Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY)

 - Class of 1952

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Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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, K A 3919, 5 1 1 ' N - Mg gizffi 1 'ff:,1S52 x,,, -. A i . . W, WM, . k ,fgp .?1,,qm , Z: :Hg ..f,ff,12yfSff'1?r 3 ,M ,,-. -L,N,w. , 'rw .wismzk M72 1 , 1 L, I .x .1 ,bf X i Q , if ,MA Q7 97. . mga 5 1 fl 'lx-, K Q ifjgfy 1. , K " L2 Ag R " seg " ' New .,, K .. g , M Q ifsfa. .,:,,zm,. K . g.y,,,f,-jf,fsq,f , Q , . .mf M, , vw S H M 1- 'asm vp f . M K ' I fa1:5'2x?,21 1g,gg3frQ'2fga1L 'fi iW.i?!"e is 4 Y' is Lfefwbzgkk!--wA9' '- A . M, uzwgy. ' ' ' 'ff' ..,,, 5 V , w ml? -wi? -wwf:-s fA,Qf,,1. w A .M-.f ff. ny., 2, M,p,, When you are old and grey and full of sleep And nodding by gxfire. +alxe down this book, And slowly read. an y llll .eam of lhe soff lool: Your eyes had onceQ, nd of fheir shadows deep. X - YEATS 2 3, 9 HM- +A? r ' S 0 -s f L ki, P ui k yy xg if D is 1' el? H we ,L "y. xx, M , ,ts - fi,lM1,xll5l14L3E' , yy W' we A ew' in , .,s. L35 fi. A 45 l e Q v MHW21 V' 'e ' all lx. iw. 'X lefveeens-mummy fv1ww4.w'a.,Jsmrwwsv1 , , q:r4amr:'mMmwm.4.r -- . . f a+ nw Q ' az, sa .1 1 . . ' .1:.-zNz.f,.4,:.4 , xwzmumsvrlwwqrzmarnacaxlsx' -'vw :u'ct.1.ze,.1m1nnr:.:4la'.L.s-wssnul.rusrAvran f wif 5 .7952 Natrona County I-hkyh School Caspeg Wy Om in 9 The lighfs of indus+ry are reflecfed in fhe Iighfs of life and learning . . . r ! Table of Contents FACULTY .., I, CLASSES , SENIORS JUNIORS ,.4,..., SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN .......... ACTIVITIES .I.,.4. ' SPORTS . ..I.,, I MUSIC . . ONE DAY ..,III.IS,,,,.I.I ADVERTISING I,T,I T,T.I ., SENIOR ACTIVITIES I03 . II3 I23 I37 ,I,f9g ix f my N , M. I ' ' T 5 .4 M J X. W, 5 S sf FS "N NN XX XXXNXXXXX 26 If you have never stopped to think what a hapless and uneventful existence you would lead if it were not for the simple phenomenon of light, think of it now as you read this annual. What if everything were in total darkness where nothing would live or grow? What if it were so dark that you could not see your friends when you speak to them? What if there were no light by which to read this year book? Suppose you could not see the many methods by which light has been shown throughout this record. As you scan the book, note the use of light on almost every page in just a few of lights' many phasesg then enjoy this MUSTANG of 1952 with your new-found thought of light. WM, ,, V ff 5 9 V X ff " X ff 'llie liirst light entounteretl on our journey is the torner street-light whitli is slvrnuuling its glow tor our sgilety. llie huge hon tire rally, tlisplzlying the entliusinstit xtliool spirit of fellow stu- tlents, is in lull swing .is our couple joinx the group to tlieer the tetun on to vittory. As told through the medium of light, our story is hegun hy these headlights as they shine brightly on the luth ol' Ll typietll high school touplek evening. Continuing down the street the bright real, yellow, and green stop- sign next attracts our attention as it blinks on and off. Leaving the gay crowd, our couple drives through our brilliantly lighted city to view the decorations of the season. The friendly front gate lights, along with cheery voices from within, beckon us to join the fun at a friend's house. sv if What a more romantic sight can there be than the crescent moon gleaming in the heavens above our happy couple. While taking the long way home, the couple finds the lights of the oil industry shining like a splendid promise. A light proves its usefulness as it aids the distressed coufple with the problem of repairing the lat tire. From a favorite spot-the top of "C" Hill, a view of the city's lights is then taken by the two. And so ends our tale, as the tail-lights slowly fade away in the distance, bringing to a close a perfect evening, The hours having sped by, the couple sees the porch light shining as a beacon in the darkness. MUSTANG STAFF john Young jo Lea Sprecher Business Manager Editor That in years to come you may pullyour chair up by a cheerie fire, sit back, relax, and bring to clear focus, once again, that rosy haze around your four years in high school, that you will recall the hustle and bustle of the corridors-a teacher's friendly advice- the boy with the crew cut who is next to you in that picture-Mr. Walsh's talks over the PA-the way the building and campus looked as you left them after a full day of learningg that all these and many other memories will return as you look through your '52 Mustang, we, the staff, do sincerely wish. Miss Frances Feris and Miss Gwendolyn Hill Spomorr Marcus Hitchcock Head Photographer N-if 'Nw ,,d Margie Clare, Copfy lfzfilor ffnthcrinc Bagley, Ai iiilant 1311 iizzerr Manager janet W41gnc'r Arl1w'li.i'emer1l Artifl A Lfgmf A Lfghff A Lfgzvff ... Shirley Smith and Alan Alexander Al'fiIf.f Miller . il Xl xi, ,J ix 'lil . S il 'x ilk john Hitchcock, Gay Wehrli, and Bobby Shepherd Photographer! A sincere vote of thanks from the student body is genuinely due the faculty of NCHS, who are truly the guiding lights for each and every member. Na- trona County High school is known throughout the entire state for its great many outstanding students, who have excelled in their usual class studies as well as the extracurricular activities which are so prevelant at the Casper High School. The activities are sponsored by faculty members who devoted their time and effort unselfishly toward a successful goal. There is hardly a teacher who has not at sometime taken the respon- sibilities of sponsorship of one or more of the many organizations. Enough credit cannot be given our genial faculty members who are at all times ready and willing to give help to any student so desirous of this aid. ! Mnn'J bex! candle if his understanding . . . Proverb NL ' i Q X ,S FACULTY Light seeking light doth light of light heguile . . . Shakespeare S. KELLY WALSH, B.A., M.S. DEAN C. MORGAN, B.S., M.A. High School Principal Superintendent of School: Colorado State College of Education University of Wyoming University of Idaho Springfield College TED BUCHHOLZ, B.A., M.A. Vice Principal North Dakota Teachers College Brigham Young University University of Wyoming Director of Guidance and Audio-Visual Aids NELI. PATE Deon of Girly University of Wyoming University of Montana Northwestern University Sponsor of Girls' League Future Teachers of America WALTER KINGHAM, B.A Vocational Co-ordinntor University of Wyoming Sponsor of Student Council Forever lead like 41 living flame MILTON BEITEL, B. S. Science Northern Illinois State Teachers College University of Wyoming Sponsor of Junior Class PAUL BRIGGS, B.S., B.A. Football Coach University of Colorado University of Illinois BLAINE COOLBAUGH, B.S., B,M. Head of Instrumental Music Kansas State University Fort Hays State University Sponsor, Swing Band, Small Ensembles DAN DETI, B.S., M.A. Foreign Language University of Wyoming University of Mexico University of Southern California Middlebury College, Vermont Sponsor of Spanish Club MARY DILLE, B.A. Social Science Iowa State Teachers College University of Washington University of Southern California Drake University DOROTHY EYESTONE, B.S., M.A. Vocal Music Kansas State College University of Michigan FRANCES F. FERIS, B.A., M.A. Head of English Department University of Iowa Sponsor of National Forensic League Senior Class, Alnrmng. Christmas Pageant University of Wyoming PAULINE FUSSELMAN, B.A. Commercial Colorado State College of Education MARY GABER, B.A. Social Studies University of Wyoming University of California CLARA FRANCES GADBERY, B,A., M.A. English Kansas State Teachers College University of Hawaii University of Southern California College de jesus Marie, Quebec Washington and Lee University Cooke Thaw 'R-'Z' nX-N ' gtg? I L ,N i N Sim!! I turn up llae light of knowledge for you? . . . Shaw DOLLIE HAGAN, B.A. Head of Science Department Iowa State University University of Southern California University of Colorado University of Denver EDITH HEGWAR, B.A., B.S. Head of Library Department Wells College University of Minnesota MARTHA HAGAR, B.F.A. Vocal Music Wayne State Teachers College University of Colorado University of Wyoming JACK HERBERTSON, B.S., M.A. Mathematics University of Wyoming KATHLEEN HEMRY, B.A., M.A. English University of Wyoming Sponsor, Concessions, Freshmen Class, NCHS Newcomers Club GWENDOLYN HILL, B.A. English University of Colorado University of Wyoming University of California Sponsor of Radio Guild M1z,rinng DUKE HIMEBAUGH, B.S., M.A. Head of Commercial Department Kansas State Teachers College University of Colorado University of Minnesota University of Columbia Sponsor, Saving Stamps Day GRACE SLIND JACOBSON, B.A.,'M,A Head of Vocal Music Department Northwestern University MacPhael College of Music University of Wyoming Sponsor, Madrigal BUNNY JACKSON, B.S. Home Economics Montana State College Sponsor, Pep Club KENNETH JAY, B.A, English and Foreign Language University of Wyoming I f you have knowledge let others lzght thezr candles at zt NELL JONES, B.A. Head of Mathematics Department University of Iowa University of Southern California University of Denver University of Colorado ROBERT LAHTI, B.S. Science and Mathematics Black Hills Teachers College ANKER LARSEN, B.A. Mechanical Drawing Montana State Teachers College ETHEL L. LINDSEY, A.B., M.A. English University of Nebraska University of Wyoming University of Chicago University of Berkley Sponsor of English Club ROSE MARY MALONE, B.A., M.A. Library College of St. Catherine University of Minnesota University of Denver RUBY MCBRIDE, A.B., A.M. Head of Foreign Language Department University of Iowa University of Southern California Sponsor of Latin Club ROBERT MACOMBER, B.S., M.A. English Southwest Missouri State College Colorado State College of Education University of Paris HARRY MANGUS, B.A. Commercial University of Wyoming Sponsor of Wrestling Team JAMES MESSIMER, B.S. Inclustrial Arts Armed Forces Institute University of Wyoming ELSIE MICHALKE, B.S., M.S, Girls' Physical Education Michigan State Normal College University of Michigan Knowledge, ln tfutb 15 the great run zn the firmament . . . Webster FLOYD MICHAEL, B.S. Welding Shop University of Wyoming LOWELL MYERS, B.A. Social Studies Central State College, Oklahoma Sponsor of Sophomore Class RUTH PETTIGREW, B.A,, M.A. English University of Arkansas University of Chicago University of Columbia Sponsor, Tbe Gzzfloer Quill and Scroll Club SHADOW RAY, B.S. Head of Athletic Department University of Wyoming Sponsor of "C" Club EARL REED Head of Art Department Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Sponsor of Christmas Pageant WILLIAM REESE, A.B. Mathematics Dickenson College Washington and Lee University University of Wyoming Sponsor of Track Team HAZEL RICHARDS, B.A. Commercial University of Denver University of Colorado University of Southern California VIRGIL Y. RUSSELL, A.B., M.A. Head of Social Science Department University of Kansas University of Arizona University of California University of Wichita GEORGE SCULLEN Machine Shop MARGARET SI-IIDLER, B.S. Foreign Language Central Missouri State Teachers College Seeking Ziglar fm IVA SMITH, B.S., M.S. Science and Mathematics University of Nebraska University of Wyoming OLEN THOMPSON Auto Mechanics University of XVyoming ANNA SUE TISDALE, B.A. English New Mexico A.8cM. Sponsor of junior Class National Thespians, Cheerleaders PEGGY TOBIN, B.S. Commercial Mundelin College, Chicago University of Wyomirig Sponsor of Big Sisters WILI.IE VANDIVER, B.A., M.A. Science Nebraska Wesleyan University University of Colorado ALICE XVALKER, B.A. Mathematics University of Denver WANDA WALTERS, B.S. Home Economics George Wasliington University Casper junior College University of Ohio State MARJORIE WILHELM, B.S. English and Social Studies University of Minnesota National University of Mexico University of Columbia Sponsor of Pep Club PEARL BURNS Registrar NELL KIMBALL Attendance Clerk Are ye! a master light of all our reeifzg . . . Wordsworth X .X , T 5 4 xg Y ,I Hx . - N, 7 ,M 1 X N, 1 I x L J-A.9 H ' ' ' x ' Q i Y X R ,, 4 if iff OTHALIE JACK Secretary to the Superintendent MAUDE JOSLYN Business Office MARTHA MARTIN Business Office NORA RINGLE Manager of Books and Supplies STELLA RUSSELL Business Office WALTER SAVAGE, B.S., M.S. University of Wyoming Business Manager Turning the log: will make a dull flame burn brighter . . . LOIS MILLER, R. N. Head of School Health Department University of Wyoming University of Colorado Montana State College Colorado Training School for Nurses CAPTAIN MAX R. FLOYD Head of Military Department SERGEANT LEE R. YOUNG Instructor in Military Science SERGEANT PETERSON Instructor in Military Science SERGEANT CHARLES L. SPRIGGS Instructor in Military Science SERGEANT RICHARD A. DERBY Instructor in Military Science he 57' f .gf-f, if ,fl Longfellow X 5 W I9 Q SCHOOL BOARD I iz M emoriiim GEORGE N. WRIGHT Served competently on Natrona County High School and District No. 2 School Board from july 11, 1949 to October 26, 1951. Mrs. R. Mitchell, Dr. H. M. Shidler, E. A. Swedenborg, President, David Foote, Sr Secretary, Henry A. Boffer, Morgan D. Davis, T. H. W.1lker. Be ye guided by the light of our wixdom . . . Anon ,.. f' ' ,rf CLASSES STUDENT COUNCIL Susan Nichols, Gusher Representative: Herbert Hamilton, Freshman Presidentg Larry Monk, junior Representative, Ronald Estes, Sophomore Presidentg Sally Kingham, Student Body Treasurerg Kay Quinn, junior-Representative, Bob Doll, Boys' Vice Presidentg Richard Hartwell, Student Body Presidentg Jessie Harris, Girls' Vice Presidentg Catherine Begley, Student Body Secretary, joLea Sprecher, Mustang Representative, jackie Ullom, junior President, Milton Ground, Senior Presidentg Jeanette Everett, Sophomore Represen- tativeg Pat Ramsey, Freshman Representative. Student leadership is seen in action every morning during the homeroom period at the Student Council meetings. Through the untiring efforts of Sponsor Mr. Walter Kingham, this law-making body has been a success for many years. In all its various projects, such as clean-up campaigns, dances, and assemblies, this council administers a constructive program of worthwhile activities to the entire student body. Ami the sentinel .ff471'J' Je! their uwfrh in lbe .rev . . Campbell ,,y ' f ,,r'f',. ,, ,141 Qgs V. -,g - - f- -. A ., , 4?f'.4,, V2 Q 1 E' , 5? 