Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY)

 - Class of 1937

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Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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ff' vi' 1 Q 2 T2 J? ,4 'fx' uf 5 f X , 'A WS? A V ffp 1 gl T: 1 H Ek - A' 1 MMNMMW- J ' , X ,L ht .P If rgfpXN y1,A, ,X I ,,1 , X U TH N , . fbf' 1 S9C3'7 x Lynn, 3 WM T D Q ,af jVf9WWWUMa Y.l' ffffg ,Q 1 mib o f L ,' .lx W o l , K I U no W 1 C:i??.'ii- ' N 5 . n fe ' N KAW' - MJ Y f Jf'?f"Wl' 9 f D- , ' .l"f.A- if K'-rl fx .Lf 'V i I Y X t ff W -WW VL. XV. . 4 Qvv-' x 1 ' ff' W" . ' . 5 WK 0 Giles C 7 ' H . '- -J Q, ,M 312 19 XNWN H I ,5 'xp LLi1i.iE.:i1',lN' ' '3 -Evo X4 , 'T-if-.6 "'Wl E- .i w , r. . A! Y f A' , -1 5 ,- HB I , , It f r ggvgmff 2 M10 ' f " M E7 I 4'f'f5yXJ'l 'f' x'x f 44'rX'i' Xi. f ff' AM' fl - ff .env-'nfl' V fvf,4f.:, ., 1 X4 x 1. 'xg I, ,Q .fp 1 x'pyv-gif. y W f "sf: I l.l1'-f'vZ'Q2e-Zf I ,- a , . "1 '79 r i 'f6't'-l'Tf?'7Z1Z!H'- 51 '.- I ' 21 15211:-4faH'aS'2fff41f ref f' +R -. S x - N- x - -fvxff , 1, 1? 1-vii' ., Gia? xx Q MQW , 'yr N -x Q-Qlioxkfifiig ff' X- ' ' , f N 05 I ,M X 1 1 ' NK D 6 'W A f' N4 I If K O f -Q E " I Wrvflaesx A3 , 2, - ,lj -Zigi, 'n'.'7 HC.- ,-'X " ,3 z2g1g. ,,., ff'-Lx H- X Aff- . - -fwz- , , if 'ilfl , P' " --A ig: 11' 'Zi I 71177 ' '41, Natrona County High School , Casper, Wyoming Q'Df1.J4Zuvk K 6-fgkfvxn W WL, 1 EDICATICDN Mfffdwl To the Modern Cowboy, Whose life symbolizes the spirit of the Old West, We dedicate this Mustang of 1937 x if Jw f ft Q5 Axfmf a-ff" A 'VW nf, X ' ? I fr fyffaflxw ,WU WI . An Jn! I 41937 M f g lzj I " A e us an F A' mf 1555? wwf.: y F .-1 A 1 12 'L 6 . by We sg. Q l w f fr ns bf-s W x E '75MiZ?q J M.:S ' W., QM., GQNTENTS wg 'K 5 .1 , -K Af AS- - X ., FACULTY ' N, - CLASSES HCTIVITIES J CLUBS + HTHLETICS 3 X' FEATURE 1 Q. 5 A X 1, Q X M f in .W Ag f S 'LLTQA XA I Q I X ' ... six , W , Sf, M . ' 1- 74N Kid ff ' ffhx N5 ,Z Law X515 V - 1,7 lkvil, , VX 47 - -'Xxx S QL 4 C1 , in-M 2 A Q I ' f Aww f jj QS N 5 GLX! x S S SX ggi? 3 Q? I4-j The 1937 fllzzstang 1.52 f 3 r 1 Whether lost or strayed, this scion of 'wyoming 'range aristocracy seems to be enjoying his freedom. 1 1 1 1 1 1 , f 1 X! I Q X 1 , V 1 YMV 1 . 1 161 .J be . . ' ' 1 1 I," 1 fe .1 ti v 4 ., Y I' Lf -f A , ' r Ni. fl, . , , d K 1 x ' 1 I I The 1937 flfustang vgifsw 53455 , x H-an A E Q , If Q is 1' Q XJ 4 V 1 I . rf af P J' 4 S an 1-I A . ., - 22:52.52 1.4 .,I X Y MW SW? Q ww? K v s ig' Q I fx y , my X4 2 g mga at 'EQ Q - ' an , A Q 'Raw-A av I wwf 535:,.Fg:.f.,15I A' -f f? K' 7 7 fr-ififil? 555535 K f K 'MES -P ,iw sry I I 1 ater is doubly refreshing after a hot, ride through the sagebrush. MM? ML 2 X M, aww Zfirfjwew' " f4f,eW7' WWW M . ZW T I937M .+ it v .www 9... M., ww. p'i"1'3' A--..,N, V-h..,,., , .M,,,.,,,m,, :ff 'f 3132? ' vuliliu W., f"2:s mu. -.-W, ww sqm , 1 xx I E .- i 1. I, ,V , .N N w . ' :JAH ' 'I-ly Q J' t 3 . y J xj- .W X . I I X' I .' - N . .dl ' V I ft cyfl 'weather-beaten veteran of the Q range satispes a healthy appetite whetted H by a day in the open. A J f R Ni I f tif t tt t Q' fi X x- 4 x fx e an ta ft2f.WmMWAMMla,,,a -t mx, g -1 iiifwfl, il X xg -, 5 f X x i X-Xt ' yz, K , Q T1 'Q lf W7 K2 , X 1 , x, ef tg X51 , ,-J yi X2 Hffwg' W7'J"' F 1 at Xi C j ,S xg N 3 5 3 x t t sf? Ks XSS xg ,TS ' Q 4 f f 5 A 1101 The 1937 Mustang + X A Q 3 S: Egg X ' X X iw fs... iBringing in the Ucawyi' is ci part of the daily routine at ci big ranch. V Y i x A 1121 Till' 1937 illlllfllllfl N H ,N ff 3555521 1 1 T:-human Huuczm ,Izuuc ,Xtflerhzacll Tuillnh' Simflw ,lowes XYentzv1 Iiurwell ijr rucll KO! Hou Kistlcl' Ayn-x Hansrn lvpch-g1':n1'l' ANNUAL STAFF h KRW? ml lfdimr-in-Chiwf - - SYBIL joHNsoN , . ICA1lzRsoN IJLJNCAN fJ11.fll11'.x'.x' ,1IIlIIllffl'l'.x' - jnkomrf BURWELL , , . . fLxATHliRINli JONES bflllfll' l'.d1for.v J 7 lHELI2N XX1zNTxl51. I-I EAN L7vu1acRAF1f fJI'UII1liZIlffUlI lffliforx - , ' 1NIAR1AN IxlsT1.1iR , , . IANI3 BON 1' -filuz - v - at H U I mm 1AN NA LoU1s1i HANSHN S1111f1.v11uf lidffur - - IQLIZ.-XBIi'I'H COOKli PA-xL'1, 'IQOBIN - SMQNQIQRJUDKINS IJOROTHY NI,xRsHA1,1. ,1.Y.YiA'llll1f.x' :acknowledgment to Kliss Ze-Ha Garner of the VVirh grzlteflll Art mlcpzlrtment, to hlr. 'l'. Carrigen of the De Luxe Studio and to XI11 C. Helden of the Pitchfork Ranch, Pitchfork, Xxvyfllllilljl. Thr' 1937 JIIISIUIIQ K I exkms Rczasfuxu Savzuqc Lukrufkzi .Tw 1 Ins Xlghuls Ryan Staxk Bartu l'OOke Feature Editor - LTI1dF7'FIll.V5 Editors Art - Panels - - zlssistant Typins Athletifx - Alssisfzuzts - Sponsor.: TI IIIII llclimunt FI'itclIn-H :Will sh Ill VVARREN PERKINS RIABEL AYRIZS ' CAROL BARTO - BIAE IIQVVIDALIZ JESSIE REASONER BILLY FRITCHIELI. BOB AFFIIIZRBACH - BILLY SANDS HfiI,EN KEISER LBETSY NICHOLS NORNIAN RYAN BETTY STARK IAIARJORIE LUKROFRA -1ANGIl2 B. IJELIYNIONT MISS VYISRDA JAM ES MR. VVALTER SAVAGE ANNUAL STAFF I I The 1937 Urlffrzng 3 IIS! TO N. C. H. S. By HELEN KEISER It's time for us head wranglers To be a'windin' up the trail. A lot's expected of us guys, VVe can't afford to fail. We're glad to know you'll all be here, "Power behind the throne," lt's swell to know we have a place To call our very own. Therels no time for sentiment, Though tearsld do us goodg VVeld stay here forever- If we only could. Some will leave for other parts, VVhile others hang around. A finer, truer, Western home Could never again be found. But we've got to be a'movin' ong We're due some other place. Our roundup must he travelin' At a little faster pace. We hate to leave you fellows, But there's much to do ahead. Our doggies are all watered And our steers've all been fed. ln our chain of friendship A link youyll always be, And to every heart in our class You'll forever hold a key! 161 The 1937 flfustang ww M 4 mm DEAN C. RIORGAN Slljlfrintfllrlzfnt of ljllblil' Sflzoolx V 1 Z N V S. KELLY wVALSH I Priflrilml of Nvzzlrrnza Cflllllfxl' High Svlzouf The I93711Iusnmg U91 'Qs . 4 Chapin McFarland Beach Morgan Parker l'li'ltSliSk'll Dart M okler jones SCHOOL BOARD l l W? Schools are established by the people to secure certain results of quality in character and citizenship, fundamentally the peo- ple are not interested in the machinery of it all but rather in the product which the machinery turns out. The education machinery is, therefore, merely a means to an end. Schools are administered solely for the purpose of securing these desirable results. Representatives of the people to serve them in accomplishing this purpose are selected as members of the Board of Education and their first duty is to assemble the desires of the masses of people, organize them, translate them into terms of desirable results, establish policies that will set in motion the machinery for securing: these results, and then see to it that the work nec- essary to the attainment of the ends desired is done. The 1937 fllustang TEACHERS AGNEW, JESSIE IVIAE . f . Muszc W Q . 1, ,W Wheaton College: Northwestern fi. K I University. 9 .- " 4' f-. ni7,,f"--1 . A N 4 -f - BAYLESS,,BEUIiAH ' A A' BAILEY, FREDA Public School Healtlz ' , English-Dramatifs B.A. Tarkio College: Curry School of Ex- pression: Graduate XVork at Northwestern University: Graduate VVork at University of Denver. Red Cross Hospital, Salida. Colorado, Grad- uate NVork: University of California, L.A. Degree: Columbia University, Graduate Work. BAU ER, BEATRIC E BERG, GERTRUDE Matlzerzzatics Publir School Health Montana Deaconess Hospital: R.N. Degree. B.A. St. Olaf College: Graduate VVork Uni- versity of Colorado: Graduate XVork Uni- versity of Minnesota. BIBLE, Roy Vocational-Auto flleflzanirs Smith-Hughes Instructor. BIGNELL, DOROTHEA English B.A. Nebraska VVes1eyan: BLA. University of Iowa: Graduate VV-ark at School of Ex- pression. BROOKHART, LESTER Com martial A.B. Colorado State College of Education: B.S. University of Southern California. BURTON, NIAJOR VINCENT llfilliary University of Southern California: Army: Sd Engineers: 31st Infantry: 15th Infantryk .3261 Infantry: 61st Infantry: 38th Infantry: 7th Infantry. CANDELARIA, 1 IART1 N Foreign Languages The 1937 fllustang B.A. Coe College, Iowa: Graduate Study at University of California: Graduate Study at University of Colorado: BLA. I'niversity of Denver, l21l TEACHERS COCIIRAN, KI.-KRGARIIT 1101116 lfmzznulifs II.S. C'IIIIII'adu State f'IIIIege: GIAz1fIIIzIt4- VYnII'k at l'IIIu1'n4Iu State CIIIIHQC. COLLINS, Rosa ALICE Ifistor-1' AJS. I'IIiveI'sity- of VX'yIIIIIin,qg GI'zI1III1Itc XYIII'k at IIIIiveI'QIty In' XYyIIIniIIgg fIl'2llIll1lI6 X'X'III'k at l'IIiveI'sIty of Or:-gIm. CONVY, N IZLLIIZ Cn nl In frfial I'II.B. I'IIiveI'5ity of Chicagog Gregg ScI1urII. Irma State- Tcaclu-I"s follege. COOLBAUGII, BLAINI2 fllusif IKM. Kansas Siute C'IIIIcp,'e, MzIIIIIattzIII1 IIN. Ft. II:Iys State Cxrllvpre, Hays. K:1II4zIs. CORBETT, RAYMOND Ilisior-1' ILS, Yniversity of BIissmII'i. CoT'I'xIAN, FRANCES lfnglish Sum-et BI'i:II' CIIIIL-1.50. Sweet Briar. ViI'giIIi:I3 l'IIiveI'sity III Nt'I!I'Zlikll. ILA. Ik-g'I'ee. FIERIS, FRANCES English A.B. I'IIiveI'sity of Xvyomingq M.A. l'IIi- vc-rsity III Iowa. CEARN ISR, Z IQLLA zllff IH-I'II, NI-IwI':Isk1I. N01'I'IlZlI School: fI1'fHIl1IlfC XYIIrI: :It INIIIIIIIIIIII L'IIix'n-rsity. CIAY, ELIQANOR ffrl A.A. StrpIIeIIs Follegf: II.F.A. CnIIII'aIIo lIIIiveI'sity: B.A. CcIloI'mInI UIIIVI-rsity. GRICEGS, EMILY IFOTFIQII Lllllfjllllgf A.I4. l'IIivL-I'sity of NeIII':ISIc:1. IZZI The 1937 fllzzstnng TEACHERS HAAGAN, IJOLLIE Srienfe' State Vniversity of Iowa, A.B. Degree University of Southern falifornia. Gradu ate WVork: University of Colorado, Graduate HATHAWAY DARRII Physical I ducatzon sity ot' Illinois Kansas itate Teachers iol legeg B.S. of Physical Fducation VVork. Y, M. cf. HIEALY, EDNA MAE Hislorj' A.ll. Fniversity ut' Coloradog M.A. Cnlum lmia University. HEMRY, KATH1 El N English B.A. University of Wyoming., Ciaduate VVork at University of Chicago Graduate XVork at I llltffilty of VS yommg HIMEBAUGH, DUKE C0 llllllfffifll ILS. Kansas State Teachers College: Grad uate VVOrk at University nf Colorado: Grad uate XVOrk at University of Nebraska. HINDS, HU History B.A, University of NX yomull, Graduate XYurk at l nixersity of I nixersity of South ern California Graduate W orlt at l mxer sity of VVynm1ng HOAG, RUTH 'MdfhF7I10fif5 ILS. University of VVashingtong M,A. Vniversity of VVashington. HoDc:soN, JUNF Physiral I duration BS, Springfield Teachers College Qpung, field, Missouri HOOPMAN, Errnz English Kansas VVQ-sleyau University, A.B. Degree: Northwestern University. Graduate VVork. JAMES, VYERD x English Vuiversity of lowa BA Deglee lluxu sity ut Colorado Craduate Vtmlt The 1937 Aflllsfllllg 23 i7lIIlfhFlIIllfil'.Y TEACHERS JONES, NEL1, JOHNSON, OT1s iillllfhflllllfifi' Fort Hays, Kansas State College, ILS. and M.S. Degrees, University of Southern Cal- ifornia, Graduate VVork. State L'niversity of Iowa, A.B. Degree, University of Southern California, Graduate VVorkg University of Colorado, Graduate XYork. LANGENDORF, jon Vocatiozzal-flgriculture University of VVyoming, B.S, Degree. LEE, HOMER IY0l'Ilfl0I1dILi7l'Il1lI ual Training Colorado State College, I'h.B., Greeley, Col- orado: University of California. Berkeley, California, Sorhonne University, Paris, France: Stout Technical College. Menomo- nie, NYisconsin3 University of XYyoming, Laramie, VVyoming. LOQKHART, Library University EDNA WVOODHOUSIZ of llichigan, B.A, Degree, Co- lumbia University, Graduate XVork. NICIIRIDE, RUBY Foreign Language Degree 1 Univer- Cniversity of Iowa. ILA. sity of Southern California, Graduate XYork. IXIILLIER, ERLE O'L1aARY, lx'IARY Vocational-Illefhanical Drawing Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa, Graduate XYork3 Colorado State College of Educa- tion, A.B. and BLA, Degrees, Colorado State Agricultural College, Graduate Workg University of Colorado, Graduate VVOrk. Cafeteria, Horrze IiC0l10lIIiC.S' Montana State College, B.S. Degree, l.Vash- ington State College, M.S. Degree. PENLAND, L. B. Vofalional-.flletal Miami University, B.S. Degreeg Art Insti- tute of Chicago, Graduate Studyg Univer- sity of Wyoming, Graduate Studyg Oregon State College, Graduate Vt'ork, PETTIGREVV, RUTH English I'niversity of Arkansas, ILA. Degreeg Vhi- cago University, BLA. Degree: University ot' liolorailo, Graduate VVorkg Columbia, New York, Graduate XVork. 241 The 1937 Mustzzng TEACHERS PRUGH, NELL Hozlze Economics University of VVyoming, B.S. Degree: Uni- versity of tvashington, Graduate XVork: University of Colorado, Graduate XVo1'k. ROHRER, HELEN Physical Education University of VVisc0nsin. l3.S. Degree: Uo- lumbia, New York, Graduate Vvorkg Lni- versity of VVisconsin, Graduate VVork. RUSSELL, VIRGIL YATES History Wichita University, NVichita, Kansas, A.B. Degree: California University, Berkeley. A.B. Degree: University of Arizona, Tuson, M.A. Degree. RUCKER, GLENN Science Kansas State College. B.S. Degree: Kansas State College, M.S. Degree: XYyoming Uni- versity, Graduate VVork. SIMMONS, LINDLEY Military Sergeant, D. E. M. L., Albany. New York: Service 1st Engineers and Sth Engineers: 31st Infantry: 30th Infantry: 15th Infan- try: 38th Infantry: Overseas Service, China, Siberia, France. SAVAGE, WA1.TER Commercial University of VVyoming: Graduate Xvork at University of XVashington. SHAFFER, NINA Library State University of Iowa, A,B. Degree: Illinois State University, B.L.S. Degree. SHIDLER, IITARGARET Foreign Language-English Central Missouri State Teachers Follege, B.S. Degree: Volorado University, Graduate Vvork. SLIND, GRACE illusic MacPhae1 School of Music: Northwestern Universityg University of VVyoming. STRAYV, ALVA If. Physical Educalion University of Montana, A.B. Degree: Uni- versity ofr VVisconsin and University of Southern California. Graduate VVork. The 1937 Musiang i25l TEACHERS S ULLIVAN, KIARI IZ COIllllIf?7'l'iIll Iowa State Teachers Fullegc-5 Gregg School I,EllVt'l' l'nivcrsity, XKYANDIVIZR, WII,LIE Sfifzzfe Nebraska XVCSIGYZIII L'11ix'ersity. B.A. Dr'- gru-3 l'nivc-rsity uf Culwzlalo, Xl..