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 - Class of 1956

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Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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qQff.' . Z- 55,446,747 ,zggf .7245 Q gfww -1660,-44-ff-:.g,df5-'-4-f,4,r ' - -44-.-fft' 44, WZ 11623 Jill zM"f 4L'Ld..,.,J -f2i4.4,,,e, 4,11 dfwe-'XZ fif6v.,z'., 4,6045 ,C4,,.,, Z Yiqdf Wfwagfwmmzd 6 V750 ' I .jziffw ff MM .ffQ.44, -e4fc,.1,z4,44.fpsz'.f ,Z5 ,gal A-fgz ,ir ,794 .xx 56, fm f 7 Mfwwy 7067 -foo'-a..6A,,4,,,-, 3 :,f: :E fovufzfc, ,4m,,Q,!6Z-Z Mgaybc-J JL"-"C2'66 41,446 2 , 2e:,6..,4JjafwM,,,.,,+,g,,Lb,Ap,6aLdZ-J 'fffdiizefl 4,4a.M.e,,4g: for Z: 'f6+a:,,Lz.4z,,,.4,,,c ' ,47JLz9cf '-E-f"Q'gi"'i" AL, ' 9?4"'7-240, JjW'6 W . "'A""'QJ I , 4 ,,V . QI A A A MQZKJK4 ,aueaeyw--f54,z',, ' , -71,av.e,v V ,,ra4-r:- ' LA ' N.-ogg, www! 5f 7 , . ?Q'fr1!-14-0QL.C,f cy, ,' . 51.2149 . V D 4 L-Aa Q7 faux R-44.A,J 441' O70""""f"4"'A7f'Zff V. i , , . i , , . .,, . , Q : , , ,, : , ,, , J 4, 4 an ff, A241444 4 All ,F if 1- .4 -MQXLVQ ' gf' M- 14.4111 41 ff' W- ' ' , 5 ff 1 J K - Q4 " TZ 4ffLf'4y 49-fn 1' 0 ,Q C gf f?'f5f , Cl"'i1"-Q 1 , ZYLQ ,j,4QQ1.QzQj:T'f.L.-1 ' SQL-46 --f Q C , V f I . ,' ' I .4149 .f Vf . 'X "' ff, Z4 ff rf' ,- TQf4f'f'f1' :ff . . 17,196 V, ff .FL fy' 1, I t 'J , .1 i "' K I ' K .ffffrflg 31? if .4 1' ,. . 1 .3 .f STUDENTS AND FACULTY X A NATRONA COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL V xg! O f T P r J ,ff QM? VW' ifffififk TD W f,L wM wi Casper, Wy lngi, f ?7'b1Q Wo' WM JJQKWW f' M25 www ,fm Nw M 06 - AM N 0 W 31? . K L5mfia!LQmp,eQ.M5 ,U W MTW Mikey, -9 C ln ' ' H dl 1 V w i P r 1 1 n F L L F P X f- g 45.60011 Xgifdffvfyu, ' g765ofLLa,LQfd-flaw MAMA Qooc1.,z,LLffO4v14ZeJ w A '7' Af7?7f?f ZZKWM ff Qipggffiffgg ,M ' H3 0i25'TC7A fggyewwwi MZ? wif AW Pg!'FACE , Af 4,, A , v H,,1,,, ,,, ,,,,,.,.,,,,,,, ,, ,A , , 4 DEDICATION , ., SETTING A4..,. gf CHARACTERS Freshmen 'WMU Alffff- Soph0mor Wdfdcbvwjxhwtglwk Juniors Seniors 7 . X f fl ACTION CCCCCC,,,,..,...... CCCCC... ,C.CC.C 1056? jimi' CLIMAX ,CQCCCCCC,..CT,C,C...,,. ,.....T,C.....CCC....,C.C., 1 43 if Mel Lg' SUBSCRIBERS .CC.,CCCCC,.CT -14-9 ' " ' 7' 4 - 1 ,B gML,n,,4:, ,S ,Awe it W mwmwmlziwad - ,ef Q ' mac. ,L ' ' Jawa' ,wQ'7b M Jon' K f X fm CWFJQQZJM I-Lu Aw ll of life is like a book, and each year is a chapter which we write and add to our lives. This MUSTANG is a record in words and pictures of one chapter in the lives of you, the students and faculty of Natrona County 2 High School. You wrote it and the Annual Staff of 1956 has published it. e Although this chapter in our lives was not really begun until Sep- tember, we all began to prepare for it way last spring in elections, 'I ,.., 1 orientation, and registration. t us look back to those days of antici- Ei u panogari iygofen, Gi, S' Q z Q at 'll 23, Q 1351? is is it Q3 i ff X Ji its atm 355 iilllgil I at "'T oi it 53 fi as MUSE ,..... 535415, , fu-' 5? 5 3 4 1 . 1 n .. Q3 'Z . i 5. kilhqlf 'Q vu PW f. f' f-A 4 -. J, ,gfi M 8 E 4-s ,V Q , 11 F' 51" 15 m ,Q 2" "4 'U 5 f:yw5xvw"fwfwi N 512, f:igf3 l 'M hgv?' nf Qs! a L 9,0 .,QLV-ZQQ 'Q 1' 1, sz-X 1 f ' s'?r,2"-fff'f"gv gdft - wif' I f vii ,Q ar yfxfwf, Ui., -is " f v QM 539- f .sf 'Ulf 1 Z, 5, 3 , ..,w 5 'Q ,410 .,, if i ft vi-in-I Q' 5 ' c X-V, 2 g .. Fil' nw. 1 .Q,2 2 1 5 , ang M rg.. l'22w.: ,a z , eagdf . fm ik . X f 4 :iff 'ff-' . 'xi A any 2 5 A 32, 3.1 J r fl 7 my .pw Y . FREQ- 1 ' 5 V 1 H 3 ' i i 4 Q 2 N, Q, 51 x"l,,f, 1 ',,'3 wtf: N, E Xv,!5i.'7 . is, ,W f ,,iYfx-rx, ,Biz ,Q ' 2353 K F 1 -.4 4 332 . W' Q W !4 s,x 1 f?3f 'K ssgww xl galil H Xxx , gg g, - Qiiiig 11351 Q-. . it " w Q' R ml 35, X Rue ,tv U ,,- R J " 3 aw "jr 3 xii 1 2 x . vw fxfi. 'Yi' A Mr. NIacManus dill not sr-ent quite- so enthusiastic over the new class rings as Kay Christensen. Barry Cratvr. anrl Lynn Bradshaw. The sffniors Chose rings during thx-'ir junior yvar su that the insignia could he worn through 1955 and '56. Even with Mr. Maconihvr f-xplainin-ffthv word for that husinr-ss of schemlule arranvinv and signing was "confusi0n." 2- z- :- UA good! means a 11 'X hashful frf'shnian. Kit Piriv. learnt-ri inure- ahout high School life as Whitney Stvvvns survr-al punch at thf' annual Orientation Te-a. 6 ,, f . . A- far E s S 5 s 5 2 t When Debbie Nichols won first place in the state for her essay. HA Decade of Progress in Hiring the Physically Handicapped," Governor Simpson came to Casper and presented her prize. Betsy Crowell was mistress of ceremonies. beginning good en ding. Some of the contest winners for 1954-55-Top row: Bob Elfering. poster contestg Carla Duncan. first Civil Defense essay. Bottom row: Marilyn Martin and Martha Hinthorn, runners-up in Civil Defense-g ,Ian Shreffler, first in the American history essay contestg Debbie Nichols, winner of the essay in hiring the handicapped. Wesifff ' -Jrfis : .7-ff if fs 115 ', '.s"tS::r?5iHw, The McCann trophy is awarded each year to the member of National ForensiC League who has made the most progress in speech work. As Jim Watters pre- sented it to Roy Currence in the spring. we knew that Roy was well prepared for a successful senior year. iw 3347253 Rewards Field Day was a conclusion f o 1' outgoing seniors and a climax for all military boys for diligence are high. 4? after a year of marching, rifle prac- tice, and ealisthenics. The awards of Field Day set a goal for under- classmen to achieve like success the following year. Hi Cernert, in a final burst of speed, hroke his brother ,lim's record in the 440. , frm , , Mike Tipton, Boyd Dowler of Cheyenne, and Ray Mora with that last ounce came in third, second, and first in the 220 low hurdles. CHSDVVS Gernert and Mora and contestants from Cheyenne and Rock Springs put their all into I0 the 220 yard dash. TRACK SQUAD Top row: Donald Lee Moore, George Smith, Hi Gernert, Bob Thompson, Bill Riley, Bill Mills. Gene Meyer. Middle row: Mary Bollington, Ray Mora, lim Pettipiece, Ted Sellars, Skip De Vault. Bottom row: John Cote, John Nlichie. Charles Higgens, Dick Gardner, Russell Donley. Individual prowess leads to group success. Track is the final event in athletics during the school year. Here competition is different from that of football and basketball in that each boy competes against his own best efforts. Every boy is on his own. Track competition ended a season, but it be- gan one too, for the coaches worked with the under- classmen in the spring and discovered possibilities for football and its traditional September and October games with the Double MAN schools and with our rivals in South Dakota and Nebraska. Boys practicing for track seem to be as much a si n of s rin in Gas er as robins on 8 P g P the lawns. Hope was high for a successful season in football as Coach Cheeley checked out equipment to the following boys: Bob Thompson, Dave Noonan, Buck Buchanan, ,lay Edmondson. 45 JUNIORS-Cronen. Be-gley. Crowell. Brown. O'Cnnnor. and Pittxnan-funk 21 brsathvr and clleckefl their programs under the waves. 'plum 5 law 'VAV' A ,...,... .X pf-arly nysu-1' shell Svrvewl 215 a camp Putty Samue-Isun cluvks lay a row of rustling iaffvta and fluffy organdy clressvs and under the HTL'llWZ1y nf ilu- grand march. hm-adecl lay Lee Roy Parsunx and Marie liissucwa. The juniors bade goocl-bye to the Class of ,55 and ushered in their own senior year with thr- ,Iunior Prom. "Fathoms of Fantasy." " df? for Petr' Adams and his band. An orange octopus brought with him an almost tangible' Hair" of salt water. Caps and gowns. fluffy dresses. pressed suits. i'l1utterflies"--those preparations and emotions marked moments of excitement when the seniors tried to stay in line lmefore starting the marclt into the auditorium. Junior ushers for Commencement. looking forward to their own graduation-'Top raw: ,Ianiee Sizemore. Donna Hall. Patty Marshall. Donna Hawkins. Violet Piel. joan Dorsett. Nancy Evans. Sharon Melvin, Virginia Thomas. Jane Rirlgeway. Nancy Hartwell. Serond row: Shelly Powers. Linda Canfield, Betsy Crowell. Debbie Nichols, Jeanette MaeLennan. Phyllis Hehnke. Bottom row: Darlene Cooking. Betty Sue Sensintaffer. Pat Haley. Seniors marched flown the aisle in a final burst of nostalgia and glory to the strains of "Pomp and Circumstancef' ii The mom:-nt when the pas! and the future ser-me-fl to inte-rmingle as the Maclrigal sang for Commence-me-nt. Not the end, but the beginning. Finally we turned in our luckvr keys and hook varrlsg we we-re officially out of school. Top row.' Carol Scltwabrow. Mary ,Io Begley. Lyn Parsons. Irene Williamson. Second row: Liz Robertson. Betty Sue Sensintaffar. Betsy Crowell. Joan Brady. 'gow 1 , v 221164 Top row: Dave Noonan. Roy Currence. Jerry Cronen. Clarence Morley. jon Brady. Bottom row: John Goldtrap. Hi Gernert. .lolm Roussalis. To be chosen by the faculty to go to Girls' or to Boys, State is one of the cul- minating honors of the Junior year. Standing with Senator Barretfs assistant Charles Mun son 'and "Monty" Montgomery of Green River was Betsv Crowell. our re resentative to Girls' Nation. . P Oxni 7 'S --' v!L .Ld td N H A xy, V if J, rs ,Mb l 7 . N I ' f R-'L..:.5L,+ !Qx1 'QQ' , EDICATIQN WW zdedilvwa 'S Cb ALQQ, can-Q4 Ojpl-lllg, N K all Q9-Q,"'UnL: QMQL, ' ' AAQJDLW, VJ MMG.-.DQS QA-M3 ri of-LL WM, pg- Q'A"C'eU 0. 63619162 Jmfwiwlv.. EM 0 u ' VDAA "The heart of education is the love of the individual teacher for the individual V few! " Qgxwp WM M,,a.,.,.DYzN.9-J CHAPTER I DEDICATION The worth of a high school cannot be measured by the beauty of its buildings and campus, by the money that is spent upon it, or even by the individual achievements of the most gifted of its students and faculty. The true worth of a high school is measured by its effect on the community of which it is a part-by the influence of all those who have ever given their time, their thoughts, and a good part of their hearts to it. With this idea in mind, we chose to dedicate this MUSTANG of 1956 to the administration and faculty of Natrona County High School. We do not often express our gratitude for our teachers, service, nor even realize what long years of preparation, what selfless hours, and what love have been poured out to make our school what it is today. Sometimes memorials are written in our story for 1955-1956. Thank you everyone for making this school year possible and for making it successful. THE STAFF AND THE STUDENT BODY A5. s DEAN C. MORGAN Superintendent of Public Schools Constant Planning Adjusts a Modern BOARD OF EDUCATION-David Foote. Sr., C. H. Thompson, Mrs. K. D. Knapp. .5 5 5. KELLY WALSH High School I'rinf'ipnl School to Growing Community Needs. BOARD OF EDUCATION-E. A. Swedenborg. Willianl Hurt. Mrs. Morgan Davis. C. J. STROHI, uri, First row: Harold Smith, Sophomore President, Gary Leonard, Junior Representative, John Roussalis, ROTC Representativeg Buck Buchanan, Junior President. Second row: Shirley Tucker, Mustang Representative, First Semester, Jill Alsup, Sophomore Representative, Diane Chase, Freshman Representative, Carol King, Gusher Representativeg Liz Robertson, Student Body Treasurer, Betsy Crowell, Girls, Vice Presidentg Jerry Cronen, Student Body President, Mr. Grant Boyles, Sponsorg Hi Gernert, Boys' Vice President, Mary Jo Begley, Student Body Secre- tary, Chuck Adams, Freshman President, Ron Gardner, Senior President, Skip De Vault, Junior Representativeg Joyce Kerns, Mustang Representative, Second Semester. Planning the activities that gave our story a successful plot were the members of the student council, sponsored by Mr. Grant Boyles. The council met regularly in the morning before school to govern the functions of the student body. Adding new spice to our games were the UB- squadi' cheerleaders, who were approved by the Council. Changes in the manner of electing the "Mustang Queeni' were also discussed, passed, and initiated. Now the football team elects the queen from finalists chosen by the Senior boys, after all the boys have had a chance to submit petitions. Student Council members had complete charge of homecoming affairs-the bonfire, the pep assembly and coronation, the parade, and the well-attended mixer after Casperis victory over the Sheridan Broncs. A rather unprecedented action going through the Council this year was the decision to deed "C" Hill to the students of Casper College, since it is on their campus. Now you may see the quit-claim papers and the dollar the college students paid us for the hill displayed in our trophy case. Handling student government affairs and presid- ing over assemblies efficiently, the student council has produced a well organized and well conducted year. Our student body officers have led the Council and the school during the past year. They are, Jerry Cronen, President, Betsy Crowell, Girls' Vice Presi- dentg Hi Gernert, Boys' Vice Presidentg Mary Jo Begley, Secretary, and Liz Robertson, Treasurer. First row: Dixie Black, Iuniorg Cile Pace, Freshman, Linda Canfield, Senior, Betty Sensintaffar, Senior, Joyce Kerns, Senior, Tana Moore, Freshman, Lynne Vincent, Freshman. Second row: Linda Merritt, Junior, Mary Sue Baker, Junior, Treasurer, Betsv Crowell, Senior, President, Edo Hanna, Senior, Vice Presidentg Genie Wood, Senior, Secretaryg Irene Williamson, Senior. Third row: Phyllis Angevien, Sophomore, Janet Allen, Sophomoreg Vickie Lagos, Sophomore, Mrs. Barbara Scifers, Dean of Girls, Sponsorg Nancy Davis, Sophomore, Patsy Huey, Junior, Kit Pirie, Freshman. Girls' League in N.C.H.S. is composed of all the girls of the student body. They have elected this Council to govern them. Probably the biggest activity of the Council, during the year, outside of keeping girls, activities running smoothly, was the annual Football Ball. 6'This Side of Heavenw was chosen as the theme for 1955. Stars, clouds, and blue lights made up the decorations which were carefully planned by the Girls' Council. Silhouettes in the shape of angels, honoring the Senior Foot- ball boys, added just the right touch to the wall decorations. Betsy Crowell, Girls, Vice President, presented the football autographed by all the Senior boys to ,lay Edmison, who was selected as recipient for the souvenir when his name was drawn from a football helmet. All events undertaken by the council proved a big success with the aid of its Sponsor, Mrs. Bar- bara Scifers, Dean of' Girls. Betsy was assisted by Vice President Edo Hanna, Secretary Genie Wood, and Treasurer Mary Sue Baker. As money-making projects, council members sold N.C.H.S. stationery and sponsored a mixer after one of our basketball games. Their closing activity always is the series of Orientation Teasg which are presented in an effort to help incoming Freshmen become acquainted with the school. The Teas were as successful as the rest of the girls, activities. K E Gwendolyn Hill and Frances F. Feris, Co-Sponsors. Your MUSTANG staff worked hard to write this story of your year 1955-56. The plot was formulated during the spring of 1955 so that the happenings and illustra- tions of the months of April and May could form the prologue of our story, the getting ready to begin as it were. All during the summer the narration was taking form. The photographers preserved for you the flowers of the campus, the building framed in summery greenery, the school board as they worked out the budget and the plans for 1955-56. By September 1st, the first twenty pages were off for the acceptance of the printer. As the action of the year gained momentum so did the activities of the staff. During September, all the members signed up sponsors downtown. Three deadlines were met to keep abreast of the subjects which you were studying, the honors which you were winning, the victories noted by the accumulation of trophies in the cases in the lobby, the queens, the dances, the Christmas Story, the Follies, the Prom, the all-school play. We loved preserving the setting, the characters, the action, and the climaxes for this year of Natrona County High School, 1955-56. We hope that as you read it over and over you will realize how our administration and our faculty emphasize the principles of education-preparation for the future in citizenship, in skills, in health, in character, in worthy use of leisure, in vocations, and in happy home making. Seated: Shirley Tucker, Co-Editor, Joyce Kerns, Co-Editor. Left to right: Jon Brady, Business Managerg Roy Currence, Assistant Business Man- ager, Joan Brady, Faculty and Club Eclitorq Jim Matzke, Photographerg Bob Moll, Photographer, Linda Canfield, Senior Editor. 74a mf! Donna Hawkins, Business Staffg ,lim Walker Photographer. The office force are: Georgia Sabine, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Ringle, Pauly Clarke, and Mrs. Maude Joslyn. WILLIAM REESE B.A., M.A. Vice Principal Dickinson College Washington Lee University - University of Wyoming J BARBARA N. SClFERS, B.A., M.A. ' Dean gf Girls WALTER SAVAGE University of Montana I B-S-, M-S Portland State College Bllsine-95 Manager University of Oregon UniVCf5itY Of WY0ming Sponsor, Girls' League ' UHiVCfSitY Of Council Washington Sponsor, Future ' Uf1iVefSifY Of Teaghgrg CH1lf0I'I'1iEl MILTON BEITEL. B.S. Science Northern Illinois State Teachers' College, Univer- sity of Wyoming. GRANT BOYLES, B.A. Vocational Co-ordinator Casper .Iunior C 0 l l e g e. University of Wyoming. Sponsor, Student Council. L. R. BRANNAN. B.S. Science University of Wyoming. NANCY A. BISHOP. B.S Girls' Physical Education Black Hills Teachers' Col lege, Co-Sponsor of Cheer- leaders. LEONARD L. BRAKKE B.A. Physics University of Colorado. CLIFFORD B. BROWN B.A.. M.A. Matllematics University of Wyoming. Co-Sponsor of Casper Hi Chess Club. VZ . 9 - WH 311- what lx 6 iliiifissi 5 . . ., Vk., IMI. fra' was ' 07: A 'f Aclministration and Faculty LAWRENCE l. ADAMS Sgt. First Class Military BILL W. ANDERSON A.B. English Nebraska State Teachers College. University of Ne braska. Junior Class Spon sor. BETTY LOU BUTLER B.Mus. Music University of Wyomin Small Vocal Groups. U E- KENNETH CHEELEY B.A.. M.S. Football Coach University of Illinois. Members Guide Us . BERNARD W. CONOLLY B.Ed. Social Problems Duquesne University. Sponsor of Swing Band. BLAINE D. COOLBAUGH, B.S. B.M., M.A. Head of Instrumental Music Department Kansas State University, Ft. Hays State College. University of Wyoming. Sponsor, Band, Small En- sembles, Baton and Flag Twirling Corps. CLARA FRANCES GADBERY, B.A., M.A. English University of Wyoming, University of Hawaii, Uni- versity of Southern Cali- fornia, K a n s a s State Teachers' College, College de Jesus Marie, Quebec. HAROLD W. CELDIEN B.S. Science University of Wyoming, Football, Basketball, Wrestling. DAN DETI, B.A., M.A. Foreign Language University of Wyoming. Uni 'Uni Cali Mex Middlebury College, versity of Colorado, versity of Southern fornia, University of ico, Sorbonne, Paris. BERTHA MARIE EINER, B.A. Commercial Colorado State College Education. FRANCES F. FERIS B.A., M.A. in Speech Head, English Department University of Wyoming Iowa S t a t e University S p 0 n S 0 r, N.F.L., MUsf TANG. of MARY DILLE, B.A. Assistant Librarian Iowa State Teachers' Col- lege, University of Wash- ington, University of Southern California, Drake University. OSCAR ERICKSON B.S., M.Ed. Basketball Coach Kansas State College, Uni- versity of Oklahoma. FLOYD W. FIELD B.A., M.A. Commercial University of Colorado, University of Minnesota, Colorado State College of Education. iailliun- S3 if KATHLEEN HEMRY B.A., M.A. English University of Wyoming, Long Beach State Teach- ers' College, University of Chicago, Sponsor of Con- cessions, N.C.H.S. New- comers Club, Casper Hi Chess Club. DUKE HIMEBAUGH B.S., M.S. Head, Commercial Department Kansas S t a t e Teachers' C o l l e g e, University of Minnesota, University of Nebraska, Columbia Uni- versity, Sponsor, Savings Stamp Day. GRACE IACOBSON B.A., M.A. Head of Vocal Music Department Northwestern University. MacPheal C o l l e g e of Music, University of Wyo- ming, Sponsor of Mad- rigal. ffggilfif Eiifaras ima 1--Er .5514 I S if-V' f5ii?fr3'l' ' ' "Q ,- ti' 2- L zffziiifft g. 1232125525 37 fyeigfifsi si . . ' - ' '- -' , f .V -ms eh Q .. . nm 2139. . .V n Sums , s " it f .'E'iT Pgf,fe-2 :E-I 1: . i. 7 fluf f: , ' ,5if5 '-'fp 457,21 "ff ' ' -- ,: : , II: ,... 1 an ia. -:Kr 1 1 I - . V lg, 51,1 37- e. an Si-elif rf'fs.:'f . ,fqgiirggf , ,vpn ..,.f 9, ,.--f. ,...,,,-,.,,ffw, nn tf.gfdfi, ,i1, :1vp,,,,x.,,h,A'x. . . vs-.gli . 19, -is t ' df ,uf , . . x . . . 1 1 , .- .w4..,,g,s nm Q, -rv ,.v.,.u. H ,., .V -- ..,g,,.-. 0.9, , 1 1 q.nv,,,: f 1- .-,it 2 Qufwg ,,,f,sffn., at vmi.pu',,.qf',',-.- i .YQ'f,?,g ,vinyl Q vunnuvlu-t . . f' ff .J 'io'-...ww ---.....1:,,,. yy 1 3, . ,S :um ,'." gn...-fU,,.',, 5 . '- I: ff-f"H .:::"':f--H-2' .':1.:-if 1 1 ii. .. ' - v' I w fx t,,,fr--fb up 1 1 v 1 -. ---.xi .. -gf.. A . ,g - --f ' N.. U. Q s lm v .Q . H 471' Q 'SHI 'W' . . J ' fm. uv f 4 r Q x:s.,.,,u: M- vnu . ,uns 'Ls 1 . ...--.0 Nzunu Q3 ',,...,,,,vv:Q , ..,3gw- ,- H... .wt , ..,,gg'- ' 1... ...wg ., on p Gaim' ' f --"' ' GWENDOLYN HILL B.A. English University of Colorado. University of Wyoming. Sponsor, MUSTANG. BUNNY JACKSON, B.A. Home Economics Montana State College. Co-Sponsor of Pep Club. ALI JOSEPH, A.B. Social Science University of D e n v e r. Sponsor of Wrestling. by Their Experience in Teaching IONE GIBBS. A.B.. M.Ed. fllatlzenlatics Oklahoma City University. University of Oklahoma. Sponsor. Junior Class. DOLLIE HAGAN- BA' MARGARET LAVIOLETTE. B.A. History Wellesley College, Univer- sity of Pennsylvania. Head of Science Department lowa S ta t e University. University of S o u t h e rn California. Sponsor. Na- tional Honor Society. ,yw 1 f A fv l .15 . e ti - v L 1 Q. ROBERT E. LAHTI, B.S. Science Black Hills Teachers' Col- lege, University of Colo- rado, Coach, "B" Football. and Interest in Our Endeavors . ETHEL LINDSEY B.A., M.A. English University of Nebraska. University of Wyoming. University of Chicago. Harvard. Sponsor, English Club. ROBERT MCCOMBER B.S., M.A. English Southwest Missouri State College, Colorado State College of Education, Uni- versity of Paris, Sponsor, Radio Guild and Senior Class. VERDA MORGENSEN B.S. Home Economics Kansas State College. CAPTAIN VERDE MOSS Head of Military Department ROSE MARY MALONE B.A., M.A. in Library Science Librarian College of St. Catherine, University of Minnesota, University of Denver. MYRTLE McCALLUM Head of School Health Department St. Luke's Hospital, Uni- versity of Chicago, Uni- versity of California, Spon- sor, Future Nurses. FLOYD MICHAEL, B.S. Welding Shop University of Wyoming. RUBY MCBRIDE A.B., A.M. Head, Foreign Language Department University of Iowa, Uni- versity of Southern Cali- fornia, S p o n s o r, Latin Club. JAMES MESSIMER, B.S. Industrial Arts Armed Forces Institute, University of Wyoming. ELSIE MICHALKE B.S., M.S. , Health Education Michigan S t a t e Normal C o ll e g e, University of Michigan. RUTH PETTIGREW, B.A., M.A. English University of Arkansas, University of Chicago, Uni- versity of Colorado, Colum- bia University, Sponsor of THE GUSHER, Quill and Scholl. DEAN POMEROY, L.L.B Mathematics University of Nebraska Peru State Teachers' Col- lege. HAZEL RICHARDS, B.A. Commercial University of Denver, Uni- versity of Colorado, Univer- sity of Denver, School of Commerce, University of Southern California. PAULINE M. PEYTON, B.A. English University of Wyoming EARL REED Head, Art Department Pennsylvania Academy of Fin e Arts, Sponsor of Christmas Pageant. YVONNE J. RIPPON, B.S. Commercial Utah State College, Co- Sponsor, Big Sisters, Cheer- leaders. to prepare ourselves IVA MAE MYERS, B.S. English Hastings College LOWELL M. MYERS, B.A. Mathematics Central State College, Ok- lahoma N l VIRGIL Y. RUSSELL, A.B., M.A. Head, Social Science Department University of Kansas, Uni- versity of Arizona, Univer sity of California, Univer sity of Wichita. NANCY RYMILL, B.A Mathematics University of Wyoming for Future CAROL SCHMELZEL B.S. Home Economics North Dakota State Col- lege. Co-Sponsor of Big Sisters. OLEN THOMPSON Auto Mechanics University of Wyoming. Days GEORGE SCULLEN Machine Shop University of Montana. JAMES C. THORPE B.A. English University of Tulsa, Spon- sor, National Thespians. MARGARET SHIDLER B.S.E. Foreign Languages Central Missouri S t a t e Teachers' College. IVA SMITH, B.S., M.S. Head, Mathematics Department University of Nebraska, University of Wyoming. WILLIAM THOMAS SULLINS, B.A., M.A. Social Studies University of Wyoming, C0-Sponsor of F u t u r e Teachers. ALBERTA J. SMITH B.S. Commercial University of Wyoming MARY LOU STEWART A.B. Social Studies State Teachers' College, Alabama. LOIS K. TARTER, B.A. Foreign Languages University of Wyoming. DON WEISHAAR, B.S. M athemalics Iowa State College, Coach of Sophomore Football and Basketball. WILLIAM L. WELLS B.S., M.A. Foreign Languages University of California University of Colorado, Colorado State Teachers' College, Sponsor of Span- ish Club. v LAUREL D. WIRTH B.S. M echanieal Drawing University of Nebraska, Colorado A. 81 M. MARIE S. YATES, B.S. Commercial Utah State Agricultural College, Brigham Young University, University of Idaho, Columbia Teachers, College, Co-Sponsor, Fu- ture Secretaries' Club. ANN BARBARA ZUCKERMAN, B.A., M.A. English University of Wyoming. PATRICK J. SWANTON A.B., M.A. English and Social Studies Casper College, Regis, St. Thomas. SFC MELVIN S. WESLEY Ft. Lenenwood, Missouri, Sponsor of Rifle Team, Korean War. ALICE WALKER B.A., M.A. Mathematics University of Denver. 