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Naugatuck High School - Greyhound Yearbook (Naugatuck, CT) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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x ,-,,- -. ..,.., ' n , WA .r-...U fb,-f' A w-X: - 'k,, 5 1 o fK,,f-,.-Am-.-,f ,-A ., 4 ff .va-I f, . : 1 4 wwf' .1-Q .tr 1 ' ' A P--l,,,.f""' ff,-yf' 35, ll' fs , ,H , 1' nA A ,Q is , x, :uf 1. ' , ., :A .Q Q iffy " ,-H ,A 4. 44 'f ,I . --, ,- ,Q X Hia Lg an -.1 , NL. , . 47331 .x Y I " I U 'f ' , f ' , V' A-W : 4. , . 'K I . , z uf f 5- g- X-X - , ,ev .' , . n f 4 - 1 ' ,ef , A 'fi .V '.d 51-. 5 Ig, Lv f. ' "n.?cii4 mn' gr ., Y 1' PROCEDENTES 1 W. KX J' A. "W ' i. W x f-'43 if ' '51 any gl ' 1 f vxf r 'I Mn... :Ir 9' XX ig fx f K b"1xXQRy ' A-Qi .R g V. K xg pw,.,,?1?:1f,y X . , .0 N. . f A 555-' X A fr xX , , 3, Q. Kiif' E??MfwuV 5!?23k as : .-22 ' N54 'Xq' T21 - 331 ,. :E -ar gg r , ,X , mx, , "v Q i' L, ! Q2?', ' -. 1 - J 1 V 1 ' gf- V fda- f'wfXXl'fm1'1! Mn iyflfwff M 4 H57 fi M147 X X NT, ff hz ff f XX XXV , W X X fylg X xx ,JW f f fQfff 3 XW F M,W'ff XWX,X 'QQ 'VFX . W xx 1 15 aff +1 , QQ My N, q O77 u -MAXQA ti? w XX Mxshllg if M- ,sua I .f-' ' N ip ,- ,anal .1 1 v ' P Page Tivo PROCEDENTES Page Three OUR SCHOOL PROCEDENTES MR JOHN HOVVARD WHITTEMORE But half so wel beloved a man is he Ne was ther nevere in court, of his degree He was so gentil of condicioum That throughout al the world was his renown Al of his dedes. Page Four PROCEDENTES THE CLASS MOTTO f . 7 31710112 fhyseg THE CLASS COLORS ' S dl-IVE? unc! KQVQQVI THE CLASS FLOWER oarma game Page Five PROCEDENTES PROLOGUE As we go forward let us ever bear in mind the fact that others before us have overcome great obstacles. We too may encounter like jeopardies to future success and happiness. But we have been prepared by faithful teachers to face these difficult situations. Let us manifest those qualifications now. Perhaps the tumul- tuous world we enter at this time is more fla- grantly ruthless than present day history re- cords. However, let us display our worth and take up our responsibility unfiinchingly. Pro- cedentes! Page Six PROCEDENTES EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief ....................,.................. Aldine Engelhardt ,- Rodney Vardon Asmstants """"'A""" John Sutherland Socml Committee .A........ ........ R egina Kelly Ernestine Benson Betty Brennan Phyllis Behlman Helen Bieleski Ruth Connelly Hedwig Cehowski Isabel Currier Ruth Fitzpatrick Ruth Fields Rita Fleming Betty Green Adeline Glinckas Rose Salafia Florence Kogut Helen Krzykoski Dorothy Lewis Dorothy Lawrence Sona Moran Mary Penrose Laurian Richter Eleanor Schiller Lois Smith Ethel Schiman Rose Zapatka Arline Zehnder Advelrtzsmg Commzttee .........,,............. Leonard Marchlewski Edwin Baldwin James Curran Clayton Davis John Fitzgerald Edward Gerber Edmund Mis Clayton Murphy Charles Mitchell Edward Noble Photography .....l.. Clubs ....... Sports ,........ Harold Nichols Arthur O'Donnell William Rodenbach Joseph Summa Stanley Widuch Felix Zebrakus Arthur Algren Chester Drzoscz Franklyn Hubbell Tracy Breen Ethel Grant Lillian Gniazdowski Robert Bulakites Florence Sweeney Betty Lent Leroy Noyes Albert Karalis Senior Class Adviser .......... ,,..... . Miss Louise Grainger Page Seven PROCEDENTES iiudr' MQ? MISS HELEN ZEMBRUSKI Page Efgfll PROCEDENTES DEDICATION We, the Class of 1941, dedicate this-our year book-to Miss Helen Zembruski, efficient and conscientious secretary to our principal. She has constantly lightened the burden of our cares by assuming responsibilities not her own, she has truly gained our confidence and our admiration by her never-failing sweetness of disposition, by her virile response, by her gift of fruitful sympa- thies Page Nine PROCEDENTES Page Ten ROOM ONE AND ROOM TVVO PROOEDENTES Y'-1-A JW- I :Inna IMJIUJ xi? ,, OM! 'fn 'S Page Eleven ROOM THREE AND ROOM FOUR PROCEDENTES Page Twelve ROOM FOUR AND ROOM FIVE PROCEDENTES OF THE FACULTY MEMBERS Mrs Minnie Baxter-Freshman English Miss Lorraine Benham-Librarian Miss Frances D. Burns--Biology, Plane Geometry Miss Gertrude Butterworth-French Miss Mrs Margaret Carroll-Home Madeline Caine-Sociology, European History Economics Mr Henry Cieslewski-Mathematics Mr Leon Corliss-Director of Miss Colette Daly-French Mr Edwin Derwin-Chemistry Music Miss Helen Dinneny-Freshman English, European History Mr Edward Duff-Manual Training Miss Mary Emerson-European History Mr Peter Foley-Director of Physical Education Mr Raymond Foley-Civics, Mathematics U S History Economics Mrs Anna Wells Gibbud-History, Sophomore English Ciiics Miss Louise Grainger-Senior Mrs Ethel Honan--Commercial Mr Archie Hyde-Shorthand English, Dramatic Arts Arithmetic Bookkeeping Miss Martha Johnson-Freshman English Mr Edward Kehoe-Chemistry Miss Ethelmae Kenney-Director of Physical Education Mr James Leary-Sophomore English, General Science Miss Estelle McDonough-Junior English Miss Helen McDonough-Sophomore English Mr Edwin C. Miller-General Miss Dorothy Moss-Home Ec Miss Frances Moss-Algebra, Mr Lauriston Noyes-Physics Science onomics Geometry Miss Elma Nyberg-Bookkeeping Miss Leona O'Neil-Modern E uropean History Social Studies Miss Gertrude Peck-Typewriting Mrs Mary Penrose-Drawing, Mr Henry W. Pope-United S Miss Eleanor Welles-Latin Interior Decoi ation tates History Page Thirteen PROCEDENTES MR SLADE Page Fourlccn P ROC 'E 'DlE'N'T E S L Members of the Class of 1941: In these crucial and momentous days when many nations, through no wish or action of their own, are engulfed in a most terrifying and titanic conflict, the outcome of which no man can foresee, bringing destruction and death to innocent mothers, fathers, and children alike, I must remind you it is not enough for us, living in a land of peace and plenty, to pour out our hearts in sincere gratitude for the many blessings We receive and en- joy. Laying aside all selfishness, jealousies and hatreds, we must prove ourselves through a high sense of patriotism and deep and abiding love for our country true and loyal Americans on all occasions. As you leave forever this school where you have been taught by patient and sympathetic teachers the lessons of life and their significance, to enter life's career in a sphere of wider activity and greater responsibili- ties, it is my hope and belief you will measure up fully to this level remem- bering your obligations to your country as well as your privileges. And now, fellow travelers in a world which sadly needs revitalization, I wish you lasting peace and true happiness. CHARLES P. SLADE Page Fifteen PROCEDENTES MR CHITTENDEN Page Sixteen Members of the Class of 1941: It is a pleasure to have again the opportunity of ex- tending to the members of the graduating class my best wishes as well as as those of all connected with the man- agement ofthe schools. We have enjoyed working with you during the past twelve years and now that it is time for you to leave the Naugatuck schools, some for further study and others for the world of business, we once more express the hope that your future work will be as interest- ing and as profitable as the years here have been. Where- ever you go and whatever your future activities may be, our interest in you will continue and you may ever be as- sured of advice and assistance should they be required. Each year the world situation becomes more compli- cated and unsettled. Each graduating class faces a con- fused and changing economic and social order. This June, even our Democratic way of life appears to be in grave danger. All of these rapidly changing conditions make it difficult to decide upon a vocation or a career in which the ability of the individual may be used to the best advan- tage. As you face the future in such a situation, may I express the hope that you will continue to follow the course that has been outlined for you by your teachers and by your parents. Only through your efforts and your atti- tudes can we preserve and carry forward those cherished ideals which this nation has guarded for so long a time. HAROLD E. CHITTENDEN, Superintendent of Schools Page Seventeen MISS BENHAM , A Q :Qi . was 3 A , s . . as - 4 MISS BURNS Mlss CAINE Mas CARROLL W m X fz' ' sy - .Ziggy MR coRLlss Mlss DALY 331' , I' :., ,' is ' .':- V ,:., I ' "l' I . Mlss DINNENY S MR DUFF h' THE FACULTY Page Eighteen N 1 ws ..Ef,, 4 1 2- 51 3 . , Y Mis BUTTERWORT H S ' ..,,.,:', W' MR CIESLEWSKI MR DERWIN .:.' Q n wx Miss EME RDN MR P. FOLEY Miss GRAINGER 4 J, , MISS JOHNSON MR LEARY MR R. FOLEY 5 MRS HONAN ...Qi . 'pi XV is QS i MR KNSHOE i i F' MQRSRM RSSYMS MR MILLER THE FACULTY Page Nineteen , ik 1' , X MRS GIBBUD MR HYDE MISS KENNEY if Q X X Mass D. Moss MISS H. MCDONOUGH is Mass F. Moss Miss E. Mcoouousn v I If wk, 2 3 MR NOYES MISS NYBERG We I -'.. 2 m ,ff A MISS O'NEIL MISS PECK WE wQa,s .M iq :21 I X . EZSQQQA, ""' Q.Qj?f I, . "::," 2 P- .,,.:I..,Q:: '-"P' ' qz., I y I,IIII MRS PENROSE MR POPE THE FACULTY Page Tmeniy .-'I ii? sf I 3 I I I Miss wuuzs M PROCEDENTES SENIOR CLASS HONOR ROLL - 1941 Aldine Engelhardt, Valedictorian John Sutherland, Salutatorilm .....- ---------------f-------' zst ............ ....,..A.................... . .. Ruth Fitzpatrick, Essay Donald Sears .................. 91-00 W Albert Karalis ....... ..... 9 0.89 W Arthur O'Donnell ..L,...... 9.0.56 7? Edward Gerber .............. 90.43 'hi Leonard Marshlewski .... 89.68 We Barbara Schwarcenberg 88.63 94, John Fitzgerald .......... Edwin Baldwin Rodney Vardon Isabel Currier ........,,,..... Virginia Klimaszewski .... Regina Kelly .................. Hedwig Cehowski Eileen Kiernan Ethel Schiman ..... ..... Peter Moeckel ..... . .... . Helen Doris Abucewicz Helen Ahlgian Arthur Edward Algren Franklyn Richard Allen Caroline Genevieve Bagley Edwin Guise Baldwin Garabed Harold Bansumian Phyllis .Muriel Behlman Ernestine June Benson Sarah Ottilia Bergstrom Helene Barbara Bielelski Edward Stanley Bernucki Walter Borisuck Tracy Carlton Breen Betty Ro-berta Brennan Robert Leonard Bulakites Robert Harvey Candee Arthur John Carlson, Jr. Iverna Doris Carlson Hedwig Frances Cehowski Joihn Raymond Clark John Edward Cobbol Ruth Tercrsa Connelly Mary Elizabeth Convard James Michael Cozy James Frederick Curran Isabel Ann Currier Margaret Mary Curtin Edward Peter Cwekliniski Cl-ayton Stuart Davis Louis Di Laurenzio Harriet Elsie Dinsmore Chester Stanley Drzoiscz Jeremiah Henry Dunn Mary Aldine Engelhardt Harry Edward Fager Pauline Mary Feder:-nis Annabelle Margaret Fetterman Augustine Fidalgo Ruth Aiznews Fields John James Fitzgerald Eva Kathleen Fitzpatrick Ruth Ann Kirk Fitzpatrick Rita Mary Fleming Henry Walter Furs Angeline Norma Galeiski Henry Victor Garliniski Edward Ge-rber, Jr. Edward Walter Gesek Adeline Ann Glinckas Lillian Louise Gniazdowski Edward Reed Gogan Ethel Roberta Grant Elizabeth Ann Green Herman Grossman John Joseph Hanley 88.53 W, 88.22 W 88.18 W 88.08 W 87.89 72 87.88 'W 87.74 We 87.28 W 87.26 75 86.79 C21 Wesley Jones .. Arnold Nori ......... Eleanor Schiller ..... Leroy Noyes ......... Rose Zapatka ..... Arline Zehnder ........ Ethel Korhut .......... Theresa Oldakowski Rita Fleming .......... Laurian Richter Rose Salafia ......... Edmund Mis ...,. Kathleen Soucy Florence Pocius Ruth Connelly ..... Adeline Glinckas .... 92..05 W1 ......91.63 W ....91.15 W2 .....86.59 75 ..---86.58 W .....86.35 71 .....86.17 727 .....86.00 W . ..... 861.00 W ........85.67 92 ......85.63 921 . ..... 85.53 72 .....85.29 C47 .....85.25 'ZH 11.85.06 W 1,185.05 'Zi .....85.05 W .....85.00 W -.-.....85.00 71 Charles Alfred Peterson Robert LeRioY Held Franklin James Hubbell Gloria Consue-la Hu1jt1ld0 Hedwig Mary -l30e.n'uk Walter Alfred JaRl9l10 Ruth Carolyn Jennlnfts Philippe Brelhme-r Jensen Wesley Robert Jones Albert Karslis U Grace Helen Kazanlxan Regina Henriette Kelly Eileen Dorothy Kiernan l Virginia Mary Klimasewski Florence Ann Kvllllf Ethel Mary Korhuit Virginia l'rene Krolikowsiki. Helen Jovsephine Krzykfmkl Dorothy Elizabeth Lalwrence Victor Maurice Leimoine Betty Louiusie Lent Dorothy Ann Lewis William Fredrick Luschenat Beatrice Jane MacLellan Edward Leo Madden John Charles Mahan 0 Leonard Joihn Marchlewski Robert Andrew McDermott Dorothy Bronson .McGeever Edward Alfofnsse Meyer Helen Bernadette Miller Edmund Anthony Mis Charles Owen Mitchell Peter Julius Moeckel Jo Ann Mollica Leon Moorin Sona Cory Moran Helen Moruwka Harold Muroff Clayton Lamont Murpihy John Natowich Harold Derwcod Nichols Irvimr Benedict Nixon Edward Snow Noble Arnold Eugene Nori Marvin Michael Norris Lero-y Clifford Noyes Edward Patrick O'Connor Arthur Burgess 0'Donnell Justine Mary 0'Dornnell Shirley Jenn 0'Donnell Gertrude Katherine Oemcke Teresa Pauline Oldakowski Margaret Mary Owens Frederick Park Laurence Henry Passeck Constance Marcella Penrose .Mairy Ellen Penrose Page Twenty One Helen Mary Pilkewich Florence Donna Pocius Robert Patrick Quinn William James Reilly Laurian Marie Richter Dorothy Loretta Roberts Albert William Frederick Robinson William Tompkins Rodenbach Earl Walter Roller Margaret Ruth Ruppe Mortimer Henry Saffran Rose Mairie Salatia Alden Saunders Eleanor Frieda Schiller El-sie Louise Schiman Ethel Freda Schiman Martin William Sdhluensen William Henry Schmelcke Ella Mary Schultz Barbara Antoinette Schwarcenberit Donal-d Frank .Sears Genevieve Hazel Sherico Francis Peter Shilinskas John Philip Simmons Manly Maurice Simons Lois Marion Smith Kathleen Claire Soucy Adeline Patricia Stankaas John William Sullivan Joseph Francis Summa. Jr. John Mc Kellan Sutherland, Jr. Mildred Arlene Swan Florence Jean Sweeney John Martin Swenston Henry Frank Swiderski Hedwig Teresa Szczesiul Raymond Stanley Tamowski Josephine Veronica Tangredi Genevieve Catherine Tanner Henry John Tomkowicz Marion Louiise Traticanti Shirley Mary Tremblay Bertha Agnes Tuthill Rodney John Vardon Alice Marie Wahlstrom Walter Stanley Waranowicz Norma Elveara Widen Stanley Joseph Widuch Constantine Thomas Wojtczak Ann Katherine Wood Rose Mary Zapatka Stella Veronika Zdanowicz Felix Peter Zebrakus Arline Louise Zehnder Helen .Margaret Zonas Henry Merwin Zwick PROCEDENTES E rl MQ! AVWV Q JOHN M- SUTHERLAND- Jr- FLORENCE SWEENEY RODNEY VARDON V 5UlUfGl0fiUf1 Chairman of Clubs Assistant Editor Assistant Editor M. ALDINE ENGELHARDT Valcdictorian Editor-in-Chief LEROY NOYES MARY PENROSE ALBERT KARALIS Sports Editor Staff Artist Sports Editor Page Twenty Two PROCEDENTES THE EDITORIAL Life is not meant to be cruelg nor is it cruel. It only appears so to that kind of outlook on life which views actions and incidents illiberally. How- ever unconscious such an attitude may be, human nature, at its best, delights in pessimism. Now and then even the person who has least occasion to worry finds in his disposition the tendency to consider problems with mis- giving. To regard the world as evil is to err. What ever sorrow, illness, or disaster we find on this earth is a trial of strength. We know that we mature only through stern and constant endeavor. ln this free land, one is not born to shun hardship or dire responsibility. With these it is the way of the world to expose the flaws and defects of its denizens. In this way the strength, power, and restraint of the individual are proved. If we are endued with the resolute will necessary in this competitive world, we shall not fail. An assured, well-ordered, industrious mind will sustain us throughout every vicissitude as life varies between happiness and sorrow. For life in this present day atmosphere is being beseiged by hazardous machines and people. Nations go hungry in this wordly depres- sion. An assured mind must sustain us. A liberal mind will sustain us in prosperity and assuage the humiliations that embitter adversity. Anguish of the spirit, like ills of the flesh, can not exceed the measure set by nature, and few are the actual ills that even approach that measure. Thus, the mind vested on this earth in the imperturbable calm of its pristine abode, may look forth in peace upon the troublous periphery of flesh. That soul is not worthy of its nature, nor does that heart deserve fulfilment that can not abide without discomforture and persevere un- blenching. Had Aeneas in those years of numerous temptations and har- bourless seas weakened in travail, should he ever have founded Rome? -that imperishable abode of the human spirit even now after untold cen- turies of unimaginable desolation. The soul of Aeneas was firm. With a similar rigid attitude, you and I peer into the future. Worry that may approach us will best be over-powered by the application of these same principles. In the years of study guided by a liberal education, a solid foundation has been established in our youth. A foundation upon which honor is built high above petty anguish. If during sickness in the on-coming years, recovery of health seems far distant, remember, this is a trial of strength! If desperation over- comes us for want of employment, firmness is necessary. If there be others, weaklings with an irresolute will, they will proclaim, "What happens is meant to happen." A fatalism not to be cultivated, the theory of a sophist. Things do not merely happen, they are caused. The drowsy and the lazy abide by this motto merely to avoid excess travail. The malicious advocate this theory so to inveigle the simple. ' Hardship is known to us all. Suffering has been endured. With an assured knowledge of righteousness and a lofty background in education, we have been educated so as to persevere unblenching toward our wordly objective, sustained by our spiritual life, without which we should founder. M. ALDINE ENGELHARDT Page Tlvenfy Three PROCEDENTES LEONARD MARCHLEWSKI RUTH FITZPATRICK EDWARD NGBLE Chairman of Adveriising Essayigl ViCe.Pfe5iC1e,,l Staff Arlisl EDWARD GERBER, jr. President Adverlising Commillee BETTY BRENNAN TRACY BREEN REGINA KELLY Most Popular Cirl Photographs Social Editor Advertising Commiilee Page Twenty Four PROCEDENTES THE CLASS POEM With Apologies to H. H. Set us Where the sun doth parch the green, Or where his beams do not dissolve the ice, In temperate heat where he is felt and seen: In presence 'prest of people, mad or wiseg Set us in high or yet in low degree, In clearest sky or where clouds thickest be, Set us in heaven or in earth In hill, or dale, or in the foaming floodg We'll bear the torch of liberty for aye And never break the faith entrusted us Our sacred promise made,-we'll carry on! 51551 THE IDEAL SENIOR MAIDEN THE IDEAL SENIOR BOY WOULD BE A GIRL WITH WOULD BE A LAD WITH The The Teeth of Aldine Engelhardt Eyes of Sona Moran Hair of Florence Sweeney Mouth of Phyllis Behlman Profile of Ruth Connelly Hands of Margaret Ruppe Physique of Dorothy McGeever Feet of Ruth Fitzpatrick Ankles of Arline Zehnder Legs of Lois Smith Voice of Regina Kelly Complexion of Helen Krzykoski Smile of Betty Lent Personality of Betty Brennan Teeth of Bob Quinn Eyes of Bill Reilly Hair of Jerry Dunn Hands of Ed Gerber Profile of Horse Swiderski Voice of Bill Rodenbach Smile of Harry Fager Physique of Joe Summa Personality of Ed Noble Page Twenly Five PROCEDENTES Page Twenty Six THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF AND HER ASSISTANTS PROCEDENTES Page Tzvcnly Seven THE EXECUTIVE BOARD PROCEDENTES Page Twenty Eiglzl THE SOCIAL COMMITTEE i' THE CLASS CDF1941 't PROCEDENTES HELEN DORIS ABUCEWICZ Hop Brook Tennis Bazlminlon Basketball French Club "MERRY AS THE DAY is 1.oNc': Helen's first in our Classbook. She is also first in the hearts of many of her friends. Her charming man- ner and winning smile have endeared her to all. HELEN AHIGIAN Detroit, Mich. "ALL ADoRAT1oN, DUTY AND OBEDIENCEH Helen's long black hair and sparkling eyes are her claims to individuality. Her flashing, bright smile com- pletes her feminine appeal. ARTHUR EDWARD ALGREN ART Salem Stage Manager for Christmas Play Dance Commillee Advertising Commillec Chemistry Club Physics Club Senior Play "A LUSTY GRIN AND A WELL-BALANCED FITNESS or THINGS" Room one's glamour boy. His unruly blonde hair and good-looks are not his only assets. As star of The Mighty Algren Art Players, Scientific class will long remember him. FRANKLYN RICHARD ALLEN Center School Bana' Chair Orcheslra "His wAYs ARE WAYS OF PLEASANTNESSU Franklyn was the typical bashful boy, back in Fresh- man days. But that was four years ago. Now look at the string of broken hearts that trails him. Page Thirty Salem funior Woman's Club Baslfelball Choir Trip lo Worccslcr and Greenwich