Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY)

 - Class of 1935

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Natrona County High School - Mustang Yearbook (Casper, WY) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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1 . - ,. -A -,-1 -5-i1:'::-fr ' :PSf4-1r1::- 1.,.f'1fvff-" ff." , L ,,-.1.p,a.,,. ,vw ,MH ., ,. fi, 1. 4. qqegf' s .3 -Q K' . -14 -A- :zz .-1-jaw f. -5: -. -' 32 -1: 15, l.j.:555.', gg- if 1-' M' fgx '-,Aw Q V! -,,,ig,,- E . , . , . .K ,. Lf J in -1 ff ' R ,I , ,, . Wm 5 135,- 2 , , 4 , , 55.2-, - V , -3-.:,, ff va -f. 2 'M -e?"3ix'fv-r?' ,,,::--xv -' 1 ' - 1 ,' 5 ' 1 "+ IW ?v'-' fu- 1 11-fy. f ,111 ,fl 1 A N 1-1 fs !,5.. fl, -1, A Q, - -. .:.'. 21 E! 1 -we 15 2. , :fl 1' Q x ,gg 1 1: L ff , 1-13 Q, '1-".g' ,, , 5, . 11, .1 .y"fj'qf' , N X '- ' ' ' , s - - 1 . - , , -- - ,QQ g.,-,Q ' ZS gf' pw- N - 1,4 -, ' ., -. 31' ,.p,: , 5' , -fv-'L-: 51 W. ' ,-,. , :-i- -. '- 1, -,Q 1 1 , Ag ,. 5-p , xi - r , -43'-,:., .1-.- -,Q . - 5- - ' - ,- 4 if 'X' QE 'ryjifl 3, 1 1 5 , -1 , ' 2 L it-J' ff I 41 - J .'.w---.'.-.:'-- -33, '-. 1. 1- ax mcg' f -1. ,,,1, - ,f-gyrb .N 3. , 4-K' 1 , J- ,, fx-131 ' T 1' ,Q 5.9 :-- f , 1 1. :eq 1-my-,f.f'2., X ' - v --: -. ' ' ,f',,.H, 1-ff -- ,mug . f. - - RQ., ,f-.,,-,Q-,x . V, .. , - -'-1-r.'G.iQ'-1-'2 ifl? ,J REL- -- - ff- "54- .--,L-Y ,-.9 5 1 I .vV, A-. " . 3 1-Zhmfz V "'?:'E-12: -. ff -A., 1--.':'. .- e1 . A-1 -'f.17'3 ' - -' ET-f--'f.,:as'H--15, , -"'p 1---get-+1551 FF sr U , - .O . .,f.i-gay 12.515213 --fs . ff,-M V N, - . 1. -1.--If ' 'A' .XI sg 4' 5 A - '- .-5. "-,, 1,22-'-,':1v-'v ", .,. V V . . . . . -L4 rf 1' .. 72, -- - -6' gr -4- P- - f-' Y-'aw' - : - '-'I-' 'ff "xi 33 -1.-.3 - -. .,,v4'--1,, . . h . .. ,,,rW,,,- '.,7' - -'.. , puffs. - Lhf1"fL?Q11- - -1 .- . ,uf u -a-?:'- gf ---fa-1-.TQ 5. 1,-1x t Q ,555-EZg.1ssz2.-gg..'-xi:331 X1 V. ,, -f,.,- gf.. . 1515567 'jjyifig-i,,51,42i L' 3, , , .X ,354-W, . L "-,1-w., -v K, - 11. ...,. . . 5- r- Q ive-: 1.k,iif1t-1, 'f-A -1 ,v -- .1 -1,153 jLM .v1V TJ., iv L , a..,.,'? , . vii :gk .wr .41 . -A H 1, 1 . ' -. -1-'Tfsf-rs-ff ga 1. , -1 A - 5, .6 ff-'-. ,F - ' . gnwm --A. 1, at ,V-,U 1.5, 'I-331-1-1" 331541-531 23-W.--I. ,.... -f f 1 1 If-Mlflk nf- ' 04" . V In L ,.,,:. V, ., 11. ,. g-4111.155-.L,--,qt-1 gif . 'Egfr Q1 1 1 .1 ,,..a wh , . 1 -1 1 Y l 'N 1 . .W .1 1 1 I ,I-. 5-v 1 e .W I 1 , y Q N 1-1.--f-+ 1,19 ,, W., ,, .1-f, ,-. 'I 'lfiielg "lst 'T 'W - 3 jr'-2653 - 5-LiJ15fff"3 1 , .,., -1-,W . up, I ' Q-5:-M , 2- , . -1.11415-1-gs ' Qi?-'if 'f ' F .' g C'-T w wa ...E 41 ' A . , , S41 4.1 1 xg 1, .-1 .ul 'Z S 1114.1-.-. . ,. .1, -N, 1,,4394-3.1, QU? MW WTQVVL5 I' Ex H:i'i1ll:i-Jlflis I Che Gusher C51 'EJ 1935 Year Book of Natrona County High School Dedication To you, Mr. Walsh, because of your gracious willing- ness to serve the school and your constant readiness to participate with your band and orchestra in all functions, both in civic and school life, we, the Gusher Stall of 1935, do respectfully and sincerely dedicate this yearbook of the class 1935. S.KE1,L1zY WALSI1 Dirrvlor of Band Illlll Urrhffstrrz AN ETERNAL SHRINE TO MANJS ADVANCEMENT 5 X f 794441.