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 - Class of 1958

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A f W f N ix ,gy mm wk ,QQ Ay gr E af if N if .wfiiiw 1 x Q. , of , . , .QW .Ad 6 um. -1 . 8-N...,,,.m F1-5 sis " sei: I-..--........ E A s s S 1 N MMP' . sa 4 , ' T . km 'Y ' S-Nr, '1- Q Y v 41 .T ,n 35 1 I -H - O O 4 fm... 1 .1-.::,:"wg., "lj Q' WI I nn " . - , .Q ' iw' VOLUMEXIX ,9uL!i5l1ecl Mfg THE STUDENTS OF NATURAL BRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL ww rw M' Mx y, 'V ,vw ,pn- WF f'7f 21? 'nz SCT 1 , T.. Q . 'Q 3, .15 v.n'P sf' ,,., 'W' W V W1 xx I H, U 4 in T , , B' ' W 'M wx ,Alma ,Mater ,Q Guarded by encircling mountains beautiful and blue, Stands our noble Alma Mater, glorious to view, Lift the chorus, speed it onward, Ne'er let praises fail, Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Natural Bridge High School, Hail. Editor-in-Chief . . ....... Assistant Editor . . . . . Business Manager . . . . . Ass't Business Manager Circulation Manager . . . Club Editor Sports Edito.r.feJir.lsj. KBoysl . . Art Editor. . . . . . . . Advertising Manager, , . Photographer ., , . . . . . . . . . .Mitzi Jo Wood . . . . Judith Lotts . .Donnie Spangler . . Peggy Birckhead , .Horace McDaniel . . Louise Bradley . . Shirley Watkins . .Robert Paxton . . Doris Fainter . . Lloyd Watts . . Joyce Ayers Kvutcufs Foreword Memorial Faculty Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshman Activities Sports Adverti sement S Dedication Eighth Grade Dedication The dedication of our XIX Volume of Span is richly deserved by our beloved Mr. Leslie. His great athletic achievements will always be remembered, and his classes a rewarded merit. Thanks always for your ever ready help and gui- dance. We will never forget our "Coach". Sincerely, The Students 3 I ss W I if , x, 1 'Lx ' x 33, s Q u ' B , 4711 ,Mvmoriam In memory of Miss Elizabeth Chiles, secretary and friend who, after devoted service, was called to her heavenly home June 30, 1957. After years of loyal and devoted service to our high school, she passed away leaving an enduring memory in the hearts of those who knew her. To her family and friends we extend our sincere sympathy. 4 .V 0 9 I Q if 0 sf., xl Vin 1, If 1 '-2 l xl 'A Xxi si: -' 'B fr' ' , I yg saw ' Q 3: gx NXRW. fn -.5 33 QQEX , mi resin ,., uk 9acul!y Mr Whitney Trumbo Principal B A. Bridgewater College University of Virginia fuk Social Science Education Administration Mrs. Virginia Reveley B. S. Longwood College Science, Mathematics Mrs. Retha N. Burks A. B. Florida State Univer sity English, Spanish General Science Mr T M Dunlap Virginia Polytechnic Institute Industrial Arts Mrs Marthann Cosby Miss C. E. Cobean A B B. A. Queens College Mary Washington College English Social Studies Education English 1"- Mrs L D. Perkins A. B. Marion Jr. College Emory and Henry Madison College Librarian, Science 'M X Zzculty Mr. Graham Leslie Ass't. Principal B. A. Washington and Lee Social Studies Physical Education Athletic Director Mrs. Mary Ellen Armentrout B. S. Emory 8: Henry College Radford Math-Science Mrs. Mildred M. Parsons B. S. Mrs. Jgan Watts State Teachers College Towson, Maryland Physical Education 1 Gm f:, Q tt y Mr. William M. Meachearn Middlebury College, B.S. Suffolk University Boston University University of Massachusetts Univer sity of Vermont Chemistry, Guidance, Biology, Law Mr. John Jay Macheras Mrs. Dorathye Spence Washington and Lee Lynchburg College Erskine College B S Baker University Indiana University, M S Baldwin City, Kansas Physical Education Recreation 7 Madison College Commercial lukwfi' -QW Secretary Miss Phyllis Worley Kuslodiaus Mr. Whiteside Mr. Rice ww ' AWS W N ' z if . . .waz 4 A , ., l,,x Q Wfctcria Warkers Left to Right: Mrs. Birckhead, Mrs. Blackburn, Mrs. Cummings, Miss Altizer, Mrs. Hannah, Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Claytor, and Mrs. Burks. ,Mgt ex. f 'AM-LL Ruqxxf LH' 'Q Lg? mi ,X , Cf? Q 1 1 x f 3 if I 9 I Yr i fx 6 K 1 6 8 Rose Seniors GARLAND ROBERT ALTlzER Qi Football lv. JOYCE LEE AYERS """"5""" A Student Council, Ig Cheerleader, 1,115 F.H.A., I,II5Latin Club,i,II5 Bridge Bulletin, III,IVg Photographer, III9 Feature Writer, IV3 Span Staff,IVg Photographer, IVQ G.A.A., IV, Homecoming Princess, III, X x i: ' I xi nv- PATSY ELLEN BLACKBURN as . ?" ' IVAN WAVERLY BRANCH I A 1 N - ' j Basketball, I3 Basketball Manager, IV, ' A - Lots ,R . L sg Q EVAN WILLARD BRANCH ' ' " 2 of Basketball, II, III, IV, Baseball, III, Dra- A B I matics, IV, Bridge Bulletin, IV, Football, L A. A ' A ll, 111, IV, 'i R CLYDE ROBERTS CAMDEN g ,,, L. L if gs if.: BARBARA ANN CAMPBELL M 4-H, I:Basketbal1, Ig F. H. A., Ig G.A.A., IV. ' - E flu V LINDA FRANCES CAMPBELL be ' N I W, Basketball, I,F. H. A., IgG.A.A., lv. A A A gf HA, Q ' S 10 Seniors DOLLY ALFORD CASH Latin Club, I, F.H.A., I,III. IRIS MARILYN CASH Band, I, II, III, F.H.A., I, Latin Club, I, II, Basketball,I, II, Beta Club, I, II, III, IV President, IV, S , C . A . , I, IV, G.A.A., IV President, IV. N -gas ,sf gj"'X F N M ss MOLLY ALFORD HAMILTON Latin Club, III, Homecoming Princess, II Patrolman, III. MARJORIE ANN HICKMAN Band, 1, II, HL, Latin ciub, 1, Basketbaii, I, F. T , A, , IV, Secretary, IV, F,H,A, IV Bridge Bulletin, IV, Typist, IV. 'N ers, , Q 5 . L sur- " 4 xiii . I" Mi Z ,. F.H.A,, I, II, III, IV, Student Council, I, x 'ES' it DONNA E LEANOR DIXON Latin Club, I, II, F,H.A., I, II, F,T.A., IV, Treasurer, IV,Bridge Bulletin, IV, Circu- lation Manager, IV, Cheerleader, I, II, III, IV, B. V, Princess, IV. BRENDA SUE DOD Beta Club, I, F.H.A., I, II, III, Co-reporter, III, Latin Club, I, II, Vice-President, I, President, II, Cheerleader, I, II, III, IV, Secretary, III, Secretary, IV, Span Staff, III, IV, Asst. Business Manager, III, S.C,A., IV, F.T.A., III, IV, Secretary, III, Presi- dent, IV, Bridge Bulletin, III, IV, Co-Asst. Editor, III, Editor, IV, S.I,P.A, Delegate, III, Va. Girls' State Representative, III. .9 11. FLOYD CLIFFORD HILL Baseball I II III IV, Football, II, III, IV, S C A. II. NANCY JEAN HOLLAND -H, I, F. H. A., I, II, III, IV, S.C.A,, IV, Safety Patrolman, III, IV, Library, II, III, X IV. ,af Tir' , v , . L V "" V, K 2 ., , . L an ' -0 ,, Y E MARY CAROLE JARVIS Basketball, I, II, Latin, I, II, Beta Club, I, II, III, Secretary, II, III, Bridge Bulletin, III, Drarnatics, IV, Reporter, IV, Safety Patrol, III, IV,Captain, IV, F.T.A., III, IV, Reporter, III, G.A.A,, IV, Vice-President, IV, Junior Class Play, III, President Class, IV, Forensics, IV, S.C.A., IV, Secretary of Rockbridge Federation of Betas, III. HAROLD EVANS KERR Baseball, I, Latin, I, II, Library, I, II, III, Safety Patrol, III, IV, Treasurer of Latin, I, Secretary of Class, II. .V 'wr ! I n augur' jf ELBERT WHITE LINK JOSEPH WILLIS MANSPILE, JR. Football, I. Seniors WILSON MACKEY HUNT, JR. Patrolman, I, II, 4-H, I, Baseball, II, III, IV. MARTIN EUGENE HULBERT Beta Club, I, II, IV, 4-H. I, II, III, IV, Dra- matics, IV, Library, III, IV, Latin, I, II. I ,gunfi- : -::- K in 3 0 F N 13, ' Q " Q PEGGY ANNE LIGGETT F.H,A,, II, III. MILES LOT TS If I m r , ,N A. I X A S I Scniars ROBERT GRIGSBY MCALPIN S. C. A., I, IV, 4-H, I,D1-amatics, IV. ROBERT LEE MCCORMICK Latin, I, II, Safety Patrol, I, II, Football Manager, II, III, IV, Basketball Manager, I, II, III, IV, Baseball Manager, I, II, III, IV, Dramatics, IV. 'Ri lr as arm- X f ELSIE MAE MOORE Latin, I, II, Library, I, II, Softball, I, II, Basketball, I, II, G,A.A,, IV, F.H,A,, IV, F.T,A,, IV. JANIE VIRGINIA MOORE Latin, I, II, Library, I, II, Basketball, I, II3Softbal1, I, II, Beta Club, III: G.A.A., IV, F.H.A.. IV. A B Q. 4 S I E 1 M f HORACE FRANKLIN MCDANIEL Monogram Club, I, II, Football, I, II, III, IV, Captain, IV, Basketball, I, II, III, IV, Cap- tain, IV, Baseball, I, II, III, IV, Vice-Presi- dent Cla s s , II, III, President Class, 1115 Bridge Bulletin, III, IV, Gossip Editor, IV, Span, IV, Circulation Manager, IV. CLEVELAND WESLEY MILLER Band, II. Q-. 