7 WV, t dr , .V ,l , X X 'x " E -. e ,Q in X M34-A-.wff , f I A Nw.-QA, ' .9 'un , Jgrw- V ,L-1' ,T 45 'il' ,,,:Qf51'i fl ,mmf 'Win ,if ,552 A ,fig ,. SENICRS I ff' fd? -ft .J jf' OFFICERS But what 4 Jzzcidefz bury! of 0zfe1'p0u'e1'i1zgliglot . . , Wcmrdsworth SENIOR CLASS Frances Feris Joanna Rand, Treasurerg Ann Smyth, Secretary, Milton Ground Spomm' President, Marcus Hitchcock, Vice President. Directly in the spotlight in the eyes of the school were the Seniors, who having reached their long-awaited goal, proved to all that they were worthy of the honor spot. As Fresh- men, the class chose Chuck Ebinger to be president of the class, and the Freshmen girls selected George Ann Brannan and joLea Sprecher to reign at the Coed Ball as Queen and Princess. In their second year Tom Kidd was elected president of the class. With Dick Hartwell as leader of the energetic juniors, the junior Follies were a great success. The title of the production was "On the Beat with Kelly," and Bob Peterson was starred in the role of the Irish policeman. This achievement and also the beautiful junior Prom, "Out of this World," can largely be accredited to their popular sponsor, Miss Frances Feris, whose supervision was invaluable. The election of Senior Class officers gave the class responsibilities to Milton Ground chosen president, Marcus Hitchcock, vice-presi- dentg Ann Smyth, secretary, and Joanna Rand, treasurer. The entire student body elected Dick Hartwell, the star athlete of the class, to the supreme office of Student Body Presi- dent. Sally johnson and Tom Kidd, distinguished during their high school career, were also chosen to represent the state of Wfyoming at Girls' Nation and Boys' Nation at Washington, D. C., where they attained more glories for themselves, the school, and the state, along with their debate honors. Chosen to reign at the Homecoming Football Game was Reita Donohue, the Mustang Queen of 1951. She was selected, along with Moxey Brannan, Sandy Hershey, Sally Kingham, and joLea Sprecher, her attendants, by the male members of NCHS. To mention a few outstanding athletes in the class of '52, Danny White, Dick Hartwell, Bob Brady, Bob Sedar, jack Allen, Bob Doll, Ben Baker, and Bill Duncan lead the list of those who have led,NCHS to many victories in all branches of sports. With the strains of "Pomp and Circumstances" bringing the close to four wonderful years filled with many unforgettable activities, the Seniors withdraw from the spotlight, but leave it burning brightly for the future classes, and sadly bid adieu to NCHS. And llvc ffzrgcsl Kamp if li! . . . Bcdducs 'ai ff' ?"' at ugh' R D Q K' f 6,19 DONALD ACKFRMAN ALAN ALIZXANDITR JACK ALIEN JACK ANDERSON BARBARA ATWOOO fu! IRVING BAcHEI,I.OR BENNIE BAKER SHANNON BARKER CATHERINE BEGLIZY NATALIE BENTZEN ,M U BARBARA BIZRTZ Ross BEYER MARX' BILLINGSLEY JUIIITH BISHOP CAROL BLANFORD 0.1 -'Eb .L WA of MAIKY BI.AT'I' BAYARI5 WII.SON ELEANOR BOSON VERNI? BRAIIEIIRY LEWIS BRAIHSHAW 'IE For fike 41 bffzzing Jim' Jb07ZE the Hgh! . . . Folk Song ,ii ff' 6' an Y 42.557 ' ROBERT BRADY GEORGE ANN BRANNAN LAURENCE BREWER JOHN BRISCOE MABEL BRISLAWN RAY BROOKE RALPH BURGER I QI BARBARA CHISM 6 I ., ' fislfflyiss MARION BROWN CLIFFORD BUNDY WAYNE BUNDY JOAN BUNNEY gi L x A -k-k If L,-df ,..g f I .if L L f. 2 - 'Q E ' TOMMY BURRIDGE CLARK CAPP ANNE CASCIATO PATRICIA CARR QL o 5 'A 6. OVW I vhlf I VIRGINIA CHRISTOPHER WYOMA CLAPP MAR JORIE CLARE PHYLLIS CLARK 1 Il"l2w1 flu' fight rode high . . . Shelley ff' ' PEL Y QISI' N 'F A xxx ia 43, Q' FL X I i 'W- -A JL xl on 9 THOMAS CLIEMMONS LYNN COLE VON COLES HORACE CONGOR jo ARDIZNE COOPER on ff ns... a? ,--I' 1 4 1' wi' WII.I.IAM COYNIQ jI2ssIa CRABTREE DONALD CULVER ANELLA CIIRRENCE RONALD DALLEX' "" f' W ' ew I 122227 -if .M -uw W V 3 41" JOHN DALY NANCY DAVIS DONALD DENMAN DICK DEVITT STANLEY DEVORE aw : U0 . MARY DOIIIIINS DANIIQL DOHIZRTY ROBERT DOLL GLENETTA DONALDSON REITA DONOHUE 27 4' .1 The 51111 f.ffd1'g61' 1114112 if M0195 . . . Proverb I I 'IQ I A " aww' Q ,, mf 'Is X 0 DONNA DOYLE WILLIAM DUNCAN LOUIS DUNN SAMUEL EASON CHARLES EBINGER PPV' ,le JOANNE EDWARDS ROBERT ELLIOTT JAMES ELLIS EVE EVERETT LA VONNE FERRIS A . . V Q- V WILLIAM FORD FRANCES FREDERICK ROSEMARY WILSON GLENDA GERING GEORGE GOLAY LUV' MARIAN GOLAY LOIS GOODMAN JANE GOODRICH BEVERLY GORMAN DON GRAHAM A II., J . I G fa, y 28 Lo, Ike moi! exfeflwzl 51112 I0 Iufm and lmuglvly . . . Wlwitnwaln N E A I ' : , 5 'D' B I X I I' ,U9 Mll.TON CQROIIND WAYNII GlJBI2R CARI. GIISTAFSON JAMES WOOD ROBERT HAMII ww U ,Aint S31- MARQARIQT HAMIITDN ARDIs HAND IRA HARBARGBR LYNNE HARDER JIESSIE HARRIS Q-'Sf Nl ow R QW! DWAYNII HARRISON RICHARD l'iAR'l'WliI.I. TNIARTHA HAYS HARVARID HIEATON PAIII. HBBBBRT ...... Al,liA HIaMMAN'I' RONALD HIQRMIQS SONDRA HBRSIIIQY VAN HICKS BARBARA 29 There mme el flayla - ez mzrllifzg glare . . . Wordsworth 'khan MARCUS HITCHCOCK MADELINE HOGG EVERETT HOLCOMB JAMES WILCOX DUANE HOUGHAM BOBBY HOWARD LESLIE HOWELL MERVYN HOWELL JEAN HUNT HARVEY HUNT gig GX U. WARREN JACKMAN BILLIE JACKSON MERNA JEPSON HERBERT JOHNSTON SARAH JOHNSON ,J 'A -Q, L J .T L A ANITA JOLLEY ELVA MAY JONES RAYMOND JONES THOMAS KIDD LILLIAN KILLHAM 30 Tfw ffmlv of light if .Iliff the .mme . . . Child I I Wx If ALICE KINIQ GEORGE KING WILLIAM KING SALLY KINGHABI IWARK KNITTLE ,P 1 E. ,MK I 43' my C IIAIII.u'I"I If KIIINII, THOMAS KORMAN KAY KRAJICEK LEROY LAATSCI-I XXflLI.IAM LAIID 'KI fd I M HUWARII LANG KENNETH LASSILA WAYNE LESHER DARLENE LESLIE JACQIIELINE LLOYD Nniawi II- 'X ANNAlili'l'H I,o'1"r JAMES I.o'I"I' ANASTAIQIOS LoII'I'As BRUCE LYNCH BETTY jo LACY 3l Tbe Ilvifzg to do if to .fuplhfy ligbl . . Wilson ' ' 'ffl-"9 1 . lifes? ' , A vw - 'ifr Qgr- , . E' Y L A 5, ff 14 9 EEE HR 5 , RICHARD MCALLISTER MARVIN MCCASH BERT MCDOWEI.L BARBARA MCFALL RUTH ANN MCHENRY RWE, .:.,.: ,V Q J ,H Iwi ,,' ,. J ,-iqxzeisvf-615 ,,-.Aw Jaw A E 51-??'x15E,Ei55f', Qigjipfigg v J if T 1 ,SF E gag we Z ' C Q A 5 Q o rg ff BARBARA MCILROY BEVERLY MCMILLEN JIM MCINTOSH LLOYD MACY NORENE MARSH fad' ,M L , E ME Pl X ow HENRY MASCARENAS JEAN MAYO HOWARD MICK KENNETH MILLER CHARLES MONTGOMERY 'Rf' HAROLD MORGAN MICHAEL MOULDEN BARBARA MUNDELL JOHN MURANE JOHN MIJRPHY 32 'Huff fvzzrc t'C'I'U7'ffA1' off1w'fwf figfrf . , . Tennyson .7 J , gb 'Sf MlIfllAl:l, MI.RvIIY WIIIA MAIQ MlIRI'HY BIIRNAYSIQ NIIFF SUSAN NICHOLS JANICIZ NIl,lES IIEANNIA, NoR'I'IIRIIIf jIINIs OI,IaI2R'I' JOSEPH PAVEIKA BARBARA PAYNI2 AIICIQ PIQCK fov' --5' eel' RUIIIN PIQILKIIAM Rom-:R'I' PI-:'I'I-3RsuN NIQII PIa'I'IaRsoN ANNI2 PHILLIPS MARY LYNN PICKREL .6 SlllRl,liY PINNIQY I'IIYI,I.Is PI,As'I'IeRs f:ARY PROPII NORMA RAIIER PATRICIA RAGER 33 'N ,wwf , X . R : :'Z.q' J ,Gow S Grew! men are meteor! defignea' to burn 50 that the earth may be ligblecz' . . . Napoleon fl Rio' DOROTHY RAINS MAVIS RAMAGE JOANNA RAND ROBERT RAVERT RAY RICHARDSON HAROLD ROBY JIMMY ROGERS LOUIE ROUSSALIS NEAL ROBEERTS JAMES SAXTON QI av' 1 add VIRGINIA SAY DELORES SCOTT ELIZABETH SCOTT SARA LEE SCOTT ROBERT SEDAR SSW' .s-'7 RUTI-I SEILBACH GERALDINE SELLERS BEVERLY SHAULL JOYCE SI-IERRY MAXINE SI-IIPMAN Tlmy begin In fling llwiI'fh11'i11g lnwzzf . . . Milton LAIIRELLA SIMPSON LINDA SING CAROLYN SMITH 'Ts , NY f 7 , I X I JEANETTE SPAWN ANN SMYTH ROBERT SPALDING BENTON STEVENSON ROBERT STEPP IVAN STEVUART RAMONA STOCK -'CF' 5 Fx fx. ,lg A T '- :J ' ' I . DIXIE STONIZR GENE STRASHEIM DOROTHY SULLIVAN JOHN SULLIVAN 9571 ,I 41505 ROBERT SMITH SHIRLEY SMITH jo LEA SPRECHER RONALD STEARNS U BONNIE STOFFEL IRA TAYLOR The lighz they leave hehilzd them . . Longfellow RICHARD TAYLOR JACK THOMAS SANDRA THOMAS MARY T IGHE JOAN TOWNSEND SHIRLEY TRAVIS JOAN TRIMBLE PRISCILLA T RU JILLO BILL WHITE DORIS TUCKER RONALD TULEY JOYCE UNDERWOOD GILBERT VICIL HARRY VITTO DOLORES VROMAN N' 4 M CARLA WALKER ROMA WEAVER MAURICE WEBER WARREN TUCKER FRANCES WHEELER 36 Al the departing minbowir my . . Byron CYNTHIA COIL MONA DILLMAN BARNEY MYIERS DARLENE HENDERSON FRANCES VROMAN W1 J lv' ROY WIT1' DAN w,Hl'I'li HOWARIB YANT IOHN YOUNG 37 r 'vdoas or 09 saws Q10 The li ht Of? xgo This modern age ! Ifj cow anda plow and 3 neu hada Dance Gypsy! g And tell our fortunes. of time passed flickers again Ford "Out of This World" near the moon. NATIONAL QULLL and SCROLL r'r'i A 1 ,f- First row: Susan Nichols, George Ann Brannan, Kay Krajicek, Alea Hemmant, Miss Ruth Pettigrew, La Vonne Ferris, Mary Blatt, jane Goodrich, Priscilla Trujillo, Doris Tucker, jo Cooper. Second row: Joanna Rand, Vanita Wilson, jo Lea Sprecher, Margie Clare, Jessie Harris, Phyllis Plasters, Virginia Say, Norene Marsh, Glenda Gering, Eve Everett, Ardis Hand, Lynn Cole, Barbara Mcllroy, Norma Rader. Third row: Ross Beyer, Bob Spalding, Clifford Bundy, Dan Doherty, Wayne Guber, Beverly Shaull, Mickey Moulden, Neal Roberts, Robin Peckham, john Murane. Twenty-five years ago a Quill and Scroll chapter was granted to NCHS and since then junior journalists have earnestly worked towards their membership in the organization by editing and publishing the school paper, the Gusherg journalistic work on the annual is also acceptable in the requirements. Members must also be either a junior or senior in NCHS, and in the upper third of their class. The sponsor of this active group is Miss Ruth Pettigrew. l 4' 0 Z T f A pen can Jerre ar a torch . , . ' ' l Y Vfatson f g 39 NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE First row: Ardath Hagar, Sally Johnson, Sallie Force, Darla Kusel. Second row: john Dailley, Kay Quinn, Lynn Pirie, janet Waggener, Ann Steele. Third row: Bob Deffeyes, Mauritz Kallerud, LeRoy Ellison, Sharon Dickensheets, Delton Hudson, Mary Lynn Shreffler. Fourth row: Duke Briscoe, John Young, Charles Holland, Ronald Stearns, Bill Everett. Fifth row: Charles Watson, Howard Mick, Marcus Hitchcock, Tom Kidd, Bruce Lynch, john Murane. Building leadership characteristics through the art of expressive speech is the main objective of the National Forensic League. The students who are members of this organization must have a minimum of twenty points gained through participation in interscholastic speech tournaments to be eligible for membership. From 'the time of their admision into the NFL, the students build upon their points toward the highest oratorical degree, the Degree of Distinction. Miss Frances Feris, who has been given the Diamond Key Award for being an outstanding coach in the national organization, is the sponsor for the National Forensic League. The officers for this past year were Ronald Stearns, president, and Mary Lynn Shreffler, secretary. -, X all 15 k 'xi .fl .55 ix X X 1. Fire in each eye, and papers in each band, 1 5 They rave, recite, and madden round the Zami . . . ,Ig-x -i Pope 3 - 40 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First row: Susan Nichols, Margie Clare, Kay Kraiicek, Sally johnson, Norma Rader, jane Goodrich Shirley johnson, Gaynelle Logan. Second row: Shirley Pinney, Dorothy Neff. Mary Ellen Echols Barbara Atwood, Miss Dollie Hagan, Sponsorg Anna Drew Ikard, Eve Everett, janelle Tipton, jessie Harris. Third row: Donna Culver, Bob Deffeyes, Kenneth Lassila, Don Estes, Charles Watson, Melvin I-ledstrom, john Murane, Ross Beyer, john Young, Don Culver, Betty Riley, Kay Quinn, james Ellis, jo Lea Sprecher. Fourth row: Clifford Bundy, Charles Ebinger, Bill Ladd. Brain power counts above all to become a member of the National Honor Society, because only the upper 15 per cent of the senior class and the upper 5 per cent of the junior class can be members. This year the lowest senior average was 1.79, and the lowest junior average was 1.25. The officers for this year were Don Culver, presidentg Ross Beyer, vice president, Sally johnson, secretaryg Margie Clare, treasurer. The sponsor of this organization is Miss Dollie Hagan. NATIONAL Hdnon sociE'rv S 'Q i 7 .2 I' Z 7 A 9 of l l f f Burton .2-f' Learning if a light in itrelf . . . lj ! J ' 41 NATIONAL THESPIANS First row: Paul Johnson. Ellen Noonan. George Clark, Varion Ponton, Rachel Yaap, john Parker, joanne Dvoracek. Second row: jim Fox, Dolores Bissacca, Tom Wheatley, Lester Wilson, Tom Korman. Third row: Nancy Winfrey, Stan Morean, Gaynelle Logan, John Havill, Neil Roberts, Bill Swan. Fourth row: Dee Edwards, julane Lloyd, jim Chapin, Mrs. Anna Tisdale, Ann Steele. Fifth row: Prudy Edwards, Anna Drew Ilcard, Kay Quinn, jennelle Tipton, Nancy Goodman. Since the National Thespians was organized by an NCI-IS instructor many years ago, the club has grown into a national society, which has chapters in most of the forty-eight states, as well as in many foreign countries. Students who are interested in dramatics are eligible for membership in the National Thespians according to the points they receive for appearing in various productions, stage crew work is also considered for membership. The officers for the past year have been: Tom Burley, President, George Clark, Stage Manager, julane Lloyd, Secretary, and Rachel Yaap, Treasurer. The group's sponsor is Mrs. Anna Sue Tisdale. 