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L- . 0 Q I -If Y u I A K 1 I L I F ' . u 'S 7 ' v i '- C f - Q 0 I www . -vs: 133' -n. li P24 ,MJ I 'N' +0 'les vt A X551 -P:-. If ff 'Linh 4 Q A . . 327 41 5-. . I Y f' N. ,, 1t'jt'l'Y K K , .k,. .s n ,J his -'Q ' f' Q""2 Q Q ? 1' f uf ' ' M hxh. 1 V 2-1" " A 1. 'f Y f M 'K I 3' V. g:,.E1:g.2 viii! xA,i.. L,T,,-. ,-W... f ' t 'I Li 71.0. - ' K ,,..,--In---J.-. f 6 Q' If w ff me ' 1?-i ' v ' ' 71 I T 3 Q. " x .' ,Q . ' QASPER MUSTANG Ig, Q. ' :ix WM, ' ,,64 Whig .. H f-V 1.3 b ., 1 P V lm - 1 Nvatrolja CEQDUHIS' High Sghool "' " Q., . 1- 4 Vol. XXVII Casper, Wyoming fi? s , - he L.. ff in ,W ix. . , 1 7 dfzgiu- ,' V . ,., -X' --. ., -,Tfv A -:A Ti". 4. X x , . A: . , ...Z if 1 ggw 'xiii' vw ' Wa x C' X M' WA", w .ur ' Q: :Q-. xv'-, .! X -5 -w '- ...E v - x ,1. A, V .- fb g . 3-- , Q . f, . wk A.. 4 . 5 . -.. KM, E z E. A .,A I, , xkf-f,..w,v .Q wr,- E-E Nl' . SL L 'M x , 3:2415 BN Q 1 X xx 1 W X i X X . X i xi, np- ,x.X:xXgE1M -M-X wi K ' " .. sf ,I .A 5 fl, - A4 'ing-""' s ' ' 5 . - --Jw T , Y gf..4,,Sg J 2 Q :gf . deff- I . N I ., . .ph . X ' .3 ,,, , "'- A345 .. '- ' ' I s f 5 m 1-V Y.. , 4 4. .1'.' N "f ' -A .A - f 'l ,L .w ' up -Q 5" " V' "M I .. ' fi '- ii. I A "Md ' Q, 'Q' 1 Q. avxx . ' '- t x Er -, , , -. " - ' 1 1 , 'Q - f ' 1 Ag 5 Z F 1 A . ,QU 1-, 1 ' .5 5 l ' n' J-P .J-i W 14 -3141 r. .1 I ' .1 A - f- , if 23111-QV:41X M . I . A L , , 1 , A it 1 1 1 N 1 i Q , f """L 4 5 12 "' ' X ' '1 Al, ,A v 'X , ' 1 .". . ,Q I. .X , ., H ,X ,gi ' -4 4: 'V ' H 17 . , H 5' x"' A V' f-j:'d 1' 'fi ' ' . . f .J A V, - , .. 1 -in .. 1 ' ' agjs . i 1., :Sf '53 1 ' fm .5 A imp.-if X mba . 1 1 'Mgt' ff YE I 3,792 Q ina, A - ' K' .3 v f."'.." . , - 'gil A r , T 1- ii ' 1 v , . 1 I , 1 A , 1 A ,gh 3 5 ., 11- , h gif' " fi xi 4s ,. ' . .-ww.. . ,., . .sm ,, , 4 X . W "Z 55' , . A . , JW ' - fm 1:.,.,. A-V "':rf.. wh' fs. ,,,. Notable Nlemorles of Cur Year Dearest Alumni of Today and of Tomorrow The Annual Staff takes its typewriter in that you were startled on the first day to see walls to aid with the movement of traffic a to learn to look up and to map out thc best r third floor ofthe main building. There were more "UPS" and HDOWNS' ball, cross country, and golfg demerits repla ond Friday of school: the lengthened school d of arrest. Our main purpose in this note, howeve fine high school which may have escaped y with nearly 2500 pupils. These numbers mig creased by one and our faculty, by twenty. T some of the Drivers' Trainingg second year to help some of us to acquire greater skillsg You may not have known that the faculty 0 matics, and Englishg that vocational educati teachers. The system added an extra nurse, In the pages of this year's MUSTANG W of our school during the year of the REQ tfsgifrfw 9295 X N K . t our notice Ours became the largest secondary school in the state THOSE TOUCHES WHICH FURNISHED A LOVELY BACKGROUND-lower, cnmpus, highlights THOSE WHO GAVE THE NOTES-adxninis tration and faculty THOSE WHO TOOK THE NOTES-heavy type Seniors lower case Juniors and Sopho- mores MOMENTS FREE FROM NOTETAKING- meetings, games, tournaments, practices, and festivals BOYS AND GIRLS WHO SERVED AS THE ROMAN NUMERALS OF THE YEAR- honor earners in the class and on the field FIRMS WHO PAID THEIR NOTES-adver tisers of products from food to cars to gas to clothing Outline Makers and Takers 0 O O See the fiery blossoms beckoning ln the bright Wyoming sung Sentinels of courage, showing Flags of lmllles to be won. . . . DINAH HARRELL 1 , :f"'5'f8'.Se'.f . L " L1 31 V 54' ag ,.,.g,, "fffria?3? ,fy gm, ' 'A vii: .W A vrmj 1 ::': Q n. ' -f kwa: ? VI ' ' x Q.. 4.3. NX? A blanket of soft, glistening snow Covers the autumn colors, bringing New moods of white freshness to our Campus and to our minds. Pen and Picture Campus Sketches . k?azt-mem ,J 4 G I ,,,x' This is what it looks like when we start and when we end. Many traverses come in between. Things that are bitter, sweet, cold, and hot. But the first and last days are of gentle breeze. Nut fierce wind. . . . Verses by DINAH HARRELL is lf MI?" me 17,1 sw ff Wifi , ,. Aga.-"" ' ..., ' Wonderful States of W ommg for Young Junior Citizens of our High Schools Leji la righl, ballam mir: Brian llnrl lmugh, Bill Worrnll, Bob Minick, Die nn-r True. Top row: Cn-I: Lamont Dave Reese, Dick Phillips, Cary Olson Lefl I0 righl: Dynnn Van Deventcr, Susie Niclhnmmcr, Susan Bishop, Helen Puultu, Barham Thompson, Kathy Hoo- ver, Donna Wallwuy, Anne Fowl:-iq Ruth Van Dyke, Sue Sturges, Sherry Murlinson. lli Gangs of Juniors-to-he. We're back now from the most won- derful weeks at Girls' and Boys' States! What a blast of an experience. Prepara- tion for the departure was hectic as you can well imagine. considering that ire had to cram hard to know how to run our Senates, our Houses. and our Court Sessions. As you know the primary purpose of these States is to demonstrate the func- tioning of our political and judicial sys- tems. We fell right into the routine with the help of the men of the Legion and the women of the Legion Auxiliary. We boys were proud of our debates on legali- zation of gambling, the right to work law, and reapportionment. Don't get scaredg it wasn't all work. Costumes at Girls' State were duseys: barber outfits and creations fashioned from light bulbs, pennies, and pistols. Through- out the week, we boys had recreation hours, playing volleyball and blood-'n-guts soccer. There was also a little game of Wipeout, not too well enjoyed by some. Final elections came on Thursday. We especially want you to know how the Cas- Wyoming Representatives ln llnys' Nation sisit with Sm-nator Nnnp son-Diemer True and Jim Rhodes fSlwridanl. per Kids fared. Here are n few notes on the results: BOYS' STATE Wy0llllIlg Governor-Dick Phillips State Auditor-Diemer True GIRLS' STATE U. S. RepresentativwSherry Martinson State Treasurer-Helen Pouttu State Supt.-Dyann Vanljeventer Chief Justice-Ruth Van Dyke Diemer was chosen by his fellow Staters to go to Boys' Nation in Wash- ington. Dick Phillips was chosen to be an alternate to Boys' Nation. By the girls Sherry ltlartinson was selected alternate to Girls' Nation. On Friday we visited Cheyenne and the State Capitol to sit in the seats of the great: to debate on the floors of the House and Senate: to hold court sessions in the judicial chambers. Following work, the girls drank tea with the Governor's lady and the boys visited Missile installa- tions at Warren A. F. Base. Good luck to Casper's 1961- Repre- sentntives, 7 Zim o 0 3 9 aw 0 5. Q 5, ma K9 vo new- "T 9.043 WY1 .1 ,,.,. yf ,,.,. lmm wrjnsig- X ,ll mm: "I "5'5'35f55!5'V5v: f,f1. , 7 x 'UW Mui 5. 3 g W1-x -f ax,--1:34 :,g'5,,:.,L , x'i5Q'iiWk Wf?"Q5f"' .1 ww Q :E 5 5 9.0555 'f-G "rf-vggf,.,:3:f.1 ut '5 ,1 a, , "0 W -za, , " ' JH ' wwe we -'L - 1- 2w...Q awww W, wwf ,ewes .M , - '1'zo4.w.- . ,W I' -25-vuns'i.s-vwx VG U Q, Q2 5 f-:vw mem. ffl' ff'f'fiQ::1S1i-i"1Zwin- -vfwsfvff:...x-LQ-. -m,M '-ge:1g.f:y,g,,,f 1954 ' .5 I 9 1 1'r55.m'T.:1u4 3- Y .Q o Q-:M , ' a 0 e 1 u f Q -6 NSW" ,A LLTS 'Q'W 'R N Q. 1 JUNl0R SENIOR PROM -"fa , 1 U 1.5953 "31:i"f4 ' gf" ' and ATTENDAN TS , , . 'X , ' flfefl ldtrighir Susan'- , ' Siuder, Louise Sparger, . ' - fQnieen, JudyYHegglund,' Qcsgon Bill Elhxorek Ddhby ' ' Davis. Kglthy Desserl. 'll l Invnining Sophnnmres listened allenl tively as rules for conduct and uni- forms were explained by thc Girls League Council. Left In righl: Kathy Hoover, Pam Terrell, Sherry Marlin- son, Cheri Lang, Girls League Members Oriented Sophomores Apple blossoms. soft breezes. gleaming silver. punch. and erumpets look the sting oul of the recitation of rules nnrl regulmions ns the girls ui thc League prepared the invoming sophomores oi 1963 for zhe rigors of high school life. A clever skit further sugar-coated the stipulations as lo ear- rings, skirts, and turned out collars. All in pink and while the lowly punch table blended into the bvuuly of the blooms. l2 Much color, precision, dexterity, and modernism was added to the water show by the three soloists fpiclured left to rightl: Patty Jenkins in "Classic Iazz"g Carolyn Balhun in "Autumn Leavesng and Linda Snider in "Bilbao Sailor." The background was colorful, the audience enthusiastic, the girls well trained, the costumes imported: everything made for a splendid show. Patty Jenkins was the able student director. Girls Annual Water Show "Reflections in the Water" I3 ,r ..11'. 1 n QQQWI qlfil. Qi. . My ' .c 5. Gif! f R -nfl, ,! Q-Lim, ',,,c. I -QW! 1?.5..l X. Qgliw ,law new-j'. ' 'fs uma A-1 4 15,2 ' ,, ls .wx A 1.54213 .ny . Lea ,MV WWK i I. . Y ok' , mr' 9- 1 M Cndct nfficvrs reviewing the corps RCJTC Field Day Exercises Major Waller Hoffman, Colonel Jerry Allen Chase, Licul. Col. Mark Human lLlnda Snider, Student Body Presidenll. UPPER PICTURE-Cadets of llxe Conga Line: Stu Healy, Eric Newton, Bob Boston, Greg Crone. ,lark Hurt. Mike Gaughrun. Don Colt-man, Judy Slurruy. BOTTOSI PlCTL'RE-Lenrix: Sherry Jones. Pete Enunnns, Norlecn Wingerter, The annual spring musical. Wonderful Town. proved to be one of the gayest. smartest shows in many seasons. Its plot line wasksunny. spirited and bursting with contagious good humor. Leon- ard Bernsteinis melodic score delighted the capac- ity audience who viewed the production. Memo rable were the ballads 'LA Quiet Girl" and "It's Love," and a nostalgic lament called "Ohio," The dance numbers grew naturally out of the story, with "Conga'l and the "Ballet of the Village Vor- tex" highlights of the production. I5 s -' QA TOTAL QF:55l03Q189.00xIN SCHOLARSHIPSQ. ANVARDS.'1QXND!"f Pnlzl-:s' W4fs QIVENJTO 'rusicmss OIT was AT .NATRGNA A . COUNTY11-1lf3H' SCHOQL AT'T14E'ANN,UAL Q1v1c1AwARDs'j. 4 . , 'Asg,121x1Br.r'IN'1Hgs,N.c.H,sfsmplum., t , ' 1 :xx A I Represirntatihailivhidq Y ' W W W 1 v?fQM INGf14i?1.5iiA5fi3f?i?HGNOR-fScH0LAfil FASPER'23DLIQEGE556H0fAliSHIPSA 1 SHI-P.Sjr'Sl..Q0O,Xfzarjf-jlieSlffifQQil36, Nelsogf, 'W .A x' - 'K 1' ' ' W ' 4' -' A - ' -' ' coL6:gA?Qo SQHQGQQM1niagaiijAr1xier3.5'rJaqf4n' ' Scholgi-sf1'il151-LXBTQOQOQ.yel1rly7LfBiIlfAStnifalf. To-iiv x Czir51er,kDifIlfSfil0Q.s3g',' ,A 1 v T U,NlYER5IT,S2 f0P i pp:pavHi1-Qgxpbegi mghg1fS1,' ' Q' 'Hso00.0o,:,BDb'svh'e0fae1-gshrsozqo'-g 7255 .5 DUKEUNIyims1Ta'45si,,1iyg.oQL,fefgfA15--K'agr.1w. Ann Dawg" ' .fi I 'V 1 0 U. s. 2s l1i'r3QRCflg.b5'Qxi ipE'1p4j19efblf.1Q V,-gngrgg 's,1o,9f ' 7 . 009-OQTWU' . 'wxsuiigdrbm i1N'1vE3Sg1'Y9 5'gQyg,- Vsomnof . f MiCl1ael.Fry'.q. f. Lbf. W'VLA'2 Q , ' 'WYQMQNG UNii'FlRSITYQ'Qiiiflenic SLlibgm-si1i1i+, 'yebrljr S12QQ.00fGluudgAQilllijkolbi, 'Dah Bush, ' 1 gWYQM1NQ'5PfiESS K5Sf5CiQm0139H45'5' ffv' 1" l sgiholzufship finx'kJ1furIf2ilf5Hl' UN-f3l?5-QQ +Rm1alww'i', .Q ... ,.. W . e:.,. lV:?'0lyiHg' Nnlipriql Pail Hf?ll0g'kt 1 gifgzz' re2zmv.!'La4geL1S1p.1,9o,f17at sim,,:fJack Holf Mlillillgistg ,by CI1pS,,SXsfinniebfQS2DQ.06,. Mary Ann Evans,Rodney Walier5gVRbgiQld,Hag6rf,"'-Q I : I , ,Ro1qfy'Cl11bfSQ7,0Q, ZKixfQin"-5 Qler, Jgxnlois Preble, Connie Wgllitr 0 r Casper? Service League?-S194.D0,i Fgyb Schwellcinr fm' ' 'Biblb Class-8150.00 Czirbl F ullerflw - . QA f!N'alizQridf SgcrdgdrfqslfsI00.,bQ,'1P5tQ'i2Qfai:DulgefQ A ' caspev c611fg.51Hbn0f scius1g5fs1.ipgiss34s.6o,' Mar- ilyn,Boa1mau,1Kaghgrineilifwiebijrf.Qfm:A Q' f 1 Q. Qnspei Byginesg f1IIfgi,PIbfd5Qil?75Hl 6hfcf17819f1.Q0, Qawylene White' ' E off' 'vis fl 1. - 1 Iji1galaisfS3l95LQOfDbrQthy Ialjsen, Gai-etlg Diq2pgi Notables FOUR SENIORS FROM NCHS WERE FINALISTS IN NA- TIONAL MERIT SCHOLAR- SHIP CORPORATION-HIGH EST NUMBER EVER .lan Swan- English and romance lunguugvs nt VasA sat. Scholarship wus lrnm the Slunmlurd Oil Founda- lion. William Dix-Major in Math und physics at Nassnchusrlls Institute ol Tnclnnology. Scholarship came from bull Oil Company. H I Bob Stout-P hy sirs nr psychology main: nl Rice. Ich-nl Cvnmnl Cn. gave his svlmlarship. I7 FX mv v The Notes These are our guides: Leaders of youth: Moulders of the nation's citizens The sculptors of our future. 22159, iii' ww ' 55.'-L-Em" 2 ' L. 3. 5329" Q ,f ,+. L, ' Q ,v i " ' wr ,mf ig? ,. ' H 5 , L1 fx G xw- ,--1 5, A 1 2 20 i?1"3,?q' ,L .. , 'Yin' :V af 'Sf' . 443 K.: fi? . vig z 1, ,J CJ' Am 5+ we Q? aka. Y a 2 1 M 5 ' ,gh ai? .sq-AEQs.Qf if 4 .ic . W? N 5: 1? 'L .S E ii -1 J 1 ' 1 ,6d.,ff1 . 'Ni WK . 12: Jack Riddle, Adria Davis, Tom Stronck, prvxizlcnz al Board . . . Gave the Notes and Facult Charles Ayres, Dr. Wm. Hnrl Administrative Staff and Office Assistants William T. Sullins, Sr. Vicefrincipal gc 1 ,. ' 5 Cnlluvrinc Wilson, Ailcndunce X 1 Clerk ,f 16 ' f Z" me I-. fi. Str.-lla Dunn Scrrclury' Mary Bundy Rvgislmr Cordon Ward, Vice-Prinripnl An old dog-cared stenugra- pher's notebook with its helpful hints and pats on the back: slips of notes from vice-principals' pockets. attendance b u l l e t in s , transcripts. new schedules: all re- mind us of the support given by the office staff. William D. Reese, Principal SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY-"We believe that education has the function of developing proper attitudes and ztppreciations as well as the preservation and transmission nt' our culture. lnherent in this belief is the idea that mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth requires serious effort, sell'-discipline, an abiding faith, and rt harmonious fusion of knowledge and behavior. To assist the individual in achieving these educational goals lwe alll strive: a. To provide through experiences in democratic living, an understanding and apprecia- tion of our form of government, the obligations of citizenship and a sense of social responsibility. b. To develop an understanding of, and respect for. all people with emphasis on their rights and responsibilities as world citizens. c. To develop ethical character with respect for moral and spiritual values. d. To provide opportunity for increasing mastery of the elements of an education which are needed for intelligent participation in a modern world. e. To provide emphasis on the application of learning rather than on content alone . . ." l. Lowell 151,-US' Vf4-,.P,i,,fip,,1 Elaine Sullins, Ser. lo Deang Barbara Scifers, Dean af Girls kr s cn r "T I Q--Hw.44,1, 'wgtig fwfr Watt, "66i,1 ,?f!13-W, . ' " igiry, fri, Nw Hom, 'uwjpf' ilk , ' s Mx :-W4 Q z if , Hof' k af: -'e 1 9 "3 f -, J "5 . 'XS . :YNY '1"' " wflfilv- E KEY:-'-4 , ' x .. 3,7 i' 'ff' Q ff ,N N A V Af .Nigel " , 5 ,J 'fx in "2 t f' - f wg gf. ki' M V ' Rxppnn. Malmfml- Ili-iur, I-.Il--n I-ua-1-Im,un, hm-II lPi4'ly5l1ll:1filI,L',',f" Q. , y. yghai mnic M1-xuml-Ar. ,Iunirv Wmn.-u, 2 3 , A 5 N., 7,41 fb-fi?" ft' 3 . 'Wt RX. man -g y '-, I IEW 235231 ' V -aifzgj ,-Q.,',f fr,.,..,,WV wr , W f ill?" 4" .!i?w7'?5 ' . f,,r.N- 5 , ll'-pnnlrnept is egwm.-.! nn give?-iraiuniup in I-11-iv nwunpqn- Shins i'1iri,'5T'fevr1xi3fi5n 15:.g,51Q1i..... ..n..-. .-...H-N., Mfr.-rw 1 for In-r-muzil usehih' lj'flQWrilittE.,. la-unul kvrpingx. llnlv, ,f5jEgQ?'T' :ig . 342 fisiif , t Business Education Department ' M Furmshes Training nnjwSystem1atlcifTf Q mv A 'V wx fatwfz. i , N S 6 Left to right: Mil ton Beitel, Chair- man, Ronald Brnn' nan, Delbert Barber, Glenn Goss. Notes on the new in the Science Department showed two entering instructors: Mr. Barber, teaching chemistry and biology: and Mr. Preston. instructing in chemistry. Modernization of courses showed PSSC physics being incorporated into,the subject. Enrollment in the tried- aud-true basic courses included 2-l sections in biology, a subject primarily for sophomores? 11 sections of Milton Beilel, Chairman chemistry for juniors: 3 geology classes for juniors and seniorsq and 5 physics groups for seniors. Spotlight Still Shines on Science During Third Quarter of Twentieth Century Stratosphere Exploration Left to right: Leo Rizzi, Richard Preston, Emmett Ellett, Spencer Livingston, Laurel Wirth. Social Studies Instruction Blankets the World During the Earth's Development in Every Dynasty and Century By taking' note of the various courses offered in Social Science one realizes the wide coverage of the department: World civilization, Psychology, United States history, World history, Wyomiiig history, World government, Economics, Social problems, and World geography. For two years-in 1962-63 under Mr. Ward and in 1963-64 under Mr. Radden, Social Science H has been conducted on a seminar play. The lucky people enrolled do independent researchg they have free use of the libraryg and they look forward to nd- vanced courses in Economics when they reach college. Although most of the instructors in this department demand reference papers, Mr. Brecheisen broke tradition to ask for newspapers giving out- standing events oi certain periods covered. ABOVE: Margaret La- Violelte, Chairman. BOTTOM: Rohert Nich- olns. Left lo right: Ray Houser, George Collins, Edwin Brennan, Jay Brecheisen. x . f Q9 , , 1 W '.aw.w' , ,, .4 - ,W N, , ,,.s: M my ifgrffsi-If-1 5921 1 - Try 1 Q.: V ..,-p iaf . .rf - . mtg... ' - as Q' Wir! 4 0 ,ni-,l. 'W ::,s"Yg'ipE T 1 .5 51. Llivef E "f WEE" .,3::1f?3b ' 4 1 1 -, .-'xxxm-' I , ' f iii gan., 14: . Ly 5 - 'wi -F4 a NN., E,-.M-. . pw , 2 ...gzsff . W gif, 4 W5 1? iii' if'5,f',fH1L3E . qrix' ff .5,tifg3,1,3-,1g:fw- 'dai ,' ? , E Lijilffmii , - ,j'5fX?gi?4:,, ' 3333 f 1 gif? . f , W , 3 lv? .T ' .+G-X1 1. ... 4. , , 115597 ,Q , X if 33, ' W my 3 Y 1 i,?Q2Qial2f1fQfQ:z"'1-My zz,-A.. Wg., V3 - .pw 'H sn , Q '?.5f ,Q .AP Q .,.. .. , .twin ,. , ,, y 1.631 tug up. .631- Q9 Em. U x mu.. , x S1 v! ' Q ' 3 ,B ,Qbf Q X X I , 3 S in -I FM 'fum 24-ga.. fm if V fffsri.. 'VPSK ' ,J z,y5.3,m3m T- 4- ., 1g'VEq,,?khL1'.f 15 W' 'MW . gf. A I i v,,,,f,., H' 2. , f':jE..f f l . Q , "-wifi? ,J Wa. - ,f:E::..g em, . Q. : Mx- 2 ' ,. ,MQ , 11.3, Q Z v 5 : ' 1 .L k f :S':5,- , A amz. W 'D 2 8 N 52ff:9.l,: X . x ., 9- 1' K 0-ver. , 1 :-Q'sg5.ifE:s'W 5? kg!- Qf 6 ?1Q"4s,5?.' L !Li',?2'Gv ..,?.1.a" ' '23 'U ., .. .. 1 , 53.1 5 L1-fl la right: .luruh Nvin, Sylvia Chris- lnplwr, Janncs Dau-idsnn, As nur school population increases. so Q iff- 2,55 O ' ef' i'l3xf'J2,' 9 4'-19 fb-. iff- Suu Mcwhinnin increases our vnursv offerings. lluring V163-6l4 students could complete four years of Spanish nnrl Latin. three years of French, and two years nt Cernmn. Aflclitinnal years of hc offvrcrl in the future. since we now have t German will wo first year classes. The instructional stuff was inrrczxsetl also: the lanfruwffc laboratory was fully st-hcrlulerl. The instructors D tb looked forwarrl to the possihility of expanded fr-rings for students as interest in languages in language of- CIACHSCS. Margaret Shidlcr, Clminnnn Foreign Language Offerings Increase to Meet the Demands of Modern Communication Lelt lo right: Kenneth Jay, Ronnxine Kucthc, Ray Stebbins. Allmrt Garvin Esther Crantpton Slnnding: Ari Hill, John Bidwell, Dean Weber, Cecil Smith, Mary Sacrison. Smnding: Donald Weishaar, Clare Wagner, Charlotte Gilbert, Clifford -Brown. Math Department 10 fulltime math teachers 1363 pupils enrolled in college prep. math courses 4896 pupils in H.S. in a college prep. math classes 3017 of seniors in college prep. math course 48711 of juniors in college prep. math course 77'Z: -of sophomores in college prep. math course Iva Smiqh, Chairman New Symbols Now Being Used 2+ 35 :IOS fe! 