Clee Club Choir Trip lo Atlantic Cily H. M. S. Pinafore Naugycllcs Club Clwif PROCEDENTES CAROLINE GENEVIEVE BAGLEY "THE MILDEST MANNERS AND THE GENTLEST HEARTP Unaffectecl and friendly, Caroline makes a true friend. With a ready wit and the will to win, failure will never place its mark on her. EDWIN GUISE BALDWIN BALDY Salem Wonccsnzn Tcci-i Class Day Usher Colden Trail Usher For Senior Play Malhenlalics Club French Club Advertising Club Class Honor Roll "His COGITATIVE FAcul.T1i:s lMMF.RscD IN A COGIBUNDITY OF COGITATIONSH Ed is our claim to mathematical Wizardry and scien- tific ability. We are not far from right as Worcester Polytechnic has already bid for him. Happy land- ing, Ed! GAHABED HAROLD BARSUMIAN GARY Central Avenue PRATT lNSTlTUTE Arl Club Malhemalics Club French Club "Hi: HATH A wisDoM THAT DoTH coma" His vALoR T0 ACT IN SAFETY" Gary lays claim to an unusual talent in drawing. Those humorous and clever sketches he drew for Room 1 are ample evidence of this. And his condemnation of Macbeth made history! PI-IYLLIS MURIEL BEHLMAN PHYL Salem A Cappella Choir Cuard of Honor Choir Trip lo Worcesler and Greenwich Clee Club Choir Trip lo Allanlic Cily Social Commillec Naugyelles Club Baslfclball "THE KIND THAT WE'LL BE GLAD wi: KNEW" If a smile will make a friend, Phyllis must have many. Her cheeriness, her fun-loving personality and her leadership stamp her as a girl worth-while! Page Thirty One PROCEDENTES ERNESTINE JUNE BENSON ERNIE Central Avenue A Cappella Choir Operelta Choir Trip lo Worcester and Creenwich Clee Club Choir Trip to Atlantic City Social Committee Operetta Usher "SHE IS A GALLANT CREATURE, AND COMPLETE" IN MIND AND FEATURE" Rating high scholastically, Ernestine has found time to assiduously study music. Her favorite place of recreation is the quaint music shed at the Tuttle House. Perhaps it is the soothing effect of the music that has made her so different. SARAH OTTILIA BERGSTROM SAL Salem Badminton Tennis "DEIvIURE or cI.ANcE AND SWEET or MANNERH It's always refreshing to meet one with a pleasing, engagingmpersonality like Sarah's. Her moderately toned voice is another praiseworthy characteristic which sets her apart. HELENE BARBARA BIELESKI BABS Prospect CONN. STATE INSTITUTE or HAIRDRESSING Social Committee Tennis Cuard of Honor MWITH SMILES Fon ALL, scowLs FOR NONE" Helene's beauty graced the Guard of Honor last year, and one year has added to rather than detracted from her loveliness. She is certainly one of our top- notchers as far as comeliness IS concerned. EDWARD STANLEY BERNACKI ED Prospect Basketball Football "DETERIvIINED HE IS AND BOUND T0 WINN Ed is tall, dark and curly-headed, so you can readily see why there's such a furore in the feminine ranks over him. But he doesn't know this or docs he? Page Thirty Two PROCEDENTES WALTER BORISUCK WALLY Salem Withdrew from school in March to become a member of the Conn. 102 Infantry QRJ, Camp Blanding, Florida. "HE LEAVES A WHITE, UNBROKEN GLORY-A GATHERED RADIANCEH With characteristic reticence Walter slipped away to claim his rightful place in the National Guard of the United States of America. With his regiment in quar- antine in Fort Blanding, it required five weeks for us to obtain this picture of him in uniform. We salute you, Private Borisuck. We are proud of you. A signal honor is yours-the First member of 1941 to enlist under the Stars and Stripes! TRACY BREEN Vi funior Dance Commillee cuted. BETTY ROBERTA BRENNAN BETT St. Francis NEW ROCHELLE Social and Advertising Commillee Cheer Leader Dance and Ring Commillee Tennis 5. P. R. Lalin Club MUNI Club Baslfelball Badminton "Horn THE SHIP, Fon BETTY coMEs!" ls there anyone in the Senior class who doesn't know Betty-the epitome of dynamic energy? For four long years she has been safeguarding the welfare of the class of '41. Cheerleader! Student! Friend! We salute thee! Inlerclass Basfgelball activities. Page Thirty Three St. Francis Chairman Photographic Commillee "DAsHiNo, DAUNTLESS, DEBONAIR ! " Endowed with personality, pep, and immense good looks, Tracy tackled the problem of the photographs i , for Procedentes. His zeal was unflagging, his energy, i undiminishing. His was a mammoth task, nobly exe- ROBERT LEONARD BULAKITES BOB St. Francis Band Orcheslra Choir Soflball Pholographic Commillec UCONQUEST Punsuss WHERE COURAGE LEADS THE wAY" Bob has made fame for himself, in Naugy and else- where, through his trumpet tooting. An energetic lad is he, usually absorbed in some enterprise or other. The days seem all too short for him and his horde of PROCEDENTES ROBERT HARVEY CANDEE BOB Salem French Club HEARNESTNESS is THE BEST GIFT or MENTAL POWER" Bob has gained great notoriety throughout Naugy, for the unusual automobiles he has acquired. He will oblige anyone with a lift, though it sometimes requires courage to take advantage of it. ARTHUR JOHN CARLSON, JR. LEGS Salem Soflball Swimming "1 DARE DO ALL THAT MAY BECOME A MAN Arthur, the boy who keeps the chemistry teacher's desk polished. He may lean on two desks at once, but we are sure he'll make his way without leaning on anyone. HEDWIG FRANCES CEHOWSKI HEDY Social Commillce Home Economics Club Usher al Cradualion 'KHER VERY slLENcE AND HER PAT1ENcE SPEAK TO THE PEOPLE" A twinkle in her eye and the proper answer on her tongue-these are characteristic of Hedy. Her ready wit is a source of constant enjoyment to her friends. IVERNA DORIS CARLSON Central Avenue COMPTOMETER SCHOOL Choir Clee Club MLONG Aco I LEARNED How TO LISTEN TO THE SINGING WIND.. Music has claimed lverna's attention during her four High School years. And such a worthwhile hobby to occupy your time, Iverna. We hear she has plans of becoming a singing secretary, Salem Volleyball Baclminlon Class Honor Roll Page Thirty Four PROCEDENTES JOHN RAYMOND CLARK JOHNNY New Britain, Conn. Chemistry Club Baslfelball "KNOWLEDGE IS MORE THAN EQUIVALENT IN I-'oRcE" From his secluded seat in Room 3, Johnny watched our antics and commented laughably. His dramatic re- citals have been varied, but shall we ever forget the time he impersonated a cosmetician? JOHN EDWARD COBBOL Posi' COLLEGE us how it's done, Johnny. RUTH TERESA CONNELLY Salem UNIVERSITY or ALABAMA Ring ancl Dance Commillcc Tennis Physica Club Social Commillcc Guard of Honor French Club Class Bcauly Class Honor Roll 'AHER EYES AS STARS or TWILIGHT FAIR, HLIKE TWlLlGHT'S, Too, HER Dusxy HAIR" Ruth gives us the rare combination of brains and beauty. She has a debonair manner and a charming personality. Ruth's interests turn toward higher edu- cation and Naugatuck's loss will be A1abama's gain. MARY ELIZABETH CONVARD ST. MARYIS HOSPITAL Mary remains aloof from us, since she antly taken up these days with affairs de in her sweet shy way, she has made our unforgettably worth while. Page Thirty Five CUEBALL Central Avenue ' "GREAT OAKS FROM LITTLE AcoRNs cRow" The little man with the great, big grin. He seems to get things done and still is never busy. Pray tell St. Francis French Club Chemislry Club junior Woman's Club S. P. R. Lalin Club "SPEAK Low, IF You SPEAK or LOVE" is so pleas- coeur. But school days PROCEDENTES JAMES FREDERICK CURRAN JIM Salem llflalli Club French Club Advertising "DRUM ON YOUR DRUMS, BATTER ON YOUR BANjOSu What would we have done without Jimmy to help make our dances successful? Dependable, rollicking, joining in all our activities, Jimmy rates high. Social Commillee MARGARET MARY CURTIN PEGGY Central Avenue DR. ARNOLD'S COLLEGE Basketball Tennis Home Economics Club Baclminlon funior Woman's Club Music Naugyelles Club Volleyball '.THE ONE THAT LOVES AND LAUGHS MUST SURE DO WELL Peg never seems to have enough time between classes to Hnish her conversations and is forever being caught whispering. We don't mind, however, for she is such an active young lady, her remarks are never boring. Page Thirty Six AVIATION SCHOOL ' JAMES MICHAEL COZY JIM Salem Foolball "HIS ONLY LABOR wAs TO KILL Tm: TIME" Jim has contributed much to the merriment of our class, perhaps because he seldom worries about any- thing, least of all, studies. But lately, his time has been pretty well taken up-How about it, Jim? ISABEL ANN CURRIER IZZY Salem Clee Club A Cappella Clioir Class Honor Rall -KMODERATION IS Tm: sILIcIaN CHAIN RUNNING THROUGH ALL VIRTUESH With faculties well in hand, friendly and cheerful, Isabel has a kind word for all her friends. Her intelli- gence and dependability spell a rosy future. it PROCEDENTES EDWARD PETER CWEKLINSKI CHAMP Center School BUSINESS SCHOOL Baseball Foolball Basketball Sofflmll Volleyball "So NEAR AND YET so FAR" Ed is an unassuming fellow from Beacon Falls. He doesn't say Inuch In class, but with his buddies, between periods, he IS a changed person. LOUIS DI LAURENZIO LOU UMY EYES MAKE PIe'I'uREs wHEN THEY ARE SHUT" Louie fortunately possesses an artistic bent, which will probably prove extremely profitable in later life. Because he dreams the dreams of an artist is probably why he fails to bother about petty affairs. -19' CLAYTON STUART DAVIS CLATE Central Avenue BRIDGETON ACADEMY OF MAINE Advertising Committee Usher at Graduation url-'RUE ELOQUENCE CONSISTS IN SAYING NOTHING BUT WHAT IS NECESSARY" Clayt is a likeable fellow whose zest in living, vim in working for his dad, and pep in gathering "ads" have contrived to make him a busy man. And if you want new ideas, consult Clayt. Central Avenue HARRIET ELSIE DINSMORE HALLY Pleasant Hill "l BUILT A LITTLE HOUSE OF DREAMS" Since she came to Naugy High, Hally has made Inany friends-and no wonder, for beneath her retiring manner lie real scholarship and a fine manner. We are glad to have her with us. Page Thirty Seven P ROCEDENTES CHESTER STANLEY DRZOSCZ CHET Prospect Adverlising Commlllee NONE THING IS FOREVER coong THAT ONE THING IS succEss" Sporting a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous grin, Chester is always in the mood for a rollicking time-and usually has it. He's proved he's a great sport and we appreciate the earnest way he's handled his end of the Advertising Committee. JEREMIAH HENRY DUNN JERRY St. Francis Baslfcllwall FOOUJGII KIATHLETICALLY TALL HE IvIovEs IN THE HALL" Jerry is always on time-when the bells are late. But in his own congenial way, he's always on time to lend a helping hand or offer a bit of subtle humor when the conversation lags. St. Francis HARRY EDWARD FAGER MARY ALDINE ENGELHARDT DEAN Salem BARNARD COLLEGE Editor-in-chief of Class Book Guard of Honor Presidcnl of S, P. R. Tennis Baslfellmll French Club Valediclorian AKTHERE IS N0 KNOWLEDGE THAT IS NOT PUWERH Dean's high intelligence and her ability to finish successfully whatever she undertakes have won our admiration. As sister of one of our superior alumni, she has carried on the family record for brilliancy. Then, too, her ash-blonde loveliness has added to her appeal! Good luck, Dean! Dance Commlllce Fovilwll "A VERY MERRY, DANCING, LOVEABLE, LAUGHINC., AND UNTHINKING PALH Harry's friendly grin and man-about-town air are known to all of us. We can depend upon the popular Harry and his constant companion, Tracy, to keep things exciting. Page Tllirlp Eight PROCEDENTES PAULINE MARY FEDERONIS PLINE Salem 6 funinr WOMUIIYS Club Bmjminlon ,S "OH, T0 DANCE ALL NIGHT, AND DRESS Al.L DAY!" A friendly miss is our petite Pauline. Even her office duties do not prevent her daily chats with her many friends. We wonder what do Pauline and Patsy discuss In those between-periods conferences? ANNABELLE MARGARET FETTERMAN ANNE Central Avenue WATERBURY HOSPITAI, Home Economics Club Baslgelball Volleyball Badminlon Tennis UA CHEERFUL TEMPER JOINED WITH INNOCENCE. W'll.L MAKE BEAUTY ATTRAcTivE" Annabelle of the soft voice and laughing brown eyes helped make sixth period chemistry a most enjoyable class. After all, Science should be counterbalanced by contagious giggles. AUG USTINE FIDALGO AUGIE Salem UNIVERSITY or CONNECTICUT Clzoir Clicmislry Club HSLEEP, THAT HEAVEN UPON EARTH T0 THE WEARY HEAD" This lad's hobby is thinking up nick-names for all his pals. The odd part of it is that they usually stick. He's a constant tease but you simply can't get angry when he Hashes that likeable grin at you. Nu RUTH AGNES FIELDS SADIE HAWKINS Prospect Basketball Social Committee Bvdminlon Chemislry Club Volleyball UJOCUND, JOLLY AND GAY is SHE" A bale and hearty student is Ruth, whose laugh is ever ready. In spite of all the teasing she receives in Room 2, Ruth remains a regular sport. Page Thirly Nine PROCEDENTES EVA KATHLEEN FITZPATRICK Center School Badminton Tennis Basketball HTHEN SHE wu.L TALKfYE GODSRHOW SHE wu.L TALK" A star of the girls' athletic teams is Eva. She is pro- ficient in numerous sports, and couples this with a spontaneity in Dramatics class which has made history. RITA MARY FLEMING Central Avenue WATERBURY COMPTOMETER Scnool. Sec'y funior Woman's Club Tennis Home Economies Club Social Committee American Youth Forum Award Basketball Class Honor Roll Naugyeltes Club " 'Tis WELL TU BE QUIET AND WISE" Rita is envied by many a student for her composing powers in Commercial A. as Well as for the shade of her titian hair. Maybe all her note writing has kept her in practice for writing' themes. Page Forty JOHN JAMES FITZGERALD FITZ St. Francis Advertising Committee lllathematics Club Physics Club Class Honor Roll HWORK FIRST, AND THEN REST" John looks like a quiet little boy with his freckles and tousled hair and twinkle in his eye. But after hearing the questions and answers he spouts in class, we come to realize the mightiness of our mite. f RUTH ANN KIRK FITZPATRICK FITZIE Salem NEW ROCHEl-LE junior Woman's Club Math Club Latin Club Aff Club French Club Chemistry Club Class Secretary anal Treasurer D. A. R. Representative ES-SUyiSl Social Committee "FEW THINGS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO DILICENCE AND SKILLN Ruthie's demure, delightful personality have Won her countless friends all through the High School. The Senior Class is proud of her and grateful to her for handling her responsibility as an ofiicer so well. P R O C E D E N T E S HENRY WALTER FURS FURS Hop Brook COLORADO SCHOOL OF FORESTRY "THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE A FRIEND is T0 BE ONE" What would Economics have been without frequent laughs from Henry? He has proved to be the bright spot through four years. "Why be tragic?" he asks. ANGELINE NORMA GALESKI NELL Hop Brook COMPTOMETER SCHOOL Baslfclball Volleyball Badminton Tennis French Club Home Economics Club junior Wornan's Club Bowling "As AN ARROW T0 iTs MARK" If you see a bundle of energy whiz past in the hall, it must be Angeline. She seems to have a finger in all the pies and does brilliantly in all iields, whether social, athletic, or scholastic. HENRY VICTOR GARLINSKI ORKY Hop Brook DUKE UN1vERsn'Y Basketball Caplain Varsily Baseball Mariagcr of Calf Team Physics Club lnlerclass Soflball Colf Team "SWIFT AS A sHADow, SHORT AS ANY DREAM" If you want to learn how to shoot baskets with as- tounding accuracy, page Orkyg for he has many times been the star of a Naugy game in just this manner. The idol of all the school, Orky well deserves his popu- larity. C EDWARD GERBER, JP. ED COLGATE COLLEGE Salem Class Prcsiclenl Band Latin Mglh Class Honor Roll Physics Club Orclieslra USOUND THE CANNON, BEAT THE DRUMS, HPENNANTS HIGH-FOR EDWARD COMES" We voted Ed our President, fully aware that his capacity for responsibility and his excellent executive ability would lead us from the shoals of failure directly into the harbor of victory. High-spirited and active, yet not without a more serious side, Ed possesses so well-balanced a temperament as to place him as one of the ablest young men of our class. Page Forty One PROCEDENTES EDWARD WALTER GESEK EDDIE St. Hedwig's Football Calf Basketball Softball "BEHIND TI-IAT CALM EXTERIOR LIES A DEAL or DEVILTRYN Hail to an all round athlete! Eddie contributed a lot of energy for the glory of the school and we are grateful to Union 'City for her son. ADELINE ANN GLINCKAS GLIINK Prospect MT. SINAI HOSPITAL OF NEW Yom: Basketball Captain Volleyball Badminton Tennis Social Committee Swimming Class Honor Roll "LovE or ACTION-SENSE or VIMH A sparkling smiling and a merry giggle, a good stu- dent and thoroughly good sport. Multiply by 10, and you have Adeline, who works and plays hard and whose flair for dramatics made her a valuable mem- ber of College English. LILLIAN LOUISE GNIAZDOWSKI L L Hop Brook Basketball Badminton Photographic Committee Volleyball Cheer Leader French Club funior Woman's Club Food Sale Committee --DANCE AND BE GAYN Lil-pretty, loyal, sincere, a deeply interested sup- porter of the Senior Class. In the bleakest of football Weather Lil, as our prettiest cheerleader, shouted en- couragement to the football squad. EDWARD REED GOGAN Center School lnterclass Basketball lnterclass Softball "OI-I WHY SHOULD LIFE ALL LABOR EE?" Reed is a prominent member of that division of our Class who hail from The Falls. He organizes the boys every recess, and what a grand session they do have-discussing matters which none of them has yet divulged. Can it be Reed's ever-present worry -Alge- bra? Page Forty Two PROCEDENTES ETHEL ROBERTA GRANT St. Francis Pbolograplnic Commillce Orcheslra Dance Commillec Baslfelball French Club Volleyball .4rl Club Band' "BECAUSE T0 LAUGH IS PROPER TO THE woMAN" Hail-fellow-well-met is Ethel's attitude toward her classmates. Hurrying' here and there, impetuous but delightfully entertaining'-she is a colorful figure in our class. E HERMAN GROSSMAN HERMIE Prospect DARTMIDUTH Foolball Baslgelball A Cappella Choir Operella Colden Lane Senior Play "THE Busy woRLD AND 1 SHALL NE'ER AGREE" His expansive smile and flashes of real wit give a hint of Hermie's geniality and good fellowship. A sport enthusiast, he is a well known figure at all ath- letic events. And hats off to his dramatic ability as Herbert of our Senior Play. nredit to us all. Page Forty Three ELIZABETH ANN GREEN BET St. Francis French Club Malli Club Guard of Honor Social Commillee Dance Commillee Baslfclball funior Womanfs Club Cbemislry Club "A THING or BEAUTY IS A JOY FOREVER., The charming chatterbox of our class is Betty. Her love of life and play have endeared her to all of us. We shall always recall her youthful freshness. .TOHN JOSEPH HANLEY JOHNNY St. Francis l.HE'D A FIRE IN HIS HEART NO HURT coUl.n sTlFLE" Irish wit, combined with a jovial personality, make for an altogether pleasing and amusing combination. Despite his favorite pastime of teasing, Johnny is a PROCEDENTES ROBERT LEROY HELD BOB Center Jr. High, Norwalk "A IvIAN CONVINCED AGAINST HIs WILL IS or THE SAME OPINION STILLU Girls beware-Bob is here! He is a bit of alright with the ladies. Liking a good joke, he is constantly providing one to our delight. if' FRANKLIN JAMES HUBBELL JIMMIE Central Avenue Advertising Committee Math Clulw Orclieslra Band French Club Baslgelball "I THINK THAT STUDYING IS wEARIsoIvII: TU THI-1 FLESHH Jimmie is characterized by his own particular laugh. He greets all his friends with a hearty "Hello." Appar- ently he doesn't worry too much about anything-and we guess he doesn't have to. GLORIA CONISUELA HURTADO GLOR St. Francis ST. FRANCIS ScHooI. FOR NURSING Clee Club Ar! Club A Cappella Choir Badminton funior Woman'.s Club "SHI-: IS A WINSOME, was THING" Sincere friendliness is one of Gloria's main assets. We shall always remember her large dark eyes and dazzling smile. WALTER ALFRED JAGIELLO JIGGELO St. Hedwig's "HI: MET HIS DAYS EVER ALIKI3" Reading funny books is this lad's favorite pastime. His pleasant grin is full of friendliness, and he is not averse to joking here and there. Page Forly Four PROCEDENTES RUTH -CAROLYN JENNINGS Central Avenue Basketball Volleyball Badminton Tennis Home Economics Club Naugyettes Club funiar Woman's Club UQUIET. AND WITH MUCH ABILITY'- Ruth is surely the picture of a cool, collected librarian, yet never without her captivating smile. We have been made to feel Ruth's true worth as a sym- pathetic friend and a jolly pal, te'-SK 'if 'ws ' PHILIPPE BREHMER JENSEN PHIL Troy, N. Y. Student Council Senior and Christmas Plays Sophomore Yearbaolg Christmas Play Vice-Pres., Treasurer anal Business Manager of Dramatic Society Mafh Clllb Colden Lane MDIGNITY Li-:Nos GRACE T0 ANY MAN" Phil's present interest is centered on band-leaders and dramatics. Although he has been with us but a part of our high school days, he has become a great asset. WESLEY ROBERT JONES WES Salem UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT