo4ibcKD-4v3oCXKD-030C70Q-0C51rCHoCXrC'b1xSc wcbo-Cb0C51 53l2i!l1l212'1Yl4721b30i17CX731Z3CX!217i3CK31KD'KfFb20llll03l Compliments of PETER PAUL, INC 30205131 C11z1lqr.1lf1f.1!lfn1s In lfn Chun nf 1031 l'mm!L11f . ,.., . 'VIA L PM llnfcllf SHILI. 21 ...., . 'llumlfful' . . IU ntfy.f11f Cffv.1fw1.z11 . .l.1LCl1lL'liI1C A Filly l.0i'lX1fI1L' Umun Karon CLIVIQOII Angela Dc C..1rlo lislccn I'vllZgLl'.llkl -Indy Foley Shirley c2Og3llI1 he Gricslmulm .IUNIORIZTI IIS I933-1951 Ol-Alflc 1 Rx SVNHJR Nflfhflll RN Ckormu S.lllf.!I'ilLl'L ...Hjudy lfolcy ....,.,jLlLI5' Dgcgmm ...ulictty lfowlcr ..,..,M.1rtl1.1 Lundiu . ,... 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Corner Meatloxx and llenetlict Phone 6-4601 SITNIORS: XYliat Next Alter I2 Years in School? llufvi lizzfjifnrwif Ljki Um' Giizffznzlei' Our courses prepare you for interesting careers in business or gov- ernment in the most up-to-date manner, Learning to get along with people is just as irwportant as skill in business subjects. .fl il for ill!! 141' fI11zlt'zlI'6l'7'fflI' yon. Si'11ff'fn1'f1iw mlfzfog. PUST JUNIOR COLLEGE Oli CQOMMIZRCIY 211 Central Avenue Phone 4-8772 Wfaterbu ry 53524 DCD050lOl4bCDfl204:Xb4:bO4IDOC7O3153O43O4DOCb4Dl1DZ0l452i5l4524blO2024lCDZf To the Class of 1954, Nziugatuck High School, congratulations on this, the completion of your high school years, and our sincere wish that the future holds much that is fun for you. HOVVLAND-HUGHES ll"i1fa1'!m1'.1".i' l71'iw1r7'f'y Defuzrllzfwll Slrm' ir The Perry Press, Incorporated PRINTERS SINCE 1889 W4 lim ,mmf lmnrssj 1 l fl . ylllllllllllll' i-cunn-l - llhonc 2226 - lCwX Ciirv lllll Street lXlJLlg.lfLlL'li, Cfonnccricur J-G4b-3043043-1b20S03cQ4w31QOC034:34m3cx3crSib31w3b34w30303x31x34Q4KD4hG1 nc1xc:boCxK-:cx31xQ4x5cx:boQoQrwQfyC3oc.NxQ1v:Ywtww' , COMPLIMENTS OF THE KENNEDY STORE CLARK HEATING OIL JOHN CLARK CHARLES CLARK 39 CHURCH STREET NAUGATUCK Phono 3010 x:2oQ'xwQxrC9:'fQxx3cx3-cxbw-gxxbc Qbcxbsxbxxboiit 5l4KIX5CDO3b203DlOlOCD4Q4DCD4521J245Z47Z1521PCX7l173C721KI 52020CX5202'0lC C,'o111fvfi111e111,r of IQ. H. RACKE PONTIAC MOTOR CARS 312031 COlllf1fflllc'III.f of THE GREAT ATLANTIC 81 PACIFIC TEA COMPANY YOU CANT MAKIT A MISTAKI? ON ANY PURCHASIQ YOU MAKIY-AT A 8: Pl This is more than ri promise-it's 21 iguzuzintee that you'll never risk it Penny on any item you huy at A 8: P. I At A Ck P the sale is never competed until you're completely satisfied. The sale must measure up