'laficl 25+ss :Hs Aus QQ - .:l3,o AUB GD i prolate ellipsoid oblate ellipsoid 2 Frances Fred Mouser and .lohn Welsh. For two memorable reasons, members of the English Department- students and instructors alike-will not soon forget November 21 and 22, 1963. On the 21 methods and philosophy of the Dept. were surveyed by Mr. Thomson and Mr. Applehee of the Project Staff, National Study of High School English Programs. Casper's was one of the 110 such departments visited in the United States-the only one in Wyoming. At noon on the 22nd news came with a throbbing beat of the assassination of the President in Dallas. During the remainder of the afternoon, teach- ers, boys and girls, and visitors went numbly through the routines of the school. Naturally, Casper was proud that it was part of the national survey, but it was sad that international sorrow should have made the 22nd live forever in our memories. During the Thanksgiving holi- day Miss Hill attended in San Francisco the convention of the NCTE, where she learned that for the third year in four a student of NCHS-Bill Worrall-had won the award for the outstanding jun- ior English student in the state. In January Miss Neise Rod- rigues of Brazil, member of an in- ternational group of teachers, vis- ited our school system. One of our F. Feris, Chairman Left to right: Kathleen Henry and Gwendolyn Hill flflepartment Assistantl. QW? BMJ 0 -t,.,v'L7'7,yt Bill Anderson and Lynn Simons. Lcsa Waslienielder, Virginia Christian, Linda Butler. lay readers, lean Davis, entertained Neise during her visit. The usual essays: "Putting Christ into Christmas" for the Kiwanis Cluhg "Challenge to Citi- zenship" for the Veterans of Foreign Warsg uAmerica-an Op- portunity for Friendship" for the Ladies Aiuiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Warsf' and "Hiring the Handicapped" for the State Dept. of Ed. were written, checked, sifted, and presented. Course offerings were in- creased to include General Eng. 12. A survey showed 480 seniors out of a class of 560 enrolled in senior classes: Advanced Composition and Comparative Lit., Senior Eng. and Modern Lit.g Gen. English 123 Honors 11 and 125 Speech, Jour- nalismg and Dramatics. Ann Wade, Toni Weidner, Jeanne Lambert. ' "" All? English Department Surveyed by National Council of Teachers of English, November 2I and 22 TOP, BELOW: Anne Blower, .lo Pierce, Lynn Woodson, Edith Blondin BOTTOM, BELOW: Ruth Jones, Arlene Larson, Catllerinc Byram Bernard Conolly, Hazel Deffeyep. Lefl lv right: George Trimble lAnJg Ruth Hagen Wocal Musicl. Fine Ants Strikes a Note of Beauty and Harmony Left to right: Rex Eggleston torches- lralg Caryl Alexander fBandJ: Blaine Coulbaugh lbnnd director and super- visor of instrumental music in the Cas- per sehuol systemi. Someone around the school remarked that it was a shame that it took the assassination of a President to upgrade music on TV at least for three days. The harmony coming from vocal groups in room 300, and from the band room where met the orchestra and band gave promise that our graduates would seek better music from radio and TV. Progress is the theme of the music of modern times. Newer contemporary lyrics, however, occupy more space in the songs performed in our school groups. Abstraction is one of the newer phases of modern art. Imagination is a permanent picture of composition and a symbol of advancement. With so much thought being put into their work, art students of Natrona County High School will bring pleasure to themselves and more honors to the school. Grace Jacobson, Supervisor of vocal music in Casper schools. Physical Fitness for Boys and Girls In the spring of 1963, it looked ns if ROTC, after fifty years as a part of the schedule of NCHS, might dis- appcnrg but the Defense Department in line with Presi- dent Kcnnedy's emphasis on physical fitness saved for our boys discipline. courtesy. and the spit and polish of military training. Physical education fnr all boys rind girls has always been a part of Casper High's philosophy: but to ndd a little "toughness" to the program, swimming, gymnastics, rollc-yhnll. hockey, and tumbling became practical frills. Capt. C. W. Mnrkl, ROTC Wi MARKL Cx-etired December 15: Jerry Houston, Sgt. t -J 2:21 1 ,153 N 4-tif 1 , ,, ,. M' P' . fini., Z' B digg. .- 1 Vita. E lt, if . saw, if ' ff 1 f F" 'Mis , W Ufiwg B WtMf"?:'g'i!is Judith Meyers, girls' physical education: Earl Ra physical man, ph nnstics. y, lifesaving, swimming, and boys education: Hurry Celdien, chair ysicnl education, football nnd gym- Left to right: Earl D. Edman, SFCg Norman C. Jones, SfSgt.g Edmund G. Thompson, SFC James Messimer, Chairman Practical Arts Practical Arts has a wide coverage: drafting. agricul- ture, drivers' training, auto mechanics, machine shop, mechanical drawing, welding, electricity, wood work, and distributive education. This is the department which puts the fellows directly into jobs, or send them on to more educa- tion with nn excellent background. With Wyoming shooting to an all-time record in highway accidents, the work of Mr. Tobin and Mr. Estes cannot he overemphasized. To the lell: Grant Boyles, Distributive Education. BELOW, Left to right: Standing: Anlrcr Larsen, Jack Longnccker, James Valencia, Bill Tobin Seated: George Scullen, Giblerl Blondin. Left lo right: Carl Class, Ronald Estes, Dwight Sechrist, Howard Downer. Into every girl's hope chest should go notes about many ways to make a home run smoothly, for the way to a man's heart is beauty and de- votion. The method to keep him that way is to remain beautiful and to feed him deliciously. If a girl pays attention and makes jottings in her mind or in her recipe box, she gains much from classes in family living, home management, foods, clothing, and home nursing. Perhaps the girl who led the way to happy home making in 1964 was Kay Williams. the winner of the Betty Crocker contest. Bunny Hall. Jeanette Nemer S I Arnold Qclnefrr tem Education There were many happier people around Natrona County High School in 1963-61 because a class in how to do practical jobs was added to the curriculum, The class was Special Education, and the man who made kids happy was Arnold Schicferstein. lone Gibbs, Chair- Guidance Guidance office provides a number of services for the students of the school. The first is educational placement. A counselor works with each student to help him find courses that will best prepare him for college or for a vocation. Information to meet vocational, educational, and social needs is available. Of particular importance is the time spent in providing assistance in the choice of colleges and other schools, as well as help with entrance examina- tions, scholarships, and all problems of further education. Vocational information is available for all students. Counselors have charge of the testing program. This service in- cludes nalional testing programs as well as those administered to students in certain grades. Special tests are given to individuals as the need arises. man, Guidance De- parlment. Personal counseling with individual students and group guidance for small groups provide special help where it is needed. The function of guidance is to assist a student in every possible way for his high school and future life. W., To the right: Mark Hoesen, Carol Rog- ers. 36 Tn lhe right: Arden Wolf- gang, Mary Ann Drew. Research Pleasure Health Discipline Mary Dille, Assislan! Librarian New shelves for the encyclopedias and modern shelf supports for the ones that had held thousands of hooks for the past thirty- eight years hrought the library equipment up-to-date this'year. Gradually the collection is building to 13,000 volumes. Research students made much use of the magazine holdings of 130 titles. In a year's tilne nhont 69,000 people use the library-some for information. some for browsing or leisure reading. This past year time open was extended lo nine hours a day to allow all students and faculty to enjoy use of the library. An average af one hundred and fifteen students visited the nurse's oiiice daily. Some were given care and sent hack to class while others were sent home. A junior or senior girl worked in the ofliee every period of the day. Health appraisals were done on all juniors and new students. Hear- ing tests were given to any student about whom tilCl"C WHS COYICBTII. 4 '. "2 0 .N K l Nurses: Myrtle McCallum, head nurseg Mrs. Weber. 'ry L L. I . 34 Rose Mary Malone, Head Librarian Larry Adams, Control Ojlircr P Diemer True, Student Body Presi- dent ual- 0 ,tix 1963-61 AGENDA OF STUDENT COUNCIL I. Homecoming: dance after game: coronation of Queen: tradi- tional parade: bonfire ll. Student Council Convention-Sth Annual Conference: hosted 300 delegates: planned 35 discussion groups: arranged for han- quet and dance: secured speaker, Earl Reum, Head of National Leadership Camp at Camp Cheley, Colorado: rejoiced in the election of Frank Allen as new state president Ill. School Elections revision: selection of class ofticers-sopho- mores in fall: juniors and seniors in spring: student body ofl ficers chosen in spring after campaign: student senate to elect student court judges IV. Student Council Exchange trip V. Setup for annual budget VI. Student Council Convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan-Diemer True, Natrona County High School delegate Student Council Sitting: John Dean, Sopho- more president: Kay Brynns, Jr., representative: Linda Stevenson, Jr., representative. Standing: Judd Roberts, Soph- omore vice-prcsident: Bob Minick, senior representative: Terry Boyles, ,lunior repre- sentative: Frank Allen, .lun- ior president. Susie Nielhnmmer, girls' vice-presidentg Karen Ashcroft student body treasurer Brmn Barhaugh boys' vice-prcsidentg Sherry Martinson, student body ccretary Donna Wnlluny representative Judges of Student Court Handed Out Dangerous Demerlts Forewarnmg Foreclosurers, and Wlshful Warmngs Student court tried hard to make a go of discipline through student action. The old saw, however, held true that a governing body must have the people hehind it, if it is to succeed. Judges during the year learned to go slow on STUDENT COURT-Sitting: Mncmanus, VnnDeventer Stephen Curruh Kurtz Smndmg Landers Fans, Radden lSponsor7 Ray, Williams, Penny, Ashcraft Al Ihr- suue mveling, Divmvr True hns just inlrnd uc-url nhl- key-now spvnkr-r. TI:-use Klccncx boxes sonic in handy even at thc rcgislnuinn lublz 40 This pnst year the student councils of the stale have been convention conscious. To the left is n group just back from a summer meeting at Trail Lake. ln the hackground are Karen Ashcralt, Dick Phillips, Susan Stun, Frank Allen, Larry Broulette. In the foreground Diemer True chats with Mike Munn of Torrington. Y b ' 'gt I, 'ef 1 2 gf A' rf? ,if,'Sfi5g X 4 ,f ?gg, 'A . W .-11 .WF ., -u 'A , . wi . ,, I, p4.k""""". ., I W-FENW-W T sf. imi- X Q60 Jim Riddle, Bruce Cox, phomgraphers. Ron Oler, pholagmpher. .-X , . Slmron 0'Heurn, Business fllnrmgerg Kathy Calvert. adx. 4.,.....-...,...,,.,-W Sandy Wilnkens, facnlly cdilarg Pnnl Cocdicke, plmlographer. , I .,.l.... Janie Flack, rlassesg Dyann Van Devcnlrr, clubsg Dinah Hun-ell classes. Annual Staff Pictu res .x..L.... ee "mf Q A Q ngiifm Q5 ip, N i i-.. Miss Hill-layout and photography Miss Feris-blzsirxvss and copy Sharon Longpre, Edilor COPY and Headlines Make the Mustang Awards made lo Wyoming High School Yearbooks During the 16!l1 Annual Journalism Weekend on University of Wyoming Campus. Division 1. Row 1, left to right: Sharon Longpre, Casperg Colleen Murphy, Douglas: Jeannie Lanaliasler, Rock Springs. Second row, Ielt lo right: Vivian Peters, Green River, Joyce Perkins, Themiopolisg Judy Miller, Laramieg Nancy Wollley, Sta: Valley High, Afton. 43 2 u ax. 1 n 1 M ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -' if-',f"ff1ffQ"f":'1:7',ff'1 f 1 8 z Y 1, 1 . ...,. . 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 X 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 K X 1. 11 a 1 1 .. :rv . lf- :X-wrf:w.': , . ,111 . 1 2 1 X113 1-21111-:K ' "1 1.11, . ' Q ' ' ' 1 .1 1 mi -,, ' . . 1 . 1 51:11-1111111111111-M.:-11-1 Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 T 3- wie'11H1ie1.i'1da516ii11fA11li4f3sfi:?1s3ssi13?i3fi11i? P5'f'iS?'Ebe"5?5Eld?f!iLf5ifiF35!f'2i15Z5i?i?fgIi5!5Zf3?f Wisefiofiks11zhehZ1lbQ2'PQ?1e?1f31fff:izh::z!ie3Es eKGi'611wiP'1?fE-iii-ifi 3134?fff?1'i5if!'?Qf'?'1iiP89ilL glofidws-xihrbi111h1w5ufe1.Hsifih11he:11-1ie1isIp:' SUP? 0f1ii1afl5'J1if1f53'l1i i1l'l1QI5IQ'If iff'-QQliQ"2f1f3f 1 1 1 1 1' Z" 12 TFL X' 1 'li 1 1 1 1 ,i.11 11.31.11 11.11 a..1..... 44 1 1 1 1 The Notes SOPHOMORE OFFICERS: Jud Roberts, vice-prcsidcntg Janice Buck, reprcscntalivcg Karen Luond, secrelnryg Johnny Dean, president, Uiiissing from picture, Christi Sneeslsy, irensnrcrl. With Minds Open for Ideas and With Little Black Books at the Ready Sophomores Jotted Down Guide Notes for Life to Come Follies, National Exams, and Proms V 'Q We "- Q 1 VY' ' ,W fgf' . 1 UN . lp' me ' my xg Wi: 'F' if . K I Y 31 - X, Til? A ' v-Q' W' 455 Q, . W 2' .MV U g, xp! gg 'W 4' ya Q: b IV , ug vu. ,m A .YS -Y' rf-95 , fl ,,, 2115" ' JY 33 QB' A u. in my 4 , , , 1 rx' 553' - y 'M T fi, , 3 .' T541- :ik Z "- 2 X' A ar LE, Q7 QQ, X 1? ' V xp, u 'WLT' my Wig? -123' gg . , W' , .W .W .rd 3 Wsij A tg? fgifyw Q 'Wi' .fb Q51 9-is 1 ' lay? prix. . 1 . . w . gi 1: i TF i . I ' Y nl sie -5,5 5: ff - .N Y wi , - M, Q .Mn YV TOP-PICTURE, Bottom row: Burge, Judy: Berg, Barbara: Bohren, Teresa: Baxter, Sue: Brehlu, Ann: Babcock, Donna: Burdick, Bonnie: Bellamy, Ella Jean. Ron' 2: Arellano, Christine: Arnwine, Mary Sue: Burleigh, Christene: Baker, Darlene Armstrong, Nicky: Anderson, Joanie: Ahern, Maureen: Buck, Janice. Row 3: Arms, Linda: Beckstrom, Marsha: Blevins, Diane: Altng, Rita: Berg, Marsha: Bucher, Kay: Bishop, Pam: Beasley, Larae. Raw 4: Brainard, Sue: Bundy, Sue: Bayless, Kim: Burkhart, Cathy: Bigge, Scnltie: Brewer, Cheryl: Broadbent, Margaret: Builey,Sherry. Top raw: Buchen, Mary: Burrows, Carolyn: Britten, Ginger: Bunning, Thea: Block, Cindy: Buchanan, Anita: Burns, Sue: Burnell, Jane. In Biology Sophomores Seized the Principles of Surgery by Severing Slim Angleworms LOWER PICTURE, Bollum raw: Cowan, Patricia: Calvin, Linda: Clark, Susan: Bush, Mary Sue: Carman, Karen: Cute, Corinne Carter, DeeDee: Cardwell, Janice. Row 2: Combs, Peggy: Carpenter, Becky: Carson, Judy: Clierrett, Twila: Courlright, Barbara Brooks, Cathy: Arnold, Lissa: Baker, Sharon: Anderson, Linda: Carlen, Linda. Raw 4: Cox, Nancy: Cartmill, Betty: Crocker Dianne: Clark, Sandra: Carstens, Connie: Crow, Mary: Cole, Trudy: Carubie, ,ln Ellen. Top raw: Cruz, Cynthia: Cartwright Monica: Casey, Karlene: Clausen, Norma: Charbonneau, Michelle: Choyeski, Sandra: Carter, Donna: Conolly, Sheila. ,fg..xf',e:m,r:swrs.m M 1 4 Q H11:.,1vi.,,,.. 2 -1' K i A A :.,....mrr-:'.g. . 1 -i f y-.1 r'e.ww-5-.QM rr' Q -.wffff.v1.nar- --M... .. v 5 Cicutta, Linda: Cununings, Marilyn: Chaney, Paula: Cureton, Cathy. Raw 3: Bush, Peggy: Chinn, Maureen: Clem, Sharon, FrankIin's Frugality Found Favor With Suave Sophomores of Sixty-three Bollom row: Fiddcs, Tom, Flynn, John, Edelman, Bob: Enynrt, Richard, DcMars, Bruce, Dunwoody, Mike: Dunbar, Dean, Dalton Don, Row 2: Dermer, Bob, DeLong, Don: Drake, Terry, Elston, Tim: Elledge, Rong Del..auter, Steve: Dry, Randle, Brown, Jerry. Row 3: Cordova, Jim: Clayton, Mike, Culver, Howard, Collins, Rong Craig, Dell: Collins, Bernie: Davis, Rick, DcKlyen, Randy Row 4: Dodson, Tom, Day, Ed, Dix, David, Dean, John: Denton, Lloyd, Denton, Floyd, Endicott, Richard, Egolf, Dan Top raw: Endicott, Mike, Evans, Ken: Euston, John, Elmer, Mike, Ellis, Dang Busby, Dennis, Amburn, Terry: Dexncry, Ron. 49 C B'll Cromer Jack' Greenlee Robert' Giehm, TOP PICTURE, Bottom raw: Feurt, Larry: Goedicke, Paul: arncr, I 3 , , , , Noel: Grunewald, Louis: Grinslad, Mike. Row 2: Gillingham, Bruce: Gchrclt, David: Frost, Lynn: Fusselman, Fred: ' ' ' ' G d ' h Alan: Foster, Cody. Raw 3: Hallman, Larry: Green, Dennis: Fenton, George: Callas, Jerry, Gerlng, Dewarn, oo nc , Finlayson, Keith, Foote, David: Garrarcl, Paul: Ferguson, Dennis. Top row: Guile, Doug: Garland, Dane, Gunzenhauser, Jack: Crass, Curtis: Fcil, Jim: Gardner, Jack: Hinerman, Richard: Haines, Allan. Voting at the Polls for Class Officers Dlorn Rita Brickey Terric' Dixon LOWER PICTURE, Bottom row: DeLany, Linda: Edwards, Janet: e e . I . . l Judy: Dickerson, Linda: Emmack, Donna: Ellis, Cheryl. Row 2: Day, Jackie: Duke, Sheila: Emerson, ' h, S 5 Evan , Shirley' Estes Clmrla: Evans, Merilce. Row 3: Dillon, Tana: Ellington, Paula: Ellaworl usan s . ., Judy: Dyer, Carolyn: Dunmire, Jolene: Dubsky, .lanaeg Davenport, Linda: Dean, Kim, Dewitt, Kathy Darnell, Vicki. Row 4: Erlilz, Susan: Elrod, Vanda: Emplield, Martha: Fugh, Cathy: Fannon, Lynette, Franklin, Larnelh: Farnes, Bobbie: Ficken, Pat. Top row: Frankeloerger, Rulll: Fields, Sally: Faust, Susan: Flack, Georgia: Flavin, Connie: Francis, Leslie: Feu erhelm, Connie: Fagan, Josephine. wx fi? 5 Xa ix A .. , .f, v A , Ar ,, A q , X .4, XY? if ws 'E' E51 af 4. s V 1 Q' yr . ,. ,A ...fin Q. x' Q. A' Y f I fp MW fw ff? gr-u .Qi-M... 5.4 " .sn ' 'f'T?'f 323 ,. 14- .,X. k m1xa1fjQ1?fd.. e' , , . .,. A . I 11 1 fv ' N, a N ' 'H' s' ff: .- L. f Im-i ' pf H ' ul 2 , H Q? , S Yi 'S "M imp IQQ, fi- R .2539 Q 1? . - gm is ng. .Wi ' .4- riff' 'FOI' I'lCTlTllE, Hnllwn row: lrrauivr, Lindam: Fxxrralr, Linda: l"vrranK0, Sauulru: Galley, Sue: Crzrcv, Linnla: Grill, lflunal: Gray, Judy: Ilan-is. Virginia. Rau' 2: Gulluphur, Mary: Gurus, Sharun: Hulsn-II, Sherry: Hcnry, Liudu: Hood, Carolyn: Hau- rvll. llvlzlmz llamuuunxl, Nuury: llehukv, hlnrwlylulg Fuslnnir-r, Peggy. Row 3: Franklin, Sonja: Fisllm-r, hlnry Ann: Ceillc. Sharron: Cilslrup. Uulv: Cz'l1rz'll.l'allg Cm-nlum. Kay: Cvlxriup, Susan: Cllslrup, Donna. Rau: -1: lluffnmn, Patty: Heilw. 