-E . ANNUAL STAFF Thirty-five zJ,.v,.M' ' 413 1 dugff Jmffdlw may , WWW? , , f Aiywv v mwfify 721,50 ANNUALSTAFF 'Wand The Gushier ANNUAL STAFF OF 1935 Editor . . . dssociate Editor Business lllanagers Snapshot Editors Senior Editors . Facility Editors . Organization Editors . Underclassmen Editor . Feature Editor . Typist . . Athletics . Art Editors Panel Editor . VIRGINIA TAYLOR . . . .... GEORGE GRANGER . . VERGINE RUSSELL, 'TOMMY TROLLOPE EVERYL HUMPHREYS, ELMER PERDUE . CATHERINE BRYNE, VERA THOMPSON . . SHIRLEY DONOVAN, ALEXANDRA PANOs . LORRAINE HEAD, ALICE MILLS . . MARGARET SULLIVAN . ADELE SHIELDS . DOROTHY FLETCHER . . . . . RIDGLEY KEMP . VIRGINIA WILSON, RAY SPRAGUE . . . . . . . . MtILTON5iISERMAN Assistants . .. CUYLER SCHWARTZ, LADORA MCCARQTHY . ' SPONSORS I. VERDA JAMES . . . WALTERSAVAGEIAL 5 fa, iw ' The Annual Staff wishes to extend its appreciation! to ing members Of the Riechanical Drawing Department fOrg"tH2ei'r as- sistance in panelling: ' BOB BROWN VVILBUR BOLIN BILL LINDENMYER VVALLACE CRANSTON GOMER EVANSL HAROLD GUY EARL KNIGHT TOM MALONEY HARLAN PAYNE Thirty five THE THEME OF THE 1935 GUSHER The theme of the 1935 Gusher is School Life. Noth- ing is more characteristic of high school days than the activities of the students. Memories of the classroom, recollections of the oifice, assemblies and parties will be brought before us all the more vividly if our student rec- ord is woven into an Annual, a volume of pages which reflects life at N. C. H. S. in all of its moods. If we have caught the gleam for you and captured memories of the year 1934-1935, we, the stall, feel repaid for our efforts. ORDER OF BOOKS FACULTY CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURE I FAEMLTY I , 5 i if J 5 , x 1 1 6 , 5 n 4 F 2 1 ' ' ,, - f .ill "1 "L .JFvT."516i'ih-,AW-"FXFia6'?5!1.!Y5'r"-'T ' , if' Vw Q f 'I ' ' ' 'If' 1 5 4" A ' - ' . E- ?J,".i"'TTT'f'i""71 , ...v .Q H. . I. 1 -- Y V. . , ' ,H-nf' . ,Af-tl." , 1 V1 'w:.' mn. , ,MH ,,g,:,l,-1.4,-4.-,5,7.,i.v. -qu ,Y J ,E RORIiR'l' S. Hicks Our SIlffl'V'fNfl'll1ll'IIf, ffzifrisor and Frilmrl F F K, F r ? Zi il! 5, F f L 3 z io x ,..--,..,. - -,.-.1-., .Q 5:4 5,4 E4 5.1 525 7 iii 1 fx 1. 5. 1 EAI 1 ' a iff W vi QL f. ,J M vi Qi z, E, Q I I EA fl I 1 1 4 i U, 5 E 3, E 4 5 E I 5 E 1 r r 5. 5 E Y 3 5, i 3, R, L . 5 E e a 9 M w Y IH gl 5 s V A El X R. ml 4 The Gusher ali A Vi. R fs pt I. W 1 Y. dig! lj M . 234 ' ' Q ' Chase VVilkersou Hageiia it Hicks Beach Jones Arbuckle Patterson Kingman THE BOARD OF EDUCATION The student body of Natrona County High School extends its appreciation to this group of interested, capable citizens, the School Board, who give their time and thought willingly for our welfare. Thirty-Eve SCHOOL BOARD SERVICE By Mn. H1cKs 3 The greatest challenge which can come to any citizen is that of school board service. It offers the greatest opportunity to be helpful to the boys and girls of the community and it requires wisdom and good judgment to serve them effectively. How great this challenge is has been well expressed by Dr. N. A. Engelhardt of Teachers Col- lege, Columbia University: "The school board member undertakes no simple task when he obligates himself through his oath of office. The responsibilities