3? 3 t ww' .F - MARGARET LOIS PAROLARI F.H.A., I, II, III, Latin, I, II, Basketball, I, Cheerleader, II, III, IV, Bridge Bulletin, IV,G.A.A., IV, Secretary, IV, Secretary of Class, IV. MCGINNIS JAMES PERKINS 4-H, I, II, Latin, I, II, Band, II, III, IV. , ac- l, . aw .., I V! 5 LUCRETIA BELLE ROSE S.C.A,, I, Basketball, Ig Latin, I, II, Beta Club, I, II, III, IV, Secretary, IV, Class Treasurer, IV, Dramatics, IV, Forensics, IV, G,A.A,, IV, Junior Class Play. BERNARD FRANCIS REYNOLDS Basketball, I, II, III, IV,Baseball, I, II, III, IV, Football Manager, III, IV. JY 5 .X R s Q an wah., 'lg' DONALD EUGENE SPANGLER Class President, I, S.C.A., I, II, IV, Base- ball, I, II, III, IV, Basketball, I, II, IV, Foot- ball, Ill, IV, Library Club, I, Latin, I, II, Vice President, II, Dramatics, IV, Bridge Bulletin, IV, Span, IV, Delegate to Boys State, III. PATSY ANN SPENCER F.H.A.,I, II, III, IV, President, IV, Secre- tary, II, Librar y Club, II, Basketball, I, Beta Club, II, IV, F,T.A., III, IV, Class Play, III, S,C,A., IV, Dramatics, IV, G,A,A,, IV. Scniars MARY LOUISE RADFORD 4-I-I, I, II, III, IV,Secretary-Treasurer, II, Reporter, III, Secretary, IV, F.H.A., I, II, III, IV, Basketball, I, II, Manager, III, F.T.A., III, IV, G.A,A., IV. THOMAS LEE RAMSEY ,XII AUDREY CLAYTOR RUCKER F.H,A., 1, II, Latin, 11, 111. DIANA SNOW Class Reporter, I, Class Treasurer, II, Class Secretary, III, Beta Club, I, II, III, IV, Treasurer, II, III, IV, F.I-I.A., I, II, III, Vice President, III, Basketball, I, II, III, S.C.A., IV! Secretary, IV, Dramatics, IV, Secretary, IV, G,A.A., IV, Treasurer, IV. 3 'J 4, ,'.. . V - , L- Seniors MARY RUTH THOMPSON Library, Ig F,H,A,, 1, II, III, 1v. CARL ALEXANDER TOLLEY Football, I, II, III, IV5 Monogram club, II9 S.C.A,, III, IVQ President, IV, Bridge Bulle tin, III3 President of Class, II. x 1 K E pw L ,. R K N' X S ,.', SHIRLEY MAE VEST F.H.A,, I, II, Band, I, II, III, IV: Library, NORMA JEAN WATTS A 5 33' I Q4 ee 4 "Uh . 7-1 ,' 'N .i 1 , ,I I HELEN MARGARET TOMLIN 4-H, 1,F,H.A., 1, II, III, IV, vice President, IVQ Library Club, 1, II, III, IV. MALCOLM BROWN TOWLER Football, IIQ Manager, IVQ Latin, III, Base- ball, III. ,gr- il is ROSA LEE WATTS S.C.A,, IIIg Vice President, III: Beta Club, I, II, III, IV, Vice President, IV5 Latin, I, F. H. A., I, IIg Class Secretary, II, Bridge Bulletin, III, IV, Advertising Manager, IV, F. T. A., IV, Cheerleader, I, II, III, IV: Head Cheerleader, IV, Homecoming Queen, DORIS IRENE WHITESIDE Beta Club, I5F.H.A., II, III, IVQ G.A.A,, IV. RUDELL WAYNE WHITE Latin, II. MITZI JO WOOD F.H,A., I, II, Ill, Glee Club, I, S.C.A,, I, III, IV, Basketball, I, II, III, Latin, I, II, Span Staff, III, IV, Asst. Editor, III, Editor, IV, Bridge Bulletin, III, IV, Sports Editor, III, Business Manager, IV, G.A.A., IV, B,V. Christmas Princess, II, Valentine Prin- cess, III, Homecoming Princess, IV. 611155 History Those 99 small, unsteady voices quivered bravely in the eighth grade homerooms during their first morning at NBHS back in 1953. But soon we got eve rything rolling by electing as officers Donnie Spangler, president, Horace McDaniel vice-president, Brenda Dod, secretary, Iris Cash, treasurer, Diana Snow, reporter. Yes, the class of '58 had arrived and were guided by our homeroom teachers, Mrs. Reveley, Mrs. Hodges, and Mr. Perkins. Before we knew it, we were freshman! We were a little more wordly wise and brave than ayear before. Our freshman class officers were Donnie Spangler, president, Carl Tolley, vice- president, Jimmy Carter, treasurer, and Robert McAlphin, reporter. We were fortunate to have Mrs. Jeanne Bourne and Mr. William Veague as our class sponsors. The fall of '55 found the door opening to a group of "Sophs" who really belonged to NBHS. Leading the class this year were Carl Tolley, president, Horace McDaniel, vice-president, Rosa Lee Watts, secretary, and Diana Snow, treasurer. Our sponsors were Mr. Powers, Miss Camp- bell, and Mrs. Burks. Now we were passing on to that year in which we were very frequently referred to as "Jolly- Juniors." And we were ever jolly! Our talents really began to come into the limelight now as witnessed in dramatics, where the whole class aided in the production of the Junior Play, "One Horrible Night", a smash "hit," This was the year, also, when we worked so hard for the most successfulfin our opinion, Junior-Senior Prom in the history of the school. Always there guiding us were our untiring homeroom teachers, Miss Campbell, and Miss Cobean. Our class officers for this year were Horace McDaniel, president, Clifford Hill, vice-president, Diana Snow, secre- tary, and Susie McClure, treasurer. The Senior year found us greatly dimini she d in number, from 99 to 50 students, but the quality ofour abilities reached new highs under the guidance of Mrs. Burks, our senior sponsor. We were on that coveted, and long-awaited plateau of our high school years. From the "aspiring, young 1awyers" in Mr. Leslie's government classes to the "expert" research theme writers in Mrs. Burks' English classes, we were now truly the leaders of NBHS. Every club and organi- zation felt the strong and capable hands of the seniors guiding all activities. Elected to the important positions of senior class officers were Mary C. Jarvis, president, Horace McDaniel, vice-president, Margaret Parolari, secretary, Lucretia Rose, treasurer, and Willard Branch, reporter. As this history is being written, we still have many exciting things to look forward to, such as the senior trip to Washington, the Junior-Senior Prom, and, of course, that long-awaited day- GRADUATION. So with the s e sad yet happy thoughts, the Class of '56 will go out into the world, and know that whatever is ahead of us we'll always remember those wonderful high school years at Natural Bridge High School. l6 Senior., Betty Reynolds Treasurer G 5- ? YQ I is . hr 4 fl ans. Wanda Altizer Helen Austin Peggy Birckhead Faye Campbell Betty Coffey Joyce Conner Tommy Davis Lynn Hamilton , 5? is Beulah Fainter Martha Har ri son ",'-X 7' ,, -E. .,. -E juniars Doris Fainter Sammy Hayes 'L ,KN ' im, 'SLA-. il- Y? a , fl Louise Bradley Billy Daniel John Foster Bobby Heath 1 vw , .4 4.17, ,ix fx wi in Q 89 - Qu 4 .,,. 'Q rf Q. 'Q A . GJ, w, YW Porter Burks Ellis Davis Shirley Gibson Betty Hinty A, ,J ' 4' of-N: .s"0' y ,W ya gg! .H ,,,W1.AVm. V' """" '- Q-its ??"' "' 18 "kan- X R, .-do img I ,X vs.. K A ' ' . ,, . ,A ., N .1 .1 , Y 4 o i I Y X2-Q55 Sandra Hylton Eleanor Manspile Judy Miller Robert Paxton A . 'A' . 'B Q 'F ,ved he vc. -.J,.- Nerf 5 4' ff? Jean Johnson Joyce Markham Brenda Moody Rebecca Perkins io li h guns 'W' sffs- 1 X." K 1 x , Y - Jil. ge J " S if N , .,e- K- .VX if-. 'lr'--r l :'Ai R V ,.l in kbuk ix S qe-' Judy Lewis Ann McCormick juniors Ruby Moore Buddy Poff x 'RQ Q- kkfqnug. . X id ' sf 5 J 'N' N 19 Judith Lotts Betty McCormick Tommy Mundy Eva Powell L.-.' 6 f ' S -x'l.-- .' 1,- .x,,x . , NJ, 4 ,, -- Yvonne Lotts Marvin McDaniel Philip Ogden Marie Pollard ff 2 ,if 4 F' 3 1 Q f 9 '4 1 W f W Q 3' 27' , . -, ,W-. . . A ' c e ' gl, X, .e ,. . ,g g if 'Q' 4 f-xi Q' if , .3 , ' NX . ,YO .- '. , J' fc- 1:2 7-lf' 331. l 4 :ESM-Kv+. r 5 sf , e rix Thus' 2 W 1 '-'s -qs .- x 'ig uf X xx. I' Wx Billy Ras son Carolyn Rice Evelyn Towler ,,,- - C! f ! N 1' fgiwal MCE 1? im' x ,x...,-g-r Ken Reveley We sley Shepherd Virginia Towler Maxine Wines Betty Reynolds Nanner Taylor juniors Shirley Watkins Larry Worley iw., ni i 5 Ns.,,,,,.Q 20 ETX an ' fv- l 'll N! 'M X :Tux .fs R X Jane Rhodes Arthur Rice Brownlee Tolley Randolph Tomlin Winston Whitmore Maurice Worth ,-dig as 4 -. 'lg im ' Ei I ina-lv' . K ..,kL f . Donnie Wines X Jerry Conner Treasurer Saphamarcs Joe Austin Charlie Conner Jerry Conner Jimmy Crawford Joyce Edwards Carlton Funkhouser Maxine Funkhouser Tommy Faulkner Peggy Garrett Richard Gilliam ff? '73' W . ln L-' H F gtk ,A if b ,Y Q-'47 r : W ' ,fm X ' ,ixiy W V "X, 'au Y 2 , lx , x :fl if 1 Q 'fs ' www -MY X . ,tm- Qalhwlm ,il . , fm: . 