Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY)

 - Class of 1954

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Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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-bww Ca XIl+QYfX Sfeavb zo if 1 OP u 5 Gaby. r Pl? Lit'-SQ - H5 .I 7 N A jg Q Wx! f f N QQZWQMM ff J, J M34 u 77 ,ff - f . fify ,Of 'YU , L M" .h A YV,,f' ij!!! 7' . 10 7 '!af"L I D I - W 4M J' If ' J " DQ dndlmjfb HM' IUFNJJ iw JA wah LKL GN-Y, ll fa' 4-.1 'ALJ vo-AL4'l1U'frbQ' who why wh www' fv'-fuwf' pabwgra Q61 4 V Q 'I 4 4 j n - ,- l 17530. Y Lfglgg Mm MUSTANG I95 it L A ,+L FQ: W fexkjcwvp fvxwg ,lf M V.f.,9.V? EC-f'O'1io' Kvrdf Nr, ,Qr-X NATRONA COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL CASPER, WYOMING wi wg.. 'Vi 2 Ni- s TABLE OF CONTENTS SCHOOL LIFEMI. .. 4 ADMINISTRATION I I CLASSES ,I,.., ..,II,I. ,.I.I.I,, 2 3 SENIORS I 25 JUNIORS , ...I, .. .. 57 SOPHOMORES 77 FRESHMEN ...I,I . . 93 ACTIVITIES ...,I...,,, .I I77 VOCAL MUSIC . ,,,. .,.,.I. I .I , , ,II8 INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC .,I...... ..,... I .I24 MILITARY ., , I , .,.. ., .I I29 ATHLETICS .,...,I ,,.,I.,,I I 33 1 ', ff x f' X si I X 1. I - sx jg fl Ia, su I 7 I -125. 44 - M., .,' Q Y. Q 4? .f D-X ,,.-., . , . .-.e My 3,-,-tY,A:,,5,:g,V 'L f1e4:-g,5w,. 'g.f ,.c,',4l,-Q.,,w.aM-N YA-V M- ' , ig-, ,, ff'43"iPiE1" N i trtf' :pf 3 , in a e ' .Z ' 'v', 1" 1 -:r Itabi Roads from fhe pas+ lead . fhrough educafion in+o 'lhe presenf. 1 4, -- .nj ' " ji Q N, - s I f 1 v . vw L I st , ..,.i--v - A of-if - X 1? i i 2 f ' 1 I am' Y Q 4fm,,,MMaM I 5 C , I ' I a l 1 -r-W , -Q .0 I .V -V' - ,rr ' , . r V . ' '11'7,'n ,'g.'.., .'. is . ,t V- Nev.. 'Yum . . ' iv in ' ' '- ,,- -A S731 en- , ,-- , ," + Magi , 1 'T A -- jf . 'gf f '3,ww" " Lj'3gy',,fs I, , I U 4 Q .. ., Q ' 0 rr 'i:?.!,": euwfq - " --in V 7 , . 1' f' j .g5g'11J4'f:' is '-3 s sw if -s A ' - The narrow path leading into these portals broadens to the highways encircling the globe. 'I Y M J- yr' - . '- i3',. . 5" , V ' ,. ' - 1 - "HQ 'v-1. T'F , ., -4' ' in ""'?'h 'M " f " - . z " "fx V' '5--' "A , if if fg , "E, I "N wipe .5 ., if.-1, ,M i-fe -' ,, J- ' as e if .,.,. if -an A, , ' ., 5 ' I ,nw wr 9 2 , K , . ' f . "'. I .Q , cl: Q. Q 'ig igdxlu 1 gs.. if , nrxgy--' ,. , Q , 'rf I " QA gf, Q' f-...J" -Q' lf "rv ll K x f , ff. f , ,, .. ,,. J , The quiet trails leave the open turning to the recreation center, i -17 -----1' . . . or to the busy cafeteria, . . . or to the tape that marks a winner The paths of pleasure are but sec- ondary to the main road to educa- tion: for instance, the old trail con- verted to a new use, the- aisle leading to audio-visual enlightenment, or the hall turning into various class rooms. 'X W 4, 4 Students learn hy doing many times and this is the path followed by the students shown here, who are in the Diversified Occupations Program. Tex Lux in the upper left is learning the art of the taxidermist, while Ruth Carlson and JoAnn Miller learn the fine touches of photograph finishing. In the lower left Neill Mayfield runs off mimeograph material for a trucking com- pany. The next picture shows Tom Wfenzinger as he grinds lenses for glasses. in . ,x 4-g ,u- SPONSORS-Miss Gwendolyn Hill, Miss Frances Feris. STAFF- Curtis Cwhee. Plztatograplierg Keith Perry, Co-Business Mana- gerg Rachel Yaap, Assistant Editorg Gay XX"ehrli, Photographerg janet XY'ziggener, Co,Business Managerg Lewis Christensen, Photographerg Pat Connell, Senior Editor. The purpose of this book is to help you re- call the trails and paths you trod in your days at NCHS. The rough road for freshmen down those first few weeksp the highway through senior corridor, complete with musicg the long way home after the game: all are memories we cherish. The members of the staff sincerely hope that the 'S-i MLSTANG will recall those reminiscences in years to come. Leading the staff down the trail was Sharon Dickensheets. editorrin-chief, assisted by Rachel Yaap. assistant editor. . D cv -QNX V ,- S 4 if ,Q- ,wr lf' Ze l SHARON DICKENSHEETS Ecfllfzf If you seniors were tardy in getting your picture or activity slip in. you were probably tracked down the halls by Pat Connell, senior editor. Behind the camera which took the pictures were Gay XVehrli, Curtis Cohee, and Lewis Christensen. Taking care of the business end were co-business managers. Janet Wfag- gener and Keith Perry. Staff members worked hard to bring you this book, which we hope will enable you to look back over the long trail. XY'hen the last deadline had been met and the final page was in. no one breathed a deeper sigh of relief than sponsors, Gwendolyn Hill and Frances Feris. SCHOOL BOARD Lcffl In lilgbll Mrs. K. D. Knapp, Mr. E. A. Swedenborg, Mr. David Kidd, Mr. David Foote, Sr.. Mr. C. H. Thompson, Dr. H. M. Shidler. and Mrs. Morgan Davis. The members of this Natrona County High School Board gave unseltiishly of their time and effort, help- ing to clear some of the obstacles out of the road for us and for those to follow us. They found themselves serving a community bursting at the seams--a com- munity with IUOIC children than school rooms to accommodate them easily, so this group were the proud dedicators of a new junior high school build- ingva building which marked a changed academic route for our sisters and brothers. For the first time the seventh and eighth grades were housed under one roof and the old junior high was turned over to the freshmen of NCHS, giving us more room to expand. We were deeply grateful to this Board as they solved many of our problems for us. DLA N Y C flpelj., Um. zzzfefkf AN B VC. V. Biff O ' SPrIlrS1U' of uyfxyfbo J I7 rf' V , U .4 Ipjd C, 101111178 -0110 ' kc- .rfglf N -N M f, A . xA 4 , 44.37.35 W- M. H1421-5lKl'3Ym, Q 1 S. KELLY XVALSH, BA.. MA. Hflgffll Smfwwf Prim' Culomdo State Collage of ELiLlL.1fl l'r1iw-rsiry of ILl.lh0 OH Teachers of all I4 MARY GABER, B.A. SofiaISIl1diPf University of Wyoming University of California XVILLIAM REESE, B.A., M.A. Vire Prinripnl Dickinson College Wasliington and Lee University University of Wfyoming XVALTER SAVAGE, B.S., MS. B11.fine.s.c Manager University of Wyoming University of Wasliingtimn University of California BARBARA N. SCIFERS, B.A. Dean of Girlr University of Montana Portland State College University of Oregon Sponsor of Girls' League, Future Teachers AQ on your way . . . -WHITMAN CLARA FRANCES GADBERY, B.A., M.A. Englirb . f' University of Wyomlng ' -v i University of Hawaii ' 'Q College de jesus Marie, Quebec ,f N. " LOWELL M. MYERS, BA. fif Matbemalics .VJ U ' X, Central State College, Oklahoma X, "" x Sponsor of Senior Class if WALTER KINGHAM, B.A. Votalional Co-Ordimzlov' University of Wyoming Sponsor of Student Council STELLA RUSSELL Bzuineyx Offire EDITH HEGWER, B.A., B.S. Head of Library Wells College University of Minnesota GEORGE SCULLEN Marbine Shop University of Montana 6:9 BLAINE D. COOLBAUGH, B.S., B.M., M.A. Head of lflfflllfllfllfflf Mlzrir DPIDIIITIIIFIII Kansas State University Ft. Hays State College Eastern State Teachers College University of Vlfyoming Sponsor of Swing Band, Small Ensembles MARY DILLE, B.A, Seem! Srienfe Iowa State Teachers College University of XVashington University of Southern California Drake University f RUTH PETTIGREXV, BA., M.A. lirrgllih University of Arkansas University of Chicago Columhia University Sponsor of The Grnlvei. Quill and Scroll Q MYRTLE MCCALLUM ,QA Head 0fSrlvoo1Heal1h Depmtrfzezlf St. Luke's I-Iospital, Boise, Idaho University of Chicago University of California Sponsor of Future Nurses . L BUNNY JACKSON, BS Home Ecozzmzrirf Montana University Sponsor of the Senior Class WILLIE VANDIVER, B.A., MA. Scierzfe Nebraska XVesleyan University University of Colorado W 'Si i QQ LLOYD W. FIELD, BA.. M.A. Crmmrerrzal UnivC1'Sity of Colorado University of Minnesota Colorado State College of Education NELL KIMBALL Afteudarzre Clerk RWANDA XVALTERS, B.S. Hem! of Home El'0?lfllIIIl',f Depiulmwzl George Wfashington University Casper junior College Ohio State University Sponsor of the Pep Cluh PEARL BURNS Regirmrl i ' 19 . V Q . was 1- FACULTY I5 KATHLEEN HEMRY, BA., M.A. Eflglifb l'niversity of XVyoming Long Beach State Teachers College V Lniversity of Chicago K Spnngur of Cfyncgggigyngg NCWCllD16.'l'S c.lLll'l DEAN POMEROY, L.L,B. illallwrzlatirr lfniversity of Nebraska Peru State Teachers College IVA MAE MYERS, BA. Iinlqllili Hastings College THOMAS JAMES EVANS, BS. Hf.lffIl'4j University of Colorado Assistant Foothall Coach We live because of 'lheir help on +he way FLOYD MICHAEL, B.S. ll"eMing Slmp University of Wyoniing NANCY RYMILL, B.A. Alnlbenzfzlirf University of Xwyoming Sponsor of Cheerleaders 1 MM! pjly - MAUD JOSLYN x 0 B1r.v1r1e.f.f Office M . EVELYN TIPPETT, BA. Erlglifla lfniversity of Oklahoma WM Q Colorado College IVA SMITH, BS., MS. Ilmd. ill.zllwrm1r1ff Depmfnnaif Lniversity of Nebraska Lniversity of Xlifyoming RALPH MASTERSON. A.A., BA, Conzmeirml Casper junior College Lniversity of Wfyoming I6 il! k,,,!f rg: as ,.-,I A Lisa A fl --s JAMES DANIEL, B.S., M.A. Sflfllft' Colorado State Teachers College Coloratlo A. and M, HARRY MANGIQS, BA., M.A FUVKIIQYZ Lnfzglrager University of Wfyoming Sponsor of Wrestling Team X I r.,vl MARTHA MARTIN BlIblIIEl'I Ufflre CATHERINE WILSON Pt1yollClPr'k and Bookkeeper Wai X, Q. ALICE XVALKER, B.A., M.A. illallvenifimir University of Denver JAINIES MESSIINIER, BS. 1!Icfll,fll'f11f Atl.: Armed Forces Institute University of XVyoming l.1brm'j College of St, Catherine University of Minnesota University of Denver HAZEL RICHARDS, BA. Commevfml University of Denver University of Colorado University of Southern California DOLLIE HAGAN, B.A, Hemi of Svlenre Deprrrtmem Iowa State University University of Southern California Sponsor of National Honor Society JACK HERBERTSON Mfztberlnztlfr University of Wyoming ROSE MARY MALONE, B.A., M.A. FACULTY PAULINE FUSSELMAN, B.A. C 0 m merrial Colorado State College of Education DEAN POMEROY, L.L.B. Mallaematicf University of Nebraska Peru State Teachers College llldfbfmdilff Oklahoma City University University of Oklahoma IONE GIBBS, A.B., M.Ed. A KENNETH CHEELEY, B. Football Coarlv University of Illinois Mr. Russell and "Sleep- ing Beauty." Ln are needed by each one . -EMERSON --,. ,, er, 'fi ffix 4 9,060 ', rl 4 f. 4" ' 4.5, if "nl oscfm Emcksox, B.S., Med. if i Bi:fkelbf1lfC0afb Q Q , y X Kansas State College University of Oklahoma LOIS K. TARTER, B.A. Forezygn LH71g1Il1g?,f University of XVyoming I 'uv ' . Q, 4 l9' 1 A it ,A M4 i' 'ill' of ln fx x Al -qs A... FRANCES F. EERIS, B.A., M.A. Head of Englirb Deparfmenl University of Iowa University of Wyoming Sponsor of National Forensic League, MUS- TANG, Christmas Pageant, junior Class EARL REED Head of Art Depfzrtmeni Pennsylvania Academy of Eine Arts Sponsor of Christmas Pageant MARGARET LA VIOLETTE, B.A ,Q is Hl.ff07'j Wellesley College University of Pennsylvania University of Denver 'N' R GWENDOLYN HILL, B.A. ,r English University of Colorado University of Wyoming University of California Sponsor of Christmas Pageant, MUSTANG N M-SGT. FRANK SHERILLE Military GRACE JACOBSON, B.A., M.A. Head of Voral Muric Deparfmenf Northwestern University MacPheal College of Music University of Wyoming Sponsor of Madrigal ELSIE MICHALKE, B.S., M,S. Gzrlr' Pbyrical Edlzfalion Michigan State Norman College University of Michigan XVILLIAM L. XVELLS, BS, M.A. Foreign 1.a'7IKEIIzl'Ht"C ljniversity of California University of Colorado Colorado State Teachers College ,X A DON SIMASKO, A.B. atv-X Drumm ami EIIIQIIIISV XVisconsin State College University of Denver Sponsor ot Thespians DOROTHY L. RANSOM, B.A. rlllnll' MacMurray College FACU LTY I9 zgt!""e OTHILIE C. JACK Secretary to lbe Superinlendent LAUREL D. WIRTI-I, B.S. Meflmniral Drau ing University of Nebraska Colorado A. and M. l .9 LAWRENCE J. ADAMS, Sgr. First Class ' In flrlzrtar and Coarb IETHIZL LINDSEY, AB., MA. Ifflfllflj l'niversity of Nebraska l'niversity of Wfyoming l'niversity of Chicago Harvard Sponsor, English Club LliSA IOXVANA XWASHENFELDER, BS. lfrrqlz 1 5 LIUIVCISIIYill-Olil3lllPI11H WILLIAM M. HENRY, B.S. Agrimlture University of Wyoming Sponsor FFA. MILTON BEITEL, B.S. SITFIIFF Northern Illinois State T University of Wyoming eachers College NORA RINGLE ' Manager of Books and Supplzef OLEN THOMPSON Auto Alerbanirr University of Wyoming Stress glaclness on +he pal'l1s of men . . -Foss of Rifle Team MARJORIE WILHELM, B.S., M.A. Social Studie: University of Minnesota National University of Mexico Columbia University Sponsor of Pep Club GRANT BOYLE, B.A. Commeree Casper junior College Lniversity of Wyoming MAL DE JOSLYN Bn rznefr Offife VIRGIL Y. RUSSELL, A.B., M.A. Social Scienre Deparfment 6- of Kansas of Arizona of California of Wichita RUBY MCBRIDE, A.B., A.M. Head of Foreign Language Department University of Iowa University of Southern California Sponsor of Latin Club CAPTAIN VERDE MOSS Head of Military Departmen! ROBERT MACOMBER B S M A English Southvs est Missouri State College Colorado State College of Education University of Paris CAROL R SETHER B S Home Eroriomfrf Worth Dal-tota State College Sponsor of Big Sisters DUKE HIMEBAUGH, BS., M.S. Head of Commercial Deparimem Kansas State Teachers College University of Colorado University of Minnesota Columbia University Sponsor of Savings Stamp Day MARGARET SHIDLER, B.S.E. Foreign Lllflglltlgfrf Central Missouri State Teachers Collegc 6 H929 my I 5 'E Q Y Vilgil,-'V 9,393 my e 23 ' 1 Y I " ' , ' I 2 .a' '.. ,HM I at ia 2. ' b Q ' if - 1. .WF h U q lf? if at Flu ' la K f xl A' nv 'ani L I-QS-. .xv ,. ,VM I 's ' 4 . ?. M " IAN Q 'JEL gl - S Mg ,Y 4 A' a- A gf mf ' fm ! 