1.5 Hansen, linda: Iluhulmh, Niki: Hzuupnum, Knruug Harris, Norma: Hixuz. Sandra: Hayguml.Nuruu1. Top row: Hulln. nur. Susan: llum-ll. Liunlu: llnnse, Susan: Hudsuu, Sharon: llurlung. Chun-: llulwr, Mary: Hulluck, Ann: Hudson, Xluuivn. Q Q o Casper Speech Festival Oriented Sophomore Speakers Il4YI"l'OXl l'lC'l'lJRl'f, Hullum mir: Kighl, Daniwl: Kern, lluxinl: Larsen. Clxurlvs: Lnllur, Fred: Larson, Larry! Larecn. liirkyz Luudimu-. Kent: Lungzn-, Tuul. lima 2: Larson, lirun-3 Iursuu, Kenneth: loam-, Juuwe: Lro. Kill!! 5lliIlS: Kud- livk. Jixu: Kurilirk, John: l.:1lluuu,.luhng Lopez. lhzvid. Run' JI: K1-gl--y, Rub: Kraus. Rh-hp Kclly. Juhn: llaurlixur, Carl: Km-tvhuxu. .luhuz Kvrus, .lima Krulmly, Su-rv: Kuslcrd, Dirk, Top ww: K1-rus, Juhn: Kulkulcn. Ray: Knism-ly. .luyz Kruse. Xlurk: l.4-4-, lluyg I.uwv, Paul: I,ovr-Izu-u, .luvkg Lorilurr, Larry. TGI' PICTIJRE, Bullum raw: Kuhn, Sliarnng Kingsolver. Christine, Kuprunis. Angziv: Julilrsorr, Kathy: lnlinsnn, Jann Ingram. Linda: Jackson, Cunnicg Kirkpatrick, Sliurnn, Raw 2: Heide, Phyllis: Hooker, Slxvryl: Kroll, Judy: Jones, Cullry juhnsun, Danna: Kr-I-Ir-, Nuuvy: Jones, Sharon: jones, Vickie-. Raw 3: Hunt, Dvlxlvicg Herdt, .Ivum-ilu: Iluson, Marsha Hill, Ronda: Ilolrli-r, Linda: I-Izirluw, Gail: Ili-hr. Linda: Hourt, Judy. Top rnw: Irliine, Edna: Irving, Su-plrnnie: .Iny Sumlru: Jenkins. Liz: Krurwrilwr-rgr-r. .Iill: Kvnnvll, Kullilm-ng Kunckvl, juni-I: Knnnluvl, Ilunnu, To the Terrors and Thrills of Competition . . . BOTTOXI I'IlI'I'IlRE, Hnllum row: I.ylIe, Sleveg Muynilmn, Bill: Mead, Willunl: Murphy, Pllillipg Mervdilll, Xlikvg Moore, Put: MVKQ-cvL'r, Pole: Iilusnu, Rirlianl. Row 2: Marlin, Andy, Marlrurgur, Tum, McGinnis, Miko: McAtL'cr, I'ul2 Xlurgareislgv, Dun: Murphy, David: INIvMurruy, Marvin: Xlaulrinl, Mutt. Run' 3: Miller. .limp Marslmll. .lulini Mor-IS, Kung Murlin, Kim: Marrlinsun, Ihm-li, Mecliaxu, Dun, Moon-, Dunnyg Mathis. Juscpli. Rom 4: Meevv, KUNG MFLGHNHH. Ken, Mm-Kay, Muck: NIv'I'urnan, Bill: Marllrvnuld, Doug: Ilia-lluiiim-l, Curyg Muck, ,Inca Top mw: Morris, Stephen: Murphy, Dany-Ie: Murphy, Lynn: McClr-w, Duvid: MucDonuld,Glvng Mnj0r,Julin: I.uccy,Jiu-lc. l sa :X Kb.. 5 ,- , -M- IA , no xx I, FE. r. We K y Vp 22 i' JI Y :A fz QI, Ti ax il Q if 5 I C 1 5 .X , 'YW K I ' , . Z ,Q .6 W N, ,Q V. '- ' ill? Yr' 1 ,ax f .. fiifevfib ievw . 3'l'Ul5"t 51:36-ri X Q 'Qgw 2' iff ,.,' .X .1 1 Q "ri,Ll ' f" p p , Xa W n' ,.,w:,g' 1-Q' Q , mf les JCEIE' F w U Q W g Q 'J U F Ez.: F. .EX y-5 Y ' xv 551 'EJ Wi!! .ef W . y Y, ' . P " T? W B f is ff 'G ' 1 1 E 5 - rw E5 we -5? 35 ll? I .f TOP PICTURE, Hallam row: McCrary, Margie: Mclierrnl, Holly: Moll, Pal: hlanshridge. Cheryl: Moore, Linda: Murray, Kay: Blutehler, Barbara: Sliddaugh, Linda, Row 2: Griffin, Kathy: Mr-Dowell, Barrie: Migrniti, Tana: MsDowvll, Barbara: Manly, Susan: McFarland, Linda: Miller, Cheryl: Monroe, Linda: Mecham, Kathy. Rnw 3: Lau, Florence: Merritt, Tina: Morgcnsen Marian: McDonald, June: Mason, Cherie: Meyer, Mury: Mayer, Kathleen: Mulson, Roberta: Matzke, Paula, Row 4: Mc- Reynnlds, Rae Marie: Illinchow, Christie: Merrill, Sharon: Chrisler, Dinah: Moore, Linda: McCormick, Kathy: McCurdy, Janet: Losuncr, Sandy. Tap row: Nelson, Cathy: Nelson, Jmkuneg Newman, Arlene: Neubauer, Teresa: Nollene, Elizabeth Ann: Nuzuni, .ln-ang Nielsen, Linda. Traffic Patterns With Their Ups and Downs Soon LOWER PICTURE, Botlom ron-: Rush, Larry: Rosenhurger, John: Svrirczynski, Paul: Slillhm, Larry: Spraker, Terry: Smith, Steve: Strzesak, Charles: Rundberz, Bruce. Raw 2: Simpson, Craig: Sec, Bob: Stevens, Dennis: Rnclriclz, Vic: Snyder, Slang Slyier, llub: Spicer, Jerry: Stillwell, Mack. Row 3: Powell, Tim: Roberts, Phillip: Ruslrin, Terry: Reimer, Phil: Rhondes, lim: Ziegelnmn, Merle: Rodriek, Rad, Top row: Reberg, Charles: Reid, Dave: Palmer, Paul: Ruberlsnn, .liru: Robinson, Lee: Sell, Danny: Roberts, Judd, 3 ,v ti - ,f ff- .W,,., . .V ,Af-I? Q 1423-1 ,icy Ml,,:,.Y . W ,yi . -ffT,,, - v7,,- r - . ,- fy, ,-9, , . .- 3 x .4 , 1 ' 1 A va?-'5""I - - . - a ... 3. M if ' -JF a " , . , , X U , , fur- - - .. , ' W W: , . " - ""'4':'Y' "w'.0vQ..-:gg-5 ' 4 asf.. 1, P-. ---f '-. A :Mah fd Carl Tulnblyn and Melvin Mcln- tosh are in special education. These classes are designed to motivate Ihc student, discuss his felt needs, und give him academics that he will find useful at present und in his adult life. Sophomores Llve for the Future! LOWER PICTURE, Bottom row: Reikoiski, Cathy, Roberts, Claudia: Roybal, Priscillug Richards, Ann: Ryun, Lee Anng Riley Lctririag Price, Margaretg Rogers, Karen. Row 2: Rush, Sharon: Rogers, Sandy, Peralcs, Kathy: Rushin, Vicki, Philunxalee: Gcorgictg Randall, Audra, Roybal, Teresag Rissler, Linda. Raw 3: Puckett, Sharong Penney, Pnmg Peterson, Linda, Pennington Shirley: Paisley, Kimg Ramsey, Carolg Rogers, Nancy, Riepe, Nunitu. Raw 4: Reeves, Judie, Robbins, Anneg Romans, Lynda: Ray, .lerilyng Ray, Shadrap Reed, Vicki, Runnion, Dorothy. Top row: Ridley, Rita, Rcynoles, Wnndnq Rosenswoig, Debbieg Rnnv, Linda. ,fn-'arTYf:Q'iTf"MQ N N f7vF'l'f'GQ?'l"V f '- -- 4 I , W W..,,.W , ,., . .. 'V"'E?fv- ' W f :'e5'2.'xe'f : JEL: MW -wuz V 'Q .,,?'3a.f. img. f:.fw?'- xr- Rm 5511" ...f .W-:Jas-'l.? . f,..,g,. ....f, .qemv , .52 55,4 6 Mx, - gy., If Yeo, .4 Mt x Q, sq , mai, , , ,. Q. . l., 8 1 .. 1. -t 3 ,w,. . ,MA . ,WV Q, .. af,-4 W 1 . ,, , ti, 1,1 ,pg!1g:5,.Qv.. , pb? qi ,. sid, , , A 2 ip' K: , . e' 'f 5-"A ,S , Q, K 6' ei, ', A, , . A ft? . A in Q, tv , iff .Etsy X div. Q E22 Q ,S , , 22 gifs . , QW? , L. Q V .ia , Aw' -Wk -vi, Y . fm fl ,Q iii' 'asf fig . Q31 v ' 3 ,gf VF .. ' ' A , 1351- wg .31 F , Q H' f vig: qwxfizg 'Q if ' g' '7 'J - J W 'W' i-gif 7 .V .. x Q rw, , -f' A M . A. .QW . . If . Q4 fy 3 1'-P9 if w nn, u If ,. -rx -,www P Q y ,X V Q-vg'K,1.!: rv. as :-1 'F' 7 H6 Hi? fn , 5152 ps Z' Q 'f' .Ur ,. ' ,K 'A wc ygfv ' Q1 QV. " ''g5 ,Q H us, I ,jggg .' - 4--A .Y 1 -. , 1.. ' . , X 4 . X :- :: 0 SI! 1 1 . . F, 1: , .EV 4 ,, , .,.,.. vi,- , Al :pl 'l'0l' PICTURE. llullom mu: Wliislon. John: Wood, Randy: While. Tom: Shulu, Jerry: Yoluw, Lyn: Wnlson, Rnlwrl: Vnuglin. llolnp Trullingvr, Ilnl. Rau' 2: Wnslienlclflvr. Dnviilg Yolin, Rnlu-rl: Ymllmis. Gary: Winlxurn. llliillipg Wliilv, Kenneth: V:lnSickls-. llill: Williams. Jim: Taylor, Cc-orgv A. Run' R: Walk:-r, David: Tlunnpson, ,lnnn-s: Topp, Jvnyg Taylor, Elnwrg Taylor. Duc: Tlunnpson, Clark: Turnvr, Rnlmn: Ullcnlmn-, Tvrry. Row 4: Whilukvr, Ray: Wilking. Riclmrcl: Wilson, Jim: Wilson, William: Wilson, Larry: Wing, Robin: Wilson, Miki-. Tap raw: Ward, Moran-: Wold, IH-lcrg Wirlli, llolmg Worlliinglon, 1e'rry:iVing.I.uny5 Wviscr, Jim: Wi-sl, Toni: Wlllslur, Chuck. II Work and No Play Make Sophomores Dull Boys and Girls I'nu'vr ol rvvcrsc suggeslion-soplmmorrs wvrc told In study. 60 Ou llwir lmnor llwsu: snplmmorvs wvrc told to study!!! 'i Q7 'Ji . 1 .1 TOP PICTURE, Ballon: row: Tani, Geraldine: Trclbar, Sandra: Van Buskirk, Linda: Tuman, Sandie: Slmcrnakcr, Irene: Van March Susan: Tomlinson, Bonnie: Siscu, Carol. Row 2: Thompson, .Im-anine: Tuckur, Doris: Trujillo, Yvonne: Triplctl, Cheerful: Vunllorn New-rly: Wilmot. Cvnila: O'liricn, Murrina Wilson, Penny. Row 3: Ulzingcr, Kathy: Taylor, Tlicresa: Thompson, jean: Tonian, Marlene Trcnam, Nancy: Thorpe, Janice: Taylor, Sue: Tulhol, Jane: Davis, Sharon. Top row: Vnnalstine, Kathie: Valcnlinc, Susan: Voting' Julie Sluvall, Carol: Waslwnfvldcr, Georgia: Wolfe, Paula: Wolfe, Palsy. Wiggam, Linda: Young, Inga: Wilkinson, Vickie: Ynung, Susan. Sophomores Begin With a Clean Slate bl f LOWER PICTURE, Bottom rou': Waters, Maryann: Warner, Sherri: Waldram, Susan: Waldron, Trudy: Wood, Beverly: Walters, Shari: Winrvs, DL-anna: Zittcrkopf, Nancy. Rau' 2: Williams, Vivian: Whitehead, Mary: Williams, Valerie: Whclhaln, Leslie: Walker, Karen: Wells, Mary: Wilcox, Sharon: Wirlaln, Lois: Topc, Carol. Tap raw: Wills, Nancy: Wiggins, Dena: Williams, Susan: Wingcrlcr, Bonnie: Sophomores Were Records in Grades, and in Cheering. Scnlml: Stone, Paula: Thompson, Judy, Standing: Houghmn, Curolg Rm-s, Mary, Curlsun, Carol: Barrick, Martha. LOWER PICTURE, Roilnm row: Franks, Kong Hunter, Harold: Hall, Jmnc-sg Barluw, Tomy Baum, Pelvg Olson, Robert: Cnrlvr, Mark: Cnrdm-nas, Leroy. Rom 2: Dunn, Tum: Bowker, Alun: llyn, Rodney, Eurshuw, Lawrence: Freeman, Paula: Hofi- rnnn, Guy: My-r-r, Bill, Philxbs. Hugh. Top raw: Kunckel, .limg Johnson, .limg Kearns, Mik:-9 Kusm-hone, Raymond, Mnyhur. Cillu-rl: Odcn, John, Kelly, Davti Okcs, Eugene. TOP PICTURE, Hallam raw: Schroeder, Nicholas: Wingerl, Ron: While, Verng Ziegler, Clmrh-sg White, Kirk, .Wcnd1ing, Robert: Slvegcr, Dave: 'fur-y, Riclmrd. Row 2: Eye, ,lcrryg Padilla, Willie: DeLornn-, Wayne, Tnduwnld, liruceg Smilh, .Tlnlg While, Marlin, Cox, Alan, Dunn, Tom, Reeder, Dale: Wood, Ron. Top row: Rubey, Bob, Richardson, Sicvcg While, Eric, Tuvkvr, llnlxg Pcrnlcs, Ken, Wcinich, Dave, Sallz, Miko. Proud of Their Speech, Sports for Their Teams C. MIDDLE PICTURE: Rust, Rong DePaul, Bill. . L S , , c , L , Peterson, Cary. Top row. McKinnyg Jancll, Charles: TOT' PICTURE, Boilam raw 9-e c Jnlm' Mill r Bah McClellan, Jack. Slmrnn Kuhn, "What was llxc nnmc ol that cnptnin that lost his leg lo Moby Dick?" Juniors Are Kept Busy Checking the Schedule of Their Activitiesz Follies, Tests, and Prom. JUNIOR OFFICERS-Left lo right: Terry Boyles, vice-prcsidenlg Linda Stevenson, representative: Pam Terrell, ireasurerg Donna Kirby, secreiaryg Kay Bryuns, representaiiveg and Frank Allen, P 'd resl em. TOP PICTURE, Bullom row: Allen, Bonnie: Anderson, Karen: Aeschliman, Carole: Burnham, Ellen: Bush, Karen: Broadbent, Mary: Bolton, Bnnnie: Binks, Jeralyn. Raw 2: Alvarado, Connie: Anderson, Shirley: Ames, Sandy: Anderson, Nancy: Allen, Janice: Albancsc, Arlene: Ashland, Carole: Bryant, Judy. Raw 3: Allison, Bonnie: Adams, Barbara: Arnold, Joyce: -Arniold, Paula: Anderson, Marian: Banks, Cathy: Aggers, Barbara: Breikjern, Sylvia. Row 4: Black, Jana: Bemis, Nancy: Brynns, Kaye: Blom, Marian: Becker, Jackie: Baker, Barbara: Bridger, Mary Lou: Bogart, Carol, Top raw: Boltz, Leslie: Brayton, Pat: Bailey, Pat: Briggs, Linda: Beattie, Dianne: Bain, Linda: Benesh, Racine. LOWER PICTURE, Bottom low: Allen, Gary: Beasley, Jerry: Buchhalz, Phil: Berry, Lon: Berry, Ron: Beattie, Gary: Barnes, Terry: Alloway, Rodney: Alcman, Ernest: Bogart, Allen. Raw 2: Ableidinger, Bob: Allen, Frank: Altos, Bob: Adams, Greg: Bunn, Larry: Bland, Lindy: Beasley, Marc: Booth, Jim. Row 3: Brown, Gary: Berry, Jack: Boylcs, Terry: Bailey, Bob: Belz, John: Arnwine, Richard: Blower, Richard: Bennett, Frank. Row 4: Atkins, Don: Blanford, Bob: Asbell, Mickey: Amadio, Dennis: Bernardis, John: Abbott, Randy: Ballmer, Mike, Tap row: Boone, Mel: Bennett, John: Baatmun, Bill: Ayres, Scott: Boyles, Bill: Brown, Richard: Ballnncs-, Robert. ...Q Q f. Follies Were a Year Round . . . TOP PICTURE, Bottom row: Crockett, Dianna: Corbett, Jo Ellen: Cruz, Sylvia: Coates, Kathleen: Dermer, Sally: Brusaw, Jane: Davis, Diana: Dewel, Faith. Row 2: Burridge, Melody: Evans, Hersha: Clark, Nancy: Costello, Letitiag Evans, Rita: Best, Acellia: Bailey, Nella: Bailey, Linda. Raw 3: Bruml mond, Kathy: Carter, Garnet: Crotteau, Sandy: Chaney, Judy: Carter, Martha: Cherryholmes, Jan: Carney, Cindy: Elliott, Betty Jo. Row 4: Campbell, Vicki: Carrier, Donna: Clark, Nancy: Clausen, Sandra: Dodge, Pam: Carr, Sandi: Cleveland, Rosemary. Top row: Cardenas, Rosie: Christopherson, Michele: Dirks, Shirley: Dunblazier, Karen, Elliott, Linda: Enyert, Susie. LOWER PICTURE, Bollnm row: Floyd, Ruth: Derby, Pat: Garrison, Anna: Delaaemelaere, Linda: Furlong, Terri: Gabel, Barbara: Gist, Judy: Gangl, Phyllis. Raw 2: Erickson, Kathy: Day, Nancy: Fuller, Deana: Frickcy, Lee: Fender, Diana: Gardiner, Ann: Grove, Karen: George, Janice, Row 3: Dye, Janice: Edwards, Dorothy: Gillespie, Marsha: Goodwin, Judy: Graves, Bonnie: Fons, Donna: Francis, Sheri: Fender, Maxine. Raw 4: Gronbcrg, Marva: Forbes, Shannon: Franks, Toni: Gullickson, Suzie: Forrest, Cindy: Emerson, Bar' bnra: Ehrlich, Elaine. Tap row: Fuller, Tcre: Griffith, Mary Lee: Henning, Diane: Haslcey, Linda. . 1 . . . Good Bad Time for Juniors TOP PICTURE, Bottom mw: Grantham, Tracy: Frnnklin, Bill: Derr, Jack: DeLangP, Paul: Fcvzer, Sgcve: Fisher. Jinx: l"iigli,,l31ili: l-luhhard, Ilnvr. Row 2: Cn-cnley, lining Dunwoody, Dennis: C-umprcclit, Jim: Coudnun, Turn: Gibson, Ken: DeLautcr, David: Herrick, Dm-nnis: Hodgins, Cary. Raw 3: Gradert, Clayton: Crist. Cary: llistud, Erin: Fuller, lion: Decker, Calvin: Foirlkes, Bob: Fitzgerald, Harry: Day, Don. Kon' 4: Canis, Lester: Fulton, John: Grny, John: Darling, Run: Gish, Dave: Fischer, Mickie: Cchrcti, Del: Evuns, Scott. Row 5: Carrvti, Karl: Hill, Doug: Hciigncy, Dennis: Hcdslrnni, Vernon: Hill, Jim: Holuh, Joe: Gardner, Terry: Everett, Rah. llcnjninin, Dun: Dani:-ls, John: Davis, Allen: Cunierun, Ralph: Cliilculr, Jim: Cnlenmn, Dale. Raw 3: Cnpshaw, Dave: Dymnnd Fvrry: Cmlxin, Rub: Clabuugli, Nlilw: Ellis, Daw: Colcinnn, Ray: Curr, Eddie: Chrisnnan, Eurl. Raw 4: Corrigan, Mnrvin: Engcr. Tum: Dorsril, Donn: Clnpp, Larry: Clupp, Mickey: Cnliranir, Jim: Curry, Mike: Coates, Pnrl: Burd, Dick: Blnniord Holi: Dr-wilt, Jinx: Dunn, Leo: Ciistleinnn, Wayne: Craig, Jiin: Avkr-rinan, Duane: Bays, Barry. Top row: Daniels, Charles: Dnnnhuc, lark: Dvorak, Pole: Duhh-r, Bob: Dewald, Ken: Diiwsnn, Curl: Cowell, Toni. Row I on 4-url: Ennis, Jim. BOTTOM PICTURE, lfollnm raw: Clxarlmnnr-nu, Ruger: Clarke, Jim: Chrislz-r, Larry: Carman, ,lam-kg Everett, Jim: Cole, Bill: Enders, l'nul: Denton, Rnhcrtg Davis, Ducky. Run- 2: Bnrinn, Alhert: Cook, Kim: Cllapnmn, Irvin: Cisneros, Bill: Cypert, llub: . . . . Junlors Use Brawn With Their Brains LOWER PICTURE, Hallam rmu: Haggard, Suvanneg Hudgcl, Mary Jo: Huffman, Jog House, Susanna: Harrison, Kenug Hergen rm-der, Cleighg Hill, Nancy: Hauss, Mary, Row 2: Hnugham, Linda, Hink, Puig House, Cynthia, Howie, Kathie, Henley, Boo: Hodgson, Mary ,lug Howard, Barbara: Hiatt, Sharon. Row 3: Gallegos, Marsha: Hagen, Marsha: Crinslead, Donnag Huifer lluulag Hack. June: Hill, Tcrryg Ha-ilxuchvr, Jan: Top row: Jacobs, Donna, Lnwhnln, Barbara: Jeep, Chris, Johnson, Nancy: lxnuns, Knndicg Kuknru, Kathy: Kuck, Joyce: Johnston, Barbara. LOWER PICTURE, Ballam row: Harhaugh, Rong Ide, Jack: Johnson, Mike: Jnckson, Ted: Hohnholl, Kim, Hershelnian, Bradg Jenkins, Gerald, Jensen, Jerry. Row 2: Harned, Lee: Harrison, Dong Hays, Rong Hollis, Walter, Henrich, Frank: Hampton Kent: Hicks, Javkg Hollinger, Glen: Herdt, Jim. Row 3: Heath, Walter, Huff, Jim, Hanna, Bnhg Jackson, John: Johnson: Ray: Huber, Bill, Hardy, Bruce: Heuschkel, Robert. Tap raw: Humphrey, Jack, D'Adnmo, Lou, Jackson, Mike: Jackson, T. Joe: Johnston, Gary, Hufsmith, John: Haas, Bob. TOP PICTURE, Ballon: row: Landers, Jimg Kropp, Richard, Lcfler, Randy, Lopez, Vincent, Loonrer, Rong Kimble, Larry: Jordan, Lee, Jackson, Jim, Lindsey, Bah. Row 2: Lujan, Leo: Kennedy, Colin: Jack, Jnhng Louk, Rod, Lopez, Dang Lunsford Steve, Kaiser, Larry: Kiser, Bruce, Kidd, Bob, Koenig, Robert. Row 3: McGee, Dan, Knocke, Keith, Jandreau, Guy: Klein Terry, Kirby, Tomy Korenke, Daveg Kuhn, Bill. Top raw: Mas-son, Larry: Earnshaw, Jim, Leslie, Jim: LaBergc, Jim: Lathrop: Kent, Laurence, Dang Lupton, Dong Milton, Art. x x X A ls , K ' W 'iiib 'If A 1 - an EX ' 5 - M4 ', X - -5 Q bil- 'Girl W. fi-, 4'-1 NW 1 f, 613181, ' Eff 15, H6335 1 fx-.435 fl! Ew L ' . 'f .tirivah X I ,M ,.v ah 3. :Hz Jmqunw gd Q-1 Q V, , A . kg 2,33 .A .-,545 Si-,ji Q ,, Ji W, I A 5 M --I f s, 14 J, , 'ia ,i 1, - YE K ' 8 -: ., A: 1 ,AS-a'i' KW L ,. fe K . "ills ' Wg NW. E53 56LL,3X9gaep,- ,' 1 A 3.55136 7, Jil, ,ik M, so , ,Ai , wg? if Q70 ' gg-45'-Q 1 ,,wrg?'k X,-. tags. Rf, 599 ,W Q- K 4 ,ww ,,-M, g. -lf A M. ,- 1 M,gQ,,s.r gmmg -,.,.1 bf .2 sfsfffzy L4 aw y, U, 1, Y- ' 2.13 I- , .-him. 3 . be 45.1. YEARS A T531 3.3 M ... Y.: V , K , .73 l.g X4 fe'-A kr we V - :fry 1" L 'Q 3 ' L X ' 'J , Q.. if Wx f 53,2 5? f Xia: f Q jk . N3 , L X . fr f . ., -' x. Q4 X " 'K .' x ' - ' W V fl Q .fy W? F21 . 0. ,. , .Sf V ' .If - H - 1 f ff lf , l fi ' T-25:3 - f sz W4 ' wk " -'f' . A ,J x Jae , , fiqiiqgsix, . Q M: 1. ' ."' .1 if YQ? ' fm ? .2153 :yew A X-wb 1. ' ,.: ...',ffsT x, 3 xf x' P A 'f '-H :K Q' "f21l1ll1lf""v' .4 Ik-' ' -s . gy , w MIN :fax 1 , :L f 3' 'NW afifw ix : - .9 1 'ze ' 1 4- , Q .. 3 Y 1 W . L 45 - X -A ' f ' vb -i?' 4 , W . .1 y X N :E,:1.fn. qfiqff. w I it ,aw ' , I .. -.ay - LA M1 I, , ' Q .41 If' N M 1, l , , ml 15? iv W s N. gi. Mg W' 4. M wigiy 2, ,ig wa, v gi. ' ' fq 'ai A' + 4 gn L 5:f'Zf"U - 5, iff" AW' ' 52 .- y - r ' , 1 A J K H . .sk : f . E' W . A-.M A- m, MQW 5- vig x , gg ', gf wi affi ,Y 1 ' Q ii' A - Q QL ' Wa' .J 1 If A A- X' . , W .. .. . . . .W .,, N, Q . 6 ,. ' , fzff A ' Wt-1353+ '- 'F 9 N v f N 525 ' X' 1' X ' w ' 'sp' X J x 3 ra ' 4 t N ', g H N3 3 ,S an , . 23.5 54 Q 2, jg. H .Q A f .hjl .-N ,. l "1 ',s ' ri' - P? ' , as . F K :bt gf 21-. :-fan. if-.Q in ., ' sl 5, .wig 2. - ' f 1 '- s 52 i fi Wig, 12' ' J '2-. s , 2-N -mf f , -"'1 ',. U 4 3 " . . wt 43,13 1 ..44?.i1, ' --,wi Y Q, z E. 1 Q ., ., Y .-5 - W . ,, m -- -- , vo w e .: w fv: szva. 'F W ' 41-' 'K ' "Ma Y Y "H V ik' sp i xx. Z? ,4 f 11 E'ii1 lllP!"f'Hiff 1 K I 11' ll' 2 A 2 7I 'Ali ' 'fi l ' x With PSAT Scores in Mind and Hand . . . P x , ., z, TOP PICTURE, Hallam row: Maxon, Sandy: Aloorxnan,.'Mary: Manley, Linda: Muller, Linda: Marty, Sybil: Maguire, Molly: Macy Nlanus, Christine: McCraugh, Gloria. Row 2: Murray, Rhonda: McMillan, Carolyn: Moore, Marcin: Martens, Pam: Marrill, Cheryl: McClcw, Sharon: Mackey, Ruth: Matzke, Pat. Row 3: Major, Jodie: Mass, Starla: Mohr, Chris: Moore-, Dorothy: Mason, Linda: Monro, Elizabeth: McNutt, Nancy: Murphy, Kitty. Row 4: Miller, Ann: Miles, Pam: Morris, Darla: Mudge, Jackie: McCunc, Patsy: Mnorv, Viola: Munro, Eva. Top row: Myers, Kathy: McCue, Ann: Mclntush, Judy: Millcr, Norma: McLaughlin, Linda: Mrlfarlanml, Sandi: Kirhy, Donna: Murphy, Kerry. . . . Juniors Leave the Guidance Office TOP PICTURE, Ballon: law: Nichols, Blenda: Noniman, Jackie: Noel, Judy: Ocsterle, Sue: Nelson, Alice: Nickerson, Carol Price, Pal: Osbnok, Ranne. Row 2: McClintock, Linda: Newman, Phyllis: Nunez, Virginia: Nichols, Barbara: Napper, Sharon Noah, Nancy: Nolan, Dorothy: Nutt, Yvonne. Rau' 3: Pcrea, Lydia: Olclhnni, Pam: Overhey, Pauline: Patlalochi, Judy: Perry Paula: Poe, Brenda, Pruitt, Bn-ndag Powers, Mir-ki. Top row: Olson, Sharline: ProPP, Linda: Preston, Rea: Powell, Linda Quclle, Edt-nag Ramsey, Elaine: Richards, Janice: Rnalx, Nanci, BOTTOM PICTURE, Bollam raw: Rose, Martha: Robinson, Jeanne: Sharp, Dollie: Santo, Linda: Stuekham, Pam: Rogers, Shar- ron: Smith, Deniceg Stasiak, Pain. Row 2: St. John, Norma: Stearns, Linda: Rodgers, Judith, Rhoudes, Nancy: Roussalis, Georgia, Rognstad, Anne: Rochelle, Rosemary: Scarhrough, Susan. Raw 3: Schott, Jane: Strand, Reba: Sandefer, Marilou: Stone- king, LaVonne: Schott, Vicki: Schilling, Aloha: Swift, Anne: Steed, Rosemary: Sims, Joyce. Top raw: Scullion, Sharon: Spiclcs Mary: Shields, Antioncttc: Salazar, Stella: St. John, Kny: Schulz, Mary: Sumey, Hallie Jog Sharplcss, Joyce. Q L - ff ,.,... , -sl '5 7.7, ,ggvlw . .-1 9 a N. at .3 3 Q my 1. .uf-, . f Q. .mai ,gtivv Amare:-' 3. 4,-:lf-'il , M1g'u'Q-' 'pggm' v.V:gf9.5s1 f-.1Q..4..s.:!-f. Vnaflxi' W 7-mm ' N W? 2. Lis! 1: L M839 'X -. fukin? -' mea Q.