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Naugatuck High School - Greyhound Yearbook (Naugatuck, CT) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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'gn I .HF :fl L ' 11- . .. 1 . ,gg 2933, "mm 2133? if M. Vi 3551 if T? 1 4 4- xg- 53.1 V. an V - S555 .Q , , fr :Y Q: ' 3"!f1f K -. , ,AQ ' t i it ,Q V 1 - 'Wie A. fs , , 3 I5 ' 24' . Ting 5 152542 .215 xgff' ,ni 4 :Em 1 'ai-. vi,-1 11 isa :aw Y- an , 'Q- WL. fa 3' .A 1. ,, WSU! f z QS f 41- my 'S 'ali- A21 A' Q.- .I .fy Q1 . . . . .,T,,.. r A if . - u ,ji wif' ' ' ' - . I Q3 ,Ml ' ' 4 , 'F I . . . V1 ' 'few . ' , ,. . f, ' . ' EY? . V 1 ' - - bf , " m f ' ' ' - ' I r - v ' ji? - . - V if E . Q - W, 5,14 A , , x , . W gt g ' 39' 1525 0 .iq S- x 'L-fe , .'..A ' . .gli ,, - -. ' - ' . 'Z v ' , V . ' 1 ' K ' ' ' 'V A Y Y ' V ' ' ' ' -, ,I - l f- ' - ., . .gm ,. 4- ff '. . Jw J LL-'N ' I 4 V 4 3 . Q1 ii 1 J i X , 4 1 4 ' f 'vnu'-X iaafmllsm ii in 'iv I' Sys u Q X ti -nw wk JK? ba I an '1 'M UN ITKSQ -:J f I f 5 13 IN Wifi Fl f QSC 'Q Q gf x Q5 ' L X5 "UWA 4:5 mf :ii V: if x J. QW? Y? Eg Vs Qi KR ev S , X Q Ei P UNITAS IN PACE Page Two OUR SCHOOL UNITAS IN PACE EDITORIAL STAFF Edilor-in-Chief Donald Raytkwich Arrirtanl Editorr Margaret Baldwin Elizabeth Lundin Sofia! Committee Florence Conover Anne Behrendt Anne Byrne Lois Costello Maureen Daly Victoria Dulepski Betty Culver Charlotte O'Connor Eleanor Oemcke Henrietta Oldakowski Laura Puleo Lillian Quirke Edith Edwards janet Rado Gladys Kiely Jane Ruccio Eleanor Klimasieski Joan Tracy Irene Kuraitis Shirley Waterhouse Doris Monaghan Lois Welch jane Nardello Stella Yackowski Pbnlogmphr Constance Olson Anne Byrne ' Art Kenneth Leach Lillian Quirke Regina Zwolinsky Romona Novak Sporty Walter Szczesiul john Kane Adzfertiring joseph Suchenski Walter Armonaitis james Kissane james 'Bovay Robert Lynn joseph Connolly Domenic Narducci Edward Dillon Carlton Shea Thaddeus Grabowski George Sigetti Donald Hermonat Donald Swanson Calvin Hoadley Walter Szczesiul Typing Lois Costello Shirley Bowers Loretta Mangine Rosemarie Mangini janet Raclo Phyllis Reed The Family Advimr-Miss Louise Grainger Page Three UNITAS IN PACE MR. JOHN HOWARD WHITTEMORE But half so wel beloved a man is he Ne was ther nevere in court, of his degree He was so gentil of condicioum That throughout al the world was his renown A1 of his dedes. Page Four UNITAS IN PACE PROLOGUE We of the class of 1946 are fortunate to be graduating in a peaceful world. We shall not soon forget the years of war nor the deprivation and loss of life which they brought. It is we who must undertake the recon- struction of the worldg it is we who with strength and determination must work together to accomplish this tre- mendous task. In a spirit of friendship but of firmness, let there be "Unity in Peace." Page Five UNITAS IN PACE Page Six THE BOARD OF EDUCATION UNITAS IN PACE THE CLASS POEM We, the class of '46 Gather here to say good-bye, As the doors forever close On our years at Naugy High. Each of us the Future summons, Steadfast, onward we shall go, What the Fates may hold in store, We shall hope some day to know. We shall rise and we shall fall, As we scale life's mountainous wallg Bring - we trust - the Peace men fought for From the troubled days of Warg And - when twilight hours come - Hear the Masters words - "Well done". MAUREEN DALY Page Seven UNITAS IN PACE MRS. ANNA WELLES GIBBUD Page Eight UNITAS IN PACE THE DEDICATION W'e, the class of 1946, proudly dedicate our class book to Mrs. Anna Welles Gibbud. She did much to enrich the Freshman year for those of us who were fortunate enough to have her at Tuttle House. In the years to come, may she continue to enlighten and guide the incoming classes at Naugatuck High School. Page Nine UNITAS IN PACE Page Ten CONFERENCE ROOM AND ROOM ONE UNITAS IN PACE Page Elczwz ROOM 'FWO AND ROOM THREE UNITAS IN PACE Page Twelve ROOM THREE AND ROOM FOUR UNITAS IN PACE CLASS MOTTO MAIORUM INITIA RERUM CLASS COLORS BLUE AND SILVER CLASS FLOWER PINK CAMELLIA Page Thirteen UNITAS IN PACE MR. KEHOE Page Fourleezz UNITAS IN PACE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1946: The approach of the graduation season gives me an op- portunity to extend to you the congratulations of the faculty on the successful completion of your high school course. You graduate into a new world, new not only to you but to an older generation as well. The development of extremely rapid means of travel and communication has produced an new era of world citizenship. The discovery of the means of util- izing nuclear energy gives the world vexing problems. Man now has at hand the means by which he can, according to his choice, unravel the very fabric of civilization or weave a pat- tern of world brotherhood, forever free from want and fear. just as the courage of youth made victory possible in the late war, so your vision will aid in solving the vital problems of peace. True to the traditions of this school you will, in good time, take high part in the affairs of men. And if in making your decisions you lack inspiration, look to the character of Mr. Slade who was principal of this school for many years. You will find there an understanding, calm and generousg a faith, firm and determined, an idealism, prac- tical and compelling. The world has need of such attributes. As you leave these halls, the best wishes-yes, the hopes of the faculty are with you. EDWARD L. KEHOE. Page Fifteen UNITAS IN PACE MR. CHITTENDEN Page Sixteen UNITAS IN PACE TO THE CLASS OF 1946 For the first time in four years it becomes my privilege to address these few lines to the graduating class with the country again at peace. The war which has taxed severely the resources of the nation and completely changed the lives and careers of the youth of the land, is at an end and this year at the conclusion of your school work we again confront the problems of peace in a world still suffering from the ravages of conflict. It is my earnest hope that you will take your respective places in this un- settled world and nation without undue and further interference with your prospective careers. Your high school life throughout its entire course has been defi- nitely and completely associated with the atmosphere of war. May your future be devoted to the pursuits of peace. On these occasions it is also fitting that reference be made to the increasing importance of high school education as a fundamental require- ment in facing life situations in today's world. In many instances such an education requires sacrifice, hard work and self denial on the part of students and members of their families. However, the value of such cannot be overemphasized and those of you in the class of 1946, who have achieved this goal are to be congratulated. As you leave the Nauga- tuck High School for whatever the future may have in store, you take with you the best wishes of all who have been concerned with your training here. H. E. CHITTENDEN, Superintendent of Schools. Page Seventeen UNITAS IN PACE MR. SLADE Page Eighteen UNITAS IN PACE MR. CHARLES P. SLADE Regretfully we said farewell last spring to our esteemed principal, Mr. Charles P. Slade. For forty-two years he gave us his faithful leadership, working unceasing- ly for the good of those who attended Naugatuck High School. His familiar presence will long be missed in Naugy's corridors. To him the class of 1946 offer their best wishes for a full measure of health and contentment in the years that lie ahead. Page N ineleen UNITAS IN PACE THE NAUGATUCK HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY MR. EDWARD L. KEHOE Principal Miss Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Mr. Henry Cieslewski-Algebra I Florence L. Anderson-Englirh I, Citizenrhzp I Mary S. Burke-English I, French I Frances D. Burns-Biology, Geometry Madeleine F. Caine-Sociology, European Hirtory I Margaret Carroll-Home Economic! I Miss Colette M. Daly-French I, II, III Mr. Jesse F. Davis-Muric Miss Helen E. Dinneny-Englirh II, III Mt. Edward Duff-General Shop I, II t"Mrs. Frances M. Dickerman--Algebra II, Solid Geometry Trigonometry Plane Geometry, Aeronauticr Mrs. Elma N. Eames-Bookkeeping I, Il Miss Mary H. Emerson-Citizenrhip I, European Hzflory I II Mr. Peter Foley-Phyrical Director "'Mr. Raymond K. Foley-Community Civicr, U. S Hutory Prohlemr a Democracy Economicx Mrs. Anna W. Gibbud-Citizenship I, Ancient Hzrtory 'Miss Louise Grainger-Englifh IV, Dramatic Art: Mrs. Ethel M. Honan-Commercial Arithmetic, General Mathematic: "'Miss Martha V. Johnson-Englirh I, Stenography I II 0 ice Practice Miss Ethelmae Kenney--Phyfical Director Mrs. Elizabeth C. King-Librarian Mr. Alexander Krayeske-General Science "Mr, james T. Leary-Chemirtry Miss Estelle M. McDonough-English Ill Mr. Edwin C. Miller-Phyrics, Director of Safety 'Miss Dorothy M. Moss+Home Economic: II Miss Della Nyberg-Englirh I, II Miss Miss Mrs. Mr. Henry W. Pope-U. S. Hirtory Leona O'Neill-Citizenrhip I, European Hzrtory II Sociology Guidance Gertrude E. Peck-Commercial Arithmetic, Typewrzting I II Mary G. Penrose-Art, Mechanical Drawing Miss Eleanor M. Welles-Latin I, Il, III, IV " Department Chairmen Page Twenty UNITAS IN PACE THE FACULTY MISS ANDERSON MISS BURKE MISS CAINE MRS. CARROLL H.,.I: I MISS DALY MK. DAVIS I5-A I'.i If . , .'-'. M AA MISS DINNENY MR. DUFF Page Twenty One MISS BURNS .Si HZSZ Z :El 'E MR. CIESLEWSKI MRS. DICKERMAN MRS. EAMES MISS EMERSON MRS. GIBBUD MISS JOHNSON MR. LEARY UNITAS IN PACE THE FACULTY MR. P, FOLEY MISS GRAINGER MISS KENNEY MISS MCDONOUGI-I Page Twenty Two MR. R. F OLEY MRS. HONAN MR. KRAYESKE MRS. KING if UNITAS IN PACE THE FACULTY . , ' . ,.-iff v-.,,. : .7'7 ?gfp f 'S' , :ij YM:-M - , .- if f .. "f m, A aa-sf: 4 , , 6' 'll . " ff' ' I 'ff' - I S "5 mqfl. ...7:.'.!T52 MR. MILLER MISS MOSS MISS NYBERG MISS PECK MRS. PENROSE MR. POPE THE STAFF ,,.., -,, , ,.,, .,,.,.,,,4 Q QXQQ ,LM Qs ,- 5 Ialann fx Vw If np - ' .: .ff- MISS O'NEILL qi . x 5 MISS WELLES MISS ZEMBRUSKI MR. MCCANN MISS BRAZIS Page Tufenly Three UNITAS IN PACE JOHN KANE MARGARET BALDWIN Vive Prerident Affirtoni Editor Secretary and Treomrer THADDEUS GRABOWSKI Preddenl KENNETH LEACH CONSTANCE OLSON BETTY CULVER An Photography Social Page Twenty Four UNITAS IN PACE ELIZABETH LUNDIN WALTER SZCZESIUL Affixtant Editor Sport! DONALD RAYTKWI CH Editor-in-Chief JOSEPH SUCHENSKI FLORENCE CONOVER Adzfertixing Sofia! Page Twenty Five UNITAS IN PACE THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF AND HIS ASSISTANTS Page Twenty Six UNITAS IN PACE THE EDITORIAL Another year is drawing to a close, another class goes forth from the hallowed halls of Naugy High. But pause a moment. No ordinary class, this. Let us return in spirit to that bleak, stormy day, when a dejected horde of fresh- men wended their way with lagging steps toward that mmtzlm .ranftorum of knowledge, the High School. Very few people realize the brink upon which this world of ours was tottering at that moment. The black shroud of Nazism draped an immense section of the civilized world. Then suddenly, at the tiny Egyptian village of El Alamein, the first step was taken on the long steep uphill road to victory. Slowly the pall was lifted from Africa, Sicily, France, Italy and on and on, until finally, last year, with a golden spurt of delirious joy, the news was flashed that peace was once more reigning over all the world. Another world shaking event, the Atomic Bomb, was connected closely with our Allied triumph, the tremendous and awe-inspiring implications of which are grasped by very few minds at this very date. The discovery of the bomb may effect more good upon this earth of ours than can possibly be contained within the scope of man's intelligence. On the other hand, it could wipe humanity from the face of the earth. During our four years one of the truly great men of all times closed his eyes in eternal slumber. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, honored and admired by all political parties, finally found peace and serenity on the 12th of April, 1945. He occupies a place among the great names of history. One of the mightiest strides forward, since the beginning of civilization, was taken with the formation of the United Nations Organization. Here at last is a council which may succeed in attaining that long strived for goal of eternal peace for ourselves and for our descendants. And so the finger of fate begins to move again across a new page. Strong in our youth, we demand that youth must be served. Through the purple mists of Time gleam the golden turrets of the walled city of Success. Before us lies a long steep road to laeifavelled. Somewhere along this route, beneath the shading branches of Wisdom and Experience we shall find refreshment and the courage to go on. Some will stray, as some have strayed since time began, but most of us will press onward to complete the journey and to enjoy the blessed fruit of Accomplishment. So here's to the Class of '46! May they attain peace, comfort, and success, and may God bless them, watch over them, and guide their footsteps in their Journey of Life. D. R. R. Page Twenty Seven UNITAS IN PACE Page Twenty Eight THE ARTS, SPORTS AND PHOTOGRAPHIC COMMITTEES UNITAS IN PACE Page Twenly Nine THE ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE UNITAS IN PACE Page Thirty THE SOCIAL COMMITTEE UNITAS IN PACE Page Thirty One THE SOCIAL COMMITTEE THE CLASS CF 1946 UNITAS IN PACE MARY 1. ABUCEVVICZ Hop Brook "A soon LAUGH IS SUNSHINE IN A IIousE" Mary is Murphy's most loyal employee. With a heart of gold, she's the gal ever ready to lend a helping hand. We wish her the best of luck. MANUEL FRANCIS ALBERTA AL Football Clair Typist Cboir Chemistry Club Baud Gondoliers Orrbeftm "His VERY FOOT HAS Music IN IT AS I-IE COMES UP THE STAIRS" Al has been one of our most ambitious seniors. Besides studying, he has taken part in many outside activities. His out- standing achievements in music are in a class by themselves. HENRY ALMEIDA HANK Salem Sf. Aftivitier Committee Orcbeftuu Urber Graduation ff- Chai' Band Goudoliers "HAIL TO THE KING OF IMPSl" His effervescent and convivial spirit carries him blissfully onward. Always laughing, always happy, may Hank's future be as merry as he has helped to make our present. CAROLYN ELIZABETH ANDERSON LYNN Salem LASELL JUNIOR COLLEGE Tri-Hi'Y All-Stute Cboif junior IVoman'.r Club Gondolierr Cboir "GENTLE OF SPEECH, BENEFICENT OF MIND" "Count on Carolyn" became a habit with us. Always seeing the brighter side of our darkest problems, Carolyn is one of the most valued assets that 1946 can claim. Page Tbirty Tbrec' UNITAS IN PACE THERESA JUNE AQUAVIA TREE Central Avenue Tri-Hi-Y '46 Clair Urber junior lWomun'r Club Cboir '43 Dalton Club junior Artiritler Committee Terflilf '44 Senior Activities Committee "SHE MADE A THOUSAND FRIENDS!! This versatile miss is well-liked. Small wonder, with her slow breaking smile and quick response. ELIZABETH ARDRY BETTY Center "OPENS IN EACH HEART A BIT or HEAVEN" No senior class would be complete without a representative , from Cotton Hollow and this year's is pale, blonde Betty. She and her pals are inseparable. WALTER EDWARD ARMONAITIS WALLY Salem Football Co-Captain Azlrferliring Committee Buyebull '44, '45 sITs HIGH IN ALL PEOPLEVS HEARTS" Sports ability has made him the idol of many admiring underclassmen. His long passes on the football field have macle sports history. Let's give him a long Naugy cheer! MARTHA ARMONAT MARTY Salem junior Il7oman'.r Club Badminton Dalton Club "THE BEST OF LIFIZ IS CONVERSATION!! Martha-at the wheel of her car'-was always certain to be greeting her pals, here and there. A friend in need, too. Page Thirty Four UNITAS IN PACE MARGARET HELEN BALDWIN PEGGY Salem Latin Club Mort Popular Girl Matb Club junior Woman'x Club Secretary-Treafurer of Clan Bgykgfbdll Aifirtarzt Editor Clan Boole D. A. R. Repreyenmfiw "I HAD A PLEASANT TIME WITH MY MIND, FOR IT WAS HAPPY" Peggy's honors have fallen as thick as sugar plums at a Roman carnival. just glance at her list of activities. She's at- tractive, she's Naugy's D. A. R. representative, and she's des- tined for Wellesley. - FRANCES ANN BARLOW' FRANNIE St. Francis Guard of Honor Dalton Club Cbeerleader Commercial B-Prettieft Girl Graduation Uiber "A TWINKLE IN HER EYE AND LAUGI-ITER DEEP WITHIN" Attractive, well groomed and good-natured are synonyms for Frances. Added to these are her pleasing manner and eyes . that spoke volumes. K. ANN LOUISE BEHRENDT Salem LASELL JUNIOR COLLEGE Math Club '43 Daltwl Club Tri-Hi-Y Bafketball '42 junior lWoma11'.f Club Sorial Committee Cberrzirtry Club '46 "THE DEW THAT ON THE VIOLET LIES Moclcs THE DARK LUSTIIE OE THINE EYES" Our dainty and demure Anne has already been accepted at Lasell. What a typical college girl she will be! NORMAN JAMES BOVAY JIM Salem Frertrb Club junior Activity Committee Hi-Y '45, '40 Advertixitzg Committee Football '45 Baud '44, '45, '46 Harzdromest Boy Orrbeftra '44, '45, '46 "SOUND THE CANNON: BEAT THE DRUM: PENNANTS HIGH Fon JIMMY COMES !" jimmy is the boy who started our feet tapping as he marched down the street with