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,, ,, .,i, 1 S 'lik X ' il f 4' Q 5 + 1 if 3? W . 4, ' , X ' ' 5 QMS ' f we , i!' :.4f t 2 QF U Q ' V ' A Kggghgr ' f in 4 rw f 1 li gi, fn., , 1 , , K-V. 1 . , ug, - fr? f-5355 : , ' ' 5, 5 Ifigzf 4:11 1 f 145 -f , QU' , - f' 1 'ff 1 2T?if"xM'5f,,' ' a Q f Q - gi 1 ' 1, ' A g ' V , 1 xiii ' Q 'fl 355 -122: We-Y " - if- V 1' "Wei 2, 1,-44: V-QQ, --Y ,. V figvfiiiff' " x N F f K , , 552' 23221 -filiff af ' V' H ' ' ' H ' V Y ' 'V if f is gag 1 "F sl 1' ' I ffl?" T15 ' 'f'77?' 'f"" H-W ,.: 3 1 i M L 3' i ww- fin? Q. " 1" f 1. E 9 N' , 4 iv K 4 nf L, I 3 it Q Hawk we - . , l 2 s , I 9 , . - 1 lg I P. 3... -Q 3 c pl Q . .. J 3 K X M I A ,-,,hap5zk:e.:g-.., N- -,wp X ..-Wei, iihwsh' WALL! :iii X 1 , , Q' V 0 SQA, Q ,T ly ts' Q. V M QE 0 ,,. LEW' W' E ,sum - A - R .sa 1. w HwVVp2'n 1 ig N ' y , W Q' .4 5' 1 F Aw ,xv 2 .fn Y ,m is . anti. . A X. , . x V , ia 5 is .. yu e' V :--- '- ' 1 ' Qffflmgzf, , Y. f - '- ' K rf. 'T'- ,, ' ,., QA-',f 12 1,4 'f --"Z , Y 15,1 -:gli . ' I V Y' .. ' K, i .. 5 fi: - ' ll A ' 5 if ggi 1 .. X2 I 521 3 f x A f , MV- My 1, ,Q V, f ' ' sf K ' -: ' 'f:w" M fn J yf . ' ' 5 fi M Q' Fzslmx' ff" 34-I i Y , , " M !W:":'7Y"- 'AM ' f H W ' - Q fi? M ' ' - gS':i'Q : f if av, iw H Q - - , f ,, L ' . ' 1?'?w,, , H, 1 ' XL' gl' x 'il,L1-13454, 'LL K ii F , A 3' . W N ' X ' Q ..Q",iw:m. M, 1 1 b,iQ.,N ,Vw , L 2 :WVMA . 1 , ' X XQJLQM ww LJ A WW M' ,sg -'wx QJV' My . W-ffj QM , X Maw 5 QJLWJ5' cw M9 Gp 'if--0 xg m- hi H' ' ' - Q . K XX .CA J'- Q if X 3'?x7J:Jff Q2 ff 'if' fl. QQ? 5 ,QT o SV., Pi. 2 W?',,44'fQ5 of fp us ang 'CVD Q gf'-Nj Q ff J' Y 5 Q75 PFW fo -ivif' W fiivaffona County High School Casper, Wyom1'ng Volume XLI 1978 1Tp.:'ff'1g1t is M me .. new-pus N - A L L A , ,.,A e el. 'ii 'X g sstt e A ssss e M t ss 'ig H: .i,.: it A .. 'V' H KW Q "" O Q3 ., ,. V i VLL LI?i N i i A iw W L . CONTENTS Faculty ......... ........ 4 Activities ...... ...... 3 0 Athletics ....... ...... 8 6 Classes ................. .... 1 18 Faculty Index ........ .... 2 00 Senior Index ....... .... 2 01 Advertisers ...... .... 2 04 A 5 . ff . 25 A ' ' 1 'f- .ami M . ? M NL Y fda- p,fx1,.t . .. Wiidw tie ' .,-rv Q . - .2 --'DFI-,1 4: 'K Q. .. -+ Ml'-Q " . Y , .N .W W 6. N, .gf 35 0...+'-" uw. 'Rf' E X my r X Xa f he 'ig 5 'Sim Q K 3 .- uf Q :X 'Q Facult f 1 ' 1 J ' , 1 , ifff If L 1 . f' , Z'i, ,,. ,,..gff"N ' 5 2 A: .ff ! f . ff 1 ki X xk V' f 1' X Dr. Gerald Ross Dr. Stan Wheatly Mr. Harold Whitefoot Ass't Supt. of Asslt Supt. of Ass't Supt. of Business Instruction Personnel Mr. James Huge Superintendent of Schools Standing: QL to RJ Bob Jourgenson, Dennis Doherty, Ben Roe, Dr. Charles Wood, Chairman: Thad Walker, Dr. John Corbett. Seated: Rejane Burton, JoAnn Christianson, and Mary Ellen Hendry. Kamish, ew Heed At CH WSH!! :Gi ,- .J--""' ---""""""' f"""'!.4 Mr. Loren Kamish became the new principal at NCHS in the fall of 1977. Shown at his desk, Mr. Kamish seems to be enjoying the school's news magazine. BELOW: Sharing some athletic stories, Mr. Kamish visits with Carroll Hardy of the Denver Broncos. Homecoming Cupper centerl With her great magestic features NCHS towers over the many activities of Natorna County High School. iaboveb The Junior class kick their way to first place in the class float contest, by doing the CAN-CAN. irightl The NCHS Royalty Court for Homecom- ing are CL to RJ Max Gutz, Jill Parker, Don Akers, Karen Sanford, Davis Simonton, Chrisa Michaels, Paul Ellbogen, Sue Sloan. fsettedl King Robin Johnson, and Queen Kim Estes. 'if Pi i . '-543, 1 I ,,, i . 3 if 16,2 , , A 'i1e'f'f gait H , . f ' 159' 'S gf' S In If 1 fi is x i A . if V. i i' fa 'db 198 its 'fin lupper right! Pam Arthun escorts Robin Johnson, Homecoming King, down royalty lane, as the NCI-IS ROTC forms a salute to them. The crowd cheers in delight to help to support the decision. fleftj To open the Homecoming parade the Jr. ROTC brings out the many different uniforms and colors of our nation. Administrators Strive For Good Conduct If Robert Bush James Buchanan Mary Ann Drew Vice-Principal Vice-Principal Girl's Counselor .,-f , ., if Our new Vice-Principal, Mr, Buchanan, is shown helping Cleo Cooper with a problem. Cozlznselors Always Have Suggestions. Ben Amend Allen Barkley John Bidwell Dave Jerde 5' Q . 23,15 Patrick Freiberg Nix Department Chairman Mr. Freiberg draws the applause from the crowd as he competes in the Mr Mustang contest. English Curriculum Varied M, in if Z, V, 90, 1 6, ,Jr Tom Ring Department Chairman ' r xr " 1 4. If sei, Tr' Bennie Baker Catherine Clark Anne Houser Judy Izzeralli George Kuntzman Asenath MacCarter Joan Pierce Sara Poyner 1 riii C , L43 5 ,C S i, xx Ken Reed K 1 C Elizabeth Rinaldi, if ,S j C C Patrick Swanton L ii XX William Thomson J aiari . i 'fii AIX ' 1 5" we u W iw. , , .XX ir.. xv Q ,.., Q. 1 p V AM -- qi nary. M, . .mi Q 1 f -1- K fir, 1 X rw 71 , P 'F' s Q i 'Sli Q X , i 4 .:., l 5 ' - f A-fx W I I ' o i' 'X Q x l 7? x ff 1 Shirley Wangelin Alice Weaver Tom Weidner John Welsh Marguerite Welsh l""' My Terry Wood 'Qi' el .ad Mrs. Clark peeks around the corner to see who is at her door. ,f,,grg,g .. Nf.:,-fl-:?iSKsa3'Wf?i!ST2 Q , ml O1'611gH Languages Key To Comm umca 151011 Alberta Giraldo Margaret Minear Jane Nicholson Tollefson Ann Mrs. Giraldo's Spanish class takes time to pose for a class picture. ROTC' Teaches M1'11'tary Obedience lst Sgt. Martin Clever Major Jimmie Frazier Cadets proudly received awards at the annual Military Ball K Social Studies Revises Curriculum Pual Genetti Department Chairman 53 M Pat Bisiar Edward Brennon Dan Bush Brandt Crocker Mr. G. Quinlan scores a victory in our Mr. Mustang contest 'Ti fs 5 ' 41531 fs . mf? Q V John Hitt John Miller Gerald Quinlan Barbara Dobes Ron Estes Vi Harnmit Frances Harris Coach Estes stares intently as he receives the results ofa close wrestling match. Science Is Constantly Seeking Answers X is FN sir QNX X rs lf x 2 N .kr qw K . x wx' . Y 555 A f v s ,xx Us ' I' . Qbsnsfvf QGESJNQAX gm ,r f 'ni L s Qrgvsfe.-six wx' Q keg YYVW r ij CQUWKSLI CK Q creek QB Q V l ' Y LIMXX- dx,-LBDNXJ N ,XJ ,vbigmxds , ,gr JALNNQN X syw' X K U Leo.Rizzi C- glxqjgr Lubjkb Gt7f1 Department Chalrman Gerald Bays Ronald Brannon gms Mr. Brooks reluctantly cleans up after one of his experiments. X' 18 2 L5 ln.:-x11Q' 'NI .ff Asa Brooks H21 Lffghfy Asa Brooks James Husky Bruce Snyder Hal Loghry Frank Stofflet Bruce Snyder Mary Walsh Math PT3Ct1'C9S Modern Concepts Don Weishaar Department Chairman Qi? . A-w-1. Q - t t 5 if '55-'R .km A rv. 13 4 Q M' ' Mr. Dalton explains a difficult math problem to one of his students. Henry Cundy Gerald Dalton Charlotte Gilbert Bill Hileman Keith Roberts Dean Weber 1 Auto Mechanics Popular Coed Course . Qi K png , as 'T Robert Bennion Thomas Berg Walter Hein E Gilbert Blondin Department Chairman 3 Brian Kopsa Andy MacCarter finds something interest- ing to watch as new principal, Mr. Kamish and wood shop instructor Mr. Riefke stand beside her. Anker Larsen Jack Longnecker Thomas McAtee in-...v-' 'K Don O'Dell Norman Parrish Henry Reifke Richard Rice William Tobin Robert Ward Mr. Blondin, Department Chairman of Practical Arts, talks with Allen Townsend, head custodian at NCHS at one of several assemblies held in the gym. Varied ACf1.Vft1'6S.' Aim Of Fine Arts .5-.-f George Trimble Department Chairman X Caryl Alexander 5 4 V' Q. Paul Fox 5 Wayne Mclntire K Mr. Alexander proudly directs our stage band at an assembly. mx if 4 Good portsmanslup Is Taught In P E B E S' L Qin K, l if 5 , , Art Hill D..- i ,A Department Chairman Robert Iserman Charelene Phillips Mrs. Phillips took a rare double defeat with this picture. She dared our photographer to take it and lost the second time when we printed it. W1 Jim Beman Deanna D'Ahhraccio Dennis Gladwin Home E0 Uffers A Diversity Of Courses ' Susan Stinnette carefully reads the directions on her patterns before she makes that final cut on her material. Kathryn Cantril Bunny Hall Cathy Starrs Wanda Walters Department Chairman 3 ,. 4. Q15- "ru-Mlx 'fu 3' M, I ,. Kathryn Teat Linda Wham DECA Engages In Business And Management Elton Fusselman l f Department Chairman -5 f l Lynn Bell Richard Dunn Scott Novotny Mr. Novotny gets through that 8th period on Friday with some final instructions about homework due Monday. 'CTN ma msd i tg.-,-, va -- 1 K1 xg iwigx , K . 1. 2: . M, - Q , ,s,9 ,t,k - A A '- a-by . Q rff' ' wa '- - tw -. :I , .nge-13:53 .LL xg K L xx- ian.. Via Jeb TI31.H1'Hg Is Goal Of Business Ed Department Department Chairman if it-47 'v-H42 Keith Ames ' . an In Y 31 1, I t f 4 gi ff s s Bonnie Alexander r ' ' ii 5, Bruce Anderson "ii" ' M Grant Boyles Af .sA 'r't--- AQVV i Mildred Brehm - I I 1r Michele Dudley Frances Franklin Pauline Fusselman Mr. Ames smiles as he sits in the back ofthe room watching his students take a test. l Nancy Ingrum Betty Jo Ratcliffe Supportive Forces Anxious For ew Area 5.725 K' RJXM ggi? 5 f i Top Left:lL to Rl: Bottom Row: Frank Johnston and Thelda Reamer. Top Right: CL to RJ: Fred Walport, Ken Gustofson, and Wes Smith. Bottom Row: Jackie Wright, Anna Belle Criss, and Lee Smith. Bottom: Front Row: Marie Murphy, Linda Russell, Maxine Dudley, Alma Jackman, Arvilla Bush, and Dorothy Smith. Allen Townsend, Lee Grimes, and Bob Harris. "s....,f ,, N 'H V fi Steinfeld, Jeanette Fancher. Top Row: Beulah Kaper, Clarice Dill, Gloria Of1i'ee Personnel Have Busy Schedules .ew EM 1 43 rf fr .ah X 0 r Claudia Bottom if ' Linda Clever 'V Elaine Johnson Nurse -1-A Y 37 '51 ' 'E Gloria Corrigan . Dianna Ebert . e Beverly Estes E iq' ' Joan Fitzgerald . I f Jean Henshaw X Rose Holt A ' Shirley Mundorf 3. 5' e .- Mrs. Corrigan, attendance clerk at "i NCHS, is shown doing her thing. P3 'l Q K ' fd as X it ssir Lois Wait Phyllis White L1'brar1'anS Willing To Help Students ,,... Lawana Carley Head Librarian i ,, s ' f "f-1 if' e , e ise l rnel lsis , 'fp , t t J a it W i --" 3Qf I " t N. Exe, k..: , . Q- 1 i r is-. F , X h h ji S f r A ' l 1 . s resl xr me ii N, Mmm f ti Florence Axford Linda Baker Shirley Olson Royx Robinson Those present and receiving All-State honors at the annual HC' Club banquet included from left Joe Wingerter, Jeff Compton, Karen Sanford, Dean Mahaffy, dual winner in 2 sports is Paul Ellbogen and Brian DeVault. 1v,,,4f-1 4-ui 2 z 30 I' ,.. .s ' ly 'FA -,AAA:- V I N ' Nl. URS, X1 N-Q 5 Q w N HW ig A Q ' Luervxkcx YQ, G85 LX MQ gmgmx fm Cyndi XBCXO-QBQ, LX-PNQ S KJXQ . .Q ' 1. : a f . 'W-X, I WN 5 QBOQMQS-9 1. .. glam TLA A Cf1.V1.t1.6S '31 Chrisa Michaels and David Simqnton first attendants Sue Sloan and Paul Ellbogen third attendant i tttn fy, , Karen Sanford an Don Akers second attendant in ,gift Jill Parker an Max Gutz fourth attendent i"'w. 4 1 vnu- ABOVE: ll to rl Janet Brown, Gayla Peterman, Peggy Hanson, Ronda McDon4 ald, Shonda Castleberry, and Todd Thompson are obviously enthusiastic about the homecoming events, as they enjoy their ride on the sophomore float. RIGHT: Kim Estes, newly elected Homecoming queen was escorted by Robin Johnson, during the Homecoming parade. Homecoming Spirit Ran High A CHS Q-4" ' ag X Q Q sf qc Q sf I News ABOVE: The NCHS ROTC color guard presents the colors to open up our Homecoming parade with high spirit. LEFT: The NCHS Flagline with Mary LeClere, Susan Stinnette, Sue Barella, Danette Bartruff, and Laurie Trujillo display their Homecoming spirit by marching with pride during the parade. Right: A smiling Mari Whitefoot receives an award from Bob Tobin in Forensics as Julie McCarthy assists in the presen- tation. Below: fleftj Principals Trophy winner Linda McCrack- en with escort Daniel Brown patiently wait their turn to be served at the UC" Club banquet. Right: fbelowl Rhonda Nicker- son was an ahle assistant to Mrs. Corrigan in helping with atten- dance records. ei 'UNH f L f M , ff' m..m,5, M fxgcgv f ,Epi r ' ' ' j,,,4'sr"'N vflfiih ,ju-"' , fr y lit. r '-:L ,Ea v Far left: Pam Arthun and date David Schnoor eagerly await the announcement ofthe 1978 Prom Queen. Left: Allison Andrew gingerly avoids the chaos created by the construc- tion of the new cafeteria and girl's gym. Below: Nick Mas- carenas seems to be getting a kick out of the antics put on by Sheri Dyck during pre- homecoming activities as Kristin Bundy tries despera- tely to concentrate on her studies. Tobin Gets Outstanding Athlete 'if The annual Sadie Hawkins Dance, also known as Football Ball, was held at the Ramada Inn. The girl-ask-guys event was sponsored by Girls' League Council. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of an autographed football to an outstanding athlete. This year's recipient was Steve Tobin. Clockwise, pictured Brad Hayden enjoying the music. The theme of Football Ball is the picture below. TOP right: Kim Estes is shown presenting the football to Steve Tobin. is x. if , Zi ki is if - J : vga, -, - , 4, X . r OX Q ' .1 xx, 'w M, i l f 1. 'Y t-f .f 1, .,.Mw---"""" ' Q 'offs w. A V , Wafgmggg, 2 it ,W P 7,3 nag? 1 slit i V I V Boys And Girls State Winners Top pictureg BOYS STATE STANDING, LtoR, Don Akers, John Schickish SITTING: Doug Cole, Steve Bogrett Not showng Bob Chapin Bottom pictureg LtoR, Chris Dunston, Debbi Hand, Betty Bragg, Lori Works Not showng Carla Cardinal, Jill Parker 1 in I Yi .f Mai' , I .' 51st Follies: BO3Td1'Dg' House Blues The 51st annual Junior Follies, opened its doors on Nov 17, 18 and 19th. Directed by Mr. John F. Welsh, HBOARDING HOUSE BLUES" featured 14 production numbers climaxed by the traditional parade of "Show Girls", in the finale. Mr. Welsh put in many hours in making the 51st Follies a success. From the results of the audience his efforts were well worthwhile. TOP: QL to rl Mary Swanson, Dawn Hawley, Julie Eddy, Tina Wiford, Kirk Lorimer, Bob Johnson, Tony Beaverson, Dave Bowen are shown performing in one of the main dance numbers. ABOVE: Debbie Boettcher and Dianna Reynolds appeared in the "Wooden Shoe" Number. NXT! X ,mm TOP tl. to rl Main Dancers, Kris Thomas, Dawn Hawley, Dehhie Widiker, Vindy Parrish, Don Stoner. Bob Chapin, Greg Hill, Jim Ery, displayed a great deal of talent to delight the sell-out audience. ABOVE RIGHT: Iiecia Wood and -left' Haass presented one ofthe highlight dances in the 51st Annual Follies. ABOVE LEFT: Beth Kumpe, Steve Singleton, Carol Nemetz and Rick Means in one ot' the main waltz numbers which was a real crowd pleaser. ' .a Cheerleaders Add Zest To CH 1 t W Q- 'ywnr' I X 1 ,I if ' ,. Y. ,lf H' if 5 'fly' dedded , If TOP: Back Row tl to rl Mary Swanson, Tina Wilford, Denise Millerg Center Row Julie Eddy, l.anette Kelly, Kelly Proppg Front Row Karric Key, Deanna Reynolds, l,isa Lang. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kelly Propp and Denise Miller, the captains of the Fall Sports cheerleaders. BOTTOM LEFT: The outstanding cheerleaders of the year, Erin Hanson and Karen Sanford. The fall cheerleaders led by Denise Miller participated in three fall sports assemblies utilizing skills and skits learned at the Rocky Mountain Spirit Camp for cheerleaders held in Denver, June 24-26. The Spirit Stick which the girls received for outstanding performance at the conference has been placed in the NCHS trophy case. 13,1 .3 s-+P' 'T 7 , , f . .,,...mIs 4 The Winter Cheerleaders headed by Lori Romero were complimented by NCHS supporters for outstanding performances at both Regional and State tournaments which ended a busy season covering the many winter sports contests. These twelve girls also sold advertising for the State Basketball Tournament programs as an additional fund raising project. TOP: Back Row tl to rl Chris Dunston, Chrisa Michaels, Karen Sanford, Sue Sloan. Lisa Carpenter, Lori Romero, Erin Hanson, Center Row Debbie Bonerlleorgie Arellano, Sheila Murphy, Front Row Diane Reed, Debbie Dalton. LEFT: The Winter Sports captains, Lori Romero and Karen Sanford. The year 1977-1978 was one of change for cheerleading. For the first time in recent years, sophomores were eligible for varsity cheering and the cheerleaders were divided into two groups. Nine girls were designated as fall sports cheerleaders and twelve others covered the winter sports activities. In addition to leading cheers at all home events and attending most out-of-town games, the twenty-one cheerleaders collected aluminum cans, sponsored a snack bar for the Forensics novice tournament, and sold Mustang Men badges and NCI-IS Annual ads as fund raising events. Karen Sanford, Lanette Kelly, and Erin Hanson were selected as Outstanding Cheerleaders by the group to end the year's activities. Pep C ub Gives NC School Sp1'1'1'15 fi iw QW? Q! The Pep Club was made up of a small group of hard working individuals. The club made locker signs for team members of various sports. Some ol' the money making projects this year were a lollipop sale and Mustang cowboy hat sale. 144' TOP: tl to rl Back Row Sherri Richmond, Becky Brashear. Jeanine Failes, Angela Norman, Lori Romero, Mary Baca, Kathy Sanford, Heather Heber, Brenda Gordon. Front Row tl to Rl Lori Works, Chris Lohry, Louise Martinez. ABOVE: Pep club sponsors Kathy 'Feat and Kathy Cantril and Jeanine Failes, a pep club member, spend time after school working on some new ideas for locker signs for the next game, Chemistry Club Fun And Learning ,f .44 Students in chemistry club offer their time to demonstrate rockets, fountains and solar changes to grade school classes. They have a complete magic show that is available to any grade school teacher. ABOVE: Members of the class take a few minutes from their work to relax and pose for our photographer. FAR LEFT: David Tenney prepares a mixture of fuel to be used in his demonstration. LEFT: Jeff Walker wonders if his experiment will be a success. 45 Spanish Students Tour Spain In June Spanish students from NCHS went to Spain during June and this was the 4th biannual trip offered by the Spanish teacher. It gave the students an opportunity for travel, bicultural experience, language learning and self improvement. The trip included tours, famous landmarks, language programs, family homestays and f 5 fun activities. Pictured above in the back row CL to RJ Tsrr are: Jeff Haass, Stacy Brown, Stacy Gillett and Lynn Mahnke. Middle rows from IL to RJ are: John Bale, John Q, Biggs, Laura Ledford, Kay Cross, Jacque Johnson and V414 fi f ,V ,,,, My. I mr Tena Gras. Front row QL to RJ are: Kirk Shamley, Greg lf' '1 J Biggs, Jay Silverthorn and Mike Powders. Right: Katie Q 5 Sullivan models the Spanish costume she designed for i J the Language Festival. X 15 , I J 'I 'Q x'f i . 1 1 7 R -. K i s ' 5 Ki W X, "ff QI ' li W li S' 'N X ,. ,- L .f l , ff-"" X French Club Has Busy Year The NCHS French club is a loose-knit organization which sponsors numerous and varied activities for the students in the French program. There are no officers and every NCHS student of the language is encouraged to participate. The 1977-78 school year was a busy one for the club, beginning with the annual trip to the University of Denver Foreign Language Festival in October. While in Denver the group visited the Denver Museum of Modern Art, dined at the Normandie restaurant and brought home many awards. Winners of the highest rating, "Outstand- ing" were: Steve Bogrett, Bob Chapin and Doug Cole in Level 5 Video-tape competition. Jim Woodward in Level 4 Newspaper Swim. Jerry Mitchell in Level 3 Painting and Nicky Beaudoin in Level 3 Piano. Above: Back row QL to Rl: Doug Cole, Mrs. Ann Tollefson, Miles Dahlby, Kevin Morris, Bob Chapin, Ufl, Nicky Beaudoin and Kent Beardsley. Front: QL to Rig Ufl, Cindy Thorson, Sarah Niethammer, Dave Brauer and posing in the tree is Bob Sailors. Studio 51 Has Done It Again. 1 'mm l X, K iran, 5,59 ' Htviyv The NCHS Studio 51, Art Club, didn't really do much this year, but when they did it was perfectionist work. The Art Club did the posters for our annual play, "I Remember Mama", and the spring musical, "Sugar". These posters have been seen all over Casper. In November they held an Arts and Crafts Bazaar. Also, several times during the year they held a Saturday morning 6'Art Ins", to help improve in their artistic abilities. Studio 51 also had a club picnic to end the year. ,, , WA- - x 1 .. is ' .1 .yin M Va -21,-V 've . ,gg . ,f e in , Cod 14 ' , .ia ' " ,, 'i,. f -,gig 5 1 X 1 , , fTopl Studio 51 officers: ll, to Rl John Hall, vice-president, Spring Streeter, President, Angela Atwood, secretary treasurer. iAbovel Spring Streeter, Sharon Farley, Angela Atwood, Sarah Niethammer, and Megan Corbett display some of the projects they worked on this year. Ke Club Popular With Students an---K . 'v 'Q-.. 