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 - Class of 1947

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Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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r. v 1 , 'filf g Q.. . 5 Zs,.., ' 44 1- 1 r ws . "1 Pav K A W A J bv 'IA 3,3- 2 IL ,f MIX. ,M . 544: 'few jf, . -1 1 .1 1- f , ' 5' ' W ,549 I -A ., ' 1 1 fn- .f 3 K S . 'Ii H Y .f .T-L x .FQ F' 1 'LS' 293 LL :gg F . v, - H ' 5' 3 . . . Y' W Y . .VJ , ' . . .frf , i ,jew V 'YDL7 I , ' ' 111 5 Av K 1 K A gx . g K 4. -af , 41' V . .,f. H !, ,Q I lfkf '1 11.1. ' If xx ' .1 If bm... ,I ,,M - 1 if .Q ,t . , A af, ,. ,E I' I xy A, Q , '+ maih ,f ' ,z frxi.- .' 1 " 215111 , 7 jj.-. , ,L 1 "' .5Vg'!L.,f A x , -F.. Q , 4 W ',,k' wa ,wsjf -A 2' J. . 5 ,A x shi S K1 , ' .'..1'.i-3, 'G .E Q" 'L 1 ff 1 . Q ,., . V . ',.l'. 0 I. . X N, -1,1 4 4 K . . 4 A .. M... ,, RT :E gg ff: is L1 if 3: Ei i :H H3 , ,, 5 JL .1 5 12 Q Q 1 lf Q ,. -E F ff '1 L. if E, 5-1 - ' -:iq E 6 und! gk, Ci i S Ev E. 5 i1 if Um! QQ .A - Q:-1 - ,,-. 3 .Q 5 -f x ff fi af? A .,,.,-. ' x - 3 Ex Zfuihris The Mustang 1947 Nt C tyHghSh1 C W ff? 51 A if HW i In 'S 1, '1r.,-W, T im 'I7 ' "N I H, I 5 , F 2 s E 1 Q 5 54 3 11, : . Q H H y f K ,K A. ,,.-Q., 2 HE M If i 1 ff' H., U f Q . 1 f .. f fi I' 4 'ff wa ' ' 1 ag if mn ,. ff , f M f Q , ,115 We rezfiruf the grzfuffh nf wa We slzwzld bring iufvfvcus the 'ki DEDICATION From the days of the early pack train to the modern truck transport, from "horse and buggy days" to the newest convertible coupe, from the little red school house to our modern high school, the Natrona County Pioneers have exemplified progress. It is this development We have sought to portray in our 1947 Mustang-and as we close its pages, We are not only looking back with satisfaction to the accomplishments of the past, but are cheerfully looking forward to the GROWTH of the FUTURE. community if is vrzly flyllf that wnfrasis of its advaucemcut r 311 OLD TIMERS SETTIAERS . Pioneers . Wranglers Trzmsients Tenderfeet TABLE OF CONTENTS PROSPECTORS . Fiddlers . . . Mule Skinners . RUSTLERS . . . ACKNOWLEDGING as snvn ns snr lnnny industries and snr nisfnrivnl lnannrnenfs fx ffffhf Ex ultra-mvdcru aver- shadnwiug time-Worn eezreeelfrem sfene 7 er fashioned in green and ine neun nnfried E against inc nld nnd sfendfnsi Qld Timers I I I I I l ' I I I I ' I i I I l . . who helped along the way Picture at Right: Mrs. Tessa Dunn Schulte, a, member of the first graduating class I 19061. K YD ,w . wk 1 H L' I U X Uriah 'Y 1 4 . . ,, V f 'Ax,,Eg4 ' 5 ,, ,a:.h w . N . . 1. EP w E, 41 '53 f ' Q2 is - 5 ' " ' 'T w.JY w 4- ff - fi N 2 - ' . , Q -'--.. ' "v -Lsiihl 'si' :L f . .- . xx anim J QQ? 9 K J X QXV ff ' X S X , g N 1 M 9 ' '- - Thi. xx SE Q 4 J ! K 9 J f W f jg gag J I :mm ,ff jj 955, uf 1zAfxyQfN DEAN C. MORGAN SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Mr. Morgan, having served our school for almost three decades as coach and principal and now as superintendent, has seen it grow from a student body of three hundred to over one thousand. He has always believed in progress and has paved the way for many of the advantages we now enjoy. His many years of work with high school students have enabled him to understand their many actions and to reason intelligently with their ever-rising problems. His friendly attitude and pleas- ant greeting have won the affection of the entire student body. f zlrc S. KELLY WALSH PRINCIPAL Mr. Walsh has been a guiding iniiuence in the development of our school in its present plant, since in 1926 he came to Casper as our band master and since he stayed on to become our Principal. Hy his planning and his counseling, Mr. Walsh has aided greatly in shaping an eiiicient and modern school in which C'asper's citizens are trained to live happily and prosper- ously in this growing Wyoming commu- nity. Yesterday he was a young "blade" playing his saxophone: today he is the head of our high school. Remember some- one has to hand out the penalties, and it is usually lVIr. Walsh: but do not let him kid you, Freshmen: those glasses are just a decoy! 4,1 ..g. mm- 'ua ,K wvih, n - .,,......,,,,,,-l It ,dl A 'U'-' 4, -1 1"" ..,. ' fl ., -vrziv ' f BUSINESS OFFICE STAFF M rs. U. V. Jzwk. Mrs. Kill-mm Bush, Mrs. Maurlv Joslyn, Walter Savage OFFICE STAFF I lbvun V, lIIUl'j.L'2lll, Mrs. llixim- lm' Si1npscm,.lm- Schxvzwtz, Mrs. Null Kimball, S. K.VV21lSl'l,lIll'S.I,l'1ll'l Hurrw Vff MISS RUTH PETTIGREW English, MR. DUKE HIMEBAUGH Head of Com nz vrc1'al Dffparfnmwf MR. JOSEPH SCIIWARTZ Hvud of Athletics IJI'7JCU'flHl'7l,f MISS GRACE SLIND Music MISS FRANCES FERIS Head of English DC12fLT'f'IlIff'7lf CAPTAIN ARTHUR DATNOFF Head of Military D6l7f1l'fl1I071t MR. WALTER KINGI-IAM Vocational C0-0'7'd'l'I'IIlf0I' MISS NELLE PATH Dvcm of Girls Mn. V. Y. RUSSELL Hwlrl nf History I,l'1JIlI'f'Vl'lf"Hf MISS ETHEL LINDSI-:Y English MII. WILLIAM HILEMAN Afhlvfirs SGT. FRI-ID Baooxs Milifnry MISS RUBY MCIBRIDPI Hvurl of Lrlvlglurgv II1'pm-Mnvzzt MR. DAN ANTHES llixlory MISS GWENIIULYN HILL English, MISS MAIIGARI-:'r SHIDLER Llflljjllllyl' Miss RITA KELLIHER Comfmercial MRS. V10LA FRICK Home Ecoizomircs MR. PAUL WHALEN Mechanical Drawing MRS. GORDON DIACMANUS Mathematics Miss KATHLEEN HEMRY ' English MR. DANIEL DETI Lcmgilage Miss JESSIE MAE AGNEW Head of Music Department MISS DORIS SHALER English MR. Lr:oNAnn S'roNl-: S1'i4'n1'u Mxss BARBARA Mmmnws llnnu' Iu'a-rnrumim Miss D0x,Ln-3 HAGAN Hwul of Sl'fl'7ll'l' IJc'pnrfn1f'nf Miss Amar: WALK!-:R Muth1'mafi1's Mlss MARY GAHRR History Mn. BunNm,I. SOUTHALI. ff0lIllll1'I'l'i1ll Miss ROSFIMARY MALnNr-: English M Iss WlI,I.IPZ VA NDIVER S4'i1'n1'a' MR. THOMAS DOUGHERTY Mathematics MISS PEGGY TOBIN Conmzcicial MISS CLARA FRANCES GADBERRY English MISS ELSIE M1cHALKE Athletics MISS IVA SMITH Science MR. THEODORE BUCHOLZ Commercial SGT. LAWRENCE ADAMS Military MISS NELL JONES Head of Mathematics Department I Ml: l'IARl,l'I lin-:rm Miss PATSY G,xN'1"r Mus. Iflmwn Ill-zuw.-xx: 117 Nvllrwl .Yfnsv l,l'l11'rr1'i:1n ULIQN 'I'lmMrsuN Mn. Cirfzumau S1'l1.I.l4IN MR. RI,,xlN1c L'4ml,1:AU ffl! .1I1'1'hunlr's Shop .llllsiw SCHOOL BOARD Mu. I,mv4:, Mic, IiAN'r'r, Mus. NIl'I'lxlil'Il,l,, Mn. Fmr1'1-1 fI'n'sifIw11fl, Mk. I':lill'KSUN, Mn. li1lN'l'm1I: Mn. DAVIS. Il Settlers . . . who make for progress Picture at Right : Ted Peckham cmd Shirley Northam in on 1917 Ford coupe. V 1 X M- , . n N ,. N:-"M , ,'.. 'Q --I, ,f I X. X W J X X A A 12" -if W- 'r-'V' - K""f? ':'?'vii'f' 'W' f X X f- 1 X., xgtgfnkvsf 'ix . Ealimn ,! ff f,- 1- L ., .4 4, g W ff-f w2S'Jf" L -P V 53: ,lv QWTYQT'-ifp Lf if-5375 J' 4 1':'5v7f'1f.27f1':LfF' , X 2-54' M'f5QJl,.?FNT,: ' + --,, I ,Q,'17,,j,v.'n's- , fl u3!,f ,1.R-, ., wg --f.f,?1,Q5,,.k - NPD meg., 4 ,H ,, L' 2'1'-F57 f ' W YM vw- q,4-.a:,f:- f 4, ' Q 1 1 i 'CX' f ' W 61 4' NJ L-w wjf x vw ,f .Q , 5' 'iff 3 f if iv k g,-1 , I .-f:"f J f fi f fl 1 J.- 'W f M 155 .fT f m"""""1"llilnnr ff Q, N K QQ TX? XI K f fx xv QM S fx fx Q if-V1 jf JSC f , gm QW,-ff fi 1 9 K 1 fixflx 40 F JUJ Y X KSA f J "YN Cf J X1 v X xv, X lx j fp Cuxgk 'JH gt! Xxxxf ' ff jj IKQX ,J x,.Jx...-1 L-5-df, A 2 X! jf Rx C X ...JAM 'NJ - KJQXK X Glass of '47 From the graduating class of 1906, in which there were five members, to the present class of over two hundred graduates is a tremendous step forward, but those five members made the most of the meager opportunities that were offered them by the schools, and they have become respected citizens of the communities where they reside. How Casper has grown and how our school has improved can be realized by a comparison of the pictures on these pages! When this present class entered the portals of NCHS in 1943, many advantages were theirs be- cause of the growth and development of the school, while others were lacking because of the war emergency. There were a few heartaches because of the curtailed activities, but ours was by far the greater heritage made possible by the interest these early students of NCHS as members of the community made possible. As freshman we were able to let the world know that we were ready to accomplish much, and nothing was too big for us to try. Charles fChuckJ Gray was president of the group that first year. We had so many students getting "C" pins that it was necessary for the DAR to buy more. The group was well represented in debate, sports, dramatics, band and other worthwhile activities. During the sophomore year the group continued doing the good work that was begun in the fresh- man year. Bill Dixon won third in the State American Legion Oratorical contest held in Laramie. Leroy Swaim was president during this year. Miss Gwendolyn Hill and Mr. Dan Anthes were chosen sponsors of the group and have continued to serve in this capacity. When a class reaches its Junior year it really begins to function. Bill Dixon was elected president and was assisted in conducting class affairs by George Grierson, Neil McLean, Jackie Lackey, and Katherine Studer. This was the year of the successful Juniversal Follies of 1946, our first big project. There were many stars in this production, and the outstanding student assistant was Jackie Lackey. Athletics was coming to the front. Members of the State Tournament basketball team were George Grierson, George Mackey, Bounce Carlson, and Jim Kirbyg these boys helped to win the state cham- pionship. Sue Kent and Joann Bagby had made their debut in dramatics as sophomores. To join them in dramatics were Katherine Krueger, Dennis Sullivan, and Jack Utzinger. Neil McLean, Art Olsen, Bill Dixon, and Tommy Brock were in their third year of debate, an activity they have handled suc- cessfully for four years. Neil won the State oratorical contest sponsored by the American Legion. As we look back on these four years, it is wistfully, for now it is too late to do the things we never had time to do. We'think of those seventh periods which were taken and the ones we managed to avoid by hook or crook. Even those skips bring memories of wishing they might happen again. But before we get away from our main business of the day, the history of our class, what have we done as seniors? Some of this summary will have to be prophetic as this account goes to press too early to get the com- plete details. Our high scholarship remains. It appears that many students will be awarded perma- nent "C" pins, and many others will receive honors. The city, state, and regional winner of the Amer- ican Legion Oratorical contest was Bill Dixon. Neil McLean won the State Pepsi-Cola Scholarship and Ruth Dedlow won the DAR award. The football season was "on -again and off again," but the one big accomplishment was the fact that we beat the would-be championship team of Cheyenne. Bob Davis was on the Tribune all-state team. Our basketball season was successful without being glam- orousg we placed sixth at the State Tournament and George Grierson made the all-state team. Now as we come to the end of our high school years we hope we can go out and take our rightful places in the world and, most of all, become citizens "who will be a credit to our school." twenty-two neun 1 GAY GOULD PIONEERS XY SS X Q Ei M! M X 'N 3 fs as fIl'l'Ilfjl'St'l'1'lI HAICIlIGS'I'Y, liumzlrl' I.. Ilmms, Ilr:Nm:nsuN, Ilnzlsnz, WAl.'rr:1: M. lII1.1,, .lmwxlmz J. 'HHH MAX Ium.+:N I',x1v1,1m: .Imvu-:s Iluuu HOUGH, JM-K B. m,l,S,,-UN' US,wN R,,,,Em- W. IIo1,m:N, Kr:NNr:1'u A. Iloomzn, JAM1-is IC. HUNT, 1NIAm:AR14:'1' f'l'Zl'II.lA IRVINE JEAN lIoU'1's, JIM R0lil'IR'l' IIUVVHLL, Rom-:RT N. Howmm THOMAS HU'1'sm,1.. Romilrl' L. .KSUN R,,,,,.1m' W. JA1'KsuN, Gumvrz1:MAr: JAUKSUN, JANu'l-7 S. ..IANnm:AUx, CURIDIA JENSEN, IJm:m'HY NIAY ? Null, Mcl.r:,xN SflllI!'llf limi!! S1'l'1't'flIl'jl Q Q N Wwrv' srxbt-cxxvzx H i.w.6 w S X S Q Q S R Y S X B 5 S S i JACKIE LACKEY Sfudvnt Body Tl'1'flSZlI'Cl' KENNISON, PHYLLIS KENT, KATHERINE SUE JEPSON, JOHNSON, JOSEPH A. KNITTLE, MARY KNUTSON, ELIZABETH MARIANNE LOUISE KASPER, CATHERINE LARSON, RICHARD L, LATTA, ROBERT L. JONES' JERRY KILLEBREW, JIM KERALIS, GEORGE LACKEY, JACKIE RAE KRUEGFR, LEACH ROY H. twenty-cfiglzt KATHERINE E. ' LAVIN, CELESTE JONES, GLORIA ANN KASPER, MARGARET KIRBY, JAMES RAY LAMOUREAUX, COLLETTE SUZANN LOCHNER, CAROLINE JEAN E il .wx X' FX ff Nam GEORGE GRIERSON Scwiuz' Class V1'l'f'-1l1'CSffIl'llf fqf 9-fm PARSONS, NORMA MYXY PAULLEY, DON B. NIFITHAMMER, NILSEN, RAYMOND NORTH, EDWARD E. PETERSON, CLAYTON E. PETERSON, JOAN J. DORIS ANN OLSEN, ARTHUR L. OSBORN, CARLOTTA E PRII-ISS, BETTY JEAN PRINGLE, HARRY H. NORTHAM, PECKHAM, TED D. PERRY, DALE E. SHIRLEY ANNE PITTMAN, MERTON D. POTARE, PEARCE, CATHERINE JOY RAY, PEGGY JOYCE ERNEST BURYEN PHILLIPS, WILLIAM J. REA, MARGARET RAGER, JACK I. Hz irfy R101-1, IDA Ev:-:LYN Russ, XN'ILI.IAIVl R. SH,w'm, HAYMuNn Mums STPIINMAN, Br:vm:I,Y ANN S'l'Rlm'Kl-in, Brzvrzmlv IVIAIC . Nix :nnwawaw yr 1v i lm. DENNIS SULLIVAN Sf'lII'OI' Class Trcfnsurvr THOMPSON, JO ANN THOMPSON, STUDER, SULLIVAN, DENNIS L. TVVFZED, MARTHA JANE KATHERINE ANN SWAIM, LE ROY M' CHARLOTTE RUTH UTZINGER, SUTTON, TOMLINY ROSE MARIE WALKER, ANGUS JOHN IWILTON PATRICIA JOANNE' WACK, BETTY WARII ARLENPI E. TILLMAN, ' T DOROTHY JEAN WA TS' VODEHNAL, HELEN G. VVASHENFELDER, ROY PHYLLIS PHRYNE H1 irfy-1 wo SULLIVAN, RITA FRANCES SWANSON, DUCE TUSHEK, CLARA ANN WALCIZAK, MARY FRANCES WELOH, DEAN K. Miss GW!