Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY)

 - Class of 1949

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Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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-D 0 lay? ., f 1NM,"1v- fI, I RV xy My QW ,W a , w , w " X WBBQSV fbwg ,WW ag Q1 3 T535 of C-qu ,I Q jx 'SQ ' K . fx E? WW x fggiijwligagi fawfdfffffff Q5 . Q33 Zigi? R SSS? fWf,w !,,.w pf! 1 My VTQMVQ ww i3??,bfQWW l L VX . 674 42, , tx is-img, JM! if W fin M12 MWMQ ,:, , , I D A .- iffy ZW Wifi W O0 Zfi,fZ'flZffl,3Z?QfA' W ,f WZ X951 'uw 'WW f ,igkgzz iii Q' ? . gif HQ ESE JfJfi?,3JJ 5 Gig if if C545 E72 X, Wfayg? xml i 0 E X f"7f"'f""'7?"7l wWW7m E R ,mZ W? vgrzrv-f , K yt? JW 7.7gfwfWMm,Q EM? l, M 4i, WAA, w ..A,, f4ff-f - ' W - , - f , , , , ,,R , , , , mkxgxlfhgf?-UK aff' ' Beef Skim. ,MJ B 'L 'ik WWA U df' '- fp. QNAX PA A7,M ms fAD,5,Uf4Q" M, ,M7'?ff f Wfxfiyw fQ,i!1fV'i4W!gjffjV KR. MA. H wg? QWWMW ffl? ,yfmwiifiigi E0"'0WW,JiRWk JW Of f 'O' wggffw' ,W 'Q KM ,M QAXQMQQQ-19" ,W IM, J 1 , 4 'QZOQJGW 92"'8,X 3 , v 4 , . A, AY , ,.. ,. .-,M,,A,Aii . mMAY Hfilix - , I . .. .X ,,... . M ik x4 wjwok ,wr 1 M M K lxiibffxvfgf K oft? 0 C! 5 Ulmlvrr W yxglfik. f'0"71'M!f wb W W 55 2i5kQfiQg Wmfffffp gmpiw cy U 4? MW WiW Zgf Wx' 5533? 5 3 Wim' Q sg wil aisiiw N332 23553553 WS WWy N h Ivkxcw , Q ,, - ...-.n.........4..............-........ .. ,,..,.....-,.. , ...,.. . ... ..., .- -.,- ..,,..,,..,...-.., ,M . X. . . . .. ,-.L.- A ,. .....,, , .,,......L ,, .M , , . , . .W,,..W.,..,-, A..,..................................f..4..n....,....n....... - 5, ., ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,i, ,,,. , .,,.,,,,. ,W ,,., , , ., f ,, ,.., . O, ,. , .. V..YW.,..,.,,, . .. . V .., Vx. 'N' 1 . y fi -fgwfvvgvvfn 00 JU H Z sw my N 7 J nw QZMZ -16 15 QQMQLMWW ffl , M Q1W2'fM? MAMWWMM ZWUTLZ? 7247 ETKTMQLW QWMW gilt H f M fiajiiagwjiy S, WW WWf!"f9"f Q W M Wwe v vgffff WWW? diff UT W NATRONA COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Casper, Wyoming H 'll' I I C 5CCC wvpu ' in W-S F . - .. - J , V mug? ,diff Mcjbjtjjegi JW. is? QM egffw-ffl PF- - 5,9 I 'e w""""' 53,3 ii? I CONTENTS FACULTY .....................,...................... 9 CLASSES Senior ...................,,.................... 719 junior .......................................... 35 Sophomore .................................. 45 Freshman ...... ........... 4 9 ORGANIZATIONS ....... ........... 5 5 SPORTS ................. ...,...,.,. 7 9 MUSIC .......................,.. ............ 9 5 MISCELLANEOUS .,.,.,.., ....,..... 1 03 2 i 4 -,af . QW if .sw 1.- 'mwyv K1 A K 4 5 brig 'L 4 M ag .rf ' 4,5 s 5 2 N V . at 5, 3' . 4 an rf . .T Eh 1 4 . X A Q. 1 gh An 1 ' 2, Q Q, 1 1. Q f . ,dv M3144 f 4 In recognition of the fact that one may understand and dis- cern the nature of most of the activities of our high school stu- dents by merely watching their feet, this annual has been ar- ranged. The corridors have resounded with the footfalls of NCHS students for a quarter of a century. From the morning a Freshman first wanders down the strange new halls with uncertain footsteps until the night he marches out as a Senior, slowly and rather reluctantly, to the strains of Pomp and Circumstance, he has walked many miles. It is the purpose of this annual to show, through the medium of their feet, the people and activities that make our school what it is. 4 On asphalt tile wc set our shoe, Except in cozy 302. A glance into the shop reveals Greasy feet among the wheels. Summer fun has ceased to beg We register reluctantly. ly r Ll K . t J x"Nix' 1 P' Back to reelcing HZS. Addled mind and lab a mess Thursday brings inspection day, Is there any more to say? New look now obscures the old. Modest maid o'er damsel bold. Junk descends on naive studentg Next time she will be more prudent Youthful driver's juhilation Emerges in his recreation. 6 I-leadlong dives and looming trees, Bandaged heads and broken knees. Grandstand stiffness goes unheededg just those final points were needed. Now the evenings ball is o'er, One small kiss before the door. 7 Two more points excite the crowd, And bring forth cheers both long and loud 'X How strange it seernsg the stage deserted- From tumult to repose converted. The students goneg the hall remains Naturally! We've shown our school through students feetg Our panorama is complete. Continue now-and you will find That life toward which these feet inclined. .,.,.-...-1,., f.-r.-,., '..-ryv-5---,,,,..- W- We--www-...-....Y .ww-,.. .-.-,.....-,-.,.-.-h,-.ff-v.-vim, , .W-,W To the NCHS faculty should be accorded the exceptionally high scholastic standing of our schoolg for it is largely through their efforts that our students have achieved recognition throughout the entire Rocky Mountain region. Not only in the field' of regular studies have our students excelledg but also in the many extra-curricular activities under the direction of faculty members. NCI-IS probably leads all other schools in Vifyoming in the number of organized stu- dent groups, but no organization is ever at a loss to find a teacher who is will- ing to become its sponsor. All too few students realize that no faculty mem- ber is under obligation to sponsor an organization, but that he voluntarily gives his time and efforts toward making our school a more enjoyable place for the students. Assistance in personal problems as well as scholastic difficulties may al- ways be obtained from one of the teachersg their friendly and sympathetic atti- tude is well known to all. No one has ever been made to tell that our faculty is hidden away in a redoubtable fortress of learningg for no more human and interesting personalities could anywhere be found. I0 of V :- Dean C. Morgan S. Kelly Walsh X, I' Superintendent Pfinjpff , ' ,GZ WW SCHOOL BOARD Left to Right-E. G. Erickson, Morgan Davis, Mrs. J. R. Mitchell, Dr Marvin Shidler, H. A. Boffler-President, Mack Gantt, Sr., fAbsent- David Foote, Sr.j www wnff-5 f 'zum W., QM... .M .. FACULTY A SXS Lawrence Adams T James Alexander Daniel D. Anthes T. A. Bucholz Military Shop History Vice-Principal , Mfr , lf- 'ri W L A I ly ta-se I ,Viv 0' Vesta Carpenter A Blaine iD. Coolbaugh Capt. Arthur Datnoff Daniel Deti English A xy' . Music Head of Military Dept. Spanish Frank T. Dillon J. T. Dougherty A Frances H Feris Pauline Fusselman Dramatics Geometry Head of English Dept. Shorthand ,.....--uo!'l' l 477 ' " Ve - FACUITTY 6 We.- Y- Mary Gaber Clara F. Gadberry Dollie Hagan Lena Hebbert Social Problems English Head of Science Dept. Economic Geography Edith Hegwer Kathleen Hemry William H. Hileman Gwendolyn Hill Librarian English Head of Athletic Dept. E11gliSh Duke Himebaugh MXS Robert Hitter Nell Jones Walter Kingham Head of Commerce Dept. Military Head of Mathematics VOCHfi0I12ll Coordinator F .. ,. , .. 1 FACU LTY Anker Larsen Irene Larson Ethel Lindsey Rose Mary Malone Mechanical Drawing Music English Librarian Ruby McBride Verna Metcalf Elsie Michalke Lois Miller Head of Language Dept. Sewing Physical Education Nurse W. E. Nichols Dorothy Nestlerode Nelle A. Pate Ruth Pettigrew Custodian of General Science Dean of Girls English Building p ki 1 ::...sis., Q damn am,nry FACULTY Josephine Ranney Earl I.. Ray, Jr. Earl M. Reed William D. Reese Sewing Physical Education Art Mathematics Hazel Richards Virginia Rose Virgil Y. Russell George C. Scullen Commercial Arithmetic History Head of History Dept. Shop Margaret Shidler Grace Slind Iva M. Smith Olen Thompson Latin Head of Music Dept. Physics Auto Mechanics Q. FACU LTY Peggy Tobin Lois L. Upland Willie Vandiver Alice Walker Typing Cooking Biology M Algebra OFFICE STAFF Left to Right-Mrs. Ioslyn, Mrs. Russell, Mr. Savage, Mrs. jack, Mrs. Kimball, Mr. Morgan, Mrs. Bums, Mr. Walsh, Mrs. Ringle, Mr. Bucholz. , , J or ,fy I6 -' wx-w.M,,,,,, K, A , im 2 A A I 2 5 H Ei A Q gf k - iff: A 'X J P-W 4'-y4'f 1 f , W Q2 K mm D 4 if w,mM ky'-P, Q1 M g 3 ily i V 4, .. -- ,,kAV Llkz in 6 ,3 R57 1- L - - "E ' Vw In - I ,L .,sjf. 1' fn X, ".. P -.121 1-.. . " N m , . . ,Q Row I'-Carr, Propp, Callister, Burnside, Ellis, johnson, Evans, Holscher, Row II-Bouldin, Ebinger, Gooder, Henderson, Davidson, Stowe, Cov- ington, Donnelly, Mr. Kingham. J STUDENT COUNCIL President ............,.......,... Girls' Vice-President .,.,... Boys' Vice-President ..... Secretary ,..,..........,...., Treasurer .,,,.........V.V....... Senior Class President ,......... junior Class President ,.,.,....,,, junior Class Representative ....., Junior Class Representative .....,. Sophomore Class President ....,,,.,,. Sophomore Class Representative ..... Freshman Class President .....,.,...,. Freshman Class Representative GUSHER Representative ,.,,,,. MUSTANG Representative ...... Military Representative ....,..... Sponsor .........i,,..,,.,,.i....,,. I8 ,,.i,..,JiID Davidson ...,,,....,,,,Loy Callister .,..Dick Henderson ...,,.,,Phyllis Propp ...,.,,,Brent Gooder ,..,i.,.Gene Bouldin ,,,,,.Lyle Covington ,,,,,,,,,,,,Ruth Ellis ,,r,n,,,,,,Vanita Carr .,,,.i.i,,.,,.Carleton Stowe .Corinne Burnside .,,......,.Chuck Ebinger .....,,,Sally johnson Katheryn Holscher ,t.,,e,,,.Virginia Evans ,,.,,,,,Art Donnelly ..Walter Kingham CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right Miss Shidler- Sponsor, Gene Bouldin-Presi- dent oan Williams Secretary, Mr. Deti--Sponsor. Not Shown, Clarke Stroud Vice President. When the winter's ice and snow begin to melt in the springtime, we, as Seniors, are suddenly startled to find our many days of high school activity have melted with them into yesterdays. And yet we are able to pause for a moment and glance over our high school record, and we do not believe that the vestige of it is completely effaced. Who of our class will forget that we were the first to be welcomed into NCHS in a Senior-Freshman Assembly rather than by initiation? We all recall our Freshman dance, our junior Follies, the "Fantasies of '-48", our "Deep Purple" prom, and our Senior Class Day. Notable records have been made by our debaters, musicians, athletes, and scholars. Regretfully we leave NCI-IS, but we are thankful for our many happy memories which we shall take with us. 20 Lois Alexander Jacqueline Allemand james Allemand Emerson Allen Pat Allen Richard Alm Ellen Anderson Yvonne Anderson DOr0thy Apel Barbara Attebery David Ayers Ashley Barnes Ann Baskett Patricia Beattie Beverly Bennett Corinne Birthisel Carol Bollum Eugene Bouldin Emma jean Boyer Billie June Boyle Donald Boyles Vaughn Brewer Zack Brewer Dowrean Brock Leroy Brow 2I iv, ga . j li, - - " ' 'QEEZEEL iii , .f - - 'V ,p int C Z: A ,gi 55321. , ' , H--..a-a:,,,.,sr.r.