the school band. And jim, in his uniform, is the boy who started all feminine hearts palpitating. But a stalwart Man of Science was he! Page Tbirty Fire' UNITAS IN PACE SHIRLEY ELIZABETH BOWERS SHIRL Salem junior W'ornan'5 Club Guard of Honor Home Economicr Cboir Golden Lone Gondoliers "STYLE is THE DRESS OF THOUGHTS" Shirley is the girl with a talent for Dramatics and a flair for clothes. Her quick wit and special smiles made for her countless friends. HARRY FRANCIS BRANDIEN St. Francis Bczrbelbull "I AM NOT OF MANY WORDS" Reckless Harry preferred the great out-of-doors any day to life in the confines of a classroom. But Harry was no laggard in studies, when he chose to get chummy with his books. MARY LOUISE BRANN LU LU Center School JULLIARD SCHOOL OF MUSIC Frencb Club If- Choir Orcberlra "BLUE WERE HER EYES AS THE FAIRIE-FLAXU A quaint miss, full of pleasant ways, is Mary Lou. She has a Wonderful talent in Music which just rounds out her Winsome personality. ANNE ELIZABETH BYRNE BYRNSIE St. Francis DUMBARTON COLLEGE Frencb Club Sr. Aclizrilier Commillee fr. W'ornun'J Club Social Committee Tri-Hi-Y Club-Vice Prericlent Gondolierr Cbeerleczder All-Slate Cboir "As FULL OF SPIRIT AS THE MONTH OF MAY,' A dynamic cheerleader and a popular girl, always ready for fun, Anne combined these with outstanding service to '46, espe- cially in the Class Book. In work Or play, she was always dependable. Page Tbirly Six UNITAS IN PACE AUDRIEY Lois CABLE AUDS Salem junior lVo1mm'J Clzrb Volleyball "QUEEN ROSE OF THE ROSIEBUD GARDEN or GIRLS" Audrey is the gal with the vim, vigor and vitality. We usually sce her in the halls with Shirley, but outside of school the Navy claims most of Aud's attention. SHIRLEY LOUISE CARN SHIRL MARIE ANN CAPARELLA Hop Brook junior Womar1'J Club "LAUGH THY sinus:-I LAUGHTERU If you hear a merry peal of laughter coming from the Con- ference Room it's sure to be Marie and her pal, Mary. Blonde Marie, with her twinkling eyes, charms everyone into buying Murphy's wares. Salem Graduation Uflaer "PLEAs1NG MANNERS AND A PLEASING GIRL" Up the stairs and by the window you'll always find Shirley talking to that certain someone at recess. Every class has its romantic members and Shirley was one of ours. ROBERT HARVEY CANDEE BOB Salem Pboiograplair Club Ex-G. I. "MEN LovE T0 WONDER AND THAT is THE SEAT or oux SCIENCEU Wlien the boys came marching home, Bob registered as our first G. I. He has proved himself a regular fellowh-popular and cooperative. As a Man of Science he has won 100W membership. Page Thirty Seven UNITAS IN PACE ALBERTA CARRINGTON BERT Central Avenue fr. llVomu12'J Club jr, Chair Volleyball Bgfyn Tetmir "HAPPY AM Ig FROM CARE PM FREE" Bert's sunny disposition has gained her a host of friends. A friendly smile from her puts things right again. She is most often found in the office with Helen. BETTY JANE CHURCHILL CHURCH Prospect Street junior lW0mult'J Club Choir '43, '45, '46 Butlmifztrm '43 Gomlolien' "A ROGUISH EYE is THE ERowN" Our free .and easy fun to know Betty has pleasant ways and a warm smile. Don't forget her many friends, too. JOSEPH THOMAS CONNOLLY JOE Prospect Street Latin Club Advertiriug Committee Freufb Club All-Stute Choir Golden Lune Gandalierr Cbriftmuf Play Bunfl "THE BEST OF HEALERS is soon CHEERJ' Hail to joe, musician, class leader, and humorist. That man had more irons in his fire than there are hours in a day! An all round jolly good fellow. FLORENCE CONOVER FLOPPS Salem OEERLIN C0-Cbuifmun Soriul Committee Cbemiftry Club Lutifz Club '42, '46 junior W0muu'J Club Mutb Club '43, '45 Cboir '45, '46 Hi-Y Club Preridefzt Gondolierx uTHERE'S SOMETHING IN OCTOBER SETS THE GYPSY BLOOD ASTIRH Florence-with her copious talents, honor rating, and musical ability-reached new heights with her executive powers displayed in our Class Book. College bound, she enters Oberlin in Septem- ber, with all flags flying. X l Page Thirty Eight UNITAS IN PACE JOSEPH ANTHONY COPPOLA JOE St. Francis YALE MUSIC SCHOOL Mdfb Blind Ofvlreflm Senior Chair "IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF LOVE, PLAY ONU Joes heart is filled with song. With his violin and his musi- cal ability, he has charmed us many times in our own high school concerts throughout four years. LOIS HELEN COSTELLO LO Prospect St. LARSON BUSINESS COLLEGE Social Committee Clan Book Typirl Guard of Horror Clan' Ufloer Commerrial A-Prellierl Girl Choir junior Womaiz'r Club Gorlclolierf "FAVORS TO NONE, TO ALL SHE SMILESU Lois's pretty looks and winning personality have won us, but Lois has eyes for only one! We wonder what was so inter- esting in those conversations in the hall. BETTY JANE CULVER BETTS Salem Lalirz Club Guard of Honor Matb Club funior Artiuilier junior llffomazfr Club Social Committee-Co-Chairman Tri-Hi'Y College A-Preltieit Girl "SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY LIKE THE NIGHT OF CLOUDLESS CLIMES AND STARRY SKIESU Combined with Betty's piettiness are poise, personality and creative ability. Her superlative endeavors for the Social Com- mittee were richly rewarded as she brilliantly achieved her goal. RAYMOND CURRIER RAY St. Francis Marla Club Baielfall Foozball "A WINK IS AS GOOD AS A NOD T0 THE WISE" Laurels to a fine fellow with a real Irish sense of humor Were we downhearted? Never with Ray hovering near us! Page Thirty Nine UNITAS IN PACE STEWART MILTON DAHLIN, JR. STEWIE Salem BENTLEY SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE Dalton Club-Vice Prerident Color League "HE'LL FIND A WAY" Stewart's humor and sparkling conversation are no less char- 1 acteristic of him than his active mind. Both have gone a long Way toward winning many friends for him. MAUREEN DALY MOE Salem junior Woman'J Club Sorial Committee French Club Choir Clan Urher Gondolierx Photography Cluh "WHEN IRISH EYES ARE SMILINGU Pep, personality and popularity make up our Irish Coleen, Maureen, an ardent rooter for the Garnet and Gray. She seldom missed a game. She's a creative artist too, and our Class Poet. RALPH DAMIANO Central Avenue Barhethall Captain Chrixtmaf Play Golden Lane Graduation Urher Mort Popular Boy "HE COMES BEARING A ROLLICKING SMILE AND A MERRY GREETINGH Ralph's ready grin and cheery "Hi-there" are well-known. And what a record on the basketball court was his, as he led the Garnet and Gray to victory after victory. Our hats are off to you, Ralph. EDWARD PATRICK DILLON BEAU Hop Brook Clan Day Uxher Band ,42 Aduertiring Committee "SIGI-I NO MORE, LADIES, sian NO MORE" Here's a man who already has hitched his wagon to a star. We think you'll arrive Ed. If tenacity of purpose and person- alIty can be maintained. Page Forty UNITAS IN PACE NORMAGENE DOUTY NORM Salem PERRY BUSINESS SCHOOL junior Woman'J Club "HER LAUGHTER IS AS CI-IIMEs, FOREVER RINGINGU Never lacking in school spirit, Norm's the girl who cheers madly at the games. And if you're feeling blue her friendly quips will cheer you up in no time. RAYMOND EDWARD DOWLING RAY St. Francis Senior Activity Committee "GOOD MORNING, LIFE, HAIL 'ro YOU WOMEN FAIR!" Ray's smooth dancing, his smooth line, and his genial grin -we'll never forget. Then, too, he rated high in popularity among the dominant Men of Science. -Q JOHN EVERETT DRY JOHNNY Salem "WORRY NEVER WAS MADE FOR MERRY PEOPLE" johnny's the lad with the cheery smile and the stock of jokes. We thought he was shy until the Naugy-Crosby game. Tell us, johnny, who was the girl you were With? VICTORIA DULEPSKI VICKI Prospect Street BRYANT COLLEGE Latin Club '43, '44 Badminton '43, '45 Matb Club '43, '45 Social Committee "A GOOD MIND POSSESSES A KINGDOM" Vicki radiates sunshine. Hers is a sharp Wit and hers are real jokes. She has won honor rating throughout her course. Page Forty One UNITAS IN PACE EDITH JULIA EDWARDS EDIE Salem Malb Club "Mons wise, Morin LEARN'D, Mom JUST, Moms Ev'RY-THING" Distinctiveness plus sagacity and an excellent talent in Friday morning Dramatics aptly describes Edith. A charm all her own makes her unusual in our eyes. FRANCES JEAN ELSE RED Center Mafb Club Iumor W0man'J Club Balozz '44, '45 "GOOD-HUMOR ONLY TEACHES CHARMS TO LAST" All the girls envy Fran her lovely, Titian hair and anyone can tell you of her friencllinessg it is still another asset, making her one of our nicest maidens. JOSEPH FINKE JOE St. Francis "Lima is so SHORT" Friendly Joe enjoyed many a laugh at the antics of his com- panions in Room I. The trouble is he was sometimes caught. But Joe was always a good sport. WILLIAM FRANCIS FITZGERALD FITZ St. Francis Dalton Club Ant. Manager Foozball Team "THAT smvuz FACE or Youns LOOKS LIKE THE TITLE-PAGE To A WHOLE VOLUME or ROGUERYU Is there a question that needs an immediate answer? Why not see Fitzy? He is informed on practically every subject. Where he gets his knowledge is one of life's mysteries. 4 l Page Forty Two UNITAS IN PACE IWELIO GABINI RAYMOND Central Avenue Football '45 Clan' Day Uibef Bafkclball '42 HSILENCE SWEETER is THAN SPEIECHH Melio moves quietly among us but he does not go unnoticed. We've seen many a maid's eye secretly follow him, but Melio's a man's man! CATHERINE GALVIN SIS St. Francis Dallozz Club ff. uV07?Zd1l,,l' Club Lalin Club Burkefball '42-'44 "WITH A SMILE ON HER Lips" Where there is laughter and lots of fun you re sure to find Kay assuring us all of a good time. W'e know that the office appreciated K.1y's help. TILLIE GASPAR TH-L Salem fuzlior lVonzu11'.r Club Volleyball Barketball-Captain Tezwii "THERE is ALWAYS ROOM FOR BEAUTY" Tillie is one of the stars of Naugy's undefeated Girls' Basket- ball team. Her rippling laughter often enlivens the corridors, holding a certain attraction for a special young man. VINCENT LUCIAN GELEZUNAS GELEY Hop Brook Football '45 Baxeball '45 "A MERRY HEART MAKIZTH A CHEEREUL COUNTENANCEU Here's to Geley-jolly and fun loving, but he's a man of mystery. Remember the Bethlehem scene in our artistic Christ- mas play? His art work was discovered at that time. Page Forty Tbree UNITAS IN PACE HELEN BARBARA GRABOWSKI HELCH Hedwig's Basketball HVVISELY AND SLOW,' THEY STUMBLE THAT RUN FASTU Helen is the essence of composure. No matter what the situation, she can always be counted upon to keep cool and calm. In the world of constant whirling, hers is an asset. THADDEUS WALTER GRABOWSKI TED Hop Brook GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY Clan Prerident Hi-Y Math Club Bareball Frenrb Club Golden Lane Cbemirtry Club Aduertixing Committee "HE SPEAKETH NOT,' AND YET THERE LIES A CONVERSATION IN HIS EYES.H Three cheers for Ted, our class leader! Indefatigably he worked for our interests, though the going was at times rugged. Highly dependable, gentlemanly, and considerate, Ted is not only a popular president but an excellent judge of feminine charm' in E DONALD DEWITT HERMONAT HERM Central Avenue JUILLIARD SCHOOL OF Music Mtztb Club Gondollefr Aduertiying Committee All State Cboir Senior Choir Band HWILT THoU HAVE Music?" Don is the senior with a Wonderful combination of talents. Remember his excellent performance in the "Gondoliers"? Don plays the piano too, with a little Boogie Woogie on the side. And have you danced with the man? EDITH HERMONAT EDIE Salem LINDENWOOD Cbemixtry Club Bayketball '43 fr. ll7omuu'J Club "NX"HATEvER SHE DID, SHE DID WITH DIGNITY AND EASE" Fun-loving Edith has made many friends during her years at Naugy High. Always ready with a cheerful word, she will be missed when she leaves us for Lindenwood. Page Forty Four UNITAS IN PACE CALVIN HOADLEY CAL Central Avenue UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT Math Club Golden Lane Chemistry Club-Vice President Clarixtmar Play Football '45 Jr. Activitief Committee Baseball '45-'46 Azlveftiiizzg Committee "IS IN THE VERY MAY-MORN OF HIS YOUTH RIPE FOR EXPLOITS AND MIGHTY ENTERPRISES" With his eyes fixed upon his goal in life, Cal tempers a serious outlook with a rare brand of humor. Remember the blow-up in the Chemistry Lab? JOHN HOLLOWAY JOHNNY Center School "NONE BUT HIMSELF COULD BE HIS PARALLEL" Goodlooking John left us early in January to enlist in the Army of Uncle Sam. We salute the first man of '46 to con- tribute his services to our Country. JOAN LOUISE JENSEN Center School HSUCH A MERRY, NIMBLE, STIRIIING SPIRIT" Joan is the girl with the alliterative name-"J. J."! She is small and seems serious, but lately-well, we are wondering! BETTY JOHNSON Prospect Street Cbemixtry Club Valley Ball "LITTLE IN STATURE BUT WHO CAN MATCH HER?" Betty may be a tiny miss but her vivacity, pleasant disposition and willingness Called forth the best in return from her classmates. Page Forty Five UNITAS IN PACE JOHN LARNER KANE JACK Salem Preridenl Hi-Y Foolball '45 Vice-Prerident of Clair Bareball Arrimwt Sport: Editor C1455 Urhef "THE APPAREL OFT PROGLAIMS THE MANT' The strong, dark and silent type is jack! With his co-partner, Ted, he steered our ship of state to safe harbor. We are grateful to him. ROBERT XVILLIAM KEAN BOB Salem "MEN OF FEW WORDS ARE THE BEST MENU A student is Bob, who spent all his spare school time in study. Still waters run deep. We should have liked to know Bob better. JOSEPH PETER KETRYS KET St. Hedwig's Foolbull " 'Tis GOOD T0 LIVE AND LEARNH Debonnaire Joe breezed in each morning to school, with his two Union City pals. A laugh a day-that was his slogan. And in English, we shared that mirth with him. IF' L A E . -Y' A i, . .E . N - . A fx' . 5 GLADYS KIELY SIS Prospect Street TEXAS TECH. COLLEGE Malb Club jr. lV0man'5 Club Latin Club Tefwif Cbemirtry Club Bddmif1l0f2 Sorial Commillee "N1MisLE THOUGHT CAN JUMP BOTH LAND AND SEAN Our math wizard, that's Gladys. Given half a chance, it's our guess she may even stump Einstein. Her future looks very, very promising in a not overcrowded field. l Page Forly Six UNITAS IN PACE JAMES F. KISSANE, JR. KISSIE St. Francis Mazb Club Adzfertiring Committee Cbemiilry Club Clan' Day Ufber "THE RULE OF MY LIFE IS TO MAKE BUSINESS A PLEASURE AND PLEASURE MY BUSINESS" What would our classes have been without Kissie? Particu- larly in Chemistry he contributes his share to the merriment. And a true Irishman, too, with his Sparkling Wit. ELEANOR VIRGINIA KLIMASIESKI CHICK Prospect St. Malls Club '44 Tezzuif '43 Dalfofz Club Badminton '43, '44 Tri-Hi-Y Social Committee "WHEN MY I-IEART IS FILLED Wm-I PRAISE I CAN'T KEEP BACK A SONG" A happy-go-lucky girl is Eleanor. Her smiling disposition and personality plus made her popular in our class. When Chick and her pals get together-joy reigns. KARYL KLONOSKI KAY St. Francis LARSON JUNIOR COLLEGE Malb Club '44 junior lVomaa'J Club "A VVELL ERED SILENCE ALWAYS AT COMMAND" In appearance Karyl is outstanding, with her flowing blonde locks and big blue eyes. We particularly admire her talent in French. JOSEPH EDWARD KRAUS JOE Hop Brook Cbemixlry Club Bafeball '45, '46 Football '45 Bafkelball '45, '46 "WORDS ARE NVOMEN, DEEDS ARE MEN" joe'S quick action has made him a popular member of our Basketball team. However, every man has his weakness-joe's happens to be blondes. Page Forty Seven UNITAS IN PACE IRENE ELIZABETH KURAITIS Salem VALPARAISO UNIVERSITY Fremla Club Badminton Math Club Tennis Social Committee Chair Bajkelball Orpheum "THE SECRET OF sUccEss IS CONSTANCY TO PURPOSE" Everyone likes her because she's thoroughly amiable, depend- able, and just plain fun. A ready smile and a hearty laugh lie behind her studious face. Irene rates tops with us. DOROTHY ANN LAGUNA DOT St. Hedwig's XVEYLISTER Mall, Clyfb Gandoliem Frerzcla Club fr. Choir Tennis "A FRIEND IS NVORTH ALL PIAZARDS WE CAN RUN" A friend indeed is Dot! Always on hand with a cheery word, she has often been the rainbow to some Senior 10 a stormy moment. KEN KENNETH ARTHUR LEACH Salem Art Commillee-Clmiwmuz Urlaef-Clan Day "HE HOLDS His PEN IN TRUST TO ART" Intelligence plus-that's Ken. His art ability, too, adds an- other feather to his cap, We know he will be 'One Of Our future leaders. . ,gf PAUL LEMOINE PIERRE If Clarutmuf Play 5. , "HAPPINESS IS MADE TO BE SHARED" , V A I - I , fowagig Don't let his quiet manner fool you! Beneath that composed I exterior Paul has a wonderful sense of humor. Those seventh periods were so long for study, weren't they, Mr. Lemoine? Q 'Elf' 1 2: -E 'ggi -g 1 Elf: - ,V .A -1 V if Page Forty Eight UNITAS IN PACE WILLIAM G. LEUCHARS BILL Prospect Ex-G. I. "YOUR WORD IS AS GOOD AS THE BANK, sIR!" February brought Valentine Day to the rest of the borough and Marine Bill to the ranks of 1946. Our G. I. quickly reestab- lished himself after his patriotic duty for our country was ended. His mature sense of values fespecially in debate!J we honor! ELIZABETH LUNDIN LIBBY Salem UNIVERSITY or CoNNEcT1cUT Math Club '44, '45 Tri-Hi-Y Dalton Club '46 Senior Artiuity Committee Assistant Editor of Class Boob Cbemistry Club junior Woman's Club-Treasurer Guard of Honor "MY HEART IS LIKE A QINGING BIRDU Libby is headed for Connecticut University and what a trail of scholastic glory is hers. An Assistant Editor of our Class Book, she brought initiative and brilliance to her achievements. ROBERT STONE LYNN TIN St. Francis Matb Club Ir. Activities Committee Basketball '43-'44 Sr. Activities Committee Golden Lane