3 5 WANDA W. WALTERS 1 'if :fi B.S., M.S. V, Q x Q IHead, Department of Home f' M, I- Y V Economics wi Mjflt, it X' Ohio State University, Co- l fill", Sponsor of Pep Club. Filled With Happiness 114 lV'4f'fJ Z3 E45 A 4ac.q OF 51-sf " ETTING 4 ldv F xii-431 s, are xi i 1. 5 J, 4 ltgtj t i l Y 3 'L . AQQCRMQU -Oak? Af ' Za M4527 Wizfzfg -4425-my P f 'QW .L .ndggzgggiirgagml gxfwwdm Mgwg ffk L . Q vor YQJGIJ-pp QL 2 Ny ,J fifcgwigida if alfa if 00 11 Aan Q,Ax,,Q Q F29 1 Miami ,, GX ajc pg! 040 P alia fdxxmm erdiiw? 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CHAPTER ll SETTING Take the fellow above and multiply him by 18003 take the setting above and multiply it by six class periods and approximately three extra-curricular activities and you have the characters of our story in their various settings. lust as an author in writing a story tells his readers of the locale of his story, so we in writing our story of this year in this book present in picture and in explanation the places where it happened and the goals which we achieved in rounding out our work and pleasure. Portrayed in the next few pages are our algebra and English classes . . . our Latin and bookkeeping classes . . . our machine shop and journalism laboratories. We hope to bring back in memory the rotten egg smell of sulphur dioxide, the hum of lathes, the crowd at the pencil sharpener, the reading of Shakespeare, the click of the adding machine . . . all of the processes which we experienced and mastered as we achieved the Cardinal Principles of Education: worthy command of the three R's, of citizenship, of home membership, of vocations, of health, of good use of leisure time, and of ethical behavior. Turn the leaves of the story in this book and remember the teachers you knew, the activities you shared, and the lessons you learned. Cutting ads looks like fun as it is clone in the .lourrialisni class. Learning to communicate with others "Un Senor" in Mr. Well's Spanish class points pmnunciationq ag Wvu as Spelling, to a map of colorful and rustic Southern Spain. is important to Latin Students, 36 -.....,,W www wr QW . ,v.. .. :ug . . Aw, L ,A,,1 "Z H51 gg, if ,,,?N, 1 ww., 3 11 f 53.5 ff' NWN K X Krlv rf -fx M V sw, M why.. 1 I A, if -Ln- .J Mini 2,1559 gels: M 5 fifif fffgfvm ,, Y -5 K..- X R if X ax. g, .W K 'X Y sm WW1-f,fQ,2a44wawm.v, is i AMW f - ,--fm--'ff Q 3-iffwxs - I " I 'P' , ez emfiiisi-'U' 22.1-1 M- Q :fp K f, f lgf,,zmzQ.f: ' 1 ,S -flaw:imig.azsgigifEfg?2,Q,ig-2,1255rag:wg,Kar-ve: K" A sgsz1gf22gQ1'z:fm1fs1'z1ffgssz- -ivlmsf fx, M .mz,,,,,,3f Mm my f W Y- ,,1f-WM w f ffwgmfxgiimffs-f, 2 ' ' 2-11" ,wesizifatrifiifgws-ww-fg,fpQ,. f 4 5 9 Q LV n '-. K iff- Future scientists thoughtfully contemplate the lwst way to set up apparatus for the general science experiment. . . . to explore the fields of seien ee Clarence Morley allcl Gerald T6'If'f USP H Slilll' FUI? I0 fifld Mr. Lahti shows one of his Chemistry students a chart on answers to their trignnometry problems. hydrtwarlmns. while in the foregrmincl juniors and seniors are cautiously setting up equipment for a new experiment. The boys in a physics class seem to like teaching Caroline ,loincs how to balance gram weights, and to develop accuracy , 1 Lomda Pumill's confident smile tells those geometry problems so hard. Are they, Linda? 39 S131 32 The past of America becomes more real as Mr. Russell explains an artifact from his well-known Indian collection. I um, Don Empfield uses a map and pointer to locate the cradle For Mr. ,lose-ph and the class in Social Development a of civilization during a recitation in World History. student defines personality in lu-r own way. 'Q 5 R Nxt of wwf'-fi" , 'H ii 4.vL' ,-"'L'l7:Ass 'V "N-s-..,, "--Q. BTYHU Brewer and Ralph SUf"n5"n 'mfg about th" High and low pressures in America can often affect 'Lhighs and jUSlifiC3ti0H Of fhf' JUhU50U CUUUIY War' lows" in trade, in peace, and in politics in the rest of the world as shown by Sharon Wright. I I I f I The proper study of mantkitncl is man. Knowledge of other lands and other peoples as gleaned from books and globes makes for a peaceful world. ,1- 14?tEt5i 11::"1",, f 'u f ,.,., :MAQHQQSIim:f.tamwlftxt-1's2Ev6-mutazrfztt W w:',.m-- t ,rtlvmxiymr-mvsew -V - "5'i f al l I Marlene Shorow isn't sure whether they put sugar or salt in these morning cream puffs. Wanda 'Zfame To strive for better living, to plan . Smooth brown cattails and wheat grass produce an attrac- Girls in Freshman Foods class say correct measuring is tive fall centerpiece-the work of art by the girls in Home essential to the baking of a light and fluffy cake. Management. 42 for family fps, Filmstrips and movies. Ways to manage their future homes. I success makes everyday life pleasant. 'Q' The-se two girls in Clothing I pruve that four hands ari- men though they may sc-ein tlull now. teach girls in family living better 1 1 ""-... lwtter than two wh:-n hemmin , it ft 655 u ,L L . Cary Kcimig, a nlvrhanical drawing stutlvnt. learns the importance of correct measuring of di-tails-tl plans, All workers W-www Elaine Vaughn knows that nlrill in typing will luring rewards whean this skill is lnasterf-1 These boys in auto mechanics are realizing their greatest ambition making an olfl Car run "Wham . , v w1lm.e fm- -A - A ff - an-nm xmzsummur xff , Jf'wvQ:vc',':ax T - as 1e,:vmsw.wie.: f.,-... tv deserve praise i K , - Business funds is just one of the many classes a future secretary must take. Jerry Hunt is doing a lot of extra woodwork-another example of fun being practical. Darlene Chipps knows that machines both create and solve problems. Q f is ffl ii , 5 -L, Wm 'Saving stamps may save you someday." The girls behind the counter know the importance of the training they are recciving in selling the stamps. Dorothy Carlson, who Works in the Nurse's Office, smiles as her patient's temperature is a normal 98.6 degrees. Acquiring Practice in Chosen Occupations. Liz Fox and ,ludy Johnson are sure that on-the-job training will be valuable lo them in the years to come. i -2 ew ,, if YN new 2 f .. LA x ' .. w L ,ie , has i Y 5 , ,' ' "mm, lsr.:--V Vt K , m ,E , , ' Q . ' f .4-I Q' Q 1 ..g1 ,Q. , f :SEE - Girls in health class study hygienic problems from their modern books for teenagers. 'mf 4,421 1" I Basketball is a favorite game in girls, P.E., and it looks Healthy bodies need exercise and these boys in gym ClaSS like clear shooting for the team with the white pennies on. HTC getting jl1SI that in 3 Clyr18miC v0llEfylJHll g-31116. 47 'Me Wwdq af Roy Allen has captured the art of making people laugh as shown by the expressions of the students in speech class. This winter farmhouse- scene is the product of an art astudent. Appearances may be deceiving as these girls I Ill will A special stage crew assembles props for the Christmas pageant. They will build things on their leisure time from the hints they learned here. Singing, the universal language, affords pleas- ure to a great many people such as it does to the girls in glee, class. , seem to be working but really are having fun. w M Q tg? wwifwis-H5 t'a5??:'e5' Q Q wire? elieztdctdfeiaacbe N. C. H. S. CREED MI believe in Natrona County High School and the ideals for which it stands: loyalty, honest achievement, generous comra-deship, and health in body. l pledge upon my honor to uphold all worthwhile undertakings and to become a student who will be a credit to our schoolf, "Anal in the world as in the school, Go, lose or conquer as you can g But if you fall or if you rise K Be each, pray God, a gentleman? -THACKERY Mrs. Gherize, an Egyptian teacher and goodwill ambassador, was a welcome visitor to our classrooms during the month of January. Here she discusses the problem of juvenile delin- quency with some English students. No one knows which room got in the last potato but one can he sure Miss Hill and Miss Feris are proud as peacocks over their homeroom donations to the Salvation Army. RACT S 1-4I.Q.N-tigwonp, jig.. Lx, in-MNL 3,,,,,N-na... -4.-.u.u.ox NX Qw-yxrlxwws mLwov.s.ff.fv-on Srl-U--f 3 ala, 3,26-0 lo LAJAJ-Q,, 3 s-:Snr-XY .3551 gh Ame . .A-S-L .gain Nl'4Ns54h-l- bd.-glad' 'f 'TT UQ, 635, Q America is alone: many together, Many of one mouth, of one breath, Dressed as one-and none brothers among them: lt is a strange thing to be an American. They answer each other with two Words in their meeting. They live together in small things. They eat The same dish, their drink is the same and their proverbs. Their youth is like. They are like in their Ways of love . . This, this is our land, this is our people, This is our country-earth, our blood, our kind. -MacLEISH 5l Avg-.5 ...Jan '- Vw 5:1 VV V Erin wgprnww VV!-V ' wma' ' Vw, V - ,V Vg.. f V: -V 3 :V V ff' .VVLMQ aw .WV+:gmVx-fVVV1-WV-sVVVV'wV,.sw ' - f-V '- V , 2 CV -,lxV"V'Nf22HF-16533252-Lrg: IV'-9 - ?2."f2fiMVVa'252-zfmv 4592 Y'?MTf"W? ?1 425992. A gl 5 Vi, . M L ,Vgzv - ' 1 lyk-.1112 11-gm. I-1 9,5 V V x V . ,V,,,, xx. .V ,.,. V K, N. ,, 'VM ,--Q 'V3V:Qd,j:f!3,,-gggy?-P-,7.-AV V Aw V V -V -' V :rg n imp -V. ,- V V -V - :-P':'F1J:f5v V - 'H V VY-VM 3 f W ,. V V V. V . ,xx .p,,iW.VA,.V-gn,-.i ..,,VV: I-fV..2,.,Wf3Vf,A, -V V33-5VVV,,..V,H.,V-.-f.-fVV, 5 u f .. ws, 3 ,VW VV.V,,.. wg. .V Q' , .., V45V- -. V.. 'W 4, x bk, -' f Nw i '-5 :Kumi4242!-VV:-5:gvE2:i'5W.gxYjgm'?.a-f1V1Hif2V-wx-'buww-Vx-QV95VQV!i,vbqW?gj 1 A+ "VM, 1-' M5159 ,Mg , V. XV-wi -zfifg Vi-V V . 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Vw' " 'V VWN " 1 'aw e V V ., ,- - 1 ff fm M' J: With high school years behind them, two of the sewlitm-ri hundred characters in our story look into the future through a window of Natrona County' High School. CHAPTER Ill CHARACTERS A story must have characters in it, for the plot is built around the people who move h h ld through it. ln telling the story' of your school year, then, it is natural t at we s ou present to you the people, the characters that made lt live. Besides teachers and ' ' ' 'f - ' 'h tin ' advisors, there were the friends with whom you walkd to school. the boy w o sa front of you in algebra, and the girl whose locker was across the hall from yours. There were the lmuddy' you tried to duck in swimming. all the crowd who yelled them- selves hoarse at games, and the special girl- or lioy'-friend who rated so much of your Y ' ' ' ' ' ' - l' l i shman to attention. You will find them all portrayed here, from the shortest itt e res the most dignified of the seniors, Recall them as they were when you knew them during 1955 and 1956. 7,There is ll mystic borderland that lies just past the limits of our workday world Ami it is peopled with the friends we met Ami loved a year, a month, a week, or day Ami parted from with aching heart . . .M HELEN Fl ELI! FISCHER 1 CLASS OFFICERS-Kay Shuman, Secretary-Treasurer-5 Mary Grant, Vice Presidentg Chuck Adams, Presidentg Miss Hemry, Sponsorg Diane Chase, Representative. School jobs come a little harder now for the class of 1959. They were the "freshies" who beheld all customs with a confused look in their eyes. Latin, algebra, and Spanish presented many diffi- culties. The halls all looked alike and lockers were ,new and different. Freshman year presented a stepping stone for the fun to come. In 1956 the Casper College moved into their new building and painted the "Cn a vivid red, but the move meant for the class of 1959 more rooms and more lockers. Also they did not have to put on their coats andi overshoes to make the crossing from the old building at lunch time. The first real highlight of this class was the "Barn Dance," the annual Co-Ed Ball. Dorothy Sorenson looked beau- tiful as the Queen and Mary Grant served as her princess. The box lunches of this Ball really marked the occasion as decidedly different from those of other years. To direct class functions the following officers were elected: Chuck Adams. President: Mary Grant, Vice President, Kay Shuman, Secretary- Treasurer. Their representative to the Student Coun- cil was Diane Chase. The class of ,59 had some up-and-coming de- baters, too, in Mike Hunter, Pat Ellis, Cile Pace, and Linda Bowman. Karen Brewer and Doug Smith impressed us as cheerleaders. As for athletes, the way things look now, old NCHS has the tourna- ments sewed up for quite a while to come. Sponsor- ing the Freshmen was Miss Kathleen Hemry. Bottom. row: Bryan, Rita, Boyle, Donna Jo, Belles, Betty, Bowen, Abby, Anderson, Patsy Ann Adams, Lorene, Allen, Margaret, Ashworth, Frances, Anderson, Lola. Second raw: Brown Cary, Anderson, Larry, Bissell, Bill, Birdsill, Everett, Broadway, Ron, Bordeaux, Joe, Bittles ton, John, Burridge, Larry, Affleck, Larry, Bochmann, Carl. Top row: Adamson, Terry Bill, Adams, Chuck, Anderson, Leonard, Adams, Larry, Allen Henry. Come With High Ambitions Top row: Cutri-ght, Jack, Cain, Roger, Clemens, Bob, Coltrane, Richard, Carr, Alan, Chrisman Bill, Chase, Walter, Compton, Kenny. Third row: Bakken, Betty, Cox, Duard, Cheney, Dick, Cross, Stephen, Cornet, Clifford, Corkill, Dale, Cook, Al. Second row: Caves, June, Cooper, Merriam, Campbell, Judy, Corbin, Carol, Carlson, Lois, Coleman, Dorothy, Cover, Peggy, Castellaw, Delores. Bottom row: Cornelius, Roberta, Clapp, Jean, Clark, Viola, Cain, Loretta' Chernick, Derrel, Caskey, Sharon, Blake, Lynda. s v s Brouillette, Mel, Ainsworth, Don, Armstrong, Dick, Allen, Victor, Burke. Willis, Applehans Bottom row: Baker, Janet Lee, Burhack, Beverly, Branney, Mary Ellen, Brewer, Karen, Bays Bernice, Borders, Barbara, Boyles, Kay Marie, Bays, Joanna, Boyles, Becky, Brown, Judy Second row: Berrey, Paula, Bunce, Beverly, Breen, Bev, Bowman, Linda, Bauer, Edna, Branson Kay, Berlet, Kay, Bullock, Earnestine, Burnett, Jenald, Burnett, Jimmy. Top row: Bedsaul Dick, Bishop, Wade, Baker, Allen, Borchers, Ralph, Bittleston, Bob, Boyles, Errol, Boyle Gary, Burt, Pete, Billingsley, Rodger, Browning, Don. Another Class of New Citizens Top row: Dryer, Bill, Curnow, Jim, Dowler, Charles, Callies, Ohly, Durrett, Wayne Claunch T. J., Daly, Larry, Dimock, Bob. Third row: Carver, Richard, Daugherty, Howard Durbin Mike, Dykeman, Ronald, Collins, Don, Derrico, David, Cox, Dexter, Chase, Cary Second row Carrillo, Tommy, Doyle, DeMaris, Davis, Caylene, Draper, Mary Lou, Doing Sheila Duke Myrlu, Dooley, Lula, Davies, Carolynne. Bottom row: Dudley, Judy, Duran, Brenda Clark on Judy, Chase, Diane, Chorney, Judy, Collier, Judy, Courier, Bonnie. lvl,-mmwwsaswsanfmasmemuwe.. Bottom row: lserman, Lynn, Hand, Susan, Hudson, Willa Lee, Hunter, Valerie, Hagins, Carol, Ireland, Dixie, Howard, Darla, Hightower, Bonnie, Jones, Darline, Hutchison, Sandra. Second row: Jones, Larry, Hall, Louise, Horton, Linda, Hoth, Barbara, Helscher, Mary, Herkimer, Janice, Harlow, Ruth, Jacques, Kay, Hull, Nancy, Hartgrave, Lynn. Top row: Hogeboom. Roger, Harris, Don, Jarrard, Charles, Johnson, Chuck, Hagood, Stephen, Jackson, Bernard, Johnson, Ed, Johnson, Dion, Jones, Ben, Hahn, Richard. Is Hurrying Through . . the Halls Top row: Flyr, Glen, Gargiulo, Allan, Gonder, Bill, Francis, Gary, Garcia, Henry, Fake, Tom, Ford, Jim, Frazier, Bill. Third row: Fleming, Jack, Goff, Buddy, Engum, Patricia, Elfering, Jackie, Frandsen, Tomi, Foreman, Mary, Fischer, Linda, Galley, Dick. Second row: Edgeington, Juanita, Fancher, Margie, Finkbiner, Janet, Friesen, Bonnie, Grant, Mary, Gallegos, Barbara, Fancett, Jan. Bottom row: Gass, Kendra, Edwards, Shirley, Furse, Babs, Goudreau, Rita, Gierth. Christina, Frandsen, Joan, Ellison, Shirley. Bottom row: Garman. Mary Ann, Gilleland, Judy, Haskin. Dale, Gaylord, Aloha, Harris. Barbara, Gibson, Nancy, Higgins, Linda. Second row: Hoskins, Wallace, Harris, Earl, Grace Marilyn, Hendricksen, Verna, Humberson, Sharon, Hoff, Kenneth, Helmke, Dick. Third row: Hoff, Duane, Himes, Don, Garner, Ron, Griffis, John, Grant, Stewart, Holt, Jerry, Hunter Michael, Handy, Elmer. Top row: Hoke, Fred, Harris, Frank, Harlow, Wayne, Hoke, Ronald, Hayden, Zirn, Henderson, Bill, Harrison, Dennis, Harbarger, Carl. After Being Established in Our Family Top row: Kight, Warner, Lloyd, Lowell, Kasper, Mike, Kennedy, John, Kidneigh, Kenneth, Lindsley, Wallace, Lane, Gary, Kohuth, Mike, Lallatin, Bruce, Kennedy, Ronald, Leaver, Robert. Second row: Kinnaman, Douglas, Keimig, Gary, Larson, Skip, Kelly, Francis, Kerr, Gail, Jensen, Evelyn, Kalkofen, Pauline, King, Ray, King, Lee, Kuite, Roger. Bottom. row: Klima, Priscilla, Jamerman, Shirley, Kates, Bonnie, Johnston, Judy, Jensen, Barbara, Jacobs, Diane, Johnson, Judy, Janeaux, Beverly, Jansen, Helen, Jimenez, Theresa, 1 alissij 3 'pi Qin, Bottom row: Nye, Patsy, Pulanco, Rosa, Peak. Molly, O'Brien, Carol Sue, Pace, Cile, Nash, Sharon, Neifert, Shirley. Second row: Newton, Lynda, Olds, Elma, O'Quinn, Mary Jo, Napper, Charlene, Patterson, JoAnn, Power, Sandy, Parker, Sam. Third row: Pouttu, Bent, Nickerson, Vic, Orr, Craig, Nunn, Bob, O'Brien, Mike, Pope, David, Nilson, Eric, Parmely, Ronnie. Top row.' Nelson, Leonard, Parsons, David, Propp, Leslie, Plummer, Robert, Nansen, John, Novotny, Loren, Parkinson, Marvin, Nicholas, Dave. They Experienced Many 6'Firsts" . Top row: Livesay, Robert, Lindenmeyer, Dean, Markland, Phil, Long, Gale, Lindsay, Bob, Lawson, Wayne, McLeod, Martin, Lewis, Ron, Lowery, Fred, Makings, Patrick, Lamoureux, Kelly. Second row: Lambert, Paul, Leslie, Dixie, Lewis, Naomi, Moore, Tana, Martley, Sherrill, Ladd, Linda, Martin, Sandra, McNutt, Peggy. Bottom row: Land, Verlene, Latvala, Janice, Little, Lynne, McGrath, Judy, Matzke, Jean, McAteer, Veronica, Mlady, Saundra, Lott, Ella May, Mora, Jennie, Light, Pat. Bottom row: Meek, Marjorie, Mundell, Linda, Miller, Nadine, Mayhue, Peggy, Milligan, Janet, Maddocks, Jacqueline, Morgan, Shirley, Maher, Dorothy, Maxwell, Joan. Second row: Mclntyre Johnny, Mitchell, David, McClintock, John, McMechan, Richard, McWilliams, David, Moriarty Michael, McCrary, Robert, MacDonald, Allan, Mitchell, Jim, Myers, Dallas. Top row: Meyer Joe, Morton, Elvin, Martin, Teddy, Miller, Daniel, Matthews, Paul, Moore, Jerry, McAtee Jim, Mayer, John, McMorris, David, Maher, David, Mass, Gary. as They Look Forward Top row: Rien, Larry, Romango, Harry, Robinson, Eddie, Rhoades, Larry, Runnion, Fred, Remick, Joe, Roberts, Jim. Third row: Rogers, Clefton, Riley, Barbara, Pope, Martha, Pierce, Rosalie, Rundberg, Sharon, Rogers, Neil, Ramsey, Don, Roszel, Steve. Second row: Roby, LaVonna, Rich, Nelda, Priest, Carol, Perchert, Bonnie, Russell, Donna, Pirie, Kit, Pike, Patty, Rimer, Judy, Poulin, Sandra. Bottom row: Rodgers, Dorothy, Pontius, Karen, Page, Gayle, Padilla, Margret, Ryan, Sharon, Rice, Carol, Quillen, Barbara. Verdon, Carol, Thompson, Mary, Thomas, Shirley, Velasquez, Cynthia, Vesey, Carmen, Tharp Mary Alice. Second row: Visoky, Bob, Trost, Elwin, Williams, Margaret, Toombs, Patricia, Tanksley, Wysangle, Taylor, Mary Lou, Wofle, Jana, Tescher, Phyllis, Tyler, Linda, Taylor Gary, Trost, Elwood. Top row: Walters, Merium, Wilhurn, Sheilla, Trujillo, Charles, Vassar Don, Teter, Bill, Ulrich, Gene, Tholl, Eldon, Van Pelt, Harold, Tappan, Bill, Thompson, Tim, Tarter, Jack. to Three More Years . . . Top row: Simmons, John, Shepherd, Shep, Strother. Jerry, Sandeen, Jack, Speegle Craig Simmons, Jim, Shaw, Jerry. Third row: Rightmire, Vernon, Reed, Tom, Schneider Cliff Saltz Frank, Sensintaffar, Bob, Snyder, William, Summers, Larry, Seebaum, Bernie Sandi on Tommy. Second row: Shellenbarger, Mike, Spawn, Milo, Rogers, Gene, Shaffer Jim Simpson Donna, Sims, Tommy, Smith, Larry, Stover, Norman, Shell, Don, Smith, Doug Bottom row Saxton, Fidelis, Rodlend, Bonnie, Rissler, Karen, Romans, Karen, Robertsen Call Rodgrr Rosemary, Springsteel, Sandra. Tv P Bottom row: Trujillo, Emily, Vincent, Lynne, Tobin, Jean, Thompson, Judy, Thomas, Nancy: Bottom row: Strzesak, Sally, Swisher, Phyllis, Tetrick, Louise, Speck, Sharon, Spencer, Janice, Spears, Betty, Steinman, Nancy, Sherry, Marguerite. Second row: Stroh, Mike, Schock, Lillian, Stanley, D'Ann, ,Strasheim, Carol, Shea, Pat, Shuman, Kay, Stanfield, Sue, Smith, Kathleen, Sleeger, Sally. Third row: Selby, Joe, Saltz, Fred, Sands, Jerry, Shriver, Sue, Story, Fonda, Sorenson, Dorothy, Smith, Barbara, Schwartzkoph, Judy, Skjonhaug, Carolyn. Top row: Strother Jerry, Stuckenhoff, Eddie, Shipley, Dick, Sturbois, Lou, Shorow, Charles, Swallow, Tolly, Shoemake, Hartford, Stubson, Larry, Strobeck, Curtis. Packed With Work and Fun Top row: White, Sidney, Wight, David, Williams, David, Weisenberger, Jim, Weeks Rod Winston, Charles, Werner, Alan, Wilson, Mike, Wilcox, Joe, Wyatt, Floyd, Young George Yoss, John. Second row: Winborne, Lee, Wallis, Moe, Wilson, Mary Pat, Welch Georgia Walker, Roberta, Wenner, Jody, Yount, Gladys, Waits, Barbara, Walters, Gary, Walker Larry Bottom row: Wilson, Clyde, Walton, Leaanne, Whisnant, Madeline, Wockovich, Roberta White Merrilee, Yankey, Sandra, Wood, Nell, Wright, Wilma, Washechek, Mary, Whitlock Karen Zimmerman, Betty Jo, Wilcox, Shang. 4 Mr. Brown, Sponsorg Jill Alsup, Representativeg Mrs. Tarter, Sponsorg Catherine Gibbs, Secretary- Treasurerg Harold Smith, Presidentg and Eddie Bland, Vice President. Two down and two to go . . . these sophomores no longer have that "new,' feeling, instead they look forward to being upperclassmen. They can hardly wait to give their Follies and decorate for their Prom. Nineteen fifty-five and fifty-six marked their last year of being scrubs. Next year they will be on the Varsity team! - During this most in-between of years, our "Sophs" had some tough classes, like biology and bookkeeping, so they were loaded down with heavy homeworkg but they managed to be as nonchalant as other sophomores before them. Outstanding ear- marks of these second-year people were an air of disdain for freshmen, feelings of not-so-hushed excitement about their big Spring dance, and a general aura of self-confident helpfulness around school. ln this chapter of the life of the class of 1958, leaders were Harold Smith, President, Eddie Bland, Vice President, Catherine Gibbs, Secretary-Treas- urerg and Jill Alsup, Representative to the Council. Mr. Brown and Mrs. Tarter helped out as Sponsors. Among the many Sophomores who have im- pressed us are Marv Bullington on the "B" squad football team, Kent Sims, behind the rostrumg and Kitty Sue Burridge with the baton. We are looking forward to seeing what this class does in the next two years. 