4 ij, Q 2 ...At ,QW ,e x ' 1. is 41 1 Back Row tl to rl Dale Hillegass, Mr. Allen Barkley, Carolyn Stearns, Paul Gerberding, Celia Meier, Karen Barton, Vickie Wallace. Front Row tl to rl Pat Tripeny, Tim Forbis, Blake Park, Karla Galles, Bob Tobin. Not Shown Bob Bernardis, Kevin Sullivan, Chet Weber, Ken Harris, Craig Ripperger, Sharon Farley, Kay Cross, Miller Baker, Rex Byron, Mike Hurlhut. The NCHS Key Club which is sponsored by the Casper Kiwanis Club, has been very active this past school year. The Club not only took on big projects like a dance marathon which raised over 951,300 for MS., but also its members helped park cars for Meals on Wheels, delivered food to the needy, built a float and other smaller but still important projects. It wasn't all work however, the group had a sled party on the mountain, a few dinner meetings at local restaurants, and enjoyed the annual Key Club Convention in Denver in April. The club is proud of its accomplishments and is looking forward to this next year with still higher hopes of better serving our school and the community. Frazier Awarded Cadet Colonel On February 17, 1978, the Mustang Battalion held its 63rd Military Ball in The Ranch Room at the Holiday Inn. Lieutenant Colonel Roy Wasson, Senior army Instructor at Cheyenne Central, and Lieutenant Colonel Waldo Johnson, past Senior Army Instructor at NCI-IS, along with their ladies were the guests of honor. This years Ball saw a slight departure from previous ones. The ball was held prior to the Annual Formal Inspection this time. The theme of the 1978 Military Ball was "The Corps Goes On". The highlight of the Ball this year was the formal presentation of sabers to the officers by the representatives from the civic, fraternal, and patriotic organizations which purchased them for the Corps. The Corps Commandant selection went to Cadet Jeffrey A. Frazier and the designation of Battalion Commander went to Cadet Benjamin R. Schwader. The Ball also was the event of commissioning new cadet officersg the following cadets won their "spurs": Deanna Blevins, Phillip Christopherson, Steven Cotton, Laura Davis, James Domanoski, Bart Goetz, Leonard Jones, Dean Jussel, Edward Renate Monroe, Richard Reamer, Michele Reeves, and Paul Roberts. TOP LEFT: Cadet Colonel, Jeffrey Frazier, leading the first waltz with his date Miss Laura Jones. TOP RIGHTQ Major Frazier conducts the program as Mr. and Mrs. Huge look on. ,'. T 2 I e.Q 2 ... " Q BOTTOM LEFTQ Cdt. Major Butler, Cdt. Major Caster, Cdt. Col Frazier, Cdt. Cpt. Haines, Cdt. Cpt. Harris, Cdt. Cpt. Hume, Cdt. LTC Judge, Cdt. Cpt. Phinney, Cdt. Ltc. Schwader. BOTTOM RIGHT, Jeff Frazier being awarded Cadet COL. at Military Ball. D Company - Kneeling - Greg Schieferstein, Valarie Burgess, Tank Guenther, Steve Cotton - Standing, John Beaumont, Jeff Degraw, Scott Joyner, Mickey Mullen, Philip Haines. --W -W. www- f. f--2 E Company - Kneeling -fl to rl Sheldon Guenther, Phillip Christopherson, Kenneth Harris, Myron Miller, Donald Judge. Front Row fstandingl Shane Hill, Warren Geiger, Philip Jussel, Bart Goetz, Coleen Dolan, Michele Reeves. Back Row istandingl Mark Parker, Mary Osburn, John Jones, Danna Kenitzer, Debra Turner, John McConnaughey, Dawn Nansen, Ed Larson. l 51 ROTC ow Offered To 9th Graders L ,fWf,, , A 134 r s r s at rrrrrw 2 , ft-ff ff-, .taxi f 2 ., an 3 if l 1 'ef+ ar' 1 A Company - Kneeling ll to rl Leonard Jones, Laura Davis, Dale Nansen, Aaron Price, Eric Kirby. Front Row Cstandingj Phillip Falcinelli, Rocky Selby, Jodi Miller, Bruce Mack, David Norton, Monte Davis. Back Row istandingl Jeff Caster, Dwane Small, Alan Putnam, Robby Wemmer, James Domanoski. 1, F W ' "'.. I", ' M, f Y' . x 5- fW2'X, 1' Q ,Z Q Q, A ' . g. 1 Mx W ,9-ff-f NA ggi? A' , if i . , ,:,1,. .. gk Q 'fm M sf' 11 1 F 25, Q N ii A . N., 1 ge, X f v W U s 4 1 VND Wingerter Reigns At Sweetheart Bell tw. At Right, Sweetheart Ball Band, 4-At-Home. Above, Pam Arthur assisted in coronating the King of Hearts, The Jack of Hearts, Dale Volker and his date, Lisa Carpenter, the Jack of Spades, Jeff Freiberg and his date Karen Sanford. The Jack of Clubs, Mike Jensen and his date, Kim Estes. The Jack of Diamonds, Steve Tobin and his date Sue Sloan, surrounded the King of Hearts, Joe Wingerter and his date, Debbie Boner. ' G1r1s League Counc1I Supports Charity DTIVGS The Girls' League Council is another governing force elected by the female students with the assistance of coordinator Barbara Dobos. The Girls' League Council sponsored several school activities. Besides the Annual Football Ball, where Steve Tobin was named Outstanding Football player, G.L.C. held many fund raising activities such as a Chili luncheon, a jelly bean contest for the Blue Envelope Drive, and gave out May baskets. Two of the officers of the G.L.C. pictured at left are: Karen Woodruff and Sue Sloan. Band Comes Home From -al. ,QQ 55? 'Y' 2 4 A 1. The hand majors were Jerry Johnson and Jim Tripeny. They got 5th place in the national contest in Salt Lake City. CLOCK WAYS tl to rj: Kerri Walker, Joni Lutz, Donnetta Schroeder, KayCee Carpenter, Jim Tripeny, Andy Winters, Dan Goble, are the members of the jazz band we have here at NCHS. Top right: awaiting for instructions the band prepares to perform during half time game. Bottom: Tammy Pickenpaugh, Sharon Farley, Lecia Wood, Dan Goble, Kerri Walker, Andy Winters, Donnetta Schroeder, KayCee Car- penter, Jim Tripeny, Middle row: Mike Gentry, Kevin Morris, Gene Underwood, Mike Alexander, Jack Dickinson, Bret Gilbert, Back row: Any Hogan, Brenda Eggleston, Charlotte Keith, John Masterson, Dave Riegert, Dave Hillegass, John Linford, They had an excellent concert that indicated many hours of practicing. w .p ,A V ,A National Contest With 5th . ,www 'Mi 4:,m,,.,.,,, N . 5 45. an hw, '- Wg -of ,R 1 4, 1 A .M.. . .st 4' NN, .,,-m,x, ,,,,,,. Q ,, I ,ogg-f. QM M "Y :Q-in QW, W I "fs f bv ' ,ei , . 1 ,-4 4 .. .. rf,.,,, - ,fs ,L .Wt .-'rMs.,,.,k W, 58.45 , ' ,--M-W rf 'u ., its , W' sa ya as ,Q .. 0 - Q um no S - r Alexander, Mike-trombone Anderson, Pat-oboe Antonovich, Paul-trumpet Baker, Miller-Cornet Bayert, Bill-trumpet Barton, Annette-clarinet Bittner, Tammy-clarinet Boyles, Patricia-clarinet-Brandon Vickie-clarinet Bren-heisen, Deana-clarinet Brown, Tammy-trumpet Carpenter, Kay Cee-ten sax Carson, Tammy-alto clar Chernick, Lisa-trumpet Clay, Craig-trumpet Clay, Diane-bassoon Craft, Robin-flute Craver, Brenda-clarinet Dahlby, Milesstrombone Davis, Melissa-flute Dickinson, Jack-tuba Durham, Carl-trumpet Everaert, Renee-clarinet Farley, Sharon-flute Fogle, Debbie-clarinet Forsyth, Doug-trumpet Gentry, Mike-percussion Gilbert, Bret-haritone horn Goble, Dan-alto sax Gray, Susaneclarinet Hannah, Sheila-flute Hansen, Tom-trumpet Hill, Stuart-baritone horn Hillegass, Dale-french horn Hughes, Ellen-clarinet Johnson, Jerry-tsr.l drum major Kaye, Kevin-french horn Key, Ted-tuba Kirkland, Sandra-trumpet Leff, Francis-clarinet Linford, John-trumpet Lutz, Joni-baritone Marlow, David-alto sax Mclrvin, Cindy-oboe Miller, Kim-percussion Meier, Celia-clarinet Miller, Lisa-percussion Morris, Kevin-trombone Obert, Terry-trombone Pickenpaugh, Greg-trumpet Pickenpaugh, Tammy-flute Race, Lisa-clarinet Reigert, David-trumpet Roop, Chris-french horn Schroeder, Cloetta-clarinet Simmons, Jo-flute Sherrill, Peggy-flute Sherrill, Ray-baritone Schmidt, David-trombone Streeter, Spring-flute Soffe, Brian-percussion Thomas, Donny-trumpet Thompson, Shelley-flute Tripeny, .lim-ljrl drum major Tripeny, Pat-trombone-Underwood Gene-trombone Vanderpool, Jackie-percussion Walker, Kerri-alto sax Winters, Andy-alto sax Wenn, Clint-trombone Wolz, Andrea-flute -s--5, Annual Staff 1977 78 Above: CClockwise from leftjg Terri Sanders, Maria Lau, Karen McDaniel, Brad Hay- den, Paul Crouch, Jeff Sears, Bill Rea, Kitt Lofgren, Tess Showalter, Belinda Cox, Kent Beardsley, Jeanine Failes and Vicki Blank. Left: Terri Sanders and Tess Showalter don't show the slightest inclination to cooperate in having their picture taken. Y Above: lleftj Kent Beardsley, sophomore class editor, appears to begrudge our photographer the time to pose for his picture. Above: CrightJ Melody Hewlings seems to be saying A'I'll get you for this". lLeftJ Kitt Lofgren, junior class editor, wonders just what do you think you are doing? fy fe-S W 1 lb e , 425' ABOVE: Julie Rose admires Denise Stiles' new feather boa in a scene from the winter play, "I Remember Mama 2 E Q Winter Play: "I Remember Mama" "I Remember Mama," by John Van Druten, was presented on February 23, 24, 25 by the NCHS players. The winter production proved to be a great success and was warmly received by all who attended. The action takes place during the early 1900's in San Francis- co. The story revolves around the joys and sorrows exper- ienced by the Hansens, a Norwegian immigrant family. 11 s' hmm., The Hansen family listens attentively to a tale read by Mr. Hyde. lclockwise: from leftl Debbie Hand, Erin Hanson, Laurie LeClere, Julie Rose, John Hall, Denise Stiles, Raymond Pierce, and Kirk Lorimer. CHS Forensics Team Wins Six Trophies The NCHS Forensics Team captured six Sweepstakes Trophies this year as they traveled throughout Wyoming and into Colorado, South Dakota, and Montana. Placing at the District Tournament held in Riverton were Nicki Beaudoin, fifth in Humorous Interpg Mari Whitefoot taking fourth in Girls Extemp and Jerry Johnson placing third in Boys Extemp. The team took many awards at the State Tournament held here in Casper. Laura Ledford took fourth place in Poetry and Cecily Hodder also placed fourth in Manuscript Drama. Taking second place honors were Janis Murphy in Dramatic Interp and Bob Tobin in Boys Extemp. Winning first place and qualifying for the National Tournament to be held in June at Northwestern University in Chicago were Jeff Sears in Humorous Interp and Mari Whitefoot in Girls Extemp. A mac OPPOSITE: Varsity Front Row Linda Forsling, Julie McCarthy, Mari Whitefoot, Back Row Cecily Hodder, Mike Hurlbut, Jerry Johnson, Blake Park, Tim Forbis, TOP Novice Front Row Stacy Winders, Mary Evenson, Laura Ledford. Middle Row Stacy Gillette, Brad Hayden, Nicki Beaudoin, Bob Boehler, Pat Tripeny, Back Row Jeff Sears, Steve Beaudoin, Miller Baker, Mike Powders, David Becker, Rob Meloy. ABOVE: Forensics Team Front Row Mary Evenson, Bob Boehler, Stacy Winders, Linda Forsling, Laura Ledford, Julie McCarthy, Middle Row Mari Whitefoot, Nicki Beaudoin, Mike Hurlbut, Brad Hayden, Blake Park, Tim Forbis, Mike Powders, Pat Tripeny. Back Row Cecily Hodder, Stacy Gillette, David Becker, Jeff Sears, Steve Beaudoin, Miller Baker, Rob Meloy, Mike Johnson. Girls, Girls, Girls . . ""'-1,-f2f,i'f' ,fgsfafff 1-,-: fabovel Drill Team: fl to RJ, Grace Segueda, Sharon Wagner, Lisa Carpenter, Susan Harris, Deanna Brecheisen, Robin Craft, Julie Swanson, Kim Hall, Kim George, Tricia Rate, Ann Risteau, Janna Kelly, Jean Nolte, Rhonda Dewald, Cindy Franklin. ffront centerl Captain, Mary Pat Lammers. Award Winning Units 0 The NCHS Banc XQT f 'S R 'v , if rr ' i. af - , M i if The Drill Team and the Twirler march to choreographed routines which fit the 'CGUIPO and music theme of the home f00tb3l1 Stinnette, Laurie Trujillo, Katrina Sjostrom, Kathleen Nesta, Meredith Russell, Gerralyn games' These groups perform with the Feezer, Danette Bartruff, Donna Beaumont, Dawn Hawley. fleftl Twirler: Cyndi Thorson and Flag Line Captain: Mary LeClere. fabovel Flag Line: CL to RJ Sue Barella, Toni Burch, Wyndi Conger, Leslie Kern, Susan Mustang Marching Band FCA Act1Ve At CHS V-.p sv' TOP PICTURE Top row, LtoRg Blake Park, Sarah Norcross, Steve Werner, Jeff Eger, Bottom Row, LtoRg Debbie Dalton, Mary Kelly, Mary Shutts, Carol Walsh, Bart Byrd. BOTTOM PICTURE Debbie Dalton, Blake Park, Sarah Norcross, Jeff Eger, Bart Byrd, and Mary Shutts discuss possibly, the meaning of life? At NCHS we are proud of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The officers this year were Jim Ashburng boys captain, and, Lorie Works, Girls captain. Our leader and sponsor this year was Chris Regis. The fellowship gets involved in many different things, this year they helped with the Lions Club breakfast and there was a mini conference held at Casper College. Also they helped other schools get an FCA started, some of the schools were Lander, Kelly Walsh, Casper College and the University of Wyoming. M US1.C1.HHS Practice Man Hours .mar TOP: fl to rl Cris Roop, Dale Hilligass, Mike Alexander, Gene Underwood above Myran Miller, Nina Becker, Val Moon. UPPER RIGHT: Mr. Fox , listens intently to all the instruments as they blend into the sound that many hours of practice has brought about. Student Council Ready For ' 8-'79 Back Row: fl to rl Steve Beaudoin, Treasurerg Tim Forbis Senior Class vice presidentg Melissa Larcom, student body vice presidentg Middle Row: Gail Claar, Junior Class vice presidentg Kristen Koch, secretaryg Mike Valastos, Junior Class presidentg Front Row: Kendall Corbett, student body presidentg Cindy Thorson, junior class treasurerg Anne Ristau club coordinator. Knot picturedj Bob Tobin, senior class presidentg Shawn Brown, senior class secretaryg Paul Gerberding, junior class treasurerg Julie Japp, student body secretary. Bronco Director Speaks At "C" Club Banquet u wr -sr 1 -Q :ww-fee - g f - - B.- -- .i , A ..,r 'I Opposite Page ftopl - Head speaker, Carroll Hardy, personnel director Dale Volker, Cindy Welo, Dennis Creel, John Ladd, Joe Wingerter, Don for the Denver Broncos had an attentive audience at the HC" Club Akers, Karen Sanford, Paul Ellbogen, Brian DeVault. banquet. The reactions are shown on opposite page bottom. Above, speaker Hardy discusses sports with George K, Mr. Kamish and Top picture, recipients of the "C" blankets must earn six varsity letters Mr. Buchanan. for eligibility. Pictured from left to right: Paul Barrett, Steve Tobin, Jr.-SI' Prom B1g Success X IL if M . 1. ABOVE: Lisa Carpenter and Max Gutz pose for picture at prom. TOP RIGHT: Debbie Boner, Prom Queen for 1978. LOWER RIGHT: Prom band, "No Surprisew. OPPOSITE PAGE: Ifllockwise starting in upper leftj Second Attendan- t,IVIary Pat Lammersg Third Attendant, Linda McCrackeng Fourth Attendant, Kim George, The Junior-Senior Prom, with the theme "Looks Like We Made It", was held in the gymnasium on April 22, 1978. The students had a fun filled evening dancing to the lively music of "No Surprise". The gymnasium was decorated with palm trees and sunsets which gave it a south seas effect. gf' gal' ", ,, 5537, Q , 3 "GW fx l X Clockwise from above: Bob Chapin, Rhonda De Vittoro and Dave Nickerson are shown in one of the many outstanding numbers that was done in "Sugar". In a scene that was a big hit with the audience was done by QL to Blake Park, Matt Adleman, Paul Ellbogen, Todd Hambrick, Bob Bernardis and Boyd Wolz as the male actors and Debbie Boner, Erin Hanson and Lisa Carpenter as the female actresses. Rhonda De Vittoro looks at Dave Nickerson with a wistful eye as they combined together for this scene from "Sugar". Spats Palazzo and his Gang was Very ably done by Tracy Wells fSpatsJ, Nick Martinez, Eric Fernelius, David Bowen, Kirk Lorimer and Jeff Haass. 72 .Z ccsugarnr L l "Sugar" the 1972-73 Broadway musical comedy hit that was based on the popular 1959 movie, "Some Like It Hot," was presented by the NCHS Players and Orchestra on May 4,5, and 6. In "Sugar" two unemployed musicians disguise themselves as women to join up with an all-girl band bound for Miami- to save their skins. They had accidentally been present at the famous 1931 Valentinels Day massacre in Chicago and so must flee lest they be rubbed out by mobsters who want to make sure they don't live to tell what they know. Mr. John Welsh was the director of "Sugar" while Mr. Paul Fox conducted the orchestra. Man Received Honors G-.f as 2 " 2 C ,M,.m,,,,3 M4 i g ' lllwffys sg flll!! N TOP: fleftl Miss Mary Ann Drew, Girls' Counselor presents Lori MacQueen with a University of Wyoming music scholarship. TOP: frightb Julie McCarthy and Bob Tobin are shown presenting Jeff Sears with the Blower Trophy for Outstanding Interpreter. ABOVE: Mrs. Cathy Clark, journalism instructor at NCHS presented the Outstanding Journalism awards to Melanie Grosz and Chris Lohry. .'..l--.1 A - 5' -. x ., , V v, Q., sf .4 LEFT: Incoming student body president, Kendall Corbett, awaits his "Branding" by outgoing president, Dave Simonton. ABOVE: NCHS principal, Mr. Loren Kamish, honored Linda McCracken with Principal's Trophy for outstanding contributions to the school. BELOW: Receiving the achievement award for the outstanding senior Student Council member was Dave Simonton. -Q au- " QI xi 75 Thespian Honors Received At RIGHT: Debbie Hand and Carla Cardinal give Bob Chapin best actor award at the Annual Spotlight Dinner. LOWER RIGHT: The Theatre Arts Award was given to John Hall for outstanding achievement in Theatrical Poster Design. LOWER LEFT: Julie Rose receives outstanding actress award as presented by Rick Bon fright? and Dave Simonton lleftj. Spotlight Dinner Gusher Gets New Look "New Faces" was the theme of - the first issue of the GUSHER this W year. Long a tab newspaper, the GUSHER is now a newsmagazine, the first in Wyoming high school jour- nalism. Editors during the year were Annett Averett and Melanie Crrosz. Mrs. Cathy Clark became the new adviser this year. Christine Lohry and Melanie Grosz were named outstand- ing journalism students at the Senior Awards Assembly. Final event of the year was the GUSHER'S spring YRY IGNOR ANGIE s, if W banquet and ten students were J formally initiated into Quill and S - Scroll, International High School Journalism Honorary Society. New members who contributed outstand- M ing service were Kristi Anderson, Annett Averett, Karen Barton, Rhonda Di Vittorio, Melanie Grosz, Ron Kube, Chris Lohry, Steve Lund, Chris McLemore and Merilee Mark- ham. 5-,,,,,,. , . X' 'N it .1 . 5 J 3 , iii -s uve". 0-U R Q, if l r L 1 i Top: IL to RJ Vern Moore, Christine Lohry, C. W. McLemore, Melanie Grosz, Mrs. Clark, adviser, Steve Lund, Ron Kube. Seated, Teressa Walker. Above: tKneelingJ Paul Jacobs, Ron Kube, Steve Lund and Vern Moore. tStandingl Louisa Martinez, K.D. Sinclair, Julie Hatcher, Mary Lavin, Chris Lohry, Melanie Grosz, Renee Everaert, Merilee Markham, Chris McLemore, Shirley Tucker, Kathy Bieber, Debbie Talbot and Teressa Walker. Right: Jeanine Failes likes to think it is all over after 12 years. Far Right: Expressing some displeasure with our photographer, Kim Cochran consents for a quick pose. Below left: Tierney Dorn and Lea Clapp seem to be saying, "Why us?" Below right: Debbie Cox Waits her turn to line-up for the final graduation ceremonies held at Casper College. Dar' X I' Ca. ,af l s 4 iw: by ,Q . 