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 - Class of 1959

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'Mn 'R "f wmmrfuwlwv 1 1 -:. , ' 7:61 . ' - . ' M1-.' Q. www:-.'1wfwu1' A 1 R' it Q' UNM wi, Editor-in-chief. . . ...... Louise Bradley Assistant Editor . . . ..... Arnniiv Todd Club Editor ........ . . Pcggy Birckhcad Business Manager ...... .... I ioyd Watts Assistant Business Manager . . ....J Judith Lotts Circulation Manager ..... . . .Tommy Thielecke Advertising Manager . . ..... Arthur Rico Boys' Sports Editor . . . .Robert Paxton Girls' Sports Editor . . . . Shirley Watkins Art Director .... . . . Doris Painter Photographer. . . . . . Helen Austin VOLUME XX PRESENTED BY THE STUDENTS OF Natural Bridge High School Natural Bridge Station, Virginia .nm Q, NATURAL BRIDGE OF VIRGINIA LEGEND SAYS THE MONOCAN INDIANS CALLED IT THE BRIDGE OF COD" AND WORSHIPPED IT THOMAS JEFFERSON WAS THE FIRST AMERICAN OWNER PATENTING IT WITH I57 ACRES ON JULY 5 I774 FOR TWENTY SHILLINCS OF COOD AND LAWFUL HONEY MILLIONS OF YEARS OLD NATURAL BRIDGE IS CONSIDERED ONE OF THE SEVEN NATURAL E WO Cont ents Foreword Span Staff In Apprec Ad F ly P S J h ghhG AC. .. SP Ad ' Us 4 s nv' 4., Q 5 wi 1 4 if J' -' 1 0 F ' .. A. , '.: f ,v . -'Q ,iv M 400 J 1,4 42 Q . ' eu' ,rw p - ,J 4 fa M ,,, ,rg iq 'w 4, JG. f 4 4 ,r- ,Q- .J- r n f L f iff .'1iV, P" , ' af. .. 2-'ifffs f :,',:7. ', C ,M 5 '1' 1 .. T ' - . 1 4 n 1 .- 'ggi Q em Appreciation We, the students of Natural Bridge High Scehoolpavish to express our deepest appreciation to a. man who possesses great wisdom, understanding, and integrityg a manwho has spent the entirity of his life workingfor the needs and be- nefits of youth. To you, Mr. William Meacham, we dedi- cate the XX of our schools' yearbook. T o f i 1 MISS INDIA CAMPBELL, B.A. MRS. RHETA BURKS, A.B. 1 MRS. G. L. FINNEY A.B. F1 xg. ,Q 1 I , Xkgygw 1?-I " f- I mx ,Msg .S ' FA ! x X A h i I 1 1 . ' , . " - W X in , JI y, Q .I ,W I. V- 4 ffbiv . 3.7 - H.. 4, is gf Y T N W ,. ,M - ' va' : ,?'xfg5.:. W1 V Z xiii. 5 wil EFL? ,gg L IQ35-affki Q52 ,gl GZxQj?q2lf5i'fvy2?vf'5 MRS. CLARA GREEN, B.S. 6 MR- W. M. MEACHAM , . MRS. MARY ARMENTROUT, B.S. MRS. H. K. REVELY, B.S. MRS. MILDRED PARSONS, B.S. 545 ui' MR. JOHN J. MACHERAS, B.S.gM.S. 7 MRS. CATHERINE HUNDLEY, B.A MRS. PAULINE SHANER, B.S. MR. LIONEL HARRISON, B.S. MISS CATHERINE COBEAN, B.A. MRS. L, D, PERKINS, A.B. VIR. L. D. PERKINS, A.B.gM.A. MRS. ANNA HODGES, B.S X s O Cafeierla uforhers Left to right: Mrs. Cummins, Mrs. Blackburn, Mrs. Rice, Miss Altizer, Mrs. Hannah, Mrs. Birckhead Mrs. Burks. 1l'f"'5 School Secretary Mrs. Phyllis Lawhorne e,..,,,,ie,:f-Q MP BUS DRIVERS Left to right: Mr. Hannah, Mr. Cash, Mr. Hicks, Mr. Riley, Mr. White, Mr. Armentrout, Mr. White, Mr. Mayo, Mr. Conner. CUSTODIANS V K LALI VAAzLAh 3 ie - kb 14 B hm , fl Q Fil? ' ' El I ., N' .i Mr. Rice Mr. Whiteside IO x nf! Y . we 1 4 . ,I - ,,A., . "'i"'C . Aw f, -- a- , .L , 5 N.. lvxgg J. .Q QQ? -wk . . 4 W. I f P ms? ,f .xg . if k 148 . ' 'V , . X .npra . ,h. .fr-, ' v f' u ., ,.a- ,42- nrx .tx Wie! -. 2 Edr':Qf'Xx?'JK' Q-9' ff? M ay X? 13114 S xv I Q "f. fu '-,,'wgf.Q frf. W,- b .w D ,' s..'i'SW F K 'J "' 'N pm, x V' ' x - -, - . 3 'el-1 Agj-F - - 3'-f ' X K ' L: .l94's xg. M ' sr Ax f' :Nw " 'X 'K iflqxfg 'QQ Q39 E 'FAN u , . . - Irfan 45 X 4 Ya 1 Q. 4 'i .f 311. .1 L. is N avr A E V I '. Y: Q if .55- .gl 42 JI" ,. . f' 1 7, 4 N ,af 11 't '1 T .WV -.1 'E' PEGGY BIRCKHEAD LOUISE BRADLEY WANDA ALTIZER HELEN AUSTIN FAYE CAMPBELL BETTY COFFEY 'U' BILLY DANIELS 'Wi ELLIS DAVIS 'OMMY DAVIS BEULAH FAINTER if 'Y' ' DORIS FAINTER SHIRLEY GIBSON LYNN HAMILTON MARTHA HARRISON JOHN FOSTER fb-Q SAMMY HAYES BOBBY HEATH mm. BETTY HINTY SANDRA HYLTON 'HN JEAN JOHNSON vvnvmvv 1 Ammo YVONNE LOTTS JOYCE MARKHAM in -5 , i m:-Af , AL -.:i , A Sbgffgi Q-H, ., N i n ."f'f's'f MARVIN Mc DANIEL BRENDA MOODY Xi , ff " E 5, H1t'm- Q ,F 'NK 2' ix 494 g'W X I, S ' ,wg PHILLIP OGDEN DONNA PENNER fy-vu RE BE CCA PERKINS ROBERT PAXTON BUDDY POFF 1 . ,X , 91 1 lf fn ,V . iw I ., . A .. 0 0 ,P MARGARET PE ARSON ,mag MARIE POLL ARD 'N EVA POWELL ARTHUR RICE KEN REVELEY CAROLYN RICE BETTY REYNOLDS Q WESLEY SHEPHERD JANE RHODES ELEANOR SWARTZ RANDOLPH TOMLIN or-fly. 4705 BOYD W ALKE R EVELYN TOWLER VIRGINIA TOWLER SHIRLEY WATKINS WINSTON WHIT MORE JOYCE VEST qwtq ROBE RT WINE S JN.-l Q MAURICE WORTH LARRY WORLEY WINES Class History After several big yellow buses had unloaded, 120 small students came bursting into the gym at NBHS to get their first taste of high school life and to be assigned to their respective homerooms with their teacher Mrs. Revely, Mr. Perkins, or Mrs. Hodges. After several weeks of work and time to get acquainted with each other, we go the Class of '59 rolling by electing Ellis Davis, president of our class, Robert Pax- ton, Vice-President, Judith Lotts, Secretary and Randolph Tomlin, Treasurer. Yes, the Class of '59 had arrived and was taking its first shaky step into high school life. Could it be so soon? Yes, together as one, the Class of '59 grew from eighth graders to Freshmen. Still our heroes and idols, of course, were the Seniors. This year we were a little braver and wiser because we had had one year of high school life. Our freshman class officers were Robert Paxton, President, Ellis Davis, Vice-Pre- sident, Doris Fainter, Secretary, and Winston Whitmore, Treasurer. Our wonder- ful sponsors, Miss Innauzzi and Mr. Snider, gave our class the boast we needed for a successful year. Soon our Sophomore year was upon us and we entered school with a great deal of pride and many ambitions. Our teachers thought that we were a "little wild," but we were full fledged "ladies and gentlemen" and proved ourselves ready for anything that came upon our educational journey. Our leaders for this year were Maurice Worth, President, Ellis Davis, Vice-President, Judith Lotts,Secretary, Robert Pax- ton, Treasurer, and Louise Bradley, Reporter. For our sponsors this year we were fortunate to have Miss Tardy and Mr. Powers. All things come to an end and so did our Sophomore year. At the end of the year we all remember our Hobo Dance. Wasn't it a good one? I8 The year of 1957 is the one in which we were frequently referred to as "Jolly Juniors." We began to work together nicely with Judith Lotts, President, Rebecca Perkins, Vice-President, Sandra Hylton, Secretary, Betty Reynolds, Treasurer and Doris Fainter, Reporter. This is one thingthat we are indeed very proud of and which we have met on our way to becoming seniors. Duringthis year we proved to be sup- plied with actors and actresses because much talent was discovered when "Aunt Til- lie Goes to Town," the Junior Play, was presented with the whole class aiding in the production. Weren't we busy though selling pen and pencil sets, selling note cards, having bake sales and more bake sales. Juniors everywhere doing everything. Then the day arrived, our rings had come! There was excitementthat lasted for weeks and everyone knew how proud we were of our rings. Finally, it was here, our night, our Junior and Senior Prom, with the theme "The Stairway to the Stars," stars dangling from the sky, stars everywhere, those dreamy dresses, the Commanders, the hand- some tuxs, the starry eyes and a haunting perfume of flowers. It was a magical night as we danced beneath stars and those smiles . Yes, we