Cbristmas Play Usber Class Day Advertising Committee "I BID YOU THE TOP o' THE MORNIN' " Good, old Tin Lynn, what would the Senior Class have done without him? College English was properly grateful for his presence and his typical teen-age outlook on life. There is only one Bob! MURIEL MARIE McGURN MICKEY St. Augustiens RENOURD UNDERTAKER SCHOOL "THE PRECIOUS PORCELAIN OF HUMAN CLAYU Mickey came to us this year but already we're acquainted with her soft, pleasing giggle. She's a good sport, too. Page Forty Nine UNITAS IN PACE LOIS ANN MANCINI LO Central Avenue Badminlon "I HAVE A HEART WITH ROOM lfoR EVERY AIOYH Quite a type is Lois with her raven black hair and dark eyes. Although she has spent her school afternoons in the Office of Peter Paul, she has found time to be loyal to our senior activities. Salem Barleetball Clarr Book Typirl Temzir Badmialon "TO Mix WIT AND WISDOM is TRULY A VIRTUEU Here-'s to the smartest girl in our shorthand and typing classes. Loretta plays a wonderful game of girls' basketball, too. How those underclass teams cringed before herl ROSEMARIE MANGINE Salem Barfertlaall Volleyball Tennis Clan Book Typzrl Badminton 'KMIRTH AND MERRIMENT AND FULL or FUN WAS SHEU An infallible sense of humor keeps all of Rosemaries classes interesting, we know full well. She has a sparkle all her own. We'll surely miss Rose after we all separate. OHN MARIOTTI JOHNNIE J Central Avenue "TO LAUGH is PROPER 'ro THE MANH We all appreciated 4lohnnie's infectious grin, especially in sixth period Civics class. There, in a back corner allied with his cohorts, he really kept us in good spirits. His preference for brunettes was somewhat marked! Page Fifty UNITAS IN PACE MARCELLA ROSE MARIOTTI SIS Central Avenue Home Ecozzomirx Club Valley Ball Guy, attractive Marcella is always ready to greet her many friends with many smiles. It's been a wonderful year hasn't it, Marcella? WILLIAM MAZEIKA BILL Salem NONE sTn.L, STRONG MAN IN A BLATANT LANDU Apparently time wasting was not in Bills dictionary. He usually tackled the task to the best of his ability. However, a hidden sense of humor showed us that here was a rnan who missed very little. CHARLES HERMAN MESSNER, JR. CHUCK Central Avenue Football "WHATS THE USE OF WORRYINGPU Charles has a mind of his own and is not afraid to use it. He's sturdy, dependable and a loyal pal. HELEN MIS BUBBLES Center WATERBURY HOSPITAL French Club "SOFT AS sPfuNG WIND THAT coMEs FROM BIRCHEN BOWERS" fModest, meritorious Helen pursued the calm way of life. We liked her balanced approach to all problems. And her voice is ever soft, appealing, and low. Page Filly One UNITAS IN PACE DORIS MONAGHAN Central Avenue Dalton Club-Preriderzl Laliu Club '45 Tri-Hi-Y luaior Artizfily Commizrgg Malls Club '45 Social Committee "NOTHING GREAT WAs EVER ACHIEVED WITHOUT ENTHUSIASMU .A brilliant student, a good sport, and a talented actress com- bine to make Doris the popular miss that she is. LUIS ANN MUNGER LO Salem PosT JR. COLLEGE Barkelball Guard of Honor Temzir Urlaer Graduation "BLONDE or LOCKS WITH EYES so BLUE" Lois was once a little freshman, unobtrusive and unheard of. Now she's a Senior-known for her vivacious personality and prettiness. BERNICE ROSEMARY MURPHY MURPH Hop Brook Home Erorzomicr Club-Prerident jr. Choir Clan Book Typist "WHO KNOXWS NOTHING BASE, FEARS NOTHING KNOWNU A study in applied diligence, Bernice found some leisure in her Senior year. Will we ever forget her three octave laughter? JANE CAROL NARDELLO NARD Central Avenue WATERBURY HOSPITAL Barkelball-Captain Social Commizlee Guard of Honor Clan Urber "THERE's A WOMAN LIKE A DEWDRoP" A flash and a swish of the net-that's our jane putting in another basket for the Senior girls. Besides being outstanding in sports, jane is one of our beauties which led us to choose her for our guard of honor. Wltat a combination for success! Page Fifty Two DOMENIC NARDUCCI Lalin Club '45 Mulh Club Football '44, '45 Barelmll "A MERRY HEART DOTH MORE GOOD THAN ANY MEDICINEU An exemplar of the national sport, Lefty grumbled all winter because there wasnt any baseball. Come spring we find him out on the mound throwing some fast ones. He does all right on those home runs, too, in studies as well as sports. MARGARET MARY NOBLE Junior Wf'om1n'r Club Dalian Club Luliu Club "AN oUNcE or WIT IS WORTH A POUND or soRRoW" Sis joined us during our Junior year and became at once a favorite. She has an ace rank among "Helen's Girls!" UNITAS IN PACE LEFTY Salem junior Arliifitier Commitlee Senior Aftizfitier Commiltee Adffertiring Committee SHIRLEY NEEDHAM SHIRL Central Avenue Clem Urlaer UPLEASURES ARE EVER IN OUR HANDS OR EYES" Blonde haired Shirley has become quite a magnet for mascu- line companionship this year. But a certain boy will have to wait till she finishes her beautician's course, for Shirley is bent on having a salon of her own. SIS St. Francis Burketbull Badminton Clan Urlaer JAMES JOSEPH NOLAN JIM St. Francis "FEW WERE HIS WORDS, BUT-" Carefree Jimmy has yet to find time to worry about his school work. A likeable fellow, popular, and full of fun, what more could anyone want? Page Fifly Three UNITAS IN PACE RAMONA REGINA NOVAK MONA Hop Brook junior W0mdl1'I Club Barkeiball Frenfb Club Art Club "I'M sURE CARE'S AN ENEMY To LIFE" Ramona's glorious auburn hair is the object of many admir- ing glances. She's very talented, artistic, and dramatically inclined. CHARLOTTE O' CONNOR St. Francis Dalton Club Golden Lane-Secrelary Social Comuziltee Cbrirlmar Play "HER WIT WAs MORE THAN MAN, HER INNOCENCE A CHILD" Cheerfulness is one of Charlotte's many assets. Never a dull moment around this young ladyg the twinkle in her eyes and the Lauren Bacall voice-what a combination! ELEANOR ELIZABETH OEMCKE Salem UNIVERSITY or CONNECTICUT Latin Club Sorial Committee Malb Club-'45 Serretafy Sr. Cboir Cbriytmar Play Gondolierr Golden Lane--Prerident All'Stale Cboir HZEALOUS, YET MODEST,' INNOCENT, THOUGH FREE,' PATIENT OF TOIL,' SERENE AMIDST ALARMSU With her manners, her scholastic ability, and her dramatic poise, El is one of 1946's outstanding students. When she set her mind on a goal, she reached it, no matter what obstacles rose. And dependability plus-that's Eleanor. HENRIETTA OLDAKOWYSKI BABE Salem Dallon Club-Treasurer Social Cbmmiffef "LAUGH AND THE WORLD LAUGHS WITH YOU" Wherever Henrietta is-there lies laughter and gaiety. ,A warm smile and an amiable personality are synonymous with Babe. She never let a friend down. Page Fifty Four UNITAS IN PACE CONSTANCE ANN OLSON CONNIE Salem UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT Malb Club--Secretary jr, W'omm2'1 Club Tri-Hi-Y Pbozograpby Commiltee-Cbairmrm Frerzrb Club "WE HAVE BEEN FRIENDS TOGETHER IN SUNSHINE AND IN SHADEH Here's to the girl with the vivacious manner and ace rating in the Iowa Tests, an all round good sport. An indefatigable worker for the Class of 1946 is our own Connie, whose heart interest is right now in the Green Mountain State. NORMAN CHAPMAN OWENS NORM Prospect Street Band Gorzdolierir Orcbeftru "WE GRANT, ALTHOUGH HE HAD MUCH XVIT, HE NVAS VERY SHY OF USING ITU For four years Norm has been hiding behind a mask of shy- ness. We've been wondering who the little girl up in the study hall is that causes so much commotion. We'll wager that Norm finds real happiness in this world. FLORENCE POLONIS HONEY Prospect junior lVormw'J Club Guard of Honor Gerzeral-Prettiext Girl "BEAUTY'S A FLOWER" Honey colored hair and contagious laughter spell Florence. We think she well deserves her nickname, "Honey", Inciden- tally, her beauty is one of Naugy's claims to fame. WILLIAM B. PROSSER, JR. Malls Club '43, '44, '45 high school. Page Fifty Five NEW BRITAIN TEACHERS, COLLEGE "TAKE ME DOWN TO THE SEA, BOYS" BILL Salem Billy is a boy who has Often lent his efforts to the argument of many weighty problems. With his flair for debating, his defence of seapower versus airpower has become a byword in LILLIAN MARY QUIRKE LILL Malls Club Golden Lane Frenrla Club Sorial Committee untor IVoman J Club junior Artioity Committee Barketball Senior Activity Committee SHE SMILES AND THE SHADOWS DEPART Always smiling and ever eager to lend a hand, Lill has been a strong force behind our class affairs. Devoted to her books In preparation for her teaching career, Lill manages to find time for athletic activities galore. We might add too, that her artistic flair has been 1 vital contribution to our social success. DONALD ROBERT RAYTKWICH DON Editor In Clare Clair Book Latin Club Golden Lane VzfePreJ1dent Cbrirtma: Play Prerident Iventla Club Gondolierr All State Cborut Cboir HE yoYEn or LIFLS PLEAsUnEs ALL HE COULD FINDQ BUT RIcHEsT THE TREASURES HE FOUND IN His MIND" The rest of us gather painfully our crop of 70's and 80's as Don harvests 90s and 95s with the greatest of ease. Clas- sicist musician actor and author. This erudite man has an enormous claim to them all We salute him! UNITAS IN PACE LAURA CATHERINE PULEO LAUR Prospect junior W0man'5 Club Soriul Cgmmjfpeg B4dm1'Yl0'1 Gondolieft Golden Lane Choi, Clan Uilyer "SHE IS PRETTY T0 WALK WITH AND WITTY TO TALK WITH" What a whirling bundle of energy is Laura with her bubbling personality and gaiety! Though her days were always filled with activity, she never neglected her books. St. Francis U l JANETTE RADO JAN Salem BUSINESS COLLEGE junior Wfomank Club '42 Social Committee "THIS IS THE VIRTUE T0 BE ctw" Carefree, likeable Janette! She is always attractively dressed and well groomed. She bubbles over with laughter and gaiety but-janette can be very businesslike when work is required. St. Francis Page Fifty Six UNITAS IN PACE PHYLLI S JUNE REED PHYL Salem LARSON BUSINESS COLLEGE junior lWoman'.r Club Clan' Urber Badminton '42 Cboir '45 Clair Boob Typirt Gondoliers "SHE is NOT DIFEICULT TO PLEAsE,' SHE CAN BE SILENT AS THE TREES" Hats off to Phyl for her buoyant sense of humor, accented by her smile. A consistently excellent Honor student, Com- mercial classes are proud to claim her. MARY TERESA REI LLY SHORTY Hop Brook Bafbetball HSILENCE MORE MUSICAL THAN ANY SCSNGH Mary is quiet, reserved and genuinely sweet. A quick little smile and a certain responsiveness show us that she usually knows all the answers! ROBERT RICHARDSON RIP Salem Mails Club Graduation Ufber Cbrirtmaf Play "WOMEN NEVER BOTHEE. ME" Here's to Rip-carefree, rollicking, clever, and a confirmed woman-hater. The Honor Roll and he were inseparable, though books never worried him. IEAN RUTH ROYLE JEANNIE Salem WATERBURY HOSPITAL junior lVoman'.r Club Cboir Band Gondolierr Orrbexlra "A sHY SMILE CONCEALS WIT AND WISDOMI' Jeannie, the mermaid, with the light brown hair. Her bright blue eyes carry a mischievous glint, which spells mystery! Page Fifly Seven UNITAS IN PACE JANE CAROLE RUCCIO RUCH Central Avenue NEW HAVEN GENERAL HOSPITAL junior Wfomurfr Club-President Baton '43 Math Club '44, '45 Tri-Hi-Y Cheerleader-Captain Latin '44 Social Committee Dalton Club "HAPPINESS IS THE WINE OF RAREST VINTAGE" All honor to dark, vivacious .lane who captained our cheer- leaders and was the capable president of our junior Woman's Club. Her manners matched her personality. MARIE ANN SABIA SHORTY Salem junior ll"omutz'r Club "AND NEVER DID SHE FROWNl', Called Shorty by her classmates, Marie's capacity for friendli- ness has no relation to her stature. She is carefree but steadfast with her pals. JOSEPH ANTHONY SANTORE JOE Salem ' Football '43, '44, '45 Cboit Senior Activity Committee "TI-IE TRUE ATI-ILETE IS A GENTLEMANU Many and varied are joe's activities. Last fall, as Captain of the Football team, he thrilled the screaming grandstands with his prowess. 31,5 4-'-1?-trifle'-:.,,.,, .,...:. -1 CARLTON A. SI-IEA SONNY 'V X M 51433 4 as H 12-E ':- as -ass it Salem ga ' Mull? Club Aduertirtng Committee Vi 2535 J Cbemirtry Club Urber Clan Day 4. A "THE GREATER MAN THE GREATER COURTESY" '," . ' Carlton's good looks and gentlemanliness are two of his many ' My ' . attributes. His ready humor has added to many a dance and I - party. He prefers-brunettes! L . A . I I :ia V Page Fifty Eight UNITAS IN PACE RAYMOND SHEPACK BLACKIE ' A 1 Prospect 4 UTHERE IS MISCHIEE IN THIS MAN" ii ' A You can be sure that where there was fun and laughter, our Q X Young Casanova, Ray, was always on hand to join in the merri- K ' Q M ment. He could easily have Obtained honor ranks in all his 'fffffq y '. ,p studies-if he wished! Apparently his thoughts were elsewhere. 5 3 i ' iff , Q 5 3 ' ' If Y 5 ' .1 - gf - I .Lg 5 , A - ., , if sr GEORGE V. SIGETTI SIG Salem Adrferliriflg Commillee Clam Usher' "IE MY HEART WERE NOT LIGHT I WOLlI.D DIE" Lots Of fun and good times are Georges main objects in. life. He even makes Civics class an experience not to be missed. A fund of wit and humor of a particular brand are his, MAY SMITH SMITTY Salem Band "SHE SAID LITTLE, BUT TO THE PURPOSEU May is Our intelligent little miss from out Millville way. With her friendly manner and sweet nature she is ever welcome in our midst. , 1 LILLIAN KATHRYN SODLOSKI SOX Prospect Street NEW YORK SCHOOL OI' NIVRSING Ffelifb Ylgflllij' jf. IVoman'J Club Badmiufoiz Volfeybdll Merreziger' Girl "A TENDER HEART,' A WILL INFLEXIBLEU Where does Lillian get all her pep and 7est? Tirelessly each morning she tracks down erring Seniors who have forgotton one pink absent slip or another. We admire her calm and tran- quil manner which spells poise. Page Fifty Nine UNITAS IN PACE ROBERT STIEN BGB St. Francis "WHO INVENTED THIS THING CALLED STUDYINGPU Bob is a fun-loving fellow, always looking for excitement. He may be somewhat reticent but when there's mischief afoot in Chemistry, Mr. Leary knows whO's at the bottom Of it. DOesn't he, Bob? BARBARA JANE STINE JANE Nuner School junior Woman'J Club "WITH MIRTH AND LAUOHTER LET ME GREET DULL CARE" Bob is known throughout Naugy High for her excellent danc- ing and her bubbling wit. What gal could ask for more? l JOSEPH PAUL SUCHENSKI, JR. JOE St. HedWig's Cbairman Adoertiring Committee Football Latin Club Baseball Graduation Urber Golden Lane Stage Manager Cbrirtmar Play "No SOONEI1 sAID THAN DONE. SO ACTS YOUR MAN OF WORTH,' Our hats are off to Joe for the splendid work he did as chairman of the Advertising Committee. With some kind of effortless effort, he quickly placed advertising in the most suc- cessful spot for our Class Book. DONALD ARTHUR swANsON DON Matb Club Golden Lane-Treaturer V Cbemirtry Club Prerident Cbrirtmar Play . A xy I F00fta11'44-'45 If- Aftivififf Sr. Cboir Advertiring Committee , I ' i lif7f' "COME GIVE ME YOUR HAND, sm-MY FRIEND AND MY BROTHER" ' i Our capable Chemistry President and Treasurer of Golden ' Lane always gives zest to what he does, making everyone en- Kr. , ' joy himself Qespecially the fairer sexy. A very popular boy 1S fig! , Q this scholar athlete. I f Page Sixty U N I T A S I N P A C E CECILIA SZCZESIUL CEU.. St. Hedwig's junior Woman'r Club Guard of Honor Badminton "BORN WITH A GIFT OF LAUGHTERN Cheerful, laughing Ceil can always be found in the halls making merry. Could she be one of the reasons why our halls are so crowded? WALTER JOHN SZCZESIUL SCOOP St. Hedwig Dalton Club Ggldgn Lane Fevfbell '45, '46 Sport: Editor Barketball Scorer '45 Adoeftiring Committee Clrrirtmar Play "A LIFE OF ACTION IS NOBLER THAN A LIFE OF THOUGHTH Walter is one of the Sports Editors of this year's class book, and his exciting accounts of the basketball games have proved his ability. He has dramatic prowess too, having appeared in ' the Christmas play. JOAN BELINDA TRACY fr. Woman'I Club Claoir '42 Social Committee "GREAT THOUGHTS, LIKE GREAT DEEDS, NEED NO TRUMPET" Don't let her stature deceive you. joan's I. Q. was among the best. Although a demure miss, she always has the right ZIIISWCI. ST. JOSEP1-I's COLLEGE CATHERINE ANN TRIANO KITTIE Salem "JOY DELIGHTS IN JOY" Who is the girl that makes History so jolly? Why, it's Kittie, of course! Merry as the day is long is she. Page Sixty One UNITAS IN PACE HOXVARD C. VAGT Baud PI-IYLLIS VEST PHIL Salem Cbemiflry Club "IN QUIETNESS SHALL BE YOUR STRENGTH!! Phil-with her flawless complexion and demure smile! She was so different and so appealing. JEANNE BERYL WARNER Malb Club fr. UVOIIZLIIZIJ Club Tri-Hi-Y deserves our vote for Prettiest she did not arrive sooner. SHIRLEY WATERHOUSE SHIRL Salem POST BUSINESS COLLEGE Dallofz Club Cbemirlry Club Cbeerleuder Urber Graduation Bafkelball Social Committee Sr. Arliifilier Cowmillee fr. Cboir "LAUGH WITH AN INTIENT TO DO MISCHIEFU Shirley just bubbles with activity and is one of basketball's staunchest supporters. No game was complete without her as cheerleader and she donned the Garnet and Gray with true loyalty. Page Sixty Two Prospect 0rrbe.rl1'a "MAN IS MAN AND MASTER OF HIS FATE" Howard is a great science man. This talent, combined with his famous blush, makes him a popular Senior. a"' JEANNIE Stevens Jr. High--Williamsport, Pa. UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT Golden Lane Preltierl Girl USHEJS ALL MY FANCY PAINTED HER,' SHE's LOVELY, SHIZJS DIVINE" Though Jeanne has been with us but a year it didn't take her long to win us with her sweet ways and fair beauty. She Girl. Our one regret is that UNITAS IN PACE WAYNE WEINHARDT MUFF Central Avenue "3 Art Club Cboir 4 In V V Dalton Club Orfbeflm gi g i ' fy Goudolien E Z "Horn THE SHIP, FOR I AM COMING!" Y, 1 Artistic ability and a fine sense of humor are mixed in just the right proportions in Wayne, His posters have often adorned A all-I --V. If the bill-boards in the High Schoolg his ready wit has often , r"" punctuated recitations. V' . 