496.5 I4 The lzgblr come up, the play lvegzfzs . . . Wright JUNIGRS X 'M 4 V - M .M M.. -12, RX' ' K . .2- imil' tx' , , :Q 7 wc- ' ff, K :,f"'rn ' V - .5 5 . ,igulum Q1 .' In ,Q . - ' QS f-5 4 X ,h,,, h 5 hx 43 Anna Sue Tisdale Sporzfor Their deed! hrought them forth into the light . . . Wordsworth Larry Monk, Representative, Kay Quinn, Representative, Tom Burley, Vice President, Jack Ullom, President, Stan Marean, Sec- retary-Treasurer. Milton Beitel S omor Stealing the spotlight for the two nights of November 8 81 9 in their most enjoyable presentation of "A Fiesta South of the Border", the junior Follies of '51, the juniors were more than proud with the able supervision of Mrs. Anna Tisdale, their sponsor, and Rachel Ikard, their dancing instructor. Initiating the idea of a no solo production and only one dance per person, the class found that the plan was a successful way to cope with the very large number of interested juniors. The dialogue of the show was carried on by Kay Quinn and Stan Marean, who played the parts of two American tourists on a week's vacation in Mexico, and Tom Burley, who guided them to all the colorful high- spots in our southern neighbors country. The dramatic ability of these three talented juniors was a definite asset to the Follies. Also headlined among the junior activities was the junior Prom given in the spring for all Seniors and juniors, and their datesg the expenses for this dance are paid for from the proceeds of the Follies. The officers for the year were jack Ullom, president, Tom Burley, vice-president, Stan Marean, secretary-treasurerg and Larry Monk and Kay Quinn, representatives. A few who deserve mention in the sweep of our searchlight for important events and people are jack Donohue, Tom Burley, Don Starr, and Beazie Baker, who are the tops in sports, Kay Quinn and Charles Watson, who are very active in National Forensic League workg and many other equally worthy students who will add their talents to these to make their Senior year even more eventful than their Junior one. Auf! mic' .1 fi1I1fC1'lI to Zigbz your way . . . XX'oi1lswortl1 'xx Q lfirat row' Cfoonic' Allwv. Dixn Ail.iiiison, Betty ,lo Buttvrs, Dolores Bissmui, Dolores Buihlrr. M.1rilyn Alla-i', IJonn.i ltilnolk, Lynm- B.iiln-y. Scioml row: Yuvonnc Billingsley, M.irsliii Aluxnmlvr, Bill Br.nnn.m, lim Bxlccr, Frnmcs Atlcins, Sharron Bouluiux, Carolina- Butler, Calrlrm' Burimp 'liliiiwl row. Dill: Allxmson, hlolin Bishop, Tom Burlcy, Tom Bci'l1tcl, Glenn Brooks. 'Iam' Boll, lirlc B.ri'lo. if . K7 liirst row: ,loan Cfnrtcr. Ailum B.1rton, Shirley Croncn, Gaye Baughmzin, Beatrice Carson, Alcan c.Ullxl4'lill'llY, K.itlilu'n Bryan, lil-try Bl.ilcL-ly. Suonll row: l.0I'fAlll"lL' Cook, Larry Browning, Slot! lil-imgriolv, Bolw Bi'.ulsh.iw, Bill Christopher. Bill Bmnlh, Bill Cheney. Mary ,lean Bryan. Third row: fgiwlwolt, Shirli-y Cook, Bill Coopcr, Put Clark, Cllll Christiiinson, Ralph Culwr Bolw liiwslr-13 M.irxin Brow. lVlvere are 117056 Ziglar! 50 many and fair , . . Coleridge First row: judee Carter, Ruth Edwards, Dee Edwards, Prudence Edwards, Lucille Davis, Ellen Evans, Beulah Davis, Shirley Day. Second row: Ann Carlson. joan Clark, Kent Christensen, Kenny Dawson, Jim Chapin, Bill Edgerton, Pat Davidson. Third row: jack Donohue, Ron Doscher, Bob Deffeyes, Jack Carter, Don Darnall, George Clark, Bob Conley, jack Canfield.- 'il First row: Marlyss Gaughran, Mary Ellen Echols, Alma Jean Hutchison, Patsy Henning, Sally Flavin, Helen Harris, Sally Gilardi. Second row: Kathryn Hormecker, Delma Hembree, Shirley Fisher, Don Ferguson, Janice Fry, Doris Fullinwider, Wilmri Erickson, Frances Easter. Third row: Duane Fronk, Robert Fischer, Don Estes, Frank Easter, Bill Gifford, Gene Gilleland, Russ Edwards. C , at ,rg Ms..,.,.,n.. K It They are lwiddwz in the ligbz of tlmuglvf . . . Shelley First row: Shirley johnson, Laurine vluriens, Connie jones, Anna Drew lkartl, Peggy Hodge, Ann lloke, Martha Hitks, .luanita Harlow. Setontl row: Orsinia Karantyas, Dorothy Koerlver. ,lolin juttheson, Cliarles Hollantl, Ray julian, Sam justice, Paul johnson, Marilyn johnson. 'lliirtl row: llarry Horn, 'lot' Hampton, Melvin Hetlstrom, ,lolm Harhaugli, Dale Humherson lolin llavill, Clytle Huher W, A Aww. l 'fa ef 'Nv- .1 First row: -luanita Mtiiovney, Cherry Meflagliren, Doris Kaltlenherg, Elaine Marklantl, ,losephine Mulltey, Ciaynell Logan, .lulun Lloyd, ,Ioann Magee. Setontl row' Truely Morton, Tommy Lockhart, Mary Ann Kintl, Mary Hester Murphy, liarhara Kennison, Ahlwy Martyr, Barham Kukura, Ber- nartl Metkein, Alwe Miller. Tliirtl row: Marvin Martin, Steve Knittle, Pat Murphy, LeRoy Lamb. llutltly la-nel-c, Steve Mello, George Kohel, Rohert Manning. Ami llae lmztewz dimly lmrning . . . Wolfe ,- IN First row: Mary jo Poirier, Mary Mascarenas, Marcia McCoy, Martha Platz, Paula Parchman, Shirley Matzke, Edith Nilsen, Dorothy Neff, Ellen Noonan. Second row: Anna Phillips, Ronnie Nunn. Carl Newman, Thurel Novotny, Kurt Meigh, Bob Nelson, john Pappas, Jerry Meranda. Third row: Walter Parks, William Onstead, Gay Nations, jerry McDowell, jim Meador, Dave Mc- Reynolds, Larry Monk, Stanley Marean. First row: Shirley Schwabrow, Janet Streeter, Dorothy Robertson, Shirley Rodgers, Ray Putra, Mary Ann Robertson, Coriena Reitano, Betty Riley, Kay Quinn. Second row: Genaro Rivera, jim Rhoades, Dick Rissler, Donovan Ryan, Bermard Rush, jack Radden, Will Ramsour, jerry Stoneking. Third row: Harold Pope, Orson Porter, Varion Ponton, Kenneth Polsley, Robert Potter, Dick Pitman, Larry Phillips. AIIQl.fllddl'I1!'l' - 'tif light . , Morris rf K . i , XX ' . 5' 9, First row: Mary I.ynn Shreffler. Mary Scott, Harriette Sternberg, Rosemary Smith, Ruth Ann Stewart, Wyntvinzi Stewart, Kay Spencer, Gloria Simmons, jean Shilaos. Seconcl rowi Ann Smith, lioh Wriltlc-n, Bion Wlyman, Bclvin Shaw, Corky Satterfielcl, Ervin Smith, Sharon Stanton. Thircl row: Loo Sanchez, Hill Stewart, Frank Swccncy, Harold Smith, Douglas Snyclcr, Donn Starr, llill Swan, Chuck Riclgway. liarhara Uhcr, Rosia Trujillo, Boh Ycamans, Second row: jim XX'agncr, Bonnie Young. Nancy XX'liitc, l'at XX'illiamson, Dorothy Wfooclin, klcnnc-llc Tipton, Cliarlottt' Thornc. Ritharcl Trulillo. 'Vlurcl row: I.c-star Willstmn, liill Strickcr, jackie Ullom, Charlcs Wlatson. .loc Wliite. 'lim Wfhit- man, Dclwin Wclcrks. 'N First row: Tommy Wfhcatlcy, Beverly Vcrclick, Juanita Wells, Doris Vawscr, Georgia Unangst. 'N si 'Q GUSHER STAFF First row: Sprecher, Buchler, Quinn, Beyer, Blatt, Brannan. Goodrich, Rader, Trujillo, Mcllroy, Cole, Plastc-rs. Second row: Clare, Rand, Krajicek, Nichols, Ruth Pettigrew, Edwards, Shaull, Simpson. Third row: Harris, Hcmmant, Ferris. Marsh. Gering, Hand. Carter, Ackerman, MacGee, johnson, Lloyd. Imggy, Cooper, Wilson. Fourth row: Say, Doherty, Dalley, Roberts, Peckham, Bundy, Spgiltling, Noonan, Edwards. Miirztne. Getting a first taste of what the eventful life of a journalist would be like, the members of the Gusher Staff, under the supervision of Miss Ruth Pettigrew, write the articles which report the latest news and happenings of the student body, solicit ads for the financial assistance needed, and generally publish the Gusher bimonthly. . Susan Nichols has been the editor for the past yearg Joanna Rand, the business managerg and Kay Krajicek, the circulation manager. All the untold work of this group is sincerely enjoyed by the readers of the Gusher. 4 .5 V af Q l 1- i C ,,-'I Vw X .gf a f 'Y To .rpot-light the laappefzifigr about uf . . . p Il 7 Tony Wons f Rl LATIN CLUB 5 First row: Begley, Meade, Ludwig, Ore, Carter. Radeo, Goodrich, Goodman, Willizims, johnson, Kusel, Connell, Miss McBride, Sponsor, Scoville, Alexander, Yaap, Croco, Wiaggener, jones, Herzille, Second row: Pirie, Edwards. Grogan, Schoolcraft, Cluver, Barnum, johnson, Echols, Wliitcr, Brown, Ellison, Kalerud, Steinman, Ellis. Hoffman, Roussalis, Wfatson, Estes, Pappas, Ullom, Twidale, Perry. Horn, Henry, Swan, Everett. Returning to ancient days of the great Roman reign, the members of the Latin Club try to understand how the students of that day would live, act, dress, and eat by stressing in both the business and entertainment divisions of their monthly gatherings, the use of Latin terms and customs. Chosen as president was jane Goodrich, with Charles Watson serving as vice president, Norma Rader was the secretary, and Darla Kusel was treasurer. James Ellis was pontifex maximus. The picnic planned for the late spring for the members and their guests is the outstanding activity of the club, whose sponsor is Miss Ruby McBride. ws, Great deedr create Ibeir own Ziglar . . ff WZ . il! Caesar SPANISH CLUB First row: Sundem, Babcock, Markland, Grishaber, Dvoracek, Cox, Krajicek, Gowin, Grogan, Truiillo, Hicks, Holland, Cooper, Parks, Nichols, Sherman, Dickensheets, Rand, Logan, Carr, Hardison, Smith, Neff, Pentecost, Burley, Brannan, Lloyd, Deti, Sponsorg Stewart, Deffeyes, Macy, McCain, Bailey, Lockhart, Betker, Say, Van W'inkle, Stock, Peckham, Hedstrom, jergens, Corpus, Trujillo, Beard, Fullinwicler, Dawson, Mascarenas, jones, Trujillo, Gernert, Murand, Fullinwider, Brown. The oldest of the organized clubs in NCSH is the Spanish Club, which is sponsored by Mr. Dan Deti. The group is always eager to learn about the traits and customs of the Spanish people, and they find that learning to speak the language is fun'when done in the congeniality of the monthly meetings. The officers for the year have been Joanna Rand, president, john Hutchison, vice president, Gaynelle Logan, secretary, julane Lloyd, treasurer. Picnics, skits, Spanish songs, fiestas lead the list of worthwhile undertakings of the Spanish Club. xt 4 I ll sl 1 c f yi , O T ,T 9 u ly!l7C'l1fl76'!fgl7f,l'tl7'c? fzriglvf Il2e1'ei.r fun fm' all . . . gf H X tl' X Morris 53 ENGLISH CLUB Q I5 ' i v ,l1-.-,4 - First row: Janet XX'aggener. Eve Everett, Lynn Pirie. Mary Lynn Shreffler. Dolores Buchler. Beverly Shaull, Duke Briscoe, Second row: Marcus Hitchcock. AloLea Sprecher. Susan Nichols. Kay Quinn, Miss Ethel Lindsey, Irving Bachellor. Barbara Kidd, Sally johnson. -lane Good- rich. Norma Rader. Third row: john Young. Tom Kidd. Ronald Stearns. Howard Mick, Doug: Syder, Don Culver, Bill Ladd, john Murane. Howard Yant. Margie Clare. At monthly meetings in the luxury of the members' homes, the English Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Ethel Lindsey, strives to instill within its student members a more active interest in current as well as older types of literature. By means of answering roll call with a quotation from some well-known author, whose name is to be guessed by those present, and by an occasional book review, competitive literary quiz games, or the pre- sentation of a play, by some chosen committee, the agenda of this busy group is always a varied one. The president for the past year has been Tom Kidd, who is ably assisted by Howard Yant as vice-presidentg Norma Rader, secretary, and Mary Lynn Shreffler, treas- urer. The club is active in sponsoring mixers after games, having pot-luck dinners for its members. The annual English Club dance held in the springtime is always a festive occasion. 0 4 4 And flie King seized ii fliziiilieau uillv zeal to nle,rI1'o-y.' Thais led Ibe way To liglaf him fo lair prey, Ami, like another Helen, fired another Troy . . Dryden if in... ,- QQ , i. S . N R Q r K :s.m..,.. N '-Q 'mfg r. SOPHCMORES ' . Om' knowledge if az torch of smoky pine . . . Hovey Barbara McClintock, Secretary-Treasurerg Ron Estes, Presidentg Jeanette Everett, Representativeg john Sloan, Vice-President. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Lowell Myers Spomor The Sophomores, being just a little bit too old for high school life to be excitingly new to them, and just a little bit too young to be the "Big Wheels" in the school, had a pleasant year just the same. They chose john Hitchcock president for the Freshman year, but the next year Ron Estes was elected presidentg john Sloan, vice president, Barbara McClintock, secretary-treasurerg and Jeanette Everett, representative. Under these leaders, they had a class dance, which was their only class activity. Such outstanding athletes as Dale Overstreet, Gary Henry, and Ron Estes indicated great possibilities for championship teams in their future years, Darla Kusel, Lynn Pirie, and janet Waggener are very promising debaters and may well fill the places of their predecessors. The Sophomores were Content to be just underclassmen, but now they are eager to share in the spotlight during their last years, and will undoubtedly be a very outstanding class. Tlml Ii liter the aflwzzviy full one .ite 1 ulveud . . . X . Hovey , i -'L s Yi, f ,Sw 1 I WG" A L i ,. b lfirst row: Prytle lirien, Margaret liegley, Mariie-jo lirown, Beverly Butler, Daisey Bryan, Shirley liethtol, Donna liisher, Lynne Bennett. Setonil rim: Pat liisiar, Dean Barnum, Boh Baker, Dirk Aligenstine, Phillip liramson, Ralph Barton, Larry lialclfen, Charles Bennett. Thirtl rowi Kay Atwootl, Shari Aslcman, Allie Amlerson, loan Holtz, Selma Cromwell, Kay Brown, Marilee lhittim, liillie ,Iurie lilalcely, Fourth row: XX'ootly l5ert.', Verne lieeker, Don liearal, loot Bur- l'lkljll',,lUl'LllQ'ALlC1'f, Ray Allemantl, Rohert Alm, 'lohn Ala. xg' fy by ni lfirwt row, Marilyn Duffy, Donna Dillman. Lenora Caseholt, Dolores Coleman, Pat Connell, lo Aon Dvoiaiek, lfraotex Cox, Arlene Croto, liernite Carr. Setontl row: liarhara Davis, Leon flllvlll, ,lohn Curry, Alatl-1 Dalton, liilly Damourx Sally Cooper, .lean Ciatlwell. 'lihirtl row: Maixha Davis, Roherta Domsalla, Shirley Chumley, Arilyte f,hristiansen, Coffman. Sharon Dnlxenxlweetx, l'eg.igy Doll, liernite Contlelario. Fourth row: Delmar Cooke, Keith Cooper. I.eRoY f .anti-r. lewis f,liristt-mt-ri, ,lerry Clorly, Marvin Caster, Wfalter Dean, Gary Cooper. The lights begin to twinkle . . . Tennyson First row: Nancy Goodman, jean Ellis, Sallie Force, joan English, jeannette Everett, Barbara Ed strom, Lynne Dvorak, Marjorie Deimer. Second row: David Donaldson, Neal Forster, Dix Good- man, jim Fox, Ron Estes, john Gibson, Ted Epling, jim Gernert. Third row: Bill Doran, Chris tine Grogan, Donna Gowin, Mary Edleman, Beatrice Gilbertson, Marjorie Fields, Barbara Gris haber, Earleen Fullinwider, jerry Goodnight. Fourth row: Ernie Gray, Sam Grimes, Tom Gutz Hugh Duncan, David Evans, Ivan Evans, Perry Edgeington, Bill Everett, LeRoy Ellison. M ,,,,M.-..M,l....l- 1.-....4,.