Math Club Physics Club Chemistry Club . French Club Stage Manager for Christmas Play A Cappella Choir' S. P. R. Latin Club Class Honor Roll "His MANNERS ARE GENTLY COMPLYING AND BLANDH An honor student in more ways than one, Wesley is a well-liked, friendly chap. While fooling and chat- ting with his friends, one can detect his basso profundo booming above the rest. ALBERT KARALIS Prospect S. P. R. Latin Club Sports Math Club Class Honor Roll "CoURAcE is ADMIRABLE, BUT PATIENCE is POWERFUL" Scholarly, yet retiring and modest, Albert is surely on the road to fortune. He is very serious about his career and pursues it with determination. But don't think for a minute that Al is without his funny twist -we'll never forget his dramatizations. Page Forty Five PROCEDENTES GRACE HELEN KAZANJIAN Central Avenue LARSON JUNIOR COLLEGE Tennis Baslfellrall unior Womans Club Mllsic Volleyball Badminlon MEARTHYS THE RIGHT PLACE FOR LIVING" Grace is interested in the liner things of life. Though an accomplished musician herself, she finds art study more to her fancy. Or is it the Yale ART students, Grace? REGINA KELLY REGGIE St. Francis Honor Roll Guard of Honor Sccrelary, Lalin Club Presizlenl, funior Womun's Club President, French Club Christmas Play Secretary, Colden Lane Senior Play Social Chairman "THE LOVELY LINE OF NECK AND CHEEK AND CHIN, THE DARKNESS OF HER HAIR" Tall and svelte with lissome grace, Regina moves among us. Already her bids to college proms are numerous. Beauty, brains, and personality has our Social Editor! EILEEN DOROTHY KIERNAN Center NEW YORK HOSPITAL Baslfelball Badminlon French Club Physics Club Foozl Sale Commillee Tennis Class Honor Roll "SHE's MODEST AS ANY AND BLYTHE AS sHE's BONNYD With an irresistable smile and a twinkle of those Irish eyes, Eileen has Won us, one and all. We wonder what second period French class would do if she weren't around to supply the right answer at just the right time. VIRGINIA MARY KLTMASEWSKI VIRGE Prospect WATERBURY HOSPITAL Baclminlon Volleyball Baslgelball Caplain Tennis Class Honor Roll "IT IS VAIN T0 LOOK FOR A DEFENSE AGAINST LlGHTENINGh She's gay and witty and one in a million as far as Naugy is concerned. Virge, very ably fulfilled her A role as captain of our basketball team and gained quite a reputation as an unassailable guard. Page Forly Six PROCEDENTES FLORENCE ANN KOGUT FLOSSY Prospect COMPTOMETER Sciiooi. Volleyball Badminton Tennis Social Committee "SENslBlL1'rY is THE PowER or WOMAN" Florence makes all of us feel good to be alive, as she greets us in the l110I'Il1Ilg' with a refreshing smile and a sincere word. Diligent in studies and excelling is sports, she's one of the best. ETHEL MARY KORHUT Bridgeport, Conn. Home Economics Club Basketball Captain Tennis Badminton Volleyball Play Day Class Honor Roll "So ROSY-CHEEKED AND TRIMLY DRESSED is SHE" Pep, amiability and a sparkling personality will al- ways be characteristic of Ethel. She has a remarkable ability for discussing any subject on current events. Especially in History Class does she shine. VIRGINIA IRENE KROLIKOWSKI VIRGE Hop Brook Basketball Volleyball Badminton Foozl Sale Committee ..HER 1.ovELlNEss AND DIGNITY sHoui.D BE PRESERVEDN Poppy and pretty is Virgo, who goes in for sports in a big way. Her excellent taste is aptly displayed by the fashion she presents every morning, as she strolls into school in those good looking: clothes. HELEN JOSEPHINE KRZYKOSKI CURLY St. Hedwig's BUSINESS COLLEGE Home Economics Club Social Committee French Club "SPARKLING ARE HER TALENTS AND BEND or MINE" Helen is one of our best dressers and a very attrac- tive girl. Active socially and usually the life of the curate. Page Forty Seven party, too. Incidentally, her answers are always ac- PROCEDENTES DOROTHY ELIZABETH LAWRENCE DOT Salem Volleyball Basketball Usher for Senior Play Social Committee French Club IKMODESTY IS ONE OF THE SWEETEST QUALITIES ONE CAN POSSESSH DOt's loveliness causes many a flutter. But then, who wouldn't be attracted by her Winsome smile and rollicking glance? VICTOR MAURICE LEMOINE VIC Salem Band A Cappella Choir Orchestra H. M. 5. Pinafore The Colden Trail .'WORRY LESS AND WORK MORE" VictOr's entire life is taken up with music, either sweet or torrid. He's sure to be a wow in this field, and we send our best wishes to the Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy of the class of '41. BETTY LOUISE LENT BETTE Salem COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Dance and Ring Committee Latin Clul: Cluhs and Advertising Committee Cheer Leader Head Usher for Christmas Play Chemistry Club Guard of Honor Baslfcthall Captain "A ROsE WITH ALL ITS PETAL5 YET UNFOLDEDH Because she can always show us the bright side of thingsg because she's ready for fun at all times and because she's just Betty, we are fond of her!! Brim- ful of life, she has a new idea every other minute. DOROTHY ANN LEWIS DOT Salem Volleyball Badminton Clee Clul: Social Committee Fooct Sale Committee A CGPPCHG Clwlf UTHE HEAVENS LAUGH WITH You IN YOUR JUBILEEH Our jolly, fun-loving Dot! What day would be complete without that familiar giggle from Room 3. And that exquisite blush of hers! Such envy as that has aroused. Page Forty Eight PROCEDENTES WILLIAM FREDRICK LUSCHENAT BILL Prospect Football Chemistry Club HLEN AND ig 1 AND 1.EN!" Three cheers for Bill who really was an asset to our football team. Everyone likes him, especially the girls! But it seems to be a case of "Love me, love my pal!" YT' BEATRICE JANE MacLELLAN BEA N Prospect AIYEARNINGS sus HATH IN HER OWN NATURAL KIND Giggling at the slightest provocation, Beatrice is a merry, bright-eyed young lady. Sauntering down the second floor corridor during seventh period was a favorite pastime with her. EDWARD LEO MADDEN ED Salem Matll Club French Club "A MAN'S MAN AM i!" Ed enjoys life to the utmost combining three parts play with one part work and still attaining honorable grades. His casual air is the cause of many a femi- nine heart flutter--but Ed has other interests. JOHN 'CHARLES MAHAN JOHNNY St. Francis .i Dance Committee Varsity Basketball " 'Tis BY THE SILKEN MESH or Love 'rHou ART BOUND'- He's swift on the basketball court and smooth on the dance floor. This together with an ever-ready smile and jovial manner has made Johnny one of the most popular members of our class. Page Forty Nine P ROCEDENTES LEONARD JOHN MARCHLEWSKI LEN Prospect CONNECTICUT COLLEGE or PHARMACY Chairman of Advertising Committee Usher for Christmas Play Class Honor Roll "THE ONLY REAL WEALTH IS HUMAN LABOR" Here is a brilliant scholar, an active member of the Senior Class and an all-round good fellow. It is easily understandable that he has won the admiration of the entire class for his endless energy and sparkling wit. We wager his "Grandmother" is proud of him. ROBERT ANDREW MCDEIRMOTT MAC Prospect Baseball Football Basketball Color League "A LION AMONG MEN I STAND" An all-round athlete, Mac has done his part to keep Naugy on the map and to win honors for our school. Seen at all the social events, he rates high with his fellow students. And, incidentally, holds the record for tardy cards! St. Francis EDWARD ALFONSE MEYER DOROTHY BRONSON MCGEEVER DOT Center KATHERINE GIBBS ScHooI. Tennis Champion Baslfellnall Badminton Champ, "4l" Math Club French Club Physics Club Cuarzl of Honor Volleyball MBLOOMING BEAUTY AND GROWING SWEETNESSH The work we do brings reward in direct proportion, and that's why we're confident of Dot's success. When it's time to memorize quotations, she's sure to know them. Katherine Gibbs will add to Dot's accomplish- ments. Snnmmmg Team HPATIENCE IS THE BEST REMEDY FOR EVERY TROUBLE" Ed is a modest, unassuming lad. Though he hasn't mentioned it, we know he spends his leisure time break- ing swimming records. Being extremely clever in the mechanical field, too, We predict a brilliant future. Page Fifty PROCEDENTES HELEN BERNADETTE MILLER St. Francis Home .Economics Club Chemistry Club ..HER DEEP. DARK EYES Acl.ow" This petite miss is everybody's pal. Her friendly spirit has brought her many companions. Her seri- ousness and perseverance, we do admire. EDMUND ANTHONY MIS MISSIE Center School Band Orchestra A Cappella Choir Art Club Advertising Committee Operetta lnterclass Basketball Honor Roll "l'L1. NOT BUDGE AN INCH" With a smile on his face and a quip on his tongue, Eddie, the Mayor of Beacon Falls, has made a host of friends during his high school days. Additionally, he is an accomplished musician and a popular cavalier among the gals. CHARLES OWEN MITCHELL CHARLIE Center Physics Club Azlvcrtising Committee lnlcrclass Baslfctlwall '38, 39, 40" Chemistry Club "HE TAKES 'mis LIFE AS THOUGH IT WERE EASE ALONE" Always ready for a good time, especially in Room 3 is Beacon Falls's own Charlie. An ardent baseball and photo fan, he has no time for the fair members of our class. Photography is this man's hobby. PETER JULIUS MOECKEL MEC Central Avenue COAST GUARD ACADEMY Football "40" Honor Roll Mafiager of Football Team "40" "HE HAS KEPT THE FAITH" He found time to be popular and still keep that average high. This is the perfect combination. It means many friends and the road to all good things. Best of luck, Pete. Page Fifty One PROCEDENTES JO ANN MOLLICA JO Central Avenue BUSINESS ScHf:oI. x Home Economics Club USPUN GOLD wAs HER HAIRH Jo Ann is a good student as numerous teachers will tell you and she invariably is on her best behavior. Good for you, Jo Ann, you obviously intend getting somewhere in life. LEON MOORIN LEE Macombs Junior High NEW YORK UNIVERSITY SCHOOL or COMMERCE French Club Dance Committee lnlerclass Baslfellwall "A MAN OF LOFTY AIMS AND NO MEDIOCRE AMBITIONH We've all come to know Leon as a genial store- keeper and a sincere pal. Always armed with a jolly grin and a thoughtful word of greeting, he has made us glad he left New York. We predict that he will go to town! SONA 'CORY MORAN Salem UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA French Club Ring Commillee Cllernisiry Club Social Commiilec junior Woman's Clul: "How EASY 'ro BE AIvIIAIsI.E IN THE MIDST or HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS" With her golden winsomeness and talent for making friends, Sona has moved among us like a ray of sun- shine. We all enjoy being with her, conversing with her and studying with her. Happy flight to Alabama! HELEN MORUSKA Salem Volleyball Badminion UWHY IS NOT EVERY MAIDEN HAPPY AS I?" If you see a slim, energetic streak on the volley-ball court, it's sure to be Helen. Her interests have been mainly sports during her High School days, and this is probably why she has such at wide circle of sport enthusiast pals. Page Fifly Two PROCEDENTES HAROLD MUROFF CHUCK Center Chemistry Club Colden Lane lnterclass Basketball Senior Play lnlcrclass Softball "A SILENT, snr, PEACE LOVING LAD" A marked dramatic talent, accented by dignity plus, characterizes Harold. Tall, blond, and good-looking, he has confided in a few as to his purpose in life. CLAYTON LAMONT MURPHY MURPH Hop Brook Baseball lntcrctuss Basketball Football Physics Club Baseball Scorer Advertising Committee Basketball Scorer "THERE is N0 FEAR IN HIM" A jovial Irishman-and can he play baseball! Naugy certainly appreciates his efforts in all the sports he undertook. Happy days to you! JOHN NATOWICH Center School lntcrclass Basketball, '38, '39, '40, '4l lnterclass Softball, '40 Varsity Basketball, '40 "SPARE LITTLE: PONDER MUcH" Strong and silent John has given credence to the proverb "Men of few words are the wisest." He has certainly proved this to be true. HAROLD DERWOOD NICHOLS NICK Y COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES f ' 1 Salem Y Orchestra and Choir Advertising Committee 'tMAlD or ATHENS ERE WE PART "GwE OH GIVE ME BACK My HEART" Harold's fancy is always turned to love--spring or no. The Band is going to miss him much, for he's played a prominent part in all their undertakings. Maybe it's his music that so intrigues her. Page Fifty Tllrce P ROCEDENTES IRVING BENEDICT NIXON IRV St. Francis Swimming Colden Lane Christmas Play "THE MOST EFFICIENT MAN MAKES THE LEAST NOISE" Irv-A-the unbeatable funster! He has the tears roll- ing down our cheeks with his inimitable mimicries, and our hearts nearly stop as he treats us to a ride in that bright green jalopy. There's never a dull moment with Irv around! EDWARD SNOW NOBLE ED Salem Vice-President of l94I Advertising Committee Varsity Football Activities Committee Math Club "A coon LAUGH is WORTH A THOUSAND cRoANs" With a hearty laugh our garrulous Vice-President greets you. Always bubbling over with abundant good spirits, always carefree-is it any wonder we elected him to a high post in our Class? He never lacks for companionship and seems to prefer a Blonde. MARVIN MICHAEL NORRIS "THE RULE OF Mr LIFE is TO MAR ARNOLD EUGENE NORI BABE Central Avenue UNITED STATES NAVY Chemstry Club Honor Roll HHITCH YOUR WAGON T0 A STAR" Although Babe maintained a high scholastic rating, don't think for a minute that he forsook social obliga- tions in so doing. Almost any third period he and his pal, Mort, may be seen discussing the weighty problems of the day. EARS Central Avenue E PLEASURE MY BUSINESS" With a riotous remark and spontaneous chuckle, Marvin sets us laughing and promptly we forget the cares of the day. Life has been one complete joy to Marvin and he transmits his joy to us. Many thanks! Page Fifty Four PROCEDENTES LEROY CLIFFORD NOYES HANK Salem Baslfcllnall Physics Club Sporls Commillcc Malh Cluln Honor Roll "TuII, IS A TRUE IiN:cHT's PASTIMEU Leroy is that good-natured fellow with a broad grin who towers above his classmates. He's a good sport not only in athletics, but In his far flung knowledge of mechanics. Many a maiden In distress has him to S Q thank for a helping hand in the Lab. EDWARD O'CONNOR PAT St. Francis Allilclics Baslfelball 4 years Baseball "ON THE COURT, HE SHONEH Only occasionally in athletic's annals, does Naugy produce a marvel like Ed. He flashed his basketball Wizardry through a brilliant season, ending in a burst of glory over overwhelming odds. ARTHUR BURGESS O'DONNELL ART f T ' Salem A DARTMOUTH COLLEGE kgxx Malli Club Alumni Drive Commillcc T' -' 'T- Frcnch Club Azlvcrlising Commillce 5. Activities Cornmillcc Honor Roll UEVERY NOBLE ACTIVITY MAKES Room FOR ITSELFH 1" The very fact that Dartmouth has acknowledged - i g , his brilliance speaks for itself. Art's silence is well- bred and his scientific intellect amazingg we proudly - salute this classmate who already has accomplished so I much. If ' JUSTINE MARY O'D'ONNELL JUST St. Francis Lalin Clulz Cliemislry Club French Club Ofchgsfm BUSICQILGII funior Womarfs Club Tefmf-5 Physics Club -iii-is UWITH MIRTH AND LAUGHTER I.ET ME GREET DULL CARE" When the teacher's gaze is upon her, Just is a solemn studious girl. But at all other times, an irrepressible love of fun and mischief runs riot, and wc're sure to be in for unforgettable moments. And how she baffled Mr. Pope in History class! Page Fifly Five PROCEDENTES SHIRLEY JEAN O'D'ONNELL Salem Dance Commillee Guard of Honor NSILENCE IS THE PERFECTEST HERALD OF JOY" Shirley, always attractive and amiable. She's a veritable dream of a dancer, a fact which quite in- creases her popularity-if such a thing could be done. GERTRUDE KATHERINE OEMCKE GERT Salem A Capella Clioir Clee Club Operella Colden Trial MALLURING lS THAT WHICH COMES lN A PETITE PACKAGE" Sweet, tiny, and demure is our Gert. Her modest manner has been keeping us guessing-and we'll bet she enjoys the perplexity she's put us in. TERESA PAULINE OLDAKOWSKI TESS Hop Brook BAY PATH Baslfellmll funior Woman's Club Barlmlnlon Dance Committee Volleyball Senior Aclivily Clulw Home Economics Club Honor Roll "A SENSE OF HUMOR IS AN KNVALUABLE ALLY IN LIFE" Tessie is one of the gayest persons we know. Al- ways laughing and always telling jokes in her inimita- ble manner. She has been active in sports all four years and has aided her classmates in winning many a victory. MARGARET MARY OWENS PEGGY St. Francis GREENWICH HOSPITAL Tennis Tournaments Guard of HOHOV Baslfgiball funior Woman's Club Lalin Clull HAND MANY SHAPES cRow INTII BEAUTY" So very mild in manner, so very soft in voice. Not even in Dramatics could we get Peg to raise her voice. With a smile and a soft spoken word she'll leave usg but we'll not forget her! Page Fifly Six PROCEDENTES FREDERICK PARK PAT Salem "No POSSESSION IS C-RATIFYING wlTHouT A coMPANloN" Fred believes that everyone should have some unique feature to distinguish him from the ordinary and thus Fred has adopted that unusual haircut. But all of us recognize him as one who finds great enjoyment in swimming and pitching quoits. ." ,i LAURENCE HENRY PASSECK SONNY Hop Brook Basketball, '38, '39, '40 Football. '38, '39, '40 '4l HAND HE wAs ALWAYS HUMAN WHEN HE TALKEDH Sonny is one of the more popular seniors with his smile of cheerfulness and his excellence of disposition. His fondness and ability in sports marks him as a very pleasant and dependable fellow. iv S ff' S1 I .1 . . f 'fl , ' iii' -:link H CONSTANCE MARCELLA PENROSE CONNIE Salem ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL Basketball Chemistry Club Tennis French Club funior Woman's Club Art Club "SELF COMMAND is THE MAIN ELEGANCE" We'll all remember you, Connie, because of your vivacious manner, your laughter and your sincerity of purpose. Your gay spirit has shone through many a monotonous hour. MARY ELLEN PENROSE PENNY Salem NEW HAVEN TEACHERS' COLLEGE funior Woman's Club French Club Chemistry Club Class Artist Art Club Senior Play Usher for Christmas Play Special Committee "l, EoR wHoM THE PENsivE NIGHT BINDS HER CLOUDY HAIR WITH LIGHT" We'll always look for a flashing smile and listen for that hearty laugh when looking for Mary. Her keen personality coupled with exceptional dramatic ability have made her a colourful addition to the college class. Page Fifty Seven PROCEDENTES HELEN MARY PILKEWICH PILK ST. MARY's HOSPITAL Commencemenl Usller "Fon SHE wAs JUST A QUIET KIND WHOSE NATURES NEVER VARY" A calm disposition and a gracious manner-this summarizes Helen. She is the joy of all the teachers. Her lessons are always thoroughly prepared, and her marks show it. Honor Rall you great rewards. ROBERT PATRICK QUINN BOB Salem Math. Club Interclass Baseball French Club Chairman of Alumni Drive Physics Club Choir Inlcrcluss Baslfelball HCONVERSATION AND A GOOD TIME ARE HIS MAJORSH Bob is gifted with an insatiable love for fun. Ever happy, laughing and joking-yet Bob has his serious moments. We wonder who it is-now? Page Fifty Eight i CHARLES ALFRED PETERSON CHARLEY Ansonia MLIGHTLY coIvIE,- I.IcI-ITLY co" Charlie is always ready with a witty remark and usually succeeds in adding a humorous twist to the scene. Keep it up, Charlie, we need it--these days. FLORENCE DONNA POCIUS FLO Center t.APPROVED VALOR IS MADE PRECIOUS BY NATURAL COURTESY" We must say little to say much. Thus it is with Florence, who condenses whole volumes into pithy sentences. Your keen observation of life should bring PROCEDENTES WILLIAM JAMES REILLY BILL Salem Football Best Looking Boy junior Dance Committee "ADoNls AND APOLLO-HE!" Bill is blessed with good looks, glorious height, and a winning manner. Nothing is to be desired in Bill- as his admiring classmates will testify, you Bette! LAURIAN MARIE RICHTER BOOTS Center STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Basketball Food Sale Committee Badminton Social Committee Commencement Uslxer Treasurer Rm. 4 Honor Rott "THE SECRET T0 SUCCESS is CONSTANCY TO PURPOSE" Laurian's diligence and intelligence have placed her high in the annals of the Class of '41. Her attractive appearance and imperturbable disposition have im- pressed us deeply, and our appreciation knows no bounds for cooperative spirit in all class affairs. DOROTHY LORETTA ROBERTS CHUB Prospect Street Basketball Ass. Chairman Alumni Drive Badminton Naugyettes' Club Volleyball Home Economics Club Tennis "A TWINKLE IN HER EYES AND LAUGHTER DEEP WITHINH Dot is our friendly, golden-haired office messenger, and her appearance early every morning definitely brightens our aspect of the whole day. Charming and winsome, she's one of our loveliest. ALBERT WILLIAM FREDERICK ROBINSON AL N. H. S. Band and Orchestra A Cappella Choir lntcrclass Basketball "Fon HE'S A joLLY coop FELLOW" What would first period chemistry class be without fun loving Al? If you hear a commotion, if your chem- istry book is missing you can