- Mnazxsw i 3.f.if3..m I 3, "Hell o Bfoadweif' s I .K , ,, A Wi.3,K.g I V- -..,,,., "BRING BACK THOSE MINSTREL DAYS" Kneeling: John McCarlhy, Phil Stunt, Hob Taylor, Bob Km:ning.,Srnnding: Don Atkins, -Hob Scott, Rich Bairnl.-Qt. V K K, , A' QW Difficult Subjects Challenge Juniors . . . TOP PICTURE, Bottom ww: Sperling, Sandra: Schmidt, Sharon: Steinman, Judy: Summerfurd, Tina: Trout, Phyllis: Tunison Doc: Turk, Gerry: Sclnnnnchor, Virginia. Row 2: Teschcr, Sharon: Sage, Carol: Schlcssman, Libby: Schuster, Dee: Schiecl: Penny: Stevenson, Linda: Sago, Barham: Smith, Linda. Row 3: Snell, Elainz-: Sunlnrd, Sharron: Sherrard, Betsy: Stone, Beckig Slcivcr, Diane: Smith, Ronda: Spcidcl, Coleen: Siclz-rs, Sandra. Raw 4: Sims, Julie: Smith, Reba: Smith, Patsy: Sellers. Carol: Stacking, Donna: Schocnewald, Helen: Smith, Sirldie: Taylor, Janis, Tap raw: Spillane, Mary Kay: Shancr, Ruth Ann: Smith Annabel: Sutton, Shirley: Turner, Fruncvs: Templin, Jennie: Teugue,Kuy: Terrell, Pam. . . . Chemistry, Advanced Algebra, Literature TOP PICTURE Hallam row: Purswell Jim' Roberts, Steve- Rinker, Terry, Patterson, Mack: Rader, Bill: Petersen, Dean: Stoner, Rhett: Speatkntah, Mike. Row 2: Sperry, Bnli: Sears, Jim: See, Allen: Stukey, Mike: Richard, Peppard: Smiley, Bradley: Teesdnle Don- Scott, Tom. Row 3: Rosltek, Steve: Jensen, Jimmie: Mfrpp, Herb: Reese, Balm: Sissmnn, Scott: Schilling, Dave: Scriven Dave: See, Denton. Row 4: Tayler, John: Stanko, Henry: Spencer, Gary: Srhoenewald, Danny: Petersen, Bernie: Scott, Bob: Spaulding, Jim: Schunck, Evert: Simms. Jack. Top row: Schrantz, Jim: Trupp, Dick: Sullivan, Put: Shugurt, Junk: Tnpc, Loren: Slurhuck, Cary. BOTTOM PICTURE, Battmn row: Sanford, Mikey Sun, Dennis: Goodwin, Larry: Truwe, Roh, Taylor, Burl: Nunlt-y, John: Pcdry, Dave: Schelley, Martin. How 2: Stewart, Steve: Stephenson, John: Schoentaker, Walter: Stoval, Dennis: Smith, Larry: Sleeger, Tim: Sheldon, Denny: Black, Rex. Row 3: Street, Lurry: Middaugh, Dave: Stanko, Rudy: Sutton, Bill: Sanford, Fred: Stone, Jay: Sikes, Bah: Tltonmson, Lynn. Top raw: Salisbury, Bill: Sc-cliger, Bill: Shen, John: Libolt, Ron: Schell, Jim: Young, Jim: Younglund, Ron: Yancey, Ty. 1 t 'P QQ f , ,,f 5 f. I'. A?"4"i ' .mv :EP X . W, wi. .5 A A Q W- x, ' .vy ' f W N ' ' My V x X Y 0 'M -4 MS f - Wig-Q ,. W 1 393 , 03251, , .3-Q Q., Qi?-gy -vii' wifi x , 4:13 my ww ' , ff , A W f-8 iw, a ,W .. ff", MQW Al Q 5 , , . , 45?-kfkjv -f t. W.-My xv-L? 'Lf N' 1 . .X I .f . ,af x, 1 .. . b Taking Merit Exams TOP PICTURE, Barium ruw: Vcrvillc, Ann, Van Hook, Kay, Wright, Helen, Wiginlon, Carol, Wilson, Jenny, Turnquist, Gnrnc! Wurncr, Lois, Taylor, Linda. Row 2: Wyatt, Murgnrcl, Teujillo, Dolores, Trclbur, Barbara, Tuylor, Connie, Weppner, Mary Tchhct, Sully, Trupp, Connie, Thnnius, Smudge. Tap row: Thomas, Phyllis, Vmmnn, Becky, Wonch, Dnnnn, Winfrey, Ruihc-llc Williams, In-nc, Wright, Judy, Walters, Leigha. BOTTOM PICTURE, Ballam row: Woodin, Alun: Wilson, James: Rich, Thomas, Whiting, Mike, Wzxlkinslmw Bill, Wi-hhcr Jack, Whiting, Gerry: Jim, Wilkins. Raw 2: While, Mike, Walker, Jim, Wilkinson, Randy, Wilson, Jim, 'Wann-l, Phil, Woodworth, Bill, Swingholm, Jim, Wisscr, Bud. Raw 3: Zeulemuyor, Ralph, Wayne, Jerry, McKee, Dean, Walters, Don, Wilcox Vern, Whitman, Roy, Wngncr, John, Malney, Jim. Raw 4: Shelley, Herb, VanDcvr:nter, Perry, Waters, Mike, Kasper, J:ink,' Midduugli, Ron, Wnmcr, Bob, Nicholson, Tom, Johnson, Wayne. Row 5: While, Bch, Wnss, Mike: Olson, Jim, Ward, Miko, Reed, Ken, Welles, Bill, Winglcr, Teny. Top raw: Schrork, J. R-: Spade, Terry, Quulm, Dale. 'l'Ol' l'lfI'l'URll Hallam mic: Will, Ann: Walker, Ivy: Whitney, Karen: Young, Pal: Waugh, Jeannie: Wells, Linda: Wilson Pr-ng Wing, Belli. Row 2: Williams, Linda: Wright, Connie, Wood, Patty: Waller, Ann: Weber, Carolyn: Weller, Chris: Web slr-r, Judy, Top row: Wcntzvl, Connie: Wolfe, Shirley: Wright, Sharron: Zimmerman, Carol: Yulesler, Janice: Wicser, Mary Anne Juniors Add Strength to Speech and Sports BOTTOM PICTURE, Hallam row: Williams, Vicky: Sleinle, Elizabeth: Tucker, Jean. Row 2: Caslcvl, Kerrie: Lalmu, Put: Stark, Pat: Gillette, Jackie. Top row: Bretcy, Vicki: Sclmorl, Tracy: Davis, Sharon. 80 New twist to nn old problem. Mr. Brea-heisen's history classes produced newspapers about happenings during the Civil War ern rather than the usual lerm paper. T e r ry Wingerler and John White sell- ing supplies to slu- denls fr o m lhe school store. W XL. 69' f gg 1- sr- ri me 9' 1 Jim Stnrts . . . Student Teacher Those Who Added to the Stature of the School. wr Mr. Swanton . . . 2nd Semesrer, English Literature Mrs. Huey . . . Chairman ofAur1io-Visual. Noise Rodriges . Fulbright Scholar Brazil talking ta se clubs. from veral 83 Q V 1 'S' P 'gy gk 21' ' fi?" ' is 4 sw Ja ai 1 aa- --Syl. c 1 L ! Q 5, ai '49 5331 f 91 Paar we .ings ,714 ,Memariam S , 1 Q u Q , Q r r ., w 1 . . mrmaMissfl a Biiyn' Sgipf. xl, l19-'l-6 i 1947 1963 Died:Sepr., 2231963 ROGERS. ' i I . W.. ,iff WJ' 'wi 4 Q2 A. WJ, ri' . gg J' -'54, 133335 . ,5:3',x.x ' . Q.,..N,- 'f up - -- f w.Q,w+y .21. mf, " K A ' 1 ,S X S " Y: W .v v W , ,X .fi , x, . ,A f' '. "' Vu f-K 4 '-I , tv . , 4. .S ' 5'- .' ff,-ffffa :L 6 B Q ' , gage' ' ., -lf' gg, Hy s ,rgfffffl . .f"ff3-fry-s-Q'52j'5f?F12f N- N - -' ISK" -f7i.fns,?':.".Mf ' 9 f ' ' 5' s.s':.f'.::3' .'1'.,'fw,'P'.Q'f ' 91 V ga.:yT 5 1 1 - , .fkqk .w,,..- 11, :Q L "."5Kl ,T V ' .NW 1 . UIQ. 1 . vo W- - S Q I Lf? . f ., , --, tilt' . f' ,Q ., 3... msg. sa ' .viii 5.45 QA' "M ' Z.4.g' -W- rgag ,rf . E12 gi M 4:,.Qf,' 31 ew Eg-H+: V.-444. . 4, . -4. -.1 . psf i , ii? ' W, 'ex L Kr ,, S5115--.. , fi' K 1 22:5 ASW A gf 4,-up va ,A K , ff.-uf . 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W :fm "f"nUaf 1-ah ,.g, If , 'GP '-'H' ' 1-5 .. , M ,W . , Q ,wi ,p, s . 1- wg it , '- 5' -A 'Q ' DSW '4-512, 'mf' 'A r'-'visff N ,RQ . 5, 'Q' fffwr V- A - " a1f',f.?'?'s Q5?"?' g 'Dir' iii inf? 4, ffm 1 , 'A 'A ' 'M5?5iiT f3T'?fr...' -wi Y , Q I .kffvigqmg 4 UQ , 4' E .5 'L 414- x-'Wg . ,J : 33.1 SQ .n ,W frfzx, The GUSHER was published eight times this year and had two distinctive changes over last year. The "lace" was changed and a mimeographed insert entitled the DERRICK wus added. Members of the journalism class attended Journalism Weekend in Laramie, where they learned the latest techniques for preparing a high school newspaper. Chuck Hamilton won second place in the annual news writing contest. The journalism class, now a two semester course, wrote "Mustang Round up,', which ap- peared every Saturday in the CASPER MORN- ING STAR. For the past five years this column has been judged best in its class by the Wyoming Press Association. Stall' : Nicki Phillips Douglas Brown ...,, Editors Steve Krasovetz ..s...,, ,,,,, S ports Editor Chuck Hamilton ,,.,,,,,,,, News Editor Barlrara Campbell Marilyn Anderson ..,.... ,.,,,, B usiness Managers 1 los? v in 5 5133 ' ..Su'rH v Around the table: Barbara Campbell, Marilyn Anderson, Nicki Phillips, Steve Krasovelz, Chuck Hamilton, Doug Brown. II4 ..- 3 .pu- unw- . ,M IQV, QM- nrxmk .i4FSU'4"' x-' W 'GY' me ll' 'e . , f 4-251- Q I A.. wi' 4 1 A xx! QL l ll Ls f 4 '1 V? .51 1 A 25 ' Ji fix? English Club Discussed Fiction - Copious Notes Always Led to Constructive Analyses The long, weighty novel on economic philosophy, Alla: Sllruggerl, and the compact picture of the individuals personal struggle for survival, Pincher Marlin, are representative of the wide scope of the program material of the English Club for 1963-64. Senior members in one nnother's homes during the summer to continue their discussions of contemporary fiction. When school opened in the fall, the number of members grew explosively as juniors and sophomores began to attend monthly meetings open to anyone interested in this free literary discussion, ENGLISH CLUB OFFICERS--Lelt to right: Donna Fnnsg Helen Pouttu lpresidentli Karen Ashcraft: Marie Potter. Sitting: Judy German, Jo Huffman, Arm Rongstad, Barbara Sage, Rue Preston, Peg Meece. Standing: Mrs. Larson CSponsorl, Alan Hobbs, Jill Arnott, John Hoke, Allen Bogart, Walt Heath. OFFICERS OF THE STUDIO-Left lo right: President, Sue Stockhamg vice-president, Bonnie Worthington: secretary, Mary Dlugnsh: treasurer, Pam Stuckham. Art Club, "Studio Sl," met twice a month on The club members created posters and signs Wednesday afternoons. The members were enter- for various groups. There were approximately eigh- tained once a month by a guest speaker. The in- teen enthusiastic members who painted and between meetings concerned themselves with pruj- sketched. In the spring these artists went on a ects and business. "Studio 5 I " field trip. These fellows and gals could gaze with pride on beautiful results of their work. OFFICERS OF FUTURE NURSES: Barbara Johnston, src.-irons.: Carol Sellers, viecvpresiiflenlg Donna Fons, president. Future Nurses Notable Future Nurses surround their sponsor, Mrs. McCallum. Members of llle NCHS Future Nurses club met early in the year to plan their activities. At the November 20 meeting nurses from the Air Force, Army, and Navy spoke lo the group and illustrated their talks with films on the nursing profession. Christmas baskets were delivered to needy fami- lies during the holiday season. The annual Clirisl- mas party was held on December 9. A field trip was planned for late in the spring, for Training and Service l20 Supl. Maurice Griffith gave the cluh a picture ol' schools m Sweden. International Relations Club makes a mighty effort to understand the people of 'other countries. During the fall quarter thirteen members went to Colden, Colo., to take part in International Day, Foreign flavor marked the sessions: speaker, a con- sul lrom Pakistan, and Japanese, Swedish, and Arabian dancers. Especially interesting was a sword dance from Saudi Arabia. For several days fifteen International Relations Club INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB 0FFICERS4St'nlt'd: Durc Hall, presi- dentg Haim Calderon, sponsor, Stands ing: Barbara Cresswell, program chair- man: Dah: Coleman, vice-president: Diane Davis, social cllairmztn. military boys from foreign countries lived in the homes of club members. Through jam sessions these fellows gave much enlightenment about their home borders. In the spring about ten members went to Greeley to take part in the sessions of the model United Nations. ,lim Duncan, a former student, came before the group to tell of his work in Peru. . 1' , ,"i"""f1'zfm V. , Q2-QglN1J'gLi3555,H'QXE14!'eP- 21 " YM -'fi P 1' A 1, ,vw f-, -N Q, '1 ,Qi L ' iff' 115: 'REF' fkb X er. E3 3 1.-.ff ' . 2 ,, . g , X - A1--, - ws: f' Q 'f va 251 I .gm 1 , -. Q.- ii, S fmginigf - J K D, ,, V M.,..9.. .. .. . Q W, f, 2 , n A, .env .lm .w-f,.,w l22 ' . QQ gf W Im N gf' X jx' Orange und black! Fight! fight! Nctetaking, niemorization, and study of former questions occupied the minds of many girls during the early fall-they were studying for the Pep Clnh test. Surviving were thirty-nine sophomores who had zr grade of 85 or better on the exam. During the fall and winter months the girls were especially active: nttendin the Chey- enne game by way of the train were threevfourths of thc membersg buying new white sweaters for cheerleadersg attending all football nncl basketball gamesg and giving n spaghetti Christmas party with forty-fire members of the Riverton Pep Club as guests. Sam, ri new mascot, appears on the field, lcd by his trainers-June Mostellcr, Sharon Luckwnod lownerl, and Janice Kimble. On Game Days Pep Club Sweater Wearers Add Color to the Halls and Encouragement to the Teams. OFFICERS: Wundn Walters fspon- sorl: Libbic Elcshmnn, vice-president Peg Meccc, president: Sherry Mar- tinson, secretary: Mary Ann Drew fsponsarl. l23 X t Science-Math Smtnce 'ind Ninth Club sitting into 'action ln 1963 with its many field trips. The group visited the hospital to note the rndiwtion equipment: they visited the Pant-Arnerienn Oil Company to take no- tice of the computers: they studied the telephone office and the Texas refinery. In the spring of 1964- the organization imostly hoysl made extensive use of the physics lah for science experiments. Future Teachers learned teaching techniques from prac-tival experience. These pedugogues visited the rural schools of the county, the deaf school, and the svhool for the mentally retarded. Members gained V!tlltZli!l6 experience also in their project to earn money hy checking objective tests--the Red Pencil Brigade. OFFICERS: president, Lynn Freeman: rice-president, Danny Rich: lrcnsurer, llnrvey Ridgeway: secretary, Cary Prim-ss: sponsor, Mr. Livingston. Future Teachers OFFICERS, left In right: Ruth Ann Smith, vicusprcsidcnt: Janice Wt-nvcr, sponsor: Vicki Jensen, treasurer: Dcryl Saiifurd, sponsor: Lucy Parsons, president: John Shen, pnrlianiexitririam. tNut pictured: Peggy Iluvcner, serrelury: Store Itoselieclt, hisluriuni. Sealed: Susan Stan, riee-president: Sherry Murtinsen, presidcntg Susan Niethnnuner, lnternul vice-president: Mr. Phelps, ,lay-cee sponsor. Slanding: Barbara Adnms, treasurer: Mr. Cooper, Jay-cce sponsorg Kathy Hooicr, secretory: Nancy Cooper, pnrhn- inentnriung Letitin Costello, junior director: Ann Robbins, soplioniore director, Mrs. Christian, school sponsor. Any member nf the Jayceettes is a proud girl. The club was established in 1963 as a service group sponsored by thc .l.C.'s of Casper. It ltnd n great deal of success in its one year of existence. Among its service nctivilies were the talent shows for the ,w 'ff 1, for . In '-,ff 3' A., i U Kofi figs? Qllwlf 0' 'i'ff?fQ?S.giQ K r,...'e,,,. i Q . Left Burn m righz: Betty ette, secretary: Diane Hildebrand, vioespresidentg Mrs. The future secretaries took notes for the future during this year's nctivities. With their knowledge of shorthand and typing they will be seeking n career in some phase of business such as clerks. stcnog- raphers, and receptionists. During the busy schedule folks at Valley Manor nncl n special service for the lvelfnrc orgonizntionjn which the girls delivered commodities to the elderly people of Casper. The work was sometimes ltnrd, but it was always lun. +'fgg1e:,fs, o o 1 Q are it s--:NMR ' 'eu 'il 1 qfftgzr, . Mm. K ' 1 K ' ii. 4.9. -' , Q. SW: Q ei-gy i Q 4,115-tg 4 gag, M! ,, . Wir? ffL?"1l3E'i1 4512 ' 'iigr--?0f'3'?fj"'f.7 15 1515 W L lk . A 3 i . o' 11 a. Tr , 4 y fa 1 V ,wg I ,. I '. A , V Y 5 ' . K xfl' 4- Lou Anderson, president: Gloria Corrigan, trensurerg Sheryl Dnlgnrno, publicity ehnimmn: Barbara Epperso n, sponsor. of the year. there were runny events such ns the Homecoming flont, the Christmas cnroling party. the "Pinning on', ceremony. the initiation ten, and the mothers' tea. Future Secretaries ,,5 Newcomers SENIOR NEWCONERS, Kathy Garrett, Kenluckyg Cooper Camp, Texas, Karen Curtis, New Mexico. JUNIOR NEWCOMERS, Sitting: Ruth Floyd, Gumsey: Lindo Wells, Worland: Jun Payne: Jackie Smn-ka.r, Ohiog Loran Lnndess, Cheyenne. Slrmding: Acilliu Best, Utah: Rollin Camp, Texas: Dcnice Smith, New Mexico: Jim Porter, Nebraska: Bob Warner. Nonh Dakulug Pat Hinkv, New Mexico: Rex Block, Pineduleg Lynda Cicutlo, Texas. SOPHOMORE NEWCOMERS, Sitting: Cindy Block, Pineduleg Camille Stanford, Colorado: Linda Anderson, Cilleltcg Marcia Ford, New Mexico, Theresa Lewis, Texas. Standing: Conrad Cooper, South Dal-:omg Peter McKecver, Monlanng Jeff Thompson, Uxnh: Ron Franks, Montana: Lan'y Stillion, New Mexioop Paul Miller, Sheridan. l26 NEWCOMER OFFICERS, Miss Home-ry, sponsor: Lindo Bain: Loran SENIOR NEWCOMERS: Eric Gordon, Utah: .lim Landuss, Alan Hobbs, Conrad Cooper, .lim Landcss, Dave Scriven. Manshridge, Montana: John White, Douglas: Alan Hobbs, Montana: ,lim Landess, Cheyenne. ar JUNIOR NEWCOMERS, Sfllillgi Rosemary Cleveland, Pennsylvania: Lori Lewis, New Mexico: Donna Grinstead, Kansas: Shirley Dirks, Iowa. Raw 2: Melvin Mclnlosh, Newcastle: Charles Wilson, Texas: Marian Bloss, Nebraska: Linda Bain, Texas: Dave Pedry, Montana. Raw 3: Larry Carson, Rawlins: Dave Schilling, Sheridan: Dave Scrivcn, Powell: Dave Hubbard, Riverton. SOPHOMORE NEWCOMERS, Silling: Carolyn Schilling, Sheridan: Sharon Hudson, Montana: Linda Mc- Callum, Wheatland: Kathy O'Hearn, Biloxi: Linda Eicltcr, Arizona, Standing: Scott Peterson, Cheyenne: Bruce Guynn, New Mexico: Kon White, Oklahoma: Mike Grinstead, Kansas: David Tucker, Arizona: Kirk White, Couglas: Janice Groom, Texas: ,lim Wilson, Texas: Cathy Pcdry, Montana: Paul Freeman, Louisiana. l27 Future Farmers of America FFA was established to promote leadership. co- operation, and to further agricultural education through contests, fairs, and leadership conferences. Many activities of the year included the shop party during national FFA Week in February, a pub- lic speaking contest, and a Parent-Son Banquet. In April the group went to the State FFA Leadership Conference in Cody. Plans for the group are to continue promoting Agricultural Industry in our community. Seated in the picture are the officers: Robert Burns, sentinelg Pete Garrett, reporterg John John- son, treasurerg Jack Kasper, secretaryg Gary Har- low. vice-presidentg Bruce Stratten, presiclentg Howard Dou'ner,'adviser. FFA - Plows Ahead V H-gr? 1 OFFICERS. left la right: Lee Frickey, recording secretary: Tina Summcriord, secretary: Hlenna Mclntyrv, intramural nranagerg Eva Moore, treasurer: Judy Lcgget, president. If you wish to be healthy, just ask any NGAA member how to dn it. She will in- variably answer, ulust keep active." NCAA girls were busy this past year in many fields of athletics: volleyball, basketball, table tennis, ping-pong. They added n new artivityf-swimming on Fridays. NGAA zigx I No fair, girls fLce Frickey and Judy Leggeltl using three paddles. Tina Sumurerford nnd Thelma More gan keep their eyes on the little white ball. ln response to an invitation by the International Rr-lations, Lowry Air Force Base sent lu Casper a group of foreign flyers I0 talk to the club. Presented here is the pictured pleasure of the two groups-Casper students and South American cadets. French Club OFFICERS OF FRENCH CLUB, lelt lo right: Pam Carpenter, secretary-lreasurerg Sylvia Christopher, sponsor: Janice Lowe, president: Kathy Erickson, vice-president. Today everyone is going to France. Our people are getting ready to break the language barrier. Spanish Posters concern- ing Spain-Spam ish project for the year. OFFICERS OF SPANISH CLUB, left la right: Suzie Gullickson, treasurer: Arlene Alhanesc, vice-president: Cary Parish, president: Cathy Anker, secretary. l30 State convention held in Casper in April was a huge success with everyone taking notes on how to do a better joh. Club Did you ever want to visit Old Mexico? To several members of the Spanish Club the dream came true in 1964 when' the troup went to Old Mexico during the Christ- mas holidays. The project is to become an annual educational project. Pan American Day was held in the spring. Good for zu thousand snilfs. To the lell, KEY CLUB OFFICERS: istund- ing? Grunt Boyles, sponsor: Kiwanis repre- sentativeg Ty Yancey, secretaryg Frank Al- len, junior directorg Dick Phillips, senior director: .lim Young, treusurerg Mack Mc- Kay, sophomore director lseatedl Dave lgeese, vice-presidenlg Brian Barliaugh, pres- i ent. Key Clubbers tell you that theirs is the hardest working group in sclioolg their agenda-Kleenex Sale, sponsorship of swimming for the Children's Homeg supplies for Mentally Retarded children at Wilson School. The last service brought the Casper club recognition in the Rocky Mountain District. ff : 1 Key Club Membership is not all work, however: for the boys will tell you of the fun they have at their social activities. Among the fun times are the joint meeting of the Key and Kiwanis Clubs and the Installation Banquet and Dance. For most of us in Natrona County High School, Christmas comes with a spiritual flood of gladness and thanksgiving. Madrigal, with its boys and girls who sing for pure pleasure, adds to our joy. We know the old, old story. but Maclrigal enhances it for us. During the weeks before the Pageant, the top of the world in the high school-roonr 300-pours forth all our old favorites, such as "Silent Night," "God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen," "0 Come. All Ye Faithful," and countless others underscoring the holiness of the season. In the spring of 1961. the orchestra in its annual concert. featured a song by the Maclrigal. Madrigal CHOIR OFFICERS: Ruth Hagen Pam Smith, secretary. l32 sponsor: Kntlry Hoover, presiclentg Diemer True, marching clruirmang Elaine Carson, robe chaimran' 4 ,A . , ,A ,Q 3. . 