1 -14,14-fr"x,' . eIf'3"4'13qi:fi'va1'n"- 7-7ff1ff2,,,v."'- '- 'gi e1',2i'.w gA,f',. . fsgqjzfliii .. f LOIS WELCH LO Prospect St. EDGEWOOD PARK Tri-Hi-Y Temzir '46 junior Wl0mdll,J Club Guard of Honor Cbeerleader '45 Social Commizzee "LIFE IS NOT so SHORT BUT THAT THERE is TIME FoR COURTESY" Lois is our Poise and Personality Gal. With her genuine friendliness she is one of our most popular, especially down New Haven way! Bl:VERLY FAIRFIELD WILCOX BEV Center Dalian Club Badmiolon jr. lVoma1z'J Club Sr. Cboir Barketbull "HER voIcE WAS EVER soFT, GENTLE AND LOW" Beneath Bevs quiet exterior lies the soul of a Thespian. She has shown her ability in Drarnatics not only through her performances on Friday mornings but also through her out' standing activities in the Choir. GEORGE WII.MOT Lazio Club Page Sixty Tbree Salem Mull: Club "MY MIND TO ME A KINGDOM IS SUCH PERFECT JOY THEREIN I FIND!! Hail to the scientist of our class! Though more reserved than most of us, George has his moments. A man has a right to be serious, particularly when his mind is on West Point. UNITAS IN PACE LORRAINE WISINSKI Salem Wizx'L1sTER junior llV077l!ZIl'.f Club Cbgif Bnrketbfzll Gmzdolierr Tefmir "I BEAR A CHARMIZD LIFE" What mystery is hidden behind that demure face? Lorraines complexion has been the envy of Commercial A. VVALTER MICHAEL WOJTAK BUTCH - Hop Brook Golden Lane Cb1'l.fl7Il:1,f Play USXGHING THAT NATURE EORMED BUT oNE SUCH MAN" Butch--ready and willing and able-can settle down to the day's business quickly. His "hidden" dancing talent Cdeveloped at the Golden Lane Christmas partyj has made him a social lion. ELMER WOOD RED XWOOD Brandon Jr. High School Clacmiytry Club "AH, XVHY SHOULD LIFE AL1. LABOR Never a worry and never a care fits Red-Elmer. He meant f to study but life was full ol too many other, more interesting things and he never quite got to it. But he's a regular fellow and we like him. JEAN WOODSIDE Salem Dalton Club Twwif Barkezball "WISDOM, PONVER AND GooDNEss MEETH jean never spoke out of turn nor clamored for attention. Her reticence was appealing, her composure was compelling in itself. Page Sixly Fam' UNITAS IN PACE STELLA JOAN YACKOWSKI STASIA Ashley jr. High-Ashley, Pa. LARSON BUSINESS COLLEGE Dalian Club-Secretary Social Commiltee jr. Woman'r Club Meffezzger Girl "INDUSTRY, PERSEVERANCE AND ERUGALITY MAKE FORTUNE YIELD" The slim, blonde senior hurrying through the halls with notices is our own Stella. Her friendliness, cheerfulness, and intelligence ought to help her On the road to success, CHARLES ZUBANCH, JR, Central Avenue "WITH I-IIS EYES IN FLOOD WITH LAUGHTERU Charles with that masculine build has been the envy of many of his classmates. The girls hoped that he would appear at some of the Naugy High dances, but Charles could not be bothered with such trifles as women. REGINA ZWOLINSKY REGGIE St. John Cantius School ROCHESTER UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY "SPARKLING AND WITTY-SHORT AND SWEET" Reggie, the cutest usherette at the Playhouse, has a real beauty asset-a winning Smile and a personality to match. Page Sixty Five UNITAS IN PACE Page Sixty Six UNITAS IN PACE IN MEMORIAM "But when the sun in all his state, Illumed the eastern skies, She passed through glory's morning gate, And walked in Paradise." We, who grew up with Mary O'Donnell and danced with her along the paths of carefree childhood. remember her with deep affection, secure in our belief she is not far away. She left us as she lived-with a smile on her faceg may God grant, in His infinite wisdom, that we may all see her smile again one day. 1 Page Sixzy Seven UNITAS The Ideal Corrzporite Senior Girl Wozlld Have The: Hair of Jeanne Warner Eyes of Betty Culver Teeth of Frances Barlow Smile of Lois Costello Dimples of Victoria Dulepski Complexion of Shirley Carn Figure of Elizabeth Lundin Voice of Florence Conover Hands of Anne Behrendt Sense of Humor of Doris Monaghan Personality of Peggy Baldwin IN PACE The Ideal Comporite Senior Boy Would Have The.' Hair of Jim Bovay Eyes of Edward Dillon Teeth of Carlton Shea Smile of Ted Grabowski Dimples of Joe Santore Physique of Donald Swanson Voice of Donald Raytkwich Hands of Jack Kane Sense of Humor of Bob Lynn Personality of Ralph Damiano Savoir-Faire of joe Suchenski Savoir-Faire of Lillian Quirke HONOR TO WHOM HONOR IS DUE UNITAS IN PACE OFFERS ITS GRATITUDE: To Anne Byrne who was constantly at our service in transporting all material for the class-book to the printer. To our six faithful typists-especially to Lois Costello and Phyllis Reed-for their dependability and promptness in preparing all materials handed to them. To Chairman joe Suchenski and the Advertising Committee, one of the most dynamic and successful combinations in the history of Naugatuck High. To Mr. Nolan, Mr. Santoro, Mr. Vincent, Mr. Parker, and Mr. Hampson for their constant courtesy to us and patience with us. Although restricted by lack of materials and labor, they nevertheless performed their immense task efficiently and magnanimously. Page Sixty Eight UNITAS IN PACE NAUGATUCK HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR CLASS FOUR YEAR HONOR ROLL-1946 Donald Raytkwich, Valedictorian George Wilmot, Salulatorian ......... Victoria Dulepski, Phyllis Reed ....... Lillian Quirke .... Stella Yackowski Kenneth Leach .... Edith Edwards .... Margaret Baldwin Gladys Kiely ......,. Laura Puleo ......... Eleanor Oemcke .. Joan Tracy ........... Jean Royle ...... Irene Kuraitis ....... Constance Olson Elizabeth Lundin Mary Abucewicz Manuel Alberta Henry Almeida Carolyn Anderson Theresa Aquavia Elizabeth Ardry Walter Armonaitis Martha Armonat Margaret Baldwin Frances Barlow Anne Behrendt James Bovay Shirley Bowers Harry Brandien Mary Lou Brann Anne Byrne Audrey Cable Marie Caparella Shirley Carn Robert Candee Alberta Carrington Betty Churchill Joseph Connolly Florence Conover Joseph Coppola Lois Costello Betty Culver Raymond Currier Stewart Dahlin Maureen Daly Ralph Damiano Edward Dillon Normagene Douty Raymond Dowling John Dry Victoria Dulepski Edith Edwards Frances Else Joseph Finke William Fitzgerald Meglio Gabani Catherine Galvin Tillie Gasllar Vincent Gelezunas ..... 93.91'Z7 92.9496 Ermyirt ...... .............. ........................... 9 0 .7695 90.6113 Calvin Hoadley 87.9419 90.1695 Loretta Mangine 87.66fZp 89.9795 Helen Mis 87.4495 89.8821 jean Warner 87.40W 8968? Doris Monaghan 86.88927 89.5596 Florence Conover 86.69921 89.17Wp Donald Hermonat 86.2896 89.1-TZ, Charlotte O'Connor 86.0692 89.0895 Dominic Narducci 85.6995 88.62W Catherine Triano 85.245 88.61fZy Robert Richardson 8517? 88.43Z1 Jean Woodside 85.00fk 87.94W William Mazieka 85.00921 87.94W 1946 SENIOR CLASS MEMBERSHIP Connie Olson Helen Grabowski Thaddeus Grabowski Donald Hermonat Edith Hermonat Calvin Hoadley John Holloway Joan Jensen Betty Johnson John Kane Robert Kean Joseph Ketrys Gladys Kiely James Kissane Elinor Klimasieski Karyl Klonoski Joseph Kraus Irene Kuraitis Dorothy Laguna Kenneth Leach William G. Leucharis Paul Lemoine Elizabeth Lundin Robert Lynn Muriel McGurn Lois Mancini Loretta Mangine Rosemarie Mangini John Mariotti Marcella Mariotti William Mazeika Charles Messner Helen Mis Doris Monaghan Lois Munger Bernice Murphy Jane Nardello Domenic Narducci Shirley Needham Margaret Noble James Nolan Ramona Novak Charlotte O'Connor Eleanor Oemcke Henrietta Oldakowski Page Sixty Nine Norman Owens William Prosser Laura Puleo Lillian Quirke Janette Rado Donald Raytkwich Phyllis Reed Mary Reilly Robert Richardson Florence Polonis Jean Royle Jane Ruccio Marie Sabia Joseph Santore Carlton Shea Raymond Shepack George Sigetti Mae Smith Lillian Sodlosky Robert Stine Barbara Stine Joseph Suchenski Donald Swanson Cecilia Szczesiul Walter Szczesiul Joan Tracy Catherine Triano Howard Vagt Phyllis Vest Jean Warner Shirley Waterhous Wayne Weinhardt Lois Welch Beverly Wilcox George Wilmot Lorraine Wisinski Walter Wojtak Elmer Wood Jean Woodside Stella Yackowski Charles Zubanch Regina Zwolinsky E UNITAS IN PACE THE LADIES OF THE CAFETERIA Page Seventy W Sp X' RTS' X f 2 af UNITAS IN PACE Page Sevenly Two CAPTAINS AND MANAGERS UNITAS IN PACE Page S6'I'6'Illy Tb: ec FOOTBALL TEAM THE UNITAS IN PACE Naugatuck 6, Derby 12 Naugatuck opened its '46 season with high hopes of beating Derby. The Grey- hounds drew first blood early in the second period with a long pass from Armonaitis to San Angelo. The kick for the extra point fell short of the goal post and Naugy forged ahead 6-0. Derby wasted little time in getting back the touchdown. They too scored on a long pass, and as the half ended, the score was 6-6. Both teams fought hard in the next period, neither team being able to score. ln the final period Derby came back with a powerhouse drive, led by their giant fullback. Naugy's line fought hard but was unable to stop the mighty charge of Derby who went over for another touchdown making the score 12-6 in favor of the Red Raiders. The Grey- hounds fighting back were unable to score again. Defeat came in our first game of the season. Nougaluck 19, Wilby 12 Full of fight and determined to beat Wilby, Naugatuck came back. The Grey- hounds took an early lead on a touchdown by Captain Wally Armonaitis, who carried the ball through the center of the line. Naugatuck led 6-0 as the first period ended. Early in the next period it was Armonaitis again, this time around right end for another touchdown. The kick for the extra point was good and the Greyhounds led 13-0. Naugatuck got possession of the ball again on a fumble. Usyakiewiez scoot- ing around right end made another touchdown, and as the half ended Naugatuck was away out in front 19-0. Wilby was not a beaten team, however. Early in the third period they came back scoring a touchdown, and adding another in the fourth period. However Naugy's early lead was their undoing as the Greyhounds emerged victorious. Nongaluck 0, Torrington 26 Naugatuck's second defeat of the season came at the hands of an old rival. Wasting no time, Torrington started off with a fast and furious brand of football, and before we knew what had happened, Torrington was in front 13-0 and the half hadn't ended. A drive right down the field and a perfect place-kick gave them 7 points. Once more they gained possession of the ball and again marched right down the field for another touchdown. In the second half the story was pretty much the same. The Big Red could not be stopped. Again they swept down the field in a devastating drive, and again Naugy's defenses cracked as Torrington scored once more. Before the final whistle blew, Torrington scored another touchdown. This time it was on a long pass into the arms of a waiting receiver. Defeat had struck the Garnet and Grey again. Nougalzzrk 19, Shelton 19 Against Shelton, Naugatuck played its only tie ball game of the season. The Greyhounds started off in the first period with a touchdown pass from Wally Ar- monaitis to jack Cuddy. Naugatuck led 6-0. Naugatuck gained possession of the Page Seventy Four UNITAS IN PACE ball on a fumble scoring another touchdown, on a pass from Armonaitis to Cuddy. Naugy now had a comfortable lead of 12-0, as the first period ended. Naugatuck scored another touchdown before the half time. Uszakiewicz inter- cepted a Shelton pass and raced 80 yards for a spectacular touchdown, followed by a place kick. Naugy led 19-O. Before the half ended however, Shelton was able to score on a long pass making the score 19-6. Shelton scored again in the third on another pass. The kick for the extra point fell short and the Garnet was still out in front 19-12. Both teams fought hard. In the final period Shelton with the ball, savagely drove down the field through Naugy's defenses, for a score. The Shelton center snapped the ball back to the quarterback who, sneaking around right end, tied the ball game 19-19. Naugatuck 14, Crosby 33 Naugy's fifth game was with Crosby at the Municipal Stadium. In the first period, neither team was able to score. Finally Crosby came across with a touchdown in the second period and as the half ended, they were out in front 7-0. In the third period Crosby came back immediately with two touchdowns. Chet Usakewicz on a rush through the center of the line made one in the thirdg followed by a second touchdown in the fourth by Bob jones on a pass from Armonaitis. Usakiewicz and Gelezunas clinched the extra points. Before the final whistle blew, Crosby was able to score two more touchdowns. Naugatuck bowed in defeat 33-14. Naugatuck 7, Commercial 33 Commercial handed the Greyhounds their second lacing in a row. The first touchdown scored by Commercial on the second play of the game, was a long run right through Naugy's defences. The fleet-footed Commercial team completely out- played the Garnet and Grey eleven. Throughout the entire game they had control in the air and on the ground. Naugy's only touchdown came early in the second period on a pass from Armonaitis to Vin Gelezunas, who also carried the ball over for the extra point. Commercial scored two more touchdowns, and at the half time it was Naugy 7, Commercial 20. In the second half the story was the same. Naugy was powerless against the more powerful team. Before the final whistle blew Commercial ran wild through our defenses and scored two more touchdowns. Final score 33-7. Naugatuck 0, Lezwenwortb 31 The Greyhounds traveled to Waterbury for their next contest against Leavenworth. Though scoring a touchdown in the opening minutes of play, Naugatuck's line could not hold the powerful drive of the Leavenworth team. Out-weighed and out-classed, Naugatuck's line fought hard. It was Leavenworth's game all the way from the opening play till the final whistle blew. The Greyhounds lost. Leavenworth scored two more touchdowns in the first half, and two more in the second half against the losing Greyhounds, and as the game ended the worst trouncing of the season came, in a 31-0 defeat. Page Seventy Five Co. Captain Walter Armonaitis Co. Captain joe Santore UNITAS IN PACE Naugatuck 0, Amonia 51 The Greyhounds' final game of the season was played against our old Thanks- giving Day rival, Ansonia. A heavy and powerful team, they steamrolled up and down the muddy field, scoring touchdown after touchdown, which made our team look sick. As the half ended the score was 20-0 in Ansonia's favor. With the second half, Naugatuck passed several times but was intercepted. It was Ansonia's game, right from the beginning. This was the final contest for several players. Wally Armonaitis, Joe Santore, Don Swanson, Walter Szczieul, Ray Currier, joe Suchenski, and Vinny Gelezunas were all in uniform for the last time. Though not a winning team, they showed the spirit of all other Naugatuck squads. They gave all they had when the going got tough and for this they should be given credit. We should like to honor the members of our class who have hung up their mole- skins for the last time: Donald Swanson Joe Krause Joe Suchenski Walter Szczieul Manual Alberta Calvin Hoadley Page S eventy Six Ray Currier Melio Gabani jack Kane Vin Gelezunas Charles Messner UNITAS IN PACE Page Seventy Seven BASKETBALL TEAM UNITAS IN PACE Naugy 59, Clairrere Community Club 17 Our Greyhounds opened the season in fine fashion by trimming the Chinese Community Club of New York 59-17. The game was all Naugy from the opening whistle, and allowed Coach Foley to utilize his reserve strength The entire starting contingent of Chet Uszakiewicz, Ralph Damiano, joe Krause, and the Healy Twins, joe and Vin, shared honors, as all five displayed fine floorwork and shooting ability in their first victory of the year. Naugy 40, Oliver Wolcott Teri: 18 Naugy came back to take their second victory easily. Although in their usual form, they showed tremendous power in turning back the lads from Torrington. Ralph Damiano and the Healy Twins sparked the Greyhound attack. Naugy 41, St. Thomax Semimzry 43 The Garnet suffered their first setback of the current season at the hands of St. Thomas of Hartford. It was a nip and tuck battle all the way with St. Thomas scoring the winning basket a few seconds before the final whistle. Damiano's floor- work and shooting stood out for Naugy. Naugy 71, Collegiate Prep 22 Hopes were raised for another outstanding team as the quintet rolled over the taller Collegiate Prep Naugy led all the way and virtually scored at will. Capt. Damiano, Krause, and the Healy Twins stood out for Naugy. Naugy 42, Trinity Boyr' Club 35 Naugy, minus the services of the Healy Twins, was forced to come up from behind to take this game. It wasn't till three minutes before the final whistle, that our Garnet and Gray forces managed to overcome the deficit. They forged ahead and increased their lead until the