bet Al's there. Keep up the fun, Al-you'll be young but once. Page Fifty Nine EARL WALTER ROLLER UNITED STATES ARMY AIR CoRPs "I AM A MAN or FEW woRDs" Here is one lad who isn't intrigued by gadding ' l f And won't about town, but prefers to remain a oo . we envy him when he's accomplished something in life? MORTIMER HENRY SAFFRAN MORT Salem JUNIOR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Band A Cappella Chair Operclla Colden Trail HOUR LIFE IS WHAT ouR THOUGHTS MAKE IT" Morty is always rushing off somewhere, stopping only a minute now and then to chat with his friends. Business-like and eflicient, we predict he's going to town. PROCEDENTES WILLIAM TOMPKINS RODENBAICH RODY MERCERSBURG Swimming Advertising Committee Colden Lane Senior Play "THE NOBLEST MIND TI-IE BEST CONTENTMENT HAS" Bill's the type of fellow one must know to appreci- ate. Quiet and reserved to outward appearance, once you become his friend you will find you are a very ' ll d fortunate person. And when the Senior play ro e round, Bill's talents were recognized. OIL MARGARET RUTH RUPPE MARG Center lunior Woman's Club Naugyelle Club Tennis "THE IDEAL or COURTESY, WIT, GRACE, AND cIIARM" Marg, one of our Beacon Falls belles, appeared quiet her first three years, but in her senior year she became very much interested in the gas station business. Tire trouble, Marg, or just hubcaps? Page Sixly PROCEDENTES ROSE MARIE SALAFIA RED Salem Social Commillcc Honor Roll NREFINEMENT cREATEs BEAUTY EVERYWHERE., This amiable auburn haired miss wends her way among us. Dependable and conscientious, she has ac- quired a legion of friends and we are proud to be among them. ALDEN SAUNDERS JUDGE Salem Band Orchestra "Coon TO BE MERRY AND WISE" Alden is one who is well known for his musical tal- ents. His sober countenance musn't fool youg just hear laughter ring at recess when Alden and his friends gather for a session. ELEANOR FRIEDA SCHILLER ELE Prospect Street Social Commilfce Honor Roll "Coon ORDER is THE FOUNDATION or ALI. Coon THINGS" Sweet, silent, solemn and studious. Eleanor's favor- ite forms of amusements are hiking and going to the movies. Calm and meticulous in stenography, she will become an efficient secretary. ELSIE LOUISE SCHIMAN ELSE Salem 'lHUMBI.ENES5 is ALWAYS GRACE" Where there is Elsie, there is laughter. She'd rather laugh than learn, and shag than study. She takes life lightly, all but stenography. Page Sixty One MARTIN WILLIAM SCHLUENSEN MURPH "THE SOUL is STRONG THAT TRUSTS IN GOODNESSU Murph has attended strictly to his books while others have wasted all their time. Scientific class will long re- member his solemn monologues on Fridays. Good work! ELLA MARY SCHULTZ Guard of Honor "THE LILY MAID or ASTOLATH Ella is mad about sports-every type-yet is ver- satile enough to be proficient in the art of homemak- in Her bent is the secretarial field, and won't she g. make a pretty one! PROCEDENTES ETHEL FREDA SCHIMAN RED Salem Social Committee Honor Roll "IN MANNER THE SUPREME EXCELLENCE is SIMPLICITYH Ethel is a sharp contrast to our many chatterers and gigglers. Can you imagine her with an unpre- pared lesson or a tardy card? Ethel has proved her- self a good student and a real girl. Riverhead, L. I. WILLIAM HENRY SCHMELCKE SMOKEY Band Orchestra Dance Committee Math Club Chemistry Club Ring Committee lnlerclass Basketball Bill sees the humorous side of life and always has something funny to say. No one has a long face when he is in the crowd. He enjoys all sports and takes part in many. Salem Page Sixty Two PROCEDENTES BARBARA ANTOINETTE SCHWARCENBERG BESS Salem Honor Roll "THE SOUL'S CALM SUNSHINE AND THE HEARTFELT joy" Bessie the stenographer! Typing and shorthand come naturally to her, as her excellent marks testify. Friends say she will be the boss's right-hand gal-eHi- cient and indispensible. DONALD FRANK SEARS DON Salem Alumni Drive Honor Roll "PEACE RULES THE DAY WHERE REASON RULES THE MIND" As the old saying goes, Virtue is its own rewardg but Don's scholastic perserverance has reaped a bumper crop of superbly high ranks. Leveled-headed, Don has taught us that moderation and industry are the surest paths to glory. GENEVIEVE HAZEL SHERICO GEN Seymour "A LAUGH is WORTH A HUNDRED GROANS IN ANY MARKET" Genevieve, whose uncontrollable outbursts of giggles punctuated the most tragic of her dramatic skits. Oh well, 'twill all be the same in a century, she answers! 55 s G Foolball '40 Page Sixty Three FRANCIS PETER SHILINSKAS ZAL Salem "HE sTooD UP IN THE STIRRUPU Francis is the outdoor athletic type. He plays foot- ball, hockey and also swims. No time-waster, he, but a man with an avowed purpose. PROCEDENTES JOHN PHILIP SIMMONS SIIMMIE Salem H. 5. Band '40, '4l President of H. S. Choir. '40, '4l Inlerclass Basketball '37, '38, '39 H. M. S. Pinafore NCHARM STRIKES THE SIGHT, BUT MERIT WINS THE SOUL'- What would the Naugatuck High School Band be without John? Can it be his new colorful uniform that catches the feminine eyes? Since he became a clerk in Mr Norwash's shoe store, every gal in town has decided she must have a new pair of sport shoes- at once. MANLY MAURICE SIMONS Salem "SMOOTH RUNS THE WATER WHERE THE BROOK IS DEEP" Is it his large vocabulary or hidden charm that gets the girls? Ask Manly. When he's not driving his car, he's taking it apart and putting it back together again. Who is she? LOIS MARION SMITH St Francis MT. SINAI HOSPITAL funior Woman'.s Club Social Commitlee Cuard of Honor Dance Commiltee Class USl1Cf NEVER FAITHFUL5 EVER TRUE" Charm and beauty are not alone responsible for her popularity. How could one resist a smile so sweet and a manner so captivating? KATHLEEN CLAIRE SOUCY KAY Prospect BUSINESS SCHOOL funior Woman'.s Club Formal '40 Naugyelle Club '4l Tennis Tournamenl '40 Harvest Hap Honor Roll "Coon NATURE IS THE VERY AIR OF A coon MINDN Tall and graceful Kay. Her personality and disposi- tion have won her many friends-minus aid from Car- negie. We are told that her hobby is playing the piano. Page Sixty Four PROCEDENTES AIJELINE PATRICIA STANKAS Prospect BEAUTY CULTURE CoLI.Ec.E Basketball Tennis Barlminlon "ACTIVITY AND sADNEss ARE INCOMPATIBLEU Adeline is one of our all round girls. What would we have done without her vigorous support at our bas- ketball games? She walks among us cordial and happy and well she should. rw R. JOHN WILLIAM SULLIVAN JOHNNY Salem Band '37. '38, '39, '40 Football '39, '40 Basketball Mdlldgef Physics Club KKORIGINALITY IS SlMPI.Y A PAIR OF FRESH EYES" Jack was always ready with a helping hand and a glowing smile. His marked ability for melodrama was well displayed on Friday mornings-and especially on March the seventeenth! JOSEPH FRANCIS SUMMA, Jr. JOE Salem U. S. ARMY AIR CORPS Faolbull Baseball Aclvcrlising Committee Alumni Committee Blwlfbllll Mdllagff "WHO DOES TIIE BEST DoEs WELL, ACTS NOBLYH And such is Joe. We're proud to have this stalwart football hero as a member of '41. He gave his all for dear old Naugy, and received the glory of many a victory in return. A true sportsman, he, and one to whoIn many succeeding hiIn will look. JOHN MCKELLAN SUTHERLAND, Jr. JACK Salem PRINCETON Assistant Editor Class Boolf Vice-President French Club '40 Senior Activities Committee '4l Chemistry Club '4I Latin Club '40, '4l Salulalorian President Mathematics Clulw '40, '4l "GENIUS FINDS ITS OWN ROAD AND cARRIEs ITS OWN LAMP" Jack's brisk eiiiciency, high scholarship, and pleas- ing' personality have won him much. But when study is done, he's ring leader of fun, which makes us like him all the more. If Jack doesn't reach his life's goal, there's small hope for the Class of 1941. Page Sixty Five PROCEDENTES MILDRED ARLENE SWAN BLONDIE Salem Basketball Home Economics Club Cuaral of Honor Badminlon Woman'.s Club Atl Club Volleyball Tennis "A KIND HEART IS A FOUNTAIN or c.I.ADNI:Ss" Millie's daintiness and gorgeous blonde hair have enraptured us. Small Wonder that the class is so de- voted to her. She is worthy of it. FLORENCE JEAN SWEENEY FLOSSIE Salem PRATT A Cappella Choir Guard of Honor Clee Club Volleyball OfCl'ICSlfU Tennis Arl Club Badminlon Clubs Commillee "OH FAIR, BEYOND THE FAIREST THOUGHTS THAT THRONGN It is a true joy to behold Dresden-type Flossie, her daintiness punctuated by her honey-colored halo. Although she usually manages to maintain her un- equalled calm-yet those cheerleading gyrations rather ruffle it. JOHN MARTIN SWENSTON MUSCLES Salem DUKE UNIVERSITY French Club Chemislry Club Mallzemalics Club Choir Band "HE wAs A cENTI.EIvIAN ON wHoIvI WE BUILT AN ABSOLUTE TRUST" Johnny's the riot of the French class. With his blustery good nature and humorous chuckle, is it any wonder that he is popular with all of us? It's hard to determine now what our years of high school might have been, without Johnny's essential quality of friendliness to all. HENRY FRANK SWIDERSKI HORSE Prospect Basketball '37, '38, '39, '40, '41 "I LOOK UPoN ALL MEN AS MY COMPATRlOTSu Horse's splendid physique and handsome face have escaped no feminine eye at those basketball games. Yet his prowess on the court has won him the male admiration also. With qualifications such as these, we'd say he's unbeatable. Page Sfxly Six PROCEDENTES HEDWIG TERESA SZCZESIUL HEDAGIE St. Hedwig's French Club "A 'TENDER HEARTED AND COMPASSIONATE DISPOSITIONU While the rest of us are bogged down with cares, Hedwig appears on the scene with an impish smile- and her lessons completely prepared. How do you manage both, Hedwig? RAYMOND STANLEY TAMOWSKI RAY Hop Brook Adverlising Cammillee "As 1 KNOW WHAT'S WHATU An important member of the famous trio of H. T., S. Z. and R. T., Ray was many a time and oft seen deep in consultation with his pals. Commercial B can boast a strong asset where Ray is concerned. JOSEPHINE VERONICA TANGREDI JAY Central Avenue ROYAL ACADEMY or DESIGNING Tennis M380 Home .Economics "39" Chemistry Club "4l" "l HAVE NO MOCKINGS on ARGUMENTS, I WITNESS AND WAIT'- Jay has decided to become a designer, and what an excellent one she'll be. Her innate qualities of good grooming, coupled with her flair for appropriate clothes, should take her far. GENEVIEVE CATHERINE TANNER GEN St. Francis ScHoo1. or NURSING "I AM VERY FOND or TRUTH, BUT NOT AT ALL or MARTi'RDoM" A peaceful serenity that may well be envied by all others is possessed by Genevieve. Such a captivating wide-eyed glanceg such a modest smile! Page Sixly Seven PROCEDENTES HENRY JOHN TOMKOWICZ TEX Hop Brook "As GOOD-NATURED A soUL AS E'ER TROD ON SHOE OF LEATHER" If Tex has an enemy, we don't know his identity! Under the bludgeonings of chance, he emerges-with his same friendly smile for all. MARION LOUISE TRAFICANTI Central Avenue Home Economics Club Tennis "BY A TRANQUIL MIND I MEAN NOTHING ELSE BUT A MIND WELL-ORDERED" Tall, dark, and calm-these words characterizes Marion. Through four short years, she has been with us, and always in the company of Bertha. I SHIRLEY MARY TREMBLAY St. Francis ST. AGNES'S l'l0SPlTAL French Club ' Science Club "A SWEET ATTRACTIVE KIND or GRACE" Keeping her whereabouts a secret seems to be a favorite hobby of Shirley's. But although she does not try to rival the fiery natures of some of us, her influ- ence upon the class has been quite definitely felt. Such placidity as was hers, but such accomplishment, too! Eighty Alumni names she garnered! BERTHA AGNES TUTHILL TUT Central Avenue Home Economics Club Tennis "A CHEERFUL LOOK MAKES A DISH A FEASTH Quite a demure miss, is our Bertha, with her twink- ling eyes and ready smile. With her so amiable dis- position she has made a decided hit, especially with her small nursery charges. Page Sixly Eight PROCEDENTES RODNEY JOHN VARDON ROD Center School UNIVERSITY or CONNECTICUT Malhemalics Club '39, '40 Physics Club '40 Assl. Edilor Class Book Honor Roll Chemistry Club "l CAN DARE AND I CAN CONQUERH Beacon Falls is rightly proud of her illustrious townsman. Rodney deserves the position of Assistant Editor of the classbook as a reward for his persever- ance and aptitude, His versatility and efficiency mark him as superior. ALICE MARIE WAHLSTROM WALLIE Salem WATERBURY HOSPITAL SCHOOL or NURSING Orchestra IITHE VERY FLOWER or YOUTH" Alice is one to be envied. With her bright, cheery smile and subtle remarks, she can always be seen as the center of an active group, but Alice is saving her heart. She will make a wonderful nurse for some fine fellow. WALTER STANLEY WARANOWICZ WALLY St. Hedwig's "RATHER THAN I.ovE, THAN IvIoNEY, THAN FAME, GIVE ME TRUTH" An appealling personality coupled with intelligence. A chap we all honestly like and admire, Walter has the best wishes of all of us for continued achievement. NORMA ELVEARE WIDEN Salem Tennis A Cappella Choir Clee Club Clirislmas Play Operella '38 Cradualion Usher Colden Lane Senior Play KAQUEEN OF oUR RosEBUD GARDEN or c:RLs" Norma-the sparkling, vivacious, talented actress! She gives vent to her unusual flair for the stage in a manner most coveted by us all. Continually effervesc- ing with high spirits-and displaying an eye-catching smile-Norma has won all our hearts. Page Sixty Nine CONSTANTINE THOMAS WOJTCZAK KOK Calf Team "GENTLE IN MANNER, STRONG IN PERFORMANCE" Fore! Here comes Kok down the fairway, swing- ing precisely for the glory of Naugy's famed golf team. What form-what a score! He's another Bobby Jones in the making. PROCEDENTES STANLEY JOSEPH WIDUCH WOIODY Hop Brook Baseball '38, '41 Baslfellnall '38, '39, '40, '4l The Colden Trail '38 Adverlising Commiliee Class Banker "BE OF coon ci-IEER, IT IS I!" Personality is one of his many characteristics. He manages to take time out for participation in sports and to act also as escort for one or two of the fairer sex. A varied program is his. St. Hedwig's ANN KATHERINE WOOD Central Avenue ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL B11-Slfelbllll '37 Badminton '38 Home Economics Club funior Woman's Club "joy RISES IN ME LIKE A SUMMER MORNH Always a smile and a gay greeting to everyone. She enjoys life immensely with only an occasional Algebra assignment to mar her happy countenance. ROSE MARY ZAPATKA Salem Social Committee funior Womarfs Club Secretary of French Club '38, '39 Home Economics Club Honor Roll "1 HATE NOBODY, I AM IN CHARITY WITH THE WORLD" Dependable and trustworthy, Rose makes a fine member of 'Commercial A. She always has the correct answer at the right time and is willing to give these answers to others. A winsomeness is hers which will increase with the years. Page Sevenly STELLA VERONIKA ZDANOWI-CZ Volleyball '40 "MY noon AND HEART MUST NEVER PART" Love for fun makes Stella a very interesting maid. To her, life's a pudding full of plums--and why not? ARLINE LOUISE ZEHNDER ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE PROCEDENTES Hop Brook Badminton '40 FELIX PETER ZEBRAKUS PHIL Hop Brook Advertising Helped with Christmas Play "WIT AND WISDOM ARE BORN WITH A MAN" Who wouldn't be proud to count tall, reserved Felix as a friend. He can always be depended upon to add zestful skit to our class-especially on Friday mornings. St. Francis Latin Club, '40 French Club Basketball. '38, '39, '40, '4l Volleyball, '38, '39, '40 Badminton, '38, '39, '40, 'DV Social Committee Physics Club Chemistry Club Honor Roll "NOTHING GREAT wAs EVER ACHIEVED WITHOUT ENTHUSIASMH Industrious, clever, and determined to succeed, Ar has allowed nothing to deter her on her path to Honor Roll glory. Possessed of a friendly, comfortable man- ner, she puts one immediately at ease. What employer could resist this combine? HELEN MARGARET ZONAS Clce Clula '38, '39 Orchestra '38, '39 Band '38, '39 "I LIVE IN THE CROWD or j0LLlTY" Room 3 just overflows with confusion and gaiety when Helen and her troupe of players are at hand. She keeps the room virtually alive with her commands and sallies. Never at a loss to make a conversation, Helen brims over with vivacity. Salem Page Seventy One PROCEDENTES HENRY MERWIN ZWICK ZWICKIE Naugy High School Band - Orchestra - Choir Basketball Color League Baslfcllaall Football lnlefclass Baseball "I woU1.D RATHER BE RIGHT THAN BE PRESIDENT" If a band is in sight one can always find Henry thereabouts. A devoted musician he fills his spare time practicing and also enjoying the company of the fair maidens. Perhaps it is his music that does the trick. 9 N911 J Page Seventy Tivo PROCEDENTES E Page Seventy Three THE SOCIAL COMMITTEE PROCEDENTES To Lewis Oscar Richardson We, the Class of 1941 of Naugatuck High School, solemnly pay tribute to the memory of Lewis Oscar Richardson. In this dreary, troubled world, we realize that in the loss of "Buddy," we have lost a gentleman, a sportsman, and a scholar. "To slip betimes away From fields where glory does not stay, And early though the laurel grows It Withers quicker than the rose. So set, before its echoes fade, The fleet foot on the sill of shade, And hold to the low lintel up The still-defended challenge cup. And round your early-laureled head . . . . . . . . the garland." Page Sevenly Four PROCEDENTES IN MEMORIAM LEWIS OSCAR RICHARDSON Page Seventy Five X P RT! if-EW PROCEDENTES 1'!I'd?afM Page Scvenly Seven CONFERENCE WITH P. J. IN PRCJCEIDENTFES Page Scvenly Efglll SQUAD THE FOOTBALL PROCEDENTES THE FOOTBALL SEASON This year the ever ambitious football squad of Niaugatuck High School had a slow start. Though zealous and well-inftentioned, the of- fensive power was lacking. In quick succession, defeat resulte-d from encounters with Woodrow Wilson, Derby, Wilby, Torringt-on and Shel- ton. In the last three struggles, the offensive gained due to the untiring efforts of Naugy's co-captains Robert McDermott, Clayton Murphy and Sunny Passeck. As always, with the indomitable Naugy spirit, the team looked with the expectancy of victory toward the next game. This time it was a reality and the Garnet and Gray cornered the Blue Crosby: Score 18-6. Although powerful West Haven checked with great difiiculty the strug- gling Naugy squad, Naugatuck again showed that it had resistance by overwhelming Stratford. Then came the most spectacular game of the season, the Thanksgiving Day classic, against Ansonia. Naugy bitterly repelled Ansonia's attacks and often struck deep into Purple territory. Several times Naugy was on the verge of making a touchdown but the fates were unsmiling. Ansonia took the lead and never lost it until the final score, 14-0, was chalked up. In this and throughout a dismal season, Naugy showed versatility in attack and steadfastness in defense though vi-ctory eluded her team. Page Seventy Nine PROCEDENTES THE CO-CAPTAINS OF BASKETBALL Page Eighty PROCEDENTES ' YQ, -r ' 4 V ' My 13,4 i' 1 , QM! Qu. 1: , , M, ' K, PY . , 7 s"k mf -vii... . 