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2 1 4 ' 5 'M higiligi, 3 , L? A H Y, Q , 4 , 'J 4.1 5 V ' '1 . : A "ani, 92 i . 6 E ' 'K '5U 'l S 4 'Q ,I 1 3 X in if M - P, T o In "- w 'l'r'w1M 1 0 Y' 4 VM L ' i iq ' -lg ' V ,,.-Wa, W0 ' 4 ll . I. X fl :V .Hifi ' 4 'W 7' , 1 ' 4' a ' "' ' I ,,'. 5 'H ' 'NI' , 4 Q f Q ' g ? a :H M 5 is , . T xi Q ix ' I 1 ,ff 1 54 '8- A 4' 1- , 0 , ,,, , Q' , O 6. 0 I f ' K W ,lg -A ' X h , ' f I ,ff . , K Y-Q S, 'ff ' A 10 5' If 'wa 1- ' -dw 'ii' 'W O ww ,Q .K MUSTANG Natrona County High School Casper, Wyoming Volume XLII 1979 Contents Faculty ..... ...... Activities ..... ...... Athletics ........ ...... Classes ............. .... Faculty lndex ....... .... Senior Index ..... .... Advertisers ....... .... 10 34 92 126 214 215 218 if? X Q Q Q sgu-ug x This is NCHS - 1978-79 f 3 W? My im f 4' f 'V M t , - fffglfj f W w A A i ' A At , f A-I ,ff , A 4 C t' 1 ' ' A 2 A 9 . W A 51 J' ' ' if .F 'v A ,, 'ff f . , A ,ff A ,A ' , f7f,,n, . " A 1 ,4 ,I X f l , ' ' . ff? ' ff -ff' JA i . . ' ff A f X f Qfff LA f f1i,,fYv!-ff ' J f t q f'Ai5i:C.vw K ,W . ffvfi, "' V, lj! N h b ug ,1 , - f . fri- lv . V , :pt mm -f:,,..mqf, ' Q " A- 1 . ' , Q 'Af W , y id' 'Aff'-e"," F A' I At, ' 1 . , , ,Aw W ffr' 'V f I .I U ,. 4igl.f-' - "' 55:5 ' "flQAs!:L1 if f ' A 5 ,. if -HA 452 ft' 4 ,"' ' va. , ffy"'fm-J: .g5'fAc- ' 1 f . "' , 1 ff. - nf Q ," 'f v , , ,4 , A' m , " ' 2- ff , - Aff , fi 15' f 5' ., 5Ml!'y 4. 5 5 fu l . M, 7 -. V A ' 1 4 H ' fi AA ' 3 J 445- ' " -M .V,-' A ,ff Q if . ' , if t , t t " , gi W 4, , I V :..f.MrJ, r! ,ir ,, 5:1 A A 2114 -.31 rf' ' " T QA M ' S+, 5 A jfff t, ,' ,Lg A ,jg ' i vw ,'?7?fZffAZi?i5?l , ,- y ay A I- I- q. , ,ff ' V, ' fb , A W, I 'W f'fj4 I I ' nys: 'iw , "fs ,A " J Qfiqfffljggf GQ?" V' , . A , ,A A' 'I -if X p f f AA owl A A A we ,,,, t A f Af A ii .it -,. if 'Alu 146-,wiv I ,Km ,Nl 3. My fy , V ,' A lf .2 AA I t lfjyfwit Af f "'f ,Zim Aff? At 'Wir Af f t 'Aw .f fd t M 4 3. Fjrf. I 'A 1 mf., fA 'I' Lt 1. .JA " A rg, J ' i , , ' ' ' " ,. 1 3,41 -A A ' QW' ' ' I A ',,' 5 , ' ' AA :in fr " x ':t,,L- ' J, ,. - , , 'f -V 17 V -' ,z Z5 ' 6 , w mr.-v 3 a f ,X , HE., ..,U , ,iw v 3? , 'i ,ff . H H ,W if f P ,A " 'A .' , , rg . , . I K V f . . .,,, S V 1 Q A, W gm V 1"g'AA , :i t , t D J Above: Photo by S. Land Right: Photo by M. Leggett Below: Photo by D'Ann Clark 1 B: unv- -- u-.. nn... 1 gru- L L. S ""-M -N. S S "x N. K N 'NR X ,,,, lx Xu ,nm., M! f. x 7 Above right: The Seniors float followed the theme from the movie NATIONAL LAMPOONS ANIMAL HOUSE. The Toga party was one of the scenes from the movie. Middleg Natrona County High SchooI's Drill Team and Flag Line find the autumn winds to be a bit cool and hard to keep in beat as they march in the school's Homecoming Parade. Lower left: The Sophomores found their first homecoming a big thrill as their Mustang player towers above them. Below: Fellow Junior class mates look to see if anybody they know is under the charging Mustang. l l l l HOIVIECOIVIING 1978 - 79 i' 1 4' Va' ff Q if get 1 ,X 1. iv K , , ' ri N- - 1 'W Above left: Natrona County High School's R.O.T.C. Color Guard proudly carries the schooI's colors in the Homecoming Parade. Lower left: The Homecoming court for the school year 1978 - 79 were: King, Todd Pierce and Queen, Cindy Parrish. Attendents were: tl to rl Flon Est s and Julie Eddy, Pete Martinez a K M-Q... 1171 'rug , I ,,w-ffm.,-u,. 'uv ,2KZ.f., r ,J L, fgjifi., 1 ,yf f W , X 2 FACU LTY Dr. Stan Wheatley Mr. Harold Whitefoot Ass't Supt. of Ass't Supt. of Business Personnel Mr. Jim Huge Superintendent of Schools ill? Natrona County School District H1 Roe, Dr. John Corbett, Chairmang Dr. Rejane Burton, JoAnn Christianson and Ass't Superintendents not pictured: Dr Building and Grounds. Efforts Reap Rewards in 2nd Year HS princip al, Mr. L. Kamnsh, IS shown presentmg cryLd dtBlkPk Pat Burke Mary Ann Drew Ronald Estes Dean Forbord Support services vital part of NCHS James Buchanan George Scott Robert Bush Vice-Principal Vice-Principal Vice-Principal - Q ' 35 . .ch 1' MQ! Asenath MacCarter Cecelia Rodgers Terry Wood R R A V f has xx Helping students: Guidance goal 5 Patrick Freiberg Department Chairman Allen Barkley John Bidwell Sharon Harju Dave Jerde Jan Schumway In one of the lighter moments during the hectic day, guidance secretary, Mrs. Bottom playfully makes a menacing motion at Mrs. Wait. 1 ' Par-'P"'f W 53" :::.f:r.r::2ff :rj Curriculum revisions studied by Paul Genetti Department Chairman Pat Bisiar Ed Brennan Dan Bush Barbara Dobos K wi E Qs me gi Correcting semester exams always presents a problem for teachers as evidenced by the intense look on Mr. Bisiar's face. 0 8 , O O 9 Q S , :i S wa4,v,v't,f' K - 4, ,Ana K kr i K, ,... , , ...,,.... .., ,X.. ..wnpnn1 vA ,NXWNM . -' F -'Nl Social Studies Department Vi Hammit Kay Hanson Frances Harris John Hitt John Miller Gerald Quinlan Micheal Carey Surrounded by the usual stacks of papers, Mrs. Dobos shows a lot of enthusiasm as she tackles the job at hand. S ll:r,i Health Occupations new to Home Ec Bunny Hall Diane Park Kathy Teat Kari Koritnik gets the cake decorating gun ready to fire as Shelley Fitzgerald, Cindy Bauman and Leisha Margheim ponder the results. Wanda Walters Department Chairman 7 Lynette Webber ,. Linda Wham i 1 tw N V. , is x 'Q wi - ' f I . 5 , llei 'P f ' gl ' as , f V .:-if . 5. 312226 ,QE 'wifi-2 'i ' ' V' 'Surg ' N- n. + '- ' Ji Q gy has - vi, , A. i- if V ,E N I. I . f-oz' ,pq ,1 K Distributive Ed trains for jobs Elton Fusselman Department Chairman WTR: mn8T'YEqqEEu'uTU!t i 2 , Lynn Bell Mary Hopper Scott Novotny Department Chairman, Curly Fuesselman makes the cash register ring as he sells supplies from the school store. Robert Bennion Thomas Berg Michael Carey Neil Harrington Waiter Hein Anker Larsen Jack Longnecker Don O'DeII ,-. is Iii! LL,, .i , i , LLL,L, , 'fax . - ' f .ffjgixllgbwk Z of , ' X K Q X. ,J r M1 l William Tobin L.. Robert Ward Norman Parrish Henry Reifke Richard Rice Mr. Bennion takes time from his early morning auto maintenance class to get his students together for an annual candid picture. Performing a daily ritual assigned to the ROTC department of raising and lowering the flag areg Bruce Mack, Scott Joyner, Phillip Jussel, Thomas Lineweber, and Douglas Sneathen. ROTC offered to 9th graders Major Jimmie Frazier 1st Sgt. Martin Clever Fine Arts: appreciation of art and ,tt I Caryl Alexander Paul Fox Wayne Mclntire Shown at work during one of the many sessions held throughout the year, Pat Klein, Jennifer Minelli, Rhonda McDonald, Kristi Love, are memberes of Mr. Trimble's art club as they prepare silk screen posters. Bennie Baker Catherine Clark Anne Houser Judy Izzeralli George Kuntzman Barbara Matteson Joan Pierce Sara Poyner Ken Reed Patrick Swanton William Thomson Shirley Wangelin NCHS English courses increased Hx ., -:':,., Mlg '- ' an if L 1 fc Q W' W . 'Www " .'," Y' I Tom Ring Department Chairman AW' , ,"" Lil if Mak .--Q Q i Bk K -is . ,A g A mix' 3, n V' , .5 nr' X 2 'L f"'- IQ """' ' ' . g . i ,I hx i i . ,-r-- .. 4 W 3: in-f ig 'Sn 1 ,X A .W ga, X J i f s ', C ii 'R 'Nons- -l mdk W. '- MVS i E A4 XI' at W Q " is r b i R .Q A in ax J , ga i,i Z Q A Alice Weaver i Tom Weidner John Welsh Marguerite Welsh Renata Munroe is shown with Mrs. Wangelin as she waits for help on her assignment. ...1 lm -v Theatre arts teacher, Mr. Welsh, makes good use of the empty auditorium after rehearsals to plan his next production. PE puts new facilities to work M' Art Hill Department Chairman New girls PE coach, Sandy Warner, shows that sugar can provide that sudden burst of energy needed for the big win. 0 Q ,ZH N W il' l -new l ,, l N, Vw in 4 u ' l 24l N! I j A 1 f fr X A John Aegerter Jim Beman Roberta Martin Rich Melvin Sandra Warner Tom Wingerter European tours popular with Foreign Language students oior rt? t . z r fix - ' o g 12L 1 iW,f' ,. Ann Tollefson Robert Wallace Alberta Giraldo Karen Marietta Susie Mitzelfeld Monteen Thorne and Cathy Showalter are curious as to what Mrs. Giraldo is trying to show them. Serving business: aim of Bus Ed Bonnie Alexander Bruce Anderson Nina Anderson Grant Boyles Mildred Brehm Michelle Dudley Frances Franklin Pauline Fusselman Deborah Turnbull Q M E fill Keith Ames Department Chairman I., Wi an - , 4. W X il.,iilir New computer used in Math Dept Don Weishaar s .Jtieie9'1' N7 I j' f qhf 44 N J 2 'gk .l-W ' bv . n y f Henry Cundy Gerald Dalton Charlotte Gilbert Bill Hileman Keith Roberts Dean Weber Department Chairman An interested geometry class watches closely as Mr. Cundy explains a new therom to be used in the day's assignment. Science: study of man and nature Department Chairman mn 'LTD Gerald Bays Asa Brooks Scott Joynor, Guy Dear, Tony Wendtland and Bruce Spilde practice a "blast off" prior to the chemistry clubs leaving for an elementary school demonstration. Leo Flizzi NJ .AN '+- as-'br Gary Conley James Huskey Hal Loghry Bruce Snyder Frank Stofflet Mary Walsh Library center of learning at NCHS ' Linda Baker si Lawana Carley X -M1 Royx Robinson 'Q Y , . , ,-,- ww Ti vi i- '- r'4 Florence Axford Mrs. Carley and Mrs. Robinson, members of the library staff, make plans for the busy day ahead. Claudia Bottom Linda Clever Gloria Corrigan Dianna Ebert Beverly Estes Joan Fitzgerald Jean Henshaw Rose Holt Office staff served student interests Elaine Johnson Nurse E! Fa f is fi it WW' ll Shirley Mundorf Lois Wait Phyllis White Changes coped with by maintenance W ff 5 Liga, ., . T N, -LJ i 'ff L . 1 l ,,,fL7 .-ie: s ,gh V M is 43 fl- ' .v 5 :JE la 55 is fa 2 , 9 . ' , , Eff Top: Cafeteria personnel back row from left: Head cook: Gloria Japman, Beulah Kaper, JoAnn Osterloh, Donna Fox and Viola Merriam. Front row: Jeanette Fancher, Alma Steinfeld, Dorothy Smith and Marie Murphy. MIDDLE: Night maintenance crew pictured are: back row from left: Fred Walport, Stanley Thompson, Linda Edwards and Lucille Broadnax. Front row: Brent Eggleston, Jackie Wright, Linda Isbell, Anna B. Criss and Sarah Randall. LEFT: Day maintenance crew included: back row from left: Allen Townsend, Thelda Beamer and Lee Grimes. Seated: Oliver Odell and Robert Harris. A ,. ,J V X -N 'v wh is iC5Cv' 2:1 Poo' Zfw 112' 'ww Xl' 4 'A i "" use f.,, , . ,, ., 54- y vi ml! f h,"' E n. .W f ,M "1 -v ww f ,W la, ., f - ' Mina I I ACTIVITIES P ... , fi 151 Martm Lee Ann Ladd and Bill Bottom 2nd. Attendants Julie Eddy and Ron Estes 4th Attendants N.C.H.S. - a community institution .6 me ,, .it ,r gi fs' -f , .-' " ' 0' ff- ffgf' A i' A ,f X34 .. ,sri 'Q . W, 4, gb ,Q 'iff 'Dani I f 1 iff W, SM ,,,,,, , 4 i - I I f ,, 4 ,Q Mi: i s,..W.,, if K ," "' 1, J ' K f' .f ig 5 V V ' ' w 'Mr V ,defy it . ..,,-,Lg A hV i , g g , iTopi Brendan Coleman is pictured hosting the morning breakfast club in the new cafeteria. iabovei Jamie Woodward just won't give up reading her new issue of the GUSHER as Anne Ristau has a big smile for our camera, fl, mfs ffiz Students that participated in Boy's State were Bob Tobin, 'fi f 1 fb Todd Pierce, and David Cain. GirI's Staters were Back row U to rj Lisa Garcia, Diana Reynolds, Maura Ellis. Front row: Lori Josephson, Jenny Winship, and Amy Martin. ui' 5 3 ,I .,z, Better Government is the Theme of Boy's and GirI's State Pep Club proved numbers not important x7 if f .V """"5""'s'f--Z' - -S Pep club members were: ll to rl Brenda Searles, secretary, Mary Baca, President, Brenda Gordon Vice-president, Back row: Liz Garner, Mrs. Teatg Sponsor and Libby Fleaves. Members not pictured includedg Joanne Arelano, Sherry Crotteau, Deb Cleaver, Cedora Ruiz and Sarah Norcross. After several years of membership decline, the pep club still appears as spunky and full of pep as ever. These girls are out to show that vitality and spirit can still be found at NCHS. Network difficulties: '79 Follies t F' Y' ti 1 ., Q X, at S it f 92,0 Spoofing the television industry's continuing efforts for Network supremacy, the production put on by the class of 1980, was highlighted with twelve brilliantly costumed song and dance numbers. Directed by Mr. John F. Welsh, drama coach, some 200 members of the junior class participated. Pictured aboveg the lead dancer from the "Shubert", Jana Kelly, and her boy friend writer, Jeff Sears, have dinner and conversation with a partner of the writing staff, Bob Boehler, at the "Copa". a si Q. l 1-A Members of the singing group pictured itop to bottomj were Sue Bareila, Tom Hirst, Lisa Bareila, and Gary Loghry. Members not pictured were: Melissa Davis, Brenda Eggleston, Toni Grimslie, Laure Ledford, Jackie Vanderpol, Terri Whitefoot, Kent Beardsley, Dan Horkan, Bryan Jones, Brett Lay, Berry McCarty and Roger Weber Members of the main dance group were: fback row I to rlg Scott Gallinger, Cindy Thorson, Liz Dahill, and Boyd Wolz. Front row Stuart Hill and Mike Vlastos. Glitter, glamour mark the follies Cheerleaders keep teams going Varsity cheerleaders were: Lisa Long, Tami Carroll, Julie Swanson, Julie Eddy and Kerry Key middle row Lynnette Kelly, Tina Wiford, front row Beth Kumpe, and Cyndi Hegna. The 1978-79 year saw three new squads of cheerleaders who supported fall and winter sports. The sophomore squad was made up of eight members, junior varsity was ten, and the senior varsity was made up of nine. In July, twenty two of the girls attended the United Spirit Association camp in Logan, Utah from which they brought home numerous blue and red ribbons along with "Outstanding" Trophies by both the sophomores and junior varsity squads. During the fall, each squad cheered for its individual football team at all home and out of town games. In addition to selling annual ads, having bake sales, selling hot dogs at the Oil Bowl game, and participating in all the fall sports assemblies, the girls worked all season putting together scrapbooks for all senior football players and the coaches. The winter sports program had the squads dividing up each week to support both the boy's and girI's activities. The girls also had a concession stand for the Forensics tournament, ran an orange M 81 M's contest, sponsored a disco with the student council, took the Kelly Walsh cheerleaders to dinner and helped with a local Senior Citizens home "Rock and Roll" evening. The squads ended a busy season after Regional and State tournaments by helping provide entertainment at the Mr. Mustang contest. The captains for each squad was: Mary Swanson, Amy Palmquist, and Teri Burbank. Each squad selected an outstanding cheerleader from their group, this honor went to Beth Kumpe, Debbie Dalton and Teri Burback. K Yi Members of the Junior varsity were: back ll to rl Kim Chadderdon and Julie Gillett. Middle: Tammy Jensen, Lisa Deines and Amy Palmquist. Front: Karen Christoferson, Debbie Dalton, Jana Kelly, Donna Nickerson, and Dianne Fleed. Sophomore squad members were: Top Renae Ryall. Middle ll to rl Evelyn Flynn, Teri Burback, Rena Thaxton and Lynette Hardman. Front Gina Flodriquez, Cheryl Farley and Pam Brenton. Elementary schools benefit from chemistry club exhibitions Kay Cross, Jacque Johnson and Debbie Schuetz are all smiles knowing their experiment came out just as planned. Below: Steve Lewallen and Dave Hawks re-check the manual for that missing ingredient to make sure nothing is going to backfire during the actual firing. M-Qt if I E. e 7' 313' kt, N p F A is S ' J A g,gg A ,gfhn-4'l 1 t f "' . N I A is Z. Members of the Art Club watch Mr. Trimble demonstrate the process of silk screening. Students pictured are: il to rl Jennifer Minelli, Pat Klein, Rhonda McDonald and Kristi Love. Below: Club members get a chanceto put their learning to work. is X sf -tm 4 Art Club busy with activities at NCHS German Club C, -f 's 2 5 5 z 2 ' 3 1 fafwyfw 'B' M an q J.wV!7g,,:i,3ff r 'Ziff 321 Wff 5, f , Aff 59' .-'lgfx-fna w 2 fM-'kflfifn :mn Q: 5,.-4..-5.1 My f U fa f ff, ' Inf' 'wfwfzfl ' , ,, Spanish Club Language Club tour of Europe Right: officers of the new Nike Club are ll to rj Susie Greenwood, Penny Gottlob, Angela Norman, and Becky Brashear Below members are: Penny Gottlob, Brenda Faul, Mary Burrough, Angela Norman, Becky Brashear, Susie Greenwood, Leisha Margheim, and Deanna Gilmore. l N! . 1' 3 1 .rr ,- i 5, Nike Club new at Ev .,- ,. 5+- - Q., -i ilu- ' -ua 'f NCHS Childers reigned at Football Ball ,il itil 41. 1 l f ' 1 Rich Childers received the outstanding athlete award at the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance, also known as the Football Ball. The girls-ask-guys dance was held at the Ramada Inn and was sponsored by the Girl's League Council. Left: Mary Roberts wears a big smile as she poses with date, Rich Childers. Below: Marty Reese holds the limelight for a second as the flash catches her with her date tripping the light fantastic. l ff l ,MM A ROTC anticipates new quarters I l l Rs Q fs, ' sv- : afxfigvwv - 2 Top Photo: Bart Goetz and Vicki Hill reign at Military Ball. 1-, 'if'T"'l""" 1 N """""" sae '45 . Photo Above: COMPANY A: Steve Cotton, Tim Bryant, Kristi Selby, Ed Randall, Robby Wemmer, Colleen Dolan, Frank Schoff, William Walters, Karen Gold and Phillip Christopherson. COMPANY B: Kneeling First Row: Richard Reamer, Aaron "Brett" Price, Ed Larson, Dan Creger. 2nd Row: Clark Bailey, Laura Davis, Allen Putnam, David Geiger, Leon Cunningham. 3rd Row: Tank Guenther, Tom Lineweber, Doug Sneathen, Susan Benson, Jay Long. 4th Row: Chris Tedford, Ed Stostrom, Greg Waters and John McConnaughey. COMPANY C: 1st Row: "Chip" Jones, Greg Schieferstein, Paul Roberts. 2nd Row: Bruce Mack, Joe Sinclair, Philip Jussel, Scott Joyner, John Wienke. COMPANY D: 1st Row Kneeling: Bart Goetz, Debbie Turner. Second Row Marva Taylor, Rocky Selby, Laura Larson. 3rd Row: Warren Geiger, Phillip Falcinelli. 53 COLOR GUARD Top Photo: Kneeling, Jay Long, Clifford Burt. First Row, I to r: Laura Davis, Marva Taylor, Laura Larson, Susan Benson, Deborah Turner, Karen Gold. 2nd Row: Dwane Small, Richard Reamer, Allen Putnam, Philip Jussel, Greg Waters, Tank Guenther. 3rd Row: Dean Jussel, Robby Wemmer. HONOR GUARD Center Photo: 1st Row, I to r: Wm. Lee Walters, Greg Waters, Tim Bryant, 2nd Row: Ed Larson, Warren Geiger, Jay Long. 3rd Row: Aaron Price, Dwane Small, Robby Wemmer. DRILL TEAM Bottom Photo: First Row: Tank Guenther, Richard Reamer, Philip Jussel, Jay Long, Wm. Lee Walters, Thomas Lineweber. 