-59421:-, -- , f W ,sr B ma Wit le '21 is ,M 2 it qgegart ' 4 ,vga 'u H X tim: S .wi t w'?Q,g , M 4 oegityffxgf A' 'M155 V z :Q . -, ' , 11? , , 'f ,, 3 .,., af : - -1 at 51:--f..'-iff-an JE!-1: :a,l. 1' JH ..1-fr. if :I--u - pf -may f ' ' Eloise Brown Michael Bruckert Robert Burnett jerry Burridge Gerald Byron Loy Callister Alston Canfield Robert Caquelin Malcolm Charlton Joanne Chesbro Wallace Cheshro Reed Chittim Linnie Clabaugh Rosemary Clark joan Cohee Shirley Ann Colgin john Conley Don Cook Maurice Cooper Eleanor Corhet Margaret Byer Charles Carlson Kathleen Christopher Carol Conger Dorothea Crow 22 J i I , Patsy Culver Elva Davis Jacqueline Dodds James Dryer Joslyn Ealum Nancy Currence Myrna Davis Nancy Dolan Virginia Dunham David Earnshavv Rheta Dahl Tommy Davis Arthur Donnelly Charlcia Durbin Sylvia Ellis LII. t " fL.JsY2,, Ralph Darnall james Davidson Kenneth Deffeyes Dolores Dietsch Margaret Donohue Ethel Dowler Burt Durnell Mary Durnell Jerald Elliott Marie Erickson 23 K Virginia Evans LaVon Fossum Brent Gooder Carla Hall Arlene Happersett Wayne Evans Dorothy Garriott Ted Gould Gloria Hall Shirley Harbicht Frederich Firnekas john Fisher Beverly Gilardi Robert Goetz Susan Grant Dewaine Graves Max Harnar Betty Hampton Donald Harris Imogene Harris , I i "": i f .K 1 ,, V -l f '111 J i - 1 Mu g. ,. L Eldon Foreman Grayce Good Betty Green jerry Hand William Harris ina' : . " -lsr f, W an i , A 4 K mp M Jigga L it Barbara Hawkins james Hayes Raymond Haygood Helen HCIIHUCQ' Louis Henderson Richard Henderson William Hileman ,ludy Hoffhine Gordon Holden Katheryn Holscher Thomas Hool Margaret Hutchison Marie Indergard Donna Jenks Fred joelner Darlene johnson -Ioan johnson Edward jones joan .loslyn Nick Kamboris MuryKar:1ntza1s Mary janet Keaslcr Orman Kelly Ann Kerns Ernest Ketchum d3f1 Q. 25 , if Lillian Kirkpatrick Shirley Kobel james Krehmeyer Pat Krusee Georgie Kyner Edward Layman Nancy Lesley Ruth Lierd Jeanette Long Eileen Lybyer Charles McAllister Shirley McCready Robert McLean Donna Manning Shirley Manning Betty Marlcobrad Rosemary Masek William Mathews Marvin Meintzer Donald Meloy Cecelia Miles David Miles Billy Jo Miller Georgia Miller Joe Moore i - miie. i 'lyy as fi, Ax Q i 'FW 26 'Q :Nik fd, 'lflr ,mave- IRM W ., ,-fs e4qa,: - :-fa Mary jean Myers Marion Neff Timothy O'Leary Harold Olsen George Payton jackie Phillips Betty jo Plummer Sally Potarf Gerald Raclden William Ramage Palma Nelson Acla Pappas Arthur Pierce Susan Preston Peter Regan Sally Ann Nelson Patie Nicholas Marilu Pauling Roselee Pavelka John Pike Robert Pilant Phyllis Propp Lou Ann Pugh Shirley Reynolds Wayne Richey is-P"0K AGU' T771 Q H 55 1 K 7, . , is ,,, W ile y., A is . 1 4 T21 ,A t iw' '5 ' nga .q,:11.g,,:.t - .5,r,5,,..g ,-".'--zf-ww11f2"t-xi 7- V 'aw wif.-sw: 'rm ga, W . , , ., - ,. , . .... , ,, 4 ,, , - W Us W2 ma if , 4 ,, t, at ,, .. 5,3335 wi 3 -V 3 ' if 27 i Donald Robb Nancy Lee Roper Dennis Rush Ned Scholz jack Scott, jr. Ruby Sechrist Jacqueline Sherry Betty Shugart Iona Shumaker Orpha Solwold Charles Spaulding Lawrence Stallings Bernie Rae Stephenson Patsy Stoner Rosemary Story John Saltz Richard Sedar Sally Simmons john Steinle Sue Striech Kathryn Schierenberg Betty Shenefelt Ola Belle Smith Barbara Steinman Charlene Stroh 28 Clark Stroud Evelyn Tobin Donna Wagstaff Marjorie Wells Max Williams Kathleen Sullivan Dorothy Sutphin JoAnne Terman Emma jean Thomson Robert Tripeny Odell Turner Janice Uber Mary Vitto Joanne Walczak james Walport Donald Welch Frances Wells Nancy Wenzinger Robert Wheeler Wayne Whetham Io Ann Williams Jerry Williamson jacquelene Witt Donald Wolfe Dona Mae Wolfe Y A-fr A 1, 5 BT: .si t K 2 twat " s t ,ag ,2a,g5f'f,f..fM-wr ' , -I ' Amy ,il ,K wr .1 .. 1 Z, gr? t , aaa- .Li V , 'g -293,35 ' O 5" -- ffZ,-fhaifgi'2,-HTS:--"L Wfrizizlil'r5l.:f":Vlffw Pro, f fi?gagffilisvxeflai?:F?i?if4? ' or - 29 .vw,..F-.-..-.-,-v,,.-,,.,,......,.v,,-v,.,.,,,,-w.Y1 .,.. ,-,,,, Y. , .U .- ,M--.7 Cordia Wonderly Wynona Yingling Clarence Deason Peter Evers Myron Jackson David Jalbert Michael Keller Mary MacKenzie Seniors who do not appear in this annual: Ralph Anderson Patsygene Conner Betty Cornell Billy Faulk William Schmidt James Stoutamore Don Strasheim Joe Temple Kerry Wendt 30 + 1 IN MEMORIAM GEORGE PAYTON NCHS Senior and star athlete who died November 26, 1948 3l Vwqwfg' ww- H f-V fy- , f, -. - .K M, Y . W, ., . V ,..,..- W. ,.-.,-3--4-N,,..-.-.,,,...-.V.W-.-,-.-,,,-5-,-.,,,-f-- V.-,-..-W-W,-.. .,..,....,..,...:-X .Y ,w,.-,.w,, .M f . ..,,,.. W,.,,,,.,.V , ' is 'f pfqlff-5-'?CC'? igggfifi WW su, - 'ggiggiag Mwfjf if Six: fffwjeffj, 'L' f Q M5370 gZ , ii M E Wg fp 33231 WW , f file! 'Q,, g-- M. Q X11 E34 121 5 5 CLASS OFFICERS Row 1--Ruth Ellis-Representative, Vanita Carr-Representa- tive, Sue Holey-Secretary, Miss Rose-Sponsor. Row II+Lyle Covington--President, Carl Ginet-Vice-President, Mr. Dough- erty-Sponsor. "All the Juniors are terrific," is the opinion of their class sponsor. Certainly it must be admitted that they are an outstanding groupg this fact is ably demon- strated by the excellent Follies they produced this year, the "Dreams of Delirumf' Everyone agreed that it was a near-professional production. The jun- ior prom evoked the admiration of all. Juniors have won recognition in many school activities, especially speech. They have given everyone just cause to ex- pect them to be even more outstanding in their Senior year. 34 Eg ,M K , E J gy ji, J' ,, yi? G N 5, ,, wi QM bzfnnv M . , , ,, , W, ,W ., i x fm. R 'Mal' 45 ,K fi , ' 3 8 2 ff K ' -A 1' an ,gm till!!-lr V 1 2331 M 4 K fwffly Wa ., , M J , Y FE Q '26 3522 law , N N . S 5' 'M 1. -6 .,, aww, J 4 MW X skim up 4, 7, K -. in x z f Q. '? ' x 1 Q . VMBQQ ' in-K 3 H ! 5 1--1 if A . 1 s M- g iw H , , .Q , K X :H .g. , A A Wm 5 K T L 'Q X P' ww. . 1 W. ,, fu my '35 i942 rx: 4 5 g -gm X N ,ighx f'1Lv9.g,, ,Q 5 ,K 7,1 ,fix '21, 5825-J nl ' 'Z ' B: 8' - f A 54 "'f qw M Q an 1 I H 5 wQ'i3 , Q xv 1 i Q QAM A ,QF ,I , . W ,gg 4 A m .1 ,-Q, ww: af ta V9 giykfl yi, '.W?1gw ig! 45 , wif' wrjg - ,- A .Ax V5 ,ff lg. Q ., eff , 5 12553 ,X f V4 - ' ,mv if X , ft A , .6 X X ' ,Q 5 f . 1. ' .. by mf 2 W H 4 sin' XTR i X fsiif GN Q ' fx mf! 1 ' 'S .a,., 'H F4 'A 'f f -'eff' hi E 5 QSC' W2 C wa nf wi,-J: Q in SDK HP' if Q g L4 af' ,Q K New W' , I uqqv A V li' :1 1 9, , HW, ,, M gyy .K Q QQ .A M jmvlsuf f V ,,. K V ,Q ,. L4 k J ff, K 7 ' 5 g vw .wiiv - 4 k A I W , X11 ,L . ., J ,f N f"'f5 . ,V f N f . ' " i Q ,Wx M f , M . gig X 1 , . ,L E 2' Y ..! 1f X E in I-12,2-.Y - V 1,-f 1 gig, ggi 13 W i914-12. , ff 7 W x 1 , K A fm 9 iff f QXGI' A fl ,vu Y? gxi .wQ'?MfY- ik . gg? -Lg ' - ' 'lgiffifil QQ X fat A W' :fy - ,yn . ' ,' . wg. ' f-wig , 'Ek i"H5 ji, W, .Q w'9'n.k . Ml? 'lm 's"'w " if " 7 ,Q TA rf -if.-'7 'V 'S ,Q Mwlmag 55? . , K k - L . is V N358 by ,V ' 'gk W' , Q. '- K QQ, A 5 Y ' 'f . ,5 ,sf , If 3 N ff U YE' 5 Q 1 -if' K .Q 'B'-' '1:"'2fLI5 'lf 'Iv Qggibe + Y was WS .W .,...,...... VA , ., 3 ...... ,. V , ng f , Q uffww-'if mu, l . 93' ,ffm f vimff . W .k 1-16 O re F and X? JC JBQ61 - Z . 111-ag' 411212 O esfcy' 170.21 161 IV O11C1'6rf-200' H 1 1160163 'D00' A 6021? QQ 160 flkfoy s Ore MST -Q7CZbQfAQ 171 jl6l."cYl2G A FSU' and Rat! 011496 Q "vw 12 1166 fl112 ' Qfer IOI' FO!! ' 105' 127 ras 0126 aQ'O3 1916070 anis H 1466 Aflilbf F rQJ ofbbs of bolfci' KSZQCXGS' of Alfcff 120 less ' 111160 Larson, 111 .1111 61L1r1b11s 4I 1-: WM X ff A 5 - V M f,g,:,,m , CM CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right Miss Feris-Sponsor, Carlton Stowe-President, Corinne Burnside-Representative, Conrad Lavin-Vice-Pres., Marilyn Pugh Secretary, Mr. Anthes -Sponsor. When one thinks of a sophomore class, he us- ually thinks of it as the group that has the fewest activities of all the classes and has receded from the limelight held by others. ,This years Sophomores have worked diligently to -change this popular opinl ion. One of their first acts was to give a Sophomore dance, an action which certainly broke all tradition. They then proceeded to sponsor a school mixer. Many individuals in the group have been conspic- uous for their many talents. Certainly the initiative of this class will carry it far along the path to success. 44 ROW I-Nan Barton, Peggy Bochmann, Barbara Bemis, jean Bressler, Mary Lou Baillie, Shirley Baker, Hester Allemand, jean Anderson, Barbara Asich, Vonda Alexander, Mary Ann Adamson, Carol Alkire, Wilma Adams. ROW II-Darline Bittleston, Stanley Burch, Damain Aman, Bill Bagby, Ronald Ackerman, Marvin Bishop, Dean Brennan, Don Bennett, Larry Barnett, Marguerite Borland, Marycolleen Burridge, Corinne Burnside, Charlene Bishor, ROW III-Glen Bockmann, Allen Brady, jim Brock, Dick Batelle, jerry Brookshire, Bill Boyer, john Amey, Lee Affleck, Harmon Bordeaux. ROW I-Sadie Cromwell, Betty Caves, Carroll Cokenour, Margaret Currie, Phyllis Carpenter, jean Chumley, Vera Carter, Verla Carter, Lorene Coleman, ju Lea Carlson, Mary Lou Curtis, Angeline Carrera, Kathleen Coughlin. ROW II'-Alice DuBois, Delores Dudly, Harry Christopher, Gordon Christopher, Milton Coffman, Bob Cooper, Grancis Cady, Leo Chernick, Kathryn Donnelly, Kathleen Daly, Patsy Depue. ROW III-Obern Dotson, john Doherty, Chuck Erickson, Tommy Davis, Charles Diehl, Dick Day, Arthur Davidson, Paul Casciato, Melvin Chittim, joe Chapman, jim Corbett, Donald Casebolt. I 45 ROW I-jean Frazey, Beverly Foss, Alice Elaine Fraser, jean Fisher, Lianne Foreman, Elwood Faye Fox, Carol Finch, Pat Epperheimer, Sharon Evans, Lola Edleman, Pat Estes, Martinelle Eggert, Audrey Edwards. ROW IIN-Joyce Garner, Meverette Gaughran, Edith Gaines, Ted Gomez, Glen Ford, Bob Fisher, Bob Green, Dewey Gerdom, Allen Fleming, Bill Le Gere, Althenia Foulk, Virginia Faubion, Valera Green. ROW III-Darrell Fritts, John Gherna, Floyd Freeman, Leonard Farwell, Ivan Goodman, Marion Ellis, Roy Gallington, Jim Edgeington, Robert Gherna. ROW I-Donna Hartnett, jackie Holt, Frances Harris, Sue Hamilton, Pat Holden, Roberta Hakalo, Darlene Henning, Eva Hunt, Annabel Hansen, Dolores Hougham, Dorothy