'f f K 'w 4, ff auf ,-. , Q F.. I S OFFICERS--Ron Estes, Presidentg Nancy Wfinfrey, Treasurerg Bob XVeidenaar, Vice Presidentg Bar- bara McClintock, Secretary. 1 SENIORS The class of 1954 came to the end of their long uphill journey after a rather stormy passage. Blazing the trail were Ron Estes, Presidentg Bob W'eidenaar, Vice President: Barbara McClintock, Secretaryg and Nancy W'infrey. Treasurer. jacking up the wheels occasionally were the willing sponsors - Bunny jackson and Lowell Myers. The senior class of four years after the turn of the half century are kept in mind by landmarks such as the junior Follies and the junior-Senior Prom. TIME AND TEMPO was the title given the Follies which performance was highlighted by dances and scenes depicting life upon the wicked stage. The traditional SPONSORS Lowell Myers Bunny jackson XA' prom featured a brightly colored carnival carousel around which gay and gala couples danced under a ceiling of red, yellow, and green. During the last year of this class the Big Sisters was reorganized, but there was no Freshman recog- nition assembly much to our disappointment. The seniors stopped near the end of their journey to look back on the long travelled roadg but more important To look ahead to unknown paths. On the night of graduation each senior opened the gate to the future and started out anew on an unfamiliar road-freshmen again. jordie Acker M ., Milton Agenstine 1 , gy Connie Alberts Betty jean Alexander Raymond Allemand William Allen 1' T Shari Askman Kathryn Atwood Robert Baker Myrna Bachlet "' Phillip Barbula Deane Barnum Robert Alm Alice Anderson Nancy Anderson CQ ul' .1 SENIORS 25: 'F 9 9 5 '- LTI f A L 1' A 'Fix . x J ,.,..- w ffr be , 1' .'l 1 LJ ,if ,AH Ralph Barton Don Beard Shirley Bcclmtol Gene Burk Verne Banker Margarct Bcglcy We move along asunderg our pa+hs grow wider . . -BRACKEN Wfoodrow Bertz Sherry Bird Donna Bishcr Q57 if T' . ""'7 Pat Bisiar Shirley Boulden Phillip Bramson Prydc Brien Marjie jo Brown Daisy Bryan vi' if Shirley Bullington Lianc Bussingcr Bernice Carr Robert Carrera Charles Christensen Ardyce Christiansen In fw N if ...Z -Q Lcc Coffman Curtis Cohec Patricia Connell Delmar Cooke Sally Cooper Leon Corpuz x , , fl A ii 171' Shirley Chumley Bobby Dean Clark Gerald Cody FW' if 0 lfa X' C if l H591 lg- In SENIORS -.rf 1? ln -, , Frames Cox Reid Creech Arlene Croco Dixie Lee Cromwell Selma Cromwell john Curry Sharon Dickensheets Donna Dillman Marguerite Doll Roberta Domsalla jane Donald David Donaldson 'wi G'-9 gi- QL! Xi ,mi ,l Away we speed +o meei' no more jack Dalton Bill Damours K 2 KJ 1' Marjorie Deimer .. M- C X ,, Q SMITH F? Tl' T7 Q15 is-X ,FMZ1 ,uf XR.- Emery Epling Ron Estes David Evans Marilyn Duffy lo Ann Dvoracek John Edwards for A Mary Ellis L, Lu Roy Ellison ' f-H 1 Kenneth Emlslcy . Ivan Evans jcannctte Everett Willirlrmi Everett Shirley Farlcc Sallie Force Glenda Foreman ik SENIORS 3 I I 1 4 is., X jack Goddard Lois Godikson Dixon Goodman 'F' ff, Neal Forster james Fox Donald Fox james Gernert Claus Gicrth F. Gies Today +he iourney is ended -AB BOTT 1 , If! Nancy Goodman Gerald Goodnight Donna Gowen joan Gray Ernest Gray Mary Green Barbara Grishaber Christine Grogan Thomas Gutz Helena Hacker Ardath Hagar Carol Hamill Y. 41 V' ,Y 4. il A ' 4 N ,.., ga. B, t, Eileen Harris Virginia Harris Constance Hartnett Bill Heagney Elizabeth Heath Gary Henry Pat Hand Merilyn Hanley Tinka Hardison SENIORS 'Q 1 juanita Herzellc Martha Hicks john Hilde Robert Hines john Hoenshell Nora Hoffman -r G7 Marilyn Hubley Harvey Humberson jo Ann jones Mauritz Kallerud Ted Kapeles jerry Kelly . A i All +he pasf we leave behind . . . jay Holder Frank Holscher Frances Howell -WHITMAN 253 -ur' l 'N fi'-2 is v-.,,, In L.. Darla Kusel Helen Largent N Mgrvin Lassila 5' X IQ ,if 5 Zh' john Kennedy Merle Kennedy Barbara Kidd Roger Kidneigh Lawrence Kukura Irene Kunkel Burr L.1tt.1 Audrey Lattilncr Keith Lemkc Bernard Lensmeycr Kent Lenher GL-orgm Lindsley SENIORS anim Bob Lewallen Jacqueline Link Richard Lookharr 'K janet Lowe Teddy Lux Marie McCabe Long have we wandered, seeking whai' is ye+ found . . -wi-MTMAN Catherine MacI.ennan Larry McCain Virginia McCaghrcn 36 go' Marilyn McCanne I.aVonne McClellan Barbara McClintock I Bert Mrlfarland Ronny McHancy Iirnm Mrlntosh mf: . f . .31 T lf"f"' joanne McPherson John McReynolds Wfayne Macy james Magee Mary jane Magee Rudolph Maguire Bill Marshall Shirley Martin Barbara Martyr Xxrllllll Mattingly Neill Mayfield Lois Meade Tom Manning Marilyn Marsh jo Marsh f Q srmons WM 15... Hubert Merritt joan Miller Larry Miller Thomas Milne Daney Mitchell Thad Mitchell Richard Mudrow 'larry Nash Robert Nicholas hlith Nilsen Lcxtcr Obcrt 'latkson Olcr iv ,mt T 3 C 'O' ,pi Gale Peterson Nancy Peterson Lynne Pirie 4:41 A ""' 47' 40W ll 'Q gf" W Barbara Orr Dale Overstreet Etta Patchen john Patterson Thomas Patton Keith Perry gi. qv' n.f"T9 K 6' ,177 5 'I' .HR A . Emma Ponton Rosalie Pope Eugene Proch.1sk.1 Merle Prugh Judith Pyle alt-fry Quinlan SENIORS 39 I'- 5 Dardanelle Richardson Derald Riley Carol Rineman l Nancy Quinn ' Loranell Raines 11' . David Reynolds Nathan Reynolds Marilyn Rich Delbert Richards Bu? +here's a gafe a+ +he end of fhings . . . -UNKNOWN 11 QQ' if' 'hr 9 'Z' I Mfza. 5f,345f5fmiss1, fl? gl Genaro Rivera Barbara Rogers james Rosenmeier Maxine Roussalis Gerald Sanders Thomas Satterfield jerry Schlager Adolph Scholz Mary Esther Schoolcrafr Betty jo Schrader Merrill Selby Mary Shafenberg i l Christa Shriver Harold Sicbkcn joseph Simmonx 'lcrry Sivcrtsen john Sloan Bruce Smith tr .17 Robert Sheppard Anita Sherman Donald Shim 3 X SENIORS .Ag 'ff' Pat Smyth Margaret Spaulding Yvonne Speer Donald Spcntcr Grace Smndcfcr Anne Str-clc '15 if 3 .Ile-1 I jean Stuart Dale Summers Dorothy Sundem Yoti 'Iunmur run ax r I tx r r L. Q7 'Tis buf 'the beginning of life . . . Betsy Steinman Rosemary Stcpp Marilyn Strasheim ABBOTT 1,111 i LLM f if C' fx 2 , -7 WH-..,. Norman Udcwitz Richard Underwood Ronald Ury ,Liv Ronald Townsend Josephine Trujillo Victor Trujillo Raymon Turk Ruth Twidalc Susan Tyler Evelyn Van Pclt janet Waggener Ncta Watson Gladys XVecl-twerth Robert XVcidenaar Berry Weisenberger SENIORS Avalon Wells Thomas Wenzinger Rosalie Wferner Alice West Ann Marie West Janice Williams The pasi' was greai and fhe fu'l'ure will be grea+er Sally Wfilliams ' A Mom Bill Williams BeBe jo Wilson 9 f XX ,, 1' -.1 joan Wilson john Lester Wilson Kenneth Wilson Shirley Wilson jesse Wiltsey Nancy Winfrey ' ' -WHITMAN Harold Wolfe Thomas Wood William XVoocls Delmar Wyatt Gary Wy'nand james Golay joan Boltz Shirley Russell Stanley Spawn Don Thompson our ' Galiilfliiliiii SENIORS -J '77 ON THE PATH OF WINNERS Military promotions take plate every so oftcri. In the fall tht- first promotions took place. Gt-me Pro- th.1sk.1 his rcteixed his bars xxhilc Stipt-riiittriticiit of Sthook Morgxn is giiing Lcon Corpuz his. ,.A..v...--....... .... -M , , rn xwrc scwrnl lists of All Smit in Iootixill Rt-3.,artllu xiii nm lgpcirui on ucry unc: Pat Smyth .mtl Pit B15 IN MEMORIAM They rlmll grou' 1201 old, nr ire ibut are lefl gl'0ZL' old, Age Jlmll 1101 wear lbem. nor' the jean' condemn. Al the going dozwz of ,um and in lbe morning We will remember them. ---l.AWRENCE BINYON The death of Gary Cooper, for many of us our first experience with life's tragedies, halted much of the carefreeness of our sophomore year. It forced a more mature attitude on usg yet, we still remembered his friendship and sincerity for the shock of tragedy will never destroy these qualities. Between our sophomore and junior years death struck again when Curtis Craig suffered a serious injury while on a summer outing. In our junior year Marilyn Ludwig passed away from our realm of high school life. After the hand of death had moved again, we were left numbed. We questioned the will we did not under- stand, for we saw no justice in taking one who was just beginning to realize her youth. But the friends who loved JOHN GIBSON her had to go on despite their feelings. A senior class just beginning to gather the might that would carry it through a glorious year was united again in its grief when john Gibson died. MARILYN LL'DWIG CURTIS CRAIG I x AAN , f., ' 1'f'1'?1"N ' .35 ,, H! wi QUEENSIN'THE 4 QNOWY-fFf.lDk'CS CON- Skip H W 9.01 ublgyl Lynne Parec. PUSSY D 3 .. lf n oll. Darla Kusel. N 5 ' X, x 1 .pf PULLEY 5 PERPLF -XXR . Aff , on l ' .irzljn Illanhg Afarlvllvgliilullls IJHL ,LU ' uf! , 48 l Hig- fdfilwgg 955, These Fellows Run the Reels. 3 1 pEEKA.A-lifxb l ' DMunmAww'Um ,l xml Mxlm Q I X7 Frwzl may Seated: Lynn Pirie. Darla Kusel. Frances Feris. Sfwazwi. Sharon Chase. Rachel Yaap. Ardath Hagar. janet XY'aggener. Sharon Diclcensheets. Butt muy Standing: Don Stout. john Dailey. jan Shreftler, Dan Moriarty. Larry Manning, Bill Everett. jim Wiitters. Roy Currence, Liz Hodder. Clarence Morley. Mary Bunce, LeRoy Ellison. Pat Spencer. Mauritz Kallerud, Charles Prather. Shirley Tucker. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE The debaters and interpreters literally took to the highways. traveling this year to Denver three times. to Fort Collins twice, to Greeley. to Laramie, and to Gillette. In the summer of 1955 Kay Quinn, Le Roy Ellison. and Mauritz Kallerud drove to Denver for the National meet where they met and competed with students from forty other states. Kay took one of the top recognitions in Extemp. At the conference banquet we learned that the businessmen of Houston. Texas. had given our national organization a gift of ten thousand dollars to make the going a little easier and a little more pleasant-for all of us. At the State University. in the spring. debaters. orators. and read- ers took twenty-tive superior ratings, XX'e shall remember the fall. winter. and spring of 1955-54 for many reasons: the rapid growth of the club-over forty members: the fact that we were the leading chapter in the Rocky Mountain District of Colorado and Wfyomingg Miss Ferisf earning her second diamond key by attaining her second thous- and points in N.E.L.: the novice speakers' taking three places out of the six at the Regis debating meet: the fun we had entertaining our parents at the initia, tion party: the miles we traveled without a mishap: Darlas winning the Voice of Democracy contest in the state: the work on the American Legion contest: the sock hop: and the hot dogs sold at the Scottsbluff game. Bill Everett was our President. Darla Kusel our Vice President. and Mary Bunte our Secretarii V '41, 'Q JL. ii M. NEW' IN 1953-if Bfffffllll wfzix I.inil.i Qin- islil, fQ.irl.i DLIHLJII ,limn Bully, lily H.m' lay. 'lu Ann lflmxci' Y, Dclwlvic Xiiliimlx. 'hilly Rodgers. 