63 Bottom row: Byer, Bonnie, Brewer, Terry, Burgess, Sheila, Barrett, Timmy, Brown, Judy, Bachlet, Gayle, Bennett, Connie, Allison, Patricia, Archer, Ann, Archuletta, Rene. Second row: Bostwick, Gary, Angevine, Phyllis, Burridge, Kitty Sue, Bargerhuff, Sharon Sue, Bohan- non, Carol, Atack, Jean, Beck, Sue, Ahern, Pat, Budd, Rose Marie, Browning, Betty, Anderson, Mickey. Top row: Allen, Janet, Anderson, Dean, Burton, Jim, Brown, Rickie, Alsup, Jack, Ball, Stanley, Brew, Jim, Bressler, Larry, Brown, Louise, Alsup, Jill. A Large but Popular Class Top row: Caves, Jim, Conner, Bob, Carroll, Jan, Curtis, Terry, Culver, Chuck, Compton, Gary, Carter, Bob, Coleman, Bill, Campbell, David, Casteel, Daniel. Second row: Church Orren, Cole, Phil, Cotter, Ron, Campbell, Steve, Christopher, Mary, Chism, Karen, Christopher? Pat, Cox, Jim, Colgin, Bill, Corkill, Cleo, Corson, Roger. Bottom row: Currence, Jean, Costello, Dixie, Chorney, Dian, Cooper, Betsy, Castleman, Sue, Carlisle, Bonnie, Crawford Carolyn, Conner, Carol, Crabtree, Maureen, Cooper, Sue. Bottom row: Bristow, Mary, Bell, Barbara, Buchta, Linda, Clark, Judy, Battelle, Sandra Bernier, Bonita, Bailey, Judy, Bragg, Lauralee, Bell, Pat, Bishop, Darlene, Black, Reta Second row: Bertagnole, Leland, Baker, Kenny, Bishop, Gary, Barber, Gene, Babcock, Chuck, Bayless, Dave, Corkill, Clyde, Blakely, Bob, Crow, Malcolm, Bruce, Dick, Byford, David Third row: Christman, Fred, Brown, Mike, Baldwin, Brady, Condelario, Boy, Bolles, Bob, Chipps, Levi, Bullington, Marv, Bland, Eddie, Brenner, Dick, Bunney, Rodney. the Sophomores Have Discovered . Top row: Edwards, Bob, Edwards, Lynn, Davis, Ron, Duran, Craig, De Mars, Bill, Jr., Dungan, Don, Dobby, Don, Darnall, Richard, Evans, F. Dean, Drevescraft, John. Second row: Dyck, Marvin, Crow, Burt, DuBois, Don, Dugan, Carol, Doll, Georgia, Dale, Dennis, Davis, Mike, Engle, Bill, Doscher, Don, Dockham, Chuck. Bottom row: Davis, Bonnie, Downie, Beth, Donald, Betty, Derv, Pat, Dykeman, Beverly, Daniels, Dorine, Davis, Nancy, Dillman, Kay, Cook, Jean, Davis, Sue. w--...--q-m...-- s , W-WW, :::,mg mi,g - s Bottom, row: Freeman, Marie, Funk, Linda, Forsberg, Harriet, Evans, Judy, Ellis, Eileen, Fox, Mary, Force, Pat. Second row: Fox, Francis, Grant, Dan, Fitzgerald, Sheila, Fritts Dorothy, Fake, Dianne, Freeman, Sandra, Engdahl, Loretta. Third row: Friesen, Jim, Ellis Bob, Eyans, Elmer, French, Doug, Furse, Tommy, Easton, Terry, Cist, Richard, Gardner, Dick Top row: Freel, Mirleg Fraser, Bob, Feezer, Jerry, Fields, Dick, Foster, Ron, Felton, Willy, Fulton, Tom. That They Are in the Middle Top row: Jepson, Merle, Hamm, Jerry, Hileman, Brock, Hoover, John, Jozwik, Francis, Hanna, Mike, Jamerman, Jay, Jones, Larry, Kirby, Bob. Second row: Higgins, Chuck, Hansel- mann, Fred, Hudson, Bud, Hawk, James, Henning, Ronald, Joseph, Bob, Houston, Bill, Johnson, Mike, Knight, Fritz, Kaper, Bill. Bottom row: Jones, Jere, Jewett, Pansy Pearl, Jefferson, Kathy, Higginbotham, D0r0.thy, Jones, Leota, Hawkes, Joan, Johnson, Sandra, Jenkins, Connie, Hughes, Donna, Hobza, Sharon. Bottom row: Hollinger, Margo, Gage, Ellen, Harhaugh, Laura, Hoffman, Charline, Hotchkiss, Lanice, Gernert, Ann, Gerlock, Shirley. Second row: Goff, Jackie, Huffman, Sandy, Gallegos, Emely, Hufsmith, Nancy, Gibbs, Catherine, Hamar, Lynda, Holder, Margie. Third row: Gloyd, Pat, Hinthorn, Martha, Hollinger, Ruth, Gallington, Gayle, Gillum, Shirley, Hutchison, Marian, Golden, Donna, Havill, Sue. Top row: Gordon, Pat, George, Bill, Grant, Denny, Garriott, Charles, Ford, Bill, Gottschim, Don, Gustafson, Kenny. of All the Excitement . Top row: Knudtson, Ron, Lallatin, Jerry, Larramenoy, Mike, Laske, Lue, Laghry, Duane, Kuhn, Tom, King, Wendell, Kelly, Bernard, Korfanta, Garth, Krueger, Allen. Second row. Laney, Linda, Layman, Joan, Lewis, Karen, Long, Nancy, Kiser, Carol, Kirby, Retta, Knapp Judy, Klevgaard, Mary Ann, Lagos, Vicky, Lamb, Marilyn, Lukowiak, Nellie, Koelling, Sue Bottom row: Lefler, Judy, Lathan, Jo Anne, Lay, Linda, Lucas, Sharon, Lytle, Helen, LaMont Donna, Kersting, Edna, Lummus, Betty, Lewis, Anita, Leach, Louise. -1 -1 Qzmu H-W-MW--M'WWV'mWAm'f i- Bottom row: Manning, Carroll, McCrary, Roland, Link, Yvonne, Milligan, Charlotte, Mc- Hattie, Dorothy, Maher, Glenda, Martinez, Lesa, Mora, Patricia, McCoy, Frieda, Mclntyre Dee. Second row: Murphy, Joe, McClintock, Jim, Micek, Jerry, Manor, Lynn, McCann, Ralph, Mowrer, Ron, Metz, David, McNees, Earl, Marshall, Bob, Miller, Melvin. Top row: Milender, Jim, McMahon, Jerry, Murrell, Don, Martin, Bob, McKin, Jerry, Melvin, Dave, Mayo, Walt, Myers, Kenneth, McCaghren, Bill. Playing Supporting Roles, Now, b Top row. Potter, Dave, Parsons, Richard, O'Brien, Con, Purcell, Richard, Paul, Jesse, Petti- piece, Jim, Pearson, Keith. Third row: Pomrenke, Nick, Prugh, Geary, Ortiz, George, Porter, Myron, Pierce, Jimmy, Piel, Marvin, Palmer, David, Plough, Mickey. Second row: Pearce James, Parkin, Anita, Page, Dixie, Pomeroy, Doris, Painter, Rose, Pike, Donna, Perry, Rosemarie. Bottom row: Price, Jeanne, 0'Brien, Frances, Niethammer, Nancy, O'C0nn0r, Miriam, Pierce, Sylvia, Peach, Mary, Parker, Patti. L. U Bottom row: Menzies, Carol, Mchlillen. Karen, Moore, Barbara, Mclntosh, Norma, Moore. Corinne, MacBride, Christi, Mitchell, Dorothy, Nimmo, Wanda, Martin, Donna, Mercer Linda. Second row: McNamara, Janice, Matzke, Clara, Mclnlosh, Joyce, Meredith, Laurie, Meade, Pat, McCarthy, Pat, Martin, Marilyn, Nussbeck, Laura, McKinney, Jane. Top row: Miller, Connie, Netzloff, Lee Onn, Moulclen, Jan, McGowan, Phillip, Nightwine, Billy, Maxon, Roche, Nagel. Bob, Miller, Chuck, llasek, Tom. Soon to Be the Stars . Top row: Seabeck, Ray, Samuelson, Larry, Rightniire, Don, Rooks, L'Ray, Shaffer, Don, Rogers, Terry, Reed, Mike. Third row: Stroh, Tom, Scott,'Fred, Rimer, Charles, Ryerson Larry, Reed, Johnny, Robertson, Jim, Romango, David, Rosales, Clemencia. Second row. Renflahl, Eudena, Regan, Dorothy, Ruttinger, Pal, Spencer, Claudia, Runnells, Verna, Rissler Patsy, Rivera, Frances, Rodgers, Maureen. Bottom row: Scown, Susan, Sederholm, Karen: Roberts. Reta, Rey, Sherry, Scholtz, Jo Ann, Rice, Dorothy, Siebken, Barbara. Bottom row: Smith, Pat, Sybrant, lone, Shafer, Sandra, Strand, Donna, Sasso. Sally, Schultz Priscilla, Skogen, Kay, Simpson, Alice, Stevens, Whitney, Swanson, Karen. Second row. Speegle, Joan, Schwahrow, Joan, Streeter, Margaret, Shimhur, Phyllis, Sleizer, Sondra, Smith Margaret, Simpson, Gerald, Smith, Harold. Top row: Tescher, Kenny, Turner, Bob, Smith Dwayne, Talbot, Kirk, Tate, Barry, Sims, Kent, Trujillo, Ernie, Salario, John, Simmons, Cale, Schulte, Dick. of Our Athletic Teams and Top row: Walker, Fred, Wheatley, Bill, Ziker, Dick, Williams, Bob, Williams, Fred, Wells. John, Williams, John, Woodward, Mack, Wyatt, Sherrell, Wilson, Don Ray. Second row: Weidenaar, Judy, Witt, Barbara, Walters, Connie, Wright, Deline, Wilson, Judy, Williams, Betty, Watkins, Rosie, Wingerter, Rosalie, Wassenberg, Sue, Waters, Rosalie. Bottom row: Welch, Carol, Woltersdorf, Janna, Vanatta, Sharon, Witt, Iris, Yeamans, Mary Annette, Zube, Leona, Wynand, Judy, Watson, Nancy, lt'ount7Lois Rey, Wolf, 'lleonaf ' ' ' 'W BOTTOM ROW: Trout, Winifred, Todd, Susan, Townsend, Sharon, Vigo, Marcella, Van Scoy Jackie, Stadtfeld, Judy, Spargur, Dianne, Standefer, Wanda, Stratton, Mary, Stringham, Cora SECOND ROW: Valdez, Dennis, Sneesliy, Douglas, Underwood, Lynne, Tyler, Toby, True Tammie, Smith, Lorna, Vick, Phil, Strand, Norman, Salazar. Sam. TOP ROW: Selvy, Lawrence, Sellers, Ted, Shikany, Mike, Van Hore, Ron, Voris, Jack, Skinner Dennis, Sink, Gary, Selch, Jim, Satterfieltl, Darrell, Scheler, Mike. ch . Practice makes perfect and it seems to lie that time again for the boys in R.O.T.C. , Gay Leonard, Representative, Mrs. Gibbs, Sponsor, Susan Pace, Vice President, Donna Swisher, Secretary-Treasurer, Buck Buchanan, President, Mr. Anderson, Sponsor, and Skip DeVault, Representative. Highlighting the ,lunior year for almost everyone is the Follies. '4Hero Revusicaln was the theme for this year. The class of 1957 worked hard turning out all types of "He-menf' ranging all the way from coon-skin-capped HDavy Crocket," played by Roger Cummings, to soot-streaked 6'Casey Jonesv and a dashing 4'Sheik of Arabyi' played by Nickie Adamson and Tom Barnes. This musical was a panorama of times from the Charleston days to the present-day bop. General steering Chairman and co-ordinator of the Follies was efficient Sandy Dickensheets. Donna Swisher and Monte Henrie assisted as pianist and business manager. Miss Hill and Miss Feris were co-directors of this colorful production, which played to a packed house for two nights. Profits, of course, went toward the spring Junior Prom. Leading the class this year were the officers, Buck Buchanan, President, Susan Pace, Vice Presi- dent, Donna Swisher, Secretary-Treasurer, Repre- sentatives, Skip DeVault and Gary Leonard, and Sponsors, Mrs. Gibbs and Mr. Anderson. Choosing shiny new class rings was a treat for the Juniors, as rings always add that mark of dis- tinction. The Juniors truly deserve a large chapter in our book forthe work they did on their beautiful prom-the outstanding entertainment they gave us with the Follies . . . and for presenting us with such top students as Skip DeVault, Russ Donley, Herb Trujillo, Buck Buchanan, Bob Thompson, their athletes, Nickie Adamson, ,lo Anne Blower, and Daphne Shaull, their debaters, and Mike Curry, Terry Williamson and Mickey Carlson, their musicians. Bottom row: Baker, Mary Sue, Brunette, Angie, Adams, Judy, Anderson, Arlene, Allison Carol, Atkins, Rosalie, Black, Dixie, Balch, Ronnie Sue, Briggs, Lavonna, Blower, JoAnne Second row: Benson, Kenny, Adamson, Cecil, Baker, Nancy, Bridger, Judy, Bemis, Lois: Anderson, Julia Lee, Atack, Irene, Alm, Janice, Anderson, Glenn. Top row: Buchanan, Buck, Bell, Tommy, Brouillette, Ron, Benton, Ralph, Adkisson, Don, Burnett, John, Barnes, Tommy, Billingsley, Wayne, Barnum, Cordon, Babcock, Dick, Adamson, Milton. ' They Are U pperclassmen Now! Top row: Connell, Kerry, Cover, Jerry, Campbell, Bruce, Coughlin, Mike, Coleman, David, Clarke, Don, Carlson, Mickey, Clark, John, Cooper, Bill, Chernick, Ed, Christman, Reg. Second row: Carmichael, Wes, Castledine, Pat, Cunningham, Sondra, Bittleston, Peggy, Braly, Joan, Culver, Karen, Cunningham, Patty, Bream, Sarah, Colburn, Glenda, Borland, Jerry. Bottom row: Cohee, Gary, Cummings, John, Carrera, Arlene, Clegg, Ruthie, Beall, Pat, Brummel Rose Marie, Chandler, Shirley, Chase. Janice, Benson, Barbara, Christiansen, Ed. Q - :wm2z12feWf ,w2m23211fffw!iZ!aWi' Wwfwklfwwm ' Bottom row: Dilg, James, Dewald, Delphine, Close, Marguerite, Clark, Peggy, Dooley, Betty: Dickensheets, Sandra, Day, Beverly, Cox, Danus, Carr, Jerry, Cote, David. Second row: Day Larry, Dodds, Jerry, Derrico, Rocco, Derrico, Josephine, Clark, Betty, Donohue, Ann, Duncan Carla, Drollinger, Carroll, Dunn, Leola, Cauthorn, John. Top row: Day, Charles, Divine Stanley, Duthie, Rodgers, Cunningham, Dan, Cummings, Roger, Curry, Mike, Cote, John, Cain, Scott, Donley, Russ, Crowe, Doug. ' Studies, Prom, and Follies Top row: Gallington, Judi, Goddard, Tom, Henrie, Monte, Holmes, Clinton, Gilpin Kenny Hartman, Eddie, Hilbert, John, Harrison, Randy. Third row: Goodman, Sandra Hunt Jerry Hobbs, Larry, Hicks, Jim, Hendricks, Jim, Hoadley, Louis, Green, Bonnie Second row Harlow, Diane, Holliday, Marcia, Hughes, Charlene, Holt, Donna, Hoskins, Kathleen Grant Vivian, Harris, Janet Elaine, Hartman, Yvonne. Bottom row: Heck, Janice Haeker Rita Haigler, Carol Ann, Green, Marguerite, Garnick, Charmaine, Grable, Barbara Hammond Sandra. Bottom row: Ferguson, Jerry, Gravelis, Eva, Elliott, Pat, Frazier, Edytha, Frye, Betty, Forster Carole, Franklyn, Laurie, France, Kay, Elkjer, Judy, Foster, Grace. Second row: Budd, Alvin, Gibson, Denny, Frandsen, Judy, Geiger, Joanne, Foote, Gwen, Flyr, Nancy, Falk, Deanne, Files, Sally, Engle, Kay Lynn, Fisher, Mary, Ford, Wayne, Garman, Larry. Top row: Danielson Eddy, Edward, Albert, De Vault, Skip, Evenson, David, Engdahl, Leroy, Evans, Bob, Foss David, Fisher, Ron, Gill, Gene, Empfield, Don, Gribbin, Dave. Have Occupied Their Days . Q Top row: Hargrove, Larry, Jourgensen, Barry, Jensen, Gene, Johnson, Tom, Johnson, Dick, Johnson, Larry, Johnson, Jerry, Jackett, Cliff, Heady, Harry. Third row: Jones, Cliff, Jurjens LeroYZ James, Charles, Jones, Charles, Howard, Tom, Hersh, Weldon, Hall, Bill, Hein, Bob Second row: Jacobs, Janice, Jones, Sandy, Hansen, Shirley, Huey, Patsy, Huber, Carol Howard, Patricia, Ivy, Debbie, Bottom row: Jacobs, Judy, Harris, Sally, Haeker, Nita, Johnson Janet, Higgins, Deanna, Johnson, Mary Ann, Hanson, Sally. Bottom row: Lollar, Barbara, Link, Ramona, Kumpf, Laura, Luck, Judy, Kercher, Shirley, Largent, Janice, Leggitt, Bertie, Lancaster, Peggy Joe, Kohuth, Beverley, Lindenmeyer, Joan Second row: Leonard, Gary, Kear, Clyde, Loutas, John, Kraen, Janet, Kimball, Patty, Kasper Pat, Kosanke, Sharon, King, Katherine, Meek, Kent, Kennedy, Dale, Kelly, George. Top row: Middleton, Lee, McPherson, Darrel, Morgan, Dee, Lummus, Bill, Laughlin, Brad, Moll Robert, Kinnamon, Richard, Middaugh, Noland, Kirkland, Don, Morris, Ronald, Lotspeich Dean. Top row: Russell, Virgil, Pike, Jim, Roby, Garvice, Radden, Russell, Osborn, Wayne, Rate Leon, O'Brien, Martin, Oligmueller, Dick, Patterson, Leroy, Rabb, Kelly. Second row: Rose Linda, Pote, Ruth Mary, Propp, Emily, Riley, Sharon Lee, Priest, Joyce, Pace, Susan, Pratt Jane, Potts, Marie, Piper, Pattie, Pickle, Barbara. Bottom row: Rodibaugh, Ann, Rogers, Lois, Roberts, Margaret, Phillips, Sandy, Parkinson, Jean, Pope, Charlotte, Price, Joan, Puryear Barbara, Nelson, Sandy, Ondler, Claudia. 1 4g l Bottom row: Markland, Janice, Nelson, Jenanne, Myer, Janice, Nichols, Marcia, McNamara, Joan, Mahoney, Sheila, Metcalf, Kay, Maher, Donna, McGrath, Sharon, Maher, Karen. Second row: Mayfield, Claudia, Micek, Patsy, McDaniel, Kay, Meek, Loretta, McGrady, Frances, McDowell, Kenneth, Merritt, Linda, McFarland, Katy, Miller, Joann, Matthews, Ida, Nelson, Sharon. Top row: Marken, Francis, Moll, Mary Beth, Morris, Raymond, Millard, Chester, McCrary, Everett, Morris, Oscar, Moore, Dean, Moore, Claire, Milne, John. F inally, All the Year Is Only . . . Top row: Scott, Don, Sandison, Bobby, Stratton, Fred, Scully, Marlan, Shinn, Jack, Scott, Rodney, Shelledy, Wayne, Schulte, Larry, Shugart, Tom, Spears, Bill, Spaulding, Jere. Second row: Shaner, Tom, Schirk, Dick, Shaffer, Alden, Schwarz, Judy, Sims, Vella, Rice, Virginia, Spethman, Joan, Rogers, Geraldine, Skinner, Adonna, Steensland, Chuck, Stephens, Lee. Bottom row: Saunders, Harold, Sager, Betty, Scherck, Ann, Strand, Nancy, Sands, Evelyn, Steinman, Bethel, Steinman, Janice, Reimers, Sylvia, Rice, Clarice, Sherman, Janie, Strobeck, Marilynn. sya, i "W was 4 ti 'VA 7, Mi f, I H H - ,,,V I g--at I ya I 2 iii, 5 .ag ,E i M Bottom row: Tomlin, Rita, Spence, LeVeral: Swisher, Donna, Smith, Sandy, Squires, Dolores, Scott, Sandy, Sims, Sue. Second row: Shaull, Daphne, Strand, Judith, Scullen, Janet, Sutton Julia, Thompson, Linda, Story, Katherine, Thompson, Sharon. Third row: Trujillo, Herb, Todd, Jerry, Shurtleff, Frances, Schilling, Sylvia, Story, Wyoma, Spence, LeVea, Tyson, Louis, v Townsend, Allen. Top row: Taylor, Carrington, Taylor, Jim, Thompson, Bob, Teets, Rod Underwood, Don, Trout, Randy, McCamon, Bill. ' a Treasured Class Memory. Top row: Williamson, Terry, Youmans, Jerry, Woltersdorf, Leonard, Williams, Leon, Wirth Ronnie, Wagers, Dan, Wight, Del, Williams, Gene, Wrasper, Kent. Third row: Vassar George, Wyatt, Ronnie, Verdick, Bob, VanGilder, Judy, Wood, Mary, Vest, Larree, Wertz Fred, Winders, Larry. Second row: Zimmerman, Don, Welsh, Sharon, Whiting, Jackie, Williams Patsy, Webb, Carolyn, 'Vaughn, Elaine, Williams, Arleen, Wilcox, Darlene, Davis, DeAnn Bottom row: Winfrey, Barbara, Werner, June, Wilson, Carole, Wergin, Joyce, Yoss, Joanne, Walsh, Martha, White, Charmaine. 9 Joyce Lester, Treasurer, Mr. Macomber, Sponsor, Ron Gardner, President, Debbie Nichols, Secretaryg and Ralph Sorenson, Vice President. Another chapter is almost ended, and for the class of 1956, that division in the book of life which is called High School Days will soon be snapped shut. These have been years of training filled with the joy of being young. Looking back, as Seniors always do, we can remember our Freshman year. We were glad to be in high school. Since there were so many of us, we broke down a few traditions. Our classes were run on split shifts, we had no co-ed ball or Senior-Freshman Assembly, and we had no class officers. When we became Sophomores, we began to make up for lost time. We elected John Roussalis Presi- dent, and spent our time behaving like typical Sophomores. Highlight of the year was our Soph Hop, one of the first of its kind. As Juniors, after choosing Jerry Cronen to lead us, we settled down to hard work on our Follies. The result was HFor Heaven's Sakefl in which we presented everything from a crack drill squad just in from Pluto to the styles that will be popular in 2055. Our audience watched from Proton Plaza, night club of the future. The success of the Follies, everyone agreed, was due to the direction of Mr. Thorpe, Sandy Waatti, and Gordon Adams. Next on the agenda was the Junior Prom, "Fathoms of Fantasyf' Overhead was a ceiling of blue which formed the surface of an ocean com- plete with a ship sailing across it. Underneath, we entertained the Class of 1955 among whales, octopi, and fish nets, as the music drifted from a giant oyster shell. Then we were Seniors! All this year, Ron Gardner, President, Ralph Sorenson, Vice Presi- dent, Debbie Nichols, Secretary, and Joyce Lester, Treasurer, worked to make this the best year yet. And it was. At first, we missed Miss Wilhelm, when she went back East to study, leaving Mr. Macomber to spon- sor us alone. The highpoint of the year always seems to be homecoming, but this year it was hard to realize that this bonfire, this pep-assembly, and this cor- onation were our last. We ran the usual gamut of Senior activities, try- ing to prove ourselves a little superior to former Seniors. We ordered announcements, traded pic- tures, worried about the Iowa Content Exam, played spies to find out the theme of the Junior Prom, and were measured for caps and gowns. Finally there was commencement, As we marched down the aisles, slowly and solemnly, we realized that this chapter in our Book of Life was finished. Henceforth, it would be memories, however, we began to write the book, for which these chapters prepared us. I ROY ALLEN SANDRA JEAN ALLEN HELEN ALLISON MARIAN ANDREWS VIOLA ANDREWS IRMA ARCHULETA GORDON ADAMS BILL ALA .,.,,.., ,...,.. q-vf O,.O, .- 8 5 S - 'Ziff my a Q91 ., A aa3ggs,:gE'-g?:: ::5', -- 4212 fviffaia be M1 miff9iFSi2?s5f ,, .. ,Z v,,,,.m,,,,,,,M,A,A,m,gY,,, Rf mefw ff gsaifv 'fix 'gsisxhsizg ,,,, .4 aQf5?E,5" mawff. .. O fgmmgx.-1 .f W,- ,WW .,A. ,, ,. - A , " f ,- ' . , , ,.,., ,M ?2iL11Q1'f5iif'i sf: " f'g2gy??M3'f sg 'W ,Ygi,,gy ,.,L A M Y, V - , Ma, ,J , Q 5 AQ A smi41Q3s,z11s '. -',-jmjfg, . ' 91 .: ' WMA 1. ,. .1 fgimrf Y . -A isfz, wa ,f-rgesmlv S My f fm A ffziezsfy. -REESW4 fill .-wif: if asfifk? J : : if 1 "1e5:':'5g. ' ' fl:-lirigii iff : 352 5 A La,,L gf .nf WR- If .,., .- . , .122 fifwsl R s .lfegi A ., , if :f f 'As ' " A I SS ,Aww i - ' . w:-',: fm. , z5'S9521fss'5QzqiwfR'5ff13?sg25 252:53 'ww 2Ewi?Yff"SSfaZ QQQQQEQQggfgegggsigsigifmigseigsgaik Qmgwx-.fggwigggfxg an . .O -K . u-:ggwsaxiaff A .1qj:,g, f K i E E as K , H+. fl S, K 2 ' - "" if a f f .1 4 .. i 7 -'-s21.' QQQERTL1 .- .- ,- ,- .f JOHN BEAL BILL BEATTIE MARY J O BEOLEY ALBERT BOB ASAY DONALD BAIRD MARY LOU BALLARD RONALD BELL JOSEPH BERTAGNOLE BILL BERTELSEN NORMAN BIDEAU ' ., A I 2515-fiili . . I .- I- A2 ' 17' ' ..:-.::g:bi5 I A RALPH BILLE DOUGLAS BIRD JE RRY BIRD PATRICIA BISHOP 425 MARIE LOUISE BISSACCA DAVID BLANFORD MARTIN J. BOHAN JO ELLEN BOLTON CHARLES H. BOLTZ SHARON 'BORDEAUX SANDRA BOWERS 2 .... 5 "" I' 'ws :. :-, - :- :f'.. : - 1: - gf-Qi? Lf, .. '1'5S?. ,QE 'S.lf':7J'hi'l:fV' " ,ljgik - -1515: J , :,.,. WA. ,k,A,M., Tw' M ?21f!s5Q'IgqR - f' fzzlsesiny wfgfzf wg Raffifiwgqm " - -f' "'ffa2ff.1' f' H, 7,.,. M, f fm-av'fs!21 f ATI, I I A , iv gi , -'-',r-:- If If ,W .,Igq.15. ,. ggfezzxfv-Aizgil . , wget I I 2552.4 '2fI,f,.,Og1p-A , LIS, . ,EQ-155, LYNN BRADSHAW JOAN BRADY JON BRADY A AI- I. I 155- 2555 f ' J ' . I -,-Hg. I. i I-ff-- , ,-S:-IR . W .I gg ,V I 92 f 1 be N FRANCES ANN BRAM If FGM A I I.I... ,, , ., ,,. Q X W5Ei9"3if5Iy..,ahag mm, ,7. -I'. gf. , .,,L S w- '- 1--Sz ., I "1 WIYISHLQ- f-W .szfmy . ,fi Hwy, O M ,Rim MS S A O A A, rf If If Si ,E f I as In 5 S W P ML L- .J 5 ,iff -f lg ,, ,Q gy.. ' 51 n NEIL FILLMORE BRAMSON ROGER BRAMSON JOSEPH BRANNEY BRYAN BREWER JEANINE BRIGHT LARRY BURWELL DONNA BUCKLEY DON CAMPBELL MARCIA BROWN STANLEY BROWN DONNA BRUNETTE QQ" K 'mil . 3' '- '.. I' ' . I rwam , .As .ef f-AfwfvIIgew:, My -A,..., ,I,L,,z-- L, -giggle? yie-5 K 1155 Ai -waz?-f iff ..s-sr Aw z I, E me .I,vsus-Igw.- ywsfgsg-Ewa ., ,AI ,,,W, ,I ,AAI if wigs iw:?iiw?EEn IIQHEAHHA EDITH BUCHTA DIANNE BUNTING MICHAEL J. BURGER LINDA CANFIELD BARBARA MAY CARLISLE DOROTHY CARLSON FRED AIVIENDE DOX CARR BERDETTE CARTER SHIRLEY CAvEs df 5' CYNTHIA CHOATE KAY CHRISTENSEN ANNETTE CLARK DARLENE COCKING R. J. COKER MARY OLGA CHRISTENSEN LLOYD CHARLES DARLENE CHIPPS DIANA J. CORPUZ ALICE JANE CORSON GERALD F. COTTER SARA ELAINE COLEMAN ROGER KENT COOK MANNING COOKE GUY COOPER JANICE COOPER MARY ANN COOPER DOROTHY ANN COWDEN 1 GABRIEL CRUZ VIRGINIA ANN CUDDEBACK ROY CURRENCE BARRY V. CRATER JERRY CRATER JERRY CRONEN MARTY CROW BETSY CROWELL CAROL DEIMER GERALD DICE LAWRENCE DIEHL JEAN DILLON JERRY DALTON DON PAUL DAVIS JM,-I -IQ mardi! 'Yew 3'A7fi7V'1l57-Yi ffif .i 11521 IIIQ I I I f 2 ' ' Hifi ff 35 5135 .,.. 2 I .-1wgQI',1eg4eg:If,1igQ1f Wgfgg as . .. f ,:,wvI5qs'f35q5g:gz.1iw 55.3 5 Q I A ,I r Q3 QERQJSIP --R-Sikw 3 -K 1 'Ku ' Gaim! A Q gig E PEE, A., SQ . ,,:.,,:: If ,.,fv f.f,,-MW. J EANNETTE CURTIS WADE CUTRIGHT GARY DALTON -pf ff- Ref- , , ' .,'. 'WL' ,- 'mr--.E-' ,:,:' ..'- 5, 5 M Y. --Q E Z I 2? 462- A A E, , MI? H .W 2352? 7 I -1- 'S' MW YI J' bf wfgf pai 2 ggi fi? ' Z? f ify if 3 5-A JL Rf I ,I fi 'F 'P fs' , i JL' 'Sk um 5 L 4, WL 1 ? J 5 i I E .A A2 , S R JI GARY DLUOOSH ROSCOE 0. DOCKHAM , in 5 1 ':. ' :"...::.