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Naugatuck High School - Greyhound Yearbook (Naugatuck, CT) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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MQ. KEHOE c,ulT'I4 THE ww: Pl.: MGNT5 OC l. THE QLGSS Og: rqqg tg? -592 J. 's U IN LIMINE Page Two NAUGATUCK HIGH SCHOOL IN LIMINIZ MR. JOHN HOWARD WHITTEMORE But half so wel beloved 21 man is he Ne was ther nevere in court, of his degree He was so gentil of Condicioun That throughout al the world was his renown A1 of his dedes. Page Tbrw IN LIMINE EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-itz-Chief Elizabeth Kissane Auiftont Editors Donald House Cecille Tracy S o cial C 0 tit mittee Barbara Olson Anne Delaney Helen McCarthy Sylvia Bohlin Lorraine Buckley Althea Candee joby Ann Christian Doris Dick Helenanne Donovan Marilyn Ferguson Mary Ann Granger joan Green Lois Hermonat Phyllis jenzell Patricia Kevit Frances Krykowski Dorothy Zehnder Photographs Patricia Kevit Carl Peterson Art Lois Benson john Kuczynski Sporty john Thurston Advertising Emil Martino Richard Suchenski Alcides Bilelo joseph Brody Howard Burke William Desmond Donald House john Kuczynski William Mancini Robert Mariano Typing Florence Brzozowski joby Ann Christian jo Ann Isbell Mildred Edwards Ruth Luschenat Lydia Martins joan Mazaika Florence Niewinski Louise Nyberg Peggy Perry Helen Reilly Dolores Rimkoski Mary Ann Swan Cecille Tracy Sylvia Tripp jean Vagt Lois Van Delft Charles White Ruth Matson Beatrice Skridulus Thomas Freeman Eugene Mariotti john McCarthy Donald Olson john Ostroski Merwin Packer john Quint james Thurston Kenneth Zerbe Lois Hermonat joyce Anne Kanehl The Faculty Adoiyor-Miss Louise Grainger Page Four IN LIMINE THE PROLOGUE The Sands of Time have run swiftly, counting off our years at Naugatuck High with an almost annoyingly im- personal air. Though the desire to prolong our time here is nostalgic, we are filled with the anticipation of that which is to come. For four years the school has been the center of our activity, the focal point of our thoughts. Our hours were busy and happy. It was here that we planned and plottedg laughed and smiledg worried and were sad. We will long remember how much and how well we have lived and enjoyed living, during these blissful years. Behind us lie security and joy. Ahead, lie indecision and doubt. As a class or as individuals-we are ready to meet and conquer, with the fearlessness of youth-that which lies in the future. Our memories? They are numerous and sweet. The hobby horse will not soon be forgot. Page Fire IN LIMINE Pug 0 Six THE BOARD OF EDUCATION IN LIMINE THE CLASS POEM O World! Your avid grasping hand Is reaching now for me- To seize me, fling me out into your scheming savagery. You laugh while desperate, alone, I war the elements Of hostile life-feel cowardice, defeat, and godlessness. I cannot lose the known, the loved, endure your stormy blasts! Behold me, unfit for life. Not yet! not yet, thou pitiless. I Am Afraid! ...Afraid... But wait! Fear I adventure? The ruthless march of Fate? . . . No! . . . I shall advance undaunted past your clouds and rumbling threats O World, to meet my destinyg courage my banner high! The sun is warm, the air is sweet, the light shines from above, I know that ever I have One who gives and saves the soul, I walk together with my God, a God of hope and love. My heart sings, I am eagerg Life-I meet you-Unafraid! BARBARA V. OLSON. Page SPVFII IN LIMINE MR. RAYMOND K. FOLEY Pfgv Figlvl IN L I M I N E DEDICATION It is with a profound sense of gratitude and respect that we, the class of 1948, dedicate "In Limine" to a man who has meant much to us as a class, and to the student body, as a whole-Mr. Raymond K. Foley. Mr. Foley's high integrity has guided us in the Way that we should go. With unflagging zeal he has met all of his administrative problemsg with poised, impartial judgment he has made his decisions. A steadfast friend and constant counselor, he will ever remain for us a brilliant example of achievement. Page Nine Helen Anne Do Lorraine Le Vasseur IN LIMINE 1948 HONOR ROLL CECILE MARY TRACY ...... ......... Doaori-iv ZEHNDER ..... WILLIAM DESMOND ..... Alcides Bilelo .......... .... 9 1.39 jo Ann Isbell ....... Elizabeth Kissane ....... .... 9 1.24 Phyllis jenzell ....... Estelle Pikula ............. .... 9 0.72 John Thurston ...,... joby Ann Christian ...... .... 9 0.59 joan Green ............ Barbara Olson ............. .... 9 0.08 William Scranton .. joseph Brody ....... .... 8 9.86 Joyce Anne Kanehl Helen McCarthy ...... .... 8 9.53 Donald House ...... Florence Brzozoski ..... .... 8 9.44 john Kuczynski ..... John Wrinn ............ .... 8 9.06 Anne Delaney ........ Howard Burke ........ .... 8 9.00 jean Vagt ........... Dolores Rimkoski .,... .... 8 8.91 Doris Dick ............ Sylvia Bohlin ............ .... 8 8.74 Gerard Traficanti .. Louise Nyberg ........ .... A 88.51 Helen Einik ....... Mary Ann Swan ......... .... 8 8.49 Roger Floyd ....... Frances Krzykowski ...... .... 8 8.39 Betty Canaperi ..... Kenneth Zerbe ........ .... 8 8.33 Ruth Matson ....... Mildred Edwards ....... .... 8 8.11 Emil Martino ....... Lois Hermonat ........... .... 8 7.75 Lorraine Buckley .. Dolores Witkoski ..... ....... 8 7.35 Margaret Perry ..... SENIOR CLASS OF 1948 Henry Ackerman Charles Anderson IIOVZIH 93.47 91.55 91.41 87.12 86.73 86.69 86.63 86.50 86.43 86.06 85.91 85.61 85.60 85.58 ....... 85.47 85.44 85.40 85.10 85.00 85.00 ....... 85.00 85.00 Dolores Rimkoski Elizabeth Rynecki Dorothy Anderson John Anderson james Aquavia Solomon Aordkian Lois Barratt Robert Behlman William Behlman John Benson Lois Benson Alcides Bilelo Sylvia Bohlin Frank Bona jean Boyd jean Brandien Joseph Brody Florence Brzozowsk Lorraine Buckley Howard Burke Betty Canaperi Althea Candee Fred Carey Joby Ann Christian Alfreda Cipriano Scott Conover Ocil Cowan Joan Dausey William Davison Anne Delaney William Desmond Doris Dick Mary Dolan Raymond Donnelly i Mildred Edwards Helen Einik Malvena Federonis Marilyn Ferguson Richard Ferrari Roger Floyd Thomas Freeman Doris Gaynor Lorraine Giancarli Paul Grabowski Mary Granger joan Green Marilyn Grier Jean Hackett Joseph Hanley Donald Hensler Lois Hermonat Franklin Hotchkiss Donald House jo Ann Isbell Phyllis Jenzell joyceanne Kanehl Barbara Kelley Patricia Kevit Elizabeth Kissane Phyllis Kloc joseph Kopp Frances Krzykowski john Kuczyinski Betty Kwasniewski Evelyn Lakis Clarence Lennon Robert Lind Mary Lokites Ruth Luschenat Robert Lyons Sophie Macsarko William Mancini Elizabeth Mariano Robert Mariano Eugene Mariotti Lillian Martinitis Emil Martino Lydia Martins Ruth Matson joan Mazeika Helen McCarthy Jack McCarthy Morris McKee Olga Natalizio Florence Niewinski Anne Nixon Louise Nyberg Barbara Olson Donald Olson Edmund Olson john Ostroski Merwin Packer Margaret Perry Carl Peterson Estelle Pikula john Quint Roy Ranslow Helen Reilly Page Ten Harry Schmitz William Scranton Beatrice Skridulis Donald Spadola Dorothy Stepnoski john Stien Richard Suchenski Robert Sullivan Margaret Summa Vincent Summa Mary Swan Betty Sweetman joseph Szczosarz John Thurston James Thurston Mildred Townsend Austine Tierney Elaine Tierney Cecile Tracy Gerard Traficanti Sylvia Tripp jean Vagt Lois Van Delft Thomas Welch Charles White Claire Witkoski Dolores Witkoski Richard Wilmot john Wrinn Ann Yoder Dorothy Zehnder Kenneth Zerbe IN L I M I N E 9 fn 92, if o 'L Yo 'K Ag Q C xo 291 o QQ 'P 'J' 9' QD Q Q4 Y' QQ' New Rf? 'af La 6 at X A QKLIQZA 'IUIFP 7701" 210, QV do , Fl 'gif' "J - N 'mf' WHIZ KAOS' R O OWN? .s THE Bl E M9 DPW , , K , Q0 O CR O m in ,EY 0 1' QIUNE no U7 0 OV W M 5 za QQ xg 1315:-es iv "lL-'MX' , 9 OMAYO 4, A Qcwvly 31 V ' CU? 'I r . "W 'In U"'n'd X x X 1 THE LHST FEW WEEKS- - - f IN LIMINE MR. FOLEY, ACTING PRINCIPAI Page Tufelrc IN LIMINE TO THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF 1948 It is my privilege, during the absence of Mr. Kehoe,' to offer you the sincere congratulations of our entire faculty, and to convey to you our wishes that you will enjoy future happiness and success by sharing in those things which sustain and enrich life. As your four years at Naugatuck High School draw to a close, I hope that you may look back upon loyal friendships and very pleasant mem- ories, that you may enjoy the throbbing present with its lessons from the past and its implications for the future. I know that you will look ahead to becoming responsible citizens of our free country and will participate in preserving the greatness of our republic. I feel satisfied that you have acquired the knowledge, ideals and insights, the abilities, attitudes and the creativeness necessary for abundant living. It has been very pleasant and gratifying to be in partnership with your teachers and parents and all others concerned with your growth and development. They are all enrolled among the immortals, known and unknown, who have envisioned the place of education in human history and have labored to make the fruits of learning available to you. I shall miss you very much as students and as friends. Realizing that you are aware of the aspirations, struggles and successes of the past, I am certain that you are prepared to depart from your high school and live the future. To each graduate I say farewell. Your achievements will reward me. RAYMOND K. FOLEY, Acting Principal. Page Thirteen IN LIMINE MR. CHITTENDEN Page Fourleczz IN LIMINE TO THE CLASS OF 1948 It is a distinct pleasure and privilege to extend to the members of 1948 through the medium of the class book these few words of com- mendation and farewell. We have all enjoyed working with you and it has been our constant endeavor throughout the years to promote your welfare and to further your school progress. Certain of your original members have for various reasons been unable to complete the high school program. This we regret. It is furthermore our earnest and sin- cere hope that in years to come, fewer and fewer will find it necessary to drop out and that eventually all Naugatuck students will be able to complete the course. You who have done so have now the background so necessary in these days to placement in the field of industry, business, professions or whatever life work you may undertake. From the Board of Education, your teachers and all others who have been connected with your progress through the schools, I extend to you congratulations and our hopes for your continued success. The world you are entering is constantly changing and it will be necessary for you to adjust yourselves to new situations and new problems in this un- settled post war society of which you will soon be a part. It has been our concern to prepare you in so far as we were able for this changing world. From now on it will be more and more your own responsibility to make adjustments necessary to these changes. In this process may you never lose sight of fundamental principles and values so important in any field of human endeavor. Finally, as you graduate from the Naugatuck High School you take with you our continued interest in your advancement and progress. Feel free to consult us in the future as you have consulted us in the past and never fail-wherever you may be-to cherish the memory of this school, its traditions and its long record of steadfast adherence to all that consti- tutes the best way of life. H. E. CHITTENDEN, Superintendent of Schools. Page Fifteen IN LIMINE MR. KEHOE Pugu Sixluwz ww IN LIMINE To Mr. Kehoe: As we-the class of 1948--approach the final chapter in our volume of "High School Days", we pause to thank you, Mr. Kehoe, for what you have done for us. Through your absence we have been deprived of a great leader and a true friend. Your ideals will continue to influence us, as your courage has inspired us. We will forever remember you, and our parting wish is that you will soon be restored to excellent health. The Class of 1948. Page Seventeen IN LIMINE THE NAUGATUCK HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY MR. RAYMOND K. FOLEY-Acting Principal Miss Florence Anderson-English I, Guidance, Civics Miss Frances D. Burns-Biology, Plane Geornetry, Algebra ll Miss Mary S. Burke-English I, French I Mrs. Kathleen C. Byrnes-Mathematics Miss Madeleine F. Caine--Social Sciences "'Mr. Henry Cieslewski-Algehra I Miss Colette Daly-French I, II, III Mr. jesse F. Davis-Supervisor of Music "tMrs. Frances Dickerman-Mathematics Miss Helen E. Dinneny-English II, III Mrs. Elma N. Eames-Bookkeeping Miss Mary H. Emerson-European History I, II Mr. Edward Flaherty-Civics, English I Mrs. Anna W. Gibbud-Ancient History, Citizenship Mr. George Goodwin-Physical Education fBoy.rj "FMiss Louise Grainger-English IV, Dramatic Arts Mrs. Ethel M. Honan-Mathematics, junior Business Training "tMiss Martha V. johnson-Stenography I, II, Office Practice Miss Ethelmae Kenney-Physical Education I Girls j Mr. Charles Kenney-Physical Education I Boys j Mrs. Elizabeth C. King-Librarian Mr. Alexander Krayeske-Physics, Science "Mr, James T. Leary--Chentistry, Science Mrs. Lawrence Matzkin--U. S. History, World Geography Mr. Edwin C. Miller-English III, Safety Director 'FMiss Dorothy M. Moss-Horne Economics I, II, III Miss Della H. Nyberg-English I, II Miss Gertrude E. Peck-Typing I, II Mrs. Mary G. Penrose-Art, Mechanical Drawing Mr. Herbert C. Phelan-General Shop Miss Virginia Smith--Social Sciences Miss Eleanor Welles-Latin I, II, III, IV t'tDepartment Chairman Tln Absentia Page Eighteen IN LIMINE THE FACULTY I RRRRR wi if is Xu 1 3 , I MISS ANDERSON MISS BURNS MISS BURKE . .. 1 . 2 M Q MRS. BYRNES MISS CAINE MR. CIESLEWSKI MK 5- 'ai f MISS DALY MR. DAVIS MRS. DICKERMAN MISS DINNENY MRS EAMES MISS EMERSONK 3 - 'I X , :.. Page Nilzeieezz S Q MR. FLAHERTY MISS GRAINGER MISS KENNEY IN LIMINE TH E FACULTY MRS. GIBBUD MR. GOODWIN MRS. I-IONAN MISS JOHNSON MR. KENNEY MRS. KING MR. KRAYESKE gh MR. LEARY MRS. MATZKIN Page Tweuzy IN LIMINE THE FACULTY Lpggwivk . .,. I, A W 5::,..., 1 2::,A, Z , ' '.-1 ' I if -1.. .. 4 C S 4 ' ' " ,M ,, T 2 .4 ',. , S , R MR. MILLER Mlss Moss Mlss NYBERG is RR R R R 5 ISSAS EC MRS. PENROSE MR. PHELAN 7 Q A H K lg S MR. SARIN Miss SMITH Mlss WEL FS THE STAFF MISS ZEMBRUSKI MR. MCCANN Puge T1lCl1f-1' Om' MISS BRAZIS an N 1 X as 1-'-' -- M A A ,.'- x i ,ik 4 K 'x X KENNETH ZERBE Vife-Prelidellt Brooklyn Polytechnic' IN LIMINE JOSEPH BRODY P1'e.fia'e11I CECILE TRACY Sun-l,41'y I'.1ledirfrn'iLn1,llLIllf Edilm' HELEN MCCARTHY XVILLIAM SCRANTON Tf5'Ll.K'Il7'67' I'w,u'ida'11f, 1947 D.A.R. A1mr'd Pembroke Page T11'L'IIl y T100 IN LIMINE DONALD HOUSE JO ANN ISBELL Editor Afximzzlz Editor ELIZABETH KISSANE Editor-in-Chief Pembroke EMU MARTINO JOHN THURSTON B11,fn1e,r,u Mamlger spam Pagc' T1l'L'1ll-Q' Tlmfc IN LIMINE CHARLES WHITE THOMAS FREEMAN Plooiagmplyf SI'0'fU BARBARA OLSON Sofia! Edilm' Vassar LUIS BENSON RICHARD SUCHENSKI Ar! Ad1'erfi,rir1g St. BOI1LlVCflfllI'C Page Twenty Fam' IN LIMINE Page T1l'L'lIfj' Fire OFFICIAL TYPISTS IN LIMINE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF AND ASSISTANTS Palm' 7'11'c-:fly Six I N L I M I N E THE EDITORIAL Many and varied have been the accomplishments of the World during our cloi- stered years at N.H.S. The greatest single discovery of man in this time was not that of the Atomic Bomb, but the basic realization that the world in which we live is- essentially One World, despite turmoil, strike, and man's great inhumanity to man. Now we, the Class of 1948, are setting forth into this world, intent upon im- proving and building it within our humble powers. It is evident that our interests and activities will not be narrowed into a handful of objects and goals, similar in scope, rather that we shall branch out into many different fields. In view of this, it must be conceded that although our successes will not be immediate and spectacular, we shall each make our mark, no matter how small, upon the endless sands of time. We stand now at the door of a very tall building, incomplete, yet possessing the ability to push its way to the very heavens. The foundations of this building were laid by many peopleg our families, who kept and guided us, our teachers, who instruct- ed and disciplined us, and our friends, with whom we shared the joys and sorrows of everyday life. This structure is the skyscraper of success. On the lower floors, the offices are marked "Struggle and Strife, Inc." and "Hardship, Handicap, Setbacks and Sons." As time passes and we ascend the steps of life, we find signs on the doors which read "The Wisdom Co." and "The Experience and Knowledge Corp." On the uppermost floor there is an office whose door proclaims "Achievement, Prosperity, Victory, and Co." Those of us who attain this lofty place in society and leave their calling cards on the silver platter of accomplishment shall do so only through many long hours spent at hard work. Those who fail, shall, in all probability, do so by way of their own actions. Our fate, success or failure, lies more in our own hands now than it has lain at any time in the past. No longer can we shift our duties and faults to the shoulders of others. Therefore- Let us, then, be up and doing With a heart for any fate, Still achieving, still pursuing Learn to labor and to wait. We step forward into an unknown world, unafraid, unhesitating, vibrant with the conviction that we are ready. E. L. K. Page T1l'el11y Seven IN LIMINE 'QRS Page T1l't'lifj' Eigbf NO. 1 EE SOCIAL COMMITT IN LIMINE Page 71106171-Q' Nine SOCIAL COMMITTEE NO. 2 IN l.IMlNli IN MEMORIAM MR. HENRY W. POPE A believer in the future greatness of the youth of America has passed from among us. To say that this man of brilliant mind will be missed would be a gross understatement. When one is taken--'one who molds character and perspective in his students, those from whom he is taken feel an irreparable loss. Those of us who knew Mr. Pope as a teacher, will long remember the keen, subtle wit and deep sagacity with which he sprinkled the pro- saic pursuit of the knowledge of United States History. Our class, too, will be grateful for the foresight which Mr. Pope showed in instituting a course in World Geography, in I9-46. Always abreast of Current Events, Mr. Pope instigated the plans for a trip to the United Nations Headquarters in New York, so that the Sen- ior Classes witnessed the making of History. His contribution to our education has been no small one, therefore, it is with reverence and gratefulness that we salute the memory of Mr. Henry W. Pope-eminent educator. Page Tbifly IN LIMINE Page Tblrly One ROOM ONE I N L I M I N E SENIOR CLASS OF 1948 HENRY ,ACKERMAN HANK Men of Science Salem Band "O WHAT A ROGUE . . . AM I!" Loquacious Hank, who has a reply for everything, eases his way out of any situation. Gleaming deviltry shines from his quick blue eyes. A contagious smile like Hank's never held up anyones progress! CHARLES ANDERSON CHOL General Salem "I CAN REsIsT EVERYTHING EXCEPT TEMI'TATION.H Though he may not be aware of it, Charlie has made numerous hearts flutter with his blonde hair and friendly grin. He remains undaunted by these attractions, however, and proceeds calmly on his way. DOROTHY LORRAINE ANDERSON DOT Commercial Salem Shorthand Au'a'rd.f Typewriting Progrerr Certificate "INFINITE RICHES IN A LITTLE ROOM." Diminutive dark-eyed Dot. What mischief lurks behind those deep brown eyes! Dot's sensative character reveals her artistic nature, and her soft heart is known throughout Naugy's halls. JOHN ROBERT ANDERSON JACKIE General Salem "I HAVE A HEART VUITH ROOM RoR EVERY joy." Retiring, but such a willing helper when called upon, Jackie was a vital member of the Christmas decorating committee. Heres a boy who can go far if given a chance. Page Tbirty Two IN LIMINE JAMES LOUIS AQUAVIA JIM General UNITED STATES NAVY December 30, 1944 july 15, 1946 Foolball '42-'43 B'fee11'.r Sport Sbop flnnual Award Vellf Barkelball Team '46-47 "THE HOBBY-HORSE IS NOT EORGOTTENX' jim, lately of the Navy, has made himself right at home with us for the past two years. A sky-larking smoothie, jim has be- come a favorite among the members Of the Class of '48, SOL AORDKIAN SUMA Men of Science Salem Baseball '47 Preridezzl, Golden Lane Foolball '48 Serrezary, Hi-Y '45 Football Manager '47 Band Mazb Club Cboir "A MAN HE sEEMs OF CHEEREIIL YESTERDAYS AND CONFIDENT TOMORROWS." Suma-the sounding board for the jokes of the Men of Science. Sol's unending fount of dramatic ability makes him one of the Q bert presidents Golden Lane ever had. LOIS BARRATT LO Commercial Entered September 8, 1947 from Hope High School, Providence, Rhode Island Hope High School Corridor Horlem Club Fin! Aid Club Ari Club Dramazicr Club Barbelball Club "THE JOY OF YOUTH AND HEALTH HER EYES DISPLAY" Lois has rated highly in our eyes since her arrival from Hope High in Providence. She has not only become an added and welcome link in the chain that binds the Class of '48, but, through her favorite pastime of making friends, she has gained a sure spot in the hearts of us all. ROBERT BEHLMAN BOB Commercial St, Francis "A GOOD HEART IS BETTER THAN ALL THE HEADS IN THE WORLD." Easy-going Bob belongs to that group of people who believe in lightening the burdens of the day with a laugh and a joke. Continue to enjoy life, Bob, and thereby set us an example. Page Tbirty Tbree IN LIMINE WILLIAM CHARLES BEHLMAN BILL General HUP Bfook Football '47 "SECRET AND SELF-CONTAINED AND SOLITARY AS AN OYSTER." Although most of Bill's interests are outside of school, he has lent his cheerfulness to our daily classes. We would like to have a penny for each of those frequent dreamy thoughts. LOIS JEAN BENSON LO Commercial Central Avenue A Capella Choir Gregg Arti.fl'5 Sborlbazzd Award Art Club Goudolierr Clan Book Arlixl jufzioretlei' Golden Lane IIMINE is A SOFT HEARTH Little and full of fun is Lois. She has a ready smile and a helping hand for everyone. And when it comes to business, Lo is one of the quickest and most efficient of our galaxy of future secretaries. L ,, JOHN ANDREW BENSON JACK College Scientific Central Avenue Football Baseball Senior Cbrirluzar Play Golden Lane "A sooo SPORT, A Goon WINNEK, FULL or FUN." jack will be remembered for his part in creating scenery for the various Senior Productions. Doubtless, he couldn't have ac- complished so much without his rare "Yankee Ingenuityu which he displays so often and so well. ALCIDES M. BILELO AL Men of Science Central Avenue Cboir Preyideul, Cbemixlry Club Hi-Y Pepfi-Cola Sclaolarrbip Exaruizmliozz Aerozzaulicf Club Malb Club Adzfertiriug Committee "NOTHING is so DIFFICULT BUT THAT rr MAY BE 1fouNn BY SEEKlNG.H Here's a boy with a raft of accomplishments. He's up with the best of them on the swimming team, tops in math and science, and one of the outstanding Senior men. We'd like to see a few more of Cides' caliber. Page Tbirzy Four IN LIMINE SYLVIA ANN BCHLIN SYL College Salem A Capella Clyoir French Club Mole! Choir '46-'47 Guard of Horror Sorlal Committee Della Kappa Alpha jfnzior-after Claemirtry Club "Tis BEAUTY TRULY BLENTH Did you ever see a dream walking? Well, we have, and her name is Sylvia. Those blue eyes really speak for themselves. This girl with personality plus is one of our most prized possessions. Y 1 T FRANK DONALD BONA Commercial Pmgpgcf Prem., Plaolograpby Club Golfleu Lane Hi-Y "FOR ALL YOUR DAYS PREPARE AND MEET THEM EVER ALIKIEH - Though Frank is not known for aggressiveness, he always achieves his objectives. Through his favorite hobby, photography, he has been able to preserve for us many of our fondest high , A School memories. v . 