'lf,,'1 iffzz' Nlu-il.i hldllilllfl' Slmmn Kmlnlcc. Nmq Hmicn. Virgil Russell. G, D. Pittman. lictxy Crmvcll. ,lun Brguly. Akl.lIT1NtIH, O lf F P U R C O l. U R A D OfSl1irlcy Tuikcr. Dun Smut. P.1r Syn-mor. Nillcic Ail.1mwn, Dulwhic Nilhnls. X 5Ol.VliD 'l lm it xli-wild lic .llmvllxliul uritf Kxllnrliil. c,ll.ll'lL'N l'r.itlu'r , V l D. Pittnmn, is 2 5 . l .WW 5 1: I, kai , all NVQ A T7 Fir!! rout Patty Samuelson, Patty McNair, Dale Overstreet, Barbara Latta. Darla Kusel. Arlene Croco, Barbara McClintock. Second rout Liz Hodder, Nancy Winfrey. Anne Steele. Frances Hand, Barbara Kidd, jo Ann Di- voracek. janet Waggener, Nancy Quinn. Third mu: john Sloan, john Hoenshell. Sam Chilcote. Gale Peterson, Bill XY"ood. Klause Gierth. jerry Cody. john McLemore. NATIONALTHESPIANS The National Thespians of NCI-IS have the honor of being the first troupe to be organized in the United States. With Mr. Don Simasko sponsoring the club. the Thespians worked hard to gain national recognition not only for being troupe 1. but for the outstanding work in high school theatre, The group was honored by an invitation to the Rocky Mountain Theatre conference held in Salt Lake City. Darla Kusel and Gale Peterson went as the only high school students participating and Mr. Simasko was elected Vice President ot' the Conference. Presiding over the meetings this year were Gale Peterson. President. 'lohn Sloan. Vice Presidenti Klaus Gierth. Secretaryg Barbara McClintock. Treasurer. and Dale Overstreet, Sergeant-at-Arms. Xwith the help of these officers the club members worked hard on numerous projects. One of the many new items on the agenda was a play to be given for children. The Thespians presented the play as a money-making project. and found the youngsters to be an enthusias- tic audience. The organization also originated the Beaux Arts Ball. a costume dance sponsored by the drama. art. and music departments. The members participated in student-produced workshop theatre plays, which not only entertained the other Thes- pians, but also gave the members a good theatre background. The Thespians also worked on major productions. They produced two all-school plays, and they sent a one-act play to the annual contest at the University of XX"yoming. In the spring of 1953 the play. THE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL, by Chekoi' received a su- perior rating as did each member of the cast. .Mr dz, , M r. ,mfg "L , 54,2 v Vi' . -QA , ff? M . ,L ET? ' Ll. ,. 5 ? 4 g, Y a 5: I . V 53 4 . QQ' r Nui! i s I .a Q Qt 1 . Bfilffmf row: I.iy Ellis. Mary Bunce. Pat Spencer. Arlene Croco. Sallie Forte. Betty Jean Alexander. Janice Williariis. Maxine Herman. I Srfpfzfff wfzi: Mary lfontlren. l.if llotlcler. lirantes Hand, Juanita Herzee Ie. Arclath Hagar, Marilyn Hawkins, Jo Ann Dvoracek. Nancy Hansen. Nora Rose Hoffman. Sally Eggert. Third muy' Darla Kusel. Betsy Steinman. Sonia Skretteberg. Margaret Begley. Janice Twidale. Joan XY'ilson Jan Reinhart Pat Connell Mar' Esther Schoolcraft. Judy Shafer. Marxine . . . y Matthews, Connie Jean Boyles. Faurfh wuz' Miss Hagen. Sponsor. Marvin Barbula. Mauritz Kallerud. John Dailey. Eugene Prochaska. Sharon Dickensheets. Lynne Pirie. Jo Ann Jones. Marjie-Jo Brown. Frances Howell. Kay Atwood. Eileen Harris. Janet Vi'aggener. Tuff mu: Gary Henry. Lc-Rov Ellison. Neill Mayfield. Bill Eierett. Keith Perry. Ron Hathaway. Ronald L'ry.i Daxidiijregorich. H. A, Strotherd NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is the only organiza- tion in high school which bases membership on scholastic standing alone. Only the top five per cent of the junior class and the top fifteen per cent of the senior class are given membership. The lowest average for juniors this year was 1.46. while seniors with an average of 1,79 were admitted. Officers for the year were Marxin Barbula, presi- dent and Janet Wfaggener, secretary. Each year, the National Honor Society scholarship tests are tal-ren by a number of Casper students and this year seven people were elected as follows: LeRoy Ellison, Jo Ann Jones, Margaret Begley, Janet Wag- gener. Keith Perry, Sharon Dicl-censheets. and Mary Esther Schoolcraft. The society is sponsored by Miss Hagan. it T7 ,,,,mmu, --vf Seated: ,lo Marsh, janet NX'aggener. Martin Barbtila. Sharon Dickensheets. Betsy Steinman. Serwid mu: Pat Connell, joan Gray. Metta Roussalis. Betty jean Alexander, Nancy Goodman, Bernice Carr, Sally Force. Top mir-x Barbara Orr, Keith Perry. Curtis Cohee. Rathel Yaap. Anne Steele, Connie Alberts. fAbsent Miss Ruth Pettigrew, SPONSOR, and Nancy Winfreyj. NATIONAL QUILL AND SCROLL The goal of all students on the GVSHER or on the MUSTANG staffs is membership in Quill and Scroll, the international organization for high school journalists. Any staff member is eligible if he is recommended by the sponsors of the publications. Initiated in the spring of 1933: Naney Goodman, member of the business and editorial staff: Sallie Foree. assistant editorg ,lo Marsh, business managerg Barbara Orrg Raehel Yaap. New members this Year: Connie Alberts. feature writer: Betty ,lean Alexander. front page reporterg Marvin Barbula. editor-in-chief: Bernite Carr. re- porter and feature writerg 'loan Gray, sports reporterg Metta Roussalis. tirtulation manager: Anne Steele. reporter and feature writer1 Betsy Steinman, reporter NCHS was represented at th eiournalistit gathering at the Lnnersity of XVyoming last fall. Marvin Bar' bule, Sharon Ditlcensheets, vlanet XY'aggener, Sally Forte, and Keith Perry attended. janet won first plate in the news writing tontest, and feature writerg Nancy XY'infrey. reporter and fea- ture writerg Keith Perrv, reporter and teature writerg janet Waggener, Business manager on MUSTANG1 Sharon Ditkensheetsg Editor of MUSTANG: Rachel Yaap. Assistant lzditor of the annualg Pat Connell. Senior Editor on the annualg Curtis Cohee. Pho- tographer on the Mustang. an o .f-- z Ns 2 C521 " Contest for DWUOHJQ 111011 PWKGENIE WOOD ,V in 1115 , 'efffff Ffrff ye SLIM U IWW 4' Tuhfer C HAMPIONS 1' X. "Dig X ,- AIUCRAQYIS WH "" " 'm.il1x!x 13 AT YOL. A gs M. ' ffm , , MKE1 AR. QOUD UTXZE . gmac: mm B't'hU'Af RW- fum T D! ru X5cgXcY- hm rj H ""'f'1'u ' C"'WC'1l. . LMSC I KLLNLL lx DMM A Shun. Sh.m'U Dnkm I QV" +S-. -ff.--.,,,,, Q' JUNIOFZS ai , . W 4,5 5 Y I A . 1: q Q 'f Q V 1 5 1 21 , ' ' Q , f fy ' 'gf Q . 5' N jj - 5 . K 1 x 3 Xi! sf 2 x Q5 ei . M J 'f 4. Em' ,H .. .M A.,,. . ,,,. m,W.W,,M ,Q I 2 N ul M5 5 , A 1 . wlaila -... -M OFFICERS-Bill Thomas, Repre- sentativeg Donna Clegg, Represen- tativeg Diane Estes, Treasurerg Ron Smith, Vice President: Mike Welsh, President, JUNIORS Elected by the juniors to lead the way at the three- quarter mark on the road through high school were Mike Welsh, Presidentg Ronnie Smith, Vice Presi- dentg Diane Estes, Setretary-Treasurerg Bill Thomas. .md Donna Clegg, Representatives. The highest elevation on their journey was the Vlunior lfollies-CHANNEL 55, The theme of tele- vision was especially appropriate since this year marked the toming of television to Casper. General steering chairman and to-ordinator of the lfollies Xhls h.ird-working Mary Bunce. Patty Samuelson was stu- li I A cn! ', - ' f -- ll -1 ll il ll E z yzwbi ,-,4.... i ,Q sPoNsoRs Ui. Frances Feris , x. Q' dent director. john Dailey, as emcee, introduced a variety of programs, ranging from the BIRTH OF THE BLUES to news commentators. The production of the play on which everyone helped played to a full house for two- nights and filled our coffers with money for the spring junior Prom. During the fall the tlass chose rings with a most heautiful crest of our symbol of travelsthe Mustang. 'lulane Bolt .ind john Dailey were selected as junior Red Cross representatives. lfrantes lferis and Ralph Masterson were the sponsors, Ralph Masterson ' ' 5 ai an 4 n,. ,- o -.J n ' l 4, 'Hs 41' if , QS 1... L. 9 9 f x Nu K , fe, -ef - V s Q29 v WN' , 2, G 1' 91 YY w.,,, Y ' sy ,A , 4' X v Bwtlfmx Vullj Boyle.-s, Shcihlg Atkinson, Luullcg Amman ummm IS rx u Cunmc Ankcrmm ur lcncl Adamx. Cmwl. .SLLHIILI ffm lhgby, Af.lI'lHk'HQ ISUITNN, Nlmrmm. l5l.mt1 x L A anxxm lircwlcr, Dunrug Bundy. Ellen. 'l'Iv1vJ rung Huttmw, lixlllc Suu lSurnh.m1 f,.u'-,Ing IS1 ur Dfvnnl N un lk Hurridgc. licrtnggnfwlc. Lrvuxw. 'Iffjv Mu' Af'L'fN.KC'ilf1QAllL'H, ,IlI111AllL'D. RJXQ Armlruxw 1 inl un Bffllwm vf,fLI lhxlwp. Phylllx. C1111-k. Iducrnag f1.11pL-mu-Y RuPwrI.a. f,u1nlwf.,n4 Ply fllfg 1 L, Bult.'1L' Snywd un: Ch.11ubc1x Plfff. l'wL1Lht.x CiI'L'Isl1l'I1Q Clhrlxtmn-cn, N-w'xu.1, Hmmm L n n x D Inn l5.1ttm. P.lLll.l. 'IVMJ Mn: Hrglcy. Illrl, Hump. D.1ruIl1 Brummund. Dung Humming, lilllg Iiurnwun rn Lmn, NUI. Twp ffm' Benson. jury, Hrmsn. Dvxpivm-1 liutlcr, Hcnryg Bc-ltf. -lgrryg Hurry I4 X mira 1 Brutlmcrx. Ch.numv. Q5 S 4- -has .N M . . at 'F s L , f'5t'N A H11 1 fu I1 mu. Cl.11'lr. -Llrqucling Cllr-gg. Dunrmg fflmw, Slmmng Cumlclarlw. lfsthcr, Clurrnrrlx. Helen Callixtcr. M.1rr wfld wil 2 C.1rl Third mu: Culg fwfr mu I Cuwg. Crutcher. Al.m 1.1, sun. Rutl11COUr1Cy'.C.1rUlLCmcr.-l.11.li1C.11n.Cly1.lc1 Col1iulc.S.1nrly1Culc. P.1t, ln. Murmyg Cowgrzr. -luhng Cldpp. Lum Cutcr Dgxrdg Clark, Gr.mt1 Calrlun. Bob. ir. Dun! Culp-, Gary: Cwymy lfuli Cux. Huh: Christopher. .lAlLl'i1 Clukwn, H.1rvcx" S+ar+ +o realize +he pafhs should have a des+ina+ion X Max Terrell. Betty lo Harvey, Berenicc Hcnrirh. lalanc Bolt. Ray Pccblcs. and Dau Fowler learn English Literature by map. Qefiwu' X Bollom mu: Eggcrt. Sallyg Dillman. Piitg Dooley. jiiikieg Danielson, Cnrolcg Day, Diirlcncg Drwcn saki, Delores. Sewnid rout Ifstcs, Diane: Dobbins. Gcncg Dill. Clmrlcsg Donlcy. Hoxmrilg DcVorc. -liincg Dynk Alta. Tfyird mu: Dole, johng Dcwald, Demlilg Dailey, Vloling Dinkcnson, Dong Dunlap, Loup Duillcy. Bob Twp wuz Dciin, Wiiltcrg Dillon, Wiiltg Dillrniin. Holly: Dittman, jolim Dunham, ,limp Dunoin Chunk: Dubbcrly. Bruno, JUNIORS ST5f:UCl'lURE f - loc Berry' and Diik Gcigcr know all about atoms. X 2 A, g - 1 'fx -1 N4- x lvfflfffm vffzf I'lfwth, Dwnm lxuy, l'ultwn. -hmt, lull. Ruth. Izllxx, I,1f, lixmluu, IXI.mrmx1. IA-vmiruu M.1ry. 5.Lf,mf mn: Cmly, Rl75.ll1t'Q L1mt.1Iwn. Du-Am1, Cfmnt. fiddle-1 c1I'.iy'A lxmnyg lflwxu. linll, Fm-1' lvcrrv, lmm, . N .. . , . , . x , , . Ifmf vffzv Cymftxn. Dulmg Iwvwlgr, Dum Clklhltf. Dhkg I'll1'LIU.lU. Immk. Cyzxuicrt, I,u1n.m:L Imrm -lxm '1 up fuzz: Gmmdin, Guyg Gruss, Bill. GfCg1VI'1LI1. DMM, Gimh, liwbg FLlVY.Il'Li5. DMN. Flhril. VILIAI Ifrcmmn. Dxx'.13'11c. . and perhaps +he wrong pa+hs . 11 f-'ffffff fflfl Halk. R.1mun.1: Hmmrd. Cwnnlcg Hcrdcn. P.1tg H.1g.1r. AYJAI111 Hutxxcll. Aung Hum' Iverson, Cmw S mmf mn' H beting IJIUIICI' lfwnf fffu. Ham lyn. Axwy. Bully -lm Hmwn. N.ll'1Q'Q H.lIIjlI.lXL. Alywg Hmmltun. Iicttyi Ilmhiw. I.1f.'- . Nw1'm.1. nlt-vm. fhllwng Hmug -Immg H.uQlm11c. Hill. l'l.lII1,lXK.lf', Rwng lim-i. C.I1uLl-cg l'l.mlu'. Robert D0L1gl.IS. I frf Mu: H.m Tm Hwllcn wn, Nm-lL Hnggmx. Ifmnkg Hurley. M.1nf1-rdg H.nmlin VL-rm-1 Hukwn I..u1x, H.miN hu QQUIJUH. T' hh T s lull t 11 -v -if Q9 v 'Y Y X4 V . I s lxflzffm fuzz: H.1wkms. Marllyng Hahn, Hand. l:r.1nLug Huffnmn, Ellcng Heaton, Sharcng Hymbcrswn. ju.1nit411 Hunter, -Icanncttc. 5 U,r.uJ mu: Hastxnp, Mulxing Henley. lfxqulcncg Huey, Hclcn Kay Hcnridm, Bcrcniwg H,ll'l. Sullyg Huldcn, Betty Luug Hcrmun, Maxine. Ifnj mu: Hudwn, Dclmn I..g Vlwhnwn, Dur.1ng-luhmun. I..1rryg Ixcrmm. Billg -IllflL'N.TKWIX1 I fp wfu: bhmcs, Bxllg Huk. Edwdrdp Hubcnikhr. Artg jones. j,1Lk1 johnson, Bob. XJUNIORS liffllffm mu. Knlly. Ilitsvg Kmh. Karla-nog Knight, Bcxcrly, Luy. jgukicg Kingham. Mary Kay -Union. Rrwbcxmg Lngus. Phyllis. Slwfmf rf 11. K.1llL-rml. Muiclg Kdlkufnn. Duns, KL-nm.-dy. ,l.ul-mug l..1mb.'y vlt.'.lHQ -Luk sun, ,I.1LkiL'. 'lfvvmf mu. Krmpp. CUl'N'1lL'Q Lcwix, Frcdg KL-vlcr, l..1rryg IJIIIC. Dong Luttun, ,larry I,.1tt.1. I5.1rb.1r.1 Klopmun. Blllg Iducy. Ruyg Kukum. bluhng Kaufnmn jerry, Klmkminm. Lynng Kcnm-dy. Kutlu Kg-glcy. -Fury. ' L. Y s N Mn, f vlf ' X W. A. DL-rlin Grillcn slrowa I.wC,1.1pp how ilk dom. High road, low road, old maps and old guicleposls . . . -SANDBURG Bffllffm wx. INfLKlI1IlL', Runnq, Mnlimzic. Dwnm. MrN.ur. Iimxg MrGuw.m, -lamb: Mmnrng C.1rol5'n1Mim-r. Nurla: MLDUWQ-ll. Muilyn. Srfmld vffzr Mxllcr. Gcncvrcwg Mrlls. Dwnrm, Murplmy. Mary Nrlmz M.rrg.1rcIL Lux, Pcggy MQAIMA. Marmn 'I l7l7'J mu: Matrlmuu. lNl.llNlf1L'Q Mlllu. lfrulL hirlmrwru. ,lwlmg ISIw1y.1rL-irluuc, Clrmkg Mrliln, All.m Law, Ruth Annu Twp mu 1 ISlrH.ltt1c.Dur1 Darrel. ' 'wo 7' :J XJ ull. Iiulwg Bl1rLk,i1uvlQucg lxlUI'l.lI'Il'. ff. ,.... D.m1 M 1-mur. lixmuli Mrrlrlauglw 2 jim XVatters, Connie Boylcs, jerry Keagley, and Vance Satterfield nhoosc their class rings. JuNioRs X liwllffm mn: Nuzum, Maryg Maher, liubg Ortizr Maxg Parsons. I.ccRoyg McGrath, Minkcyg Payne ,Liyg Mangan, Put. Sewua' wuz Pcarsun, Garyg Ognrd. Rogcrg Nelson. Bobg Marklanml. Dw.1inc1 Nilu. Hriroldg Nm-, Clifford. Tlmd mil: Pigg, Larryg Poirier, Virg Moors. Billy Newton. Davcg Prcntun. I5.1rl3 Oiliornc. Ill. Tuff mn: MLF.rrl.ind, Tcrryg Mrlwr, Gorrlong Maxon. Guilfordg Moore, Dong Meyer, Gcncg Patton. jim. Q . I Q V 1 1 . 