1 -JJ' '1 K 'YMGEL . Mn 3' " , A -'W 1-I 1 1, 1, , it iisgfzh' , ' gli. . ,wavy N flxzfi- in ,V .fw'i,'ei.P Valerie Kerr Kenneth Kirby Linda Kirby Joyce Liggett Charles Lotts Edith Lotte Edward Mathews Eleanor McAlpin Judy Moore Johnny Newell . Ars' 3 S 5 ' x ,X KV wit ff' x V . XX dxf! if , i. ,. -as -SLN MQ. gg vw- ' 'K' Q fo A I Q " I W , ,' ' .2 , LQ s f w 4 S 25,5 JN- I1 :Q 1 X' li 1 if f :.:: 2 Y "fm- Y3 -4 R f 3 Q, is.. .. 1, guns. I T C K r J, N, K ,,,. Y I 4 'UQ " W , e c c ' , fs U s it - - if .rf '. YS-Q' , . 'tif i K Ni' 'ii' J in ..a N il ff 0 - rv' XL, ,'N 5- - QQ A L" . . X , igilvvi 'ivy , '-1 in We Q M' ' -xg - -,fy Q--rv' i . E 5 can Winston Grim Shirley Hamilton Catherine Hensley James Hill Billy Holland Carl Horne Mathew Hulbert Brenda Johnson ' A -1533 , 5 5- Q. .xv .Sv J g fki ffm K iiii " ill Q' in 'levee 5? Sf, X JN' X u rw- fl" ml-- X .L 'DH 3 . 3. N 3, x Z2 5 ax my -f . ,r E . xx is P 'E . S 5 i ' Q I Q. - ms. Q ::,, X, g . A Q gin M . .x., NW W t ,Q yn, 6 P -Q 1' -Q12 ' O 'e- ' - af" ,, s Danny Station k"- - Shirley St. Claire QQ Bobby Stonre Tommy Thielecke Yi Carol Thompson - Ammie Todd . Leonard Wallace . K Emily Thompson T" f N M7 6 ,ni I V L 'A it NYE, M xx -' ' S' 'vw A Y a li as 5 fl t . Q fl " li , 1:1 f-gl 'N :n L- as ss. PDA 'Q Q W N e M, 25.15 Q: ":"" 5 P 0 I 1. e ... Q. 3 N x iff gl '15, Q x X -iv 1+ x Saphamarcs Wanda Odgen Dixie Perkins Walter Perkins Douglas Powell Roy Rhodes Bonnie Rice Nancy Slough Betty Smith James Snider Wayne Spangler .i 54.- Qmi . fx .,,A M, Ga uf ,. 635 K x P B 5 t iv M af , v ' an is Preston Wallace Lloyd Watts L. N. Watts Terrell West Gloria White Betty Wines Donny Wines Beth Worley JoAnn Worth X X Aldridge Treasurer w a l Slrcshmcu ,Z X if .. s ,. Faywgnof, '.'- 3 J Q 5 Q Norris Aldridge Q AQ.. k m ,. '7ge:?':f Vincent Altizer v.A'.,,,, new Digg! A f M Carol Austin x' ti N f J ' 1 Jane Barger J S ' W A Maggie Bevely ' Gi .3 'X X W A John Branch f -V IL . , if i' 4.53, Helen Broughman J X N bi ii A ' 'J Patricia Bryant .. A I H. .se N Mar Bur er X X 5 J - Fred Burks ,, N i Emitt Camden .. if-i J ..- J W ' g J Brenda Cash 2 RT' A ' Joyce Cash A - 3 . I, Donald Cash , -, Q x . QLX .1 gi J 1 J Katie Clark A 6 - wg 5. .. g Marie Conner xt, H gf-,X i :1a James Davis to Mary Ann Davis 9 X , X - Vergie Davis X.. X J L 5. Melvin Donald Linda Dooley Joyce Gladwell Paul Grim Susie Hatcher Henry Harrison Sophie Hayes Minnie Hayslett Gene Hickman Charles Hinty Narvell Holland Rita Horn Eugene Hotinger Judy Hylton Robert Inman Janet Johnson Martha Johnson Philip Leighton JoAnn Leech Darlene Lewis Donnie Lewis Janet Lewis P -em Q. 'Q 4-3 . . . ,gy , ,,.,' . . . "-3' .- N3 iilrslfs- . Q5 - . ff i xr., r. is . fn Q '-1 X 94 r J 51 l 'ii5Ef.Q"' . i-X S" il' l i r' " .1 .M Q at s. I i f - .eff . s vi, JL-f, ' 1 My . ' 'wsult iiff sa 4 -as L r..r. h e '.,' 4 3. ng ' .fe X A... khyw r hx .. N i 'X ii' , N, 1 rss- xx QQ! 53-fs V 1-H. V. lx XM W ...A . 'iffy- K .Q -Ml.-v . K- 1:5 333 X X - .1 , - ' x Qrcshmcn is p W Eva Link 1: A A - Q1 ' if Jimmy Lotts fly . f' bg ' A fs Barbara Mark , . M Jimmy Matthews yy f Vaughnlie McClure - Jimmy McDaniel - I - A A Peggy McDaniel 1 ze-gl Sr " ll" W G- James McFaddin 5,3 if Q 5 1 ml, 5 Judy Mcmddin y S Q ,. . Norma McFaddin "pL5fgg 7' ' it f hir Sue Moody A 'J - Curtis Moore 4 was , H in - ' Mary Ann Moore 5' ' K L, Lp p Lki it p Q M Beulah Parker - , i A " A George Paxton 5' It Q 1 - . J K X . ' ,VJX "1 ' Kffz' -f-f: .. .3 . 3511: ,:l1 ' , inf-I . , J Barney Plogger -.1 1- 5? Roy Powell 'J , ."- - i J S' - ' Billy Radford ,, ' Y ' , , A Izetta Rhodes A' ,V , , lwlr Ji? J if "A" pl. Mary Rice 21 A iff, p ,ef . ' - R viii. f. J fa ks' Q, . . 1 A 1 f gggfgig , . A S if ' ' if Q. M, Q if' y 'f n J yt, ,x 53,5 7 . , ji Vk-, 1.1, 21 va, js - xl lxxfxfg' ,fpk . it A A lyvj gl A V Mft .J Q Q, I p Y 3 J J L' " K 5 1' W2 i r f- Q' ynlkff I' I ' Q' -' '11 . B,---' , X 5 ' . ' ' I -1- 5 .J . t X 'l . ' Q 5 v V 6 . ,Q ,S i', . 2 rllww A , txgy Jie! 4,21 xc ,.. ' Af"". . T .. - new M 4' i 43-R fr S , , . s by .W , ,gg H H . is X Q 'xi n tl-Q: Q' E' 26 Robert Rice Kenneth Robinette Sherrill Rose Linda Shepherd Linda Snead Doris Spangler Larry Spangler John Staton Robert Starkey Johnny Stoner Melba Thompson Elbert Tolley Shirley Tolley Lorene Tomlin Fred Trevey Sue Vaughn Jeanette Vest Carol Webber John Webber Diane Whitman Kenny Wills L 39 s fi yas, tkw 174 ta had Qr., Q.. adv Jo Rice Treasurer 'bm irc Q rN d Lx ' H- rs- Delton Agnor - Paula Alford Harold Alford ,L A . A M in .1 I . , -,A X - , Homer Austin 4 x K M 5 5 '45 'L' - J va Roberta Austin x ka Q x I Robert Bennington S M Janice Blackburn Wanda Camden Charles Campbell Eddie Claytor f Eleanor Claytor 'W 5- Nancy Clark A A'-gr Mary Jane Coffey Lillian Collins Judy Critzer xml John Cupp Sue Ellen Cupp Joseph Dorey Jimmy Eaton Z? ' M S. ' " Yr' ' A A X .Q Q lllk Mary Edwards X f xx! it 5 Brenda Emore Joyce Fainter Donna Faulkner d r l Betty Fitzgerald A w Tarelton Gillispie lb' A I Brenda Gilliam sk E '4' K 'Q 6- fa, I 'F use .Q A-g f wx, 'W-A, H V. I 1, ,. Patricia Gilliam N - Brenda Goolsby Carolyn Hayes g , ' Ginger Ann Hickman Y ' J '- Harry Hickman Q ' J l Alma Hill 'ns Q E CJK ' X 5, 4. K, V .. wg 1 2 n 1 if -, ' , A . .tll is -- 1 . 1 2 Richard Hill . Priscilla Hulbert 5 v L Terymon Hunt f ' - ' Barbara Irvin . -' -.M L Jerry Johnson Zi J ww xl iss' W 9' L fy.. N' X ffl J , A YR o, yry. Marjorie Johnson M ' Denny Leech John Lewis 1- Roger Lotts A Bobby Lotts cg' . 4. .- w? ,J idsrzaxx 28 K., Sighth I, ,I Q ' nl Q, . xi . X 'i', L. lt' 4 6- x,"2A" 8' x ' Q " 1 x Grade Thomas Madison Ronnie Madison Juanita Mannon David McAlphin Frances McFaddin Barbara Jean McCormick Susie Milliner Charles Mitchell fs G, L... sx Marlene MCCollugh L4 , Charlene Mundy Woodell Nester Bernice Ogden Billy Painter Jimmy Painter Isabell Porolari Josie Pearson Wanda Perkins William Perkins Romelda Plogger Hunter Pollard K -if s li as N R 1- as L af' Ea M N. 3' Q' P' . X X , K-Q ' ,Ag or A y , -Q s 1. .fx N K R a . f' .1 X X l .f 1 Hy, . 0 hp , sr .-:, . LFTFX y Q :' - ' D 1 4 I p so 1 A X X, la s -:fi J i is S wg Q R ' f. as Hg, as 'W V Lo , I - ia. R sz' Q -- 'iff X 1 . 1 ' '--. 6 x f s SY 'S - NX- Xi - 5 ' vga? f ' ' K- i K - Q no ' ? Y, 1 Mf r Q NWN . I Q ka D 5 V 29 - J 5 , h:2 ' ,X Ili- - ,Q 'VA , il, ll J? Lf X Q Qntuixsf 5,5 r rx V, 4 l1l" ' .. A I ' an N J of-'. Q' " J' ' , ', 2.3 'j'- lg lk 12' K f. 5 ky: A X o 6: 7-7 Q2 - . fre :fx sew M 571. .. X W 1 Milli- 'xiii' A - .I - 'f a,.f:l"iF3'N sr Q : y 4 - , Z, X y N 5 l Dorothy Powell Nancy Powell David Powell Phyllis Rams ey Betty Jo Rice Andrew Rice Jack Rogers Karen Saunders G. W. Saunders Carl Silvey Tommy Spangler Nancy Stoner Barbara Jean Thompson Roberta Tolley Carolyn Sue Tucker Christine Wallace Douglas Webb Ronnie Wells Carol Wilmeth Ronnie Williams John Worley Lois Worth School fzfe X 30 , .it Carl Tolley, Pres. Ellis Davis, Vice Pres. Diana Snow, Secretary Iris Cash, Treasurer Mary Carole Jarvis Maurice Worth Robert Paxton Judith Lotts 5 . Linda Shepherd Delton Agnor .Timmy Eaton Carol Wilmeth Bernice Odgen Janice Blackburn Mitzi Jo Wood, Report Donnie Spangler si: is ln f' PM il rc l ' 5' it V J 5 4 I ' t ff Q in QQ 1 I ' , , pi ,SAV -i as, LV Q 'V' K t '.,k :Q A Q' .. -V Q K CL A . xlfl 'lil' A f -A Y, -A ' x V . .4 ai i 1 . I l st I X N A' P ia i if 4- ' 4, K 31 ll. 'N !,. , X Q15 I fix? y A X I-W f '32 X It gf' Wesley Shepherd Winston Whitmore Thomas Thielecke Tommy Faulkner Ammie Todd Maxine Funkhouser George Paxton Larry Spangler Fred Trevey Student Gauucil Robert McAlpin Patsy Spencer Brenda Dod Robert Wines Terrell West Nancy Holland Dixie Perkins Tommy Ramsey Mrs. Burks, Sponsor L NL jL1l nj 3-Q5 on-as LJ fl .sv Iris Cash, President Rosa Lee Watts V1ce Pres Lucretia Rose, Secretary Diana Snow Treasurer Peggy Birckhead Louise Bradley Jimmy Crawford Brenda Dod AG- 59 lingua ngl W Joyce Liggett Judith Lotts Margaret Pearson Dixie Perkins Bonnie Lou RICG Caroline Rice Ken Reveley ,, 'i x . 