1, . JEAN BOYD JEANNE Commercial Prospect Street Baud junior Slaorllvazzd Award Typewrifizzg Progre.r.r Certificate "A GOOD LAUGH is SUNSHINE IN A HOUSE" jean has an irresistable little giggle which has a way of bursting forth at the most surprising times. Pretty blue eyes and a genial personality make her one of our favorites. JEAN BRANDIEN RED Commercial Sf, Ffgmqjg "A SWEET ATTRACTIVIE KIND or GRACE." Upon first meeting jean, we thought her quiet, almost rc- ticent. However, now we know her quick sense of humor and provocative ways. jean, indeed, is a jewel. Page Tlairly Firm' IN LIMINE JOSEPH EUGENE BRODY BIG JOE Commercial Entered from Coughlin High School Wilkes'Barre, Pa. Naugatuck High Coughlin High Prexident, Senior Clair Barketball junior Aetiritier Committee Bank Carhier I-Ii-Y journal Reporter Adzfertifing Committee Golden Lane "WRITE ME AS ONE WHO LOVES HIS lfliI,I.OWMEN" Hail to our chief whose sterling character and fortitude have led us through this all important year to a satisfying and tri- umphant culmination. -IOe's companionable manner and twin- kling eyes have won him all our hearts. FLORENCE BRZOZOXVSKI FLO Commercial Salem A Capella Clfoir Typeufriting Progreir Certificate In Limine Typift junior Shortlaand Award Clarirtmas' Play Uiberette Senior Slrortlyand Award "THE GENTLE MINDE BY GENTLE DEEDS is KNOWN." Make room! Here's Naugy's contribution to the business world. We envy Florence's talents in the office, and in the handling of life itself. Withirut doubt there are mighty workings behind her silent manner. LORRAINE BUCKLEY AINE Commercial Entered from Wilby Naugy Wilby Typing Award uvillij' Publie Speaking Shorthand Auard Barketball Sorial Studier Club Murie Perronalr Committee "THE MORE THIS Miziuuianf' A fair face and sparkling blue eyes with a mischievous glint! That's Lorraine. It didn't take her long to become a real mem- ber of the class of '48, and it didn't take us long to discover her. Xe, .le 'W' HOWARD BURKE HERK t','. t- S Men of Science Central Avenue A 5 Yi: ' ..'.'. , Vice-Prerident, junior Clan Adz'erti.fing Committee in ...- ':" Football Manager, '45 Bareball. '45-'48 ' Hi-Y Urber, Clan Day and Graduation Exereirer , Golden Lane junior Activities Committee if "NOTHING GREAF WAS EVER ACHIEVED WITHOUT ENTHUSIASMX' ' Here's Howie, the boy who believes that a good laugh never hurt anyone. Without the practical joke, we all wonder what -":r' ' '..y Howie would do in his spare time. However, here, also, is a ' - --'-:.. true Man of Science, destined for leadership in the days that 'fr f i' ' lie ahead. ..,. g " :'2-. V f ff' . I ,. H k Si l 1 1 if gg Page Thirty Six IN LIMINE ELIZABETH ANN CANAPERI BETTY Commercial Salem Ar! Club Typewrilirzg Progresr Certifimte Home Erofzouzirf Club O.G.A. Superior Meri! Certificate "IN THE TVUINKLING OF AN EYE.H Don't underestimate this red-head. just give her room and watch out! She may not admit being its instigator, but there's plenty of action when Betty is around. A "" ALTHEA MAY CANDEE CANDY College Central Avenue - . 6 K Cbriflmuf Play Ufberelte Cbemislry Club t -:,, ' f Perrofmlr Committee D "MY HEART si-TALL REAP WHERE IT HAS sOwN." It's the day of the Christmas parties at Tuttle House, so clear the roads . . . Here comes Candy in her land-going battleship, s 1G"" ' chauffering a bevy of the College Girls. But if you really want 5 to see Miss Candee in action, then resin up the bow and swing .Q 1 YOU! PHITHCIS . FREDERICK JOHN CAREY FRED General Entered September 6, 1946 from Leavenworth Leavenworth Naugatuqk T. C. A., L. L, fl. Baud '46 Terb Rifle Club "LET THY XVORDS BE FEW" Naugy's Art Department seems to have provided the spark in Fred's high school career. Although his words are few and far between, Fred has found enjoyment in observing, as that knowing gleam in his eyes tells us. JOBY ANN CHRISTIAN Commercial Golden Lame Cboir junior Arlizfiliex Commillee funiorefler u, min t:-f- O J rr it " ..'- HORSIE Central Avenue Sborlbrmd Aufrzrdi' Perromzly Commiltee In Limine Typiiz . waxy Typeufrilizzg Progrerr and Competen! Typirt Cerlifimtef "A HORSE! A HORSE! MY KINGDOM FOR A HORSE!" joby is the popular miss with the talent for Dramatics and the flair for clothes. This, combined with her love for horses, makes her one of our most versatile girls. jOby's natural ability to win friends has added much to making our days enjoyable. Page Tbirly Sereu IN LIMINE 'I ALFREDA CIPRIANO SUNNY Commercial Course St. Hedwigs Bddfflflllwl '45 Home EL'fl1707IllL'.l Gregg Sfjllffhzllld Merlzlaenhip "FUN IS MY REALMQ CARE AND I, NO FRIENDS." Never a dull moment with Freda around. She always keeps things bubbling with her genial humor, The person who says "Silence is Golden" does not meet with Freda's approval. FRED SCOTT CONOVER, JR. SCOTT Men of Science Salem Foollmll '47-'48 Preridezzt, Hi-Y '45-'46 Szvimmizzg Team '47 Clan Day Uribe, HDONMI' TROUBLE TROUBLE TILL TROUBLE TROUBLES YOU." Although Scott left us in the early part of Our Senior Year, we shall always remember him as a likable, all-around, carefree fellow. 5 OCIL COWAN RED Commercial St. Francis 1 A Capella Choir '46-'47 "SMALL IN STATURE BUT WHO CAN MATCH HER" Our dainty Dresden doll fits snugly into her own little niche in '48's display. A light step, a shy but heartful smile, and Ocil is there among us. JOAN DAUsEY Commercial Catholic High School, Waterbury, Conn. Naugatuck Catholic High flHll01'6Ile.I' Baxkelball Sewing Club "A GENEROUS FRIENDSHIP NO COLD MEDIUM KNOWS." Now heres a girl with a hello and a smile for everyone. joan can always he depended upon for a little entertainment, with her knack of saying witty things at the appropriate time. Page Thirty Eiglol WILLIAM W. DAVISON, JR. BILL Men of Science Prospect Street Cboir Malb Club Cbemirlry Club Serrelary, H i-Y UTHE WORLD KNOWS NOTHING OF ITS GREATEST MEN." A blond shock of hair, a quick smile, and a smooth voice are enough to make Bill one of our most singular boys. But even more than this, there is an unmistakable touch of m ster in IN LIMINE Pbolograpby Club Y Y Bill's personality that entrances us. ,V,, I ' I' I ANNE MARIE DELANEY ' ANNE College St. Francis ' .Z ' Frefzcb Club Quolatiour Commillee, Cbairuzuzz ' 'T' ' Ternzir '46, '48 Della Kappa Alpbu I Badmiulofz '46, '48 juniorezzer Buflaetbull Cupmirl '45, '48 Golden Luue . . ri., ,EAM -A -43:5 ', gli , x f ew 9 WILLIAM DESMOND Men of Science Barkelbull '44-'45 Football '44-'47, Co-Captain Bayeball '47-'48 Senior Arziritiex Couzmizfee "TO STRIVE, TO SEEK, TO FIND, AND NOT TO YIELD." Buz is that rare specimen, a student-athlete. We are more than proud to claim him as a classmate. Additionally Buz will be remembered for his dramatic talents in the Christmas play and at Tuttle House. '47 Vice-Preridenl, Golden Lane "GOOD MORNING, LIFE-AND ALL THINGS GLAD . . Behind those smiling eyes lies a warm, staunch heart. Anne is loyal. Her vivacity and sparkle coupled with her extraordinary zeal-what a combination! si. BUZ Central Avenue Reprererzmzirfe to Boy'r Stare Secretary, Art Club Trearurer, Hi-Y DORIS IRENE DICK College Scientific Guard of Honor DOR Salem Golden Lune Frerzrb Club I Breezrlr Sfrorl Sbop Amzuul Auvlrd A Capella Cbozr Cbemirtry Club Barkelbull '47-'48 - I Perrorzali Couzmilfee NCLAD IN THE BEAUTY OF A THOUSAND STARS." Here's Doris, with a winning smile and a list of friends as long as the Lincoln Highway Popularity comes naturalli to . . ' Y Igor as does her inborn wit. Couple that with an aptitude for t e sciences and you have this admired lass. Page Tbirly Niue IN LIMINE MARY FRANCES DOLAN TORCHY Commercial prospect fznzmr Shorthand Award Senior SfJ07'fl7tZlZd Award Senior Artizfiiiei Commiltee 'YHER MIRTH IS LIKE A BABBLING BROOK." Make way for the human hurricane of hilarity! That's Mary- a sense of humor and fun, topped off by a flaming Irish red- head. If the crowd is in hysterics, Mary's in the middle, To know her is to laugh and laugh and laugh. I H X Wd -ua Nw RAYMOND DONNELLY RAY J General Prospect Street A Wil, Inlerrlurr Bnrkelball V "THOUGHTS ARE MIGHTLQR THAN STRENGTH OF HANDH Vf The tranquil disposition of Ray is a balm to shattered Senior ti, I ' nerves. Co-operative and willing is this silent lad, one of 1948's ' staunchest supporters. AX i ' W' 'f'554H,.,,, , A QUESTION Time, the wretched, deftly steals our Golden Days And we, unable to prevent, let pass the deed Is there no way to Conquer Time to fit our need? Why cannot Time agree to solve for us the maze? But hold, can we not make certain Time should be our slave? Would it not better serve us to strive toward Self-victory and, in conquering, thus harness The priceless gift the Master so willingly gave? Betsy Kissane Page Forly IN LIMINE PJAQ6' Ifurly 0 uc ROOM TWO IN LIMINE HELENANNE DONOVAN GUS College St. Francis Iuzzioreller V. F. ll", Local Comer! W'i2111ef Freucb Club Mulb Club '46 Della Kappa Alpbu Persorzulr Commitfee Bdllfllilliflfl '44-'48 Golden Lane "A LITTLE BODY WITH A MIGHTY HEARTH One of small stature, but of great ideas, garrulous Gus sits on top of the world. The periodical trips of Naugy's office messenger arouse a vivid interest amongst her comrades. You can count on her! 'l MILDRED LELIA EDWARDS BOBBIE College Luiifl Club Frenrb Club "MY MIND TO ME A KINGDOM IS." Wtsrds cannot express our true feeling for Bobbie, a brilliant and gracious young woman. Her cherry comfort in times of stress or bracing "Well done" upon a victory never fail to en- courage us. Dramatically she has scored times innumerable. MALVENA B. FEDERONIS BABE College Salem A Capella Cbolr fuzzioretler Motel Cboir Frenrb Club Burkefbull '45-'48 "THE SMILE THAT WON'T COME OEF" Babe's cordial ways and engaging smile give her a prominent place on '48's roster. A pinch of wit and a dash of mischief round out her character, one that has unexplored depths. Salem Cblrivmuu, Wfrite-upf Committee Golden Lune HELEN EINIK NIKIE Commercial St. l-ledwig's Vice-Prefidezzl, Home Economirir Club Bcldllllllfllll '45 Secretary. Social Studies Club "WHERE HEARTS ARE TRUE, FIEW Worms WII.I. DO." A business-like manner and a genial smile combine to make Helen a sure candidate for success. Put your fate in her capable hands and all worries disappear. Page liorly Two MARILYN RUTH FERGUSON FERGY College Trearurer, Latin Club '46 Secretary, Latin Club '47 Frencb Club Badminton '44 Golden Lane "O EYES SUBLIME WITH TEARS AND LAUGHTER FOR ALL TIME." A natural bounce and twinkling eyes make Fergy the vivid chick she is. In sports and play our charming girl of gaiety shines without an equal. fl ROGER W. FLOYD Men of Science Cboir Frencb Club Gontlolierf Latin Club Senior Actiritier Committee Football '46 Clan Day Utber USUPPRESS ME IF YOU CAN" Roge, the fellow with the happy-go-lucky smile and the match- ing attitude. He's also the guy that did credit to the character of Louis in Gilbert and Sullivan's "Gondoliers" in 1944. Witty and brainy here's the lad with the unmistakable ability to throw gloom out the window and open the door to the brighter side of life! IN LIMINE Center, Beacon Falls Barbetball '44, Captain '47 Perionalf Committee RICHARD FERRARI RICKY General Entered from Leavenworth September 6, 1947 Naugatuck High Leavenworth Golden Lane T. C. A.. Rifle Team UALLVS RIGHT WITH T1-IE WORLDU Out where the eyes of the world are upon him, Dick is a quiet and an unassuming lad. However, when he is enclosed within the circle of his special friends, he holds his own with each of them. Witness-Tuttle House on Fridays! F, ,, , K ROGE Central Avenue Golden Lane THOMAS E. FREEMAN T BAG Men of Science Entered from Staples High School Westpnmrt, Conn. Naugatuck High Staples High Baieball '46-'48 Prerident, Pbotogmpby Club Barketball '46-'48 Band '45 Sport! Editor, Clan Boob Gglden Lang Clan Day and Commencement Urber '47 Hi.Y "WHAT's THE I-IUSTLE, I-IASTE, AND I-IURRY? BE LIKE ME, I NEVER WORRY." Tom is an all 'round fellow, keen in sports and scholastically capable. No matter what the occasion, we can rely on this lad to keep things rolling. Page Forty Tbree IN LIMINE DORIS QAYNOR Commercial Prospect Street "AND THE SMILE SHE soETLY USETH FILLs THE SILENCE LIKE A sPEEcH." Where would '48 be without some roots to keep us steady? A staunch member of our varied aggregation is cheerful Doris, one who will leave none but the pleasantest memories at N.H.S. LORRAINE ROSE GIANCARLI LOR College Central Avenue A Capella Choir Burketball '44-'48 Frezzrb Club Badminton '44-'48 lllllillffllfkf M051 Popular Girl Tezmii '45 "YoU HEAR THAT GIRL LAUGHING? YoU THINK SHE'S ALL FUN BUT THE ANGELS LAUGH Too AT THE GOOD SHE HAS DONE!" Lorraine is the vivacious, energetic member of our class who IS ever ready to lend a hand! Sports-loving, fun-loving, and though diminutive, zestful in every endeavor, Lor has found her ,Q me we I is , true place in the heart of every Senior. gr PAUL R. GRABOWSKI PEANUTS Men of Science Hop Brook Bareball '45-'48, Cafvtain 48 Frefzcb Club Basketball '48 Mulb Club Inter-Clair Baxketball '48 Sporlr Enlilor, lr. journal Golden Lune Vive-Prexidezll, Cbemiitry Club "STUDY IS A DREARY THING, I WISH I KNEW THE REMEDY.H Here's the boy ostensibly so mild. However, you don't fool us, Paul! We detect your umiching mallecho" socially as we admire your pitching prowess on the baseball field. ,Wg 4, rw ' , E MARY ANNE GRANGER MARIANNE College Salem Choir Golden Lane French Club Cazldolierr Perronalx Commillee "HER STEPS ARE or LIGHT, HER HOME IS THE AIR." Heres to Mary Anne with her deep appreciation of beauty, and her sensitive and imaginative nature. Throughout the year we have heard much of her beloved ballet. With interest we shall follow her career. Page Iinrly Four IN LIMINE VIOAN MARIE GREEN College St. Francis Della Kappa Alpha Frerzflr Club IlUli01'6lll2J Golden Lane Social Commillee "AND ALT. THAT'S BEST or DARK AND BRIGHT, MIEET IN HER ASPECT AND HER EYES.H 'Ioan receives her own share of popularity and proves herself well worth it. Tall and smiling she is, with understanding dark eyes which never fail to see the good in everyone. MARILYN JANE GRIER -IANIE Commercial Entered September 6, 1946 Lock Haven High, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania Naugatuck Lock Haven High jurzioreltef Purple Wflairl Golden Lane Choral Club Student Council Tri H-Y "HER WAYS ARE wAYS or P1.EAsANTNEss" We spread out the Welccnme Mat in our junior year for this Pennsylvania Miss, and no sweeter girl could have crossed our threshold. With that warm smile and that gleam in her eye, Janie has endeared herself to many a Naugyite. JEANNE TI-IERESA I-IACKETT HACK College Hop Brook Guard of Horror Secretary, Golden Lane Cheerleader Vire-Prefidenl, Della Kappa Alplva junior Artiriziex Committee Clariftmaf Play A Cappella Choir Bafketball '44-'48 "AND HEAVENVS SOFT AZURIE IN HER EYE WAS SEEN." There are few as talented and as popular as this Irish lass. jeanne roots for Naugy with the best, although demure and quiet she can he when necessity dictates. But when it comes to charm, those eyes have it. 4 JOSEPH T. HANLEY, JR. JOE Commercial Salem Ifzler-flair Barketball Clggjf "I'LL GET THERE BUT DO NOT HURRY ME." Calmly, independently, joe goes his way taking things as they come. With his shy grin and dauntless air, this lad will return the punches that life delivers. Page Forty Firfe IN LIMINE DONALD L. HENSLER HENSE General Salem "HE CROWNS COMMON RIGHTS WITI-I DELIGHTS O11 HIS OWNH DOn's the kind of fellow one must know to appreciate. Quiet and reserved he seems, but seek him out for new ideas. He has them. LOIS ANN HERMONAT LO College Salem Cheerleader, Captain '48 juzzioretter f Guard of Honor Golden Lane . A Capella Claoir Personals Committee Frenrb Club In Limine Typirt "SHE IS PRETTY TO WALK WITH AND WITTY TO TALK WITH." This versatile captain of the cheer-leaders has done much to develop school spirit. L0's fetching appearance, abetted by her captivating personality, has made her a popular maiden indeed. FRANKLIN HOTCHKISS, JR. BUDDY Men of Science Prospect Golden Larze Inter-clurr Buskellmll "HE THAT HAS PATIENCE MAY COMPASS ANYTHINGU Franklin'S modest unassuming manner has won him many a friend among the denizens of Naugy. "To have a friend," quoth Franklin-"just be one." And he is! V l DONALD HOUSE DON Men of Science Salem junior Actirfitier Commillee Hi-Y Vice-President, Frenrla Club '47 Chemiftry Club President, Freucla Club '48 Adverliring Committee "WI-Io MIXJD REASON WITH PLEASURE AND WISDOM WITH MIRTH IE HE HAD ANY FAULTS HE HAS LEFT US IN DOUBT." We dOn't need to be told about DOn's superiority. His quick wit and keen mind are usually in evidence. When Don believes in a cause, he has the power to lead and the ability to accomplish. Puge Forty Six IN LIMINE JOANN MAE ISBELL College Prospect Affirtarzt Editor, Clarroook Iuzzioretter A Capella Choir Frerzrlr Club Badminton KKHER AIR, HER MANNERS, ALL WHO SAW ADMIRED.n jo Ann, of the bright and equable temper is an example to all. Conscientious, reliable, clever, she has been an invaluable addition to the Class Book Staff. PHYLISS ELAINE JENZELL PHIL Commercial Prospect Street Clooir Golden Lane Perrorzalr Committee Shorthand Award Typewritirzg Progreyr Certificate Gorzdolierx Competent Typirt Certificate "LIFE is DELIGHTQ AWAY DULL CAREY' Phil is a very efficient and energetic young lady with a charm- ing smile and an easy manner which have already brought her success in the business world, and which will gain even more for her in the years to come. ,,. - 4, . -a JOYCE ANNE CAROL KANEHL Commercial PYOSPCCI A Capella Choir 0.G.A. Sltltwerior Merit Certificate Breen? S.D07'l.fl70f7 Arzrzual Aufard Golden Lane Clan Book "I HAVE HEARD Musrc IN THE SILENTNESS or DUTY" Through her systematic methods, Joyce Anne accomplishes things and puts them in apple pie order. This future career girl has definite business-like objectives, clear cut as crystal. ii. BARBARA ANNE KELLEY BARB St. Francis "FULL OF THE SPIRIT AS THE MONTH or MAY." Commercial Faith, 'tis a colleen we have in our midst, and the pride of Erin she is. A rare and unique naivete marks all of Barb's actions. Artistic she is - and chic as a Paris belle. Page Forty Seven IN LIMINE PATRICIA ANN KEVIT PAT College Center School, Beacon Falls Basketball '45-'47 Home Erorzomiri' Club, Tretuurer '46 Batlmifztorz '45-'46 Delta Kappa Alpha junior Activities Committee Clan Beauty Perromzlt Committee Guard of Honor "HER WHO IfAIREsT DoEs APPEAR CROWN HER QUEEN OF ALL THE YEAR.u You don't need zofzo vision to see why Pat is our Class Beauty. One fleeting look is all it takes, But beauty isn't Pat's only attribute. There's plenty of warmth and friendliness in her generous heart. In sports or at play, Pat proves that life is worth living I ELIZABETH LOUISE KISSANE BETSY College St. Francis Editor-In-Chief, Cltm' Book Delta Ktzjvpu Alpha Sery. French Club Btu-leetball '44-'46 Prer. Iurzioretter Senior Actizfitier Committee Red Crow Council Golden Lune "IMI'ossIEILITY! NEVER LIST MIS HEAR THAT FOOLISI-I WORD AGAINH Sparkling personality, efficiency, and brains, topped off with a head of flaming red hair-such is Betsy. Our Editor-in-Chief has character true and deep which goes hand in hand with her scintillating gaiety. PHYLLIS KLOC PHYL Commercial Salem Bafketbull '44 Bond Shorthand Award Complometer Srlooltzrrlaip llyirzner' "HARMONY WITH EVERY GRACE PLAYS IN THE FAIR PRoPoRTIoNs or HER FACEU Phyl is the pretty little miss who sits behind the messengers desk in front of the office. For the most part, she is running to every room betwen Chemistry Lab. and Bookkeeping or offer- ing consolation to office-bound students. JOSEPH KOPP JOE Commercial Salem Sophomore Actirfitier Committee French Club Prerideut, Sociology Club "EACH MIND HAS ITS OWN METHODS." joe is the lad that arrives each morning, all decked out in the sharpest of sports clothes, fresh from the racks! Quiet, yes -but never down-hearted. Joes a fellow worth knowing, a true pal. Page Forty Eight IN LIMINE FRANCES KRZYKOXVSKI FRAN Commercial Hop Brook Golden Lane Typewriting Progrefy Award Perronalf Cornrnillee junior Slaorlnand Award Cornpelent Typirl Cerlificale "THE THING THAT COSTS THE LEAST AND DOES THE MOST IS JUST A PLEASANT SMILE." Tall and slender as a reed with a smile on her lips to match the smile in her eyes. Frances has a true dramatic sense which she always showed to its best advantage On those fateful Fridays. ,. A JOHN KUCZYNSKI '21 , V3 Commercial Hop Brook School -fl -A Carnera Club '46 Inlerrlarf Bafketball -. 