-lv1g. First row: jennie Hersh, Bernice Hoke, jean Hanson, Karen Hale, Carol Hamill, Frances Howell, Marilyn Hubley, Marlene Hermes. Second row: jolene Hack, jay Holder, Bill Hawks, Bob Harn- mons, Harvey Humberson, john Hilde, Helene Halker, Nora Rose Hoffman. Third row: Virginia Harris, Connie Hartnett, Eldora Humborg, Beverly Hays, Tinka Hardison, Eileen Harris, juanita Herseele, Elizabeth Heath. Fourth row: Frank Holscher, Bill Heagney, Taft Harris, Bob Hayden, john Hoenshell, Bob Hines, jerry Hess, Pat Hand, Lloyd Harrison. N01 to make Ll!ll1'g8 or a blilzdifzg light . . . Edison A A , Q L lfirxt row: Virginia Kerns, Irene Kunkel, jackie Link, Kathy Lochner, Marilyn Ludwig, jo Ann jones, Barbara Kidd, Darla Kusel, Nanry Harding. Second row: Robert Lewallen, Richard Look- hart, Bert Latta, Marvin Lassila. Keith Lemke, Merls Kennedy, Ken Kent, Maurity Kallerud. Third row: Kent Lesher, Bob Karrera, Audrey Lattimer, jean Kreger, judith Lake, Georgia Lindsley, ,leanette Kunkel, Howard Hein. Fourth row: Michael Ivy, Gary Henry, john Hitchcock, Larry Ku- kura, Roger Kidnergh, jerry Kelly, Ted Kapeles, Bernie Lensmeyer. -sv, HN! 'tar Q L-H ii......J '...J if First row: Loisanne Meade, Elaine Largent, Janette Morton, Sue MeCaghren, Wilnai Mattingly, Luiy Martinez, Barbara Martyr, .lo Marsh. Second row: Ardys LaDuke, Arliss Maker, Marilyn Marsh. Daney Mitihellh Cornelia Maebius, Marlene Mowrer, 'Ioan Miller, -Ian Melntosh, Third rowz jimmy Magee, Lavonne MeClellen, Marilyn MeCanne, jo McGee, janet Lowe, Barbara Me- Llintork, Catherine Ann MaiLennon, Chuck Markana, Ted Lux. Fourth row: Larry Miller, Lewis, Gene Moore, Larry MrCain, Paul Morgan, Dick Mudrow, Ed Macy, Thomas Manning. Perrlmfzfe as lorcfaer, which must ready be . . . Donne ... 4... lg First row: Samuel Parsons, Olive Pierce, jo Anne McPerson, Lillie Parks, Nancy Peterson, Emma Ponton, Judy Pyle, Tom Patton. Second row: jackson Oler, Ben Pentecost, Charles Platz, Keith Perry, Rudy Maguire, Eugene Prochaska, Don Plessman, Gale Peterson. Third row: Dale Overstreet, johnny McReynolds, Etta Patchen, Barbara Orr, Lois Neese, Mary MaGee, Ellen Newport, Jerry Nash. Fourth row: James Paul, Gene Prugh, Bob Nicholas, Neill Mayfield, Thad Mitchell, john Parker, Bert McFarland, Willard Mullen, Tom Milne. First row: Marilyn Ritzman, Rosalie Pope, June Richardson, Mary Shafenberg, Margaret Schimpf, Shirley Russel, Barbara jean- Rickey, Barbara Rogers, Marilyn Strasheim. Second row: Loranell Raines, Virginia Lee Reina, Bob Sheppard, Don Shira, Tom Satterfielcl, jerry Schlagh, Judith Syll- ing, Stanley Spawn. Third row: Dottie Strain, Metta Roussalis, Mary Esther Schoolcraft, Nancy Quinn, Marilynn Rich, Shirley Roney, Wanda Rahm, Arlene Quealy. Fourth row: Delbert Richards, Derald Riley, -lanes Rosenmeier, Dave Roberts, Dave Reynolds, Delman Steinle, Nathan Reynolds, Jerry Quinlan, Pat Smyth. They fry: "M01'eligbt!" . . Eliot all rv 4 l I . I 1 'iss' 'V t First row: Margaret Spaulding, Sue Tyler, Betsy Steinman, Dorothy Suntlem, Anne Steele, Shirley Schilling, josephine Trujillo, Terry Tegarden, Setonrl row: Lloyd Truiuillo, Merrill Selby, Raymon Turk, Duane Siehlten, Brute Smith, Dolf Scholy, jerry Sanders, David Sturdevant. Third row: Don Thompson, Bill Truluillo, Anita Sherman, Ruth Twidale, Ann Taylor, Elnora Shaffer, Darlene Stott, Ronnie Townsend. Fourth row: Norman Udewitz, Keith Spencer, jerry Sivertson, Tom Swan- son, Dugan Simmons, john Sloan, Carl Thorne. 0 Lv U! First row: .Ianite Williams, Ann West, Alire West, Sally Williams, Dixie Watson, Bebe 'lo Wilson, Darlene XX'entz, Neta XX'atson. Second row: Tommy Wenzinger, Nancy Winfrey, janet Waggener. Gladys Wetkwerth, Shirley Wilson, Pat Wilcox, Avalon Wells, Delmer Wyatt, Third row: Rosalie VUL-rner, Rathel Yaap, Gary XX"ynand, Bob Williams, Harold Wolfe, Tom Wood, Betty Weisen- herger. Fourth row: john Wilson, Elmer Wiltsey, Lynn Van Wfinkle, Ronald Ury, Bill Wood, Glen Underwood, Kenneth Wilson. The playful beams of light dame merrily by . . . Watson Watch out! When the Sophomore girls have parties, you can "Come as you are." A Wfeaaaa if' Wanted-by Mr. Buchholz 'hm 62 Why, here's Casper. Could you help me with number six? ff 5 R A K K xx . I 5: f . .fx -- in . Xxx X Q xx X 0 sf k wx X 2 R sf is .. f .. . - Qjgixfiiijw.. 1 QM X X Ki 'V' Q5 'ff r X: 9. .. K ik. 1 ' . Q. 'ip iq f . ...L gi jgvfkv K X . , ' w-igigili, X541 Q- I ., 1 .5-, ff i 1 nt .ix K ,h jg K ' ' ' -. .- 1 . .el--Q ' K :uw - X K +- -vga is . -i . '-- X,f5f'iIr-.Q.1tt..- ' X 5 8 1 More by your number than your light . . . Wotton Herbert Hamilton, Presidentg Pat Ramsey, Representative, janis Jackman, Vice Presidentg Sharon Bemis, Secretary-Treasurer. F RESHMAN CLASS Kathleen Hemry Spomor Hardly remembering those first weeks of high school when they thought that they would never learn their way through the maze of halls and rooms, the Freshmen at last feel at home in NCI-IS, after the Seniors welcomed them into the fold at the traditional Senior-Frosh assembly early in the year. The next highlight was the "Alice in Wonder- landl' Co-Ed Ball, where Mary Kay Kingham and julie Baker were selected by the popular vote of the Freshman girls to reign as Queen and Princess at the Ball. An inter- esting coincidence is that Mary Kay and julie were escorted by the Queen and Princess of the 1948 Co-Ed Ball, Moxey Brannan and Jo Lea Sprecher. As leaders for the Freshman class, Herbert Hamilton was elected presidentg Janice Jackman, vice president, Sharon Bemis, secretary-treasurerg and Pat Ramsey, representative. With such an impressive start into their high school career these Freshmen will surely have an excellent record of important events and people at the expiration of "the most wonderful years of their lives." I! takes Hlzllly rzmlrbef I0 make ll larigbt Ziglar . . . Lea its a fb 'fv- First row: Louise Bertagnole, Connie Boyles, Gretchen Burhta, Donna Bundy, Delean Briggs, Donna Bressler, Beverly Branch, jalane Bolt, Sarah Burridge. Second row: Ellen Bundy, Marinell Bagby, jerry Burnside, james Bennett, Earl Brown, jerry Bolt, Barbara Bridges, jean Brown. Third row: Edwina Blanford, Charlene Ackerman, Carol Edams, Ellen Agenstine, Keith Ayers, Bill Andrews, Janice Best, Billie Sue Buttner, Mary Bunce, Fourth row: Phyllis Bishop, Sharon Bemis, Henry But- ler, Gene Adamson, Donald Alleman, -lulie Baker, Connie Atwood, janet Brown. - mms . .lag limi iff First row: Patricia Cole, Donna Clegg, Ginger Capp, Margaret Clark, Carol Cooney, Helen Cher- nitk, jaquelin Clark, Sharon Chase. Setond row: Pat Compton, Norma Christiansen, Charon Christ- enson, Bill Baker, joe Berry, Roherta Carpenter, Patty Chambers, Laverne Cook. Third row: Ruth Carlson, Ester Condelario, Darrel Bump, Charles Budd, jerry Benson, Neil Brislawn, Sandra Co- hirk, Marcia Callister. Fourth row: Earl Begley, Fred Burgess, Sam Chilcote, Murray Colgin, john Cowger, Leo Clapp, Bill Browning, Phil Brekken, Dennis Bonella, When the Jun if ref the little flaw will Jlaine . . . Southwell First row: Carole Danielson, Darlene Day, Diane Estes, Penny Edwards, Sally Eggert, Donna Davis, Delores Drwenski, jackie Dooley, Patty Dillman. Second row: jane DeVore, Tommy Cruz, jim Dunham, Wayne Elfering, Lloyd Eldredge, Suzanne Durant, Bob Caldon. Third row: Bob Dudley, Don Cowgar, Gene Dobbins, jack Christopher, jerry Erben, jack Cover, Bobby Coyne. Fred Echols. Fourth row: Clinton Dunn, Andy Cantu, David Edwards, Chuck Duncan, Robert Corbet, Chuck Echols, Gary Cole, john Dailey, Allen Crutcher. ,"i-,re - ii ll it vL.r....f First row: Joyce Gross, Ann Hartwell, Marilyn Hawkins, Ramona Hack, Colene Harper, Ardath Hagar, Ellen Huffman, Berenice Henrich. Second row: Gerald Garvin, Viola Gibson, janitc Gor- man, Ruth Gill, David Gregarich, Elizabeth Hodder, Rosalie Gray, Eleanor Garcia. Third row: Derlin Griffin, Eddie Grant, Donna Kay Floth, janet Fulton, Dee Ann Forman. Marveen Fancher. Mary Fondren, Joan Fortenberry, Kenny Gray, Fourth row: Frank Foreman, Ralph Griffin, Dewayne Freeman, Bill Gross, Bob Gish, Ed Gwynn, Gerald Foster, Osrar Godley. ' 1 J' U. if wr A.ri1zffn1f.i'i11fzrzfddwzfiglvf . . . Cristailwel First row: Evadene Henley, Carolyn Humberson, Dixie Hinrichsen, Frances Hand. Pat Herden. Sharen Heaton, Norma Helver, Betty Hamilton. Second row: Manford Hurley, Frank Hamar, -lim Hoff- man, Arthur Hahenicht. Verne Hamlin, Glen Hinrichsen, Herbie Hamilton. Delton,Hudson. Third row: Noel Hanson, Maxine Herman, W'inona Hahn, Jeannette Hunter, Sally Hart, Helen Kay Huey. Ronnie Hall, Melvin Hastings. Fourth row: Doug Hartler. Frank Higgins, Bill Haselmire, Ronnie Hathaway, Ftlwartl Heck. Rox Hoff. Larry Harlcson. Charles Hortl. 'bf , 4 First row: Phyllis Lagas, Patsy Kelly, Phyllis Kaltlenberg. Mary Kerns. Roberts Hansen, -Iarqueline latlcson. Shirlene lorner, lanis latlcman. lean lames. Setontl row: Celia Lamb, -lo Ann Lantlretli. ,Mary Ivy. Karla-ne Koclmilieverly Knight: Doris Kallcofen. Mariel Kallerutl, Connie Knapp. Mary Kay Kingliam, 'Fhirtl row: Tommy jones, ,lack jones, Bill blames. liolwhy Ingram. Myrna -ludlcins. Antly Kostliene. Larry Krueger, Larry Keszler. Lynn Klotlisien. Fourth row: Donald King, Billy Klopman, jerry Karfman. -lohn Kulcura, Leslie johnson, Bob johnson, Dorn -lohnson, -lark jewett, Ditlc limes. L I light my candle from their forfhef . . . Burton First row: Donna Mills, Patty McNair Sally McCurdy, Dixie McCash, Helen McVaney, Wanda Moon, Ruby Miller, Norla Miner. Second row: Marilyn McDowell, Maron McAtee, Janice Mc- Gowan, Peggy Lux, Barbara Latta, Margaret Milne, Mary Murphy, Genevieve Miller. Third row: Darrel Middaugh, Allen McKin, Guilford Maxon, Bruce Moncur, Bill Moore, Don Little, Errol Miller, Bill Mills, Dan Moriarty. Fourth row: Bob Maher, jack Moore, Gordon Maher, Roy Lacey, Fred Lewis, Jerry Lutton, George Micek, John McLemore, Boh Mount. First row: Janis Polsley, Beverley Petera, Frances Padilla, Donna McKinsie, Ronna McKinsie, Clara Nicholson, Betty Nicks, Marvine Matthews, Carolyn Manning. Second row: Gerdine Poage, Shirley Porter, Larry Pigg, Edgar Odiorne, Tommy Parke, Richard Peckham, Vic Poirier, Linda Perry, De- lores Pinkham, Third row: jim Patton, Harold Niles, Bill O'Neil, Donald Moore, Dwaine Mark- land, Harold Moody. jimmy Nall. Bob Nelson, Allen Patterson. Fourth row: Don McHattie, Gary Person, Jack McCreary, Gene Meyey, Charles Morgareidge. Terry McFarland, Bill McDaniel, Clif- ford Mascarenas, Michael McGrath. A .ruzzffermz u'fJich bath loft iff uwy . . , Byron V? J. ew 'T 9-I an First row: Patty Samuelson, Marlene Schmidt, Carol Reed, Bettey Sanders, Judy Shafer, Barhara Sizemore, Mary Lou Stroh, Norene Sullivan. Helen Story. Second row: Patsy Ramsey, Connie Rhodes, Mary Roussalis, Phyllis Shockley, Gail Smith, Kitty Scoville, Arlene Riley, Margie Rendahl, Loretta Raines. Third row: Ray Pehhlcs, janet Reinhart, Edith Fay Rush, Ruth Roberts, Margaret Rupe, Shirley Roush, Donna Reese, .lay Payne, jimmy Sandison, Fourth row: jackie Robinett, jerry Ryan, Charles Prior, Harry Richards, liill Rogers, Glen Richey, Don Rissler, Vance Satterfield, Dick Rupp. First row: Dixie Sherman, Nina Stoffel, Claudia Tholl, Cecelia Tomlin. Laura Townsend, Muriel Sylling, Beverly Scott. Carol Sanderson, Donn Schrantz. Second row: Mary Truiillo, Nancy Tryon, Dorothy Salario, Amelia Sticlcles, Bill Thomas, Patty Spencer, Bonnie Stoneking, Julia Lee Seldy, Alenean Steensland. Third row: Melda jean Taret, Bob Seilhach, Ronald Sasso. Alan Sword, Neal Sthlager, Margaret Saxton, Shirley Story, .lerry Schulte, Kenith Trujillo. Fourth row: Bob Stanton, Norman Stairs, Gayle Sturdevant. Gilbert Starkiveather, Ronald Smith, Walter Schneider, Al Sim- mons, Russell Stares, Franklin Smith. Twinkle, iwinkle little Jim . . , Taylor First row: Ella Wilkins, Shirley Ward, joan Watters, Nancy Wilson, Evelyn Weckworth, lla May Wilson, Mary Wisenburger. Second row: john Yeamon, Flora Vroman, Deanna Von Osterheldt, Tom Weinrich, Tom Williamson, Nancy Van Vechan, Patsy Walker, Joyce Williams, jack Wood. Third row: Bob Watt, Ed Wheeler, Bob Wallman, Stephen Vinst, Gay Wehrli, jerry Wind, Jimmy Watters, Mike Welsh, George Winders. Fourth row: jim Whitlock, Max Terrill, Tom Walsh, Lee Whitlock, Gary Wells, Don Vannatta, Phillip Gaylor, jack Welsh, Don Wentz. In Memory of EARL BROWNE GARY COOPER Clam of 1955 Clan of1954 Who Died Who Died October 1, 1951 February 21, 1952 Through the keyhole into XVONDERLAND. The ion: ll really ihews FROLIQKING FRESHMEN Charm and bubble gum, too. The Chesire eat smiles down on the Princess and Queen. N The age of love is not them out. limiwd. Wffm Il'l'l't' .1 fl jnyfflf zlffj't'fj4Q17f , . . Wxwiiisxxivitli Tea time is the time to get llLLlL1Llil1fCd. QLZQf'La7'.-1611 ACTIVITIES DEBATE First row: Beverly Branch, Ed Wheeler, Delton Hudson. Second row: Mary Bunce, Elizabeth Hodder, Ardath Hagar. Third row: Bill Baker, Kitty Scoville, john Dailey, Gay Wehrli. Taking the affirmative or the negative side of the question becomes easier for the students of debate because of the capable direction of Miss Frances Feris. Under her supervision the member in the debate class study the art of public speaking and forensics. X ' 5 1 I A 1 N 5 .. - , 4 s X 52 -. .xx .yn H35 lakh ' 'n ' 'S . 1 peer 1 zum gfzre D S tp V4 Swinburne E RADIO GUILD First row: Melvin Hedstrom, Sara Scott, Howard Mick, Susan Nichols, Irving Bacheller, Eve Everett. Tom Kidd. Second row: Beverly Shaull, john Young, Mary Ellen Echols, Anna Drew Ikard, john Murane, Sally johnson, Ronald Stearns. "Attention, please, to the morning announcements!" That is a familiar phrase heard every morning of the school year as said by the members of the Radio Guild. Together with their duties as the morning broadcasters, they present two weekly programs, the High School Headliners Program, in which they interview the outstanding members of the student body, and the High School Personalities Program, in which they have as a guest on the show a member of the school faculty. Also one day a year they take over completely the management of Radio Station KSPR. The experience that is gained in learning voice control and script writing is invaluable to these students, who aspire to the field of radio speaking. Miss Gwendolyn Hill is the s onsor for the energetic group, and the officers for the past year were john Young, president, and Beverly Shaull, secretary. Tom Kidd, Alea Hemmant, Sally johnson, and Ronald Stearns were the directors. ...I-'22- i ganna-. 