2nd Row: Robby Wemmer, Dean Jussel, Marshall White, Ed Larson, Warren Geiger, Greg Waters. Back Row: Dwane Small, Drill Team Commander. A, Left: Commandant Bart Goetz, Cadet Colonel and date, Vicki Hill, Cadet Colonel 1977. Nix -'ee- W Q Q Below: Drill competition at the University of Colorado at Boulder. W hmmm V K W' . tx : ,. k W Q,,,,, CMV C .,,Q , -689. Q r'tW'-MM W Q - -- A - 4' -. ' v,,.,,l""""""""""' " ' A' ,N L 4 4 - ' F8 Q ti l if Z. x J ' ,N Q 2 X 95 ' 1.4 l l.. - s .f.10,. .... M. 4......, , J if Officers of G.L.C. were: Top ll to rl Ammy Martin, Cindy Brunelli, Linda Bon and Cindy Parrish. Members were: Back: Chriss Rizzi, Pam Carrell, Rhonda Dewald, Linda Tucker, Debbie Yohn, Robin Christopherson, Rita Murphy, Pauline Roland, Chris Pierce, Lisa Volker, Michelle Murphy, Maura Ellis, Dannette Smith. Front row: Mary Shutts, Carrie Lanham, Dianna Reynolds, Linda Bon, Cindy Parrish, Amy Martin, Cindy Brunelli, and Karen Christopherson. Girls League still growing '95 153 Sli Hill crowned king of hearts 'rw-in Left Greg Hill and his date Mary Shutts were crowned as the royal couple at Sweet Heart Ball held on March 23, 1979. Below couples dance to a slow dance at the Ball. Members of the stage swing band shown performing at an assembly are: Back rowg Chris Ftoop, Paul Antonovich and John Linford. Middle rowg Mike Alexander, Jeff Truax, Bret Gilbert and Gene Underwood. Front Row: Myra Fliegert, Jim Logue, Andy Winters, Donetta Schroeder and Jim Tripeny. Right: Andy Winters, Donetta Schroeder and Jim Tripeny have their sax's in fine tune as they entertain a large crowd at NCHS. NCHS band has good year ssl if L' f. , ,, . ' fn, N if ,. I Mew M , A , ,A,, lf t f Top left: Band director, Mr. Alexander, counts along to sharpen the tone of the band. Top right: the stage band with different members do their best to liven up the audience for the big game to be played that night. Pictured are: Back row Jeff Truax, Bret Gilbert, Gene Underwood and Alex McHattie. Front row: Amy Gossen, Myra Fiiegert, Jim Logue, Andy Winters, Donetta Schroeder and Jim Tripeny. Above: The entire band is shown performing at their annual spring concert held in the NCHS auditorium. Lower Right: Co-Sponsor Keith Ames and Editor Kent Beardsley filing advertising copy. Below: Kitt Lofgren typing copy. Right: Greg Colman and Doug Creger preparing preliminary layouts. Mustang staff creates new image in photo-journalism st, F' N 'Q-Il- I nul""""""i 5 i -of Bottom Photo: Belinda Stevens cropping photos. Below: Rosemary Boatright is trying to decide which pictures to use in the layout. Left: Co-Sponsor, Mr. Bruce Anderson, scans over the faculty list before the staff types up the final form for the annual. 1 if 1-t., tf 5 I n I Above right: David Bowen, who portrayed Mr. Kimber, explains to Jeff Haas, played by Newton Fuller, that his well is deep alright but there isn't any water in it. Above left: Mrs. Douglas, played by Cyndi Guy, wishes she had a boy just like Raymond, played by Maty Barnum. Far right: tl to rj Steve, Madge, Miss Leslie, Annabell, Hestor and Newton, are all excited about what was on the old map that Mrs. Douglas brought over. Brett Carlise played Steve, Terry Cohagen played Madge, Kathy Neasta played the young actress. Beth Kumpe played Annabell, Dixie Lewallen, the FulIer's maid, and Jeff Haas as Mr. Fuller. 62 a l sw s r w " ..-or ,Q - ... - walkt-sz - li The winter play of '79 George Washington Slept Here i ,af ,ga-,fm . T 0 t, f 1' st- , , ar, J ,nf 15" ' fs vbflii Q Q I ,. y, :fig , . -I , ,,,,f My ,V ,-ya t 'fart 'll' W ,W A I-'Sm Q-l,Wwy"Ht,,. f 7, K .'M ttf? ,xzfgfw-ff btlxiyg GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE, a comedy about a city dweller who gets fed up with the life of the city. Newton Fuller decides to take his wife and daughter to the country to look at an old abandon farm house. Once Annabell, his wife, finds out that the floors are falling in she wants to leave. When she hears that her husband has bought the place with all of their life savings, she comes unstrung. Besides having the house ready to fall, the barn is also in sad shape. Madge, their daughter, helps talk her mother into staying and soon things start to shape up. The only problem was that their well, which was the deepest in the county, had no water. Above: house guests and Newton listen as Uncle Stanley, Bob Lower, tell what a rotten nephew he has. fl to rj Mary Schulte, Kent Beardsley, Jeff Haas, Bob Lower, Terry Cohagan and Brett Carlise. LJ -in at DEBATERS, ORATORS, EXTEMPERS include: Back row: Stacy Giliett, Mike Powders, Steve Beaudoin. Front Row: Bob Boehler, Pat Tripeny NOVIA CLASS: Back row: Tom Ackerman, Scott Van Cleave. Front row: Dana Chambers, Kristen Carpenter, Debbie Matteson. Experience helps Forensics Team R., I , . five AZ. .72 ng ,-g-.nh- new ,. z if I x it iz ..a-L. INTERPRETERS include: Back row: Rob Meloy, Nicki Beaudoin Jeff Sears, Brad Hayden. Front Row: Todd Thompson, Laura Ledford. bv-----n-1 .........,g helm! CLASS VARSITY: Back row: Stacy Gillett, Rob Meloy, Mike Powders, Steve Beaudoin, Bob Tobin, Jeff Sears. Front Row: Bob Boehler, Todd Thompson, Pat Tripeny, Brad Hayden, Nicki Beaudoin. The Drill Team is a part of the football marching band and takes part in half time shows, competitions and parades. Their season also extends through the basketball season and they present half-time routines during that season also. The members attended a special camp in the summer and compete for awards at that time. Members are: fl to rj Cynthia Franklin, Tami Bitner, Deanna Brecheisen, Peggy Sherrill, Rosemary Kinneburg, Mary Swanton, Lisa Miller, Tami Eads, Dana Adamson. Center: Captain Sharon Wagner. Drill Team marches on Flags fly high and proud I H ffy'1"r"- M, y l lsri t suty , 4 ,YV f , zrzifizfwift .btw 1' 0' ' ' N'fi.2'!4hAa' 9.2.53 43? The Flag Line is a part of the football marching band and participates in half time shows, competition and parades. These Girls attend a summer camp in addition to their other participations. Members of the 1978-79 year were: ll to rl Kathleen Nesta, Stephanie Adams, Captain, and Merideth Russel. Below: Kathleen Nesta, Stephanie Adams, Meredith Russell, and Dannette Bartruff. NOT PICTURED: Wyndi Conger, Captain Vickie Brandon, and Cindy Brunelli. STRINGS: Susan Claar Val Moon Cindy Bertagnole Rosemary Boatright Lisa Barelle Janet Crouch Rosemary Kinniburgh Terry Habel Marvene Morrison Bruce Mack Jeff Kessler Andrea Reynolds Cindy McHattie Val Hale Bob Sailors Alex McHattie Wendy Schuetz WOODWINDS: Sharon Farley Kay Robinder Traditions kept high by orchestra NCHS Orchestra Paul B. Fox, Conductor Shelly Thompson Pat Anderson Theresa Higgins , Renee Everaerl Celia Meier Amy Gossin BRASS: John Linford Dale Hillegass A Chris Roop Brian Reasoner Vicki Walker Gene Underwood Pat Tripeny David Schmidt Jack Dickenson PERCUSSIONIKEYBOARD: Mike Gentry Brenda Eggleston Student Council keeps :ommunioations open 5:-.:: 319 'cf' "": i ' K ,i 'fi .W V W tj:-5, .- 't 'W-it K 'L -- E eee L 1 ii' ' v l I 'X :ft K K Upper Left Photo: Back row, Melissa Larcom, Anne Flistau, Cyndi Guy and Student Council President, Kendall Corbett. Above: back row, Linda Trimmer, Susan Claar, Denise Hale. front, Greg Fox. Photo at Left: back row, Kristen Koch, Cyndi Thorson, Gail Claar. In front, Mike Volastos. if at N is " Top right: Pictured receiving his trophy for All-State honors is Dean Mahaffey. Upper left: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Longnecker enjoy the evening's agenda prior to his receiving an Outstanding Award for contribution to athletics at NCHS. Above: Back row: il to rig Bill Bottom, Lance Deal, Todd Pierce and Dean Mahaffey pose with Mike Quarve, Jeff Compton and Rob Welo as they were presented with All-State awards at the annual "C" Club banquet. S- S Honors abound at " " Club Banquet Upper left: Perennial master of ceremonies, George K., with his tray at the ready waits for the food line to open. Above: Holding trophies in both hands, Coach Bill Hileman, presents Lance Deal with yet another award to add to his long list of achievements in sports during his years at NCHS. Below: "C" blanket winners recognized during the presentations were from left to right in back row: Robert Taubert, Mark Flizzi, Lance Deal, Todd Pierce and Allen Stinnette. Front row from left: Bill Bottom, H. L. Shaw, Shaun Sutherland, Ed Olson and Duane Schlicht. "City Scenes" theme illuminated Prom I Pictured at left is Prom Queen, Lisa Long. Attendants below: U to rj Linda Bon, Mary Shutts Diana Reynolds, and Mary Swanson. ir - Q is Fiddler On The Roof Director John Welsh and sixty students packed the auditorium three times for the performance of the musical. Old timers said that it broke the record set by the musical The Music Man, set some ten years ago. Undoubtedly the most remarkable item in the whole show was the professional way in which the lead, Tevey, was done by Senior Todd Hambrick. Pictured right is the Fiddler played by Bob Boehler. Below is groom, Boyd Wolzg bride, Dianna Reynolds and the Rabbi, Greg Hill. f ff: t Above: Yente, played by Melissa Larcom, tells Golde, Sarah Niethammer, about the perfect match that she has made for her daughter. w' " lb- 3 1 5 I 6 . I L N Qi ?w'Q,?r 'Y' ' . ,f":, ,,. . 4 may Fiddler sets new house , l Above: Tevye, Todd Hambrick, asks Lazar Wolf, played by Lee Mosser, not sell his new milk cow. Left: the villagers and the Flabbi appear in Tevye's dream. Villagers in back row are: Martin Barnum, Steve Grussendorf, Kris Kornkven. Middle row: Daileen Stegelman, Front row: ll to rl Terri Whitefoot, Linda Trimmer, Cybele Houston and Brett Lay. record Pierce honored with Top Award Righty NCHS principal, Mr. Loren Kamish, hands the school's top award to Todd Pierce. Below leftg Mr. Buchanan presented the Baush and Lomb award to Mark Davis at an open assembly with parents and interested friends in attendance. Below rightg Mr. Asa Brooks, biology teacher presented the NCCTEA 4 year scholarships to the school of their choice to Todd Pierce and pictured receiving hers is Lisa Garcia ffl' ft, its t ' Qin .. t l Top Ieftg Mr. Kamish had a very busy morning presenting awards as he shakes the hand of Melissa Larcom for receiving the Achievement Award for the outstanding senior Student Council member. PE department chairman, Art Hill, is shown as he made award presentations for the Outstanding Male and Female Athlete to Jane Lange and Lance Deal. Thespian Troupe H1 celebrates 50th Year YF!! Upper Left: Beth Kumpe accepts award for Best Actress. Upper Right: Todd Hambrick leaves the stage after accepting the award for actor, Right: Todd Hambrick presents orchestra director, Paul Fox, with an award for the orchestra participation in the annual spring musicai production. :I L a 2 lilititiiyiili Above: Terry Cohagen, Jeff Haas and Lori Hill await the arrival of the next recipient at the annual Thespian's Award Banquet Left: Terry Cohagen listens intently to Todd Pierce as he names some of the duties he performs for the various drama productions. Media Lab popular with classes Members of the Mustang Info crew from left to right were: Wileen Upton, Michele Reeves, Joy Bowlsby, Teresa Nickerson, Kevin Lewis, Jeff Buckalew and Don Ainsworth. Seated: Dan Creger. Q94 Willy Upton explains the intricacies of manipulating a zoom lens to Michele Fteeves. Helping Dan Creger do his sport s show on Mustang Info are Don Ainsworth and Joy Bowlsby. International Award coveted by Gusher Staff ' i Q f ,V ""s,,'. A-r t M-,bk GUSHER THE NCHS NEWSMAGAZINE Published monthly by the students of Natrona County High School, CY Ave. at Elm St., Casper, WY 82601. G-usher Staff: Front Bow, I to r: Julie McCarthy, Matt Adelman, Paul Jacobs, Shaun Sutherland tEditorl, Sharon Farley. Second Row: Todd Thompson, Shirley Tucker, JoAnn Shafsky, Marcia Andreen, Paul Barella, Chris McLemore. Back Row: Ms. Cathy Clark, iAdviseri, Bob Johnson, Becky Brashear, Steve Beaudoin, Tammy Thomson, Tony Beaverson, Jay Shaw. THE NCHS NEWSMAGAZINE Published monthly by the students of Natrona County High School, CY Ave. at Elm St., Casper, WY 82601. Editor-inichief ...,........,.........,.,........ Shaun Sutherland Editor-in-chief ,.,. .... , , ........ ,.,.. . ..., J enny Humberson Managing Editor ..., ............ S haun Sutherland News Editor ....,,.. . ..,,.....,...... l , ......... Paul Jacobs Feature Editors .,... ......,..... M att Adelman and Lorraine Ala News Editor .,.............,...,....,......,..... Steve Beaudoin Feature Editors .....,.......... Matt Adelman and Lorraine Adams Writers ..,.... Marcia Andreen, Paul Barella, Steve Beaudoin, Chris McLemore,JayShaw,JoAnnShatsky Writers ........,,. .,,...., M arcia Andreen, Paul Barella, Cybele SPQWS ----1-e-44 1-'-"--'--- B 'Yan J0f1eS,ShaUf1 5'-'thenand Houston' JoAnn Shafsky, Chris MoLomo,-e Artist ..... ...,............,..........., ..... B o b Johnson Sports ...,..., ........ C ybele Houston, Shaun Sutherland Phofogfapher 1 ""'4 , '4""""""""""""" Todd Thompson Artist ,4..4.'...'.,.-,l4.,.A..-,4',A.A-,,.-,l4.A,,4 Bob Johnson Business and Circulation Manager ..,,..,............ Sharon Farley photographers .,,,4"',4',,,,-,,,4. Todd Thompson, Fred Jacobs Advertising Manager , .V ....,......,.......,........ Julie McCarthy Business and Circulation Manager ....,...,.. 1 , .... Sharon Farley Ad Staff ----. Steve Bailey, Tony Beaverson, Becky Brashear, Tammy Advertising Manager ..........,.,......,......... Julie McCarthy , . Th0.1."pS0n Ad Staff ............,,............,... Steve Bailey, Karen Barton, TYP'Sl '4-r -"---l'l'-----A-'--"--'- n P' 1- ' P ' -d 'SF"'ef'CIUCke' Tony Beaverson, Becky Brashear, Whitney Staff """ '1"' r 'nt ro uc 'gn th Ease? Bums' Margie Roth' Tammy Thompson Adviser ,.... ................................,..,.. a y ar Typist .,.. .,..................,...... S hirley Tucker stan , ..... ......,...... P rim Production i Classes . WHSSPA A"i5'at,eSAWa'g Q,?77'Z,8 d 1978 Adviser . .,............,,...,,,.,...,............... Cathy Clark Qum and Scroll lntematmna econ ace war Member Wyoming High School Student Press Association Quill and Scroll International Second Place Award 1978 Member of Quill and Scroll since March 10, 1927 Member of Quill and Scroll since March 10, 1927 s I Future Farmers of America E? sfeslcumrzn . Seated, l to r: Michele Haygood, Walt Patterson, Wes Brummett, Audie Cross, Julie Japp, Laurie Tipton, Judy Carpenter, Mr. Harrington. Middle Row: Kelly Britain, James Glynn, Jeff Schaff, Roxie Lynch, Mike McClarey, Ted Skogen, Keith Flobinett, Jim Hovis, Kevin Flobinett, Billie Jo Johnson, Jim Wambeke. Back Flow: Mike Gammil, Pat Orchard, Flon Johnson, Neil Williams, Mike Tescher, Matt Turner. Science adds Golden Test Tube Awards for students 'I - - .. A? .1 Q Q 1 G r ee -5'.bL, 1 'L' Q' Akyk ent , K ayf 1" sEhv!5b3a"""'5 SJ Receiving their awards from chemistry instructor, Mr. Leo Ftizzi, were: Back row tl to rl: Gary Bryan, William Pannanan, Allyn Satterfield and Brent Christensen and Mr. Flizzi. Front row tl to rl: Daphne Klein, Connie Ftipperger, Karen Christopherson and Sheila Geuke. DECA - earning while learning ,tw M TOP: Peggy Kraft smiles for the camera as a Deca student in the background helps some students as they look at the many choices of school supplies. ABOVE: Tammy Ridgeway, a DE Student writes up a customers order at the Dairy Queen. .ll 'V -, rx L. , 3 ,,-,Mi up-gnwf, 13" i v ' ef .N 3-4, j g J.. F51 V, .9-. -Q 5 lggl i f :f un ,K ', -T. . 3 W A . .W 1, n Top: As a Deca student, Angela Wilsey goes over her weekly reports with her Sears Supervisor. Above: Deca student, Virginia Phifer, jokes with her supervisor as they arrange some of the jewelry in the showcase at Okes downtown store. . ,EJ Music raises the human spirit -i f 24 i X Ns ln. TOP: The concert choir perform at the spring concert in May. ABOVE: N.C.H,S. Chorale. Front Row, QI to rj Regina Kirchnavy, Sue Puhrman, Carol Nemetz, Melissa Davis, Terri Whitefoot, Amy Martin, Kerry Key, Lori Josephson, Toni Grimlie, Jo Anne Cannon, Beth Kumpe, Lisa Long. Back Row: Mike Alexander, Gary Dissette, Brent Clapp, Roger Weber, Bob Benardis, Don Stoner, Kirk Lorimer, Boyd Wolz, Steve Grussendorf, Tony Beaverson, Todd Pierce. Girls Ensemble: Front Row, ll to ri Holly Giffin, Sue Barella, Julie Parlet, Cheryl Ito, Kim Forgey, Kristine Volk, Cathy Kapeles, Kristen Koch, Back Row: Lori Perkins, Patti Bertrand, Shela Stratton, Angela Norman, Penny Gottlob, Teresa Johnson, Meg Flaim, Kris Kornkven, Tammy Carrell. ABOVE: Front Row, Todd Pierce, Kerry Key, Toni Grimley, Lisa Long, Terri Whitefoot, Melissa Davis, Lori Josephson, Steve Grusendorf. Second Row: Amy Martin, Joanne Cannon, Roger Weber, Don Stoner, Scott Rhoads, Caroll Nemitz, Regina Kirchnavy. Third Row: Boyd Wolz, Mike Alexander, Beth Kumpe, Brent Clapp, Richard Kone, Bob Bernardis. Fourth Row: Gary Dissette, Kirk Lorimer, Tony Beaverson. V52 -5 xt I And the angels sing Diana Adell Bob Boehler Blythe Boston Whitney Burris Jo Anne Cannon Pam Carrell Shonda Castlebury Wyndi Conger Debbie De Luca Rhonda Dewald Cindy Ellsworth Renae Farrell Susan Flinn Mary Foster Kalli Gaddis John Garcia Deanna Gilmore Dwayne Grierson Judy Hall Tom Hirst Viki Hittel Brett Hobza Shannan Hocker Paula Horning Bob Johnson Teresa Johnson Kelly Kessler Charlotte Lawson Brett Lay Laurie LeClere Chris Mathes Julie McCarthy Rhonda McDonald David Mclrvin Karey Mead Sarah Norcross Stacey Poole Ronda Renick Marian Sabec Nancy Schuman Katrina Sjostrom Autumn Smith Danette Smith Kathy Steinback Tammy Thomson Stacy Winders Sonja Schuppan Cathy Showalter Misti Gibbs Becky Burch Pat Ashburn Barbara Baker Michelle Barlow Martin Barnum Shelie Beadles Cindy Bertagnole Sharon Boender Jerilyn Brackett Carol Brown Debbie Callies Susan Claar Gina Clark Kelly Cook Brenda Eggleston Bettie Ellison Madeline Galloway Monte Henrie Kay Hill Sabrina Johnson Tammy Joyner Mona Keltz Jim Killebrew Regina Kirchnavy Steve Klocksiem Kari Koritnik Tracy Lawien Mary McCrary Celia Meier Alan Mitchell Lisa Morris Michelle Nickell Sutton Perkins Paulette Perry Janet Robertson Kim Robinson Daileen Stegelman Rena Thaxton Matt Tuss Kristine Volk Sharon Wagner Mike Wirth Marry McCarty Ann Higgins Lynette Sand Laura Jolley D Tears, laughter, uncertainty TOP RIGHT: Susan Crouch shows the emotional aspect of graduation as she gets a last minute adjustment to her gown from a friend. TOP LEFT: Tim Gilmore and Jim Tripeny share some humorous moments with fellow classmates as they wait for the processional music to begin. Happy that high school is now a thing ofthe past, Anne Ristau, Susan Exum and Tamie Carrel head for the auditorium with mixed feelings. li if g-..