all agree that our prom was the most beautiful and successful one in years. To Miss Campbell and Miss Cobean, our untiring sponsors, we owe much for their advice, inspiration and assistance so willingly rendered us. So it was with mingled joy and sorrow that we began to look forward to our Senior year. We sat up straight, opened our eyes wide and blinked hard. We were Seniors! How those years had rushed by! We took our new place in chapel, marching into as- sembly with the whole student body standing to honor us. We shouldered our new re- sponsibilities gracefully for it was we who were giving NBHS her major officers. The strong and capable hands of the Seniors have worked hard to guide each organization to its highest goal. We were greatly diminished in size from 120 to 52 but still we were determined to "improve each shining hour" and so we studied hard and displayed our talents on the way to the goal line. To make sure that we would have asuccessful year we elected Winston Whitmore, President, Wesley Shepherd, Vice -President, Gale Pearson, Secretary, Robert Wines, Treasurer, and Philip Ogden, Reporter. For our sponsor this year we were very for- tunate in having Mrs. Burks who for us was willing to shoulder another responsibility- directing our senior play. She was always willing to give the assistance and advice we needed in accomplishing our goal, "No Victory Without Effort!" With these old memories, some new ones come, too. We still have the trip to Washington, the Senior Play, the Junior -Senior Prom, and, of course, what we have worked for, dreamed of, lived for ............ but the thing we dread, GRA- DUATION. We, the Class of '59, regretfully leave NBHS with that"glad to graduate," "sorry to leave" feeling. As we go on our way there are some things we will forget, but the memories of never forgotten friendships and worth-while experiences of NBHS will often come back to bless and cheer us on our way as the years go by. I9 Senior Hall Of game FRIENDLIEST Bobby Heath - Wanda Altizer 'SSR MOST DEPENDABLE BIGGEST FLIRTS Winston Whitmore - Louise Bradley Wesley Shepherd - Donna Penner MOST STUDIOUS Robert Wines - Sandra Hylton 20 3 'T ef 5 3 'SZ MOST POPULAR Maurice Worth - Betty Reynolds Senior Hall Of Hame +V MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Doris Fainter - Robert Wines BEST ALL AROUND WITTIEST Phillip Ogden - Sandra Hylton Eva Powell - Tommy Davis CUTEST Phillip Ogden - Faye Campbell 2l MOST ATHLETIC Randolph Tomlin - Louise Bradley East will And Zestamenf I, Wanda Altizer, do will my ability to finish school in eleven years to Carl Horne. I, Helen Austin, do will my ability to be called "Nook- sie" to Jay Noren. I, Peggy Birckhead, do will my shorthand notes to Mrs. Hundley hoping that she has more success in reading them than I have had. I, Louise Bradley, do will my ability to get out of classes for club meetings to anyone who likes to have a lot of work to do at home. I, Faye Campbell, do will all my titles as "Queen" to Brenda Johnson. I, Betty Coffey, do will my height to Judy McFaddin. Billy Daniels, do will my height to John Cupp. Ellis Davis, do will my big legs to Andy Pollard. I, Tommy Davis, do will my "sideburns"to Tommy La- Rue. I, Beulah Fainter, do will my quiet ways to Jane Bar- ger. I, Doris Fainter, do will my love for the NewYorkYan- kees to Mr. Leslie. I, John Foster, do will my ability to manage baseball to anyone who is willing to earn a letter the hard way. I, Shirley Gibson, do will my love for Buchanan to Ma- xine Funkhouser. I, Lynn Hamilton, do will my ability to get along with Mrs. Armentrout to Larry Spangler. I, Martha Harrison, do will my abilityto get along with Buena Vista boys to Mary Jane Coffey. I, Sammy Hayes, do will my ability to "Hot Rod"to Gene Hickman. I, Bobby Heath, do will my corny jokes to Carl Horne, although he does not need anymore corny ones. I, Betty Hinty, do will my seat on the plank road bus to Isabell Parolari. I, Sandra Hylton, do will my ability to keep order to the next president of the Beta Club. I, Jean Johnson, do will my quiet ways to Eleanor Mc- Alphin. I, Judith Lotts, do will my position as president of the S. C. A. to Tommy Faulkner. I, Yvonne Lotts, do will my soft voice to Martha John- ston. I, Joyce Markham, do will my small waist line to Shir- ley Riley. I, Marvin McDaniel, do will my quiet way to Philip Leighton. I, Brenda Moody, do will my love for Buena Vista to Lin- da Dooley. I, Philip Ogden, do will my ability to drive an automo- bile and keep it in the road to Volney McClure. I, Robert Paxton, do will my ability to "Jitterbug" to brother George. I, Margaret Pearson, do will my seat on the plank road bus to Mary Betty Burger. I, Donna Penner, do will my title as "Biggest Flirt" to my sister Juanita. I, Rebecca Perkins, do will my position as the only girl taking shop to Faye Agnor. I, Buddy Poff, do will my "Arthur Murray" lessons to Tommy Faulkner. 1, 1, I, Marie Pollard, do will my gigantic collection on"El- vis" to my best and special friend Mary Jane Coffey. I, Eva Powell, do will my figure to Minnie Hayslett and Shirley Riley to be divided evenly. I, Ken Revely, do will my athletic ability to John Wor- ley and hope that he may get to use it more than I did. I, Betty Reynolds, do will my blond hair to Norma Jean McFaddin. I, Jane Rhodes, do will my "natural curls" to Patsy Le- wis. I, Arthur Rice, do will my job as the photographer on the annual to Lloyd Watts. I, Carolyn Rice, do will my government bookto our be- loved Mr. Leslie, who misplaced a couple chapters of his. I, Wesley Shepherd, do will my "weeds" to Philip Leigh- ton. I, Eleanor Manspile Swartz, do will and bequeath my five foot statue to Sue Ellen Cupp. I, Randolph Tomlin, do will my athletic ability to John- ny Bryant. I, Evelyn Towler, do will my love to go dancing at "Buf- falo Creek" to Darlene Lewis. I, Virginia Towler, do will my job as babysitting fwith the Snyder boysj to Sophia Hayes. I, Joyce Conner Vest, do will my title as "Senior Mrs." to any girl who thinks she can handle it. I, Boyd Walker, do will my banged up Chevrolet to all the Hot Rodders at Natural Bridge High School. I, Shirley Watkins, do will all of the peanut butter sand- wiches I get for lunch to Mrs. Hundley who likes them so much. I, Winston Whitmore, do will my cheerleading ability to Carol Thompson. I, Robert Wines, do will "Macbeth"back to Shakespeare and my old spelling papers to Mrs. Burks. I, Maxine Wines, do will my athletic ability to Sue Ellen Cupp. I, Larry Worley, do will my ability to go to Buena Vista without getting lost to John Worley. I, Maurice Worth, do will my football uniform and size 7 5f8 helmet to Bill Hunter. We, the Senior Class, as a whole do wish to leave a small token or remembrance to each class. To the Junior Class, we leave our mascot and our key. To the Sophomore Class, we leave our many winning smiles. To the Freshman Class, we leave our leadership abili- ty. To the Eighth Grade, we leave our athletic ability. We the undersigned do declare this to be our last will and testament. Sealed and witnessed this second day of April, 1959. Louise Bradley Judith Lotts Peggy Birckhead Doris Fainter ,:."Mx xy, , "Ned ave CLASS OFFICERS President .... ..... D anny Staton 'H Vice-President . . . Tommy Thielecke Secretary . . . . . . Ammie Todd Treasurer . .... Jerry Conner Reporter . . . Eleanor McA1pin A3612 X..