5fq, ' 1 s Wx w , x fi ,Q a' 4' x I 3 I s 'QW jj? Q!! -,A ff -I hx 6 9 F 1. F A Expanding AgT1'CUIfUT31 Knowledge my 3 x .. A . .,,. ,,-i......,...e1.aM-fmmaam. L ABOVE, Front row, fl to rj-Sentinal, Jerry Wyatt, Reporter Kate Shinn, Secretary Julie Japp, President Jim Foote, Treasurer Jim Barton, Advisor Mr. Kopsa Second row: Walt Patterson, Darry Hume, Dennis Mclntosh, Ted Skogen, Vern Olson, Wes Brummet, Bruce Stoneking, Jacque Hatten, Audie Cross, Allen Bard, Jim Hovis Third row: John Strohecker, Jodee Larson, Shari Abbot, Roxi Lynch, Kelly Britian, Judy Carpenter, Laurie Tipton, Randy Burke RIGHT: Shown in an earlier picture are a partial roster of members of FFA. The Casper chapter at NCHS currently has Z6 active members. Some of the activities they participated in during 1977 were the state convention, state judging, initiation, bake sales, FFA calendar, selling orange and grapefruit juice and boxing. Four members- Julie Japp, Darry Hume, Dennis Mclntosh, Wes Brummet and advisor Brian Kopsa attended the 50th national convention in Kansas City, Mo. Going into office for 1978-79 will be the first girl president, Julie Japp, vice president Audie Cross, secretary Lori Tipton, treasurer Judy Carpenter, reporter Walt Patterson, sentinal Wes Brummet, parliamentarian, Dennis McIntosh, delegates at large -Jim Hovis and Ted Skogen. "The successful farmer of tomorrow is the Future Farmer of today", said a spokesman for the group. A . ,,,... .,... s 3 Q ? ummm X EQ f ' 1 -ff tif i f-as W S E km? I ,.., ,. . .t.. ' 212' srisfsisizsf K DEC Expands Offerings Clockwise, top: 1978 DECA club. right: officers were tr to ll Scott Rhoades, Pam Key, Debi Diesburg. top: Kathy Kennedy, Steve Bennett, JoAnn Shafsky, Maria Lau. below: Happy winners of the State Career Development converence, are Kathy Kennedy, Steve Bennett, Scott Rhoades, Shawna Land, Back row: Brock Yohn, Kip Miller. The DECA Club prepared a float for the Homecoming parade and took first place. On December 1st they had their annual Employer- Employee-Installation Banquet dinner at the Holiday Inn. On that evening, club officers were installed and employers were honored. One of the outstanding fund raising projects was the Christmas candle sale. Thirty-three students attended the WyADECA State Career Development Conference held in Cheyenne. The club won two first places, three second places and four third places. Five students attended the National Career Development Conference held in Washington, D. C. Steve Bennett and Kip Miller met competence basis in Petroleum industry. Steve also won first in operation in petroleum industry. Debi Diesburg was elected WyADECA State Historian. ,Q A. Q M91 L7 . qSiH'i:l ,,., ec -, Il! Members .C.H. . Choir Voice checks and section assignments, taped auditions for All-State and All-Northwest were completed in September. In October the Choral was formed and all groups began working on spring concert material. Christmas music was brought out in November and All-State and All-Northwest was held in January. During February and March the music for the spring Concert I with the Orchestra, Choral and Girls Ensemble was brought to perfection. The music for the Spring Concert ll with the Band and the Girls Ensemble was polished and presented in April and May. CONCERT CHOIR I ALLISON ANDREW .JIM ASHBURN ANGELA ATWOOD suE BARELLA CHERYL BARKER ROBERT RENARDIs PATTI EERTRAND JEWEL RIEEER JERILYN BRAGKETT SARAH BROWN STACY BROWN NVHITNEY BURRIS LIO ANNE CANNON SHONDA cAsTLEI3uRY BRENT CLAPP MEGAN CORBETT DEBBIE DE LUCA RHONDA DEWALD GARY DIssETTE DAN DIIDLEY GREG EARNI-Is LINDA EORsLING MARY FOSTER DON GOODMAN LEAH GRIFFIN STEVE GRUSSENDORF .IULIE GUNTHER JUDY HALL LINDA HAVERLOCK SHANE HILL TOM HIRST KIM HUSS TRACY LAWIEN MIKE LAYTON LAURIE LE CLERE CHRIS LOHRY KIRK LORIMER LORI MAC QUEEN KAREN MCDANIEL RHONDA MCDONALD DIANE OLSON ANN PLUCKNETT RONDA RENICK ANDREA REYNOLDS SCOTT RHOADES ELAINE RICHEY CRAIG RIPPERGER MARY ROBERTS NANCY SCHUMAN KARLA SCOTT LOYD SHINDELBOWER KATRINA SJOSTROM AUTUMN SMITH DON STONER SHELA STRATTON ANITA TEKELL MIKE VLASTOS JULIE WALSH ROGER WEBER TRACY WILLIAMS LORA YAAP CONCERT CHOIR II MIKE ALEXANDER PAT ASHBURN BILL BAYERT KENT BEARDSLEY TONY BEAVERSON MICHAEL BOENDER BLYTHE BOSTON JOY BOWLSBY PATTY BOYLES KAREN BRADSHAW BETTY BRAGG NANCY BRAKKE BECKY BRASHEAR SHERRIE BROWN CARLA CARDINAL .IUDY CARPENTER TAMIE CARRELL ADELE COFFMAN RICHARD CONE WYNDI CONGER CONNIE CRAGG JULIE DIESBURG BETTIE ELLISON RENAE FARRELL CAROLYN FULLER KALLI GADDIS SCOTT GALLINGER MADELINE GALLOWAY JOHN GARCIA LISA GARCIA JAYME GILLETT DEBBIE GOTTLOB MAX GUTZ SHEILA HANNAH ANN HIGGINS VIKI HITTEL LORIE JOHNSON BRYAN JONES LORI JOSEPHSON MONA KELTZ KERRY KEY REGINA KIRCHNAVY VALERIE KLASSEN KRIS KORNKVEN BETH KUMPE BRETT LAY DIXIE LEWALLEN JOHN LINFORD LISA LONG AMY MARTIN CHRIS MATHES DARRELL MAXEY JULIE MCCARTHY WENDY MCINTOSH CELIA MEIER ALAN MITCHELL CAROL NEMETZ SARAH NORCROSS ANNETTE OLGUIN CINDY PARRISH LORI PERKINS TODD PIERCE SUE PUHRMAN RITA RAMSEY MARCY RATH CONNIE RIPPERGER AMIE ROGERS MEREDITH RUSSELI TERESA SAMPLE RORY SATTERFIELD LISA SCHELL JEFF SEARS! GRACIE SEQUEDA MARY SHUTTS LORRIE SKANSBERG SHAWNA STOOPS NATALIE SOLON TAMMY THOMSON LAURIE TRUJILLO MATT TUSS SHARON WAGNER VICKIE WALLACE TONY WENDTLAND TERRI WHITEFOOT STACY WINDERS MIKE WIRTH BOYD WOLZ-KAREN WOODRUFF MUS1.C Groups Put CHS In Pub11c E e NCHS CHORALE: ll to rj Front row, Kerry Key, Lori Josephson, Lisa Long, Lori MacQueen, Linda Forsling, Betty Bragg, Jayme Gillett, Diane Olson, Row two: Carla Cardinal, Patty Boyles, Amy Martin, Carolyn Fuller, Beth Kumpe, Adele Coffman, Carol Nemetz Row three: Jim Ash- burn, Bob Benardis, Roger Weber, Todd Pierce, Craig Ripperger, Anthony Wendt- land, Boyd Wolz, Mike Alex- ander. Row four: Tony Beaverson, Steve Grussen- dorf, Kirk Lorimer, Ac- companist Knot picturedl Sue Puhrman Qabsent: Tina Brown, Marcy Rath, Allison Andrew, Richard Conel I I U ll U7 il! F! ll' ll! if Il SOPHOMORE GIRLS ENSEMBLE: Row one ll to rl Susie Flvnn Kristen Koch Laura Ledford Kelly Cook Terri Whitefoot. Row two: Michelle Showalter Teresa Johnson Penny Gottlob Diahann Mitich Shela Stratton, Stacy Gillet, Row three: Jo Anne Cannon Melissa Davis Susan Barella Angela Norman Jacki Vanderpol, Patti Bertrand fabsent: Julie Parletb Accompanist lnot picturedl Toni Grimlie The NCHS Chorale and Sophomore Girls l' nsemble represent our school when they entertain at other schools and for community clubs and organizations Members are ,Q if ., ,Qs J' I ,x . ,,-' y W' n, ff' e gl.'fQ5? s 6 351-3 1 :V pal.. K.. ,cj-r Above: Sophomores frolic in the pool, Jeannie Lammers, Tina Reed and Amy Palmquist. In sharp contrast, the Sophomore at left is not frolicing in the nice clean pool water. A g .. + I 9 ,, Athletics it 5 3 . , . Standing il to rl Coach Pat Bisiar, Jeff Freiberg, David Cordell, Pat Ashburn, Coach Bill Hileman, Mike Stoner, Bob Taubert, Rich Childers, Tom Brubaker, Mark Munsell, Mark Cleaver, Tracy Wells, Todd Pierce, Jim Garbutt, John Daugherty, Ed Olson, Brent Christensen, Jay Jones, Jeff Hickok, Brian Fitzgerald, Tony Cercy, Howard Shaw, Ron Klone, Randy Holden, Matt Barrett, John Kapeles, Bill Schmidt, Clay Patton, Dave Hawks, Richard Hansen, Tom Stoner, Mark Mitchell, Greg Biggs, David Braun, Ron Estes, Matt Brown, Tom Hartnatt, Randy Dye, Mike Bisiar, Coach Dennis Gladwin, Coach Bill Tobin. Kneeling fl to rl Coach Art Hill, Scott Smith, Denny Rate, Bill Strahan, Duane Schlicht, Robin Johnson, Dave Carpenter, Brian DeVault, Don Akers, Paul Barrett, Bob Byrd, Doug Mets, Chip Cheatham, Steve Tobin, Dave Nickerson, Ken Malmquist, Coach Tom Wingerter. Sitting ll to rl Greg Wheatley, Scott Boner, Bill Bottom, Dale Carpenter, Alan Stinnette, Paul Ellbogen, Lance Deal, Elliott Kahn, Terry Tonn, Mitch Brauchie, Ruben Wiford, Dennis Creel, Pat Thomas, Joe Wingerter, David Dewald. Mustang Gridsters Finish Season With 6 - 3 Record , Q . . 4 - www , M. a.ii.i:5fi Is The 1977 edition of the Mustang Football Team started with great expectations and finished with disappointment hard to explain. The Mustangs lost to Central 11 - 6 in one of the finest played football games ever to be witnessed at NCHS stadium. The Mustangs also lost to Rapid City Stevens 14 - O fthe first loss to a Rapid City school in 18 yearsj, and to cross town rival Kelly Walsh, 14 - 3. This marked only the second time in history 113 yearsj for Kelly Walsh to emerge as city champs. The sophomores completed the season with nine wins and 4 losses under the direction of Coach Hileman and Coach Wingerter. The Junior Varsity finished the season with 9 wins and 3 losses under the direction of Coach Bisiar and Coach Tobin. The Varsity finished with a dismal 6 wins and 3 losses under the direction of Coach Hill and Assistant Coach Gladwin. -Coach Art Hill ,,....a.,- S A ' , .4 p sc'fiiiii N151 QQ" 3 :ws xlibs if Q EHIU' SSA N 6 4 . AX 1 . A mwiihu S Q J .1--ri.. et Y .la l I 1 T KW r ,l 4' 5 5 SOPHOMORE TEAM - Standing il to rj Scott Smith, Greg Wheatley, Randy Holden, Mike Akers, Mark Munsell, Brent Christensen, Scott Boner Tom Brubaker, Bill Schmidt, Dan Chilton, John Daugherty, David Harris Mike Cox, Tony Cercy, Matt Barrett, John Kapeles, Brad Aaker, Boyd Wolz Stuart Bittleson, Dan Leff, David Ellbogen, Jon Freiberg, Greg Biggs, Brendon Coleman. Kneeling il to rl Mike Alexander, Todd Hedges, Shaun Bisiar, David Ost, John Biggs, Pat Ashburn, Dan Roden, Tom Gregory, Denny Rate, Pat Duncan, Jerry Allen, Tom Hartnett, Matt Brown. . I ,., X 5. T Qt ttvvv be 2 ,M - V mi -fy V , II, . -Mm una-or up- I' fi 4 Vg MV, aqfg was .D gd -. V .,-...... QV. f T -el in T , of f ' x ik., 90 - , , - ,. , fr, , , . 4 - 'K ' A I I I . :Ik ' , ' ,V A M ' A -xri U ' 4 Wfy' Irk' , ,K ., M Golf Team Looks Forward To Fall J' . 'lm The golf team looks fm-Ward to Winning State TOP: il to rl Dan Dudley, Gary Bryan, Greg Colman, Jim Franklin, Jim Honors in the fall Campbell, Bill Roth, Kirk Sherer. ' UPPER LEFT: Ed Vanflleave, Kevin Sullivan, Rex Byron, Steve Lewellan. ABOVE: Don Baden, Mike Quarve, Mike Hauffe, Scott Puzey. Tracksters Take 3rd In State JL g ' . L, , Regional Track Team: Front row tl to rl Jim Ashburn, Dave Williams, Mike Harrington, Mike Hamilton, Thane Crump, John Ladd, Dave Cordell, Don Akers. 2nd Row, Jim Garbutt, Dave Hawks, Todd Pierce, Lance Deal, Ed Olson, Jim Dwyer, Kevin Gilliland, Shaun Sutherland, 3rd row, Randy Dye, Bob Taubert, Duane Schlicht, Alan Stinnette, H. L. Shaw, Pat Ashburn, Bill Bottom 4..h Row, Pete Loundigan, Scott Boner, Jeff Compton, Dean Mal-riffey, Todd Pomeroy, Robby Welo, Keith Moon, Dan Chilton. Above, Mus ang Weight Men in shot put and discus, H.L. Shaw, Lance Deal nd Todd Pierce. At Right, Jumpers Pat Ashburn and Jim Dwyer. SRL , S5 ,,,,,,......--n-1- an 5 Mustang Track Coaches were: Hal Loghry, Bill Hileman and Head Coach Ron Estes. Not pictured was Jerry Quinlan. At far left, outstanding trackster Steve Tobin. At left, outstanding Sophomore, Jeff Compton who competed in the mile run and 2 mile relay. Fillies Nab Sta te For 2nd Straight Year . . ? ti,ttttt ,, ,. 3 af i Lf! if Q , if J.. tt t Fillies captured their second First Place State Title and their first First Place EWAC Title. The Fillies match record for the season was 66-7. The dual record was 27-3 singles, 15-0 doubles. Another first place was in store for the Fillies when EWAC was set up for the first time for girls this fall. The Fillies took first with 18 points to second place Cheyenne Central 4, Laramie 2. EWAC champs are 1st singles Polly Fleming, 2nd singles Karen Woodruff, lst doubles Michelle Murphy and Chrisa Michaels, 2nd doubles, Nan Donlin and Lee Litman. State was held in Laramie with high winds, cold weather and a little snow with very little sunshine. The Fillies pulled to a strong lead the first day and were difficult to catch. They held the title with 33 points to second place finisher with 11, Torrington, Cheyenne East f8J finished third, Cheyenne Central 161, Powell, Laramie C55 and Cody. Polly Fleming finished her high school career undefeated and holds the state singles title. Senior Karen Woodruff, placed 3rd in state, seniors Nan Donlin and Lee Litman took their second consecutive lst place state title. They lost only one match as a doubles team and that loss was to teammates in the EWAC title. Senior Leslie Laycock and sophomore Michelle Murphy held the 2nd place state doubles title. This was the second year of action for the Fillies tennis team, coached by Charelene Phillips. Mustangs Brought Back State Title as fmt ,. 5, S, if M J KE Q ,i N I , X 5 K The Mustang dual record in singles was 35-3 and 18-1 in doubles, a total of 53 wins and 4 losses in dual competition for the season. Including EWAC and State the record was 77-11. M is 4,-wnwq The Mustangs, coached by Charelene Phillips, brought back the State Tennis Title after losing the title by only two points last year and it being the only loss in seven years. The State scores: Mustangs 26 points, Cheyenne East 15 points, Cheyenne Central 13 points, Torrington 9 points, Powell 5 points, Laramie 3 points, and Cody 0 points. Jeff Eger captured number one singles position in the state. Steve Ward took 4th place state honors. Mark Murphy and Mark Rizzi placed 2nd in state doubles and Sr. teammates Thane Crump and Dave Volker placed 3rd in state doubles. EWAC honors also went to the Mustangs with 15 points, Cheyenne East 10 points, Cheyenne Central 5 points and Laramie 1 point. Jeff Eger held onto 2nd place in EWAC and Steve Ward held 3rd place. Dale Volker and Thane Crump beat an undefeated doubles team to advance them to the finals and place them 1st in the EWAC doubles. Mark Murphy and Mark Rizzi placed 3rd in EWAC doubles. F1111es Runners-Up To State Champion 1 -L-' e t - g is - g ak , i ' 1 . VLW. Q,,,, ,,.. . , 1 ,gt ,X v Ai x, .R TMS, -Y' The defending Class AA State Champions compiled a season record of 17 wins and 7 losses. It was a season of second places as the Fillies finished second in the Eastern Wyoming Athletic Conference with a 9 - 3 record. At the Regional Tournament in Sheridan, the Fillies defeated Sheridan and Cheyenne East, but were defeated in the Championship match by Cheyenne Central, 15-9, 4-15, 8-15. Diane Duncan, Laurie Tucker and Linda McCracken were named to the All-Regional Tournament team. In the 7th Annual State Volleyball Tournament in Powell, the Fillies defeated Worland in the first round and Cheyenne East in the second round to gain an opportunity to defend their state title. In that championship match the Fillies were upended by Riverton, 7-15, 4-15 to claim the runner-up spot. Diane Duncan and Laurie Tucker were selected to the All-State Team. Other outstanding seniors that made the Fillies Volleyball team a success were Cindy Welo, Sue Sloan and Georgia Wheatley. Q17 ? NN. Q52 Above left: All-Regional Players, Laurie Tucker, Linda McCracken and Diane Duncan. Above, Junior Varsity Team. At left Varsity Team pictured from front ll to rj Jeannie Lammers, Debbie Talbot, Dory Claunch, Tammy Carrell, Jill Baum, Debbie Yohn, Linda Tucker, Sue Purham and Elaine Bartosh. CI-IS's Sharp Shooters Score Again RIGHT: il to rj Top Row: John Wienke, Jeff Caster, Jeff Frazier, and Phil Christopherson. Bottom Row: Deanna Blevins, Debra Phinney. LOWER RIGHT: Top Row: Dean Jussel, Greg Watters, Scott Joyner. Bottom Row: Laura Davis, Phillip Jussel, and Laura Larson. The ROTC Rifle Team was in five shoulder matches lout of townj and seven postal matches Cat NCHSJ. In the NRA Sectional Shot, which was in Cheyenne, the team placed first and second. At the State Championship Match the Rifle Team was in second and third place. In the Regional Competition the ROTC Rifle Team placed fifth and sixth. Out of forty-seven competing individuals, Jeff Caster placed eighth. Thank You for representing NCHS so well ROTC Rifle Team. GQRREN? QHSLLE 'wk' RD 1 ff' '43 ' ' K it we - , t . ' ' U , 'is Nw Q? Wrestling Is Popular Sport TOP PICTURE BOTTOM ROWg L to R, Shane Sutherland, Steve Larson, Bob Vialpondo, Shaun Sutherland, Don Golich, Chris Eiserman, Bart Byrd TOP ROWQ Lance Deal, Dennis Creel, Paul Ellhogen, Mike Hamilton, Chris Sulzen, Bob Byrd, Brad Sutherland, John Corbett BOTTOM PICTURE COACHESg L to R, Head Coach, John Miller, Ron Estes, Dennis Gladwin, Scott Novotny Duals ivarsityj Lander Riverton Rock Springs Green River Rawlins KW Chey. Cent, Chey. East Gillette Laramie Sheridan KW Powell Cody CASPER INV. CHAMPIONS Paul Ellbogen I85lbs. Chris Sulzen I45lbs. Bob Byrd 138lbs. CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS Bob Byrd 138lbs. Chris Sulzen 145lbs. Paul Ellbogen 185lbs. Lance Deal H WT. STATE PLACERS Paul Ellbogen St. Champ Lance Deal 2nd Chris Sulzen 3rd Bob Byrd 4th TOP PICTURE: BOTTOM ROWg LtoR, Jim Samuelson, Chris Sulzen, Chuck Larson, Bob Byrd, Dale Carpenter TOP ROWg LtoR, Dennis Creel, Mike Harrington, Jeff Hickok, David Schnoor, Paul Ellbogen. BOTTOM PICTURE: Coach Miller seems happy with the day's workout. Varsity record 11 wins 2 losses 1 tie. 2nd varsity record 2 wins 0 losses. JV record 15 wins 0 losses. Soph. record 9 wins 0 losses. TOURNAMENTS: Varsity- Casper Inv. Conference Regional State JV- Conference Sheridan Inv. Soph-Cheyenne Inv. lst 3rd lst 6th 2nd lst lst is lr L - - Q. I -l TOP PICTURE Bottom row, LtoR, John Kraft, Mike Reamer, Jerry Pat Allen, Tom Gregory Mark Materi, Hermilo Gonzales, John Green, Eric Forsyth. Top row, LtoR, Dave Hawks, Ed Olson, Allen Stinnette, Tom Brubaker, Duane Schlicht, Steve De Poorter, John Daugherty, Ab Brown, Brendon Coleman. BOTTOM PICTURE Bottom row, LtoR, Jim Forster, Tyran DeVault, Richie Randell, Kevin Hool, Dean Brown, Kyle Gray, Middle row, LtoR, Tom Widiker, Dan O'Brien, Bart Byrd, Leo Olson, Jim Alexander, Chris Roth, Dan Schuler, Cormac Dolan. Top Rowg LtoR, Neil Williams, Steve Creel, Lynn Symmons, Jon Freiberg, Matt Berrett, Lance Potter, Doug Lewis, Todd Pomeroy, Kevin Gilliland, Tony Cassinat. Gymnasts Continue W1.HH1.Hg Records Back Row fl to ri Kathy Lammers, Sandy McPherson, Merilee Markham, Sally Katherman, Renee Kelly, Stephanie McCrary. Front Row fl to rl Todd Gangwish, R. J. Vassar, Kim Harvey, Calvin Maves lAsst. Coachj, Vern Moore, Steve Fox, Coach Bob Iserman. L i if Both the Boys and Girls Symnastic Teams finished second in the state meet, with several NCI-IS participants winning first in the floor events, rings and bars. Mustang Roundballers Crack Century Mark Jerry Dalton's Mustangs finished this year with the best AA record in Wyoming. They finished conference champions, 2nd in the Regional tournament and 3rd place in State tournament. Joe Wingerter tpictured right! and William Henderson placed on All-Regional and All-State teams. The Mustangs were the first team in NC history to crack the century mark against Cheyenne East. , X .42 Riverton Rock Springs 39 Rawlins Cheyenne Central 62 Lander Cody 59 Riverton Gillette 50 Rock Springs Sheridan 65 Cheyenne East Cheyenne Central 74 Cheyenne Central Cheyenne East 50 Laramie KW 55 KW Scottsbluff 60 NC 88 - Laramie 78 TOURNAMENT PLAY: NC' 80 - Gillette 69 NC 65 - KW 63 NC 64 - Sheridan 69 NC 66 - Sheridan 68 'Q' t i n A K ISQ1 A " 4 2 U SU 3' P gnu '9""6f 1 X A 322 Top Row tleft to rightl William Henderson, Todd Pierce, Mike Prather. Bill Millay, Mike Hawes, Steve Tobin, Russ Pickering tmiddle rowl Asst. Coach Dan Bush, Rohert Tauhert, Dave Bowen, Mitch Brauchie, Greg Thompson, Mark Rizzi, Bill Bottom Bill Fadala, Coach Jerry Dalton, tfront row! Art Boatright. Mike Jensen. Dale Volker, Mgr. Mike Cox, Joe Wingerter, Jim Jones Paul Barrett, Terry Tonn. 104 JUNlORSg lst row, Il to 43 Mitch Brauchie, Bill Bottom, Mark Rizzi, Dave Bowen, Bill Fadala: 2nd row, H h tT Mike Prather, Todd Pierce, Russ Pickering, Greg Thompson. it - A , M ,M .emi 7, Jig QQ' 557516 I 3 2 ewfoff R551 A uv if K s 3 I1-?Q .k BTA-UQ to 26,5 Q51 A 34 SOPHOMORE A TEAM: Bottom Row ll to rl Jeff N--u Compton, Joe Bauer, John Diel, Curt Cochrane, 2nd row, Todd Swanson, Greg Wheatley, Scott Boner, Mike Tonn, 3rd row, Pat Rochelle, Steve Grussendorf, Rich Vignaroli, Dave Ellbogen, Coach, Terry Wood. f ,' .- it 'G Pfs +','?3 5115042 RVSTHS + Lung f 4 I 141 'E' 4 l1D'llj7'i2? 12 wk le f J SOPHOMORE B TEAM: Bottom row ll to rl Mike Johnson, Barry Williams, Rob Wrasper, Bryan Jones, 2nd row Lance Studer, Cleo Cooper, Tim Moreno, Tom Hollingsworth, Mark Neese, Buddy Johnson, 3rd row, Glen Atkins Kirk Shamley, Chuck Hurtt, Brad Aaker, Randy Kaiser, Dan Leff, Logan McGill. Coach, Brian Kopsa. 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Q 'H ',-Sir spg,,g:l,.a-Aaew-vireatmv-.uw.g-N . -se-.. 1:-.:...f:::v i.:-'".vMy-ns,-' i W. 1..-4' -q4'J'.-:-2-f1?fg'5!z-4.,'lives-ef-1 :fiom-:,'f1:1s 31:05 1 - . ...+W,4..'4-,mm sw-fe ,, V1 f.zf.1.fw,.--,.,. . . ,p.-..A..,,A-3,5?fmu.,i. ina..-,.gt,p2-w,:m.+s.a..f.