-X. Umglfe. COOK, GIZORCZE RQ ffllllefifx KEI111Jt'1' Military School: University of Nc lmraskzn, HS. Ilvgwc. I26l The I937M11staf1g Mrs. Pearl Burns and Mrs. C. H. Bowman, Associate The office stall-that energetic, patient, and sympathetic staff composed of Mrs. Burns and hlrs. Bowman, are genuinely the backbone of the entire N. C. H. S. student body. VVithout these two competent women, we would not receive our frequent absence, tardy, or uniform excuses, locker keys, telephone or bulletin announcements, schedule changes, and pass slips of which we are constantly in need. They are the understanding ones to whom we go when our troubles and worries 'lget us down" and we don't know whether we have that necessary one- fourth credit to graduateg when we need advice about subjects to choose for our particular interests, and when our locker key seems to disappear with all our hooks in our locker, ln school, llrs. Pearl Burns and Xlrs. C. H. Bowman deserve credit and praise for the success and dependability of our competent office staff. ,ANNA Lotrlsiz Iiaxslix. The 1937 fllzntnng --ww H' 13 OFFICE STAFF I i i l27l HARLES I. BELDEN Charles J. Belden, owner of the 200,000-acre Pitchfork Ranch in the Rleeteetsee Valley, near Cody, Wyoming, has won national fame in two unusual ways. His famous photographs of western ranch life portray the taste of comradery and true friendliness that make western hos- pitality renowned. He earned for himself the name of "Antelope King" when he transported prong horn antelope by air, from his Wyoming ranch to zoos in all parts of this country. Several of the ani- mals were shipped from New York City to Europe on the zeppelin Von Hinzlfnburg. We wish to take this opportunity to thank Klr. Belden for allowing us to use the reproductions of his well-known photo- graphs in this yearbook. No more authentic means could be found to accurately express the true spirit of the West, which has been our theme throughout. , 28 The 1937 fllustang .aww WW' sw my E , Z 1 E 3 5 3 3 Q 3 2 ,Q aw 2295 5 5 H me : W-Q Kal M 2 '1?l'Sf-ffkf, C Aa XL. 1 , , :HZH,51A?z- 55: ww QB 59-1 + Q ,sw um R 4 wmv , ,,wg,,,n, ,.,M..lf m W , W. ff ' ---z! mir ' S g , W' A V E. . ,- b Qin , ,V ,,.,,.: I 1 Up H, x V Eeul 'I "'A., f f, . m W,W .. w,,.W.,., ,v,, ,A, X WWMWMJ X i Wigikvkgaiw X NQQY:-' Jeff! W HL, 0: H2 ,HQ if K 6 ' , W A .M 4 any K "fi if 1 X Q 'L sa 4 1 - "3" Q, :?'5'i"fmf 4 ,ff- - - Q ,..,H ,Q 'f 2 K Q , , 4 ' sic Q Q ww, 'W , yhqhfywkfil' W 5 Q , fi, 4 my AX -x .apr l'm'lic1t gf-it Feris XX ill rl n Nichols Mitchell SENIOR CLASS HISTORY l QW l 1321 1 As dudes and greenhorns just four eventful years ago, we entered the portals of the N. C. H. S. home ranch as meekly as kittens. ln that far-off first year, we selected Miss Berg and hir. Corbett as bossesg Don Luckey, foreman, hlildred lVlason, dude wrangler: tlimmie O'l3rien, ranch secretary and treasurerg llarion Kistler and Peggy Ann XVarner, ranch hostessesg and hlarvin Allsen, representative to the ranch Board of Directors. The next year, being a little braver, and just a little more acquainted with the ways of the world, .lack Mitchell was elected foreman, John Hills tried his hand at dude wrangling, Klarian Slizeski put the ranch on a paying basis, Dorothy Stebbins took charge of the correspondence and "sech," and Norman Ryan filed in with the other Hbig shotsf, Our bosses for this year were llliss Healy and lllr. Russell. ln our third year we had gotten so we could throw and tie any wild bull or 'lhossu so we elected Bliss Feris, hir. VValsh, and llr. Candelaria as managers, George Niethammer, straw bossg hlaurice Converse, understudyg Sybil Johnson, tally takerg -lim Sprecher, cashier, Helen Niethammer, representative to the Big Bosses confer- enceg Catherine Jones, Ruth Ann Jacobson, and Helen Weiitzel, girl hostesses. Still ridin' high, we entered our last but exciting year with zealous ambitions under the capable guidance of Nliss Feris and hlr. Corbett, the ranch bosses. As foreman we selected ,lim Sprecherg assistant, Ernest Wilkersong pen scratcher, Jack hlitchellg banker, Betsey Nicholsg representatives to the hostesses club, Catherine Jones, lllarion Kistler, Anna Louise Hansen, and llary Louise Anderson, and speech maker at the Ranch Council, Helen Niethammer. Later, -lim Sprecher set out for another ranch and Ernest lVilkerson became foreman, with .lack hlitchell and Betsey Nichols, assist- ant foreman, and secretary-treasurer, respectively. Now we leave the gates of N. C. H. S., seasoned cowhands, eager to try our luck with the rest of the world. BISTSEY NICHOLS AND CATHERINE JON Es. The 1937 Mustang SENIORS ABBOTT, ROBERT AEILTS, DALE Ambition: Aeronautical Draftsman Non-Commissioned Otticer, 2, 3, Commissioned Officer, 4g Officers' Club, 4, Class Basketball, 1, 2, 3: Class Football, lg Crusher Staff, 4. ALLSEN, MARVIN Ambition: Aviator Class Football, 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Basketball, 1, Z, 45 Glee, 1, 2, 3, 45 Executive Council, 1, Junior Follies, 35 Rifle Team, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. ANDERSON, MARY LOUISE Ambition: Traveler National Honor Society, 3, 4: Euclid, 2, 3. 4, Latin Club, 1, 2, Acappella, 3, 45 Senior Orchestra, 2, 3, 4: Senior Band, 4, All-State Chorus, 3, Junior Follies, 3, Gym Show, 3, Goodwill Council, 35 Cvlee Club Concerts, 1, 2, 35 Crusher Staff, 45 Girls' League Council, 4. ANDERSON, PHILIP Ambition: Petroleum Engineer Varsity Track, 3, 4: Class Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Football I, 2, 3, 4. BACH, CATHERINE Qt - j 2 Ambition: Tra r Art Club, 4. BAILEY, BETTY Ambition: Medical Work BALLGAE, JUNE BARTRAM, JACK Ambition: Doctor Radio Club, 4, Producer and Director: English Club, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 43 Gusher Staff, 3, 4, Make-up Editor, 4, Junior Follies, 1, 3, Tournament Band, 1: Senior Band, 1, 3, 43 Senior Orchestra, 1, 3, 4: Mustang NVranglers, 43 Quill and Scroll, 3, 43 Prom Committee, 3. BAUER, CHARLIE Ambition: Draftsman and Designer Rifle Team. 42 Class Basketball. 2, 3: Class Football, 3. 4, lNon-Commissioned OFficer, 33 Commissioned Officer, 4, Offi- cers' Club, 4. BEAL, SAM Ambition: Chemical Engineer Class Basketball, 1: Varsity Basketball. 1. 2. 3: Drum Major, 3, 4, Warrant Officer, 3, Assistant Director ol Band, 3, 4, Orchestra, 3, 4, Officers' Club, 4. BEIJSAUI., NIELVIN Ambition: Professional Football Player Varsity Football. 2. 3. 4: Varsity Basketball. 1, 2. 3, 4: Varsity Track, 1. 2. 3, 41 Glec, 3, 4: Quartette, 4: "C" Club, 2, 3, 43 All-State Team, 3, 45 Nou4Commissioned Officer, 2. The 1937 Mustang l33l SENIORS BEEsoN, JACK Ambition: Aeronautics Class Basketball, 1, 25 Non-Commissioned Officer, l, 45 Rifle Team, 4. BENNETT, NTARGARET BENTLEY, ARTHUR Ambition: Forester Senior Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Mustang Wranglers, 45 Trumpet Quartette, 4, Festival Band, 4. BODEN, BETTY Ambition: Dancer A. K. A., 45 Art Club, 4, "Yankee King," 43 Kiwanis Plays, 49 Radio Club, 4g Glee Concerts, 4. BOLTZ, V1oLA Ambition: Private Secretary Tower Staff, 3, 4, Gym Show, 3, Gym Awards. BOYLES, DOROTHY Ambition: Secretary Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 45 Gym Show, 35 Junior Follies, 3. if "' Born, BERLIN Ambition: Chemical Engineer Denver, Colorado, l, 2: French Club, 3: English Club, Vice- President, 43 Euclid Club, 3, 4. President, 4: Stage Crew, 3, 4, Electrician, 45 Track, 3: Basketball Timer, 3, 4: Rifle Team, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4: Makeup Editor, Gusher, 4, Quill and Scroll Award, 4: Radio Club An- nouncer, 4, Officers' Club, 45 Glee Club, 3g Commissioned Officer, 4. BRADAS, DOROTHY Ambition: Nurse Gym Show, 13 Glee Concerts, 1-23 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club, 4, Junior Follies, 3. BRANNAN, TOM BRATTIS, NICK Ambition: Accountant Class Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Non-Commissioned Officer, 2, 39 Commissioned Officer, 45 Officers' Club, 4: Glee, 2, 4. BREWER, DAN Ambition: Rancher Junior Follies, 3, Glec Club. BUCINA, GRACE Ambition: Traveler Euclid Club, 33 Gym Show, 33 Junior Follies, 3, Glee, l, 2, 5, 4. l34l The 1937 Mustang SENIORS BURWELL, JEROME Ambition: Chemical Engineer English Club, 43 Latin Club, 1, 23 Euclid Club, 23 National Honor Society, 3, 43 National Thespians, 43 Annual StatT, 43 Gusher StatT, 43 Officers' Staff, 4: Commissioned Otticer, 41 Non-Commissioned Officer, 2, 33 junior Follies, 33 "Yankee King," 43 "Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary," 43 Student Senator, 43 Class Basketball, 13 Salutatorian, 4. BURVVELI., ORRIN Ambition: Geologist Latin Club, 1, 23 junior Follies. 33 Class Football, 33 Non- Commissionefl Olticcr, 2, 33 Commissioned Officer, 43 Offi- cers' Club, 43 Annual Stait, 43 Gusher Staff. 43 Debating3 Glce, 1, 2, 3, 45 All-State Chorus, 33 Ring Committee, Prom Committee3 National Honor Society, 4. Busn, BILL CARTWRIGHT, ALBERT Ambition: Forester Class Football, 13 Varsity Football, 2. 3. 43 Class Basket- ball, 1. 2, 43 Basketball Manager, 33 Glee, 1, 21 "CU Club, 3, 43 Guslier Staff, 4. CASEBOLT, LENA CASTEEL, DONALD CHILCOTE, BETTY CHURCHVVELL, RUTH Ambition: Legal Secretary Spanish Club, 1, 2. 3, 4. Vice-President, 33 Marlrigal Club, 2, 3. 43 National Honor Society. 3, 43 Acappella, 3, 43 Junior Follies, 33 Glee Concerts, 1, Z, 3, 43 All-State Chorus, 3. CLARE, JIMMY Ambition: Engineer Class Football, 23 H. S. Golf Champion, 3. 4: H. S. Ping Pong Champion, 43 Commissioned Offficer, 33 Officers' Club, 33 Latin Club, 23 Class Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Gusher Staff, 33 Junior Follies, 33 Track, 1. CLARK, PATRICIA Ambitio n.' Geologist Houston, Texas, li Latin Club. 23 Gym Show. 23 All-State Chorus, 33 Kiwanis Plays, 3, 4: Tower Staff, 43 National Thespians, 43 "The Yankee King," 43 Senate Representative. 43 Denver Speech Conference, 4. CLAUNCH, HELEN Ambition: Interior Decorator Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 All-State Chorus, 3: Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 4. COATES, FREDERIC Ambition: Forester Spanish Club, 3, 43 A, K. A.. 43 National Thespians. 4: "Yankee King," 43 Junior Follies, 33 "Smilin' Thru," 4. The1937Muslang l351 SENIORS COLLINS, Ana BELLE Ambition.' Dress Designer Madrigal Club, 43 Acapella, 3, 43 A. K. A., 43 Kiwanis Plays, 4. Corvnss, RUSSELL Ambition: Lawyer Debate, 1, 2, 43 National Forensic, 4, President, N. C. H. S. Congress, 4. CONKLING, BILL Ambition: Own Smithsonian Institute Euclid, 2, 3, 43 Junior Follies, 13 Non-Commissioned Officer, 1, 2, 33 Commissioned Officer, 43 Cadet Major, 43 Executive Council, 43 Junior Rotarian, 43 Officers' Club, 3, 43 Glee, 4. CONNER, LoREE Ambition: Secretary Junior Follies, 33 Gym Show, 33 All-State Chorus 33 Acapella, 2,33 Girls' Sports, 1, 2, 3. CONVERSE, MAURICE Ambition: Doctor Class Football, 1, 2, 33 Class Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Class Vice-Presidentg Latin Club, 23 Senator, 4. COOKE, ELIZABETH Ambition: Enjoying Myself T. N. T., 1, 2, 33 Annual Staff, 43 English Club, 43 Madrigal, 43 A. K. A., 43 Gym Show, 33 Girls' Rifle Team, 1, 23 Kiwanis Plays, 43 Quill and Scroll. 43 Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 33 Senator Nye C0mmiKtCCQ Junior Follies, 2, 33 Tournament Drills, 43 "Smilin' Through"3 National Thespians, 43 Gusher Staff, 43 "The World's All Right," 13 Honorary Cadet Cap- tain, 43 "Charley's Aunt"3 "Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary." CORNELIUS, JUANITA COVERT, ANN A mbition: Traveler English Club, 43 A. K. A., 2, 3, 43 Gusher Staff, 43 Spanish Club, 3, 43 Glee Club, 1, 2. 3, 43 Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 43 Kiwanis Plays, 43 Tournament Drills, 43 All-State Chorus, 33 Quill and Scroll, 43 Junior Follies, 33 "Growing Pains," 3. CUNNINGHAM, MARIE Ambition: Stenographer Glee Clubg All-State Chorus, 33 Glee Concertsg Gym Show, 3. CURRY, JOHN Ambition: Lawyer Hartford, Connecticut, 1, 2, 33 Varsity Football, 43 Varsity TI'ack, 43 Class Basketball, 4. DALGARNO, ARTHUR Ambition: Aeronautics Class Football, 1, 2, 33 Class Basketball, 1, Z, 33 Glee, 1, 23 fliiie Team, 1, 23 Gusher Staff, 43 Boxing, 13 Junior Fol- ies, 3. DAM E, RAY Ambition: Chemical Engineer Latin Club, 1, 23 Euclid Club, 2, 3, 43 Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra, 43 Class Football, 2, 3. 1361 The 1937 Mustang SENIORS DELIMONT, ANGIE B. A1nbition.' Costume Designer Junior Band, 1, 25 Junior Orchestra, 1, 25 Latin Club, 25 Tower Staff, 35 Gusher Staff, 45 Annual Stalf, 45 Glee Con- cert, 35 All-State Chorus, 45 Junior Follies, 35 Glee Club, 35 Quill and Scroll. Dumas, AMARIE Ambition: Artist DUNCAN, EMERSON Ambition.' Lawyer National Thespians, Secretary-Treasurer, 3, Vice-President, 45 National Forensic, 2, 3, 45 Quill and Scroll, 3, 45 National Honor Society, 45 Latin Club, 1, 25 French Club, 35 English Club, Secretary-Treasurer, 3, 45 Pynx Club, 15 Debate, 1, 25 Quill and Scroll Award, 35 Kiwanis Plays. 3, 45 Junior Follies, 2, 35 "Black Flamingo"5 "Perfect Alibi"5 "Charley's Aunt"5 "Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary"5 Officers' Club, 35 Non-Commissioned Officer, 25 Commissioned Officer, 35 Gusher Staff, 35 Annual Staff, 3, 45 Euclid, 35 Denver Speech Conference5 Usher Club, 3. DUNKiN, Ci.Eo Ambition: Air Hostess Glee, 1, 2, 35 All-State Chorus, 35 Follies, 35 Gym Show, 35 "Yankee DURHAM, HARRY Ambition: Doctor Latin Club, 1, 25 Junior Follies, 35 Class Football, 3, 45 English Club, 35 Non-Commissioned Officer, 35 Commissioned Officer, 45 Officers' Club, 45 National Honor Society. 3. 45 Class Basketball, 25 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Gusher Staff, 45 Euclid Club, 2, 35 All-State Chorus, 35 Festival Chorus, 4. Kiwanis Plays, 45 Junior King," 4. EnwARns, LEONA DYSON, GLADYS Ambition: Dietician Spanish Club, 1, 2. 3, 4, Secretary. 35 Euclid Club, 3. 41 National Honor Society, 3, 4, Secretary, 45 National Thes- pians, 45 Acappella, 45 All-State Chorus, 35 "Yankee King"5 "Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary"5 Spanish Club Award, 3. Ambition: Stenographer Glee Clubs, 1, 2, 3, 45 Madrigal Club, 3, 45 Tap Club, 25 A. K. A., 45 Junior Follies, 35 Festival Chorus, 45 Kiwanis Plays, 4. EVANS, FRANCES EMERY, Wu.soN Ambition: Lawyer Latin Club, 1, 25 Junior Follies, 35 Class Football, 35 Eng- lish Club, 35 Non-Commissioned Officer, 35 Commissioned Officer, 45 Otficers' Club, 45 National Honor Society, 3, 45 Class Basketball, Z5 Gusher Staff, 4. Ambition: Air Hostess Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4: Glee Concert, 1. 25 Gusher StaFf, 4. FENEX, MAXINE FARRAR, NVOODS Ambition: Machinist Senior Band. 1. 2, 3, 45 Mustang VVranglers, 45 Festival Band, 4. FORSMAN, LILLIAN The 1937 Mustang l37l S E N I O R S FOSTER, RUBY F , 1 ' i Jffj FRERICHS, FRANKLIN . Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer Class Football, 3, 44 Band. 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra, 1, 2, 3. 4: Glee. 1, 21 Junior Follies, 3, Latin Club, 1, Z: Euclid Club, 4, Brass Sextette, 4: Brass Quartette, 4, Non-Commissioned Otjficer. FRISBY, Doius FULLER, LEONARD ,4mbilion.' Mathmatician Non-Commissioned Officer, 2, 33 Commissioned Olificer, 4, Officers' Club, 4: Euclid Club, 4: National Honor Society, 43 Usher Club, 4, Radio Club, 4, English Club, 4: Senator, 43 Glee Club, 3, 4. CQALE, GENE Ambition: Orchestra Leader ! N . f Glee Club, 3. 43 Orchestra, 2, 3, 4, Festival Chorus, 4. CEALLES, LQILBERT A'ml1ition.' Soldier of Misfortune Non-Commissioned Officer, 33 Commissioned Officer, 4, Stage Crew, 4, Officers' Club, 45 Rifle Team, 3, 4. GALLEY, ROBERT Ambition: Orchestra Leader GEIiRES, CHARLES 14771lIifi07l.' Accounta Class Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Festival Band, 43 Festival Orchestra, 4: Junior Follies, 3, Mustang' VVranglers, 43 Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 41 All-State Chorus. 3, Tournament Band, 2, 3, 4: Senior Football: Sen- ior Basketballg Boys' Chorus, Senior Band. 3, 43 Senior Orchestra, 3, 4, Non-Commissioned Officer. nt Cusher Static, 4. - I K ji J -f Gnms, MARJORIE X J Ambition: Acquiring Different Kinds of Knowledge JJ! Band, 1, 2. 3, 4, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 43 Euclid Club, 3, 4, j Junior Follies, 3. I J GILL, MARY Ambition: Librarian A. K. A., 3: French Club, 2, Euclid Club, 2, 3, Junior Follies, 3, Glee Club, 1, 2, 35 National Honor Society, 3, 43 Usher Club. 3. GOETZ, MILDRED GRANGER, CAROLYN A mlzition: Laborato .4 mbition: Secretary ry 'Technician Girls' Sports, 1, 2, Denver, 3. l33l The 1937 Mustang SENIORS GRAVES, MERLE Ambition: Botany Worker Midwest, 1, 2: All-State Chorus, 3. GREENE, FRANCIS GREENE, KATHERINE GRIEVE, BEN GROSSCOPP, HILDA Ambition: Lady of Leisure Gym Show, 3: Junior Follies, 3: Glee, 1, 2, 3: Gym Awards. GUNNISON, CATHERYN Ambition: Gym Teacher Gym Show, 3: Glee Club, 1: Girls' Sports, 1, 2, 3, 4: Gym Awards: Gusher Staff, 4: Sewing Award, 4: Gym "C" Sweater, 4. HAAs, PAUL Ambition: "Swing" Band Leader Class Football, 4: Band Senator, 3: Senior Band, 1. 2, 3, 4: Orchestra, 3, 4: Glee, 1, 2: Music Representative, 3: Mustang Wranglers, 4: Band Staff, 3, 4: Non-Commissioned Officer, 4: Festival Band, 4: Tournament Band, 1, 2, 4: XYrang1er Dance Orchestra, 4: Junior Follies Orchestra, 3, 4. HANSEN, ANNA Louise Ambition: -lou rnalist Latin Club, 1, 2: English Club, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society, 3. 4: Annual Stalf, 3, 4: Gusher Staff, 4: Junior Follies, 3: Kiwanis Plays, 2: Girls' League Council, 4: Madrigal Club, 3, 4: All-State Chorus, 3: Glee Club, 1, 2, 3: Honorary Cadet Captain, 3: Honorary Cadet Major, 4. HARMON, MARY Ambition: Nurse All-State Chorus, 3: Acappella, 3, 4: Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 4. HARPER, EVELYN HARRIS, FORREST Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Football, 3, 4: Brass Sextette, 4: Junior Follies, 3, 4: Tournament Band, 1, 2, 4: Mustang NVrang1ers, 4: Non-Commissioned Officer, 3. 4. HASSEL, MAR The 1937 Mustang 1391 SENIORS HAWLEY, IDA Ambition: Dress Designer Gym Show, 3: Glee Club, 1. 2, 3: Girls' Sports, 3. HAWKS, EVELYN Ambition: Buyer in a Large Store Gym Show. 1, 2: Glee, 1, 2, 3. 4: Kiwanis Plays, 4: A. K. A., 3: Long Beach, California. HAYES, JIMMY Ambition .' Lawyer Class Football. 1: Class Basketball, 1: Boxing. 2: Gusher Staff, 4. H,'XYES, MERWN I HEALEA, EVA Ambition: Air Hostess All-State Chorus, 3: Cheers, 3: Kiwanis Plays, 3: Junior Follies, 3: Art Club. 4: Glee, 3. 4. HIilSER, PAUL Kiwanis Plays. 3: Class Basketball, 1. 2. 3: Gusher Stati. 