to your every expectation-or, A Ck P will ly refund your money . . , no questions asked. You cun't make 21 mistake on any purchase you make at- A A P SUPITR MARKET prompt- YCXDliif321bC7C531?CDf5liXP'lDlO'CD1K303iP3ilS020l1i47CXPCDC7CDO31liOliDZ0lOlOl73 i bCYKQYm-154vNcvfxw'xrc1! gi' ,Y 'xwcxo-171 THE FORMATIC C .21111lpf1'111r11l.v of flue C. H. Green Funeral Home ', 1- xiizxgx ,304 bo-Six.:-1 71 D47QXKiX5CX5CX7l1PS4K24K'lx 5Q'bfbi4Pli7CD473O4D4YNl54X:5452'1i1Dl'4i'l3CD'4bCD1 Cw111jvff1,'1wily of THE ALLEN MOTOR LINES. INC XVg1tc:lm1'y, Connecticut C'n111f1fZ111w1I.f of THE Nl. FREEDMAN COMPANY HNAUGATUCZK FASHION c:1iNTR1i" fljz' Cfrmzfjlmzzvff for Your CU11IC'1IjC'lH'l' Sincere COIlgI'21fLll21l'iOI1S on Your C1I'2lLlLl2lfi0I1 Day 7-k'XKQYl4K30i4KD4K?K?XD4DCXP'S1K5PC317QD1fXCXblii?0iCb2iKDOCXYCb1 fiCD31PCDO'iOl1PCP4Pl4iOQ'JiPE15'Qb4D30lP'iC Cmffplffzlwila of FOX DELUXE CLEANERS I0 Lhurch Street Phone S47-1 Cfllllflllllltillff of THE NAUGATUCK POLICE AID ASSOCIATION Cfwlflfllmfelffa nf DR. SIDNEY M. GROSBERG oP'roMETRrsT C0111 jrlimezzl r nf H. W. WILCOX Mann Street Beacon Falls C,'f2UlPIll1lL'1lfl of RUBY'S BEAUTY SALON 180 Church Street Cmflfzlinlwzla of HAWLEY HARDWARE WZIIICF D. Anderson, Prop. Phone 46086 102 Church Street C,1Ulll!7!fUfC'Ufl nf THE HOT TODDERS ORCHESTRA "TOPS IN POPSH N.lllg.lIlllCk 5937 "BEST IN BANDS" MANNY OLIVEIRA ..54,. 7lOC30l0'30l4731Dl453iP21lKlDlPlKi0C703f 350-'liili P3 5C Fifi , . , - blx543O4'X' FCX7i'7lCK34 C0lllf7!llllL11ft nf IVEBSTER'S INSURANCE f,flIllf7!lll!L'Ilfl of GERALIYS APPLIANCES Spriiig Street Cnfzlfrlflzmlfli nf JAWS SERVICE STATION Bridge Street KDfK:'Y24734K31?'l ,Q 73 L, ?15?,XY:Y . Mfe, , ,N .,. .- .. Cfllllfifjlllkllft nf SCHOOL STREET MARKET School Street Cfllllfllflllbllfi nf JOE SZCZEPKOWSKPS MARKET 84 Bridge Street Clllllflfjllltllft nf WALLY'S DEPT. STORE Spring Street Cnfffjllfnfwfli of JOHN J. CARROLL 8z SONS, INC. Spring Street Cmfffflflzlwlfi of AURORA GROCERY I8 May Street Niiiigattiek, C.onneetic'ut i71bCXSC5CP4DC715515CXb4'P15CXYCDfi4bC7CTCP1PlCPi'1DC3C C7034 ..'547lX CP0lCiO2fDCD473OCP4?if53f iC3i743i7345Q37l4DE47E0l47'l13'lO4304D4P4D'1 D24il03031J4D02Ol4bli5lCJI24b4D4S4D4DOCbi5l1iPCD21 Cf!1llf7!l1llL'IIft of COREY BROTHERS 99 Clherry Street 5CD020202'02il020C702Cl0202l1 Cwullrlmfwll u nf MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP GAWITT'S MARKET li7 Quinn Street N ILIQAILILR, Cnnneeticut Cfllllflfflllefllfi of BUCKMILLER