+f.m,?QF1:.1f: g , M ':' nv' r a ft., 6' -S2 nf-'earafar'-fs:-:I'1.2:4'1:Hf'- HM M: -fr w.iS"f4aw'ei2' BELOW: Mr. Beman with starting gun in hand gets ready to blow his whistle to warn the swimmers the race is about to begin. LOWER LEFT: Ron Alm scored many points for the NC swimmers, here he shows good form in diving. F.. D The Boy's Swimming Team did very well this year At the Conference match they captured two first places. ln the State competition second and third place was awarded to NC's Boy,s Swim Team. Brian Boyer represented NC in the Semi-Finals at State Competition in the two-hundred Free Style. Clay Patton was also in the Semi-Finals. Brian De Vault received honors at All State. Special effects picture courtesy of Brian DeVault. Girl Swimmers Can ut Swim Fish RlGHT: Top Row 91 to rl Sherri Dyck, Connie Claar, Sarah Brown, Debbie Nelson. Middle Row Diane Campbell, Barby Works, Diane Houston, Cybele Houston. Bottom Row Patty Riley, Margret Higgins, Andrea Helmick, Ann Higgins. LOWER RIGHT: Diane Houston is doing the "Yelling" for the Girl's Swim Team. BOTTOM LEFT: Sherri Dyck is swimming the 't200" against KW and she is winning! ' The Girl's Swim Team record for the 1977-78 season was 2-7. They were 6 at EWAC iEastern Wyoming Athletic Conferencel. Out of a nine member team two girls lSherri Dyck, Diane Houstonl qualified for the state swim meet in Rock Springs. The Girl's Swim Team is looking forward to a larger team and greater season next year. won in i 134 E Q' Q g, Aquamaids 'S nch' 01' Swim ,AH figs!! X ia.. h. . ii' 5 ' , . x ' L X LEFT: Top Row il to rj Nina Becker, Summer Streeter, DeeAnn Hately, Jewel Bieber, Trina Baugh. Middle Row Ann Higgins. Bottom Row Brenda Wyatt, Charlotte Keith, Terri Laycock, Sandy Stounbaugh, Cindy Franklin. BOTTOM: Truly this is a picture of grace as Trina Baugh, Ann Higgins, Sandy Stounbaugh, Jewel Bieber and Brenda Wyatt demonstrate the slowly fading art of Water Ballet. The Aquamaids swam the clubs final synchronized swim show to The Twelve Days of Christmas. The girls, for this show, made their own costumes. Mrs. Charelene Phillips was the sponsor for the Aquamaids. Twelve girls swam for the finale, it was their last performance for the year 1978. A solo was done by Jewel Bieber. Last year was Jewel's first year in Synchronized Swimming. Andy Franklin also swam a solo, this was her second year in Water Ballet. Another solo was Brenda Wyatt, this was her third year with synchronized swimming. All the girls wore black suits with a sequin pattern on each one. . fw.1.,,g ' Mx'-mm. 411- Q, .1 , fi, .. . .. I we ,, imgl " I ' K S11 -V , , ! V A .. in My ff W T' 5 'NEW rms' 3 I H if M H y V, V A N V,f,,,d'x M K 7, .,,VVV I ww, . i - - , .. +I' .41-V , i -W' l , 'wh .v , K , A ' V V .,,, -- VW, N f fr' Fillies Claim Region al Title Tied with Sheridan for the Eastern Wyoming Athletic Conference title, the Fillies entered the Regional tournament as the top seed. The Fillies then defeated Kelly Walsh 60 - 35 and claimed the Regional Championship by defeating Sheridan 65 - 61 in an overtime victory. Senior Laurie Tucker, Junior Jane Lange and Sophomore Dori Claunch were selected to the All-Regional team. In a tough State Tournament, the Fillies captured 4th place behind Lander, Gillette and Worland. In that tournament NCHS defeated Rawlins 54 - 33, then lost to Gillette 37 - 42 and Worland 44 - 50. Fillies centers, Laurie Tucker and Jane Lange were named to the All-State team. Highlights of the 1977-78 basketball season included defeating Kelly Walsh three times 48 - 37, 60 - 38 and 60 - 35, losing to Sheridan in a double overtime 64 - 65, and later defeating Sheridan in an overtime game 65 - 61 to win the Regional Championship for the first time. The Fillies compiled a season record of 18 wins and 4 losses. In addition to the outstanding play of Laurie Tucker, Jane Lange and Dori Claunch, the following players contributed a great deal to the Fillies success: Seniors Adele Price, Linda McCracken, Georgia Wheatley and Juniors Shirley Tucker and Sue Phurman. an 3:z: 4 D Fillies Varsity team on opposite page include: il to rl Shirley Tucker, Adele Price, Linda McCracken, Georgia Wheatley, Elaine Bartosh, Laurie Tucker, Jane Lange, Susan Crouch, Kathy Farmer, Sue Puhrman, Jeanne Lammers, Dori Claunch. Varsity and Junior Varsity team shown above include: front row ll to rj Shirley Tucker, Debbi Talbot, Totsetta Young, Chris Jackson, Judie Chitwood, Adele Price, Maura Ellis, Jeanne Lammers, Dori Claunch, Gail Romero. Standing: Gerilynne Wegner, Linda McCracken, Georgia Wheatley, Elaine Bartosh, Laurie Tucker, Jane Lange, Megan Corbett, Susan Crouch, Sue Puhrman. Cross Country Top In State UPPER LEFT: Karen Sanford, who received all state recognition, warms up before a cross country event. UPPER RIGHT: Dean Mahaffey, Sophomore all stater, goes through a preliminary warm up before a cross country race. LEFT: Front Row tl to rj Janet Crouch, Shane Sutherland, Karen Sanford, Shawn Sutherland, Leo Olson. Second Row Jim Alexander, Lee Ann Sulzen, Lee Ann Bale, Brad Sutherland, John Kennedy, Stuart Holcomb, Robb Welo. Third Row Mike Hamilton, Chris Roth, Todd Pomeroy, Kirk Shamley, Jeff Compton, Coach Miller, Back Row Chris Sulzen, John Bale, Amy Hogan, Steve Larson, Dean Mahaffey, Kevin Gilliland, Miles Dahlby. The NCHS girls Cross Country team, received first in The NCHS boys Cross Country team received first in the Casper Invitational, the Cody Invitational, and the the Lander, Cody and Powell Invitationals they alsc Powell Invitational. They were also Conference and State received second at the Rapid City Invitational and they Champions. were third out of 13 teams in the State Meet the best placing in twelve years 1 Karen Sanford - all conference all state Lee Ann Bale - all conference all state Janet Crouch - all conference all state Amy Hogan - all conference Lee Ann Sulzen - all conference W ABOVE: fl to rl Senior cross country members, John Corbett, Lee Ann Bale, Chris Sulzen, Karen Sanford, and Mike Hamilton. Dean Mahaffey f all conference all state Jeff Compton - all state Kevin Gilliland - all conference NCHS had more all staters than any other school in the state. IQHJBfFnuiiTban1Iku1P?on1 ttf if g L tl 1 I ,, lea Q fi htjae fme ,, V !,M4,,, , lt, Y , A wzzwi34f3 " . . , A ,. fnw , -K f Wllf 4 , X ,W 'iii ,Ji , 1 l X A f 1 I , 7 , 1 'Tal 'C wg W an 4 ABOVE LEFT: Tammy Joyner, Sue Sloa, Julie Wait and Debbie Yohn were the 1978 Girl's Track Team hurdlers. ABOVE RIGHT: Cindy Welo, Karen Sanford, Sue Sloan were this years seniors on the Girl's Track Team. + s, h,:kVkr J , is ! TOP: Top Row: ll to rl Chris Pierce, Tammy Joyner, Roxy Lynch, Margie Bushburg, Cheryl Coffman, Teri Schmidt, Margret Higgins, Pam Farnes. First Middle Row: Sandy Kirkland, Vigki Blank, Carla Santisteven, Barbra Craft, Cindy Parrish, Susan Stinette, Not Known, Cindy Welo. Second Middle Row: Julie Wait, Shelly Fitzgerald, Linda Lineback, Pauline Rowland, Jenine Howl, Ranea Mahr, Karen Sanford, Sue Sloan, Dorie Claunch. Front Row: Kelly Britian, Meridith Russell, Elaine Bartosh, Linda Tucker, Debbie Yohn, Lenore Houston, Mary Foster, Mary Evanson, Lea Griffin. obod ' .,.,,..-. 1. ,- .ew H- .. .f , ,t nn 1 in , 1, ii- ' , , W2 ' P A.l,. t , 'f 1 Wi,:. lm, in K' , in Ig A ' lie' XV tr" a X Q I ,, p K, ,, ,, , T ,T ,,:... l : - 5, i 'f-'fQT7""" ' ' , f ',, I P S , T it-' P P .Q . pl.. 1 'M' - ' , aj - , ' ' ' . T f i "' X' 'rw , , 'tj if l Q XJ Z S W5 5, l T s 5 ' t .,4kWV i Q st, T I TOP: Back Row: fl to rj Vicki Blank, Carla Santisteven, Chris Pierce, Tammy Joyner, Cindy Parrish, Cindy Welo. Middle Row: Julie Wait, Shelly Fitzgerald, Linda Lineback, Pauline Rowland, Ranea Mahr, Sue Sloan, Dorie Claunch. Front Row: Kelly Britian, Meridith Russell, Elaine Bartosh, Linda Tucker, Debbie Yohn, Mary Foster, Karen Sanford. LEFT: Back Row: Julie Wait, Linda Lineback, Shelly Fitzgerald. Front Row: Pauline Rowland, Dorie Claunch and Debbie Yohn took their places as sprinters on the Girl's Track Team of 1978. ABOVE: Vicki Blank, Cindy Welo, Elaine Bartosh, Linda Tucker and Chris Pierce were the weightwomen on the 1978 Girl's Track Team. The Girl's Track Team did a great job this year. In the invitation- al meets, which were in Gillette, Worland, Cody, Riverton, they placed well. Third place was taken by NC at Gillette and Worland. At Cody and Riverton the Girl's Track Team placed second. In the regional match they were awarded third place. , y . W. ,M 5- 5 Ski Team Wins State At Laramie Lee Ann Ladd, Jim Reasoner, Lee Litman, Doug Cole, Nan Donlin, Paulette Perry, Laurie Hardesty and Robert Stewart pose on Casper mountain for a ski team picture. Members of the Nordic Team includ- ed: Debbie Schuetz, Amy Hogan, Steve Puhrum, Chuck Mangus, Allen Hogan and Rob Hand. 3, umm iw, , , i season of 1977-78: Race results from the sk Cody: Girls Boys Jackson: Girls Boys Pinedale: Girls Boys 2nd place 5th place 3rd place 2nd place Qnd place 4th place hool Meetl Laramie: iState High Sc Girls - 5th place Boys - lst place istate champsl Pictured with the winning Boys First Place Alpine Trophy are: John Ladd, Jim Reasoner, Ski Coach, Mr. Anker Larsen and Doug Cole. fleftl A deserted ski slope is mute evidence of the many trial runs made down it. John Ladd was chosen outstanding Casper High School racer. Lee Ann Ladd won a place on the Wyoming All-State team. The Cross Country Team was formed this year with 12 team members on the squad and made a good showing for themselves. y-we i . T 'J 5 a 1 z 5 1 5 . 1 s .53 f E 'Wwww Classes Class Uf '78 Senior Class OffiC61'S A Last Look At The Seniors ff ir.. If ,rf W' 'X 71' ,Xlivsm 1 Q NM x f I T7 maui Aaker, Les Adelman, Mark Aguilar, Bob Akers, Donald Alm, Ron Amadio, Paul Anderson, Kristi Andress,DaVid Andrus, Robert Appleton, Lenay Arellano, Butch Arellano, Georgene Armor, Dale Armstrong, Craig Arthun, Pamela Ashburn, James Seniors 121 122 Seniors SVU ky, viii' fad' if if Atwood, Angela Bale, LeeAnn Barton, Jim Baum, Jolene Averett, Annett Barankiewicz, Scott Bartosh, Aileen Baures, Brian Avey, Rhonda Barker, Klrinda Bates, Jeffery Beaumont, John Baker, Paul Barrett, Paul Baugh, Trina Becker, Nina I it iv What LIES Ahead In The Future? fa ,X Qggguuf I Bennett, Stephen Berry, Ace Bickness, Dave Bieber, Jewel 124 Seniors Happ Times Are Instore V ff 'Qty 'Ui -ff -3 .af --ag, Boatright, Auther Boner, Deborah Boyles, Patricia Bragg, Betty Bolton, Linda Boston, Kirt Bradley, Ann Bratt, Martin Bon, Richard Bott, Jeni Bradshaw, Kathleen Brauer, David Lori Romero, Chrisa Michaels, Kim Estes, and Tawna Krueger watch closely while Thespian awards are given. 'S f . , Q-. 'Y JU' B-, ,N if 'filly Nu... Q CT! f rw Bressler, Carla Brickley, Stephanie Britton, Jenny Broadway, Rick Brock, Vicki Brown, Daniel Brown, Sarah Brown, Tina yy 1' Bryant, Phil Butler, Dixie Bundy, Kirsten Byrd, Bob Burgess, David Cadwell, Martha Burke, Anne Cady, Bart I X Seniors 125 126 Seniors Campbell, Liane Campbell, Teresa Cardenas, Mike Cardinal, Carla Cardwell, John Carlson, Berta Carpenter, Bill Carpenter, Dale Carpenter, Lisa Mr. Welsh tells Dave Simonton how a certain part is to be played in his next production. Seniors Leave Old Friends For New Ones Carroll, Julie Carstens, Christy Carter, Leonard sx is Caster, Jeff Caster, Voyce Jo Castle, Richard .x,,, 1 Chandler, Michael Chapin, Bob Cherer, Carol C ii Christensen, Brad ' tl C L' , Christian, Bruce L. A' Christoferson, Lauri ' -,., fW"'4ii i i e , , .1 ' i l Seniors 127 128 Seniors Happ Mem0r1es Remam Clapp, Bryan Cochran, Kim Coker, Mark Cooper, Rick Clapp, LeaAnnette Coffman, Adele Cole, Douglas Corbett, John Clark, Daniel Coffman, Jim Colman, Timothy Cordell, David Clifton, Daniel Cohee, Rita Condelario, Shirley Cornell, Karen ','--1fA r- - 'TQ K -vc N. i i K ,- C X M ls.. ,A I' f .-', , . W in K ig, . 'f,'1 , ff X 5,8 b ff ,gf , Couture, Wendy Cox, Sondra Crimm, Douglas Curry, Carol Covington, Steven Creel, Dennis Crump, Thane Cutts, Cathleen Cox, Debbie Crimm, Debra Currah, Dee Daebelliehn, Diane Setting by the side of the pool during activities day are Sheri Dyck, Myra Dockter, Margie Roth, Melissa Gist, Lisa Kjolhede, Chris Jackson, and Jinny Madden. Seniors 129 130 Seniors f"' N f . 1' Davis, Brian Dear, Mark Deason, Laurie Delaney, John hi. DePoorter, Larry Deru, Greg DeVault, Brian Dewald, David .e 'Y xXi Koa Diesberg, Richard Dorn, Tierney DiVitt0rio, Rhonda Douglas, Oliver Donlin, Nora Dovala, Renee Dorland, Bonnie Doyle, Jane We Finally Made It! 9x 'QL- , "' in 1"" 40'- 'flf it i rlie ,.-- 21 D' -ft, :D ,. 'Y Qi. b 5 40' 2" Dudley, Douglas Dunston, Christine Dyck, Sherri Edwards, Gilbert Duncan, Diane Durand, Martha Eastman, Dave Edwards, Stasha 'Xxi sf' f W wa ,Z rf! w E , 'gn er ,r 3, 'glare 1' A 9 E Mark Franklin is studying hard to get good grades. Seniors 131 Eiserman, Eric Eklund, Carrie Ellbogen, Paul Elmore, Candi 132 Semors N' Englernan, Jill Epperson, Tom Erickson, Todd Erickson, Sarah sr ug- Estes, Kim Fallon, Donald Everson, Michael Farmer, Kathleen Failes, Jeanine Farmer, Kenneth Fallon, David Farnes, Greg Is College The Next Step? "Ya wg.. Q., . " Wx ff 7 ef ii, ,V Ya I A fr R Qs di Feezer, Geralynn Fondren, James Fox, Steven Fuller, Carolyn Fenster, Nancy Foote, Jim Franklin, Mark Garcia, Carl Fernelius, Eric Forgey, Keith Frazier, Jeff Garvin, Gary Fleming, Paula Forsling, Linda Freiberg, Jeff George, Kim Seniors 133 134 Seniors Education Is A Help In Life M6 .L ll we , 65 Qv' 5- 'QM' .2 95 fi sw cw, Gilbert, Bart Goble, Dan Gottlob, Debra Greene, Susan Gilleland, Gene Goodman, Donald Gras, Christena Grosz, Melanie Gillett, Jayme Gothard, Debbie Gray, Steven Guenther, Sheldon .. , - 'fQf"k" :Q P7 ,159 ni --, Rf. Climbing out of the mud pit on activities day is NCHS's one and only David Dewald. O' it-T Q14-ll N - Pm 7951"-,,. 4-- M' CJ . fx Ilflaia Hamar, John Hammer, Anita Hand, Deborah Hansen, Rick Q-ff ww- 'DH' Harris, Steven Harshman, Shaun Harvey, Kim Hatcher, Julie Hawes, Michael Hayden, Andy Henderson, Sheryl Hernandez, Aurora Hickok, Jeff John Ladd is watching the center of attraction, Stewart Young, as he tries to Extinguish the lighted baton. I lm Proud To Be A Mustang V? cw Ti' S..- ,W , Zfl rr. Hildebrand, Lisa Hittle, Daniel Hodder, Cecily Hoeppner, Robert Hoffman, Frank Holden, Greg Holst, Steven Honea, Devon Hool, Pam Hoover, Holly Hume, Karrie Humiston, Debbie Seniors 137 138 Seniors f",3'-5 .- 1:..,1? , 4, if - lui- 952 Hutchison, Renee Jensen, Michael Ingalls, Steve Jervah, Elizabeth Jackson, Chris Johnson, Gerald James, Kelly Johnson, John , -an Johnson, Richard Johnson, Robin Johnson, Steven Johnston, Mark .. 152 3 Y ,p, Jones Jones, Jones, Jones, James Ken Mary Thomas Itps A Big World Uut There Judge, Don Keating, Kelly Julian, Stacie Keith, Charlotte Kahn, Tamar Kelly, Mark Katherman, Sarah Kelly, Rick De if I nise Stiles is really involved in dancing the night spoil away. Seniors 139 We Thmk It S Tzme To Leave NCHS Kennedy, Ann Kennedy, Catherine Kerr, Susan Key, Pam Keyser, Hope Kilpatrick, Norma Kinner, Christopher Kinsey, RoxAnne Kirby,Michael Chris Dunston, Bob Chapin, and Rick Bon stand before the Thespin Club members at their Awards Ceremony held each spring. 11 9'-1- W-. ,, . ,, in , Q -:QW K ,fr 11 eww, F '1"-Iii' X4 Kjolhede, Lisa Klungness, lane Klassen, Valerie Kube, Ronald Klein, Mark Kudrna, Mark Klein, Todd Lachelt, Katherine I Ladd, John Lefave, Candice Laing, Bonnie Lammers, Mary had Landess, Donald Lantz, Mark Larson, Charles Lawther, Kelly Seniors 141 142 Seniors What Do Graduates Expect? AMW xwp-Q ihuz....,,, if xg L Ci M. 4K"" gr. :SR as Laycock, Leslie Lewis, Cynthia Lockhart, David Lowndes, Shannon LeClere, Mary Lewis, Tami Lohry, Christine Lujan, Nicholas Leff, Francis Lindholm, Rean Long, Jeffery Lund, Martin Lewallen, Judy Litman, Mary Loundagin, Barton Lund, Steven 1 Lutz, Joni MacQueen, Lori Madden, Virginia ix 1:-rf' s-..., it X V ,,...e,, Malloy, Leslie Markham, Marilee Malmquist, Ken Marlar, Jerrel Mangus, Shon Marlow, David L6-B bf RL' QT' Martinez, Louise Martinez, Nick Mascarenas, Chawn Paul Ellbogen and date Lisa Carpenter are pictured at the "C" Club banquet. Paul was president of "C" club. Seniors 143 144 Seniors bv-Nb, Xl -F we Mason, Butch McAtee, Carl McCracken, Linda Mason, Teresa McAteer, Maureen McDaris, Tom Masterson, John McCann, Bret Mclrvin, Cindy Mathes, Sheri McCard, Tammy McLemore, Mike 915' if 'lr-7 , - , 'Q es 4 -' , .2 1,' nr 9' " " K ' 'X McPherson, Sandi McQuitty, Chris McWhirter, Tim Mets, Shannon We Thought We Would Never Make It 1:1-3 wd Taz? Micek, Catherine Miller, Kip Miller, Myron Milne, Susanne Michaels, Chrisa Miller, Kurt Miller, Terry Mitchell, Mark Robin CMark Kudrnal, Batman lDon Goodmanl, and Spiderman 1Frank Hoffman! performed at a pep assembly at NCHS. Seniors 145 Knowledge Is The Ke of p 45" says "Nev Molitor, Brenda Moore, Vernon Molnar, Terry Morris, Kevin Montoya, Julie Morton, Karen .c 3, S P ' To Success ga. ., 'A :,B,.f,.-m i : in - S' if Q ff 'f f . YI' xx saw' 4 in qw 9' 'CN 459' """--v, Mosser, Don Mudge, Evan Mosteller, Deborah Murphy, Sheila Mudd, Bill Nabors, Dennis Lori MacQueen and Carla Scott are all smiles as they QAM participate in the last senior exercise. GRADUATION!! R 146 Seniors . 3 s 3 .f ,, Q . . 'Ilya-in ' 'ills-... 2-Q ' 'ffm "' M ' 5 d 1 i flh- ,,, , S 'Gm J 1 3' 17' Quv X e t QQ M if 4 I "rl , A KN ' Nansen, Dale Nolte, Jean Odell, Roberta Opitz, Terry Nickerson, David Norman, Stanley O'I-learn, Richard Ort, Chris Noblitt, Mike Obert, Erin O'Herra, Pam Paananen, Phil Nolen, Margaret O'Brien, Margaret Olson, Diane Palmquist, Greg Seniors 147 Seniors Have A Big Step Ahead Panages, Cynthia Parker, Jill Parmentier, Michael Parmely, Tina Parrish,J oe Parsons, Sandra Penton, Elizabeth Perea, Patricia Petterson, Dean Tierney Dorn is shown pondering about the things to COIUC. 148 Seniors ,pf U, 'X 1 'af Mi . YY M J 4,8 .7 YUM-4, iw ,jr 51" W 'Ong .Q . -1 Petty, Casey Phinney, Debra Pickinpaugh, Tammy Pierce, Paul Pierce, Raymond Pilcher, Arta Pinney, Ann Plessman, Donald Plucknett, Ann Plummer, Steve Powell, Tracy Powers, Carol Prince, Adele Propp, Kelly Pruitt, Cindy Pruss, Cassie Seniors 149 150 Seniors x "ff"Tvx Tv 'l' ll! . ,,,, 5, X K c 'CM K N 2 4 4 ,.-J Nw -L 3' 'YM' . K 4 vs Q5 ,,.., T Pryde, Bruce Raney, Dwayne Reasoner, Jim Quinn, Kathleen Ratcliff, Peggy Reaves, Lindsey Rake, Newell Rate, Trisha Reeb, Anne Randel, Leslie Rath, Marcy Reitz, Jill ?- 5 13 Rhodes, Barbara Rice, Rochelle Rich, Gloria Richards, Pamela 4 We '11 Always Remember CHS WX sf ! 3 YR i Z .,,, + , Rivera, Paul Robinson, Ann Sandy McPherson flashes a big smile leaving school after a long Roberts, Gale Romero, Lori days Roberts, Gary Rose, Julianne Roberts, Shelly Rowland, Susan Seniors 151 152 Seniors NME hp-X K... 95'-s ,psi Wx fifw 'Q-ali ff' inf' Q..-v'f if Rowlands, Dick Sanford, Kathy Schnorenberg, Kelly Rudd, Terry Sannes, Kenneth Scholtz, Jerome Samuelson, James Santistevan, Phyllis Schwader, Ben Sanford, Karen Schnoor, David Scott, Karla Graduation Is A Time Sechrist, Timothy Segueda, Gracie Severson, Marlene Shickich, John or Smiles Q1 Av lt? ia Shinn, Katherine Sides, Kenny Sinclair, Katherine Smith, Julie Showalter, Daniel Siebke, Gina Sloan, Susan Smith, Kim Shutts, Peter Simonton, Dave Smith, Andrew Smith, Leona 'I Joe Wingerter seems intent to get the point of the speaker as his A date, Debbie Boner, looks on. Seniors 153 154 Seniors ...nrfff ""' in .QF Wx DQR s 3' I 'ti' ff' I - , 59' 4m il . H, Smith, Robert Starkey, Gregory Stoneking, Bruce Strayer, Viktor Snyder, Ralph Sternberg, Randy Stoner, Joyce Streeter, Summer Southwick, Dale Stewart, Martin Story, Larry Stromquist, Marty Speyer, Susan Stiles, Denise Stransky, Tim Sulzen, Chris Good Luck Graduates Q""' N X I 1 WN fi". Q ei in , ,, wr---. av-f' ww, nr uc? Sun, David Swanson, Julia Swartz, Jean ' 3 Tekel, Anita Tenney, David Terry, Laura Thoma, Dan Thomas, Donald Thomas, Kathryn Our photographer wonders what Danette Bartruff has hidden in her book that makes Nancy Brakke so interested? Seniors 155 156 Seniors Once A Mustang Always A Mustang -its si-A ,Na KT' ' ! 1555,- 'ka N 1- 'wt i ,N ' A K is- X A X . A 7 's-' M7 ,r Thomas, Pat Tonn, Terry Tucker, Laurie Tillman, Rhonda Townsend, Jet Urban, Donna Tipton, Dan Trujillo, Laurie Urbigkit, Bob Tobin, Steven Tucker, Duane Valdez, Sharon VanBlarcum, Karen VanBurgh, Gabrielle VanMaren, Diane VanPelt, Tamala 10" L f..'2-as fn OU' o 4-W if r. QW , ,LN , I l 1' W , P' 5 3' iii Volker, Dale Walker, Jean Wallace, Patricia Weaver, Timothy Wagner, Bob Walker, Kerri Walters, Ken Weiss, Kathy Waite, Lorie Walker, Terri Weakland, Guy Wells, Pearley 3 V3 Mrs. Teats third period Foods 'f QI 'N 'A I XY class is just about ready to ug' ' X A4 devour the cake they brought for A A A ' her. iiir K r i W . if X ul 5 A A Seniors 157 158 Seniors QU' 15 Q. qn.,.,,,' .LQ Qffy Welo, Cynthia Wenn, Clint Wheatley, Georgia White, Cynthia Whitefoot, Mari Williams, David Wolz, Andera Whiting, Elliott Williams, Glen Wood, Becky Whitlock, John Winship, Susan Woodruff, Karen Wiford, Ruben Wohlbrecht, Petra Works, Lori Seniors Are ow Un Their Way luv Fw G ur-'IE iwawuv 5 Rf Wrasper, Shari Wright, Michael Wroble, Johanna Wulfert, Keith Wyatt, Brenda Wyatt, Jerry Wyatt, Joseph Yellich, Theresa Yohn, Brock Yount, Stan Clay, Craig Travers, Vince Seniors 159 Class Of '79 Z iQ in -'11 Fl? FRONT ROW: Lori Johnson, Treasurerg Shawn Brown, Secretaryg BACK ROW: Jenny Winship, President Lisa Garcia, Vice-President. Junior Class 0fHce1's Qi .4- gf' ef 3 2 'N I W to 1 . 5' V ,f 1 -ella Y , 'E ffm., I ' . J M Y' 1- J,kW A T, 'u - ' H, ., is M K.-J ' -M r W f J f J 'bhh ' f A A 5, A " ' , 5 k'hk K gg K -f .. fwxtt.. ! swf,-n y v""'e K' 'iz K "' g v l M J, -ff "' t A. . NN , .,.L ul ., I 4 Lx fag? -a l.. cw-1 y we g.le if 44 -, , A L -A as .Q V' 4' Y ,.4, ! ' . , W A-fi , V , L, V :f i Q M il aim K h -4- 4. - 1 A N- . 'W Vit , A . i M , or fgv V,EM:,:q:J :IV W i n ' H' 'lf . . 1 M '- A I xg , Q .fi SX ,W 3 ,au ' ' Q x t , t , "Y M ...tiff ,ii i f 4, 4 - ,.