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, : g.m. , W , W W . J ujiw- an . 1 ,W ,if"MmNfq Nj! ww a 1 .6 0- 1,,,'i,f - v' X," ,X ,3w,',,' X. pw! M X a . , 0 Q " 'N ' .. 'O' O!!! Wa f 1' ' ,' .Q. . ' ,Q '52 'av ,,!',uj"g'1:Q'N'TNN:iliw, 'U' ' 8 Q R ' A "ww ' X ,yjvy X H1 ,YQ WV!-M "' 51 .WN f wk . ab - Q T. 0 I v F P Y 4 , 4 l 1 , 1 N .......-.-v.-f gf ffl' if li'-I 1 fwwfk ' -5-.. il it at ight 40- I 4 VWMM-.' .. 1 CASPER MUSTANG 1966 Natrona County High School Vol. XXIX Casper, Wyoming L we N wif N -f X - .. 5 gs - 5 xxx E Q While classroom performance is The prime requisite for achieving The sTaTus of master Teacher, oTher requirements musT be meT: devotion 'To colleagues, acTive pro- motion of The school, parTicipaTion in pro- fessional organizations, an unquenchable ThirsT for personal and group improvemenT. We, The staff of The T966 MUSTANG, feel ThaT The subiect of our dedicatory remarks personifies The Term "masTer Teacherf' For more Than Two decades Miss Hill has been a member of The NCHS faculTy. Dur- ing This span of years Thousands of sTu- denTs have been The recipients of her ef- forTs, efforts aimed aT insTilling in each in- dividual The fundamenTals of composition and common sense, liTeraTure and life aTTi- Tudes, grammar and general knowledge. The successes of her sTudenTs aTTesT To her vicTories in The classroom. Furthermore, Miss Hill's influence has sTreTched beyond The classroom. She has willingly provided counsel in NCHS faculTy meeTings, curriculum commiTTees, STaTe Edu- cation Association meetings, and aT sTaTe, regional, and naTional conclaves of Eng- lish Teachers. A lisT of Miss Hill's acTiviTies during The currenT year is quite impressive and will prove our poinT. Chairman of our English DeparTmenT, she is presently The PresidenT of The Wyoming Association of Teachers of English. ln addiTion she was an acTive parTicipanT aT The annual meeTing of The National Council of Teachers of English in Boston lasT November. STriving To beTTer herself and her deparTmenT, she aTTended The English lnsTiTuTe held aT The University of Wyoming lasT summer. The paThway ThaT leads To success is noT wiThouT impediments, Miss Hill can give Testimony To The uneven Texture of This road. The road has been iusT bumpy enough To keep her alert and agile. "lT's kepT life inTeresTing," she would say. ln appreciation of your pasT efforTs and in anTicipaTion of your fuTure endeavors, we presenT The 1966 MUSTANG To you, Miss Hill. Our maior hope is ThaT you will find This annual a worThy successor To The TwenTy-one MUSTANGS ThaT bear your brand. That best portion of a good man's life, His little nameless unrememberecl acts Of kindness and of love. William Wordsworth Miss Hill's trademarks: Left: Twenty-one annuals Below: Desk -s 1 1 1 ,Vid ' '1 ' ' .X 'V . V 'a " , . 1 ' I ' . U N 1. .xg , 1 . K X 0 1 K, K. 1 ., f 1 . if r v V W' . V, .V ,V . V411 . V v ' X VVV . ' M ' 'ia - s - - .2 , ', I P155 -?' 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V Vina V VVV H 1 V, ' ' 1, ' V Q, I ' gl P" ' ,,, ' 1-1-H -A 411+ 1- ' ' 1' A-1 1 ll ,. v - 1m W ' 1 ,N ., - . i W fi ww wa, ,.. ,. L A . I .V -'S V 'J ww if . V 2 cfzrw A, Q., , '1'-,,...,VQ 1-. ---. -, 1- 4" 4-rf, 1 qi'-1, ... 'fu' 4 , V35 - , 1-f--., "N - - ,- 1 K f ' , ., '- N. ,A 1 .1 pw- .., , ' ,, - ' -V ' aw, ' fl- ' ' ",4. ' "'? . . - 'V .fl ..- -. 1 ., "' If 1- -- :1 "' If V4 , ,. 5' V A ,. -f- A . Vg -' 'lgs' , -.115 K 1 , 1 I- ' ,F V V - . mf, ., 4 A ..V 'M' V ' ,'- -M 4. Q ,, .M VV - -1 ' ' ' r 1 V "' f". '1x- -.V'.a-Vf... V V V V ,N V Q V 1 1 V V V . 4, 1 1 V VV V VV 1 V :vii A, u - VVV -1V - V EVVVVVVV ,V - VV , V ,. 1. V VVVVV V ,f QV: J - V V VV A . ,V . . . . 2 TVV VW - -v1VV V V V 'Y rw .g.yfn5,f3g3,w,1g1 . 1, - .VL , ' -- .1 . ',-. -. 1 . ' Q , .V 1 -vo' ' ,IL . " . ,. 1 '- ' . 1 , , , ', , .. - 7 ' V 1 VV 5- ' , , " " '- . 5' " gs' . . 'if Vt' ', fx 111' .fm f V " A " ' "' 'A' 1 1 1 ., ' x . 'J ' " . K , ' -"" - 'f- ' -' vf- -. ' ' . A L. 1 .W nm- M1 ' - L ' ' .t 4 1 ' 4' , N- Q - ' 1 'LI-. .. ' .--" -' .4"" '... '7:'3 --'Sr 'T - P HIWJN'-2-8"T u - 1 . - 'sw' " ' , ' .Q ' V 1 , - .' MA V. Q -Q, ' .Q , . ' ' . -. . "Q - - ' ' H, ,- . vu 5 wa, V .. 1 A QQVWF,-f1'f1 1 ,Z 41-- , ,.,,. '1 I 1 ,,.., W' N . . ' "-foM,,Q,1-fa-:1'f , . 1 1 ' -' " . , ' -' fhsc- -. .- 'Ps 1' mzf' -. .- 6 -1 A 15:11, :yi . fTLiQ""i!?'Wv5lA- ,' " M' 1 1 ' ' r-Vg.:-15.1. + ""5?1". H- , A-': '- 1" IVV' f6'."'1. fxif' 1 ' ' . '-7 ' M"-f-N - ' " ,, 9 wg, , 1 ,V V ,mv V, 1,1 .VVV1 V. .Vlqm w . . V , 1 bm mg V'V:,V1y V . V .V V , 11-1 VV . V , + , 1 , 11 1-M 5.,:1?3j.,, ,K Av furumgl- A -,N , 4 .X :qw . 'rf-mifvjh' 'J VB' ' . x 1- ,v N ' : . - P c ' , Q. . ' 1 1. "f ' . I ' ' H 1 . K ' ug -2-my-nr :Ft "AV '-- - .vf--' " A -if" . 1" .- ' 3. . A- 4 1 ix ' ' ' . 1 -fp-f1fsf1m.-1, M V 1. s, . 1 1117 Aim-N-" -A - -r 1' A'-, , 1 fy' "1-4, .rg ,1f,,15,'-va., -G f- ,.. ff f - 1. -gint .4 ., '11 , 1 T ..1. Vg-VV -,V V. 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V - , Q.. .1 f . - , 1 V 1 5 KV Q. wxV,,Vfv1g3VVgg11gL ' V ,1V- N ' A 1 V ',.M3.,y4F?L - F , V - ' '1 . -1 - ' 1. 1 - f,:','f1:4M" - ' H 1, w V- fy:-,V V .. . . 5 V' 3, - ', ' V -.1,w,'.' - VV ,V V- , Q-,uv L -V 1. 1.,. wg ' ' ' - .fl-M PM A . 1 ' Q' .f" l. I -1'-::'.:'1 . gif' 7' ZW? f " 'M""' 1. ' Ax' 'W' . - - wcwalf., ,dm ' 1 1 1 .- J -VV, SV' V V. ,v V-'V V EVQQVVYV ' fi ,V . 141' , 915 VV - ,. ' 1 ' - K Vg, - ' . g., 1 ,1 1, , m',g.Q8w-vw 113- 5 ' -- ' ,, "H-rw' f-N, -H-1:15. IPR 15 A :" 1 1 l m ' ,,.-N, 1'0"-Xw"' 'HJX-1'A --f-1' M.. .1 ,X-15 ,A Table of Contents The Yearis Highlights in Review Administration and Faculty ........ Classes ........................................ Activities and Organizations ........ Advertisers ............................. . . , 1. , 1.,. l . y T .. ,ix Je "fy 'YGQFKE k 25,5 X5 J 5 c illlifqsjii K i 5' Q- N The Monday Mourning View ofthe Campus Scenes familiar to NCHS students- for years-the campus in fall, winter, and in the spring. Fall is gold-the gold of rustling leaves accompanying outdoor lunches. Winter on the campus is white snow swirling down, counterpointed by the gray bare branches ot the trees, and the subdued red brick of the building. Spring is green--bright with expectation of vacation, and the seniors lined up for marching practice on the walks. Summer-well, summer is the flowers blooming alone along the walks and the passing motorists of CY Avenue. N C H S Campus "Astrologically Speaking," the 1965 Junior Follies presentation concerned a traveling troupe of actors setting out from New York The actress hired for the lead role, who was vastly famous and equally temperamental, relied heavily upon the edicts of her astrologer for the direction of her affairs. Foiled by a scheme of her manager, the actress feigns amnesia and thus facilitates the assumption of her part by the understudy. Mr. Welsh authored the script and supervised costume design and Mr. Brecheisen served as tech nical director. An uproarious num- ber entitled "The Triplets" was one feature that ensured the suc- cess of this annual theatrical proi- ect of the Junior Class. Q15 fy-SfQ+iQv1l'r'6 sf-ts T , c i M N O , X ,' A 144 y :yi d vs., s -as Q-.................,, ll lu. 1 ' X xvtf a gg .. N i f , if I 7 K f .fllfvglll T " T -u , qi,'5 1 5 .l-:ff " ' AWG' muaiwluw A 9255 , 4' . X I 4 l X -1, of . W QOWQS WQW, is mo, The Vicky Rogers Carolyn McKay Vicki Alloway GO GO GIRLS" 's 5 i W . 7? 77 , M 7 f ,Z www X s rr- Q SE r S1 ME: X S 'S 5 S 'Is is s wx so q ,S gs S3 LES GIRLS Linda Sanford, Debra Asbell, Robin VanDevenTer Cheryl Trestik, Bev Mathisen, Judy Jackson, Nancy Ayres, Patty Wallway, Rhonda Guthrie, Denise O'ConneII, Pam Mclnfyre, Q FXS? 3 X x S si Q N s assi Peggy Perkins. ,,. xx Q fa E Y A S 5 3 S S S s S 1 w 3 3 taters Ten boys and twelve girls from the iunior class were bestowed the honor of being delegates to Wonderful Wyoming Boys' and Girls' States, where the students were allowed to view first-hand the functioning of our legislative and iudicial branches of government. The future seniors experienced the activities tra- ditional to the learning program sponsored by the American Legion and the Legion Auxiliary. Cam- paigns for office were conducted under the ban- ners of the Frontier and Pioneer Parties. Each nominee exhibited his creativity by the costume, handouts, and speech necessary for candidacy. Speakers included Governor Hansen, Sec. of State Thyra Thomson, and Chief Justice Glenn Parker. But above the campaign skits and the seemingly continual singing of songs, the learning sessions of the girls, at the University of Wyoming, and the boys, at the Douglas Fairgrounds, proved a re- warding educational opportunity. The culmination of the week came when the Staters assumed the seats of the Senate, House, and court at the Capitol in Cheyenne, demonstrat- ing for one day their prowess in governmental ad- ministration. Left to right, sitting: Pete McKeever, Bruce Anderson, John Whiston, Greg Hueni, John Oden, Bob Edelman. Standing: Barry Hoke, Bob Hardy, Bob Kegley, Mike Best. Jr 'WI i'Alice in Wonderland The Cheshire Cat 99 The Queen of Hearts reigned over The Mad Hatters Ball as the Juniors presented the Class of 1965 with Their last gala dance ot high school years. The Theme, "AIice in Wonderland," was de- picted in unique decorations: a keyhole through which couples entered the Prom, the Cheshire Cat, the Caterpillar on his Mush- room, and, of course, the Queen of Hearts. All revealed The en- gineering and artistic accomplish- ments of Mr. VanDeventer, Mrs. Kofakis, and the Junior Class. Cheri Lang was crowned Queen at this highlight of the NCHS so- cial season. I2 l Junior Senior Prom Kelly Walsh John Whiston presents the Troian sword to Steve Bealer. l John Whiston, Student Body President of Natrona County High School, voiced the sentiments of our student body dur- ing the installation of the Kelly Walsh High School Student Council. We believe John's remarks should be preserved for future studentsp thus we quote portions of his talk. "Just as we deplore rivalry, we shall try to avoid making one school a carbon-copy of the other. Fundamental to the idea of mutual respect is the idea of diversity. We wish that each student body will be able to develope its own personality and that this personality will be the product of neither malignant antagonism nor blind imitation. l l I4 L y I-hgh chool "Competition without antagonism, co- operation without imitation. Competition is a beneficial factor, it inspires each party to greater achievement. It is the source of most accomplishment. Whenever one of our schools is competing against someone else, it is imperative that all of Casper be behind that team, group, or person. "This year we have a tradition to es- tablish. What we do in the coming months will continue after we graduate, after our brothers and sisters graduate, perhaps aft- er our children graduate. If we begin this year with cooperation, mutual respect, and sensible competition, we can fulfill our duties to future students." Bob Kegle ff . to HowardyGgh3l.ers the Nalmnal Student Council Banner I5 HIGH SCHOLASTIC SENIOR Cleft to right! lst-Col. Tommy L. Toman faccepting-Capt. Paul DeLangD 2nd-LT. Col. Gerald Jenkins 3rd-LT. Col. Steven V. Shook Field Day 1965 BEST DRILLED JUNIOR flefr fo rightl lst-2nd LT. Richard Hinerrnan 2nd-2nd LT. Robert Dorfch 3rd-2nd LT. Greg M. Carr sv ., iw X X' X 'H Q rs ,- x S M .Q -' X X ' ,W m K. , 'K ' R L NN x. A ... X 1 rx N " 'uk 'N - Q 'NM . 5 X X. vwgg X K 'Q 1 XX N -v' 3, S: Ns 1 X5 iw. ww wig 1- . S 1 x .Q X is Q 5 . EY' 31? S 3 S' A Q A X X X- . . f gi i R Rx sf ,S Q 5 Q X Q 5 w X 1 g ,Q X xv X. Q 5 Q 9 'S 5 Y X S X gl V .... , I , x 3 X xi- - 5 '51, 2 I 4: XX xx - : S iff' W ,- E g "Ml ! X Xfzvxx X X is z i M NS ik kk 2 Six N z 12 I X X fl kk KX X Q Q ju ' 1 ,5 1" ,gmsgwmw i Q N X XX :HX XSS? W N. 1 K Q f as X Q xx X Xxxl Xi 1 2 M '- SNSSSSS Xx R M X X Q SMxNQ3NN7vr Nix X 2 Q X I i J i X N 1 M gg V mil-P: Tlx X X X XX "" S X X bfi X X xv X N xwwg X i Q R N :Q X -L W X x .Qi NK X N f Q SQ X ,awww K if xx Q QS 5- 0 f' X X R N. Esxx, . xXX SQ S -- Ni " - X xx I, ., A , . :Lx E - x ww , :Ni x ,E WX Xw ' ' , sixzssqtr ' - -555 xi xxx: N-xxx. xx L x? if x x X Ex X Q xx 5 ix ix wwf ,M Q x xr 5 ' ig' N S v N 5 3 Q N xx gy X xx xy, Q xx N X e K x x 3 S x E152 e 1YNx W ff!! M M s U ,,,. 4 fVV 5 f - 'WW f QMQZZZW Www, "w www? , x, xx xp, .x N XS 2 Egg 3 E r x ft M Ni in Q ' N 1-xx .:. "2 x mal 3 is Q x YS CQ N X A x N R x S 5 x Q k 5? E o E N I 4 X Egg: xx QQN- is f" E, N x , X LXSSS XNR N wi x S A 'Y' A 'x x x v N 2 I X. Q 5 fa R Q'-.xx Nx xx xXX x xx xx igwz LQ ,.,a .:.,. i, Q . xl? Miss Feris, Gary Parish, Frank Allen, and the Tau Kappa Alpha trophy--the embodiment of thirty-six years' work The Ultimate in Awards Mr. Reese proudly surveys the trophy. The Tau Kappa Alpha trophy, awarded for cumulative points garnered in national competi- tion, is the most coveted prize bestowed by the National Forensic League. In June, l965, Miss Feris and two of her top speech students, Gary Parish and Frank Allen, went to Cmaha and competed in the Nationals. Gary and Frank added seven rounds during the competition, bringing the total points accumulated by NCHS to 218. The giant sweepstakes trophy was their reward. A glance at this trophy reveals that the talents and efforts of many students, fused by Miss Feris' capable hands, were responsible for this addition to our showcase, Entrants in seventeen Na- tional Tournaments are listed. Among the names of students are found Ernest Wilkerson, Vincent Mulvaney, Tom Kidd, Jo Anne Blower Lamun, and Mike Hunter. This trophy is a fitting tribute to a grand lady and many of her students. lt adds to the scholastic heritage of NCHS. 20 I Left to right, sitting: Ellen Miller, Susan Waldram. Standing: John House, Chris Crossland, Robert Wendling, John Whiston. ational Merit emifinalists This year, as in past years, NCHS has produced a proportionately large number of merit semifinal- ists. Last year's iuniors took the merit qualifying test in March. When scores were announced, NCHS was found to have six semifinalists. Finalists will be chosen by means of scores on the. SAT tests taken in December, 1965. Last year, all NCHS semifinalists became finalists. lf necessary, the National Merit Scholarship Corporation provides students of high scholastic ability with a college education. The organization selects from among the finalists, recipients for many scholarships given by nationally prominent corpora- tions. lt also provides a select number of finalists with scholarships from its own funds. rf' I ADMINISTRATIO D FAC LTY ,- ,4- x ..-4 .1 f' P fbi . f ff I ,J ' HX ' lf' j x ' .A H! av X I " f' . f' X J V- "ffm, 4 X Y- X 9 4 .' I . x N I I . ' 1 f .' X I. , If III ,I it 'I -4 ff' . , 'Eff' I III. n fi I 5 Jn "1 1 "Azz, I X4 A ' .F ' fl 'XA I' ' f"f4 U IIIu?:Z,Z ,I , ' I, Q I r X, ix I I IX C , AIA I 72- ,II . I" 1 ,. ,,,. - - 1 ' ' ' 1. V , - . I ,f ' "'-if-at-rf - " ' ' ,, 1 , g 4 gf . -- ' I cfwat' 4 -I . f . ' H - I X ' I, "I,-U I, " I", ' -A'3'I.L . DQ. ff -' I - ,gf 0 jpl' -YE, fl -' A--- f pf:-if 1 f f - 14 U A 1':55""Z . - .-I: 5 I-15' ""'5i?,.- Q- ' ,1 ' If I ' Q 25,1 41' . . -- " .Z , ff: " " ' -W IN , W, ffwflx-if - Q .. - 4 , I' III I,1 94.3 I I , XIX ! . , I, . ' ' II II. f- I - ' . ' I, I, -5 Iif, V , - I Q, K.: A: N 'I-g" " if V II I,-f' I , I " 7 I , ., 'I, , Ky' I fl , "f, I ' . , as. -1 g ' . , 1 m - .I - r, " . 1' -A f N H "N ' ' ' - . . X- ,--f"' , ,I ,, ' v f , ' 'X if I', 1 ,J7v.' 1 . - I jf Q ' 'lf f' Q p 5 1 ! '-- ' '-,fl . ' - ' . ' ' -f' I - '4?"" ,ff ' I ' F ' s' 3.7 ,' lfwif- 5 . , I ' ' 'ff -- '17 f 7' IA ,g', ' ' 1 'G 'f', - ' ' 1427! ' ' ' X-6 f Q af: ' . I 8 ' in ' N A , P , ' ,J .- 1. , fl, f f jf w W 3, p QV" j,,, "2 7 , . P1 . .f 1' , gf 1, f ' -ff" " "1-. ' ' , ' ' "" 1" ,V ' 'T I 1' ' ' ' . fl .1 f - I' ff -. 1 . ,f V . 9 X rid 2' ""f1 iz 7- .r f' ' fl, .. " ' - , , ,-17-vi 'QT ' ' f I ff I ' I ff . I,-,If ' . I I, ,jp I I I, w ka - -' ' , ! I. 1 I F A- , ' 'iff' Af," ' - ' y 'R W I 1 ' ' ' J" ' ' " " "'l' 9 -1 ,1 91- . f- V 1 4 7,1 Y 4 I 9 " f 4 ' J " ' ,. if 1 ' 7 wt' I -' ' 3-ff 1' r n ' .I '. ' NI II, .I I' 4' I I r' ' ' ,z .,,. --'a-reg, ,,- ,Z ,T If . . ,W . - fi' I ,,.I . II III ,I KL!!! I .. I IIII27, II - I . I. III . I , ' '4" f ' -y iff, -- up VP' , ' f' , , --fi' 1- -. K, . If k V-7 , ' ' . ' 'II 22 f,..f I . , . . . . II, ,, if . ' ,f I -' ' f ff ,..f" " , , ' .Z ..-- ' ' f . . ,Z A, -. f E Xa, XX 3 .X .X. 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T x .Q A ftp. ici. xgiii ..- aw Nix 'Fla 'fx b NS-'f gnxtlir-. - . ,Q Um... Sw. ., ,lan 'sr -xv ' si .png Q mg. D - -Nw 'leg ,Wa 'ey iw! gxkfqg .1 I. N 31' f x :ir , .li - 'Nix - Uis 'Al R f.,., -uri! gii., -X ,i xf:i:Si'iEffIgfIIf:IIIiI"SSI:Igfijggffiiiiwgg, ,, . QQQWXNQHQSQQQSsQxx:sg,,x:x.t,.l,isN.,,,yn .. Q,x,,.xNs, llgl mimi q.,,ixfQQ,x,,.gNi. Y S-Q't'iS5?:ii":f3555f N ' :sit-5 Ni: ' in-Ei ' . N am 1 . 