FUNERAL HOME Paul E. Buekmiller Cffwffflffm 1111 of TARNOWSKPS MARKET I9 Clherry Street Nllllgllflllk, Com Phone ZZI7 - 2218 Best Wislles To The Class of 1954 PORTUGUESE LADIES AUXILIARY bber Avenue Nnugdt L Cffw1j2!f111w1l f of ROCKY'S WAYSIDE KITCHEN N.lug.1tuak - WHICFTTLIYE' ROM Cn 111 pl imcfllx of ASHMORE TRUCKING COMPANY 5l120iXDC347fZXbl4iC7lii4i4ll47l0lCi1iK QOCDOE D20l0302!7C7fzC31!C34i213'E15Z4bCD4P30fC?'DZl?31bCb4KD'1'1' Cmzlfzlmlwflv of Clllllflfflllfllff of BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION EMMETT MOON EY Iizilflfzfg R4 1110111 lnzlq Nhzmzz ll"fn'l Nou Cw1ul1'1nlmf1 Cnzflfzlilllwllx nf BUTLER PRINTING COMPANY Complimcnu of FINE jon WORK A SPECIALTY GARDNER F. WOOD The Blakcslcc Building IOO Meadow Strut, Foot of Iircld Strcct W.1lL'I'l5lll'y', Conn N11Llg.lILILk, Connecticut 20 Summit Road Phone 2779 'IPOCDY 3' '2OCX73?Cb!73030CP02031 5CBK'?iY521520C504D173OCKll1K354D15217Z'452f!i45CX52fYifYlXBl7i15C50l15C3ili:XK2Kl1Ql f.Il1ll!f7flI1!c'11ll' nf GREAT OAK FARM Ixorxwcslamlzlin VJILD, MII. 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Ruytkiewicli, Prnfz. HARDXVARE - PAINT - OIL Iilei'li'i1',1l - pflllllblllg - Hllll,lL'Il'Il't' Phone 3068 38-fi North Main Street K3O30C70CXXZb0G47S030CJ4bCb0Cb1731bCD1h2twQ031 llOllPi4P2!ll343C5CDOCP453020l45l54f7'7'lPC5l4 bCD1lCb1lC3i5C3OlOl17l4D3Ol4i15l0l0Ei Y5Oli75OlO54PS4il0l0l0lCll4D2'47lYl1lllD34l7llK57l1 l2OlfPCD0lPlOl1520l0l Culujalilflwlfn nf THE CONNECTICUT POTATO CHIP COMPANY f,'lUllf7lllllL'lll.O uf LIONEL LeCLAIR Cmfffzlfmwlfa nf BERNIE'S GAS STATION C,-lIUl!7llUl!,'llfl uf WILLIAM M. CHITTENDEN SAM AMATO'S RESTAURANT 3 2 Chu rch Strcct pl HIL ll.1ff.111 .xml X?n1w'nI111 .Sljlv .Yfqqfwlff - lIILHlf!1LIH.1 - elf. C,vllIll!2lfUlL'llfl nf BURKE'S DAIRY C,'nz1fj1lnmflll,r nf SMITH BROS. DAIRY Road Beacon Falls SAN TO'S WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERY lvm' Cfzznfzw, lvnmlmlrf .Sujfflllw ,l'0l1.I4'l'l11 ,Iliff C'lgJl'l'ffl.'l l SO Main Strcct Phone 'al-17 Distributor of MURRAYS IIRUITS AND SYRUPS lifslrlfzlflnr uf Cm'.1-C0111 7lii7CDO'i7'S'O'ECPl45'Z034?l15liDlll172KY21731P3f 734i4P3i7CPO30CD04D4DCDC4Z"bC702474D 7303024 BRADLEY SMITH CO. INC. O2 - II6 Hill Street New l1llVL'lI, Conn. lim! llUll!7L'IC MIKE'S SERVICE STATION C11 Nz fl! mn uf u of SALEM LUTHER LEAGUE ?Z4K3'7C?5C,5Cb5'Y2f'Y,54FCl'f1f'51liN If "fx ClfHIlf7l!ll!L'Ilfl of PRUSS' MARKET Sprung Street Im on C, Com pl H11 en! s of