Hirschfeld, jo Ann Hawkins, Barbara Gould. ROW II-Bertha Hilsmann, Coralie jurjens Cora Lee Hastings, Margaret Hangartner, Ronald Henry, Bob Hileman, George Hebbert, Jack Hogg, jean Henderson, Edith Hall, .Ioan Henderson, Lois Hussion, Emilie Happersett. ROW III-Peter Junger, Malcolm Johnston, Frank Johnston, Bob Hubbard, Paul jackson, Floyd Harnagel, George Hoke, Glen Hamar, Dick Gynne, Richard Hand, jim Gist. L 46 l 1 ROW I-Emily McClintock, Pat McCoy, Marilyn McReynolds, Delores McCready, Betty McKee, janet Lamb, jeralyn Kosanke, Christine Kapeles, Pat Kelliher, Patty Klungness, Ruth Keller, Gene Kroh, jo Ann Kropp. ROW II-Richie Kay Maxon, Barbara Martin, Connie Lavin, joe Leisek, Dareld Kidd, Gus Kamboris, Don Ludwig, Richard MacDonald, Gwen Mark, Muriel Manning, Joan Miller. ROW III-Gilbert Morris, Duane Miller, George Myers, Dick Merlino, George McFarland, Bob McFarland, Dick McGregor, Douglas Kingdom, Tom McAtee, Wallace Krusee, Charles Kabler. ROW I-joan Peterson, Beverly Olsen, Fawnea O'Neill, Beverly Newman, Mildred Nilsen, Maxine Nickeson, Barbara Nowlen, jean Marshall, Geraldine Matoole, janet Maebius, Ann Morgan, Darlene Mitchell, joy Moline. ROW II-Ida Phillips, Donna Peters, Jolene Ponton, Jewell Pitts, Charlotta Porter, Richard Parker, jerry Nolan, Bud McKinney, Mary Lou Pickett, Beverly Payne, Doris Porter, Ruth Anne Perry, Evelyn Porter. ROW III-john Prugh, Don Patton, Richard Oliver, Don Owen, Earl Perry, Clyde Miller, Eugene Novtny, David Moore, Charles Mitchell. C , 47 , ta pf ROW I-Marian Shrader, Cherie Scown, Dorene Skinner, Shirley Schwarz, Matta Roussalis, Nancy Rader, Delores Rich, jacklyn Rice, Barbara Randall, Marlene Russell, Jeane Pilant, Marilyn Pugh, Norma Peterson. . ROW II-Herman Pierce, james Rager, Bob Slack, Tommy Schwarberg, jim Sutphin, Max Stalkup, Bill Schrantz, jack Steel, Bill Scott, Sally Shader, Marguerite Seelaus. ROW III-Gene Sullivan, Gerald Sullivan, Don Spradling, Richard Sorenson, Chuck Rowland, Ronald Rogers, Pat Phelan, Ed Pickett, Max Perkins, Wilmar Pitts, Frank Story. ROW I-Martha Watt, jean Willis, Ester Wonderly, Rita Vodehnal, Marlene Taylor, Ruby Turner, Lucille Temple, Charleen Story, Joyce Snell, Nadine Sexton, Beverly Swallow. ROW II-Myra Ylitalo, Pat Wilkes, Carol Wehrli, Victor Tomlin, Jerry Yaap, johnny Teeter, Richard Speese, Elmer Underwood, Carleton Stowe, Dan Turner, Mary Ward, Eileen Wingert, Virginia Wooten. ROW III--Ronnie Wilson, Tom Schwartz, .lim Yoakam, Joe Wells, Charles VC'oodin, Alvin Wolfe, Wesley Wimber, Monte Varah, Melvin Trent, Harry Venable. 48 fwuiw,1M,p.M,-.:m,.v.,M.W.w:ffM4Lw.H,M-. i Www ww-f.WWL ,fx ,G,mm.,x.mMm 1, .W 1 m,,,m..Q,.ww,s.A ,... mmm4.1L.mmy.1w,,Ww1.f.,wWhmbuW CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right Marcus Hitchcock'-Vice-President, Harriet Monk Secretary Miss Hemry-Sponsor, Sally johnson-Repro sentatixe Chuck Ebinger-President. With the advent of this year's freshman class, the object known as the bewildered and timid freshman practically disappeared. A definite purpose in school and an- eager interest in all its activities were dis- played by each member of the class. First welcomed in the Senior-Freshman assembly, they soon took an active part in school life. A freshman dance was given and a mixer sponsored by the enterprising group. Enthusiastic members have permeated almost every school organization, and have become leaders in debate, the swimming team, band, and other groups. 50 ROW I-Virginia Bernier, Patty Baker, Mary Blatt, Carol Ann Blanford, Shannon Lee Barker, Alan Alexander, Donald Ackerman, Norma Browning, Barbara Atwood, Milo Anderson, Eleanor Boson, Georgia Bernier, Loris Baker. ROW II-Joan Bunney, Janice Beach, Catherine Begley, George Ann Brannan, Ralph Burger, Ross Beyer, Tommy Burridge, Ben Baker. Jack Allen, Jerry Austin, Wayne Bundy, Robert Burchardt, Dorothy Alm, Judith Bishop, Barbara Bertz. ROW III-Gary Bullington, Clifford Bundy, Vern Bradbury, Mac Barnes, Laurence Brewer, Irving Bacheller, Lew Bradshaw, Peers Brewer, Duke Briscoe, Jack Anderson, Ray Brooke. ROW I-Glenneta Donaldson, Lynn Cole, Margie Clare, Georgetta Caster, Virginia Christopher, Emily Cook, Goldie Clark, Jo Cooper, Anella Currence, Wyoma Clapp, Eve Everett, Joanne Edwards, Rena Ellis. ROW II-Donna Doyle, Patsy Carr, Anne Casciato, Phil Clark, Billy Coyne, Ralph Campbell, Von Coles, Horace Congor, Don Culver, Don Chernick, Bonnie Downs, Reita Donohue, Jack Daly. ROW III-Larry Byer, Bill Christ, Dan Doherty, Jess Crabtree, Dean Blotz, Bob Doll, Bill Duncan, Denny Esterline, Sam Eason, Jack Doran, Dick Dewitt, Bob Dalton, Bob Dawson. V 5 I .5 l l l i 4 r 4 l 1 i 1 l 1 I .4 P l l I l 5 I l I 5 i 4 K r s 2 6 I l l r i J...-... ROW I-Lynn Harder, Jeanne Gibbins, Jane Goodrich, Glenda Gering, Helen Guthrie, Sondra Hershey, Marian Golay, Pauline Green, Beverly Gorman, Lois Goodman, LaVonne Ferris, Nancy Epperheimer, Alice Henderson. ROW II-Jerry Haskell, Jerry Goodrich, Don Geist, Dale Hansen, Leroy Humiston, Emmatt Grooms, Bill Garriott, Bill Ford, George Goley, Don Graham, Hershel Goodrich, Milton Ground, Chuck Ebinger. ' ROW III-Larry Holmes, Dick Hartwell, Ronald Hughes, Wayne Guber, Hubert Green, Carl Gustafson, Bob Elliott. ROW I-Charlotte Koenig, Merna Jepson, Billie Jackson, Sally Johnson, Alea Hemmont, Ardis Hand, Martha Hays, Margaret Hampton, Barbara Hunt, Madeline Hogg, Joan Hersh, Jessie Harris, Arliss Hoyt. ROW II-George King, Jacqueline Lloyd, Anabeth Lott, Sally Kingham, Elmer Johnson, Warren Jackman, Wayne Hiser, Jack Jourgenson, Tommy Kidd, Marcus Hitchtock, Lillian Killham, Diana Kersting, Betty Jo Lacey, Ray Jones. V ROW III-George Jugler, Herbert Johnston, Mervyn Howell, Bobby Howard, Harvey Hunt, Ronald Hermes, Thomas Korman, Bill King, Danny Krassow, Everett Holcomb, Van Hicks, Paul Hebbert, Duane Hougham, Mark Knittle. ' 52 f.--, V- Y V .. ., .y-V - 7-W. ... ,,,. ..,-, --fr -,.,. . . .W V....,-q ,Y,.a1-Y, ROW I-jean Mathis, Norene Marsh, Harriett Monk, Willa Murphy, Donna Morton, Lenore Miller, Patsy McDonald, Ruth Ann McHenry, Beverly McMillian, Barbara Jean Mcllroy, Shirley McDaniel, Barbara McFall, Darlene Leslie. ROW II-Susan Nickols, Barbara Mundell, Bert McDowell, Earl McKinley, Charles Montgomery, lohn Murphy, Bruce Lynch, Charles Lauthern, Terry Lincoln, Anastasios Lontas, Henry h'lL1S!f11f'Sl'lL15. Mitzie North, Janice Niles. ROW III-Dick McAllister, Jim Mclntosh, Gerald Moore, Ray McCash, Jimmy Lott, Bill Ladd, james Laatsch, Harold Morgan, Kenneth Miller, Mickey Moulder. ROW I-Dorothy Rains, .Ioan Roney, Mavis Ramage, Geraldine Rich, Norma Rader, Anne Phillips, Shirley Pinney, Barbara Payne, Phyllis Plasters, Peggy Ann O'Rourke, 'lune Olbert, Peggy O'Neill, Jeanne Northrup. ROW II-Joyce Sherry, Jo Lea Sprecher, Sara Lee Scott, Dwight Polen, Donald Palmer, jack Paton, Robin Peckham, Danny Nickerson, Ned Peterson, Pat Rager, Shirley Smith, Frances Swank. ROW III-Ernest Robinson, Harold Roby, Bob Peterson, Burnayse Neff, Louie Roussalis, Harvey Noble, Stan Richards, Gary Propp, Charles Oliver, joseph Pavelka. l 53 r X ROW I-Betty Sanders, Jeanette Spawn, Betty St. John, Maxine Shipman, Dolores Scott, Bonnie Stoffee, Dorothy Sullivan, Ann Smyth, Carolyn Smith, Frances Selby, Martha Spencer, Elizabeth Scott, Beverly Shaull. ROW II-Laurella Simpson, Ramona Stock, Ronald Smith, Jack Schwartzkoph, Ronald Stearns, Bob Schneider, James Saxton, Joe Stoneking, John Sullivan, Bob Sedar, Virginia Say, Joyce Shriver. ROW III-Bill Stanton, Bob Stepp, Benton Stephenson, Bill Schneider, Ivan Stewart, Bob Spalding, Gene Strasheim. ROW I-Karla. Walker, Mary Williams, Sally Williams, Frances Wilcox, Arlene Werner, Alice Wentz, Frances Vroman, Joyce Underwood, Priscilla Trujillo, Charmaine Thomas, Joan Townsend, Doris Tucker, Sandra Thomas. ROW II-JoAnn Young, Peggy Wilson, Rosemary Wilson, Dudley Wendt, Daniel White, Ronald Tuley, Harry Turner, Jack Thomas, John Young, Pat' Wade, Vanita Wilson, Roma Weaver. ROW III-Howard Yant, Ray Witt, Bill White, Delano Thomas, Joe Wfood, Warren Tucker, Ira Taylor, Jim Tuttleton, Richard Taylor, Gilvert Vigil, Bayard Wilson. l 54 ff 7 ' 32? g 1 iff- xsfl ' '1 ' R ' . fps- ' ,- - ' A f ' UE if . , I , WM I . . - -h.w .xv ,E ,f A .- twig? . wk fn 3 5 JNH - -tf iff .fy if K. f -. , K M, Q7 5i'+': 'Zi Xfkgi' H A 1 . M Q - , -. . ia-1 A . K 2 gi' gfs. 5 "' 1 af' ni' .50 5 ,5 r' V. A " 1' Q' if ., K . 1 ln 255211 . , f- . .. M f -- 14, QQTTL lfff' . ' ff K V ,T . K ' ff, .,5 V 2. 'F 3,15 gal? W 77 YY YVV-. 'vw' K -1' 'Q 7 J-,H 7, .Q A,-, 2 ' if ,,g Y ' W ,, Q ' fffgffdiiffw, , ' uf L fffglg M A 3 ' N' I 5 ,521 mcse., ,f 4 -N w Q 11,2 f f 21- if ali" '.ff5ni355r?: Wil- fiff 5 ii?:4:X-ifxf-lqgwjzw - w QQ l 'fax 1"1.1",:L :. A , . '1 eww- ,,.,:1wff,fx- ' 'ff A Q ii A J- Q 2 114154. .,,, gf ':?2g?i ' - -,550 .anew-rw 1.1. f m'24J63'f MUSTANG STAFF - Man SP011 C55 . 50r h Vans and Busgcc egiicrent Iferjs pai Gwendolyn . vugmla E an uv to lo Mies- Sf briefly ff ' and F Editor Term 0111 th ran age: Sofgufxieta- elf many KQCCES for the CB May the rosy haze of your four years in high school sharpen into clear focus, may you be able to recognize the boy with the crew cut who is next to you in that pic- ture, may you recall the smell of paint in the building when autumn comes-Mr. Walshls talks over the P.A. system-the leisurely bustle of the corridor-the roar of the cafeteria-the thumping minute hand of the clock during the quiet of a test-the way the tower looms in the dusk. That these memories may return when you look through your V49 MUS- TANG is the most sincere wish of We 57-iff 56 JW PJQQ ,,1?::lL,4.AcQ,S,.,,xJ 'wus-41 Choi?-X CTX .wear W t-M-law fa-0 Wi fwefrii A Mawr A.,iS,.i,-,,k 'jg ,JN c'fV.ji1le'f-i ,L ,.g.ef..Rg1-gTS1Sf3ht A Ang- 5'Vf5!4,vQ Q 01 ,gk f' ' 54 Q42 fe 'Lf "A Us' 'N E Ebmgei and ex' :JI 6, AA ,K Slrow and guess Mana hers Bm 'md the dev L Q53 S-s lflmfflfef , S5OC1ate gef LeRo ?hotOS'aP -0 from behu ff SCUPUO Walt 110 Edllfo y NOOUW gn tabxe' H U1OUeyt fort 10156 SU - O?hUg Head Photographer Harold Olsen and Assistant Bob Tripeny experi- ment with self-photography. . 39' Ffunkl. A PXQUSY se as- 1 63 T A A 0 30 QOY Lislcock Cara? Kidd and S - - Bessie Yatotbe Aummy ual. Hg the equ fflpper Hit Twrsqpog Cheek 'Pm ' GFI t, as Cue 915. . e sigom ...,..,.. ,,. . ..,, ,......,. F..-, ,. . ,... . ........ ,. ., ., ,-,., .. - ..-N Y.. -.. ..,....... . M . . mn ,. .,...-...,.,e. -.,,.,Wv.,.,,.,....,-.,.--,....-..-,,......a....,...... ,.,.,.....- .,.. ..,.,...,.--,, .. V i u L v F l i E l l 5 l r F ROW I-Kyner, Fisher, Neff, Scott, Graham, Conger, Heckart, Pearson, Daly, Allen. ROW II-Stephenson, Joslyn, Callister, Donohue, Indergard, Culver, Harris, Terman, Guber Erickson, Holscher, Bollum-Business Manager, Kobel, Hutchison, Jenks, Chesbro, Dolan Snyder, Miss Pettirew-Sponsor. ROW III-Krehmeyer, junger, Robinson, Murane, Good, Conley, Pike, Brow, Johnson. I E i GUSHER STAFF r E Nowhere can one find students working more 5 A diligently than at a meeting of the GUSHER staff. The staff is Composed of the journalism class and all other students who are interested in this type of ac- ' tivity. The GUSHER is published on an average of l f every two weeks, and much preparation is entail- r i ed before the other students receive the finished product. i 5 ss l lure, ROW I-Donohue, Thomson, Pearson, Hutchison, Harbicht. ROW II--Miss Pettigrew-Sponsor, Terman-President, Dolan, Graham, Kyner, Callister, Bollum--Secretary, Ellis, Shugart, Conger, Joslyn-Treasurer, Jenks. ROW III-Culver, Scott, Guber, Conley, Krehmeyer, johnson, Pike, Brow, Bennett, Holscher, Indergard. NATIONAL QUILL AND SCROLL Students qualifying for membership in Quill and Scroll, an international honorary society for high school journalists, are those who are outstanding in the field of journalism, are in the upper third of their class, and have had one hundred inches of their own writing published. Members assist in the editing of the GUSHER, the school newspaper. 59 ROW I-Curry, Eaton, junger, V. Evans, Ginet, Murane. ROW II-Maebius-Secretary, B. jourgenson, Hall, Talbest, W. Evans-President, Leik ROW III--Deffeyes, Young, Johnson, Hangartner, Frazee, Stallings, Stearns. ROW IV-Brewer fbelowj, Kidd, Hitchcock, J. jourgenson, Nichols, Ellis, Ferris. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Leadership and self-reliance are two of the most important traits of character developed in the National Forensic Lea ue. Debaters ainin a total of twen 8 8 8 points in interscholastic speech tournaments are eli- gible for the NFLQ once in the organization, they con- tinue to work for points in an attempt to achieve the highest oratorical degree: the Degree of Distinction. 60 Left to Right-V. Evans-Secretary, Miss Hill-Sponsor, Curry, W. Evans fSeatedJ, Ginet Director, Daly, Heckart fseatedl, Talbert, Stallings, Leik, Holscher, Baskett Qseatedj, Brock, Tripeny, Deffeyes. Not shown: Harris-President, and Maselc-Director. RADIO GUILD The Radio Guild is one of the most invaluable groups of NCI-IS. It is the members of this organization who give the morning announcements over the public address system and announce at the football and basketball games. The club also broadcasts its own radio program, "Variety Plus", over station KSPR. bl ROW I-Williams-Secretary, Callister, Brock, Hawkins, Witt, Wonderly, Tobin,, Shugart. ROW II-Smith, Plummer, Steinman, Miss Tobin-Sponsor, johnson, Kyner, Karantzas, Hampton, Dodds, Dahl, Walczak. ROW III-Joslyn, McKenzie, Bollum, Evans, Bennett, Terman, Culver, Reynolds, Schieren- berg, Masek, Ellis, Currence. ROW IV-Lierd, Conger, Stephenson, Crow, Chesbro, Lybyer, Shumaker, Sherry, Brewer, Long, Baskett, Harbicht, Grant. ROW V-Indergard, Manning, Propp, Keasler, Pugh, Holscher-President, Dolan, Christop- her, Krusee, Hall, Hutchison, Brown-Treasurer. BIG SISTERS To each Senior girl who is outstanding in scholarship, 1 dependability, and leadership are assigned two or three little sisters. It is for the purpose of assisting these Fresh- man girls that the Big Sisters is established, but the group, also gives its full support to all girls' activities throughout the year, especially the Coed Ball. 62 RM if TERS Q YD 8 Bo ,,,,.v.,,,,., .,,.,,.. ,, ., ,.. ,.. .-AW., ., . Y, .W.x, A ..,..v-W-.1.v.v.f.-W-v-vm.-.....,, -- W-vw 1-rv-v---vu ,f -1- - -P . 7-w-'ww'-1-W-fvf' 'i 'H 1' " W" " ' ' N, P A L S ROW I-Boyles, Green, Wells, Erickson-President, Pauling, Dietsch, Solwold, Simmons, Donohue-Secretary. ROW II-Harris, Pavelka, Stoner, McCready, Preston-Treasurer, Miss Gaber-Sponsor I Uber, Kobel, Miles, Allemand. PALS A relatively new organization in NCHS is the Pals, which was formed to welcome and assist all new girls other than Freshmen. Members are Senior girls chosen for their dependability and pleasing personalities. The Pals work with the Big Sisters on the many activities sponsored by girls. 63 Upper: Senior Wayne Evans takes F r e s h m a n Bruce Lynch over the coals at the Freshman-Senior Assembly. Lower: Timid Freshmen Sedar and Sullivan learn the finer points of hog calling from "Swede" Carlson. Upper: Dick Taylor proves that a Freshman can "send" them too, with "A Tree ln The Meadow." Lower: Sally Kingham and jo Lea Sprecher lend a fast tap number to the general fun. 65 Alva. fri 3, , ROW I-Evans, Sprecher, Kingham, jackson, Smith. ROW II-Morgan, Joslyn, Donohue, Long, Erickson-Corresponding Secretary, Holscher, Callister-President, Currence, Eaton, Scott-Treasurer, Miss Pate-Sponsor, Lybyer, Graham-Secretary, Shader. GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL Four freshmen, four sophomores, five juniors, and six seniors compose the Girls' League Councilg the Girls' Vice- President of the student body automatically becomes presi- dent. Besides supervising all girls' activities, the Council sponsors the Coed Ball, the Football Ball, and several mix- ers. 66 1 if A ff ' rj' 17 si I xi l' xi V XA ,fa R . -F- INGLI C-LU ROW I--Streich, Brown, Shumaker, Carney, Evans, R. Masek-Secretary, Miss Lindsey- Sponsor, Michie, Kyner, Walczak. ROW II-Conley, Curry-President, Terman, Erickson, J. johnson, Schierenberg, Reynolds, Kobel, Holscher, J. Masek, Eggert. ROW III-Brock, Ginet, junger, Hand, Leik, B. Johnson-Treasurer. Talbert, Swedenborg, Ebinger. ENGLISH CLUB If you find yourself bubbling over with famous quotations and verses of the poets laureate, the English Club is looking for you. Membership is based upon com- petitive examination, and the purpose of the club is to further interest in literature. 67 Miss McBride-Sponsor. 1Not shown-Michie-Treasurerl 1 'I ', ROW I-Chalfant, DuBois, Peterson, Schulte, Smith. 1-5 ROW II--Evans, Kelliher, Shumaker-President, Masek, Ikard, McGee-Secretary, Eggert, 5 X Hangartner. 4 ROW III-Alexander, jaynes, Graham, Jourgenson, Zoble, Perry, Bisher, Kroh, Matoole, 1 ' LATIN CLUB The principal object of the Latin Club is to stimulate a sincere interest in the classics of the Romans. This year the club became a member of the Junior Classical League, a national organization of Latin and classical Greek clubs in secondary schools. 68 uv 0 Q, CJ Q ROW I--Shumaker, Ellis, Hall, Barnhart, Henderson,'Conger, Rader. ? ROW II-Baskett, Long, Daly, Holscher, Kobel, Culver, Wolf, Walczak, Harbicht-Trea 5 surer. lx ROW III-Curry, Leilc-President, Rammage, Chingas-Secretary, Brookshire, Kamboris. CH ROW IV-McKinney, Canfield, Talbert, Venable. SPANISH CLUB Does your heart beat in the rhythm of the tango? If so, you will be among friends as a member of the Spanish Club. Members obtain invaluable practice in the practical use of the language, and are participants in the many en- joyable activities of the club. 69S iNA'r1oNM. ROW I Witt Secretary, Harbicht, Sherry, Streich, Baskett. Hglgg :xg-N S". . ROW II Terman, Brown, Shumaker, Pugh, Masek. E wg ROW III johnson, Shierenberg, Deffeyes, O'Leary. 4 F ROW IV Pike Callister, Evans, Bouldin, Joslyn, Hutchison. ROW V Brow-President, Neff, Regan, Stallings, Ginet. ROW VI Chingas, Ikard, Stewart, Miss Hagan-Sponsor, Daly, Spillane. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Do you have an I. Q. of 180? Well, neither do we, but we do feel that NCHS has its own group of junior Ein- steins. When the end of the first semester comes blowing in with the january snow, the grades of the Juniors, and Seniors are averaged, and the top five percent of the juniors and the upper fifteen per cent of the Seniors find themselves members of the National Honor Society. The lowest junior average this year was 1.455 the lowest Senior average, 1.75, 70 E5 Pl 5 ROW I-Cohee, Brown, Dunham, Conger--Secretary. 1' ROW II-White, Mr. Dillon-Sponsor, Lierd, Noonan, Tripeny-President "L m NATIONAL THESPIANS The NCHS group of the National Thespians holds Charter No. 1, for it was the first chapter to be organized in the United States. Anyone receiving ten points in some phase of stage work is eligible for membershipg the ten points are gained either by one hundred hours of work on the stage crew or by playing a leading role in a school pro- , duction. Forty Points bring the degree of Honor Thes- pian, the highest degree obtainable. 7I , ' Above: The Spillane twins manage to look Above: Carl Ginet, local and state winner of photogenic even when stranded in the corridor the "Voice of Democracyl' contest, tells col- window. league Willard Talbert about world govern- Below: Western garb meets jive at the Sopho- ment' more dance. Here, Betty McKee and Dick Below: Tommy "Calfskin Calesthenicsn Davis Taylor. sounds off at a mixer. Above: Dick Henderson, Loy Callister, Reed Chittum, and Beverly Bennett lead the grand march. Below: Freshmen Shannon Barker and Porky Brewer almost get lost in the shuffle. Above: Silhouettes of Senior squad members form traditional decorations at the Football Ball. Below: Sergeants Adams and Hitter of the fac- ulty disport themselves at the annual grid hop. we . ROW I-Miss Hemry-Sponsor, Smith--President, Miracle, D. Amey, Mayo, Soffel, Narra- gon, Fischer. - ROW II-Hansen, Edwards, P. Baker, Werner, L. Baker, Olbert, Hershey, Atwood, M. Hea- ton. ROW III-Moline, Branham, Raines, Stober-Treasurer, Hamilton, Coleman, Bunney, Gor- man, Wade, Anderson, Tolley, Nowlen, Ponton. ROW IV-Choate, Haskell, Bordeaux, J. Amey, Moulden, Fuller, Miller, jackson, Myers, Lundberg, Alexander, H. Heaton. ROW V-McKinley, Grieve, Speese, McDonald, Peckham, Christopher, Bob Schneider, Palmer, jones, Norman, Bill Schneider, Merlino, Keegan, Fossum. Knot shown, Chism- Reporterj. NEWCOMERS The Newcomers' Club is composed of all students new to NCHS other than the incoming Freshmen. This organization probably is the most diligent of all the school clubs, for it sells various school supplies and controls all concessions at the games. The members, who will represent all parts of the country, also enjoy monthly parties which take the form of dances, picnics, and swimming gatherings. 