which he assumes have far reaching consequences. It is presumed that he undertakes to become a student of society, that he is analyzing the trends which are taking place in the constantly changing order, that he interprets the meanings of these changes and relates them to the welfare of all citizens, and that he endeavors to discover the relation- ships between society's needs, trends and progress, and the educational program to be advanced. "The school board member stands as the representative of no single group. acts in terms of no selfish purpose, he has no pet project to foist Yripon the public but appears as the representative of all citizens. Hefjfpiiegents the needs of the schools as adopted by the board, and he protects the public schools against manipulation and exploitation. ,. "The school board member, through his acceptance of election or appointment, has dedicated himself to high purpose, to unbiased think- ing, and to couragepus action." AGNEW, JESSIE MAE VVheaton College Northwestern University BAYLESS, BEULAH A.A., Hardin College A.B.,Tarkio College Curry School of Expression Graduate work at North- western University BERG, GERTRUDE A.B., St. Olaf College BIBLE, Roy Smith-Hughes Instructor BIGNELL, DORTHEA A.B., Nebraska VVesleyaII Graduate work at Iowa U. Graduate work at School of Expression Page fourtren The Gusher BROOKHART, LESTER A.B., Colorado State Teachers College Grad. work at So. Calif. CANDELARIA, MARTIN A.B., Coe College, Colo. Graduate work at Univ. of Colo., Univ. of Denver and California COCHRAN, MARGARET B.S., Colo. State College Grad. work at Colo. State College. CoI.I.INs, RosE ALICE A.B., University of Wyo. Grad. work at University of Wyoming Grad. work at U. of Oregon CoNvY, NELI. Ph.B., University of Chicago Gregg School, Iowa State Teachers College Thirty-Five Conmsrr, RAYMOND L.l..ll., University of Missouri limos, SALLY A.ll., Univ. of VVyoming M.A., Univ. of Virginia University of Texas Ilmus, FRANCES A.ll., l'niv. of VVy0ming M.A., University uf luwa QPARNER, ZELLA Peru, Nebraska, Normal School Grad. wurk at llxlnmhia U. GAY, lfl.liANOR A.A., Stephens l'ullcgL' l4.l".A.. Univ, uf Fulurzulu ILA., llniv. of Colorado HAGAN, DoLLn-: A.B.. State Univ. of Iowa HEALY, EDNA MAE A.B., Univ. of Colorado M.A., Columbia University HEMRY, KATHLEEN A.B.. Univ. of Wyoming University of Chicago HIMEBAUGH, DUKE B.S., Kansas State Teachers College Colorado University Nebraska University HINDS, HUGH A.B., Univ. of NVyoming Graduate work at the Univ. of Southern California Page ffleen HOAG, RUTH ILS., Univ. of VVashington Hoxviewoob, JOHN A.B.I, University of Oregon HOOPMAN, EFFIE A.B.. Kansas VVesleyan U Post-graduate work at North western University INGMAN, CARI, O. University at Cambridge, Minn. JAMES, VERDA A.l3., University of lowa Graduate work at l'. of Col- i nrariu and lowa Pagz' .rixtrrn The Gusher JENKINS, GLADYS Kansas State Teachers College Graduate work at Univ. of Kansas JOHNSON, OTIS NLS., Kansas State College JOSENDAI., CHRISTINE A.B., Vassar College Colo. State Teachers College JONES, NELL A.Ii., University of Iowa Graduate work at Univ. of Southern California LARSON, LILLIAN Wyoming University Graduate work