JAMES E. MOORE REAL ESTATE AGENCY Cnwfzlzlffwlla nf W. K. RANK and W. F. CAULFIELD f,.f1f1'.fIllNlL1lll In Ol lle fCl.lss Ol, '5-1 CLUBE UNIAO PORTUGUGUESA '-:b4rQbcbQb1x34r-34bCb4b20C1b4D4b3034w21v24:34'-C1b4D1 Clllllfllllllvllfl of A. D. T. PROTECTION SERVICE V. G, Foley, Reufdwll 1lI4I7lu'gL'f' E. lf. Paul, l'f.111f lfmwfluf m30C030rZXPC4.Cb0Cb4bCPOCXb-CD17Cb1bCXvCPOC4 fS'hQ4fYh-30204Dtl30CxxC1CxbCXbCD1hC1CXx3cx31b31KD0GtbCD17Qr 7-CBKDCDO-COQSOCXKQOQSOQTHO-if BORO FOODS 63 Rubber Avenue Naugatuck Connecticut Tel. Naug. 3986 LEADERS IN I-IOMIT FRITVZVR FOODS WH' I111'ifv Yon To Vixil llvillv U1 PRICIIT - SIIRVICQIZ - QUALITY OUR SUCQCQIZSS STUDFISAKIZR SALIES AND SITRVICIZ Phone 4858 ICRICKSON MOTORS Carl Ii. Erickson, Pmjwrielnr' 129 Rubber Avenue Dfilllgiltllfk. Connechcut .g 'Bmxghxugh-0141m-'150f:xr-Quo-mixrcmxib-0C70f30Cxr31r:b0q'D4x3cX30-CBKKS4 KDOCHOCBO-f'H-0q'XyCXK'XK51x'w1 7CN7Cb45CD45CX530l45lO305CZCl47lO2452!KD47l1534Dl45C?4DlOl1 5l0l4724PE1Dl4DiOl452Ol'1 HAPPY'S SERVICE CENTER SUNOCO PRODUCTS Nlaw mins sumoco GAS SIDNEY WEISS Cfmzfdizlfwllr of Gwifmzf Rbfhlflllllg mmf I.1rf1:lml,'w1u II",zuf1f11Kq Inn! PflllI!7jNlQ Phone -1990 Wfishing You The Iicst OI' I.uc'IQ Cwzlplimefllf of Cofzlfzlffzfwzlu of POUST'S GUSTAFSONS ATLANTIC STATION Rubber Avenue Naugatuck But Wfishcsi Cum Ot. Hi V, 'I HE CARD AND GIFT SHOP SAFFRAN'S cf ffff P1 fffff A fm of BOSTUN STURE SWEENEY'S ART STORE NAUGA'I'UCK'S FRIENDLY STURF KODAK AGENCY Cfflr - I'c'mffA11z lilmrfu IM Gouda - Cfffflizflfv - Ilmfvw I 'f""5'f1'ff"'H'2' 6s-70 Clmrg-11 Street 315 Chllffh SUCH INFLLIEQZIIUCIQ, Conn, Naugatuck IBIZIZR - LIQUOR - WINE CIIIIZIIFIAIIIBIZH of AL'S PACKAGE STORE SUBURBAN Albert C. MQ-nnill.1, Prop. SUPPLY Beaton Falls, Conn. PAINT - XWALLPAPER A HARDWARE Phone-1680 Bc .1c' on Falls, Conn. PCNPSOEFCXKID!7347l21Dl7CXDi17347lOl73iiC5l4534iOl4PE034PCXP37i17315iOEKDO31 5CD1PCDi5iCK.3iKD4ill4lX521V,5JYfV5Q,X5QN 'f'32'bCDKb31PEb313i45l4E4lCD17CD45li31DCfDi531K:547liPC,w Cnfzfllzlmlwflj C'w11fff11,"t'11!w of l:"f"'1 Mr. Norman THE HOMER D. HRONSON co. NORMAN HAIR STYLIST 87 Maple Street Button litlls. fonn. Tcl. PA 95522 Cfrwfjflfzmfflfw of t,fw11fff11'1 lift nf , WALTER A. NORWASH JACK LENNERS DEPENDABLE INSURANCE Ol: ALL KINDS 126 North Main Street .200 Chun I1 Street Nrutgattltk N.tug.g.ltutk, C mm bCD1K3Ol1K5KD1bCXX3l!l0213'EOCX7CX5Ei51Y31!37EOCD1k3iPCX7l4'C.DKDl4Dl03O2Ki3PEKPCD1X:X r31KD4b30204DOCxKDOC4bQOCb04IbOC030Cx