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Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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sw 'ff 1 f ra.-f, 1 . Q - 5 1 , 6 1' 4- 44' Q" .y ! 7 X f Q. Q:- 4 gg. n " . 1 4 . , z 2 r 4 ,A ,.ox . W 9 -nv- . 4 6 I I C ' . . . 0 l A , , 4 5 ' D Y xv 4-ani ,Qs 415' x H4 44 , rl Q, X..-ut A'- ,f. , ,R sv-N" JB' 9 s sf' vr-IA' w 4 . 1. Q .n K, .. v Q9 -. 1, 'va . VN. 'll 'dw v I T 4 ,g vavjf 3,-er ' ,, .ws -v l 1 ,av all ag? . , as 9 uvf- fx aw I 1 , .lab . f ' Q nun! .. H, A l wma ' , V A-.I ... H , , 0 Q J 0 , sr , ,Y ...M 4 ' in-S' , ja! an N ' A W 8 . W' E . .au 5 X. .Q -4' 'S ,K ' ,H . , V, ul -. ll C. 51 3 - ,lf 5 . r if f K sr' S 4 gl A w ,V K' I' - af 4,8 , 5. ' - f CZ- . 3. 5 o 1 .qi Q 4,51 gf-Y. -Q.. 5, . f ,dk - T f . z- . l ,.,.,,. , Q lv ,.. Q' Gif., , -A -- In .ps , ,WNW 4... an Q- .Qnumt-W - '. v.. M-, sf- . -ff. , "V-..a,, M t , ' .wt 2 am , .4--.HI .,r, ,.4 ...g 4 'gk L' , 'SL-1" Qf ' ' ' . N? ' "Vi 64155 ,X off' P A "Maq:'.m3P ?". ',,.' ' wi .44 'fi' ' bl", .-"- 3 X: V" , 434, 1. - , -4 "' 'Llp MV- sung ,, My 14: ., ML, A . A rw L ,, au' ', ,l Jf'3'i?m,x-'- 1 'T ' '21, Lf ,uri-9 ' A 'fri-l:3,5g,?wM ,Qi fu F' v- ' e who never Turned his back but X marched bre-asT forward, VJ' . ever doubfed clouds would break, V ' ever dreamed, Though right were - vvorsfed, wrong would Triumph, Held we fall To rise, are baffled To fi ht vp Q ' better, W Sleep to wake. 2 I W -ROBERT BROWN1NG I EGFM RCH OVACATION 5 OORGANIZATION 19 School board, administration, faculty, student administrators OA C T I O N 41 Sophomores, juniors, seniors Os T A N D O U T S T06 Clubs, music, sports, military, dramatics, proms, dances QW l N N E R S T60 Honor societies, individual winners OB A C K E R S T70 Community sponsors fig-' llll Cr' 447712 f ' ' ' 01f'e,lf1fC'?Jf0fx ,H ,l"7 ' JN ,-,r- ix wvj vox 3 x, tgw .KLM s X M 'fren we so-ii, go Loi u Nm. f -by 5, .Q T " , . i A iw, c 'NTU All lb 3 i X -,Y X-X ' 5 ac... 7. ,if ,nf .QS 5- AUTUMN Reluc'ranTly she lingers Loafh To lay aside The splendor and The richness Of her cloth of gold And crimson, To 'rake once more The nun-like grey And coif and veil of white. -EDNA oAvis Rofvuo Si-QQDFO 3'-Te oem? vow-x XSQDUON1 dau. ifo Qmocx Agn aaa OUR BIG P RADE 't"i-MPH' foao-'Y-CJ boot. 0? occog.. SWK Loom. - S056 Nano V Ll' "The clash and the clang of the cymbals that beat, As the glittering pageant winds down the long street." -JAMES WHITCOMB RILEY P1-5 SLDBET ciaacwae. moo ovutig Activities of a year move along and we are part of their advancement. Everyone loves a parade, everyone lives a parade. First, came our childhood which went dancing away from us in a mad whirl. With us now is youth which will pass with a special sweet unknown suddenness. In the fol- lowing pages of the 1960 MUSTANG, we will find a year of parades - Field Day with guidons and flags, the Christ- mas Pageant with its hushed holiness, Homecoming with floats signaling victory, Commencement with ever-length- ening gray-gowned lines. Each activity will live in our minds as a band with marching feet and minds, or as a star-hitched wagon. Ahead of us will be the long, everchanging, mysterious line of adulthood, but we will view this special year of our life parade with smiles because we rode the spangled wagon of learning and of growth here in Natrona County High School. 5 5 7,7'Yl , 'K f , , 11, rc . 4C'LfI -L jk C 'RL L' If ,Q vip Ziff, A J lk , 47 ,V 2,140 Vx, 4 is ' f ,L . :L , I f , XZ , All Nature Loves the Rhythmic Moods ofthe Green Shades of Spring, Forms of Winter. or 6 ff 3, ,V V' 1 4 60 wtf I A , -3 , .E ' I ft gr! , a. UA' f v,' X I1 -x 2' f ,SA if ,Q rn I' . I. Q. 1 'x 1 J . i -f - ' f Q V, 1 1 r, . 4 , - 7 1 Leads Us to Hail Our School With Pride. ,No 'Ur 1 -i J? 6' I-V . This summer the Marines came to town, adding color and tone to the annual Fair parade High school boys of the National Hotrodders Asiso- ciation of America demon- strated safe driving with their prize winning float. W 1 ,ji ' X .1 11... " ' G QA 9 5. 6 0 Llfiv 'YK , af ' ww-afff ? -4, asa '-w-. -.,,k X V M 5 1 , . x nn -.WA -.NNN M -M.-,.,h .V N f 'do Y"""f X89 Y""" ae k.-aw 'H 1-1. .Y' -5 1 45 V xwffjizxx 's, 4. 3,.':,?- -3- .A ',fs,1 I fx-.QV EVN 41,72 .,, , , .,, "' 5-5.3, 'W K . , f' , ,xx 1",l4 -2 Wi 3114 'Q M 4, 3 R 8 N J 1. w A M vc - ,Mk A I I fx ,Vick :S M M f' Ai me 4" " if 1 5, fs WE kb g. -vs x lvl iff' , I . 'WW L v Jisg 2:25 . y ,f,,,i,.LiY . 7 5171, , , VKWMJK 1 , ., A E y ,A , . Q 'N . r Nr , 'ivy Q Fi' V X-s +.m,.h,w 7 . A F K ' . , 4 , X., ,- G ' 'Ui nv' I h ,M Q , p . , 4435 l X K x ,J , 6 ,:' v 1 L 3 s v J 5' hqs. 125 ffm 35" 1-11' .Ar 'H -QV 'Mya "fl, "'2s. tl Q .QF .,,qdlw': Ay Wing G x K X.. -. 'f NATIONAL FGRENSICS GIVES A PARTY IT has become a TradiTion wiTh inTer- school speakers To round off Their year by giving Themselves a parTy wiTh fried chicken and oTher goodies. Janie Moss ap- pears worried abouT Jeanie Mooneyham's capaciTy To Take iT. As a second parT of The evening The neophyfes presenT a skiT. Below we have Jeanie Mooneyham as Sheriff Dillon, ScoTT Hocker as KiTTy, and Susie Trowe as Ches- Ter. Furious suspense was builT in appre- hending The villain who knocked off The vicTim Sue STanfield, lying here aT Ches- Ter's feeT. FifTy parenTs and friends enioyed boTh The skiT and The more formal program which ended The evening. - .3 9 5 ir ,L-f-f""' ling f' X Girls good at sports celebrate intramural victories at the NGAA mother-daughter banquet and party. ldeas from Barnum and Bailey set the gym for the "greatest show in NCHS" as excellent softball, basket- ball, and volleyball players among the girls entertained their maters. Crazy cos- tumes, balloons, hotdogs, and popcorn lent the at- mosphere as the parents and offspring had their fun All Students in N.C.H.S Girls in the Swimming Pool on their particular night. .. PRELUDE TO FANTASY For two nights in May the swimming pool became a fairy land as the girls who love to swim presented for their parents and friends their annual synchronized swimming pres- entation - "Prelude to Fantasy." Costumes, lights, and precision made all the difference as Mickey and Minnie, Thumpber, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Hansel and Gretel, and many other story book characters eeled and dived in the water. All choreography, costumes, and arrange- ments for each number were worked out by the girls themselves. Yvonne Rippon was the sponsor in direct charge of the demonstrations. At the left are Kay McCune who swam in the Balloon drill and Kathy Smith who paired as Daisy with Donald. fwgfg s?f',f together A, W., Q , ln the picture to the right lnge Chris- A ri ma 1 tianson, guest a tist in acrobatics, and h J as three of the entertained mothers, 1 if 1 I6 Display Tremendous Interest in Athletics NX Boys onthe track and in the field during the STate's Double AA Meet 1' swf' N Ml We me NW.: .415lf'f"' is' wg, PHOTO FINISH nn 880 YARD RUN State AA Track Meet sprung 1959 Strammg toward the ash e In thelr thru m 880 yard run stretch duel are Rock Springs Ron Klser Cleftj and the Must ngs Ed Summerford Summerford was the wmner wlth a tnme of 2 O9 Pictures. Pages, and Names to Know "What is this person's name?" "They forgot to come to have their picture taken." And so begins the normal day of the members of the Mustang Annual Staff. Working behind the scenes and on the spot, pho- tographers record the everyday happenings at the high school. The equipment for picture taking is very excellent, including two fine cameras. The Business manager and assistants sell ads, keep accounts, and pay the bills, the editors check pictures and prepare pictures, Miss Hill and Miss Feris co-spon- sors, oversee and help meet the deadline. After work- ing over every page several times, copy is ready for print. Finally, May sees the finished product ready for delivery to the student body. ss vw., Above: Jackie Carpenter, Business, Marilyn Hoffman and Carol Orton, co-editors. Right: Miss Hill and Miss Feris, Annual Sponsors I8 Q ff ,rs s f' I Left: Photography Staff, Dave Hudgel, sports, Patti Perrin, and Ray Wilson. Below: Business Staff: Larry Vering, photography, Mary Bowen, typistg and Monty Hunter, Business manager. if 1- ,F- GRG NIZATIO ,...-Q---v-rv I- - if '-A J, -: !,.-11.5 ll A ' f, , ,mu ' QQ., ' 2 m- -4 ---G A 'ff' ' - . g N- K . ' - - , y id .-,A . fs- ' s ' ' W - . fir f N t Q f7.A. ' Kwik LL!- x' L 4 K 9' W .1 ' Af' ' -'J-174, X .Q ' .b Q ' V' 38 31 -' .Lb up .' fa, P . ., I if V Eirwf- - O happy day - the first one back! These few pictured teachers of the eighty-four-member staff reflect by their smiles a happy vacation f also the tried chicken and ham served at the "Welcome Back" brunch held in the court. A b , pf, "' ' nv' M44 K ' ' Wye' ..," 4,737 2' Q A Y 1' U Q, if "Z Y' , .hx ,E -is ww , mn' x N , M, , , '37 1 fzgagamr qty- , A ia? ' 'Z A' Muzi? I lar .wf5"i tx? ,1 X, .Q 91 .,, , v I '1 Q K, Q' -1' 'Www 4 gf. . X W ,A I ' fy f 7? , J, in Q , fy 3 W Q Y 'v ZF' N I ga.. P fl? MTS wx 1 2 QF' ,wr Y 'L x iv . . 5, I , ,. f11iH",i1:1, x , , - -,,+f.,..:f - I X5 14.7.1 fn vb 61 nf I , '4 W, 9 up UM ,. ,M Q i, ,g, ,i, :L , ,yi ik Vi 5, f S : '-ff, .S " 4415: ' r f. " 'Jffw . ' Q .V ff ,. Z . ' 54' ' ' .. 'Hg Ls 1 Qi: wiv 'E' A 3 Wg.: H " X i 'K 4 X ii is it , Q Q12-S' W 9 an MPX '52 , 4 , ij? ji 1? 23' Q , "sim Q Sf ' 1 iw , 34 Mariorie Coulson and Kenneth Martin, Guidance Counselors. Barbara Scifers, DEAN OF GIRLS Self-Guidance Through Counseling As ArThur Godfrey has said, "The CreaTor helps Those who help Them- selves." Following This philosophy, The counseling advisers of our sTudenTs are kept busy ThroughouT The school year. BoTh vocaTional and personal counseling are pracTiced. Through an exTensive TesTing program, individual inTerpreTaTion, and personal inTerviews, The sTudenT can geT a more compleTe picTure of him- self and of his problems. Keeping in Touch wiTh high school boys and girls are GranT Boyles and Barbara Scifers, Deans of boys and girls, respecTively. Mariorie Coulson, lone Gibbs, and KenneTh MarTin lead pupils inTo happier and more pro- ducTive channels. L.: bun uw" ' 5? Faculty Who Do Not Teach ff Q., Q - Working noT in The classroom, buT in oTher posiTions To fill ouT The curriculum of our school, we noTe members of The TaculTy who do noT Teach by courses, rows and quesTions. Providing sTudenTs wiTh a Top selecTion of maTerial Tor reference papers, for Themes, and Tor iusT good reading, Miss RoseMary Ma- lone and Miss Mary Dille, picTured in The Top lefT-hand side of The page, do Their work as librarians. AT Top righT is Mr. Ray LuTTerman, who, when noT coaching wresTling, assumes The posiTion of co-ordinaTor of proiecTors and educaTional films. Mrs. MyrTle McCallum, shown aT The middle righT, noT only acTs in The capaciTy of nurse here in The building, buT she also holds The posiTion of head school nurse of NaTrona CounTy. PicTured aT The boTTom of The page is Mr. William Tobin, insTrucTor of Drivers' EducaTion classes-classes which have plaved an impor- TanT experience in The Training of sTudenTs in safe driving. 24 i 4 T 5 'E Mx MISS RUBY McBRlDE Born in OTTumwa, Iowa, Ruby McBride aTTended grade school and high school There. She conTinued her educaTion aT The UniversiTy of Iowa, receiving a BA. degree and a major in LaTin. Her MasTer's degree in LaTin was achieved from The UniversiTy of California. Miss McBride, who has always given an aTmosphere of enThusiasm and inTeresT To her classes, has TaughT LaTin in NaTrona CounTy High School since 1925. Friendship and Wisdom Will Be Missing From NCHS MISS ETHEL LINDSEY Born on a caTTle ranch in The Black Hills of SouTh DakoTa, and having received her elemenTary edu- cafion There, Miss EThel Lindsey conTinued her edu- caTion aT Nebraska UniversiTy. She received her Bachelor's degree aT Lincoln and wenT To Wy- oming for her MasTer's degree. Miss Lindsey has really seen The counTry, aTTer working Toward her docToraTe aT NorTh California STaTe College, Chicago UniversiTy, and Harvard. Sharing her many experiences of Travel in Europe, clerking in YellowsTone, and Teaching in several sTaTes, Miss Lindsey has given her sTudenTs much more Than English Training in her sixTeen years aT NaTrona CounTy High School. New Ways of Learning Foreign Language Department l From left to right: Ann Blower, Ruby Mc- Bride-Chairman of the Department, Margaret Shidler, and William Wells as they enter a brightly revamped building. , William Wells listens critically as the tape recorder re- produces a conversat on in Spanish. 26 'lla' v ac ,div 5 iv . i 1 Aural-Oral training is new in the language Department. Learning by hearing, then speaking, instead of burying pupils in books, has been instituted in some of the conversational Spanish and French classes. We shall never forget the difficulty our leaders and movie actors and farmers had in conversing with Russia's Strong Man. Language barriers presented with our many foreign visitors in 1959 only emphasize the need for a more workable use of many tongues as the people of the world try to move closer and closer together in peace. ln- structors in NCHS are fully aware of this world need. Staff members offer Spanish and French for two years and Latin for four. Two levels of ability have been taken into con- sideration in setting up these classes. Learning languages in new and lively-colored rooms, the pupils take a deeper interest in vital and usable "living lan- guages." What a machine! Smiles of Carroll Dierks, Elsie Michalke, and Michael McTygue 'fell The whole sfory. li' . -..