74 ROW I--Matoole, Ullom, Bates ROW II-Perkins, Wilson-Manager, Shumaker, Noonan-Electrician, Swedenborg , STAGE CREW The success of the Junior Follies, Christmas pageant, all-school play, and regular assemblies certainly reechoes the credit justly given the stage crew. Many hours of work on their part is necessary before the final perform- ance. The stage crew indeed is one of the most indispens- able groups in the school. 75 ' if Left to Right-Wheeler, Van Burg, Matoole, Rue, Ullom, Charlton, Bates, Marsh, Sweden- borg, Conner, Evans-Leader. CRACK DRILL SQUAD The crack drill squad is a group which developed from the former honor guardg it consists of ten noncommission- ed officers and two officers. Complete precision in drill- ing is the object of the squad, and only the most outstand- ing cadets are selected for membership. 76 M 7 ROW I-Goetz, Harris, Brown, Patton, Hubbard, Bates, Chingas, Bacus, Sgt, Adams ROW II-Bruckert, Scholz, Strasheim, Radden, Pike, Brow. RIFLE TEAM The NCI-IS rifle team is an outstanding groupg it has won innumerable honors throughout the country. Mem- bers of the team are chosen in the spring from the thirty- five or forty cadets who are exceptional in accurate shoot- ing. The group is coached by Sergeant Adams. 77 4 ! E I 1 t. a P 1, Y , '. E. P E 3 I, . r F i i P V ELLEN PEP SQUAD Although this is the first year the NCHS Pep Squad has been organized, the response to it has been inspiriting and gratifying. The purpose of the group is to give organized cheering at our games. All freshman girls are eligible for membership, but each must first learn the NCHS creed, the school song, the Mustang Victory Song, and certain school yells. Officers for the group are as follows: ' President ,,,.,,,,,,,,,, ...... J ean Northrup Vice-President ...... ....... M artha Hayes Secretary ,,,4,,,,4,, .......... S ara Scott Treasurer ..,..., .....l. A H11 Smyfhfi 78 BM Hdeman, Eootbah Coach, h, in an expansive mood. Ray, Basketbah Coac Bih Reese, B-Squad Coach, and Shadow """y'-'ff n AW' 1,- CHEERLEADERS ad , R semalry Story, u Sally Sh A -CIM, Qnb Pl S e Hohey, X Mit, Dyego Robinson- 30 ' R.. 7 , X -Q. ' I . :mfg , " 'ii XAVANRSN .Q K4 '. -X K-LNL , 1, ,ip A 1 f , .I V xnxx. . kv-L4 Qing QUEZZ .t ., 4 fwsi xxx-A 'M up 1 ' -'Sf .1 f 7 ' f We hm Q75 Z1 af? 7 7 'W Kamboris Masek Stoutamore Hileman Miller Manager Halfback Halfback Center Q. Back Donnelly Bruckert Schmitt Temple Chittim Guard Q. Back Tackle Q. Back Halfback NCHS takes pride in its 1948 football squad. Coached by Bill Hileman and "Shadow" Ray, the boys ran up a season's record of one loss, one tie, and six wins, to take the state Class AA championship. Fiye members, Dick Sedar, Lyle Covington, Charles Spaulding, Art Pierce, and Charles Carlson, were placed on the All State Team. 1 J Anderson Streeter r Laird Tackle Back d g Guard Gaylorlgl Harris McCon ahay jackson Gooder a Tackle Center ' Center Guard - .....,.., , ....-. i 82 Pierce Krehmeyer O'Leary Covington Spar gur End Tackle End Tackle Halfback Sedar Beyer Brewer Rissler Williamson Fullback Fullback End End Tackle Sept. 11 Casper .,....... ....... B illings .............. ...... O Sept. 18 Casper ...,..... ....... J ordan, Utah .............. 20 Sept. 24 Casper .,...... .....,. 1 2 Laramie ............. ...... 2 Oct. 1 Casper ........ ....... 2 1 Cheyenne ....... ...... 7 Oct. 8 Casper ......... ...,... R awlins ........................ 6 Oct. 15 Casper ........ ....... R ock Springs .............. 0 Nov. 5 Casper ........ ....... B elle Fourche, S. Dak. O Nov. 11 Casper ....,..., ....... S heridan ............... ,. ...... 7 Hool Gould Henderson Layman Bemis Halfback End Halfback End W Manager Barnett Vigil Hougham Spaulding Mathews Guard Y Q. Back Halfback Halfback Guard Mustang Queen Attendant Loy Callister O 10 f'. ' 0 66' . mp if C32 O, Qr . Q9 Q91 5? CF 0220 Q f 'O O 60600 45 lp 4- ' Q02 Q. fl, djljg 0,6 '22 .050 J ogg gow O 'pp 'Q foo, Q. Q 4? . 62,0 '26 t X QSO? ofa-Q f' N. t 00' Mustang Queen Attendant Phyllis Propp Mustang Queen Attendant ,Ioan Joslyn v O OQXQOG 6 r f'. O1 VA 'F' 15 Q2 so Jew QC6 'qv Z0 652 'yr 020 Q QV. of ago' 900' ag ao, fp dy qv fe, z we 'J' O Q ,O Olfgopf. C- O Q Off! fo? O' -90 6068, QQ, LP4. fir! fr , Q5 Z 0 IJ ooo Mustang Queen Attendant joan Wfilliams Go Hool Streeter Henderson Spaulding Richey Guard Guard Guard Forward Guard Casper Opponents Casper Opponents Douglas .....r... .......... 4 0 ......,..........,.. 24 W'orland ...V.. .....,,,... 3 9. Billings ..,..... .......... 2 8 ....,..... ....... 2 7 Laramie .....,. ....,.. 3 9. Billings ..,......,.. ...... 5 4 ......,... ....... 3 2 A Cheyenne ........, ....... 4 6. Green River .....,. ....., 5 F9 .......... ,...,.. 3 7 Cheyenne ......... ....... 4 5 Mitchell .,.... .....,.... 5 0 .......,.. ....... 3 1 Gillette .,.,,,. ........ 5 7 Douglas ..........,. .......... 6 6 .......,.. ....... 3 2 Sheridan ,.... .....,i. 4 9 1946 Alumni ....... .......,., 3 8 .,......., .....,. 3 7 Midwest ..... ..,, 6 5 Laramie .............,. ........., 4 8 ......,... ,...... 3 1 Cheyenne ...,.., ....i... 3 9 Rock Springs Rock Springs 38 .......36 33 Worland .......... ......,.,r 4 5 35 Wlieatland Cheyenne ..,,,,, ,e.e.... Midwest .,..,. ,r..... 58 44 O'Leary Masek Hou gham Whetham Gould Center Forward Forward Guard Forward V as A Temple Durnell Barnett Browning Swanton Forward Forward Guard Guard Guard Th MUSTANG goes to press before the tourna- e ments, but here is a form for you loyal basketball fans to fill out. DISTRICT TOURNAMENT State Tournament Opponent Casper ....... ..........,..................... . Casper ........ .................... . . Casper .......... Casper ........ .. .lf42J1... Casper .......... .. .. .14 Casper ........ .Liana Casper .......... ..... if Pierce Holden Brewer Hileman Layman Forward Center Forward Forward Center y , 87 2? vlxss 4. it , Q52 X63 W fm 'ff -ws wwf? S R ff, , -252' 1 A ,4 V1 s ,fi .. if sz' in f S him? ff' an A 55535 WV- ,an Q 13,4 .H E W ,, 45 ' K K my , 6332? ., 4, Q H, 1 . 5.551- ' W'-gg 5 ?' Q li 2 ' . 133,424 5 . ..1:...., w ., 2 -, . 5. , I .. , 1 w qu I If K X H " KZ, f' 1 xc J.. gl gg Y " I an Q, L k Z f, A ?wwfXWl ' QW' i 'ab my www ww -if ,K ms fi ,SW Url- ffo Du 177611 . ID f the HOOI. mds the game int Left: Dick Henderson leaps for a one-hander. Below: The fans register expressions ranging from jubilation to apathy. CXFGSI-I' H8 even 89 l - I ROW I-Martin, Ealum, Lesley, Mitchell, Perry, Allemand. ROW II-Oliver, Fritz, Hicks, Spalding, Briscol, Bradbury, Boatman. ROW III-Hileman-Coach, Sheffner, Bemis, McDonald, Chism, Schneider. ROW IV-Beyers, Eason, Rissler, Rogers, Elliott, Cromwell, McConahay, Sparur SWIMMING TEAM The NCHS mermaids and mermen are another group that is always earning praise for our school. Many swim- ming records for the state have been set by our swimming team. Many long hours of practice and training must be spent by these students, and they deserve all the credit given them. The team this year went-to both Cheyenne and Fort Collins for interscholastic tournaments. 90 Above: He game in first, and they didn't even look at him. Below: Wayne Whetliam takes the high jump by the skin of his teeth. Below: Shot-putters Clarke Stroud and Below: Jack Thompson does it the hard Lyle Covington rest their arms while med- way. itating. Slalom expert Bob McLean schusses down Miner Run, on Casper Mountain. W5-6 ACC? 90 . S rhe Sm? gud? egggasi TWOSEWO QD A mountain scene ner Twogwotee Pass, popular ski grounds. r WOW Q6 . LI, - glffs ' 61216 367166, Cfasse Qfff L"6e S Co 1001. O It 026106 ' aloe OP diyfaqjoq 51" 3166 6862 1' Coach Hileman receives the state football Chalnpiooshrp trophy at the awards assem- bly. 1- ' 420 ' 0 YOQQ 243, 06: '30O,. Q4- OG O0 'E JO fs 6 0 9- Q'EpoGsQJ':?Q?1r 'av 'Ea I' QL- 0 1 .ff 92 . fb QQ do LP fa? 9 og QYGQQS O Q' fp as on ga wg. 6 C? 'Q gtfiap QC, C5 ROW I-Hool, Durnell, Harris, Hileman, Henderson, Spaulding, Pierce, Burridge, Matthews, Temple-President. ROW II-Stoutamore, Layman, N. Kamboris, Krehmeyer, Carlson-Treasurer, Stroud-Vice Pres., Covington, Brewer, Anderson, Gould, Holden-Secretary. ROW III-Ray-Sponsor, G. Kamboris, Bemis, Beyer, Barnett, Maselc, Pilant, Gooder Bruckert. l ROW IV-Hileman-Sponsor, H. Pierce, Bryan Harris, Hougham, Spargur, Rissler, Jack- son, Vigil, McConahay. y HC" CLUB The heroes of our athletic department are to be found in the "C" Club. All members have earned at least one letter in one of the three major sports: track, football, or basketball. Several dances and assemblies are sponsored by the group, as well as the annual banquet and the "C" Club fights. 94 'A wi fi" . 2 1 545 wg . v 5 if . .QQ , .GA . is . ,fy A .. i . W I 55 '11 'lfm ' ? "X 1 ,Q .7 3' '4-2 xi: E22 vigil ,fggigf T ,jg x, A A 'Si 4 5. ,'. i , ? K'? J fn . i' 'F 2 ff Qvwwta ? fi L P-0 9- X0 P-X, 'W iii ESXO O0 Qx, 2 Cob!-X sq xl! xii f' ,. 619 Xfekx xo ,QXQXXXZXCQQQKKC Xfogxqpjsosegw Wash, Sow Xoehqo, xfhixe Xobewcmb, Sw Ywioop, klxmixe Yuixd-soo, Geomag, Wbqqxei, bv 96 C3C6,?OSQQ9fb-N kfxfz-561'-,YWIOCX f Xfdxe. gba:-5-fe-o?3ex,kMQx5 Naam, C' Qc, Vdc Y, 1 C. -4 Ldv. xo O00 wfxaovs 97 Xixog, YlxqQ0xf'ioq0 QM xs, 'bp 'iixqeoq , Sm Oxixbssoo, bam 'Em xc , Qs CofQ0is2sq,e , 'QMQG fkkxbe , Osqmo 16eXXq , A Scenes from the annual Christmas pageant, present ed in conjunction with the performance of the Madri gal club. 98 Qi, sfQ we f my -' 111 if xqv , V. 5 Wg K me 1-MHZ pf: ' wljgfliii '.If:?1ff'1 N sf f 11? .L .gggfggs .iw Q-ef 15 Q ,., 5 .H ,-M. JY sk? As? 3 .Q 1- W 3, r ,J ig.:- ,Va -., it sk 14' ,543 I W O '?ii fr 3,4 Q ? W-fx 1 Wa 's 5 5'-1, s - W O 33? S, get an D V J Mk ww M- war JMMN , W .M I BAND ORCHESTRA ,WYWW,W,,,,, ,,,, ,MT ,W ,,,, ,,-,,.Y.mW,. WW-. ' -. - V - ----W---we le, ' Q 1, Q, P Q , 1 .. L 2 , I, , sz, Y V 1 A vw., .,.. .,--,----, .......,., ..,.,...6y.L, X.