P302152021524521i45202452f7CXKD1b21iDOl0202iD245li1llCllll5ll531ill3PlFCPOZK C4fIUlf7ljl1lL'Ilf.l' of lfmcr Dry C.lc1mmg Sincc 1907 KIEVMAN'S 78 Church Strcct Tcl. 202.2 - -ll S2 C,'f1Nlf7jl11lL'1lfl of SUGENHEIMER'S DlS'I'INC'l'lVl2 XWEARING APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES 6-1 Bank Struct W.lfCfl7Llf,' Cf?II!lfIljlll6lIff of PHILIP E. YEATON "lifted Cf1Nlf7!jIll6l1f,l' of AUSTIN 'S TASTY BAKERY S3 Rubber Avenue zzllfr ffm! Home Gfmdzleu a 7 C'f1Nl!Ihllll'7lf r of DR. HEACOCK PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS HCXDSOCXXDOCDOSOZOCDOGO-Goztbiotbocboat R203 CfUllf7!illlL'llfI nf NAUGATUCK PACKAGE STORE 135 South Main Strom-I Plmonc 8050 7CD1lCDOlOQ.Di5l1lQT'CD30547l0lOl03CiCX74D17l0l0l1iCD1lCXi0CP1iJK7QIXili0Z17431 Cfmzlfzlllzlwllf of DONOVAN'S PHARMACY B FORD DRUG Co. Rf Cnmfzllfllwlls nf THE N AUGATUCK FUEL COMPANY 87 C lmurnh Strcct N.1ug.1tumk, Conn. FUEL OILS - DODSON COAL CIONNllC,'l'IC,U'l' LUKE FORD SALIES AND SERVICJZ l',unf.1x Iinfffml Gln .md Af1j1f1.unu lI"'l11Her Oil HIIHIUI11 .md IJIIHIJMI fwflffll'-,SLflli'L'l'l D37CDO'CX7CP0212OlOC7KDCXDC31il13ZK33720liPi17C74!iK'.KA73K'iiP37CJlP30l'1i203PC7'0lC31 5i'iCli0lOl45243i4734P34iCb4lli730l472Ol4P347l4Pl0lCKD4D4:' PQUQWKZ BCS 503 Fiffbi, ' Clll1llf7IjlllL'lIf.l nf FASSETTS FARM ANDROPHY RADIO AND FRESH EGGS APPLIANCE CO. FROZEN POULTRY AND TURKEYS li Church Struct N.lllg-lfLlC'k, Conn, Bean on Valley Road lX'.111kq.Jl1lf',lf',l' L :rgcll 'i'cfu:irim1 mm' App!! 'NIL' Sinn' ,,, W. C. CHRISTIE Co., INC. DR. l22 School Street "SCfR12W M ACHINE PROD UCQ'l'S" Cmzffffmlwllu' nf Cfo.:,'j1ff1,'1u1,'l of PATSY'S BARBER SHOP HEATING OILS Main Struct licxcon lilllw Phone 6716 Bethany Road Bczlcon Falls C fn 111 ff! ima 111 r 0 I ffnnfjflnm ull of PATTY'S CAMPUS FRANWS GARAGE S4 Bridge Strcct 515353331524i30CDf5lOlf7flDf5lC51?S15505f754734?4'b4Y3C5lfIE0l4P347CP05Cl7l7ifif73 X33524524illilfbliifbiilfil7345l47l17CD1PlKDK5lCllfD3OlOl0lli!7CXDl1P21734l2KPCDK7217l Sincere Congratulations On your graduation dayg May joy and great good fortune Attend you on your way. May success reward your efforts In everything you do, And realized ambitions Bring happiness to you. CHARLES H. TOMLINSON 'IEXVELER AND OPTOMETRIST I7 Maple Street Naugatuck C0lllf7ffIllc'lI1,f of JOHN L. MAZILAUSKAS COMPANY DODGE PASSENGER CARS DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS SALES AND SlfRlf'lClf IZS South Main Street