-.ww .' ' Making World ...M of Business Efficient Q me T 2 Business men Today demand speed and ac- curacy. Our deparfmenf of eight members, oc- cupying an enfire floor of one vving of The build ing, has The know-how and The modern equip menT To fiT boys and girls To enTer The efficienT offices of modern business. Wide selecfion of courses is provided for - commercial mafh, Typing, shorfhand, business correspondence, business machines, and book- keeping. Prepared for business will be secre- Taries, sTenographers, accounTanTs, TypisTs, and machine operaTors. Graduafes in These skills walk inTo good pay- ing iobs in The offices and commercial esfablish- menfs of The "Oil CapiTal of The Rockies." ng., Lefi To right: Ardon Wolf- gang, Bruce Anderson, Ruih 5ClW-imbef, and William Stephenson. .09-f S.. Pauline Fusselman, Ruth Jean Williams, and Yvonne Rippon. 5 4 ' -K , , ' My A. --w.,,.,,MN ' WWW. . W"'l"'a...,,n I 7711 'W' My ..-,, M P1-'+L ?'-Au rv-sk SN-Q, www' ,-nnillii l V sf-. ,sv -1- -z. ' 'M' 2. M 'Q-w..,k 'wljm fn-5, , , .aw r- ,, , mimvm ' I 'R Fw? 7 f 1. W ". , 'ZA , K: ,,,, Qs 'i' 'l' M 3? " ' - 1 ' t ri W.. V- ' a . - 5. fl, h A, , 2. gy y . . . Q i A .1 T l T ,552 1' , . . 45:1 . A . W ' 'Q' I ff' . . ' 1 n A 5 I 5 H dl Q .A l ' fr A ,,,,, I u- 'N k . J 'IQBJ u :iw T Top To bottom: Don Weishaar, lone Gibbs, and Clifford Pomeroy, 28 lva Smith and Mary Sacrison admire The new mafh Typewriter. lVlaTh is wiTh The rnodern. SeaTed on brighTly-hued chairs of fiber glass, The sTudenTs are sur- rounded by The laTesT color schemes of new classrooms. For ease in making ouT Tests, The sTaTT has been supplied wiTh a Type- wriTer, compleTe wiTh maThema- Tical symbols. Proie-cTs in solid geometry are prepared, giving The average pupil an idea of The irnporTance of accuracy. AlThough numbers, laws, equaTions, and problems remain The same, The MaTh DeparTmenT provides ouTsTanding courses in geomeTry, algebra, TrigonomeTry, and maTh analysis To assisT The real sTudenT of Today To prepare To live in a world of complexiTy. Math Has Gone Modernistic ssubls 1 'ilzwf' 'L Top To botrom: eroy. 1 we l sk -. Clifford Brown and Dean Pom x Q - Pwr- X, .ua-nm-g we.,-S C' R Ak, fg v .2 x .. 5 5,4 L. ff. K ,. 3 N, X i A ,. .x i 9 .Q .k Q vw. ,ggi S Q , N 41' .1 i. 'FV , 4- 2:5 , .,,xk, , s.. : 2 . 2 9 S mx sf 5 2 6 .. if 'ff f Y A , . 5'f-VM 'sw 1,1 "kph, Mgjgwa gf 37 , 3":f,.?a'vw51':'L 1' 2 Amiga? '1' MVA Ab F F F Ch E gl h Dep Y 1 English Classes Organized to Serve Achievement and Ability ra an, Left to rn George Baier, o W Kathleen Hemry, George Schell, Elizabeth Rupp, Jarnes Thorpe. ght J ll Dorothy Cross, Ha l Deffey XZ .Ji 4, z f 4 K xi Having the largest number on its staff of any other department, six- teen teachers, English is Thoroughly presented - both as to use and appreciation. Since every pupil is required to have at least three units in our chief means of cummunication, with four units outlined for the college pre- paratory people, he can take the subiects in varied forms and varied tracks. Drama, journalism, speech, and one of the newest courses, develop- mental reading, supplement composition and literature - English, Amer- ican, and modern. This department offers English in three levels adjusted to the ability, achievement, and needs of the pupils. Complementary clubs in such fields as news writing, acting and interpretation, literature, and debate are extensions of the curriculum. VI' kg "S, fi Above left- Mary Jane Carlson, bottom left-Bill An- Above right - Mary Ann Drew, Arlene Larson, bottom derson. center - Gwendolyn Hill. ,gf 2 74' L Standing - John Welsh, 3l va V ' E f. A :Fa Q 9 - , X . Y Ng S sf if QW Hip? gf 'M ,J,e"i nf 'V v'V' 1 I , .,A,, Q VV , , . ,V L. , ETA. , . , , Q., ,Au f F, 'Wk-' I ii- YQ! Mn QW E: All ,w f2f' i - l 9312 W '1 L - qq A -4 f Left to right: Dan Moriarty, Robert VanDeventer, Art Pierce, Gordon Ward, Jay Brecheisen, Margaret LuViolette, Chairman of Social Science Department, and Welton Merry. Realizing that history is not old and dusty, that we live constantly in the midst of it, students enter that phase of their education with a new view and a new interest. Suddenly they know that they are making history. In social science courses, now more than ever, day-by-day events are studied in their relation to the past, to the present, and to the future. TIME, CURRENT EVENTS MAGAZINE, and SENIOR SCHO- LASTIC give the knowledge ot the present, texts and teachers furnish thoughts ot the past, student discussion protects causes and ettects into the future. Special attention is given to social problems fslums and housing, integration, foreign competi- tion, laborl and to social development. Traditional subiects of American, World, and Wyoming history are allotted their same time-honored places in the curriculum. ""-w-...mqswiw V N ""'---,-, ,,,, , W' I W WNV' 1 c....,,,,,T Modeling their proiects which they made for American history class, Connie Sattertield and Rose Jenkins wear the popular fashions of the l800's. 33 LDlNG LANE coumzxcrin conPonATioN SN 1 4 qui! j QENERM' COMRACLOB uoufnoea-scnnovren vocAiioNAL EouQATl0N BU' Ancimecr A' ,..- ff Learning by - -4" ,' 9 Standing proudly before The new vocational building from left To right: Gilbert Blondin, James Messimer, George Scullen, Floyd Mich' ael, and Howard Downer. U.- 3-'-In Backed by a complete set of tools, Don Sweeney looks confident 'rhaf he has chosen the right one. -'vie Confidently working with new mae chinery, Bill Hill and Bill Ritihaler recharge a battery. ,...r.f -1 A s Wanda Walters, chairman of the Home Economics Department, and James Messimer, wood shop in- structor. . . Experience In this frantic time of missiles and bombs and cold war, Natrona County High School planners have not lost their heads, all departments have sought to maintain a balance. Along with the more scientific sub- jects, practical arts have maintained their emphasis. At the same time that the "whole man" seeks to realize his potentiali- ties in reaching the moon and sending a rocket thousands ot miles into space or into enemy territory, he must have skills to earn a living. Family living prepares girls tor happier home lite, brand spanking new shops were entered in December ot i959 for agriculture, wood work, and mechanics, delightful odors ot cooking still issue from room lOl, and in the spring a style show iust for mothers points up the de- sires ot girls to fashion and make their own clothing. I' 5 E From top to bottom: Bunny Jackson and Laurel Wirth. 35 :mf 2- ,f 4, ,, ,, 444 04:5 w Y JW ' 1 f' I Sw 5, w gg me . ,ffm S 5 5 E 2 iifff 4 E W, ws ' H flag. ag? , 'HW All rbi , - ,f . I ' 55 , ,g 2 15' 1" .nil A' v X 2 . ,f f J ., -,s11v ' M ' '7 X' ' - 225 , 5531 A 4 ' ' AU , . A. iy 'TJ- !' 5 K Left to right: Patsy Healy, Girls' Vice-President, Kathy Hudgeons, Treasurer, Morris Thomason, Boys' Vice-President, Mike Golden, Student Body President, Gina Tangney, Clerk of Court, and Ann Mahoney, Secretary. yu.-w-wi-'W' First of its kind in Wyoming, the Student Court has received the attention of many schools over the state. This group works to bring order to our school by making rules which will be a credit to the student body. Pictured above from left to right are Karen Hill, Senior Judge, Roger Davis and Janice Domiriy, Junior Judges, John Delair, Chief Judge, and Bob Cheney, Senior Judge. MMWZZZM ii 5. QW ll lv -wwf 1 ,, ff , ,, 54520, 2 ' -,A Q' I' 4' k V ,1 tk 'J . A-L ' f A 14' Q 4' ,Qi if , .Q I 1 04.3 2,4 -if N Q tgp i.. Y' 1 9 Y. fu fm M4 wr ,W , Wwe... .. ,,.-.-f, 5, iw 1-W Action by ihe Sophomores on the prize-winning float for The Homecoming . . . I., 4 ,.. 5 .Q 1, L, 1 ,- it ,, ., ,gl 1, M it 1 'Ju-V K AX! 6. in Q mm , qu. 'Q' 5 . 1 'Wi Y fa? 111, ,ik Y Sophomores, J umors, Semors Potentially Strong Class - These Sophomores Surrounded by older students, the "beginners" entered a new and exciting phase of their education-high school. Assisted by Senior girls acting as Big Sisters, the sophomore girls were re- lieved of most of the feelings of strange- ness. Immediately, class officers were se- lected and representatives chosen. As new classes were entered, sponsors Jay Breicheisen and Ruth Schamber, smiled in anticipation of the potential of the Sophomore class. At the right-Deannie Lewellan and Mike Shoultz pause at one of the many doors leading to learning. Below-Sophomore officers: Jan Parsons, Secretary- Treasurer, Gina Hinson, Representative, and Jean- ette Simpson, vice-President. Mr. Jay Breicheisen and Miss Ruth Scham ber are happy sponsors of the tenth 9 rade "1 - L ,-if A E' A l BOTTOM ROW: Anderson, Sharon, Applebeck, Jean, Ashcraft, Cheri, Andrews, Margaret, Anderson, Cheryl, Anderson, Sandy. SECOND ROW: Austin, Gale, Atwood, Beda, Arnold, Sandra, Allison, Kathleen, Allen, Kathy, Allmon, Geralyn. THIRD ROW: Allen, Gary, Bouska, Ed, Alexander, Tom, Astare, Mary Ann, Bender, Robert, Bohnet, Roy, Blanford, Jim. FOURTH ROW: Bergslien, Roger, Allison, Jim, Bower, Charles, Brown, Stanley, Buchanan, Jerry, Boyer, Paul. TOP ROW: Anderson, Ken, Bradley, Rick, Anderson, Alan, Branson, Monty. 'np BOTTOM ROW. Burlei h, Mary Bolinger, Rene' Bixby, Judi, Brown, Wilma- Barry, Penny, Barry Pam. SECOND ROW: Bateman, Patsy, Baxter Brock, Ernest, Burridge, Mike. TOP ROW: Boggs, Jim, Byer, Gordon, Byer, Doyle, Ball, Fred, Bochmann, Allen, Bump, Tom. ' g , , , r , Sharon, Babcock, Patricia, Bentley, Patricia, Bertagnote, Rose Ann, Brown, Cheryl. THIRD ROW: Clare, Brian, Barnard, Bruce, Berry, Maxine, Baker, Sherry, Baldwin, Rita, Bergman, Steve, Birgenheier, Ed. FOURTH ROW: Barnett, Joe, Behounek, Richard, Burch, Vance, Box, Richard, BOTTOM ROW: Coker, Gyneeta, Edwards, Kathy, Freeman, Kenneth, Faust, Lindsey, Feigel, Bev, Fenning, Terri. SECOND ROW: Dunkley, Sally Burns, Joan, Ellis, Maureen, Fickel, Kathleen, Enderson, Dixie, Frye, Pat, Ford, Bob. THIRD ROW: Edgeington, Noeleen, Elfering, Kay, English Trisha, Fine, Virginia, Floyd, Sharon, Flack, Carol, Eads, Patti. FOURTH ROW: Eaton, Sharon, Drake, Etha Lea, Durnell, Glendara, Forster, Alan Foremen, Mike, French, Randy, Eastburn, Jeanie, Domsalla, Kathy. TOP ROW: Freeman, Walter, Farmer, James, Feezer, Marty, Foster, Dick, Fritz Steve, Bowman, Carl, Fisher, John, Eccles, Jonce, Edwards, Miles. Biology Provides New Views of Science to Sophomores 'DN Shelton Sumey reaches, not for the 4 , moon, but tor one of the smaller or- K9 ganisms. ,. A 1 ,X J- ...SS 1 'I "sf BOTTOM ROW: Gross, Ernest, Groves, Geraldine, Gross, Geraldine, Estes, Kenneth, Goode, Jean, Gibby, Irene. SECOND ROW: Grant, Irene, Gibson, Karen, Gilman, Karen, Galusha, Lana, Gann, Jan, Goudreau, Judy, Gangwish, Joyce. THIRD ROW: Beacht, Donald, Gibson, Judy, Hudson, Lee, Geist, Rennie, Gardner, John, Gering, Denny, Griffis, Cheryl FOURTH ROW: Gloyd, Judy, Gleghorn, Donna, Griffin, Roy, Guerrero, Joe, Galley, Steve, Ford, Bob, Gelok, Bob. Subject Matter, to Sophomores . What is the world coming to? Intense Bob Wallin watches a girl - Kathleen Allison - demonstrate a problem in geometry. ww. ESpCC13lly Wlth New Language Techmques Jamce SECOND ROW Jackson Sharon Lnndall Wanda Lopez Frances Larramandy Sherrill Lewallen Deame Lallmn Ann Larsen Carole THIRD ROW Ivy Bully Lange Shlrley Lane Duane Lukowlak Stella Lamb Vrrgrnua Jones Charles TOP ROW Lantz Rack Kndd Bull Johnson Larry Larsen Dave Kennedy Make I1 rs possible These days for sophomores To hear Themselves speak a forengn language Here we have Fern Parker, Gordon Sanford, Jeanette Snrnpson, and Cheryl Benedncf ro show The vrfalny engendered by a speaking lnsfenrng method M Q 5- A..-2 , l L r ' ' L . . W Y' BOTTOM ROW: Lockwood, Kareneg Lowery, Vicki, Jack, Karen, Kaper, Beityp Lewis, Mikey Lowham, BOTTOM ROW: Mora Lella, McCarthy, Etleen, McDaniel, Mark, Maselc Sharon, McRoberts, Rita, Mayhue, Tommie. SEC, OND ROW: Mora, Delia, Masters, Cathy, Murphy, Jeri, Martinez, Susan, Myers, Joy, O'Brien, Johnny, Maple, Betty. THIRD ROW: Morss, Bob, McNair, Sheila, Mayo, Sharon, Mass, Alan, Osmus, Jennette Martin, Judy, McAllister, Carole. FOURTH ROW: Newman, Larry, Meek, Gene, Olson, Martin, O'Dell, Charles, Neiffer, Rodger, McTigue, Jack, O'BIenness, Ray. TOP ROW: McMillan, Fred, McMullen, Dan, McGill, Arthur, Nicoll, Bruce, Nash, Wade. 1'-I BOTTOM ROW Marley Karen Monserud J Anne Plough DuRyea Paul LaVerne Petersen Sheryl Malls Mary Beth SECOND ROW Moore Donna Munsell Kathy Myers Pat Parker Fern Parsons Janet Mn er Judy, McLennan, Mar garet. Tl-HRD ROW: Perl- mutter, Davld, Priest, Williarn, Pierson, Terry, O'Quinn, Dick, Jones, Sklp, Plager, Gary, O'Conner, Jim. TOP ROW: Ohman, Carol, Mc- Clellan, Judy, Powell, Jimmy, Pace, Sam, Pat- terson, Willis, Mobley, Kay, Pilcher, Gary. 5 I BOTTOM ROW: Pichef Jean, Packwood, Bever- ly, Nelson, Karen, Piche, Laurie, Proud, Linda, Pu- lanco, Belly. SECOND ROW: Parks, Margalu, Roszel, Tom, Reeves, George, O'Neal, Judy, Pearson, Jacque, Padilla, Annabelle, Neely, Don- na, THIRD ROW: Nicker- son, Karen, Paisley, Ju- di, Porter, Ellen, Nye, Pam, Raines, Bob, Park inson, Phil, Nuss, Ann. FOURTH ROW: Rice, Oli- ver, Rowe, Jim, Irwin, Bob, Page, Jerry, Ren- nard, Robert, Rooks, Jim, Peden, Jon. TOP ROW: Rhoades, Gary, Palaio, Jim, Power, Vere, Pinn, Ron, Rod- gers, Larry, Rader, Larry. Two More Years 'Til Graduation - VP YF BOTTOM ROW: Storm, Mike, Rodgers, Carol, Richards, Judy, Rieker, Joan, Raab, Patricia, Stone, Michael. SECOND ROW: Rod- gers, Jane, Regan, KaThleen, Rieck, Helen, Stoneking, Clyde, Quealy, Mary, Palmer, Lois, Ochs, Pam. THIRD ROW: Sanford Ronald, Rochelle, Marilyn, Sikes, Bill, Stalick, Jerry, Studer, Mike, Reese, Barbara, Pike, lla, Richardson, Susan. TOP ROW: Six' berry, Ray, Shorow, Dave, Stokes, Gary, Seymore, Wayne, Oligmueller, Mary, Selby, Bob, Savala, Dick, Schneider, Lon, Stone Walter. Library assistant, Sophomore Sandra Arnold, is not afraid of big books in the reference section. Sophomore S' Dream BOTTOM ROW: Spieles, Pat, Stewart, Ann, Sizemore, Janice, Snyder, Freda, Romine, Clarka, Spawn, Dennis. SECOND ROW: Roti, Rickianne Stevens, Terrie, Sutton, JoAnn, Spratt, Kay, Rusnik, Marcia, Spears, JoLynn, Schacht, Kay, Stiffler, Sharon. THIRD ROW: Sparks, Dale Sealock, Ronald, Renner, Vicki, Strand, Glen, Schilling, Mike, Solberg, Gene, Smith, Vivian, Skionhaug, Charlotte. TOP ROW: Scroggins Rusty, Sumey, Sheldon, Shoultz, Mike, Starks, Ron, Schumm, Eugene, Schnitzer, Bill, Sieglitz, Frank, Sneesby, Dave. i I 9 'D Y BOTTOM ROW: Stanton, Nancy, Selby, Rita, Scott, Cathy, Semmelroth, Lynne, Strasheim, Esther, Sanford, Kenny. SECOND ROW: Stout, Shelby, Smith, PatgSco1't,KarengShephe Susie: Simeone, Shirley, Simpson, Jeanette: Stevenson, Jackie. THIRD ROW: Lewis, Larry: West, Waters, Bob' Truiillo, Bobby- Thomas, Harold. FOURTH ROW: Singer Louise, Watson Cork 5 Walters , P 1 f .