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 - Class of 1943

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,rw , Nj! Y . , W I 4 I x f. -. ,N A , -w Y mp ' J L J x K XJ! .XXX f'..' FJ IJ- .X Y.- X Q . -V. -. -N, 1 2, , , mx ,f U , . , 1 wi , +, ,I Ju -XV ., :A V. K Avy V: x JJ V1 1 xl. , X '- Q fu, ll .' , V uh' YL4 XJ xx! ,J ,M w irf' -.1 Q. ff'- ,-, -,I Lbvk: " x ff u F x I xj M17 Lf! ff" fx N K 1 1, A f , J J x 431 J 'U' if J .J X 'D Qs! H f-JU - , 1 if N x KJN 'half TX J' UNI F! 0 of X3 A5 ,171 v Q 4 J XI -.' f X 4 . i X N , fflfy J ,kj Ik If f , :J dy! ,wg X A ,fwxf--' . +' t if X 5 7,9 .Y 2 A? .J Xu V K N r xrlxx W' -- fr X N 'A " . V ' N x , , X I x ,JJIJ H ,Ny"! U ' .X , xviqy' ,J ,141 I 3,1 Jf:7f" 1 I V ,J X, .1 U J V f' KQJ-f f If I I xv. X 'x . f V1 ML' .V L ,ff XL X! U f 'ffl ,U VJIXK J fJ X xl 1 1 f if . 1 I ,MM :Mx x X 1 x ' r 1 I x X , . - 'K J X I L ff .f V I X - 4 X - X ' X 'f 'l, Q, ., 1:51435 n.. , .tt wif A .., z.- ' . x E x , Q ,Lu R it ,QTX 4, - XR ., A ff 1 ' I I qw 5 VTE , 'A r 4 1 is Q' ' . f 'QQ 3 , Q- H9 1 23 L3 ,e r... fE'l9.,.X2.+g'wi"Q'f Q-Sruu .Ex-5.5-N9...Q .m.-.sUwvoQ.m-L-Sxo-mn:xS.9,y..,.,k.m.sJo..34ua.b mug--'-D C3.s.s.."Yvv,ke,L,,vv,5- V Xb.:--'a,.. E s W1 ii MSWM is EQESESRSS1 SN' 5 S, ww . Qi E Q. OK MM fi N , ' I , X53 X E Lg,WmfbfM Rf alfa Nfl 0 Xy 0 w wif Q15 QM QW 02 332551534 W 'QW MK Mfg Hgfjg' '59 Q si 5?i?w S A ' givigjifgb Wikii32N ., R522 9 NM k,- XY K SEQWQ QS Q N5:5i5,w-Si' EXWQE 3 QR Q51 Ni ' Qi 9 Wigs Qi i Q W? ,Q Q laik--k .9 ' . imywif W ' Sflllf'i'i 4 rwwrf WW WT ff 9 . ,f 11 1943 14,1 Zpfwfu 2 u P 1 . I ' gjgffcfiwu STAN cs yi J ffffjefffifff WJ 1 1151 fayigjw WMM! Booic if MW 1 M Of if . Q11 oirono County High Sohoo B XENA XX ffl! V Casper, Wyoming MA5. ' EXW ' a Vis. i 1 viii? " 5 11 1 J A QW . y,,Cf,, 1 1, wee Ky gg gd! M M ,d,fWi",2Q iawwwk ,-fo--,Q-f JKZQKXLJFI B. uqfiu 1 Oafif' " M0 me 1 061L,Q 'aff reg' Q jf! 9 ?Dl6WVl2' f' Editor - Ralph Updegraff V Business Managers lack Corbridge, Laurence Soderberg iff LDS. 15g5 F' , , ., , I 1 14 K Ki L f 1 V x fiffiiji If s D 2 2 We ixyfiewj Nall .gyedicaiion 3' Today, throughout the world, the armed forces of the . United States are fighting for the cause of thee common man and the principles embodied in the Bill of Rights and the Atlantic Charter. I'Ve therefore dedicate the 194-3 lliustang to those students who will soon enter the service of their country to actively support the struggle for democracy in all civ- ilized nation ir Contents ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES ARTS MILITARY ' ATHLETICS 2 S I I J 1 I 1 . I I - rfb. 6 ., Img? Aw-630 - fl JJ - li Jim www Q. 3. E. U5 Q"'l' '1 Q3 E. O Mgm 'o my x x iff za il: 1 :xx .J YY9? fix if iisix 155 CSS x S. K. Walsh S. K. "Kelly' VValsh has been in this school system, first as band director and now as principal, for sixteen years. His position is not an easy one and is envied by few, but his understanding cooperation and unfailing good humor have won for him the friendship of the students. Participants of extracurricular activities long ago learned to look to him for support and encouragement. The student body knows llr. lValsh deals with problems and penalties impar- tially and we back him in his decisions. il Dean C. Morgan Dean C. hlorgan, Superintendent of Schools, has been in the Casper school sys- tem for twenty-three years. He served as coach and principal before attaining his present position. Familiar with all the students, hlr. hlor- gan has gained their admiration and trust through his sincerity and efforts to improve our educational facilities. Nluch of the credit for making C. H. S. one of the most outstanding schools in the country is due to his friendly support of all the worth- while undertakings of the student body. -Q Back rofw: C. R. Berrey, M. H. Gantt, R. G. Corbett, K. L. Long, Dr. R. H. Reeve. Front rofw: D. C. Morgan, M. D. Davis, C. E. Hooper, F. C. Dye, E. G. Ericksen. The School Board The School Board is the governing body of the public school system of Natrona County. The decisions of the School Board greatly determine the course followed by our school. The Board hires the teachers, governs the expenditures of the school, and supervises activities. As the voters of the county elect the members, their measures are an expression of the popular voice. 7 jsssus MAE AGNEW DANIEL D. .XNTHES FREDA BAILEY Head of11Iu.fifDrpt. Hixtory Nursz' DORUTHEA BIGNELI, Mas. ADA B. BOVVMAN L. D. BRANSON English D1'anofGirI.v Srirncr OWEN BUNTING NIARTIN CAND,xr.ER1.x Jn J. CLINE Agriculture Language Englixh MARcARE'r COCHKAN Ross: A. COLLINS W1L1.1.n1 CURRY Head of Home Efonomics fluistanl Librarian Englixlz EMMA Duls FRANCES F. FERIS S!SG'r. FRANK J. GABRIEI, Hixlory Hf11dofE11gli:hD1'pt. Illilitary CLARA F. QQADBERRY ZELLA GARNER NIAUIJE GREENW'AI.D Ellflliifl Ar! Gym DOLLY HAAGAN DARREL HATHAWAY KATHI.EEN HEB'lKY 1!1'llll'0fSCil'7lCt' Dfpl. Coach Englixh CQVVENDOLYN HILL DUKE YIIMEBAUCH HUGH HXNDS Englirh Head of Commercial Dept. Commercial I9 RUTH JOY HOPKINS EVELYN HORAN MRS. NULDRED HORN .lrt COIlIlHl'fl'iIll lllllfllflllllfifi' MRS. Gonna Hum' Nsu. jomzs WALTER KINGHABI Co rn In crfinl Hrad of lllzztllvlnalirx Drpt. Coach HOMER LEE RUBY MCBRIDE EARLE AJILLER Vocaliorml HfHt10,fLHllgudgC Dvpl. Focaliofzal 101 FERN PETERJOHN RUTH PETTIGREVS' G. V. Pima Home Economirx Englixh Truarzt Ojicer DARREL POTTER MERl.E PRUGH ' Vmcn, Y. RUssE1,1. ' History Alusir II1-adofHi:roryDz'pl. XVALTER SAVAGE KQNRAD SCHOLL FRANK ScoT'r Commfrcial llluxic I,0Cl1li071l11DifCCl0J' A, E . - 17 NINA SHAFFER MARGARET SHIDLER f3RACE SLIND Librarian Languagf Il'Ix1.fif HARRY STEPHENSON NIARIE SU1,r.1vAN OLEN THOMPSON ul Hixtory Commcrfial ' Vocational MAJ. H. B. TRUEX VVILLIE VANDWER ALICE VVALKER .-1.G.D., P.Dl.S. and T. Srirnrr Blalhrrnatirs ROBERT VVILLIAMS MRS. ELEANOR XAVITHROVV Sficncv Language 121 Ofire Strzjff: Kingham, Ringle, Jack, Burns, W'alsh, Parker, Joslyn, Pate, Morgan U41 V s es i X 'NX l Ns E i t is with significant pride and honor that the editorial stali of the Mustang salutes the hundreds of alumni now serving in the armed forces of our nation. The valiant deeds of many former students are already written proudly in the heroic archives of the events of this war, and they will stand as immortal evidence of the inherent patriotism of our former and present students. hlay we universally greet these Americans, and extend every wish to them at the far corners of the world, for their inevitable success and their safe return. Graduation soon will release many more students who will join the armed forces. To them we extend the same wishes of Godspeed and triumphiover our enemies. The success of American Democracy has always been attributed to the education of American youth. N. C. H. S. pupils stand as a splendid example of this bfand of Americanism. Their admirable response to the call to arms will remain a brilliant and indelible record in the school history. l 44 w N 161 History of the Senior Class The closing year marks a great end and a great beginning for the senior members of the N. C. H. S. student body. Nineteen forty-three draws finis to many outstanding activities for our class. During our freshman and sophomore years we patiently waited and watched the illustrious classes of 1940 and 19-ll. lt wasn't until we became juniors that we were given an opportunity to show our potentialities. Under the leadership of Oscar Ray as our junior class president and with the excellent cooperation of every class member and the judicious guidance of our sponsors, bliss Gwendolyn Hill and lllr. hlartin Candelaria, we staged an exceptionally well-timed follies. lts theme was "A Day at Army Campl' and it was timely because the day after the show closed its successful two-day run, December 7, 19-il,'we were plunged into world war with Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor. The next spring saw one of the most colorful junior proms ever staged in our gym- nasium. We brought Latin America right up to our own back yard with L11 Fiesta, and the affair was high-lighted with rhumbas, congas, and tangoes. The gym was festively decorated to depict a huge patio of a South American hacienda. V The war came close to home during the summer months and when school started last fall it was foremost in every senior's mind. There is no doubt that it has put "the damper" on many of the usual activities, but with the true spirit of NCHS, the spirit which will continue to prevail for the duration, we have managed to keep the morale of the students high. Probably the most far-reaching project started this year was the Campus Canteen. Four seniors, Bob Burwell, Kate Swanton, Oscar Ray and Jean ll'IcNiel, were elected to represent the student body on a coordinating council which laid the groundwork for this activity. As this book goes to press plans are rapidly formulating and it is hoped that the Canteen will be ready for occupation by Rlay l of this year. lllany students are outstanding in many fields in this graduating class. Our orators hlabel Adkison, Grant Arrasmith and Paul Barber, who won the state American Legion oratorical contest early this spring. Special mention goes to Bill "Hattie" Noel for his fine, steady work in basketball. Coach Darrel Hathaway presented Bill with his fourth letter in this sport. Other outstanding athletes are Roy Crouch, Oscar Ray and Bill Nickeson. lllusic, which is coming more and more to the foreground as troubled minds seek relaxation, does not lack for talent in our class. Kenton lN'lcNeely and Don Stewart have performed well for the students and for the people of the city. Every class has its exceptional scholars. Wendell Talbert and Rose Colibraro, over a period of four years, have compiled an enviable record of grade averages. Nineteen forty-three marks the end to many enjoyable days spent in this school and also marks the beginning for all of us in a new and puzzling world. SENIOR CLASS Bon BURWELI. Sluilrnl Bflzij'Pl'l'.t'i411'Ilf Norma GRANT ARRASMlTH English Club, 3. 4: En- Clid Cluli. 2: Latin Club. l. 2 . Quill and Scroll. 3. -I-: Officers' Club, 4: Na- tional llonor Snsictg. 4. Natl. Forensic League. l. Z. 3. 4: Radiuilluilzl. 3. 4 Q Annual Stall. 3. 4: Quill and Scroll. 3, -lg MARjoRus E. ADAMS ,lunior Follies. 3: Pals. 4: "Pan nn ei hnninier Day. .Z. lVlABEl. L. ADKISON Natl. Forensic League. 2. 3, 4: Quill and Scroll. 3. 4: Girls' League Council. 4: Big Sisters. 4: National Honor Sn- ciety, 4: Classroom Rep- resentative. 2. 