Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY)

 - Class of 1939

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Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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EX LIBP1IS'PYestoN-MARK-H543 i ' QQ f , , , v , ' ' .34 W ' M 1 T WQWWW 'f M,mMf ,' 1 p , - ' ' ' ' U - viQQ?fdiWDBg3QmWirf rr H GQ , U A , MQW M5'wf1 1ff V ' bmw QQJJ-LGUM, , 5? l. I , Mfmlwca, -. MMM MQW WW fly MWZZMK v V i 1' : Al ! ?PI I 1 I , lf., UL 1 V 1 , . V, if A ' 1 I f if af ,2 ' Q V . ' w I I I , - .V Q I U I .U k f V' , b ' A I J , ll f I ' ,V il .' I rl V AIx,f ! ' , J 1 I V- lj ' I , 1' ' J . ' V J I-1, ' .I ff !' wg ' ' V 4 ll . ' ' 'lu . J' fl - I . Ti yr - .- " A 1-f 1 Lf 1 , X . 1 ,- , , , jf! i I xl! 1. J I ff! f .f I 1 ,XJ x ' ' A 1 . ,I rl, ,C ' r D J pf ' ' 'f wtrlrig W ff lj . 1 ' , 41' , ' 1 w N , 'J X .' . Q1 ' ' f Lf" . 1' I V' ,. 1 J Q if-Ag L 'If J lidimr :- . IXIARIJ ',fl3,xRTR.-ni ' . I J 2 , ' W' ' f ' I Q V j X. 1 Jr v M Q bx . ' gf CL-Fzlifor .... ICLSH5 l12T1fH,xmny11fRl X? J f 1 I I1 ' , , -I I f, J uf' X ' i Ir 0 4, ' ' U JV J , ' . ' ,, R 5, J 1 ,gIlXiIIQ31-Ifilllllhllflfj' , 141 I?f'EI.Dlili IRIAIQITI, 1 V . NEI. XB' .4 ' ' ' x f - ,rf ff XNAATR A COL NTY 'PIIGICX CHOOI. """' I f J 1 L, J- ' 7 'x X' ' UNC 7 3 , , , ., . K ,!'C,z1gper,bVyof11il1 f it ' x "' l VYV . w ,1 A 'K 'X E' K ' ' A K' ' 7' , ' AV, If K . L ,V - Xi-N ' is, N- , ? , U . V x , lg kt- I x D9 N gg. r h mf-2' W if fi Q3 5 sig Qlx 0 1- I M , ff f ,f .WY N' i ,A oQ'MfjfJlffff,f , W of JW X N.. Q X -I Y? 1 X 'l A s ' ,. sl " - it N, iQ 1, ex :X lp . k-.,.,- +- 'Dedication To the graduating class of 1939 this Mustang is dedicated with the hope that through its pages they Will be able to preserve a complete record of a happy and memorable Senior year. if WM WJHWMW1 riff Wie 4 1 6, M .as ll P . 'GX-9J , 29 fl IVA .Ma .. UN ,J f i 'NX ,'7P-x, ,A 'f 1 l K , Q fx b ., gf -E -el X' 'B -X , , X K 3 X X. v. 1' 1 In 1 H' 1 Gontenlis J gf ,f ,X V fs, ji' W i'f fLKf'bN T-VI f'! 1 S AI! NJ, WK u ij ' cu Xxsrlffd .fyy IQJJ A I all '- ..-f ,f .ff ' " vc' ,"W v,.' 1549 SMDMINISTRATION I fd 1 X 8- SCHOOL BOARD v'Mw mv' X ,I FACULTY xyb I :CLASSES XXqlryY?ps1QN10RS X , I x 5' JUNIORS - G SOPHOMORES 5, N5 If FRESHMEN xr :I , Fx 1 ,sfo J v "X- ACTIVITIES WHO'S WHO HONORARIES CLUBS MUSIC DRAMATICS R. O. T. C. ATHLETICS J NN -Q , , Q, . , SN C3 f..-1 I IF! I1 f , fl' yfjfjff , , , MQW My WML cyfldmmzstmtzon fx 60 , fi, Nvgflfx 27. ' ' 6 1' bbw 1 iw, f iwoij .5 W SW ,WM if W Df5ff33'1sFf 46 ing W MM ffVf1f iffy?- M fy if f M 16' M? ,fu School fBoa'rcl The task of meeting ever-changing demands, of pleasing an ever-errant public, and furthering advantages offered hy our puhlic school system is the enormous task confronting our very competent school board. All issues brought before the hoard are promptly and satisfactorily given the attention they merit. The combined efforts of community-minded individuals composing the hoard bring the hest to a school deserving of only the hest. Every member deserves the whole-hearted cooperation of not only the high school hut also the parents throughout the city. ,f Q . ",, 4. if-- r fi,-gf ' I Q' ' - 'J . ' ' X ' Q , f ,IJ . j ' ef 7 1 , lk. N, I ,. A t A 1 ' , I 1 Q -.fl lf- D.. ' I 'N s, mf' ' "' , l I A-i P 2 , VVo0Ds, DAvxs, MORGAN, CHAPIN, ENGDAHL, NTOKLER, PARKER, DART, ERICKSON ' lax - - . v ,1 -1" " J . gl-'. l R f'!.' I XX .l ' 1 r .. 'f 1' ,' ,Ll ' K , X . f' . liettering the Casper school system is his occupa- tion, Dean C. lllorgan is his name: but neither fact fully describes the superintendent of local schools as the students know him, A cheery smile and a friendly manner win the respectful admiration of all pupils from the very youngest to the oldest, from the very obedient to the most unruly. Beginning his services to the school as coach, Dean lllorgan has risen from that position through the principalship, and on to the superintendency. His progressive ideas and ability to capably handle all problems which confront him have led to numerous improvements in our educational system. A forceful personality combined with great effi- ciency makes a man successful with his friends as well as in businessg and such a man is lllr. blorgan. M... aaa S. KELLY VVALSH DEAN C. MORGAN As principal of Natrona County High School, lXIr. Stephen Kelly Walsh has shown outstanding ability in coping with the variety of problems that arise from such a large student body. Notwithstand- ing, he retains an admirable sense of humor which is an important factor in meeting a student on his own level. This quality promotes a feeling of respect and understanding so necessary between a member of the faculty and the pupil. blr. Walsh is especially interested in the musical advancement of the school, having been band master eight years previous to his assuming the duties of principal. His earnest endeavor to aid in deriving the utmost from the opportunities afforded by the educational facilities of N. C. H. S. is greatly appreciated by every member of the school. l71 O 1' FACULTY G I I ENIIIIISII IJEIIARTMENT FERIS-IIIYIJ of D1'par!mr1zl BAYLESS COTTMAN BIGNEIII. QIADBERRY PETTIGREVS' JAMES HEMRY HOOI'NI.XN XYOCATIONAL AND Hows ECONOMICS IJISPARTIXIIZNTS BIBLE HEI,VX' PENLAND HUTCHINSON MILLER HELVY COCHRAN-Ilflld ofHorn1' EC07ZOI7Iil',V GAIINER FAC U LTY H ls'r0Rv D EPARTIX1 ENT KINGHAM BEACH Arvrnus STEPHENSUN HEMRY COLLINS Russlim.-Hrad of 1Jl'fiIll'flll1'lIf AIATHI5TX1A'l'ICS AND SCIENCE IJr5PAR'1'x1 urvrs jouxsorc HAGEN-Iifad of Scifnrr Bam: VANDIVER RUQKER HORN JONES--Hfllzf of llIlfllI'll1Ilff1'.f FACULTY COMMERCIAL DEPARTM ENT SAVAGE H1MEBAUuH-Ilnzd of Dfparfmrnl lllxns CONVY Sul,1.1vAx BARKER aff V .-Q, M Usxc IJ151',xRTMEN'1' LANGUAGE DEPARTNIENT SLIND COOLBAUCH SCHOLL CANDELERIA Gmccss AGNEW-Ilrad of Drpartmcnt SHIDLER MCBRIDE--Hfznl uf Dnpartmrnt FAC U LT Y PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT RIILITARY DEPARTMENT HATHAWAY BLANCHARD MAJ. BURTON SERS. BECKIQR ROHRER JONES , va J' .MVA Q34 if ' OFFICE STAFF PARKER ENGDAHL VVALSH BURNS PATE HEGWER CALHOUN FACULTY General ,Staff lndividuals, outstanding in a particular field, make up the general staff. Each has a definite part in maintaining the welfare of the entire student body. Among these are, hlrs. Ada C. Bowman, Dean of Girls, whose duty it is to aid every girl in school in any way possible. ln this capacity, hits. Bowman has proved her capability and because of this has merited the friendship of all. Another outstanding individual in an outstanding staff is lVIr. Frank Scott, co-ordinator. This is the first year that such a position has been evident in our school system. It is lNIr. Scott's duty, through contacts with businessmen and students to place those students desiring training in a certain field in a position that will help them attain their goal. Playing important roles in making our school days healthy ones, are the nurses, Klrs. Freda Bailey and Kliss Connie Axlund. They are always willing and able to render emergency treatment, and they make our well-being their business. Competent in her handling of the cafeteria and its problems is hliss Geneva Conner, director of the cafeteria. ln spite of the fact that this is her first year here, we already feel that she belongs with us. It is she who is responsible for the high quality food we receive in our cafeteria. Study hall supervisor, Bliss Evelyn Horan, has possibly one of the most difficult tasks to perform. It is she who must keep a large number of students quiet and studying throughout the day. Last but not least, the custodiarf of the library, hliss Nina Schaffer. A thorough knowledge of material contained in' the-libragy is hers and she is at all times prepared to pass that knowledge on to us. N 7, ' i' 1 if x . , , . fa V Ji I , , . 1' I j., P . Lf ' , A' ,1 fu' K " .-viii ' -1 ,. Bowman SHAFFER Scorr QXXLUND Drnn ofG1rl.v labrarzan Co-ordznator Srhool Nurse CONNOR BAILEY HORAN Cafflrria Dirrrtor Sz'l1o0lNursz' Study Hall C2 lasses jj' 1 V, . . e X 1 . f 1 IAM ji I J 'If 9.91 f7x,!?Q,g'7, .14 ff' V I M A I . gl, . , f 4 I I' I iff' 1.1 ,QV , f f'l ,A . 1 I , '1 if I l W L ,, JDJ. W wg KX X L J! C2 ' T' T' W 1 . - ,, ,Cf 'iv' ,' I. 23 p . 'AQ' . ' - 5 . f Seniors P I fi ' x R Q yy J' V V w ' ,7f I! 9 L! WFS Xu ix., .YFKJ kip? -K 16" 6? X! 5 it T x ix 'mx A M55 fy 'XJ : ' - 75 Qi 1 - A g If W 7 ' Ax If OX Xgfffixxf . f'uf'J J NN", 4, ' "WJ, W' 1662 X ' f f f , , X' J' '- ,, " 1 lg! M! W M ' big j 1 1 X f I if W 'ff 9-fcvfgcfxfl do-aw "':7""""7 un., X 7Q RQ 5 . BMW U . gh ' -M-V-J-'t.,Qx, fm -'AJ JNAIMQX 0 vL9.!f5,g q,- AQ, fy .3 ..wjJf,,g:,7f , 5 . vw " -J' -. ffl f' f K xflwq ? 7 VV, A ' KQ 'bf 'T'f?'fQHf x +1 fffff- 9 'T K- 'L X' X CLASS KJFFICERS AND SPONSORS McN.u1.xR.'x HEISER KmnAI.i. JOHNSON VVEHRLI Smm.ER ., ,, . .8-, I f , ,f f enior Qlass Cdfistory ,"' 1 A f Four long years ago we swung willingly and with high ambitions into the portals of dear old N. C. H. S. VVhatever part of this spirit that remained in us after the seniors "welcomed" us was due to the expert guidance of our sponsors, llliss Berg and hlr. Johnson, and our Officers, Walter Cook, Dick Joslyn, Yvonne Bergmann, and Virginia Rose. ln our second fling at things in general, we found ourselves a little more confident and we elected llliss Shidler and lllr. Johnson as counselors to be returned for the years to come. Walter Cook, Dick Joslyn, and A. G. Noel were selected as class officers with lllarjorie Keiser and Nlargaret lVIichie going to the Girls' League Council. Our junior year was no exception to our first two years and we again elected Walter Cook pres- ident with Helen Schwartz, Art Heiser, lllargaret lllichie, Dick Joslyn, and A. G. Noel in supporting roles. Having jumped in superiority, we were allowed to elect five members to the Girls, League Council. We sent Janet Trowe, Virginia Rose, Gloria Talpers, Charlotte Stout, and lllarjorie Keiser. We entered our Finis year hoping that we'd graduate, hut yet with a pang of sorrow in our hearts. We evened matters with the world by having it out with the freshies in the fall. The class then thought it would he appropriate to have an election and placed Art Heiser as president, and Bob Kimball as vice-president. One of the most successful costume days ever held in N. C. H. S. took place on lVIarch Sl. As a climax to a successful year, the juniors "threw" their annual prom for us, leaving us with a desire to remain here for another four years. Now, we take our leave of the old stand, going out into the world as all seniors have, to he Wzisliingtons, Lincolns, and Coolidges. ADAMS, MAX R. General F. F. A., Vice President F. F. A., Treasurer ANDERSON, HEl.liN General ANDERSON, WARREN G. General ARN1STRONG, LESTER A. General ASICH, lVIATILDA General BAGBY, ROBERT R. College Preparalory A. K. A., 1 Class Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4 junior Glee, l, 2 Senior Glee, 3, 4 Senior Band, 3 Football Nianager, 4 junior Band, l, 2 junior Follies, 3 1939 Mustang SENIORS ANDA, WILLIAM T. General State Farmer F. F. A., Treasurer F. F. A., Vice President F, F. A., Secretary F. F. A., Live-Stock Team F. F. A., Agronomy Team State F. F. A. Convention National F. F. A. Convention CU ANDERSON, PXT College Prefrarafory A. K. A., 1,2 National Thespians, 3, 4 Usher Club, 1, 2, 3,4 English Club, 4 Acappella Club, 4 junior Follies, 3 French Club, 4 Big Sister, 4 ANGEN, SIGNE General ASBlEl.L, FRANCES College Preparatory Latin Club, 2,3 Euclid Club, 3,4 English Club, 3, 4 Knitting Club, 3, 4 Treasurer, 3 National Honor Society, 3, 4 Big Sister, 4 Annual Staff, 4 BACII, IJOLORES Go mmerelal BAILEY, ALMA lWA li General l17l SENIORS BAILEY, LOUIS W. General BARNES, WILLIAN1 R. General BARTRAM, RIARIAN College Preparatory Annual Staff, 3, 4 National Honor Society Big Sister, 4 National Quill and Scroll French Club, 4 Gusher Stalf, 3 Latin Club, 1,2 English Club, 3 B EAL, ARNOLD General B EATON, MARGAR ET A. College Preparalory Glee Concerts, 1, 2,3 Gym Show, 3 Latin Club, 2,3 junior Prom Committee, 3 Kiwanis Plays, 4 B ECK ER, RAYMOND F. General ll8I BAILEY, PAUL RI. Gollege Preparaiory National Honor, 4 Euclid Club, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club, 1 President Photography Club, 4 Senior Ring Committee, 3 Student Congress, 2 Boys' Glee Club, 4 Boys' Festival Chorus, 4 BARN Es, VELTVIA ANN College Preparalury Spanish Club, 3, 4 Big Sister, 4 Kiwanis Plays, 4 BASKETT, DAVID S. Gollege Preparafory Battalion Adjutant R. O. T. C., 4 Spanish Club, 3, 4 Vice President, 4 Shutterbug Club, 4 Euclid Club, 4 Gusher Staff, 4 National Quill and Scroll, 4 National PIonj3 BIQALL, IELDER College Preparatory Vice President National Honor Society, 4 President Euclid Club, 4 English Club, 3 Latin Club, 3 A, K. A., 3 Business Manager of Annuztl Senior Band, 2, 3, 4 Class Basketball, 2,3 B EOK, FRANC ES Go nz mereial Glee Concert, 1. Gym Show, 3 Latin Club, 2 Numeral "39", 2 N. C. H. S. Award, 3 Speedball Champs, 2 Glee Club,1 Big Sister, 4 BEN N ETT, RIARGI E E. General 1939 M11.vfar1g1 BERG EN, WVANDA General BIGLIN, GENE College Prellarafory BORSCH, JAM ES T. College Preparatory BOWMAN, GEORGE R. General Varsity Football, 1, 2, 3,4 Varsity Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4 "C" Club, 3, 4. "C" Club 'l'reasurer, 4- Bmoos, Lois College Prefrara t'Spring Dance", 4 tory National Thespians, 4 Acappella Club, 3, 4 Madrigal Club, 4 Girls' Sextette, 4 Kiwanis Plays, 4 "Crinoline and Candl State Nlusical Festivn elightf' 4 l, 4 BROWN, RAYMOND H. General SENIORS BERGMAN, YVONNE College Preparatory Freshman Class Secretary, Cheer Club, 1 Gym Show, 1, 3 Basketball Champs, 3, 4 Volley Ball Champs, 1,2 junior Follies, 2, 3 Student Body Secretary, 4 Executive Council, 1, 4 BONAR, BETTY A. General BOULDIN, ANNA LEE General Marshalltown, Indiana, 3 Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 4 State