- Terryg Schaefer, Joyce, Kent Thurston Richard Weinrich, Jim I 1 - 1 ' 1 Y 1 I r I Wells, Eddie: Withers, Lucky. TOP ROW: Lantz, Rick: Stubson, Lyle, Seger, Lois, Skinner, Tonia, Witt, Dave: Tweedy, Chuck. sv. K- lan. 4. ,g,,, HRS! Et' N H in it 1, ll li in I' IN so lllllilws- N1 IAN From Senior Monty Hunter, Sophomore Judy Kubsch learns the value of a tape recorder in speech work. yd 4: BOTTOM ROW: Turner, Terri, Thompson, Janie, Sederholm, Duffle, Sprecher, Marianne, Wolford, Jim, Sims, Carol. SECOND ROW: Trujillo, Emily, Sifferd, Diane, Townsend, Frances, Stuckey, Llani, Tharman, Pauline. THIRD ROW: Sherman, Pat, Strand, Mary, Sones, Janice, Tavares, Lorraine, Watters, Kirk. TOP ROW: Sanford, Sandra, Wing, Randy, Walker, Spunky, Tescher, Cora, Valdez, Ronald, Warner, Rick. Sophomores Start to Plan for Future BOTTOM ROW Walker Sherry Wells Elizabeth Valdez Vicki Wolcott Virginia Wigley Dianne Waatti Maren SECOND ROW Ward Pam Young Judy Young Cheryl Welsh Judy Wiles Pat Ulrich Gwen Watson Barbara THIRD ROW Ullrich Mary Wilson Janet Underwood Donna Beavers Marietta Verley Sherry Wright Penny Udewitz Rosalie TOP ROW Walton Don Yarwood Leonard Walters Mike Young Clarke Watson Thelma Yutesler Jim Yoss James Wegner Frank Wright Eddie 55 Sophomores Represent Largest Class ,C XNXK' BOTTOM ROW Cam JoAnn hart Sandy SECOND ROW Gerald Schofleld Konnne Lnnda Wood Roger THIRD Connor Betty Garner June son Jeanne Gear Poole Welsh ROW Clark KN SX? ,vw X ,- 1 W BOTTOM ROW Ryan, Phll, Phnbbs, Henry, Matthews, Butch SECOND ROW Welch, BerT, Rasmus sen, Jnm, Rlpple, Loren THIRD ROW Bayless, Steve, Yunglxng Terry, Werner, Jon , iw., ENN" 'a Y KN, K ,, K -. . , ' 'xl yy - a . xx . A ' A I I Z N si F -M. as ww. X ,fly A .3 xi, xx K. x, 'xx '- fs fx I ,. X. D 'xx' ' ch ,R f f y lv A' X X Q. 1 ' - . U . M K 4 ...Q 59 x 2 3, 'E , 5' In y. us Q. X , 4 1 2 4 , fi N , 8 . 7 ' K B I ' x ' 1 ' , : - 1 . 2 1 1 ' , 1 , ' 2 , - 1 , 1 , J - , . Q , ,mv H , , is . I , 'L C when y Sophomore Girls Have Many Interests 'll-avr. :- i 1.4 , IJ, ,"o' ff l r , i l y ggi will l Q Q r l i r u I .. N ' J ig - .-x . ce! ,.,-'fx PS3 Orientation Tea, an annual greeting given by the seniors for the in- coming sophomores. Above: the girls fall in line for some mighty fine refreshments. To the left: Merriam Cooper and Dorothy Soren- sen do the serving. Sherryl Carpenter models her own dress in homemaking! 'lllsr T + Q i l li xl S ee ti' Marianne Sprecher, a prospective speech winner x Class officers-Top to Bottom: Stan Billingsly, Vice- President, John Carter, President, Barbara White, Council Representative, Peggy Hoover, Secretary- Treasurer, and Jackie Carpenter, Council Representa- tive. Juniors Get Into the Swing of Things. Not the oldest, not the young- est, the Juniors need not feel like "in-betweens." The line of march iust begins to increase its tempo during a pupil's eleventh year. ln academic work the word of College Boards and Ohio State tests begins to come through. "We'd better get on the balI," say the Juniors, it we want to get there "furstis with the mostis." If one is a tried and true Jun- ior, he must make room in his time for traditional eleventh year activities. One has not lived in Casper High until he has been in or helped with the Follies. This year the production was under the di- rection of John Welsh. Starring an all-junior cast the scenes were out of this world and into Asia and Africa. Even a Senior had to admit that the variety show was a huge success. Breathless Juniors in the spring complimented the Seniors with a fabulous Prom. By ushering at Commencement many third year girls learned what graduation would be like. Junior sponsors: Mr. Rizzi and Miss Wills 'wilfdhvvxqqf if Bl BOTTOM ROW: Anthes, Cleo, Asay, Janet, Byer, Dixie, Bridgman, Annette, Bittleston, Janice, Baxter, Lorrene. SECOND ROW: Atwood, Jim, Atchley, Ted, Adamson, John, Barton, Jerry, Bergstrom, Larry, Blevins, Virginia, THIRD ROW: Baxter, Shirley, Burback, Sharon, Barella, Babs, Boyles, Penny, Bowen, Mary, Bauer, Paula, Alloway, Bill. FOURTH ROW: Boyles, Millard, Broadbent, Steve, Beattie, Bob, Benton, Twyla, Brown, Marlyn, Anderson, Dick, Beckham, Ken. TOP ROW: Barnum, Craig, Babcock, Ron, Brown, Mic, Beatty, Cliff, Bynum, William. was 1 , . ' ,fc 4 f 0 5 L Qzigl fu BOTTOM ROW! Chrisler, DOVCBS: DBYI SBBYVOUI C0lllV1S, Betty: Dickens, Johnelle, Dorsett, Carol, Cook, Dottie. SECOND ROW: Cox, Leon, Ball, Carole, Bucher, Bonnie, Carpenter, Jackie, Caster, Sharon, Corson, Joyce, Brewer, Sharon, THIRD ROW: Cooper, Skip, Haney, Wanda, Dominy, Sue, Cole, Tommy Ann, Cronin, Coleen, Adams, Bill, Buckingham, Jerry. FOURTH ROW: Conley, Art, Cooke, Richard, Abbot, Larry, Battin, Betty, Anderson, Sally, Ballingsley, Stan. TOP ROW: Bennett, Pat, Cattles, Clinton, Christerson, Charles, Burke, Richard, Cocking, Rod, Coleman, Phil, Butcher, Joe, Burt, Don. 59 BOTTOM ROW: Bateman, Marcie Brockman, Linda, Anderson, Carol Bettes, Mary Kaye, Busch, Joyce, Bain ter, Darellene. SECOND ROW: Bohnet, Joan, Bence, Shari, Anderson, Sophie Ames, Karen, Arnold, Irene, Angen Janet. THIRD ROW: Carter, John, Ca sey, Gordon, Corkill, Allen, Bishop MaryBeth, Anderson, Barbara Jean Brannan, Cheryl. FOURTH ROW: Evans Tad, Cote, Bill, Davis, Roger, Cowgar Jim, Childers, Vernon, Cammack Jerry, Cellan, Roy. TOP ROW: Curry David, Christman, Robert, Corsons Gene, Crouch, Terry, Christopherson, Bud, Carr, Tom. Juniors Advancing Into New Science . J v-nm ,Q- BOTTOM ROW: Croy, Sharon, Engle man, Bonnie, Daly, Lynn, Carney, Gar nette, Dalgarno, Connie, Dryer, Esther SECOND ROW: Cooper, Carolyn, Camp Verna, Cooper, Peggy, Dailey, Gloria Conner, Dorothy, Cauthorn, Judy THIRD ROW: Damron, Roger, Darling Jay, Dunkley, Bill, Doyle, Chuck, Dorn Dixie, Callison, Joyce. FOURTH ROW Dawson, Bruce, Dunbar, Dave, Delett Bob, Chase, Ron, DeMars, Doug, Cas ter, Russell. TOP ROW: Dorsett, Earl Drollinger, Wesley, Davies, Bob Chladek, David, Dowler, Chuck Drwenski, Ray, Deletf, Bob, 1 r 1 Using good lab procedure, Barbara Rogers demonstrates the making of oxygen by heat- ing potassium chlorate in I Chemistry class. Chemlstry BOTTOM ROW: Frickey, Jeri Anne, Fritts, Jan, Ellis, Therese, Friedlund, Barbara, Fulton, Colleen, Fulton, Mary. SECOND ROW: Forsberg Brenda, Ford, Gwen, Fickel, Marsha, Farmer, Billye, Felton, Karen, Ferrell, Dorothi. THIRD ROW: Eklund, Harold, Flowers, Becki, Frandeberger, Joyce, Engdahl, Evangeline, Elelman, Betty, Fitzpatrick, Frank. FOURTH ROW: Fredrick, Dennis, Edwards, Dick, Felton, Bill, Eades, Jack, Ef- fenberger, Richard, Fulton, Ryan. TOP ROW: Furse, Jim, Francis, John, Foreman, Larry, Egolf, Dave, Eckerson, Charles, Everage, George Endicott, Dick. i. 'ei alkyl? I BOTTOM ROW: Hubley, Alice Gard, Robeta, George, Joyce, Giger, Lana, Gean, Kay, Harris, Joyce. SECOND ROW: Greenlee, Nancy, Howard, Donna, Gallagher, Marguerite, Gettle, Kathy, Hanley, Kay, Grannan, Janet. THIRD ROW: Graham, Mike, Green, Linda, Gray, Ellen, Hansen, Betty, Gerlock, Pat, Gosnell, Jim. FOURTH ROW: Gunn, Larry, Gardner, Ed, Goodwin, Joe, Gary, Earl, Good, Marvin, Gosney, Dale. TOP ROW: Goslow, Mike, Gelok, Rex, Huey, Jim, Gutz, Mike, Garvin, Rod, Grafel, Larry. Juniors BOTTOM ROW: Hailey, Janette, Honeysett, Ka- thy, Hodgson, Judy, Hartnett, Judy, Hogg, Jann, Harris, Sandy. SECOND ROW: Hunt, Judy, Higgins, Linda, Junt, Mary, Hoskins, Sharon, Hack, Barbara, Hood, Norene. THIRD ROW: Hardison, Mike, Hoadley, JoEllen, Hoo- ver, Peggy, Harding, Lana, Hughes, Carolyn, Hamrick, Francis. TOP ROW: Hytrek, Eddie, Hall, Budd, Howard, Harvey, Hughes, Darold, Humborg, Ronald, Wir- tala, Eddie, Hall, David, Hand, Joe, Hartwell, Tom. BOTTOM ROW: Lucas, Diane, Kelley, Carole, Jones, Pam, Johnson, Nancy, Knapp, Linda, Kimball, Verle, SECOND ROW: Kelley, Par, Klaus, Ann, Lambert, Venifa, Johnson, Kaye, Lott, Georgefre, Jensen, Bene, Johnston, Carol. THIRD ROW: Johnson, Alex, Krieg, Ralph, Jordahl, Johanna, Kidneigh, Karen, Kuhn, Don, Jones, Terry. FOURTH ROW: Kuite, James, Jourgensen, Bruce, Kaysbier, Bill, Kennah, George, Kaper, Bob, Keefe, Bob. TOP ROW: Imes, Dick, Jacques, Rodney, Kuy- kendall, Don, Lofspeich, Eugene, Paul, Harold, Kludy, Orval. . uDea1ing With Fashions" No ioker in this deck. Karen Ames, Sharon Cusfer, and Joyce Busch mod- 3 eled their fashions for the P.T.A. 2 Q , ff 5 , ,pf K 4 ll 1 4 f f l , 'P+' ' l f i' . , ' LW ig' 4' T i i BOTTOM ROW: Loghry, Janet, Lindahl, Beverly, Louk, Nayna, Lange, Joan, Lange, Jean, Light, Sharon. SECOND ROW: Potts, Connie, Lloyd, Sherry, Little, Heather, Laird, Bonnie, Ladeburg, Doris, Lytle, Beth. THIRD ROW: Lassila, Danny, Leik, Sandy, Lenhart, Jim, Link, Judi, Luck, Sonny, Miller, Jerry. FOURTH ROW: McAteer, John, Martin, Bob, Moll, Richard, McKenzie, Allen, Lay, Leland, Lewallen, Bryant. TOP ROW: Liiewski, John, Luers, Richard, Milyard, Ken, Lathrop, Homer, Larrabee, Dean, Long, Gary. Facing New Activities . BOTTOM ROW: Moore, Sharon, Merrill, Nina, McNair, Peggy, Moore, Pat, Meredith, Janice, Mayfield, Sue. SECOND ROW: Mil ler, Caroline, Mauler, Sharolyn, Moriarty, Kathy, Murphy, Terry, Mooneyham, Jean, Monroe, Janice. THIRD ROW: McCash Jim, Murphy, Gordon, Maki, Judy, Moss, Janice, Matt, Edie, Miller, Diann. FOURTH ROW: Killebrew, Larry, Keefe, Bob, Jones Jack, Murrell, Gary, Martin, Ken, Michael, Tom, Juhl, Bill. TOP ROW: Mills, Bob, Mills, Bryan, McConnell, Bob, Rudd, Billy Davidson, Bill, Mileston, Jerry, Murphy, Randy, Peterson, Jerry. F 2 99 ,T V Q T' G L- - ,fy F-' T Q, ww. G fax usb 'V .rf Q.. BOTTOM ROW: Paterson, Elizabeth Pontius, Kay, Pickett, Peggyg Potter Anne Marieg O'Buck, Nancyg Ostler, Cara SECOND ROW: Oler, Nancy, Ogan, Ceonag Nelson Lynda, Neal, Janicef Nollette, Mary Helen, McKeown, Pat THIRD ROW: Nielson, Tony, Nead, Toalp Need, Paul, Overman Dan- Payne June Phegley Gary Pulliam Gary TOP ROW Price Jim, Prazma, Di3naldg,Noell, Billy Oclis, Jirn, llilott, Dilleng Prowell, Rilll Not a space helmet, only Torn Haygood learning to weld in Ag Shop, For his efficiency Tom won 6th place at State Fair with his proiectea sheep-hay-feeder. Newman, Rick 5 -Q I ,I 5 Sun' img Sandra Christman and Jerry Saltz become artistic in making decorations for the Junior-Senior Prom BOTTOM ROW: Schiermeyer Juliey Stewart, Lindag Schil ling, Nancy, Siek, Diana Sype, Susieg Sype, Peggy SECOND ROW: Smernis Demetra, Sundem, Mary Scholz, Kandyg Schrantz Kareng Skogen, Shirley Shell, Rita. THIRD ROW Scott, Bill, Sherven, Brad Sandeen, Delia, Spencer, Kathleen, Sherfey, Virginia Slates, Donald, Scott, John FOURTH ROW: Sutton, Jim Rooney, Joe, Smith, Jerry Seebaum, Fritz, Saltz, Jerry Shepherd, Billy Smith Chuck. TOP ROW: Smith Jimi Sprecher, Jim, Smith, Fred, Sedar, Dean, Summer- tord, Quentin, Swenson Leigh, Schieck, Bill, Smith Jim, Spears, Jerry, Brock Ernest. And Hands in Fine Arts gf? O" ea ' -.- 1 ew Z1- n Q L igrw y , tj BOTTOM ROW: Taylor, Merlo, Van Gilder, Barbara, Shafer, Jan, Kvaall, Loretta, Thomas, Hester, Tyndall, Mary. SECOND ROW Sherwin, Nancy, Spaulding, Joy, Spears, Ruth Kay, Schmitz, Stanetta, Turner, Jo, Vassar, Donna, THIRD ROW: Van Patten Cecil, Vocke, Neconia, Verdon, Mary Lou, Smith, Joyce, Strand, Eileen, Spawn, Tom, FOURTH ROW: Sayles, John, Sutherland Ted, Smith, John, Pickle, Bill, Studer, Dave, Underhill, Stephen, Sage, Gary, Stamps, Thomas. TOP ROW: Taylor, Gene, Taylor Jody, Vick, John, VonOsterheidt, Clint, Simmons, Lynn, Tilley, Larry, Villanova, Bill. BOTTOM ROW: Schneider, Richard, Thompson, Jim, Schwarz, Bill, Sperry, Pat, Sitterd, Michael, Wing, Samuel. SECOND ROW: Prier, Mary Lou, Washenfelder, Judy, Yount, Alice Kay, Walker, Sharon, Westbrook, Tose, Young, Judy. THIRD ROW: DeVore, John, Walters, Marie, Waldron, Nancy, White, Barbara, Wright, Joe, Woodward, Jerry. TOP ROW: Wal- lace, Sam, Webb, Phillip, Ward, Andee Lou, Welch, Linda. 1 32: . ii ...xx V N 2 , 1 f ' ,J 1 1 I 5 . w VI J' A ,L 'fx nn 4 S fi J . 