2 Art Club Aduerriring Conzrnillee 'i""l" if I A "AS HAPPY A MAN AS ANY IN THE WORLD " A , FoR THE WORLD SEEMS TO SMILE UPON . :"' A For four years Johnny has been the essence of impishness. ' Tarkington surely had this rollicking lad in mind when he Wrote V IAVAVV balvl I l'l' 1 V I that saga of schooldays, "Seventeen"! " - s f I 'W-. V' . ELIZABETH ANN KWASNIEWSKI KWAS General St. Hedwig's junior Shorthand Award Balkelliall '44-'48 Guard of Honor Badminton Golden Lane "WITHOUT HER LOVE AND LAUGHTER, THERE IS NO JOY." You'd better keep away from Kwas if you're in a peevish mood, 'cause She just doesn't tolerate it. Never a dull moment with Betty, any time or any place, in or out Of school. And oh- what a pal she is! EVELYN LAKIS EVE Commercial Salem funioretler Delernega Club Golden Lane Clarixtrnar Play Audio-Vifual Secretary Typeufriling Progrerr Certificate "HOLD FAST YOUR DREAMSU There are Smiles that make you happy, and Ev's got one of the warmest, a Smile backed up by a heart as big as all out- doors. And does someone want an actress? Little Eve is your girl! Page Forty Nine IN LIMINE CLARENCE LENNON SHANNY College Center, Beacon Falls Faofbal! '45-'47 "THAT WHICH BENEFITS Us IS CHEERFULNESS AND COURAGEU Beacon Falls has given many top flight athletes to N. H. S. and the class of '48 is proud to have Shanny! He's the guy that took quite a beating on the gridiron but you Can't keep a good man down. Best o'luck, Shanny! LORRAINE ALICE LE VASSEUR SHORTY Commercial Prospect N.H.S. Baud Typewriling Progress Aufard junior Sborllmfzd Auwrd "THE BEST PART or BEAUTY IS THAT WHICH A PICTURE CANNOT EXPRESS" Lorraine is our little French demoiselle with those lively eyes shadowed by long curling lashes. Tres petite, she will lend her- self easily to those hair styling aspirations. ROBERT LIND LINDY Commercial Central Avenue Breeds Spar! Shop Annual Aman! "UNTIL I TRULY LOVED, I WAS ALONEH Here is il man of few words who appears to see nothing, as if in a dream world. But Bob Sees much, especially in the second floor Corridor, before school begins. MARY LOKITES LOKE Commercial A St. Francis Secretary, Home Erouomirr Badminton '44-'47 Cbemirlry Club Tenfzir '44-'45 l3u.rl2c'lfmll '44-'47 "THE GAME'S THE THING" A great love for sports has made Mary well known. Her agility, quick thinking and sportsmanship are qualities which proved her valuable on every team. Page Fifly IN LIMINE Page Fifty One ROOM THREE IN LIMINE RUTH LUSCHENAT LUSC1-1 Commercial Prospect funiorettef Tj'f76'1L'I'iliIlg Progre.f.r Award Perrorzalf Committee fuiiior Slaortlaarzd Award 0.G.A. Superior Merit Certificate Senior Slaortlaarzd Award "THE MIRROR or ALL coIIRTEsY" Attractive Ruth has not idled away valuable time at N. H. S. Rather has she made good use of the opportunities she has had for learning. Ruth is a promising Naugyite. ROBERT LYONS GUNDAR Men of Science Salem Math Club Advertising Committee Aerozzauliar Club "WITH A WELL BALANCED SENSE AND A FITNESS or THINGSU Here comes Gundar, the fellow with an interest in midget racing, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and anything except girls. When he and Jackie Anderson get together, there's a mari: conversation going on! SOPHIE MACSARKO SUDS Commercial Salem Bafketball '44-'46 junior Slaortharzd Award Badminton '44-'45 Treat. Camera Club '48 Pres, Home Ecolzomirr Club '48 "FULL OF SPIRIT AS THE MONTH OF MAYII jolly Sophie carries the light of laughter wherever she goes. Capable and willing, she's one of those steady characters that make this old world of ours go 'round. WILLIAM JOSEPH MANCINI DING Commercial Central Avenue Golden Lane Hi-Y Adiferlirirzg Committee HGIVE EVERY MAN THINE EAR, BUT FEW THY VOICE." Hail to Bill, with a real zest for life and a keen spirit. Dings quietly industrious nature can be depended upon to accomplish things without fanfare. Page Fifty Two IN LIMINE ELIZABETH ANN MARIANO BETTY Commercial Salem O. G. A. Superior Meri! Cerlificale "SINCE LIFE IS BRIEF WF NEED TO MAKE IT BRIGHT!! Betty with her infectious smile and jolly sense of humor. It is this cheery disposition which has endeared her to our hearts and which Will brighten up her corner of the world in the future. ROBERT WILLIAM MARIANO BOB Men of Science St. Francis Barketball '44-'47 Band '44-'45 Bareball 44-'45 Golden Lane Ad1f'erti.ririg Commillee Vice-Preriderzl, Sociology Club '46 "I'LL FIND A XVAY oft MAKE IT" Bob is one man out of a million. He is the mainspring of the cafeteria at recessg the master mind behind a thousand projects in the Manual Arts-skilful, clever, dependable! EUGENE MARIOTTI TINY Commercial Central Avenue Naugafark Higb Pbofograjnby Club '46 Hi-Y Ad1'erfi.rir1g Commizfee junior Artirilier Committee B?'e?5'Ii7.f Sporl Sbofz Afirrizal Award "SUCH joy AMBITION FINDSH Dancing eyes and a flashing grin are two of the assets of I Genes winning personality. He always presents a dashing figure with his smooth clothes and equally smooth manners. LILLIAN PATRICIA MARTINITIS MART College I Salem Badmirzfoo '44 finzioreller Frerzcb Club Cboir '44-'46 Barketball '46 Sborlbaod Award Tyjreufrilirig Progrerr Award "LIFE IS A SWEET AND .IOYFUL THING" Lillian has a quiet but vivid appeal. Her graceful carriage coupled with her flair for clothes marks her as a maiden quite outstanding. Page Fifly Three IN LIMINE EMIL MICHAEL MARTINO EEM Commercial Salem Bu,ri11e,r.v Manager, Cilllffbllflk "A MIND EQUAL TO ANY IINnERTAIcINts'l A keen orderly mind and a rugged perseverance make up Emil's character. With easy-going cheerfulness, he handled to perfection the irksome duties of Advertising chairman. LIDIA MARTINS Commercial Salem Home Economics' Club Ch7'l.fll7l:l,I' Demralizzg Committee Teufzir '45 Barkelball '46 Perroualr Commitlee Af: Club QITHE FINEST ELOQUIZNCE IS THAT WHICH GETS THINGS DONE" Lidia is the girl who gets things done. She has a quiet and efficient way, without fuss or feathers, and there is little which escapes that clear gaze of hers. RUTH ELSIE MATSON DOLLY Commercial Salem Pre,ria'e1zl, Art Club A Capella Cboif Home Ecoaomirr Club fuaiar Red Crass Council Baud junior Red Crn.11r delegafe fo Plailadelpbia Baton lwirlizzg malefl 1,l'lI1Il67' '45 Clair Book A7'fi.l'f "WITH RINGS ON HER FINGIERS . . A graceful walk, a melodious voice, and fleeting fingers on the keyboard are the attributes of talented Ruth, our Muse of Melody. JOAN RUTH MAZAIKA MIKE College I Central Avenue Della Kappa Alpba Frenrla Club A Capella Chair fuaioreller Golden Lane Rell Cmrr Coufzril Basketball '44-'47 , Penoualr Commillee "THE SUNSHINE or THINE EYES" A blur of colors, a peal of laughter-and there goes joan! Ambition drives her on, her zip attracts comrades, and before you know it the task it done. Cheers! 4- Page Fifzy Four IN LIMINE HELEN ANN MCCARTHY MAC I College St. Francis junior, Senior Clan Treufurew D.A.R. REPYEJEHIHUIIE fir! Club, Vife-Prefidezzl '48 Cbemirtry Club Frefzrb Club Stuliflirs Head, Clunbook Iuzlioreller Golden Lune "BE THOU THE RAINBOW TO THE STORMS OF LIFE" Art? Chemistry? Money? Our "Good Pilgrim" can handle them all, although that disarming gaze and catchy giggle belie it. Tell Mac you want something done and it is. But don't worry, she's not all business-like. JOHN L. MCCARTHY MAC General Prospect Street Izzlef-vlan Burkelbull Art Club Barebull '44 Soriology Club Adiferfirirzg Comuziffec "FROM THE CROWN OF HIS HEAD TO THIS SOLE OF HIS FOOT, HE IS ALL MIRTHU Those hlue eyes, those broad shoulders-but that could go on forever. All's not as quiet as it seems with debonnaire and witty Jack, MORRIS HENRY MCKEE BUD General Salem Frmlbull '47 "HE IS ONE oIf THE WORI.D'S REAL GENTLEMENH There's as much warmth in his heart as there is strength in his stature. Bud goes about in his quiet, earnest Way-seeing all, overlooking nothing. OLGA CHRISTINE NATALIZIO CHRIS Commercial Salem Ari Club Buduzimfozz Cboir' Twlllif Home Emzzomirf Club Bufketball Hurry Doeblu Ar! Auuzrd "WITH A PERSONALITY THAT sAYs MUCHH There's magic in those fingers and untapped sweetness in that heart. We expect to be wearing the chic creations of Fifth Avenues Mlle. Olga when she embarks on her career. Page Fifly Fife IN LIMINE FLORENCE FRANCES NIEWINSKI FLO Commercial Salem Banking Clan '47 Permnali Committee "To THOSE WHO KNOW HER BEST, A FRIEND MOST TRUE AND I-IEARTY" FlO's teasing grin and catchy rejoiners tickle the hearts of us all. Cool and efficient she buzzes around, clearing up those inevitable last-minute details in all of her projects. ANNE MARIE NIXON NIX Commercial St. Francis Glee Club '45 Guard of Honor Slmrlloand Award "JOLLY, CAREFRIEE, AND MISCHIIEVOUS WAS SHE" Sweet Anne has a streak of fun in her gentle nature that livens up the dullest day. A charmingly, capable lass she is, with an apple blossom complexion. - af. 5f5'L1.?r'L ,-,- :rc I, . LOUISE ALICE NYBERG College Riggs Street School, Oxford Orrlfertra Permnalr Cwnmillee ClJ0ir S. P. Q. R. fLdlilI Clulsj Golden Lane "EVERY GIFT OF NOBLE ORIGINH The talents of this miss are many and varied. She is 1948's most brilliant musician. We value this "Louise-prize" snatched from Oxford to enrich Golden Lane and the famous Senior assemblies. - ' "' 'T' 1 BARBARA VIRGINIA OLSON BOB College Salem Iunioreltei' Conrul Primuf, S.P.Q.R. Delta Kappa Alpha French Club V.F,W. Loral Contest Wifzrzer Golden Lane Chairman, Sorial Commillee, Clarxbook A Capella Choir NABSORBED AND SMILING AND SURE WITH TI-IE PRECISION OF A RI'ruAL." A graceful carriage, a silvery voice, and a fascinating imagi- nation all combine to make Barbara our outstanding College Girl. Here's to the girl who has always held as her guiding light, the lamp of learning. Page Filly Six IN LIMINE DONALD CHARLES OLSON DON Men of Science Salem Cboir Cbriftmux Play Band Moft Popular Boy Orcbeftru Cbemixtry Club Golden Lane Advertifing Committee "LIFE IS A JEST AND ALI. THINGS SHOW ITQ I THOUGHT so ONCE, AND NOW I KNOW IT" Now here's a boy that's bound to succeed! Wherever Donny goes, so goes gaiety. Chosen our most popular boy, he stands high above the requirements. Brainy too when he deigns to Open those books! EDMUND OLSON ACE General Salem "I KNOW THAT TREES HAVE WISDOM IN THEIR WINDLESS SILENCESU Ed's the quiet type-in school. However, from 1:30 On he's the great-outdoors man! Watch out, we say, for this boy. He's likely to beat us all to the finish line! JOHN s. OSTROSKI . , Men of Science St. Francis . .-'-- ll A ' . Cbrixtmuf Play Veterunx Publir Speaking Club 1 Band Cbemixtry Club zz 4 ' . Golden Lane Adveftixing Committee A , .,,: , Q "JOY, joy FOREVER!-MY TASK IS DONE, THE GATES ARE PASSED" "" I IA: .,,.. . f . 1 ' "'51'A A JOhn's one Of our rollicking members. Always launching some 'iil "'i:':" r quip or wile, practical or otherwise. He's forever chuckling at it anything worthy of it. V gy :qw .fi YQ ,kJ" 2 7:4 xi ' '54 MERWIN L. PACKER MER Men of Science St. Francis Bufbetlwll '44-'45 Frenrla Club Mutb Club Golden Lane Advertiring Committee "HAPPY IS THE MAN WHO HATH NO TR0UBLES.H Mer and John are two of a kind. If divided-look Out. But A united-beware! When these two get together, joy reigns unbridled. Page Fifty Seuwt IN LIMINE MARGARET ANNE PERRY PEGGY Commercial Prospect Street Senior Affi1'iliEI Commitlee Golden Lane Red Cross Chairman French Club Delta Kappa Alpha Goizdolierr Sofia! Committee "NONE IN Mons LANGUAGES CAN sriow Tuosr ARTS, wmcu You so EAs1LY KNOWJ' Peg's keen sense of humor and ready chuckle are truly appre- ciated by her host of friends. She is always on the wing- flitting here and there among her many school and social activi- ties. CHALLENGE A glorious future is rising Bringing warm hope and new poiseg Like a dawn golden and rosy With its dazzling freshness and joys. A new world stretches before us Wherein is a place for us all, And in showing our love for all mankind Each truly answers his call. MILDRED EDWARDS. Page Fifly Eight IN LIMINE Pflgf Filly Nim' ROOM FOUR ,..V.V - .' 1 5 'r 525 ' 1 ' 2 -' .1 I , ff - W .j f ' ' za ,tlxzizbfi ESTELLE FRANC College Frencb Club ES PIKULA IN LIMINE CARL STEVEN PETERSON MOON Scientific Salem Cboir Co-cbrzirmurz, Pbologrupbiu Commiltee Orrbexlru Golden Lune Band "FOR HIS HEART WAS IN His woRK" Carl has been quite busy this year being co-chairman of the Photography Committee, and he's done wonderfully we'll all agree. Silence seems to be Moon's password most of the time, and yet-we sometimes wonder! ET Center, Beacon Falls Barbeiball '46 furzioreller Badminton '46 Sopbomore Aclirfilier Cornmillee Serretary, Cbemiftry Club "A FRIEND 'moo ART INDEED." Don't let this girl's mild countenance fool you. Et is full of fun and seems to be able to radiate her cheer to all about her. Throughout her four years at N.H.S., she has maintained a large group of friends as Well as a high scholastic standing. ASW JOHN DANIEL QUINT JACK Scientific St. Francis Adrfertirifzg Committee Baxketball, '44-'45, '47-'48 Frencb Club Iurzior Artirfilier Commillee Golden Lzme Senior Arzirizier Commillee Treasurer, Cberrzillry Club "AI-I, VVHY sI-IouI.D I,IIfIa ALI. LABOR IIE?" jacks curly hair and ready grin have made many a lass sigh. And what a sense of humour is his! We're sure the Senior French Class couldn't get along without him. ROY JAMES RANSLOW DOC Commercial ' I Sfflem Senior Clays Bookkeeper Cbalrmarz, Senior Profeclr "WISE T0 RESOLVE AND PATIENT TO I-EREORMX' We don't hear much from Roy-he's the tall, silent type. But behind that shy smile who knows what mischief lurks? We salute you, Roy 4 a gentleman and a scholar. Page Six!-3' gIN LIMINE HELEN AGNES REILLY College Salem juzziorelter Badmifzlwi '45348 Freurb Club Bafkelbail '44-'48 Permfzizlr Cammillee "LAUGH AND THE WORLD LAUGHS WITH You." Life would he rather dull without Helen, the girl with a fund of new ideas. Originality is her middle name. And when- ever you feel gloomy just call on "Red"-tl1ere'll be some changes made! DOLORES CECELIA RIMKOSKI Commercial Salem Guard of Houw' Senior Sbnrlbmza' Award fuziimeltef Perromzl Committee Frewb Club Cbrirtmizr Play Urrberetle 'KBLUSHING is THE COLOUR OF VIRTUEH We all agree that Dolores' quiet friendliness is one of her chief charms. An industrious and conscientious student, she nevertheless finds time for fun. And what can compare with her quick blush! ELIZABETH AGNES RYNECKI BETTE College Sf. H6ClWig'S Sophomore At'li1'ilie,r Commillee Badmifzloiz juzzim' Arfi1'itie,r Cammillee French Club Teiimtf "FAIR AND SOFTLY cons FAR" Heres to an quiet lass with :1 whispering animation. She favors one alone-yes. This blonde, blue-eyed miss appears to have Kopped her hearts desire. HARRY J. SCHMITZ, JR. Sonny General Central Avenue "A TRUE SPORTSMAN AND LOVER Or HORSES." Harry is Naugy's Caesar Romero, the strong Latin type, But no eyes has he for our Senior girls. A lover of horses and the great outdoors, Harry is an all-round sport. Page Sixty One IN LIMINE WILLIAINI SCRANTON, JR. SIX FOOT Men of Science Salem Foozlmll '46-'47 ALl,l'61'll.l'lllfQ Committee Burkezbull '47-'48 Prefizlezzf, junior Clurr Bafeball '48 French Club Swimming '47-'48 Golden Lam' "THE MlND'S THE MIZASURE or Tl-IIE MAN." Bill's our "Mighty Mouse" of Sports-with football, basket- ball, and swimming to his credit. He was also our junior Class President and chief bouncer at the class play. Guess those trips from Union City to Beacon Falls keep you in trim, eh, Bill? BEATRICE N. SKRIDULIS BEA Commercial Central Avenue ju11i01'clle,r Slwrlhmzd Auwzl Home Ef0lIU7lllL'.f Club O.G.A. Sujwrim' Meri! Certifimle Ar! Club Clfmir Book Artiff "MAIDEN, WITH THE MEFK BROWN EYES" Bea's appreciation for the beautiful things of life and her out- spoken talent prove to us that her honors in the field of art have been justly won. Pleasant and soothing she is, but with just the right dash of gaiety. 'fr' 1 if DONALD A. SPADOLA SPEC Men of Science Central Avenue Inzerrlafr Burkelball '44 Bllikellfllll '45-43 Golden Lane "A GOOD HEART'S WORTH GOLD.H When Spec takes over the floor at Tuttle House on Fridays, the Men of Science are sure to get a treat. Whether it is light- hearted comedy or deep tragedy, Spec gives his best. Between an avid interest in basketball and time spent serving hot-dogs at Loretta's, Spec is kept on the run. But he never stops smiling. THERESA DOROTHY STEPNOSKI DOTTY College h Salem junior Sbarzbund Award Tylllllg Pfvgfwlf Award "THERE WAS A STAR DANCED, AND UNDER THAT, I Was BORN" Silence! What's that? Dot's merry mirth rings out vvherever she goes. She firmly believes that laughing lengthens life, ancl she certainly abides by her theory. Page Sixty Two IN LIMINE JOHN ALLARD STIEN JACK General UNITED STATES NAVY Discharged, july 24, 1946 Band ULET Us LIVE THEN AND BE GLAD, WHILE YOUNG LIFE'S BEFORE Us" jack's zest for life and merry mischievousness make us think he was quite a boy in his own class. As a Vet, he has success- fully combined outside work with his books. RICHARD C. SUCHENSKI RICH Men of Science St. Hedwig's French Club Inlerrcloolurlir Bareelbull '46-'48, Co-Captain Adverliring Committee Golden Looe "TI-IE FORCE OF HIS OWN MERIT MAKES His WAY." A mighty addition to the Class of '48 is Dick, a Man of Science whose ambition and scientific inclination will surely bring him future prosperity. And with that streak of deviltry a yard wide, it will be a jolly prosperity l ROBERT SULLIVAN SULLY Men of Science St. Francis Barkelball Golden Lane HBEGONE DULI. cARE! TI-Iou AND I SHALL EVER PARTU A lanky stride, a friendly grin, and the ability to speak with the slow, drawling tempo of a machine gun, make Sully a mighty easy-going sort. Like all good Thurston men, Bob delivers ice in the summer and switches to oil in the Winter. A great pal and tops on any list is Sully! MARGARET SUMMA MARGIE Commercial Salem Vice-Prer., Camera Club Bluketlnoll fuoior Sloorlhoml Award "ENTER ON MY LIST OF FRIENDS!! Sweet personality-full of rascality-that's our Marge. Each morning as she breezes into our Senior rooms for absent lists, the day IS launched with becoming animation. Page Sixty Three IN LIMINE VINCENT SUMMA VINNY General Salem Bufeball Manager '45-'46 UTHRICE NOBLE IS THE MAN WHO or H1MsEL1f IS KING" "I'm full of fun and fancy free, and that's the way I want to be," says Vin. Yes, here's the hoy who prefers a bat and ball to the companionship of any girl. The National Sport comes first above all with him. MARY ANN SWAN College Salem Golden Lune Juniorelter, Treufurer Cbriyimaf Play A Capella Cboir French Club Guard of Honor Delta Kappa Alpbu Social Commitzee "THE HAND THAT HATH MADE You FAIR, HATH MADE YOU GOOD" Blonde, blue-eyed Mary Ann stands out among the members of the Class of '48, Her versatility in several fields is well marked. Dramatic in manner and dress, she spells attractiveness. 