game was over. Capt. Ralph Damiano once more led the Greyhound hoopsters with 17 points. Naugy 20, Ansonia 24 The Garnet traveled to Ansonia for its League opener only to be beaten by an underdog Ansonia Ansonia jumped out to an early lead and held on through the remainder of the contest. Naugy tried valiantly to catch up, but their vacation proved their undoing, as they tired quickly. .Ralph Damiano led Naugy scorers with 9 points. Naugy 32, Fairfield Prep 31 Naugy traveled to Fairfield for its first game in two weeks, as games had been cancelled due to a diphtheria epidemic. The Garnet was forced to fight an uphill battle all the way and staged the most exciting finish of the current campaign. Fairfield led 26-Z2 at the end of the third period and held a 31-30 advantage when there were only 10 seconds left to play. At that point Bob Stauffer fouled a Prep hoopster. However, they refused the penalty toss and took the ball at mid-court. But the indomitable Stauffer could not be held down and he stole the ball, dribbled in and sank a lay-up shot with only 20 seconds left, to pull the game out of the fire. Page Seventy Eight UNITAS IN PACE Naugy 43, Crorby 25 A confident Crosby 'l5" journeyed down from Waterbury only to be sent home suffering from a stinging setback. Naugy took an 11 to 4 lead at the quarter, and sewed up the contest by taking a 50-10 lead at the half. From there on, Naugy merely played a freezing game to win easily. Vin Healy with 18 points and Ralph Damiano with 15, led Garnet and Gray scorers. Naugy 66, Wilby 37 Naugy moved into second place in the Valley League as the Garnet and Gray rolled over Wilby seemingly at will. There was never any doubt as to the outcome of the game after the first half, and it was only a question of how great the margin of victory would be. The Healy Twins, Joe with 18 points and Vin with 17, led Naugy scorers. Naugy 46, Towingmiz 33 The Garnet and Gray astounded local fans as they overwhelmed the league leaders on the "Y" surface. The "Y" was filled to its capacity and hundreds of fans were turned away. Naugy showed championship form as Ralph Damiano and Vin Healy made basket after basket with complete ease. Uncanny shots from all angles seemed to dishearten the lads from Torrington. Damiano and Vin Healy, with 16 and 15 points respectively, led Naugy's scoring. Chet Uszakiewicz's floorwork stood out for Naugy. Nafzgy 22, Fairfield Prep 27 A tall and rangy Fairfield Prep quintet handed the Garnet team their third defeat of the campaign at the The game was closely contested all the way, with Prep finally pulling to the fore with about three minutes left. Vin Healy was high man with 9 points. Naugy 27, Leavenworlla 23 The Garnet journeyed to the Grove Street Gym in Waterbury to tangle with Leavenworth. The contest was a thriller all the way with Tech holding a 14-13 lead at halftime. However, Naugy came back in the second half and built up a lead which they held throughout the remainder of the contest. Ralph Damiano and .Vin Healy, with 10 points apiece, led the scorers. The defensive play of Chet Uszakiewicz and joe Healy was outstanding. Naugy 50, Towfingmzz 41 The scrappy Greyhounds took over first place in the Valley League as they vanquished Torrington in the New City. The Foleymen displayed championship form as they turned back the Red Raiders. Torrington held a 23-19 lead at the half, but Naugy couldn't be held down as they dropped in baskets from all corners. No indi- vidual performance stood outg the whole team shone in victory. Naugy 56, Wilby 22 Minus the services of Capt. Ralph Damiano, Naugy showed their capability in outplaying and outshooting a hard-fighting Wilby quintet. The Green and White were no match for the Garnet, as Vin Healy and Bob Stauffer, with 14 and 12 points respectively, led Naugy scorers. Page Sevenzy Nine UNITAS IN PACE Naugy 50, Anronia 33 Naugy clinched at least a tie for the Valley Championship by outclassing An! sonia at the local The Garnet, now rounded into shape, was unbeatable as they again outshot and outscored their opponents. Damiano with 15 points and Vin Healy with 13 led the Garnet scoring parade. Naugy 49, Crorby 39 The Greyhounds took their second consecutive Valley League Championship as they knocked off Crosby at the Wilby Gym. Crosby took on an early lead but coul.dn't cope with Naugy's high scoring pair of Damiano and Vin Healy. Bob Stauffer also pitched in with timely baskets, as Chet Uszakiewicz was forced to the sidelines with the grippe. The contest was a well earned victory with the Garnet prepared for the State Tournament and an eye on a Championship. Naugy 55, Hilllaome 67 An expectant Naugy Went to New Haven, only to have their hopes dampened by a sharp-shooting Hillhouse quintet. Naugy was in the running all the way, but they couldn't quite catch up to the "Big Blue", as they rolled up a large first half lead. Ralph Damiano with 18 points and Bob Stauffer with 16, led Naugy, Macknis scored 27 points for the victors. Naugy 34, Leawenworlly 41 The Garnet lost their second consecutive contest and their 5th in 18 games at the Tech led 55 to 19 at the half, and increased its margin to lead virtually all the way. It was a poor performance by Naugy on the throw-up, by missing 17 out of 19 foul shots in the final quarter. Damiano led the scorers by tallying 16 points. Naugy 48, New London 49 In one of the most exciting ball games of the year, Naugy closed its season by losing to Bulkley at the New Haven Arena. This ended all State Championship hopes in the first playoff contest. It was a close ball game all the way with New London scoring the winning basket with only 20 seconds left to play. Ralph Damiano starred in defeat as he racked up 19 points, Bob Stauffer followed with an 11 tally. SUMMARY Once more our gallant sons of Naugy brought back a Valley Championship. The entire squad should be commended for their work and Coach Foley should be con- gratulated for turning out another fine ball club. Although the team did not go far in the tournament at New Haven, they tried very hard to win and, had they received the "breaks", they might have gone on to win more championships. In closing we should like once more to honor Capt. Ralph Damiano and joe Kraus, who are slated to graduate this june. Page Eighty UNITAS IN PACE Page Eighty One THE GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM UNITAS IN PACE Page Eigbty Two WEDNESDAY ASSEMBLY HOUR IN ROOM 3 UNITAS IN PACE Page Eigbly Three UNITAS IN PACE Page Eighty Four UNITAS IN PACE Page Eighty Five UNITAS IN PACE Page Eiglaly Six UNITAS IN PACE NW Ai Page Eigbly SQVEIZ Prerident ......... Vice-Prexident Secretary .......... Treafurer ............ Faculty Advixar Prerident ............. Vice-Pferident .... S ecretar y .......... Treafurer . .......... Faculty Aduiror GOLDEN Preyideat ..,. . ............... Vice-Prexident ..... Secretary . .......... Trearurer ......... Faculty Aduiror Prerzdent ........,.... Vice-President .... Secretary ...,...... Treasurer ......... Faculty Aduifor President ......... Vice-President .... Secretary ............. Treasurer ............... Faculty Aduirar UNITAS IN PACE OUR CLUBS MATHEMATICS CLUB George Wilmot Thomas Smith Constance Olson Frederic Moeckle Mrs. Frances Dickerman CHEMISTRY CLUB Donald Swanson Calvin Hoadley Constance Olson Charlotte O'C0nnor Mr. james Leary LANE DRAMATICS CLUB Eleanor oemfke Donald Raytkwich Charlotte O'Connor Donald Swanson . .... Miss Louise Grainger DALTON CLUB Doris Monaghan ............Stewart Dahlin Stella Yackowski Henrietta Oldakowski Raymond Foley HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Bernice Murphy Ruth Semrow Joan Mazeika Pat Kevit Miss Dorothy Moss Page Eigbty Eight UNITAS IN PACE L'ATELIER ART CLUB Kenneth Leach Prexzdenz .................................................................... Vice-Preridenl Secretary ..... Treafurer ...........,. Faculty Adviror ..... Prefiderzt ............. Regina Zwolinski William Hutt Charles De Carlo Mrs. Mary S. Penrose FRENCH CLUB Vice-Prefidenl ........ Serretary .................... Program Chairman Donald Raytkwich Fred Moeckel Irene Kuraitis Joseph Connolly Miss Colette Daly Farully Adriror ........ ...... PHOTOGRAPHIC CLUB Imogene McKee Prerzdenl ........................... ...................... . .............. Vire-Prexident Secretary ......... Trearurer ............ Fafully Aduimr Prarident ............. LATIN CLUB Norman Litke Fred Moeckel Fred Moeckel Mr. Edwin C. Miller Donald Raytkwich Thomas Smith Vlre-Preudenl ........ .......... Treamrer Serrelary ...... Page Eighty Nine Lois Smith Lillian Quirke UNITAS IN PACE Page N inet y THE ART CLUB UNITAS IN PACE THE MATHEMATICS CLUB Page Ninety One UNITAS IN PACE THE CHEMISTRY CLUB Page Ninety Tum UNITAS IN PACE Page Ninety Three THE CAMERA CLUB UNITAS IN PACE THE FRENCH CLUB Page Nilzely Four UNITAS IN PACE Page Ninely Five RS MEMBERS AND OFFICE OR s PQR, SENI UNITAS IN PACE THE HCME ECONOMICS CLUB Page Ninety Six UNITAS IN PACE THE DALTON CLUB Page Ninety Sewell UNITAS IN PACE Page Ninety Eight UNITAS IN PACE Page Ninety Nzne UNITAS IN PACE Page One Hundred UNITAS IN PACE Page One Ifundred One 5 7, F, 4. QA rs QQQQQA, 4 aah UNITAS IN PACE DRAMATIC ARTS Dramatics-synonymous with Senior English! Even as babes in grammar school transient tales of this elusive activity had floated down to us from the pedestal that was High School. Therefore-as Seniors- it was with high hopes and expectancy we greeted the approach of Friday morning and with it the traditional Dramatics. Mirabile dictu, we were to have Tuttle House in which to develop our august personalities, attain open throats in speech, Stage our spectacular skits and launch our Choric Verse classes. The last of September found us in full possession, and deep in the intricacies of pantomime, dual personality, crisp enunciation, and deep emo- tions. Underclassmen regarded us awesomely as we authoritatively strode from the building on crisp Fall days, for our trek down Terrace Avenue. With the approach of the holidays, came the casting of the Christmas play, "At the Inn", in which Eleanor Oemcke and Donald Raytkwich of the College Class won the leading roles. W'e practised at the most unorthodox hours for most of the cast were working outside of school. ' Winter settled down early, but with the offer of joe Connelly's car we were enabled to visit the costumer's in New Haven, one icy wind-swept day. While await- ing our turn to be fitted, we arrayed ourselves in a motley assortment of robes, ranging from Court Jester to Kris Kringle. The highlight of our antics came with the duel scene from Hamlet, as shiny swords flashed in a dim corner of the room and the melancholy Dane smote Laertes. QWho smote whom-and how-still remains a Noel mysterylj Following our artistic and spiritual Christmas play, we took time out for merry making at our Yuletide parties. jolly Saint Nick pranced colorfully into each class, with his lavish pack bursting with gifts galore. As in former years, we remembered those less fortunate than we. To the children of the Day Nursery we gave our glistening tree: to the men and women of Meadow- brook we sent candy, tobacco, and a carton of jellies, and to the veterans of New- ington Hospital, we despatched a large box of 125 books, which we had donated. A vote of gratitude to Lillian Sodlosky's father, to joan Tracy's uncle and to Mr. john Tatigian, executive of Peter Paul. For it was through their generosity that we were able to be so lavish in our gift giving. And without jim Kissane's truck, the books might not have reached their destination. The New Year brought huge snowstorms, an extra week of holiday for health reasons and Choric Verse. We liked the technique of this new subject 'tIf people enjoy singing together," and we quote, "why would they not enjoy speaking together P" We found that they would. Page One Hundred Three UNITAS IN PACE Timid members of the class were soon whole-heartedly informing the luckless Jonathan Bing, that he had forgotten his hat when he called on the King. The North Wind "how1ed" realistically as The General Class performed-But the welkin rang- as never before-to the gusty "Ye Ho" of our sailor chant, particularly when The Men of Science sailed the Seven Seas. All in all, we went out 10051 for Choric Verse. We were developing and we liked developing by this method. In passing, we should mention the rugged popularity which Bob Candee, our ex. G.-I., Henry Almeida, and Elmer Wood enjoyed, especially on snowy days! And now with the advent of spring, plans for perpetuating the highlights of our Dramatics are in the air. By next week, we shall be performing in front of the camera at The Borman Studio, so that we may preserve in our Class Book these happy memories. The old order changeth--. The full meaning of Tennyson's words came to us just two weeks ago, when, outside our class room windows, workmen were removing the majestic Elm Tree, which for 100 years has stood like a monarch on the Tuttle House Lawn. We turned away our eyes. Without that guardian, Class Day is going to be much different this year. In an all too brief time we shall write finis to our Dramatics which has given us much valuable training and the key to more than one personality problem. Our slogan has been, "Learning by doing" and to judge by the results, we feel that this has proved its worth as a fundamental principle of our educational development. Page One Hundred Four UNITAS IN PACE Page One Hundred Five RLS ETTIEST GI PR D THE AN R G. I.'s OU UNITAS IN PACE Q 2 a THE GOLDEN LANE DRAMATICS CLUB Page One Hundred Six UNITAS IN PACE Page One Hundred Seren CHRISTMAS PLAY 'AT THE INN" THE UNITAS IN PACE f-v lll Page One Hundred High! YE HO IN CHORIC VERSE UNITAS IN PACE Page One Hundred' Nine THE GAY NINETIES UNITAS IN PACE Page One Hundred Ten MBLY ASSE E LAN EN LD THE GO UNITAS IN PACE ,V ' ef Q I l ,f ,f ffkf f ff' X me f 2 ef X ox Page One Hundred Eleven UNITAS IN PACE MUSIC Our music department of Naugatuck rates high among the schools of Connecticut, renowned for the attainment of their students. The band brought color and vivacity to the football games and the town parades, the orchestra furnished the music for Class Day and Commencement, and was always willing to play for all meetings or rallies throughout the town. Probably the greatest event of our junior year in choir was the outstandingly fine performance of the choir in the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta "The Gondoliersf' The majority of leading roles were taken by members of the class of '46. Shall we ever forget the performances of-Don Raytkwich, Joe Connolly, Florence Conover, Don Hermonat, Eleanor Oemcke, Manuel Alberta, and Maureen Daly? On the night of May 5, 1945, our Annual Spring Festival was given in con- junction with the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of our High School. On this memorable evening we bade farewell to our esteemed musical director, Mr. Leon R. Corliss, through whose noble efforts our musical department attained the exalted posi- tion that it now enjoys. Mr. Corliss had taught here for seventeen years and had endeared himself to all of Naugatuck over that period. We wish him the best of good fortune in his new position, as musical instructor in Stamford. With the advent of our Senior year, there came to us a new teacher of music. Mr. Jesse F. Davis, whose amicable personality soon made him a friend. It was through Mr. Davis's diligent training of the A Capella Choir that we were able to appear on two radio broadcasts a few weeks before Christmas. This choir also pro- vided background music for Miss Grainger's Christmas play. During both our junior and Senior years, the Naugatuck Choir was honored by invitations to the Connecticut All-State High School Chorus. Every one who was privileged to be a part of these concerts in Hartford, and in Bridgeport still carries the fond memories of these events. During our four years, the High School joined the Metropolitan Opera Guild in New York, enabling us to enjoy such fine performances as Aida, Carmen and Mignon. This is a part summary of the work of Naugy's Music Department for the last four years. Let us hope that at least one or two of our class will go on to attain eminence in this field, and to bring glory to Naugatuck in this finest of the fine arts. '23 Page One Hundred Twelve UNITAS IN PACE Page One Hundred Tlyirleen A ORCHESTR - UNITAS IN PACE Page One Hundred Fourtcwz CHOIR A UNITAS IN PACE Page One Hundred Fifteen B CHOIR UNITAS IN PACE Page One Hundred Sixteen THE BAND UNITAS IN PACE Page One Hundred Seventeen TWIRLLERS UNITAS IN PACE Page One Huzzdred Eighteen '10UR7vd V9 K UNITAS IN PACE In New York's Town Hall, still the elite gathering place, BETTY JOHNSON, the celebrated pianist, lightly runs her tiny fingers over the ivory keys. Her large audience sits enchanted. JANE RUCCIO is Supervisor of Nurses on a United Nations Hospital Ship. How we'd love to have her hold our hand! VICTORIA DULEPSKI has been honored with a promotion to the coveted position of private secretary to the President of the "Buck-Eye Steel Co." in Cleveland, Ohio. Since the fame of RAY DOWLlNG'S mechanical engineering exploits has spread throughout the country, many youths are aspiring to become just like him. ROBERT KEAN makes a handsome foreman in our newly expanded Rubber Shop. Called to Washington recently, he discussed his latest plans with the Presi- dent. DR. GLADYS KIELY, Ph. D. - now head chemist at Oakridge -- is devising a Kiely super-atomic plane. Object: the moon. HELEN GRABOWSKI has just opened her new dress shop on Fifth Avenue. It is rumored that she designs those exquisite creations worn by America's ten best dressed women. DOT LAGUNA is now very comfortably established in a mahogany-paneled office. She's managing editor of the social column in the "Trib". FRANCES ELSE, one of the foremost swimmers of the day, has recently added another trophy to her already extensive collection. Can you imagine using the fortune your rich uncle left you to trail the Dodgers? That's what good, old "TIN" LYNN is doing. He's the same old Bob as of school days - and just as naive! For just the right note in glamorous wearing apparel, why not stop in at "Marie's"? MISS SABIA has an endless selection of beautiful dresses - and so individual, my deahl A new name has been added to the Metropolitan Art Galleries, as MISS REGINA ZWOLINSKY takes her place among the rising artists of our time. After walking away with countless typing honors, SHIRLEY was beset with offers by many business men. MISS WATERHOUSE has finally accepted a position as confidential secretary to the president of the Chase National Bank. lf you are looking forward to a really good haircut, boys, why not drop in and see GEORGE at "SIGETTI'S BARBER SHOP"? The smiling proprietor will be there - in his chromium and plate glass shop - to greet you. We are happy to note that demure LORRAINE WISINSKI is now secretary to a well known Wall Street tycoon. Attractive Lorraine is to be married in june to a very clever M. D. Did Washington cross the Delaware? Did he chop down that cherry tree? BILL PROSSER knows. He is now History Teacher at Public High School 47, in New York City. Isn't that little MARY REILLY? She and her husband now own "Olde Hun- dred" -- the swankiest dining spot in these parts. Have you heard that conveyor number 46 at the U. S. Rubber Company, Foot- Wear, has had 125W efficiency record with their new supervisor? She is 1946's MARCELLA MARIOTTI. 