- ' x S vat 3 ,1 fa X 913. .. .Q 4' I m LLL, M , ,bg fa I ' ATHLETICS QQ i an ' ?""""""g if . " 'm, ',1 ,294 V if Gymnasts host State Championships Above: Members of the gymnastics team: tl to rl Coach Rich Melvin, Joe Wroble, Fl.J. Vassar, Lisa Long, Kathy Lammers, Annie Markham, Carla Ekland, Peggy Kraft, Mike Trujillo, Ed Boyles, Pete Fox, Hollie Hauffe, Chris Garland, Todd Gangwish, Adrian Lawson, Evy Flynn, Pam Schulenberg, Jim Schmidt, Bill Foster, Sandy Fink, Debbie Dissette, Dianne Makinen, Jeanette Knot, Annie Harris, Mike Hansen. Flight: RJ. Vassar shows the audience his skill doing the lron Cross at one of the Mustang pep assemblies, E 1 in-W Girl's Team: Flock Springs Invitational - 4th Dubois Invitational - 2nd Jackson Invitational - 1st Douglas Invitational - 2nd Worland invitational - ist Powell Invitational - 2nd State Championships - 2nd Boy's Team: Douglas Invitational - 2nd Powell invitational - 2nd State Championships - 3rd Below: Waiting for the Judge's score. Lett: Lisa Long practices balancing on The DGBITI Right: Lance Deal set a new state record in the shot put and new school records in the shot and discus. Lower Right: The Two Mile Relay Team wait at the award stand after winning first in the state track meet and setting a new school record of 8:16. Left to Right: Rob Welo, Dean Mahaffey, Marty Roszel and Jeff Compton. Below: Dean Mahaffey won first in the state mile, and set new school records in the one mile and two mile runs. i Flick Thompson is shown as he sets a new school record in the triple jump, 43'2". Bob Taubert set a new school record in the high jump at 6'5". Bob won 2nd in the state high jump and 3rd in the state pole vault. Versatile Bill Bottom set a new Wyoming state record in the pole vault at 14'6". He won first in the state pole vault, 2nd in the high jump, 3rd in the 100 yard dash and 3rd in the 880 relay to finish off an extremely hard two days in Cheyenne. Golf Coach Weishaar retires after 20 years Opposite Page - Top Photo: The NCHS Mustang Golf team captured the 1978 AA Championship. From left, Don Bader, Mike Quarve, Mike Hauffe, Steve Lewallen, Scott Puzey and Coach Don Weishaar. Opposite Page - Bottom: New NCHS talent includes: from left, Dan Dudley, Gary Bryan, Greg Colman, Joe Ftoth, Jim Campbell, John Bale and Kirk Sherer. Pictured left: Retiring Coach Don Weishaar and Mrs. Weishaar are shown at the "C' Club banquet where the coach was recognized for winning eleven state championships in his twenty years of coaching NCHS golf. Below: Getting in a few extra practice strokes that made them Wyoming's finest were: Don Bader, Mike Quarve, Mike Hauffe and Scott Puzey, Boys win State Tennis Crown x,-. L P- ST STATE CHAMPS: Left to Right, Mark Neese, Mark Murphy, Steve Ward, Jeff Eger, Mark Rizzi and Buddy Johnson. Tennis girls also win State Crown m.,,,.,QnoU""' STATE CHAMPS: Left to Right: Michelle Murphy, Susan Bovie, Julie Rhodes, Eileen Donlin, Rita Murphy and Tori Haydel Volleyball Team thrills fans ff., . I-gw uv K l .. k.... . . J a W . - Y: I .. - 1, sy . , 'K if , E lbw ,,.,, ,, , Top: Back Ftow, il to ri Coach, Mrs. Bobbie Marting Donna Duerdeng Jeannie Lammersg Debbie Yohng Linda Tuckerg Dorrie Clonchg Laurie Hardesty. Bottom Row: Jill Bomb, Barbara Kraft, Debbie Talbot. Top Row, Pam Dunstong Mary Burroughg Coach, Mr. Ken Fieedg Lisa Volkerp Tammy Dalgran. Bottom Fiow: Kerry Latham, Chris Pierce, Susie Eades. 4 -f-a vw, City Oil Bowl make ...Q 3,Nw,.,. in S 2 S f S k'l ,., ,. 4, 3 ji C 'tl , ,. ,D .M ZWV 1 Team members of the 1978-79 football squad Gregory, Boner, Mets, Klone, Shroyer, Patton. and Noblitt. Kneeling: Williams, Jepson, Clapp Pierce, Carpenter, Deal, Olson, Estes, Bottom and Lewis. Standing: Coach Hill, Coach Wings Truchot, Tintinger, Hool, Allen, Akers, Smith, l Kapeles, Loranc, Singleton, Schmidt, Daugher Freiberg, Munsell, M.g Ellbogen, Cercy, Holdelj Asbell, Coach Mattson, Simmons, Coach Jerd riumphant return to NCHS 7-C:.,-1 ...,,,sNn id, U to rl Creel, Linford, Stroud, Roth, J., arbutt, Wheatley, Tobin, Brown, Burton, Kelly indel, Ravert, Flate, Stinnette, Childers, Shaw, shburn, Haverlock, Lautzenheiser, Dickson r, Munsell, P., Coach Hileman, Jourgensen, derson, Chilton, Harris, Brown, M., Roth, C., sen, Helling, Brubaker, Clanton, Hartnett, Iansen, Loundigan, Thompson, Coach Carey, Iward. V-W7:W.W.4'A:1tc:w:1:f,W. W, . W, v at i wwe ia Members of the sophomore football team were: Standing from left, Coach Jerde, Dirk Noblitt, Steve Creel, Chester Cleaver, Rich Thompson, Lynn Simmons, David Hansen, Robb Lewis, Jeff Truchot, Todd Jourgensen, Kevin Hool, Jim Maddy and Coach Wingerter. Kneeling: Dick Tobin, Rich Randel, Evan Dickson, Pete Loundigan, Dean Brown, Joe Roth, Jay Linford, Kevin Lautzenheiser, Brad Haverlock Rory Jepson and Neil Williams, Sitting: Wade Ravert, Guy Kelly, Pat Munsell, Mike Stroud, Greg Evanoff, Dennis Tintinger, Shawn Asbell, Rob Burton and Mark Clapp. Number 11, ace quarterback Bill Bottom, makes a desperate lunge for the goal line to add another six in the cross-town rivalry game with Kelly Walsh. Ed Olson, H. L. Shaw and Scott Smith can only hope he made it. 106 J V' s, Sophs look ahead to '79 The 1978 coaching staff members were: Back Flow il to rl B. Mattson, B. Hileman and M. Carey. Front, D. Jerde, Head coach, Art Hill and T. Wingerter. 'div --LM 1-,L-..,::f v V, 3- r T .. .Digi y . v.. A M A ---A 'W . , V A l Varsity and junior varsity teams were made up of the following young men: Standing il to rl Coach A. Hill, Coach B. Hileman, Jerry Allen, Mike Akers, Scott Smith, Matt Berrett, Greg Gunderson, Dan Chilton, David Harris, Matt Brown, Chris Roth, John Kapeles, Tom Loranc, Gary Singleton, Bill Schmidt, John Daugherty, Brent Christenson, Kirk Helling, Ray Clanton, Tom Brubaker, Jon Freiberg, Tom Hartnett, Mark Munsell, David Ellbogen, Tony Cercy, Coach M. Carey, Randy Holden and Coach T. Wingerter. Kneeling: Denny Rate, Allen Stinnette, Rich Childers, H. L. Shaw, Todd Pierce, Dave Carpenter, Lance Deal, Ed Olson, Flon Estes, Bill Bottom, Duane Schlicht and Pat Ashburn. Sitting: Tom Gregory, Scott Boner, Doug Mets, Flon Klone, Don Shroyer, Clay Patton, Jim Garbutt, Greg Wheatley and Jim Woodward, manager. Varsity Tournaments: Powell Inv. 1st! 7 teams Lander lnv. 1st! 7 teams Rapid City lnv. 4th!16 teams Conference 1st! 7 teams State 3rd!15 teams Dual Meet Results: fVarsityt NC 39!Worland 16 NC 39fRiverton 9 NC 39!Rock Springs 17 NC 36!Green River 18 MC 49!Kelly Walsh 12 NC 35!Cheyenne Central 13 NC 48 Cheyenne East 5 NC 41!Douglas 6 NC 36!Kelly Walsh 14 NC 41!Sheridan 9 NC 31!Laramie 18 NC 44!Rawlins 14 NC 51!Gillette 22 Junior Varsity Record: 13 wins - O losses Only the 4th team in NCHS history to go undefeated in Duals. Grapplers take i Top Photo: Kneeling l to r: Dan Golich, Shaun Sutherland, Hermilo Gonzales Steve Larson Shane JV has won 44 consecutive Duals. Sutherland, Craig Mascarenas. Standing: Chris Eiserman, Tom Brubaker, John Kraft Bart Byrd Brad 108 Sutherland, Steve Depoorter, Ab Brown. Photo Above: Coaches Novotny, Mattson Quinlan Miller Top: Steve Larson gains valuable points toward a win as he keeps his opponent in a position unable to score. Above: Kneeling, l to r: Craig Miller, Eric Forsyth, John Green, Jerry Allen, Tom Gregory, Lloyd Underwood, Leo Olson, Ty Devault, Brendon Coleman, Kyle Gray. Standing: Mike Fleamer, Lance Potter, Jay Linford, Steve Creel, Ray Clanton, Lynn Simmons, John Daugherty, Tom Widiker, Matt Berrett. Sophomores had second undefeated season. State Placers: Lance Deal 1HWT3 1st Steve Depoorter 11673 3rd Brad Sutherland 11553 3rd Chris Eiserman 11323 2nd Steve Larson 11123 4th Outstanding NC wrestler: Lance Deal Outstanding Senior: Chris Eiserman Outstanding Junior Steve Depoorter Outstanding Sophomore: Hermilo Gonzales Outstanding Freshman: Ralph Cardinal Stout Heart Award: Shaun Sutherland Lance Deal captured all the team records this season with: Most Wins 1283 Most Falls 1153 Most Team Points 11843 . WX Q. ., Z .N k Q- N.. 1 ...all 1 , Vt 1 L , . 3 .- ,,t,. ,. -1 :.:,, l -- ,,:: ::,, ,l" ,,fl' .. ,- r,11:1ll any m M3554 Rifle Teams win State Awards Back: Phillip Christopherson, Dean Jussel Front: John Wienke, Philip Jussel Kneeling' I to r: Phillip Falcinelli, Michael Clever, William Walters, Laura Larson, Tim Bryant, Susan Benson, 2nd Flovlr: Cindy Mellay, Phillip Christopherson, Jay Long, Greg Waters, Philip Jussel, Laura Davis. 3rd Row: Scott Joyner, Dean Jussel, ISG Martin Clever, Coach. Kristi Selby. John Wienke Roundballers always in the game l l l Front Row Kneeling: Dick Tobin, Mitch Brauchie, Jeff Compton, Greg Wheatley Bill Bottom, Scott Boner, Mark Rizzi, Joe Brauer, Curt Cochran. Back Row Standing: Head Coach Jerry Dalton, Pat Rochelle, Todd Swanson, Keith Bynum, Dave Ellbogen, Steve Grussendorf, Robert Taubert, Mike Prather, Russ Pickering, Robb Lewis, Greg Thompson, Glen Atkins, Todd Pierce, Asst. Coach Dan Bush The 1978-1979 Mustang basketball team finished the season with another winning record. Starting the season with a small and completely inexperienced team, NC was picked to finish toward the bottom of the conference, but the Mustang spirit was always in evidence as the team fought bigger and better competition most of the time but still ended the year with a winning season. Right: Mike Prather drives hard to get a shot off as Mark Rizzi and Greg Thomson wait for the two pointer to light up on the scoreboard. LEFT: Russ Pickering out jumps an opponent for possession of the ball BOTTOM: Robert Taubert gets rebounding position, while Mitch Brauchie covers the back court. The 1978-79 Sophomores basketball team posted a very respectable 12-6 record. They defeated Kelly Walsh four times, a feat which had never been accomplished before. Above, Front Flow: Todd Jourgenson, Mike Stroud, John Myers, Boy Roberson, Kevin Bertrand, Back Bow: Doug Creger, Glenn Witt, Gary Gilmore Jeff Truchot, Dave Hansen, Scott Glaze, David Lee, Brad Wells, Ken Burlingame Boy Buck, Coach Dave Jerde Bight, Front Bow: Kent Mundy, Tom Berger, Clay Simmons, Rick Tomson, Jim Smith, Mark Murphy, Coach Terry Wood Back Bow: John Wrasper, Evan Dixon, Greg Evenoff ' Sophomores post winning season Ski Team young future promising Left: Members of the Girls Ski Team: il to ri Lee Ann Ladd, Amy Sulzan, Bonnie Adams, Mary O'Keefe, Dawn Summerford, and Tricia O'Keefe. Not pictured, Paulette Perry. The ski season had four meets this year, they were were in: Jackson, Cody, Pinedale, and Casper, The team was short on veteran skiers and this could be considered a building year. They ended up with a second place in the Boys division for State and the Girls were tied for third. Alpine skiers who lettered in skiing were, Seniors Robert Stewart, Lee Ann Ladd, and Amy Sulzen. Juniors wereg Tom South, Laurie Hardesty, Mary O'Keefe, and Dawn Summerford Sophomores: Jeff Lower, Paul Perry, Chris Schmidt, Tricia O'Keefe, and Paulette Perry. Below Members of the Nordic Cross Country Ski Team were il to ri Tom Wilber, Carl Durham Chuck Mangus, Bob Hand, Debbie Schutts Angela Hogan, Bill Bea, Chris Mangus, This was the second year for the Nordic Cross Country team and they had a lot of interest in the events. Bob Hand and Chuck Mangus were invited to participate in the Junior Nationals for all Nordic events at Squaw Valley, Swim team bubbles enthusiasm Q r be r 3 i aa e Ei,.m,,f ABOVE: Sophomore Annie Harris executing a perfect entry into the water. LEFT: Lisa "Lil Red" Garcia and friends watch the team in action. i 2 f WN 451' .en w"""ww-fft. . - .-d""Kl' . Above, Top Row: ll to ri Chet Weber, Vic Trujillo, Dave Seese, Mike Bisiar, Bryon Boyer, Jeff Neilson. Middle Row: Mike Land, Roger Weber, Forrest Leff, Joel Purvis, Dave Jones, Kevin McCaskey, Greg Fox. Front Flow: Mike Zimmerman, Jess Ollila, Darwin Good, Eric Erickson, Mitch Zimmerman, Pat Holscher, Hugh Peace. LEFT, Top Row: Lisa Dicky, Kary Mead, Annie Norris, Andrea Helmick, Ann Higgins. Middle Row: Connie Claar, Liz Patton, Tryce Houston, Debbie Nelson, Margaret Higgins. Bottom Row: Kari Hoeppner, Lisa Garcia, Denise Hole, Lenore Houston, Diane Houston. Cross Country comes ahve Above, Front Row: il to rl Duane Jazwick, Lisa Bray, Amy Hogen, Stacy McCrary Janet Crouch Chris Mangus Tom Ackerman Bruce Crowell, Todd Enega, Todd Pomeroy, Gregg Herbert, Steve Singleton Middle Row Coach John Miller Miles Dahlby Amy Hogen Shan Sutherland, John Kennedy, Shawn Sutherland, Kevin Gilland. Top Row Jannet Crouch Mary McCrary The N.C.H.S. boy Cross Country Team received first in the Casper Douglas Gillette Worland Powell Rapid City and Rock Springs lnvitationals. They received 1st in Conference and 2nd in State. iBOySl Douglas Inv. Casper Inv. Gillette Inv. Worland lnv. Powell lnv. Rapid City lnv. Rock Springs Inv. Conference State 1978 NCHS Cross Country Results 1st 1st 1st lst 1st 1st 1st 1st 2nd mvwwfyi ' ' " VFX.-V ,, , M ,WA Top, All Staters: fl to rl Dean Mahaffey, Jeff Compton, Kevin Gililand line up lor leg exercises. Center: Boy's Varsity Keith Moon, Todd Pomeroy, Shaun Sutherland, Jeff Compton, Kevin Gilliland, Robb Welo, Kirk Shamley, Dean Mahaffey pose with some of their trophies they have won this year, LEFT: Janet Crouch was Girl's All State-Outstanding Girl Cross Country member, and Dean Mahaftey was All State-Outstanding Boys Cross Country Member. Exuberance marks girls track TOP Top Row: fl to rl Leann Sulzen, Mary Burroughs, Chris Pierce, Lisa Volker, Libby Reeves, Tammy Joyner. Middle Row: Joan lnnes, Jeanne Lammers, Debbie Yohn, Janet Crouch Darla Krusee, Pauline Rowland, Barb Nickerson. Front Row: Kathy Johnson, Lisa Bray, Cindy Parrish, Charlene Redding, Cheryl Bisiar, Rocky Wortham, Merri Evenson. RIGHT: Bob Mattson, Head girls track coach Left: The following Girls track team members in an effort to please the photographers make a human pyramid. Top: il to rj Kathy Johnson, Rocky Wortham, Center: Cheryl Bisiar, Pauline Rowland, Charlene Redding. Bottom: Debbie Yohn, Jeanne Lammers, Tammy Joyner, Lisa Volker. Below, members participating in the weight events are: Libby Fleeves, Chris Pierce, Darla Krusee, and Merri Evenson. Girls basketball win State Consolation Back Row, I to r: Dori Claunch, Kerry Lanham, Rita Murphy, Chris Pierce, Lisa Volker, Jane Lange, Susan Crouch, Michelle Murphy, Eileen Donlin, Donna Overdon. Front Ftow: Darla Krusee, Shirley Tucker, Korina Mets, Susie Eades, Peggy Hansen, Jeanne Lammers Janet Crouch. Not Pictured are: Mike Carey, Head Coachg Sandy Warner, JV Coach and Ken Reed Sophomore Coach. Jane Lange waits in anticipation as Dori Claunch makes her move around two KW opponents to get into position to take a pass. v F Liv S ' "K Q . I MQ- 2 3 FX -.J :Q 5, ,-.9 'ln I Q" 'R iw Q .9-.., i vu I A 1 x NCHS Track Team surprises predictors Top: Seated, left to right, Jay Linford, Ralph Nickerson, Todd Ennenga, Marty Welo, Ed Olson, David Cain, Scott Boner, Jim Garbutt, Denny Rate. Kneeling, Coach Ron Estes, John Kapeles, Kevin Gilliland, H.L. Shaw, Duane Schlicht, Dave Hawks, Todd Pomeroy, Rob Welo, Bill Bottom, Evan Dickson, John Robin, Coach Jerry Quinlan. Standing, Coach Hal Loghry, Jeff Compton, Dean Mahaffey, Doug Lewis, Rick Thompson, Allen Stinnette, Lance Deal, Todd Pierce, Mark Rizzi, Bob Taubert, Greg Wheatley, Coach Bill Hileman. Right: NCHS' newest coach, A. G. Aegerter, stops for a short break as he heads across the track to help with another practice event. Girls supported by Title IX , ,Q W Top left: Amy Sulzen appears to be anxious to get on the slopes with her skis and camera prior to the meet in Jackson. NCHS' outstanding female athlete award winner, Jane Lange, goes high to score another basket for Mr. Carey's basketball team. Above: Getting all set up for the spike, Jill Baum, wants to make sure that Jeannie Lammers, Linda Tucker, Debbie Yohn and Dori Claunch are in their right positions. E ...K 126 l CLASSES ki IVQV ' V W f O Q K Class of H79 af 3. L to R: David Cain, Secretaryg Raymond Toy, Treasurer: Bob Tobin, Presidentg Todd Pierce, Vice President. Senior Class Officers ' ni? M, Q-sf . -' .qt , i Q, Seniors bound for adventure Anderson, Mark Brett Carlisle and Dan Golich make it pretty clear that class is over and another one down Adams, Stephanie Adelman, Mathew Aguilar, Brice Ainsworth, Don Albert, Sherri Alexander, Jim Anderson, Christy Anderson, Don Anderson, Lori , N s'9'aPhr Wk Anderson, Maureen Bailey, Charlotte Barankiewicz, Jim Barnard, Andy Andrew, Allison Bailey, Steve Barella, Jeff Barrett, Pat Arellano, JoAnn Bakker, Jannette Barella, Paul Barton, Karen Bader, Don Banks, Britt Barelle, David Bartow, Roger iff? fx 'Q jmig' 'Ui' I XQ A rl if Bisiar, Don Bisiar, Mike Bliss, Robert at 'ff . K . . tf' f' 4 C' 3- 1-nv ""l 3 'bf Boettcher, Debbie Boorse, John Bowlsby, Joy Brakke, Nancy Bolender, Dan Bottom, Bill Boyer, Bryan Bramsom, Kim Bon, Linda Bouzis, Michelle Bradshaw, Kathy Brauchie, Mitch Bondi, Tami Bowen, David Bradshaw, Pam Brown, Helen Vitality makes senior class Q' ff' '1'?if" ff "N-. ,y 'Vu QQ --9 . ,W Li - Brown, Janell Brown, Sherrie Brummett, Wesley Budach, Karen Brown, Roxann Brown, Stacy Bryant, Gay Bue, Rosalie Brown, Shawn Brown, Tammy Bryant, Mike Burbaok, Greg .:.ff"" ,,..-f' Foreign language teacher, Mrs. Giraldo, shares an interpretation of an assignment with Monteen Thorne and Cathy Showalter. Burch, Tony Burkhart, Steve Burris, Whitney Bynum, Keith Byrd, Bart Cain, David Campbell, Jim Carlisle, Brett Carlson, Craig Working hard to get more money in the "kitty" are from left to rightg Lynette Hardman, Rena Thaxton, Gina Ftodriquez and Evelyn Flynn. Seniors envision new roads ahead NJ' 41' avi! , ' X ,-af ,,.,....-ff-X i K Q 51- 19" ...ff r""'1.iZY '1 i 4 ' W 1 f 2 -Q 1: - '. , J , R., .my ' , r'1V"' r--r-r""' T'-icy: t f... N r 'asv 9 l t -.Q-'as.,' ' X ss, 5 ,N is Carlson, Janet Carpenter, Brad Carpenter, David Carrell, Tamie Cartier, Cindy Chandler, Gloria Cheatham, Chip Chernick, Lisa Childers, Flick Clark, D'Ann Christopherson, Philip Clark, Jennie Ciocarlan, Kurt Cleaver, Mark Clapp, Brent Clink, Wendy Seniors anticipate challenging future 127 sw ,4-'I' if-f' r.A,tF" Coffman, Cheryl Cone, Richard Corbett, Kendall Crandy, Randy Coleman, Patty Conger, Wyndi Corbett, Megan Creel, Sue Cohagan, Terri Cooper, Lanny Cotton, Tim Creger, Dan Peggy Sherrill, a member of the annual staff, takes a real close look at her work to make sure what she is reading is right. W 136 WJ X, t .-,, 35.4. Y if 'Nim- l HK Cross, Audie Cross, Kay Crotteau, Sherry Crouch, Susan Crow, Don Davidson, Hannah Davis, Laura Davis, Mark Deal, Lance Denham, David Devore, Bill Dickson, Robin Dissette, Gary Dolence, Debbie Dovala, Brett Drury, Debbie 'minftfit wb vw """"" it w UP' Qffrnr Duncan, Linda Dwyer, Jin Dye, Randy Eads, Tonya I' IZ Eddy, Julie Eiserman, Chris English, Barbara Eger, Jeff Ekland, Warren Epperson, Regina Eggleston, Brian Ellis, Maura Eschenoff, Evelyn Einer, Gary Ellison, Bettie Estes, Ron Senior year ends in fullfillment ffiii KT' HT!! Q,-fw .2 I V Cf? Fenster, Cindy Fink, Kris Finn, Brian Fisher, Cindy Everaert, Renee Evans, Rick Exum, Susan Farley, Sharon Feezer, Randy .asf 5. X iff, Tamie Carrell pleads to our photographer that if he waits until tomorrow she'lI be ready to have her picture taken. 139 fd' X 'K-gulf' Fitzgerald, Brian Flack, Rocky Fleming, Carita Forbes, Tim Wileen Upton makes to you, too". a face as if t Foreman, Joyce Foreman, Sharon Forsyth, Sherri Foster, Bill 0 tell everyone, "l can d QV f"""?" wx I i --..,,- Foster, Laurie Franklin, Cindy Foster, Paul Francis, DeEtta it back Happy seniors head for graduation Pb- nu..-yy ff' 19' Fredericks, Kim Galles, Carla Garcia, Lisa Gentry, Michael Frisbee, Karen Galloway, Madeline Garland, Jeff Gerberding, Paul Fry, Jim Gangwish, Todd Garner, Liz Gilleland, Minda Gaddis, Kalli Garbutt, James Garriott, Judie Gilmore, Tim 5. S i If if Dreams of the future sustain seniors 'T 452.7 M ,.r:,5!f. A X "tk I9 in 5 1 5' f-""' 5 70'-y V in "'u"E"'e 'X If MQ? ,s :ff -, , ' A Gist, Melissa Gochenour, Sandy Goetz, Bart Goertz, Pam Golich, Dan Gomez, Lily Gordon, Brenda Gottfried, Joe We 1 ,. 44 Grace, Mark Hagerott, Jill Gregory, Bob Halbert, Jeff Greiner, Dale Hall, Judy Haass, Jeff Hambrick, Todd Hannah, Sheila Hansen, Karen Hanson, Marcia Harrington, John Harris, Greg Harrison, Tina Hately, DeeAnn Hauffe, Michael Hawes, Jim Mary Baca shows she is a firm believer in practice makes perfect as she starts typing a new line. Hawks, David Heady, Kim Hegna, Cindy Higgins, Ann Hawley, Dawn Heatherly, Rose Henderson, David Higgins, Joy Heady, David Herbert, Heather Hewlings, Melody Hill, Greg Shown putting the final touches on a if F'- preliminary layout page is senior class editor, ii D , Belinda Stevens. , , D, W r'f"' " "' 4 ,., -ann-W 0 B c 41" Xp, .nr -ff' 'Y 'Q' 45 9' L 12.77 YW' 'QT' rv- -nf' Hill, Lori Hovis, Jim Huss, Kim Jackson, John Hixon, Lorie Howard, Kayskaye Hutton, Doug Jennings, Lucinda Holden, Tammy Humberson, Jenny Hytrek, Debbie Johnson, Bob Hool, Patrick Hunt, Ginny Ise, Tom Johnson, Jacque Seniors make every day count I at Q' iff-7 Q- T Johnson, Lori Jones, Mike Joyner, Scott Keating, Terry Jones, Brenda Jones, Pennie Juarez, Ralph Keith, Mary Jane Jones, Chip Josephson, Lori Jussell, Dean Kelich, Lary Jones, Gerry Jourgensen, Janell Kaye, Kevin Kelly, Connie Step by step one goes Ili, Kelly, Lanette Kelly, Renee Kennedy, John Kennedy, Tammy Key, Kerry Kirby, Marchelle Kirchnavy, Regina Klein, Cindy al' f. W' . "wh Dan Creger, after three years at NCHS, enjoys the warm spring weather as he thinks of his future. 