-und., LuuLa.ux,, 1u.uau.Uu1 Stallings' l5oWns'3 Wffilliams, Davidson, Chesbro Cseatedj, Grosz, Davis, Burnett, Hut Clflilstlp. ,, ' I 5 5' ' W 5' A A . Q. s X 1 , f SWING BAND ? A -'V 1 I T I I 'ERI' :V , 4,51 if l J " ,. I V A 1 Y X 4 if l 1 ' S' w Y TWIRLERS . K Leftfto Right-Bailey, Nelson, Seelaus, Bennett, Ikard, Anderson, Bollum, Joslyn, Wilkes. l02 SENIOR ACTIVITIES LOIS JEAN ALEXANDER St. Mary's Cathedral H. S. 1, 2, 3, School Paper fMar- ianj 2, Annual CChimesj 2, Leader of Band 1, 2, Big'Sisters 4, Gusher Staff 4, Newcomers Club 4, Madrigal 4. JACQUELINE ALLEMAND Vice-President, Newcomers Club 1, Pals 4. JAMES ALLEMAND EMERSON ALLEN PATSIE LEE ALLEN Alliance, Nebr. 1, 2, 3. RICHARD L. ALM Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY ELLEN ANDERSON RALPH NEAL ANDERSON YVONNE ANDERSON DOROTHY APEL Long Beach High School, Blair High School, Bill High School. . BARBARA ATTEBURY Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Class Officer 1, Coed Ball Princess 1, All State Band 3, Junior Follies 3, Assembly Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Senior Assembly 1, Junior Prom Committee 3, Football Ball Commit- tee 1, 2, 3, Sophomore Tea Committee 2. JACKIE AUSTIN DAVID AYERS Band and Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Municipal Band 2, 3, Civic Symphony Orchestra 3, 4. ASHLEY BARNES ANN BASKETT Latin Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Madrigal 3, 4, Triple Trio 2, 3, 4, All State Chorus 3, Big Sisters 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Junior Follies 3. PATRICIA BEATTIE Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Coed Ball Committee 3, 2, Madrigal 2, 3. BEVERLY BENNETT Band Twirler 2, 3, 4, Triple Trio 1, 2, Girls' League Council 4, Big Sisters 4, Girls State 3, Junior Fol- lies 35 Senior Freshman Assembly 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Football Ball Committee 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4. CORINNE BIRTHISEL CAROL ANN BOLLUM Senior Freshman Assembly 1, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Gusher Staff 3, 4, Gusher Busi- ness Manager 4, Big Sisters 4, Majorette 4, Football Ball Committee 4, Quill and Scroll, Secretary 4. EUGENE LEE BOULDIN National Honor Society 4, Junior Varsity Basketball 1, 2, Freshman Boys Glee 1, Home Room Representa- tive 3, Senior Class President 4, Student Council 4, Freshman Senior Assembly 4. EMMA JEAN BOYER BILLIE JUNE BOYLE Pals 4. DONALD WAYNE BOYLES VIRGINIA VAUGHN BREWER Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Football Ball Committee 4, Jun- ior Prom Committee 3, Junior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4, Senior-Freshman Assembly 4, Sophomore Tea Committee 2. ZACK BARNET BREWER DOWREAN GRACE BROCK Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Swing Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Football Ball Committee 4, junior Prom Committee 3, junior Follies 3, Coed Ball Committee 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4. LEROY Baow ELOISE BROWN ' Latin Club 2, 3, Student Council 3, Girls League Council 3, Girls State 3, Junior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, junior Prom Com- mittee 3, National Thespian 4, "Night Must Fall" 4. MICHAEL BRUCKERT ROBERT BURNETT Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Swing Band 4, Solo in Music Festival 3, Junior Follies 3.3 JEREMI AH G. BURRIDGE Student Council 1, Freshman Class Repr. 1, C Club 2, 3, 4, C Club Fights 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Football 1, 2, 35 Varsity Basketball 1, 2, Varsity Track 1, 2, 4, Boys Glee 1, 2, 3, 4, C Club Assembly 1, 3, 4, Commando Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. MARGARET MARY BYER Big Sisters 4. GERALD BYRON ALSTON CANFIELD Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, B Squad Football 2, Span- ish Club 3, 4. ROBERT CAQUELIN CHARLES CARLSON MALCOLM CHARLTON Denver 1, Madrigal 4, Commissioned Officer 4. JOANNE CHESBRO Band 2, 3, 4, Swing Band 4, Big Sisters 4, junior Follies 3, Gusher Staff 4. WALLACE C. CHESBRO REED HUGH CHITTIM KATHLEEN CHRISTOPHER LINNIE K. CLABAUGH ROSEMARY HELEN CLARK Triple Trio 1, 2, 3, Madrigal 1, 2, 3, Big Sisters 4, junior Prom Committee 3, Football Ball Commit- tee 3, junior Follies 3. JOAN MARIA COHEE National Thespians 4, "Night Must Fall" 4. SHIRLEY ANN COLGIN CAROL CATHERINE CONGER Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, junior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4, Talent Assembly 2, National Honor Society 4, National Thespians 4, "Night Must Fall" 4, Quill and Scroll 4. JOHN THOMAS CONLEY Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4, English Club 3, 4, Gusher Staff 4, Class Basketball 4, Woodwind Quintette 2, Clarinet Quartet 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4. LOY CALLISTER Coed Ball Queen 1, Big Sister 4, Student Council 4, Girls' League 3, 4, Girls Vice-Pres. 4, Madrigal 3, junior Follies 3, junior Prom Committee 3, Coed and Football Ball Committees, Homeroom Represen- tative 3L National Honor Society 4. IO4 4 PATSY GENE CONNER I DON ROSS COOK MAURICE TILMAN COOPER ELEANOR CLAIR CORBET Torrington High School 1, 2, Interstate Chorus 1, 2, Girls Glee Club 1, 2, Big Sisters 4. BETTY JEAN CORNELL DOROTHEA CAROLINE CROW Freshman Dance Committee 1, Freshman Triple Trio 1, Girls League Council 2, Coed Ball Committee 2, 3, 4, Football Ball Committee 2, 3, 4, junior Follies 3, junior Prom Committee 3, Sophomore Tea Com- mittee 2, Big Sisters 4, Mother-Daughter Tea Com- mittee 2. PATSY RAE CULVER Latin Club 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, junior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4, junior Prom Committee 3, Sr. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Gusher Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4. NANCY FAYE CURRENCE Girls League Council 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Big Sisters 4, Football Ball Committee 1, Coed Ball Committee 1, Junior Follies 3, junior Prom Committee 3, Allied Youth 3, 4. RHETA MARCELLA DAHL . East High, Denver, Colo. 2, 3, Cheer Leader 3, Gusher Staff 3, Big Sisters 4. , RALPH W. DARNALL JAMES ELLIOTT DAVIDSON Student Body President 4, junior Class President 3, Freshman Class Vice-Pres. 1, Senior Band and Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Swing Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 1, 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, Madrigal 2, 3, 4. ELVA MAY DAVIS East Alton, Wood River High School, Wood River, Illinois 1, 2, Newcomers Club 3, Pals 4. MYRNA ANN DAVIS TOMMY LYLE DAVIS Swing Band 2, 3, 4, Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Orchestra 2, 3, 4, junior Follies 3, Class Basketball 1, Madrigal 3, 4, Freshman Glee 1, Boys Octette 3, Mustang Wrangler Band 2, 3, 4, ROTC Band 1, 2, 3, 4. CLARENCE WESTLEY DEASON KENNETH STOVER DEFFEYES Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, National Forensic League 3, 4, Radio Guild 3, 4, Freshman Glee 1, Boys State 3, ROTC Band 2, 3, National Ski Patrol 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. DOLORES ANN DIETCH Pals 4. JACQUELINE DODDS junior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4, junior Prom Com- mittee 3, Tacoma Stadium 2. NANCY DOLORES DOLAN Latin Club 2, 3, Freshman-Senior Assembly 1, Big Sisters 4, Gusher Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4. GEORGE ARTHUR DONNELLY Varsity Football 3, 4, B Squad 2, junior Follies 3, Climax High School 1. MARGARET A. DONOHUE Home Room Representative 1, Madrigal 3, 4, Triple Trio 2, 3, Girls League Council 4, Pals 4, Junior Follies 3, Music Festival 3, Coed and Football Ball Committees, Quill and Scroll 4. 105 ETHEL MARIE DOWLER Madrigal 3, 4, Pals 4. JAMES HAROLD DRYER VIRGINIA DUNHAM Lusk, Wyoming 1, 2, F. H. A. 1, 2, Newcomers 3, Night Must Fall 4, National Thespians 4. CHARLCIA J. DURBIN BURT DURNELL ' Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 2, Sophomore Class Representative 2, "C" Club 2, 3, 4. LUCY ANN DURNELL Junior Follies 3, Football Ball Committee 2, Junior Prom Committee 2, 3, Coed Ball Committee 2, 3: Madrigal 3. JOHN ROBERT DYE JOSLYN EALUM DAVID G. EARNSHAW Madrigal 2, 3, 4, Crack Drill 3, Junior Follies 3. SYLVIA MARIE ELLIS Gusher 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Quill and Scroll 4. JERALD K. ELLIOT Austin H. S. CHouston, Texasj 1, Central H. S. fKansas City, Mo.j 2, Band 1, 4, Orchestra 1, 4, Newcomers Club 1, Literary Society 2, 3, Latin Club 3. LILLIAN MARIE ERICKSON Girls' League Council 2, 4, Pals, Pres. 4, Triple Trio 1, 2, 3, 4, Madrigal 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, English Club 3, 4, All State Music Festival 35 Gusher Staff 4. VIRGINIA EVANS Mustang editor 4, N. F. L. 2, 3, 4, Sec. 35 Student Council 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Radio Guild 3, 4, Sec. 4, English Club 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 35 Girls' State 3, "You Can't Take It With You" 1, Big Sisters 4. WAYNE ORIEN EVANS N. F. L. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, English Club 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 4, Madrigal 4, Swimming team 3, Radio Guild 3, 4, Casper Ski Patrol 4, ROTC Honor Guard 4. PETER EVERS BILLY RAY FAULK FREDERICK FIRNEKAS JOHN EDWARD FISHER Glee 1, Madrigal 4. ELDON DEAN FOREMAN Spanish Club 2, Junior Follies 3, Non-Commissioned Officer 2, 3, Commissioned Officer 4, Crack Drill Squad 35 Crack Drill Platoon 2, 3, 4. ORTHA LAVONE FOSSUM DOROTHY G. GARRIOTT Spanish Club 4, Pals 4, Junior Follies 3, Coed Ball 4, BEVERLY JEAN GILARDI ROBERT C. GOETZ ROTC 2, 3, 4, Honor Guard 4. GRAYCE DELORES GOOD Baseball Team 2, Speedball Team 2, Volleyball Team 2. RONALD BRENT GOODER Football 1, 2, 3, 4, "C" Club 4, Junior Varsity Basketball 1, 2, Student Body Treasurer 4, Junior Follies 3. IO6 CLARENCE T. GOULD SUSAN GRANT Glenrock, Parkertoin 1, Alliance, Nebraska 2, 3, Big Sisters 4. DEWAINE GRAVES BETTY LOU GREEN Cheyenne High School 1, 2, Pals 4, Newcomers Club 3. CARLA JANE HALL Football Ball Committee 2, Senior-Freshman Assem- bly 1, Pals 4, junior Follies 3. GLORIA ADELE HALL Freshman-Senior Assembly 1, Big Sisters 4, junior Prom Committee 3, Sophomore Tea Committee 2. MAX ROY HAMAR BETTY L. HAMPTON Big Sisters 4. ROBERT IERALD HAND National Honor Society 4. ARLENE J. HAPPERSETT junior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4, junior Prom Com- mittee 3. SHIRLEY HARBICHT National Honor Society 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 3, Treas. 