31 -pf?g"9 U? Q 9 Q ew--:Ji G QQ Q Q' 3 B - ,fu if G Q W SQ 2 Q iv ' 1 , Q Q 'fQi 9' s Sv 'Q ' S . wr '!"f vk., .X W i l 3 Qs' SS' is-' T 1 5 ' - f' 'A - 1 Birth Day of the King Joseph QDan Burke? Mary fSusan Niethammerj Everyone Loves a Victory Parade Our Band Strikes Note for Homecoming Military Band Tunes Up for Review .X-N . 1 inf 'Y ' li i gh . Q f -x ,, ,ff 11 Y ,iw km,- ,1- N84 , 1 I - .I wwf' . Fifi ? J Y ' " '- .,., : ,i 'ff5:gQIW2 'A , 1 - H cn ff ' Q5-W - X Q:--,, A, , W . ' . ,. . I, , L , , .,. , J f ' , ,. ' - - ", .. 9 , W. - . -' -v ' P A " ' " ' ,a, 4 ,.,fy ' jf, sa - 59 b .Y 5 , 5 ' 3 .-Q gf 4 2' At, 9' I 'M' L 111 ' qw if 5,0 st., '. . ' 1 - ' , i. 1 Q rg? A v I 1- I-4 5 Z ,ff . nfl I H I . v 1 . v kk I x ., x , 136 f i X A15 .' f 1 Q XUIHINUXIIS 1 40:1 , 9 u QQ., 1 f-22? . M, 6 rw. 0 5 .nay 'ISI' . 4 . ..x ii 'fb It rg ' f Q it 3 12 K WN. wwf "ini, L:f...,,Ali. :dye 1 -.NN y asf-f.4.v, ,319 . as- . S 1 ,L- gd is g, E , 4. , f 3 ls "T" -3 3553- A , 11,9 ' , ' 9 A . ' , inf? as f 11 ,Q . " " 1',.?Qf:A! 15 r-gf A Q Q -1 '-5912- Mfl' sf6ifc5?E ' Y iiiz fi2':f?S?f,. ? fgf3i4Q2?.?sf6YWW3v-4 " 'g'aCQf?f'l 3' .Q.0'.i,Z': b . 1 '?.i,'u ,Q L o .1 X. , if A1 ,I anai 2-5:5 hx " 1 1 e..,..., ' ' ,. . Li .. QQ H 1 . if-ff' ' R iff? , ' U rsffa' U 1 35, 2 . "sf . fl Q' 235 - f ll . ' f ' W 1 'iff' 9 . x n..:'- .. V!" '. t2aQ,t'j'fv2w.:, lm-,4f?"61f2 :A Nw W mills? ue.. N , ' . 5 '5'fF,? fw"'f1 3,5 55 Gi' A :S '- 'ilfsit " sw ' 5 -21-'LUN W W 5 : -Q 5 '11 -M td 3' . Q93 x M, , A , . L, J - , , H, 1 - , ,.n,,, ., W. 0 H-Q ,, -, ,---'M , AS .1 Qt, me - fbr, ' , 5 . f ,z f . ., 1' ,g 5, 'M -sg A. K :- M- .6 K':cl?r5a-Yikgxgf'-E139 -,ggfw ,ALR X . A .X-.. K-Lg . 2 3 014 Q vw fm-FQ.: , Clive ,w. I ,SUAQX .. ..' ,. ily? -Wy! -:sy -1 X H, 35 'Arr wg '-1. N ' A X mg x---' -ESM' '. fr-,nf 'QQ -JF .' ..- sf 5, Q -11 H "W ' X K I Q.: lui?" J. xx ,yi fr XX 5 U N, qu' -x., 1 .I ' ' x ' . K -0 .M xg.: " '-'-egg , . -X . . w""""' ' , 1 ,-Lf"'?'d ".. .FN 4,6 ' 'QKQMV ' ' 235 ,sf 5 ffl' - 'iwm.,,a'.- f ,egg :NFS ' 1. -' -A 4, . s - - ,' l-', :. N h t A, 1 Q". .X 'ig' 7 '5ffk"x 2.5 t-1,35 .wh "YQ"iw K 5 NMa..,., xy .. f ,fx 54-Q, - , f ' Y -. 'Nqi ' fs' Nxiifz'-x,. 14' ' JN 'f' K 'Hx if I ' 1 5 , Y , X " 'lt .Mg -W f'-'N A. ' at f Hof ,, U 303 .? 5 ..l,. ,. W1 'K' mr. --aw -'A Y, , , ' ui." 5 "+.4t'vf' N - 16 1Q..L.?T5g , . bb k, is loin H X A. fall 43.531 ' . .5 ., My . 1 l3B be . ll o 5 "'W"f Qi ,ir 1 2 .X STRING TRIO-Lois McKin, Dinah Harrell, Marie Pottcr The NCHS orchestra, under the direction of Rex Eggleston, had a more active year during 1963- '64 than ever before. The orchestra had many ops portunities to display its capabilities. The first con- cert was held in the NCHS auditorium Nov. 20th. During March, the orchestra and the madrigal choir combined to present a concert, the highlight being the combined performance of "A Mighty Fortress Is Our Cod." Later in the year, the orchestra served as the pit orchestra for the production of Brigadoon. The final concert was held in May. During the last weekend in April, the orchestra traveled to Buffalo to participate in the District Music Festival. The following week, Casper hosted State Music Festival. Many of the orchestra members competed as soloists and participants in ensembles in both the District and State Festivals. Several NCHS musicians were selected to participate in the All-State Orchestra and Band. Gloria Corrigan plays the cello. vw 6.1 43 13' 3 Egvg A mv 324 ?f'i?'fX aa-M. Q K ,'Lfe,'fi.a Q ,bgy lg' 1 ,ii- V . ,, 7 X ' J 9 .M Q' Ei Due to the crowded condi- tions in the high school this year, the hallways are lined with directions so that no one will be lost. Traffic through the halls is directed by up und down stnirwuys. The system worked well after the students ud- justed. Signs of Our Times ! ' 2 5 'X 2 . 2 .. 2 1 F I '3 5 Q 5 w x .. 5 ii 25 State M gg fi ij wa 22 if ew 22 4 ' ,L Q L , 1, -,Ti JE- f m ' 1 ' u A A ' Mg , 1 W :Jw -P W: fi 5'Q'g ff9 'f"" -, 3 0- ,, ' ""'V"l'f'fA' mf w , 1 bg-1 Q - , . ZW Q Q N . ,B"-gy-BM?f'fr3?,df M .vigxfjjgygw QM.. 6 I M mi K 5' mv N '..sJ ' v' 2 ' A A 'X ' M 'V' , .Qs - A1 W 'ig 'fx . ' if J ,V 'Fixx . xx ' 4: Rf HM' "ff X Nm 142 I -"" 4 - " '-" ' tb-Y Lee Morgan, ,luck Shugnrt, Bob Bailey, Dave Pedry, Herb Mapp. Buck raw: Conch Jerry Quinlan. Head Conch Harry Celdicn, Bill Hmtz, Greer Markle, Deimer True, Rick Gibbons, Rich Jackson, Pete Hoppe, Brian Bnrhnugh, Dick Phillips, Don Wilcox, Bob Phillips, John Mill, Ray Potter, Ron Benson, Les Peak, Dave Scriven, Cary' Taylor, Bob'Snedden, Ron Adams, W. C. Mapp Coach Earl "Shadow" Huy, Couch Art Hill. Casper's Mustang footballers finished their first undefeated season since 1930 and their first un- shared and uncontested state championship since 1947. As a welcome surprise for the coaches Casper finally walloped the Sheridan Broncs in the final game of the season. Early in the fall one sports writer headlined, "Defense Key to NCHS Success." As the season moved along it became more evident that defense was winning. The "fearsome HVCSOIIIBN -Les Peak, Dove Shilling, Ron Adams, Dave Scriv- en, and Don Wilcox, led the charge when the of- to sprin Reese loose for n touchdown. fenee needed help. Line hackers Dick Trupp, Vern Cherett, Bch Minick, and the deep men, W. C. Mnpp, Gary Olson, and Dave Reese provided the backing needed to make the defense tough. A heady quarterback was Dick Phillips. Herbie Mapp led in touchdowns with Greg Lamont a close second. Ron Benson generally lifted that ball over the uprights for the extra points nfter touchdowns and Dave Reese led in pass interceptions. For eighteen seniors the season was n triumph- ant climax for years of tough fun. I 963 Football Front mw: Greg Lamon, Vern Cherext, Bob Phillips, Herb Mapp. Back raw: Dave Reese, Gary Olson, Bob Minick, Diemer True, Dave Shilling. Don Wilcox and Dick Phillips Footballers Who Gave That Extra Effort Both on Offense and Defense Hard tackling and solid blocking were demonstrated ax Homecoming against Laramie. my -4. 'B . x.. .gat Q., Pwtg 15155 ,Ex U 9 9 S? H s ww-12-x.sf - .,. 1 A X r X: , V :Akiva .1 . H. J X1 N5 W-Mia .a,g.g,9, , , .g,m., AMN' . .am ,Q "H5'?',"5f.7fQ'1rs3m3 i K 3 S i 5 5 5 2 1 + If 3 z a Q 2 5 5 5 s . , 5 2 E z 1 is s I i 'Q i Z I 2 2 Q s E 5 2 . : z 1 4 I a 1 I ' ,V l Page 2. 4 we Left rn right: Susie Sturges, Kathy Hoover, Queen Donna, Dick Phillips KQuuru-rhackl, W' ,FKA Louise Porter, Rich Gibbons, Trudy Connell--Court of Roynlly. Pages From a Queen's Diary Pngn I Couch beldmx Lscorls Queen Donna Waxllxxny to , her throne. " ' f Q . 1, 4, .. sul QB-, Page 3. Qui-on Donna leads thc parade, rlmuffeurcd by John Davis and Daryl Evans. HB Page 4. Quc:-n vnu-rs thc stadium on the ann of Don Machlanus. Q wwf N 'xi lars- ? SML 62911 Row I: Larry Rush, Tom Scott, Terry Boyles, Don Teasdale, Dan McGee, Jim Hurdt, Ray Whitaker. Row 2: Mike Curry, Robert Hitnel, Rock Evert, Mike Merrifield, Lindy Bland, .lohn Daniels, Art Milton, Mike Pork. Row 3: Bob Warner, Terry Rinker, Dick Trupp, .lim Young, Vern Clterrett, Richard Jackson, Jim Allen, Rick Riebesell, Jim Hill, Jim Coltrane, Terry Whitaker. Look Out! The Water's Wet Under the direction of Earl tshudowl Ray and the sophomore coach Bernard Conolly, the 1963-64 swimming season was extremely fruitful and offered no end to the promises for next year. With only two dual-meet losses this year coming at the hands of last year's state cham- pion Powell and the powerful Cheyenne Central Indians, the Mustangs proved to the remaining teams throughout the state that Casper had a swimming team, and a good one at that. The ability of such seniors as Jim Allen, Vernon Cherrett, Pete Heppe, Richard Jackson, Rick Riebesell, and Terry Whitaker will he missed in the years to come. But with the help of the returning juniors Jim Coltrane, Don Teesdale, Mike Curry, ,lim Hill, Jim Young, and an excellent group of sophomores, Coach Ray will have a fine squad with which to improve the accomplishments of this year. I50 Junior diver and two year lctterman Don Teesclale shows form and ability in one of the year's few home meets. Dtwenllxcr 13 Decemliqi' ' f13lA ,A 20 Detegniwei' , . Dl?4'Fl11li0l: 2l , junmiry 3" WIZIIIQIRI fl ' g M ., W, Q 5 SHAQON SCORIQXC x , -,Cnsper.,,:, A Casper . , Casper, W Q ' , Q . . Elm f , L.abp,er,,.,, ..1,W- ,, . 1 M l :jx-x., S . , fC:ispqr I I' -lj N! ,, A ..: W I .I 'lCa1Slve.r5 ,ww fm' K ' L .f'l,fQ':z:0:.: 1 - ' SSA xfulox G 1 musk x 1 i. x . . K'f'Y i 1"s ' na . '. R .9 .1 1 . ,im , ra S,'H I , ,'.'-.Q:',, S..,"H.'x.-'JH JF!"'!i5F!X 2 .,10:- 'V Q " ' ' - " . "' . ' -' 4.3 ,Sz wmv 'f1!'N8TY,f 1 1117- sif'1.Qii83if'Pfifwsl:?iAf2f1?Lf13'-if if H- ' 1 , YA' Nu 'f1'i'q ..' '. "6 . ' Q 'U ,.8'7..i 9-Q 0.1 in 1nnunr'h."Q . , , , . .D ,, . 1r..':' . '''QlllasxikfmkQiiiifwff- M as lx6..: Q "em rg,vx..., f- 1 :."' I 01. ., .I 1 A ' : fW:."".:'4:2'f"', 1 - ai Q, . xl- x vCaspef.,:,,,..iL m b W fkf 3 :',t?:'fW-if 2?-'?vFw2f, vi iliinuahi Q . 29312 , -sf Jamuary 31 Cuspvr Fvlurllnry l Casper lfuapvl' l'1l'lll'lHllkX 21 Caspar F!"ll'llill'Q' l I Stale- MCM CIIPPUIIIIQ' Cvnlrul 256 Cililwl' Powell 57 OUTSTAN DHNC IADIVI DL' XL RECORDS Acme J. Webber J. Anderson J. Miller B. Minick S. Rosliex D. True J. Shugart D. Wilcox W 1. Class Record 95 llv. 11-1-0 127 lb. 10-2-0 133 lb. 10-2-0 1-1-5 Ib. 10-0-1 15-L lb. 8-1-1 165 lb. 9-2-0 180 lb. 9-2-1 HWT. 7-2-0 Pictures to the left show lmw it is clone. Top: beginning pasiliong middle: going into pin combina- xinng bottom: referee checking for u pin. Front row Noll I0 righll-Weber. Cis- neros, Mapp, Cas- ciato. Second row flefl In rigllll An- derson, Miller. Darl- ing, Minick, Smnko. Top row fltft lo rigllll Coach Quin- lan, Rusllck. True, Shugarl. Wilcox, Coach Barber. ,an ,FJ iz One hundred twenty started wrestling in 1963. Of this number some eighty finished the season. All of the latter competed against another team. Pictured are the up's and down's of wrestlers getting, their muscles, breath, and determination all ready for an important meet. Coaches for the season were ,Terry Quinlan, De. Barber, and Ron Estes. l53 'L'2 n e o slag-ia: E 9-'F' ,mx ' 1? divx I! X rt ' EA x' sw 34 1' J,g,i3 A 2 SU 9 I5 Ah' ,I j . - , 'fiiiililitirf T ,V . ,.mr.u.' ., W ,.,...a 2 1 .. l ,cb 51YLQssf ff" U. f lf' I 4 Mustang roundballers started their 1963-CA cam- paign in early November. Coaches George Collins and ,lim Valencia put. all their potential Lhrough rigorous drills in preparation for the opener on De- cember 6 against Therniopolis. Trying to fill the gaps left by last year's All-District ,lim Owens and Toni Garner and All-State Claude Callison and Tim Lijewski-players who guided the Mustangs to a third place finish in the '63 State tourney, were the swen returning lettermen Dave Reese, Bill Potts, Del Geherett, Dick Phillips, Bob Phillips, Mike Dill, and Greg Lamont. Also bolstering the squad was transfer- Ron Benson, who was a two-year class A All-State selection from Newcastle. Many of the team members were fresh from the Mustang State Champion football, cross-country, and golf squads. With the taste of victory still lingering, the fellows had hopes of continuing Casper's sweep- ing willing efforts. As the season started, the Mus- tangs showed at times all the form of a top team, but still losing some heartbreakers to the state's lead- ing teams, such as, Cheyenne Central, Riverton, and Laramie. Dave Reese and Del Geherett showed them- selves to be the ball handlers and playniakers, while Dick Phillips, Bill Potts, Ron Benson, and Mike Dill proved to be excellent rebounders and scorers. W. C. Mapp and Dave Scriven of the Junior varsity with hustle and desire took varsity spots when the chance arose. At times basketball becomes an aerial game as Dave Scriven 4450 lin the picture to the righll denied a basket and two points to the East Cheyenne Junior Varsity. Dave proved himself a comer for the team of '61-'65, Ron Benson jumped high for n basket as he received ndrlerl momentum from Mike Dill 1645! nnd Bill Potts 99432 Ipiclurecl be- lowl. ,f is.- Skiing Young Sport at Natrona County High School Kneeling flefl lo rigllll Anker Larsen, coach: Sum Phillips: Ken Barnes, coach, Lynn Frost: Vemon Michael: .lanice Speus Judy Sneddeng Leslie Francis. Hack raw flefl ID righll .lay Stone, Cary Sturhuck, Terry Bames, Bob Kidd, Greer Markle, Rick Barnett, Hugh Phihhs, Roh Trowe, Allan Haines. NCHS is one of two schools in the state where skiing is recognizedg the other luckily located group is in Jackson. Other high schools have skiers, but no organized team. The sport is not recognized by the Wyo. Activities Assn.g and the only supervision comes from the U. S. Skiing Assn., which sanctions races and officians and classifies junior races. Ken Barnes, geologist for the Humble Oil Com- pany. donated his coaching time and Anker Larson was the faculty coach. The activity at NCHS in 1963- 6-1 was in its fourth year, with a squad made up of 22 members. Greer Markle, .lim Landers, Terry Barnes, and Jon Sims were carry-overs from the squad of 1962-63, hut many juniors and sophomores scattered the snow on the slopes of Cody, Red Lodge, Lander, and Jackson. Casper meet was held on Feb. 3. Team members put in about 1-l- hours of prac- tice each week-time divided among physical condi- tioning, free skiing, downhill, and slalom on Casper Mountain. Although the team won no events, in- dividual members placed high at every meet. l57 I .., W, tis. 1: 315. .0 we, A .Sig S x . if -S92 lit.. 1 . x Sw . .W V . . , --fmzaff U M ' x -uf'kil.I-'X ' ' . ak. V Y 'rf T' A .13 F ,Q 'rx my ' ' E4 ing fb- :Wa 'f 2' if 6fk' QQ 1 'q ,I 2 g ,'?.,1g2ir:.gQ s Q ' 52 "VKX-hu,K. f iff? . 4 S iff. 5:1545-' 'ff' ? .QQ 34-QQ xg? Tfmif' f ' ' N' FW 515' 'Q TN xfi 'Til' '21 l'Iz':f5'lffeQ15' sir ., ,HQ -:V .1 -N 0 "?'E't2?iQ'V ban I is , ...W . ' An x . 9591: Q 'f s 'X f 5 .gf " 'A .Q v.-ky. I 3 1 . mfs: 3 2 gb , J I , ..,i5,.T.,1.- ' V ' E' aT.u..I, 5.: ' l,:",4'fxi ' .,. v M Sf S year YF- , a ng If I Ni' ' 51 1. 44 H f Z4 Til sa 7 , Q , .Q 7. JI glove Club "C" CLUB OFFICERS: Bali Rlinick, secretary: Dick Phillips, president: Gary Olson, vicevprvsidm-nl. CHARGE! Remember Homecoming-The score board Pllysirul filncssAsliown lay the NCHS wres- sliows our victory over Laramie. Ilers. l 59 billing, left lo right: Bill Woodard, Mike Merrifield, Bob Reese, Ernie Trujillo, Demon Sec. Slanrling, left lo right: Harry Brubaker Charles Haddon, Dave Hall, Steven Roberts, Larry Kimball, Jack Simons, Coach George Collins. First in Fall Sports - Harriers and Golfers CROSS COUNTRY-Coach Collins's Mustang har- riers used u 1-2-4-5-6 finish to take top honors at the first annual Wye. state cross country meet. State competition was held in conjunction with the 17th annual University oi Wyoming Harrier meet. Bob Reese won individual honors. touring the two mile course in the time of 11:24g Dave Hall was second: Larry Kimball, fourthg Ernie Trujillo, fifthg and Hurry Brubaker, sixth. GOLF-Members of the Mustang Golf team won the state championship for a second year in sucf cession. Mitch Currah, state medalist, led the field with a 735 and the Mustangs as a group'were the "most" with tx team score of 318. Depth was the key to the victory for Coach Don Weishaafs Mustangs. Lelt to right: Coach Dun Weishaar, Terry Matlock, Ron Youngland. John Cowie, Mitch Curruh, Leo Dunn. Kneeling: Duane Myers. Kneeling: Steve Shelstng John Mappg Bob Savulag Mike Myer Standing: Claude Cnllison: Tom Skinnerg ,lim Owens: .loc Ujvary W. C. ltluPP, Knot shown, Gnry Olson? Casper in recent years, a strong contender for Class -AA first place colors, qualified for final events twelve men in eight categories. At the Northern Regional track meet. the Mustangs won first places in the mile run and in the 800 yzxrd relay. Szwnla repealed easily in the state mile with n time of 4-1392. This time, how- ever, did not hreak the stale record. Snvnla was Cnsper's only first place winner at the state meet. Casperis re- maining points were won hy 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places. Riverton finished first with 4-7 pointsg Cheyenne East was second with 4222 and Casper finished third with 29M. Miler Savala Repeated Win of I962 at State Track Meet Bill Potts and Jnhn McDaniel OF FIRE Bottom mir: Joe Mack, Dave Hubbard, Dick Robinson, Mack McKay, Burl Harris. Second row: Marty Lanlsch, Bob Lcwcllan, Ion Sims, Miko Yncuni, Jim Wursler. Tap raw: Rick Paisley, Ron Franks. Sgt. Houston, ,lon Jacquok, James Wurslcr. The Rifle Team shot matches with the following schools wilh the following results: Texas A and T- l67T om ofa possible 2000: Denver fPaclilla, Lewal- len. Hubbard. and Lnatschl, Canyon City-1800 out of n possible 20005 Waukegan, Illinoisg lPadil- la, Laatsch, Hubbard, Lewallen, and Bakerl-878 Many Laalscb shooting from the standing position. out of n possible 1000. The following boys worked for Expert. Qualification: Lewnllen, Baker, Iacquot, Laalsch llfxpertj, Robinson, Sims, Hubbard Ulis- tinguished Riflemanl, Padilla flixpertl. In the matches of Feb. 22, the scores were Cheyenne 2850, Casper 2872. Rifle Team FIELD DAY ACTIVITIES: Major, Mike Slranskyq Mnyor Jerry Jack Mayor .Iam Judge Major Ed McCarthy Jerry Chase was awarded the commission of cadet colonel, and Mark Homan and Gary Ivory were awarded the commissions of lieutenant-colonel. They received their commissions at the recent Mili- tary Bull. The majors are Richard Harris, Skip Hoffman, Jerry Jack, .lim Judge, Ed McCarthy, Larry Spencer, and Mike Stransky. The junior receiving a sergeant-major commis- OFFICERS: Lieul. Col., Gary Ivory: Major, Jerry Jacky Major Jim Judge, Mayor Ed McCarthy Mayor Skip Hoffman Mayor, Larry Spencer: Major, Richard Harris. .W aww., , ug ,ru .gl 1 -. a , it .J S 0 B x, 4 ..J'Q.. M. f,,, gk., who 'Q '47 1 U "' es. 4 ,. Us ,, .Mi 1 . A 3'-x' Q, 1 . , 1f'ga.'