1 Qiif ELIZABETH ANN SWEETMAN BETT College Salem Sufimmizzg '47 Home Ecofzomiar Club Ar! Club Golden Lane fuzziofellei "ELEGANT AS SIMPLICITY AND WARM AS ECSTACYH Blithe, agile, and sparkling-that's Betty. She does everything with vim and vigor, whether it be cheering dear old Naugy on to victory, or cutting the water at the "Y" Pool. This com- bination is Bett's admission card to fortune. JOSEPH G. SZCZOCZARZ, JR. BIG JOE Men of Science Hop Brook Frezzcb Club lulerrlaff Burkelbull, C0-captain Swimming Teum Golden Lune "How FAR THAT LITTLE CANDLE THROWS His BEAMSH Friendliness without and a warm heart within! Who else but Little Joseph could fit this description? No project was ever too large for him to tackle. He is a dynamic part of all that the class does and a popular lad, too. Page Sixty Four IN LIMINE Joi-IN J. THURSTUN JACK Men of Science St. Francis Bmkelball, Capi. A,l'.l'j,lfcIlZf Sjvorlf Editor, Clam Book Senior Acliritier Commillee Golden Lane Clair Day and Commellremezzf Uibev' "BEHIND THAT CALM EXTERIOR LIES A DEAL or DEVILTRYH Hats off to the captain of the Greyhounds Five-a basketball player through and through. Our blond, brown-eyed athlete excels in the classroom as well as on the court. Fordham, here he comes! JAMES THURSTON JIM Men of Science St. Francis Golden Lane Hazzdrofzzeit Boy Clair Day '47, Urber Hi-Y AdIf'erli,Iif1g Commitlee "CHARM STRIKES THE SIGHT, BUT MERIT WINS THE SOULH Does he live on the oil trucks? Well, no. A fellow has to eat and have fun, tool just mention either and jimmie's right there. The rest of his time-well, as Handsomest Boy of 1948, he made class history. MILLAE MARTHA TOWNSEND TOMMY Commercial Prospect Typeufriziag Progrefr Cerlificale "THE ONE THAT LovEs AND LAUGHS MUST sIIRE DO WELL.i, If you want to know the secret of being happy ask Millae. Her friendly Word and smile, her gay and carefree manner stamp her as "Sincerely, Millaef' ROSEMARY ELAINE TIERNEY LAINE General East Haven High, East Haven, Conn. Home Efozzomirr Clala Barizzerf Board Vanity Show "EARTH's THE RIGHT PLACE EOR LIVING.H Elaine was definitely a pleasant addition to Naugy High. Her winning smile and happy-go-lucky manner have brought her countless friends. East Haven's loss was Naugy's gain. Page Sixly Fire IN LIMINE AUSTIN LAWRENCE TIERNEY LARRY Commercial UNITED STATES NAvv June 1943 - April 1945 HSPIZIECI-I is GREAT, HUT SILENCIZ is GRIiATl3R.H Austin's eager entrance into the heart of our school spirit in the short time that he has been with us has set an example for old Naugyites. His interest in everyone is giving him deep satisfaction in life. M. CECILLE TRACY CHARLIE Men of Science Hop Brook Claeeflmder Della Kappa Alplm ffuziw'-Sefzim' CI..z.u'.r Serrelm'-3 Golden Lane RefH'e.rw1luIi1'e In Girlr' Smit' ljefui-Colt! Scloalawlaip Exam. Ai-,i'f. Elllilflf. Clursbarzk lffuzrb Club, Pwgmrzz Cbcliflllclll "O SHE srrs HIGH IN Ari. HEARTS." Wfho ever said that merriment and marks don't mix? If this versatile miss won a star for every activity, the heavens would he hers. And there is no parallel to Charlies scholastic record. The Class of '48 proudly lays claim to incomparable Cecile. GERARD ANTHONY TRAFICANTI TRAF Commercial Salem Btmkiug Clfzixf '48 Gflldefz Lane "1-IE KNEW DEvot:Ti.v XVHAT HIE THOITGHTH Oh yes! Remember him in our Sophomore yeargthe lad with "Personality"? He has that sixth sense too, a sense of humor. No dull moments when Gerard is around. SYLVIA DRYDEN TRIPP SYL College Central Avenue j,,,1j,,,-gffgf Burketbull '45"-47 Badminlozz '45-'46 Golden Lune Pe1'.rrnzal.r Committee "THERE is NOTHING so QUEENLY AS KINDNESS, AND NOTHING so RovA1. AS TRUTH." Swing your partner 'round and 'round. That's Syl's favorite pastime. Very seldom is this lively lass missing from those Saturday night barn dances. However, let us not forget her scholarship gained by the drive of her will. Page Sixty Six IN LIMINE JEAN ALICE VAGT College Prospect A Capella Choir '46-'48 funi0relleI S.P.Q.R. fLalin Clubj Badminton '46 Perronali Commillee Frenrla Club "EITHER DO NOT ATTEMPT AT ALL, on GO THROUGH WITH IT.H Here's to jean, who never once let us down. It takes loyalty to show up at every game, cheering the boys on whether they're winning or losing. A tireless worker in any task, even Latin. LOIS VAN DELFT LO College Prospect Tennir '45-'47 Cliemiilry Club Breenfr Sf10rt.rlJ0j1 Annual Award Permnalf Colnmillee Golden Lane Tyfveuwifillg Pmgrefr Cerlificale "LOVE oIf ACTION-SENSE or VIM.U Lois-our future woman in white-proves that there is a time and place for everything. A demure and an attractive lass, she excels at every sport. THOMAS F. WELCH TOM Commercial St. Francis Barkelball Golden Lane HSILENCE IS THE GENUINE IaI.oQuENcI2 OF SINCI-IRlTY." Tiny Tom, a little stick of dynamite, is always full of sur- prises. His dramatic ability was recognized when he was elected to Golden Lane. CHARLES E. WHITE CHUCK Men of Science Salem Frenfla Club Offhg-ffm Swimming, Captain '47-'48 Clggiy Plzolagraplair Committee, Cbairman Golden Lane "AND GLEAMING AND STREAMING AND BEAMING"-- CHUCK comes! As captain of the Garnet and Gray Tankers, Chuck led his fellow Mermen to outstanding victories. More than once his streamlined physique has caused hearts to flutter and temperatures to rise. But Chuck never knew it! Page Sixty Seven DOLORES JEAN XVITKOSKI Commercial flllliflf Sborlbrwd Auurrd CUNlf76'f6'IZl 'I'-y,t1i.fl Cerfifimle UPLEASIIRIZ AND ACTION MAKE THE HOURS SHORTH A whirling figure and a flashing pair of feet point the way to Dolores' haven, the gleaming ice. May life's road be as smooth and expertly traveled hy you. JOHN WRINN -IOHNNY Men of Science St. Francis Plmlogmjfby Club Pepsi-Cala Svhalmzrbip EA':l7lIfl1dff0ll G'0!d6'll Lime HSTARS IN 'I'l-IIE PURPLE Dusk ABOVE THE ROOFTOPS . . . Wlmile the rest of us painfully eked out passing grades in science, ,lohn seemed to snatch l00's out of the air. As a future astronomer, with his keen intellect. Brown awaits him. IN LIMINE CLAIRE ROSE MARY WITKOSKI Commercial Hop Brook Typeuvitizzg P1'0g1'8.l'.I Cerlifimlc "AND I TO MY PLEDGITD VUORD AM TRIIIZH As silent as the stars on a wintry night, Claire glides among us. Though unpretentious in nature, her calm assurance shows us that she knows her objective and will attain her goal. DEE Hop Brook Senior Sborfbmzd Auuzrd RICHARD WILMOT DICK Men of Science Salem S,P.Q.R. KLa1i1z Clubj Mdflf Club '46 "THE SECRET OF SUCCESS is coNs'rfiNcY TO PITRPOSIIU Although most of his classmates saw Dicks serious and stu- clious side, his closest friends alone know well his subtle humor. I-Iis dependability coupled with his determination has made Dick an outstanding member of our class. lizgu Six!-1' Eight IN LIMINE ANN LOUISE YODER CORKY College Williamsport High Williamsport High Naugatuck Cboir, Glee Club, Pep Club Cboir Hi Tri, Aviulion Club Golden Lune "HAPPY AM Ig FROM CARE I'M FREE!" WHY AREN'T THEY ALI. CONTENTED LIKE ME" A cute personality and dancing eyes have quickly endeared Corky to our hearts even though she has been with us only one year. Tiny golden-hired Ann-a welcome addition to N.H.S. N DOROTHY ANN ZEHNDER DEEZ College St. Francis Cbeerleader Frencb Club Senior Aclizfilier Commiltee Della Kappa Alpbu--Preridefzt '47 Guard of Honor Sofia! Committee Bafkelball '46-Captain '46 Golden Lane "As LITTLE DAUNTED AS A STARU Here's the girl Whose manner and looks do not exceed her facilities, for Dot's a student high in achievement. She is loyal to us, our school, our team. Without her vim and vigor where would our spirit be? KENNETH LEWIS ZERBE KEN Men of Science Sunbury Junior High, Sunbury, Pa. Football, Co-captain '47 Preriderzl, Hi-Y Barlzetball Manager '45 junior Artirfitier Committee Vice-Preridenz, Senior Clair Golden Lune Clair Day Urber Adwerlirirzg Commillee Q1 is A MAN WITH A DREAM WHO f:- A in V M SHALL so FORTH AND CONQUERH A -::, W in The boy of the changing expression and kindly heart! Ken always carried high the name of Dear Old Naugy whether on i ' - -- - the football field or in the classroom-a warm and unforgettable D -.-. A personality. A , 1 6' 3 , K7 J, n THE CLASS MOTTO NE TENTES, AUT PERFICE fEitber otlerrzpl riot, or ucromplirbj THE CLASS COLORS NAVY BLUE AND GOLD THE CLASS ITLOWER GOLD CHRYSANTHEMUM Page Sixty Niue L A x 1 IN LIMINE In Memoriam MARY ELLEN RYAN We dedicate this page to one who was called from us by God while she was yet young and pure. We were sorrowed by her passingg we are consoled in the knowledge that she has found eternal peace and hap- piness with her Lord in the land from whose bourn no traveller returns. Page Seventy IN LIMINE THE IDEAL BOY AND GIRL The Ideal Senior Bay The Ideal SWUOI' Girl would have the: would have the: Hair of Jack Quint Eyes of jack McCarthy Teeth of Alcides Bilelo Smile of Gerard Traficanti Personality of Donald Olson Hands of Emil Martino Physique of Charles White Voice of Sol Aordkian Complexion of Bill Davison Wit of Don House Savoir-faire of Joe Brody Hair of Doris Dick Eyes of Jeanne Hackett Teeth of Anne Delaney Smile of Pat Kevit Personality of Lorraine Giancarli Hands of Lois Benson Figure of Lillian Martinitis Voice of Mary Ann Swan Complexion of Dolores Rimkoski Wit of Betsy Kissane Savoir-faire of Mildred Edwards -K HONOR TO WHOM HONOR IS DUE IN LIMINE offers its gratitude: To our loyal advertisers who again made possible this publication, and to Richard Suchenski, who did most to secure these advertisements so essential to our Class Book. To Mr. Nolan and Mr. Hampson of The Perry Press, to Mr. Thibodeau, our class photographer, and to Mr, Parker of the Naugatuck Valley Engraving Company, whose combined patience acting as a buoy, has helped us over the largest hurdles of publication. To Miss Peck and her official typists for their stead- fast and constant aid in typing all class book material. To Don House who, at the eleventh hour, aided us with his extraordinary creative ability. To our faithful alumni and friends who responded so universally to our call for assistance. Page S?1'6I1ly One N LIMI lizgv St'I'E'l1fj' T110 EE NO. 1 TT ERTISING COMMI ADV IN LIMINE Page Swfwzly Tbv-vc 2 ADVERTISING COMMITTEE NO. IN LIMINE X owe v 4 ' Q O D0 It -W S C x I G 5 1 Z . :W U Frangais 2 +2 4- D13'tlCS H3Ut CS Leif, Bepsop 1.45 l'.f,Qr SA'I'Clllj' Four IN LIMINE CLUBS OF NAUGATUCK HIGH SCHOOL THE CHEMISTRY CLUB Faculty Advisor ........................................ Mr. James Leary President ............,.. ......... A lcides Bilelo Vire-President ....... ......... P aul Grabowski Secretary ............ ......... E stelle Pikula Treasurer .... ..,............,..,................................. J ohn Quint S.P.Q.R. LATIN CLUB Faculty Aduisar .............................. Miss Eleanor Welles Consul Primus ......... ................ B arbara Olson Consul Set-undus .... ............ J erry Labriola Scriba .................... .......... M arilyn Ferguson Quaestor ..............V . ,P X.... .............................. R aymond Smith GOLDEN LANE DRAMATIC CLUB Farulty Advisor ....,......................... Miss Louise Grainger President ............... ............ S olomon Aordkian Vzre-President ....... ,.... .... W i lliam Desmond Serretary ........ ....... J eanne Hackett Treasurer .....,............................,................... Donald Olson LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Faeulty Advisor .......,,........................... Miss Colette Daly President .............. ............ D onald House Vire-President ...... ...,............ I erry Labriola Secretary ............... .,........ E lizabeth Kissane Treasurer .................. ................ I anice Elder Program Chairman .....,............................ Dorothy Zehnder I L'ATELIER ART CLUB Faculty Advisor .....,........,............. Mrs. Mary G. Penrose President ,......,.. ...,. .........,.....,...... R u th Matson Vice-President ...... ........... H elen McCarthy Secretary ...,.... ........ W illiam Desmond Treasurer .............................................,....,....... Peggy Perry FUTURE HOMEMAKERS CLUB Faculty Advisor .......................... ,..... .... M i ss Dorothy Moss President ............... ........ S ophie Macsarko Vite-President ...... ........,.............. H elen Einik Setretary ............ ............... C onstance Zwolinski Treasurer ....... ............................. H elen Schiller Program ...... ....... A nn Sheedy, Madelyn Galvin Page Seventy Fife IN LIMINE Page SFITIIXQ' Six THE CHEMISTRY CLUB IN LIMINI Page Sezxefzly Swan P.O.R OFFICERS AND SENIOR MEMBERS THE S. IN LIMINE Page Scwzzly Eigbl THE ART CLUB IN LIMINIZ Page Seveuly Niue OFFICERS OF LE CERCLE FRANCAIS I.IMINh Page Elgbly FUTURE HOMEMAKERS CLUB IN LIMINE Page Eighty One SOCIAL COMMITTEE NO. 3 Ml Yuwak '42 +L- W, N IN LIMI Page Eighty 'Three N11 FOOTBALL SQUAD lN LIMINE FOOTBALL - 194 7 Although the Garnet and Gray clad gridsters of Coaches Charley Kenney and Bernie Digris did not have a spectacular year in the won and lost column, they were a credit to Naugatuck High School on every field they played. No matter what the score, the gallant Greyhounds were in there fighting every minute of the game. Any team may smile in victory, but few can smile in defeat. Only real men smile in defeat and Naugy had these good sports on their team. We are not given to making excuses, but everyone knows that our group of grid- sters failed to attain one break of Fate throughout the season. The loss of co-captain Ken Zerbe, through a shoulder injury, two weeks before the season started, was a fatal blow to the Greyhounds. There were many other injuries too numerous to mention. TI-IE SENIOR LETTERMEN Standing out like two beacons in the black of night on the Naugy forward wall were the two co-captains, Bill Dermofzd and Ken Zerbe. By far the workhorses of the team, these two brawny tackles were a nemesis to every opposing backfield man that chanced to venture in their direction. JOE BRODY flifzdj. just when it seemed impossible, number twenty-seven usually reached out and plucked the descending pigskin out of the ozone and raced for the enemy goal line. joe Brody was a glue-fingered end who was surpassed by none in pass- catching ability. A bulwark on defense, Joe saw to it that no one gained firm footing in his territory. SI-IANNY LENNON fHalfbackj. As fast and deceptive as they come, Shanny was always a thorn in the enemy side. A break away runner, who had no equal in speed or courage, Shanny managed to reel off at least one extra-long gain in every contest. The longest of his jaunts was a 75 yard gallop against Derby. BILL SCRANTON fH4zlfb4clej. The scrappiest member of the team, this fiery little sparkplug was the hardest tackler on the squad. Bill shone on defense in every game and his alertness saved many a touchdown for the Garnet and Gray. Bill's talents were not limited to defense. Wheiiever a yard was needed you could always depend upon little Bill to squirm his way through the opposing linemen for the needed terra-firma. SUMMA "TIGER" AORDKIAN f72zvklej. The ferocious line play of Tiger Aordkian will long be remembered at Naugy High. Given to growling at opposing linemen, Tiger petrified his larger opponents with his domineering face. QWill you ever forget the Ansonia game when Tiger's opponent growled back?j MORRIS MCKIEIE fGmzr'dj. This big, two-hundred pound guard opened the holes in opposing lines for Naugy's swift backs to slice through. Linemen seldom make head- lines, but without boys like Morris it would be impossible for the backfield heroes to go very far. WILLIAM BIZI-ILMAN fGzzmzlj. It was Bill's ability to sense out opponents' plays and throw them for losses that gave Bill the reputation of being one of the best linemen on the Naugy team. Never one to be caught napping, Bill was constantly on the alert. So let's all join in a final salute to Bill Desmond, Ken Zerbe, joe Brody, Shanny Lennon, Bill Scranton, Summa Aordkian, Morris McKee and William Behlman, our gallant footballers of the class of 1948! Page Eighty Four IN LIMINE P.1gu Eighlj H11 CO-CAPTAINS AND MR. KINNEY IN LIMINE Page Eigbly Six THE SENIORS IN LIMINE Page Eighly Sewefz THE BASKETBALL SQUAD IN LIMINE BASKETBALL SUMMARY In a season that might be considered an unsuccessful one for the vaunted Grey- hounds, there were some shining points. In at least five or six games, a break at a crucial moment could have changed the outcome immensely. Coach Henry Cieslewski, in his initial year as coach, started with a green teamg a team that hadn't a single holdover from last year's squad. He moulded a team which at all times gave a good account of themselves. Although the record doesn't bring out the fact, the Greyhounds never put a team on the floor that had more fight, spirit or cour- age. The five senior members of the squad, Tom Freeman, Jack Quint, Don "Spec" Spadola, Captain jack Thurston and Paul Grabowski, contributed in no small way to the Garnet successes. Tommy, though never one to score very many points, always played steady, brainy basketball. With his speed and ball handling he established himself as one of the cleverest playmakers in the Valley League. jack was in his first year of high school basketball and after a slow start captured one of the guard posts after the first few games. Although he was inexperienced, his fight and his marvelous shooting ability easily offset this point. Spec was one of the most irritating players anywhere-that is, irritating to his foes. He was one of those fellows that were always all over the court. No matter where Spec played, or how long he played, he gave all he had. Paul was a big guard who concentrated his efforts on controlling the backboards. He was a tower of strength in this capacity and although playing his first year, he used his height to great advantage. Captain jack was the steadying leader of the Garnet and Gray basketballers for the season of 1947-48. This tall and slender Senior was the sparkplug of the Grey- hounds. He seemed to hold the team togetherg when he was out of the game his great rebounding work was sorely missed. jack had the uncanny habit of being at the right place at the right time. He always scored his share of points, and when a crucial basket was made it was usually, old reliable, Number Thirteen who put it in. Page Eighty Eiglaz IN LIMINE Naugatuck 36 - Hillbozzfe 39 Hillhouse High of New Haven visited the Waterbury Armory to meet in the an- nual clash with the Naugatuck team. The New Haven team had been the State Cham- pions for the past three years and the New England champs for two of those three. In the Garnet and Gray they met a team which couldn't seem to come through with a victory no matter how hard they fought or how well they played. Although all hope of a tournament bid was past, the Greyhounds played as if the State Championship depended on it. For three periods the Naugy boys lived up to their name of Greyhounds and all but ran the Hilltoppers into the floor. The vaunted zone defense of the New Haven team, which had stymied so many good teams in the past, was split wide open. The terrific pace, however, began to tell on the tiring Garnet team in the later stages of the game and they slackened just enough to allow the champs to sneak under the wire. Jerry Labriola and Jack Thurston led the Naugatuck attack while the others played splendid floor games. Naugatuck 33 - Anrofzia 38 The fighting Greyhounds, on this fateful night when Ansonia High invaded the Waterbury Armory, came within a hair's breadth of pulling the upset of the season. Though Naugy had been beaten previously by the Lavender in Ansonia, and this game, if lost, would have eliminated them from the State Tournament, the invaders were to find out that any victory they gained would be hard earned. The Garnet jumped into the lead in the early periods with jack Thurston and jerry Labriola scoring heavily. The home forces battled on even terms with the Lavender for more than three periods, maintaining their early lead. But the boys of Ansonia broke loose in the final period with some sensational shooting to eke out the victory. One of the highlights of the game from a Naugatuck standpoint was thc "horse collar" put on Drake, Ansonia high scorer, who was held to a lone foul goal. Naugatuck 36 - Towingtozz 53 In the last game of the season the Garnet and Gray travelled to Torrington to meet the Big Red in the frigid confines of the State Armory. The home team was one of the most powerful and certainly one of the classiest teams in the state, having com- piled an enviable record which was marred by only one defeat. They were not to be denied this night. For two periods it was a close and well played ball game with Tor- rington having the slight edge. In the third period the Red Raiders began pulling away and all but put the game on ice by the middle of the fourth canto. Again the big guns for Naugatuck were jerry Labriola and Charlie Aquavia. Little Samele sparked Torrington with a big twenty points. Nangamfk 54 - Oliver Wolcoll Terb 23 The Naugatuck Greyhounds opened their '47-'48 season under a new coach, Henry Cieslewski and proceeded to make his a very auspicious beginning with a resounding victory over an outmanned Oliver Wolcott team, 54-23. After the Garnet and Gray Page Eiglaly Nine IN LIMINE found some difficulty in cracking the Torrington team's zone defense in the early stages of the game they finally found the range and began swishing the nets from all corners of the court. With Jerry Labriola and Charlie Aquavia, the two flashy forwards, leading the way, Naugy built up commanding lead which proved to be overwhelming to the visitors. joe Tamsey, while pouring considerable points through the nets, performed yeoman service in helping to control the backboards. Naugatzzrk 41 - Trinity Parirh 25 The Greyhounds gave ample proof this night that their ability to break a zone de- fense was no fluke by soundly trouncing the Trinity Parish of New Haven. The Trinity boys never had a chance after the first few minutes of the game as Naugy forged to the front never to be threatened thereafter. When the Naugatuck boys weren't scoring from the floor they were hitting consistently from the foul line. jerry Labriola, with his un- canny foul shooting, led the scorers although he played only part of the game. Coach Cieslewski used his regulars sparingly in the second half employing the entire fifteen man squad who did a thorough job of Nmopping up" operations. Ndhgdlufk 37 - Seymour 30 Victory was easy in their two previous encounters and the Greyhounds were soon to find out that such was not the case against the Seymour team. The game was a ham- mer and tongs affair from start to finish and the outcome was never certain until the last few minutes of play. No more than a few points separated the teams at any time until the last period when Naugy iced the contest with a quick surge. Although the shooting of Coach Cieslewski's boys was ragged throughout the game, jerry Labriola upped his point total considerably with able assistance given by joe Tamsey. Iwiugamrk 50 - Wilby' 33 The Garnet and Gray made their initial