42311267 ' Q: W WI' A ' " Wi i . aw 0 af, K ww- . Page Eighty One A QUINTET OF SENIOR STARS PROCEDENTES Page Eighty Two THE BASKETBALL TEAM PROCEDENTES THE BASKETBALL SEASON Naugy 45, Hartford 88 The first game of the season, played at the Y. M. C. A., boomed with the usual Naugy spirit. O'Connor sparked the Naugatuck attack in the first half with four field goals and Garlenski kept the home fires burning in the second half, with six goals from the floor, to assure the defeat of Hartford. Thus opened victoriously another great Naugy High season. Naugy 49, New Haven 12 In the second start a confident five from New Haven State Teachers' College poured into the Y. M. C. A. only to be overpowered by a stronger although smaller Naugy team. Durette and Garlenski joined in leading the Naugy offense with twelve points apiece. While Swiderski at guard bottled up the Professors who scored twelve points. Naugy 39, Seymour 14 With a smashing offense hitting on all five, Naugy lashed out in the Y. gym for its third victory in three starts, overcoming Seymour, thirty- nine to fourteen. Garlenski again le-d the attack with sixteen points, O'Connor followed close behind with an even dozen. Naugy 48, Alumni 34 In the fourth game at the Y, before a large crowd, a sharpshooting Naugy team out-classed its former stars by the formidable score of forty- eight to thirty-four. Naugy 61, Warren Harding 44 Naugatuck easily beat the Warren Harding "Presidents" for the fifth consecutive Greyhound victory of the year. Of the sixty-one points scored by Naugatuck, Garlenski came out on top with nineteen, closely followed by O'Connor and Durette with fifteen apiece. The Greyhounds were now working in complete unison, and their cooperation was re- fiected in the score. Naugy 50, Ansonia 38 Leading Ansonia at all times, Naugy chalked-up its second Valley League victory, making the score for Naugy six wins and no losses. Al- though the team from down the valley fought bravely, it lost eventually. Naugy. led by Captain O'Connor with fifteen points, was really throwing them through the hoop. Naugy 83, Torrington 37 Crippled by the loss of little "Orky" Garlenski early in the game Naugy lost to Torrington in Naugatuck. As the score indicates it was a close game, finally decided in the only overtime period of the year. Naugy 35, Crosby 29 Still smarting from their defeat at the hands of Torrington, Naugy turned the tide against Crosbv's hoonsters. Garlenski again led the Naugy team with ten points while Kelly managed to keep his team in the game. Naugy 42, Wilby 38 Naugatuck beat t.he Wilby Wildcats. traditional rivals of the Grey- hounds, in a close game, thus making their league record four wins and one loss. Wilby had come down the valley rather confidently but this game sent them back with a somewhat chastened spirit. Page Eighty Three PROCEDENTES Naugy 36, Hillhouse 37 Coming from behind, a powerful Hillhouse team downed the iight- ing little Naugy five, thirty-seven to thirty-six in the Hillhouse gym. Naugy 24, Torrington 50 Torrington, on their own floor, held the fighting Naugy team with a last half, thirty-two point rally. The Big Red held Naugy's team to twenty-four points, as they chalked up fifty. This was probably Naugy's worst defeat of the season. Naugy 58, Hillhouse 52 Carrying the attack to Hillhouse on their own floor, the Greyhounds avenged an earlier defeat, at their hands, by the score of fifty-eight to fifty-two. Naugy 36, Ansonia 26 "Orky" Garlenski led a hard hitting Greyhound team with sixteen points to trim Ansonia High on their own floor, thirty-six to twenty-six. Naugy proved one defeat couldn't keep them down. Naugy 54, Crosby 36 Leading all the way, Naugy downed Crosby High in the last home game 'of the season by the score of fifty-four to thirty-six. Although O'Connor was lost on personals in the last of the third period, the Grey- hound quintet kept on rolling up the score on the boys from Waterbury. Naugy 41, Warren Hwrdfing 29 After traveling to Bridgeport in one of the worst rainsztorms on record, Naugy proved that their spirits couldn't be dampened and pro- ceeded to beat' Warren Harding forty-one to twenty-nine. This game proved costly to the Greyhounds. It put "Ace" Durette out of the line-up with ia knee injury and Bob McDermott with a badly cut eyelid. Naugy 38, New Haven 39 In th-e annual game with Commercial High, played at New Haven, a hard pressed Commercial team defeated the Greyhounds thirty-nine to thirty-eight in one of the closest games of the season. With less than a minute to go, Widuch dropped in a basket from just-outside the foul line. Naugy was only one point behind. A basket in the next thirty seconds would have won the game, but this was not to be. Commercial, took the ball off side, and did everything but sit on it in their desperate attempt to "freeze" the ball. The precious seconds ticked away leaving Commercial the victor by one lone point. Naugy 47, Wilby 68 In the final game of the season played before a capacity crowd in the Wilby gym, the Wilby Wildcats bowled over the injury ridden Grey- hounds siixty-eight to forty-seven. The closeness of this important game made it one of the thrillers of the season. Putting up a game ight, with Swiderski attempting to turn the tide in the back court and McDermott, Garlenski, and O'Connor, in the fore court, Naugy finished the last game of the season. Because of injuries to Naugy's fighting five, Coach Peter J. Foley decided that he would give the boys a hard earned rest and not make any attempt to enter the State Tournament at New Haven. This decision met with the approval of those who eventually realized that it would work out for the best interests of the team. Page Eighty Four PROCEDENTES Page Eiglzly Five THE BASEBALL TEAM PROCEDENTES THE SVVIMMING TEAM Page Eighty Six PROCEDENTES Page Eighly Seven THE CAPTAINS AND THE MANAGERS PROCEDENTES Page ,Eighty Eight THE GOLF TEAM PROCEDENTES Page Eighly Nine THE CHEER LEADERS PROCEDENTES Page Nfnely GIRLS' SWIMMING TEAM PROCEDENTES f 'P Page Ninety One THE GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM PROCEDENTES GIRLS' BASKETBALL The Senior Girls' Basketball Team worked hard this year striving to capture the championship for their class. Everyone did her bit, co- operating with the captains and consulting each other as to playing technique. Although they missed their prize by losing to the Juniors, they did not go into a slump but put forth their combined efforts to finish the slate in the best manner possible. Defeat has not always followed them, for in their Junior year they also knew that grand, exultant feeling of victory. They were champions! However in defeat they gained much and acquired much. Miss Kenney was loyal in her constructive criticism. Their efforts were commendable and in leaving school the consola- tion is theirs that they gave the best they had. Page Ninety Two PROCEDENTES a 4' f ' A Ni wg 4 M f 12 w X14 1 " NX' ff? R K!! v X : Na My fioxza I 1- , N Tx af 'V l r N' K ' lfgxf Q' f 1 l WSL' C M N -an xx fig Q , MQ' Ki-5 guy' 1 ,, , K 57 '- , X NL l X ' Nlfwc? I Y k .1 , H H, ,f W5 as VW smwwix Drfamafiics Page Nincly Three PROCEDENTES THE GOLDEN LANE DRAMATIC CLUB Page Ninely Four PROCEDENTES Page Ninety Five A LIGHT ON BEACON HILL PROCEDENTES Page Ninety Six THE SENIOR PLAY P R O C E D E N T E S OUR DRAMATICS-1940-41 Traditionally, toward the close of September we launched our study of dramatic arts. "And speak the speech I pray thee" was the elusive goal we all aspired toward. We ran the gamut of emotions from merriment to pathos, from tragedy to delicate innuendo. On the Friday preceding our classic football encounter with Crosby, "A touchdown, a touchdown, we have won the game"-proved a good luck omen, for our boys brought back victory to the school. The cast for our Christmas play, "A Light on Beacon Hill," was chosen. Norma Widen was the lead, ably supported by Regina Kelly, Irv- ing Nixon, and Phil Jenson. The play was enthusiastically received and the youthful actors amply gratified. As wintry days marked the calendar, original skits, short plays and melodramas were presented. The side-splitting antics of Jensen and Company, in feminine array, with pill box hats of variegated plaid candy boxes and pinkish tin -cans tied coquettishly by chin ribbons, displayed our versatility in college circle class. Not to be outdone, Commercial B with the team of Felix Zebrakus plugged powerfully for Granger tobacco and portrayed historical sketches galore. General class went melodra- matic, with hair raising murder skits, written by Jack Sullivan, in which steel-long knives were drawn and brazen revolvers broke the classic air. The Mighty Algren Art Players flourished in scientific class, where they wielded wild daggers and otherwise indulged in gory battle scenes. Commercial A presented scrub women and queens, Huckleberry Finn and Jesse James, and also, Mr. Hunter, star of our class play, "Crab Apple." For Herman Grossman stood head and shoulders above his con- freres. The senior play is now in rehearsal. It is a Yale opus, having been written and produced in New Haven at the Walter Pritchard Eaton Work- shop course. Our vicissitudes have been many, including hay fever cases and the presence of Wes's white mouse, Bedelia, who attended one and only one rehearsal. With money rather plenteous, we are hoping for a stellar financial as well as dramatic success. "On stage" now sounds, so we'll see you at The Gem! Page Ninety Seven PROCEDENTES Page Ninety Eight THE PHOTOGRAPHIC AND CLUB COMMITTEES O EN S N ! . 17 Li FW SSX, 3 ,si K V 4 ag? W " 'Q S-' H 1 m i '3 aww 5 Q it W W?v""4:' Nfginfxvxk 5 J X ' x I N A, N ! ' , ' Z9 3 H5535 PROCEDENTES Page One Hundred THE BAND PROCEDENTES Page One Humlrcrl One THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR PIROCYEIJEDJTEIS Page One Hundred Two ORCHESTRA E TH PROCEDENTES CALENDAR OF MUSICAL EVENTS October 18, 1940--Band trip to World's Fair for concert. February 7, 1941-Solo Contest held in High School. lst prize, Rita Kapshevich, violin solo. 2nd prize, Eleanor Churchill, vocal solo. March 12-Band benefit movie. March 14-Orchestra trip to Hamden, Conn. Rating, excellent. April 24-Choir and orchestra concert, Naugatuck. Adolph Ab- benante, cello soloist. April 25-Choir and orchestra trip to State Festival, Winsted, Conn. May 2-3--Choir and orchestra trip to National Contest, Atlantic City, New Jersey. May 16-Band trip to New London, Conn. May 29-Band and Glee Club concert, Naugatuck. June 6-Final concert with Grammar School Chorus and Band, the Tuttle lawn. Page One Hundred Three PROCEDENTES Pl1gC One HUUdfCL1 FOlIf N PROCEDENTES "lus.u'lf Page One Hundred Five THE L'ATELIER ART CLUB PROCEDENTES Page One Hundred Six CLUB THE LATIN sfSff'A1.i ' fx' . 1 PROCEDENTES Page OIIC HUHJFCII SCVCTI THE CHEMISTRY CLUB PROCEDENTES 1 5 Page One Hundred Efghl THE FRENCH CLUB PROCEDENTES -.3 Page One Hundred Nine THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB PROCEDENTES Page One Hundred Ten THE MATHEMATICS CLUB PRCJCEIDEDVFES Page One Hundred Eleven THE NAUGYETTES THE PROCEDENTES Facully Member Miss Louise Grainger President Harold Muroff Vice-President Irving Nixon Secretary and Treasurer Regina Kelly L'ATELIER ART CLUB Faculty Member Mrs. Mary Penrose GOLDEN LANE DRAMATIC CLUB THE CHEMISTRY CLUB Faculty Member Mr. Edward Derwin Presidenl Leonard Marchlewski Vice-President Arline Zehnder Secretary Ruth Fitzpatrick TTCGSUYCT Florence Sweeney THE FRENCH CLUB Facully Member Miss Gertrude Butterworth Presidenl R hresldelrg Mary Penrose egma e y Vice-President Edylie-Pgsuigll , Ruth Kuraitis WH 3' Wm Secretary Secretary . . B Caroline Simons etty Ryan Treasurer Treasurer Jane Baldwin Garabed Barsumian THE MATHEMATICS CLUB THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB THE LATIN CLUB Faculty Member Miss Frances Moss President John Sutherland Vice-Presidenl Raymond Lutze Secrclary Jane Baldwin Treasurer Wesley Jones Facully Member Miss Dorothy Moss President Phyliss Johnson Vice-President Helen Sousa Secretary Evelyn Gargonia Treasurer Rose Tatoian Page One Hundred Twelve Facully Member Miss Eleanor Welles President Aldine Englehardt Vice-President Richard Schaeffer Secretary Patricia Anderson Treasurer Corrine Parker PROCEDENTES Page One Hundred Thirieen THE ART AND SPORTS COMMITTEES PROCEDENTES OUR BABYHOOD DAYS Page One Hundred Fourteen q.,,, PROCEDENTES IN OUR "PRAM DAYSH! ,,.'5w.f .4 M' ,e,,,w, , '5w5 w, . Lii' W-mis' nun: MQ' 3 'J'f"'5' fv 4 -1' 'J , i1l,j1t4 my f'f"1ffE"' QQ--1,..'.g . Tili- L x Page One Hundred Fifleen PROCEDENTES WE ARE GROWING UP! Page One Hundred Sixteen :QV f W' A gal? un 59355: N ""f"kf,f:ai 1 'SWE' s A1 - H' 'ffiii' Qwqi wG??2jggnfS3:,e1i PROCEDENTES STILL GROWING UP awk: ,Rf Aqii , , , 'llf1.F 3l5IfF:41ifj-' i: 42"f'1' ' "" X ' I X ' 1 ' A 'iii 'Q' a?PL:':4 W ya. I I . 3- ' ' ,, 0 , l X x L I w ir 9, ' . Lt Kay' iifgyifg ff, 9-'lf' M v- us 25... .. I in ' Qfxiif' iw Page One Hundred Seventeen ,W 1 'S r . Klfbi 554.1 F Miz PROCEDENTES THE KEY TO OUR BABY PICTURES Grace Kazanjian Margaret Ruppe Ruth Jennings Betty Green Rita Fleming' Mary and Constance Irving Nixon Franklyn Hubbell John Fitzgerald William Reilly Leroy Noyes Ruth Fitzpatrick Laurian Richter Beatrice Mac Lellan Betty Lent Florence Sweeney Edward Meyers Ann Wood Caroline Bagley Adeline Glinckas Margaret Curtin Joseph Summa Dorothy McGeever Helen Ahigian Ruth Fields Dorothy Roberts Leonard Marchlewski Isabelle Currier Ernestine Benson Harriet Dinsmore Bertha Tuthill Earl Roller Edward Gerber Penrose Aldine Engelhardt, Edward Gerber Tracy Breen Helen Krzykowski Lillian Gniazdowski Page One Hundred Eighteen S ff- ' llul, NX I N 'S 7' 5 J 1 Q r C X L Lx ei- 1 - 3 ff Q . Wai A LX 'SDYDUPIIGCQI PROCEDENTES THE PROPHECIES After finishing her schooling, Regina Kelly is now one of New York's loveliest models. She models Lanvin and Poiret exclusively. "Queen of the Models", has been awarded her for the third consecutive year. Our modest little Eilleen Kiernan is today the head librarian in the world's largest library. She sits behind her smooth shining desk ringing buzzers, giving orders, but remaining ever sweet. Dinosaurs are once again roaming the Earth, due to the efforts of Fred Parks. He has discovered the secret of taming these monsters. He has one as a bodyguard at his home in Cotton Hollow. Every Sunday evening on a nation wide hookup we listen to Miss Ethel Korhut's great Quiz Program. She is now tops in popularity and can answer any historical question you ask. John Cobbol is an efiicient business man in the world of textiles, where he dictates his orders to the stenographers of COBBOL AND GARGONIA, INCORPORATED. Who is that famed engineer who designed the world's fastest air- plane? None other than Naugy's Leroy Noyes. And the plane? The Noyes Noiseless! Ruth Jennings reached her go-al. She is one of our most noted women specialists. with her own ultra modern hospital. It is located in the lovely green hills of Naugatuck Valley. The natives of Java have come to speak a perfect English, and so stunned the world. Investigation disclosed that a solitude-seeking, dainty missionary, Gertrude Oemcke, has undertaken the civilization task. Naugatuck turned out in crowds today to greet the greatest of the 20th century actors, Philip Jensen. who returned to the scene of his high school days. They say his role of Hamlet is breath-taking. Margaret Owens iust established a new home for homeless children. An innovation is a nightly lullaby crooned to the babies in Peggy's sweet soprano voice. . Heading a swankv salon of interior decoration is Helen Kryzkowski. It is a post deserving of her excellent good taste. Justine O'Donnell went West and there in the lovely environs of Banff and The Canadian Rockies met her Dream man. Awfully ro- manti-c, too+for he rescued her from drowning! A few more letters after Aldine Engelhardt's name is not news any- more. However, th ev alwavs make us a little bit more proud of her being a professor at her alma mater. Barnard, does not take up all her time. She married the governor of New York! Page One Hundred' Twenty PROCEDENTES Dashing in his marine blue uniform, Joe Summa dropped into town last week. With him was-Mrs. Joe-petite and dark eyed. Dot Lewis's melodious voice comes softly over the air-waves, as she dictates mouth-watering recipes to her ardent public. She's famous for her "Frankfurters in Pumpkin Casserole." As a top-flight pilot of one of America's largest air-lines, Bob Held certainly has the lovely ladies angling for his attention. But, of course, that's an old story to Bob. Hedwig Szczesiul recently started a pharmacy in Hollywood. So attractive is the spot that already there are closed shutters on all other similar es-tablishments. Virginia Klimasewski, we are told, is the only woman professor ever allowed to teach at Yale. There sits Virgie showing those superior he- man profs what she knows about the subject of History-and they listen too! It's Leonard Marchlewski, the genius at remembering dates, who heads the History Department at Yale. Immediately after graduation, Clayton Davis became his father's business partner in the "Davis Fish Market." Under Clayt's expert management, the company is opening branch stores, up and down the Valley. The latest addition to the radio world is Ed Meyer. He announced the Inauguration ceremonies of our new President in a coast to coast hook-up. Dorothy McGeever has married a southern man. She is now mis- tress of a large estate in Virginia. After a brief dab at surrealism Gary Barsumian has once more gone back to still life and beautiful models. In his penthouse studio he is working frantically to finish. "The Head of That Scoundrel Macbeth" to be exhibited in his Museum of Art. Latest news from Broadway! Jerry Dunn as the only male in an otherwise all-girl musical revue. He does a specialty dance with four of the most beautiful girls in the show. Blonde. blue eyed Florence Sweeney is now 2 Powers model. Vogue and the New Yorker are her favored ritzy magazines. Taft School has iust appointed Bob Mc Dermott to the position of athletic director. He's reaping glory, too. Phil Zebrakus left for New York where he is now connected with a well known tobacco firm. The name begins with "GR"! Recently Madame Marv Penrose has returned from Italy where she has been studvimz' painting under one of the mmf famgus grtists in Europe. With her beautiful mansion and glamorous clothes she is the talk of the town and the envy of her former schoolmates. Page One Hundred Twenly One PROCEDENTES Mildred Swan is now in New York at Mount Sinai Hospital. Park Avenue debs and Broadway glamour boys have no effect on Milly-who remains faithful to her sweetheart back in old Naugy. Believe it or not, Charles Peterson is the editor of the newly estab- lished Naugatuck Daily Mirror. Most of his time is taken up in finding new ways to spell old words. The Waterbury Hospital has on its staff Dr. Helen Pilkewich "Baby Specialist." People come from all parts of the country to obtain her advice. That quaint little dress shop on 5th Avenue, is under the manage- ment of Florence Pocius. Her shop has been featuring the latest in sport clothes. Nothing under fifty dollars, however. The latest motion picture of our own Lillian Gniazdowski-now known as Lilly L'Amour-is in town. Busily engaged in learning the art of acting, Charles Mitchell is tak- ing the place of The Lone Ranger. Scouting through the Beacon Falls wooded sections teaches a man much. "Whom did we see in the Army?" Why, Margaret Curtin! Dressed in a spotless white uniform, Peg fluttered about the wounded boys, who were shot down in air raids. People have been surprised lately to find that a woman has been appointed as principal of the Naugatuck High School. Laurian Richter adds dignity and dash to her position. We hear that people in Waterbury and vicinity are calling long distance just to hear Harriet Dinsmo're's sweet voice ring out "Number, Please." After years of hard work she has been appointed supervisor over a hundred telephone operators. Reed Gogan now owns his own used car lot on Main Street in Beacon Falls. He rents cars especially to high school students, trying to make High School in three minutes Hat. Every day we read of the newly discovered cinema star. She is known as the most glamourous of our era. We once knew her as our Sona Moran. William Reilly has been chosen as the "Typical Male" at a nation wide contest. He will go to Hollywood next month where a screen test will be given him. Baby Snoo-ks is forgotten since Stella Zdanowicz created Fluffv Flo, Sndimpish but naive youngster, who giggles divinely Cas Stella always 1 . Owner and manager of a chain of food stores through the country, Arnold Nori employs only girls in his store to brighten the atmosphere. Now she's the wife of a doctor. Rose Zapatka makes an ideal pro- fessional companion. y Page One Hundred Twenty Two PROCEDENTES A new type of automobile is being designed by Jimmy Cozy. One merely climbs into the car, relaxes, and the car drives itself. No down payment, three years to payg drive till the car falls apart. Isabel Currier has been promoted to the highest paid secretary in the United States Treasury Department. But from her work in Nauga- tuck High, we knew she'd succeed. Jimmy fCurran's untiring efforts to collect the dues as treasurer in Room 1 have finally been rewarded. He is now United Sta-tes Secretary of the Treasury. Mary Convard has long since changed her name and makes as quiet and charming a housewife as she made a school mate. Edward Cweklinski, that reserved lad from the Falls amazed us all by erecting Beacon Falls' first High School. The only subject taught is "How to relax." Eddie is an able teacher! On a visit to New York last week, we stopped to see Billy Rose's latest show. Were we surprised to see one Ruth Connelly taking the lead! We remembered her as Ruth our Class Beauty. John's secret ambition has been realized. He is now Professor Clark of the Chemistry Class in the newly erected Weber High. The new Glamour Girl of Tuxedo Park is Adeline Stankas. No swlanky night spot is complete without her exhilarating presence. The new Secretary of Labor in the newly formed Cabinet is Ann Wood. When she settles a strike, it stays settled! Bea McLellan decided to study hairdressing and her styles in coiffure are so-0 unusual, that Charles of the Ritz is now far in the back- ground. 