4: Girls' State Congress, 3: Girls' Athletic Association. 1. 2. 3: l.iteratin'e l'lulw. .ig English Vluls. 3. lVlll.DKED .'Xl.l.ENSXVORTH LARRY B. ANDERSON Ritle Te:un.' 2, 3. 4: Of- ficers' Cluli. 4: Commis- sioned Ofticer. -li Class Football. 1: Class Bas- kctliall. 1. .AGN as Arai. Latin Cluli. l. 2: l'l1u- mgrapliy Club. l. 2: Home Economics Clnh. lg Glee Concert. l. 21 Junior Follies. 3. BARBARA BAILEY Long' lleacll. California. 1. 2: Euclid Cluli, 5: Photography Cluli, 3: Junior Follies, 3: Christ- mas Pageant, 3: "Nut- cracker Suite," 3: An- nual Stalf. 4: Pep Clulx, 4: Big Sisters. 4. KATHRYN BALI..-XRD Personality Club, 1: "Pan on a Summer Day." 2: junior Follies. 3: Big Sisters. 4: Spurs Clulm. 4. PAUL A. BARBER Natl. Fun-ciisic l.eag'ue. l, 2. 3. 4: Latin Clulm. 1: Radio Guild. 2. 3: Natl. Quill and Scroll, .l. 4: Literature Clulm, 3. , 1 l EUGENE B,-tsl-1oR Latin Club. 1, 2: Jun- ior Band, 1, 2: Senior Band, 3. 4. Berrns J. BA'r'r12L1.E Big Sisters, 4: Band Twirler. 1, 2, 3, 4: "Pan on a Sununer Day," 25 Junior Follies. 3: Per- sonality Club, lg Spurs. 3: Homeroom Represen- tative, 4. U71 SENIOR CLASS JEAN McNEu.1. Girls' Vin' Pnxfi-irrll EDGAR A. BEATTIE Junior Varsity llztsket- hall. l. .Ez Varsity Bas- ketball. 5, 4: "Junior Follies. 5: "King Nul- cracker Suite." 3: Com- missioned Officer, 4: Of- ficers' Club, 43 Class Football. 1. 2: Varsity Track, 3. MATT L. BENARDIS Stage Crew, 2: Rifle Team, 1: Nfadrigal. 13 Uilicers' Clull. l: Senior and Junior Life Saving. -1 SHIRLEY L. BOUNDY Arhua. South America. 1. 25 Pals. 4: G. A. A.. 3: Intramurals. 3. U81 Pnn.I.u' BERREY LU VERNE BORNHOFER Rapid City, South Da- kota. l, 2. 3. JUNE E. BISHOP Latin Clnh. l. 2. Secre- tary. Z: Queen of Coed llall. l : Class Secretary. 2: Radio Guild. 3. 4. Secretary, 4: Spanish Clulm, 3. 4, President. 3: Secretary of A. K. A., 3: Secretary of Girls' League Council, 3: Na- tional Quill and Scroll, 3. 45 Junior Follies, 3: Annual Staff, 3. SARA LoU Boylan Natl. Quill and Scroll, 3. 4: Gnsher Staff. 3: English Clnh. 3. 4: Sen- ior Euclid Cluh, 3, 4: Junior Euclid, 2: Latin Club, 1, 2. PATSY BLUE A. K. A.. 1. 2. 5. 4: Na- tioual 'Flu-rspiaus. 3. 4. Secretary. 4: National Quill and Scroll. 4: "Stage Door." 3: Ki- wanis Plays, 3: Big Sis- ters, 4: Home Econom- ics Club. 1. 2: Latin Clnls, l. 2: Gusher Staff, 4: Junior Follies, 3. Pfmzxcu BENNliTT JEAN ANN Bomss Cheer Leatler, 1: Pep Assemblies. 1. 2, 3: "Nutcracker Suite." 3: Junior Follies, 3: "Pan on a Snuuuer Day," 2. VVas1.1-:Y Bmccs CARI. BROWN 1943 DOROTHY E. BROWN "Pan on a Suinmer Day. 2: Glee Activities. l. Hfuuzr BUROESS ROBERT R. BURWELL Student llody President 4: Senior Band. l. 2. 3 4: Student Director. 3 4: Swing Band, l. Z. 3 4: Commissioned Oili- cer. 4: Euclid Club, 2 5. 4. President, 4: Latin Club l. 2. President 2 Natl: Forensic Leanne: 4: National Quill and Scroll. 3, 4: Boys' Oc- tette. 5. 4: Annual Staff 5, 4. DOROTHY BUSH N ELI. University Higli, Lara- mie, 1: Laranne High. 2: G. A. A.. 3, 4: Tlies 1 4: "Lawyer Lincnln. 3: "Ever Since livcfy 4 Pals. Secretary. 4. pians. 3. 49 lxadio Guild. ROBERT CARDVVELL lvlfnw C. CHAM BERLIN Boulder. Coloradn. 1: Radio Guild, 2, 3. 4: Literature Club, 4: Madrigal. 43 "Pan on a Summer Day." 2: Jun- ior Follies, 3: Junior Prom Committee, 3: Freshman Initiation As- sembly. 4: lnkslingers' Assembly, 2: Latin Flnlv, 2. 3. RUTH COATES Latin Cluh, 1. 2, 31 Junior Euclid, 2: A. K. A., 3: National Thes- piaus. 3. 4: Junior Fol- lies, 3: Kiwanis Plays, 3: "Stage Door," 3: Big Sisters, 4: National Quill and Scroll, 3, 4: Gusher Staff, 3. ' s NIARY M. C'HaMnEkl.A1N CHARLES CHESHIER JEANNE CLAYTOR MARTHA CLAYTOR G. A. A.. 2: Spanish Home Economics Clnli Fluli. 2, 3, 4: Home 1, 2. 3: junior Euclid Nursing. 4: "Pan on a Z: G. A. A., 2: Spanish Summer Day." 2: Big Uluh. 2, 3, 4: Home Sisters, 4. Nursing. 4: "Pan on i VEVA COHEE Cody High School, 1, 23 Secretary and Treasurer of F. T. A., 3: G. A. A.. 3, 4. Vice President, 1 Summer' Day." 2. Freshman Initiation rw SENIOR CLASS KENTON MCNEELY Boys' Vin' Prfsidzwt Rose Couakako Girls' League Council. 4: Big Sisters. 4: Na- tional Honor Society, 3. 4: English Club. 3: Junior Follies, 3: "The Mau VVho Came to Din- ner," 3: Latin Club. 1, 2: Senior Orchestra, 1. 2. 3: Freslunau Person- ality Club, 1. FLORA Co1.L1Ns Pals. 4. X . KENNETH COLTRANE VERNA M. Coiinrron Stage Crew, S, 4: Na- tional Thespians. 3. 4: Junior Life Saving. 1: Senior Life Saving. 3. Roamvr VV. Coox Class Football, 1. 2: 'Class Basketball. 1. 2. 4: Varsity Football. 3. 4: Varsity Basketball. 3: Varsity Track, 1. 2. 3. 4: Club. 4: Na- tional Athletic llonor Sneiety. 4. ' JOHN Conmunos National Honor Society. 4: National Quill and Scroll. 3. 4: President of Student Senate, 42 Boys' Octette. 4: Annu- al Statt. Business Mgr.. 4: All-State Band. 3: Radio Guild, Director. President. 2. 3. 4: Gush- er Staff. 5: Junior Fol- lies. 3: Senior Hand. l. 2. 3. JUANITA VV. CARNEL1, Halls High, Halls. Ten- nessee. l. 2, 5. l20l RAYMOND L. CRAIG Spanish Club, 3, 4. Pres- ident. 4: "C" Club. 2. 3, 4: National Athletic Honor Society. 3: Var- sity Tracw, 1. 2. 3, 4: Varsity Football, 3. 4: Stage Manager of "Ever Since Evef' 4: Class Football. 1, 2: Class Basketball, 2: Rifle Team, 4. NORMAN D. Ciuss F. F. A.. 2. 3. Secre- tary, 2. Ros' C. Citoucn 'arsity Football. 2,. 3. : Varsity Basketball. 2, . 4: Varsity Track. 3, : "C" Club. 3. 4: Na- tional Atbletic Honor Society, .ig Tennis Dou- bles, 2. 3: Horse Shoe Doubles, 2. X 4 3 4 MARY Conn Glee l'nncex't. 1: Rig Sisters. 4: Personality Club. I: War Stamp Cashier. 4. KATHl.EEN Ckow National Honor Society. 4: National Quill and Scroll. 4: Girls' League Council, 1, 2. 3: Stu- dent'C'ouncil, 4: Madri- gal Mixed Chorus. 4: Big Sisters. President. 4: A. K. A.. 2. 3: Na- tional Thespians. 3. President, 4: Latin Club. 1. 2, 3: Radio Guild, 3. 1943 MAXINE L. CRUTCI-IEI1 F r e sh Ill an Personality Club, lg Negro Trio, 2, 4, G. A. A.. 1. 2. 5, 4, junior Orchestra. 1, Z. 3: Senior Orchestra. 4: Ulee Club. 2. 3. 4: Jun- ior Follies. 3: Ping- Poug Tournament, 2, J. CHARLOTTE CUNNINGI-IAM Band Twirler. l. 2. 3. 4: Latin Club, l. 2, 3: Na- tional Honor Society. 3. 4: National Quill and Scroll. 3. 4: Euclid Club, Secretary, 2. 3, 4: Home Economics Club. l: junior Follies. 3: "Pan on a Sununcr Day." 2, Pals, 4. jo :ANNE DALY Matlrigal. 2, 3. 4: Music Council, 2, 3. 4: A. K. A.. 1. Z, 3, 4: ,lunior Follies, J: Gusher Statt. 31 A Cappella. l: Sen- ior Triple Trio. -ll All- State Chorus. 3: "A Murder Has Been Ar- l'ZlllLIC1l.H 4: National Tlwspialis, 4. . ass. .-e iii, - asss.t Gilt. N.. ' ' ii-sf? ' jf , . 'if ' . ' .-self' ffm . t l x JOYCE Dm' Laurlei' High School, 1. 2: Literature Club, 3: Big Sisters. 3: Home Economics Club, Vice Presidexit. 3: Pals, 4. KEITH DEAsoN GERAI.D DECKER FLORENCE DAVENPORT Spanish Club, 2, 3. 4, Rlaslrigal. 3. 4: "King Nutcracker Suite." 3: "Pan on a Summer Day," 2. DICK DAVIDSON Maclrigal Club. 3, -l: lloys' Special Glee, 3: lluys' Octette. -lg junior Follies, 3: Band Con- cert Pageant. 4: Fresh- man lnitiatioII Assem- bly, 3. e V1RcINIA M. DEVVALD LatiII Club, 1. 2: Eu- clid Cluh, 1. 2: A. K. A.. 2, 3. 4: National Thespiaxis, 3, 4: "Stage Door," 3: Kiwanis Plays. 3, Junior Follies, 3: Gusher Staff, 4: Big Sisters, 4. I . VIOLET M. DIEIEII, Junior Follies. 3: Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3. JOSEPH M. DONLIN Varsity Football. 2. 3. 4, "C" Club, 3. 4: "C" Club Officer, 43 Class Basketball, 1, 2. J. -lf. Junior Follies, .il Com- missioned Ofticer, 4: Rifle TeaIu, 43 Swim- ming, 1, 2. 3, 4: Oth cers' Club, 4. PATRICIA M. DoNovAN National Honor Society, 4: National Forensic League, l, 2: National Quill and Scroll. 3, -li A. K. A.. 1.2. 3, 4: Girls' League Council, 4: Euclid Club. 2. 3. 4: Madrigal. 2, 3. 4: Big Sisters, 41 Junior Fol- lies 3: Annual Staff, 3, 4. , A 0 Mustang Day i211 GORDON DYSDN TOMMY L. EDVVARDS SENIOR CLASS KATHLEEN CRow Student Body Secretary VVILLIAM F. DREW' Junior Band, 1: Class Basketball. 1, 25 Class Football. 1: Senior Band, 2: Junior Follies, 3: Madrigal Club, 3, 43 Boys' Special Glee. 4: Freshman Boys' Glue, 1, Festival Band, Z. BETTY DUDLEY National Honor Society, 3, 4: Euclid Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 4: President of F. T. A., 3: Commissioned OBE' cer, 4: Rifle Team, 3. 4: Latin Club, 1, 2: Jun- ior Follies, 3: Guslier Staff, 3. Madrigal. 3, 4: Boys' Senior Glee. 3, 43 Boys' Freshman Glee, 1: Boys' Octette, 45 Photography Club, 1: Swing Band Trio, 4. AUDREY EVANS National Honor Society. 3. 4: English Club, 3: Euclid Club. 2, 3. 43 Latin Club, 1. 2, "The Man Viihu Caine to Din- ner," .53 Glee Concerts, 1, 2. J OHN EvERs Class Basketball. 1. 2, -lf, Class Football, 1, 3, 4: Freshman Glee. 13 lloys' Senior Cleo. 2, 4. CHARLOTTE FAIRCHILD if . JAcK1E FATE Senior Band. 1, 2, 5, 4: Senior Orchestra. 1. 2, 3. 4: Follies llantl. 1, 2. 3: French Horn Quar- tet, 1, 2: Vk'oodwind Quintet, 1, 3: Brass Sextet, 3: Band Secre- All-State Band, 1. 2, 3: tary. 4: Swing Band. 2: Marching Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. 5223 tfktszi.. DONALD E. FITCHIE Rifle Team, 4: Officers' Club. 4. BETTY FooTE Cheer Leader, 1, Z. 3. 4 A. K, A., 2. 3: Madri gal. 2. 33 Spanish Club, Vice President, Secre- tary, 3. -ll Junior Fol lies, 32 All-State Choi' us. 3: Music Festival. 2 Junior Prom Committee 3: Homeroom Represen tative, Z: Girls' State, 4 JAMES E. FORSLING Latin Club. 1. Z: Class Football. 1. 2. 3. 43 Class Basketball. 1. 2. 3: Junior Orchestra. 1: Natl. Forensic League. 1, 2. JACQUELYN FOXTON Big Sisters, 4: English Club. S: Latin Club, 1, Z. 3: Junior Follies, 32 Gusher Stall. 2: Snap- shooters, lg Glee Con- cert, 1, 25 After-School Sports, 1. 1943 MARION FRANDSEN F r Q s hm a n Personality Club, 1 1 After-School Sports, 1 3 Junior Fol- lies, 3 : Junior Prom Committee, 3: Senior Class Day Assembly. 43 Basketball Tourney Drill. 2. 3: Class Sox- tt-tte, 2, 3. 4, Mxulrigztl Club, 4. MARY FRASER "Stage Door," 31 Ki- wanis Plays, 3: Latin Club, 1, 25 Glee Con- cert. 21 Junior Follies, 3, Rig Sisters. -lz Thes- pizins. 3, -l. rl1ED FRENCH Latin Club, 1. 2: Junior Euclid President. 22 Senior Euclid. ,l. 4: A. K. A., 2, 3, 4, National Thespians, Z, 3. 4: Na- tional Honor Society, 3, 4: English Clulm, 3, -l: l.itt:r:iture Cluli, -lg Na- tional Forensic Lezurnc, 1, 25 lxiwanis Plays, 2, 3. JACK B. QIALE Tennis Singles. 1, 2. 33 Tennis Doubles. l. 2, 3: Men's State Singles mul Doubles. 4: Basketball. Manager, S, -lg "C" Clnln, 4. JEAN CEARBER CARI. liAKRE'l'T NIARTIN J. GOTHBERG Latin Club, 1, 2, 3.3 A. K. A.. 1, 2, 3, 4, Na- tional Thespians. 