147 Smiles are for remembering -vi "ir-'-14' Klone, Ron Knudsen, Rita Kornkven, Kris Kottwitz, Dan 7-As QQ 'QW' Lange Jane Larcom Melisa Larson Edward Lau Maria ww Kraff, Greg Kraft, Mike Kumpe, Elizabeth Ladd, LeeAnn 1- gf' 1 ' g . x mam km J ,Lt KY. With a deck of IBM cards beside her, Susan Stinette is sure ther is something wrong with the computer that keeps sending them back to hef. XX Txx Laur, Vanessa Legerski, Rick Lewallen, Dixie Lewallen, Lana Lopez, Roberta Lorimer, Kirk Lower, Bob Lujan, Theresa 599' if mir. Q-.-1. hiv' ww' .NX Rn. XFN" Lukowiak, Dave Mack, Bruce Mahan, Joe Mangus, Pam Lupton, Julia MacOueen, Jana Makinen, Jeanine Marlar, Carol Lynch, Roxie Maddy, Patty Mansfield, Gayle Martin, Amy Lynch, Wes Madsen, Steve Mangus, Curt Martinez, Pete Where do we go from here? Materi, Mike Maxwell, Pete McCarthy, Julie McDaniel, Karen Matlack, JoAnn Mayer, Randy McCrary, Stephanie McFarland, Traci 'GJ' f -A fvgfffx if a. ,ia if Qing. ij in ,,., W.WM""""',,,- """"""w'M A-0' J' naw Near the end of a long hard day, Tony Cassanet musters a smile in the new cafeteria. 5 ami' iv X , McGee, Jeff McKnight, Kathy McMorrow, Tracie Merback, Richie Mclntosh, Dennis McLemore, Chris Means, Flick Mets, Doug Mclntosh, Wendy McMillion, Peggy Meier, Celia Miller, Cathy Cindy Franklin and Deanna Brecheisen appear to know that the end is in sighi as they are all smiles in posing for the MUSTANG cameraman. 'HV' fr 'hw .ws- Seniors seek new fortunes iw' Miller, Jodi Morton, Mark Murphy, Mike Nickerson, Rhonda Minemeyer, Linda Morton, Mike Nation, Jackie Nickerson, Teresa Miskimins, Jake Mosser, Lee Nemitz, Carol Niesen, Debbie Morrison, Donna Mullen, Mickey Nesta, Kathleen Niethammer, Sarah 'rl' -wrrr fini: '!7"v Noblitt, Kerry Olson, Edward Olson, Olin Orr, Sandy Ostrom, Terri Paananen, William Pancratz, Bob Park, Blake Parrish, Cindy Perea, Craig Patterson, Walt b Petsch, Bud Patton, Clay Phifer, Virginia Patton, Sam Pickering, Russ M Seniors part with old friends 'ez Qu fg - rfv ' . l 3 V : in' X jk 3 t ' za " sk A ., A9 , X in Z , ' .- , 1 .V ,. " 'a 'ra , L A " --lf' .6414 f Pickinpaugh, Greg Pierce, Debbie Pierce, Judy wh.-f ,,..i.--ef Pierce, Peggy Pierce, Todd Pope, Paula Prather, Mike Prell, Alan Pringle, Dan Hats and height seems to be the theme portrayed by Kevin McCaskey and Jeff Moore as they wait in the hall for that first bell to ring. if sf 5 K 'N Rea, Bill Reamer, Richard Redman, Jane Kirk Helling makes a final adjustment to his car prior to a road test. 'FV i inn Ristau, Anne Roop, Chris Rudd, Linda Russell, Meredith Rizzi, Mark Roth, Margie Rue, Laurella Ryall, Dan Roberts, Mary Rosberg, Brenda Ruiz, Cedora Sack, Jon Robinett, Terry Royce, Brian Ruonavar, Tim Sailors, Robert Seniors carved their way to success Sample, Teresa Sanchez, Laura Schell, Lisa Schlager, Laura Schlicht, Duane Schneider, Jim Schneider, John Schoonover, Roger Schroeder, Cloetta Using some of the finest testing equipment available, Mike Willey makes a final check before putting his engine on the line. if' g"l--1:0 Schuetz, Debra Seese, David Shinn, Lori Shroyer, Donn Schulenberg, Jennifer Shafsky, JoAnn Shipley, Scott Shutts, Mary Schuppan, Tammy Shaw, HL Showaiter, Cathy Sides, Holly Searles, Brenda Sherrill, Peggy Showalter, Tess Simmons, Andy Wx x ,..., x. 'r 1l?"""' 'Q Singleton, Steve Smith, Chris Stearns, Caroline Sinnema, Jerry Smith, Dannette Stege, Matt Slensker, Brent Stai, Annette Stevens, Belinda Smith, Autumn Stauffer, Mark Stewart, Rob f-7 uv! Q15 fix YW' f' vm ' " P - 5 Q , , 3, , at ,,., :, , KU. .... .L -fs Stinnette, Allen Stoner, Don Stoner, Mike Stoner, Thomas Spring: freedom for Seniors it ' 'X N09 'A va-'V i 43. 'x 11 gym-ef iff' Stoops, Shawna Stoumbaugh, Sandy Stradling, Loa Strahan, Bill Streeter, Spring Strother, Tom 5 f Struble, Brenda Sullivan, Kevin Stuber, Valerie Sulzen, Amie Sullivan, Jean Summers, Jeff Julie McCarthy made us promise that we would never tell to whom the phone call was made in exchange for her picture. Youth is the season of hope .uv-"" ,, fs X-"""'. Ln-'ff' 'lil Todd Pierce firmly grasps the PrincipaI's trophy as he admires it for the award he justly deserved. Suther, Mike Sutherland, Brad Sutherland, Shawn Swanson, Mary X qw' Talbot, Debbie Tatro, Ron Taubert, Bobby Temple, Keith T Thomas, Kris Tintinger, Chuck Townsend, Bambi Uglow, Linda Thompson, Greg Tipton, Laurie Tucker, Shirley Ukele, Don Thomson, Tammy Tobin, Bob Tripeny, .Jim Underwood, Gene Thorne, Monteen Toney, Melody Trujillo, Vic Upton, Wileen Seniors have new responsibilities I 1:51. 1. go: 4. Ju s , 5-Vg, wegfrr Wagner, Sharon Walker, Teressa Wait, Julie Wallace, Vickie Walker, Craig Ward, Steve Walker, Jim Weber, Ginger West, Wanita White, Tracy Widiker, Debra Wendtland, Anthony Wiford, Tina Wells, Greg Wemmer, Robby Wendling, Debra 'YT f W-'FP' ? xx ffl Wigley, Perry Wilber, Scott Willadsen, Brenda Willett, Trent . ii'-W T If Willy, Mike Wolcott, Don Wroble, Janice Wilmes, Floyd Woodward, Jim Zellner, Polly Winship, Jennie Wortham, Michael Morton, Cindy Cindy Thorson has the honor of pinning David Bowen as "Mr. Mustang" as Todd Swanson looks on during the school ceremony, galil If .wr -. H X Senior reflections 1 if I ... I .3 I W ,. X ,,,,.vov1"" fClockwisel H.L. Shaw looks ahead to the future. Julie Wait flashes one of her smiles that seemed to be a common trait of hers. Mrs. Houser presents Dan Creger with an award during the honor assembly at NCHS. Dances were a regular occurence to help students remember their school years. 68 Senior's emotions mixed M X tClockwisel A happy group of senior cheerleaders wait for their chance to cheer at a sports assembly. Beth Kumpe holds the Oscar award she received during the annual Spotlight dinner. Waiting for the next track event, NCH ers get positioned for the best view. Mr. Paul Fox congratulates Todd Hambrick as he presents Todd with one of the many awards received during his senior year. Class of '80 Cl.. QL to Ri Kristin Koch, Cindy Thorson and Gail Claarg seatedg Mike Vlastos president Junior Class Cfficers l we l 35 , x -is , 4 9' v- , ,V A SC' 3 f in , my .4 Juniors presented 52nd follies ' i . w , V Qggfft vi ' ,Q . f Q'-f' .f '-, I 5 .,'f Xl ' r . Aaker, Bradley Akers, Michael Allen, Jerome Antonovich, Ashburn, Pat Avey, Charles Abbott, Shari Albers, Pamela Anderson, Robert Atkins, Gigi Avey, Tina Adamson, Terry Alexander, Patricia Archuleta, Robin Atkins, Glen Baker, Barbara Michael Andreen, Marcia Armstrong, Judy Qi ,Sl X iN Z ff 0 v 7 f"'2l 'YT' 9 f. Baker, Miller Bale, John Barankiewicz Craig ,Q gl' so 1 1Q'4-"2 ' X - is Debbie Yohn, Amy Palmquist, Jeanne Lammers, Julie Gillett, Daphne Kline, and Donna Nickerson take time out from practice to pose lor the photographer. , as Barella, Susan Barelle, Lisa Barker, Cheryl Barker, Diane Barton, Annette Basham, Robert Basko, Cathie Bauer, Joe Bean, David Bean, Julie Beardsley, Kent Beasley, Allison Beaudoin, Nicki Beaumont, Donna Becker, David Belcher, Walter Benson, Susan Berrett, Matt Bertrand, Patti Bennett, Denise Biggs, Greg Bisiar, Shaule Bitner, Tammy Bittleston, Stuart Black, Diane Boe, Tammy Boender, Michael Bohn, Cecilia Boston, Blythe Bradshaw, Karen Brake, Jean Brandon, Vickie Brashear, Becky Brecheisen, Deanna Brister, Daphne Britain, Kelly Brooks, Lori Brown, Anne Brown, Dean Brown, Janet Brown, Stephen Brunner, James ,f Q4 if 'X I' wx 4 s ,, Q- '31 . I 3'1"f'f "A" ' 'A'A X- i - A ' 'Ks-iii 4 t " f 1: me J, S - Q ' W ittyit D 'Q t" wg ,y . A A A iz O V .. . tt Af, ' f, gn KQV -f W , . i J F .: i f Q- fx ,D i Q. A H .Y W, ..,,,-, .Ania 9 t-Q, , x v ,Q f M I 1 J - ' ' .ii L,-Q A ,K it t v X , t' S B S, i W ,tif faq? .fig fig tl J itat '- rSQ"'7N 145' K t is -. 02 iw as we 5, 7 1. " -.N J Eiga Diff' 4, ga . ,,. .. Fa SK YR tif?" Y QE . 6 I F x .. t , X ei? at ' 'si f Sv M I wi 'X ,i 1 'km n ff lt! Q 99 Juniors reflect high achievement A Brown, Corinne Bryan, Gary Bullington, Valerie Burk, Wayne Burns, David Burton, David Byron, Rex Calder, Susan Campbell, Deanna Campbell, Scoti Cannon, JoAnne Carlson, Jon Carlson, Lauri Carpenier, Judy Carpenter, Kaycee Carpenter, Susan Carson, Tammy Caster, Mickey is X f f ii J ' n M 1 ? 1 S ,C 1 C If e " J 5 J 1 5 , C x ,VVK we is orsl .. ,C gi 15455 V ..' Y Y , i.,, R 6 if as 1 v '- , M YV ' ,JT .: i v S, C, - VC -f., H if,-,, C T i -i f C ,fir so J e fx-,Q Q l'-if aai c 55' my "if C C, C 5 C ' C -N - ' X in , Sf' 1 K gi I Q '. ,fir 4 ig , Q ' C' V Q ' of 5 " 5- C 1 C - 1 y QC? ' W Y , --1 5 Q ' CJ- R , m if V J 1 . ! 'C C R ,.. C if rm-ws J C ,Q 1, s 9 ' JH 'J' C .CC. C N K X CX' ,QM C CC,,,l, ii A ai 7 1 2 ij , -- b f P y . .. ' phone. N- Cavanah, Craig Cercy, Tony Chadderdon, Kim Champlin, George Chase, Kim Chaves, Sarah Debbie Kottwitz spends lunch her way, on the Juniors now at middle of road Cherer, Betty Chilton, Dan Christensen, Brent Christoferson, Karin Chynoweth, Janet Claar, Gail Clanton, Ray Claunch, Dori Clay, Diane Cline, Cliff Cline, Deanna Cochran, Curtis Coffman, John Coffman, Luke Coleman, Brendan Coleman, Tod Coley, Brent Compton, Diane Compton, Jeff Condelario, Troy Conger, Donald Cook, Kelly Cooper, Wendy Crabb, Cathy Craft, Robin Cragg, Donna Crotteau, Shelly Crouch, Paul Cunningham, Bev Curry, Donna Dahill, Liz Dahlby, Miles Dalgarn, Tami Dalton, Debbie Daniels, Paige Daniels, Terry Daugherty, John Davis, Eva Davis, Melissa Deines, Lisa DelIaCella, John Deluca, Debbie J: . v"vfw-,Q , - K il Q6 ,ist-K . 'gf ' QW 5 i K gg i ,Qs A71 tux? V 'X its , A fl , l i 4 f ' f 5 -.ty fi D' 7 . D 2 x in -- '- w - H Q -- , J l " 3, - me mi f K L , , wi 'mg riff.. " Q A , 5 'K S- fx Q: 1 jf .. R C -, i . ' ,hw . , N 1- 5 I rl 9V Yr' Qs 51- 3 " ,Eiga-,L W lrl , V .1 as 1 dv .. Cf Q 'gt g ' 'iii . , ,,,..,, E ,,.,..,,, ff, , X ,, ,x t ,QQYI ki, ff? ,C ,uri It W A1 fit il 'rs vfwg lb- x DN is li 5 l 1 Q' C high JQNK 2 -,vi-551 1 V , , Q -vs. r 7 s I 'gun' 4, .1 4,5 :'L:,,, A S B b J ,', , . A Q ...., ,,s,l- fi : ,,,., X, J I ,fc ei I W y if I N -Zell , ' ., li 4, C V, gi ybra ,V X Af DePoorter, Kelly DePoorter, Steve Dewald, Rhonda Dickinson, Jack Diesburg, Julie Dietrich, Lori Dobbs, Larry Dockham, Charles Dockter, Myra Dozeman, Laura Dudley, Dan Duerden, Donna Durham, Carl Dye, Karen Dye, Terry Eckhart, Lester Eggleston, Brenda Eklund, Jerry Engleman, Jeri Erickson, Cheri Evenson, Merri Falcinelli, Phillip Farley, Janice Farrell, Renae Faul, Brenda Fiedor, Darren Fjacko, John Flinn, Susan Flint, William Fogle, Debbie Forster, Jim Forsling, Pete Forsyth, Eric Foster, Mary Fowlkes, Greg Freiberg, Jon Gallinger, Scott Garcia, John Garriott, James Geiger, Warren George, Jeanne Geike, Sheila Juniors Gibbons, Terry Gillett, Juile Gillett, Stacy Gish, Judy Glynn, James Goodro, Caline .,-xv' 43' ' 1. X gs 'N M 1 Q L " -zz 'x , V gy I 7, 2 , V 941 ,,,, V J ' ""' A 1 1- ' 1 J t , ' 4 gg ,, ,4l. ' JJ ,J V W? ,Q , K G X sw ,, V, 4 , I A - EEF-at , , if 1 i p I ' , G I V A agar , A ip, I ,g K , . Q ' K M , V. l 1 Www f - M, ,A g , 1, ,, ,, , .Q ,.., u 5 W ,.- - , t ' gi, I V,k f ' pi, fs- ' 9 Si 49 f Qvmwaail H" , face responsibility W My V -.,, . 1 oi N - M .A A I tk: , 91 xg , ,,,,wg,,f1K 5-'ls L'f1'A --f' ' astra' .kia fn all A in , M ,, If WMA snug? A., sf-v""" MM" Amy Palmquist, with a lusty yell, assures the MUSTANGS of another victory. it L . .W tn 'f , S . fx T R, if 1 C t Y K , . . 'V 'tg-'Z Q W ."' mt L t L f ,yg Eiga 3m '-,- L, Y Qi ww Q 1 i xffirf kk .N ' M fi Q Q an . ,f ia' Y, 1 I ff .. X Q , ' V S . Ara, -.,V :S . ,' . 1 ug ' 0' ,""1 f Q ta svi y st ' V M. if P N x ' . it-" ,toy .. H-Q4 t 5' ' . ,, a X X fy 5 .xiii wie ., f 1 : T ifpiflig Ag' V It-f .. ' - W I 1' 2, 55 ,til ,, 3 Q54 1 ff r ,lk ii, . ' 'E 1 2 'Q so '1 : f f ev-M Jw 1 4 'Bm vt.. , --I 1 7 'X 7272 i 'E 5 a an .,, t , .. af 1 fi 'K' L l Q 1 li ' lf' ,. i ' 74, Q31 s fs X , if ti 6 ibm L J, . x, rx--f:.::t:vi: Gottlob, Penny Grace, Betsy Gras, Linda Gray, Susan Greenwood, Susan Griffin, Leah Grimlie, Toni Grussendorf, Steve Guenther, Tank Gunderson, Greg Halstead, Fritz Hanson, Doug Hanson, Mike Hanson, Peggy Hardesty, Laurie Harris, Susan Harrison, Roxie Hartnett, Tom Haverlock, Linda Hayden, Brad Hedges, Todd Hedquist, Craig Helling, Jac Helling, Kirk Herbort Herman, Higgins, Higgins, Don John Larry Margaret Hill, Stuart Hillegass, Dale Hirst, Tom Hittle, Lori Hittle, Vicki Hixson, Mike Hokanson, Connie Holcomb, Stuart Holden, Randy Hollingsworth, Tam Holt, Steve Homolka, Caryl Hoover, Rick Horken, Dan Juniors-only one year left on Houston, Diane M 1 V if "5 X Q 5 Q Houston, Lenore 1, W , . , 'M -, ' V ,Q .Q I 3 Howell, Chris My fi ' J ., i L 1, Jackson, Dorthy x ig' ' V V' A Jarrard, Brenda 1 ff? .f -1 M ,N ,. .- ' A Jenson, Tammy X i 4.1 if , W i 'aa' Q V 7 - Q kit 2: 5' XX H Q , if Jerome, Kevin D if Jervah, Jerry i Johnston, Albert A Q , r y Johnson, Amber A Johnson, Ben f Johnson, Billie ' W f Q 5 X ,,,, ,W ,,,,,,,,,,,?,,, ,f 'WVI . 21, V' ii, Johnson, Liz " V ,f,o, 2552, Johnson. Teresa V ie. 5' ' ' . Y 1 i , JOhl'1S0l'I, Mike We L ,ff Johnston, David t Q I " or L Z 1 J K , nf- -v . JOHGS. Bryan E X H 3 if , 1 Jones, Collin i 4? ii- ,Q is .. , ., . agp, , . Q e W, ' -' 1 .:,,,wg, ,yr i Jones, Becky Juday, Richard Jussel, Philip , r . 4 if Kapeles, John , , 'frr Y A, Kelly, Jana t ff. ' X r it ' f Keltz, Mona If if s P' ga '01 ggi E" I r, , X A, ' AM ,K N i RNA - laffw 'Jl' B if . My . gif . ,W 1 i 1 ,mg ,: - 'li , ssh., ' i H' ' ' ,Q Kennedy, Jane ' Kern, Leslie Kessler, Kay . t 1, , Key, Ted V Kidder, Kelly 1 , A , Kilpatrick, Debbie ' 'U' vi . a W-, -, ,f ' 1, we vt "5 fl' WV I 4, xl 3 tv 5? i ,J A , gp fir. A,,,, , W ' an Kington, Karen trrrl 3 , Kirby, Eric ? , W Kirby, Machelle ti, , , , , Kirkland, Sandy - ,if if t Kisen, Randy ' i a Kline, Daphne , ,,fgf v Q P I M. ia-xii r .xi Kline, Pat Konkel, Tarcy Koch, Kristen Koppowicz, Pete Kottowitz, Debbie W-.J lt Q4 -nib A .,., ., ggi. fi M x X Q ' .-if Eli L4 Q wg Q if VF' , or f l f .K 1 m 5 , , 1. tx gt . a -ev 08 'Q G J f f f la if ,. V' M5 , anti QQFYW. J ' " Kraft, Barbara , r , H 5 rg, ta 1 ' V I xt 1 rr t J 1 x y 5 x 1 a K 716: I .,, tk' 4 sr I Diane Vayo, Carol Turner, Lori Hardesty and Barb Works enjoy the NFL barbeque held in the stadium just prior to the big homecoming football game. in 'iv If 14. A f i wa' rf e ' -3 'H A Z L G' Q, m f ' 1.-W1 'V ff "' , If 1 ' ' w it A ,,f,. 7 ff, it if It Q x " 1 ' 4 , . I . -, f' J 2, 2 , x VL 1 : ,, .f :V E I Q, V 2 ' 1 ' 'Nu , Aa v- I -wx W , QQ Q -, 5f,f+2 fffi-iw r f ' y Z Q g ,swim W 'N ,' I5 "4 an we k sir' fl -if 'K , , 4 , it 4 'fmff H , " L. H 1 , X 'Q ' ' ' R 1 i , ,aid Kraft, John Lammers, Jeanne Land, Shawna Lang, Deborah Larkin, Kris Larsen, JoDee Larsen, Laura Larsen, Steve Lattea, Rebecca Lawien, Tracy Lay, Brett Layton, Mike LeCIere, Laurie Ledford, Laura Leggett, Mary Leiseth, Joe Lewallen, Dawn Lewis, Darren Lewis, Doug Linford, John Loghry, Gary Long, Jay Loomis, Schlee Loraas, Jack Loranc, Tom Lovell, Shelly Lupton, Dave Lutz, Jean Madden, Judy Maguire, Anne Mahaffey, Gary Mahnke, Lynn Makinen, Jeanette Maluchnik, Karen Marlin, Melody Marlow, Peggy Martin, Angela Martin, Derek Martin, Terry Martinez, Anthony Martinez, Jacki Mathes, Chris 5 W 4 , ,L r . M 5 , A ,, it if i ,ag . L In K . I - 5 Q, ,gpg az if- ' , , ' Q - N Elia V I. 'f,f,k", ' K - W QW 5 V W fkxgf ff X 8 V 5 . , A : M . A A T-12? V, fi., " 5 i .N X5 C' I 1. I , ig "1 i ae. ' , " , 3 . 'haf Q nv " ' it ' L gi?9"'i'?Q i ,f it I A 1 9 5, 9 at , ,jig tw ,..,1,, X ' N 34 Q i - . I " I df Ax! ia. W is, Teresa Johnson told us, "No thanks, she couldn't spare the time to pose for the annual photographer," f' I iv V , :ptr " X . ,5+'fXxE.,' 233 'rin 31 a in ,.. -., li ,Q ' - :P 6 .px L I L , 1- ff ' me KX if . N f""" , Matteson, Debbie McAteer, Joe McCaskey, Kevin McClaskey, Mike McConnaughey, McCracken, Bryan John Juniors struggle through semesters N tr' "" a f . ,t . My. .a,k .,.. 94' . Q- ?i X, 1 1 Q ..t Y' .- ' A X LLW Ay K Y. . l y N W' 1 L :QL A, l " 1 KL . I' ' ix X f D gf , , ' r. t f,,f- S y srrrrrsr ,I new V ' Q I , - E, 2 f "xN A I x - A X c E .... - S H 3 .,i. QW f ,,.,ifL .KK x L,:: in QQ s A -r A 41. - A My . I as - 'ff' LX 1 .1 . H I. 'L is f f 54 Q .I 112137, g N I 5 3 3 MQQ, Z , if i f' 1:5 xx Vklk K t , J, A+ t xg Xi v.: K 'C .T -. '.W' 1 ' K , an Q t -l M W - 5, xy Q 'R rs ,. ga ., gh .W,. , .i Q ' ," 4 9 ' ,P ' R 3r7.4.Z'5.'?:q ,Q ,,, 5" .rrk K Fifi Eg ta' s 1 a- ' J S: J 3, , e ' s ,A ir is S le, ,MQ f Q lr :- -- I , - , gi as s l A,,, 'J P . 5 W, cl l sirr f, X is is 'M fu fe af f 2 5- .Y , Niki , ' x . fy ,Sk . ffm, , . sk r 1 3, X. , ' . Q 6 , ji Q l in J K gf N .. 1 A l , - M51 ., ' . i f kr' Y ' E sf McDonald, Rhonda McGee, Rick McGill, Logan Mclnroy, Brenda Mclntosh, Vicki McKinley, Jeff Medley, Dirk Meloy, Robert Melrose, Suzi Michaels, Ana Miller, Lisa Miller, Tammy Millett, Jess Minelli, Jennifer Miracle, Mark Miskimins, Riley Missel, Peggy Mitchell, Alan Mitchell, Jeff Mitich, Diahann Montana, Chas Moon, Keith Moon, Ronda Moon, Valerie Moore, Lynn Moore, Sharon Morford, Bob Morrison, Marvene Moyte, David Moyte, Victor Mulligan, Shawn Munroe, Timothy Murphy, Michelle Myers, Joetta Nall, Ace Nansen, Dawn Neese, Mark Neff, Jeffrey Nelson, Jeff Nekut, Harriette Nelson, Deborah Newman, Carla Nickerson, Barbara Nickerson, Donna Nickerson, Ralph Niegisch, Paul Nixson, Allison Norcross, Sarah Norgard, Kevin Norman, Angela Novotny, Angie Novotny, Velvet Nye, Sue O'Brein, Dan O'Keefe, Mary Obert, Alicia Odasz, Dan Odell, Winnie Olguin, Annette Olson, Leo Olson, Vern Ondler, Mona Opitz, Christine Ost, David Page, Dwayne Palmquist, Amy -. ff'-r "iv I 1' 4 , i f Q K ,P I , 1 I 7' W J: 3 A A 3' .H if r Ai' , 'Qu fs f fs Qt A H fr I Q ' . Q' . Rf 3 i M 1 A-. A ga , af, 3, 4 if, , , N , ,y ,l ,, 1 L ...,v , 3 i t Qi 164: ,, A, ,ff O ,,., is I t v, A t 4, 7 ,Q 1" 4' 1 5 If . km, VX . Aw' my qiwi - sr Q "' ,r 'Egfr f A x ai, lf!! ,mf f 'fda' l,,, f, O MM if at , ' 4, 1 , , A? ,, ,Ui V A "W at , sf" ' f N Wondering what it will look like when it is finished, Cheryl Farley, Paulette Perry and Karen Henderson continue their work on a Spanish assignment. uniors look ahead to senior year y in T EZ, Q L ,. ,, X t y 2 Y my if 4 i ,,., , Wir' if ,., 4. if 3 ,,,. Q W ik 9.7 ,,,,, ,P ,' Y , 1 Q 4 Q x x' U I Za e ,uf H a t 5, -4. X ii V , , My I M J W ,,,,,5a,w l M , , X -,,' Q . 4 r . 3 fi, 1 : it-1 1 1 it i a t ,A y f ' 'L i , . - X A KMXY I I K kk,. ,fgfriggr Vrrikfrz ir, f, k 3 WN., In I VW L '12 L wi , 3' ,gg -Q "' V ' W 'S if a a f r ' T I-I rfb' 1 fa. W y l l 4 I -x 4 4 , W gge. i T aaaa n ' fi 'fa W . i L ye , xr' i o f ' ' ' A ., ,, ' 1 5 peg, A A gijigf ' QQ, T ' V t it I 'ff i - lr! 