4: liancl, 1, 2: Glue Club, 1, 2: Latin Cluh, 1, 2: Junior Prom Committee. 3: Junior Follies, 3: Stage Crew. Z. Hsnmucicson, JOHN Ambition: Writer Track, 3. 4: Class Basketball, 3. 4: Class Foothall, 3. 4: Tower Staff. 4: Commissions-fl Officer, 4: Officers' Cluh. 4: Illinois, 1, 2. HERSHEY, JUANITA Ambition: Secretary H1LLs, JOHN Class Football. 1. 3, 4: Class Basketball, 1: Varsity Basket- hall, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Track, 1, 4: Glue, 4: Band. 1, 2. 3, 4: Mustang Vtlranglers. 4: Euclid Club, 2, 3: MC" Club, 4: Boys' Vice-President. 4: Executive Council. 4: Sophomore Vice-President, Horcorvnz, DOROTHY Ambition: Secretary Glee, 1. 2. 3: National Thespians. 4: "Yankee King." 4: Kiwanis Play, 4: Gym Show, 3: All-Stale Chorus, S. Hoopnk, LEORA Ambition: Teacher Spanish Club. 1, 2. 3. 4: Usher Club. 3, 4: Glee Concerts. 1. 2. 3. 4: Student Senator. 4. HOWARD, JOSEPI-UNE Ambition: Commercial Artist Latin Club, 1, 2: Usher Club, 3, 4: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Sports, 1: Junior Sports. 1: Junior Follies, 3: English Cluh, 41 Gusher Staff 4: Art Club, 4. H01 The 1937 Mustang SENIORS HULSE, RosiE MAY ' -7 Ambition: Librarian "' Cheyenne, Vtiyorning, 1, 2, 3. ISERMAN, Viv1AN Ambition: Artist Annual StaH', 3: Art Club, 4. ISHAM, RUTH Ambition: Stenographer Spanish Club, 3, 4: Madrigal Club, 3, 4: Acappella 3: Glee Concerts, 2, 3, 4: All-State Chorus, 3: Festival Chorus, 4: Gusher Staff, 4: Junior Follies, 3: Gym Show, 3. JACOBSEN, RUTH ANN Ambition: Tour the World Glee Concerts, 1, 2. 3: Acappella, 3, 4: All-State Chorus, 3: Junior Follies, 3: Girls' League Council, 3: Band Twirler, 3: Gusher StatT, 4. JAIKOWSKY, CHARLOTTE JOHNSON, CHARLES Ambition: Violin Soloist Junior-Senior Band. 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior-Senior Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHNSON, MARY Ambition: Teacher Pine Blnhfs, VVyOming, 1, 2: Kiwanis Plays. 3: Latin Club. 3. JOHNSON, SYBII. Ambition: Industrial Chemist Editor ot' Annual, 4: Annual Staff, 3, 4: Executive Council, 4: T. N, T., 1, 2, 3, Vice-President, 3: Cusher Staff, 3, 4, Associate Editor, 4: Quill and Scroll, 3, 4: National Honor Society, 3. 4: English Club, 3, 4: Latin Club, 1. 2. Secre- tary-'I'i'easurer, 2: Spanish Club, 3, 4: Tap Club, 1: National Thespians, 4: Glee Concerts, 1, 2: Junior Follies. 3. Student Director, 3: Junior Class Secretary, 3: Euclid Club: "Yankee King," 4: Honorary Cadet Captain, 4: Student Senator, 4, Senate Timekeeper, 4: Tournament Drill, 4: Goodwill Coun- cil. 3: Prom Committee, 3: Ring Committee: Senator Nye Committee: Radio Club Announcer, 4. JONES, CATHERINE Ambition: To DO the Best Thing in the Best Possible Way Hand, 1, 2, 3: Tournament Band. 2: Orchestra, 1: Latin Club, 2: Euclid Club, 3: Junior Follies, 3, Student Director, 3: Prom Committee, 3: Ring Committee: Senator Nye Com- mittee: National Honor Society, 3, 4, President, 4: Annual Staiif, 4: Girls' League Council, 3, 4. JONES, MER1, :fmbitio n: Executive Secretary National Tllespians. 3, 4. President, 4: National Honor So- ciety, 4: Madrigal Club. 3, 4: Acappella. 3, 4: Double Quartette, 3: Quartette, 3, 4: "Marriage of Naunettef, 2: Junior Follies, 3: "Growing Pains." 3: "Ladies of the Jury." 3: Kiwanis Plays, 3: Denver Speech Conference, 4: All-State Chorus. 3: Festival Chorus. 4: Life Saving. 2, 3, 4: Gym Show, l, 2, 3. JONES, EDITH Ambition: Dude Ranch Secretary Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 4: Gym Show, 3: Girls' Sports. 1, 2. 3, 4. JUoKiNs, SPENCER Ambition: Journalist Ada. Oklahoma, 1, 2, 3: National Thespians. 4: Glee Con- certs, 4: Usher Club, 4: Kiwanis Plays. 4: "Yankee King." 4: A. K. A,, 4: Animal Staff, 4. The 1937 Mustang l4ll SENIORS KEEGAN, MARION Ambition: Nurse "Ladies of the jury," 35 "Growing Pains 3 Junior Fol lies, 3. KEISER, HELEN Ambition: Stenographic VVork Tap Club, 15 Cheer Club, l, 2, 3, Secretary, 35 Gusher Staff, 45 Annual Stan, 3, 45 Drum Major and Twirler of Band, 3, 45 Battalion Sponsor of R. O. T. C.. 45 Clee Club Concert, 1, 2, 3, 45 All-State Chorus, 35 Gym Show, 35 Tournament Drills, 45 President of Girls' League Council, 45 Executive Council, 45 Student Senator, 45 Girls' Vice-President, 45 Tower Staff, 45 Honorary Cadet Captain. 45 Ring Committee, 45 Junior Prom Committee, 35 Nye Committee, 45 "The NVorld's Alright," 15 Junior Follies, 35 Goodwill Council, 15 Festival Band, 45 Quill and Scroll, 4. KISTI.ER, MARION Ambition: Singer KI.UNGNESS, LORRAINE Ambition: Nurse Girls' League Council, 1, 45 Latin Club, 1, 2, Vice-President, 25 French Club, 35 Madrigal Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 45 National Honor Society, 3, 4, Vice-President, 45 Sextette, 35 Quartette, 3, 45 Trio, 2, 3, 45 All-State Chorus, 35 Festival Chorus, 45 T. N. T., 2, 3, 45 Acappella, 45 Gym Show, 15 "Marriage of Nannette," 35 "The World's Alright," 25 Ki- wanis Plays, 25 Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 45 Annual Statf, 3, 45 Gusher Staff, 45 Junior Follies, 35 Prom Committee, 35 Solos. Latin Club, 1, 25 Cheers, 1, 2, 35 Glee Concerts, 1, 2. 3, 45 Junior Follies, 35 Gym Show, 35 Kiwanis Plays, 4. LAMB, JEAN LAMB, MARY Ambition: To Travel Around the World Latin Club, 1, 25 English Club, 3, 45 Euclid Club, 3, 45 Art Club, 45 Gusher Staff, 35 A, K, A., 45 Kiwanis Plays, 45 Junior Follies, 35 National Honor Society, 4. LA NoUE, BRUCE LATHROP, HOMER ff Ambition: Ranching Hgankie King"5 Non-Commissioned OH'icer, 2, 3. Sis,-4' LORD, TED LUKROFKA, MARJORIE Ambition: Artist Senior Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 45 All-State Chorus, 35 Junior Follies, 35 Annual Staff, 45 String Quartette, 35 Art Club, 4, President, 4: Gym Show, 45 Orchestra, 3, 45 Music Festival, 45 Student Senator, 4. ' , LUND, LOVVELL Ambition: Electrical Engineer MCCLELLAN, IRENE Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 4 After School Sports, 1, 2: l42l Senior Band, 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Football, 1, 45 Track, 35 Junior Follies, 35 Saxophone Sex- tette, 45 Mustang Wranglers, 45 Tournament Band, 1, 2, 45 Festival Band, 4: Gusher Statt, 4: Non-Commissioned Officer of Band and Military, 3, 4. All-State Chorus. 35 3, 4. The 1937 Mustang SENIORS HULSE, ROSIlE,lVlAY . ' do ! M, Ambzizon: Librarian Cheyenne, VVyoming, 1, 2, 3. IsEx:uAN,V1vxAN Ambition: Artist Annual Statt, 33 Art Club, 4. ISHAM, RUTH Ambition: Stenographer Spanish Club, 3, 43 Madrigal Club, 3, 43 Acappella 33 Glee Concerts, 2, 3, 43 All-State Chorus, 33 Festival Chorus, 43 Gusher Staff, 43 Junior Follies, 33 Gym Show, 3. JACOBSEN, RUTH ANN Ambition: Tour the World Glee Concerts. 1, 2, 33 Acappella, 3 4 All State Chorus 3 Junior Follies, 33 Girls' League Council 3 Band Ir ulex 3 Gusher Staff, 4. jancowsxvz, CHARLOTTE JOHNSON, CHARLES Ambition: Violin Soloist Junior-Senior Band. 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHNSON, MARY Ambition: Teacher Pine BlulTs, VVyoming, 1, 23 Kiwanis Plays. 33 Latin Club. 3 JOHNSON, SYBII. Ambition: Industrial Chemist Editor of Annual, 43 Annual Staiif, 3, 43 Executive Council, 43 T. N. T., 1, Z, 3, Vice-President, 33 Gusher Staff, 3, 4, Associate Editor, 43 Quill and Scroll, 3, 43 National Honor Society, 3, 43 English Club, 3, 43 Latin Club, 1, 2, Secre- tary-Treasurer, 23 Spanish Club, 3, 43 Tap Club, 13 National Thespians, 43 Glee Concerts, 1, 23 Junior Follies. 3, Student Director, 33 Junior Class Secretary, 33 Euclid Clubg "Yankee King," 4: Honorary Cadet Captain, 4: Student Senator. 4, JONES, MERI. Senate Timekeeper, 43 Tournament cil, 33 Prom Committee, 33 Ring COIHI'l'llftECQ Radio Club Announcer, ONES, CATHERINE Ambition: To Do the Best Thing in the Best Possible Way Band, 1, 2, 33 Tournament Band. 23 Orchestra, 1: Latin Club, 23 Euclid Club, 33 Junior Follies, 3, Student Director, 33 Prom Committee, 33 Ring Committeeg Senator Nye Com- mittee3 National Honor Society, 3, 4, President, 43 Annual Staff, 43 Girls' League Council, 3, 4. Ambition: Executive Secretary National Thespians, 3, 4, President. 43 National Honor So- ciety, 43 Madrigal Club, 3, 43 Acappella, 3, 43 Double Quartette, 33 Quartette, 3, 43 "Marriage ot' Naunettef' 23 Junior Follies, 33 "Growing Pains," 33 "Ladies of the Jury." 33 Kiwanis Plays, 33 Denver Speech Conference, 43 All-State Chorus. 3: Festival Chorus, 43 Life Saving, 2, 5, 43 Gym Show, l, 2, 3. Ambzlzon. Dude Ranch Secretary Glee Concerts. 1, 2, 3, 43 Gym Show, 33 Girls' Sports. 1. 2. 3 4 JUDKINS, SPENCER Ambition .' journalist Arla, Oklahoma, 1, 2, 3: National Thespians 4 Clee Con certs, 43 Usher Club, 43 Kiwanis Phys 4 Xqnltee king., 43 A. K. A., 43 Annual Staff, 4. The 1937 Mustang SENIORS MYERS, BEVERLY Ambition: Nurse Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 45 Gym Show, 3. NAYLOR, DELORRAINE Ambition: Work in a Bank Gym Show, 35 Junior Follies, 35 Glee Concerts. 1, 2. 3, 45 All-State Chorus, 35 Festival Chorus. 45 A. K. A., 45 Madri- gal, 3, 45 Acappella, 3, 45 "Ladies of the Jury," 35 Kiwanis Plays, 35 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 45 Festival Orchestra, 45 Tour- nament Drills, 1, 2, 45 Girls' Senior Costume Day VVinner. NEIGH, HELEN Ambition: Rancher Class Basketball. 4, Class Spf-eclball, 4. NFI.SON, MERCER N1cnoLs, BETSEY Ambition: Executive Secretary Cheer Club. 1. 2. 3, Sergeant-at-Arms, 2, 35 Latin Club, 1, Z5 Spanish Club, l. 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society, 45 Secretary-Treasurer of Senior Class. 45 Matlrigal Club, 3, 4, Secretary. 3, President. 45 Junior Follies. 2. 31 Gym Show, 35 Music Council, 25 Acappella Chorus, 25 Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 35 All-State Chorus, 35 Annual Staff, 45 Tournament Drills, 4. NIETHAMMER, CEEORGE A mbition: Stockman Varsity Football, 3, 45 Varsity Basketball, l. 2, 3, 45 Varsity Track, 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Class President, 35 Executive Coun- cil, 3, 45 MC" Club. Z, 3, 45 Secretary-Treasurer of "C" Club, 35 Student Body President. 45 Junior Follies, 35 Prom Committee: Ring Committee. NlETHAlN1MER,HEl.EN Ambition: Concert Pianist Latin Club, 1. 2, President, Z5 English Club, 3, 4, Presi- zlent. 4: A. K. A.. 3, 4, President, 45 National Thespians, 45 National Honor Society, 45 Executive Council, 3, 45 Girls' League Council, 1, 25 French Club, 35 Glee Concerts, 1, 2. 3, 45 All-State Chorus, 35 Cheer Club, 1, 2. 35 Prom Com- mittee: Ring Comniittc-e5 "Charley's Aunt." 35 "Rejuvena- tion of Aunt Mary." 45 Kiwanis Plays, 45 Junior Follies, 3. 0 DONNEI.I,, TOM OFFENBACHER, EARL Ambition: Electrical Engineer Class Football, l, 2, 35 Class Basketball, 1, 35 Scrub Bas- ketball, 25 Non-Connnissionetl Officer, 3, 45 Track, 3, 4. OJALA, HUBERT Ambition: Power Behind the Press Gusher Staff, 3, 4, Business Manager, 45 "Yankee King," 45 "Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary." 45 Tower Staff, 35 Quill and Scroll. 3, 45 English Club. 45 National Thespians. 4: Latin Club, 25 Basketball, 25 Golf. 2, 3. 41 Usher Club, 2, 3, 4. ONDLER, CLOYD Ambition: Commercial Artist HC" Club: Varsity Football, 2. 3, 4. OSBORNE, DARLEEN 44l The 1937 Mustang SENIORS PAYNE, HOWARD PENLEY, HARDIN Amllitionf Chemist Class Football, 1, 3, 4: Class Basketball, 1, 3, 4, Cusherf' Staff, 4. I' 'sl PEARCE, JESS 9 ' Ambition: Free-lance Journalist ul 1" Thermopolis, 15 Midwest, Z, 33 Pynx Club, 4: National R Q X X xv XI, Forensic, 4, Student Senator, 4. - Mug y, ,f fl - PERKINS, WVARREN i l Ambition: Dentist Non-Commissioned Officer. 2. 31 Conlmissioiied Jfficer. 42 Officers' Club, 4: Junior Follies, 3: Class Football, 1. 2, 3: Class Basketball, 1. 2, 3, 4: Varsity Track. Z, 3. 4: Gusher Staff, 4, Sports Editor, 4: Annual Staff. 41 Student Sena- tor, 4. PERRETT, FRANK PETERS, CHRISTINE PETERSON, GEORGE PHELPS, NlAURlCE Spanish Club, l, Z, 3, 43 Boys' Glee, l, 2. PITTS, PATRICIA Ambition: Teacher Spanish Club, 3, 4: Glf-e Concerts, 1. 2. 3. 4: All-State Chorus, 3. PIPER, ARTHUR Ambition: To Be Clark Gable, the Second "C" Club. 4: Football Manawer. 4: Glee Concerts. 22 Cusher Staff, 4: Junior Follies, 3, Class Basketball, 3, 4. POTTER, ROBERT Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer Boxing Team, 1, 2: Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4: F. F. A.. 2. 3, 4, Secretary. 4: Class Football, 1. 25 F. F. A. District Oratori- cal Contest Winner, 45 State Farmer, 4. PREWITT, NEII. Ambition: Millionaire llebate Team, 1: Rifle Team. Z: Non-Coiuniissionezl Officer, 3: Commissionctl Officer, 4: Kiwanis Plays. 4: Kiwanis Award for Best Individual Actor. 4: Latin Club. 2: Usher Club, 1. 2. 3, 4: Junior Follies, 3: Gusher Staff, 2: A. K. A., 43 National Thespians, 4, "Smilin' Thru," 4. The 1937 Mustazzg l45l SENIORS Pkom-, ELSIE Ambition: Jou rn alist junior Follies, 3g Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4: Gym Show, 3: Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3: All-State Chorus, 35 Gushcr Staff, 4: Girls' Sports, 3, 4. RAMSEY, HOLLIS Ambition: Interior Decorator Klee Concerts, 4: Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, REAsoNER,JEss1e Ambition: Designer Miami, Florida, 1: T. N. T., 3: Executive Council, 4: Stu- dent Body Treasurer, 4: Art Cluls, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 4: Kiwanis Plays. 43 Annual Stag, 4: Gusher Staff, 4: Junior Follies, 3: Gym Show, 3: Glec Concerts, 2, 3: All-State Chorus. 3: Music Council, 3: Goodwill Council, 3: Glee Class President. 3. 4. REED, JOIINAVIEVE REED, Roi.ANo RILEY, Lewis RING, PAULINE RISSLER, Menu. A mbition: Rancher Spanish Clnlx. 3, 4: Junior Follies. 3: A. K. A., 4: "Yankee King," 4g "Smilin' Thru,', 4. Ronan, ERNESTINE Ambition: Millionaire T. N. T., l, 2, 3: Tap Club, 1: All-State Chorus, 3: Gusher Staff. 4: Festival Chorus, 4: Kiwanis Plays, 3: Junior Follies, 33 Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee, 3: Goodwill Council, 3. RYAN, NORMAN Ambition: To write Valedictorian. 4: Editor-in-Chief of Gusher, 4: Executive Council, 2, 4: Gnsher Sports XVriter, 3: School Sports VVriter, 3. 45 National Honor Society, 3, 4: Boys' Quartette, 4: Glee Concerts, 4: Non-Commissioned Oificer, 2, 3: Commissioned Officer, 4: Euclid Club, 2, 3, 4: Latin Cluim, 2: Class Ath- letics, 2: "C" Clnll, 33 Junior Rotarian, 3. SANm2Rs, Barre Ambilion: Radio Singer "Marriage of Nanettef' 1: Gym Show, 1: Double Quartette, 2: Sextette, 2: Quartette, 3, 4: Madrigal Club ' Acappella, 3, 4: A. K. A., Z3 National Thespians, retary, 4: Glee Concerts, 1. 2. 3. 4: Music Festival, 4: Junior Follies, 3: Annual Staff. 3: Kiwanis Plays, 3: "Ladies of the Jury," 3: Denver Speech Conference: Summer Scholarship to D. U. . 2, 3, 4, 3, 4. Sec- Sfxnmnos, DoNAx.D Ambition: Delve lnto the Past A. K. A., 3: National Forensic, 3, 4: Pynx Clnli, 4. Presi- dent, 4: Junior Follies, 33 "Growing Pains," 31 Kiwanis Plays, 4: Non-Commissioned Officer, 3: Debate Team, 3, 4: Rilie Team, 1, Z, 3. l46l The 1937 Mustarzg SENIORS SANDS, BILLY Ambition: Architect Art Club, 4: Class Football. 1. 4, Annual Staff, 43 lland 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 45 Music Council, Zg Glee Concerts, 23 Mustang Wranglers, 4. SAsso, PETE SATTERTHWAIT, MARVIN ScAkEoRoUcII, SALLY SCIIILLEIIEFE, PAULINE Ambition: Psychologist Acappella Chorus, 3, 4: All-State Chorus. 3: Gym Show 1, 33 Gusher Staff, 4, Latin Cluh, 4: Music Council, 4 Spanish Club, 4, Madrigal Club, 4. ScHooLER, WILMA A mbition: Stenographer Madrigal Club, 41 Glee Club C Show, lg Acappella Chorus, 3, 4. SCHRYER, DoN Ambition: Chemical Engineer Commissioned Officer, 4: English Club, 43 Olficers' Club, 4 Class Football, 3, 43 Class Basketball, 3, 4, Boys' Glee, 3 "Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary," 4. SHIPSTEAD, CAi1oI. A rn bition: Gym Teacher All-State Chorus, 3: Basketball Team .Iriiga 45 Soccer Team, lg Glee Concerts 1 7 3 SMITH, GERALD Ambition: Diesel Engineer Class Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4. SMITH, MARGARET Ambition : Teacher Auburn, u7HSl1l!lgtOll. li Spanish Club I 4 xldllllfliil CI b 3, 45 Acappella Chorus, 3, 4, Clee Conccits 3 4 SMITH, QUESTA Ambition: Private Secretary Midwest, Wyoming, I, 2, 3: Sextette. 