Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY)

 - Class of 1955

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Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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1.1 la-.xl , - W, - . , W- - ,I i-- r ig ..'y::,L-, .4 . I x I . 21 An iff . ' x, 9 1. ' ' L,- H Mx , ,V ,-Y, Miki - w , ' sl'- ,. ze,-,m-. Fir . , Q. N A ., X V lfffa Lf . I. , A , . v y-k"E3ir:, Lil' :HT ' X -. A-Q ,,',,.,..y ,1- - -aux nv ' L ' " vt? 31:5 - " '-' " .'-' y,:1g" . ' 1' , 8 ,,lV' A x i kb -all NA -V 'rtfui 1 , , . fl., --I 'f..l?va5,'i1 .- 21 'rr f - V . 1 I . ' ' V- ,, L J, ,,. .,. . , , J 1 , V7. .., 5. '-.- ' " '1 " vu , - - A V-w Qs- , 5 'H' ""T":..1f.ij- 1 7 --iv " , ' , ' ' f- " ,, " W P: -. ' '-.125 -1' f ri, f W ,L -V .-,-L2 - . 'f 1. U K - . . ,nn ,-5,5 A Y -, t ,.f!5., 1,-3, -Q,-L..Ai ', -V ., 1 . ' ., 4 EL-.51 I 1 1 ' 1 - P X . x .1 ' .' - -- ,. - .r 'EJQi'i4-.L+ 5:55:42-W .Shia-mist? f. -, QM , I ww M - R513 iiiffjfww M91 lp H 57 THE '55 MMM NATRONA COUNTY HIGH SCHOCL CASPER, WYOMING w 1 3 Qs 4' PQ ' .4 . s I 4. ' . ,Q ' Y lf N . , , , '-1 if '- ' M"" " a Zf'i1ZEffJ1f . H 1 A. " ' Q - A ' "N 4 ' . ' 'M ' . . ' . ,.., - ' ug, . - N f Wi g ' .fi ,' xl .3 ag? f S- I . 4 5 x I , , 52 Y - - A ' M I A ' - f n Q , . ,fi H if ' 'L' " ,Wifi .L - N ' ' Y . 1 3 I g f ,Viei- L-'. ...L 4 Q, Q - -K fu ,, W -:gag ' we f Q " 'X ' if Z 3 vi? 7122. - Y I 1, N 'A a - 1 M 4, V w K .fx It V nf Q T H-' If ff an ai AA f':+,T', I 5 K x -wi an ' . Q 3' it gk N Q G, . ...W- +f"f 15"'.1' , ,Q3,.y-' T. 1 . -1 y , - ' . 4: A ,ML ,, 5 . ,Ja qua:-ru-n Q z f -- . W, , .. -v V ., V... 1 A ,XX ' o L'-:1 i 1 6 ,A 4. n g' mv w uf? -,N , -, , M. A li.. z A. ww-, we , ,,w.4ifgi,.-psf 4, .4 , ' ' I iwgsfzzfw' J-my - i -- fa-me-.X-M .....-.-. A-main. I. wavvdf- sk - .. W4-aw' ,QW Ai'f'2u,,i H52 jp, . , M' Yizifn ish" Nv- ef gbsvgzjzsss ' H . l - --VA S 7441645 SEPTEMBER- OCTOBER ......... 1 Administration .... -- 8 Highlights ...., ,,,K-, 1 4 Freshmen E. , so 15 NOVEMBER- DECEMBER .... E. ..,. 45 Highlights ss,.s ,.ss,, 4 8 Juniors ,,,.ss,,, ,,,,,, 4 9 Vocal Music s-,.,,,., 68 In Memoriam .. .,., 70 JANUARY- FEBRUARY- MARCH .,,..-....s .o...os.. , , 71 Instrumental Music 8 80 Highlights ......,.. 8 , 84 Sophomores .. 85 APRIL- MAY- JUNE ........ .lO7 Seniors ......... , .1 ii Advertisers ...., A . i 47 606 0 Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring: This is the story ot your school year as it happened, month by month, sea- son by season. lt is the story of your Prom, your pep assemblies, your foot- ball team, your sessions with Caesar and Cicero, and your struggles through shorthand and business law. Most ac- tivities are listed in chronological or- der. Because of the freshman's early fall bewilderment at the maze of halls in N.C.H.S., the production of the all important Follies in November by the members of the junior class, or the senior's glory at commencement time, the classes too are filed according to the months in which they held the spotlight. In addition, you will find th a t throughout the MUSTANG oc- casional references are made to the of em currenT song hiT, The Rose Bowl cham- pion, The Tad of The day, or The Pres- idenT's accomplishmenTs in Washing- Ton. This is The TirsT Time ThaT a Touch of currenT evenTs has been added To The regular copy of your MUSTANG. IT is hoped ThaT because of Those al- lusions, in years hence you will be able To recall more vividly The hap- penings of T954 and l955. Yes, This is your T955 MUSTANG, yours To enioy boTh The day iT is re- leased and for years To come. And iT is The mosT sincere wish of each and every member of The MUSTANG sTaTT ThaT because of The liberTies we have Taken wiTh The sTory of ,your school year, This annual will mean much more To you Than does The ordinary year- book. Www From left to right: Geary Prugh, photographers assistant: John Kukura, assistant business manager: Jim Walker, photographer's assistant: Frances F. Feris, co-sponsor: Mary Bunce, editor: David Gregorich, photographer: Gaye Wehrli, photographer: Gwendolyn Hill, co-sponsor: Marcia Callister, copy editor: and Ruth Carlson, printer. Mary Bunce Csittingl editor, is consulting with the business staff: Marilyn Hawkins, advertising assistant: and Bill lserman, business m anage ,, 745 Smff ,,,--c"'wlW Here the MUSTANG staff of 1954-55 is pictured in its own private domain, the darkroom. Among the confusions of film holders, enlargers, and paper cutters, pictures were developed, print- ed, enlarged, and cropped. Here the acl pages were set up and the copy was written and edited. We utilized the seasons, for in the summer we planned, in the fall we set up the dummy, -in the winter we accumulated our pictures and copy, and in the spring we met our last deadline. At the Journalism Conference at the University of Wyoming, the MUSTANG was proud to receive the following awards: first places for copy and pho- tography, a second place for the fea- ture section, and runner-up place for all-round production. WNY!-eq' H- 3 W ,QQ 3- From left to right: Mrs. K. D. Knapp, Mrs, Morgan Davis Mr David Foote Sr Mr David Kidd M C H Thompson, Mr. E. A. Swedenborg, and Dr. William Hart Sedan! gown! Each school year finds seven hard working people doing much for us behind the scenes. Many times we forgot to say "Thank you" to those men and women serving our community unselfishly without remunera- tion. The problems of 1954 seemed terrific: providing for a heavy enrollment beginning to be felt seriously in the high school, an increased building program, finding enough money to run the schools, buying cot- tages in subdivisions, arranging for new kindergartens, setting up new rooms in the old iunior high building, and providing new classes for us high school people. Fall, winter, spring, and summer these folks stayed on the iob. For ourselves and for all those for whom they provided in the years to come, we say, "A iob well done." Mrs. Knapp of the School Board discusses the high school parking problem with Scott Bertagnole and Chuck Dill. S. KELLY WALSH, B.A., M.S. High School Principal Colorado State College of Education University of Idaho DEAN C. MORGAN, B.S., M.A Superintendent of Schools University of Wyoming Springfield College Bottom row: Betsy Crowell, Linda Merritt, Nancy Davis, Phyllis Angevine, Karen Lewis, Whit- ney Stevens. Second row:, Marcia Callister, Liz Robertson, Mary Sue Baker, Betty Sue Sensintaffar, Debbie Nichols, Julie Baker, Mary Kay Kingham. Top row: Sandy Dickensheets, Susan Pace, Pat Mangan, Edo Hanna, Connie Atwood, Joyce Williams, Carole Danielson. W' The Girls' League Council, as the governing body of the girls of N.C.H.S., began the school year by adopting several new uniform regulations which they hoped would set a precedent for the succeeding years. The girls helped the Big Sisters welcome the Little Sisters by co-sponsoring the Co-Ed Ball. As soon as the football season was over the Football Ball, DEEP PURPLE, was given in honor of the schools' football heroes. The girls acted as es- corts and paid all the bills. JULIE BAKER Girls' Vice President President, Girls' League An innovation was a tea with gay autumn trimmings given for the mothers of the council members. In addition the group distributed bas- kets of food among needy families at Thanksgiv- ing, Christmas, and Easter. The Council achieved a successful year with the aid of Mrs. Barbara Scifers, sponsor. RAY ALLEN Student Body President During the fall came the formation of the Stu- dent Council, the governing body of the school. From a small group of people elected in the spring-student body president, girls' vice presi- dent, boys' vice president, secretary, and treasurer -the numbers were augmented by representa- tives from the MUSTANG, the GUSHER, the Mili- tary Department and the officers and representa- tives from the four classes. The Council took under advisement several changes such as the election fo the Mustang Queen by the members of the football team, choice of a Prom Queen by the student body, Bottom row: Jim Watters, Larry Samuelson, Russell Donley, John Buchanan. Second row Dorothy Gamble, Julie Baker, Patty Samuelson, Donna Clegg, Kitty Sue Burridge, Mary .lo Begley, Mary Bunce. Top row: Mr. Boyles, Ray Allen, Grant Clark, Jerry Cronen, Larry Johnson and sending back policy and information to the student body through home room representatives. Homecoming was an event of the autumn sea- son. The Council arranged for the crowning of the Queen in the assembly, and they inaugurated a parade made colorful by the cars of the Queen and her attendants, the float of the Pep Club, the band marching in their blue and gold uniforms, and the boys from the military department. To pep the student body for the homecoming qame with Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the Council sponsored a bonfire celebration. The kindled spirit paid off: we defeated the Warriors 14-7. The beginning of the school year, 1954 saw a new sponsor in charge-Mr. Grant Boyles, taking the place of Mr. Walter Kingham who resigned from the school staff in the spring. BARBARA N. SCIFERS, B.A. Dean of Girls University of Montana Portland State College University of Oregon Sponsor, Girls' League and Future Teachers Bottom row: Maude Joslyn, BUSINESS OFFICE, Stella Russell, BUSINESS OFFICE. Second row: Catherine Wilson, PAYROLL CLERK AND BOOKKEEPER, Martha Mar- tin, BUSINESS OFFICE, Nora Ringle, MANAGER OF BOOKS AND SUPPLIES. NELL KIMBALL Attendance Clerk GRANT BOYLES, B.A. Vocational Co-ordinator Casper Junior College University of Wyoming Sponsor, Student Council WALTER SAVAGE, B.S., M.S. Business Manager University of Wyoming University of Washington University of California OTHILIE C. JACK Secretary to the Superintendent Two of our stern truant officers, Mr. Reese and Mr. Morgan, working after hours at taking tickets for a football game. PEARL BURNS Registrar MYRTLE MCCALLUM Head of School Health Department St. Luke's Hospital, Boise, ldaho University of Chicago University of California Sponsor, Future Nurses EDITH HEGWER, B.A., B.S. Head Librarian Wells College University of Minnesota ROSE MARY MALONE, B.A., M.A. Library College of St. Catherine University of Minnesota University of Denver WILLIAM REESE, B.A., M.A Vice-Principal Dickinson College Washingtond Lee University University of Wyoming E eq ss! 1' if ., i , , .K 1 ' , ,x Q 5 , S sy 5' 'K s 1 1 '- , A , -f .. L -A gf 2 2 ' FS i i IX 5 Z I it Y 11 A . 1 F 3 X' 1 di! WW'-N: ' ' 4,45 M40 ,7?54 Top left: At the Coed Ball, Ronna and Donna McKinzie did a bang up good job of providing enter- tainment. Top center: Tryouts for cheerleaders were held, with many respondents including Shirley Hopkins. Top right: Senior class president, Larry Johnson, gives frightened Freshmen the evil eye in the Senior- Frosh assembly. Bottom: Time flew, and in the latter part of October the 7954 Mustang Queen, Donna Mills, was crowned. She is shown above with her court. Q? SN I. lt's always embarrassing to be asked to do a board problem in Miss Walker's Freshman Algebra class which you should have done the night before, and didn't. '7 ln September, 1954 MUSKRAT RAMBLE was making its way toward the top of the Hit Parade, President Ei- senhower was still at the summer White House in Den- ver, and a new class of freshmen arrived at N.C.H.S. Promising in every field, they elected Larry Samuelson as president, Mike Hanna as vice president, and Bill Ford as secretary-treasurer. They sent Kitty Sue Burridge to the Student Council as their class representative. Along in October Mr. R. S. Hicks, former Supt. of Schools, gave several inspiring talks to both upper and under classmen, the Giants won the pennant, and Larry Samuelson took complete responsibility for the Homecoming bonfire. Nancy Davis, Karen Lewis, Whit- ney Stevens, and Phyllis Angevine were chosen for the Girls' League Council. During these first two months of school several, including Carol Dugan, Dan Casteel, and Judy Ellen Best, began careers as debaters while Ernie Truiillo, Denny Grant, and Brock Hileman were helping the "B" squad win many of their football games. At the Freshman Recognition Assembly, "Truth or Corpsequencesf' in a setting of tombstones and skele- tons, they proved their worth as amateur entertainers, foretelling an excellent Follies for 1956. Freshmen members of the Girls' League Council, Karen Lewis, Phyllis Angevine, Nancy Davis, pour at the Council's Mother-Daughter tea. .KEY ' 'x DQ! "-Qs"7'ni" equal W 'Saul .Q-.nn v-eabwhwm ff Qui QUE? if h gg' J A . 5? K an F, 1 ffl? K ,h.1 J! , 1, JJ , My. h ' 7 if ie, '945f 5g5, , 'fig Q ' 45 9 1 A522 Q .QR H 1l ' P' V Mf4w ,fs1ff..i2- e+f g5 Q A .vf .Q ' k :Q V 1 A, , 4 xg gf, A. ffgx A I: t . 6 55, L W YL? 5-Q if J My , ' ,4 lf A5157 ,. Y, + 'wg Q A I al ,if I ,. LV wg my 3. ,L f' Q' 4- 4 ,QV N! 'W ,Jil Above, left: Larry Samuelson, Freshman class president Right: Vice President, Mike Hanna. Below, left: Freshman representative, Kitty Sue Burridge Right: Secretary-Treasurer, Bill Ford. 52 fr f X f Q i il NN if Bottom row: Adkison, Eleanor, Atack, Jean, Aylor, Donna, Angevine, Phyllis, Alsup, Jill,. Archuleta, Rene, Allison, Patricia, Allen, Janet. Second row: Best, Judy Ellen, Buchta, Linda, Bristow, Mary, Bridges, Mary, Burridge, Kitty Sue, Barrett, Timmy, Browning, Betty, Bennett, Connie. Third row: Bost- wick, Gary, Bruce, Dick, Blakely, Bob, Babcock, Charles, Alsup, Jack, Anderson, Dean, Brothers, Jeanne. Top row: Burton, Jim, Anderson, Richard, Baldwin, Brady, Bolles, Bob, Boyd, Bill, Anderscln, Mickey. i 7 i BILL WM. ANDERSON, A.B. English Nebraska State Teachers College l Y inquiring freshman girls get acquainted with lxhelpful Selma Cromwell as the customs of N.C.H.S. are ex- ' plained at the Orientation Tea. , l Marie Bissacca and Darlene Cocking show by means of slides the righls and wrongs of the high school uniform. Bottom row: Battelle, Sandra, Brewer, Terry, Bishop, Darlene, Black, Rita, Bragg, Lauralee, Bernier Benita, Benneif, Joan, Berger, Marie. Second row: Byer, Bonnie, Burgess, Sheila, Brown, Judy, Bohannon Carol, Bailey, Judy, Beck, Sue, Bell, Pat, Bachlef, Gayle. Third row: Brenner, Dick, Barber, Gene, Bell Barbara, Budd, Rose Marie, Bunney, Rodney, Brown, Rickie, Bayless, Dave. Top row: Bertagnole, Leland Brown, Mike, Bressler, Larry, Brew, Jimmy, Bullington, Marvin, Ball, Stan, Bland, Eddie. LESA IOWANA WASHENFELDER, B.5. English University of Oklahoma r Bottom row: Cooper, Sue, Conner, Carol, Collins, Donna, Cook, Jean, Cooper, Betsy, Crawford, Carolyn, Currence, Jean, Crabtree, Maureen. Second row: Carlisle, Bonnie, Castleman, Sue, Chism,1Karen, Clark, Judy, Costello, Dixie, Chorney, Dian, Christopher, Mary. Third row: Church, Orren, Crow, i!Burt, Culvert, Chuck, Curtis, Terry, Caves, Jim, Crane, Gary, Cox, Jim. Top row: Corkill, Clyde, Corkill, Cleo, Campton, Gary, Cook, Cody, Conclelario, Roy, Carroll, Jan, Casteel, Dan, Carter, Bob. if T sy CAROL SCHMELZELL N Home Economics avg North Dakota State College Big Sisters Co-Sponsor , Freshman Linda Pummill, Karen Lewis, Nancy Long, an Nancy Erwin schoolbound on an early fall morning. Bottom row: Davis, Nancy, Doll, Georgia, Dugan, Carol, Downie, Evelyn, Deru, Pat, Donald, Betty, Dillman, Kay, Day, Loydaine. Second row: Colgin, Bill, Cotter, Ronnie, Campbell, Steve, Dykeman, Beverly, Dick, Marcia, Daniels, Dorine, Davis, Bonnie. Third row: Colman, Bill, Corson, Roger, Dobby, Don, Connor, Bob, Dyck, Marvin, Daniels, Kenny, Dockham, Chuck. Top row: Cole, Phillip, Chipps, Levi, Campbell, David, Darnall, Richard, De Mars, Bill, Cantrell, Don, Doscher, Don. HAROLD W. GELDlEN, B.S. IVA MAE MYERS, B.S General Science English University of Wyoming Hastings College Football, Basketball, Wrestling WFQK Bottom row: Forsberg, Harriet, Fox, Mary, Fowler, Irma, Erwin, Nancy, Engdahl, Loretta, Ellis, Eileen, Evans, Judy. Second row: Fitzgerald, Sheila, Frifts, Dorothy, Funk, Linda, Fake, Dianne, Freeman, Marie, Freeman, Sandra, Force, Pat. Third row: Furse, Tommy, Drevescraft, John, Ellis, Milce, Dugan, Don, Edwards, Lynn, Doty, Steve, Edwards, Bob, Easton, Terry. Top row: Fuson, David, Foutch, George, Davis, Ron, Fraser, Bob, Christman, Fred, Daily, Wyne, Dodds, Donald. LEONARD L. BRAKKE, B.A. Mathematics University of Colorado the decorations forthe Co-Ed Ball. ,Q It looks as though Connie Boyles, Sue l-lavill, Joan Watters, and Dixie Costello were entirely pleased with 7' Yfml, 1 Q Bottom row: Gernert, Ann, Gibbs, Catherine, Golden, Donna, Gochenour, Barbara, Gerlock, Shirley, Goff Jackie, Garriott, Shirley. Second row: Ellis, Bob, Evans, Dean, Evans, Elmer, Gage, Ellen, Gallington Gayle, Gordon, Patsy, Gillum, Shirley. Third row: Gist, Richard, Fox, Francis, Grable, Allen, French Doug, Fields, Dick, Friesen, Jim, Griffin, David, Engle, Billy. Top row: Gilkison, Terry, Fulton, Tom Ford, Bill, Freezer, Jerry, Garriott, Charles, Garner, Jack, Felton, Bill, Foster, Ron. DONNA J. HEISE Girls' Physical Education University of Colorado University of Minnesota Sponsor of Cheerleaders Upperclass Patsy Ramsey and Connie Knapp are defi- nitely not so worried about dance steps as beginner Kitty Sue Burridge. E 1-V we uw 1 L - . ' " , ,, ,V f , s i L D , I , 5:-wf s . L 1:5 ' R , 4 fi 4 it tb 2 f M . ,Q is. :as 2 ' Y , 5 1 '12 7' R ' ' , , 5 Qi i L L L ,ao - Q, L 'V A A r S .. .K K VA Q t E Q 1 .Q-ies, fm! 1 ,S ,ans 11-nv. , . 'rw f Q2 4 ...serv ' L if M - as 8, s -1' 1 r 2 1 ,, f I '-ie-iff: A X K . - r r f Q 2 n is .5 4 g Bottom row, Hodo, Raymona, Howard, Marie, Hotchkiss, Lanice, Hollinger, Ruth, Hollinger, Margo, Hinthorn, Martha, Havill, Sue. Second row: Harbaugh, Laura, Harvey, Mary Ellen, Heatley, Alita, Hornbeck, Kay, Hoffman, Charline, Hamar, Lynda, Hufsmith, Nancy. Third row, Hanselmann, Fred, Harsh, Tom, Grant, Danny, Gustafson, Kenny, Higgins, Charles, Henning, Ronald, Goodmen, Joe, Houston, Bill. Top row: Hawk, James, Hull, Niles, Herman, Ronald, Hack, LeRoy, Hanna, Mike, Hileman, Brock, Grant, Denny, Gardner, Dick. WANDA WALTERS, B.S. Head, Department of Home Economics Ohio State University Martha Hinthorne and Judy Brown do a tricky nurhber t as their "corpsequence" for Senior-Freshman Day. ' t . x .J Q '75 tat., f .K ' 4' . 5 A ' K4 5 'ir' Bottom row: Holder, Margie, Kersting, Edna, Huffman, Sandy, Higginbotham, Dorthy, Haskett, Sharon, Hawkes, Joan, Hobza, Sharon. Second row: Hutchison, Marian, Knapp, Judy, Judkins, Sharon, Jones Leota, Jones, Jere, Johnson, Sandra, Jenkins, Connie. Third row: King, Wendell, Knudtson, Ronny Kuhn, John, Jones, Larry, Joseph, Bob, Jepson, Merle, Johnson, Tom, Johnson, Mike. Top row: Korfanta, Garth, Kirby, Bob, Kunkel, Ben, Knight, Fritz, Jozwik, Francis, Kaper, Bill, Johnson, Thomas, Jamerman Jay. sa 1 1' if tl ache THE 1. 