-INIJULYN HIII MR DAN AIX-'IHPS Nvnim' Vluss .Spnlrsm Nm, flag, x1m,,g,, Wn11'AKmz,C1An1ssA B WILSON Lois A W1LsoN,V1vxAN CLA1RF NVXLQOIN WILL AM C XVOLFF BFTTY LOU mms, Luis ELAINE 1-:lu-'Ass, HDl'l'll E. ' 5 .gn 1 R .1 QM " ,ligfg vq Mg, M 55. ? M S fa 7 Hb, ks ii: ws Xl mm SBWXQ ,QR 1, N in 2, 3 x 51. I? -Aix ,5, gf, E.. -R. wammxsmgmmw 9 ,,..,---,....,.wu W,nW,,.,N wk 6? Mwmwmdawwwiw , , 4 fe V , V., , . M' W M.,,n, Q, L ,gf ,, ,, 43, 1 2 y , 'Af , f Q ,, L, , Z H 2 VA '9 .F 3 Y f 1 I, f , ,I O in Q- 5" 4 X me M,,,,' V My N 'Q 4 . . :N.g53,Qy5-:..:: 3. N x -- X K Q FSNX .S . S X N :, -. s Q XX X x wg KX A 3 X va .z , ,. N.- ,. S x g I x R .- 1 N N X' QA M 5 X ' N NS? X N X 5 X .ESQ was sw W ww X- gxsfx Y. S Q is RY k lg.. Q X X R X " X .fi Qs Q5 sw N 5 S S QV Top Row: Eddie Reasoner, Jane Lester, Tommy Hayes, Pat Seab-eck. Bottom Row: Miss Feris, Gene Daly, Mr. Stone. CLASS OF '48 Classes come and go and it is true that they remain basically much the sameg however, once in a decade We have one like that of '48 which reverts to the characteristics of their ancestors-venture some, pioneering, and hardy. Just like other classes, our members "came over" from Junior High ready to brave the last freshman initiation ever to be held in N. C. H. S. Charles Bechtol was head scout with John Kapeles number two mang Hugh Campbell was the keeper of the commissaryg and Archie Kennedy represented our wagon at the corral meetings. In our first year we got our bearings from Miss Hemry and came off with our share of wampum for scholarship, military, and athletics. Mary Ann Sichillereff became a scout of long standingg she yelled loud when the Indians came-Cheyenne that is. In the dry, dry year of '45-that winter when a few changes were made and mostly to initia- tion-the class merely pointed for 1946. We did move in to the big tent on Center Street for our square dances, our sparkin', our grub, and our singing school. Head Wrangler-Gene Dalyg sub-wrangler- Tommy Hayes: grub stake holder-Pat Winborneg camp mover- Dolores Ground. Two old timers joined our ranks-Miss Frances Feris and Mr. Otis Johnson. Then came the fall of '46 and we were top men on the Bar-none. New settlers from the East and South were locating among the old timers. Mr. Johnson joined the gold rush in California and Mr. Stone located along the Platte and we took him into the outfit. Old town spirit ran high, the party lines were hot, couples formed and broke. The dramatic movement of the gold-diggers of Central City had nothing on us for we produced a two-night stand of The Dude Ranch Holiday and all our oHicers be- came actors-Sidewinder Daly, Punchin' Pete Reasoner, Collegian S-eabeck, Platte River Hayes, and Little Jane Lester. Then came the spring and for downright good fun, appropriate decorations, and purty girls We think that our Cherry Blossom Time dance for the Seniors really had the natives looking up. H111 F11-six thirfy-srwvn 'irst Row: liarlu-r, Ju Annv: lic-an, Anna Doll: liangrhman, Gwen: liurvh, liarlmarag l!lavkstonL', Roberta: lh'cckcm'idg0, Jerry: Anson, .loycvt Amos, Eleanor. or-onml Row: Alla-manrl, John: Apvl, llowarll: Alllvvk, John: Adairv. Frvcl: Baldwin, James: Adams, lioh: licvhiol, Charles. I'hir4l Row: Argo, liolig lim-attic, Ronald: liouzis, Mike' J.: linriross, Bob: linllimzton, Noul: Iirauer, liill: lianmyrartner, Jams-s: liailvy, Clark. l'irs1. Row: liidwoll, Janv: Iloylcs, Marilyn: liunsly, Leola: liurkv, Hvlong Ilitzenhofor, Javkiu: liennutt. liuth: Casey, Margaret: Carr, Clvdith. Sm-coml Row: Axv, llarlvy: Carlwm-ll, Stanley: Cokonour, James: Combs, Shirley: Cain, Margaret: Crashley, Mary Alito: Vhinhnrgz, Joan: Voopvr. Floyd: Cunnimzham. Jim: Chapman, lilakv. l'hir4l Row: lin-odinv, Slvphvng llrimllc, llolm: llramson, Keith: Campbell, Hugh: Clapp, Russell: Cook, Clifford: Cox, Wayne. l'irsL Row: Fonnvr, l'atsypzm-nv: Friss, Nallinu: Clark, Marjorie: fallen, Cordell: Connvll, Joan: Carter. Catherine: Dotson, J vssio: Dougherty, Shirloy. S4-1-ond Row: Ellis, Jark: D4-Wilt, Mary: lflcklnnml, llm-lon Mae: Dean, Margie: Davis, Rose: Donohue, Pat: Emlwry, Patty: Doing, Myrna: Cruz, Martin: English, Glen. 'l'hirml Row: Dm-svli, llc-ng D1-1-ka-r, Darrc-ll: Earlv, Toni: Day, Marion: Daly, Gene: Daly, Jorryi Dye, Norman. 'lo' g v 1 Q l lxv'1v,-lv .3 .il afafe ii. First Row: Fox, Shirley: Graham, Jo: Goodrich, Anne: Goodrich, Edith: Good, Gertrude: Golay, Lorraine: Gantt, Jackie Ground, Dolores. Second Row: Gale. Elwood: Gibson, Bob: Guthrie, Marvin: Freeman, Hob: Holmes, Milo: Hart, Gerald: Hayes, Tummy Hammon, Roy: Hunt, Sam: Harris, Harold. Third Row: Grissom, Bob: Grosz, Bill: Echart, Floyd: Flyr, Rockford: Graves, Dewain: Goodwin, Jim. First Row: Huey, Jackie: Harness, Margaret: Hart, Katherine: Harris, Marjorie: Huber, Joyce: Hehnke. Polly: Huber Mary Ann: Jette, Geraldine, Second Row: lgli-hart, lioh: Johnson, Bill: Johnston, Phil: Irving, Bob: Korn. Don: Kennedy, Archie: Klungness, Gladys Johnson, Judy: Knutson, Ruthe. Third Row: Hayden, Kenneth: Higbie, Bill: Hill, Jim: Huntington, Fred: Howard, Harry: Henderson, Stewart: Hall, Ralph First Row: Lipp, Arlene: Lester, Jane: Kropp, Shirley: Koenig, Marie: Kropp, Betty: Kemp. Clarice: Kuster, Clara Kelly, Thelma. Second Row: Kapeles, John: Leenhouts, Joan: Kelly, Patricia: Kosanke, Muriel: Kamboris, Yeota: Lynch, Patsy Lawton, Gippy. Third Row: Lytle, Kenneth: Leik, Ted: Kruse, Corky: Kofakis, Zack: Kirby, Bill: Lindstrom, Bob: Kyser, Leroy. thirty-eight N1 llrsl Row: ll1rKinn:-y, Shirlvyg Mvfanily, Shirlvyg Mark, Vmzgzyg M1-Conahay, Margivg Minor, Maricg Marinirk, l Morgan, May: Lowery. lvarl, Hz irly-111'114' Mary : -1-:mul Row: Millvr, llill: Malhvrs, Glen: Mm-lllvy, lim-iw: Mnwrvr, Dick, Malloy, Hill: MvGr4-gnr. Francvs: Lylmyvr, Laliay. lhirel lluw: Mill-nrlvr, la-onarslg Mm-ll'urcl, .lavkg Mvranlla, Holm: M1'Crvady, L1-Roy: Ms'At0v, Sam, Mass, Hx-rluie: Marshall. .lark irsl, Huw: Nm-lqnn, Wanda, Nnlan, Thvrvsag Nurthrup, lleuryganm-5 Vivrcv, llarlmarag Oslmrnv, .lang Ostlincl. Kuigh: Ulhcisvr, Aunc-sg l'vnt1-L-nsl, Eilvvn. Sm-mul Row: Marshall, Wcslvyg l'ikv, Virginia Lev: Plnmmvr. Mary: l'm-tvrsun, llarlvnn-1 l'alu-rson, lim-tty: Mclntubh, llnlwg Phillips, Miko. 'l'hir1l Row: M1-l"arlan1l, Ralph: Munch-ll. L1-0: M4-Guiro, M1-rlc: Mm-rry, Dwaynm-1 Myers, Ralph: l'ulvn. I-hlwin l"irQl. Row: Ryan. llarli-nv, Richards, llarlvnvi Qnvaly. Ann: Ruliinvtl, lmisg Ringrlv, lfarulvn: Rmml, Rulhiu. S1-vmlal Rnw: Phillips, .lavkg Rogan, Teal, l'vrkins, Jim: Rush, Dvnnisg Pitts, Um-vil: l'is'k01l, Wvslvy: Ravivh. 'l'u Pittman. liilly. 'l'hircl Row: lla-inlwrgz, llvnryg Run-. Charlus: Rhmlvs. Iiulug Rummol, George: Rvasmwr, l-Imlllivg Risslvr, llarryg lihuaill-s. Richard. nl: nn s n glam forty Q. 2 lr. . N. First Row: Smith, Catherine: Stone, JoAnne, Sechrist, Mary: Schauss, Eileen: Sportsman, Darlyne: Schultz, Virginia: Sullivan, Betty: Schillereff, Mary Ann, Second Row: Swedenborg, Murray: Smith, Jay: Stowe, Jerry: Swanton, Pat: Seabeck, Patsy: Steele, Joy: Spitznaprel, Mary Lee. Third Row: Rone, Alvin: Rossin, Roland: Rossin, Robert: Stock, Richard: Sherrill, Marvin: Sorenson, Scott: Sheppard, Don. First Row: Vybiral, Della: Tweedy, Shirley: Virgilio, Lucy: Tobin, Mary Lew: Traut, Kathryn: Snyder, Marilyn: Whitefield, Gilleta: Shellenbarger, Pearl. Second Row: Sword, Madolync Struck, Betty: Tripeny, Jack: Smith, DeRoy: Scott, Tommy: Schanck, Josephine: Struck, Viola Third Row: Treglown, Don: Thomson, Charles: Thompson, Jack: Snodgrass: Bill: Saltz, Bob: Richards, Wesley: Shilaos, George. First Row: Williams, Beverly: Winton, Dorothy: Wentz, Betty: Vondra, Betty: Winborne, Pat, Visoky, Florence: Vitto, Sally: Wirth, Nema. Second Row: Zumwalt, Jean: Vigil. Alfred: Yingling, Vern: Walport, Fredrick: Schooler, Sam: Wagner, Wilma. Third Row: Woodcock, Jack: Zimmers, George: Wood, Barry: Wolcott, Neil: Willsey, Merrill: Walsh, John: Zoble, Jerry. A Y WM w 5 aw , QQ- forty Top Row: Marie Indergard, Burt Durnell, Mary Ellen Anderson. Bottom Row: Mr. Daniel Deti, Charles Spaulding, Miss Margaret Shidler. CLASS OF '49 In the fall of '45, the Spaulding and Davidson Expedition began a four year trek through the wilds of Natrona County High School. They and their followers were led by the capable and experienced guide-Miss Kathleen Hemry. Attebery kept their diary while Burridge safeguarded the money and grub. It was one of the largest expeditions ever to start such an excursion-300 in all. Certain tradi- tions usually followed by similar groups of explorers were dispensed with and there were no "scalping" and "hunting" parties with which to contend. Instead, they had quiet evenings around the camp fires singing and showing off their talents. Many were the honors reaped upon this group for their abilities and skills. They showed great possibilities for advancement-both in quelling various tribes along the way and in deciding problems that arose. The second year of their journey, the party blazed trails that would be followed by future groups of settlers. Many new explorers gained experience to represent their expedition in the next years-Ted Layman, Burt Durnell, Dick Henderson, Art Pierce, Chuck Spaulding, Jerry Williamson, Clark Stroud, Wayne Whetham, Jim Davidson, Gordon Holden, Tommy Hool, and Bill Hileman. The women also showed their abilities whenever a need arose. One new leader was chosen, Mert Inder- gard, but Lt. Spaulding was still at the helm. Pistol Packin' Durnell took over the grub and his able- bodied assistant-Miss Anderson added to the diary. Two new guides were chosen for the remainder of the journey-Pathfinder Deti, and Trailmaker Shidler. All in all, the second year was a successful one. Many new "maps" and findings were added to the collection, and many more exciting entanglements were expected in the following year. -two fm'ty-fhrvr' First How: llroi-Ie, Dowrt-aug lieattie, l'atg Ht-uns-tt, lleverly Aung Anderson, Mary l-Illeug Attehery, llarliarag Callisler, Loy, Apel. Dorothy: Austin. Jaekie: Allemaud, Javkie. Second Row: fl2lI'lSO!l, Kinda: Doyle, llilly .lnneg Dyer, Margaret lirowuing, lleleug lireekeuridize, Andryg Brown, Eloise: liollum, Carol Ann: lirewer, Vanirhug liaskett, Aung Allemaud James. 'l'hird Row: Iloehmau, llradg lioyles, Don: lluekiugxhnm, liohg Iiarnes. Ashley: Allan, Emerson: Blain, Hryee Audvrsou, Ralph: Ayres, David: llonldiu, Gt-ue. Fourth Row: lirewvr, Zac-kg Iiurridgre, Jerry: Alm, Diek: linruett, llolx Cooper, Maurire: l':mtieltl, Alston: liruukerl, Mike: llrow, l,e Roy. First Row: Vrow, Dorthea3 Dodds, .luekieg l'olx:in, Shirley: Purnell, lletlyi l'ong:ei', l'arol: Uohee, John: Chesliro, Joann Flurk, Rosemary: Dolan, Nauey. Sei-ond Row: Davis, Vernon. Donohue, l'1'L!L!NZ Ulalxaugh, l,iunie: Durbin, Charlcia Dietsvh. Dolores: Dowler, Ethel: Currenre, Nancy: Culver, l'at: Devault, .Io Auug Childers, Eva: Third Row: Dnruall Ralph: Duruell, linrtg liolihraro, l'hil: Fhilders, Charles: Curry, Skinner: Carlson, Charles: Conley, John: t'harltou, Mal 4-olm: t'hc-sluro, Wally. Fourth Row: Dryer, .lim: Dye, Holm: Davidson, Jimmy, Detleyes, Kenneth: Deason, Clarence Davis, Tom: Donnelly, Art. First Row: Ifossnm, lla Von: Ellis, Sylvia: lialnm, Joslyn: lflrirksou, Maris-g Iiolst-her, Katherine: liutehison, Mariraret Plvaus, Virginia: llntrhisou, l!,amona3 ilollueu, lleruiee. Seeonfl Row: l"rauk, Javkie: Firnelias, Fredel'ic'k: Hzmd, Jerry tiould, Ted: Fisher. John: Evans. Wayueg Good, Grayee: Garriott, Dorothy. Third Row: Gilardi, Beverly: Henderson Divkg Gooder, Hrs-utg Ifort-man, Hldong llayuood, Raymond: Harris, Don: Plarushaw, Dave: Hofstad, Gerald: Eye, Melvin Fourth How: Henderson, Louis: Hayes, Jimg livers, l'ete: Holden, Gordon: Grimes, Charles, Goetz, lioh: Good. Vernon t A " 5 ee 2... "x .un als- is sf sw ,ssssw X Q aww Amen .ssmmaf Q : ss s mu -mg -mb..-u-k .X Q -r..gul t ,1irnwi..: l l I I I A S 1 Q .wvuunmw --...t.... ,MQ S . 53 sam: 2-N-1 IQ., um 'hug Inq 35 -'Ji lam! me .,, .--1 S w .K filisg we 9 se: Five 180 Rims RTR 5338 Rim 'QW HHN QQ Nessus-X e ii 1 i 1 l if ii ii 'K ii 5.8 Q5 N we .te f""i-img TWU Q Bi l ' ta m, x 'E--H... N--..,,.,Q First Row: Leird, Ruth: Miller, Georgia: Long, Jeanette: Lesley. Nancy: Lybyer, Eileen, McCash, Lucille: Karantzas, Mary: McConahay, Dorothy: Kerns, Ann. Second Row: Miller, Bill: McCready, Shirley: Matherly, June: Miles, Cecilia: King, Dorothy: Keasler, Mary Janet: Miller, Katherine: Morris, Helen: Manning, Margie. Third Row: Melvin, Mildred: Lamon, Peggy: Nelson, Sally: McKee, Shirley: MacKenzie, Mary: McDow, Barbara: Masek, Rosemary: Moore, Joe. Fourth Row: Morgan, Robert: Neff, Marion: Mathews, Bill: Layman, Ted: McGovern, Bill: Norman, Jimmy: Miles, David: Lehman, Dick. First Row: Indergard, Marie: Harbicht, Shirley: Happersett, Arlene: Hall, Carla: Hotline, Judy: Hall, Gloria: Harris, Imo- gene: Hampton, Betty: Heagney, Helen: Jones, Eddie. Second Row: Kelly, Orman: Kyner, Georgie: Kent, Carol: Jenks, Donna: Johnstone, Chriss: Judkins, Lois: Johnson, Darlene: Johnson, Joan: Kobel, Shirley: Joslyn, Joan. Third Row: Johnson, Eddie: Harris, Bill: Kirkpatrick, Lillian: Krusee, Pat: Kasper, Tom: Kamboris, Nick: Ketchum, Ernie: Hamar, Max. Fourth Row: Krehmeier, Jim: Hool, Tommy: Kemmer, Charles: Hileman, Bill: Keller, Mike: Keralis, Frank. First Row: Roper, Nancy Lee: Rickman, nlilelen Lou: Propp, Phyllis: Pappas,YAda: Pauling. Marilu: Pugh, Lou Ann: Odiorene, Audrey: Nelson, Marie: Pence, Janice. Second Row: Regan, Pete: Roney, Mary: Reiman, Pat: Potarf, Sally: Rey- nolds, Shirley: Nelson, Palma: Plummer, Betty Jo: Pavelka, Roselee, Third Row: Ridgeway, Neil: Radden, Gerald: Perue, Jess: Rune. Marvin: Rissler, George: Rich, Jim: Robb, Don: Pilant, Bob. Fourth Row: Ramage, Bill: Pine, Stephen: Olsen, Harold: Ohnstad, Don: Payton. Georsze: Pike. John: Peck. Bill. forty-four forty-five Ifirwt ltuw' Stcinnian, llarlnarag Story, .It-aa: Sullivan, Kathleen: Sanvhez, Clara: Shugart, llvtty .ll-aa: Shumalu-r, Inna: Smith, Sanflrag Sandi-ra, l'atria-ia, Shi-rry, .lat'lti4-. Sm-cum! Row: St-1-hrisl, Rally: Smith. Ola lic-llvp Story, Wanda: Srhivr- 1-:ilu-mx, Kathryn: Stilm-N, l.4-util Stum-r, Patsy: Sutphin. liurlxthy. Third Kuw: Struh, l'harlm-In-3 Simmons, Sally: Wil- liamson, .lm-rryg I'i1-rm-, Art: Stn-ialm-, John: Stallings, Larry: Stn-phoasuli, lit-rniv Ray: Story, Rust-niary. Fourth Raw: Shu-nfl:-r, .lam-kg Si-ntt, .lavltg Svhulx, Nwlg Spaultlimr, l'hu4'k: Welsh, Danny: Stuutamurv, .limi Sportsman, lflmzviio. l-'irat Huw: Taylor, .luanng VVa'wtat'f, liunnag Wvnzim-r, Carol: Wells: l4'r:um't-sg lllu-r, .lang Vittu, Mary: W4-hor. Mary: Yimrliuu, Wymma: 'I'ulvin, ldvt-l-'n. Sn-vuml Huw: Wulfv, lluua: Walvzak, Juanm-5 Wumlt-rly, Curdia: Williams, Juan: Witt. .lm-liiv 'l'hnn1wun, l'Imma .ln-ang Williams, l.m'r:lim-5 'lll'!'YYl2lll, .lu Annv.. Third Huw: Strashvim, Dong Sullivan, lVlarting Svutt. Javlt: 'l'ripvny, lhvlng We-lm-li, lhxng Williams Max: lltzimzvr. liill: Walmart, Jams-s. Fmmrth Row: Saltz, Javk: Whvclcr, linli, Whm-thanx, Waylivg Svhmimlt, William: Wnlft-, Dong Ward, llvrlryp Svclar, Dim-kg Snymlur, liulwrl. LlltVl"l'UM l'It"l'llRl+l-t'l.ASS Ulf 19131 , f Yu ,Qs .gg Q QQ . X ' Q A 'S 7 ag,- nic Q wr- s. 1-a ,- ,WJ , y 'il " "' f Q 1, K .ti 4 . f x 5 A ight " ,4,, bk? A l ...g 1 v MW, , X , ' 1 Q u s"""""'5s X - .f---Q ' .4011 ,ff W . 