4, Acappella Chorus 4, Festival Chorus, 43 Gusher Staff, 4. SNODGRASS, EVELYN The 1937 Mustazzg 47 S E N I 0 R S SNYDER, Vmc1NxA Svifcx, TED SPENCER, Rox' SPLETTER, SHRRLEY Ambition: Teacher Radio Club, 4, Tower Staff. SPRITTLES, ANITA Ambition: Beauty Culturist Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3, 4: All-State Chorus, 33 Tap Club, 19 Gym Show, 3: junior Follies, J, Kiwanis Plays, 45 "Yankee King," 43 A. K. A.. 4. STARK, BETTY Ambition: Gym Instructor Gusher Staff, 45 Annual Staff, 4, Spanish Club, 4: Usher Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, President, 4, Gym Show, 3, Junior Follies, 3, Girls' Sports Awards, Numeral, N. C. H. S., "C" Sweater, Student Senator, 49 Glee Concerts, l, 2. STARKVVEATHER, CALv1N STEvuNs, HALLEY ' STEWART, Lois BLA Ambition: Nurse Gym Show, 35 Glee Club, 1, 2, 33 Glee Concerts, 1, 2, 3. Knits. STROHECKER, BUD Ambition: Automobile Mechanic Golfing, 1, 2, 3. 4. STROMEERG, JEANETTE STUART, Boa Ambition: Play the Piano lland, 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra. 1, 2. 3. 41 Tournament Band, 2, 4: Non-Commissioned Officer, 3. 4, Mustang Wranglers, 45 Junior Follies Orchestra 2, 45 Festival Band, 4. H81 The 1937 Mustang SENIORS SWA NTON, WILLIA M SnlNcl,E, Honuxsn .fllnlliliolli Aviator Varsity Football, 4, Varsity 'l'ruck, 1, 2, 3, 4. '1lAYLOR, fiLEN .4n1l1itio11.' Stockmzi n Varsity Boxing, 23 Class Fonllvall, Z, 55 F. F, A., Z, 3, 4, President, 4: Glee, 2. '1l0l'E, CH.-nuns 'l'xoLLoPE, DoR0'rHY flmbitioui Nurse F1'w1D.-x1,E, MAE .'1Hll7lfi07l.' Artist Art l'lnb. 41 Animal Staff, 3. 4: Vslier Flnlu, Z. 33 linclicl flnlm, 2, 3: Gym Show. 5: Junior Fullics, 3, Gln-c Concerts, l, 2. 3: Girls' Sports, 1. 2. 'TYl,l5R, NEAL VALDEZ, FLORA fIn1bition.' Nurse Spanish Vlnlv. 1, 2. 3, 45 Blzulrigzil Vlnlw, 3. 4: All-State fhorns. 3: Glce Concerts, 1, 2, 3, -lg Aczippcllu c4l'lO1"l'lS. -lg junior Follies, 5. VALEN'r1N E, Avis .4mbitio11.' Stenogrupher Sewing' Contest, 3. VOI.KER,lEUGliN1i ,lmllitfolli Boukkrrjlfr Nebraska. 2. 51 fluss Basketlnall, 1. 4. w7Al.KER, ROBERT 14llllIifi07l.' Radio Engineer Glee flnlw, 1. 22 Senior llnnrl, 1. 2. 5, 43 S4-ilior cl!'Cl'lC'5ll'2i. I, 2, 3. 4: Mustang' VYranglers. 4: Mustang Xliflgets, .lg Vlnss Football, -lg Trnrnpct Quartrttc, 3, 4. fx tl lv XRYAITE, FRANCES Q, 1 1 .'1ml1itf011.' Herpetologist Q5 I Port Artlnn-, Texas, 1, 2, 3: Nahynzi iw Society, 4. A x Q f The 1937 fllustangf l+9l S E N I O R S XVALTERS, KENNETH VV XRNER, PEGGY ANN l4l7lbili0?Z.' Stffwardrsx Girls' League Council, 1: Junior Follies, 35 Girls' Sports. 1, 2, 3, Gym Show, 35 Glee Concerts. l, 2, 3. 4. XVEBER, ROBERT VVENTZEI., HELEN Ambition: To Be Happy and Successful VVasliington, 13 Riverton. NVyoniing, 2, Girls' League Coun- cil, 33 Usher Club, 3, Euclid Club. 33 English. 3, 4, Debate Team, 3g National Forensic, 3, "Growing Pains." 35 Junior Follies. 33 Madrigal Club. 3. 4. Secretary, 4: A. K, A., 4, Treasurer, 4: Executive Council. 4: Student Body Secretary, 43 Gusher Staff, 4, Assistant Editor. 4, Annual Staff, 43 French Club, 3, Prom l'ommittee: 'tliejuvenation of Aunt Mary." 4, Kiwanis Plays. 4: Tournament Drills. 4: National Honor Society. 4: Acappella. 3: All-State Chorus, 3, Glec Concerts, 3: Quill and Scroll, 4: "Smilinl Thru," 45 National Thespians, 4, Senator Nye Committee, Ring Comniittee. w7II,KERS0N, ERNEST .4ml11tion.' Psychiatrist Junior Rotarian. 4: Senior Class President. 4: lnterscholastic Debate. 1. Z. .lg National Forensic. 1, Z, 3. 4, President, 2, 3g "im Club. 2. 3, 4. President. 4: Officers' Club. 3, 4. Pres- ident. -4: Track Manager. Z: Connnissioned Utticer. 4: Xon- tfomniissioned Officer. 2, Sz Class Basketball, 2: Pynx Club, 1, 2. 3: Kiwanis Plays. 2: Oratory, 2, Usher Club. l, 2: Service Company. lg Chairman of Senior Ring Committee, Junior Follies, l. 3: Executive Council. 41 Glee Concerts, 1. 2, SQ Goodwill Council, 3, Chairman of Senator Nyc Committee. Wn.K1Ns, CARLTON Hmllitionx Smoke Eater Rock Springs, 1: Clee Concerts. 31 Junior- Follies. 35 Football, 3, 45 Track, 2. 33 Prom Committee, 3g "C" Club, 43 Non-Commissioned Officer, 3. WOODWARD, JETTA WYATT, CLINTON WARD, BRUCE Loi.NosKI, JACK Ambition: Architect Class Basketball, 1, 2, F. li. A.. 2, 3, 4. Treasurer. 2. 3. 50l The 1937 fllustang " Aw aft f . -. -A ff" XMW""' '-f?"'A ,- 15 3.53" "Y M - V ' Q. M , ,, ma , sh p h ,x.,gW 5, A 7 M I . 4.1 M ,,.,V,,,.. Y. 5 Q .Y hh 'Lg M - Q5 ,W 'T' ' A fy W' 4' . W -L ., L 9' Q 3 Q",13Aw , -w M S - . U 'WN f" 'ww 'N V H V . 'R Af :Fl A " wh .5 f gig 53 Ztjggin'-1 I EWQL?h.Jm3, , gai n -f fgm qsx aww 1' Cf , 3 f 7,5 un. kg N i. M' QW: X. E' , .. we ,f W, f ' '- ' 5' Q1w "Y,:.l1.- fi, 4 4"' y nw if 1f'3"' A , f i , 'Q W" 1 - liz? ' - 7:-'31"' e E YWNLKZW ' 7 -, .9 2 ,,,, 'fIl'- '. K ,WM ywmfk' . mfifgga ww -. ---Q-V' 1 - n I at ,, .,....4 .,,.. . , .,,., ,.., .:.f..:,,': . 1 x. MKM, K. .,,,., ,Q 1.. . ,..... . WW W, .. , , . . . ,..., . , I .X Ewa at A A W Ev VV www k , ' if ' 'Jef ' , Y ,,a 1 ., . A g Aw gag. ' 1 4. v X Q I -ak W I I4 U wif . ff H vs 'Q ' V ' 13.-.:..1 Qi ,V - 1 I M 4.1.5 ,221 N .A X VV aff' ll- gk, ii AE: . , ,A V 'M ., , -1 N t A S b f YZ .N N-W ,Y . . f , PQ 4 -fri Y f. ' 2. . . . ' M ' ' . 4 ' X ' i ' , f Q -1 23. W ' mm - 'ill' "" Ej '-"' -"-' -131-ij'iX .21::-12-2 fw'!'Pf'n"':'Iii-mf, , ' .,.., "A ,,., .7:.,5,.',m. "'i.1A-NW f .,.IIE, ' ' 'i:5Ef?F?" -Duval' "-" ' 2611. - V:-'i:"E1"5f:si.".:-QU . H , ., ' . ' H , 1.2.2. .... . . . .M-:N A W I h mqggmfimw ...., ,m,gh,,3,w , -WM . y .. , MM A wV,.,,A,,... -'N A ' f -1 V m..M.......faw'lmM.,- R MX -- , A " WN? 'P' fi'-1 . 4,4-W...-1 " M-""f'. V ,-hy,--N..-ww ,pf , M ' ' ny, WA"'--ff' JW" T , W,,.,M . . A N V ' ww4""! 'fiv ,N yon. it . .0 ful K ,X is fr- Qfks Km. ,xmw . kv x 5.3 - Q1 .WIN W' 's A ' ' ' in ga. f , W 5 x W1 . A Vi: , ,A V .N 1 f W., ,, I "' , 2 wg . , '- . A f , S.. y . , V f fnmww X X J' x ' A .""',"' Q 'ww 2 V sw' 7, fww' 3 5:-1. .. 'f"s,:.' f..w.,I' wf..f'V". 9 ' 3 UMW ' N' f - PM r r Bignell Candelaria Griggs Harvey Ayres Leonard Wright Bentley JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY l l l l l l l l l l ? l mi Before the fall round-up of 1935, over three hundred young cowhands applied for positions as "Civics-busters," 'fAlgebra-riders," and "English-branders" at the Natrona County Home Ranch. Although their slightly "grassy" appearance somewhat belied their fitness for such important tasks, the "straw-bosses," otherwise known as the teachers, allowed them to stay for a four-year trial, provided they could endure the "hardening process" instituted by the Senior cowhands. To preserve order in their newly-organized ranks, the 'ttenderfeetu elected eight "top hands": Arthur Rutherford, Mabel Ayres, Carol Barto, Jack Spaulding, James VVaygood, Beryl Mitchell and Mary Donovan, and sponsor, Miss Hemry. In the early fall the older cowgirls took the new "green horns" to the Co-Ed ball, and later all of the Freshmen proclaimed themselves full-fledged "cowhands" after the Kid Party. The Freshmen year, then, was full of both pleasures and torments provided by the Seniors, but the newly-declared "hands" entered their second year with an independent spirit, deter- mined to make names for themselves on the annals of the old Home Ranch, and to show how earnestly they entered this important strata, "bosses" were elected the first week after coming in off the range. They were: Wanda Pickens, Harold Riggins, Ray Leonard, James Speas, Beryl Mitchell, and Shirley Middleton, and sponsors, Miss Healy and Mr. Corbett. Their activities included an assembly in the form of an amateur hour and a "VVashington Fling" in the old dance hal to the un l where the Ushootin' irons" are kept. Now they were a familiar, but unwelcome sight experienced t'Freshies," in the halls of the ranch house. This year, as Juniors, the now thoroughly-learned Htop-hands" decided to elect all cowboys as their leaders. The results were: Chief 'tbossf' Ray Leonard, assistant "boss," Glen Harvey, "pen-pusher," james Wright,-later, lylabel Ayres was appointed to take james VVright's place when he left the ranch for another outfit-"cash-wrangler," VValter Bentley, "rep." to the Big' Bosses' Council, Lee Miner and John Hancock, and "strawbosses," Mr. Candeleria, Miss Griggs, and Miss Bignell. Nevertheless, the junior eowgirls lent a lot of support, and the class put on a "rip-snortingl' Follies and an equally entertaining junior Prom. In fact, the Juniors have become a class which can take the place of the illustrious Seniors in an admirable fashion, having already given most of the athletes in "pig-skin busting," "Corral ball," and "Cinder stampedingu, seventeen members in the National Honorary Society, and have held the record for "CU pin awards in the art of "hook-wranglingfl IJOROTHY ROPER. The 1937 Arummg 5 4 l l 1 1 l l xi Q 1 Q l l l 3 i . . . ,, i ' l - Row I Rnw 2 Row 5 Row -I Run 5 Run if Row 7 Run S Row 9 Alsrarnw .-Xmlvrsnn lll liurtn llmltlny Hnnxnly Burl-,Jn 'zwlmn 'lacking llUV8lllt Amlurnsun lizmslnn L- IM-rgnlxnx liuwxnzm llnstznwl 'znrpmxtm' l Ii J 'ullmy Vrowlcy Alflerbach Ar11m1l,1x'icl1 Buss ll:-rgun llnylc- llntlcx' l1l!'1N'Illt'l' IMI 'ulvin Vmuch Allie A5 rcs ' lieall lirznnllm lintu-15 lllfltl' 'wok HH llfllif' Allston Builny Hman lin-yn-1' limwvx' i'mm-1'-nm 'znstwl 'Unk C129 l'nnningl1an1 Anderson CD5 Bmlcmft liegunizl Hnclnnzm Iimxxn 'ntmx 'ook KFJ Imly iliileenl Anderson Q11 Bnrkux' licncll Budvn liunsvn K'u11mlny llxanmlurrlain 'ntlnlan Daly tlivvlynj Anderson LRJ Barrie lic-uniun Hun linrkc- Vaniielll 'henvy llaly 1l"J The 7937 .lluxlzzng I53l 1 1 1 I 1 , Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Roxx 5 Ruw 6 Ruw 7 Ron R Ron 9 David Iiivinv Umm Vzimiu' il fees Gurrell ilzuiwny Hiscuck Ilumlwursou Davis fji i,YlJ!'Zik Fimhies I rislmy Uiwlilcivl il:n'Vvy Hwllis Himimeli Davis KRD Ililso Iinston Fipps Vzistim llziiwewiiirlit I Inwkins lfulmzni Hunt Davis KN AJ Uinlmiric I'14iw:1i'LiS l'cu1'gc Ilmgcmrl ily-:iciy flli iiulini.:i'en iiurlt ' Daytim lining I-Ilcy Flmxer I-ctllv Hriinss Ili-:ifly Cl l iimuimimi Trims Debi-nhzmi lmlpli Iillunbe-rp: l"imx'crs I ilcs Ili-inniingxxay Pluupci' jacoirsvxl Decker lliumvuii Englanml F-nate C illiiun Hzinilin Hendry llmwli jusvmlal CVictm'3 Desvh Driscoll Ewterlinc Foster ffiruux Hancovk Hirsch Jos:-mlal iVirgilj H The 1937 flfuslang f.'f'w , 3 H. f Ron' l Run' .Z ROM 5 Run 4 linux' S Kalons Landers Loggy lNlcC'lL-nclmx 'klnrkwzurrl Kane lmgsrlmx Nlcllwnald Xlnrtin Kc-llilu-r l,11 Vellu Losey AlCflI'Zlllgll 'Muttllcxrs Kelso l,c-onarml l.llITl!Illi llzn'qunr:lt Kimball Ley Lnslmy Blcliinsey Nlc-lvin Kreiger Lilly McAn1is MQKL-ndry AlCl'Cl'1k'1l Kuhn Lingg Rlcfzwtlly McMillan Blcrwin Lamb Lockhart McCleary Blaconbrie Mimlzlleton The 1937 flffusfzzng x I XX Q ' :WR 'I 1,4 .3 . 1 fl l l 1 l l Row lr Ruw T Row 8 Ruw 9 M:-llmnrne Mmxtgmlu-ry O'l4ricn Parmcntcr Xlillur Xlmwliszxwl Ull":n'1'cl Pntlc1'5un Mills Nn1l1L'rsL-zul Oslmrne Pau-lka Minor lklustelln-r Ott P1-null Nlitclu-ll Cllcruicub Murphy Omlurkirk Purnlcc NL-igh Pzxlnu-r Pcttingill Nlitcllrll CB:-ryl Nelson Parnell Pllillippi Mokseir ,Noble Pickens A , J K fl ix i J A 'V , . .V X " l X S QV Ruxx' 1 Pirn Pricu Pmlxsi Richnrfis Rucxl Ritlc-riuxwix Rniuinson HH Robinson IGI Roxx' Z Riipei' R nwell R xxtllwt' Szxndws Szxnclirig Szxlxdisxn Sziniurxl xrfxi Q. ix Roxx' 3 Santo Sutter! lx xx zx Ss'l1ac'1i'u1' Schnllv Sczmxnns Scars Salida-I Sheppcrson , K 4 In x 9'5- 3 xi 0' -V 7 ir '54 "1 S i O x i x -5 Rxvxx 4 Ruxx 5 Ruxx 0 Roxx 7 Roxx' S Rnxx' 9 Shnlts CIN Suixiicnfvlxlt Sxxliivzm Thonxzii YJ? Vest XYei'nex' xl Shxnts ij! Spznilsling 415 Swanton Thuinzxs KY? Ywxlclinal XYlxileaxx'ay Siimnuns Slmxxicliixg KRD Sxxinglc- Tobin Yxxcnrcvich XYillianxs H53 Slvvzw Szckxiln 'Vrulxt White YYilli,Lxm4 xYi Smith ffl Spillnine 'Valley Txxckcr Xxkxlkw' XYinkes Smith KIA Sh-ixxirl' lvpdwsgrzxff NYuyg'uorl XYulCot1 Snuxx' Stine Tayixn' YB! lvl'ICl11Jilt'1' NY:-iiixe-1' XYright Snxniei' Stun: 'Vaylui' KRJ l'jiir NYmhle 'Si Thr 7937 jlfllffrllij ..1,. mm-w 'ww gi 'A"'2S?'Zv Nm, 1' 4' A H 1, mt 1 J Af . ,Mi wi M A .fu is 431, 'I 4' K- v ,, 1 A . . A , 1. 'Nm-.1 vm ?P,.P"': ra ,Q xg if :Muni M' dn, gy lv f" MH: ' ' " vvzgwxl 'fir 'K J ra. L H' 'P , wifi 4 ' f A . 1. ,WA ,--4-"' U W' . ' f f W Mfg' , , . .,,X ff 5 , 1. . X ,WW E I, 'N' X It 2 4 V , A, A V,',. 2 ,, 5: g K f K . ,.. .,Q A.AN W, ,A ,Q,,g M 4-M..,,. .,f'fffB'5 - K ' WA Q ,. .f . ' , wr. .iw , uf -' af u f...1.,w-1 Johnsi ni Noel Shicller Q SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY QW c' 1,., k .mlm OFFICERS WAi,'r11:R Coox - - - - - Foreman IJICK JOSLYN iissistrlnl Forenzan A. G. NOE1. - - - Paymaster Li5oN,xRD Sco1'T - - Business Rustler -IAN ET Tkowiz - - "Cow-neil" Puncher RI.-KR ORIE KEISER . , . J Girly Leayue llifllllglfff AIARGARET AIICHIE Miss SHIDLIZR XI J Ranch Boxset i R. OHNSON The yearlings of N. C. H. S. had a good year for the feed was fine here at the home ranch. As a. result, some oustanding "ranch hands" turned up which are on the Way to "bossing" the whole ranch in a couple of years. Klary Shaw and Ruth Joy Hopkins were still the head Uhog callers" and they did a mighty good job of it too. Cook, not only was foreman, but assisted by Scott, A. G. Noel, and llf'IacNamara helped rope in all the Hheadsn around except the Broncs from Sheridan County. Scott also proved himself as a 'fcow punchern by his excellent Hballdozingn at the tourna- ment roundup. Bill Jones is one of the best when it comes to riding herd, which he demonstrated at the spring roundup, and Harold Healy from our "Corral" can "throw the bull' as well as anyone else on the ranch, or any other ranch around these parts, for that matter. The Sophomore herd is growing fast and they're going to be mighty strong riders by the time theylre ready to be shipped from the ranch. MARION BARTRAM. The 1937 JVIustang Anderson, Edith Anderson, Helen Dorothy Anderson, Patricia Angen, Signe Asbell, Frances Ellen Asich, Matilda Bach, Dolores Bailey, Alma Barnes, Rosie Bartram, Nlarion Bean, jean Beaton, Margaret Beck, Frances Bennett, Margie Bergen, Wanda Bouldin, Ann Brown, Lois Jean Brown, Margie Bullock, Dorothy Burd, Virginia Burton, Pauline Bush, Frankie Mae Butters, Jean Qmid-yearj Byars, Barbara Byron, Virginia Carlson,1une SOPHOMORE CLASS CGIRL Casteel, Mary Jane Chelewski, Juanita Chidley, Geraldine Clare, Mary Clarida, Virginia Lett Coleman, Loren Colver, Vera fmicl-yearj Conley, Donabel Cordova, Esther Cousins, Rogene Crashley, Betty Crater, Mary Lou Davidson, Mary jane Davis, Dixie Lee Davis, Georgia Davis, Helen Davis, Nellie Ann Day, Frances De Lapp, Lorraine Denilauler, Mary Dever, Mary Diener, Margaret Dockham, VVinifred Doing, Betty Ann Dorius, Vivian Dotson, Dorine Drollinger, Geneva Dvorak, Margie Ellsworth, Gladys Ewald, Sara jane Eydmann, Dorothy Fipps, Beverly Foncica, Lupe Foote, Vivian Galivez, Lupe Garlmerg, jean Gettle, Myrtle Gilbert, Viola Gooder, Cresoline Gorrelle, Marjorie Greisz, Merle Haygood, Nancy Qmid-yearj Harris, Lola Harrison, Donna Fern H ays, Helen Helm rick, M a ry Louise llerbert, Ma rie Herlue rt, Helen Grace Higgins, Gloria Hoffmann, Lila Mae Ilonnack, Patricia SD Hopkins, Ruth Joy Horvell, Marjorie Hubbard, June Keiser, Marjorie Koontz, La Marge Cmid-yearj Krieger, Ruth fmid-y Kump, Edna Lewis, Evangeline Lylmyer, Juanita McKee, julia McKinnan, lWarcella McRae, Christina Cmicl-yearl McRoberts, Dorothy Mahoney, Mary Nlanorgan, Marjorie Marquardt, Thelma Qmid-yearj Marshall, Dorothy lwathews, jane Mester, Fannie Cmid-year Metz, Kathleen fmid-year Michie, Margaret Milatzo, Mary Miller, Margaret L. earj 9 Mills, Irene Mills, Margaret Cmid-yearj Mokler, Maurine Mothersead, Phyllis fmid-yearj Neese, Irene Niethammer, Elsie Novak, Eva O'Brien, Wyoma O'Conner, Cathleen Olson, Evelyn Osness, Ruth Paradise, Ardith Park, Martha Parker, Betty Qmid-yearj Patterson, Jean Pavelka, Anna Peel, Evelyn Perales, Stella Mae Perrin, Ida Lee Perrine, Mary Peterson, Dolores Abbott, Roland Adcock, Charles Adcock, Ross fmid-yearj Anderson, Nels Anderson, VVarren Armstrong, Lester Bagby, Bob Bailey, Louis Bailey, Paul Ballard, Roy Barnes, Bill Baskett, David Beall, Fielder Becker, Raymond Bennett, John Biglin, Gene Qmid-yearj Borsch, Jimmy Bowman, George Briggs, Earl Brown, Raymond Brummon, Dennis Bryden, Douglas Burns, Robert Burns, Floyd Burton, Bill Campbell, Jack Carpenter, Wilbur Carson, Clyde Champlain, Ralph Clausen, Bjourn fmid-yearj Cobb, William B. Conner, Darrel Cook, James Cook, Walter Cordova, Sam Cullen, Arthur Cuthill, Bob Dady, Chester Daggett, Junior Dalin, Robert