1 ' . ' - -Qillf' M ,Y 5 . , ., s 3 R fda. 13,1 311' :' fy -ng-east ' A 1 'ffszw , s :"i,1.,?f V- H -Kg S 4: QS 51 2 - r 1, ,. - -jg l , .w ,l 5 Qx X af 'iv tr -t , ,Q ,. -- 5 'I ,M rY.i'7f' . ' . . 4,4 2- tifaggtia- M. . .w .".f-Wg' ' - gk fi . not-s J M ELSIE MICHALKE, B.S., M.S. Girls' Physical Education Michigan State Normal College University of Michigan On Senior-Frosh Day, reluctant Larry Samuelson is forked to the stage by that senior devil, Jim Watters. jr! A it W fir! ,fe if , as r! , ,Liv .JSA 2 1 1 J Y l ,Q i 5 L A ' Al.,p5f , V 'Qui '. in E -4 f- I -Kv- V F ' Y , I K I 5 xx ew 4 . V1 , is A '7 , - , i In we H i Zi if if A L X, Bottom row: Lewis, Anita, Latham, Jo, Lamb, Marilyn, Lytle, Helen, Lefler, Judy, Kiser, Carol, Kerby Reita, Klevgaard, Mary Ann, Second row: Lucas, Sharon, Lukowiak, Nellie, Lewis, Karen, Layman, Joan Laney, Linda, Long, Nancy, Lagos, Vicky, LaMont, Donna, Lummus, Betty. Third row: Liming, Jack Larramendy, Mike, Luoma, Jack, Lallatin, Jerry, Latfimer, Bill, Loghry, Duane, Miller, Chuck. Top row Manning, Carol, Maxwell, Victor, Larramendy, Jean, Lacy, Thomas, Laske, Lue, Freel, Mirle. l ALICE WALKER, B.A., M.A. NANCY RYMILL, B.A. Mathematics Mathematics Universiiy of Denver University of Wyoming Sponsor, Cheerleaders l l l l 6 Q, 1 b q , 'F C .i-E ff Bottom row: Moore, Barbara, Mercer, Linda, Miller, Connie, Link, Yvonne, Martin, Marilyn, Milligan, Charlotte, Mount, Pat, Martin, Donna. Second row: Mitchell, Dorothy, McMillen, Karen, McKinney, Jane, Matzke, Clara, Mclntosh, Joyce, Moore, Corinne, McHattie, Dorothy. Third row: Masek, Tommy, Milender, Jim, Murphy, Joe, Miller, Melvin, Myers, Kenneth, McCaghren, Bill, McGowan, Phillip. Top row: McNees, Earl, McMahon, Jerry, Martin, Bob, Manor, Lynn, McCann, Ralph, Mayo, Walt. iw A x x i W . KENNETH CHEELEY, B.A., M.S. JAMES MESSIMER, 8.5. Football Coach Industrial Arts University of Illinois Armed Forces lnstitute University of Wyoming nj . S 3-Q' ,, l r Q, ,X . 5 , J ll' ' " l l l ,twin , L I K, Q , Q,- ,rl c fi t,,c a 9 1 J iiwif l ' l M ' f it iq , 1 N - r Y ll 6 , ' l i Bottom row: Mora, Patsyg Nussbeck, Laura, Nicholson, Buellahg Niethammer, Nancy, Netzloff, Lee Ann, Meredith, Laura, Meade, Patty, Mclntosh, Norma. Second row: O'Connor, Miriam, Menzies, Carol, Mowrer, Ron, McKin, Jerry, Metz, David, McCarthy, Pat, McNamara, Janis. Third row: McDaniel, Rex: Ortiz, George, Nagel, Bob, Nightwine, Bill, Mclntyre, Dee, McClintock, Jimmy, McClain, Kent, McCrary, Roland. Top row: Nicholson, Edwin, Mayes, Robert, O'Brien, Con, Moulden, Jan, Murrell, Don, Micek, Jerry, Melvin, David. MARGARET SHIDLER, B.S.E. Foreign Languages Central Missouri State Teachers College Did that return tie the score, Linda Mercer and Dianne Fake? 1 i . - . .av P gb 3 ff Bottom row: Perry, Rose, Painter, Rose, Pomeroy, Doris, Pierce, Sylvia, Parent, Shirley, Page, Dixie, Pebbles, Leora. Second row: Rosales, Clemencia, Pummill, Linda, Rodgers, Maureen, Price, Jeanne, Peach Mary, Parkin, Anita, Parker, Patti, Pike, Donna. Third row: Plough, Mickey, Plager, Jim, Ruttinger, Patricia, Rogers, Judy, Pansze, Art, Porter, Myron, Piel, Marvin, Palmer, David. Top row: Pierce, Jimmy Pomrenke, Nick, Paul, Jess, Potter, Dave, Pettipiece, Jim, Pearson, Keith, Prugh, Geary. I Q . i st 5' Wll.LlAM L. WELLS, B.S., M.A. Foreign Languages University of California University of Colorado Colorado State Teachers College Picking flowers in Mr. Morgan's courtyard is strictly prohibited. Take notice, freshmen Gail Swanson and Doris Pomeroy. wa sw, ss, :- fe ,f s Bottom row: Rendahl, Rudena, Rice, Dorothy, Regan, Dorothy, Rivera, Frances, Reeves, Nandy, Rissler, Patsy, Roberts, Re1a. Second row: Spargus, Pat, Simpson, Alice, Sybrant, lone, Speegle, Joan, Sleizer, Sondra, Streeter, Margaret, Spencer, Claudia, Stringham, Cora, Scown, Susan. Third rowzf Rodgers, Richard, Rodgers, Don, Romango, David, Rightrnire, Don, Reed, Mike, Ryerson, Larry, Reed, John. Top row: Selby, Lawrence, Stroh, Tom, Smith, Dwayne, Robertson, Jim, Sneesby, Doug, Skinner, Dennis, Roo!-cs, L'Ray. W N LOIS K. TARTER, B.A. Foreign Languages University of Wyoming It's a close game for the girls in the freshmaui gym class 1 f ' - i . , . , Y . V 7 'l ' "fi 'a' I is 5 l A Lkkh ' . s e C T tttl i ,,, ,s lii e C T . S , , .. -, - ' ,Q 2- . -SA E ' WR s l' , 1- , ei' , ,. P Qi S 3 t ' " 1 L -, s t , - ,, -I: ' 3 - . K , 1. Q 2 ,41 ,Q v V X N my than f l l A S 5 1? '13 A X si J 'lg L sri, wg, Ya v 'ak M V 2 Y X ef- '1- rs E 5' vw S Xlaiifff sl mg R i iv s f f Q- A at xg fm, -it 1 X 1 ...lg s , GJ w YK ga is qw ,MVK 1 J Q ft-.ik . lv ' if 2, ' Y 4 P- ' Y. i ,Q V X vs 3 l dx , , ' 11 E ta 1 i' ' rm 'lx Ni 7? t 1 W, 'T' .M , st ... ii is 3, , i , Q ' ' W 3 Mi ' f' sis V R X 3, FS Q ' 4 H 25. ll 3 HZ' 1' 4 N PM P 5 'Q if , x .-v , N X 2 , l li s Inf 1 W Q? :li Q J l' as 'Nas 1 'gag T , 'ff' l x X X I 5955 4 4. 3 1 -pu " 4, " f- as u L . vs ,E Bottom row: Scholtz, JoAnn, Shafer, Sandra, Smith, Lorna, Shuster, Linda, Solomon, Georgia, Smith, Pat, Strand, Donna. Second row: Seabeck, Ray, Sutton, Alice, Sederholm, Karen, Salazar, Sam, Smith, Richard, Skogan, Ada Kay, Swanson, Gale. Third row: Simons, Gale, Stiteler, Clyde, Scott, Fred, Smith, Harold, Scheler, Mike, Simpson, Gerald, Selig, Don. Top row, Samuelson, Sammy, Sellers, Ted, Sink, Gary, Spaulding, Lyle, Shaffer, Donald, Satterfield, Darrell, Schulte, Dick. 5- I: .Lf X if if 'S as as Mei' .Q 6' CLIFFORD B. BROWN, B.A., M.A. MILTON BElTEl., B.S. Mathematics 5CfEf1Ce University of Wyoming Northern Illinois State Teachers College Co-Sponsor of Chess Club University of Wyoming .ff f-.1 f s ,. , 5 , - w Bottom row: Stratton, Mary, Standefer, Wanda, Shinbur, Phyllis Schwabrow, Joan, Stadtfeld, Judy, Sasso, Sally, Siebken, Bar- bara. Second row: Swanson, Karen, Stevens, Whitney, Smith Glenda, Tyler, Toby, Vigo, Marcella, Van Scoy, Jackie, Under- wood, Lynn. Third row: Townsend, Sharon, Trout, Winifred i Tappan, Nancy, Turner, Ann, True, Tammie, Tanner, Janice, Todd, Susan. Top row: Valdez, Dennis, Vick, Phil, Triplett, Wayne, Voris, Jack, Talbot, Kirk, Truiillo, Ernie, Turner, Bob, Thornton, Mike. k Top row: Woodward, Mack, Wyatt, Shenrell, Williams, Bob, Willis, Gadis, Youngstrand, Dean, Walker, Fred, Unger, Frank, Wilson, Don Ray. Third row: Ziker, Dick, Zube, Leona, Weide- naar, Judy, Witt, Barbara, Williams, Fred, Wells, John, Wil- liams, John. Second row: Yount, Lois Rey, Yeamans, Mary, Wat- son, Nancy, Waters, Rosalie, Wynand, Judy, Williams, Betty Wassenberg, Sue. Bottom row, Witt, Iris, Welch, Carol, Winger- ter, Rosalie, Walters, Connie, Wolf, Leona,r,Woltersdorf, Janna, Westbrook, Margaret. ' -- in L" KITTY SUE BURRIDGE, Queen WHITNEY STEVENS, Princess BIG SISTERS' OFFICERS Front row: Connie Atwood, president, Billie Sue Buttner, treasurer. Back row: Joyce Williams, secretary, Pat Ramsey, Vice President. E349 wma With the arrival of 253 slightly frightened freshman girls in N.C.H.S. this September, the Big Sisters' organization had a bigger iob than in former years. With one hundred eight senior counselors, the MUSTANG was unable to picture them all. Each senior girl in Big Sisters had two and in some case three little girls to look after. The older girls found dates to the Co-Ed Ball for their little charges, exchanged notes with them on the blackboard in the Girls' League room, and, in general, tried to acquaint the freshmen with the customs and the traditions of the school. The main event of the Big Sisters' year was the Co-Ed Ball, Winter Wonderland, reigned over by Kitty Sue Burridge, Queen, and Whitney Stevens, Prin- cess. 4- f K r .. ,f 15 CO-CAPTAINS RAY MORA CHUCK DUNCAN LARRY JoHNsoN GENE MEYER Wauafq S Many of the faces seen here will be missing from the N.C.H.S. roster next fall, but will be added to the long list of freshman football players at colleges throughout the country. Among these are Grant Clark, Dick Flowers, Ed Grant, Fred Lewis, Bob Johnson, and Gene Meyer. ln spite of their absence, however, the 1955 squad will have a wicked reputation racked up for them by the sophomores and iuniors of this year. Among these underclassmen are all-stater Mike Tipton and a member of the all-state second string, Ray Mora. Also included among the iunior stars was halfback, Hi Gernert. At the end of the season, sophomore Dave Coleman was in the process of ED GRANT DICK FLOWERS l GLEN R,lCHEY VERNE RON SMlTH CLARK HAMLIN gaining a name for himself as a successful con- verter of extra points. SCORES FOR THE 1954 SEASON Casper ....,........ . ......, 31 Billings ...... ....... 1 3 Casper ........ ......., 1 3 Laramie ..,. ...... 2 O Casper ...,.... .,..,... 1 8 Cheyenne ,,.,,.,,,.,. 31 Casper ........ ....... . 20 Rapid City . ,........ 13 Casper ...,.... ....... . 31 Worland ...... - ,.... .33 Casper E....... ....... 4 4 Rock Springs ........ 26 Casper ..... - .....,,......,. 14 Sioux Falls ...... --- 7 Casper ........ ........ 1 3 Scottsbluff ............ O Casper ........ ,...... . 20 Sherican ..., .,..,., 3 3 JERRY CRONIN FRED BILL DAVIS MAX TERRELL JAY EDMISON SKIP DE VAULT JERRY BOLTZ CHUCK TROST DEL WIGHT GEORGE SMITH BOB JOHNSON BOB MARSHALL GEORGE MCFALL JERRY BENSON MIKE TIPTON DON LEE MOORE RAY ALLEN HAP BELL JOHN GOLDTRAP fy I S grimv ' HI GERNERT DAVE COLEMAN RALPH soRENsEN 35 lg, C G! V gy Q K... s E X in- '55 ,, W .g., r l L. P+. Eifffi .X A at fill? .1 in A Cheyenne pass and heads for the goal line. 74455466 Coach Cheeley's grid squad, although having been set back in three or four conference tilts, showed alert and tactful playing throughout the '54 season. Sparked by a potential backfield, the Mustangs took all of their out-of-state meets to up their record to five wins flanked by four losses. From the beginning conference loss to Laramie, Casper was bettered by all the teams in the state with the exception of Rock Springs whom we trounced in a 44-26 thriller. However, the non- conference games proved more encouraging. Casper began by defeating Billings, which game was followed by wins over Rapid City, Sioux Falls, and Scottsbluff. Dick Flowers, senior fullback was named player of the week after his outstanding performance against Rapid City, and Coach Cheeley walked off with the Coach of the Week title after the Rock Springs game. Second string position on the All-State team went to senior tackle, Jerry Boltz. Varsity squad scrimmage before the Rock Springs game -- 'wwf 2 x t' W 3 ' 1 Mug F 4 I 1- Wwg ww, Q li +4 32 4 4 4, fa ,M Kay Kingham, Marinell Bagby, and Donna Clegg. 7:14 70005455 n4 COLOR GUARD Below: Bill Gross and Jerry Schulte. CHEERLEADERS Right: Joyce Kerns, Gay Wehrli, and Sally Strother. 39 fueevn DONNA MILLS Wm Widykatqb The most colorful event of our orange and brown fall season was the crowning of the lovely Mustang Queen, Donna Mills. The date was the morning of October 21 and the place was the stage of the auditorium. Almost as soon as school started the Council, after cor- responding with several high schools in the state, decided that the Queen and her attendants should be chosen by the football team. Under a big, bright harvest moon, Queen Donna reigned over a bonfire and mixer the night before the homecoming game with the thirty-seven-game-winning Warriors from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In honor of their Queen, the Mustangs sent the War- riors, humbled 13-0, flying back to South Dakota in their two chartered planes. V, - ,M -. V-,arg V YYY Y I MUSTANG QUEEN ATTENDANTS Connie Atwood Patty Samuelson Mary Kay Kingham Penny Edwards . Q "P 'In .f 7 , Wi? . , X-'f ei x Lower row: Janet Hussion, Nancy Hartwell, Mary Beth Haigler, Linda Canfield, Betty Sensintaffar, Ellen Bundy, Donna Clegg, Judy Rogers, Betsy Crowell, Pat Mangan, Julie Baker, Marinell Bagby, Ellen Huffman, Mary Kay Kingham, Barbara Latta, Joan Brady. Second row: Carol Dugan, Karen Jacobs, Marlene Shorow, Mary Olga Christensen, Dorothy Gamble, Mary Jo Begley, Edo Hanna, Sandy Dickensheets, Carolyn Joines, Liz Fox, Lynn Par- sons, Dorothy Carlson, Fran Bram, Carol Schwabrow, Helen Allison, Nancy Hardison, Judy Ellen Best, Ann Rodibaugh, Rose Mary Brummel, Vivian Grant, Judy Luck, JoAnn Scholtz, Carroll Drollinger, Edytha Frazier, Rosalie Grosz, Luanne Laney, Debbie Nichols, Carol King, Genie Wood, Linda Taylor, Jan Shreffler, Sheila Mahoney, Gene Dugan. Third row: Jill Alsup, Whitney Stevens, Sheila Fitzgerald, Dianne Fake, Martha Hinthorn, Sally Hanson, Bonnie Carlisle, Judy Brown, Carla Duncan, JoAnn Blower, Sally Files, Kay Metcalf, Janet Johnson, Sharon Melvin. Sitting in back: Mary Ellene Moore, Shirley Caves, Pat Haley. Fkpelad School spirit was not lacking at N.C.H.S. last fall, due in most parts to the efforts of the Pep Club. This group began their campaign for more school spirit among students with the sale of Mustang decals, which not only served as a very effective pep boostet, but also expanded the club treasury. The members of the Pep Club attended all football and basketball games en masse, en- couraging the teams by the loud yells resounding from their cheering section. They also sponsored the assembly before the Cheyenne football game and in addition built an enormous worm for the homecoming parade. Under the direction of presi- dent Betsy Crowell, helped by vice president Pat Mangan, Secretary Julie Baker, and Treasurer Julie Baker, the Pep Club took charge of the con- cession stand at the homecoming football game and in addition sold home-made lollipops. They also sponsored several movies for the young folks of Casper. All these money-making proiects were undertaken with new club sweaters in mind, which they planned to buy eventually. All in all it was a very active year for the Pep Club, with sponsorers Wanda Walters and Mariorie Wilhelm promising even more in years to come. Below: JoAnne Blower leads the Pep Club Worm in the homecoming parade. 'fl?'xiE'w sl ,La .L 52 K . ss ll ,g diff. Q , L ,fa Q55 ami, 3 N A J: f. - K I r ggyxggf. is-.ffm I-as , 1 'vryff ' st, .Q R flu? , U ,..- ,vas ' 2 -,J A' li X , if ' .- , V L- 1 f , - it - , Bottom row: Barbara Winfrey, Helen Allison, Liz Fox, Betsy Crowell, Rita Fulton, Elaine Shaffer, Linda l Canfield, Sandra DeHanas, Sherry McGrath, Kay Metcalf, Sharon Kosanke, Linda Merritt, Patsy Huey, Sondra Cunningham, Frances Shurtleff. Second row: Nancy Evans, Judy Rogers, Barbara Carlisle, Miss McBride, Pat Hurley, Jenanne Nelson, Marilynn Strobeck, Mary Roussalis, Pat Howard. Top row: Nancy Hansen, Gerald Teter, Ted Swan, G. D. Pittman, Don Watson, Shirley Tucker, Louis Roussalis, Debbie 2 Nichols, Bryan Brewer, Linda Taylor, Brad Laughlin, Marlan Scully, Louis Hoaclley, Gary Leonard, Donna Kay Floth, Delton Hudson, Suzanne Durant, Joan Dorsett. .dam 6144 You might have found yourself wandering past the Girls' League room some evening last spring and discovered a group of frightened students dressed in togas and carrying lighted candles. They were not Roman diplomats, but Latin Club initiates. Having passed stiff exams concocted by older members and the Sponsor, Ruby McBride, the new people were learning some of the funda- mentals of this organization. The entire member- ship met again in the early fall to elect Debbie Nichols, President, Linda Taylor, Vice President, Shirley Tucker, Secretary, and Brad Laughlin, Treasurer. Plans were immediately begun for a banquet which was held in December when all again donned togas and spent the evening 'least- ing Roman style on nothing but Roman foods. The final proiect was a picnic in the late spring. , at L ,Ls g On the left we have Betsy Crowell leading the Latin group in the singing of SILENT NIGHT in Latin. i gvu . rg- Yagi, it 1 r I . -Q .1 n .....,. img f A ' . ,S M y . 'Fwy H 3 gg.: w iw '- vi - in f ,li 'Q ' .,,, wmmwmw Bottom row: Jenean Steensland, llene Phillips, Phyllis Lagos, Mary Beth Haigler, Celia Lamb, Mary Murane. Second row: Genie Wood, Penny Edwards, Connie Atwood, Margaret Clark, Dorothy Carlson, Sharon Bordeaux, Joan Brady, Lix Fox, Nancy Smith, Barbara Sizemore. Third row: Donna Mills, Luanne Laney, Debbie Nichols, Mary Olga Christensen, Darlene Harkin, Dorothy Gamble, Jeannette Franklin, Janet Hussion, Pat Hurley, Sally Jo Sessoms, Frances Hand, Margaret Milne. Top row: Judy Shafer, Amelia Stickles, Edo Hanna, Carol Schwabrow. We'll wager that that ham looked mighty good on some Thanksgiving dinner table, Sylvia Reimers and Carroll Drollin- ger. As we high schoolers are frequently doubtful as to the field of business we want to enter, Future Nurses, like Future Teachers, offers its members the incentive and often times the op- portunity to begin a career in the occupation in which they are interested.,Realizing that ranking high among the qualifications for a good nurse is the love of doing things for others, the 83 Future Nurses accentuated the holiday season by their charitable proiects. At Thanksgiving they packed a basket for a needy family of Casper which included everything from mints for the children to a T2 pound ham for the dinnery itself, which was purchased under the direction of' treas- urer, Debbie Nichols. For their Christmas accom- plishment, led by madrigal member and Future Nurses President, Phyllis Lagos, they spread their bit of holiday cheer by singing carols at the old folks and nursing homes. The big event of the year came in the spring when the 15 senior mem- bers including Vice President Mary Muranel Sec- retary Celia Lamb, and Sponsor Mrs. McCallum, boarded a bus for Cheyene where they were taken on a guided tour of the Fort Warren Air Force Base and Cheyenne Hospital. V -W i Bottom row: Mary Sue Baker, Binnie Moll, Nancy Hansen, Mary Lou Stroh, Sally Strother, Norma Simpson. Second row: Mary Kay Kingham, Marlene Shorow, Marcia Callister, Ellen Bundy, Lynn Bradshaw, Susan Pace. Third row: Marguerite Green, Linda Thompson, Sharon Nelson, Pete Ford, Shirley Hopkins, Donna Clegg, Sandy Nelson. Fourth row: Connie Boyles, Joan Watters, Helen Kay Huey, Judy Rogers, Daphne Shaull, Sandy Waatti, Edo Hanna, Donna Hawkins. Top row: Glen Richey, Ron Smith, Ray Allen, Kay Christensen, Janet Lamb, Viola Hamlet. Mary Sue Baker and students-to-be here at N.C.H.S. talk over a third grade arithmetic assignment on visitation day. x s For the second year in succession, several of the boys of N.C.H.S. joined ranks with the fem- K inine members of the Future Teachers organiza- tion. They went on to prove their strength even in the teaching profession with the election of Ray Allen as president and Ron Smith as program chairman. Taking over for Ray when he was absent was "Veep" Billie Sue Buttner, while Sally Strother recorded the minutes and called roll. As soon as school began in September, this group, under the direction of sponsors Janet Lamb, a teacher in the primary grades, and Mrs. Scifers, our Dean of fGirls, began making plans for the year. They spent November l7, designated as Visitation Day, obsetving classes in grade schools throughout the city, and were invited back to the schools in the spring to teach the classes them- selves. They also planned a trip to Laramie in May to view the educational department at the Uni- versity of Wyoming. This trip was financed under the auspices of Treasurer Mary Kay Kingham. ig S nf f ' iilfzvf. 