3, 4: Photography Club. 25 English Club, 3: Liter- ature Club, 4: Gusher "The Man Stati. 3: XVho Caine to Dinnerf' 3. BETTE GOODRICH rigal. 3. Juni 3: "Miss Jimmy," -lg Girls' Sports Manager, 1: Freshman Glee Con- cert, 13 Christmas Pro- gram, 35 "Nut Cracker Suite," 3. Class Sextette. 2: Mad- ' 'or Follies. BETTY GRAVES OTTMAR L. GROSZ, JR. Freshman Glee, 15 Jun- ior Band, 1, 2: Senior Band, 3, 45 Junior Fol- lies, 33 Class Football, lg Class Basketball, 1, 7 3 HELEN GROVE THOMAS GUTHRIE Football i231 RAI.:-II UPDEGRAFF SENIOR CLASS o l Siudfnt Body Trr11:urr'r ERNEST W. CiUlI.E L Club. Z. a. 4: Xa- tional Athletic Honor Society. 3. 4 3 Varsity Fooiball. 2. 3. 41 Varsi- ty Track. l. 2. 3. 4: junior Varsity Haskel- ball. Zi Flass Football. 2: Class Basketball, 1. 3. 45 Fnlor Guard, 3: lluxncrooiu Representa- tiru, 4. MARILYN CPUTZ Freshman Personality flub. l: Glee Concerts, l. .32 Junior Follies. 5: Freslnnau luitiation As- sembly. 4: ciilllliltlilft' for Mustang Queen, 4: ,luuior Prom Connnit- tt-c. 3: Big Sister. 4: 'FUlll'lI1lll'lCllt Drill, 3. JOAN HAGIST Senior Band. 3, 43 Sen- ior Orchestra, 4: Xa- tional Honor Society, 3. 4: National Quill and Scroll, 4: Animal Stall. 3. 4: English Club. 4: Student Senate. 4: Lit- erature l'lub Secretary. 4: "The Man XVhn Fame tu Dinner," 3: All-State Band, 3. 4. RAYMOND N. HAWLEY junior Follies. 5: Fresh- man Glue, I: Literature Club. 3. 4: Photogra- phy Club. 1, 5. f2+l VINCENT H.-ILEY BETHEL Haxiaiz JEAN HAnsI-IFIELIJ LOIS L. HARVEY Yglrgity Football, 21 "Pan on a - Qummer Class Basketball. I. 2: Day." 23 .HKIIIH Yut junior Prom Conunit- cr:-Icker.SuIte." ll tee, 3, ior Follies, 35 Pas OsTo V. H EATII junior Band. l, 2: Sen- ior Band, 3, 4: Concert lland, 3. 4: Junior Fol- lies. 3: Tournament Drills. 2. 5. GAVE HENDRICKSON Matlrigal. 45 Glen Con- cert. l. 2. 35 Freshman Personality Club, l: Class Sextelte. 3. 4: junior Follies, 3g Fresh- man Initiation Assem- bly. 4: Junior Prom liOll1ll1lHt?t'. 3: Tourna- ment llrill, 39 Big Sis- ters, 4. WILLIAM HOFFIIINE CAROLYN HOOPER Latin Club, 1, 2: junior Senior Orchestra '7 Follies, 3: National 3: Pals, 43 Jumci 0 Tbespians, 3, 4. lies, 3. gal, 3, 4: Buys' Special 1943 Gn.aEn'r G. Housmzv Latin Flnlw. li Madri- Ei.ToN IAMS Nafiuuzil Quill and Scroll, 3. 43 Literature Club, .lg Future Teach- ers, 3: Guslier Staff, 3. fhurns. 2. 3. 41 Octrtte. 4: Junim- Follies. 3: Ol'- ficcrs' Flnlw, -li General Stall. R. O. 'I'. V.. 42 "Nutcracker Suite." 3: Varsity Football. 3, 43 "lm l'luli, -l. H ELEN MAE IDEEN Home Ecnnouiics Vlulm. lg "Pan on a Summer Day. 2. MERRn.EE Ixakn BETTY IRVINI5 Girls' Clue. l. 2. 3. 41 Natiunal llunur Sucnlx Mixed fliurns. 2: Mad- 3, 4. rigal Clulx, 43. Seniur Triple Triu. -l: Radiu Guild. 4: 'l'wirlL'r. l. 2: junior Follies. 3: Arts l'luli. l. 21 lfreslnnan lnitiation Day, -lg Mu- sic Festival. 2. HAROI.D ISENBERGER NORMAN M. JENSEN Bm. joHNsToN Senior Hand. 1, 2. 3, 4: Senior Euclid Club. 3, 4: Swing Band, 4: La- tin Cluli. 1. 23 Clarinet Quartet, 4: Junior Ful- lies. 3: All-State Hand. 3. 4: Madrigal Cluli,,-15 Annual Staff, 4. Mmm Josi.YN JOAN KASPER Latin Clulu, l, 2: llc. funcert, l, 23 JHIIIOI lfnllies. 3: 1ICll1l8I'U'Jl'll Representative, 2: Big. Sisters. -l. LEE M. KRUSMARK Senior Band. 2. 3. 4: All-State Hand. 3: Var- sity Fuothall. Z, 3. 4: Class Football, 1: Class liaskcllmll, l. 2. 31 "The Main XYho Caine to Dinner," .lg "C" Club, -lg National Ath- letic Honor Society. 45 Frcslnnan Glec, l. Kinu. K. KUSTER Coed Ball L21 t5 IS IJ I CJ Ii II I, fi ES E5 Oscmz RAY Sfnior Clan Prrsidrnt JOANNE KNITTI.E Personality Club, 1: Latin Club. 1, 2: Girls' League Clouncil, 1. 2. 32 liuclid Club, 23 Nation- al Honor Society. 3. 4: Maclrigal, J. 4: English Club. 33 Home Eco- nomics Club, 1. Lois KELLER Spanish Club. Z. 5, Pals. 4. PoLI.Y Ksvns Buffalo High Schoul. 13 Latin Club. 1: Music Festival. l: "Pan on :L Summer Day." Z3 Gush- er Stall. 3: Junior Ful- Iies. 3: "Nutcracker Suite." 3: llaskcthall 'Pournamcnt Drills, .ig llig Sisters, 43 Madri- gzil, 4. DONALD C. KNOBEI. Freshman Glee. 1: Jun- ior Follies Band, 3, Photography Club. .iz Freslunan Quintettc. li Flute Quartette. 2: Sen- ior llanml. 1. 2, 3, Senior O1'cl1c-stra, 1, 2, 3. Ln,l.1AN KNUTSON Barns Kozmo ELLEN KRUEGER Home Economics Club, Pals. 4: Intramurals 3 1. 2: Senior Band. 4: Glee Activities, 1, 7, 3 juniur Band, 33 Junior 4. Orchestra. 1, Dancing Club. ,luniur Follies, 3. 2, 3, 2, 3, LAYVRENCE L. BARRETT GRACE BECKER BETTY Hnraiz JUNE MCMI1.I.AN BENEDICT O. Novo'rNY N. C. H. S. Band, 1, Z, Pals, 4: Junior Follies. Latin Club. 1, 2: Euclid 3: Flass Football, 1. 2. 33 Tournament Drills. Club. 1. 2: junior Fol- J: lllass Basketball, 1, 2: Freshman Personali- lies. 2, 3: National Hon- 2. 35 junior Follies, 35 ty Club, 1. or Society. 3, 45 Tour- "Murder Has Been Ar- nam.-m Drills, ranged," 4. C261 1943 james H. LANE RUTH LARGE ,luniur Varsity liasket- Latin Club. 1. 2: Span- lmall. 1: Varsity Basket- ball, 2, 3. 4: lfreslunan Glee, l: Coniuiissionetl Ofiicer, 4: Otiicers' Clulu. 4: "C" Club, 3, 4: Na- tional Atlilvtic Honor Society. 3. 4. 1 0 ish Club. 5. 4: Home Economics. 1. 2: Junior Fnllies. 3: Class Sex- tette. Z: "Miss .linuny," 4 I : laucing Club, 3: Frcslnnnn Glc-e Concert, 2 "Nutcracker Suite," ROBERTJ. LEONARD Class Teruu Football. l. 2. 3. -lg Class Team Basketball, l, 2. 3, -ll Class Team Champion Football. 2: Latin Club. l. 2: Junior Euclid Club, Z: Class Team Cham- pions, llaskvtliall, 2. 41 llasketliall Manaizer. 4: "C" Club. 4: National Athletic llouor Society. -ll National Ilonor So- ciety, 4. LUcu.E LEHMAN Manvillc- lligli School, l. 2. BETTY' LEBSOCK luninr Orcliestra. 35 Senior Orchestra. 3: Home Nursing. 3: Mau- agc-r of XVar Stamp K Sales. 4. t ,gt Q ftttiffia 'XNWX .weg lsi ..: . 1 " isiaaigii .ssl sg Wias 1 ' ' fiaiaigi R . HARRY' E. LEIMBACK CHARLES LANE JACK Lucas Class Basketball. 1. 2, 3, 4: Class Football, 1. 2: Varsity Football, 3, 4: "C" Club. 4: Varsity Track, 3. 4: lloineroom Representative, 4. KENNETH C. Lunwio Junior Varsity Basket- ball. 1, 2: Varsity Bas- ketball. 3: Class Foot- ball. 1, 3: junior Fol- lies, 3: National Tliespi- aus, 4: All-School Play. 4: lllarlrigal, 2, 3. 42 Junior Octettc-. 3: Sen- ior Octcttc, 4: Commis- sioned Ofliccr, 4. THELMA LYi,E Latin Club, l, 2: Jiuiior Euclid, 2. 3: Marlrigal, 3, 4: Glee Contains, 2, 3: Guslier Staff, 3: Pals. 4: Junior Follies, J: Home Economics Club, 1: Personality Club, 1. l NE11, D. MACRAY HAROLD lV1ANBECK, JR. Annual Staff. 4: Gusher Senior Bancl. l. 2. 3. Stalt, 3: Senior Hand. 2. 3, 4: All-State Band, 4: Swing Baud, 4: ,lun- ior Follies. 3: Quill and Scroll, 3, 4: Latin Club. l. 2: Junior Euclid, 2: Senior Euclid, 3, 4. Basketball i271 SENIOR CLASS RUSSELL PITTS Sfllilll' Clan l'irf 1,l'l'.YitIl'II1 P,-xUl.1NE MARINICK English Ululi, 3: Liter- ature Ulnh, Z. 3: A. K- A.. 3: "The Man VVlw l':nne tn Dinner." 3: Junior Follies 3: Xu- tiuunl Forensic League. Glee Uouccrts. 1, 2. 'reslnuan Personal- Mil VERA lVlCBRIDE jE.xNE1'TE lWCCARTHY Girls' League Council. 4: A. K. A., 2, 3. 4: Radio Guild. 3: Music Council. 3: lllarlrigal, 45 ,lnnior Follies. 1. 3: Glee Concert. 1. 2, 3: Fresh main Pcrsoiizility flnli. l: llig Sisters. 4: Gnsller Stall, 4. CiI.ORlA MCCLEARY Lzxtin Flnlx. l, Z: Girls' Lezigne: 1: liuulid flnlx. 3: ,lnuior Follies. .ll Senior Ring :intl An- nuuncenient Connnittee. 3: Annual Statl. 3. 4: Rig Sisters. 4: G. A. A.. l. 3. 3: llUlllCl'ilUlll Representative. 5. 'lll"Al'Ylx MARY LEE MCCORD Band. l. .2. S. 4: All- State Band. 5: flarinet Qunrtette. 2. 4: Radio Guild. 3. 4: English Cluli. 3: National Ilon- or. 3. 4: National Quill and Scrnll, 3. 4: "The Rlzin lYluv Ffunc hi llin- ner." .lg junior Follies. 3. DAvuJ MCCLEW CAROLINE MCINTYRE Latin Club. 1. 2: Home Economics, 1. 2: Glee- Concerts. l, 2: junior Follies. 3: Big Sisters, 4. HELEN MCKINNEX' NLXRY lN'lCKENZlE ll'l.lRY MCLEiXN HELEN NICNABIARA i281 JEAN E. MCN En.t. Class Omcer. l, 2, 3: Girls' League Council. 1. Z. 3. 4. President. 4: Student Council. Z, 3. 4: junior Follies, 3: Princess of Coed Ball. l: Girls' Vice President, 4: Big Sisters. 4: D. A. R., Good Citizenship Award, 4: National Honor Society. 4: Sen- ior Euclid Club, 3, 4. 1943 KENTON V. McN EELY Executive Uouncil, 45 Boys' Vice l'resident, 45 Senior llziud, I. 2. 3. 45 Swing Rand. 2, .L 45 All-State Baud. 5: R. O. T. C. Baud. 1, 2, 32 Senior Orchestral. 2, 33 Junior Follies. 3: Laiin Cluli, l. 21 President of Band. 4. Bon NIEENAN Latin Flub, 1, Junior Euclid Uluh. 1, 2: Sen- ior liuclid Club, 3, 4: l'lass Fooiliall, 2, 4, Class Basketball, 35 Stu- dent Senate. 3: Junior Follies. 5: National llouor Society. 4. JAMES R. lwlimxnlx Rifle Te-ani. Z. 3. 4 Mustang' Guard. 3, 4 Spanish Ululi. 3. 42 Bal tzilion Cliampiousliip Ri- fle Tezuu. 4. FR ED MEYENFELDT NIARYLEE Mums JAMES H. Mu.Es 4 r. if. A., 1. 2. .1. 'mas- urer. -l. Jo.-w Mn.x,ER National Thespians, 45 Radio Guild. 3. 45 Latin Cluh. 1, 25 Pals. 4: Gnshvr Stalf, 35 Junior Prom. .lg Tournament llrills. 2, 3: Clee Can- lZliIlS. 2: Fresluuzm Per- sonality Club. 1: Hmm' l-Icouoinics Club. 1. Burns lN1lTCHEI.L A Cappella. 1: Madri- gal. 2, 3. 45 Frcslunzm Personality Club, l: Ra- dio Guild. 45 Music Festival, 1, 2, 35 Junior Follies. 35 Junior Sex- tette, 25 Senior Sextette, 2, 3, 45 Big Sisters, 45 Freshman Musical, 1. MARILYNE IVIIRACLE Girls' League fuuucil. 25 Mzulrigal fluli. 2, J. 4: Senior Triple Trio. 3. 45 A. K. A.. 2, 3, 4. Treasurer. 45 National 'l'llt'SDi1lllS, 2, 3, 4, Pres- ident. 3, Treasurer, 45 "Murder Has Heen Ar- range-cl," 4: Radio Guild. 3. 4. Parnicifx Moons Latin Clulm. l, 22 ,llllliUI' Euclid Club. l. 2: F r e s li ni a n Personality l'lulm, 15 Band. 1, 2. .lg All-State Hand. .li ,lun- ior Follies, 35 Ilig Sis- ters. 45 All-School Play, 4: Naiinnal Thcspians. 4. . H 5 1 ' " : RQ V 3' 'f if i -XX K , J 5 V I E A . 1 , I 1 xx Q.. CALVIN Moklus Cram Morris X . Gusher on the Air I291 SENIOR CLASS JACK VVONDERLY Senior Clan Rzgbrffrlllntf-vr Dokorm' Moiuzisou F r e s h in a n Personality Club, 1: "Pau on a Summer Day." 2: Home Economics Club. 2: 'l'ourn:unent Drills. 2. 3: Junior Follies. 3: Junior Prom Committee. 35 Radio Guild, 3. -lg Pals, 43 Student Council, 43 Annual Slali. 4. SHIRLEY Most-:En Junior Orchestra. l: junior Follies. 5: "Pan un a Summer Day." 2. EMOGENE NELSON GRACE Nrssxnru Sunday' NEWMAN JACK Nicnoms lloulder, Colorado. lg Home Economics Club. "Pau on :t Summer 1. 2, 3: Clee Concerts, Day." 2. l. 3: Personality Club. l: Junior Follies. 