Naugatuck, Conn. Telephone 5727 ' Jxbwkbofbo-20C5cbCxPS0flH04b0-S1713-1KDrrCxrCb0CxxCxw30CbcbcD0CXhCb0CJ0C1b20CDo-3031bCb1K31 v' 'YuriKWYNK'-OQNO-fTwor'YK50454rCXb4D4bCXK1NxCXKD0Cb1K34K3cKD0CXmG1K31x43-0CYbC-02031bS-4 Cfrmfjrfi111w1!,v nf NAUGATUCK VALLEY ENGRAVING CU. PHOTO ITNGRAVIQRS IS Park Place Naugatnlclc. Conn Cn111j1fi111wm' nf PARK AND SHOP MARKET f-0160c'54x'Sf51-YKNN11-4KNK31YTXK31KD4X3CKD1KLXrTwx11x14XTNKNK30C50CXbCXrCYKSlYXK'YYY bCN731KD020C54J-30cJOCxrCxhQ-0CXm-Q-0C1KZXb30r.Dcbcb0Cw xc:-OCIXHCJ-03-OCXJCX WALTER BGNCAL MASON . CONTRACTING 55 CRAIG CIRCLE NAUGATUCK PHONE 5192 :CBO-COS0'Cb0Q30g5rxD1Kbcb34mQi-03cbf.D1b-31x303cKDo454x3-1xD1x.3-cwr?x , 50651 K YKTXKWKN LOOK YOUR BEST ! COMPLIMENTS OF Breen's Sport Shop The Biggest Little Store in the Country CHURCH STREET NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT 50f54x,woQ' :CHO-150-ivcxvc 'r QCNOCDQXZDOCDOCXKSQK'b0Cb0CJ0CXX3xKiv1K'b4KD4KTxxiXx'bcx'fx F20-C:-OCD-OCDOCOSOQOZOCNiNb30CxCXb4D1b31hCXhCXbCXh2cr21hCbtbC1Cb1h3-1CYb31KD1hCb031 CONGRATULATIONS TO THIS CLASS OF 1954 THE NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK c3oNcsRA'1'ULAT10Ns TO THIQ CLASS or ww THE NAUCATUCK NATIONAL BANK. ML-mlwcr Fcnlcral Deposit Insurzmcc Cforpm'ation - Federal Reserve Svstcm 'me-4x5oCxx'34x:b0Cbcx30qZb1m-:bcQ03nurCDo30CZxx3rxjxx'3oQ5of:u-1-31:-Cxu-bocoqvxxbocbo-15031 72' f M xl 'Q ' COMPLIMENTS OF THIBODEAU STUDIO Official Class Photographer n X va rcbt COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES OF THE NAUGATUCK DAIRY ICE CREAM CO. TELEPHONE 3453 35 NORTH MAIN STREET NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT hCxx303oCb'03oQ0qv-c Ag mCxrCbcrCvocboc3oCxm-CxrCvoCb0Q1xiXx30C5oCb1K1bo31wK51x' !CD15i0lK5CDK7l1PCD17CDib3'17ZCPE0l0l5lK7lK5Z1Dli?lOl1Pl b'E0i0'3il'KPCX2K!Z1 COMPLIMENTS OF ALEC SAMBORSKI BUILDER 'k AVENUE B BEACON FALLS PHONE NAUGATUCK 4339 5F5C5CTK3C54X54X54YfYK'54KfD1K'54Y'54K'5i7f5CK54X'51K-X 7304234543042304347245Ol5lO2O20Z4l2021D21KDKP21520lP2K!l1P3J3321il73P24PlCD3 Compliment! of Cnmj1lin1w1tJ of M' INC. SALEM PLAYHOUSE INSURANCE Neary Building Phone 294-'i Naugntuck, Conn. COHIf71iNI87lf.F of Comfrlimerzlx of LAVALLEWS CARLSON FURNITURE CONVALESCENT HOME STORES 246 Quinn Street NAUGATUCK Naugatuck. Conn. Tel. 5050 OAKVILLE 521 iYK345CX5CX5l45CX5l455i5CbOlO3473Ol452OlO4DC5l15347CX5SC7lf 7'CD47l4P4:745l4P24Dl4?l4D4D452'4 LEYNARD'S lfnr 'I fu' Ywnzlgw Sc! 170 Clrurt I1 St. Phono 5990 Cmzffzlflfleufn From