- kr' uniors '15 ,f if ' i ...Skv Porter Burks Charlie Conner Jerry Conner Jimmy Crawford Tommy Faulkner Carlton Funkhouser Maxine Funkhouser Peggy Garrett A 91" I -f' X r' I - l Y i. f Y i ,Q K .,,.,.,N Q 'I-'v"' ,Q wi r G... , , if is . 5 l ,. 1-4' ral Cl rr . ' i 'br I3 ww-'gil I 'ki YW Brenda Johnson Valerie Kerr Z4 Richard Gilliam Winston Grim Shirley Hamilton James Hill Billy Holland Carl Horn .B .., 'K If ,ix W 13? -qv' fans. 'Q if.. Wanda Ogden Dixie Perkins Bonnie Rice Nancy Slough Betty Smith James Snider :li if Q.. X Danny Staton Bobby Stoner 25 Xkfg ' Linda Kirby Joyce Liggett Charles Lotts Edith Lotts Eleanor McAlpin Ann McCormick Judy Moore Johnny Newall 41' I 5 -df? 03 A 5 44' ' I 'IM fu . A , X V 1 ml ' iff 7 1. Brownlee Tolley Ammie Todd Leonard Wallace Preston Wallace Not Pictured Tommy Thielecke Carol Thompson Emily Thompson n W y :Qn l.,c o sy 4 M. O. Phillips 'ear 45. f,fJ?, ! 4,,.....'.-il? 26 .u 'Y' if was """'? Lloyd Watts L. N. Watts Terrell West Donnie Wines Gloria White Beth Worley ? 489' Q. 'W FEW' , -4. ,L 'il X' it 1' iv- ' is ,u 'V H . ek . . ' ,x 5,-Q, x ,.. X. A '-. x, .. ', 0. i,gki4-3 X ,F .ekijar Vps: ' 939- X1 ' . gktzlgwggw r fm . - ,a X . pid R115 5' ca. sw? - 1' -xi iz ya-, 15 W., k.,a:.Q: . .f . 'ji . '4 , L h . 25-gn v Q'-W 8 rw v K . V stiff' g .. gi,-5 xx X P if 5 1' 1. ' he xx . " if , R w N 'Ts--X RP' N 'N 'Y ,vw A 'Yi . 'TW' ,Surg fx.. .T Miijot'-' A 41 fm .7 -v .. 1 V, S' we "WJ, an ..' X Q, ' I . it-n ' D ff" , A 2- ,.. , ffm 'gyfv .- . , . . 1 I vp2::?i"'L" ,, W. V ' .W , w M X 4 u A Y . 5 QQ my , M V4 ix 5 , i Q 4 V Qu- , 3 ,xg '1,fff?'v,,iAxa rv 1 1 ' y Q Q 5'5 "fv.: . V - A , . -V 5 , f -1 T JV' " , im, f gif? X I kt T Ag, A 3, , ' Lf, M 'fi if xg, 135 .. 'L ,J 1' 'X -V- , ,' , 1 -1- .. -LG, Y Y 2 . i'Q.T.'ZQ"""'-'f 1 ..',...... 1' 'I ' ' "7 Q .-.1 5 My 1 sl f. -an Q. 2 . 1 -' H W' ,ip Faye Agnor Norris Aldridge Vincent Altizer Carol Austin Joe Austin Jane Barger Maggie Beverley John Branch Helen Broughman Mary Burger 735+ ,iv L Fred Burks ,gi J Brenda Cash 'PTF' Joyce Cash .44 5 A N- K -- -, ..,l . iw "ff F, . I is R.-Q,yf'i 'ii X W X ,, 3 Q Q fr B ef, ,fx x 1 W 'S-1 3. 1 'X -ag a f Q J H x. ,,k, 1 M K .oar . iw 5 . ,"r uf' . ,gf , ga 1 K Kill 5' .4 K. 1 . i W' 50 'VY xx ,- Q-Qs " '- fum I ,,,,, Marie Corner James Davis Mary Ann Davis Vergie Davis Linda Dooley Joyce Edwards Paul Grim Wesley Hambrick Sue Hatcher James Harrison Sophie Hayes Minnie Hayslett 28 i ,, ,A Sc , I! ails 1 1' ,W . ,.. .Ji iii. 3 ,lg A ' K ng., 3 ,A D J Y x if L 'Q an if : lg R is is . wri t V5 iq. Q :EV .. -' "fi " 0 A efflaffift-Cal. mf: ., M 'Afi- lm- sf - X 2 .la ' A H 'N' ,- x if xv I . L, l Darlene Lewis Jimmy Lotts Eddie Matthews Jimmy Matthews Vaughnlie McClure Peggy McDaniel Jimmy McDaniel Norma McFaddin James McFaddin Judy McFaddin Sue Moody Curtis Moore 29 Catherine Hensley Gene Hickman Tommy Hinty Talmage Holland Rita Horn Eugene Hotinger Judy Hylton Robert Innman Janet Johnson A my Martha Johnston T Jerry Johnson Philip Leighton A Jo Ann Leech J i"'2 4 ' -T. 3 y 'Tis up-M A L 7 . A Wi way , fi V W 'V ,v':t'7v I if K 3' l 1. W, 1. ,3 A 1' f ' 1 ,Q-S. L J H. J i lf S' 1 i 3' W my f fi fi' S ,Q .5 -:ff ix I Q3 rliaf X Fgfzfx rf? S5 2 , A S 'iii ' fu, Larry Spangler Johnny Staton Johnny Stoner Melba Thompson Junior Tolley Shirley Tolley Lorene Tomlin Fred Trevey Sue Vaughn Jeanette Vest Carol Webber Kenneth Wills 30 Mary Ann Moore Ann Parker George Paxton Roy Powell Billy Radford Izetta Rhodes Mary Rice Robert Earl Rice Kenneth Robinette Sherrill Rose Linda Shepherd Wayne Spangler Doris Spangler g -ns4f-- X. N Q K S S fa: .3 f' I ' ft.- S S S ,, SM fi 'S-..,,..e. ff: it S 'fi ,ii 4? fn! ly. - V f2ff2,,.v . V lil 'unfif 'll V. 1 A ' A 1 - 5. Sixers-Q? fini S :fy to K- ln 1 . 1' nu ak , 1... tu , an ----A-m ::':::: :::::x:::' nn,--n - U- 'Nfl' gmgiggfil :S 1 sq iw? l , ...- Sas M ,SAS K me B 'Q' is if ,Ji JPN -4 f' '64 'K 's a 51.71 Y' 1-ff-XFN' , Y' J v . k1'Ca"'2fr 35' QCWA J' ...S N- jt 'X YW 3 -jx Km, ,J 5 4-, .3-645 in X -Aw, ' .. fr A. " 1,3 .ar w. ,.. 5 . .V . -fc ,T "f'fp.JiL F9 JP' , sg-v' w- ':-iii ' xi! T ,wav I v L , W ,4-'L' , . 'Nz , Q. ,,:, I, A., . -, A , .- . . , A, ' f "1 . ,-,-, ,, ,-,,..,.,.-., ..,,...................4 4 . ' i""""""' . -1- ' -q '1 'I . Y .. . -:A Q 4 Paula Alford Homer Austin Roberta Austin Robert Bennington Janice Blackburn Johnny Byrant Wanda Camden Charles Campbell Nancy Clark Eleanor Claytor Mary Jane Coffey Lillian Collins Q O37-V J, W B Q2 y it laoy J , y Q' 9 M A ni J ' lele 5 - ,.:.t ,Q , ' f .., .f-'W K' A A .... 5 my 7' XJ, V t C at muddy l t l Ellen Conner Judy Critzer John Cupp Sue Cupp Douglas Donald Douglas Dooley Joe Dorey Brenda Emore Jimmy Eaton Joyce Fainter Donna Faulkner Tarelton Gillispie 32 fgerf -- ff glgegfflhjvg I - . ' .... i af 'l ' R can . ll 4 af' Jw w X s Q Jn ik il' x X .is in 1 ,Q we a t Q 1 a n 'liq f.-'gg ffWfav .. b Juanita Mannon Freddie Martin David McAlpin Roy McDaniel Frances McFaddin Susie Milliner Charles Mitchell Charlene Mundy Woodell Nester Bernice Odgen Billy Painter Brenda Goolsby Caroline Hayes Catherine Hensley Ginger Hickman Rita Horn Twyman Hunt Barbara Irvin Marjorie Johnson Dennie Leech Bobby Lotts Roger Lotts Tommy Madison Q ,,,, C va Qxid- Kgs, uf-as Barbara McCormick - 3 G 'C+ 0 "' JN 1 Q .A f' M. A W. '33 .no- 't ,J .::Y. - 4 x. 4. b ,B ,Q A ' s,x1,3,v,, -an 5 'f':v' , l , M, 33 .Q 4 ,, Q 'Q' i t .. I f T 4"'2,Y i . 536 ww. -'V Jimmie Painter . .. .Q P Josie Pearson i . R :cf 5, . 3 'A uw.: Juanita Penner ' Billy Perkins V Wanda Perkins g gi ' Hunter Pollard ' f 'P 2 1 .-50" X J ,ar 2, at .nfl if ffl i ne Q .Ev io-nr ll, l FT7' David Powell ga 2 , 1, fi- J Nancy Powell .A W 'J bi, Y Billy Radford a J, .5-f f g if J 3? ' A Phyllis Ramsey A . , J 75" -Q J' Betty Jo Rice fi -in -A Kenneth Robinette F ,W ' "' J , aktglaiwsrtii' is ji l f fi ii 1 Jack Rogers m Karen Saunders A H f ' Tommy Spangler wa .. . Vu imyt - ' f li K 1 Mm Nancy Stoner J Hope Tomlinson Barbara Thompson X. J : .---' "' .1 , 'Q f 'vw f .QF in ...,f , D fx- A an , law. , Christine Wallace A rf Douglas Webb V, 'ff J- John Webber x- 1-.. . ' fill-g' A g Ronnie Williams ' t , Carole Wilmeth John Worley X .1 'F . fi ,s 34 Fi Slggfg Qracfe K1 5 af ap Swifgf i .. 4' "Q, , - 'I 0 gm. nv. Yl'2,W?5f' Y N. J Y ll 4 n myx s CLASS OFFICERS .Tomm . . . . ..... . .Forest Sandra J ohnS . . Lily Faulkner 1 WQEQ t i f . kf- vt . Not JA V Pictured .3 g l Q f Bill Baucum Betty Beverley Johnny Birckhead E W V, ., ke, 2 ..f :EQ ' K I Q i lf... '-:sf ., I 'JY' . J- --in + Q gs X Kay Blackburn V m ' 04 to Christine Brown 1 A mfg' David Breeden f.',eg'f Q, f' L ' Johnny Burks M 5 Betty May Camden t ff t,l 'l-w I Not Isabelle Claytor V , Pictured Gloria Jean Conner Harvy Cupp William Entsminger i it 1 S X f sv- W' L If, V W . r X fx 9-if it 'B H A 1 I r . ml .g , k"' I 'if' Sm i J' J A G it ' at wi Lilly Faulkner Judy Firebaugh Betty Fitzgerald Diane Flint Patsy Flint Tana Sue Ginger Terence Gray Martha Grim Brenda Hayes Juanita Hayes George Hazelwood Harry Hickman Not Pictured 31.