5 , , ,lg ,.. Q. ., 'vm ,f ,M K fix, V' 145 4, M, 1 'X J 1 7 .. ' fa ff fi. 7 ' 2 M ff 3 M fu W, , X if Y '9 X , , if ., A .ll as 4 ff ' ,RSX A Xa fy R 4 5-Seq Y 'I s 4. K if .5 if, ff' 5 ' ! . Wa 4 -155, , gf if A ,gg W we If -r mi A fi? ,QQ ff ' EJ? qw. 2.4 Q 'vii ei f W ,MA 'V' ddtvyvfwd Pb v HQ' I 5211, 92' N. ew ,1 ,f i Top-The Wedding Celebration-"Dance to the music of the Ocarina"g Above-"The Portuguese Washerwoman" enioy their empty baskets-Lead Doc Lathrop tells a prospective ticket purchaser all about the show. 7l 1 P Seniors - Beginners' Class in Young Adulthood 1 5 N 1 .N 1 .0- fsi! , - . ' i '5 ' X. g M, X M, Ill Senior Class officers: Larry Allison, Representative, Nancy Christopher, Treasurer, Loretta Simpson, Representative, Steve Flowers, President, Kathy Thompson, Secretary, Mike Cohee, Vice-President, Marianne McCarthy, Representative. N4-,tin ri-,.,g.' hu. Cliff Pomeroy and Ann Blower, the never-tiring sponsors of the Senior Class. Insert-Frank lzzarilli who takes the place of Marianne McCarthy on the Student Council. Seniors have reached the top, they have taken over the leading positions in many activities and organizations. They are the ring masters and the flag twirlers of the parade. Memories are stored up for the future-memories never to be lost in the fading days of high school life and the frightening hours ahead in vocational and college life of a demanding world. College? Homemaking? Services? Whatever the senior of this school may choose, he can pursue his work with the knowledge and training gained from a first-class high school. 72 MARTHA ACKERMAN MARY JANE ADAMSON MICHAEL AHERN MICHAEL ALEMAN JANE ALLISON LARRY ALLISON CHARLES AMADIO SHARON AMEND MARIE ANDERSON MARY ANDREWS ORSINIA ANDREWS JANICE ANGEVINE PANSY ANNIS MARY APPLEHANS TOM ASKMAN 1-... ,. I 1 x x WALTER BAILEY CECIL BAKER CECELIA BAKER JACQUELINE BAKER JAMES BAKER SUSAN BAKER JERALDINE BALDWIN JAMES BARBER ANITA BARNARD BARBARA BARNUM GREGORY BARRETT BARRY BAXTER Today's Senior Faces a World of Scientific Questioning and Mechanical Practicality. DARLENE BEATTY JUDITH BEATTY '-32 STANLEY BECHTOL SANDRA BECKHAM Class of 1960 Modishly Attired H X CAnn Slnchter models her costume made in a senior sewing cIass.I 'S' PATRICK BEGLEY RICHARD BENINTEND THERESE BENNETT 'i ROGER BENTLEY GEORGIA BENTON BARBARA BERRY MARY JO BILLE LINDA BISHOP SHARON BIXLER DANNIELLE BOLES MILDRED BORCHERS KAY BOSTON 4 "iff 429' ,. ROBERT CHENEY SANDRA CHRISTMAN NANCY CHRISTOPHER BARBARA CLAPP I JOHN CLARK SANDRA CLARK DONALD COBB GUY COBB STEPHEN COBB BRUCE CODY MICHAEL COHEE JEAN COLE Nenl Klocksuem learns precusuon In Mechanncal Drawing. it Q .: .. ,a.X -qfm .fi L, 1 t f kk- x . Jtzww-'W ' ,rw , CAROLE GERALD EDWARDS ENGLEMAN JANICE EWING FERN FARLEY GAY FEEZER BERNARD FEIGEL ALAN FENWICK Some Senior Girls Prepare . FRED FISHER JUDI FISHER SUSAN FLAVIN STEPHEN FLOWERS RICHARD FONS JULIANN FOX Proving that they can GARY FRANCK 1 -A 'cv GARY FREEL PHYLLIS FREEMAN ROBINA FREEMAN JOSEPHINE FREDIN WARREN FRIER BARBARA FRITTS For a Career in Homemaking ea? what they cook-Judy Derrf Dianna Raines, and Kay Welch. LINDA FULLER LAWRENCE 'Q FULTON 5' CAROLE GANGWISH MIKE GANN EARLENE GARNER CAROL GARRARD STEPHEN GEHRING RALPH GEORGE MARILYN GILLESPIE SHARLYN GILLIS DEANNA GILMAN MICHAEL GOLDEN CAROLYN GOSNELL JOAN GRAHAM . Y-r -F '-ag Q-of Mr. Brannen's alligator, who was here as a freshman in 1956, won't get to graduate with the seniors this year. Nw' V". Wu . . A - f 2 ' QQ. 5 -. 'M , 1 " ff ,, T. I ix Q, 3 Y -A24 'G ?' gay fgifijl ' xzf-PWA 1 ,f 1, r 3 -av ,- -5 77,12 ' , H-4-5, P F 'Y "' jx -. 4 if M--. ,. , mt - A 1, , J A 2 .W V 1 x h1?I5'7Lfy I w 4, 4, fJ2c:, 3,:fg 'Z 'WI V 4 JSA' . f , , T, 454, : :' 5:1 ' Q .Q . 5 :aff 4 5, - 1 1 "O Af' 2339 ' - '15 V6 .13 if is I 9 1- Z PATRICIA MARKER DENNY MARTIN JAMES MASS WILLIE JOE MATHIS GARY MAXON LINN MAYO BLAIR MCCANN MARIANNE MCCARTHY KENNETH MCCOMB Semors F1t Subjects Into Career SHARON MCCRIMMON KAY MCCUNE LARRY MCHANEY DONNA MCINTOSH HOPE MCLAIN Z' WILLIAM MCROBERTS DONALD MCWILLIAMS LARRY MEAD SANDRA MEEK 471 DUANE MIDDLETON I ,gn DOUGLAS MILENDER GEORGIA MILES SANDRA MILLARD BERNADINE MILLER CLETUS MILLER "' WLT-v ' , vi 'A X A ' iq fl - , I i, ' ..f Q ' 1- Q I' I 1 I "'f : I ,"Rs... 1 -' ---R" RICHARD MILLER WYN MILLER 1' Doug Jeffers is one of many young men ' planning for a business career through his A courses in high school. SHEROLYN MINCHOW GERALD MOORE 4-1 126 '-7 LEON MOORE CHERRILL MORGAN WILLIAM MUNSELL CAROL MYERS CONNIE NEAL , ago: 'Hx 4.4! 1, mix' 4' JESSE PALATO ROBERT PANYIK CATHERINE PATTON SANDRA PEARSON LARRY PECK . . . High School Lead to Term Papers in College. 4-rx CIT" Af 'x I A 1, ' x M... X ,. 135' V ' ... Advanced composition students-Linda Keith and Don McWilliams learning READERS' GUIDES, card catalogs, and note-taking in our well-stocked library pave the way for an easier time in college English classes BARBARA PERRETT PATTI '17 PERRIN JOSEPH PERRY 3, . . Views of New Physics Laboratory . v- 3 4 Q' X . s ' - j pt , sw' l - Y Q Mgt! A x A W4 t , '? 'zen 'ik V I ' X , n ,. 1 X l it.. -,al V I . ' ., ,sir A ' . :fri fi' " I I i Ron Braig, Mike McCoy, and Curt Sample check the loss of weight of an obiect submerged in water. Above-Darryl Smith and Bill Woodward work out the mechanical advantages of an inclined plane. Cen- ter-In his efficient lab and classroom, Mr. Brakke answers the inquiries of physics students. Working with equipment that is not only com- Lucky students now have a brightly painted and plete, but new, the students in the physics classes excellently equipped room in which to work Sep receive top level instruction. This training is given arate islands are used by teams of two to make in the recently constructed physics lab, finished in use of the "learn by doing" method. the late fall of 1959. 92 ANDRA PHKLUPS S JERRY PIERCE HOWARD PINNEY LAWRE KAREN PROPP JOYCE RABB DXANNA RAXNES PATRXCK PINTUS LANNY PORTER NCE POTTER DELBERT RAYBURN .HM RAYBURN CAROLYN REED HAROLD REED AMES REED J MARSHA REEVES if 'ww V fl""" - . .W , ff' 9 If 2 . K- rf .gg 4' Q . 1. .1 s yy H' 'X 9 9 elf? 142' M , J , Qeiiiw --Q ' "L gf " :wwf was "ii if R x ki. S5 fslsja , -:, 6 N j Www 1, fuss. Asff . - ,VVV V I ,gil v A NL , M .. X 4 4 f M ,mf 'ww - ., Wiwf 5- 3' 4 - 1 an 'z,, nv 1 A i M, x X 5' 'fi uw '4 ,W M" ww ag M ..,-46? n 1 gg ,M 1. W W z 1- .1: - cu - yu 'nz .'.., "4vrQ.1 1 gi a. -ff ' W? 1 ff' Y" "9 is 1, L, 'T' iw" f ,, . .M 5, .,,,., X I " JR fm , 7' A3251 W9 'L Qi I X :rd KELVIN HUBER GERALDINE JOHNSON KENNETH JOHNSON TEDDY MARTIN Mic:-:Ast Mccov YvoNNE MCDANIEL sHARoN MoRroN GARRY sci-msn Caps and Gowns Ordered, Announcements Choseng Class Day Plannedg Commencement Came All Too Quickly. James Gary Anderson William Austin Jim Bainter Ronald Braig William Bynum David Clancy Burt Crow William Davis William Day Philip Eustace Ivy Farnsworth Betty Jo French Michael Gloyd Patricia Gottfried KENNETH DURHAM CHARLENE HARRISON GEORGE HICKS Seniors Not Pictured Jackie Hammond Allen Hays Maxine Helling George Hughes Frank Jazdinsky James Kelly Dixie Kobbe Kelly Lamoureux James Leonard Ronnie Ondler Hazel Phillips Joseph Plager Curtis Reeves Jim Rieve Ronnie Rose Robert Shaw Norman Sherwin Sharon Starr Thelma Thoms Leo Tucker Patricia Tyndall Robert Unangst Robert Upton Andrew Van Patten Bob Vendetti Eulah Irene Wilson With a career of ranching in mind, Duane Cowdin has worked in the Future Farmers of America with sincere interest. He has been president of this group for two consecutive years and has won awards in competition at County and State Fairs. Duane has an- other talent with his quick wit and public speaking ability. ,w W .. W. ,,.....,...f,.......ui.,,,W,, .. J-A 1757 Seniors Have Carol Orton has never been one to shirk from studies. A Latin and math maior in advanced and HAP classes, she has found a place of honor by being ranked number one in the senior class numbering 462, Carol is co-editor of the 1960 Mustang and was selected to represent Casper at Wonderful Wyoming Girls' State, s ,X 'i f". " Various Achievements Sharlynn Gillis is a fine representative of N.C.H.S. Having done outstanding work both scholastically and socially, Sharlyn was elected the DAR. Good She can cook, she can sewg she knows how to clean house: so might a description of Nancy Christopher go. Nancy, who is a Home Economics maior, is the Betty Crocker Homemaker of tomor- row. By winning the local award, she is in com- petition for state winner with a trip to Washington, D. C., as the award. Citizen. She has shown evidences of citizenship throughout the last four years and was a delegate to Wyoming Girls' State last summer. Sharlyn was a past editor of the Gusher. Stand Outs Clubs, music, sports, mllltary, dramatlcs, prom, dances No parade ns complete wnthout a band clarmets trullmg trumpets blasting the cool autumn alr wuth a sturrlng achbefoeag e QDXZQP6 751 xffxfza 15 nLru,L '573j6gLpc, -fm 41 cxajv Lofdzifc, 4 C auf? if swf ywcw 101444 41 rl ZLL 'v-' ,5i4l7Y if -fda 0406: 71671 ,QAJQJL ayoggj Q Clfffff CQAAJ Jfpao CL Q39 f6UfLeKlfC, ,0,.4,gz'C QU!! 140161556 aj QAOOC -742.efLQQg.4 JA,-JAJGCLU fyfflicoaddw xi!! M426 7 f5Q'icof,4g5J24,6 CL-'L nu 'D Quail U U IO7 Q Girls' League Council if qi? E5 it? 1 rf V ' Mt W, 1 f if f 'ink V f , rw 55? Y an iff 35 X my few if ag 1 gd: HW' so M""Q' M Blg SISICIS Work to Oruent Sophomore G1rls NWI! nf' Betty Kelly Sharolyn Munchow and Carol Gangwush real beat escorts for royalty of the Co-ed Ball Joyce Gangwush Queen Jackue Stevenson and Beda Atwood Workung as a group to make the Sophomore gurls furst year at hugh school less strange the Bug Susters all Senuor gurls adopt two or three furst year tems Throughout the year the Mughty Sorors are avaulable to help wuth any luttle problems The upper classman us also there to show the younger gurl a good tume In October the Co-ed Ball us held the Bug Susters takung theur luttle gurls out to dunner and then to the dance un the gymnasuum A Queen us crowned and the furst year starts out wuth much less anxuety for shy sophomores Another actuvuty of the Bug Gurls us the Tea guven for nunth graders un the sprung before tenth formers come to hugh school Thus occasuon us also to acquaunt the newcomers wuth the tradutuons, rules, and plant of Natrona County Hugh School J M 'if f XY? 410 Offucers Kathy Thompson Vuce Presudent Mary Wallway Sec retary Susan Baker Presudent IO9 ' 'KL " f . -, ,, .sur '57 1 P Vx , ..... H r 4 . 5, QP S: f . , .k.. , s, --e A f 4 - , 5 -- r- J , , N " 130- I -. - . 1 . ' .-4, .T-3' : ,. Q 1 0 T ' I .1 f -.J , C3 . . X , N wk ' , . A "5 I f c. A 9' " 1' - T 'A . 4 u 1' A N-A 7 l fl . J ,sf aft i 4 " to T " rr S - . . ,.. , , , , : ' , 1 . I . . , . . I . . I A . . , . I I I I . I . . I ' I 49 'v iN'1Q'w p 1 P" 2 'hy gi E X Q iv 6 'E e 4 . .f ,X , 1 , . I -O F L. y. 4, , s.. 1 , A ' P E 73' sf Q 6 A . 4 "ff KE I ggy' K 4 5 1 , 1 . ,u,,' .g v .4 - .A 4017 Wg , ,. , aff 'x, , . xv 47 - x- I R. 3e z , Pl ,-. ,F 6, s The Kings, magnificent in satin robes crowns, carried gifts of gold and myrrh. and ieweled Madrigal opens N.C.H.S. Christmas activities with it annual pageant bring- ing forth the real ioy of the season. The old story is always new with more splendid sets, colorful tableaux, and different singers. Both in color and song, the beauty of the birth of the Christ Child reigns over the solemn silence of the audience. Mary CKathy Thompsonl looks up at the angel fMargo Nicholsb sent from heaven with the divine message. Candelabra against colored cathedral windows set the mood for the open- ing carol "Today There's A Ringing." Christmas in M. Fifi? 4' .4 4 ja . I f ,... . as fs ..,. The little town of Beth- ,vi X W, lehem was more realms- M" 'ftl " "fm A L f' i tic than ever before. Mr. ' f -a- 2 2 Reed, long a worker on , gf? , ff, the program and now a fi 1 55 i s all Y l retired N.C.H.S. art Q, W I 3 i , ' teacher, produced this E ' rx'Qg5i'l' , If work of love. H is G As a fitting close to a beautiful, holy production, the choir sang "Silent Night." ,MTM 4 . f 'iw M" A W ,.+M 5 M w'Jf"QL h r 'Wm' , V 'aw Q-z a A ' H Vi M 1, l 'fl' ' Mw..,g f 'Asa I 'W' gi U :ft ,H 175 'Ex' zz? 1 ' '. ' It 1 ' x+:.Q::. m-' ' f " r , f I ff sf x", 4 ' s 4 I . YH ba f Ryshi 1 ,J 9, v fa gl- o in " fl if Q' ,v "fel ff.. f 1 -if if: Y 1 ' 'J ' sf W W' , K 5' 6 f '-s Www 5 6" '41 ' 'fa ' , A -' i ff:-gfm ' ' I I' :Y s' -J fr . V . 7 I 'NW11 'ju . A i ,I 4' .gy V, ' Q 4 4-. 4' , - G.. 9, .' w 5' 'Q M X S' ff.,f QQ .1 W. 2, lu t , 55 Q ' 46 tgp ig? ay fygfvsxg I Q 1 ' . 9 0 . ,I N . . 'A' 4 43, X .V 0 "N 3 4' QQXHQ M , I J Nz- '- fm ' QQ-- . . K. - 5 D if ,f W Kim R is Av, Y ' X 5 Q A 34 X "' if This . ' Jia L A., M E 1 Y A A ' g ,Ji 'X 4 1. , 2 5 Y N ' 2 I S C2 TOP PICTURE: Latin Club members are concentrating on the meaning of a quotation. BOTTOM PICTURE: Latin Club Officers: Jean Mooneyham, vice-president, Pat Ann Buchanan, treasurer, Ed Swan. secretary, and Tom Pace, president, Another club with a basis on lan- guage is the French Club. The group works to study French culture with the assistance of Mrs. Margaret La- Violette, sponsor. Activities included the study of French literature, art, in addition to the French people themselves. Latin and French Clubs Keep Languages Living Latin language dead? Don't let one ofthe Latin Club mem- bers hear you say that. The club members use this lan- guage as a basis for their ac- tivities with Miss Ruby Mc- Bride, a-well-qualified sponsor, giving support to them. Meetings open with mem- bers giving a Latin quotation. Activities included CARE pack- ages as well as the spring pic- nic for outgoing seniors. And article was written and sent to the magazine of the Junior Classical League, along with pictures of the officers. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS: Andrea Ward, treasurer, Linda Knapp, president: and Linda Keith, secretary. w . J 'J' 1 2 " j be -0-4" N 'NN-'yn '-' 971 'fr'i" .. it ,J Q, ' .3 . 'Rik Cm 'WfrW'l iw, .,.g,'-X-w"' Af1',- P' r?If'A'f""':"fSKrNaz-4z9fml"r F 4 ..,!5'.KDuli.'f'bI 'i'C:54'H "'2Q3:w ' 31.4" Stalwart defensive men, KNEELING: Thompson, -0- A nal I if fr., 'K' 1959 Football Had Man Tilley, Hickglf, Thomason, Allison. STANDING: Golden, lzzarelli, Roberts, Cohee. up Left fo right: Golden, lzzarelli, Hockett Randy Murphy and Jess Palaio practice in ihe snow getting ready for the Rawlins game. Season Ups and Downs X l Tilley, Thomason, Hudgel. Often Yhe starting backfield from left to af' right: Mike Cohee, halfbackg Mike Gutz, quarterback, Chet Boudreaux, halfbackp John Carver, fullback. im' ff' W . Q ,ts ni' Mike Cohee practicing for one of those long punts he made so often during games. Qu, s -.. I -PM Gutz's passing was 'instrumental in winning Sheridan game. Sideline Coaching by Mr. Matson and head coach Geldien. Ten NCHS Seniors Play Final Games The Casper Mustangs, coached by Harry Geldien, Ray Lutterman, and Gordon Matson, finished the i959 sea- son with a three-four-two record. They had the ups and downs of any football team, but with the aid of a few breaks, they might have had a much better record. Outplaying most of their opponents, the Mustangs lost games on bad breaks and minor mistakes. They were always the better conditioned team on the field and possessed one of the best defensive units in the state. This skill was best shown against Cheyenne when the two old foes played what was termed "one of the best defensive games ever played in Wyoming." The three fine coaches will miss such boys as Hock- ett, lzzarelli, Thomason, Palato, Boston, Golden, Hudgel, Cohee, Allison, and Roberts. It was these boys who carried the burden for NCHS in l959. Next year Geldien is sure to have the roughest, toughest team in Wyoming. . - gf. T 1 is . ,W Qi .1 fl " T ' Q K in . T x s u 5? s il wk L l Replacements are always necessary. Left to right, KNEELING: Caster, McCann, Dowler E., Charging Mustang linesmen cha,-ge Sheri. Darling, Barret, Yingling, O'Brien, True. STANDING: Seder, Coleman, Dorsett, Roberts, dang passer. Trost, Schwarz, Egolf, Johnson, Goslow. l I8 Playe s sho 1 seness d r ng La a e game SCORES Worland Laramie Craig Cheyenne C C Torrington Rock Springs C Rapid City C C Rawlins CC Sheridan Scoreboard furnished by Mustang boosters s b k ground for Gutz making a praci ce throw 'V""' """' Royal Beauties - 1959 Mustang Queen and Attendants di A lvlhvilt, yin: Vgwifll Ui F K' :.,jjl!j.,M,,Qlii Ml A i 4 '!,s-a""' Chet Boudreaux, Kathy Hudgeons, Kay Boston, Steve Flowers, Susan Flavin, John Hockett, Queen Marianne, Frank Izzarelli, Loretta Simpson, Morris Thomason, Ann Mahoney, and Mike Golden revel in the royal moment. Beauty deserves pomp and royalty. So it was when the Mustang Queen and her attendants were crowned and given the honor of reigning over Homecoming activities. Boys in all classes set up petitions tor the girls of their choice, All took part in voting for finalists. Five lucky girls survived the preliminary voting. Of that number one was chosen by the football team as the Queen. Miss Marianne McCarthy graced the throne among her lovely attendants. Her Maiesty Marianne sponsored the Homecoming Parade. At the game the 1959 Queen was presented to the fans. fmt Qu' ,C Ann Mahoney Queen of Mustangs MARIANNE MCCARTHY Susan Flavun Loretta Simpson Kathy Hudgeons l2I Instrumental MUSIC Complements Many School Functions Music is an essential decoration for any high school. Natrona County High School has enjoyed its share of harmony from the instrumental music department. A modernistic music roorn-spacious, well-ar- ranged, colorful-has been the envy of schools all over the state. Besides preparing for spring concerts, members of the band offer the entertainment of marching, assembly, and basketball bands. Our swing'combo which is made up of orchestra and band members, plays for mixers and dances. ln December, the high school was host for the sight-reading clinic for musicians over the state. A trip to the district music festival was taken in the spring. Upper picture For mixers following a sports activity Lindsey Faust could accommodate with iazz or popular music. Below: Adding the noise and pep of the crowd the basketball band showed its school spirit. RQ. ,x X I N mf.- 5 M f..-. ' . .I I F: r - ' ' ' . -, ,dm ,n x u ' 1 v Li, I, I Q W 1 1 ' mlm X -gg. 9. ' .gy I S l. R ff.. 5 'K ,, A A .43 .S x . 1. V, xy, -. 'U 0 , K . N xt- 3 I A M-. A A .,. ' ' like Q , ' gg 1 ' 4 - ' 1 Q f 'y x al.. . , W -4 , I , A - 5 S '1 ni ...anus-5-A I ,A ,wa .. Q 'Wy V 'Wil VV, ,g W -. 4 .A,,,.,, A. f,'l ' 1 'K , 4.3 W w ' 'p I N 5' I. :il fb., "" L ,,, .M . v 'af Q," -., A Q' , Q 'M :. W3 ,A A, - W. 'M , gf " A Wim' N,,,, ', .1 . Q, -wk' :J ,V - kg 3... ,A -Q I 2 , A -m 1,4 .. "' 3 -1 , 'Qi ,h , Arg... n 45s. .V . ,,. W, - ,J - ' We-1 ,-., 'I -.- ' -' r tg J . ,hm ,ff if 49- r' .. ,ef 1 -, , - -, ,g 3441, .,' , - k 'sf TV L . Q .14-I V La- ,,g,,.f,'f ' ' ggi Qi --V Y 1,'f't:v . 1, ' fr" M, ff' -. .R .aw aim' rl" ,rua f 'W lf., . 'T' 'T x' 4, f M- My v-4-.A+ ."". -sv, uso- Kfgirw " f ,. 'lf ,Vq4.,,.f jg . K- , ,I -1 , r Q , ut -N 5.9.4- H ' Ar ,...,,h Q, 'xox X .-If ' K X I XX 1' QA " .2 IN 5' K x F E if li: ,Q Q X '73 "'1 I T ,,,, 1 G -1 T i L 1 5 6 'sf 5 Q . . . . 45 Q Q in rg If Q, i W I A. , Q if 'Q' ' , f. 4 Cheerleaders in colorful black and orange take a minute out To pose. From top clock' wise: Loretta Simpson, Kathy Hudgeons, Brenda Forsberg, Mary Applehans Becky Wood, Ann Mahoney. ,pa Cheerleaders, Flag Twirlers Add Color and Athletic Events FLAG TWIRLERS, from left to right: Mary Wallway, Colleen Cronin, Nancy Christopher, Margo Nichols, Susan Baker, Sandy Phillips, --Q-ei. UQ W guy 1 -If-.SL .x 'A 1-g.,,,g73. 'Zf4,f993.' 1- .--- Q . V f 55gQ , k D. IAQ -4 .s 4 .g ,x Q . N? SLK gi. 5 5 AQ. V A xl f , 1 Pi: I Q' .fg4,Vf ky I KU? NT s X5 X 'X Q','SguB4 'airy . , -s ' x XN ,E 65 1. ,ysgv Q' 3 1 , w ,iv . 1 Q. - x ','.w-3, , 8 i fi - X , .. X, A :xi , f , x ' .' , 5 fe-Nei . 2' .-QY 2 X -4 .. - , 4 -.p X 4 I X at K , l K5 If.. tv...-,u P 11 yi , -4,4 1 : ',g,-, 'f - 4- 49 ' " v-Nm. ...Af .3 1 , . . I X M ., u ,, Li . M 1 .xx Lk ,Q :S 'X Aa xg -. .xv -5, x- 'Q B", . '.x T8 ' , X , Q 5X x We A ' 'Q 9 5' 4 ,f-..,wn....., 4 54 ' 1 X l29 Q f 1 1-f Q STE: . QQ LQ 9? xfg 3. , ,aw ff --.Huw Y' I 7 ? K f' fb f", x A Y 5 ,Y QL X f wi I 3 I' X. N-4 lx r , Q v W f I ,rm b f Officers of F.H.A.: Paula Bauer, President: Renee Washuf, Secretary: Sylvia Damon, Treasurerp Betty Edelman, Vice-Presiderit. I34 All Aboard A 1' H is-"W 321- I H+? Vg-xi' ff-,M-my-A 1 , , 4 gg 1 ,.- ft A ww rf if in ci? 5. 3 A t In-,,,.i:!.Y For Fashions ,,..-- in lx,-K S. . 5 Just when we were getting tired of our old winter clothes, the girls of the Future Homemakers of America broke the monotony with a style show for students, parents and faculty. Going around the clock, these girls tell the story of the show: "lt's no trick at all to be a fashion girl," says Mildred Rose- burr. "lf you yearn for a stunning tall and winter dress, this is your pattern!" Sewing's believing. Karen Carter chose a basic blue color scheme with butterflies on her pretty skirt. V Kay Gean with her knee socks, her red banded straw hat is all dressed for a sporting time in any sunny clime. At a little past one on our clock comes Carolyn Herren and her little sister Mary all dressed for a shopping tour. All outfitted for those graduation teas and parties is Dot- tie Cook, wearing a novelty sheath of blue-green and gold crestwood virgin wool. Dottie knows the loveliness of wool, she has won prizes by working with Wyoming's prized product. l35 Fuli NGAA Carousel NGGA Part Y FUN Mothers as Guests Officers, left to right, are: Joan Graham, recording secretary, Dona O'Neal, vice-president, Dorothy Burger, president, and Joyce George, publicity. SITTING: Heather Little, publicity. KNEELING: Pat Seamonds, treasurer: and not shown, Jane Allison, recording secretary. The Girls' Athletic Association is as important to girls' sports as the C-Club is for boys. As officers and referees, student teachers, and advisers, the girls themselves manage this organization. Members may earn points toward girls' athletic awards by vigorously competing in various sports. Some of the more popular ones are softball, volleyball, swimming and basketball. The big event every year is the bas- ketball game against the women mem- bers of the faculty. Since the tall facul- ty also numbers among its members some crack women players, the result is not published. The mother-daughter spring party highlights the season and because of the large group attending, it is usually held in the gym. N-vp ,!!i nl!! Mothers enter into the activities. Mrs. George Cthird from lefty won first place in costumes for mothers. Mrs, Marie Yates, Adviser MP f Q l vbfgl' -o Q u ,' ft f. f ti' G ,qw , v A , ,v r i, X 1 To Scorers in N.G.A,A O , . J , for ,J KNEELING-Pat Seamonds, Sharon Morton, Marjorie Burris, Joan Graham, Ida Nicholson. STANDlNG-Mil- dred Roseburr, Dona O'Neal, Dorothy Burger, Sharon Rissler. Girls Also Compete in Sports All Star Team TOP ROW-Terry Murphy, Mildred Roseburr, Judy O'Neal, Dona O'Nea1, Judy Hartnett, Kay Pontius, Jeri Ann Frickey. BOTTOM ROW: Pat Sea monds, Sharon Morton, Heather Little, Ruth Spears, Joyce Busch, Joyce George, Betty Jensen, Ida Nicholson, Sharon Rissler. I38 ff ,..,'. Q, KNAW' " fi .2 S Km ,, 5 4 L' 5 v , ,st "Nair, 1 f. ., s ,L ,, . nw U Q ,, Q Jas, Q 4 Pa n x , TN!! A , t 1 F' 1 Af ' 'K , E , fix? -3 ' s 'u- ' 1 - wc 1- . r ., is-:g'BS"' V Qu, -X' Sparkl ng cle r green ate of the pool n tes s mmers on contest days In the pctu e to the left Wr ght sho s perfect form n dvng Sw1mm1ng Is Essenual V1CtOfy Makes It Sweet During the past year a new coach Iolned the athletlc group at NCHS Art Plerce became the swrmmlng Instructor Hrs test was whether or no he could produce the same caliber of swimmers that wuth Blll Hlleman won the state championship In 1959 Mr Plerce came through because has team was undefeated He also directed several record breakers Swlmmers cooperated By hard work boys luke Bll Hsh VVoodard Ralph Hehns Roger Trupp Dean Sedar Greg Wright Tom Walker conquered the top of theur sport ID Wyommg and Colorado The Mustang splashers were hurt by graduatlon They wlll have to accompllsh a dlffucult task next year In orderto equalthelnarch of vmtonesln l959 60 upp on m ny ctor es n the backstroke a d butterfly Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper SWIMMING Powell Thermopolus Rock Springs Rock Springs Cheyenne Powell Cheyenne Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper SCORES Cheyenne Powell Thermopolls Rock Sprlngs Rock Sprmgs Cheyenne ' ,913 page , nf -w wf, f A H rr-'Exif ,w 'Y 'nf 'ffi1',4..4M' W U, 17,513 1 . -f 34' 1+ 55: A xg 43 A vs 'D Q, .sw xm J vw- FH X J Mustang Basketball Players - Surprising Winners of Crucial Games They seemed never to know what to do away from Casper-some- times not even scoring a field goal in a given quarter. There was a iinx on Casper in other cities. Coach George Collins will lose seniors Roger Light, Mike Golden, Ron Wiggins, John Barber, Gary Rightmire, but he will have much experience next year with tour juniors - Mike Goslow, Mike Gutz, Gene Lotspeich, and Earl Dorsett. There is an excellent crop of sopho- mores and freshmen to help bolster the future of Casper basketball teams. The Mustangs of the past year never seemed to show other people what they could do, but they surely showed the loyal Casper fans what they were capable of accomplish- ing. Short on height but long on en- durance and willingness, each game saw the players a better team, es- pecially on the home floor. Flowers Barber TOP To bottom Gutz Lotspeich 4 f R :Wig efd. I U g x 79 F 5 , W 4.2 f ,af X -22' W4 'V X 1 iQ .5 -was V wi 0 , :Z A 1 A W X U "J, ,gi 4' , , f if mf A ef' gm-an 'vp Liam., TOP: Jim Barber used excellent form to clear the bar in the State Meet. MIDDLE: Kedl, of Sheridan sets a new state record at 6' 2 3!4". BOTTOM: Earl Dorsett sprints home first in the 440. I44 Chuck Amaduo goes high The 1959 track squad of N.C.H.S. per- formed well in their home state, but ran into difficulty in Colorado. The thin- clads won the Casper Invitational and finished second to the Broncs of Sheri- dan in the State AA Meet. In Colorado, however, the Mustangs encountered stiff competition, and they placed in only a few events at Boulder and at Fort Col- Iins. Progressing throughout the season, Geldien's charges were in top shape as the State Meet approached. They gath- ered 59V2 points to Sheridan's 68, and Casper obtained first places in the high hurdles with Bob Kechely, in the 880 yard run as Ed Summerford nosed out Kizer of Rock Springs, in the discus with Frank lzzarelli, and in the 880 yard relay, consisting of Dave Hudgel, Kech- ley, Blair McCann, and Wyn Miller. The Mustangs' should be strong in 1960 in the sprints, distance runs, discus, shotput, and the high iump. Casper will be the team, no doubt, to beat in Wyo- ming. Mustangs Encounter Compc-:t1t1on for the Mustangs. ar'-W' 7 'ff ' ' V A i'.GJv2'A ' A ' "" .ugtag-ay " i'r?"f?fz'Q if Thinclads Stiff r., AN x W, ,T . Ja, , The 880 yard relay was the last event in the State AA Meet, and Casper needed points. Dave Hudgel started the race for Casper Ctopl and Wyn Miller hit the tape first Cleftl. The joyous winners are Hudgel, Miller, Bob Kechley, and Blair McCann fbottomj. Three flights up and three flights down on the double-Hockett, Rogers, and Rowe. X, r I f Wrestling Incurred Parades gf Stiff Workouts and a Long String of Victories Casper teams of 1959-60 had some unusually thrill- ing contests, and the wrestling team proved no excep- tion. On February 12, 1960, the Mustang matmen squeezed past the Rock Springs Tigers, 21-19, in a match' that was termed one of the best of the season. Under the direction of Coach Ray Lutterman, the NCHS grapplers finished their season strongly with marginal wins. Boys such as Tom Spawn, Ron Busch, Bob Smith, Gale Yingling, Jay Darling, John Hockett, Larry Allison, Hank True, and Jim Gray carried the load throughout the season. These boys deserve much credit, for wrestling is the hardest sport for which to condition. NCHS stairs still vibrate from the tread of running feet of boys taking off a pound or two and gaining that endurance to outlast an opponent. The future looks good for Casper wrestling in the coming year. Only four will graduate, the iuniors and sophomores are star-studded. I46 man. Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper A. A Before a match the opponents faced each other the gym floor. To the left Spawn about to pin hs WRESTLING SCORES 22 Newcastle .. 22 Laramie 39 Lusk ,. 28 Riverton . 21 Cody . 2 35 Sheridan . 25 Lusk .Y . 23 Newcastle , 21 Rock Springs 31 Saratoga . L 25 Cheyenne Si N-Q"""e-ss "-s... ff' N. Above: Lee Propp and Sharlyn Gillis smile in anticipation of the antics of the C-Club Basketball game as they give tickets to Bob Keete and Ron Wiggins. An organization composed of varsity let- ter winners in NCHS is the C-Club. Led by adviser, Mr. Geldien, the athletes annually sponsor C-Club Basketball. This year the unbeaten faculty Comets played a Laramie faculty team. The Club also arranges for the C-Club fights. ln the spring of the year the athletes had their annual banquet, honoring senior mem- bers. The members do their best to create good will and interest in the sporting events of NCHS. xt ix N XX my fe ,-J Below: Stevenson, Wolfgang, and Meyers show the good form which took them to victory. lhauw Top to bottom: Chester Boudreaux, vice-presidentg John Hockett, secretary-treasurer and Jess Palato, president. ' I47 Newcomers Fmd 5 nr W, 'cHome on the Rangen ff SITTING, left fo right-Sandi Weber, Ber dena Molyneux, Oregon, seniorg Par Mei ron Illinois sophom re- Nathelle Brown , , q , South Dakota, sophomore, STANDING- Mike Taylor, Colorado, iunior, Blennon Wil son, Missouri, iuniorg John Bergsirom, Chey enne, sophomore, Bob Benditti, California senior. 55. ffff' X 1 ff' K! I 'lift I A y ,AL 1 f ii f Behind The mask is Mike McCoy. Miss Kathleen Hemry lin costumej founder and sponsor of this live- wire group actively takes part in all games or programs. Newcomers' Costume Party ill? ii' Cf? A pretty picture is Cheryl Bene- dict. All Kinds Are on Programs Concentration is the trick as Gerald Moore Bill Heatley fChess Club Presidentl Bob Davies, and vs, x l K ! ff- 'iff I I gt. Pickles, Popcorn, and Carrots! That's what sells the most at the games as these members of Newcomers' Club have learned. Venders are Kathleen Fickle, "Skeet" Barter, Marsha Fickle, Mardell Johnson, Ann Nuss, Sandra Brown, and Kathleen Hemry, sponsor. Newcomers sell refreshments at the social affairs such as dances concerts, and plays. They are always on hand for faculty get-togethers, K f 9 F41 1 Ji," 1 W I I I of As I - Q lla 4 .1 I 1 Q f"""f,,-Q 'Nw ..,..-avi" T I gf , ' , ' - an ,QV .L-., fm? Sf if gf ,, ,, ,fm ,S wmv.. 4 ,VW v x..,f n A ,V , J' .' 'I Q Fug? . 4,1 49' WY X .MAVFS M .Q ,V - 5'-JJ .Lyla g af A V W f,!frka': Z 5 v 'l 51 A .aa 5 Srffgti Q' ' bil Z-' mn, i fat Ji X 1- 5 , fx ix -vu! QQ. 5 , 4' Q9 x3 'A Ma. 'Mega J X is 1 V f if My fy ' W 'X 23 I xl ,Q fu 1 T!! Mustang Carthy, presents the winning toot- ball to Charles Dowler as Margo Nichols, Girls' League President, looks on. 1' l Queen, Marianne Mc- fi, 'W' with escort, Jerry Strother. Proud Col. Robert McCrary and his lady, Pat Harding, show their ioy over his promotion. Days of Chivalry Queens and Colonels There shall be music, queens, and corsages. High school dances started oft with the Coed Ball. Jackie Stevenson was crowned the piquant Queen on the night various senior girl knights, clowns, and seniors squired the young sopho- mores to their initial high school dance. V Climaxing the football season came the Football Ball, sponsored by the Girls' League in honor of senior players. Shiny new pips pinned upon the shoulders ot many ROTC boys by their ladies were really the highlights of the Military Ball. Before the grand march came promotions for many deserving sen- tors. Perhaps the one dance most awaited is the Junior-Senior Prom when traditionally the iuniors honor the seniors. After crowning the queen, for seniors graduation seemed near at hand. Lett and right of Queen Jackie Stevenson are Princesses Joyce Gangwish and Beda Atwood Junior Prom Queen, Mary Grant Now the hour of rest Q G1 Hath come fo thee Longfellow Y 1 ! Gus E Lmk January 14, 1960 Harold Santo June 29, 1959 Philip Webb October 31, 1959 Victor Nickerson December 24, 1959. John Bakken December 24, 1959 s, 'Fl u 'ti if So fades a summer cloud away, So sinks the gale when storms are o'er, So quiefly shuts the eye of day, So dies a wave elong the shore. - Mrs. Barbauld Present Arms' Trnbufes are pald to the Amerncan flag with The assistance of The R O T C Color Guard In thus secfnon accolades are given to Winners Honor Socnefnes, lndlvudual wnnners . xii ikffix 11551 14 Student Journalists Representing Gusher and Mustang Attain Membershi in ational Quil and Scroll 437 I Aa fi? -. STANDING-Mr. George Schell, sponsor, Dave Hudgel, Larry Vering, Steve Van Coops, Ed Swan, Bill Keete, Monty Hunter. Quill and Scroll is a national journalism society. Mem- bers must have been active in either ot the two student publications, MUSTANG and GUSHER. The group works in other capacities such as publishing the student di- rectory tor the tirst time and assisting with the adver- tisements of NCHS players. One of the more outstanding activities is the Mustang Roundup, a column written by students, that appears in the CASPER MORNING STAR newspaper each Satur- l l r . SITTING-Marilyn Hoffman, Carol Orton, Patti Perrin, and Sharlyn Gillis. day. As evidence of the ability of these journalism pupils, the articles won the first place Pacemaker Award for the best teen column in the state. Membership in Quill and Scroll is limited to seniors in the upper third of their class who have been active in producing journalism publications. George Schell, with various types ot communication experience, is the sponsor. I63 i' KA JE gifs-f w U- . Q . mfr S -' QQ al I a fe if - ,K J 1 X J-- ,. 5 'A 5, ,gi ,A P ! SW 'vm -an 'Q Q ian . QSM, Q 49" anlzmvsv x dm" A Backers Commumty Sponsors Always ready To assist Communlty Backers HH if 15" 'lib ' -""Q5f WIA I I f f I 43,41 mfg! 1-'JZ' K LQQ4 Chu' v-P N -My , wlll hold a special posmon In our Parade of achvmes at NCHS if Lu uw ' I 'xx A 'X K" X N 2 .. L, 5 X xx N- x X N' x xy I , 'N VH X H Q X' I RCN .T ,Xxx K A X X W 'U Q, L N7 1-X V QNNLN PNETK-.,N XXXL., NN . Vx N ,,,, 7 ,Nl Nxt r-LX K , skhxkir ix X K . N3 N NA MJKL W " S ' -M xxx"-, wixxx- NM E 'Q . N I X xi lr W L N1 1 N X Nl Y - N X-.X K fm K A i E , . N ' 4 --X I -1 V L wr:--W . 1 K . iw" . 'B Wh you fakxng +0 We Prom Smve? Mwke Gofden asks Sieve. Mowers as 'rhey +ry f 9 St6:e- for Men E ' "Be'rween fhe Banks" WYOMlNG'S LARGEST AND FINEST MEN'S STORE X. ,, W , ,yf ' ,xf ,g.sw , A J F ieziy, R-W. H,"E' y 5- e'e1' "Clothes Closet" af HARRY YESNESS CASPER'S FINEST STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS I33 S. Cenfer Casper, Wyo , 1 V X , L y 'rh 'dy Sus-e Cro-New and ,ovely ws the g f K yle K thy H ge lw pe e I37 E Second Casper, Wyo. , Q 1-gggi 0 UWM. A mf ., "7 v. X 4 Agp gy' ,,, ,, f V . W .W , A , V1 - M 1 J xx, , , , my K7 k?f"aT,'l " U, , f , X, , ,if V vw, ws ,J K E N T mms sesr i ri I 1 A f M 1 g in pp g fb his mofiwer, Doroinea Davdson, a former N. C. H. S.e THE CASPER TRIBUNE-HERALD THE CASPER STAR Morning THE SUNDAY TRIBUNE-HERALD AND STAR Published in Casper, Wyoming Oil Capifal of fhe Rockies G-effing fre paper off We presses ans on To 1 sveefs-Ha Rees PV 'p Terriere. Daie O'son a Doug Bfadiey Ulf 4 , n TITLE SERVICE, INC. Eddie Michael learns fo appreciafe frue security in a clear Iiile. II8 N. Cenier Casper, Wyo. s a NORTHERN UTILITIES 44I S. Cenfer "Nafural Gas Company" Casper, Wyo. Girls can dream, can'I fhey? Peggy Sype. Bonnie Engleman. and Susie Sype do iusf fha? as Ihey admire fhe O'Keefe and Merriff range. TUCKERS SHOES PEACOCK-RED CROSS-PARADISE-DELISO- JOYCE-FLORSHEIM SHOES-DANIEL GREEN SLIPPERS-DICKERSON'S COBBIE LITTLE MANKEE SHOES FOR CHILDREN I09 S. Cenier Casper, Wyo. WAI.GREEN'S Drugs Wi+h a Repufafion DEPENDABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 200 S. Cenfer Casper, Wyo D nnell and Bruce Nicol! assisf lheir fafher by washing dshield. DON NICOLL SUPER SERVICE lO48 Easl' "C" Casper. Wyoming 4II Easi Second Casper, Wyoming METCALF'S Formerly Coasf To Coasf Sfore O Sunbeam and General Elecfric Appliances O Monarch EIec'Iric and Gas Ranges O Housewares O Hardware O Ho'I'poin+ Appliances and Television O BPS Painis I Guns O Easy Washer and Dryers Open.8:30 AM - 5:30 PM FRIDAY EVE. TILL 8:30 PM 323 S. Cenier WESTRIDGE CONOCO AND MARINE SERVICE Where Wayne ls a+ Your Service PICK UP AND DELIVERY I07I C Y Avenue Casper, Wyoming THE TITLE GUARANTY COMPANY OF WYOMING, INC. 535 S. Cenfer Casper, Wyo. "Have Ihe Tiile Insured" 535 SOUTH CENTER CASPER, WYOMING 3 X TOMORROW'S HOMEMAKERS KNOW CooIcIng's a "SNAP" If I+'s ELECTRIC PACIFIC POWER 81 LIGHT TX COMPANY Nancy CI'r.s+opI'wer wlnner oIII1e Beffy Crocker Home- Ic A d p II1 I WELSH FURNITURE COMPANY I20 S. Durbin Casper C e Jones reIa1e5 IU an Early Arnerrcan sfyle cnaIr aI' W ns. Pa? Harding displays preHy dresses for fufure NCHS sfu- den+s af HEII+op Shoe and CIc?I1ir1g. HILLTOP AND WESTRIDGE SHOE 8: CLOTHING Casper a N" .. ?WYf 3 xg fm '5 'X Mil Qi,-1???ii .. mf ,- Qi' Q 5. 'ff- ' 'K M is 'N' af' 4. iii? .. , A ggmk ,MH ,W ,A Y ,if F 7? I . 'NX -gm.- --1. .-4 raw v-nf - . .' A ' if-S 5 Q, . , A,. .MI 8 5 12 - . 1 -,X . , rf Q . Li, QT 'gf f,,N1,i,3 I 'El , , X 'V M N,,4 . . an-5, -kv 0- For ihe Besf in Television Viewing Subscribe fo CTV Today COMMUNITY TELEVISION 45I S. Durbin CASPER, WYO. BE'I'I'ES PETROLEUM CO. seo. B. BETTES-lndepenam X Box I906 CASPER WYOMING UHEIIFPN One of Your Friendly sg Chevron Dealers 15559, I Info B , :Tr 'gg I m,J re I P 5 a X 'in- -wr-.-: Hmm f N 'MQ CASPER H lp' .,,, "I Lili ly- X4 L,flWW INC ilu . ' I P.O. Box I907 CASPER, WYOMING 404 Easi' Railroad WH ITMAN'S GROCERY 'Open 8:00 'I'o 8:00, Mon. Thru Sa+. gg 7 FOUNTAIN SERVICE-HOT DOGS L ' HAMBURGER-COFFEE-DRUG SUNDRIES L d N l ng some of file Personal service af Sears I EaS+ Phone wut, il YOUR LUMBER NUMBER 237-4545 -1 Kay Sfewarr dispiays some of flwe beauiiful sliver ar AYERS JEWELRY I24 Soufh Cenfer Casper, Wyoming Mary Bcwei and Q,,1f-+g- M +5353 mycfg 5. BOWEN'S HARDWARE 240 Sou+h Cenfer Casper, Wyoming urs U 1-L ,ff f K A , ,. 3, :N v ,. jiri N.C.H.S, siudenfs enioy deiicious spudnu+s af TETON SPUDNUT I849 C Y Casper, Wyoming PORTERS QUALITY SHOP 227 Eas+ Firsf Casper, , V ,, "A-'f f" "' , -,,4,.L...--f--' 63 dc """' I 1 i- DCLLINXA fl-Tllgfwjb Pi, T .. ,. fy fs 5 0 0 A I L . p eifibgi I -K Q I I " w . 'I B , ,Q C r W- ' C -L di , I . ' A be-a.+'fa gr: lKallwy Trompsonl adrnhes 'rwo beauliil Tre "'ag'c:cwe","'ce":"'afy yearsrasbee' U s ca's We Lark and Irie Mercedes-Benz a+ TRIPENY MGTORS PALMS FLORAL COVIZIIIPPLNY 355 W. YeIlows+one Casper, Wyoming M2 E' 2nd Casper' Yommg BARBARA - LEE SCHOOL OF DANCING 929 Wes+ Fif+eenI'l'm Casper, Wyoming High school siudenis learning proper proce- ' Q' dures in ballroom dancing. 1 'X,.,.,n4-nv-f . vi, if Fred Peas' is stand q d e e if g ges+7ng We s+ars of space age. 'fa- fifj -Xxsff HALES TEXACO 64I E. 2nd Casper, Wyoming Free Pick-Up ancl Delivery UNION ELECTRIC ii, 909 E. Railroad Casper, Wyoming fp- ,,,. - Ba Da oq 4, Mn Berman Sands 'r' ff" of We eye-ce,cV1g rmma a U ffcdevw dlfvg wow ef --it BENNE'l'I"S RESTAURANT r q S eeps'ake 0 d Sfafe 9I5 C. Y. Ave. Casper, Wyo. af W 'Wa im FD l"l'lfg- sq - L I ii It 5.4 Rece' 'ng .erfa ' presc' +29 5 'Q .' n, 'ar M rv 5 ws nil 'ties TOWN 81 COUNTRY PHARMACY I 875 CY Av Casper Wyo e Er- :ve al w"'s BROADBENT 81 HEALY MUSIC CO. 229 E. lsi' Casper, Wyo. BUSTARD'S FUNERAL HOME Th Nafivify scene slancls our in all of Els loveliness + Busfards 600 CY Avenue Casper, Wyo. Ba b Frieoand and Mar Bef' BVsroo are read Y Y lo lake a ride in a N760 mode' al CASPER LINCOLN - MERCURY CO II4 N. WoIcoH Casper, Wyo. , sf KELTNER PHARMACY Perscriplion Specialisis Phone 3-427l l35 W. 91'l1 CASPER, WYO. Free Delivery Drive-In Window THE FRIENDLY STORE Home of Coronado Appliances Cres+ Tires Varcon Au+o Par+s and Accessories Home-Guard Pain+s Furnifure and Housewares 225 S. CENTER CASPER, WYO. Two employees show Ihe fellow in lhe background wha? I do if There is "no money from home" lh ,golo e WYOMING NATIONAL BANK 202 E. Second Casper, Wyo. M ne Corsen selecls lhe perfecl Teen fashion from lh School Deparlrnenf al 6 I fl 4 . Fl lima H THE PRAIRIE is ollen called lo bring as Cable Tool Rig lor oil drilling PRAIRIE pENNEY'S DRILLING COMPANY 20l E. Second Casper, Wyo. Casper, Wyo. Congra+ula+ions. Class of l960 HORN DRUG CENTER WESTRIDGE BAKERY 3 Slores HOME OF OLD FASHIONED BREAD HORN DRUG CENTER Flffl NWI Bank BH9- Fine Pasfries-Decoraled Calres HILLTOP DRUG MART Hillfop Shopping Cenler HOME MADE wesmoee DRUG MART Wesfridge Village Casper, Wyo. Wesfridge Village l00 S. Wolcofl Casper, Wyo. arcmd We D'a CHARLES E. WELLS MUSIC COMPANY 2I2 Easi' Second S+. Casper, Wyoming Known no? only for a varied seIec+Ion of pianos and organs WeIIs aIso carries sfudenf suppIies and 'rlwe Magnlvox Iine here being admired by Linda DaIIon and Kay Lowrarn. CU LLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE 255 NOFYI1 WoIcoH' Casper, Wyoming Mie Gufz sfar geaverback keeps I' frafnrg by work nf. Wm A ,Ii i m i I I ,, M 'ilxf y nag ' "-' . .., L' A U ,,t,,,M,my , I I - gf K V - H 'M ,.,. 