'QQ 1 1 'Wi' ' 'AW Joe Ala and Fred Wolters turn a hammer head on a lathe in the machine shop As November rolled around, the current rage of charcoal and pastel pink Cand a few white bucks on the feetj was spreading among the girls, as well as among the stronger sex here in N.C.H.S. A national and unbelievably close off- year election swept the country, while here at home the Junior Class was in the limelight. Elec- tionwise, the Juniors chose Jerry Cronen as their president, John Roussalis, vice president, Carol King, secretary-treasurer, and they sent Mary Jo Begley and Dorothy Gamble to the Student Coun- cil. Winding up a season of football, several Jun- iors received letters, including Bill Davis, John Goldtrap, Don Humberson, and Hap Bell. Mid- November found iuniors and their sponsors, Mar- jorie Wilhelm and Mr. Macomber producing a Follies which provided a real challenge to future juniors at N.C.H.S. By the end of the month they had made the final decision on their class rings and were already beginning to plan for the Prom in the spring. l fl, as sf ..s,,f,,,' , i Y- V kg, , ww X 'll i 1 , h " ' 9 R , Above: Junior Class, Sponsors Robert Macomber and Above: Junior Class President, Jerry Cronen Mariorie Wilhelm. Ag. 3 if E. .. is Y amgief 12 ,MX igv,-'zffgd 3"M?':ixi"Fg, - 1 if Q Rims' Studying midst the leaves on the campus are Marty Crow and Grace Taylor. 50 Above, left: John Roussalis, Junior Class President. Right: Secretary-Treasurer, Carol King. Above, left: Dorothy Gamble. Right: Mary Jo Begley, Junior class electives to the studentxcouncil. Earthman's first landing on Mars. On the nights of November 18 and 19 the class of '56 rocketed a capacity shipload of passengers through space and into the distant future. Blue prints in prep- aration for the final blastoff were begun early in the fall, beginning first with actual production of the origi- nal script. The program which took place at the Proton Plaza on Mars included everything from bop at Mac's Martian Mint Mart to the fashions of the year 2154. Working constantly behind the scenes were Sandy Waatti, student director, and Gordon Adams who man- aged everything from props to lights and sound. The show in all aspects could easily be termed out of this world, but as always the case, there was friendly dis: agreement as to whether the class of '56 had produced a better Follies than the class of '55. 51 . s f Eglin 327 i .fs Left: Dolls Mary Jane Foreman and Jane Ridgeway do a tricky number as their contribution to the Follies, while in the center are more girls from this same act. Providing a fitting end to the show iii Plutonian Paraders were commanded about the Marching field in Martian language by Bill Davis. Center: Elves from The Little Shoemaker scene take advantage of the shoemaker's sleep to admire The evening's entertainment included everything from fashions COut of This Worldl in the year 2154 -YJ M if Q if ix , S if M " Www Bottom row: Allen, Roy, Bissacca, Marie, Buckley, Donna, Bright, Fredice, Bram, Frances, Archeluta, Irma, Andrews, Viola, Bird, Doug. Second row: Blanford, David, Amede, Fred, Bishop, Patricia, Allison, Helen, Buchta, Edith, Brown, Stanley, Bramson, Roger. Third row: Baird, Don, Begley, Mary Jo, Ballard, Mary Lou, Bowersj' Sandra, Bright, Jeanine, Bradshaw, Lynn, Brewer, Bryan, Billie, Ralph. Top row, Brady, Jon, Asay, Bob, Bramson, Neil, Adams, Gordon, Ala, Bill. A predominately iunior typing class is quite engrossed in the day's ' assignment. Revs RUTH PETTIGREW, B.A., M.A. English University of Arkansas University of Chicago Columbia University Sponsor of THE GUSHER, Quill and Scroll IVA SMITH, B.S., M.S. Head, Mathematics Department University of Nebraska University of Wyoming I Mike Juliusberger does some long range planning for college entrance exams. Top row: Cruz, Gabriel, Charles, Lloyd, Carr, Dox, Currence, Ray, Cronen, Jerry, Cooke, Manning, Cutright, Wade. Third row: Carter, Billy, Crater, Barry, Crater, Jerry, Coker, R. J., Brunette, Clarence, Burwell, Larry, Bertagnole, Joseph. Second row: Bideau, Norman, Beattie, Bill, Bird, Jerry, Boltz, Chick, Bell, Ron, Bell, Happy, Beck, Don. Bottom row: Cocking, Darlene, Bordeaux, Claire, Bordeaux, Sharon, Bolton, Jo Ellen, Berry, Kathleen, Brady, Joan, Best, Lee Arm. 55 H59 k K 6. Y .. J ii .i x Bottom row: Coleman, Sara, Corpuz, Diana, Canfield, Linda, Cooper, Janice, Christensen, Kay, Crowell, Betsy, Cuddeback, Virginia. Second row: Caves, Shirley, Curtis, Jeanette, Clark, Annette, Chipps, Darlene, Choate, Cynthia, Cowden, Dorothy, Crow, Martha. Third row: Dalton, Jerry, Cotter, Gerry, Cook, Roger, Carlson, Ken, Carlson, Dorothy, Carlisle, Barbara, Christensen, Mary Olga. Top row Dalton, Gary, Dungan, Jim, Davis, Bill, Diehl, Lawrence, Davis, Don, Dolan, Jim, Dice, Jerry. cuadafw 1,7 f 1 A - VIRGIL Y. RUSSELL, A.B., M.A. Head of Social Science Department University of Kansas University of Arizona University of California University of Wichita l Refugees from prehistoric days, Carol King and Larry ' Manning, do the Cave Man Hop at the Beaux Arts Ball, which was held in the spring of '54. C5 Before the Follies, recent arrivals from Mars, Tom Gilardi and Dorothy Hill, help each other with make-up. Bottom row: Frederick, Marie, Fulton, Rita, Foreman, Mary, Fox, Elizabeth, Eaton, Ruth, Edgeington Jeanne, Evans, Nancy. Second row: Evans, Richard, Drollinger, Marie, Daily, Virginia, Dotson, Jennie Dorseft, Joan, Dugan, Gene, Deimer, Carol, Dillon, Jean. Third row: Eckhart, Bob, Edwards, Dan, Edmison, Jay, Emrick, Jim, Edwards,, Jerry, Dlugosh, Gary, Carter, Berdette, Elfering, Bob. Top row Ford, Pete, Fisher, Charles, Earle, George, Bertalsen, Bill, Cass, Dentzil, Dowler, Harold, Dockham, Roscoe. I MN V W 'ir 3-sm.,,,, in-an - , Pl FLOYD MICHAEL, B.S. Welding Shop University of Wyoming C , I l l l ETHEL LINDSEY, B.A., M.A. English University of Nebraska University of Wyoming University of Chicago Harvard Sponsor, English Club amlawl Christmas found many N.C.H.S. students, including iuniors, Bob Whiteman and Frank Lytle, decorating their homerooms for the holiday season. 58 Top row: Fox, Ronald. Third Gosnell, Roy. Hamill, Susan, Ray, Herden, Bruce, Gernert, Hi, Goldtrap, John, Forgey, Rodney, Englert, Stan, Gardner, row: Goering, Rollie, Fitzgerald, Jack, Frazier, Bill, Foster, Lynn, Guthrie, Earl, Goza, Ben Second row: Hartwell, Nancy, Haigler, Mary Beth, Hussion, Janet, Hawkinsl Donna Hamlet, Viola, Hardison, Nancy, Failes, Erwin. Bottom row: Gamble, Dorothy, Galles Celia, Grooms, Ginger, Grosx, Tosalie, Franklin, Jeannette, Foss, Onika, Gitthens, Mary Ann, Gradert Donna. 1 A l i V A' 7 . 'tw Y A- t- as.. W Q W s ag! A ,-Hfnw qi s .F 'AV' f RALPH MASTERSON, A.A., B.A. Commercial Casper Junior College University of Wyoming Sponsor, Senior Class I rugs At the stadium gate, Casper's Wool Princess, Mary Jo Begley, seems confident of Casper's forthcoming victory over the Rock Springs Tigers. Top row: Jepson, Maurice, Hyatt, LeRoy, Jones, Darwin, Jones, Gilin, Howuttle, Bill. Third row: Humberson, Don, Herzelle, Bud, Houston, Jim, Jacquot, Ray, Harned, Ronald, Hammond, Norman. Second row: Hall, Sharon, Holder, Lois, Hooker, Danice, Harkin, Darlene, Haley, Pat, Hawley, Kay, Hill, Jean, Hartgrave, John. Bottom row: Humberson, Betty, Hall, Donna, Hehnke, Phillis, Hill, Dorothy, Hamilton, Cristine, Holton, Rosalie, Hurley, Patricia, Hanna, Edo. ffm ja JZ' 59 L 1 LAWRENCE J. ADAMS, Sgt. First Class l Military l mam l Roger Sybrant and Janet Hussion examine artifacts collected by American History Instructor V Y. Russell. l Top row: Keeney, Don, Juclkins, Dick, Kuykendall, Bob, Kidneigh, Jon, Linn, Joe, Lake, Ralph, Jones Jim. Third row: Juluisburger, Mike, Johnston, Bill, Jourgensen, Bob, Julian, Gary, Lewis, Jerry, Lock wood, Ron, Lytle, Frank. Second row: King, Karen, King, Carol, Klopman, Evelyn, Lowe, Nadil-ae Lawrence, Valanca, Kerns, Joyce, Lester, Joyce. Bottom row: Ireland, Verlene, Johnson, Judy, Jaccibs Karen, Johnson, Nancy, Joines, Carolyn, Larson, Rosalie, Laney, Luanne. , l I ii-fi Bottom row: McGuire, Jane, Meyer, Eleanor, McKinley, Janet, Marshall, Annette, Moll, Hazel, Meredith, Carole, McGrath, Carol. Second row: Mahaffey, Barbara, MacLennan, Jeanette, Motield, Deby, Moynihan, Evelyn, McNees, Vonda, Millard, Mary Ellan, Moore, Mary Ellene. Third row: McAffe, Bob, Matzke, Jim, Miller, Jan, Meade, Frank, Kasper, George, Krusee, Bill, Kent, Bob, Mora, Ray. Top row: McFall, George, McChesney, Stewart, Morley, Clarence, Kaufman, Jerry, Maxon, DeWayne, McKelvey, Macy, Mascarenas, Arnold. With the arrival of spring, many of us, including Jane Ridgeway, Viola Andrews, and Janella Terriere, head for the campus with our I lunches. ALBERTA J. SMITH, B.S. Commercial University of Wyoming ,....w.W.,.W.fa.,mm.-at - -- - f - J, Y. .V "" gr. r .,- c x , 2 ' 2 M , , I 2 . r I i ,ii . IH X , Bottom row: Payovich, Ruth, Peck, Pat, O'Connor, Frances, Nichols, Debbie, McCleary, Martha, Mac- Bride, Elaine, Melvin, Sharon. Second row: Piper, Jane, Piel, Violet, Powers, Shelly, Parsons, Lyn, Proud, Mildred, Patrick, Sharon. Third row: Nelson, Glade, Myers, Jim, Patton, Jack, Pittman, G. D., Manning, Larry, Nichols, Frank, Maddocks, Ron. Top row: McDaniels, Jack, Potter, Chick, Noonan, Dave, McCormick, Jim, O'Connell, Ken, Meredith, Larry, Prather, Charles. Glade Nelson, thanks to mechanical drawing, has the beginnings of ' a top-notch architect. s l l 2 MARJORIE WILHELM, B.S., M.A. ? Social Studies 5 University of Minnesota I I National University of Mexico Columbia University Sponsor of Pep Club and Junior Class Bottom row: Rodgers, Sandy, Rogers, Judy, Rucker, Novelene, Robey, Shirley, Ridgeway, Jane, Rivera, Margie, Robertson, Liz. Second row: Rightmire, Barbara, Smith, Vernon, Snell, Bruce, Shaw, Max Scherck, Binkey, Robinson, Myrna, Rissler, Betty. Third row: Stout, Don, Romango, Paul, Riley, Bill Roussalis, Louis, Roussalis, John, Propp, Steve. Top row: Shugart, Kenneth, Sorensen, Ralph, Schneider Walter, Stickles, Robert, Swan, Ted, Price, Richard. cuulow ROBERT E. LAHTI, B. S., Education Science Black Hills Teachers College Coach, "B" Football An American Literature lesson via extra devices for Donna Hall, Patsy Marshall, Lynn Foster, Janice Cooper, and Roger Bramson. r l 1 i DOLLIE HAGAN, B.A. Head of Science? Department Iowa State University University of Southern California Sponsor, National Honor Society r l I l l 66066014 Top row: Sealock, Roger, Sybrant, Roger, Smith, George, Sodeman, Jerry, Seeliger, Lawrence, Scholtz, Clayton. Third row: Sixberry, Eddie, Sherwin, Ken, Smith, Tom, Saxton, Phillip, Santisthvan, Ben. Second row: Satterfield, Kay, Sizemore, Janice, Sensintaffar, Betty, Schwabrow, Carol, Sessoms, Sally Jo, Shreffler, Jan. Bottom row: Stewart, Louise, Stephenson, Ann, Smith, Pat, Schulz, Charldtte, Stairs, l Cha rlene, Smith, Nancy. 1 5 . , E1 ig, , ,,-, if Bottom row: Trujillo, Orlinphia, Smith, Colleen, Saylor, Viola, Terriere, Janelle, Simpson, Norma, Taylor, Linda. Second row: Schaefer, Elaine, Tucker, Shirley, Thomas, Sandra, Sanford, Barbara, Shorrow, Marlene, Shipman, Joanne. Third row: Unangst, William, Williams, Richard, Woodard, Duane, Weeks, Gary, Teter, Gerald. Top row: Waters, Clyde, Walsh, Joe, Tipton, Mack, Tipton, Mike, Wilson, Bruce, While, Bob. Top row: Welch, Jim, Williams, Joe, Whitman, Bob, Wallingford, Sid, Wolter, Fred, Wootton, Wayne. Third row: Wood, Wayne, Weldon, Richard, Woltor, Herman, Walker, Jim, Wirch,- Dick, Whiffen, Byron, Second row: Watson, Juanita, Waatti, Sandra, Walters, Jackie, Williamson, lrene, Yant, Joanne, Bottom Row, Wilson, Sharron, Wood, Genie, Wingerter, Shirley, Ury, Renata, Thomas, Wright, Sharon. Natson, Don. Virginia, l -.4 presentation of the Christmas pro- K 5 if-fit '-I K ' tv 1 AJ, ,f I r V! I ' J. ga 6 , " -"J: """-,sp-N A - it . f .vs N ,V -, fs . - is se" - C ,- --l"'E"T-.""15- M,--. - f . V .,, K 'hr ..,,,, , Y" 1 -4' " M V i ' . "MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS . . . ,K C, .l is 0 gi Q V ts-, 2' .,, Lx..A,.,, ,,,, V , 5 In 'fl The spirit of Christmas really '2 ' "' comes to N.C.H.S. and to the en- , 4 tire Casper community with the 1 me Q wait X 1 I 1 gram by the Vocal Section of the Alix Music Department, assisted by ' i K many ot h e r departments-Art, s 5 English, Shop, Dramatics, 'and Journalism-truly a schooI-com- or munity proiect. The Christmas . Q ' music begins with an organ pro- 1 I A y V, cessional played while the choir , f 9 -2 2 ' Q f - robes march down and take l l f their places. The program of A f 1954 interspersed vocal numbers , ' ., .5 l I X xr f I - in their turquoise and white H G H with tableaux-appropriate to such TODAY THERE IS RINGIN numbers as Usnem Nighty, no "GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST . . ." it P N. Mg. ,arf '-1 li I . Q ,-3 x I ,1-Q. 4. 2: kw-C rw MW-K-L.-. KW fflwsx rf ' A -,ns " wa? fxhafifi , N xii' ' " - so V, ix , A E .- ' 1 at 2 V I ,Y I 4 S Q, ul' C ,fl v. H' f C ,iq E S 5 ' I A -:Q 3 is e. it I will 79 Little Town," "Christmas Bells," "O Holy Night," and the rest of the favorites. An introduction of secular numbers was followed by the CHRISTMAS STORY in music and picture. Through the years, it has been noted that when the religious scenes are minimized there is a demand for more of the religious. These scenes and this music are fitting Christmas presents to the parents and friends of Casper's high school students, given free- ly and ioyously by the Madrigal and the assisting faculty. ww West in emi.,-'II as its straits is H-5 ', I .E I .s.s.,s c - 5 A. f, 9 ,Q hx. Q ,V XA K 5 afgl. , .s J ' 'ass' ' "- Q I , -. I i't2Il-fi' J :II """'.,-tx 11' fr WX f'T5fLff, if '31 Fi '35 ' I1 1 s 5' "THE CHERUBIM SONG . . ." its si "JESU, OF A VIRGIN THOU WERT BORN . . .' "WE THREE KINGS . . ." CSN' E , K 5 yin ' ffi, f 5 sei ,Sx X J i , , " ' 1-, ' f 3' V , W A 1 , Q - ig :,? lQ ' eeawQqqwa Bottom row: Lagos, Howard, Stevens, Walters, Atwood, Holliday, Huffman, Cocking, Cunningham, Haig- ler, Hunter. Top row: Grosz, Henrich, Kennedy, Marshall, Yant, Adamson, Swan, Walker, Hilbert, Meyer, Dowler. ducing the annual Christmas Pageant, along with fering. A music clinic headed the list. It was the aid of the English, Art, and Drama depart- held to help music educators and was conducted ments. On this program were sung many an- by Mr. Lloyd Oakland of Montana University. Fol- thems,-along with the well known favorites of lowing this clinic there was a special school as- the Yule season. sembly. During the latter part of the school year, two concerts were given. So ended a busy year Employing different types of programs, the for the Madrigal. work of the second semester provided a large of- Bottom row: Eggert, Lester, Christensen, Fancher. Merritt, Link, Atwood, Von Osterheldt, Mangan. Top row: Hawley, Ackerman, Hawkins, Agenstine, Lowe, Evans, Benson, Gilardi, Haselmire, Edwards. I W , 2 Lf. Inq , ma ,I Q., ,,l..V,.f,,, -5.5 1 3, V, . X-V A ,..,,. ' 555-f.'9?fWff"5'5fv' 'swfri'41.?ff....f.f:"::V wr, f'l!f?'? in ' " f.f5. ' '11 ,w 9- ""' f AJ '. ' x' .db-' ' 'CA' 4 49 R "' f... v' -5 I . .K A V, Uk 'V V V- - A . V . ,- in 4- ,.,.', , -A 155 ww 'X J Jw... - ZVE.-i:,w4ff'f211, gw.-.. 4 333- ,nigf vf ig' . 'X it : ,if f- , 'V ,- "1..,f:JfddZQ.5,' ' v,:,4:,1 , , -,' 9, Q35 ap ' J. ,,. Qf- , - ' 'N' -. 5 -'Zag "",if ff- .P-452-' 1. X1 ,4 - 5, Y 7 n 'f-.Vf ' - ""-Q.: A . Yf2..1LwQ.,Q-Vg-l,,,, X mfg' 1 HW, ,gwieg QQ. - Rv ff' .' V . ' f ' -VRW91 .'Q"Y5-5 of 3-'5fAfZ" Q43 'f 9 I .4 '- "'P- J' 1-Q-f,-1-H' 1. .N '.14JJV-.fuk-"U" V 3156" -',aA a . fx ' !w'. - 'Af W,ll . ,J L, ,,- H, , Ni. VI ,I fn .Q..Q,as.5,,.,,,, .J , 6. f . Q19 ww 3,48 Q D ,. .' .-www 'f . MM- ww .. faH!tV.f,., V, V,-"5 .-.qw A. 1. - , .-.,-pw-:w "- 11 - . --1 . Ihr nd? ,"-- ,' 4. aj-,. .. 4.12. Q - ., V me 143' 'iff Q-iifw' 4' Vw- f . .L V. -- nv ' - 7 I, .i 5. I iff, ,5 -nrnjsip 1 N JV I i J.'3igng L',jg4Ar' faw ui-M'-BV ' .figmli-0 ., we mf ' Fa' .U 5 2"-' "H 'I ' f 1 nf m 3 fill "' V 33-334' 7' "5-'. 1' L' w A-'lb 'I' an A 1 ' .1 .2 t1:c'5.., ..f ,ff .-,fp,,. ' A .Q ,f ,ir - gi'.Fhe.V-v a me Ou, y 19: , - -. -M !3'Ve1fs-!f'5':"f - 'few 'gifs A ,,..,s'uV. . fi 1 .. .- .' -41 w fm- 15 'V 1 ' arf '-'fn-my VV lf- W- ' " ' f 'qi' 9' 'Q' V-.5 ' df-qi' 5-735 ' '57 Llfgg ' 4 iv A lwessaae rom . e , les Hz-Z J' . 'M ' ' ff hifi-V 2 '-""V ,gs f ,. 'X-iz!-fb' ff '- J V ' - 2 4 N aff? Q L-,fp --f'Jg9AoifiY5 '? 3' xgffgffxxf 'SKB 'never digs . :ffl . 4 -l ' f ' 'AH' , 1, v l ,Al . W . 4. z 4 V. vR""..f'.,' V ',,..ffV-..f'+l"" 5.41" 5' fTg"J ' .wh . .f 'WYV-293' V 2-4 Vf vw . -z 1'mwf': . ROBERT ". ' " A Q v., A :,V, A 41, I . 15, A .v ,-i' . Q. A ' f 'ffffm zrsfra Vh- ., rw Vw...-efB'a . - ' . . , .. Q fg,:.5"' JSv.j3Effe,,,.V gi, if f A. 'L , 51424 ... . - . V , . , , , , . . ' 8, .30 " .. - .,,. Vf,.V ,. 1' , NYM,-Q, gf- :VV ... , ' .4-5 V ns . '- 1- "' . ' - . V. ' ff'-V.-'-5 -3-Sk '- s. wi -f 1' :W .V . 1 f VW 7'-3" 'v VfVf'f"f'3 V 77' '7EE'i- 'H ' V i?':fi2 q'n--'mtg 'gi I J, Fw' - , .," , ' ' 'J 1' ' . x , tl1,',,,'r'f. ' -ffl-' ' ju ff 'j "-' VI: ' ' -1 -4' Us-Qu ' 'V V .- , v ' 'Hu A 5, 'A .' V- 1 '? Y- JG' , dig ' f:f'?'7lfSv"'fQi.7'i3i:"g?3ii 4 ff" ' N--415 A f -2 , A.. 14,3 Q, ' fv "QA, ' 5L,'1'f5'4iX "Qs gi V .wf f3'- 'M 1 ,mv .W f V '- ' 'f':'4 3' -V. V , " A . V K 'iii K, f' A ss-' . " fV ,Q if A 5Z,aV..f,wV0 ' W -2 . gy 55 Sis:-if .- 'Q-'J' .ffggf ,. ' ' .. '- 4+:'i:+f,,?- f' 2- ,. , -:al-U H- . -u A f-..ff,V-f. Y' - 'J' J.: 24 .. S. . 'Vfsxw af-4b2'4I"' ' fa eil?-' Ii 'fp Vip., LJ 51 V V V 'J '72-' W P A ' f ' ff!" 'UQ' 'deg f,-o' .1 1 . 1 313 jg :af 0, --1 Ai'j,'f Q. ' 1 . -'fl' ..-sf .