WIGGLESWORTH, INC. lrwi Maple- Strcct Nilllg1lfLlC'k, Conn. l'f1rn1bm.q 411111 Harzlxflxq C011fI'rJl'f0I'J Cfllllflfllllvllll nf LESTER'S PHARMACY Cfmlfjzlfzflelllt of PRESTO'S LUNCHEONETTE ALL KINDS OI" SANDXWICHES AND SUNDAES I O6 Maple Street 73034DC?'OCD1724bCDC734Y303C7iCi4i4PCb4730l C'0Il!!7!llll6'l1fl of CO0NEY'S FOOD STORE Cwzlllfljzflezlly of RAY'S HARDWARE 9 Rubber Avenue Naugatuck, Conn Phone 7200 C0l1lIfl!fll!6llf,l' of DR. LEO L. TYLEC Pl! C,'nn1f1li111ef1f.f of W. J. REILLY. M. D. DCPOi17l47Z4i7!2i74DCP303i5S1lC71bi0'lOCD4 C om plimentf of MORROW'S SMOKE SHOP 89 Rubber Avenue IA,,A. -. - A. -. - -. -r,-l YMCA Compliment: of NAUGATUCK Y. M. C. A. The Family Y Serve: BROTHER AND SISTER MOTHER AND DAD Com plimentx of OLSON DRUG STORE joseph F. Presto, M. Sr. Prop. T74 Church Street Naugatuck, Conn. Compliment! of RUBIN'S STORE MENS AND BOYS' CLOTHES l26 Church Street Naugatuck, Connecticut YCXJiXPC51bC31i15lf721K3iK31'i1i1Zf5Zf535l0lOl173173i3f3EOCPliQ5lfi0'31!i:317CD1hE1 5l173030l7lOlOlC734D'E4i7CD! Culllllflflllltfllfl nf MRS. ESTHER CRAMPTON BECKER TEACHER OF PIANOFORTE 226 Meadow Street Cfllllffflllvllll of J. C. RAYTKWICH mmsom Mo'l'oR CARS cs. M. ci. TRUCKS Cnmfzllmwllx of MURRAY'S AMOCO SERVICE S68 South Main Street C01Il!7lfIlll'Nfl of CITY BAKERY 74DO203OCXKD030203o4ib0C 3-CTO-CWQQKDOGOS-Ocxxir DAVID H. BLUESTONE 'I errace Avenue NZlLlQiltUCk, Conn. f.'flU!'f7ljNll'11fS nf CHARLIE'S SERVICE STATION H79 South M.1m Street Na1ug.1tuc'k, Conn. Cfwfpfmfwzlu of FELIZ ZEMBRUSKI Cfrwff2f11m Nl: uf SID BAYLIS 534FCP!524P317154724if75O31i5OE1i25lCiC72OCDOCD47i4K?32C73i734CYb3CPEOCXP315E172K VALLEY AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRIC MAGNETO. CARBURETOR. GENERATOR AND STARTER SOUTH WIND HEATERS SALES AND SERVICE i7 Hotchkiss Street Naugatuck, Conn. Phone 5619 Complimentf of DR. HANS H. GRIESBACH, D. D. S. C om plimerztf of JOHN N. BREDICE NAUGATUCK FURNITURE COMPANY CORP. Zi South Main Street Phone 271 I WILLIAM SCHPERO - JEWELER -A Naugafufk DIAMONDS - WATCHES Sterling Silver By Towle - Gorham Wallizre - I nlematiorzal Lfmt - Reed .md Barton FCEFCXFCDOCDOCDK7C77CXKD47l4P217i0317217Z037E1734iii17l7ZfiOl0llPl1l1i021l1 ill 7lO215CD17CX5lOCDOQDOCD17Cb4PC3i731 f,'01llf7l!1llt'1lfl uf A FRIEND A FRIEND ffrwffvfmlwflr nj Cwullzlmlwflx nj GAN,S INC. GALLAGI-IER'S HARDWYARE phonc 2017 Alteratio Cfwfffvlizffwffn of NAUGATUCK SPORT AND AUTO SUPPLY CUSTOM TAILORS SUITS MADE TO