-II1":.':5:: ' ri' .r::f?"5.:fE-f"":"f ' ..... E A Ek A , ,,.. fsiQi3'dfmgsas?i1 ii- Lf : .': , 'W5 9 :E a,,qAfwsi , S V.A: .A .. , A.. , f - QM ,, w-ff A T. A REE KENNETH DURRETT GEORGE W. EARLE RUTH EATON ,JR ww lgfmizwfsi. BOB ECKHART JAY EDMISON DANIEL L. EDWARDS JAMES D. DOLAN JOAN DORSETT JENNIE DOTSON 45 JERRY EDWARDS BOB ELFERING JAMES EMRICK STAN ENGLERT 1 X HAROLD DOWLER MARJORIE GENE DUGAN JAMES DUNCAN NANCY ELEANOR EVANS RICHARD EVANS CHARLES FISHER PAT HALEY LYTLE RICHARD PAUL FITZGERALD PETE FORD MARY JANE FOREMAN RODNEY FORGEY ONIKA Foss LYNN FOSTER ELIZABETH FOX WILTON M. F RAZIER ' RITA FULTON ' CELIA GALLES C C 'Q RONALD GARDNER HIAL B. GERNERT, J R. TOMMY LOUIS GILARDI ROLLIE GOERING 'J W- 5 ROSALIE G. GROsz EARL GUTHRIE DONNA HALL SHARON J O HALL SUSAN ANNE HAMILL MARY BETH HAIGLER JOHN GOLDTRAP BEN RICHARD GOZA I NANCY HARTWELL EDWARD HASTE DONNA HAWKINS KAY HAWLEY CHRISTINE LOU NELL HAMILTON VIOLA LEE HAMLET NORMAN HAMMOND , EDO LEE HANNA NANCY HARDISON DARLENE SYLVIA HARKIN BRUCE E. HERDEN VERNON HERZEELLE BETTY HUMBERSON DON HUMBERSON PATRICIA HURLEY DOROTHY HILL Lois HOLDER JIM HOUSTON RAYMOND J ACQUET VERLENE IRELAND PATRICIA JACKSON KAREN KAY JACOBS JANET HUSSION LEROY HYATT WILLIAM INGLE MAURICE J EPSON JUDY JOHNSON NANCY LEE JOHNSON WILLIAM V. JOHNSON CAROLYN JOINES 14,1455 Ti: Sifii jig "E:- - I- V- I -- f DARWIN E. JONES - I J' ,wif V 21 gg wQ,1fzgf'II f 1- A .mr gf: 5 1 4 I :,, ,, ,.,,. h::...,.,.. . I ,... S .V ---' -- ff G L V A 1 'Haw vE::'f..': 52 I , M ghw 2 S If IJ I A iff? A xiii? ' R 9252 i A A A 5 G S S 1y.IIf.,.wf--M. , ,, . ir, I ,,:,,,u ,gn IsK.,If,2.,.I, . I-I., f,- . QM.. ,. , I ml I A 1 in I H I GILIN JONES JAMES R. JONES 425 -Ia xiii ,. I J ARED KAUFMAN DONALD KEENEY FELICIA KENNAH HUNTER J. KENNAH BOB KENT J ' gif feivi Q f If, ,:,, JOYCE KERNS V Xl JON KIDNEIGH CAROL ANN KING EVELYN KLOPMAN KAREN DOROTHY KING , ,XY M 1 G. ROBERT J OURGENSEN CATHERINE A. KALLERUD GEORGE KASPER - BILL KRUSEE - BOB KUYKENDALL RALPH LAKE PAULINE LAMBERT LUANNE LANEY JOE LINN RON LOCKWOOD NADINE LOWE FRANK LYTLE ELAINE MACBRIDE J EANETTE MACLENNAN STEW MCCHESNEY JIM MCCORMICK zfuvffzffw-fffZAeSv21IQ?,i15-2211 W ' mm Igljqeji 1,3 w T' UAW? ?5'l5f5ifEfiff5?f7f ' GEORGE MCFALL L ,J . ROSALIE LARSON LOUISE LEONARD JOYCE ELAINE LESTER I 'M -'pisgfwq-vI -W-A., --g,mA.,,.,mA ,M . ....., I .jwcii-,,s 91 MACY MCKELVEY I I Z S Agxf f' Q42 .Rfk 1 S Asgm J, df 5 JANET MCKINLEY RONALD MADDOCKS MARGARET JULIA MAGEE ANNETTE KAY MARSHALL PATSY MARSHALL ROBERT G. MARTIN BARBARA MAHAFFEY CAROL MARSH SHARON MELVIN CAROL MEREDITH LARRY MEREDITH ELEANOR MEYER JAMES MATZKE DEWAYNE MAXON FRANK MEADE ARNOLD MASCARENAS ORLINPHIA MASCARENAS JAMES RAY MATLACK FRAN MOORE MARY ELLENE MOORE RAY MORA ANN LISA MILLS DEBY MOFIELD HAZEL MOLL MARY ELLAN MILLARD JAN MILLER sw H1-'I' IfSw:,,f::,wfs',sfa:f'S Y -I wfeflf -1 -Iss IHA f Afmlffkm AMA S -'f :fe-1' fewgwfifffvgiifiikssfwg 5 s ..-2. JAMES MYERS DAVE NOONAN KENNETH MARK O,CONNELL LESLIE LYN PARSONS CLARENCE MORLEY II JAY MORTON EVELYN MOYNIHAN DEBORAH ANN NICHOLS FRANK NICHOLS Am, wx-f'z'f442Rsf . . L. , Y, OY,,ii FRANCES O,CONNOR A L " ' .II I IALA , if , if if ,Q SE SS , ,, 'Kkk A 'S +R SHARON PATRICK JACK PATTON Alfg I af 5 4: CHARLES POTTER SHELLEY POWERS CHARLES PRATHER I MARILYN PEDEN EDWARD H. PERKINS LEONARD PHILLIPS VI PIEL JANE PIPER G. D. PITTMAN STEVEN PROPP MILDRED PROUD JANE RIDGEWAY BARBARA RIGHTMIRE BETTY RISSLER ELIZABETH ROBERTSON SHIRLEY JOYCE ROBEY I 2:5 SANDRA RODGERS JUDY ROGERS ' ','. f C CCCC C LUELLA JANE ROSE W JOHN ROSZEL AQA EOA I A ? BEN SANTISTEVAN KAY SATTERFIELD PHILIP SAXTON VIOLA SAYLOR ELAINE SCHAFER BENARD L. SCIIERCK 'l-3 I , 2921 115:33-2 - -QW. A549515 :I--ff-Q " R'-1 S -sy 2115-gy D -, 1-1 21--sm A5wga1Qi'fy 1 . iff- Zsliej f - irvvzlaffwaiaii 7 . f Zfkrvx H '- WA-Farsi - '- CLARK SCHILLING JOHN ROUSSALIS LOUIS S. ROUSSALIS BARBARA SANFORD CLAYTON EDWARD SCHOLTZ CHAROLETTE ANN SCHULZ CAROL SCHWABROW af BETTY SUE SENSINTAFFAR SA GERALDINE LOUISE SHERMAN KEN SHERWIN JOANNE SHIPMAN I 5 ROGER SEALOCK LAWRENCE SEELIGER LLY J 0 SEssOMs MAX LEROY SHAW MARLENE SHOROW JAN SHREFFLER LE ANN SIEBKEN NORMA SIMPSON JANICE RUTH SIZEMORE COLLEEN SMITH DANNY SMITH GEORGE EDWARD SMITH NANCY LUELLA SMITH PATRICIA A. SMITH JERRY CHARLES SODEMAN RALPH SORENSEN ROBERT STICKLES LOIS STORY DON STOUT NANCY SUTHER VERNON SMITH BRUCE SNELL MACK TIPTON MICHAEL TIPTON SHIRLEY TUCKER WILLIAM UNANCST GERALD TETER SANDRA THOMAS VIRGINIA THOMAS TED SWAN ROGER SYBRANT JANELLE TERRIERE K2 v GARY WEEKS GARY WELL ROBERT WHILE RENATA URY SANDRA WAATTI M ff YTf?? I my H Y 'I' 32 B752 arg Qs SIDNEY A. WALLINGFORD JOE WALSH JACKLYN WALTERS -T14 f ':a??:5El'aaf: ' 1 A ,.,. ..,,,.:, . ,, I - . "- ' zi.X?5?f52,5?f -'S ' 1. I '1.54w:f3fIfw ::iQEZQiEiiw':'4,E5331? 'W ' 'ffPVIZfff,"f " 21 wi-Ive! .' 1 V AARRAA fm f ff' ?Q5m5f5gyi5vi,',ff f f m : 1- ' I my . F f : S.1',j-'V 5 1, . 5' "'i5'iii lfffwiflfilgi ii W 1: f i ' :I-z'ifz!'iT 1 'i?55fsE??gg?f5ff I ,55' ,,::' Y ,451 1 fv 'M I 45 CLYDE WATERS DON WATSON JUANITA WATSON ROBERT WHITMAN KAREN WIGGINS CHUCK WILCOX JACK W. WILHELM luiM n RICHARD J. WILLIAMS IRENE WILLIAMSON BRUCE WILSON ,. 3. . 27. ,,,..,, .R . , Sys W Q 5151.4 .. , ,fn ,,,f,,15,f1I . - -, 3 .1 Eg- If-9,9 A -,HER iii:-QRS, ..:s::-- :. -ff - ... ,. I SHARRON ALBERTA WILSON SHIRLEY WINGERTER We Q : . I - M EV -1, I-- ml SL ' I . iffy -Y mfs - ' , R-aims-2L:f2f .:wsffI95iIfLe: 35 vE1iQ?f:f!:ls-,iz .. ' ' " ,W-937 L.F',:+, . - ' fzisifiigsx - - ' - -- - gQ,w,awA :, I Q +R - Lwwwaf- Lkgfgzqgagi f .I-A :ua ag-sisnl L. -, il 5. wziszfzfigdivfgr -- - . , -- f HA .. wp A5fE1,fAfIW13I,w1f,,A MA:-13.f-',. . f iom- -- .I-a n MRL,-skiqgivz .1- 4,1 rg.- , A ,Aw 5, mu-g, . 1 my 12- A M-- fW54'F9WIf"L2w 1,5 , if -fide-'I,,g:+g -ffm . 'L A 1 H sw -Q-ifsiflitif.:L:?i14f'k: ' 9515 : :71fSi5.e,-ilfafili ,5f'Jg51gfz1QQ fix ' i w EQ AHIT? ,L,, LLLLW A NLL. ,.ZL , I , , , .L, I ,M L. L,,, L, L. K . LR 5? Wx I A Is? as 'LH' S I ,qi A A A A R I I I yew IAQ gsm I SY 5 Y K is ,SAQSRQS1 by if K ers be E5 W I I S R A ff I, 8 4 , f Swggiwv ? , I? ,fig XM X5 Q I I 'Q fi Si ww 'fs A '11 S' ref Er S1 E F 'R e 5 f XFUEQ S ..f,,. .,:R,m. .. :. I- f: si I --QU-ug-y :V SHARON WRIGHT JOANNE YANT DONALD.G. BURRIDGE DAVE FITZGERALD DANICE HOOKER THEA KENNEDY RICHARD WIRCH FRED WOLTER ,HERMAN R. WOLTER GENIE WOOD WAYNE WOOD DUANE WOODARD DICK LITZINOER BILL RILEY When Ron Gardner and Mr. Macomber started measuring us for our caps and gowns we reahzed that our hlgh school days were almost over. Q5 SENIORS NOT PICTURED KEN CARLSON JOHN HARTGRAVE BILL HOLWUTTLE GARY J ULIAN KENNETH KRIER JAMES MCCABE JANE MCGUIRPQ ALBERT MICEK JERRY MORLEY SHARON PHELAN RoGER SEALOCK JAMES WALKER LARRY MANNING WALTER SCHNEIDER KENNETH SHUGART HAROLD SIMS EDDIE SIXBERRY We really felt important the day we registered as freshmen high school days at last. c'Lest we forget . . .M "Martians and the Coysf' a scene from 'Tor Heaven's Sake," our OWII l00 J 1954 Follies' There were no Wallflowers at our Sophomore Hop. Reason: stag line. :U f' at 1 R if tv 15' ' ' 9 le., QI- A U FI! .X 'M' :Z I Q ' 7,,g,v ,...4,7! I I 'JI xp W ov'1f'f-"w'j,,,,? ,5,,,.,a:a..,f-1.-J aww, 41 QQ 50 f"L""""'7'fc VC' .,2x.-.1-,.f,,..w-4.'-vffyfv-J-J :ci 'QI 0--1.2 1 X fr 0-2ft"""'1 WMM- "W'A""J "4""p"Jf5"""f, 5 lb XJ "Qj"i'jfiff"'Qf,,, pi O,,,gaiJ.'Z,-,5,,.:9 -O4-+J7Q--L's72'6fMf-4-4 . 'Y ' 71K-'W-'AQ Cif0""""l f'1'f'-"u1l 5-Q0'4"",j-f'?,, Qi M, fa-35? 9M',afj,1v"'t0,JW3ff'W" f V VNWM., My 70-'--7"-"""""J""A"'JKaZ""'y'7""7u61' O , aoufela--ZZ, D ' 0,5 J 25474 'Q.,A'W ,w"'..,fafz.r, as-Jw. WML' M' f i cg, 1, ,,..a,2.,.,Q,4fA.-JL,:.A-'-Q70,',2f,oc',o-o-!e,4sf1 .1 if .QLNWJ7 L, 3,9-,4.u.Z?I i -47Af.1.4..a74.,g.J -iraq 73613 ,,,,4',,A.A..-1 4'lVlen cannot labor always. They must have intervals of relaxation. They cannot sleep through these intervals. What are they to do? Why, if they do not work or sleep, they must have recreation. And if you have not recreation from healthful sources, they will be very likely to take it from the poisoned fountains of intern- perancef, ' -DEWEY uFor the bow cannot possibly stand always bent, nor can human nature or human frailty subsist, without some lawful recreation." 0h-vL,g, T S ,0""'J 4l zo -,-. Qf f 'T-T67 T706 I0l The "A" Squad Cheerleaders, who are Joyce Kerns, Liz Robertson, Nancy Johnson, Stewart McChesney, Sandra Waatti, and Don Burridge, capably lead the crowd at all the games, with their bubbling spirit. CHAPTER IV ACTION The NA" Squad Cheerleaders, with their ,overflowing school spirit and long hours of practice, are representative of a few of the activities carried on around our school. An author, as he writes his story, builds his plot carefully, adding the events that he thinks will make it most effective and leaving out others which might weaken his story. ln telling the story of your year, however, we have chosen to record the action just as it happened, adding nothing and leaving out as little as we can. ln this sectioh are pictured for you the color and excitement of football season, and the thrill of basketball, swimming, and wrestling. Here is recorded for you military with its hours of marching practice, which sometimes seemed like drudgeryg the hum and harmony of our band, orchestra, and choir, the varied projects and increasing memberships of the many clubs that are so much a part of our school. All these activities formed our plot. Come now, remember with us the excitement and the quiet times we knew as we lived these nine months. 'GW hen you are old and grey and fall of sleep, And nodding by the fire, take down this book And slowly read, and dream of the soft look Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep YEATS ELIZABETH ROBERTSON .. JANE EDO HANNA IO4 4 MARY OLGA CHBXSTENSEN Aff Q- Sitting Russ Donley, LeRoy Patterson, Larry Samuelson, Dick Johnson, Brock Hlleman Lue Laske Standing Harry Heady, Terry Rodgers, Manager, Cary Bostwick, Mana er Leroy En dahl Ew Danielson. Bottom row: Larry Koch, Francis Kelly, Ron Lewis, Mel Brouil- lette, ,lim Roberts, Don Collins, Mike Stroh, Bernie Seebaum, Milo Spawm, David Wight. Second row: Bob Edwards, Dick Cheney, Dave Williams, ,loe Meyer, Bill Dryer, Ray King, Lowell Lloyd, Tom Fake, George Ortiz, Howard Daugherty, Leslie Propp. Third row: Henry Garcia, Ohly Callies, Wally Lindsley, Don Harris, Harry Romango, Wayne Durrett, ,lim Curnow, John Williams, Dick Brenner, Steve Mitchell. Fourth row: Coach Lahti, Dick Gardner, Shep Shepherd, Jerry Strothvr, Pete Burt, T. J. Claunche, Jerry Sands, Ted Martin, Jim McClintock, Dennis Skinner, John Wells, Bob Livesay. Top row: Jerry Moore, Jack Sandeen, Bud Enders, Chuck Dowler, Chuck Shorow, Jack Voris, Jim Caves, Dave Potter, Louie Sturbois, Lynn Manor, ,lan Mouldin, Coach Weishaar. MIKE TIPTON RAY MORA KEN SHERWIN RALPH SORENSON JON KIDNEIGH ?aaz'5'4ZZ - l?55 The story of any school year has its climaxes. Certainly none was greater than when our team defeated Sheridan in the final game of the I955 season. That game was perhaps the highest point of action during their four years for several senior boys: among them were Mike Tipton, Ray lVlora, Ken Sherwin, Ralph Sorenson, ,Ion Kidneigh, Jerry Cronen, John Goldtrap, Hi Gernert, Bill Davis, Frank Nichols, Ron Gardner, Dave Noonan, Chuck Boltz, Jerry Edwards, Roger Cook, Don Hum- berson, Mack Tipton, and ,lay ECTIIIISOH. For the 1955 team, action swayed back and forthg the boys lost four, won four, and tied one, but the season had its highlights for the guys, high- lights in the new suits fwhite and orange at home, black and orange on foreign fieldsg in tying Worlandg and in defeating Rapid City by a large score. We all remember that we revived the street parade for the Sheridan game, a tradition which had died out for several years, we remember too that the weather was ideal so that we could wear our black and orange mums and munch on hotdogs on those peppy Wyoming nights. Our Mustangs kept making such famous comebacks in their play that the crowds were always huge and our cheering invariably showed the zest l08 BILL DAVIS FRANK NICHOLS RON GARDNER DAVE NOONAN CHUCK BOLTZ J .,, A I O JERRY EDWARDS ROGER COOK ,H X I DON HUMBERSON z , E' Q W BUCK BUCHANAN MACK TIPTON EDDIE BLAND JOHN MITCHIE KEN BENSON CLIFFORD JACKETT DEL WICHT MIKE COUGHLIN MARV BULLINGTON BOB HEIN BOB EVANS BOB THOMPSON HHH R 1-A wwf J V in M e E JIM ROBERTSON SKIP DEVAULT ERNIE TRUJILLO JIM PETTIPIECE JERRY HUNT I09 , ,Wi f S. 1 1'- vu 6 H ' , ii x l I 1 '53 ,QM 2 A 1 Ei Q- VV R V 4, XJ 6593? ,9m5P6' MSP: W' B596 l' 7 if WPA' 5 no of 5' v N ff t o l ooss 2 P 1 l L is V ' Vi , : Z .. ,:,.,: .V -Hf. l IB '. E " " fu I ra '.: Vg rj Q Z3-5Pl'4Y l Ml Bef' VLYVSPBVVV 12 I VSy,SPg, 2 l VCV Vw o V 55-VVS VVVVV hA IIX: q., :,.g1E 1 V Mi Jw r lb l of 3 l P: V VV VVLIA V . V f . ..,.:.,f5., ..,, in V fel? o l"'5i ii f' S f ,uri 2, ,A . A ' 3 a ll Q First row, kneeling: David Coleman, Wayne Ford, Buck Buchanan, .lim Pettipiece, Bob Bolles, Kenny Johnson, Larry Hargrove. Second row, standing: Richard Purcell, Skip DeVault, Kenny McDowell, Jim Nielson, Dean Lotspeich. Z, 2 Front row: Harold Smith, Bill Colgin, Gregory Duran, Con O'Brian, David Potter, Ron Cother, Steve Cambell. Top row: John Reed, Garth Korfanta, Dick Darnel, John Williams, Don Right- mire, Darrel Satterfield, Terry Rogers, Gary Bostwick. BOB THOMPSON RALPH SORENSON lI2 HI GERNERT MIKE TIPTON CHUCK BOLTZ Made The Casper Mustangs, State Champions for 1955, began the new season with strong intentions to keep that cup. Playing the best teams in the state, our boys were scrapping all the way. First off, the team split a two-game set with Belle Fourche, South Dakota. Then, touring the Basin country, they made up for the upset Thermopolis handed them by blasting the Warriors of Worland back into the latter's tents. The Rock Springs team came to Casper, but our boys won both games, and the Tigers went yowling home again. The following Weekend, with our cheers still ringing in their ears, the Mustangs went down and galloped over the Laramie Plainsmen. On the next two nights, however, the old Cheyenne jinx was at work, and the boys lost both games to the Indians. Coming home put the boys back on the winning trail, though, and they beat the Plainsmen again. Marching up to Sheridan the team laid the Broncs low in a two- game set. At Rock"Springs, last-second play by Mike Tipton gave the team its fourth straight win, but in the second game, the Tigers wreaked Vengeance for the first defeat and we lost the game. The team came home to find our gym decorated with new pennants, one in the school colors of each of the Big Five teams. These banners were presented by the Student Council, and they brightened our gym almost as much as the Pep Club girls did in their orange sweaters. However, even in the new setting, Cheyenne was able to dump us after long hard fights on both nights. We split with Sheridan on our home floor. The regular season ended with two games against the Bobcats of Douglas. FRAN MOORE u RUSS DONLEY All in all the Mustangs had an off-and-on season, always leaving us with the feeling that they would come back after a defeat. The team grew sharper as the season Went along, and finally reached its peak during the State Tournament. Mike Tipton, high scorer all along, really proved his worth. With the state games another exciting basketball season came to a close. BASKETBALL GAMES OF 1955-56 DATE TEAM SCORE Dec. 9-Casper Belle Fourche .... ...... 4 5-46 Dec. 10-Casper Belle Fourche .... ...... 5 5-50 Dec 16-Casper Thermopolis ..,... 59-61 Dec 17-Casper Worland ,,,,,,,,. ,,,.,. 5 4-34 Jan. 6-Casper Rock Springs ,,,, .,.... 3 3-24 Jan. 7-Casper Rock Springs .,.. ,...., 5 6-50 Jan. 12-Casper' Laramie .,.... ...... 5 0-43 Jan. 13-Casper Cheyenne ...... 48-56 Jan. 14-Casper Cheyenne ....., ...... 5 4-57 Jan. 19-Casper Laramie ,.i.......,, ...... 5 4-46 J an. 20-Casper Rapid City ,,..... ...... 3 8-52 Jan. 21-Casper Rapid City ........ ...... 4 9-71 J an. 26-Casper Gillette ....,.,.... ...... 5 9-45 Jan. 27-Casper Sheridan ..,..,,,. ...... 4 3-44 Jan. 28-Casper Sheridan .........,,. ...... 5 0-46 Feb. 3-Casper Rock Springs .,,. ...... 37-36 Feb. 4-Casper Rock Springs .... ........... ..,... 4 0 -41 Feb. 9-Casper Cheyenne ..v,... 5 ..4.... ....-. 3 4-43 Feb. 10-Casper Cheyenne ....... ...... 4 3-52 Feb. 17-Casper Sheridan ....... g..... 5 1-43 Feb. 18-Casper Sheridan ....,,. .....- 5 5-59 Feb. 25-Casper Douglas ..... -. GENE WILLIAMS JERRY SODEMAN , aww ww xifwffwl, .f ,f V v i m f'f3?fQf7 w ' w,Q + s- X K as .rr la . s L- . ff wfiaffz: 13:5- 1- ZTWA fff"':G1. K ' '- .f Qi.,-wa A fwwwyrm 'H A V ., ,,, AL,, w.f,,-M f-- ,1ff,,. .X -- .wfmefgwfkga A 'Vw 551p'gwvwz:Mwm,f -5,1 5 5 A ,Lg k ' Q5 Lwwfmswwfg wif? ., -Q A ' gffwgggjfwfyf ri7V71?Vi'?:f' 528. 4 ws? :W ff,1m,L,,Q Qiimig-,,.,z , b 74? , rg yy ,:f'kQaee1Sg?L,S . s 4"' , . tw' -J K H V , famine ww- ! wwf, ' Q, g?i2,gQLggi, ,, ,fi mr-g7,v: :f . '.I ' , 1 w"'WAJQ '7""'Avfv0ae+m519,,i. 4 gsm A w Q it ..- fmt First row: Sam Samuelson, Ed Bland, Dean Moore, Bob Exans, Skip Dr-Vault. Del Wight, Eddie Danielson, Buck Buchanan. Second row: Cary Boswick, Steve Campbell, Ted Sellers, Dick Gardner, .lim Pettipiece, David Foss, Lue Laske, Erne Trumillo. Bob Hein, Chuck Steensland. Third row: Terry Rodgers, Mike Coughlin, Dick Johnson, Bob Turner, Jerry Cover, Brock Hileman, Jim Robertson, Marv Bullington, Cliff Jackett, Bob Thompson, Le Roy Engdahl. heyy Almost all good stories involve both boys and girls. Occasionally, however, one finds a tale dealing only with hardy men and adventurous boys, such as the stary of TREASURE TSLAND. ln the adventure of Natrona County High School, we have clubs and organizations for girls only, but we also have an all- masculine group, the club for the boys who have lettered in athletics, the HC" Club. lnitiates to the organization in 1955-56 underwent a severe entry which consisted of a number of unpleasant events kept mum to the rest of the school, but the boys received due reward when they were presented with the MCU Club medal. Soon after the initiation officers were installed. Hi Gernert was elected President, Bill Davis, Secretary-Treasurer, and Ray Mora, Vice President. After this organization, the club went on to perform many activities. First, there was the UC" Club vs. Faculty basketball game, there were the HC,' Club fights in March, and finally, there was the spring HCV Club Banquet, the climax of the year for the boys. After filling themselves full of fried chicken, the boys presented their dates with trophies, signifying the sports in which they lettered. Mr. Cheeley and Mr. Erickson, club sponsors, presented their dates with trophies, signifying the sports in which they lettered. Mr. Cheeley and Mr. Erickson, club sponsors, pre- sented HC" blankets to each graduating senior who had earned six or more varsity letters. The MCU Club played a large roll in encouraging the ideals of sports- manship and good conduct. First row: Ralph Sorenson, John Cvoldtrap, Fran Moore, Mike Tipton, Jon Kidneigh, Jerry Edwards. Second row: Bill Riley, Mack Tipton, Ron Gardner, Jay Edmison, Binkey Scherck, Gary Julian, Chuck Boltz. Third row: Frank Nichols, Bill Davis, Kenny Sherwin, Hi Gernert, Jerry Cronen, Roger Cook. 'I t flilzrv .vlftlllzh ' " ,giigfftikjiifg i3g3QQiz4'l15EYlwiHM 'fig-1f51iKi97ifSf't.l.5 f "V T ' nik' " i " i ' 1 g 'faxin- Jim Hicks, Everett McCrary, Larry Day, Kelley Rabh, Richard Page. MUSTANG GUARD Bottom row: Gene Gill, Jim Dilg, Lee Stephens, Dave Melvin, Bill Kaper, Larry Johnson. Second row: Arol Criger, Sherrill Wyatt, Dennis Dale, Melvin Miller, Ron Mowrer. Third row: Dave Campbell, Dick Fields, Bill Hall, Charles Carrott. II6 RIFLE TEAM First row: Jerry Carr, Louie Tysoxlli Virgil Russell, John Burnett. Second row: Dan Edwards, Ed Haste, Loyal Trumble. . gift?3 l "ix W ES-ff? 1, A KX -we ee 'Lg-f' "" QQFW ,H XX E ' C Q qt -C, Q9 N -X -Qt 5' QE, 91. TQ N11 X K - .t "cj ,, C -xrf - ,fx fe- -f ...Q K xi Q-Lf! . -ff ,EV MXN iv--5 as K, QQ ix. A t ' 6, X Q: ff' f' - CQ K, ., ff I,-a- Q Lv. gk xv, -A: .,,, . C' .j, gill, , qi , Q Te Q A -L N ' Rf- it t 'MV - 'e'- 1. fc A f' in t , Q a rf' Req- - KN-r - -XJ 5 ., fxg C725 te ...Q A 4.1- 119 Q f- " " 9. - X . A TEX x CQ 5c1n5,, if-A fi Q'-gm K CY I ' qf1i-:,- - c ' 'NC' x , 5' 2-' 'V CL , G' 1 Q-f ,A A' , " g XX 1-N C NX K Q ' L.,,..' , N ' Q, "P Y! 7, 'gil K I -tx , CCQVV in .Y l ii 6. ' C F f- Y r, K W, X A ., QT, Hi Q-. Q1 YW. ,Y N Q-K. ' ' if -Y -- -vii, -Ha a -fr-f' rj - X- Y " 15, ' ' ' C: Cf, -- - fx if . X Lf -- , . -- lf: " ' " cal KX fx Cf V C- rf 5' ' K'-ag Y 5 Cir. -' 5: fl V N. 1' -1, -. t , Lv, 'H 'Hi- c "V fwfr' , ,-V -T .e1V,W C 96, ,rl we ftcwz. 5' ,fl -Y ':- if ' i C- c Ni. C? 4 Q Q -Q, J .L , ,, K Y ' Q' X , , f' gf' ,' A " fx - . 525 A f fn t if Q - 4 I. . F. lk, 5 ill' af'XX'il,- QL K ' Q K fp- f'Kff ' . V . .. , . - . Nfl. ,LKC 1 'J C2-ifTop Glenda Sn-nth, Kit Pirle. Second row: Lynne Vincent. Kitty Sue Burridge, Donna f ff 47' 'cgi NHavZk1n5,,Nancy Hartwell. Bottom row: Marie Bissacca, bi-me Wood. H? Ng' ' ' Cv . JW t . . gf , Top row: Donna Siinpsun. Mike- Hanna. Ilianw Chase. limtmn row: Karen Brewer, Doug Smith, Karen Swanson. "Z" S Wd? I I Barbara Pickle. Mary Yeamans, Linda Laney, Dianne Fake. Sandy 101105, Slllrlvy Chand- lvr, Vickie- Lagos. II7 6.2.5, . ,,,,,,,, Ag? CORNET: Chuck Adams, Don Adkinson, Mike Curry, Charles Fisher, John Griffis, Mary Beth Haigler, Bud Herzeelle, Charles Jones, Ralph McCann. Jerry McKin, Claire Moore, David Parsons, Leon Rate, Sue Stanfield, Fred Stratten, Bob Thompson, Carol Welch, Don Woods. CLARINET: Julia Anderson, Stan Ball, Barbara Bell, Darlene Bishop, Dick Brenner, Linda Canfield, Jean Cook, Glenda Colburn, Roberta Cornelius, Ron Dykeman, Mary Ann Carman, Rita Hacker, Nancy Hull, Judy Johnson, Phil Markland, Peggy Mayhue, Frances O'Connor, Anita Parkin, Marilyn Peden, Karen Pontius, Janet Scullen, Cale Simons, Gerald Simpson, D,Ann Stanfield, Judy Strand, Judy Thompson, Bill Teter, Carman Vesey, Nancy Watson, Clyde Wilson, Pat Witt, Betty Zimmerman. PICCOLO-FLUTE: Paula Berrey, Mary Hel- scher, Marilyn Lamb. FLUTE: Nancy Hartwell, Donna Hawkins, Janice Heck, Helen Lyttle, Joyce Wergin. BARITONE: Bob Bolles, Evelyn Sands, Fred Walker, Sidney Wallingford. FRENCH KC Music has charms to W9 Il8 Adding animation and vivacity to all school football and basketball games was the Natrona County High School band. We warmed our numb fingers and toes by keeping time with the band's music during the Sheridan game when scuffs of snow covered the playing field. The band performed new and unusual half-time shows, such as the one featuring a current rave, droodles. The swing band had a busy year playing for mixers after the games and playing for a junior prom at Riverton. Ostentatious to the band members was the' district tournament at Riverton featuring solos and the orchestra. and game! soothe the savage beastn HORNQ Rickie Brown, Sue Havill, Kenneth Johnson, Tana Moore, Oscar Morris, Doris Pomeroy, Connie Walters, Richard Williams. OROE: Dox Carr, Mike Hunter, Kay McDaniel, lack Tarter. RASS CLARlNET: Bonny Davis, Lynn Edwards, Karen McMil- len, Ronnie Wirth. ALTO SAXOPHONE: R. J. Coker, Pete Ford, Jim Jones, Lee Middleton, Kay Skoggen, Janice Spencer. TENOR SAXOPHONE: Larry Meredith, Charlotte Mille-gan. l3ARlTONE SAXOPHONE: Nancy Smith, Madeline Whisnant. TRUMPET: T. J. Claunch, Fred Hanselmann, Kenneth Hoff, Pat Making, Jan Miller, Larry Rein, Joe Remick, Bob While. TROMRONE: Stan Brown, Gerald Crater, Ronald Henning, John Hilbert, Frances Shurtleff, Jim Walker. SOUSAPHONE: John Clark, Alvin Green, Russell Radden. BASSOON: Christine Hamilton, Bill Henderson, Miriam OiConnor. SNARE DRUM: Peggy Cover, Leola Dunn, Skip Larson, Marjorie Meek, Terry Williamson. SYMBOLS: Kay Branson, Shirley Robey, Don Vassar. BELLS: Carolyn Crawford. TYMPANI: Georgia Doll. BASS DRUM: Yvonne Link, Eddie Sixberry. Fresh in its newness was the 20th anniversary assembly featuring past hand mem- bers, led by Mr. Walsh fan old-time directorjg the present members lead by Mr. Coolbaugh, our band masterg and the future members from the Junior High. Outstanding in music this year were Dox Carr, oboe, Frances O7Connor, clarinet, Stanley Brown, tromboneg and Genie Wood, drum-majorette. II9 VIOLINS: Jon Brady, Lola Anderson, Rickie Brown, Patsy Anderson, Judy Best, Carolyn Craw- ford, Sheila Doing, Nancy Flyr, Nita Haeker, Laura Harbaugh, Leota Jones, Judy Knapp, Jean Matzke, Peggy McNutt, Tana Moore, Leora Peebles, Carol Priest, Carol Strasheim, Mary Stratton, Larry Stubson, Renata Ury, Gladys Yount. VIOLAS: Mary Baker, Sondra Cunningham, Mary Foreman, Lynn lserman, Nellie Lukoviak, Jenanne Nelson. CELLOS: Kay Branson, Judy Evans, Deanne Falk, Jerry McKin, Ann Lisa Mills, Sidney Wallingford. STRING BASS: Russell, Donley, Martha Hinthorn, Frances O'Connor, Jane Pratt, Sandra Sleizer, Lois Ray Yount. CLAR- INET: Stan Ball, Marilyn Peden, Gale Simons, Pat Witt. FRENCH HORN: Sue Havill, Oscar Morris, Doris Pomeroy, Richard Williams. FLUTE: Paula Berrey, Mary Helscher, Marilyn Lamb. OBOE: Dox Carr, Kay McDaniels. BASSOON: Christine Hamilton, Miriam O'Connor. CORNET: Bud Herzeelle. TRUMPET: Jan Miller, Claire Moore. TROMBONE: Stan Brown, Jim Walker. BASS CLARINET: Karen McMillen. TYMPANI: Monte Henrie. SNARE DRUM: Terry Williamson. 