1 Robert Bush, Vice Principal For the administration, 1965-66 provided a welcomed respite from the overly-populated class- Wlmem Reese' P'l"elPe' rooms of the previous year. Enrollment settled to the 2,000 mark, a figure more consistent with the physical capacity of NCHS. Students and teachers were happier with the more normal schedules that the decreased en- . . . rollment afforded. The eight period day became but an unpleasant memory. Mary Bundy, Registrar Stella Dunn, Secretary Gordon Ward, Sr. Vice Principal An innovation This year was The home room period aT The beginning of The school day. Admin- isTraTors, Teachers, and sTudenTs were asTonished both wiTh The efficiency of operation and The closer sTudenT-Teacher relationship ThaT The home room ' period engendered. Of vital import To Mr. Reese, his adminisTraTive assisTanTs, and The faculTy was The NorTh Central Gloria Corrigan, Attendance Clerk Mary Ann Drew, Girls' Counselor evaluation, a proiect in which each sTaff member was involved. FaculTy members participated in many hours of evaluative meetings, meeTings That exposed The strengths and weaknesses of our school's operation and curriculum. As The Mustang wenT To press, The entire staff awaited The visiting evaluaTing Team, noT wiTh apprehension, buT with confidence. - Dorothy Rae Snider, Assistant in the Girls' Counselor's Office Nurses Myrtle McCallum, Paul Miller, Audio-visual Director Special Service Areas Essential to the function of our school are the service departments which provide research mate- rials, audio-visual aids, and comfort and aid for the sick. The library continued to be the haven for those who needed lust one more source for a bibliography, and served also as a peaceful place to relax. for those weary of crowded halls. Sniffles and sneezes prevailed in the nurse's office, yet Mrs. McCallum and Mrs. Oden had little difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction concerning student ills. Left to right Helen Wegher English Dept. Secretary, Eloise Ray, Library Clerk, Jane Webster Secretary in Audio visual Dept.p. Rosemary Bartruff, Secretary in Audio-visual Dept. u1dance lone Gibbs, Chairman James Pullen Curtis Hieldness, Elma Sue Olds To the seniors of NCHS, a step into the guidance office is a departure from the present and an entrance into the far-away world of university life. Guidance is that behind- the-scenes department which subtly urges students to eval- uate' their capabilities and choose colleges and courses accordingly. The counselors are responsible for achieving order from the chaos created by 2,000 young scholars en- rolled in sevenclasses per day, and also for administering various tests beneficial to scholarship-seeking students. Special Education Under a program implemented by Mr. Schieferstein, eighteen of twenty-four stu- dents enrolled in special education are em- ployed throughout the city in various iobs that are correlated with school subiects. These students will be exposed to experi- ences similar to those they will encounter later in life. Betty Keefe Secretary tudent Control What with closed campus In effect and a new student lounge, Mr Adam s time is con sumed by exercising his authority as student control officer. Special Education Left: Arnold Schieferstein, Right: Lawrence Adams, Student Control Officer Grant Boyles, Drstributrve Education Bonnie Alexander Elsie Michalke, Chairman Business Education Department Natrona County High School will see the retirement this year of one of its finest and best-loved teachers. Miss Elsie Michalke, a member of the Wyoming school system for the past twent-seven years, will indeed be missed and long remembered both by the faculty and the students whom she has influenced. The Electronics Futures Inc. wireless shorthand learning system has been installed in two business education rooms. As there are three listening channels on the transistorized student unit from which to choose, the wide range of speeds characteristic of dif- ferent students renders the system beneficial to more rapid learning. Keith Ames Iiam Gorman Left to right: Yvonne Rippon, Robert Adams Left to right: Bruce Anderson, Mae Slaton Below: Pauline Fusselman, Janice Weayer, Wi Cecil Smith, Clare Anderson Math Department 'l:'fXl:llrTl ffX'l'l'll - fix? Donald Weishaar h-90 h The teaching of the above derivative function in calculus, and of hundreds of other concepts of mathematics, is dependent upon a much more import- ant function-that of the math instruc- tors themselves. Here at NCHS we are fortunate to have a staff which enables the execution of a superior mathematic curriculum. Left 'to right: Dean Weber, Charlotte Karen Spriegel Gilbert, John Bidwell lva Smith, Chairman W l X Mil XXX XXXXX K kk ' aj' . .X..x. , X iff ii? 'sl S X-X. ..: X J ,- X X X Xpi ,, -4 W-N' X1 X X wx ix W 11' X . x,,,. I H . N S X A X N RX K -1 . x 2 X4 X - . . 51. PT ,XFX x' A N6 XXX X A ig X ,gm 5, S S E Q. X X X xx XX S XX? Q' BS-.QE- X X N X N X 5 S ,f ff 2 NYXXQ wmv E , NX N., X X Eg X XXX r 3 -5 XX +598 5 X -gg,-,,. N-:,f,E:,,X.,:1::,. 'S fx: gi Q Q -bw X Just as the "new math" swept the nation a few years ago, new concepts in the Teaching of English are presently being felt in classrooms across the land. NCHS experienced examples of the modern English this year. After attending an English institute at the University of Wyo- ming, Miss Hill and Mrs. Jones returned in September with many new ideas, ideas which they divulged to the other members of the department. Miss Hill returned from the NCTE meeting in Bos- ton in November armed with additional information on current trends in English. The department considered and adopted the most promising of these new concepts. Linguistics and programmed learning became more than jargon among the teachers, some experimental work was done with each of the two in various classrooms. The future will no doubt see an expansion in the use of each of these new concepts. As the second semester began, attention was directed toward enriching and making more meaningful the classroom activities of those students who have, in the past, experienced little success in the areas of iterature and grammar. The English Department, proud of its past contribution, was not resting on its laure s. Shirleanne Wade Below, left to right: Joseph McClatchey, Ruth Jones, Janet Brakke, Gwendolyn Hill, Chairman Kathleen Hemry James Starrs Hazel Deffeyes oeial Science Department 'mm' ,,..e.. s .X.- - ' ln. i '22 - " ' , , , , A K A Margaret l.aViolette, Chairman The social science courses offered in NCHS form a .complex which runs the gamut from psychology to geography, including eco- nomics and world and United States history. One of the prevalent proiects of the de- partment's teachers seems to be that of making their courses as diversified, and, con- sequently, as interesting, as possible. Mr. Brecheisen's government classes read Allen Drury's Advise and Consent. Many of the instructors require supplementary reading of current events magazines. Term papers are no longer the specified length of dreary top- ics that formerly were written, but are now replaced by Mrs. LaViolette's stock market proiects and history class newspapers. 34 Haim Calderon l Below: Patricia Greene, l Robert VanDeventer i l Gerald l Quinlan X X X.. Sv Xsy X X X XXXXX Q 35 Jeanette Nemer Home Bunny Hall Roberta Waldram Home economics, art, music. All necessitate the combination of some degree of 'natural talent with hard work to produce results gratifying both to the donor and to the recipient. The beautiful Christ- mas program of the choral groups, and the ap- Blaine Coolbaugh, Chairman Wanda Walters, Chairman propriate selections of the band and orchestra at our games and assemblies, assist in the fulfillment of the meaningful non-scholastic activities which add interest and variety to our school life. Ruth Hagen George Trimble Fine Arts Jack Miller Franklin Stofflet Leo Rizzi Science Laurel Wirth Science students at NCHS fo u n d Themselves grappling with the intrica- cies of biology, physics, chemistry, geology, and natural science again this year. Numerous visual aids, such as those exhibited above by Mr. Rizzi and Mr. Stofflet, have been enlisted to com- bat the inability to see "lust why that element has a valence of -I-3." So changing are some phases of science that yesterday's knowledge is oftentimes today's fallacy. The science staff, consequently, are required to keep a step ahead of their eternally inaccurate or inadequate textbooks, in- suring the exposure of the latest theo- ries to the open, active minds of their students. Ronald Brannan, Chairman Department Glen Goss Below: Dan Ellett, Asa Brooks, Spencer Livingston Ann Trowbridge Romaine Kuethe Mary Lucken The English author Samuel Johnson once said, "There is no Tracing the connection of ancient nations but by language, therefore I am always sorry when any language is lost, for languages' are the pedigree of nations." Cer- tainly this statment is no less true in this day when the United States is entrenched politically and economically ir foreign affairs. An important key to the understanding of our world neighbors is that of language, for in language are found those inherent characteristics peculiar to nations. The benefit received from the study of Latin, and her Rome, and from German, French, and Spanish, and their con- temporary powers, is no more than reciprocal knowledge among men. Albert Garcia, Carole Franklin X Whether his desire is for an occupa- tional skill -or for creative leisure, a student will find the practical arts facul- ty cooperative and encouraging. These men yearly impart to many ot the looys of NCHS the fundamentals of voca- tional agriculture, mechanical drawing, welding, and auto electricity and me- chanics, giving them an impetus to go on in their study and become skilled workers. Driver's training, with its ideals ot responsible driving, superior road etiquette, and safer highways, again proved to be a popular course. Robert Hall Right column: Gilbert Blondin Chairman Anker Larsen James Valencia Neil Harrington Practical Arts Below: - William Tobin, Carl Closs, Jack Long- necker, George Scullen l l Above, left to right: Cynthia Herbisonp Mariorie Bisiarf Earl Ray, Chairman: Art Hill, Harry Geldien, Coordinator Physical Education In response to the nationwide plea voiced by govern- ment officials, the physical education department has this year broadened its scope. Both sophomore and junior boys and girls are now required to take physical education. Among the courses offered are track, gymnastics, swim- rning, volleyball, basketball, and football. Reserve Officers Training Corps The ROTC, with its ideals of courtesy and rigid discipline, continued to prevail in NCHS this year under the direction of Maior Markl. The boys were introduced to the basics of the military that is our country's unvanquished mainstay. Left: Maior C. W. Markl Below, left to right: SFC Norman C. Jonesp SSgt Jerry E. Houston: SSgt Ancelmo Atencio 1 , e e Q merge ss' il I , . s, r 5: rtle Stovall Henry Kolasinski Ca. l D English Practical Arts SOC' l 5 d New Teachers Join Faculty in January Teachers Sweat at Work and Play Mr. Reese calls To order one of the many Tuesday f ly g ee mes--fssssmc s Student fficers Bod John Whnston X X Student Body President Student Council Left 'to right, row 1: Joe Bush, Janice Buck, Nancy Hinkel, Sue Covert, Susan Gehring, Jo- Anne Germon. Row 2: Kathy O'Keefe, Barbara Young, Janice Speas, Lonna Wallway, Tom White, Ed Bostwick, Vicki Alloway. Row 3: Greg Hueni, Mark Cosper, Jim Myres, John Allison, Clark Thompson, Rob Thurston, Bud Missel. En 2 X Xxx Left to right, bottom row: Rusty Nichols, treasurer Karen Luoncl, secretary, Bob Kegley, student body vice president. Top row: Mike Best, state vice-presi- Student Senate A Senate meeting IN Eric White, Chairman of the Student Senate Ronda Hill, Clerk of the Court The most highly representative body of NCHS, the Student Senate, found the use of the home room period most expedient for informing the' student body and procuring opinions from it concerning the operation of NCHS. Eric White, Chair- man of the Senate did a splendid iob of coordinating the Senate with administra- tive policies. Among the tasks of the Student Senate were conducting forums on pertinent issues and regulating the Student Center. The legislative body of NCHS marked one of its most productive years.. Student Activity Center 43 OFFICERS, left to right: Angie Bloss, publicity chairmanp Joanie Anderson, presidentp Sue Galley, vice-president, -Shadra Ray, treasurer, Pat Wallway, secretary. iris League Council Devotion to service is the pre- requisite of Girls League Council members, and the fairer side of Natrona County High School is fortunate to have representatives actively interested in the relation- ship ot NCHS girls to their school life. From the ninth grade girls' first introduction to high school rules and regulations via the Orienta- 1 MEMBERS, left to right: Martha Rone, Candice Boulden, Joanie Anderson, Kathy Perales, Judy Clark, Shelley Green, Lee Gillespie- Mary An Schwartz, Rhonda Guthrie, Jo Ann Germon, Susan Scott, Sue Galley, Angie Bloss, Lonna Lee Schieck. tion tea, to the Senior Tea, the farewell affair for senior girls and their mothers, Girls League is an industrious organization to which their activities bear witness. The League sponsors the gala Football Ball, girls' assemblies, the Christmas Tea, and a spring dance in addition to the Orientation and Senior Teas. l Miss Shidler and .Nancy Keefe attend the annual Christmas Tea. SENIOR MEMBERS, left to right: Connie Flavin, Joanie Anderson, Shadra Ray, Sue Galley, Susan Scott, Kathy Perales, Bonnie Wingerter, Janice Speas. Sue Galley, Shadra Ray, and Kathy Perales light the candles before an informal tea. -. x h wx' I x v?4Y42Z'i'75., Q 4 .- . ' ' I , . I CLASSES ' fl M l . 1 I V ! , , l f r Y My S, ' ' , X . 41, ! W' W X -- .Alvgx ,1- mlmgllx -- ?W2e':fff-Q7 X 5.m,!Myg'.i,7: , . W I i f x X WX 2 'w x Alas" -v:,,,,,f1eu. E it A Ay., Wk E lv fffff K hflifi ' ,S -A' I, ,Xl , '1'- Y X 'xx- l X, Xxx Sf ."' 'K 1 ,-'Y' , "Q C9'L -V FN .' 'f ' 'OV A "' . 0' W --.X N x W Wf"'a m 5 AHKIIWWW mx 1 film W Ill ,7,gJg5?QS'Em,,1f0Aa6?1l!:5, ' C . I ' vi "ix ' V 1 I "wfnIf1i?QfWHllf 46 Q ! ,m willing -vim' N' M -t :uxvki If ' -- N Q r 9 xx , - xwwr N , mr, WMQQQQF ,M ,, l is :,,, 1 5 ' 1 'A , AX' U fs -'-i ::' 'S M lhnwaivfi SENIOR OFFICERS, left to right, sitting: Susan Gehring, secretary, Susan Clark, treasurer, Janice Buck, representative. Standing: Tom White vice-president, Greg Hueni, president, Clark Thompson, representative. Senior Officers - Class of 1966 48 X xr wwfmxx 'W my fQ9"Vv si X Top row: Ball, James, Banta, Peter, Barnes, Robert, Bar- rett, Kenneth, Barrick, James Barton, Roger Baxter, Sue Beasley, LaRae Beatty, Peter Q Q Shakf Spli Senio Bell, Merwyn Bellamy, Ella Bennion, Scott F Q Berg, Barbara lrb Berg, Marsha Fire Best, Michael Bigge, Scottie Biggerstaff, Patricia . Bintet, Jerome Binks, Clifford Black, James l Top row- Blevms, Wanda- Block, Cindy- Bochmann, Theo dore Bochmann Robert Bohren Teresa Boster Joe Bowden LeRoy Bowker Alan emg emg ,emg . 7 9 Float Time, Prize Boyd, Michael Bradley, Sherry Bradley, Steven Branson, Harold Brayton, William Breedlove, Ronald Brehm, Ann Breitenbach, Christine Bretey, Larry Brewer, Cheryl Britton, Ginger Broadbent, Margaret pw Brooks, Cathy Brubaker, Ronald Brunette, Edward Buchan, Mary Buchanan, Anita Bucher, Kay Buck, Janice Bundy, Sue Bunning, Thea Burdette, Linda Burge, Judith Burgess, Bruce Burke, John Burke, Noel Burkhart, Cathryn Burnell, Jane Burwell, Dennis Busby, Dennis Buschmihle, Yvette Bush, Mary Butler, Randy Cadwell, Ronald Calhoun, Cyrus 52 Saturda Bri ng l1G is Calvin, Linda Cannon, Harlan Cantina, Daniel Cardenas, Leioy Cardwell, Janice Carlen, Linda Carpenter, Rebecca Carroll, Brian Carstens, Connie Carter, Dee Dee Carter, Donna Carter, Mark Cartmill, Betty Cartwright, Monica Carubie, JoEllen Casey, Karlene Casey, Kenneth Cashel, David Chadwick, Warren Chambers, Craig Charbonneau, Michelle Cherrett, Twila Chinn, Maurine 53 Choyeski, Sandra Chrisler, Dinah Christensen, Kelly Cisneros, Kenneth Clare, William Clark, Sandra Clark, Susan Clausen, Brent Clayton, Michael Coates, Douglas Coke, Yolanda Collins, Jacqueline i Last Train Trip Collins, Ronald Conant, Richard Combs, Peggy Condon, Donald n Las,,N Qssss- W. X ,. ,,. ,. .,. W1-. 1es or Seniors Cook, David Cordova, James Cooper, Conrad Cordova, Ruby Corson, Judy Couririghi, Barbara Cowan, Patricia, Crabb, Terrell Crimm, William Crocker, Dianne Crossland, Chris Crow, Mary Cruz, Cynthia Culbertson, Richard Culver, Howard Cummings, William KW S X - sl x XX' Dunn, Thomas Rurall, Roger Dyer, Carolyn Edelman, Robert Egolf, Daniel Dunwoody, Joe Durnell, Victoria Earnshaw, Lawrence Edwards, Janet E'iCl'1Sf, Kenneth . . . and Reading James Bond. Elledge, Ronald Ellington, Paula Ellis, Cheryl Ellsworth, Susan Elmer, Michael Elrod, Vanda Emerson, Tana Emmack, Madonna Empfield, Martha Endicott, Michael Endicott, Patricia Enyert, Richard BUST, USED ef'l'l'OI'h GOI' 8 F S F G g F B Felt, David Ferrante-, Sandra F G Y NCI-IS Students Collect 25, 572 Paperbacks for Servicemen in Viet Nam Feuerhelm, Connie Ficken, Patricia Fitzgerald, Gerald Feurf, Larry Fisher, Mary Flack, Georgia Flavin, Connie Foote, David Ford, Marcia Fostmeier, Peggy Frankeberger, Ruth Franks, Ronald NX X xx x NX X Xxwx . W .W ,W WN www ' X - ...,,, h ,.,... My X 35 X N Xwi? QA W .,,,..., ....,,,,.k , AN X A : SQ Q Qffwwxgmf 1 .. x .:,:. . X X xx NNNNSQ Griggs, Susan Grill, Elana Grinstead, Michael Guess, Cheryl Guile, Douglas Gums, Sharon Haass, Susan Hafner, Carol Hager, Edward Haines, Allan Hall, Martin Hallock, Ann Hallock, Michael Hamar, James Hamilton, Michael Hammer, Samuel Hamre, James Hansen, Linda Hansen, Stanley Hanway, Murray Hardy, Robert Harlow, Gail Harmon, David Harms, Janet aww x LZ3i:vjk'.Nsf. 0 2' A Q-gr gr: xxx P S X -55.15 ,. YR, .L . Q Qs. 1, ., . N 5 ix: Q 2 Mr. Garcia lends a Latin touch to the classroom. The ROTC Boys Wear Uniforms, The Girls Wear niforms, and . . House, Phil Hudson, Monica Huffman, Pat Humphrey, Kenneth Hunter, Randy Huber, Mary Hueni, Greg Hughes, John Humphreys, Richard Huson, Marsha .L saw.-1 m swss. , vms.lmxw wsu mmmm1mmt, atwera. .... mns - x.,,,,,t ,r,,.,- ,,,, n , Hufsell, Sheri Jackman, Dean Jacobs, Jerry Jenkins, Elizabeth Johnson' Jana' Irving, Stephanie Jackson, Connie Jammerman, Ralph Johnson, James Johnson, Kai een Class of '66 Prepares for Graduatior Jones, Alan Jones, Kenneth Jones, Sharon Joy, Sandra Kadlick, John J Jones, Cathy Jones, Sharon Jones, Vickie Kadlick, Jim Kalkofen, Raymond 3f6X W . v Q5 Y fymx X 'N X, xg . wfg W gg Q x Q , A kt XX. . XXXX4 Q fx xvxx N YC X X XX XFQXNQ X ,fn X XX A Y X XXX Nr N XX XX N5 SQ HKS Q ws? X x Q Q Si P1 X X X P X '-If XX, ' XM, f XS X XX m X N XX ww NX NM X NX x X XXX X X X QNX XX R NX N .Q NX ati. M X. ' ' wx ,...- ,I I -w qw, 2- f . Q . ag. . X ' . X3 .Nw K S N, fi, :Xiu .n ,.5,X51:S -.-. QXQFSHXX Nw X ---- X X wgwwx S Q N X BE X X X YQ .Xu s.. 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NN X S A . .lxhx s XSS x .gf Mg 1 Q ggpixzil .S wx ,lx Nw S ww X i i Meredith, Michael Merrill, Sharon Michael, Vernon Middaugh, Linda Miller, Cheryl Miller, Ellen Miller, Paul Minchow, Christie "A time for joy, a time for tears, A time Weill treasure through the years . . .M GRADUATION McKerral, Holly McLennan, Kenneth McMurray, Joseph McMurray, Marvin McNicholas, Eileen McReynolds, Rae Marie McTernan, William Meece, Ken Mintle, Harold Moll, Pan-icia Monroe, Linda Moore, Linda Morgareidge, Donald Moline, Lisa Monk, Barbara Moore, Danny Moore, Linda Morren, Linda Seniors Make Final Homecoming Overwhelming Success Homecoming Queen, Pride of the Senior Class, . Morr Kathleen Morrison, Theresa Morss, Deanne Moynihan, William Mun g Sandra Murphy D yl urphy D M cl Murphy Ph ll p ix, l 5, is EE: 3 S S s Mutchler, Barbara y Neely, John Nelson, JoAnne Neubauer, Teresa Newport, Merilee Myer, William W Nelson, Catherine Nelson, Marcia Newman, Glenna Nichols, Russell . . 