4 The super strong-man of the circus ring is our old classmate-Ed Madden. He tosses 400 lb. men about the sawdust ring as though they were Lux flakes. "The Iron Man of America" is his sobriquet. -Nurse Genevieve Tanner is so occupied with her new position as Registered Nurse, that she doesn't have time for one of her favorable diversions: reading mystery books. Josephine Tangredi has just graduated from Fashion Academy and Zivill Soon take her position as stylist in the Super Style Shop, Phila-f e p ia. Henry has come out on top after taking the 90 word typing test. Nice going, Mr. Tomkowicz. After completing her course, Bertha Tuthill has accepted the posi- tion as a Registered Infant Nurse. And a splendid one she'll make! Rodney Vardon has recently graduated from Harvard and is to become a lawyer. Now watch the underworld vanish! l The only columnist ever to "out-Winchell" Winchell is our own pun- lovmg Bud Baldwin, with his string of syndicated papers. But it's only a sideline, he tells us, for chemistry is still his first love. Page One Hundred Twenty Three PROCEDENTES If you have any spare time do not forget to tune in and listen to Al Robinson the second Gene Krupa. Al plays at the Rainbow Room every week. Cover charge alone is twenty dollars. 'Colonel Edward Noble is the title now held by our class Vice-Presi- dent. The Army welcomed his brains and brawn with open arms and especially his plans for revolutionizing the Army uniform. The Wahlstrom Sewing Shoppe has just opened. Anyone can learn sewing under the superb teaching of Alice. Walter is now assistant barber. Unlike the garrulous barbers, Mr. Waranowicz is known for his reticent character and is liked by everyone of his customers. A graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Art, Norma Widen has the leading role, playing Juliet to Maurice Evan's Romeo. The name on the lips of every American is that of Clayton Murphy the dancing maestro of the United States. He has gained world wide recognition through his famous book "Dancing is an Art." Our Bill Luschenat is now a famous steeplejack, climbing to heights unheard of. He contributes his steely nerves to the fact that he survived four hectic years with "The Marchlewskiu at Naugy High. "This is Chuck Muroif signing off with more notes on the Broadway plays, tomorrow." Harold manages to be a critic on drama for his radio audience. Airplanes are in great demand and the chief producer for the government is Irving Nixon. He travels back and forth from his Florida home to his business in Washington, in a plane designed by himself. The dance team of Mahan and O'Donnell opened last evening at the Cocoanut Grove and obviously it was Johnny and Shirley! Their dances are terrific! After successfully performing an almost impossible operation on the First Lady of our country, Dr. Chester Drzoscz has risen to fame over night. Instead of devoting his life to research, he has consented to be- come White House physician. New York society has proclaimed Augustine Fidalgo No. 1 Glamour Boy. You're likely to meet him in any one of the supper-clubs. It's Dorothy Roberts-professional model, now! Only gowns in the thousand dollar brackets are modeled by her! Every day from Monday through Saturday one can hear on station WFL, Marvin Norris and his chatter concerning the world of sport. He always scoops the other reporters. Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller have now passed into oblivion but the name of Harold Ni-chols "The KING OF SWING" will live on forever. He plays to millions his music of modern youth. Page One Hundred Twenty Four PROCEDENTES Victor Lemoine, after careful research, has established a chain of restaurants under the title "Vic's Vitalizing Victuals", which specializes in health-giving menus. Another touchdown for The Lent!! Betty's All Girl Football Squad has captured practically every game-even those played with husky heroes of the gridiron. John Swenston is the Mayor of Straitsville, Pond Hill, Cotton Hollow and Stamford. "I felt that my gubernatorial presence might effectively express the Good Neighbor Policy I" quoth Johnny. Pauline Federonis just narrowly missed being hit by a falling bomb in London last night. Since taking the position of confidential secretary to the American ambassador to England, Pauline transcribes most of her notes in air raid shelters. Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth,-all offered Ed O'Connor the position of coach of basketball. He chose Dartmouth, where the t'emperature falls to thirty below but the girls are the most dazzling ever. That smart new chromium and black shop in town is owned and operated by Harry Fager. He is drawing men from all over the country to its doors. It occupies three floors of the Neary Building. While all Naugatuck boasts of knowing Annabelle Fetterman, she is making plans for her coming marriage to Gable Taylor. You remem- ber she was his nurse during his recent illness and the great screen idol was captivated by her charms. "Yes, doctor!" replies Tessie. As usual Miss Oldakowski has her work done and the doctors of Hartford are proud of h-er, and we of' Naugy are happy to see another of our local girls make good. It has remained for William Schmelke, a mathematician and founder of the Schmelke School of Numerology. to develop the sixth dimension. That extra year at Naugy High did the trick. Naugatuck High is rejoicing over the news that Ruth Fields has consented to return to take a position as woman athletic director. Now for zip, boom, and bang! 'After graduating from college. John Sutherland went into politics. He is United States District Attornev General in Washington. Inci- dentally, he's a bachelor and loathes all femininity. Folks! Be sure to patronize Herman Grossman's Swank Shoppes. They are 'found in every state in the union. You will know them by the copyright trade mark--a rosy Crab Apple. Now that John Hanley is owner of Hanlev's Shoe Store, he is a big shot in the world of boots. From baby to deb, John fits them all. Adrian will have a great deal of competition now that Constance Penrose is in Hollywood. Her talent in dress designing has attracted many movie magnates to her home in Beverly Hills. Page One Hundred Twenty Five PROCEDENTES If one has the chance to visit the Congressional Library at Washing- ton he would be impressed by the efficienicy of the auburn haired L1- brarian, Rose Salafia, who fills this position exceedingly well. That trim, snappy Airline Hostess who soothes frightened pas- sengers so sweetly, is attractive Betty Green. Her sparkling manner has won the hearts of all trans-continental passengers. The beautiful and much talked about murals in Rockefeller Centre are the latest works of Di Laurenzio. Louis has come a long way since he left Naugy, but we knew he could do it. The world bows low to the great mind of Arthur O'Donnell at Dart- mouth, where he has secured a professorship. The O'Donnell method of mathematics is being inaugurated with outstanding success throughout the collegiate world. Remember the demure, well-mannered senior-Sarah Bergstrom? She won the heart of her boss's son, a millionaire playboy who suddenly t'ired of the mad gaiety of Broadway. As owner and manager of the exclusive and very fashionable Benson Gift Shoppe, Ernestine has proved that a welcoming smile and an active imagination are the most important attributes of a competent busi- ness woman. Henry Swiderski is an Ace Aviator, bringing sky-honor to Uncle Sam. A Welcome Home reception is to be held at Old Hundred for him on next Friday evening. We didn't recognize Virgie Krolikowski as one of the upper bracket matrons but when she headed the list of best-dressed women in the world, we realized it could be none other than she. That demon typist, Marion Traficanti, is hurrying to the Interna- tional Typists' Ofiice where she is employed. Her weekly salary runs into three figuresj Straight to Hollywood went Dot Lawrence after graduation. You didn't suspect for a minute that motion pictures would leave her loveli- ness undiscovered? They didn't. Shirley Tremblay is the young lady who has attained the rank as head of the Dav Nursery. We knew she would arrive after displaying her line ability in the Alumni Drive. Demure Eleanor is now personnel Manager of Macy's of N. Y. Sweet Miss Schiller knew the secret of getting along with her fellow classmates and now she passes her knowledge to those about her. As we thumb the pages of a current magazine, we come to an ad "The most beautiful hands in the world." Upon close scrutiny we dis- cover they belong to Margaret Ruppe. The ."Boller Reiuvenating Root" is guaranteed to cure. everything from brain concussion to falling arches. Earl is traveling about the country selling his magic panacea. Page One Hundred Twenty Six PROCEDENTES The throngs are rolling in the aisles at Bill Rodenbach's burlesque of Hamlet. Bill portrays the Melancholy Dane and plcks Ophelia up, twirls her in the air, and hurls her into the audience! Manly Simons has the facility of turning a positive wreck of a car into a modern, streamlined affair. He rejuvenates the ancient jalopy: sprays gold or silver varnish over the bodyg inserts unbreakable glass for the windows and adds the radiator cap--The Beauteous Simons Girl!!! ' Gen Sherico's patient nature led her to found the Sherico Playhouse for pre-school children. They quite naturally take to Gen and she has absolutely no trouble in handling even problem brats! Almost any day, a glance at the headlines will inform one as to Big- Game Hunter Martin's whereabouts in the African Jungles. He has or- ganized Schluensen's Expedition and has bagged some of the greatest game on record. Don, our high-ranking classmate, decided to impart his knowledge to students floundering in a ravine of darkness. However, so great was this knowledge, that he is now Dean Sears of Yale University. Ella Schultz has taken to sculpturing, and her newest bust-of Daniel Boone--is on display at the Naugatuck Museum on Riverside Drive. "Garlenski's Handbook for Basketball" is faithfully followed by every athletic coach in the country, while Orky himself sees to the wel- fare of the Dartmouth team. Just as Ed Gerber became our Class President, so he b-ecome President of these United States. He's campaigning now for a ninth term and things look very favorable for him, indeed. Angeline Galeski is the strict and excellent trainer of the Rockettes, and their precision dancing is now the most beautiful in the world. Somewhere in England, Rita is on the job covering the tremendous war news to be garnered there. She signs off her broadcast: "Fleming is always on the job." The expert for golf apparel is Henry Furs. His tips on good-groom- ing were first acquired when he was a caddy to the opulent. Here's iust what we've been waiting for. A new typewriter with an eraser key which does all the work for you. Hedy Cehowski invented it after annoying experiences during her high-school days. Every evening the dulcet tones of Ruth Fitzpatrick come over the air waves as she wills us into Dreamland. She has won great fame with her unique theme song "What a pretty rose !" Professor John Fitzgerald of Princeton announces that he has de- veloped a real boon to humanity. It's a folding moto-r car-Drive to sclioolg hop out: fold up your machineg slip it into your pocket and oui a a. Page One Hundred Tlvcnly Seven PROCEDENTES The Zehnder Lending Library is the creation of Arline's rich imagi- nation. It travels on wheelsg contains classics, only, and caters to the intelligentsia. Elsie and Ethel Schiman, those sisters of the keyboard, have not surprised us by becoming secretaries to two prominent Wall Street Brokers. Naugy's girls are all wearing their curls in the Helene Zonas manner. This is a style created by the vivacious Helen of 5th Avenue. Strike up the band! Here comes Constantine Wojtczak, Chief Petty Officer on "The Hop Brook Submarine." Lieutenant-Governor Henry Zwick was inaugurated at Hartford in November, where he has already served the people of Connecticut for two successive terms. The Ritzy Country Club of Middlebury, which was recently com- pleted, is now managed by Walter Jagiello, formerly of the Hop Brook Club. Ray Tarnowski, mayor of Union City, was nominated for Governor of Texas recently. However, he has become a deep sea diver. "There are some mighty pretty mermaids down there l" declares Ray. The new president ofthe Senior Woman's Club is Gloria Hurtado. She calls the meeting to order by singing an original song at every gathering. The membership now is 1000! "All America at Princeton !" scream the head-lines. Sonney Passeck has arrived without the aid of any perceptible vocabulary study. As manager of the De Luxe Tailor Shop, Leon Moorin is a high salaried man. He has just published a volume on "What the well dressed man should wear !" The Great Profile is now Pete Moeckel, who eloped on Commence- ment night with a damsel fair to gaze upon. The current attraction at RoXy's is Ed Mis, comedian and orchestra leader. Ultra smart is his outfit and great are his demands for contracts. Joann Mollica is bridal advisor in Russeks in New York. She accepts only those whose weddings are lush affairs, specializing in six or more brides-maids. Helen Miller is now a beautician, specializing in women. She de- tests men, it is said, having an entire feminine establishment. From serving as a pretty waitress to owner of the Astor Roof has Shirley O'Donnell risen. We of Naugy say she owes her success to that engaging smile no "Mahan" can resist. John Sullivan, the great scientist, has finally consented to teach at Harvard. There he occupies a.spe-cial suite at Lowell House where all world scientists come for his advice. Page Ont: Hundred Twenty Eigfll PROCEDENTES A brand new mystery thriller is on the market-the latest of a series of hair-raising literature by Eva Fitzpatrick. The title is "Beacon Falls after seven P. M." "The Fall" by Johnny Simmons, has readers in laughter gales every- where, as he describes his reactions upon hitting the floor in Room 3, after the Rodenbach Hurl-a thing unsurpassed in artistic movement. Efficient Miss Schwarcenberg has made the news because of her recent appointment as the new secretary of Labor. But then - he couldn't get along without someone as capable as Barbara. On a recent visit to 20th Century Fox Studios, we came across Caroline Bagley directing a production with vehemence. Motion pic- ture big-wigs certainly have faith in Caroline. W. B. has made the headlines by winning the Vanderbilt cup races in his yacht "Never Fear." Mr. Biernacki's prowess as a yachtsman has been acquired only after many years of training in sailing up the Naugatuck River. Exuding loveliness galore, Helene Bieleski won her way into the heart of a famous banker: and so, well supplied with folding money, she enjoys life to the utmost. The Noel Coward of America, he's called !-Playwright and actor, Tracy Breen went straight to New York, following Commencement. And -have you seen--Mrs. Tracy? Bee-you-tiful! It's Major Borisuck now-if you please. Walter started his train- ing early at Blanding and received a richly deserved reward. And is Naugy proud of him! In the peaceful country, Ethel has established the "Grant Hospital for Grouchesf' Ethel's own volatile personality is a guarantee of a in- stant change of mood in her patients. The lights are dimmed, the curtain goes up-and a vast audience sits spell-bound as Adeline Glinckas emotes in her breath-taking vehicle "Ghosts" She has swept the country in her Ibsen revival. "Lead the Cheers the Brennan way" is the sign on the unique school Betty has opened, just for cheer-leaders. No wonder sports all over the country have followed her with zest! A smooth orchestra has recently been organized by Bob Bulakites, a really hot trumpeter. Such unusual song styling as Bob's rdeserves notice-and gets it. In a quaint. little shop in town. Iverna Carlson has accumulated the world's most valuable collection of antique glass. Famous people come from all over to gaze upon this rare assortment. Rangy Art Carlson has cantured the broad jump record in a manner that amazed sports oflicials. That famous Carlson sprint is a cross be- tween a kangaroo and a human jump. Page One Hundred Twenty Nine PROCEDENTES Metropolitan Opera proudly presents-Phyllis Behlman. She can be heard currently in "Carmen," which is just one of her myriad suc- cesses. Bob has followed his first love-automobiles-and istnow manu- facturing a peculiar type-the Candee Cane. It's a combination auto and row-boat and Bob reports great success. If flat, you swim! The rarest blooms on the continent may be found in the scientific Smith conservations. Lois has one hundred varieties of orchids, alone. Posture, poise, and personality, learned in the Soucy manner, have brought Kay a veritable fortune. A rapidly rising star in the musical heavens, is Franklin Allen, who is touring the country with his band of high school boys. And they are really hot! "Wesley Jones, Taxidermist" is the trim sign outside the building in which Wes performs so many human tasks. He specializes in Taxi- dermy aft'er an unforgettable high school experience. The most diminutive mannequin at Sally Milgrim's exclusive salon is petite Florence Kogut. Always a perfect "ten", she waxed weary with her inability to find this size in her school days, so she took pity on the debs of this era and now refuses to model in anything more adult. For dash and demureness, do see her dulcet bridal trousseau in delicate shell pink! It's Judge Jimmy Hubbell now! Following in the family footsteps, he became an attorney with an immense and swank law practice. It's really a great thrill to hear The Kazanjian as she awes an audience at Carnegie Hall, where her concert opus is received with such deafening applause. Grace really has gone far in her life's work. Art Algren so thoroughly enjoyed his connection with the Senior Play, that he founded the Algren "Ecole d'artistes," and very success- fully produced almost anything from Shakspere to "Panama Hattie." All the sparkling diamonds entering this country bear the mark "Natowich Mines." For our classmate John decided to make his fortune in Africa. Moruska's South American Shoppe is quite the rage this year, for Helen's torrid styles are most individual. "Moruska for a good-will policy" is her slogan. Everyone is green with envy over the great Gesek fortune. amassed in priceless pearls. It seems that Ed became a Deep-sea diver and first collected the pearls as a hobby. With a television program all his own. and a Wealthy sponsor behind him. Rob Quinn is The Eddie Cantor of 1950. He's just been voted out- standing American comedian and conducted a Naugy High program in a trans-continental hook-up called "The Quinn Quintessentialismlu Page One Hundred Thirlp Quite a unique idea-this Employment Agency for News-boys. Albert Karalis is the founder and listens sympathetically as newsies sob their tale of war. It's still being fought on two newly discovered planets. Passing through De-troit recently, we came upon Helen Abucewicz, who is now private secretary to the vice-president of General Motors. The newest faculty member of Wilby High Sch-ool is Naugatuck's Helen Ahigian. She will teach bookkeeping and typing, and use the facile method-Learn or Leave. Mort Saffran worked himself up to presidency of the Saffran "Bos- ton Stores, Inc." Through his laborious efforts there is a store in every major city in the U. S.-except Boston! Judge of the Supreme Court. Alden Saunders, is now handing out sagacious decisions on all cases that come to his jurisdiction. Francis is a busy man these days, as he consults innumerable archi- tects on plans for the "Shilinskas Spa"-his first venture in the res- taurant field. Black marble, sparking lights, and rainbow de-cor make his Spa unique! Page One Hundred Thirly One PROCEDENTES WE NOMINATE FOR THE HALL OF FAME ALDINE ENGELHARDT, because she is valedictorian of our class, be- cause of her unselfish and ever-present graciousness, because of her untir- ing efforts as editor-in-chief of our class book, and because of her active interest in sports. EDWARD GERBER, because he fulfilled our expectations in every Way when we elected him president of the class, because of his fine musical ability and scholastic record, and because of his joyous personality and ingenious quips. REGINA KELLY, because of her winning charm which she has displayed throughout four years, because of her illimitable dramatic ability and be- cause of her lofty scholastic record and appreciation of all that is aesthetic. BETTY BRENNAN, because she was our ace cheer leader, and always a rollicking sport, because of her unflinching, indefatigable work for the welfare of 1941 , because the title of "Most Popular Girl" she meritoriously was awarded, because of her efforts to garner dollars for our class book. LEONARD MARCHLEWSKI, because by his ceaseless energy he brought to a close perhaps the most successful of advertising campaigns, because he is a "whiz" in his studies, an able thespian, and an all-round lad. 