0 gage' Uatezf John Roussalis, Tom Barnes, Roscoe Dockham, Eddy Danielson, Harold Dowler, Louie Roussalis, Neal Bramson, Jim Matlock. 6 SWlNG BAND SAXOPHONE QUARTET BRASS SEXTET Frances O,Connor, Marilyn Peden, Pat Witt, Gale Seated: Jan Miller. Standing: Richard Williams, Bud Simons. Herzeelle, Jim McCormick, Stan Brown, Sid Wallingf ford. DRUM SEXTICT Leola Dunn, Terry Williamson. Fred Stratton. Martha Hintliorn, Karen Xldlillen, Shirley Rohoy. Lowest row: Peggy Joe Lancaster, Mary Jo Begley, Marcia Holliday, Joan Layman, Carol Bohan- non, Sondra Cunningham, Judy Elkjer, Sandy Nelson, Sandy Huffman. Second row: Nadine Lowe, Eva Gravelis, Glenda Colburn, Evelyn Downie, Diane Chorney, Darla Howard, Katy McFarland, Sue Koelling, Patty Cunningham, Mary Olga Christensen. Third row: Neal Bramson, Fred Walker, Richard Gist, Dick Babcock, Ron Gardner, Harold Dowler, Jerry Edwards, DeWayne Maxon, Linda Laney, Claudia Mayfield. Fourth row: Kirk Talbot, Clarence Morley, Roger Cummings, Dan Cunningham, Alan Crutcher, Louie Roussalis, John Hilbert, Jerry Youmans, Marilyn Peden, Kay Lynn Engle. Top row: Jim Matlack, Binkey Scherck, Tommy Barnes, Ron Lockwood, Eddy Danielson, Oscar Morris, Judy Stadtfeld. 6640: ' uh Front row: Nancy Hardison, Linda Merrit, Peggy Jo Lancaster, Judy Stadfeld, Judy Brown, Genie Wood. Second row: Elaine Schaefer, Sandy Smith, Irene Williamson, Nadene Lowe, Annette Marshall, Carol Ann Haigler. First row: Carol King, John Roussalis, Larry Day, Betty Frye, Charlene Wyatt, Ann Donohue, Linda Mercer, Tammie True. Second row: Karen Swanson, Vickie Lagos, Jan Fancett, Mary Yeamans, Jane McKinney, Judy Wilson, De Ann Davis, Sandy Scott, Joyce Lester, Carroll Drollinger. Third row: Janice Cooper, Pat Smith, Glenda Smith, Genie Wood, Carol Ann Haigler, Nancy Hardison, lrene Williamson, Linda Merritt, Elaine Schaefer, Joanne Yant, Jacklyn Walters. Fourth row: Francis Marken, Kay Hawley, Ellen Gage, Annette Marshall, Betsy Cooper, Carmen Vasey, Harriet Forsberg, Carole Wilson, Pat Castledine, Lois Bemis, Linda Buchta, Jo Anne Blower. Fifth row: Richard Evans, Don Burridge, Roscoe Dockham, Bill Riley, Tom Gilardi, Sharron Wilson, Donna Swisher, Kay Satterfield. One of the chief sources of pride around Casper High School is our hundred-voice Madrigal Choir. Composed of the best voices of each of the four classes, and directed by Mrs. Grace Jacobson, it has won many honors in Wyoming and in the entire region. As always, the choir presented the beautiful Christmas pageant, in co-operation with the English and art departments. With tableaux and music, the age-old story of the birth of Christ was presented. As we watched our friends move down the aisle with lighted candles and step into their places, we realized again how much preparation must be done to present a service like this one. One of the many high spots on the program of anthems and carols GRACE RODRIGUEZ was the solo of Grace Rodriguez, a newcomer to Casper, Whose picture is inset. The music for the pageant was the main project of the choir for the first semester. During the second semester, Mrs. Jacobson and the choir spent most of their efforts on preparing for the spring music festival in Riverton. They also presented a concert before the student body, sang for various service clubs, and added their music to the com- mencement exercises. Elected as this yearls President was John Rous- salis, while lrene Williamson served as Vice Presi- dent, Dick Evans and Sharon Wilson were Secre- taries, and Clarence Morley was Treasurer. "O Come All Ye Faithful, Joyful and Triumphant" The rustle of angels' wings, the smell of Wet paint on the scenery, the click of all the lights being operated, the shimmer of satin, the glitter of a king's gift, the shouted commands of a harried director, the throb of a choir warm- ing up, the notes of a piano and organ drifting through the hall like incense, the dusty smell of straw in a little Wooden manger-all these told use that our school was preparing the Christmas Pageant. Once again, as in years past, everyone helped to present the simple, moving story of the birth of a little Baby in Bethlehem. And over all the spirit of Christmas reigned. gSunbeams Out of Heaverf' HHH, My pmye, 0 Lon!" W-. , fi, ,fr l26 First row: Sylvia Reimers, Joan Latham, Pat Pike, Linda Tyler. Second row: Jack Smith, Pat Smith, Kathy Smith, Donna Strand, Edith Neff. Third row: Roger Cook, Rodgers Duthie, Kenny Tescher, Joanne Miller, Joan Spethman, Betty Sager, Prudence Tyler, David Wight. Fourth row: Del Wight, Eddie Sixberry, John Milne, Shirley Jamerman, Judy Clark, Kay France. Fifth row: Don Dubois, Mike Kasper, Skip Christiansen, Mickey Anderson, Pat Jamerman, Alan Carr, George Kasper, Jerry Carr, Maurice Jepson, Frank Saltz, Dallas Myers, Dick Galley. Cowboy boots and ten-gallon Stetsons were seen more and more on the boys and girls of N.C.H.S. after Vaqueros was founded. Vaqueros, the Spanish name for cowboy, was the rodeo club of our high school. Meeting the first and third Thursdays of each month, in Mr. Anders0n's room, our rodeo fans discussed attending other high school rodeos in the state, and planned for the competition at district rodeos. Under the leadership of Del Wright, president, the group carried out these plans, and held its own Western dance, Judy Clark, Secretary, and Kay France, Treasurer, set up membership requirements as follows: to be good citizenship and to receive a recommendation from a teacher. They expect to be setting their own traditions this year, and hope to become affiliated with the National High School Rodeo Association in future years. MR. ANDERSON, Sponsor Bottom row: Don Watson, John Roussalis, Representative, Bryan Brewer, Wayne Billingsley, Ron Endsley. Second row: Donna Swisher, Barbara Puryear, Linda Merritt, Sandy Jones, Treasurerg Frank Nichols, President, Mr. Joseph, Sponsor, Charles Prather, Vice Presidentg Jerry Youmans, Secretary, Leon Williams. Third row: Fred Wertz, Dean Moore, Dean Evans, Larry Schulte, Louie Roussalis, Kelly Rabb, Arol Criger, Jim Dilg. Fourth row: William Spears, George Christman, Dan Wagers, Richard Fitzgerald, Peter Ford, Louis Hoadley, Larry Meredith, Bob Moll. With the increase of our population, our story broadens to take in new groups and new settings. Future Professionals was probably the first club of its kind to appear in the nation. Just as National Thes- pians had its birth in N.C.H.S., so did the Future Professionals. The idea was to have a club for Juniors and for Seniors who were interested in vocations- professional vocations-such as medicine, engineering, law, that is, other professions that were not sponsored by another club. The thought first struck Frank Nichols, Club President, and John Roussalis, Repre- sentative. They presented their plans to Mr. Joseph, and under his direction the club was born. Forty members met on the first and third Mondays of each month to further a members' interest in, and his knowledge of the profession of his choice. Another purpose was to help those who were uncertain about vocations to decide their future. Secretary Jerry You- mans was busy writing down the new club constitu- tion, Treasurer Sandy Jones began a ledger for hand- ling the club funds, and Vice President Charles Prather assisted President Frank in his duties. The club being new and forming late in the year, lacked the usual number of yearly activities, but they did have a pot-luck supper. Also they invited the business men from Casper offices to speak at their meetings. The ambition of the club was to spread the organiza- tion throughout Wyoming and to gain national recog- nition. First row: Dorothy Carlson, Treasurerg Mary Olga Christensen, Vice Presidentg Mrs. McCallum, Sponsorg Joan Brady, Presidentg Liz Fox, Secretaryg Pat Ellis, President of Freshman group. Second row: Maureen Rodgers, Deby Mofield, Nancy Smith, Mary Beth Haigler, Janet Hussian, Genie Wood, Janet McKinley, Luanne Laney. Third row: Nita Haeker, Carol Kiser, .loan Schowabrow, Mary Fox, Linda Pummill, Jean Currence, Jenanne Nelson, Lois Bemis, Carol Schwabrow, Mary Ann Klevgaard, Mary Jo Thompson. Fourth row: Frances Shurtleff, Debbie Nichols, Margo Hollinger, Timmy Barrett, Sally Io Sessoms, Sharon Phelan, Sylvia Reirners, Lyn Parsons, Mary Bridges, Leona Zube, Linda Bowman. utwze Love of service, good character, and genuine interest in nursing as a career are the qualifications for membership in Future Nurses of America. The President of the club, Joan Brady, told us that the chief purpose of the club is to teach the members all they can learn about nursing. Mrs. McCallum, Club Sponsor, added that the club also aims to promote lasting friendship. Their love of service was shown by the Freshman group as they made favors for the childrenas Christ- mas trays at the hospital. The girls showed genuine interest in people by preparing a special Christmas basket for a needy family. The club meets the second Monday of each month at 7:30, when Secretary Liz Fox calls roll, and Vice President Mary Olga Christensen assists Joan. This year, F.N.A. sponsored a mixer after the football game October 28. Dorothy Carlson, Club Treasurer, relates these as her busiest times. The senior club members made a trip to Chey- enne in the spring, where they visited the hospital at Warren Air Force Base and the state public health department. All the club members had the opportunity to make a conducted tour through Natrona County Memorial Hospital. So ended a busy year. First row: Kay McDaniel, Katy McFarland, Kay Hawley, De Ann Davis, Edo Hanna,,President, Mary Beth Moll, Sharon Nelson, Sally Files, Sue Sims. Second row: Renata Ury, Judy Johnson, Norma Simpson, Shelley Powers, Program Chairman, Karen Jacobs, Donna Hawkins, Judy Rogers, Vice President, Lynn Bradshaw, Joanne Yant, Historian, Viola Hamlet, Felicia Kennah, Nancy Hardison, Secretary, Patty Kimball. Third row: Peggy Lancaster, Sharon McGrath, Sandy Nelson, Marguerite :dame Increasing interest in and knowledge of the teaching profession were the goals of the Future Teachers of America Club. Edo Hanna held the gavel as president and along with the rest of the club members made plans to teach the future school children of America. Approximately 106 club members met on the second Wednesday of each month in the Girls' League room to discuss their interest in the teaching profession. To join F.T.A. one had to be a sophomore, a junior, or a senior with an average above a III. lmportant during 1955-56 was the Casper College Visitation Day, on which occasion the students taking education courses in the college entertained the freshman Future Teachers of America. Plans for l957 included extending mem- bership in the F.T.A. to include the freshman group, a separate organization during l955-56. Green, Nancy Johnson, Barbara Pickle, Marcia Nichols, Marcia Holiday, Ruthie Clegg, Linda Thompson, Daphne Shaull, Susan Pace, Sandy Smith, Miss Janet Lamb, Sponsor. Fourth row: Charles Prather, Frank Nichols, Ron Gardner, Roy Allen, Chuck Boltz, Mike Tipton, Jerry Cronen, Jon Kidneigh, Ralph Sorenson, John Goldtrap, Jerry Cover, Louie Roussalis, Ronnie Lockwood, John Roussalis, Dick Babcock, Mr. Sullins, Sponsor. ln the fall members of the club spent the annual Visitation Day among the grade schools of Casper. They were treated to a delicious luncheon. ln the spring the seniors were again invited to teach school for a day. The Wyoming F.T.A. met in Laramie and officers viewed the education department of the Uni- versity of Wyoming. The officers who helped Edo to plan a successful and enriching club year, to arrange for a Christmas dance and for a spring dance were the following people: Judy Rogers, Vice President, Nancy Hardison, Secretary, and Sandra Waatti, Treasurer. The sponsors were Mr. Sullins and Mrs. Scifers. Outside reading supplements our reading in the classics, the Future Teachers was one extra-curricular group which added much to vocational guidance in our high school. Bottom row: Arlene Anderson, Thea Kennedy, Joan Price, Mary Ellene Moore, Linda Canfield. Second row: Darlene Harkin, June Werner, LeVeral Spence, LeVea Spence, Miss Alberta Smith, Sponsor, lda Matthewsg Liz Robertson, Presidentg lrene Williamson, Recording Secretaryg Eleanor Meyer, Corresponding Secretaryg Jean Dillon, Treasurerg Sherry Wilson, Vice President. Third row: Janelle Terrier, Yvonne Hartman, Claudia Ondler, Linda Rose, Viola Andrews, Patsy Huey, Virginia Rice, Mary Ann Johnson, Shirley Kercher, Donna Hall, Beverly Day, Carol Allison, Shirley Wingerter. Fourth row: Diana Corpuz, Jo Ann Shipman, Joan Brady, Nancy Hartwell, Janice Cooper, Rita Tomlin, Pat Smith, Pat Jackson. Formed last spring under the direction of Miss Alberta Smith and Mrs. Yates was the Future Secretaries of America. A rapidly growing club, it now has 59 members on record. The club was composed for the purpose of teaching the girls what to expect and what they will encounter when they enter the thriving business world of today. The club shows the girls how to meet strong com- petition and overcome secretarial faults. Meeting the first Monday of each month, the club is pre- sided over by Liz Robertson, President, with the help of Sharron Wilson, Vice Presidentg lrene Wil- liamson, Recording Secretaryg Eleanor Meyer, Cor- responding Secretaryg and Jean Dillon, Treasurer. Junior and senior girls taking typing and shorthand may qualify for membership. lmportant this year were the annual Christmas party and several field trips to visit various business firms. The club also had guest speakers from offices downtown in Casper to deliver talks at the club meetings. Bottom row: Mary Grant, Dianne Fake, Barbara Riley, Whitney Stevens, Nancy Hartwell, Debbie Nichols, Judy Rogers, Edo Hanna, Genie Wood, Rosalie Grosz. Second row: Carolyn Joines, Janet Hussion, Mary Olga Christensen, Karen Jacobs, Linda Canfield, Carol Haigler, Pat Ellis, Dorothy Carlson, Mary Beth Haigler, Mary Jo Begley. Third row: Jill Alsup, Joan Layman, Evelyn Downey, Carol Schwahrow, Joan Brady, Liz Fox, Lyn Parsons, Helen Allison, Gene Dugan, Jani Shreffler, Marlene Shorrow. Fourth row: Mary Christopher, Janice Largent, Sally Hanson, Carol Bohannon, Nancy Long, Sandra Johnson, Joan Schwabrow, Judy Strand, Nancy Hufsmith, Donna Golden, Arlene Anderson, Kay Lynn Engle. Top row: Mary Beth Moll, Sandra Huffman, Shelia Fitzgerald, Sandy Jones, Kay Metcalf, Sandy Dickensheets, Catherine Gibbs, Daphne Shaull, Francis Shurtleff, Joan McNamara, Judy Luck. 79046044 Marchlng six rows deep in neat orange sweaters with black emblems and Waving colorful crepe paper shakers was our pep club as they looked in the home- coming parade. In the center of the members was Debbie Nichols, the lively president of pep club, and on both sides of her, holding up a banner bearing HBeat Sheridanfi were Vice President, Nancy Hart- well, Secretary, Judy Rogers, and Treasurer, Whitney Stevens. Pep boosters this year, and profitable ones at that, were the lollipop and pom-pom sales. The club did a rip-roaring job of promoting school spirit this year. They formed a shield of orange and black as they sat in their reserved seats at the games and they gave us action in their pep assemblies. ln the fall the club held a pot luck dinner for the initiation of their new girls. The members were selected by their scores on a test made out and given by the officers of the club. The pep club with the help of the sponsors, Mrs. Walters and Miss Jackson, followed the Mustangs with cheers and spirit. The ambition of the club was to charter a bus to at least one game a year. They also hope to make their successful projects of this year traditions in N.C.H.S. l3I Popular hero for 1955, Rodger Cummings, sings the song 'ADavy Crockett." The "Tin Soldiers" join some railroad hands for a medley of old folk songs. 'Zfew Title of History's heroes were all there on the nights of November 9 and 10. "Hero Revusiealf' presented by the class of 1957, mingled a delightful combination of the past and pres- ent, as it flashed scenes from the days when bearskins were cheap, the days when Johnny came marching home, the days of Valentino and the birth of Jazz, and these days when football players are the heroes. The varied program included the story of Casey Jones, Peppy cheerleading chorus sings "A Football Hero ls Hard to Find." Pleased but shy is Marcia Holiday as l32 Dan Cunningham serenades her with HA Bicycle Built for Two." I Annual Follies as sung by Nickie Adamson and a roller skat- ing exhibition fone of the first ever held in N.C.H.S.5 by the waitresses of Herols Haven. Constantly working behind the scenes were Sandy Dickensheets, Student Directorg Miss Feris and Miss Hill, Sponsorsg and Donna Swisher and Monte Henrie, Student Accom- panists. As always the Follies played to a large crowd, and left a big challenge to the Class of 1958. A couple of high-stepping chorus girls take time from 4'Tea for Two" to P059 for our photographer. The girls are Pat Beall and Katherine King. Danis Cox pantomimed the lively Don't Care" by Ethel Merman. 441 Girls in flower printed cotton dresses do a HSummertime Ballet" that was gracefully led by Jo Anne Blower. ,lust as every story has its moments of relief from the more prosy passages, just so has Natrona County High School a group which furnishes fun, recreation, and comfort to the old and new alike. Every week new students are enrolled in Natrona County High School, therefore the Newcomers, Club had a constant job of welcoming new students and helping them adjust to their new environment. The club in 1955-56 had a maximum of 150 members, all of whom had moved to Casper during the year. Sue Davis, President, directed the activities with the help of their active and inter- ested Sponsor, Miss Kathleen Hemry. The other of- ficers lending Sue a hand were as follows: Vice Presi- dent, Don Woods, Reporter, Ann Lisa lVlills, Treas- urer, Linda Lay, and Business Manager, Gary Taylor. First row: Monka, Nebraska, Osborn, Newcastle, Smith, Lander, Vincent, Colorado, Bright, Thermopolis, Eichblatt, Riverton, McCabe, California. Second row: Mills, Florida, Rose, Kaycee, Olson, Colorado, McAllister, Glenrock, Foster, Kansas, Hemry, Sponsor, Haskins, Nebraska, Riley, South Dakota, Braly, Oregon, Hansen, Nebraska, Allen, Sheridan. Third row: Suther, Worland, Rice, Lara- 1 Truly this was the group which had most of the fun as their activities will show. They purchased a new Hi-Fi record player and three new electric fountains to add to the six they bought last year. The members sold Christmas corsages and mistletoe as a special project. As usual they conducted the concessions at the games, sharing their proceeds with everyone as their purchases demonstrated. Another venture was the forming of a Bop Club with Randy Harrison as its President. A summary of parties tells of the funthe New- comers had during the school year. They had a party every month, a get-acquainted picnic, a Halloween costume ball, Christmas and Valentine dances, a swim party, and a roller skating party. The club room furnished in Western furniture pro- vided a meeting place for community groups. mie, Cox, Colorado, Clark, Texas, Corson, Pennsylvania, Phelps, Colorado, Phelps, Colorado. Fourth row: Krier, Glenrock, O'Brien, Idaho, Bohan, New York, Hamm Douglas, Day, Newcastle, Pike, New Mexico, Nielsen Powell, Williams, Colorado, Cooper, Washington, Riemer, New Mexico, McCalla, Montana, Johnson, Nebraska, Oligmueller, South Dakota, Smith, Washington. 9 1 Bottom row: Jim Stewart, Hulett, David Byford, Nebraska, Dennis R. Dale, Kansas, Carl Johnson, Lusk. Second row: Bonnie Stewart, Arkansas, Janet Waugh, Colorado, Kay Stephens, Texas, Louise Leach, lllinois, Sharon Bargerhuff, Arizona, Sharon Mielke, Oregon, Jennie Vargas, Sheridan, Linda Lay, Colorado, Margaret Smith, Cody, Sue Davis, Kansas, Dottie Sancha, California, Dee Riley, South Dakota, Top row: Terry Bright, Thermopolis, Don Ainsworth, Cali- fornia, Gail Kerr,tKansas,i Margaret Williams, California, Carolyn Skjonhaug, Poison Spider, Jim Ford, California, Dan Miller, Powder River, Larry Russell, Kemmerer, Wendell Manka, Nebraska, Lou Sturbois, Texas, Courtney Allen, Col- orado. Third row: Carol Hagxins, Missouri, Bob Rezoc. South Dakota, Bonnie Perchert, California, Barbara Harris, Canada, Margaret Novotny, Sheridan, Bob Rodriquez, Arizona, Gary Lewis, Buffalo, Karen Rissler, Bates Creek, Edith Neff, Hiland, Filomena Garcia, Laramie, Kay Marie Boyles, Poison Spider, Rosemary Rodgers, Natrona, Saundra Mlady, South Frances O'Brien, ldaho, Judy Slay, Mississippi. Third row: Jean Beckstrom, Utah, Priscilla Schultz, New Mexico, Sue Koelling, Oklahoma, Rosie Watkins, Nebraska, Beverly Head, Kentucky, Sally MCReynolds, Colorado, Louise Brown. Chey- enne, Donald Woods, Colorado, Kent Sims, Utah, Bill George, Kansas, Jerry Hamm, Douglas, Gordon Thomas, Michigan, Gary Brown, Kansas, John Salario, Nebraska, Fred Franklin, California, Mike Davis, Oklahoma. ,ghd Dakota, Louaine Smith, Texas. Second row: Frances Louise Ashworth, Kansas, Valerie Hunter, Poison Spider, Nancy Joan Maxwell, Kansas, Carol Sue O'Brien, ldaho, Bonnie Hightower, Colorado, Judy Rimer, Greybull, Brenda Duran, Louisiana, Nancy Hull, Kansas, Kerry Teale, Cheyenne, Connie Harnish, Nebraska, Merium Walters, Mississippi, Carol Harrison, Missouri,iVeronica MCAU-er, Poison Spider, Lorna Smith, Washington. Bottom row: Ronald Ervin, North Carolina, David Wight, Hiland, Douglas Swetnani, Texas, Mike Durbin, Venezuela, Dexter Cox, Colorado, Hans P. Nohr, Utah, Ronald Stewart. Basin, Richard Heuschkel. South Dakota, David Mitchell. Nebraska, Patrick Makings, Nebraska. Newcomers enjoy all the festivities of the Holiday season such as clam-ing, eating, and conversing at their annual Christmas party. Only two chairs left and there is a mad scramble to he the last one seated in musical chairs. The lively game was played by the newcomers at their costume Halloween party. 7Z6cac 5... The Newcomers club-room is the scene of activity continually with interests ranging from setting up and running the school store, to catching a quick program on television. 1 Bottom row: Judy Brown, Marilyn Strobeck, Pat Howard, Pat Witt, Martha Hinthron, Karen A MclVlillen, Carolyn Crawford, Judy Evans, Jean Currence. Second row: Sandy Johnson, Patti Parker, Sharon Sucas, Karen Lewis, Miss McBride, Judy Strant, Secretary, Susan Pace, President Betsy Crowell, Vice President, Carol Bohannon. Top row: Catherine Gibbs, Nancy Hufsmith, Frances Shurtleff, Dick Bruce, Larry Johnson, Jerry lVlcKin, C. D. Pittman. Louis Hoadley, Nancy Flyr, Daphne Shaull, Janna Woltersdorf. dick We turn over a page in Our book and See the heading Nancy Hufsmith relates to the Latin Club amusing facts of uluatin Clulln Our glance rises to the thirty-Seven concerning the prominent Roman features of Caesar. members and in the middle of the picture We spot Susan Pace, Club President. Seated beside her are the other officers elected early in the fall by the entire club membership: Betsy Crowell, Vice Presidentg Judy Strand, Secretary, and G. D. Pittman, Treasurer. Third year Latin students are automatically members, but a stiff competitive examination is given to second-year students desiring to join. Treasury funds expanded to the Club's advantage when they had charge of the concessions at the Wor- land football game and at the mixer for the Bell Fouche basketball game. Two final projects were the spring picnic at which the club members entertained themselves on the outdoor flavor of roasted hog dogs and the usual picnic foods. The club also honored the school with a small gift at the end of the school year. I37 l38 First row: Don Burridge, Dean Evans, Sandy Jones, Leon Rate, Barbara Puryear, G. D. Pittman, Patty Cunningham, John Hilbert, Louie Roussalis, Gerry Cotter, Vice President, John Roussalis, President, Shirley Chandler, Donna Swisher, Secretary, Jo Anne Blower, Mr. Macomber, Sponsor, Carla Duncan, Joyce Priest, Francis Marken, Janice Heck, Nancy Smith, Lois Bemis, Pat Howard. ada No story is complete without music and conversa- tion. The Radio Guild furnished both. Helping to spin the platters every Thursday afternoon on Melody Time at KSPR was a member of the Radio Guild which group was sponsored by Mr, Ma- comber. The climax of the year for the club mem- bers came on a Saturday in May when they took over the job of announcing for Station KSPR. John Roussalis, President, led the club, but in this task he was assisted by other officers-Gerry Cotter, I Donna Swisher, and Patsy Huey. This was a club of practical education for the Junior and Senior members who took turns each morning giving the announcements over the public address system. The Guild met every Tuesday at 3:30 in room 209 where they made plans for giving those who were interested in radio work some actual experience. A plan was formed to organize panel discussions for regular broadcast over a local station. 