.S1-A t, mf-.'Q5f:52'.2 Gygax ' ,t ",.ix4v , J" W4 . IW' 4 Q..- 'F M " S Aa. JM ,fy 'id pr V .I 4 1 we a U. ' L::' 5.0 . ,L S m' 9- - ,,:,,w3fw 0, meg, fm. 4. ,Q A- 1 . JF w. . . gifs. fi . 1 rr .,--9 ax. ,, A ' ' ,Q E '1 .jk ra, 2..:..,u ,, A , 353-V'f?g3Xf,a?fln MQ.. 5' 1' . . , ' fl' , , ,.,f 1 MICHAEL RIDDLE National Merit semi- finalist Perfect score of 800 in Math on the College Boards Exam DICK CLARK National Merit semi-finalist National H 0 n o r Society Scholarship P r o g r a m- semi-finalist First in the class of 1964 First chair French horn, or- chestra and band WILLIAM WORRALL National Meri! semi-finalist National Council Teachers of English Wyo. winner, 1963-64- Noteworthy Students . NE ig? J Lge A .rm 'A National Honor Society OFFICERS: Sherry Murlinsou, secre- mryg Dick Phillips, president: Brian Barhaugh, vice-presiclem: Dick Clark, treasurer. SENIOR BOYS: Ron Crllfin, Mike Rid- dle, Alan Hobbs, Jim Puckett, Ron Benson. SENIOR GIRLS: Rosemary Tucker, Susan Bishop, Helen Poultu, Ruth Van 'ke. wiv SENIOR GIRLS: Raw I: Vickie Carlen, Diane Mon, Susan Stan. Row 2: Dynnn Vanlleventer, Dinah Harrell, Janie Flack. Row 3: D6'nna Wallwny, Kalhy Jones, Margaret McLennan. lbb .3 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FACUL'l'Y,COMMITTEE: Mrs. Deifeycs, Miss Smith, Mr. Brannan, Mr, Ward, Mr. Brecheisen. SENIOR MEMBERS Richard Clark Sharon Marlinson Richard Phillips Ruth Van Dyke Dinah Harrell Helen Paullu Gary Olson Rosemary Tucker Vickie Carlen Dyann Van Deventer Susan Stan Barbara Thompson Parriria Cummings Diane Mon Brian Iiarhuugh Ronald Griffin ,Iolm Whelan Janie .Io Flack Margaret McLennan Sharon Grant George Collins Cathy Janes William Barrick SENIOR MEMBER .Iohn Raylial. S: Silling: Marcia Michael Riddle James Puckett Donna Wallway Susan Bishop Catherine Anker Kalheryn Calvert Nancy Cooper Robert Currah Marcia Evans .loscph Frizzell William Gardiner John Iloke Riehanl Jackson Frank Kadliek Maxine Marsh Robert Minick Dennis Morris Susan Mictharnmer Sandra Nolhnann Mirhael 0'Brien Shirley Olton Marie Puller David Reese .Iahn Roybal Susan Sturges Dierner True Linda Turner JUNIOR MEMBERS Carole Aeschliina Frank Allen Terry Dames Allen liogart Sylvia Iircelrjern Robert Cypcrr Linda Ellinll Hersha Evans Danna Fons Ruth Ann Floyd Sheri Francis Ronald Fuller Marva Gronberg Bruce Hardy Walter Heath Mary Jo Judgel Gerald Jenkins Barbara .loncs Evans, Linda Turner, Marie Potter. Slunrling: Mike O'Bricn, John Cardin Helen C. .Innes Susan Koford Cheryl Lang Molly Laguire Pamela Martens Laurence Massen Sharon Meclew Dorothea Moore Mary Mormnan Kerry Murphy Iijorn Nilson Cary Parish Gregory Prcuss Ann Ilognslad Martini Rose Robert Reese David Srhilling Scott Sissman Rebecca Stone Ivy Walker Judy Wvhsler Linda Wells James Young Pamela Dodge er, Frank Kadlick, n 1 r J SG!ll0fI,1l'flln right: Gary Parish, Bill Barrick. Erin White, Ken Mt-eve, John Whistnn, Rusty Nichols. Standing, left to right: Mary .lo Hudgcl, Corrine Cole, Ruth Van Dyke, Bjom Nilsen, Ivy Walker, llarhara Jones, Marie Potter, Barbara Sage, Karen Asheraft, Pam Martens, Bob Reese, Connie Wentzel, Alan Hobbs, Dinah Harrell. Frances F. Ft-ris, Sponsor X t fr,, .,,. I C 'li' 't .. 4 5 I A ,gag ,,,,,,, ., K t.. A , t , 1 Us OFFICERS, I4-ft to right: Lnrry Masson, secretary: Heinz Rot-ser, president, Frank Allen, vice-president. Notes on the season of 1963-61: 1962-63 tro- phies went to the following people: Blower cup for interp-Debbe Davis, Deffeyes cup for most points in NFL-Gary Ronrbergg McCann cup for greatest improvelnent-Frank Allen. Meets started off with u Discussion Festival at Cheyenne Central where Alan Hobbs rated su- perior. Annual Casper meet came on December 9 with 21 Wyoming schools in attendance. Dr. Patrick Marsh of the University conducted a workshop for teachers and students in debate. oratory, and extemp. lb8 Meets in Sheridan nt the College, Rapid City, Spenrfish, Sundance, Buffalo, Denver University, and Cheyenne brought in trophies in B Debate, A De- bate, and Original Oratory plus yards of ribbons for superiors and excellences. During the last of Feb- ruary the Northeast District Speech meet was lleld in Casper with nine schools in attendance. Casper qualified in' the following events for the State Tour- ney: six debating teams, three dramatic interpreters, three humorous readers, two discussers, one poetry interpreter, and two extempors. Judges came from Eastern Montana College and from Black Hills Teachers Col- lege. As the MUSTANG went to press hopes were ltiglt for winners at the State and at the NFL. District, plus u faint hope for an entrant or two in the Nationals in Akron. Ohio. in June-entrants to bring hack to Casper the Tau Kappa Alplia trophy for most rounds in National meets. 1963 Sweepstul-ces, BHTCg second in A debate, Denver Uni.: B Debate, Rapid City: first in oratory tAlan Hohbsl, Spenrfislt: A debate, Spearfislx. Standing, left la right: Pete Banta, Holly ItIcKerral, Julie Voting, Karen Luond, giarenlifloiers, Randy Hunter. Sented, left to righlf Rae Marie Mclleynolds, ante ac '. Jim Riddle attending Denver University Sum- N mer Speech Institute, if 19435 took part in debate and discussion for two yearsg moved to Evans- ton, Illinois. 'Zigi' 11 I' -Bonnie Berry .1Ierrin1mzfMirh1cl The NCHS Players Winter Production OFFICERS, left In right, sealed: Sue Sturges, vicevprcsiclentg Louise Porter, treasurer: LeeAnn Nielson, board of directorsg Arlene Benz, social chairman. Slanding: Bill Wilkenson, board of directors: Dennis Dunwoody, secretary: Pele Emmons, clerk: Al Estes, president. Sponsors Knot shownl John F. Welsh, assisted by Jay Brecheisen and Anne Blower. National Thespian Socie- ty is nn educational honor and service organization of teach- ers and students, established for the advancement of dra- matic arts. During 1964 the group presented two plays- ulmportance of Being Earnest" and "Brigadoon." Thespians National Thespians Norleen Wingerter presented to Al Estes lBotlon1D in "Midsummer Nig,hl's Dream," the Oscar for best actor of 1962-63. also held their annual Spot- light Dinner where acting awards were presented and new officers were introduced. On February 10, 11, and 12 birthday songs and birthday cakes marked the 35th birth- day of National Troupe I, NCHS. The stage became a bountiful, beauti- ful banquet hall for Lhe Spotlight Din- ner. Added The official f I e Cnspcr Dia mond Jubilee Designed b Hill A ison He received u S25 Savin gs Bond Honors McCann T ro ph y- Frunk Allen rccvived the award for the stu- denl who pmgxcssed the most in spcerh dur- ing the year. I -4 NCAA AWARDS: Tina Sunnne-rfurd, Belle Culusha, Nina M1-Daniel. Dcffcyes Trophy -Gary Rombcrg received the nwnrd for lmving the most N.F.L. points. l73 .5 i i U V' 2, F Y" Q. A Kuna 5. 54 ., f DR'-.1 Nl F35 ,- , irlsl' , 14 Roll: ' Y, .' Q . xg , 0? X ,ff pw, 1" v. ug: '- ME lv , v ' , ij' ,. A 'V -in ' ' k HNfx'X.'f.-X'- X , Nh xx , ',' "1-vu. 5 Y Xxyb ,gen . -4' . i 'A X 14 sf ' Q l W if 5 Qi, ' J usa- I IV Tax, I Hia Y is 'wx Q ,S ET '.-.W 'G' 3.7. . 7.7-fig , ? 4, 1 W -'QL' - ,, , 'aff fy .- K 5: ,,,,.,. M Q V, I J F '4 -f :- ,,,g: 1,4781-.,,.-g435.g 4 , Lj, ,,"Sfz af' I f , , .4 ' " ' iffi EHEJF3' 1' 5. . . J. f!f-! A 1 I 1 ' ' ff ,- 1. ,' . .. , ,-' 3".,' - 1 rfii, '54 U " , it -l "ff" A. 'Ilia ' l A wilt? Q Ear- .L I- z., 7 'V 47 1 -- .QP ' ' L, ? 11 ' I ' - , . '- 3' if 1 V-4' v All, f 4 f :':f'f'p -iw ,K 'uf - - , 2 3-'ff' ' , 4 ' ' f , it ' W ii V? - 1 ,4 f 2 ig- :A 1 1' rf g g - " fy av 5' t 'T 0' - - I . Q V ' ' f , 1 if - , ix I V Q A - r 1 1' - .-x. ' 1,9 ' F ,. 7' " ' . f if sf- ff " W H f"' andthe A "These things are'.toll3eigloeked1to 'inha ' building: that it stand on the rightispotg that A ' it be securely founded? thatryit he Successfully executed." . ,I - , ' , ' ' W ' - '...GOETHE.- Firms listed on the following pages are owned and operated by people who take interest in Natrona County High School. They have served us satisfactorily for many years and they value the students' Patronage. To show your appreciationi trade with these people and their businesses whenever possible, V V ' el 117 I ,. w ' 'f 5. K 1 Q 1 0 ,. 1 f f -' F' ' f L ef o A Q W' - -F el . QQ 14 S va f or QQ. to 14 5' Q K we . W 'wily' W ' , fum. .,,g , . 1 V .- K - Q Q ' ' v I s, 'W' c O L a 9 I , 1 w ' o w W A ' f n 23:5 , 5 i 4 , A , fs ,. , K' " f h K QL 'Q K -if fy bf A " 1 X K Y F .' ' ,If gg-1 ' 1 3 ff 2? 0 0 0 ,j, Wi J 7 ff' X v 3 1 5 I0 3 wa Q ' ar l 'S 4 ' C5spef'i ' OIJEs+ 0 f- m Business xlnsfituiion, - my AA' I 'S' -. Esfablished l889 K ,for CQMPIQETE Blankingf SerVice al 04 ?Sou'Hi MWafCoHxl" get Ca5per,,iyYy0:p1in9 ,gf K Q.. L N., .,r, 6 cv 'Q Bw at 'B 'aw K iff. 1:52 1 Q ll 'w Q 2 Q i ., .. . . 2 3 2 3 5 i 5 S . . . i 5 5 2 SE .. 5 1? . z 2 'Q J 5 i 5 Y 2 2 3 s . , . Ir f 4 3 Q 8 i Q 1 5 J 5 i if :S ,Q ii .1 M: Q.. W. :M .vw PM mf -.W au-mn 11- ' mum mf up +. INSURANCES SERVICES, INC. I P.O. Box 867 - II9 E. Firsi' Sf. - Casper, Wyoming DON BURGESS "Mn Insurance" Congrafs 'Io Class of '64 V Y Y 5 Ann Engle 'Iries on a ring shown Io her by one of Ihe McCANN'S I02 E. Second 237-822I clerks an EL MARK-0 LAN ES Wyoming's Finesi 2800 CY Ave. CASPER. WYOMING s "Bowling Fnvorife for AII E of ' Casper" e A TALENTED PAIR I ! ! Benuiiful Girl: -- Carol Van Scoy. Fufure Secrelary and is in Libya, Africa because of a fransfer since Ilwe beginning of line year. Beautiful Ranga: - A Modern Jef Age Space Age Auromaiic Caloric Gas Range. FasI'-CooI- Clean-Economical. A beaufy Io possess. NORTHERN UTILITIES, INC. "Your Gas Company" Ona of Ihs Culligan service employees prepares for anolher clay of dependable service given lo fha people of Casper by CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE 255 Norflv Wolcoi-I Casper, Wyoming PARADISE VALLEY SUPERETTE 40I Valley Drive 234-0674 NOLAN CHEVROLET COMPANY 3:22 5. David Casper, Wyo. "A qualify produci from a qualiiy dealer." 1 Eli Annehe Campbell admires one of the high qualify and Iow cos? Chevrolafs found af NoIan's CENTRAL WYOMING'S BAN KING HEADQUARTERS TH E WYOMING 'NATIONAL BANK OF CASPER Picture of the new Wyoming 'Naiional Bank which is now under consiruciion. "YOUR FRIENDLY HOME-OWNED BANK" Mmm mighiy g d BII1 p dulf ARDEN'S MEADOW GOLD DAIRY ' I048 Eas+ "C" Casper, Wyoming Tillie Ann Goodrich 'finds fhaf anyone can be Prefly as a Piciure HARRIS FURNITURE if 'laken ai' B818 STUDIO . . . INTERIORS I527 E. Second Casper, Wyoming H3 S' Durbin 2344577 DEAR ca-RADS - is Congra-is and 'Q ix nfl Thanx 'For Everyihing. f f" Y0u'y-S Wiil-1 Love ",,1'Q,g."L"ii 541,519 , I , 6. land Music, Toolj iaqfaixggna .19 - Nik'-4:-ffj'f'I FREE DELIVERY nm H! . . 'Fm Call 3-9393 Nigh+ Phone 2-8720 I7l0 5. POPLAR REX'S IN 8: OUT Three Blocks East of ihe Posf Office Telephone 234-0353 "We do our basl io please YOU" Linda Sfevenson. Trudy Connell. Judy Parker. end Susan Ellis greel wiih u smile and prompf service ilwe cusfomsrs al REX'S. THE CLARE AGENCY REALTORS 300 Valley Drive Casper, Wyoming Now Developing: Paradise Valley Ceniral Wyoming's Finesi' Resideniial Area Meei- Your Friends ai' TRIPENY'S INSURANCE 8: Drug and Jewelry Company LOAN AGENCY 24l Soufh Cenler Is' S' Lincoln Ph. 237-B649 CASPER. WYOMING hotfrihop Q i b MUDEZC ef' Ponrmuruns mg by 7Cen ,cf we Wyornings Only Masier of PI'oI"9"'PI'Y Congra+uIa+ions Seniors We Have Appreciaied Your Paironage for 22 Years. DIAL 235-I723 I36 S. CENTER WIKI.. KKK , , 'II LSB U S EI-A E4 Dr - I Ke I S ' 5 If-x. AA I2 ' V. W1 - :if- fmme AM' cm mm ,, , I A 1"1,W , 1- I Mr' ' . A fr 'MIIILI-WI ' cAsP:n. WYOMING. W,v. ,,., , .,4, w--r Innova o NATIONAL SELECIED MOIYIICIANS C A :Nut AT SMU-'Cl 5YllET mu ,...1 . WOLFORD'S "Casper's Largesi Family Shoe SI'ore" - Resideniial - Indusirial Phone 234-9393 "" ' Commerclal Properiy Managemem' E I I 1 HF Insurance xg- 5II EAST SECOND CASPER WYOMING 5 . .J L, . ,-- du., . A, -- - .' I E E : :- E "Qi ' . A . -K 2 1 '- ' .www '1"'- 'JQY ' .J IIA' ' 'abil 11 - E. .. -r -.4'.1'E..-- ' 1 ff- -' - -E-. . A . Mnrlha Carier and Renae Osback admire 'Phe fine cloihes and fall: wilh one of 'lhs clerics cf KLINES Wesfridge Village Shopping Cenler and Downfown I47 Easf Second HUFFMAN'S STANDARD SERVICE - Lubricaiion - Washing - - Aflas Tires and Accessories - i008 EAST 2ncl STREET PH.: 234-964i snvww i fa RESTAURANT WESTRIDGE VILLAGE OTTO O. BENNETT PHONE 237-2489 CASPER, WYOMING COLISEUM MOTOR CO. For The fines? in New and Used Cars, and Trucks DODGE, CHRYSLER, IMPERIAL. DODGE TRUCKS, Paris and Service l3l Easf Fiffh Ph. 237-849l Congratulations to Class of 1964 J. A. WAATTI MAP CO. l05 Norlh Cenier Casper, Wyoming Tomorrow's Homemakers Know Cooking's a "SNAP" If ii's ELECTRIC PACIFIC POWER 81 LIGHT COMPANY discovers llie loy and fun while cooking on ihe new elsclric range she is using. ONE HOUR SERVICE TROY LAUNDRY Nafional adveriised Sani-lone dry cleaning ' walk-up or drive-in windows ' ample free parking ' pick up and delivery service 328 Nor+h Durbin PHONE 234-l597 CASPER. WYOMING BLUE BIRD STORE Open 7 Days a Week 7 A.M. +o I A.M. PHONE 237-3802 Groceries - Meds 544 SO. CENTER - CASPER. WYO. "Round Hue Clock Phone Service 234-2242 H02 Easi' Second Slreef FLOWER MART B 'lpn Complefe 9 ag Floral 4 RX Service Ya F.T.D. Fl ' Worild Wids Dsilidry -or ' GUARANTEED THE TWEED INSURANCE AGENCY I43 NORTH KIMBALL CASPER. WYOMING Your dollar buys more al' your WALGREEN'S DRUG STORE ' Drugs Wilh a Repulalion , Dependable PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 200 Soulh Cenier PHONE 234-2l82 Guy Tweed Albert E. Tweed Jock PadgeH This snlhusiaslic smile from Pam Miles expresses the sheer delight in typing on Ihp New Royal Manual Iypewriler. MILES BUSINESS MACHINES 619 EAST sEcoNo meer Phono: 23-7-2316 CASPER, WYOMING dlstmbutor of products Alvirina Walers admires Ilxe beeuliful coals from Kessis. ix RU KAssls DOWNTOWN HILLTOP SHOPPING CENTER WORLD'S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF TYPEWRITERS .rg , 5 . . 2 X . . ., 2g ll . I H -aff? ilgwxnljsz Y ' V Egpyli Wir. ' v fa sg K' :fi ' F, 3.x 4332 1 , .ska m f . fx ' i f V ,I .,Lg1g:il,,.k?vLf.m:i 1 7 -"IL" f'fz,.-f"ff1'j 'M gzip '-Inc?-1.1 fgwgggze 'Q e w Vi ggi iff-v E- Az.. . 'ygiffxwiflal 1 L, Q 45,0 .fg1,4,.'f .4 Wu? . 3' ve 11' ill mm... 5 'YH , . A ,',..25.,,,PQ Complimenfs of R. A. "BOB" BAILEY Insurance and Loans PH. 234-7l98 P.O. Box 653 l23 No. Beech Casper. Wyoming JUST ONE STOP for all HOME IMPROVEMENTS BESTWAY BUILDING CENTER 25l N. Beech 237-2575 H, Pays +0 Qu Tllracfivs clerk shows rhs beauliful silverware al The y slore. al Th F' SI' ef AYRES-MCMU LLIN eHer Ouallfy Lower Prices CO. ll8 Easl 2ncI Casper, Wyoming ALBERTSON'S SUPER MARKETS ' BRANEN'S Fooo MARKET AND BAKERY Wesiridge . . . Down+own . . . Hillfop Featuring U S D A Choice Agecl 'nd ' 'sflei Top Qualify Fruils and Vegetables "The" Downfown S1-ore Dacoraled Cakes for Special Occasions ' L ner. wv '7 PETROLEUM IS A GROWING INDUSTRY MOBILE OIL CO. ' ,Ss F T1 .0 VISIT TUE I 22 L 'I MAP'-E I-IAF SHOP Congrafulaiions 'Io , 0352117 N. , . , camping Lines ommapu An of You on Y , , - Aemsmea Anoiher Milesfone K: .I N :L ...., ... K t in ILLI 5- I I Il McCUNE'S TExAco Eurnitupg Qljg, 245 E, Railroad "D0wn the Hill from the High Prices" Have Fun af PLYMOUTH CENTER Midwesi' a+ Ash NAGEL MOTORS COMPANY ' 994 Easi- A Casper, Wyoming S Slurges sho her delighl while l g ei. is erulcmsfngl V.. .,. ns-an FRED'S TOWN 81 COUNTRY STORE 81 DRUG Sforez Phone 234-6406 Drugs: Phone 237-7737 I905 CY Avenue Casper, Wyoming g l help These courteous clerks are always willin o y l APPLIANCE SERVICE 8: SUPPLY COMPANY ANNE AND DICK BLOWER 606 E. Railroad 234-9Il4 1 Thelma Cheek demonslreles lhe modern facilities available at llwe Skyline Molel. Enioy Your Slay in Casper al' THE SKYLINE MOTEL 2037 CY Avenue Casper. Wyoming JO TUMA DRAPERY CONSULTANT Lgguafeaxk Z. .WM fra ggzyllciffa lo ah milf yiauhwd KM WA. -:os wzsr B smear PHONE CASPER, WYOMING 234.1443 www FOR MEN mo YOUNG MEN 1-mu cum .wmv FORMERLY STEVE FLOWERS Ron Benson enioys just looking around el Slyle House. Lucy Persons finds enioymenl while sealed al one of llie pianos in her fallwefs slore. LES PARSON'S MUSIC COMPANY l20 Easi 51-ll Casper. WY0mlf'9 355 Wesl Yellowslone Hwy. Casper, Wyo. TRIPENY MOTORS Ters Ellen Fuller shows her delighl while she sifs in one of Tripeny's '64 beaulies, JET CLEANERS Casper's Fine, Fasf Service Cleaners and Shirl Laundry WISHES THE BEST 'io +l'Ie Grads of l963 860 CY Avenue Ph. 237-7558 CASPER. WYOMING The K LINOLEUM and CARPET STUDIO I42-44 Scuih Durbin Casper, Wyoming MAKE YOUR HOME Trailer Supplies Trailer Service Trailer Furnifure COMPLETE FAY PEEBLES ilbhggg TRAILER SALES CQVMYQQEY .?J?5ZLl'?..'3ZTEl3l12'2f,L,,5TlliZf,vI'Q'l'2'252.lii 50' W- Yellvwshwe el' II1 if for fhe Builder KELTNER Casper' WYO- PHONE 236-6655 zo., W, B C,,,,e,, Wy., PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY FAY PEEIaI.Es l35 W. 91h Casper, Wyo. Ownglzggager MEL COLLIER MOTORS Complimenfs of J METCALF'S ACE HARDWARE 323 S. Cenier 235-5493 CASPER, WYOMING Comer of Firsi and Parlr. CASPER. WYOMING ,f iii-Efilikii-G fi i mirami 2-few If Your Body is Beer up and Benl' Take if io ihe Besl Car Doclor FISCHER'S BODY SHOP 223 North Durbin Ph. 237-8467 ROUND-UP STORE . . . MT. VIEW Where you save on every purchase STORE HOURS Wuldays B a.m. - 7 p.m. Sundays 9 n.m. - 7 p,m. 234-5584 Shop FREE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY Downtown 14' f., i-A-'ivir"l' ,, E Greater QW". C32 Selection . ' We SS I . A, 0 ,f 1 'L i ' 1 1. v O 94,2 sh" ' DRUG SI I ' Bi-Rite ' ' for . Greater UIT South Cnntlr . . . Caspar, Wyoming. V""' ri-ioN: 237-8457 CASPER LUMBER, INC. 404 Easf Railroad Your Lumber Number 237-2545 ll'lb These irucks deliver fresh and fasfy Cook's Pofalo Flakes fo your favorite store. COOK'S POTATO FLAKE MFG. CO. l5I0 E. "C" Casper, Wyoming W rve all of your Ievorile flavors in mall I-I I: s. and L Porhar displays some of Ihe aitraclive clofhes I1 In Ifered at her parsnis sIore. MOUNTAIN STATES LITHOGRAPHING CO. 234-9325 I33 Souih McKinley Priniing - Lifhographing Office Supplies POR'I'ER'S QUALITY SHOP 227 Easf Firsl CASPER, WYOMING TASTEE-FREEZ DRIVE-IN 7II Easi' Railroad Ave. Gasper, Wyoming s.sae Diane Mori sfands in front of one of 'Ihe display cases ar SPINNING WHEEL I34 SouI'I1 Cenler Casper, Wyoming fha l24 N. WoIi:o+'r CASPER. WYOMING POMCO Susie Niethammer shops around in Il1e Pomco Sfore. ' ,ft woo esusnso in eurniurecomoras ai' WeIsI1's. WELSH FURNITURE I20 Soufh Durbin Casper, Wyoming TOWN AND COUNTRY PHARMACY I944 CY 235-3I I8 "Your Healih Is Our Business" ONLY THE FINEST FOODS IN TOWN CAN BE FOUND AT THE WESTERN GRILL 223 Easi YeIIows+one Highway THE CASPER TRIBUNE an CASPER MORNING STAR Easf Isf and Jefferson 237-845I Salufe Ihe AII-Shaiers Dick Phillips and Diemer True, aII-sfaiers. PHONE 234-706I KISTLER SPORTING GOODS 81 SPORTSWEAR WALT MISSEL 245 So. Cenfer, Casper, Wyo. Phone 234-25I5 Spnrfswear by JANTZEN - WHITE STAG - PENDLETON Spuriing Goods by SPALDING - WILSON - McGREGOR 229 Easf lsl 234-6973 I l I A ., 4 BROADBENT AND HEALY MUSIC CO. ' Baldwin, Pianos and Organs Everyfhing by RCA Vicfor, King i ' Selmer, Marlin and Renolds Band lnsf. ' ' FLOWERS BY cLAuoiA Specializing in Arrangemenis for Weddings, Funerals, Banquefs, Pariies. Bridal Consul+anf. We Phone Flowers Coasi' +o Coasi as a Member of National Florisf Diredory. CLAUDIA MAPES LEFERINK. Owner Dial 235-666i 4I4 Easi 2nd Sfreei .q5,,,., . ,,. r. ,,,. ,,. 