'IRACY BREEN, because he has so cheerfully helped to make our dances and our yearbook successful, because he knows just how to combine work and play in exactly the right proportions, and most of all because he is so popular! JACK SULLIVAN, because, as manager of the team, he did so much to make our basketball season a success, because we have always depended on him for mechanical devices, such as in our radio sound-effects program, and because Sully combines musical ability, electrical genius, and good sportsmanship in one very nice person. PHIL JENSEN, because of his superb portrayals in Room 3, because he has contributed immeasurably to all our dramatic endeavors and because he is such a well balanced individual. MARY PENROSE, because of her artistic creations in the field of draw- ing, because as the mother in "Crab Apple" she stands a figure to be re- membered, because of her willingness to give of herself to all the interests of the class. LEROY NOYES, because as the famous son of a famous father he car- ries on the tradition of enterprise leading to accomplishment, because of his natural inventive ability, and because of his unlimited support of the basketball team as player and manager. JOHN SUTHERLAND, because he is our salutatorian, a defender of the classics as well as science, because he holds unique views on erudite sub- jects, because he has served well on our classbook staff, and because he aspires to greater things Page One Hundred Thirty Two PROCEDENTES RUTH FITZPATRICK, because by her studious application and ever-pre- sent perseverance, she has attained the third highest rank in her classy because she has carried superior qualities in whatever she is engaged, and because her worthwhile personality has been so enhanced by her definite artistic ability EDWARD NOBLE, because of his constant endeavors and earnest ambi- tions, because of his pursuit of elusive success, because he is our vice- president, and because of his friendly grin. HENRY SWIDERSKI, be:ause he did a superlative job on the Naugy's basketball courtg because he is capable of driving a golf ball over yards of any fairway, and because of a heart-penetrating personality. FLORENCE SWEENEY, because she has rooted for our football and basketball heroes, seasons without end, because she holds us spellbound by her pleasant manner, and flaxen curls, because of her remarkable tal- ent in Room 19, and because she is a true, sincere and helpful friend. CLAYTON MURPHY, because under his supervision the Alumni Drive reached the highest peak ever attained by a N augy High class, because of his assistance rendered in classbook work, and because of his outstanding reputation in the field of sports. ALBERT KARALIS, because through determined effort to succeed, he has attained top-flight ranks: because of his most amazing vocabulary: and because, despite his stately dignity, he has always displayed excellent sportsmanship and a marked sense of humor. ORKY GARLINSKI, because on the basketball floor he was a determined fighter, because he is by his amiable mannerisms, and his friendly "hello" our most Popular Boy, and because he's a sincere and loyal pal. LILLIAN GNIAZDOWSKI, because she is first in the promoting of new ideas, because she is an all-season athlete, because she is vivacity personi- fied, and because she is Helen's indefatigable assistant. WESLEY JONES, because of his faithful management of our class playsg because of his power to take responsibilityg because of his helpful sugges- tions in the Chemistry Lab, and because his own particular sense of humor is much needed. '.!'.' W GY '.'!.' Page One Hundred Thirty Three PROCEDENTES Page One Hundred Thirty Four PROCEDENTES Page One Hundred Thirty Five PROCEDENTES Page One Hundred Thiriy Six JROFEDENTES Page' Um' flumlrml 'fqflfrfy Swell THE HONOR ROLL PROCEDENTES Page One I1UHdf6C1 Thfrly Eigfll THE HONOR ROLL PROCEDENTES MISS BRAZIS MISS SQUIRES MR McCANN MR MILLWARD Page One Hundred Thirty Nine PROCEDENTES HONOR TO WHOM HONOR IS DUE The staff sincerely acknowledges the exemplary work of Betty Bren- nan, first girl member of any advertising committee, who collected 397.00 for our Class Bookg to Edward Noble with SS57.50g to Bud Baldwin with S55.00g to Betty Lent with ifS48.00g to Ed Gerber with 2'1S47.00. Top honors in the Alumni Drive go to Shirley Tremblay who obtained 90 names for Procedentes. The onus of the typing work was efficiently borne by Florence Kogut, Rose Salafia, Theresa Oldakowski, and Ethel Schiman. To our friends and to the business and professional men who made our Year Book possible,-our heartfelt thanks. As future citizens of Naugatuck, we intend to prove to you that it does pay to advertise in a Naugatuck High School publication! ak A TRIBUTE The Class of 1941 offers its gratitude and appreciation to three promi- nent citizens of Naugatuck, who many times generously allowed us the use of their trucks for transportation of stage properties: Mr. Carl Brennan, Betty's father Mr. William Noble, Ed's father Mr. Joseph Raytkwich, Raytkwich Motors Page One Hurtdred Forty -w. B 14, R- PROCEDENTES Page One Hundred Forly Two THE ADVERTISING COMMITTEE PROCEDENTES 1' Page One Hundred Forty Three THE ADVERTISING COM MITTEE express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation. 5Qx5xxxxxxsxutxsxxxxxxxxxttxxxxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxxsxxxxxxxsssxxx ALUMNI CLUB OF NAUGATUCK HIGH To our loyal and steadfast Alumni and Friends who throughout the years give to our Class Book their staunch support,-we the Class of 1941- John Hanley, '39 Alvin Heavenis, '36 Joe Henry, '43 Marie Grant Kalonioski, '37 Michael Karensky Tom Kelly, '38 Marzuerite Kissane, '38 Zizmund Korowtny, '36 John Ludgwait, '43 George McCann, '43 Adele Nardello, '42 John Nordby, '38 Mr. Noyes Walter Ploski, '38 Joseph Robbiati, '35 Fred Ruggeri, '40 Doris Sandell, '40 Dudley Sandell, '38 Clarence Sciheithe, '37 Fmnces Scheithe, '38 Ed. Shilinskas, '39 Eleanor M. 0'Shea. '36 Frank J. O'Shea. '38 Irving J. Rosefnblatt, '33 Mrs. Robert Weaving, '00 Kathryn Tabbot, '22 Thomas Tlafbbot, '29 Mary Jane Hanan, '40 William L. Morris, '35 Stella Harmon Springer, '18 Ruth Melbourne, '35 Walter Corcoran, '40 Rachel Rodenbaoh, '40 Barbara Rodenbach. '37 Gertrude O'Brien, '39 Ernest Erickson Alice Clark, '43 E. Eleanor Smith Jane 0'Donnell, '44 Maraaret McGuire A Friend Robert Sutherland, '42 Paul Buckmiller Louis Buckmiller Marie Hoffman, '40 Patricia Plumb, '44 Weston "Chesty" Boyd, '40 Richard J. Nixon, '40 Mrs. .Tames Owens Nell Kenny A Friend Joe Joy, '25 Jean Raytkewich. '40 Palt Robinson. '43 Reverend Joseph Koichunns Donald Wiglrlesworth, '43 David St. John, '40 George Wigglesworth, '40 Mrs. Lyman Lamphiere, '96 Deb, '25 Al, '25 Florence Titliey, '33 Ruth Anderson, '40 Jack Garland, '40 A Friend Mrs. C. P. Rodenbach, '08 Bushnell Rodenibach, '43 Timothy Hanlcvn Jwlfia Varsanik, '40 James F. McCann, '37 Mrs. H. P. Baldwin, '15 Harold P. Baldwin, Jr.. '37 Herbert F. Parker, '03 Walter J. Reilly, '27 Robert J. Grant, '39 Cecily M. Grant, '37 A. B. Cross Howard F. Walsh, '39 Howard Olson Arthur Anderson, '36 Alan Stauffer William B. Knapp, Jr., '40 Phyllis Thompson Mil-ton Weissman, '37 A friend Phyllis Woolfe "Cap" Furs, '39 A friend Gladys Hoppe, '40 Lillian -M- Smith A friend Francis E. Jones A Friend Henry McCarthy. '27 Mrs. John Simmons, '14 A Friend Marzairevt McCarthy John Simmons, '16 Jane Baldwin, '42 A friend Ethel Simmons, '39 George Engelhardt. '32 A friend A Friend Charles Clark. '39 Helen Waranowicz. '43 Viririnia A. Smith Andrew McCann -lane Oldakowski, '36 Katherine M. Curtin A friend Eleanor Larson, '38 Anthony Szczesiul. '32 A friend Edmond Cieslew-ski. '35 Edward Szcze-siul, '40 A friend Stanley Krulikowski, '36 M. C. Paul Frefliericks, '39 Richard Murphy, '37 Beatrice Schiller Sears Robert Sears, '40 Alfred Fratevsi, '38 Catherine Pichulo, '38 William Henry, '32 Irving: Grant, '33 John Vanasse, '39 Ermand Valois, '35 Edward Balin-sky, '34 Arthur Clark, '39 Michael R. Siiteiiti. '40 Jane Woitczak, '33 Yita Wojtczak, '44 Madeline Fredericks, '40 Joseph C. Triano. '35 Ray Ford. '15 Aenes Reilly, '37 William J. Baxter , Mrs. Charles Baxter Serszeant Antoniy Farrar Tony Nardello Donald Robert Nelson Betty Wylonz. '40 Edward Griffith Leonard Schaff Dorothea Abele. '38 Donald Zehnder, '43 A Friend A Friend Hill Graham, '42 Frank Squires. '29 Leo Edward Dinneny A Friend A Friend Helen Kiely Milton Lent Eunice Hungerford Jones, '30 Elmer Stauffer, '40 A Friend Walter Larson, '36 A Friend Lamont Kirk, '30 Mrs. Lamont Kirk, '32 Gertrude Sweeney, '38 Frances Hiszrzins Anna Farrel Fitzgerald, '03 Ronald Lengyel, '26 Leo Lengyel, '24 John Francis Lemlyel, '29 Joseph Lenfzyel, '32 Mary Ruth Lenigyel, '34 Kay Mloroney, '23 Theresa Moroney, '22 Mary Duffy Behan, '34 Hazel Duffy, '39 Edward Dinning, '30 Donald Linskey, '24 Norhill Naugis, '29 Alphonse Ciiznoftti, '30 Efbbie Lorentzson, '22 Arthur Lorentzson, '23 Edward "Swede" Larson, ' Charles Roman, '40 Aaron Weissman, '34 Howard Swan. '38 John Sidney Weaving Joseph Fitzpatrick Waldron H. Roy, '25 Officer Edward Galvin Euxzene Sweeney A friend Mrs. Frank Madiden Raymond Adamson, '40 A friend Fred Ciznotti, '29 .Ta-ck Ashmore. '40 A friend Dorovthv Fi't1 erald Galvin, '22 Bernard Cassidy, '39 A friend 12' J-f-hn Has-slinger. '26 Margaret Hassllinger, '29 Eleanor Hasslinrzer, '38 Carl Zehnder, '36 J'-Mes Vincent Cuddy, '39 William Thurston, Jr.. '38 Nermonda Lamis. '33 Helen Jackson O'Connor. '17 Kathryn Condon Casey. '22 A Friend H. P. Baldwin, '08 Ernest Weber Mrs. Ernest Weber Olive Weber William Jackman Adrian Olson, '32 Wilding Olson. '24 Norman H. Wood. '28 John Smith Ruth Spray, '37 Helen Sveikauskaus Helen Swaribenberlr. '37 Anna Tarnicfwski, '40 Thedore Travers F'red Tuthill George Wilcox, '36 Theresa Zapatka Frances Hoey Gormley, '13 Raymond Paul. '11 A Friend Evelyn Feely, '31 Howard Anderson A Friend Loretta .Morris Shea. '22 Mildred Bates Hair 3 xxsxxxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxsxxxxxxsxx sxxxxsxxxxxxtsxxxxxxxxxxxssxss Page One Hundred Forty Four txxxxxsxsxxsxssxxxxxxxxxxxssxsxxxxx1xxxxxxsxxxxxxxxxxxsxxxxx Edward Hennessey James Lannon William Quinn Matthew Mollica, '42 Raymond Yarrison, '36 Hamid R. Dibble, '39 W. Walter Yarrison, '39 Ann Sterniak, '37 James MacLellan, '38 Edward Fredericks, '35 Corrine E. MacLellan Ruth Ledgewait, '37 Grace A. Lawrence. '40 Russell Mollica. '35 William H. Roland, '36 Georsze Dullard, '40 Dorothy Simpson, '39 Helene Fredericks, '40 Clarence Litke Mary Granica Albina Kosut, '38 John Cullinane Thomas Weaving, '39 Helen Sutor, '40 James Quinn, '37 Mary Korpas, '40 Frank Sampugnaro Ann Samruznaro, '33 ex Samuel Salafla, '39 Joseph Salaila, '37 Caslmer Pietroske. '34 ,Marie Krzykoski, '44 Amelia Lucas, '40 Sophie Krajewski, '38 Blanche Raap Rhea Mowrey, '33 Blanche Beckling, '40 Felix Zembruski, '35 Genevieve Rapieff, '32 Constance Rapieff, '37 Caryl Hoadley, '27 Albert E. Mai, Jr., '29 Henrietta Lanzell, '39 Mesah Papsrian Joseph Syejeplsowuski Martin Milkovic Ruth Ludvdy Harry Ahigian Bess-ie Churchill Kenneth Rapieff, '28 Florence 0'Loughlin Irene Coen Laura Galboizis Frank Shea, '39 Marjorie Melbourne, '39 Francis Baukas, '39 Vincen-t Oldakowski, '36 Stanley Mazanski, '36 Martha Koslosky, '40 0. W.. '24 Lois Jane Oldakowski, '38 Irene Tamoski, '39 Rudolph Stelnkanp Harold Lewis, '38 John T. Tstigan, '25 Ann Mae Baka Ida Hotchkiss, '06 Robert Lyons Vivian McElroy, '38 Gladys Hickey, '38 Ann Kllmasewiski, '42 Franck 0'Toole, '43 Frank Mis Althea Schaff, '40 Richard Zollo, '39 Walter Mis-, '40 Charles Moruska, '39 1-sabell Salisbury, '40 ALUMNI AND FRIENDS Anna Roberts George Roberts Loretta Roberts Arthur W. Swan Anna Ezeniski, ex Corrine Rawley, '40 John Tarnofwicz, '35 Alexander Tarnowicz, '38 Joseph Tomkowicz Mrs. Charles Buckley Joseph Zdanowicz John Lenners, '41 ex Howard Myers Erma Owens Vincent Tarnowicz, '41 ex John Tamoski, '34 Dorothy Anderson Cora L. Bronson, '04 Frank E. Bronson, '02 Stanley Becker Hermina Barsumian, '37 Margaret I. Clark, '34 Celia Crowe Thomas Donnell Conlon, '29 John W. Conlon, '00 Fredrick Foetch, '35 William Gerber Arthur Gerber Louis Gerber Mrs. Charles Hitchcock Ethel Mae Kenney Raymond Kamaitis Frances Karaban, '39 Raymond Loman Mrs. John A. McGeever, '06 John A. McGeever, Jr., '37 Martha B. McGeever, '39 George Ostrander, '37 Josephine C. O'Donnell, John E. 0'Donnell, '13 John E. O'Donnell, Jr., Celia Pilkewich, '39 Albert H. Rathburn Myles Sweeney, '37 Robert Sheldon Charles W. Schluenwsen Ruth Townsend Gertrude Townusend Eva Clark Tucker, '10 Arthur L. Tucker, '39 '13 '39 Ralph W. Tucker, Jr., '35 Ruth Rice Vardon, '15 George E. Tucker, '38 A Friend Lois Anderson, '43 Wally Anderson, '43 Ray Ash Henry Bagley Dorothy Behlman, '38 William Barg, '39 Harris Bradshaw "Shorty" Butkus, '39 Rose Carielilo, '40 Walter Carrington Ted Carzarsty, '37 Henry Chrzanowsky Mr. Cielewski Jane Canlon, '39 Phylias Canlon, '34 Francis Creddo, '36 Rose Creddo, '39 Vinci Creddo William Creddo, '35 John Currier, '12 Lynetta Curtis, '38 Joseph Drzo-scz Rose Federonias, '42 John Feduzi, '41 Mrs. Florence Fields Charles Clark Olelia B. Nori Armand Rossi, '40 Donald Fleming, '44 Dorothy Harrison, '39 Ed Mariano, '43 Mrs. McAvoy John Balinsky Ed Saunders, '38 Arlene Standbridge .Mrs. Walter Sultana Leo Lieberman, '34 Edward Connelly, '38 William T. Ford, 21 Edward Gemache, '39 Francis Brennan, '37 Arthur Gruberman, '38 Alumni Chester Bosworth, '39 Leo Carrol, '22 Richard Cooney, '29 Ray Frick, '15 Jack Edmond-s, '34 Rocco Magna, '39 Luella Anderson, '36 Sidney Weiss, '26 Ray Lawley, '25 Alumni Judge F. McDonough, '96 John Dalton, '96 Fmnk F. Kiely, '96 Estelle M. McDonough, '27 Kathryn L. Haney, '37 Alumni Elizabeth Brennan, '36 Betty Hackett, '39 Alfred Solsberg, '39 A friend A friend A friend A friend Helen R. Gargonia, '34 Helen G. Moroney, '18 Genevieve Fitzgerald, '39 William Daly. '29 George W. McCarthy, '18 Mrs. George Welch McCarthy, Janet C. Evon, '35 Raymond J. St. John, '30 Anna Dowling, '14 Mrs. Joseph Lenvgyel, Jr., '32 Evelyn M. Warren Agnes Cullinane William Fitzgerald, '24 Mary Fitzgerald, '28 Elizabeth Cass, '30 William D. Crosby, '33 Alice H. Crosby, '33 John L. Crosby, '36 Clayton F. Davis. '07 Genevieve Krulikowski, '40 William Mangini, '40 Angeline Mamzin-i, '40 Edward Hogan, '40 Joe Mangini, '38 Adam Jankowski, B. T. S., '39 John Halaisik, '38 Bette Finke, '40 John Fitzgerald, '40 James Fleming, '34 William Fleming, '29 Gene Fmltesi, '40 Mrs. Stanton Glover, '19 Frances Gniazdowski, '39 Francis Grabowski, '29 331 D21 I-C-K 531 I-3-I 2-3-I I-C-I I-Z-I I-3-I 2-3-1 I-C-1 1-3-I V5 1-3-I F51 . rii ?3i i-ii lfii iii F311 I-34 1-3-I 113-E 321 D31 2-3-I 1-3-1 331 Page One Hundred Forty Five 7CDO2QlO54D3lO37C70lO5OTOCX7lOC5OTOCP4Jl17217l173OCPC73CPl473172i7Z1ZCiO205C HEARTY CQNGRATULATIQNS TO THE CLASS OF 1941 NAIJGATUCK HIGH SCHOOL Serving tlie community for ninety-eight years by making products of wliicli you can be proud, by encouraging a liigli stantlartl of living, and by providing pleasant conditions ol employment. UNITED STATES RUBBER COMPANY NAUGATUCK FOOTWEAR PLANT 1845 - QUALITY BUILDJW NAUGATUCK - 1941 wocaocwcxaoocxmcbencaeaocaocrcaocxaocxbocxaczx:cxvc:oo4x:vocxac:crc:cac:c:c:c:ooocaooc:ocac:oc 5-ib0904DOCb0C7oCxv30CXxDO3-13-430631 fir- Xxx N X Sincere congratulations Cn your graduation day, May ioy and great good lortune Attend you on your way May success reward your ettorts ln everything you do And realized ambitions Bring Happiness to You KDoCxaQcwCxvCbo9oQo9oQocDcxeocbcmc4wc:oc:-crCacwcxbcbc i' ir Chai H Tomfzman JEWELER gl GPTQMETRBT 17 Maple Street, Naugatuck, Conn 7C717C7OEOCD4bE4Y3Ci4PE4ii7EOEC7'EOl0'E034P'S17EC7547CDK74D453i7lC5lOCD15245l452'172i7lOCP'1 3ZC7CDO20l1D4DO2020i4P3C730l7l47ZC7CD4 b4DCiO34721730247lO30303P3P20Z4734?TC Ruby's 'Beauty Shop l80 Church St. Phone 2681 Naugatuck, Conn. Expert Operators Moderate Prices Compliments of P2QiP4b3450lD20ZC7303020lPlZ1Pl1 Compliments of Kiely's Beauty Salon Compliments of Th e Edna's Shoppe Naugatuck W , 27 East Main Street Onlan 5 Waterbury, Conn Club The Spinning Wheel A SHOP FOR KNITTING YARNS and GIFTS Ellen W. Cooke l80 Church St. 2nd Floor The Home of KUPPENHEIMER GOOD CLOTHES and FLORSHEIM SHOES Fitzgerald 8L Platt, llnc. I7 East Main St. Waterbury DZi72iZ432037CDO2020l7lPEO20Z4 Compliments of Ann's Style Shop l I6 Bank Street Waterbury, Conn. Compliments of Manning-Armstrong Bank Street Waterbury, Conn. 73030434 QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ H 530120131 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ Bef! M3665 Z0 the Gmdualmcg Cfmr of 1941 BGRMAN STUDIQS 84 Bank Street Phone 3-2126 Waterbury, Conn. 149 QQ QQ QQ 7Z03050C7C5C7OZOZC PCOQY D31 7i05Ki0ZOZ1PCJKi1750373DZiiC ?131030fL50xT2Og5i?Zi il-0-3iisT2iiG2OC2ii2030CXiCx Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ P2020i0302ii47Z4P247l47303l545202C5Q iO202024lP2173iOlO2CP2020l154D3 M. A. Green "Famous for Diamonds" JEWELERS and SILVERSMITHS H7 Bank Street Waterbury, Conn. The Naugatuck Store For GRADUATION CLOTH ES M. Freedman SL Co. Compliments of Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. A MR. FRANK EATON Room 9-10 Neary Building Dial 2080 Complimentg of The Miller 8: Peck Co. Waterbury, Conn. Church Street, Naugatuck, Conn. DC03473034b2424Q4P24D34D21DCXD2020247G4J'Gi 150 LJ!DE1!vllF-!!f24Jg2K1g2K?K.X?Kv1l!f2!?f.!lk.2KPfL5472Of2i Compliments of The Naugatuck Fire Dept. Compliments of L. LeClaire Narcy's Package Store NARCY GOMLINSKI, Prop. 9 Spring St., Union City Raphael's, Inc. NAUGATUCK'S SMART NEW SHOP FOR WOMEN IO8-l l0 Church Street Nougotuck, Conn. 73f7C3030i1P2i73OZOZ03CbCID021P20303 Compliments of Rubin's Men's Shop GRADUATION CLOTHES Compliments of F rank's Ice Cream Parlor PATENT MEDICINES CIGARETTES, TOBACCO l00 Bridge Street Tel. 4932 Compliments of Dr. Hans H. Griesbach DENTlST Compliments of Probate Court Naugatuck DCD4.b37202Ci4i17203iP20302021535352Q3l 720203CD34?34720217C70ZO3b202474D1754 J20CPOCDOCDO24724X302021P24b24D24P24P431DCD1JCbO2C7204D4743020iOCDO31b2CP24D20202024 Compliments of Windsor Curtain Shop I27 Bank Street Waterbury, Conn. Waterbury Typewriter Co. STANDARD and PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Special Rental Rates to Students 39 Center St., Waterbury, Conn. Dial 3-5287 Diamonds Jewelry Watches Silverware Becton's F. D. Colligan, Prop. JEWELERS Diamond Merchants for over 50 years ll East Main St., Waterbury, Conn. Compliments of Naugatuck Hardware Co. Compliments of Charles S. Kennedy, M.D. Compliments of W. Richards GRANITE and MARBLE MONUMENTS 260 South Main St., Naugatuck, Conn. Tels. 3487 and 3920 Wishing You Success and Realization of All Your Fondest Hopes and Ambitions Chuck and Johnny ar Chuck's Friendly Service I09 South Main St., Naugatuck, Conn. John B. Svenson 85 Sons PAINTING and DECORATING 7347CDO503054P24724PCbO347CPi7202?35lPl0l4 K.!k.RK.XY2!!.xx.x!. bg2xk.xhgA!vH.?-!?fvXK.2sK.2vx.20x.2OxAK.2x Naugatuck Dairy Ice Cream Company, Inc. Phone 3453 Compliments of A Friend James E. Sweeney, Inc. INSURANCE 153 Maple Street Naugatuck, Conn. Dial 3116 Compliments of The Hotchkiss Motor Company SALES and SERVICE 398 West Main St., Waterbury, Conn BUICK Compliments of A Friend Compliments of W. J. Reilly, M. D. 