6uu.o iii: i i A gg .... Z if K ir 54 G W01'd.Y .ro nimble, and .fo full of subtle flame . . . , f' ii Beaumont 75 ian,-E1 GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL 5 X, X 1 5 The Girls, League Council, custodians of the girls' own lounge, the beautiful and comfortable room at 159, consists of nineteen representatives elected by the popular votes of the girls. This group of outstanding lights of the school include the girls' vice president, who is, therefore, the president of GLC, five seniors, five juniors, four sopho- mores, and four freshmen. This active group of girls has many projects during the year, such as, preparing gift boxes for the American Red Cross, sending needy items to the stricken people in Korea, sponsoring the Football Ball, and handling one or two mixers. The presiding officers for the past year have been Jessie Harris, president, Shirley Smith, vice president, Jean Northrup, secretaryg Mary Hester Murphy, treasurer. The sponsor for the Girls' League Council is Miss Nelle Pate. is C Wordsworth f ' And from this comtant light . . . L 5 ISI First row: Sally Hart, Margie Clare, Dolores Buchler, Shirley Smith, Mary Hester Murphy, Mary Kay Kingham. Second row: Margaret Begley, Terry Tegarden, Julie Baker, Jean Northrup, Jessie Harris, Miss Nelle Pate, Betty Riley. Third row: Jo Marsh, Eve Everett, Patsy Connell, Joanne MacGee, Moxey Brannan, Dixie Sherman, Abby Martyr. BIG SISTERS s ee ! 7 ,v K f if g f ,v To the freshman girl, who enters NCHS feeling very insignificant among all the strangers, a big sister, who will gladly help her "little sisl' in any way possible, is as welcome as a big bright street light on a pitch black night. Senior girls of outstanding scholarship, citizenship, character, dependability, and unselfishness are selected to be the members of the Big Sisters, whose activities besides guiding the new freshmen, include sponsoring the Co-Ed Ball for the freshman girls. The officers for the past year have been Moxey Brannan, president, Kay Krajicek, vice president, Sally johnson, secretary, and Margie Clare, treasurer. The sponsor for the Big Sisters is Miss Peggy Tobin. A cheerful friend if like cl runny day, which .floedf its briglomerr all around . . . Lubbock First row: Barbara Atwood, La Vonne Ferris, Marion Brown, Alice King, joan Trimble, Joanna Rand, jo Lea Sprecher. Second row: Barbara Mundell, Susan Nichols, june Olbert, Martha Hays, Margie Clare, Kay Krajicek, Miss Peggy Tobin, Moxey Brannan, Sally johnson, Beverly McMillen, jessie Harris, Barbara McFalI, Vanita Wilson, Shirley Pinney, Maxine Shipman, Doris Tucker. joan Townsend, Karla Walker, Jane Goodrich, Norma Rader, Nancy Davis, Phyllis Clark, Mary Blatt, Loid Goodman, Beverly Shaull. Fourth row: Judy Bishop, jean Northrup, Virginia Say, Mary Tighe, Eve Everett. STAGE CREW Varion Ponton, Tommy Wheatly, Paul johnson, George Clark, john Pappas, Bill Stewart, Ray Julian, Corky Satterfield. , , mmap is +ulsvnaoaliEfz:a:g.a1w-ff-rf frrrw-ag.-gawmu ua: .1-'MM ,ar ..faw.mam, Z "Ins and Outs" with Tom Burley, Sally Kingham, Dick Hartwell, Joanna Rand, and Tom Korman in the cast. In Fanrjff mifly light, Gigantic Jlmpes and .flmdowy gleam . . . Longfellow S X 5 x 'SX A X wmv Q -QWQQA. ' we -k'Q4 .X'X MEI! K f on 1. W Q E is N S 1 X' ,Q X Q xg' 5 S My--QW wg -Rv TENSN - ,..X, , ,,,. x, A Li-3--...Vo M 51 f X 4 . M. Q. ., . M .X fggg eff 79 Fling uf 4 band full of stars . . . Untermeyer The villian, the farmer, the farmer's wife, the cow, and two trees. Yes, P 1 e a s e don't shoot! ' 1 English Club members can act, too. It's tea time for the freshman girls. ' The Girls' League Council gives the D01 and D0n'tJ in their skit for the Freshman Orientation Tea. The light of fun burns on and on . . . Knox rw. v. J" ,,..-g , I Us M . U,,-,.,.. Oh Romeo! -Qi - me WI x Everyone must eat, so why not make a party of it? Members of Latin Club present, "It Really Happened." Anything from pencils, through book covers, to notebook paper can be purchased in the Newcomers Club Store, and at any time. 3 E L if X 5 Q S Like the Jparkf of fire, befriend thee . . . Herrick Q 'lu..'i' ,Ju 1 x " 1 - I -, ' s I X-. 4 ' 2-1 . 5.1 nulff -'Ii 'sw' -- 'la -f..,I ,511 N. C. H. S. N EWCOMERS CLUB Kathleen Hemry, Sponsor, Betty Nicks, Hammond, La., Carolyn Humberson, Riverton, Wyo.g Margaret Clark, Grand Junction, Colo., Reta Hummett, Lander, Wyo., Marilyn McDowell, Ther- mopolis, Wyo., Judy Lake, Rapid City, So. Dak., Viola Gibson, Shoshoni, Wyo., Evelyn Weckwerth, Powder River Wyo., Beatrice Gilbertson, Alma Center, Wis., Judy Shafer, Rock Springs, Wyo., Sandy Cohich, Long Beach, Calif., Kitty Scho- ville, Pocatello, Idaho, Liz Hodder, San Antonio, Texas,Georgia Linsley, Cheyenne, Wyo., Merilyn Hanley, Stratford, Okla., Glenda Foreman, Bassett, Neb., Phyllis Augual, Man- chester, Conn., Ilene Hebbert, Kaycee, Marjorie Brown, Texas. Second row: Patricia Clark, Ventura, Calif, Sue Guenther, Tulsa, Okla., Frances Cox, Tulsa, Okla.g Hope Nollman, St. Louis Mo., Shirlene Joiner, Abilene, Texas, Janics Uglow, Shoshoni 1 1 Wyo., Jean Kreger, Erie Penn., Muriel Sylling, Spring Grove, Minn., Sally Strother, Worland, Wyo., Lucille Atkinson, Alhambra, Calif., Rae Martinwz, Torrington, Wyo., Wanda Rahm, Harrison, Nebr., Yvonne Billingsly, Edmunton, Alta., Eldora Humborg, Thermopolis, Wyo., Nancy White, Craig, Colo., Bill Gross, Odessa, Texas, Mona Dillman, Tulsa, Okla., Barbara Sizemore, Natchez, Miss., Juddee Allen, Denver, Colo,, Third row: Oscar Godly, Kansas City, Mo., Don Fox, Sheridan, Wyo., Ray Allen, Ft. Morgan, Colo., Mauritz Kallerud, St. Louis, Mo., Peggy Denton, La Junta, Colo., Gretchen Buchta, Hiland, Wyo,, Cardee Burnham, Cody, Wyo., Ginger Capp, Denver, Colo., Geraldine Poage, Great Bend, Kan., Wanda Moon, Lander, Wyo., Mariel Kallerud, St. Louis, Mo,, Dorothy Salario, Denver, Colo., Jacqueline Kennedy. Loyalty shines by itr own light . . . EC ' Q J .zi-sig!- Horace Z rf' fi f PEP CLUB First row: Mcllroy, Carter, Murphy, McClintock, Noonan, Ackerman, Sullivan, Stroh, Hardison, Ackerman. Third row: Strother, Lamb, Riley, Sherman, McClellan. Second row: Huff- McKinzie, Henley, McKinzie, Mills, Wilson, Kusel, Pirie, man, Roush, Agenstine, Mattheus, Edwards, Culver, Edwards, Compton, Magee, Lloyd, Bailley, Buchler, Butters, Bissacca. Organized four years ago for the purpose of arousing and increasing the school spirit at the games, the Pep Club has become one of the most active groups in the school. Girls from the four classes in NCHS are eligible for membership. Two of the projects for this year were sponsoring a mixer and presenting an assembly for the student body. The officers for the year were Ann Carlson, president, Mary Hester Murphy, vice presidentg Priscilla Trujillo, secretary-treasurer. The sponsors of the Pep Club are Miss Marjorie Wilhelm and Miss Bunny jackson. 83 FUTURE TEACHERS i First row: Jeanette Everett, Chris Grogan, Sally Force, Darla Kusel, Ellen Fullenwider. Second row: Mary Shafenberg, Rachel Yaap, Mary Lynn Shreffler, Donna Bressler, Carol Danielson, Laureen jergens. Third row: Frances Wheeler, Ramona Stock, Doris Fullenwider, Jean Northrup, Miss Nelle Pate, Barbara Kidd, Barbara McClintock, Lois Neece, Elaine Markland. The members of the Future Teachers are students who have ambitions to enter the teaching profession. With this goal in mind, they meet monthly to learn about and to discuss their intended vocation. Motion pictures and talks by the local teachers are the most popular functions of their meetings. Miss Nelle Pate, Miss Verda james, Miss Virginia Rose, and Mrs. Kathryn Books, the representative from the Casper-Midwest Classroom Teachers Association, are the sponsors for the group. The officers for the past year have been: jean Northrup, presidentg Frances Wheeler, vice presidentg and Ramona Stock, secretary-treasurer. Y Q 1. 1 ,4 g ig X 1 Kifzdfe lfae flame into az H strong fire . . . Q Q Sackville S FUTURE NURSES First row: Catherine Ann MacLennan, Nancy Davis, judy Pyle, Mrs. Lois Miller, Sponsor: Betty jean Alexander, Betsy Steinman. Second row: Judith Sylling, Alice Anderson, Marilyn Marsh. Third row: Cecelia Tomlin, Ruth Twidale, Phyllis Clark. Witli the dream of having an "R. N." after their name some day in the future, the girls who are members of the Future Nurses attend the monthly meetings with an educa- tional purpose in mind. On different occasions they visit the local hospital to view the particular duties of the nurses thereg and they listen with interest to the lectures and movies that are presented for their benefit. Mrs. Lois Miller, R. N., is the sponsor of the Future Nurses, and the elected officers are: Nancy Davis, presidentg Judith Sylling, vice president, Ruth Twidale, secretaryg and Phyllis Clark, treasurer. jf f l l f l l A figbted 11111115 for gllfdzlllfc' . , . VC'a1ttS 1 i, ,psf 85 GIRLS' STATE Ami flame the high-lights of ez rifle experience . . . Wilson Sally J G-1, "'A.""" alla Beverly C i' irs Nation with Senators Sxizoirom gouglas, at CY an Hunt. First row: Kay Krajicek, jane Goodrich, jo Lea Sprecher. Second row: Susan Nichols, Eve Everett, Jessie Harris, Sally Johnson. Third row: Margie Clare, Beverly Shaull. Now le! Jflillfll furry the fowl? . . . lin' gf' Morris X 5-NJ aeiegwfs 'O BOY . dx Cagpef, . . , idzm Rnd Tom gxitor from Wyoming Dwayne ycnscn, Oqvqahoney, Sw with thc HOU- 50 'V BOYS' STATE S' Nation, C0 .S If, nferrmg ,an X First row: jack Anderson, Ross Beyer, Dick Hartwell, Tom Kidd, Marcus Hitchcock. Scmnii row: Bod Doll, Don Culvl h cr, Jn n Young. 87 The darting my! of light come to attention Lea Best drilled cadet, Bob Spalding. mm Pass in review. Ready aim- Fire! ww-,,,....m-'A Present the colors. C' so G 9 Ko if 67 OO RIFLE TEAM --H wyyfm-g-7-. ..-H , ...W , - V Uflfazfnz y perfect, First row: Don Culver, Louis Roussalis, Clifford Bundy, IMA Peffed light' " Wood. Second row: Earl Barto, Bill Cheney, Benton Stephenson, Stevenson Bill Swan. Coach Sgt. Peterson. And like .fu'ifl-ufifzged armuar of light, curls found in :mark . . Cowper First row: Stan De Vore, jim Wood, Louis Roussalis, Bill Steward. Second row: George Clark, Bob Brcssler, Corky Satterfield, Bill Swan. 89 A far and brilliant courfe io run . . . Knox My, what that wind does to one's hair! Order meam light and peace . . . UCI, f The bell sounds-off to classes. ,bb K 3 N, m Chief Nichols 1113.07 3,516 Amiel ' 'lbs We If E . - '21 Can't believe it isn't stacked. "Mornin ,gk fy .gjsfjjwfi mv A Sv! afiiwzf I f'1ef:',',4-4-1, Jfzgfw, 4 3 'fu H 4. 'rf if ' M 2.,.' , A L f . W fx. X ,, fxfnwfv . W. M , --a' ' if if ,n 'f . Q ,y 'ff I Y 1 , E I K, M 22 'wwf -li Q . as ii mf ., , iffge Y 'ff- Q . X kg SPORT -Q f W v.......- I' 7 - vu as f" is , f f xg Mustang Queen -Fr 4. 0 f f F ' 19 19 1 X X 315, mr ns t e J! X one if shining b Mustang Queen Attendants X GEORGE ANN BRANNAN Jo LEXERECHER X SALLY KINGHAM And 4 star or two beside . . . Coleridge 1 SANDY HERSHEY VARSITY BASKETBALL First row: jack Anderson, Gene Bell, Dick Hartwell, jim Baker, jack Allen, Ray Putra, jack Ullom, Larry Browning. Second row: Shadow Ray, Coachg jack Radden, Milton Ground, Doug Snyder, jerry McDowell, Bob Doll, Corky Taylor, jack Herbertson, Assistant Coach. Riverton ...... Jordan, Utah .............. Rock Springs .............. Cheyenne .... Cheyenne .,.. Laramie ......,. Midwest ...... Laramie ........ Gillette ..... Sheridan ...... Sheridan ,,.... Rock Springs Rock Springs Gillette ........ Cheyenne .... Cheyenne .... Laramie ........ Laramie ........ Rawlins ........ Rock Springs Rock Springs Sheridan .,.... Sheridan ...... Rawlins ,.....,. Midwest ...... Riverton ,..... 47 Casper r...... ....... SCORES 39 Casper 41 5 1 Casper 59 Casper 3 1 Casper 46 Casper 39 Casper 31 Casper 5 1 Casper 35 Casper 30 Casper 37 Casper 29 Casper 63 Casper 56 38 Casper ....... .,......., 35 Casper ....... .......... Casper 43 Casper 50 Casper 43 Casper ,...... ..,..,. 5 2 Casper ......, .......,.. 36 Casper ....... ,,.,...... 43 Casper ...,... ,.,,,., Casper ....... Casper Casper ....... ....... QAQ Q lilly , 12 7' J xN 'a' 5'7F1' MLM ff NX 1, .54 My la I pl f 5:9 ...Q xi W 44 7 Z I 6 f I .fee thy glory like a Jlaoolmzr. . . Will it or won't it? Shakespeare OK boys, 1et's go! The last push that counts. All legs C CLUB First row: Bob Brady, Horace Congor, Don Star, Chuck Ebinger, Dick Hartwell, Ben Baker, Bill Stricker, Bud Leisek. Second row: Corky Taylor, Bill Cooper, Bob Spalding, Kent Christenson, David McReynolds, Tom Korman, Frank Easter. Third row: Bob Doll, Ronald Tuley, Bert McFar- land, jack Anderson, Jack Canfield, jim Baker, Varion Ponton, Bert McDowell. Fourth row: Shadow Ray, Co-Sponsor, Dan Doherty, Ned Peterson, Milton Ground, Bill Duncan, Paul Briggs, Co-Sponsor. By revising their constitution this year to make training rules much more strict in NCHS for athletes, the C Club has gained much res ect to add to their already high prestige. The C Club, consisting of boys who have earne their major letter in some one of the sports in the school, is an active organization which participated in many activities during the school yearg such as, sponsoring mixers, the C Club ights, and the C Club Banquet for senior members and their dates. Shadow Ray and Paul Briggs are the sponsors, and the officers for the past year were Horace Congor, president, Bob Brady, vice president, Bob Doll, secretaryg and Bill Duncan, treasurer. 10 fl lf, ,ff filfllliili 1 ,gilillllvvl , Al! 7l167l1bC'7'.f make n .fbizziug fight . . . 9 xx' yn X, l'lL1 SWIMMING TEAM Pres- - hnson, Covef' First rowi L5'uI3,.Sn2-iilgfcgo Dongvlxg on - ' - tgmalldiig Christemeflf ?:1hP1:2eFar1and, Wyatt' P BM Hi1emanfMaI 1 , fowl Miller. Who fan mteh f ff if and pin down tz my of light? Montgomery X Iafyt row Selma " K Gy nt Gr ohh sl . t 'l 1 , 6 s 445, Z , 4 it ff O ' ' M vi E CR 4 I00 3 E Stes, nycflids, ajgeidseggnfgollgor aff A 8 f .' en Harild IOW, TEX 33" Hgyiad-'C M33 el56k 33175: OU, D tak 197515 J A It 3116 . 1 ebball 1 12 Whofe WRESTLIN movement! were ftzytef than light . Limerick In and out and all about, the lively myf did go . . . Johnson Y ' '-V d meta Members and Coach U., . 1 1 L es, Shadow RW an runners, CroSS Country cl M K N. '. fp. 