35 Bn.i,N1cKEsoN C. VV11.i.mM Nom. Rixruonn Ocrceu BETTY OMSTEAD Varsity Football. 2. 3. Varsity Football. 1. 2. Freshman Personality 4: Varsity Basketball, 2. 3, -lp Varsity Basketball. Club. 1: Senior Orches- 5, 43 Varsity Track. 3. 1. Z. 3. 4: "C" Club. 2. 4: "C" flub, 2. 3, 4. 3. 4: Humeroom Repre- President. 4: National sentative. 2. .55 English Athletic Honor Society. Club Play. 3: junior 2. 3, 43 Junior Varsity Varsity Basketball. 1. Basketball, 1. E301 tra, 1, 2. 33 junior Eu- clid Club. .21 Radio Guild. 3. 41 Big Sisters. 4: Freshman Class Sec- retary-Treas., l: Girls' Athletic Association, 1, 2. 3: Junior Follies, 35 Kangaroo Court, -4. RUTH Nicuoms Gillette lligb School, l. 25 Home Economies Club. 1. 2. 3: Future Teachers of America. 33 Rig Sisters. 4. KATHRYN O'NEI1. Girls' League Council, 3. 42 liig Sisters. Vice President, 4: Senior Eu- clid. 3. 4: Junior Euclid, 2: Latin Club, 1, 2: Home Economics Cluh. Vice President, 1, Freshman Personality Club, 1, Junior Follies, 3. l. 1943 PATRICIA OSA M Latin Club, l: Person- :llity Club, 1: Music Council, 2, 3, 4: lllndri- gal, 4: Spanish Club, 3: Big Sisters, 4: Christ- mas Pageant. 2. 3: filet Concert. 1. 2. 3: Junior Follies, J. JOHN W. OSNES National Honor Society. 4: Annual Stall. 4: Sen- ior Euclid Club. 5, 4: Junior Euclid Club. 2: Photography Club. 2, 35 Senior Orchestra. l, 2: Madrigal, 4: lloysl Spe- cial Glee. 4: lloys' Sen- ior Glee. 4: Boys' Oc- tcttc. 4. FRANCIS E. OTT LORENZO PALBIER JEAN SHAFENBERG Latin Club, 1, 2: Senior Triple Trio. 3, 4: Mad- rigal, 3, 4: Glee Canta- ta. 2: Tournament Drills, 3: All-State Chorus, 3, 4: Radio Guild. 4: Pals, 4: Jun- ior Follies, 3: Annual Staff. 3. JXLBERTA SCHROCK LEE SIMPSON 'l1l'l6l'lll opolis lligb Girls' Trio, 1 : Senior School, 1, 2. 3. Class Day Assembly. 4. MYRTI.E Sw1No1.E Senior Band. 1. 2: Band Clinic. 1. 2: Latin Club, l, 2: "Pan ou a Sunl- nier Day." 2: Junior Follies, 3: Radio 'Guild. 3. 4: lligr Sisters, 4. Gi.oR1A PARKER Junior Euclid Club. 2: Senior Euclid Club, 3, 4: Latin Club, l, 2. 5: Big Sisters. 4: Junior Follies, 5: Twirler, 1. 2. 3. 4: Tournament Drills. 2. 3: Ilume Economics Club. l: National Hon- nr Society, 4. ROBERT H. Renvrs Football, 5, 4: Class Basketball, 5, 4: Track. 3, 4: "l"' Club. 3. 4. l HAROLD PARKER VERNON PATTERSON Junior Band, 1: Junior Orchestra. 1: Senior lland, 2, 3, 4. Band U11 F . SENIOR CLASS VINCENT VVnrrE Sfnior Class Sm'r1'lal'y IJUKE PAvv1.Ex' l Curly High School. l, l ' 5 PATSY PEAK National 'flue-spians. 2. 3. 4. Secretary. 5. Vice Presiilvent. 4: ,lnninr F ll' ' ' ' ci les. J: A. lx. A.. 2. 3. -lg A Cappella. 11 Triple Trio. 4: Madri- ual. '7 - . 4: Kiwanis Plays. Junior's Miistacliefi Z5 I-loinerouin Represen- tative. 2: Pals, 4. MAXINE PETERS!-:N lvlsiuj EN PE'r'rrr XVAYNE P1cKE'r'r R. VV.-XRREN PEARC12 filet: Uoncert. 2. 3. llume liconmnics l'lnb. Ten Sleep High. Flass Foutball. 1. 2. 3. l: G. G. A.. 2. 3. 4: Ulziss llzisketbzill. l. 2. 3. 4: lnterconipany Track. 1. 2. 3. 4: Com- missioned Ciiicer. -li Frcshinan Boys' Clee. l. Russiiu. A. Prrrs Junior Follies, 3: Junior Flass Secretary-Treasur- er. 3: Senior Ulnss Vice President. 4: Swing llancl. 2. 3: Otiicers' Club. 4: Guslier Staff. 4: lute-rclziss Track. l. 2. 3. LAVERNE PLESSMAN II3?-1 NHRIAM Pon Latin Club. l: .luninr liuclicl Club. 2: Madri- gul Club, 3. 4: Senior Girls' Triple Trio, 43 junior Follies, 33 Na- tional Quill and Scroll. 3. 45 Glee Cantatas, 2. 3: Big Sisters. 45 Gush- er Staff. 3: Tnurnznnent Drills, 2. 3. SAM E. Pnonsu' Mmuow PUMMILL English Club. 3. 43 Madrignl Club, 2. 5, 41 A Fappella. 1: Radio G -l 3 2. F Club. lg Junior Follies, 3. nild. 3. 43 Big Sisters. : All-State Chorus, Z, . 43 Glee Concerts. 1. 35 Pep Assembly, 2g reshman Personality LILLIAN QUis'r 1943 OSCAR M. R.'XY Executive Uouncil. 1, 2. 5. 4: Class President, 1. Z. 3. 4: Varsity Foot- hall, 2. 3. 4: Varsity Basketball. 2. 3. 45 Var- sity Track, 1, 2. 3. 42 "l"' Club. 3. 4: Nation- al Athletic Honor Socie- ty. 3, 4: Junior Follies. .lg junior Prom Com- mittees. 3: Rlmlrigal. 2. J. CHARLOTTE REEvEs Freshman Personality fluln. li Gym Show. 1. 2: Junior Follies. 3: Junior Prom Committee. 3: Junior Follies Com- mittee. 3: Glee Fon- certs. 2. 3. BETTY Rnnmclc CHARLES D. REILLY Lois RESCHKE University High School, Glee Club. l. 2, 33 G Larzuuie. l. 2. 3: Banrl. A. A.. 2. ' 4: Swing liancl, 4. CATHERINE RIEPI. Junior Follies. 3 : Home- room Representative. 41 Glee Activities. 1, 3. ALBERT Ri1'rENOUR Varsity Footlmll. 2. 3. 45 Varsity Track. 2. 3. 43 Class Basketball, 1. 2, 3. 4: UC" Cluh. 4: Junior Follies. 35 Com- missioned Oiiicer, 4: OFl'icers' Clulm. 4. HAROLD Roms Innior Band. 13 Senior llancl, Z, 3. 43 Swing Band, 2, 35 R. O. T. C. Band, 1, 2, 3: Music Council, lg Festival Band, 2, 3. BARBARA ROPER Assumption Academy, lp Home Economics Cluh. 3: Big Sisters, 43 Latin Club, 2: Junior Follies, 3. AGNES Ronc:ERs BETTE RAE ROBERTS "Pan on a Summer Day." 2: Junior Follies. 3: Freshman Initiation Assembly, 43 Delense Stamp Cashier, 3: "Nut- cracker Suite," 3. FLORENCE ROBERTS Sheridan High School 1. 2: "Pan on Z1 Sum mer Day." 2. Dramatics lf33J SENIOR CLASS Miss GWENDOLYN H ll.l. Sfuior Class Sponsor RUTH SAMS Dmus SAMS Fronibc-rg High School. Montana. lg Joliet High School. Montana. 2. 3: Senior Baud and Or- chestra. 4. MARIE SAUNDERS Joi-IN C. SCHILLEREFF Bonn Scorr Ex.sxE SEu.1sAcH HARVEY SHANKLIN Glee Concerts, 2, 3. Senior Band. 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Orchestra. 1. 2. 3: French Horn Quar- tctte. 2, 3. U41 .ANNABELLE MARIE SHRoi'ER SHEPPERSON Junior Follies. 3g Danc- ing, 2 f Club, 1, . ROBERT Sf. SLIZESKI National Honor Society. 3. 45 National Quill and Scroll, 3. 4: Spanish Club. 2, 3: English Club, 3. 4, Euclid Club, 3, 45 "Man XVho Came to Dinner," 3g Gusher Stall 35 Student Sen- ate, 3, 4. MARGARET SPn.I.ANE Home Economics Club, 15 Glee Concerts. 1. 2, 3, Freshman Personali- ty Club, ll Junior Fol- lies. 3, Tournament Drills. 2, 35 XVar Stamp Cashier, 4. LAURENCE SODERBERG National Honor Society. 4: Annual Statif, Busi- ness Manager. 4: Com- missioned Officer. 4: Oliicers' Club, 45 Rifle Team, 4: English Club. 3: "The Man XVho Came to Dinner," 3, Radio Guild. 3, 45 Mad- rigal flub. 4: Senior Euclid Club. 3. 4. 1943 Ronan VV. STEINLE JDONALD R. STEWART RUTH STOUT Rilie Teani. 2. 3: Jun- Junior liaucl. 1: Senior ion' Follies. 3. liand. 2. S. 4: All-S'att' Band. S. 4: Swin Band. -l: Class Football l: Flass llaskethall. 5. -l: l. Tournament Drill. Z. 5: Junior Follies. Latin Clulx. 1: lland 'l'reasurer. -l. g. 3. FLORENCE STUDER fentral High School. Norwouzl. Minnesota. I I lilee Uoncerts, 2. 3g Pals. -lg Senior Cnatiiine llziy. 4: Junior Proni Unnnnittee, 3. AGNES SULLIVAN Latin Uluh. l: Fresh- man Personality Club, 1: Home Economics Club, 1: Glee Concerts. l. 2, 3: Junior Follies, 3: Spanish C'luh. 3. 4. President. 4: Maclrigal. -I-: llig Sisters. 4. ANN SU1.i.ivAN Latin Chili, 1: Spanish Club, 3. 4: Big Sisters, 4: A. K. A.. 3: I?l'6Sl'l- man Personality Club, 1: Madrigal. 4: Tourna- ment Drills, 2. 3: Home Economics Cluh, lg Junior Follies, 3. KIYO SUYEM.-WSU K.XTHl.EEN SWANTON Girls' League Council, 4: Cheer Leader. 3, 4: Pep Assemblies, 1, 2. 3. 41 Junior Follies, 31 Mustang Queen, -lg Stu- dent founcil. 3: Junior Proni Uoinniittee, 3: Madrigal. 3. 4: "Nut- RUTH SWARTFAGER Bn.i. D. SCHWARTZ Girls' Athletic Assoeia- Junior Band. 2: Junior tion. 1, Z. 3, 4: Gym Orchestra. 2: Senior Awards. 1. 2. 3. 4: Jun- Band. 2. ior Follies, 3: Gleu fon- cert, 1. cracker Suite," 3. WVENDELI. rl:Al.BERT National Honor Society, 3. -lg National Thespi- ans, 3, 4: Annual Staff, 3. 4: Oiiicers' Club, 41 English Club, 3, 4: "Man XVho Came to Dinner," 33 Spanish Club. 1, 2, 3, 4: Euclid Cluh, 2, Il, 43 Literature Club, 3. 4: Radio Guild, S, 4. STANLEY 'FALPERS National Honor Society. 3. 45 Latin Cluh, 1. 2. 3: Junior Euclid Club. 2 I Senior Euclid Cluh, 3, -lg National Forensic L Eillllllf, Z: Guslier Staff, 4: Senior Band, 1, 2. 3: Junior Follies, 3: Mad- rigal Club, 4. Senior Costume Day lf3S SENIOR CLASS MR. M.fuu'iN C.-xNnAi.ER1A Srrliar Class SIYIIIIJUI' V1oi,E1' M. TAYLOR PEGGY TOBl.ER JUNE .ANN TREVETT English Cluh. 3. 43 Na- tional Honor Society, 3. 4: National Forensic League. 1, 29 Maclrigal Club, 2. 3, 45 Senior Triple Trio, 3. 45 Big Sisters. 4g Euclid Club, 2. 3. 4g Annual Staff, 3. 4: Guslier Staff. 1, Z: Junior Follies. 3. MARION 'FRIPENY Personality Club. 1, 2. 33 A. K. A.. 3. 41 Na- tional Thespians, 3, 42 National Forensic, 3, 4: Homeroom Representa- tive, 3. 41 Big Sisters. 4: Home Economics Fluli. lg Kiwanis Plays, 3: Loretto Heights. 2. RALPH B. UPDEGRAFF Editor of Annual. 45 Natl. Honor Society, 3. 4. l"resiilent. 43 Natl. Quill and Scroll. 5, 4, President, -lg Student Body Treasurer. 4: Stu- dent Council, 43 Varsity llasketlmll. 3. 45 "C" Clnh, 3. 45 Senior Eu- clid Cluh. 3, 43 Natl. Athletic Scholastic Soci- ety. 3. 4: Senior Band mul Orchestra. l. 2. 3. 4. H E1.EN VETTER JIM XNALSH Junior Varsity Basket- hall. 1. 2: Varsity Bas- ketball, 5. 4: Junior Band. 1: Senior Band, Z3 Swing Baurl, 2: Jun- ior Prom foniniittee, 33 Ululw. 4. Eu.EEN WVESCO DoRoTHY VVHEELEE Ai.Ex J. VVHITE i361 VINCENT VVHITE Latin Club, 1. 23 All- State Band. 1, 2. 5: Senior Boys' Octette. 45 Madrigal Club, 4, Class Oiicer, 42 Natl. Honor Society, 3, 4: Natl. Quill and Scroll, J, 4: Swing Band, 3. 4: Business Manager, Gusher, 39 Annual Staff. 4 . l MARGARETT VVICKERT A. K. A.. 1, 3. 4: Snap- shooters. lg Junior Or- chestra. lg After-School Sports, lg Big' Sisters, 45 Spurs, 3, 45 Latin Club, 33 Kangaroo Court, 4: Senior Service Scouts. 3: XVl1eatlantl, NVyoming, 2. 1943 LYLE M. w7ll.SON THOMAS C. VVILSON Rifle Team. 2, 3. JACK B. VVONDERLY Swimming Meet, 2: Class Omcer. 3. -ll Ex- ecutive Council, 3, 4: Senior Octette. -lg Mad- rigal. -li "Man XVl1o Came to Dinner." 35 C'0n1missi0ne1l Officer. -l Q "Ever Since Eve." 43 Varsity Football, 3, 4. JEANNE Yucovic BETTY Eimzivr Latin flulm. 11 Junior Follies. 2, 3: Mzulrigal. 4: Pep Assemblies, 1, 2: "Nutcracker Suite." 3: "Pan on a Summer Day," 2. MARY .ANN KEARNS FRANCES KEEGAN B R PAULEY Senior Band, 1, 2, 3, 49 Senior Orchestra, lg Junior Follies. 33 Trum- pet Trio, 4: Latin Club, l. ... .1 .IN MEMORIAM l XVILLIAM HOTCHKISS ANNABELLE SHEPPERSON Class of '43 Class of '43 1137 .2 X 53 k fl 'LSE - sig.. Q -- Q V. x f 1 ,M mf 11, 1 Q. Q S . E, 5 Ni k . H Y . . ..,. 