Davis, Richard Devoe, Everett Divine, Martin SOPHOMORE CLASS qG1RLsp,C,,,,H,,,ed, - Pierce, Loma Piper, Betty Pomrenke, Madelene Posey, Margaret Probst, Mary Rose Propp, Martha Quinlan, Della Reberg, Carol Redburn, Ruth Qmid-yearj Reed, Helen Reeves, Winifred Rice, Madeline Richards, May Rodgers, Viola Rohllf, Frances Rose, Virginia Rowlands, Sally Ryan, Margaret Sands, Betty Satterthwait, Virginia SOPHOMORE Earnshaw, WVilliam Ellenberg, WVm. Ennis, James Farmer, James Felman, William Fenton, Charles Foose, Harry Ford, Clarence Forsman, Glen Foster, Curtis Frandsen, Ray Fraser, Robert Gehrett, Raymond Goggin, Bernard Goggin, Francis Goldner, Clyde fmid-yearj Goodrich, Wayne Goodwin, Robert Gruen, Robert Hansen, Glen Hawley, Robert Hayes, Preston Heiser, Arthur Hildreth, Robert Hendry, James Holmgren, Donald Holt, Robert Hotchkiss, Warren Houseworth, William lsham, Charles Jackson, Oreland Jacobson, William Jacobson, Ross Jacquot, Victor Janski, Ellet Jones, William C. Jones, VVilliam E. fmid-yearj Jones, Frank Joslyn, Richard Kain, Patrick Kelly, Gus Kelly, Verlie Kimball, Bob fmid-yearj Sehaifer, Mildred Schaupp, Dorothy Schoenwald, Leoni Schooler, Martha Shaw, Elida Shaw, Mary Shepperson, Helen Shroyer, Devere Siegel, Alice Snodgrass, Ruth Sparks, Cleo Stine, Louise Stine, Marion Qmid-yearj Stout, Charlotte Strand, Janice Sullivan, June Southerland, Alice Sweeny, Frances Talpers, Gloria Taylorn, Nellie Angeline CLASS QBOYSJ King, Ledru Kirkmeyer, Tommy Klocksiem, John Kludy, Orval Knapp, Leland Kock, Gerald Kohuth, Rudolph Koller, Jack Laferty, Donald James Lambert, Carlisle Lange, Neal Leonard, Jack Link, Harold Lintz, James Lowe, Max Lusby, Jack McCleary, Henry McMurray, Kenneth McNamara, Billy Machen, Eugene Macleod, John Mason, Walter Maxon, Ed Maxwell, Albert Miller, Donald L. Minnihan, William Moore, Donald Moorhead, Claire Morad, Rolland Morgan, James Cmid-yearj Murphy, Bob Nelson, Robert Nesbitt, Orville Nickerson, Warren G. Noel, A. G. Oler, James Olson, Donald Panos, George Parlett, Ralph Patterson, Peyton Philip, John Pierce, Bill Pile, Kenneth fmid-yearJ Thomas, Virginia Thomas, Helen fmid-yearj Timlin, Catherine Toman, Frances Trowe, Janet Qmid-yearj Turner, Ruth fmid-yearj Vail, Marjorie Vetter, Vivian Visokey, Josephine Vondra, Alyce VVack, Laverne Walters, Leona VVard, Irene Watson, Betty Jean Weaver, Wanda Mae VVelch, Doris White, Frances VVolter, Lily Wood, Harriet VVork, Lola Jane Youngland, Ione Popple, Jimmie Quinlan, Billy Rash, Warren Ray, Eugene Riley, Raymond Reasoner, George Redburn, Ralph Resse, Franklin Cmid-yearj Rissler, Frances Robonett, Douglas Royce, Pat Sampson, Philip Schwartz, Bill Scott, Leonard Sims, Frank Smith, Erving Lee Smith, Vance Spaulding, Donald Spicer, Leslie Stroeher, Charles Sullivan, Dennis Sutton, Richard Cmid-yearj Swanton, Jerry Templar, Don Thiele, Ralph Tobias, Ted Twidale, Jack Vollman, William Vondra, Eldon Wagoner, Jim fmid-yearj Walker, Jack Watson, Bill fmid-yearJ VVebster, Jess Wehrli, Billy Wilkins, Warren Williams, Howard fmid-year Williamson, Jack Wilson, Daniel Wolter, Ernest Woodhouse, Robert L. Yohey, Billy York, Claude fmid-yearj yr Wd NEW Mm' bww, fQAk'5M7?f37 ,655 4. . 1 1 Am wf' M, radii' few S WPS Wkmx 545 ,gy . slag' ' ' six me w-wmv Afygw llealy llatliawaw iay l't-rry N iethammer Fuller FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY I l ? l62l On the eighth of September a newly acquired herd of dudes were driven into the corral of the home ranch, N. C. H. S. 'lihe top hands, the Seniors, spent a week trying to Hbreaku us, but finally they came down from their 'thigh horsesn and entertained us with true western hospitality at the Kid Party. After being taken into camp, roped, and branded in the form of initiation, we were 1'eady to "hit the trail" with the other hands. VVhile we have yet to master the art of riding a bucking broncho, we have learned the trick of hog-tying English without "pulling leatherf, The experienced cowgirl Seniors turned cowboys and put us yearlings through the paces of the modern 'Asquare dance" at the Co-Ed ball. There was truly a "hot time in the old townu that night. Our "top bossesu for the year were llliss Edna lllae Healy and Nlr. Darrel Hath- away, while our head wrangler was Victor Niethammer. Earl Ray was assistant wran- glerg Jim Fuller, hog caller, and LaVonne Perry, paymaster. Klary Work answered roll for the yearlin's at the Executive Council, and Ann Sedar and Leslie Smith spun the yarns of the K'Green Ranchoy' at the Girls, League Council. Although new at the job, we were quick to learn the ways of the uoutlity' and proved that we were no longer greenhorns hy bringing home more HC" pins than any other class. At the spring roundup for basketball season, three of our class, Burien Hliugsy' Perales, Jack Clark ,and Floyd Volker displayed a new "brand of ability." Some of our members that are on the debate team preserved that old dude char- acteristic of arguing. Those included were: Charles Ayres, Deane Bottoms, Vincent lllulvaney, James Burke, and Joe hlinihan. We want to publish to the home ranch that we, the Freshmen, are undiscouraged, invincible, and still unconquered at the end of one year of hard Htrail riding" and we're sure that some day, as Htop hands" we'll be able to turn out some hne Hhossesu from the hlustang corral of the old home ranch N. Ci. H. S. BARBARA JOHNSON. The 1937 Zklustang Nl it R l Adams, Thelma Adcock, Marjorie Auflick, Rhoda L. Avery, Ethel Baker, Betty Baluss, Betty Barnes, Laura Barry, Mary Helen Battelle, Roberta Bauer, Virginia Baxter, Evelyn Bean, Laura Bechtel, Lucy Ruth Bechtel, Rose Bell, Winona Benham, Marie Bennett, Naomi June Bentley, Mary Berry, Ruth Alice Boggs, Gladys Bowman, Lois Brandon, Dorothy Bream, Ruth Brey, June Briggs, Lois The 1937 Mustang FRESHMAN CLASS CGIRLSD Brophy, Helen Bunsen, Gwen Burgess, Lorraine Campbell, Marian Carpenter, Doris Chelewski, Dorothy Clare, Lois Cleveland, Myrtle Collins, jean Compton, Lucille Cornelison, joan Coughlin, Polly Covault, Harriet Cunningham, Betty Cunningham, Jean Dallason, Betty Davis, Margaret Davis, Vivian Day, LoRayne Deason, Dorothy Derrick, Betty Ann Dillow, Beth Doan, Katherine Dodge, Betty Jean Dodge, Yvonne Evans, Barbara Evans, Nadine Fields, Martha Jean Findley, Harriet Francis, Marjorie Furlong, jean Galbraith, Virginia Gale, Waneta Galutia, Lorna Garvin, Frances Garner, Lylene Gay, Mardell Gibson, josephine Giinther, Betty Giroux, Vivian Gordon, Marilyn Graham, Bernadine Greene, Ma ry Monica Gremel, Marjorie Hammond, Fern Hammond, Maxine Hester, Hazel Holloway, lola Holstein, Peggy Hook, Jean Ann Hoopman, Betty Hopkins, Carlyne Hougham, Genevieve Housley, Thelma Howard, Eunice Howard, Tressie Hufford, Frances lserman, Edith jacques, lVlay glacquot, Phillis johnson, Barbara Johnston, Viola jones, Betty jo jones, Elizabeth Ann Kanzler, Muriel Kelly, Norma Kelly, Uldean Kerr, Lucille Killebrew, Shirley Kludsikofsky, Charlotte Krusmark, Irene Lamey, Marian Lamey, Nellie Lanning, Marjorie Layman, Norma l63 Lehre, Audrey Lewis, Margaret Line, Doris Ann McDonald, Louise McDonald, Louise A. McMillan, Louise MacDonald, Betty Mackay, Dolly Magor, Margaret Mai, Vera Maret, Shirley Martines, Emily Maxon, Bethel Maxon, Genevieve Menke, Natalie lvlilatzo, Antoinette Milatzo, Lillian Miller, Catherine Miller, Marilyn Allee, Leone Carrigen, Eleanor David, Mary Ella Fuller, Hazel Albright, Andrew Allen, Warren Anda, Bill Angel, Dan Arnold, Bob Auflick, Robert Ayres, Charles Bailey, Francis Bitzenhofer, Clement Blackman, Edwin Bondon, William Bottoms, Deane Bragdon, Fremont Branson, Bill Brattis, John Brey, John Brown, Stanley Bruce, Keith Bucher, Jack Burke, Jim Burkhart, Bobbie Bush, Bob Cairns, Douglas Campbell, Robert Carlson, Glen Carpenter, Robert E. Carson, Gene Carson, Halbert Carter, Billy Casey, John Bashel, Bill Churchwell, Paul Claunch, Clifford Coleman, Homer Colibraro, Daniel Cooper, Bruce Corlis, Gaylord Covert, Pitt Critchfield, Jimmy Cronen, Clifford Cruse, Robert Dallason, Bobby Bancom, Joe Boyle, Bud Brannon, Robert Brislown, Ferdinand Breman, Richard Brown, Eugene Campbell, Marvin FRESHMAN cLAssqG1RLmwmmw Mitchell, Margaret lNIokler, Margaret Murphy, Lois Ruth Nelson, Mary Elizabeth Nichols, Eileen Niethammer, Nona Nolan, Mary Lee Norman, Marian O'Brien, Gwenneth Oelgen, Louise Parmenter, Lorraine Patchen, Delma Payne, Freda Pegan, Cynthia Penn, Dorothy Perry, LaVonne Peterson, Thelma Pettit, Irismae Peyton, Mary Jane Phillipi, Beulah Pilant, Winifred Powers, Catherine Pratt, Elaine Propp, Malene Purdy, Lucille Racich, Dorothy Ramsdell, Betty Reasoner, Mildred Richardson, Delores Rodgers, Vera Rosenberger, Bergeta Rosslow, Irene Roth, Marcella Sauter, Betty Lou Schryer, Doris Schwerdtfeger, Carol Sciple, Barbara Scott, Violet Sedar, Ann Shaw, Joyce Shepard, Margaret Simmons, Mary Alyce Slocum, Annabelle Smith, Eleanor Smith, Ruth B. Smith Frances Smith, Leslie Snow, Norine Sonnenfelt, Velda Stanton, Janet Stone, Margot Stout, Marjorie Sutton, Regina Swan, Arline Swanton, Mary Ellen Tackett, Jean Tholl, Mary Thompson, Evelyn MID-YEAR FRESHMAN CLASS CGIRLSD Grondell, Ruth Hummell, Margaret Hawley, Evelyn Hever, Betty Herengen, Evelyn Holman, Betty Ingram, Betty Irwin, VVanda Long, Hollis FRESHMAN CLASS Davenport, Daniel Davidson, Steve Davis, Clark Day, Junior Demos, James DePaemelaere, Albert DeRyk, Overton DeTilla, Charles Dever, James Dimmick, Warren Daggett, Floyd Doherty, James Donovan, Jack Dyson, Arthur Earnshaw, Marshall Elliott, James Ellis, J. R. Emery, Jack England, VVally Erickson, Howard Fiddes, Tommy Floth, Melvin Foote, Victor Francis, Lewis French, Bob Fritchell, Bill Fuller, Jimmie Garner, William George, Raymond Gerry, Dorwin Gleghorn, Donald Goetz, Gordon Green, Ray Guild, Rufus Gummere, Robert Hamar, Curtis Hancock, Junior Hancock, VVilliam Harkson, Marvin Harrington, Ray Hendrickson, Stanley Hills, Bill MID-YEAR F Caton, Newton Clarke, Jack Dielman, Billy Exby, Micky Foster, Edwin Fritts, Raymond Gehrett, Chester Hoke, Harold Holmes, Lester Horner, VVilliam Huber, VVarner Humes, Bill Hurley, Tim Irwin, Elmer Jacques, Charles Jamerman, Victor James, Hugh Janski, Joe Jefferies, Raymond Jenkins, Ben Jensen, Harold Johnston, Albert Jolly, Audrey Jones, Bob Kalkofen, Willard Kennedy, Tom Ketchum, Carl King, Dale Kistler, Louis VVilliam Lawson, Dan Leach, Lloyd Leahy, Jack Lewallen, Dale Ley, Bill Lingg, Bill Locke, Bob Lockhart, Stewart Long, Bob Losey, Ronald McCane, VVarren McClea ry, Bryant McColloch, Francis lVlcCoy, Donald McFarland, Thomas McKinzie, Sherel lNfIacManus, Gordon McNamara, Don MahafIey', Clifford Rognstad, Louis RESHMAN Goodrich, Don Hardin, Alfred Hallock, Paul Ingliston, Gordon Kear, Charles Lamb, Jack Laidlow, Robert Lee, Robert Lovelore, Agnes Ondler, Allene Paradise, Evelyn Schultz, Maxine QBOYSJ Mae, Curtis G. Marrall, Bob Martines, Frank Merriman, Henry hlerritt, Mirrill Merwin, Frank lVIiles, Charles Miller, Melvin Mills, Alex Minneham, Joseph Leo Mitchell, Jack Montgomery, Arthur More, Alton lylulvaney, Vincent Murphy, Gerald Nelson, Tom Neuman, Bill Newman, Leo Burkett Niethammer, Victor Nottage, Milton Oetgen, Harold Ogden, Bob Olbrickt, Ernest Park, Albert R. Parson, Robert Penn, Leo Perales, Burien Perrine, John Peterson, Marshall Pitts, Billy Pope, Wendell Quist, Harold Ramsey, Billy Ray, Earl Lee,Jr. Reeves, Bill Reid, Jimmie Richard, Benny Riker, Robert Roberts, Tom Rodgers, Duane Rogers, VVillis CLASSQBOYQ Manoury, Paul Minchow, Robert Minchow, John Morris, Robert Murray, Joe Olsen, Raymond Potter, Eugene Thompson, Jeannette Thomas, Thelma Tobin, Pattie Tomlin, Virginia Tope, Mary Louise Trollope, Annabel Tubridy, Gladys Vigil, Elsie Vogel, Aleah VValker, Margaret VValker, Maxine Warne, Lois White, Chrystal P. Wilking, Nora Wilson, Louise VVork, Mary Wroble, Lucille Yost, Elvira Zaken, Mary Smith, Edith Thiele, Adele VVeber, Gertrude Wack, Almina Root, Merton Roush, Jim Rowland, Elmer Scarborough, John Schauss, Ralph Schulte, Robert John Seamans, James Shipp, Bob Smith, Eulan Sorum, Keith Spillane, Mitchell Stephens, Bobby A' Stoutenberg, Ted Stromberg, Oscar Sullivan, Mark Suyematsu, King Thomason, Lee Thompson, Bill Thompson, Paul Townsend, Winfield Trout, Leroy Twiggs, Warren Vanhorn, Frederick Vigil, Ed Volker, Floyd VValdron, Malon VValker, Beno Wallace, Eugene VValsh, Vaughn Ward, Keith Werner, Bob VVheeler, Walter VVhite, Bob Wisser, George VVilliams, Joe Wilson, Ed VVise, Melvin VVisser, Glen VVolcott, Wayne VVood, Howard Yohey, Ray Pratt, Albert Ramsey, Gerald Rees, Riley Reeves, Jack Reynolds, Edwin Weaver, Warren Weaver, Wayne S .5 3?gif'?3': ,H, , 4 , if 'U -wg 111325 l I 1 I C ARTMENT W :Ei za ECL PP CG. -A i i 1 I i 1 1 3 PS GROU AL HOR :C ' -Y -- 2- f 1 x .2 U 5 L'I" ga O Q p I Groupf occ! kiwi E 2 H 5 S ? 3 E K ,N Fi N35 S. QT Q1 ' W. 'M ne, rchosfra O nd dA Ban fi? '-1 D- Z5 9 O enial TH YU Inst 'Wm Q -B G-gmnmwh Q , f 0 I 1 y1?g,,"'Q 1 0 if -41 . a 'rf 4 wa iI1?,g,gf Q . J xViIkCl'5OI1 Hills Jmuhnsml firmlq Kyilll Vuukling XYm1t71-I Rc-:xsmu 1 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL K Sfllllfllf lforly l,l'FSi1ll'1If Boys' l'i1'f' Prexizlezzt - Girls, IYil'?-Pf?3'fIlflIf - Sl111lf'11I Body Sf'l'ff"fIl7'j' 1 ' +1413- E XYOISI1 191111111111 Iljlllllj' 7'l'FllXIll't'l' - lfzlitrn' of Ihr 11111111111 - lfzlifur uf Ihr clllXlZl"I' - Svnior 6'fII.K'S 1JI'f'XiIlf'l1f RFf7!'FSFIIf1lfi7'F - Junior Clrlxx lJI'f'Xilif'lIf Rrjmf.v1111l11fi11e.v - Sflf7lI0'Ilfl7'l' Cfllh' Pl'F,K'ilIFIIf - RffJ1'1fse11t11ti'L1e - l"l't'A'h1IlIl1I C111ssP1'rxi11f'11t - RKf7I't'.VFIIfllfi77F - I1'll1ll"f.1IlljOI' - - Sponsor - - Nvitllznllnu-1' QCD Km-iscr Nlinrz' Nclitllznlllum' ill I l.cO11ux'1l llaucuck XYOx'k Xictllalnlncr CYP - GEORGE NIETH.-n1MER - - - - JOHN HILLS - HELEN KEISER HELEN VVENTZEL - JESSIE REASONER SYBIL JOHNSON - - NORNIAN RYAN - ICRN EST VVILKERSON - HELEN NIETHAMIVIER - - - - - RAY LEONARD JOHN HANCOCK, LEE IVIINER - - - - YVALTER COOK - - JANET 'FROWIE - VICTOR NlE1'li,AN1N1IiR - - JNIARIAN VVORK XVILLIAIXI CONKLINO - MR. S. K. XVALSI1 I7-ll The 1937 1Uu.vt11ng Kiwllrr WIUUHS .Xllmluriml Svirlrl Smith Sm-flax' The 1937 Prwizlefzll - - - S?1'n'lr1ry - 'I'I'E'll.Vlll'l"l' S fr 0 II .v u r - l"rrxl11l1a'11 - Soilho IIIUIY' - funinr - Swlinr - J7l11lSfI1lIg A 2: Kviwr KM J Shiwllm-1' Xlitrlu-ll C'u1'pm1tc4r lizmsen NI inhu- Kciscr fl GIRLS' LEAGUE - HELEN KIQISER CATHERINE JONES - Hrss XIARG.-xRri'1' SHIDLFR RICl'RICSl'IN'l'ATIYES - - - - ANNESED.,xRANnLras1.lE SMITH - KIARcs,xRxf'r AIICIIIIS AND AIARJORIE KI'IISliR S BRRY1. AIl'I'CHliI.I., AI.-XRG,-XRITI' L',xRPlzN'rER Q AND Bl2'l"l'Y Lol! SIZIDIEI. C.-Yl'HliRINE joxrzs, AIA-XRY Louslc ANDERSON, AIARION K1s'1'l.r1R AND AN NA I,oU1sR HANSEN COUNCIL E l751 A 'l"'N0+f A Anderson llym, Julmson, Jones, Ilagzm. Kistler, Burwell Lili. Xie-tlmnmlcr, Nichols slmxr- VS entzel ll msen, llunn. Hollis. llurllznn. llmmvzul. Roper, llnrpexxtcr, lXlcKn-mlry. l'lmrclm'vll sun IJIIILJII. Ayres. Lzmxlr IMD, S1-ialel. lliscock. Santo. l':xtte1'5-nm, Mirlcllvtmx. Gill ady li rtram llurwe-ll KOLJ. linxery. liwyal, Alulws. Bartu. xvillllt, llranmlsm. Fullcr. l.aml1l,l! Prfsfllwzt - - Viff- Presizlrnt SFl'ff'fIl7'j' - - TfI'Il.KlllfP7' - Sp0l1X!l7' - CATHERINE JONES MARION KISTLER - GLADYS DYsoN - HARRY DURHAIW Mlss IDOLLIE HAGAN The 1937 Mustang 4 x e Sanflcws Jung-Q Ifolcumlw jolmsrm Coates Dyson l'rr.vidf11f - - Vin'-Prff.virlf'1l1 - Secretary - - 7vfI'll.Yllff'!' - Sfwmnr The 1937 Afillilllllg Baylcss Iluncau Xeithzunmer Seamzms juclkins XVayg:mr1 Ojula Nm well ffl Lathrop NATIONAL THESPIANS - - ENIERSON IDUNCAN - - BHTTE SANDERS - XVAL1' STANLEY B Ilss BEULAH BAYLIESS U71 hi ' 9' - V 'snr ' I P if IIIZZ , U 1, .J Af ,rx - . 9 li- K. NVE-utzcl Ryan Pettigrvxx HI'OuklIart l3zaI1r:IIx1 JOIIIISOII Viwicc Ujaln Smith Buyfl Ilivinc IJelinImIt l't'I'l-iillS IXIQTSOII KciScI' Tuluin 1laI'I1IIaI'mlt 'I2lCUl!Sl'!! Stark SvzII11aIIS Manly HzIrkS IJOIIOYIIII Pznttn-I'SOII l'Ox'c-I1 GUSHER STAFF ICDITORIAL S'1'Alfl" lidilor.v-in-Clzirf - ----- IYORNIAN RYAN, HELEN XVENTZEL AI-.vovizztf Editor - ---- SYBIL JOHNSON Sfmrf.vE1lilor - - YVARREN PERKINS Soi-iffy Editor - RIILDRIZD RIASON Feature Editor - - ELIZABETH COOKE ,Makeup lifliforx - ------- JACK BARTRAN1, BERLIN BOYD Typisls ---- QUliS'1'A SMITH, ANGIE B. IJELINIONT, HELIEN BIARQUARDT Reporferx - KATHLEEN SEANIANS, BETTY STARK, PAUL AI.