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P P -K X Q wt SX 49 i Q x 1 A W Q Q Bottom Row: Barrett, Ann, Bostwick, Pat, Beck, Sherry, Bragg, Carol, Berger, Sunny. Row 2: Adamson, Gloria, Alloway, Vicki, Amburn, Cheryle, Asbell, Debra, Ayres, Nancy. Row 3: Anderson, Diane, Armstrong, Patricia, Angel, Linda, Annis, Amie, Buchholz, Dorothy. Row 4: Barrett, Janie, Branstiter, Judy, Boltz, Mary, Bryant, Jane, Butcher, Anita. Row 5: Boyd, Pamela, Breitenbach, Margaret, Bretey, Pam, Bretey, Penny, Brown, Opal. Row 6: Adams, Marilyn, Barbe, Starla, Baillie, Martha, Allan, Linda, Balben, Ruth Ann. Juniors Seek Recognition in Merit Test Bottom Row: Baden, Tom, Angleton, Ed, Bartley, Bruce, Blackman, Mike, Barnes, Ron, Row 2: Blevins, Dean, Allen, John, Boyle, Mike, Brewer, Bill, Albertson, Vernon. Row 3: Auflick, Jack, Balcerzak, Walter, Baker, Stephen, Bouzis, John, Anderson, Thomas. Row 4: Berg, Marvin, Box, Millard, Anderson, Charles, Anda, William, Brock, Charles. Row 5: Attaway, Philip, Allen, Robert, Brown, Terry, Brummond, Eric, Brown, Bill. Row 6: Bu- beck, Gordon, Buck, Phil, Britton, Jesse, Brock, Robert. l :E if l l Bottom Row: Crouch, John, Carpenter, Richard, Bush, Joe, Cooper, Mell, Carr, Terry. Row 2: Canfield, Ron, Dewitt, John, Cannon, Jack, Bennett, Michael, Cadwell, Stan. Row 3: English, Bruce, Combs, Hank, Comin, Van, Cardenas, Thomas, Dalton, James. Row 4: Bower, Ronnie, Doyle, Michael, Corkill, Irving, Dowler, Thomas. Row 5: Etnier, Donald, Chase, Larry, Cardwell, Robert, Crotteau, Gary, Coles, Van. Row 6: Christmann, Mike, Edmondson, Richard, Ellis, Daniel, Evans, Thomas. Juniors Face Macbeth and Third Degree Equations Bottom Row: Cronin, Barbara, Davis, Deborah, Cornwell,,Linda, Clamp, Linda, Carter, Vicki. Row 2: Cantu, Susan, Caster, Marina, Caster, Mardell, Cannon, Rita, Dixon, Nancy. Row 3: Cardine, Susan, Corson, Charlotte, Clark, Verna, Cole, Carleen, Cool, Monta. Row 4: Covert, Sue, Crone, Char- lene, Chase, Lincla, Cronen, Linda, Cieslar, Carol. Row 5: Dudley, Valerie, Dvorak, Judy, Elle, Sharon, Dryer, Ruth, Drew, Catherine. Row 6: Chastaine, Patricia, Coleman, Judy, Carey, Jeanine, Carr,.Cynthia, Campbell, Lana. 3 3 S X 3 s if s S Q bl 'X Bottom Row: Desersa, Devonna, Galbreath, Linda, Geiger, Connie, Germon, Joanne, Ferrante, Dorothy. Row 2: Ealy, Jayne, Enclerson, Delores, Fickel, Donna, Engle, Roberta, Gilliland, Barbara. Row 3: Fink, Shirley, Foell, Sherron, Forgey, Eleanor, Endicott, Jacqueline, Floyd, Jeanette. Row 4: Foster, Sharon, Fowler, Leigh, Frye, Linda, Funk, Susan, Desersa, Delilah. Row 5: Galbreath, Barbara, Gilbert, Gaylene, Gonzales, Jane, Greer, Debbie, Guthrie, Rhonda. Row 6: Gamble, Linda, Garman, Linda, Garwood, Jennifer, Gallagher, Rosanne, Griswold, Janice. Valences Vex Some Juniors Jeanette Floyd, Sharon Foster, and Gary Prehoda conduct an experiment in Mr. Rizzi's chemistry class. ' g gg 93 Bottom Row: Hutsell, Janet, lngle, Karen, Jacques, LeAnn, Jacques, Paula, Jasmann, Vickie. Row 2: Garling, Wendy, Hardman, Sharon, Hershel- man, Leigh, Harris, Janet, Helzer, Christine. Row 3: Hendricks, Lynda, Kanghorn, Nancy, Henrie, Karen, Higgins, Linda, Horn, Linda. Row 4: Johnson, Linda, Hendricks, Lynne, Kinder, Kathy, Kolasinski, Barbara, Kraen, Jolyn. Row 5: Hufsmith, Susan, Hushman, Sheila, Jackson, Judy, Johnson, Kathy, Jones, Susan. Row 6: Halverson, Charlotte, Hinkel, Nancy, Harned, Billie Jo, Haught, Cecilia, Janak, Caroline. V Juniors at Half-Wa Mark, ome Think Itls Point of 0 Return Bottom Row- Gabel, George, Flack, Rodney, Ellis, James, Garris, Danny, Flack, Douglas. Row 2: Garris, Donald, Grace, William, Fairchild, John Fine Thomas- Farmer James. Row 3: Gilbert, Greg, Garner, Russell, Fuller, Burdette, Hood, Gordon, Heisey, Alan. Row 4: Handley, Ronnie, Gardner, Keilh, Gaylord, Roljert, Green, Richard, Green, Ronald. Row 5: Gerhart, Bill, Gums, Ronald, Gibbs, Dennis, Hembree, Donald, Friesen Richard. Row 6: Greenfield, Gary, Greenley, Daniel, Hillman, James, Holden, Dennis, Fritts, James. i1nnumnn1n : ' - X . - M- - - s . . C . . 1 wma? A 1-X -9- -ssswxw sf ff-. i C-..1...w.s . . -as . 1 - A : ww .,. .wfX,sa-,sc Wa.. s 3. .r r ,,s,,,n,.1,,-11,,il- -- Bottom Row: Kaye, Tim, Kelley, Jim, Ketchum, Ron, Hanson, Brack, Isbell, Dennis. Row 2: Kehm, James, Irwin, John, Hack, Lonnie, Jones, David Row 3: Hill, Mike,-Elston, Tim, Kalkofen, Ron, Keith, Bill. Row 4: Huffer,,Bill, Hufsmith, Dick, Huber, Dick, Hughes, Jay, Hunt, Steve. Row 5: Hall, Noel, Hutchison, Mike, Hutchison, Bill, Hytrek, Julius, Ingram, Don. Row 6: Klungness, Milt, Jenkins, Tom, Kelly, Mike, Jensen, George, Johnson, Charles. Mr. Simmons and Miss Spriegel Sponsor Junior Class Judy Clark and Cynthia Carr sweat Mr. VanDeventer's history test. I 95 Bottom Row: Leggett, Sandra, Mays, Teresa, Mack, Lincla, McMurry, Gayle, Mendoza, Madelaine. Row 2: Larsen, Anita, Lembeck, Linda, Lund, Cheryl, Melvin, April, Little, Lynne. Row 3: Merchant, Myrna, Martens, Christine, Loucks, Joyce, Milligan, Sandra, MBPPI Mae Lee. Row 4: Mathlsen, Beverley, Mclntyre, Pamela, McKay, Carolyn, Macklin, Marcine, Mooney, Mary. Row 5: Mayber, Linda, McKay, Marolyn, Mandakas, Argyra, Lytle Karen, Maher, Susan. Row 6: Long, Barbara, Lockard, Patricia, Ketchum, Lynda, Legerski, Myra, Kortes, Nancy. Junior Fads Are Cynthia Cruz, Gayla Soloman, and Janie Barrett test their nursing abilities on one another before ministering to student needs. 96 I Bottom Row: McLaughlin, Mike, Norcross, Phil, Missel, Louis, Mackey, James, Moll, Bill. Row 2: Lee, Bill, Mahaffey, Ron, Leberer, Mike, Minker Steve, Marvel, William. Row 3: Morris, Robert, Leedom, lan, Miles, Jack, Lewallen, Mike, Mahoney, Jeremiah. Row 4: Nichols, John, Lange, Paul Lawson, Jay, Miracle, Tim, Mapp, Roy. Row 5: McDowell, Bill, Nix, Vern, Matz, Tommie, McCrary, Craig. Row 6: McLain, Darrell, Muery, Doug, Mullen, Robert, McKee, Vern. uzzies, Batman, Courregi-as Boots, Protest Songs Bottom Row: Perales, Debbie, Parker, Sue, Pacheco, Juanita, Norton, Susan, Niethammer, Vicki. Row 2: Missett, Mary Kate, Needham, Nancy, McPherson, Linda, Naasz, Pamela, Mulquin, Judy. Row 3: Parsons, Virginia, Poulin, Judy, Potter, Cassandra, Poole, Sandra, O'Connell, Denise. Row 4: Neiler, Kathy, Mokler, Linda, Nolan, Sue, Murphy, Kathy, Patrick, Suzanne. Row 5: Perdue, Cynthia, Puettman, Mariorie, McKinney, Linda, Neville, Penny, Poe, Sandra. Row 6: Patzek, Katherine, Milliken, Frances, Parker, Bertha, Paulson, Loretta, Plucknett, Becky. .97 Mr. Welsh Tempers the Triplets in "Astr0logicall Speakingw -7- . , Bottom Row: Palmer, Ames, Pierson, Glenn, Prehoda, Gary, Pope, Richard, Racich, Dave. Row 2: Norman, Jerry, Pearce, Larry, Parke, Fenton Powell, Alan. Row 3: Orton, Doug, Pike, Robert, Mendoza, Manuel, Mills, Jerry. Row 4: Patterson, Rick, Morris, Ken, Patterson, Bill, Peden Mark, Paulson, Jan. Row 5: Price, Jim, Quale, Allen, Petty, Millard, Ray, John, Rasmusson, Rod. Row 6: Ridley, Woodie, Ridley, Gary, Robinson Charles, Reed, Charles, Robinson, Gayle. Bottom Row: Miles, Sears, David, Schell, was Stephenson, Rick, Soneson, Jeffrey, Reese, Mike, Stewart, Morris, Sorensen, Robert. Row 2: Romero, Terry, Rosales, Willie, Sharp, Steve, Parker, Fred. Row 3: Rea, Steve, Schwartzkopf, Dave, Sills, Terry, Sims, Joe, Stransky, Kevin. Row 5: Roberts, Jon, Stuewe, Cliff, Tennyson, Larry. Row 6: Shaw, John, Knapp, George, Rogness, Dave, Rennard, Steve, Riley, Mike. SF SWE N Bottom Row: Pickett, Roxy, Reed, Susan, Quintana, Juanita, Rodriquez, Helen, Rodgers, Vicky. Row 2: Paulk, Linda, Quinn, Susan, Pouttu, Linda, Perkins, Margaret, Pratt, Virginia. Row 3: Riepe, Suzanne, Rooney, Susan, Ruff, Karen, Rusnik, Deanne, Rhoades, Janis. Row 4: Sabatka, Esther, Scully, Rosalea, Savala, Gayle, Seay, Mary Ann, Shanahan, Donna. Row 5: Santistevan, Billie Jo, Ricks, Delight, Scott, Jerry, Schneider, Katherine, Sellers, Lynn. Row 6: Romero, Cynthia, Savala, Janice, Schrader, Ann, Schwartz, Mary Anne, Schwerdtfeger, Sharon. pring Prom ccupies Thoughts of Juniors . . Bottom Row: Winn, David, Williams, dGene, Williams, Guy, Wood, Larry, Ward, Thomas. Row 2: Vincent, Mark, Washenfelder, Bob, Tooke, John, Wood, Bill, Zimmerschied, Bruce. Row 3: Thurston, Rob, Wanberg, Greg, Studer, Bruce,Wass, Ron, Weiss, Ron. Row 4: Weber, Leon, Sullins, Tom, Williams, Barry, Weller, Edward, Wiley, Mike. Row 5: Porter, Gary, Womack, Trey, Rundell, Willie, Yates, Bill, Schoenwald, Mickey. Row 6: Sulley, Mike, Walker, Bob, Weaver, Mark, Ray, John, Markland, Bruce. Bottom Row: Skogen, Carol, Smith, Linda, Settell, Dorothy, Soine, Kay, Sorenson, Donna. Row 2: Stack, Glena, Stapleton, Patricia, Taylor, Florence, Tevis, Audrey, Trestik, Cheryl. Row 3: Shafsky, Laura, Sikes, Julie, Siefers, Georgia, Shook, Janice, Shelton, Sandra. Row 4: Truiillo, Katie, Sulzle, Lynn, Swift, Bertie, Strohecker, Dale, Stevens, Colleen. Row 5: Shutts, Isabel, Sexton, Catherine, Sun, Margaret, Smith, Marsha, Stimart, Beverly. Row 6: Shultz, Carol, Skinner, Sue, South, Dixie, Sprowls, Kathy, Stearns, Irene. l Ven When History Newspapers Loom in the Future Students use Miss Malone's library. IOI Bottom Row: Wight, Mary Beth, Wilson, Cathy, Wilson, Constance, Wunder, Trudy, Heid, Christine. Row 2: Turgeon, Mary, VanDeventer, Robin, Wells, Katherine, Wicks, Marie, Wasson, Tana. Row 3: Wallway, Patricia, Weber, Candy, Westbrook, Vera, Wiginton, Christine, Williams, J'o Ellen Row 4: Waddy, Jessie, Ward, Vicky, Wilcox, Delores, Weishaar, Donna, Penn, Marie. Fine Arts Ranks High in Juniors' Interests Utzinger, Kenneth, Rost, Karen, Robinson, Charles Top Row: Ellsworth, Leatha, Forster, Sally, Clark, Judy, Smith, Lynne Bottom Row: Clapp, Sheryl, Judge, Linda, Huberlein, Linda l02 Juniors y t Study Constantly! l l I Karlene Casey, Janice Cardwell, and Cathy Burkhart work on their garme M N clothing class. . . would you believe sometimes? . would you believe onee in awhile? Michael Lewallen concentrates on his work for Mr. Trimble, Y s nge Q 5' 5 I . v I", J-GSL 3 ff? z 7 X . www I ,Lg A . Q0 W sv 05 N X Y N' if X ' X Q .Y X . X X fzafaiiz- ' ' " 1, , X X 'S W L X X X X s x N N Q X 5 N N x P X S Qfw fs ., it , xv ,. X fu f i L 3 f 462 P ,,,., : ,, v ,.: . ft ' X :., ..-.. X XX Q Nm Wa. A Q ? my A E Q wa -: ,, 4:52 , X K r ff A NX x X X ge X u ,-'!"'x 5 x: 1,5 2 1 5 Bottom Row: Benton, Kathy, Baughman, Bertha, Bloss, Angela, Boehler, Kathy, Bochmann, Linda. Row 2: Black, Shirley, Allen, Beverly, Adams, Kathy, Bigsby, Nancy, Bochmann, Molly. Row 3: Baxter, Frances, Belving, Georgia, Bergen, Judy, Bergen, Sally, Benes, Jane. Row 4: Bacheller, Claudia, Bailey, Carolyn, Anderson, Cathy, Bailey, Wanda, Barbe, Jamie. Row 5: Allen, Georgetta, Artman, Linda, Akin, Kathy, Barry, Evelyn, Bates, Patsy. Row 6: Adams, Linda, Allen, Shirley, Amick, Paula, Annis, Mellissa, Anderson, Rita. ophomores Begin High School Trek Bottom Row: Allison, John, Anderson, Jim, Abas, George, Baca, Jerry, Boam, Claude. Row 2: Alspach,,Earl, Bettes, Dick, Attaway, Allan, Becker, Alan, Bemis, Mike. Row 3: Bishop, Ron, Baker, Tom, Bland, Jerry, Branson, Jack, Beld, Stanley. Row 4: Arner, James, Bailey, Jim, Bichel, Peter, Beebe, Ed, Behounek, Steven. Row 5: Bohren, Spencer, Boltz, Harlan, Bostwick, Ed, Banta, Lloyd, Bain, Richard. Row 6: Bernard, Tom, Benton, Dave, Barnes, Barry, Barnes, Loring, Anderson, Milan. S S s 5 2 1 3, 3 5 fl Q TS fi z 5 Sophomore-:S Struggle Through House 0fSe1Jen, Gables . . . Top Picture: Row i: Dalziel, Chrisi, Cuthbertson, Pam, Crocker, Sheryl, Coltrane, Karen, Congleton, Sandy. Row 2: Burge, Linda, Boulden, Kandice, Brummond, Evelyn, Brown, Nancy, Burnell, Mary Kay. Row 3: Burdette, Monna, Burgess, Kathy, Bretey, Linda, Burgland, Barbara, Brown, Nancy Lee. Row 4: Cureton, Lona, Crow, Annie, Cooper, Jean, Cook, Lura, Cocke, Carroll. Row 5: Carr, Kandra, Casheros, Francis, Cherry, Teareather, Chrisman, Debbie, Clark, Dorinda. Row 6: Bowden, Jane, Boyd, Kari, Burback, Karen, Bramson, Vicki, Chadwick, Valerie. Bottom Picture: Row 1: Carr, Del, Cabot, Tom, Conner, Ken, Collums, Gary, Burton, Jim. Row' 2: Carter, Morris, Carpenter, Robert, Christman, Howard, Clapp, Ronald, Cook, Ron. Row 3: Brown, Jim, Cadwell, Danie, Cheney, Vern, Buck, John, Cronin, Jerry. Row 4: Britton, Jerry, Burgess, Lynn, Bynum, Howard, Bush, Jim, Cornella, Jerry. Row 5: Christman, Don, Clare, Bob, Clayton, Richard, Brewer, Jethro, Christensen, Don. Row 6: Coleman, Allen, Bryans, Robert, Brock, Tom, Copen, Jim, Cosper, Mark. S fs S F2 xl E S E Q E l l -l Top Picture: Row 1: Drazick, Georgia, Green, Cordelia, Green, Kay, Francis, Jeanette, Grenier, Judy. Row 2: Ellis, Debbie, Dymond, Marilyn, Fink, Helen, Fitzsimmons, Denise, Fitch, Cathy. Row 3: Davis, Donna, DeMerritt, Judy, Dennis, Jean, Dubsky, JaNel, Dirks, Jewell. Row 4: Dalgarno, Colleen, Dalgarno, Mary Jo, Damery, Linda, Dobby, Debbie, Danigan, Karen. Row 5: Fentress, Grenay, Fitzpatrick, Mary Lou, Flipse, Linda, Foltz, Jan, Dunn, Deana. Row 6: Ellis, Vicky, Dice, June, Freefman, Jennifer, Doyle, Kathy, Dunmire, Coelene. Bottom Picture: Row 1: Dever, Mike, Dean, Jerry, Fogle, John, Fair, Frank, Crowe, Garth. Row 2: Cummings, Wayne, Daniels, Terry, Day, Don, Demos, David, Demorest, David. Row 3: Folk, Gregg: Crossland, George, Evans, William, De Sersa, Charles, Claxton, Walter Earl. Row 4: Franke- berger, Jim, Dona, John, Demery, Mike, Dunahay, Pat, Fustish, Charles. Row 5: Fusselman, Jim, Fuller, Jim, Darnall, John, Cole, John, Engleman, Wes. Row 6: Gabel, Jim, Fay, Steve, Davenport, Bill, Garriott, Tim, Garwood, Keith. Poe Seems More to Their Taste l07 Bottom Row: Huff, Pauline, Irvine, Sunny, Jack, Margaret, Jefferies, Janet, Johnson, Marlene. Row 2: Green, Michelle, Frickey, Martha, Gagliardi, Georgia, Hansen, Valeria, Grosso, Beverly. Row 3: Glover, Margaret, Griggs, Peggy, Giddings, Marsha, Grierson, Nancy, Gillespie, Lee. Row 4: Gottfried, Sharon, Hartman, Nancy, Harshman, Barbara, Heiman, Margaret, Hitt, Jessie. Row 5: Hoffhine, Dana, Holub, Dorisann, Howk, Lynn, Howard, Ovida, Hudson, Shannon. Row 6: Gunzenhauser, Lynn, Gill, Connie, Harris, Linda, Herrick, Bonnie, Hill, Jayne. ophomores Uvercome Timidit ant Barbara Venn uses the National Defense Act language lab. -xi . ' , c asis IM l08 l Bottom Row: Everhart, Mike: Janski, Joe: Horstman, Jim: Hawn, Walter: Keefe, Jack. Row 2: Chaney, Ron: Heide, John: Heady, Gary: Gilstrap, Bruce: Gray, Dan. Row 3: Huber, Emerick: Howie, Jerry: Johnson, Denny: Jensen, Randy: Jensen, Glenn. Row 4: Gun- zenhauser, Clifford: Garretson, Dell: Grace, Bob: Goodrich, Charles: Hall, Terry. Row 5: Hubley, Brian: Hushman, George: Hanley, Glen: Jarrett, Paul: Jacobson, Karl. Row 6: Hinton, Bob: Jackson, James: Heagney, Mike: Johnson, Philip: Johnston, Roy. Anticipate Next Year's Follies and Prom Bottom Row: Lembeck, Patricia: Lewis, Kathy: Lopez, Jo Ann: Lunsford, Vicki: Mack, Judy. Row 2: Kallas, Joanne: Krug, Cheryl: Lan- geliers, Beatrice: Lau, Rosanna: Lange, Cathy. Row 3: Joy, Kathy: Judy, Luan: Kennedy, Sue: Kissler, Cathy: Kortum, Sara. Row 4: Kennedy, Carol: Kalkofen, Jane: Jones, Cathy: Jones, Julianne: Kinder, Cheryl. Row 5: Loehr, Mary: Light, Brenda: Laughlin, Ashley: Larsen, Mary: Lee, Melanie. Row 6: Klaenhammer, Elaine: KIocksiem,Lynda: Knowlton, Linda: Kelsey, Viki: Landers, Patty. S 5 i 3 9: Q 5' S 3 S E 5 E i ,.--.1-ik 7 Bottom Row: Niedermeyer, Kathy, Norman, Cindy, Notter, Taunya, Nunn, Margaret, Olsen, Gloria. Row 2: Munsinger, Donna, McClellan, Susan, Moser, Dena, McLain, Donna, Miller, Jo Lea. Row 3: McCann, Connie, Mapp, Alice, Martin, Susan, Maior, Karen, Mangler, Gloria. Row 4: Maher, Linda, Marker, Susan, Miller, Gloria, Melvin, Janet, Marsh, Cheryl. Row 5: Montoya, Ruth, Moore, Cheryl, Mullinix, Cynthia, Munkres, Karen, Nichols, Cynthia. Row 6: Munsinger, Kandy, Murphy, Terry, Mitchell, Burma, Mintle, Kathy, Monahan, Pat. Sophomores Find niforms Bottom Row: Latimer, Robert, Lindsey, Larry, Lau, Paul, Leeclom, Joe, Lebecla, Robert. Row 2: Kittrell, James, Kuckuk, Tom, Knehans, Fred, Kildow, Steve, Kortright, John. Row 3: Kimble, Kenton, Keller, Mike, Lantz, Mike, Legerski, Jim, Knittel, Paul. Row 4: Larsen, Andrew, Fulton, Pat, Logan, Tom, Lockwood, Gary, Knobel, Ken. Row 5: McHale, Bruce, Mackey, Mike, Marker, Victor, Mapp, Jimmie, Mapp, Jessie. Row 6: Mans- briclge, Bob, Kersenbrock, Gale, Kurtz, Steve, Lawrence, Jim, Lore, Neil. l Il0 Bottom Row: Martens, Eddie, McCarty, Mike, Mokler, Ron, McKay, Paul, Markheim, Randy. Row 2 Moore Robert Moore, Ronnie Mahoney Mike, McCroskey, Hal, Mclntyre, Randy. Row 3: Moser, Charles, Morgareidge, Gary, Mullins, Jack, Moulton David Myres Jim Row 4 Fuson Make Morrison, Rodney, Moore, David, Mills, Scott, Muhlbach, Terry. Row 5: Neese, Don, Morss, Dennis Nichols Dennis Nix Rance Nolan David Row 6: Miller, Steve, Nickeson, Jim, Obert, Dennis, Morrison, Mike, Oliver, Richard. I1 St le at CH Sophomores master the mechanics of typing .,t, l Bottom Row: Routh, Catherine, Romero, Sue, Rush, Nancy, Rogers, Kay, Savage, Patti. Row 2: Prewitt, Kathy, Renner, Roberta, Roseburr, Vicky, Roshek, Patricia, Riley, Carol. Row 3: Pennington, Penny, Pierce, Karen, Pike, Sue, O'Keefe, Kathy, Perales, Becky. Row 4: Owens, Rosalie, O'Hearn, Margaret, Pancratz, Carolyn, Patterson, Mitty, Peek, Connie. Row'5: Pottorff, Lynne, Preston, Kerry, Reich, Beth, Riley, Clara, Richards, Mary Beth. Row 6: Pierce, Cathy, Peterson, Vickie, Perrett, Delores, Peacock, DeElda, Obert, Linda. Sophomore Footballers Loom Large Bottom Row: Walker, Cam, Anderson, Jim, Smith, Jim, Venn, Barry, Lore, Neil. Row 2: Mr. Tobin, Coach, Hanley, Glen, Mansbridge, Bob, Jack son, Jim, Kersenbrock, Gale, Peek, Rick, Mr. Starrs, Coach, Row ..3: Root, Gary, Pruitt, Herchel, Toman, Terry, Cadwell, Dan, Weber, Bob. IIZ w Sisco Bot Per Dw Jor tom Row: Oliver, Terry, Puder, Don, Olsen, Bob, Pattalochi, Bob, Puckett, Paul. Row 2: Patrick, David, Owens, Bill, Owens, Jerry, Roberson, ry, Rivard, Richard. Row 3: Pacheco, Leroy, Prochaska, Barry, Peterson, Tony, Peterson, Larry, Peterson, Bob. Row 4: Pettrini, Tom, Park, ain, Peek, Richard, Phillips, David, Phinney, Ernest. Row 5: Racich, Jim, Rhodes, Allen, Ramsey, David, Riley, John, Pruitt, Herschel. Row 6: dan, Kenny, Parker, Richard, Montgomery, Larry, Parke, Dan, Roberts, Garry. in Coach Hill's Future Plans Po Stra om Row: Stuewe, Dana, Stroock, Margaret, Sullivan, Christine, Svilar, Cynthia, Sylvester, Susan. Row 2: Sage, Valeridl' Schieck, Lonnalee, ell, Susan, Rieck, Maxine, Poulin, Mary. Row 3: Sherwin, Lorraine, Shipper, Linda, Sims, Barbara, Schnoor, Jeanne, Sedar, .Wendy. Row 4: , Shirley, Smith, Becki, Smith, Janice, Smith, Debbie, Smith, Ivy. Row 5: Sullivan, Kathy, Stark, Carol, Stenson, Lynette, Stockham, Gwenn, nsky, Elizabeth. Row 6: Stephenson, Mary Sue, Smith, Sonya, Shanafelt, Mary, Shaw, Judy, Stiles, Elizabeth. ll3 l t l l 5 u I E s Bottom Row: Swinton, Penny, Reed, Judy, Vice, Mary, Truax, Debby. Row 2: Tharp, Dacy, Townsend, Linda, Tuttle, Eunice, Valentine, Dorothy, Van Hook, Sharon. Row 3: Rone, Martha, Severts, Janiel, Taylor, Sandra, Van Uden, Judy, Velous, Joan. Row 4: Teason, Linda, Tillman, Debbie, Wade, Sandra, Wade, Susan, Whiston, Ann. Sophomore-:S Follow Seniors' Examples of Bottom Row: Schoonover, Gordon, Runclberg, Daryl, Sellers, John, Lyster, Doug, Sissman, Robert. Row 2: Roberts, John, Roberts, Richard, Robin- son, Kent, Rodgers, Kelly, Reimer, Bill. Row 3: Rader, John, Sanders, John, Root, Gary, Rooney, Chris, Martinez, Joe. Row,4: Scherling, Alan, Snow, Mike, Schneider, Richard, Schnorf,.George, Sullivan, Tom. Row 5: Schmidt, Homer, Smith, Jim, Spethman, Steve, Stephens, Lloyd, Goddard, Cliff. Row 6: Schwartz, Larry, See, Arlo, Selby, Glen, Revere, Thomas, Shaw, Burnard. R 2 E Bottom Row: Stone, Ted, Sword, Steve, Sullivan, Ken, Taylor, Bob, Sutph in, Wade. Row 2: Lacy, Monte, Wight, Randy, West, Denny, Williams, Herb, Waters, Tommy. Row 3: Storms, Ed, Tebbet, Alan, Tempest, -Rick, Stoval, Nick, Trueblood, Mike. Row 4: Thomas, Doug, Walker, Cam, Tripp Jim, Higgins, Richard, Jones, Erick. Row 5: Ward, Charles, Tokach, David, Wright, Dick, Womack, Bart, Pearson, Ray. Row 6: Jackson, Dennis Toman, Terry, Teague, Mike, Thompson, Jim, Eshelman, Oliver. tud ing Furiously and... J Judy Reed, Sue Kennedy, Charles Wilson, and Rick Hytrek examine the relief maps in Mr. Goss's class. l its nl-4...... WW II6 Bottom Row: Willey, Renee, Wilking, Rosemary, Williams, Linda, Witt, 'Linda, Wallway, Lonna. Row 2: Williamson, Cathy, Wergin, Kathy, Wilson, Kris, Wentzel, Judy, Williams, Julie. Row 3: Wilson, Sarah, Whetham, Shirley, Worthington, Shirley, Williams, Cynthia. Row 4: Young, Barbara, Venn, Barbara, Zdarsky, Carol, Davenport, Donna. ophomores Say The Are Tr ing . . . Teachers Agree Bottom Row: Wolf, Jim, Valentine, Lloyd, Wilson, Charles, Melvin, Bob, Vogel, Dan. Row 2: Siegel, Randy, Hytrek, Rick, Wyatt, Herb, Galo- vich, Johnny, Venn, Barry. Row 3: Wells, Bob, Weber, Bob, Williams, Bruce, Watson, John, Witt, Dave. Row 4: Wilson, Kenny, Westling, Ron, Vesey, John, Waltman, Dave. Seated: Haynes, Connie, Hansen, Susan, Garris, Linda. Standing: Hamilton, Freddie, Morton, Ted. Sophomores Find ROTC a New Experience Left to right: Gaylord, Robert, Morgareidge, Gary, Owens, Jerald, Leedom, Joe, Montgomery, Larry, Pearson, Raymond, Lebada, Robert, Mc Intyre, Schneider, Richard, Lindsey, Larry, Moulton, David, Pacheco, Leroy, Oliver, Richard. I I ACTIVITIES I X C i ,, I Nh x QQ , I 1 , I fn l Q I K , L X . , f is . if S - ' ' I . - Ig 'r W if r , I 1 X if ' LTU. :NA x X K p 1 X ' LE- 'Y ' F N X I W X I Q x Nr M XX XX I I E f A, xg' X X bx xxxij N 1 xxx - - , . J - S ' xfgk w 7 ' 'BSN X" K x, " . N F., I,.I Ii' N- l-- - Wx .,. 