1 ' fin ,J ,G 5:1271 Q: 1. N T X . N Vg, MG Xp Q X xx. W .if fy, S Ex a. A X 5 Q X ...MRL ...N M www V-. ivbxiiflqi Q .:,.:,. ..., -35' - ws., - E5?LWBi.'1.1 .ff-V . K.. -3 - N? -wa 'gl 1 - - H. Q, ' f R . . K fx . - S. 4: 1 f S K Nw' A- . -. .. -- -I ...L K' - M' S s if . -5 Sax, '1'::::E,..2f'fj' 1. .x .2 , fig X rf.:-1.52: 1 4 - ig N 0 i -A E . 2 - M T E 5. . Q Q V 5 Ak'52fPf Q 'Q554fiYff x- w .U -.1 . .t 'ww-g.f .f-,-.QQ tl , ... Junior Class Officers President . . . JERRY SULLIVAN Vice President .............. ARDEN JONES Representatives to Student Council . DORIS CASTLE AND SHIRLEY HANS Sponsors . . Miss RUBY RICBRIDE AND NIR. ROBERT XVILLIAMS +01 Adnmi Angelus, I. BZll'llZ1l'Il llartnn llcll llensun Alvey Angeles, M, Barnes Battelle Blackmore Boyer Annlcrson. Y. Angen Hurts Battles Ilouzis Brewer Briggs lhmfl lirunk C':nnplvcll llarcl well Carey Carpenter Casey Castle Cmliill f'1lV1l1l2lll1Il1 l'l1:ipin Clmpxuan Flmse l'i1l'lSflZlllSl'l1 Clzxpp C. C l. l. L. l. Q. lark. G. lark, R. lark. R. laytm- ullins fmlcling' UH ll Cl' funk Corba-it David Forey Uaviclsml C'ow:m Davis Cowley Diehl rnig Dixon llrwcnski lilliutt Unhllv.-mf Fziulluu-r. ID. Faulkner Fisher Foss Foster Callas Gaylord Kivrxnuml Ge-ttlc. U. .G. I-ll H21 x Cattle. C Gillespie Q-ilstrztp Goggin Gonzales Gmrin Crieve Gray Green Greene llarris Ham Hans llartlee Harman llarsl15eld Hatha xx I Iawks l leggic Hein Heiscl' Henry llukt' IIool ,ay ,lacolvsuu Jacques ,lolmsun Jones Keil Kelly, E. Kelly. G. Kelly. ll Kintlcl' M 2ll'l7lll'gt'l' Kerr Marklzmcl Kutchum Martin. H. Lienramcc Martin, C. Mackrn McAllister Mahoney McClew Main Mallee Macleod MCM illan Micldaugh Miller Miller Nlills Muuru Morrison Mnlvaney Myres Nelson, B. Nelson Netzlizulclt N ilsen Norman Ostliud Paine Parker Parnell Pavelkzl Pavelka Peck Petersen Pettit Phillips Pickett Pline Racich Ray Rooth Reeves Richards Ringsted Robh Robinson Rocllrers Sackett Sattertllwzlitc Sauter Saxton Schoencwalrl Sword Schryer Schnetz Sherry Shoemn Shoeinu Shroyer Schulte Schultz kc A. 1 lf ker, P. L43 Anderson, R. Smith, G. Smith Smith Stnnflclzl Stanton Stcplwnson Tanner Tomlin Stockhouse Thomas Tupa- Struck ,lillillllliiilll 'l'nwnscnd Sullivan 'l'lmmpson, N. Tucker Sutton Tobin, J. Yirgilio Swain Tobin, M. XViner Toman Xlhggencr XVe1ls lVall-wr. F, XYaIker, N. XV:u'4l. A. VV:xrcl. H. Ward. M. xx73ShCllfCl!lCI' AF Vlierner lYillinn1s lYilsun XVinkcs Vl'ulCutl lVom:ick QW M 4fW l .Aff M mf i S E Se 2 gs I 2 ,z E: 2 ga 3 E Q gi S 2 2 S 5 S S X ? 5 5 11 E S inmm QQfmwm..-m- xsnmmw- . .X l, - mx --, sm1 wmmw Awm.J-mmff-- F. 'x in XX! f- XV I . 'i H ' I . . 1 .hw K 1 l i V5 I ' 3, S' f J . Q V .f , af' , J f , . M I ff, il' Lf .1 4' f T ,if 1- s si' n A K , p ' Sophomore Class Officers E- T. fre,-i 'rit .............. . GEORGE ScoTT .ffl , ' ' x 1 X gil' AJ Nr lgsdte 'x f . L f 'f wx' ' 7 Yice'President ..... . PHv1.1.1sKRAoRUu fi fy' It f A, .f fn ,1 . J f , , ff I if , A 1 xy, VK 0, 'J il I if l, W vl H a ' n ,H 1 I X I I "M, I 1 H61 T' U Represenntisge to Student Council . . JOE TXIURPHY f 1 ' 'F N ' Secretary5 reasiirer ..... ....... l ZUD BERQUIST V - af x ' ', Spoyisinii . f . . hllss FRANCES FERIS AND NIR. TJ.-XRREL POTTER li ff' - fl fi ' . J' , of K1 History of the Sophomore Class That they are no longer freshmen is probably a sophomores greatest accomplish- ment. This, their second year in NCHS. is the realization of one more step towards the Hnal goal-graduation. This class has been served admirably in the student council by their president and representative and in other fields they are just as outstanding. They were well repre- sented on the mythical state championship football team and also on the varsity basketball squad. This group now enters the final stage of high school life and it is with confidence in their own ability that they face the new tasks ahead of them. SOPHOMORES Upper picture, left to right: Front row-Brodine. Brock. Davidson. 1iilZ6Hll0ft'f, Afl2llHS0H. CYIWCZUISCXI, Daily. N. Do- herty. P.Doherty, Anderson, Cook. Second row-Crutcher, Daniels, Detsch. Duncan. Carver, D.Clark. Alhee. Amos Caselmlt, Carlson, Coffman. Third rowgliccles, Bartell. Duncan. Clemens. Dean. Ayres. Cheshire, B. Clark. Crouch. Lower picture. left to right: Front row-Giinther, Huey, Hutton. Guthrie, llnllcy, Hzunar, Higgins. Hansen, llc-in. Johnson. Second ron'-Guthrie. Gnrlick. Groves. Graves. Green, Huckahy, Iluinherson. Hull. Garrett. Hurdesty. Haht-nicht Third ron'-Flominpf. Hayes, Frank, Fox, Evans. Gardner, Caluslm, Haselmire, Gilvsuu, Ground. Fourth row-Hnwkius, Ilill. Hitt, In-ff:-ries, lrwin, Iolmson, Iluniphrcys. Forum-S. lluhlmrrl. ' U7 U SOPHOMORES Vppcr picture, left to right: Front row'-Matlzers. Yigil, Mntllew. L'nc1eru'oo4l, Minihan. Klungncss. NiCVl'ZlCkC1l, nan, Morgan. Morris. Second row--McGregor. Kelliher. Sedar. Pavelka, Olheiscr. l.nFon. Kasper. Pugh, Lainllon. Minchuw, Kragrnd. Third row -Kearns. Kelly. A. Johnstone, Marines. Plunkett. Propp. M. Johnstone. l'zn'ker. Pritchett. Pringle. Knut- son. Fourth row'-l,ou'ery. Oler. Omsteml. Peterson, Nolan, Palmer. Nlarvel. Klaynlml-, King, Pzuguiu. Lower picture. left tn right: Front row- -Vt'hitc, Swzn'tfagrr. Fate, Szxttcrthxrnite. Tripcny, Sturler. Vance. ll, lYiIli:1n1s. Eccles, l'. WX-'ilIi:nns, Second row--Suiler. Virgilio. Rnper, Rice. Skinner. Story, VV:trcl. Tootluuau. Selby, Reslluurn, Thiele. Tltirrl rou'--Quinlan, Sullivan. Sltoeinztker. Slmfto. Vittn. Sivcrtnon. Schmidt. Pitttnnn, Tmrnsuinl. Shrnyer. Rnssin. Fourth rms -XYolcntt. Sullivan, Klcklillzxn, XYitnlwr. xY1lSilCllfCiKit'l'. Swain. Turner. lYight. XYOrgin, Terry. +81 H I l SOPHOMORES l'ppv.-r picture, left to right: Frnnt row-f-'l'.I':u1agos, Trlmx. Trout, hvllllllllli l'czn'cc. Snecltlen, Oszmi, Merry. Neill Second l'ou'--Mmrisuii, Miller. G. Scott. U. 'I'l1umpson, Blurplxy. Sutherlztml. Ncllnrray. Srmclwz. Thirtl rowWSnllivan. lYim'i' Roberts, lVintv:r. l.cckt-nliy, Mitchell. Morris. Lower picture. left to right: Front row--Ricli. Spillers. J. Thompson. Rim-lly. Pctcrsun. Perry. Carpenter, Rice. Sims Second rown Sattler, Story. Raclcmaker. Perdue, Tullnmn. lVilly. Salter, Phillips, 'l'oulxey. Third row--Z. Pznmgus, P:-rzlles Terry. Smith, Scott, XVright, Rape. f50fl -W-my-Mx ,xg-eww 0 E521 Freshman Class Officers President . . . RALPH Nl.-XRBURGER Vice President ....... . -ROLAND H.-xRiuNGTON Representative to Student Council . . BOB PIENNINGTON Secretary-Treasurer .... . IXNN IDUNCAN History of the FreshmantClass Having successfully emerged from one of the most rousing initiations ever held. the freshman class of 1943 has settled down and is now showing much promise. In the formal class election in the fall the students of the class pushed to the fore their leaders. "Corky" lllarburger was chosen presidentg "Rolly" Harrington, vice president, and Bob Pennington and Ann Duncan were elected representative to the student council and secretary-treasurer respectively. Hill Tobin, a member of this year's freshman class, earned a coveted honor when he received his first letter in varsity basketball. lt is unusual for a freshman to receive a major letter and he is to be complimented on his accomplishment. Although they did not win the tournament, a team composed of freshmen which was entered in the post-season basketball tournament eliminated many of the older and more experienced boys from play. VVhile one year is not much time in which to compile a class history. this class is well on the way to fame and will hear watching in future years. FRESHMEN l'ppcr picture. left to right: Front row 'c11llHlllbl'H. fzascy, Ii. ixllilllll L'1ll'l'iL'. l'uug'hlin. LQIIIHSUII, funk, Volgin. llcnnutt ltUlllhS. Second I'0XYAft'Ul'll0l'Zl. E.Adun1s. llaillv. Alhcy. l'uhv:v.'. lirxmnzm. Colo. lirymlcn. llorflczmx. 'l'hird l'0W"-AxHl1L'l'S0ll l'nn:uly, Brookes, Bricker, Iirzxdshuxr. Hell, Bcchtol. Baxter. Bzlskur. I?Ulll'll11'UXX'+fwlZlll1l. Clemmons, Brown, Attehcry. Daly Borders. Lower picture. left to right: Front 1'lJWf'DlUHH12H1. Kelly, Griffurlr IjCZlI'ilUI, lvie. IIIASSUIIHUW. Juflkins. Evans. Cleo. Sec ond run"--Hales. Kc-arns, Haines. Desch, Guomlstein, Ikard. Fitcl1ic. Hamm. lhakill. 'l'hird row--Hollzxml, Gallvs, Duncan. Hanley Erbcn, Gould. He-ckhart, Hehnke, Henderson. Fourth row-Flutll, Gaston, Ford, Johnson, Ellis, Hclmrick, Kinch. 11531 FRESHNIEN Fppvr pictnrv. left to right: Front ron'-rll, Mead. L. Mitchell, Metcalf. Merwin. Miller. Nlzxrtines. Noel. llnyficlcl. Moro nay. Ncwnlan. Second ruwffXlnrrell. Pcralcs. NlCI4Illlgllllll, Xlnslcrs, G. Mead. Lcimlmck. Peck. Mori-luck, LHIIC. D. Larson. 'Third ron'--Mcflcc, P. Mnrrill. Miller, Kloslu-r, llmmnonrl, Law. l'et'.-rsun. Rl. Larson, Mnrrill. Fourth rnw--Rlulvaney, Nao Millan, MncKcnze. M. Mitchell. Moore. 1.1-lnnan. Lower picture, left to right: Front ron' AS-ellny. H. Scott. ll. Scott, Shaw. Van Ness. Sular. Scnllrn, Rice, Harding.: Yitln. Second run'fTcl'l'y. lVilly. Nlhck. Thompson. Sicwart. Znlrlc, lllcscn. XYalkc'r. Struck. NVilSnn, Remllexnan. Sullivan Tsnkisllinla. Third row--NVcnner, Nickerson, Tobin. Rubcy. Slffllvf, Nusa, lvlliiv- Ui1YCllD0I'!. 5lYiCliCl', lVilliRl11S0ll, Seilbnch 5-H I 1 3 ix sa - -- fy . Q 1- V- A -:-:pr 1. :-4 Aa.: sf- f 5.-is .xx-QQ ,Y-.M-xrV.Q2mNzmXf-2 w:MXf,wfx-wxmwasww www :Qf,w.ff.fJ.11:xfmf' me-wwwv --Q A x - -- Mi - 581 Left to right: Top row-Updegraff, McNecly, Sullivan, Mr. Kingham, Burwell, Housley, Ray. Bottom row: Pennington, Murphy, Castle, McNeill, Crow, Hans, VVonderly, Marburger. STUDENT COUNCIL Student Body President . Girls' Vice President . Boys' Vice President . . Student Body Secretary . Student Body Treasurer ls Editor of Annual . . Senior Class President . A. Senior Class Representative Junior Class President . . Junior Class Representative Junior Class Representative Sophomore Class President Sophomore Class Representative . . . . BOBBURWELL . .JEAN RICNEILL KIENTON lh'ICNEELY KATHLEEN CROW RALPH U PDEGRAFF . . OSCAR RAY JACK VVONDERLY JERRY SULLIVAN . DORIS CASTLE . SHIRLEY HANS . GEORGE ScoTT . JOE RIURPHY Freshman Class President . . . . RALPH RIARBURGER Freshman Class Representative . . . BOB PENNINGTON Lt. Colonel-Executive Officer . . . . GILBERT HOUSLEY Sponsor ....... . MR. W.ALTER IQINGHANI The Student Council, the governing body of NCHS, met every morning during the homeroom period under the sponsorship of lllr. YValter Kingham. The council organized the Student Senate which consists of representatives from each homeroom. This group met with the Council to discuss student affairs. Among other activities sponsored by this organization were a YValk-Your-Date dance, uniform and clean-up campaigns, and several mixers and pep assemblies. This group was also active in the salvage drives and the campaigns for the sale of war bonds and Stamps. GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL President . . . . .JEAN McNiz11.1. Vice President . l3.AxRn.