3 " f 5 l . QL ..- ar ...-" . 'fx 42 R A P ms M ,Ax 1 J 4 I E53 ww xx W ni' Ev- ,93 lk X. Nj Y N CKE, E415 TTR fx ,X NJ, wx X Q mba x,wg1f2wxavaw fe x , Q2 21 A M TENDERFEET E X X 11 F If 155 5 JOHN AND CHARLES SULLIVAN X Afwkgw Q hvQ.s?5sSf2 ' i Top Row: Ernie Vigil, Don Swedenborg, Mary Mitchie. Bottom Row: Miss Hemry, Don Swanton. CLASS OF '50 Following the "Revolutionary War," the initial government was organized. The first President, George Donald Swanton Washington, relied much on his Secretary of the Treasury, Alexandria Mary Mitchie Hamilton. John Ernest Vigil Adams, a Federalist, was elected President Pro-tem of the Senate, .while Thomas Donald Swedenborg Jefferson, a Whig, became speaker of the House of Representatives. Miss Benjama Kathleen Hemry Franklin was personal adviser to the President during his first term. Many were the administrative and social accomplishments of '77. The talents of the states- men were portrayed in a public exhibition. During the ceremony, the oHicers of the state whitewashed "Capitol" Hill. Then came the highlight of the year for the women-the Candy Coed Minuet. Miss Dollie Madison Lesley was crowned queen, and Miss Sue Holley Monroe reigned as princess. Leaders have risen through the ranks to become leaders of their parties. Marie Schulte Clay and Carl Ginet Webster debated with great dexterity on the floors of Congress. Even that Southern states- woman, Irene Stiles Calhoun, showed persuasive ability in "diplomatic channels." The first term produced many brilliant ambassadors and ministers . . . it also walked off with its share of the Lafayettes, John Paul Joneses, John Jays, and Nathan Hales. In fact, the Hrst adminis- tration showed great possibilities for its second term. orfy-eight ,.. 'W If ,. -Q Q f . . . Q X WW.. x , . X W 9 1 gi' Q3 51, -was ' will ya., 'x X ff X :NAS fini 9' N A W S? A xx x X - vw y .ik ? gx .wi X K gm. A ka J X S i 1 3 S S is is is XN , X x X E' Q .mi Ml' Z' ww, r, 2, Ill 2 QM? 4 N Q . ik 2 wi WW Fix J vw, , Q, tw .af in .Nq 1 fifty-mze l"ir-41 Row: S14-nhl-nsun, Eflwarllg She-ffncr, Camden: Schilling. Edward: Smith, Melvin: Roberts, Harry: Sargent. Javk. Svc-oml Ilow: lim- ,luv-ph: Stl-inman, 42:-oryrv: Stn-s-tm-r, liolnhiv: Snargur, Caryl: Shepard, Jamus: Shauyrhnossy, Mikv: Spilznayze-l, Alan. 'I'hir1l Row: Snymlc-r, Winifrvnll Ss-yniorv, lflvvlyn: Srotl, Elllilhf Sn-alwcli, Marilyng Stonv, lN1ary,:ai'c'lZ Svhultn-, Marin-3 Svholz, .lavkim-3 liovvv, 'l'hc-lmap Ross, llvliyi Ronv, lmoprvnu, Fourth Row: Shafrolh, l'0LCL!y: Stanton. l,oi-ap Snawn, lilain-1 Spillanm-, l'lv1-lyng Sivillann-, lflvon: Sims, Sylvia, Siallinyrs, Kay: Sullivan, Alia-og Stilcs, lronvg Stcvun, liowvvn: S1-llly, Marpziv. l"il'4i, Row: Willsvy, Willuur, Whilv, llalvg VVilson, liillg Sullivan, John, Swanton, lion: Sullivan, Charlvs: Sutton, Raloixrh. Sm-vonfl Row: Wallvy, l'harl1-wg Yinuling, Rivharcl: Wirth, llylc: Wolfn-, Junior: Wilson, .limmyg Swvllvrilioml, lion, llllom, 124-ol'i:n-. 'I'hir1l Row: Wall, ll:-lon-wp Tully, Rolu-rla: 'l'ollvtt, Alivu: Tillman, Joan: 'l'i'vn1, IA-onag Van llorn. Holly: Wvn- xinw-r, Maruari-I5 Whilvhorn .I1-an, Zolxlc-, .lill, Fourth Row. Whiirnan, l'a1hs-rin: Thonias, Holi: 'l'vllin-r, liavvl: 'l'allwri, Willarmlg Van liuru, llana: 'l'anns-r, Louis: Vigil, Hrniv: Vroman. lluanv: Wulfc, lionnim- .lo. School System 118983:- l"irxl ltow: Maunlm- Fisha-r, Laura Stanlvv, Willim- .lone-4, Minnix- Stanlm-y, Al Svaro, l.a-nis Smith, w72lI'ii Tulvlus, 'IR-ssa llunn. Itows-na Varna Frm-llmliv Slalhv. Svvonel Row: Svlvia liickvr, Gm-riiv Giwffgx, l'1-arl Foriv. 'llruman liutlar. Ula Milli-rv flar- 1'Il"1' Vl'1lfil'l'. Mats- Whm-ls-r, Auuuwla Adams, Vharlmw Svarv. 'l'hii'sI Row: lfltla Svhallvnlsaurn, Malilx' Wvlxls, M:u,i1,:iv llrlvan. Gm-orggv llna, Margfarn-1 "'l'o1" Rivlu-r, l5i.l llailuy, Maud' l'ad1im'k, lcla llarvvy. Ella Schallvnllaum, l'l1l Ilia. s x S- T ,wi if i ig ' X if if ii 3, f rv l fa Q . Q N xy X ,, ng'-.,. ,Q fi . ,p..w in as X RQ rv-, an .mp- l, 1 1 1 SS r 'Prospectors who add 'riches every day Picture at Right: Fred Villanave, E. B. Erben, Jake Nelson-members of Casper's early motor-run fire-engine. v of 9 ff Y, , g?l' 'Mi .Q , gif 'ff gyf A Qffefk H ff 15 2 , . ,Q .2 x aff f V1 MN A, lg QV. , ,wwf , 3? Q ! WW N I 5535" x 1 ' my Wi? 'I ' 'A ., I V xjdbxq MM.. If -was K? I V' fa ag S fa? ,Q if .w-wffmwqw W f we "--- " Tl : f 14: ,',. W Q, f wi' nunzlmallnunn W - mfisf N 1' 55 N-Qyg my vue? 'W' it M Qw.,.,,,..,x.,,, wvffa s xi ME...,, N vt W . : x gs - .fi 5 S ' .W YG xxl S - . X Q ms- w ., ' N I S , ,dx x , Q u as X... XXV X . A ,X xxx .- -,SW ,na.mnnn1zumr-v:nu uv-.rx-IQ mrmnn .-1 uw-'V 1.-M . m wap WARREN CARLSON SUE KENT . . . BILL PHILLIPS . NEIL MCLEAN . JACKIE LACKEY . BRYCE REEVI-3 . . BARBARA REEVE . HOWARD ACKERMAN fifty-four First Row: Don Swedenborg, Barbara Reeve, Sue Kent, Warren Carlson, Jackie Lackey, Jane Lester, Tom Hayes. Second Row: Don Swanton, Howard Ackerman, Neil McLean, Bill Phillips, Bill Dixon, Burt Durnell, Bryce Reeve, Charles Spaulding, Gene Daly. STUDENT COUNCIL Sladenf Body President . Girls' Vivo-prcsirlmzf . Boys' Vice-presirlenf Student Body Serwelary Student Body Treasurer . . . A1znza1lEdilor .Gasher Reprcfsenfative Military Rep1'escf1Itafi1'e VVALTER KINGHAM . . . Senior Class Prcsfrlcfnt GENE DALY . . . Junior Class Pwsiflwzl TOM HAYES ..., I arzior Class Repwscfnlatizve JANE LESTER . . Junior Class Rc'pr0senlative CHARLES SPAULDING . Sophomore Class Przfsidenl BURT DURNELL Sophomore Class Rr'1n'0sm1lf1'i1'c- DON SWANTON . . Freshman Class President DON SWEDENBORG Freshman Class Rr'p1'cseI1tativr: . . . . . Sponsor BILL DIxoN ffffll-fill GIRL'S LEAGUE COUNCIL Sui-1 KENT . . . .... I,'l'l'8ldl"IIf MARIIG INDI-:RGARD . . Corrcspomling Sccreiary JoAN Pm'i-:nsoN . . . Vice-president PATSY SEABECK . ...... 7'rcasurrr Bi-:'r1'Y KNU1'soN . 1a'xceutiz'c Sccrcfrrry NELLE PAT1-1 . . Sponsor Since its first adoption in 18623, women's rights have seen the fruit of its veins everywhere. Be- cause our state of Wyoming set the pace, the women in NCHS have followed. Today in our high school is a girls' League Council. This group is made up of four freshmen, four sophomores, five juniorg and eight. senior girls. These representatives are elected by the girls in their respective classes, with the exception ol' three senior girls. The Girls' Vice-President is automatically on the council and is president of the organizationg the presidents of the Big Sisters and the Pals groups are also given membership. This club sponsors many activities such as the Coed Ball and the Football Ball, and in general, manage girls' activities in a very commendable manner. First. Row: Clara Kuster, Patsy Seabeck, VVanda Nelson, Jackie lluey, Mary Janet Keasler, Pat Winborne, Marie , Erickson, Dosee Crow, Marie Indergard. Second Row: Martha Jayne Nelson, Jackey Lackey, Betty W Pricss, Joan Peterson, Katherine Studer, Betty Knutson, Sue Kent, Ria Sullivan, Catherine Joy Pearce. Third Row: Eulah Scott, Sue Holly, Marion Lybyer, Betty Cooper. 2 ... 'tn Q 'SQL ,,,' v.. ,pw Ll y fiffy Sitting: Jack Cantrell, Barbara Reeve. First Row: Sue Kent, Jo Eva Fritts, Sue Steich, Charlotte Tweed, Anne Goodrich, Mary Frances Walczak, Betty Lou Barnes, Rosemary Masek, Joanne Walczak, Jo Anne Ter- man, Ruth Dedlow. Second Row: Iona Shumaker, Muriel Kosanke, Joan Lecn- houts, Patsy Sutton, Jim Henderson, Bryce Reeve, Roy Washenfelder, Tommy Hayes, Neil McLean. ENGLISH CLUB 1 JACK CANTRELL . . . President BARBARA REEVI-: . . . . 7"rvusfn-cr BRYCE RHEVE . . . . Vice-president CATHERINE Joy PEARCI-1 . . Sw-rvmry ETHEL LINDSEY ..... .... S ponsor A bit of delving into the archives reveals the birthdate of this English Club to be October, 1938. At that time, the club membership totaled forty-two people. Incidentally, it is noteworthy to observe that one of these charter members, Rita Kelliher, is now with the N. C. H. S. faculty. The original sponsor, Miss Dorothea Bignell, has joined the faculty at Mississippi University. This club bases its membership upon competitive testing, holds meetings monthly, and gives a formal party annually. From '42 to '45, the club disbanded to be reorganized in the fall of '45 with Miss Ethel L. Lindsey as sponsor. This year, thirty members have carried on actively through a lively initiation, coke sales, sponsoring of dances, and attendance at regular meetings to end a pleas- ant period of association. -six fifty-sf PALS Kmilrzicixiz S'rnni:iz . . . 1'resif1enf NonMA PARSONS . . Sem-vtury Alcmmi-:IiAKi:1c . . . . . l'it-e-prcszklenf JOAN DAY . .... . 7'rvnsurcr MARY Gmzizn . . . ..... Sponsor As the t'hnmher ot' Vonnneree is to the city of Casper, so is the Pals organization to N.C.H.S.3 both groups are relatively new to us and serve us in the same manner. The Pals, composed ot' senior girls who are chosen for their personalities and dependability, greet all new girls, other than fresh- men, entering our high school. Not only does this group help the new students to get adjusted. but it tries to make each girl feel as it' she had always attended N.C.H.S. Since this group is zltliliatecl with the Big Sisters, the Pals also assist in school activities sponsored by girls. The Club was organ- ized in lil-ill. l"irst. Row: llarhara Arrasniith, Betty Lou Davis, Bur- lmura Gaines, llorothy Rogers, Katherine Studer, Kathleen Doherty. Second llow: Arlene lflriekson, Vivian Wilson, Phyllis West, .lonn Tlionipson, Norma l,ill'S0l1:-1, flh2ll'l0tt2l Osborn. 'l'hir4l Row: t'eeelia lloherty, Collette Lanioureaux, Arlene linker, Rosa Marie Mcllonald, .Ioan Day, Martha Thomp- son, Peggy Ray, Geraldine lberr. First Row: Carlotta Osborn, Charlotte Tweed, Joan Pe- terson, Jackie Lackey, Barbara Reeve, Clara Jean Shep- ard, Ruth Dedlow, Elaine Nevers, Katherine Studcr, Sue Kent. Second Row: Marian Clemens, Celeste Lavin, Barbara Seelaus, Marion Day, Beverly Foote, Dorothy Rogers, Betty Fleming, Jack Utzinger, Beverly Stricker, Wilma Galles. f Third Row: Burr Potarf, George Grierson, Joan Leen- houts, Lee Stiles, Ted Peckham, Dennis Sullivan. GUSHER STAFF THE GUSHER, which is the NCHS newspaper, has become one of the most active of the schoo1's extra-curricular projects. It was entered twenty years ago at the postoflice at Casper, Wyo- ming, as second-class matter. Through the years, changes have come about. THE GUSHER of 1931, for instance, was an eight page, six column paper, making its appearance once every three or four weeks. The headline type was the old-fashioned condensed black face. The front page carried the school motto: "Individual Reward for Individual Merit." The present GUSHER boasts of the International Honor Award, the highest accorded a school publication by the Quill and Scroll Critical Service of School Newspapers. Streamlined in form and modern in makeup, it appears bi-weekly, usually in a six-page issue, with two traditional larger edi- tions each year: one at Christmas, and the other, THE SLUSHER, on or about April 1. The staff, sponsored by Miss Ruth Pettigrew, is composed largely of students in the journalism classes of NCHS, but all others who desire are also entitled to try out for positions. fifly-right 53,3 Q K , IS 5 ,, V g X 1 'Y' F 4 ',...r N. ' 'W i' xL.,X . X A if - if 1 I' Q af 1 5 7 . , s an if 1 If a s N G! A sz. Q A SS ' I f,, lei n sixfy First Row: Frank Gardner, Wanda Nelson, Mary Knittle, Arthur Olsen, Eddie Reasoner, Tom Brock, Neil McLean. Second Row: Preston Creel, Jackie Bitzenhofer, Helen Mae Eklund, Anne Goodrich, Muriel Kosanke, Joan Leen- houts, Catherine Joy Pearce, Bryce Re-eve. Third Row: Jay Smith, Roy Leach, Bill Kirby, Roy Wash- enfelder, Mary Loutas, Gay Gould, Barbara Reeve, Phyllis Watts, Shirley Northam, Jack Utzinger, Ruth Dedlow, Stewart Henderson. Fourth Row: Sue Kent, Mary Ann Schillereff, Charles Bechtol, Murray Swedenborg, Don Brause, Eileen Pentacost. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ART OLSEN . .... President RUTH DEDLOW . . . Svw'vI41ry ToM BROCK . . . . Vice-president Roy WASHENI-'1-:Lni:R . . Treasurer DOLLIE HAGAN . ....... Sponsor Since the world began there have always been geniuses-from the Galileos and Bacons of yesteryears to those of today. Well, NCHS has its own brainsg in fact, a whole group of them-36 to be exact. Our club, the Orange and Black Chapter of the national organization, sets before high stu- dents four ideals as goals: Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service. Every year since its installation in 1927, Miss Dollie Hagan, sponsor of the National Honor Society, has selected the upper ten per cent of the seniors, and the upper five per cent of the juniors for membership. This year the lowest senior average was 1.823 the lowest junior average, 1.48. Our hats off to the Einsteins of tomorrow. my six! If o NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE llllil. lHxoN . . I'rcsidci1f Tolvl Bltocii .... Secretary Am' 0i,si:N . . . . l'if-e-pwsifleizf CA1'1nf:n1Nn .lov Pmiu'r: . Secretory Ifimscizs Fi-:ms . . . ..... Sponsor Among the oldest clubs in Natrona Countty lligh School fwe secretly believe that in point of continuous school service and existence it is the oldestl is the National Forensic League which in 1921! was founded from the original Pnyx Societysthe old time debatin' society founded by Leslie llanis and inherited by Frances Feris. The first meetings of the Pnyx were held in the auditorium of the high school building which stood where the present court is located. Names on the roster such as llarold lleiser, Norman llansen, Hugh Hinds, Irving Garbutt, David Edwards, and Fred Hufsmith now stand for leaders in Casper and outside also-a navy commander, a business man, a teacher, a newspaper man, a minister, and a radio announcer. Through the years, our debating club has worked to serve the school and the community. We have had a lot of fun and we have won our share of honorsg we have taken Casper as far as Boston, Oklahoma City, Beverly Hills, and Terra Haute, Indiana, we have sent our graduates to practically every noted university, college and academy in the nation: we served in every branch of the armed forces. Our picnics on old Casper Mountain and in Jackson Canyon have become tradition. A certain group of us will never cease to bore our friends with talks of California and the San Fran- cisco World's Fair. Coming down to lil-16-47 we are bidding good-bye to as line a group as ever came from our predecessmvrs---Ruth Iledlow, Katherine Krueger, Catherine Pearce, Bill Ross, Bryce Reeve, Bill Dixon, Tommy Brock, Neil McLean, Art Olsen, and Jack Utzinger. These people have made friends in Laramie, in Longmont, in Cheyenne, - in Regis, and in llenver and they have won their plaques and lov- ing cups. We wish them God speed out into a new life in university and college. Arthur Olsen, Toinniy Brock, .lack lltzinsrer, Joyce Bed- saul, Marie Schulte, Bill llixon, Neil McLean, Cordell Cullen, Ruth lledlow, Katherine Krueger, Muriel Kosanke, Skipper Curry, Catherine Pearce, Ashley Barnes, VVayne Evans, Philip Colibraro, Gene llaly, Don Sheppard, Bryce Reeve, Carl Ginet, Virginia Evans. l , .U sxe: sw sixty- First Row: Betty Fleming, Celeste Lavin, Wilma Galles, Sue Kent, Charlotte Tweed, Joann Bagby, Clara Jeanne Shepard. Second Row: George Grierson, Lee Stiles, Beverly Foote, Ruth Dedlow, Jack Utzinger, Bryce Reeve, Barbara Reeve, Burr Potarf QUILL AND SCROLL CLARA JEANNE SHEPARD ..... President BURR POTARF . . . . 7'rens1n-rr GEORGE GR1ERsoN ...... Vice-president BARBARA SEELAUS . . Svcrofnry RUTH PETTIGREW . . . . . . Sponsor Members of Quill and Scroll are among the most industrious people in our busy portals, for they assist in managing and editing the school newspaper, THE GUSHER. The NCHS chapter of this international soziety is one of the oldest organizations in the school, having been granted its charter twenty years ago-on March 29, 1927, to be exact. Every year since has added to the original group a quota of from twelve to thirty-five high school journalists. Members include students of the junior and s-enior classes who have achieved outstanding ac- complishments in some phase of journalistic work, who have met the requirements of the organization in scholarship, and who have accumulated at least one-hundred inches of their own writing in print. two sixty- RADIO GUILD Ali'I'0I,Sl-IN . . . . .... . IlI'CSf!ll"lIf RUTH DEnLow AND BILL DixoN . . Ilia-error-s KA'I'lll'1llINl-I Kiclinui-in . . Ser-remry-Treasurer GVVENDOLYN HILL ..... . Sponsor In the Radio Guild organization one immediately sees evidence of the growth of the commu- nity whether it be school, local, state, national or international, for radio is new. In fact, the Radio Guild is one ol' the newest organizations in the Halls of NCI-IS. Organized in 15136 under the direction ol' Fred llufsmith, who is still active over KDFN, the club has put on a variety of programs. The Question Box and a number of other shows have been produced by the Guildg but the one which has been the most active-even during the war when it was difficult to carry on such a programvis the Weekly Ileadliners program. This year, the Guild has initiated a new program known as the High School llit Parade. ln addition to this field of work, the morning announcements and the football games were announced by the members. This group symbolizes the growth of the community and it is anxious to aid in its advancement. First Row: Anne Goodrich, Jane Bidwell, Jim Kirby, .Ioann Bagby, Bryce Reeve, Katherine Krueger Second Row: Bill Dixon, Tommy Brock, Ruth Dedlow, Jack Utzinger, Art Ols-cn, Pat Seabeck. mai fh Vcc V 19 QSM First Row: Betty Shugart, Emma Jean Thompson, Iona Shumaker, Vaughn Brewer, Ann Baskett, JoAnn Terman. Second Row: Virginia Evans, Jackie Witt, Joan Barker, Eileen Lybyer, Anne Goodrich, Jackie Sherry, Georgia Kyner. Third Row: Audrey Breckenridge, Rosemary Masek, Patsy Culver, Nancy Currence, Eloise Brown, Cledith Carr, Cordell Cullen, Helen Mae Eklund, Gene Daly. Fourth Row: Nancy Dolan, Margaret Hutchison, Cath- erine Schierenberg, Joan Johnson, Sally Potarf, Lou Ann Pugh, Barbara Reeve, Ruth lledlow, .lack lltzinger LATIN CLUB EDDIE REAsoNER . . President GENE DALY . . . Sw-remry-7'reus1o'f'r Jo ANNE BARKER . . l"icv-president RUBY MCBRIDE ......... Spmzxor Are you trying to recall the oldest club? Well, thenwcome with us to ancient Rome. The Latin Club began with Romulus and Remus thousands of years ago. Miss Ruby McBride, the sponsor, was educated by Virgil himself. Many traits of this artistic and intellectual race can be seen in the people of todayg namely in the present group in NCHS. The members have monthly meetings for the purpose of enriching one another with the "Glory that was Caesar's"-Mthe togas-the laws-the foods -the dress-the customs-and even the love life. At the close of each year, the members hold an annual Roman banquet, consisting of authentic Roman delicacies served by burlap-clad slaves to the reclining guests. So, if you have a l or a ll average, adjust your time machine and join Aeneas and his followers. -fo!! 1' SPANISH CLUB lll'Ill'l'll'l Hoi-:limo . . . l'i-vxiflwnf GEM M'l'DIPY lll-I'l"l'Y Lou lmvis . . liifl'-jPl'1'Sffl!'lIlL CA'lHl'RlNl- lov Pmmi lVlAlClI,YN Srwoizic . Sfw'wffri'y UANIPI Dru Nponsoi Soy, St-nor! llid you know that for ulnioet a thiid ol .1 L 1 lu bltsx 1 with still'-inzulv sm-noritas und cahullvros who boast ol' than wi 1 . U at .io it 'I 0 t 4 t studt-nts ot' Spanish had two lu-y words for all convors , ant N Sinn tha timt niorun Sllllll'IIlS havt- nizult- an addition: Puodtf Quo Si fmaybt xml WL mux at ni ut muon 1 unswt-rs tit, any sittiation--vvvii in South AlNl'l'lt'21. Svriously, not only docs tht- t'ii't-ulo Eslmzxnol conun ld Q on .uigufgt 1 ixo gi ts 1 git dm-:nl ot' zittt-ntion to tht- history and K'LlSl0lllS of our South Amuu in nugh 018 Slllil South Anuiit 1 is an up and voniing part ot' tht- world, it might help us to LlIltlll'wtdllt it by Ll Ot touixt most ot 1 :wtions ol' thi- Ul'j,1'2llllZ2ll,l0ll aim- ol' a hiss diplomatic natuu 1nd it IT1lttlllLl'N tht twtntv flu niunx X discuss "calmly", poi-oxido, "food for thought", and pw' dps c U ongx T L gr oup llltltlklltl x vz1i'iivil thvii' way into thu vluh by "raising: thc L'ui'vu" ax l'ltSllllllI1 and sophomo LN, X IL t L tillt yt-zu' studs-nts wore givvn an automatic invitation to join flul llll, First. Row: Viola Struck, Betty Lou Davis, Bt-verly Foote, Marilyn Snydcr, Charlotte Tweed. St-voiitl Row: l,oi't-tlzt Brown, llclcn liurkv, Kathleen Daly, lioth Spawn, Carol Conga-V, Dorothy Sutphin, Sylvia Ellis, Mzlrit- Schulte-. 'l'hii'd Row: Stvvt- llrodint-, Floyd t'oopoi', Bill lligbiv, Jay Smith, lit-rtiu tion-rimf, Shir-It-y llz1i'hit'ht,, Nancy Ropor, lit-nny Sullivan, C'at,hc-i'iiic- Joy llC'2ll'l't', Alston Cilllliltlltl. Roy l.t-uvh. First Row: Dorothy Beyer, Sue Kent, Joann Bagby, Shir- ley Marshall, Beverly Stricker. Second Row: Katherine Kasper, Velma Firnekas, Char- lotte Tweed, Jeannine Hill, Evelyn Rice, Clara Jeanne Shepard, Joan Clark, Doris Niethammer. s EEA :Qs fiaigm Third Row: Mary Charles Plummer, Elaine Nevers, Mar- garet Kasper, Ruth Lowry, Beverly Foote, Jean Callister, Shirley Brunk, Shirley Northam, Barbara Seclaus, Wilma Galles, Ruth Dedlow. Fourth Row: Evelyn Byer, Mabel Allison, Janice Jackson, Martlla Jayne Nelson, Betty Priess, Charlotte Bennett, Mary Knittle, Patsy Sutton, Caroline Lockner, Betty Lou Barnes, Margaret Small, Nancy Chapman. Fifth Row: Marie Deason, Joan Agenstine, Marian Clem- ens, Celeste Lavin, Catherine Joy Pearce, Barbara Reeve, Lois Bystrom, Gay Gould. BIG SISTERS CATHERINE JOY PEARCE . . . . . President MARIAN CLEMENS . . Swfrvtary MARTHA JAYNE NELSON . . . Vice-president CELESTE LAVIN . . . . Trvasurm- NELLE PATE . . . . . . . . . Sponsor Is it the Pony Express station, postoflice, or the general exchange? Ever since 1939 curious by- standers have watched Big and Little Sisters place notes on the 'bulletin board in the Girls' League room, especially in the fall of each year, and here is what they have discovered: The Big Sisters organization is made up of senior girls who have a high three grade aver- age, and who possess dependability and leadership. Each Big Sister has three or four little sisters as- signed to her at the beginning of school year to Whom it is her duty to give advice and to help out in any way she can. This aid ranges from getting the Little Sister a date for the Coed Ball to translating her Latin. The senior girls meet twice each month, they also try to give support to the Girls' League Council in its undertakings. sixfy-s ix ij s'.z'fy-sf 1 1 ll NATIONAL THESPIANS .Mex Tltll'l'1NY . . . IU-esiflent TON! EARL1-1 . . Secretary lll'INNlS So1.1.ivAN . . . . l'1'f'e-prvsirlwif JAUK UTZINGKR . . . Tl'f'USIH'ftl' KHNNI-:'rn Uiw ......... Sponsor We can well remember reading about the tradegies and comedies of ancient Greece and Rome: but, today we can still behold plays of this nature in our own NCHS auditorium. These performers of our time, after donating one hundred hours of work either on the stage or as part of the produc- tion crew, earn ten points and are called Thcspians. This club is a national organization: henceforth, each member is honored, not by a wreath, but by receiving various degrees of titles. For instance, twenty points entitles him to be called a one star Thespian, while thirty points, il double star Thcspian. The actor who stays with the works of a modern Aeschylus long enough to carn forty or mare points is named an Honorary Thespian. The all-school play sponsored by the cluli this year was entitled "Our Town." Since the scen- ery in this production was left almost wholly to the imagination of the audience, one almost thought himself to he seated in an ancient theatre. The schfiol and community regrets to los: many of the sen- ior dramatists, but it knows that "Time Marches Cn," and that it will be favored in future years as it has been in the past. First Row: Shirley Northam, Katherine Krueger, Jean Zumwalt, Toni Earle, Peggy Houston, Leoti Stiles, Betty Knutson, Marie Minor, Sue Kent. Second Row: Jack Tripeny, .lack Utzinger, Ted Peckham, Jim Sewell, Henry Reinberg. Lee Stiles, Max llill, Harry Larson Bob Tripeny, Gene Morton 1 Am, ,-A .Ms Hag... ...a...t. ti If y Qi-fHi:"QMk fled: if-Q N51 4 frugal ...f xl trvxvsvnlvaraf . '111-1--vnu-n-su-W - ,-I. Q W,-1' WQK First Row: lietty Green, Don Strasheim, Janice Pence, Gerald Ilof- stad, .Ioan Hillman, Art Donnelly, Marjorie Clark. Wilhert Alsing, Ronnie Joe Wolfe, liobliy Streeter, Irene Stiles, Melvin Fisher. Second Row: Marie Neff, Cecelia Miles, Ted Peckham, Stephen Pine, lietty Markohrad, liaeel Tillier, Edna Eccles, James Miles, Jeanne Tillman, Lee Stiles, In-oti Stiles. Walter Evans. Axrnes Olheiser. Charles Krieger, Jack Utzinger, Esther I'ldgerton, Third Row: Jo Graham, Wolf Loehner, Beverly Williams, Adam liochner, Evelyn Seymore, Malcolm Charlton, Lois liystrom, Dean Welch, lim-tty Patterson, Rudy Gomez, Marjorie Moore, llon Wolfe, Marion Neff. NEWCOMERS' CLUB IRENE S1'1LEs AND JACK Seorr ..... . . IN-vsidcnfs MARJORIE MooEE AND BONNIE Jo WoLI-'E . . Vine-presidenfs LEE STILI-:s .......,.. . . Reporter GERALD HorsTAD . . Treasurer KATHLEEN HEMRY . . . . Sponsor "I'm from Texas. Where are y'all from?" 'tOh, I live on a ranch about eighty miles west of here." "That first week here in NCHS was really rough. I didn't exactly get lost but I didn't feel at home either. Everybody knew everybody else-but mei" "And ME! But then, it Wasn't long' until we had that first Newcomers' party-the picnic in the park where we all got acquainted." 