7,7 A ff E v W ' iT Larry Verinq picfured In new men's youfhsf and sI'oe deparfmenf. CASPER COMM I SSARY Top quaIi+y brands are feaiures in each deparfmenf. Young people will always be beHer dressed wiih i+ems from Casper's saving cenI'er. 442 E. Yellowsfone CASPER. WYOMING 3" , , 21: au. V mm A - BMW wmv Fifi' 3' if' f rl Yitfvi-,' 85, fr fi ' 3 -1 4 Q, . '-3 Barbara Reese 's receivmg good advice about fyping Io M Os a+ I' TTI F, dI'Y'I TALBERT OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. l24 N. WoIcoH Casper, Wyo. Greaf blg Nick Hambwqers a Favorhe wifr The fe-enaqers are a soecwaIIy af CY isis MARSHALL'S DRIVE-IN Avenue af Jim Bridger on Alcova Highway Casper, Wyo. haiku'-2 X Here we see We quwef dwgmfy of Ive grape a Horsfmarv Gay. HORSTMAN GAY MORTUARY 7l0 E. 2nd Casper, Wyo. T Jan Shafer FTTOGGXS an aIIracI7ve ouffif from SXIL, S 8: L I29 E. 2nd Casper, Wyo. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I960 When You Are in College a Por+raiI' by KEN and You Will Look Like This KEN'S PHOTO SHOP, Casper I 36 SouI'I1 Cenfer Congratulations to the "CIass of I960" From 'rhe RIALTO and AMERICA lin Downfown Casperl TERRACE DRIVE IN IJusI' Easf of Casperl YOUR MOST ENJOYABLE ENTERTAINMENT IS AT YOUR MOTION PICTURE THEATRE Expecl' a Cusfomized Job al' BECKSTROM'S BODY SHOP 324 INDUSTRIAL Ave. CASPER, wYoMlNe Showing ine iirsl slep in cleaning qarnnenfs. One Of fhe Nina Merrill buys, Wall Bailey oversees, and Phyllis Freeman employees puls fine cloilnes info ine big machine al' rings up +l-re Sale, RAINBOW CLEANERS, INC. BAILEY SCHOOL SUPPLY Mills, Wyo. 444 W. Railroad Ave. Casper, Wyo. We all found supplies af Woolworllfs. Here is llne equipmenf for a good picfure: a camera F, W, from Bl-RITE, and a preriy girl like Connie Sai- ierfielcl. I34 Easl Second Casper, Wyo. '47 S. Camel, Casper' Wyo- DON THOMPSON, Mgr. T Formerly Natrona Lmb. CO. 251 Norih Beech PHONE 3-4575 BOISE PAYETTE 25l N. Beech Casper, Wyo. Pal Buchanan finds books in lner dad's siore lo supple' menl ner sclnool worlf. GREAT PLAINS PUBLISHING CO. I66 S Cenler Casper Wyo PreH'y as a Picfure If Taken a+ B 81 B STUDIO "Pho+ography a+ l'I's Bes+" l527 EAST 2nd CASPER, WYO. sskvlcs WHEN 'iikr q"""-"1"'1 You NEED ur T' O A I , i J sf f 'C ? 1 S You recewe friendiy affenfion from NCHS sfudenfs a TEXACO SERVICE KAI-'S 9lI Cy Ave. Casper 500 S. Cenier Casper EAGLE BOWL 306 N Durban Casper KLINES I47 E. 2nd Casper r fl Anofher safisfied cus'l'omer re- ceives efficieni service from 'I'l1e prescripfion counfer ai KIMBALL'S DRUG STORE Wyo. Narional Bk. Bldg. CASPER, WYO. STEWART FURNITURE Designed 'for ihe Modern Home Priced for +he Moderaie Income 4I2 E. 2nd CASPER, WYO. When in need of lop quali+y meal' and groceries a+ fha righi price, ii' is HALEY'S FARM MARKET Riverside Farms Casper, Wyo. Jusf from viewing The grill of ihe magmflcenl' Olclsmobnl you can feel Hwe power of The engine. SHEPARD MOTOR CO. I33 N. Cenler Casper. Wyo. DEAR GRADS - Congra+s and SCOTT Oufboard Mofors Disfribufed by Firsi' in Wyoming Thanx for Everyfhing. You're TOPS! Wi+h Love land Music' Tool, T AUTO SUPPLY CO. K 235 S. David Casper, Wyo 240 S. Wolco++ Casper, Wyo. E J' It pg, Trailer Supplies Trailer Service PRESCRIPTION 5 Jn Trailer Furnifure H ,im . PHARMACY 1.21-,T .Mg FAY PEEBLES R TRAILER SALES e f X" 50' W- Ye"?E0lEEBLE?aSPef- WYC- fz 21- -'iiiif' , ' 'P f FREE DELIVERY Owner-Manager mepmxaue pwwafpzm Ph. 2-2505 SMw"6a1! 3-9393 NIGHT PHONE 2-9720 'I7'l0 S. POPlAR The House of Miracles is your home for dependable insurance By The expressions on fhese feenagers' faces, you can see and real eslale. how much They enjoy fhe MIRACLE REALTY CO. CHILI KING CAFE 630 E. Isf Casper, Wyo. 200 S. Cenier Casper. Wyo. Efficienl' and friendly service is always available aI' PAUL'S STANDARD SERVICE 2I55 C Y Avenue Casper, Wyoming When in need of quick Ielevision repair go 'ro RADIO SUPPLY 642 E. 2nd Casper, Wyo. Make Your Home Complefe OIL CITY LUMBER CDMPANY EveryI'I1ing for I'I1e Builder Ph. 3-6655 5.0. Box 24:2 CASPER, wvo. MEYER JEWELRY, INC. Fine Diamonds Trifari Jewelry Many Olher GIH' Hems MEYER JEWELRY, INC I02 Easi' 2ncI Tad Evans admiring In 60 Buick lnvicla converfible. EVANS-NAGEL MOTORS, INC. 944 E A Casper ,,.,.-.eel-5 y ur life, I+ has Iusf begun. ARCHITECTURE AT BEST IS AN ART THE ART OF HUMAN SPACE" DALE'S SERVICE STATION Socony Mobil Producfs ScoH A+wa+er Mofors I544 EAST 2nd PH. 3-8I06 840 CONGRATULATIONS Io 'I'he CLASS of I960 CASPER SUPER MARKET Easi Second Casper, Wyo es aveene: u,in 94' Thank You, Backers, Who Assisied Our Line of March Wi+h Ihe Preceding Ads .D-,K 5'5" X of 3913- I " vu x f F1 I , . ,'-.,-5 'X Q , ri' Ek . bm 1.-Il SENIOR INDEX ALSO FACULTY INDEX Ackerman Martha Ann 73 132 162 Adamson Mary Jane 73 Ahern Mtchael Dannal 73 Aleman Michael Paul 73 152 164 16 Alltson Jane Velda 73 Alltson Larry M'artun 39 72 73 116 Amadno Charles Norman 73 144 Amend Sharon Lou 73 Anderson James Gary 162 Anderson Shlrley Marte 73 Andrews Mary 73 114 162 Andrews Orstnna 73 Angevme Janice Ruth 73 Anms Pansy Fern 73 132 Applehans Mary Vtrglma Askman Tommy Kay 73 Austm Wllllam H Barley Walter Wayne 74 Batnter Jam Vtncent B er Cecll Ray 11 4 Baker Cecllta Lyn 74 Baker Jacquellne Lee 74 Baker James Douglas 74 Baker Susan Patrtcua 74 109 Baldwnn Jeraldtne Sue 74 Barber James Moms 74 141 Barnard Antta 74 Barnum Barbara Jean 74 Barrett Gregory Anthony 74 Baxter John Barry 74 105 Beatty Darlene May 74 Beatty Judtth A 74 Bechtol Stanley 75 Beckham Sandra Sue 75 104 Begley Patrnck James 75 Benlntendu Richard 75 Bennett Therese Marne 75 Bentley Roger Leigh 75 Benton Georgla Ann 75 110 Bergstrom Robert 162 Berry Barbara 75 Btlle Mary Josephtne 75 114 131 Btshop Lmda 75 162 Btxler Sharon Dee 75 130 Boles Danntelle Kathleen 75 104 Borchers Mtldred Lea 75 Boston Kay Arthur 75 119 120 Boudreaux Chestun Joseph 76 117 Bouska Vick: Lee 100 Bradley Douglas Harlan 76 Bradley Karen Colleen 76 Braug Ronald Brenklern Sandra Lee 76 Brewer Carolyn Lee 75 Brown Helena Maureen 76 Brown Kermtt Campbell 76 125 Brownmg Patrlcta 76 Bundy Bruce Lee 76 Burger Dorothy Marlon 76 137 138 Burns Marlorne Jean 76 138 Burwell Bully Milton 76 84 Busch Ronald Allen 76 Byer Karma Joy 76 132 Bynum Wtlluam Cady Loletta Faye 76 Caurns Ross Munro 76 Carrler Janet Eltzabeth 76 Carstens Judy Ann 76 Chandler Eugene Wullard 76 Cheney Robert Weldon 38 77 133 162 Chrtstman Sandra Lee 77 Chrtstopher Nancy Jane 72 77 97 128 Clancy Davud Clapp Barbara Irene 77 Clark John Hall 77 Clark Sandra Dawn 77 Cobb Donald Vernon 7 Cobb Guy Vuckery 77 198 Cobb Stephen Henry 77 Cody Bruce Joseph 77 Cohee Michael Dennls 72 77 116 11 Cole Evelyn Jean 77 Conner Jo Annette 78 Cook Gerald Francts 78 Cook Ltdwtna Roxanne 78 162 Coppedge Pam 78 162 Cornet Crystal Orlet 78 Corson Maxine Rhoda 78 ouch Duck 78 Cowdm Duane Harold 78 102 153 Crow Burt John ow Elizabeth Elste 78 owel Susan 78 114 Croy Robert Frank 78 Cunmngham Clark 78 165 Da on Lunda 14 78 110 Daly Maureen 78 97 Damon Sylvua Kathryn 78 134 Davles Ronald Clark 78 Davts Brent Ross 78 Davts Larry Earl 78 Davls Wtllaam Day Wtlltam Dean Jummle Dale 78 DeHart Vlolal 78 DeLatr John Robert 12 38 79 Derr Judith Kay 79 81 Dewald Cordell Wayne 100 lesburg Terrance Mnchael 79 Dtesburg Tumothy Marttn 79 162 Duxon Michael Ph lap 79 113 162 Dobbins Ronna Lee 79 164 Dorn Twlla Jean 79 108 Gullespue Marnlyn Fern 82 Gr IS Sharlyn Lee 13 82 103 162 63 Gnlman Deanna Lee 82 132 Gloyd Michael John Golden Thomas Muchael 12 38 39 82 H6 120 140 142 143 62 Gosnell Carolyn Fay 82 Gottfrted Patrtcta Mae Graham Margaret Joan 82 138 Gray James Darrell 83 Green James 100 Greenhalgh Sara Jane 83 124 162 Greer Davnd Glen 83 Gunn Beverly Anne 83 Haggard Patrtcua 83 Hahn Scott 83 Hall Susan Lenore 83 126 162 Hamulton Pendleton James 83 Hamtlton James Wtlson 83 Hammond Burton Edwnn 83 Hammond Jackue Hampton Roberta Delorns 83 H Hamrtck Olen Harvey 83 Haney Jack Lee 83 Hansen Charles E 83 113 164 165 Hanson Ardyce 83 Harbaugh Penny Lee 83 Harding Patrtcna Anne 84 158 Harrison Charlene Ann 101 Havll Kay 84 08 Hawkes Gary Davtd 84 Haynes Chrtstopher Lee 84 Hays Allen Healy Patrucla JoAnne 13 38 84 162 Heatley Wllluam Colm 84 Hedstrom Ralph LeRoy 84 105 Dower Earl Ray 79 117118 152 Downs Robert Stanton Jr 79 16 Doyle Patrlcua Jo 79 Dry Duane Eluzabeth 79 Dugan James Erwm 79 Dunlap Rtchard Paul 79 Dunn Carol 79 Durham Kenneth Wayne 101 111 Eager Tommy Ann 79 97 108 129 Edwards Carole Ann 80 Engleman Gerald Edwin 80 Eustace Phtlup Ewlng Janlce 80 Falknngham Deana Falkungham Jams Farley Fern Ellen 80 Farnsworth Ivy Lucllle Feezer Felgel Fetgel Fnsher Ftsher Flavm Davtd Tregay 80 Bernard Raymond 80 Alan Charles 12 80 133 Fred Theodore 80 Jud: 80 Susan Kay '80 108 Flowers Stephen Edmurd 39 Fons Rlchard 80 Fox Jultann Lee 80 Franck Gary Wulltam 81 Fredtn Josephtne Eluzabeth 81 Freel Gary Kurt 81 105 1 7 Freeman Phyllus Mae 81 132 162 Freeman Robma 81 French Betty Jo Fner Warren Scott 81 Frttts Barbara Eva 81 Fuler Lunda K 81 Fulton Lawrence Henry 81 Gangwlsh Carole Jean 82 109 Gann Make 82 Garner Barbara Earlene 82 Garrard Carol Anne 82 132 Gehrtng Stephen Evan 82 133 1 orge RalphG 82 Hegglund James Wynn 84 133 Herren Carolyn Luceal 84 135 Hlckox Carolyn 84 Hull Karen Dee 38 84 162 Hull Wtlllam Jerry 34 84 Hutt Abram Clare 84 Hockett John Wtlllam 12 84 116 120 146 Hocker John Scott 12 15 84 152 Hoffman Marulyn Faye 13 18 84 160 162 163 166 Hoover Donna Vlrgene 85 Horton Ronald Ray 85 162 House Prtsctlla Aleen 85 Huber Kelvm 101 udgel Davld 18 85 117 145 162 3 Hudgeons Kathy 38 85 120 121 128 164 Hudson Betty Lee 85 Hughes George Ben Hunter Kenneth Lamont 18 54 85 160 163 6 Hutchcraft Joan Ann 85 lrvung Sally Ann 85 lzzarellt Frank Joseph 72 85 116 120 Jacquot Neal F 85 99 105 Jazdmsky Frank Jeffers Douglas 85 89 Jenktns Rose Thompson 33 85 129 Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnston Barbara Lynn 86 105 162 Donna Kay 86 Geraldine 101 Judy Juamta 86 Kenneth 101 Mary Lee 86 Vnckl Chules 86 Jones Carole Ann 87 Jones Eva Lnnda 87 Jones James Danlel 87 162 Jones Kathryn Faye 87 Joslyn Donald Dtxon 86 Kaufman Perry Bruce 86 105 Keefe Wtlltam Arthur 12 86 104 114 160 162 163 166 I I , K I . .I , . t 'll', ., , , ,I I . . I . . I , I . I Y I . I , I I I . . f . I I I ' . ' I l I1 A I I I . ' I I l I I . I .. I ' I 1 1 I E . I I I I I I I . I I l . I ' I I I I I . , . I I . ., I I . . l I . .. 73,128 . I' I I .. I I I .I .. ' I . I I O . I I I Q . ' . . T ' ' ' . ' . Q I I I , Q ak , ' , 7 , 95, 133, 160, t ' , , ' 3 166 H , , ' x , I , . Qs I I I ' I I I I l A 1 I . ' I I I ' , . , , , I I ' I . A I , ' , ,142,143, , ' - , ' . -I I I I . , .. I I I . I I I , ,118 0 , 'l, ,I I I - I . I . I . I . . I . tv 1 1 t , ' ' , , , ,164 I , ,130 t ' , , " ' , ' l I t . , ,15 , , ' .I l I I ' I I I , ' 166 Helling, Maxine I D I I I I I , ' , ,162 , ' ' ' , I I . D I I I I . I I A I l l 1 ' , ' , , ,162 , ' , . I . I I I I .. I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I . I I 1 ' l I I I I I . I I I I I I I " I I , ' , ,120 ' , ' , , I . . . I I . . , . I . I . , I H I ' t I t , ,16 ., I . I I I I I , l " , ' , ' P , 165 I 1 I I , ,130 ' , , , , I I I 1 I I I I I I . ' .. . I , I 6 , ', , ,120, 21 , , ' , , , . , 2, , 120, ' , ', ' ' ,I 141 ', , , , , U I , I . , I I I I I . I I I I I . l I I I .. .I . . . I I I ,162 ' I Q I . I I I . I . I . I - I ' I . I I I I I I I I I . , I . . ' , l , ' . , ' . I I I I I I I 103 ' , , I ' I l I . I ' ' I I I ' , . , , I , ' , , , 16 I 1 , 166 t " I , t t 1 , l , . I 1 Keumag Alan Charles 86 Keath Landa Ruth 86 13 2 Kelly James Maraon Kennedy Judy 87 Kennelly Karon Kay 8 Key Colan Kelly 87 Yang Jcsyn Joy " Kang Morgan Edward Kannason Sherrlll Ann Kansey Clafford Gary 85 86 Klocksaem Neal Owen 77 86 Knapp Gary Keath 86 Kobbe Daxue Koellang Sondra Kay 87 Koppers Nancy Ann 87 Kraen Joan Cecale 87 Kruse Warren Jerome 87 Laard Henry lvan 86 Lamoureux Kelly Charles Larson Conme Jane 86 Laycock Jam D 86 Lehnertz Sandra Kathleen Leonard James Lewas Lawrence Vern 86 Laght Roger 87 141 4 Lan Rtalrene 87 110 Lankous Gary Thomas 87 L ry Neal 87 16 Lowham Kay Elazabeth 86 105 Lytle Sara Jean 86 162 Mackey Terrence Wayne 86 MaGee Patrack 86 Mahaffey Juanata Ann 87 Mahoney Ann Sa sfaeld 13 38 87 128 Maaor Molly Malena 87 164 165 Malsom Paus Jerome 87 Marker Patracaa Louase 88 Martan Denny Ross 88 Martan Teddy Harlan 101 Mass James Erna 88 Mathas Wllae Joe 88 123 Maxon Gary Lynn 88 Mayo Lann Forrest 88 McCann Don Blaar 88 118 145 McCarthy Maraanne 