-im Cvirmz.-xNsuN Recording Secretary . . Karla Sw.ixNToN lixecutive Secretary . . G1soRc:jANNl2 CURTZ 'l'reasurer . . . . . IJOROTHY CH.-XPIN Faculty Sponsor . MRS. AADA B. Bowxmx The Girls' League Council, which was reorganized six years ago, is the representa- tive body of the girls of Natrona County High School, and, as such, handles all allairs pertaining to them. The girls' vice president is also the president of the Council of twenty. The mem- bers, who are nominated and elected by the girls of their high school class. are divided in the following ratio: freshmen, four, sophomores, four: juniors, live: and seniors, six. This year the council sponsored the Coed Ball for seniors and freshmeng the Spin- sters Spree, a mixer in place of the former Football Ball: and the Mother-Daughter Tea in the spring. Left to right: Top row-Cohee, Curtz, Swanton, McNeill, Adkison, O'Neil, McCarthy. Nliddle row-Colibraro, Cypreansen, Hitt, Thomas, Chapin, Donovan. Bottom row-Shoemaker, Goudstein, Lester, Morgan, Hill, Metcalf, Bennett. U91 601 Left to right: Top row-Slizeski, Corhridge. Conkling, Leonard, Meenan, Talhert, Soderberg, Dyson, Goggin, Osnes, McGee, Arrasmith, Updegraff. Middle row-Robinson, Marhurger, Coates, Fisher, Irvine, Trevett, Miss Hagan, Donovan, Parker, Chapin, Adkison, WValker, French. Bottom row-Day, Evans, Bell, Crow, McCord, Hagist, Suyeniatsu, Colihraro, Boyer, Lein- mers, McNeill, Lester, Cunningham, Knittle. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY President . . . RALPH U i-Diana.-xrr Vice President . . J UNE ANN TRlavi2T'r Secretary . . . . . JOAN Hfxoisr Filkflllty Sponsor . . Miss Do1.1.Y HAGAN In 1927 the Orange and Black chapter of the National Honor Society was formed in Natrona County High School. It sets forward as goals to students the four ideals of scholarship, character, leadership and service. In Klarch a faculty committee announced the new members of the Society. Besides the sixteen seniors retaining membership from last year, there also were admitted fifteen seniors and twelve juniors. The lowest senior grade average of the new senior members was 1.72 and the lowest grade average of the juniors 1.52. Illembership is retained until graduation. NATIONAL QUILL AND SCROLL President . . . RALPH UPDEGRAFF Secretary-Treasurer . . . Bon SLIZESKI Faculty Sponsor . . Miss RUTH PETTIGREW The National Quill and Scroll was founded in 1926, and has grown until today it includes over 900 chapters located in nearly every state in the Union as well as in England, Canada, British Honduras, Hawaii, Alaska, Philippine Islands, and China. The objective of the club has been to encourage the individual in journalism and allied fields. . To qtialify to membership in the National Quill and Scroll, a student must be a juniopor senior in high school and must be in the upper third of his class in general scholastic standing. He must have done superior work in writing, editing, business management or some other activity related to journalism. The student must he recom- mended by the local sponsor of the Quill and Scroll as well as the national secretary of the organization. ln the past years the N. C. H. S. chapter has put out a newspaper which has been known as The Gather, but due to the war conditions the paper has been suspended for this year. Instead of the paper, they have sponsored a radio program over the school public addres system every Friday morning. These broadcasts consist of news and miscellaneous features. The group has also participated in six national contests this year and have made a creditable showing in them. Left to right: Top row-Updegraff, Burwell, Wlhite, Housley, hdiss Pettigrew, Poe, Bowron, Barber, Arrasmith, Slizeski. Bottom row-Bishop, Donovan, Crow, Adkison, McCord, Cunningham, Boyer, Blue, Coates, Hagist. 4-. 1:61 621 Left to right: Top row-Gothherg, VVard, Morrison, French, Talhert, Collins, McGee, Tomlin. Middle row-Bullack, Carver, Bryden, Evans, Hutton, Hathaway, Schulte, Fisher, Bell, Murphy. Bottom row-Nioore, Alvey, Daly, Miller, Crow, Mr. Cline, Miracle, Coates, Byron, Lester. NATIONAL THESPIANS President . . TQATHLEEN CROW Vice President . . . PATSY PEAK Secretary . .... PATSY BULE Treasurer . . RIARILYNE ll"IIRACLl5 Clerk . . . . . TED FRENCH Faculty Sponsor . . MR. J. J. CLINE The National Thespians Society is an honorary dramatics club. Its purpose is to reward high school students for their participation in dramatics and stage work, and to create a more active and intelligent interest in dramatics. The society has grown from one troupe in 1929 fand incidently that troupe was the one in Natrona County High Schoolj to a society of almost 32.000, almost 600 troupes, and in forty-two states and Panama. - ' hflembership is granted for outstanding work in dramatics, whether the participant is in the cast or in stage work. School plays for which membership has been granted during the past year are Ever Since EW, the Junior class play, and A Illurder Has Been flrranged, the all-school play. The club is the goal of every dramatist in high school and is a great honor to all who belong. 1- NATIONAL ATHLETIC HONOR SOCIETY The Natrona Chapter of the National Athletic Honor Society was organized on January 20, 1938. This society has chapters in over 1,300 secondary schools and is represented in every state in the United States. ,V The purposes of this society are to foster high scholarship among boy athletes, to stimulate a desire for balanced training, to elevate the ideals of sportsmanship, and to develop more outstanding leaders in secondary schools. To become a member, an athlete must have earned a letter in some major sport, have an average of a three or better for three consecutive semesters, and must have exemplified the highest type of citizenship and sportsmanship. Left to right: Top row-Leonard, Lane, Ray, Nickeson, Crouch, Cook, Craig, Z. Pnnagos. Bottom row-Casey, Guile, Krusmark, Bouzis, VValker, T.Panagos, Updegraff, Housley. f63 1: , ig.:-5 C I I rl E 3 is s Left to right: Top row-Cantrell, Robinson, Arrasmith, Goggin, Rape, Nlurphy, Nicholas, McHenry I Bottom row-Harwell, Rice, Hathaway, Adlaison, Minihan, Kelliher, Fisher, Barton. Wwifri ' NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE WW ,, President . . . .l311.1. Gooom Secretary-'lireasurer . . . . BlL1,li.-XRTON W wfaculty Sponsor . . Miss FR.-xNcias F. Firms x yd: D iq: ' QW . . . . . lhe National lforensic League is a nationwide organization which recognizes out- A- .5 nib' 'Q' D541 standing work by speakers in debate, oratory, and declamation. Since l929 the Casper chapter has been an active member of this league. This year, however, participation in interscholastic contests has been halted on account of the war. ln line with a policy set by President Carl hiundt, a United States Congressman from South Dakota, chapter membership has been kept alive by com- munity speaking before various clubs and over the local radio station. lntraschool contests in debating and declamation have been held, llabel Adkinson and Grant Arrasmith of the senior class winning the debate tournament and hlary Kelliher, a sophomore, winning in humorous declamaiton. The desire of the Casper group is to keep the chapter intact for those students who will enter high school after transporta- tion difiiculties have been overcome. The Natrona County High School group is still the top ranking chapter in members and degrees in the Rocky lllountain District com- prising schools in Colorado and lVyoming. SENIOR EUCLID CLUB President . . . Bos BURXVELL Vice President . . . . GORDON DvsoN Secretary-Treasurer . . JEAN lh'ICNEILI, Sergeant-at-Arms . . . NEIL NIACKAY Faculty Sponsor . . Miss Nnu. IoN1as The Senior Euclid Club was organized by llliss Ruth Hoag in 1929 for the purpose of obtaining' a further knowledge ,of mathematics than is ordinarily acquired in the classroom, and of promoting further interest in this science in our highschool. To belong to this club, a student must have had a 2 or better in his first two years of mathematics and an average of at least 3 in all other subjects. It is necessary to be taking an advanced mathematics course with an average of 3. At a meeting earlv in the year the club voted to accept those members of last yearis Junior Euclid Club who are qualified. lllembership is limited to forty. A The ban on night meetings and the many members who work in the afternoon have caused the club to become almost inactive. Left to right: Top row--Updegraff, Conkling, Burwell, Talpers, Coggin, French, Talbert, Johnston, VVard. Middle row-Robinson, Mackay, Marburger, Dyso n, Miss Jones, Soderberg, Osness, Hein, Corbridge. Bottom row-O'Neil, McNeill, VVomack, Bell, Parker, Cunningham, Boyer, Evans, Trevett, Donovan. f65 Mk. VVILLIAMS, Sponsor RALPH Uvnscmxrr, Editor The only times the average student IIOUCCS the anntud are the taking of the inctures and the day the yearbook is B- sued. dlmthe annualsudf houever,thh book represents many smiles and head- aches The staff is selected from their appli- cations ,qiven to the sponsor, Rlr. VVil- liams. The editor then explains to the various section editors his theme and asks them to plan their divisions. Once the "dummies" of these sections are approved, the nuwter Hdunnnyn is organized. !Xssoon asthe photographers are ready, appointments are taken for the various pictures. The best picture of each series taken is mounted and taken to the publkherg ulumhitunisend h umllenver to be Hthographed. fks the deadline for conudedon ofthe udunnnyn approaches the staff takes on a feverish activity. Cln the deadlnie the aruiual E sent to the printers. Jimt before the end of the school year, copies are distributed to the suhscdberg xvho Htde reahze the xvork wvhich wvas necessary to naake this cher- ished hook of memories. ANNUAL STAFF T661 Left to right-lvfr. WVilliams, Corbridge, Soderberg, WVhite, Updegraff, Burwell, Hnusley, McCleary, Tallwert, Hagist, lNIcCord, Mackay, Arrasmith. Editor-in-Chief . Business lx'I1ll11lgCl'S Faculty Editors . Classes Editors . Assistant . Activities Editor . Assistant . . Sports and lN'Iilitary Girls' Athletics Arts Editor . Assistant . Photographers . Assistant . General Staff . . PHOTOGRAPHERS Left to right-Mitchell, Anderson, Conger. ANNUAL STAFF . . RALPH l.lPDEGRAFF LAURENCE SODERBERG, JACK CORBRIDGE . JUNE ANN TREW'ETT, PATSY DONOVAN . VINCENT YVHITE, JoHN OSNES . . . . . GRANT ARRASN1ITH . WENDELL TALBERT . RIARTIN GOTHBERG Editor . .... . .GILBERT HOUSLEY GLORIA RICCLEARY, JOAN HAGIST . . Boa BURWVELL . . . . . . . . . NIARY LEE llfICCORD . Boa ANDERSON, JACK MITCHELL, DEAN CONGER . . . . . . . . . DoRoTI-IYJBUSI-INELL . NEIL RIACKAY IG7 681 Left to right: Top row-Morrison, Bushnell, McCord, Miss Horan, Corbett, Bishop. Middle row-Pummill, Shafenherg, Omstead, Swingle, Miller, Peck, Hathaway. Bottom row-Dixon, Robinson, Coggin, Talbert, .