Music Festival, 3, 4 Madrigal, 3, 4 Sextette, 4 Bmoos, EARL R. General BROWN, Lois JEAN Colleye Preparatory National Honor Society National Quill and Scroll Latin Club, 1,2 English Club, 3, 4 Photography Club, 4 Spanish Club, 4 Gusher Staff, 4 Glee Concerts, 1,2 ,f BRYDEN, DOUGLAS F. General Class Basketball, 1, 2 Class Football, 1, 2 Varsity Basketball, 3,4 Uflicers' Club, 4 Non-Commissioned OH'icer 3 Commissioned Oflicer, 4 Senior Glee, 3, 4 Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3,4 1939 Mustang 9 SENIORS BURD, VIRGINIA E. GPHFIYII CARLSON, JUNE Ii. General Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3 Special Chorus, 1 Festival Chorus, 1 After School Basketball GZ!! mf CARsoN, CLYDE G. General Varsity Football, 1,3 Varsity Basketball, 1, 2 Class Basketball, 3 Track, 2, 3 Glee, 4 Annual Staff, 4 CHAMPLIN, RALPH H. College Preparatory A. K, A., 1, 2, 4 Ri eCPe ', 3 Engglishiilillbiplay, 3 Photography Clfubf-4 I junior Follies, 3 Class Basketball,--4 National Thespians, 4 Senior Class Play, 4 CHIDLEY, GERALDINE College Preparatory Radio Guild, 3, 4 Acappella, 1, 3, 4 Sextette, 4 A. K. A., 4 Festival Chorus, 3, 4 Honorary Captain of Co. A, 3 Big Sister, 4 "Spring Dance," 4 CLAUSEN, BJORN General Class Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Football, 4 Boys' Festival Chorus, 3, 4 Boys' Glee Club, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus, 3, 4 Best Drilled Squad Class Track Meet, 3 Swimming Meet, 2 l20l J' Q BYRON, VZPRCINIA A. 1 College Prefnaraiory Lafiltclub, 2, 3 G . er Staff,4 ake-up Editor, 4 N, tional Quill and Scroll Jimilgliuclid Club, 3 Ailee onc,ert, 3 Gym Shaw, 3 Big Sister, 4 l CARPENTER, JAMES W. General CERNY, HESTER V. General CHELEWSKI, JUANITA M. General X A . JCLARE, DIARY E. S College Preparatory T. N. T. Pep Club, 1 Latin Club, 1 Gym Show, 1 Acappella Club, 1,2 Gusher Staff, 3, 4 Secretary of English Club Radio Club, 4 Senior Club, 4 Senior Class Play, 4 COBB, WILLIAM B. College Preparalory 1939 llflustang C0LEMAN,l.10REN L. General COOK, JAMES V. P. Gfilffal CORDOVA, SAIN1 J. General lJALIN, ROBERT D. General lJAV1DSON, KIARY JAN E College Preparato Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 4 Gym Show, 4 " Usher Club, 3 Acappella, 1, 3, 4 Big Sister, 4 Festiv:1lChOrus,4 DAVIS, GEORGIA M. General A. K. A., 3, 4 Gusher Stall, 3 Art Club, 1, 2 Junior Follies, 3 Madrigal, 3, 4 Kiwanis Plays, 3 Glee Club Concerts, 1, 2 ry 1939 Mustang VSENICRS CONNER, DARRELL O. College Preparatory Festival Chorus, 3,4 All-State Chorus, 3, 4 Junior Follies, 3 French Club, 3 Commissioned Officer, 4 Officers' Club, 4 A. K. A., 3 Senior Class Play, 4 JW COOK, WALTER G. GA College Preparatory Freshman Class President Sophomore Class President Junior Class President Student Body President Executive Council, 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Football, 1, 2, 3, 4 Wyoming State Pentathlou "C" Club, 2, 3, 4 CURTIS, NORZNIA B. General DANSBY, J. W. College Preparatory DAVIS, DIXIE LEE General Big Sister, 4 Madrigal Club, 1, 2,3 Acappella, 2, 3,4 Cheer Club, 1,2 Spanish Club President, 4 A. K. A., 3, 4 Quartette, 3 Trio, 4 IJAVIS, HELEN G. General I-211 SENIORS DAY, FRANCES E. College Preparatory Latin Club, 2,3 Photography Club, 3 Gusher Stall, 4 Glee Club Concerts, 1, 2,3 Gym Show, 1, 3 junior Prom Committee, 3 DEVER, DIARY General Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3,4 Gym Show, 1 Latin Club, 1,2 lJIliN ER, NIARGARET College Preparatory Latin Club, 1, 2,3 Big Sister, 4 Gym Show, 1,3 Glee Concerts, 1,2 DoRlUs, VIVIAN College Preparafory Latin Club, 2 A. K. A., 3, 4 National Thespians, 4 Madrigal Club, 3, 4 junior Follies, 3 Sophomore Girls' Speedball Champs Tournament Drills, 2,4 Kiwanis Plays, 3, 4 IQARNSHAW, NVILLIAM R. College Prejlaratory Senior Band Rocky Mountain Region Championship Band Senior Orchestra Mustang VVranglers Music Council English Club XVarrant OHicer National Thespians EDVVARDS, CLARENCE General 1221 If '! CMM D QNILAULER, AIARY College Prefmrafory Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 4 Knitting Club, 4 Big Sister, 4 Basketball, 1 Gym Drill, 2 D1W'1Nli, BIARTIN lf. General Gusher Staff, 2, 3, 4 Business Manager, 3 Non-Commissioned Oflicer Commissioned Ol'l'i':er, 4 Usher Club, 1, 2,3 Vice President,3 Oi'l'lt'ers' Club, 4 Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 Doxxcz, Bl51"l'X'AN N 1 111 reial junior Ol estra,1 Senior Orchestra, 2, 3, 4 Senior Band, 3, 4 Band Tour, 4 Music Festival Orchestra lVIass Orchestra, 3, 4 Junior Follies Orchestra Festival Band,3 DROLLINGER, EMMA G. General , 2 Glee Club Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 4 Madrigal, 4 Gym Show, 1 Music Festival, 2,3 Kiwanis Plays, 4 ' EATON, Lois General National Thespians, 4 Kiwanis Plays, 4 ELLEN E ERC, BILL General 1939 illustang ELLSWORTH, GLADYS R. General ESHELMAN, VIRGIL E. General EYDEMANN, IJOROTHY li. College Preparatory Latin Club, 1, 2 English Club, 3, 4 President of National Honor Society, 4 Good Citizenship Award Big Sister, 4 Otlice Staif, 3,4 Annual Staff, 4 Colleye Preparaf ory English Club, 4 Euclid Club, 4 Big Sister, 4 Gusher Staff, 3, HC" Pins, 1 xx Life Saving, 4 Festival Chorus, 3 Swimming Exhibition, 4 LAULKN uk, A. J l'iIiLMAN, XVILLIAM Colleye Prejuzraiory Fwifs, B EVIQRLY A. General Gym Show, 1, 3 Glee Concert, 1 Swimming Exhibition, 2, 4 Vnlley Ball Champs, 2 "Numeral", N. C. H. S. and' Junior Life Saving Class Basketball Class Speedball 1939 .lfusrafzg SENIORS ENNIS, JAMES F. College Preparatory N ational Athletic Scholarship Society, 34 Varsity Football, 3, 4 Varsity Track, 3, 4 lntramural Basketball, 2,3 Intramural Football, 1, 2 National Thespians, 4 Senior Class Play, 4 EVANGO, ELIZABETH ANN General FARM ER, JAM IES H. General FAVVLEY, SABI S. College Preparatory FENTON, CHARLES A. General Foc1zcA, LUPE General Gym Show, 1, 3 Glee Concert, 1 French Club, 3, 4 French Club, 3, 4 Latin Club, 1 Butte High School, Butte, Montana, 2 Ill SENIORS FORSMAN, GLENN A. Commercial FOSTER, JOHN CURTIS College Preparatory Varsity Basketball, 4 "C" Club, 4 Officers' Club, -I- Kiwanis Medal for Best Drilled squad lb. Senior Glee, 3, 4 XJ President of Music Counci ,-l NationalThespians,-l- ' "Spring Dance," 4 K FRONK, LILLIAN General CQARBERG, JEAN B. College Preparalory Big Sister, 4 Acappella, 3 Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3 Junior Follies, 3 wak- Gusher Staff, 4 Spanish Club, 4 A. K. A,, 4 "Spring Dance," 4 GEHRETT, RAY General GOODRICH, WAYNE College Preparatory l24l Foss, E1.o1sE General FRONK, EILEEN RIAE General CJAGE, PHYLLIS M. General GARRE'l'T, ELDRIDGE E. General zf' may if GOODER, CRESALINE , Commercial Gym Shows, 1, 3 I' f JJ GOODW'IN, ROBERT College Preparatory Non-Commissioned Oilicer, 4 Class Basketball, 3, 4 Class Football, 4 Captain Intramural Softball Team, 3 Class Track, 3 1939 Mustang ci0RRELL, ll'lAR-IORY General St. Martin's Academy fiRliISZ, AIIZRLE JANE College Preparatory 'lf N. T., 2 Latin Club, l French Club, 3, 4 Big Sister, 4 Junior Follies, 3, 4 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 Kiwanis Plays, 3 Glee Club Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 4 HART, LOUISE C. General HAYS, PRESTON M. College Prejtaratory National Thespians, 4 Euclid Club, 2, 3,4 President Photography Club, 4 Treasurer Nat'l Honor Society National Quill and Scroll Gusher Staff, 3, 4 Annual Staff, 3, 4 Senior Band, 2, 3, 4 H EISIER, ARTHUR J. College Preparatory Euclid Club, 3, 4 President Radio Guild, 4 ' English Club, 3 who National Honor, 3, 4 CQ," I Senior Class President J V Executive Council, 4 Junior Rotarian, 4 National Thespians, 4 H ERB ERT, MARIE V. General Latin Club, 1,2 Gym Show, 3 Glee Concerts, l 1939 Mustang SENIORS ciRlilEN, ROBERT General HARRISON, DON NA FERN General ldAWI.liY, ROBERT WV. College Preparatory Commissioned Officer, 4 Oflicers' Club, 4 Mustang Guard, 4 A. K. A., 3 Junior Follies, 3 Annual Staff, 4 Shutterbug Club, 4 Kiwanis Plays,3 HIEALY, HAROLD H. College Prejlzlratory Vice Pres. National Forensic, 2 Director Radio Guild, 2, 3, 4 Second Place Cromer Oratorical Contest, 2 Co-Author Junior Follies, '37 National Music Festival, Omaha, 3 E National Honor Society, 3, 4 President National Thespians, 4 H ENDRY, JAMES College Preffaratory Class Football, 1,2 Class Basketball, 1,2 Junior Band, 1, 2 "New Fires," 3 President National Thespians, 4 Rocky Mtn. Speech Conference "Crinoline and Candlelight" Kiwanis Plays, 4 H FRBST, HELEN Cen eral l25l SENlORS Hroums, Gnottm P. Co Ill nzerrinl HISCKJCK, PA'rtuc1A R. Collfyf' Prfpzlrrltrfrj' Cody High School, 1 .-Xcappella, 2,3 rx. K. A., 3,4 l.atin Club, 2 Gym Show, 2 Glee Concerts, 2,3 .Xrt Club, 3 National Honor Society, 3, 4 l'lor.MuRtcN, lJoNA1.n College Prejlarafury Varsity Football,3 "C" Club, 3, 4 Intramural Football, 1, 2 Intramural Basketball, 1, 2,3 H otuuxs, RUTH Joy College Pf!'f7Ill'IlfllI'Vl' Cheer Leader, 1, 2, 3, 4 National Quill and Scroll, Annual Staff, 3, 4 Gusher Staff, 4 Big Sister, 4 H vm uk, RIARKIORI E L. General lnmcts, Dokornv M. Gemfral Photography Club, 3, 4 junior Orchestra, 4 Mtxsic Festival, 3, 4 Gym Sh0w,3 Volley Ball,3 Speedball, 3 Usher Club, 3, 4 W 4 A N u ll ILL, A1.msR'1' L. Gmtfral HoFMANN, Lr1.m1A1a College' Prtfflaralory National Quill and Scroll, 4 National Thespians, 4 Treasurer Spanish Club, 4 Gusher Staff, 4 Annual Staff, 4 Big Sister, 4 English Club, 4 "Big Hearted Herbert," 4 PJMW- Nr A 1 ' 'ye '-fxax, f- f? l'i0XACK, l',-xTR1C1A L. Collrgr Pfl?f7HfI1f!1l'-1' H UBB.-XRD, tl UN15 C,-mot. Co Ill llll'l't'i!lI Radio Club Madriggal Club Glee Club, 1, 2,3 Gym Show, 1 Festival Chorus, 3, 4 Glee Club, 2, 3 rx, K. A.. 2, 3, 4 Swimming Show, 2 lm, JAY Gezzrfrnl lttrm 12, Rtiru GKIIF!'llI Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 4 Gym Show, 1 Photography Club, 3, 4 Annual Staff, 4 Gusher Staff, 4 After School Sports, 2 l-261 19.59 flluxtang ISIIAM, CHARLES W. General Class Basketball, 3, 4 Class Football,3 JACQUOT, VICTOR W. College Preparaiory ,- J IISIJERSEN, LoIS M. General Acappella ClIIb, 4 Festival Chorus, 4 ,ION IIS, WILLIAM E. College Preparatory ,lox Iss, FRANK College Preparatory National Honor Society, 4 A. K. A., 3 Latin Club, 2,3 Shutterbugs, 4 Senior Euclid Club, 4 Commissioned Orlicer, 4 Oflicers' Club, 4 Class Football, 3, 4 JIJURGENSEN, LOIS Commercial Latin Club, 1 After School Sports, 1, 2,3 Ping-Pong ChaInpion, 3 Big Sister, 4 Alpha Delta Phi, 4 Bicycle Drill, 4 Shorthand Awards Easterbrook Contest Award, 4 SENIORS JACKSON, ORLAND General JAM ESON, J UANITA Co 111 rn. rezal ON ES WILLIAM C. 3 Com merrial JONES, CHARLIzNIz College Preparalory Latin Club, 1, 2,3 Usher Club, 3 junior Follies, 3 junior Prom Committee, 3 Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3 Big Sister, 4 Gusher Staff, -lf JOSLYN, DICK College Preparatory Football, 3, 4 "C" Club, 3,4 National Athletic S' hrlastic Society liADI.lCK, ICVIZLYN L. General 1939 Mustarzg 7 SENIORS KEISER, XIARAIORIE General Cheer Club, 1 President Girls' League Council, 4 Swimming Exhibition, 2 Gusher Staff, 3 Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 Girls' Vice President, 4 Executive Council, 4 Big Sister, 4 K IZLLY, XKYERLI E RIAY General Latin Club, 2, 3 Glee Club Concerts, 1,2 KIZTCH U M, LAWVETA General KILLHAM, NORMA General Gym Show, 1 Acappella,l Glee Concerts, 1,2 Kiwanis Plays, 3 A. K. A., -l- KLocKsl EM, joHN G. College Preparator Boys' Senior Glee, 3, 4 Boys' junior Glee, 1,2 Class BasketbaIl,1 Class Fo0tball,3 junior Follies,3 Varsity Football, 4 Varsity Track, 3, 4 Kiwanis Plays, 4 Koc H, liliRAI,D L. General F. F. A.,2, 3,4 Reporter F. F. A., 3, 4 Delegate to State F. F. A Convention, 3, 4 Livestock and Agronomy Contest, 3, 4 J. State Shop Team State Contest, 4 1281 KEITH, WALTER R. General KEN NEY, RICHARD College Preparatory Ku.1.lBREw, B ETTY L. General Km BALL, ROBERT G. College Preparatory -'tv' Club, 3, +, President, 4 Athletic Scholarship Society, 3, 4 Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 Varsity Football, Z, 3, 4 Senior Band, 1, 2, 3 Senior Boys' Quartette Class Vice President, 4 KNAPP, LEALAND M. College Preparafory National Honor Society, 3, 4 National Quill and Scroll National Forensic League Class Football, 2,3 Euclid Club, 3, 4 Spanish Club, 2, 3. 4 English Club, 3, 4 Gusher Staff, 3 KOONTZ, D. LA KIARGE General Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 4 Acappella, 1, 3, 4 Festival Chorus, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club, 1, 2 1939 Mummy KRIEGER, RUTH K. General Girls' Trio 2 3 4 4 uvv President Madrigal Club, 4 Secretary Music Council, 4 A. K. A., 3, 4 Radio Guild, 3, 4 Kiwanis Plays, 3, 4 Acappella, 2, 3, 4 LAFFERTY, DONALD J. General LAfNlliY, NELLIE General . L .550 LEACH, LLOYD , General X LEVVIS, EVANGELENE General LOWE, MAX General Junior Band, 1 Junior Orchestra, 1 Senior Band, 2, 3, 4 All-State Band Rocky Mtn. Conference Band Colorado Springs Band F. F. A. Band 1939 llflustang SENIORS KUHN, ROBERT J. General LA M B ERT, CARLISLE General Junior Band, 1,2 Senior Band, 3, 4 Future Farmers' Band LANGE, N EAL College Preparatory LEEQH, DOROTHY L. College Preparatory San Diego High School Madrigal, 4 Acappella, 4- Senior Euclid Club, 4 National Thespians, 4 "Spring Dance," 4 "Jazz and Minuetf' 4 Kiwanis Plays LiNTz, JAM ES P. College Preparatory Latin Club, 1, 2 N ' Euclid Club, 3,4 X C We "C" Club, 4 V Senior Band, 2, 3, 4 Senior Orchestra, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Football, 3, 4 National Athletic Scholarship Society, 4 Quill and Scroll, 4 LUSBY, JACK College Prefiarafury Euclid Club, 3, 4 Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 National Honor Society, 3, 4 Glee, 1, 2, 3,4 Festival Orchestra, 2, 3, 4 Senior Orchestra, 2, 3, 4 "Big Hearted Herbert" Senior Class Football, 4 i291 SENIORS LYHYER, J UANITA G. General Kiwanis Play, 'lElmer" Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 4 K ICCLEARY, HENRY College l,l'f'f7ll!Ylf0!'