4- fm . n , if 1 , - ,wiv V :Awe :fir-LEX 1 el, ,,,,-f- -1.3! ,Jerk is ,f fy, l CALVERT'S TEXACO SERVICE HALL'S BEAUTY SCHOOL CY and Poplar Casper, Wyoming 220 Souih David 235-l223 234-527l , . . A Congratulations From THE Gladstone HOTEL IO4 NO. CENTER IN CASPER, WYOMING Francas Turner. N.C.H.S. student shows the fine qualify Some of the best baking products in town are found t of clothes found at TOWER SHOP BUNNY BAKERY l24 50Ul'l1 Wolcott Ca5Pel'- WY0mln9 Box 487 Mountain View Addn E . MARSHALL'S WEST-SIDE DRIVE-INN l904 Jim Briclger Ave. CASPER, WYOMING 232 Easl 2nd Casper, Wyoming MONTGOMERY WARD 81 COMPANY il Q w Kalluy Anderson admires one of the pieces of iswelry found al OKES JEWELRY Hillfop Shopping Cenier Wesfriclge Village Try HORN DRUG STORES firsl for School Supplies, Cosmeiics, Gills - Prescripfions - Founfain Service - Plmoio Supplies Your Rexall Drug Slores ln Casper Downlown - Hilllop - Sunrise - Wesfriclge E 1 Y 3 . 'N HALLOCK'S HANDY PAINT STORE Benjamin Moore Painfs Wallpaper 6Il Wes? Railroad 234-6454 FREE PARKING Barbara Campbell fries a Iypewrifer from one of Ihe many fine fypewrilers Iound I a McDONALD'S . . . 2877 E. 2nd Look -For fhe Golden Arches Open Year 'Round II A.M. Io Il P.M. WYOMING STATIONERY Iso Sou+h WoIcoH Casper, wyoming HORSTMAN MEMORIAL CHAPEL "when Your Need is Ihe erea+eS+" no E. zna Casper. Wye. ROBERT'S HOUSE OF BEAUTY 8I8 Wesl I5+h Slreer Casper, Wyoming ROBERT L. RICE. Manager "6 operarors, Ilb service +ime" WESTRIDGE BAKERY Wesiridge Village Casper, Wyoming Home of Old Fashioned Bread Fine Paslries - Decoraied Cakes Homemade Cookies KNITTING NOOK Domesfic and Imporled Yarns - KniH-ing Machines - Speed-O-Knil' and Duoma+ic 653 CY Ave. 234-0I7I 'bf j16M21OOK SHOP ODD FELLOW BUILDING I36 SOUTH WOLCOTT moms 237-7451 cAsPsn. wvommc "Boch lea :qu 7a4fa4" Who wouldn'i like one of ihose I964 Oldsmobiles found af . . . SHEPHERD MOTOR COMPANY 3520 Easi Yellowsfone Highway Casper. Wyoming i if , .OV. ,.'l11 , + QL SMOBILE 'vires TRUCKS J cl: Hart shows one of The smnrl suii siyles he helps sell af HARRY YESNESS Downiown Casper's Siore for Men and Young Men I33 S. Cenier Casper, Wyoming BAILEY SCHOOL SUPPLY 5l5 Wesi Railroad Avenue Casper, Wyoming "Your Comple+e Building Cen'ler" THE BUILDERS MART 665 Soufh Walnuf Casper. Wyoming 234-3545 ? Q64 .9l'L5LLl'allC2 .!dgellCy "The Agency That Service Built" Phone 234-9155 4206 So. Poplar - P. 0. Box 1786 CASPER, WYOMING I637 Easi' Yellowsione 235-273I PHTSBURG-DES MOINES STEEL CO. Sieel Disfribuiors sfeel fabricafors sieel erec 1 ors Wesfridge Village Shopping Cenfer wssmose sr-noe AND CLOTHING. INC. '52 N' Cm' We' h + P+ E F + A P f' aspen Wycmmg S oes o n very oo an re erence Can Always be Found . . . Jeanie Peach and Dyann VanDevenfer look ui some of ihe Sharon Longpre finds infaresf in the many services offered merchandise found af W. S. gr C. df THIS SGYWCBV IHC- I 5lh Community Television Exlends Their Hearliesl Congralulalions 'ro lhe Class of '64 Educafion is Your Key fo Alfainmenl Communily T.V. is Your Key lo Enlerlainmenl COMMUNITY TELEVISION SYSTEM WYO. A Division of Wenfranics, Inc. "Tha place lhaf suils lhe 'l'raveIer's lnsle. and TRIANGLE MOTEL Popular Casp er, Wyo. Potronize These Merchants Nancy Keele shoes some of the line flowers 'Io be found al KEEFE'S FLOWERS Dislinclive Floral Arrangemenls for All Occasions PROVIDENT FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF CASPER 726 S. WOLCOTT - Shop for All Your Sporling Needs al HILLTOP SPORT 8: TOY WESTRIDGE SPORT SHOP Bill Sweeny Qperales one of the reproduction machines These girls find some smart Ioolting luggage sold at ai Title Guaranly TITLE GUARANTY COMPANY WIGGINS SHOE SHOP OF WYOMING 532 Soulh Cenfer Casper, Wyo. I20 Easl 2nd 23-55I9I Aaneslad. Duane Dean, 87 Ahtve, Albert, 87 Adamson, Ruhert John, 87 Allen. James David, 87, 150 Allen. Perry A., 87 Altnp, Lauri-Ita Rae, 87 Amend:-, Dorothy G., 87 Anderson, Betty Lou, 87, 125 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson, Antlvrsnn, Anderson, Anderson, David, 112 Elena G., 87 . James Richard, 87, 152 John Rivltard, 87 Kathleen, B7 Marilyn Kay. 87, 11-I Phyllis Jane, 87 Richard, 112 Sandra Gaye, 87, 95, 164 Anksr. Catherine Cami, 87, 130, 133 Annis, Dell Mark, 87 Annis. Lurinda Mae, 87 Arnatt, Gillian Rose, 87, 118 Asha-raft, Karen Fem, 39, -10, 87, 118, 168 Atkins, 1'amt-Ia Jane, 112 Atkins. Sandra T., no picture Senior Index Atkins, Sherry Lynn, 87 Baker, Carl Leroy, 87 Baker, George Edward, 87 Baker, .John E., 87, 174 Baldwin, Patricia Ann, 87 Barhaugh, Brian Eric, 8, 39, 88, 131, 1-12, goo Barlow, David Lewis, 88 Barrick, William Dennis, 88, 174 Barritl, Jalnie Katherine, 88 11011. .lnhn Richard, 813 Benesh, Clairene Ann, 88 114,-nn:-It, Norene Kay, 88 Benson, Ronald Hugh, 88, 143, 1 166, 193 Bt-ntley, John Frank, no picture Benz. Arlene Roberta, 88, 172 Berg, Myra Ellen, 88 Berg, Vivian Rue, 88 Bergman, Penny Jean, 88 Berry, Bonnie Lee, 88, 171 Berlagnole, Richard F., 88 Best, Judy Jean, 88 Best, Pricilla Hamilton, no pictu Bilyeu, Cary Lee, 88 54, 156, re Binfet, Elaine, 88 Bishop, L. Douglas, no picture Bishop, James Lee, 88 Bishop, Susan Leigh, 8, 88, 166 Blazek, Mary Anna, 88 Borlnnnnn, Ellen Caroline, 88 Bollcs, Bill Joe, 88 Bollin, Sandra Irene, 89 Bostwick, Bayle Wayne, 89 Bowcutt, Robert Earl, 89 Boyles, Tlromns Hnwartl, 89 Boylcs, Wesley Jefferson, 89 Brady, Patrick, 89 Brninarrl, Lawrenve Leroy, no picture Brandt, Edward Ray, 89 Branson, Thomas Lee, 89 Brewer, Sandra Jean, 89 Brock, James Arthur, 89 Bronillette, .lohn L., B9 Brouillettl,-, Larry, 40, 86, B9 Brower, David Andrew, 89 Brown, Douglas Keith, 89, 114 Brown, Suzanne Grace, 89 Brubaker, Harry H., 89, 160 205 Brunette, Judy Dianne, 89 Brusaw, James William, Jr., 89 Bryan, Dan Floyd, B9 Buchanan, Jams Terry, 89 Bucher, Ron, 112 Buck, Richard Lynn, 89 Bundy, David Allen, 89 Burback, Harry L11 Vern, 90 Burgess, Rebecca Jane, 90 Burke, Daniel Martin, 112, 134 Burkhart, Robert Lee, 90 Burleigh, Theresa Irene, 90 llumett. Barbara Sue, 90, 125 Burnham, David Earl,-90, 106 Burns, Robert Logan, 90, 128 Butcher, Dean Arnold, 90 Bulscher, Charlene Ann, 90, 170 Byer, Judy Jean, 90 Byer, Sandra N., 91 Byers. Jerry Duane, 91 Calvert, Kathryn Annette, 42, 91 Camp, Carl Laverne, 91 Camp, Cooper, 126 Campbell, Annette M., 91, 182 Campbell, Barbara Lucille, 91, 114, 201 Campbell, Susan Louise, no picture Carata, Rose Marie, 91 Carlen, Vickie Lynn, 91, 166 Carman, Verna DeLoy fTohyl, 91 Carpenter, Pamela Sue, 91, 130 Carr, Don Michel, 91 Casteel, John Charles, 91 Castcllaw, Alberta Faye, 91 Chandler. Leroy Fredrick, no picture Chase, Alan Bradford, 91 Chase, William Delbert, Jr., 91 Cheek, Thelma Ann, 91, 193 Cheraott, Vemon Edwin, 91, 97, 142, 144. 15 Childers, Clifford W., no picture Childers, Jerry Robert Choycski, Frank D., 91 Clapp, Gary Eugene, 91 Clark, tttuyoett tray, 91 Clark, Mary Patricia, 91 Clark, Patricia Mae, 91 Clark, Richard Douglas, 91, 165, 166 Coizbe, Patricia Louise, 91 Clouse, Susan Jane, 91 Coleman, Donald Lee, 15, 92 Collins, George Timothy, 92 Combs, Wenono Annette, 92 Connell, Trudy Sue, 41, 92, 147, 148, 158, 134 Converse, Edward Sheppard, 92 Cooper, Nancy B., 92, 125 Cordova, Fanette Louise, 92 Corrigan, Gloria Marvel, 92, 125, 137, 139 206 Corson, Elaine Marie, 92, 132, 133 Courier, Peggy Anne, 92 Cowie, .loan Carol, 92 Cowie, John Calvin, 92, 160 Cox, Neal Albert, 112 Coyne, John, 92 Crawford, Sharon Kay, 92 Cresswell, Barbara Ann, 92, 121 Crocker, Stephen Skirrow, 92 Crone, Gregory Douglas, 15, 92 Cronen, Richard Wayne, 92, 170 Cronin, Michael Paul, 92 Crow, Leonard Lee, 92 Crump, Anita Lynn, 92 Cummings, Patricia Ann, 92 Candy, Henry C., 92 Cttrrah, Robert Mitchell, 39, 93, 160 Currence, Linda Ann, 93 Curtis, Karen Jean, 93, 126 Dalgamo, Sharol Lynn, 93, 125 Dana, Darlene Marie, 93 Danigan, Danny Paul, 93, 106 Davis, Daniel Thomas, no picture Davis, David Lyle, 112 Davis, John Douglas, 112, 148 DeLong, Diane, 93 Dickerruan, Russell Brent, no picture Dill, Macbnel J., 93, 154, 156 Dillman, Vonnie Jane, 93 Dlugosh, Mary Frances, 93, 119 Downing, Kathrynn Lynn, 93 Dry, Ronald Curtiss, 93 Dunn, Sheala Ann, 93 Dyer, Frances Kay, 93 Eads, Robert Duane, 93 Edwards, Bary Clifton, 93 Eggert, Martin Louis, 93 Ekis, Diana Kaye, 93 Ellis, Susan Virginia, 93, 184 Elmer, William Nixon, no picture Elrod, Ronald Howard, 93 Emmons, Williant Edward, 15, 93, 172 Engle, Anne Louise, 93, 133, 180 lfktes, Allan A., 93, 170, 172 Evans, Daryl Paul, 86, 94, 148 Evans, Marcia Linn, 94, 167, 174 Farrell, Karen Lee, 94 Flack, Janie Jo, 42, 94, 122, 166, 169 Ford, Dale Louis, 94 Forgey, Ronnie Lee, 94 Forsberg, Douglas Ray, 94 Fostmeier, Gary Lynn, 94 Fowler, Elizabeth Anne, 8, 94 Frady, Rom Dee, 94- Frazier, Ferrin R., H, 94 Fredrick, Dennis James, no picture Freeman, Lynn E., 94, 124 Frizzell, Joseph Anthony, 94 Fusselntan, Van Burdette, 94, 142 Galbreath, Patricia Jean, 94 Gallegos, Sandra Lee, 94 Galusha, Betty Lorraine, 94, 173 Galusha, Ronald Leroy, 94 Gardiner, Williant John III, 94, 167 Gardner. John Richard, no piclurc Gamer, Gail Ann, 94 Garrett, Kathryna Melody, 94, 126 Garrett, Peter Henry, 94 Geltrett, Judith Blanche, 94 Gibbons, Richard J times, 94, 142, 148, 154 Gibson, Diana M., 95 Giddings, Asltley Ann, 95 Gillutn, Forrest Earl, 95 Goodrich, Richard Jay, 113 Goodrich, Tillie Ann, 95, 183 Gordon, Eric, 112, 127 Green, Lee Roy, 95 Green, Thomas Reed, no picture Grieve, Iatetitia M., 95 Grieve, Robert John, 95 Griffin, Connie, 95 Griffin, Ronald William, 95, 166, 174 Grovum, Charles H., 95 Guffey, Patricia, 96 Hall, David Gray, 96, 121, 160 Halverson, Ellen L., 96 Halverson, Susan. 96 Hamilton, Charles Ray, 96, 114 Hammond, Edward J., 96 Hancock, Joan Kay, 96, 110 Hanson, Delvena Irene, no picture Hartson, Oliver Joltn, 96 Harden, Curt, 112 Harlow, Gary Wade, 96, 128 Htgtggll, Dinah Jan, 42, 96, 139, 166, 174, Harrison, Clifford Raymond, 96 Hart, .lack Leach, 15, 96, 202 Hedrick, Constance Ardyes, no picture Henley, John C., 1V, 96 Heppe, Peter Jensen, 96, 142 Hildebrand, Diana L., 96, 125 Hill, Tawny Arlee, 96 Hines, Don Grant, no picture Hink, Ronald, 112 Hobbs, Alan Lawrence, 96, 113, 127, 166, 168, 169 Hobza, ,loan Marjorie, 96 Hoffman, Barbara Ann, 96 Hogg, Patrick Gail, 96 HOSUC, MBU' June, 96 Hoke, John L., 96, 118 Hoover, Dianna Ann, 96 Hoover, Katherine S., 8, 12, 41, 96, 125, 13 133, 147, 1441 2. Hopkins, John Paul, 112 Howard, Robert Lee, 96 Huber, Harold Stewart, 97 Humberson, Sharon Maxine, 97 Humphrey, Richard, 97 Hutchison, Toni Lynn, 97 Iannoli, Grace Catherine, 97 lde, Larry 1.aVcrn, 97 Imes, Larry, 97 Jack, Wilma C., 97 Jackson, Cathy Charlene, 97 Jackson, Judy Ann, 97 Jackson, Patricia A., 98 Jackson, Richard Lynn, 98, 142, 150 Jacques, Janne Jill, 98 Jacqut, .lon Frank, 98, 162 Jensen, Nadine, 112 Jensen, Vicki Lynn, 98, 124 Johnson, Barbara Ann, 98, 120 Johnson, Karen Kay, 98 Johnson, Sharon Kay, 112 Jones, Cathleen Ann, 98, 166 Jones, Richard H., 98 Jordan, Wendell Paul, 98 Joslyn, Jacqueline Lee, 98 Julian, Sharon F., 98 Kadlick, Frank Forrest, 98, 167 Kelly, Charles G., no picture Kern, William Alexander, 98 Kimble, Janice Marie, 98, 123, 164 King, Chauncey Douglas, 98 King, James Ronald, 98 Kiser, Lorna D., 9B Knapp, Vicki Kay, 98 Kengsberg, Robert M., 98 Krasovetz, Steven, 98, 114 Laatsch, Martin R., Jr., 98, 162, 174 Laird, Dallas Jay, 98, 137 Lallatin, Linda, 98 Lamont. Gregory Harold, 8, 86, 98, 142, 144, 145, 154 Landess, James Bernard, 99, 127 Lange, Sandra Lee, 99 Lansford, Stephen Ray, 99 Lay, ctfafiaaeo., ua Layton, Gregory Clay, 99 Leach, Karen Jo, 99 Lee, Forest V., no picture Lee, Hardy Bert, Jr., 99 Lee, Judy Lane, 99 Lee, Robert Edward, no picture hee, Ronald Lewis, 99 Leggett, Judith Lynn, 99, 129, 136, 164 Lenhart, Shnrilyn Jean, 99 Leslie, John Everett, 99 Lewallen, Robert Dale, 99, 162 Lewis, Cheryl Ann, 99 Link, Anita Louise, 99 Lockwood, Sharon Sue, 99, 123 Lolink, Rutlteda Jean, 99 Long, Donald James, 99 Longpre, Sharon Ann, 43, 99, 203 Lopez, Marjorie Brances, 99 Lorenz, Lee Ann, no picture Lorimcr, James Lee, 111, 99 Lowe, Conent Richard, 99 Lowe, Janice Kay, 99, 130 Lntvrey, Dennis, 99 Luers, Gus Herbert, 99 Lynn, Katherine Reva, 113 MacManus, Donald Richard, 39, 99, 148 Magee, Bonnie June, 100 Magee, Gwen Marie, 100 Magee, Robert Blake, 100 Muir, Ernest Floyd, no picture Mansbridge, Jim, 127 Manning, Clarice Ann, 100 Manus, Perry Eugene, 113 Marken, Garry Clay, 113 Markland, Robert Edward, 100 Markle, Walter Greer, 100, 142, 157 Marques, Robert Thomas, 100 Marsh, Maxine, 97, 100, 122 Martinson, Sharon Ruth, 8, 12, 39, 100, 123, 125, 166, 174 Matlock, Terry, 100, 161 Maupin, Donna Sue, 100 Mayo, Barbara Ann, 100 McAtecr, James Michael, 100 McCann, Kathleen Helen, 113 McCarthy, John Micltael McCarthy, Mary E., 100 McCune, Kenneth Dean, 100 McDaniel, James Edwin, 113 McFarland, Sherron, 100 McGhee, Roberta Ann, 100, 164 McGraw, James Michael, 100, 171 Mclmyre, Kathleen Gail, 100 McKenzie, David Alexander, 100 McKin, Leah June, 101, 137 McKin, Lois Jean, 101, 137, 139 McLennan, Margaret Susan, 101, 166 McMahon, Jerome Leo, 113 Mchlurry, Neil Albert, 101 McNicho1as, Sharon Ann, 101 McPherson, Gregory Thomas, 101, 142 Meclmm, Anne, 101 Meece, Margaret Ann, 41, 101, 118, 12.3 Mercer, Carol Lynn, 41, 110, 113 Merchant, Jacqueline Jeanne, 101 Metcalf, Oscar Dean, no picture Meyer, Eva, 101 Michael, Russell Aubra, 101 Miller, Cheryleue Joyce, 101 Miller, Mary Lynn, 101 Mills, John Bryan, 101, 143 Milyard. Jeffrey Lynn, 101 Minick, Robert, 8, 38, 86, 102, 142, 144, 150, 159, 174 Montoya, Lillian Josephine, 102 Mooney, James Earl, no picture Mouldcn, Carla Sue, 102 Morgan, Theola Clark, 102, 129 Morris, Dennis Robert, no picture Morrison, Jay, 102 Mcstel1er,June, 102, 123 Mott, Barbara Daine, 102, 166, 196 Mudra, Marilyn May, 102 Nccly, Clayton M., 102 Nelson, Matthew Arnold, 102 Nelson, Nancy Jo, 102 Newman, James William, no picture Nield, Angela Ilona, 102 Nielson, LeAnn Eustelle, 102, 133, 172 Nietlummicr, Susan Lynn, 8, 39, 102, 125 134, 174, 196 Ningen, Holly Katherine, 102 Noel, Nick Jolm, 102, 154 Nollmann, Sandra Rose, 102 Narhary, Steven A., 102 Norris, Gary Lynn, no picture Northrup, Rae Ann, 102 O'l3Ienness, Neil Walter, 102 O'l3rien, Michael James, 97, 102, 167 0'Heam, Sharon P., 42, 102 Oler, Ronald Louis, 42, 113 013216, Gary Edward, 8, 102, 143, 144, Oltion, Shirley K., 102 , Ormond, Evelyn 1. Osborne, Eugene Dennis, 102 Osborne, Jolm Warren, 103 Osman, Richard, 103 O'Toole, Jeanne Ann, 103 Overman, Richard Ray, no picture Pacheco, Lisa, 112 Padilla, Larry Tito, 103 Paisley, Don Richard, 103. 162 Paisley, Karen Jean, 103 Palato, Cora Lee, 103 Parsons, Lucy Lee, 103, 124, 193 Patricelli, Clem Vincent, 103 Patrick, Douglas Tyrone, no picture Patterson, Danny Edward, no picture Paull, Patti Ann, 103 Pavcy, Sandra Ellen, 103, 110 Peet, Connie lrcne, 103 Pendleton, Lolcna Ann, 103 Peppard, Dennis Lee Perea, Roger Arthur, 103 Perley, Howard Simpson, 103 1 207 45 Perry. Michael James. no pirture Pesnell. Linda Beth. 113 Peterson. Barbara E.. 103 Petrosky. .-Xntoinette. no picture Phegley. Robert Jnntes. no picture Phillips. Nicki. 103. 11-1 Phillips, Rit-hard Clattde. 8. 40. 86, 103. 131. 1-12. 14-1. 1-18. 154. 159. 166. 197 Phillips. Robert Harold. 103. 1-12. 1-19. 154 Pike. Dale Lynn. 103 Pike. Daryl Wayne. 103 Pintus. Fred Kent. 103 Pope. Kathy Jewell. 103 Porter. Judith l..orna, 103. 184 Porter. Louise Anne. 103. 147. 1-18. 170. 172. 196 Putter. Juan Evelytt. 105 Putter, Marie Kathryn, 105. 118. 139, 167. 168 Putter. Raymond Earl, 105. 143 Potts. William lletz, 105, 151. 156, 161 Pouttu, Helen S.. 8, -1-1. 105, 118, 133, 166 Powers, Diane, 105 Price, Frederick, 105 Puckett. Jtttnes Robert, 105. 166 Purswell, Robert Louis. 105 Quenneville, Claudette, 41, 105 Radden, Charles Stanley, 105, 160 Rader. J udy B., 105 Ragttn, James Michael, 105 Rtuttsey, hlicltael W., 105 Rasmussen, hlarsltzt Ann, 105 Ray, Thomas Earl, 113 Rees, John Williant, Jr., 105 Reese, William David Jr.. 8, 105, 131, 142, 143, 144, 145, 154 Reeve-2, Bjlliv Jmw. JE! Mx- 105 Rhodes, Susan E., 105, 133 Rice, Mary Jo, 105 Rich. Donny Lee, 124 Richards, Alexis Luther, 105 Riddle. Michael H., 105, 165, 166 Ridgeway, Harvey Churchill, 105, 124, 137 Riebesell. Harold F.. Jr.. no picture. 150 Rieker, Larry John, 105 Rissler, Carolyn Lorraine, 106 Ritthaler, Sharon Kay, 106 Roberts, Doyle Russell, 106 Robertson, Danna Sue. 106 Robinson, Richard Dale, 106, 162 Roeser, Heinz Jurgen, 106, 168 Rogers, Shirley Ann, 106 Rogness, Patricia Jo, 106 Romans, Carol Ann, B6, 106 Rose, Donald Richard, 106 Roybal, John H., 106, 167 208 Ryan, Pamela Elizabeth, nn picture Saniort, Ullrich, no picture Sankey, lnvin Henry, na picture Santoni, Cary Leon, 106 Schmidt, Betty Ann. 106 Schmitt, .lean Louise, 106 Sehneitler. Mary Lucinda, 106 Sehnoor. Arthur 1-lerntan, 106 Scars. James Robert, 107 Sechrist, David Lee, 107 Selby. Jerry, 107 Sheppard, Ann. 107 Sherman, Larry Dennis, 107 Shields, Willittttt James, 107 Sltinngle, Cathleen, 107 Shipman, .loan Lenore, 107 Sltuetuttker. Katherine R.. 107 Shnultr. Samuel Fred, 107 Shugart, Rohert Kenneth, no picture Sikes, Mary Allen, 107 Sills, Marjorie Ann, 107 Simeone. Jacqueline Louise, 107 Sims, Robert Edmund, 113, 174 Slautuaker, Eileen Kay. 107 Smethurst, Aaron Laltlar, no picture Smith, Karen Marie, 107 Smith, Nancy Lee, 107 Smith, Pamela Ann, 108, 131 Smith, Rath Anne, 108, 124 Spencer, Marianne, 108 Spencer, Sandra Kay, 108 Stan, Susan Marcia, 40. 