'tThat was almost a Southern reunion. But I think we had more fun at the Hallowc'en party. There were people from Connecticut to California, and from Montana to Texas." friends skating simfy-eiglzf "Remember the dance up in the Junior College lounge! That was super!" "And there were seventy members and guests at the swimming party. Some of them were we-'ve made here in NCHS. That was really fun-but when I think of the theatre and roller get-togethers too, I just can't decide which is best." "I believe we have as much fun earning the money for entertainment as we have spending it." "That's right! I wonder what the Newcomers will be like next year?" 1 's x 1 w s 1 '5W9 QA-.5 N? lfwmt Hun Um. Ilumu-V. lla-rlwrl I!11gQ,.I41lxu lnutt Oth lhuh Qvvmvllml ll: 'I V' . . -U-. - , ..X4 ,5 .... ,,. . . . .,,. . ,,. I . . - ' V uv. . f. -, 'l' Q . vw: N. : ' Q-' FIDDLERS X x LLQL: .. W' b esters Q - -sw NX X Q QW Ag, 5 Y +35 , Y N sf X X K . :N IE? Qi ' tv 15 334 7 VW: 791 'ST Li " 's--w-.ww . ,-, .... . 453555 QW dai sigh' f-331155 'f Zfa 2'Jf5'f ffifgf Rail f c ufifikfi i 5 "' 5 E' " 7 1 v i,l,, xl: Ms mv A K, 1, ... -Y. .... - ng, , , . H Q 5 !g"' ?""'Y1'lffF'fsu, H U4 s Q I Q ' 9 Ao ffrtsw- ' ? Y TNQ.. 1,4 '31 if 3 o H 4 i" x ll f 4. 5- FB ff X. ' W- + 4. an .FX 'iff ' . V A'-V . 1 Q . Q 1 D , " w g A-La. 'V 'D ,:,'l QI O - i 9 rl I , 1 . Q N59 9 '51, 'I ,,, .NN 4 vw . . .-.Y i f X K A il wi X . 1 1 Q K ' A fix RN W Mmwx NS. x J Q Q . is . q,,, '9 Q . N 5-gigs G ," .,X,!.w K 5 ' ., fi ,,,. 'W A X- be. W . , E . W x sw. M W X2 ff. f ,sf fi Q53 4 'Mx Q J ,Q . M Uv, 5 5 ' N S 1 9 .ei 5 .5 Bi I iN , .M ' 4 M 25 + k .H .N IN x Y x 1 A 'N " bf V- . f . .. Q ' X :lc Q . . 3 .L W Q K .X .Q S9 s -RH' S' ' X . f xiii x F. .uf fig c .X K Q K m x .. ' .. . sun Q Q N -3 .1 Ng x' ' 31 ? ft S"x, X . X .XX .Y S' A Mfw... . fl - . M -f , gm , A . ..y.sQg.ms1fff1sff. H fn 'msusv I. N: .,,L?' aag gf-vii xx.. :M MN,,.,,.XX - . . i ,W K f1.w1f1ssQs5mr.s ...X - 1 . - -Sw?-5 xv W ww NSXx:'vwYS. f Q u ., . six vw gl A ji xml. K x n .. . .- -f ... .. -.N . 9 .M-5 -Q.. mxqwim Nm. Nkmx BOYS' CLARINET QUARTET GIRLS' CLARINET QUARTET Wesley Pickett, Bob Champlin, Arthur Olsen, Sue Streich, Jo Graham, Margaret Hutchison Herbert Cheshire Diana Chalfant BRASS SEXTET SAXOPHONE SEXTET Jim Davidson, Phyllis Watts, Harry Farrar, Jo Graham, Jerry Stowe, Ted Leik, Wesley Kenneth Deffeyes, Joyce Packard Pickett, Max Williams, Beverly Williams WOODWIND QUINTET Kenneth Deffeyes, Harold Olsen, Tom Brock, John Conley, Bob Johnson seventy-two gr ' 5 'NAA vu-4 A4 an SOPHOMORE TRIPLE TRIO . ,.,V XI nv I I I II II mux lIuI Xmiux Iv Ilfuunhv, .I-mu VV1lIi:mu. Nurw ImIvl'p:xl'1I. III:Ix'y .Iam-I Ixvzu-In-V. NI:n'14 I.1u-I '-,..x,- , lm, lux.-I-I5 Ih-mwlt, Murilu I':1uImg, l':u'nl Iivnt. JUNIOR TRIPLE TRIO Inu In Ig Inzu Iuulqulvlx NIMI In-I Ilurn--NN, Iinlhl- Knut-.4In, Marx Ann Sc'I11IIvr'vIf, Iinhim-II, .Ivy Stn-ulv. .Iumy .In:I1luNun. .lzwlxw IS1lv,4-nIn-fvr. SENIOR TRIPLE TRIO I num I II I x I x :lx I If tluun I--:mn QI:--pznwl, 11-s'4-lin Ibnhc-rip, .Imam Dany. Ruth In-Illuxv, I4:n-Imru S1---Iuuf, .Imm 'I'h.Im,-. xnxx, 1':nx'In1I:u U--Irwrn, ISL-Hy Knut--vu. Sm' KCIII. scucuty-tIzI SWING BAND lill lx 1 xlmx lm lNll sux Cl u xn Chun Jury, 1 Lurs mx 15 lckn H xrry Parr xx .fuk Muxhnll .-um exuw om nl-. 41 rxusr. owredn rom Q crrx one any Stl mms Jo Grdhmm 1 PIIIIILBI lievnrly Wllliamx lixll Murine TWIRLERS hxttom Iuturc rm LN 1 Q Ll Ikzxn an 1 Q 1 Q Q 4 l ,Mx xx A I Q x 1 N. N SF' is xx- -.1 N 5 x ' . , W Q SEQ 3 X an . .-: Q1 KM.-2914 1 ,. x .,.., ,,., 5 SN. fl iff 'Y J Y Rf if, 1165 QQ? 5 6 i1J !99Y 'f Q ' . j . , ' j , . N, ' Q 5 1 1 A Q f R -Q.. f f-sm R 3 A 1 I 'K . , s 4 f 3 5 s i , k ' 1' ' l Z 'P . I J' 5. Y - 4 H , . 5 I , A 1 W . '- 3 K '-.. 1 'F , ., .,.. .t 2:5 . gi' U k .P 3 f S' ' 'fi ,, V ' ' ' 1 ,, - ' L f . , u sgii -' ., , H , . 1 ' vu ., if - W , . Y . Q ' fu ' . r 5 Q , . 4 g '1 K Y , Q ay , ig . as 1-1 ' A . 0 s ' , tk 4- Q i nv i A ds 1 A' , , "f'ii,ff35 fix X we is X . we Q: K First Row: Mike l'hillins, liill Snodsfrass, Kenneth Holden, Ray Shafto, Earl lVIeCrary. Seeond Row: Ernest Mel'rary Walter llighie, Russell Ellis, Jim Sewell, Roy Washenfelcler, Jay Smith RIFLE TEAM But'l'alo Bill has nothing on the NCHS Rifle Team which was organized as early as 1031. Although improvements in rifles have been made since those early days, our team still shows great' skill with these mo-dern weaponsg in fact, each member of this club with his faithful Matinda or his sharp-shooting Hess has brought honor to our school through participation i11 rifie meets all over the United States. At the elose oi' the season, the highest scorer reeeives a medal while the ten members with the best averages reeeive orange "C's". Much credit is due to their eoaeh, Sergeant Brooks, for the sueeess ol' this team. OUTSTANDING Rl llulr' NVIIS Svore Y lleeember 7-D- January 7- .lanuary 10' January 11--- .lanuary 1.1--f January 135- 1 January 30- lNovember 243 W- 1767 1755 1800 1722., 1826 1824 1824 1804 FLE MEETS DURING THE YEAR Oppmzenl Izaak Walton Rifie and Pistol Club, , ,,,,,,,,,,. Cheyenne ,, , South High, Denver, Colorado ,University of Wyoming .. , , ., ,,,, Cheyenne ,, , , ..Izaak Walton Riiie and Pistol Club.. , ,,Douglas Rifle and Pistol Club, , Izaak Walton Rifie and Pistol Club.. Score H1800 1701 1774 ,,, H1660 , .. ,,,, 1726 .18-11 .1705 ..,,....1802 seventy-seven flQi5tler5 I 1 I who rim up the high scores Picture at Right : Helen Banner, Coach Bowman, Nell Grieve Kimball, Blanch Baker, Eileen Sullivan Donlin, Ruth McDonough, Hazel Adams Weidner, Eunice Smith Purdy, Irma Patton Brooks. Cham- pions of 1912. '9 ,S 5 Tis 79, QSQWQQQ no-M " X W f ' 5. 'xi ,R sw , U A . 5 ,Q , vi. 441 wi SFR W1 . ,. -ww, siii EW 035: .Rd 45"- 5 'Www ,F ik., an 4 m..2:3w iw, , ity 1 Q J :K N ew . '-if NNMNKWNNNNNWX ...M , F . .xxA A x,. 41 3 4 X .f .::- J , ' 1 ' . . M ,, .3 ' -i ...r i ,, . F lW"'f Sis W-ff Mun ,Q n 9 'Vw ad, v iwmxm S 3 Q MQ x Q51 f,...,...-..--..----......,x., FOOTBALL SQUAD ayden, Robert Davis. H enneth Smith, Art Pierce, K Oy eR D Latta ey, Bob ack M eorge Scott, G First Row: Ralph McFarland, Ed North, Maurice Maltby, Tom oud, tr S ark e Robb, Cl Jo rson, La ck s, Di 6 od Rh son, Bob GI' Gri eorge uzis, G Bo son, Mike all Sw Duce Baldwin, QS Sedar, Jam ow: Jerry Daly, John cond R Se Chuck Spaulding, Robert Houston, Benny Minor. Middaugh, Glen ons, Larry Kapeles, Bud Simm Ray Shafto, John nell, UI' D rt Bu me Aim, I'C ms, A da A ob dy, B Ile Row: Wesley Richards, Archie Ken rd Thi Zoble. Jerry arshall M Wesley ers, Bill Dixon, Math Irving, Gene Daly, Bob Iglehart, Burr Potarf, Steven Brodine, Norman Dye. Fourth Row Mert Pittman, Bob L owruuw Srowl-1 September September September October October Ovtoher October November 'Ki it-mv COACHES .lun St'llWAIi'l'Z FOOTBALL R Billings Rawlins Laramie Cheyenne Cody Rock Springs Rapid City, S. D. Sheridan eq-an Blu. IIILIQMAN Rmzsrzri. SOUTHALI. ECORD 14 Casper 6 Here 6 Casper 0 Here 7 Casper 0 There 13 Casper 14 Here 22 Casper 0 There 13 Casper 20 Here 0 Casper 12 Here 26 Casper 4 There l'ic'1urs-s on the previous two pages were contributed by the Tribune-Herald rigll fy-U1 VM W ,. mi 3 1' "' . , - Ai ' IX I! Wann rw 'A E mag ,X 7 on 3 as f x, 29, my gh-' .fl U rslfr. .ppl .wa Q ' A . , as f ' K' is .. z., We X xi' ,- :Iv H "" "'L, ..,,. 3 "" "., . , Qs K., z ..., H --:- f, lil fi? ' -A . Q, gig i XX R35 gif apr A? W K , 1' Q 'Q' wi u V z pi A F SN' Q FM fir, G gg, M' MAT! xg E! ggkxv Q 5, Mx-wxs S y-E Q 'fi K S X ad-N. '11 ' Q . 'W E? is fm W Wk me ,, , , S cfigh fy-six BASKETBALL RECORD December 20- Lander 24 Casper 29 Here December 27- Billings 29 Casper 39 Here December 224- Billings 14 Casper 35 Here January 3- Laramie 24 Casper 25 Here QOTJ January 4- Laramie 27 Casper 37 Here January 9- Rock Springs 34 Casper 32 There January 10- Rock Springs 29 Casper 30 There January 11- Rawlins 23 Casper 25 There January 14--- Midwest 30 Casper 36 Here January 17- Buffalo 28 Casper 57 Here January 18- Rawlins 18 Casper 24 Here January 24- Rock Springs 44 Casper 51 Here January 25- Rock Springs 30 Casper 24 Here January 30- Laramie 33 Casper 35 There January 31- Cheyenne 53 Casper 23 There February 1- Cheyenne 55 Casper 14 There February 7- Gillette 20 Casper 40 Here February 8- Sheridan 41 Casper 44 Here February 13-- Gillette 31 Casper 37 There February 14- Sheridan 32 Casper 34 There QOT1 February 15- Buffalo 16 Casper 59 There February 21- Cheyenne 42 Casper 31 Here February 22- Cheyenne 39 Casper 30 Here March 1- Midwest 39 Casper 42 There District Tournament-Gillette, Wyoming-March 6-7-8 March 7- Newcastle 19 Casper 47 March 8- Sheridan 44 Casper 31 "C" CLUB First Row: Bob Hutsell. George Mackey, John Dailey, Bill Phillips, Duce Swanson, George Grierson Warren Carl Second Row: Jay Smith, Stanley Cadwell, Archie Kennedy, Mr. Schwartz. John Kapeles, Mike lillll7l DeRoy Smith 'l'hir4I Row: Jerry Zoble, Kenneth Hayden, Jim Kirby, liob Houston, liill Ross, Art Iurre fll'lUlU:l'l Gnnznsom Nun. M0111-:AN . HI4IT'l'Y K NU'rsnN WILMA GA1.L1:s GHNI-1 IJALY . . MARI1-1 INDI-:m:ARn lflimn-1 Vusn, . . .IAN1-1 L1-:sTr:Iz . Bl'lll'l'll'l Goi:R1Nc: IHQNNIS SULLIVAN . IioN BARRETT . Sm: K1-:NT . . flATHI'IRINl'I Joy P WAL'rm: lmwmm MARTHA .IAYN1-: Ni:1,s11N . . . . . . . . Svnior 1'1'vsi111'11t p1'1'sirIc'11l St'l'I'1'fII ry T1'c'r1s111'1'1' 'l'Sl'lIflI,l.I'1' '1'S!'lIfflff1'1' '1'Sl'Hfl1flI't' 'vsvn fu I' 1 rv f'l1r1i1'111:1i1 Ulm 11-11111 JI Clz11i1'1111z11 flllll i1'111r1 II I'11Inl11-ily l'11l1Iir'1fy S1m11sor ns ow Gone Daly, Don Barrett, June Lester, lVIai'ic muguml Wilma Gzlllvs, Martha Jayne Nelson, Georgu Gricrson. Suomi Row: Neil Mc-Lean, Suv Kent, Catherine Joy Pearce, Ernie Vigil. The Spider The Cheerleaders Lucky 13 Long John The Tip-Off Legs 'W viglzfy-eight ROUND THE CALENDAR A MMM . ' " 052325 . '.-.llfjl-233997 'cf-'S-4 ' - 2' 9,-+ ' .vgfilfif -' ' ciglzfy-will scHool. CALENDAR In couplets, did old-fashioned poets write, That's why this column is such a sight!" SEPTEMBER 3-"Hey, do you mind? We're back in the grind !" 9-Big Sisters' Club to organize, Big job ahead, they realize. 13-In an assembly, cheerleaders selected, 13 16 Schillereff, Bagby, Walker, and Davis elected. -Stadium is full, what's the reason? Game with Billings-first of the season! -Miss Gaber meets with her new group of Pals In one of the very few intervals. 20-Over the wrong goal line the football 27 did go, Rawlins defeated us with a score, six to zero. ' -Our players go to the southern part of the state, fEvery twenty-five years, we let Laramie ratell OCTOBER 2-The Gusher Staff their first issue presents, 2, 4 Price per semester: only sixty cents! Center Mackey crowns the "Mustang Queen," Couldn't be Derr--yes--it's Geraldine! -Locomotive: "Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can," And we did, we BEAT, "Beat Cheyenne!" C14-133 3-Casper host to the Teachers' Convention. 4-Students give vacation their full attention ! 11-Game with Cody in their town, 12- ninety They know the meaning of the word, TOUCHDOWN! Q22-OJ George Grierson wins honors in Safe Driving Contest. CTO Be Continued.D 17-Crash! CGrierson lost his title, lf you haven't guessed.J 18-Rock Springs brings to Casper their ferocious Tigers, P. S.: The Mustangs kicked, they didn't use daggers! 18-Senior-Freshman Assembly enter- tains students, Participants deserve our full compli- ments. 19-In the gym at our annual Coed "Candy" Ball, Lesley, queen, Holley, princess, con- gratulated by all. NOVEMBER 2-"Our Town," the all school play, On production, yesterday and today. 11-Many an eager Casper fan, Watches football in Sheridan. ' 21-Cleeton Inventory, for seniors, a feature, "Flippo" doomed to be college teacher. 21-Juniors in Bar-O Dude Ranch Scene, We'll have to admit-'twas pretty keen. 23-Nine speakers, after making a jaunt, Bring honors home from a meet at Longmont. 26-Senior Bob Latta is no wallflower, In physics, he has the highest horse- power! 27-Miss Pate, dean of women, just new this fall, Makes quite a showing at the Football Ball. 28-Celebration and Thanksgiving recess, Everyone ate turkey to excess. DECEMBER 7-For the first time in many a year, Debaters have a tournament here. 9, 10, 11-Evaluators galore! Need we say more? few 'Swv 5 lik? ' 1 V gms-asm 1nu.,..., Qian - "K sms N 3. 9 if F155 ' P" fffaQ L ' W 2 I , 'Hg :nw . M. kgsssjf dk ffm ' '?fi'iW , laik SCHOOL CALENDAR KCONTINUEDJ DECEMBER 12-Mr. Walsh is making a collection, Turn in your water pistols-NO exception! ! ! 19-Christmas assembly given by Madrigal department, 'Twas "beautiful and fitting," is every comment. 20-Since Christmas spirit is in the air, Vacation, again, if you're not aware. 21-To basketball our boys turn thought, And to beat Lander, they really fought. Q29-245 27-Against Billings we piled up a victory, 28-Again, and this makes honor number three. JANUARY 6-Back to school, and how glad we are, We have a new librarian, Mrs. Hegwar. 20-Students discover "Cornelius the nut" over locker 311. Mr. Walsh granted title of "Sucker Number Seven." 22-Miss Tobin does modeling for the annual. Just look in the ads, below the spaniel. 27-OHIO STATE TEST-you bet! Seniors are wondering how dumb kin ya get? FEBRUARY 7-Debaters travel down Chian way, McLean takes honors without delay. 10-An honor did the D. A. R. bestow- That of Good Citizen, upon Ruth Dedlow. 14-This week speakers are in the "big city", Brock takes honors at Denver Uni- versity. '14-Ten seniors take the Pepsi-Cola scholarship test, Guess some people with brains are blessed! 14-Because of George's "C" pin, Joe "haud" to "daunce", He acted as if "aunts" haunted his "paunts"! .ninety-two XR N 16-Everywhere, everywhere, Memory Books! Teachers are starting to give dirty looks. 