5 stat , so lie- - -.. L ' A f- M Q-vi 1 at A ' 'M' at ,lt W sf it it , me s C W N, lx in ,Q 1 N Q wx an V.. A 6- ' M r ff. :Q A A 'A ' if g L K to yn My in K-J Evil' T-Kina K-.x E t if +f L r X" et-e lki Sl. - fx Y ' ' I Doris Fainter Tommy Faulkner Gene Hulbert Matthew Hulbert Sandra Hylton Mary Carole Jarvis Hein 6 ub 33 Patsy Spencer Tommy Thieleclse Shirley Watkins Terrell West Maxine Wines Robert Wines Mrs. Hodges, Sponsor pau Staff Mitzi Wood Judith Lotts Donnie Spangler Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Business Manager Louise Bradley Peggy Birckhead Club Editor Assistant Business Manager Horace McDaniel Robert Paxton Doris Fainter Circulation Manager Boys' Sports Editor Art Director Loyd Watts Shirley Watkins Joyce Ayers Advertising Manager Girls' Sports Editor Photographer Span Representatives. Seated: Philip Odgen, Betty Reynolds. Standing left to right: Jeanette Vest, Betty Jo Rice, Danny Staton, Judy Hylton, Vergie Davis, Jane Barger, Wanda Perkins. 34 Row Row Row Row Row Row lm, :ix IUM Betty Reynolds, Co-Historian, Bonnie Lou Rice, Historian, Maxine Funkhouser, Co- T r e a s ur e r 3 Helen Tomlin, Vice Presidentg Patsy Spencer, President, Ammie Todd, Secretary, Peggy Birckhead, Treasurer, Eleanor McAlphin, Reporter, Louise Bradley, Co-Reporter. Eva Powell, Rebecca Perkins, Mrs. Shaner, Sponser, Minnie Hayslett, Jo Ann Worth, Wanda Altizer, Gwendolyn Gladwell, Mary Ann Davis, Joyce Markham, Judy McFaddin. Marjorie Hickman, Jean Johnson, Betty Burger, Linda Shepherd, Darlene Lewis, Faye Agnor, Dolly Cash, Janet Johnson, Beulah Painter. Peggy Liggett, Molly Hamilton, Elsie Moore, Nancy Holland, Maggie Beverly, Jo Ann Leech, Carolyn Rice, Peggy McDaniel, Janet Lewis, Martha Johnston, Janie Moore. Doris Whiteside, Mary Lou Radford, Betty Coffey, Shirley Tolley, Jeanette Vest, Jane Barger, Katie Clark, Shirley St. Claire. Virginia Towler, Brenda Cash, Joyce Edwards, Lorene Tomlin, Joyce Liggett, Patricia Bryant, Mary Lee Rice. 35 EQQQQQQ. E -. . .K ..g-we Yew 6 A dp: ' in 0 W Q me H .CU Q 2:53, N 0, ff lt, BQ Q ':g- l ,- V ' H . P ee 0 mu ik? l Q-If llt Q Bax, H 4 L Q YN D 0 ,V 1, q ll A 5 U, Tepfreu WNW 5 U54 Miss India Campbell 'Og G- B?e"da Johnson resident , - Q k -f Nice President e 0 Sponsor 9 0 ' 73 ,- 1 1 g 5? , X . 1 fl, 1 4' ' L? P 6 f ' I4 H . 'v Q - fe , Edith L rr Q James H111 1 .Eg 0 5 ,, QM QQ SI D 0 I 40 ,S Q V- A Joyce Liggett 4, 5 m vo W? W , Q f' S D J N Vbfxg -.'A .. Ed' Y ,. KG, 4 N Q Q. 9, N :ly 4 1 Q axine un ouse r E gd gmnfyr kh 54 sl QQ W 0 2 P-.D K' M Fil haf if gil-if-9 EQ W ff iss! , V Z' -5' lc- fiXc Beth Worley mr fl tl figihfftifblg J Grail? QQKEJ, fo nm' X ln. :M 9 ky Lx 9 LXQH falsrbiggg -. 5 3 o P, ' Q. Q Q Donnie Wines SQ' r-,f..'6- v f 64 66' o P ' P P P fl 0 '20 Jimmie Snider W Q 'I We EA? D ? I x D Danny Staton snag ffl of Gloria White 'Q 9' guild Fi s", X . Mathew Hulbert 6 Q Ei sd 1 fs? Dixie Perkins M neo -V. W0 1 'lf 0 e Z f B 0 SMS W r 9 , SM If' fi? G 0 0 od P' N0 .,. . x 1. H- , 1' EJ Z Q o S af' Q I J Y Q 6 "A v V. 1 .fi pf ' sl, I to M ' 9 4, of M... y - ,. . ' "' .0 ...G 5.9 suv to Qg Q f Bonnie Rice Loyd Watts Ammie Todd Tommy Faulkner a 9- I 2' 49 ,Hg Dog Q ' W B H gage vu. N ok Walter Perkins Peggy Garrett N , 0 , ' o - '- N D N t H f do Q X v Carol Thompson - . X ' I 0 64' Au O o Secretary X 0 w 1- x N El M A1 hi an :N 'S ' ' 5 eixfexesugerp n , wx, Q J Q QQ SQ ll P l l of S5 9 KN Q 1 1 : ,I 1 fx? 0 'J G ' 'got Q12 3 f vo' , -'X B g f l W 2 'eee' 9 Q 36 Y -1 ' t ,lf 'ii '1 J' ' "ll' 'TM :RQ cf: as F George Paxton W 1 Q Robert Earl Rice Presldent Betty Burger Fred Bufks VICE President Paul umm Buddy Poff 6 B. Q J G Vergxe Dav1s -T0 Ann Leech -D Vlncent Altizer Bobby Stoner Brenda Cash U in H Q E s e ' E an Bobby Starkey John Branch QE E X Wayne Spangler Volney McClure l lir X K 'In V J 'L V, Mary Ann Moore James McFadden Q 'rm y Fred Trevey John Lee Staton .ew Martha Johnson Eugene I-Iotinger Linda Snead l . ' .3 Wk J -'wp Q' lvl xi, Q, G r Q EJ A - M S 5, wFaYe Agnor Don Cashho 6:14 R 9 O H 0 5 ,, 0 -fikln.. 0 D ce- S Q 9 67 . oris Spangler 0 6-1: C? 0 Norms Aldridge Secretar Treasurer J P 00 0 0 o S C Q gg: G C? as u ' Q 'U cw D - ge! are Sail G Q' l 'O A' fy 9 ' E? cog f O 9 G A Q 4 E 9 0 0 ' K ga U 0 1' to t ' 5 0 0 fwz- 5 - " 0 0 9 Q M 7, Z, 1,1 G Q 1 0 fi bij I" 0 i U lx' 5 Sue Vau hn ty' lj, Kenn lilllfills S N 0 9 g Y ca li l 0 S. 125+ A z, V ' V- t Q Q . .-: .552 y 6 ri P-E - 2 N. bv 0 lo fe " b-:I -2 0 + 0 5 We! Wlrkg ' 0 H lo X v A 1 f l 9 B 0 H O as 0 - lf- Q A , M ' N Q K5 fm ma Q ' O UQQ ea an as Q- J Wx A - - M- of 0 0 5 1 v Q-5 'N no H ' 1 ., 0 Q, u Q 319' e er , a 0 Q " 9 '- da 37 Q .3 H Hridge l5'ul :lin FirstRow: Brenda Dod, BettyReynolds, Mitzi Wood, Donna Dixon, Joyce Ayers, Louise Bradley, I-lor ace McDaniel, Carol Thompson, Peggy Birckhead, Mrs. Cosby, sponsor, Rosa Lee Watts. SecondRow: Mary Burger, Doris Fainter, Shirley Tolley, Linda Shepherd, Jeanette Vest, Lorene Tomlin, Charline Mundy, Linda Dooley, Judy Hylton, Dixie Pe rkins , Mary Ann Moore, Wanda Ogden, Margarie Hickman, Donnie Spangler. Third Row: Jo Ann Leech, Joyce Cash, Sherrill Rose, Mary Lee Rice, Patricia Bryant, Jane Barger, Vergie Davis, Norma McFaddin, Eugene I-Iotinger, Homer Austin, Robert Inman, Henry Harrison, Willard Branch. The "Bridge Bulletin" had a very successful year for the 1957-58 session. The staff elected for this year were the following: BrendaDod.... ..... 0 . Betty Reynolds. . . . . . . . . Mitzi Wood .... Donna Dixon . . Joyce Ayers . . . Louise Bradley , , Horace McDaniel . , Carol Thompson , . Peggy Birckhead , . Willard Branch , , Doris Fainter . , Wanda Ogden . Jeanette Vest . . Homer Austin . . . Rosa Lee Watts , , , We wish to thank Mrs. . . .Editor-in-chief . . . Assistant Editor . . . Business Manager . . Circulation Manager .. . Jr. ..Soph. 'f..sth nnnanvo-a-nnn..f.-uf..Ilfansusnuauu John Cosby for her excellent guidance as our spo 38 . . . . . Feature Writer . . . . . Sports Editor . . Humor Editor . Photography . . Club Editor . . Sr. Class Reporter Class Reporter Class Reporter Class Reporter Grade Reporter . Advertising Manager Fresh. nsor. Jig. ,-1 is Fir st Row: Dixie Perkins, President, Rebecca Perkins, Vice-President, Mary Lou Radford, Sec., Tommy Faulkner, Treas., Margaret Pearson, Reporter, Peggy Garrett, Mary Ann Moore, Andy Pollard. Second Row: Shirley St. Clair, Pracilla Hulbert, Josie Pearson, Jo Ann Worth, Linda Snead, Martha Johnson, James Davis, Gene Hulbert, Matthew Hulbert, Walter Perkins, Jo Ann Leech. Motto: To Make the Best Better. Our Main Project: Conservation A Tree Planting i rg ,T Ur 39 il First Row: James Davis, Charles Lotts, Joe Austin, Sue Vaughn, Faye Agnor, Peggy Garrett, Mary Carole Jarvis, Maxine Funkhouser, Nancy Holland, Betty Reynolds, Eva Powell, Jerry Corner, Harold Kerr. Second Row: Mrs. Reveley, Ronnie Wills, Buster Holland, John Lee Staton, Cleland Miller, Gerald Johnson, L. N. Watts, G. W. Sanders, Wayne Spangler, Bill Painter, Donnie Cash. 40 Back Row: Margaret Pearson, Yvonne Lotts, Betty Hinty, Tommy Thielecke, Billy Perkins, Cleland Miller, Rebecca Perkins, Jimmy Crawford, Brownlee Tolley, Jimmy Perkins, Tarleton Gillespie, and Director, Mr. L. D. Perkins. Front Row: Beulah Fainter, T e r rell West, Shirley Watkins, Rita Horne, Josie Pearson, Doris Fainter, Matthew Hulbert, Douglas Webb, Walter Perkins and Ken Reveley. The band has made considerable improvements during the past year. They went to Charlottes- ville, Virginia toa band convention, and they have given quite a few concerts. The Director, Mr. Perkins, has started an elementary band. These students will be ready to take their positions in the high school band in the near future. 