- N 3 1 I Y 'L ,F ,, f.: 1 .c gg - 2-5, N, Q , , , ,. A A J if i f 'm,1, 5 57 -H! "1 i' is 1- ft f i ii' l ' J i --,- 9 A 4 X ,,f.. 7:' 5 V l Q an e .. . ' 't kg.,-'X if , , , ' t Ai ta P' V , "J ,. , 4 X x rl 4 0 r -... A ,- ' y, ' " Y, 1 . , ..AA if 1 ,- 4' J .tm -,Q kr . .,. M ir' 'W A wx M ' ,fi ' "-' t ' A -N 4--F 'J m' A f f l at J "' l V . A JA l ' .:.. , A 'f g B -My -J A "" " f .V... A .4 f N 4 . f""' ,...f ' ,Q K H35 gk 1 QV? 6, 1, If . vi 4Wl,k I K 7,5 1 S51 --E z.. sf .-.. Q I ,.f-QV,, Adams Stephanie Adelman Matt Aguilar Brice Ainsworth Donald Ala Lorraine Albert Sherri Allen Tom Anderson Arthur Anderson Don Anderson Lori Anderson Mark Anderson Christy Andrew Allison Appleton Krista Arellano Joanne Azeltine John Bader Don Bailey Charotte Bailey Steven Bakker Jannett Banks Britt Barankiewiez James Barber Becky Bard Allen Barella Paul Barella Jeff Barelle David Barlow Mike Barnard Andy Barrett Pat Barton Karen Bartruff Danette Bastow Dale Baum Jill Beaverson Richard Becker Stuart Bell Rosalie Belt Kathleen Benardis Bob Bennett Lisa Berrett Gina Bieber Kathy Bisiar Donald Bisiar Mike Bjornstad, Julie Bliss Robert Boettcher Debbie Bolender Dan Bon Linda Bondi Tami Boorse John Bourghs Darren Bower David Bowlsby Joy Boyer Bryan Bradshaw Kathy Bradshaw Pam Brakke Nancy Bramblett Jino Bramson Kim Brown Helen Brown Roxann Brown Shawn Brown Stacy Brown Tammy Brummett Wes Brummond Mark Brunelli Cindy Bryant Gay Bryant Mike Buchberg Margaret Buckallew Jeff Budack Karen Burch Toni Burgess Valerie Burkhart Steve Burris Whitney Bynum Keith ev at 4 Quan' , J unjors Had The Sp1'1'1't f -- f 0 Q or J Q- z ggi" , 1 ..,. W l ' x wh, ki an . vwv "" 2 I .1 i' sa. . it fww f Sei. -E .. . I -.5 f- 1 1 -R K Su., -.5 Ira. i A .5 as :tow 3 91 ' X it XR A ,SZ .A ,.,. ff ,.' " if l' N- E r ap- .....-:L Q ,dy -' .f B14 fn N J 1 , lY H ar n J ,Q .,x. . . , , .. .M 'E .-.- - , , vs 4. N f 5, N ., an X 1 y,-ik i 1 vw xx ' lx 1 ,,.-I 5-5 7' . i t lbth , it A H at 'K 4' KZ, 4- ' vm. Sli .. ' K, xx NN N bk L 4'- inlhw-Ynfgvx. A A " 4 -r Q , rr t Q , P 'H , 'W' :rf ,F - 1 ,J no- 1 soii 1 ii 4:13 1 'fo I ii D ' I- N S t ,S x, 'J ilk' - a X J , U ,ir - J . F 5 - it ' B ' f i -f X lag . ' immzgg K Ogg .,., LI, K L ,QT Y r. b bu it ,,,,f ' ii" ' 1 7 s " do A Ewa- X 3,1-'V V.: A . v x 5:2 A HL I ,, N KJ 'J LX 2 l '52, 3 - ,J Qi lsr ifff Byrd Bard I A ' f y Bywater Heidi Cain David Campbell Jim TAY ku ...H eelii .5 ir, C gi lv- this r T3 3' C Q- C -'fr vs B 'C li f f ' A I if 5 , "' 'rx -.' f ' x H' if 1. , 4 , 5: 5 .' Q Y 4 ,.Q" 5 C 4 .., C C-. . ........ N ' 2 I "' 0 "" va Q, , . .VAC A5 ' r f ' i y L- ya it N ' l 1 'C fi? y fp "' , "VV x Z ,,. ,' Q r ,. , ",A Vvjh ws' v K A, W mmf , I it fan 49 fl Enthusiasm on the faces of the Juniors is very obvious, at the Homecoming assembly, as Mr. Brooks tries out for Mr. Mustang. Carlisle Brett Carlson Craig Carlson Janet Carpenter Brett Carpenter David Carrell Tamie Cartier Cindy Chandler Gloria Chaput Tony Chase Rory Cheatham Chip Chernick Lisa Childers Richard Chitwood Judie Christopherson Phillip Ciocarlan Kurt Claar Connie Clapp Brent Clark Deanne Cleaver Mark Clink Wendy Coffman Cheryl Cohagan Terri Coleman Rudy Mari Whitefoot is pictured as she checks over the accuracy of her data cards as Sherry Croutteau puts her last computer printout in her Data Processing notebook. Coleman Patricia Coley Brent Cone Richard Conger Wyndi Cooper Lanny Corbett Claudette Corbett Megan Cornet Cliff Cotton Tim Cox Belinda Cox Mike Crandy Randy Crawford Pam Creager Craig Creel Sue Creger Dan Cross Andrea Cross Audie Cross Kay Crotteau Sherry Crouch Susan Crow Don Cunningham Kim Davis Julie Davis Laura Dawson Lori Deal Lance Dear Guy DeGraw Jeff Deines Leslie Ai yrs, LA fkiwv H 59 jst 'Q 55 ., i im lt ,,., . is ' I 1, 5 fix 'Q X fiylhlvib n 4-, Siva Elf . -gif gf Q aim 9 r E fs ,5 ,. 43,5 I ,fm if My 9 M Q ' Mn W ff: " C' fx .. K dui, I l 5 ii' C ., . ' C I , if ,ix it V, I ,I I i f , V K iq, ...s -i r r- 5' L ' + f 1 4 -3 -f . - -,,. 3, ,., , K "':"yk rx Y 'J i 1 'V F X ll ' Xa . ryf faiil ,J I iV,"TjLj ,,,, f wi may :gf 'N sa WW J.,-1' t ttartrrs ii , :Z v s if, ff' A H K' ff .' 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Exum Susan Q Q H -r-Nm. 1 B ef, ,A fav, 1 X is Deischer Jeff Denham David Devore Bill Dickerson George Diesburg Debra Dietz Mark Dillard Faith Dissette Gary Dolan Coleen Dolenc Debbie Dovala Brett Drury Debbie Dryer Evelyn Dyerden Doug Dwyer Tim Dye Carol Eads Tammy Eddy Julie Edwards Brad Eger Jeffery Eggleston Brian Einer Gary Eiserman Chris Eklund Warren Elliott Kristene Elliott Perry Ellis Maura Ellison Bettie Elsasser Bill Elsom Debbie English Barbara Epperson Regina Eschenoff Evelyn Estes Ron Evans Rick Everaert Renee Farley Sharon Fenster Cindy Fink Kris Finn Brian Fisher Cindy Fitzgerald Brian Flack Rocky Fleming Carita Forbis Tim Foreman Joyce Foreman Kelly Forsyth Sherrie Foster Laurie Francis Delitta Franklin Cynthia Freeman George Frisbie Karen Fry Jim Gaddis Kalli Galles Karla Galloway Madeline Galves Clara Gangwish Todd Garbutt Jim Garcia Lisa Garland Jeff Gebhart Kim Gentry Michael Gerherding Paul Gilleland Linda Gilleland Minda Gilliland Kevin Gist Melissa Glynn Kelly Gochenour Sandy Goetz Bart 14 1 Juniors Had Class K ff . F an V' f"i'?i"' 4 'ar w J :f?"'ff" Us J at -iii f ff, it QL. ' F 'V V L. 'ravi , QT A- ' - 'w N ff -. ir , i fr? ' " ' W' . S Wal' I M X Z' A I 3, 'M' ,, I L B li: NE me ,Air-ff ' Q .- . ' so ' 1 , L K P ' rJJ , F I ,Y ', 'v' W i 1 Jyyy iiii .tw ft M N ' J J ,v ,Z ,, .J - gf -: if , C 5.-V, ii I , C my iii: wrt ,I if' C F I -fe F f y 'fl-vs ,Asia ev' NO' Y me rrl 1 1 X , f 1 A ,. - .1-i :st 9: , ' ,ff "' 4 ' fer ' ,nfliii 1 'li "L ,J ' A N' 1 ' 'V " 1 , A -r " , . nz' 3 U' ' if , X - A N M 'J M ' A ,, 'Q-'X A "' .fm t :S v . K A " X. .zu-'I Q", X 1 7 i if Y ' i m l I -, 'N I ii , I , V I Alf. VA A '1 V , H A 45, rx gpm, K, A R , M J ,., ii K J l V ' J fb 'W t 1 Q fm ff M5 ' if ix f W, ,, V, 3 'Zi 1. V' 4 -, N 12. N- 'M A 7'- " I ,WA T' ,W ,,., N' s J an i r or ' 1 "' 'fi H, are 2 X J F' 'n' Q-Q" 2-. ,- Q' vv' 'X k . 'ga ' A ' K N I . I -1 A if wi wr. v 1 gr, F... .. X: x 1 I , 9. Q ,, , ,,,g: .V , Q ' ,H H , xt ' , ' it Y ,, z - f . K.. xx , t Golich Dan Gordon Brenda Grenier Dale Gunther Julie Guy Cyndi Haass Jeff Hagerott Jill Hall Judy Hall Kenneth Hall Kim Hambrick Todd Hansen Karen Hansen Sonya Hanson Marcia Harrington, Joh Harris Mike Harrison Tina Hately Dee Ann Hatten Jackie Hauffe Mike Hawes Jim Hawks Dave Hawley Dawn Heady David I A A queue of junior girls patiently wait their turn in front of NFHS on registration day. H 7 Heady Kim Heatherly Temple Hebert Heather Hegna Cindy Henderson Dave Henshaw Brady Herman Frank Herold Twyla Hewlings Melody Higgins Ann Higgins Joy Hill Greg Hill Shane Hixson Lori Hladek Tammy Hogan Amy Holden Tammy Houston Cybele Hovis Jim Howard Kayskaye Humberson Jenny Hume Darry Hunt Virginia Hurlburt Mike Hutton Doug n " ' c xi v 5 .I x M 4 , 5 f 4., ' ? 'R- , 4 ' in P ...... 'bu .xg , ,, --N af .,. Q x,fl,Q J. J ' 'vgi t - ' Hytrek Debbie Z' .ai Kerry Key is just one of many students who helped to beautify the grounds of NCHS on clean up day. . WK x .mg Q 4, 4.--Q Q X , Q V 's 5 2 ' lj E35 E , X 1Q x Hr 'l., X V f ini W' gg ' V Tm. t iw 1 Ya 3 'ft s'f ff ' .- 1. .6 qv-Se Wann r 19: -Ly a. Q ,L,. 'A -f'Tg?'i . 'Q 's :L ,wwf " , A A H f ly Q WWVC A g' " , V, n' " li A .- Z -' 'fl ,f . K Q A 1 ' I Z :H we e e, - r-ff, 1 Q , N , it K 4 . 4 M' 'fr' 1. f te.s is gf" 'ft t I i fy, u U Q ,J f if-Q , -'Q R , Ll S X ax . 'S film!! J unjors Carved Their Way 0 Success i b A 'Y' sag an ' ' its gf, . X - X Q 1 " 'W' R ? ff . mg. , W, J " - f gy R . J . ..C sf: or l --J W' "f "J 'Q ' ,T if P 54 V , 31 sv: hwy ir, 6 K J, f l QQ ' W J an J iya J 2. ff ' -, v- f " il ,QM N :vs 1 if -N. R . C si T r 3' ,, LWLL r - K JT 3 ,1,, 515 5 f - '15 . 3 ,- 5 A 'lx q ,gk A , X K ',,. -k,.,. - ' X ' f , 'iv' ' 'Q 5- if 3 ,TL evvsf J ' LL " K llsviy X 1 i J W' l Q'-4 N 5 u ' Gj 8 lf V 1 C- fi! ' ' C ' . 5 ' g .i 'g' - J , ' K 'A 'l ' A X , E ,,.a 5. ' .,. , r Y' 'LN x.A KF D" K an K ,V i. V I if xi' ,lg ,K i get , . k... , f, in J. J 1 'air xiii .-in J " - J ' 1 e J A J P R l K C3 ,Q Q . V 5 K' 1 'k ,i fi K Z: 2' 5 ,' 'X MAS: in. .fr CL ll 2' E xx in I tk' W, X CM- Mgi is b C is.. 1 gg X :X Jii N New J ,gi g J QQ xv s iei - - ' " Q f all ,Ei I . kk A 1 N r K U . J K ' 'QU 2 ix ,S an , , gg J X, , El .QL I rfmi, , Q s4"'f 7- h : x ei X ye. , I C 'gg Z g I , 2 E W,..,,., I 1 D ,Wig Y , f ' ive. 1 X it g P Iglehart Ginny Jackson John James Tracy Japp Julie Jennings Lou Jimenez John Johnson Jacqueline Johnson Lorie Johnson Bob Jones Chip Jones Jay Jones Jerry Jones Kenneth Jones Pam Josephson Lori Lourgensen Janell Joyner Scott Juarez Ralph Jussel Dean Kahn Eliot Kaye Kevin Keith Mary Jane Kelly Connie Kelly Lanette Kelly Renee Kenitzer DeAnn Kennedy John Kennedy Tammy Key Kerry Keyser Debbie Kirby Michelle Kirchnavy Regina Klein Cindy Klone Ron Knudsen Rita Kornkven, Kris Kotarski Colleen Kottwitz Dan Kraff Greg Kumpe Beth Ladd LeAnne Lange Jane Class Of '79 Worked Larcom Melissa Larson Edward Larson Joe Larson Mark Lau Maria Laycock Terri Lewallen Dixie Lewallen Janette Lewallen Lana Lewallen Steve Lewallen Wes Loberg Pam Locke John Lofgren Kitt Long Lisa Lopez Roberta Lorimer Kirk Lower Robert Lujan Therasa Lukoviak Dave Lynch Roxie Mack Bruce MacQueen Jana Madsen Steve Mahan Joe Makinen Jeannine Magnus Chuck Mangus Pam Marlar Carol Martin Amy Martin Bobby Martinez Pete Materi Mark Matlack JoAnn Maxwell Pete McCarthy Julie yn K Toward Goals g , Lia. - A AV 'CQ W . 5 t . .ga , - g ' J' ' 2 2 V, V Q , JA il W, i,,,W,, ,sh 9 ,Clif . XLX A 'TZ' I- V .rx ka? My ff N., .5 ex -Q ,I nice -" 3 gif 1-"" rl ff X' l" 'J 1 , ,.,, f EVAVQX? N 4 A . Y LX-H 4 ,VA 5 F V Ah, no it we , J, ....a. 3 l,i.Xx3-fe ir . 1' if 75 , E' f ' E ' ,' 'L V "' t 2 , 'L Qs :ff ' L s 'ati V r Q5 V ,K -P in L ii f' 'li - Q4 N T- f- ' 1- l"F " 'HB f.-A 4- ,GL -4 - 7 l" ' , -,Q 'J Mm HW' , M , V . , . 1' ' l , in . 1 ' nlun.."'N"" If l l , m M i ii at to affix elf :fi iff' 'Q 'ri .151 ' ' -' ' ll,Jr K ' ' q McCarthy Maureen McCoy David McCrary Stephanie McDaniel Karen it if 'R 5-,Jr af , bv. rys xf- l 4 9 In-i ffl'--'lx ,M tt A 4 ff fix Nw ' .., Amy Martin couldn't resist wading through the McDan 1 Mclntos McKnig McLem McMilli McPher Rick Meier C Means Mestas Mets D Miller D Miller C Miller J Mills -lu Mitton Montez Moore . Morriso Morton Morton Morton Mosser Mullen Munroe Murphy Mike Nation Susan Nesta Kathleen Nickerson Rhonda Nickerson Teresa Niesen Debbie Niethammer Sarah Norman Frederick Obert Terry Olson Ed Olson Olin Orr Sandy Ort David Oskokoff Ken Ostrom Terri Paananen William Park Blake Parker Mark Parrish, Cindy Patton Clay Patton Sam Pennington John Perea Craig Perkins Lori Phifer Virginia Pickering Russ Pickinpaugh, Greg Pierce Debbie Pierce Judy Pierce Todd Tess Showalter and Melody Toney smile at the photographer as they dare him to take their picture. 1 a'.,.ir A 5V EL':f3 V I ' V My A , ' A i""' V D5 T , T , N X-,,.. 1 V i ' V, T i 1 H , ' V 2 vii A gl' n rer . it ' T T 'G To . T '51 T " Y as lo X r y A T y it Djgy W r 'aw Q. I , V - A .i A " s S :vw 56-1 ' ' To F ' ' 'M 'swf 'T J: 'f ' '5 7 X. ' ., af J "' xfh X Iwi Q' 2. . , , fm ' W fo- . T4 TT 5 I ll , 1 :L y sr W f 1 . 'r1. 'T x 'Li' 'EZ' In Tj 'f C ' y - ' if ' ' ' T 'N , T err , A Xyy 4, A 3 I i ,i ,if,,i i' iiis A T A 5 T In 45' a Ai T I lil V QT' 'T' 3, ,,, f- '- .1 T, c-' T fl T' . 'S 5-1. Mi Vi' S' v ',,AW' v I if T iv Vi I L 3 H fl A ,,,,...-- ws., X X3 f- gli"-' D W 4 -f""'K s Ambitious J unjors Moved Ahead 'Uv ' K 9.1- ' .-f -Q C, '- , 4. 1 me I' 'Cf -in - an I ' K Q K ,fx mf f : i I as R ff 1. 'CTT' My f T . . E . ..KV,,'KK, L M ,. A R, .W ,. 1 . ,W , K if KKH KK KVM 'R if r WK -" 3.2 ,,., I re t , l t ' rliz it - F A 5 I X i +P '- ' J 7. ' r -1' at A mm,, . .., .,,.. . K' f i nf' ff! L ,,.,, K ,. K K K K K K ,, M 1 'E m y ' "'e I f"" . R if N ig! , I A rx , X , A, If . 2" Pope Paula Prejean Liz Price Kermit Pringle Danny Puhrman Sue Pulanco Philip Puzey Scott Quarve Mike Quinn John Rea Bill Reamer Richard Redman Jane Reeb Steve Reeves Michele Reid Lee Reimer Jeff Reynolds Diane Richey Elaine Ripperger Craig Ristau Anne Rizzi Mark Roberts Mary Roberts Paul Rodriguez Danny Rogers Amy Romero Gail Roop Chris Roseberg Brenda Rosty Linda Roth Margie Royce Brian Rudd Linda Rue Laurella Ruiz Cedora Ruonavar Tim Russell Meredith Class Uf ,79 Enjoyed Their Year Sack John Samet Mary Sample Teresa Sanchez Laura Sanders Teri Santisteven Greg Schell Lisa Schlager Laura Schlicht Duane Schneider Jim Schneider John Schoonover Roger Schroeder Cloetta Schuetz Debbie Schulenberg Jennifer Schultz Theresa Schuppan Tammy Seese David Sefang Roy Shafsky JoAnn Shaw Howard Shaw Rick Shaw Tonya Shinkle Karen Shinkle Kathy Shinn Lori Shipley Scott Showalter Cathy Showalter Tess Shroyer Don Shuman Robin Shutts Mary Sides Holly Simmons Andy Singer Mary Singleton Steve nz in -A Aa.. N -22 ' ,QJ im' Q' Y w s A af ' nv gi by 4 J ff ,X V 1 JJ 22,4-X J f? 4' H ' S J ii" .fbi JJ J N g, I i , X A "fy, fa J e 5? 1 i , . 3 P L ,gy J J j YL 1- A ,, 6 E J g y ff: 51 ' J f ' J 1 ' M f yy JJ, "J J if 1 lysis K 5 F 2 mx W af g if -YJ f ss' v J 914-,JJ gVg'.J,,' i 1 qiyye J KJ .L , Wg igv M J Mfg J f J 1' J JJJ f J f Ji sl i J fig - f J s A 5 f gl f f .Q "N - .Ji . J,..4-- f 3 'fr ly J 5 l if i y 1 J J e .N by 'ss' J. nth- Sinnema Jerry Sjostrom Eddie Slensker Brent Smith Autumn Smith Chris Smith Dannette Smith Eddie Smith Lisa Smith Toni Soper Steve Southwick Jim Stauffer Mark Stearns Carolyn Stege Matt Stewart Robert Stinnette Allen Stoner Don Stoner Mike Stoner Tom Stong Debbie Stombaugh Sandy Stradling Loa Strahan Bill Streeter Spring -if X 2 W 4 F W A 31 f A I , , iigzzy ',- ' I . x J' I Ga: .K Q I ,, 'X nl H 5 - Swanson Mary 'fvlgigigi ' - if if . S 1 Sweeten Cindy H 4 'f-1. t .. x - W, o f ,W,, h V4 Ai '-A , 'O ' ng -- i ' ' G 4 . ' ' , -my ,sv V K .. z I if X 1 ff: 4 U. H ,'2:W X 'tx f 'Y Y 42' .N i T ' , we ' P Til 'R f W 14 av X X - jilj, " R Q'-'. X .11 Z1 7 'k . , , Sk I s 4 I , N K' ,. H' 0 fu? vvfli X.: ., K lm. 5 -::v . .v 1, uf' V - ,-, qu' K J, k K 4 . . . A -' V -c . , at , .4 Q f , t fmt. -A 1 - me or N: ip iv. if if .ii -'t-wfilf R G S 5 A . S j 2 '- .- V .5 f-1 - ,, t r - if i me tix t v I K f , KH- 'N' ' vi i U xx inf 5 li i Lisa Garcia took the usual plunge in the pool during activities day as she served as an officer in Student Council. Sweeten Rosemary Thorne Monteen Talbot Debbie Tipton Laurie Taubert Robert Tobin Robert Thomas Kristal Toney Melody Thomson Tammy Townsend Bambi Thompson Greg Toy Raymond Underwood Gene Underwoon Buddy Upton Wileen Vanderpol Kim Vang Steve Vanl-lorn Pam Tucker Shirley Trujillo Victor Trujillo Jeff Tripeny Jim Travis Ted Ukele Don K rr 9' ' Wo 'Q' N 'O' One More Year! Q , A v J 'i371"- 1, ii 'b J-4 'g x. ,fi - It .e f X -W A 1: K ,Miami X if-ix 5 soo I N, iii I "1 ' 1 +V me X K K in if 4' Ly. X i xv' YI X l I' ' f A if 1.-me e 4 ' xt , i wrjiieg K N th f. Rgfwvvy Q 3 S at l V if. fi' "e if '4"1 if X i s li , in fi ,A.,,., ,,,.,.x Q, i E' -' -' F! - is na: 5 a , ' 'nr 3 f -V te it Q , 2 , ...A Zellner Polly Zimmerschied Amy Jones Alvin 4 tii F r e 31-Gt Qt if F 5. - , us e gt ' I . 4 Y i ix J .e,fW 1.gE! E Bright Leonard Vassar Richard Vialpando Robert Wagner Sharon Wait Julie Waite Mike Walker Craig Walker Teressa Wallace Vicki Walsh Ricky Ward Steven Watson Eddie Weber Chet Weber Ginger Wegner Gerilynne Weiss Jim Wemmer Robby Wendling Debbie Wendtland Anthony West Wanita White Tracy Widiker Debbie Widmer Thea Wiford Tina Wigley Perry Wilber Scott Willadsen Brenda Willett Trent Willey Mike Williams Esther Wilmes Floyd Winship Jonny Wood Lecia Woodward Jim Wortham Micky Wroble Janice Young Vivian S 0 ph om ore Class Oflibers --.. ,'-1 i 1 li 3 ru 'V K ,MM BACK ROW: Tammy Jensen FRONT ROW: Gail Claar, Mike Vlastos, and Cindy Thorson A . Q' li 5 I Q, 1 dnzlff if -. ,N 0. L-rf ' 'W"fs, rd , K Q V. f, ff ,X , In gf Soph om ores B egjn To Cljm b A" , -r ff' F N 'Q ,M 4' 'fm J 1 1 A' i5b sy, ii Q me J 'Q ll J it l V i f I., ,F l " ff V J 3' FF Willa 3. C ix 1- V fi . K Q 'ff fm, J ,,.,LJ Q . hx, it gf -A s 33' VV V . fy S K ZV F - 55' n trfsai, Q , N 2 way' E5 .,.' . , , it 1- Q ii. J' Q milf 1? 5: :rid J WH ' '73 4... QV- an ' 4' ,119 f 491' ,y t M A J 2 ' Abbott Shari Adams Alice Adams Terrie Adamson Shane Akers Michael Albers Pam Alexander Mike Alford Annie Allen Jerome Allison Bobby Alterhaumer Jim Amend David Anderson, Pat Andreen Marcia Andrews Elwood Antonovich Paul Archuleta Robin Armstrong Judy Ashburn Pat Atkins Gigi Atkins Glen Avey Chuck Baker Barbara Baker Miller Bale John Barankiewicz Craig Barella Sue Barelle Lisa Barker Diane Barton Hellan Bartosh Elaine Basko Cathy Bauer Joe Baum Andrea Bayert Billy Bean David 17 Remember 1980 A ear To Beardsley Kent Beasley Allison Beaudoin Anne Beaumont Danna Becker David Belcher Walter Benson Susan Bertrand Patti Biggs Greg Biggs John Bitner Tammy Bittleston Stuart Blank Vicki Boe Tammy Boehler Bob Boender Mike Bolton John Boston Blythe Brakett Jerelyn Broadhurst Tony Bradshaw Karen Brake Jean Brandon Vickie Brashear Becky Brecheison Deanna Brewer Sandy Brister Daphne Britain Kelly Braodway Ronnie Brooker Kay Brown Corinne Brown Janet Brown Jeff Brown Matt Brown Steve Brubaker Tom Brunner Jim Bryan Gary Bullington Val Burk Wayne Burton David Bynum Darryl 5 , .fc Q it ' A A , - ft.. I 1,,n-tg i it- ,, 'K' J ff' A'-mf 1 ' -r- ,-' U if J ii iff -J V ' -w f 4 fx Ni A r ge, if , , f i if Sixgx! fl v ,K , , 1 il W ' Q .Q . ' wh .1 J is . ,,,,,- , +. , A 1 , -N" M,-in YV 'war 2 .. ., f ' ff :,' . --,k K1 it W 'fl . K K J S f , ezine t fig 4, K .QM K K :S xl V5 25555 : :gf ' H , L i , 'i is D B J ' ',1j.1w . A X 'MQQ '7r1:inn1 s an tk- 5 37,18 . 5.4 V. ... . is S' .3 is ' tv, he a 'A if ., -. ,maui .x 0. M xr- ' f W .- at iiiii Q1 i A it R' ij ii, , :os ' ffl 1 x K P X N gl 1 it fm f 55 A gg, .Q N.. V , 'f L 4' 1.3. nn' ,f.- v- H K ' -1 'Se Q Q Im T .111 X'h, s K 5 ' W Q QQQ I K 4 if . ,F "fi - fffieff J 1 as evcs l r- 1 ff flaiigf 2 -1g.pfVr - l . is f"',' 5 ST K I 2. K 1 , km - J, ' I. .1--fi' ', . . , 9 , My Q W.- . Q Qu- El . ., ii - s Z' itii-1 ,- ii.1 D it J J i. Q -N f . fy . f. Vice Principle, Jim Buchannan's store room is bursting at the E, E fm. ... V, I .A VIV V r H 3? -, fi? Q v Ynllifif iifl J ' 13.1, ,f S , ,VNS ' x Y i , ' :il rw fm , my J seams with broken chairs. aiu: f r ,, J l ff "lf , 1 -22' .. - 'ff s ' - nieKi-3' . fQ'v ffzyzf J "'f r y , gl X Aix h ,gg i V71 n B' sq L' X J' s f J ' Q 3: y , 3- ':?1 fr J y 5 i i 1 J L Q r , 1, ' on 7 f ' . , V ' . 'L for ef! fr 2 l X I f I Y' w" Byron Rex Cacciavillani Tony Cady Earl Carstens Toni Castlebury Shonda Caldwell Donnita Campbell Deanna Cannon Jo Anne Cherer Betty Chilton Dan Carlson Lauri Carlson Jon Carney Terri Carpenter Kaycee Carpenter Judy Carpenter Susan Carrol James Carson Tammy Caster Mickey Cercy Tony Chadderdon Kim Chase Kim fa ,H .. K Chorniak Joe Christensen Brent 1.5 K ,Q Y cw, s -as-r W Christoferson Karin LV C . Chynoweth Janet Claar Gail Clark Brenda '1 V - V9 'N 5 Clark Jeff S A 53. Claunch Dori - , ' J 'SM' , '+- Clay Diane M V, f K Cline Deanna 1, ,iv :fr fr5x,,,1 Af V Cochran Curt A 5 A, ff ' " , Coffman Luke . iie' f -if f -'-1 Sin ' " ' I Coleman Brendan Caleman Tod Compton Daine Compton Wayne Conger Don Conley Chris Mi, H Q s 1. ,K ,y g - 5 X V +1 5 ,fha rtl Ji, 1' WW? ,Q A,- ,,,. u , -V f l if K 511 'ef 'C 1 4 ,Vi M, ., i .H f uw + '11, vw V55 ..f A-V R A , K ..' Brad Johnson finds a humorous moment in the halls as he waits for the next class to begin. I In ' ,-ff" . Q- C ' , W., , Cf . 'IM Q 51 A , if ,. , . , may , " I S, ',,: 1' fi 1 ,gag Q.: ,f- r ' : 1 . A , - g ', ,A rv X ."'i -c . A, 9. v ,fl ,f Q 'I ff x f K ' fy! zbsjf 'Ji ,9- ,Mh ' xg-V ' la"5+N 5 r x 4 X N x U .-1 e f X-rf gp . . C rv' up- W C . JA li-if : Si' it ' 'rag 3 Condelario Troy Cook Kelly Cox Mike Crahhe Cathy Crotteau Rochelle Crouch Paul- ,A 'SP 'Q' rr' f- 0 S-4 TI' , fs 1 C ' ii 1 ffv' Us 9' V' ,L 17- A ..f ' QT L ,,,, " .. J 'M ' .Gym QQ ' - C sy-AVN, - 's:: - E .,1.g.Q" sf' ,'g'izi W if . lx .XMWS I C lx XX if-' l w at if, Cooper Wendy Coulter Kristin Craver Brenda Craft Robin Croy Kim Curry Donna Todays Dreams . T . . Tom orro ws World In Qf , :yy 4 -Q e Q -ef 1 XI if il, ,flu I W-I ,Q f QM- I n L f fffii X10 Je:-W 6' J t ' J: ? . 'uw 4'.?: It - "sm 'l "f?iii52..x ARL My if L di . . f + A I A ., ,gn-Qi ' A L :-. i s 1-in , V ' 1 "'i ., l . he he gf- X we E "' 2 xi :1:': .,:.'E 5 ll ,THV ki A W 4 K iik V , 'i 7 u R "if: K ' ' Q-'K if fi l ',r 1 , . Y ,W -we 1-ff' '-3 1 V- 'ffm M 7' - N, ir v. , -.-, x l V si,N fan! ,N r . f.. wi R.. 1 ,ia use 4 i- , . V. - ug --is we ar '3 M nv , V A if V 1 p ' , . l ' '5' , ' Q "' -ir ,JI 'f 'M I i '-,f 3 W.,f 'av' X , I 1,- ,fi"f " i' A or My . L 5 of A' 32: L ETL- J it hi --..