'fr Mustang Queen T2 fl . ' Auendan . .'. 1 f , W E ff- . 'r hef .:... F I ,A tn the 211 CHEERLEADERS In they go! Bailey, Sullivan, Donhue, Moreau, Il-:ard wwf For swift movement! make n blinding light . . . Lowell Concentration ! 4 X wx ' wk od K Is it-or isn't it? MUSIC X Like the voice the .vtmir With the Christmas Program and the State Music Festival as the main projects for the year, the choral group of Natrona County High School, whose many voices are chosen so carefully by the director, works diligently in practices before school hours to make a name for Casper among other outstanding local groups in the vicinity. The capable director of Madrigal is Mrs. Grace Slind Jacobson. S fix ZX 1' f hid Il fn I1 fbry twnzg l0gL'fl7C'1' .. Rosdtl MADRIGAL MITM BITRSHI P Lynne Pirie, Rathel Yaap, Marilyn Strasseim, Janet Vlaggener, Shirley Smith, Margaret Begley, Donna Culver, Margaret Sthimpf, Frances Cox, Helen Haeeker, -Iutlee Carter, Delean Briggs, Barbara Kennison, Mary Sliafenbenu. Connie Atwood, Lois Neese, Louise Bertnogle, -loan Town- send, Pat llerden, Patsy Connell, Dorothy Salario, Ardis Hand, LaVonne McClellan, Carol Danielson, lfinina Ponton, liileen Barton, Sally Eggart, Dorothy Sundem, Charlene Ackerman, Bernice Henrich, Connie llartnet, Artlath Hagar, Helen Huey, Carol Cooney, Shirley Rauch, Mary Kay Kingham, Patty MiNair, lillen Hult'rnan, Marilyn Hawkins, Maxine Roussalis, Barbara Uber, Betty -lean Alexander, ,lo Marsh, Sally Flavin, Arlene Croco, ,Iatkie Link, Betty Wfisenberger, Helen Harris, Betsy Steinman, XX'ilrna Mattingly, Iiva Fverett, Beverly Shaull, Barbara Atwood, Marlyss Gaughran, Ruth Ann Mtllenry, Muriel Sylling, Ellen Bundy, Billye Buttner, Evelyn Weckworth, Virginia Harris, Pat Compton, Shirley Fisher, Marinell Bagby, Moxey Brannan, Beverly MeMillen, Margie Clare, Ann Smyth, Lynne Harder, Mareia Alexander, Ellen Fullenwider, -Iudith Sylling, Dolores Buehler, Kay Atwood, Nanty XX'infrey, Judy Shaffer, Ellen Agenstine, janet Brown, Natalie Bentson, Barbara Mtfllintork, Mary Roussalis, Dixie Sherman, Sara Scott, Coreina Reitano, Reita Donohue, .laik Tlioinas, Harvey Humberson, Clifford Bundy, Tommy Satterfield, Louis Roussalis, Dick Muilrow, aloe XXf'liite, john Gibson, Frank Sweeney, john Bishop, Mike Ivey, Jim Chapin, Tom Iotkharl, 'l'horl Novotony, Wfalter Parks, Howard Yant, Gale Peterson, Gary Henry, jerry Quinlan, Teil Kapeles, ,lim Wfagner, Doug Snyder, Roy Witt, Steve Knittle, Lynn Van Winkle, Ron Tuley, john Hilde, Robin Peckham, Eugene Prochaska, Bill Onstead, Paul Hebert, Varion Ponton, Dave Roberts, Neil Roberts, Tommy Burley, Ship Hitfhcock, Bob Spaulding. Their crercendor Jeem Ayers, Bacheller, Beard, Bemis, Bissacca, Blatt, Bolt, Brien, Briscoe, Brown, Burridge, Butler, Butters, Chapin, Chase, Christenson, Christenson, Coffman, Cooper, Davidson, Day, Deffeyes, Dobbins Ebinger, Ellison, Erben, Everett, Fergenson, Goodnight, Goodrich, Gowin, Grogin, Harbaugh Harding, Havill, Heck, Heiman, Hitchcock, Holland, Hutchison, Jackman, Iserman, johns, Jackman johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Jones, Kaufman, Kidd, Knapp, Krajicek, Lamb, Kempke, Ludwig, Lutton, Lux, Martyr, McGrath, McPherson, Mead, Mills, Mowrer, Nunn, Parks, Peckham, Poirer Preston, Prugh, Pyle, Rader, Reinhart, Reinhart, Reynolds, Roberts, Rogers, Schmidt, Schwabrow, Scholz, Simmons, Smith, Smith, Sterns, Streeter, Twidale, Ury, Weinrich, Wells, West, West Wheeler, Whitman, Young, Odioane. NCHS 1 y to mount like fire .. Wfordsworth Not a doubt remains in the minds of the Casper High School students that the NCHS Band is the peppiest organization of all. Their cheery songs at all of the games and assemblies add much to the school spirit of NCHS. Also, this group has won many state honors to make it an organization of which we can be very proud. BAND Hafmoniey blending like 1200 , TYJYLE GXRL5 Everetlf A' rx Ma! gie xielgdliara MWOO I BUKHDG 1 Lynn lf v X NXOTUC gefmfi X Shaux ' et Wag Bever Y Cuwer, jan DOW Rachel Y MP 5 l t 13 GRCH Bachellor Beard Blatt Bolt Briscoe Brown Butler Cascbolt Chase Cooper Deffeyes Dobbins Everett Fergeson Goodrich Harris, E. Harris, Hathaway Havill Heaton Hercelle Holland Hutchison Jackman johnson, M. johnson, P. ligbl and .rlmdowr Pierpont ESTRA johnson, S. jones 'lanies Kiilil Kna up Lamlv, C. Lamh, L. Lcishcr Lloyd Martyr Peckham, D. Peckham, R. Poircr Porter Rader Reinhart Schoolcraft Simmons Simpson Smith Wells Werner Wheeler Williams Wilson Young x is x E B . Jack Th H-Uv omas' fer - . ey Humbersg, Jim Cha ' U1 Pin, stead, C217 Hifi: Igzllgh, Vanon P ' gene Ont PIQC-11 as ka. 012, , V ,h , gqlv A , .,... , .,. W 'iiQ. -Q wg - .xi ' Xia gf 9 fix x ff ' -1 HW . -e E 1' . 1, Q51 . -W' .Qt ,Q -i xx ..-. ,.-. gk .ilz X11 ,.kk l . aim X 9? - 4 in if Qf 'W QS Music brings light to the whole world . . . MAJORETTES-Delores Bissacca, Betty Jo Butters, Drum Major, john Hutchison, Patsy Fleming, Sharon Bordeaux. In front: Barbara Uber, Barbara Kidd. as ggi W 9690 be OS' O 9405- O johnson '90 a '56 4 61-fa12,Z2fbriO4,6?7, G05 i"'021fS, 0 0 BOYS' GLEE-They play a major part in the activities of the vocal department. THE SWING BAND - Whose music, both dreamy and jazz, is enjoyed by the dancers. OE DAY The s a friendly cha . J friendly my, wine down 0 I n 41. . . Wright Our campus, centered. eniors gather b begins for where schoo! Bic ms Y' lt' s aB pan efose dass campus. The beauty of the Xandscaping enjoye a by au. is 0 Were must W ' P I udf' ' ' gl? the darkfft f 0 hw" breaks t he fun And' Those wh absent ycste alt for an ex ate's offzbc-. rday cuse in ' Mrss Dye bus arrives on this brrght morn- ' g bringzng tlze students for an- ot ar y of learning. H -ere are students tal-127 Inmute glance befor Perry Edge-,2, metry I gton sb C ass bow to OWS the geo. do the problem. Shakespeare g a last e class Utne S Whente is thy learning? Hath thy toil, Ofer hooks colzfzmzeti the midnight 01!?... Gay Above: This extra time in study hall affords an opportunity to do that undone homework. Right: Here's hoping this motor works long enough to get the good grade in physics. II6 Left: Diagraming sentences is easy when jean Northrup explains. Below: These boys are repairing .and refinishing this chair in Wfoodshop. Mirllr is like 41 flizib of figlvlzziug . . , Addison Right: Plane away, Tom Crusel It'll be smooth sometime, Below: Imagine those silly sophomores being afraid of a dead frog in Biology! Above: Hope this H2504 and HCL doesn't explode in their faces. Left: The lucky seniors take time out from school to test driving ability. , Your brightest train of fireworks . . . Carlyle -mu Sis Q' Miss Nelle Pate is always eager to lend an attentive Senior girls are gaining practical experience in ear to any and all problems. advanced cooking. .4 , A peek into the dark room shows Lloyd Harrison printing some pictures on the new enlarger. Well! I'l1 be! Two and two make four! Elaine They look deeply engrossed in something. What is it Largent proves it on the adding machine in Com- boys? mercial Arithmetic. I I8 'Q I Their proper Ziglar and dimemionr . . . UI At lunch time there is always a crowd of hungry people around the counter. Sterne Xl Z5 I K Margaret Begley while in Miss Shidler's Latin class points out one of Caesar's trips on the map. YT Abe Miller works diligently in Shop. F "7" v rm.. in-... A Sewing those pieces together is an easy job for Mary Bunce and Donna Mills. Gale Peterson is busy at work designing this year's Mzzxlang Cover. And the red sparks bit the air . . . A movie in the auditorium breaks the monotony of the day. Calmness and curiosity registers on the faces of these sophs in Biology. Maybe we should buy an apple for the teacher! Mackay Adding 15 columns of figures is a simple task for Tom Wood on this adding machine. Anella Currence and Jessie Harris will certainly be excellent cooks some day! The bell rings! and now there is time for student dances and teachers' relaxation. The muyic Mapped and the light! blinked out . . . Vestal YW QM 5 M s The dance was "Out of This World" From a waltz to a jitterbug When the music ended everyone begin to leave. 5. Q . o 69 41091 GQ TEACHERS' TEAS Come one, come all. "Thank you, I Will." 4114.6 the 11186 12,62 The Ziglar of friendship takey the fares of the day away . . . Longfellow A discussion of the day's affairs over a cup of tea. , Q , X fr A Ms. , 4, ,male , 5 L ' 1 . 1-, x. N. M, A X Af -.Lv . 15.413 " X. My ,. . Am -- - -sm .af-lex ,xx. : . CONGRATULATIONS CLASS or 'sz KISTLER PLUMBING M-Q Q AND HEATING, INC. ' .' is f':CDiXl 6 : Men's Wear 3l7 Easl' A Slreel Over 25 Years ln The Same Phone l908 P.O. Box 428 Locanon Tzs SOUTH CENTER Welsh Furniture Co. l20 SOUTH DURBIN Phone IIOO Casper, Wyo. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '52 Okes' Jewelry Wesfridge Shopping Cenfer W Magnavox Radios 6 6 THE 6 SERVE YOURSELF LAUNDRY 6 Z 6 . 6 , ' You do ii' or we will do iT W Muslc CO' and Sl'einway Hammond fluff dry if 'for you Pianos Organs ALWAYS WELCOME AWARD SWEATERS Vic's Sporting Goods EVINRUDE Wesfridge Village No. 5 DUNPHY SCALE MODELS Phone 309' JACKETS Zgfeea l24 Easl Second BLUE BIRD DIAMONDS NATIONALLY ADVERTISED WATCHES SPOHS Complimenfs of Wear WW 327 ZZ Dresses Z g 0' Sui+S Spor+ing Goods I22 EAST SECOND "WE FOOL THE SUN" PHONE 632 CASPER Cecil Bon The Bon Agency, Inc. Guy W. Engle House of Dependable Insurance I32 S. WOLCOTT PHONE 4700 Bob Wildman Bill Lyon Dez Bennion COMPLIMENTS O Fon THAT DELICIOUS SUNDAE, Wyoming's Educa+ional CONE, MALT, sr-:Axe Music Cena, STOP AT THE EDWARD F. sARlcKs agfzffzg Qzzm 0 f We're always glad fo see you FIRST and LINCOLN STREETS CASPER 320 E. 2nd Phone 438 'I'-I-FE Dealers In y Ranges - Washers M Refrigerafors Radios - Irons "Exclusive Bu'l' Noi' Expensive" Z PHONE I78 227 E FIRST 0 224 me CONGRATULATIONS CHOPPING MOTORS De Sofo --l--- PIymou+I1 355 W. YELLOWSTONE Weflgmkgfl BEST WISHES FROM THE 0 fggyxm CONGRATULATIONS! EAKEQV Nlcolaysen Lumber Co. Phone 62-63 Cenfer ai' Midwesi' Congralulalions Class of '52 CONGRATULATIONS Z6 Mel Collier 5 ff' ' Motors SOFT WATER SERVICE Seniors ADVICE YOU'VE HAD A'PLENTY WE MERELY SAY: "Good Luck and Make +I1e Mosl' of l'l1e Ful'ure" THE WYOMING NATIONAL BANK Ihe 'Friendly bank CONGRATULATIONS Class of '52 LAUNDERERS-DRY CLEANERS O.I.I-'ING CO Home of Sanllone KUPPENHEIMER AND CAPPS CLOTHES DFY Cleaning MEN'S WEAR 22I S. Cenler Phone 229 I VVI-4 l I :E 5 iv 5 Hozne wi " ' as 11' Horne Z Fine , F?ne I Clofhes C101-hes GROCERIES 8: MEATS WE DELIVER 5II E. Second Phone 505 LOU TAUBERT RONNIE HERMES For Aufhenfic Wesfern Fashions . . . See THE CLARE AGENCY K y Insurance and Real Esfafe W Z :ez so. CENTER PHONE 44oo COW' 0'Fam0US Brands Casper' Wyoming EXCLUSIVE glgN21?1iLSARID WESTERN CASPER. WYOMING D.A.R. Good Citizens Jo Lea Sprecher, Runnerup Sally Johnson. Runnerup Jessie Harris, Winner You are Assured of Qualify X Take YUUI' I And Personal Service When S7 :EIO Typewrirer ORDERING FROM if' 1 T""""es K3I..L3I...3I L 'f ' I Q.-I. T68 ' +o NJ WWEQQ' CASPER'S FLOWER Phone 20 l24 NORTH WOLCOTT CASPER I46 S. Cenfer Casper, Wyoming VVVOIXA I IXI G7 mPIJ.,fl'dnfI'ee' vgfmg 0 . I MMA may Z2 mfcmffa Hardware STORE and OFFICE GLASS SHOP 3I8 Eas'l' 2nd S+. 8I5 W. Midwesi' Phones I374- I375 Casper, Wyoming HOUSEWARES-RANGES-PAINTS PHILCO RADIOS - REFRIGERATORS MONARCH GAS 8: ELECTRIC STOVES 81 HEATERS FREEZERS EASY WASHERS AUTOMATIC WASHERS 8: DRIERS 7 fZ2gf QQ "Where one cusiomer sends anoI'her..." I46 S. WOLCOTT CASPER, WYOMING HOME SERVICE DEPARTMENT Now available fo all naI'uraI gas range owners Gas cloes +I1e iob beH'er Clean - Quick - Economical NORTHERN UTILITIES CO. me MMM 2 ZW? C9919 Casper's Credit Jewelers I58 SOUTH CENTER STREET PHONE 2526 Pasfeurized Casper Maid and BuH'er Homogenized 6 CoI'I'age Cheese Milk 6 Ice Cream QT22-E!AIXfIE'I2Nf CCD. 327 Norih Durbin CASPER, WYO. Phone I908 Mfg? 2 W Gamuea EXCLUSIVE WEARING APPAREL THE FRIENDLY STORE AND MILLINERY Casper Wyoming Casper Star WYOMING'S MOST READABLE NEWSPAPER 329 Easi' A Phone 4646 V1-:T-if ' Zia 2942 fee Viz?-Zzgf Adequde Wiring Residence Fixrures Be++er Ligh+s Huarmen+ Ligh+ing ooo Feu.ows BUILDING 'For BeHer Sighf G.E. Mazda Lamps Genuine Orange Blossom . E + 8: W dd' R' Elecfrlcal Con1'rac+ors c ngagemen e mg mgs - Fine Warches-Also Warch Repair l5l8 Eas'l' Second Phone I027 Furnifure Floor Coverings 328 W. YELLOWSTONE PHONE 2970 armgimigcglgirhd gjpmg Wg, Wyoming Casper's Stationery Exclusive Furrier l2l SOUTH CENTER Congraiulafions 'ro Ihe Class of I952 From I'I1e 3I NCHS Grads af The CASPER NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Congrafulafions GRADUATES o 7 03,44 4. 