-V lxf'IClXlURRY,KENNli1'H IJ. General KICRAE CHRISTINE 7 General KIACKEN, EUGENE Gulleye I,7'Pfllll'llf0l'j' K IAHON EY, R IARY RITA Go mmerfial Glee Concerts, 1,2 Gym Show, 1 Big Sister, 4 -Iunior Prom Committee, 3 1301 AICCARTHY, EILEEN Com merzfial Glee Concerts, 2, 4 English Club, 3, 4 Big Sister, 4 Usher Club, 3 Mcli EE, ,I ULIA College Preparatory Latin Club, 1,2 Gym Show, 1, 3 Glee Concerts, 1,2 Speedball 'l'eam,3 Usher Club, 3 Gusher Staff Big Sister, 4 Girls' League Council, 4 lXIcN AMARA, WILLIAM General UC" Club, 2, 3,4 Varsity Football, 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Track, 1, 4 Executive Council, 4 Senior Class Representative NICROBERTS, DOROTIIX' Gonlnlerfial Acappella, 2,3 Glee Club Concerts, 1,2 Big Sister, 4 Uflice Staff, 4 AIACLEOD, JOHN C. College Prejmrniory KIANBECK, VI2RfX RIARIE General Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 Photography Club, 3 Gym Show, 1, 3 1939 MIlSf0I1y X lANNlNG, RIARTIN JAY College Preparalory Midwest High School, Nlidwe Wyoming, 1, 2 Glee Club, 4 Oflicers' Club, 4 Commissioned Ofhcer, 4 N IARQUARDT, TH li LM A Commerffal Gym Show, 1,3 Swimming Exhibition, 2. 4 Junior Follies, 3 Volleyball Champs, 2 Numerals,NCHS:1ncl C Senior Life Saving Class Basketball Class Speerlball il'IARTIN, ROBERT General ll'lETCALF, GEN EVA Gen eral RIICHIE, MA RET Qolleye r ratory Ma rig luh,2 ,4 K Musi ncil, 4 'irl eagu un f utive Co 'il 'or Cl s Tre J rel' ig Sis Ki ,Plays, X Nation. l Thespizlns, 4 ll IILLER, DONALD L. General st, 1939 lWus1ana SENIORS RIANORGAN, lVIARJORlE College Preparatory National Honor, 4 National Thespians, 4 Rocky Mtn. Speech Conference Radio Guild, 3, 4 Sextette, 4 Executive Council, 4 Editor of Gushcr, 4 President Quill and Scroll K I ARS HA1. 1., IJOROT HY College Preparat or-1' T. N. T., 1 Junior Follies, 3 National Thespians, 4 Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 Annual Staff, 2,3 Big Sister, 4 Rocky Mtn. Speech Conference BIATTHEVVS, SARA JANE College Preparatory M ETz, KATHLEEN C. Commercial M K I ILATZO, RIARY General RIILLER, KENNETH General Officers' Club, 3, 4 Commissioned Oflicer, 3, 4 Non-Commissioned Ofhcer, 2 Glee Club, 3, 4 wo SENIORS XIu.l,ER. XIARGARIVI' General Glee Concerts, 1 Gym Show, 3 NIILLER, PHYLLIS College PI'Ff7Ill'IlfllI"1' lhflOKLER, lh'lAURIN lf General Euclid Club, 3, 4 Photography Club, 3 Glee Concerts, 1, 2,3 Gym Show, 1 Chairman junior Prom Committee, 3 Library Staff AIORGAN, JANIES College Preparatory Non-Commissioned Oflicer Commissioned Oflicer, 4 Rifle Team, 2, 3,4 Gusher Staff, 3 Oflicers' Club, 4 Usher Club, 2,3 NIURPHY, PHYLLIS College Prefrrlrzllory NICKERSON. WVARREN G. General I32I RIILLER, ZXIARILYN College Prefwarrzforj French Club, 3, 4 Latin Club, 2 English Club, 4 Big Sister, 4 Alpha Delta Phi,+ Volleyball, 2 Glee Club Concerts, l, 2, 3 IXIILLS, illARGARliT General NIOORE, IJONALD College Preparatory junior Follies,3 junior Class Basketball, 3 Senior Class Basketball, 4 Senior Glee, 4 Senior Band, 4 junior Band, 2,3 H URPHY, ROBERT J. College Preparaiory Latin Club, 1, 2,4 Class Basketball, 1,2 Class Football, 1, 2 Gusher Staff, 4 Student Council, 1 Non-Commissioned 'Office Regis High School, Denve Quill and Scroll, 4 NEESE, IRENE General Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 Gym Show, 1 Music Festival, 2 Kiwanis l'lays,4 NlliTlI.rXN1 M RR, E.l'lSlli College Preparalory Annual Staff, 3, 4 Co-Editor of Annual, 4 English Club, 4 Executive Council,-4 National Quill and Scroll, Gusher Staff,3 Latin Club, 1,2 Violin String Quartette r, 2,4 r, 3 3,+ 1939 Mustarzg NOEL, A. G. General Fooball, 2, 3, 4 Basketball, 2, 3, 4 Club, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Vice President, 4 Class Treasurer, 3 Executive Council, 2, 3, 4 NOVAK, EVA College Preparatory Acappella, 1, 2, 3, 4 French Club, 3 National Thespians, 4 Gusher Staff, 3, 4 Girls' League Council, 4 Big Sister, 4 Quill and Scroll, 4 Festival Chorus, 4 OlCONNOR, KATHLEEN College Preparatory Gusher Staff, 4 French Club, 4 OLSEN, EVELYN NI. College Preparatory Acappella Club, 2,3 Alpha Delta Phi, 4 English Club, 4 Big Sister Organization Glee Club, 1, 2,3 Glee Concerts, 1, 2,3 Kiwanis Plays, 4 O. G. A. Membership, 3, 4 ONDLIQR, PATRICIA General PANOS, GEORGE C. General 1939 Mustang SENIORS NOTTAGIQ, lVlII.'l'ON C. General fl,l'iRIEN, WYONNA M. General Senior and Junior Band, 4 Senior and junior Orchestra, English Club, 3, 4 French Club, 3 Kiwanis Play,3 Festival Band, 3, 4 Festival Orchestra, 3, 4 All-State Band, 4 OI, ER, JAM as VV. General C,LSON, DON E. General OsNrzss, RUTH College Preparatory Latin Club, 1,2 Acappella, 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 4 English Club, 3 Euclid Club, 3, 4 National Honor, 3, 4 Big Sister, 4 junior Follies, 3 PARADISE, ARDITH C om mereial 3 l33l ! SENIORS ROBINIETT, AIOIIN IJOUIILAS General Class Football, 3 Class Basketball, 2, 3 Va rsity Football, 4 Club, 4 RonoIiRs, XYIOLA Cl0lIIlllt'!'l'iIl1 Ros Ia, VIRGINIA College' l,l'l'flIlI'Ilffll'j' French Club, 3, 4 Gusher Staff Business Mgr., 3 Madrigal Club Secretary, 4 Secretary of Girls' League Council, 3, 4 Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 Cheer Club,1 Big Sister, 4 I R UTH IERFORD, B I ARY LIA N li College lJl'l'f3IlI'IlfllI'j' Radio Guild, 3,4 Secretary-'I're:Isurer Frenrh Club, 3,4 Junior Follies, 3 Big Sister, 4 Art Club, 2,3 Quill and Scroll, 4 National 'l'hespians, 4 SAN FORD, ll IAROARIYI' VIRGINIA General SCIIAEFER, xlII.DRliD General l36l Rono HRS, DUAN u VIFIIPYYII Class Basketball, 1,2 Class Football, 1,2 Varsity Footba1l,3 junior Varsity Basketball, 3 Referee of lntarmural Basket- ball Garnes Rand Espionage System lluring Football Season, 4 ROIII.IfIf, FRA News Coffey? l'll'!'f7llI'1lfflI'-1' I-Xcappella, 1,2 Big Sister, 4 Secretary, 4 - 1 Latin Club, 3 Gym Show GleeCOll1'eI'ts,1,2,3, 4 ROSSIN, l'll.0RIiNCli f,t'lH'I'lll R YAN, X l ,I ROAR I2'1' Crllrrflf SATT lfR'l'llVr'.'XlT, Xfvlllfll N IA Gfllzfrfll SCHII uw, lJOROTHY H I:I,I-:N Cn Ill lIlI'I'l'illI 1939 .Mustang SCIIOENWALD, LlfoNl General Euclid Club, 2, 3, 4 Secretary Natl. Honor Society, 4 English Club, 4 junior, Senior Band, 2, 3, 4 junior, Senior Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4 Rocky Mtn. Band Contest, 2 Festival Band, 2, 3, 4 Gym Show Band,3 Scuuixrif, FRANK L. College Prefrrlrafory "C" Club, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Basketball, 1, 2,3 National Athletic Association Commissioned Oflicer, 3 Officers' Club, 3 Business Mgr. jr. Follies, "37' junior Prom Committee, "37" ScHwAR'1'z, HlfI,liN F. College l,l'I'f?Il!'Ilf0I'j' junior Class Vice President A. K. A. President, 4 National Forensic, 4 Vice Pres. Girls' League Coun- cil, 4, Acting Pres,, 2nd Half Big Sister, 4 Rocky Mtn. Speech Conference Executive Council, 3, 4 SHAW, ELIDA AIARI is General SH EPPISRSON, H ELEN RUTH General Sl iioizi., Aucia Co Ill III ereiul 1939 lllzzslang SENIORS ScHoo1.iaR, AIARTHA General SCHWARTZ, W1LL1AM I, College Preparalory ' Varsity Football, 2, 3,4 Varsity Track, 3, 4 "C" Club, 3, 4 National Athletic Scholarship Society Cadet Major, 4 Executive Council, 4 Boys' Quartette, 4 Quill and Scroll, 4 Sc0T'r, LEONARD A. College Preparatory Varsity Football, 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Track, 1, 2, 3, 4 "C" Club, 2, 3, 4 President Natl. Athletic Soc., 3 4 Sophomore Class Secretary Boxing, 3 Basketball Tournament Squad, 2, 3, 4 SHAW, AIARY College Preparatory Cheer Leader, 1,2, 3,4 Secretary of Girls' League Council, 4 Big Sister, 4 Swimming Meet, 2 Glee Concerts, 1,3 junior Follies, 3 Numeral in Gym, 4 Kiwanis Plays, 4 Sc H u1.rz, AUSTIN General m'L 7 'Lf Sms, FRANK College Preparatory Non-Commissioned Ofiicer Latin Club, 3 Photography Club, 4 President, 4 l37l SENIORS S KAU, -IoH N General SMITH, RUTH BERNIEQE General Gym Show, I Drum Major, 3, 4 junior Band, 2, 3, 4 junior Orchestra, 3, 4 SoN N li N F ELT, V ELDA J EAN G ffneral STOUT, CH ARLOTTE General Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4 Band, 2, 3, 4 Acappella, 2 Madrigal, 3, 4 Euclid Club, 2 National Honor, 3, 4 Girls' League Council, 3 Clarinet Quartette, 3,4 STRAND, ,IANICE J. General STROEHICR, CHARLES VV. College Preparatory Latin Club, 2,3 Photography Club, 4 Gusher Staff, 4 Glee Club, 1,2 Glee Concerts, 1,2 Oflice Staff, 4 "FreShies," 1 l38l l SMITH, CHARLES General SN1ITH,vANCl5 College Prefvaratorhi National Thespians, 4 Non-Commissioned f,H:lC61 Commissioned Officer, 4 Oflicers' Club, 4 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 "Spring Dance," 4 Mllstang Guard, 3, 4 Class Basketball,2, 3,4 SPlCl5R, LESLTE Colleyf' Preparafory STOUT EN E ERG, 'PED General 4 , ,gl A , Ill, 1 iy I if l' "NL,STQl11cR1.,xND,,lAx1ES A. Xl f Collffye Preparatory I IL Boys' Glee, 4 Festival Chorus, 4 Senior Band, 4 SVVEEN Ev, FRANCES L. Grneral Gym Show, l ,lllIll0l'f,YCl'l6SlI'1l Big Sister, 4 1939 llfustang V 'llALI'liRS, GLORIA Golleye Preparatory Cheer Club, 1 Girls' League Council, 3, 4 Euclid Club, 3, 4 Latin Club, 1, 2 French Club, 3, 4 A. K.A., 3,4 Madrigal, 2, 3, 4 National Honor, 3,4 Tm LIN, CATHERINE CO7llII16ft'l!ll English Club, 4 Big Sister, 4 Glee Concert, 2 Gym Show, 1 Annual Staff, 4 Pep Parade Committee, 4 Penney's Day, 4 Casper Tribune-Herald, 4 , 1lURNER, NV1LL1AM C. College Preparatory Spanish Club, 4 Colleyville, Kansas, 1 Arkansas City, Kansas, 2 'llVVIDALIZ, JOHN General Glee, 1, Z, 3, 4 Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 4 Swimming Meet, 1 A. K. A , 4 Stage Crew, 4 VAN HORN, FREDRICK General Second Place Horseshoe Track, 1, 2, 3 F. F. A. Member, 1, 2,3 F. F. A. President, 2 F. F. A. Reporter, 3 F. F. A. Stock judging Team, 2,3 F. F. A. Delegate in State C vention, 2,3 Nv0NDRA, ELDON E. General OII- I 939 lllustang SENIORS 'llAYLOR, NELLIE General 'llROWE, JANET College Preparatory National Honor, 3, 4 Euclid Club, 3,4 Spanish Club, 3, 4 Radio Guild, 4 Big Sister President, 4 Girls' League Council, 3 Executive Council, 2 National Thespians, 4 'llURNER, RUTH General VA11., RIARJORIE General NTETTER, VIVIEN Co nz nzereial Shutterbug Club, 4 Girls' League Council, 4 National Thespians, 4 Stage Crew, 4 Asst. Business Mgr. Gusher, 4 "Spring Dancef' 4 Student Director of "Jazz and Minuet," 4 National Quill and Scroll dl I' WACK, LAXIERNE General 1.414 SENIORS X'V,x1.KER, JACK General XVAIJERS, LIZONA General XVA'rsoN, W'1L1.1Axx College Preparatory Football, 3, 4 Basketball, 3, 4 "C" Club, 3, 4 W EAVIZR, wVANDA RIAYE College Prejmrafory Latin Club, 1, 2,3 French Club, 4 Acappella Club, 1,2 Gusher Staff, 4 Big Sister, 4 Junior Follies, 3 Glee Club Concerts, 1, 2,3 Quill and Scroll, 4 XVISLCH, AH NITA General NVELCH, JOHN C. General Mustang Guard, 3, 4 Non-Commissioned Olhcer, 3 Commissioned Oflicer, 4 Officers' Club, 4 Rifle Team, 2, 3, 4 Captain, 3, 4 H01 XV.u.sH, YA Uou N College Prefrarui Ury F. F. A. Reporter, 2 Senator to N. C. H. S. Con Ad Copy Reader, Gusher Reporter, Gusher junior Euclid Club WVA'1'soN, BETTY -I EAN Y gress C o llege Prejlarat ory l.atin Club, 1, 2,3 Acappella Club, I, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Quartette, 4 junior Follies, 2,3 Mixed Chorus, 3, 4 Gusher Stall, 4 Big Sister, 4 National Honor, 3, 4 .MW W A rsoN, xVIiSl,IiY College Prefrnrrztory Quill and Scroll, 4 National Honor Society, 3,4 Gusher Reporter, 4 City Editor of Gusher, 4 French Club, 3, 4 Secretary, 4 ' Rl.l, WYILLIAA1 College Preparatory l.atin Club, 1,2 junior Follies, 3 Radio Guild, 3, 4 Class Secretary, 4 Commissioned Officer, 4 Senior Euclid Club, 4 Gusher Sports Editor, 4 Quill and Scroll, 4 XVE1.cH, DORIS ELLEN General Glee Concerts, 1, 2,3 Gym Show, 1, 2 After School Basketball, 2 NV11 ITE, FRANCES College Preparalory Photography Club, 4 Girls' Glee Concerts, 1,2 Girls' Sport Award, 4 Spanish Club, 4 junior-Senior Life Saving Soccor Team, 3, 4 Basketball Team, 1, 3, 4 Volley Ball Team, 2, 3, 4 1939 llluslang W1LK1Ns, WARRIEN College Preparatory VV1 LLIAMSON, JACK General VVOODHOUSE, ROBER1' College Preparaforj Gusher Staff, 3, 4 City Editor of Gusher, 4 Quill and Scroll, 4 French Club President, 4 English Club President, 4 t'Big Hearted Herbert," 4 National Honor, 4 Latin Club, 3 WRAY, GERALDI N is - General emnrizlm SEN IORS VVILLIAMS, HOWARD General junior Band, 1 Senior Band, 2, 3, 4 Senior Orchestra, 2, 3, 4 All-State Band, 3, 4 Saxophone Sextette, 1, 2, 4 Colorado Champions Band. 3 Laramie Band Trip, 4 Festival Band, 3, 4 Woou, HARRIET College Preparatory Gym Show, 1 Colo. Springs Band Trip, 2 Senior Band and Orchestra, 2 Flute Quartette, 4 Flute, Violin and Piano, 4 Spanish Club, 4 Kiwanis Plays, 4 Senior Class Play, 4 VVORK, LOLA JAN li Commercial President Photography Club English Club, 4 National Thespians, 4 Executive Council, 4 Student Body Treasurer, 4 "SpringDance," 4 "Big Hearted Herbert," 4 National Honor, 4 YYOUNGLUND, l0NlE Co III In ercial Gusher Business Manager Ac:1ppella,1 Glee Concerts, 1, 2,3 Gym Show, 1, 3 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 Gym Award Spanish Club, 3 Quill and Scroll, 4 LIZRKJY 'l'RAL"1' jAMlss lJou1iR'rY Class of '39 Class of '40 Born December 11, 1920 Born November 9, 1922 Died january 6, 1939 Died December 19, 1938 Praczcw SHIZPARD Class of '40 Born May 24, 1923 Died February 13, 1939 , 4 1939 Mustang I4 N i x ' B juniors 3 f Wg? 1 df ' W' in V5 LW yt wk .JK w f jgf H gf X UQ, fl MT 7' W ,ruff I ,Jw H ff F T S iw x x3 ' jgx J I m 5 KY . X k P1 Y 2 X - ,f Q Q xA - A' 'LNXT' X as lx SQ , 3:1 fix K X X 5 ' ix J g K A X. g .1 "' N x 5 QQ.. 5 3 sg J: xx XXV Xa, fi S vl 'X 5 Q 41 CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS NIETHAMMER PERRY FERIS FULLER REXY SMITH RUSSELL Qlass cgfiftory Three years ago three hundred freshmen full of spirit and ambition entered N. C. H. S. for the first time as "oHicial members." The year opened with the initiation to be followed by the "Coed Ball." The seniors were well-informed