41 a .QV 4 lifvv' 3.4 A Yi X on-1 'lf 'Ein' V' 1 . 'gfldfqv' 'K I 4 A xv we-4 ' asm 14 ,I-We lf" ii.. i . ' JZ' 'Y-TNQ . 4 'fi--. AM. , A A .'J1,," " ' -. . nl . V jf a h , : , A 1 jj.','-.135 7. r.-13,2 -' 3:,':, vi ,',E.,l',.Lf3Q,:!,i.-, ,rf , .I 73. W. qt x Q. ...,. f ..' rg' 15' 3' 'ff .1 -fi :EA f-1 . ' . E . .-'Tha' .- fr." " ,. ' ' 3.56 l .I , I My .1,.:,x. ' I 1'1" " .,, - ,af lf' '-V+ ,,,, , 5-I ' , 'tiff' '."'5 C' L , , n, ' 3 V19 va. Ae. Q .-1. ' ' :Fifi A Q 3, E , 1:- t . fjs- ' . -'u - i'vj.f'!-.iflirig . . 1' , 1 A '-""-gL...L 'fl .4,, 'X , :So , 9' 3:.,jM, 'v ' fifsffm W' Ki' ' 1-r . r .J F' ,uwr-yr f g -as 4 v. . -' '11 . , If ':':':M:4':iigirfifslii . '- I N H, . - af' ' ' '!'L'z:'5 ' .-'41-,-ff , p . ,lv . .MV , 'L' ., - 5.5.4 1QC'3'-" ? 11 rf1,.':'x fi! W ef 3 . A' 51. 5 'f .1 ' ' 'L ""AZ-. I . . ""'-'ig-5 H'TE.?,-fx ,ha v -' N21 t . " ' if ':r " . 9' .. '1'W"'3d-37' iii' ' . ' - 1'!,'.fg1,,L AH'r':l't.'f-'-"wit" 52,11 .35 h i f i n l -1,-.', ., .Nfl -. -r..k H" 13-:Jw ,-- f., 'I . 5111.1 A x A A x I+' Nz, 4,-,A V H x ,iw ., 1 A , 4 , ' , 'a 4 'gr Q qt, 3 X' gr f r Y 4. ig-g rv ., T .fi li I rl I I ' Uv I 1- is J Afp' W is -if .9 rm" -xi LV...-. V - V .-14 1.11 M 'K 933 u."x"1, 1 .M 1 " L my A 5 . ,, f. J- . 4 'ggi Y . ,g " .,1Q1T"I'o'75,"'A-Rik., ""A' D , ' 1 WIAH in , v rf .r .I TL.. k . . FI ' .nw 4, X 11 Qi. Q-qt - . V 1 1, , ss A - A ' fr , ' ' ',,.1J ' V, ,, S, A . 'Q-J '1 r ,,J1.,. xx .qv . 4 'h' L,,,m.,- , J ,IU l .1 . W, I 1 'x4.'bQix.,x'x-'5,,-'- f'-"i.-"3 f' " 4' P ' A "V -.'r!T'Ii?Sg,.j'f9",--' , 4 'Y fr'-, -,TL E., 1 , -I . s . ' lv A . . ,g . ,Z:"' ' '1 ,1 -ny , M 4 ' ' " " ' .4--t ' ."Q:t'g?Zgjfgh ,-1. '., , ' .ge 4, fr , -iq, - e' vo., - -485551 1 1 "Hifi ,ayldf , -L.. -c , v" o ' -Q' ,km ' - 3 I. N 1 A .- A ly , A-.. '-' ,: - 4' fgb nuff- ' " '-.,- - . ', ,NC-1. Li P f,-,P-' 1 ' ' 1- 1-'QW--. X-V ' ,- - Sufi '1-' 'MTX-i'0 -"gl 1 ' 1 - FU' .. "T "H: Aullilufilf ' 5 1 .f . ',- , ' . .N ,,,.- J. ' H.. gy. 5. ' hy, . N, rw . .-lx, 5 K, ,- -I, , 1 , l 5 -f' - 'L 1' 'F ' 9?.i3L"-lft'-,211 'kffji-'iffkri--'f xii. ' - . ', .jfffqf JJ- .3 91- :Z 'ff ,'?,1ce',f"1'. t 121, I H Q - A , I .7,-gz:.'v,g-5 ' 1 fl'..'.yW.z. .,. 4.,-f-"11:,.1, J an A YH.. L.: P4 1 f ' - .' '-'1.2,7'. 'fl '-WF". ... . I . 4 1' Eff: i f K gf 1 'al 1 5' T .V-1.1 Q. 4, .Z , I. M . 't 1.1. v. zif gf 4, V Vs., iff., ,Nl M www " 6 . Q s Y l. ff a ff: wa" ff ev, :-:l ,lr Hz, rj . 1 'i' , ' : lr , 1' KW, K 4 -Q" 'F 'QJ3' 'Wi x V ff I i 1 'i , 1 jr.. . 3 -.f ' A gl 4, hi Z I-'-I 121. f JE' wg ' 'JG ik ' . we 1 T' "' i as ' ,-, , , Sage- . Q! I fd V A . Vi., L X B E f t .5 . 1.18 ' - g , V ,- 'lr' 1' fi' 7 W - 4 -'-ic? 5 ' i Li 11 3 ,'-.'L ' 1 1 Q? fa X 5, . 1 9 L -1? , Kal Robert Wines President Matthew Hulbert Vice President Carol Thompson Secretary 8: Treasurer Joyce Liggett Reporter Dixie Perkins Librarian Jane Barger Jimmy Crawford Linda Dooley Sfarcnsic 61110 "T ws Bobby Heath Mary Jarvis Bonnie Rice Lucretia Rose Doris Spangler Ammie Todd Boyd Walker Terrell West Mrs. Spence Sponsor fr"-ewemv-W-lmtawv 'N Q 1, 5- :Pe '-C5 H ,4 Dramalics Klub First Row: Sponsor, Mrs. Spence, Donnie Spangler, Diana Snow, Carl Tolley, Carol Thompson, Mary Jarvis, Tommy Ramsey, Brenda Johnson. Second Row: Matthew Hulbert, Bobby Heath, Betty Reynold s, Joyce Markham, Lucretia Rose, Margaret Pearson, Louise Bradley, Shirley Watkins, Wanda Ogden. Third Row: Eva Powell, Linda Shepherd, Sherrill Rose, Bonnie Rice, Jimmy Crawford, Shirley Tolley, JoAnn Leech, Joyce Cash, Terrell West, Bobby Stoner, Boyd Walker. FourthR0w: Bobby McCormick, Maxine Funkhouser, Ammie Todd, Jerry Conner, Lynn Hamilton, Wanda Altizer, Judith Lotts, Joyce Liggett, Eleanor McAlphin, Sophie Hayes, Dixie Perkins. FifthRow: Willard Branch, Robert McAlphin, Johnny Newell, Tommy Thielecke, Henry Harrison, Sue Vaughn, Diane Whitman, Rita Horne, Martha Johnson, Judy McFaddin, Norma Jean McFaddin and Judy Hylton. I I Z' X wi, 3 Q11 'J , A 9. Zf.,4. -DAL Brenda Dod D1ana Snow Margorme H1ckman Pres1dent V1ce Pres1dent Secretary -mw- X Tl. Vie' Y: of-w nkmg nat L Margaret Pearson Helen Austm Jane Barger Donna Dlxon Lmda Dooley Mary C Jarvls Reporter :ii 1, 'TT uv ALL LLLMALA A.. Eleanor McAlp1n Elsxe Moore D1x1e Perkzns Vlary L Radford Bonnle Rlce Marv Rxce 23 si' Patsy Spencer Dur1s Spangler Arnrme Todd R953 Watts Jo Leech "N Nancy Slough Patnca Bryant Vhss Cobean Sponsor at Q, I A , , S, , 1 - a ' r 15 ,ta y ., fl? 1 - , ! sv ' ' " W 'N , ,. 4 N' j A e L 'l'1L,X 1 , N A f .. We 'SL' in Q , .5 ' eq V L iff U ' ' .gi " x if A S. A ' A Y, fy 35, ,LW 4 fb- , 1 A ' K ' . V ,,. :Q . 'Rs yv I A K 5 L. my 'W '11 . A fx ,Ll oz, 'W ' 15 Q- , ' A. S- , Y? , -f 1 a 1 I 44 xx SQ 22. 41 7 ig keg J2EE33e. EU, 31 14 E7 Front Row: Donnie Spangler, Ellis Davis, Maurice Worth, Willard Branch, Brownlee Tolley, Carl Tolley, Wesley Shepherd, Robert Altizer, Horace McDaniel, Randolph Tomlin, Clifford Hill. SecondRow: Jimmy Crawford, Tommy Faulkner, Lynn Hamilton, George Paxton, Norris Alridge, Leonard Wallace, Larry Spangler, Jerry Conner, Paul Grim, Robert Heath, Robert Paxton, Boyd Walker. Third Row: Mr. Leslie, Coach, Arthur Rice, Manager, Robert McCormick, Manager, TarletonGillispie, Woodell Nester, Fred Burks, Ken Reveley, Douglas Webb, Tommy Thielecke, Mr. Macheras, Asst. Coach. Mr. Graham "Buck" Leslie Coach Schedule And Sevres NB 25 Wilson Memorial 7 NB 7 Lexington 45 NB 34 Buchanan 0 NB 0 Central 12 NB 12 Clifton Forge 6 NB O Waynesboro 12 NB 7 Buena Vista 12 NB 0 V. S. D, 0 46 ii 1 Horace McDaniel Clifford Hill Carl Tolley Quarterback Guard Guard lFour years, lThree years, fFour years, Willard Branch Donnie Spangler Robert Altizer End End Tackle QThree years, lTwo years, QOne year, lfackcts The 1957 season was a rebuilding season for the "R.ockets" whose graduating losses from the 1956 Champions were great. The "rockets" were lacking in weight and experience. Our team started slowly but showed marked improvement, despite a "flu" epidemic, as the season progressed. A record of 3-4-1 was considered to be a good one for this young team. Co-Captains Clifford Hill and Horace McDaniel were outstanding performers in the "Rockets" 1957 season, both of these boys placed on the second team All-District. Other s enior s who were outstanding performers throughout the season were Carl Tolley and'Wi11ard Branch. Donnie Spangler and Robert Altizer also helped the "Rocket's" cause. 47 Yu Ie- X Ia ' qu'77 IO. X! lea? Xggnm, y gsm, ix Maui' Wlugl, Kneeling: Robert Paxton,Bobby Standing: Ellis Davis, Donnie Spangler, Aldridge, Coach John Macheras. Not The Natural Bridge Rockets won The record does not show the type of 'sv' W E5 HS . Y f all T, if iii ,XsUEKgT U5KEp,. CKE 1U'Di033lf ,mhun E x,,,, "si Heath, Ken Reveley, Horace McDaniel, Tommy Faulkner. Willard Branch, Maurice Worth, Bernie Reynolds, Norris Pictured: George Paxton, Paul Grim, Arthur Rice. six and lost eleven games during the 1957-1958 campaign. ball the team performed in numerous games. Horace McDaniel, Willard Branch, and Maurice Worth were the leading scorers for the "Rockets", The following is the 1957-1958 basketball schedule: N.B.H.S ......... N.B.H.S N.B.H.S. . . N.B.H.S N.B.H.S N.B.H.S N.B.H.S. . . N.B.H.S N.B.H.S. . . N.B.H.S. . . N.B.H.S N.B.H.S N.B.H.S. . . N.B.H.S. . . N.B.H.S N.B.H.S N.B.H.S I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 54 Buchanan ......... 34 58 Staunton ..... . . 51 42 Buena Vista . . . . 50 56 Waynesboro .... . . 64 65 Effinger .......... 57 34 Wilson Memorial .... 46 76 Buchanan ......... 47 40 Buena Vista .... . . 59 58 Central ..... . . 61 58 Clifton Forge . . . . 44 36 Waynesboro . . . . 59 57 Clifton Forge . . . . 74 54 Staunton ..... . . 65 63 Central . . . ..... . . 45 43 Lexington ......... 62 43 Wilson Memorial .... 48 49 Lexington ......... 