appearance of the year at the massive Waterbury Armory against the Wilby Wildcats and immediately found the big court to their liking. With jack Thurston and joe Tamsey hitting the hoop with consistency throughout the first half, the Greyhounds left the floor at intermission with a comfort- able lead. Except for a brief period in the third quarter when Wilby came storming back, within five points the outcome was never in doubt. The drive and speed of the visitors began to tell on the Waterbury team in the last canto and the Naugy reserves were inserted to increase the winning margin with an amazing display of shooting. Naugaturk 28 - Alumni 27 In the Alumni, Naugatuck met a team of superior height and experience and barely managed to squeeze through with a 28-27 victory. The Old Grads jumped off to a quick 10-2 lead, but the Greyhounds came back to tie the score and to go ahead. In the second half the lead changed hands several times with jack Stinson and Red Ryan set- ting the pace for the Collegians. The game was a thriller down to the wire with three baskets being scored after the game ended, due to the inability of the players to hear the whistle. The scoring for the Garnet was divided among the starting five. Page Ninety IN LIMINE Naugatuck 34 - Leavenworth 39 The boys of Coach Henry Cieslewski were handed their first taste of defeat by their arch rivals, Leavenworth, and a bitter defeat it was. The game was a typical affair between these two enemies as the lead changed hands several times with neither team being able to amass more than a five point bulge. The Greyhounds went into the third period on the short end of a 14-13 score, but managed to rally to take the lead at the three quarter mark. The Engineers, however, came back to regain their margin midway in the last canto and maintained it until the gun sounded. The Garnet and Gray never quit battling right down to the last second. If it hadn't been for their poor shooting on easy layup shots, they might easily have pulled the game out of the fire. Naugatuck 47 - Crosby 43 Naugatuck rebounded from their first defeat at the hands of Leavenworth to win a hard fought victory over Crosby of Waterbury, 47-43. The game was a nip and tuck affair all the way with neither teams amassing what could be called a commanding lead. Possibly the biggest factor in the Greyhounds' victory was the play of big Frank Klo- noski who came off the bench for his first important game and immediately proceeded to lead his mates to victory. Although he scored fifteen points he was of much greater value in controlling the backboards with his tremendous height. The boys of Old Ivy didn't have quite enough to match this big center. junior Aquavia, a little fellow in stature, but a big man on a basketball court aided the cause of the Garnet immensely with twelve points. Nazzgatzzck 38 - Torrington 53 The Torrington team entered this game as an overwhelming favorite. The Grey- hounds, however, gave them notice before the first half ended that they would have to battle every minute if they were going to leave the armory with a victory. After the Red Raiders had piled up an enormous lead midway in the second period, Naugy came fight- ing back to narrow the lead considerably at half time. The third period was played on about even terms but in the fourth, the Garnet and Gray caught fire and with jerry Labriola and Charlie Aquavia, hitting from all corners, the Torrington lead was nar- rowed to six points when the automatic time out was called. In the remaining three minutes, however, the Big Red regained its composure to increase its margin of victory. Many of the experts felt that the time out was all that saved Torrington from being upset by an underdog Naugatuck five. Naugamrk 45 - Lemfefzworlb 39 just to show that a fighting team can't be kept down, Naugy gained sweet revenge against their bitter enemies, Leavenworth, by the score of 45-39. Again these two rivals put on a game that could be played only when these two teams meet. The lead, as in the previous encounter, changed hands several times during the night and neither team held the upper hand very long. The Greyhounds drew first blood but the lead was of the smallest of margins. The final outcome was not decided until the very last minute of play in one of the most exciting finishes in many a day. With a minute left to play the score was tied at 39-39. At that point Naugatuck scored three of the quickest baskets conceivable. In quick succession jerry Labriola scored twice and Charlie Aquavia once to break the back of any hope that lingered in the breasts of the Leavenworth faithful. Page Nirzely One IN LIMINE Page Njllfflj' Two BASKETBALL SENIOR SQUAD IN LIMINE fxlalllgrlflllfk 38 - llyilby 45 In this game the Greyhounds took the floor at the Armory, the odds on favorites to take the measure of the Wilby Wildcats. They returned home the victims of one of the biggest upsets of the season. The fiery determination of the Green and White coupled with a touch of over confidence led to the downfall of the Garnet. Wilby held the upper hand throughout three periods with a display of shooting that won't be seen again at the Armory for a long time. It wasn't until the final minutes of play that Naugy put on a spirited rally that, as the final score testified, fell short by a considerable mar- gin. Carrington, the big center, and O'I-learn scored nearly half of the Wilby output, while Aquavia and Labriola did the heavy scoring for Naugy. Nazzgatzzik 27 - Afzmnia 53 It just wasn't in the books for the Garnet when they travelled to Anaonia to meet the Lavender of Ansonia in the Ansonia High School "Bandbox." They returned home on the short end of a 53-27 score. A combination of a woefully poor night in the shoot- ing department and of playing on a strange, small court added up to the worst beating of the year for Naugatuck. For two periods the much smaller Greyhounds put up a terrific battle but in the second half the overwhelming height advantage of the more experienced Down Valley team began to tell on Coach Cieslewski's boys, as the home forces pulled ahead to wfn going away. As usual, the three big men, Dudley, Vartelis and Drake sparked the Ansonia drive. jerry Labriola, the spark plug of the Naugy attack, was their best bet in the scoring column. fvdllgdlilfk 41 - Seynzozn' 26 To leave no doubt in the minds of their supporters of their supremacy over the Seymour High quintet, the Greyhounds promptly went out and ground out a 41-26 win. The Blue and Gold were never contenders after the first few minutes of play. Led by Charlie Aquavia and joe Tamsey, Naugy sped to an early lead maintaining it through- out the remainder of the game. Coach Cieslewski used twelve of his fifteen men squad. The reserves did a commendable job of holding the visitors in check in the final period. The scoring for Seymour was divided among ten of the eleven men who participated in the contest. Nazzgalurk 32 - Crosby 34 In one of the most hotly contested and closely played games at tl1e Armory this year a fourth period drive by the Garnet and Gray fell just two points short of pulling the game out of the fire. The game was a see-saw affair throughout, with Crosby gain- ing the early lead. Naugy came storming back in the second period to forge ahead and assume a slight lead at half time. The third period was just the reverse, however as the Blue and White came fighting back, led by Pica and Steck, their two big guns, to re- gain their lead. The Greyhounds came back with fiery determination in the last period with jerry Labriola and Charlie Aquavia adding the spark to the attack to all but pull out a victory. They failed by a two point margin. Page Ninety Three IN LIMINE TOM FREEMAN PAUL GRABOWSKI DON SPADOLA THE SENIOR QUINTET AND MANAGERS JACK QUINT THE MANAGERS JACK THURSTON Page Ninety Four IN LIMINE Page Ninety Five THE SENIOR SWIMMING TEAM AND COACH KINNEY IN LIMINE THE SWIMMING TEAM "To be or not to be, that is the question." This well known quotation by William Shakespeare was amply illustrated by the Naugatuck High swimmers as they stroked themselves through the toughest schedule in a three way tie for the Connecticut State Championship. This Naugatuck High swimming team, the second in the history of the school, took on and defeateduall comers. Their most outstanding victory was that over Hartford Public, which had been undefeated in seven years until they tangled with the powerful Garnet and Gray natators. The leading scorer of the team and captain for the past two years is the one and only Charlie White. Charlie scored 76 of a possible 80 points during league compe- tition, and added 24 more to that in three championship meets: six at New Haven in the State Interscholastic Championships, eight at Trenton, New jersey, in the Eastern National Championships, and ten more at Amherst, Mass. in the New England Cham- pionships. Added to these honors is the fact that Charlie has been named as the boy having the best physique in "The Ideal Senior Boy" citations. Second to Charlie, scoring 62 points, is "six-foot" Bill Scranton. This miniature merman is the possessor of great lung power which enables him to swim one hundred yards or more without letting up. A really great swimmer, Bill made a big name for himself while cutting through the water, racking up at least eight points at each meet, and in the end, it's the points that win or lose the meet. Last, but not least of the three Seniors who scored 39W of the teams total points is Al Bilelo, star breaststroker. Al participated in only three meets, missing the others owing to sickness. He scored a total of twelve points, an average of four per meet. Heaven knows what the High School swimming team would have done had Al been able to swim in all the meets. So we, the Class of 1948, salute Coach Al Sullivan and his talented swimmers for being the only team in good old Naugy High to come through with a State Cham- pionship. It took 1948 to capture the honours! Page Ninety Six IN LIMINE Page Ninety Seven THE SENIORS AND COACH GOODWIN I N L I M I N E BASEBALL When Spring rolled around and Coach Goodwin announced Baseball practice, some thirty odd aspirants answered the call for candidates. At this time the hopes of pro- ducing a suitable team for league competition were quite dismal. Of the thirty candi- dates, Tom Freeman, George Schuster, and Paul Grabowski were the only returning lettermen from the previous year. Coach Goodwin was faced with the serious task of filling six positions with green material,-an unenviable task. When the final "cut" was made, to the trio were added: Bill Scranton, Frank Klon- oski, joe Tamsey, Bill Stinson, Bob Wooster, Bob Dowling, Charles Aquavia, jerry Labriola, Howard Nixon, Gardner Wood, and Bryant Kirkendall. Probably the greatest assets possessed by the Garnet and Gray were the redoubtable double play combination of Bill Scranton and Tom Freeman, and the masterful hurling of Paul Grabowski. Using these players as a nucleus, the Garnet and Gray entered the Naugatuck Valley League, brave in spirit but short in experience. THE SENIOR ROSTER CAPT. TOM FREEMAN: With Tom at second to bolster the Garnet and Gray de- fense, Naugatuck had the best second baseman in the Valley. Besides being a star in- fielder, Tom waved a mean "stick", batting well over .300 for two years. BILL SCRANTON: Teamed up with Tom on second and Bill at short, these two boys were the answer to a coach's dream. Together they could pull the impossible, to save many a game. Quite often Bill would go deep to his right, turning a sure hit into a double play. PAUL GRABOWSKI: Of the Valley League Immortals, one of the names that will always be remembered, is his. While in his Freshman and Sophomore years, Paul was coached under the masterful tutelage of the late Peter Foley. With his lightening delivery and dauntless heart to cut the plate at 3 and 2, he has steadily added a long string of victories to his record. "That fellow makes pitching look easy, doesn't he?" THE BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1948 April Thurs. Naugatuck vs. Seymour-Home April Sat. Naugatuck vs. Torrington-Away April Tues. Naugatuck vs. Wilby-Away April Tues. Naugatuck vs. Seymour-Away May Sat. Naugatuck vs. Gilbert-Away May Sat. Naugatuck vs. Torrington-Home May Tues. Naugatuck vs. Gilbert-Home May Sat. Naugatuck vs. Ansonia-Away May Tues. Naugatuck vs. Leavenworth-Away May Sat. Naugatuck vs. Crosby-Away May Tues. Naugatuck vs. Wilby--Home May Thurs. Naugatuck vs. Leavenworth--Home june Tues. Naugatuck vs. Crosby-Home june Sat. Naugatuck vs. Ansonia-Home Page Ninety Eiglal IN LIMI Page Niuely Niue NL THE BASEBALL TEAM IN LIMINE Page One Hundred THE CAPTAINS AND MANAGERS IN LIMINE THE CHEERLEADERS Ilfgv OW Illmdmd 0110 IN LIMINE Page One Illnzdrvd Tun THE GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM IN LIMINE WE NOMINATE TO OUR HALL OF FAME SOL AORDKIAN, because in keeping the class forever impressed by his dual per- sonality, he earned his position as President of Golden Lane and because, wearing the N.H.S. football uniform, he always carried on as a true Naugy High athlete. ALCIDES BILELO, because he so easily balanced the attributes of a gentleman and a scholar, and so deftly combined them with leadership and humor, as presi- dent of the Chemistry Club. JOSEPH BRODY, because at every opportunity he showed us that he is one of the most tactful, co-operative presidents that the students of Naugatuck High School ever proudly followed, and because he was always the most avid supporter of every Senior undertaking. ANNE DELANEY, because as captain of the Senior Girls' Basketball team she has shown us that good sportsmanship should be practised off the playing court as well as on it, and because as chairman of the Quotations Committee she has proved her worth in integrating the production of a difficult undertaking. BILL DESMOND, because he has proved himself an outstanding member of our class in every field, and as an officer of Golden Lane, as co-captain of the foot- ball team, as a top ranking student, and an able worker for Senior activities. MILDRED EDWARDS, because she is the embodiment of ladylike traits and be- cause she is our outstanding dramatic actress, as evidenced by her performance in the Christmas Play and in the Public Speaking field. V TOM FREEMAN, because he has worked so diligently as Sports Editor, turning out a picturesque account of the football year, and because, of his sincere effort to "get in there and fight," on the basketball court. LORRAINE GIANCARLI, because she is Lor, because her interests lie not in herself but in her friends, and because she is our bubbling, most popular girl. PAUL GRABOWSKI, because he is a Typical Senior, participating in many senior extra curricular activities, because he is Vice-President of the Chemistry Club, and because he has proved his sportsmanship in athletics and his gallantry in the class- room. LOIS HERMONAT, because she embodied school spirit as Captain of the Cheer- leaders, because of her untiring classbook aid, on the Social Committee, and her competence as Classbook Typist. DON HOUSE, because of his unfailing wit and his keen philosophy, because of his uncanny originality and ability in creative writing, and because of his equanim- ity in the field of achievement. JO ANN ISBELL, because of her co-operation, her willing manner and untiring support as an Assistant Editor, because of her excellent scholastic standing, and because she has helped to put our choir in its present high place. PAT KEVIT, because of the efficient way in which she has lent her aid to all causes, because of her pulchritude, which made it so easy for us to select a class beauty. Page One Hundred Three IN LIMINE BETSY KISSANE, because of her singularly excellent achievement in the pro- duction of our class book, because of her superior scholastic standing, because of her sparkling dramatic ability, and because, most of all, she was-indispensable. HELEN MCCARTHY, because of her daily dependability duly recognized by the D.A.R. when it bestowed upon her its "Good Pilgrim" Award and by her class- mates when they elected her their treasurer for the second year, and because of her characteristically constant aid in the publication of "In Liminef' LOUISE NYBERG, because she devoted her superior talents to the class of '48, because of her excellent scholastic record, and because of her unassuming but staunch support of all our projects. BARBARA OLSON, because she has proved herself scholastically superior, be- cause unknowingly, she has been a sterling example for many a Senior, and be- cause of her faithful efforts as chairman of the Social Committee. DON OLSON, because his never-ending and unpredictable sense of humor has won him the honor of Most Popular Boy and Ivy Oratorg and because he is just what the Class of 1948 needed! PEG PERRY, because she has industriously worked on many creative senior proj- ects, including write-ups and art work, and because she helped organize what is destined to become a large function at Naugatuck High School-The junior Red Cross Council. BILL SCRANTON, because, as a mighty mite of courage and power, he faced opposing Baseball and Tank teams with the true vigor and spirit of Naugy High, and because he successfully guided our ship of state during the junior year. JOHN THURSTON, because he has lived up to expectations as a competent leader in captaining the Basketball team, and because he worked tirelessly in all en- deavors connected with our class. CECILLE TRACY, because she aimed high scholastically, because as a cheerleader, as an assistant editor of the Classbook, and as class Secretary, she faithfully dis- charged her numerous duties. CHARLES WHITE, because he played a major role in moving the Garnet and Gray swimming team from last to first place in the course of one season, and be- cause, as co-chairman of the Photographic Committee, he performed solid work. DOROTHY ZEHNDER, because her keen intellect, and geniality has endeared her to us, and because, she found time always to contribute heavily to our many scholastic and social functions. KEN ZERBE, because, as vice-president of the Class of 1948, he has worked at all times for our interests, and because, as co-captain of the football team he put the spirit of Old Naugy High in all of our hearts. Page One Illllidffd Fam' IN LIMINE P.1gc' Om' Ilflfldwd Fin' THE SENIOR ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE IN LIMINE THE PHOTOGRAPHICI COMMl'I"I'EE 151,341 0110 Illnzdrcfd Six IN LIMINE P.1.qc Ona Illlllllftlj SL7I"t"ll THE ART AND SPORTS COMMITTEES IN LIMINE MUSIC The Singers' Greeting Ecce quam bonum qzmmque jhfllfldlllil ,Gabilare fratrer in zmzmz. How good and joyous it ir to live like brothers together. Thus the choir thinks and acts and thereby fully enjoys itself. And enjoyment in a performance, you know, takes its place with talent and training to make the whole a success. Our initial appearance was at the combined program of the annual Senior play and Christmas concert. A radio engagement at which we sang familiar Christmas carols as well as our more unusual numbers followed soon after. During the winter we met only in our regular Tuesday classes until rehearsals for the All-State Choir Festival began to make themselves known. Having attained an ex- cellent rating in the New London Festival, we sailed immediately into practice for our annual spring concert. With the Sopranos and altos in summery gowns and the basses and tenors in dark suits, we gave a performance termed "thrilling and professional". The year was brought to a perfect culmination by the New England Music Festival in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, where the Naugatuck choir was placed in the num- ber one bracket of New England choirs represented. We were asked to sing at the eve- ning music program, and also gave a concert in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire where we were excellently received. Naugy's band throughout the year has provided that incomparable high school spirit to our various community celebrations, and has been no less faithful to its spon- sor's sport and educational programs. It is an inevitable fixture at football games and assemblies and in the past year has appeared at several basketball events. The orchestra has offered its talents during the annum at assemblies, especially at the Christmas program, Class Day, and Commencement, and has taken part in the All- State Orchestra Festival in Greenwich. On june 4, four hundred Naugatuck children of rhythm tonette, and interschool music groups participated in an initial All-City Orchestra Festival, a success which will undoubtedly lead to new ventures in the field of children's music in Naugatuck. Our success in all the different aspects of music, thrilling and satisfying to our hearts, has roved hard work and an occasional sacrifice well worth the effort. Let's P give a cheer for music just as it has so often given a cheer for us. Page One Ilnudrcfd liigbl IN LIMINE Page One Hzmdred Nine THE A CAPELLA CHOIR IN LIMINII Page One lllllldflfd Ten TI-IE SENIOR CHOIR IN LIMINE Page One Hundred Elezfezz THE BAND IN LIMINE Page Ove Hffazdrcrl 'llflfdllftf THE ORCHESTRA IN LIMINE Page Ofze Hundred Thirteen THE MAJORETTES .-.