-va i fb! .il was Delmar Hill Mary K. Hill Malvin Huddleston Vern Huddleston Bill Hunter Forest Jarvis S H . , s 1 B Sandra Johnson 4 J A ...1 Tommy LaRue - . l Freddie Lawson I ,av Q all A Sandra Layne 'S K .QE Patsy Lewis J Howard Link 'ei xl Pat Looney Janet Lotts Ruth Lowe Elwood Manspile Jimmy Martin Randall Miller Danny Milliner Bill Moore John Moore Barbara Mull Marlene McCullugh Shirley McCullough y J ,to.e N i-, iv ve K Cut' ., 1 , + , . -fi I S M A . r ,ny ,iw if-f""?' if , . . .W f 'W' , ,I ' K M, fM" ffqzy-ff! fi tx I L " rf.-Fi?-135' 'I 'ff l,J L T Q r Q W Am N s Fl Wil i 4 Jerry McDaniel mA, , I f N Evelyn Niwinski my :merited Jay Noren Wm Y f I 5 5: I r f . 1 I2 Isabell Parolari F ' VL Mary Porter Perkins -in .. :.. W A' Dorothy Powell I ' JQ'.l g fi P 6? A :-' W ' F3153 ff ' Lewis Ramsey A Nancy Reid 'A' Fw L Shirley Riley K, 2 q G. W. Saunders N Donnie Shorter , agp z y, pmfficd Carl Silvey Y' e f Jo Ann Slough in KR A JOh1'l Smith 'QQ Glen Snider - it f Z Johnny Snider N3 . Butch Thomas . Tommy Thompson . N Mary Ann Tomlinson Gene Wallace a ' Laurel White Larry Wilcher Steve Wilcher 38 Not Pirtured rv- . -4- 1-S-" I Pm 'U 3 f " 1 ,,. Q W 'Eff A , , 3.12, 7.1. ' Ax 1..,, fm, W .fa ff ,Q 5 Q 4, -fry sv. Sf W f, 4 L. fl xi 1 f ,fi . l 135.9 ,il i - 'f ' ,... . UA 5 w wf . ,.,, .- l L ,- . I fm a 1 i 4 if r . if 4. I 4 f 1 '11 W i S, 1 4,3 Xt W N W 1 d '. or 1 0 rw Z ,. .gt S y XI" f 'Z fm x 2 , ' 133 A, e ,, MY, ik gg 1 A W , flag , vi W. K F ..... 1 SX:-S l M A i fi U- l 1 lg.-qigy, L,LVkVLV , A I 0 0 v Ai. " rrdiifrlq , I f - ' , 'Q lite ' i 4 Vudith Lotts , President Iarol Thompson, Vice-President Cen Reveley, Secretary Iebecca Perkins, Treasurer lobert Wines, Reporter vlrs. Burks, Sponsor Eleanor McAlpin Peggy Birckhead louise Bradley fergie Davis Beulah Fainter Donna Faulkner Tommy Faulkner Tarleton Gillespie Verne Huddleston Judy Hylton Sandra Hylton ill! Mm E e Valerie Kerr Barbara McCormick Randall Miller Bernice Ogden George Paxton Wig' Robert Paxton Margaret Pearson Betty Reynolds Betty Jo Rice Robert Rice Wesley Shepherd Johnny Snider Doris Spangler Danny Staton Tommy Thompson Winston Whitmore V - of Syli y l igi M' i S gi' Fig - gig. J S 'eff' fl ' fl S V New ,Bi S v V LA :it QF .Ax "If 1 '? 1 N - H1 GF Norris Aldridge Vincent Altizer Carol Austen Peggy Birckhead Louise Bradley Fred Burks Ellis Davis Mary Ann Davis Vergie Davis Linda Dooley Doris Fainter Tommy Faulkner Maxine Funkhouser Eugene Hotinger Judy Hylton Judith Lotts Joyce Liggett v J A Q KA 55 J' 4 e'mff"d xr wif N. Y' 0' , , .Q - CHARACTER Sandra Hylton, President Tommy Thielecke, Vice President Dixie Perkins, Secretary Jimmy Crawford, Treasurer Mrs. Hodges, Sponsor new Q49 lnl-I I-U 5 UJ s Eleanor McAlpin v-1, Judy McFaddin X, Norma Jean McFadd1n George Paxton Ken Reveley Bonnie Lou Rice Carolyn Rice Sherrill Rose Linda Shepherd Doris Spangler Ammie Todd Shirley Tolley Fred Trevey Sue Vaughn Shirley Watkins Terrill West Kenneth Wills ' - -1:, e J Q we AQ Q Q if- a Q., :Q Q w r Q Kahn Classes 9, 99, 999 I. President ................. . . . Betty Jo Rice Vice President . . . . . . . . .Homer Austin Secretary 8: Treasurer . . . . Frances McFadden II. President . ...... . . Doris Spangler Vice President ...... . . Fred Trevey Secretary Sz Treasurer .. . . . Vergie Davis III. President ....... . . Eleanor McA1PiI1 Vice President . . . . . Joyce Liggett Secretary . . . . . . Ammie Todd Treasurer........................................GloriaWhite These classes are formed into one club under the name "THE JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE of NATURAL BRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL". This Club is sponsored by Miss India Campbell. 42 Q 11 L7 yo- if 0 I J if f E J L . 4 'i A .. -a - W' - S 9 , 1 Q xi f K pw ? 5,55 Y 4 f mu 1 X if a W Na A , 5 3 A! 1.3 ' f a 5 x .. ,,., . , .. rt- H551 S - ,, an I s. x s Q 9 1 . si. . x S Margaret Pearson, President LVZL i Bonnie Lou Rice, Vice President 1 Shirley Watkins, Secretary - Eleanor McA1pin, Treasurer V Helen Austin, Reporter Miss Cobean, Sponsor Jane Barger Mary Burger Brenda Cash Joyce Cash Linda Dooley Joyce Edwards Brenda Emore Sophie Hayes Barbara Irvin Q its s..s Q raa 5 at 4- i ' ' War , , facie ' V m y ,QM - 1 , V s N '- :v ,:. .vs .. . w A -' A, , . .r.., . , ,,. 5 . P ,Q W , .y , . is . X 4 ' 'S x , 7 B M 8 Martha Johnston Jo Ann Leech Joyce Liggett Josie Pearson Dixie Perkins Mary Rice Sherrill Rose Nancy Slough Doris Spangler Ammie Todd Shirley Tolley Lorene Tomlin Jeanette Vest Gloria White T . gfxri. J' " '31 - ' ,K i v. 1 .4 N ' N 4 x l -cm " -- ' ei v . .v 'QA' " ,..-vw, ffl- -fr U. fri-,V T Sw-eww. .Q 1 f :qw V.-, .6 , - ..., - - 'f,ig,'ft:, 97,-:,Jf,,.L A iff' f-Jw' -Qi' '- f ' f. ' hiv., ,455 v..,.- - -"ins 1 . - x- , . . . ,tm . . L 5 fu. 4 yr ' - 'L . JA" ,ye . ' -I AH' -'1 -' - H QJ. my 'J f""4-43,3 ' K xv?- ,. ' ' K' 'wiv'- ffsi? '51, ' ff' ' F. ,3vf"' , Ag. P' - I-11 "".1'f -5' '5 ' 'm' - , , - - . - , , ,. , 'ser'-'E-ff lr . A n.-1 irfhggkhrmvlfiw ' '-" Lf'-Neff -:xi , L- . . - P 4 . 5 mf . L Ji yn v. v, H141 me fox' I, V, i 1. f Vw.. ' I Y .,-. .Y 1,1 1.1 , '-'I L nn fm J ,rw vw 'TH 1 . , f, T T , ,- 5, " . A t T , 435 x. .Il ' if ' " . K fir A '- -.L , 'Eg -R- V ,- A K I It - . T 3 R D wr- 'fi , J A 1 , .5-. . ,g Lg.:-gg ff 5511" I . ,gk + f .K v In xii Ki 1 lx an 1 C ,, P' YQ Ur 231: ' t, 'W .- " m ,I V-K 1-,9qg,J.n.A ' D pew- ix, ire M523 ,S W 1 as ,M METQGIM -,aa-1, r , .X-.4 F 'yu M1 i ....l-'Mui' J' 1 . h-. 9:1 fLf'52521.Ef53.i:,1iiit-1.-,g,-,. T -L '52ifz.egfffairrsr-??1f:f?P:4.'f:1.'i:?':e:,ftfi-. .. ,- '4:4:fi-ws .f-f : " x ' f-ww.-,ff :rr ::'4.s:-mzisnf. , , -- -' -' -"T':f,f' - ,df-awx--ff - - V- '--'-'1-er'-?"'5YW7's.., , -,, - do - f N 1,,- -, ,. .4 --f.f,,i ,..., gy Jpasre -' esfn' V ' -- 1. 41 1 , Q - ,' 'ff - - - - . . . . gs., '7:f,+- 15 U ' '- 5 Av,'2-4, ' Qi., ..,g. ' paw'-Q , . . . 1 E-,,,",f., , nl -ff. . 4 ,:'k,1g.,f:g'g::g.m,.:5Qgf-A.::::,Lld'. x 'i ,,',,:. my 1 in F. 24, - lijy. 1, ,g:::f. Trigg. -,J .., - , , . , ., I W -'Q-1 JG. . .f .-1 Q, , N ',,- ' . 1. ' 1- ,.- ,Jr -f . f 1 ' , , ,111 A - 1 :,-.,-- W f , , 'ifzzfih 'F e 'L 74331-1--' i N"' W X V f 355' Q K A . ' vii- .' 'W 'I 3.-, "4 H . V4 4 ,, . V ':, - 'A av:-,i ' if .y-IA' ' ff-.T -' ' ' , u Q '- . W if, 'fi 5 'rf 'fri-,L'.'-N .ff-x ' 'ff Q . - f 1 uf' M '-1 1'-.433 rx Fe ' d N ,ia t i B iff T My ff 113-'I-. arg-xf ,fi ' ' " 'j "- ,-' 4"g'1.v lr' I e'-.1-37 ' S. ' F". 2:5 .Z- 'fgxkf ,ofa gf- 'l' I 1. -1-P: - f fs ,.'7 5.2 -1 A . 'X '. :lpn 1 : ,.g,.:, ...j ,fr- '. 5 :'. his iw, 1 Q , -: -peg, -qv-L 1 , 1 I 'mi Lf J, f-P'-' V F .I -.-3. 41:21 .wilt-'Qi 1 pg. . Nz . V .w - Adj 5 ig' ' ', --yi V , 7 , ' ' 1 ' if' , . ,. A ,, . M , -11 fpxrff'--1 '-fm ' ' ' Nm, , ' ' V 'F-I ' "ff ',5?2.- ' , 33 'fi 1 . 4. ,-Yr 1, -r. . .Lv -ff-tg ' - ' "H 3,23 :il iw Q, U, I , Lag 4- ,1.-yi - 4,-.. .f , fl-1 Aly- ,, ' J', rr ff A ' ' 11' 'ig L,?,,- , V ,J-ff jf -, ,, 1. .V .-- wi ,w A - , :fri-,. ' 'S "V We ' , Y ' ff: 3' Ein" X AX ' - ' ,1 4 , ilu fi Q f 'iff' 4 ' ' ' ki-f ,-' f ' ' 1 I . AQ . 4 7 1 Q' .- K .h.,Nx , 5 My ..,A ., A '-L 4. ,,,.1 , ' - --, ' . , 1 4 1 if 1-if is k'1::1i""A B'i"ff41:r::sL25:.'f-"" -'fff-:-z:,fz.1Z- 75132 R ,ff f.