1 Page One Hundred Nineteen UNITAS IN PACE i Laughing CECILE SZCZESIUL is the reason why Mr. Fraiser receives so much business. As a Private Secretary, she's proved her weight in gold. Nice work, Cecile! ALBERTA CARRINGTON'S cheerful manner has put many young authors at ease before seeing their publishers. She holds forth at the reception desk at Gaylords Brothers. Superintendent of nurses, HELEN MIS, who, through her efficiency and pa- tience, has been honored by the nursing profession, walks softly down a white corridor. SHIRLEY NEEDHAM is head beautician at "Pierre's Salon" and is contemplat- ing a partnership. Good luck, Shirl! We quote from the New York Timer: HDOMENIC NARDUCCI, a graduate of Naugatuck High School and Notre Dame College, was recently rated one of the best Electrical Engineers in these New England States." We knew it would all come to pass. The voice of DONALD RAYTKWICH, now in his first season at the Metro- politan, gives his classmates ample cause for saying "I knew him, when-!" The appointment of LOIS WELCH as fashion editor for "Vogue" magazine was announced in this month's number. LILLIAN QUIRKE, mathematics teacher at the local high school, has returned from a year's leave of absence, with another degree tucked neatly under her arm. She's the same effervescent Lillian! Here comes JANET RADO who was featured in "Life" last month. It's quite a trip from Naugy High to Manager of Public Stenographers at the Hotel Astor. You've all noticed MURIEL McGURN in the black Adrian suit, haven't you? She is now owner of the McGurn Funeral Parlor. People from all over are dying to get into her establishment. Between running the Barlow residence and keeping up with the demands on her commercial art ability, CONNIE OLSON BARLOW is keeping well occupied these days. ELEANOR OEMCKE, ex-social worker and a Red Cross volunteer, is happily married and the mother of a small daughter. Miss Librarian, may I please have CHARLOTTE O'CONNOR'S latest novel? I've enjoyed her other works immensely and don't want to miss any of them. ROBERT RICHARDSON, rising young architect, is making himself known for his cleverness and originality, in his own quiet way. Irene, the eminent dress designer, had better look to her laurels. Our own JEAN VVOODSIDE has invaded that field, and I understand the clothes she turns out are very chic! A grateful nation gives honor to DORIS MON AGHAN. She has greatly helped to ease the suffering of Infantile Paralysis victims, through her training in the field of Physical Therapy. There is BERNICE MURPHY sitting by the window. She's a favorite "steno" at the Lewis Engineering Co. IRENE KURAITIS, most recent addition to the staff at N. H. S. is rapidly gaining popularity among her students, for her 'idown to earth" teaching of Eng- lish. Page One Hundred Twenly UNITAS IN PACE Naugatuck's stronger sex, who put stress upon being seen in the accepted attire, are ever careful to first consult "JACK KANE, Clothier Extrordinairef' The shouting from the Naugy sidelines at the game Saturday was NORM and her boss, the N. H. S. Athletic Coach. How is the new Private Secretary doing, MISS DOUT Y? The BOVAY Band, rivalling the fame of Gene Krupa, has broken all box- office records at the Paramount. JIMMY'S a mechanical engineer expert, on the side. Since ANNE BEHRENDT has ben dental hygienist at Dr. Fuller's office, even small boys enjoy the dentist. Anne has a charm all her own. CAROLYN ANDERSON is now designing suits, sweaters and date dresses for N. H. S. girls exclusively. The Anderson following is nation-wide. FRANNIE BARLOW in her sparkling white uniform and pert cap is an attractive addition to johns Hopkins Hospital. Appreciated by the staff - and the patients, too! Dietician PHYLLIS VEST is now head of the dietetic department at St. Luke's- and Phyllis is as demure as ever. The reason for the smile on Mr. Ford's face is not a new car. KITTIE TRIANO, his cheerful secretary, is making his work much more pleasant. A rising young medico-entering johns Hopkins-is JOE SUCHENSKI. joe took his pre-med course in Virginia. Remember he held commuting honors between this point and Weylister! DONALD HERMONAT, the well known pianist, is spending a few days in Naugatuck after a year of concert tours on the continent. Surgeons of the country await the appearance of DR. EDITH EDWARDS who has just successfully completed a brilliant brain operation for the first time in medical history. Hats off to RALPH DAMIANO, alumnus of Notre Dame. He is a very excel- lent mechanical engineer at the Chemical Company and coach of their basketball team. Of course we are all familiar with "The Salon for Chicks" in New York. ELEANOR KLIMASIESKI certainly has been busy in helping Metropolitan beauties live up to their soignee reputation. Amid an impressive array of tubes, bulbs, and wires, JOHN HOLLOWAY, radio technician, par excellent, is revolutionizing the scientific world. He is one of the key men at N. B. C. We have a newcomer to the "models" field. Yes, you've guessed-'tis WAYNE WEINHARDT. His women have been featured for two years, now. New York concert goers are wildly acclaiming MARY LOU BRANN, petite master pianist. Miss Brann, however, has modestly refused many engagements in order to continue her instruction of "young hopefuls", here in the Valley. RAY SHEPACK, Pfc. in the army of the United Nations, spends a lot of his time now with his books-making up for time lost in his school days is our guess. ROSEMARIE MANGINE is not only a very efficient stenographic head at the Bristol Company but she's President of Won1en's Athletic Activities there, too. Page One Hundred Twenty One UNITAS IN PACE The beauty of the bridges spanning some of New England's largest rivers is due to the ingenuity of one of the country's youngest engineers, VINCENT GELEZUNAS. CHARLES ZUBANCH is now chief mechanic at Lockheed. No wonder the airplane industry is forging ahead by leaps and bounds, with men like Charlie to populate the skies. St. Mary's Hospital has a new and handsome doctor on its staff. Why it's our old classmate ED DILLON. Lucky, lucky patients! Seated behind his glass-topped desk, we see our own KENNY LEACH. He's now chief accountant at the Eastern Malleable. There's JOAN TRACY, that busy young lady with the thousand new ideas! As an industrial engineer, she is always on the "go" between factories, but has lost none of her school girl flair for efficiency. We had an idea FLORENCE CONOVER would get ahead. Buyer for Jay Thorpe of New York, Florence spends her time dashing between Fifth Avenue and South America hunting fashions in the exotic Way. ALBERTA'S PHARMACY is now one of the bright lights of Times Square. Manuel has a staff of Registered Pharmacists operating night and day. If you are passing by the Astor Roof in New York, stop in. You can dine and dance there to the music of NORMAN OWENS, his hot trumpet and his big time band. Should you, by chance, pass the COPPOLA residence on Whitney Avenue- listen carefully. You may hear the melodies of Schubert coming from MAESTRO JOE'S violin. Now that HENRIETTA OLDAKOWSKI has received her cap and is an R. N at Bellevue, Naugatuck rarely sees her, except at vacation time. PEG BALDVVIN majored in psychology in college. She is now Personnel Director for American Air Lines and confidentially, she loves it! MARGARET NOBLE was voted most popular nurse at St. Mary's Hospital. Certain ex-patients of the "genus homo" remember her long after their discharge. No patient who has MAUREEN DALY as Private Nurse stays sick. Her warm smile and winsome manner hasten recovery. If you need to have your income tax done by an expert C.P.A. try to get the services of JOHN DRY. John is now a Wall Street financier-but he has not for- gotten his old friends. MARIE CAPARELLA lives in that cute little white cottage at the end of Honey- moon Lane. Rumor says she's very happy and busy, caring for hubby and junior. Perched high on a ladder in one of Saks Fifth Avenue windows I spy a fa- miliar red-haired woman. Why, it's ROMONA NOVAK-graduate of Traphagen- directing the Saks decoration. We have heard that FLORENCE POLONIS now owns a hair styling salon. Inci- dentally, she is responsible for many of our famous movie actresses' becoming coiffures. MARY ABUCEWICZ is a secretary now and doing very well. Her boss wouldn't part with her. She's too valuable! Have you seen JANE NARDELLO lately? She was voted the very prettiest nurse in the Waterbury Hospital. P. S.-Is mighty competent, too. HOWARD VAGT has been delving in scientific experiments since he left high school and has made a reputation for himself as one of our leading chemists. Page One Hundred Twenly Two UNITAS IN PACE The papers have recently informed us that LOIS MANCINI is in charge of a Physical Therapy ward in St. Luke's. We have lots of Private Secretaries, but none to equal KAY GALVIN for giving a little life and excitement to her work. Friendly PHYLLIS REED is private secretary to the great executive, Henry Kaiser, and is the pride and joy of her employer. The office beams sunny when Phyllis is about. After graduating, JOHN MARIOTTI joined the Navy and liked it so well he decided to stay in the service. He was in town the other day sporting the insignia of a Commissioned Warrant officer. STELLA YACKOWSKI, Naugy High's own former messenger girl, is now doing very well, thank you, as private secretary to a Marine Corps General. He pre- fers blondes, we note, when off duty, too. JOE FINKE is now a Sgt. in the Quartermaster Corps, remaining in the Army through choice. Best of luck, Joe. They say half of recovering from an illness is the desire to live. At Boston's Deaconess Hospital pretty, blonde LIB LUNDIN offers her patients that incentive. It all started in front of the 100 year old Tuttle Elm! BILL LEUCHARS has organized his own immense photographic company. See that five story building, gleaming in the sunlight? That's Bill's. The Notre Dame football squad, coached by their new, good-natured, assistant coach, WALLY ARMONAIT IS, is going places again, in the Rockne way. l'Calling MISS ROYLE - your patient in 618 is buzzing again." JEAN must have the patience of a saint to put up with him. Dreading the dentist is a thing of the past. We now have DR. CARLTON SHEA and his full floor of offices, stressing painless dentistry. BOB STIEN, a captain in the United Nations Air Corps, has been doing Secret Service work for the UNO. We prophesied Bob would arrive. Hail to the Sir Isaac Newton of Beacon Falls, SCOOP SZCZESIUL. He owns a Pharmacy down there and in his spare time is working to perfect a new plastic rubber. The years of training as a nurse are paying dividends to LILLIAN SODLOSKY, in helping her to rear her interesting family. Have you heard that MISS THERESA ACQUAVIA is head of the secretarial staff for Best and Company? The President can now sit back and enjoy himself while "Beans" very capably takes over. MARTHA ARMONAT has become consulting secretary to the personnel man- ager of Russeks on Fifth Avenue. Nice going, Mart! A trip to Hull House in Chicago. ANNE BYRNE, who is known for her kind- ness and understanding, is the Social Worker in charge. The world thought bridges couldn't be built any bigger than the Golden Gate. Wrong again, Naugy's own DON SWANSON has done it and better. We find BEVERLY WILCOX one of the favorite nurses in a large metro- politan hospital - ever smiling as in her school days. STEWART DAHLIN - an accepted master in the intricacies of cost accounting - sits at his own desk and contemplates his next mathematical problem. Page One Hundred Tufenly Three UNITAS IN PACE Why all the interest in the Chemistry Lab? The new lab technician is our own fair one, JEANNE WARNER! Of course you've seen Naugy's new electrical plant? Well here's bigger news - CAL HOADLEY, electrical engineer, is going to direct the whole business. 'Tis said Naugatuck's own SHIRLEY BOWERS and her brand new husband, Sylvester Atwood Hutchinson the III, have the largest penthouse on Park Avenue. The pretty face you see looking at you from your favorite magazine is LOIS COSTELLO, John Powers model. SHIRLEY CARN is now married to her one and only "Louie", She designs all her own clothes, and is always smartly dressed. Who is the handsome, dashing young major with the martial stride? Why, it's none other than PAUL LEMOINE! His military career has been a great success. Has anyone seen ADMIRAI. ALMEIDA? Last we heard he was in sickbay, recovering from a sudden loss of appetite! Could it have been sea-sickness, Hank? KISSY KISSANE is a partner in his father's business. He's proved a very efficient and prosperous business executive. When we last saw Red he was sport- ing a new green Packard. TED GRABOWSKI, our illustrious President of the class of 1946, is now spe- cializing in surgery at Georgetown in Washington, D. C. That's very close to the office of the Personnel Director of the American Air Lines, isn't it, Ted? "Vote for VVILLIAM FITZGERALD! The best State Comptroller Connecticut has ever had." Bill started as Naugy's Town Clerk and is an ardent member of the Democratic party. Cute, efficient, LAURA PULEO is now confidential Secretary to the governor of Connecticut. And it's rumored that the Governor is slated for Washington. Leave it to Laura. The pretty girl on Long Distance who says "number please" is BARBARA STEIN. Barbara gets your number, but just try and get hers! Sorry, but tickets for EDITH HERMONAT'S opening organ recital are com- pletely sold out. It's nice to say we claim her as of N. H. S.