6 ' Z Blindfolded, she swung crazily with the stick, while the rest of the crowd ducked and shouted with laughter. Finally she hit what she was aiming for, a great paper-mache pinata that hung from the middle of the ceiling. As the pinata broke, everyone scram- bled for the candy and gifts it held. Later they all joined in singing the age-old Spanish Christmas carols, and played the games that go with that season. All this happens every year here at N.C.H.S. as the Spanish Club holds its Christmas party. President Liz Robertson and Sponsor Mr. Wells agree that, while preparations for the party took much time, still it and the Spring banquet, at which Spanish food was served, were the highlights of the year. Members of El Circulo Espanol met the third Wednesday of each month at each other's homes, and spent their meetings learning more of the Spanish lan- guage and customs. Sheila Mahoney, Secretary, Sandra Goodman, Vice President, and Joan Layman, Treasurer, outlined the membership requirements to be as follows: any first year Spanish student with a ul" average, any second- year student with a 425' average, or any third-year student may join the club. The forty Nfuture Span- iards" who were enrolled this year assured us that this is indeed an active and interesting group. First row: Vickie Lagos, Sandy Huffman, Linda Laney, Judy Ellen Best, Dick Gardner, Donna Swisher, Janet Scullen, Sue Havill. Second row: Bonnie Green, June Werner, Sandra Goodman, Vice President, Sheila Mahoney, Secretary, Liz Robertson, President, Joan Layman, Treasurerg Mary Jo Begley, Frances Marken. Third row: Mr. Wells, Sponsor, ,lane McKinney, Georgie Doll, Virgil Russell, Terry Rogers, Susan Todd, Sandy Battelle, Carol Dugan, Whitney Stevens, Gary Bostwick. I40 First row: Liz Fox, Hazel Moll, Mary Jo Begley, Daphne Shaull, Betsy Crowell. Second row: Joanne Yant, Sharon Kosanke, Betty Sue Sensintaffar. Third row: Debbie Nichols, Sheila Mahoney, Linda Canfield, Treasurerg Joan Brady, Secretaryg Louie Roussalis, Vice Presidentg Jo Anne'Blower, Sandy Dickensheets. Fourth row: Stanley Brown, G. D. Pittman, Bud Herzelle, John Hilbert, Nickie Adamson, Rickie Brown, Jon Brady, Presidentg Clair Moore. aghhd Warm weather came to greet us, and so did the English club with multi-colored yard punch. Mem- bers of the club handed over the proceeds from the weekly 4'Yard Punch Today" to their active Sponsor, Miss Ethel Lindsey. Energetically leading the club functions the third Thursday of each month was President, Jon Brady, with help from Vice President, Louis Roussalisg Secretary, Joan Bradyg and Treasurer, Linda Canfield. Member- ship of the club was limited to twenty-five or the upper third of the students who take the English Club entrance examination. English Club members represented the 'legend of Sleepy Hollow" in the Homecoming parade. Some of the other activities of this busy club were its annual Christmas party and the presentation of a gift to the needy. As summer vacation approached they had their yearly "Spring Festivalf' and they presented the school with a glass dish for the Girls' League Room. Cultivating literary interests and worthwhile friendships the English Club has been a longstanding member of Natrona County High School. Bottom row: Pete Ford, Kenny 0'Connell, C. D. Pittman. Second row: Carol King, Editorg Mary Jo Begley, Ann Lisa Mills, Joan Dorsett, Irene Williamson, Miss Pettigrew. Third row: Mary Olga Christensen, Liz Robertson, Kathy Kallerud, Frances O'Connor, Nancy Suther, Sid Wallingford. Fourth row: Lyn Parsons, Rita Fulton, Helen Allison, Betty Sue Sensintaffar, Bud Herzelle. Fifth row: Carol Schwabrow, Shirley Robey, Pat Hurley, Sondra Sleizery. Sixth row: Janice Heck, Joyce Lester, Willy Unangst, Richard Evans. Seventh row: Pat Force, Vivian Grant, Dorothy Rice. Top row: Jill Alsup, Sue Cooper, Carole Wilson, Renata Ury, Jim Matzke. Telling their story in serial form, continued in each issue of the newspaper, the editors of the Cusher and their staff told their own story of each few weeks. Carol King, Editor-in-Chief, and Miss Ruth Petti- grew, Sponsor, initiated a bigger and better paper than ever before. Sid Wallingford took the job of photographer, marking the first time in many years that the Gusher has taken their 'own pictures. We shall never forget those feature editions: the bright green and fuchsia Christmas paper with its picture features. Then there was the 4'Slusher', appearing in April. Many of the staff members decided on Journa- lism as their career when they took a grand tour of the Casper Tribune Herald. Early in the fall four of the members journeyed to Laramie to attend the 5245 Wyoming High School Press Association. Ruth Eaton was one. While she was there she won second place in a news writing contest. Dramatizing the athletics this year was Sports Eidtor Ken O7Connel. G. D. Pittman, Club Editor, was kept occupied writing club activities and encouraging new groups. Handling the business end of the work were the business managers, Ruth Eaton and Joan Dorsett. The Gusher boasted Cand well they might tool of their mention in the National Quill and Scroll magazine and twice of their winning of the purple ribbon for the outstanding high school paper in Wyoming. The staff of 1956 hoped that one of these honors might be theirs to remember. 2. f Stories, even a biography such as ours, contain much narration. Before, after, and during the month of October the following was the type of conversation being overhead: . 4'What can I wear that will be good for square dancing? What can I put into my box to eat? How can I decorate my box? Where shall we go after the Co-ed Ball?', Irene Williamson, President of Big Sisters, knew the answers to the questions as she was leading the senior girls in the planning of the annual Senior- Freshman dance. The Big Sisters did an excellent job of acquainting the incoming Freshman girls with our high school. Edo Hanna, Vice President, and Judy Johnson, were busy around Thanksgiving time and the Christmas season, filling baskets of food for the needy. Miss Yvonne Rippon and Mrs. Carol Schmelzel, Club Sponsors, gave their guidance to make this year of 1955-56 a successful one for the Senior girls. Joyful tears were shed at the Co-Ed Ball by Dorthy Sorenson who reigned as queeng Molly Peak was princess. The girls were escorted by Sandi Waatii and Luanne Laney. Top row: Rita Fulton, Chairman of Christmas food basket, Charlotte Shulz, Chairman of Clean-up Committee, Jackie Walters, Janet Hussion, Mary Olga Christensen, Carolyn Joines, Sandra Waatti, Chairman of Entertainment Committee. Bottom row: Nancy Hartwell, Judy Johnson, Treasurer, Irene Williamson, President, Genie Wood, Chairman of Band Committee, Nancy Hardison, Debbie Nichols, Chairman of Program and Ticket Committee. t . 1-71-s 1. -,,i we f 1 . -li . H fm-ww,.wmg.a..,f -f 1- as VT -fx Lv lk J!! Wig? I3 diy-1 :E.R 1 tp X L IMAX Y . 0959 5 xwfllllxe QACV f xv 'P X X XD O oQ f lol 6 . G' t Wow will Q59 63 talk x A Q Q M Ywlvol X6 v ol ogg' 1 J 0 by Kee! .Bon 05 N 6 9 fy 9 X lx 09 til Q aff tw of to Q it . X9 L1 , N 0 6 BW 6 j taxa X0 D- 5 N W Q " Q QA- 0, LX l kv QW X X ISO 53 Q WN W L t 0 f QW 5, O Q, c'The desire of excellence 1 th ecessary ttribute of those who excel. We Work little for a thing unl Wish f 't. But We cannot of ourselves estimate the degree of our succ h t e strive forg that task is left to others. With the desire for excelle es therefore, the desire f appro- bation. And this distinguishes intell t l ellence from mor l 11 for the latter has no necessity of hu t b al' it is m r in l d t h k from the puhlic than to invite the publi t h t ud . lg -Bl Lytt Bottom row: Mary Fox, Pat Ellis, Mike Hunter, Cile Pace, Nancy Hufsmith. Top row: Eddie Stuckenhoff, Sue Sims, Linda Bowman, Dave Nicholas, Steve Cross, Bill Ford, Mike O'Brien, Susan Pace, Barbara Riley, Becky Boyles. CHAPTER V CLIMAX There are high points in every story and in every life. Those moments of triumph come, bringing the rewards and excitement for which we have worked. In writing your story, We have chosen to call these achievements the climax of the year. Remember the day that you made your membership points in Forensic League and became a full-fledged debater, or journalist or thespian? In this section are shown for you the faces of those who are members of our four national organizations. Here are those who distin- guished themselves in preparing for college, and those who, for a day, knew the thrill of teaching little children. To those of you who are Seniors, We say remember that those achievements should be only the beginning of many more triumphs. To the underclassmen, we say Work toward a goal, either these goals or others in other fields. The man who dreams and then makes his dreams come true is the real conqueror. As Braley says: HM ight of the roaring hoiler, Force of the engines throat, A ' Strength of the sweating toiler, Greatly in these we trust. But hack of them stands the schemer, The thinker who drives things through, Bach of the job-the dreamer, Who's making the dream come truef, First row: Debbie Nichols, Roy Currence, President, Miss Francis Feris, Sponsor, Sandy Dicken- sheets, Secretary, Betsy Crowell. Second row: Catherine Gibbs, Whitney Stevens, .ludy Rogers, Joan Brady, Judy Ellen Best, Jo Anne Blower, Daphne Shaull. Third row: ,lon Brady, Carol Dugan, Sharon Kosanke, Milton Adamson, Shirley Tucker. Fourth row: Clarence Morley, Kent Sims, Virgil Russell, Dean Evans. The snow kept coming down. Finally the two boys turned to Miss Feris and said, '6Do you 'have anyhope of our going?,' This scene could be a commentary on any two of four stormy weekends last winter when our debaters and speakers were preparing to go to a speech tournament up into South Dakota or down into Colorado. However, snow and bad roads can- celled only two trips this seasong and our teams cer- tainly made up for these two disappointments at other tournaments. Humorous readers took first place at Coloradc A and M. Debate teams came back from Spearfish and from Colorado tournaments many times undefeated. At the Rocky Mountain Speech Meet for high schools, Jo Anne Blower and Kent Sims took first place in debate over teams from Wyoming, Colorado, Okla- homa, and Nebraska. At a student congress in Chey- I46 I enne, Clarence Morley was voted the Outstanding Senator, Debbie Nichols was nominated to go to the National Student Congress, and Shirley Tucker re- ceived the silver medal in the House for a superior representative. The group brought back a cup from Spearfish, as Nickie Adamson won first in oratory, Betsy Crowell, first in extemp speaking, and the debate teams composed of ,ludy Ellen Best, Carol Dugan, Jo Anne Blower, and Judy Rogers won the HB" division debate. Nickie Adamson again won first in the Voice of Democracy in Casper, placing second in the state. President, Roy Currence, estimated the club mem- bers traveled a total of 2,000 miles during 1955-56. As always the emphasis was upon maximum participa- tion. Miss Frances Feris was the traveling-coaching Sponsor and Sandy Dickensheets was the Secretary. ,, ,zz J mw,,1,b , ,,.: , f.f , ,g li ,E 4 ' fl .din 0 0 T, 34 p , , p 4. ' ir. g K . I I - 'film ' . mm'A 1 ll Sr ' . - I t J Election to National Honor Society is perhaps the greatest climax if vg' if I .. , g 5.11 f, lx ,W of our years of study. Brains plus initiative and a high grade average t f.'j'32.g, .w , if are the common requirements to become a member of this coveted A Arai? p , In ,L 3. Q, 4 V I vfgxgri society. This is the only organization in high school which bases 34 1' -1,,""1 .'1':.-,-' v ...W "V ' ff --I l ' ' . s,,, 1x Q5,f?gf:', s V - df,,:.:'4f membership on scholastic standing alone. This year the upper ten 'af' N' 4 v eg ,i ,, it Q im, Y'-ii',i4e'?l ,qssiflf - 'g ,,.3g,-.E,"w: , 1 , . , I M 'H -Q, . . . l ' g f yf per cent of the senior class were admltted and the upper five per 5' gi' ff-"' i'.. ',' ' fi W, v " . li !.aF,1.'5"-.4 A 5, 'f 4' , hx :.,, . . , f -G' K :f d cent of the Junior class. The lowest average for seniors was 1.75, 'm1..,...-'f'iw"L'f fl- 1 4 A FC. 'Y' 'f - ' ' , E--, Q-, . . . , . . , rr 323' which was a little higher than last yearis 1.19. Miss Dollie Hagan 15, ,, ,.,,, fi, E , . pg, 7 S i . . 9' 5.4 qi .-f'A"V"- Club Sponsor, stood by at all meetings as Roy Currence, President, 'wif' V" if f S. . . . . J Q, X ' directed them. G. D. Pittman, Vice President, and Shirley, Secre- 'f 545 - V . -5- 'lf K .5 , tary-Treasurer, helped Roy welcome the twenty-seven new members :Qtek .Q:s.,w ' ,37:,,,w,1g.,,,? i 1 W yu. ' f 3 - - - . . , N.. ,,,,,,X ,, f-uk'- ,Q .j,,1v3- ,.,. - , X during the second semester. Each year, nine members are elected by ' A . ' tt- , ii-A '. "f9u.. ' L the group to take the National Honor Society scholarship tests. Those tested in 1955 were as follows: Shirley Tucker, Roy Currence, Debbie Nichols, Jon Brady, Joan Brady, Don Watson, Judy Johnson, Irene Williamson, and Renata Ury. First row: Roy Currence, Presidentg Shirley Tucker, Secretary-Treasurer, Miss Hagan, Sponsorg C. D. Pittman, Vice President. Second row: Liz Robertson, Nancy Suther, Mary Jo Begley, Christine Hamilton, Hazel Moll, Norma Simpson. Third row: Frances O'Connor, Renata Ury, Mary Olga Christensen, Barbara Rightmire, Joan Brady, Jean Shreffler, Rita Fulton, Shirley Caves, Karen Wiggins, Helen Allison. Fourth row: Jon Brady, Pat Smith, Don Watson, Liz Fox, Judy Johnson, . Irene Williamson, Stanley Brown, Karen Jacobs, Don Stout, Bryan Brewer, Jackie Walters. First row: Helen Jansen, Margie Meek, Vickie Lagos, John Roussalis, President, Charlotte Shultz, Assistant Secretary, Mr. Thorpe, Sponsor, Jane Ridgeway, Secretary, Mary Yeamans, Donna Swisher, Treasurer, Charlie Prather, Vice President. Sheila Fitzgerald. Seccpld-r4qwrLACarolwPriest, Sheila Doing, Marilyn Strobeck, Carol Speas, Louie Roussalis, Mike Hanna. liinkey Dave - i . , Rl, 'Q r' 1' Noonan, Harriet Forsherg, Sondre Sleizer. Third row: Sharon Rundberg, CllaHys'AYount, Daphne .1 jf .Xa , Swanson, Journalist, Peggy Cover, Dorothy Rice, Pay McCarthy, Margaret Smith. -1 is 5 5 0 0 I ! Emphasis was upon action in this part of our story. Our hero hurried after school to room 151 and stayed until six olclock. He went home for a hurried supper, rushed back to the auditorium, and practised with Mr. Thorpe until nine. Of course, all this activity happened during certain months of the '55-756 school year, but those were busy and exciting months for our energetic little man. Who was he? One of the hundred members of Troupe Number 1, National Thespians. Through those long hours, the club members were planning en- tertainment for the Pancake Festivalg they were re- hearsing one-act playsg or they were hammering and M8 painting to complete needed props and scenery. ln the center of all this action was Mr. Thorpe, Club Sponsor. Proceeds from a bake sale held at the Casper Com- missary were handled by Treasurer, Donna Swisher. John Roussalis, President, conducted a meeting every Monday at 3:20. John was assisted by Vice President, Charles Prather. Jane Ridgeway, Secretary, recorded the qualifications for membership as being interested in dramatics and the earning of a certain number of Thespian points, awarded for taking part in the pre- sentation of a play or on the stage crew end of such a production. Shaull, Celia Galles, Frank Meade, Sandi Waatti, Bonnie Carlisle, Gayle Callington, Karen , JJ "2 Bottom row: Shirley Tucker, Miss Pettigrew, Carol King, Joyce Kerns. Second row: Ann Lisa Mills, Mary Olga Christensen, Norma Simpson, Celia Calles, Joan Brady, Liz Robertson, Rita Fulton, Mary Jo Begley, Nancy Suther, Frances O'Connor, Renata Ury, Janice Heck, Linda Canfield, Pete Ford, Ted Swan, Betty Sue Sensintaffar. Third row: Jim Matzke, Kenny OiConnell, Jon Brady, Pat Hurley, Joan Dorsctt. Top row: Roy Currence, Sid Wallingford, G. D. Pittman, Irene Williamson, Shirley Robey, Carol Schwabrow. ' 2acZZaadS Those who edited our story and those who furnished us with a serial of events about life in N.C.H.S. were certainly the members of National Quill and Scroll. The goal of all students on the GUSHEH staff or on the MUSTANG staff is to become a member of this national chapter. Any hard worker on the yearbook or on the paper is eligible if he is recommended by the sponsors of the publications and has a ll average. Miss Ruth Pettigrew, Sponsor of thc organization, re- lates to us the purpose of the club as being to further interest and development in the journalistic fields and to encourage outstanding achievement on the part of the individual members. Officers elected at the second semester for l956 were Ken O'Connell, Prcsidentg Joyce Kerns, Secretaryg and Nancy Suther, Treasurer, and Carol King, Vice President. ln the spring honors were awarded to the outstand- ing stories and features sections of the CUSHICH. This year was no exception for the GUSHER as its staff members walked away with prizes, such as the one given to Ruth Eaton for her news story written at the University during Journalism Wlcek. The MUSTANG received its honors in the fall at the Journalism con- ference in Laramie. At that convention the yearbook Won the award as the best all-round state annual, an honor long wished for. I49 Any school year is filled with work followed by high points of achievement. One of the purposes of education is to provide leaders. Leadership grows by serious thought, careful planning, and untiring indus- try crowned at last by selection to represent others in various fields. ln the upper left picture are the boys who qualified to try for acceptance at the various service academies. Reading from bottom to top are ,lon Kidneigh, Jerry Cronin, Roger Cook, and John Goldtrap. At the upper right are the fellows who had it on the football fields so well that every poll and every coach and every team in the state recognized them as being the most. They were the ALL-STATERS of football-Mike Tipton and Ralph Sorenson. VVhile the boys were being recognized for their abilities in math and science, the senior girls had secret hopes of being chosen D,A.R. Representative. Below we have the lucky girls. In the center is Betsy Crowell, chosen as the Good Citizeng to her right is Mary Jo Begley and to her left is Liz Robertson, the two girls who placed as runners-up. ! I 5 f l f L Qu- IQ . 2 S. Patti Parker, a future teacher, helps some of the younger members of our future student hody at Lincoln school through the mystery of reading. 0 0 an 642 Mr. Walter Savage, Business Manager. Mr. C. H. Thompson, President of the. Board of Education, and Mr. Morgan, Superintendent of Schools, are preparing for the radio addresses which they gave explaining the bond issue so succc-ssl fully that the voters of the community said yes to renovating the high school and old junior high into a modern plant. Herb Trujillo is giving in- struction in visual aids to a mighty interested pupil. UBSCRIBER nb Q ww wgxvvfw wg Qf UQ. 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YeIIows+one Hiwy. iprcloding across 'the corner of Kimball and Easf Yellowsione is Ihe newly remodeIed Commissary un mg. CASPER NATIONAL BANK I03 E. 2nd Louie Hoadley and Cora S+ringham are checking i+ wi'rh Casper Nafional. a safe place 'ro invesl 'lheir savings for college years ahead. ERN UTILITIES CO. 44I S. Cenfer S+. Reddish copper 'rrim cerfainly brighfens up lhese new lcifchen ranges from Norihern Uiililies observe Louis Hoadley and Kerry Connell. l Y M' 4? s l , if v'-V, , -I sm' ' V A W! KISTLER TENT 8: AWNING CO. 245 S. Cenler WES CARMICHAEL is an old hand al' selllng Kis'l'ler's Pendlelon shirls. wggzii M AYRES JEWELRY CO. l24 E. zna I+ isn'+ ofien ihaf flue cloclr in 'fronf of Ayres 'lells lhe lime, buf when if does, ROY CURRENCE always sefs medialely. wrong H' im- L KEN'S PHOTO SHOP I36 S. Cenler Judging from lhe loolxs on lheir faces, we would say fha? DIXIE BLACK and PATTY CUNNINGHAM are well pleased wilh Ken's phofographic arfislry. ---can-ng 31' TRIANGLE MOTORS 225 S. WoIcoH SHIRLEY CHANDLER and SANDY JONES say, "DolIar for dollar you can'f beai' a Pon'Iiac." ,. , NICOLAYSEN LUMBER CO. IO7 E. MicIwesI' Ave. Examining a new 'Fine-Iooih saw a+ NicI1oIaysen's is TOM BARNS. 5 f DAILEY'S STATIONERY I66 So. Cen'rer 5'I'h and Durbin Working ai DaiIey's Icorner of Second and Cenferl is ROSALIE ANN RODIBAUGH models a new prize-winning prom 'formal LARSON where she displays a scrap book. from fine Mardi Gras. Y . gg . 2 7-4 Q . Y 1 2 x A zu M, CHAS. E. WELLS MUSIC CO. JESSEN CREAMERY CO. 2I2 E. 2nd 327 N. Durbin BOB WHITE and MACY McKELVEY are inieresfed in sheei We 'lhinlc BOB MOLL would make a good millrman 'for Jessen's music of 'the "Top Ten HHs"g and find +l'1a+ Wells' has a wide seleclion. J. C. PENNEY CO.. INC- JOHN TRIPENY DRUG 81 JEWELRY CO. 20' E- 2nd 24I S. Cenler l Jus? Pslr NANCY JOHNSON if Penney's doesn'f have some Laughfer is .the keynofe as MARGARET GREEN' RUTHIE 1 COOI' fanCY Penis- CLEGG, SANDY NELSON, VIVIAN GRANT, and LINDA THOMPSON sfop for a colre af Tripeny's. f 13.7, ,L', E 55 , 5 S .. 5: .Y 'h.,d' "4'4....N-.ff t J ' if if W: , ,,,,,f. :. , , im. LQ:-z Ami' fx if 3 J ........ - A. , ,- ..,,,,,.....w+- f-f::: ya..-1-.w Q 'MMU' MM X :Rim izmmw "Qs, EDWARD E. SARICKS MUSIC CO. BEECH STREET BEAUTY SHOP 2I2.E. 2nd 444 S. Beech , , The -Iwins, SANDY and SHARON NELSON, always have 'Iheir LYN PARSONS Ines ouI' a new blond organ af SaI"ICkS on Eas'I hair fixed af me Beach Sheei, Beaufy Shop for an exha gala Second S'rreeI'. evening. NOLAN CHEVROLET CO. I 322 S. David AHer examining fhis new Chevrolel converfible, SANDY HAMMOND and MARGARET ROBERTS wish 'Ihey could "See Ihe U.S.A. in 'Ihe Chevrolet" HARRIS FURNITURE INTERIORS II3 S. Durbin Exquisife describes Ihese furnishings from Harris's Ihai LINDA LAYE plans for in Ihe fufure. nw 1 A 4 2.1 ww ix :Q -'51 fa iifz Wyoming Uranium Equipmeni' Headquariers GEHRING EQUIPMENT COMPANY I70I E. YeIIows+one Phone 2-534I Casper, Wyoming MOBILE DRILLS - Auger, Air and Wafer. For coring and drilling. CompIe're Line. JEEP MOUNTED DRILLS for rough couniry service. LE ROI AIR COMPRESSORS. Por+abIe and seIf-propeIIed. Wagon drills and Ioaders. PIONJAR HAND DRILLS - BREAKERS. Gasoline powered - weighs 86 pounds. ELECTRIC GENERATOR UNITS. Gas, Buiane, Gasoline, Diesel I0 Ixw Io 300 Icw capaci+ies. This is ius+ one of 'Ihe fine drilling Irucks you will find a+ Casper's Uranium headquarfers, Gehring's. 4 i' r f WYOMING STATIONERY co. WELSH FURNITURE CO, Machine Division S I20 . D Odd Fellow Building DONNA SWIS ER ur In H adm' h' d d' h h'I BILL HALL ELARA aind JEAN MATZKE 'Iry oui' Ihe new pasIeI Iypewri+ers Sfudies 5 book on '00mIrTU:nEI'I:35i:an Y Is W Ie eaiured In Ihe Machine division af Wyoming Sfaiionery. Tm? K Qjjlllbcjivcg B 81 B STUDIO "Photography at It's Best" THE FINEST WAY TO GIVE THE BEST I40 S. Wolco++ Dial 2-2881 FIRSTF lBAPTlSThCgHURCl"l BAILEY SCHOOL SUPPLY HOUSE F' + 1' B Te is I a eec r e 444 W. Railroad Ave. ROGER CUMMINGS, JOHN DAUGHERTY, and DAN CUN- . . ' NINGHAM, members of The Firsl' Bapfisr Church, sing, "l'm Looking over some currenf novels af Balley's School Supplies rs Geffin' Nulhin' For Chris+mas" ai' a Youih Banquet SHIRLEY TUCKER. Learn to fox frof in one room: walh in anofher af +he Barbara Lee Dance Sfudio. BARBARA LEE SCHOOL OF DANCE 929 W. lsrh 22I S. Cen'Ier "La+esI'," In men's cIoII'1ing af Johnson's, are Ihese new Ileclred sporf coaIs worn by LOUIE ROUSSALIS and JIM McCORMICK. Complimenfs of GALLAGHER FREIGHT LINES ' P 2600 E. YeIIows'I'one Hiwy. SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. 