-7 'V N 4 X aff' ' " ' ---. Q -3. e,..f-" ., . , ,H , ,,' -.3 ,-,J ' ' -f.A-,'JgLf'.,-4b1..,fr,-'-.V--' -A 3. Q 1F21 Robert Wines, President Joyce Liggett, Vice President Ammie Todd, Secretary Linda Dooley, Treasurer Dixie Perkins, Reporter Jane Barger Ellis Davis Bobby Heath Buddy Poff Martha Johnston Bonnie Lou Rice Doris Spangler Boyd Walker Terrell West Maurice Worth Mrs. Finney, Sponsor gorensic Club 3.1-LA. Row 1: Eleanor Claytorg Maxine Funkhouser, Assistant Treasurer, Louise Bradley, Secretary, Re- becca Perkins, President: Betty Reynolds, .Vice- President, Helen Austin, Historian, Bonnie Rice, Mrs. Shaner, Sponsor. Row 2: Carol Wilmeth, Joyce Edwards, Ginger Hickman, Betty Smith, Betty Burger, Mary Davis, Lin- da Shepherd, Jo Ann Leech, Nancy Slough, Wanda Altizer, Eleanor McAlphin,Ammie Todd. Row 3: Josie Pearson, Jeanette Vest, Mary Jane Coffey, Roberta Austin, Judy Moore, Joyce Fainter, Eva Powell, Joyce Emore, Janet Johnson, Carolyn Rice. Row 4: Barbara Jean McCormick, Susie Milliner, Eleanor Swartz, Bernice Ogden, Wanda Perkins, Jean Johnson, Minnie Hayslett, Peggy Garrett, Valerie Kerr, Maggie Beverly, Juanita Penner, Char- lene Mundy. Row 5: Barbara Thompson, Beulah Fainter, Maxine Wines, Brenda Cash, Darlene Lewis, Evelyn Tow- ler, Betty Coffey, Faye Agnor, Shirley Tolley, Lorene Tomlin, Barbara Irvine, Sue Ellen Cupp, Mar- tha Johnston, Virginia Towler, Martha Harrison. 4-H C1116 s, Vice -President, Margaret kins, President, Tommy Faulkner, Treasurer, James Davis, Song Leader. Row 2: Peggy Garrett, Roberta Austin, Ann Parker, Jo Ann Leech, Forest Jarvis, Jo Ann Slough, Ter- rance Grey, Johnny Burks, Lillie Faulkner, Kay Blackburn, Juanita Hayes. Row 3: Lorene Tomlin, Josie Pearson, James Harrison, Ginger Hickman,Shirley Tolley, Faye Agnor, Johnny Moore, Johnny Birckhead, Donnie Shorter, Jimmy Martin, Mary Ann Tomlinson, Diane Flint, Mary Porter Perkins. HEAD HEART HANDS HEALTH 46 i -Q 4 ' ' t 5 -9.-f J . 4. K if xy , , i,. it ggi' . p p X -f D . W 'Z we as I , Jw 11? . , ' XA A., Y Sf: ,gg K xi . 5. it X , X z S . gk kk 'Sei N-it J , A i t A L grrr y E S , 3 A .-:sigh iK l..,,M rf 4 M ' ftifff ,H fr +4 as , " 1 - , -,K K - J f in ..-1: "Q l ff ' Robert Paxton, President Tommy Faulkner, Vice-President Philip Ogden, Secretary Paul Grim, Sergeant at Arms Mr. Leslie, Sponsor Norris Aldridge Fred Burks Jerry Conner Jimmy Crawford Ellis Davis James Davis John Foster Lynn Hamilton Bobby Heath Philip Leighton Monogram C1115 Volney McClure George Paxton Buddy Poff Ken Reveley Arthur Rice Wesley Shepherd Larry Spangler Wayne Spangler Tommy Thielecke Brownlee Tolley Randolph Tomlin Boyd Walker Leonard Wallace Winston Whitmore Maurice Worth W M, -1 M- ,za-. 1 -M' V jf: fsiisi A U ., V k,,h X F U 1 x Q Q s -Lil? A ' - .memo , f , ' wx? . ' fm: . ,iw 1- , ,asI'9?kSlgi54':qz,, mffi X "mf A l I XM V, M, ,,,..m,. sw I , A ,VZ i .L Majorertes: Left no MSM L1nd122QgDT aw 1zTuafiiQj25Qgan'gAMDMf1ba TROIHPSOH, Donna Palmer N313fhi?Rif, 1 11595 Si K ' , ' fm ,fM?fH f,7Qs1ih'Z?f J -. .J fi 44321-' 535312, Z a aiw ief if . D A Band: Left to Right, Sam, wam151nQwM+gnys s? , B"3A HaifFH1f1fer, Betty Hmty, Ma gie Pearson, Josie Bear5Q11fgal3JQriswEaifHLg5,Q, m rdj gflyfgg Hhyrfer, Douglas Webb Wal - f . W 1 tef Pefkms- o Xaaa ,aaaa , fa 'dwg ,k,. 1 ,, K, ,:wa,ggigi,. V7 , aiwk second Row: Timmy Thiel. 5 o iaoaggge xgggmleyfgg , xl Gr1krSp1e,J0hn Webbe1',Be , , . W. J- W. W5 We E, d D 1 d B 1 'A .- 5 ',,f.2- ' W'-: ipff ren a 1n e me rovsm ee sy Buford' Rebecca Peg aooA B bb im er,Steve T01 Tolley, Helen Burger, za i " : FF'F3I' a "W ?. f f1?f gr' 0 Y n ' ley Mr. J. L. D. Perkiris, Dir? Z fi5g:5gli'jf ' K ,gf -2 an ,.hk, ,R ,L ' , m 'Q5?+ijg,!g5ggEfgggf-,ia 7-h'- 'S' 4.51-SQLETE im W 5 H ' ,M Q aoo' D 5 f 48 , N, 3 Ill M13 W4 W Mg ,W-mx, mg? M Safety Patrol if EQ Wwmgp .A ,, . wt ta , Row 1: Faye Agnor, Maxine Fuukhouser, Tommy Davis, Sammy Hayes, Captain, Betty Reynolds, Jerry Connor, Nancy Slough, Gloria White, Rande-11 Miller, Bill Moore. Row 2: Mrs. Reveleyg Sponsor, Barbara Jean Thompson, Charles Lotts, G. W.Saunders, Freddie Martin, Wayne Spangler, L. N. Watts, Lloyd Watts, David Breeden, and Tommy Madison. 49 S f 1 I - 4 sl. 3 l 5. L ,- Q The Bridge Bulletin ha elected for this year were: Editor ...... Assistant Editor. . Business Manager . Circulation .... Feature Writer . . Sports Editor . . Humor Editors . Photographer . . Club Editor . . . Exchange Editor . Advertising .... News Editor ..... Sr. Class Reporter . . Jr. Class Reporter . . Soph. Class Reporter . Fresh. Class Reporter Eighth Grade Reporter We wish to thank Mrs. Bridge Bulletin d a very successful year for the 1958-59 session. The staff . . Betty Reynolds . Carole Thompson . . . Terrell West . . . Maxine Funkhouser . . .Doris Fainter . . . . . . . Tommy Faulkner . . Bobby Heath Sz Ken Reveley Bonnie Lou Rice . . Robert Wines . . Dixie Perkins . . Joyce Liggett . .Wanda Altizer . . Phillip Odgen . . . Eleanor McAlpin . . Jane Barger . Wanda Perkins . Forrest Jarvis .. ..... ...nun- .-.-Q. - . - . - . . I . . - . . - . . . - - . . . . 0 . - . . - u . . . - Robert Green for her excellent guidance as our sponsor. So K W xl? f' . .,.: A kr.. .5 Robert Paxton Football -3 Basketball -4 Baseball -4 - M X L X X Wesley Shepherd Football -3 tg lell ff "ol ' , tgp gf? ak' xt . Xa Brownlee Tolley Football -4 1 it . X -' -. Z. V. F l AEN Lynn Hamilton Football-4 1x..,.l.,J.knl1 1 y Maurice Worth Football -4 Baseball -4 Basketball -4 I 4- . l7 m:i Nt if 2 Ellis Davis Football -4 Basketball -3 Baseball -4 ga.. ,k w,g,ljl: 1. .' '. ., 1 ,. . A V VZ Vkfyyy V.Vg,. if X Bobby Heath Football -4 Basketball -4 Football Baseball 1 ', 31' .t ' " f "Ewa -W V Tir .,. 'hiatt -it my pix J 1 5 .ggififmh .V I W. VW: 1,-I . Matz. L,,. ., M .21 1- Q ., . .. ....,.,,, ,V k A fstfsi . gay, Phillip Ogden Sf if is Boyd Walker -4 Basketball -1 -3 LA 1 15 fy SQ 2 KE svj 1' GV 'Kam . .... p X x 5-3 Ken Revely Football -3 RK it x Basketball -3 ellis WX'-f f." 'ru f , z I .. ' k,-,. V. 'A ' I 1 ',' QVjf i T . .: ' -'KC . it ' ff at W V, .VV,-k.k eeee all "" w J V ,L F 4 I, Buddy Poff Randolph Tomlin -4 Football -1 Football Bas eball -1 Baseball -2 2, Y- K we 5.5! X - ggi . 1 1 -re .. 3 , . , 5 Erik' ax? xii m . Q' A- if wif ' df if .. -Y 'we be r- ' X- K W X 5 ag Q. xN X N , K J ,Y . . . .5 S, an QM SE ,SE 2 5 XFX . N, .L - W ' ' 'W E f fa - W s 2515 wi P A F' 2 2 K X is Ri X Co-Captains, Ellis Davis, Randolph Tomlin, Coach Mr. Wesley Shepherd Leslie. T W ,U ,M-,,-JE' , Q if sas- - ' if K" 5'-if-H fiisiifliiiz ,. ' - xi Q E X i y a g- K X viii, s X m as N as -we Q 7 6 .361 E+ Maurice Worth Lynn Hamilton T HB Y A-:ies L . Y S - i fi. I . 2 ' Boyd Walker Bobby Stoner E T Tommy Faulkner paul Grim QB HB -W N.. Q ev Us xl :- m 5 ? 5 oiiV-. A. , X X I f 5 ' if waxy- 2 ., :Y 1 if vr I . sa Ax fra Ri , is X, K E+ X 3 ' Hn. Ken Reveley E iw .. . i 'I' 1 . F 5 3-if X -- Www ., , Brovmlee Tolley C , George Paxton E , u . . In ,WV -I k , , ,VV -M I W 1 F ' ' ' A A . - fx' 1 'Hua '4 , 1 . f gfiifw 5322 P 5 fi , if 5 Y vs J X 5 X Vw 1 x Y 2 l , A 'W ay l ,, ,Mig 6, 41 v 21 , Robert Paxton QB .H ,7 ai-,, . . 1 eq ls, 3. :gi W if W Q-..-A Q .- '12 Y 3, -gi 3 Pk ' Ta, nj ggi' yg.. ggi , . Y' w Bobby Heath E L0 iw.. 5 d 857 Leonard Wallace T Norris Aldridge HB V vw y by 1 e Q ' vi " K, 15,5 - S Es, . X1 J, M, rg Q W - 63' 17 1 fn: 1 es- Qi if-sg .V as A mmm Hi Q Q, I y J' K 1 K' Q 'k.-.' ' X. 5, get ,V I . ' ,I ,. Q Tommy Thielecke T by tyan ,,i Q W 1 2 X , , Q ik K 'N-. Qi i , 'i Y. rt . , , X Q Jimmy Crawford C 6 N Q L D QB ' gh- , Robert Rice HB K will .. -rg . 