63 48 Horace McDaniel lCaptainj 3years on squad ,Nfi',SE?SA 'i" i Qg await EBM 7' www 'I rf if 1 X U' Willard Branch 2 years on squad Mr. John Macheras QCoachl Donnie Spangler 1 year on squad ""' mx .'a' T , 'ffffff . T?wamrff3?- .roo i . fff?ffff.Q:.Q.Q. f Y ' yi kk.L- J i EKEV f? 38 5 5 49 Bernie Reynolds Z years on squad Mackey Hunt w as W: uk' 3' fi' xii ,fi '. fl wif , 'Q ,.:f'fii.'-: I -.w:,q. 3. Q if .. gggfiif .H ,E fxszkg 12,1 fx , .A ., . gi' 'Rf-Xsefzgifq .ew K ,ii n i, g f' ' , I A , 3 K., V, Bernard Reynolds Randolph Johnson fligggl i iii i i ,. ' g Wi 1 S' an Q, 1 'VX A 'QE Q ff xx . , 54 ,P if 'sa ,gym Jn uf , .5 My fi 1 4' vs QV, QW A trys! k .. 4 Mm Q rf, . .,,. harm.- John Barger Pete Rhodes Ellis Davis Donnie Spangler Charlie Mac Wood " f ,. -'fit ff Aw, ' 4 xiii , , A Mr. Leslie Horace McDaniel Robert Paxton fi xi . . XQl"?LfY2'9? ., W- T we .A iazilssgm. ' , A ypwy .1 ,Q ,Q vi: , a ' A ,N ' 'xxx V. NA W sim' Leroy Smiley Richard Jarvis Jimmy Crawford Tommy Faulkner .qn9" if Philip Odgen Boyd Walker Clifford Hill Bobby McCormick Selzeelule And Sevres Baseball I 95 7 Distric! 5 Glzampiens 15-Wins 0-Losses The 1957 Rockets compiled the best baseball record in the history of our school. The team featured excellent pitching, strong defense and outstanding hitting. John Barger, Senior, won 12 games as the ace of the pitching staff. Ellis Davis, Mackey Hunt and Charlie Mac Wood completed the pitching corps. The outstanding hitters were John Barger, .475, Ellis Davis, .4l6, Leroy Smiley, .34O, and Randolph Johnson, .354. The team batting average was a high .Z95. The following Seniors, closing out their high school careers, contri- buted greatly to the undefeated championship team: John Barger, pitche rg Marvin Blackburn, catcherp Randolph Johnson, outfielder: Pete Rhodes, outfielderg Charlie MacWood, shortstop, Leroy Smiley, first baseg and Richard Jarvis, third base. Seasons highlights consisted of twin victories over each of the arch- rivals, Buena Vi sta and Lexington. Ellis Davis' no-hitter over Lee of Staunton is a first in the school's history. Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Natural Bridge 13 VSD 17 VSD 13 Central 15 Buchanan 6 Clifton Forge 4 Wayne sboro 9 Central 10 Wilson Memorial 7 Staunton 4 Buena Vista 7 Lexington 4 Wayne sboro 19 Buchanan 4 Lexington 6 Buena Vista 51 Rosa Lee Watts, Head Che e rleade r, Donna. Dixon, Brenda Dod, Margaret Parolari, Linda Dooley, Carol Thompson, Helen Austin, and Brenda Johnson. At the end of last year three new cheerleaders were ele cted . They were Helen Austin, Linda Dooley and Brenda Johnson. Together with the five old cheerleaders, four of them being Seniors, they started their long, tedious summer practice. They elected the following officers: Rosa Lee Watts ............ President Donna Dixon .... . .Vice President Brenda Dod .............. Secretary Margaret Parolari .......... Treasurer The che e r l e ade r s raised money through bake sales and selling programs at football games. T,hey used this money to sponsor the annual Homecoming Dance, following the game with Parry McCluer, on November 15. During the half-time cermonies Iris Cash was crowned queeng her attendants were Mary Carole Jarvis and Mitzi Jo Wood. We wish to say "Thank-You" to our new sponsor, Mrs. Mildred Parsons, for the wonderful job she did this year. We also would like to thank all those who helped u s sponso r our highly successful Homecoming Dance and those who helped us cheer our team to victory. We hope that the squad will continue to be an important and s uc ce s s ful phrase of school life at Natural Bridge High School. IN 4? V25 52 fS4A..f..-.- .e A , , First Row: Mrs. Mildred Parsons, Diana Snow, Mary Carole Jarvis, Iris Cash, Joyce Ayers. Second Row: Janet Johnson, Patrica Gilliam, Valeria Kerr, Priscilla Hulbert, Lucretia Rose, Katie Clark, Nancy Slough, Mitzi Jo Wood, Gloria White, Joanne Worth, Shirley St. Clair, Donna Faulkner, Joanne Leech, Junita Mannon, Lois Worth, Nancy Clark, Shirley Watkins, Bonnie Rice. Third Row: Judy Critzer, Jo s i e Pearson, Nancy Powell, Wamda Altizer,Patsy Spencer, Mary Lou Radford, Janie Moore, Linda Campbell, Barbara Campbell, Nancy Stone r, Caroline Rice, Brenda Johnson, Wanda Perkins, Barbara Jean McCormick, Isabel Par olar i, Darlene Lewis, Linda Snead, Mary Ann Moore, Maxine Funkhouser, Wanda Ogden. Fourth Row: Ginger Ann Kickman, Frances McFaddin, Sue Ellen CUPP, Doris Whiteside, Janet Lewis, Jane Barger, Patri- cia Bryant, Brenda Goolsby, Beulah Fainter, Peggy Bir ckhead, Peggy Garrett, Judy Moore, Eleanor Claytor, Louise Bradley, Evelyn Towler, Ammie Todd, Eleanor McAlpin, Margaret Pearson. Fifth Row: Betty Rice, Martha Johnson, Rita Horn, Sue Vaughn, Shirley Tolley, Faye Agnor, Brenda Cash, Charlene Muncy, Bernice Odgen, Carole Wilmer, Edith Lotts, Carol Thomp- son, Judy McFaddin, Norma Jean McFaddin, Mary Lee Rice, Linda Dooley, Doris Spangler, Vergie Davis, Linda Kirby. The Girls'Athletic Association was organized this year at the high school under the direction of Mrs. Parsons. The purposes of the G, A. A. are: l. To encourage girls in school, in all phases of the physical education program, to pro- mote good scholar ship and school spirit, to establish the ideal of health, and to develop a true spirit of sportsmanship in all of its members. 2. To encourage allgirls to participate in a wide variety of activities, especially physical activities, and to emphasize the kind of activities which will provide for and encourage leisure time recreation for the individual, family and community. On February 8, 1958, the Girls'Athletic Association attended a Sports Day at Parry McCluer High School. We plan to have aSports Day at the school sometime in the spring. Our G.A. A. won the opening game of the Sports Day, 2.7-3. Buena Vista had better success in the second game, winning 15-14, on a last second shot by Phyllis Moore. Recreational activity highlighted by volleyball and kickball was conducted in the afternoon. The s coring in the first basketball game was as follows: Natural Bridge QZ7j--Cash 10, Campbell 8, Wood 5, and Radford 4. Buena Vista Q31--Moody 2, Cullen 1. Second Game--Buena Vista 1155 Moore 8, Blosser 7. Natural Bridge 114, Fainter ll, Bradley 3. 53 Friendliest Robert McCormick - Diana Snow Gene Hulsert - mcretia Rose Most Likel To Succeed Wittiest Willard Branch - Margaret Parolari Cutest Biggest Flirt Thomas Ramsey - Joyce Ayers Horace McDaniel - Rosa Lee Watts Senior 54 .ha- Best All Around Most Studious Carl Tolley - Mary Carol Jarvis Gene Hulbert - Lucretia Rose upcrlalivcs Most Popular Willard Branch - Iris Cash Most Athletic Horace McDaniel - Clifford Hill Most Dependable Mitzi Wood Bernard Reynolds - Mary Carole Jarvis . n ' l 55 Last Will And Zestameut I, Robert Altizer, do will my ability to make money and spend it easily to Jerry Conner. 1, Joyce Ayers, do will my love for dancing to Louise Bradley. I, Pat s y Blackburn, do will my blond hair to Judith Lotts. l, Waverly Branch, do will my height to Andy Pollard. I, Willard Branch, do will my ability to graduate in 13 years to Ronnie Madison. I, Clyde Camden, do will my ability to attend Natural Bridge High School and survive to all the girls of P.M.H.S. especially Jean Wheeler. I, Barbara Campbell, do will my ability to get along with the B. V. boys to Melba Thompson. I, Linda Campbell, do will my weight and height to Joyce Leggett. I, Iris Cash, do will my height to Judy McFaddin. I, Dolly Cash, do will my height to Betty Reynolds. I, Donna Dixon, do will my trips to Virginia Beach to Linda Shepherd. I, Brenda Dod, do will my ability HQ to cut my own hair to anyone with long lustrious hair. I, Molly Hamilton, do will my ability to fini s h high school in three years to Harold Alford. I, Marjorie Hickman, do will my position as Secretary of 1-".T.A, to Brenda Goolsby. I, Clifford Hill, do will my position as Sergeant-At- Arms to Tommy Davis. I, Nancy Holland, do will my ability to finish high school in ll years to my brother "Butch" Holland. I, Mackey I-lunt, do will my habit of killing squirrels lout of season, to Donnie Wines. I, Gene Hulbert, do leave my fine achievements and fine qualities to the high school in the hope they may help promote to the raising of the cultural level of the school. I, Mary Carole Jarvis, do will my ability to decorate the goal posts to anyone Mr. Leslie can "rope into it." 1, Har old Kerr, do will my ability to hold a job for six years to Tommy Davis. I, Peggy Leggett, do will my position in Economics to any one girl that would like to have Mr. Leslie as a teacher along with a class of all boys. I, Elbert Link, do will my ability to give an oral book report to Porter Burks. I, Miles Lotts, do will my ability to stay out late to L. N. Watts. 