'Compliments of The Peerless Laundry Compliments of William F reclsall ARROWHEAD FARM Bethlehem, Conn. Compliments of Dr. E. M. Lerman Quiet May Gilbert 6' Barker OIL BURNERS George Wigglesworth 81 Son, Inc. PLUMBING - HEATING l63 Maple St., Naugotuck, Conn. Compliments of Joseph E. Talbot Melbourne's Flower Shop WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS Phone 3274 l30 Rubber Ave. Naugotuck, Conn. b3OZO3034C473024J'Cb1i1D21i034b34b24l3QC47203OZOC703OZ4734P2OG4bC4D2!754PZ034' savvy QQQQ QQQI KXXX FERRY E EW' 4Q!i Il guy llll llll Illl llll llll llll llll Q i. I ini IMC! QQQQ QIQQ IQIQ IIIQ llll 6006 The Perry Press, Incorporated 15vhhww JYnafI889 - Phone 2226 - 168 City Hill Street Union City, Connect Naugatuck Valley Engraving Co. 18 PARK PLACE - - NAUGATUCK, CONN. COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS HALFTONES-ZINC ETCHINGS BEN DAY COLOR ETCHINGS PHOTO RETOUCHING DESIGNING Photo-Engravers for "PROCEDENTES" 155 vxvx llll llll llll llll Illl II II II I iii Ii I is 'I QIQQ llll Illl Illl IIII llll Qlll Qlll IQII QIIQ Qlll QIQQ QIIQ Qlll IIIQ 75OZO2021b3ii75030lOllD24PZKP2172fDlitiiifififiiiiiiiifilbllif Compliments of Idris R. Alclerson The Fulton Markets Wholesale - STORES - Retail FRESH and CURED MEATS FISH and SHELLFISH IN SEASON Warehouse and Office 225 East Aurora Street . 4-3106 Telephones 4-3107 I 4-3108 Waterbury, Conn. Union City Coal Company 45 Bridge Street Union City, Connecticut RANGE - FUEL OIL COAL - KOPPER'S COKE Compliments of The Lewis Engineering Company 724bf2Oi5OZO2050lD3P315Ol4 ?fD0'v.,-.?fL50G1,.xKD4?-.,.4Xl5034?..rs2s?'-.,.xDCDOf3i?fL54 724 156 Compliments of A Friend The Homer D. Bronson Co. HINGE MANUFACTURERS Beacon Falls, Connecticut 1+ sr-yy-ii-ii-iv-uk-ikAiKf,0Q,gi-isrszy-xv-ag sz-54 Compliments of Cyrus W. Gould PASTEURIZED MILK and CREAM Dial 2970 FOR GOD AND COUNTRY OWS ll! llQfl, fffmuqxx The American Legion The American Legion Auxiliary Sons of the American Legion of Naugotuck Compliments of J. C. Raytkwich, Jr. Compliments of Kaplan Bros. Wholesale and Retail AUTO PARTS and EQUIPMENT Waterbury, Conn. Torrington, Conn. Winsted, Conn. Tel. 3-5141 Compliments of Why Not Consider Beauty Culture? Write for Booklet Royal Academy of A Friend Hairdressing, Inc. A 73 East Main St., Waterbury, Conn. lNext to Strand Theaterl L I , Lorraine , Compliments 67 South Main Street of the Waterbury "We invite you to open a charge American account" Oelker's Millinery Waterbury's Largest Millinery Store HARRIET BRADLEY, Mgr. 77 Bank Street Phone 4-9878 Lakatos' Market MEATS and GROCERIES Mrs. Rose Lakatos, Prop. 49 Anderson Street Phone 4933 Union City, Connecticut Center Square Beauty Shoppe Sophie Rosko, Proprietor ALL BRANCHES OF HAIRDRESSING Tel. 4928 3 Union St. Union City ,.-,Q 3-i i-i 1-i 1-i k-i 534 'K-X yy sry i-i 51-5 5.-i 5.-,Q Compliments of George R. Cronin X2iI-Z-li?3i?3iPCX724X3!?fD451?fL5!P'L54?'LY?'45iXl!Pfl54 158 i F211 1-ii 1131! ? 3 3 ii 3 BCA iii iii F3-1 iii I-3 Z iii iii ii 3 it Complzmemf of NAUCYATUCK I-IICI-I SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION irir I-vikv! - rv F- P3CF.!I-n!-!Fv'lF. iii!-3-O-3-Iii-Il-34? 3 3 3 3 2 Z agAA'x:cag1-'xawrbcao vga- 'b34x.AA'7sA"734D347s.A"'ruA"DZ4K3K H. B. Olson, Inc. THE REXALL STORE I74 Church St. Nougatuck, Conn. 7?O3iOl0lO20l7l7i037i33P34P3i Compliments of W. F. Brennan Compliments from the Quality Cleaners Compliments of Sid Baylis SOCONY PRODUCTS Compliments of Duffy's Restaurant and Grill Water Street Compliments of Albert R. Adams REGISTERED PHARMACIST 2 Church Street Nougatuck Naugatuck Battery 8: Auto Service Station Carl E. Erickson, Prop. STUDEBAKER SALES and SERVICE DELCO BATTERIES UNITED MOTOR SERVICE Dial 4838 I24 So. Main Street Nougatuck, Conn. Compliments of Hawley Hardware WALTER D. ANDERSON, Prop. 92 Water Street, Naugotuck, Conn. Phone 4086 160 PfD02OG2i?3-0GOC2i?3-OQ50C2OG2i?3i?fL50xT2i?-3i !151r-!bg20fD4x.tPfL5!vs2iR2is-!1x.2x?i5!?3-IixT2O24 Moran Flower Shop FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS l00 Church St. Tel. 3280 5.-,Q xx r.-,q sex: 5.-,Q sry 5.-K' rw xx -5-,Q ,rar 4,-,Q rs: r A A Kwasniewski's Market 39 School Street Dial 4859 Union City, Connecticut Compliments of Jeff's Tavern 16 Church St., Naugatuck, Conn. Jay's Beauty Salon lO8 Bank St. - Jones-Morgan Bldg. Waterbury, Connecticut Dial 4-8532 Josephine Yvasauskas, Mgr. Vivian Noren, Assistant Elevator Service Compliments of T. J. Moore FANCY GROGERIES Compliments of The Naugatuck Police Dept. Naugatuck Drug Company Donovan's Pharmacy PHARMACISTSF and CHEMISTS George J. Donovan, Prop. Naugatuck, I Connecticut Compliments of Dr. John J. Chorozak 2'-3'OQ54?3'1FZi?3 ' 3 .?Q5!?3'lKL50-3-I7CX?fD!iC2020fb!Diiixilfliiiikiiiiiiii' 3 3i?fb0K3i D34!-!?f2Os5i?fL5!P'2i3i5Of2i?1iPf24 Compliments of A Friend 7202021 Compliments of D. O. Nichols North Church Street Naugatuck, Conn Compliments of U. S. Post Office Stephen .l. Sweeney INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Room 7, Odd Fellows Building Compliments of George Hermonat 8z Sons Tel. 3925 b Hu bell's Service Station Sales - N A S H - Service COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE l95 Rubber Ave. Dial 4947 Compliments of Valley Grain Sz Supply Tel. 3689 52 Rubber Ave., Naugatuck, Conn. 3 iii, 3 '?3iPi50sT2i?-3i?f20CQ?3iiAiY'5fY' " Compliments of John J. Connole 70 Grand Street, Waterbury, Conn. Phone 4-7383 HARNESSES and LEATHER GOODS RIDING EQUIPMENT and SADDLES Dog Furnishings and Quality Luggage .. - ,V v ., .!F3i?Ii?3iPfL54X34?-'iY'Y A ' - U- .DQAYDQFCX 762 'bG2i?fb'OflX?3-Oi547C2i?3-1 iiiiifllifiiblblil Compliments and Best Wishes The Princess Shop Compliments of Harris Racke P3321 520317302473021P31724PECi172031P30l0l Compliments of M. Tamowski Meat Market Compliments of McDermott's Food Store Union City, Conn. Compliments of Palace Bowling Alleys Arnaldo Nori 489 South Main St. Tel. 4910 GROCERIES IMPORTED and DOMESTIC PURE OLIVE OIL Compliments of Norwash Shoe Store Compliments of Brookside Dairies, Inc. 85 South Leonard Street, Waterbury YY, .IOSL - .1!vx2020fD4s.!rv-K1-v!!v!1u2x1x2KK.20G034b34D2bCXJCb17C0S1P21P34 Rudy's DRESS CLOTHES FOR HIRE Latest Style - Perfect Fitting 227 Bank St. Dial 4-2924 Waterbury, Conn. 532031 The Seymour Sand SL Stone Co. WASHED SCREENED SAND WASHED CRUSHED GRAVEL 428 North Main Street Seymour, Conn. Telephone 370 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of l94l The Boston Store 68-70 Church St., Naugatuck, Conn. C. L. Anclerson, Inc. "Hillside Market" HIGH GRADE MEATS and POULTRY 298 Hillside Avenue Phone 3146 Naugatuck, Conn. The V. Kc H. Trucking Co. TRUCKING ROAD CONSTRUCTION EXCAVATING 482 North Main Street Seymour, Conn. Telephone 370 Compliments of Dr. W. F. Courtney DENTIST J. J. O'Connell CANDY--CIGARETTES TOBACCO-ICE CREAM Main Street Beacon Falls, Conn. Compliments of M. Rosenblatt DZOZOCGPGOGCPSOSCPZOCDCDGCPZOZOZKDZOZ4 ?303472030ZO24b5021b31i4DG031D24DCb0Zt 730C7OCI503337304I704I3OCDO30l47l472CD3024 7CPO302CP202P202i720lQl21blP20CDiP2024 CANDY HUNGRY? Afkfbr 5? C-D fl fl HZH!ll UUBLI vt: ,Q -"E wafh ALMoNos ,Sr 'I ffepmvrrvsn nn, E.AhAr.S. ,,PAU,llS. .. i i 1.ARc:Es'7' .s'15f.1,fNc: cjocfomff cmvm' IN THE WORLD Peter Paul, Inc, Naugatuck, Conn THE 1941 MODEL AIR-CONDITIONED REFRIGERATORS ARE ON DISPLAY AT OUR SHOW ROOMS We Invite You to Come In And See Them. They Use Ice In a Different Way. 'I+ 'I' 'Z- We Have Been Serving Naugatuck For 36 Years RANGE and FUEL ou. - SILENT GLow BURNERS D. THURSTON'S SONS Dial 2269 Rubber Avenue SOCO2OCD152CP'3b202021721P2433172CD20li DCDO202472CDCD02C72020iDOZ02iP215C721i1 P2024DEOl5iO204D'O347lOC74D202OCD1K:5CP21iOlOl7ZOl0CD47303CP203fi47lO2C 534503054P20374?DCXiO347Z47303P?473i73P202CDEC730247CX7CXiC7303CP3DZ472Q YOUR PERSONAL FINANCES Should be a matter of study. At West Point and Annapolis they are a part of the curriculum. Some learn how to handle a dollar, others never do. If you do not, there may be small hope for your success. Many rich men have begun by saving a few cents out of every dollar they earned. NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK THE NAUGATUCK FUEL COMPANY 87 Church Street Nougatuck, Connecticut COAL 'I' KOPPERSCOKE 'I' FUELOIL 'I' RANGEOIL AUTHORIZED DEALERS S i SPECIALIZED SERVICE Complimenlf of A FRIEND I66 734 7203K53034Dl1lO2031334S17217303iCD2472i32K7302C POUST'S SERVICE STATION We Specialize in LUBRICATION AND CLEANING OF CARS WHERE SERVICE IS SUPREME I44 Rubber Avenue Phone 4935 Backlund's Radio Shop zrzmm immos Expert Service on All Kinds of Radios and Electrical Equipment Specializing in Car Radio Installation 140 South Main St. Naugatuck, Conn. Tel. 4239 Beacon Falls Pharmacy S. FRANK, Registered Pharmacist IOO Main Street Beacon Falls, Conn Chicoski's Market MEATS and GROCERIES FRUITS and VEGETABLES B eaco n Falls Tel. 4550 Atwood Typewriter Exchange L. C. SMITH TYPEWRITERS ALLEN WALES ADDING MACHINE CORONA ADDING MACHINE Service On All Makes of Typewriters Factory Rebuilt: Corona, Royal and Underwood Portables THE REXALL STORE TYPGWPUGF 5llPPlieS 15 Willow St., Waterbury, Conn. Phone 5-0252 Yeaton's lCorner Main and Maple Streetsl FOUNTAIN SERVICE LUNCHEONETTE We Make Our Own Ice Cream That ls Distinctly, Deliciously Different Naugatuck Glass Co. Church Street and Bridge Street Naugatuck MIRRORS RKESILVERED 5333527241454 TO THE CLASS OF 1941 NAUGATUCK HIGH SCHOOL Congratulations On This The Completion Of Your High School Years And Our Sincere Wish That the Future Holds Much That ls Fine For You. HOWLAND-HUGHES "Waterbury's Friendly Department Store" Compliments of W. J. MEGIN, INC. LUMBER AND MASONS' SUPPLIES GENERAL CONTRACTOR Tel. 2235 51 Elm sneer Naugatuck 168 7ZOCXi4i4Y20l724iC734b3CDZO217li?2ii1i454DE4Pl054754i473021 V5030'AiiAi Aiif513f20KAi730'Ai73030K'ii"ibC2i D2i7CDOZ4730Z47ZiP31731!SO3030202l7333C THE NAUGATUCK LUMBER COMPANY Extends Best Wishes to the CLASS OF '41 THE A. F. TAYLOR CO. PAINTERS AND DECORATORS WALLPAPERS - DRAPERIES - UPHOLSTERING WINDOW SHADES - VENETIAN BLINDS 97 North Main Street Waterbury, Conn. JUNIOR COLLEGE OF CONNECTICUT Transfer Courses Terminal Courses Liberal Arts Medicine Office and Secretarial Training Science Dentistry Business Office and Accounting Engineering Law Medical and Dental Secretaries Journalism Nursing Industrial Production Control Social Service Teaching Merchandising and Retailing Commerce 8: Business Art Commercial Art and Fashion Design Forestry Embalming General and Cultural Training 1001 FAIRFIELD AVE. TEL. 4-0582 BRIDGEPORT w: Fcaagwwcxagwi:-:w:e?:is:4w: was-wcixcfwgv-9:4 wceaepogvexc-xx:-e :i ciw: aesckciwzez-:-:norm-:-ze:-z I69 PiO3f7CbO4Ibib2OCDO2472Kb20247CP024b2OCD47347C717ZCiKb24X3C7ZO2020E02173OZOl7Z4DZ4 THE MONTANARI STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHS OF DISTINCTION WEDDING AND COMMENCEMENT A SPECIALTY OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS TO THE CLASS OF I94I 90 Church Street Telephone 3021 WATERBURY'S FAVORITE MEN'S STORE To all good friends in Waterbury and vicinity, we dedicated this event. For it is your patronage, your faithfulness and your confidence that have made possible Johnson's 65 years of contin- ued progress. We are saying thank you in two ways: one, a finer, better, more modern store for your conven- ience and, two, a greater, more com- plete line of nationally known men's furnishings and the famous Leopold- Morse clothing, the result of 89 years of manufacturing, that is known from coast to coast for Quality, Style, and Fit. Leopold Morse Merged With Johnson, lnc. 111 Bank Street Waterbury With the Compliments of Friends XDOSCPCDOGOSOZOCDQPZOSOSOSOZ47CX7203,D24P21D20247GC7Z4D2C73C72OZ4DSOZCP21D2034 P30CJO20204I70iO3i72K7lD20l47317CDO'34 T. F. Butterfield, lnc. Manufacturer of MOLDED INSULATION QOCX 720CX7202020lC7CP03OCD030CD0l02024 Tel. 4658 Hillcrest Farm Kennels MRS. RUTH R. VARDON Dogs A.K.C. Registered 'I' PEDIGREED BOSTON TERRIERS Puppies and Grown Stock at All Times Naugatuck Connecticut Oz. Burton Road Beacon Falls, Conn r I Compliments I V of Recording, Indicating and Controlling Instruments for Pressure, Vacuum, Tem- perature, Flow, Liquid Level, Humidity pH Valve, Speed, Volts, Amperes and Watts. The Bristol Co. Waterbury Connecticut iC7172S!2OCD175OC703034P24iO33ZO2CP34 72iiCJ'2i7C.3PCDO2OC7C73034iCD1iOZ4PEO'CDi Mrs. Howard B. Tuttle 52034 wcxaocwocaocaocwocxocrocroewocmocxocrocaofrocaoocxroooocaocbeaoracbcacaocacacooczocaoraoc Phone 4-H61 TempIeton's Corner Compliments Agents for SPALDING FJ RAWLINGS of ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT -Special Prices to Teams- Andy's Campus Templetonfs Waterbury Conn. On The Journey Through Life Just Free Motors, Inc. Ahead of Every Member of the Class of 1941 CHEVROLET and , Worth s OLDSMOBILE The Store of Specialty Shops Wishes Every Member Bon Voyage and 492 North Main St. Naugatuck, Conn. The Finest and Best of "GOOD LUCK" I72 720303721iC730203OECl31Di037373ii4'DC70l47317i4P202020372i731i020lO21 Compliments of John M. Sutherland INSURANCE PLAN YOUR OWN HOME NOW P. J. Connelly -GENERAL CONTRACTORS- CABINET MAKERS - MASON WORK Field Street, Naugotuck BUILDER OF BETTER HOMES DSOGOZOSGPZOSOZOZOZOZOGOGOZOCX 173 FOR CHARTERED BUSSES Coll C. R. 8L L. Lines Telephone Waterbury 3-4166 Compliments of Carlson Furniture Co. Inc. V bi! 724D2172473C734P3473473O3473O2030l72OZ4P303ibCID0CIDO2O2OlDlO352i73731 Compliments of Compliments Naugatuck of National A Friend Bank Naugatuck , Candy Kitchen Compliments 84 Church Street of Calvin K. Kazan jian LUNCHEONETTE - CIGARS HOMEMADE CANDY ICE CREAM 7Z4D20203P347Z472034P302034I3C7i054PlO3D2CiO2172024724730205020CP02f J'34K:Jf7iO31734Z0lK51KD0347ZO2iP303PZ4 CI. 73Jif724720203030Z0i4?303f7CP17G03i ENGINEERING - ACCOUNTING William M. Chittenden BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION -GENERAL INSURANCE- REAL ESTATE - SURETY BONDS New Haven Y. M. C. A. Junior I80 Church Street Naugatuck College Phone 2440 Evening Courses Co-educational Compliments of M. J. Daly 8: Sons HEATING and PLUMBING Compliments of Dr. W. Albert Heacock Compliments of A Friend lgzIg1i7373lrgzxJx.20s.2!lgAK.AK.AJgxK.AIk2K XCDOQCPZQPCDOSOCDCSOZOZG 7Z4724730345l5lC5lOZOC3C7CDC7'CDOSO3! C. F. Davis General Market Since 1898 Serving the Public with QUALITY FOODS Featuring SEAFOOD, HIGH GRADE MEATS WHITE ROSE GROCERIES and BIRDSEYE FROSTED FOODS Dial 2280 - 2289 IZ8 Church St. Naugatuck, Conn. Compliments ot Farer News Co. K3OCDO31?3475OCPOECJ24P3Q72472C7343lO34D2C7li72C73CDCX52i53 Compliments of George Nixon and James Curran PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM and MUSIC FOR ALL OCCASIONS I4 George St., Phone 3227 ECKER- COLLEGE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION . . . SECRETARIAL . . . ACCOUNTING Two-year college-grade courses. Also shorter courses. Dormitories. Athletics. Send for catalog. 53 years' service in placing graduates The demand now exceeds the supply. ll WORCESTER, MASS. Waterbury's Mast Distinctive MILLINERY STORE "Largest Selection of Hats in Town" -See Our New Dress Department- Warner 74 South Main St.. Waterbury, Conn. Sullivan's BOYS' and MEN'S WEAR 70 South Main Street Waterbury Conn. 53754'5C3Ol03OZO243247Z17347EPZC73DZQiC5l73f P3OC703020l730302C724K5D4D03 W Y P37302173f5OC5020l0202C7303 ' ' SEND ' FOR ' T TAYLOR A 1 A CATALOG kwa, X X ,X-X ,,,,. ..- Nv- 7011-WJ 22 EAST 42 OT. NEW YORK 2034 53f72030lC7302021lPE0303l0lC Alcazar Theatre Telephone 3332 Gem Theatre Telephone 2944 Call Theatre for Feature Showing Time , QQSQUQ T iff if 'W T 1' I 5' L 'Tv .I - .Q Qifeodhf BEFIUTY SHOPPE 37 LEAVENWORTH STREET WATERBURY, CONN. Tel. 4-8066 FZOSOZOZOFDOCQ Phone 4978 Robinson's Diner From Home to Home 'Z' WE CATER 'I' 46 South Main Street D2OT03020203030l4743C7C347C34P24J243l132472473OC50lb202OZ0l03D247313lDZ473iD51 Quality Shoe Repairing 4I3 No. Main St. Union City, Conn. Compliments of Warren Doolittle USED CARS Your Shoes Have Two Lives: and III When they are new PAR-I-S IZI After we repair them Telephone 3524 WM. PAWLOWSKI, Prop. New Haven Road Naugatuck Compliments of Union City Hardware Co. 384 No. Main St. Union City Compliments of S. J. Kievman DRY CLEANING, PRESSING, DYEING Offering the Finest in DRY CLEANING Telephone 2022 78 Church St. Naugatuck, Conn. Bob's Ice Cream Parlor "SEE IT MADE" 42I North Main Street Phone 4898 Union City, Conn. Pine Grove Farm Brook Street Union City, Conn. T. B. TESTED MILK PETER CHRZANOWSKI, Mgr. Compliments of Center Square Barber Shop "FRANK" GRABOWSKI, Mgr. It Pays To Look Well I Union Street Union City Compliments of Hair's Service Station I78 Bridge Street Union City, Conn. Tel. 4970 ,.-,fe-S sfso.-,qv-sfscx paAxrS0fS4x1A'i'-cr-A SQA-A-fwmg1'1-avi: 7C30C03024J'37GOGOGOCXi020CQ Compliments of William E. Hill, M. D. Compliments of Eddie Sodlosky F errante's Four Corner Store Telephone 3-9475 MEATS, GROCERIES FROSTED FOODS Compliments of P. 8: Q. Men's Clothing South Main Street Waterbury 7202020202021 Compliments of .Iay's Young Men's and Boys' Shop 88 South Main St. Waterbury Compliments of M A R T I N LINOTYPER 34 Canal Street Waterbury Conn. J. R. Clayton Co. JEWELERS and SILVERSMITHS Since I883 44 Bank Street Waterbury M. Gans Company, Inc. Dealers in HARDWARE, OILS, VARNISHES WALLPAPER and GLASS ELECTRICAL and PLUMBING SUPPLIES I49 Maple Street Phone 3507 2 I--I I--I 721 !.11 X. F-2 !-H P. - - F-x rv! Kvi Pi? 5.-I 5.2 rv! fva F-! F-2 !.! v! iii iii iii 3 iii 2 73021i02472OCXP4ZD020CP4D2024D2031 Great Oak Farm MILK, CREAM, EGGS 'Z' W. R. CURTISS, Prop. Phone Naugatuck 4396 PZCDCZPSQPQKXDSKDCXDZQDZQDZQPSGDZCDCDGPZGPCGPSCPQ Compliments of Grossman's Dept. Store 4l0 North Main Street Union City Central Bowling Alleys "Do You Bowl At The Central Bowling Alleys?" Compliments of H. Laskey Market MEATS, GROCERIES, FRUITS BEVERAGES 64 Church Street Naugatuck, Conn. Patent Medicine Shop V. E. GUSTAFSON Proprietor l8l Rubber Avenue Compliments of Zeider's Dairy Woodbridge Conn. Compliments of Mathew's Market 77 Rubber Ave. Phone 2835 "BEST MEAT IN TOWN" Our Motto The Naugatuck Garage JOSEPH A. ROBBIATI, Prop. 'Z' GENERAL REPAIRING TOWING SERVICE II5 So. Moin St., Naugatuck Phones: Garage 2058 - Residence 4055 730lD3i72OZO347C31731730'3DCD4i1503 Murray's Amoco Service CARS WASHED MODERN LUBRICATING 46 South Main St. Phone 4885 Dine and Dance at F recl's Highway Grill With Burke's Orchestra Every Sat. Night 'I' Italian and American Dinners Full Liquor Privileges Choice Liquors, Wines, Beers, Etc. 501-505 South Main St. Phone 4943 Naugatuck, Conn. Marion Davis HAIR STYLIST 74 Church Street Naugatuck, Conn. Dial 5104 iO20l03fY3473!7lf7l0lPliP3iP3Kl3l03 Waterbury's Original Army 8: Navy Store Established 1923 GENERAL MERCHANDISE - SHOES Riding Habits and Sporting Goods Corner Bank and Grand Streets Waterbury, Conn. Phone 4-7355 Maurice Hair Stylist 8 Willow Street Waterbury, Conn. Tel. 3-1367 INDIVIDUAL COIFFURES JOHN DeDON NA ARLINE CROCKER Compliments of G. C. Murphy FIVE AND TEN CENTS STORE Malcolm W. Starr DODGE and PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS Compliments of Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 Park Place Paul E. Buckmiller Louis F. Buckmiller USED CARS "Service to the Living" 488 Watertown Avenue Phones: Waterbury, Conn. Tel. 5-1146 Office 4334 Residence 4410 181 PZO2fiO2024i020202i Bibi-OC7021bCP473020347CDKD2OEOCPC 7iO30202iP3C7332020i4724P3C720Z1l531 Compliments of Albert Zollo Compliments of Walter Muroff Compliments of Grieve, Bisset 8L Holland Compliments of E. Gruber Compliments of Dugal's Barber Shop Compliments of George Karash Compliments of Jane Bontempo Compliments of Al's Filling Station Compliments of Rose Beauty Salon Compliments of First National Stores 731515033431 Compliments of l'lenri's Beauty Salon 75C7C?OZ0l0li7303PE4ZOZ03f731D3Cl3 l373020203034l7303D2f720373021D3Pl0Z0202QPlO2OCD4734D202K720l720l02C Business Trained MEN and WOMEN NEEDED NOW! As U. S. industry intensifies activities in the Defense Program, the nation faces a shortage of business-trained workers. Many office-men will be called for military service, and must be re- placed. Others will be needed to handle the records, correspondence, payrolls, and other office work in the army, navy, and air force. THESE COURSES Wll-L You can earn more money SOON MAKE YOUR SERVICES MORE VALUABLE more quickly, and make your- self more useful to your 5f0n09f0Pl1iC country, by taking a business Secretarial course NOW. Accounting Bookkeeping Summer School b e g i n s Business Administration June 30- Fall Term begins Civil Service September 8. Free Employment Department assists graduates in securing positions Ask for Free Bulletin POST JUNIOR COLLEGE 24 Central Avenue Phone 4-8772 Waterbury, Conn. ' 34' C .iiihfbtiK31!?3iPfl5!?3i!f2!iC20Q5!?3iXD!3x5iD245xT2Ofb!iK31!D2CY5f5s50f5fiAiY'5f5s5i5f5fX'Y'' "A " A I83 i 1 1 4 Pi v I I f .L ,-Q -4" f-,u ,.-. . ' J ug, LQKLP A ww-s5na.L+'f -':- A-. -'-

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