in the art of entertaining. The class was next brought together to choose its officers. Chosen to lead us were bliss Edna lllae Healy and lllr. Darrel Hathway. Victor Niethammer was elected president, Earl Ray, vice president, Jim Fuller, secretary, LaVonne Perry, treasurerg and lllary Work, representative to the executive council. The second year .began with less excitement so we soon settled down to serious learning. The class was again called ,together to choose its leaders. llfliss Frances Feris and Nfr. Darrel Hathway were chosen sponsors. As assistants, Victor Niethammer, president, LaVonne Perry, vice president, Leslie Smith, secretaryg and,jEarl Ray, treasurer, took their places in the .official chairs. The class entered its first activities by sponsoring a dance with success. As the year progressed, the sophomores became more important and even beganito loovk upon their returning next year as juniors with high enthusiasm. ln our third year we have a good start in rounding out a career as an outstanding class. In an exciting election, Victor Niethammer was elected president, LaVonne Perry, vice president, Earl Ray, secretary, Leslie Smith and Jim Fuller, representatives to the executive council. lVIiss Feris and llflr. V. Y. Russell were elected class sponsors. lNIr. Russell replaced lVlr. Darrel Hathway who was forced to resign because of extra-curricular activities. The Junior Follies was among the most successful in the annals of N. C. H. S. history. It was shown a second time for the benefit of numerous people who were turned away on the night of the hrst Show. Because of the success of the follies, the Junior Prom was one of the best proms ever held. Our class rings were ordered this year to enable us to enjoy the rings our entire senior year. JUNIORS lst Row .X1'!nstl'r111g Aufiick Aufiick Ayres Baker Batellc Bauer Beau He-vhtel, I. 2nd Row 3rd Row 4th Row 5th Row 6th Row 7th Row 8th Row Bechtel. R. Iirattis Burgess K'nYTey Fhapman llwcy lbzw:-11111111 lit-ll HITIIIII Hnrkc f'an111I1cll Chelewski 1'ur!is lJz1vi4 lim-rry K-hlll'Cl'IVY6ll l'uvault Day. 1, A liertulem lirey l'a1'pe11te1', ll. Flare Frmvcrt Imy, l.. Bolihger Cleveland C'rasl1Iey Uzxytun llottums Hrmvn, M. Burns f'arpe-uter. R. Vlousc- Crusc IJOIASUII llmvnlzm Brown, S, Hush. Ii, l'zu'ter, B. f'c1lib1'arf1 f'lll!lliIlj1h1Il1l IJcl'z1v111vl:w1'u Iiu5le Bruce Hush. J. fzxrter. Nl. follins Ilallusmx IDL-vcr llr:u1rlz111 llmlsc-11 Byars Vusey 611111111111 lJ:1llnsm1 IJ:-Yrivs I4 I l re- JUNIORS 4 , sz Ist Row 2nd Row 3rd Row 4th Row 5th Row 6th Row llillow England Foote Galutia Graham Hendrickson Doan Erickson Francis George Greene Hills llogqett Evans, B. French Gibson Gremel Holloway Downing Evans, N. Fritchell Giinther Gnptill Holstein Dodge Fiddes Fritz Giroux Hall Hool llysnn Fields Fuller Goetz llarnar Hooplnan Earnsliaw lflory Furlong Gordon, A. Hammond Elliott Flotli Galliraitli Gordon, M, Hancock Houghani lfmery Fnoscf Gale Graf llelmrick llonsley ll46l 7th Row Huber Hnmes Iserman Jacquot ,lammerman James Johnson, B. Johnston, V. Jones. Betty 8th Row Jrmcs, Bob Kelly Kennedy Kerr Killibrew King Kistler Knittle Knittle, ll. JUNIORS lst Row 2nd Row Knutsnn I.L-ister Iirusm:u'I4 Imy l.zIicIl:m I.wcIcI1:u'I I.zImI1 I.1mg' Lamm-y I.usry I.zu'gc- NIncXIzums .zmsmx Alclhy I I.:Iymun I.:'I11'm- Xlcllunahl. XIvIJmm:lIrI, I 3rd Row XIcNzu11:u'a XI zxckay BI aclrigal Blurut Maxon. B. Maxon. G. NI enks Mr-rwin Mc-sn-r 4th Row Sth Row 6th Row 7th Row 8th Row KI1IzItzo.A, Hilatzo. L. XIIIIUV, C. XIIIIQ-V, RI. Miller, R. Mills Miuchow XIIICIWII Rlokle-x' NIurpI1y. H, Nlurphy. I.. N val Net-clhzmm Nvlsrm NL-wnlzlll. II N1-w1u:u1. I. XicImIs XII-1I1:n1um-1 X ic1I1:1l11l1u'x'. Y. Nnflllilll u'Ii1-im Uctgc-11 ffvlgvll Park I':u'm4-nt I'zu'1'isI1 I':n1c'IlL'n vu' Pzxtterson Phillipscn Paul Phillippi IR-gun Pierce Penn Piersall I'e1'aIcs Pilant I'c-riune Pope I'z-fry Powers I'z1te-rsnul Pratt Pvttit Prnhst I4 1 U, JUNIORS' - w, 'i J ix!!! fm U? V1 J ,YI 1 J fy fl ' f, Ur .fi AMA' lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row 4th Row Sth Row Pmpp Rogustacl Scliwertltieger Smith, F. Stone Purdy Rtiseillieiyqei' Sciple Smith, H. Smut Quist Ruth Sezimans Smith, l.. Stroiuherg' Racieli Rowlands Serial' Siuolclt Sullivan, J. Rash Royce Shaw Siioflgiuss Sullivan, KT. Nay Sauter Shepzirvl Snow Suyematsu Reeves Sehauss Slocum Sorum Swan Reid Scliryei' Smith, ll. Spaulding Swzmtmi Richarrlsoii Schulte Smith, li. Stzuitim 'lhclcett l49l I' gvvv - ,'yvvf 6th Row 'l'l1miipscm, ll. Thciiupson, li. Thrinipsoii, P Timm Toliiu Tomlin 'Pope Tr: mllope 7th Row 8th Row Tuliricly VVilkiug' Twiggs W'illianis Vigil VVilson, l, Vigil VVilsou, R NValclrrm VValkei', ll. xXYZilkQl'. Nl. Wlelch llvlu-eler VVolcott WVolte1' NAY0l'k Vfrolile Y Il nt P . 'ja' jffy Tp,,JJfW , . Sophomores A, Moi f fi J mf ' Qi L ,fl ,f7- M99 wwf .xwvV,Ul OV i w 'fffA.,-Xfiqx QM wil, M KA 4f++ '9'Qw kJ 'f?9QqXfQd'MQ E 1 f f MX' rfipidx iffy JN J? W f ju JK XX Q 0 'f f, if ' A 'MW 2 0, DJJ! jjy N ' Qin 5 '5 . W2 W 5223? ESX my Walif W W Mgffiwywwwi mv - V, WMV A -' JL MQ. , f SW' mai, MW l0l CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS KINIZHAM GRIKIGS VVEHRLI BURNS Cuinrnv Glass Wfistory The class of '-il started its career in N. C. H. S. last year by electing Richard Bowman, president, and Jack Chidley, representative to the executive council. bliss Griggs and lNIr. Kingham were chosen as class sponsors. Then came a week of initiation by the seniors. The freshman girls were then treated royally at the Coed Ball hy the senior girls. Following a summer vacation, we launched our sophomore year Whole-heartedly. We elected Richard Bowman, president, Bob VVehrli, vice president, lliarybeth Burns, treasurer, and Peggy Williams, representative to the executive council. After Peggy's departure for Wzishingtcnn, her posi- tion was filled by lliarybeth Burns. The office of treasurer has remained unfilled. iliiriam liinning, Virginia Davis, Dorothy Kimball, and Joyce Reeve were elected as representatives to the Girls' League Council. During the year, Richard Bowman and Bill O,Donnell made themselves a name by winning letters in football. The year's debate team boasted such sophomores as John Lowery, Klarybeth Burns, Helen Bowman, hiargaret Hendry, Diary Elizabeth Doherty, Virginia Davis, Edward Loss, Niary Elizabeth Hayes, blary Donlin, June Ann Seidel, and Robert Koler. Rita Ann Hadley won top honor in humorous declamation in the Denver speech tournament. At the Rocky lllountain Speech Confer- ence at Denver University lllarybeth Burns Won first place for the girls in panel discussion. The sophomore class has gone far in its undertakings and we are sure that it will go even farther in the remainder of its stay in N. C. H. S. SOPHOMORES First row-Heard. Tollman, Tloinix, Grccn. 'l'nln'itly, Hawley, Hendry, Pc-niiingtmi, Sllt'4l4lt'll, ltlclntyre, Gilwlms. Pztcich. Huber. Baxter, Green, Arlznn. Spziiiltliiig. Second rowfllavifl, XYert1er. l'le-tm-ns, Buyer. Lytle. Davis. l'i1rlui'n'nmrvcl, Baskt-tt, NYrolvlcskc-. Schulte. lice-rc. Malice. Rohlff. Seidel, Binning, llrnwn. Smith. Third row lbulii-rty. Sword. AlCl4EtlIL.fl'llill. Rumlain. Austin, Pratt. Mclfail, Galley, juslyn. Xlclt-ml. Braley. Sorgen. Shaw. Nlztytielil. Thomas. Arrasxnitli. ll:-nc-r, Fourth row llnlmes. Perlinski, Vaiiiplwll. XYight. Ferris, XVaslie-xiieltler. Kistler. Sanford. Kelly. Morris. llolifliiin-. llznllvy. Saylor, Jones. Mellerinott. Atkins. Killham. Fifth row- - K:-nm-fly, Maclrigal. .-Xnrlersim. XV1IlIIlCli. l'avt-lka. Sullivan. Peterson. t'uvanlt, Martin, Briggs. Parson, Sevear- cngin. Stearns, lgliilllkl llilmsun. t'in'ituliiis. Vlanscn, Sixth row-fPerales, Hill, Smith. l"m'tenlmm'ry, Adams. llerrick, Olson. Kenrtriy, lippick. Sclwnss. Vnrtis. Reed. Eshelman. Mahrmey. 'l':tylur, frussley. Reider. Seventh rowfStanley. liuilc-y. Rntlu-rftml. Sixnnmns, Cntz. Sackett, 'l'nylur. Brown. llill. Bliss, XYinklr-y, l'i-ttit. Harsticlil. Moore. Sziiimlcrs. XYincr. Sacco. Eighth row --Sanches, Brooks. ftlinclmw. liuncree, Stru- hecker. llayes, Hammer. lieal. ftlciirangli. 'I'i'ullnpt-. Johnston, Coin, lialles, Perona, Rurluin. l.eig'litcm, Graham. Ninth row Siiyenmtsn, Yan llnrn. Olivvr. l.m'e. Quinlan, Osborn, Chapman. Paul. liurlaml. Vt'hite, lXli'l3rr- inutt, i'rx1lvln'r. Smith, Ballenger, Lynch, l.airil, SOPHOMORES Q First row-Higgins, Reid, Anderson, McCarthy, Grof, York, Johnson, Becker, Jamerman, Claytor, Hitt, Jackson, Vogler, Scott, Gay, Fisher, Humphrey, Ritchie, Reno. Second row-Spencer, Davis, Cherret, Wilson, Thompson, Beeman, Waggener, Bazzell, Raybone, Schoenwald, Mathers, Tucker, Forsberg, Fenning, Arnold, Niethammer, Barton. Third rowfNovak, Keller, Wickencamp, Armagost, McDonald, King, Shaw, Schmidt. Roberts, Pierce, Covington, Hallock, Phinney, Wright, Patterson, Macken, Gettle, Sullivan, Fourth row- Gerhart, Beck, Matthews, Lowry, Edwards, Johnson, Lee, Woods, Wheeler, McDe1'mott, Goodwin, Blaine Blatt, Fraser, Foncree, Hamar, Weaver, Guild. Fifth row-VV'ertenberger, Jones, Beeman, Hall, Olsen Worthington, Carter, Jones, Christiansen, Blaetby, Lamb, Moyle, Myrland, Lowery, Bentley, Boyle, Lyon Klungness. Sixth row+Caton, Keegan, Walker, Corney, Lyle, Poling, Chamberlain, McCleary, Weaver Chamberlain, Leonard, Ideen, Maddux, Propp, Parker, Gallagher, Webster, Ballanger. Seventh row-Camp bell, Pursel, Ouderkirk, Hardin, Mudge, Chase, Johnston, Wilkinson, Murray, Boggs, Donovan, Adamson O'Donnell, Bill, Ennis, Cunningham, McNeely, Washenfelder. Eighth row-Brown, Wehrli, Potter, Duncan Ray, Richman, Jones, Bancom, Stewart, Sullivan, Koler, Bowman, Davenport, Brandon, Lamb, Galles, Schulte Ninth row-Yant, Bon, Parker, Smith, Goodrich, Swartfager, Evans, Barry, Robb, Loss, Scott, Schoenewalfl Mirldaugh, Dawson, Ott, Patterson, Knohel, Bowers, MclVlurry, Lovelace. vis Q, Qx in, 0 . Jkx yay r ' I! I 'RJ 'N ,V s' . .1 ,fu v , b I 1 1 ' xl ' - Y x 1 Qreshman, -. lu, X X 1 rn J , .fA ' 1 , Y X J- , J , 4 I I V W X ' 7 J' , , ,, ' 'I 4 .I bpfj 1,-2 "KM 3 Xml ,X I X "qi 'HL .1 k " ' L' N X E31-Lx 0' ,Ki 'f N' ,L-J I ,f.7:"1.x I f K Q-A-,W ., VN- - Rf' haf I if ibgx N LQ Q K K x N XG H 'VKX 5? ,iff 5123565417 Q ij QW 3 1430 - ...-. C- CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Cook STEPHENSON BEARD HQOPMAN BEN'r1,.EY MACMANUS glass geistory On the sixth day of September three hundred and ninety freshmen entered the halls of N. C. H. S. to-further education. After a few days had passed, hlr. Kingham and the executive council called a meeting of the freshmen for the purpose of electing officers. Bill Bentley was elected presidentg Wilbur' Cook ,vice president, Elizabeth Beard, secretary and treasurerg Donald hiaclvlanus, representative to the executive councilg Dorothy Dunn, Dorothy lvfurphy, June Lintz, and Susan Siedel, representatives to the Girls' League Ciouncilg and llliss Hoopman and hlr. Stephenson, sponsors. 'llhere were several meniorable events that took place during our first year. After a few days of wandering around the halls looking for our class rooms, we finally became adjusted to our new environ- ment. Next we were treated to the annual 'fFrosh lnitiationfl We were instructed to wear green ties, ribbons, sox, and shoe laces. lt was not unusual to see some freshie doing the shag or truckin, down the full length of the halls. At the end of the week we were full-fledged freshmen. Next came the Coed Ball, a memorable event for all of the freshmen girls. At this affair, June Claytor and hfaxine Nelson were chosen as the cutest girl with a short dress and the cutest girl with a formal. The Football Ball was another enjoyable event in our first year. Our class offered several athletes to the varsity football and basketball teams. Other aspirants took to various fields such as debate, dramatics, and other student activities. VVe hope that the coming year will find as many activities and memorable events as we have enjoyed in our freshman year. Thanks to the upper classmen for their guiding hand during our first year in good old N. C. H. S. FRES H MAN First row-Tucker, WVa1'cl, Coughlin, XValker, Vlfack. Hamlin. Long. Noel. Olsen. Vance. johnson, Bowron, Cooley, Rowan, Enyeart, Fisher, Lynch, Dixon, Beck, Kasper. Second row fAyres. Doherty. Bowman, Bird, lfoore, Sprittles, Gartner, llacheller, Murphy, Tobias. Evans. Foxton, Preiffer, Rice. Dougherty, Lybycr, VVingcrt, Jenkins, Fritts, Seiler. Third roWfThompson, Oncller. Murphy, Hadley. Ketchum. Hyiner, Howard, French, Pentecost, Neal, VVickert, Nelson, Mills, Debenhanl, Law, McGregor. Potter, Dilso, liehsoch, Clapp. Fourth row--Brunk. VVcaver, Boughner, Britton, Richardson. XYhite, Davis, Stout. Hoyle, Bird, Hastings, Vtfight, Miller, Benell, Burtch, lNIann, Fillner. Dunn, MeKinzie. Brown. Fifth rowflfonceea. Fullerton, lloles, Kistler. Corbin, Nielsen, Noble, Lintz. DePlantt, VVilson, Donovan. Hztnway, Smith, Street. Quealy, Leech, Davis, Nlaclrigal, Blurray, Phelps. Sixth fOW'fH6f1'iCk. Jenkins, lXIarkwarrl. Holmes. Sorfsgen, Anderson, Miller. Yvheat, Bearfl,, McLellan, Green, McCoy, Kellihcr. Doherty, Ionen. Vinton. VVilson, Kilknap. Kohald, Claytor. Seventh row-Barnes, Thompson, Roberts, Seabury, Griffiths, Shambleen, llilne, Stanton, Baxter, VV21I1'll72lUgl1. Dunkin, Rae, Carson, Dunn, Scheetz, Bates. Crowley. Harksen. Cook, Sherry. Eighth roww Hufford, Blidert, Terry, Bates, VVi11iams, Probst, Seilbaek. Bush, Hilborn, Springman. Blorrison. Nichols. Christiansen, Bush, Lowery, Galbraith, Poirot. Ninth rowfPerkins, Hurley. Jones. Perrlue. Ringster, Clark. Nelson, Aikerman Shepard, Gibson, Bettie, Dorlantl, Burns, Gantt, Wheeler, Moore, Forbes, Purdy, I5 FRESHMAN l56l x i: , M '-.. 5 ., Ah - ,iz .E-, -G: - AQVI -,T -1 :VS . -W: .1 ' -V . J if f . ' it -' 9 l QE' - ." ' T 1 wif 2. '-'- Si i M " , . , ,gt t - ' J ' ' ' , A?,,'. 1 Q- V . . , .P 2, 7 E Q ,ti 1 K, Q .:A,, M 'f' E .ggirgiz .1 M .Et 72 ,'., .I in Q .Q i I W. tl, -1. - 1-.N-.W fi 1. ,E K - , .