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'V iw .r .., ... 4' x J., lrjmx W v V ,Lui VI Yr , ,gf L ig J V .. xi , 2 , " ,f ' 59 VA - "' i , V K ,,, "" A v ' fir 1 1 f W, , A A L I ,. , , , g Ili 1 ft. ff" l , nh...-1 A 1 5 Parlet, Julie Parmely, Karry Patterson, Jon Pawlowski, Laura Peterman, Gayle Petty, Susan Phillips, Connie Pierce, Mike Pomeroy, Todd Porter, Sandra Potter, Lance Potter, Sandy Powders, Mike Prazma, Tammy Prince, Carol Race, Lisa Rader, Gary Ramsey, Rita Rate, Dennis Reamer, Mike Reed, Cindy Reed, Diane Reed, Tina Reeves, Matt Renick, Ronda Reynolds, Andrea Rhoades, Scott Richardson, Tracy Richmond, Sherri Ridgeway, Tammy Ridley, Vanessa Riegert, David Ripperger, Connie Flittenour, Jeff Ritthaler, Cindy Rochelle, Pat Roth, Christopher Rouse, Matt Ryan, Tim Santistevan, Carla Satterfield, Rory Scheff, Jeff Juniors make plans for college Scheeler, Brian Schieferstein, Greg Schmidt, David Schmidt, James Schmidt, Terri Schmidt, William Schroeder, Brian Schroeder, Donnetta Schukman, Bob Schulenburg, Pam Schuler, Dan Schulte, Mary Schuman, Nancy Schuppan, Sonja Scott, Kelly Sealock, Laura Sears, Jeff Selby, Kristi Selby, Rocky Shamley, Kirk Shaw, Becky Sherrill, Flay Shipley, Charles Showalter, Michelle Shuman, Linda Shutts, John Simmons, JoAnn Sjostrom, Katrina Skansberg, Lorie Skogen, Ted Slane, Kelly Sloan, Jim Small, Dwane Smith, Art Smith, Darline Smith, Debbie Smith, Jerry Smith, Jim Smith, Jona Smith, Laure Smith, Scott Solon, Natalie i , - 7 ,J ,,,,,,, u M , if in wi f Q i thirty 7.35: 'Q 4 D ' if G+ ,. 1 M. X it Q :-y in , a.,,. 13' f fa iifykl , X 5324, -i,:.?i?g,,. s i -9 ' , A t i' S W f he 1 ' P " QM!-'lf , W, S K -2 , 1 we 2 X 11 "" EW 1 ,. ifxtmd' di- . K '15 n.:,jQK 1 ,ff 2 7 ' 1 Y if J! 4, and lf f--i . ,gp ' fi-. , T.. lt, , l 1 ky 4 is A -. 4 if 'A ' 'S V 4 A! i Q 6 zlgiad , Q 'I . 4 ,, 'MX 3 X, Xxx , A . I 4" fl axis' . ,Jr 9 '.,.,,- Q , x a 4- A .R ,, -fa. 1 -t vw' v. vt :L , X ,, x 5 ff"un . my mf V, ififw H VV 1 "' T E 2 Y Y, s 3 1 . ,b 5 , .5 S ,,f.,,,a 'W-, aa f S ifeifvifa fi, 1 4 , I vw , , rry' gym, We W, .23 . i,,, N 1 M y 4 kv L J 'sw I ,M F V I ., South, Tom Spaulding, Gene Spilde, Bruce Starika, Nick 1. ff "' 5 M 1 Y Ariel vc-1 Stetson, Krystal Stewart, Marcella Stinnette, Susan Stone, Robert Stong, Allan Stover, Dyane Strand, Jeri Stratton, Sheila ,sign -,:,, it i , l Strohecker, John L' i Strother, Kim x Styles, Sam ' Summerford, Dawn ,a-Q... MMM .,.w-h'f""" ,,,m"""""' M,,,.0--""' X X '43, him Bedroom slippers, cluttered locker and a long hard day ahead of them doesn't seem to faze Patti Bertrand and Tammy Prazma at all. g,,,.,,f Summers, Ted Sutherland, Shane Swanson, Todd Tatro, Robert Taylor, Marva Tedford, Chris Teuscher, Cherie Theimann, Don Thompson, Jonie Thompson, Shelley Thompson, Todd Thorson, Cindy Torrans, Allen Tripeny, Pat Truax, Joe Tucker, Linda Turner, Carol Turner, Debbie Tuss, Matt Ukele, Gary Unangst, Bill VanCIeave, Bryan Vanderpol, Jackie Vang, Tom Vayo, Diana Vignirol, Richard Vlastos, Mike Wall, Tammy Wallace, Mark Walsh, Jackie Wambeke, Jeanea Wanglin, Cary Waters, Greg Watson, Debbie Weber, Roger Weinrich, Susan Wells, Tonya Wheatley, Greg Whitefoot, Terri Widmer, Thea i,, ,mf T. XCCQW gi 5, ' gy K is kgkfffl li? .K N A -if iw C X N T L. ,W 5, if E 4. .. if C CCM Q X 1' Q 5 S C eeis R Y'-r gs l,C K 1 e .Cs if T Q Cn, 1 , i Xb ,E n f. Q. y it C C C X V .R Us ' ff all 1 fl f ' I 5 .Q ' l 'eu Wi? 'X x A ,M k 3 5 FN C- Y 5 h A K Ce. 'Ir Q rg 5 K. , Q, "W , rx I ,As ,U-E 1 3 WE ' F iid C,,, .- is QV . w 6 else if G ,iv CC I, CC C gigg- iv 2-1 sm, y Dv 35 si 4 fi. G Ai ,C 'E' s k X 3 x S gi C if is 'I Q A-QCC QC A J A 'N ff' 6 r ii l 1 - 'J' T ,1 D x , fi' ' r v f X gl S , ' Cs C ' X K x , i ' S ' "Qi," C1 .1 I ,. .,. 4 A Q 94 21 T F L WA 572, C 1-P C C .S if l Wi C ,TC I X rq Sv! 475 gi CC If iii? - - on QC f x L' J 4, Juniors strive for success f , , Y K uf , new , M' f' QM "2A ig, f Qu ' "'- K, , :wilt OZ 1 Wienke, John Williams, Berry Williams, Esther Williams, Sue Williams, Tracey Winters, Andy Wirth, Cheryl Wolf, Penny Wolff, Bryan Wolz, Boyd Wood, Billy Woodward, Jamie Wrasper, Rob Yaap, Lora Yohn, Debbie Young, Totsetta Marcia Andreen shows concentration as she looks at her test paper. ""wu-ann., Ever onward juniors motto tclockwiset: Performing in a colorful 52nd junior Follies, Carol Turner models one of the beautiful costumes seen by a packed audience. Mrs. Park's 8th period sewing class shown here were, Jonna Morton, Caryl Homolka, Laurie Carlson, Kelly Scott, Nancy Heck, Timmie Fox and Sara Andress as they took time from a busy schedule to pose. Annual staffer, Greg Colman, flanked by a stack of unfinished pages puts the final copy to yet another ad page. Outgoing student body president, Melissa Larcom puts the NCHS brand on Mike Vlastos and charges him with the duties required as the new president. W9 ms t Class of '81 'L 0 n i I , ' WAR 4 , ' n Lv . QQ BACK ROW: left to rightg Linda Trimmer, Susan Claar and Denise Hale. Seated: Greg Fox Sophomore Class Officers ww 1. Sophs adjust to NCHS' life styles Q. a X I ,l' K J - I g I K. wy f x " if . g ,r i A as 1 A m-E5-5' K 'rif- K . if W x fu- "' ' A, Q ' -2' . "" 5 ' Q -, , ... Wxydliw Q tba? ' AC xl A Qing? Q , Y, M "9 'Lf .- 1 a 1 M qs! " R.. 72 " W . Q Ak W 4. D Q sy , A 5 ' J as 4 . ,ss iss. 2 -'E' I ' x .., j ' A fl Q' Y - Q V . M , f::'k Ei R. ,.,,N .V Dwayne Grierson watches the activities that are going on in the office while making a phone call. Ackerman, Tom Adamson, Dana Adell, Diana Aguilar, Faye Akers, Tammy Alden, Nicki Aley, Jennifer Allred, Willard Alm, Chris Alm, Mitchell Amick, Marlene Amoroso, Wanda Andersen, Mike Anderson, Bill Andress, Sara Asbell, Shawn Avey, Tana Bailey, Clark Baker, Barbara Baker, Sandy Barber, Sam Barella, Teresa Barlow, Michelle Barnum, Marty Barr, Dawn Barrett, Kathy Bartling, Brenda Baum, Andrea Bauman, Cindy Baures, Tracy Beadles, Shelie Belden, Connie Bell, William Benardis, David Bennett, Denise Berger, Tom Bertagnole, Cindy Bertagnole, Shannon Bertrand, Kevin Bever, John Billings, Dave Bisiar, Cheryl K V s R I A .V ' J Q: 1 , i ,, , i H ng ., 1 Q f W 'viz-' ' A f. 55 - V ix A A 1 'L 1, t 1 xii l N it 5 Q Qu Y l. Q' V C 4 ' V ,, I 5 V , ,t mf X Yi " if l, '3 V A v 1 LQ U fi ylty -t s ,,5..g 'I l 1 2 'ig , A at - la? f"4XQ33"? 1 W Y I ,Q 'L P me 1. "ob-... . 0 AA A....weW "VL' C KW Mfaulsieiiiwv- 'Yr 'r ,J " 'T ,tx , 155' V X ' N , ,T 1422-jkfgiit , BN. 'Q-1 On her way to class, Cheryl Burrwell, stops and takes a break while waiting for the bell to ring. 1 f , ,.. 'V , 4 , t ,l gmt 5 A J' Sophs learn through f K A K ,1 M f ya is ,ans aj fail. as if? ,vu-3f,Z x ' Z' i . gui QA .2 A , 5 2' W 5 r '-xxx 1, nfl . lit irxeikfmfietll 3 ,twin xy. , g f x 1 i , , 3 , ' h , . n 5 'V' 1, ' If r is if l 1 ,g F YW? 'A 1 , rrrt new experiences E 5 el' Q' 1 . , K - J 4 l V' ' , ,ZIW X54 ' K 2 ,M - L , 4 , , 1 f .. , laaiifliuv ,r i z fi, W ' S if f Nl or ,, , Vffr, ,ff y A K r,,.. A 7... x kw 4. fx fr V 2 Nr . Y 4 lg RA-c oftp ,I Blanton, Kim Boatright, Rosemary Boender, Sharon Bott, Allen Brekken, Dana Brenton, Alexa Brenton, Pam Bressler, Bryce Brewer, Lori Bright, Doug Brower, Lorry Brown, Carol Brown, Edwin Brown, Jody Brown, Ab Browning, Chuck Bryant, Ftick Bryant, Tim Buchholz, Betty Buck, Roy Burback, Teri Burch, Becky Burlingame, Ken Burrough, Mary Burton, Libby Burton, Robert Burwell, Cheryl Burwell, Troy Byrd, Beau Callies, Debbie Carlson, Steve Carpenter, Kristen Carrell, Pamela Carrithers, Julie Carroll, Jeanette Carstens, William Chambers, Dana Chambers, Eric Chandler, Brian Charter, Sam Chase, Wilma Cheatham, Bill Sophomores spirit is sky Chorniak, Pam Christensen, Troy Christoferson, Robin Claar, Susan Clamp, Scott Clapp, Mark Clark, Gina Clark, Kim Clayton, Mark Cleaver, Chester Cleaver, Debra Cleaver, Jessie Clever, Mitchell Cline, Carla Coffman, Dean Colman, Greg Combs, Tami Compton, Brian Cooper, Ann Cooper, Danny Cooper, Kathy Coulter, Julie Collyer, Bud Covington, Cody Cox, Dennis Cox, Pat Cragg, Donna Crawford, Brad Creger, Doug Crouch, Janet Crowell, Bruce Crowson, Gary Crowson, Paula Cunningham, Jim Daigle, Terry Dalen, Darla Daniels, Linda Dau, Paul David, Dawnda Day, Rob Delaney, Jim DeLuca, Phil yr,-r ,, . Q.. faivr, Z 'fly JW, '91 4' , I 5 4 :fa M , - , : A ig m have 9 'iff ft, H ., g : ,Y N. v- -hi 5 Q h Y, . Q . . si 3' 5 1 ll ' 1 iii? , 3 f 7 ,et C , x V, ,Q 4 ,1 , , .mt 'lr-w A , Q. 2: s 1' ,Q 12 2 5. f L , 'V 'Q me , ,W . , ,,., .,, R s ,ty iv V 9'- t W ., ff 3' w S . 6 z 15,1 'E "tiff" ff' '-wi' , fvf-f LH Wmgi, ,pr ,Z ,ar .W gif Mrk' f rf W . Zz 43 4, f M ff an K , ug 4? ir 5 f 5? that X aa W 1 W. 4. 7 F 77 1 2 f 0' QA is is ! I fx V If Rosemary Boatright works diligently at getting the annual put together to meet another deadline. DePoorter, MaryAnne DeVault, Ty DeWald, Brian Dickey, Lisa Dickson, Evan Dietz, Rickie Dolan, Cormac Donlin, Eilleen Dorman, Pat Dorn, Tracy Dunham, Joyce Dunston, Pam Durham, Chris Eades, Susie Eads, Kim Eklund, Carla Eklund, Marty Ellis, Bobby 195 What is Dana Chambers, Teri Scansburg, Chris Carpenter, and Chris Roth doing in a place like this? Ellsworth, Cindy Elsasser, Kelli Elston, Pam Elston, Patricia English, Flon Ennenga, Todd Epperson, Jeff Evans, Randle Fairchild, Don Farley, Cheryl Farnes, Pam Fender, Ed Fenster, Bernard Fergerson, David Finley, Jimmy Fisher, Deanna Fitzgerald, Shannon Fitzgerald, Shelly Flaim, Meg Fleming, Denise Flynn, Evelyn Forgey, Kim Forsyth, Dwaine Foss, Randy Foster, Sheila 1 . .4 , TH.. - r ' is ., C M ., rrs, C F 'rs fd NQN bg , , - 1 ' L , 5 ,W - r., - K - -. l a g ' Lih 3 ' . S - 1, Aa-. ,. 1 ,f i Q., N Z JL, C F srrv f r? Q C ' C , - i in is my i ,,,,,, C w F X 'Q . a 3 f-me in , .-R Ji gg, . lx 5 E i ,i,,,, P ,ii L E l, tr ,,,k il !'W!i:E-F is 'RS as uv Class Y -fe -p., ,,:1,, ' ig a. G of '81 face new challenges Nli,. P 1 sa- .- x Q , , I xx ti J 1 ,iiL x T ' E ' ' M . gl X X fvfaaiif' f.Q X ..1,' sir 1 j 5,1134 ' i in l Q " mst ,Q 53.9 3 .,.. , It it ef ,, it ..,... X , ,.v, i at a S t a i G V Y K ig , 5 , V rr . Ex: -- K, - gi J fx' gi f" I - 'J G 1 r it . L x . ' V S khh. p Hi, I , L . ,. yt ur l,flitm X 'T A L:,'L L A 'fg Ai A 'L ,,.. Ja, ' Q L at f , it 1 ixyisziwl tix ' if , E f l 1 ,. 8 e , , .r ' K". 1 if f?fLKI55e.'i -L.', Y' X 'ik ,Q vi if 1 ' ,. K ,,.f1 rf, In R 'Qie S he S G . A, G if li, l llly ii it A , 5 A , G l , A - ' A L21 .lf , . Q 1 . qc Q hm ' l . Q by , . 71113 457 iiii 7 3 ? , :fi l I I - , --.. l , q k' T 9' fggr'f'g' l ,ef R - -"" I ',',,- " 1' y ,iii y 5 2 L lll Q 15 S y G '4 y J 1 3 " if 'Tig -N Xi? Ext, 5 :ti yfii ,gil '1Wilf. 'G in i :Rr ., Y Ek L W' I V' at X , . "'fff if M Q niw l 1 J -2' 'W 1 iz.. M111-ef: f-.. L..- K 1 . kukh k 5- . . it ,. ,B.,. ., l . , 111' v f Q. 4 -. ' a S if - f g ,f t 1 L it , , . W. - 52.51 Q X 'M l t , 'f,rx.. I . 3 , a iw Q in . , . X Q 1 , ' S' , ,iv 1 . i W :f . , :Yi L 5 I -1- .. .. le gi Foster, Bill Fox, Greg Fox, Timmie Frandsen, Dana Franklin, Kent Gaddis, Kristan Gammill, Mike Gammill, Scott Garnier, Ira Garriott, Shellie Garvin, Connie Garrity, Cindy Gilbert, Burt Gilbert, Madrid Gilmore, Deanna Gilmore, Gary Glaze, Scott Gonzalez, Hermilo Gonzales, Liz Goodsell, Joey Gossin, Amy Gothard, Darlene Grant, Sharon Gray, Darryl Gray, Kyle Green, John Grierson, Dwayne Griffin, Holly Grisham, Keith Grosz, Melinda Guenther, Tank Haass, Mike Habel, Terry Hale, Denise Hale, Valorie Halle, Marlon Hamer, Blake Hamilton, Jim Hand, Rob Handy, Kandra Hanson, Sara Harding, Anita Sophs look forward to junior year Hardman, Lynette Harris, Annie Harshman, Kristin Hauf, Don Haugen, James Hawley, Charles Haygood, Michelle Heck, Nancy Hedges, Darwin Helmick, Andrea Henderson, Karin Henderson, Kelly Henley, James Henry, Amy Herbert, Gregg Herold, Rita Higgins, Theresa Hile, Deborah Linda Trimmer is shown as she meditates on her . ua, -f,ff ,. W . 675, if W ,1.,J2'I'3l.2 ww in 3.0 N 1.xM"""!. 'uf ff ' it hlqrn ,ggi Ki l l ,f if 'lg mi 'wr A 4-.L V i ,it .E , fl - ,:.::,: .ww- , gm:-'R ' 3' , ,-55" 9,341 A tif , 11 Q q J' ' V Vg' " 1' f 'A NX M ff W i ii? " . M' , , g , , V ,.,, , wi rg ff H, , I Vcfg A .,, 0 A g 4 ' My , A N ,,- . N ' 5 , X-X' " 3 f X - K f lk' , X ,f Ax ,A 1, J k ,5,1,,, , Q, -fvfrv '-4 ff 1 A: if Eg + mf f W K 1 ,4 5. 9 , fl" A ' ' , 'r " ' . we f ist., M , , ,WM N, V 'fi' 7 ff K ,,"f 4: , l ' 1 :-' izlw , fi' yi, 1, l 31 .5 , my Q V' f . , X T-tim e ' ' if I ' l uw.,n.xsx N I ' . 5,4 . ' H asf H4 . fi 'X 5' In . 5 C J C it ,,,,,,, ., , , I :L V W I Y ,Mir il .ff ,, ,, Rik ' f . 3"' A. V- 715, 59 1 new - if at Q, . A F U' ga it 'ff' Y w M f- 'fx' ' K . J ., 1 H wi ,X -I , in 'tl I ' N 4 , 3, n YW! .' Q-fr is QA 'KKA N i if , 9 Q X a w lg N gf, r 4' : 5 g 5 X gb 'I I5 w tl Y , A 94 gimk - as I V C t . ei T , y 35 2 K4 34 'im Q , ' f V N ti wga' Qwmr TIV I k:Q"' V L. Q ' J , 4 A , , in , T , ki? ' , K f i V. ,V , gf XZ A ' :v.:rs,J X ..f, ,, Y V H kygr V W ,ka 1, Hill, Carla Hill, Kay Hobza, Brett Hooker, Shannan Hoekstra, Chris Hoeppner, Kari Hokenson, Opal Holcomb, Chip Holden, Steve Holscher, Pat Holst, Toni Hool, Kevin Hoppmann, David Hoppmann, Gerald Horning, Paula Howell, Janine Huff, Billy Hunter, Dona Hutton, Eddie Huwe, Craig lto, Cheryl Jackson, Anette Jackson, Kevin Jacobs, Fred Jean-Baptiste, Florence Jennings, Mikki Jensen, Clayton Jepson, Flory Johnston, John Johnson, Leslie Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Sabrina Jones, David Jordan, Flon Jourgensen, Todd Joyner, Tammy Kapeles, Cathy Karpinski, Billie Keating, Matt Keck, Diana Kelly, Guy Kepferle, Jamie 199 2 Kerr, Mark Kessler, Jeffrey Kessler, Kelly Kienzle, Kay Kinniburgh, Rosemary Klein, Horace Klocksiem, Steve Klone, Rhonda Knopik, Lynn Knott, Mary Knudsen, Mike Koenig, Mark Korifnlk, Kari Kraff, Jennifer Kraft, Peggy Krusee, Darla Lisa, Lambert Sophs begin climb U.-W M i,, M .., .. 464 1 A L fe Y L N4 .i " ' i 53 QQ f' il K.. v is-. r , - fwfr WW " ,' '.YilBN-X352 1 'V z M I Vigi l ' fi r: Jannis McReynolds, Tom Ackerman and visiti up the ladder 'J ' 'n , Q , ,,V,, t Q ,V 1, V I . S rrrr 5 "W . 'I - ., , -Q, KI , tggeizyy , A, L nf - 5' 4 "V ffffm- e f.......... --" M Lammers, Kathy Lanham, Kerry Lau, Mark Laub, Bill Lautzenheiser, Theron Lavin, Maureen H af L7 Lawrence, Steve P h P I3 L 1 L 5 ' Lawson, Charlotte new rrr, ' 4 M5 ig fi '4': Leff, Forrest , mm . -R Legerski, Diane a Leimback, Linda 7 1. -,'Y izy - 1' -,ff 1 , V v , 1, Lewallen, Venita X 2 Lewis, Robert , V' 5 ' Lindholm, Doug A ' f N .WL ,V V J , 1 .5 Lindsay, Laurie yi 35 -AQAS ., 57 Lineweber, Tom f Y' ff L ' 1 Linford, .Jay friend agree that "the more ihe merrier." Logue, Jim Long, Bob Long, Lori Long, Terri Longmire, Debbie Lopez, Drake Lopez, Tim Loraas, Charles Lorimer, Verlee Love, Kris Lower, Jeff Lucus, Lori Lyman, Jeff Maddy, James Maher, Renae Mair, Linda Makinen, Laura Malloy, Pat Manning, Brian Manning, Kelly Margheim, Leisha Markham, Lori Marquardt, Bret Marslers, Lisa ',,,,, rx 1 i I x , as Y . i J- ix , , xx ff A .3-"2" '- , gg, sa 3 K S f" ' lii I rn? :K as :N kg' . li ? ag o K 1 sf Q 5 F I :A xg W :K ,. i Y - , y ,. ,agekm I x ' "v.LL W., if . The spacious, beautiful campus of NCHS is readily available for the tired and weary for rest and relaxation. U. S be .J kk, is 5 i W if ' mfs fi. . -W '--- r -. , wage we .f is Ne 2 ' :dei ' Sf" . '-X "' ww, .Azz ,A :f ,L , U W, fwjw, , ,J Sophcmcres strive for achievement if Mg gl . 7 l , , ., 5' CT? 1 he E Q. af, . ,7 ' A if S :Irvtw ' f 5 1 ' ee 5. ' ' f 1 - Q . U ri Q , 1 J7 ALVA Z' 7, XM A I., 1 V I in rl 1 K .aa V I I F , , Y, I r 4 5 5 L D Q K V i sv ' fn f ' " , ie ,L . 1 , if. Z W il l .W f if ,gag Q ,Q ti 'X 4' an G52 m C so "QS, ilik 1 'S ' nw-1 ,: 1: L5 il' AI 'El ' in ' Q... ,Af '. 1 J N t ..,.. , M .256 Mascarenas, Craig Materi, Sandra Maxwell, Ricky Mayer, John Mayer, Kenny McCarthy, Steve McNeese, Tom McCann, Clare McCaskey, Angie McCIeary, Mike McCoIlough, Edna McCoy, Shelley McCrary, Mary McDaniel, Mike MCFaII, Robert McHattie, Cynthia Mclrvin, David McKinley, Jaycie McKnight, Dan McKnight, Bill McMillion, Patti McNeese, Tracy Mead, Karey Meier, Doug Mestas, Deborah Mets, Corrina Middleton, Michele Miller, Craig Miller, Jeff Miller, Kathi Moncur, Julie Monfre, Pete Montez, Jesse Moralez, AI Morgan, Gene Morris, Lisa Morton, Jonna Mosebar, Melody Muckley, Daryl Mulholland, Scott Mundy, Kent Murphy, Mark 3 4 New subjects baffle sophomores Murphy, Rita Myres, Jon Nash, Garry Navorska, Bridget Nelson, Cheri Nw' ' A , W.,-g ' S Nickel, Sheila A , 221-3 Nickels, Michelle i Nisben, sheri i ' M ,M W f 'Y Nixon, Mike ,X 3' V 4, M ' ff 5. i 'tt' t O'Keefe, Tricia ' ' X ' f' ,, ' M Ondler, Matt - 5 Y If E ,, if .M ,,,V Opitz, Alan A ' p W X' I ' ' , :Bug ' - - me , , ,,,o -f -ff a e HQ ,, ' '- , gf AV'- gf , in I Opitz, Gary gg ' t f Orr, Shawn X , Q, Parsons, Lynne l f 4 v w V: 5 Pater, Terry I 52' fx " A 4, 3 , Q, ,Z Patience, Stacy X 4 L 'K 1343!-' Si!! ' Q Paulley, Dave ' 5 X: A xg,?aiA!9'3 M.: 'K' N Lisa Dickey takes time out from watching exciting track events to as pose for a picture. lu P 'Q' I M1 ,gg ' fm ' 'wk fb L 1: if 1 it all f ll T' rr, C in . 5 :"w'- . f 1 tlll l X A' 'O r b' J. 'thi .rfir I A W Q f , l H wi 2, 11 x i t W ., ,if To + R ,. l' zz I 3 , vi 'fi - J, me r EV 1 . 4 Y lift? t f WJ "'! 3, , l""x rs 1, I I 5. ,., an A .V ,fggw A ,','fY':'Mf 3 1 I xt i -A ..-. qw. N.- N . ,fl ' if? szflxg, , Kit V if Aisi , '5 2' 1 X Y ., I i L .Q X l . 1 , H ,,, ., V l B 4 ,l 4, Q, 41,.,, ' if ' ' f ' r 5 ' 'tg .':. was M so ' r Q1'1 ':'fQLk ' -. W ' A " - -A' 4 l , q, X Q ' A i ,. 'R al. , I I I LSA x. :Mi .Q 'in-MSX fi f' K , Q. I r V in xx .gr 9 'fir' 'J , 7594 wr' Sf'-th ,, xi! ' ff i " , Qi' in , '- 5!Ei i':?5L'Qf , W' 1 6 l ga? t 1, -4, - ,,,V ' as Y ' ct? r ' f ,T , 'wt K , ii A f: 'fi X i, P o l if k P 'W 54 Peace, Hugh Perkins, Sutton Perry, Paul Perry, Paulette Peterman, Robert Phifer, David Phillips, Danny Pickinpaugh, Terry Pierce, Chris Pittman, Todd Plummer, Rhonda Poole, Stacey Porter, David Potter, Debbie Powers, Pam Purvis, Joel Putman, Dolly Ouintan, Kimberly Race, Laura Ramirez, Nadene Randall, Ed Randel, Richie Reasoner, Brian Reaves, Libby Redding, Charlene Reinhardt, Shawna Ridley, Rhody Riegert, Myra Riley, Patty Rizzi, Chris Roberson, Roy Robertson, Janet Robinder, Kay Robinelt, Keith Robinett, Kevin Robinson, Kim Rodriguez, Gina Rone, Sheila Rowland, Paula Roth, Joe Ruiz, David Ryall, Renae 2 Sophs began annual copper classic S e S' f Li' Af M Q 'ff ' Sabec, Marian L MS Sand Marla 1 Y - ilniii: , ., K va is Sailors, Ronald " E , fe S if 3 we ' X A Sauvageau, Monica Searles, Lana Schledewitz, Pam Schuetz, Wendy Schulenberg, Brenda Schultz, Brian 1, Selby, Vickie fi ' Sellers, Laurie Severson, Bruce ,li Severson John r' sf , Shamley, Bebora 1 , Sheldon, Francine I Q Shelton, Bob Sherer, Kirk Sherwin, Candy W W 11 1 J Siedler, Gloria N 3 , Jr i . f 5' '- -S iiii, Simmons, Lynn fs ., fi Simons, Clay ' Mr. Buchanan seems to be doing a lot of practicing, as if his notes represent his farewell address to be given during his final hours at NCHS. 'Sf Q ,x',1 If , xgi ' ,V iw ,,, S ., -'wg ve -. -'fm X Q Ax 'fx H' 4 225 W .. A . N 2-,QV ',:.-, - . , ' cv . , is S, 2 ,b 2 ,.- S' 1? 