21-After seeing NCHS talent in an assembly We thanked the directors: Lackey, Daly, and Lindsey. 21-Cheyenne is here for basketball and swimming, In one event, we gave them a trimming! MARCH 6, 7, 8-Our rifle team defeated South High They're very good, we can't deny! 19-The halls seem pretty empty today Most absenteers are down Laramie way! 19, 20, 21, 22-Our team got second in the district meet And then placed sixth in the state after one defeat. 28-Bill won in the state with his oration. We hope he goes on to top the nation. 28-At the thirtieth annual Millitary Ball Lt. Col. Ernest McCrary topped them all. APRIL 1-On April Fool's we received the GUSHER. This time it was in the form of a Slusher. 3-After two years it's back, That's right-Track. 18-Our debaters can't sit still a minute, There's a meet at Laramie, and they're in it. 18-This morning the seniors their cos- tumes display. After the assembly, it is their ditch day. MAY 2-The Junior Prom given in early May Was the perfect ending to the Dude Ranch Holiday. 28-After baccalaureate and graduation The seniors prepare for their life's occupation. 29-School is out so ring the chimes, And that's the end of these two-line rhymes. SX 5 N. af s : ,sf- f r i 3 Q Q X QQ 3 . Q I wgyfa M.-if Cr' 'I' 'T V X i ISS .T f""'!b T V1 3 Q Po 4 Q we M? " Qu! m X Q 3 x .Q Q xi . ig is SENIOR ACTIVITIES A ACKERMAN, HowARn JAMES Junior Follies 33 Crack Drill Squad 3, 43 Crack Platoon 43 Commissioned Oiiicer 43 Military Representative 43 Student Council 4. AGENSTINE, JoANN MARIE Junior Follies 3g Newcomers' Club 13 Big Sis- ters 4. ALLISON. MABEL Junior Follies 33 Big Sisters 4. ALM. ARCHIE J. Varsity Football, Class Basketball, Madrigal 43 Stage Crew 4. ANDERSON, LESLIE G. Non-commissioned Officer 2, 3, 43 Home Room Representative 23 Class Team Basketball 2, 3, 43 Senior Freshman Assembly 43 Senior Class Day Assembly 43 Commissioned Officer 4. ANTONOVICH, ROBERT ARRASMITH, BARBARA Junior Follies 33 Pals 43 Senior-Freshman Assembly 4. ATKINS, RIcI-IARI: RAY Swimming Team, Life Saving, Swimming and Life Saving Instructor. B BAGBY, JOANN Cheerleader 43 Triple Trio 2, 3, 43 Madrigal 3, 43 English Club 3, 43 Junior Follies 33 "Junior 'Miss 23 Gusher Staff' 3, 43 Senior- Freshman Assembly 43 Big Sisters 43 National Honor Society 4. , BAKER. DOLORES ARLENE Junior Follies 33 Madrigal 43 Pals 43 "Our Town" 43 Coed Ball Committee 43 Football Ball Committee 4. BARNES, BETTY Lou Latin Club 33 Junior Follies 33 Senior-Fresh- man Assembly 1, 43 English Club 43 Big Sis- ters 43 Girls' League Council 23 Executive Sec- retary, G. L. C., 2. BARNES, CECIL V. Crack Platoon 4. BARRETT. DONALD E. Junior Varsity Basketball 23 Varsity Basket- ball 3, 43 Varsity Football 33 Freshman Class Representative, Home Room Representative 3 Junior Follies 33 Kangaroo Court 43 Class Bas- ketball 1, 23 Canteen Council 43 Student Coun- cil 1. BAUMGARTNER, TIMOTHY CHARLES Buffalo High School3 Saint Patrick's, Sidney, Nebraska. BENNETT, CHARLOTTE MARY A.K.A. 13 Junior Follies 33 All School Play 43 Big Sisters 4. BEYER, DOROTHY ELLEN Big Sisters 43 Junior Follies 3. BRAUSE. DON D. Astoria, Ill., 13 Class Basketball 13 Canton, Ill., 23 Baseball 23 Senior Band 2, 3, 43 March- ing Band 2, 3, 43 Swing Band 1, 43 Junior Follies 3, 43 National Honor Society 4. BROCK, TI-IoIvIAs P. National Forensic League 1, 2, 3, 43 Secretary N. F. L. 2, 3, 43 Radio Guild 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 .Spanish Club 1, 2, Secre- tary 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 "Junior Miss" 2. BRUNK, SHIRLEY Junior Follies 33 Big Sisters 4. BYER. EVELYN Junior Follies 33 Big Sisters 4. nety-four BYSTROM. Lols ANN Junior Follies 33 Spanish Club 33 Big Sisters 43 Madrigal 3, 43 Daniel Webster High School, Tulsa, Oklahoma 1. C CALLISTER, E. JEAN Pep Club 13 Junior Follies 33 Big Sisters 4. CANTRELL, JAcK L. Freshman Glee 13 Junior Follies 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 English Club 3, 43 Presi- dent 43 Boys' Glee 43 Senior-Freshman As- sem-bly 43 Madrigal 43 Commissioned Officer 4. CARLSON, WARREN R. Student Body President 43 Junior Varsity Bas- ketball 13 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 43 "C" Club 3, 43 Softball Champions 33 Home Room Rep- resentative 33 Senior-Freshman Assembly 43 Student Council 43 Gusher Staff 43 Commis- sioned Officer 4. CHAPMAN, JoI-IN W. CHAPMAN, NANCY MAUDE Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1, 2, 33 Senior- Freshman Assembly 43 Coed Ball Committee 43 Football Ball Committee 43 Big Sisters 4. CLARK. JoAN L. Kangaroo Court 13 Junior Follies 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Football Ball Committee 43 Coed Ball Committee 43 Madrigal 3, 43 Big Sisters 4g Senior-Freshman Assembly 4. CLAUSEN, CHRISTINE Pals 4. CLEMENS, MARIAN W. Madrigal 33 Gusher Staff 43 Junior Follies 33 Latin Club 33 Big Sisters 4. CORBIN, MILTON LEWIS COUGHLIN. JOHN P. CREEL, H. PRESTON, JR. Mafdrigal 43 Boys' Glee 43 Non-commissioned Officer 43 National Honor Society 43 Long Beach, California. CUNNINGHAM, LYNN F.. JR. D DAILEY, JOHN F. Varsity Football 33 "C" Club 3, 43 Commando Basketball 2, 3g Class Basketball 2, 3, 43 "C" Club Assembly 33 Senior-Freshman Assembly 4 DALY, NEIL B. Class Basketball 1, 2. DAVIS, BETTY Lou Pep Club 13 Spanish Club 43 Junior Follies 33 Junior Prom 'Committee 33 Senior-Freshman Assembly 43 Swimming Team 43 Pals 43 Swim- ming Relays 2, 3. DAVIS, JACK E. Loyola High School 13 Polytechnic High School 2, 33 Cheerleader 4. DAVIS, ROBERT L. "C" Club Fights 1, 23 Junior Varsity Basket- ball 1, 23 Varsity Track 2, 43 All-State Football 43 Varsity Football 2, 43 "C" Club 4. DAY. JOAN Lois A.K.A. 13 Sophomore Triple Trio 23 Madrigal 3, 43 Triple Trio fSeniorJ 43 Senior-Freshman Assembly 43 Pals 4, Treasurer 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Home Room Representative 1. DEASON, MARIE Junior Follies 33 Big Sisters 4. DEDLOW, RUTH MARIE National Honor Society 3, 43 Triple Trio 2, 3, 43 Girls' League Council 23 English Club 3, 43 Radio Guild 3, 43 National Forensic League 2, 3, 4g Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Big Sisters 43 Madri- gal 3, 43 D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award. SENIOR ACTIVITIES CCONTINUEDJ DIIR. GERALDINE M. Girls' League Council 15 Junior Follies 35 Cap- tainette, Military Ball 35 Senior Class Secre- tary 45 Mustang Queen 45 Senior-Freshman Assembly 45 Band 1, 25 Pals 45 Senior Girls' Football Team 4. DIxoN, WILLIAM P. Senior Class President 45 Student Council 3, 45 Radio Guild 3, 45 Varsity Football 35 Junior Class President 35 National Forensic League 1, 2, 3, 4, President 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Follies 35 Winner of State and Regional American Le- gion Oratorical Contest. DOHERTY. CICILIA HELEN Junior Follies 35 Madrigal 3, 45 Junior Triple Trio 35 Senior Triple Trio 45 Girls' League Coun- cil 35 Pals 45 Home Room Representative 4. DOHIRTY. KATHLEEN Pals 45 Junior Follies 35 Glee Concert 1. DONOHUE. Donna M. Madrigal 35 Junior Follies 35 Pals 45 Senior Announcement Committee 4. DUDLIY, BARBARA E ELLIS. D. RUSSEL Rifle Team 3, 45 Class Basketball 2, 3, 4. Enlcnson, ARLENE Junior Follies 35 Pals 45 Football Ball Com- mittee 4. F FARRAR. HARRY W. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. FIRNERAQ. VELMA LOUISE Big Sisters 45 Junior Follies 35 Spanish Club 3, 45 Gusher Staff 35 Newcomers' Club 1. FLEMING. ETTY Lou Junior Follies 35 Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Gusher Staff 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Swimming Team Relays 2. Foo'rE. BEVERLY M. Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Madrigal 3, 45 Triple Trio 3, 45 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Gush- er Staff 45 "Our Town" 45 Big Sisters 45 Foot- ball Ball Program 45 Pep Club 15 Quill and Scroll 4. FRITTS. Jo EvA Junior Follies 35 English Club 3, 45 Pals 45 Gusher Staff 3. G GAINES. BARBARA W. Pals 45 Junior Follies 35 Coed Ball Committee 45 Los Angeles 25 Football Ball Committee 4. GALLEs, WILMA Lou Kangaroo Court 15 Mount Saint Gertrude 25 Big Sisters 45 Junior Follies 35 Canteen Coun- cil 45 Gusher Staff 45 Senior-Freshman As- sembly 45 Senior Class Day 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Senior Girls' Football Team 4. GARDNER. FRANK C. Football 25 Rifle Team 2, 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 Senior-Freshman Assembly 4. GoERING, BERTIE Bremerton, Washington, 1, 25 Junior Follies 35 Spanish Club 3, 45 Coed Ball Committee 45 Big Sisters 45 Football Ball Committee 45 Senior- Freshman Assembly 45 "Our Town" 45 Canteen Council 45 Mustang Queen Attendant 4. Gooolucl-I. EUGENE W. GouLo. GARLAND GAY Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Follies 35 All School Play 45 Big Sisters 45 Home Room Representative 45 National Honor Society 4. GRAY, CHARLES R. Class Basketball 1, 2, 45 Freshman Class Presi- dent 15 Sophomore Class Vice President 25 Navy 35 Home Room Representative 45 Student Council 1. GRIERSON. GEORGE G. "C" Club 3, 4, President 45 Varsity Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Varsity Basketball 15 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 45 Canteen Council President 45 Junior Class Vice President 35 Senior Class Vice President 45 Home Room Representative 35 Junior Follies 35 All-State Basketball Team. H HARDEI. MILEs J. Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Football 35 Track 2, 35 Crack Drill Platoon 45 "C" Club Fights 35 Class Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys Glee 4. HARDESTY. ROBERT L. HARI4IEs. ELLEN PAULINE HENDERSON. JAIvIEs HUGH English Club 3, 45 Latin Club 35 Junior Follies 35 Annual Staff 4. HIGRIE. WALTER M. . Rifle Team 3, 45 Class Basketball 3, 4. HILL, JEANNINE J. Madrigal 35 Kangaroo Court 15 Senior Class Assembly 45 Band 1, 25 Junior Prom Commit- tee 35 Junior Follies 35 Football Ball Commit- tee 45 Mustang Queen Attendant 45 Gusher Staff 4. HILL. MAx Midwest 1, 25 Madrigal 3, 45 Junior Follies 35 Senior-Freshman Assembly 45 Senior Costume Day 45 Class Basketball 35 All School Play 45 Boys' Glee 3, 4. HOLDEN, KENNETH A. Rifle Team 2, 3, 45 Crack Drill Platoon 3, 45 Junior Follies 35 Class Basketball 3, 4. HOOPER. JAMES E. Madrigal 2, 3, 45 Boys' Octet 3, 45 Kangaroo Court 15 Junior Follies 35 Boys' Glee 15 Senior- Freshman Assembly 45 Football 2. HOUGH. JACK B. Madrigal 2, 3, 45 Boys' Octet 3, 45 Senior- Freshman Assembly 45 "Our Town" 45 Junior Follies 35 Spanish Club 35 Track 3, 4. Housrou, MARGARET CEcILIA "Junior Miss" 25 Madrigal 15 National Thes- pians, 3, 45 A. K. A. 25 Senior-Freshman As- sembly 45 "Our Town" 45 Junior Follies 3. HOUSTON. ROBERT W. Varsity Football 3,45 "C" Club 3,45 Track 3,4. Hours. JIM RoIIER1' HOWELL. ROBERT N. Swimming 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Follies 35 "C" Club Fights 3, 45 Life-Saving 45 Swimming and Life-Saving Instruction 4. HuN1', HOWARD TI-IoI4IAs Hu1'sELL. ROIERT L. Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Football 2, 35 "C" Club 3, 45 Commando Basketball 35 Junior Follies Committee 3. I IRVINE, JEAN J JAcIcsoN. GULOVER MAE JACKSON, JANI.cE S. Rock River, Wyoming 15 Newcomers' Club 25 Junior Follies 2, 35 Big Sisters 4. JACKSON. RGEER1- W. JANDRIAUXQ CoRoIA 'ninety five SENIOR ACTIVITIES CCONTINUEDJ JENSEN, DOROTHY MAY Pals 4. JEPSON, MARIANNE LouIsE Midwest 1, 25 Big Sisters 4. JOHNSON, JOSEPH A. Class Team Basketball 1, 2, 45 Non-commis- sioned Officer 3, 45 Commissioned Officer 45 Madrigal 35 Spring Football 25 Class Team Baseball 1. JONES, GLORIA ANN Christmas Play 35 Pals 45 Football Ball Pro- gram 45 Pep Club 1. JoNEs, JERRY Swimming' Team 45 Senior-Freshman Assem- bly 45 Senior Class Assembly 3, 4. K KASPER. CATHERINE Junior Follies 35 Big Sisters 4. KASPER, MARGARET Junior Follies 35 Big Sisters 4. KENNISON, PHYLLIS KENT, KATHERINE SUE Executive Council 2, 45 Girls' League Council 1, 4, President 45 Triple Trio 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Student Senate 1, 35 Girls' Vice-president 45 "Junior Miss" 25 Canteen Council 3, 45 Big Sisters 45 Coed Ball Queen 1. KERALIS GEORGE J. KII.I.EaREw. JIM KING. JAMES KIRBY, JAMES RAY Varsity Basketball 3, 45 "C" Club 3, 45 Madri- gal 45 Gusher Staff 3, 45 Boys' Glee 45 Radio Guild 45 Senior Class Day 45 Latin Club 45 T. C. High School 15 Mankato High School 2. KNITTI.E, MARY Madrigal 35 Triple Trio 35 Junior Follies 35 Swimming Team 15 Ring Committee 35 Big Sis- ters 45 National Honor Society 4. KNUTSON, ELIZABETH Junior Follies 3 5Madrigal 3, 45 Triple Trio 3, 45 'Girls' League Council 3, 45 Canteen Coun- cil 45 Pals 45 Kangaroo Court 45 Coed Ball Committee 3, 45 Football Ball Committee 3, 45 "Our Town" 4. KRUEGER, KATHERINE E. Radio Scholarship D. U. 35 "Junior Miss" 25 "You Can't Take It With You" 35 National Thespians 2, 3, 45 Radio Guild 3, 45 Secretary- Treasurer 45 Junior Follies 2, 35 Senior-Fresh- man Assembly 45 A.K.A. 1, 25 National For- ensic League 4. L LACKEY, JACKEY RAE Girls' League Council 1, 45 Coed Ball Com- mittee 1, 3, 45 Kangaroo Court 1, 45 Junior Follies Director 35 Junior Class Secretary- Treasurer 35 Student Body Treasurer 45 Pals' Reporter 45 Sophomore Committee 25 Senior Class Day 4. LAMouREAux, COLLE'I'I'E SUZANNE Pals 45 Junior Follies 35 Christmas Play 4. LARsoN, RICHARD L. Varsity Football 3, 45 Junior Follies 35 Salt Lake Schools 1, 2. LA1'rA, ROBERT L. Varsity Football 3. 