-e ' jg L' ' 1 is -'aff "jig S " 1, . '36 ' A ' 5: gl Lt W fake 'Mol V' ,...-.1-N1 54 Dahill Liz Dahlby Miles Dalgarn Tammy Dalton Debbra Daniels Paige Daniels Terry Daugherty John Davis Melissa Deines Lisa Deischer Brian Deluca Debra Depoorter Stephan Devorse Derek Desepio Jody Dewald Rhonda Dickinson Jack Diesburg Julie Dietrich Lori Dill John Dillard Raymond Dobbs Larry Dockter Myra Dozeman Laura Dudley Dan Duerden Donna Durham Carl Dye Karen Eckhart Lester Edwards Jonce Eggleston Brenda Eklund Jerry Erickson Cheri Evenson Merri Farley Janice Farrell Renae Faul Brenda 183 S 0 ph om ores Strive For Victory Fiedor Darren Flinn Susan Flint Kelly Fogle Debra Forsling Pete Forsyth Doug Foster Mary Fowlkes Greg Freiberg Jon Gallinger Scott Garcia John Garcia Juanita Garner Virginia Garriott James Geuke Sheila Geiger Warren George Jeanne Gibbons Terry Gilbert Bret Gillett Julie Gillett Stacy Gish Judy Glynn James Glynn Kathleen Gold Karen Goodro Caline Gottlob Penny Grace Betsy Gras Linda Gray Susan Freenwood Suzanne Gregory Tom Griffin Lea Grimlie Toni C russendorf Steve Guenther Tank .ff f 7. ' i I , In me N, 1 V Jet, V i ' I 2 Q 5 S J , . Q ' I t 53 gpg .,.., 9' , 'e , f e , "v +- i ' J J S 'J' I Vffi K V , v I 'K lb I, ' . , fm . K: K A 3, l V 1 fi 1 tl M ,, 2 y f gg is 1 aft l S' QW T ' ' A- l ffjlrl. en f K x li. , ., X what 1 l ,Q 5 in 5 fn? J S 5 V S , .. E + A , W G: - S . .fy la ., I g, V . ,. If K, xy A, I fi i li S . ,fx 1 'm Ein., A "5' A ,.z 5 ,un 'W 'if -r. ., 3' 1 .ILL an 1 xi. l J ' f . gb fm, jay 3 ' 1 ,i +3 erye GQ, , 4-gi - , , ,, fQg13Qfr'z ' ff 325, Q s... fi 'K A ' . I 'i fm fi XX :Y ' 7 fl .-3.-RNA I1 , V 4 ,4 i X 'Elma ' i N- i at cg X A S4527 ,. 3 xg ,m,,,1, X gggjygltilv gk I ., K ,I .4 K J f . fs. , 2 Ei hz - 5-Ti A Z 1 if- ' w -sf fa-,Q eff B ev f 7 i, s T J . i, i,f ,fix Q-4 at , 'r V,,,ilQ,, fi i 1 FQ! gt K fl: Xi' I'-W: lj H ' i - . A 5 3,13 5 ls B FJ! 1J',. s4f:fl?w'iwf iii S '- ' W . 51,1 'ia f ' id- I if ...J Quo , r S4 if .Q y g ,E s hi r' 4 , X J, ,.1+ -,- M 57, - von F I 43'-A X x f X av 4 3 3 ilk W ,N ' 'I-:vi In ' lull-in Hacker Dennis Hall Brenda Hall Tammy Halstead Fritz Hansen Dawn Hansen Doug Hansen Peggy Hansen Tom Hanson Michael Hardesty Laurie Harris Chris Harris Stephanie Harris Susan Harrison Roxie Hartnett Tom Hauff Becky Haverlock Linda Hayden Brad Hedges Dan Hedquist Craig Helling Jac Helling Kirk Herbort Donald Hicks Ken Higgins Margaret Hill Brad Hill Stuart Hillegass Dale Hirst Tom Hitshew Ken Amber Johnson's face expresses shock for what is about to come as she is flung through the air into the Activities Day mud pit. l 185 Hittle Laurie Hittle Victoria Hixson Mike Hoerner Chris Holden Randy Hollingsworth Tom Hokanson Connie Holcomh Stuart Holt Steve Holwuttle Richard Horkan Dan Hudson Jody Houston Diane Houston Lenore Howell Christina Hughes Ellan Hunt Retha Hurley Linda Hurtt Charles lserman Tom Jackson Dorothy Jarrard Drenda Jensen Tammy Jerome Kevyn ,,,g, a , '74-Q v Q... ,Q--' 5 QM 4..- Y .11 2 iw? iff . .Mas w -.. P- . 'i' any-vc QL A in X 1 C i A W 9 xl! f Av 'Swat J s if-J Q y , if , 0 If VV' ro? as K lfftif V,:- A fl my lx . jc!! If v . 1' , 'N M K ' --Y" ' tn , Q x to at at M: X vi . 214 it 'V L -I Y' V W L V P.: "' ' 4, tu 1 X M- 77' I yrlt , if-M of, ' new T" ti ,W V - h f l? L, V fgi-,L 1' f A 1 fix ix W, 1, Vickie Blank seems very exuberant as she walks into her last hour class. We 'Ve Only J ust Begun 1 x X!-K W W ef 4 ' A ' - A E Q w 355, K . I -...M , I Mk, f , QQ Y W ,,,, up A 'v 3: -mf A VK' E. in.. A .J ,J s.....,Bv,., --xv.---N Wv-- . 3,- Q I J. A if A Y , V -:L i - M- , Q Y , J gl . V - if 'Q ff- 'M' V exizwsf n nv U H ff 2 , - a X' ' A i .. Vs f . . ,.'- Y 'iii . 'QA' Y 15- 4 K I I J ' 6, N1 , fi bg? , 9, I X K , r 'ae' w , .T E N i . 4 'K 'f y f . 0 L nr U Fw ' fi it M L sg: -- P We I 'gl 1 k'kk N -'bx ' ' - . 1 V ' . Vt ,ff L t ,i., -.. ,J i H i 1 . ,L.. 'A' ' .. - , ' - A w- L .-L .J 4 v K r Q K s ' Q ,., -ff ,- x , f ' A, W . W 1' f. L H S, .Nik Yr L r B or - A f , X, as Qs 1 K , K K I xx ,Im 5 .1 Q es Q in 5 J eff: D Q, , , i X , v if ,"'f are f n ff' if .N ' i' ' ' it .1 f 1 5 it , ,fn Lrnr Q gi, n , K :NY-3 . It 1 "A J' ,. fig K . ,T-Q, if ei l? ,.,,,- , -N. Q I Ahf f I sw .L x rw vi V, K 2 I J '2" it f.a ' if b,,, ,f i -- ' , ' f ' J 'vw . S' 'x H- 5, ' 'A X . , fl ,, X Y - ,, .. L -- 4-vw 'Yr- - L -1 ' , 4 " v f -an A 1 xv X 1 1 jiri NV ll las - Johnson Amber Johnson Ben Johson Billie Jo Johnson Brad Johnson Liz Johnson Mike Johnson Teresa Johnston David Johaston Dell Jones Bryan Jones Collin Jones Rebecca Jozwik Dwayne Juday Richard Jussel Philip Kahn Rena Kellck Larry Kelly Jana Kennady Jim Kennady Chris Kern Leslie Key Ted Kidd David Kidder Kelly Kienzle Kathle Kilpatrick Debbie Kington Karen Kirby Eric Kirkland Sandy Kiser James Klein Daphne Klein Pat Koch Kristen Kopruwick Peter Kottwitz Dan Kottwitz Debbie Kraft Barbra Kraft John Kwedor Mark Lammers Jeanne Land Shawna Landis Joe Easy Goals Establish Pride Lanning Todd Larkin Krissy Larsen Jodee Larson Steve Lawien Tracy Lay Brett Layton Michael LeClere Laurie Ledford Laura Leggett MaryAnn Leiseth Joe Lawallen Dawn Lewis Daren Lewis Doug Linford John Link Ken Long Jay Loomis Schlee Lorass Jack Loranc Tommy Lott Kathy Lukewiak Joe Lutz Jean McCaddy Alex McCateer Joe McCaskey Kevin McClaskey Mike McCracken Bryan McConnaughy John McDonald Rhonda McGill Logan McIntosh Vicki McLean Marty Madden Judy Mahaffey Dean Mahnke Lynn or Sophs 1 fwfr 4 J. 0 'A R li ,D as J 'f J ' my "' ' A' N' M ' , 'f ' 7 4-M, fi' wr t 1 id N, F it s x I ,E NJ .. 1 I 1 V ' + ' E - gk, J , J XJ A +- f y ' - J 5 Ksili-H ii JI? '1 1 A ' ' fo J All A 2 K ,J 1 J h f nw. J Vi,W, I V AK J xi 'F 'J J 4. 1 W' its 8 W Q ,i'ii ty fi iixvi I K Wk K H A of K K aww? l ll il' 3 'i AKD if L J J "' 'Reef' " gm V ' 91.3" 4 4 D at if r J , i X ,- ,J D 5 f ' ' X, ' r J if-ii Ji-' 2 J A ' Q 3 -15,1 V' 'if Q.. -I JJ.-1 L it L f' l is M. as . Z E f l F4 s...f JA ,I K-. U J - .,x,,, L ii as l, , r 3 li f l ' X 5, . Y -33 K - vs - 'uw fb 4 ... ,. . " ' Ska . - . 's t 557-sf 'lm 2 5 'Y' K i,L r fini 9. , rf ,'. ',f'X -5,- r f i Hr' ...V ,.. 9' "Va K . Wt, f 1..- B.- .. k K. N5 .. J- , at by V ,ww N 15, 4' -1 9 V 4 rf 'ft' 'fy' if Qi f . as fe W - z 1 , .ip 7 ,Q I .,1v ft- A . KN. K ' M 'sf X- A ff' ani? 8 . 55 " ,,,- .. 6 , . I 'Q' F w., Q 8 y gd I. ,, L .T .. . Z .1 is N fi l ' 5 1 , .-TH sa I A ',h 'ii , I . o r ,axe mpc f sv 1 get .q ' s M ' , K 1--.', 2 1 . . ns? m 6. 'Q' 'Y -.f-ani.. Q l l ,cw .- 14 v . wr ' JF- .1 rv-" Q. J X I, ,HL i l .lug Miller David Miller Kim Miller Lisa Millett Jess Mills Heather Minelli Jennifer Missel Peggy Mitchell Alan Mitchell Jerry ,vw v .W - v w f 'Q t . 15 A -, 4.42 . WU S X- n- L I t Miller Tammy Miracle Mark Mitich Diahann I L Maguire Ann Maluchnick Karen Malmquist Jeff Makinen Jeanette Jeanette ManSell Mark Marlin Melody sr' s. k ,, F I vi Marlow Peggy ix, W- 1' - 1, ' Martin Derek Y W A i Martin Terry I K.. martin Tiy h V 'fl artinez nt ony . 1 5 A Martinez Tony - 'Ar N' I Martinez Cindy .A ji , A Marinez Jacki x v b " :A Mathes Crystal N 1 fe k . is Medley Dirk s M , , 3 ' 'ft' Meloy Rob Michaels Anna M... Jo Baum, one of the students who work in the office during the day, listens intently to instructions before she hegins to type a memo. V I Yi' Montoya Marilee V .Vi 1 I , fi Moon Keith ff. . 7 W ' V Moon Ronda , V A - V Moon Valerie Mooney Janet Moore Lynn 4 p. ,XV VV .gVr.. Vu kk V1 7- ga X if' i . k Q: .. if f fl ,V A , 1 'Y 4 . "5 .,, "x 2 ' , me 'H' p . :LA I Y , N. -.41 ' W if Moore Marandy Moore Sharon Moreno Norma Morford Bob Morrison Marvene - Mueller Sheri , Y X . ,xv V ff ' ' .,, M . f H Q,- sv, 4 Q11 S VK Q A V I f V VV ffm-,N ' V . x X V Vx X X 5 4 za at " 2 VVV VV f V. K i gi ,L , I V ,V A Vw ,F W Murphy Michelle AA. .l e .5 V - A F A V, Myers Joetta -Y' 'f " 55, ' V ' ' .q, Myers Scott V -S, I , Neff Jeff N , , f N , Q LV y pf Nielson Jeff Q 5 , 4' N Nelson Debbie " " ,f Q V V Hi , A I A -'Qi w w v . Q W Neumiller Jerome gn . - K A V V Nickerson Barbra 'tr A 4 A, s-'fl ..:'., . Nickerson Donna is -' V r ,i', A fe V Ab , , Nickerson Ralph V V ' ., , A ,I T4 Y' a 5 VXA- yr. W Niegisch Paul Q ' 9 Q. QV " 1 Nixon Allison A i Q 5 ' '- "iv ,,1' fi ' - ' 5 -1. N X Chris Mathes climbs her way to i Mx-M the top along with the rest of the ' sophomores. X VNXX ww 1 " lx, X! fx XX XV by S 0 ph om ores Begin To Cljm b . A, . 1,A, mi Q 'f ,K O P , . lf' " :gi 'I "" A "" -5 ' 4. 0 , JLQ t 7 . A' 'f-' 5 ' ..ff'f' . - -N ,.', ,7T.,z xii. "' rx s fJ'.,':?i '5h" ig ri "X Sh 1 9' V lm'X O. A3 li l , . ----f, 1 : f' O . O P W I --so f al if . ' Z s : . f O 3-z 9 ' 1 ' A ' h - i f - l1 L C ., P O 'N P tese 5 Alex. I ,, Q at re- ' W -ss it , A-Q c N:Q X529 ill ' " - cm 'l,, M. --f . 1 "7 O ' ii iw' -,., I Qi' P P xx O Q V 5 I :ak ,N , 5 iff. 'Q . Q ly , l J I' . ,if - y. A x .Ifbl JZ- I O , M fi PM d l - O , lit! '12-A se 311 : O ' ' + X ' f - 3 O ,rf ' P , A -ffidsi A A ff i R'-Tl ,di 'nf M 'Omagh f n ' P, I if iv 1 'ee f Q il N ' ' , , D Q ' ffl l ,.,, . bxx - H X I fiish zx' . ,L V XA if fit. R X i ,-N ii iw " 3' C' - at mai ,+A 1--fi' Norcross Sarah Norman Angela Velvet Novotny O'Brien Dan Odasz Dan Odell Winnie O'Keefe Mary Olbert Beth Oldham Susan Olquin Annette Olson Leo Olson Vern Ondler Mona Opitz Christine Orchard Pat Ore Dan Ort Nancy Osborn Mary Jane Owens Richard Page Dwayne Palmquist Amy Parks Elainea Palet Julie Parmely Karry Patterson Jon Paull Kara Pawlowski Laura Peek Steve Peterman Gayla Petersen Kaye Peterson Marsha Petty Susan Petty Stacey Pierce Mike Prazma Tammy Price Brett Prince Jeff Prince Carol Propp Kathy Pomeroy Todd Porter Gary Porter Sandy Potter Lance Potter Liz Potter Sandy Powders Mike Putnam Alan Race Lisa Rader Gary Ramsey Rita Reed Diane Reed Tina Reese Marty Reeves Matt Reid Kim Renick Ronda Reutner Stephanie Reynolds Andrea Rhoades Scott Richardson Tracy Richmond Sherri Riegert David Rldgewaut Tammy Ridley Vanessa Rittenour Jeff Ripperger Connie Rochelle Pat Roden Dan Rodriquez Ruben Roth Chris Rouse Matt Sage Dorthya - s ,M itil r 4.- f it Q X q' I L4 ' f gn i VVVG f r, g aw I it 1' ' it i 5+ it , X 3 - if , ler t . U ie f 1a t 9- r 1 i Sis. . if 5" Q f x L ,ff x J 'lf i ' wa A A ,N ,, A A ' M is V, 0 Y -4. ,V X AAL . I L: it 'mv q tr 5 -'., V17 In 1 , :gi N +9 'K w ' 2 i to Pfiei f r nr' I ' L 3 1 i ii-, iz' R if 4, lf" Q ' It fe f X ' K in , .Ani I The hollow halls at N.C. seem quiet while awaiting the students to begin another days studies. Sophomores: The Leaders Of The Future S . , lic' .. ,- L Cv i K K - -sl i M vw ,Awake i. H A i . j is ie. A g f Santistevan, Carla ' f g ir 1 Y ' f Q ff - ' ' Satterfield Rory G . eA,. . ' ,, i A ifggn --.. I5 iez N' .. 2 Q Schaff Jeff V 1 ' f feLee if f'jQfg2 R .5 ni . Scheeler Brian L .4 i. Vg f 'RK'-gl: , 7' 'I 'ff Schieferstien Greg f .. , ., 1. s ,wma -. .. 3. I , ,, ' 5 'f" ' 'A' A N 1 'm m ' " ' ' Schmidt David eeee S 3' W in 1 ,, S Q9' , " 'J SH V R Z ' kX,e ' 'M' L Z ' . we . A mg 'A Q' s f 1 , Schmidt Terri 'ef ' x ,ii W ' L ' Schmidt Bill M ,i'AL U 'if 'J ,,i '. gi' 2":, , ,tw Schroeder Brian .Q ',l" L f ' ' ,L ,-L -N Q P L L Schroeder Donnetta qlbl 'ay i f' -In 1 is ifi ir Schukman Bob L i if-'....... """' ' r-" ' Schulenburg Pam Schuler Dan Schuman Nancy Schuppan Sonja Scott Kelly Sealock Laura Searles Lana .f"fv- 4 5 i I g 1 1 Searles Lisa W- Sears Jeff 2 ,Q H, Y Selby Kristi i 1 Selby Rock Shaw Rebecca T if I shamiey Kirk 'ii L '- X , Shindebower Loyd gk 5, Shinkle Mary xv WW' AM 'L 'P Shipley Charles , 1" Showalter Chelle 4 J Eiga i Shuman Rea l ' - " - D- M N151 Shutts John 'ltr A ,, Ai . W - JK 'va "Q ir L , iv Q 1 13 ,X Silva Henry W- - L Q ' gi, ii 'Y' Silvernagel Tracy . .3 K' if , S. J 1 ' F L 4 . . S lmmons Dann ' -W c - . ' 'Y , Sisco Felecia S eil 'Qui HV +1 - i' xi Sjostrom Katrina -' " S 'ai ' ' , L xl 5 ai 1 Skansberg Lorrie Skogen Theodore Slane Kelly Sloan James Small Duane Smith Tony Smith Darline Smith Debbie Smith Jerry Smith Jim Smith Jonalie Smith Kevin Smith Laure Smith Scott Sneesby Jackie Solley Cathy Sonesen Jim Soper Jenny South Tom Spaulding Gene Speyer Ed Spilde Bruce Statts Jim Stetson Krystal Stewart Marcie Stinette Susan Stone Robert Stong Alan Stratton Shela Strohecker John Strother Kim Stover Duane Studer Lance Styles Sam Summerford Dawn Summers Ted Summerlin Shirley " ophomores Seek L63d6I'Sh1pv 4 w sr - .Q 4-H f" A TiT"i - 4. V Sa- in J . Qvr, J A R J, 42" 5, .5 J V A T t ii J, V ff' ,"" ff . J l rere i e J n is J g . K Jam A. A tg 5 K .2 'VC 'im 9 WA vi ,Q f X' J 1 ff oeir .1 J. 1 3 5? A x Ju :mga W V. F i .. V I, A 'V 'r if LV M E 1 ' ff 'H mf V. V V 15 li Ai S I 4 I A , X isji , K: ,I EA what iff? 4 :Jill i ' p V - in l ' I 3 'N a i will X J L L I A QL ,VVV fr 1 I Jw K if --.. S- l 'v F l ' ' f ' if , ' s SJ' In ,fm if 5 S Qt A J T ' '. -.AL ' Sri ii ,,.. J L 1 V ii " f ii S' ' ,fi mt Siey J AA J K get J , .fl J S . l V -' 'J 41-w J l K- J ' ...,. - , ,I ' ' Q ' "' 2 rf: K IQ in x K 1 Q X .,,. 5 A T I M Ji, RJ J ge J J J We J W K as f.. an J Q. I' J ,- - ., 9 J J ' JJ ' J A e g X T 'T 'T JJ J t 1-E' .JJ,' if J ' W it :fir J JJJJ f JJJJJ ef: Q M-J nw' ' l be ti"' 5 yrff H J ff ' -3 : 2 nm -I ' wana . -Q41-gr 'E T js, i . ,. gym' ,K r me . 1 i e .f 1, e is.: gf: li' Al n +- "I, ' .QVQNL Q Q t -W J' V f ,. "- ' Lg ' Z 1 J QW., M, . -'2:::L:4 in w, I. , ' V .,. , P xi AW N l 'E is Z V - . K si 'ss 1 l - ...Sf -1 'G i i T' , 1 Q.. 'WL :wi ffli ff 17 hw I K . W 'A Q ' K .. V 1 il A ,A ".. - HF -'1-11I .. k' ' -a 'Q N 5. r la bl Q V. at " x- 5 i W' --v gr , . . ig if V XBHY I Sink wx 4- .. K i YVQ-,A T r :fa K Trumbell Jeff Turner Debbie Vancleave Brayn Tucker Mike Tuss Matt Vanderbloom Sheila . -.Ax : 'TT " r - , ,.....- 2. ' . f. rv v K 'if. 'O 1. ,X lv ig, fa it 6 Z, Sutherland Shane ' 1 Swanson Todd Talbot Scott I l 39 V 'iq' 5-,si , Tageant Linda ' li' '. - Tatro Robert tilt M ff " ' Taylor Marva A 4,., if ,TT T Tedford Chris Tekell Twila l hm A "t W A J Teuscher Cheri fwf Tillman Archie X Tillman Mortan Thiemann Don sf b W e A Thomson Jeff 5 "W " 5 Thompson Shelly YS ' 11- f- Thorson Cynthia qqyki , E5 yzbly Tarrons Allen is ' Tripeny Pat 4 'W , A,Z,1y.. T2 Truax Joe If ' xl i tw '- 13, .zizniyyx i l e ,gr 5 s 1 , - .mr Tucker Linda Ukely Gary Vanderpol Jacklyn Turner Carol Unangst William Vang Cheryl ,I J' ,. 4 .. z i : Nicki Beaudoin finds that helping to run the Forensics bar-h-que is a lot more than she can handle and needs the soft shoulder of Laura liedford to cry on. Walsh Jacqueline Wambeke Jeanea Wagelin Cary Weber Roger Weinrich Susan Welborne Chris for good studying. FF 'M I :a.",,..,' a 4 ., , V, els. , if , S an 1 ' Wifi Y , f . 5 i fl x 1 Q fm 4 ll is V W 'V I 5. , XWVM- -. f no . 5,4 ,,,u L I rm., EA,,,,, r ig 'B ,. f . Q57 ,F 1 ,., ,, 9' ' -lk mfr: 1 - ,-ff 4 e e . r J K ,kk gi R tt I - K , E ,na V K- ' -W . L, I ' Q' , I N l e NN -4' 5 ' . X is v-X ,A, ,f,1- xv Vg y J W Nancy Schuman and Doug Lewis find the facilities in the library suitable J V ' A 1. D 1,, if I a lx: Ia' Vang Tom Vassar Curt Vignaroli Richard Vlastos Mike Walker Rich Wall Tammy Waters Greg Watson Debbie Wells Tonya West Brian Wheatley Greg Whitefoot Terri Vayo Diane Wales Jim Wallace Mark Watson Randy West Julie Whitehead Dan Sophomores One Step Closer l 1 Q' als o M A ' Q if 'i Q eg. e . W' rr e .1 g ' V , J K M. N J f 4 er.. of Q Q, 5x S' Q. ...kk If f Img 'b Q I ,, J J Q A ,iw i tow, 1 C S f .X K 2 , kL , 'V " ' 1' ' S ...J e e f 1 S s w is ,ta S " ,v -M f S ' . me .H S - ff 1n.v ,, iw 'F l l A xX KRW ax K- , Q 4 in -I 75. . 3 , S , f f ,tt at . - if K I f -v hiv Q T - 1 H g 1 , at ... M '-'x i i Sinclair Joe if Y S ,,,,,..:-1-A . 'Y Vogal Rand .0 si . r ff 'MWC ' Wolfe Clyde? Widiker Sandy Widmer Thea Wienke John Williams Berry Williams Suzanna Williams Tracey Wilson Jim Wilson Paul Winders Stacy Winters Andrew Wirth Cheryl Wirth Mike Wolf Penny Wolfe Chris Wolff Scott Wolverton Lisa Wolz Boyd Woodward Jamie Works Barbara Wrasper Robert Wyatt Ron Yaap Lora Yohn Debbie Young Stewart Young Totsetta Beaudoin Steve Corbett Marlene Dockhom Charles Fijacko John Forsythe Eric Herold Angela Hicks Ken Jervah Jerry Johnson Buddy Keltz Mona Niesen Debbie Right: Receiving the lst annual Robert Bush Achievement Award being presented by NCI-IS principal, Loren Kamish, is John Corbett. Below lleftl: Melody Hewlings and Jeff Sears share a lighter moment as they browse through some new annual pictures. Below irightjz Always ready with a smile and time to pose for our annual photographer is Records Clerk, Mrs. Jean Henshaw. "'ilbSnemw,g-K i - 1-W 1. In all its serenity, this portion of the NCHS campus awaits those students who desire a place to put their day's activities together. Above: Members of the Drill Team show their enthusiasm as they perform at a NCHS football game. Right: As they wait for further instructions, the Flag Line stands at perfect attention. .nf-sf 'tfisk H, 15"-X A A Alexander, Bonnie: Business Education Sponsor: Drill Team Alexander, Caryl: Fine Arts Sponsor: Marching Band Amend, Ben: Special Education Ames, Keith: Business Education Chairman Sponsor: Annual Anderson, Bruce: Business Education Sponsor: Annual Axford, Florence: Library Baker, Bennie: English Barkley, Allen: Guidance Bays, Gerald: Science Bell, Lynn: Distributive Education Sponsor: DECA Beman, Jim: Physical Education Sponsor: Head Swimming Coach Bennion, Robert: Practical Arts Sponsor: Trouble Shooting Contest Berg, Thomas: Practical Arts Bidwell, John: Guidance Sponsor: National Honor Society Bisiar, Pat: Social Studies Sponsor: Assistant Football Coach Blondin, Gilbert: Practical Arts Chairman Boyles, Grant: Business Education Brannan, Ron: Science Brehm, Mildred: Business Education Brennan, Ed: Social Studies Brooks, Asa: Science Sponsor: Junior Class Buchanan, James: Vice Principal Bush, Dan: Social Studies Sponsor: Assistant Basketball Coach Bush, Robert: Vice Principal Sponsor: National Honor Society Cantril, Kathryn: Home Economics Sponsor: Pep Club Carley, Lawana: Head Librarian Clark, Catherine: English Sponsor: Gusher Clever, Martin: ROTC Sponsor: Rifle Team Crocker, Brandt: Social Studies Sponsor: Student Council: Activities Co-ordinator Cundy, Henry: Mathematics D'Abbraccio, Deanna: Physical Education Sponsor: Girls Head Coach: Basketball, Volleyball Dalton, Gerald: Mathematics Sponsor: Head Basketball Coach Dobos, Barbara: Social Studies Sponsor: Girls League Council Drew, Mary Ann: Girls Counselor Dudley, Michelle: Business Education Dunn, Richard: Distributive Education Sponsor: DECA Estes, Ronald: Social Studies Sponsor: Assistant Wrestling Coach: Head Track Coach Facult Index Fox, Paul: Fine Arts Sponsor: Orchestra Franklin, Frances: Business Education Sponsor: Cheerleaders Frazier, Jimmie: ROTC Freiberg, Patrick: Guidance Fusselman, Elton: Distributive Education Chairman Sponsor: DECA Fusselman, Pauline: Business Education Genetti, Paul: Social Studies Chairman Gilbert, Charlotte: Mathematics Giraldo, Alberta: Foreign Language Sponsor: Spanish Club Gladwin, Dennis: Physical Education Sponsor: Assistant Football Coach: Assistant Track Coach: "C" Club: Assistant Wrestling Coach Hall, Bunny: Home Economics Hammit, Vi: Social Studies Harris, Frances: Social Studies Hein, Walter: Practical Arts Hileman, Bill: Mathematics Assistant Boys Track Coach: Assistant Boys Football Coach Hill, Art: Physical Education Chairman Sponsor: Head Football Coach Hitt, John: Social Studies Houser, Anne: English Sponsor: Mustang Info Huskey, James: Science Sponsor: Senior Class Ingram, Nancy: Business Education lserman, Robert: Physical Education Sponsor: Head Gymnastics Coach Izzeralli, Judy: English Jerde, Dave: Guidance Chairman Johnson, Elaine: School Nurse Kamish, Loren: Principal Kopsa, Brian: Practical Arts Sponsor: Future Farmers of America Kuntzman, George: English Sponsor: Senior Class Larsen, Anker: Practical Arts Sponsor: Head Ski Team Coach Lo ghry, Hal: Science Sponsor: Assistant Basketball Coach: Boy's Track Longnecker, Jack: Practical Arts MacCarter, Asenath: English McAtee, Thomas: Practical Arts Mclntire, Wayne: Fine Arts Sponsor: Choir Miller, John: Social Studies Sponsor: Head Cross Country Coach: Head Wrestling Coach Minear, Margaret:Foreign Language Novotny, Scott: Distributive Education Sponsor: DECA: Assistant Wrestling Coach O'Dell, Don: Practical Arts Parrish, Norman: Practical Arts Phillips, Charelene: Physical Education Sponsor: Girls Head Tennis Coach: Head Synchronized Swimming Coach: Boys Head Tennis Coach Pierce, Joan: English Poynor, Sara