5- I J, , X N I 'hx -I5 , -',, 'ir-A 'tb " -' Ayr, .X - "II NH M . 1 14' ,N X X X xg X Null I i QI 'I V " ' 'X T sf f '-m x Wixfi f' '19, , Ssmfifyh IIIII I I I If -LW3' "Wi ' f mx: O ' x I!!! I "HN ' I .gfny ""' if- jff' A ,FX ', ':f -S" ' - 249- - I , Xmrgw' -KI I . c-' ' fm x Xxx i fjf, X X f 1 f X " xxx X N XX jf' 'I I A if xl ag fi X 4 X ,I R I f I, I M I 7 I I N f j 1, Q J ja K .Z I X f? . ' X E 'wr y' Vvliafl - , . ,W I if 3 , ' .' II' 5 5 3' ,. - xg '- A -f ' -. . 1 g , 1 ff'f f I X X i i z, . M V 1... . I I 'I ' f If A, . N , .V I lf' 111 xx'-h?f"'?" J H f- f I N. , I , ',1,f I f I 1 PH . WW' . 1 14.-1 " f 4,1 ,X 1 f yr, ,. , I. I . I' ,f .1 I I , ,ff ,f w I , pf . ,I --- x, ,- I 1 ' ,f ', f I - -1 I ' I , X, 1 , I I I X ti ' M" X , ' , .C " ' 'A lv ' .v .-, , . 1 , ' l." -' I I. ,, ef I, f V I x' A V .- 4 ' II ' IK W YNJ F- ,ix ,, 'L ,16,In it -- I f f f f . 4-I I l, xx ' 1 M YK f. QI -I f I I V ll-l f .JI ,, nf, 1- I . F ' 1' W," .'j 1' 0 U Q 0 ' KW ,YQ .JI ijwjfuw . f 31100 v My If WI I WW II Iiifim I M, ww NI I ,fjxof fum Rim bt INN Uv ' dk Y 1 X XX? X X X X XX X R X if 55X V A k X xx XS :X Q X X XX XX x , 51252: Q S Xf? r K 5 3, J 5 I X - I 1: P' X S X W Xkgvxi 3 X .. Q L . .....,,,. XQX X, A H X 1 fglfi-:5-5515 :-.1.31. -.Q X X XX .Xmix X N X 'f - . X. ..., . . k Ss x XX ..:, X9 X X X Q XX 'X N 15752:-L 5 X X. XX X XX xx X X X Q A X X X X WWWMW7' XXX Nw Q X A M Q .X:. X 5 'ilk X. XX . SX ' X ,.,, 3' Q Sw , X X W as N X SX : X. ,555 X X XXN XX S N is X Xe -sfxvf X0 .F . XXX 1 X. XX M 1 X if 'Xi NS Sf XX .XXX NN Y ,X,,:X, . X X g A X -. X W X SX. X 1 2 X X h ,X,,3 K. XX S .XXX XXXXXXNRN Sf.. XX k 'PNG xg. X . N . XX x 2:. X 1 XXX - N i A S X - The accomplished performances of the choral groups of Natrona County High School-Advanced Choir, Girls' Chorus, Triple Trio, and Boys' Octette-are the re- sult of an industrious Mrs. Hagen. The choirs' participation in the Christmas and spring programs is annually a cultural high point ot NCHS, while the Triple Trio and Boys' Octette provide pleasant enter- tainment for numerous clulos and organi- zations throughout Casper. Left to right, lst Row: Bernice Langeliers, Nancy Hartman, Nancy Bigsby, Madeleine Mendoza, Kathy Neiler. 2nd Row: Donna McLain, Kathy Mintle, Kerry Preston, Patsy Bates, Jeanette Francis. 3rd Row: Ann Brehm, Linda Van Buskirk, Christine Wiginton, Jean Schnoor, Gloria Olsen. 4th Row: Jackie Collins, Sandy Mellies, Donna Weishaar, Ruth Balben. Left to right, ist Row: Susan Martin, Sonia Frank- lin, Vicki Alloway. Roberta Engle, Linda Morren. 2nd Row: Beverly Mathisen, Lonnalee Schieck, Susan Young, Shannon Hudson, Evelyn Brummond. 3rd Row: Lynne Hendricks, Norma Harris, Georgia Wash- enfelder, Kim Bayless, Cathy Burkhart. -4th Row: Barbara Venn, Ginger Britton, Florence Lau, Loretta Paulson. iris, Chorus I2I Advanced hoifs Left to right, lst Row: Rosemary Wilking, Lea Forgey, Teresa Salinas, Cynthia Mullinix, Dana Hoffhine, Alan Becker, Lamont Lindsay. 2nd Row: Martha Frickey, Burma Mitchell, Linda Frazier, Teresa Bohren, Jim Bailey, Ken Wilson, Barry Venn, Herschel Pruitt, Spencer Bohren, Vern Ackerman. 3rd Row: Kari Boyd, Patty Savage, Debbie Butterfield, Judy Reed, Penny Bretey, Jack Branson, Garth Crovve, Gale Kersenbrock, Noel Severts, Tom Evans. 4th Row: Jeri Scott,4 Connie Peek, Jolyn Kraen, Julie Jones, Sue Affleck, Rick Rivard, Fred Hamilton, Daryle Murphy, David Rogness, Doug Orton. 5th Row: Carol Hamilton, Elaine Klaenhammer, Myrna Merchant, Gini Pratt, Jo Ellen Williams, Robert Pike, Lyle Johnson. Triple Trio Left to right, sitting: Peggy Nunn, Barbara Young, Janiel Severts, Linda Frazier,, Debbie Butterfield. Standing: Wendy Sedar, Susan Wade, Ann Hallock, Ashley Laughlin, Teresa Salinas, Frances Milliken, Judy Reed, Melanie Lee, Judy Burge, Penny Bretey. 22 World of Music Left to right, ist Row: Roy Johnston, Jack Mullins, Charles Fustish, Ann Hallock, Susan Wade, Betty Cartmill, Wendy Sedar, Sandra Potter, Salli Bogart, Judy Wentzel. 2nd Row: Richard Culbertson, Mike Beckman, Ron Barnes, Terry Murphy, Vicki Bramson, Bette Ferris, Lonna Wallway, Sheryl Crocker, Evelyn Barry, Sandy Wade, Jewell Dirks. 3rd Row: Cathy Jones, Linda Simons, Tom Logan, Karl Jacobson, Bill Evans, Alan Scherling, Janiel Severts, Ashley Laughlin, Peggy Nunn, Patty Wallway, Judy Burge, 4th Row: Debbie Harrell, Barbara Hush- man, Margaret Jack, Mary Larsen, Lynn Little, Deanne Rusnik, Mary Ann Schwartz, Karen Maior, LeAnn Jacques, Linda Shelsta. Boys, Octette Left to right: David Sleeger, Eric White, Spencer Bohren, Ron Wood, Vernon Ackerman, Dennis Busby, Ken Meece, Noel Hall. 'YS QKWVD. l23 1 i I w 1 S r 3 ? s 8 J I M fan I V , X,-,. ww,-,, , w' 1' , 1 --QQ? 11' X 41 . 5 w H I' ' N M 1 Q ' ,ig 1 H13 ww ff 2 ly-v 5 Q Q4 A ,f px A ,H Q A gf 1 A - V 'kgxif ,F xi. V-3,55 1' , 1:1 W W X' I ' 3- viigl. A V YS' "EWS H ,U , 5 5, 'H- W W 'umm Q ' Q 'P ,MQW ' - . . faw rsx f . .M A. ,. 'Mrs '4 M ,w A 1 ' , ru wx .Q ' sw M W we , rw y X , .mx N .34 .gf Y- w i n Q - 1 lf' ,b fmggmi ' ' . , s I W , + ' VW 1 'A' . , M: X F B ' k x " - 'J 3: v7 1 ' I' . if 3 W " - I xg A K ' 1 55? ' .V 9 H r X " " ' IVJWL E- 'WA' ' 15 TJ X ,1 . W M535 ' , YN I Y . ,aohffx . , nm, H ' fl! is N ' ' t ' "X-vwwlfgyiwmw , ' wi .F X V1 wgy M ' . 1 5' , , ' Jmwmw " ' M ,, 5 S ' fl? xx QR 4, 2 4 Q. -s :Q E Q if 3 .igf , A :, XX -Q 1 ' f N .'Q. F , i2Q b S55 E L ziuu N X MQ Q Y 6 'M ' .Z . -'1'- I QQ b 5 . A 'Q V , V il gr 4- Q 5, :,:,, ,, . w K In v',,.-,:'4-, v Q ? . S 8 in X f 'V '-1 4 . , X H -7' ff x f 4 Q ' 'Lf 5 5 Q -X if ew , I , ,L:. ,. L , as L is M A S . X 6 v V Q' er if S. 1, ww Q V ' ' ,. Q ,. 0 5 W Q 'H ' ir fi ' W i W K I f" x S Q1 li Q A , 5 . X . .Y . N . R V i J Q Q P Y x if My ' Q? K. xx Q as Q W Q X 3, nw t N nl I Q 33 W Q at y 'E S! 2 W YA A Q -. ,Q Q, V? , EE gs 4 X Q., F? 'Q 553 2 A 'Q ' F 34 -5 -M F is i S26 S 52 T 5 1 My A , L, is 2 Q ' S 5 Q, XY 5 R A. 5 Q ex wi X gg gg X sf 'ff i A 5' X if QE Q r E . -Ik, J .C.H.S. Orchestra Left to right, Row 1: Linda Micldaugh, Pete Bichel, Irene Stearns, Barbara Galbreathp Wendy Garling, Cathy Lange, Allan Becker. Row 2: Cheryl Trestik, Betty Cartmill, Karen Henrie, Vicki Lunsford, Lynn Howk, Jerilyn Ray, Susan Waldram, Susan Funk, Jeanette Floyd, Susie Stephenson. Row 3: Lloyd Banta, Jerry Norman, Pete Banta, Mack Stillwell, Jon Behounek, Dale Reeder, Dave Sleeger, Alan Bowker, Steve Kurtz, Randy Hunter, Debbie Harrell. Row 4: Eddie Bostwick, Cynthia Perdue, Bob Kalkofen, Tim Kaye, Guy Hoffman. fWilliam E. Bailey, not shownj The orchestra of NCHS again was engaged in an active year, what with presenting a concert in November and playing for "C" pin assemblies. Major events of this season included the collective and individual participation at the District Music Jack Miller, Director Festival in April. For the past two years, the or- chestra members have received l or superior rat- ings at the Festival. A ioint concert with the band and the performance of "Bye Bye Birdie" ranked high among other activities. I25 Serenading the stands. Mustang Band Gives Musicians a Left to right, Row 7: Linda Van Buskirk, Judi Kroll, James Fritts, Perry Roberson, Phillip Johnson. Row 2 Robert Washenfelder, Monte Lacy, Kenneth Bray, Richard Higgins, Dennis West, Ron Wood. Row 3 Thomas Dodson, Don Patton, Chris Crossland, Lana Campbell, John Tooke, Clifton Schell, Craig Cham bers. Row 4: Susan Maher, Mary Montoya, Robert Dermer, Judy Gray, Vickie Jones. Row 5: William Bailey, Marvelynn Hehnke, Raymond Propp, Jayne Ealy. Nothing is as truly American as the high school band, nothing fans the flame of school spirit as rnuch as the playing of the school fight song. Bands tend to make more indelible those happy moments of athletic victory, moving assemblies, or graduation exercises. The NCHS band serves 'us well. What would a pep as- sembly be without the pep band? What would the stadium be like if there were no "Hail to Casper High School" be- ing played as the team entered the gates? Whether it be here at school, in Laramie on Band Day, on the "Mustang Special," or at the State Music Festival, Mr. Coolbaugh's musicians represent our school in fine. fashion. hence to trut Left to right, Row 1: Kenneth Knobel, Mary Turgeon, Diana Northness, Raymond Pearson, Maryles Patterson. Row 2: Dennis Jackson, Tom Hergenrader, Lynn Burgess, Kenneth Jordan, Becky Plucknett, Fred Park. Row 3: Joseph Janski, Carolyn Dyer, Edward Storms, Linda Allen, David Ramsey. Row 4: Richard Hufsmith, John Latham, Frances Casheros, Dan Roberts, Eric Jones, Terry Spraker. Row 5: Stan- ley Hansen, Richard Roberts, Randall Wight. We . Above: Is the number "Stormy Weather"? i Right: Close formation Standing: Becky Plucknett and Rita Ridley. Kneeling: Darcy Tharp and Billie Jo Harned. Swiss , and mencan T ' lers Left to right: Marsha Huson, Debbie Davis, Marilyn Cummings, Twila Cherrett, Susan Gehring, Linda Peterson Junior mphon uild Left to right: Pam Penney, vice-president, Barbara Kolasinski, secretary, Redith Porter, treasurer: Cheryl Guess, president, Miss Hulen, sponsor. Junior Symphony Guild, in its second year at NCHS, added to its distinguished record as a service organization. Among the activities of the league were the candy and bake sales to the high school students. The obiectives of the organization are to assist Symphony Guild, to help in the promotion of the expanding Youth Sym- phony, and to be of service to other com- munity cultural groups whenever possible. The Guild social season is highlighted by the annual Christmas dance. A lunch- eon held in the spring, in honor of the seniors terminates the year's activities. The Junior Symphony Guild Christmas Dance Pep Club ,f X Left To right: Susan Soinep Susan Quinny Cynthia Perdue: Debbie Harrellp Barbara McDowell: Pam Penney, presidentp Rosemary Wilkingp Michelle Green. Pep club flips over Mustang. v Cheerleaders Standing: Judy Clark, Janice Speas, Paula Jacques. Kneeling: Sue Galley, Kathy Perales, Susan Scott. ephomore Cheerleaders Standing: Margie Stroock, Renee Willey, Janice Smith. Kneeling: Cheryl Marsh, Lonna Wallway, Kandice Boulden. Mustang A Footballers Earn Every Win COACHES, left to right, front row: Ron Estes, Art Hill, head coach, Jerry Quinlan. Back row Pat Bisiarp Jim Starrsp Bill Tobin. Coach Hill's initial season as head football coach was one that he will long remember. He inherited a team that was short on experience, and as the season progressed, iniuries took their toll of the young Mustangs. The outlook was extremely promising through the first game and one-half. After soundly thump- ing Lander in the first game, the Mustangs held a 14-13 lead over Billings West in Billings. Then, to use a trite statement, the roof caved in. A couple of "long gainers" by the Billings speedsters put the game out of reach. The balance of the schedule was filled with frustration. lniurjes to key personnel plus a ten- dency to make mistakes in critical situations com- bined to cause the coaching staff to believe that SEASON'S RECORD Sept Lander 26-10 Sept. Billings West 14-40 Sept Laramie 12-39 Sept. Cheyenne Central 7-37 Oct. Rock Springs 13-20 Oct. Sheridan 13-7 Oct. Torrington 20-7 Oct. Cheyenne East 7-19 Oct. Rawlins 0-32 Nov. 6 Kelly Walsh 12-7 132 they had been victims of "snake bite." The Mustangs picked up half their wins, how- ever, in big home games. They handily defeated Torrington in the Homecoming tilt, and in the first intra-city clash with Kelly Walsh, NCHS came out the winner. The Kelly Walsh game, played on a beautiful November afternoon, was a real thriller. The Mus- tangs prevailed 12-7 after trailing 7-6 at halftime to a fired-up Troian aggregation. Each team ex- hibited hustle and desire-almost enough of each to hide their inexperience. With a fine nucleus of lettermen plus the ex- celient sophomore team Cpictured on page 1121 returning next year, Coach Hill is already plotting his revenge. We won't bet against him. A Nail-biting time: Two of Coach Hill's brain trust reflect the field situation. Mustang Players Gain Experience in "School of Hard Knocksw Left: Heh! Who missed h 'g ent? Below: ist and 10 The Camera , Casper Records Y Ri f: Bill And oach l-lillis Charges Agree That Giving Football Fortunes ls More Enjoyable Than Receiving omecomin more pleasant as he turns end on a long gainer. Right: Mike Lewallen makes H g x Colleetively and Individuall These Young Mustangs Became Hillls Heroes Left to right, from' row: Mack McKay, Bruce Bartley, Bob Mansbridge. Top row: Randy Wood, Dennis Busby, Bob Edelman. Ends Backs Left to right, front row: Rick Green, Joe Bush, Mike Lewallen, Terry Brown. Top row: Mike Best, Danny Moore, Jim Mackey, Fred Fusselman, Buddy Missel, Bill Anda, Tom Anderson, Roy Mapp. A , I34 Left to right, front row: Rod Flack, Joe Mathis, Bill Allison, Don Condon, Phil Murphy, Chuck Anderson. Middle row: Mike Reese, Paul Swirczynski, Newt Schnoor, Jim Kelley, Vern McKee, Stan Lore. Top row: John Allen, Darrell McLain, John Bouzis, Lorran Minick. Interior Linemen Bruce Anderson and Conrad Cooper Centers Left to right: Jack Auflick, 'Ron Adams, Newt Schnoor, A ., 1 Q 5 .K W x , " , 'X xv 1 V .K. , XW , ' ' 4 A , Q, g 1 . , + A j -f wx W 2 4 " ' ff QA " 'VJ 1 1 aw V' :ri W gif.-'MHA f , -N W J ' 1 'ww W W 5 K ' .Q.. ., . . 9 , , ,... W,4Wa ......L .-ff .,,. .., , 11 ',, ff' K E :M W N ' T l A..n, A. ,, A A,,,, A-- , , l .g. , A., ,Q . , M 1 ww Hmm. il Q Y Q i Y Q 1 w1-N- E g g zwu "' 'H-"--"-- '-'LW -f-'Mf . .I kvfw-wp,-Hwl Iv ,wdN. ZMU I ,A . 'R . 1' 'X Q 'Q Hgh 11. ', + F I gm di ,W ' X -- ' as 1 'rf iq. Q3 W' 2 aw MIM, M , f ' ti + 1 ,A J 1 Q51 . N! X B s ' 29, 9' qs B' 1 V i X 1 , . 4 1 R Q nf-5 M L 4 , . -if ff Ss J ff A ' " M , Q ' -fx' ,fm ,wi 1 ff 'H J H" J ., ' Jff N , E f , , , A f , lx V 'WF '- " ' ma 'I H .. If X fp! Li X !'.! l s is is su 5 5 v K 2, - ' If X A Jail. ' U .Q f:,,N , pm ? X 5 ff , 4. V7 I l .1 'W N ly f , ix N . , ,,,, , ,,,,,,, , N .X A 1 A 2 N X. f -2' M 5 I: I -M. ,f Y, fm Az, ' 'J' - .1 N3 M w Y Y W, My W 'Avian 'Q ,if . I N 4 , . Ei Q ri 1 Y , f ,, + V A M k ' I Histor in the Making . . . .xii - ,. ff' . . - , ' , V , 1 , . ii , i - V 4 , ', if . , -1 ' 1 " A V Iii Www 1 1 x. My - i ii i Q, 4' . x . " M ' , f 'M " . ', k 'M 1 ' I 4 ' r , - i I . 1- L f ,. , N 1 . 1.. 5 --f: N! -i fi X if , A L RM., , - f i ' i Arai ? H i f H i . ' ,i n A- 5 """'.f- ya? ,. " , X ' n- ' f ,Q ww. . , , , M A If MEM x Q ,, .. , A ww Mygw M 1 xr VY . if n ' K 1 if w' ,i W- i ff, i Q5-v 1 fi .Y F' !f-iw 'M X H X V ' -M M- " 'ww -F+"vavi2vi51f5Vwuu-wnwvfnqfwwssw ---- - M- W - m, . . i. - i . .. ,L 4,551 N. M.- ,..,.....i..,.,.,- V -.-W . Qv. if!Z.'t'iP-, .51' -Gif!! ww: if 1 H"'.6XEZ"i w,wf:.z :fwfQwg" v nym wg '..f,ifQI1lI W. -'.- A . . A Y Nw-,1 Wa.,-ge-1 51,-wx - ngygif- immyf-wi! wewtgklxw 1 - W -1 i:,. 1, .x-'X' 'wlgwrvzk -'mmm .Tm wx. f-gh, .Vx QD' ' ' , ,,, QQ M L M 'J' 1 A" 1 - , UA ' El :land-A i'wMw. Miki Y E if mu 1 ,X '- ei Wx. 'A ,N N Q 3 'x Qx, ,ii ,- A P-M V .y .f Nia' . 'X 'X f . X .dx X H , m E .. ., y A 1 , . . , , x. i P-.i avian o i lie, 1' , Q S MM N , xx - "'1NA X Xvvln I 'Z 1 Q3 xy in .i nw if 12 i 9 in, W E r "v"-EWU' W i' N-i 3 l ' "'! ,A V T 'A W 'f .,.,N 'N ' i' I 4 i S X ' M' 'WW -"' .,A,, imiixzrmv 4' ,4 - .. x V W l ,,,. x w A n1..,.i.M,.-u w.w'wwfv 1,,. .. , . ' , ' 1 1 iw ,. u W ,x HJ .r -.... Www' -'Nm,., ' 17 H i ,, 'JN -- QQ , , W A I ., - x K Y' ' W i 1 'I , i ' i A. MM: W A , " r - W' .5 W 4? .I ' if .uw+"9 A I x Mk x x 5 s Y Y I i 7 mm " ixxx A ', A A ar M M ' A Y "Q K 'F ' i ii f x, ., M- A '- 1 A i i -' ' " WW' M K Ku -f my KKMWHX 1' Q 53 M wr ,-11 we-ww ,,,, rm, ,xM,,, ,QWWWMMTE kumqwtf ning Kickoff in First intra-City Skirmish Homecoming ueen , ,, , XX It Rae Marie McReynolds 5 9 2 ss 35? ' n Photos Courtesy of Carl J. Schmid NX N F ff. K tw Xxx. X X t Q , N Mi: X X K x ,ax xx Q. F at t Attendants N: M K . X S S GSM i Janice Speas X NX X wi ax S E X as 2 v u tw, t QS.. X a Qs, NQf Susan Kathy Perales . Q Q Junior Float Homecoming Q X K 1 mmf Pep Club Float -or -wr Sophomore Float Senior Float fax pi Floats Below: Janice Speas and Don Condon The Football Ball Rae Marie McReynolds and Dan Egolf Below: Susan Scott and Bill Myers ww- wwwmmmm ww.mwxwmQf.Noemmm me l . XX we .X ma mwxwxmmemw aw or mm . wezsmnwwwegm-wawmm Track Team Takes 3rd at State Meet Above Mike Myer M'ke B0Yd Left Del Gehrett displays top form at the apogee of his orbit Coach Geldien's spiked-shoe brigade capped a very successful year by placing third in the State AA Track Meet. Actually, their performance in this meet was somewhat disappointing, for only the week before they had captured first place in the Northern AA Regional. Del Gehrett became the third Wyoming high schooler to break the T3 foot mark in the pole vault when he vaulted 13' 1" at the state meet. -I "MUSTANG PERFORMANCES AT STATE MEET" Mike Boyd John Mapp John Mapp Bill Myer 100 yard dash 220 yard dash 440 yard dash Low hurdles Del Gehrett Pole vault Dave Schilling Shot putt Dave Schilling Discus John Mapp breaks the tape in another winning effort. 880 yard relay John Mapp Del Gehrett Bill MYSI' and ROY Mapp l42 5th lst 2nd 2nd lst 5th 5th 3rd Left toy right, bottom row: Ted Stone, Bob Bryans, Dennis Johnson, Greg Folk, Alan Becker Rick Tempest Top row Coach Weishaar Ed Martens, Ron Barnes, Rusty Nichols, Steve Streeper, Milt Klungness, Tom Dunn Terry Crabb Bull Brayton John Kelly Golfers Narrowly Miss State Title After Sweeping All Opposition During Regular Season Our golfers continued their mastery of the fairways and greens during the 1965 fall season. No serious challengers were encountered in the Riverton Invitational and in the Lander Invitational. 