2 - 7-32, 7. bf ' 8 'cy is lull, y 7 Bfuffmz wuz Rhodes. Connie: Selby. ,Iulieg Ramsey. lhitriciiig Robb. Sh.irong Porter. Shirley: Petem. Bex erlyg Reed. Carol, StL'fHI!4J wuz Stoneking. Bonnie: Renclahl. Mariie: Reinharr. -lanetg Phillips. lllene: Poage. Geraldine: Roussalis. Mary. Third wuz Ridgeway, Illzi Mae: Patterson. Allen: Peekham. Richard: Rupp. Richard: Sandison. james Kiefer: Roush. Shirley. Tffp mu 1 Pebhles. Ray: Rirhey. Glen: Ryan. jerry: Porter. james: Shugart. Donnie: Rissler. Donald, Whal is 'I'he use of running when you're on 'rhe wrong road? -BENHAM Mary Murphy takes a speed test in typing. oc Howell points out thc way to Boh Marshall and Donna Bridger. 13111111111 wuz Strothcr. Sallyg Spethman. Elle-ng Slcrcttcbcrg. Sonja: Saxton. Margarctg Samuelson Patg Scott, Bcverlyg Stroh, Mary Lou. Sewrzd mu: Shockley. Phyllisg Sherman. Dixieg Smith, Gaily Stickles, Amcliag Spenter, Pattyg Story Hclcn. 'Hmd wuz Stewart. jolmnyl Sasso, Runaltlg Smith. Rivnaltl Calvin. Stlmlagcr. Ncalg Strothcr, H. A. Sthultc, jerry, il-Nfl mu: Scilhatk. Bohg Simmons. Alan: Smith. Frankg Swanson. Kcithg Satterficld. Vance: Smith lack. JUNIORS 3' l w-- J 1 x P- '-I V Iiffffffnl wuz Steen'-l.1ml, jrnmmg Trujillo. Mary 'l'g1ylmg Alumg Trryloll Shirlnyl Saxlrrm Dom xx Mlmmirlt. Marlcm. Srrwfd M141 Srhrantz. Donna: Townsend. Laura: Tomlin. Ccceliag Shafer. Judy: Sizcmwrn Barlmrr 'Hurd mu 1 Trujillo, Kcng Taylor. Philg Thomas. Billg Truyillrv. BillgTru1illo.Ofrsndu 'lbgf wuz Vmot. Steve-3 Virkuy. Kcnncthg Tctrnk Arthur: Tcrrull. Max. A man fravels +l1e world over in search of whal' he needs uglm, Cmwlyng VunOsrc:'lu-lrlt. DL'.lDH.ll XY'ilxon. Irl.1g XX'1lsun. Numyi XY'illiam2. I1 fitwm wz., V.1 joyrcg XX'L'lNL'I'llWL'I'g.1LI. Mary Ann. Mrffzsu' rffzr, Vr and re+urns home +o find if . . . -esonee Moons I umm 1"lwvr.1L XX'.1tx-ln. lNI.u'g.11'rrt1 w'LlHfIxll. 'lkwmg WVIDU. -lcrry: XX'.1ttcrs. ,loang XY calc- wurth. lfwlyn. Ibm! wuz XY'1ldm.m. Holm Xlhttcrg. -lrmmrrf Wk-lrlr. -lurk. VC'illi.1mwn, 'l'0ITlI1U'1 N'i'hitlmk. james I1-c. ESQ.. Vfcmllrl. -Heli, lffr mu XY'illi.unx, Glyn. XvL'.llH.ll'lN. -lwlml VC'vlu'l1. C1431 XXI-IIN, 6.1431 W"lmlCf5- GCUYSCL W'Cl9l1. Mllcc, , a in rv l 1 2 Q M -1 "l K lv , xy l A Y ' U an , . 'fir l v, ? X G? Bulfum rout Brckken. Philg Chilcote. Samuelg Snyder. Wglltg Prior, Charles: Beck, Billy Sgmfzd wa: Stanton. Bohg Sword. Alan: Ailixnson. citflxf Hoff, Rexx Moore. -Luk. Top wuz' Whtt, Rohertg Kay, Carleton: Stuart. RlLlldfell O'NciI. Billg Mount. Huh. X JUNIORS The Mimh of Dimes was cventuiilly the winner when the girls went out to win honors lor their home room. may p,1 'rw1umav.12 - - LW. HOwD1j:JgX.X7,N' Manx D 7. 'D -i'3'..L.f CLASS 0F Q - . 4 1A .2.-,, I '55 i G Wai 5 11 SHARON CHASE. C.Hl'C,K HORD ANDCQONXllfKNAI'I1 FL'RXl5H'IkHIi MUSIC. , S E 2 , 2 959 1 X5- 59 W. C' 'fe 6 on YL 1 1 AA. "-1 9-W- "'N I SALLY F .. .GGER1 AND SAM CHIICOTF IX. . . I . Y- Q. f N f J U N IOR A FO f. Q if I ly f I V. Pf' I 1 Y Q . pg TY, - 4N1Rx4. M0 H1114 HAZY. PI 'LV I. AX IA ug, 241, .1.1,x,5 A ND . ,I , XYATFR CANT QVFNFH THF FIRE OF I.0VIf I If'-ll? , b I ! I , , liffzfmzi' run: Sheil.t Boyles, Mary l.oti Str:-li. Iillen liuntly, ,l.llilI'lL' liolt. Marilyn Huhley. Darla Kusel. Swwzd mir: Mary Rotissilis, Connie Boyles. Celia Lnmh. Mary Katy Kinghgim. ,Iunnita Herzelle.. Donna Clegg, Diane Estes. P.1t Mangan. Riuhel Yimp. Penny Etlwnrds. Sally Hurt, MtNiiir, Connie Knapp, Donna Mills. 'ID11 wut Bob Xwildman, Jerry Goodnight. Brute Smith, Bill Everett, PRESIDENT, Keith Perry. Le Roy Ellison, Bill Hzisclmire. Phillip Taylor, Mr. Macomher, SPONSOR. RADIO GUILD l'nder the sponsorship of Rohert Matomber, the Rudio Guild gaxe the morning announcements l'.iithlully with good toxerage. The group not only assisted the school population. but eaeh person be- longing g.1ined muth mluahle edutation concerning mdio work. President Bill lfxerett v.'.1s assisted by Setretxry Connie Kmpp. Besides helping to give us the regular meeting times .ind the unusual meeting times of many tic- tivities, they conducted the annual Radio Day over KSPR .md .ilso gi panel distussion program Youth 'Iftllxs lt Oxer, Q7 Us 3 .N - ,A- Sillillgi Liz Ellisg Lynne Pirieg Keith Perry. Ardath Hagar. Sefmld rnzit Nariie jo Brown, Mary Rousallis. Mary Bunte. Neta XX'atson. Ethel Lindsey. Sjffifzwf. Nanty Quinn. Barbara Kidd. Pat Spencer, Betsy Crtmel Stfzrzdingz jimmy Wittters, Vie Poirer. juanita Herzeelle. l. Bud Herfeelle. Metta Rousallis. Dan Mori' arity, Margaret Hegley, Dean Barnum. Mary Esther Sthooliraft. -lanet Wiiggener. LeRoy Ifllison, Marvin liarbula. Sharon Ditkensheets, .Io Lfarsh. ENGLISH CLUB Pax ing the way to a better appreeiation of life and literature was the goal ot' the linglish Club, sponsored by Miss lithel Lindsey. 'lhe members of the tlub inet at various homes and answered role with larnous quotations, They established .1 new tradition. the yard punth. A good inoney-making projett, the yard punth also proxided the students with lots ol' enjoi- inent. Christinas time xxas extra spetial for this group. rust as it has been all the years that the tlub has been in existente The ineinbers followed the prattite ot sending a basket ot' food to a needy fainily. For this proiett they obtained the assistante ot' the Salxation Army. The Christmas meeting. too, was .1 spetial one. All the members home from tollege made a point to be there and the festivities took on .i new sparkle. ln the spring the English lovers held an lfnd-ot' Sthool party, tal-ting to the paths ol' Casper Mountain and eating their pot-luelt dinner near the winding ot the water starting too on a long new way. Both edu' tational and amtational. the English Club is alwaye rated as one ot the top sehool organizations, This years Ottiters were: Le-Roy Ellison. Press' dent. Keith Perry. Viee President: Ardath Hagar. Secretary and Nanty Quinn. Treasurer. -512 l ip. 1 1 ,v Bartow faux' Liz Ellis. Nancy Clark. Betty Sensintaffer. Mary Beth Haigler. jo Marsh. Marvin Barbula. Sharon Dickensheets. Vic Poirier. Nancy Hansen. Grace Standefer. Illene Taylor. Second row: Mary Murane. Bernice Henrich. Joyce Kerns. Carol King. Ellen Huffman. Frances Hand. Marcia Callister. Nancy W"infrey. Dan Moriarty. Margaret Milne. Charlene Ackerman. Juanita Herzelle. GUSHER STAFF From Lovers' Lane to Senior corridor, the GUSHER staff forged ahead to make the paper of 1953-54 the best in years. Marvin Barbula, Editor-in-Chief, put in many long hours to make the GUSHER what it was as did his chief assistants. Sally Force, assistant editorg and jo Marsh. business manager. A new system was initiated this year under which co-editors, Marvin Barbula and Sally Force. each edited the paper for 1 semester. A special feature of the GUSHER was the ad- dition of many pictures of interest to all. Many upper- classmen found themselves in "Baby Days," and al- most unable to identify themselves. Not to be forgotten were the feature writers and reporters who "dug up" the news and scoops and spent many hours preparing copy. wi' lififfwfp row: Verona Lyons, Daphne Shaull. Jeanette Everett. Marilyn Hubley. Barbara Kidd. Nancy XX"infrey, Rachel Yaap. Secfiud wiv: Mary Sliafenberg. PRESIDENT, Mary Louise Stroh, Sally Strother. Elaine McBride. Roberta Domsella. Mrs. Scifers. -lanet Lamb. SPONSOR, ,loan NX'atters. Marilyn Duffy, Carol Danielson. TIYHJ mu: Nancy Anderson. Billie Sue Buttner. Anne Steele. Sallie Force. Donna Clegg. Lia Ellis. lNfarilyn McCanne. Nancy Quinn. Nancy Goodman. Marilyn Strasheim, Ellen Bundy. Darla Kusel. Mary Kay Kingham. . I , l',,,,,4,-i wily -lohn latterson. Ray Allen. Ron Estes. Pat Hand. Tom cillfl. Ron Smith, -lerry Nash, FUTURE One of the fastest growing and most ambitious of NCQHS organizations this year was the Future Teachers. Mary Shafenberg lost no time in start- ing her group out on the road ahead: the potential instructors sponsored the first mixer of the year. For the first time in the clubs history, the "stronger sex" finally gathered up courage enough to join. Helping Mary to keep the boys in order were the following officers: Rachel Yaap. vice president: Marilyn. Hubley. secretaryg Billy Sue Buttner. treas- urer: and Sallie Force. program chairman. TEACHERS Among their many activities for the year was the day all future teachers took off from their own education to visit local grade schools and learn more about the various trials and tribulations of the prim- ary-grade teachers. Every year the young educators take to the highways for a visit with an out-of-town college or university. There they learn what other school systems are like. The sponsors for Future Teachers this year were Miss janet Lamb and Mrs. Barbara Scifers. -M, -ii ik., -LQ 76 - .9 A. Y . -5' ' i Xx:,'- ,-Q Q f Q -5 ...J V - v Siltingz Elaine Vaughn. Jane McGuire. Mary Beth Haigler. Jenneatte MacLennan. Laree Vest. Mary Murane, Rosalie Larson. Patty Bell. Second rout Jenean Steensland, Barbara Sizemore, Janice Steinman. Dorothy Carlson. Celia Lamb. Sylvia Reimer, Luanne Laney, Debbie Nichols, Joyce Lester. Nancy Hardison, Genie XX'ood. Carol Forester. Third row: Janet Hussion, Nancy Smith. Jalane Bolt. Penny Edwards. Phyllis Lagos. Anita Sherman. Betsy Steinman. Nancy Smith. Daney Mitchell. Frances Hand. Margaret Milne, Marilyn Marsh. Lucille Atkinson. Standing: Nancy Strand, Janet Shackleford, Carol Drollinger. Diane Estes, Virginia Cuddeback, Judy Shafer, Amelia Stickles, Selma Cromwell. Nita Haeker. Sarah Bream. Janice Wfilliams. Catherine MacLennan. Alice Anderson. Debbie Mofield. FUTURE NURSES Down the trail of broken arms marched our Florence Nightingales of N.C.H.S. - The Future Nurses. Busy as bees, their year's schedule revealed many constructive and charitable aims. At Christmas time, many childrens trays were a little more cheery due to the favors the Future Nurses prepared. Just before Easter, they helped with the enveloping of Easter Seals. The seniors this spring, made a trip to Cheyenne where they visited the Public Health De' partment, the new Veterans' hospital and St. Vincent De Pauls Hospital. Mrs. Myrtle McCallum Slimmm' True to form, Future Nurses Club is not all work and no fun. Among their many good times, the pot- luck luncheon Christmas party on December 14 and the annual swimming party were the highlights of the year. Guest speakers, various films, and a sincere interest have totaled a successful year for these girls. Leaders were Daney Mitchell, Presidentg Alice Anderson. Vice Presidentg Mary Beth Haigler, Secretaryg and Janet Hussion, Treasurer. 4 I .4 x,4,' -a-an .....n---" 4 - arf -ggxv....f Q L gg 1 5 vu 'Q' 0 " ', YL ns' ,I ' I 5 .V-'515If'fff" -v-1 -V w f ' ' 1 x- J-ww. s V -A3.t,,':3: . ' 575,-V,gi',,vv.1 'fp xp, , 'L-L.QLai. "1 F' SOPHOMORES 9? OFFICERS-Lefl to righl: jerry Cronen, Vice Presidentg Mary jo Begley, Secretary-Treasurerg J o h n Roussalis, Presidentg Pete Ford, Representative. SOPHCMORES A partial return to normalcy marked the second year in NCHS for the class of 1956. Split sessions were eliminated and the sophomores shared in the Co-Ed Ball, the Football Ball, and other activities. During the first year of their life with us, this slighted group had no music, no physical education, and no class organization. They were divided into two groups, half filling up the morning classes and the other half, the afternoon schedule. We might say that the sophomores of this year 1953-54 had their first real year in our school. We could say that the second year people got a late start, but for the fact that they , at 5 -'J f , 7 ' ...pnwa L- .QQ ' " """7!l"" A -fn ' 22526 fl- brit' . U 3'-'iff .f i If fd was 4 3 3 pm ai sj,u.9"f1'Q3i.':? 'ca ii A 3 L+ 4. Milton Beitel Spomor seemed to catch on fast. They had many outstanding debaters typified by Betsy Crowell, Roy Currence, and Charles Prather. Mike Tipton, Ray Mora, and Don Humberson added to the glory of the football vic- tories. Mildred Proud and Sharon Wilson were only two of the many sophomores singing in Madrigal. Though not upper-classmen as yet, next year the 1956ers will help rule the trails of NCHS. Sponsored by Milton Beitel, the class elected offi- cers as follows: john Roussalis, Presidentg jerry Cronen, Vice President, Mary jo'Begley, Secretary- Treasurerg and Pete Ford, Council Representative. 