5 L35 1 K fi 'X LL AX if Q X 4 5 Q 5x X' rl 5 , lf - .twggfff-f - -- 5 , sg , 21 Y - f"1p.f:f'Vff:f. Q R fi - jf'-155 15 t 1 3, s 'SH ' gg si E Jerry Conner T i Q if MXN' 's 3 I 5 E ,S -,Q .... . K ,kilkwiriiygigy Volney McClure . ,,,l,11ug',g1 l 11115-:iK.QL5i,E we , ei we ' . ,,. s W QA V. . .Q .. wb 3,6 PM eg Q w.J,3,,,gsz1: S .J-g f K K 2' l Ii -1 - i 1 I o f ., x ii. 5 'E S I f xi 2 .W Q I r R . f kk wkkk ex James Davis T V QR' fx 25 352 1, i Q H f' as Sflsia l K Fred Burks T T I , .. K l ,m,,,,f,:,..3 I I K1 FE.. 31,31 V ., , . 7 K fi Q 4. ,, S ggi? 5, Qkifmggggg-ti. - .fs I 1 Mag- I . K ff k i' :I - 5: . 'f J:12s,l,,,,9m,xgegi-iizkseifgf '- 4- . , 1 WN ,Wg ,v,i D, . . . .. . , IX 1 K x 2 K R Fm- 2 in .mf ,, B s Q is 7' : wi- gli-hai-Jziifi Douglas Webb FB Ilia' ,l . W ' ei x if -. 4 A X K R Q fi S L ' '3 gr y A - gag. . kv if A 7. all , -7,- -,,k 2 L, ,,,k'a 1-H: 5521-:,Ll 1if:',?55. 1:iig53531,5'kf.5g ark -Q, Q1 52252 Siwiiiu ' ,, John Worley E Schedule and Scores Tommy Madison C 7 Bill Painter NB 27 NB 48 NB 0 NB 42 NB 13 NB 0 NB 0 NB 26 NB Larry Q ,J Q Spangler E .2 Dennis Leech HB t x 15 2 2 nl 4 V Woodell Nester Wilson Memor Lexington Buchanan Central Clifton Forge VSD Robert E. Lee Buena Vista Waynesboro T ial Front Row: Ellis Davis, Tommy Faulkner, Maurice Worth, Co-captain, Robert Paxton, Co-captain Norris Aldridge,Jimmy Crawford. Back Row: Prestonwallace, Paul Grim, Ken Reveley, Bobby Heath George Paxton, Richard Gilliam. The varsity basketball record did not showatrue picture of the caliber of bas- ketball played during the season. In four of our losses, two each to Wilson Me- morial and Clifton Forge, the final outcome in each contest was not decided until the last seconds. Robert Paxton, Maurice Worth, and Ellis Davis are the only let- termen we will be losing by way of graduation. Returning lettermen, Tommy Faulkner, George Paxton, Paul Grim, and Norris Aldridge should provide the nu- cleus for a good season next year. Worth 186 Paxton 1 70 Grim 152 Aldridge 82 Paxton '72 Faulkner 60 Revely 44 Davis 29 Heath 4 Crawford 4 Rice 3 Walker 1 Total HT Mr. Macheras, coach Buchanan Robert E. Lee Buena Vista Buena Vista Central Clifton Forge Lexington Clifton Forge Robert E. Lee Waynesboro Central Wilson Memorial VSD Lexington Waynesboro Wilson Memorial Front Row B111 Hunter, Tommy Thompson, Tarelton Gillispie, Johnny Burks Back Row John Wor ley Fred Burks, Dennis Leech, John Branch, Johnny Birckhead. The Junior varsity record of twelve wins and four losses stamped them as one of the best jayvee teams in the district. Several of the boys, John Branch, John Worley, and Denny Leech will have an opportunity to play varsity ball next year Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Buchanan Robert E. Lee Buena Vista Buena Vista Central Clifton Forge Lexington Clifton ,Forge Robert E. Lee Waynesboro Central Q Wilson Memorial VSD L exington Waynesboro Wilson Memorial Xe .. u he " S QA - ee.. Q s X K,.' 2 K' , , " ' tx --' t 1, l 5 " ."k ll -aw 'sg .. 'A 4 f ' , .V 'X ' I W - C K 3, ggi .0-. wk sf.. tiff S X 'B 1 S' N - 5 K -LLK exif kj ik A -R K SSS- f I i 5 Illfford Hill V SE ki 2 3 Kia s. if E if J. i Zllis Davis P dx Ge E .t Q S Paul Grim 1B :aww lx A I. E fi 5 S ieorge Paxton 3B ac 59' its Mackey Hunt P K . , , K N Vs 3 .. . nM ty Robert Paxton 3B mum 5 'Randolph Tomlin L F Mr. Leslie Coach ik? v Q52 K.2, :.. QKX5 rv if o BASE BALL SCHEDULE .7 Q li? , H "V 'N Natural Bridge vs. Lexington Natural Bridge vs. Central Natural Bridge vs. Buchanan Natural Bridge vs. Clifton Forge Robert Earl Rice 2B V . ff Phillip Ogden CF Donnie Wines SS i !llgi13ii'T , 'F ... . , . ' ,ss 7 ,N , JJ, I 'K A Z Q f wifi Norris Aldridge SS 1 H BB M me , it ,. Natural Bridge vs. Wilson Memorial Natural Bridge vs. Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge vs. Buena Vista James H111 Natural Bridge vs. Lexington P Natural Bridge vs. Waynesboro Natural Bridge vs. Buchanan i Natural Bridge vs. Buena Vista 5 A QF? The 1958 "Rocket" baseball team improved as the season pro- ' H gressed. After losing the opener, the Rockets jumped backto make , ' the young season a winning one, compiling a record of seven wins and five losses. 1 X , g lH-e six' .. W' 5 Due to graduation, losses to the squad were Clifford Hill, Hor- .f ace McDaniel, Mackey Hunt, and Donnie Spangler. K' f Larry Spangler Boyd Walker RF C Buddy Poff P L00naI'd W9-11369 Tommy Faulkner Jimmy Crawford RF Not Pictured 2B C iiii A A i Kxwixxgiy QP Q2 . L ii s 5 - N 5 I man.: l 11' I I , Natural Bridge vs. Central 4 alt Ti g.A,A, Left to Right: Mrs. Parsons, sponsor, Eva Powell, manager, Doris Spangler, secretary, Janet John- son, Vice President, Beulah Fainter, President, Jo Ann Leech, treasurer, Wanda Altizer, recorder of points, Peggy Birckhead. Second Row: Maxine Wines, Faye Agnor, Brenda Gillam, Linda Dooley,Eve- lyn Towler, Darlene Lewis, Sandra Johnson, Sophie Hayes. Third Row: Wanda Ogden, Martha John- ston, Frances McFaddin, Bonnie Rice, Carol Wilmeth, Barbara Jean McCormick, Bernice Odgen, Don- na Faulkner. Fourth Row: Christine Branch, Nancy Powell, Brenda Goolsby, Minnie I-Iayslett, Tanna Sue Ginger, Mary Hill, Louise Bradley, Juanita Mannon. On February 21, the G. A. A. held a sports day with Buena Vista. Three games of basketball were played. For the first game Natural Bridge was victorious with a score of 28-18. Scoring for Natural Bridge were: Fainter-14 Wines -10 Agnor -4 In the Second game Natural Bridge put up a good fight, but the game ended in a tie, the score being 24-24. Those scoring for Natural Bridge were: Johnson-12 J ohnston-6 Hayslett -4 Faulkner -2 In the third game Natural Bridge was again victoriousgthe score being 20-8. Those scoring points were: T Mannon -12 Barger -6 Gilliam -2 58 HDVEHTISEHIHITS I e U11 11.14111 'axxx L ,JLAWf,,.1JA,f,17uL N w7a1W.Lelwr7bfz.7AfJ,.l X ,,..,..L,J,ula.o.9v4.u,u2iefiv f mL wb vMM,afMMLz.' lja.Q..u,.we. ,U-7 'UMM'-L' 73" 4411 ' 1 X Ll11JJJzL IAMES LEES AND SUNS CUMPANY QL Aerial View of Entire Plant at Glasgow ., N, .gp 5-,L 'ffl-2,-ge J ,AF Q, -2' . Q 'I nnfg' "I ' QV- ' .H Xie ' 1-if l." 'A " Ili!-mam-1 , "QM 111 " Q. 1 W ENG' if GLASGOW Rockbridge County Virginia Natural Bridge . . .those heavenly carpets by LEES MYERS HARDWARE CO. Compliments of "Serving the Public for 88 Years" COLLEGE INN All Kinds of Hardware Phone HO 3-2431 Lexington, Virginia Lexington, Virginia Hair Styling Specialty Compliments of TOWN 8' CSQQLRY BEAUTY LACKEY LUMBER COMPANY Phone CL 8-2901 Lexington, Virginia Glasgow, Virginia f 5' 1 91' p eeia A my 1 ai. ae , i if u s L FARMEIPS SUPPLY CO. Purina Chows For Poultry REYNOLDS GULF SERVICE szmvesrock Vegetable 8: Garden Seed Poultry and Livestock Equipment Baby Chicks Glasgow, Virginia Lexington, Virginia ADAIR-HUTTON, INC Lexington Shopping Center "Largest Department Store Within Fifty Miles." Lexington, Virginia Compliments ol ROBEY MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Ford--Mercury Sales Sz Service Buena Vista, Virginia Compliments of ROCKBRIDGE FARMERS CO-OP Lexington, Virginia BALDWIN ECHOLS 8- CO Department Store Glasgow, Virginia CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS From ROWLAND'S Buena Vista, Virginia LEWIS SERVICE STATION Pure Oil Products Groceries Telephone 4351 Buena Vista, Virginia HILL TOP SERVICE STATION Roy Johnson, Owner Route 60 Phone 4563 Buena Vista, Virginia IDEAL BARBER SHOP Under First National Bank Hair cut the way you like it Lexington, Virginia Reach For SUNBEAM The Bread You Need For Energy Compliments of THE PEOPLE'S BANK