1 Bill Brayton, Terry Crabb, Tom Dunn, Milt Klungness, and Steve Streeper represented NCHS in the State Golf Meet at Torrington. Coach Weishaar felt that this team was one of his most promising aggregations, but the team championship eluded the Mustangs. The low four men from Sheridan required a total of 653 strokes for two tours of the course, Casper's foursome required 659. Q The wealth of squad talent would indicate that a state golf championship in'l966 is quite probable. We say with confidence, "Wait till next year." Klungness Sets State Record Because of his success as a Mustang golfer during the two seasons, Milt Klungness is given extra space in the MUSTANG. During the State Golf Meet at Torrington, Milt shot the low two day total of 152. This score isa state record for a two day meet. Last fall, Milt repeated as State Individual Champion. Left to riqht, front row: Mike McCarty, Pat McAteer, Jim Dalton, Bill Brewer, Ken Cisneros, Ron Dernery, Lee Robinson, Jim Black. Middle row Randy Butler, Jack Lovelace, Bill Allison, Fred Fusselman, Newt Schnoor, Steve Streeper, Ron Adams. Back row: Chuck Brock, Dan Klum, Terry Brown, Dave Robinson, Gayle Robinson, Lyle Johnson, Bill Marvel. Dec. 3 Dec. 4 Dec. 10 Dec 17- Jan. 7 Q Jan. 8 Jan. 14 Jan. 15 Jan. 22 1 Jan 28 Jan. 29 A Feb 5 Feb 11 Feb 12 Feb 13 18 VARSITY SEASON RECORD NCHS 29 Newcastle 13 NCHS 48 Kelly Walsh 10 NCHS 31 Lander 11 Casper Invitational-Second place NCHS 19 Lusk 22 NCHS 31 Riverton 18 NCHS 34 Cody 16 NCHS 26 Powell 20 NCHS 14 Worland 28 NCHS 23 Cheyenne Central 23 NCHS 36 Cheyenne East 10 NCHS 25 Sheridan 16 NCHS 31 Gillette 12 NCHS 34 Torrington 12 NCHS 16 Laramie 30 Left, front: Bill Allison, 145 lbs., and Fred Fusselman, 154 lbs. Back: Ron Adams, heavy weight, and Newt Schnoor, 180 lbs. Below, left: Ken Cisneros, 120 lbs.: Ron Demery, 127 lbs., Lee Robinson, 133 lbs., Jim Black, 138 lbs. Below: Larry Nicholson, 165 lbs. Ron Estes, assistant, and Gerald Quinlan, head coach Wrestlers Enjo ueeessful Season Our grapplers continued to master most op- ponents during the 1965-66 season. The varsity rang up a 10-341 season, plus a second place finish in the star-studded Casper Invitational. Coach Quinlan scheduled no softiesp our opposition in- cluded all the highly rated teams in the state. The tell-tale gruns and groans of the weekly intra-squad challenges attested to the depth of our The tables are turned. Who reverses whom? team. Many times the individual competition within the squad was more intense than that from rival schools. The Mustangs finished fourth in the State Wres- tling Tournament as three men, Larry Nicholson, Newt Schnoor, and Fred Fusselman, wrestled 'their way into the finals. Nicholson .became the state champion in the 165 pound division. UNDEFEATED SOPHOMORE WRESTLERS-Left to right, sitting: Paul McKay, Rick Rivard, Rick Higgins, Tom Logan, Ted Morton. Middle row John Allison, John Sellers, Ed Bostwick, Bob Hinton, Jerry Howie, Jim Smith, Perry Roberson, Steve Behounek. Back row: Paul Swirczynski, manager, Jessie pp Jerry Dean, Elmer Pacheco, Jerry Cornellap Bob Lebedap Guy Williams, manager. Basketball Team Posts 12-6 Mark This season saw Coach Nichols Turn the Tables on many of his Tormentors, The 1965-66 hoopsters provided The balm That salved many of The wounds inflicted during the preceding season. For The first time in many years The Mustang squad had height and experience. These, plus hustle, were The ingredients for The winning formula. The opening win over Billings West, a Team with a long home win streak, gave an indication of Things To come. Two wins over The Laramie Plainsmen, defending state AA champions, also proved mighty pleasing. Only The Cheyenne Central Indians, rated .number one in The state, were able To master The Mustangs in both regular season encounters. In our six losses a total of 28 points separated us and The opposi- Tion. Only one home loss, a 70-68 Thriller To Cheyenne Central, was recorded. As Tournament approached, Coach Nichols and his men were looking ahead To another chance at The Indians. Ted Nichols, head coach Leffto right, bottom row: Joe Bush, Ron Barnes, John Ray, Bill Myer, Bruce Bartley, Bob Pattalochi, Jerry Owens. Row 2: Bob Kegley, Tom Sullins, Dave Racich, George Gabel, Mike Best, Bruce Tadewald, Larry Larson, Dick Kuster, Roy Mapp. Top row: Craig McCrary, student Trainer, Bob Edelman, Gale Kersenbrock, Bob Mansbridge, Jim Nickeson, John Whiston, Jim Gabel, Rod Flack, Tom Anderson, Mike Reese, Bill Reimer, manager. Not pictured: Jim Ellis, student Trainer. mx I" smrlsrlcs AFTER 16 GAMES : Player Points Scored Average Whiston 277 17.3 I Best 193 12.9 Kegley 200 12.5 Myer 133 8.3 s Edelman 63 4.5 Gabel, Geo. 62 4.4 146 Pat Bisiar, assistant coach John Whiston I"""" ""' ' ' Bob Edelman Dec. Dec Dec. Dec Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. e n BASKETBALL BALANCE SHEET 1965 66 Billings West Billings Senior Sheridan Torrington Rock Springs Laramie Kelly Walsh Rawlins Cheyenne East Laramie Cheyenne Central Kelly Walsh Sheridan Rawlins Rock Springs Torrington Cheyenne Central Cheyenne East Bruce Tadewald S S AS mt 3 X R X X X Q. Ni? 6 K KKK , -.sf as ,, A . Nc Xxx.. - w . F K I A N. was ska as .X -ss . Y i ' use W Left to right, kneeling: Ted Stone, Milt Klungness, Rob Bryans, Emerick Huber, Denny West, Janet Harris. Standing: Anker Larsen, coach, Bruce Studer, Bud Missel, Mike Sulley, Lynn Frost, Sam Phillips, Alan Haines, Nick Stovall, Tom Pettrini, Leigh Fowler, Pat Bostwickp Bill Haines, coach. Mustang Skiers Show Savvy on Slopes Skiing is rapidly becoming an important part Belmont Invitational Derby, Helena, Montana of the winter sports program at NCHS. No fewer than eleven meets were on the sports calendar this winter. Coach Larsen is quite proud of his team, and the record iustifies his pride. A brief resume of Boys' Downhill-25 skiers the high finishers for NCHS in each of the five Bruce Studer lst, Lynn Frost 4th meets to date follows: 40 skiers Lynn Frost won three lst places. Great Falls Ski Club Cody Meet Downhill-36 skiers Jerry Mahoney leans like the champion he is. Bud Missel 2nd, Emerick Huber 6th, Milt Klungness 7th Slalom-36 skiers Bruce Studer 3rd, Bud Missel 6th, Sam Phillips 8th Jackson High Schoollnvitational Casper won 3rd place trophy Boys' Slalom-27 skiers X Bruce Studer 5th, Lynn Frost 6th Bozeman, Montana Ski Meet Boys' Slalom-83 skiers X Jerry Mahoney lst Boys' Downhill-83 skiers Jerry Mahoney ist, Bud Missel 4th - K. V5 XX X fffff- F F as I49 Wim Team Dunked Most Opponents Coach Ray's tankmen recorded a good year, winning nine dual meets and los- ing six. The season record is more im- pressive when one considers the vastly improved caliber of competition exhibited by most high schools in.Wyoming this year. Don DeLong, Dan Egolf, Geordie Knapp, Dennis Busby, Cliff Binks, Paul Riebesell, and Ron Elledge captured the bulk of the Mustang victories during the season. DeLong, an All-American diver last year, completely dominated the competi- tion again. He was undefeated, and in the process set a new state record of 327 points in the State Swimming Meet. Egolf outdistanced- all regular season rivals in his specialty, the butterfly stroke. He finished second in the state meet. Final standings placed NCHS in fourth place in the State Swimming Meet, as Ron Elledge took second place in diving. Upper left 8. left: Camera catches the almost flawless form of a state record-holder. Don DeLong in action. Left to right, front row: Bill Huffer, Mell Cooper, Geordie Knapp, Jim Hamar, John Tooke, Jim Johnson. Second row: Jim Mackey, Dan Egolf, Larry Rush, Dan Cantine, Don DeLong. Back row: Ron Westing, Clifford Binks, Conrad Cooper, Mark Carter, Dave Rogness, Barry Wil liams. Standing on board: Dennis Busby, Doug Orton, Bill Schneider, Hank Combs, Gary Collums, Dan Vogel. Leaning against board: Mike Kearns, Paul Riebesell. l50 Left to right: Ron Adams, secretary-Treasurer, Mike Best, president, Left ro right: Marty Hall, Jim Weiser, Ken Cisneros Bill Myer, vice-president. C-Club Cross Countr Football Ball Synchronized Swimmers Performed With Precision in Members of "Pink Panther" group, sitting, left to right: Claudia Roberts, Lori Lewis, Karen Bush, Jane McDonald, and Susan Manly, Standing: Maria Patricelli, Pat Cowan, Camille Stanford, Leslie Boltz, and Debbie Selby. Under the guidance of Miss Rippon and the student direction of Christine MacManus, the girls in synchronized swimming again astounded audiences with their skillful aquatic antics, a capsule of which is captured on these page-s. Q9 O 30 GO ca? S OG "Strangers on the Shore" duet Pat Matzke and Connie Carstens SOLOISTS, standing: Patty Brayton-"Love ls a Many Splendored Thing" sitting: Christine MacManus "Japanese Garden" and Rosemary Rochelle-"Cool Shade of Blue" l52 . . . Swymphon 196 Above: "African Echoes" trio, left to right: Barbara Gabel, Mary Sue Siewart, Twila Cherrett "Third Man Theme" duet Mary Jo Hodgson and Carol Sage "Mary Poppins" duet, "On the Town" trio, standing: Kristy Sneesby sifting: Peggy Combs left, Pam Martens: right, Gerry Martens I and Pam Penney Left to right, top row: John Crouch, George Baker, Morris Stewart, Richard Ed- mondson, Joe Mack. Bottom row: Jack Cannon, Richard Patterson, Charles Moser, Francis Hughes. GirI's Rifle Team "Mistires" 117 ROTC R1fle Team Left to right, top row: SSgt. Jerry Houston, coach, Nancy Trenamp Diana North- nessp Linda Frye, Jennifer Garwood. Bottom row: Janice Shook, Wendy Garling, Helen Fink. 154 Wy I I Honor Guard X Flag Detail Left to right: Randy Butler, Al Preble, Tom Lange, Dick Hinerman, Bert Harris. Left to right: Dennis Morss, Gary Lockwood, Paul Knittel, David Patrick. -. irei 1 i 1 X gig, r I iii S CHS Crack Drill Team The Crack ROTC Drill Team consists of four squads of ROTC Cadets who have drilled since September. They perform at basketball games at NCHS and the college in addition to performances elsewhere. The team, which has constantly placed in the top three of the Western United States, travels to Boulder, Colorado, each April to com- pete in the Annual Pershing Rifle Meet. Commander Assistant commander Sponsor Greg Carr Richard Hinerman SFC Norman C. Jones Standing far left: Commander Greg Carr. Back row: Darrell Aanestad, Second Squad Leader, Howard Culver, Thomas Baden, Millard Box, Jerry Noel, Emerick Huber, Robert Dortch, First Squad Leader. Middle row: Terry Romero, Third Squad Leader, John Irwin, Fourth Squad Leader, Bruce Gilstrap, Chang Leo, Dennis Stevens. Kneeling: Jim Kadlick, Richard Patterson, Craig McCrary, Robert Kalkofen, Standing far right: Assistant Commander Richard Hinerman. Competition in the ' Annual Pershing Ri- fle Meet, Boulder, Colorado. l56 gggggd gg g g g gA gg, l OFFICERS, left to right: Linda Moore, secretary, Pat Gehrett, treasurer, Mary Rees, internal vice-president, Kathy O'Keefe, sophomore director, Rae Marie McReynolds, president, Sue Galley, chairman of the board, Karen Luond, external vice-president, Karen Rogers parliamentarian, Nancy Needham, iunior director. SPONSORS, left to right: Lawana Carleyf Richard Cooper, Jaycee repre- sentative, Janet Brakke Beingx one of the most efficient organizations of Natrona County High School, Jayc-ettes' activi- ties'range from a Christmas party for the retarded children to painting the Hospitality House of the Salvation Army to reminding negligent parked motorists of the hazards of leaving their keys in the ignition. Although their proiects are certainly diversified, the Jayc-ettes are willing and eager to assist in the promotion of any worthwhile civic undertaking. Ja C-ettes The Jayc-ettes Homecoming float ist place in clubs division Left to right, front row: Greg Hueni, senior director, Barry Hoke, president, Eric White, vice-president, Ron Barnes, iunior director Back row: Bud more director. Homecoming float C u 4 r 1 C 1 s .l msgs gig sssgsw siartws , W X . Q . X Missel, secretary, Lt. governor-division 'lp Ron Franks, district secretaryp John Whiston, treasurer, Dwaln Park, sopho c 1, 2 S . L S C C I 'lv Key Club is the high school's only international organization. The NCHS association is spon- sored by the,Casper Kiwanis Club. The Key Club is a service club whose primary function is to bet- ter the home, school, and com- munity by means of various proi- ects, which are carried out dur- ing the year by the members. Funds for the year are obtained from a Kleenex sale conducted each fall. Breakfast Meeting l 58 Key Club Kleenex International Relations lub Mr. Berman, the Supt. of Schools in Sweden, compares the United States and Swedish school systems. OFFICERS, left to right: Mr. Calderon, sponsor, Susan Ellsworth, president, Gayla Soloman vice-president, Cindy Rufenacht, secretary-treasurer, Leatha Ellsworth, program chairman The International Relations Club, having dual membership from both NCHS and KWHS, enioyed another activity-filled year. An exhibit on Greece was displayed by the IRC at International Day in Golden, Col- orado. In addition to an Italian food- and-film' festival, programs on Pak- istan, Israel, and Sweden have been presented. Delegates to the Model United Nations in Greeley repre- sented Sierra Leone and Luxem- bourg. The IRC Greece exhibit at International Day in Golden, Colorado , 1 we 2, KT ve -eg,-TF.,:,.N W al Tational Forensic League Seniors, left to right: Eric White, Pete Banta, Ken Meece, Karen Rogers, Dave Schropfer, Randy Wood, Rusty Nichols, Karen Luond, Gary Priess. The Tau Kappa Alpha trophy was awarded to the NCHS National Forensic League, as the chap- ter had the highest cumulative number of points acquired in national competition. NFLers commanded a lousy schedule which in- cluded meets at Thermopolis, Rock Springs, Cas- per, Buffalo, Rapid City, Fort Collins, Sheridan, the University of Denver, Newcastle, Cheyenne Central, Greeley, N. E. District, and State. As the MUSTANG went to press, the speech students haol lO9 wins. llO lst places, 94 2nd places, and 64 3rd places. .M .,.... ,...n Left to right, front row: Kathy Doyle, Barbara Young. Middle row David Moulton, Alan Tebbet, Eddie Bostwick, Lloyd Banta. Top row Dwain Park, Jim Fuller, Allen Rhodes, Tom Brock, Charles Ward. OFFICERS, left to right: Karen Rogers, secretary-treasurer, Rusty Nichols, president, Eric White, vice-president. l Left to right, front row: Ellen Miller, Julie Jones, Cathy Lange, Virginia Parsons, Jeanette Floyd, Sue Covert, Teresa Mays, Linda Gamble Back row: lan Leedom, Mike Leberer, John Tooke, Susan Young, Bob Hardy, Sherron Foell, Carol Sisco, Tom Weidner, sponsor. English Club OFFICERS, left to right: Linda Gamble, secretary-treasurer, Bdb Hardy, president, Sue Covert, vice-president. ' The English Club is a very informal club com- posed of approximately fifteen to twenty stu- dents who enjoy getting together once a month - to discuss a book of their own choosing. Elected t officers include president, vice-president, and sec- retary-treasurer. Appointed offices include a com- mittee for suggesting books. Due to the caliber of students in the club, the discussion is able to proceed at an easy pace that covers, in varying degrees, the structure, interpre-. tation, and criticism of the book along with the relation of the book's ideas both to other books we have read and to life itself. Books we have enjoyed this year include Brad- bury's The Illustrated Man, Campus' The Stranger, Turgenev's Fathers and Sons, Sholokhov's And Quiet Flows the Don, Kafka's Metamorphosis, Bar- rett's Lillies of the Field, and Tolkien's The Hobbit. l l L61 French Club Left to right: Miss Trowbridge, sponsor, Karen Rogers, president, Rae Marie McReynolds, secretary- treasurer, Linda Pouttu, vice-president. French Club took on a new and better outlook this year due to its new sponsor and a larger membership than ever before recorded. The first proiect was the "Mustangs a Go-Go" homecoming float, which was topped by Linda Pouttu a go-going. French Club Homecoming Float Meetings were highlighted with slides of Europe, games of charades, and "passe-mot." As these pages go on to Dallas, plans are being made for sophomore initiations-the only assured part of this process being tasty French petites goodies to eat, an anticipated recurrence at all meetings. The Spanish Club sponsored the trip to Mexico. They are now par- ticipating in an Alliance for Prog- ress proiect by helping to raise 5100.00 for the sister-state of Goias, Brazil. A dinner was held in February to raise money for this prospective donation. Among other activities, the Spanish Club in coniunction with other clubs contributed to the furnishings of the new Student Activity Center, and during the United Nations Day celebrations they put on a style show featuring Spanish and Mexican costumes. Latin lub The Latin Club commenced the school year with the initiation of new members at a ceremony in the inner court. Later in the year, the club mem- bers participated in the NCHS book drive tor Viet Above: Mr. Kuethe, sponsor Left: Myrna Merchant, treasurer, Susan Clark, president, Beverly Mathisen, secretary. lNot pictured, Gerry Martens, vice-presiclent.J Nam and were well represented by several cases of books. The Latin Club hopes to hold its annual spring banquet at which the members wear togas and are served an authentic Roman feast. Spanish lub Left to right: Mr. Garcia, sponsor, Scott Peterson, president, Susie Quinn, secretary-treasurer, Larry Lannen, 2nd vice-president, Larry Stillion, 'Ist vice-president. K t was ,.., N X. T., s ss . fx Ss Umm 'WJ Left to right: Mrs. Weaver, sponsor, Linda Burdette: Ken Cisneros, treasurer, Teresa Bohren, president, Mr. Starrs, sponsor, Ann Hallock, secretary. iNot pictured are Vicky Carter, vice- president, and Karl Swenson, historian.J Left to riqht: Mrs. Alexander, sponsor, Sharon Bradley, president, Mary Ann Fisher, vice- president, Margaret Salazar, treasurer, Sharon Baker, secretary, Linda DeLany, publicity chairman. IAA Future Teachers Future Secretaries 1.518101 ilbllhut skit-he-A Russian cnlbwh SECRET Future Nurses Left to right: Kathy Kueden, secretaryg Linda Peterson, vice president: Mrs. McCaiIum, sponsorp Florence Lau, presldentp Lynn Hendricks treasurer. Wrapping the Christmas baskets ss ais X 2 sr is s X i s Left to right, front row: Jake Johnson, reporter, Bob Cardwell, sentinel, .Russell Garner, treasurer: Gordon Hood, president, James Price, vice-president, Bill Brewer, secretary, Neil Harrington, advisor. Second row: Don Morgareidge, parliamentariang Jethro Brewer, Jeff Sone- sonp John Penton, Steve Hunt, Jack Miles, Vern Cheney, Ron Weiss. Back row: Paul Jarrett, Bill Grace, Steve Garner, Morris Carter, Kelly Rodgers Vern Albertson. Not pictured: Dennis Nichols, John Nichols, Kent Kimble. Future Farmers of America Above: Don Morgareidge and Vern Albertson over- haul a pickup. Right: Jack Miles cuts and Jeff Sone- son uses the arc welder while Don Morgareidge cleans carbon from valves. I use The Casper Chapter of the Fu- ture Farmers of America contin- ues to win honors under 'a new sponsor, Mr. Harrington, who succeeded Mr. Downer last sum- mer. Last spring, Gordon Hood, cur- rent president, won the Farm Mechanics Award and the Star Greenhand Award. The entire chapter won the Herdsman Award at the Central Wyoming Fair. Gordon Hood continued to set a good example during the fall and winter months. He won the local speech contest and pbiced 3rd in the regional competition. Vern Cheney won the creed con- test both at the chapter and at the regional level. D.E.C.A. D.E.C.A. is designed to give students a chance to combine classroom studies and work experience. Members learn market- ing and distribution, and at the same time they are earning as they learn. Confidence in developing one's abili- ties and in meeting the demands ot an ever-changing civilization and economy is another goal. Left to right: Paula Poynor, vice-president, Jean Thompson, treasurer, Connie Carstens, president, JaNae Dubsky, secretary, Jean Ann Peach, vice-president