17'-'mais-4' 1- Hffllfflll mu: Berry. Kathleeng Buckley, Donnag Andrews, Violag Albee. Heleng Allison. Helen: Allen Sandra. Sefwzd mu: Bennett, Carolyng Bishop, Pat, Bordeaux, Claireg Bright. Frediceg Ball. Shirley, Bolton ,Io Ellen. Third mu: Amende. Fred, Brady. .long Allen, Royg Buchta, Edithg Brown, Stanleyg Archuleta. Irma. Ifffnrflv mu 3 Brewer, Bryang Adams, Gordon, Bmmson. Neil, Ala, Billg'Avcy'. Keng Burwell, Larry. Tvff mu: Asay. Bob, Beattie, Bill, Branney. Joey Brunette. Clan-mcg Baird. Donl Beal, john. SOPHOMORES Boftum mu: Begley. Mary -log Brady. joan: Benson. Patsy: Bradshaw. Lynn, Bell, Patriciag Bright. Jeanine. Sewmd mu: Bram, Frances, Crowell. Betsy. Choate. Cynthiag Bordeaux, Sharong Bissatca. Marie. Best, Lee Ann, Third mug Bird, jerry Bertagnole. joseph: Ballard, Mary Long Bell. Ronaldg Bowers. Sandra. Christensen. Mary Olga. I Iffflirfb mu: Braley. 'lerryg Barhcr. Allen. Burridge. Dong Bille. Ralphg Blantord. Daxid. Bideau. Norman. I Twp mu: Boltf. Chunk, Bisiar. Mitkcyg Bramson. Roger, B.irncs. Fred. Bfltfliiilltf. Allwcrtg Bird. Douglas. 3 Bultmrz wut Cooper. -Iuniucg Carlisle. Bnrlmrng Cmking. Dnrlcnu Crow. Marty: Cuwdcn, Dorothy. Curtis. -lcnncttc. Stroud wa: Cgzrmxchacl. Dorm Carlswn. Dorothy: Coleman. Sarag Cutldcback. Virginiag Canfield. I.ind.11 Clark. Nnnty. Third wuz Chipps. Darluncg Corpuz. Dinmg Crtwmwcll. Maryg Christcnscn. Kay: Clark. Annette. Cgzvcn. Slnrlry. Iiffzufb mn: Cnmpbull, Dong Carr. Dwxg Cooka Nanningg Cukcr. R. jg Cook. Rogcrg Coon. Gcne. Tnp mu 1 Caster. XY'cntlcll1 Cowter. Gerry Crum-n. ,lcrryg Currcncc. Royg Crater. jerry: Crater. Barry. Go where you will . Dcbbic and Frank Nichols "study" a MUSTANG N.lI1Ly' Strand, Stew Mcfihcsncy, and Marycllcnc Moore inspcnt flowers in Biology. ljfllfffnz mu: lixans, Nnmyg Drcsslcr, jcuncttcg Dugan. Ga-ncg Duran-tt, .lump Drullingcr, Mario llztnn. Ruthg Dawson, Carole. 5fw,f.'d Mu: Dmkham. Rmmcg Dcimcr. Cmvlg Dutwn. Vlunmcg D.1ily. V1rgini.11 Dillon, jump Dnc jerry. Third mu: Durrctt, Kang Eckhart, Bobg Davix, Tlwrntong Cutwriglut, Smttg Iilfcring, Bob. Ifuuv-111 mu: Dalton, jcrryg Exans, Rinlmnlg Cum Dnntzilg Duwlcr, l'l.ll'lJl6.l1 Dolan. jimg Dugan jim, 1 Twp ww: D.llI1PD,C:vJfy'QDlCl1l, Inuvrcnlcg Dnxis, Run Pg Cdrlsnn, Kong Dnis. Billg Dlugosh, Gary. SOPHOMORES iw.. J , 'V Bffllfmr wut Grooms. Gingcrg Gallcs. Ccliag Grow, Rosaliuz Gitthcns. Mary Ann: Gillham. Bar lurag Foss. Onika. Sermzd mu: Gosncll. Royg Foreman. Maryg Fox. Elizabcthg Fulton. Ritag Fankhauscr. Annag Fitz gcrald, jack. Tblzd mu: Gilardi. Tomg Forgcy, Rodncyg Frazier. Bill: Fox. Ray. Fondrcn. -lim: Fredin. Dale. Fwzfilv mu: Gardner. Ronaldg Ford. Petey Guthrie. Earl. Gocring. Rollin Edwards. Dan: Edmison jay. Top mu: Edwards. Dwight. Fishcr. Charlcsg Fitzgerald, Dawg Fdwards. -lcrryg Emritk. jumg Farley Dick. More pafhs are opening-new subiecis-charl 'their course . . Iifiltfim mu: Hill. Dorothy: Gradert. Donna1 Giddcns, Elvcr L0u1 Hurley. Patriciag Hardison. Nancyg Hall. Donna. Strand mu: Hchnke. Phyllis3 Hawley. Kayg Hamill. Susang Hcnshau, janet: Hanna. Edog Holder. Lois. 'Hurd mu: Hamilton, Christincg Hussion, Ylanctg Hall. bharong Halcy. Pat1 Holton. Rosalicg Hill jean: Hartgraye. john. Fuuvffy mir: Haiglcr. Mary Beth: Holwuttlc. BiIl1 Hyatt. Leroy: Hcrzeclc. Bud: Gernert, Hig Groves. Bobg Hartwell. Nancy. 'Twp mn : Hamlet. Viola. Humbn-rson. Don. Houstonr jim. Goldtrap. .lohng Hcrdcn. Brutc, Bolffmz mu: joins. Carolyng johnson. Namyg Kukuri. Susie: Humluerson. Bcttyg Hooker, Dania: Kerns, joyre. Serum! wuz Kozloaki, Bettyg Knlleruil. K.lll1f'1 Ireland. Verlcneg King. Carol: Hakes, joyneg Kelly Peggy: Kennedy. Thea. Third wuz Hawkins, Donna: vlolmson. ,luilyg King. Karen: jurllcins. Dirkg Krusce. Bill: Hamilton Kavi Klu mm Pvelvn lfwarllw wui jones. Giling jones. D.irw1ng -lurjem, Ray: vluliuslwurger, Miilmiel. -leuett. W'illi.1m jepson, Maiiriic. Tuff mu: Inglc, Billg jacquot, Rayg -Iourgensen. Bobg julian. Gnryg Lytle. Fmnkg jones, Owen, SOPHOMORES xx ffffom mu: l.3'onx. Veronag lNIiQiuire. lane, l.e.'stei'. ,loyqeg Lowe. Ngrlineg Loder. H.ill1e1 L.lncy I.u.1nne. :void wuz Lloyml. Dirkie. MLK1nley. -l.inetg Lake. Ralpl11Kenr. liolng I..irNon. Romlie, Third wuz Keeney, Donald: Miller. ,lang MrD.1niels. 'Liclcg Kasper. Georgeg Linn. -loez Kolwolel. I,.1 ryg M.lilili ii ks. Ro fnrlfv mu: Lairrl, Norml: Bfcreelitli, l..1r1'y1 Keith. Billyg MLKelxcy. Maryg MLF.1ll. Georgcl lNIorg.ireielgc. Don. lofi mu: I.ockwoorl. Ron. lNIe4ule. Funk. l.e-uh. jerry: Kunkcmlall, Robert: Kirlncigh. ,long ML' Cormirk, -lim. Y Pa+hs beckon me +o sfray -LOWELL 1 I1 1 1 5111. C,.111ullg M1C,v1.1tl1. Lurulg Mmm, Hornruc LL cu ID 1 151 11 JL 1 I'111ncg Mull. Hazcl. X 1 f 1 1 lf 111111. Af.lI5L'llL'HE. If I Z1 Aillltf. IS111wb1c. L1L1l'.lHL'. M.11'yg lNicy1-11 lflcmur IWflj.L IN 1r 111 NI1LQr'11'11n unn L M fl1unc1', Stow: N.1s111rcn.1s, Arnold, M11111111. 1.15. M1A11L'. 1511151 M.111r1111y. I.11rrx OIL 11 1 rm B 11 x 'NI 111141. 711111 f Nd I1 kI141 OC 11111ll w . 1.113 Q11 . K1'r1m'tI11 Nmman 1 Us 1111 1-uf L W ..., , - 111111, S11.1r11ng N1111-vlx,Dcbbn-LM111xI111Il A m 1 111111111 L sn 1 1 3 h1d1'X 9 X 4 sf Q- I Smg line at the Soph Hop. SOPHOMORES Iiuzzfmz mu: Rixcm, Mugicg Robertson, Ellmbcthg P.lyLlYikl1. 5I.ll'lL', Oflnnnrrr, Fmnrr-Ng Rlrigrvu jane: Orr. .lurk-cg Rodgers. S.mJr.1. Suwxa' mu: Rlj.IhfI'l1lft', B.lI'b.1I'.l1 Plcl, Vmlctg Puk. P.1triri.1g Putcxwn. l'.nul.a. Rxwlrr. Bury Iierrn Shrmwng Robinson. Myrna. 'l'l'in1' mu: Pipcr,'I.1m'g Rwhcy. Sluirlcyg larwm. I.yng P1'uL1Ll. Mllrlrq-rig Rwgurx, ,Iudy R.mrl.1H, U.11l P Ifwurflv mu: Prirc, Rirlmrdg RULISMIIIN. l.uuin1 Rmxsmlliw, ,Iulmg I'r.1thcr. Ch.1rlLAs1 FL-rkxm, Ifrhln Proud. Barb.1r.1. Twp mu: Propp, Sturcg Putter, Chunkg Pittnmn. G. D,g Patton. vI.ukg Phillipx. Leonard. 0 7' W vi ' if Z' x '- 1 if Blfllfffll mu: Schaefer, Elaine, Sanford, Barbara: Shipman, joan: Smith. Colleeng Sizemore, janitc. Scnsintaffer. Bcttyg Stewart. Jeanne. Second mu: Sattcrfield. Kayg Sherman. Geraldine: Swatsell. Margieg Shorow. Marlene, Summers. Carol: Story. Lois. 'Hand wut Sessoms, Sally jog Shreffler, .lang Rissler, Tomg Riley. Billg Swan. Ted, Schwabrow. Carol, Sanders. Roberta. Fourfb wuw Roszel, john, Stickles, Robert: Sybrant. Rogcrg Smith. George, Scholtz. Clayton, Saylor. Viola. TujlroufSLott.D0r11 Seeliger. Larry, Smith. Tom, Saxton. Phillipg Romango. Pauly Sherwin. Kenneth. Which way +o go? Practicing on the green, X: Xa 3 31+ ,Nm ,,,.,.. is " '29 Y Q" Bffzlwn mu: Trujillo, Orlinphxag Tcrricrc. janclleg Wright. Sh.trong Smith. Nnntyg L'ry. Renata Taylor. Lindag Simpson, Norma jenn. Semnd wuz Stout. Donnltlg Tucker. Shirleyg Thomas, Sandrag Sixherry, Eddicg Schcrtlc, Binkcy Shaw, Max. Tiana' mu: Smith, Vcrnong Shugnrt. Kcnncthg Schilling. Clarkg Smlcman, jerryg Stairs Charlcnc Sthulz, Clmrolcttc. Fflllffll mu: Unangst, Wfillicg Spurlin. Billg Tipton. Michaclg Thompson, Billg Tennant, Deang Tetcr Gemltl. Tuff mu: Santistcvan, Bcng Tipton, Marky Schcelc, 'I'mxis: Snell, liruacg Scnlonk, Rogcrg Sorenson SO P H OMORES Don XV1tson cxpluns X and Y nn Geometry alas: Ralph. 130110712 wuz' Wfood, Genie: VUatson. -luanita: Zimmerman. Nanny: NX'atson, Peggy: VC'elsh. Sonna Wells. Janice. Sefond wuz' Wingerter. Shirley: VC'aatti, Sandra: Vi'ilson, Sharon: Xlfilliamson, Irene: Nwclch. Jim Yant, joanne:.XY-'enzinger. Cleo. Third wax' XX'ilcox. Charles: W'cldon. Richard: XY'oltcr. Herman: VUalsh. joe: W'alker, jim Fnurlh mug' XY'hiffcn. Byron: W'atson. Dong XY'allingford. Sid: XX'olter. Fred: Waters, Clyde XX'eeks. Gary. Twp mu: Xwilliams. Riihardi NX'hitc. Boh1 Wfoodin. Leroy: W"ood, NX'aync. 'Tis a long lane l'l1a'r has no 'lurning . . qarsrm DOBSON 1 - 2 ' ,. ' ' if f , -. - . M. Q, I wx -, , 'F ig, It I . . - , ' ' 97? 'a -' -1? ' - , 4 .V .f ' 3 v-- Y N ,Q . W .-. - , Q M,,ih'f,, 3, 'gg - -" ' I . , . ' X 4 1 , A v Q- " 1 N' is f .-AN-1, ... 1 .v , .. 0 1 'wx ' S . I 'K an 5. -:T -2, :-T.z."- - A Qand A , Fulwn. fm nmfc- TUV mans- -ki B05 T' A ,f hbmrx Y mxph W mast ' Mm ruth I-Ike 'MW Karen Km H. K - Afargaret LfCGecayliIChr1stensen, Diana C 1sP1aY gym C-quiPmbm-orIwuz. and 'A' Q X9 Clzirmlc Amd - C A .Q 47 Kay Hawley and Frances O'C0nnor are top art Day Asqt-,,,b1ymnmff' students, hd? pmny. 1 Amie gnc H Bfcrcdilh and YWCA Amt LMWY bduw gdumx. dresic-S gh CY Hd- i im. , ,. U Q, Q7 v 5 8 . 9, it ,i .3 t S ill' F ' I B at 5 r 1? B' fx' 1 l i L i S S 2 X 'H . . i 1 ' , J cf GJ Fira! mu : Sharon Chase. Christine Hamilton. Lu Ann Best. Mary jo Bagley. Patty Samuelson. Semrzd mu 2 Barbara Sizmore. Evelyn XX'eckwerth. Ellen Huffman. Charlene Ackerman. Sandy Cohick. Liz Hodder. Nancy Clark. Third mu: Mr. XV. L. Wells. SPONSOR. Bill Haselmire, jerry Schulte. Bill Gross. Dugan Simmons, ,Iatk Curry. Neil Brislawn, David Gregorieh. Ron Hathaway. SPANISH CLUB Around the next bend in the road, we came upon El Club Espanol. more familiarly known around NCHS as the Spanish Club, This year Liz Hodder held sway as President with Patty Samuelson as Viee President. Sharon Chase kept the books and Patty MtNair assessed the tolls. The members always think ot something novel to promote sthool spiriti this year it was the popular booster buttons. The traditional Christmas meeting had all the trimmings of a Latin-American party-complete with pinata and scrapes. "Tortillas, ensalada. chile con tarne y lethem highlighted the Spanish style supper. Mr. Wells, a neweomer to NCHS. was the sponsor of the tlub and he aptly put into praetiee the eluh motto: Quien no se aventura no paso la mar. Nothing ventured, nothin r rained. 3- fa "' 4 fi JO- 6:7 EJ Firrl wut Nancy Quinn, Marcia Callister. Nancy XX"infrey, Nancy Hardison, Tinka Hardison, Mari- nell Bagby, Donna Clegg. Mary Lou Stroh. Edo Hanna. Mary jo Begley. Secmzd mu: Verona Lyons, Anne Steele. Pat Mangan, Ellen Huffman, Beverly .Petera. jenean Steensland, Catherine MacLennan. Frances Bram, Jeanie Dugan. Betty Sensinstaffcr. Third wut Charlene Ackerman, Mary Kay Kingham, Ellen Bundy. Penny Edwards, Donna Mills. jalane Bolt. Sally Hansen, Carole Drollinger. Laree Vest. Vivian Grant. FUIIVIX7 mu: Nancy Evans. Dorothy Salario, Dixie Sherman. Debbie Nichols. Genie Wmztutl. PEP CLUB Pep Club, more commonly known as the "Rahf Rah!" Girls of NCHS, really sounded off with a rip- roaring program this year. At the first of the opening semester they sponsored the Victory Dance after the Scottsbluff-Casper game. Their peppy advertisements brought a large crowd to the Gym. Their years acti- vities consisted of various and often times profitable functions. A bake sale and rummage sale were given to raise money for sixty club sweaters which the girls felt the members deserved. Every year the organiza- tion has a pep assembly before one of the big athletic contests: this year was no exception. Membership to Pep Club is based on a competitive rest on school creed, school songs, school cheers, and a written definition of good sportsmanship. Because of the large number of applicants to this organization, a limit of sixty members was set. This year's officers were: Barbara McClintocl-1, Presidentg Tinka Hardison, Vice Presiclentg and Ellen Huffman, Secretary-Treasurer. Miss Wilhelm and Mrs. Walters Sporzrory Y F. Ncxuomc ball games. rs bclling apples and Landy at the baske!- Vbherc shall I mme, Students arrixe ,ig NCHS bv bus J QP' E ., . 1. 'W-TRESHM 3 I OFFICERS-Left fo rights Russell Donley, Presidentg Everett Mc- Crary, Vice Presidentg Kenny Mc- Dowell, Representativeg Nancy Strand, Secretary-Treasurer. FRESHMEN Still newcomers to the paths down NCHS corri- dors, the Class of 1957 contributed their share of support to school activities. Although they felt a little neglected as a result of having no Senior-Frosh assem- bly, the freshmen soon became accustomed to new classes and new teachers. It was not half bad going between the two buildings. In assemblies they sat in the balcony and liked it. Once more a Co-Ed Ball Kathleen Hemry Sponmr was held with a jack Frost theme. Linda Merritt reigned as queen and Mary Sue Baker as her princess. Under the sponsorship of Miss Hemry, the class elected the following officers: Russell Donley, Presi- dentg Everett McCrary, Vice President, Nancy Strand, Secretary-Tre-asurerg and Kenny McDowell, Council Representative. ' X ,---1 Q' . ff? . . I, X Q Y .O . .R Q6 he 1 yy 'Z in . 1755 X 1 A 50110771 mum Allison, Carol, Atkins, Romlicg liryiin, Mary, Brunette. Angicg Asbridgc. Barbcirag At wood. Dorothy. Sirwxil min Andurson. Arlene, Adnmx. judyg Alcxundcr. Rutli Anng Atguk, Irene,-3 Bridges. Dick Brinkcrhoff. Zuiliiiry. Tlafid wuz Adiimson. Milt, Andcrxon, Cilrnn: Anderson. juli.i LL-cg liiirnuni. Gordon, Borland, jerry lin-mon, Wfcilcy. lffiinlli mu: liirdsill. W'ill1n-3 lilctliun. Rolwcrtg llilmoik. Diakp liurnctt, -loling l'i.ii'ncx, Tommy Adamson. Cecil. 