- 1- IN I,IMlNli IL 111111111 :ff I'r11nlLu1 IN LIMINIZ OFFICERS O17 GOLDEN LANE Pflga Om' lllfmfmd lfiffuwz IN LIMINE DRAMATICS Time: From October through june Plare: The Tuttle House Dmmalir Perromzez The Senior Class of 1948 Curtain-The Play's The Thing- Dramatics-everyone was ready for the big event. At last we would be able to give forth with our inner selves through the medium of skits. We soon learned, how- ever, that Dramatic Arts consisted of a good deal more than simply writing or adapt- ing a playlet or a scene and presenting it at Tuttle House. There were to be drills in enunciation, platform deportment, and dual personality. It was Friday, October 7, when we first ventured out into the realms of dual per- sonality. On that day, Miss Grainger explained to us what was expected of us, and also what we might expect to garner from our training at Tuttle House. One week later we Seniors took over the floor, to a certain degree. It was then that we began the interpretation of the emotions, muffing a good many, but also show- ing promise of some real talent. With valuable constructive criticism and reassurance, we gradually developed this talent and reenforced the weak spots as much as was pos- sible at the time. Still far from perfection, actual Dramatics lay in the balance temporarily, for the Christmas holidays were fast approaching. 'Twas the Friday before Christmas vacation and all through the Tuttle House was an air of joviality and merry-making. Noel parties were in progress. The room was gaily adorned in the traditional green and red of the Yuletide season. Here and there were boughs of holly and spruce. The center of attraction was the ornate tree that stood slightly to the right of the center of the floor. Dick Suchenski and Co. were the donors. With each successive period came a different Santa Claus, distributing gifts and spreading joy to all of the good little boys and girls. These were happy moments for the Seniors, and they will not soon be forgotten. With the beginning of the New Year came a new goal for us to attain-Public Speaking. We attacked it with all the zest and enthusiasm at our command. Not only were we trained how to speak, but we were also instructed in the decorum proper for both speaker and master of ceremonies. The rise and fall of empires, the intricacies of business and science, and a sprinkling of subtle wit all combined to make Public Speak- ing alive and fast-moving. Once again, we resumed our regular weekly visits to the Tuttle House. Activity reached its highest point. Skits were being presented in preparation for Class Day, and skits were to be immortalized on the pages of "In Liminef' Shakespeare led the parade, with presentations from Macbeth and Hamlet, Ibsen, Robert Service, Barrie, Shaw, and "originals" authored by 1948 drew up the rear. Even the great bard himself was char- acterized QU the floors of the Music Shed. We ranted, we roared, we purred, we shot off toy guns, we swathed ourselves in family sheets -as we majestically assumed the role of royalty. We dragged the chains of serfdom along the floor, we punished the guilty, we set free the honest but maligned prisoners, we wept, we laughed. We cackled like the witches in Macbeth, we danced the ballet, we became fortune-telling gypsies, Cinderellas, and romantic juliets. All in the breath-taking forty-five minute class period. We are unendingly grateful for the privilege of Tuttle House and the power of Dramatics. We have learned that when one mixes fact and fancy in the correct propor- tions, he has come a long way toward the improvement of his character, his disposition, and his general outlook on his own life. Page One Hundred Sixteen IN LIMI f1114lnJ5L1w1l4Lf' CHRISTMAS PLAY CAST :ALM IN LIMINE "mit l'.1,q4 Um llnmlnd lflgblull HERE COMES THE BRIDE lfg fl: IN LIMI lu llffmfrwf 1NHln'lull D AN UNCLE SAM IN LIMINE sy... ,K THE STONECUTTER Page Om Ilfmdrcd Tzreuly IN LIMINE Ihlgc One Ilzmdred Tzwuzy One HORATIUS AT THE BRIDGE IN LIMINE l',r,15v Um' lllllllflrtf 'l'n'uul,y 'I'1rw THE GYPSIES IN LIMINE Iigqe- Um' llfnnlful lufzuly Three ARE PE HAKES - S WRINN THE IN LIMINE lizgu Una llnndfwl Tzmfuly Ifunr THE QUIZ KIDS IN LIMINIZ lllgv Una Hlzuzfrua' Tllflllj Fira THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH IN I.lMlNli Palm' Om Hmzdm-J T1l'c'I1f'Q Six THE DREAM IN I,IMlNI2 Page One Hzmdrvd Twenty Seven IN THUNDER, LIGHTNING, AND IN RAIN IN LIMINE THE PLAY'S THE THING Page One HIlIld7'9li 7-Zl'6llf,'1' Eight IN LIMINE Page One Hundred Tweuly Niue THE CAPTAIN FROM CASTILLE IN LIMINIL Page One Hmzdred Tbirly MACBETH IN LIMINE Page One Hundred Thirty One JULIUS CAESAR lN LIMINE Page 0110 Hxmdred Tbirly Tuw GOLDEN LANE ASSEMBLY NO. 1 IN LIMINE HB ,fgv OHL' Illflldfmfd 7V'l7fl'f.1' 'l'fvr'w LANE ASSEMBLY NO 2 GOLDEN IN LIMINE P.z.24' fill? Hfmdrwl Tlvirly Fam' THE PRETTIEST GIRLS AND THEIR ESCORTS IN LIMINE THE LADIES OF THE CAFETERIA PLIQQI' 0110 Hfmdrezz' Tbirly Five TN LIMINF QXQBI-5 PJAQL Om llffudud 'I fvirly Six' Q5EyQKb gqmguxls IN LIMINE THE PROPHECY The year 1958 has indeed brought many strange things to this world of ours. Num- bered among the most marvelous of these is the Garnet and Gray Flying Carpet. Let us climb aboard this wonder of the ages for a quick tour to anywhere and everywhere. The purpose of our flight? A visit to some of the most important people in the world today, the members of the illustrious class of 1948, Naugatuck High School. Ten years have brought many changes to their way of life, but under their business, social, and indus- trial masks, there remains the indomitable spirit of the Class Supreme. The first of our alumni whom we meet is our pilot, CAPTAIN EUGENE MARI- OTTI, at present on terminal leave from the U. S. Army Air Forces. That pretty young miss in the stewardess' uniform is "CORKY" YODER of United Air Lines, Let us return anon to our alma mater to pay our respects to these few who could not bear to leave the hallowed halls of N.H.S. and so have remained to impart their knowledge to other generations. In the Science room, HELEN McCARTHY is indus- triously trying to instruct and control thirty-one babbling freshmen. The joys of living! In room seventeen, JOYCE ANN KANEHL is happily handing out a vicious home- work assignment in Bookkeeping. Behind us, from the gym, comes the stentorian voice of BILL SCRANTON, mighty Physical Ed instructor, and also the boy who is turning out the best modern football teams that ever left Naugy High. Returning to the second floor, we see MILLY EDWARDS expounding on Shakespeare and his contemporaries, a position left vacant by the resignation of MISS LOUISE GRAINGER, who retired undefeated. On our magic carpet once more, we pass the Neary Building, where the signs on the windows give evidence of the law offices of LYONS and FREEMAN. In the outer office we observe their secretary, the genial PHYL KLOC, handling her secretarial duties with her usual ease and efficiency. Across the hallway another of our former classmates, little EVELYN LAKIS, is busily sorting the overflowing correspondence of International Industries, Inc., headed by DON QTYCOONJ SPADOLA, our stream- lined John D. Rockefeller. Next stop-the office of the U. S. Rubber Company, where we see EMIL MAR- TINO, head of Industrial Relations, talking to his super-efficient secretary, FLORENCE BRZOZOWSKI. In the adjacent office, DON OLSON, tycoon, is laboriously chewing a cigar and dictating a letter to his private secretary, JEAN BOYD. The letter is a citation to factory foremen, VIN SUMMA and BOB BEHLMAN, commending an- other of their many improvements in production and employe relations in their depart- ments Now for a quick tour of the good, old town. A dash to the Savings Bank brings a cheery "Hello" from the chief teller, DOLORES RIMKOSKI. Across the street we find the Y.M.C.A. office brightened up by the red hair and friendly smile of JEAN BRANDIEN. Swooping low over the Tuttle House, on our Magic Carpet, brings us in view of PHYL JENZELL, private secretary and unofficial right hand man to the Superintendent of the Naugatuck Schools. To Andy's for a coke, where we exchange greetings with LO HERMONAT, SYLVIA BOHLIN, and MARILYN FERGUSON taking a few days off from their duties at Hartford General Hospital. A stroll down Church Street takes us past MANCINI Electrical Company, where boss DING is learning about life in the services from SGT. "HONEST JOHN" OS- Page One Hundred Thirty Seven IN LIMINE TROSKI and SEAMAN FIRST CLASS HENRY OSCAR ACKERMAN. The sign on the corner drugstore has changed and now reads "AORDKIAN'S Pharmacy" where SOL himself is pounding pills. Across the street we see the beauty parlor of HELEN and ANN, pride and joy of the MADEMOISELLES EINIK and NIXON. A whirl to Union City, the capital of Naugatuck, is next. On our left, the sign on the store front advertises the services of HARRY SCHMITZ, Plumbing Contractor. Farther over on Bridge Street, BOB MARIANO is seen extolling the merits of "Mari- ano-made dies" to a prospective customer. And up on Greenwood Street, little JOE "FOUR Z's" SZCZOSZARZ is taking inventory of the stock in his block long store. Back again to Naugatuck by way of Independent Cab, we learn en route that JACK STIEN has recently become full owner of the Boro's swankest taxi service. On Maple Street we pass the chromium and black offices of MERWIN PACKER, Certified Pub- lic Accountant. From the window, his secretary, RUTH LUSCHENAT, waves a friend- ly greeting. Around the corner we admire the display window designed and arranged for JOE KOPP'S Haberdashery by BETTY MARIANO. Passing the Fulton Market, we spot MANAGER DON HENSLER, trying to wangle an extra case of butter from a Land,O'Lakes salesman. We stop to compare notes with JACK ANDERSON and RAY DONNELY, commercial toolmakers. JOE BRODY is sporting his usual Pepso- dent smile on his way home from the Risdon office, where he is now an executive. Back on our Magic Carpet again and out over the buildings on Rubber Avenue which now house "BOTTLE" ACQUAVIA'S Construction Company, and on to Mill- ville where we pass the home of BOB LIND, Veterinarian, just south of the hundred acre Scientific Farm of DICK WILMOT. Turning about in the opposite direction for a jaunt to Peter Paulls, we are greeted by ALTHEA CANDEE, inspiration for the latest candy bar, "Cinderella" As the Flying Carpet carries us over Bristol Terrace towards Waterbury, we see the Town Line Nursery Home, where MARGIE SUMMA, and LYDIA MARTINS daily keep the little moppets happy. In the Brass City, we pause on the top floor of the Apothecaries Hall Building to see OLGA NATALIZIO and BETTY "THE KWAS" KWASNIEWSKI, free lance commercial artists and designers. On the Green, we see RUTH MATSON and LOIS BENSON, music and art instructors respectively, in the newly erected Crosby High School. Leaving St. Mary's Hospital after a hard day's work are LORRAINE "BUTTERBALL" GIANCARLI, shy, demure, little HELEN REILLY, and MARY LOKITES. The four young ladies they have just met on the corner look strangely like BETTY SWEETMAN, and ET PIKULA of Hartford General, and SYLVIA TRIPP and LOIS VAN DELFT of Waterbury Hospital. Heading southward, our Magic Carpet takes us down the valley past the Naugatuck Chemical, where two very fine chemists, SOPHIE MACSARKO and CARL PETERSON, wave their saluta- tions. ' The ground rushes swiftly by as the Roarin' Rug of the Garnet and Gray glides over the beautiful Connecticut countryside and brings us to the glamour spot of Ameri- ca, New York City. A bite to eat at the Copocabana gives us a chance to reminisce for a moment or two with ALFREDA CIPRIANO, dancing attraction at this famous club and BILL BEHLMAN, the Copa's bouncer. Rolling up our Magic Carpet, we hail a cab and are off to the Met, where, as the critics say, a new star is rising-in the person of JO ANN ISBELL. Cruising through Times Square, we read the critic's favorable reports on MARI ANNE GRANGER'S performance with the Ballet Russe in "Swan Lake." Passing Sak's Fifth Avenue, we see their chief buyer, MARY ANN SWAN, Page One Hundred Thirty Eight IN LIMINE leaving for a business appointment with PEG PERRY, to discuss some of the latter's original fashion designs. Our cab stops at the Empire State Building, where we visit the impressive offices of DR. HOWARD A. BURKE, the eminent chiropractor. On the floor above, in the studios of the Manhattan Modelling Agency, we run across dashing PAT KEVIT, modelling a new creation by FRAN KRYZKOWSKI. Back to our cab, and a short ride to Radio City. In the studios of the National Broadcasting Company we are greeted by the friendly smile of DOT ANDERSON, now a receptionist there. Upstairs we visit Studio SH, where BABE FEDERONIS is rehearsing for her weekly program of song. On the elevator to the main floor, we just have time to exchange a few words with CHARLIE WHITE, television engineer of Aquatics at N.B.C. We speed by Magic Carpet to the waterfront. It is here that we overhear a bull session on navy life from three very familiar-looking swabbies-JOE HANLEY, FRED CAREY, and DICK FERRARI, all of whom have a fiery opinion as to which section of the world has the ideal climate. Coming down the gangplank of the U.S.S. Nauga- tuck, we are surprised to see the REVEREND ROGER W. FLOYD, who has just fin- ished five and a half years of missionary work in Equatorial Africa. Close behind him comes the erudite DR. BARBARA OLSON, the first woman medical missionary to have penetrated the Communist Iron Curtain. Leaving the naval infirmary, we catch sight of LT. JOAN MAZAIKA, now a Navy nurse. As our Magic Carpet circles LaGuardia Field, the SULLIVAN'S bundle of joy, BOB, is boarding his private plane, "The Sacred Mongrel," for a trip to India to close a zillion dollar business deal for Standard Oil and Ice, now headed by those flaming Thurston cousins, "LOVER" JIM and "HOOK-SHOT" JACK. Gliding slow- ly over Ebbets Field, we thrillingly behold PEANUTS GRABOWSKI, as he calmly shuts out "Dem Bums" by a score of 13-0, aided by the superb catching of ROY "EAGLE EYE" RANSLOW. Taking advantage of tail wind, our Magic Carpet heads for our nation's capital. With plenty of time to spare, we pass over Philadelphia for a short visit with "CA- NOOKH QUINT, now working in the Pharmaceutical Research Department of Sharp and Dohme. A quick detour to Lock Haven, Penn., brings a friendly word or two with one of the town's most popular beauticians, JANIE GRIER. In Baltimore, DR. RICH- ARD SUCHENSKI, SCOTT CONOVER, and HEAD NURSE ELAINE TIERNEY tell us that everything is under control at Johns Hopkins' Hospital. We arrive in Wash- ington just in time to catch a warm "Hello" from ENSIGNS FRANK HOTCHKISS and SHANNY LENNON as they leave the Coast Guard Building, where they are sta- tioned waiting further orders, JOHN WRINN, now professor of Astronomy at George- town U., waves his salutation from a rocket plane, near Mars. In the research room of the Library of Congress, are our Damon and Pythias, BUZ DESMOND and HUM- PHRY ZERBE, with their secretary BEATRICE SKRIDULAS, diligently studying the latest engineering data, in preparation for the founding of their own company. In the Bureau of Statistics cafeteria, OCIL COWAN, JOBY CHRISTIAN, and DOT STEP- NOSKI are gathering vitamins for the remainder of their day's work. On the lawn of the Capitol Building, JACK BENSON and JOHNNY KUCZYN- SKI can be seen making sketches for another of their famous murals. In the spectators' gallery of the Senate, "RED" KISSANE and "SHOULDERS" DELANEY are busy listening to SENATOR AUSTIN TIERNEY and gathering material for their forth- coming book on foreign affairs. In the White House, we see Merchant Marines, AL Page One Hundred Tbirly Nine IN LIMINE BILELO and CHARLIE ANDERSON having a fireside chat on the subject of the weaker sex in divers foreign ports. Leaving the Folger Shakespeare Library, we glimpse JEAN VAGT, teacher of Senior English at Central High, who has evidently been brush- ing up on the Hamlet she might have forgotten since last she saw Room Three. Our final visit before leaving Washington was with jack McCarthy, Congressman from the fifth district in Connecticut, and his two QTWO that isj secretaries, MILLIE TOWN- SEND and LORRAINE BUCKLEY. And now as we pass the Truman balcony of the White House we wave to DON HOUSE, American Ambassador to the Court of St. james. In a twinkling, our Magic Carpet whisks us to the fair city of Indianapolis, where FRANK "HOT-ROD" BONA and WILD BILL DAVISON are putting the finishing touches on their super Hudson-Dodge Special, which they are entering in the classic five hundred mile Memorial Day Race at Indianapolis. Into Detroit we go, to shoot the breeze with "RED" DOLAN, LOIS BARRAT, DORIS GAYNOR, and FLO NIEWINSKI, a four-cornered office combination that is helping to put the auto in- dustry in full swing. Onward to Chicago to pay our respects to BETTY CANAPERI, buyer for a downtown department store, who is talking by long-distance telephone to her competitor in Boston, little JEANNE HACKETT at Crawford Hollidge's. At radio station WLS we hear LOUISE NYBERG giving an organ recital, in a coast to coast network. On the Loop, MORRIS McKEE and EDMUND OLSON, two of Uncle Sam's boys in brown, are spending their furloughs seeing the sights of the Windy City. In one of the tall office buildings we find the Medical Research Associa- tion of Illinois, headed by CECILLE QCALL ME CHOLLYQ TRACY. In the outer office, BETTY RYNECKI is filing notes and formulas in their proper places. In the lab, wrinkling her brow over a test tube, is JONNIE GREEN. And in the Municipal Hospital, DORIS DICK is keeping the male patients cheerful and the other nurses envious with her winning comeliness. In the uptown offices of Civic Services Un- limited, "DEEZ" ZEHNDER and "GUS" DONOVAN are laying the plans for an- other of their humanitarian tasks. Leaving Chicago for San Antonio, Texas, our attention is attracted to a large billboard advertising the exclusive hair styling of LORRAINE LA VASSEUR and CLAIRE WITKOSKI. Our arrival in the Lone Star State is attended by a warm sun and an equally warm welcome on the part of GERARD TRAFICANTI, San Antone's most promising young business man, with his general office manager TOM WELCH, and their secretaries, DOLORES WITKOSKI and JOAN DAUSEY. In the heart of the city, we find BARBARA KELLEY and LIL MARTINITIS, purchasing agents for San Antonio's most fashionable shop, strolling down the avenue and enjoying the sun. With zealous care we gently roll up our Magic Carpet . . . We have run the gamut of the Class of 1948. May the members of our Class con- tinue throughout life, meeting its obstacles and joys with equal ease and felicity. With the Grace of God, they shall. Page One Hundred For!