-Xrrasmith. RADIO GUILD President . ........ AIARY Luiz BICCORD Directors .... . GRANT ARRASNIITH, DOROTHY ANDERSON Secretary-Treasurer ............ JUNE BISHOP Faculty Sponsors . . Bliss EVELYN HORAN, Miss GWENDOLYN HILL The Radio Guild was organized in 1936 for those students interested in radio an- nouncing. This year the guild selected Nliss Hill as sponsor when hliss Horan enlisted in the VVomen's Army Auxiliary Corps. The members are juniors and seniors who are chosen by the judges of the try-outs. In addition to presenting the morning announcements, the guild has charge of the High School Headlines program weekly over Station KDFN which generously donates the time. This program often contained interviews about current school activities. The club sponsored a Gingham and Cord dance in the spring. SPANISH CLUB President . . . RAY CR.-uc, AGNES SULLIVAN Vice President . . BETTY FOOTE, LEROY PEARCE Secretary . . . . RUTH STOUT, Sumuzv Blau. Treasurer . . . . KIARGARET LAIDLAXV, BETTY FOOTIE Faculty Sponsor . . . KIR. il'IARTIN CANDIELJXRI.-X The Spanish Club is one of the oldest cluhs in school, for it was begun about 1920. lts members have an opportunity to learn practical Spanish and, in so doing, also learn about Spanish and Spanish-American culture. lllembers consist of those first year students who during the first semester have received a l, second year students with a semester grade average of 2, and all students of advanced Spanish. A Junior Division has been formed in order that more first year students may join the club. The cluh has had a fall picnic, Christmas party, and spring picnic. lt also sponsors a group of girl members who are much in demand for singing Spanish songs. The home meetings are mainly in Spanish and treat of various things of interest to the students. Left to right: Top row-McLean, Coates, Bishop, Agnes Sullivan, Greene, Giinther, Smith, Aiflerbach, Nliranda, G. Sherry, Mr. Candelaria. Middle row-Davenport, Garlick, Omstead, Gowin, Bell, Davidson, Fisher, Laidlaw, Foote, R. Craig. Bottom row-Snedden, Ann Sullivan, Pearce, Cypreansen, Stout, P. Craig, D. Sherry, Talbert. f69 Left to right: Top row-McGee, Schoenewald, Bell, Corbett, Lemmers, Brodine, Cohee, Alvey, Donovan, Crutcher. Middle row-Miracle, Duncan, Roper, Peck, Nolan, Fisher, Hutton, Evans, Kelliher, Laidlaw, Crutcher Bottom row--Chapin, Masters, Quinlan, Tripeny, Coates, VVickert, Malloy, Fitchie, Daly, Bryden, Hathavs 13 701 Seated-Gothberg, Bullack, French, Peterson, Murphy, Connor. A. K. A. President . . .... RIARIAN TRIPENY Vice President . DOROTHY JEAN Haruavvav Secretary . . .... joe AIURPHY Treasurer . . . RIARILYNE NIIRACLE Faculty Sponsor . . . MR. J. J. CLINE The A. K. A. Dramatics Club of Natrona County High School was organized in 1929. It grew from what was originally the K. A. K. which was organized in 1925. The three words, Alpha Kappa Alpha, mean "Truth and Beauty." This club was formed for the purpose of encouraging and training students who are interested in dramatics. Entrance to A. K. A. is gained by tryouts. These are held at the beginning of each school year. An applicat for membership may give an individual reading or take part in a short play in which other applicants are participating. The total enrollment is limited to forty members. A. K. A. meets at 3:20 the first Klonday of each month. Entertainment is offered by members of the club. This year A. K. A. members helped produce two full-length plays, Efver Since EW and J rlllzrzler Has Bern .Jl'fllllgf?ll. STAGE CREW Manager . . KlENNliTH COLTRANE Electrician . . . . MATTBERNARDIS Assistant Electrician . . .J. D. RIVERS Handyman . . . . . si0lZ'1iOBlN Handyman . . CURTISS lV1z1,L12s Faculty Manager . . . MR. DAN ANTHIES Five years ago the stage crew was organized to provide experienced aid on all work backstage. Qualifications needed are a certain aptitude for ropes and pulleys and a schedule that will allow a reasonable freedom from class. This year the stage crew has been especially busy, working on all three Community Cooperative Concerts, the Band Concert, the Air Base Christmas Party, the Air Base Talent Show, and most of the school assemblies. gl Left to right-Myers, Tobin, Coltrane, Bernardis. U1 721 Left to right: Top row-Parker, O'Neil, McNeill, Knittle, Hendrickson, Agnes Sullivan, VVickert, McCleary, McCord, Adkison, Mclntyre. Nicholas, Newman, Kasper, Gutz. Middle row-Crow, Battelle, Anne Sullivan, Joslyn, Boles, Goodrich, Large, Boyer, Mitchell Keyes, Tripeny, DeYValcl, Blue, Ballard, Claytor, Roper. l Bottom row-Osam, McCarthy, Colibraro, Stout, Evans, Fraser, Moore, Corey, Trevett, Poe Donovan, Pummill, Bailey. , BIG SISTERS President . . . . . TQATHLEEN Ckow Secretary-Treasurer . . . JOAN KNITTLE Faculty Sponsor . . MRS. ADA B. BOWMAN The Big Sisters were organized in N. C. H. S. about six years ago. The main duty is to help orient freshmen girls to life in this high school. The membership consists of fifty senior girls chosen by the faculty for their scholar- ship, citizenship, character, and unsellishness. The principal activity of the organization this year has been to work on activities furthering the war effort. Last fall the Big Sisters furnished a day room at the Army Air Base and later participated actively in the salvage campaign for metal, kitchen fats, and silk and nylon stockings. s PALS President .... . JEAN SHArruNBiant: Secretary-Treasurer . . . . . 1 . . . DOROTHY BUSHNELL Sponsors . . . . Mas. A. C. Keyes, MRS. VV. D. JOHNSTON Three years ago the Pals were organized as a junior division of the Big Sisters. Its purpose was to help all girls other than freshmen, who were newcomers to N. C.. H. S. to get acquainted. The membership was limited to the twenty-five senior girls most interested in join- ing. At present, since so many of the old members must work after school, the Pals have become disorganized as a senior' girls' club and all underclassmen eager to help in war work have been admitted. Because a shortage of yarn prohibits the knitting of various woolen articles this year, the girls have turned to other types of work, such as the making of scrapboolcs for the Air Base hospital. Left to right: Top row-Battles, Bishop, Keller, Lyle, Miller, Cunningham, Day, Becker, Bushnell, Collins. Bottom row--Adams, Harvey, Chamberlain, Morrison, Studer, Shafenherg, Peak, Krueger, Boundy, Daly. lf73 741 vp X 1 -fi? K 5 22 S' ass- - A Q Left to right: Top row-Shafto, Corbett, Vl'illiams, Chamberlain, Casey, B. Roper, Desch, Hickart, Currie Middle row--VVaggener, Giinther, Crouch, Clark, Hall, Bishop, Ballard, Bond, D. Roper, Parker, Clemmens Bottom row-Pavelka, Larson, Markland, Fox,, Haley, Baillie, Galusha, Lafon, Moroney. SPURS PEP CLUB President . . . CLARISSA VVILLIAMS Vice President . . . DORA RIARKLAND Secretary-Treasurer . ......... ll'IART1-IA LAILSON Faculty Sponsors . . Miss YYIRGINIA ILYNN, Miss EMMA DUIS The Spurs are an organization of high school girls founded last year for the purpose of promoting school spirit and taking an active part in the school's athletic program. lllembership is open to all regularly enrolled girls of N. C. H. S. who make an acceptable application to the sponsor. The Spurs assisted in the issuance program of War Ration Book No. 2 from Febru- ary 26 to February 28. A team participated in a military drill presented between halves of the Casper-Laramie basketball game on February 28. A standing committee ,of the Spurs serves as ushers for various school affairs. LITERATURE CLUB President . . . RIARY LEE BICCORD Vice President . . . Jon MURPHY i Secretary . . ..... JOAN HAGIST Faculty Sponsor . . Miss DOROTHEA BIGNELL The Literature Club is a recent organization, founded only last year. To create among students an interest in literature is its prime purpose. Rrlembership formerly was through voluntary interest, but now an applicant rnust talce a competitive examination on all types of literature. There are only twenty-four members, because this small number creates better comradeship. The Literature Club sponsored the last mixer of the basketball season. At the meetings at 3 :20 the first Tuesday of the month, varied programs are presented, ,includ- ing book reports, quiz games to sharpen wits and knowledge, and refreshments. Left to right: Top FOVV-Xxyilfd, Murphy, French, Tzllbert, Gothberg. Middle row-McCord, Hagist, Macken, Pavela, Schulte. Bottom row-Corbett, Greene, Mills, Miss Bignell, Gaylord, Noonan, VVomack. U51 761 Left to right: Top row-Alvey, Whrtensleben, Rice, Miss Hemry, Brooks, Tillman. Nliddle row-Vitto, Britton, Rank, jones, Fenwick, Sullivan, Bradshaw. Bottom row-Brown, Bell, Plasters, Drake, John, Bannister, Reno. NEWCOMERS' CLUB l President . . . GENE DRAKE Vice President . . . . Nomrm ALVEY Secretary-Treasurer . BETTY TV.-KRTENSLEBEN Program Chairman . . . . BETTY BRADSHAXV Faculty Sponsor . Miss IQATHLEIZN HENRY The Newcomersf Club was formed last year to acquaint its members to Natrona County High School. The club is composed of freshmen who did not graduate from the eighth grade in Casper. Because of this fact, the membership shows a good idea of the trend of transient populations. The members have come from Colorado, Idaho, lllontana, llffaryland, Kansas, California and Vlfashington. Every month there is a small party as a social activity for the members. The New- comers' Club is one of the most active in school. During the past year it has sold Christmas cards, the concessions at the basketball games, and the liiustang pencils. Arts wif x- W SENIOR GIRLS' TRIPLE TRIO Left to right-Peak, Ikhard, Trevelte, Pne, Stout, Shnifenlverpr, Miracle, Daly, Mitchell 801 JUNIOR GIRLS' TRIPLE TRIO Back row, left to right-Thomas, Byron, Townsend, Boyer, Chapin, Sauter. Front row-Bzlrto, WVaggener, Swain, Kell. COLORED TRIO Left to right-Duncan, B. Crutcher, M. Crutcher. 