'log' wil: Bmxlry. Philip. Budd, Alving Atkinxon 'l'liom.ix, Alm, Dong Adkiuson. Dong Billingsley FRESHMEN lifflforn if,zi. C,l.u'k. lip-try. lining. Muilyng liridgw. vluditli. Hi-mon, l5.irlw,ir,i, Ili-own, Iiitxyg Bi-iggx 1..ivonn.i. Sinful' win: Blower. -lo Anng lirummcl, Rosa M.i1'iu1 Iii-mix, Lois, lin-All. P.1triii.ig Blink. Dixie, 'I lim! ion' Cmig. l,oisg llcrnurdg Ili-mon, Kg-nnntlig, -loling Clark. john, Bycr. X3C'.ii'nL-1 lirlulcy. M.irg.irur. I-Vfioflw mi.: Baker, Mary Suu Copcldnd. D4i1'ryl1 Bc-mon. Rnlpli, lS.iri-ll.i, -lcrryg Cain, Siottg Bream. Siimli. 'lhfi fuzz: Cote. -lolm. Clicrniik, Ilddicg Coughlin. Mil-ic, Clough. G.iryg Bundt. Monty, Ciiuthorn. john. 4-f 6- J ,., ' 1 -, A .- fl , . Y 54 ri ie: , 'S i g J Q, ' f' N. v fx V ap Q af 3 ' Y- ' - Q J lu- 5 ' ' Mi W . 4 w ,V r ' 1- if 5 ,. J x 2 z 1 If A I -'ft A . wi U ,tl Lg. if Q 141, 7 44' b it A cl' 1 I, 'Q rx! Bufflflll mu: Carrera. Arleneg Chandler. Shirleyg Cassclman. Ciirlug Crane. Sueg Culicr. Karcng Close Miirgueriteg Clegg, Ruthie. Srrwxd wut Cunningham. Sandra. C.1rtcr. Louise: Chase. Dliinicel Chittim. Etta Maricg Carmichael W'cSlcv, 'I'lv1fd mu: Cummings. john: Cost. D.lVlklQ Colhurn, Lilcmlug Cunningham. Patty: Crigcr. Arol Curr. jerry. Iiuurrlv mu: Cliristcnscn. Frlwrirrlg Cunningham. Dang Comlclurio. Lurryg Clark. Dong Cover. ,larry Caldwell. lunly. 'fwfr mu: Curry, Mikug Cooper. Tom. Chiluvtc. D.lHDj1 Cummings, Rogcrg Connell. Kerry: Camp hell, Bruce. l cannol find my way . . . -ROBINSON Vifnync Osborn and joe Story use thc Larfl index -15, P S J 2 ,W 13' Bollfml ron: DeFranCe. Carolg Del-lanas, Sandrag Diakcnsheets, Sandra. Drollinwr. Carrollg Dun- P- can, Cnrlag Duyle, Wanda: Dewald. Delphine. Sefmld mu: Eye. joyg Engle. Kr1yI.ynng Dunn. Leolaig Derrim. .lmepliineg Dooley. lic.-ttyg Dilg. james. Timed mu: Day. Beverly: Dodds. jerryg Duuglierty. -Iwlmng Dunlcy, Ruxscllg D.ily. ,Lukg Derriw, Roxio. 101111-119 mu: Earls. Dirrellg Davis. Evang Engdnhl. Royg Iixcnwn. Davirlg Dry. Lnrryg Enrlsley. Ronnie Tfflv wuz Divine. Stanleyg Duthie. Rodgersg Ev.1nS. Bnbg Dean. Emeryg Danielson. Erlrly, X FRESHMEN sg ll 'N M 654. Ed Christensen, Curt Lewis. and ack Wentz are pumping air in general science. 97 Q" f XM Vw 'nd l z 'G Bufnwz mu: Franklin. Annie Laurie: Frazier. Etlytha: Foote. Gwendolyn: Files, Sally: Fontlren. Betty: Grant. Vivien. Sfrwzd wit' Fish. Carrol: Green. hlLll'QL1CFlIL'1 Graxeliy. Eva: Garnitlc. Cliarmaine: Ciralwlu.'lW.ll'.i. Forster, Carole. 'Ifvra' mu: Garman, Larry: Fortl. Wfayne: Ferguson. jerry: Goodman. Sandra: liislier. Iwlary: Geiger. Qloanne: Frandsen. Judy. Fffnrllr mu. Gribluin, David: Falk. Deanne: Green. Bonnie Ray: Flyr Guenther. Mike. Tap mu: Gill. Gene: Hart, jack: Garriott. wlames: Gilpin. Kenneth: Foss. Daiitl. : Nanty: Fretleritk. Eugene: New roules +o explore . . . 'rhese roads are s+range . Bfifffim mu: Hughes. Charlene: Hamel. Donna: Holliday. Marcia: Hacker. Rita: Harris. janet: Hartman, Yvonne. Sefwxd wuz Hitks. Tim: Hudson. Berta: Higgins. Deanna: Hanson. Sally: Haigler. Carol Ann. Tbrid mu: Hetk, Janine: Hawley. Everett: Harris, Sally: Harlow. Diane: Hoff. Dennis. Fourllv wuz Hall. Peggy: Heady. Harry: Howard. David: Hein. Bob: Hersh. Vfeltlon' Hall. Bill Top wuz Hoatlley. Louis: Henrie, Monte: Hartman. Etltlic: Hilbert. john: Hagood.iPat: Henelritlu. jim. IP. .IQ 1 . Q. - f A, ' f Q 1 Q ,z 1 . zu: 'Q : fn 1 ez Q ' i - W-4 X, -5 -+ 71 1 ' X Barium mu: Kohuth, Bcvcrlyg Ivy, Dcbhicg Kctuhum. Pcggyg Kunklc, janiccg johnson, Mary Ann Howard, Patrigiu. Swwzd mu: Karcher, Shirlcyg Huey, Patsyg Kriicn. -Inna-tg Kusimkc. Sharon, King, Kuthcrinc-3 joncx Sdflniy. Tbzrd mu: james. Charley I-Iuffmrin. Viiltkl, Patriiiag -Irwhnwn. -Iam-tg H.ickcr, Nita jnhnsmn. Curl, A Fourlla wuz Hunt. jcrryg jones, Cliffurdg johnwn, -Icrryg hluricns, Rwyg jaukett, Clifturdg Hobbs Toi oi: . .L ,'Q . . N' Al . Iirry je r 14 johnson larry jc-nien Cum uhnson Rirhnrdg johnson. Tumg Holmes. Clintring jour gcnsrn Birry Bwllffm wu: I,indrnnu-yer, -luring I-.u'gcnt.'1iLL'Q Luik, Aludy. Kxmixill, Patty Irlugitt, Bcrticg Lim- mstur. Peggy ju. Sewzzd wuz Kclly, Ciwrgcg Luutas. ,Iuhng Moll. Robcrtg Lewis, Curtisg Laird, Xvayncg Kcnir, Clyde. Tlwrd rffzz: I,.1w, R451-3 Luwcn. Glnrm, Lummus, Iiillg Kmpcr, Pat, Link, Ri1mon.ig I,, Fanrlb mu: Lwiicr. Krithg Laughiin, Bradford: Lcmirklmrt. Rwbcrtg Kundert. ,limg Kennedy, Dale', Richard 77111 wuz Lwnard. G.1Iy'Q Little, Dong MiPhcrswn. D.irrcIIg Murphy, Neil: Lotwpciih, Dcang Luiht. Gordon. Q? ' A Qi i 7 .ml 11 Marilyn Braig, Ollie Richard- son, Charlotte Pope clean up in a hurry in Frosh Home Ec class. ' D C' X 0 X I v if 5 I I ,truly , . 1' ' 'Q'?"YV- .H I, . ' ' O, who will walk a mile Wilh me along life's merry way? . . . Bflllulll wuz Maher. Kareng Maurer, Billyg Meek. Lorettag MrAllister. Marlcneg Maher. Donna Myer. Janine. Stlfllilaf mu: hfilm' john. Third wut Morris, Martin. vlarkie. FUIIVIX1 mu: hfiller. Cnr' Fx erctt . y. . . Top wut McDaniel, llioorc, Jim. H EN RY VAN DYKE , johng Moore. Claircg Marhry, Pat: Miller, joAnng Marken. Franccsg Michie Ronnldg Morrison. jankg Murphy, jcrryg MuDowcll, Kennyg Millard, Chester Dnveg Morris, Raymonrlg Maxwell. Wilburg Morris. Osrurg Meek, Kcntg ML Montyg Manning. Percyg McPherson. Billg Middleton, Leeg Micldaugh, Noland he 94-ri if - 'Ili' ' ' 4' il Q V , ..-jxl vp' 1 N , -Q' ' j O - Q' 5'- ' Fr F54 , ' 6 N f' 4 .4 l A ,e-q.r, ,G . P .L ' X 7 H ' 1 1' Freshmen enjoy themselves ar the Orientation Tea. 51.2 'Bu NRESHMEN liwllffm wifi Phillipx, Sindy Nelwn Snnriy, Mctmlfr K.1yg M.1h1vnL-y, Sheilng Merritt. Linda: PUIGD. Luis. S i-mid rffri: Martin. R Oriiiwrnc, Doris. use Muiug Mifimth. Sh.11'un1 Potts. M.1r1c1 Ninhulx. M.1rii.i1 Nwwlnn. Cunniel Iliml vnu: Xe-lwn Iun.1nne1 Nirl-ce-min, .Linetg MrD.iniL-I. K.1y1 AikF.lfl.1fhi. Katyg Mnyfic-Iii. Cl.1udi.11 rWfLN.1m.1Y.l, juan. I Iliff!! mu: Miruk, Pntsyi Pute. Ruth Mdryg Ximrnu, Iiwnnic Knyg Ne-lwn. Slmmng Piper, Puttyg Mntthewx. Ida. lofi mu: Moore, Deang Parkinson. le.m1 Morgan. Dee: Nanwn. Ridmrd: Osburn. XX'.1yneg Niem- laysen. Peter. Q Q ix 1 v 1'3" 9 me Borrow mu: Prifc. 'loang Rotlibaugh. Anni Priest. joyccg Pope. Charlottcg Puryenr. Barbarug Qucaly Carol Ann. Sarwzd mu: Rogcn. Lois: Robinson. Gcncmg Pitklc. Barbzirgig Roberts. Margaret Propp, Emily Phillips. Donna. 'Nm-d mu: Page, Rithartlg Rate. Leong Ritli. Rolantlg Petersen, Ronny: Pcrlcy. jamcsg Rabb. Kelly, Fffmrir mu: Rosc, Lintliag Pratt. jane-1 Pitts. Sumng Rogers. Geraldineg Richardson- Ollieg Rcimcrs Sylvia: Reeves. Geneva, Twp mir: Ratltlcn, Russcllz Patton. -lolmg Ruxscll, Virgil: Rouse, Riclmrtlg Recd. Hnroltlg Roby. Gtir Xiu. Through lliis 'loilsome world, alas! Once and only Mary Baker, Kay Atwood. Linda Merritt. .md Margaret Bagley lc-ad the Grind Mirth l .ll lllt CO-Etl B.ill. I02 'X Barium mu: janet. Sherman. fans. Smith, Sandy. Smith. Sharron. Squires. Dolorcsg Schill ing. Sylvia. Rhincs. Alice. Srrffmf mu: Samlisun. Bubluyg Spaulding. .lL'l'L'1 Stliirk. Diclcg Shugart, Tum. Stccnsltind. Chunk Slmncr. Tum. 'Hifrd mu : Spcntc. I.cVcr.1lg Sager, Betty. Strand. Namyg Spcthmiin. juan. Shurtlcff. Franccs. Slmtlc clfortl. -Lint-tg Stephens. Lee. Iffinrffz mu: Sthimpf. Billg Shcllctly. XX'ziyneg Sthultc. Larry: Shinn. jgitl-cg Spears. Willigiiiig Stully Mgirlang Story, joe. Tuff mu: jim. Stott. Rmlncyg Shiplcy. -lim. Singer. Luuisg Stanton. Dong Stratton. Frctl FRESHMEN 'IACQK FROST GUARDS THIS DOOR AT THIS CO- ITD BALI. 'P 1: 0, 1 "' : W '-ur' , . x I .. i N is H BUIIUIII mu: Story. Knthcrmcg Ihompson, Lintliig bthcrtk. Anng bands. Ewlyng Thompson. blmron: Steinman. .laniccl Strobcik. Marilyn. Strwzd wzi: Taylor. Lccg Thompson. 'lk-tl. Story. XXYYOFITJQ Sims. Vcllag Shotklcy, Vlmitcg Tcsthcr. Kenny Townsend. Allcn. lurid mu: Sunn. Mary lframcsg Tomlin. Ritiig Skinner. Atlonnug Spcnac. I.cvt-.ig bthwnrz. -Iutly. Steinman, Bcthclg Scott. S11ntlr.i. I-fizmlv mu: lfntlcrliill. Mikcg Todd. jerry: Slqonhaug. Carolg Thompson. Holm Trujillo. HL-rhcrt1 Tvson, Louisg Sulicrtk. Gary. 'lofi wuz Tutkcr. Thornasg lfntlcrwootl. Domlilg T.iy lor. Cnrringtong 'l'witl.ilu. Ncilg Trout. Rim- tlall' Twitlilc Diva' Q A u A A There are pioneer souls +ha+ blaze 'rheir paths X where highways never ran . Bfflffim wir: Yoss. 'lomncg XY"hitc. Churnminci NX'crg1n. joyceg VimGiItlcr. .lutlyg Vest. Larrefg Vuughn. Elamcg Vtliiffcn, lNI.1ry Louise. Str' fifi' il' wir: WH-lls. .lunch Wkhh. Cairolyng Whilsli. Nnrtlmq Wfoostur. Slmronz XY'ilIi.imS, P.itsy1 WUI- tox. Ddrlcncg Wfilliiiiiis. Arlene. Thnd mu: Zimmerman. Dong Visokc. 'ltitkg Wilson. Curolcg Xwinfrcy. linrham -lcnng NX'ood. Mary' XXX-rtl. lfrc-tl: Vcrditlc. liolw. ' l7f,14r1f', wir: VUL-Ish. Sluron. NX'illig1inson. Tcrryg Wfirtli. Ronnie: Xlfcntz, vloling W'r.ispU, Kem XYy.itt. Ronnicl w71DLlL'fN. Larry. Typ mu: Zikcr. Bob: Youmans. jerry. XX'igl1t. Dclnmng XX'lotliirczyk. Chunky Whgcrs. Dang Vassar George SAM WALTER FOSS .V L. ,l Y ' ' , . ? J f ' i , ., Q' 1 ' 4 X JACK FROST ,'9 FROLIC 4,4 R Mary Sue Baker. brinnc-as Linda Merritt. Queen. 'V 1 OYALTY RFIGNS Flour Shnw .xt thc Cu-FJ HAH. 1- L In .I H1 wg fig ' ,gms 49' 1 - L ANN ha .xx . HW t CALIFLMK ,UU Cruvl C 'I I05 C114-xx H100 I 1 . :'-fig -aff' 5 is ff u ,fi t- 5 'F gawk C N Balmm raw: Dewald, North Dakota, Williams, Lander, Trujillo, Riverton, Gradert, Green River, Cain, Kansasg Strother, North Carolina. Second faux' Taylor, Arkansasg Phillips, Coloradog Breese, Oklahomag Wilson, Californiag Paden 1 Oklahoma, Anderson, Nebraskag Bullington, Nebraska, McCabe, Torringtong Donahue, Casperg Conner, Worland. Third wuz' Elkjer. Nebraskag Bridger. Colorado: Tanneur. France, Ogard. South Dakotag Dill Idahog Hansen. Colorado: Temples. Michigan: Lawson. Louisianag McCabe Torringtong Tru- jillo, New Mexico. Tap mug lvlyford, South Dakotag Budd. Nehraskru Moore. Texas: Patterson. VUorl.1nd1 Flower Kansas: Goodwin. Iowa: Walking, Californiag Geiger. Colorado. NEWCOMERS' CLUB Another active organization in NCI-IS is the New- comers Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Kath- leen Hemry. Only students with less than a years residence in Casper are eligible for membership. This club has received national recognitiong schools from many other states have written to inquire about the setup and the achievements of this group. The Newcomers featured monthly parties, includ- ing swimming and skating get togethers. This is the moneyed group of the school and they were not selfish with their lucre during 1955-54. How did they fill up their treasury? They operated the school store, IO6 they sold the concessions at the basketball gamesg and they supervised the selling of hotdogs and cof- fee at the football games. How did they share their opportunities? By giving each interested club a rake- off from their football game profits, by sharing their new television set, and by turning over their well furnished club room to clubs having parties and meetings. Officers were as follows: Ginger Grooms, presi- dent: Glade Nelson, vice presidentg Mary Christen- sen. reporter: H. A. Strother. treasurerg Darryl Cope- land business manager. in Z ig, 'ZH 0' 41 I L-7 ""h. A Members are praitining for the floorslmw at the Valentine party. The new television set provides much interest for the whole school and is shared with the rest of the student body. l 11 ,pf '14, xv at HX Selling school articles .nl in the sghuul is anuthur antixity of thc- L 5 ...:...o-r . i 4 2 ' ' ' -- v lfrwzf mu: Mary Ruussalis. Pat Hurley. Linda Confirld, Mttta Roussalis. Stwfud wuz jim Shrcfflcr, Shirlcy Tutltcr. Pat Spcntcr. -l.1l'N.'lRl'lll'lCll.lfl. Miss Ruhy Mtliridtq Sponsor. Mary Buntc. Betsy Crowell, Linda 'l-Llylllf, Carlisle. Drhhit- Nithols. Tffiwf mu: Carol King. Claire l5o1'tlc.iux. Nanty ltlartwt-ll. -lohn Roussgrlis. Dcltun Hudson. Helen Allison, Charles Prather, Phyllis Lagos. lfffrnfb mtv: John lwftltniorc. Don Whitsun, lim XY.uttt-rs, vludp Sliart-1. ,lun BftCorIn1tlx. Bud Her- lcclcg Tctl Swan LATIN CLUB XVith Miss Ruby Mttljridc as sponsor, thc Latin Club of NCHS hcgan thc attivitics of 1955-Yi by taking thargc of thc tontcssions for the Lander' Casper football game. The group also planned to in- tludc in thc turriculum such activities as sponsoring an after-thc-gains mixfsr. Helping to guide the way Nwrc Mary Buntc. Prusidcntg 'lanct Reinhard, Vitt- Prcsidcntg Betsy Crowell. Secretary: and jim XVattcrs. Trcasurcr. XYht-n tht- ntw members were initiated, they wore formal whitt- togas and tarritd lighted tapers bctom- ing as Roman as the roads atross Britain. At mcct- ings, thc students of Cato. Cacsar, and Citcro answer- ed roll tall hy retiring quotations from thc works of kurt-at Roman xxritcrs, Concluding the meetings were I A intt-resting programs relating to thc lives and loves o thc anticnt Roman mortals and ol' their gods -.xx a Pe 2. 