45 "C" Club 3, 45 Boys Oc- tet 3, 45 Madrigal 2, 3, 45 Boys' Glee 3, 45 Spanish Club 25 Beatrice High School, Ne- braska 15 Kramer High School 25 Black Hills Passion Play5 Junior Follies 3. LAvIN. CELESTE Junior Follies 35 Latin Club 35 Gusher Staff nmety-six 45 Big Sisters 4, Treasurer 45 Football Ball Program 45 Quill and Scroll 4. LEACH, ROY H. Madrigal 45 Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Plattsburg High School 35 Class Basketball 35 National Honor Society 4. LEwAI.I.EN, MARY Lou LocHNER. CAROLINE JEAN Big Sisters 45 Junior Follies 35 Newcomers Club 1. LOUTAS. MARY Spanish Club 3, 45 English Club 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Big Sisters 45 Junior Follies 3. LowERY, RUTH O. Big Sisters 4. M MACKEY, GEORGE R. Varsity Footb-all 2, 3, 45 Junior Varsity Bas- ketball 15 "C" Club 3, 45 Home Room Repre- sentative 1, 2, 3, 45 Kangaroo Court 45 Class Basketball 1, 25 1946 Basketball Champions. MAGLENNAN, MuRoo A. Crack Drill Squad 3, 45 Crack Platoon 45 Boys' Glee 1. MAI..TaY, MAURICE L. "C" Club 45 Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Class Basketball 3, 45 Commando Basketball 3. MARSHALI., SHIRLEY Big Sisters 45 Football Ball Committee 4. M.CATEE, DANIEL A. MCCLINTOCK, LUCY MGCRARY. EARL M. Crack Drill 2, 3, 45 Crack Platoon 45 Rifle Team 2, 3, 45 Boys' Glee 15 Commissioned Ofii- cer 4. MCCRARY. ERNEST E. Junior Follies 35 Senior Costume Day 45 All School Play 45 Rifle Team 3, 45 Commissioned OHicer 45 Crack Drill Squad 2, 45 Drill Pla- toon 45 Cadet Lieutenant Colonel 4. MCDONALD, RoSA MARIE A. K. A. 15 Pep Club 15 Christmas Play 25 Junior Follies 35 Sophomore Triple Trio 25 Junior Prom Committee 35 Co-ed Ball Commit- tee 35 Pals 45 Football Ball Committee 4. MCLEAN, NEIL T. Stu-dent Body Secretary 45 Stud-ent Council 3, 45 Junior Class Representative 35 National Forensic League 1, 2, 3, 45 Radio Guild 45 Eng- lish Club 4 5 Junior Follies 35 Crack Drill Squad 25 National Honor Society 3, 45 Canteen Coun- cil 4, Vice-president 45 Winner State Pepsi- Cola Scholarship. MII:oAuGH, LAWRENCE Varsity Football 45 "C" Club 45 Regis High School 2, Madrigal 3, 45 Octet 45 Track 45 Junior Follies 35 Senior-Freshman Assembly 45 "R" Club fRegisJ 25 Home Room Repre- sentative 1, 4. MINOR. BENNY GRANT Track 1, 2, 45 Basketball 15 Football 15 "C" Club Fights 1, 2, 35 Navy 3. MINOR, BERT "C" Club Fights 1, 2, 3, 45 Navy 4. MORGAN. GAII. MORLEY, MARJQRIE L. MORLEY, PATRICIA D. MORTON, GENE R. Ma-drigal 45 Boys' Glee 45 Crack Drill .Squad 3, 45 Stage Crew 2, 3, 4, Stage Manager 45 Senior Class Day Assembly 45 Non-Commis- sioned Ofiicer 2, 3, 45 Commissioner Oflicer 45 National Thespians 2, 3, 45 C-lass Basketball 3, 4. SENIOR ACTIVITIES KCONTINUEDJ N NELSON, MARTHA JAYNE Big Sisters 4, Vice-president 43 Junior Follies Committee 33 Junior Follies 33 Senior An- nouncements 43 Girls' League Council 3, 43 Madrigal 3, 43 Latin Club 33 Canteen Council 43 "Our Town" 4. Nlvlnl. ELAINE Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Gusher Staff 43 Swing Band 3, 43 Sophomore Triple Trio 23 Senior- Freshman Assembly 43 Junior Follies 3, 43 Madrigal 3, 43 Pep Club 13 Big Sisters 43 Foot- ball Ball Program 4. NIcI-IoLs. CIIARLER BRUCE Dubois, Wyoming 3. NIrrI-IAmu:R. Dom: ANN ' Class Ring Committee 33 Junior Prom Com- mittee 33 Junior Follies 33 Home Room Repre- sentative 2, 43 Senior Girls' Football Team 4. NILGEN. RAYMOND Freshman Basketball 13 Class Team Basket- ball 1, 23 Swimming Team 1. Nolrrn. EDWARD E. Varsity Football 1, 2, 43 Junior Varsity Bas- ketball 1, 23 Class Basketball 43 "C" Club 43 Navy 3. NoR1'I-IAM. SHIRLEY ANNE National Honor Society 3, 43 "Junior Miss" 23 Big Sisters 43 Junior Follies 2, 33 National Thespians 3, 43 Girls' State 4. O OLIIN. ARTHUR L. Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 R. 0. T. C. Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 33 National For- ensic League 1, 2, 3, 4, President 33 Radio guild 3, 4, president 43 Home Room Repre- sentative 33 Clarinet Quartet 1, 2, 3, 43 Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, President 43 Student Rotarian 4. OIIOINI CARLOTTA E. Madrigal 2, 3, 43 Junior Triple Trio 33 Senior Triple Trio 43 Junior Follies 33 Gusher Staff 43 Pals 43 "Our Town" 43 Football Ball Com- mittee 43 Coed Ball Committee 4. P PARSONS. NoRMA MAE Madrigal 3, 43 Pals 43 Senior-Freshman As- sembly 43 Christmas Play 33 Junior Follies 33 Sophomore Triple Trio 23 A. K. A. 13 Football Committee 43 Coed Ball Committee 4. PAULLEY, Don B. Non-Commissioned Officer 2, 3, 43 Thespians 2, 3, 43 "Junior Miss" 2g Junior Follies 2, 33 gOl5r 4Town" 43 Assembly 43 Mustang Guard ! l ' PIARCII CATHERINE JOY Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 23 National Forensic League 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Gusher Staff 33 English Club 3, 4, Secre- tary 43 Big Sisters 4, President 43 Girls' State 4, Governor 43 Girls' League Council 43 Can- teen Council 3, 43 Annual Staff 4. PECKHAMI TEI: D. Non-Commissioned Officer 3, 43 Thespians 2, 3, 43 Newcomers' Club 13 President 13 "Lady of Letters" 13 "Junior Miss" 23 Junior Follies 33 "You Can't Take It With You" 23 Rifle Team 23 Gusher Staff 3, 43 Mustang Guard 2. PERRY. DAL: E. Madrigal 2, 3, 43 Junior Follies 3. Prrnsou. CLAYTON E. Prrlnlou. JOAN J. Freshman Class Secretary-Treasugen Canteen Council 13 Spanish Club 23 Juni r Follies 33 Home Room Representative 23 Girls' League Council 3, 4, Vice-president 43 Mustang Queen Attendant 43 Senior Girls' Football Team 43 Gusher Staff 4. PI-IILLIPS. WILLIAM J. Junior Varsity Basketball 13 Varsity Basket- ball 2, 3, 43 "C" Club 3, 4, Treasurer 43 Boys' Vice President 43 Student Council 43 Home Room Representative 23 Junior Follies 3. PITTMAN, MERTON D. Class Basketball3 "C" Club Fights 1, 43 Class Oilicer 23 Varsity Football 3. Po'rARF. ERNEST BURYEN Sterling, Colorado, 1, 23 Alliance, Nebraska, 33 Senior-Freshman Assembly 43 Football 43 Gusher Staff 43 Quill and Scroll 4. PRIESS. BE1-'rv JEAN Quincy, Illinois 1, 23 Junior Follies 33 Big Sisters 43 Girls' League Council 43 Senior- Freshman Assembly 43 Coed Ball Committee 43 Football Ball Committee 4. PRINGLE. HARRY H. R RAGER. JACK I. RAY. PEGGY JOYCE Triple Trio 23 Madrigal 33 Kangaroo Court 13 Junior Prom Committee 33 Pals 43 Junior Fol- lies 33 Senior Girls' Football Team 43 Football ll3all4Committee, 43 Senior-Freshman Assem- y . REA. MARGARET Big Sisters 4. REEVE. BARBARA Louis: National Honor .Society 3, 43 English Club 3, 4, Vice-president 3, Treasurer 43 Latin Club 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 33 Girls' League Council 23 Gusher Staff 3, 4, Business Man- ager 43 Junior Follies 33 Big Sisters 43 Annual Staff 43 Girls' State 43 Student Council 4. REEVE. BRYCE LEE Annual Staff 3, 4, Editor of Annual 43 Stu- -dent Council 43 National Forensic League 3, 43 Radio Guild 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 English Club 3, 4, Vice-president 43 Latin Club 3, 4, President 33 Quill and Scroll 43 Junior Follies 3. RIGE. IDA EVELYN "Lady of Letters" 13 Variety Show 13 Radio Guild 33 Junior Follies 33 Madrigal 33 Senior- Freshman Assembly 43 Big Sisters 43 "Our Town" 43 Coed Ball Committee 43 Football Ball Committee 4. RICH. DoNovAN E. Madrigal 2, 3, 43 Boys' Glee3 Boys' Octet. Ross. HERBERT E. Junior Follies 3. Rosa. Jos "C" Club 43 Varsity Football 4 . ROGERS. DOROTHY MARIE Pals 43 Gusher Staff 43 Home Room Repre- sentative 43 Pep Club 23 Coed Ball Committee 43 Football Ball Committee 4. ROGERS. KENNETH Ross. WILLIAM R. Junior Varsity Basketball 13 Varsity Basket- ball 2, 3, 43 Junior Follies 33 Home Room Representative 23 "C" Club 3, 4, Secretary 43 Class Basketball 1, 23 Inter-Company Track 13 Varsity Track 43 National Forensic League 4. SCOTT, JACK V. Newcomers' Club 4, President 43 Swimming 4. 'ninety-seven SENIOR ACTIVITIES KCONTINUEDJ SEELAUS, BARBARA MARIE Swimming Team 13 Triple Trio 2, 3, 43 Gusher Staff 3, 43 Madrigal 3, 43 Junior Follies 33 Coed Ball Committee 43 Latin Club 3g Big Sis- ters 43 Football Ball Committee 43 Major- ette 3, 4. SELBY, DAISY M. Orchestra 13 Junior Follies 3. SEWELL, JAMES V. Rifle Team 3, 43 All School Play 43 Senior Cos- tume Dafyj Long Beach, California3 Colton, Oregon 2. SHAFTO, RAYMOND MILES "C" Club 43 Varsity Football 4. SHEPARD, CLARA JEANNE Girls' League Council 13 Kangaroo Court 1, 43 Triple Trio 2, 3, 43 Madrigal 3, 43 Junior Follies 33 Canteen Council 2, 33 Coed Ball Com- mittee 1, 3, 43 Gusher Staff 3, 43 Big Sisters 43 Quill and Scroll 4. SIMMONS, VERNON H. Varsity Football 3, 43 "C" Club Assembly 33 Class Basketball 3, 43 Gush-er Staff 43 "C" Club 43 Commando Basketball 3. SIMS. CHARLES SMALL, MARGARET ELIZABETH A. K. A. 13 Kangaroo Court 13 Madrigal 3, 43 Junior Follies 33 Coed Ball Committee 43 Foot- :ball Ball Committee 43 Big Sisters 43 Senior- Freshman Assembly 43 Senior Girls' Football Team 4. SMITH. JAY W. Crack Drill Squad 2, 3, 43 Crack Platoon 43 Commissioned Omcer 4. STEINMANI BEVERLY ANNE Pep Club 13 Pals 4. STILES, EDWIN LEE Lake Charles, Louisiana, 13 Knoxville, Tennes- see, 2, 33 Cisco, Texas, 33 Newcomers' Club 43 National Thespians 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Band 3, 43 Madrigal 43 Boys' Glee 3, 43 "Our Town" 4. STORY, ELAINE A. LISS Junior Follies 33 Pep Club 1. STRICKER, BEVERLY MAE Sophomore Triple Trio 23 Madrigal 3, 43 Junior Follies 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Coed Ball Committee 43 Football Ball Committee 43 Gusher .Staff 43 Senior-Freshman Committee 43 National Thespians 43 "Our Town" 4. STUDER, KATHERINE ANN Girls' League Council 2, 43 Student Council 33 Junior Class Representative 33 Pals 4, Presi- dent 43 Senior-Freshman Assembly 43 Junior Follies 33 Gusher Staff 43 Madrigal 43 Cap- tain Senior Girls' Football Team 4. SULLIVAN, DENNIS L. Senior Class Treasurer3 Spanish Club 2, 3, 43 Radio Guild 43 Gusher Staff 3, 43 "Junior Miss" 23 "You Can't Take It With You" 33 "Our Town" 43 Junior Follies 33 National 'I1hespians 2, 3, 43 Senior-Freshman Assem- b y 4. SULLIVAN, RITA FRANCES 'Girls' League Council 43 Pals 43 Junior Follies 33 Senior-Freshman Assembly 43 Christmas Play 23 Madrigal 3, 43 English Club 4. SUTTON, PATRICIA JOANNE Big Sisters 43 English Club 3, 43 Junior Fol- lies 3. SWAIMI LE ROY M. Sophomore Class President 2 3 Student Council 23 Home Room Representative 3, 4. 'ninety-eight SWANSON, DucE "C" Club 3, 4, Vice president 43 Varsity Foot- ball 3, 43 Class Basketball 2, 3, 43 Home Room Representative 13 Junior Follies 3. T THOMPSON, Jo ANN Pals 43 Madrigal3 Senior Triple Trio 43 "Our Town" 4. THOMPSON, MARTHA JANE Junior Follies 3g Madrigal 3, 4. TILLMAN, DOROTHY JEAN Newcomers' Club 4. ToMLIN, ROSE MARIE National Honor Society 4. TUSHEK, CLARA ANN TwEED, CHARLOTTE RUTH Spanish Club 2, 33 Madrigal 43 Gusher Staff 43 Senior-Freshman Assembly 43 Junior Fol- lies 33 Coed Ball Committee 43 Big Sisters 43 Football Committee 43 English Club 4. U UTzINGER, JoHN MILTON Thespians 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 3, 43 English Club 43 National Forensic League 43 National Honor Society 43 Radio Guild 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Junior Follies 2, 33 Senior-Freshman Assembly 4. V VODEHNAL. HELEN G. Newcomers' Club 13 Junior Follies 33 Big Sisters 4. w WAcK, BETTY WALCZAK, MARY FRANCES English Club 3, 43 Newcomers' Club 2. WALKER, ANGUS San Francisco 13 Junior Follies 33 Cheerleader 3, 43 Senior-Freshman Assembly 4. WARD, ARLENE E. WASHENFELDER, ROY Latin Club 33 National Honor Society 3, 43 English Club 43 Student Rotarian 43 Commis- sioned Officer 4. WATTS, PHYLLIS PHYRNE Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Re- serves 2, 33 "Naughty Marietta", Major-Minor Music Review 33 Ohio Wesleyan University Orchestralg Pals 43 Madrigal 43 National Hon- or .Society 4. WELCH, DEAN K. Coronado, California Student Body Treasurer 33 Spanish Club 1, 23 Billings High School 33 Newcomers' Club 33 Crack Drill Squad 43 Crack Drill Platoon 43 Color Guard 43 Swim- ming Team 4. WEST, JAMES L. WEST, PHYLLIS JUNE Junior Follies 3g Pals 43 Football Committee 4. WHITTAKER, CLARIssA B. WILSON, LOIS A. Pep Club lg Junior Follies 3. WILSON, VIVIAN CLAIRE Pep Club 13 Sophomore Triple Trio 23 Junior Follies 33 Madrigal 3, 43 "Our Town" 43 Foot- ball Ball Program 43 Pals 4. WILSON, WILLIAM C. Crack Drill Squad 3, 43 Crack Drill Platoon 4. WOLFEI BETTY Lou WOODS, LOIS ELAINE Junior Follies 33 Pals 4. Z ZERFASS, EDITH E. Newcomers' Clubg Junior Follies 33 Football Ball Committee 4. ""'--...,4 .W-fum... L MN,---1' NR AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - S "1 F E S- 5 2. llllllnnu unnullll AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Congratulations Class of '47 N9 Natrona Motor Co. Compliments of Your Rexall Store. The KIMBALL DRUG STORE Casper, Wyoming CONGRATULATIONS to The Class of '47 THE BAR-B-Q CAFE Good Food for Good Health 115 East lst Phone 57 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from DAILEY'S STATIONERY Casper Wyoming Compliments of SOFT WATER SERVICE 427 - wvomfne ' - moroxeafnv "' F CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1947 089 Wyoming Motorway Company Information on Bus Travel Anywhere 152 North Center Phone 144 VVVVVYYYVVYYYVYVVVYVVYVYYVYVYVVVVYWWVVYVYYYVVYYYVYVVVVVYVYYYYVYYVYVYV 4YYYVYYVVVVVYYYVYYYYVVVVYVYYVVYVVVVVYVYYYYVYVYVVYVVYYYVVYVV'VVYYVYVVVYYVVYYVVYYYYYYYYYVYYVVYVVVYYVVYVVVVVVV A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MMA, s s P ' ' r E Uv I rl S I 1 Pj b O is 2 ,., eb m E : 5 K' 5, S E - 5 'U :11 S' - IQ O 5 3' w I gg 5, tri g Q gg ra Z C11 I 'U gi PU 1-3 5' Q Q 'Q O e ,k H : gi Q '11 if T 3' Q Q, O 2 m U1 I 5 - Q Q- Z U Q, 5 3- '11 P 'D 7-1 P-4 m 9. I4 N. 3 UQ cm P :O V H 2 O " F, ' N UQ -4 Q O I -1 F 3 cn 5, "3 RQ gn Q X 3 I 00 ' .