-3' IN LIMINE , M155 GLASSER MISS BROOKS MRS. GRIEDER CHALLENGE This portal at which we stand today Four years ago we heralded with eager dreams. Now, with halting footsteps, we pause, With trembling hands, we lay aside our books 'Midst lingering tkperlustration We pass through this door One race is now . . . Another is begun. We take with us a treasure house of wisdom And deep humility, garnered from our mentors And stored within our hearts to draw upon. Mari-Ann Granger :kperlustration-the act of viewing all over. Page Ofze Hundred Forty One Michael Cocchiola A Friend A Friend Rick Daddil Bill Dellard, '30 Franklin Shannahan Barbara Hendricks, '51 Helen Blanchard, '51 Allan Johnson, '51 Douglas Lynn, '49 Don Anderson ,'49 Ernest Benson A Friend Charles Cappiello Joseph Caputo Angeline Tuozzo Cookie Kramptz, '49 Ceil Sikorski, '50 Mrs. Helen Bobinski Ronald Blanchard Lidia Carneiro Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Benjamin M. Kaplow john Yablonski Jack Shelby John P. Smith Stanley V. Zapatka Victor DiReinzo joe Cormier Katherine Defilio Arlene Margrano A Friend Jean Veionneau Alba Rainchuso Mary Donnelly Pauline Brozait, '51 Robert White, '50 Charles Hitchcock, '51 George Smith, '50 Blaine Luce, '51 Clare O'Donnell, '43 Evelyn Gardoni, '42' O. O. Linden Mrs. Eugene Murphy P. Natalizio Lois Smith Loretta Mangini Ann Grabowski William Messner Dorothy Messner, '45 Virginia Donnelly Bernard Donnelly jean G. Balser Ann O'Donavan Bunny Dombwski Louis San Soucie Hedwig Rynecki Molly Cobbol, '38 John Edward Cobbol, '41 Charles Svitlik Edith L. Tudor Harris McSherry I N L I M I N E ALUMNI DRIVE Jack Delaney Claire Farrell Ardreth Genova Raymond Hanks, Sr. Ruth Laguna Mrs. julia Brandien Mrs. Martha Hanley Theresa Aquavia jane Macken Gertrude Pichiclo Ruth Moon Bobby Gallagher A Friend Terry Owens Robert Barratt Helen Schiller jean Brecelink Barbara Borbas Bud Beers Edward B. Prokop Rosetta Eyman' Eleanor Klimarieski Ernestine Benson, '41 Lillian Stasonis, '38 Adele Stasonis Poulin, '37 Helen Kloc Shirley Waterhouse, '46 Pearl Weiss Crien Corey Bob Leitton, '41 Helen Gonski, '32 Lawrence Ferrari Lois Ann Jennings Rose Weiss, '49 Donald Quinn Mrs. G. Patskan Thomas Clisham Evelyn McGee Catherine Kloc Anthony jasinski Mildred Mariano William "Bea" Triano Martha Glaser, '47 Mr. and Mrs. John Bona Mrs. Edward Norman Mary Rek, '50 Mrs. Albert Manzo Mrs. Anthony Mariano Mrs. Lillian Dunn john Sovia Mrs. Jessie Benson Martha Koslosky Mary Kloc Rimkus, '42 Janet Rado, '46 Ethel Waterhouse Robert Burns, '44 john J. Kloc Ann Tarnowski, '40 Casimir Tarnowski, '36 joseph J. Kloc Aldino Telles Daisy Coburn Mr. and Mrs. Harold Maurey George Patskan Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Hroch, jr Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Hroc Mrs. Margaret Morris jean Amico john Einik, '40 Marion Paszel Gaitare Perreault Nancy Baylis Barbara Stine Marie D. Mischou Arthur Scapino A friend Jane Hanley Howson, '39 John Balcer Earl K. Phillips, '45 William Fleming Mrs. Ernest Sampoio Paul Rivet Donald Fitzgerald, '49 Rev. P. Leary, O.F.M. Mrs. Caroline Hughes Mrs. Edith West Joan Haley Donald Munger John McDonald Thomas M. Scally, '34 Marilee F. Wood janet F. MacDonald William O. Sheridan Andrew Rolli Dorothea Hroch Sal Bazzano, '47 Peter Einik Angeline E. Hochon Julie Cross Betty Lagownik Bertha Bryniat Mae Romey Adele Pirro Florency Daddio joseph O. Blondia julia Dayncrowiz, '37 Betty Hanley Balcer, '43 james E. Hanley, '45 james F. Fleming, '34 Mrs. Anthony Gugliotti Mrs. Steve Di Benedetto Adam T. Mengacci Robert Rabtoy, '50 Mrs. Ruth Wilcox Dr. and Mrs. A. 1. Bowles Patrick Reynolds Donald Edward Dufour Peter Devito Dominic J. Minicucci, '34 Henry T. Moeckel, '35 Doris L. Wood Leslie M. MacDonald Patricia Ann Thyren Charles Schreiber Page One Hundred Forty Two h, Sr Mrs. Ernestine Miller, '47 Miss Margaret Mary Caulfield Bob Painter Paul Lemoine Joe Dokes Charles Brody Jack Kane Jack Curtin Sonny Gnaizdowski Sgt. Daniel Mastropietro Rip Richardson, '46 Madeline Nixon Jerry Paquette A Friend Mary Einik Federowicz Mae Sinkwick Hugey Ryan Mrs. Robert Graney Mrs. F. L. Behlman Mary Whitcomb Sarah Dry Helen Wyatt Ruth Adamson, '44 Alfred Marchlewski Vivian Peggy Thomas Lorraine Lush Edward Donavan John Joseph O'Shea, Jr. Marty Zembroski Shirley Mahaffey, '47 John Byron Phelan, Jr. Aurora Costa Paul DeFranzo Mike Cespes, Jr. Mrs. C. Brody Healy Twins Tony Tangredi John Nori Mickey Berger Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bowers John F. Nixon William Barker Domenic Rosa Mrs. Mary Einik Val Mancuso Mrs. John Carey Mrs. F. L. Behlman F. L. Behlman, Jr. Dorothy Vera Irene Sheriden Mr. Carlton Treat Fred Gould, '44 John Gandolfo, '47 Carol Ann Crelan Martha Petrilas William Edward Mariano Marion J. Cassidy Eleanor Spurosky Peter Slacker "Al" Miele Sgt. John A. Lawlor Jean D'Addio I N L I M I N E ALUMNI DRIVE Mr. Armstrong Kay Ciucogrono Walter Norwash Gaetarro DeStefano Bernard Avcollie Mrs. Frank Bona Claire Ouellette Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Welch Mrs. Eleanor Palmer Mrs. Rocco Mariano Lucille Krasinski, '51 Alberta Wolfe Gallagher Kenneth Colcombe Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Arth Joseph Plasky Dominic Mariano Joseph Mariano Earl LaVallee ur E. Ludgewait Larry O'Donnel Mrs. M. Karbowicz Florence Bula Ray Lind Mr. Edw Fran Buckley a Gelmini and Mrs. P. Francia ard Sodlosky, '49 cis Dziengielewski Donald Kingsley John Scire Theodore Hodio William G. Brush, Jr. Joanne Behlman A Friend Mrs. Mary Pawlowski W. Ray Pawlowski Julia Krzykowski Buckley Betty Krzykowski Edward Bednarski Mrs. Irene Sasnowski Roselyn Kosakoski Sylvia Johnson, '51 Donald Dowling, '50 Lloyd Jones, '49 William Weaving, '51 Lois Piper, '49 Josephine Nelson Mrs. Louise Grieder Elaine Connelly Billy Grieder Jeanne Holmberg Edmund J. Lawlor Robert Bird Nicholas Ferrari, Sr. Isabelle Ferrari Joseph Holmes, Jr. Clarence Scheithe Kathryn Norris Harold Lineweber Mrs. F. L. Behlman, Jr. Patricia Behlman Ethel Stevenson Frick William Pawlowski Wayne Pawlowski Page One Hundred Forty Three Walter Krzykowski Caesar Krzykowski Alfred Oldakoski John Sasnowski Ann Galvin, '51 Shirley Morris Alice O'Brien Joseph Garbarino Sara E. Trestrail Mrs. Vivian Barratt Dorothy Kosuer Cobbol Joseph Stephens, '42 John Farrar Lillian Grant Americo Gabriel Elizabeth Kennedy Mildred Managini, '45 Mary G. Sokolowski Donald Messner Robert Messner Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Benson Lena Donnelly V Raymond Donnelly, Sr. Angela Vitarclli Frank Watson Kathleen Conroy Winona Hanks Margaret Edquist Anne Melegan Klooz, '40 John Cylio Helen Warren Dorothy Markey Francis Curtin Adeline M. Lanouette Rachel Loranger Sylvia Smith, '43 Ellen Woodin Mrs. Charles Moehl Mr. and Mrs. William Wright George Cobbol Mary C. Lawley Dan Joseph Healey, '47 Mrs. Evelyn Powers Mrs. William Smith Verry McCabe Paul Kovach Mrs. Lois Painter, '47 Arthur Joseph Crelan Lucille M. Vest, '39 Mrs. Laura Reis Adeline Snyder Bernard Palmer Albert Shilanski Louis Paul Morin, Jr. Grace Schiller, Helen Lakis Joan M. O'Shea Lois Rodman Ray Deegan Peter Brastauskas Peter Lakis Miss Rose Korpos Leo Maker William Sullivan Henry Racki, Jr. Kenneth Kaufman, '40 Frank "Spec" Shea, '39 Mrs. Henry Gumulinski Antoinette Karwaski Marion Olinsky Miss Meegan Raymond Hanks, Jr. Thomas Addona Harry Brandien Mary Reilly Chesterlyn Chmulewski Mary Louise Brann Mella Mancini Mrs. Howard Bowers A Friend Frank J. Fitzgerald Al Paiva Felice Farrar Marie Cumbo, '46 Joan Cowan Mrs. Alice LeVasseur Adolph J. Kudzma Dick Chatfield Harold Evers . Katherine A. Ludwig Donald "Butch" Rado Lieut. John F. Phillips Joseph Ford Henry D'Addio Louise Karpicki Mae Lee Gary Eugenie Robert Irene Brazycki Joan Tedeseco, '49 Stella Orlando, '37 Marie Sabia, '46 Louis Bertothy, '47 William Barlow, '45 James F. Kissane James F. Kissane, Jr., '46 Edward Reilly Mrs. Edward Reilly William Reilly, '42 Rosemary Reilly, '44 A Friend A Friend Dr. and Mrs. Charles Kennedy Mrs. Daniel C. Walsh Mr. Daniel C. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klukis Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kiernan Mrs. John J. McCarthy Mr. John J. McCarthy Barbara McCarthy, '50 Barbara Clark Joseph M. McCormick, Jr. Jane Czaplicki, '46 Nellie Oldakowski, '45 Mrs. Steven Pikula I N L I M I N E ALUMNI DRIVE Robert Olson, '50 Stephen Wargo Eugene W. Pasho Donald Poynton, '51 Joseph Przybyloski Ruth Mondich Eleanor Broadrick Betty Duffy Larry Dominick Mary Sigetti, '43 Barbara Nordby, '51 Lois Romanowsky, '51 Edward Rado, '51 John William Hayes, '51 Raymond Steward Lucille Smey, '50 Henry Grieder Sally Grieder Robert Whipple Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Holmberg, Jr. Barbara Vitzoski Cleo, '40 James Baker William Francis Hutt Curis Pappas Lois "Sellinger" Barto Andy McDermott, Jr. Jimmy Sheehan Kenneth C. Romanoff William E. Dougherty Richard J. Kelly George Carneiro Mr. and Mrs. Lavork Raymond Wozniak Katherine Yablonski "Jack" Nisky Ziggie Kobylenski William F. Scheithe John Brody Lucille Defilio Lois Follett, '49 Jean Campbell, '49 Dorothy Boettger, '49 William Schpero Helen W. Illing A Friend William Donston, Jr. Bob Zehnder, '52 Arline Zehnder, '41 Don J. Zehnder, '43 Joseph Zehnder Mrs. Joseph Zehnder Edward Joseph Mazeiko Raymond Swierbitowicz Mrs. Clifford Doolittle Robert Earl Stauffer Mr. Bertel V. Olson Mrs. Bertel V. Olson Bertel Olson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James E. Sweetman Mr. and Mrs. Leynard Berget Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Johnson Page One Hundred Forty Four James Murphy Ronald Mariano, '51 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bohlin Richard Painter Harry Carlson Miss Agnes Jacobowski Madelyn Galvin. '49 Chester Ostroski Jack Smith Madge Mariano Helen Mariano Mrs. Anna Welles Gibbud Lillian Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bowers Mrs. Robert Cowan, '46 Mr. George Sargent Mrs. Mary Salberg Doris Halloran, '47 George Smith, '44 Dave Benneche Beach Jones Mrs. F. G. Fitzgerald Joseph Mambrino Larry Mambrino, '47 Phyllis F. Vest, '45 Mr. Julio Reis Joseph Charles Harper William Parker Arnold Swan James Nolan Irene Janus McDuff Christiano George Doback John Glynn Evelyn Lakis Mrs. Georgia Lakis Mrs. Mary Stakum, '40 Jack Messier Louis Magone Robert Houseknecht Mrs. Gladys Dolan Clarence Haigh Harold Trestrail Lt. John F. Daikus, '34 Bob Edmonds George Baylis, '42 Francis Ruccio, '44 A Friend Ann Olivieri, '47 Harry Schmitz, Sr. Mrs. Ida Schmitz Mrs. Evelyn Mondich John Mondich William Schrnelcke Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jenzell Dorothy Jenzell Hawkins, '36 Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Benson Shirley Benson Art Benson Howard E. Thurston Louis Schadwald Jean Sullivan Ethel Sullivan Abeline Kelley Kathleen Kelley Martin Ciriello Edwin C. Miller Robert Fairchild Nancy L. Anderson Melanie Anderson Angie Cariello, '45 Cecil F. Matson Joseph Cirillo Anna Cirillo Charles Kochanowski joan Kochanowski Joseph F. Summa, '41 James F. Summa Ann K. Summa, '47 joseph C. Triano, '35 Marge Maroney, '47 Mr. and Mrs. Gottfried Siequist Andrew Illes, '51 jean Ravenscroft Carol Kimball Mrs. Martin Christenson Albert Music Conn Mrs. Raymond J. Hughes Ann E. Fitspatrick Mary McCarthy Mrs. Carl F. Mann Mr. Carl F. Mann Mary Jane Mann Charles Mann James T. Patterson M. C. Rosemary Coen Mary Maffeo Mabel McNamara Irene Loman Chester Prey Grace Mattie Mr. and Mrs. William Ford John and James Ford, '63 George Storck Rae Weinhardt Frank Mancini Angelo Perrone Mrs. William Phalen Mr. George Petersen Mrs. George Stevenson Petersen Mrs. Patrick Fitzgerald William Hulstruck john Salvi Audrey Fosdick Patricia Kreidler Edna L. Schoeck Melville P. Schoeck jane Bontempo Martha Beck Mrs. Edward Keinauer Gloria Alencynowicy - Mabel Lineweber Shirley Streaman Anna Maye Baka IN L I M I N E ALUMNI DRIVE Jean Bohdan Lois Mancini Bernice Neal Frances jordan, '45 Eleanor Broderick, '43 Mabel Boyd john Maleto William Angiolillo George Sigetti, '46 James F. Foy Charles La Chance Ted Vartelas Charles Federonis, '39 Mrs. Helen Nelson johnson, '28 A Friend Henry McCarthy, '50 Mary Ann McCarthy, '51 Iva M. Monahan Arthur E. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. john Van Vlandren Viven G. Anderson Della E. Anderson john Kuvik, '51 Phyllis Bohlin A Friend Doris Butkis Miss Madeline Caine Miss Anne Marie Petrucelli William F. Barrett Dominick V. Zarrella Compliments of 3 friends Ange Mariano Mrs. Margaret Maxwell Dr. Edward H. Delaney, '19 Rita Fidalgo Mrs. Walter Beebe Duane Anderson Mr. Clarence A. Isbell Miss Roseanna Stutzman Clarence A. Isbell, Jr. Miss Emma Calabres Harold Valentine Robert Mariano Christine Bedgar Mrs. Doris johnson Alice M. Dolan Eileen Cronin Mrs. S. Baumel Gertrude Curella A Friend Marie Spadola Evelyn Mariano Mrs. Maude Tripp Grace Kazanjian Al Fezo Mrs. Clara Brooks Miss Catherine M. Delaney Barbara Paul, '49 Mr. and Mrs. J. Donnell Delaney Mrs. Leroy Gibbs, jr. Mrs. Edward H. Delaney Patricia Olson Page One Hundred Forty Five Mrs. Mary Stutzman Mrs. Clarence A. Isbell Miss Lavinia Stutzman Mr. Ernest Stutzman Ann Huges Miss Rose Cook Shirley Mariano Mrs. Ruth Gallucci Mrs. Lillian Sundas A Friend Estelle White Nelly Kasinskas Ruth F. Harris A Friend Victoria Kosowicz jean Pisterelli Mrs. W. S. Clark Alanna Tripp Constance E. Clayton Mr. Armand N. Carcean R. D. Marini Mrs. William J. Delaney Mr. and Mrs. William J. Delaney Mrs. Bessie Gaylord Mr. George H. Vagt John D. Koonz Charles Triano jacquelyn T. Schmitz, '47 Margaret Dolan Thomas Dolan George Kennedy Florence Polakowski, '42 joseph Grant Constance Sorrentino H. Galen McKee Vida McKee Imogene McKee, '47 Barbara McKee, '50 Paul Schlesinger, '49 Gunard E. Anderson Flora Carver Jack Paige Rose Monaco Howard Hoppe Charlotte Leuchars Dick Warner A Friend john B. Summa, '44 Jerry F. Summa Mary jane Summa Frank Witkoski Lorraine Witkoski William Wasilus Mrs. John Hackett Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sandbloom Robert Harvey Carmella Campanella Carl Merith james E. Newcomb Peter Di Dliso Mary Genova Mary Stevar Betty Silva Marie Miranda Ann Persio Loretta Brillis Jeremiah A. Duffy Joseph J. Valechko Eugene L. Massa Richard Hayes, '47 Robert Lawlor Martha Armonat Mrs. Harold Turnbloom Lois Smith, '41 Bertha Fairbank Mrs. Rose Summa Joseph E. Summa, '45 Bessie Gibreath Ed Marinko Alice Witkoski John Witkoski John Hackett Elaine Hackett Caesar J. Ruggeri, '45 Joseph Moler John Fruin Charles Nauher Edward J. Devine Rita McDuiT Thomas Stankus Harriet Anderson Joseph D. Fitzgerald, '42 Mrs. Michaiel Honan Lt. and Mrs. James R. Schoen Jean Honan, '49 George Birdsall Jeanne Hoyt Curtis Terry Sulkosky, '49 Roy M. Johnson Marion J. Rielly Mr. and Mrs. Chester Underhill Mr. George J. Donovan Mary Margaret Donovan, '43 Mrs. George J. Donovan Mrs. Harry Peterson A Friend Ellen Donnelly Simmons Colette Peterson Clare Noonan Joseph Carlson Elizabeth Lyons, '45 Florence L. Anderson Ruth A. Parsons Robin Free John Free Midshipman N. James Bovay, '46 Carl Bovay Donald Nelson, '38 Carlton A. Shea, '46 A Friend Joanna Pannone Mr. and Mrs. Frank Valentine A Friend from Peter Paul, Inc. A Friend IN LIMINE ALUMNI DRIVE Mrs. Gladys Candee Smith Mr. Delwood Candee Edward Candee Mrs. Edward Durette Mrs. Charles Dwy Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Candee Nancy Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Candee Genevieve R. Rapieff, '32 Eleanor Rathburn Marvin L. Gross Norma S. Gross D. A. Yoder Ellen Yoder T. C. Yoder 3rd. Ruby Conroy, '33 Laura Baldwin Rose Creddo Simone Frances Sytnik Eleanor T. Kennedy, '47 Vicky Paduano Edward Spillane Jim Ahern, '44 Genevieve Buraczewski, '47 Olive Ratkiewich, '49 Arnold Peterson, '45 Eileen Goggin, '47 Bertha J. Davidson, '58 Frederick W. Foetsch, '35 Frances K. Foetsch, '39 Mary Dannicelli Mrs. John J. Vagt Miss Bertha Duba Gladys B. Keating John Breen Richard Nyberg, '50 Donald Umlauf Rught Wolosin Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Hyde Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hermonat Mrs. John Ferguson, Jr. Mrs. Charles Fogarty, Sr. W. R. Moody Thomas Johnson, '49 Donald G. Kirby A Friend Rose Woodin Miss Margarite Maher Judy Martinez Julie Spioak Charles Kevit, '43 Mr. and Mrs. C. Kevit Mr. Edward Flaherty A Friend A Friend A Friend Sgt. Edward Fogarty Leonard P. McGrath John A. Hackett John Cronin Mrs. Lawrence Matzkin Roseann McDermott Gallagher Page One Hundred Forzy Six Mr. Edmund Wilson Thomas Fitzgerald Thomas B. Keating Janet Schmitz Byron A. Hunter, '50 Carol Bradshaw Mrs. Benjamin Edwards Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Marsh Mr. John Ferguson, Jr. Marianne Wrobel Charles Fogarty, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Sagendorf Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Scheiner A Friend Betty Schiller Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Frank Feitleman Miss Margaret Clancy Justine Sanford Marjorie Saffran Eugene Kevit, '45 Alex Konikowski Jimmy Maxwell A Friend Sally Koninski A Friend Betty Hackett McGrath, '39 Elizabeth W. Hackett Mrs. Bridget Cronin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chabot Dr. and Mrs. Edward Lerman Ray Doiron, '25 E. J. Valois, '35 Jerry Dunn, '41 Tony Valesio Paul J. Walukus William Farren Doris LaFontaine George Beham John J. Kenny, Esq. Wesley Nelson Clarence Fenniman Lorraine Lafo Mrs. Charles Fellowes Dorothy Lewis Anne Simbolick Helen Chemenko Mrs. Elsie E. Matson Margaret Engelhardt Raymond Magas Mary Magas John Binette Ethel Binette Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Rose Michael Ciriello Catherine Ciriello Francis J. Lawlor "Ma" Duffy Edward Duffy William Fortmorten Lawlor Mr. and Mrs. John Harting Genevieve L. Ferdina Marjorie Mora Henry Laskas john Scally Nancy Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Edward Skridulis Red Mekenas Mr. and Mrs. Luke Czarny Mrs. Stephen Rynecki Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Perry Marie Pesanelli, '58 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Stepnoski Matthew Monahan Geoffrey Thomas Marcia Joan Thomas Ann Moran, '47 Helen DeTullio, '42 A Friend A Friend Helen Southard, '38 Wade Holland john Fruin, '42 Robert Hutt Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hensler Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller Mrs. john Riccardi John Riccardi Ruth Semrow May Smith Olga Rydzik Audrey Anderson Mary Skridulis Lou Anglo Joanna Emmett Susan Czarny Robert H. Perry Michael Rizzuti, '42 Eddie Stakum Arlene Sousa, '47 Mary Ann Lokites Eugene C. Heines Steve Brody, '47 Richard Lokites Mary Urena Mrs. George Zitzman Ethel Lawrence Mrs. Stephen Wargo Henrette Peeker Kay Bradley Mrs. C. J. Nardello Nick Mariano Mrs. Mary Laskey Mrs. Ann DeCarlo Lucy Mezzio Dot Curtin, '44 John Renany Rose Wargo Harry W. Stephens Andrew McSweet Mary A. Minuto, '45 Donald Miller Eunice Voland, '49 Mary Klonis Helen Amador I N L I M I N E ALUMNI DRIVE Olive Gummoud Eddie Buch john B. Lokites Vincent Lupo Barbara Stauffer, '47 Ralph Morse Charles Fogaty, '42 William R. Sodlosky, '50 Doris Noel Helen Fratesi Carol Sargeant Elenor Harrison Kemmer, '44 Anna Engelhardt Madeline Lawlor Sandra Mariano Rose Amato Delores Wargo Ruby Freemen Sadie Sousa, '45 Mr. and Mrs. William Galvin Mr. and Mrs. B. Clayton Skelly Helen Gazdik William Welch Helena Daly Marie Alexinski Anne Mastes A Friend Mrs. Donald Kirk Wilma Ruccio David Roach Frank Shilinskas Celia Regan Ray Pistarelli Alice Hoppe, '43 Mrs. john Toth Clifford Swanson, '50 Verner C. Gustafson, '45 Arthur E. Algsen, '41 Kathryn Juzwishen Arthur E. johnson, '38 Margaret A. Johnson, '42 Edward J. Bogis A Friend Frances A. Hansen, '51 Anna V. Dowling Ann D. Holland Irene Miller Miss Elizabeth Van Delft George Van Delft john Shea June and Cookie Kinch Grace Pondolfe Mr. Robert Evans Mr. and Mrs. George Zeronus Rev. and Mrs. T. Bradley Longstaff Irene M. Bryk Edna F. Steart Victoria Rynecki Mr. and Mrs. john Witkosk jean W. jones and Grandmother Teresa Laktich john Mariotti Page One Hundred Forly Seven Mr. William Luschenat Mr. George Vagt Mrs. Dora Case Mr. Otto Luschenat Arthur Calder Edwin Hosking, Sr. john Forish Joan Swan Carolyn Zapatha Bob Blomberg Mrs. Jeanne Burns, '44 Noel Gauthier "Handsome" George Keely john H. Garland William Simmons Fred Lawton, jr. Chester P. Isbell, Jr., '45 Henry Kogut Mr. and Mrs. Harold Warner Mrs. Mable Zettlemoyer Mr. and Mrs. james Hanson Dorine H. Durr Marshall Griffith Edmund J. Shilinskas Benjamin Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rosenbanm Edward Kaminski Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lindquist Claire Witkowski Mrs. William Luschenat Mrs. George Vagt Mr. Eugene Casy Mrs. Otto Luschenat Frederick Ardry Norman Sears john Desmond, Jr. Pat Robinson, jr. Lois Robinson Harriet York Fred Murphy, '45 Elma Traficanti Marion Traficanti, '41 Helen Sutor, '40 Helen Moruska, '41 Pat King, '18 Florence Furs, '44 Frank Petrilla, '32 Ann Moruska A Friend Peter j. Miele Eve Perugini Algird Kazemekas B. Taranovich Elmer Anderson Frank D. Sabia Regina Zwolinsky Anthony Santore E. S. Hergesheimer, Jr. Ruth and jack Foley, '45 Luduvina Rossi Eloise C. Betkoski, '44 John Darby, '40 Audrey H. Dowling, '36 H. F. Parker Howard C. Vagt, '46 jean Schofield, '47 Raymond Stinson, '28 Marian Francis, '44 jane M. Rimkoski Sallie Jectore Shiriko, '37 Richard Hogan Jose Coelho Ralph Pronovost A Friend Charles Fellowes Ernest Molnar A Friend jack Pandolfe Ernestine G. Sardo, '40 Ruth A. Jones, '47 Anna Nolde john H. Isbell, '43 Robert F. Rimkoski Michael Martin Ernest Ericson, '35 Arletta Durr, '37 Felix S. Rimkoski Stephanie Oldakowski, '32 Raymond Currier Donald Munger Sgt. Carlson A friend from the Y.M.C.A. John Tedesco Mrs. Andrew VanDelft Ruth Zehnder, '42 Arthur johnson jack Stein Mrs. Ethel McDonald Frederick Ardry Norman Sears Richard Hogan Jose Coelho Ralph Pronovost A Friend Charles Fellowes Ernest Molnar A Friend jack Pandolfe Jim Phelan Walter Amatura Mrs. C. W. Hubbell Sarah Emery A Friend A Friend Frank Sacco Eileen Fraeau A Friend John Lawton Mrs. Dominic De Carlo Josephine Rio Donald Mortensen jack McCarthy William Allen I N L I M I N E ALUMNI DRIVE Alvaretta Booker, '44 Frank Urban Mrs. Vfilliam Muldowney Robert Traficanti, '50 Arthur Calder Edwin Hosking, Sr. Algird Kazemekas B. Taranovich Elmer Anderson Frank D. Sabia Regina Zwolinsky Anthony Santore E. S. Hergesheimer, Jr. Ruth and Jack Foley, '43 Luduvina Rossi Ralph Amaglia Rocky's Wayside Kitchen Mr. and Mrs. Frank Baker Albert Markey A Friend A Friend A Friend Charles Aquavia, jr. Lorraine Wisinski, '46 William Dolan, '47 Phyllis Madden David Douty, '46 Raymond Cuddy, '46 Herminda Scally David Kuczynski J. F. MacDonald A Friend Harry H. Rubin, '12 Martin Rubin "Tweet," '44 A Friend Sally Robinson Al Biondi Ralph Biondi D. A. Pace "Flash" Coviello Vic Rubano George Stroker Robert Nichols Seymour Marilyn Gesseck, '51 joyce Dethlefsen, '51 Concetta Gallucci, '51 Mr. and Mrs. George Kwasniewski Stanley Borusiewicz, '51 Carol Ann Mariotti Mary Kotupa Gladys Harrison Alice Gowlis Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cox john Lawlor Bob Pasho Alberta Carrington, '46 Barbara Stauffer, '47 Eve Ignat, '47 Genevieve Ekberg William J. Krause Chester Page One Hundred Forty Eight Anne Brennan, '42 Phyllis Reed, '46 Chet Uszakeiwicz Frank San Angelo, '99 Chester Pills A Friend John Tedesco, '51 Dorald Amquist, '51 Barbara Luskay, '51 Philip Montagano, '51 Mrs. Robert Weaving, 1900 jane Moeckel Saunders, '42 Alden Saunders, '41 Carl Blomberg, '51 Ray Hanks, '51 Andrew Davison, '51 Mr. and Mrs. james Healy Mr. and Mrs. L. Kwasniewski Theresa Kwasniewski Mrs. Mary Tamowski B. A. Vallerand Mr. and Mrs. Walter Polonis, '42 Midge Brown Knarf Dnomsed A Friend 'Sully" Gerry Glynn joan Glynn Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kwasniewski Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kwasnie-wski Earl Evon, Jr. Walter Wojtak A Friend Earl A. Natusch Eddie Armonat Walter Novich Richard Koonz, '49 Kenneth Moeckel, '49 Olive E. Peterson, '45 Stanley J. Olszewski A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Fisher