-XNLIEY, XIIRGINHX RIARKS, PRISCILLA PA'1"I'I5RSON, RIARY IJONOVAN, RUTII ANN JACOBSON, .ANNIE COVIZRT BUSINICSS S'l'AF1" lIIl.Yi!Il'.VA' I1I111111f11'r' ------ H lfBliR'1' UKIALA flrlvwfrtixizlg lllllllflgfl' - - - DTARTIN IJIVIN If . lS.Y0l'illl4f"I1 tl1z'1'erii5i1Ig R1IIl1lll5ll'7' - PAUL ,IPOBIN C'il'I'1lIIIIi0II Aflllllllgfl' - - - HELEN KIEISER l"ACUlfl'Y SPONSORS R liditorial - - ----- KIISS RUTH PETTIOREW liusinm- - - NIR. LESTER BROOKIIART U31 T1'lzrI9J7fllustany ..V ,,q.,,.. r , ,,., , fl " wi 4' -'-'- 4 2 W - 'l ' 'K . 1' '.fe1-- -, 5 ? 1' .. I if 1. Mzffi, Y Iwhnson, Duncan. Ayres. Boyd, Nietllammer. Pattersml. Scarlmrough, fanarlzny lligm-ll Dunn, Hansen, Aslwll. VVeutzcl. SCIIIIIHHS. Midcllcton. Ojala. Cow-rt Seidel. Bzlslmre, Bvyer. llranrllm. llzlrto. llowzxrrl. Cuttmrm. Smith Scllrycr. Dyson. li4m'1n:m. llullis. Lnmlm, Roper. O'lh'ieu. Ilonuvzm, K1-llilwr llmlco. Bzlrtrzlm. Bcnell, Iiurwcll, Prwlmst, Millmrxl, Fuller ENGLISH CLUB 1'rr.vidm1l - - - HliI.EN N11s'rHAMM14:R Vire-Prrsidmf - BERLIN BOYD Sl'l'7'l'f!II',1'-7l!'lll1SII7'Ff - ---- N IAREI, AYRIQS W Sponsor - - - Bllss IJOROTH EA l3rc:Nf5L1, The 1937 Jluylanfz U91 1 -K' 121 9 . gp f illiwlggggiai M ,., T5 'if' :xr 2 Millvr. Lclxre, XYvntzel, Bon, Xil't111ll11111i'!'fHj, SCh!'j'C!'. Nuvak, Nirtl1z1nl1uc1'CN5 ,X Bayless ' K Reed, Dunn. Daly, Naylwr. Riitcrhuslx, Fnwry. Prohst, Rfmper 'X A Sands, Minihan. Frwzxtes. Ilorlen. L'prlr-graff. 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Smith, Enprlzind, McBride. VVm'k. Perry, Tobin. 'Dallason Serlar, Tomlin, Mackay, Clare. jones, lfritchell, Nelson, Schrycr Shaw. Benham, Johnson, Cunningham, Stout. Holstcin, Brophy, French, Bottoms, Gordon, Giinther Layman. Richardson, l'le-veland. Lchre. Tope, XYilking. Norman, Vllhcelcr. Yvhite. Menke. Swanton Bcchtel KRD, Mnlvaney, Bruce, Auflick, Kelly, Xiethammer, Pratt, Jenkins, Emery, Baker, Bc-chte1QI.D LATIN CLUB I President - - - MARIAN WORK 1'irf-Presidenz - - YVALLY ENGLAND Sffrftary-Trerzxllrer - - LAVONNE PERRY Sponsor - - - - lVIISS RUBY lVICBRIDE lS2l The 1937 fllustang N. a liartram. Aslrcll, NVcl1rli, fXIa11urg:u1, Slvirlla-1'. XVatsrm. lleisc-r. Nc-I-nu. SZHIXUX' Snttsrtllwaif. Vupplc. Novak, Bzmcruft, Kellihcr, Miller. lin-ck, Blimlmllz-tm1 O'l!x'icn. liyclmznl, llencll. BTCKR, NYay,guor1. Keegan. jacquot, Ropvr, Schillc-rc-ff. NiL'lhZlIN1llCl'. Tullcy .NI8CUlllJ1'iC. Pzlym-. Renton. Osncss. Stroll:-r. Rrzuulml. Lintz. Jonas HU, Koontz. Nlillmrn. Bczxll Schwartz. fm1esff'T, He-rhert. Tackett, Ilrmum, Ilwllinlny. Kelly. Tznlperf. Ruse, XVL'zn'c1'. llay l Presidenf - - - BETTYJEAN XVATSON lvifl'-IJ7'l'Si1l!'IIl - - - AIARJORIE KIANORGAN Srrnflary-Trmmrfv - - Blu, VVHHRLI AND AR'1'IIL'R HliISIiIl Sponsor IXI1ss AIARGARIVI' SHIDLIQR The 1957 11IuJlany LATIN CLUB ll K Q 1 ml ,Ig,,g:5, -z, "1 ff'3j.-' . ' Wifi' . M ..,, I V , - I ,..,,., . ,K .. X 11,3 . 3-' V ,I I by P' .abgfh X ' , ,Q l I, T ' K . ba fb ..e..J7y, Nichols, Cook, Begonia, Candelarizf, Churchwell, lNIcKcndry, Carpenter Johnson. McKinsey, Peach, Logsflon, Valdez, Penney. Risslcr, B1cClcary, Santo. Marks Hassell, Stark, Heznly, Smith, Coates, Schillercff, Crowley, Pitts, Potter, Propp Isham, Phelps, Dyson, Dilso, Sands, Knapp, Bass. Loscy, Evans, Hooper, Lamb SPANISH CLUB President - - - JULITO BEGONIA Vice-President - - HowARD HEADY, RUTH CHURCHWELL Secretary - - --------- BETTY C0014 Treasurer - - - WYoMA IXICKENDRY Sponsor - MR. RIARTIN CANDELARIA I84-1 The 1937 Mustang in 6 Haines, Schoenwald, Dame. Boyd, Cunkling, Carpenter Hoag Hollis. Hcall LFLJ, Hayvs. Shutts, Sauter, Rll1llCl'fU1'li, Tallvy. Puttensull Ryan. Hucina. Frerichs, Anderson. Santo, Pm-ttingill, McKsndry. Gibbs Dyson, Bull IPF, Buss. llcmly, Linnb, Jun-r1d:Al1YiL'toxl, ,I-wemial fYi1'gi1l, Brznniml, lfullcr, I"m'3x11ux EUCLID CLUB I President - - BERLIN BOYD Vire-Presiflent - BILLY CoNK1.xNc: Sefrfftzlry-Trfflszzrffr - - - RAY IJANTF Sponsor ---- - TXIISS RUTH HO.-KG The 1937 fwzzxlang I,35l Stark Sclmzartl U' I .1 .n x l,i1l5 Nlurlilnuxr Ibixinv Rm-wi Juciliinx ll :xx nd fXl1n'g:n1 l'1'n-will Suthrl'l:mnl Xlurkx :X111lvu1.11 'l'xxi1114lv lflixlny I 11 Uuvii Luggy .'X1lu1rx'wl1 Iljula Huupcx ll:-ming H145 Bunn i usl-IER CLUB S l'rf.vir1PnI - lrifl'-l,fF.YiI1l'lIf - Sl'1'7't'fll'I'j'- 7vI'4"I1S Il rw' Sfwmzxor 1 BETTY STARK .. KTARTIN DIVINE - IIIZLIZN SCHWARTZ Mlss XIARY O,LEARY' D361 Tl1P79?7Muvtang V ji, 1 3 Bzu'tx'a1n Rrfasxmrr l.uk1w ffka Fr ilchvll Hay Harm! Gcurge llealca Hun :ANI Hvnkm' Buch NI uthcrscad Burien Hiscock Sands lfemingxxzxg Dill-mu Stzmlnm Krusmark Rutherford Xvarm Lamb Tu ialalz- Ilvuruk 0'Ii1'irn Km-isvx' PAiN1'-BRUSH RusTl.ERs President - - RIARJORIE LUKROFKA Swretary-7'1w1.v1u-rr -------- JIZSSIIZ REIXSON ICR Spmzsors - - Kfiss ELHANOR GAY AND Miss Zrz1.1.,x CIARNICR I The 1937 Alllfldlly II I371 5 fr if ,: ..,.. , f Q N if . , 27 11 , R JF' ' 1 fr s 5 3 U vi 'im' X:uylm'. XY:-xxtzvl. Kisllm. Xivhuly Sllipsieful. Srllillcx'rIY. Srlnmlrr. Ritlwhxell Sliml lfflxxurwls, Smith. Yulxlc-7. lxmnkv. Kr:-iglr. Sciununs. l'l1ul'cl1xxrll, Imvinl llilsu, l'1u'1z-1, Sumlryx, Hiuw. Hixguml. l'1ul:-54x'utT, llmllins. Pl'-:lui Ilullis Nlinlwrgzum, Hull. l.1:u,g'y'. ll:u1wn-n. ,l1ll1t'9. B1u'll:1m, lsllzuu. 'llnlpcls 1 MADRIGAL CLUB l'rmi1lmr - - BETSEY NICIIOI.S lvit'F-PTF.X'fIlFIIl RI.-XRION KISTLER X Serrfffary-Trvaxurfr - - HEI,liN VVIZNTZEL Sfmzzmr - - - - Rlxss CQRACE SLIND IHSI The 1937 Mustang 13 FYLKHAINFXI, O'Du1mrll, xIk'N8lllZ1lLl, XYayg0-Hd, Hamcoclc, A-Ignnwn, Sclmlw, ,hun-s I.e.mzuwl Hulszull Nlrlhmulllxvl SIYLUX. XYillq-1-wxx. Rlxvkm Funk. Riggin'-A Hills. Xlinm 1'l1LiiP, Min, Piper, Uzulmn-, Undlrr, l'm11r1-nl. Spun, Risilrr. Sunni:-rs l'rmh-Q. Vurtwrighl, Nm-1, Harvey, Spivrr. XYilkinw, Butlvr, li:-xnlvy l,I'1'.S'il1l'l1l - - ERNES1' VVILKERSON I'il't'-lJf!'SiIl6'IIf - RIIELVIN BEDs,xL'l, Swrefary-Trwmzrer ------ CIEORGIZ NIETHANI MER Spnnwrs - - COACH ALVA STR.-XXV AND NIR. CELEN RUCKHR The 1937 fllustang HC!! C L N 1 5 I ,. UB H591 Third row: Beal, Schryer, Perkins, Brattis, Prewitt, Bush, Bauer, Burwell COD, Evans Second row: Burwell KD, Schulte, Hendrickson, Harvey, Boyd, Swanton, Aeilts, Emery First row: Fuller, Durham, VVilkerson, Conkling, Parker, Ryan, Galles OFFICERS' CLUB President - - - VVILLIAM CONKLING, ERNEST YVILKERSON Vive-President ---------- WILSON EMERY Sfffretary- Treasurer - ---- GILBERT GALLES Sponsor - - - - MAJOR VINCENT S. BURTON The Officers' Club, composed of all commissioned officers and the drum major, was first organized this year under the leader- ship of Ernest Wilkerson. William Conkling succeeded Ernest after William was promoted to Cadet lVIajor. The outstanding achievement of the club was the annual lllilitary Ball. The ball was one of the most successful ever given, due to the untiring efforts of the sponsors and the ofhcers of the battalion. The evening of Field Day, the oflicers held a banquet to com- memorate the most important day of their high school military careers. LEONARD FULLER. l90l The I937Musta11g ---1.,,r l ' - 1 l l Third row: lllorgan, Allison, XNYEYHIEIQ Bailey, Reed Second row: Hooper, llimniick. Vllelsh. XYillizIIIIs, iqolvin First row: livuxis, lloyd, Coukling, Simmons. Bauer. fialles. Bc-eson Capmin - - WILLIAM R. CoNKLINo AIIIIIIIHPF - ------ CHARI.lE M. BAUIQR Team Cnafh - SERGIEANT LINDLEY G. S1MMoNs, D.E.M.L. The work of the rifle team differs materially from other school sports. Long and arduous hours of practice are required and the inspiration of cheering sections and personal contact with opponents is entirely absent. The team has fired twelve matches during the season, including one with the French Clubs of France. Robert R. Evans won high individual scoring honors. lllem- bers placing in five or more matches were awarded medals on Field Day. We wish to thank every member of the team and the coach for their sincere efforts and loyal support. CHARLIIQ M. BAUER. The 1937 flluslang RIFLE TEAM l91l QUILL AND SCROLL By Miss PIQTTIGREW Quill and Scroll, international society for high school journalists, organized in 1926, includes over 900 chapters. The aim of the organization is the rewarding and encouraging of individual achievement in journalism and allied fields. The Casper chapter was established hlarch 10, 1929. The following general re- quirements govern admission of members: candidates must be upper classmen, they must rank in the upper third of their class in scholastic standing, they must have done superior work in writing, editing, or business management, and they must be approved by the national secretary-treasurer. An added local requirement is that candidates must have had published at least 100 inches of material. hlembership for 1936-37 includes the following: Norman Ryan, editor of Gusher, Helen Wentzel, assistant editor, Jack Bartram, make-up editor, Sybil Johnson, editor of Annual, Berlin Boyd, headline writer, Hubert Ojala, business manager, Ernest Wilkerson, editorial writer, lklildred lX1ason and Helen Keiser, society editors, Pris- cilla Patterson, columnist, Elizabeth Cooke, feature writer, Paul Manly, copy reader, Warren Perkins, sports writer, Kathleen Seamans, exchange editor, Angie B. Deli- mont, columnist, Emerson Duncan and Ann Covert, reporters. In national Quill and Scroll contests conducted this year, N. C. H. S. has received high rating. Berlin Boyd received a gold key for placing second among national win- ners in headline writing. Honors have also been won by the following: Norman Ryan, copy reading, Ernest Wilkerson, editorial writing and current events, Priscilla Pat- terson, sports writing, and Paul lllanly, feature writing. Reports from the last contest had not been received when this article was written. i...O,. RADIO CLUB By JACK BARTRAM and BERLIN BOYD The Radio Club is a new organization in N. C. H. S. It was formed in November, under the sponsorship of hir. Frederic Hufsmith of KDFN, and presented its first broadcast January S, 1937. The club was formed for those students interested in the production of radio programs, and has been concerned only with production work. The club has been organized under two student directors, Jack Bartram and Harold Healy, who have had charge of all broadcasts. The chief of the announcing staff was Berlin Boyd, who was assisted by Sybil Johnson, John Carlson, and Arthur Heiser. The talent for the programs was taken from the student body. ' Among the outstanding programs presented during the year were: several variety shows, broadcasts by the Glee Club and Band, teasers for "Aunt Mary" and USmilin' Thru," music from the lklilitary Ball, two special broadcasts from the music festival, and the weeky xylophone programs by Jack and Harold. All in all, the club presented approximately twenty-five broadcasts. The advisors for the club were members of the KDFN staff, who also handled all technical details. The radio time used by the club was donated by the station. Plans for next year's activities include a much more comprehensive program, and opportunities for larger numbers of students to participate. 92 The 1937 Mustang NATIONAL FORENSIC SOCIETY By DOROTHY Roman RESOLVED: "That all electric utilities should be governmentally owned and operated," was the National Forensic question for debate this year. It has been alternately attacked and defended by the Casper debate teams in some forty-five debates in VVyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska. Two thousand, seven hundred and seventy miles have been traveled to the Pi Kappa Delta Tournament at Denver, Colorado, the Pi Kappa Delta Tournament at Greeley, Colorado, the Tri-State Tournament at Chadron, Nebraska, the State Tournament at Laramieg and various minor debates at Sheridan, Buffalo, and Douglas. The first debate held at Chadron opened the season for the N. C. H. S. debaters. Two teams, consisting of Lois Sandidge, llflary Donovan, Julia Bowman, and Harold Healy, were sent from Casper for two days of debating, in which they lost to Rapid City and VVinner, South Dakota, and gained a favorable decision from Gering and Bayard, Nebraska. Following this tournament, two were held in Denver and Greeley, Colorado. In the tourna- ment at Greeley the Casper team lost to a negative Scottsbluff team in the quarter-finals, after having defeated three out of four opposing teams. At the State Debate Tournament at Laramie, the Casper team, consisting of Dorothy Roper and Julia Bowman, won from Rock Springs, Guernsey, and Star Valley, and received unfavorable decisions from Sheridan and Cheyenne. ' The debates at Douglas, in which all fourteen members of the debate squad participated, netted Casper seven victories out of twelve. The team also defeated the Gillette debaters and the Sheridan debaters earlier in the year. Although the N. C. H. S. debate squad has not made a remarkably outstanding record this year, in actual debating, it has built a solid foundation for future debating, under the able leader- ship of Miss Frances Feris. All of the fourteen members have earned their debate f'C's"g eight new members have been added to the Casper chapter of the National Forensic Society, including both Freshmen and Upperclassmen, and an added interest has been stimulated in this held. i-.O .- a AUTO MECHANlC'S DEPARTMENT By NIERCER NI5I.SON The purpose of this department in Natrona County High School is to acquaint students with the fundamental and basic principles of the modern automobile, its operation and repair. In addition to automotive repairs, oxy-acetylene welding, radiator, and battery service, instruc- tions were given with experience to give students a chance to specialize in any of the above types of work. During the school term many motion pictures were shown by local garages and manufacturers of automobile supplies to further acquaint the pupils with the newer developments in the automo- tive industry. Also much was achieved in the art of testing, repairing, and adjusting various units of the car. In the one hour of classroom instruction details and drawings were given to be used as future reference. In the two hours of shop every day these instructions were followed, and practical experience was given. Mfany devices for testing and other purposes were constructed by the classes under the instruc- tion of lllr. R. C. Bible. The main one is a 'device to illustrate ignition timing by the use of a neon light. The 1937 Mustang I9 CLASS OF 3 BORN SEPTEMBER 26 1921 DIED MAY 13 1937 DONALD CASTEEL CLASS OF 37 BORN NOVEMBER 2, 1919 DIED MAY 17, 1937 In memnriam JEAN BUTTERS .. 9,- 941 The 1937 Illustang A T' ------ .M-'ill ' Mxg gg,-, Z M 1: 533565 if, g m I A wifswfqs ,U zs :3.:?2':,,'zwm: 'fe' Um 1,2 gifmgi ' v - , 4fw+-ff,:'wxZw524 Q f gf frzfzrgigifi2x12,?Zf2:a2:iwems:fa- H ff,1r:fff:i,,fi1S ' ff4me4,,S:v:efz1f:f ,ws - 'f?2'li3Ww mf 55Aii2'f,gJiMK4+F'JJWTZW f' ' .:::.. .D , .,Q.w,W,,MZ,,,f5J2K?M5g A H, : L ,.,,, 3, N,'?MH'ag2" N f L "www 3,442+ ww 0 W, Q, +4,4':Wg5waEf:,f'ffr'wwfNz5m,g5H2z,W,aff - WML W 'Q Lfftyzfz-, H YH f,,w1f?m:gff?55wew H, wfgyz 22,-M5225Q1-Avgffffwwwm,,f,:115,.'f4 wmiggs fo Af, . Pfilfw ' I 7,214 gig-wgawg zmggg wma "f,.e2vg5..f w,,,gff':hgg4 A ,,a:5s5'fQi,2j,1'wgf31:zfE " f fi,:5qg ...2 ': g A A 1' - - xz'Ef,:5'l ,4lHT'?'25ffG2'i1?Q5?Mg,,bAEf2 ggmf?'5hX"'Q',51,lrgwmikfvfgfigef :gigv 'J-Eiwfggrmia 1 Wm-2w::,.:4Nwfsfffww7mfE1'm:M+2hf!2f'::f - ,mi ,g, w iii.: Z V , ,gh mf. .ywn Tjgfigal..fg5g3yfg5EQ33jQ5gff. fi ,,.., ,:fnflw,?5M? A 2 ,Q ,Q , ,Q A if 4.5:3,55g2g,, , f. , .-mf 'lfijf' fwwffwwgfgg-vff 5 f.L':K?.gf'vwy', f mf, izivjmfmi W, -f mg mem, f , ,W ' ':mJv:mw4.,2MN f.f.W..,J,.,,,. 'fwWL.r:rz ,Qw?Z5 'i :sw-'H . bn - f M it 1' Q . QT' fy. l f - . 2-H . Q- .- -F, K ,,..4,,,, Y .. J : --, ,pf , - WH Makati . , . -. 'fu 3 : . , ifM,f:::,!' " a 'A ' 2' s ' 'sf f . 'I . VK ,' J, A E ,t -Q.. W 44 - ,' . 5 2 ,' f, m A ' if 5 f Q M, ' '- E ' - ' lr ' ' -f -, 1 -2 . 'F - , N n 5 , .g 3. 