1, Joe Manspile, do will my liking for N,B.H.S. girls to Jimmy Crawford. I, Robert McAlphin, do will my love for Geometry to Ellis Davis. I, Bobby McCormick, do will my love for the Yankees and hate for Lexington to Randolph Tomlin. 1, H or a c e McDaniel, do will my ability to get up at 8:25 and be at school at 8:30 to Tommy Mundy. I, Elsie Moore, do will part of my love for Carl Horne to Diana Whitman. I, Janie Moore, do will my ability to play Basketball to Joyce Leggett. I, Margaret Parolari, do will my ability l? D to "bowl" to Patricia Bryant. I, Jimmy Perkins, do will my ability to read girls minds to any physchoalipt. I, Mary Lou Radford, do will my ability to catch the bus every morning to Billy Radford. I, Thomas Ramsey, do will my curls to Lynn Hamilton I, Bernie Reynolds, do will my ability to be a football manager to Philip Leighton. I, Lucretia Rose, do will my curiosity to my "sweet little" sister who hasn't any! 1, Audrey Rucker, do will my bookkeeping book to any one fool enough to take it. I, Diana Snow, do will my slim figure to Eva Link I, Donnie Spangler, do will my love for athletics to .Toe Austin. I, Patsy Spencer, do will my "quiet manner' to Wanda Altizer. I, Mary Thompson, do will Rice. my sewing ability to Carolyn I, Carl Tolley, do will my old Spanish book to Mrs Burks. I, Helen Tomlin, do will my small waist-line to Ammie Todd. I, Malcolm Tyler, do will my ability as a mechanic to Donnie Lewis. I, Shirley Vest, do will my ability to drive to schnnl every day to Lorene Tomlin. I, Norma Jean Watts, do will my Biology Workbook to anyone fool enough to take it. I, Rosa Lee Watts, do wi and dancing to Margaret Gail ll my love for cheerleading Pearson. I, Doris Whiteside, do will my h e ig ht to Sue Ellen Cupp. I, Rudell White, do will my ability to get along with Miss Cobean to Tommy Davis. I, Mitzi Jo Wood, do will my red knee socks to Judith Lotts, We, the Senior Class, as a whole do wishbto leave a small token of remembrance to each class. To the Junior Class, we leave our mascot and our key To the Sophomore Class, we leave our dignified ways To the Freshman Class, ences 171. we leave our many experi To the Eighth Grade, we leave our athletic ability We, the undersigned, dod and testament. Sealed and wit of March, 1958. eclare this to be our last will nessed on this eleventh day Mitzi Wood Horace McDaniel Joyce Ayers . I x CONGRATULATIONS TO Members of the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1958 w X I J , OW xy L IAMES LEES 81 SUNS, INC. BLUE RIDGE DIVISION Glasgow Virginia 3 MQTQJ v Eh E R EA M E R Y CQ, INC, gum me CLOVER CREAMERY, gp J. so neAvsR s. soNs, mc. BERNSON S"'K MMS' 'NC Men's and Boys' Clothing Phone 3310 Phone Z5 Lexington, Virginia Buena Vista., Virginia ROCKBRIDGE CONCRETE PRODUCTS Soleauhydro Block Phone Lex. 634 Lexington, Virginia RADIO HOSPITAL TELEVISION-RADIO Sales -Service 7 North Main Street Dial HO 3-3531 Lexington, Vi r ginia Malcolm Lotts Eugene Webb NATURAL BRIDGE SERVICENTER Complete Esso Service Washing - Polishing - Greasing Phone 3331 Natural Bridge, Virginia K.BROWN AMOLE Funeral Director Ambulance Service Dial 5060 Buena Vista, Virginia Compliments of W.L HHJZ 8 SON,lNC. GENER AL INSURANCE Phone HO 3-2136 Lexington, Virginia FRED'S RESTAURANT Lunches Drinks Beverages Gla. s gow , Vi r ginia THE FLOWER CENTER Flowers and Accessories 'Telephone 1400 - Night 78 223 South Main Street Lexington, Virginia SPENCER GENERAL TIRE CO John 3:16 . . For God so loved the world that He gave His only begot- ten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Do You Believe ? Lee's Rugs 8: Carpets CAUSEY CLEANERS Dial 6855 Buena Vista, Virginia l W. B. HARRISON CO. Mortuary Arnbulance Service Funeral Directors Day or Night Phone HO 3-2912 Lexington, Virginia CHARLES W. BARGER AND SCN Limestone Quarry Ready -Mixed Concrete Building Contractors. Phone 5 3 6 Lexington Virginia ROCKBRIDGE LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS "Let One Call Do All" Phone Lexington 185 Buena Vista 4555 ROCKBRIDGE GENERAL STORE Groceries-Produce and Meats J. W. West - Owners - J. C. Fainter Dial 2706 Natural Bridge Station, Virginia M. D. MORRIS Dependable Merchandise Prices Entirely Right Phone 5925 Buena Vista, Virginia HENSON'S ESSO SERVICE Prop. G. Sherman Henson Repairs, Accessories, Tires and Tubes Standard Gas and Oil 29th St. 8: U. S. Rt. 60 Try First Appliances -Furniture Hardware Phone 3595 Buena Vista, Virginia Compliments of BLUE RIDGE GROCERY CO.. INC. Wayne s boro, Virginia ARNOLD'S VALLEY GROCERY F. R. Johnson, Owner General Merchandise TINY TOWN GULF Bill Campbell, Owne r Gas, Oil, Tires, Tubes Complete Gulf Service 4 miles North of Natural Bridge, Virginia W. T. PAXTON CO. Established 1872 Insurance and Real Estate Buena Vista, Virginia Compliments GROSSMAN'S Lexington, Virginia Compliments of RADIO STATION WREL 1450 .......... NBC Lexington, Virginia HIL L TOP SERVICE STATION Roy Johnson, Owner Route 60 Phone 4563 Buena. Vista , Virginia HEDGEPETH'S LUNCH Good Food - Reasonable Prices Lexington, Virginia HARPER and AGNOR Oliver, New Idea., and Ferguson Farm Machinery Feeds - Seeds Fertilizers - Coal Lexington, Virginia Shop At COSBY'S Mens' k Boys' Clothing Buena Vista, Virginia Shop At SWINK'S In Lexington Compliments of QUALITY GROCERY STORE Buena Vi sta Virginia CHIlES-BARGER CO. C. L. Tolley---Owner Everything for the Family Needs Phone 2741 Natural Bridge Station Virginia I 1 Q ,gy ,A PRES BROWN'S SPORT 8. CAMERA SHOP Letters and Your School Warm-up Jacket Royal Blue and White Cameras WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Phone HO 3-2314 Lexington, Virginia Reach For SUNBEAM The Bread You Need For Energy BANK OF NATURAL BRIDGE 7 of F. D. I. C. unded Semi-snnuall Virginia .IOHNSON'S AMOCO SERVICE STATION Buena Vista, Virginia SCHEWEl'S FURNITURE CO., INC Easy Terms ff ,. ki...