Sue: English Quinlan, Gerald: Social Studies Sponsor: Assistant Track Coach Ratcliff, Betty Jo: Business Education Reed, Ken: English Assistant Girls Basketball Coach: Assistant Girls Track Coach Reifke, Henry: Practical Arts Rice, Richard: Practical Arts Rinaldo, Elizabeth: English Ring, Tom: English Chairman Rizzi, Leo: Science Chairman Sponsor: National Honor Society Roberts, Keith: Mathematics Rodgers, Cecelia: Social Worker Snyder, Bruce: Science Stebbins, Ray: Foreign Language Chairman Sponsor: National Honor Society Stofflet, Frank: Science Sponsor: Chemistry Club Swanton, Patrick: English Teat, Kathryn: Home Economics Sponsor: Pep Club Thomson, William: English Sponsor: National Forensics Tobin, William: Practical Arts Sponsor: Assistant Football Coach Tollefson, Ann: Foreign Language Sponsor: French Club Trimble, George: Fine Arts Chairman Sponsor: Art Club Waldram, Roberta: Home Economics Wallace, Robert: Foreign Language Walsh, Mary: Science Sponsor: Junior Class Walters, Wanda: Home Economics Chairman Wangelin, Shirley: English Ward, Robert: Practical Arts Weaver, Alice: English Weber, Dean: Mathematics Sponsor: National Honor Society Weidner, Tom: English Weishaar, Donald: Mathematics Chairman Sponsor: Head Golf Coach Welsh, John: English Sponsor: Thespians: Drama Club Welsh, Peggy: English Sponsor: National Honor Society Wham, Linda: Home Economics Wood, Terry: English Sponsor: Assistant Basketball Coach Wurster, Lorraine: Foreign Language Aaker, Les Adelman, Mark Aguilar, Bob Akers, Donald Alm, Ron Amadio, Paul Anderson, Kristi Andress, David Andrus, Robert Apel, James Appleton, Lenay Arellano, Butch Arellano, Georgene Armor, Dale Armstrong, Craig Arthurn, Pamela Ashburn, James Atwood, Angela Averett, Annett Avey, Rhonda Baker, Paul Bakker, Pamala ' Bale, Lee Ann Barankiewicz, Scott Barker, Klinda Barrett, Paul Barton, Jim Bartosh, Aileen Bates, Jeffrey Baugh, Trina Baum, Jolene Baures, Brian Beaumont, John Becker, Nina Bedard, Leo Bennett, Stephen Berry, Ace Bicknese, Dave Bieber, Jewel Bittleston, Tom Blair, Tracy Blevins, Deanna Bloss, Richard Boatright, Arthur Bogrett, Steven Bolton, Linda Bon, Richard Boner, Deborah Boston, Kirt Bott, Jeni Boyles, Patricia Bradley, Ann Bradshaw, Kathleen Bragg, Betty Bratt, Martin Brauer, David Bremner, Brian Bressler, Carla Brickley, Stephanie Brister, Lanny Britton, Jenny Broadway, Rick Brock, Vicki Brown, Daniel Brown, Sarah Brown, Tina S enjor Class Bryant, Phil Bullock, Stephen Bundy, Kirsten Bunney, Dana Burgess, David Burk, Jay Burke, Anne Burke, Randall Butler, Dixie Bynum, Mitchell Byrd, Bob Cadwell, Martha Cady, Bart Campbell, Liane Campbell, Teresa Cardenas, Mike Cardinal, Carla Cardwell, John Carlson, Berta Carpenter, Bill Carpenter, Dale Carpenter, Lisa Carroll, Julie Carstens, Christy Carter, Leonard Caster, Jeff Caster, Voyce Jo Castle, Richard Chandler, Michael Chapin, Bob Cherer, Carol Christensen, Brad Christian, Bruce Christoferson, Lauri Clapp, Bryan Clanton, Clay Clapp, Lea Annette Clark, Daniel Clay, Craig Clifton, Daniel Cline, Donna Cochran, Kim Coffman, Adele Coffman, Jim Cohee, Rita Coker, Mark Cole, Douglas Colman, Timothy Condelario, Shirley Cooper, Rick Corbett, John Cordell, David Cornell, Karen Corpuz, Dan Couture, Wendy Covington, Steven Cox, Debbie Cox, Sondra Creel, Dennis Crew, Linda Crimm, Debra Crimm, Douglas Crump, Thane Currah, Dee Curry, Carol Cutts, Cathleen D 1977-7 Daebelliehn, Diane Davis, Brian Dear, Mark Deason, Laurie Delaney, John DePoorter, Larry Deru, Greg DeVault, Brian Dewald, David Diesberg, Richard DiVittorio, Rhonda Domanoski, James Donlin, Nora Dorland, Bonnie Dorn, Tierney Douglas, Oliver Dovala, Renee Doyle, Jane Dudley, Douglas Duncan, Diane Dunston, Christine Durand, Martha Dyck, Sherri Eastman, Dave Edwards, Gilbert Edwards, Stasha Eiserman, Eric Eklund, Carrie Ellbogen, Paul Elmore, Candi Embree, Rodney Emerson, Joseph Engleman, Jill Epperson, Tom Erickson, Todd Erickson, Sarah Estes, Kim Everson, Michael Failes, Jeanine Fallon, David Fallon, Donald Fancett, E.J. Farmer, Kathleen Farmer, Kenneth Farnes, Greg Feezer, Geralynn Fenster, Nancy Jo Fernelius, Eric Fleming, Paula' Fondren, James Foote, Jim Forgey, Keith Forsling, Linda Fox, Steven Franklin, Mark Frazier, Jeffrey Freiberg, Jeff Fuller, Carolyn Garcia, Carl Garvin, Gary George, Kim Gilbert, Bart James, Kelly Jensen, Michael Gilleland, Gene Gillett, Jayme Gilmore, Tamera Goble, Dan Good, Sherrie Goodman, Donald Gothard, Debbie Gottlob, Debra Gras, Christena Graves, Lee Gray, Steven Greene, Susan Grosz, Melanie Suzanne Guenther, Sheldon Gums, Teresa Gutz, Max H Haass, Nathan Haines, Phil Hall, Belinda Hall, John Hall, Joy Haller, Bill Hamar, Brenda Hamar, John Hamilton, Joseph Hammer, Anita Hand, Deborah Hansen, Rick Hansen, Tamara Hanson, Bobbie Hanson, Erin Harden, Rick Harrington, Michael Harris, Kenneth Harris, Steven Harshman, Shaun Harvey, Kim Hatcher, Julie Hawes, Michael Hayden, Andy Henderson, Sheryl Henderson, William Herbort, Bobbie Lee Hernandez, Aurora Hickok, Jeff Higday, James Hildebrand, Lisa Hittle, Daniel Hodder, Cecily Hoeppner, Robert Hoerner, Gary Hoffman, Frank Holden, Greg Hollembaek, Thomas Holst, Steven Honea, Devon Hool, Pam Hoover, Holly Hume, Karrie Humiston, Debbie Hutchison, Renee Ingalls, Steve J Jackson, Chris Jervah, Elizabeth Johnson, Gerald Johnson, John R. Johnson Richard Johnson Robin ' Johnson, Steven Johnston, Jeffrey Johnston, Mark Jones, James Jones, Ken Jones, Mary Jones, Thomas Judge, Don Julian, Stacie Kahn, Tamar Katherman, Sarah Keating, Kelly Keith, Charlotte Kelly, Freddie Kelly, Mark Kelly, Rick Kennedy, Ann Kennedy, Catherine Kerr, Susan Key, Pam Keyser, Hope Kilpatrick, Norma Kinner, Christopher Kinsey, Roxann Kirby, Michael Kjolhede, Lisa Klassen, Valerie Klein, Mark Klein, Todd Klungness, Lane Kube, Ronald Kudrna, Mark Lachelt, Katherine Ladd, John LaFave, Candice Laing, Bonnie Lammers, Mary Landess, Donald Lane, James Lantz, Mark Larson, Charles Lavin, Mary Lawther, Kelly Laycock, Leslie LeClere, Mary Leff, Francis Lewallen, Judy Lewis, Cynthia Lewis, Tami Lindholm, ReAnn Litman, Lee Lockhart, David Lohry, Christine Long, Jeffrey Loundagin, Barton Lowndes, Shannon Lujan, Nicholas Lund, Martin Lund, Steven Lutz, Joni MacQueen, Lori Madden, Virginia Malloy, Leslie Malmquist, Ken Mangus, Shon Markham, Merilee Marlar, Jerrel Marlow, David Martinez, Louisa Martinez, Nick Mascarenas, Chawn Mason, Butch Mason, Teresa Masterson, John Mathes, Sheri McAtee, Carl McAteer, Maureen McCann, Bret McCard, Tammy McCracken, Linda McDaris, Tom McGhee, Wayne Mclrvin, Cindy McLemore, Mike McPherson, Sandi McQuitty, Chris McWhirter, Tim Mets, Shannon Micek, Catherine Michaels, Chrisa Millay, William Miller, Kip Miller, Kurt Miller, Myron Miller, Terry Milne, Susanne Mitchell, Mark Molitor, Brenda Molnar, Terry Montoya, Julie Moore, Vernon Morris, Kevin Morton, Karen Mosser, Don Mosteller, Deborah Mudd, Bill Mudge, Evan Murphy, Janis Murphy, Sheila Myers, Lawrence Moench, Nancy Nabors, Dennis Nansen, Dale Naylor, Darren Nelson, Brenda Nesta, Suzanne Nichols, David Nickerson, David Noblitt, Mike Nolen, Margaret Nolte, Jean Norman, Stanley Nye, Scott Obert, Erin O'Brien, Margaret Odell, Roberta O'l-learn, Richard 0,1-Iarra, Pam Oien, Carole Olson, Diane Opitz, Terry Ort, Chris P Paananen, Phil Palmquist, Gregory Panages, Cynthia Parker, Jill Parmentier, Michael Parmely, Tina Parrish, Joe Parsons, Sandra Penton, Elizabeth Perea, Patricia Petterson, Dean Petty, Casey Phelps, James Phinney, Debra Pickinpaugh, Tammy Pierce, Paul Pierce, Raymond Pilcher, Arta Pinney, Ann Plessman, Donald Plucknett, Ann Plummer, Steve Powell, Tracy Powers, Carol Price, Adele Prince, Bradney Propp, Kelly Pruitt, Cindy Pruss, Cassie Pryde, Bruce Puhrman, Stephen Quinn, Kathleen R Rake, Newell Randel, Leslie Raney, Dwane Raney, Earl Ratcliff, Peggy Rate, Trisha Rath, Marcy Reasoner, Jim Reaves, Lindsey Reeb, Anne Reed, Wayne Reitz, Jill Rhodes, Barbara Rice, Rochelle Rich, Gloria Richards, Pamela Rivera, Paul Roberts, Gale Roberts, Gary Roberts, Shelly Robinson, Ann Romero, Lori Rose, Julianne Rowland, Susan Rowlands, Dick Rudd, Terry Rust, Michael Samuelson, James Sanford, Karen Sanford, Kathy Sannes, Kenneth Santistevan, Phyllis Sannes, Kristin Schnoor, David Schnorenberg, Kelly Scholtz, Jerome Schwader, Ben Scott, Karla Sechrist, Donna Sechrist, Timothy Segueda, Gracie Severson, Marlene Shaw, Bob Shickich, John Shinn, Katherine Showalther, Daniel Shutts, Peter Sides, Kenny Sibeke, Gina Simonton, Dave Sinclair, Katherine Skelton, Mark Townsend, Jet Trujillo, Lori Tucker, Duane Tucker, Laurie Urban, Donna Urbigkit, Bob Valdez, Sharon VanBlarcum, Karen VanBurgh, Gabrielle Vang, Rhonda VanMaren, Diane VanPelt, Tamala Sloan, Susan Smith, Andrew Smith, Julie Smith, Kim Smith, Leona Smith, Robert Vogl, Rick Volker, Dale W Wagner, Bob Waite, Lorie Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Wallace, Walters Geoffrey Jean Kerri Teresa Terri Patricia Ken Watts, Judy Sneathen, Karen Snyder, Ralph Soffe, Brian Southwick, Dale Speyer, Susan Starkey, Gregory Sternberg, Randy Stewart, Alice Stewart, Martin Stiles, Denise Stoeger, Shelly Stoneking, Bruce Stoner, Joyce Story, Larry Stransky, Tim Strayer, Victor Streeter, Summer Stromquist, Marty Sullivan, Mary Lynn Sulzen, Chris Sun, David Swanson, Julia Swartz, Jean Switzer, Cynthia Tekell, Anita Tenney, David Terry, Laura Thoma, Dan Thomas, Donald Thomas, Kathryn Thomas, Pat Tillman, Rhonda Tipton, Dan Tobin, Steven Tonn, Terry Weakland, Guy Weaver, Timothy Weiss, Kathy Wells, Pearley Welo, Cynthia Wenn, Clint Wheatley, Georgia White, Cynthia Whitefoot, Mari Whiting, Elliott Whitlock, John Wiford, Ruben Williams, David Williams, Glen Williams, Marcia Wingerter, Joe Winship, Susan Wohlbrecht, Petra Wolz, Andrea Wood, Becky Woodruff, Karen Works, Lori Wrasper, Shari Wright, Michael Wroble, Johanna Wulfert, Keith Wyatt, Brenda Wyatt, Carrie Wyatt, Jerry Wyatt, Joseph Wyatt, Todd Yellich, Theresa Yohn, Brock Yount, Stan A ERTI ER N' 44' ' S4 4 'f sg, 1' 441 ,vu :V 2 1 f' . ,ff , qi' 4? rj' 1 My ' ' iff he Q QVQQLLSQQQ -A-T63 X The Man Who on His Trade Relies Must Either Bust or Advertise . . . Sir Thomas Lipton We're the one. .QW First National Bank of Casper B 1 SHOES "If The Shoe Doesn't Fit We Won't Let You Buy It" Ron Smith has a wide selection of shoes to choose from at Bondi Shoes and located at HILLTOP BUSH-WELL SPORTING GOOD Athletic 81, Team Supplies 235-6671 128 N. Center Tim Stransky, Jim Reasoner and John Witilock marvel at the quality of BUSH-WELL'S sporting goods. Get The Finest In Mexican Food At BEEF-N-TACOS 742 E. 2nd 2807 CY Ave. Casper, Wyo. 234-4878 234-0843 3 James Sk' 'W lleyziillt 1 Compliments of: ll Elvin KEU BRATT'S DEVAULT - MORTON INC. PLUMBING 8: HEATING 8: John Brattas CONTRACTORS 310 West A Street Licensed Sz Bonded Residential Commercial 153 S. Fenway Ph 234-1303 s HILLTOP NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FDIC HILLTOP SHOPPING CENTER CASPER, WYOMING LOBBY HOURS Monday thru Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 Many Natrona County High School students use the pm' Fnday DRIVE UP to 6:00 pm' excellent facilities of Hilltop National Bank , ' Monday thru Friday 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pharmacist Steve Johnson Poses Behind A Well Stocked Counter At The SUNRISE MERIT DRUG STORE 1710 S. Poplar Ph. 237-9393 "Dependable Prescription Service" 3201 C Y Ave. Marine 85 Ski 237-2509- Gift Items and Candy ISSUE X J 6 Z 1 2. s I 5 -QQ A sg I fsrwl- MARY E. BISHGP REALTOR 5' 'I7ZaKeQfd1zfo Move, Qolfflf Bishop .7 A COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE 15 Years, Experience 234-9195 If NO ANSWER CAU. r2EAuor2" 235-5277 225 S. WOLCOTT if? if - ,L A .sri f f' 8 wi -M1 Y I SERVICE CO Rack and JoAnn Brewer 3829 So. Prospect Drive Phone 266-1000 Support your Fellowship of Christian Athletes 'X Q R b t' , O 91' S D 'll' Et 'P 'A' e .e "5 - : A he , Wfff- 'S ' xl . in CO11gratU-lations - e lp ,, A W . t"r iirr 2 ii ee eer 1 '- A ' - ei P iiopr "el 1 rrie " Q 'i " . xxiipt SGHIOTS P.. - -A i....,..m P' 2 - Of it -vigi.. " ' .4 V ., i S, '- e i "" , peepl ' Q eeet 'fr A - leir ff L ri.. 'Ei fe e ee mi ,iiii " Casper, Wyoming , N.4',?Nb ie.. . Ty e: -r , Q . Age b 'f ,N .my 234-4081 1 N M WWW ,, -si! A 'I 1 , '1' V i.- fb K m H A or ,.ep rp,i refe 2 , ,.,L BRIDAL A SHOPPE Sunrise Shopping Center 265-7050 10:00-5:00 Mon.-Sat. Evening by Appointments Wyomings Complete Bridal Service Wedding Gowns Tux Rentals Prom Dresses And all accessories A 4 ,w A l I R 4 u Y Debbie Talbot admires one of many variety of items found at METCALF'S HARDWARE 323 South Center 235-5493 HARRY YESNESS 133 S. Center "Where Men and Young Men Shop" Brian Enggleston is selecting a leather jacket as part of his school wardrobe for the coming school year. Matt Haass shows Sharyn Wolford a selection of hardworking shoes for hardworking feet. WOLFORDS SHOES 177 East 2nd St. Casper, Wyo. BARNARD REALTORS Real Estate Insurance 140 So. Durbin P,0, Box 1030 Dial 265-0200 Casper, Wyoming 102 South McKinley st. 'il Phone C3071 234 2809 P.o. Box 313 33 Night C3075 237 8984 LWLL ,M 3 ffijtfggiy ' l 3fl55:j3llw,.g2gfiii, A NCHS Cheerleader Lori Romero poses under the famed Drilling Bits for which Anderson Bit Service is known DERSO 14, SEISJIIOGRAPH . 512' we V105 Casper, Wyoming , - Y ' ' if Y J L -f -f 'V Most Complete F ll Lune Pet Supply Sh p X lib ?w.2,,w,,,f-W 5 mo iffiiii CE'ZZ?.,'f, W, if QRITTERS f Phone 43075 234-1890 X Complete Linc ood. 0 ing. Toys. k cell Of Cages And Tan s Everything You N For That Special Pc F B d Et Q 15 on ours IU AM - S U1 Mumlzly - Szulurcluy or Supplies For Thu! Special Cul Dug PM Fish. Ferret G Birds. Reptiles. Amphibians. s e Tarantulas. Carbs. Saltw Fishes a ate nd Oth 3 Oddities y ix , .. . . ' l VF 1 2 S A ' ' E I A A -L :TQ 6' .re-.2 - X f 'T - S fA 'vw I X, twig ,,,, 1' ,L i , ,wg fg' JJ' 1 ,ZLA H Sally Smith shows a customer one of the many fine B selections of clothing you will find at: FAST SERVICE FUR FAMILY RESTAURANT THREE LOCATIONS MEN TO SERVE YOU D C 711 E. 2r1d. St. 2711 CY Ave. Owntown asper 4100 E. . , -. ,- T 7 ' 5 , ff E , Tanna Nordman poses with one of many beautiful bouquets at: TEAM ELECTRONICS A-B0-KAY HILLTOP SHOPPING CENTER COTTAGE HI-FI OB. - CAE STEREO "Flowers for all occasions Casper, Wy0miI1g 220 E. Midwest Ave. 265-9519 Chris 'I'homson's AUTOLAND We Specialize In Sharp, Medium Priced Cars. Come In And Compare Our Prices ..... H' . I - . . " " " tif Qi'i'2.w,.-,gf-f,."5i' 'Sf'-""3:"'f55fl.1E5E5 -5' 1153- 41,1-., g,, . -I-' f' ' 'l I 212 -' 1143.51 U " E: 'f "" - Iv """"'-'ff it ' f .g2f?q?' ' " " i ff-- 4 4' -'f"i"'f1'.- . ..i.,.. S931-1:2sEs2gsgzgg5sg5gzgs:s:5''-'-"f-"A PH. 13071 265-0917 925 EAST 2nd STREET AFTER I-IRS. 265-9362 CASPER, WYOMING 82601 2' Nix XJ THE FLAME OF KNOWLEDGE BURNS BRIGHTLY fl Y- XX 34' v " 3 la' A 'A ,er in Northern Utilities, Carol Curry takes care and patience in fitting a pair of shoes for Kim Eads SPEED QUEEN DRYERS l M PEERLESS 81, WARM MORNING HEATERS A. SMITH WATER HARDWICK GAS RANGES OUTDOOR GAS GRILLS types of Menls - Womenls and Children's Footwear Westridge Village 237-2155 SQ, --f-ati. 1-ff A ll ' - ' '- lgfla 1.-L: JET 1 . 'k.'L.,-f1g:'3, 4 Key Line Homes GOLDEN KEY CONSTRUCTION CO. SCOTT KEY Phone: 234-7212 or 265-6135 403 South 6th Casper, Wyo. THE PARRISH AGENCY INC. MARVIN R. PARRISH President Specializing In Contractors Goods and Commercial Insurance Jim Gwin Don Haynes Account Office Specialist Manager FASHION FASHION Z 5? Q ff ,E ... 4 O Z LT-4 Z "11 9 5 5 f 5 42 O Z L14 '11 E :D H a E ... 4 E Lt' Pretty Kathy Winn models some of the fine clothes you can find at: B O ' ' i 3 ' '11 5 Notorious for junior 52 y.4 and m m contemporary sportswear p-4 V1 Market Square 0 2nd Sz O EE Durbin Q 266-2396 Z NOIHSVLI NOIHSVH uaranty Federal 123 South Durbin Casper, Wyo 82601 Phone 266- 1690 Savings and Loan .-V 'W Q ' Branch - 3rd 85 Oak Douglas, Wyo 82601 Phone 358-4500 Xanadu --Qui Vid Knows Where 4'At" Is!!! Slide on in!! Over 80 lines in store including: Roland O Cheeks . . h utrageous Micheal Man Dlsco Denlm Q9 315.00 St. Micheal Wayne Rogers '-"i'Si6V"'- GRETH ES . D K Not Just Another Gift Store Bridal Registery, Dinnerware, Candy, Jewelry, Gifts, Hallmark 1551 CY Avenue 255-5002 asf? '.-l ' ,ff : Wg 7 e es Deep 'iri concentration, MARSHALL'S Robin Burkley deftly plucks out a lively tune on one of the fine banjos available at LES PARSONS MUSIC co. TWO Lofallom 135 S. Durbin 234-9117 Downtown And Pancake House "Say it with Flowers" KEEFE'S FLOWERS wifi 632 CY Avenue Phone 237-2577 Ready to serve your every need with beautiful floral arrangements are Carl Garcia, Duane Tucker and Mike McClaskey. O FEDERAL SAVINGS In LOAN 400 East First BAKERY mc. -N" DELICIOUS SPECIALYY K IREADS I ROLLS " W' 19 2 ' GX 1 L, -Z , mmon, , gr A' 9 Annlvnsnv, x 10 gm ' g A wloomo cuss ' "- ' 421 t t -it OPEN sunous Y Rhonda Vang is eagerly waiting to serve many tasty OPEN sgglruzm 7 PM ' treats to the many customers at: X. WESTRIDGE VILLAGE 1.i THE SWEET TooTH 242 East 2nd Casper, Wyoming '- Q 1 , fx S A 'fx i Complete Selection of women, Missey and junior FASHIONS MODE-O-DAY 228 East 2nd Downtown Casper All Family AY! FARM 3 Car-Home SURANCY' ' Health-Llfe N, L k good neighbor S F is there." I AGENTS Gene Goodrich 604 S. Wolcott 5 Howard S. Hein 1728 E. 2nd Max Jones 2327 E. 12th Q Lee Lorimer 866 Cy AV ' Leonard D. Marshall CY 85 13 h Edward L. McCarthy 132 N K b 11 4 .A ' 5 gib 81 jan tafoya ' 3980 S Poplar 255-2755 SALT CREEK FREIGHTWA rs HOME OFFICE - CASPER - 265-5050 S Cl 77 78 12.13.55 S SHOP PHONE 234-3851 HUBER Journal O I Publications PLUMBING Sz HEATING 2000 FAIRGROUNDS 920 East First ROAD Casper Wyoming 82601 CASPER, WYOMING Henry "Hyne" Huber Casper's Largest Owner Circulation Newspaper Home 237-8092 A Newspaper For Richard "Dick" Huber Casper People Manager About Casper People Home 265-7890 Let our Friendly Staff serve you even knights 1151 Cy Ave Phone 265-2586 OX ZELLN ER 249 North Wolcott Phone 265-1691 CASPER WYOMING SPORTING GOODS fa -5 4 Ama I1 :gi A, lMPoRTs DISTINCTIVE 'r DECORATING " FURNISHINGS Vicki Blank admires one of the beautiful diamonds Silk-Kimonos at Oriental Foods- Brasswares-Fine Gifts-Jewelry Phone 265-9389 148 N. Beech Casper, Wyoming Casper Diamond Store I-IEIZER REALTY 1480 S. Popular Casper, Wyo. 234-9393 BRANCH OFFICES: STORY, WYOMING 82842 P. O. BOX 63 307-683-2283 RIVERTON, WYOMING 82501 520 EAST MAIN 307856-651 CHEYENNE, WYOMING 82001 2lI4 PIONEER AVENUE 307-634-8875 DUBOIS, WYOMING 82513 P. 0. BOX 825- RAMSI-IORN INN 307-455-2616 RUCKMAN'S MENS WEAR Look inside and find a wonderful world of men's clothes If it's Right, It's from Ruckman's Hilltop Shopping Center 265-8225 N i 'eee .-. , A T The Title Guaranty Company of Wyoming, Inc. Telephone: 307f237-8486 Casper, Wyoming 82601 Supplying: General Products - Well Servicing Tools And Pump Parts At The Warehouse of: m convommolu NORRIS DIVISION Wyoming's P. ufgiir Don Hill Mary Sanders Insurance District Manager Warehouse Manager Company MORE THAN IUST ANOTHER DRUG STORE till T e ne utstanding In ur Field Americas No Real Estate HOMES Real y a Development Marketrng 8 Referral Network X 1 Mltllfl t W - l .....,..,. v I t 1950. Hu 1-lflvr 203-1050 ASPER ggi 601 East E Box 2494 Casper, Wyoming 82601 Your Lumber Number 307 237-2545 "Your Complete Home Building And Improvement Center" T1 234-3511 Marc A. Beasley Vice Pres. Sz Gen. Manager BEASLEY'S CASPER CAR PARTS INC Casper, WY 82601 120 West Collins WW E lo if 1556 ef 7 J' 'gl QV dw ,i f 5 up 176531 DRILLIHQ wg9ymPANY l I. gala: m - x x' -fl:':'2A.,, USAC. s Congratulations To Graduating Seniors Of 1978 PORTER'S Ladies' Ready to Wear "Exclusive But Not Expensive" 235-6091 Mrs. George Porter Candy LaFave shows just some of the many exciting fashions available at Porter's. FOR ALL YOUR SCHOOL NEEDS SEE: Bailey School Supply 265-4742 515 W. Collins Dr. THE LOMAS 8z NETTLETON CO. iMortgage Bankers - Home Loansl 1709 South Boxelder Avenue Casper, Wyoming 82601 307 266-1790 7 fi! l 5. fi, i .1 l . 