320 S. Cen'I'er SHELLY POWERS adiusfs 'rhe new "SiIverIone" TV sei feafured a+ Sears, while KAREN JACOBS awaI'I's -II'1e picfure. RADIO SUPPLY CO. APPLIANCE SERVICE CO. 642 E. 2ncI 736 W. I2'I'I1 A Iouch of Ihe buHon and NANCY HULL Iurns on Huis au+o- MRS' BLOWER and NORMA BROWN Show Us af Appliance ma+ic dishwasher af Radio Supply' Service how, Ihrough Ihe years, modern improvemenf has made woman's work IigI1'Ier. RIALTO THEATRE, INC. Riallo Tl1eal're Building lnfermission is a busy in+erval for 'rhe America Tl1ea+re and all +he Rialfo Theaires of Casper. .M "" " . ,mf - .., , ,, ,, , nslll""""" WESTERN EQUIPMENT CO. 3IOO E. Yellows+one Hiway One of Weslern Equipmen+ Company's new cream-colored Infernafional Trucks is parked in 'froni' of fhe building ready +o serve company cus+omers. do i pg ei ,..E .,,A,2,:, , l h ii A EYA -.f::' 01LrxsLn sau 57 '5iiKe:-951W .14-fu, .lf-,M .V ., f ,- ' A A y a ifkfffl, Q 'Z ' 3 Qffiil f 2 'e - Af -yi., -,kk, A ,,kL Ml, TL, ,fl-, W, , 2 4 Q Q s gm ,xox W if S .S . I ,-.,:.. ...: ,,v::5,-,g,.' H G my ' I pRE51'QN gl FLYNN SWAN SPECIALTIES COMPANY CONOCQSSSERXQCE STP-T'0N II04 E. Yellowsfone Highway . en el' On cold days fhe Presfon Flynn Sfalion lcepi Cas- Ted Swan Pe'-'5e5.ln froqf of Swan Speeleliles Com perifes' cars supplied wifh anfi-freeze. PanY before slerlmg elel'Ve"Y Werk- BUSTARD FUNERAL HOME 2I8 N. WolcoH' 600CYAvenUe Joe Goodman and Dick Garner are shown some of SP'eael"9 across il'e'f'e"" la"e5eaPe ai Busiafdls e"'l"9 ihe numerous con+rols of Communi+y TV. was ihls nallvlly Scene bedeclred will' pl BENHAM'S SHOE STORE I2I S. Cen+er Clerks af Benham's Shoe Sfore show Carol Haigler, Nancy Sfrand, DeAnn Davis and Jucly Sfrancl some new calfslcin loafers. V . . CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE 255 N. WolcoH' 7l0 E' Zncl A C H- - - - - The Horsfman Gay Mor+uary is piciured here showing empliylgjnafogumlgzilsnll ls bemg mslalled by an ifs beauliful Spanish archifeclure and well lrlmmecl evergreens. 5 ' 1 Ljiygf x' fwqfnh, ff U .55-I V W .WAN N-Y A :Mrk MQQZEQZSSW E35 - fm f 'sf-.ig -1 , , ..:i5gfli2gaaf1g4Qgf, wf,,A, .H K 5 ' L P A Q Y 5' sf m 6 2 2 I , 5 95,55 2 m fe S 2 dy ln in as iff! . ,XM "' A wg: S , , EQ L Q ig , 3 fig? -M .Q 2 M ,, ,,.. ?"'Dl' W ,,A,,, Us,-gm Lp .,gm,::', , :MXL ff?-A MYLQWQ. , -' : we rw, - W J., ..,. gg ,. ,..,.,,, , 5 'iff S ,gf W K 'M it A ..,. ,fa E asf- '."::' , 933i LY? Q 5? Q ,,.,. W3 5 JT '12 fm . Jw.. 5 if ' 1 4' h- ' km ma? Munn.- 'ff X Wl'llTE'S STOP 81 SHOP i 5ll E. 2nd Alden Shaffer, Jerry Cover, and Chuck Sfeensland are picking up a few canned iiems for 'rheir mofhers ai' Whil'e's Siop 81 Shop grocery. .a w HILLTOP SPORT si TOY SHOP WHWE D'TC""NG COMPANY These new Technical gun sighis from Hillfop Spor+ and I40I E' C TOY Sh0P Save Shells when one 9065 game liunilng- Slew McChesney and Clarence Morley are resiing on some difching machinery bu+ are probably discussing ho'r-rods. HARRY YESNESS I39 S. Cenfer Joe Berry and Charles Pra+her fry on some Harf Schaffner 8: Marx suifs af Harry Yesness. iusf 'the fhing 'For graduafion and college days ahead. GLADSTONE HOTEL I04 N. Cenfer One can look ou+ over 'fhe ciiy. while enioying a delicious dinner. fhrough The circular glass windows in fhe slryroom af fhe Gladsfone Hofel. JACK JONES GARAGE 200 W. ls+ Sandy Huffman displays a new mud and snow win+er cleie +ire ai' her 'fafher's garage. WESTRIDGE or HILTOP SHOE and CLOTHING Sally Jo Sessoms and Mary Peach ihink dafes are a loi' more fun when ihey wear a new dress such as fhis green faffefa wifh rus+ velvef +rim from Wesfridge or Hilfop Shoe and Clofhing. JAY EDMISON and MARY JO BEGLEY lead the Fooiball Ball Grand March of Ihree rows deep 'Io Ihe sfrains of "On Wisconsin." THE QUALITY SHOP Ladies' Ready-Io-Wear THE STORE OF FAMOUS BRANDS "Exclusive Bul Noi Expensive" 227 Easi' Isl' Phone 3-609I YELLOW CAB DIAL 3-4534 Caspers' Finesl' Taxi Service CASPER WASHMOBILE, INC. "Cars Washed While You Wai'I"' Week-Day Price - SI.75 I835 CY Ave. Dial 2-I3I0 Complimenls of SWEETBRIAR SHOE CIRCLE I47 SouI'h WoIco'H CASPER, WYOMING STUART SHOP Where SI'yle Knows No Size Exclusive Ladies' Ready-+o-Wear I37 So. Cen'I'er 3-829I PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Thank You BLOSSOM SHOP ROWENA Home-soN, Prop. Flowers - GiHs I27 SOUTH CENTER CASPER, WYOMING WHITMAN'S GROCERY Meals, Groceries, Vegeiables and Foun+ain Phone 3-7I53 IIO4 Eas'I' I2Ih S+. CASPER, WYOMING A mmnaiure Massey-Harris sfancls alcp Ihe whale four 'her Co- d Ball cake, while prairie Tumbleweed seems 'ro have sfopped driffing long enough Io be faslened for cIecora+ion Io a box for Ihe box social. H 81 G CLEANERS Experl' Cleaning Service Garmenfs Relinecl Zippers InsI'aIIecI PICK-UP AND DELIVERY 1 7I4 CY Avenue 2-2244 Casper, Wyoming CARL J. SCHMID Phoiographer PHOTOGRAPHS WITH A REPUTATION Phone 2-I68l I33I Soufh Durbin CASPER, WYOMING oo . . . '...Q... .....,. .....v'., . ..-. uf. .., .. CZTI 4 : 'I Tu... D The Friendly Store 1 ""l'l'.'.-. . . . . . . .... . . . . . . . . . ...... . . TV, RADIOS, REFRIGERATORS WASHERS, RANGES CORONADO APPLIANCES 225 Sou+h Cen+er 2-I363 CASPER, WYOMING VlC'S SPORTING GOODS Evinrude Oufboard Mo'rors CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '56 Wesiriclge Village No. 5 3-4892 CASPER. WYOMING DELUX BEAUTY SALON Exci+ing Hair S+yIes, by Experfs COLOR BLENDING Permanenf Waves of Disfincfion MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS 202 Eas+ 2nd Dial 3-7898 JUDY BROWN and ABBY BOWEN imiIa'Ie "Bessie +IIe Cow", while BEVERLY BUNCE, JANET FINKBINER, and NANCY GIB- SON view I'I'IaI' "Down on Ihe Farm" afmosphere aI' 'I'I'IE Co-ed ENNA'S BEAUTY STUDIO CompIeI'e Beauiy Service LA JoI.IE COSMETICS 235 Sou'II1 CenI'er S+reeI' Dial 2-I862 Casper, Wyoming Ball. TUCKERS SHOES PEACOCK TEXACO SERVICE PARADISE B. F. GOODRICH RED CROSS Tires, BaH'eries and Accessories FLORSHEIM Phone 3-6392 2nd and Grani' DICKERSON Casper, Wyoming I09 Sou+I'I CenI'er SI'reeI' Casper, Wyoming JOHN JOURGENSEN TOMLIN PAINTS, INC. TRANSPORTATION Home of Wyo-Li+e Painfs Made in Wyoming Io Mee+ Wyoming CIima+ic Condifions 242 W. YELLOWSTONE HY. CASPER, WYOMING 2-2542 MEYER JEWELRY, INC. Keepsake Diamond Rings I02 Enasi' Second CASPER, WYOMING "The Sign of a Service" 2333 Easf YeIIows'Ione Phone 3-378I BOX 753 CASPER, WYOMING TH E CLARE AGENCY Real Es'ra're and Loans Besij Wishes 'For Success Io I'I1e f' ' Class of I956 I62 SOUTH CENTER STREET CASPER, WYOMING Mary Jo Begley gives ,lay Edmison a warm handshake as she pu-ss-nts him with thc aulographed football. 7466 WW' Signing in on the book of gold at the Football Ball are Chuck Duncan, Mary Sue Baker, Con O'Brien, and Carolyn Crawford. r r 1 I i loe cgi Ii rr e A ooro o If , I I I .. I, ANDERSON SEISMOGRAPH BIT SERVICE AMERICAN PIPE 81 SUPPLY CO. I02 S. McKinley I25 S. Ash Jean Dillon and Jim Dungan are being shown around by Ille LOW, m0d6I'nISI'lC lines of 'I'l"l6 building make II' easy 'FOI' proprielor al' Anderson Seismograph and Bif Service. one +0 spo+ American Pipe and Supply Company. gif if is A - - ,I,- www . M . -1 f'-, 1.1 We E , f P 753232 . ,x I ,, 3 F , PETROLEUM INFORMATION S 81 L COMPANY 3I5 N. WolcoH' I IZ9 E- 2nd- The desk clerk al' Perroleum lnformalion is always Darlene Cooking models brigh+ly colored spring and ready Io give friendly and immediafe service. Summer SP0l'l' CIOIIWGS 6+ 5 81 L- .a TIM FORCE TIN SHOP PITTSBURGH PAINT 81 GLASS CO. 4I3 S. Walnui 252 S. Cen+er There ig ,3 Igf +0 kngwi-ng how -fo cuf 1-in and Pai- Measuring for +he cuifing of glass is a difficulf job. Her Force is well equipped +0 do H, a+ Pi'H'sburgh Pain? 8: Glass Toby and Linda Tyler +ry 'rhei ' hands a+ if. f 2? I N I METCALF'S A. J. WOODS 8: SON 323 S. Cenier I52 S. Cenier AI' nighr Me'rcaIf's hardware s+ore glows in brighi Dark iies, Iighf +ies, siripped or plaid Hes, Wayne fluoresceni orange IeHering. Brighi' finds Ihem all af A. J. Woods 81 Son. STEWART FURNITURE COLISEUM MOTOR COMPANY 4I2 E. 2nd I3I E. 5I'h Paf MCCa"'II1Y I1eIPS Maureen R0d96l'S I0 be SGBISCI Larry Johnson s+eps in+o Ihe sIeeIc Dodge '500 +o +ry af a mahogany desk a+ S+ewar'r Furnifure. 'fha new push bufion con+roI. Y h::'7??a. MEREDITH G-M-C TRUCKS, INC. 5l5 S. WolcoH Dave Gribbin s'l'ands aloll' one of 'lhe lruclcs from Meredilh G-M-C, Wyoming Truck Headquarlers. il CHRISTENSEN ELECTRIC CO. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. I I4 E. Midwesl Ave. l40 S. Durbin Mr. Chrislensen wriles up an order for one of lhese new One can find all lhe lalesl' fashion-wisle colors in painls al copper-frimmed ranges. Sherwin-Williams. SHEPHERD MOTOR CO. Larry Johnson observes 'lhe original inferior of a Holiday hardfop Oldsmobile al Shepherd Molors. I3 3 N. Cenler HENNING HOTEL J. C. SHUETZ Soulh Cenler 300 N. Cenler All of Casper meels On W9dn9SClBYS lOl' 5l'fl0l'9aSl90l'Cl J. C. Shuelz, Jr., 'fakes clown an imperafive message a'I' 'lhe Henning Hofel, "Home of 'lhe Elbow Room." concerning insurance by 'rhe 'felepl1On9- FAY PEEBLES TRAILER SALES KEEFES FLOWERS 50I Wesi Yellowsione Highway I46 5- Cenler Mgunfaing color fhe bagkground for Peebles' frailer Keefe's 'FlOI'al 'Fe6l'Ul'eS aH'rac'Hve china wall planlers cgurf, ancl assorfecl plan+s fo go in lhem. cnv CAB COMPANY J E' SEVEN UP BOTTLING COMPANY I30 S. Cenier 2l4 N. Beech Traveling by Cify Cab will gel' one +0 his des+ina+ion Many people are drinking 7-Up, Here empi-y boH-les safely and wifhoui' delay. are ready +o be filled again for consumpiion. n CASPER TRIBUNE HERALD Tribune Building Siop, Larry, +ha+'s all Kenny can carry! Larry Seigler and Ken O'Connel are employed by +he Tribune. BENNETTS DRlVE-IN 9 l 5 C Y Ave. A+ +he break of dawn BenneH's doors are open io serve an early breakfast Corner of Firs+ and Park II7 E 2nd Mel Collier chose lo display iusl' a sleek inky-colored These Springiime navy pumps 'irimmed wiih while l956 model Cadillac - bu+ wha+ more could be scallops were purchased by a safisfied cusiomer of added? E Wolford's. is iiir ie- i,eir - ef as R 2 - - ie,- A - 5, rv, s,a, ,.,, M, Lf ',,.: 'W QQ! s,,. yrs' -H ,- , ,,ri., g ,W I M , W :Q e ' ' :,: 'lf va . . , ,,.,:!, ,v,.,,. VK I is ,q,,,,W..,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,, 4 KAL'S 500 S. Cenler Paul Romango ai Kal's weighs oul' a fresh pine- apple iusl' unloaded in a Florida shipmenl. OKES JEWELRY Wesiriclge Village A+ Okes you will find all iypes of evening jewelry from simple rinesione lear drops io 'l'he more elab- orale culwork. NATRONA COUNTY ABSTRACT 3. LOAN MCCANN JEWELERS II9 Em :S+ "8 E- 2nd Two employees ei. Nenene Absfred prepare for Sandra WaaH'i faslens a new rope necklace on Carol 'l'l1e'filing of some daily reporfs. Eine-I as ihe 9l"l5 5l10P for 5P'ln9 leWel"Y in MC' anns ROGNSTAG-OLSEN CONSTRUCTION co. UNCOLN-MERCURY CO- I233 Easi, 'ICU ll4 WOlCOH ,V As Casper expands' Rognshg-Olsen pops up many of ,the Sandy.Dlclxensheekiaflmlres 'Phe easy smoo+l1 handling of lhe new buildings H-'ai conhibuh +0 our ,fhriving mehopons' new Lincoln 'rransmussion as clemonsfrafed by Gary Leonard. l BON AGENCY v BERLET'S I32 S. WolcoH' I'28 N. Cenfer Kay Lynn Engle receives a W,2 income fax form A+ Berle+'s all 'lypes of our-door equipmenf, including fhis big .From Bill Engle ai, .the Bon Agency canvas +en+. are being fea'rured for spring and summer camp- ' ing frips. 1 r X . I . WIGGINS' SHOE SHOP TOWNSEND HOTEL I2O E. 2nd I . C 'I' Nancy Johnson 'rhinlrs ihis feafherweighf Sky-Way I5 N en er Iuggage fy-gm Wiggins wguld be per-fecf for college Jon Brady helps Liz Fox and Lyn Parsons io a chair in "Wyo- havel. ming's mos? Hospifable Dining room" af ihe Townsend Hoiel. x 4 r HAMMOND IRON WORKS T THE TROY LAUNDRY I657 E. Yellowsione Hiway 328 N. Durbin Two workers ai' Hammond Iron have ius+ been raised Tommy Kuhn ai' 'Phe Troy Laundry and Cleaners from +he 'Floor below. is delivering cIo+hes drycleaned The Saniione Way. 1... 'xx -p F1--ng - 1 -V A- ,M . ..vf'-A nu ips-Q -2 u 3 S if Wi 1 Q Q Q Myumm .W- - -I we Q V p 5 A K- 5' ff:!iL'7QZil -Q: M., R Wfsffasfs f Pi I Y., R521 It X 1 if Q x 1 Vijrwi I M Sw ggi GORDON ADAMS Thespians 3, 4, Junior Follies 39 Junior Prom 3. Q BILL ALA ROY ALLEN Newcomers' Club 1, Track 1, 2, "B" Squad Football 1, 2, 3, Future Teach- ers 4, Senior Announcement Commit- tee 4, Radio Guild 4, Junior Prom 3. SANDRA JEAN ALLEN Radio Guild, Big Sisters 4, Junior Follies 3. HELEN ALLISON Latin Club 1 2 3' Pe Club 3 4' 7 7 7 p 7 7 Orientation Tea 2, Junior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4, Future Secretaries 4, Gusher Staff 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Na- tional Honor Society 4. FRED A'MENDE MARIAN ANDREWS Wheatland High School 1, 2, 3, New- comers Club 4. VIOLA ANDREWS Orientation Tea 2, Junior Follies 3, Future Secretaries 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Coed Ball 4. IRMA ARCHULETA Big Sisters 4. ALBERT BOB ASAY Basketball I, Wrestling 1, 2, Football 2, 3. DONALD BAIRD Chess Club 1, National Honor Society 3, 4. MARY LOU BALLARD Junior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4. JOHN BEAL Best Drilled Cadet Merit Award 3. BILL BEATTIE All-School Play 2, Student Senate 3, Junior Prom 3, Junior Follies 3, Senior Announcement Committee 4, Thespians 2, 3, 4, Vice President. , a MARY JO BEGLEY Secretary-Treasurer 2, Junior Class Representative 3, National Quill and Scroll 4, Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Girls State 3, Student Body Secretary, DAR Runner-up 4, Mustang Queen 4, National Honor Society 4. RONALD BELL JOSEPH BERTAGNOLE BILL BERTELSEN NORMAN BIDEAU Chess Club 2. RALPH BILLE Lander High School 1, Latin Club' Rifle Team 2, Crack Drill Team 2. 9 DOUGLAS BIRD Newcomers' Club, Business Manager. JERRY BIRD Track 1, 3, 4, Cross Country 3, Wres- tling 4. PATRICIA BISHOP Champion Softball, Basketball, and Volleyball Teams 2. MARIE LOUISE BISSACCA Future Nurses, Thespians, Twirling 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom 3. DAVID BLANFORD MARTIN J. BOHAN Haaren High School, New York City, Newcomers, Club, Swimming, Track, Oil Man for a Day 4. JO ELLEN BOLTON Junior Prom 3, Future Nurses CHARLES H. BOLTZ Basketball 3, 4, 'ICN Club 4, Future Teachers 4, Football 4. SHARON BORDEAUX Future Nurses, Swimming Team, Marching Band. SANDRA BOWERS Madrigal I, National Honor Society 4. LYNN BRADSHAW Newcomers' Club 1, Junior Follies 3, Future Teachers 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Thespians 4. JOAN BRADY National Forensic League 2, 3, 4, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Girls' State 3, Future Nurses, President 4, English Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, Pep Club 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, All-State 2, An- nual Staff 4, Senior Announcement Committee 4, National Quill and Scroll 4. JON BRADY National Honor Society 3, 4, English Club 3, 4, President 4, "C" Club 1, 2, 3, National Forensic League 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, All-State 2, 4, Annual Staff 4, Senior Announcement Commit- tee 4, Boys' State 3, National Quill and Scroll 4. NEIL FILLMORE BRAMSON Mustang Guard 3, Madrigal 3, 4, Boys' Octette 4. ROGER BRAMSON JOSEPH BRANNEY BRYAN BREWER Latin Club 3, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Clarinet Quartet, ROTC Band, Con- cert Band, FFA Band, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3, National Honor So- ciety 4, Future Professionals 4, Can- teen Council 1, 2, 3, 4. JEANINE BRIGHT Newcomers' Club 1, Future Secretaries 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 4. MARCIA BROWN Columbia High School, Richland, Washington. STANLEY BROWN English Club 3, 4, Ski Team 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band. STANLEY BROWN I. 2, 3, 4, Dance Band l, 2, 3, 4, ROTC Band 1, 2. 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Oil Man for a Day 4, Junior Prom 3, National Honor Society 4. EDITH BUCHTA Newcomers' Club 1, 2, Girls' State 3, Rifle Team 3. DONNA BUCKLEY DIANNE BUNTING Laramie High School 1, 2, South High 2. MICHAEL J. BURGER Chess Club, Football 1, Crack Drill Team 2, 3, 4. DONALD G. BURRIDGE Radio Guild 4, High School Young Democrats, President l, 2, 3, 4, Madri- gal 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Cheer- leader 3, 4, Senior Announcements Committee 4. LARRY BURWELL Football 1, Cross Country 3. TOM BYFORD Sydney High School 1, 2, 3. DON CAMPBELL LINDA CANFIELD National Honor Society 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, English Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, National For- ensic League 2, 3, 4, Future Secretaries 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' League Coun- cil 4, Annual Staff 4, National Quill and Scroll 4. BARBARA MAY CARLISLE Future Nurses 1, Latin Club I, 2, 3, Big Sisters 4. DOROTHY CARLSON Pep Club, Future Nurses, Junior Fol- lies 3, Junior Prom 3. KENNETH H. CARLSON DOX CARR Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band l, 2, 3, 4, ROTC Band I, 2, 3, 4, All-State Band 2, All- Northwest District Orchestra 3, Na- tional High School Orchestra 4, All- State Orchestra 4, Woodwind Quin- tette 2, 4. eackvz BERDETTE CARTER Newcomers' Club, Science Club, FFA. SHIRLEY CAVES Pep Club 3, 4, Future Secretaries 3, 4, Radio Guild 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Future Teachers 4, National Honor Society 4. LLOYD CHARLES DARLENE CHIPPS Big Sisters 4. CYNTHIA CHOATE KAY CHRISTENSEN Future Teachers, Thespians, Big Sis- ters, Swimming Team. MARY OLGA CHRISTENSEN Future Nurses, Vice President, Pep Club, Big Sisters 4, Madrigal, Junior Follies 3, Mustang Queen Attendant 4, National Honor Society 4, National Quill and Scroll 4. ANNETTE CLARK DARLENE COCKING Future Secretaries 3, Madrigal 1, 2, 3. R. J. COKER Football I, Swing Band 3, 4. SARA ELAINE COLEMAN Newcomers Club I, 2, Big Sisters 4, Future Secretaries 4, Junior Prom 3. ROGER KENT COOK Tulsa, Oklahoma I, Best Drilled Pla- toon 2, Rustlers Club 3, 4, "B" Squad Football 2, Varsity Football 3, 4, American Legion Merit Award 3. MANNING COOKE GUY COOPER Belle Plaine, Kansas JANICE COOPER Future Secretaries 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY ANN COOPER Future Secretaries 4, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3, Gusher Staff. DIANA J. CORPUZ Future Secretaries 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Orientation Tea 2. ALICE JANE CORSON Mahaffey, Pennsylvania, Newcomers' Club. GERALD F. COTTER DOROTHY ANN COWDEN Newcomers' Club. BARRY V. CRATER Ski Team 4, Band 2. JERRY CRATER Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4. JERRY CRONEN Future Teachers, "C" Club, "A" Squad Football 3, 4, "A" Squad Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Vice President, Student Council 3, 4, Junior President, Student Body Presi- dent, Boys' State 3. MARTY CROW BETSY CROWELL National Honor Society 3, 4, DAR Good Citizen 4, Girls' State 3, Girls' Nation 3, Student Body Vice President 4, Girls' League Council 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4, National Forensic League 2, 3, 4, Secretary, Vice President, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, President 3, Latin Club I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice President 4, Band I, 2, 3. GABRIEL CRUZ Newcomers' Club 3, Spanish Club 3, 4. VIRGINIA ANN CUDDEBACK Orientation Tea 2, Future Nurses 2, 3, Radio Guild 3, Gusher Staff 3, Junior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4. ROY CURRENCE Senior Band I, 2, Marching Band I, 2, Assembly Band 1, 2, Christmas Pa- geant 2, Boys' State 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, President 4, National Forensic League I, 2, 3, 4, President 4, National Quill and Scroll 4, Annual Staff 4. I189 l i JEANNETTE CURTIS WADE CUTRIGHT Chess Club. GARY DALTON JERRY DALTON Football 1, 2, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3. DON PAUL DAVIS Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM JAMES DAVIS Greybull 1, Newcomers' Club 2, Foot- ball 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, '4Ci' Club 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, Madrigal 2, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3. CAROL DEIMER Junior Prom 3, Future Secretaries 3, 4. GERALD DICE LAWRENCE DIEHL Football 1, 2, 3. JEAN DILLON Junior Prom 3, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Future Secretaries 3, 4, Big Sisters 4. GARY DLUGOSH ROSCOE DOCKHAM Junior Follies 3, Madrigal 3, 4, Boys' Octette 3, 4. JAMES O. DOLAN HB" Squad Football 1, 2, Varsity Foot- ball 3, Wrestling 2. JOAN DORSETT Marching Band 1, 2, Latin Club 3, Gusher Staff 4, Big Sisters 4, National Quill and Scroll 4. JENNIE DOTSON Rifle Team 3. HAROLD DOWLER Chess Club 1, 2, 3, Madrigal 3, 4, Boys' Octette 3, 4, Mixed Octette 4, Senior Announcement Committee 4. 