-G For News and. "Serving the Public for B9 Years" Pictures of Rockbridge Read the All Kinds of Hardware MYERS HARDWARE C0 LEXINGTON GAZETTE H S Egvoirxpilrigplv Joan H. ulcxmsou "Lf it's for the home, BUILDERS' HARDWARE we have it." Dealers in Building Materials Lime, Wall Plaster Groceries - Meats - Vegetables Cement, Sewer Pipe Furniture of All Kinds Buena Vista, Virginia Buena Vista, Virginia g RED WOOD RESTAURANT Meals, Curb Service Sandwiches of all kinds 1 mile North of Lexington WOODY CHEVROLET SALES Oldsmobile Sales and Services 138 South Main St. Phone 275 Lexington, Virginia Insurance - Real Estate, Life, Automobile, Fire and Casualty Our Excuse For Being In Business Is Service EARL M. STARKEY Post Office Box 551 Buena Vista, Virginia BAKER BROTHERS, INC. Case and New Holland Machinery Sales ------ Service Roanoke - Lexington - Staunton LEWIS SERVICE STATION Pure Oil Products Groceries Telephone 4351 Buena Vista, Virginia Compliments LEXINGTON PAINT STORE Compliments of SEAY'S DRUG STORE Phone 6115 Buena Vista, Virginia .IARVIS SPORT SHOP Phone 2331 Glasgow, Virginia. BAKER FORD SAlES,lNC. Ford and Mercury Dealer Dial HO 3-2131 Lexington Virginia FARMER'S SUPPLY CO. Purina Chows 'For Poultry 8: Livestock Vegetable 8: Garden Seed Poultry and Livestock Equipment Baby Chicks Lexington Virginia Compliments of ROBEY MOTOR COMPANY,INC. Ford -- Mercury Sales 81 Service Buena Vista Virginia VALLEY TRADING POST General Merchandise Dealers in Scrap Iron and Fuel Wood Used Automobile Parts Fresh Meats - Groceries - Hardware Gas - Oil - Tires - Tubes Greenlee, Virginia Compliments of McCLURE'S GARAGE Washing - Greasing General Repairs Phone 2291 Glasgow, Virginia GLASGOW GARAGE Wrecker Servi ce-- 24 hours Box 186 Glasgow, Virginia Compliments ol R. L. DAVIDSON Phone 5258 Buena Vista, Virginia VIRGINIA MARKET Groceries and Meats Phone 5520 B uena Vista, Virginia LOMAX FLOWER SHOP 1'F1owers for all Occasions" Buena Vista, Virginia LYLE D. HARLOW Watchmaker and Jeweler Diamonds - Gifts - Watches Phone 1232 35 S. Main St. Lexington, Virginia J-u-.fn.n.uw 1 a h! ! In Lexington Your Nearest "Home of Better Values" Compliments of BONDED FIBERS, INC. Phone 5460 Buena Vista, Virginia TETLOW SERVICE Sales and Service NORGE - ZENITH - PHILCO 221 South Main St. Lexington, Virginia CALHOUNS BEAUTY SALON Beauty Treatments that keep you lovely Call for an appointment Phone 3246 Glasgow, Virginia Hair Styling Specialty TOWN 81 COUNTY BEAUTY SALON Phone 3 741 Glas gow , Virginia Compliments of VARNER 81 POLE Furniture Dealers And Funeral Directors Phone 183 Lexington, Virginia We Appreciate Your Patronage TODD'S DRUG STORE Prescriptions Druggist "Remedies That Build Health" Glasgow, Virginia L. F. ALFORD General Me rchandise Country Produce Dial 2356 Glasgow, Virginia WISE 81 WADDELL. INC. Insurance Surety Bond Lexington, Virginia ROCKBRIDGE NATIONAL BANK Serving Rockbridge County Since 1886 Phone H03-2126 Member FDIC Lexington, Virginia ADAIR-HUTTON, INC Lexington Shopping Center Women's Ready-To-Wear Millinery--Accessories--Cosmetics Piece Goods--Notions--Women's, Men's and Children's Shoes Infa.nt's and Children's Dept. Men's and Boys' Dept. Westinghouse Refrigerators, Stoves Automatic Laundries, Dryers and Westinghouse Small Appliances Floor Coverings--Draperies Occasional Furniture--Curtains Luggage--Kitchen Ware. Lexington, Virginia VAllEY STORE, INC "Buena Vista's Shopping Center" Phone 3000 Your Best Values at The Lowest Prices CITIZEN'S COAL 8. SUPPLY CO Dealers In Building Material Plumbing And Heating' Complete Mill Work Phone 3536 Natural Bridge Station, Virginia """i"r' f' ' Comlpliments of BALDWIN ECHOLS CO. Glas gow, Virginia VIRGINIA HOLSUM BAKERIES. INC. In Account With , .. ,., .. .... - ' "". : 5,2 I ,I EQE A "I: ':' i f " HILL 8g KUTZ, INC. if: .2 I W I K gWk?w,,pW" Dial 3865 . I' General Contractors P. O. Box 1108 Staunton, Virginia Buena Vista., Virginia HERFF-JONES COMPANY Manufacturers of Natural Bridge High School Class Rings Furnished Through James L. Deck 300 East Main Street Richmond 19 Virginia THE BEST STUDENTS: usually are the best-informed students Keep informed daily and Sunday THE noANoK: nmis i 2!l"'?""Ti The Newspaper with the Virginia Highlands Flavor Compliments of l0CHER BRICK CO., INC. LEONARD R. CASH Telephone.. . Glasgow CL8-2853 Truck and School Bus Operator Phone 3291 Glasgow Virginia Greenlee Virginia CAMPBELL FURNITURE CO. Complete Home Furnishings Phone 2891 Glasgow , Virginia LADIES SPECIALTY SHOPPE The Most Popular Line In Ladies, Misses, and Juniors READY-TO-WEAR Buena Vista , Virginia EAST LEXINGTON GROCERY Meats - Vegetables Groceries East Lexington, Virginia Compliments of ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY NEWS Lexington, Virginia C. B. SLOUSH 8r SON Building Material General Contractors Dozer Work Buena Vista, Virginia R. W. STONER General Merchandise Phone 3501 81 3551 Natural Bridge Station, Virginia NATIONAL WHOLESALE Groceries - School Supplies Virginia Cured Ham Lexington , Vi r ginia PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK "Built on Service to Rockbridge County" Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Lexington, Virginia BURCH BROS. General Merchandise Gas, Oil, Feed Buena Vista , Virginia Compliments of BANK OF GLASGOW, INC Glas gow, Virginia CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS From ROWLAND'S Buena Vista, Virginia REYNOLDS GULF SERVICE Phone 25 Z1 Glas gow, Virginia WATTSLYNNE RESTAURANT Specializing in Good Foods Steaks - Chops - Seafoods Natural Bridge , Virginia COX'S HARDWARE Phone 3595 Paints - Fishing Tackle - Guns Buena Vista, Virginia THE SOUTHERN INN For Your Dining Pleasure Lexington, Virginia L. B. CALDWELL Well Drilling 35 Years Experience Springwood, Virginia fig' 'W ,,,, K , a g 'ft , A , I A A52 H VM, ' M-4f.,""'t 'I ff ' 3 A -Imftgi. Sv... x " 1, 5, ,V lv: -- Liv- f yi? yy ' v""'5. A 'cv ....- ' 'QI "wg: " A ' -1. S+" 'C "fr fr ' ' 5' If Ps? 7 Au. gg-, 1, Uv? - 'm'kk -'-- g f, -Wm.- A A A if 3. -w-L - -W -...,.M.,.,, A Q- PID g r,'.- :nu it ,mg DIXONS WEST VIRGINIA ESSO SERVICENTER PUlP AND PAPER BmeM.Dix0,, walkerwleadows C O M P A N Y NATURAL BRIDGE WOODYARD IU. S. eoy Phone: HObart 3-4214 Lexington, Virginia TINY TOWN RESTAURANT Steaks - Chops - Country Ham Southern Fried Chicken Delicious Sandwiches Natural Bridge, Virginia Call by number! It's Faster IEXINGTON TELEPHONE CO. Serving Rockbridge County Since 1898 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Autagraphs 1 u 1 1 1 J, .xr 1 1 1 1 1 1e. .V 11.1 . 11M .. J. 1, . 1 .1 . 1 1 45 V A' ". 1 1' . ' ' x .. 1 11" " " ,nga M1 1'1. 11 .z 1. . 1 , fa... 1 11- Q -1 1 qs Q fg- . 1,11 , , 1' .', ,L A. 1 .xl .,, V 1 . 1. 1 rn. x.1 1- 1.1, 1 Mm li xfvw' - . If .1 .. . 1 . 11 1, 1 ., 11 1 11,1 1 . 11- 1 ' A. ' f A 1' 1 N 1, A 1 11 1, ' . 1 , 1 1 ' 1 11 1 1- " . 1 1' ' . f '-'-e wi ' , 1 1' q,11g1.51g. 1 1 ' 1 ,s 1. 115.51 .5141 -J , X. . 1,11..,,1 4:1 1. 1 -11 'V 1 312214. '1 121 1 '1 ' k U 1: 'mi' Q 27,91 L 11, 1 ,, 13.11.11 . fx 1 1 .1 ,1 Q, 51.1 ' : v 9 ix 1111.1 7,""1 . 41 . . .,.d.,gf., - 11 1. . .1 1:14 " 1' 'f ' '-' .1 ia' 3.1255 1 w1-- 1 1 .11-12111 1- . V -1 N :.,,1.-. 11, .1 . , .1 , -111. , 1. 1 --15,3-1 1 ,, I 1 3-.N 1 ,,, .w 111, 1 L --1 .1 1 - " 'V' 1 ',,,.1. . 1 'j' ' 11' . V ,.. 5. W 11 11 5' . N' .f.,.,1 v ' "1 "1 1 1+ ,1 1, ,11,..1J1,Q1q' V , 1,9 . ...fx 1 . - -"'G11 In 1' M '1 ' .fn '1 ,. , -. ' Z' .-11 ,. "- . I 1 1 1.ff 1... fv' I ,' ' 4' , 1 1.11 1,11 , . ,,v X --1.1 1 LL ' - . , 1 1. 11 1. 1 1. 1' 1, .1 .v v -'Tw' , 1 if' 1 ' 1 Q. 1. 'V . 1 5.1 1. 1 '.. 1' 5 4 1. , , 1,. 1 , 11 1 A J ' , . 1 '- ' ,' 1 '1 1.11. . 1 , 1 1 1 , I H.. i wwf rv.,-.Nz Q 11111 1- .' 1 1, ' 11 . 11 J 4 ' "1 'n,.1L ,n H,-' ' . 1:15 A 2 ku ,211 J 1 .1 1.11. . A .7 1. C' . .1 1 ' ,r '1-- - ,1... 11 - f :. -. 11 r-1-.1..11! . 11 1 1 ,, .,1.. .,2,11,1,v, . A, ' 1 1 1'111.y1.'1Q4 ' 11 -1 ,Lux-.11 1.11, 1 1 V .N,.t.,,, 1 A 1 .vm 141-:M . 1 1 , -11 11,113 1., . , . 1 ,-1 .1.15:Yn1n-3 1- W 1, .1-f'-1. 1121, 1,1 .11 .au 1. . 1 - - in ...W . 1,1.., W 111. w- ' .X 1 ,1 2.3.71 1. . .L+--. . . . , . . W, 1 R1 QM- Y' .- ' 1 , 1.25. 1 1. ,,, F '11 N 1:21 - ., . , ..'1 . 1 ' 1' . ' 11 11, 1 . ' .1, .1 , . Q, A, V . 1 1.1. 1 .111, .M V .. .V , , A 1 1 1. 1 112 -5.1. J.. . , 11 V, 1 .., 17.11 1 rx: , 1 1wa11sme1.4L11'11::-.11,11rrs'f 1:1 '. :LQ5'11e.1.:1s.I.1g:r.m1..,1a1.1:111msrs1m1awwmsmmmwwmwmmmsz' 4 I I 1 3 Y Q Y 3 Q x NLWWQQ' . , Q, ' fF1,r99.,QiW, H, 51. i ,, ,lT:? V, W? 4 A' AW! ,iw if ' F' as 47" Cv my . ' I . f--v '-Q.. . , 'AY , 4- '- , - S . , gp- fvw- .. Wig -2 - . . I , J ,X fsw.f,3 3 5Ml ., 1 5' K gg ww f V I' v K ' -- ' . T - : ,.k . K M ' , . - ,, ,- , ww - l ,em , badwmh wwf. . . r ' .U 4 ' . P L . 1 'Nr .vmwwmmwwwwm 4 I 4 'Aw , ,ydw .VWM 6 .M .XLQMw-,f-- - l Q Www

Suggestions in the Natural Bridge High School - Span Yearbook (Natural Bridge Station, VA) collection:

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1958, pg 53

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