5 3' BILLIE BROWN lr BOATRIGHT - SMITH The Sign of Good Service' BuildingiWith Casper "We Pave The Way' Ph. 237-9333 P.O. Box 1129 Casper, Wyoming Branch Office in Gillette 9 S fi 450 So Wolcott P Casper Wyoming Phone 235-5396 CASpE,q WYO 82601 Pictured above are some of the many fine leather PH 307 235 5396 aCCCSSOI'l9S at Tandy W'CKEMR'mAN Lantana comranv DECORATING ACCESSORI ES E 1S1Z St A 234 6725 0 Yamaha I Triumph O Kawasaki 0 Harley- Davidson iriaillfiimlfllll Qigifli? ,fmliiiflliw 935 Pendell Ave 3401 C Y Ave Phone 237 8446 Casper Wyoming MOBILE CONCRETE CCIVIPAINIY PHQNE 237-9544 CASPER, WYOMING mofsiisas XCONCRETE 'lv ' I R - Q Call ISI For The Best Insurance Service Insurance SCIVICGS, Inc. Casper, Wyoming 261 S . Ce t Ct AIR CHARTER SALES SERVICE SINGLE AND TWIN ENGINE 24 Hour Se ' Wayne Werner Ph ne 266 3400 Vice President TUTAL INSURANCE Call "Mr. Insurance' ESIGNED I-KOR ALL YOUR NEEDS" , . iss "1N5UR,1,vC1: COVERAGE D00 Burgess ff 9, X 266-1434 Casper 0 Service GSPEI' 81771111 WYOMING GENERAL TIRE WILSON GENERAL TIRE SERVICE 846 W. Yellowstone 234-4537 Casper, Wyoming 'Locally owned and operated 420 So. BOOT-TREE L We invite you to come in and see our boots. BOOT-TREE Wolcott Ph. 234 9057 Sweetbriar Shops Inc. Everything for the Well-dressed Girl Student Phone 235-5930 - 247 South Wolcott BISHOP SALES SERVICE Jim Bowlsby - Owner Box 146 Casper, Wyoming 82602 Phone 234-1937 Serving the Oil Industry for over 25 years with Bettis Rubber Products Bestolife Thread Compounds and other Oilfield Supplies 82 HUTSELLS PAY BL SAVE Quality Groceries and Meats Dial 234-7882 E A CENTRAL SAVINGS iggmggnigf' Q AND LOAN ASSOCIATION tprrrf ttft' 2 H Mills. Wyo. p VVVV A if 'TWMWW W - 2- The smiling sales 1738 South Poplar Clerks of I-Iutsell's are ' 1 Plo. BOX 3619 always willing to help V. K A I WY Phone 265-1240 YOU' I Casper, Wyoming 82602 .4 THE SIGN OF THE BEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY I THE SIGN OF THE BEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY THE SIGN OF THE BEST IN PHOTO- GRAW HEDE-PHOTOGRAPHERS I THE SIGN OF THE BEST IN PHOTO- E GRAPHY ,II O Di THE SIGN OF THE CD O 0 Q CD BEST IN 55 PHOTO- U3 IP 'U EQ I GEAPHY Q Pj THE CTI W UD SIGN OF THE BEST IN PHOTO- GRAPHY I --BRETT-MITZI-EETTE-EOE" HEDE-PHOTOGRAPHERS THE SIGN OF THE BEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY THE SIGN OF THE BEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY THE SIGN OF THE BEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY G611U1.D1. Rasta umt 144 S. Center Specializes in Gracious Food and Gracious Service Congratulations NCHS Graduates "Class of '78" ffffa M! grW mvlS N Y QNXWI III' uw! X! Z l L ull w vomm. NATIOVA 's mal l ,X ""' FV si cl '1 l" 'ig . 0 . . - , 'U 'Illini' if " vvY'o1vII1vG NATIONAL BANK W rf!rZEM!?w7!ffaf FIRST AT DURBIN BER F.D.l.C PEPSLCOLA- O, SEVENIHD BOTTLING CO. 344 Industrial Ave. 265-0611 Box 2240 PE PSI-COLA Wyoming's largest soft drink distributors and only canning plant WILSON RAYS TAXIDERMY STUDIO O '-orrncmm. sconsn Fon aoomz a. cnocxsv" CALCULATOR U SERVICE , x i n fs Q 0 CUSTOM O BIRDS I di TANNING nThe Calculator Company" , HEADS in I ,, '. S V . if AN o Novzurlss Texas Instrument . A 'j , RUSS o FISH X 4132.34 - ' , " A x Hewlett Packard Casio A I ww , A ,Qi B:s..'1-ms Casper, Wyoming 82601 vELLows'roNE 5, K ,.,, A, RES PHO E P.O. Box 1704 ASPER, wvommc ?wpAcYi:U':i:'3 i"'4' :':"" Liu 234 5393 154 South Elk Ph. fi! 235-3373 GREGORY MOTORS Jeep - Subaru 1743 E. Yellowstone Phone 234-9149 Casper, Wyoming 82601 X age . THX' C y 'I 2 fssis Q A 9 THE BRAT Toughest Four Letters on Wheels SUBARU Inexpensive and built to stay that way. A A gg P X 1 im. if 's-, , ..,,: bil' A N We Can Answer Your Questions About: Summer Jobs Labor Market information Work Permits Employment Counseling Testing no-fee Agency. GUUD EWS! When Scho0l's Out . . . And You Want To Find A Job . . . See Us! JUB SERVICE I of WYUMING WYOMING STATE ENIPLUYIVIENT SERVICE 421 South Center Casper, Wyoming Phone 234-4591 4l'i 024-Jag GAS s. cm: wAsH ON THE BUSY CORNER girl Miigrsl f ATTENDANT 81 SELF SERVICE 5 . . L Bam 3:1 HWY 20-26 'U Husky 'X 2 2 inQGKiLP,mMKQQQq!QQ + gk 55 ' C f ' E 4 7Lfiff ,- 1 A kk M S Ps SEARS wa SEARS, RQEEEJBUCK AND '-Alf' . 6 320 South Center NCES Stlldgflm U ' t : .SJIQL 570 rfifaifg a 5 Q Mond th Th d Duedern, Sandra 1 Q U and Satuixciay Illuntil IKM. COX' Bill Mudd' ' F 1 I Q Friday Night until 8:30 P.M. P011F1em1ng,J0e A Emerson, and 770 !9UC- Phone 235-2571 Shawn Mascarenas SEBI! WYOMING BUILDING SUPPLY Financing Available Wyomings Only. me discount furniture store QUALITY for LESS! BROCKMAN'S Serving Wyomings Construction Industry ' Decorating Service 0 Furniture 0 Accessorles 1230 E. Yellowstone Hsy. Dial 234-7708 Bob Ingram 2104 Fairgrounds Rd. President Casper, Wyoming I307l 265-7935 1230 EAST YELLDVVSTONE,l"ASF'EP, PI-IONF 235 6655 OPEN TVICJNDAY THFIOLJGH SATLJFIDAY EGO TCI 5 3D HQQQ fgrnlgfnngg K - L Camaro Rally Sport Coupe ai' . X- f ,.,. 1- """?2v iw -, I ' . ' - 1 lx" 13 Corvette Coupe Monza 2+2 Sport Coupe w!Spyder Package RAY SHELLABARGER Authorized Dealer Enjoy a delicious after school treat at TASTEE-FREEZ -it-, jcnsvnqlgffl 'ill I Mercedes Benz Chevrolet 711 Eaggigggs Ave' 2400 EAST YELLOWSTONE HYW. PHONE 235-2741 CASPER, WYOMING 82601 LJ S TA Fl DPTS ufrwfaf ibbzfecgi '. JI: . 525, '- :. A"' Tp 'D . ,lr , - ., ' ff ,r,... ,,..-Yt.,,N',- I I' ' , .:'i'j1Yfgf 'QQ' - 1 1 ' it atiilj' L, 4 , w gdi .Q I A ,L.,5,z39 Ulllll S '4l7'UN13l 322522255 REMEMBER Good old school days and your biggest entertainment bargain will always be CABLE T V join the hapy life COMMUNITY TELEVISION 451 S. Durbin 265-3130 Gary Widup uses some of his spare time to sharpen his bowling eye. El Marko Lanes Wyoming's Finest Brunswick - Gold Crown 'GOLD CROWN"l LANES EL-MARK-O LANES Air Conditioned Open Bowling Free Instruction Pro Shop Nursery Snack Bar 2800 Cy Ave. Casper J we xl , .- NEIL S t gvegricige H Linda Sullivan and Paddy Janeaux get a closer look at ar er ty lsts one of the fine trophies at Merback Awards. "For Appointment - Stop In or Call 234-1871" COMPANY 778 CY Ave Casper Wyoming Phone 265-7804 E TRIPENY MOTORS ' f " Lincoln Mercury 4 Datsun s 355 W. Yellowstone Phone 266-1500 Pat Trineny is admiring this beautiful new Datsun, one of many models available. BRANDING IRON BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS H , OF 1978 Market Square STAS'S LOUTAS STAS'S INN DOWNTOWN CASPER Leslie Rendel models just one of the fine clothing articles at HER'S. i .lou 7 nina 9 MOUNTAIN SPORTS ' m may H Complete lines of Tennis - Skiing - Backpacking Skate Boards 59th X Anniversary 55553 if 53 1919-1978 I , f 3,015 fi' f .ANCH UTFITTERS Hgdvtdf 0 ?amoa4 gmac!! Your Wyoming Brand Name Store 9 re 9 eeeee F is 9 f ' -wi 1 L . We the Finest in Home Furnishings CARPETS - DRAPERIES - FURNITURE COMPLETE interior designing . . . Before you buy- Give PLAINS a try . . Lj'q""w1" 1 furniiure 322 Soufh David Casper rum ns-sooo Qompilnq EMM DOWNTOWN HILLTOP SHOPPING C ENTER Auto Table Top Mirrors Plexiglass YOURSELF Tub PLUMBING STORE Zglgijf Enjxgrg 333 South Beech Phone 234-4715 Jerry Lammers PO Box 591 Casper, WY 82601 Neal Forster LEE'S GLASS AND PAINT "Give Us A Break" Casper 229 W. lst 235-1595 Lee Sz Rip Sontoni Here is one of the most flashy examples of a high Class Car it's called: The L0tLlS FR ON TIER AM C JEEP-FIA T 3 LOTUS Extends their Congratulations to: Class of '78 lb I ESTERM2 EQUIPMENT comm ? TRUCKS lljarclgf V. Ratcliff Phone C3075 265-2810 resl ent 3100 East Yellowstone TODAY'S COUNTRY IS EVERYWHERE -- vs.- CASPER RADIO Where Casper happens Wi Stan Mullinnix shows a young couple his two lines of Engagement Rings. OKES JEWELERS has its own line of Kenmark and Keepsake rings, both carry a complete guarantee. OKES J EWELERY Westridge Hilltop Downtown VILLAGE INNC9 PANCAKE HOUSE RESTAURANT No smoking section available! 325 S. Durbin ill!-T ' . 'TKEIFI ' avliihgbllili HF-...sf Open everyday 6:00 A.M. - 9:30 P.M. l R Owners: J.M. "Red" Murphy Dorothy Murphy J.C. Murphy Pat T. Murphy RIXID Compound Leverage Pipe Wrenches F S 2'th gh8 "SERVING THE OIL INDUSTRY FOR 20 YEARS" MAIN OFFICE P.0. Box 562 Casper, WY 82601 24-HOUR PHONE: 307-237-9311 SALES CO. NC 303-867-2441 P.O. Box 811 Ft. Morgan, CO 80701 A G E N T : MAGCO INC. Gllette WY 307 682 2549 DOVER CORP OBANNON DIV WESTERN CHEMICAL PUMP API WELLHEAD EQUIPMENT API VALVES Cr VALVE REPAIR , V"--4 'Auf ,r5x.3R.,r5 At the left is one of the oil well Christmas trees - Constructed by the Skillful Men to help serve our Country U.S.D.A. Choice Beef Specialists In Wild Congratulations Sold, Cut And Wrapped Seniors For Locker Or Freezer Game Processing from Weinrich's MASEK FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS, INC. 412 East Fifth Street . . . P. O. Box.327 Phone 237-2559 . . . Casper, Wyoming Also Articat Dealer BOB WEINRICI-I JIM WEINRICH 235 S. David 235-1574 TOM WEINRICH DAVE WEINRICH Casper, Wyo. C Downtown S H Q E Q Casper ll lf illggm NOLAND FEED INC. Purina Chows Cattle Feeds Full Line of Salt - Fertilizer Grain - Hay - Straw - Seed Dog 85 Cat Foods Everything for the Horseman "A Complete Feed Store" CLINICAL ARTS PHARMACY Professional Service DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 235-5755 For Emergency Service Call 265-3970 268 Industrial Ave. 237-8926 A 1 YUII SIIUIILIIN NME T0 STAND IN LINE I0 MINUTES 4 me--nn. Bo-an Eppu--4. Q To suv roon You mm N V 0 I-:Nr IN I. - K Y I 'Af 7 1ff1,l'Y'Oi 5- A . A 'E 35 . ' J I I I I 1 eo I I gif? iii " .-we ' ii J NXVV Nm I 'pl Ali f 'ylggw fr f . ' I I iff iff A Ji .,N I 0 W I ,I RON BROOKS IS SHOWING SOME A 5,5f -i QQ FINE STEREO EQUIPMENT. 523 SOUTH CENTER CASPER, WYO. 82601 Magnavox AMANA Maytag FRIGIDAIRE MCA PANASONIC O Babies 0 Portraits 0 Weddings 0 Commercial CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS ,, Q B Studios 1527 E 2nd St Bus 234-2881 Casper, Wy 82601 Res 235-6036 si Q We . we 0-of Wye Mobile 55' Q Home Accessories E9 -RV Repair -Homes moved Q v -Air coolers QQE CQGTSDKSQD -Teardowns ,78 Ijgprglgei T21 -and set U.pS , , us angs BENHAM'S "A Most Outstanding Steak Housen Gourmet Menu Exquisite food served in a beautiful continental atmosphere with a glorious adventure through the world of music for your listening and dining pleasure. Accomodations For Anniversaries Sz Birthdays Lunches Daily No Reservations 739 N. Center Fast and Courteous Service 104 N. Kimball 234-0363 BGB PECKS SPEEDO 8: TUNE UP Company . Are Specialist Snow Mobiles T In une u s Motorcycles gl P Boats Speedometers Authorized Kawasaki Dealer i ,ff Q af i James Brown Order Center Clerk, Cheyenne HUGH' Ed Lantz Service Representative Casper '13, Nancy Hover Station Installation Casper and Repair Technician NONTRADITIO AL JOBS... Times are changing. People are changing. And so are job opportunities. Slowly but surely, the age-old barriers between "men's jobs" and "women's jobs" are coming down throughout the country. Take a long look at these telephone company employees. They're proving that being the right person for a job really depends on the individual, not on his or her sex. We're working to make sex-stereotypes a thing of the past in our business. But we can't reach our goal without peo- ple like these, who have had the interest and initiative to break through traditional job barriers. Sound like your kind of thing? If it does, find out today what a nontraditional job could do for you tomorrow at Mountain Bell. I Mountain Bell An Equal Opportunity Employer 1331 COMPLIMENTS OF "BEEF IS DUB BUSINESS" ELK STREET GRUCERY Specializing in USDA Choice Locker Beef 1705 E 2nd., Casper, WY - 235-6894 f V1 A ,X 3 4 frm fr a-s...., . f-' .- ""' 'gal ASLW DRIVE-IN A8LW presents the Burger Family Papa - Mama - Baby - Teen A Size For The Whole Family THE BUILDER'S MART Pizza 1850 CY Av 234-2195 K-...... ,,, -H-. 655 South Walnu 234-3545 gfifiou-eiimulb paasgfapam South Durbin Photographs With a Reputation Ph 234 1681 Congratulations F0 R Graduates! TRUCKS NCHS "Class Of '78" 1 From 1 f Home of the Deal with Price Appeal Greiner Ford Used Cars 235-6621 3333 Cy Ave NATIONAL E STERN BANK or enum "Serving You Every Hour Of Every Day" 525223 3 - I3 x98 Qi? 111 CY Ave. Q 234-1501 ca, Q PO Box 2480 Casper Wyo Q A lilly, PLAZA OPTICAL best in eyewear 0 Contact Lenses Polished while you wait by appointment 0 Prescriptions Accurately Filled 0 Large Selection Sunglasses, Tints, and Gradients Ann Evanoff - Optician 237-3980 Convenient Parking 21231fz E. 12 Beverly Plaza Shopping Center jg If V GlBSON'S "Casper's Home Owned Discount Center" 2405 CY Avenue Open Daily 9 to 9 Sunday 10 to 6 ri'-Q BI RITE 0 Prescriptions I Cosmetics 0 Toys 0 Sporting Goods 0 Gifts 0 Liquor I Camera 0 Housewares 428 S. Durbin Phone 265-1914 Congratulations F RD Graduates! TRCSCKS NCHS "Class Of 78" W r A 23.5-6621 From Home of the Deal with Price Appeal Greiner Ford New Cars 3333 Cy Ave BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '78' FROM THE SAFEWAY ON ov xy l,.. is t f-t gv il ,X a SKYLINE MOTEL COLOR T.V, - QUEEN BEDS is Phones 2037 CY Ave. 234-9171 Congratulations From BOCHMANN W. B. "Brad" Bochmann REALTY 2501 East 3'd Hilltop Shopping Center Casper, Wyo. 82601 p Ph. 237-3743 l li is Scott Ayers is displaying some Of the many high quality Conglfargnts rings available at: - LI APOTHECARY SHOP AYREEESWEEEE N 1139 E 2nd 2373746 118 East 2nd 234-2986 FOR QUALITY VALUES SHOP THESE FINE STORES ALBERTSON'S HILLTOP AND WESTRIDGE Carol Marlo waits on Sam Smith and Sally Jones at the Peppermint Tree PEPPERMINT TREE Doris Lowe, Owner 32 flavors of Ice Cream Cones, Sundaes, Shakes, Banana Splits Hot Sandwiches Sunrise Shopping Center Casper, Wyoming 237-2143 iRightJ - When Teri Sanders comes with a dust rag: The dust gets up and runs right out of the-building. Above Steve Reeb is attacking those dusty floors - for Steve just hates dirty floors SA 'S Janitorial Service Inc. Owners: Sal Juarez Torn Juarez fBelowl Watch Out! When Karen McDaniel has a dust rag in her hands - she turns plain mean. .- 'Y 5 f I 1 ,Xu fliefti Once Ralph Juarez gets a mop in his hands he turns to "ML Clean" and mops everything in sight. Robert A. "Bob" Galley Realtor-Broker GA L L E Y THANK YOU R E ALT Y CHEERLEADERS 1707 Boxelder Av. FOR Casper, Wyoming 82601 SELLING ANNUAL Phone 235-5789 Residential Business And Commercial ADS- Property Management Farm And Ranch Land Sales And Development CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '77 MOBILE FRA E A D AXLE SERVICE, INC. MEMBERS: WTA if AOSC " NFIB WE OFFER TRAINED SPECALISTS equipped with the MOST MODERN FACILITIES to assist you in solving any and all problems involving. ALIGNMENT, FRAME STRAIGHTENING, SUSPENSION FOR SYSTEMS, STEERING, TIRE WEAR, HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS, SPECIALIZED FRAME FABRICATION AND PLATING, FRONT AXLE STRAIGHTENING, REAR HOUSING STRAIGHTENING, ALL TYPES OF FABRICATIONS TRUCKS, TRAILERS, WELL SERVICING UNITS, CRANES, OR ANY HEAVY DUTY ROLLING EQUIPMENT WITH MULTIPLE OR SINGLE AXLE SYSTEMS. Our SOLE PURPOSE in business is to keep your wheels turning. Box 483 I Mills, Wyoming 82644 0 265-6740 YELLOWSTONE WEST DRIVE-INN snuff Congratulations Seniors . ECHO OIL CORP. Casper, Wyoming M, Phone: 284-6995 Come in and try our complete new menu. New Owners Open 7 Days A Week Good Food and Service 4401 West Yellowstone Hwy. Call 237-8763 POWDER RIVER CREDIT ' AUXILIARY BUREAU 4 ig'-L. To Post No. 991 of Casper Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. "Pay Your Bills Today So Your V Credit Will Be Good Tomorrow" ,L 7 f,Q?+,C 5h Credit Reports - Collections . W p 829 C Y Avenue Casper ' x REETINGS Phone 234-8901 G to NATRONA COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Bruce K. Ward . . . . Owner for participation in our Voice of Democracy Program Voice oi' Democracy Winners lst Ann Burke Ilrci Robert Tobin Best Of Luck to all students at N.C. Especially the class of '78 NATIONAL SCHOOL STUDIOS, INC. OF COCA-COLA BOTTLING G0 GAS PER 'Things Go Better With Coke' ' P. O. Box 875 637 West Yellowstone Casper, Wyoming 82601 Best of Wishes to the Class of "'78', from Casper Automobile Dealers BECKER OLDS-GMC COLISEUM MOTORS FRONTIER AUTO SALES GREGORY MOTORS GREINER FORD INC. MAX AUTO AND MARINE MII.O'S AUTO SALES Association NAGEL MOTORS. INC. RAY POWDERS VOLKSWAGEN RAY SHELLABARGER CHEVROLET STREEPERAGARYIN CADILLAC INC. TRIPENY MOTORS WESTERN EQI IIPM ENT lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ICHAELX- I FE CE WOOD FENC1-is CHAIN LINK RESIDENTIAL 0 INDUSTRIAL FENCE EXPERIENCED TECHNICIANS MATERIALS SOLD FOR DO-IT-YOURSELFERS WE GO ANYWHERE IN 7 STATE AREA Wyoming 0 Montana 0 No. SL So. Dakota Nebraska 0 Iowa 81 Minnesota 3100 E. 10th St. Call Day or Evening 1500 E. Yellowstone Hwy. SIOUX FALLS, S. DAKOTA 265-1130 CASPER WYOMING 605 336-7886 2 Locations 265-1130 I,,,-A '51 -an 1 Y ..-- 'R Senior Cheerleaders pose for a special cheer for Michaels Fence. ' ' sq YA r - E Best Compliments -2 megan Q 7 "Lodging ol its Best' of ' 3 .. -ll -Best Western East ,gn,,,7,,m,M 307-234-3541 -Best Western Galley Carl E. Jenkins Bayard D. Rea 307-235-1559 JENKINS 85 REA UPTOWN MOTELS, INC. . Box 10080 Fargo Sta. James E. Mass Geologlsts 307-266-5850 Vice-President Casper, Wyo. 82610 Gen. Mgr' 139 W. 2nd Street Phone: Area 307 Casper, Wyoming 82601 234-4363 ZACK,S i " --'v A . 'X V' Makers of the A Worlds Best l A X. .,. -ff? GIANSANTYS PIZZA 241 So. Center Phone 265-2043' t'Let's Get Pizzicatedu Now Featuring The New Chick's Corner Zack's Got It! Casual Trends For The Fashion Conscious SUNRISE LAN ES NC students are provided with an entertainment spot for the weekends as they take advantage of the many fine bowling services available at the Sunrise Lanes and Snack bar. 4370 S. Poplar 24 AMF Alleys ABC Sanctioned "It's more fun to bowl at Sunrise!" 1 : 1: Q' L':g2P- 'P ' .. 4 U' " we iff:-eZ5ff" , l5gw"34'v f,,,1.ff' J CASPER COMMONWEALTH THEATERS America - Rialto Beverley Cinema Mile Hi - Terrace Drive Ins ACUUM DOCTOR WE SELL at REPAIR ALL MAKES VAC Uuivls . Q BAGS n PARTS 4 H0sEs :Wi I We Service What We Sell 5 I 0 :., 0 zr. ..,, Once you have purchased one of our stereo sets your face will also reflect a smile like this. ADMIRAL PHILCO SANYO TELEVISION 81 STEREO TELEVISION 8: STEREO TELEVISION 8: STEREO 0 Stereo Systems SL Sound Equipment 0 Stereo Tapes Nolan O'Briant, Owner 0 Over 25 Years' Experience Open Weekdays 9 A.lVl. to 6 l'.lVl. Saturdays 9 ANI. to 5 P.lVl. 266-1920 260 W. lst St. SENIORS ENGAGEMENTS WEDDINGS COMMERCIAL AERIAL KE 1 QUALITO E TUDIO 136 So. Center Casper, Wyo. HUTSELLS I PAY Sl, SAVE THE Quality Groceries and Meats Amemuw roorwun. Dial 234-7882 I Amfnlcm wonn soars Wyomm Blvd' 3. Mixing and Pendell ?35'l50'5?52 2232? I ' wssrsmv wemncron l Mills- WY0- mT4:'Y:' 232"" A Q' 5 ' srsu foe Ann Non-srsen. foe r A srm for eoors - msumso a. umnsumso I Q A cnzcx oun Pnvcss ron sussmnmr sAvuNcs , , C 2 I 3 5 uns. 9:30 LH.-5:30 nm. The smiling sales I I I 5""""""'1""""" clerks of I-Iutsell's are A ' 234-9057 420 s. wolcorr always wining to help F' E you' in lmear armies? emu LEE! LES cuss s. PAINT IE51 7 .1 5 X Z :Sign ,.g:2g -4:22:55-5-gli 'Esn'5 " 51 . 9flit'o ...qoe have it! - masons - msnmorms - uns rovs I - pvowsn moons In rua sucmosunss -'fhexlouss stone moms rxno nools srou run: cuss ..:r1E55E? I N Klt Mlllef I'9p31I'S 3 flat t1I'8 fill' Ei CIISILOIIICI' JLISTL OHS of E oust: oluvr IN snvlcs ucronv urvnus fu an Can the many extra services provided by our attendants. WE AEE EEEEAEED E0 HANDLE W , - l L4 L A J Au msuuncz cuums Ei !I! """"" "GN: us A Bunn" L I '- QR Valspor Puinis L Varnishes A I f? Farm L lunch Pain! Specialists : -2 "A Service with a Personal Touch" gg w 1,9 5 F . - - E531 5 iE 7 English Ave. 237-8046 3: 'Tv 7 Y f Y I I Iii, v f . II' T7 C - " X 4 J 112011727 10, THE LINOLEUM 81, CARPET STUDIO INC. Karastan and Mohawk Carpet Armstrong Linoleum Over 25 Years in Casper Casper, Wyoming 200 Forest Drive Phone 234-4959 THE VIKING CONGRATULATIONS Class Of 1977 Wishing you the best of luck and happiness in your years ahead. Hilltop Center 3rd 81, Country Club 234-5386 5 5 2 9 5 3 E . 2 5 i t . 3 a rl e y 3 3 902 Cream Q Qliefzbczt 5 5 5 5 5 2 3 5 SWEET CREAM ICE CREAM 5 5 3 49 flavors 5 Q Real Cream Sherbert 5 5 10 flavors 5 . Q - . C 2 5 5 3 For Your Parties 5 5 Two layer ice Cream birthday cakes J' C' SCHUETZ' CLU Q and many other molds to choose from 9 General Agent 5 2 S thland Life 1445 South Popl 5 5 5 I nce C mpany Casper. Wyoming 82601 5 A 5'ZSZLE5!Jf55S.W'O"'mz"" 2 Dallas B 234-6287 Re . 235 5343 5 , 1APPLY FOR YOUR CHARGE CARD TODAY1 FOR MEN SWOMEN SUNRISE SHOPPING CENTER F, 50' 62626 fwg- N 'gf ya ,Qi JO' PN 9c'Zti555vQif,ilC8 N x x X ' I ki , I 2 H wiicxv SCS? ix- sfxibox my COX ojfxofs QQCSDXJ-340 I' W I if L. C51 BML, 64 mba NQXO fy 555559 Q W 9 f Rv 233' , 1vff,w OW 'Zac X QW! S5 ' . Q ' ' , 47f7bcCf' ' 1 U V ' Mx aWjfbfjf"k . X901 OVPQ9 ,Q if M jyfwffwwgw M, JMWL fv M fl '. GYQWMJMWW 'WD H WQQMWQ Q 0fvf0yK.XqOn

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