--1946. Rumor has it that wedding bells will soon be ringing for LORETTA MANGINE and her good-looking boss. Time was when she was his private secretary. BETTY CHURCHILL, the lovely vocalist, formerly with Vaughn Monroe, is now featured on her own radio show. KARYL KLONOSKI now owns her own dry cleaning establishment in Albany, New York. Trim, shiny, chromium banded cars bearing her trademark K-K-K are darting all over the state. WALTER WOTJAK, newly elected District Attorney, will take oath of office in May. Remember he was one of the Magi in our Christmas Play? Washington's popular stenographer, JOAN JENSEN, is helping others in the State Department down there keep records, which will be priceless in the future. At Yale, the head of the Fine Arts Department, Professor JOSEPH CONNOLLY, is trying to instill in the minds of his students a proper appreciation of culture. Indefatigable - as ever -- is Professor Joe. Sitting in her shining office on Fifth Avenue, BETTY CULVER, a talented and successful young woman, whose name has become a standard in the merchan- dising world, previews the latest feminine Culver fashions. Page One Hundred Twenly Four UNITAS IN PACE LOIS MUNGER started on the road for Private Secretaries but got side-tracked. She's now a model for Henri Bendel, 5th Avenue, and a popular one, we might add. When he graduated in '46, RAY CURRIER didr1't know what he'd be but we took a guess at master carpentry-and won 3564! The spotlight is no longer centered on Dan Parker, the famous sportswriter, now that JIMMY NOLAN'S column has entered the ace New York papers. A life on the Seven Seas! That's for LIEUTENANT JOSEPH SANTORE, who has come up the hard way from Boot training days. Joe breezed into Naugy this week, resplendent in his navy blue and gold braid. Go West, young man! And HARRY BRANDIEN answered the challenge. Classmates, if worldly worries are getting you down, write to Harry for reservations at his Colorado Ranch, where his yearly income runs into five figures. Q Cotton Hollow has expanded into a large and thriving town. That big, white house on the hilltop belongs to ELIZABETH ARDRY, and her children. Office Practice for all the high schools of the Naugatuck Valley are now con- solidated in one main building. AUDREY CABLE conceived the idea and was elected head of the mammoth project this year. MELIO GABANI is responsible for a lot of precision instruments used by the Bristol Co. He is invaluable to them. From Gun Town to West Point went GEORGE WILMOT, where his honors in the scientific field were outstanding. At present he is stationed in Hawaii, where, we are told, wedding bells will soon sound over the sands of Waikiki. Aboard the liner that left for Brazil last week was ELMER WOOD QRed- Woodj, local man about town. He was left a fortune and is going to bask in the South American sunlight. A habit acquired in History V-eh, Red! Worried matrons need no longer worry about Junior when he comes down with measles. TILLIE GASPAR, Pediatrist, has her own Children's Hospital, in the heart of Middlebury, far from noise and germs. The fleet's in-and down the gangway comes sailor JOSEPH KETRYS, just returned from the Orient. W'e saw JOE KRAUSS and his family out for a stroll the other afternoon. He has three of five necessary members for Naugy's basketball team in the 1970's! Mechanical minded CHARLES MESSNER left Naugy to make his name and fortune. For further details see "Who's Who for 1960." Trained office workers are greatly in demand. We hear BILL MAZEIKA, following his army discharge, has built up a very successful Business Training School. Hats off to G. I. BOB CANDEE, who was the first soldier of World War II, to come marching straight back to N.H.S.'s classic halls. A stalwart man of Science in 1946, Bob now owns his Chemical Lab., situated on the New Haven Road. Adrian's laurels have come to MAE SMITH, the demure lass of 1946. She worked diligently to reach this coveted goal, as a coutouriere. Page One Hundred Twenty Five UNITAS IN PACE WE NOMINATE TO OUR HALL OF FAME: WALTER ARMONAITIS, because of his outstanding work on Naugy's foot- ball squad, and because in his position as co-captain he did so much to help his team along the road to victory. MARGARET BALDWIN, because of her unceasing efforts during our four years in class activitiesg because she made a brilliant scholastic record, and be- cause she has proved herself outstanding in sports. FLORENCE CONOVER, because in her position as co-chairman of the Social Committee she worked unceasingly, indefatigably for success, and because she has done such extensive work in the field of music. LOIS COSTELLO, because of her dependability and willingness in placing herself and her typewriter always at our disposal, and because of her infinite patience which has so endeared her to us. BETTY CULVER, because, as co-chairman of the Social Committee, she took upon herself many a tedious task and because she accomplished everything with ease and a certain grace. RALPH DAMIANO, because of his superlative performances on the basketball court, because he is our most popular boy, and he is just Ralph. 'THADDEUS GRABOWSKI, because he has proved himself to be one of the most brilliant and popular presidents in the history of our school, and because he placed the welfare of our class above all else. JOHN KANE, because of his faithful efforts as Vice-President, because he is President of the Hi-Y Club, and because of his sports write-ups for our class book. KENNETH LEACH, because of his artistic ability in the drawings of our class book, and because of his firm stability. ELIZABETH LUNDIN, because of her ever present willingness, as assistant Editor, to plunge into the most gruelling task in the class book, and because she never failed to bring order out of chaos. DORIS MONAGHAN, because of her genuine friendliness, because of her ability to crown every achievement with success. DOMENIC NARDUCCI, because of his ability in sportsg because he was a vital member of the Activities Committee and because of his high scholastic rating. CHARLOTTE O'CONNOR, because of her general excellence in dramatics, and particularly because of her artistic performance in the Christmas play. ELEANOR OEMCKE, because she is president of Golden Lane, because she took a leading role in the Christmas play, and because she has high ideals, sympathy and feeling. CONSTANCE OLSON, because of her year-long efforts as chairman of the Photographic Committee, because she has voluntarily lent a hand in many class affairs and because of her brilliant Honor Roll record. Page One Hundred Twenty Six UNITAS IN PACE LILLIAN QUIRKE, because of the mountains of unrecognized work she has clone in class activities, because of her true artistic talent, and because of her colorful inventiveness. DONALD RAYTKWICH, because of his superlative work as our Editor-in- Chief, and because of the skill and promptness with which he accomplishes all the tasks that he undertakes. JOSEPH SUCHENSKI, because of his efficiency as head of the Advertising Committee, and because of his cleverness in solving the many problems of his large committee. DONALD SNWANSON, because of his outstanding work in the field of sports, and because, though an athlete, he has shone in music and dramatics as well. WALTER SZCZESUIL, because of his extensive work on the sports committee, and because of his earnestness in every class project. JEANNE WARNER, because she is our prettiest girl, and because she has made so many real friends in her brief Senior year with us. GEORGE WILMOT, because of his all round excellence in scholastic work and especially in the field of Science and Chemistry, and because he aspires to West Point. THE KEY TO OUR BABY PICTURES Lillian Quirke Lois Costello Eleanor Oemcke jean Royle jean Woodside May Smith Lois Mancini Kathryn Galvin Calvin Hoadley Dorothy Laguna Theresa Aquavia Anne Behrendt I Mary Abucewicz Phyllis Reed Domenic Narducci Mary Rielly Ramona Novak Don Raytkwich Irene Kuraitis James Bovay Connie Olson, Howard Vagt, Peg Baldwin Manuel Alberta' Donald Swanson Ted Grabowski Q2j Joe Suchenski Maureen Daly Edith Edwards Margaret Noble Alberta Carrington Laura Puleo Frances Barlow Anne Byrne Joan Tracy Joe Connolly Lillian Sodlosky Marie Caparella Victoria Dulepski Lorraine Wisinski Helen Mis Bernice Murphy Henry' Almeida Donald and Edith Hermonat Elizabeth Lundin Kenneth Leach ' Page One Hundred Twenty Seven UNITAS IN PACE Page One Hundred Twenty Eight THE ADVERTISING COMMITTEE UNITAS IN PACE Page One Hundred Twenty Nine THE ADVERTISING COMMITTEE UNITAS IN PACE Page One Hundred Thirty THE CO-CAPTAINS OF BASKETBALL AND THE CHEER LEADERS Donald Gillette, '44 Charles Gillette, '43 Edward 0'Connor, '41 Robert Candee, '41 John Stein, U. S. N. Arthur Nauges, '34 Rocco Magna, '39 Almu Sears, '25 Mary Penrose, '41 Helen Mariano Mancuso, '33 Norman P. Smith Gladys Grochal, '44 Ann McGown Betty Rynecki, '48 Pfc. Robert T. Held, '41 Eleanor Russell Held, '43 Vivian McElroy, '39 Harold Dibble, '39 Lorraine Reilly, '42 Roberta Saunders Muller, '35 Therese M. A. Dalton, '45 Marie Sultana. '43 Dorothy Stockton Almquist Adele Czaplicki Matilda Saunders Koth Cecille Tracy Howard Burke, '48 William Desmond, '48 John Gaspar, Jr. Larry Mambrino, Jr., '47 William Grieder, '48 Victor Lemoine, '41 Aline Lemoine, '42 Mrs. James Nardello Mrs. Frank Talevi Mrs. Peter Masone Peter Masone, Jr. Jeanne DeCarlo, '45 Lucille DeCarlo Grella, '42 Helen Kurylak Carl Swanson Dale Wilson Sylvia Bohlin, '48 Arthur E. Oemcke, '38 Claire O. Oemcke, '40 Nellie Oldakowski, '45 Stella Posila Alice Monroe Grace Bergen, '43 Jane Bontempo Anne Mikaetis Genevieve Coen Christine Bedgar Estelle White Juliette Mancini Mary J. Ashmore Geannie Knowlton Ernest E. Lundin Andrew Richardson Joyce Berry. '42 Frank Wylong Kenny Churchill Bill Burke Pat Kilduff, '44 Michael J. Marro Charles Ruccio Betsy Kissane, '48 Edward Bickford Mrs. Edward Reilly A Friend A Friend Mrs. William Haggerty George W. Schaffer, '83 Eleanor Moran Frank, '35 Myrna Long, '49 Evelyn Lakis, '48 Dolores Witkoski W. Fremont Hoadley, '12 UNITAS IN PACE ALUMNI AND FRIENDS Esther A. Hoadley Lucinda J. Hoadley, '43 Bruce Hoadley, '51 William F. Hutt, Jr., Edmund Krykowski Wanda Krykowski Harriet Lillis, '49 Mrs. John Ellis Alice Schildgen Kay Bradley A Friend Elaine Hackett, '47 Jean Sutherland, '48 Raymond Cieslewski Michael C. Leary Henry Garlinski Lillian Sullivan Eleanor Rathburn, '45 Evelyn Mariano, '45 Mary Tulley Genevieve Rapieff Virginia Rosa, '47 Bill Woods Edward Dlugokecki Joseph Szczepkowski, Jr., Joseph W. Henry Louie Quinn, '43 Tommy Fitzpatrick, '43 Bette Caulfield, '45 Clayton L. Murphy, '41 Mary Clemente Pvt. Frank Luskay Joseph Chicoski Anthony Szczesiul Thomas F. Hoey, '35 John B. Hoey, '35 James M. Hoey, '39 Edward C. Hoey, '40 Claire Witkoski Ruth Zembroski Sabina L. Suchenski, '37 Wilma O. Raap, '42 Isabel Currier, '41 Gladys Hoppe, '40 Rita Clark Miller Ann S. Leary, '27 Nancy Smith, '49 Mary Sigetti, '43 Rosemary Sigetti Rose M. Sigetti Grace Schiller George Kelly, '47 Louis Rubin Robert Cracauer, '42 Walter Yackowski, '42 Harry Fager, '41 Tracy Breen, '41 Joan Dillon, '44 Eugene Garland Edward Garland John T. Garland Donald Meyers Jack Quint Franklin Hotchkiss, Jr., '48 Hy Kastleman Josephine Rio, '42 Alfreda Cipriano, '48 Dorothy Curtin, '44 Jerry Dunn Rosemary 0'Connor, '45 William G. McCann '47 '41 William Leuchars Marvin Norris Joseph Donahue Edward Gesek, '41 Warren Andersen, '42 Thomas McCann Otto McCann Andrew McCann Katherine McCann Mr. Julian Oris Mr. Elmer Litke Morris McKee Nicholas M. Mennillo Edith Low Shetler Donald Mitchell, '45 Charles Owen Mitchell, Doris Wilcox, '43 A Friend A Friend A Friend Raymond Lennore A Friend Harry Schmitz, '48 Frances Simmons, '47 A Friend Donald Kingsley Donald Cowan, '34 John Bickerdike, '27 Julia Curtin William L. Albaitis LeRoy W. Scheithe Alice Murray A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend Phyllis Bohlin, '44 Helen J. Hadzega Elinor Harrison Chester J. Bosworth Amelia Garlinski, '40 Frank Garlinski, '40 Joan Happy, '49 Florence Laguna, '49 Mrs. Elsie Cody, '41 Ethel Schiman, '41 Mrs. Lois Hauser Miss Grace Cable, '43 Mrs. William Gallagher Mr. William Gallagher Mr. Theodore Brann Frances Stokes Norris Follett, Edward Gerber, Helen Czarny Jean Tsingris Mary White Grace Crosby Louis Bertothy Barbara McKee, Imogene McKee, Jackie Else, '45 Mrs. Josephine James Summa Joseph C. Triano Edmund Yeaton William Hermonat, Sr. William Hermonat, Jr., Flora Hermonat, '22 Louise Hill, '42 Paul Grabowski, '48 Stewart Weiss, '47 Mrs. M. Alberta Mr. Alberta Shirley Alberta Harold P. Baldwin, '08 Dorothy Guise Baldwin, Betty Harrison Mrs. Charles Aquavia Frances Zonghetti, '45 Jean Amico, '44 '43 '41 '50 '47 Else J a u Gertrude T. Oemcke, '41 Joseph R. Kane Page One Hundred Thirty One 959:MHMHHHHHHMHHHQQHMQHHHQQWhhhhhhhhhhhhgihhhhhhhhhhhhkahhhhgbhhh Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF 1946 The Members of the Board of Education Compliments of ST. FRANCIS CHURCH QhhhkhhhhWHHhhhhihhhhhkhhkhkhhhhhhhhMQGEQHQQQWMHQHQMMQQQQDWHQQM HhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhcehhhhhhhhQ1QMQMQMCahhhkfekahhhhhhhhhhhhhfafeebhhhh TO 1946 GRADUATES Would you like to be ready in a few months for an office position where there are inspiring opportunities for advance- ment? You can qualify quickly at Post Junior College for a Secretarial, Bookkeeping, or General Office position. During 1945, our Placement Department received 10 calls for every graduate. New classes for Summer School will open July 1, Fall Term September 9. Whether you have taken the academic or the commercial course in high school, you will want to learn how this training will enable you to earn more money- and meet the growing competition for good posi- tions. COURSES Medical Secretarial 0 Secretarial 0 Stenographic 0 Office Machines 0 Higher Accounting and 0 Business Administration 0 Junior Accounting 0 Executive Secretarial Write, phone, or call for 1946 Bul- letin, which explains courses, time required, and placement service. It's free. Day and Evening Classes '23 POST JUNIOR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE 24 Central Avenue Phone 4-8772 Waterbury, Connecticut 9:GaiaGoGeM95QM9:H'ia'kalbHhhgbhhhcahhkhkbhhgbhhkhihhhkhhhiahhbhhhcbcakhhfwhfehhh 1 W W'-2:hisQMHhhhhh2:44HWZHQQCQHHGage'-0559592:4'-2'HhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHMHMQMHHHHMMQ Compliments Compliments of FITZGERALD FUNERAL Of HOME KURAITIS GROCERY North Main Street Naugatuck Conn. f ALBERT R. ADAMS, Ph. G. Compliments A -REGISTERED PHARMACIST A of 1 1 2 Church Street NAUGATUCK POLICE A ASSOCIATION l Naugatuck Conn. W CaQuhhE'hhhhHHHQMHHHHHHQHQMHMHHHMMHHQHQHHHHhhfefwhhhhhfehfehhhhfehhh QWHMG':h'hhhhhhGa"-ah'hQaQMhh'h fehhhhhhhhhkhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbhhhhhkhihhh Compliments of Charlie's Service Station 109 South Main Street Melbourne's Flower Shop FLOWERS FOR ALL 'OCCASIONS 130 Rubber Avenue Phone 5225 Dial 4908 Naugatuck Connecticut Naugatuck' Conn' V J M ark et Compliments V. F. Burkus of F D FANCY 00 S Prus's Meat Market Phone 4070 51 Spring Street Union City 88 Spring Street Union City Compliments Compliments of of ' ! Felix's Shoe Shine Parlor Klevman S Cleaners umways An Expert Shineu Church Street Naugatuck The Card and Gift Shop Compliments Cards and gifts for all occasions f VISIT oUR GIFT ANNEX 0 Sweeney's Art and Stationery Alyce Beauty Salon Store 213 Church Street Naugatuck Church Street Naugatuck HQMHHHHHHWQQHHBHHHHMHHEhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHMCQQQQHHWQQMMHHHQCQQHHH 'QMWieHQ:QM'ZahisHBEMQMGDQHCQHQQQRCQMQHHHHMHHQMMCQCQHhhhhcehhhcahhhhgbkacohgbka Compliments of Regan's Service Station GARAGE and FILLING STATION Compliments 387 North Main Street Union City, Conn. of Phone 4983 WILLIAM SCHPERO Frank Wisinski JEWELER ICE CREAMLPARLOR PATENT MEDICINES C' ' - C' tt - T b lgdgsandylgiallfevfjpapegs acco Church Street Naugatuck 100 Bridge Street Union City Tel. 4932 Compliments Compliments of of GEORGE WIGGLESWORTH PARSON'S 81 SON, INC- SCREW PEoDUc'rs co. PLUMBING HEATING OIL BURNERS 163 Maple Street Naugatuck AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINE PRODUCTS Phone Naugatuck 3189 Rubber Avenue Box 245 Millville QSMhhhbhhkhhhhhQGaMMHHhwhhhhkakhhhhhhhhhkhhhkhhCahksfehhhcacahkhaahhh Q26WhQMMHMhfe'hhH5652HHHHQbhhhhhhMHZHQHHQQMHMHMHQHMHHHQHHWHHMQ Compliments of BREEN'S SPORT SHOP Church Street Naugatuck Compliments Compliments of of LOG'S 56 Bridge Street Naugatuck POUST'S SERVICE STATION Phone 4897 A. F. LAGUNA, Prop. qwwwvmww-,wweewanhaveQwfqwwuuwwwmwawavhhwwwwwmwqaauwwawafeww-a hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhikhhhkH39:59:55HMMhfehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfehhhhhhhhhh C. F. DAVIS General Market Since 1898 Serving the Public With Quality Foods Featuring SEA FOOD, HIGH GRADE MEATS WHITE ROSE GROCERIES and BIRDSEYE FROSTED FOODS Telephone 2280-2289 128 Church Street Naugatuck, Conn. Compliments Compliments of of Mrs. Clayton Bailey of ! Rosenblatt S The Bailey Funeral Home 83 Maple Street 62 Oak Street Naugatuck Compliments Compliments of ii of Bennett Weissman . Murra 's Amoco Service Groceries and Delicatessen y H29:5M5525hhhhhhfehhhhhh'HHhhQ55hhhfefehhhhhhhhhhhhhfehhhhhhfqfehhhh + ' 4NvaIl99e if-kv CCMPLIMENTS OF United States Rubber Company f-ki ZQ:CaisCaQHQMGoh!hhGeHHMHHBHHH9:QHHHhhH'QQQhkhkhhhhkhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh THE PERRY PRESS, Inc. Printers for Over 55 Years Union City Connecticut Compliments of The Naugatuck Junior Women's Club ZhhhfhhfehhhhhQQQQMHMHQHBHHMMHQQHHHMHHQMQQWHQWHHMBQHHWHHHQQQQH HhhhhhkhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhGab?-:awkQahcaQahhhhhoahhhkhhhhhhhhaablah POLISH ARMY VETS ASS'N. OF AMERICA DISTRICT IV CONN. Compliments JOSEPH STASZCWSKI of Commander ' 9 ALEXANDER GRABOWSKI ANDY S CAMPUS Vice-Commander JOHN LISSOWSKI Adjutant Compliments Swan Electric Co. ELECTRICAL SPECIALIST of RUBIN'S STORE MEN 'S and BOYS' CLOTHES George Karash MEATS - GROCERIES 162 h ERUITS - VEGETABLES C wh Street N augatuck Conn. Beacon Falls Conn. MhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhGo2:Mis'hhGeH'bkMMMHMHHHHHHQHMHHMHHGQHMHM I 1 MMHHMMHHHHHHHMHHHHHHMHMHMHZhhHHHHQ:hhHQHHMQMHHMQHMQGQMQMMHHHHM Compliments of Tarnowski Market 19 Cherry Street Compliments of Ruth E. Gedraitis Raymond M. Palmoski Compliments of Compliments M. Gans Company, Inc. Dealers in of HARDWARE, GLASS, OILS, VARNISHES, WALLPAPER, ELECTRICAL and PLUMBING SUPPLIES 149 Maple Street Phone 3507 BEER LIQUOR WINE Al's Package Store ALBERT C. MENNILLO, Prop. Richard's Monuments Compliments of Seymour Furniture Co. 1 I Beacon Falls Conn. 26 Bank Street Phone Naugatuck 4680 Seymour Conn- J Ideal Meat Market Compliments l A. VALENTE, Prop. CHOICE MEATS - GROCERIES of 1 FRUITS - VEGETABLES I , Presto's Grocery Store Phone 4930 2 South Ma1n Street l I haaaawef-nvhwwawwwuww-anfehumaneanantenna:auf-maawawhawwawafqwwwwww 1 7696hhhhaahhhhfqhhhhhiafahhhhQ:MMGaM'ia'PsHMMhhkhhhhhbhhhbcahhhhhhhhkkhh Compliments of MIDDLEBURY LUMBER COMPANY GENERAL CONSTRUCTION - - JOBBING HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES Lumber Roofing Millwork Paints Insulation Hardware '23 PHONES Naugatuck 2858 Waterbury 3-5991 Watertown 1277 hfehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'52-MQohhcak9:fakaawfahbabkcabhhbhhhhkhhhhkh-hwba fb- 'G 'Q WhhhhkhhhhhhhHHQHHMHhhHHHhhhhkhkhkhhkhhhhhhbhhhhhHMQHHQHQQH Compliments of A 81 P SUPER MARKET 175 Church Street Naugatuck, Connecticut J. McGUIRE, Mgr. Compliments of THE PRINCESS SHOP Con the bridgej Maple Street Naugatuck QH5252HHWHHHHHHHhhHHhhHhhMhhhhhhhhHHMHHMMHHQQHHHHHQHQHHQQQM hhHHMWMQHHhhhhHhhhhHHWHQhhHMMMHMhhHQMHHHHQHQQMHHHQMHMMHHMHQM Compliments Compliments of Dr. W. F. Courtney f o Compliments POLISH AMERICAN of CLUB W. F. Brennan Compliments FRANKIE 8: JOHNNIE RADIO REPAIRS and SERVICE of Sets Called for and Delivered Public Address Systems Rented FRED'S RESTAURANT ITALIAN FOODS A SPECIALTY Our Work Guaranteed Prompt Service 501-5 South Main Street 47 Bridge Street Naugatuck Conn. Dial 6090 Phone 4943 hhhWHhhhhhhhhhhhkhhhhwhhHQMMHHMMHHMHHHHQWWQHH5QWhQQhWWHHhhHH hhhhhhhHhhhhhhhhhhHMMWWhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhkhhhkhhhbhhhhhhhhk Compliments Corey Bros. of GROCERIES vvhite Swan Grill "Store of Friendly Service" Beacon Falls Conn. Cherry Street Backlund's Radio Shop RADIO SALES and REPAIRS 153 South Main Street Phone 4957 - 4239 Carry's Service Station BATTERIES - TIRES - TUBES and ACCESSORIES General Auto Repairing Beacon Falls Conn. Tel. Naugatuck 4616 Compliments of The Boston Store 68-70 Church Street Compliments of Hawley Hardware WALTER B. ANDERSON, Prop. L. H. Racke PONTIAC MOTOR CARS O'Connell's Drug Store Beacon Falls Conn. ZhH255655H2962652HhhhWhHQMMhhHHMM!hhhhhhHhhhhhhhhhkhhhhhhhhh 9:95CahhhhhhBEMHhhhhhkhMba!52642,M5595Qshhhhhhhhfehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh To The Class of 1946 NAUGATUCK HIGH SCHOOL Congratulations on this, the completion of your High School Years, and our sincere wish that the future hold much that is fine for you HOWLAND - HUGHES WATERBURY'S FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments of THE NAUGATUCK FURNITURE CO. Gahhhhif-ohiaifokahhcahhhhhfehhhkhcaeahhgwiah'H'hhHhhhhhhhhhhhhkhiahhhhfehh9.5595 hhhhhhhhhhhkhhZhiQhhhhhQHHHHHhhhHHhhHHQHHHMMMHMQHHHHHHMHQHHV Compliments of SALEM PLAYHOUSE Phone 2944 ALCAZAR THEATER Phone 3332 Sincere Congratulations On your graduation dayg May joy and great good fortune Attend you on your Way. May Success reward your efforts In everything you dog And realized ambitions Bring happiness to you. Chas. H. Tomlinson Jeweler and Optometrist 17 Maple Street Naugatuck QWhhHHHHhhhbWH5QHHHbhhhMHHQQQH3563QMhhkhhhhhhhhhhhhhkhhhkhhQ MVQHMHHMMQHQHQQHMHMHMHM Hhhhhkhhhhhhhhhbhhhhhhhfahhfehhhhiohkhkhk Compliments Compliments of of JOHN M. SUTHERLAND M. FREEDMAN CO. INSURANCE 191-199 Church Street Neary Building Naugatuck Naugatuck, Connecticut Welcome Boys! Come Home! Compliments CHUCK'S FRIENDLY SERVICE of 531 North Main Street ARNOLD NORI Union City Conn. 99:0:ahhh-Q:hhhhfeQMhh'hhfeaahhlihiahibeahhiehhhhhhhhhhhcahhhhhhhhhoahhhaaaehcak fahhhhkahhhhhaahhhhhhhhhwGahhknhoakagoiecehh'bf'-5hhhhhhaohhhhhhhhhhcoibhhhhk Compliments of Zasada's Service Station Compliments . Br1dge Street of Union City Connecticut THE NAUGATUCK Compliments NATIONAL BANK of Pop's and Harry's Package Store Compliments of Compliments L. Kwasniewski High Quality of MEATS and GROCERIES 39 School Street Union City GENE'S RESTAURANT Tel. Naugatuck 4997 GUERNINO GAUDEZI Eddieys Cor. Spring and Diamond Streets 39 South Main Street Groceries - Vegetables - Fruits l Ice Cream Nauga-fUCk C0HT19Cl31CUf Soda Fountain Service Free Delivery Tel. 4919 hkhhhhhhhhhhhgahhcmhfekhhGacakhcfokohCf:CaHGaQ0GohCwiahkibhbhhhhfehhhhhhkhhhhh anHHHMHHHHWMHMQhhhhhWHEREhhhhhhhhhH9ahHhHhM'25'21hh'9.aQ5QMh9aMhGafe'2MEbb: , . . Compliments of M1ke's Service Station' 45 Bridge Street Helen Kiely's Beauty Shoppe UI1i011 City Conn. 203 Church Street Phone 4926 Naugatuck, Conn. Tel. 2512 Compliments of Compliments of Mike Leary's U S P t Off. Package Store ' ' OS me 35 Spring Street Union City Compliments of DUTCH FRONT RESTAURANT JOSEPH SUCHENSKI, Prop. Phone 4929 75 Spring Street Union City, Conn. HQHHMHQMHQMMWQMHMVQMQQHQbaahhhhhh9:QGaHQMQMHHQHHHHMQHQHBQHQQBWVQQQ9: QMGolo55596GohH'iaHGeGa665592:fehhbiwhhhhhhhhhbhkhaohhcahhGahhiakcohcacahhgohfafehhfab: Compliments of Compliments Reynold's Restaurant of MEALS SERVED WINES - LIQUOR - BEER Daly's Food Store North Main Street Compliments Compliments of . of Victoria Inn Ciesinski's Bakery 25 Union Street Seymour Conn. MAT SCULLY, Prop. Compliments of D. THURSTON 81 SONS hhhhkhhhhhhhhhkhhhhkhhCekahhhhhhhhhhQM'MMGRMQP-ohhhkhhcfahffahhhgeiehhhk Hkhhhgohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhwiehhhhiahhiahhhfefehhhhhhhhhhhhbhkhhhhb Compliments of Dr. William Hill Compliments of Raymond M. Shea Compliments of MRS. CLAYTON BAILEY of The Bailey Funeral Home Compliments of J. E. Moore 62 Oak Street Naugatuck Union City Hardware Manning-Armstrong 384 North Main Street 52 Bank Street Telephone 3068 Waterbury Conn. Paints, Tools, Household Goods McDermott's Food Store SHURFINE FOOD 415 North Main Street Union City Connecticut Tel. 4994 Compliments of Roller's Cleaners 427 North Main Street GahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgahhhhhWGBHHGehhh'hiohhHGQW55QHQQHHQQQGQQQQQCQHQMWQQB Qakhhhhfehhhhhhkhhhhhhhh hgihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhkahhhhhhhhhhhkhkokhhhhfb Compliments of JOSEPH DAVIN QRANGE OIL - FUEL OILJ 631 High Street Naugatuck Compliments of MAXIE'S RESTAURANT 173 Rubber Avenue Naugatuck Conn. Phone 4963 Compliments of NAUGATUCK GARAGE JOSEPH A. ROBBIATI, Prop. South Main Street N augatuck Conn. Phone 2058 Compliments of BILLY'S TAVERN 150 Bridge Street Union City hhhhhhhhhhhhhiehhhhhhbb90Ga92:'iahhhhhCahhM'52:'5a'h'40HG1kaQ:Wh'51h9bf2:'2oWhhhhQMGo'a9 fehhhhhhhhcahfehfehhhhhhkshlQMbaGabhashhhhfehhhhhhhkhhhhhhhhhhhkohfefehhk Compliments of THE REYMOND BAKING CO. NAUGATUCK DRUG CO. Compliments GEO. J. DONOVAN of Corner Main and Oak Streets NAUGATUCK DONOVAN'S PHARMACY Lester W. Brodeur, Ph. G. Mgr. DAILY NEWS Neary Building PHARMACISTS and CHEMISTS hkhhhhhcahhhhhhhhhiofahhkhhhknhhhhhhhk529.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiahhhhhhhh fe9:9:9:Q9.1HQQMMHHQHQVQQMGQQMHHMHHMMHQ4'-0MHQMMHGQQHHHHHMMHHQQHHHMHMMHMQ Compliments of Thibodeau Studio Neary Building FOR "FINE PHOTOGRAPHS" Compliments of Naugatuck Hardware Co. Yeaton's Corner Main and Maple Streets FOUNTAIN SERVICE LUNCHEONETTE We make our own Ice Cream that is distinctly delicious, different United Meat Market 447 North Main Street Tel. 4944 Olson Drug Store PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS GEORGE F. MCKENNA, Prop. 174 Church Street Naugatuck Compliments of Chicoski's Market MEATS and GROCERIES FRUITS and VEGETABLES Beacon Falls Tel. 4550 The House of Kuppenheimer Good Clothes and Florsheim Shoes Fitzgerald Sz Platt, Inc. 17 East Main Street Waterbury Connecticut Joe's Barber Shop Union City Connecticut lhfefehhfahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'ehhhhQHhhhhihhhhhhfehhhhhhhkfhhhhhkahfhhfah GafeeQ:ka'QQ:QQQQiehhhhhhhhhhhhgehkhkhhhhhhhhhhhkhhhhkkkkhhkhfehhhhhhw compliments of J. R. CLAYTON COMPANY THE DIAMONDS - JEWELRY SILVERWARE HOMER D. BRONSON CO. V APPRAISERS - ENGRAVERS HINGE MANUFACTURERS Beacon Falls Connecticut 44 Bank Street Waterbury THE V. Sz H. TRUCKING CO. Compliments TRUCKING of ROAD CONSTRUCTION EXCAVATING JOHN B. SVENSON Sz SONS PAINTERS and DECORATORS 482 North Main Street N Seymour, Conn. Telephone 370 augatuck whhhkhhhhgohcahhhhhabgbabhhhQHhhhhhhhhMQGaQhhhhhhaohhhhhhhhhhhfehhhhib M'Zn'-5'ia9:GohMQMGaGaMGQHGQQQGDHMCQMGQHMWHMHGQHMMMMHhhhaahhhhcakhhhhhhhhhhhhhw Naugatuck Battery and Auto Service Station CARL E. ERICKSON, Prop. Compliments STUDEBAKER SALES and SERVICE Dial 4838 of 124 South Main Street, Naugatuck ZUCKER'S Compliments of Waterbury Connecticut Togy's Tavern Compliments of THE ALLEN MOTOR LINES, INC. 1144 South Main Street Waterbury, Conn. GahhkqahhhkkhkahhkhhhhhhhhfaithWEEEQQQ95QHHQQHHHHHMQHMMQMHQQHQQHHQ' MhhkfhbhkshQhhhhhiahhhhhhhkhhhhhhH'HH99hhhhhhhhhhkvhhhcacahhhhhebhhhh Compliments of W. J. MEGIN, Inc. LUMBER and MASON'S SUPPLIES GENERAL CONTRACTORS 51 Elm Street Naugatuck, Conn. HHHQHHHHHHQQQHHHHHHHMMMMMQHHQMHMWQQWHQWHHWWWQWCQQH5554555555551 Mia9:9:9:MHQuHQ:HhhhfehhhhhHQ1MHHMHQQMQMHQQMhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhkhh Compliments of NAUGATUCK HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION HHH29455555HHH5555595HHQH55695236hhhhQh'bWhh9.vhhQh9:hGlhh9:9ahW'Qf'4hhQ hhhhhhhQhhhhhh9:HHhhhhh'hhhhhhhhhhhhhQHQCQQQQHHMMHQQQQQZQMHMHHQ Compliments of Compliments THE MILLER 8: PECK of Waterbury Wateftown NORWASH SHOE STORE Cheshire Compliments of Compliments THE SEYMOUR SAND 8z STONE CO. of WASHED SCREENED SAND CULVER FLORIST WASHED CRUSHED GRAVEL 482 North Main Street 184 Church Street Naugatuck Seymour, Conn. Telephone 370 weaaQ-weQ-wanaanwwevmnaa-whhwahwwhwhhfehhbhhbhbh'nH'e'MHW9H'M55WPa hhhhMhhHHQhhhhH6253HHHHHHHHQHhhH252Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Compliments of Bob's Ice Cream "See It Made" 421 North Main Street Compliments of J. K. Cut Rate Stores 396 North Main Street Union City Connecticut Union City Connecticut Compliments Compliments of of John M. Russell Mfg. Co. Sidney Weiss CHAIN PRODUCTS Tel. Naugatuck 2224 Compliments of Anthony Stien Mrs. Rose Lakatos MEATS and GROCERIES 49 Anderson Street Union City Phone 4933 Compliments Compliments ef of Stephen J- Sweeney Sodlosky Drug Store HMQHHMWHHHHWWWW!WWWHWWWWWWWWhhhHHHQhhHHHMMMHMQHMHHQHHQHHQMQH PakWhenhhhh9:hhWQHHMHHZHHHMHQHHHHHQHQMZHMHHWHHQHHMHQMHHHMHHHQHQ Compliments of PETER PAUL, Inc. Makers of LARGEST SELLING COCOANUT CANDY IN THE WORLD Naugatuck Connecticut Compliments of Congratulations MARION DAVIS, to Hair Stylist 74 Church Street NAUGATUCK HIGH SCHOOL Naugatuck, Conn. CLASS OF 1946 Prop. Mrs. Edw. P. Shimer HOURS 9 to 6 Mon. thru Fri. 9 to 1 Sat. A FRIEND Wea-wewwwswswfqwhravfawf-Qwwfmwwhwwawahhwf-asaawwf-Mleaahahaw-,awwhhf-been-ands HQ:fehwazhhh70705H9.2HQWHMQMH'ZaHHHQQMEMB522hhhhfnhhhhhfohhhhhhhhhihhhh M. A. GREEN Compliments Famous for Diamonds of City Package Store A WM. J. OLDAKOWSKI, JR. JEWELERS and SILVERSMITHS 96 Bridge Street Dial 4892 117 Bank Street Union City, Conn. Waterbury Connecticut NAUGATUCK VALLEY ENGRAVING CO. 18 Park Place Naugatuck, Conn. ' Commercial Photographers ' Half Tones - Zinc Etchings ' Ben Day Color Etchings ' Photo Retouching ' Designing Photo Engravers for Unitas in Pace Hkkahcfahhhhhhhkhhbhhkahhhkhhhbhkhhhhhhhhh'QWHHHQHHHHHHHHHHQHHQQHQ Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbhhhhhhhhezhhhhhhhkh25909: BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1946 BORMAN STUDIOS Official Photographers to the Class of 1946 'Yi 84 Bank Street Waterbury, Connecticut Telephone 3-2126 Micah9:hhH9:faMQHQHEWWMHMMMBHHHHMHWWCQQVQQHHHQhh9':h'e7eMhhHQa'h9:'h?a40"b'5aG'o9.r f-aw-aG-,Gaaw-awwwwe-anwhenQwmamwahwewnwwmmwmwaafeeewwhhwfewhfewewfmf Compliments of TEMPLETON'S Templeton's Corner Compliments Waterbury, Connecticut Agents for of RAWLING'S and A. G. SPAULDING Manufacturing Companies CARLSON FURNITURE CO. TEMPLETON'S Always a Place to Park Tel. 4080 Compliments of Compliments LORD'S SERVICE STATION of EDWARD LORD Proprietor A FRIEND North Main Street Union City Connecticut fefefeGaQQwefef-Mawviwef-amweQGaGawenofaGaeaGaGaCaanf-1f-weawheavzwfmemhahwwwawwww-hw QMhhhhhfefekhhMQMQMHhhhhfehhhhhbfehhhhhkhhhhhhhhhhMHHQQHQMMHHMHW Compliments of Corner Canteen DOMENIC TELLERICO, Prop. Compliments of Dr. David H. Bluestone Compliments of D. O. Nichols North Church Street Naugatuck Connecticut Compliments of Naugatuck Building 8z Loan Compliments of Highland Grocery ROCKY RADO, Prop. Eckhardt Furniture Co. 14-16 Bank Street Seymour Conn. Tel. 617 Authorized G.E. Dealer Compliments Compliments of of Joe Szczepkowski White Market MEATS and GROCERIES 84 Bridge Street Union City Tel- 3550 Phone 4888 hhGohhhgtaHHHQHWhHHhhfehhhhhioh'hhHHHHQMMMhhbthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhffsfefehhw MHHHMHQQH33HMBEHHQMBMWMhhQHQMHHHHWQHHHHHHQHMHHHMQHMHHQHQHHQW Compliments and Best Wishes of THE NAUGATUCK DAIRY ICE CREAM CO. Telephone 3453 35 North Main Street Naugatuck, Connecticut MWQWHHHQHMHHQHhhHQQMQHMWQQHMQHHMMHHQMQMWhhhhhhhhkhhhhhhkhhhh anwwaweuaaof-meQQ-Meehana-aw-meanamwwazeeweeaawnewwnmfqabkwfqwefq Compliments of ' l Harry Laskey aovshp MENS'WEAR ' ' ii 64 Church Street Phone 4906 ,D 60 Bank Street Waterbury Naugatuck, Conn. Compliments of Comphments D. Lieberman TAILOR - CLEANERS Ku DYERS of "It Pays to be Well Dressed" -Free Call and Delivery Service- Hubbellss Service Station 26 Church Street Dial 3255 Naugatuck, Conn. Compliments of Compliments Aurora Grocery Of 187 May Street Naugatuck, Conn. The Kennedy Store , . Compliments Happy s Servlce Center SUNOCO MOTOR PRODUCTS of DYNAFUEL C t S B t S l en er quare eau y a on 379 Rubber Avenue Phone 4990 H5055HHH'hhWh:GEMMWHRMHHHWhhhhhHhhhfehhhhkhhHhhhfnhhhhhhhhhhhihhh QQ!Q93CK!QQQQQDQQQQQQQQQhhhhkgbqkhhkkhkhhkQQQQQQQGHQQQQQQQZQQQQQQQQD Compliments of BUCKMILLER BROS. FUNERAL HOME Compliments of CARROLL PERFUMERS Y 156 Church Street - 21 Main Street Naugatuck The Secretary: Courses for the Junior Secretary, the Senior Secretary and the Executive Secretary are based on the practical experience required for a Secre- tarial Career. Courses are completed in 40, 60 and 80 weeks of personal tutoring by teachers of long experience as Secretaries to Bankers, In- surance Officials and U. S. Senator. The Accountant: Courses for Junior Accountant, Senior Ac- countant and Asso. Junior Accountant are based upon the requirements of the field of Public Accounting and C. P. A. preparation. Courses in Day School are completed in 40, 60 and 80 weeks and cover general accounting practices, the skill in typewriting and comptometer opera- tion. PACE ACCOUNTING, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND LAW Official Resident School for Pace Institute in Connecticut - and ONLY school in the State approved by the State Board of Education for Veterans Education QG. I. Bill of B.ights.l The Course is given at Night School - 100 class hours per semester and can be completed in from 4 to 6 Semestfrs. Directed and supervised by practicing public Accountant and conducted on Individual prog- ress plan, with lectures at required periods by well known attorney. Special 6 weeks summer course and speed training begins July 1-9-1 a. ln.: 6-8:30 p. m. THE PERRY SCHOOL Junior College of Commerce Brown Bldg. Waterbury Tel 4-7582 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Blue and White Ice Cream Parlor Swan Electric Co. ELECTRICAL SPECIALIST 'QMHhhbhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhMQHHMHWHHHHQDMQHHQFQQMMMHMQZQHQHQHHQMCQMQJ Gobhhkhhhheahaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheahhhhaecfocacahkahhhhkahhhhhcaauhbhkenhhh " I A COLLEGE, BUSINESS or TRADE SCHCUI. EDUCATION FOR 'l0U l wmv YouR a deff A A Yes, your tuition up to S500 per ordinary school year paid for 48 months of college, business or trade school. And-you also receive S65 4, per month living allowance-S90 if ,ZX K you are married. This is the oppor- li. tunity open, upon their discharge, V to men 17 and over who enlist in the new peacetime Regular Army for 3 years. Get all the facts at your near- est U. S. Army Recruiting Station. There Are Three Enlistment Periods to Choose From 18 Months, 2 Years or 3 Years All Entitling Men to Educational Benefits Under the G. I. Bill of Rights U. S. ARMY RECRUITING SERVICE 36 North Main Street Waterbury hgniahiakhMHQHHHHQWQQWWHHHGGHHQHQZHHHHHHCQHHHQBHMQJHHHHCBHGBHQHQHGBHMH9: Q W ,. .fn 'r 1 , 1 , Q ' :il'mi2m:uaHl::u. A, 4 :,,f,, 1.1-Ls. rm.xf 1 .mu.aff'.mf 3-Wrfwsaiziziv " m1AnoaasiH3a:f52119La3Av:Q1+xS:al7 v4acll2v1':f:y2:Q 14. 4 5 I iv , . ref '- ,an . M,-1-L-n:e2xi:n1.m.'w:f6.c4faJm..m'.vmrixm:iS5lll:':iz:i" ' ,. ...,..,. - WF . U . - P 1 ,vi W-51.7 1. - 112 , , - 1 ' , 115 r ,,,,,,.,,5 , .N,,. , ...T . 1, 1 .-- ,,4.,,,j.. . ' - T T" ' "' A 4 S , . " "'N'aQlm'MH ' --, bf A- . 4' r 1- Q! ,E .Qfli'i Sf" ' . 2 ' 13' ' , ' - . Y A- 1- V.-Q. , . V. V ,121 'i wg' ' . ' ' ' . 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