Albert Isciari Edward Gargonia james Riggs Alice Hanks Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kwasniewski Andrew VanDelft Robert VanDelft Mr. Fred Zehnder Bob Lynch Charles Anderson Bob Lynn Michael J. Cook Mary Tracy Charles Alegi Robert A. Houseknecht, '47 Henry O. Ackerman, Sr. Herb Johnson Roy Burke Mrs. Martha Andrews Joan Sullivan, '51 Linnea Olson Howard Thurston A Friend Mrs. James Nies Howard Androphy Antonia Szczoczarz jude Brian Mullen Chester W. Pieksza Frank Butwill Harold C. Lewis Mrs. George Waite George I. Fellows Martin Schluensen Peter D. Veleskis Hedwig Hrynkiewicz Ted Grabowski, '46 Joe Parker joan Tracy Raymond Bird, '45 Mrs. Henry Ackerman Irv. Leiberman, '39 Mrs. Herbert Johnson Mrs. Maylah Burke Mrs. Loretta Sullivan I. V. Olson Barbara Thurston A Friend james Nies Edmond Cieslewski joseph G. Szczoczarz, Edward Szczoczarz Helen White Richard R. Polomski joseph P. Kane Althea S. Lewis Thomas Lompert, jr. George Butwill julia Smey James V. Genovese james Brennan james Henderson William D. Thurston, jr., '38 Richard Cooney Harry Brandien Bob Wilcox janet jones Mrs. Howard Schwartz jack and Jimmy jones A Friend Andrew McCann Barbara O'Donnel Ray jurzynski Billy White Nick Paradiso Willie Densky Sr. IN L I M I N E ALUMNI DRIVE Lydia Fidalgo Curly Schaeffer Howard Dick Gladys Dick Edward Cichowski S. j. Kievman Hope E. Fowler Red Lawlor Edward Duffy jack Lenners Robert Dick A Friend Hjuniori' Pat McGinn Robert Hart, '47 john Rice Peggy Stoltz, '44 Mrs. Anna Niewinski Mr. Frank Niewinski Edward J. Sullivan Joseph L. Finke, 1899 Jack Gormley, '44 Thomas R. Egan Raymond Sullivan Louis Schiller Buster johnson "Honey" George W. Bierce William D. Thurston, Sr. Peter Machnics, Jr. C. Tuohy Mr. and Mrs. Albert Robinson, Albert Robinson, jr. Patricia Robinson Barry Robinson Theresa Shilinskas, '43 Rose Harnick, '41 John Czahowski, '44 joseph Mazzetti, '44 Ann Galeski Monica Caisse, '38 Gertrude A. Maher Olive Hultberg, '40 Rocco Magnamo Walter Miller Henry Quigley Walter Baranoski Louisa H. Valentine Frank H. Malley Spark Petkus Theresa D'Averso Edith Limone Michael D'Averso Olga Russo Page One Ilundred Forty Nine Louise Tyszka Catherine Burt, '46 Marie Marrello, '43 Virginia Rosa, '47 Jay Tangredi, '41 Mrs. P. Triano Mrs. A. juliano Mrs. R. Schultz Mrs. Claude Traver Lois Ruggerio Gloria Spadola, '47 Richard Spadola George Fairchild Homer Noragong Eileen Healy Peggy Scanlon Mrs. Ellen Healy Douglas J. Thurston, '42 jane Thurston Horace McCann, jr. Mrs. Jeanne Garman Mrs. Martha Zerbe Ann Mae Vin Jack Zerbe Healy Healy, '47 ie Healy Margaret Stein Rose Tangredi john Healy Mrs. john Calahan M. J. Healy Mrs. Mollie C. Thurston Katherine Malone Frederic Truelove William Hayes Clar Mr. ice Swan, '49 Robert Garman Theodore Zerbe John Healy joe Healy, '47 Charlie Clark Eleanor Stein Phil Stell Schwenberg a Marche, '39 Anthony Giancarlo Regina Sullivan, '50 Mor ris Rosenblatt William Rosenblatt joseph Rossi Luci lle Zuccarelli, '50 Medeline Zuccarelli, '49 Ann Zuccarelli james Leary Compliments of UNITED STATES RUBBER COMPANY 11111n1u1u1u1o1:111 1 1 -1: 1 1 1:1u1:1:1:1-:1::1 1:10101 GERALD'S APPLIANCE Norge Refrigerator! and Wa!l9er! Ediy Spindrier Wa!ber! Rddi0.l' and Electrical Appliance! 107 Spring Street Phone 2651 BOB'S ICE CREAM PARLOR 421 North Main Street Union City, Conn. HENRY ZASADA C07Wlf7li7?7672lI of 52 Bridge Street Naugatuck, Conn. D ALYYS Phone 3713 TRINCA PRODUCE CO. BANANAS 191 Hamilton Ave. Waterbury, Conn. Phone 4-5242 Compliment! of ERNIE,S TAVERN Compliment! of THE CHEMISTRY CLUB OF 1948 Compliment! of THE COMPTOMETER SCHOOL 77 Bank Street Waterbury, Conn. 1:1:1 1 1. 1:1 1 1 1 101 1 1: C om plimenlf of NAUGATUCK HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION CULVER, FLORIST FRESH FLOWERS FROM OUR GREENHOUSES TO YOU C omplimentf of FALCON BAKERY SCHOOL STREET MARKET MEATS AND GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS Tel. 4997 Prop., Walter Kwasniewski Compliment! of MAXIE'S RESTAURANT Naugatuck Connecticut Wm. Penikas, Permittee C omplimentr of Compliment! of SPRING DAIRY EGGS - MILK - CREAM - WOOD N AUGATUCK Betkoski and Sons, Propf. Beacon Falls, Conn. Tel. 4445 To the Class of 1948, Naugatuck High School, if congratulations on this, the completion of your high school years, and our sincere wish that the future holds much that is fine for you. HOWLAN D - HUGHES Waterburyir Friendly Department Store Complimentx of DR. ALBERT HEACOCK Compliment: of RAPHAEL'S INCORPORATED Naugaluckk Smarter! Shop For Wo 108-110 Church Street Naugatuck, Connecticut Complimentr of DR. WALTER J. REILLY Compliment: of NAUGATUCK YMCA The Family Y Serves Brother and Sister Mother and Dad Compliment! of J OE'S BARBER SHOP 385 North Main Street Union City, Connecticut Compliment: of RAYMOND M. SHEA REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Complimentr of MIKE'S SERVICE STATION 45 Bridge Street Telephone 4926 VICTORIA INN Matthew E. Scully, Proprietor 23 Union Street Union City, Connecticut -- -i------s:v--1--1:1--- COMPLIMENTS OF PETER PAUL INCORPORATED N AUGATUCK CONNECTICUT Enjoy grand-tasting foods and still save money. It is easy when you shop at A and P There you will find scores of fine foodsg Foods that look grand and taste grand . . . And are good to your budget. Food value! galore at your A AND P SUPER MARKET Naugatuck, Connecticut HOTCHKISS STREET GARAGE DODGE PASSENGER CARS - DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS SALES AND SERVICE 47 Hotchkiss Street Telephone 5727 Naugatuck, Connecticut 11 30i010:0:0i010101v 101010303011 1010101011 gg 3 101. 14,1 10101, Compliment! of ANN'S APIZZA Complimentx of Treat your family to one of Annlf deliciouf Apizzaf NORWASH SHOE STORE 142 High Street Naugatuck, Conn. Mrs. Rocco Mollico, Prop. AUTOMATIC STOKERS COMMUNITY MARKET AND 157 Quinn Street OIL BURNERS MEAT - GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS - FRESH FRUITS THE NAUGATUCK FUEL COMPANY Telephone 5110 87 Church Street Telephone 5236 We Delive' r1014l101u101n20101010101e i0i4xi021r14x11u14n101014n101011r10i 1101011 1oio1ui1u11u1o1ni1r14uio11n1a 1010113131 v - - - A- Complimefztr of D. LIEBERMAN TAILOR - CLEANER - DYERS "Il payf to be well drerJed" Free Call and Delivery Service 26 Church Street Dial 3255 ASHMORE TRUCKING MOVING AND GENERAL TRUCKING Dial 3065 PAT'S PIZZERIA SPAGHETTI AND RAVIOLI JUMBO SANDWICHES Apizza to take out Apizza made all hours of the day 61 South Main Street Tel. 5058 A. E. SERVICE STATION GAS - o1L - LUBRICATION 24 Hour Service Compliment: of AL'S SMOKE SHOP 7 North Main St. Naugatuck, Conn. C om plimentr of AURORA GROCERY STORE 18 May Street 176 Maple Street Phones 4978-5 500 Tel. 4914 Naugatuck Conn. Complimenlf of HARDWARE PAINT - WALLPAPER BUILDER'S HARDWARE ELECTRICAL FIXTURES PHIL'S FOOD STORE 294 High Street Tel. 4945 Cofzzplirfzelztx of ALLEN MOTOR LINES Compliment! of THE NAUGATUCK FURNITURE COMPANY Compliments of CARLSON'S FURNITURE COMPANY Naugatuck Waterbury NAUGATUCK SPORT 8z AUTO SUPPLY Winslow Court Phone 3394 Naugatuck, Connecticut Complete line of Sporting Goods And Auto Parts. Machine Shop Service Russ Weaving Paul Melnek Complizzlenlf of JOHN M. SUTHERLAND INSURANCE Neary Building Naugatuck, Conn C0mf1lime17f,r of A FRIEND C om plimemf of WILLIAM SCHPERO ' JEWELER Naugatuck, Conn, yioiuinif io: 1111411141131 1. 1111111 1 in goin 1:11111 11:4 Compliment: of MOORE'S FOOD MARKET 168 Maple Street Compliment! of THE CITY BAKERY Maple Street Naugatuck, Conn C ompliment: of HUDSON DEALER Compliment! of KIELY BEAUTY SHOP C om plimentf of CARMEN'S CUSTOM TAILOR Compliment: of LEYNARD'S BABY SHOP Complimentx of DUFFY'S RESTAURANT Water St. Naugatuck, Conn Complimentx of KENNEDY STORE riuic 1011? 730101014 2 nifxifriul What Post Junior College Offers High School 2: 44' K 'jjj' Graduates Training for a definite career goal-as a secretary, accountant, or business executive. A saving in time and money, compared with four-year college course. Our courses may be completed in 10 to 20 months. Free Placement Service. During 1947, we received 10 times as many calls as we were able to fill. Our graduates have a choice of many fine positions. Write or phone for latest bulletin of Division of Business Administration or Division of Secretarial Science. COURSES OFFERED Bu.fine.r,f Adminiflration S reno graphic A crowning Sefretarial Execzztizfe Secretarial Commercial Graduate Finirloing M ediml Serremrirzl junior A mounting Registrations now being accepted for Fall term, starting September 8. 94 POST JUNIOR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE WATERBURY 24 Central Avenue Phone 4-8772 1nu1nn1nv14r1v1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,141 1-1-1 1 1 1 1:1 1w1n:11:1 Compliment: of SALEM PLAYHOUSE Telephone 2944 -K ALCAZAR THEATER Telephone 3332 Compliments of M. FREEDMAN COMPANY "SMART CLOTHES" 191-199 Church Street Naugatuck, Connecticut 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 11w11yqpu1u1-1 111 1 11 11011111 - 1 1 -5 1 1,14....?01,.1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 Compliment: of BAYLIS GAS STATION AL'S LAWN MOWER SHOP Beacon Falls In rtocle, Dmzix -Reo and Coldwell Power Lawn Mowers We take your old mower in trade IT'S A KUPPENHEIMER Tim! Mean! Fine Quality SMART SUMMER SUITS Wise investments in good appearance for 71 years . . . style as new as tomorrow FITZGERALD AND PLATT 17-21-25 East Main Street Waterbury, Conn. Complifnentr of ANNENBERG'S BOWLING ALLEYS Cofnplifnentf of THE PRINCESS SHOP fon the bridgej Maple Street Naugatuck 1141014 101014 101010201014 ,1,,1,,14,g4g4q.4g4g1y1o11n11:121111111 -1 -1.1111 11.1.-u-11-111117 -. .-. .-. HUBBELL'S Complimenlf of R. I. Hubbell, Mgr. CENTER SQUARE OASOLINE AND MOTOR OILS REPAIRING Lzzbrimling 4 Specialty BEAUTY SHOP 195 Rubber Avenue Telephone 4947 Compliment! of Complimelzti' of A FRIEND VALLEY DINER NAUGATUCK VALLEY EN GRAVING C0. 18 Park Place Naugatuck, Conn. ' Commercial Photographers ' Half Tones - Zinc Etchings ' Ben Day Color Etchings 0 Photo Retouching 0 Designing Phoio Engmvem for In Limifze .1 1:x1:x1:m1i1i 1:11111 111 1 1:1 J. J. . 0'CONNELL CANDY - CIGARETTES TOBACCO - ICE CREAM Main Street Beacon Falls, Conn. Compliments of A FRIEND Compliment! of AL'S PACKAGE STORE CHOICE WINES, BEERS, LIQUORS Beacon Falls, Conn. Albert Mennillo, Prop. Complimentr of QUALITY PAINT STORE Waterbury, Conn. We Deliver Telephone 4680 Complimentf of 0SBORNE'S CHESTER'S BARBER SHOP SERVICE STATION 1300 South Main Street Waterbury, Conn. J. GARTZMAN'S MEATS - GROCERIES .- VEGETABLES Bridge Street Union City Compliments of CHARLES S. KENNEDY r1o11:1n1c:1 1:1 1 1 11101 1- 1 Beit Wixhex Telephone 7162 SULLIVAN ELECTRICAL ENTERPRISES 8 Church Street Naugatuck, Connecticut ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION AND RESEARCH Radio Sales and Service WILLIAM M. CHITTENDEN GENERAL INSURANCE REAL ESTATE SURETY BONDS Naugatuck, Conn. Waterbury, Conn. 180 Church Street 132 Grand Street Phone 2440 Phone 4-2410 Compliment! of ,IOE'S DUTCH FRONT RESTAURANT 75 Spring Street Union City, Connecticut Phone 4929 iz ..-: 1 Before you buy that Musical Instrument See FELIX ZEMBRUSKI Music Instructors on all Musical Instruments Sell Everything from a Fife to 4 Barr Horn x14n21vi1n11r:4ri1n11m-..1.v11n:1 ....:-::::n1o24.,..... .-. 1. 1 Compliments of M. GANS COMPANY, INC. Dealers in HARDWARE - ELECTRICAL PLUMBING SUPPLIES, ETC. 149 Maple Street Naugatuck, Connecticut Complimentx of NAUGATUCK GARAGE Joseph A. Robbiati and Son Telephone 2058 South Main Street Naugatuck, Conn. STEPHEN J. SWEENEY INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE ,1.,1,,3,,i,,i 1 1 1 1, 7, -. 1011.-111010201niuiuiuififzuioi C om plimenix of NAUGATUCK A FRIEND SHOE REPAIR 10 South Main YEATON'S Corner Main and Maple Streets Complimem of FOUNTAIN SERVICE LUNCHEONETTE A' STEIN We Make Our Own Ice Cream Diflinctly Delifialu and Differe C om plimentf of C om plimeuty 0 f NAUGATUCK ROSENBLATT'S BUILDING Sz LOAN 83 Nfaple Street Compliment! of Complimenn of MIKE'S SERVICE STATION ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY Compliments and Beit Wifbes of THE NAUGATUCK DAIRY ICE CREAM C0 Telephone 3453 35 North Main Street Naugatuck, Connecticut JOHN CLARK RANGE AND FUEL OIL 39 West Street Telephone 3010 Complimentf of FREE MOTORS 492 North Main St. Union City, Conn. MRS. ROSE LAKATOS MEATS AND GROCERIES 49 Anderson Street Phone 4933 Free Delivery 1101111021 10:1 113 11111 3011111 FOX CLEANERS 14 Church Street Telephone 5474 Work called for and delivered rinrioioloirliuiuioin ioioioiniauiutc n1cx1:p:1r11ni4n11v14ri1ni4ri1yi4 Complimentf of HANS GRIESBACH Complimenty of GENE'S RESTAURANT 39 South Main Street Naugatuck, Connecticut C omplimentx of THE C. MURPHY COMPANY Naugatuck, Connecticut FRED'S GROCERY STORE 37 High street Naugaruek, C onne Cticut F. Bmw, Pmpffemf v1ni1-1'x1u-- 141101014 -' in-1----' 211011201014 picnic 24 3014111101014 10141 1:11 11111134 1 is 303011114 is 101011 1010 Complimenlr of FITZGERALD FUNERAL HOME 520 North Main Street Union City, Connecticut Compliment! of NAUGATUCK VALLEY DETACHMENT Marine Corp League and Ladies Auxiliary Complimenlf of CHUCK'S PRUS MARKET CHOICE MEATS AND GRocE1uEs FRIENDLY SERVICE PACKAGE EEEE 531 North Main Street Union City, Connecticut 88 Spring Street Union City 11 xirioimsioiexiaxiuxznninguioifni 11 141101111 C om pliments 0 f GREAT OAK FARM Dial Naugatuck 5049 Oxford, Conn. WATERBURY ELECTRICAL REPAIR and ENGINEERING COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS John Vagt, Manager Waterbury, Connecticut 111114 1-ni-up iqpnani if envy:-1,11-1 en nz' 1 nasoii '11 Complimefzlx of VALLEY GRAIN AND SUPPLY CO. Compliment: of JOE'S GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING ON ALL MAKES OF CARS Reaiomzbl e and Reliable Curtiss Court, Union City Phone 3942 Joseph A. Angiolillo, Prop. 1:1111-A11 1- :1-1411.1 1 vcnuunnz .qu 41-:fum 10:1 enum 1: Complimenff of CHAPPIE'S SERVICE STATION 350 Bridge Street Union City, Conn. Compliment! of MELBOURNES FLOWER SHOP Complimentf of A FRIEND Complimenlr of ANDROPHY'S RADIOS - APPLIANCES - RECORDS 413 North Main Street Union City, Conn. Tel. 6491 Complimenlf of GUS,S SMOKE SHOP 402 North Main Street Union City, Conn. Complimeuti' of REYNOLD'S RESTAURANT 419 North Main Street Union City, Conn. CENTER SQUARE BARBER SHOP Frank Grabowski, Prop. 1 Union St. Union City Keep lVell Groomed rin1n-u-u--x-u-u-'n- -n- -A 1 - PROSPECT ST. MARKET MEATS - GROCERIES -VEGETABLES K. jascorowski, Prop. 44 Prospect St. Union City, Conn. l1l':ncD1ti17L"t:l'::l::i iz: 1 1 : :. zu: COMPLIMENTS OF THIBODEAU STUDIO OFFICIAL CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER Compliments of THE FORMATIC COMPANY Bridge Street Naugatuck, Cormecti t Compliments of NAUGATUCK WOMENS CLUB JUNIORETTES Compliment: of WALLY'S DEPT. STORE 14 Spring Street Union City C om plimentr of SPEC SHEA'S KOFFEE SHOP Compliment: of V Sz J MARKET C nm plimeulr of JOSEPH KERZNER 396 North Main Street Union City, Conn. ,H ' , Complimenlr of Q DR. JOHN MARIANO C om plimenlr 0 f STANLEY'S LIQUOR STORE 443 North Main Street Union City, Conn. LEWIS CARROLL BUILDING SUPPLIES Prospect and Union Streets Union City, Conn. Compliment: of THE WHITE MEAT MARKET xzoiuioioin-' -'T -.u-..1,rioi4nio:0111o1o:42c14i11 Z Best Wiylaes for the Clan' of '48 N AUGATUCK LUMBER COMPANY 29 Bridge Street Telephone 2249 Compliments of BURKE'S DAIRY Sincere Congratulations On your graduation dayg May joy and great good fortune Attend you on your way. May success reward your efforts In everything you dog And realized ambitions Bring happiness to you. CHARLES H. TOMLINSON JEWELER AND OPTOMETRIST 11 Maple Street C om pliu1ent.s' 0 f LOG'S GRILL 56 Bridge Street Naugatuck, Con Telephone 4897 Mary S. Laguna, Prop. Complimenlf of PARK PLACE RESTAURANT C om plimenly of J. M. RUSSELL MANUFACTURING CO. nluiuin 31 gl 1 i1lZ01U14Yi4lilli4 Complimezzlf of ANDY'S CAMPUS C nm plimefzlf nf THE CUSHING and JOY ELECTRICAL COMPANY THOMAS NORTON CHOICE MEATS AND GROCERIES Dial 2867 I 165 Maple Street H C g C107?7PZilI7671fJ of RUBY'S BEAUTY SHOP Continued Surcefx from SWAN'S Eleclrir Special!!! Jime 1925 C 0111 f1li7Il67If.f of DR. HAROLD E. DAVIDS OLSON'S DRUG STORE The Rexall Store Gegrge McKenna, Proprielor 174 'Church Street' Naugatuck, Conn .C0mplimenl.r of SIDNEY' WEISS IEVMAN'S LEAN LEANERS DYEING ' MOTH PROOFING FUR STORAGE 78 Church Street u10zn3f:1uz1::1u1u11 113111111131 1n1u1o1u:n1u14 1, viuioioioif if 11 in Grams . . Drams . . and Ideals How much does purity weigh? Where is the scale that can measure quality? Here at Donovan's pharmacy, where we weigh and meas- ure, distil and mix, we take high pride in the thought that there is more in the things we make than can be expressed in grams and drams. Quality and purity are the imponderables which measure the integrity of the Pharmaceutical Craftsman. From this integrity is distilled the confidence which we enjoy from the physician and patient. Let us fill your next prescription. GEORGE J. DONOVAN, P.H.C. ri4ni1r11bZ1ni4vi1vi1l:1bZtri1lZ4 10102010302- 11 1021 111111 21111 2011110141111111111:112021uimviuriuzoioifnicnioinniunioif C om pliments of W. J. MEGIN COMPANY LUMBER AND MASONS SUPPLIES GENERAL CONTRACTORS Compliments of THE NAUGATUCK GLASS COMPANY 11113u1u2o11rioini1 2111 2024 2 vi11i014viu1oZ13411u:111e11 111 11 r3oi4vioioioioi4si4r1o1oi1x 14 2034 2014114 luiuioiniuifl C. F. DAVIS FISH, MEATS and GROCERIES 128 Church Street C nm plimentf of JOHN MAHAN RANGE OIL - FUEL OIL Niugatuck-,' Connecticut Phone 6836 if 30?0i0l4'i0i1x1u11n11i1 11 301010103011 GEORGE WIGGLESWORTH 8z SON, INC. PLUMBING - HEATING ELECTRICAL AND OIL BURNER SUPPLIES LORETTA'S ROADSIDE DRIVE-IN New Haven Road FRANKFURTS - HAMBURGERS I GRINDERS - HOME MADE PIES CAKES - ICE CREAM 1: 1 iainxcizuia 1oi:::1u:: 103: ,. in Complimentr of DR. SIDNEY GROSBERG OPTOMETRIST 270 Church Street HELEN and ANN'S CONFECTIONERY 102 Spring Street ICE CREAM - SODA - CIGARS AND PATENT MEDICINES FRANK'S CONFECTIONERY 100 Bridge Street Union City Telephone 4932 Pay a vim to our newly remodeled Ire Cream Parlor. We carry a mmplete line of Palent Medicine! McDERMOTT'S FOOD STORE SHURFINE PRODUCTS Union City, Conn. Telephone 4994 i1.1u,.r-u1u- 1 .- iuiuin-,-n:u 1 4 C om plimenlr of MACDONALD'S MARKET 82 Church Street Telephone 5413 FRANK'S GARAGE 52 Bridge Street Union City, Conn GENERAL REPAIRING .il J 4. .. STONE'S CITIES SERVICE 59 Bridge Street Union City, Conn GENERAL REPAIRING Complimemf of DR. W. F. COURTNEY rio10Z1nZ1n10:1l2010i1vl1rl1l11l10i1bZ1biIbZ1b21ri4ri1u11rioioi0i0i1li1-if C om plimenlx of BREEN'S SPORT SHOP Church Street Naugatuck, Connectic t i1xi4xi01nini1xi4li1a11vi014x11litli1uZ0i1l21li1r1tli1bi1lilri1li1li4ri1vi1 ri0i4li1r11vi1bi4si0i1y11xi4ri1si4r10i0i1b10i1ni4xi1vi1li1viuioioioioioioioii Compliment: of C omplimenl: of COREY BROTHERS THE NAUGATUCK POLICE AID ASSOCIATION GROCERY - PACKAGE STORE Compliment: of Complimenlr of TARNOWSKPS MARKET HAIR'S SERVICE STATION r1o1o14nio11v14n1nio11nicv1o11m:1xicp1 n141:4v101o1u1u1u1o11s1oi4x1n14u1esi1 gl -I --4pu--n-'u--1v----:-- 1 -' - -1 -- - -- -A -- -A -- -- - C omplimenlcf of C 0Illf1lllNC'7lf.l' of RUBIN'S STORE NAUGATUCK MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHES INC. 162 Church Street Rooms 9-10 Neary Bldg Naugatuck, Connecticut D. 1 2080 Complimefm of C077lPlil?I6l1fJ' of NAUGATUCK NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK SAVINGS BANK .1... .-.n,o-14 1 iuiqi ,. 1 :rn Complimenlr of THE CARD AND GIFT SHOP SWEENEY'S ART STORE Kodak Agency "Your Smtiofzef' 213 Church Street Naugatuck .. .- xiii.-. 1 ,n1n1o1.n1.u1uin.- Complimenlr of LEON MORASKI Compliment! of MRS. ROY ROMIG Telephone Waterbllry 5-0803 CATERING - PARTIES - WEDDINGS Complimenlf of PAUL'S SHELL STATION 385 North Main Street Union City, Connecticut C om plimenlr of HAWLEY HARDWARE Walter B. Anderson, Proprietor Compliment! of CORNER CANTEEN Dominick Tellerico 592 North Main Street Telephone 4900 Complimenlr of UNION CITY HARDWARE Te-iephone 3068 North Main Street Naugatuck, Connecticut BUCKMILLER FUNERAL HOME Paul E. Louis F. ::::::1::L-zvzuzniuz :-1: -z ifzzuzzi Compliment: of D. THURSTONS SONS r101oi1rioio11r1o14uiui4ri1xi4ri:r14:i:xi1 Compliment: of ERICKSON MOTORS STUDEBAKER sALEs AND SERVICE UNITED MOTOR SERVICE 129 Rubber Avenue Telephone 4838 Compliments of POUST'S SERVICE STATION Compliment: of MR. LIONEL LeCLAIR compzimmii of NAUGATUCK CHEMICAL Division of United siaies Rubber Company 1111-niu,.u-in-.rx-1...u.. 1 .. 1 . MARTY'S PATENT MEDICINE CANDY AND ICE CREAM NOVELTIES 153 Quinn Street Naugatuck I Phone 4966 MARTY'S COMMUNITY PACKAGE All kinds of BEER - LIQUORS - SODA WINES AND CORDIALS 155 Quinn Street Naugatuck Phone 4123 UNION CITY COAL COMPANY COAL AND OIL 45 Bridge Street Phone 3352 NAUGATUCK RADIO . RADIO SALES AND SERVICE 47 Bridge Street Phone 3143 r1.r1n1u:u,. is 1.10-414.-1 11201011 in Complimentf of THE BENTON THOMPSON CO., INC. 45 Spring Street Naugatuck, Connecticut vi0l1w:4u:u11r11 20101192011 A G STORE NORPS MARKET 389 South Main Street Naugatuck, Connecticut Complimefzff of FRED'S HIGHWAY GRILL Complimefzzf of MIKE LEARY'S PACKAGE STORE 55 Spring Street Union City, Connectlct Corzzplifzzenlf of THE NAUGATUCK CANDY KITCHEN THE PERRY PRESS, INC UNIUN I SCUNNB F Printerf Sinfe 1889 UNION CITY, CONN. ff h ' '92.2:h.:i7iu4 ' "x " "' ' W a,L:,s35B.: 13 A ..4,g4,.v.,4,qx,n:'i, f ' "

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