MEASURE South Main St, N2lLlg11tLlLAk, Con Crmfjrfifzlwlfs nf DR. KENNEDY CfUIlf7!fl1lrIIfl' of IDRIS R. ALDERSON recwcevccaeexcvoocxbocbcmeczpoocixxcbcxecbcbcmcocxweocbocewCvfmocsccrGcm49cu-c:cvCmcwCJcwc4 2 iCY 52-4 521 ll! XTX 53 if K5 'KJKA ' 'JQAA ' 'xl' ' 'Agn' ' KA' ' Init' 'xlx 'xfx' 'xgx' KA! KA! X21 iii 'KAX 524 XJR' 'PSOLJKA ' il Cozzgmtllfaliwly From S A CARL G- PETERSON CONSTRUCTION co. GENERAL CONTRACTOR GENERAL CONTRACTORS H37 Park Avenue Naugatuck, Conn. EXCAVATING ' GRADING Telephone -4750 STEPHEN J. SWEENEY Complimentf of INSURANCE NAUGATUCK HARDWARE and 189 Church Street REAI. ESTATE Nrwrwxfxaexryxtxxf Arwrxxfxxcxxc-cxtxmcxcexcxmcxfxafbfzu 5llbCDC5Q'b0CX5CX54Di5CDO43f5317'3C7lCD24Pl'47CXbECl1 Cfllllffflllltllfl nj TEDDY'S DINER bSOCb0CD1KDOC:-0CX:203r7CbcKDOC4KD4 HANDY DONUT SHOP and LUNCHEONETTE JS South Main Strut CENTER SQUARE RESTAURANT 17.1111 my 1:1 t I-I .StIf!fH!.J,1 ll7 North M.un Strt- t Union C ity. C onnctt I BOB'S ICE CREAM .Saw If Ahllfcf Ill North Main Struct Union City f.fllllf?!llllt'llll uf DR. VICTOR CASELLA , ,,. Gow! Lnrl .zmf lim! U' IIKZFCJ ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY S0 South Main Strcct filllllffjlllltllfl nf HUNT BUICK. INC. TONY'S SMOKE SHOP 37' South M.un Strcct PCXH-SOZOSOQB-0CbcK34x3cm-Cb1rCXbC5cx'5c 3l5C5C733lOC.54llOlDlOli5l13'l1P2034 lCD17CP0l1P30430CJOCX7lib30l17EKJlKD3C Cum lblfmwlln of THE G. C. MURPHY CO. DlK!i021l4DK3E1DlOlOi1 il0C?3CFPl0E02ii02fKD filUl!f7lll1lL'Uff nf ANTHONY E. STIEN Crmljlfwlwlla of JAMES E. SWEENEY CfIIl!f7llI1lt.'Ilf.l uf SWAN ELECTRIC CO. Cfnwfzlimwllu of BEACON DEPARTMENT STORE Beacon Falls, Conn. P 81 M MARKET Mai n Street Beacon lillls Cmllflfilllwllv of THE CORNER CANTEEN Noxtlm Main Street Union City, Conn. Clllllflfjllldllll nf CENTRAL BARBER SHOP 33P2iiCZJ'Cbi7liPf.54k'C?15CJi431Pll7liili33Yl1ll303KilK Main Street Beacon Falls wQYb4TH4K,b4KD0C5OQYKTH0QYn-C70qD4KDOCYXTD4KD4b30CO24bS1K?4YQ50ClbC xii-ZbQ-OCDOCOCHOCY Cfmullllmlwlls of NORWESCO MACK Cn111f2ff111wll.u nf DISTRIBUTOR CONN'S MUSIC SHOP TRANSPORT' AND MAINTENANCE wI11IL'i'IUIli',' I-5 I SO fl-3139 Ckmnutinut IIVIIOIILINIOII AX'L'IIIlL 88 Cllum I1 Struct Phono 3387 lk:l0II.l1LIil0tl1L' C.l.1xsoI '51 fflllll THE POND HILL TEEN-AGERS KDKKNKJKHPCXQ-31b3cKDcxD1bGcbG1bCxbCxxCx Clllllfllllllc uh uf WINDSOR CURTAIN SHOP l l 1 li.u1k Strccl W'.1tcrlu1ry bCD0Cb4KD03f-QDOCNPQDQKDO-SOC Q

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