95 Stationery 2nd 8: CenI'er Sfreefs Your Store ot Fashion PHONE 790 l Congratulations to the Class of '52 Congratulations 8: Every Success COMPUMENT5 OF To the Class ot '52 WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE HAD A PART lN CONTRIBUTING Abstract 6' Loan Co. To THE YEARBOOK 'I' THANKS '20 00'-l BONDED ABSTRACTERS TlTLE INSURANCE Zf Q II9 East First Street Your Photographic Casper, Wyoming Headquarters ll8 E. 2nd Phone l422 CTRQ, CASDER-TRIBUNE S6451 4 656,256 The Newspaper Thai Makes All of Cenfral Wyoming Neighbors "WHERE STYLE KNOWS NO SIZE" I37 So. Cenfer Phone 22I3 THE NEXT Look IN CARS Brannon Motors Siudebaker Sales 8: Service II4 NO. WOLCOTT PHONE 2I70 LES HOLLEY EARL EALUM - GET YOUR COLLEGE LUGGAGE Q af Z 0 a 7 6 gang'- CLEANEQS Home of Haliburfon, Harfman 7.4 CY Avenue and Samsonife Luggage Phone 2244 I20 Easi' Second Phone IO46-J CONGRATULATIONS QOQQW 62 Drilling Contractor WYOMING NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Phone I6l0 O +0 oz sr-2 ml' QEIL Dil' 33' -'I 9-5 Z Cn -3 N3 57: fb 55 02 gm 3 U '32 33, ow E2 5.5" 55 G gm 23 Sw :3l'l1 0 Q5 J.C. PENNEY CO. Founded in I902 PAY CASH -CARRY IT-YOU SAVE CONGRATULATIONS Class of '52 Jizkmgfe NICTGTQS, C. Your Ponfiac Dealer MIDWEST and WOLCOTT PHONE l4l0 Congrafulafions Graduafes Qin QZZMQ 32. Drugs C1 Jewelry 241 s. CENTER PHONE 99 ., , X'-' in 4 xg? X fl X CLUBS Coen BALL ffw Y fab' 'Zia if Im J JJ Q V' DANCES Q C' I x Y SPORTS X? MUSIC fx N X 2 if 7 JI? f SENIOR PLAYS ACTIVITIES I have az hex 0 matches and they go DONALD C. ACKERMAN ALAN F. ALEXANDER Newcomers' Club 15 Stage Crew 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 4. JACK CHARLES ALLEN B Squad Football 1, 25 B Squad Basketball 15 Varsity Basketball 2, 5, 45 Varsity Football 5, 45 Track 2, 5, 45 C. Club 2, 3, 4. JACK RAMON ANDERSON B Squad Football 25 Varsity Football 5, 45 B Squad Bas- ketball 1, 25 Varsity Basketball 5, 45 Track 5, 45 C Club 5, 45 Latin Club 25 Boys' State 35 Best Basketball Free- Throw Average 3. BARBARA JUNE ATWOOD Latin Club 25 Madrigal 2, 5, 45 Senior Triple Trio 5, 45 Swing Band 25 Big Sisters 45 Junior Follies 55 Coed Ball 45 Pep Club 1, 25 All State Chorus 5, 45 National Honor Society 4. HAROLD IRVING BACHELLER NCHS Band 1, 2, 5, 45 NCHS Orchestra 1, 2, 5, 45 ROTC Band 1, 2, 5, 45 Marching Band 1, 2, 5, 45 Junior Follies 35 English Club 45 Radio Guild 4. BEN B. BAKER B Squad Football 1, 25 Varsity Football 3, 45 B Squad Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Basketball 5, 45 C Club 2, 5, 45 Canteen Council 2. SHANNON LEE BARKER Latin Club 25 Pep Club 1, 25 Junior Follies 55 Coed Ball Committee 4. CATHERINE MARIE BEGLEY Senior-Freshman Assembly 1, 45 Gusher Business Staff 25 Freshman Orientation Tea 25 Class Representative 55 Junior Prom Committee 3: Junior Follies 55 Junior Ring Committee 55 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3, 45 Secretary 45 Annual Staff 4. NATALIE ANN BENTZEN Sheridan High School 1, 25 Pep Club 55 Madrigal 5, 45 Junior Follies 55 Newcomers' Club 55 Gusher Staff 5, 45 Coed Ball Committee 45 Junior Prom Committee 3. BARBARA JEAN BERTZ Gusher Staff 55 Pep Club 5, 45 Junior Follies 55 Madrigal 5, 45 Coed Ball Committee 4. Ross MERLIN MEYER B Squad Football 25 Varsity Football 55 Spanish Club 1, 25 National Honor Society 5, 45 Gusher Staff 45 Boys' State 55 Quill and Scroll 4. MARY ANNE BILLINGSLEY Westlan High School 1, 2, 53 Big Sisters 45 Newcomers' Club 4. JUDITH ELAINE B151-IOP Junior Follies 55 Big Sisters 45 Pep Club 1. CAROL ANN BLANFORD Junior Follies 55 Pep Club 1, 2, 5, 4. MARY BARBARA BLATT Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Big Sisters 45 Gusher Staff 45 NCHS Band 1, 2, 3, 45 NCHS Orchestra 1, 2, 5, 45 Junior Follies 55 String Trio 45 String Quartette 25 Freshman-Senior Assembly 45 Quill and Scroll 4. ELEANOR ELAINE BOsoN Freshman Triple Trio 15 Pep Club 1, 2, 5, 45 Gusher Staff 5, 45 Future Nurses 5, 45 Junior Follies 55 National Thes- pians 45 Dramatics Class Play 55 Homeroom Representa- tive 25 Coed Ball Committee 4. VERNE JOHNSON BRADBURY LEWIS C. BRADsI-LAW ROBERT ROWE BRADY B Squad Football 25 Varsity Football 3, 45 C Club 5, 45 Vice President 45 Senior-Freshman Assembly 45 State Wrestling Champion 55 Wrestling Team 2, 5, 45 Wrest- ling Captain 45 B Squad Basketball 2. LAURENCE C. BREWER JOHN FRANCIS BRISCOE NCHS Band 1, 2, 3, 45 NCHS Orchestra 1, 2, 5, 45 Swimming Team 15 English Club 45 Clarinet Quartette 2, 3, 45 Radio Guild 45 ROTC Band 4. To light zz fire for warmth, e pipe for peace, GEORGE ANN BRANNAN Coed Ball Queen lg Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Vice President 1, 2, 35 Girls' League Council 3, 4, Madrigal 3, 43 Triple Trio 3, 4, Big Sisters, President 4, Junior Follies 3, Homeroom Representative 3, 43 Mustang Queen Attendant 4, Quill and Scroll 4. MAEEL BRISLAWN Newcomers' Club 4. RAY ALPHA BROOKE NCHS Band lg ROTC Band 2, 3. MARION KAY BROWN Central High School, Tulsa, Oklahoma l, 2, 34 Spanish Club 4, Big Sisters 4. CLIFFORD L. BUNDY Spanish Club 2, 3, Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 43 Gusher Staff 43 Quill and Scroll 4. WAYNE LESTER BUNDY National Ski Patrol 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee 35 Madrigal 3. JOAN E. BUNNEY RALPH BURGER THOMAS G. BURRIDGE B Squad Basketball 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Swing Band 2, NCHS Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Marching Band 1, 2, 3. 4, WPPW 3, 4g State President 3. 4 CLARK CAPP ANNE L. CASCIATO JOAN PATRICIA CARR Swimming Team 4, Junior Follies 3. BARBARA LEE CHISM Swimming Team 1, 2, 33 Spanish Club 3, Big Sisters 4, Junior Follies 3. VIRGINIA CHRISTOPHER WYOMA CLAPP Junior Follies 3. MAR JORIE ANN CLARE Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Triple Trio 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3: English Club 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4: Girls' League Council 3, 45 Vice President 3: Canteen Council Secretary 31 Big Sisters, Treasurer 4, Gusher Staff 4: Quill and Scroll 4, Annual Staff 4. PI-IYLL1s ANN CLARK Junior Follies 3g Newcomers' Club 2, Big Sisters 43 Fresh- man Orientation Tea 2g Coed Ball Committee 4. THOMAS P. CLEMMONS Holy Cross Abbey, Canon City, Colorado lg American Legion ROTC Merit Award 3: Quill and Scroll 4. ROBERT CLOYD CYNTHIA JANE COIL Will Rogers High School, Tulsa, Oklahoma 1, 2, 3. AVIS LYNN COLE Latin Club 2, Freshman Orientation Tea 2, Big Sisters 4, Gusher Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4. VON LAWRENCE COLEs HORACE CONGER Wrestling Team 3, 43 B Squad Football 1, 2, Varsity Football 3, 4, C Club 3, 4, President 4. JO ARDENE COOPER NCHS Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 String Quartette 2, 33 Junior Class Ring Committee 33 Gusher Staff 4, Freshman Orien- tation Tea 25 Junior Prom Committee 3g Junior Follies 33 Big Sisters 45 Coed Ball Committee 4, Quill and Scroll 4. WILLIAM B. COYNE JESSE L. CRABTREE xlff ,f 7' IQQ A lamp for guidance, or the camdleiv glow DONALD A. CULVER Varsity Football 43 Rifle Team 3, 43 Best Shot 33 National Honor Society 3, 43 English Club 43 Latin Club 23 Junior Follies 33 Boys' State 33 Madrigal 1, 23 Boys' Octette 23 Senior Freshman Assembly 4. ANELLA RAE CURRENCE NCHS Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Future Teachers 2, 33 All State Orchestra 3. RONALD V. DALLEY Quill and Scroll 4. JOHN P. DALY NANCY JEAN DAVIS junior Follies 33 Future Nurses 43 Big Sisters 43 Coed Ball Committee 4. DONALD C. DENMAN DICK EDWIN DEVITT STANLEY F. DE VORE MARY FRANCES DOBBINS Greybull, Wyoming 13 Spanish Club 23 NCHS Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Assembly Band 1, 2, 33 Freshman Orientation Tea 23 NCHS Orchestra 3, 43 Clarinet Quartette 33 junior Class Ring Committee 33 junior Follies 33 Mustang Wrangler Band 1, 2, 3, 4. DANIEL P. DOHERTY B Squad Football 23 Varsity Football 3, 43 C Club 43 Gusher Staff 4g Quill and Scroll 4. ROBERT HENRY DoLL B Squad Football 23 B Squad Basketball 23 Varsity Foot- ball 3, 43 Varsity Basketball 3, 43 Track 33 Junior Follies 33 Boys' Vice President 43 C Club 3, 43 Secretary 43 Boys' State 3. GLENETTA M. DONALDSON REITA IOSEPHINE DoNoI-IUE Cheerleader 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Canteen Council 33 Homeroom Representative 33 Junior Follies 33 junior Prom Committee 33 Madrigal 43 Mustang Queen 4. DONNA MARLENE DOYLE Pep Club 13 Junior Follies 33 Big Sisters 4. GERALD WILLIAM DUNCAN NCHS Band 1, 23 Spanish Club 23 B Squad Basketball 2, 33 B Squad Football 23 Varsity Football 3, 43 C Club 3, 4g Treasurer 4. Louls L. DUNN Wrestling 2. CHARLES EBINGER Varsity Football 43 B Squad Basketball 1, 23 Track 2, 3, 43 C Club 2, 3, 43 Freshman Class Presidentg Latin Club 2, 33 NCHS Band 1, 2, 33 Madrigal 2, 33 Boys' Octette 2, 33 Homeroom Representative 3, 43 National Honor Society 4. JOANNE EDWARDS Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Coed Ball Committee 43 Junior Follies 3. ROBERT N. ELLIOTT JAMES J. ELLIS National Honor Society 4. EVE LOUISE EVERETT Triple Trio 2, 3, 43 Leader 3, 43 Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' League Council 3, 43 Latin Club 2, 33 English Club 3, 43 Radio Guild 43 National Honor Society 3, 4g Girls' State 35 Quill and Scroll 4. LA VONNE FERRIS Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 33 junior Follies 33 Gusher Staff 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Big Sisters 43 Coed Ball Com- mittee 4. WILLIAM C. FORD NCHS Band 13 Senior Freshman Assembly 4. FRANCES P. FREDERICK Greybull Wyoming 13 Madrigal 2, 33 FHA 3. GLENDA RAE GERING Pep Club 13 All School Play 23 Gusher Staff 3, 43 junior Follies 33 junior Prom Committee 33 Homeroom Represen- tative 43 Big Sisters 4g Coed Ball Committee 43 Quill and Scroll 4. For friendliness when daylight labors cease: GEORGE M. GOLAY MARIAN JEAN GOLAY NCHS Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Pep Club 1, 23 junior Follies 3. Lois ANN GOODMAN JANE GOODRICH NCHS Band 1, 2, 3, 43 NCHS Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Band 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 2, 3, 43 President 43 English Club 3, 43 Girls' State 33 junior Follies 33 Big Sisters 43 Quill and Scroll 43 National Honor Society 4. BEVERLY J. GORMAN Spanish Club 23 Coed Ball Committee 43 junior Follies 3. DON GUY GRAHAM MILTON R. GROUND Student Council 43 Football 2, 3, 4g Basketball 2, 3, 43 Senior Announcement Committee 43 junior Follies 33 Senior-Freshman Assembly 43 junior Prom Committee 3. SAMUEL WAYNE GUBER NCHS Band 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 2, 43 Gusher Staff 3, 43 Second Place in State Sportswriting Contest 33 Quill and Scroll 4. CARL A. GUSTAFSON TONY GoNzALEs GLENN ALLEN HAMAR ROBERT BRUCE HAMILTON Midwest High School 1, 23 Civil Air Patrol 3, 4. MARGARET J. HAMPTON Freshman Orientation Tea 2. MARY ARDIS HAND Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshman Orientation Tea 23 Madrigal 3, 43 Latin Club 3: Junior Follies 3: Junior Prom Com- mittee 3: Quill and Scroll. IRA LEWIS HARBARGER SARAI-I LYNN HARDER Marigal 2, 3, 43 junior Follies 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Freshman Orientation Tea 23 Gusher Staff 3, 4g Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior-Freshman Assembly 1, 4. IESSIE ANN HARRIS Girls' League Council 2, 3, 43 Girls' Vice President 43 Girls' State 33 Big Sisters 43 NCHS Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 junior Follies 33 Freshman Orientation Tea 2, 3, 43 Foot- ball Committee 2, 3, 43 Coed Ball Committee 2, 3, 43 String Quartette 2, 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 4g National Honor Society 4. CLYDE DWAYNE HARRISON RICHARD HENRY HARTWELL Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 43 B Squad Football 23 Varsity Football 43 Track 2, 3, 43 junior Class President3 Student Body President 43 Boys' State 33 C Club 2, 3, 43 junior Follies 3. MARTI-IA ELAINE HAYS Latin Club 2, 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshman Orientation Tea 23 junior Follies 33 Coed Ball Committee 43 Big Sisters 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Senior Announce- ment Committee 4. HARVARD BERRY HEATON PAUL DEWAINE HERBERT ALEA RAE HEMMANT Radio Guild 3, 43 Gusher Staff 3,'4: Swimming Team 3, 43 Pep Club 23 junior Follies 33 DAR Essay Contest, First 23 Quill and Scroll 4. RONALD DUANE HERMES SONDRA HERSHEY Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Newcomers' Club 13 Canteen Council 13 Gusher Staff 33 Senior Freshman Assembly 43 Mustang Queen Attendant 4. inn E X s ,fa Q frw S0 they are spent, and vanish one by one, VAN HENRY HICKS NCHS Orchestra 1, 2, C Club 3, 4, Swimming Team 3, 4. MARCUS BOTSFORD HITCHCOCK Freshman Vice President, Senior Vice President, Senior- Freshman Assembly 1, 4, Latin Club 3, English Club 4, Annual Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Canteen Council 1, 4, National Forensic League 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' State 3, NCHS Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep and ROTC Band 1, 2, 3, 4. MADELINE L. HOGG EVERETT HOLCOMB LARRY Ross HOLMES DUANE OWEN HOUGHAM ROBERT HOWARD Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Lifesaving 3. LESLIE HOWELL Frankfurt, Germany 1, Heidelburg, Germany 2, San An- tonio, Texas 3. MERVYN T. HOWELL BARBARA JEAN HUNT Madrigal 1, Freshman Orientation Tea 2, Junior Follies 3, Swimming Team 3. HARVEY W. HUNT JEAN MATHIS HUNT NCHS Band 1, 2, 3, NCHS Orchestra 1, 2, Madrigal 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, 2. JAMES W. JACKMAN NCHS Band 1, 2, 3, 4, B Squad Football 2, 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Senior Freshman Assembly 4, Assem- bly Bancl 2, 3, 4, ROTC Band 1, 2, 3, 4. BILLIE GASTON JACKSON Girls' League Council 1, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Junior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4. MERNA E. JEPSON HERBERT T. JOHNSTON SARAH MARGUERITE JOHNSON Freshman Representative, National Forensic League 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Secretary 3, English Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Junior Follies 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Radio Guild 3, 4, Director 4, Girls' State Governor 3, Girls' Nation 3, Big Sisters Secretary 4, Quill and Scroll 4. ANITA KATHERINE JOLLEY Guernsey, Wyoming 1, Big Sisters 4, Newcomers' Club 2, Swimming Team 2. ELVA MAE JONES RAYMOND C. JONES DAVID THOMAS KIDD Sophomore Class President, National Forensic League 1, 2, 3, 4, English Club, President 4, Student Council 2, Boys' State 3, Boys' Nation 3, Radio Guild 3, 4, Director 4, NCHS Band 1, 2, 3, 4, National Debate Tournament 3. LILLIAN KILLHAM Junior Follie 3, Coed Ball Committee 4, Pep Club 1, Madrigal 3. ALICE KING Denver, Colorado 1, 2, Newcomers' Club 33 ,lunior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4. GEORGE KING WILLIAM H. KING Varsity Football 4. SALLY ANN KINGHAM Girls' League Council 1, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Maclrigal 2, 3, 4, Sophomore and Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer, Student Body Treasurer 4, Junior Follies 31 Junior Prom Committee 3, Freshman Orientation Tea 2, Senior Fresh- man Assembly 1, Student Council 4, Mustang Queen Attendant 4. MARK KNITTLE CHARLOTTE ELAINE KOENIG Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Orientation Tea 2, Junior Follies 3, Coed Ball Committee 4. Brief altar-flames to happiness or strife. THOMAS KORMAN B Squad Football 1, 23 Varsity Football 3, 43 Track Team I, 2, 3, 43 Cross Country Race 3, 43 C Club 3, 