1 -.5 l W Frou! mu : George Kasper. Rodney Forgey. Raymond Allemand. Mack Tipton. Second rout jim Nall. Tommy Smith. Thorton Davis. Don McHattie, john Sloan. Donald Allemand. Bob Kuykendall. Back rout jack McDaniels. Duane Siebken. Allan Patterson. Maurice Jepson. Melvin Hastings, Ken Durrett. Bruce Snell. Norman lfdewitz. Williiim Henry, SPONSOR. AG CLUB-NCHS RUSTLERS The Agriculture Club, NCHS Rustlers, was orga- nized September 22, 1953 to promote leadership, scholarship, and fellowship among its members. At meetings the club planned its program of work, held elections. and tried to have some kind of enter- tainment. Plans included community service such as making signs for rural people. cleaning up parks, starting livestock projects, and one social function per quarter. The club practiced leadership activities such as electing officers and appointing committees. IIO Parliamentary procedure was practiced at all meet' ings. All elections were conducted in a parliamentary manner. Discussion was kept in order at all times. The club raised money for trips and for essential equipment such as a gavel, flag. banner. and emblems. The Rustlers laid the running gear for future classes-a constitution, by-laws, ritual. and-a bank account, ,Af Front ww an flow: Keith Perryg Mauritz Kallerud. LeRoy Ellison. Gale Peterson. Bark mir: Pat Bisiar. Gene Prochziske. Lewis Christensen. Ronald L'ry. BOYS' STATE Each spring, the American Legion enables eight junior boys to hit the trail for Boys' State, held last year at Centennial at the University camp. Represen- tatives from all over the state gathered after the close of school and set up an imaginary state government. Through elections with all the color and noise of campaigning. officers were elected and both legisla- II2 tive and judicial proceedings took place. Chosen by the faculty of NCHS, the delegates re- ceiv ed valuable training in actual government-thanks to the Legion and to the many interested state legis- lators. Every boy in NCI-IS looks forward to thc- selection of Boy Staters, Being chosen is a real honor and a sure road to much education in politics, - -Q Frou! mu 1 Mary Esther Schooleraft, jane Donald. Bark mu: Rachel Yaap. Darla Kusel. Lynne Pirie. Sharon Dickensheets. .lanet XX'aggenei'. Margaret G I RLS' S I ATE Begley, In june ot' 1955 eight junior girls took to the high- way for Laramieg they went by bus with all their banners and slogans prominently displayed. There in Laramie one hundred forty representatives from all over Xxiykjllllllg spent a week at VC'onderl'ul Wfyoming Girls' State, which commonwealth is sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary. Each delegate, rec- ommended by Miss Nelle Pate, dean of girls, and by the NCHS faculty, had her expenses paid by a local organization. Mrs. H. M, Robb supervised preparations in Casper. while Mrs, XY'right and Mrs, Battling were the chief directors of the State. Pointing the way to better understanding of the gox ernment of the United States, Girls' State encour- aged girls to partitipate and take an interest in both state and national governing bodies. Each individual girl ran for a state or county office on either the Nationalist or the Federalist ticket, The feminine Staters met state officials who helped them carry on quasi-senate and house sessions. As a climax to this exciting and educational week, the girls took to the road again, this time to Cheyenne, where they had tea in the Governors mansion and where they held their sessions in the Capitol Building. W ll ff-1 fv Franz wut Mary Sue Baker, Marcia Callister, Mary Kay Kingham, Patsy Connell. Second wut jan Shreffler, Carole Danielson. Mrs. Barbara Scifers. SPONSOR, Margaret Begley. Linda Taylor. Linda Merritt. Third mu: Jeannette Everett. Kay Atwood. Selma Cromwell. Nanty Quinn. jo Marsh. Betsy Crowell. Sandra Cunningham. Susan Pace. ,lean Hill. Marv Nelle Bagbv. GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL Helping to make this school year a big success was the Girls' League Council, sponsored by the Dean of Girls, Mrs. Barbara Scifers. Margaret Begley was President of this active group. assisted by Vice Presi- dent jo Marshg Secretary, julie Bakerg Treasurer. Marv Nelle Bagbyg and Correspondent, Linda Taylor. Each tlass was represented by several girls. This is one organization vvhere the paths of all classes meet and unite to run along together for a time at least. Last spring the Girls' League presented the Grien' tation Tea. an annual event. which mapped courses. LL1stOms. and traditions for the incoming freshman girls, showing them the right and wrong turns on the road through high school. Another benefit for the frosh was the Co-Ed Ball, also sponsored by Girls' League. Senior girls dressed as boys and took the freshmen girls out to dine and dance. The highlight of the fall season was the Football Ball. honoring, of course the football boys. Something nevv was added this year: the girls served cokes after the dance. Among the other activities of the Girls' League were sending a Red Cross package overseas and sponsoring a mixer after the basketball games. my Inu lS.11l.a1.l. ,larry Qum1.m l.ynm' PlI'lL', .md linux lJ3.1kL'I' TIIL Grand I1 lf thy lm-tfull HAH .IIN . 5i.lfjL.ll'L'K lhglax, Ciirlx Vnu Prwldn-nt, lwwl-ax un .lx lnrrx Ql1lD1.4I1 ruunvu l rmvtlmll rwm I,xnm- lnrul Musmng Qunrn S.: -Q CHINESE GARDENS sx Delmar Cooke shows Dick Mudrow. and Tom Milne what the matter i BRASS SEXTET CADETS ON PARADE '4 S., PEM 5 80110721 , SMH f fu: Illary JO B sfr,,,,d ff, Dixie si,t.,,mf'K'fy, Pai Man V R J "uf Dim L44 -U, Ramon! ,Adm Nancy ,. lizrlu in' Kay ChfiSfCig-Afliflft. Jerri' gvk. Janine Iilliigffvy, Barbara M blcrrygil: 'Gary H4.nrZVfHS'Brld WiIti,,,3'JdniJ:ht, jackitlf, Geraldine p,,LiC'intork, Lyn P . . wards. 'I'c-t1KQ,PJ:'1?' Giiilcnggi EZHXY Jo I,4i,:il1i'AGer:fgL, Airy!! n "'5"'75- ,Indy ,UUIS RuussalisQzifitlliciwl-nv AGLEZV W - . B111 H.1ZL.lnl'.1'L4 ' dC'Peters0n 'Chi-lj GL ' 'WFS' . ' 'HC' pf.-,gh 1 Keith Perry MADRIGAL Under the direction of Grace Jacobson, the choral group of NCI-lS finished an eventful year, One of the most active organizations in our school, it elected Gene Prugh as its President and Gary Henry as Vice President. Barbara McClintock and Kay Atwood served as Secretary and Treasurer respectively. As the singers marched down the aisles in the processional for the Christmas program, the student body and community friends saw that the choral group was presenting .1 longed for wishfthey were dressed in their new bluish-green robes, heightened in appear- ance with white satin stoles. Lux. 4 A PCPSW V tins- . , Ellen Auiius ' l nd 1 I C nnlnghamf I W QA. 1 lf. RN L Kay Atwood. sanrgiiel A'-llood' Gimbiuriia Von Oster e e Huw wn Qijeekvvertligathy Kallerud, Coiieannette Hung 1 Shirley' Roush- i- EVC yyqing. - C Lowe' ' i yCciufWY' ' i Fmnt fffu I - ms. CMO ,U Nadm Q,1rls0H- A cm- CMU . Willla M3tSh3 ' - Ruth mbtwl yes: M ttf: Q His. I f HU 2123 Evans. Smer 1' ' Biffk Wue3gemALl3mwn' Huw'- Madrigal with the help of the English and art departments presented the Christmas pageant, and as Superintendent Morgan says, every year this program for many people starts the Christmas season in Cas- per. The music for the Christmas songs was the main project for the first semester. In the second half of the year, entertainment for the service clubs was pro- vided and the commencement program was presented, The spring concert and the music festival also Occu- pied .1 major portion of the time. The club was happy to help their young sisters and brothers in giving their spring concert. II9 lfr-mx! mn: Pat Connell li . stty jc-an Alrxanrlcr, Shari W'ilwn Barbara Rightmirc. Carol Haiglcr. Dlltutlly Atwmml, .Sliwfd wir: Maurcnc liimhc-r. -laniw Cfmipcr. Arlene Crow, XX'ilma Mattingly. jackie Kennedy. Mary Furman. Franu-s Hand. limi mu: Charlc-nc Acl4C'1'l11.1H, Lqis Bc-mis. Milgrcil Proud. Rosalie Gmsz. ju Ann Yan Hawlcinx. lrcnc Wfilliamson, -lrryic LL-xtcr. t. Marilyn v5 C L . E li l.-'gm . iitrman Pat Cifinpniri, Mali nlugyg Silli QUXKLIT, l,-fiiiu licrriiluriiilr .Ning llariliwn .Mi fff, J f fri Dfirfitliy mli-iii' lailfcic link Virxuinia llairix ,lu Maislw Hnim- Nh.. . CJ, I .H , mfr, Vniwrm Lxfinx limi 1-ii Nl.N.if'll'l.1IliIll ,Nl.i:.,'.+'U liialv. Aimlii N ' Nilxiw lfuiiiii lliniiili liillzc 'Nun liiitm r. 1 Left to right: Louise Bertagnole, Verona Lyons, Pat Compton, Virginia Harris, Pat Mangan, jo Marsh, Connie Atwood, Sandra Cunningham, Kay Atwood, Connie Hartnett. Nancy Hardison. BOYS' GLEE TRIPLE TRIO X 74 -7-x X Bofmm wuz' Gay W'ehrli, Harvey Humherson, Rithard Evans, john Rousallis. Ray Allen. Gene Meyer. Sam Chilcote. Tom Satterfield. Serwzd faux' Gene Prugh. jack Moore. George Smith. Louis Roussallis, jerry Ryan. jerry Edwards, George McFall. Keith Perry. Twp mu' Don Moore jerr' Goodnight, Bill Haselmire. Gale Peterson. Gary Goodwin, Boh Vfildman. Ted Kapeles. jilrdie Atker. QUARTET '51 l l Q I LJ: 11, riglwf: Gary Henry. Gene Prugh. Gary Goodwin. john R0uSalliS- "AV EMARIA--A CHRISTMAS PAGEANT Coma-rniug tln Clmrixtlmmx Ilmgp-.111t we quota from Ll IL-ttcr 111 .1 Clxlmr Ixxpu 'Wllu Lntim pmdmriou mu ld Qmly xmm m.1tmn.1l rgmkgruxrumm. wg .irc Nurs, if they would M-Lk It . . . xxlmt IIIAJL' lt ,All NO fum. was thu true Chrimtmas of gzxmg. Cmmg of thur lm-Nr .md their vc-ry lwcst in humlwlc Chrmlxkk !'.uh1on. to thu Caspur pp-uplcf' ,il "GLORIA PATRIA . . 1"-. 'N ,i 1 I' W .fs M5 NW' Q1 W y---'V ,L KF 1.-f"1'h -Q ""'. '-M X x W I 1 HVUITH WONDERING AWE . . ' Q ,f , -11 i 1 fi ' t '22 X Ju ,I lf Q fs -5 nw. t .1 . ,ag an , - WAT ' ' A USLEE ,Mx .-, ,,,,,.,,, 4 JT ' 'K "GOD REST YE MERRY GENTLEMEN ,gn X I 5 ,f .1 A . gf?-r A N , X OBOE-Carr. Dox: Daniels. Kay. PICCOLO-Brown, Marjie-Jo: W'er- gin. Joyce. FLL'TE-Brown, Margie-Jo: Clark. Margaret: Heck, Janice: Jones, Jo Ann: Sizemore. Barbaral NX'ergin. Joyce. CLARINET-Anden song Julia: Bemis. Sharon: Bordeaux .Sharon1 Brewer. Bryan: Canfield, Linda: Colburn. Glenda: Dooley. Betty: Ellison. LeRoy: Gilardi. Tom: Goodnight. Jerry: Gowin. Donna: Grogan. Christine: Haeker, Rita: erman Maxine Kaufman ared Kohuth Bexerl Little Don' Mad H . ' 1 . J 1 . ' ya . , - dock. Ronnie: McGrath. Mike: McPherson. Joan: Meredith. Larry: Moll. Hazel: Nimmo. Bonney: O'Conner. Frances: Scherck. Binky: Scullen. Janet: Stephens. Lee: Thompson. Bill: Twidale. Janet: XVir'h. Ronnie. ALTO SAXOPHONE-Ford, Pete: McLemore. John: Middelton, Lee: Mofield. Jack: Mowrer. Marlene: Nowlane. Connie: Rogers. Lois: Shipley. Jim. TENOR SAXOPHONE-Ayres. Keith: Everett, Bill: Wfeinrich. Tom. BARITONE SAXOPHONE-Smith. Nancy: XY'ells. Avalon. BASS SAXOPHONE-Gamble. Dorothy. ALTO CLARINET! Schwabrow, Carol. BASS CLARlNET!li-hnson. Nancy, BASSOON -Johnson. Nancy: Knapp. Connie. FRENCH HORN-Bordeaux. Claire: Herzelle. Juanita: McGrath. Carol: Morris. Oscar: Taylor. Lee: XY'illiams. Richard. l24 X-rv NATRONA COUNTY NATRONA COUNTY The NCHS Band won second place in the United States and Canada in the'STARS AND STRIPES Contest in 1955. The contest was sponsored by 20th Cen- tury Fox and the United States Marine Corps. The marching band performed HIGH SCHDOL BAND at all football and basketball games. The concert band of ninety pieces selected from this group gave their annual concert in the spring. They also participated in the District and State Music Festi- vals. CORNET and 'I'RL'MPET-Atkinson. Don: Corrente. Roy: Curry, Mike: Edwards, john: Fisher. Charles: Haigler. Mary Beth: Herzelle. Bud. Kear, Clyde: Lemke. Keith: McKelvey. Macy: Miller, jan: Moore. Claire: Peckham. Dick: Rate. Leon: Stratton. Fred: Thompson. Bobg White. Bobg Williarius, Bill: L'ry. Ron. TROMBONE-Anderson. Cvlenng Brown. Stanley: Crater. Gerald: Donley. Howard: Gilham. Barbara: Heck, Edward: Hilbert. john: judkins. Richard: Paden. john: Scott. john: Shurtle.f. Flfl nes: Terer. Gerald. XX'alker. jim. BARITONE HORIN Clark ohn Farlcv Dick Meek Kent Sands Exelyn Scholz Dolph - . I : ' 1 . 1 .. ' 1 . A. . BASS-Cain. Clyde: McCormick. jim: Mofield. Deby: Prugh. Gene: Radden, Russell. PERCUSSION-WCoffman. Lee: Crowell, Betsy. Dunn. Leola: Hehnke. Phyllis: Iserman. Bill. Krussee. Bill. Larsen, Rosalie: Scherck, Gary: Schmidt. Marlene: Sixberry. Eddie: VC'illiamson. Terry. BELI.SYRobc-V. Shirlev: Chase. Sharon. TYMPANI-Reinhart. jan. DRVM lNlAjCRfl'ry.i Ron, l25 Egg, M4 ' - A I ' vl s if . r . .. . v 7 sf ' , X E V E E36 ,Sw 1 E i ar in fxwjvfgggli A , .Q W . ,w,,L, ,, 5.44 It 5. QA f D ' : w R. Ljgf ,.... ... Q I, X iff? 1 ik! " 6 1 'U ii? 112 Ji: 4 UL' 5115 'Z' '53 'llfv Iii! P2 Iii YV ' ., 3 f Pat Connell. 