4, ,L ,WA 7 T1 Y 1, 2 f., E E -:. , I 31 . .1 I 1 4: ' ' L' 'i 1 e L 1 E' "ff ' '1 Q 'S as f ,ww N114 -l-1 , L, ,.,., , , L . ,Y ,. . .,N,,,w,. COACH I NG STAFF 1 1961 Shortly after the conclusion of the hrst semester of the 1936-37 school term, the man to whom the Natrona County High School athletic department owes its success in the past six years, Coach E. Alva Straw, resigned his position. His place was very ably taken for the remainder of the term by George Cook, assistant coach. Filling his place next year will be C. H. "Okie" Blanchard, present coach of the Rock Springs High School teams. Straw came to Casper in the autumn of 1931, after coaching in hlontana schools, to replace Dean llflickelwait as head of the N. C. H. S. athletic department. He developed championship track squads in 1933, 1934, and 1936, and runners-up in 1932 and 1935. On the gridiron, he produced a state title-holder in 1933 and a runner-up in 1936. His popularity with the student body of the school indicates that his successor will have more than just a coaching position to fill-a place in the hearts of the students as well. The 1937 Muslang Coon BEDSAUL W. COOK - - Ifalfback R. LEONARD - - Halfback C. GNDLER - Quarterbafle RI. REDSAUL - - - Fullbavk J. HANCOCK - - - Right End T. O,DONNliLL - - VV. BENTLEY - F. RISSLER - G. NIETHAIVIIW ER A. CASEBOLT - L. SPICER - FOOTBALL - Left find Left Tafkle Riyhl Tackle - Left Guard 1 Y Riyht Guard Center ' 4 The 1937 Jfustuzzg l97'l FOOTBALL R. SCOTT - - L. SCOTT - - E. KIRKPATRICK I. BUTLER - - Qi? L. lVIINER - - X f G. HARVEY - - End - Guard - End - Tack! e - Guard Ifalfback H. A BIIZE - - . G. NOEL - T B. MCBAMARA A. CARTWRIGHT A. PIPER - - B. ADAM soN - H al fbaclz H al fback H al fbaclz - Guard Manager Manager L981 The 1937 Mustang Fourth row: Bowiiian, Schwartz, Eshelman. NYrir.1ht. Sanders. Kirkpatrick. VVilkins. Nlize. Scott KR! Third row: Swinpgle. Kuhn. O'I"arrelI. Sears. King. Kimball. Landers. l'urry. Riley. Spauhling, l1Y llc Ili ii 6' '. I!"s Second ron : Adamson. Mgr.: Noel. Vaseholt. Sc-utr IIA. Nlcxamara. Cook. lh'l11ll'3'- HH1'VP3'- 5li111'l'. er. I.:-ovuard First ron: Xiethamnier. llaneock. Khrtxrrigght. Ondltr. Ileflsaul. Spicer. Rissler. O'lJonneIl , SCORES OF THE ELEVEN GAMES Ol" THE SEASON September 18 - September 26 - October 2 - October 9 - October I7 - October 24 - October 30 - November l 1 - November 14 - November 21 - November 26 - Season Totals The 1937 JIIIJTIIIIQ Casper Casper - Casper - Casper Casper Clasper Casper Casper - Casper Casper Casper - Casper - - 31 28 26 2+ E Billings, llon Midwest - Buffalo - - Alliance, Neb Cheyenne - Laramie - Lead, S. D. Sheridan - Cheyenne - Rock Springs Sheridan - Opponents f. -- FOOTBALL SQUAD i r 1 l i i i991 I 1001 FOOTBALL Compiling a total of 156 points to 40 for opponents in the eleven football games of the season of 1936, a green, inexperienced squad of lllustang gridsters surprised and delighted Natrona County High School and the city of Casper by fighting through a hard season, bowing in defeat only once-then in the state championship game. The backbone of Coach E. Alva Straw's grid machine, which was composed almost entirely of underclassmen, was four lettermen back from the squad of the preceding season-lllelvin Bedsaul, captain and fullback, Tom O'Donnell, center, Cloyd Ondler, halfbackg and Francis Rissler, tackle. Around these veterans Coach Straw built a light, though sturdy, line and a depend- able, but not flashy or sensational, backheld. Three Mustangs were named on all-state selections, Bedsaul, O'Donnell, and John Hancock, end. Seven of the regulars from this year's eleven will return to play for N. C. H. S. next season. O BRIEF OF THE SEASON'S GAMES On September 18, a ragged, inexperienced lllustang team met a powerful eleven from Billings, hlontana, which threatened to more than avenge its defeat of the season before. Casper, inspired, perhaps, by the fact that it was playing on its home field, held its opponent to a scoreless tie. . Keeping their slate clean and rapidly acquiring precision and polish, the Mustangs blanked, one after the other, llflidwest, 31-Og Buffalo, 15-Og and Alliance, Nebraska, 13-0, in the three succeeding weeks. CHEYENNE, OCTOBER 17 AND NOVEMBER 14 The Cheyenne Indians came to Casper on October 17 to battle their traditional foes, the lVIustangs, Cheyenne played its old game of "punt and dig in," trying to tire Casper out, and waiting, at the same time, for "the breaks." The game ended a scoreless tie which Coach Powell of Cheyenne, handicapped by the fact that Cook, his triple-threat quarterback, was disqualified during the game, refused to play off in an extra period. This made another game necessary. Powell would have been wise to play off the tie after the first game, for in the second, November 14, the Indians were outrun, outkicked, and outpassed to the tune of 26-0. An intercepted pass by Niethammer paved the way for an end run score by Ondler. Cook skirted end, Bedsaul plunged through the line, and Leonard completed a pass from Cook for the other counters. LARAMIE, OCTOBER 24 In the early periods of the game at Laramie, the Plainsmen demonstrated their customary skill in handling the oval basketball-fashion. An eleven-man forward-lateral passing attack worried the lllustangs until the second half when they seemed to learn to cope with it. Casper's first score ended a long drive in the first quarter. In the final period, Bedsaul, who scored 20 points in the game, bucked the line once and circled his end another time for touchdowns. Ondler completed the 28-0 count by running 82 yards with an intercepted pass. The 1937 M ustan g BRIEF OF THE SEASON'S GAMES 1 fContinunU LEAD, OCTOBER 30 The season's home thriller saw Casper manage to eke out a 19-13 victory over the first team to score on it, Lead, South Dakota. Ondler of Casper drew first blood in the second quarter, but only a brilliant final period rally permitted the lVIustangs to overcome Lead's 13-6 margin. In the last quarter, Casper opened its bag of tricks and deceptively took to the air for Cook to complete a scoring pass and make the tally 13-12. Completion of two long passes and a referee's decision of interference by a Lead player with a Casper pass receiver paved a path for Bedsaul's winning touchdown. ROCK SPRINGS, NOVEMBER 21 By virtue of their decisive defeat of the Cheyenne Indians, the Mustangs earned the right to meet the Rock Springs Tigers, last year's state champs, for the title of the southern half of the state. The Tiger powerhouse scored first, but Leonard soon evened the count at 6-6, concluding a passing advance by plunging through center. Cook, on the first play of the second half, sliced off tackle and cut back for 80 yards to give his teammates a 12-6 lead. Ondler cut off tackle to raise Casper's points by six more, and Leonard scored on a pass from Cook. The final Rock Springs touch- down followed a deceptive forward-lateral series of passes down the length of the field. Final score-Casper, 243 Rock Springs, 13. SHERIDAN, ARMISTICE DAY AND THANKSGIVING DAY The Sheridan Broncs, like the lylustangs, started the season with a green team, but unlike the Mfustangs, before they hit their stride, they met several reverses, one at the hands of Cheyenne. Because of this, Casper was generally favored to defeat the Broncs in the annual Armistice Day title, this year in Sheridan. Endicott, Bronc triple-threat ace, led not only in blasting Casper's confidence, but in pressing the lllustang defense. Twice, at the ends of the halves, it seemed as if the gun robbed the Broncs of hard-earned scores. The game was Casper's third scoreless tie. On Thanksgiving Day the lllustangs again traveled north--this time for the state championship tilt. Because of their excellent showing against the Indians and the Tigers, the lllustangs had hopes of upsetting the brilliant passing and running attack previously 'displayed by the Broncs. But they were at a great disadvantage, hardly any team, whatever its stamina, can be expected to play championship ball for its fourth game in two weeks. A pass from Endicott to Thomas in the second period scored for the northerners. The second Hronc counter was made on a long toss from Endicott to Gwinn. The tired Mustangs made a desperate attempt to score in the final minutes of play, when Bedsaul completed a 62-yard pass to Scott. Casper then pushed the pigskin to the one-foot line, where Sheridan's Endicott intercepted a pass from Cook and ran it to safety. Final score-Sheridan, 14g Casper, 0. 1he1937Mustang 101 BASKETBALL H021 J. HANCOCK - G. N11zT11AMM1aR I. HILLS - - F. SCHULT12 - B. PERALES R. LEONARD - Forward and Center - - - Center - Forward - Forward - Forward - Guarzl The 1937 Mustang R. FRANDSEN L. SCOTT - J. CLARK - R. TOMAN F. VOLKER B. JONES - - Guard - Center - Guam' - - Glldfll Center and Forward - - M anager V BASKETBALL if The 1937 Mustang N031 'l'hirrl row: L2lxvL'llL'. NiL'tllaxnii1e1'fYJ. lamrke, llashore, llowman, lfloth l t li l I Se-eonfl row: llaucock. Xoel. l'er:iles. ,lonvs fXlgi,l. Clark. NlcXan 'Nl lt First roxy' Yolker Semi Yie-tlrniiiner KH! l eonarcl. lframlsri ll ll BASKETBALL SQUAD s15AsoN's Casper - Z3 Casper S Casper - - I8 Casper - - 16 Casper - - 19 Casper - 30 Casper - 38 Casper - - 28 Casper - - 30 Casper - 19 Casper - 2-l Casper - - -ll Casper - - 23 Casper - 25 Casper - 27 Casper - l 7 Casper - - 3-l Casper - - 27 Casper - - 23 Casper - - -H ' K Casper - - 25 Casper - 2l Casper - 16 Casper - - 22 Casper - - I7 1041 RECORD lVorlancl - Loyell - Cowley - YVheatlanrl 'l'orring,1ton Lusk - - Buffalo Douglas - Sunrise - VVorlancl - Sunrise - Sheridan - Cheyenne - XVheatlannl Rlidwest - Buffalo - Sheridan - hlidwest - Laramie - Lusk - - Glenroek - Douglas - Glenroclc - Cheyenne - Laramie - Rock Spri Evanston Lovell Casper Cheyenne Rawlins Greybull Laramie Tl1r1937 Jflzstmzg ng PLACI NG Ulf' TICANIS STATE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT ,. - l'11'st - Second - 'l'hir'cl - liourth - Fifth - - Sixth - Seventh - Eighth U05 BASKETBALL The Casper lwustangs concluded one of the longest and most strenuous seasons of their basketball history with sixteen wins and nine losses-a re- markable record in view of the fact that the season was started with green material and that a change of coaches in mid-season was necessitated by the resignation of E. Alva Straw. Through a successful season of scheduled games with VVyoming schools, the lllustangs raked together 619 points to 481 for their opponents. Only one regular from the preceding season returned, George Niet- hammer, who was named captain of the squad. About him was built a fast, though inexperienced and inconsistent team. hfajor letters for the 1937 season were awarded George Niethammer, captain, Burien Perales, Ray Leonard, Ray Frandsen, John Hills, Jack Clark, John Hancock, Frank Schulte, A. G. Noel, Bill lXIcNamara, Floyd Volker, and Leonard Scott. Numerals went to Jim VVaygood, Blelvin Floth, George Bowman, Victor Niethammer, Gene LaVelle, Bob Locke, Tom Roberts, Curtis Foster, and Rudy Toman. Billy Jones, manager, earned a major letter. Casper triumphed three times in the district basketball tournament at Torrington in the first week of lNTarch to win the district title and the right to play in the state tournament in Casper. In their first game, the lllustangs won from hlanville, 37-93 then from Sunrise, 20-17g and finally from Glenrock, 21-ll. Glenrock and Torrington placed second and third, respectively, also to win places in the state tourney. A post-season tilt was played with the high school quint from Lodge- grass, lXIontana, the week before the state tournament. The Lodgegrass team, on which were four Indians, had the polish of a professional quint. The Indians displayed a dazzling skill of ball-handling which carried them to an easy 27-I2 victory over the Casperites. 105 The 1937 Mustang STATE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT The state-wide disappointment in 1936 because of the cancellation of the state basketball tournament, due to an epidemic of disease sweeping the state at the time, was more than reconciled by the 1937 tournament, the most successful and most satisfactory yet conducted. Record crowds made their way into the gymnasium to see every one of the sessions, starting on the afternoon of Wednesday, lllarch 17, and ending on Saturday night, hlarch 20. The first game in the tournament brackets was the big upset of the tourney-the favorite team, Cheyenne, was dropped into the consolation bracket by Rawlins. After downing the lndians, the Outlaws pocketed another victory, this time over Torrington, and marched into the semi-finals. There, however, they met the Rock Springs Tigers, defending champions, and were 'dropped into a lower bracket. Cheyenne won all its remaining games to take fifth place, while Rawlins lost its last tilt to fall to sixth. Rock Springs had very little difficulty in retaining its crown. Hillsdale, Greybull, Rawlins, and Evanston, one after the other, all fell easy prey to the well-oiled Tiger machine. The final game with Evanston resulted in a 4-5-29 win. Casper drew a favorable position in the brackets. Cowley fell beneath the lNIustang hoofs in the first round, but in the second round, the Blus- tangs were forced to bow to Evanston. The Casperites won their remaining two games, with Kemmerer and Greybull, by close scores and took fourth place. Fourth place is the best that Casper has done since 1932, when it held that rank. The lWustangs placed sixth and seventh in 1933 and 1934, and failed to place in 1935. Teams of the tourney placed as follows: Rock Springs, firstg Evanston, second, Lovell, thirdg Casper, fourth, Cheyenne, fifth, Rawlins, sixthg Greybull, seventh, and Laramie, eighth. Participating teams not mentioned before were Sheridan, Glenrock, Sundance, Gillette, and Basin. The all-tournament team, selected by tourney officials and the coaches of the participating teams, included, in the forward positions, Pearson, Lovell, lllarshall, Evanston, and Jernigan, Rawlins. Centers-Brown, Cheyenne, and Perkovich, Rock Springs. Guards-Strannigan funanimous choicej, Rock Springsg Rothman, Cheyenne, and Smith, Kemmerer. Utility-Wentworth, Rawlins. Leonard, Casper guard, received honorable mention honors. The 1937 Mustang 107 TRACK-1936 Five track lettermen, at the call for track, lwarch, 1936, reported to lead an athletic crusade to re-establish and maintain that high position which Natrona County High School track teams have always held . . . re-establish because in the preceding year, for the first time in many years, Casper had to content itself with second place in the State meet. Those lettermen were Carl Voyen, John Thomas, Don Allison, lklelvin Bedsaul, and Thad Walker. A The crusade was successful: both on the track and in the Held, the Mustangs, in the state meet lWay 16, proved their athletic superiority, scoring a total of 842 points, almost double the tally of the runnerup, Rock Springs, with 44 points. Cheyenne was a close third with 435 points. Though the Casperites won only two first places and tied for first another time, they placed in all events except the mile and half-mile runs. lNIustangs placing were: 120-yard high hurdles-Allison, first, Thomas, third, and Niethammer, fifth. Two hundred-yard low hurdles-Niethammer, first, Allison, second, Cameron, fifth. High jump-Bedsaul, tied first, Hancock, third. One hundred-yard dash-Trollope, fourth, Walker, fifth. Four hundred forty- yard dash-Trollope, second, hfliller, fifth. Two hundred twentyeyard dash-Walker, second. Shot put-Voyen, second, Bedsaul, third. Pole vault-Hancock and Romine, tied third and fourth. Javelin-Bedsaul, third, Trollope, fourth. Broad jump- Voyen, third, Dunigan, fourth. Discus-Voyen, second. Half-mile relay-Casper team of Harry and Hugh Trollope, Dunigan, and Walker, first. Qualifying a large squad for the state contests, the hiustangs easily retained their district crown in Douglas the week before the state meet. Casper stole far more than its share of the points to completely swamp all district opponents. The first meet of the season was in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, where Casper participated in the annual Scottsbluff relays. The hlustangs finished in second place, trailing behind llitchell, Nebraska, 12 points. Casper's star in the event was Voyen, who won first in both shot put and discus. Casper captured second place in five of the relays, third in the 880-yard relay, and fourth in the two-mile relay. In a dual meet April 26, Casper triumphed over Riverton at Riverton with a 512-point margin. Casper won eleven first places in the fourteen events. Lander, also invited to the meet, did not send a squad because of threatening weather. , TRACK-1937 The lklustangs opened their 1937 track season by repeating their performance of the previous year-second place in the annual Scottsbluff relays April 17. And again first place was taken by lklitchell, Nebraska. The two schools, Casper and lVIitchell, battled for first until the final event, a relay, won by hlitchell, which put the Nebras- kans in the lead with 632 points to 50 for Casper. Individual star of the meet was John Hancock, Casper, who broke meet records in the high jump and pole vault. His jump was 5 feet, 9M inches, and his pole vault, 11 feet, 4- inches. The lklustangs won one other first place, the 280-yard high hurdle relay. Cameron, Hendrickson, Perkins, and Niethammer comprised the team. Casper also placed third in the two-mile and 432-yard low hurdle relays, second in the pole vault, second in the high jump, and second in discus and shot put events. 