W. A. D. E. C. A. Botany, zoology, physiology, and related sub- ers. Dr. Brendan Phibbsp County Agent Don Ral-l iects are studied by the members of the Biology stony and Shirley Hunter, a laboratory technician, Club. Under the guidance of Mr. Brennan, the presented interesting talks and demonstrations to club this year heard several knowledgeable speak- the group. Biolog lub Seated: Jeanette Francis, vice-president, Ani ta Larsen, secretary. Standing: Tom Brock president, Erick Jones, treasurer. I . do C ---l.9l1c De Mode Des Femme Chics, a newly formed club at NCHS for senior girls, was organized to develop personal improve- ment in social graces, etiquette, groom- ing, and poise. These basic fundamentals will prepare the girls to do intermediate modeling. Field trips to hair stylists and cosmetologists have been taken. The girls are planning a model fashion preview for spring. Left to right: Larry Lannen, Kathleen Hemry, sponsor, Daryl Murphy, Ron Philo, Larry Stillion, lan Leeclom. De Mode Des Femme Chies MEMBERS, top row, left to right: Lisa Moline, Mary Crow, Connie Jackson, Florence Lau. Front row:'Rita Ridley, Connie Osborn, Ginger Britton. fnot pictured: Linda Davenport, Pat Huffmanl. OFFICERS, left to right: Sonia Franklin, vice-president, Cindy Cruz, president, Cheri Mason, secretary-treasurer. Chess lub The NCHS chess club traveled to Scotts- bluff, Nebraska and Fort Morgan, Colorado for inter-state meets. Robert Wendling, Daryl Murphy, and Ron Philo placed re- spectively first, second, and third at Scotts- bluff. A high rating was also achieved in the Ft. Morgan tourney. Robert Wendling reigned as state adult champion. Radio Guild Left to right: Vicki Owens, Mary Huber, Joel Draper, John House, Maryles Patterson, Denice Taylor, Ken Eicher, president, Inga Young. The Radio Guild, reactivated after many years absence, assumed the activities of a weekly radio program on KTWO radio and the morning an- The Library Club, a new addition to NCHS, was organized to accord the student librarians an op- portunity to become better acquainted with one nouncements. Speakers were invited to give the members additional information concerning the many facets of broadcasting. another. The girls hosted a Christmas tea for the Kelly Walsh librarians, and have tentatively planned a spring luncheon. Left to right, seated: Virginia Harris, Claudia Roberts, Susan Clark, president, Sharon Kuhn, Pat Bostwick. Standing: Pam Wingop Julie Sikesp Teresa Mays, Diane Anderson.. l l l Library Club it 169 Newcomers OFFICERS, left to right: Kenneth Utzinger, president, Clara Riley, reporter, Miss Hemry, sponsor, John Riley, business manager, Diana Northness, vice-president, Eddie Storms, treasurer. Whether the occasion is a football game in NCHS Stadium, a basketball game in the gym, or the "Mustang Special" grinding its way to Cheyenne, Miss Hemry's Newcomers are near the action. The tell-tale aroma of fresh popcorn in the halls always indicates an impending athletic engage- ment. But this club is more than a group of conces- sionaires, it actively acquaints new students with our school and its many opportunities. Through numerous social get-togethers, the prime function of the club, that of engendering a feeling of be- T longing on the part ot newcomers to Casper, is accomplished. Miss Hemry supervises Stan E. Hansen and Ken Utzinger at the popcorn machine. Left to right, seated: Deniece Taylor, Gering Nebraska, Diana Northness, Dubois, Wyoming, Bette Ferris, Pueblo, Colorado, Janet Harms, Cody, Wyoming. Standing: Sharon Warner, Lincoln, Nebraska, Yvette Buschmihle Fairbanks, Naskai Marcia Nelson, Calgary Alberta. ' Left to right, seated: Stanley E. Hansen, Plymouth Meeting, Penn- sylvania, Dale Balman, Lander, Wyoming, Kenny Jordan, Midwest 1 Wunminn: Pnner Durall. Oklahoma Clfv. Oklal'lOma. Standlnd: Carl I IU 'f"' Left to right, seated: John Fairchild, Mountain Home Idaho Mary Ann Seay, Salt Lake City, Utah, Donna Bratton, Calgary Alberta Donna Kay King, Woodward, Oklahoma. Standing: lan Leedom Long Left to nah, seated Barbara Long Farmington New Mexico Jed Beach, California, David McClintock, Bowie, Texas Glen Pierson Drame Kaycee Wyommg Evelyn Sheaman Lusk Wyommg Sfgndmgy ' d ll Th l W Rivef10mWv0min9fWen e BWV' ermopois' Vommg Wayne Umback Calgary Alberta Kenneth Utzinger Rock Springs Left to right, seated: Lura Cook, Laramie, Wyoming, Elizabeth Stiles, Salt Lake City, Utah, Linda Artman, Findlay, Ohio, Kathy Akin, Sidney Nebraska, Susan Sylvester, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Standing: James Arner, Roosevelt, Utah, Francis E. Hughes, Sandy. Utah, Jean Robinson, Riverton, Wyoming, Sue Pike, Laramie, Wyoming, John Buck, Gering Nebraska, John N. Riley, Mobile, Alabama. Left to right, seated: Jim Anderson, Henry, Nebraska, Danny Rav Hutchinson, Napoleon, Ohio, Jim Wolf, Gillette, Wyoming. Standing: Joe Leedom, Long Beach, California, Ed Storms, Sioux City, Iowa, John Schnei- der, Belle Fourche, South Dakota. .A. A. Left to right, standing: Burma Mitchellg Sandy Tomanp Jane Gonzalez, Kathy Morris, president. Seated: Juanita Quintana, Judy Reed, Helen Rodriguez, Karen Rost. Left to right, standing: Sharron Clamp, Marina Caster, Ann Barrett, Vickie Jasmann, Viki Kelsey, Cindy Norman, Dixie South, Katie Truiillo, Susan Cantu. Seated: Linda LaMaster, Delores Wilcox, Helen Rodriguez, Kathy Morris, Karen Rost, Sherron Foell. Left to right: Bev Mathisen, Sherron Foell, Carleen Cole, Rosalea Scully, Monta Cool, Karen lngle, Bev Stimart, Susan Cardine, Marcine Macklin, Leigh Fowler, Carolyn McKay, Marolyn McKay, Peggy Perkins, Dale Strohecker, Nancy Dixon, Dorothy Settell. irls, Dance Group OFFICERS, left to right, seated: Jerilyn Ray, social chairman, Marcia Ford, senior directory Bonnie Wingerter, treasurer, Cynthia Perdue, iunior director, Susan Gehring, secretary, Linda Shelsta, senior director. Standing: Geordie Knapp, iunior director, Barry Hoke, vice-president, Hugh Phibbs, president, Dennis Stransky, points chairman. Troupe ational Thespians Behind-the-scenes workers, left to right: Dave Schropfer, Geri Tani, Barry Hoke, Larry Lorifmer, Redith Porter. Mr. Welsh's Thespians again enioyed an active, industrious year, the plays present- ed included "Hansel and Gretel," "Char- ley's Aunt," "Little Women," and 'Bye Bye Birdie." In addition to the above formidable schedule, the Thespians hosted a Sopho- more Orientation Tea in the fall to intro- duce sophomores to their activities, and held the Spotlight Dinner in the spring to bestow awards for Best Actor, Best Ac- tress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress. Left to right: Cy Henry, Ken Eicher, Tom Evans, Denise O'ConneIl, Bob Vo- lin, Ian Leedom, Bonnie Swanton, Jim Hamar. harlefs Aunt Left to right: Denise O'ConneIl Bob Volin Bonnie Swanton, Tom Evans. i ? ,I ml' Q X 2 .L S x . . ,gm X ,. XX. Q is . nf' NT. . ,xxx Q . x .SS , 4 'X M W. ..-SN AS? :sf-::a:a.iwe' X .Sz - 3 5 1-i A X ii X ix :NRRL in If A X ,Sb Q X . N S . X 5 ' S 5 . V. , . :., . J S? Q Q ww: . MQAH ,,.,. ,4 1 N :-.., e gig, x N X X N Q 5 .5 'QL 5 1 :E ,S ix 1,- if 1 4 Q N' in wig K Ea ,, S .LQ wwf ' iw. x gg! .- N 5 a, . gin! X.. is ' xlfff' Mg Z . is X 18 5 RQ Y . we f 4 , V ,.,,., - ., , - .af I , I ,ir , ii, 5 Q . x . ' I , . , , 4 ? jj, ,. 4 1 I . , "fig, 3 ,' . ' , , " , f ? l I 1' I 1 2 M" ,Z GEF, Y ' f' , Ima I 2 ' , I ig, jp 0 fjfff 3 7 ' f , , ' ' f 'fl . K 2 ' ff Y . Q M. .. f f iww-7 Q , 7 ZW' , , X ,I A Mfvw, ,V , V g ,, E W 152 f ff a ' f M 1' f 1 fx, 4 X , ,, W7 a gf Q W 2 52 Qt. . ' QM-Mm V' XZ M, ,,,. V. X is 9, f e MW- s, 2 f 'W 4 .2 M. W W2 Y Q ye if., YQ WNW I fi ,047 Xf ff!! . f ' ,X if ' f 4 W ff W x Wx A W2 , .W,,,, W 4 , , 2 w.,..avfww6'?'w , n Y ' M , Q f J 'Q 9 , Z ' ww ,,,L,,r . Y WWE 5, W . W , x x N 2 'fs E Wgwf' 4 ' T fifnvx ' . . ' A LVM f' ,f,, 4 w 4 2 : 5 5 5 H K SENIORS, left to right, front row: Susan Gehring, John Oden, Tom White, Ron Franks, John Whiston, Larry Lannen, Dave Kern, Lissa Arnold. Middle row: Carol Puettman, Mary Stewart, Twila Cherrett, Barry Hoke, Gerry Martens, Linda Moore, Karen Rogers, Angie Kapranis. Back row: Kristy Sneesby, Niki Hohnholt, Pam Penny, Jerry Spicer, Eric White, Rusty Nichols, Karen Luond, Marsha Huson. ational Honor Society SENIORS, left to right, front row: Nancy Oloerg, Holly McKerral, Dave Schropfer, Doug Coates, Ken Ausich, Hugh Phibbs, Janice Buck, Rae Marie McReynolds. Middle row: Susan Ellsworth, Teresa Roybal, Judy Spivey, Teresa Bohren, Bill Brayton, Deldbe Harrell, Norma Jean Haygood, Kathy Morris, Sherry Bradley. Back row: Judy Ewing, Ellen Miller, Geri Tani, Cheryl Mansbridge, Kathy O'Hearn, Linda Shelsta, Susan Waldram, Judy Olsen, Susan Clark. K 5 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ' S f Q Z -,-.1 , iw Peggy Combs and Janice Speas JUNIORS, left to right, front row: Martha Bailey, Linda Gamble, Mary Beth Wight, Cacly Drew, Cynthia Perdue, Susan Carcline, Wendy Garling, Virginia Parsons, Marsha Smith. Middle row: Jeanette Floyd, Rhonda Guthrie, Sue Covert, Kay Soine, Bev Mathisen Linda Pouttu Janice Shook, Esther Sabatka, Susie Quinn. Back row: Nancy Hinkel, Sharon Foster, Frances Milliken, Dave Robinson, Rob Thurston, Bruce Bartley, Ron Barnes, Terry Brown. I77 uill and Scroll Q is ws iss! il Left'to right, seated: Ronda Hill, Mary Huber, Frances Milliken, Leatha Ellsworth, Kathy Morris, Julie Vering, Kathryne Mecham. Standing David Kight, Tom Hergenrader, Tom West, John House, Mike Leberer, Mike Best. Quill and Scroll is one of four nationally ac- IN PASSING, or MUSTANG staffs. knowledged honorary organizations for high school The local unit, reactivated last year, is presently iournalists. trying to accumulate sufficient money to send one The NCHS chapter is comprised of those students student to a summer iournalism sworkshop. who have been active members of the GUSHER, HONORARY MEMBERS-Left to right, standing: Ken Eicher, Dennis Stevens, Joe Mathis, Lissa Nollette, Deniece Taylor, Jerilyn Ray. Seated: Richard Oliver. Not pictured: Maryles Patterson and Barry Prochaska. I78 as mm,... T. ..., ., ., . . --.- -. X ssssnsge-A saws sam .sta - . -1, . -X 1 Left to right: seated: Bobbie Peacock, Vivian Williams, Tom West. Standing: Marilee Evans, Kathy Morris, Mike Best, Joe Mathis, Miss Wade, Greg Carr, Mary Huber, Deniece Taylor The GUSHER is known by its bi-weekly appear- Corner, the lnquiring Reporter, Dear Dotty Damp- .ance during homeroom period. The news tableau shoulder, Dopey Disks, Eeyore Speaks, and the will be remembered by its reporting of: Council news and events of NCHS. In Passmg IN PASSING, the literary publication of NCHS, short stories, and essays. The booklet was published received over two hundred contributions for its in the spring with over 75 entries. fifty-two page edition ot poems, prose, sketches, Mr. Lynn Woodson, right, sponsor, puts staff in line, Left to right:'Tom West, editor, Mary Rees, sales, Hugh Phibbsy layout, Mike Leberer, publicity. I79 x Awards Give Recognition to Individual and Add Prestige to School D A R. Good Citizenship contestants, left to right: Joan Anderson, Rae Marie'McReynolds, winner, Susan Scott. Among the highlights of the spring are the Civic Awards Assembly and the School Awards As- sembly. With keen anticipation the entire student body, particularly the seniors, awaits the announce- ment of scholarship and trophy winners. These diverse awards 'set the stage for the graduation day which is but two weeks off. Out- standing seniors receive the recognition due them for their meritorious endeavors during high school. Awards also serve to foster the esprit de corps of the entire school, administrators, teachers, and underclassmen included. Each individual shares in the optimistic atmosphere. The Class of 1965 won Sl 45,472 in scholarships, a new record for NCHS graduating classes. This year's graduates look forward to bettering that mark. One can be sure that on a day in May many of our graduating seniors will receive honors due them. These honors may come in the form of a medal, or a trophy, or in the form of an envelope that contains a scholarship. Kiwanis Art Contest winners, left to right: unidentified Kelly Walsh The Betty Crocker "Homemaker of Tomorrow" Contest winner, High School artist, Greg Carr, Tom West, Bev Mathisen. Gayla Soloman, is congratulated by Mrs. Walters. l :ao l l I f V' r N . f . , . . QQ, - . ,Q 4. X Xl. 1' 2, R 1. rg' f' M K .Q-r. Wlo h A ,tm f o, . 'K ' 'lk 1 A x Q: , ' IIA xrx I x is fy ' NR' 5 . -.xx -, I x A .5lf :. '41 4, My . L' A X ' Q : in N ,' . 9 . , Y ' Q, 'I If X Jw . I , ' , I v ' 1 .55 3 .Yi MUSTA G :Fw at Throw ta ff Mr. Mouser, sponsorp Ken Eicher, business managerg Mr. Anderson, sponsor Dave Foote and Lissa Nollette s. .5 ,ss.Ws..s.... ,.s, - M .ss, .MWQ ...X ..,. ,. . ,.,.. s ...... . .,..X ..... Q WMQN .. ,Ls ff .. . 5? ,X . . Qi , . V 3, ' . .5 5, X Y. sf, YR ' X Sf W Q KEY' - 'fi Mr Anderson, Ken Eicher, Mr. Mouser, and Julie Vering Nu... N c . . g s ,Iwi ewMWN,.., .,.. . :Ss .1149 ,. . x.,X G M as sgfgfvs. Xwffs-si. ,T . .y , Q .4 .ex ffif lx. . ., .X l Y?" are S ga. s Amen was the word in vogue on the fourth of March as the final deadline was met by the group. Many other words were issued by the or- ganization, such as halleluiah and others. Pictures were the challenge of Mr. Paul Goedicke and pho- tographers, copy and layout the bane of the rest of the staff. Mr. Fred Mouser and Mr. Bruce Ander- son lead the group in its accomplishments of a top figure of twenty-eight hundred dollars of ad- vertising, two hundred twenty-four pages of an- nual, top photography, and imaginative layout. In the unusual decor of room 205 Tom West created poetry and artistic drawings. Hugh Phibbs, Susan Young, and Stan ey Cadwe l also contributed to the art in the 1966 MUSTANG. Dave Kight, John House, and Dave Foote gave valuable assistance at the grueling Friday night sessions. Jerilyn Ray, Mary Rees, Holly McKerral, Maryles Patterson, and Rae Marie McReynolds were helpful in lighten- ing the load for the rest of the staff. Miss Hill and the administration deserve special thanks for their cooperation. The MUSTANG staff says it was real nice, in fact it was real. l , Paul Goedickef head Pl10T09r6Pl'Ief Trey. Womack, Richard Oliver, and Barry Mr. Mouser, sponsor and Julie Vering, editor Prochaska, photographers L,, ,,, I83 E55 S 'X . xx! .L .A x 9, z R.. HJ. .N is x 7 Ni X N. ADVERTISERS ' t X ww- LL - xv 'www :sf 5 yu- ,mg X L N, W - L x X - - - F L L - L L NVQ. L LL X LL -LL, 4 W Q' if Q NNY X X95 L. W L Q 'Q ,SS L 'X X QL L X , h N wk ,L QLLLQLLQKLLW-NL X R TIN wi - L -LLLLLN x f 'Q ' LL X N Lf K L .L - -L LL LL L . L L L L L Lf- L , LLL LL fi LL--W xx xv- LL- WL A-X A x.-.-. -N - L-F-LW? L- 1 L x W , - N L L- X ' X Q,Q,QxXQ mm...' 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LQ - .L - Ss ' - .L. 5 x...L,.i f - - x 5 L K 4 ' -' A N , 2 L L-L LL L N L-H--wmv L LLL- m"" 'X L L- L ' L W :I v L L ,Q Q kxgxi K L , .L L 1 X X duriwhgm N L Q' - . ,L LLL ...L .L-- L L- .wp W ww wx wav A N--L.5?'w2' 'n X ww ,NLNWN X XL M X LNNXLX x -N 'y .V 1- L LL N - NX wkxx LSL A N X x , QQXSKSL Wi MX Q X ix QLLL fi -LLL as 'L -L.- LL - L N XQN rx Lk W L ' N LL ,L X X WW? X X LSXNQL L K - 'XL A .L V L ' X Q -NL L ' -QM L Q L K L V L - - - - L. ,L ----- . L N LLL. L--W . -....,"'L " ". l'E" J .Ln MQ- . Qwfwm L Any way you look at it... FIRST OF CASPER is a GREAT BANK to serve you! 'I lee , 31-1-uwnvwu-'-U!'l!!H"FW'H TAKE A TIP FROM BE oun Guesr. . .BANK wm-I THE sesr fhfden Uweneg aaa' 6495072249 Wada, Gkeab. .. FIRST NI-ITIIINIII BANK IIF IIIISPEII FIRST at WOLCOTT ! Free Inside Parking - Or Convenient Drive-in Banking ! Member F.D.l.C. A ONLY THE FINEST FOODS IN TOWN CAN BE FOUND AT THE WESTERN GRILL 2333 Easi' YeIIows+one Highway Phone 234-706I Com plimenfs of STROOCK AND ROGERS Greaf PIains Life Insurance Building Mol MOBIL OIL co. CASPER' WYOWNG' Ag CASPER REFINERY WIN B CompIimenI's ot 2Q2S"53,?,'1,,'2Q'fg'Q2G PRAIRIE PUBLISHING COMPANY HONE 237-7461 CASPER, WYOMING 303 S. WOICOH H8 at W .7 It Ill Casper, WyomIng - S I I 87 - UP I SPANIOL FORD, INC. '66 Casper, Wyoming MALCO LM'S I I BEAUTY A SALON I04 N. Cenier Casper, Wyoming 237-9677 THE BUILDERS MART I kggllzmwfallway models a creafion from 665 S. WaInu+ Casper' Wyoming RED BARN DRIVE-IN 7I I E. 2nd 234-095I I 1 PIIOHG 234-8733 5I5 Easl' Railroad Casper, Wyo. Bob Marshall Florist -A FLORAL SERVICE OF INTEGRITY- BOB AND DIXIE MARSHALL JOHN MARSHALL Managers Designer .L...4...,. STEE COMPANY ' PITTSBURGH-DES MOINES STEEL CO. Sleel Disfribulors l657 Easl- Yellowslone 235-273l Trailer Supplies Trailer Service FURNITURE Trailer Furnilure hfvf voir FAY PEEBLES Omema el' MIDWEST TRAILER SALES 50l W. Yellowslone Hwy. Casper, Wyoming FURNITURE SUPPLY FAYPEEBLES 235 3I98 Owner-Manager I825 C.Y. Ave. - 234-2505 I89 Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..... mighiy good are fhe produc'rs from ARDEN'S MEADOW GOLD DAIRY IO48 Easi' "C" Casper, Wyoming I Q ' 1 l TITLE GUARANTY silt? I ilcfuvla S+ + Wod SEARS. ROEBUCK AND CO. a e I e Sho aI' Sears and Save Land Tme P320 So. Cenfer Insurance Service Casin" WY""'I"9 Phone 235-257I "EOR AREA WIDE SERVICE CALL" zllvrldc TiI'Ie Guaranfy Company of Wyoming Inc. CHAPEL of MEMQRIES 535 Sou+h Cen+er 237-8487 caper, wyoming noN CORNETT. Prop. Firsi' in Service lyk gidk .gneiurance Agency "The Agency That Service Built" Phone 234 9155 P. O. Box 1786 CASPER, WYOMING JOE'S OFFICE MACH I NES Hillfop Shopping Cenfer N T A S OF CASPER 300 Wesi' "F" S+ree1' CASPER, WYOMING Wyoming's Largesi' and Finesi' Furnifure Sfore JOHNSON BROS. FURNITURE COMPANY OF CASPER Dealers In FINE Furnifure P. O. BOX I328 CASPER. WYOMING 82602 BRANEN'S FOOD MARKET AND BAKERY Feaiuring U.S.D.A. Choice Beef Top Qualify Frui+s and Vegeiables Decoraied Cakes for Special Occasions 620 EAST FIRST 235-5244 234-9677 Q girl, IG N 1 'As' 'iffii 1" X 55, I ! 'AZZEZLI 255 N. WoIcoH' 748 . WE 234-3553 amamvbocareszl S- 'W -11sf332sf12233 I9I , G 0 GI! Automotive, Hardware and Industrial Businessmen throughout Wyoming look to om' companies as asources of availability' for the merchandise to serve the needs of Wyomingites. -or G! Wyoming Automotive Company 1 'T' ' gf? Wyoming Hardware Company Industrial Distributors CASPER K . 8.2 co HARRY YEsNEss INC. N W Casper's Fine Store tor Men and Young Men P. O. Box 2490 404 E. Railroad Ave. I33 S. Center YOUR LUMBER NUMBER 237-2545 234-9I35 Your Complete Home Building and Improvement Center HILLTOP NATIONAL BANK Hilltop Shopping Center "Wlwere good service is convenient" FDIC Member ot Federal Reserve System I+ Pays +o Shop al' These Fine Sfores BeHer Qualify Lower Prices ALBERTSON'S Super Markers Wesfridge . . . Downiown . . . Hilliop Fine Gif? Ware Silver Naiionally Adveriised Wafches and Diamonds ZALE'S America's Largesi Jewelers Phone 234-730l IOI E. 2nd Sheer Casper, Wyoming Complimenis of and ll ll CASPER coMMussARY R- A' BOB BM'-EY ,,.I.he,, Dowmown Share Insurance and Loans Isa scum Kimball Phone 231-8441 Ph' 234'7'93 P. O. Box 653 437 Eas+ A Casper, Wyoming to hop Mogsw. N933 65 MODERN Q, ronrnurunf by Km ,cf iw Wyoming's Only Mas+er of Phoiography Congrafulalions Seniors We Have Apprecia+ed Your Paironage for 23- Years. DIAL 235-I723 I36 S. CENTER I93 4 USTAIQDTS CONGRATULATIONS TO NCHS CLASS OF I966 EcIuca+ion Is Your Key 'Io AHainmenI'- -Communiiy TV Is Your Key Io EnI'erIainmenI' o 494840 COMMUNITY TELEVISION SYSTEMS OF WYOMING A DIVISION OF WENTRONIC5. INC. 45I SouI'I1 Durbin Phone 234-7I7I -QRIGH T15 Xf . 