-., , , ' Y. -y - .--- : . :a 1. , 1 2 -' ' . 4. First row+Palmer, Vlfallace, llarnes. 'llSlll'iiSlllH'lZl. Propp. Maki, Cain, llinermzm, lifilllllllll, Turner, Eshelman, Byron, Frisby, SCZlI'lJOl'0lUIll. Griffith, I'zu'r, llzineoek. Melvin, VVerner. Second rowf Meyer. Plumb, VVieser, McLean, Dixon, Keenan, Norman, Marsh, lxi2ll'l!ll1'L1L'!'. liri1lg.:es. llzislings, Reeves, Alexantler, Stenning. Jefferies, Piper, Schultz, Krieger. Niethznnmvr, Third row Perkins, Norman, Converse, Chaney, McBride, Bentley, Kirkpatrick, Garner, lileen, Keyser, lilnlvzmey, Ruhertsmi, Minelww. lNTathisen. St. John, Chapin. Thompson, Burgess, Vifisser. Fourth row Mirznnlzi. llezily. l,eonzu'tl. Sehniiilt. lluly. Clussen, Stearns, Burgess, Mills Divclbliss, Kelsey, Benn, Sims, llrnwn, Bnehle. Aylsworth, llemhre, Gallegos, llzinigan. Fifth row- - , Karman, Benson, Satterthwziit, liruinnwncl. llelnlmree. Lozir, l'zn'ker, Frznirlseil, Slmuglniessy, Forsman, Brey, ferberg. Sehwartfeger. Russell. Furclhznn. Colvin. Szivzlge. tlIll'l'Ull, Ellis, Sixth row -Replugle, Davenport. Sayles, Lnshy. Campbell. Uernos, Poirot, Osborn. Lewis, Day. Eclwzircls. llryzin. Green, Cook. Thompson, Hamlin, Haley, lNlcGregor, Sehooler. Seventh row Stewart. llrzmney. xxl2l.lliCl', Perkins, Scott, Gutz. Rade- maker, Alegria, Tobin. Cowan. lNIcDonald. l1c1n':n'rl, l':n'k, Gertlorn. lllefash, Mehlanus, Reeves, Pavelko, Vifise. Eighth row-Harris, Kirkpatrick. Lzinih. Hailey. Iaekinzin. Alston, llzinge, Vail, llatenian, Oetgen, Erlwarrls. McCormick, Brewer, Hnmhersun, Lmig. Morrison, Bezitie. irons. Lilly. Ninth f0Wf'GOl'fl0ll, Long, Loss, Stoeher, 1IOllgl1I11l1, lilnrrziy, Feigle. Newman. lilelvin, McAllister. liziiley, Knapp, Yesey, lllzlke, Ray. Carney, Chamison, Humphreys, Daly, Brandon. 1535! rr 'y A x 'L l, , if 13.-J' 5' ff! PJ J J Qilxcfwifiesfr x' fy, N 6 fig, . H K L'-' ' if fi . if ff jg 'QMM M Nw ff J f , , V 1 Q is gg ii? S 5255 33 ii EQ fl J -viihx , x JW ' A ,fwwgwgs KMQKMWLB wgjf K N 3 u x W. V Q . 'N 'Xi N 5 Q WML? 6 Crusher Staff Ilinnihan. Murphy. VVatson, Pettigrew, Manorgan, Hayes Youngland, Lintz, Brown, VVehr1i, Hofmann, Dyson, Schwartz Baskett, Rowlands, Byron. Tinilin, Tobin, VVeaver, Faulkner Schwartz, Parker, Vetter, Johnson, Menke The Gusher first went to press the second semester of 1927-28 with Leslie Danis as faculty sponsor. The following year llfliss lllarguerite Jones, llfliss Sally Anderson, and Duke Himebaugh were faculty sponsors. In 1931 llfliss Ruth Pettigrew became faculty editorial sponsor with Duke Himebaugh business manager. Since that time Hugh Hinds has been added as a member of the faculty business management. This year the Gusher, contrary to precedence, has been published every full week of school, with Blarjorie lllanorgan as editor. Subscription records were broken the first semester, and remained good the second semester. The paper has Won honors from various scholastic press associations, last year receiving the International First Place Award presented by the International Quill and Scroll society under the auspices of the lVIedi11 School of Journalism at Northwestern University. This is the highest rating awarded a high school newspaper by this service. ufi 3 A - f", Annual Staff ,. 5, f '-+4 ' ....vl'- ff ELSIR NIETHAMNIBR . fy KIARIAN BARTRAM FIELDER BEALL XJ I Ck j, ,, ' ..fLL'MV ' "sr K 'J' li-jf V! 'f UN er' M , ' . ,., f ,I-f 5. J It by .' mln.. v..,! A ,ffl ' V4.1 W4 ,Z s ' M, H-fl, , U vu YV , X , , A . , if 'V ,X ' , ' ' .vm 'J A J ,ur L4,,+ 4 ,h V' K- f ,fr ' -J" K A ' 'C , ' , X, 2 ' 1, .mf A ,f " f' . by"" 5 ka N,A"', K if Q I L A " , ri ' . . 4. '-" 1 . , -K 'J if .J -A Y' mu RUCKER Assam, JONES HAYES QUINLAN TIOPKINS 'l'Rnwra CARSON HAWLEY IQRIVSMARK ICYDEMAN 'VIMIAN Ikvmu IIUFMANN 1611 I l62I Nadonal Oyfonoraries mba-ow 1 1 , ' L, . ..,, xfr ,.,. , ,1-X ,, , X Ny 4 '- .. lk-',.' - x ,. ,, 1 1. 1. J - ,H ., J , Z x EE gk A 3 Q Q3 M, QXQ QW is XX-XX xg A rj JY N 61 N National Qlziill. and Scroll Society Q 09.1 ' tx-hm Niafifzx, Brown, Byrb askett, Hofmann, Hopkins, Lintz, Johnson, Minihan, Rowlands, Tomlin ' R e o d ehwartz, W,, Pettigrew, Schwartz, H., Murphy, Tobin, Vetter, Watson t VVeave1, VVehrli, Woodhouse, Youngland, Bartram, Driscoll Hays ' iser, Niethammer, Kimball, Manorgan, Marshall, Knapp, Rose, Novak, Divine OFFICERS President . . RIARJORIE RTANORGAN . . . Bos KIMBALL . Miss PETTIGREW Secretary Sponsor Quill and Scroll, the international society for high school students, was founded in l926, and includes over nine hundred chapters. The Casper chapter was organized in lllarch, 1929. The following requirements govern the admission of members: A candidate must he in the upper third of his class, scholasticallyg he must have done superior. work in writing, editing, or business man- agement, he must he approved by the national secretary-treasurer. A local requirement is that an applicant must have at least one hundred inches of printed material to his credit. The aim of the organization is to reward and encourage individual achievement in journalism and associated fields. National Thespians fl f s OFFICERS Pmvirlmi . . HAROLD ITEALY Vice President . JAMES HENDRY Serretary . PATSY ANDERSON Treasurer . . lVIILTON NOTTAGE Sponsor . . Miss BAYLISSS This year Inarks the tenth anniversary of the founding of the National Thespian Dramatic Honor Society. The society has grown from one troupe in 1929 Cand incidentally that troupe was the one in our Natrona County High School, to a society of almost thirty-two thousand members, almost four hundred troupes, and in forty-two states and Panama. The Casper troupe, under the direction of illiss Beulah Bayless, has been probably the most active, being listed first in the anniversary issue of The High Srhool Thfspiarz in the troupes active for ten years. This past year the Casper chapter has co-sponsored the play, Spring Dante, and sent delegates to the Rocky hlountain Speech Conference in Denver. For National Drama Week, the Thespians took part in the play The Ring and the Look. Among other plays produced were Crinoline and Canrllfliyht and fuzz and fllirzuei, in addition to the Kiwanis play contest. For admission into the organization a student must have had a major role of at least seventy speeches in at least two acts of a three-act play, two minor roles of at least thirty speeches, must have written a play, or have been stage-manager for two long plays. The National Thespians is the goal of all dramatic activities in Natrona County High School. - . .. 1 r u...' Manorgan, Tobin, Minihan, Rutherford, Vetter, Hays, Marshall, Healy Trowe, Heiser, VVork, Michie, Lehre. Shaw, Prolrst. lliscock Anderson, Hendry, llayless, Baghy. Dorins, Jones, ll., Eaton, Knutson, Roth Klocksiem, Macllanus, Foster, lieall, Hofniann, Lnsby. Krieger, Earnshaw Ennis, Olsen, Popple, Schryer, Smith, Leech, Champlin, Briggs, Jones, F., Nottugc i 4 l63l National Athletic Scholastic Society Ennis, Thompson, Quinlan, Long, Sedar, Merritt, Cook Hills, Kingham, Scott, Blanchard, Fuller Suyematsu, Hendrickson Niethammer, Joslyn, Schulte. Ray. Schwartz, Kimball, l.intZ OFFICERS . LEONARD SCOTT . WALTER COOK ROBERT KIMBALI, PAUL THOMPSON HOKIEU BLANCHARD President . . Vice President . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . Sjlonyor .... . . . . . . The Natrona Chapter Of the National Athletic Scholastic Society was organized on January 20th, 1938. The purposes of this society are: to foster high scholarship among boy athletesg to stimulate a desire for balanced training, to elevate the ideals of sportsmanshipg to develop more outstanding leaders in the secondary schools of the United States. Any boy in the tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade of a secondary school is eligible under the following regulations: He must have earned an athletic letter, having taken active part in either a major or a minor sportg his average for three consecutive semesters, before, at the time, Or after he has earned his letter must be equal to or higher than the general average of the schoolg he must have exemplified the highest type of citizenship and sportsmanship. ' Walter Kingham is honorary member. I M Of M AMW G 114175 J' bf J m ' 1 : WU' q f Q JQWJ A , ff-7 Aiswiff J 65,4 . A jf' I QAL ' DMM, , -wwf '-' A I J 4,,.g,4 fl'Q!f4 f' if , .4 ,ff g ' V 571 7 J, f 1 ' -4 1 , V. 'V l 'X ,' . , Z' Z 4 '- f-'wwf . v'f, . , ' f :ff--f-,'. gf. ,, 'i,', ,v- ' - ,ff -,1 xr ,A I, .Q,L,,,,f4,,..,..,pfZf6C 0..,gN,oc.0-0.x www dfffw gba,-A-J ,iff-4-WZ! XTX - Www ' f5,gfMf'ZMx,1f, Z.,QQ,4...gQ X . Mi Radio Guild Miss lloopman, Hubbard, Horton. Shaw. faffey. Hulfsmith. lleall. Healy. Richardson Hadley. Cohh, Trowc. VValker Mulvzmey, Manorgan. Minnihan. Kreiger. Smith. Rutherford. Heiser. Hays. Burns Schlyer, Chidley, VS'ehrli, flare, Bottoms OFFICERS President . . . . .... ART HEISIiR Srrrefzzry-Trffrlxizrffr . . . . RIARY JANERUTHERFORD Diret-mrs . . . . F1iz1.DliR IEHALL and HAROLD HEALY Sponsors . Miss JAMES and Miss HOOPMAN Since its day of organization in November, 1936, the Radio Guild has taken great strides in radio producing. From tryouts held in the fall at which over eighty applicants attempted to gain membership, the guild chose the most talented students for members. Under the capable and expert guidance of our sponsors and our technical adviser, lltlr. Fred Huf- smith, the guild promoted many regular broadcasts. The outstanding of these were the 'KGusher on the Airf' a weekly newscast of high school happenings, "The Question Boxf' presented from the school auditorium stage during the lunch hour every Friday, and the "Varsity Showf' a weekly program of high school talent. The club also announced the music for the annual lllilitary Ball. At the end of the first semester, and also at the end of the school year, the guild took complete charge at the local station for the whole day, announcing both commercial and regular studio programs and script writing. These days are termed "High School Radio Days." Alpha Delta Pi OFFICERS l'rr.s-izlrrzl . . l,oi,A .IAN li XVORK liirv Prf'.ri1l1'11f . . FRANK SIMS Srrretary . . . xlovc li GREEN Treasurer .... . PAUL CHURCHWIQLI, Program fjhlliflllllll . . PATSY ANDERSON Sponsor .... . . . . Miss HEMRY This year the Photography Cluh was divided into the technical and amateur groups. The amateurs adopted the name of Alpha Delta Pi to distinguish themselves from the other division. Contests were sponsored hy the club and bulletin hoard displays arranged. lllany interesting talks were given on the ways for developing pictures, the types of film to he used and methods of focusing pictures. 'lihe club toolc several excursions through the school, taking pictures with artificial lighting effects. Kleetings are held on the first and third VVc-:dnesdays of every month. The cluh is under the spon- sorship of llliss Kathleen Hemry. I , l Olsen, Miller, Mcfoy, VVl1ite, Kimlvall, Krunk, Lilly. llaker. Jones. Sheppard. Nliflllllll Antla, XYC-lls, Toliias, Ren-ve. Johnson. Basl-ct-tt, llafferty. Bean. Parker Tobin, Smith. Sims. Lll'l'l'll, llemry, XY-irli, Cliurclixxell, Llilvsou, jourgenson 21 Shutterbugs 'l'l1o1npsou, lloclge. Xxvfiglll, l'leveland. livax . .' ' 1 Homlin. Mt-uke. Oqiien. U'l3rien. li.. Telly. l.E,Vllaxiey -' llizunplain. llaskett. jones. Xottage. Baker. Cow , Mr,wg,nson, Hon, Frenelm, Murray. VYl1eeler. Koch Bell, Irvine, Broxvn. lliscock, Edwards, Bailey, Hays, larker, -r ' ' on, ldeen. I -'C-5.4! X 1 Ol"l4'lCl1IRS l'rvsi1lenr . . l'.fxL'1,l3,lxI1.lsY l'iw P1-exiflmt . . PRl3sToN HAYS Sm-rvrm-y . Cimkrifs STRoEHrzR . PHIL EDWARDS MR. JOHNSON 7l!'l'IlSllI'f'!' Sf1on.s'or . . . . . llue to the large number of students interested in photography, the original club has been divided this year into two sections. One for beginners and one for those students already acquainted with the fundamentals of this hobby. 