--' N ,,qlZg5g 'mz',1'Qr:' -sviivf ' A, I 1, ,fn :', "'. F' V 13, .,v 'gh ,A r-q..I,--.,.,af vp, of lr I K 6 . X Q? ag '. rig: ,Y f, T .f4.z4:l3fV. , ?Ar:.v.qe.. V .I-ebywvilfh NJ. f ' 'A ' ' Y :L . 2 .' .. .X - " 'M - ---,V '4 J ' 3 - 2 A . .fff . ' ,wr fr. w 1-,,.,f V 1' 3 pg 45.33 li . il?-i"?,'fg' .5Q'?..M'l .VIEI .4 .- ' "ff .4 ."?"f'-H 1,38 T "I pf f P 5' ...V..e f V' . ww- . f ff . , ' ,. ' Q - .',: .L " ' YHA 4 .. f, "f, f' V!! '4' "" 4 1. . . V f 1.1 ,-1.-Abk. N.. .fs ngn, iff 5 I . Q5 'S F .-. 4.4. QL. . R ,M 1 4 .ww . I " ' 5-"f"-I-13 ' 1- ' ' , , tim 4" . -v-' " . . Mf,"s. ' 'W' . - . tx 'I 3 no . v" ' - V F -. V. in a ' m:'.V.!.. 4 1 -ff 5' f-'W 3' Af -4 'W . bvffff Qi: f Wy? .- i A Q Y- ' i' tj -A L p,':il:4.f.5T-'-Q., 'li 4' . ai 1 ?- .-ag, Q.: ., V . V 2-,.3V.. izf' ' VV 1 1 - .' '- -, ,fl ' ' V .. ' ' , 'A . .V 1 - A 3 , 1 , r ij K 1. I .Hills ,v , . , - 2 ' 1 A D -. . , A . 5.1 Y- f V if 'H , r, . - ' -f w l ' if I lc y 4,1 A-. ', N V if .hw Q,- , - 4 1 4-3 ' .' 'Q lf'-' . . . 3 ' 7 filqfgfi , L- ' S .L 'r :" . .- ' Q ' Q I nsffw ', fmwfn Q' '11,-Q, A ' V K. . a f,.,v 1.--:xr . .' 5 H' .r 1 ' .m A Y 'A -4 .4,V 1 f .5 ,1- Jsrl- ff B.F.".'f ' ' ' f vi' fs? ?d. ' ' rc.: ,' v 3 5? 1521. .1-'4 'try' i Jllfsia ff 1 4. - V QV. ff- - -. V A' an I "-Q11 MP' V f ,' .fl 1 . I . 57 Al fl my. Q :if 4.53 'f 9 ' L . ' ri' J 'M' ' 1 1 f f . ff 1 'W -4 1' 1 -V I., Q .6 , A as .' 5,-P, 5' ' " f' 1 I9 .T ll X .- D' 0' 5 9 ' A s 1. 1+ F . 4 . ' ' ' 1'-5 5:5 -, Q.-5q,.'w.' . EVAN DAVIS ALBERT STARKWEATHER' f',-:f- 'QL' 'ian lr': 'N '. ' , -. ' . "' Q .. " 4 - N K ,.'., ,,' 'w'1 - 'QVQ-', gy' " mv., f' ' . . 5 s 1 ,, V' - A , . A ..'f' ' ' .,' .WW wr '15 ff' 'FW ' K 7' ' " '-',' R ' "' " Q-' l 1 la" 4 - r. qw Q .. ' ' . ' In W' .V ' if MV '14 "' il. av 4 V, V, ' .vo S, - 91, .J Q 3' . . I 1 N5 "H haf' . "PV '89 -. it .. 1 , 4 Q' hw M. 0' .-.H 1 s. V "' " .. V V 'ni if M: I yn A 3 VSQLQQ. I KV 'x A y gt wi , .Wh -V F., 493. 1 K .I ,kim ,,,. X ' .Aff V .s,,5' as N' se 5 'f-fu' - 9' K., x ' 3 J M 4. '.. '- f V I W, - '. -.V VV ' ig H Vx x .N h . W , V .4 r. Q V 4 V f ' ' ' ' V V , .., ,T-" if H 1 .I xg? d Q ' x , sw , 41, in ! wi., it ' . 2 ' h H V ' 1 3' Af m,Lk K LLm ' H ' K 4 I 1 '5" . VL 5 K mLA ff u ,pd I ' -kk!L-.Z t wx gr 1 Agr .. . -K ai ' mfs. W' ' s, A I -f .'h,i K - K A K I y . - ' . Rx ,X.. 3 Q15 X ' W kfil K 4-f 4 M ' Q. If an 5 'G 'LX V 5 a , A f ' N mm?L Q my Y J, K N - .9--ff' ,rl-fl V L 'W V ja-fab, W 2 if 1 ,, - X MQ + ' . . I Q , , ,E 7 fig ff Q M .--fl Yi X f , .gi 'K 'Wu . , 5 Y ,b .N . N, M . f K Q 54 .75 N ' F, ' w .. ,, .. , f , K Y f ' R-rvvk K . K fix.. L, 3 , :g I A 34 4 A i! K 454-T:-' ,f. ' v-"., , I ' 137- Es., -1 ' Q elf .. 'C' , 1 f kwa First row: Carla Duncan, Shirley Tucker, Jo Anne Blower, Debbie Nichols, Joan Brady, Judy Rogers, lCay Hawley, Linda Canfield, Sandy Dickensheets, Marcia Holliday. Second row: Nickie Adamson, Jon Brady, Howard Donley, John Dailey, Carol Dugan, Pat Spencer, Sharon Kosanke, Shelia Mahoney, Sharon Chase, Charles Prather, Don Stout, Betsy Crowell, Mary Bunce. Third row: Virgil Russell, Brad Laughlin, Dan Moriarty, Clarence Morley, G. D. Pittman, Larry Manning. l Hard work earned for Betsy Crowell the 1954 McCann award which is presented annually to the N.F.L. member having made the great- ' est amount of progress in speech activities. ? A TFA leagae l The National Forensic League seemingly spent most of the school year on the road. Each week- end a group of debaters, orators, poetry readers, and extemoers accompanied Miss Feris to parts unknown. They took four of the six places in the Regis amateur tournament, they only lost one debate at the Longmont tournament where they took every place in extemp speaking. The editor of the MUSTANG took the highest rating in ora- tory at the Denver University meetf These are iust a few of the members' top honors. Frequent- ly, Casper civic organizations asked for units of the N.F.L. to act as entertainers. l The Club boasted 45 members this lyear, rank- ing highest in the Rocky Mt. District of Wyoming and Colorado. ln the fall Jo Anne Blower won cember Casper sponsored a tournament for Sher- idan, Cheyenne, and Hanna. All in all President, Jim Watters, aided by vice president, John Dailey, and secretary, Betsy Crowell, led the club to an extremely busy and fruitful year. i first in Casper in the Voice of Democracy. In De- U FD DI :s IT! 4 DI 3 .,. N J Q. cn c 3 'U m -, an FD W .. o :s -h -. 0 3 cn :r m 2. 0. Ill :A .. cn fl 0 . cr. .,. 0 o -1 na UP DJ ... un 1 E. 4 zu 3. o -. : o I' Q. FD 0' EL rn -1 Q- 0 D U U! Z, o : 'L Z c .,, 0 DI 91 F1 -2 " 5 2 2' -4 Www the Casper iournament. 2.7.1. ' Seated: Mary Fox, Daphne Shaull, Catherine Gibbs, Nancy Hufsmith. Standingg John Loutas, Dean Evans. Dan Casteel, Russell Donley, Whitney Stevens, Don Empfield, Mike Hanna, John Roussalis. Q i pi! FRED LEWIS LARRY JOHNSON RALPH SORENSON STATE CHAMPIONSHIP SCORES Lovell ........... N..- .................... 59 Sheridan ...,..... ..... .. ...... .. ..,... ..36 Thermopolis ...- .... - ................ .53 Cheyenne ......., - ...... . .,....... 45 JERRY CRONEN CHUCK DUNCAN Casper ....... -. 70 Casper ........,. - ................... 58 Casper ,......................... .. .... 63 Casper ....... - ..... e .,............. 67 l. ln ..,..6t l COvertimej l l l l l December Q 17-Casper...- ,..... Vtlorland e............ IB-Casper ,... -..-..55 Tlflermopolis ........ C. 30--Casper ....,...... Erlglewood ........., January 7-Casper ....... a...56 Rohk Springs .... W 8-Casper ............ 55 Rogk Springs ..,...., 14-Casper- ..... -..A6 Cheyenne ........,,. I5-Casper ,,,......... 48 Cheyenne .... ......, 20-Casper ......,..... Laramie ...,.,,. .,...., 27-Casper- .......... 53 Gillette .- ..,............ 28-Casper- .......... Sheridan ...............A 29-Casper ....., Sheridan ,M ........... , February l 4-Casper... ........ Rocli Springs ..,... C 5-Casper.- ..,,...,. 44 Roclj Springs ........ 1 I-Casper.- ..... M74 Cheyenne ............, ..65 12-Casper.- ......... 50 Cheyenne .............. 62 l Beginning their season's play with a tournament win at Belle Fouche, Casper's courtmen went ahead to up their impressive record to IO-O before being first defeated by the hands of their perenniall rival, Chey- l OSCAR ERICKSON, M.Ed. Basketball Kansas State University of l v i l t I A 7255 enne. Not discouraged by their loss, Coach Swede Erickson's squad went on using their full court press style to end the l955 season as the state champions of Wyoming in Class llA.lI Probably the largest change in this year's type of basketball was the shooting of a l and l tree throw from the keyhole. Also disregarded were former team groupings in let- tered classes. This gave smaller squads a chance to battle the larger ones and allow sport writers to eval- uate all state teams into more logi- cal groupings. Topping the scoring column was Mike Tipton who averaged about nineteen points per game. WILLIAM THOMAS SULLINS, B.A., M.A. History University of Wyoming "C" Club MIKE TlPTON All-State FRAN MOORE Hl GERNERT Future Teachers BILL MQWNING All-State Front row, left to right: LeRoy Engdahl, Kenny McDowell, Ralph Sorensen, Hi Gernert, Fran Moore, Chuck Boltz, Gary Weeks, Skip DeVault, Bob Evans, Dave Coleman. Back row: Coach Sullins, Bob Thomp- son, Dick Babcock, Buck Buchanan, Herb Truiillo, Russ Donley, Mike Coughlin, Dean Lotspeich. Time out, Casper. The Mustangs formulate winning strategy during the Sheridan game. NPI Www- 'V img az.. ,a 'E 11752 'Q sis ,,. fa, HQ wid' wigs J fi 8 ' 6464! 5 First row: Coach Geldien, Tom Shaner, John Milne, Charles Trust, Sam Samuelson, Howard Donley, Kenny Gray, Jerry Cover. Second row: Bill lserman, Bob Hein, Ray Mora, Frank Nichols, Grant Clark, Jel'ry Hunt, Bill Davis. I 1 4 o I I xl Firsi row: Ronald Rowald, Binky Scherck, Bob Turner, Dick Ziker, Garvis, Roby, Dean Moore. Second Vlrow: Dave Foss, Frances Shurtleff, Sharon Bordeaux, Joan Price, Sandy Jones, Janet Harris. Third rowz' Bob Ziker, Bill McPherson, John Miichie, Ronald Henning, Orrin Church, Steve Cambell, Chuck Steensland. Fourih row: Jay Edmisson, Bill Riley, Manforcl Hurley, Gary Julian, Errol Miller, Don Adkinsoni Jan Carroll, Coach Hileman. I C , , l -ui' - "W-W H -H f -V' H - f H- 'ii'-'H-11-H 'ir if A rua- ui First row: Chuck Trost, Jerry Boltz, Fred Lewis, Howard Donley, Errol Miller, Manforcl Hurley. Second row: Bob Johnson, Ray Allen, Jim Burridge, Gene Meyer, Jerry Bensen, Bill Thomas, Grant Clark, Bill Andrews, Max Ortiz, Lee Dunlap. Third row: Chuck Duncan, Larry Johnson, Ron Smith, Glen Richey, Eddie Grant, Verne Hamlin, Dick Flowers, Don Lee Moore, Kenny Gray, Bill lserman. Pie!! One of the most memorable tributes that is paid to outstanding athletes is membership in the "C" Club. The letter is awarded to those who in inter-state competition have gained a specified amount of points and have also maintained cer- tain training rules at all times. Characteristically, the boys who proved them- selves worthy in the field of athletics also shone brightly when non-glorifying work was to be done. During the polio drive the boys manned several blockades which helped to raise the total of the fund considerably. They also sponsored the "C" Club fights and the annual "C" Club banquet. Under the leadership of Gene Myer, president, Ron Smith, vice president, and by the careful management of the Club's budget by secretary-treasurer, Bill Thomas, the year was brought to a successful end. First row: Tom Shaner, John Milne, Binky Scherck, Garvice Roby, Chuck Steensland, Dean Moore. Sec- ond row: Del Wight, Skip DeVault, Hi Gernert, Mike Tipton, Don Humberson, Ray Mora, Jerry Cronen, Gary Julian, Bill McPherson. Third row: George Smith, John Goldtrap, Jay Edmison, Bill Davis, Mack Tipton, Ralph Sorenson, Don Aclkisson, David Foss. sv- f in, gms? Ulf- ini ms? M A K K K K iz K K KK KKKKK K K Af S Kms A KKK.,E53KKK Q K i 'f 5 'sf s ' .. " sf X A P 1 N- 1- 1 - 3 ,v W -' ' ' ii f W' 3 . Q ,4 .whh X g 7 1' xx 1 Q X X KK Kb-i W -K il.. KK K KKKK , , , .K K . 4 A K: , ' KKK? f K K I- . My K , - ', vs .df Yf gl ff fm Q- ' X am :zz . A M ff- -'Y 'Rf +- X "f f Qfff i -' " , 1 . , 'KI , K .A N' K K KK ' N . . fs, K I K K . K. 4 , .. f K K ,K x , Z' x .gMKK, ,f KM 5 . Sir., H, . , K. K , g K if A L K 0 W, N A 2 K g fl 'I KK K .L,:fg K 1 Sy KK ,KK K s :Vg 4K K H . . 'KM,,lKiKK-K, KK -- iz. f KK K K - K : K -. KK - K : K ,. , M 'N Kc. . K ' J K, i . W Y f 1 K . K Q X .ld 3 +V , fx K K as K j 1 4 , 4M X K KK Y K , K! KK 5, K K KK ,V F gf X 2 E: fix' N A '23-"7w ' ' L WFS' A W ,N V 4 J if" K -'Af' ' K' '05, x K Wk is 4 i li N lx N 4 A , , , - A , li '-K' Q j- K K 6 IK -K gk KW Q X LX .K SQ i K ., 'K K , .K R K. - , K K1 K A K 5 KKK I I K ig K LK K . KX K .K K lv X K .Q ,FHM -:K 1, g .. 2 2 KK . - gy . K fl? . . ' ' 1 'XX ra.. X xv S-Zim 'K 1 5 . fs Rs' . if M g x 5 K x., Qi, i ' Q43 I J f E 1 04. X K, f ,iw ' S., - ,- 'gr xjfx ' 'A 'K -.KK W wh 3 Q 'Z' we Q W' s . ty ff -3 ml .. . ,K 'f x 5 9..x,, if M a 1' 'X , , KKKKK KKK , A .K KK H , .40 if I "' 'R Q . f ,-- at A 14 'P N-F . X l K K t, -K - K5 K K KK -J K -X 'K K NEPNJ K x K, f .I 4 .KK KK? H 4 , lx Mx J K' rf' ,iq tw my 'IT 4 ff, uxfjf fight gf, Aw F32 ' iw ,ei gf 1 . 4-XXX A f' z In Q' 5'nl .IJ , .s . it 'X , .N -'X-' AL L ,ix f isl .-...J A ' 'f I -' - E -M T" A3 ' X X-ji' it -' -A , 'QL4-, - ,fhf ii ffifff B x file. - 'flfh Y. ' f' ,A r h I ' B '44 ? 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' 'ua- Leh to right: Twirlers Genie Wood, Donna Hawkins, Marie Bissacca, Sarah Burridge, Mary Lou Siroh, and Nancy Harfwell. ,,,..,..+---.. Clarinet GAYLE SIMONS, FRANCES O'CONNOR, ,g.2f.s, 'QNX- -ikx ,,.i xi'x,.,,,...e, K-.,,,,.-N,, 4 5?-Q 'SQQNQ .-,, xiax . ,QF Qi: .nrxr - . 5 , 1, TSR 'SMS ,,......n. . V .Q T, f 1 fl , ...J . 1 V x . , . 'Nf xg! S ? 5 SJ' '42, LW, ,3 , rf L E .. - - . ., :E x , :Sui " 1 'H Gb Sy h al V55gY,,5 - .3 " M, if Q' . N4 In pf , ff ,. , 1, , -Q ' X , 3 1 , Ag. , A7 ' ix.. 3 71 mx ' F Tr 5. - 5 " ' ' ' ' gag-540-Qwfw . 'K , ................p.., .V ,, H ,,,g,f .. . L - ,,... f 'url' x 5 V, , -x , 3. V -sw, x ,.-Q, ,.y7,.,3V , , i,.,i5W ,,.,. -,F ni F j gi, fa? fire 3 -:SIA A Q" 'VH . figs, 1 75 5 5 2 v 31 k 5 k I TXAQ .S . v I s ,., I lm 7. 1. C 1 , J i . Q rf? , W Ulm -we f 35 EQ w 2 fad. I I , 5 3 a ny , we fiwfff' A? 5f3Q1EQ EE "AA '- A. , ., ,..., 1,. 'LSE . K f wgg: 5 E 2 , zu fi Q-, MMIYTA hh, ' Qf if - : ww' E , E if J fffSy:wg2v 5 .ff aw 531 J 11 K X K , . . g :ij Y. yi. f y Q fx .. Ja' 'E' A X If, s . W I fwf 1'-Q. ,, N ,x x uf-N V i.g,NgSQ,,,, Q, x f if -' 53QQ?i?ii3?f ,:L:F'l,,.. X me-'Sw' Q-K , '- vt,-ww -A , ,. Air fi :ffm ww.4w- wif 4 M Q .s iii? rv . rw . . k mY:, ,Z.. M ,, . J :wx ,Q Q ,. I W Q1 H. 0 Q ,A R ff X Km .1 1 w Eg? X355 ?5? ,5 QM is ' S J as A 5 y ,QQ x f A ' 3 X1 Presudent Russ Donley and Represenraruve Buchanan Vuce President McCrary and Secretary-Treasurer Pace Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Gibbs Sponsors v 5 if ei Sophomore Jack Daly shoveli fiom off fheocampus wglks Bottom row: Atwood, Dorothy, Blower, Jo Anne, Baker, Nancy, Anderson, Julia Lee, Anderson, Arlene, Braig, Marilyn, Briggs, LaVonna, Berger, Leona. Second row: Asbridge, Barbara, Allison, Cardl, Blasingame Billie, Atack, Irene, Brown, Pat, Bridger, Judy, Brummel, Rose Marie. Third row: Benson, Kenneth Adamson, Milton, Brouillette, Ronnie, Babcock, Dick, Buchanan, John, Adams, Judy, Atkins, Rosalie Top row: Adamson, Cecil, Adkisson, Don, Allen, Don, Benton, Ralph, Billingsley, Wayne, Barnum Gordon, Anderson, Glenn. l Ask any of these sophomore geometry students: lf two parallel lines are cut by a transversal, the corresponding angles are equal. K MARY DILLE, B.A. Social Science Iowa State Teachers College University of Washington University of Southern California Drake University Sponsor, Big Sisters l I l aa? ' Bottom row: Beall, Pat, Bemis, Lois, Balch, Ronnie Sue, Brunette, Angie, Benson, Barbara, Baker, Mary Sue, Black, Dixie. Second row: Burnett, Fred, Christiansen, Edward, Blackmore, Cecelia, Bream, Sarah, Cooper, Tommy, Criger, Arol, Benson, Westley. Third row: Borland, Jerry, Berger, Frank, Clark, John, Condelario, Larry, Barnes, Tommy, Budd, Alvin, Birdsill, Willard. Top row: Carr, Jerry, Barella, Jerry, Bell, Tommy, Clarke, Don, Boggs, Leroy, Burnett, John. Sa According to Marilyn Braig, Sandy Smith, Everett Hawley, and Jerry Johnson, tour can get an English lesson four times as fast as one can. DUKE HIMEBAUGH, B.S., M,S. Head, Commercial Department Kansas State Teachers College University of Colorado University of Minnesota Columbia University Sponsor, Savings Stamp Day Q , X l IONE GIBBS, A.B., M.Ed. DAN DETI, B.A., M.A. l Mafhemafiqs Foreign Language Oklahoma City University University of Wyoming 1 University of Oklahoma University of Mexico l University of Southern California, University of Colorado l I l I Sa 4 1 l l l l l u I r Top row: Cunningham, Dan, Chilcote, Danny, Copeland, Darryl, Cummings, Roger, Christman, Ceorge, Cover, Jerry, Cauthorn, John, Cain, Scott, Cohee, Gary. Second row: Campbell, Bruce, Coughlinl Mike, Cote, John, Connell, Kerry, Chernick, Ed, Carmichael, Wesley, Crowe, Douglas, Cummings, John. Third row: DetNald, Delphine, Dooley, Betty, Crane, Sue, Dunn, Leola, Cunningham, Patty, Melinda, Clegg, Ruthie, Chandler, Shirley. Bottom row: Carrera, Arlene, Close, Marguerite: Sondra, Colburn, Glenda, Clark, Betty, Chittim, Marie Etta, Chase, Janice. i l Bottom row: Elkjer, Judy, Elliott, Pat, Doyle, Wanda, Davis, DeAnn, Donohue, Ann, Craig, Lois. Second row: Dilg, James, Duncan, Carla, Dickensheets, Sandra, Engle, Josephine, Drollinger, Carroll, Davidson, Virginia. Third row: Derrico, Rocco, Daugherty, Harvey, Empfield, Don, Donley, Russell, Christman, Reg, Danielson, Eddy. Top row: Day, Larry, DeVault, Skip, Carlson, Mickey, Daly, Jack, Duthie, Rodgers, Divine, Stanley, Curry, Sa Day, Beverly Kay, Derrico, John, Daigle Endsley, Ron Mike. MARGARET LaVlOl.ETTE, B.A. History Wellesley College University of Pennsylvania LOWELL M MYERS BA Mathematics Central State College Oklahoma r i . "mg kk ' f 9, is - M-lg, . , fs LAUREL D. WIRTH, B.S, Mechanical Drawing University of Nebraska Colorado A.8-M. i gg i Sa Sophomores in Miss Richard's homeroom learn the fundamentals of the adding machine. Top row: Fisher, Ronald, Foss, David, Guenther, Mike, Engdahl, LeRoy, Evans, Bob, Evensori, David Fredrick, Eugene, Ford, Wayne. Second row: Gravilis, Eva, Geiger, Joanne, Gallington, Judie, Garcia Henry, Garman, Larry, Frazier, Eclytha, Franklin, Laurie, Coet, David. Third row: Grant, Vivian, Green Marguerite, Grable, Barbara, Goodman, Sandra, Green, Bonnie, Flyr, Nancy, Frandsen, Judy, Frye, Betty. Bottom row: Fish, Carrol, Ferguson, Jerry Lou, Files, Sally, Falk, Deanne, Forster, Carole, Fisher, Mary, Foote, Gwen. l l t ,,,,,,, , , H, : af, -- ff a ' ' ' 1 1 W' i ,ff M-SGT. FRANK SHERILLE Military Sponsor, Boys' and Girls' Rifle Teams SG 'Led w..f M., .-v Jo Anne Blower explains that Yard Punch is a nickel a cup first refill freej. Top row: Hersh, Weldon, Hendricks, Jimmy, Hartman, Eddie, Gene: Goddard, Tom. Second row: Hall, Bill, Hoadley, Louis, Everett, Haynes, Richard, Hoff, Dennis. Third row: Howard, Harsh, Barbara, Haeker, Nita, Huey, Patsy, Haeker, Rita. Bottom Peggy, Hammond, Sandra, Hansen, Darlene, Higgins, Deanna, man, Yvonne. Garriott, Jim, Holmes, Clinton, Gill Hobbs, Larry, Hilbert, John, Hawley Patricia, Hull, Andrea, Hanson, Sally, row: Harlow, Diane, Holt, Donna, Hall Hughes, Charlene, Heck, Janice, Hart ani? Q r Bottom row: King, Katherina, Johnson, Mary Ann, Johnson, Janet, Ivy, Debbie, Jones, Sandy, Holliday Marcia, Haigler, Carol Ann. Second row: James, Charles, Kosanke, Sharon, Kercher, Shirley, Kelly June, Jamerman, Pat, Jacobs, Judith, Jacobs, Janice, Hicks, Jim. Third row: Coleman, David, Jackett Clifford, Jones, Cliff, Howard, David, Hein, Bob, Heady, Harry, Hunt, Jerry, Jones, Charles. l Top row Johnson, Tom, Johnson, Larry, Henrie, Monte, Johnson, Richard, Jensen, Gene, Johnson, Jerry, John ston, Carl. Sa RUBY MCBRIDE, A.B., A.M. K Head, Foreign Language Department University of lowa University of Southern California Sponsor, Latin Club Miss McBride aids two sopho- mores in the building of Cae- sar's bridge. Q...