190 . cami. MARJORIE GENE DUGAN Glee Club l, 2, Orientation Tea 2, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3, Big Sisters 4, Radio Guild 3, Future Teachers 4. JAMES DUNGAN HB" Squad Football. KENNETH DURRETT GEORGE W. EARLE, JR. Newcomers' Club, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Assembly Band 1, 2, 3, 4, ROTC Band 1, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3. RUTH EATON Wyoming High School Press Associa- tion 4, National Quill and Scroll 4, Big Sisters 4, Gusher Staff, Business Manager 4. BOB ECKHART HB" Squad Football 1, 2, Mustang Guard. JIM EDMISON Football 1, 2, Junior Follies 3, "C" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, All-State Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, Oil Man for a Day. DANIEL L. EDWARDS Rifle Team. JERRY EDWARDS Junior Follies 3, "C" Club 4, Foot- ball 2, 3, Track 3, 4, Madrigal 2, 3, 4. BOB ELFERING Art Award 3. JAMES EMERICK Junior Follies 3. STAN ENGLERT Powell High School. NANCY ELEANOR EVANS Christmas Pageant 1, Orientation Tea 2, Pep Club 2, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3, Latin Club 3, Big Sisters 4. RICHARD EVANS Madrigal 1, Junior Follies 3, Madrigal Secretary 3, 4, Gusher Staff 3, 4. CHARLES FISHER Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Assembly Band 3, 4, ROTC Band 3, 4. DAVE FITZGERALD RICHARD PAUL FITZGERALD Mustang Guard 2, Crack Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3, Color Guard 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Thespians 4. PETE FORD Student Council 2, Latin Club 3, Future Teachers 3, 4, Varsity Foot- ball 3, Swing Band I, 2, 3, 4, March- ing Band l, 2, Saxophone Quartet 2, 3, 4, Senior Announcement Commit- tee 4, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 9, National Quill and Scroll 4. MARY JANE FOREMAN Newcomers' Club 1, Future Secretaries 4, Big Sisters 4, Madrigal 1, 2, 3, Junior Follies 3, Orientation Tea 2. RODNEY FORGEY ONIKA FOSS LYNN FOSTER Rock Springs High School. ELIZABETH FOX Newcomers' Club 2, Latin Club 3, Pep Club 3, 4, English Club 4, Radio Guild 3, Future Nurses 3, 4, Secretary 4, Big Sisters 4, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3, National Honor Society 4. WILTON M. FRAZIER Thespians l, Spanish Club 1, Football 1, Junior Follies 3, Drill Team 2, Color Guard 1. RITA FULTON National Honor Society 3, 4, National Quill and Scroll 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Big Sisters 4, Gusher Staff 4, Orienta- tion Tea 2, Girls' Rifle Team 3, Junior Follies 3. CELIA GALLES Future Teachers 2, 4, Thespians 4, Big Sisters 4, Junior Follies 3, Orien- tation Tea 2, Gusher Staff 4, National Quill and Scroll 4. RONALD GARDNER Student Council 4, Senior Class Presi- dent 4, "C" Club 4, Future Teachers 3, 4, HB3 Squad Football I, 2, Varsity Football 4, Wrestling 3, 4, Madrigal 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Senior An- nouncement Committee 4. HIAL B. GERNERT, JR. Boys' State 3, Boys' Vice President 4, Student Council 4, NC" Club 3, 4, Future Teachers 4, "BN Squad Foot- ball 1, 2, Varsity Football 3, 4, HBV Squad Basketball 1, 2, Varsity Bas- ketball 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4. TOMMY LOUIS GILARDI Band 1, 2, 3, Madrigal 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3. ROLLIE GOERING JOHN GOLDTRAP Boys' State 3, "C" Club 3, 4, Future Teachers 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Co-Cap- tain 4, Track 2, 3, 4. BEN RICHARD GOZA Basin High School. ROSALIE GROSZ Big Sisters 4, Radio Guild 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Secretaries 3, Gusher Staff 3, Madrigal 1, 2, 3, Junior Fol- lies 3, Orientation Tea 2, All-School Play Crew 2. EARL GUTHERIE MARY BETH HAIGLER Swing Band 2, 3, Marching Band I, 2, 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Nurses 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Gusher Staff 2, 3, Orien- tation Tea 2, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3, Big Sisters 4. DONNA HALL Big Sisters 4, Future Secretaries 3, 4, Junior Prom 3, Co-ed Ball 4, Junior Follies 3, Usher at Graduation. SHARON JO HALL Lusk High School 1. SUSAN ANNE HAMILL Madrigal 1, 2, 3. . Gaul. CHRISTINE LOU NELL HAMILTON Spanish Club 2, Glee Club 1, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Wood- wind Quintette 4, Marching Band 1, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3, Orien- tation Tea 2, National Honor So- ciety 4. VIOLA LEE HAMLET Future Teachers 3, 4, Gusher Staff 3, Big Sisters 4, Christmas Pageant I, Junior Prom. NORMAN HAMMOND EDO HANNA Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Vice President, Orientation Tea 2, 3, 4, Radio Guild 3, Thespians 3, 4, Future Teachers 3, 4, President 4, Junior Prom 3, Girls' League Council 3, 4, Vice President 4, Mustang Queen At- tendant 4, Co-Director, Junior Follies. NANCY HARDISON Freshman Sextette, Spanish Club 3, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Orien- tation Tea 2, Madrigal 2, 3, 4, Li- brarian 4, Triple Trio 2, 3, 4, Gusher Staff 3, Future Teachers 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary 4, Homeroom Captain 2, 4. DARLENE SYLVIA HARKIN Cody High School, Future Secretaries, Future Nurses. JOHN HARTGRAVE NANCY HARTWELL Latin Club 1, 2, Future Secretaries 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Vice President 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Twirling 2, 3, 4, Orientation Tea -2, Junior Prom 3, Junior Follies 3 National Honor Society 4. EDWARD HASTE Rifle Team. DONNA HAWKINS Radio Guild 3, Big Sisters, Future Teachers, Band 2, 3, 4, Twirling 2, 3, 4, Gusher Staff 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3, Orientation Tea 2. KAY HAWLEY Future Teachers, Big Sisters 4, Na- tional Forensic League 2, 3, Madrigal 3, 4, Orchestra I, 2, 3. BRUCE E. HERDEN VERNON HERZEELLE Latin Club 2, English Club 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Swing 2, 3, 4, Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Brass Sextette 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, National Quill and Scroll. DOROTHY HILL Glee Club 3, Junior Follies 3. LOIS HOLDER DANICE HOOKER Spanish Club 3, 4. JIM HOUSTON BETTY HUMBERSON DON HUMBERSON Basketball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, "C" Club 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA HURLEY Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Radio Guild 3, Future Nurses 3, Madrigal 2, Gusher Staff, Natioanl Quill and Scroll. JANET HUSSION Pep Club 3, 4, Future Nurses 1, 2, 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Gusher Staff 3, Junior Prom 3, Junior Follies 4, Orientation Tea 2. LEROY HYATT WILLIAM INGLE VERLENE IRELAND Newcomers' Club I, 2, Big Sisters 4. PATRICIA JACKSON Vernal, Utah, Newcomers' Club 3, Future Secretaries 4. KAREN KAY JACOBS Greeley, Colorado I, 2, Future Teach- ers, Newcomers' Club 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Latin Club 3, Big Sisters 4, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3, National Honor Society 4. I9l RAYMOND JACQUOT Newcomers' Club 1, Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4, "B" Squad Football I, Track 3, 4, Crack Drill Team 3, 4, Color Guard 3, 4. MAURICE JEPSON Rustlers' Club 2, 3, 4. JUDY JOHNSON Worland 1, Natioanl Honor Society 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Big Sisters 4, Treas- urer, Radio Guild 4, Future Teachers 4, Homeroom Representative 3. NANCY LEE JOHNSON Orientation Team 2, Future Nurses 2, 3, Future Teachers 3, 4, Cheerleader 4, Marching Band I, 2, 3, Concert Band I, 2, 3, All-State Band 2, Gusher Staff 3. WILLIAM V. JOHNSTON CAROLYN JOINES Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Newcomers' Club 1, Junior Prom 3, Junior Follies 3, Orientation Tea 2. DARWIN E. JONES Mustang Guard 3. GILIN JONES Wrestling, "C" Club. JAMES R. JONES Superior, Wyoming 1, 2, Marching Band 3, 4, Concert Band 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4, Swing Band 3, 4, Saxo- phone Quartette 3, 4. G. ROBERT JOURGENSEN Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3. GARY W. JULIAN Track 1, Basketball 2, Swimming 2, 3. 4, "C" Club 3. 4. CATHERINE A. KALLERUD Fugre Teachers 2, Madrigal 2, Junior Follies 3, All-School Play 3, 4. GEORGE KASPER l92 JARED KAUFMAN Band 1, 2, 3, Junior Follies 3. DONALD KEENEY Newcomers' Club 1, Mustang Guard 3. FELICIA KENNAH Lander I, 2, 3. HUNTER J. KENNAH Lander, 1, 2, 3. THEA KENNEDY Future Secretaries Newcomers' Club. 4, Big Sisters 4, BOB KENT JOYCE KERNS National Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Student Council 4, Secretary 4, Spanish Club 3, Treasurer, Mustang Staff 4, Co- Editor, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Head Cheerleader 4, Senior Announcement Committee 4, Girls' League Council 4, Gusher Staff 2, 3, Class Representa- tive 3, National Honor Society 4. JON KIDNEIGH Future Teachers 3, 4, Football 1, 4, Basketball 2. CAROL ANN KING National Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Thespians 2, 3, Secretary 3, Big Sisters 4, Madrigal 2, 3, 4, All- School Play 2, Student Council 4, Gusher 'Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Editor 4, Class Secretary 3, Junior Follies 3. KAREN DOROTHY KING Big Sisters 4, Champion Softball, Vol- leyball and Basketball Teams, Junior Follies 3. EVELYN KLOPMAN Big Sisters 4. KENNETH KRIER BILL KRUSEE Band 1, 2, 3, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Swing Band I, 2, 3, Junior Follies 3. Rustlers' Club. BOB KUYKENDALL Rustlers' Club. RALPH LAKE PAULINE LAMBERT Wheatland I, 2, 3. LUANNE LANEY Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Nurses I, 2, 3, 4, Radio Guild 3, Junior Fol- lies 3, Stage Crew 2, 3, Big Sisters 4, GAA l, 2, Orientation Tea 2, Junior Prom 3. ROSALIE LARSON LOUISE LEONARD Albuquerque, N. M., Future Nurses l, 2. JOYCE ELAINE LESTER Future Nurses 2, 4, Radio Guild 3, Big Sisters 4, Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 4, Orientation Tea 2, Homeroom Repre- sentative 3, Gusher Staff 3, 4, Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer 4. JOE LYNN Future Teachers 4, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3, All-School Play 3. DICK LITZINGER Edgemont, South Dakota. RON LOCKWOOD Future Teachers, Boys' Octette. NADINE LOWE Future Secretaries 3, 4, Madrigal 2, 3, 4, Triple Trio 3, 4. FRANK LYTLE Mustang Guard 3, Oil Man for a Day 4. PAT HALEY LYTLE Pep Club 2, 3, Radio Guild 3, Future Secretaries 3, Gusher Staff 3, Junior Follies 3, Orientation Tea 2. ELAINE MacBRIDGE Big Sisters 4, Future Teachers 2, Madrigal 1, 2, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3, Newcomers' Club 1. JEANETTE MacLENNAN Future Nurses 2, Future Secretaries 3, 4, Big Sisters 4. JAMES MCCABE STEW McCHESNEY Basketball 2, 3, Junior Follies 3, Cheerleader 3, 4. JIM McCORMICK Latin Club 2, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, ROTC Band 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival Band 2, Fes- tival Orchestra 2, Brass Sextette 3, 4, All-State Band and Orchestra 2, 4. GEORGE MCFALL "C" Club 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 4, Madrigal 1, All-State Track 3, Junior Follies. JANE McGUIRE MACY MCKELVY Band 1, 2, 3, 4, ROTC Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Assembly Band 3, 4. JANET McKINLEY Future Nurses, Big Sisters, GAA, Junior Follies, Junior Prom 3, Orien- tation Tea 2, Mustang Queen At- tendant 4. RONALD MADDOCKS Intramural Basketball 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Band 1, 2, 3, Football Band 1, 2, 3, Oil Man for a Day. MARGARET JULIA MAGEE BARBARA MAHAFFEY LARRY MANNING National Forensic League 1, 2, 3, Na- tional Thespians 2, 3, 4, Gusher Staff 3, Radio Guild 3, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom, All School Plays. CAROL MARSH Newcomers' Club 1, Future Secretaries 4, National Honor Society 4. ANNETTE KAY MARSHALL Future Secretaries, Big Sisters 4, Radio Guild, Triple Trio 3, 4, Madri- gal 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3. PATSY MARSHALL Big Sisters 4, Newcomers' Club, Glee 1, 2, 3, Central High School. ROBERT G. MARTIN I . I O I ARNOLD MASCARENAS ORPLINPHIA MASCARENAS JAMES RAY MATLACK Glenrock High School. JAMES MATZKE Mustang Staff 4, Gusher Staff 4, Na- tional Quill and Scroll 4. DEWAYN E MAXON Thespians, Madrigal, Swing Band, Junior Follies 3. FRANK MEADE Future Teachers 4, Thespians 3, 4, Gusher Staff 3, Junior Follies 3, Jun- ior Prom 3, Christmas Pageant 3, 4, All-School Play 3. SHARON MELVIN CHAROLE MEREDITH Newcomers' Club 3, 4, Vice President, Sheridan High School 1, 2. LARRY MEREDITH Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Assembly Band 2, 3, 4, ROTC Band I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Band 1, 2, 3, '4. ELEANOR MEYER Big Sisters 4, Secretary. ALBERT MICEK Idaho Falls High School. MARY ELLAN MILLARD Future Secretaries 3, Big Sisters 4, Glee 2, 4. JAN MILLER Swimming Team 1, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Swing Band 2, 3, 4, ROTC Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Brass Sextette 3, 4, Junior Fol- lies 3, Oil Man for a Day. ANN LISA MILLS Newcomers' Club, Bradenton, Florida, Big Sisters 4, Orchestra 4, Gusher Staff 4, National Quill and Scroll 4. DEBY MOFIELD Future Nurses 2, 4, Big Sisters 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3. HAZEL MOLL English Club 3, 4, Future Secretaries 3, Big Sisters 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Na- tional Honor Society 4. FRAN MOORE Omaha, Nebraska 1, 2, Newcomers' Club 3, 4, "C" Club 4, Basketball 3, 4, Oil Man for a Day 4. MARY ELLENE MOORE Pep Club, Future Secretaries 4, Radio Guild, Big Sisters. RAY MORA "C" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 1, 2. CLARENCE MORLEY, II Boys' State 3, National Forensic League 1, 2, 3, 4, Madrigal 3, 4, Boys' Octette 3, Boys' Trio 4, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3, Color Guard 3, All-School Play 3, Drill Team 2, 3. JAY MORTON Junior Follies 3, Oil Man for a Day 4. EVELYN MOYNIHAN JAMES MYERS DEBORAH ANN NICHOLS National Honor Society 3, 4, Winner, "Employment of Handicapped Essay", Future Nurses 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Latin Club 2, 3, President 3, English Club 3, 4, National Forensic League 2, 3, 4, Girls' League Council 3, Treasurer 3, Senior Class Secretary 4, Junior Ring Committee 3. FRANK NICHOLS "C" Club 4, Future Teachers 334, Spanish Club 2, Future Professionals 4, "B" Squad Football 1, "A" Squad Football 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4, Captain of Team 4, Ski Team 1, 2, 3, 43 Jl1Ili0T Follies 3, Junior Prom 3. l93 DAVID NOONAN Boys' State5 Thespians 2, 3, 45 "C" Club 45 Future Teachers 45 English Club 45 Football 3, 45 Drill Team 25 Cheerleader 25 Junior Prom 35 Junior Follies 3. KENNETH MARK O'CONNELL Football 15 Gusher Staff 45 National Quill and Scroll 4. FRANCES O'CONNOR Spanish Club 3, 45 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Follies 35 Basketball Band I, 2, 3, 45 Assembly Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Big Sisters 45 Gusher Staff 45 Sophomore Music Award, National Quill and Scroll 45 National Honor Society 4. LESLIE LYNN PARSONS Girls' State 35 Pep Club 3, 45 Future Nurses 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Gusher Staff 45 Big Sisters 45 Swing Band 2, 3, 45 Madrigal 2, 35 Junior Follies 35 Junior Prom 3. JACK PATTON MARILYN PEDEN Glenrock High School5 Band 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Madrigal 3, 45 Clar- inet Quartet 4. EDWARD H. PERKINS Mustang Guard. SHARON PHELAN Ralega, North Carolina. LEONARD PHILLIPS VI PIEL Big Sisters 45 Junior Prom 35 Co-ed Ball 4. JANE PIPER G. D. PITTMAN National Honor Society 3, 4, Vice President 45 English Club 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 45 National Forensic League 2, 35 Radio Guild 3,35 Gusher Staff 45 Junior Follies 35 National Quill and Scroll 4. CHARLES POTTER E 94 , 0 1 1 Seneca 14600134 SHELLEY POWERS Tulsa, Oklahoma 1, 25 Future Teachers 3, 4, Program Chairman 45 Thespians 3, 45 Big Sisters 45 Newcomers' Club 35 Junior Follies 35 Co-ed Ball 45 Junior Prom 3. CHARLES PRATHER Latin Clubg National Forensic League5 Future Teachers5 Thespians5 National Honor Society 4. CHARLES PRIOR STEVEN PROPP MILDRED PROUD Madrigal5 State Music Festival. JANE RIDGEWAY Thespians 3, 45 Future Secretaries 3, 45 Big Sisters 45 Junior Follies 3. BARBARA RIGHTMIRE Big Sisters 45 Madrigal 1, 25 Junior Follies 35 National Honor Society 4. BILL RILEY All-State Swimmer fNew RecordJ5 Footballg Swimming5 Trackg Madri- gal5 Quartet. BETTY RISSLER Big Sisters 4. ELIZABETH ROBERTSON National Honor Society 3, 45 Girls, State 35 Spanish Club5 Future Secre- taries 4, President5 Cheerleader 3, 45 Student Council5 Girls' League Coun- cil 35 Gusher Staff5 Mustang Queen Attendant 45 National Quill and Scroll 4. SHIRLEY JOYCE ROBEY Pep Club 2, 3, 45 National Quill and Scroll5 Big Sisters 45 Rifle Team 35 Marching Band 2, 3, 45 Drum Quin- tette 45 Junior Follies 35 Gusher Staff 2, 3, 45 Orientation Tea 2. SANDRA RODGERS Big Sisters 45 Future Secretaries. JUDY ROGERS National Forensic League 2, 3, 45 Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 45 Future Teachers 3, 4, Vice President 45 Latin Club 35 Big Sisters 45 Junior Follies 35 Orientation Tea 2. PAUL ROMANGO LUELLA JANE ROSE Kaycee High School. JOHN ROSZEL Cheyenne High School. JOHN ROUSSALIS Boys' State 35 Thespians 4, Treasurer 45 National Forensic League 35 Radio Guild 4, President 45 Future Teachers 45 Madrigal 2, 3, 4, President 3, 49 Class President 25 Class Vice President 3, 45 Student Council 45 National Honor Society 4. LOUIS S. ROUSSALIS English Club 3, 4, Vice President 45 Latin Club 15 Madrigal5 Thespians I5 Radio Guild 25 Crack Drill Squad 35 Color Guard 25 Junior Follies 35 Bar- ber Shop Quartet. BARBARA SANFORD Big Sisters 4. BEN SANTISTEVAN Intramural Basketball KAY SATTERFIELD Madrigal 3, 4. PHILIP SAXTON VIOLA SAYLOR Junior Follies 35 Big Sisters 4. ELAINE SCHAEFER Big Sisters 45 Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 45 Triple Trio 3, 45 Junior Follies 35 Co-ed Ball 4. BENARD L. SCHERCK "C" Club 3, 45 Thespians 45 Swim- ming I, 2, 3, 45 Track 45 All-State Swimming Team 2, 35 Band 1, 25 Marching Band 1, 25 ROTC Band 2, 35 Junior Follies 35 Oil Man for a Day 4. CLARK SCHILLING WALTER SCHNEIDER 'v ' CLAYTON EDWARD SCHOLTZ. Junior Prom 3. CHAROLETTE ANN SCHULZ Big Sisters 45 Thespiansg Junior Fol- lies 3. CAROL SCHWABROW Future Nurses 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Big Sisters 45 Marching Band 1, 2, 35 Concert Band 1, 2, 35 All-State Band 25 Junior Prom 35 Girls' State 35 Gusher Staff 45 National Quill and Scroll 4. ROGER SEALOCK LAWRENCE SEELIGER Football 1, 25 Basketball 15 Madrigal 15 Junior Follies 3. BETTY SUE SENSINTAFFAR Girls' State 35 Girls' League Council 3, 45 National Quill and Scroll 3, 45 English Club 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Gusher Staff 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom 35 Homeroom Representative 1, 25 Orien- tation Tea 2, 3, 4. SALLY JO SESSOMS Future Nurses 3, 45 Big Sisters 45 Radio Guild 35 Glee Club 1, 25 Orien- tation Tea 25 Junior Follies 3. MAX LEROY SHAW Marching Band 1, 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 ROTC Band 3, 45 Assembly Band 2, 3, 45 Oil Man for a Day 4. GERALDINE LOUISE SHERMAN Southwestern Bible Institute, Waxa- hachie, Texas. KEN SHERWIN Footballg "C" Club 4. JOANNE SHIPMAN Future Secretaries5 Big Sisters 4. MARLENE SHOROW Future Teachers 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Thespians 45 Big Sisters 45 GAA 1, 2, 35 Junior Follies 3. S . . . JAN SHREFFLER Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Big Sisters 45 Radio Guild 35 Girls' League Council 35 National Forensic League 1, 2. KENNETH SHUGART LEE ANN SIEBKEN Pep Club 35 Spanish Club 25 Glee Club 25 Orientation Tea 2. NORMA SIMPSON National Honor Society 3, 45 New- comers' Club 25 Future Teachers 3, 45 Future Secretaries 3, 4, Recording Sec- retary 35 Big Sisters 45 Gusher Staff 45 Junior Follies 35 National Quill and Scroll 4. HAROLD SIMS EDDIE SIXBERRY JANICE RUTH SIZEMORE Junior Follies 3. COLEEN SMITH Newcomers' Club 15 Alliance High School 15 Future Secretaries 45 Big Sisters 45 Junior Follies 3. DANNY SMITH Cody High School 1, 2, 3. GEORGE EDWARD SMITH "C" Club 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 35 Foot- ball 35 All-State 2, 35 Madrigal 2, 3. NANCY LUELLA SMITH Future Nurses 1, 2, 3, 45 Newcomers' Club 15 Radio Guild 45 Future Secre- taries 35 Big Sisters 45 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Follies 3. PATRICIA A. SMITH Newcomers' Club 35 Future Secretaries 45 Blackfoot, ldaho5 National Honor Society 4. VERNON SMITH BRUCE SNELL JERRY CHARLES SODEMAN Spanish Club5 "B" Squad Basketball5 Reserves5 Intramural Basketball. RALPH SORENSEN Future Teachers5 "C" Club5 Football 3, 45 Basketball 3, 4. ROBERT STICKLES LOIS STORY DON STOUT Seminar for Scientific Research5 Na- tional Honor Society 4. NANCY SUTHER Worland High School l, 2, 35 National Honor Society 45 Newcomers' Club 45 Thespians 45 Big Sisters 45 Gusher Staff 45 National Quill and Scroll 4. TED SWAN Latin Club 1, 2, 35 Chess Club 25 Swimming 1, 25 Intramural Basketball 1, 25 Madrigal 2, 35 Christmas Pa- geant 35 Junior Follies 35 Junior Prom 35 National Quill and Scroll 45 Gusher Staff 4. ROGER SYBRANT Chess Club. JANELLE TERRIERE Future Secretaries 3, 45 Big Sisters 45 'Co-ed Ball 4. GERALD TETER Chess Club5 Latin Club5 Concert Band5 Marching Band. SANDRA THOMAS Big Sisters 4. VIRGINIA THOMAS Laurel, Montanag Newcomers' Club 3, 4 5 Band 3, 4. MACK TIPTON 5 "C" Club 3, 45 Future Teachers 3, 45 "B" Squad Football 15 Varsity Foot- ball 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 25 Track 2. MICHAEL TIPTON 5 English Club5 Future Teac ersy "C" Club5 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Foo I all 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Boys' State 35 QC." Fights 15 'National Honor Socie W A A . 195 SHIRLEY TUCKER National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary 4, National Forensic League 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Secretary 3, Radio Guild 3, Junior Follies 3, Co-Editor of Annual 4, Student Council 4, Semi- Finalist in National Scholarship Con- test, National Quill and Scroll 4. WILLIAM UNANGST Christmas Pageant 2, Cross Country 2, 3, Wrestling 2, Gusher Staff 4. RENATA URY National Honor Society 3, 4, Future Teachers 4, Big Sisters 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior 'Follies 3, Gusher Staff 4, National Quill and Scroll 4. SANDRA WAATTI Future Teachers 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Radio Guild 2, 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, Big Sisters 4, Orien- tation Tea 2, Cheerleader 4, Junior Follies 3, Director Junior Prom 3, National Honor Society 4. JAMES FELTON WALKER ROTC Band 1, 2, 3, Junior Prom 3, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Swing 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 3, 4. SIDNEY A. WALLINGFORD Seminar for Scientific Research, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Brass Sextette, National Quill and Scroll 4. 6552. yy Eiviirg Iwi , 4 0 0 JACKLYN WALTERS Alma, Nebraska 1, 2, Newcomers' Club 3, Big Sisters 4, Band 3, 4, Madrigal 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, National Honor Society 4. CLYDE WATERS Rustlers 3, 4. DON WATSON National Honor Society 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Future Professionals 4, Radio Guild 3, Orchestra 2. .IUANITA WATSON Future Secretaries, Big Sisters 4. GARY WEEKS Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. GARY WELL ROBERT WHILE Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Basketball Band 2, 3, 4, ROTC Band 2, 3, 4, Assembly Band 2, 3, 4. ROBERT WHITMAN KAREN WIGGINS Russell, Kansas 1, 2, 3, Big Sisters 4, Future Secretaries 4, Thespians 4, Na- tional Honor Society 4. CHUCK WILCOX JACK W. WILHELM RICHARD J. WILLIAMS Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Assembly Band 2, 3, 4, Woodwind Quintet 2, Brass Sex- tette 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Basketball Band 1, 2, 3, 4, ROTC Band l, 2, 3, 4, All- School Play 4. Il - x f , I strg IRENE WILLIAMSON National Honor Society 3, 4, National Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Future Secre- taries 3, 4, President 3, Secretary 4, Big Sisters 4, President, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Gusher Staff 4, Swing Band 3, Triple Triple Trio 4, Madrigal 2, 3, 4, Girls' League Council 4. SHARRON ALBERTA WILSON Big Sisters 4, Spanish Club 2, Future Secretaries 3, 4, Madrigal 2, 3, 4, Christmas Pageant 2, Orientation Tea 2. SHIRLEY WINGERTER Future Secretaries 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Orientation Tea 2. RICHARD WIRCH FRED WOLTER HERMAN R. WOLTER GENIE WOOD Outstanding Majorette Award 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Radio Guild 3, Future Nurses 2, 3, 4, Madri- gal 2, 3, 4, Triple Trio 4, Twirling 1, 2, 3, 4, Head Majorette 4, Girls' League Council 4, Secretary, Junior Follies 3. WAYNE WOOD DUANE WOODARD Cortez, Colorado. SHARON WRIGHT Future Secretaries, Newcomers' Club. JOANNE YANT English Club 4, Big Sisters 4, Future Teachers, Orchestra 1, 2, Madrigal 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3. D l DE YLRB5 C E F! DA T REALL9 Beano GREAT g ox - B HQ P5VC.HOLOC5v UOITH bk 5 Hou i Cverrnmb T0 Know You. , 1 umwr TO WISH You ALL. - THE HAPPINESS J'succeaS5' uQ QED- Tw-ve. uoorLn.1:, rr HRS ggafo ra. ' X ' ' Q RE-.AL DLEASUQE Kmowvue SQCH if 3 R QJOOD-LDOKIIQ' GAL RS xjguu x - ' , 5 ' kung 2' U- ckfff'-"-QM0 C'?a.l M5 :ffGw441M QW-P ,4,.H 1 . JFMQWW PJ'5J'f"'Q"'E - I WWWM WMM M ,qi Qjlagffywjjz Uifml M MJ if J Mfwf? fi? of A .

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