4, Coed Ball Committee 3, 4, junior Prom Committee 3, Junior Follies 35 Big Sisters 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Orchestra 1, 2, Can- teen Fund Committee Chairman 4, D. A. R. Good Citizenship Award 4, DONALD ALVIN HARRIS Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 4, Crack Drill Squad and Platoon 2, 3, 4, Radio Guild 3, 4, Pres. 4, junior Follies 3, junior Prom Committee 3, Best Drilled Squad 2, Leader 3, Allied Youth 3, 4. IMOGENE HARRIS Gusher Staff 3, 4, Pals 4. WILLIAM L. HARRIS BARBARA LEE HAWKINS Oregon 1, 2, California 3, Big Sisters 4. IAMES EDWARD HAYES RAYMOND LEROY HAYGOOD Crack Drill Platoon 2. HELEN L. HEAGNEY LOUIS C. HENDERSON RICHARD N. HENDERSON National Honor Society 4, Varsity Basketball 3, 4. WILLIAM W. HILEMAN Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 3 4, '5C" Club 3, 4. ISABELLE J. HOFFHINE junior Follies 3, Pals 4, junior Prom Committee 3 GORDON F. HOLDEN KATHRYN L. HOLSCHER Girls' League Council 3, 4, Big Sisters President 4, Junior Red Cross Representative 4, Radio Guild 3, 4, English Club 3, 4, Newcomers 1, Gusher Staff 4, junior Follies 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Quill and Scroll. Vice-Pres. 4. THOMAS JOSEPH HOOL Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Freshman Glee 1, Homeroom Rep- resentative 1, 3, "C" Club 3, 4, Madrigal 2, 3. MARGARET IEAN HUTCHISON Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Wrangler Band 2, 3, 4, City Symphony 3, 4, Gusher Staff 4, Big Sisters 4, Festival Band, Quill and Scroll 4. I I07 MARIE L. INDERGARD Senior Freshman Assembly 1, Canteen Council 2, Girls' League Council 2, Sophomore Class Officer 2, Boogie Basketball 2, Junior Follies 3, Homeroom Representative 1, 3, Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 4, Triple Trio 2, 3, 4, Big Sisters 4. MYRON JACKSON DAVID JALBERT DONNA L. JENKS Big Sisters 4, Quill and Scroll 4, FRED E. JOELNER J Brown Military Academy 1. DARLENE A. JOHNSON Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Band 2, 3, Swing Band 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Assembly Band 2, 3, Junior Class Sec.-Treas. 3, Freshman Dance Committee 1, Freshman-Senior Assembly 1, Pals 4. JOAN E. JOHNSON Latin Club 2, 3, Maclrigal 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Girls' Festival Chorus 3, English Club 4, National Honor Society 4. DONALD E. JOHNSTON EDWARD W. JONES Freshman-Senior Assembly 1, Junior Follies 3. JOAN MIGNON JOSLYN Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Twirler 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom Com- mittee 3, Triple Trio 3, 4, Mustang Queen, Attend- MARY KARANTZAS Junior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4. THOMAS F. KASPER MARY JANET KEASLER MICHAEL J. KELLER ORMAN KELLY Senior Band 2, 3, 4, Madrigal 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee 2, 3, 4, Boys' Octette 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, ROTC Band 2, 3, 4. EXCELLA ANN KERNS Pals 4. ERNEST E. KETCHUM Junior Varsity Basketball 1, 2, B Squad Football 2. LILLIAN KIRKPATRICK Pals 4, Junior Follies 3. SHIRLEY KOEBEL English Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Junior Follies 33 Newcomers 1, Gusher Staff 4, Pals 4. JAMES ALFRED KREHMEYER Football 1, 2, 3, 4, "C" Club 3, 4, Gusher Staff 4, Quill'and Scroll 4. GWENDOLYN A. KRUSEE Senior-Freshman Assembly 1, Junior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4. GEORGIE C. KYNER J Latin Club 2, Gusher Staff 2, 3, 4, Business Mgr. 3, 3,-4, All State Chorus 3, Junior Follies ant 4, Senior-Freshman Assembly 4, Girls' League Council 4, Big Sisters 4. NICK E. KAMBORIS National Forensic 1, 2, "C" Club 2, 3, 4, Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee 1. 3, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, English Club 3, 4, Allied Youth 3, 4, Big Sisters 4. EDWARD R. LAYMAN KENNETH LAWRENCE NANCY MARIE LESLEY Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 43 Gusher Staff 43 Pals 4g Junior Follies Usher 33 Junior Prom Committee 3. RUTH LOWELL LIERD Football Ball Committee 43 Big Sisters 4. JEANETTE LOUISE LONG Orchestra 2, 33 Spanish Club 2, 33 Maclrigal 3, 4g Junior Follies 3, Girls' League Council 43 Big Sis- ters 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Senior Triple Trio 43 Annual Staff 43 Girls' State 3. EILEEN LYBYER Latin Club 2g Junior Follies 33 Big Sisters 43 Gusher Staff 4g Junior Prom Committee 3. MARY JESSIE MACKENZIE Big Sisters 43 Student Assistant, Dean of Girls: Coed ball Committee 43 Junior Prom Committee 3. CHARLES D. McALISTER SHIRLEY ANN MCCREADY Pals 4. ROBERT ELLIS McLEAN ' Albany, Oregon 1, 2g Cross Country Running 23 Junior Follies 33 National Ski Patrol 3, 43 Class Play I. ' DONNA LOU MANNING National Honor Society 43 Big Sisters 43 Midland, Texas 1, 23 Amarillo, Texas 33 Dramatics Club 1, 23 Girls' Tennis Team 33 Girls' Dcclamations 23 Honor Society 3. SHIRLEY MAE MANNING BETTY L. MARKOBRAD ROSEMARY MASEK Radio Guild 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Junior Follies 33 Madrigal 3, 43 Senior Triple Trio 43 English Club 2, 3, 43 Secretary 43 Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Treasurer 33 Big Sisters 4. WILLIAM S. MATHEWS MARVIN E. MEINTZER DONALD G. MELOY Longview High, Texasg Footballg Tennisg ROTC. DAVID KERSEY MILES CECELIA MAE MILES . , St. Patrick's Academy3 Sidney, Nebraska 1, 23 Pals 4. BILLY JOE MILLER TRACY JOE MOORE MARY JEAN MYERS MARION TED NEFF PALMA GRACE NELSON SALLY ANN NELSON Junior Follies 33 Pals 43 Band Twirler 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Coed Ball Committee 43 Foot- ball Ball Committee 43 Boogie Basket Ball 2, 4. PATRICIA A. NICHOLAS DONALD T. OHNSTAD TIMOTHY D. O'LEARY National Honor Society 43 Regis H. S. Denver, Colo. 1, 23 Newcomers Club 33 Latin Club 33 Boys' State 3.3 I09 HAROLD WILLIAM OLSEN Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 2, 3, 4, Freshman Glee 1, National Ski Patrol 3, 4, Boys' State 3, ROTC Band 2, Homeroom Represen- tative 3. THEODSIA A. PAPPAS Pals 4, Junior Follies 3, All-State Festival Orch. 3, Football Ball Committee 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Coed Ball Committee 4. MARILU PAULING Triple Trio 1, 2, 3, 4, Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Pals 4. ROSELEE ANN PAVELKA Pals 4. GEORGE PAYTON JACKIE JOAN PHILLIPS ARTHUR PIERCE Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Track 2, 3, 4, "C" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, All-State Football 3, 4, Non-Com. Officer 2, 3, 4, Commissioned Officer 4. JOHN PIKE Quill and Scroll 4. ROBERT W. PILANT Cheerleader 4, Gusher Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4. BETTY JO PLUMMER Big Sisters 4. SALLY POTARF Latin Club 2, 35 Spanish Club 3, 4, English Club 3, 4, Radio Guild 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. Junior Follies 3, Girls' League Council 3, Big Sis- ters 4, Alliance H. S., Alliance, Nebraska 1. JOAN SUE PRESTON Freshman Triple Trio 1, Pals 4. PHYLLIS JEAN PROPP Girls' League Council 1, Home Room Representa- tive 1, Junior Class Representative 3, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Madrigal 3, Big Sisters 4, Student Body Secretary 4, Coed Ball Com- mittee 1, Senior-Freshman Assembly 4. LOUISE ANN PUGH National Honor Society 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Junior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4, Girls' State 3. GERALD F. RADDEN Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, 4, Honor Guard 4. WILLIAM RAMAGE Spanish Club 3, 4, Class Basketball 3, Football 4. CLINTON F. REAVES JR. PETER JOSEPH REGAN SHIRLEY ESTELLE REYNOLDS Latin Club 2, English Club 4, Junior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4, Gusher Business Staff 4, Spanish Club 4. WAYNE GLEN RICHEY DONALD FRAN ROBB Varsity Football 4, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior-Freshman Assembly 1. NANCY LEE ROPER Big Sisters 4, Radio Guild 3, 4, Girls' League Council 1, Band 1, 2, 3, Junior Follies 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, Junior Prom Committee 3. g J DENNIS EUGENE RUSH JOHN GORDON SALTZ KATHRYN C. SCHIERENBERG Latin Club 2, 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, English Club 4, Spanish Club 4, New- comers Club 1, Big Sisters 4. WILLIAM LEE SCHMIDT EDGAR JAMES sCHoLz JACK SCOTT, JR. RUBY ANN SECHRIST Sr. Orchestra 1, 2, Swimming Team 2, 3. RICHARD SEDAR BETTY LOU SHENEEELT Junior Follies 3, Junior Triple Trio 35 Madrigal 33 Big Sisters 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Girls' Chorus 3, North Platte, Nebraska 1, 2,5 Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee. JACQUELINE L. SHERRY National Honor Society 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Junior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4. BETTY JEAN SHUGART National Honor Society 3, 4, Girls' State 3, Latin Club 2, Junior Follies 3, Spanish Club 4, English Club 4, Big Sisters 4, Gusher Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4. IONE MARIE SHUMAKER Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, English Club 2,. 