43 Wrestling Team 3, 43 Latin Club 33 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 33 National Thespians 4. KAY FRANCES KRAJICEK Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Girls' State 33 Big Sisters, Vice Presi- ident 43 Gusher Staff 3, 43 Circulation Manager 43 NCHS Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Follies 33 Flag Twirler 4. JAMES LAATSCH BETTE JO LACEY NCHS Band I, 2, 33 Festival Band 33 Junior Follies 33 Pep Club 13 Freshman Orientation Tea 2. WILLIAM G. LADD Latin Club 23 Rifle Team 2,' 3, 43 English Club 43 Canteen Council 43 National Ski Patrol 3, 43 National Honor Society 4. JEROME LANG Long Pine, Nebraska 1, 2, 3. KENNETH LASSILA J. A. Doelle High School 1, 2, 33 Newcomers' Club 4g Track 43 National Honor Society 4. WALTER W. LESHER DARLENE LESLIE DORIS JACQUELINE LLOYD Symphony 23 NCHS Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. ANNABETH LOTT JAMES LOTT ANASTASIOS LOUTAS Best Drilled Squad 23 Color Guard 3, 4. BRUCE GRIEVE LYNCH Canteen Council 33 National Forensic League 2, 3, 43 Junior Follies 33 junior Prom Committee 33 Madrigal 2, 33 President 33 Military Representative 4. RICHARD A. MCCALLISTER Rifle Team 3, 4. MARVIN MCCASH LYLE BURT MCDOWELL Intramural Basketball 1, 2, Manager 1, 23 C Club 43 B Squad Basketball 1, 23 Varsity Basketball 3, 4. BARBARA ANN MCFALL Big Sisters 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 23 Junior Follies 3. RUTH ANN MCHENRY Junior Follies 33 Senior-Freshman Assembly 13 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Madrigal 4. BARBARA MCILLROY Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Follies 33 Coed Ball Com- mittee 43 Girls' Softball Tournament 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Volleyball Tournament 2, 33 Girls' Basketball Tournament 1, 2, 33 Quill and Scroll 4. BEVERLY MCMILLEN Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 43 Librarian 33 Pep Club 13 Coed Ball 43 Junior Follies 33 Big Sisters 43 Freshman Orientation Tea 23 Junior Prom Committee 3. JAMES MCINTOSH LLOYD W. MACY Spanish Club 4. NORENE CLARA MARSH Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Big Sisters 4g Junior Follies 33 Fresh- man Orientation Tea 23 Junior Prom Committee 33 Quill and Scroll 4. HENRY MASCARENAS GRETA JEAN MAYO HOWARD MICK Classen High School, Oklahoma City 1, 2, 33 English Club 43 Radio Guild 4g National Forensic League 43 Newcomers' Club 4. What shall I :lo when all of them are gone? - KENNETH A. MILLER B Squad Basketball 25 Canteen Council 45 Intramural Bas- ketball 2, 35 Newcomers' Club 15 Senior Announcement Committee 4. CHARLES A. MONTGOMERY HAROLD LEE MORGAN BURT MICHAEL MOULDEN Newcomers' Club 15 Varsity Football 3, 43 Gusher Staff 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 4. BARBARA J. MUNDELL Madrigal 3, 45 Big Sisters 43 Junior Follies 53 Freshman Orientation Tea 25 Junior Prom Committee 3. JOHN WILSON MURANE Freshman Class President3 Latin Club 25 Spanish Club 45 Swing Band 1, 2, 45 Junior Follies 35 Gusher Staff 45 National Forensic League 1, 2, 35 Governor's Highway Safety Conference 45 All School Play 25 NCHS Band 1, 2, 45 English Club 45 Radio Guild 45 Quill and Scroll 45 National Honor Society 4. JOHN MURPHY Boxing Team 1, 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL MURPHY WILLA MAE MURPHY Junior Follies 33 Coed Ball Committee 4. BARNEY MYERS BURNAYSE NEFF SUSAN NICHOLS Editor of Gusher 45 Big Sisters 45 English Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Girls' State 35 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Secretary 35 Madrigal 25 Student Council 45 Freshman Orientation Tea 25 Pep Club 1, 25 National Honor Society 4. JANICE NILES JUNE MARIE OLBERT Newcomers' Club 15.Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' League Council 25 Freshman Orientation Tea 25 Gusher Staff 2, 3, 45 Madrigal 35 Junior Follies 35 Coed Ball Committee 2, 4g Swing Band 3, 45 Bib Sisters 4. JEANNE ELEANOR NORTHRUP Sophomore Vice President5 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 President 15 Girls' League Council, Secretary 45 Junior Follies 33 Big Sisters 45 Future Teachers 45 Senior Announcement committee 45 NCHS Orchestra 1, 2, 35 All State String Orchestra 2. JOSEPH PAVELKA NCHS Wrestling Team 2, 3. BARBARA PAYNE NCHS Band 15 Junior Follies 33 Big Sisters 4. ALICE PECK Future Nurses 4. ROBIN PECKHAM Newcomers' Club 15 Future Teachers 2, 3, 43 NCHS Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Follies 35 Madrigal 3, 45 Spanish Club 3, 45 Gusher Staff 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 4. CHARLES R. PETERSON All School Play 1, 25 Junior Follies 35 National Thespians 1, 2, 3, 45 Radio Guild 33 Wrestling Team 2. NEO F. PETERSON B Squad Football 23 Varsity Football 3, 45 C Club 3, 4. ANNE CAROL PHILLIPS Junior Follies 3. MARY L. PICKREL SHIRLEY GENEVA PINNEY National Honor Society 3, 45 Big Sisters 43 Junior Follies 3. PHYLLIS PLASTERS Spanish Club 2, 35 NCHS Band 1, 25 Pep Club 1, 3, 45 Junior Follies 35 Big Sisters 45 Quill and Scroll 4. NORMA LOUISE RADER NCHS Band 1, 2, 3, 45 NCHS Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Homeroom Representative 25 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Secretary 45 English 3, 45 Secretary 43 Junior Fol- lies 35 Big Sisters 45 Quill and Scroll 45 National Honor Society 4. The matches are my years, the box my life. GARY PROPP Senior Freshman Assembly 1, 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Intramural Basketball 1, 2. PATRICIA RAGER Pep Club 1, Latin Club 35 Gushcr Staff 3. DOROTHY MAE RAINS MAVIS RAMAGB Big Sisters 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Coed Ball Committee 4. JOANNA DAVIS RAND Senior Class Treasurer, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4, Big Sisters 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 2, Junior Follies 3, Gusher Staff 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3,' 4, Vice President 3: Coed Ball Committee 4, Senior-Freshman Assembly 4, Freshman Orientation Tea 2, National Honor Society 4. ROBERT RAVERT DONALD RICHARDSON NEAL ROBERTS Quill and Scroll 4, Newcomers' Club 4, NCHS Band 4, National Thespians 4. HAROLD D. ROBY JAMES ROGERS Louis JOHN ROUSSALIS Latin Club 2, 3, Boys' Octette 3, Crack Drill Squad 3, 4, Leader 4, Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, Best Cadet Junior 3, Best Squad 2, 3, Leader 3, Senior-Freshman Assembly 4, Color Guard 3,'4, Leader 3, 4, Madrigal 1, 2, 4, NCHS Orchestra 1. GWEN Rusr-I JAMES D. SAXTON WILMA VIRGINIA SAY NCHS Band l, 2, 3, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, NCHS Orchestra 1, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Big Sisters 4, Junior Follies 3, Quill and Scroll 4. F. H. in London Observer DELORES ANN SCOTT Future Nurses 2, 3, Pep Club 1, Madrigal 2, 3, 4. PAULINE ELIZABETH SCOTT Pep Club 2, Junior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4. SARA LEE SCOTT Madrigal-2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Radio Guild 3, 4, Pep Club 1, Secretary 1, Coed Ball Committee 4, Junior Follies 33 Freshman Orientation Tea 2, Junior Prom Committee 3. ROBERT SEDAR Junior Class Vice President, Varsity Football 3, 4. RUTH ELLEN SEILEACH GERALDINE SELLERS Mountain View High School 1, Newcomers' Club 2, NCHS Band 2, 3, Marching Band 2, 3, Big Sisters 4, Freshman Orientation Tea 2, Junior Follies 3, Coed Ball Com- mittee 4. BEVERLY SHAULL Senior Triple Trio 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Chairman, Coed Ball Committee 4, Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, English Club 3, 4, Radio Guild 3, 4, Secretary 4, Junior Follies 3, Girls' State 39 Junior Prom Committee 3: Quill and Scroll 4. ANNETA JOYCE SHERRY Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Swimming Team 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Gusher Staff 2, 3. MAXJNE SHIPMAN Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Coed Ball Committee 4, Homeroom Representative 1. LAURELLA SIMPSON Civic Symphony 1, 2, 3, 4, NCHS Orchestra 2, 4, Junior Follies 3, All State Music Festival 2, 4, Junior Music Award 3. .am - . .- fx .- 1. 0 u ,.-:: 1? . 7 N0 WR Fond Memory brings the light of other days around me . . . CAROLYN SMITH ROBERT B. SMITH Newcomers' Club 4. SHIRLEY ANN SMITH Girls' League Council 1, 2, 4, Vice President 45 Senior Triple Trio 3, 45 junior Follies 35 Junior Prom Com- mittee 35 Madrigal 2, 3, 45 Freshman Orientation Tea 1, 2, 45 Senior Freshman Assembly 15 Annual Staff 45 Coed Ball Committee 1. 2, 4. HELEN ANN SMYTH Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 15 President 35 Madrigal 2, 3, 45 junior Follies 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Student Council 3: Junior Class Representative5 Senior Class Secretaryg Canteen Council 25 Senior-Freshman Assembly 4. ROBERT M. SPALDING Latin Club 25 Swimming Team 2, 3, 45 C Club 3, 45 Military Drill Down Winner 35 Madrigal 45 Quill and Scroll 4. JEANETTE L. SPAWN Pep Squad 1, 25 Madrigal 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom Com- mittee 3. jo LEA SPRECHER Girls' League Council 15 Coed Ball Princess 15 Latin Club 2, 35 President 35 English Club 3, 45 Treasurer 35 Big Sisters 45 Sophomore Class Representative5 National Honor Society 3, 45 Girls' State 35 Junior Follies, Student Director 35 Editor of Annual 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Madrigal 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3. RONALD STEARNS English Club 45 Radio Guild 3, 45 National Forensic League 1, 2, 3, 45 President 45 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4. BENTON E. STEPHENSON Latin Club 35 Rifle Team 2, 3, 45 Best Drilled Squad 25 American Legion Merit Award 35 Stage Crew 3. ROBERT J. STEPP Moore IVAN STEWART Rifle Team 2, 3. RAMONA ANN STOCK Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Future Teachers 3, 45 Spanish Club 1, 2, 35 Junior Follies 35 Big Sisters 4. BONNIE ANN STOEFEL Newcomers' Club 15 Junior Follies 3. DIXIE D. STONER GENE STRASHEIM DOROTHY MAE SULLIVAN Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Junior Follies 35 Gusher Staff 35 Fresh man Orientation Tea 25 Freshman Senior Assembly 1. JOHN T. SULLIVAN Cheerleader 4. IRA LEE TAYLOR B Squad Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Basketball 3, 45 C Club 4. RICHARD A. TAYLOR JACK E. THOMAS Swimming Team 15 NCHS Orchestra 15 Rifle Team 25 Wrestling 25 Marigal 3, 45 Boys' Octette 3, 45 Mixed Octette 3, 4. SANDRA J. THOMAS Girls' Swimming Meet 1, 25 Coed Ball Committee 45 Big Sisters 45 Senior Freshman Assembly 45 Pep Club 1, 25 junior Follies 3. MARY CATHERINE TIGHE Andrews High School, Texas 1, 2, 35 Big Sisters 4. JOAN E. TOWNSEND Madrigal 2, 3, 45 Girls' League Council 2, 35 Big Sisters 45 Gusher Staff 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Follies 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Coed Ball Committee 45 Football Committee 35 Freshman Orientation Tea 2, 3. SHIRLEY BEA TRAVIS Spanish Club 25 Stage Crew 35 Gusher Staff 35 Big Sisters 45 Sophomore Triple Trio. Um' life is short, and our days run As fast away as does the sun Herrick JOAN ELIZABETH TRIMBLE Kearney, Nebraska 13 Newcomers' Club 23 Big Sisters 43 Homeroom Representative 23 Freshman Orientation Tea 23 Junior Follies 33 Pep Club 33 Gusher Staff 3. PRISCILLA J. TRUJILLO Spanish Club l, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Future Teachers 33 Big Sisters 43 Junior Follies 33 Quill and Scroll 4. DORIS E. T UCKER Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Gusher Staff 2, 33 Pep Club 2, 33 Big Sisters 43 Junior Follies 33 Freshman Orientation Tea 23 Coed Ball Committee 4. WARREN F. TUCKER B Squad Football 23 Track 4. RONALD L. T ULEY B Squad Swimming Team 1, 23 C Club 3, 43 Varsity Swimmnig Team 3, 43 Senior Freshman Assembly 4g Madrigal 3. ARLENE JOYCE UNDERWOOD GILBERT VIGIL HARRY VITTO DOLORES J. VROMAN Junior Follies 33 Coed Ball Committee 43 Future Teachers 1, 2. CARLA WALKER Big Sisters 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Gusher Staff 2, 33 Pep Club 2, 33 Freshman Orientation Tea 23 Junior Follies 33 Coed Ball Committee 4. TRUMAN WARREN ROMA JEAN WEAVER Madrigal 2, 3. MAURICE A. WEBER FRANCES JANE WHEELER Pryor, Oklahoma 13 Newcomers' Club 23 Reporter 23 Swimming Team 2, 3, 43 Junior Follies 33 Pep Club 3, 43 NCHS Band 3, 43 NCHS Orchestra 43 Future Teachers 43 Coed Ball Committee 4. DANIEL E. WHITE WILLIAM J. WHITE Latin Club 43 Bowling Team 52 Varsity Football 4. JAMES D. WILCOX BAYARD M. WILSON Madrigal 3, 4g NCHS Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Follies 33 Bowling Team 4. ROSEMARY WILSON Madrigal 2, 33 Junior Follies 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 3. VANITA ANN WILSON Pep Club 1, 23 Junior Follies 33 Big Sisters 43 Gusher Staff 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 4. ROY J. WITT Rifle Team 2, 3, 43 Junior Follies 33 Stage Crew 33 Madrigal 2, 3, 4. JAMES WILEY WOOD Crack Drill Squad 3, 43 Best Drilled Squad 2, 33 Rifle Team 3, 43 Color Guard 2, 33 Best Drilled Junior 3. LINDA SING Lander, Wyoming 1, 2. JOHN EDWARD YOUNG NCHS Band 1, 2, 3, 43 NCHS Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Debate 1, 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 English Club 3, 43 Boys' State, Alternate Boys' Nation 33 Radio Guild 3, 4, President 43 Annual Business Manager 43 Latin Club 23 Swing Band, Student Director 43 Quill and Scroll 4. HOWARD W. YANT Madrigal 2, 33 Boys' Glee 2, 33 English Club 3, 43 Debate 4. 'U fxjv' D E Q ki Ei .9 . ,. .v an ar, ff 'W 0 , -rw ,Y ', VA. ' . ,, .4 A ,, A 5, 1 A ,I -Ag V ,E My D xg A L - 5 1 w V.- A fi? ,. ' ' Q., -. 9. ', x 1: n v . X 1 4 4 . - , Y. Q -2+ .. , C ,Em -, ' 'QV " wx, m 1 .Q 'L .' 1 1'.w, - Ta, .A T V, r J. M .mf ,j"'r ,-' 1 , .- -, M, f ' " iv-'R 1 Q M 1, .1 Lv f - A -wh J Z . ,Z . . , 'P .N Y , V .34 . fa" ., .. -H Q K . . 41. W., A , 1, 5, 14 1 Z X' .QL , ,," fb 'Q '. ,L f? . 1 5' H- , ' A gil" 'iw Q,f:'w1 ' aw. , YV' ' 'H :W ft- N 9. . . 1 , . , , W - 'T 47 x ew .. - , iv , ' 31 , t'f5fkr'Y 1' wi. " - W 5, A hw' H1 .' 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