Buena Vista, Virginia WATTSLYNNE RESTAURANT Specializing in Good Foods Steaks - Chops - Seafoods Natural Bridge, Virginia RADIO HOSPITAL TELEVISION -RADIO Sales -Service 7 North Main Street Dial HO 3-3531 Lexington, Virginia RED WOOD RESTAURANT Meals, Curb Service Sandwiches of all kinds 1 mile North of Lexington NATIONAL WHOLESALE Groceries - School Supplies Virginia Cured Ham Lexington, Virginia BAKER BROTHERS, INC. Case and New Holland bfichinery Sales ----- Service Roanoke -L exington -Staunton BURCH BROS. General Merchandise Gas, Oil, Feed Buena Vista, Virginia WISE 8. WADDELL, INC. Insurance Surety Bonds Lexington, Virginia W. T. PAXTON CO. Established 1872 Insurance and Real Estate Buena Vista, Virginia Compliments of BONDED FIBERS, INC. Phone 5460 Buena vista, virginia CHARLES W. BARBER AND SON Limestone Quarry Ready-Mixed Concrete Building Contractors Phone HO 3-2106 Lexington, Virginia lin. Ho F0rNeWS and "If it's for the home, Plctumgegg Iflfgkbrldge We have it." Groceries - Meats - Vegetables Furniture of A11 Kinds Buena Vista, Virginia Compliments of R. L. DAVIDSON Phone 5258 Buena Vista, Virginia ROCKBRIDGE GENERAL STORE Groceries -Produce and Meats J. W. West - Owners - J. C. Fainter Dial 2706 Natural Bridge Station, Virginia CHILES BARGER CO. Dealers in GENE RAL MERCHANDISE Natural Bridge Station, Virginia DICKINSON 8. COLE Plumbing and Heating Supplies Norge Appliances Free Estimation on New or Old Jobs Phone 5515 Compliments of SEAY'S DRUG STORE Phone 6115 Buena Vista, Virginia Compliments of WHITE FRONT SUPER MARKET "The Friendly Store" Phone 5-79 -995 Lexington, Virginia . ED DEAVER 8. SONS, INC. Men's and Boy's Clothing Phone 25 Lexington, Virginia Compliments of VARNER 8. POLE Furniture Dealers And Funeral Directors Phone 183 Lexington, Virginia THE FLOWER CENTER Flowers and Accessories Telephone HO 3-4521 223 South Main Street Lexington, Virginia EAST LEXINGTON GROCERY Meats -Vegetables Groceries East Lexington, Virginia WOODY CHEVROLET, SALES Olds mobile Sales and Services 138 South Main St. Phone HO 3151 Lexington, Virginia W. B. HARRISON CO. Mortuary A'mbulance Service Funeral Directors Day or Night Phone HO 3-2912 Lexington, Virginia SWINK'S Ready -To-Wear Apparel Dry goods 11 East Nelson St. Lexington, Virginia PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK "Built on Service to Rockbridge County" Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Lexington, Virginia WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Bicycles, Record Players Radios and T.V Auto Supplies, Refrigerators Washing Machines Phone HO 3-2314 Lexmgton, Virginia BUENA VISTA READY MIX Septic Tanks - Concrete Phone No. 6765 Buena Vista, Virginia WATTS, L. N. GARAGE General Repairing Specializing in Automatice Transmissions Road Service Phone N.B. 2543 Route 1 , Buchanan l E TASTEE-FREEZE Sandwiches, French Fries Thick Shakes Route 60 Buena Vista, Virginia NATURAL BRIDGE ESSO M. B. Lotts, Owner Complete ESSO Service Pick-up Sz Delivery Service Brake Work-Wheel Balancing Phone 3331 JARVIS SPORT SHOP Phone CL 8-2945 Sporting Equipment For Every Need Glasgow, Virginia Compliments of ROBERT W. STONER Real Estate Natural Bridge Station, Va. Compliments of WHITES Buena Vista, Virginia JuIhwyBlIhrlGisv' 1 ' ocov stone Your Nearest "Home of Better Values" Lexington, Virginia gd P 339 lOTT'S HAMBURGER HOUSE Hamburgers Hotdogs Natu IB dg PRES BROWN'S SPORT 8. CAMERA SHOP Letters and Your School Warm-up Jacket Royal Blue and White Cameras BANK OF NATURAL BRIDGE Member of F. D. I. C. Natural Bridge, Virginia ROCKBRIDGE SUPPLY CO., INC. Glasgow, Virginia Building Materials Coal Esso Heating Oils Compliments of LOCHER BRICK CO., INC. Telephone. . .Glasgow CL8-2853 Glasgow, Virginia ROCKBRIDGE NATIONAl BANK Serving Rockbridge County Since 1886 Phone HO 3-2126 Member FDIC Lexington, Virginia ,num THE CLOVER CREAMERY, C0 Roanoke, Virginia NATURAL BRIDGE IUMBER C0. Building Materials Coal Natural Bridge Station, Virginia Compliments of WHITES Furniture of all Kinds Lexington, Virginia WHITE'S MUSIC SHOP Music for all Moods Lexington, Virginia B. P. KNIGHT 8. CO. General Merchandise Dial 4595 Buena Vista, Virginia TOLLEY'S PHARMACY R. A. Tolley, Reg. Phar. Phone HO 3-2211 11 West Washington St. Lexington, Virginia HARPER AND AGNOR Oliver, New Idea, and Ferguson Farm Machinery Feeds - Seeds Fertilizers - Coal Lexington, Virginia Compliments ol RADIO STATION WREL 1 450 .......... NBC Lexington, Virginia Compliments of ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY NEWS Lexington, Virginia Compliments of GROSSMAN'S Lexington, Virginia Insurance - Real Estate, Life, Automobile, Fire and Casualty Our Excuse For Being In Business Is Service EARL M. STARKEY Post Office Box 551 Buena Vista, Virginia Lee's Rugs Sz Carpets CAUSEY CLEANERS Dial 6855 Buena Vista, Virginia SOUTHER' FLORIST We Deliver Dial 4590 Magnolia Avenue Buena Vista, Virginia CALHOUNS BEAUTY SALON Beauty Treatments That keep you lovely Call for an appointment Phone CL 8-2980 Glasgow, Virginia VIRGINIA MARKET Groceries and Meats Phone 5520 Buena Vista, Virginia Compliments of BANK OF GLASGOW, INC. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Glasgow, Virginia VALLEY STORE, INC. "Buena Vista's Shopping Center" Phone 5000 Your Best Values at the Lowest Prices HERFF-JONES COMPANY Manufacturers of Natural Bridge High School Class Rings 8: Commencement Announcements James L. Deck Virginia Representative P. O. Box 4735 Richmond 29, Virginia BUENA VISTA FOUNDRY CO. All types of welding steel fabrication castings of all kinds Buena Vista 4865 Buena Vista, Virginia LEXINGTON HARDWARE 13 South Main St. Lexington, Virginia Phone HO 3-2242 "Everything in Hardware" CAMPBELL FURNITURE CO. Complete Home Furnishings Phone CL 8-2996 Glasgow, Virginia TINY TOWN GULF Tires and Tubes Natural Bridge, Virginia ROCKBRIDGE SHEET METAL CO. Sheet Metal Work For Every Job. Buena Vista, Virginia FORGET-ME-NOT FLOWER SHOP Flowers and Accessories Lexington, Virginia Compliments of QUALITY GROCERY STORE Buena Vista, Virginia CO L. F. ALFORD General Merchandise Country Produce Glasgow, Virginia I We Appreciate Your Patronage TODD'S DRUG STORE Prescriptions Druggist "Remedies That Build Health" Glasgow, Virginia GLASGOW GARAGE Wrecker Service--24 hours Box 186 Glasgow, Virginia HEDGEPETH'S LUNCH Good Food - Reasonable Prices Lexington, Virginia BAKER FORD SALES, INC. Ford and Mercury Dealer Dial HO 3-2131 Lexington, Virginia ,V ,Q V DIXONS ESSO SERVICENTER . ,. 'A' ' . L., Phone HO 3-4214 U. S. 60 Lexington, Virginia Compliments of SCHEWELS FURNITURE Complete Home Furnishings Phone H0 3-2175 Lexington, Virginia CO. WF-wM.,.MW l M., CW-f-f-f M .. 5,,,,,,,.. .Wav it M COUNTY SUPER MARKET Meats Groceries Vegetables Lexington, Virginia K.B. AMOLE Funerals of Reverence and Beauty Phone Buena Vista 5060 ............ 6585 Buena Vista, Virginia Compliments of SHEWEY SUPPLY CO., INC. Buena. Vista, Virginia K W.LF0lTZ 8 SON,INC. General Insurance Lexington, Virginia Compliments of NATURAL BRIDGE OF VlRGINLA,lNC. One of the Seven Natural Wonders Of The World Natural Bridge, Virginia MCCRUMS INC. Fountain Service Lexington, Virginia LOMAX FLOWER SHOP Corsages, Funeral Wreaths Fresh Cut Flowers Buena Vista, Virginia vmelNlA Hoisum BAKERIES Biuemncs Gnocenv co., mc. 