651 J- V vf S ,,..lf Ss , ,,ii f 1 ,,,, . e N43-rmm a is K I M. s f we AV Y, nip, .X .A Y Tl. , ., .. iw - M is K .4- no K 35 i g , , K ,Q W ' x 1. , 1. Nr- is f a 1 Q 8: v8 in J fn ' PE, S f of A -M. , if 'X . " J .1 ' S 5' - at as Q 'L Qafi ,, .., i Q, 'Q' "we I it i , ll ' Z Q' 'Wc- X f ..... ..v-if Skaggs, Karla Smith, Laura Spencer, Debi Stanley, Ralph :av Arrra S' , .Q it lt., we e, ,A I, .. rg., we ks!! if 3 'ina lx? la 214:53 xii Skansberg, Teresa Smith, Tim Spilde, Laurie Steinback, Kathy Stark, Mike Stewart, Michelle Steinman, Shana Strayer, Tanya Stice, Lynnae Sullivan, Lesli H 4 S. 1 Slensker, June Soffe, Lisa Sprehger, Nancy Stegelman, Daileen Sternberg, Don Stockton, Mary Beth Sulzen, Leann Exiting from the vault with what appears to be another list of fines for books lost or damaged is attendance clerk, Mrs. Corrigan. 2 Sophomores made first year a success Swanton, Mary Ann Taylor, Tami Tescher, Mike Tewes, Richard Thaxton, Rena Thomson, Rick Thornton, Tod Tintinger, Dennis Tobin, Richard Tomlinson, Joe Trabing, Jan Trimmer, Linda Tripeny, Maria Troost, Rich Truax, Jeff Truchot, Jeff Tucker, Bonnie Tucker, Dolly Tucker, Kelly Tudor, Tony Turner, Matt Underwood, James Urbigkit, Sam VanBlarcum, Rexann Vogl, Robinn Volk, Kristine Volker, Lisa Wait, Debbie Walker, Vicki Wallace, Carol Walsh, Steve Walters, Lee Walz, Donette Wambeke, Jim Weickum, Kathleen Wells, Brad Wells, Ken Welo, Rob Widiker, Sandy Widiker, Tom Wiford, Donna Wilber, Tom 3 fl r"' ..f 0 Q ' ,,,, T y 41.85 4, fi K ff uw, fs. K R , M 1 Smf ku ww.. 'Y Q., ,, 52 I xv , . di www I Q, he V.. ...- ,a 5 it 4 X R J ,JI Q' 5 X J. Et. J , , , W , f Mtv I rv 1- h , - , J 3 34 'an ' 'Wa , W 2 X Q ?'f . v l flux ,,,, , W ' u in ,, x " 1 Q -if 5 - , MW J? , . g ,J T . - W y,,f' , 1 X-4 fx 1 li 'N 6 'x fil' ,N Q yi Q' af' ww, uf 1 at is 19 Eg at .-5 "Ui 1, . l' A 'fx can 'T .,, , swf H W, swf-Wi, 1 it ' G P J to A 1 . f 'R g , , "rf fi 1 J I t sl a f : f A jii Z if L if A -EIA .A X. . its 'Y E 3 , me-,sri A if : - if.-ew '- 3 'wi " i '-f f s, I -' i G t N J , , ' B J , . " '-', 3 P , - X if 'l f my i ' Y , ' i ' i s :im .J My , X , 'i , .-,QV G J qbb, B . -' X f h .x r f q L 5 Q G ,. . xmm , Q Ix. Z,A it f N' lg 5' ' eww M nl as.,-fat Doug Creger and Greg Colman have a little fun DSIWGSFI CIBSSGS. Wiley, Dianna Willadsen, Becky Willett, Cindy Williams, Carol Williams, Gavin Williams, Neil Winders, Susan Winterholler, Brad Witt, Glen Witt, Max Wolff, Floger Wolz, Elizabeth Woodcock, Tina Woodward, Bill Wortham, Rocki Wrasper, John Wroble, Joe Zimmerman, Ronda Ziniel, Lori Fondren, Mark Henrie, Monte Loundagin, Peter Phillips, James Richards, Jeannie O Janine Howell waits for the dishes to be passed to her and wants to know why washing them wasn't listed in the curriculum guide. John Davidson has a coy smile as he still has a few minutes before class starts. V' Sophomores have final say with last class page ,,-t I gf- M Left: Jim Smith is pictured working on an assignment in the office as he gets psyched up for the bundle of partial absence lists still to go through. Below: Sharon Boender and Shelly Fitzgerald laughingly wonder what they have to do to get rid of our pesky annual photographer. is it s. 2 ,, V ,R "'. ww 'Y A-M, , His. gg ' In memoriam 4 Mr. Keith Ames, Co-sponsor Cover Material Book Paper Body Copy Headings Binding Trim Size Mr. Bruce Anderson, Co-sponsor Colophon Linen 803 Warren Enamel 8 8t 10 Pt. Century Century Rounded, creased supered and backed Smyth Sewn 81!2X 11 Aegerter, J. G.: Physical Education Alexander, Bonnie: Business Education Sponsor: Drill Team Alexander, Caryl: Fine Arts Sponsor: Marching Band Ames, Keith: Business Education Chairman Sponsor: Annual Anderson, Bruce: Business Education Sponsor: Annual Anderson, Nina: Business Education Axford, Florence: Library Baker, Bennie: English Barkley, Allen: Guidance Bays, Gerald: Science Bell, Lynn: Distributive Education Sponsor: DECA Beman, Jim: Physical Education Sponsor: Head Swimming Coach Bennion, Robert: Practical Arts Sponsor: Trouble Shooting Contest Berg, Thomas: Practical Arts Bidwell, John: Guidance Bisiar, Pat: Social Studies Blondin, Gilbert: Practical Arts Chairman Boyles, Grant: Business Education Brehm, Mildred: Business Education Brennan, Ed: Social Studies Sponsor: Key Club Brooks, Asa: Science Sponsor: Senior Class Buchanan, James: Vice Principal Bush, Dan: Social Studies Sponsor: Student Council: Activities Co-ordinator: Assistant Basketball Coach Bush, Robert: Vice Principal Carey, Michael: Social Studies: Practical Arts Sponsor: Assistant Football Coach, Girl's Track: Head Girl's Basketball Coach Carley, Lawana: Library Clark, Catherine: English Sponsor: Gusher: Quill 81 Scroll Clever, Martin: ROTC Sponsor: Rifle Team: Mustang Guard: Honor Guard: Ceremonial Guard Conley, Gary: Science Cundy, Henry: Mathematics Dalton, Gerald: Mathematics Sponsor: Head Basketball Coach Dobos, Barbara: Social Studies Drew, Mary Ann: Girls Counselor Dudley, Michelle: Business Education Estes, Ronald: Social Studies Sponsor: Assistant Wrestling Coach: Head Track Coach Forborg, Dean: Special Services Sponsor: Junior Class Fox, Paul: Fine Arts Sponsor: Orchestra Franklin, Frances: Business Education Frazier, Jimmie: ROTC ,Sponsor: Color Guard: ROTC Drill Faculty Index Team: NRA Rifle Club Freiberg, Patrick: Guidance Fusselman, Elton: Distributive Education Chairman Sponsor: DECA Fusselman, Pauline: Business Education Genetti, Paul: Social Studies Chairman Gilbert, Charlotte: Mathematics Giraldo, Alberta: Foreign Language Sponsor: Spanish Club Hall, Bunny: Home Economics Hammit, Vi: Social Studies Sponsor: Head Tennis Coach Hanson, Kay: Social Studies Hopper, Mary: Distributive Education Sponsor: DECA Harrington, Neil: Practical Arts Sponsor: Future Farmers of America Harris, Frances: Social Studies Hein, Walter: Practical Arts Hileman, Bill: Mathematics Sponsor: Assistant Boys Track Coach: Boys Football Coach Hill, Art: Physical Education Chairman Sponsor: Head Football Coach Hitt, John: Social Studies Houser, Anne: English Sponsor: Mustang lnfo Huskey, James: Science lzzeralli, Judy: English Jerde, Dave: Guidance Chairman Sponsor: Assistant Boys Basketball Coach: Football Coach Johnson, Elaine: School Nurse Kangas, Sharon: Special Education Kamish, Loren: Principal Kuntzman, George: English Larsen, Anker: Practical Arts Sponsor: Head Ski Team Coach Loghry, Hal: Science Sponsor: Assistant Boy's Track Coach Longnecker, Jack: Practical Arts MacCarter, Asenath: Resource Room Sponsor: Junior Class Marietta, Karen: Foreign Language Martin, Roberta: Physical Education Sponsor: Head Girl's Volleyball Coach Matson, Bob: Sponsor: Assistant Football Coach, Wrestling Coach: Head Girl's Track Coach Matteson, Barbara: English Sponsor: Sophomore Class Mclntire, Wayne: Fine Arts Sponsor: Choir Melvin, Richard: English Sponsor: Head Gymnastics Coach Miller, John: Social Studies Sponsor: Head Cross Country Coach: Head Wrestling Coach Mitzelfeld, Susan: Foreign Language Novotny, Scott: Distributive Education Sponsor: DECA: Assistant Wrestling Coach O'Dell, Don: Practical Arts Park, Diane: Home Economics Parrish, Norman: Practical Arts Pierce, Joan: English Poynor, Sara Sue: English Quinlan, Gerald: Social Studies Sponsor: Assistant Boy's Track Coach Wrestling Coach Reed, Ken: English Sponsor: Assistant Girl's Basketball Coach, Track Coach, Volleyball Coach Reifke, Henry: Practical Arts Rice, Richard: Practical Arts Ring, Tom: English Chairman Rizzi, Leo: Science Chairman Sponsor: National Honor Society Roberts, Keith: Mathematics Rodgers, Cecelia: Social Worker Schultz, Janis: Resource Room Scott, George R. Jr.: Vice Principal Shumway, Jan: Special Education Snyder, Bruce: Science Stofflet, Frank: Science Sponsor: Chemistry Club Swanton, Patrick: English Teat, Kathryn: Home Economics Sponsor: Pep Club: Cheerleaders Thomson, William: English Sponsor: National Forensics Tilton, Linda: English Tobin, William: Practical Arts Tollefson, Ann: Foreign Language Sponsor: French Club Trimble, George: Fine Arts Chairman Sponsor: Art Club Turnbull, Deborah: Business Education Wallace, Robert: Foreign Language Sponsor: German Club Walsh, Mary: Science Sponsor: Senior Class Walters, Wanda: Home Economics Chairman Wangelin, Shirley: English Ward, Robert: Practical Arts Warner, Sandra: Physical Education Sponsor: Head Intramural Coach: Assistant Girl's Basketball Coach Weaver, Alice: English Webber, Lynette: Home Economics Weber, Dean: Mathematics Weidner, Tom: English Weishaar, Donald: Mathematics Chairman Sponsor: Head Golf Coach Welsh, John: English Sponsor: Thespians: Drama Club Welsh, Peggy: English Wham, Linda: Home Economics Wingerter, Tom: Sponsor: "C" Club: Head Girl's Basketball Coach: Assistant Football Coach Wood, Terry: English Sponsor: Assistant Basketball Coach Adams, Alice Gertrude Adams, Lorraine Deneis Adams, Stephanie Adelman, Matthew Wayne Aguilar, Brice lNMNl Ainsworth, Donald Edward Albert, Sherri Jo Ann Alexander, James Paul Allen, Tom Robert Anderson, Anderson, Anderson Anderson Anderson Arthur Leroy Don Rae, Jr. Lori Kay Maureen Yvonne Mark Rodney Appleton,,Krista Belle Arellano, Joanne Louise Baca, Mary Hellen Bader, Donald Paul Bailey, Charlotte Marke Bailey, Steven Robert Bakker, Jannett Rae Bakker, Pamala Ann Banks, Britt Douglas Barankiewicz, James Allen Bard, Allen Dean Bardgett, James Daniel Barella, Anthony Paul Barella, Jeffrey Paul Barnard, Andrew William Barrett, Patrick Dennis Barton, Karen Marie Bartow, Roger Lee Bartruff, Danette Gay Bastow, Dale Thomas Baum, Jill Ellen Beaudoin, Steven Lloyd Beaverson, Richard Anthony Bell, Rosalie lveren Belt, Kathleen Renee Benardis, Robert Corwin Bentley, Roxann May Bennett, Lisa Marie Berrett, Gina Renee Bertagnole, Gary Wayne Bertz, Brenda Elaine Willadsen Bisiar, Donald Phillip Bisiar, Michael Brian Bliss, Robert Roy, Jr. Boettcher, Deborah Jane Bolender, Danny Richard Bon, Linda Lou Bondi, Tami Kay Bottom, William Dale Bouzis, Michelle Louise Bowen, David Charles Bowlsby, Joy Lynne Boyer, Bryan Gary Bradshaw, Pamala Bradshaw, Kathy Mechelle Brakke, Nancy Diane Bramson, Kimberley Renee Brauchie, Mitchell Lewis Brown, Helen Carol Brown, Hiram Dominic Brown, Janell Marie Senior Class 1978-79 Brown, Shawn Lorain Brown, Sherrie Lynn Brown, Stacy Gayle Brown, Tammy Kay Brummett, Wesley Ralph Brummond, Mark Allen Brunelli, Cynthia Denise Bryant, Gay Eileen Bryant, Michael Carroll Buckallew, Jeffrey Ray Budack, Karen Ann Burback, Gregory Michael Burch, Antoinette Marie Burkhart, Steven Kent Burris, Whitney Lynn Burrows, Darren Leigh Bynum, Keith Eric Byrd, Barton Christopher Cain, David Robert Campbell, James Hugh Carlisle, Brett Cameron Carlson, Craig Alan Carlson, Janet Lynne Carlson, Matthew Greg Carpenter, Bradley Dawn Carpenter, David Alan Carrell, Tamie Marie Cartier, Cynthia Frances Cassinat, Anthony Lynn Chandler, Gloria Lynn Chaput, Anthony John Cheatham, Goode Rutledge Chernick, Lisa Ann Childers, Richard Dean Christopherson, Phillip Greg Ciocarlan, Kurt Joseph Claar, Connie Marie Clapp, Brent Duane Clark, D'Ann Louise Clark, Jennifer Ann Cleaver, Mark Dwight Clink, Wendy Jo Coffman, Cheryl Louise Cohagan, Teresa Ann Coleman, Patricia Marie Conger, Wyndi Eileen Cone, Richard Carl Cooper, Lanny Leroy Corbett, Claudette Coleen Corbett, Kendall David Corbett, Megan Elizabeth Cotton, Steven Douglas Cotton, Timothy Earl Cox, Michael James Crandy, William Randolph Creel, Jana Sue Creger, Daniel Dale Cronin, David Scott Cross, Audie Lee Cross, Kay Jalaine Crotteau, Sherry Ann Crouch, Susan Ann Cunning, Renee L. Davidson, Hannah Maria Davis, Laura Lea Davis, Mark Edward Deal, Lance Earl Deischer, Jeffery Kim Dear, Guy Allan Denham, David John DeVore, William Funkhauser Dickson, Robin Marie Diesburg, Debra Anne Dillard, Gary Lynn Dissette, Gary Lynn Dolan, Colleen Ruth Dolenc, Debra Lee Dovala, Brett David Drury, Debra Kay Duerden, Robert Douglas Duncan, Linda Leigh Dunn, James William Dwyer, James Francis Dye, Mary Christine Dye, Randy John Eads, Tammy Kay Eddy, Julie Ann Eger, Jeffery Charles Eggleston, Brian Keith Einer, Gary Wayne Eiserman, Christopher George Eklund, Warren Arthur Elliott, Kristene Ann Ellis, Maura Ann Ellison, Bettie Anne Elsom, Debra Almeda English, Barbara Jan Epperson, Regina Carol Eschenhoff, Evelyn Espinoza, Florence April Estes, Ronald Eugene Evans, Rickie Lee Everaert, Renee Marie Exum, Susan Elizabeth Fadala, William S. Farley, Sharon Kay Feezer, Randall William Fenster, Cynthia Lee Fink, Kristine Marie Finn, Brian Thomas Fisher, Cynthia Lynne Fitzgerald, Brian Charles Flack, Rocky Allen Fleming, Carita Annette Forbis, Timothy Dale Foreman, Joyce Renae Forsyth, Sheryl Dee Foster, Laurie Ann Foster, Lloyd William Foster, Paul Jerome Foust, Burl Dean Francis, De Etta Faye Franklin, Cynthia Ann Frick, Kathryn Renee Frisbie, Karen Marie Fry, James Lee Gaddis, Kalli Marie Galles, Karla Marie Galloway, Madeline Celeste Gangwish, Todd Thomas Garbutt, James Cassidy Garcia, Lisa Marie Garland, Jeffrey Mecherle Garriott, Judie Lorraine Garner, Elizabeth Ann Gentry, Michael Devon Gerberding, Paul William Gilleland, Minda Kay Gilliland, Kevin Vail Gilmore, Tim Gist, Melissa Ann Glenn, Thomas Avery Gochenour, Sandra Lynn Goertz, Pamela Kaye Goetz, Bart William Golich, Daniel James Gomez, Lily Mary Gonzalez, Maria Jessie Goracke, Lisa Ann Gordon, Brenda Lee Gottfried, Joseph Jay Grace, Donna Kaye Grace, Leo Mark Gray, Nancy Joyce Gregory, Robert William Grenier, Dale Eugene Grimes, Zoe Lee Guy, Cynthia Jill Haass, Jeffrey Alan Hagerott, Jill Suzanne Halbert, Jeffrey Roman Hall, Judith Rae Hall, Kimberly Dee Hambrick, Todd Harrison Hannah, Sheila Dawn Hans, Pamela VanHorn Hansen, Karen Hanson, Marcia Celine Harrington, John Patrick Harris, Gregory Keith Harris, Michael James Harrison, Tina Louise Hately, DeeAnn Marie Hatten, Jacquelynne Ann Hauffe, Michael Paul Hawes, James Edward Hawks, David Louie Hawley, Dawn Dee Heady, David Alan Heady, Kimberly Kay Heatherly, Rose Temple Hebert, Heather F. Hegna, Cynthia Lynn Henderson, David Wayne Herman, Frank Ronald Herold, Twyla Rachael Hewlings, Melody Jo Higgins, Ann Theresa Higgins, Joy Beth Hill, Gregory Paul Hill, Lorene Barbara Hixson, Lorie Lee Hogan, Amy Cecelia Holden, Tammy Lynn Houston, Cybele Louise Hovis, James Lee Howard, Kayskaye Humberson, Jennifer Anne Hunt, Virginia Elizabeth Hutton, Douglas Lee Innes, Evelyn lse, Thomas Henry Jackson, John Dennis Japp, Julie Ann Jennings, Lucinda Kay Johnson, Jacqueline Lee Johnson, Jana Renee Johnson, Lorie Jean Johnson, Robert Neil Jones Jones Jones Jones, Jones Jones Jones Brenda Christopher Alan Gerald Cletis Jason Forrest Leonard Douglas Mike Pennie Lynn Josephson, Lori Lynn Jourgensen, Janell Marie Joyner, Scott Mitchell Juarez, Ralph Andrew Jussel, Dean Allen Kaye, Kevin Louis Keating, Terry Ann Keith, Mary Jane Keith, Sharon Diane Kellch, Larry Alan Kelly, Connie Jo Kelly, Lanette Lynn Kelly, Renee Lynne Lopez, Roberta Anne Lorimer, Lyle Kirk Lower, Robert Edward Lujan, Therasa Lukowiak, David Edward Lupton, Julia Marie Lynch, Roxie Dawn Lynch, Wesley Jay Mack, Bruce Lynn Madsen, Steven Carl Mahan, William Joseph Makinen, Jeannine F. Mangus, Charles Robert Mangus, Pamela Jo Mansfield, Gayle Ilene Marlar, Carol Janette Marsh, Ricky Leigh Marsters, Clinton Clyde Martin, Amy Louise Martinez, Donna Marie Martinez, Peter Flavio Martzall, Kelli Lynn Marty, Frank Materi, Mark Harris Matlack, Jo Ann Maxwell, Pete Ventura Mayer, Randy Lee McCarthy, Julie Ann McCarty, Barbara Gail McCrary, Stephanie Anne McDaniel, Karen Lea McFarland, Tracy Ann McGee, Jeffrey Charles Mclntosh, Dennis Brian Mclntosh, Wendy Sue Kennedy, John Culver Kennedy, Tammy Len Key, Kerry Lynn Keys, Daniel Eugene Kienzle, Marie Ann Kirby, Machelle Joan Kirchnavy, Regina Donelle Klein, Cindy Patricia Klone, Ronald Owen Knudsen, Rita Jeanette Kornkven, Kristin Andrea Kottwitz, Daniel Ray Kraff, Gregory Kraft, Michael Jack Kumpe, Elizabeth Susan Ladd, Lee Anne Lange, Jane Antoinette Larcom, Melissa Jean McKnight, Kathleen Elizabeth McLemore, Christopher William McMillion, Peggy Elaine McMorrow, Tracie Ann Means, Richard Ray, Jr. Meier, Celia Ann Merback, Ricki Jo Mets, Douglas Dale Miller, Cathy Lynn Miller, Jodi Lynn Minemyer, Linda May Miskimins, Melvin James, Jr. Mitton, Patrick Harlan Montez, Martha Candida Moore, Jeffrey Lynn Moran, Deborah D. Moreno, Roberto Morrison, Donna Laurene Morton, Cynthia Rene'e Larson, Edward Hubert Lau, Maria Elizabeth Laur, Vanessa Renee Legerski, Richard Gene Lewallen, Dixie Lewallen, Lana Gail Lewallen, Steven David Lewallen, Wesley Bryan Morton, Mark Stephen Morton, Michael Stuart Mosser, Lee Jones Mullen, Mickey Mike Mundy, Stan Leon Munroe, Renate Dean Murphy, Michael Cornelius Lewis, Kevin Dale Lindholm, Michael Reed Link, Kenneth James Loberg, Pamela Joan Locke, John David Lofgren, Katherine Ann Long, Lisa Ann Nation, Jackie Lynn Nation, Susan Marie Nemetz, Carol Michelle Nesta, Kathleen Mary Newman, Connie Jo Nickerson, Rhonda Gaye Nickerson, Teresa Marie Niesen, Debra Kay Niethammer, Sarah Keigh Noblitt, Kerry David Obert, Terry Lee Olson, Edward Guy Olson, Olin Paul O'Neill, Gordon Vincent Orr, Sandra June Ort, David Wayne Ostrom, Terri Elizabeth Paananen, Johnny William Pancratz, Robert Sean Park, Blake Stuart Parrish, Cynthia Ann Patterson, J. Walt Patton, Clay Casselman Patton, Samuel James Perea, Craig Alan Perkins, Lori Petsch, Leland Varial Phifer, Virginia Lee Pickering, Fred Russell Pickinpaugh, Gregory Duane Pierce, Debbie Marie Pierce, Judy Lynn Pierce, Peggy Johanna Pierce, Todd Arthur Pope, Paula Diane Prather, Michael Anthony Price, Kermit Ward Prince, Jeffrey Merlin Pringle, Daniel Phillip Pruden, Samuel James Puhrman, Suzanne Marie Pulanco, Philip Cal Puzey, Scott DeWayne Ouarve, Michael David Quinn, John Francis, Ill Rea, William Holdship Reamer, Richard Duane Redman, Jane Ellen Reeb, Steven Douglas Reed, Jay Reeves, Michele Lyn Reid, Gregory Lee Reimers, Jeffrey Lynne Reynolds, Dianna Lynn Richey, Elaine Barbara Ripperger, Craig Allan Ristau, Anne Evelyn Rizzi, Mark Louis Roberts, Mary Elizabeth Roberts, Paul Brendan Robinett, June Marie Roop, Christian Anthony Rosen, Steven B. Rosenberg, Brenda Kay Roth, Marjorie Ann Royce, Brian Eugene Ruonavar, Bertha Alice Rudd, Linda Kay Rue, Laurella Vee Russell, Meredith Rae Ryall, Daniel James Sack, Jon Patrick Sailors, Robert S Sample, Teresa Lynn Sand, Lynette Yvonne Sanders, Teri Evelyn Santistevan, Gregory Jaye Schell, Lisa Marie Schlager, Laura Ann Schlicht, Duane David Schmidt, James Peter Schneider, James Daniel Schneider, John Dean Schroeder, Cloetta Jane Schuetz, Debra Ann Schulenberg, Jennifer Kay Schultz, Theresa Lee Schuppan, Tammy Rae Searles, Brenda Lynn Seese, David Scott Shafsky, Jo Ann Marie Shaw, David Scott Shaw, Jay Ethan Shaw, Howard Lee Shaw, Tonya Kay Sherrill, Peggy Louise Shipley, Berry Scott Shinn, Lorelea Anne Showalter, Catherine Sue Showalter, Miriam Tess Shroyer, Donald Rodney Shutts, Mary Catherine Sides, Holly Beth Simmons, Andy Russell Singleton, Steven A. Sinnema, Jerry Wayne Sjostrom, Eddie Ray Slensker, Brent Loren Smith, Autumn Kay Smith, Chris Michael Smith, Dannette DeAnne Spurgeon, Jeffrey A. Starnes, Sandy S. Stauffer, Mark Edward Stearns, Carolyn Ann Stege, Matthew Bradley Stevens, Belinda Fern Stewart, Robert Lester Stinnette, Allen Irvin Stoner, Donald