-' - QQ., ' ,Sided '- 1 Bottom row, Link, Romona, Maher, Donna, Lindenmeyer, Joan, Largent, Janice, Leggitt, Bertie, Lancaster, Kraen, Janet, Matthews, Ida, Law, Raye, Lollar, Barbara, Luck, Judy. Third row: Leonard, Gary, Lesher Keith, Lofspeich, Dean, Lucht, Gordon, Loufas, John, Kelly, George, Kear, Clyde. Top row: Kerns, Jim, Kennedy, Dale, Lockhart, Bob, Lummus, Bill, Jourgensen, Barry, Laughlin, Bradford, Kinnanan, Richard. Sa CLARA FRANCES GADBERY, B.A., M.A., English University of Wyoming University of Hawaii College de Jesus Marie, Quebec Sophomores in English IV are learning the appreciation of poetry through the guidance of Miss Gadbery. Peggy Joe, Kohuth, Beverly, Kunkle, Janice. Second row: Kimball, Patty, Lowen, Gloria, Kasper, Pat- 1 1 PQ Bottom row: McGrath, Sherry, Martin, Carmene, Micek, Patsy, Myer, Janice, McNamara, Joan, Meek Loretta, Maurer, Billy. Second row: Mayfield, Claudia, Merritt, Linda, Marken, Francis, McDaniel,l Kay Marbry, Pat, Miller, Joann, Maher, Karen. Third row: Moore, Dean, Morris, Ronald, Moll, Robert, Michie, John, Millard, Chester, Morgan, Dee, Miller, David, Top row: Moore, Claire, Moore,qJim, McPherson, Bill, McDowell, Kenny, McCamon, Bill, McCrary, Everett, Morris, Oscar, Narragon, Bob. ' Sa ROBERT MCCOMBER, B.S., M.A, DEAN POMEROY, L.L.B. English Mathematics Southwest Missouri State College University of Nebraska Colorado State College of Education Peru Siam Teachers College University of Paris Sponsor, Radio Guild and Junior Class Bottom row: Peters, Lois, Piper, Patty, Nichols, Marcia, Nelson, Jenanne, Metcalf, Kay, Nelson, Sandy, Ondler, Claudia, Price, Joan. Second row: Phillips, Sandy, Puryear, Barbara, Pace, Susan, Nelson, Sharon, McGrady, Frances, Moll, Mary Beth, Mahoney, Sheila. Third row: Pratt, Jane, Priest, Joyce, Pope, Charlotte, Pote, Ruth Mary, Propp, Emily, Parkinson, Jean, Potts, Marie, Pickle, Barbara. Top row: Page, Richard, Pearce, Larry, Perley, James, Middleton, Lee, Meek, Kent, Murphy, Jerry, Morris, Raymond. Sa RITA NlCKl.OS, B.M.E. HAZEL RICHARDS, B.A. Music Commercial University of Colorado University of Denver University of Colorado University of Southern California A 17 f+A' f W' ,,L, er Bottom row: Robinson, Jane, Quillen, Carol, Rogers, Lois, Rose, Linda, Rhines, Alice, Rodibaugh, Ann, Roberts, Margaret. Second row: Rabb, Kelly, Steensland, Chuck, Shaner, Tom, Rice, Virginia, Reimers, Sylvia, Rogers, Geraldine, Rowland, Ronald. Third row: Rowland, Don, Spears, William, Selig, Ron, Scully, Marlon, Sandison, Bobby, Reed, Harold, Spaulding Jere. Top row: Rate, Leon, Rouse, Richard, Russell, Virgil, Shipley, Jim, Scott, Don, Radden, Russ, Shinn, Jack, Roby, Garvice. Sa W In Family Living Sandy Nelson and Sandra De Hanas prove that team work can bring results. WILLIE VANDIVER, B.A., M.A. Science Nebraska Wesleyan University University of Colorado ' JAMES C. THORPE, B.A. English University of Tulsa Sponsor, National Thespians There was plenty of food for all at the Military Department's Christ- mas tea. Above, Scott Cain and Janna Woltersdort receive their share of the cookies and punch. Top row: Stratton, Fred, Schulte, Larry, Talor, Jim, Scott, Rodney, Taylor, Carrington, Scherck, Gary, Shelledy, Wayne. Second row: Milne, John, Stephens, Lee, Shugart, Tom, Schirk, Dick, Skionhaug, Carol, Saunders, Harold, Townsend, Allen, Schimpf, Bill. Third row: Strand, Judith, Smith, Mable, Scherck, Ann, Story, Wyoma, Taylor, Grace, Scullen, Janet, Strobeck, Marilynn. Bottom row: Story Katherine, Squires, Dolores, Shurtleff, Frances, Shockley, Janice, Schwarz, Judy, Shimbur, Lois, Steinman, Janice, Steinman, Bethel. t Bottom row: Scott, Sandra, Skinner, Adonna, Sims, Vella, Sands, Evelyn, Spence, LaVea, Spence, LaVeral, Schilling, Sylvia, Smith Sharron. Second row: Thompson, Sharon, Van Gilder, Judy,'Tomlin Rita, Swisher, Donna, Smith, Sandy, Strand, Nancy, Sager, Betty. Third row: Underhill, Mike, Verdick Bob, Shawll, Daphne, Spethman, Joan, Thompson, Linda, Tyson, Louis, Tescher, Kenny. Top row Thomas, Phillip, Teets, Rod, Underwood, Donald, Trout, Randy, Thompson, Bob, Truiillo, Herb, Todd, Jerry 1 1 Sa Top row: Williamson, Terry Gene, Wirth, Ron, Wagers, Dan, Wight, Del, Youmans, Jerry, Wrasper, Kent, Winders, Larry. Second row: Visoky, Jack, Wergin, Joyce, Wertz, Fred, Wood, Mary, Ziker, Bob Vassar, George, Wilson, Carole. Third row: Werner, June, Williams, Arleen, Webb, Carolyn, Winfrey Barbara, Welsh, Sharon, Whiting, Jackie, Whiffen, Mary Louise. Bottom row: Yoss, Joanne, White Charmaine, Williams, Patsy, Walsh, Martha, Wilcox, Darlene, Vaughn, Elaine, Vest, Larree. 1 1 Seated: Sherry Ray, Montana, Shelley Powers, Oklahoma, Virginia Thomas, Montana, Gwen Moller, South Dakota, Kathleen Hemry, sponsor, Jacklyn Walters, Nebraska, Carole Meredith, Sheridan, Marie Frederick, Shoshoni, Binnie Moll, Ohio. Second row: Edward Haste, Douglas, Marilyn Peden, Glenrock, Darlene Harkin, Cody, Henry Garcia, New Mexico, Annabelle Malenovsky, Montana, Jeannette Franklin, Sheridan, Teddy Rucker, Texas, Kay Teets, Nebraska, Gay Teets, Nebraska, Leona Berger, North Dakota, Shitley Hopkins, Nebraska. Third row: Gabriel Cruz, Rock Springs, Duane Woodard, Colorado, James Jones, Superior, Lloyd Charles, Colorado, Patricia Smith, idaho, Patricia Jackson, Utah. Fourth row: Billy Summer- lin, Oklahoma, Dick Wirch, Texas, Bill Bertelsen, Utah, .lim Matlack, Glenrock, Francis Moore, Nebraska, Lynn Foster, Rock Springs, Stan Englert, Powell, Norman Hammond, Arizona, Berdette Carter, Texas, Ronald Harned, Green River. Newcomers drinking from their own fountain hyd Our own Newcomers' Club is peculiarly ours, it has gained a reputation throughout the United States as an adiuster ot new students in a strange school. The group did all the usual things this year such as handling the concessions, giving swimming parties, going on picnics, and dress- ing up their own room. But what made the ac- tivities ot this year stand out? A brief resume can cover only a few of the new ventures: A Christmas program for the residents of the Old Folks Home, a coffee for the new high school P.T.A., refreshments for the Wyoming orienta- tion group, four new drinking fountains installed in the halls of N.C.H.S., and a welcome for several state and civic groups which met in lO5. Constantly busy were president Mickey Plough, and vice president Carol Meredith. Treasurer was Virginia Rice and business manager was Janna Woltersdort. The sponsor who gave so much of her time and industry was as usual tor this or- ganization, Miss Kathleen Hemry. First row: Tom Harsh, California, Carl Manning, Natrona, Mickey Plough, Shoshoni, James Pearce, Kansas, Don Du Bois, Pavillion. Second row: Marlene Gillis, Montana, Mary Bridges, Mississippi, Nancy Tappan, Buffalo, Shirley Gerlock, Colo- rado, Sharon Vanatta, Sheridan, Laurie Meredith, Sheridan, Raymona Hodo, Crooks Gap, Janna Woltersdorf, Laramie, Gayle Gallington, Worland, Ann Amtz, South Dakota, Phyllis Shinbur, Nebraska, Lynne Underwood, Natrona. Third row: Rose Painter, Ohio, Pat Smith, Alcova, Judy Clark, Alcova, Sheila Burgess, Alcova, Connie Walters, Nebraska, Lorna Smith, Sheridan, Beverly Dykeman, Colorado, Lesa Martinez, Nebraska, Patsy Gallagher, Gillette, Karen Swanson, Arizona. Fourth row: Bill Boyd, Powell, La Ray Rocks, Newcastle, Don Wells, Montana, John Buchholz, Nebraska, Richard Parsons, South Dakota, Bob Bolles, Guernsey, Jerry Surber, Oklahoma. 1, m 1 . . of t- r , Q 1 . www' Q, . Q- f, G s ae- fa gaze- 'Y -in f sm.,--Q - -2 Q. .1 -fa.. 45 . is ,ie 4 ,I ' Y F .Q tl 1 .f 5. ,swf :if si' s Yagi' 1'-SFS aa- xt, -' as it ef -' .L N' si, 'ef' H, - to 5 L Y ar- ie. " A -- 1 1 ,I - 1-ivisww. ,rig ' , ff' , "lliiX'1 s if as ' it, 'sat Zff J' -sei' 1' 5' 'F Sf? 'Q 1 KATHLEEN HEMRY, B.A., M.A. English University of Wyoming Long Beach State Teachers College University of Chicago Sponsor of Concessions, N.C.H.S. . W Newcomers Club First row: Lawrence Pearce, Kansas, Jerry Du Bois, Idaho, Bob Marshall, Colorado, Alden Shaffer, Utah. Second row: Judith Strand, Montana, Mary Beth Moll, Ohio, Patty Franks, North Dakota, Sandra Hammond, Arizona, Ann Donohue, Marie Berger, North Dakota, June Kelly, Texas, Barbara Harsh, California, Julia Sutton, Douglas. Third row: Virginia Rice, Washington, Shirley Padilla, Rawlins, Janice Jacobs, Colorado, Judith Jacobs, Colorado, Beverly Myers, Texas, Judi Gal- lington, Colorado, Patricia Ahern, Colorado, Lois Shinbur, Nebraska, Ronnie Sue Balch, Colorado, Judy Elkier, Nebraska. Fourth row: Leonard Woltersdorf, Laramie, Harvey Daigle, Colorado, Charles Jones, Superior, Rod Teets, Nebraska, Ron- ald Fisher, lllinois, Randy Harrison, New Mexico, Cody Cook, Texas, Reggis Christman, North Dakota, Bill McCamon, New Mexico, Leon Williams, Oregon, Albert Edwards, Cheyenne, Frank Berger, North Dakota. Standing: Ellen Huffman, Margaret Clark, Nancy Hansen, Liz Fox, Lyn Parsons, Patsy Huey, .loan Brady, Joanne Geiger, Shirley Caves, Betsy Crowell, Gordon Adams, Helen Kay Huey, Bennie Moll. Front: Ron Hathaway, Debbie Nichols, Bill Haselmire. 2403 ' The voices that bring the morning announce- ments belong to members of the Radio Guild organization which is under the sponsorship of Mr. Robert Macomber. When the club was re- organized early last fall, members chose Bill Haselmire to head the organization as president, Gordon Adams, vice president, and Debbie Nich- ols, treasurer. Each Thursday afternoon a Radio Guild member finds himself as assistant disc iockey on Melody Time request program. The guild also has established a weekly teen pro- gram which is heard over station KVOC each Sat- urday morning. The program features an inter- view with an outstanding member of the stu- dent body or of the faculty and a brief summary of news and happenings around N.C.H.S. during the preceding week. The climax of the club's year comes late in the spring when station KSPR is completely taken over for the day by the guild for its annual Radio Day. According to Margaret Clark it's "Attention to your morning announcements for Friday, June 3, l955." SW! The Gusher Staff under editor Jimmy Watters, continuously trying to meet the all important deadline, succeeded in producing a top notch pa- per. Along with the Gusher's regular news cov- erage several new feature articles were added which appealed to almost every kind of reader from the hot rod enthusiast to the most avid reader of world affairs. The business end of the paper was handled very efficiently by Mary Murane who with one of the largest business staffs in the history of the paper was able al- most to double the number of ads printed in the paper. Several members of the staff iour- neyed to Laramie last fall to get first hand infor- mation on new techniques in the field of high school iournalism and to bring back several blue ribbons which were won by last year's paper. This year's aspiring journalists have high hopes that their paper will achieve as high a record as The Gusher of the preceding year. Editor James Watters and assistant, Mary Roussalis making up a current issue of the GUSHER. First row: Mickey McGrath, Dick Peckham, Delton Hudson, Ilene Phillips, Jimmy Watters, Gay Wehrli, Mary Murane. Sec- ond row: Frank Meade, Bob Joseph, Joyce Kerns, Mary Roussalis, Pat Compton, Larry Manning, Eddie Grant. Third row: Neil Brislawn, Gary Williams, Marinell Bagby, Donna Hawkins, Betty Sensintaffar, Mary Louise Whiffen, Pat Ramsey, Dor- othy Rice. Liz Robertson. Fourth row: Pat Force, Loretta Meek. Fifth row: Carol King, Irene Williamson, Joyce Lester. Sixth row: Janet Hussion, Rosalie Grosz, Pat Haley, Bob Kirby. Seventh row: Mary Beth Haigler, Virginia Cuddeback. Eighth row: Mary Olga Christensen, Rita Haeker, Kay Hawley, Joyce Wergen. Ninth row: Rosalie Larson, Nita Haeker, Shirley Robey, Patsy Huey, Lois Bemis, Joanne Nelson. First row, left to right: Ellen Huffman, Patty McNair, Pat Samuelson, Carol King, Mary Murane. Second row: Sally Eggert, Donna Mills, Berenice Henrich, Mary Lou Stroh, Donna Clegg. Third row: Mr. Thorpe, John McLemore!, Larry Manning, Bill Beattie. 0 0 I l Left to right: Judy Stadtfeld, Marinell Bagby, Connie Atwood, Jacqueline Kennedy, Pat Mangan, Annette Marshall, Nadine Lowe, Linda Merritt, Carol Haigler, Elaine Shaeffer, Louise Bertagnole, Dorothy At- wood, Nancy Hardison. 'Q . -. v 1 x 4 -.,n 'X W- -1. ' ' X A- x- ?"' sv ..:3 'us' K Q ' xisr' , Sf ,., 3'--vs,x..' 'r .,.' ,. 1.- E.. . --Z.: alight. . ' ., .Q ,wa WG' 4 . :ff .x. K., . ' 3-1'.AN '. ,- ... . r'S ' X " ', -1 V v,,L.,,,,,3, ,I ,-.,,1wx,., .,,..:,t 4 Q?-'E ,Av , Q . J fg, , 2 , pl " - nil' - w - A ,L 'ze-1 A yzgskd V K ,W 1f , -5:4 .f N b ,Vg ,,, ' v. ,,1'f X. T' ' Yi 'I ,tldx 1 .9 -flew 'li K ' '--fi-'r.r Q ::'11'A'?5' J fir N .E 'iii' A Ll 1: - g'51f' ,- '89 .f fb"?:v,9Q:'k Q . I Au? ,AIN I' 'Wfj - - .gif-r ',-9 ix f . fy. . -ff' . , .153-: 193,335 , fa gf 4' " .fifffx ' 5 "' -Q15 ,f IQ K ,I Y . 1 K-:hx t K5 23: 'V .e , Qgaif? M ff - FP? W' ,- dl 79 Q mov wk :- 'X' EQ? 1 -K 3 f i M EI. Q if a 'asf W 3435 ' 1 i? Six ,mick fi Ring "ffa ,QQ WARS. wg' YW "-f 1,21 . ., ,. 1 -'El .. A '., 9' 55? -r , ,Rx - 'L -,,.. it" -2, fK4'X ,sl if 's HX, First row: Mary Murane, Mary Roussalis, Jimmy Watters, Vic Poirier Miss Lindsey Second row Sandy Dickensheets J Anne Blower, Pat Spencer, Jon Brady, Nicky Adamson Joan Brady Debbie Nichols Linda Canfield Hazel Moll Third row: Mary Bunce, Sharon Kosanke, Gay Wehrli, G. D Pittman Louis Roussalis John Hilbert Betsy Crowell Delton Hudson 4964224 "Love thyself as the beginning of a life-long romance," or "Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink" have become routine in the lan- guage of the English Club member. This is be- cause at each English Club meeting a quotation of this type was used to signify one's presence with the secretary, Mary Roussalis, called roll. Convening at the home of a member on the third Thursday of each month, English clubsters found themselves quite busy from the first fall schoolbell to the last day of May. Having been elected in the spring of '54, the officers of Eng- lish Club were prepared to begin fall business without further ado. The four: President Jim Watters, Vice President Vic Poirierg Secretary Mary Roussalis, and Treasurer Dan Moriarty aided by Sponsor Ethel Lindsey directed the entire year's business with the greatest of ease. This was no small task as the English Club engaged in ev- erything from purchasing needed gifts for the school to planning the gigantic party which has become traditional in N.C.H.S. social life. Dan Moriarty, Stan Brown, and Bud Herzelle are planning a program via HOLIDAY for an English Club meeting. glwf f--...wil j. 2, s w . 70mm ' Top left: Wyoming's Wool Princess, Mary Jo Begley, displays the woolen outfit which won for her first place in the "Make It Yourself With Wool" contest. Top right: Smiling smugly after being pro- claimed champions of the 440 yard relay are McFall, Mora, Frogge, and Gernert. Below: Scholarship awards are distributed to last year's seniors by Mr. Walsh. New typing techniques are demonstrated by llene Phillips with an electric typewriter and dictaphone. After spending four years accentuated by the Ko- rean crisis, Coed Balls, McCarthy hearings, Scrabble, Junior Follies, and George Goble, the senior class of N.C.H.S. felt anything but a desire to be turned out into the big bad world. The climax of all our glories, however, came in the spring of '55 when a halt was called to our activities here in Casper High. The largest graduating class in the history of Na- trona County, we proved ourselves bigger and bet- ter than all the rest by being moved from the audi- torium to the gymnasium for graduation exercises. Fall has always been queen time. Crowning this season of our freshman year was the election of Mary Kay Kingham as Coed Ball Queen. When we were seniors Donna Mills was chosen to reign over our very own homecoming festivities. Our iunior class president, Mike Welsh, supervised a Follies, which according to senior sources, outdid all for- mer productions. We had a Prom that was really a "Return to Paradise." Leading our class through- out four years of high school were Ray Allen, who as a senior was elected student body president and Julie Baker, who was chosen as Girls' vice president. Perennially busy have been our sponsors, Frances Feris and Ralph Masterson, who have devoted their time to everything from financing a Prom to measur- ing seniors for caps and gowns. Outstanding ath- letes these past four years included Bill Thomas, Gene Meyer, Fred Lewis, and Bill Browning. Larry Johnson, our senior class president, had the dis- tinction of being the only Rocky Mountain teenager elected to the 1954 All-American Football Team. Ron Hathaway was our thinker, Jim Watters and Mary Bunce, our speakers, Sharon Chase and Jan Reinhart, our musicians, and Pat Mangan, our artist. With the opening of the 1955 baseball season ends forty-eight months of the most wonderful years of our lives. To the strains of "Pomp and Circum- stance," and to the rustle of caps and gowns we are forced to realize that the picnic is over and it is time to throw away the basket. ' A O rl nn. 'ide Hman- eaekvz cam Immediately following the beginning of the sec- ond semester, the Junior class of '54 began to make preparations for the Junior Prom. Committeemen met and discussed for fully three months before final plans for decorations were made. Since we had an extremely large intake from the Follies it was decided that our Prorn should be unusually extravagant. Consequently, when the theme"Return to Paradise" was selected, many features were planned which were not characteristic of the ordi- nary high school dance. We members of the class of '55 will never forget the seemingly millions of engraved invitations we addressed to members of the class of '54, the mile long strips of green crepe paper which went into the ceiling and walls, the increasingly frequent trips to stationery stores for more crepe paper, Pat Man- gan's adeptness at making a bird, complete with tail feathers-all from a square yard of chicken wire, our combined efforts to stuff the product of her labors, the massive wooden frames which the boys con- structed for the hut and the boatshaped bandstand, the little grass hut from which punch was served by freshman maids from the South Sea Islands, and the Saturday morning collapse following the final Prom festivities of the night before. Above: Ray Allen, Linda Merritt, Jerry Lutton, and Julie Baker fill out their programs, beside the good ship, PARADISE. Left: Dick Flowers, Nancy Winfrey, Larry Johnson and Bernice Henrich Return to Paradise through an archway of pink and purple palms. Below: Hawaiian maidens serve pineapple punch under the shelter of their leafy hut. The lovelies are Joan McNamara and Beverly Day. ' is .Q Vi.: Q 1 WAX' X Left to right: Gay Wehrli, John Dailey, Ron Hathaway, Jerry Benson, Jim Watters, Gene Meyer, and How- ard Donley. Not present: Ray Allen. Z' " i 0414 First row, left to right: Mary Kay Kingham, Jalane Bolt, and Sally Hart. Second row: Marvine Matthews Marcia Callister, Party Samuelson, Ellen Huffman, and Penny Edwards. -Af -vi' 522 ' 3 I ? 