103 The 1937 Mustang gui QW! 'l'hir1l row: Hrattis. Niethannner CVD. Hancock KBJ, l,aYelle. Royce, Hendrickson KBJ. Bottoms, Carson. lllefnlloch Second row: Fook. Anderson, Perkins, lishelinan. Hancock 115, Mize. Clark. Hathaway. Cooking First row: llennion. Thompson. Hendrickson UP. Cameron. Hills. Scott. Speas. Spicer TRACK-1937 CContinuedj ln the first annual Central VVyoming Relays, the only home meet of the season, the Casper boys triumphed over Riverton and Douglas. A cold north wind discouraged anything akin to approaching state records in any event. Thurston, of Riverton, was high point man, with first places in discus, broad jump, 100-yard dash, 220-yard dash, second place in the shot put, and a tie for third in the high jump. Hancock starred for Casper in the field, winning the pole vault and the high jump, Spicer won second Casper honors in the field with a first in the shot, and second in the discus. Un the track, Casper placed in all events, with firsts in the l2O-yard high hurdles, Niethammer, and in the three relays-880-yard, one mile, and one-mile medley. Casper scored a total of 59 516 points, Riverton, 47 5,f6 points, and Douglas, 36 U3 points. Other meets scheduled for the season were a night meet in Billings, lllontanag the district meet in Douglas, and the state meet which will he held this year in Douglas instead of in Casper, as in previous seasons. The 1937 flluslang TRACK SQUAD 1 1 11091 A "Pep rustlers" for this year, at the home ranch, have been Rfary Shaw, Ruth Joy Hopkins, Jimmy Way'good, and Harold Riggins. Of these four, Jimmy is the only "greenhorn," the others having acted as oifticial "hog callers" last year. These hands have proved to be effective "yell bosses," and have branded us "cow pokes" with the desire to show our home ranch loyalty. .At the state "round-up" held here, in hffarch, our Cheer Wranglers really decked themselves out in fine feather to show the dude visitors how our ranch hands look when they dress up. The ability of these N. C. H. S. cowboys and "gals" to ride the herd has helped our teams to "bring home the bacon" in a true western style. "All hail" for our "yell callers"! SYBIL JOHNSON. I l 1101 The 1937 Muslarzg gf DRAMATICS The Dramatic Department this year is one of the most outstanding that N. C. H. S. has ever had. They have succeeded, with the help of their capable director, Bliss Beulah Bayless, in putting on several of the best plays ever presented in our auditorium. l'The Yankee King," annual Thespian-A. K. A. production, was presented to a capacity house and the leading roles were unusually well handled by Gladys Dyson and Homer Lathrop. Each year the Kiwanis Club of Casper gives a prize for the most out- standing one-act play, and the best actor. This time the coveted prize for "best individual actori' was carried off by Neil Prewitt for his perform- ance in the comedy "Women Folks." "VVomen Folks" was also judged the best play. UGloria llfundifi story of an insane asylum, took second place. The Senior class play last year entitled g'Ladies of the Juryn was received with much enthusiasm by both the student body and the people of the town. This year's Senior class play was entitled HSmilin' Through," and the leading parts were handled by Bubbles Cook and Bill Swanton. CAROL BARTO. The 1937 fwusfang 115 x 'x If WN 'Q " f 1 W. .A 5 rw-Hz. .an-ww ,pf -nw., MMBHWYK Vwwwmw PETA . . my Awxwgflq ,,afW ,.. my Y , W 0' nv A' V 4,512 V j 5 1if413::Ti3:3r, iiiffj A gk 1 " j , 5 I, k . 1-'YN .4 5 sqyk x we I u 5 ,Q . , 'Eff' F7 uf. .QQ v. , Aff' w asf' X ' ' f gi ' V . c if ,X ilffkw- 95195 MJ. fx iw gs . lx ' f M Q QQ xv' w ZN'vlmnd" ' 7 view' L A wax ww my W5 Eggn www ie, '--- ., V- . 4 f + -"" Mfr.- M . Yk se - 3 .. eln b ..,.. . 4 .:,...,.,,.,..,A :j i zz - , . . , ,,--f .,,.,,., 1 ,Q ' gb I X N f Q lf? ,UQ g 5 4. f 5 , ix "'A: IQ if "-' , - 2 Qnior osfume JP .ek Dali I, aw Q53 f is 6 .4 Q , '- it I Q 112, W ,l A . 9 ,. , .. J 31, 3 ,.,,.,, g SCHOOL CALENDAR By WVARREN PERKINS SEPTEMBER FEBRUARY 8-Open the big corral and 'flet 'er buck." VVe're rarin' to go, 14-18-It took us old-timers, the Seniors, a whole week to teach the greenhorn Freshmen to stick in the saddle. 18-The Mustangs couldn't be "rid", just ask the boys from Montana. Score, 0-0. 24-The tenderfeet came out to paint the HC." The old boys wish you luck the next four years. OCTOBER 8-The dudes and their "gals" were given a chance to show their stuff in the old dance hall-"come all ye young 'unsf' 17-VVe showed 'em Indians our Mustangs can't be 'trodef' A fight to the finish. Score, 0-0. NOVEMBER 9-13-All the Hcow-pokesn from the prairie came in to get a little education cuz it's National Education VVeek. 11-VVe hitched up our buck-boards on Armistice day and made the trip to Sher- idan to see the Mustangs fight the Broncs, "neither got no-where." Score, 0-0. 14-VVa-hoo! The Mustangs bucked them Injun's for a 26-0 win to ,git the district title. 21-Tigers "ain't got no bisness" in the West so the Mustangs kicked 'em back home, 24-13. This gives our boys control of the southwest. 27-30-Go Ollt and git yerself a turkey, yn got four days to do it in. VVhile yer at it ya might as well spur yer horse for Sheridan, where the Mustangs finally got rid, but they're a tough bunch of mav- ericks. DECEMBER 8-Them dudes from the east turned out to give us a big show. Here's to you, juniors. lt was fine Work. 23-The foremen "run" us "cowpokes" and "gals" out of the big corral for nigh on to two weeks. QXmas vacation.J 29-The Mustangs got bulldogged by the VVheatland Cagers to lose their first game of the season, 23-IS. jAN UARY 29-Them that" lnjuns from Cheyenne 1'e- venged their football defeat, by scalping us lyfustangs 34-23. FEBRUARY 5-The Senior Glee Club yodeled a few tunes for us music lovers. Then came a "dum" good dance in the gym, fur the dudes. 9 26 We lost our Mustang VVrangler3 he was "shore" a good "fella," It made the boys and "gals" feel kinda bad to lose a man who had worked so hard and had done so much for the school. fResignation of Coach Strawj All the hands turned out in their pressed and polished up uniforms, with a beauti- ful young "gal" on their arm, to the twentieth annual Military Ball. MARCH 17-20-Fourth place was awarded the Mus- tangs as the WVyoming State Basketball Tournament came to a close. It was topped off by the HC" Club boys. VVe shore wanta congratulate the teams, coaches, and every one who helped make the tourney a success. 24-27-Agin we're outa the big corral, only 31 10 30 5 15 21 30 3 four moons this time. fEaster vacation.J That thar' English Club put on a show called, "The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary." They shore renewed the "ole gal" in fine shape. APRIL Them old-timers paraded around here all morning in the worst lookin' ouhts we ever seen. They shore musta had to hunt to find all them clothes. QSenior Costume day.l For the last show of the year the head wranglers put on "Smilin' Thru." Never knew they had such actors in that class. MAY The soldier boys showed their gals that there's really "somethin, about a sol- dierf' They sure could strut! -The whole state come in off the range to run each other around. Some of them dudes could out-run a jackrabbit. CState Track Meet at Douglas.j -The three-year veterans threw a fare- well party for the head wranglers. Thanks, folks! VVe had lotsa fun! Uun- ior Prom.j -The head foreman give the old-timers a workin' over. He tole 'em how to git along in this old world after they've left the big corral. QBaccalaureate.J JUNE -Well, it's the last round-up for the old- timers. They've got a lot of work to do ahead of 'em and we shore do wish 'em lotsa luck. 4--The big corral is closed for three months. You 'fpokes" and "gals" kin get out an straighten your stock up for next winter. QSummer vacation.J H181 The 1937 Mustang "M'f'1.:f '. 1, 50019 'f W' - 51 ,E it I Aww I K h H , t . ' iff!! if gtg, ,li W , , u' 'Zn' i , iggl ,"f:Z':,:. l nv! .. ff fig,-f,,,2,V I N A ,I I, t ' f H. : .- 311 I, V Q is :"" 1, , . s if' TT , in ' " flip Alma Mohr f r as 1 ju ig gin 5 If f , . I ggi 'JMS LM ,Q .,-. , Va ffwf E, if-' f fn K fciw. f 4 if if A 1 gf'-T " Q 3 f 1, T f f , , 2 1 2, ' 1 i f i H fi 4 ,gg f 6' 4 I 5 at of -.,..-1:1 N H f ra . ff' 1- . : ziwsssffs ,W NNW, MMZQQJK A H ' H1 . .M . Q , , .1aweww A , i 1 Ulf i i I 1 L-. --ec-K H L"g'A :ru g X7 1--Q I AQQT f . .' 712 V , r. , N M,,,,E.s.. A. if :miss . is A FACTS REGARDING NATRONA CO. HIGH SCHOOL Do you know fhat: The estimated value of building and equipment is Sl,200,000? The first high school graduating class consisted of two members and graduated in 1898? In 1931, there were over two hundred in the graduation class. In the cornerstone of the old high school building, there is an autographed photo- graph of R. B. Hayes, President of United States, 1878? The first high school in Casper was built in 1901 and was located at the present Park School? Before this time, high school classes were taught in the grade building. Present enrollment is the largest in school history? The 1937 Mustang H191 I TWO down and more to go. Snake charlners. Irnagine-studying! "COOP, businessmen. American Lit. ? Pie! XVidc' open spaces. Seeing double. Dames. Prewitt and the 6'XVomen Folks The 1937 flluslrmg The 1937 L7l'Ill.VfflIlg Gone, but not forgotten. 'gxfissollrif' "Hoopie," "Hoopie," and "Goodrich tir6s.', We came, we Hsawedn--still sawing. Faculty foolishness. KCP0p.,Y L'Artiste. IIZI 3 , , 2 , 5 QP go ,W i I ,W l. Strange companions-11 book and 8. "Gloria Aflulldiu--HIIIITSU to you. Mmer' 9. Henri, "ze famous chef." 2. Their ardent admirer. 10 Q 3. HIM." ll S Two pair, assorted. 4. Klusic marches on. 12. Vvebster. GNN Noah., 5- U16 Oklahmm Nd- 13. Dobbin and company. QG. S. 6. just pals? 1VIo11nties.D W? 7. Napoleon. 1221 The 1937 Mizstang N lo 1. Ah, 'l'ilden! 7. Four of :1 kind. 2. Kfore pals? S. Relative-ity. 3. Yoifve got something tlierv. 9. Ir takes :ill kinds. 4. Buddies. 10. Hcit'OI'QE-0llS.H 5. Klixed qu:u'rvtte. ll. Hvickief, 6. Out for :1 light lunch. I The1937 jllllfflllly U23 di 1 l. Orange :uul Black! 2. Size: six-Ecount ,em. 3. Practice. -I-. Commzmder and commanded. R' 2-ll Q1JfAWff!20cf2w-'if l-2-3-H ike! Silhouettes-J u ne an d Smokey Down, but not out. 'lxwirlx-rs. Thr' 19,37 TIIISHIIIQ pw, 5 Wwefw. M ?1f9W'f?"f"' WI s X' 'I' .... , 1.1.1 -- 1 1 111111 111111 1 11111 1 1 1 111111 '--1' I I I I I -i- I I I I "Say It lVilh Flowers" Complinmm, of KEEFDS CASPER FLORAL Bl ly Y I C I I 122 W. Second sf. phone 20 a Rey emc ompauy I I , f , LILLIAN WILSON SHOP Congmlulaiiorzs, f1fIlIlIlllfl'S e : 144 E. lst St.-just east of the Masonic Temple 7 - l 1 - A 1 , VI 0111111 Stat1o11e1 Lo. 5 Rezxdy-to-Wear and lllillinery y g Y I I 1 KAss1s DRY GOODS Co. Ayres Iewelrv Co. Z , Phones 270 and 271 U , Y C . d' - - 137 East Second Street Se our le It - I , I M. K. IDocJ E1,1,1soN H. L. NEELY I VVESTERN - 4 , - , , , i X'VyOlll1llg Ndtlflllcll Bellllx i I 220 South Center I , 'Phe Bootery V "True to ils name" W 116 E. 21111 Phone 1730 M05 OMY FURITI1 WR? f I "PIeas1ng you keeps us 1n busxness . I FANTT HARDWARE se I 2 ASPER SUPPLY CO. ' I C J SUPPLY Co. . Branches at Scottsbluff and Chadron, Nebr.g , i Rapid city, s. D., and Cheyenne, Wyo. Waffamed Goods only i VVe11ner,s Bakery Nicolaysen Lumber Co. I . I ' e I WIGWAM BAKERY CRYSTAL RDDM e f L -B M'lk B 'd I I Home 0 'mg Oy ' red GLADSTONE HOTEL W Wholesale Only-Phone 9 I Melteel Milk shop f Klstler Tent gz Alxwnlng CO' Sandwiches and Fountain Drinks w 2 : I I - C'0lllfJli7llI"IIf.I' of I AI' I 'I V Casper Autonlobile Dealers I I A GOOD SHOE STORE I I I 'Yi , WALGREEN COIXIPANY i I Drugs With A Reputation 'fl Q , .i, . Z E I Phone 208 16 1, XX CC 11 dl OP - I I I-I6 E. 2nd Street Casper, Wyo. - I I .i.,,- ..,. - ,.,. - ..,. .. .... -..1-., ...... ,.., - .... - -- ..,. -, ................. The 1937 fllustang I125l 1 1 I +V---in ---- ---- ----..---- - - -----..---... . ,i.-.,,,, L 1 I qu. 1261 A Compliments of NATRONA COUNTY DENTAL ASSOCIATION Keep your teeth clean-see your Dentist twice a year 1 Northern Utilities Phone 1702 Thr Clfmmsl Numbm' in thi' Plzonz' Book I PEARL WHITE LAUNDRY DICK FARRELL, Proprictor 5 ! I O U I A i ' ' 1 McManus lewelrv T MENS WEAR SHUP ' ' , 152 South Center - I COIIIPIIIIIFIIYA' of BE'I'TY'S BEAUTY SHOP ETTA Domus Womenls Ready'-to-Wear Quality Shop Exclusive, But Not Expensive The Stuart Shop Smart Styles for Sub-Dells JOHNSON CLOTHING COIYIPANY Quality Iwerchandise 221 S. Center St. I I Compliments of See the New Coolerators ' Schulte Hardware Indian Ice Company A P I Compliments of The Casper Packing Co. Cornell's Home Furnishers I I Mountain States Power Co. Casper Commissary, Inc. Congmfulafions to Class of '37 MURL ICE CREAM COMPANY Rialto, Rex and America 342 East 'AA' I i Compliments of P E P ' S Casper's Original Price Cutters 1nn1 1 1im1mi1. 1un...uu.1nn..m1mi1..,.1.. 1 ..- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -.m1, Jack Jones Garage Q Storage and Service 1 -if The 1937 flfustang 4...-.... .---.-.. t ---------- -- ---------- - - - ofa l Q i Compliments of I I i NATRUN A COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY l C - i Compliments of BAR B-Q SANDWICH SHOP i CARL S BEAUTY SHOP "Nobody Got JEm Like 14711 Got 'Emu i "No ups or downs, fwc'rc on thr level" . i phone 474 113 East First St, Phone 57-115 East First Street W. G. Perkins Sz Co. F. W. VVoolwo1'tl1 Z Linens and Children's Wear Casperywyoming l P 1 600 Naylor's ! a IHS Gifts and Stationery T I Saddle Rock, No. 2 Simmons Super Service Q K'Fam0u5 For Steaksu Corner lst and Wolcott Casper, Wyo Z Casper Tribune-Herald Q Gay Mortuary , . , Best Wishes to the 1937 Graduating Class l , Cai-1 stark 2 Koler's Furmture Co. .K , ,, l Wants to see you E GLADSTONE BEAUTY PARLOR Casper Finance and C I B S . Investment Corporation Omp etc muy mme l Phone 736 Enna Redman, Mildred Roberts I E I . i Blossom Shop Bluebird Store ! HEIiEN MOORE, Proprietor School Supplies-Confections and Groceries C, Y, Cafe VV1gg1I1,S, Your Slioeman i Ennis Rm, P,-op. 116 West Second X-ray Fitted Shoes l -i-"-""-- ------------ - ---------------- - - -X- Tlze 1937 Muslarzg +I--mr--yn.,,,mr-rw-..H-..........-..r...uv..--...--H..-..N-lm-rm-.m-H..-.1...-....-....-.....-..,.- - 4, ! 1 Coiigratulations to N. C. H. S. Graduates of 1937 CASPER, VVYU., VVHQLIESALIZRS ASSOCIATIQN x s X . School Supply Cfllllf1liIllKllfA'0,f Q Anything fm- Wyoming Schools Casper National Bank QV ,Zig Til, Top StO1-65, IIIC. and Vvyijlllillg Automotive Co I Sf:I1IQIISO1I,S Ixlflfket Casper, Sheridan, Cheyenne, Rock Springs . I iq Patronize the QI N- C- H- S- Cafefefiil B 81 I3 Ice Cream Shop Good Food-Low Prices T' I PHOTOGRAPHY in this publication by TI-ICS. G. CARRIGEN I CASPER, WYOMING 1 V ffrw I , an 5 rf . " A f A15 -1 '-5' , ',f-':1'- A, ' . V .Li , ,k , :nfl 'f ,1 . 1 PQQ' I We Specialize in.. Printing in Colors Dude Ranch Folders lv 0 Booklets and Papers 0 Engravings i PRAIRIE PUBLISHING COMPANY Office Supplies and Equipment I Let us help plan your spring advertising material CASPER -1- WYOMING I +I- ,.,. -. .... ------------ i -- -------------- - - - IIZSI The 1937 Mustazzg y if W J 'K' iid-v.Q4',X fa! at IA, J 4 1 T , Q 7 1 I' I? 2 'g 3' 0 4f4. 'ff 1 X: Q' V' 11 X x im. y 4 vfrx A o ilxg f vt W1 ! f' . , A x ' N W 2' ' X Q , I X1 ly if 1 4 "4'K xx KF A f X 92' X FP i-" E fgxm Q

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