'Phe Shutterbug Club, made up of the advanced group, holds its meetings every other Tuesday. The first meeting was devoted almost entirely to the election of oHicers. The subsequent meetings have included talks by the various members and demonstrations of the various phases of photography. Projects of the club have included a salon and the production of a movie in which members of the club took part. English Club if OFFICERS Presidvnf . lion Wcnounousiz Secretary . DIARY CLARI5 Sponsor . Miss BIGNELL The English Club of N. C. H. S. has been active for some years under the capable sponsorship of Kliss Dorothea Bignell, English instructor. llembership in this organization is obtained annually by the thirty juniors and seniors who earn the highest grades on an entrance examination. This quiz covers all forms of high school English, including grammar and literature of the first two years, English liter- ature of the first two years, English literature, American literature, advanced composition, journalism, dramatics, and public speaking. Officers are selected each year by popular vote of the members. Each year the group presents a carefully chosen play, for which the English Club students are given first chance to try out. The proceeds from this presentation go toward the annual English Club banquet and dance, which is held at the end of the school year. At monthly meetings the students deliver formal talks covering a wide range of topics, and involv- ing drama, speech, and literature. Olsen. Asbell, Schryer, Tomlin, Probst, Bechtel, R., McCarthy, Brown, Eydnian. Kelly. Miller, Galutia Evans, Holstein, Clare,1Nl., Schoeuwald, XVOodh0use, Jones, Earnshaw, Minnihan. Popple, Colihraro, Nelson, Faulkner. O'Brien, NY., Timlin O'Brien G., NlCfl1H!1'llllC1',N., llenke, Clare, L., Helmerich. NlCll'lZllllIllt'l', E., Tobin, Hofmann, Anderson, VVork, Bechtel. T.. 4l A. K. A. Club Talpers, Chitlley, Roth, Davis, Schryer, Leach, Twidale, Doggett. Carpenter Krieger. Prolist. Galley. Dorius. Schwartz. Novak. Minihan, Byars, McManus Covert, Tohin, Lchre, Foose. Laymon, Knutson. VVheeler, Jones. ll., Casey. Smith Doherty, Duncan, lliscock. Parker. llatlley, l-lardin, Bruce. Niethammer. N. ,lohnson, Richardson. Shaw, Rowlands OFFICERS President . . HIELEN SCHVVARTZ Vive President SALLY ROXVLANDS Ser-retary . GLORIA TALPERS Treasurer . . EVA NOVAK Sponsor . Miss BAYLESS A. K. A., Alpha Kappa Alpha Cfor truth and beautyl is a school dramatic club. The sole purpose of this organization is to give students, interested in drama, an opportunity to carry on their study of dramatics after school hours. Tryouts are held in the fall of the year to select new membersg others gain admittance during the year through work on school productions. The club is divided into two program sections. Nleetings are held every two weeks and the latest plays are discussed. Entertainment is provided by various members of the club. This year the club worked in cooperation with the National Thespians in producing the Kiwanis plays and Spring Drznre. Two assemblies are presented hy the organization each year. This year they produced The Ring and lhe Look for Drama Week. Big Sister Organization OFFICERS l're.vi1lrn1 . JANET Tkowia Vifr President . . . . llIARY SIIAXV Sfrremry-Trzizwrfr . FRANclfs ROIILFF Sponsor . . . ,. . . . . lVlRS. BOWMAN In the fall of 1939 an organization called the Big Sisters was originated for the purpose of giving assistance to freshmen girls. Senior girls are chosen for their scholastic record, loyalty to the school, unseltishness, thoughtful- ness, and their desire to help make up the group. Each Big Sister has three or four little sisters whom she gives counsel, protection, assistance and friendship. ln the course of the year the older girls entertain the younger ones at a party, help them to get acquainted in the school, and assist them in any way possible. A novel method of communicating with one another has been established through the use of the bulletin board in the Dean of Girls' office. Notes are tacked on the board and the girls come in often to see if a message has been left for them. The organization is in its early stages of development, as yet, but it promises to he one of the most successful of the extra-curricular activities. Olsen, Rowlands, Sweeney. Marshall. Niethammer. li., Bartram. Byron, Jourgensen, Davidson. Novak. Faulkner. Mahoney Nlilln-r, Asht-ll. NYatson. Osness, Eyslman. Garlic-rg. Mrs. Bowman. Rohlff, NVeaver. Parker, Hofmann, Shaw, Anderson Barnes, jones, McCarthy. Timlin, XlcRolwrts. Reeve, liliener, Dgvis, Denilanlar, Scliwartz. Manorgan, Michie Price, McKee, Hopkins, Rose, 'I'rou'e, Greisz, Rutherford, Penney Senior Euclid Club Fovert. Rognstad, Bailey, Baskett, Jones, VVheeler, Lintz, VVel1r1i, Dyson, Aullick, Bruce, Knapp, Suyematsu Lusby. Seamans, Holstein, Rosenberger, Beall, Healy, Miss Jones, Jones, B., Hays, Talpers, Leech, Heiser, French Schoenewald, Trowe, Faulkner, Asbell, Snow, lylolker, Eyrleman, Johnson, Smith, Giinther, Perry, Stout J OFFICERS President . . . FIELDER BEALL Vice President . . . BOB JONES Sezfrelary-Treasurer . ....... HAROLD HEALY Sergeanzs-at-Army . BOB FRENCH and JAMES SEAMANS Sponsor . . . ....... Miss JONES The Euclid Club was organized in 1928 for the purpose of creating a further interest in mathe- matics. The members are chosen on the basis of scholarship. No grade in mathematics can be lower than a "ZH and other grades must average at least a "3l'. In the club are thirty-tive members selected from the junior and senior classes. In order to retain membership, the student must major in mathematics. Each member is also required to take part in at least one program a semester. The meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month and consist of both business and a program. Junior Euclid Club OFFICERS Presidenf . . V . NIARSHALI. BRANDON Vive President . . . . . VIRGINIA BASKETT Sefrremry-Treasurer . DIARY ELIZABETH DOHERTY Sergeant-at-Arnls . . . ROBERT filLSEN Sponsor . . . Miss BERG The Junior Euclid Club is similar in organization to the Senior Euclid Club, but the membership is composed of thirty students enrolled in elementary algebra and plane geometry. blembers are chosen on a scholastic basis, and must retain a grade of at least a "2" in mathematics. The average of all other grades must not be lower than a H3". lts purpose, like that of the Senior Club, is to promote further interest in mathematics. The officers consist of president, vice president, secretary-treasurer, and sergeant-at-arms. The meetings are held the second Thursday of every month, and after the business discussion, there is a program and entertainment. Each member must take part in at least one program a semester. Comparatively new, the Junior Euclid Club was established in the fall of 1937, and since then has been sponsored by Bliss Gertrude Berg. Taylor, Boyer, Baskett, Hitt, Olson, Loss, Spaulding, Beard. Suyematsu WVeh'rli, Richman, Koler, Vilalsh, l'5erg'. llranrlon, Lamb, Niethammer, Barton Sword. Clemens, Sorgen, Doherty, llays, Tonilin, Reed, Rutlierforrl, Mitchell Le Club Francais VVOOdl1ouse, Rutherford, Greisz, Talpers, Kistler, Brandon, Cleveland, Jacquot, O'Brien, Dilson, I slyn, Niethammer, E., McCleary, llliller, Pratt, Wilking, Johnson, Byars, Niethammer, N., Menke, Fon Ca Miss Griggs, VVatsOn, Baker, Rose, Bechtel, Nelson, Perdue, Bream, Weaver, Gromlal, Sword, O'C nnor, Parrish, Tomlin x OFFICERS President . . . ROBERT WOODHOUSE l Vice-President . PATSY ANDERSON Secrezaire . . WESLEY WATSON Tresorier . . LOUIS KISTLER Representanl . BETTY BAKER , Sponsor ..... . .......... lllISS GRIGGS Le Club Francais etait recommence au mois oct6bre et les Officiers etaient choisis par les membres. Tous les eleves qui etudient le francais et qui Ont un interet en francais sont desir- ables pour le club. Chaque mois le club a une rencontre et il y a une programme par les membres. Au printemps les membres vont a un joli endroit pour un pique-nique. Ils font cuire un bifteck et apres le dejeunner ils jouent a "base ball." ' Latin Club II OFFICERS 1'r-rsiflmt . . . . Bon VVEHRL1 Vive President . RIIRIAM BINNING Sfvremry Q . . . . JOYCE REEXVE Treasurer . RIARGARET HENDRY Sponsor . . iVIISS SHIDLER Sodalitas Latina II ad perfectiorem studium linguae Latinae mense semel invenit. Sodalitas stui- dososque rationem "duarum" semi-anno quoque sustinent comprehendent. Semi-anno ratione "trium" studiosis qui anno tribus linguam Latinam discent licet renere comprobationem sodalem. Per annum transitum ea descriptio impigra praesertim fuit. Spectacula, fabulas, saltationes, mu- neraque alia praesentia ad sodalitatem se atque ad omnem ludum praebuit. Socii sodalitatis affirmant propter scientiam adjunctam atque delectationem sodalitate Latina deductam relationem postulatam sustinere operae pretium bene esse. , Doherty, Hays, Clemens, Binning, Hendry, Peterson, Boyer, Thompson, Reeve, Pratt, Lintz, Bliss Brandon, Barton, Loss, Ott, Stout, Shidler. Sorgen, Matthews, Hitt, Wehrli Oliver, Jenkins, XVilson, Debenham, Seiler, Shaw, VVheat, Sasso, Sorgen, E., Love, Osborn ffl lf' - 1 Tvss enkms B'1l1e1 'XI11l1111c-3 D H11tt11111x XI11111 1111 Nf11lv111ey X Tohniton. Murplly. f'afT1'v. Burkc' Tf111e': Stezune cxton T euch V11Ll1e11 l 111 s Q 1111 1 1 11 stem Evz111s. H9111-ll. H1-lk11:111, NU111 XXe1111 111111 1 11-11 11 11 1111g111111 1111 11 1 e v. C'111111i11gl1:1111. I1'l111'y. H1111 11111 1 N 111111 11 1 111s IJLIIILJISY 1 11111 F-11:-215. Kistler. jc11ki11s NCENT AIULVAN EY . . JIM BURKE .I1z,1N KI,1R115S1-15,15 IJEAN15 BOTTONIS Hlss NICBRIDIQ Soczzftm Lalma I IIII umstltx ex dcle1t1x muh d.15s1u111 L1t1nz1ru111 i11cipie11ti11111 umm 1111111 10111 pomtur ut LOHIPTCIICHNICJHCIU 111611016111 et studlum llnguae L'1t111'1e adiuvet. Societus ex xtudennbus eu umslstlt qu1 l aut l l 111 11 use L 1t1111 N111 111611111 H111 modo xouietas studentes eos solum 111111111 111101 at l'2llI1llS 1111111111111 oln ll Spanish Club OFFICERS President . . . LEO NEXK'MAN Vice President . FANNIE MESTER Secretary . . RITA lXIILLl2R Treasurer . . EDWARD VIGI1, Sponsor . . lWR. CANDELARIA El Circulo Espanol fue fundado en Octubre del ano 1922 por el senor Leslie H. Danis, con el proposito de dar a los mejores estudiantes el privilegio de adelanto y desarollo personal en el idioma espanol. Con este fin, el circulo ha sirvido y continua sirviendo mucho para el bien de los alumnos intelegentes en el departamento. Por los ultimos nueve :mos el profesor Martin Candelaria ha sido el director del circulo. El circulo se reune cada mes en las casas de los socios. En cada reunion un programa muy variado se presenta. Los oficiales son elegidos dos veces al ano, y sirven por un semestre. Baskett, U., Davis, Cale, Vigil, Snodgrass, Turner, Erickson, Newman Miller. NVooxl, Mester, Hays, Knapp, Wells Trowe, Chiclley, Hofmann, Olson, D.. Nesbitt, Lamb, D., lVIOkler,lVl., Kruslnark Garberg, Barnes, Brown, Collins, Maret, Penn, Mitchell, Hancock, Baskett. V. Bechtel, ll.. Penney, Chnrchwell Knitting Club Stanton. Lynch, Clemens, Spaulding. Brooks Furlong, llenilauler, Hall, Mrs, Horn, Quinlan. Seidel. Bnskctt Scliryer, Binning, Smith, Mayfield, Asbell The Knitting Club was organized in the fall of 1937, to teach the girls to knit :md to promote sociability. It is Composed of freshman and sophomore girls and its membership is limited to twenty-five. The Club is su ervised bv at verv ca able s onsor lllrs. Horn. Officers of the club are lllirizun . . P P n Binning, presidentg Virginia Baskett, secretaryg Doris Schryer, treasurer. Stage Crew This is the first year that the Stage Crew has had a sponsor, and this is greatly appreciated by the crew. They have as sponsor a man that takes an interest in the stage and gives his cooperation. This is the last year for Jack VValker, Jack Twidale, Vivian Vetter, and Ralph Knutson. The returning crew will be Floyd Doggett, Robert Carpenter, and Robert Brannon. We have Worked for the following productions: Uspring Dance," "Junior Follies," Football Dance, Liquid Air, Band Concert, and the A. K. A. plays. VValker Tuimlale M Doggett Ballard Mr. Anthes, Sponsor K 'If Vetter Brannon 1,41 Carpenter Knutson y i821 4l Future Farmers of America Lyon, Hamar, Hallach, Wilson, Neal, Forsberg. Fenton. Thompson. McCleary, Jamerman, V., Farmer, Koch Houghham, Sayles, Jammerman, Claytor, Gallagher, Helvey, Cashel, Bailey, Van Horn, Edwards, John The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of boys studying vocational agriculture in the United States and Territories of Hawaii and Porto Rico. The Future Farmers of America is a non-profit corporation designed to recognize and encourage the natural instincts and tendencies of boys to organize themselves into groups or gangs and put enthu- siasm and pleasure into their work and play. By establishing strong state-wide organizations with local chapters in each school where vocational agriculture is taught, an outlet for these instincts and tendencies is afforded vocational students. The purposes of this organization are: to promote vocational agriculture in the high schools of America by developing the pride of future farmers and encouraging members to improve the quality of their work in vocational agricultureg to create and mature a love of country lifeg to create more interest in the intelligent choice of farming occupationsg to provide recreational and educational entertainment for future farmers of Americag and, to promote vocational agriculture contests such as stock judging, shop contests, and public speaking contests. Officers' Club OFFICERS lj!'l'XiIlf'lIf . . XVILLTAA1 SQHWARTZ Vive Presidenf . . CURTIS FOSTER Sevrrfary-Treaszmfr . . HARRY Foose Sponxor .... . RIAJOR BURTON The Oflicers' Club, originally known as the Saber Club, was organized in 1936 by 'llom Parker and Ernest VVilkerson. All commissioned Officers in the R. O. 'l'. C. cadet battalion are members and there is one representative from the band. The cadet major presides by virtue of his rank and other officers are elected by the members. The activities of the club include sponsorship of the annual llilitary Ball and a banquet on the evening: of Field Day inspection. Olsen. Schwartz. Jones. VYehrli, Goodrich. lVIanning'. Foster, liryflen. VVelch, Spicer, xXvllll2HIlSUll Divine, Miller, Xottage, Morgan, Hawley. Popple, Smith, Ray, fonnor. Baskett, Foose 61 Madrigal Club Galley. Vilavlc. l.., Olson, Prnlrst. fiorclon liriggs. Wvatson. Stanton, l.e-hre. Killilmrmx, llrollinger. liouliliu 'l':Ilpt-rs. Xlichie. llululvard. llorius. liutv. Stout. Smith. 