'Ng' g Sitsfzisifzfsciiszzg qi H015 Waynesboro, Virginia P. O. Box 1108 Staunton, Virginia Compliments of BUENA VISTA WHOLESALERS Buena Vista, Virginia Compliments of LYLE HARLOW Lexington, Virginia Compliments of M. D. MORRIS Buena Vista, Virginia Compliments of CLEMMERS MILK BAR Natural Bridge Station, Va. LEONARD R. CASH Truck and School Bus Operator Greenlee, Virginia Interesting people have good sources of interesting news. THE ROANOKE TIMES Morning and Sundays Uhr iRnzmnkr mnrlh-Nrma Each Weekday Afternoon PATRONIZE OUR ADVE RTISE RS WNMX. W I 725 "Tm 79 Our SCHOOI 1. kg mm ...l ...N iii 4 il X C 'SQ 80 Sp0l'f5 gn Action . ' 1 . Q K .QQ N'-' f , xx H+ . - A m Q Ar- "7 - -f --...1 a - .Mi ,Lk 5 .. A X QW X ' A Q! 5. - K xx.. x -L X , XX- Q5 N Q .Q , k " N .. i f K 5 X SH . 1 W fykffrf-F 'M' ., ' 'vi Q 5 - 2 3, . a A L EQ. m W , . ,L 4 3 .A K .X . 'I 3 'H K' K v. Q59 P 'i nfs H-51' . -WV , "25-g1ni,Q.,f N45 ,V . K 1 4 lf-M K -X ' 1 x k X14 1 K .5 S A K Wk in , 1 , f fx ' ff' f- Ii- - . q . Y w?,l.fT1 ,Q 'N x , i N . 'Q X 'P-fi. ki' 'f -5 i In-1 Ek.. . JK A Q im ' S 1 Z- 1 fi ' " I ' A 'N 81 Gut Qnclusfrial Arts SHO u I , , .f,.,,,,,,w 82 j , A 1 Senior Class Directory Altizer, Wanda - Annual Staff I, Basketball I, H, F. H.A. I, H, IH, IV, Queen at ninth grade party, Latin Club I, H, Bridge Bulletin H, IV, News Editor, G. A. A. IH, IV, Recorder of Points, Miss F. H.A. '59, Attendant for Valen- tine's Dance, Senior Play. Austin, Helen - F. H. A. I, II, IH, IV, F. T. A. HI, IV, Annual Staff IV, Cheer- leader IH, Bridge Bulletin H. Birckhead, Peggy - Latin Club I, H, Girls Basketball I, H, Bridge Bulletin H, IH, IV, Club Editor IH, Beta Club H, IH, IV, F. H. A. I, H, HI, IV, Co-treasurer II, Treasurer HI, IV, Junior Play, G. A. A. HI, IV, S. C. A. IV. Bradley, Louise - Girls Basketball I, H, Bridge Bulletin II, IH, IV, Sports Editor IH, Girls Sports Editor H, Beta Club II, IH, IV, F. H. A. I, H, HI, IV, Secretary IV, Junior Homemaker Degree IH, Junior and Senior Play, G. A. A. HI, IV, Dramatics Club HI, Typist in Library in Graded School IV, News Editor for Rockbridge County News, Span Staff III, IV, Club Editor HI, Editor-in-Chief IV, S. C. A. IV. Coffey, Betty - F. H. A. H, IH, IV, Bridge Bulletin IV. Campbell, Faye - Valentine Queen, Homecoming Queen, BuenaVista Christmas Queen. Daniels, Billy - Senior Play. Ellis, Davis - Class Vice - President I, H, Baseball I, H, IH, IV, Football I, H, IH, IV, Basketball I, HI, IV, S. C. A. I, IH, Vice-President HI, Monogram I, IV, Latin Club I, H, Forensic IV, Beta Club IV. Davis, Tommy - Patrolman IH, IV, Sergeant-at-Arms HI, Firefighting Crew II, IH, IV. Fainter, Beulah - Band I, II, III, IV, Basketball, H, G. A. A. IH, IV, President IV, F. H. A. III, IV, S. C. A. IV. Fainter, Doris - Band I, II, IH, IV, Secretary Freshman Class, Beta Club H, IH, IV, Reporter IH, Bridge Bulletin III, IV, Reporter HI, Feature Writer IV, Annual Staff HI, IV, Art Director III, IV. Foster, John - Baseball Manager HI, IV. Gibson, Shirley - Latin I, F. H. A. I. Hamilton, Lynn - Football I, H, IH, IV, Basketball I, II, Latin Club I, II, Drama- tics Club, Monogram IV, Safety Patrol IV. Harrison, Martha - F. H. A. IV. Hayes, Sammy - Safety Patrol IV. Heath, Bobby - Latin Club I, H, Football I, H, HI, IV, Basketball I, II, IH, IV, Baseball Manager IV, Dramatics Club IH, Forensic Club IH, IV, Junior and Senior Play, Bridge Bulletin IV, Monogram IV. Hinty, Betty - Band I, H, IH, IV, Latin Club I, II. Hylton, Sandra - Beta Club H, III, IV, President IV, Vice-President Beta Federation III, Class Sec. HI, S. C. A. I, II, IV, Glee Club I, II, Girls' State IV, Valedictorian IV, School Writer, Dramatics Club IH, Junior Play. Jolmson, Jean - F. H. A. I, II, IH, IV, Latin I, Bridge Bulletin IV. Lotts, Judith - Latin Club I, II, Secretary II, Beta Club H, HI, IV, Span Staff IH, IV, Asst. Editor, HI, Asst. isiness Manager IV, President S. C. A. IV, Class Sec. HI, President Class 1 Library I, H, Va. Girls' State Rep. HI, B. V. Christmas Princess IV, S A. Delegate to District meeting and S. C. A. State Convention HI, DAR Good ,zenship Award IV. Lotts, Yvonne - Band, I, I I, IV, Latin Club I, II. Markham, Joyce - F. H. I II, IH, IV, Bridge Bulletin II, IH, IV, Dramatics Club III, Junior Play. 83 Senior Class Directory y McDaniel, Marvin Moody, Brenda Ogden, Phillip - Monogram Club, Sec. IV, Latin Club I, II, Baseball I, II, III, IV. Paxton, Robert - Basketball I, II, III, IV, Co -Cap. IV, Baseball I, II, IH, IV, Football I, II, III, IV, Latin Club I, H, Class Vice President I, Treasurer of Class H, Span Staff, Boys' Sports Editor IH, IV, Monogram Club President IV, S. C. A. I, HI, IV, Valentine King IV. Pearson, Margaret - 4-H Club I, II, Reporter IH, Sec IV, Latin Club I, II, F. H. A. I, H, Band I, II, HI, IV, Beta II, HI, Dramatics III, F. T. A. reporter 'IIl, Pres. IV, Class Sec. IV, Bridge Bulletin IV, Junior Play III, S. C. A. IV. Penner, Donna - Head Majorette IV, F. H. A. IV, Senior Play IV. Perkins, Rebecca - Latin Club I, II, 4-H Club Vice Pres. I, Pres. H, Vice Pres. IH, Pres, IV, F. H. A. I, II, III, Pres. IV, S. C. A. I, II, Treas. IV, Annual Staff I, Class Vice President III. Poff, Buddy - Baseball III, Football IV, Latin Club III, IV, Forensic IV. Pollard, Marie Powell, Eva - F. H. A. I, H, III, IV, Bridge Bulletin II, III, IV, G. A. A. III, IV, Dramatics HI, Junior Play IH, Senior Play IV. Reveley, Ken - Football I, II, III, IV, Basketball I, II, III, IV, Track I, Band I, II, III, IV, Beta Club II, IH, IV, Junior and Senior Play, Bridge Bulletin IV, Humor Editor, Monogram Club IV, S. C. A. IV, Secretary IV. Reynolds, Betty - F. H. A. I, H, IH, IV, Ass't. Historian, III, Vice - president IV, Miss F. H. A. '58, Latin I, II, Bridge Bulletin II, III, IV, Ass't Editor IH, Editor IV, Class Treasurer IH, Dramatics Club III, Patrolman III, IV, Lieu- tenant IV, S. C. A. IV, Princess in B. V. Christmas parade. Rhodes, Jane - Latin I, II. Rice, Arthur - Span Staff III, IV. Rice, Carolyn - Beta Club III, IV. Shepherd, Wesley - Football I, II, IH, IV, Monogram IV. Swartz, Eleanor - Latin I, II, F. H. A. IV. Tomlin, Randolph - Football I, II, III, IV, Baseball I, II, III, IV, Monogram IV. Towler, Evelyn - G. A. A. III, IV, F. H. A. IV, Bridge Bulletin IV. Towler, Virginia - F. H. A. III, IV, Bridge Bulletin IV. Vest, Joyce Conner Walkner, Boyd - Latin I, H, Forensic HI, IV, Bridge Bulletin IV, Monogram I, IV, Football II, III, IV, Basketball I, II, IH, IV, Baseball II, IV, Monogram Club IV. Watkins, Shirley - Band 1, II, III, IV, Latin I, II, Bridge Bulletin II, HI, IV, Beta Club II, III, IV, F. H. A. II, Dramatics III, Span Staff HI, IV, Safety patrol Iv, F. T. A. Iv. Whitmore, George Winston - Baseball II, I, Football I, manager, Basketball I, IV, manager, Latin Club I,H, S. C. A. II, IH, IV, Class President IV,Senior Play IV, Monogram IV. Wines, Robert - Beta Club II, Class Treasurer IV, S. C. A. Reporter. Wines, Maxine, F. H. A. I, II, IV, Beta Club III, G. A. A. IH, IV. Worley, Larry Worth, Maurice, I, II, IH, IV, Football I, H, IH, IV, Track II, Latin Club I, II, S. C. A. H, HI, Monogram Club I, IV, Class President II, Forensic Club IV. 84 m..v.:1wM4, , mf, M ww ' ' 1- ' f F. ' , , 1 Jim' M, Dm ,ww,awa'W'ml"'Hm,WL .Q f --. Y v If In L 7' gi-

Suggestions in the Natural Bridge High School - Span Yearbook (Natural Bridge Station, VA) collection:

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