Earl Stoner, Michael Vernon Stoner, Thomas Dean Stoumbaugh, Sandra Lee Stradling, Loa DeAnn Strahan, Bill Lindley, Jr. Streeter, Spring Melody Strother, Thomas Jerry Struble, Brenda Kay Stuber, Valerie Ann Sullivan, Gerald Kevin Sullivan, Jean Marie Sulzen, Amy Marynell Summers, Bill Jeffery Suther, Michael Allen Sutherland, Brad Raymond Sutherland, Timothy Shaun Sutton, Timothy Wray Swanson, Mary Kathleen Talbot, Debbi Kay Tatro, Ronald Wayne Taubert, Robert Walter Temple, Keith Eugene Thomas, Kristal Starlene Thompson, Gregory Paul Thomson, Tammy Lou Thorne, Monteen Marietta Tintinger, Charles Russell Tipton, Laurie Lynn Tobin, Robert Lawrence Toney, Melody L. Townsend, Bambi Sue Toy, Raymond Leo Travis, Ted Lee Tripeny, Jim Timothy Trujillo, Jeff Joseph Trujillo, Victoriano Eloy Tucker, Shirley Ann Uglow, Linda Leann Ukele, Donald Wayne Underwood, Gene Allen Upton, Wileen Carla Vassar, Richard Joseph Vialpando, Robert Joseph Wagner, Sharon Kay Wait, Julie Renae Waite, Micah Leonard Walker, Craig Kevin Walker, James Lynn Walker, Teressa Dawn Wallace, Victoria Rose Walsh, Ricky Alan Ward, Steven James Watson, Edwin Richard Weber, Chet Robert Weber, Virginia Gail Wells, Derek Gregory Wemmer, Robby Lew Wendling, Debra Kay Wendtland, Anthony Todd White, Peggy Lynne White, Tracy Lynn Widiker, Debra Lynn Wiford, Tina Marie Wigley, Perry Shawn Wilber, Judson Scott Willett, Trent Allen Willey, Michael Alan Wilmes, Floyd Dale, ll Wilsey, Angela Mae Winship, Jennifer Wolcott, Donald Stephen Woodward, James Canby Wortham, Michael Lee Wroble, Janice Lynn Young, Vivian Ann Zellner, Polly Ann 7 N 5 A D V E Fl T I S E Fl S 218 We're the one. Eli First National Bank of Casper 220 nqliltltgslwrsw Clothes for the way BI RITE ou live now . . , . y O Prescriptions I C osmetlcs 0 Toys 0 Sporting Goods O Gifts 0 Liquor 236 S- Centef 0 Camera 0 Housewares Phone 237-1124 428 S. Durbin Phone 265-1914 "hm W :iweny 1220 South Melrose Phone 265-8041 USDA Meats Groceries Deep 'in concentration, Ok ' ' Robin Burkley deftly plucks es Jewelers has its own line of Kenmark and out 3 lively tune on one of the Keepsake rings, both carry a complete guarantee. fine banjos available at LES PARSONS MUSIC CO. Westridge Village Hilltop Center 135 S. Durbin 234-9117 208 So. Center Y Judd Tire Supply Congratulations To Class Of '79 Buy Your Tires At Judd's R 81 R Roofing Timberlines 8. Lock Shingles Buildup Roofing Vanguard Vinyle Siding msmation Casper, Wy Cliff Rosty Ph. 235-1712 Your Realty Is . . . QEALTOQG Ranches Commercial Residential John 0. Reich Owner-Broker New Homes 34 7393 -1 134 S. Kenwood Casper Wyoming 82601 it-Q Bus Ph.: 234-7393 Home Ph.: 234-2234 li- 'ME 4-.1 J 1105 Falcon Ave Ph. 307-265-5304 The Mine Supply Company Larry E. Wiford Manager P. O. Box 549 Mills, Wyoming 82644 ' XXX "Casper's Home Owned Discount Center" 2405 CY Avenue Open Daily 9 to 9 Sunday 10 to 6 and Construction General Contractors The company is S and T, our houses are really extraordinary. We build them large and small, so if you need a castle or stall, Just give S and T a call Ron Snider Builder Phone 237-8180 RED BARN FAST SERVICE FAMILY RESTAURANT THREE LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU 711 E. 2nd. St. 2711 CY Ave 4100 E. 2nd St. Pextax . Olympus Nikoh Q Vivitar Omega . Canon Minolta Q Rollei 122 West Second Casper Wyoming 82601 Phone 266-6333 E012 ZHZITZEZ DISTRIBUTING 8: REPRESENTING DUN-HUT POPCORN 8: POPPERS MlCRO -BRUSH HAND SCRUB RUG DOCTOR STEAM CARPET CLEANERS DON'S VAC SHACK 1502 EAST 2ND ST CASPER, WYOMING 82601 307 235 3189 if fa y W agfzaa I 0 I I g ff d onnugg WQQIIAPANY ,f,f,,wvW ,rw J , A, ,ml g,,,,,Wy, If ffwfw '- P f.M!ff:'M f ff x af ff X waeffwhffmgf? f ' I, 'MQ f 'MQ' rw W, .,,, 0 I- Z 'LMA Congratulations To Graduating Seniors Of 1979 FASHION FASHION FASHION FASHION Z 'rl 9 EZ fTe F I LL 2 z Q 5 in 3 w 2 Z Q . 2 2- I Lisa Carpenter U, Q models some of E LL the chic wearing 2 apparel that can z be found at: ,H Q J: I cn U9 E E Market Square Q 2nd a Durbin Z Z 226-2396 Q E I cn 2 THE BUCCANEER LTD. 3 LL Z NOIHSV:I NOIHSVA NOIHSVJ NOIHSVJ 22 224 efa 7fvff3v'f-f Wnwfffef Alignment Servioe Inc A- MCNare 325 West A Street ir Trucks if Buses-kAutomobiles Owner Complete Wheel-Axle 81 Spring Service Q Complete Brake Service Q Wheel Alignment 4010A South Poplar q Tune-Ups 13079266-6407 Casper, Wyoming 82601 , Alternators ann 235-1579 MIIIIII S IVICI 1. x HILLTOP NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FDIC HILLTOP SHOPPING CENTER CASPER, WYOMING LOBBY HOURS Monday thru Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 Many Natrona County High School students use the excellent facilities P-m' Friday 9:00 3-m' to 6100 P-m' ol Hilltop National Bank, Pictured are: Jon Frieberg and Donna DRIVE-UP HOURS Nmkerson Monday thru Friday 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. r .V I . In ,zqgsf ,',' '-1, 'I-.rfffe t r PaY 8 Save REFRIGERATION 81 Quality Groceries and Meats APPLIANCE REPAIR INC. Z - RESIDENTIAL Q 5 4 ' - COMMERCIAL , 42 f,-R. Dial 234-7882 A - AIR CONDITIONING 'ff 'T in 'II' y ' ICE MAKERS ,I ,I Wyoming Blvd. b H PM . g I ' ' R'EFR'GERATOR5 I ,lgif-XWASH MACHINES and Pendell I I y Yi - FREEZERS ef, DRYER5 I P' I 4 I y ,X RANGES . I, f - I II' oIsHwAsHERs ' ig. ,Q-5 I It,,. 52 I c.,,- 3:3 Q- Iry' I Auto Air Conditioning Repair 3- .s,-112.3--N The smiling sales clerks of HutseII's are all always willing to help you. Michelle Nickell admires one of the beautiful diamonds at: McCann Jewelers Casper Diamond Store Brattis Grocery 8t Market Nick 81 John Brattis 310 West A Street Phone 237-3490 Market Square o C :YJWN Your Complete Vacuum Cleaner Sales 8 Service Stem? 7410 BATH a. Bao msniows Hardware 8t Hoover A I' Filter Queen pp lance Royal Eureka 1-49 Westridge Village 232 E. 2nd Cyclone Central Casper, Wyoming 82601 l307l 266-2875 Casper, Wy 82601 S9"'e"'-' 237-2911 James al lSkipl DeVault Elvin KED Morton DEVAULT - MORTON INC. PLUMBING at HEATING CONTRACTORS a Licensed SL Bonded S Residential Commercial Fast and Courteous Service 153 S' Fenway Ph 2344303 104 N. Kimball 234-0363 22 226 You can almost feel the spirit of freedom revealed in a portrait of quality. We will always try to make this feeling a part of our work by dedicating our best efforts to each and every client. BENHAMS "A Most Outstanding Steak House" Gourmet Menu Exquisite food served in a beautiful continental s here with a lorious adventure through the world atmo p g of music for your listening and dining pleasure. Accomodations For Anniversaries Sz Birthdays ROY'S TOWN 85 COUNTRY PHARMACY Lunches Daily No Reservations 1944 CY Avenue 739 N. Center Phone 235-3118 Congratulations From REALTY WORLD- Bochmann Realty REALTY WORLD- Bochmann Realty IQ li' 1 East West l 2501 East 3rd 1915 Jim Bridger "" 237-3743 235-6601 "Homer Of The Searchers" GENERAL NRE WILSON GENERAL TIRE SERVICE Best Wishes To The Class Of '79 From The Safeway On Cy 846 W. Yellowstone 234-4537 Casper. Wyoming Locally owned and operated 227 228 gbtcfwifiiuruuitb DF1ofi63rw.pl2leR. Photographs With A Reputation 1331 South Durbin Phone 234-1681 ., W, g.W-wwf. My . THE BUILDERS MART 655 South Walnut 234-3545 Tripeny Motors Lincoln Mercury Datsun 191 S. Curtis Phone 266-1500 This beautiful Datsun 210 is just one of many models available for you to select from on our lot. b. .I I.Q.,qf,Q.,-funn'-A - lv, ,tg , ,:...i'L.ff1,'Lf2 ' Lammer s p,--13 4- N: r 'f -. ,Al. 1 9, "' 'iff' Do-It-Yourself Store ,g, m1 f, - WN: fiuy 6 V P , X s . , . "' Fil fl" P31 R24 - ' 1 fu.:-V lFormerly Pittman Do-It-Yourselfl I3 -P' -f-f7T"TT.A The Only Thing That's - - Changed ls The Name! li. .-3 Jerry Lammers - Owner 'fr' ""', , 4' '7"'+5-'f'xA'- 333 South Beech Street -- A Casper, Wy. Phone 234-4715 Mon. thru Fri. 8 to 5:30 Sat. 9 to 1 Closed Sunday efzafzef Dennis J. Knopik Get The F I Mexican Fo d BEEF -N-TACOS 742 E. 2nd 2807 CY Ave. Casper, Wyo. 234-4878 234 0843 R ussel I ' s T.V. and Appliance 2500 Cy. Ave. 265-0165 RusseIl's can help You! M5059 GRETHE S "Not Just Another Gift Storey Registery, Dinnerware, Candy, Jewelry, Gifts, Hallmark 1551 CY Avenue 255-5002 sum A S IES 3 '- sa. QSM '?-e3,"1oQQN I'-3.2 Jef Lax CIRCUS LAND 232 East 2nd 266 3986 B , .,., "A' .... 4'-' "" . A"' 5' cords 1 I 266-3739 162 So. Center S , '':5I25:7:-131fSl32-ZBZf!5F2-.3.-S:-'7:3'Q5S!1.y:g1LS:4N-T --,"f '-Ho:-.-I-l-fivli' 2 GREGORY MOTORS Jeep - Subaru BOB MARSHALL 1743 E. Yellowstone Phone 234-9149 FLORIST Casper, Wyoming 82601 F1 OWCYS The Shop With The Atmosphere 5 Of Friendliness R 3' ' 234-8733 A mx' 515 E, Collins Dr. K 9 gm, i Properly Arranged 81, Presented 166 So Center Zack s Go "Down The Street From Zack's The Shoe Nook 1 ,-'ff Bud 8t Jeanne s Buffet Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner We Also Have A Fine Menu To Order From Featuring Steak, Seafood Sandwiches, Salads, Etc. Opens 6 AM - 9 PM Mon Sat - Closed Sunday Buffet Hours 11 AM-2:30 PM 8t 4:30 PM-9 PM 429 EA 235-3131 Where Quality , Q 7 And Service g Still Mean Value Q 5'5l ' Congratulations Seniors From Steve 8t Dennis Chadderdon 545 So. Ash Phone 265-8444 Casper, Wyoming 82601 if New Co-Owner Scott Ayres is always available to sell any of their fine jewelry in stock. Ayres-McMullin Jewelers 118 East 2nd 234-2986 232 Julie Eddy and Kerry Key, NCHS cheerleaders relax after classes by bowling Air Conditioned Open Bowling Free Instruction Wyornings Finest Brunswick - Gold Crown 2800 Cy Ave. 1 Marko Lanes 'GOLD CROWN"i' LANES EL-MARK-O LANES ' C Pro Shop Nursery Snack Bar Casper . Guaranty Federal 111 South Durbin Casper, Wyo 82601 Phone 266-1690 135551 Our new location will make it more convenient for us to help you with your new location Ioan, savings plan or retirement account. Savings and Loan Branch - 3rd 81 Oak Douglas, Wyo 82601 Phone 358-4500 Q u Ll Q r 1 Fefe? w Am- 'ww -- Q "AA " -. W X- W f ,f L -,, N, y , f .e . . ,gr V W' ev' 'S' ,. ,,,..vff' W ' """" , , H., ,Q x r si' ,af . Best By A Darn Site Casper Professional Center 350 West A Phone 265-1050 233 The Flame Of Knowledge Burns Brightly .X l ' f' GY' I NN ,jp ' ct 3 vi l 4' I A NORTHERN UTILITIES, INC. Speed Queen Dryers Peerless 8t Warm Morning Heaters A. O. Smith Water Heaters Hardwick Gas Ranges Outdoor Gas Grills Casper Riverton Lander C COUNTRY Mtng. Inc. 128 w. 2nd Casper,VVyo. 82601 257-2071 Mon - Sat 9:00 to 6:00 Sun 12:00 to 5:00 Q Maorame Supplies o Decoupage Q String Art 0 Radio Control Q Train Sets Q Race Car Sets Toy's 0 Fisher - Mattel - Tomy Kennerfldeal Also Star Wars Items o Masks o Large Dolls o Costumes Q Ships Westridge Village Cy Avenue 266-5713 I ATLAS na sox 3051 PH 237-9523 cAsPEn,wra 2603 REPRODUCTION X Blue Printing Film Reproduction Drafting Drafting Supplies Xeroxlt' Copies-Large 8t Small Glo Plats FASTER more PRECISE FILMS hy moans of o Ac!i"Copioun" Precision Clmoru I Kod k Automatic Film Proconor. Geological and Engineering Photography Snelling and Snelling f Pictured QL to Rl Donna Christensen, Bonnie Wood, Linda Flice, Jerry Gates Locally Owned Secretarial Office Clerical World's Largest Employment POPEIS dahllflwf C nus "For The Woman With A Little More To Love" Catherine Pope 631 S. Ash 234-7884 Casper, WY 82601 Administrative Technical Sales - '- 1:5 Service A 3 5 Durbin Center Lynne Parsons and Paula Pope display one of the many fine 265-5300 dresses that are available for your selection. il 75 Best of Wishes to the Class of 78 from Casper Automobile Dealers BECKER OLDS-GMC COLISEUM MOTORS COMPANY WESTERN EQUIPMENT GREGORY MOTORS GREINER FORD INC. MAX AUTO AND MARINE MILO'S TOYOTA SALES Association NAGEL MOTORS, INC. RAY POWDERS VOLKSWAGEN AUDI RAY SHELLABARGER CHEVROLET STREEPER-GARVIN CADILLAC INC. LINCOLN MERCURY FRONTIER AMC JEEP FIAT LOTUS 36 BUSH-WELLS SPORTING GOODS Athletic 81, Team Supplies 235-6671 128 N. Center Bob Bernardis and Jim Fry are amazed at the quality of Bush-WeII's Sporting Goods Double Eagle Petroleum And Mining Co. Congratulations Seniors Post Office Box 766 Casper, Wyoming 82602 When School's Out . . . And .f ' Y W T ' d A . . . Xl 'N S3g1USi1nt o Fin Job 1 h "1" 'Nh ' V ,tg LL We Can Answer rn P Your Questions About: I I' Summer Jobs , xl ' V' Labor Market Information i 'i Work Permits if A Employment Counseling fir Testing A W " N I 'ni 'I' , 421 South Center l Casper, Wyoming Phone 234-4591 0, , smwaf X y of wrolvllua A f A WYOMING STATE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE no- ee gency. Congratulat'ons FORD FORD Graduates! TRUCKS NCHS "Class Of 79" Wyoming's Largest Car 8t Truck Dealership Greiner Ford New Cars 266-1680 3333 Cy Ave Bennett's Restaurant 915 Cy Ave. Open Tues - Sun 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM Closed Mondays Okes Jewelery V ,Q 1 MARK Fl. OKES - Manager 208 So. Center B "BW Ygulf tu Hilltop Center 'mme a a a Westridge Village HL Shaw "l Welding Ph. 265-2564 Casper, Wyo. I!! x X , 0 ' N , 5 mmm W T PLACE af' . Sgryigg Amie RUFENACHT fx 'I SHOP BARBER swusr 'W C ff -I a FOR 5 APPO'NTMENT ,M 1 :MENS HMR srscmizius in 1. I . SCLYPTTTJC SCALP :Ram-EM Q TREATMENTS f M' 'f -,,'. . ---- . A m - Q QM ""'. . '-'- 1 ftggz- -iff' '-..Q',P, .A.4.. '-..N 1 , BUNDY S it ,fi .ifziiai il T Y Yam .-Q 1-an warns. 3201 C Y Ave- Marine gb Ski 237-2509 Q14 1619 East 2nd ' MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER DRUG STORL gy in Pictured above are some of the many fine leather accessories at 229 E 1St St V A Division of Tandycrafts, Inc. 234-6725 Tandy Vision - Optical "Fashions In Eyeware' Bryon J. and Tonic Lussier Certified Opticians Glasses . . . Contact Lenses . . . Soft Contact Lenses 124 East 2nd Downtown - Casper 265-7668 ww' DOWNTOWN HILLTOP SHOPPING C ENTER I FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN 400 East First 1' ' 1 run .4,.4. 1.-- um ' s Call ISI For The Best Insurance Service Insurance Services, Inc. 261 So. Center St. TOTAL INSURANCE "INSURANCE C0 VERA GE DESIGNED FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS" Family - Home A Auto - Business Casper, Wyoming Call "Mr. Insurance' Don Burgess 2 40 the Finest in Home Furnishings CARPETS - DRAPERIES - FURNITURE 0 COMPLETE interior designing . . Before you buy- Give PLAINS a try . . . FREE .fl ' furnilure 322 South David Casper Phone 265-6000 Nmpang i E Enjoy a delicious after school treat at TASTEEJPREEZ HILLTOP SHOPPING CENTER HI-FI C.B. - CAR STEREO 711 East Collins Ave. A 234-0296 Casper, Wyoming wssrnioss 6 BAKERY INC. 7 ' , 7 Enlzy S :.4.'5" I 2 l Delicious Specialty K K Breads 81 Rolls -' ruin Y l :J Birthday, " Q, f U " E ' Anniversary, . it N 7 ,I il Wedding Cakes at - 5 : Open Sundays 'LI i- . . Y ??..?.. Hours. X Open 6:30 Alvl to 6 PM ' 105 Eastsecond it V Wesmdge Vlnage 1 - Casper, Wyoming82601 15 Phone 237-9411 Genray O'Keele anager V ly NeiI'S , N5 X 'l At westridge Q "Barber Stylists" For Appointment - Stop In or Call 234-1871" Three Barbers To Serve You Lisa Garcia, Caroline Spargur, Tami O'Donnell, Rex Ann VanBiarcum and Paddy Moore look at our just on of fine trophies. Merback Award Company 778 CY Ave Phone 265-7804 Casper, Wyoming RUCKMAN'S MENS WEAR Look inside and find a wonderful world of men's clothes If it's Right, It's from Ruckrnan's Hilltop Shopping Center 265-8225 - king. THE COUNTRY STORE INC. d!EG.lfg 900:14 faalbsm, rwyomirzg WORLD WIDE TRAVEL 1st National Bank Building Box 776 265-0240 Hilltop Shopping Center 2607 E 2nd St. M Box 9370 Phone 266-4550 Charlotte Flint and Charles Kudolla 41,4 05 1627 East Second St Charles R. Kudolla Phone 234-9635 Owner MetcaIf's Hardware Debbie Talbot and Bud Stratton checks the inventory to make sure all lines are complete for you. Let our frienly staff serve you SEVEN KNIGHTS 323 South Center 1151 Cy Ave Pnlne 26552586 phone outh entel' Key! Phone 235-5493 Real Estate Homes Res 307-235-3167 Ranches 307-235-1966 Commercial COY REALTY Realtor Orval Coy 202 E 2nd P.O. Box 91 Casper, Wyoming 82601 A616352 NHX MODE-O-DAY 228 E 2nd Downtown UUM DOCTOR -53 WE SELL Sz REPAIR ALL MAKES 5955155 'iiq U VACUU MS O BAGS 0 PARTS 0 HOSES 3 - 'w f 1 7 w I 0 We Servlce What Vie Sell LQ :-- -P 0 .x,, Pictured: Nolan O'Briant with cheerleaders Lanette Kelly and Tammi Carrell, He has all types ol tapes and stereo equipment for your specific needs. ADMIRAL PHILCO SANYO TELEVISION 84 STEREO 'l'ELEYlSION K STEREO 'I'ELEYISlON K STEREO 0 Stereo Systems K Sound Equipment 0 Stereo Tapes Nolan O'Briant, Owner 0 Over 25 Years' Expvrivm-v ' Open Vtbvkclziys 9 A.M. to li ITM. Sz1turdnys9A.lNl. 105 RM. 266-1920 260 XV. lst Sl. 24 44 v 'S-'U fsmf- Qxl X' cf 4 Z 1 D . 3 0 44 5 4' qw 41 5 MARY E. BISHOP Ramon Credit 1 -, Bureau A .. clljakejjdzzfc Move ww Of Casper "Pay Your Bills Today So Your Credit Will Be Good Tomorrow" A Complete Credit Reports - Collections Real Estate Service 16 Years' Experience 829 C Y Avenue CaSP9f Phone 234-8901 Bruce K. Ward N.C.H.S. Graduate 1937 234-9195 owne' If N0 ANSWER CALL r2EALtorz" 2355277 225 S. WOLCOTT EQ: ,,, , UW 1 Nick Nickerson President "Serving all of Wyoming" Qualified Paving Contractor Specializing In: 'Roads 'Airports "No Job Too Large" Nick Nickerson - Owner NCHS cheerleaders: ll to rj Karin Christoferson, Julie Gillett, Amy Palmquist, Donna Nickerson, Kim Chadderdon, Lisa Deines and Debbie Dalton. 265-5940 600 Antler Dr. Box 2219 Casper, Wyo E' STE RN NATIONAL BANK or :Asus "Serving You Every Hour Of Every Day" v v 1 WWW' The Viking Congratulations Class Of 1979 H1 CY Ave. Wishing you the best of luck and 234-1501 happiness in your years ahead. PO. Box 2480 Casper. Wyo. Hmtop Center 3rd 8i Country Club 234-5386 xv ,ex K I O "s ll 1' Q ii, ,Ji if Salt Creek ti 4 I ,i ,P i, Freightways A f V 1 Ax' ki' . JZ i i i iiiiug li You're the winner i ff os s Cuz we're owners I X t 1 General s , f X547 Q in Cszsiiggii , f' Yggoigftone wi 13371265-QVCEO , D..l .. ny' A i Qi XR A 5 Gm iacm'LiS5YsQe75 in f x 'K' ' Oi. "i'5f5'.i.,,ic...'TL POLLY 'wiv QIL . Along with these fine oils, we also English Ave Carry Atlas Accessories and tires 237-8046 24 246 Congratulations Seniors ECHO CIL CORP. Casper, VVyoming Phone: 2i34f6995 do-Dams 450 5. Wokoff Nomts-Baskets in I p . rf' K " W e ii 1-- .,-f-' MNRTICS m FXNM , , fvli M C pl Fnx.i P SplShp envy O surmise CENTER Y S 4 OS P lr CasperWy ' c E P 13073 234-1890 X I f Q Complvtt- Lun- Of Cages Ami Trunks - Q Fish. Ferrets. Everything You Nu-rl Birds. Reptiles. For Thur Spur-1.11 Pa-t - Supnhu j Amphibnans. Hamster. Food Bvcimg Toys Etc For Th.rr Mnce. Rats. Cavies. S tml CJ: ur Taramulas "H Carbs. Saltwater X, Fxshes and Other jf X Z Oddntrcs ,N ff 'X f if C X. X 5 Tx . . r . x X X S x my, ff N xr -Y Y ir Pl YZ' "For the Intimate You" 714 Gowns 81 Robes from Petite to Tall Fashionable Day Wear Bra Sizes from A - DD ' Vassarette ' Lily of France ' Star 0 Formfit Rogers 0 Barbizon Gift Certificates GUY TWEED, CLU MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW YORK MONY Life Insurance - Mortgage Protections Plans - Savings Plans - Tax Sheltered Annuity Plans For Teachers- 232 E 2ND E 4320 So. Poplar, Sunrise Shopping Center he-4 'N MAME' SQUARE Bus PH. 234-5361 Res P1-1. 