5 , fl. X -qw M, L W3 K, -x in X, 'iffx J Q X 'ff W A . A .. L 3 , 1 . W Si, Sw.. qu, Y , Q D55 get-f .Q 1. M , f 415455. 'wg , g2g:f,..,.Q-, MB sq. ,. W.. AJ. .. , Q 1 3 525 1 4 Vw L M W 'QF . ,... 4, fi M , X., gf, ,gm x V1 SHARON BEMIS JERRY BENSON LOUISE BERTAGNOLE JOE BERRY PHYLLIS BISHOP EDWINA BLANFORD JERRY BOLTZ CONNIE BOYLES SHEILA BOYLES PHIL BREKKEN DONNA BRESSLER DONNA BRIDGER NEIL BRISLAWN GWENDOLYN HILL, B.A. E,,g,f,h BILL BROWNING unwefsny of comrade CI-IAUNCY 'BROTHERS University of Wyoming ' University of California Sponsor, MUSTANG Boa CALDON MARCIA CALLISTER A K This year's senior usher at las? year's graduation exercises. f A RUTH CARLSON MARY CARRERA PATTY CHAMBERS SHARON CHASE HELEN CHERNICK I 1 w i W SAMMY CHILCOTE JACK CHRISTOPHER LEO CLAPP GRANT CLARK JACQUELIN CLARK MARGARET CLARK P DONNA CLEGG Jovc E CoH ee GARY COLE MURRAY COLGIN PAT COLE LAVERNE COOK Sue CONNER DAVID Core JACK Coven DON COWGAR ' JOHN Cowcerz ' u 0 The senior announcement committee had a h Bos COYNE JOHN DAILEY x . S 2 1 I I 1 DARLENE DAY CAROLE DANIEI.soN JANE DEVORE I X. DERALD DEWALD DONALD DICKINSON CHARLES DII.L JACKIE DOOLEY GENE DosBINs HOWARD DONLEY DOLORES DRWENSKI Bos DUDLEY ecldmg on the final three announcemems. S ' CHARLES DUNCAN i I LEE DUNLAP ALTA DYCK SUZANNE Du RANT DAVID EDWARDS BUNNY JACKSON, BTA. 'JENNY EDWARDS Home Economicsl ' Montana University 1 l I SALLY EGGERT JEAN ENGLEMAN JERRY ERBEN MAUREEN FANCHER JW FERRIS O DONNA KAY FLOTH Dncx FLOWERS DAVE FOWLER DWAYNE FREEMAN JANET FULTON JOHN GARBER RUTH Glu. Boa GISH EARL REED JAMES GONGWER Head, AH Department GARY GOODWIN Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Sponsor of Chrisimas Pageant 2 Q -Lf X f LLLL , Q A- K X EX I 3143 ,J " , ff Qiiiw- . 1 ia... A-ff LEONARD GRADERT En GRANT KENNETH GRAY ROSALIE GRAY DAVID GREGORICH BILL GROSS RAMONA HACK HERBIE HAMILTON WINONA HAHN BETTY HAMILTON VERNE HAMLIN 1 is When the MUSTANG arrives it's a sure sign of spring. LARRY HARKSEN FRANCES HAND NANCY HANSEN Z i I 1 5?- -, 1TQ .,5 A f Qs- - 1' RH A. V, ,yi , X 3 M, , TAFT HARRIS ALYCE HARTGRAVE S ' Bm. HASELMIRE MELVIN HASTINGS SHARON HEATON RON HATHAWAY MARILYN HAWKINS ED HECK im' - m"R"' NORMA ,W HELZER BERENICE HENRICH If Cream puffs, the product of Mary TruiilIo's morning labors. PAT HERDEN MAXINE HERMAN FRANK HIGGINS REX HOEF BETTY Lou HOLDEN CONNIE HOWARD I JOE HOWE , DELTON HUDSON HELEN KAY HUEY SHIRLEY HOPKINS CHARLES Hono Q mm., 3555? N, , , my V, ,xv - . A -V m., :QQ ,H - YQ, . I A-3. .M ,,..,w,. ff f- 4 5 jiggcxlfi sxy3fe1f, ,f Nqr Y' . Wjkxx-wP'.331.1? 1 xx 1:4 2' 1 2 .aa JF JL A Q 4 DORIS KALKOFEN MARIEL KALLERUD NELL JONES, B.A. Mavhemarfcs JERRY KEGLEY University of Iowa PATSY KELLY University of Southern California Universiiy of Denver University of Colorado JACKIE KENNEDY KEITI-I KENNEDY LARRY KESZLER BRUCE KING CARLETON KEY MARY KAY KINGHAM LYNN KLOCKSIENI BILLY KLOPMAN CONNIE KNAPP BEVERLY KNIGHT KARLENE KocI-I g K fg5, ,n.' fm ' Wailea., A. H: ..,: : :.- ,IQNQ f'ff55:-11421 Jlfl. N .. :f'mxFg .Hg iii, . . , ww, -f. -av Nam -gs . QM N.-f.g,f f- K 2 x ' X ,Q s-Xs,fw.PQNR?FiwSlfq,e1i"-X fix - S - Q 1 -gxxfgg 5231032..:,EMxvxg3g1j-W .bb Quik' 'gf Q: YV - QV N X 1 - K W 9 - Q . x W - - Sw -X . R . - K X X X is X . X X xx x . SisfiIKS?5-zifzifi-maxS il , 3 K'xmkk' E 3 ,. Aww Mm. W xv f Sv ,rg ' wrf ff I r ,Km . ?,5i5'U5i ay ' 'WM J x Q as , A . 4 MARvINE MATTHEWS GUILFORD MAXON GEORGE MICEK DARRELL MIDIJAUGH I GENE MEYER W ERROL MILLER GENEVIEVE MILLER MARGARET MILNE DONNA MILLS O I A-Et. , fm L. W gg if Q Q, BINNIE MoI.I. t A DON MOORE X R BILL MOORE JACK MOORE BILL MILLS NEJRLA MINER I CAPTAIN VERDE Moss I Head of Military Deparfmeny I I I x I30 JACKIE MOFIELD DAN MORIARTY BOE MOUNT MARY MURANE MARY MURPHY JIM NALL BOB NELSON CLARA NICHOLSON HAROLD NILES MARY Nuzufvx ROGER OGARO BILL O'NEIL MAX ORTIZ FLOYD W. FIELD, B.A., M.A. Commercial Unive:sity of Colorado University of Minnesota Colorado State College of Education LEE ROY PARSONS ALLEN PATTERSON I I NI 'I JIM PATTON I I I JAY PAYNE Donna Bridger, Marvine Matthews Cfirst placeD, Sharon Bemis winners in the D.A.R. essay contest. CARL PEARSON GARY PEARSON RAY PEBBLES DICK PECKHAM SHARbN PERRY I I I BEVERLY PETRA ILENE PHILLIPS JIM POTTER LARRY PIGG VIC POIRIER SHIRLEY PORTER 4' 'xx CHARLES PRIOR PATSY RAMSEY JAN REINHART CAROL REED i , , , , Vic Poirer receives from Alumnus Charles Morrison the award for outstanding skiing MARJORIE RENDAHL CONNIE RHOADES GLEN RICHEY RUTH ANN ROBERTS HOWARD ROWLAND ILA MAE RIDGEWAY SHARON Ross SHIRLEY RousH MARY RoussALls ' K :saw-sun BEVERLY SCOTT DOROTHY SALARIO MARLENE SCHMIDT JERRY SCHU LTE JIMMY SANDISON JULIA SELBY PI-IYLLIs SI-IoCIcLEY Boa SEILBACI-I NEAL SCHLAGER DICK RUPP JERRY RYAN l . l 1 RONALD SAsso PATTY SAMUELSON MARIE S. YATES, B.S. Commercial Utah Stale Agricultural College MARGARET SAXTON VANCE SATTERFIELD JUDY SMITH JUDY SI-IAFER DIXIE SHERMAN A DoN SI-IUGART AL SIMMONS BARBARA SIzEMoRE SONJA SKRETTEBERG FRANKLIN SMITH GAIL SMITH JACK SMITH RON SM,-H., PAT SPENCER ELLEN SPETHMAN , GRACE3ACOBSON, B.A., M.A. Head of Vocal Music Depanment Norihwesiem University MacPheai College of Music University of Wyoming JENEAN STEENS LAND SPOHSOI Of Madfisal Joi-IN STEWART W. xg,-V.-., ....R.,. l35 KAY TEETS MAx TERRELL Make-up makes convincing hoodlums of Roy Lacey and Ron Smith. 1 BILL THOMAS CECELIA TOMLIN LAURA TOWNSEND CHARLES TROST O MARY TRUJILLO OFRENDO TRUJILLO KENNETH VICKERY STEPHEN VINOT DEANNA VONOSTERHELDT MARGARET WATSON E- X X JACK WELcI-I MIKE WELSH JIM WATTERS JOAN VVATTERS EVELYN WECKWERTI-I GAY WEI-IRLI TOM WEINRICI-I J I MARY ANN WEISENBERGER JIM WI-IITLOCK GLEN WILLIAMS JOYCE WILLIAMS TOM WILLIAMSON IDA WILSON I I Bos WILDMAN GARY WILLIAMS MARY Studies of Wyoming of California NANCY WILSON GEORGE WINDERS JERRY WINN JOHN YEAMANS WANDA YOHE GORDON MAHER at "L-itkm-, ARTHUR HABENICHT PAT COMPTON SALLY HART ALAN CRUTCHER DICK Coon BRUCE MoNCuR CAROLYN SPIDELL, B.A. GEORGE SCULLEN D W 1 Social Studies Machine Shop AVID EBER North Texas State College University of Montana Bottom row: Jim Watters, Jon Brady, Jerry Schulte, Delton Hudson. Second row: Jan Reinhart, Pat Spens cer, John Dailey, Miss Hagan, Mary Bunce, Jerry Benson, Maxine Herman, Mary Murane, Nancy Han- sen. Third row: Liz Robertson, Connie Boyles, Norma Simpson, Sally Eggert, Donna Mills, Betsy Crowell, Debbie Nichols, Joan Brady, Judy Johnson, Linda Canfield, Marilyn Hawkins. Rita Fulton, Sonia Skrette-' berg, Charon Chase, Jean Dillon. Top row: Charles Hord, Frances Hand, Judy Shafer, lrene Williamsonf David Gregorich, Shirley Tucker, G. D. Pittman, Ron Hathaway, Don Watson, Howard Donley, Don' Baird, Jim Houston, Ray Allen, H. A. Strother, Arthur Tetrick, Renata Ury. ' ' glances ' The National Honor Society is the only organi- zation in high school which bases membership on scholastic standing alone. Only the top five per cent of the junior class and the top fifteen per cent of the senior class are given membership. The lowest average for iuniors this year was 1.25 while seniors with an average of 1.72 were admitted. Officers for the year were Jerry Benson, pres- iclentp John Dailey, vice president, and Maxine Herman, secretary-treasurer. 1 Seniors who participated in the Natiorlal Honor Society Scholarship test on March 22 were the following: Jerry Benson, Mary Bunce, David Greg- orich, Jan Reinhart, Ron Hathaway, Marillyn Haw- kins, John Dailey, Connie Boyles, Sallyd Eggert, and H. A. Strother. The alternates chosen for this examination were Nancy Hansen, Sonia,Skrette- berg, Pat Spencer, and Francis Hand. , Miss Hagan is the sponsor. l - l ' 2adZmzd5ofw!Z The goal of all students on the GUSHER or on the MUSTANG staffs is membership in Quill and Scroll, the international organization for high school iournalists. Any staff member is eligible if he is recommended by the sponsors of the publications. Initiated in the spring of 1954 were: Mari- nell Bagby, Neil Brislawn, Mary Bunce, Marcia Callister, Ruth Carlson, Eddie Grant, David Greg- orich, Delton Hudson, Ellen Huffman, Bill lser- man, Joyce Kerns, Carol King, Allan McKin, Mary Murane, Richard Peckham, Sharon Perry, Ilene Phillips, Patsy Ramsey, Shirley Robey, Betty Sen- sintaffar, Jimmie Watters, Gay Wehrli, and Irene Williamson. Holdover members were Nancy Han- sen, Dan Moriarty, and Vic Poirier. Natrona County High School was represented at the Journalistic gathering at the University of Wyoming in the fall of 1954 by Jimmie Watters, Editor, Mary Murane, Business Manager, and Mary Roussalis, Circulation Manager. These people rep- resented the GUSHER. From the MUSTANG were Mary Bunce, Editor, Marvine Matthews, and David Gregorich. Officers of Quill and Scroll, elected in the spring, were Jimmie Watters, president, Gay Wehrli, vice president, and Mary Murane, secre- tary-treasurer. Annual newspaper awards fo r outstanding service were presented to Jimmie Watters and Mary Murane, The GUSHER for the last two years has received all-state honors. Bottom row: Ruth Carlson, Nancy Hansen, Mary Murane, Ellen Huffman, Shirley Robey, Irene William- son, Betty Sensintaffer. Middle row: Delton Hudson, Jimmy Watters, Marinell Bagby, Patsy Ramsey, Marcia Callister, Carol King, Ilene Phillips, Joyce Kerns. Top row: David Gregorich, Richard Peckham, Neil Brislawn, Gay Wehrli, Allan McKin, Eddie Grant, Sharon Perry, Mary Bunce. Lt. Col. Buddy Merritt, best cadet officer of the year. ' l I Q l i l yi 1954 gp. 7, Platoon lerud, officer of best drilled platoon. Leader Mauritz Kal- Capt. Ernest Gray, company commander of best drilled company. , M xi-wgg,g.1fiw ,J ?gg.'w1-wma-g .w -:i. ,,X f i- Q-Q-X-My-x . . . H . f V, fi W. 2- -1' -. , - -t W.: . - W wwf,-A 115-ff Q- ..1'ft5v11f1'1 A QM, Rx M , -.vfqfw-.J -fy--,.. i.. ., W , , ' Q ' , '- . x ' 5 L' Y J gi I W 'K fw,-Q - ww . Q f M .f ,. .M -I H A W, , ' ' e X: W RQ.-swssrsmx ' v xi-Q5-vi-sd A wk- g K1 W ' 'f " " N141-M 1: s , .. 1 VW- 5 E-giliwai' gl X wgiaiiigii. 1- ' 21 4:23 'Sffi1m,f'ff3ff?ff ' - no ni . aQmw'2,gx1EN V 3 A Y , -- f - -Q-1-aff -. -f fi 14. ., -. Q , ., " A-1 ew W . , H N.z?'-'fsxwef H as- , wg -vi lf' f 1 Mm ,. , . A m ' Ci' 5 gf- i6 'ff V - , x M ' A K lf: 5 me 1, .- A X Q -..-- ' m ' , Fw 1 .f If Y 'y . - wg W Q 3 x . A . 1 gl uf I" I ., 1 I A J .fm Fu . k f ix X K. .x fi 539. 1 K . f A Qi ' f . . Q it "Y x f 'T :Q 2 ff 2. f -3 Q, ,' A- if 'U x v Y , v A Q s Li - fy .vs W f A ' . 4 It f Q Q f - 3 " f A V Q5 . 513' ' Ez, K f 71 . lm.. - A A Y W Y' 'K L' - ?:1j:.m3 A , AL pw , J N K - PL mann . ' ' ' I Eg- 1 ul gff, W . gl- gf fig K 9 k FE. - X 9 ttf K . X, Ji H 'V ,v an : ,M 1,5 , . ' gag " frjsc-' 5 ,. l i , Zi. 5115 ,, ,lx : . K K 5 Y 5 2 1 N f,.,f 'Q ""' efzl lf! . ,guts V -..f ., Avg? ZW, , V. ,V ? 'E S Q -.- X . . nr Left to right: Steve Vinot, Bill Haselmire, John Burnett, Jerry Carr, Jerry Erben, Lewis Tyson, Virgil Russell, Dan Edwards, Jerry Schulte. 'gage' eam John Burnettes and Jerry Carr are displaying correct form in a shooting match against the girls' rifle team, but the girls won. fi, - -...---A Duff l . Left to right: Pat Spencer, Rita Fulton, Sylvia Reimers, Joan Sperhman, Adonna Skinner, Rosalie Lar son, Connie Knapp. . ' W mn, 'ttf . l From row: Mike Tipton, Jerry Frogge, Dick Flowers, Ray Mora, Ferry Nash, Ron McHaney, Secohd row: Hial Gernert, Jim Burridge, Jerry Quinlan, Jim Gernert, George Smith, Skip DeVault. Third row: Dave Foss, manager: Don Lee Moore, Chuck Duncan, George McFall. Don Moore and George Smith take a much needed Mike Tipton clears the hurdle breather between Track events. of Jerry Nash . l l l i l l l i l alhair's length in front , i0l'U"5 FORD FOR 55 "The Fine Car of Hs Field" 5, y ' iii, S'l'yling Inspired by The Thunderbird NATRGNA MOTOR CO. "Your Friendly Ford Dealer" 230 W. Yellowsfone Highway 3-7864 CASPER, WYOMING PAYING AND I RECEIVING I CASPER NATIONAL BANK On Friday nigI'1+ during +I'1e Iarges+ fire in Casper's hisiory Ihe Casper Na1'ionaI was known as "The I1o+'res+ bank in +own." By Monday morn- ing, however, 'II1e bank's slogan was "Business as usual." ,,,,........--4 I NORTHERN UTILITIES DoHie Mi+cheII seems fascinared wiI'h +I1e broiler in 'Ihe new Servel bu+ Margo HoIIinger prefers fo work wi+I1 'rhe deep weII cooker or I'I1e oyen. .T -- F I : 1 I I I MacMANUS AND SON'S JEWEILRY KASSIS Linda Pllmmill IWIP5 Na"'CY Hufsmlfh Choose meanwhile BeH'y Lou Holden is all sei for 3 b"'I'I'daY Pres'-WI' 'fof fhe Iaffef 5 moihef +I1e 'fooI'baII game wi'rI1 a coal' from Kassisg from +I1e MacManus sllver collecfionq ' HARRIS FURNITURE INTERIORS and Lyn Parsons and Liz Fox admire a candy dish a+ Harris's Furnifure, Ioca'I'ed ai' I I3 Sou+I1 Durbin. 5,-. .Ik 1 ,V fm? if ' .. QV1' ' I W A gd, ,Nix , Q M , W 9- Q ii 54 'Q ' W wana mm I we jk QF DEBEJQQ, x...wN-"' P0 If i du. qc fall '5'r.'N-'P Nm . I gi K, I f 'f W H,-els A 4?'g,,: I STUART SHOP WlTT'S JEWELRY y Pai Hurley fries +0 decide Oh One of The Karen Swanson, Jackie Van Scoy,band Glen- clresses shown +o her by Mrs. Schouboe of da Smifh are in need of cqgfurhe iewelry Hui Siuafi 5h0P-3 dress for HWS F00+l9all from Wi+f's-jewelry for +he big occasion. Bd . 1 0 ' ' K , 1 if F 1 f Q Much more inieresfing 'io 'the boys, Brad Laughlin and Larry Johnson, are fhe iies PALMS El-ORAL COMPIQNY from Woocls, locaied in fhe IOO block on Ann Gemefl' P'Ck5 UP he' Claies ,b0Ui0n' Cemeri mere a+ +I1e Palms, ielephone 3-36Q0. l ' l 1 4 1 l NOLAN CHEVROLET J Gail Smifh and Sally McCurdy will chauffeur iheir dafes fo and 'From 'I'he dance in a new Chevrolei' from Nolan's. NICHOLAYSEN LUMBER COMMUNITY TELEVISION Various i+ems o-F hardware a+ NichoIaysen's Gene Snyder explains fhe moniforing sysfem have caughf fhe eye of Clarence Morley. of our +eIevision Io Barbara WiH'. TIM FORCE TIN SHOP McCANN JEWELERS Pai Force shows us iusi' how iI"s done ai' Tim Window shopper, Nancy Hardison, admires I'he Force Tin Shop. beau'I'ifuI iewelry in 'rhe window a+ McCann's. TRIANGLE MOTORS Geraldine Rogers and Sue Crane recommend a new Ponfiac for depend- able service. Through 'ihe Vocaiional program of NCHS, headed by Mr. Boyles, many siudenfs showing 'lheir own iniiiaiive have ob+ained a'F1'er-school and Sai'- urday iobs. J we N, at :lv V Q r S W in I T n I S3 DAlLEy'5 STA KIMBALL DRUG STORE Phyllis Bishop works a+ s lcorner of Julia Selby complies wiih a cus+omer's wish i Second and Cenierl where shows us a 'for a pound of cashews from Kimball's. new Snorlcel pen. I OKE'S JEWELRY ' Coolcs POTATO Fl-AKE MFG- CO- Ellen Bundy decides which rings would look Jerry Dallon, lefi, who spends his Saiurdays begi in 1-he window display .-lf Oke'5 Jew- ai' Coolc's is proud of 'lheir new irucli. elry,We51-ridge Village, -Y , W, i PREWITT'S STANDARD SERVICE Bob Nelson checlcs ihe oil in a car which is Sl16l'0rl Lucas and Duong SRorT'lflng0 fill 6 being serviced a+ Prewi++'s. cus+omer's grocery order ai- iKal's. y l 1 I Q 4 l f In Y -: 5 g. 1 55 JOHNSON cLoTHlNe co. Rf'-Y'5 SPORT Slci enfhusiasfs Phil Viclr, Jan Carroll, and while Don lwalson would 'Ther hive a gun Roland McCrary, are definifely in favor of from Rav 5 Sporl Shop' ocale al 236 sweaiers 'From Johnson's CloI'hing, Soulh Cenler' I 4 un n - L I - I l JOHN TRIPENY DRUG 8: JEWELRY CO. I Jaclr Tripeny shows Nancy Neifhammer, Vicky Lagos, and Milne Ellis Ihe, lafesi' in wafches from Tripeny's. KlSTLER'S PLUMBING AND HEATING I Pal Howard, while wailing for her moiher, FAY PEEBLES TRAILOR SALES loolxs over a new hol' wafer healer al' Kisf- Diane Cho,-ney prefers inspeci-ing a new lefls-Wlih an BYE +0 ihe 'lUl'U"e- 'Irailer al' Fay Peebles Trailor Sales. I I J. C. PENNEY CO. H' appears +ha+ Berenice Henrich has found iusi' wha'I' she wanfs for +he big foofball season ahead. WELLS MUSIC CO. Macy McKelvey, Bucl Herzelle and Bob While rehearse for fhe halflime en+er+ainmen'l' wi'l'h AYRE'S JEWELRY insfrumenfs from Wells. Reliable 'lime keepers bolh in fhe sfadium an clown+own. S L Q, 5' s 2. T7-Twig -- , - .x px . .Ii fsf,-u . TROY LAUNDRY COURTESY MOTORS Sam Cl1IlC0+e. TFOY I-aU"'d'Y emPl0Ye9. SHOWS Courfesy Mofors unveil fhe Plymou+h for '55 us behind +l1e scenes in flue laundry business. l KEEFE'S FLORAL STEWART FURNlTUREl COMPANY Pansy Jewe'H- gardens +l1e easy way-she ge- Tesfing +l1e springs on a lqunge af S+ewar'l' lecfs her 'Flowers from Keefe's. Furnilure are Joan WaHers and Eddie Perkins. " SEARS, ROEBUCK Sheila Boyles and Cecelia Tomlin are in+eres+ed in a deep freeze from Sears. T T 1 J NATRONA COUNTY ABSTRACT AND LOAN A fufure assef fo fhe business world, Donna Bridger, checks sfafisfics af Nafrona Counfy Absfracf and Loan. TALBERT OFFICE EQUIPMENT Typing is made easy for fhe working girl, Nancy Hansen, wifh a silenf Smifh-Corona from Talber+'s. el zsf ' Is' :anew Lf-f sw rg, :e,s Modeling could easily be Shirley Roush's chosen career. She is shown here in a dress from Klines. COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Take if from Paf Hurley, a coke boffled af her Dad's is a refreshing break from an affernoon of office roufine. sm, 'E vrfJ"'7 EVANS-NAGEL MOTORS According fo Nancy Evans and Bob Nagel, a new Buick from Evans-Nagel Mofors makes for ideal fransporfafion fo and from work. V Mwilf fuqufy WHlTE'S STOP AND SHOP ' Mary Sue Baker and Jimmy WaHers prove +ha+ shopping a+ Whi+e's S'rop and Shop is fhe wise way 'io shop. PETROLEUM INFORMATION Jim Emerick and Bob Jourgenson seem +o have 'Turned fheir inieresrs Towards uranium. Nancy Harfwell and Carol King inspeci' a warm iackef from Harry Yesness. pl-U5 4 591.-3 F -f NEWE'Si 'fl asswuai - , ' . X 1 X N l RIALTO THEATRE, INC. Dave Fifzgerald buys a coke 'From Belly Rissler, bul Rosalie ihe popcorn during 'I'he inlermission of fhe lal'es+ show. l Wingerfer eyes THE BRIG While afler lhe show many drop in al' fhe Brig for a co 'Few hamburgers or some olher delicacy. ke or perhaps a KEN'S PHOTO SHOP A Barbara Carlisle and Pa+sy Ramsey are geHing good advice 'From Curl' Cohee llas+ year's Mus+ang pholographerl and Harold of Ken's slain' con- cerning beH'er piciures from Ken's. WESTRIDGE SHOE AND CLOTHING Mary Peach Curiis Adverfising awards lris Will wiih a fiffy dollar check via Mr. Reese. No. we aren'+ adveriising B. iF. Goodrich 'lires buf insiead fhe DIVERSIFIEDQOCCUPATIONS PROGRAM here al' N. C. H.fS. Paironize Our Adverlisers THANK YOlU , I THE ARTHUR MURRAY SCHOOL OF DANCING A popular place for many Casper high school s+udenI's. Is if a samba, a mamba, or iusl' a dreamy waII'z? CASPER TRIBUNE HERALD and I'he CASPER MORNING STAR offering Wyoming's Firsl' Carrier Scholarships FIFTY DOLLARS FOR EVERY YEAR OF CARRIER SERVICE ' - ' ,W no-. 