821 5 MUSTANG SVVING BAND Trumpets-McNeely, Lusby, Conkling, Mitchellg Trombones-Stewart, Perry. Saxophones-Robb, A.VVhite, Earnshaw, Burwell, Johnston, Middaugh, McKay Rhythm-Bass-Jonesg Piano-Nfnrhurgerg Drums-Griersong Director--V.VVhite STRING QUARTETTE Left to right-B. Davidson, YVilliams, Bnrto, A. Davidson. SENIOR BAND TVVIRLERS Left to rightQTomnn, Smith, Kragrud, Bennett, Marburger, Cunningham, Battelle, Parker, Castle. ' CLARINET QUARTETTE Left to right-McCord, Bullack, Johnston, Hagist. l. , A E331 iz Mai 52 at L. A fi? Q mi Q' 2 6 fp 8 Q, weirm Major H. B. Truex and Staff Sergeant F. Gabriel who have in the past year prepared the mem- hers of the senior class for the military life that is ahead of them. i361 These are the flags of our country and of our school. The class of '-l-3 will soon he fighting with shot and shell so that in the future these flags will still rep- resent our country and school. Y 15,4 "!'hm.m it Company A V Commanding Ofiicer .,.......................,..,....,.,,..,.,,.,. Captain Larry B. Anderson Second in Command ...........,..,,...., ..,......,........,,...,,. C aptain jack B. XVonderly Cadet 2nd Lieut. VVilliam N. Erhen - Cadet 2nd Lieut. jerry F. Sullivan wang l... Company B Commanding Officer .........,............,,.................,,..,......,, Captain Edgar A. Beattie Second in Command .....,.....,.....,...,..........,,.,.............,..,...., Captain James H. Lane Cadet 2nd Lieut. Raymond I.. Craig - Cadet 2nd Lieut. VVa1'ren R. Pearce I i IS7 A 1 Company C Commanding Oflicer ....,,.,,........,,..,.,....,,..., ......,....,,,... C aptain Kenneth C. Ludwig Second in Command .....,.................. ,..... .....,,.,............ ,...... C Z1 p tain Matt L. Benardis Cadet lst Lieut. YVendcll H. Talhert - Cadet 2nd Lieut. Thomas C. NVilson Company D Commanding Ollicer ,..,,........,.........,.,.,............,......... Captain Phillip R. Berry Second in Command ...............,.....,...................... Captain Albert NI. Rittenour Cadet 2nd Lieut. Grant H. Arrasmith - Cndet 2nd Lieut. John Brophy U81 .hx L Back row-Pierce, Erben, VVilson, Burwell, Morrison, Bernardis, Talbert, Arrasmith. Second row-Brophy, Berry, Ludwig, Beattie, Dyson, Lane, Sullivan. Front row-W'onderly, Fitchie, Anderson, Housley, Donlin, Soderberg, Rittenour. OFFICERS' CLUB From year to year the N. C. H. S. Battalion has had an Officers' Club composed of all cadet oflicers. Lieutenant Colonel J. Donlin, who is battalion commander, heads this organization. The main duty of the Officers' Club is to plan for the annual lN'Iili- tary Ball where the officers receive their commissions. In the spring of the year the officers have a formal dinner dance which is a main event in their curriculum. wi THE GENERAL STAFF The General Staff is a new organization in the N. C. H. S. Battalion this year. Its duties are not definitely defined. This staff can make arrangements for any unusual activity that might come up during the year. Any plans that have to he formulated for the government inspection or Field Day will be drawn up by this staff. Lieutenant Colonel Donlin heads this staff and can call a meeting any time the need arises. 901 SCHQDL Back row-Lieutenant Morrison, Captain Dyson, Lieutenant Burwell, Sergeant Tobin. Front row-Captain Fitchie, Lieut. Colonel Housley, Lieut. Colonel Donlin, Major Soderherg. Back row-Sergeant F. Gabriel, Anderson, Soderberg, Dyson, Donlin, Miranda. Front row-Smith, VVilly, Benzlrdis, Fitchie, Faulkner, Craig. RIFLE TEAM The Rifle Team has gained more meaning this year than ever before because of the present world conditions. lt trains the cadets how to fire upon a target with telling effect. The members for the team this year were chosen after all the cadets had a chance to try out. Sergeant Gabriel, who is an expert marksman himself, has given the rifle team invaluable training for the big job ahead. lf9lfl if MILITARY BALL The Twenty-sixth Annual hlilitary Ball was held hlarch 5, 1943. lr was impos- snne to obtahl any decoranon to curry out a dehnhc thenn bln the gyHlt00k on a miiltary aspect with many brilliant Hags and streamers of the United Nations. C.-XDET Lxsur. Col.. G. Housuzv and CADET LIEUT. Col.. J. DoNx.1N and CADET MAJOR L. SODERBERG and Mlss K.ATHI.EEN SWANTON Miss JUNE BISHOP NIISS POLLY NICCRACKEN I9-21 Q Athletics U41 DARREL HA'rH,xw.n' VVALTER KINGHAM Duuzm Po1'rFR Bmkctball Coafh Football Coach -1.r.r1.rfm1t Conflz The 1943 Football Season Seventy-five boys answered Coach lValt Kingham's first call for football practiee at the beginning of the 19-I-3 season. Although this was a small number compared to preceding years, they had what it takes to make a winning football squad Their record speaks for itself. Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper Hot Springs, S. D. Billings, Mont. . Rapid City, S. D. Laramie, lfVyo. . Cheyenne, VVyo. . Lead, S. D. . . Rock Springs, VVyo Sheridan, Wyo. . N 1 K Q 961 Back row-Leonard, Hoke, lglehart, Apel, Binning, Decker, Peak, Gale. Second row-Coach Hathaway, Scott, Tobin, Sackett, Hawks, Hill. Beattie, Sullivan. Front row-Xvalker, Ray, VValsh, Nickeson, Lane, Crouch, Updegraff, Mahoney. Officers, Air Enlisted Men Enlisted Men Rock Springs Rock Springs Enlisted Men Rawlins . Green River Rock S rin s Mustang Basketball Season Schedule and Record Olwfloufnf Datrf lfhrrz' Plllyflll lfVr Base . . Dec. Casper .... . 45 Air Base Dec. Casper . . . 32 , Air Base Dec. Air Base . . 4+ . . . Jan. Casper . . 26 . . . Jan. Casper . . -I-6 , Air Base . . jan. Casper . . . 52 . . . . jan. Rawlins . . . 32 . . . . Jan. Green River . . 39 . Jan. Rock Springs . . 36 . Ian. Rock Springs . . 21 P 3 Rock Springs Thermopolis Thermopolis Cheyenne . Cheyenne . Glenrock . Oflicers, Air Midwest . Glenrock . Laramie . Cheyenne . Cheyenne . Nfidwest . Rawlins . Laramie . 'Overtime. Casper . . Casper . . Casper . . Casper . . Base . . Jan. Jan. Feb Feb Feb. Feb. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Thermopolis Thermopolis Casper . . Casper . . Casper . Casper . Casper . . Glenrock . Laramie . Cheyenne . Cheyenne . Midwest . Casper . Casper . . . 25 . . 34 . . 35 . 27 . 39 . 34- . 4+ . 22 . 16 . . 36 . . 36 . 46 . 27 .30 TOTALS . . . 824- State Tourney, March 18-20, Rock Springs, Wyoming Casper, Third Place Green River Cheyenne . Lovell . . Thermopolis Srorr Tlmy 23 26 42 18 37 31 28 19 31 2235 33 30 26 25' 11 30 24 219' 21 31 38' 23 25+ 28 642 . 32 . . 39 . . 23 . . 31 Back row-Kingham, O.Ray, Casey, Leonard, Cook, Craig, Hathaway. Middle row-Guile, Housley, B. Ray, Markland, Leimback, Crouch, Miller, Nickeson, Front row-VValsh, Berquist, Krusmark, Gerdom, Bouzis, Noel, VValke1', Kelly, Sullivan, Panagos. "C" CLUB President . . . . BILL NICKESON Vice President . . Roy Cnoucn Secretary-Treasurer . . JOE DONLIN The "C" Club is one of the oldest organizations in N. C. H. S. To be entitled to membership a boy must have earned a major letter in football, basketball or track. Each year the "C" C-lub sponsors a boxing tournament and with the proceeds holds a banquet honoring the graduating members. L97 X. p XO -Maya W4-O rfmlff ' , WW ZS 56, N. C. H. S. CHEER LEADERS Jacobson Rademaker Foote Lester Swanton Z The cheer leaders were chosen at an assembly by the student body. Sweaters u ere preesnted to them by the Student Council at the big pep rally held before the Cheyenne- Casper football game. Through their efforts, the Rlustang teams received the support of the student body. Jack Gale, who is a member of the class of '43, brought great distinction to himself and his school by winning the NVyoming State Tennis Championship. lt is very seldom that a high school stu- dent even places, let alone walking off with top honors. Jack has also been tennis champion of N. C. H. S. for three years. i981 Qu ., . Sf i si , is e 5 5 V 9 X Srsgnsgfwes sf Q s .R 0 , . . Q Qi 3 lr Back row-Lowerv A. Green, Bordeaux, Vance, Brewer, Carlson Cowan. . Y Y Middle row-l. Swartfager, Fleming, Sedar. Front row--Higgens, R. Svvartfager, WVilliams, Gibson. G. A. A. The mural above is a representative cross section of the activities of the Girls' Ath- letic Association. High school students modeled for the poster and the art work is that of Miss Zella Garner's advanced art students, 1942. President . . Vice President Sec reta ry-T reasu re 1' Sports hlanager Assistant Sports Publicity hlanager . . . . RUTH SWARTFAGER . . . . RUBY SEDAR . PATRICIA XVILLIAMS . . . . NIERRIE CARLSON hlanager . . THELMA FLEMING IRENE SXVARTFAGER Fitness on the VVar Front! Fitness on the Home Front! Fitness for Every Day Living! Girls' Athletic flctifuiiies Build Fitness! f99fl ia, 2. K Q, gf N, :F Rm. " 251 1 A' , 0 x Sw my Q V W..... . if I ' zf 5QeNSsZ':LCLQwQ: Rig , 21:5 W. H Xi? wb 1 ' 'J W -SE - S ,ak Q ' A' . x C R f 5 Q ' Q ' We mx! X MQ I 'if Y . 5 1 P n K i X Q S. 3 Q S X ,,,h,.3 . i f if di XSS V -4- 'WN .4 ' S ' AW. 'YF X .t , R ., X E :wr R ! . , . x ' is - , :, QP .5 f 4. ' iw' X' -- - - W-www: , xv- X2-x -M Q. -Q Q. Qi i , pw, :- fsfkiiz 11 :., We . N , .. :.i"'w 5. Ma .. M1 W X. K :QS-X it ,, wQx,x,.., x Q WMS3 1 , S A.-Je' Nh x L f Q 3 :X x Sm 2 X :gg X A,-Q Q. .ifjbiiwi .L 3 ., A fsgwi f x .. 11 5 X fs: . 5 I' S S Ln y at -ev si fix xr, X 3 N af SSA ISK ,W S Q 1 M. 'Wh xx 'Nm K A 5 'M qw ,xg WS' Q mn f ww? ww Qlxiwi X X vig wx. ww 7 RfjgIfIfi?'9?Q1Q,fj, .Wifi K .AW F.-1rc-:UJSII .A UAS WE NEAR THE E E OUR YEARS IN N. C. H. S., WE TAKE A LAST LINGERING LOOK BACKWARD. IIN MEMORY WE RE- VIEW EXPERIENCES, PRINCIPLES,AND PERSONALITIES WHICH HAVE MADE A LASTING IIVIPRESSION UPON US. THERE IS'iC,OIVI-FORT. IN THE THOUGHT THAT THOUGH' WE LEAVE N. C. H. S. BEHIND, WE TAKE WITH LIS OUR IVIEIVIQRIES OF THIS SCHOOL. 'WE KNOW THAT WE STAND ON THE THRESHOLD OF A NEW LIFE: 'WE FEEL THAT OUR SCHOOLING IN N. C. H. S. HAS BETTER PREPARED US FOR LIFE. SO WE STAND FIRNILY, AND FACE OUR FUTURE WITH CONFIDENCE: OUR DESIRE TO GO FORWARD IS TINQED WITH RELUCT- ANCE TO LEAVE TH-E PAST. B SSW .-40' VJ, 9MwfjJjfQfM www fpfjijfpvw fofifwgifw fy QVJQQJJ WW vm WQQYV NW WXT2 Q Q 130 0 iii Q KW Sgifsirg 'E E6 V ii 3 M5932 ff M EFS? Eli , Q35 MS, Ei. ,SQQSESSSXS A ,fiffO'f"!Mfff,6f5 im Wffw O35-all f'JifWff'4'f X- cfbvofl fp Rwwb-3 B. M435-LMA "- Q ji MW .1 HN Q. 4Wf' Muay-ff 45 g,,2Q,L ,J ju , ,Al A ,319-fL,,,, in 1-gig 1 ix Q. ,.e . ' gf 1715 4 J, 1 1 'gif K '7 ,., , 1 , lf ,,, , af J A .5 H ,, 1 f K , 4 X M x A71 hx U , D L K' V uf F yr,-4 in '1 ' , ' , 2 ,.vf i ex .i f :Y dy Si? .f V554 df! N36 2' Xa' 'Jf'!?y jf A Q sgffff

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Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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