3, 4, Sec. 3, Coed Ball Committee 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Junior Follies 3, Stage Crew 4, Annual Staff 4. SARA ANN SIMMONS OLA BELLE SMITH Senior-Freshman Assembly 1, Freshman Girls' Trio 1, Freshman Triple Trio 1, Second Choir 2, Junior Follies 3, Madrigal 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Latin Club 4. ORPHA JOYCE SOLWOLD Cody High School 1, 2, Pep Squad 1, 2, Glee and mixed Chorus 1, 2, Freshman Play 1, Sophomore Play 2, Newcomers Club 3, Junior Follies 3, Madri- gal 3, 4, Pals 4. CHARLES H. SPAULDIN G Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Track 2, 3, 4, Freshman Class Pres. 1, Sophomore Class Pres. 2, Student Council 1, 2, Canteen Council 1, "C" Club 2, 3, 4, Freshman Glee 1, Senior-Freshman Assembly 1, 4. LAWRENCE WHAR1 UN SIIALLINGS Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Swing Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Regional Music Festival 3, National Ski Patrol 3, 4, Madrigal 4, Radio Guild 4, Annual Staff 1. CARL ALBERT STANLEY JOHN STEINLE BARBARA J. STEINMAN Big Sisters 4. BERNIE RAE STEPHENSON Gusher Staff 4, Big Sisters 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Basket- ball Boogie 2, Football Ball Committee 3, Quill and Scroll 4. ' PATSY LEE STONER Pals 4. ROSEMARY ANN STORY Mustang Queen 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, Canteen Council 2, Pals 4, Madrigal 3, junior Follies 3, Foot- ball Committee 3, Coed Ball Committee 4, Pep As- sembly 3, 4. JAMES B. STOUTAMORE "C" Club 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4. DON NEIL STRASHEIM Rifle'Team 3, 4. SUE STREICH Band 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, junior Follies 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2, English Club 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Radio Guild 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Allied Youth 3, 4, Treas 3. CHARLENE C. STROH 4 Senior-Freshman Assembly 1, 4, Coed Ball Com- mittee 1, 3, 4, Football Ball Committee 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Tea 2, junior Follies 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Pals 4. N CLARK G. STROUD Quill and Scroll 4. KATHLEEN T. SULLIVAN DOROTHY AGNES SUTPHIN Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Pals 4. HERBERT J. TEMPLE Jo ANNE TERMAN National Honor Society 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, English Club 2, 3, 4, Gusher Staff 4, Annual, Business Mgr. 4, Junior Follies 3, Senior Band 1, 2, 3, Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Big Sisters 4. EMMA JEAN THOMSON Latin Club 2, Big Sisters 4, Gusher Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4. ' EVELYN ANN TOBIN Second Choir 1, 2, Maclrigal 3, 4, All State Chorus 3, Junior Follies 3, Big Sisters 4. ROBERT A. TRIPENY Sr. Band and Pep Band 1, 2 ,3, 4, Swing Band 3, 4, Director 4, Madrial 3, 4, Pres. 4, All State Festival Band and Chorus 3, 4, Denver U. Summer School Scholar 3, National Thespians 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, All School Plays 1, 2, 3, 4, Radio Guild 3, 4, Annual Staff 3, 4, Boys' Octette 4. ODELL LAVERNE TURNER JANICE DARLENE UBER Pals 4, Sr. Triple Trio 3, 4, Newcomers Club 1, Junior Prom Committee 3, Football Ball Committee 2, 3, Junior Follies 3, Madrigal 2, 3, 4, All-State Chorus 3, Festival Chorus 3. MARY INEZ VITTO Talent Assembly 2. DONNA WAGSTAFF Newcomers Club 1, Pals 4. JOANNE M. WALCZAK Latin Club 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, English Club 2, 3, 4, Big Sisters 4. JAMES C. WALPORT DONALD REX WELCH Band 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 3, Orchestra 2, 3. FRANCES L. WELLS Freshman-Senior Assembly 1, junior Follies 3, Gush- er Staff 4, Pals 4. MARJORIE E. WELLS Alliance, Nebraska 1, 2. KERRY MCINTYRE WENDT NANCY C. WENZINGER ROBERT WILLIAM WHEELER Color Guard 2, 3, 4, Crack Drill Squad 2, 3, 4, Crack Drill Platoon 2, 3, 4, Mustang Guard 2, 3. WALTER W. WHETHAM JOANN WILLIAMS Girls' League Council 3, Big Sisters, Secretary 4, Madrigal 3, Triple Trio 2, 3, Football Ball Com- mittee 2, 3, 4, Coed Ball Committee 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Senior Freshman Assembly 1, 4, Senior Class Secretary 4, junior Prom Committee 3. MAX M. WILLIAMS Swing Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Follies 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, Band President 4, English Club 4. JACK J. WILLIAMSON JACQUELENE J. WITT Girls' League Council 1, junior Follies 3, Latin Club 2, Girls' State 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Big Sisters 4, Home Room Representative 2. DONALD M. WOLFE Honor Guard 3, Class Football 1, Class Basketball 1. DONA MAE WOLFE Big Sisters 4. CORDIA MAE WONDERLY WYNONA M. YINGLING Auto Fire Lite Best Wishes "Class of '49" B.F. TERNXAN Sta-le Form Insurance 242 East Second Phone 40I No more blurred photographs! No more stiff posed expressions! Beau- tiful unposed photographs can now be made without showing any move- future. ment, since our revolutionary new Hoping there's a FORD in your equipment has been installed. CONGRATULATIONS Prices no higher than usual. Class Q-f '49 grfunliad. N AT R 0 N A 345 C. Y. Avenue Phone 4I36 Our Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduates of l949! 7Cafu,fz .Eng Qood. "Where Casper Shops With Confidence" I37 East Second A Phone 270 Congratulations, Class of '49 W. L . B U S TA R D II4 oN'5 of'-D Wyoming's Newesl' ancl Grealesr Depar+men+ Sfore MIDWEST CLEANERS : Congratulations SHIRT LHUNDCRGRS Phone i260 MOTORS 638 Easi Second LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR "ExcIusive But Not Expensive" Lovina H. Loehr 227 Easl' Firsl' Sfreel' Phone l78 Besl' Wishes from your Pl"0ne 3405 xAiseiz-PrzAzi-:R DEALER Of'fl'1OpBCliC Appliance CO. Q Arfificial Limbs - Braces M OT O R S. Supporfs - Trusses 3l5 Norih WolcoH' - Casper, Wyo. Repairing all Makes 2 I4 N. WolcoH' Casper, Wyo. Boys, St Curry ate dflfe f fl! f gates W Hand Not? on Candgjd ayne Evans S I Deffeyes. Shown, Wbijoifrold ofien lipper my and ' my If-61112 - Y DAR Good Citizen Shirley Har bicht fcenterj and runners-up Loy Cal lister and Katheryn Holschef- Below: Girls' Staters B Frontxjo Anne Terman, jackie Witt, Patie Nicholas, Eloise Brown, jeanette Long, Ann Baskett. BackXBeverly Bennett, Vaughn Brewer Rosemarn " , y rvtaselc, Lou Ann Pugh, Virginia Evans. Not shown, Betty Shugart. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '49 . REGISTERED JEWELER, AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY THE CASPER TRIBUNE - HERALD The Newspaper ThaI' Makes All of CenI'raI Wyoming Neighbors GET YOUR COLLEGE LUGGAGE a+ WIGGINS Home of Haliburfon, I"IarImann and SamsoniI'e Luggage I20 Eas+ Second Phone I046-J Dealers in RANGES - WASHERS REFRIGERATORS Keep Tuned in On T RADIO STATION KVOC CHRISTENSEN American Broadcas+ing Co. IABCI COMPANY I230 ON YOUR DIAL Zwfce, M gfyoeiu Thomas G. Carrigen COMPLIMENTS OF 0 S o Congratulations to the Class of '49 E THE EEWEHilTE DINER Adequate Wiring FORSTER ELECRTIC COMPANY Residence Fixtures Better Light For Fluorescent Lighting Better Sight ELECTRKZAL CONTRACTORS G.E. Mazda Lamps :sua EAST SECOND MOTOR SALES AND SERWCE 207 WEST MIDWEST Best Wishes from WARD'S TATO RING SHOP 25: SOUTH CENTER MDE'-'C'0U5 POTATO DONUTH PHONE 3754 9 CONGRATULATIONS E M4401-To THE CLASS 0F 1949 W Vfeifh, 3-fm y I46 SOUTH CENTER PHONE 20 N SToNrzT'e 0 Wine 5ZQZe Www: WW .5516 I37 SOUTH CENTER i PHONE 22l3 Il8 , ......... . . . . ........ . . . . . . . . ...... .. . . 1. -24-L-2 PENNEY'S idea is to sell for cash and save you cash on what you buy ---:-:-:-:-1ff-f-- 0 o X ' O , -N'-:-:-.-:-:-:-.-. . . . :-.-:-.-:-.-.-:-.-.,g.:.5.:.g.g 3.3.3.'-:-xr:-:-:':-:-:-:-1-:-'-1551232311 43:5:?1I:I:!:-:f:5ti:C:i:1: E s " sw x s. -. x N ., ........................... .......... X .............,. ..... ,..... Graduates Q are Cong ratulation Always in l'he Piclure-Reddy Kilo- waH' does more lhan lighl' fhe s'rreel's, homes and sfores of your communily. As a pioneer cilizen Reddy is always on hand lo lend help wi'lh all sorls of communily en- ferprises. MOUNTAIN STATES POWER CO. cj., Drugs Sundries Cameras Sporfing Goods Sodas Jewelry Diamonds -" Walches .Silverware Binoculars 24l Soulh Cenler Slreel' Phone 99 "Wyoming's Finesl' Drug Sl'ore" Congratulations Class of '49 QUR THANKS Bowl for HeaI+I-T! FOR YOUR PATRONAGE For Spor+! - For Fun! and L. E VVA V OUR CONGRATULATIONS AA A P TO THE GRADUATES OF BOW'-'NC CENTER I N. C. H. S. Ke ri I3I'ioIo Shop CONGRATULATIONS Where Casper comes for Fine PI1o+ograpI1y gZb II8 E I' S d P . I4 as econ II 22 355 Wesf YeIIows+one BEFORE OR AFTER GRADUATION You'II Be Off 'ro a Good S+ar+ by Opening a Savings Accouni' a+ Gym WYOMING NATIONAL yfafmlg Member Federal Deposi+ Insurance Corp. yi Wnaihfu. S+udebaIcer Sales and Service I I4 Nor+I1 WoIco'H Phone 2I7O l20 CQD . -'-'-' Complnments Keeplsakex L7 , -J ""'h"" bl ofyour 1 HOWARD HEHNKE Chrysler-PIymou+I'1 DIs+r. '-WHERE KEITH THOMAS MOTORS ONE CUSTOMER mdefm SENDS ANOTHER '45 SO. WOLCOTT 223 NORTH DURBIN ST. 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'Mk , in ...M , "w4M"' W Q 'T Q .' X sw 'M 51 'P W, ' w ,M . f' W' W W 4 H M1 Q 4 w 5 0 5 JD COMPLIMENTS OF COMMISSARY , nm c "Casper's Mosf Comple+e Sfore 422 Easi' Yellowsfone BE THE STUDENT MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Join Those Who Say "I Bank ai' +he Casper Na+ional" THE 'E M Member Fecferal Deposii' Insurance Corp. 54-no? AT Your Sfore of Fashion Casper Cheyenne Riverfon I24 HOSPITALITY AND GOOD FOOD Bo r' - B - G Cafe Casper Here you see Miss JoAnne Terman, sfudeni' of +he Home Economics depf., learning The praciical appli- caiion of everyday cooking using 'l'he Magic Chef Range. Ease of use and beauiy. in design 'Favor 'ihe Magic Chef Aufomafic Range. The Carefree Fuel BEST FOR CQOKING o dd , l NORTHERN ummris COMPANY Wfolafm, G' 30- Sales and Service Leader Again In '49 322 Souih David S+. Phone 2 IOO l25 Congratulations to the Class of '49 IF You WANT THE BEST, use ICE. had ICE 2. COLD STORAGE CO. Phone I I I26 M,,f w Wx W ,Nb . , 415 fiv Nw fff' we 'iigigi gg I in yi 1 jpfi N . fi f F255 if J a ., .Q Q? x ., Us ,J -5 f Q' 2 f YI! iw 'f f 'IW A Z0 ffii Y, J 1 Z , L E , L K+ ,Q C i5if ' A,. Q k ' ,ad- wf' t- if . .g -"P ' QW- R A 4- J, 4 9' ,A V' 1 Q ! Y-QI L Hr V ? S 0 1 2 1 4 1 O w w i Q I O w l 1 . J 4 5 sf My .x A 1 I28 .f L . . F' 1, g.. 4 I Q .gf ., .5 .,3,,. '1- 1 B.. gg: V.: ,.-. rd- , V '. "' 11...-,A ww r 'Vw ik! ' 'f',..- , J.. 'S k"f vv- f-5:5 ' 'R J U i - ,f ,gms ',4'.'f'.,. , ,-Ati. -I . .wg ..ff-,:, my J .ki44V,N.,A , .H ,. ,V -I ,. ., ,,- , Your yearbook is a srore of lreasured memories. The olr repealed 'rhrill of recollecrion which accompanies each new search Through i+s pages will many limes repay you for The care and considerarion which has gone inlo i+s crea- lion. We are proud of rhe parl we have had in preserving "Measured memories" in I9-49 Annuals lor more lhan IIOO Colleges and I'-ligh Schools in sevenleen Slales. fs TAYLQR PUBLISHING COMPANY DALLAS, TEXAS fi fa ',,. , 'iff' if 42-X7 A A f'?'fT2f11?f207'Z!4'4f ff' !f77'Zf I 5 ,y 'lZ,! Y .f fly Q I., sv f I H. " 7 fir, Q5 AIUCQ "YP AJ? ,n , . W , , . kwa? Lfwwfif y WW :'iff'V 1 A ff 1516, M' Wcwo ,CAM ,471 45? V' Wfjgjgiff Z W E V ,gov w 4,-41!wff!L7L9fKmaf'554Q2-4- afywwfwfvyoffgfg Wfwk WWVLYZZ5 794W ff :"4:ffW'fMV!WW I v Y 1, :,-f' . 54W K ,RJ , Lg? ,, 1, 13" wfigff . 95252 ' W if i ,,., Q5 X y , Ei . 4 Q A, f -. 5 , if L , 2' Jw' if gm ' f Q

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