'l'r:mL- Leach. Kreiger. Caldwell, xYllll2l11lS, Rose. Parmenter OFFICERS l'1-esiflenr . . . . RUTH KREIGIER p l'ive Prvxiflwzr . . . KIARoARIf'r Mrennf l Sefrflary-Trwlxllrfr . . VIRGINIA ROSI5 Sponsor .... KIISS SLIND The Kladrigal Club, a group of singing girls sponsored and directed by Kliss Grace Slind, has completed its winter solstice 'mid much praise. The club has had numerous activities which include a tea for the girls who attend the lllusic Festival this yearg and a musical assembly at the beginning of the year. Ruth Krieger was elected president, llargaret blichie, vice president, and Virginia Rose, secretary and treasurer. The aim of this club is to stimulate an interest in group singing and to pro- mote an attraction for better music. The small vocal groups, trio, the sextette and quartctte are chosen from the members of the club. or its aspirates. "C" Club orricrzks Prfavizlfnt . . . . lion KIMBALL Vin' l'r-fsiflent . VICTOR NIISTHANIMER Sen-ffary . . . BILL SCHXVARTZ T - C' f ' f I3 ' ' l"l'Il.lll7'f'7' . ..... . Jl.0Rfxl. OW IVIAIN q . . w ' tfwn.sorA . . . . BLANLHARD, HATHAWAY, lXlNGHAM The HC" Club is a club made up of the letter men of N. C. H. S. To be eligible for membership to this Club, one must have earned a letter in one of the three major sports of the school, which are football, track, and basketball. The purpose of the "CH Club is to uphold all worthwhile undertakings ofthe school and to make sportsmanship a standard for all students. Among the activities of the club this year are the tournament assembly, the tournament dance, the "C" Club boxing tournament, and the annual banquet. Hathaway, liulminett, Hancock, l"ullt'r. Foster, Scott, King, Rolla-rts. Lintz. lleiulriclisrm. Volker, Kinglxam Vlarlc. Schulte. li.. Suyematsu. llush, Verales. Davis, liryrlt-n, llounian, R.. llolmgrun. Kimball, Scl1ul1c.If', l.oug4'. Merritt. XYatson. Quinlan. llilxls. Cfllonnell. lilancliard, lqaton, lirattis, Ray. Pope. lloxrman 'I'l1on1pson, Reeves. linnis, Nlacalarius. XYall:t-r. Sclmzinz. xlCXII!IlZll'll. Joslyn. Noel, Cook. Flolh G9XCM5iC cmd fD5ramatic5 x A N' '- l X A 'yu' I X ,ff Vvq B I ' lv x Y I ' v wif aff , tftv 0.,"Lj K In , 1 A 1' i' ' 1 -, .V l I ff ik, ' ' L 'KX K ' 4 . ! ,J 1 ,if WJ b X X vfb if My 'ffiifm Music Council OFFICERS it 1 yy ff' - President . ACI S . . CURTIS FOSTER Vife Presifimlt ...... . HARRY Fooslz Secretary . . RUTH KREIGIER Sponsor . . Bliss AGNEW The lllusic Council is in its third year of service. lts membership is composed of a representative from each class, chosen by the students of that group. Officers are chosen within and by the council. The main purpose of the organization is to present "better music" programs for student assemblies, and further our better school spirit. I lirouks, Mulvaney, V., lfoose, Agnew, Krieger, Baker, liarnsliaw, Foster livzuis. llulrer. Arrzismith. Pilzmt. Hendry, Micllic, Byars, Ayres VOCAL GROUPS GI RLS' TRIO KI'6ig1CI Davis Caldwell G I RLS' QL'ARTICTTIf RllfhCI'f0l'd Stanton VVIIISOII Probst BOYS' QUARTETTIE Kimball Schwartz Ulf! . , ,YVilkinson , A Horton GI RLS, SlCX'l'IC'l"l'lC Chidlcy 1 Plsen Bmlld in Byars Prolwst Briggs 9 xkcabpella 1 Ililsrv, Davis. I'm'ry, T5lm'cy. XYilki11g'. llxxllwraitll. XYilsm1. Gllpicl, Tohusml Olson, l'hirlIuy. Byars. VN':u'k. Yigil. Rutheforrl. llums, KQYZIIIZAIN. Phelps 'l'hmn1vsm1, Killhxnn. Amlersrm. Iwrmiul. VX':lL'k.A.. VYI111-lrl'. ,ln-ppvlsml. Rnlllikf U 111 Briggs. lJ:u'i4lsm1. KI'im4'L'x', I'il:m1. Xuvak. Kmmtz. H11-14111, XVHTSOH Prupp. Gibbs. l.n'1AL'l1. Huber, Sauter. K4-lly Senior Boy's Glee Senior Girls' Glee Sophomore Boys' Glee Freshman Sophmore Girls' Glee VIOLIN QUAR'1'IQ'1"1'Ii X . ,. ,4 N1eth:1mmer,E. -F ' Crowley ' ' A! Wlieat Blaine Klulvaney, V. STRI N G QUAR'l'li'1"1'I5 Crowley Wheat Briggs Simmons N. C. H. S. 'IWVIRLERS Simmons Clarke VVrobleske Hoopmzm Corbin Tomzm Speas CLARI N ET Q LfAR'1'Ii'1' Rcasoner Lowry Stout Klatthews BRASS SIQX'l'lQ'l"l'1Q Schaffer Foote Q if I Lamb Ni '5' 'h i N J Hays Blaine Royce G1 RLS, CLAR I N ICT QUAR'1'lC'l"l'IC Suycmzitsu Stout Klorris Perkins W,-' ik df!! Wx: N s 51 Iii wr -. I K, f Q an . Q z . 1 N Mig f . Q33 . , QW' 'A, X . . , .:.. , gh B. vi Ni J . 'W . 5 M gig al- .' y .Q TH an - Xf g5i'f 'J s M.. xg X 5.1 .,,., , X A . ..,, .M 'yi' :I v,.. fH.Z-5 ..-T.: , "' ' W fi I.. ' W v ' 55 Q. Q W eww! X ' NW...-N-wwf V, Dramatics ScrfNtf FROM "NEW l"lR15s" By Charles Bu rcletlc Prfsfnlrd by National Thespians and A. K. A Drama Clubs l"cbruary -l, l 938 SCENES FROM HSPRING lj,-xNc15" By Phillip Bany Prfsrrztni by National 'l'l1espians and A. K. A Drama Clubs November 4, l 939 Olive Alston Vance Smith James Popple Ralph Champlin john Skau Lois Briggs Vivien Vetter CAST Dorothy Marshall Dorothy Leech Wayne Goodrich Lola Jane VVork Curtis Foster YVanda Bergen I s .X K . r. MY N Q 'QQ R. Q ' G A-31 6? N LQ. Az 3 xr, Il m - 4 Al, . . ,. K 'M' J M ,U sg, x xr f X .I fx 'ff I f ,, xx , . .fd ll .I 'Q J, X M- ' In 1 . . rf ,I , N ,r 4 ! ' I Z, ,V ",., 'L ' ,I I , 'Q -K I 2 1 0,1 -fy IA , w if T Q , 7 xl ,A vl H4 I X 3 Vg, VC GEMS: fx, 'X' ttalzon Qadet fBa 'TS 0 'Q Q VU h ty lg MTL atmna 60 1021 Rifle Team XVi1liamson, XVe1ch,J., R 1 Popple, Becker. Kasey. Goodman, Fuldes. Johnson MacDermott, Bon, VVoods, Morgan, Dallason, Jones, Clapp, VVe1ch RIFLE TEAM The N. C. H, S. Rifle Team, sponsored by the 1X1i1itary Department, was organized in 1931 for the purpose of promoting an active interest in rifle marksmanship. During the school year 1938-39 the team has fired twenty postal matches, of which they won fourteen and lost six. Among these matches were the Hearst, Corps Area, and French 1XIatch in addi- tion to a shoulder-to-shoulder match with Cheyenne. The team was ably coached by 1Wajor Burton, assisted by Sergeant L. G. Simmons and Sergeant R. A. Becker. January 21 February ll February 22 lwarch 10 1VIarch 16 Apri17 . Uutstandizzg Matcl1e.v of the Year N. C. H. S. Score Opponent Score . . 3-122 South High, Salt Lake . . . 3345 East High, Salt Lake . . . . 3055 Oklahoma lllilitary Academy . . . . 3336 . 1791 Sacramento High, Sacramento, Calif. . . 1758 . 3-123 Corps Area blatch ...... 26th place . 1946 French 1X1atch . . . . 1922 . 882 Hearst llfatch . . . 870 tie Cheyenne . . . . 870 185 final result 184 ar' f 1 if an 6 ,. WH A it huns.-,M ap' SE if 4. , Y in ,. 5 t Q KR if 'S ' Pk X1 K 4 X ef 9 H3 5' ' '25 ,MLA 1 my f '44 S I 1 ay., L I 4 Y HF R i' Q fl f Q: 9' M 6+ ,, i Q .h.. k A I K f Hgekk 1, 615: v I -qw: Q 4' W? Y . N L55 - , ,EQ . div: 1' Q "' we N.-Chl' .?im,WmW'Mw aww ly F I2 2 rf .it if si", wwfil 'ns gg .ia W? F. may 1, . 51,3 N W 1' . 5' 3 , jf HL. 5 if ' gn F, f'Q1gd 55:2 My , 21 ' X' fp as n Mj, jf! if 35f5J33gqij M13 W M'?l iWW my Q ff Mg, viffff MQW ,V fl? 1 rx W RWXM ,,,Lf. i If I I '. l COACHING STAFF C. H. HOkie" Blanchard has been head coach and dean of boys at N. C. H. S. for two years now and not only has he developed championship teams in football, basketball and track but he has also developed a moral standard among the boys of this school that will be hard to beat. HOkie" did our school a supreme favor by declining the offer as head basketball coach at Wyfoming University this year. This means our school will be headed toward more athletic championships in the future. Wal,ter Kingham is the assistant coach and history teacher. VValt plays an ever-important part in developing our football., basketball and track teams. lllr. Kingham, who specializes in track, starts the boys training as early as February for the track meets that begin in April. He has won a place in the heart of every boy in this school. ,, , A A ll 0 W Darrel Hathaway has been with us longer than any one of our ,coachesfl He IS the man thatrii . . . . . . . A .K . , , responsible for finding and developing new or inexperienced boysfrhzf desire to go out for sglme fphase of athletics. Darrel is head of the physical education department and, assistaht coach. . , f y I l Y l XX!-"'l Q X 1 ' ff, I . ' fi. . '1 X . f 1 . +-ff' J 'Y' i , XI .' X 1 l n f Av so , J - I '- js 1 u. I I 1,1 yd, .1 , r A , .f 1 ' 1, Q . I' - .' . I , i A x- i - gl 'il N ' , 2 J' ' 3 fi J y lx li ' 1 1061 BLANCHARD KINGHAN1 HATHAWAY BRATTIS, Xllanager . Q, , .fx .44 - .. ., A FOOTBALL 1. 2, Q. First rowfDady, Stromberg, Wilkins, Walker, Leonard, Kennedy, Humes, Klockseim, Chapin, Ayers, England. Second ruwflfoncre, Reid, VVashenfelter, Blackman, Davenport, Cunningham, Neal, Lockhart, Reid, R. Third rowfSchulte, Suyematsu, Ray, Caton, Bowman, G.. Reeves, O'Donnel, Bush, Perales. Fourth rowflllanchartl, Joslyn, Clark, Quinlan, McManus, Nic-thammer, Rash, Schwartz, McNamara, Robinett, Kingham. Fifth row---Cock, Volker, Hendrickson, Spicer, King, Lintz, Kim'Jall, Scott, Noel, Ennis, Hathaway, Bagly. Brattis, Hamar. 1938 FOOTBALL RECORD Sept. 16-Buffalo, 7 . . Sept. 23-Chadron, Nebraska, 7 Sept. 30-Billings, lklontana, 14 Oct. 7-Laramie, 6 . Oct. l4-Wheatland, 0 Oct. l5-Cheyenne, 0 . Oct. 20-Rawlins, 0 . . . Oct. 21-Lead, South Dakota, 12 Oct. 29-Ogden, Utah, 0 . Nov. 4-Douglas, 6 Nov. ll-Sheridan, 0 . Nov. l8-Rock Springs, 0 . Nov. 24--Sheridan, 6 . Casper, Casper, Casper, Casper, Casper, Casper, Casper, Casper, Casper, Casper, Casper, Casper, Casper, 36 60 31 18 13 12 20 21 19 47 14 14 0 U07 l"OO'1'BALL O81 Noel. flark. Bowman. Nietliannner. Saiwartz. Rash. Volker. lloolq . 1 N Ring. Spicer. Scott, McNaniara. Bagliy. Kinilvall. Ennis. l'eralcs. Nlacalanus 'li pf- 'H g fl-. .t . -N , I , The Xlustangs had a most successful season this year, winning twelve games and losing only one, that to Sheridan for the State Championship. The boys faced one of the toughest schedules in the history of our school. They had nine scheduled games, but before the season was over they played extra games with Rawlins and VVheatland, besides the championship games with Rock Springs and Sheridan. 'lille Klustangs played four out-of-state teams this year, including Chadron, Nebraska, Billings, Montana, Lead, South Dakota, and a very strong team from Ogden, l'tah. Clncidentally, the Nlus- tangs were at their full strength in only one game, that was with Billings. In all other games, some valuable member of the team was injured, or for some other reason was out of the lineup. The State Athletic Board ruled this year that in the future, VVyoming will have no more State Football Championships. This ruling was made so that the smaller schools in the state will have a chance to compete with schools of their own size. Four games that were unusually outstanding were those with Billings, Ogden, and the two Sheridan games. ln the Billings game, the fans marveled at the spectacular team-work, the hard blocking, the ferocious tackling and the beautiful interference that the Klustangs displayed. The next encounter was with Ogden, and those Utah boys really ran low and hard, although the Xlustangs, power was not to be denied, as shown by the 19-to-0 score. FOOTBALL Joslyn. Hendrickson. XValker. Rohinett. Lintz. Bush. Suyeniatsu. Pope Schulte, Quinlan. 0'Ilonnell. Ray. llmnar. Vaton. Bowman. R.. Ret-yes. Merritt The next two games were with the Sheridan lironcs. lt was a cold, snowy day that November eleventh, when the two wildhorse teams met for a game. They hoth played hard, hut that determined N. C. H. S. team thoroughly trounced those Broncs, l-l to 0. Then came Thanksgiving day, and on the same frozen, battle-scarred gridiron, the same two teams met again to battle for a final Wy'oming State Football Championship. Those llustangs and Broncs fought hard and untiring for three long periods without a score. Then, late in the final quarter, a Bronc tackle intercepted a hlustang pass on the 40-yard line and streaked to within ten yards of the hlustangs' goal. The minutes were getting scarce, the crowd was clear down to the sideline, the sus- pense was great. A clever lironc sneaked to the sideline, "Look out! lt's a sleeper playln But those Xlustangs' eyes failed to see that Bronc hidden hy the crowd on the sideline. The pass was completed and the Xlustangs were defeated to the tune of 6 to 0. liven though the Klustangs were defeated in the score, they were still victorious in winning the praise and applause of every true Sportsman for their own sportsmanship on and off the field. 11091 INTRAMURAL SPORTS L 1 xcfi' g FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS-JUNIORS x Hills, Ilnsli. Nc-ninzxn. U.. Vamlelaria Ccuaclij. Ummvzni. Ifrznicis. Davies H101 Furliss, Iirzmvlon. IJcmg'herty. Nc-n1nzln.L., llznnzu' JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD FlJ1'5l1l2lll. King. Ray. Mudge, O'Dom1ell, VVilS0n. Shznniessy, 'Day Kirkpatrick, Prnnp. Strmnlmerg fmanagerb, Coach Hatl1:m'z1y, Brandon, lieutly iintz, Shaw, Cook, Anderson, Reid. Tulxin Cl IAM PS-MAJOR LEAGUE Sfnior Pofrrzlfx CIJZICIICS-S21V2lf.fC, Cook Chzunplin Recd Redbum lsllzun Clausen CO-CHAIXIPS-MINOR LEAGUE I'w!'t"5h7IlllIl Longhorns Coach-Stephenson Carroll, Algfr. A lleyer I Leonard ' Forsman Gsborn Day Shau CO-CHAMPSMR IINOR LEAGUE jlllliflf' fligll ClJ1lCllCS-'I12lI'f1lI', Killffllillll TOI1lZll1 Jzuncsou Cain Gibson Noel Ludwig Sentley nessy Dozm Heur I NTRAMURAL SPORTS I H11 CHEER LEADERS e ,Pr to ' CHEER LEADERS An abundance of pep, combined with loyalty to our school, is evident in our cheer leaders, Xlary Shaw, Ruth Joy Hopkins, 'lied Tobias, and Bill Wehrli. Since the cheering of the spectators bolsters the morale of the athletes, these individuals are par- tially responsible for the numerous victories of the athletic department. Always willing and anxious to do their bit, rain or shine, they never expect praise. It is up to them to set an example of good sportsmanship to the student body, in this capacity they give unselfishly of their service, display loyalty, and instill enthusiasm. State Basketball Tournament This yearls State Basketball tourney was one of the most outstanding in the history of Wyoming Basketball tournaments. First, because of the fine way in which it was handled, in regard to advertise- ing, amusement programs at the halt, and the way the authorities took care of the especially large crowds that attended every game. Then, too, the fans saw the powerful Casper Xlustangs mow down all competition to win their first State Basketball championship in twenty-one years of tournamentxplay. 'l'oL7RN,xMENT PLACINGS Casper Sheridan Laramie Thermopolis Powell VVheatland Rock Springs VVorland Superior Torrington Cheyenne lllidwest Green River Guernsey Lovell Buffalo .MV BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT TOURNAKIENT TEAKI E VARs1'1'Y SQUAD f Rl'jlli'Il. X1-xxnlzm. lirzlttis f11za11agm'J. Lmmg. llrrliss. Nietlxaxnmer. Quinlan. McX:u11:u1 XYilkinw11. I'a-rnlcs. linm'111a11. Ray. lllIl1lCllill'4l, XNYHISOH, Clark, Rolu-rts 'VF Yrnllxm' llcmlricksml fl:u1L-llck Scum Fuller Hills Noel V j 1 1 1 ll ll BASKETBALL RECGRD 41 Basketball Season A large tournout responded to Coach C. H. "Okie" l3lanchard's call for basketball players early in December. The selected boys worked hard and practiced long under Coaches Blanchard, Kingham and Hathaway to make this year's lliustang squad the greatest in the history of Natrona County High Schoolg and the first Casper high school team to win a State Basketball Championship. The llflustangs proved themselves to be champions in every phase of the game. They did this not only by winning games but by the way they won these games, for these hlustangs were true sportsmen and played the game fair and square at all times. They received honorable mention for their good behavior and con- duct while in other towns by the townspeople throughout the state. These lllustangs have set up a standard that will be the goal of all the lllustang basketball teams in the future. Casper Thermopolis . 