5 L2 CHEERLEADERS 422 Chief" Chuck AINldIOI.ikC9Ill'T1C n mdk Lefl In righfx Gene Coon. Bill Haselmire. Ralph Bille. Bob Baker. Bill O'Neil. jerry Erben, jerry Schulte. BOYS' RIFLE TEAM Shooting their way into recognition along with the boys this year was the Girls' Rifle Team which was organized in 1954 by the senior girls with Captain Moss as their instructor. Both boys and girls shot against stiff competition and both held their own in the honors of true marksmanship. GIRLS' RIFLE TEAM Left In righlx Pat Connell. Betty jean Alexander. Edith Nilsen, jeanette Everett, Rosalie Werner Marlin Mower. Virginia Harris. Eileen Harris. Axalnn XX!-lls. 'SK 5+ Front mu: Bill Everett. Vic Poirier. Pete Ford jack Mofield Tom Wkinrich Chlrlcs Hord Second rout Lynn Parsons, Connie Knapp. Sharon Chase Mike Curry lan Miller Mars Beth Hug. ler, Bud I-lerzelle. jim Walker. Stan Brown Back mu: Russ Donley. Lee Coffman. Bill Kruscc One of the most popular organizations with the students is the NCI-IS swing band. Providing music for all school mixers. the band is led by Blaine Cool- baugh. To gain a place. the members must pass try- outs in the tall, The band pictured above usually f"N RON URY LEADS MARC ,, .-an., Pk 4 F nf' A , I 3 4 f 1"QN5'3-.v DICK LOOKHART Q J i ' s 1 9 x U ,' ,, ' TC 7 i -M. i X , 9 . i 'x ,Amari Qui. COLOR GUARD BUD IWERRITT JOHN HILDI. CRACK DRILL SQUAD ,r,?v5f'!'j"!7?f:YV. ' :Qi-Qs BERT LATTA -P t l x I k 7t'r"g",,s 'K 1 Q .- Mr. Wkilsh rongratulatcs jerry Sthultc for being the best drilled tatlct. Clark Lieutenant Colonel George and his 5f Bob Baker receives his award for rifle team from Allen Stewart, V.F.VU. X W t ,s X X s 1 1 x ,Q Fino arts of Lhc basket- ball hula . . . K71ctlf?ItQ.' Sorenson. Hamiltun. Sl.IIIdi!1.2,' mor B XX'ceks. Mclrall. Smlcxnun Cmnen. johnson. Duncan I- P 'in the gn-I 1-fLfl1JCf1 1,5 5Pl'y ' ' , SCHEDULE AND Casper Belle Foufhe .,....,.......,.,,,, 66 BASIN TORNAMENT Casper Lander ...................,........ 52 Casper Greybull .,,.... .,.... 6 7 Casper Shoshoni ,,.. .. 48 Casper Byron ............. ...... 5 3 Casper 'lhermopolis .... ...... 6 7 Casper XY'0rland .,.Y... ..,... 4 0 Casper Riverton .... .. 60 Casper Riverton .,.,,..... ...... 4 9 Casper Rock Springs ....,, ...,,. 4 7 Casper Rock Springs .... ..... . 39 Casper Laramie ..,.....,... ....., 5 0 Casper Cheyenne ..... .,.,.. 3 9 Casper Cheyenne ..... ...... 6 1 WEIDENAAR MCHANEY 9 'fa MER EMR VARSITY BROVUN ING A see-saw battle for leadership in conference play marked "Swede" Erickson's first year as Mustang basketball coach. Coming from Midwest, Coach Erickson built his squad around seniors Pat Bisiar, jerry Nash, Ron Ury, Bob Weidenaar, Verne Becker and around newcomers, Ron Mcl-Ianey, and john Patterson. juniors Bill Thomas and Bill Browning SCORES Casper Laramie ...... .---- Casper Gillette ...... ----- Casper Sheridan .. Casper Sheridan .v........ ..... Casper Rock Springs .,...... .A-.- Casper Rock Springs ......,. ----- Casper Cheyenne .......v.. --.-- Casper Cheyenne ....... ----- Casper Gillette ...... .- Casper Sheridan .... Casper Sheridan Casper Scottsbluff ........................ SUBSTATE TOURNAMENT STATE TOURNAMENT BASKETBALL also saw much action during the season. Our season was almost complete when we defeated Cheyenne on their own floor. Initiation of a new style, the all-court press, which he brought from Kansas State, was the major change in strategy in Coach Erickson's first season. PATTERSON URY THOMAS NASH LEWlS Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper SCORES OF THE l953 THE I953 FOOTBALL STORY FOOTBALL Rapid City ,. Laramie ..... Cheyenne . Riverton Rock Springs Worland ....,, Scottsbluff Sheridan . Billings SEASON Under an entirely new coaching staff. the '55 edition of the NCHS Mustangs compiled a 6--5 season record. In his first year as grid mentor at Casper. Ken Cheeley was assisted by "Swede" Erick- son and Tom Evans. The Mustangs opened the year with .1 powerful win over Rapid City. In Double A conference play. the Laramie Plainsmen fell to the Mustangs, thunder' ing down the victory trail. Detoured by a close set- back at the hands of the Cheyenne Indians, the Mus- tangs bounded back with a slaughter of Riverton. only to lose another hearbbreaker to Rock Springs. Decisive wins over Worland and Scottsbluff brought the Mustangs into the tilt with state champion Sheri- dan, which game the Broncs won. Closing the season with a very strong victory over Billings, the Orange and the Black grabbed fourth place in the conference standings. An unusually large number lettered during 1953, twenty-eight receiving monograms. All-Staters Pat Bisiar and Pat Smyth led the group with Jordie Acker, Pat Hand, jerry Quinlan, Ray Mora, and Ron Estes gaining recognition on various honor teams. As in all sports, it is still, "Wait until next year." l COACHES-Bill Hileman. 'Sweden Erickson. Lloyd Fields. Kenneth Cheeley, Tun Evans. S 1 fi'-".., if ,If '1 25260 l 1 1 5 : 4,4 Y fi 5 4 ik, Top mu 1 Ronnie Smith, Don Humbcrwn. Ray Allen, Dun Moore Semud mu: jerry Boltz. Lewis Christensen. jtvrdiq Atker, Leon Curpuz, Third mu: Hial Gernert. Hub uluhnwn, Rivnmc Extes. Pat liismr. Boltffm mu: Fred Lewis. Kenneth Vfilsun. Bwbluy Dem Clark. jerry Sintlers. fi if 1 -r ,,.-9 5? , f x" ,ft E i' S . qv'- L., X WU- ,L 45 . L f 'N I F C i 0""' ' 130 . , 1' A1 .. , . ..,. ,,, N Y at f' arm" 'S 'KW I 'Q ,f 'Nw I , X l . ff ' , Ae X I A A 2, X ,. .- 1 4-ff t U' N i Tap wu: Matlc Tipton. Ed Grant. Ronnie Md-laney, Grant Clark. Strom' wu : Pat Smyth. Larry Kulvcum. jerry Benson. jerry Quinlan. Third mu: "Happy" Bell. Kieth Spencer. Pat Hand, john Patterson. Fourth mu: Dugan Simmons, Ray Mom. Larry johnson. Verne Beukcr Bfsttom piflure: Gene Meyers. " " SQUAD FOOTBALL it on-Q l39 nm p Puma On floor: Pat Bisiar, jerry Nash, Lew Christensen, Ron Estes, Don Humberson, Ray Mora, Grant Clark. Max Ortiz, Kenny Gray, .Ion Brady. Sarwzd mu: kneeling: jerry Quinlan, jerry Urban. Lee Coffman, Ray Allen. Ron Smith, Pat Smyth, jerry Benson, jordie Acker, Roy Bell, jay Edmison, George Smith, George McFall. Strzndings Coach Erickson, Lee Dunlap, Don Lee Moore, Bobby Dean Clark, Bill Thomas, Bob Weidenaar, Larry Kukura, Pat Hand. john Patterson, Gene Meyer, jerry Boltz, Larry johnson, Ron Ury. Vern Becker. Ken XY'ilson. jerry Sanders. Bob johnson, Ron McHaney, Leon Corpuz, Fred Lewis. Delmar XX'yatt. Ed Grant. Coath Cheeley, Keith Spencer. Il ll If you have received a monogram for a varsity sport and think you can live through the initiation, you may join the "C" Club. Under president, jerry Quinlan, Pat Hand served as vice president, with Pat Smyth as treasurer and Bob Weidenaar as secretary. Naturally active mainly in the field of athletics, in past years the Club has sponsored the Faculty- Varsity Basketball game and the annual "C" Club fights. Sponsored by Coaches Erickson and Cheeley, the Club closed out the year of 1955-54 with its perennial banquet. l4l I7 Q S X '- ,,,, X' iukm-s MUSTANG QUEEN LYNNE PIRIE 'fern-'f..A, .4 f .Qu ,f 5, . A fx ff' ' . ' 'Y ,fr MARK-YN HUBLEY QU EEN DARLAX KUSEL ATTEN DANTS ,sf 47 OLL PEGGY D -119553 ' V"' 'rs -' lla eil 1 ., 4 L N 9 Q a ,I :' X y 'I -. .ff ,. 4 s 4,0 K- C 9, F3 194' i Q . N X fl l it .-.. i N X WRESTLING fill llrwv: Ernie Grav. Kenny Gray. Bill lserman. Howard Dtmlcy. 'lun Brady. Tom Sltant Kr1vi'liz1g.' john strait. Gene Adamson. Ray Mora. -lom Dolan. Arnold Mascerenas. Eloy 'l 1'Lllllll ohn Milne J . Sf.1r1dn1g.' Coach Mangus. Larry Miller. liill Daxis. Dick Ltmtwkliart. Grant Clark. Pat Ham urn Quinlan. Mack Tipton. Tom Smith. Lee Coffman. Manager. T c season of 1955-54 marked the fourth for Grant Clark, jerry Quinlan. .ml Dick Loolehart Casper in Wfrestling. It was the third as a varsity Harry Mangus coached the squad wth Lcc Coffman sport Captained by four-year letterman Ernie Gray, as Manager. the team boasted such outstanding wrestlers as TRACK LETTERMEN Ou flow, George Smith. jerry Nash. jerry Quinlan. ,laik Vfeltli. George Mclfall Second mum' Pat Bisiar, Pat Hand. Run Estes. Don Lee Moore. jerry Erben. 3 I in X up 31 3 ,A , f . SWIMMING TEAM Firwf mu: Minhic. Stccnslmd. Moore. Zikcr. Atkinson, Robcy. Sghcrk, Hilcmnn. COACH. Slmzdirzlg. Gicrth. Iilmiwn. Chrixtcnscn. -Iuli.1n. Luttcn, XX'yatt. Miller. Fuss. MLPhcrsun. Put Bisisar wins again for Casper 'iff Becker. members of All-State Football teami. 1 Pat Hand, Run Ifxtcs, Ierry Quinlan, Rm' Mum. .md Verm- -Y- -J.. xx jaw 'X Nf- -jnpssff--. -V 4 E HZ .Qi CASPER NATIONAL BANK Grace S+anclifer - Nora Rose Hoffman - James Golay fox ,f I BRIG DRIVE-IN Mary Chrisfenson, Dorofhy Carlson, Janel Hussion, Ellen Huffman, Susie Kulrura Juanifa Walson, and Barbara Carlisle .uf xi IH. KLINES MACMANUS 8: SONS JEWELRY Frances Cox Carole Dawson ' iii 1 I ll l"ll I u fxxxx NOLAN CHEVROLET CO. PaHy Cunningham fi X, KASSIS Darla Kuse J. C. PENNEY CO Berenice Henrich 5 f-11 X, 1 V -X. ,A+ X . Q I, 44? s :N x 1 1 1 I 4 w I CHAS. E. WELLS MUSIC CO. SANDISONS TIP TOP Jerry Goodnighf - Macy M EDWARD E. SARICKS MUSIC CO. B 8: B ICE CREAM SHOP Lynn Parsong Mary Trujillo - Donna and Ronna McKenzie FSL' .ff-'I-G fkf WHITES STOP AND SHOP Sandy Cohiclz - Jimmie WaHers - Carlefon Key XJ . A YL I A ,.A-X ! ii 'A A 5 D I , M ix DH 5 5 Y a ' - A s Y xi-LW GAMBLES H 81 G CLEANERS Vic Poifef Keiih Ayres - Ron Lockwood E T AND AWNING A no F ' T x U r T I T KlSTLER'S T N BON AGENCY, INC. Darrel Bump - Maryellene Moore K ay Engle - Bob Wildman , wr' 'fl Bl-RITE DRUG STORE DAIRY QUEEN Mary Sue Baker - Chuck Duncan Nancy Zimmerman - Roberfa Jansen . A 24.' , , X,,f-f ,g,,,4-fd. R x IWW, 3-gg CDU 'U' Q M- -W1T"'TT To E1 ,.1 A A , ,gg TW ,4i'rs'is'Is'ia'a'a'gg3gnl 1 TT " vw ' ..-.F uf' Jf, , runway 1 0 v 'Sf x Y Yami ' f lx - Q 1" 7 JESSEN CREAMERY WlTT'S JEWELRY MY""a Bachlelf ' Roger Kidneigh Sharon Chase - Barbara Grishaber - Ardafh Hagar Gy' I :I I I .f 'PI I KlNTZEL'S PRINTERS I-.,, 1 1 ' 'A' 1 i Q 'L BUSTARD'S FUNERAL DIRECTORS IH L f-f IT NORTHERN UTILITIES Pafsy Connell - Carey Connell 'm 5 ........... ...- 3 at I vu . urnsul . Si- 5.9.-.vj KEEFE'S FLOWERS WEINRICICS LOCKERS Janef Hussion - DeImar Cooke - Frances Brahm Tommy W I: ,Mgt -ll. 2 ' Q 'f QUALITY SHOP BOWEN'S HARDWARE Barbara La'Ha Keifh Perry and Cusfomer Z-W-..,,:M , .Q 1 'Z-fl f -- , -It N... A . U' DAlLEY'S STATIONERY JOHNSON CLOTHING M1 Mg 'rBgle RyAIl V , - . 'D in Q 'V' z'-Yi? S 8: L COMPANY ri e fy Ra e BERLET S COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY G e W d D b N ch I H my tix CASPER COMMISSARY HI A 1. Sharon Robb - Cu is Cohe - Pa s ms y Q r N X ' - . 1 A J N . ? I .Ll ' I eni oo s - e bie i os Pai' urley b K Wx ' Y P! u . L 'gn X if 5 ff A xx V ' X, uf V 'f een lbee and Sales Clerk if f A, J, WQQD5 3, 50N NATRONA COUNTY ABSTRACT Gary Julian - Clerk - Jerry Sylling irbggggi H SS S ""' ' 'S Sr" PRETTY AS A PICTURE I if Taken a+ B 8: B STUDIOS "PHOTOGRAPHY AT ITS BEST" I40 So. WoIcoH Dial 2-288l B 8: B STUDIOS Frances Howell E IILEVIQION nw: Ihr wif! ner CBS Asc A' DlM0hI I 'gram Exim COMMUNITY TELEVISION SYSTEMS Robert HEHNKE JEWELRY CO I L CULLIGAN SOFT WATER PETROLEUM INFORMATION Marlene Mowrer Abby Well rx ,ww A . F I I A, . S- idk MclNTYRE'S CIRCLE SERVICE John Pafferson 5 U 5 as 1 l .mww hi! .Y A., . 5? 4 Q Amis' wg. wefs 6 ' NATRONA MOTOR COMPANY Bill Frazier PWM qs 'TNQQWP W his AYRES JEWELRY WESTRIDGE RADIO SHOP Sales Clerk Shan Aslrma --un-I' WESTRIDGE SHOE and CLOTHING INC Gene Peach Sally Jo Sessoms 3 XX sv f--:sr-' RIALTO THEATRE, INC. Donna Bisher ,l I at H v A t 1 ' - , .f Ai -1 l iii v vi' , ' U . 3 if, , rgz- L, f ... Pk .t Y ff' 4 Q - fl-4. L ' , V l 7 ,Ii A Q- ' ' n . ' n fu". x M, 4' 5., - 1 K E , 243 1 --'- ' . 1 gn - V 5 AN' , W 4 , . ll F l h A s I l ... . , L A.. J I A M 1--M, 1 A 1 lm l Q I A - li 1 i 'A A A ' l STUART SHOP STEWART FURNITURE Phyllis Lagos Marlene Schmid? DODGE PLYMOUTH Forfy-one years in one loca+ion selling a dependable produc+ rendering re- liable service. COLISEUM MOTOR COMPANY FIFTH and WOLCOTT PEPSI COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Dwghf Ed ards TIM FORCE TIN SHOP Sallie Force :fi Jo Macsla 4 1 Z . l f - Y as ' som gl +9 , L OKES JEWELRY YEARBOOK DALLAS .sms A LITHOGRAPHED i , . - 'I

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