4. Jfiilrzl I :wal i55:".'1-'fi L 1 I I CASPER COMMISSIONARY TOWN HOUSE CAFE Marilyn Hawkins models one of Ihe Ia're s'ryIes The GVGF POPUIBV eallng house Owned IVY Ihe in Imif dresses. ever popular Ed Collier. Congralulafions +o 'rhe Graduahng Class of I955 Bes+ o'F Luck on All Your Fu+ure Endeavors 'From 'lhe Wig WMM "Pho+agraphy A+ Hs Bes+" I40 Soufh WolcoH l S AND L COMPANY Befween sessions Roberfa Jansen fries on a new buf Mary Cararra prefers fa mg a break by spring iackel' . . . havmg a flavorful Seven Up I BERLET5 COLISEUM MOTOR The Home of Wesiinghouse Home of 'Hue Dodge and c I . 0 I P W 'lf 1 'ak d 'A :E 11 ,QM MEYER JEWELRY. INC. Keepsake Diamond Rings IO2 EAST SECOND CASPER, WYOMING I I I CARL J. SCHMID Pho'I'ografiher "Pho'rographs Wifh Repu+aI'ion" Phone 2-Ibdl I33I SOUTH DURBIN CASPER, WYOMING WOLFORD'S "Casper's Largesf Shoe S+ore" GRACE WALKER, JOYCE TNNEEDIE, LUCKY STRIDE II7 Easi' Second Casper, Wyoming KISTLER'S Disfribufors df MacGREGOR - SPALDING - WILSON PENDLETON WHITE STAG - JANTZEN 245 Soufh Cenjer Casper, Wyoming THE CLARE AGENCY Real Es'I'a're and Loans Besi' Wishes for Success Io Ihe Class of I955 I62 SOUTH CENTER STREET CASPER, WYOMING JOHN JOURGEINSEN PAINTS, INC. Home of Wyo-Life Pain'Is Made in Wyoming 'Io MeeI' Wyoming CIimaI'ic Condifions 242 w. YELLOWSTONE HY. CASPER, WYOMING y 2-2542 CASPER LINCOLN-MERCURY CO. "Powered 'For Modern Driving Designed for Modern Living" II4 N. WoIcoH 3-3746 CASPER, WYOMING MELODY LANE SHOP Smarf S'IyIes in AII Sizes 500 SouI'h Cenfer 3-3692 CASPER, WYOMING I I I CH RISTENSEN ELECTRIC COMPANY Sales ancI Service General EIec+ric II4 Easi' MicIwesI' Avenue CASPER. WYOMING X CARL E. HORSTMAN Funeral DirecI'or 7I0 Easi' Second 2-0234 CASPER, WYOMING FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS, INC. We Specialize in Wild Game Processing LOCKERS, COLD STORAGE, WRAPPING FREEZING AND SHIPPING WITH DRY ICE 4I5 Eas'I Fiffh S+. 2-2322 Casper, Wyoming RED AND WHITE AUTO COURT EncIosed Garages, Tubs, Telephones TiIe Showers TV-AIR CONDITIONING I 660 Easf YeIIowsIone 2-4565 Casper, Wyoming RADIO SUPPLY COMPANY Wyoming's Fines'r Appliance and Service S'I'ore 642 EasI' Second S+. 2-4I96 CASPER, WYOMING DAIRY OUEEN Siop af Dairy Queen for Thai' Delicious Mali-, Shake, Sundae Roo+ Beer IT'S A PRIVILEGE TO SERVE YOU 8I3 Easi' Firsi' SI. 2-4420 CASPER. WYOMING EDWARD E. SARICKS MUSIC CO. Wyoming's Educaiional Music CenI'er 320 EAST SECOND 2-2I I I METCALF'S CongraI'uIaI'ions from Our New Home 323 SOUTH CENTER 3-5493 UNION ELECTRIC COMPANY EIec+ricaI ConI'rac'I'ors NORGE APPLIANCES YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS Wiring SuppIies Lighi Fixfures I42 S0u'I'I'1' Durbin 2-7I45 CASPER, WYOMING SPECIALTY BOOTI SHOP PEACOCK - PARAIJISE RED cROss Shoes, SandaIs and SIroIIers I09 SOUTH CENTERQST. CASPER, WYOMING BI-RITE PAY-LESS DRUG STORE Uranium Headquarfers I47 Sourh CenI'er S'I'. 3-896I CASPER, WYOMING I BUSTARITS Funeral Direc'I'prs CY Avenue a+ Sprucep Sfreef 2-1Iz3 3 CASPER, WYOMING BLOSSOM SHOP Rowena Hodgson, Prop. FLOWERS - GIFTS I27 Sou'I'h CenI'er Casper, Wyoming H 81 G CLEANERS Exper'r Cleaning Service Garmen'I's Relingd Zippers Ins+aIIeU PICK-UP AND DELIVERY 7I4 CY Avenue I 2-2244 Casper, Wyoming I TV, Radios, Refrigeraiors Washers, Ranges Coronado Appliances 225 Souih Cen'I'er 2- I 363 CASPER, WYOMING Complimenis of SWEETBPJIAR Shoe Circle I I I47 SOUTH WOLICOTI' CASPER, WYOMING I I VIC'S SPORTING GOODS Evinrude Oufboard Mo'Iors CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '55 Wesrridge Village No. 5 3-4892 CASPER, WYOMING VARIETY ICE CREAM Ice Cream and Sherbe+s 30 Flavors Io Choose 'From 324 Eas'I' A 3-735I CASPER, WYOMING T M T SPORT WEAR Sporf Togs Dress Wear Cowboy Duds I07 Souih cemef 2-47I9 CASPER, WYOMING WARDROBE CLEANERS Free Pick-up and DeIivery I445 'Eas'I' Second 2-5I69 CASPER, WYOMING WESTRIDGE BOWLING LANES The Bes'I Place in Town I'o Bowl AIR CONDITIONED Wesfridge ViIIage 2-9948 CASPER, WYOMING B 81 B ICE CREAM SHOP A Meeiing PIace Io Ge+ Good MaIIs, Cokes and Hamburgers CURB SERVICE 737 Eas+ Second 3-5052 CASPER, WYOMING APPLIANCE SERVICE CO. Besi' Wishes 'Io Ihe Class of '55 COMPLETE APPLIANCE REPAIR 736 Wes? TweIf+h 2-2866 CASPER, WYOMING WYOMING STATIONERY Machine Division Royal PorI'abIe Typewrirers Odd Fellow Building 2-IO0I CASPER, WYOMING CHARLENE ACKERMAN Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Span- ish Club 3, Big Sisters 4 GUSHER Business Staff, Or- ientation Tea 2, Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 4, All-State Choir 1, 3, Music Festival 1, 3, Jun- ior Follies 3. CAROL LYNNE ADAMS Latin Club I, Junior Fol- lies 3. CARLIN EUGENE ADAMSON Football, Madrigal. DONALD R. ALLEMAND NCHS Rustlers 3, 4. JAMES ALLEN Newcomers Club 1, Home- room Chairman. RAY ALLEN "C" Club 3, 4, Radio Guild 3, Thespians 3, 4, Student Body President 4, Boys' State 3, Future Teachers 3, 4, President 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 4, Madrigal 2, 3, Junior Prom Commit- tee 3, National Honor So- ciety 4. BILL ANDREWS "C" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrest- ling Manager 1, Cross Country 1, 2, Junior Fol- lies 3. CONSTANCE ATWOOD Future Nurses 2, 3, 4, Girls' League Council 4, Big Sis- ters President 4, Orienta- tion Tea 2, Mustang Queen Attendant 4, Senior-Frosh Assembly 4, Triple Trio 2, 3, 4, Leader 4, All-State Chorus 1, Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. KEITH AYRES MARINELL BAGBY Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' League Council 2, 3, Treas- urer 2, 3, Big Sisters 4, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3, Co-ed Ball 4, Mad- rigal I, 2, 4, Flag Twirling i, 2, 3, 4, Triple Trio 4, National Quill and Scroll 4. JULIE ANN BAKER Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary 4, Big Sisters 4, Junior Follies 3, Co-ed Ball Prin- cess 1, Girls' Vice President 4, Girls' League Council 1, 2, 3, Senior-Frosh Assembly 1, Student Council 4, Orien- tation Tea 1, 2, 3, 4. SENIOR ACTIVITIES PAULA BATTIN Big Sisters 4. CONSTANCE LOUISE BAYLESS Newcomers Club, Reporter, Swimming Team, Band 1. BILL BECK SHARON KAY BEMIS Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Assembly Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary-Treas- urer 1, Junior Follies 3, Runner-up in DAR Con- test 3. JERRY BENSON "c" Club 2, 3, 4, Bays' State 3, Christmas Pageant 4, "A" Squad Football 2, 3, 4, "B" Squad Football 2, National Honor Society, President 4, Madrigal 4. JAMES L. BERRY, JR. LOUISE BERTAGNOLE Big Sisters 4, Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 4, Triple Trio 3, 4. EDWINA BLANFORD Big Sisters 4. JERRY E. BOLTZ "C" Club 3, 4, Football 2 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3- Track 4. I r CONSTANCE BOYLES Future Teachers 2, 3, 4, Radio Guild 3, 4, Big Sis- ters 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Junior Follies 3 SHEILA BOYLES Radio Guild 3, 4, Big Sis- ters 4, Orientation Tea 2. PHIL BREKKEN DONNA BRESSLER Future Teachers 1, 2, 3, Senior-Frosh Assembly 1. DON NA LEE BRIDGER Newcomers Club 2, Nation- al Honor Society 4. NEIL BRISLAWN GUSHER Staff 4, National Quill and Scroll 4. BILLY BROWNING DONALD L. BRUMMOND TONY BRUNETTE GRETCHEN BUCHTA Big Sisters 4, Rifle Team 4. DARREL BUMP MARY Bunce 3 Latin Club 2, 3, Presiklent 3, National Forensic League 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretaryl 3, English Club 2, 3, 4, Juiwiar Follies Committee 3, Juhior Prom Committee 3, DAR Good Citizen Award 4, Na- tional Honor Society 3,'1 4, MUSTANG Editor 4, Ch ist- mas Pageant 3. 4, Natio al Quill and Scroll 4. DONNA BUNDY ELLEN LOUISE BUNDY Latin Club 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers , 4, Radio Guild 3, Big sit- ters 4, Senior Announce- ment Committee 4, Class Secretary 4, Junior Follies 3, Madrigal 1, Senior-Frosl? Assembly 1. 1 JACK WAYNE BUNTING I CAROLE BURNHAM l Latin Club, National Quilll and Scroll 4. JERRY BURNSIDE I Curtis Magazine Sales Cap-I tain, Cross Country Run 1,l 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, l Track 2, 3. ' JAMES L. BURRIDGE W "C" Club, Track 3. l I I HENRY BUTLER l BILLIE SUE BUTTNER Future Teachers 3, 4, Vice President 4, Big Sisters 4, Treasurer, Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 4. CLYDE CAIN ROBERT L. CAN DON Senior Announcements 4, Football 4, Junior Follies 3 MARCIA CALLISTER Future Teachers 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' League Council 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Junior Follies 3, Girls' State 3, Madrigal 2, GUSH- ER Staft 3, Annual Staff 4, National Quill and Scroll 4. RUTH CARLSON Orientation Tea 2, Madrigal 2, 3, Annual Staff 4, Na- tional Quill and Scroll. MARY CARRERA Junior Prom Committee 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Madrigal 2, Junior Fol- lies 3. PATTY CHAMBERS Band I, 2, Junior Follies 3. SHARON CHASE Spanish Club 2, 3, Secre- tary 3, Senior Announce- ment Committee 4, Nation- al Forensic League I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Swing Band I, 2, 3, Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Band I, 2, 3, 4, Assembly Band I, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. HELEN CHERNICK Big Sisters 4. SAM CHILCOTE Thespians 3, 4, Madrigal 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Foot- ball I. JACK CHRISTOPHER LEO CLAPP CARROLL GRANT CLARK Seagraves, Texas I, Student Council, Vice President 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Wrestling 3, 4, Squad Leader of Best Drilled Squad. MARGARET CLARK Newcomers Club 3, Future Nurses 4, Radio Guild 4, Marching Band 3, 4, Con- cert Band 3, 4, Juhior Fol- lies 3. DONNA CLEGG Latin Club 2, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, R a d i cl Guild 3, 4, National Thes- pians I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Fol- lies 3, Student Council 3, 4, Student Body Secretary 4, Flag Twirler. JOYCE COHEE GARY COLE Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA ANN COLE Big Sisters 4. MURRAY COLGIN PATRICIA COMPTON National Quill and Scroll 4. DICK COOK Newcomers Club. SENIOR ACTIVITIES LAVERNE COOK Orientation Tea 2. SUE CONNER Worland I, 2, 3 DAVID M. COTE Junior Prom 3, Football I, 4, Wrestling 3, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, Golf Team 3. JACK COVER Football I, 2, Swimming Team I. DONALD COWGAR JOHN COWGER JOHN DAILEY Spanish Club 2, Student Council 4, Junior Follies Committee 3, National Hon- or Society 3, 4, Junior Red Cross Representative 3, Jun- ior Prom Committee 3, Na- tional Forensic League I, 2, 3, 4, Color Guard 4, Boys' State 3, Junior Rotarian 4. CAROLE DANIELSON Latin Club 2, Future Teach- ers 2, 3, 4, Girls' League Council 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Madrigal 2, 3, 4. DARLENE DAY Big Sisters 4. JANE DEVORE Thespians 2, 3, 4, Big Sis- ters 4, Junior Prom Com- mittee 3, Harvey 3, Dark Victory 3, Christmas Pag- eant. DEROLD DEWALD Wrestling. DONALD DICKINSON Newcomers Club 2. CHARLES RAY DILL Newcomers Club 3, Mardi- gal 4. GENE DOBBINS Intramural Bowling 3. HOWARD DONLEY National Forensic League, Wrestling, Boys' State 3, Band, Orchestra, Swing Band, Marching Band, "C" Club 4, National Honor So- ciety 4. .IACQUELINE DOOLEY Big Sisters 4. DOLORES RUTH DRWENSKI Big Sisters 4. ROBERT DUDLEY CHARLES DUNCAN "C" Club 2, 4, Junior Ring Committee 3, Junior Follies Committee 3, Band I, 2, Varsity Football 3, 4, "B" Squad Football I, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, "B" Squad Basketball I, 2, Track 3, 4. LEE CHARLES DUNLAP "C" Club I, 2, 3, 4, Track, Football, Basketball Manag- er, Junior Follies 3. SUZANNE DURANT Latin Club I, 2, 3, 4, Sen- ior Announcement Commit- tee 4, Orientation Tea 2, Junior Prom 3. ALTA MAY DYCK Newcomers Club. DAVID EDWARDS Senior Announcement Com- mittee 4, Crack Drill Team 4. PENNY EDWARDS Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Big Sis- ters 4, Future Nurses 3, 4, Radio Guild 3, 4, Thespians 2, 3, 4, Orientation Tea 2, Junior Prom Committee 3, Senior - Frosh Assembly 4, Band I, 2, Mustang Queen Attendant 4, Girls' State 3, Senior Class Treasurer 4. SARA EGGERT Thespians, National Honor Society 3, 4, Madrigal. JEAN ENGLEMAN Craig, Colorado. JERRY ERBEN "C" Club 2, 3, 4, Track 2, "B" Squad Basketball 2, Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, Band I. MAUREEN FANCHER Big Sisters 4, Madrigal. JAMES FERRIS Christmas Pageant Il. DON NA KAY FLOTH Latin Club 4, National Quill and Scroll 4. DICK FLOWERS "C" Club 4, Football 4, Track 3, 4. DAVE FOWLER Football . DWAYNE FREEMAN JANET LEA FULTON Orientation Tea 2. RUTH GILL ' Big Sisters 4, Junior Fol- lies 3. I7I u l72 ROBERT GISH Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Crack Drill Squad 3, Best Drilled Squad 3. JAMES GONGWER GARY GOODWIN Clear Lake, Iowa I, 2, New- comers Club 3, Madrigal 3, 4, Boys' Barbershop 3, Boys' Glee Club 4. LEONARD D. GRADERT EDWARD GRANT "C" Club, Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4, National Quill and Scroll 4. ROSALIE IONE GRAY Big Sisters 4. DAVID GREGORICH Spanish Club I, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Nation- al Quill and Scroll 4. BILL GROSS Spanish Club 3, Football I, Color Guard 4, Crack Drill Team I, 2, 3. RAMONA LEA HACK WINONA IONE HAHN Big Sisters 4. BETTY HAMILTON HERBERT W. HAMILTON Newcomers Club I, Junior Follies Committee 3, Fresh- man Class President I, Class Secretary-Treasurer 2. VERNE HAMLIN L'atin,Club 2, 3, "C" Club 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Senior-Frosh Assembly 4, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Football 4, Christmas Pageant 3, 4, Crack Drill Team 2, 3. FRANCES HAND Big Sisters 4, Latin Club 2, National Thespians 3, 4, Fu- ture Nurses 3, 4, All School Play Crew 3, GUSHER Bus- iness Statf 3, Co-ed Ball 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Madrigal 3. NANCY HANSEN National Forensic League 3, 4, Newcomers Club 3, Latin Club 4, Future Teachers 4, Big Sisters 4, Radio Guild 4, Square Dance Club 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, National Quill and Scroll 3, 4, GUSHER Staff 3, 4. SENIOR ACTIVITIES NOEL HANSON LAWRANCE W. HARKSEN Mustang Guard. TART HARRIS, JR. ALYCE HARTGRAVE Big Sisters 4. ANN HARTWELL Junior Follies 4. WILLIAM B. HASELMIRE Radio Guild 3, 4, President 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Rifle Team 3, 4, Drill Team 3, Junior Follies 3, Madrigal 2, 3, 4. MELVIN HASTINGS RONALD F. HATHAWAY Spanish Club, Radio Guild, National Honor Society 3, 4, Boys' State 3, Boys' Nation 3, NCHS Orchestra, String Trio. SHARON HEATON Big Sisters 4. EDWARD N. HECK Newcomers I, Band I, 2, 4. NORMA HELZER Big Sisters 4. BERENICE HENRICH Latin Club I, 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Junior Follies 3, Co-ed Ball 4, Madrigal I, 2, 3, 4, All School Play 3. PATRICIA HERDEN Big Sisters 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Madrigal I, 2, Junior Follies 3. MAXINE MAE HERMAN Big Sisters 4, National Hon- or Society 3, 4, Secretary- Treasurer 4, Junior Follies 3. FRANK HIGGINS BETTY LOU HOLDEN Thespians 2, Big Sisters 4, Pep Club 1, 2, Co-ed Ball Committee 4, Junior Prom Committee 4. GORDON HOLLENBECK SHIRLEY HOPKINS Lincoln, Nebraska I, 2, 3, Big Sisters 4. CHARLES HORD Senior Announcement Com- mittee 4, Intramural Basket- ball I, Junior Follies 3, Na- tional H o n o r Society 4, Swing Band 4. CONNIE HOWARD Kansas, Big Sisters. JOE HOWE Band I, 2. I DELTON L. HUDSON l English Club, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, GUSHER Staff 4, Nb- tional Quill and Scroll Ill, National Honor Society 4 HELEN KAY HUEY Future Teachers, Big Sist rs 4, Co-ed Ball 4, "Harvey" 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Madrigal I, 2, 3, 4, J n- ior Follies 3. ELLEN HUFFMAN Thespians I, 2, 3, 4, P p Club 2, 3, 4, Secreta y- Treasurer 3, Radio Guild 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 1, '2, 3, GUSHER Staff 3, 4, Gi Is' State 3, Junior Follies IS, Madrigal 'I, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, National Qiiill and Scroll 4. I I CAROLYN HUMBERSONl Newcomers Club. F JEANNETTE HUNTER , Madgiral 2, 3, 4. I I MANFORD o. HURLEY I "C" Club, Swimming Tebm. RICHARD INNES BILL ISERMAN "C" Club, Future Teachers 4, Business Managerlfor MUSTANG 4, Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Cross Country I, 2, 3I, 4, Band 'I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra I, 2, 3, Christmas Pageant 4, National Quill land Scroll 4. I JACQUELINE JACKSON Inside and outside tolgrna- ment lin gym and school sports. JEAN MARIE JAMES Junior Follies Committee 3. WILLIAM R. JAMES I ROBERTA JANSEN I Junior Follies 3. DORAN L. JOHNSON LAURENCE M. JOHNSON "C" Club 3, 4, S udent Council 4, Senior Clas Pres- ident 4, Football 3, I, Bas- ketball 3, 4, Track Si 4. I I ROBERT JOHNSON "C" Club 3, 4, Varsity Foot- ball 2, 3, 4. JACK JONES "B" Squad Football I, 2. THOMAS JONES Mustang Guard 2, 3, Jun- ior Follies 3. WILLIAM OWEN JONES MARIEL KALLERUD Future Teachers 2, 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Newcomers Club, Junior Ring Commit- tee 3, Rifle Team 4, Junior Follies 3. JERRY KEGLEY Football 4. PATSY KELLY Big Sisters 4. JACQUELINE KENNEDY Newcomers I, Madrigal 3. KEITH E. KENNEDY LARRY KESZLER CARLETON H. KEY BRUCE E. KING Lusk I, 2, Swing Band 3, 4, Marching Band 3. MARY KAY KINGHAM Girls' League Council I, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Class Representative 2, Fu- ture Teachers 3, 4, Treas- urer 4, Senior-Frosh Assem- bly I, Girls' State 3, Co-ed Ball Queen I, Mustang Queen Attendant 4, Flag Twirler I, 2, 3, 4, Madri- gal I, 2. LYNN KLOCKSEIM Junior Follies 4. BILLY KLOPMAN CONNIE KNAPP Radio Guild 3, 4, Secretary 3, Big Sisters 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Rifle Team 4, Assembly' Band I, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4, Swing Band 3, 4. BEVERLY JEANE KNIGHT Curtis Magazine Committee 3, Volleyball Champions 2, Madrigal I, 2, Junior Fol- lies 3, Homeroom Represen- tative 3. SENIOR ACTIVITIES KARLENE KOCH JOHN F. KUKURA Latin Club 2, Junior Prom Committee 3, Annual Staff 4, Intramural Basketball 3, 4, Best Drilled Squad 3, Christmas Pageant 4, Junior Follies 3. ROY LACEY, J R. Swing Band I, 2, 3, Band I, 2, Madrigal I, 2. PHYLLIS KAY