-. :Q 2 Q N Er S m A I 2 Q 2 VJ - :U m I Q H 5' P1 W' G 53 ,4 ra I DP Q '-- I 2' ff E S r vs ' U' I T . 8 llllllllllllllllll I lllllllllllll IIII: 0 rr F' "' : me Na W gy- 2 2 : 0 2 5 az' Qs is 2 H nf I "1 C! H ie 2 S 'Q Q2 E2 I - 3 33 Sz f fb 2 Ur 4 ' LQ In 9 4 ' 5 N g O : 3 Q -cs : 0 r 5. rr C P .p. ::- sw 55 U, 5 7: I f I X' U "I 5. 2 3 Fa' 2 I O :: 3 -5 rv E. .. P -s I, ' Q gn M P ' 5 0 3 Q 'D S E I 5 U .4 2 o Q. - b U9 Q2 5? 52 we 22 I I CP I ' Q gg 'li 3 9, I - 4 4 co C1 ro cn 5 V gn -5 rn m Q- P no we - E I vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvivvvvvvvvvvvvVvvvVVVvvvvvVvvvvvvvvvvavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvp YYYYYYVVYYVYVVVVYYYVVYVVVYYY'YYYVVYYVVVYYYYVVYYYVVVVVYYYYYYYYYYVYYYVVV one hundred one LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AA O : Q F' E Q. 'E 'G Q. 3 Q Q V l I 1AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SENIORS OF '47 We want you to know how much we have appreciated your patronage, and feel sure you are satisfied with the photo- graphs you have received from us. As you go along life's highway we want you to remember us as your photographer, whatever your photographic problems may be. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Skinner me SKlNNER'S PHOTO SHOP 118 East Se-cond Street Casper, Wyoming SHOP AT ' J Klzne 5 :N-9 Your Store of Fashion 089 Casper-Cheyenne ooLD STORAGE LoCKERs - fm' NIASEK AUTO SUPPLY Individual Families 41 ROOMS, BINS AND SPACE for Commercial Storage Intense Cold Air Conrteons Warm Service 059 Frozen Food Lockers, R. "Dick" Leferink, Pres. Automotive Parts and Accessories 41 All Models: Cars, Trucks, Trailers. +1 Casper, Wyoming Inc. Gering, Nebraska VVVYYVVVVVVYVVYVVVVYVVYYVVVVVVVYVVWYVVVVVYYYYVVYVVVYVYVYVVVVYYYVVYYVYV YYYYVVYVVVYYYYYYYVYVYYYVYVVVVVVVYVYYYYVYYYYYYYYVVYVVVYVYYVVVVVVVVVVVYYVVYYYYYYVYYVYVYVYYVYVYYVVYVVYVVVYYVY P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- ,Link Anlluklt AuLA. Anklt ,BALL AAAA Alullnkl AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQAA Compliments of White Sheet Metal Company and White Ditching Company WYOMING DISTRIBUTING CCD. G 0 SALES DISTRIBUTORS FOR WURLITZER YYVVYYYVVVVVYYYYVYYYYYYVVYVVVYVVYVVVYVVYYVVVVYVVVVVVVVVYVVYY PHONOGRAPH RECORDS NEEDLES ROGNSTAD-OLSEN ' CONSTRUCTION CO. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Office Phone 3066 Casper, Wyoming If lv P- YVVVVVVVVVYVVVYVVTYVVYVVYYYYYVVVVYYVV one hIUldVUd QAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI A VY 3 I'M GOING T0 BUY MY Q 4 , 1 Portable Typewriter . . . Social and Personalized j 1 Stationery . . . Fountain Pen Sets . . . Leather j 4 Brief Cases . . . Photo and Scrap Books . . . Gifts A 1 and Greetings Cards 4 3 t . . . AT 1'Al.BERT's :lllllllllllll lIIlIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIllIllIIIIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll 4 4 4 I 4 ,LL I CJXCCLTQ' e7XCorTow -'1T's A WONDERFUL LIFE" I 1 2 Sponsored with the Compliments of g 4 E P 2 NOLAN CHEVROLET Co. E 4 llllll lllllllll lllllllllllllllllllll llllllllll llllll I , Illlllllllllll I ll I Ill I llll Hlllllll: 4 b 4 b 4 r 4 r 4 b E CONGRATULATIONS! ' 1 CLASS OF '47 am f 1 bring 1 the 1 Coke' 1 ow 4 4 4 4 I 4 5 W. L. Busta rd 1 4 - 4 4 - qlllllllllllll I llllllllllll Illllll lllllllll ll 4 4 4 1 I 4 . I 1 Congratulauons g I I 1 to the g 4 b 1 Senior Class E 1 I I N I I E WYOMING NATIONAL BANK E E Member FDIC E I Corner Wolcott and Second I 4 P 4 b E E VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVYVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVYVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV V one hzmdrcd four AAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAA ' P E : E P Congratulations , : RosANA SHOP to the g YVVVVV VYYYVV 0,9 Class of '47 E Popular Priced Nationally NJ I E Advertised Dresses, Skirts, Blouses, Kistlef Tent 85 Awning E : Sweaters, Sports Wear, Lingerie, Company E ' . .- ' r E and Hoblery' 245 South Center I b vyvvv vv YYY CA Welsh Dan The Furniture Music Man CO VVyomi11g's Only 1 . Exclusiiie - Record Shop 120 So. Durbin Street E Listening Booths Telephone 1100 E for All Casper, Wyoming E We will rc-nt you a - music machine for For Everything E your party d I , ' 116 South Durbin HL M Lcsw Phone 2620 The Chas. E. Congratulations . 2 Cla ' ' of '47 Wells Music bb CO, A. J. Woods "Homo of fhz' and Son Stc'i1zwr1y" -MeH,S Wear-. 212 East Second 21 Yearfsame Locafzon 1 Phone 194 k Casper, Wyoming Q 152 So. Center St. AAAAA VYYYY AAAAAQALAAAAAAAAA 9 I' E O za O r' 9 2 X 3 E 'U 'U 5 cb E! E fs Fl 3 E m co 2 5 'S I' in E. C 95 C2 Z 'if' U 'D l1I IU 8 VVVYVDVVVVV YVVV NICOLAYSEN LUMBER COMPANY 4 . . . P 5 P. 0. BOX Building Materials Phones E 1 819 Casper, Wyoming 62-63 t 4 v 4 v VVYVVVVVYVYVYVVYVYYV'YYYYYYYVVVVYVVYVYVVYYYYVYYYYVVYYVYVYYVYVVVYYYVVVV one hundred five IAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAl TRIPENY'S DRUGS SUNDRIES CAMERAS SPORTING GOODS SODAS JEWELRY DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERWARE BINOCULARS 241 South Center Street Phone 72 Sz 99 X You Value Good Serviceg We Value Your Good Business orb Wyoming's Largest Cold Storage and Locker Plant O89 Phone 11 Indian Ice and Cold Storage Co. Congratulations to the Class of '47 O89 Mczcflflvznus ewelry and Optical Co. . 158 South Center KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YVVYYYVYVYVVYYYYYYYVYVYYYVVVVYYYYYVYVVYVVVYVYYYYVVYVYVYYYYVYVVVVYVVYYYYYVVVYVVVVVVYYYYVYVYVYVVVVVYYYYYVYVV VVYVVVYYYVVVYYVYVVVVVYVVVVVYYYVVYVVVVVYVYVYYVYVVVYVYVVYYVYVYVVYYYVVYY 5- 6 R m N. 51 4 ALA, P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P- P P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- I VV' P 3 I 4 I I l b P 1 The FIIIES III II 9 Hllllllell ' l l l P ' : 1 . 4 P 4 P ' : 1 , 4 P 4 P 4 P 4 P 4 P 4 P 4 P 4 P 4 P 4 P 4 P 4 P 4 P 4 P 4 P 4 P 4 P 4 P 1 P P P P P P AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YYVYYVVYVVYYVVVYVYYVVYVYVY YV' vvvvviv YV' VWYV' YV' 'NYY' YV' VWYV' 'YV VYYV 'YV YVNY VV E '1 '1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 '1 4 4 4 4 4 Q Ill 4 4 4 -1 41 4 -4 -1 '1 -1 '1 '1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 iv Rialto Theatre, Inc. lununu lnllunllnll lunnnnnu lnllnnnllulunn nun: ...nun The Sherwin-Williams Co. AJLA Artist Supplies and Decorative Accessories 140 South Durbin Phone 1680 : KeIIy's Ayres jewelry 124 East Second 00-9 I IN-9 "Where One Customer ' Home of Sends Anothef' Bluebird Diamovzids one hsnzdrfd seven AAAAAAALALAA, P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P- P- P P- P- P- P- P P- P- P- P- P- P- P P P- P- P- P P- P P P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- P- YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYP YY' YYYYYYY YY' YYYYYYY 'YY 'YYVY YY' YYYYYYYY vi 5 Q. CD "1 Q: CL C5 gi Q4 PFCD SE. 2-Q we KD FD 4: V -K i 1 All Compliments of Kassis Dr Goods tore Casper, Wyo. AA. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Are Appreciated When It Comes - To Modern Fuels. 1 3 NATURALGAS Makes School and Home Ultra Modern. orthern Utilities Co. 4 P 1 I 4 The Distributor of Natural Gas p 3 4 4 4 "The Carefree Fuel" E AAAAA -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 :E I YYYYY one hundred eight AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Y Y Y P 3 s P 4 b ' Th G C ' DL 6 L t 3 OITIHS . GITIQEI1 . 0 ocifzap S g 4 - I 4 r 4 P gllfllllllIllIllIIllIllIllIllIIllIllIlllllIIllIllIllIllIllIIllIllIlIIIllllIIllllIIllIIIIllIIIllIIIllIIllIllIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIIIIllIllIIllIIIIIIIllIIIIIIllIllllIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllll, 3 E 3 Jourgensen Paint Manufacturing Co. WY0-FTE PAINTS t E 242 West Yellowstone Highway M3i?dSVg,I1,lgigm6T5nEaiC E E Casper, Wyoming Conditions. : r gl!IllIIXLIIIIIIIIIIQIlll IljIlllIlllllllllllllllIllIllIlIIIIIlllIIllllIllllllIllIIIllIIIllIllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllll IIII lllllllllllllll IIIIIlllgIllIlgIllIIIllIIlg:IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE , . . 1, B.5fL':af.gh5fi25 Forster Electric Company F1SZieZ2ZitiTgiit?Sg g Better Sight G. E. Mazda Lamps P Guaranteed Electrical Work I I ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS - MOTOR SALES AND SERVICE t I I 1 Office: 148 E. Midwest Ave., Phone 1027 Motor Shop: 207 W. Midwest Ave., Phone 3571 : glllllIllIllIllIllIllIllIlllllIllIllIllllIIllllIIllIllllIIllIllllIIlllllilIllIllIIllIllIllIlllIllIIlIIlIIllIllIllIIllIllIIllIIIIllIllIIIIlIIlIllllIllIIllIIIIIlIllIIIIIllIIlIIIIIIllIllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll: 1 Com liment of : 1 D S : 4 r 3 ROHLFF LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. : b 1 Phone 7 300 North Center Street I iluIllIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllll llIlllllllllIllIllIllIllIIIIIllIIllIIIllIIllllIIllIlIIllIIllIllIIIIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlIllIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllll llllllll llllllllllllllllllli b 1 CASPER'S SUPER MARKET I E W. R. Shroyer, Owner E I Wyoming's Finest Food Store I E Phone 760 Casper, Wwming 840 East Second E illlllIllIllllllIllIlIIlllllllllllllllllllllll IllIllIllIllIllIllllIllIllIIlIlllllllllllllIllIIIIlIIIllIllIIlIIllIlllllIllIllIllIIIIIIllIIIIIIIllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllll IIII IIIllllllllllllllllllllllllE 4 i t 1 Pasteurized JESSEN CREAMERY CO. Casper Mald v 1 and . Butter t I Homogenized North Durbln Street Cottage Cheese : E Milk Casper, Wyoming Ice Cream E r EllllllIllIIlIllllllllllllllllllllll I llllllllllllll Ilgllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllIllIIIIIIIIIllIIllIlIIlIIllIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII: 4 ' P 4 , b 4 Compliments T Phone 318 -- I r f . . P 0 Emll Hlrschfeld I THE WARDROBE Pl b, d H t, E um mg an ea ing , 1 Gas Fitting , 4 b EXPERT CLEANING 4 1445 E. 2nd St. Phone 124 Casper, Wyoming E : r ivvvvvVvvvVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvVVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvb E 'S :- 5 'S Q. nine A P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P- P' P' P P P P P- P- P- P P P P- P P- P' P- P- P- P' P- P- P' P' P' P- P' P- P- P' P- P- P- P' P' P' P- P- P- P- V' 4 P 4 1 CASPER DRY CLEANERS E 4 1 23 Years Under the Same Management C. B. Grierson, Prop. E 1 120 East Fifth Street Casper, Wyoming I A. V' 4 4llllIllIll IllllIllIllIllIllIllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IllllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllll llllllllllt 4 P 4 P I I I Floor Coverings - Furniture p 4 , h I 1 K E E F E S Draperies P P 4 P Ai V' 4 P 1 Casper Floral N g 4 P 4 P 4 E . . 1 Phone 20 J. W. Forshng Furmture Co. E 4 ' P E 146 South Center Consult Our Interior Decorators t X P E Phone 3040 Casper, Wyo. E Annpn vvvvvyvv CONGRATULATIONS FROM 3 CASPER DAIRY PRODUCTS E 3 "New Customers Are Always Welcome" E E ---------- -------------------------x------------------------------------------'-'-------K --------------'--------- ----'----i E 1 i E The Casper T ribune-Herald E A. 'V li Pi 5' cb Z cn 2 U2 'U S59 'U co P1 Pi 5' 99 FV' E 99 W' co U2 73 O v-b Cl co C CY' P1 9.1. 'V 4 . . 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BEST WISHES To the Class of 1947 Keep Your Future Bright with Adequate Light. Mountain States Power Co. VYYYVVYYVYVVVYVVVVVVVVYVVVVYYYVYV77VVVVVVVVVYVVYVVVVVVYYYYVVYYYVVVVYYVYVVYVVYVYYVYYVYV P' P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P I VYYVVYYVYVYYVYVVVVVY AALAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ASPER NAT IC L B ff 1 YVYYYVYYYVVYYVYYYYVYVVVYYVVVVYVYVYYYVYVYYVYYV YVVYYVYYYVYYYYVVYYVYVYYYYVVYVVVYVYVYYVVVYYYYVV AA VVVVVVYYVVVVYY AAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAMAAAAMMAMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA An 5 LZQVWQZL Z in X w - ' 1 l Z Zz r N m :' 1 .QNX ,-.Qu ,gfk X W .E , ff S+ gg U3 - 3 IL-5AQ,imntx -1- , .--. ,Hu E -2 'J . A I "fH3"l"1'1lln'f- .1.":-'-I!"-"u'.-I ' -- R- 5 Q- 1 , 'Q , , ---1'-" - E Q if. 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In case these debaters are not immediately known by all perhaps you recognize Marvin Bishop, Jr., Charles Rose, and Mildred Keith Horn. A winning basketball team, 1912-1913, with the following members: Left to Right: Mr. Proemmel fPrincipal of C. H. S. and coachl, Arthur Davidson, Not Known, Royce Wagner, Ellsworth Wagner, Harter Schaffner, Not Known. How do you like the old uniforms the boys and girls wore then? The state football champs in 1920 under the guidance of coach Dean Morgan, better known to us as Super- intendent Morgan. Are any names familiar? I think Janie Lester might recognize one. Everyone who goes to Cheyenne for football and basketball should be familiar with an- other. Here is the list: Third Row: Coach Dean Morgan, Jimmie Hargis, Bill Kocher, Lewis Allsman, Law- rence Dewoody, Bill Lester. Second Row: Okie Blanchard, John Groves, George Vandiver, Harry Scott, Jack Reoder, Homer Mauck. First Row: Arthur Lithrige, Harry Sprawl. all igadfid one h umlred fourteen X , .xx ' x f 1 . rf: Q Ei 5 4 3? - Ukygj . P .A.,,, 1 , 41, , Z 3 --Aw g. A" r' ,w 6 hi' 1 ,w -. ,Q x .1-m, J. xv' + . x W. r A z ,.,, ,1 aw , . -mi .. 4 . . .... g, X ff, ., w, v a ', ' . z 5 .. X Wm . x , :m1.a.m. ,. :nw 1 . E 3 P 5 55 E 9. sl. 5 L . E FG Lf R i w E 5 1 A! 1 ii 1 I 1' 1 ,a 1 1 5 1 1 f 1 1 5 iw 3 1 i A 51 1 3 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 I i 1 I 3 5 I 5 fs

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