41, 0 I n Q cscgxoings EIQDIICE 49 ASPHALT PAVING Box I I29 237-9333 8 e Casper, Wyoming nm, - ' 225 SOUTH CENTER STREET CASPER, WYOMING 82601 I1 fraud buwcliis, mvnon Q NATIONAL SELECTED MORTICIANS cy 'VENUE AT SPRUCE STREET D I A L 2 I Q ' 712 3 I94 HILLTOP SPORT 81 TOY SHOP 22l S. Moniana 234-0964 Candy Weber confemplafes a long. hol' sum- mer. L MARLYN BROWN'S Salone di Bella Donna 237-9I24 l725 E. 2nd IE C U R I T Y BANK AND TRUST CO. BOX 2718 CASPER, WYOMING 82602 Lissa NolleHe siands be- neafh a sure sign ol fi- nancial securify. 4 A sample of 'rhe delicious food available al H1 T h lc R HILLTOP BOWL 2655 E. ara 237-9l42 e oma aw oom Kalhy Morris zeros in on 'rhe pins. of +l1e Townsend Hoiel. I95 COLISEUM MCTOR CO. for fhe finesi in New and Used Cars, and Trucks DODGE, CHRYSLER. IMPERIAL. DODGE TRUCKS, Paris and Service l3l Easi' Fiffh Ph. 237-849l PreHy as a Piciure if +alcen af I B 8 B Elalggrsleiiagghegjlnslgggsds a wide varieiy of s'rudy aids l527 E. S d C , W ' ew' aspe' Y"""'9 BAILEY SCHOOL SUPPLY Phone 234-288I 5l5 Wesi' Railroad Avenue Casper, Wyoming WALT FORBES CO. In ihe Lobby of 'l'he Isi' Naiional Bank Insurance-Bonds lPersonal or Business, BILL BUTLER WALT FORBES EL NATIGNAL BANK or onxsrvsn E' STERN Th B kThtCmeToY0 Your dollar buys more at your WAl.GREEN'S DRUG STORE Drugs With a Reputation Dependable PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 200 South Center Phone 265-4l70 if ws- Lil-'I -'P - CONTINENTAL CAROUSEL I749 South Boxelder Phone 237-3030 Casper, Wyoming Congratulations From THE Gladstone HOTEL IO4 NO. CENTER IN CASPER, WYOMING Fresh and tasty Cook's Potato Chips are a treat for a tired teen-ager after school. COOK'S POTATO FLAKE MFG. CO. I5l0 E. C Casper, Wyoming '97 NORTHERN UTILITIES, Inc. "Your Gas Company" 0 HamiII'on Gas Dryers 0 Peerless 81 Empire Heaiers 0 Norge Gas- Refrigeraiors 0 Mar'I'in Gas Incinerafors 0 Falcon Gas Lifes 0 Welsbach Gas Liies 0 RucIcI-Waier Heafers 0 Lennox Hea'Iers Greg Hueni and a company secreiary examine a gas barbecue. 237-9275 Sunrise Shopping Cen'l'er I98 1 E SUNRISE SPOR'SWEAR LEEDS FAMILY SHOE STORE 'Complefe Line of Fooiwear ROl'Id6 is 6 clerk af Hirst?scimigrizfsr as econ ' JEWELRY CO. II8 E. Second 234-2986 Auro ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT co. 344 No. McKinley 237-8496 Original Equipmeni' Au+o-Li+e Delco-Remy-Ford Leecenville Holly-Roches+er Larry's Ha F """h+-v-NHT' nga-ww 4:23-- L,,..-gg-N-5...--"'-2,-i,,, Q--i".""'..- --es.,-:--e"':' --. .qi f , , . , .- Q. " ' A-'4t1'1:-.-.:: '.fg.Sf-f:g'::rr:2,:-1-5' -. . . " , 3 . .'!.-:I:i:2fS:"blii:2:52?'f""' .- ..., , " ' - - - . . . - 1 ' -+1-nv-oy., , :vez-in-:'-if-'I' ' " . . -, -- .: - . - :- .- ..,g:g:g' - .. ' ., ..- 'ig-g',g,, ' lv-,-: ' ,' .:..1:'i-2-31:12-Ex+:':f:11,-,'f:1.'gj31gg3g?-- -, . I , I , H Y V ' "5'7'5741l'Lfl3fif7ff?1f1'iPs:!f-:iz-:-z-:-'.:-'-1417 .- Ti: .- f. -I :-1-.1:.5.i". 33-1 . ' 7' -1'1'--:Il ,Z'1'-.315--3 ':f:"' -. ,, ' j ' .' .. ., 1-lj 5' -E-.-:gift-131211.-'-, ,-.-2-1f:':4 .' f:g',If..'-,A-"',2--. -giwgig-. 1-' I:-f.:-::..:5g:-zfg.-1 ,. A "f fi -::--:- - 1-I-f--'T-ffm:-h3'. -:-:Q-. -f-::4.-:---:-.-1-.- :-:-:-:-' " ' ":g3:.--.--:-g: -t-:-" - . at - .- ' 2"i"' ' " ' I ' ,Z-.1 Q:'Q?Q.25:'-"1"tg.-:"":j5":':'.'172f1'' - ' . ' , " Q " "jf-,1 .V . ..21., .,.,.-,-Ig-:-. 4.5:-.:T..:l.4: f.::-fx-' T " - -:-:-:-:-:-g: 5-5.1:-:I.I:41:,a 1-:5 : 3: I. :-. -"E . - A , . Z '.'1E.-.ff:f:E:'4 .,5.-zyf:-If I :If -' V ' ,I I : Ifigzg. -. .lzvtff 7.4- ' . II I I. ., III: II M II:E,.IjI:,:,. Ig fI,I IIIII S -:I,III, ...IIIIIII ,, I III.III III .gi Ij1.'-j.-g'-53:- 5 ,gr :,,' B . 1- 4-+-,JJ Z' I.-"Ig:-.I'5:g::I J J 3 . -, 1, ' " P .-f . - " I I 5 3 ' a I -f-f 'f E- I I '- :-- .-'-'-5'-5,153.3 - . - ,I I' ' ' ,.,f,f:-efp1:'. .. " "--i?1f5'lf I -"- .4 ' -11 1 isis ...Er l ,Ti .-E .V I.f4I.--- - - .3:.- : .,:1-:-I-3'-1:-.-.'..I,5gIII gl-I I rwgh: .-,I - E, I .1-4" . I- ' -14,4-"",,,-,,..uv-ali , I .lI..f II I I , - , ' I I II II . -I I 1 .. ':1E.fg I I - .......+....----r- ' .... - :gz-'-. 3.- , , . .- f" ' ,. :. , I II -. .- ' ': - ' ,1,.,,..-- Sco'H' Bennion lends a helping hand inghis fa+her's office. 'ed w En" 30" aimml' gnc' MEMBERS OF MULTIPLE I II N s u RA N c El I LISTING EXCHANGE 2305 Oxford Lane 234-9393 P. O. Box l729 Easi' Second ai' Parlr CASPER, WYOMING 82602 WALT MISSEL SPORTING GOODS 81 SPORTSWEAR QFORMERLY KISTLERD Sporlswear By JANTZEN-WHITE STAG-PENDLETON WALT MISSEL 245 So. Cenier, Casper, Wyo. Phone 234-25I5 Sporiing Goods By T T E SPALDING-WILSON-MCGREGOR As Bud indicafes, ski cloihing is a specially al Missel's. YOUR FLOWER SHOPPE "Your Flower Shoppe" A Gifi' of Flowers . . . A Gill' From lhe Hearl' Regislered Wilh 'rhe Slale of Wyoming 262l E. SECOND 237-3678 KLINES WESTRIDGE VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER and DOWNTOWN I47 Easl' 2nd Carol Hamillon looks pleased wifh The merchandise avail- able al' Klines. Jane Hill admires Hue lines of fhe '66 Mercury Comet TRIPENY MOTORS I400 Kali Lane in Holiday Hills V KATI Donna Yingling demonsirafes one of 'rhe new organs ai Les Parson's Music Co. 4I2 E. 2nd S+. LES PARSON'S MUSIC CO. - L L... X A I , Mr. Duncan assisis Rosalea Scully open an accou .4 GUARANTEE FEDERAL SAVINGS 8: LOAN Vicki Owens checks diamonds for 'Flaws ai OKES JEWELRY Hillfop Shopping Cenier Wesiridge Village wx X ti ss 5 sg- i X be Casper's newesl' supper club. THE BLUE OX Souih of Casper on ihe Alcova Hwy. 20I 3 Manufacfurers of SI'eeI Buildings Lighf Fabricaiions Freeze Boxes Meier Boxes Oil Field Insulafion "OIL FIELD SPECIALTIES Kalhy O'Brien and Jim Hamre fry our a I966 Volvo. NEW TRIANGLE GARAGE, INC. MarvIeSPa++erS0f1 220 E. Midwesl' 234-507I FRED S. DEWEL 8: J. W. "PAT" PATTERSON KEEFE'S FLOWERS 237-2577 I46 So. Cenler Jack Keele is doubly busy. FRED'S TOWN 81 COUNTRY STORE 81 DRUG STORE Phone 234-6406 DRUGS Phone 237-7737 OPEN SUNDAYS 8: HOLIDAYS Ed Day I905 CY Avenue and Fred Malhis slrive 'fo Ice p fresh produce on hand. Tomorrow's Homemalcers Know Coolcing's a "SNAP" if H"s ELECTRIC PACIFIC Helen Rodriguez finds 'rhaf cooking can be fun on a new GE range. POWER 81 LIGHT COMPANY an Ann Peach displays some of The blouses available af her paren'r's slore. Weslrirlge Village Shopping Cenfer onrad Cooper appreciaies The fine work done by FlSCHER'S BODY SHOP 223 N. Durbin 237-8467 SHOES TO FIT EVERY FOOT AND PREFERENCE CAN ALWAYS BE FOUND . . . 203 JeriIyn's smile reflecls 'rhe cusiome-r's salisfaclion rvice aI wi Ih Ih RAY'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 237-9393 Free Delivery "DEPENDABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE" GENERAL TIRE WILSON GENERAL TIRE SERVICE 846 Wesi' YeIIowsI'one Casper, Wyoming 8260I WYOMING BEAUTY COLLEGE "AccrecIi'recI for All Srale Examina'rions" NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY 2I8 Wes'I' 9I'I1 234-3I92 , , , ,, A, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,WYE fwm, , , ., W., , .W W., ,,,, ,, ,Y "Your Money's Worilw More al WoolworII1's" F. W. WOOLWORTH 81 CO. I28-I 34 E. 2nd 237-8738 REX'S IN 81 OUT "We do our besi Io please you" I04 N. Kimball 234-0363 204 Gary Oliver, Marvin Marlinson, Bob PaHaIocI1i, Don Garris and Sieve Rea enioy bowling a+ EI Marko. EL MARK-O LANES wYoMlNe's FINEST 2800 CY Ave. Casper, Wyoming "Bowling Favorile for All of Casper" 1: ' 331' 5mz,0'ilf6M'S T1 f Finest I X In Foods RESTAURANT wesmlnes VILLAGE OTTO O. BENNETT PHONE 237-2489 CASPER, WYOMING SI-'ICJE S.c1.9.e-n. I03 E. 2nd Downlown Casper Granl Slreel' Grocery 8l5 S. Granl 237-2539 wYoMlNe LAUNDRY ai CLEANERS I Good clofhes deserve +l1e care of a professional Iaunderer and dry cleaner. Prompf Pick-up and Delivery I744 S. Popular 237-9533 Nancy Keele finds a large seleclion of 'rhe Iafesl fashions ai PorIer's. I Roby poses proudly a'r'II1e enirance 'ro his fa'rher's business. SWAN SPECIALTIES COMPANY 227 EHS? FIPSI Casper- WYOMIHQ IIO4 E. Yellowslone Hwy. 237-2585 205 Sam Phillips finds 'rhaf fhe discriminafing slcier can find almosf anyihing he needs ai The Skier. Karen Rogers adds 'ro 'rhe already beauiiful clolhes af Kassis. KASSIS CO-OP SERVICE STATION Downfown HilI+op Shopping Cenfer 513 W, Yellowgione Hwy, BUNNY BREAD 206 Casper, Wyoming Complimenls of Your Toyola and Simca Sales INLAND SALES COMPANY 240l E. Yellowslone Hwy. Casper, Wyoming THE BAN-K FOR ALL YOUR BANKING NEEDS- ,4'.,f 'A L , ,nv W. 1.325 R' 4-pq FFlf. .. .- .1-:.:-L. . ll,-if f Y- xx - . .. -, ' 4: ' . ' . ,- .. -. -l' .': 1 l -- 1 . .-31:3-.1 -I-Q3 Q X . . -, ,, ., .. , -h ,. h.. . , . . I.. . . .1 l . V .- L . INN-lr-Imaiimld.:51f.E3:.g: I. ' ' " Y" .' J- -f A.-1 : Gil ii-YS ixgigff ET! Ia:-Y' If ' I, I f.-:Ivy 2:a2s:SIa:5ff1f:wfe 5 ,41 I - . I - P17123X712-.Irf-L'i2i?T2:i n'.w-was iii- ,V-as fait ' .- ki:-f w-5' rm 51'-2 2' -: . - - iii E-2852275 S-'if-1 Q5 2141- f:ff 231'f-. 1 ' II " NX ' gfiff iffii "5" N5 I f' 4- ' " .if-J. 5 f S ...C . WM! L .l- -.. H- , .U vliuiui- ,,- Ii WFS- - ' : I III' 235' , -f1""' IE I I if fi I To - 4, THE WYOMING NATIONAL BANK "Your Friendly Bank" Member F.D.I.C. MEL COLLIER MOTORS M w 555 S. Wolcoi-I' Casper, Wyoming Q0 Clotluhg Exclusive Men's Wear I I4 Easf Second 234-2422 DALGARNO TransporI'aI'ion Inc. 4200 W. YeIIows'I'one Min. View Addn. This is one of DaIIgarno's many fine Irucks. 207 BARNARD REALTORS l40 SOUH1 Durbin 237-2553 Also L. F. "LEE" LEBERER- Represeniing 'ihe Employers' Group of Insurance Companies WE' 1 ""- -"" -' "" - -""' "' ""' ' "" "" ' "'U.l'.l gm' wleelN's SHOE REPAIR AND LUGGAGE l20 Easi' 2nd 235-5 l9l R ns examines a cara Mar use amo McCAN'N JEWELERS Casper's Diamond Siore Com limen+s of KIMBALL DRUC5-APOTHECARY SHOP 208 E. 2nd 234-4587 Phone 234- 9 I 8 l LAPIDARY MACHINERY AND SUPPLIES, TUMBLERS MOUNTINGS, JEWELRY, JADE, WESTERN ROCKS Wyoming Franfom Dis+ribu+ors J. J. Jewelcrafl Represenlaiives HARRIS AND HARRIS JOHN AND JANE HARRIS ll3 Soufh Lincoln S+. Casper, Wyoming Phone 234-8060 '--- -o--" Iix. ---- , Qs, m e-V ' N- eyes T E ., E. WW, an was , I , se X Qks - X W., E YSX .-f x'- M - L -em , -1. ewwwemew, . 1., ws. . N -s..-N an x s pi gf- xx A :Q -5 ,Mikasa , ' ---'--- -N A A X W " N W X .Q , New S 'Q 1' -M mv- ...., -Us 1 iw ,N X o - R " ..,, L , N The Highly Awarded Beauty School of Fashion ingly. THE BOUTIQUE SHOP "The Casper Shop Where Address 202 E. 2nd Dislinguished People Congrega1'e." Jane Talbol models a serapi as Mike Wilson beams approv- 209 PHOTOGRAPHS WITH A REPUTATION! gfduiimum PKo153p.o.p?meR. I33I Souih Durbin Phone 234-I68I Complimenfs of METCALF'S ACE HARDWARE 323 SOUTH CENTER CASPER, WYOMING 82601 PARADISE VALLEY SUPERETTE 40I Valley Drive 234-0674 MARSHALL'S DRIVE- INNS THE PANCAKE HOUSE lII5 E. 2nd and I904 Jim Bridger THE CLARE AGENCY Resideniial and Business Brokers Member NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REAL ESTATE BOARDS 234-53 I7 504 S. Durbin Bill Clare ai' his fa+I1er's offi QM O.. L xwqy S t 3 .mu Q W ww K M X X 3:-NS g X 1 QNYXX X X x X X mx X5 gi xx, X Wi? W - ...iz X X X . X f Rb Q Sag ,X SQ W X fl 1 X YQ -WI'-':." Q As gi ie iw fikiwjz A+ xx Xxfwff' X Q E . A wi' gi X . K Lxxx .y. XXWQQXAENNNEHSNS X Q X N? if If x V W XXAXS QQ X .Q Xa- EE az'-jf., gig ' X N g I i Q X 1 f A 3, X 2 X X S Qi gg X X M ' . fx x.. " TX ,Q S X Q x xi X XX 9 f Sw 1 Y X QR' gs 'R S S 5 X W 'Q fi as k we Q ,.5..,,.:5 xi w , Qw- J1 5 E N .NM-. . W I X K N G .......,,,,..,,N . . ...Q. -. S -- 5""""""'i'i'1--'M . gtfk-V -... . ....... X - X - X A ..., V-fe N Q N -yi. ,g 3 .::- X- A . ,Q YES X x X9 X 1 N Q X N 5 E x X S X X N .Mx x X W-'O wx X xx Xx ix X 5x NY 5: Sb Xx S S if S 1 2 , . C I ww ,N ,f Q, -M:-A . S3 wwaw QE . , . Ax , .. -"' 'f-sf I . .N-X 5 , K K ll ll l llllll.llll?i2IIIgIf-,. XAEAN IIqIIIIIIIIIIII1lllll' I I GREAT PLAINS LIFE KELTNER PRESCRIPTION l3'?U5QNCECCfMxfNI, aln ICG BS er, Oml I35 W. 9l'l1 Casper Wyoming ry Sanloni poinls al' 'Hue well known delivery 'lruclc of 229 W. lsl' 235-l595 AI 5 LEE'S GLASS SHOP FLOWER MART lI02 E. 2nd 234-2242 FIRE I CASPER EXTINGUISHER GREG-,GRY SERVICE MOTOR CQMPANY '52 N- Kimball 524 North Elk s+ree+ 237-7422 Casper, wyoming a2eoI SAFETY HEADQUARTERS ,I mvfffPff.:.r,IlIf3l IIIIIIII- . Im,IIIIIIIIlllIll llll IIIIIIIIIIIIlIlIllll-II'IPl5ilIl:Il'll': f l .ff I I -Pav-I--q -I I . . 'lr lll I IIII ZIIII 71 W IE! f PI-II Jerilyn admires a '66 Caprice SCHULTE Dick Kusler finds The founfain af Provideni' Federal as ai- 'rraciive as Ihe banking facililies. ROVIDENT FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION OF CASPER P. 0. BOX 1850 9 400 EAST FIRST STREET ' CASPER, WYOMING COMPANY CHEVELLE 322 S. David SI.-P. O. Box I609 Casper, Wyoming if' . NNI G OTE L .... Home-of Ihe World Famous Smorgasbord Complele Facililies for Large and Small Parfies and Banquels Lissa Nollelie samples flue excellenl cuisine al 'rlie Henning. SUPER FRIES A 8: W ROOT BEER ROOT BEER IN Nl J if Tf0q, D Ldllfdihlfffyl 70 751.637 'E 4250 Soufh Poplar Casper, Wyoming + N Z Sh BLUE BIRD 544 So. Cen'I'er 7 AM. fo I A.M. 1 65 ft PIANO. CROANI B , Everything by RCA VICTOR Everything by BALDWIN gfotes in easfet - wohlana - glnehiaan BRO C MWJSUCCZ T GALLEY COFFEE HOUSE UPTOWN MOTEL Mary Crow finds an abundance of new line cosmeiics a+ The new Bi-Rife Siore. BI-RITE PAY-LESS DRUG STORE I47 S Cenfer 428 S. Durb 237 8457 234-7l0l Through fhe courfesy of your hosf, I GUY COOPER You Gef Very Fine Dinners af 'he TAKING Second 8: Counfry Cub Phone 234-5966 L ' : 7 ut " l 5 I HQy" ::I-,-.- li ' - - '21 .-L IQI- Y sl. - - 1'l'- 'TI ' - 'arlfi l . gig, . qi.-' .I ,., - hx . N XJ , Q WESTRIDGE BAKERY Wesfriclge Village Casper, Wyoming HOME OF OLD FASHIONED BREAD FINE PASTRIES I DECORATED CAKES AND HOMEMADE COOKIES THE CASPER TRIBUNE I A AND CASPER MORNING STAR Easf Isf and Jefferson I 237-845 I John Neely surveys The circulafion roufes. WYOMING STATIONERY CO. Heaclquarfers for Porlable Typewrifers Across From The Posf Office ' ' " ""' "TEENAGE SHOES ouR SPECIALTY" WOLFORD'S I Casper's Only Home Owned Family Shoe Sfore" II7 Easf 2ncI Sf. T Casper, Wyoming T I PIRATE PIZZERIA I Specializing in Ifalian Foods Free Deliveries I l Open Till 2 Weekends II:00-2:00 A.M. Weelr Nighfs II:00-I I:00 P.M. CLOSED MONDAYS 2 I 5 Complimenls of PLYMOUTH CENTER Midwesl' and Ash 235- l 5 l 7 J He Herdi ponders which of ihe many fine blouses io p hase ar MONTGOMERY WARD 8: CO. 232 Easf Second 234-3595 '7 , be aw Karen Walker admires 'rhe fine furnifure available al WELSH FURNITURE l20 So. Durbin I 5 U 22222222 ll1V0l MM 6'AA7PEf Sum l42-44 Soulh Durbin Casper, Wyoming Phone 234-4959 ii i lli iii i immuuur cnunlss uuimnx cfmns surmise snowman ccursn CASPER wmmmc , 1 I 1 W" .xi Magnelo 8: EIec+ric Service COTTER BATTERY 8: ELECTRIC CO. 530 W. Yellowslone Casper, Wyoming 8260I inda ewin an ar omalz m ha iz he d ih I lf-vhich Plomco maIilesBmd.pl6IlQIiveiies.e p S e I spee WI I' C.asper's Firsf Shopping CenI'er I060 CY Ave. I24 N. Wolcoi-I 234-35I3 I I Office 237-3842 Residence 235-5975 Besl Wishes Io Class of '66 DNE FOO-l-E V Dick and Anne Blower Dlsllnci Manager APPLIANCE SERVICE 8. SUPPLY WADDEI-L 31 REED, INC- 606 E. Railroad 234-9I I3 Principal Underwrilers 'For Midwesi Bldg. UNITED FUNDS, INC. Casper, Wyoming CREDITS PHOTOGRAPHS Ball, Ken pages I 84, I85 Morrison, Chuck pages I40, I52, I53 Nohr, Aksel pages, 8, 9, 99, I24, I5I Schmid, Carl ART AND POETRY Cadwell, Sianley Phibbs, Hugh Wesf, Tom Young, Susan pages l38, I39 ar'I', page I82 ari, page 46 arf, page 5: poem, page 89 arf, pages 22, II8 2I7 Aanestad, Darrell Eugene, 49, 156 Ackerman, Vernon Deane, 49, 120, 122, 123 Adams, Ronals James, 49, 135, 144, 151 Affleck, Susan Patricia, 49, 122 Ahern, Maureen Elizabeth, 49 Alexander, Carl Ray, 49, 170 Aller, Daniel Pattison Allgaier, Michael Lee Allison, William John, 42, 49, 135, 144 Bowker, Senior Index Alan Hamilton, 51, 125 Boyd, Michael Keith, 51, 143 Bradley, Sherry Marie, 51, 164, 176 Bradley, Steven A., 51 Brainard, Susan, Branson, Harold Eugene, 51 Brayton, William Tressler, 51, 143, 176 Breedlove, Ronald, 51 Brehm, Ann Elaine, 51, 121 Breitenbach, Christine, 51 Bretey, Larry, 51 Chrisler, Dinah Dale, 54 Christensen, Kelly K., 54 Christman, Edward B., Cisneros, Kenneth B., 54, 144, 151, 164 Clare, 'William Jackson, 54 Clark, Sandra, 54 Clark, Susan, 48, 54, 163, 169, 176 Clausen, Brent, 54 Clayton, Michael Edgar, 54 Coates, Douglas Lloyd, 54, 176 Coke, Yolanda Ray, 54 Amburn, Terrance Lee, 49 Andersen, Anderson Chris Edward, 49 Bruce, 11, 49, 135 Anderson, James Brisco, 171 Anderson Joan C., 44, 45, 49, 180 Anderson Linda L., 49 Anderson Steven Lee, 49 Anderson, Tommy Dale, 49 Arellano, Christine Ann, 49 Armstrong, Vicky Mae, 49 Arnold, Lissa V., 49, 176 Arnwine, Mary Sue, 49 Ausich, Kenneth Raymond, 49, 176 Babcock, Donna Kay, 49 Bailey, David Paul, 49 Bailey, William Edward, 49, 125, 126 Bailey William R. 