12 Casper . . 25 Rock Springs Casper Riverton . . 14 Casper . . 51 Douglas . Casper Hanna . . 17 Casper . . 33 Laramie . Casper Rock Springs . . 25 Casper . . 44 Glenrock . Casper Rock Springs . . 23 Casper . . 31 Cheyenne . Casper Laramie . . 23 Casper . . 31 Torrington Casper Hanna . . 22 Casper . . 58 Wheatland Casper Rawlins . . 13 Casper . . 68 Sheridan . Casper Cheyenne . . 28 Casper . . 46 Rawlins . Casper Glenrock . . 15 Casper . . 41 'Torrington Casper Midwest . . 11 Casper . . 43 1Vlidwest . Casper Wheatland . . 19 Casper . . 51 Douglas . Casper Rock Springs . . 27 TOURNANIENTS DISTRICT TOUR'NEY Casper Shawnee . . . 8 Casper . . 53 Lingle . . Casper Sunrise .... 9 Casper . . . 40 Torrington Casper, total points, 2273 opponents, total points, 57 STATE TOURNEY Casper Lovell . . . . 30 Casper . . 39 Cheyenne . Casper Green River . . . 26 Casper . . . 27 Laramie . Casper, total points, 156, opponents, total points, 109 SEASON Casper, total points, 1381 5 opponents, total points, 664 Casper won 30, lost 3 TRACK Brannon, Stromberg, Wheeler, Champlin, Hancock, Lintz, Klocksiem, Ouderkirk, Davies, Bush, Walker, Carny, Richman, VVeaver VVasherfeller, Oler, Foncre, Foote, Hawley, Bently, lwulvaney, Niethammcr, Meyer, Leibert, Chidley, Devr, Chaney, Foresherg, Brown Kingham, Hill, Shawney, Hancock, Burns, Hamar, Lewellan, Laidlaw, Tobin, Osborne, VVeaver, Carroll, Blanchzml Suyeinatsu. Merritt, Isham, Thompson, Kiri, Quinlan, Fuller, Ennis, Retllmnrn, Davis, Cook llenclrickson. Perrine. Newmzm, Corliss, Corlis. Cook, 'l'olsinS. Bowman. Schwartz. R., Brattis 'Who could think of spring without thinking of running and jumping, which all spells track and field meets. This spring, nearly seventy boys reported to Coach Kingham to try their skill in some track or field event. Among these boys there were eleven lettermen hack from last year's championship track team. These boys are: James Fuller, Leonard Scott, Stan Hendrickson, lllelvin Davis, Jack Clark, Bill Quinlan, Shadow Ray, Paul Thompson, Jim Ennis, lValter Cook, and lllelvin Floth. The Mustangs have Won the state track championship for four consecutive years now and the out- look is good for them to repeat again. The "cinderites" are looking especially good this year in all track events. No doubt many records will fall in the state meet in such events as the high and low hurdles, the sprints, including 100, 220 and 440-yard dashes, the distant runs, which are the 880-yard and mile runs. In such field events as high jumps, pole vault, broad jump, discus throw, javelin and the shot put the lllustangs are showing considerable strength. The N. C. H. S. track schedule for l939 is as follows: April 15-Scottsbluff relays. April l8-19-Inter-company meet. April 22-Some kind of a meet. April 29-Vlfyoming relays. lllay 6-Colorado Springs meet. ltlay 13-District meet. lVlay 20-State meet. U15 GIRLS' ATHLETICS gf NI 4.71 gy - 4 I 186- w LIFE SAVING TEAM PL-:lm-y, fNIcDunz1l1l. Davis. Rutherford, IVIcI.aughlin, Fipps, Hester, Faulkner, Sciple. Marquarmlt French. Girfmx. XYhite. N:-lsmm. Olivvr. Davis, NY. lv PING PONG CHAMPS yr TENNIS CHAIVIPS IQCWIIIIIZIII. Oudler. Rodem Stone, Crowley, Bergman, McFail 61 Ls' A'l'lLlllC'l'lCS SPIQEUBALL CHAIXIPS llackf---NVQ-rm-r, Spzuxlfling. Marningg KIACKQLX. Rudem. R, Frrmtf-Quinlzm. Rlclfail. Austen. Smith. ROdCHl,x'. BASKICTBALL C HAMPS ck -'l'mlluwc. Rurln-n1,R.. Sailvw. Klartin. Spgullfling. Austen. l'In-uw I Frumt-fQui11lan, Nlclfuil. Thomas, Smith. Rutlwrfurrl. Rof1en1.V. 11171 - W f - -'Qf I K Wd .V Y . I, , , -zmgnxdvewfx-2:-:wwf-fMg2:fMQw.a4..?1,1Mm.fgmrl-.wwf+..1-wma,u.-mm.:Qgzasm--a.rnnfwve':1fiep9fwfnk:MwLa!,wewsw4er-fwmaf " L A ' ,, ., ' 3 , - . x ' , . ,L ' ' . 3 . ,,,qiwgzfqn-.vgmwjwmx:ff.?a,..'f,,-',,,,,,,,,,g,,54.waga1w1wAa.Qau+mig,guQ I , . , 1 55' p " ,5 1- fi- - ' Q' . fff f f ' - "L' - ' ' s v Q Y , . ,, fp . . I U lrwu M4 F , -4- 1 , 37 M 77 'i 4. 1- . . - Mx ,j , H . 3 'Z A C V . x ' ff ' , - ' Q f af l ogg 1 ki V65 . 5 . :inf A fm 4 N 5 U 3 ' 11 5 V I ' 'lk I 6 Qlx-Q . ' ' .fn ' Vi gx-li, . Qkx, .A Y I '-I X 1: I T I V 1 . A I 4 f jf f J N Wim ny! J ' ., L" 1 : - ' . Q. "W f r. ' 'L Msmwfe 4 ,V . .--f X , .QQ Y ':L-! x1"'1'f'fjmwjp-lff'f' fq" 'X.- e4kQv3 f"-f' 11 '-1,,q 'f4"'k"35"s'fi'f4H':Il1 'QWW3' Y A riff Q Mk 7,5 V 2 . .' . A 'Q , , 1 , f I u' WJ! K M ff . 'fl ,K . f w wf Y 1 ,.',,1gff-n1 : M bfww'-'M:1fwf Wffviff'fizwkliifgiiififwa4w1wMww vw1f-wwwM42-wfiful U181, ' ., N A ,f l . 3 . N u M k ., ,, ' J. -r . - , -1 I , "-- ' 4 ' '- ' V- ' : fmw- ' Y' riff: ' 4 ' Compliments of The Natrona County Medical Society flffilzztm' W'ifh Wyoming National Medical Society and American Medical Association Dear Diary: By Janet Trowe This has been an exciting yearp first, the Coed Hall, and did the senior girls ever show the freshmen a. good time. Maybe that made up. in part, for the abuses the former showered on the poor freshies during freshman initiation. Every girl let clown her hair or rather tied it up with ribbons, and every boy donned his short pants for the Kid Party. All thought the almighty seniors said that "babies must play." we noliced them in there with the rest of the "children" Compliments of BET'liY'S BEAUTY PARLUR Etta Dorius, Proprietor SIIXIRIONS SUPER SERVICE Corner lst and VVolcott, Casper, Wyo. All That the Name Ilnjrlies p Vifyoining Automotive Co. Casper See the New Coolerators Indian Ice Company CUIlIpliIllFI1fS of Casper National Bank "Every dog has his day," so does every football playerg just to prove it, the boys who led the Mustangs through many a hard battle during the pigskin season were honored at a Football Ball given by the girls. That was one night the girls did the deep digging into pockets while the lads anxiously looked on, hoping they hadn't ordered beyond their escorts' means. Conzplimfnfs of RIALTO, REX AND AKIERICA Gibraltar Theatres IfVyon1ing's Best Known Clothier HARRY YESNESS t'The Man in the Barrel" Cozlgrallllatiom' to Clam' of '39 MURL ICE CREARI COMPANY 342 East "A" St. CUII5lI'llf1llllfiUl1A', Grluluales Wfyoining Stationery Co. N a ylor's Gifts and Stationery BLOSSOM FLOWER SHOP Helen lN1oore, Proprietor Henning Hotel Corner C!llIlf71i1Il?IlfA' of Schulte Hardware CUlllfDliIll?IIf5' of Mountain States Power Co. Everything happens at once. For instance, Christmas vacation which gave the kiddies time to use the skis, that Santa brought them, on the improved trails and slides on Casper Mountain. Then there was the junior Follies, and speaking of talent, the juniors certainly have "it," PORTRAITS or FINER QUALITYM-- SEVEY'S PHOTO SHOP 118 East Seegnd Student Specials Now On Phone l-P22 l 119 Ll L Compliments of Natrono County Dental Association Keep your teeth clean --see your Dentist twice a year VVomen's Ready-to-Wear QUALITY SHOP lfXl'lIl.S'i'l'K but no! expezzsifve "Big Hearted Herbert" won his way into all our hearts in March. No, diary, he isn't a new boy in school, but something just as good, the English Club play. Herbert's antics and his family's kept the audi- ence in laughter for two hours. Remember the B X B Phone 1702 PEARL WHITE LAUNDRY Thr Clranfst Nznnbfr in tllf Phonr Book Dick Farrell, Proprietor The debate team brought recognition to old alma mater in February by walking away with honors at the Denver Debate Meet. Would you believe it, diary, they say those debaters can talk faster than I do! WIGWAM BAKERY Home of Long-Boy lXIilk Bread VVholesale Only-Phone 9 O. L. WALKER LUMBER COMPANY "Ser1'it'f' Jxsuredn 137 VVest Railroad Phone 240 There's something about a soldier, especially this month, for the annual Military Ball was held on the cventeenth. The uniformed lads looked plenty hand- some, the gals didn't look so bad either. KASSIS DRY GOODS CO. Phone 270 and 271 137 East Second Street Cfilllplilllfllfa' of Grant St. Grocery and Market "Say Il H"ith Flowers" KEEFEYS CASPER FLORAL 122 VV. Second Street Phone 20 C ornell's Home l"urnishers F. VV. NVoolworth Casper, Wyoming C!Illlf?lilIlFlIl.l' of liustard Funeral Home SWEE'l'BRlER The State Basketball Tournament gave the N. C. x N , Q ll. S. athletic department the opportunity to stick an- lior braduzltlon Iiormals other feather in its cap. They did, by winning the 1-1-7 Sguth xxlolcott Phone f,g1.R State Basketball Championship. Doting daughters entertained their mothers at a Mother-Daughter Tea in the cafeteria, and many were the surprised mothers when they saw their own dar- lings waiting on them hand and foot like little ladies, but the girls enjoyed it as much as did their parents. Bailey School Supply Anything for VVyoming Schools Remember Graduation by ' 0, 51 S Building Photos from Ddlan gfubw Phone 859 1121 ,Nix . Lat. I NORTHERN UTILITIES COMPANY Distributor of Natural Gas, the care-free fuel the juniors really threw a Hing- I guess the school will be able to seniors with such a capable body on. That reminds me, the grad- real busy all through April, what with final tests, baccalaureate, and graduation prepa- rations. Also, there's been lots of warbling in these old halls for a week, the State Music Festival made every- one music conscious. Believe me, diary, ding tProm to youj. get along without us of students to carry uating class has been C. Y. Cafe Eddie Reid, Proprietor 116 VVest Second Robinsons Smart Clothes for Smart Girls Complinzentv of Goof! Ufishzfs to the Class' of '39 BERRY HOTEL Klr. and INIrs. W. A. Patterson VVYOIIIIIIQ' National Bank Cfllllflilllfllff of - , , i Cozpli ' I. f Specialty Boot Shop H mm Y 0 Rolilff Lumber Company Complinzents of MacManus jewelry N. C. H. S Cafeteria Group Photos in The Mustang by THOS. G. CARRIGEN DALY BUILDING Casper, Wyoming PHONE 1664-J l H. L. Neely WESTERN SPORTING GOODS HOUSE 220 South Center MAE DAY BEAUTY SHOP Have your hair fixed for graduation 237 South Center BAR B'Q SANDWICH SHOP Compliments of 'lNobody Got 'Em Like We Got 'Em" I r L . Phone 57 115 East First Street Cfaspe qupply CO The Bootery Casper Finance anal ' H6 East Second - Phone 1730 Investment Corporation TIIC Sltlaft SllOp Jgtqk 101168 Garage Smart Styles for Sub-Debs Storage and Service Western Novelties at Yipee! School's out for the year, just thoughts of a summer vacation to replace the dreary facts of book- 'I'REVE'I"1"S larnin'. Yes, diary, it's been another grand year at N. C. H. S. and one I'll never forget for the memories 121 South Center Casper, Wyo. it holds for me. TIMES C A S P E R Best Wislies to the 1939 Graduating Class W 'I T125 r 11 V r 1 ft INDEX--Continued Page Page Big Sisters .....,....... ...... 7 S Senior Band and Orchestra ....... , ....... 97 Senior Euclid .... , i.,.... 76 Dramatics ,,,A,,,A,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,4,.,,, ...... 9 8 Junior EuClid ...... ....... 7 7 Military Snaps ...,..,........ ...,..,A, 1 00 French Club ..,.. ll.l... 7 8 Battalion ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,4,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,.,. , ,. .... .101 Lillln ii Club .... .... ...... 7 9 Rifle Team .,,..,.,,,....,,..........,4,,,,..,..........,................,..... ...102 Latin I Club ....... ...... 8 0 Military Ball, Oflicers and Honorary Oflicers .... ,..,.. 1 03 Spanish Club ....w.v ...... 8 1 Athletic Snaps ,...,...,.,.,.,,.,......,,..,........,,.............,..w., ,,.,... 1 04 Knitting Club ,..... .,..... 8 2 Athletics flioysj: Stage Crew ,,,,,,,,,w ,,4,A,, 3 3 Coaching Staff ....,.. . ...... 106 F F ------ Football Squad ....,.,..,.,.... , ....... . .....,.... .107 O'gu'e , Zznrrs Z4 Football Lettermen ............,.....,... . ...,... 108-109 Cefs U 't" ' """' 5 Intramural Football Champs ........ ............. 1 10 Madflgal Cllfl' ---- - -4------ f---4,A 3 6 junior Varsity Basketball .........,......, .......... 1 10 "C" Club ,4,4,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 8 7 Intramural Basketball Champs ....... .,,...... 1 11 S K M-L H 88 Cheer Leaders ..................e,....,....... ...,.,,.. l 12 Nfalfg ic '"e""Sl State Basketball Champs ............ ..,...... 1 13 V UST C mme' """"""""" """' 3 2 Track Squad .......................,.. ...,...,, 1 15 ofa "CUPS ------------'4-'- ----ee- A mimics mmap: ' Awpvflla ----".'-------- ------- 9 2 Life Saving Team ....... .t..... A 116 Senior Boys' Glee .....,. ..,..1. 9 2 Ping-Pong Champs ,... ,.,..,,. .116 S - G- I7 GI ------'-4 -VQW 3 Tennis Champs ...........,... .,..... . 117 emor Us ,ee 9 Speed Ball Champs ....,..... ,,......,.,.. . ..117 Sophomore Boys GIGS """"" "'--" 9 3 Basketball Champs ....... ..... ..,............ 1 1 7 1 Sophomore Gxrls' Glee ,..,,... ...... 9 4 Autographs wgwl- --,,------ I H -------- 118,122,126 1 Instrumental Groups ....,...,........ ., .... 95 Snaps .,,,,...,,.--,-,.,,,Y,,,...,,-.,., -,..,,,,,....., . ,nnlnnhu 1 20-124 l Junior Band and Orchestra ....,..... ....... 9 6 Diary and Advertising ,...,,.., ..,..... 1 19-121-123-125 L1 1 , NT . Y XXX NK 1 ,K R ' X a ' f - .ff .. 1 9 J Qll1nuiH X C . tl X Q, Q-X' ,Q I 4 ' S, F' 1 A sax 0 , L ' ' , X . 1 1 r 1 . .1 is f 3 1 V . Y F 'D 9, 0 1 l t L , MN all 11281 g an ' , Egg ,-59,4-f Aadfavoafaovv-df ," ,Mi ,J-M! L ,rw arf- ' Qi. 2 Q 7fff'fffWf'f?, iziiiib F - UEEQ E, Qi mf gwwjiiis X Mwfik 1 3 959 3 QS yLfSYffP M wwf MQW 45550 Q WWWPYWW 'M QW 5 . A , Wi? Elk wvuky Wfifxf fl wr U X rwxi M W W. ,Q K S' ,I x 4

Suggestions in the Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) collection:

Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


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