237-2691 Makers of the Worlds Best it Giansantis Pizza A . , -- 241 So. Center Phone 265-2043 rn! f' 'lf I . t Let's Get Pizzicated" , x . xi- W, All amilv SPOYTS I 0 'fo gib 8- jan tafoya Compliments of the APOTHECARY SHOP 3980 S Poplar 266-2755 1139 E 2nd 237-3746 24 N o ' ' ' h market WYOMING DIESEL SERVICE N square FUEL INJECTION i md N Q 4 I SMALL ENGINE SALES AND SERVICE L I at if 235 w. Isa - CASPEII, WYOMING Q Q CHUCK RIPPEIIGER F I PHONE 234-6688 5 , E i 3 I l , l I F SALES - SERVICE - is C lEE Clinton - Briggs 8I Stratton - Tecumseh Lawn Boy - Kohler - Wisconsin 3 1 I - All Small Engine Sales and Service ' MCCULLOCII sAws FQ " S For all of your accessory needs see Helen :Assam KEEFE'S FLOWERS "Say it with FLowers" 632 Cy Avenue Phone 237-2577 , :IJ 071353 Ui is c'i5 Hd. CASPER COMMONWEALTH THEATERS America - Rialto Debbie Schuetz Poses Beside A Well Stocked Beverley Cinema Counter At the Sunrise Merit Drug Store . V I X 1 "Dependable Prescription Service" Mm! H' ' Ierrace Dflvff Im 1710 S. Poplar Gift 'tems and Candi! Ph. 237-9393 RIVERSIDE 8a BEND OF RIVER Mobile Home Lodge 1250 N. Center Casper, Wyo. 82601 Definition of Americanism and Communism 76th Congress House Report "CAD AMERICANISM DEFINED: In the first place, Americanism is the recognition of the truth that the inherent and fundamental rights of man are derived from God and not from governments. societies, dic- tators. kings. or majorities. This basic principle of Americanism is expressed in the Declaration of Independence, where our immortal forefathers said that all men are created equal and that they are en- dowed by their Ureator with certain inalienable rights, chief among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. From this declaration and the well-established interpretation! that have been put upon it from the beginning of the Republic down to the present mement. it is clear that Americanism recognized the existence of a God and the all-important fact that the fundamental rights of man are derived from God and not from any other source. Among these inalienable rights which are the gifts of man from his Creator are: C17 Freedom of worship, C21 freedom of speech: C31 freedom of pressg C41 freedom of assemblage, C53 freedom to work in such occupation as the experience, training, and qualifications of any man may enable him to secure and hold: C6D freedom to enjoy the fruits of his work, which means the protection of property rights: C71 the right to pursue his happiness with the necessary implication that he does not harm or injure others in the pursuit of this happiness. Upon this basic principle, the whole struc- ture of the American Government was constructed. ka-nr The American Government was established to guarantee the enjoyment ofthese fundamental rights. It therefore follows that in America the Government is the servant of the people." The characteristic which distinguishes our Republic from the dictatorships of the world is not majority rule, but the treat- ment of minorities. Dictatorships muster huge majorities at the polls, through intimidation and high- powered government propaganda, but these majorities are used for ruthless tyranny over minorities. The majority rule of the American form of Government is distinguished by its recognition of certain rights of minorities which majorities cannot alienate. CBJ COMMUNISM DEFINED: Communism is a world-wide political organization advocating: CD the abolition of all forms of religion: C25 the destruction of private property and the abolition of inheritance, C31 absolute social and racial equality: C41 the revolution under the leadership of the Communist Inter- national: C55 engaging in activities in foreign countries in order to cause strikes, riots, sabotage, blood- shed. and civil war: C63 destruction of all forms of representative or democratic government, including civil liberties such as freedom of speech. of the press, and of assemblage: C73 the ultimate objective of world revolution to establish the dictatorship of the so-called proletariat into a universal union of Soviet Socialist Republics with its capital at Moscow: CBD the achievement of these ends through extreme appeals to hatred. The Communists. like the Nazis and Fascists, believe and advocate that it is the duty of government to support the people and the right of government to exact blind obedience on all matters from the people. All three of these systema seek to regiment the people under bureaucratic and paternalistic governments through a system of planned economy. In the place of individual initative ambition and effort, they seek to establish a collectivism which will transform the individual into a slave of the state. Intolerance and hatred are preached in order to gain the people's adherence to the collectivistic philosophy, and the promise of economic security is constantly dangled before their eyes to lure them into slavery. The economic security of collectivisms is the security of a prison. People are asked to sacrifice their fun- damental rights in return for the false promise that they will gain material comfort and economic securi- ty. It follows, therefore, that Communism is diametrically opposed to Amerioanism. It also follows that a scheme of philosophy of government or a teaching which embraces all or any essential part of the prin- ciples of communism is Un-American." 249 NCHS students working at Sears: ll to rl Pat Klein, Carol Prince, Angie Wilsey, Jeff Eger, Bryan Boyer, Matt Adelman, Shawna Land, Becky Brashear BRIDAL SHOPPE 3 'w', 1 'gr Sunrise Shopping Center f? 265-7050 'ty 1 10:00-5:00 iviori.-sax. i Evening by g Appointments ' Q52 Q :T 1 SEARS SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. Open Wyomings Complete Bridal Service Monday Thru Thursday and Saturday until 6:00 pm. Wedding Gowns Wedding 371065 TUX Rentals Friday Night umii 8:30 pm. Prom Dresses. 320 SO. Center phone 235-2571 And all accessories It i Q A 41 ' 0 i,t. Ji.. "' ff ' 0 VV -Q' -in Ox and Peter Zellner Owners 249 North Wolcott Phone 265-1691 CHSDGY Wyoming L-L nu? SKYLINE MOTEL Color T.V.-Queen Beds Phones 2037 CY Ave. 234-9171 RAMADA BARBERS Specializing in Today's Trends Hairstyling Unisex Open Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM For Appointment Call 235-5713 Interstate 25 8i Center FOR QUALITY VALUES SHOP THESE FINE STORES ALB ERTSON'S HILLTOP Kim Eads takes care and patience in fitting a pair of shoes for TH13 WOOGCOCK WFQLIEWF WESTRIDGE SHOE Sz 'K 'J CLOTHING INC. All types of Men's - Women's and ChiIdren's Footwear Westridge Village 237 2155 7 W Y Q S5 TA LQ DD SJ 17n1,fJ:aQ bwecffu ji: MQ, -'ef " ln " ' E Q1 T H -. .. Eff il . maui Nl',7N SIJFVI NS UOI7'f' NATE'S FLOWERS 8t GIFTS 3 Locations To Serve You Sw ff master charge YHE IIITIRIA "East o Nates Westridge Florist Nates Gifts Nates Flower Mart Nates Hilltop Florist r West - We Serve Yo u Best 252 CLINICAL ARTS PHARMACY Professional Service Phone For Emergency Service Call Located In The Casper Clinic : 1 1- r,,, ,,,-,,W, ,, , Amman DELIVERY SERVICE 235-5750 265-3970 t D PANCAKE HOUSE 1 V S RESTAURANT ' " No smoking section available! 325 S. Durbin Open everyday 6:00 A.M. - 9:30 P.M. if 375 srANoARD .A CIY ,- Obi ' ' A ii' f 1' . ' "gf 4 w w' 4 M f. " - . Q ' " S f v3iu:rfff"f5l It' 'I 4 . 1 'wr ' " -fr: ' n 3 fpgffiifeififlli PauI's Standard Service Congratulations Seniors 2155 Cv Ave Phone 234 1402 Julie Draper has found an outfit suited to her taste Car-Home S - Health-Life SYA I RM "Like a good neighbor State Farm is there." Agents Gene Goodrich 604 S. Wolcott Howard S. Hein 1728 E. 2nd Max Jones 2327 E. 12th Lee Lorimer 866 Cy AV Leonard D. Marshall CY 81 13th Edward L. McCarthy 132 N. Kimball Gene Monterastelli 770 Collins WNDQID DSS FOR MEN 'THE KNOT HOLE Stas's Branding Iron Inn Stas Loutas Downtown Casper BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1979 enaenc X B DI SHOES "If The Shoe Doesrft Fit We Won't Let You Buy It" David Heady has a wide selection of shoes to show you at Bondi Shoes. and HILLTGP iff Il as 2 Ll-'Gm 5. 3 Y 111 INN ' . 2 tkyi ' I Yvonne Neubauer watches Richard Shutts make a Your Culligan Man final adjustment before adding another beautiful A man who Cares! banquet to their display rack. 225 N, Wolcott A-BO-KAY 234-3553 COTTAGE "Flowers for all occasions" 220 E. Midwest Ave. 265-9519 Where Casper Happens CASPER mn PARTS NC CASPER RADIO QU KJ limi Your Single Source 234-3511 C2 Q Hn Automotive Store CASS?-Z """o BEASLEY'S BIG A KVOC AUTO PARTS Today's Country Casper, WY 82601 ls Everywhere 120 West Collins 256 HEIZER REALTY so 1480 S. Popular Casper, Wyo. 234-9393 BRANCH OFFICES: U STORY, WYOMING 82842 P. 0. BOX 63 307-683-2283 U RIVERTON, WYOMING 82501 520 EAST MAIN 307-856-651 U CHEYENNE, WYOMING 82ml 2114 PIONEER AVENUE 307-634-8875 Cl DUBOIS, WYOMING 82513 P. O. BOX 825- RAMSHORN INN 307-455-2616 Q Auto Table Top Mirrors Plexiglass Q C, Tub QQ' 59 Valspar Shower Paints Enclosures 14 CZ Q e g g-D QQEQQQQQ Happiness To '79, '80, '81 Mustangs Lee's Glass And Paint "Give Us A Break" Casper 229 W, 1st 235-1595 Lee 81 Rip Sontoni , -I 531 . ffvfl 715513 Elnff, 'fl Q 'T' J 1 N,-J 1 1 W C 1'-A1 K N xf--11 f .... J Key Line Homes Carl E. Jenkins Bayard D. Rea GOLDEN KEY CONSTRUCTION CO. H, Scott Key 403 south em Geologists Ph 934-7212 265-6135 C , ' one L or asper Wyomlng 139 W. 2nd Street Phone: Area 307 Casper, Wyoming 82601 234-4363 7 2 Casper's Newest Specialty Store Featuring Quality Apparel And Accessories for both Men and Women oo 0+ is of +0 09 O0 64 00 Q6 0+ ' oo 65 646999 65 QQ Q, 66 Q9 9' 96 09 04 69 oo Q4 t0 44 'Q A 6 4 V 00 For Men 81 Women Sunrise Shopping Center Epi-1CDE O Downtown Q Casper 102 South McKinley St. Phone C3071 234 2809 Po. Box 313 A Night C3071 237 8984 V, ,E I V' Mbkwiw 3 i mf! 332 fmt' NCHS Cheerleader Lori Romero poses under the famed Drilling Bits for which Anderson Bit Service is known. DER 0 Mg SEISMOGEQPH 3 51 513 V105 Casper, yoming 0 Babies Q Portraits Q Weddings o Commercial Where Its Not Just A Picture But A Personality B 81 B STUDIOS 1527 E. 2nd St Bus 234-2881 Casper Wy 82601 Res 235-6036 259 0 . 04? 7 - X Congratulations I 7 Seniors from 12111111 THE LINOLEUM 81 CARPET STUDIO INC. MASEK AUTO Karastan and Mohawk Carpet SUPPLY Armstrong Linoleum Over 27 Years in Casper 235 S. David 235-1574 Casper, Wyo. Casper, Wyoming 200 Forest Drive Phone 234-4959 WILSON O RAYS TAXIDERMY STUDIO CALCULATOR U SERVICE '-oFFiciAi. sconen Fon BOONE at cRocKE'r CLUB" I ., 1 ,fs N o cusrom 0 BIRDS Ng V .1 TANNING ., A ti yy . H , n Q lf.,-N . NOVEI-TIES The Calculator Company EADS hv ifx Texas Instrument . R-35" 05 1 RUGS o FISH X . , f .1 -y"fff'23. P - sfifqg 9 Hewlett Packard Casio .-'-'V - ., ' r CNW 1 we ' -' Q Bu P NE . 20' WEST - .1 . ,fr 284 9759 Cas er, W omm 82601 w E t.,. I Y g YELLO STON ' I , af-,,,,gf4u.,.5, R. RE P NE P.O. Box 1704 cAsPER, wvoums ""' 1" 11' ' "' "' 234 6893 154 South Elk Ph. 7? 235-3373 FEM ININE FASlll0NS "Exclusive But Not Expensive" 227 East First 235-6091 Mrs. George Porter Theresa Walker shows us just one of the fine selections at Porters 307 235 3388 LKER DR LLI G ll . CASPERQ WY Q Combination Water 81 Air Drilling o Mineral Exploration o Waterwell Drilling Q Diamond Coring 20 years experience 2900 Ph r D 235-3388 C p Wy Q 82601 2 ' l ESTERM2 EQUIPMENT COMPANY TRUCKS Hardy V- Ratcliff Phone C3073 265-2810 President 3100 East Yellowstone WBOATRIGHT - SMITH Building With Casper "The Sign of Good Service" "We Pave The Way" Ph. 237-9333 P.O. Box 1129 Casper, Wyoming Branch Office in Gillette gciioiiimum page mpaw. 1331 South Durbin 3 Phone 234-1681 Photographs With a Reputation! 7960? ' ilffknfbh- W ' 6- ,fiflflm P7 " it gf? 2 C G C ', Q jw . 1 S' ' 'i ' C ce frmeo owmlir 5911 isgiaifiwszoairs5,U2zzQ:'W1':33::1:Lf' Tvyll!-L Wig something for you." 1 Q 6 WoLFoRDS SHOES ' F I 1 A 177 East 2nd St. Casper, Wyo. 770 C-ff HUG. Liquidation Insurance Agency Over 50 Year's Experience 'tLet Us Liquidate Your Worries" Max Ortiz Jr. W h John Benardis General Insurance me """ Fire - Auto - Casualty - Bonds Life - Insurance 235-5703 630 E. 1 Casper, Wyo. COCA-COLA OF CASPER 'Things Go Better With Coke' ' P, O. Box 875 637 West Yellowstone Casper, Wyoming 82601 BOTTLING CO. NOLAND FEED INC. Tom's Mobile Home Accessories - FIV Repair - Homes moved - Heating and Cooling Specialists - Teardowns and Set ups Purina Chows 900 North Center Cattle Feeds Full Line of Salt - Fertilizer Grain - Hay - Straw - Seed Dog 85 Cat Foods Everything for the Horseman "A Complete Feed Store" 268 Industrial Ave, 237-8926 234-1723 26 64 PEPSI-COLA - E SEVEN-UP PE PSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. Box 2240 Wyoming's largest soft drink distributors and only canning plant MOBILE CONCRETE COMPANY PHONE 237-9544 CASPER, WYOIVIIN G QUOUBIIIEJE XCONCPETE fl PLAZA OPTICAL o Contact Lenses Polished while you wait by appointment Q Prescriptions Accurately Filled a Large Selection Sunglasses, Tints, and Gradients ANN EVANOFF - Optician 237-3980 Convenient Parking 21231!2 E. 12 Beverly Plaza Shopping Center BUILDING Member Wyoming Bancorporation Ill-R rmx Eli? -AMIIICNS incur ux srlvlczl Visit Our Kitchen and Bath Planning Center We're the kitchen and bath planning experts. And we'd like to help plan your modernization proiect. A modern, efliclent kitchen or bath needs more than new appliances or new plumbing. It also needs handsome, lunctronal cabinets, with easy-operating drawers, movable shelves, convenient compartments, and much, much more' To help launch your remodeling project, visit our showrooms and see our selection olbeautitul, sturdy NKCA-certilued cabinets 1 iliE'lul3l5lgI++ 43 1 Q A 3 ,ear , , i ,,,t rrr. i i il . V , ci 'YI Qfeitii' 2 Offices Locally to Serve You 1444 E 2nd ...... .... 2 37-3304 QUPPLY Number 2 Office "" "" 2 37-3483 Serving Wyomings Construction Industry Bob Ingram 2104 Fairgrounds Rd. President Casper, Wyoming 265-7935 2 Marvin Parrish Jim Gwin Jeanne Beebout Betty McCants Chris Warner PARRISH AGENCY Specializing in all lines of Insurance Bond - Commercial Package - Personal Lines Auto and Life Located in the Parrish Plaza 600 E. First Downtown Casper Don Hayes Nancy Paycratz Jeannie McShaw Nancy Macy Bob Snyder f N'L9.. x:f BRGCK GCCD LUCK fawWTE SENICRS WINNEFVS CIRCLE INTERMOUNTAIN AWARDS 81 N I G N A L Tropljeilialjoxnmrfg' Shirts S C H G G L Silverwareo En ravin Let'tering no Monosrammgng U DI O S , I N C , Westrudge Vnllage - 1040 CY Ave 234-4173 234-0646 The Wyoming National ank 'X 'U rw?-sauna 5 57?!!!!35!3 Member F.D.l.C. Located at the Time-Temperature Corner "Wyoming's Partner in Progress" Casper, Wyoming 268 DLIVIAN ASPE Fl sms if QQ CULMAN EQUIPMENT CCJ. TRANSPORTATION SPECIALISTS I-FOSTER ROAD-WYOMING INDUSTRIAL PARK -rELEpHDNE 357 234-3509 CASPER, WYOMING B25D2 P.C1. BOX 213 23 gifs. ' -, f i g 4 QWMWW X TK 3 1011-f' . 3 " New A 'H Q K ff W Y 3 ki .,- , ! ' X li G f ir K :L-nl ., Y!-I. I, ' - I HN A H, iJffYf1K"l -"1'x . I ' V," A Aj' g- nf' 42, I I A A 'L-A I -' fe ' A -'iv A 7,1 aan . rf. F4 it-7 rw, f G JA f AEN I fff, 9 A V, . , J . .Q T-1 Q . Nr f 5, f fa, kv A - Q T ' rw :si . f r :Z ' J X .52Tf2.E'i5i'?f-ga'-:ff'f'ig??:iff-v::f'fffff'r.?If',. 'A' X' ' 'T o h Q R3 .A ' z., " 522-Wiki.-jr' "" X- . K -P V 131 M g R2 V ,,,,. v,.. 0 Bumpers o Grill Guards 0 Mirrors o Auxilliary Lights o Tool Boxes H if itch Balls Cab Guards Tailgate Guards Winches Running Boards Snow Plows Gas Tanks Hubs Tow Chains Brush Guards Tow Hitches g ggugs W ,-i , ,xg g WMM iuzie: M Featuring such Nat'I Brands as Stanley, American Drew, Riverside, Selig, Hooker, King Koil, Action by Lane, and many more. decauceweccneu. 1230 EAST YELLOWSTONE. CASPER. PHONE 235-6655 OPEN MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 8:30 TO 5'3O hgme fgrngrfnngg Q Delivery at no extra charge o Decorating Service Q Financing Available weifridge CARPETS 81 LINOLEUM PROFESSIUNAL INTERIDR DESIGNERS CARPETS - LINOLEUM - TILE WALLPAPERS 84 WOVEN WOOD SHADES "ms numozv CARPET sroRE" ExPfkr1NsrAuA non - FREE HOME ss TIMA rss CARPETS ALL MAJOR BRANDS 265-54 1 9 WE STRIDGE VILLAGE 2 270 ,.r', 5 1 1 K1 . 2 .451 iff? J -1 . f GA L L E Y REALTY Robert A. "Bob" Galley Realtor - Broker MIM!!! OF MUIUPLE USYING IXCMANGI 1 . 1707 Boxelder Ave. Casper, Wyoming 82601 Phone 235-5789 - . . 74 Residential Business Commercial Property Management Farm And Ranch Schuetz, CIU Land Sales And Development General Agent Southland Life 1445 South Poplar Insurance Company Casper, Wyoming 82601 Dallas Dallas Bus. 234-6287 Res. 235-5343 Congratulations Seniors SAVINGS Q Ll' fx "Q CAPI I OL t i Q or wyoylok of Wyoming Q EAST CASPER WEST CASPER 1738 SO. POPLAR 2121 E. 2nd 265-1240 266-5840 WYOMlNG'S MOST PROGRESSIVE SAVINGS AND LOAN - Casper, Cheyenne, Evanston, Laramie, Rawlins, Riverton, Rock Springs, Sheridan, Worland fn, . .The 1 if jr 23 be-a .3 my 'I . is , x E E N A nz 1 " .. Robert Taubert I Z Salesman - L.T.R.O. Boot . V5 Department 70 70 A Lf, tie ft on f ANC:-1 60111 rf 1 0 f, . , ff Anniversary ' A Q. 1919-1979 r- , qi . 5,9 ,Af "wp f '29 UTFITTERS ' ' if it has been our privilege to serve the V ' 'Ez . Wyoming pioneer, rancher. cowboy ff.: and homesteader for over half a cen- 'K W You are always welcome at tury. Lou Taubert's . . . M afzfml 0 7amacc4 2141414 W my One Of The Nations Leading Western Stores TERAND' . NAMES Featuring the finest Name Brand Merchandise in the Nation. We're proud to be your headquarters for the brands you know and trust. A brand is a maker's reputation. Don't take a chance--buy a brand name . . . This is your assurance of confidence , . . Satisfaction. 125 - 29 East Second . . . Downtown Casper . . . Established Ft. Laramie, Wyo. 1919 I 4 m....... 51,,...... Bon Brooks ls Showing Some Fine Stereo Equipment 523 South Center Casper, Wyo. 82601 Magnavox Amana Maytag Frigidaire MGA Panasonic MOUNTAIN SPORTS Complete lines of Tennis - Skiing - Backpacking Swimwear - Skate Boards - Rollerskating J O Downtown-Center and 5th REMEMBER Good old school days and your biggest entertainment bargain will always be CABLE T V join the hapy life COMMUNITY TELEVISION 451 S. Durbin 265-3130 ! A553541 ... :'?5??JF."f'75. - 4... "2'ZS, 51525-:3IgI"Z'I'2.g"Ig2!gl'14' 5 :-:- .sd -' I . I If EH EII lk ' -Nr-si -0 55,5 ass: 5- '12-":.N.11is .Af Jus .ij-rj.'.'b5! -'- :ww E4 5,-,' ',-.3 WOOD FENCES CHAIN LINK RESIDENTIAL 0 INDUSTRIAL EXPERIENCED TECHNICIANS MATERIALS SOLD FOR DO-IT-YOURSELFERS WE GO ANYWHERE IN 7 STATE AREA Wyoming 0 Montana 0 No. gl So. Dakota Nebraska 0 Iowa 8L Minnesota 3100 E. 10th St. Call Day or Evening 1500 E. Yellowstone Hwy. SIOUX FALLS, S. DAKOTA 265-1130 CASPER WYOMING 605 336-7886 2 Locations 265-1130 3 ariety Qoe Cnezam Q Qlmnloet 49 Sweet Cream Ice Cream Flavors Real Cream Sherbert 10 flavors For Your Parties Two layer ice cream birthday cakes and many other molds to choose from 342 East A Street o Casper, Wyoming 82601 Phone 237 7351 You snounnnir ni-wi-: 'ro s'mun in Lim: in Mmu'rl:s 'ro suv mon You cnu EAT IN I. 1 fo fog? filifff-S l ff as st Wi 16 S ol:R'Ei!.' 6 , of lSfL,?'1rKDf2"Wt.i S6! , 4 M? if ffj 6 flllllly fl, ,jj i lilll ll lalll'9 MQ 2 LOWER 8t CO., INC. Dennis H. Lower - President General Contractors C ' I l d ' I ommercia n ustria Construction Management Phone 266-4600 935 Pendall Ave Mills, Wyoming The annual staff says "Thank you Cheerleaders for selling ads for them." , l Autographs W, WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., l'.S.A

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