39 72 88 120 McComb Kenneth Robert 88 McCoy James Machael 101 McCrammon Sharon Kay 88 McCune Kay Lee 88 McDanael Yvonne 101 McHaney Larry 88 Mclntosh Donna Mae 88 McLaan Hope Lorraane 88 McRoberts Wallaam Peter 88 McWallaams Donald Walter 88 Meade Larry Warren 88 Meek Sandra Lee 88 Maddleton Duane Gordon 88 Malender Douglas Franklan 89 Males Georgua Ellen 89 Mnllard Sandra Joy 89 Maller Maller Maller Maller Bernadane Faye 89 Cletus 89 Rachard Allen 89 Wyn Gayle 89 145 Manchow Sherolyn 89 109 Moore Gerald Blame 89 Moore Leon Raymond 89 Morgan Mae Cherrall 89 Morton, Sharon 101, 138 Munsell, Wallaam Edward 89 Myers Carol Frances 89, 162 Neal, Conme Alace 89 Nemeck, Sandra Raye 90, 162 Neusbaum, Cloann 90 Nachols, Margo Lynn 90, 112, 128, 158 Nncholson, Ida Rose 90, 138 Nacolaysen, Karen Raale 90 Nucoll Donnell Bea 90 Noonan Thomas Joseph 90 O Braen John Robert 90 118 OConnell Machael Danael 90 OMalley Natalae Ann 90 Ondler Ronnue Joe O Neal Dona Jean 90 117 133 O Neal Leonard Max 90 ron Carol Louase 13 18 Ott Marvan Gerald 79 90 162 Overman George Duane Pace Thomas Snyder Jr 90 115 P ato Jesse 91 1 6 Panyak Robert Joseph 12 9 2 Patton Catherane Blaar 91 162 Pearson Sandra Kay 91 Peck Larry Earl 91 Perrett Barbara Lee 91 rran Pattn 18 9 Perry Joseph John 91 Phallaps Hazel Loree Phallaps Sandra Louase 9 1 0 Paerce Jerry Ray 93 Panney Howard Grove Pantus Patrack Wallaam 11 Plager Joseph Porter Lanny Davad 93 162 Potter Lawrence 93 Propp Karen Rachell 93 Raanes Edna Dxanna 81 93 Rayburn Delbert Wayne 93 Rayburn Jnmmy Rapley 93 Reed Carolyn Lee 93 Reed Harold Hanway 93 Reed James Rachard 93 94 Reeves Curtas Wood Reeves Marsha Lee 93 Reyes Oralaa Patsy 94 Reynolds Stanley Stallman 94 Race Catherane Mary 94 Raeve Jam Raghtmare Gary Lynn 94 104 110 Rukard Hansen Leawean 94 Raley Donna Lee 94 104 Raley Nancy Lee 94 Rassler James Vernon 94 Rassler Sharon Edna 94 138 Ratthaler Wallaam Henry 34 94 Roberts LeRoy Anthony 94 116 118 Rodda Thomas Cook 95 114 Rogers Earl Olaver 95 Rose Ronnae R Roseburr Maldred 95 134 138 Rue Beverly Olave 13 95 131 162 Rue Thomas Davad 95 Russell JohnM Jr 95 Ryan Dennas Patrack 95 Salzman Ernest Lee 95 Sample Curtas Lynn Jr 92 Satterfaeld Conme Mae 33 95 162 Savage Thomas Walter 95 Schaefer Gene Edward 96 Scheler Garry Alco 101 Schallang Buck Joe 96 Schmatz Steven Lawrence 96 Schulz Boardman Charles 96 Schwarz Janet Elazabeth 96 104 Schwellenbach Jo Ann 96 162 Scully Janace Geraldane 96 Seamonds Patracaa Rae 96 137 138 Selby Ramon Harold 79 96 Shaw, Robert Shelsta, Rodney 96, 111, 165 Sherwan, Norman Ray Sams, Georgaa 96 Sampson, Loretta Faye 13, 39, 72, 96, 120, 121, 128, 133 Slane, Charlene Jacquelane 96, 132 Slachter, Elazabeth Ann 75, 96 Smnth, Darryl Wallaam 92, 96 Smath Donna 96 Smath Robert 96 Smath Wnllaam Russell 96 Solomon Wullaam Edward 96 Spade Ralph Anthony 96 Spencer Josephane Mae 97 Sprat Aluaa 97 Stagg Ronald Davad 97 Stateham GeorgeM 97 111 Stalck John Rudolph 97 104 162 Starr Joella Belle 97 Starr Sharon Kay Stauffer Davad Kambrell 97 Steensland Denn1s Jacobs 97 Stephens Craag P 97 Stewart Gregory Machael 97 Stewart Kay Louase 97 Stonekarag Jammue Ray 97 Strand Ronald Lee 97 Strange Charles Wallaam 97 Swan Eward Oscar 98 105 133 162 163 66 Sweeney Donald Eugene 34 98 angney Ganabelle Tanus Herbert Leo Jr 98 Taylor EdwardO 98 153 Teale Neva Margaret 98 110 162 Terraere Phullup Lewas 98 Thomas Janace Carol 98 114 126 131 162 Thomason Morras Lee 38 98 116 117 120 Thompson Kathleen Margaret 13 72 97 9 109 1 2 Thompson Thomas Norman 98 Thoms Thelma Townsend Duxae Belle 98 Trost Rachard Allen 98 118 True Henry 98 110 118 Trupp Roger Morras 98 Tucker Leo Charles Turner Lewns John 98 Tyndall Patracaa Janet Tyson Ann 98 114 130 162 Unangst Robert Arthur Upton RobertC Ury Eleanor Ann 98 114 131 162 Van Coops Stephen 98 99 104 113 162 Van Patten Andrew Vendetta Bob Verang Lrry Henry 18 98 104 60 163 166 Vostrock Karl Paul Peter 85 99 Waggerman Pat 99 162 Walker Beryl Lucalle 99 110 164 Walker Thomas Wallaam 99 Wallan Mary Kay 100 Wallway Mary Kathryn 99 109 105 Walters Herbert Frederack 99 Waters Wesley Eugene 99 Watts Jerome Arthur 99 Weckworth Charles Henry Weckwerth Gary Lee 99 Welch Ahnata Kay 81 99 Werner Martan Duane 99 Whatcomb Scott 99 Whate Emma Lee 99 Wagguns Ronnae Bryson 99 Wlburn Dona 99 Walcox Donna Rae 100 Wallaams Janet Erlene 100 Walson Arlen Ray 18 100 Walson, Eulah Irene Wolford, Gordon Lee 100 Wood, Sarah Louase 100 Woodard, Wallaam Lee 92, 100 Worley, Larry Joseph 100 Wraght, Gregory Clark 100 Wraght, Janace Faye 100, 162 Zaugg, Darla Jean 100 Zube, Henry Arthur 100 I99 '1' ,91,105,115, ', ' 2,16 A 1 . . .. ' 1 86 ' . ' . . . 86 OT 1 , , 90, 102, 162, 1 . 1 . '. 163 1 , , , 105 ' Q ' ' 1 90 , v ' 1 " al I1 1 1, H I I 1 ' ' 1 '1 , 1,16 , ' . 1 ' ,114 1 ' ' , Pe ', ' , 1,163 ', 'F 1 ' , , , 115, , 160, 1 86 " 1 ' 3, 1,128 , , 1 ' 1 T , ' 13, 38, 98, 114, 129, '1 ' 1 93 162 A 1 , ,1 2 ' ' 1 ' " 93, 1 ', , , '111 i , 1 , . , Long, ar ' , 124, 133, O, 162, 1 ' , ' ' ' 166 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 Loucks, Don Clark 86, 133 Raab1J0yce Elizabeth 93 , ' , , , , 1 ' , ,162 ' 1 ' 1 , , 1 1 1 1 1 8, , 1 , r ' , , , 120, 1 ' 1 , ' I , 121, ,133 1 ' , , , 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 163 1 ' 1 1 1 ' fa , , ,1 ,162 " 1 191 1 ' ' 128 1 1 ' 1 . 195 ,' ' 1 y ' 1 , 99 Alexander Caryl BM MA Colorado ABM Umversuty ol Wyomlng Page 36 Anderson Bull AB Nebraska State Umversuty ol Nebraska Unuversrtf of Wyammg Page 31 Anderson Bruce BS In E Black Hllls Teachers College Colorado State Col lege Page 27 Bauer George AB MA Oklahoma State Umversuty Umversuty ol Kansas Fort Hays Kansas State College Page Bentel Mllton BS In E Northern Illunons State Teachers College Unlversr ty ol Wyomrng Northern State Teachers College S Dakota Page 29 Bender Charles R Jr MfSgt Texas ASM College Sponsor Drull Team Color Guard Mustang Guard Page 37 Blondm Gllbert BS Unuversnty at Wyomrng Casper College Colorado State Unuversrty Page 34 Blower Mrs Ann BA Unlverslty of Wyomnng Sponsor Sensor Class Page 26 72 Boyles Grant BA Casper Juntor College Umversnty ol Wyomnng Sponsor Student Councul Page 23 Brakke Leonard BA Unlversuty ol Montana Eastern Montana College ot Educatuon Unnverstty ol Colorado Unlversnty oIWyorn1ng Page 29 92 Brannan, L R BS Unnversuty ot Wyomung Page 28 Brechetsen Jay AB Colorado State College Page 33 133 42 Brown Clrftord BA MA Umversnty oIWyom1ng Page 28 Bundy Mrs Altce Page 22 Carlson Mrs Mary Jane BS an Sec Ed Northwest Mussouru State College Page Chrlstlan W J BA MA Nebraska State Teachers Uruversnty ol Wyomm Page 32 Collnns, George BA MA Umverslty of Wyomung Page 32 37 Kansas State Ft Hays State Unnverslty of Wy omtng Dnrector Marchung Band Dance Band sembles Page 36 Marchung Band Dance Band Ensembles Page 36 Coulson Mrs Marlorne AB MPS College of Emporna Kansas State Teachers Col lege Unuversuty of Colorado Umversnty ol Ne braska Unrverslty of Wyomung Page 23 Cross, Mrs Dorothy BA Carnegte Instrtute of Technology Page 30 Deffeyes Mrs Hazel BS Oklahoma College for Women Oklahoma A81M College Casper College Unlversrty of Wyomnng Page 30 Dterks, Muss Carroll BS BA Denver Unuversuty Ca Sponsor ASquad Cheer leaders Page 27 D1lIe Mtss Mary BA Iowa State Teachers Unlverslty of Woshrngton Unnversrty of Southern Calrfornna Umversuty ol Calufornua Unnversnty ol Denver Page 24 Downer Howard BS Umversnty oIWyom1ng Sponsor F FA Page 34 Drew Muss Mary Ann B S Domunncan College Unrversnty ol Wyomung C Sponsor Bug Snsters Page 31 Eggleston B ofMEd Unnversnty of Colorado Page 36 Ferns Mass Frances F BA MA Unlverslty of Wyomnng State Unnversnty ol Iowa Sponsor Mustang Natronal Forensuc League Page 3 160 Fusselman Mrs Paulme BA Colorado State College of Educatuon Unuversuty of Wyomung Page 27 Geldnen, Harry B S of Ed Unlversuty oIWyom1ng Coach Football Page 37 Gubbs Mrs lone AB MEd Oklahoma Cnty Untversnty Unrversuty ol Oklahoma Unuversuty of Wyomlng Natl Guldance Instutute Unnversnty ol Wyamung Page 28 Goss Glenn BS Mt Unnon College Kent State Umversuty Casper College Page 29 200 FACULTY I DEX Hagen Mrs Ruth BA Upper Iowa Unuversuty Umverstty ol Iowa Casper College Page 36 Hemry Mnss Kathleen BA MA Unuversnty ol Wyomung Denver Unnversnty Chucago Unrversuty Long Beach State College Sponsor Newcomers Club Chess Club Page 30 Hull Mnss Gwendolyn BA Colorado State College ol Educatnon Colorado Unversuty Un versrty I Wyomrng Sponsor Mustang Page 31 Jackson Muss Bunny BS Montana State College Umversnty ol Wyomung Texas Womans Unuversrty Sponsor Future Home makers Page 35 Jacobson Mrs Grace BA Northwestern Unnversnty MacPheal College ol Mu rc Unnversuty ol Wyomnng Sponsor Madrugal Page 36 Larson Mrs Arlene BA Iowa State Teachers College Page 31 Larson Rtchard MfSgt Wtnona Teachers College Sponsor Dull Team Color Guard Mustang Guard Page 37 LaV1oIette Mrs Margaret Wellesley College Unlversuty of Pennsylvama Umversuty of Wyomung Sponsor French Club Page 32 33 Ltndsey Mrs Ethel BA MA Nebraska Umversuty Unxversrty ol Wyomtng Chu cago Unrversnty Harvard Unuversnty Chuco College Calulornua Sponsor Englnsh Club Page 25 37 Lutterman Ray BS Unuversuty ol Wyomung Coach Football Wres tlrng Page 24 26 McBr1de Mlss Ruby BA MA Unrversuty ol Iowa Umversnty of Southern Call Iornua Sponsor Latnn Club Page 25 26 McCallum Mrs Myrtle RN Lukes Hospvtal Bouse Idaho Unlversuty o Chucogo Unuversrty of Calufornla Unnversnty ol Wyomung Umversuty of Denver Sponsor Future Nurses Page 24 130 McTygue Mtchael BS Unlverslty of Wyomung Sponsor Future Teachers Page 27 Malone Mnss Rose Mary BS MA nn Ed College ol St Cathernne Unuversnty ot Munnesota Denver Unlverslty Page 24 Marschall Ernest BA MA Mnssourn Valley College Unnversnty ol Wyommg Unuversuty ol Southern Calllorma Calumbua Um versnty Page 23 Martln Kenneth BS MEd North Texas State College Unrversuty ol Texas Baylor Unuversnty Page 23 Matson Gordon BA Unrverstty ol Iowa Coach Football Wrestlrng P e 32 37 18 Merry Welton BA Casper College Unlversnty ol Wyommg Messumer James BS Unuversuty of Wyommg Armed Forces lnstntute Page 34 35 Mlchael Floyd BS Unlversuty of Wyomnng Page 34 Muchalke Mnss Elsre BS MS Mrchrgan State Normal Unuverslty Umversuty of Wyommg Casper Jnuor College Page 27 Mooneyham Clnfton Capt Umversuty of Maryland The Armor Army The Tank Destroyer School Sponsor ROTC Rrfle Team Color Squad Mustang Guard Page 37 152 Morlarty Mark Dan BA Unuversuty of Wyomnng Page 33 Myers Lowell BA of Ed Central State College Page 22 Pnerce Arthur BS Unuversnty of Wyomlng Sponsor Reserve Football Swnmmung Page 32 33 Pomeroy Clnfford BA Casper Junnor College Umversrty ol Wyommg Sponsor Semor Class Page 28 Pomeroy Dean LLB Nebraska Umversuty Peru State Teachers College Nebraska Page 28 72 Reese Wtlllam AB MA Drcknnson College Washtngton and Lee Umversu ty Umversrty ol Wyomnng Page 22 Page 34 ol Mnchugan School U S U S rmy Guard Drnll Rnppon Mass Yvonne BS Utah State College Umversuty ol Wyomang Span sor Cheerleaders A and B Page 27 Ruzzt Leo BS MA Back Hlls Teachers College Unuverslty ol y om ng Page 29 58 Robunson Edward SGT Coach Rnlle Team Page Rupp Mrs Elnzabeth AB MA s kns Colleg Fresno Stoe Vtrg ma Unrvers ty Page 30 Russell Mrs Stella Page 22 Sacrrson Mrs Mary BS Back Hlls Teachers College Un versuty of South Dakota Page 28 Schell George BA of Ed Nebraska State Teachers Munnesota Untversty Sponsor Newcomers Club Gusher Q I an Scrol Page 30 163 Schamber Mtss Ruth BA Unuversnty ol Wyomnng Unuverstty ol Colorado Sponsor Future Secretarles Page 42 132 Sctfers Muss Barbara BA MEd Unnversnty ol Montana Portland State Untverstty o Oregon Sonsor Grls League Councnl ture Teachers Page 23 Scullen George Umversuty ol Montana Page 34 Shtdler Mtss Margaret BS tn Ed Central Mtssourn State College Umversnty ol Colo rado Page 26 Smtth Mtss Iva BS MS Untversuty ol Nebraska Unlversnty ot Wyomnng Sponsor Natuonal Honor Soc1ety Page 28 162 Stephenson Wulltam BS Unnversaty of Wyommg Page 27 Sulluns Wtllnam BA MA Unuversuty olWyom1ng Page 22 Thorpe James BA Tulsa Unlverslty Unnversuty ofWyam1ng Sponsor Student Court Page 30 Tobun Wllllam BS Unuversuty ol Colorado Coach Sophomore Basket ball Page 24 Trumble George BA MA College Wes Page 36 VanDeventer Robert BS Umverstty of Wyomlng Untversuty I Kansas Page 33 Walters Mrs Wanda BS MS George Washungton Umversuty Casper College Ohno State Umversuty Sponsor Pep Club Page 35 Ward Gordon BS MA Northern State Teachers College Unnversuty ol Wyomnng Coach Basketball Page 33 Watkuns Robert BS Unnversuty ot Denver Colorado State Unaversnty Unnversnty of Colorado Page 29 Welshaar Donald BS MBS Fort Dodge Junuor College Creughton Unrverstty Iowa State College Iowa State Teachers College Colorado Umversnty Coach Football Page 28 Wells Wulllam BS MA Unnversuty of Calrlornna Umversuty of Colorado Colorado State Teachers College Page 26 Welsh John BA Unuversuty ol Wyomung Plymouth Drama Festrval Sponsor Thespuans Page 31 164 Wtlllams Mtss Ruth BA Bouse Junror College College of Idaho Umversrty of Washnngton Sponsor Future Secretarues Page 2 2 Walls Mnss Joan BA IIl1no1s State Normal Unrversuty Unuversuty ol Wy omung Sponsor Junuor Class Pe Club age 30 58 Wllson Mrs Kathryn Page 22 Wnrth Laurel, BS Colorado State College of Agrtculture 8. 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Suggestions in the Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) collection:

Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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