86, 108, 125, 158, 166, 174 Stephen, Richard A., 39, 10B Stevens, Mary Lynn, 108 Stewart, hlargaret Rosella, 108 Stockhant, Sue Verleen, 108, 1191 Stoneking, Bert William, 108 Stratton, Robert Bruce, 108, 128 Stringham, Carl Sterling, 108 Stuhson, David Lee, 107 Studer, Michelle, 108 Sturges. Susan Jane, 8, 41, 109, 147, 149, 158, 172, 174, 192 Sullivan, Sylvia Ann, 109 Sun, Michael Thomas, 109 Swedberg, Esther Elvera, 109 Sweeney, Gary Lee, 109 Swingholm, Ronald L., 109 Tevis, Donald Ray, 109 Thompson, Barhara, 8, 109 Thompson, Janet Kay, 109 Thompson, Mark D., 109 Thorpe, Daniel Dm no picture Townsend, Sterling Kirby, 109, 174 Tram, Catherine Ellen, 109 Taenant, Juditlt Anne, 109 Tresler. Roger Louis, 109 Trout, Shirley Anne, 110 True. Dienter Durlttn, 89, 38, 40, 113. 132, 142, 144, 152, 197 Trujillo, Richard R., no picture Tucker, Rosemary, 110, 166 Tttnttt, Suzanne, 116 Tumer, Linda Lee, 110, 167 Turner, Rex Dale, 110 Tweedy, Sherrie May, 110 Twenge, Ronald Dean, 110 Ujvary, Joseph, no picture Urban. Elotta Ann, 110 VanDeventcr, Dyann Rae, 8, 39, 42, 110, 122, 166, 203 Van Dyke, Rutlt Lynne, 8, 104, 110, 166, 174 Vtut Scoy, Carol Ann, 111, 181 Veranda, ftlary Catherine, no picture, 131 Walker. Gerald Lee, 111 Wallway, Donna Marie, 8, 39, 111, 146, 148, 158, iso, 185 Warner, Milo Ray. 111 Washechek, Charlotte L., 111 Washut, Kay 1.a Rue, 111 Waters, Alverina Jane, no picture, 188 Watson, Williant Hair, 111 Wclke, James Arthur, 111 Welles, Wesley, no picture Wenner, Charles Scott, 111 Werner, Wayne W., 111 Westbrook, Warren, 111 Whelan, .John D., 111 Whitaker, Terrence Michael, 111, 150 While, John Forman, no picture Whitehead, Frances Ann, no picture Wilckens, Sandra Kathalccn, 42, 111- Wilcox, Donald Gene, 111, 142, 144, 152 Wilkinson, William Crane, 111, 172 Williams, B, Kay, 111 Williams, Hurshel, 111 Williams, Kathryn Ann, 41, 111, 157 Wilson, Barbara Clu-istine, 111, 133 Wilson, Pranto Cordell, 111 Wilson, Rita Ann, 111 Wing, Jon Frederick, 111 Wirth, Marylyn Marie, 111, 164 Wisser, Pennie Daine, 111 Wockovich, Cary Marvin, 112 Wood, Janice Elaine, 112 Woodland, Patrica, 112 Worthington, Bonnie, 112, 119 Zeiss, Sonja Lillian, 112 Zespy, Eugene Thomas, 112 Zitterkoph, James D., 97, 112 Zullig, John William, 112 ADAMS, LAWRENCE ALEXANDER. BONNIE. ILA., 21 Colorado State College ALEXANDER, CARYL, Illll., M.A., 32 Colorado ARM, University ol Wyoming ANDERSON, BILL, A.B., 30 Nebraska State. University ol Nebraska. University of Wyoming ANDERSON. BRUCE, ILS.. XLS., 2-1- Blaek Hills Teachers College, Colorado State College BARBER. IJELBERT L.. ILS., 25 Black Hills Teachers College, Southern University Sponsor-Ast. Football, Wrestling Coach BEITEL. MILTON. B.S.. MS., 25 University of Wyoming, Northern Illinois State Teachers College, Northern State Teachers College BIDWELL, JOHN. B.A., X1iEd., 29 University of Wyoming BISIAR, MARJORIE. 13,5-. 24 University ol Wyoming, Utah State Uni- vcrsity BLONIJIN, EDITH. B.A., 31 Nebraska State Teachers College, Fresno College, University of Wyoming, Mon- tana College of Education Sponsor-Girls Rifle Club Bt.oNmN, GILBERT, us., its., at University of Wyoming, Casper College, Colorado State University BLOWER, ANNE, B.A., 31 University of Wyoming Sponsor-Student Senate, Class of 1965 Bot-:sEN, MARC, AB., MA., D.t-:a., se Hastings College, University of Nebraska, University of Wyoming 110vL1as, G1tANT,1z,A., 34, 131 Casper College, University of Wyoming, University of Denver Sponsor-Student Council, Key Club BRANNAN, RONALD, B.S., 25 University of Wyoming, Colorado State University Sponsor-Biology Club BRECHEISEN, JAY. l3.S., 26, 95 Colorado State College Sponsor-National Honor Society, Bus. Mgr, For Drama Dept. BRENNAN, EDWIN C., B.A., 26 Idaho State University, George Washing- ton University BROWN, CLIFFORD, B.A., MA,, 29 University ol Wyoming BUNDY, MARY ALICE BUTLER, LINDA LEE, ILA., 31 Macltlurray College BYRAM, CATHERINE ANN, B.A., 31 University of Iowa Sponsor-Class ol 1966 CALDRON. HAIM, B.A., 1l1,A., 27, 121 Butler University, Indiana University, Colorado State College, University of Rlyoming Sponsor-Sophomore Basketball, Inter- national Relations Club Faculty Index CHRISTIAN. VIRGINIA A., B.A., 31,125 Sul Ross State. Quachita College, Hen- derson State, University ol Wyoming Sponsor-.layeettes CHRISTIAN. WILUAM, B.A., MA., 27 Nebraska State Teachers, University of Wyoming CHRISTOPHER, SYLVIA, B.A., M.Ed., 28, 130 University ol Alberta, University of Wyoming Sponsor-French Club CLOSS, CARL, BS.. 34 Colorado State University COLLINS, GEORGE, ILA., M.A., 26, 160, 115 llnitersity of Wyoming Sponsor-Basketball, Track, Cross Coun- try CONOLLY, BERNARD, l3.Ed., 31 Duquesne University nf Wyoming COOLBAUGH, BLAINE D., B.M., B.S., M.A., 32 Kansas State College, Ft. Hays State College, Wyoming University, Eastem State College Sponsor-Blarching Band, Dance Band, Assembly Band, Baton Twirlers, and Flag Twirlers CRANIPTON, ESTER, A.Ii., BLA., 28 Colorado State College, University of Wiseonsin. American University DAVIDSON, JAMES R, A.1x., MA., za Nebraska State Teachers College, Uni- versity of Nebraska, University ol Colo- rado, University of Missouri DEFFEYES, HAZEL, ILS., 31 Oklahoma College for Women, Oklahoma Slate College, Casper College, Univer- sity of Wyoming Sponsor-National Honor Society Dllarncs, CAROLL ns., B.A,, Maas. Ed., 24. 115 Denver University, Colorado University Sponsor-A-Squad Cheerleaders DILLE, MARY E., B.A. Iowa State Teachers College, University of Washington, University of Southern California, University of Denver DONACHIE, DAVE, Associate B.A., 27 Pueblo ,Iunior College, University of Wyoming DOWNER, HOWARD, I3.S., 34, 128 University ol Wyoming Sponsor-FFA DREW, may ANN, 1s.s., atm., 36, 123, us Dominican College, University of Wyom- .ng Spbnsor-Pep Club DUNN, STELLA, 22 EGGLESTON, REX, B.lt1., 32 University of Colorado, Casper College, University ol Wyomitrg Sponsor-Chamber Music EDMAN, EARL D., SFC, 33 Sponsor-ROTC Guard, ROTC Drill Team ELLETT. ENIXIETT. ILS.. BLS.. 25 University ol Texas, East Texas Stale College ELSEA, JOHN E., AB., M.A,, 24 Colorado State College EPPERSON, JOANN, ILA., 2-1, 125 University of Wyoming Sponsor-Future Ser-retai-ies Club ESTES, RONALD. ILS., 3-I University of Wyoming, Ilakvrsfieltl Col- lege. Valley City State Teacher Sponsorflfootliall, Wrestling FERIS, FRANCES, ILA., KLA., 30 University ol Wyoming, State University of Iowa Sponsor-Mustang Annual, National Forensic League FUSSELMAN, ELTON C., 13.11, 2-1 Colorado State University FUSFELMAN. PAULINE, B.A,, 2-1 Colorado State Colle,-ze, University of Wyoming, Colorado State University GARCIA. ALBERT M., B.M., M.Ed., 28 New England Conservatory ol Music, University ol' Houston Sponsor-El Circulo Espanol GIELDIEN, HARRY, B.S., M.Etl., 33, 142, 1-18, 115 University of Wyoming Sponsor-Football, Track, Gymnastics Team 'C' Club GIBBS, IONE, AB., M.Ed., 36, Prolexional Diploma in Ed. Guidance Oklahoma City University, University ol Oklahoma, University of Wyoming GILBERT, CHARLOTTE, B.A., 20 University of Wyoming Sponsor-Student Senate GOSS. GLENN. ILS., 25 Mt, Union College, Kent State University, Casper College HAGEN, RUTH, KA., 32. 132 Upper Iowa University, University of Iowa Sponsor-Concert Glee, Boys' Glce, Mad- rigal HALL, BUNNY, as. Montana State College, University of Wyoming, Texas Womans University 1-IEMRY, KATHLEEN, B.A., M.A., 30, 127 University ol Wyoming, University of Denver. University of Chicago, L.S. State College Sponsor-Newcomers Club. Concessions, Chess Club HILL, ART, TLS., 29 Black Hills Teachers College Sponsor--Asst. Coach in Football HILL, GWENDOLYN, B.A., 30 Colorado State College of Education, Colorado University, University of Wyoming Sponsor-Mustang Annual HOUSER, RAY, A.I3., 26 Fort Hays Kansas State College HOUSTON, JERRY, 33 7th Army Non Commisioned Officers Academy, Sth Army Marksmanship Instructor School SponsorfCoaeh to ROTC Rifle Team and Girls Rifle Team 209 JACOBSON, GRACE, B.A,, M.A,, 32 Nnrthwestem University, Ma1cPheal Col- lege of Music, University of Wyoming. University ul Oregon, University ol Puget Sound Sponsor--Mndrignl JAY, KENNETH. BA., HLA., 28 University of Wyoming Sponsor-Class of 1964 JONES, NORMAN C,, SSG E-6 2nd lnf Div Non-Commissioned Officers School, 5th Army Chemical, Biological und Radiological School, Sth Army In- telligence School Sponsor-ltlustang Guard JONES. RUTH, l3.A., 31, 16-1 Junior College, Kansas State College. Casper Junior College, University of Wyoming KEMBLE, HARRY, l3,A.. 24 Colorado Sluts College KUETHE, ROMAINE, AB., l3.D., M.S.T., M.Ed.. 28 Wurtbttrg College, University of Iowa, University oi Nebraska, Wayne College LAMBERT, JEANNE. AB.. BS., 31 University of Kansas, Fort Hays Kansas State College Sponsor-Tlre Gusher IARSEN, ANKER, BA., 34, 157 Montana State, Colorado State Univer- sity, Colorado State College Sponsor-Ski Team LARSON, ARLENE, B.A.. 31, 118 Iowa State Teachers College Spctnsorhlfnglish Cluh LA VIOLETTE. MARGARET, BA., 26 Wellesley College, University of Pennsyl- vnnin. University of Wyoming LIVINGSTON, SPENCER, ILA., M,A., 25, 124- Briglmm Young University, Colorado State College, Colorado State Univer- sity. University of Wyoming, Casper College Sponsor-Science and Math. Club LONGNECKER. JACK, BS., M.S., 34 University of Wyoming, Nehrusku State Tenclters College lllvCALI.UM, MYRTLE, R.N., 120 St. Luke's Hospital, University uf Chi- cago, University of California, Univer- sity of Denver, University of Montana Sponsor-Future Nurses Club MQWHINNIE, SUE, FLA., 28 University of Wyoming Spurxsnrilnxtirt Club MALONE, ROSE MARY, B..-X., lVl.A, in Ed., MA. in LS. College of St. Catherine, University of Minnesota, University of Denver MARKL, CHARLES W., CAPT., B.S., 33, 164 St. Norbert College, Armored Officers Basic, Armored Officers Career, 6th Army CBR School Sponsor-Girls Rifle Team MENTZER, CAROL, BA., MA., 27 Slate University of Iowa Sponsor-Class ol 1964 MEYERS, JUDITH, B.A., 33 State College of Iowa, Angustannn Col- lege, University of Wyoming Sponsor-NCAA 210 MESSIMER, JAMES, BS., 34 University of Wyoming MICHALKE. ELSIE, B.S., M.S., 24 Eastern State College, University of Michigan, University of Wyoming, Casper College MYERS, LOWELL, B.A., M.A,, 23 Central State College, University of Denver NEIN, JACOB, BA., Tlt.B,, 28 Yankton Theology, University of Wyom- ing, Stanton University, summer in Germany NEMER, JEANETTE, BS. South Dakota State College, Patricia Stcvcn's Modeling and Career College NICHOLAS. ROBERT A., B.A., M.S., 26 ldzthu State College, University of Wyom- ing, University of Oregon PIERCE, JOAN, BA., 31 Illinois State University, University ol Wyoming PRESTON, RICHARD C., B.S,, M.S., 25 Arizona State University, University of Wyoming QUINLAN, GERALD, A.A., BA., 27, 142, 152 College of Great Falls, Casper College, San .lose State College RADDEN, GERALD F., B.A., M,A., 27, 39 Casper College, University of Denver, University of Washington Sponsor-Student Court RAY. EARL, B.S., M.A., 33, 115 University of Wyoming Sponsor-Swim Coach, Asst. Coach for Football REESE, WILLIAM D.. A.B,, M.A., 23 Dickinson College, Washington and Lee University, University uf Wyoming, University of the Pacific RIPPON, YVONNE J., B.S,, M.Ed., 24, 115 Utah State College, University of Wyom- ing, University of Colorado Sponsor-Synchronized Swimming RIZZI, LEO L, B.S., M.A., 25 Black Hills Teachers College, University of Wyoming Sponsor-Science Demonstration Group ROGERS, CAROL ANN, A.B., M.A,, 36 Stephens College, University of Denver Sponsor-.laycettes ROUSSALIS, MARY, mt., M.A., 27 Lindenwood College, Denver University SACRISON, MARY, B.A., 29 Black Hills Teachers College, University of South Dakota, University of Wyom- ing SAFFORD, DERYL, BA., LPA, 124 Casper College, University of Texas, Southern Methodist University, Univer- sity of Wyoming Sponsor-Future Teachers SCHIEFERSTEIN, ARNOLD, B.S., M.A. Black Hills Teaclters College, Colorado Slut: College SCIFERS, BARBARA N., B.A,, M.Ed., 23 University of Montana, Portland State, University of Oregon, Casper College Sponsor-Girls League Council SECHRIST. DWIGHT L., l3.S., 34- Casper College, Colorado State Univer- sity SCULLEN, GEORGE, 34 University of Montana SHIDLER. MARGARET, B.S., 28 Central Missouri State College, Univer- sity of Colorado SIMONS, LYNN, B.A., 30 University of Colorado, University ol Wyoming SMITH, CECIL, A.B., 29 York College, Colorado State College, University of South Dakota, University of Wyoming SMITH, IVA MARCILE, l3.S,, MS., 29 University of Nebraska, University of Wyoming Sponsor-National Honor Society STEBBINS, RAY, BA., MA., 28 Millsaps College, University of Wyoming SULLINS, CEORGINE ELAINE, 23 Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, Clerk in Dean of Girls Office SULLINS, WILLIAM T., B.A., 3I.A,, 22 University of Wyoming TOBIN, WILHAM, 3.5, 34 University of Colorado Sponsor-Sophomore Basketball TRIMBLE, GEORGE, B,A., MA., 32 Nebraska State Teachers College, Uni- versity of Wyoming, Casper College Sponsor-Studio 51 VALENCIA, JAMES, BS., 34 University of Wyoming Sponsor-Basketball and Football VANDEVENTER, ROBERT, ILS., 27 University ol Wyoming and University of Kansas Sponsor-Class of 1966 WADE, SHIRLEANNE, BJ., B.A., 31 Casper College, University of Missouri, University ol Wyoming, San Diego State College Sponsor-News Dept. WAGNER, CLARE, B.A., MA., 29 State College of Iowa WALTERS, WANDA W., B.S., MS., 123 George Washington University, Casper College, Ohio State University, Uni- versity of Hawaii, Glasboro State Col- lege, University of Wyoming Sponsor-Pep Club WARD, GORDON A., B.S., M.A., 22 Northern State Teachers College, Uni- versity ol Wyoming, Stanford Univer- sity Sponsor-Nutionul Honor Society WASHENFELDER, LISA l., B.S., 31 University ol Okluhmna, University of Wyoming WEAVER, .lANlCE, B.S., 24 Gtxstavus Adolphus College, University of Minnesota Sponsor-Future Teachers Club WEBER, DEAN, ILS.. M.N.S., 29, 142 South Dakota State College, Black Hills Teachers College, University of South Dakota Sponsor-Class ol 1965 WEBBER. LYNETTE, R.N. Jewish Hospital ol Nursing WEIDNER, THOMAS A., B..-K., 31 College of St. Thomas, University of Minnesota WEISHAAR, DONALD A., B.S., M.B.S,, 29 Festival lege, Colorado University, Arizona Fort Dodge Junior College, Creighton SPDHSOY-'TIISSPNHS SWG UHiVEfSiiY University, Iowa State College, Iowa State Teachers College, Colorado Uni- WILSON' CATHERINE' 22 WOODSON' LAYNN lj" B-Au MS" 31 versity WIRTH LAUREL D. B.s. M.s. 25 N""'Eea5'. Mowuf' Tet'C"m. C9l'fge Sponsor-Golf Team Colorado State Universily, University of ldn'i'erSiY'0f.Wy?I?:"iQ Ufuversny of Nebraska, University of Colorado in " nnersny 0 8 ' umm WELSH, JOHN F., Ba., so WOLFGANG, ARDON R., A.B., M.A., se, WRIGHT, JOE D-, B-S., 24 , , I University of Wyoming, Plymouth Drama 51 Qluo Nflltllefn UIIWHSIIY, Michigan Colorado State University, Colorado Col- MMC UHIVHSHY Aiden's Meadow Gold Dairy-182 Alberlson's Snpcr MarketsA190 Appliance Service and Supply Co.-192 Ayres-MvMullin .lcwelers-190 B 8 B Studio-183 Bailey School Supply--202 Bennett's Restaurant-186 Bestway Builders-190 Bi-Rite-195 Blue Bird Store-187 Bob Bailey lnsurancv.+190 Brannen's Food and Bakery-190 Broadbent and Healy Music-198 Builder's Mnrt-202 Bunny Bakery-199 Bnstard's-185 Calvert's Texaco-198 Casper Lumber Co.-195 Casper Morning Star-197 City Furniture Co.-191 Clare Agency-184 Coliseum Motor Co.-IB6 Community 'l'.V.-204 Cook's Potato Flakes-195 Crone Insurance-184 Culligan Soft Water-181 El-Marko Lanes-180 Fay Peebles Trailer Salesfl94 First Nationalillank-178 Fischer's Body Shop-195 Flowers by Claudia-198 Flower Mart-187 Fred's Town and Country-+192 Frm-d's Drugs-192 Gladstone Hotel-199 Guaranty Federal-180 Hall's Beauty School-198 Halloclfs Handy Paint Store-200 Harris Furnitnrw1B3 Ads Harry Yessncss-202 Heizer Realty-185 Henning Hotel-179 Hilltop Bakery-189 Hilltop Bowl-189 Hilltop Shopping Center Merchant As.-189 Horn Drug Stores-200 Horstman Memorial Chapel-201 Huffman Standard Service-186 insurance Service Inc.-180 Jet Cleaners-194 K.A.T.l,-183 Keeie's Flowers-204 Kassis-188 Kellner Pharmacy--194 Ken's Photo Shop-l8S Kistler Sporting Goods-197 Klines-186 Knitting Nook-201 Lnngtfs Book Shop-201 Les Parson's Music Co.-193 Linoleum and Carpet Studio-194 Lyle Gish lnsurnnoe-203 McCann's'-180 McCune's Texaco Service-191 MeDonald'sY201 Marshall's Drive-In-199 Mel Collier Motors-194 Metcall's Ace Hardware-194 Mile's Business Machines-188 Mobil Oil Company-191 Montgomery Ward-200 Mountain States Lithographing-196 Nagel Motors Co.-192 Nolan Chevrolet-182 Northern Utilities Inc.-181 Oil City Lumber Inc.-194 Oltes Jewelry-200 Pacific Power and Light-187 Paradise Valley Superette-181 Parker Hilltop Insurance-189 Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Co.-203 Plymouth Center-191 Pomco-196 Porter's Quality Shop-196 Provident Federal Savings St Loan Co, Ray's Pharmacy-183 Rex's ln and Out-184 Robert's House of Beauty-201 Round-Up Market-195 Shade-Rite-193 Sheperd Motors-202 Spinning Wheel!196 Skyline Motel-193 Style House-193 Tastee-Freeze-l96 Title Guaranty Company of Wyoming- Title Service-A203 Tower Shop-199 Town and Country Pharmacy-197 Triangle C Motel-204 Tripeny's Drug and Jewelry Co.-184 Tripeny Motors-193 Troy Laundry-187 Tweed Insurance Agency-188 Waatti Map Company-186 Walgreens Drug Store-188 Welsh Furniture-197 Western Grill-197 Westridgc Bakery-201 Westridge Shoe and Clothing-203 Westridge Sport Shop-204 Wiggin's Shoe Shop-205 Wolf0rd's-185 Wyoming National Bank-182 Wyoming Stationary Co.-201 Your Flower Shoppe-189 -2 205 i 2ll 04- My Jw BW? bww NVQ wg ,I , ff 1315? cw iff? ,ffggw 3 fyyfywff Rf M 0' J Jw if W Www M W Vgffwf Wx V! VFW ,W WW W2 CJR fyfmffgwd W UWf' J fm My J 01 My M "The Wo1Id's BesV Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY I A , 1 I 'r 'Q .v U ' x it' Q1 r .fr i I' Q -K. ' , 'N x Nu' ' .Lf Q 4: 'I f ' if 'f 1 w K Q. xi? Y. vfgvxd 1. xmw 44 .:. prix. vig, 5 Lx ,. 'Q f' if 'J ' A, . X -B."-f llxx 'Q 5 W JT, . 1 ' PX Y ffiizf' ' -' Q Us . V '-Y 4' 1 """" ,jzlz . A I 'K L L51 . A AL. 'Auigr s 1 flxjsljli ':. -L' " . ,gm fff ... ""--"i-?-s' '1 II U' :,f -s W-v 24+ -0' -' 1+ ' 5, ,,, . , ' ' ,..' 5- ' if .' Q! -, .1 -u-hfuii 4 1,1 1 ', A pi. .u I-5' .510 5 V H1 .sw PK. " -fr -- Q., - f"'r' AQs"' ",4 .."4f'- ,rein HA' tspjlf, . . ' 15" Q' I I .fl fi' ' 'C Q G r" ,x 5, -' - .li . Y I 1 . - -7 S u - . 4 , 5 IO ."-' K-. N la . s Q. 1 I 'Ss I 1 ,' . H- A -'I' 'T 'Sir 1,w 34 ., K' N va. C - I '-1. . '1 XA .' U fi lv, A ' 'ls 'Q' Fu 1- f Q .E 'li-'T1 I Q ..,+'. k 'Nw - lx ' . . ,ka is . 6' 'ws 5 .I 4 4,1 ,l.'A If A I

Suggestions in the Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) collection:

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