LAGOS Future Nurses I, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Big Sisters 4, Latin Club 3, Radio Guild 3, 4, Co-ed Ball Publicity Chairman 4, Swim m in g Team 2, Madrigal 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3. CELIA ANITA LAMB Future Nurses 3, 4, Secre- tary 4, Big Sisters 4, Pep Club I, Radio Guild 3, 4, Junior Prom 3, Orchestra I, 2, 3, Junior Follies 3. BARBARA LATTA Pep Club, Big Sisters 4, Thespians, Twirling I, 2, 3, Drum Maiorette 4. FRED LEWIS "C" Club 2, 4, "B" Squad Football I, Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, "B" Squad Basket- ball I, 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 4. DONALD H. LITTLE Wrestling, Cross Country, Swing Band. MARIAN MCATEE SALLY MCCURDY Junior Follies 3. MARILYN MCDOWELL Newcomers Club I. MICHAEL P. MCGRATH GUSHER Staff, Junior Follies 3, All-State Band Orchestra, Clarinet Quartet, S e n i o r Band I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Student Di- rector 2. DONALD W3 MCHATTIE ALLAN Z. McKlN Latin Club I, Intramural Bas- ketball 3, 4, Track 3, March- ing Band 4, Best Drilled Squad 3, Orchestra 4, Crack Drill Team 3, Senior Band 4, Pep Band 4, National Quill and Scroll 4. DONNA KAY McKINZlE Pep Club I, Big Sisters 4, 600 point "C" in Gym 3, Junior Follies 3, Co-ed Ball 4. RONNA MAY MCKINZIE Pep Club I, Big Sisters 4, 600 point "C" in Gym 3, Junior Follies 3, Co-ed Ball 4. JOHN WAYNE MCLEMORE Thespians 3, 4, Latin Club 3, Football I, 3, Swimming 2, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 4 All School Play 3. ROBERT McMU RTY PATRICIA MCNAIR Spanish Club 3, 4, Treas- urer 4, Radio Guild 3, 4, Thespians I, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Big Sisters 4, Orientation Tea 2, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom 3, All School Plays 2, 4, One Act Play I, Madrigal I. JAMES G. MAHER PATRICIA MARIE MANGAN Pep Club 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent 4, Radio Guild 3, 4, Girls' League Council 4, Spanish Club 2, Big Sisters 4, Follies Committee 3, Jun- ior Prom Committee 3, Jun- ior Ring Committee 3, Triple Trio 3, 4, Madrigal I, 2, 3, 4. CAROLYN MANNING BOB MARSHALL Football 4, Wrestling 4. CLIFFORD MASCARENAS GUILFORD MAXON GENE MEYER "C" Club 3, 4, President-4, "B" Squad Football I, Var- sity Football 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball I, 2, Track 3, Boys' State 3, Madrigal I, 3, 4. GEORGE MICEK Cross Country 3. DARRELL MIDDAUGH Mustang Guard I, 2. ERROL MILLER "C" Club 3, 4, Junior Fol- lies 3, Junior Prom 3, Swim- ming I, 2, 3, 4. GENEVIEVE MILLER F I74 DONNA MILLS Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Radio Guild 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Mus- tang Queen 4, Flag Twirler 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Na- tional Honor Society 4. WILLIAM R. MILLS, JR. Latin C I u b 2, Homeroom Representative 1, 2, Band I, 2, 4. MARGARET ANN MILNE Future Nurses, Thespians, GUSHER Staff, Junior Prom Committee, Junior Follies 3, All School Plays. NORLA MINER Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, Jun- ior Follies 3. JACKIE MOFIELD Newcomers, B a n d, Sax Quartet, Dance Band. JULIET MOLL Future Teachers 4, N e w - comers 4, Big Sisters 4. DONALD LEE MOORE "C" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity FootbalIf2, 3, 4, "B" Squad Basketball 1, 2, Varsity Bas- ketball 3, 4, Cross Country 1, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, All- State Track 2, Madrigal 3, 4, Boys' Glee 3, 4. JOHN WILLIAM MOORE Wrestling 2, Senior-Frosh Assembly 1, Junior Follies 3, Christmas Pageant 2. CHARLES MORGAREIDGE DAN MORIARTY English Club 3, 4, Radio Guild 3, 4, National Foren- sic League 2, 3, 4, GUSHER Staff 3, Quill and Scroll 3, 4. ROBERT L. MOUNT MARY MU RANE English Club 4, F u t u r e Nurses 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres- ident, GUSHER Staff 4, Bus- iness Manager, Thespians 2, 3, 4, Radio Guild 4, Big Sisters 4, Concert Band 1, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 4, National Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society 4. MARY MURPHY Big Sisters 4, Rifle Team 4, Junior Follies 3. JAMES NALL Ag Club. SENIOR ACTIVITIES HAROLD NILES MARY NUZUM ROGER OGARD Newcomers Club. WILLIAM O'NElL Football 1, 4, Rifle Team 3, 4, Track 3. MAX ORTIZ "C" Clubs, "B" Squad Bas- ketball 1, 2, Varsity Basket- ball 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. LEE ROY PARSONS Football 1, 2, 3. ALLEN PATERSON JAMES PATTON JAY PAYNE Latin Club. GARY PEARSON RAYMOND PEBBLES RICHARD B. PECKHAM Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, ROTC Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Swing Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Brass Sextette 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4. SHARON PERRY ILENE PHILLIPS GUSHER Staff 3, Junior Fol- lies 3, Future Nurses 4, Ra- dio Guild 3, 4, All School Play 3, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Madrigal 3, Big Sisters 4, Newcomers 3. LARRY PIGG Junior,FoIIies 3, Madrigal 2, Intramural Basketball. VIC POIRIER English Club 3, 4, GUSHER Staff 3, Junior Follies 3, Outstanding Skier Award 3, Intramural Basketball, Swim- ming Team, National Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Swing Band 3, Marching Band, Concert Band. SHIRLEY MAYE PORTER Big Sisters 4. JAMES POTTER EARL PRESTON CHARLES PRIOR PATSY RAMSEY Big Sisters 4, Vice Presi ent, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Carlteen Council 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, Orientationl Tea 2, Junior Prom 3, Senior- Frosh Assembly 1, JI.mior Follies 3, GUSHER Stdff 4, National Quill and Scrbll 4. I I I CAROL REED Big Sisters 4, Future ,Teach- ers 4, AII School Hlay 3, Junior Follies 3. I I JAN REINHART I Latin Club 2, 3, Vicb Pres- ident 3, Big Sisters I4, Jun- ior Follies 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Marchi g Band 1, 2, 3, 4, String , uartet 1, String Trio 2, 3,j4, Dis- trict Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, State Music Festival 1, 3, All-State Orchest a 1. MARJORIE RENDA L Big Sisters 4. I I CONNIE RHOADES Big Sisters 4. I GLEN F. RICHEY I Football 1, 2, 44, Basket- ball 1. II ILLA-MAE RIDGEWAY Big Sisters 4. I SHARON ROBB Orientation Tea 2, Junior Follies 3, Natiol-ial Honor Society 4. I RUTH ANN ROB RTS SHIRLEY JEAN RIOUSH Pep Club 1, Bi Sisters 4, Junior Follies , Madrigal I, 2, 3. I MARY ROUSSALIS Latin Club 2, 3I 4, English Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, Ra- dio Guild 3, 41 Big sisters 4, GUSHER Staff 3, 4, Cir- culation Manager 4, Madri- gal 1, 4, Junior Follies 3, Christmas Page nt 3. HOWARD L. R WLAND RICHARD RUP JERRY RYAN l Madrigal. I DoRoTHY SAQARIO Pep Club, S'anish Club, Swimming Te m, Madrigal, Junior Follies., I lf?" l PATRICIA SAMUELSON Spanish Club 3, 4, President 3, Thespians 3, 4, Big Sis- ters 4, Junior Follies Com- mittee 3, Junior Follies 3, Girls' Swimming Team I, 2, 3, Student Council 4, Mustang Queen Attendant 4, Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4, Festival Band 3. JAMES SANDISON RONALD SASSO VANCE SATTERFIELD Crack Drill Squad 2. MARGARET SAXTON NEAL SCHLAGER MARLENE SCHMIDT Junior Follies 3, Marching Band I, 2, 3, Concert Band I, 2, 3, Assembly Band 3. DONNA SCH RANTZ EDWARD JEROME SCHULTE Spanish Club 2, 3, ROTC Rifle Team 3, 4, Color Guard 3, 4, Best Drilled Ca- det 2, National Honor So- ciety 4. BEVERLY SCOTT Big Sisters 4. ' ROBERT SEILBACK JULIA LEE SELBY JUDITH SHAFER Latin Club 2, 3, Big Sisters 4, Future Nurses 3, 4, New- comers I, Treasurer, Junior Follies Committee 3, All School Play 3, Junior Prom 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Madrigal I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3. DIXIE LEE SHERMAN Madrigal, P e p Club, Big Sisters 4, Junior Follies 3 Swimming T e a m, Girls' League Council I, Madri- gal I, 2, 3, 4. PHYLLIS SHOCKLEY Pep Club 2. DONALD G. SHUGART ALLAN L. SIMMONS Junior Follies 3. BARBARA SIZEMORE Spanish Club 3, 4, New- comers C I u b I, Future Nurses 2, 3, 4, Junior Fol- lies 3, Girls' Swimming Team 2, Marching Band I, SENIOR ACTIVITIES 2, 3, 4, Basketball Band I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Assembly Band 4. SONJA SKRETTEBERG National Honor Society 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, All-State Orchestra 3, Co-ed Ball 4, Big Sisters 4. FRANKLIN SMITH Orchestra. GAIL ELLA SMITH Spanish Club, Junior Fol- lies 3. JOHN SMITH RONALD C. SMITH Future Teachers 3, 4, "C" Club 3, 4, Vice President 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Senior Announcement Committee 4, Junior Ring Committee 3, Basketball I, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Class Vice President 4. PATRICIA SPENCER English Club 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 4, Big Sisters 4, Junior Follies 3, Girls' Rifle Team 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, National Foren- sic League 2, 3, 4. ELLEN SPETHMAN Rifle Team 4, Junior Fol- lies 3. JENEAN STEENSLAND Future Nurses I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Junior Follies 3, Girls' Swimming Team I, 2. JOHN D. STEWART Newcomers Club I, Junior Follies 3. AMELIA STICKLES Future Nurses 3, 4, Big Sis- ters 4, Newcomers I, Mad- rigal 3. BONNIE STONEKING HELEN EILEEN STORY Big Sisters 4. MARY LOUISE STROH Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Fu- ture Teachers 3, 4, Thes- pians I, 2, 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Radio Guild 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Orientation Tea 2, All School Play I, Out- standing Maiorette Award 2, Maiorette 2, 3, 4. H. A. STROTHER Newcomers Club 3, Honor Society 3, 4. SALLY ANN STROTHER Worland I, Future Teachers 3, 4, Thespians 2, 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Pep Club 2, 4, Latin Club 2, Band 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 4. GAYLE STURDEVANT Torrington 3, Track. KEITH SWANSON JOANNE SWISHER ALAN SWORD Madrigal. JOY TAGGERT PHILLIP TAYLOR Radio Guild 3, 4, Wrestling 2, Junior Follies 3. SHIRLEY GAY TAYLOR Latin Club, Big Sisters 4. LAURA GAY TEETS Madrigal. KAY TEETS Newcomers. MAX EDWARD TERRELL Junior Follies 3, Football I, 4, Future Teachers 4. ARTHUR TETRICK National Honor Society 4. WILLIAM L. THOMAS "C" Club, Secretary-Treas- urer 4, "B" Squad Basket- ball I, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3. CECELIA TOMLIN Future Nurses I, 2, Junior Class Ring Committee 3, Big Sisters 4. LAURA TOWNSEND CHARLES TROST Newcomers Club 4, Football 4, Wrestling 4, Track 4. MARY TRUJILLO Big Sisters 4, Junior Fol- lies 3. OFRENDO TRUJILLO KENNETH VICKERY San Diego I. STEPHEN L. VINOT Rifle Team. DEAN NA VON OSTER- HELDT Madrigal 2, 3, 4. MARGARET WATSON Big Sisters 4, Newcomers Club, Co-ecl Ball 4. JAMES WATTERS English Club 2, 3, 4, Pres- ident 4, Latin Club 3, Treas- urer 3, National Forensic 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, GUSHER 4, Editor 4, Boys' State 3, Junior Follies 3, Senior-Frosh Assembly I, 4, National Quill and Scroll 4, President, National Honor Society 4. JOAN D. WATTERS Future Teachers 2, 3, 4, Ra- dio Guild 4, Big Sisters 4, Orientation Tea 2, Junior Follies 3. DAVE L. WEBER EVELYN WECKWERTH Spanish Club, Big Sisters 4, Newcomers C I u b, Girls' State 3, Madrigal. GAY WEHRLI National Forensic League 1, 2, Madrigal 2, 3, 4, Pres- ident 4, English Club 4, Latin Club 2, Junior Follies 3, Annual Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, GUSHER Staff 4, Boys' State 3, Cheerleader 3, 4, Nation- al Quill and Scroll 4. TOM WEINRICH Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Assembly Band 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Swing Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3. MARY ANN WEISEN- BERGER JACK WELCH "C" Club, Track 2, 3, Cross Country 2, Wrestling 2, 3. MIKE WELSH Junior Prom Committee 3, Canteen Council, Junior Ring Committee 3, Student Council 3, Intramural Bas- ketball, Class President 3, Junior Follies 3, Senior- Frosh Assembly 1. ROBERT W. WILDMAN Radio Guild, Madrigal 3, 4. GARY WILLIAMS Basketball 4, Track 4, GUSH- ER Staff 4. GLEN WILLIAMS JOYCE WILLIAMS Big Sisters 4, Secretary, Girls' League Council 4, Madrigal 2, 3, 4. TOMMY L. WILLIAMSON IDA WILSON Big Sisters 4. SENIOR ACTIVITIES NANCY WILSON FACULT Madrigal, Junior Follies 3, Pep Club. GEORGE WINDERS GERALD F. WINN Junior Ring Committee 3, Junior Follies 3, Class Vice President 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2. JOHN YEAMENS Swimming Team 2, 3, Jun- ior Follies 3. WANDA RUTH YOHE Lander, Wyoming 1, 2, 3. ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES INDEX ' Band ............................ 80 Basketball "A" Squad ...... ....... 7 4 Reserves ...... ........ 7 8 Big Sisters -- ..... .... - -- 33 "C" Club ..........,.....,,.. 79 Cheerleaders ................ 38 Christmas Pageant ........ 66 Color Guard ................ 38 Crack Drill Squad ---2---145 English Club ...... ....,. I 09 Flag Twirlers ...... ....... 3 8 Football - Varsity ........ ...... 3 4 "B" Squad ...... ....... 3 6 Future Nurses .....,,,. , .,.,. 46 Future Teachers ............ 47 Girls' League Council ....... ..,.., 1 0 Gusher Staff ,..... ....... 1 05 Junior Follies ...... ....,,, 5 2 Junior Prom ...... .,,.... 1 15 Latin Club ....,.. ..,.,., 4 4 Madriial ......... ....... 6 8 Maiorettes ............,....... 82 Mustang Queen ..........., 40 Mustang Staff ......... .,., 6 National Forensic League .................... 72 National Honor Society ....... ....,.. 1 40 National Quill and Scroll ...... . ........, 140 National Thespians ...... 106 Newcomers ...,,..,,..,.,..,. 101 Orchestra ....,... ,,..,. 8 2 Pep Club ........... ...... 4 3 Radio Guild ...... .,..,. 1 04 Rifle Team Boys' ........... ...... 1 44 Girls' .............. ...... 1 45 Spanish Club .............. 108 Student Council .........,.. 11 Swimming Team .......... 78 Track Team ,...........,.,... 146 Wrestling ............ .,,.,., 7 8 Y I Adams ........................ 60 Anderson ........... I 18, 86 Boyles ..... ....... J 11, 12 Brakke ..... - Brown ...... Burns ............ Cheeley ............ 22 217, 42, 84 Coolbaugh .................... 80 Det: ............ Dille ........ ------.-.---- 90 88 Erickson .............. -- 74, 76 Feris ................ 6,l116,112 Field ..... ........ ' ..,... 1 31 Gaber ...... ........... 1 38 Gadbery .............. I. ........ 91 Geldien ............... '. 21, 78 Gibbs ,................. I- se, 90 Hagan --- ..... 48, 64, 140 Hegwer .... ................. 1 3 Hill ...................... I- 6, 117 Himebaugh ......... ....... 89 Jackson ............... .L ..... 122 Jacobson .............. ..... 135 Jones ...... ........ I ..,.... 1 27 Kimball .... ,....... L ....... 1 2 Lehfa .................... I ....... ea Levaelene .,.......... I ....... 91 Lindsey .,... ........ I 58, 109 McBride ............... I 44, 94 McCallum ............ JV ...... 13 Macomber ........... 1 50, 96 Malone ........ ..... 4 ....... I 3 Masterson ............ l49, 112 Messimer .... ...... . . ...... 27 Michael ........................ 57 Michalke .....,........ I .,..... 25 Morgan ..... ........ I -- 9, 13 Moss ................... ,--- 130 Myers, Iva ............ I ....... 21 Myers, Lowell ...... ...... 91 Nicklos ..........,...... I ....,. 97 Pettigrew ....,.. ---2 ---- , 54 Pomeroy ------ ------ ------ 9 6 Reed --------- ------ - ---- 1 23 Reese ------ ---------- I ---- 1 3 Richards ---------------- I ------ 97 Russell ----- --------- 2 ----- 5 6 Rymill -------.-------.---- I ------- 26 Savage ------- -2 ------ ---- 12 Schmelzell ------------- I ------ 20 Scifers - -.----- ------ I ------ 1 2 Scullen --..-. ------- L ---- 1 39 Sherille ----------------. L ----- 93 Shidler ------------------- ------ 28 Smith, Alberta ....... ...... 61 Smith, Iva ------------- l ----- 55 Spidell ------------ ---I ---- 139 Sullins ---.--..-- ----L----- 75 Tarter --------------------- - ------ 30 Thompson -----------,-. I-- 126 Thorpe .-.------ ---- 9, 106 Vandiver ----- ------- I ---- 9 8 Walker ------ ------L---H 26 Walters .------- ---.--- I -.--- 2 4 Walsh -------,------------ 9, 110 Washentelder -------- -- 19 Wells --------------------- ,--- 2 9 Wilhelm ------- ------ I so, 62 Wirth .------- ------- I ----- 9 2 Yates ----- -,----- I 134 I , Q. 1 at , x , 'Y' i-'lf , 'f1"'5iY1' ikkgsiizwi 3 ' -' .Q .N-4ffQfgf13' 'ff-" .'-Sits-. .:p fx. ,' . 5, ': . , 1 ' '- - gulllfsgf, rib.,-', ' . - 1 W 'M - ' .1q,wfffa:f.:5k.,,4 , ., VL V 'gg , f- , 1.,- ,X - ' ' ,Q-1 ..'iil'.. w" "f:,. .. ,- : 1 E L ,-L1-. J v A ,J Ngi- ... ,-... W S - 51,1 ,,. Vt " QP 'J::31?'i-'f 1 'L U1 ,gy ' 2- 'I , sl-F ' 4 - 1 - -vi" 'g 1, '- 3-- wi,-xx-'.', , ,Vt g. ,iff 5 ' 1 - -, , ,- .. .f,gifo2.E-212,j',, 11,2 ff"eff??,ggsg3:l 55 1, .- 3 9:1 isp T-15259272 " W4 TS? -7T'35.":2 'tr ii '2fkL,f'Qi5 ' z' 5f""?'.-Q5 4' Q I 1 X., - "NCQ ,sf f.,,u,-,, R V . , Q ,?5-gjrjii. -. g,,.fL' " ',v,lj , Y A,:f:vzfff'g:w,V-,.V i .V - ,'y,:g11f'.w'Lr'.-' ij' '- '2?,1f'?f-.E5'5r, " L iii? FI-4 . ' ' A ' " LGF If-'a,5? '- 'iiin-.-'f V ' v'?',4,i--riffj'-.1 Nd Q 1 1 'sv ,-, jf,-V - 1 ,A , , . , I w . " if-,Y , sf' F 'J fs f -, , ,2 . M . ,A .. ' .gnxi-LJKLSIQQ 1: uw X ' in ,V ,Y .l,:g, v,4, fr V, A-V, Jr." .. K.V A . , I . .- - L: -N J' if rf W WW J, fp v ,ff - S .. -'.' ' ,- H - I V .Sf ! A I. W 1 I -.r,":,Q xv, I' I Y A , -'S' ll - 'V i If 155:45 ,ff cf Wfj,4 ,, fp " I w UP IWVUL 'Wwjjw N' yi" f f lv , A L., V U I, W T W I ,wi A, ,ww , 1fgW5w+w? fg5fW+ MW! 1' wwwiffff M PM ff UM f VH, "f" ' V 'ff Xl J 'P -:, I. 1. ' 1 ? 1 Q 9 'wwf 41 ff, "" 1 moqynuilqx 212: gk? W .Q?,, . VX' W do We, Alf 6214-'jf . ff" !'5f',ff W7 00 0 , A ?4-my 42' Hyf I G QW' mg XL., 0- MW fn? 40 e W QAA nwvg , E . Z' 647315 ff 34' dfX'0fc'k7QQQ.Q X e 'L K 39'-6"' Dwi QMQVAVXMJQ ' .vf-I j..,5-ff ' . . . . . nm., an-gg -A , - ' g ' ,J A - A I - ' .V VA V, 1, , , fx. Y . ' '-'1' ., - 'iff ' x Q.- -- . ,. 'A ' '.. V ." ,Y f -. ,, JL 2,1 ' gl.-51' '1'.41"2!f 5 1-1 -- 5 ,V ' -' ,, ld, " " " . ' , - . 4 -'- " .'- .,-ae!-'q.-: " ' " '3. LI P3'c,n -M" if 1' 'T A-f':""':Q,: "HS, lf. V - YY -- V W- - - f ' .. , , , I Y- F - . - ,. , -' f '- ,xw-4. - . ,, Q,-ur-' ". ,,1, - V - x Y . ,.. -,V+ .4 Y: I-4,1-Y:.4U ,. -K :TA h, R -1 : .1 .Wm-N4-aw' ' 1' ' .1 ' 1 , fi' , Zf, ' f - , PM : 'Ml ' , .-'f4'C'M' ' -W Q - ', , I , W Pi? IP W . -- 1 " 1- 2,- J 'L V , Q M" H ' 1+-. in gx.,,., ' + 4' M' Q 5 I "yd- ' 7' 1 - . ' , , T , V, , A 1 f ., gl' ' N '..,, "X "Fr ,rf TZ, N we 'T -.M 11 11, 11 ?f"1

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