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Everett, 64, 150 Jana Lea, 64 Kathleen, 64 Johnson, Lyle Alvin, Jr., 85, 122, 144 ' Johnson, Michael Edward, 85 Johnson RaVae Ann 85 Jones, Alan Richard, 64 Jones, Cathy Jean, 64, 123 Jones, Kenneth Lee, 64 Jones, Sharon Lee, 64 Jones, Sharon May, 64 Jones, Vickie Lee, 64 Joy, Sandra Bea, 64 Kadlick, Jim Leroy, 64, 156 Kadlick, John Meridith, 64 Kalkofen, Raymond Willard, 64 Kamp, Sandra Ann, Kapranis, Angeliki, 65, 176 Kearns, Michael.Jay, 85, 150 Keefe, Nancy Jane, 45, 65 Kegley, Robert Luther, 11, 15, 42, 65, 147 Kelly, John .C., 65, 143 . Kennedy, John, 87 Kennedy, Stephen Glen, 65 Kern, David Allen, 65, 176 Kerns, John David, 65 Kiger, Joe Allen, Kight, David Leward, 65, 178 Kingsolver, Christine, 65 Kirkpatrick, Sharon Kay, 65 Klum, Joseph D., 65, 144 Knehans, Margaret, 85 Knisley, Jay Wallace, 65 Knobel, Donna June, 65 Konecky, Jacque K., 65 Koschene, Raymond Nathan, 65 Krans, Richard Stanley, 65 Kroll, Judith S., 65, 126 Kuhn, Richard Elliott, 65 Kuhn, Sharon Ann, 85, 169 Libolt, Ronald Lee, 67 Light, Michael James, 67 Lightner, Linda Kay, 67 Lindell, Donna Marie, 67 Livingston, Sheila Ann, 67 Lollar, Frederick Melvan, 67 Lopez, David Ray, 67 Lorimer, Lawrence K., 67, 173 Loucks, Linda Ann, 67 Louk, Rodney Allen, Lovelace, Jack Eugene, 67, 144 Luers, Donna Eileen, 67 Lumb, David Wallace, 67 Lund,'Sharon L., 67 Luond, Karen Elaine, 10, 42, 67, 157, 160, 176 Lytle, Barbara Ann, 67 MacDonald, Douglas Ronald, 67 MacDonald, Glen Allen, 67 Mack, Joseph Frederick, 68, 154 Madrid, Matt, 68 Maior, John Adam, 68 Malson, Roberta Ann, 86 Manly, Susan Paulette, 68, 152 Manning, J, Neil, 68 Mansbridge, Cheryl, 86, 176 Marburger, Thomas Charles, 68 Martens, Gerry Lynn, 68, 153, 176 Martin, Andy William, Jr., Martin, Kim, 68 Martinez, Mary Edunia, 68 Martinson, Marvin Paul, Jr., 68 Mason, Cheryl Lee, 68, 168 Mathis, Fred W., 68 Mathis, Joseph Stephen, 68, 135, 178, 179 Matzke, Paula Kay, 68, 152 Mayer, Kathleen, 68 McAteer, Pat Andre, 68, 144 McClew, David W., 68 McCrary, Margaret, 68 McDaniel, Cory Paige, Kunckel, James Douglas, 65 Kunckel, Janet Marcia, 65 Kuster, Richard Lewis, 66, 147 LaMaster, Linda L., 85, 172 Lamb, Linda Marie, 66 Lang, Richard Bruce, 18, 66 Langaas, Veronica Kaye, 66 Lange, Thomas R., 85, 155 McDonald, Jane Anne, 68, 152 McDowell, Barbara Bond, 68, 130 McDowell, Berrie Bond, 68 McFarland, Linda, 68 McGinnis, Michael Ray, 68 McKay, Mack Neil, 68, 134 McKerral, Holly Dorene, 69, 176 McLennan, Kenneth Paul, 69 McMurray, Joseph, 69 McNicholas, Eileen Marie, 69 McReynolds, Rae Marie, 10, 69, 138, 141, 157,162, 176,180 McTernan, William, 69 Mecham, Kathryne Lee, 86, 178 Meece, Ken Stewart, 69, 123, 160 Mellies, Sandra Diane, 86, 121 Meredith, Michael Allen, 69 Merrill, Sharon Lavonne, 69 Michael, Vernon Robert, 69 Middaugh, Linda Marie, 69, 125 Miller, Cheryl E., 69 Miller, Ellen Dagmar, 21, 69, 161, 176 Miller, James Stanton, Miller, Paul Robinson, 69 Minchow, Christie Elaine, 69 Mintle, Harold L., 70 Moline, Lisa Gene, 70, 168 Moll, Patricia Ann, 70 Monk, Barbara Ellen, 70 Monroe, Linda Jeanette, 70 Moore, Danny Stephen, 70, 134 Moore, Linda Janice, 70, 158 Moore, Linda Jo, 70, 176 Moore, Ronald David, 86 Morgareidge, Donald James, 70, 166 Morren, Linda K., 70, 121 Morris, Kathleen A., 70, 172, 176, 178, 179 Morrison, Theresa Pearl, 70 Morss, Deanne Kay, 70 Moynihan, William Eugene, 70 Munsinger, Sandra Kaye, 70 Murphy, Daryle Ray, 70, 122, 168 Murphy, David Ross, 70 Murphy, Phillip Craig, 70, 135 Mutchler, Barbara Karen, 71 Myer, William Bryan, 71, 141, 142, 147, 148, 151 Neal, Hershel Dean, 71 Neely, John Floyd, 71 Nelson, Catherine Diane, 71 Nelson, Jo Anne, 71, 120 Nelson, Marcia, 71, 170 Neubauer, Teresa M., 71 Newman, Arlene Fisher, 87 Newman, Glenna Lee, 71 Newport, Marilee Ann, 71 Nichols, Russell Herman, 42, 71, 143,,160, 176 Nicholson, Larry Alan, 144 Nielsen, Linda Ann, 73 Noel, Gerald Lee, 73, 156 Nollette, Elizabeth Ann, 73, 178, 182 Norris, Richard Troy, 73 Northness, Diana Lynn, 73, 127, 154, 170 Nuzum, Billie Jean, 73 Oberg, Nancy Lee, 73, 176 Obert, Carol Ann, 73 O'Brien, Gladys Maureen, 73 O'Brien, Mary Kathleen, 73 Oden, John R., 11, 73, 176 O'Hearn, Kathleen M., 73, 176 Okes, Eugene Everett, 73 Oliver, Gary Breht, 73 Olsen, Douglas Charles, Olsen, Judith Lynn, 73, 176 Olsen, Robert Keith, 73 Olson, Kathleen Marie, 219 Osborne, Connie Kay, 73, 168 O'Toole, Mary Lou, 73 Overman, Robert Gale, 73 Owens, Victoria Lynn, 86, 169 Packham, Vicki, 73 Padilla, Teresa Gwen, 74 Paisley, Kim Karen, 74 Palmer, Paul Lorenzo, Parish, Charlotte, 74' Park, David Brian, 74 Parker, William L., 74 Patricelli, Maria A., 74, 152 Patterson, Maryles Jean, 74, 127, 169 Patton, Donald Dale, 74, 126 Pavey, Robert Kenneth, 74 Payne, Janice L., 86 Payne, Jerrold L., 86 Peach, Jean Ann, 74, 167 Peacock, Bobbie Jean, 74, 179 Pearson, Donna Rae, 74, 127 Pedry, Catherine Ann, 74 Penney, Pamela Kay, 86, 129, 130,' 153, 176 Pennington, Shirley Faye, 74 Perales, Kathy Lee, 44, 45, 74, 131, 139 Perales, Kenneth Lee, 18, 74 Perea, Willa Dean, 74 Perry, Patricia, 74 Peters, John James, 74 Petersen, Eliza Jane, 74 Peterson, James Scott, 74, 163 Peterson, Linda L., 74, 128, 165 Peverly, Clistia Ann, 74 .Phibbs, Hugh Coffin, 74, 173, , 176, 179 Phillips, Dennis, 75 Phillips, Lea Frank, 75, 148 Phillips, Raymond Dee, 75 Philo, Ronald Wayne, 75, 168 Pirie, Jane Elizabeth, 75 Poole, Judith K., 75 Porter, Redith Fritts, 75, 120, 129, 173 Powell, Tim Leslie, 75 Poynor, Paula Sue, 75, 167 Preble, Alvin Lloyd, 75, 155 Preuss, Janet Arlene, 75 Price, Gary Don, Price, June Marie, 75 Price, Margaret Louise, 75 Prickett, Helen, 75 Priess, Gary Michael, 75, 160 Puder, Janice Lorraine, 75 Puettman, Carol Jean, 75, 176 Ramsey, Carol Ann, 75 Randall, Audra, 75 Ray, Jerilyn Sue, 75, 125, 173, 178 Ray, Shadra Lea, 10, 44, 45, 75 Reberg, Charles Wayne, 75 Reckling, Nancy Ann, 75 Reed, Vicki Karlita, 76 Reeder, Dale Ivan, 76, 125 Rees, Mary Lynn, 76, 157, 179 Reich, Vivian Leigh, Reid, Ralph David, 76 Reynolds, Wanda Lea, 86 Rhoades, James David, 76 Richards, Ann Wheaton, 76 Richards, Donald James, 76 Ridley, Rita Anne, 76, 128, 168 Riebesell, Paul D., 150 Riepe, Nanita Kathleen, 76 Riley, Letricia Lee, 76, 120 220 Robbins, Anne Louise, 10, 77 Roberts, Claudia Jean, 77, 152, 169 Roberts, Judson Allen, Roberts, Nadine Julia, Roberts, Phillip Eugene, 77 Robertson, James Rex, 77 Robey, Robert W., 77 Robinson, Gregory Lee, 77, 144 Rodgers, Harvey, Jr., 77 Rogers, Barbara Rae, 77 Rogers, Karen Lynn, 77, 157, 160, 162, 176 Romans, Linda Louise, 77 Rone, Linda Lou, 77 Rosenberger, John Vernon, 77 Rosensweig, Deborah Jean, 77 Rost, Ronald David, 77 Rowland, John E., 77 Roybal, Priscilla S., 77 Roybal, Teresa J., 77, 176 Ruckle, Nancy Louise, 77, 120 Runnion, Dorothy, 77 Rush, Lawrence Dean, ,77, 150 Rush, Sharon Lee, 78 Rushin, Terry Ray, 78 Ryan, Lee Ann, 78 Sage, Patrick Lee, 78 Salazar, Margaret Ann, 78, 164 Salinas, Marguerite Theresa, 78, 122 Sanders, Constance Jeanne, 78 Schierenberg, Richard Dale, 78 Schindler, Joyce Lee, 78 Schneider, William R., 78, 150 Schnitzer, Vickie Sue, 78 Schnoor, Newton Hans, 78, 135, 144 Schoenewald, Helen Frances, 78 Schopfer, David William, 78 160, 173, 176 Schultz, Dale -Ann, 78 Scott, Susan Leigh, 10, 44, 45, 78,.131,139,141,180 Sears, Peggy Lynn, 77 Sears, Ronald Bruce, 78 Selby, Debbie M., 78, 120, 152 Sell, Danny Travis, 86 Sellers, James D., 78 Semino, Richard John, 78 Severts, Noel Donnell, 78, 122 Shankland, Larry Phillip, Shea, Mary Frances, 78 Sheely, James William, 78 Shelsta, Linda Rae, 79, 173, 176 Shelton, Dennis Earl, 79, 123 Shinbur, Jacqueline Leslie, Shoemaker, Kathy lrene, 86 Short, Cheryl K., 79 Shultz, Jerry Eugene, 86 Simmons, Sandra, 79 Simons, Linda Kay, 86, 120, 123 Simpson, Craig Alexander, 79 Sims, William Leslie, 79 Singer, David Dana, Sisco, Carol Lee, 79, 161 Skinner, Russell, 87 Sleeger, David A., 79, 123, 125 Slyter, Robert R., 79 Smith, Anna C., 79 Smith, Edward Ray, 79 Smith, Marsha Kay, 79 Smith, Siddie Vilate, 79 Smith, Steven Craig, 79 Smith, Thelma Marie, 79 Smith, Timothy Leslie, 79 Smith, Toni Gail, 79 Snedden, Judy Lynn, 79 Sneesby, Kristy Alison, 79, 153, 176 ' Snyder, Stanley Evans, 79 Soine, Susan Lynn, 79, 130 Soloman, Gayla Jo, 79, 159, 180 Sparks, Mary Virginia, 79 Speas, Janice Lea, 10, 42, 45, 79, 131, 139, 141, 177 Spencer, Fred Wilkins, 79 Sphar, Robert A., 80 Spicer, Jerry William, 80, 176 Spivey, Judith Lee, 80, 176 Spraker, Terry, 80, 127 Spurlin, Leland Muril, 80 Stack, Kenneth Marvin, 80 Stanford, 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H., 86 ADAMS, LAWRENCE, 29 ADAMS, A. ROBERT, B.S., M.Ed., 30 Kansas State College, University of Wy- oming, Arizona State Sponsor-Sophomore Class ALEXANDER, BONNIE H., B.A., 30-164 Mesa Junior College, Colorado State Col- lege, Casper College, University of Wy- oming Sponsor-Future Secretaries AMES, KEITH, B.A., 30 Kearney State College ANDERSON, BRUCE, B.S., M.A., 30-183 Black Hills Teachers College, Colorado State College Sponsor-Casper Mustang ANDERSON, CLARE, B.A., M.A., 31 State College of Iowa ATENCIO, ANCELMO, S Sgt., 40 CBR, Proiectionist, Small Arms, NCO Academy Sponsor-Mustang Guard, Boys' Rifle Team AUSTIN, WALLACE, B.A., 32 University of New Mexico, University of Alabama, Eastern New Mexico University BIDWELL, JOHN, B.A., M.Ed., 31 Casper College, University of Wyoming BISIAR, CHARLES PAT, B.S., 35-132-146 University of Utah, Chadron State College Sponsor-Asst. Football, Basketball Coach BISIAR, MARJORIE, B.S., 40 University of Wyoming, Utah State Uni- versity, Chadron State Teachers College Sponsor-Girl's Athletic Association, Girl's Intramurals, Dance Group BLONDIN, GILBERT, B.S.,' M.S., 39 University of Wyoming, Casper College, Colorado State University BLOWER, ANNE, B.A., 32 University of Wyoming Sponsor-Publicity for Drama Department BOYLES, GRANT, B.A., 30 Casper College, University of Wyoming, University of Denver Sponsor-Key' Club, D.E.C.A. BRAKKE, JANET, B.A., 33-157 Augustana College, South Dakota State University, Black Hills Teachers College Sponsor-Jayc-ettes BRANNAN, L. R., B.S., M.A., 37 University of Wyoming, Colorado State University Sponsor-Biology Club, National Honor Society BRECHEISEN, JAY, A.B., 35 Colorado State College Sponsor-National Honor Society, Business Manager for Drama Department, Student Council BRENNAN, ED C., B.A., M.A., 35 Idaho State University, George Washing- ton University, University of Wyoming BROOKS, ASA, B.S., M.S., 37 University oi Wyoming, Fresno State Col- lege, Colorado State University, Casper College Sponsor-Boy's Intramural Basketball BUSH, ROBERT, B.S., M.A., 26 Montana State College, University of Wy- oming CALDERON, HAIM, B.A., M.A., 34-159 Butler University, Indiana University Col- orado State College, University of Wyom- mg Sponsor-International Relations Club CARLEY, LAWANA, B.A. in music education, M.A. in English, 28-157 Facult Index Colorado State University, University of Wyoming, University of Denver Sponsor-Jayc-ettes CHRISTIAN, W. J., B.A., M.A., 35 Nebraska State Teachers College, Uni- versity of Wyoming CLOSS, CARL, B.S., 39 Colorado State University COOLBAUGH, BLAINE D., B.M., B.S., M.A., 36 Kansas State College, Fort Hays State College, University of Wyoming, Eastern State College Sponsor-Marching Band, Dance Band, As- sembly Band, Baton Twirlers, Flag Twirlers DEFFEYES, HAZEL, B.S., 33 Oklahoma College for Women, Oklahoma State College, Casper College, University of Wyoming Sponsor-National Honor Society DEVER, CAROL, B.A., M.A., 41 State University of Iowa, University of Wyoming. DREW, MARY ANN, B.S., M.Ed., 27 Dominican College, University of Wyo- ming, Guidance Institute Sponsor-Girls League Council ESTES, RONALD, B.S., 35-132-145 University of Wyoming, Bakersfield Col- lege, Valley City State Teachers College Sponsor-Asst. Football, Wrestling Coach ELLETT, EMMETT, B.S. in geol09Y, M.S. in biologv. 37 University of Texas, East Texas State College FRANKLIN, CAROLE, B.A., 38 University of Wyoming, University of ' Colorado, Colorado State'University FUSSELMAN, PAULINE, B.A., 30 Colorado State College of Education, Uni- versity of Wyoming, Colorado State University GARCIA, ALBERT M., B.M., M.Ed., 38-163 New England Conservatory of Music, University of Houston, Michigan State University, Pan AmericanACollege Sponsor-El Circulo Espanol GELDIEN, HARRY, B.S., M.Ed., 40 University of Wyoming Sponsor-Track Coach GENETTI, PAUL, B.A., M.Ed., 35 University of Wyoming GIBBS, IONE, A.B., M.Ed., Professional Diplo- ma in Educational Guidance, 29-181 Oklahoma City University, University of Oklahoma, University of Wyoming GILBERT, CHARLOTTE, B.A.,A3l University of Wyoming Sponsor-Sophomore Class GORMAN, WILLIAM, B.S., 30 St. Cloud State College, Eastern Montana College GOSS, GLENN, B.S., 37 Mt. Union College, Kent State University, Casper College GREENE, PATRICIA, B.A., 34 Kalamazoo College, Calvin College, In- stitute International fMadrid, Spainl Columbia University 'Sponsor-International Relations Club HAGEN, RUTH, B.A., 36-124 Upper Iowa University, University of Iowa Sponsor-Advanced Chorus, Girl's Chorus, Triple Trio HALL, BUNNY, B.S., 36 Montana State University, University of Wyoming, Texas Womanfs University HALL, ROBERT, B.S., 39 Moorhead State College, St. Cloud State College, State College of Iowa Sponsor-Asst. Swimming Coach HARRINGTON, NEIL, B.S., M.S., 39-166 Casper College, University of Wyoming, Washington State University Sponsor-Future Farmers of America HARTIG,-ALICE, B.S., 32 Kansas State University HEMRY, KATHLEEN, B.A., M.A., 33-168- 170 University of Wyoming, University of Denver, University of Chicago, L.B. State College Sponsor-NCHS Newcomers Club, Con- cessions, Chess Club HERBISON, CYNTHIA, B.S., 40 Casper College, University of Wyoming Sponsor-Cheerleaders, Pep Club, Flag Twirlers -I:l.lLL, ART, B.S., 40-132 Black Hills Teachers College Sponsor-Head Football Coach HILL, GWENDOLYN, B.A., 2-33 Colorado State College of Education, Colorado University, University of Wyo- ming HJELDNESS, CURTIS, B.S., M.Ed., 29 University of North Dakota, University of Nevada, University of Wyoming HOUSTON, JERRY E., SSgt. E-6, 40-154 7th Army Non Commissioned Officers Academy, 5th Army Marksmanship ln- structor School - Sponsor-Coach ROTC Rifle Team and Girl's Rifle Team JONES, NORMAN C., SFC E-7, 40 Second Division NCO Academy, 5th Army Chemical, Biological and Radiological School, 5th Army Intelligence School Sponsor-ROTC Color Guard, ROTC Drill Team JONES, RUTH, B.A., 33 Junior College, El Dorado, Kansas, Kan- sas State, Casper College, University of Wyoming KOFAKIS, MARY, B.A., M.A., 35 Lindenwood College, Denver University KOLASINSKI, HENRY V., B.S. Ed., 41 University of Wyoming KUETHE, ROMAINE, B.S., B.A., M.S.T., M.Ed., 38-163 Wartburg College, University of Iowa, University of Nebraska I LARSEN, ANKER, B.A., M.A., 39-149 Western Montana State, Colorado State University, Colorado State College Sponsor-Head Ski Coach LaVIOLETTE, MARGARET, B.A., 34 Wellesley College, University of Pennsvl- vania, University of Wyoming LIVINGSTON, SPENCER, B.A., M.A., 37 Brigham Young University, Colorado State College, Colorado State University, Uni- versity of Wyoming, Casper College Sponsor-Science and Math Club LONGNECKER, JACK, B.S., M.S., 39 University of Wyoming, Nebraska State Teachers College LUCKEN, MARY, B.A., M.A., 38 University of Colorado, Augustana Col- lege, Middlebury College 221 MCCALLUM, MYRTLE, R.N., 28-165 St. Luke's Hospital, University of Chi- cago, University of Wyoming, University of California, University of Denver, Uni- versity of Montana Sponsor-Future Nurses Club MCCLATCHEY, JOE, B.A., M.A., B.D., Th.B., 33 Bob Jones University, Southwest Chris- tian Seminary, Arizona State University, Phoenix College, University of Wyoming, Casper College Sponsor-National Forensic League MALONE, ROSE MARY, B.A., M.Ed., M.A. in L.S., 28 College of St. Catherine, University of Minnesota, University of Denver Sponsor-Library Club MARKL, CHARLES W., Mai., B.S., 17-40 St. Norbert College, Armored Officers Basic, 6th Army CBR School, Armored Officers Career Sponsor-"Mis-fires"-girls' rifle team MICHALKE, ELSIE, B.S., M.S., 30 Eastern State College, University of Michi- gan, University of Wyoming, Casper College' MILLER, JACK, B.M., M.M., 36-125 New England Conservatory of Music, Boston University, University of Wyo- ming, Eastman School of Music, New York University MOORE, BEVERLY, B.S., M.A., 32 Southern Oregon Normal School, Uni- versity of Oregon, University of Cali- fornia at Los Angeles MOUSER, FRED, B.A., 32-183 West Virginia Wesleyan College, Uni- versity of Illinois, University of Wyo- ming Sponsor-Casper Mustang NEMER, JAN, B.S., 36 South Dakota State College, Patricia Steven's Modeling and Career College Sponsor-De Mode Des Femmes Chics NICHOLS, TED M., B.A., 35-146 University of Wyoming, Texas Western Sponsor-Head Basketball Coach, Cross Country Coach ODEN, JUNE LOONEY, R.N., 28 Methodist Hospital School of Nursing OLDS, ELMA SUE, B.A., M.A., 29 Colorado State College, Colorado State University, University of Oklahoma Sponsor-Pep Club PIERCE, JOAN, B.A., 32 Illinois State PULLEN, JAMES, B.S., M.Ed., 29 University of Missouri Sponsor-National Honor Society QUINLAN, GERALD, A.A., B.A., 34-132- 145 College of Great Falls, Casper College, San Jose State College Sponsor-Asst, Football Coach, Head 222 Wrestling Coach, Asst Track Coach RAY, EARL, B.S., M.A., 40 University of Wyoming Sponsor-Head Swimming Coach REESE, WILLIAM D., A.B., M.A., 20-26- 41-181 Dickinson College, Washington and Lee University, University of Wyoming, Uni- versity of the Pacific, Stanford University RIPPON, YVONNE J., B.S., M.B. Ed., 30 Utah State College, University of Wyo- ming, University of Colorado Sponsor-Synchronized Swimming RIZZI, LEO L., B.S., M.A., 37 Black Hills Teachers College, University of Wyoming Sponsor-National Honor Society SCHIEFERSTEIN, ARNOLD, B.S., M.Ed., 29 Black Hills Teachers College, Colorado State College SCULLEN, GEORGE, 39 University of Wyoming SHIDLER, MARGARET, B.S. in Ed., 38-45 Central Missouri State College, University of Colorado SIMMONS, JOHN E., B'.A., 35 Arizona State University, University of Maryland Extension, University of Wis- consin, Colorado State College Sponsor-Junior Class SLATON, MAE, B.B.A., 30 North Texas State University SMITH, CECIL, B.A., 31 York College, Colorado State College, University of South Dakota, University of Wyoming SMITH, IVA MARCILE, B.S., M.S., 31 University of Nebraska, University of Wyoming SMITH, PAMILLA, B.A., 32 Buena Vista College, University of Wyo- ming w Sponsor-Drama, Debate, Declamation SPRIEGEL, KAREN, B.A., M.A.T., 31 University of Wyoming, University of Oregon, Wittenburg University, Vanderbilt University Sponsor-Junior Class STARRS, JAMES, B.A., 33-41-112-132- 164 University of Wyoming Sponsor-Sophomore Football Coach, Fu- ture Teachers of America STOFFLET, FRANKLIN, B.S., M.S., 37 University of Wyoming STOVALL, MYRTLE, B.A., M.S., 41 Nebraska State Teachers College, Uni- versity of Omaha, Texas Tech. SWANTON, PATRICK, B.A., M.A., 32 Casper College, Regis College, St. Thom- as College, University of Wyoming TOBIN, BILL, B.S., 39-112-132-148 University of Colorado Sponsor-Sophomore Football and Bas- ketball Coach TRIMBLE, GEORGE, B.A., M.A., 36 Nebraska ,State Teachers College, Uni versity of Wyoming, Casper College Sponsor-Studio 51 TROWBRIDGE, ANN, B.A., 38-162 University of Wyoming Sponsor-French Club VALENCIA, JAMES, B.S., 39 University of Wyoming VANDEVENTER, ROBERT R., B.S., 34 University of Wyoming, University of Kansas Sponsor-Senior Class WADE, ANNE, B.J., B.A., 33-179 Casper College, University of Missouri, University of Wyoming, San Diego State College Sponsor-News Department, Radio Guild, Quill and Scroll WALDRAM, ROBERTA, B.S. in Ed., 36 University of Missouri WALTERS, WANDA W., B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Family Living, and Child Development, 36-180 . George Washington University, Casper College, Ohio State University, Univer- sity of Hawaii, Glassboro State College, University of Wyoming Sponsor-Pep Club WARD, GORDONA A., B.S., M.A.,.27 Northern State Teachers College, Univer- sity of Wyoming, Stanford University Sponsor-National Honor Society WEAVER, JANICE, B.S., 30-164 Gustavus Adolphus College, University of Minnesota Sponsor-Future Teachers of America WEBER, DEAN, B.S., M.N.S., 31 South Dakota State College, Black Hills Teachers College, University of South Dakota, University of Wyoming Sponsor-National Honor Society WEIDNER, THOMAS A., B.A., 32-161 College of St. Thomas, University of Minnesota Sponsor-English Club WEISHAAR, DONALD G., B.S., M.B.S., 31- 143 Iowa State College, Fort Dodge Junior College, Creighton University, Iowa State Teachers College, University of Colorado, University of Wyoming Sponsor-Golf Coach WELSH, JOHN F., B.A., 32 University of Wyoming, Plymouth Drama Festival Sponsor-Thespians WIRTH, LAUREL D., B.S., M.S-I 37 Colorado State University, University of Nebraska, University of Colorado, Uni- versity of Oklahoma WOODSON, LYNN D., B.A., M.S., 32-179 Northeast Missouri Teachers College, Uni- versity of Wyoming, University of Utah, University of California at Berkeley Sponsor-literary magazine, IN PASSING QA Q A Ei: X A 5iE'-ii A gia E X XS: Q, E22 XR ga Q kbiii EER ERR? 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Suggestions in the Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) collection:

Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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