at the Univ. of Southern California Thirty-live LANGENDORF, J. F. li.S., Univ. nt' VVyon1ing LEE, HOMER l'l1.ll., l'ulora1lu Stat1"l'e1n:h- ers frrllegl' Slate 'l'r-clinical School at XYisconsin Mclixms, Runv A.ll,, Iowa llnivcrsi Mn,r.En, Eau? ly A.ll., A.M., Fnlurailu State Teachers Foliage luwa State Fullcqu MORKPAN, DEAN ll.l'.l'l.. Springfield fnllegc 0'LEAkY, MARY B.S., Montana State College M.S., Wash. State College PETTIGREW, RUTH A.B., Univ. of Arkansas A.M., Univ. of Chicago Romuik, HELEN B,S., Univ. of Wisconsin RUCKEK, GLENN H.S.. Kansas State College M.S., Kansas State College RUSSELL, Vmcn. A.B., Wichita University M.A., Univ. ot' Arizona University of California Page .feventeen SAVAGE, WALTER B.S., Univ. of Wyoming Graduate work at Univ. of VVashingt0n University of Wyoming SI-IIDLER, MARGARET B.S., Teachers College, W'ar- rensburg, Missouri SLIND, GRACE MacPhael School of Music Northwestern University STRAW, ALVA A.B., Univ. of Montana University of VVisconsin Page eighteen The Gusher SULLIVAN, MARIE Iowa State Teachers College Gregg School SHAFFER, NINA A.B., Iowa State University B.L.S., Univ. of Illinois VANDIVER, WILLIE A.B.. Nebraska Wesleyan A.M., Univ. of Colorado WALsH, S. K. A.B., Colo. State Teachers College YocUM,E'rTA B.S., University of Virginia Graduate work at the Uni- versity of Madrid Thirty-Eve 5 THE OFFICE STAFF By SHIRLEY DoNovAN MRS. PEARL BURNS, MRS. C. H. BOWMAN, Registrars liveryone knows the office staff-the competent, patient women who issue uniform, absence and pass slips every day. They are the ones who must constantly listen to the same, "l forgot my excuse today, but l'll remember tomorrowfl or "l've lost my locker key again" excuses. Schedule cards for students changing classes and periods are kept by them. They are responsible for putting through our announcements-by telephone and bulletin. Without Mrs. Burns and Mrs. Bowman, the student-body of N. C. H. S. would be fast on the road to ruin. Helter-skelter dressing, "ditching," and the like would be the rule rather than the exception. Who would we ask to help us with our "losing" troubles and the thousand and one other ones if it were not for them? ln other words, if there is one important part of our school organization that deserves praise and gratitude, it is our office staff. Page nin1'lve'n Page twenty If 19 If I supply you a thought, You may remember it and you may not. But if I can make you think a thought for yourself I have indeed added to your stature. n x 11 V11 1 -N. ,- F f--.',:.--5-:u--. , V ,, -ff-"-1' xvaa' "'- "'-.....- . -' :.::- 14 as - x +. Xxx: ...-S 1 l v.. E :KL 1: li' Z li It 3: 1 Ik? i E: ' . .ECf'57ffff . A19- n 1 ' Q 'QX Rx si it ag vw--, I i XXX X'sQX'1NV',,XX'QXQXx ilk My WNW ,.-.L x 'lf -Z ykmmgxx Www! xh A iN gl 't -ell il il i il 1 -il 1 il i -Qs wuvv., X Q 'MUN Jr. X ax if -L... X I iS xuu --'-'- mu f.....- 9 xx., Q mvkxx Qui Qqf' frm ...L- 4. '-X :LJ 4: HN: Eff l -.:.-.L L -RN, if ... ,, . ' .. 5 5' 71f'f1"fQf'ff 'ff' "' Tqailgg. ' 1 . ' V .' ef- 1 ph "7 -' 1. -'-'Qc -' -.-'-:-'.-4-Q-1:1 'l 5, E: 1 : 2 I 'IF ' '54 :Fi - Q ' fi' ' "" 2-rw xi?-' --' - ' :v llififi VSA?" in -5 2- -- f rr u g IE ' " jf -i ' N -,ff ' - f P- f ' ZS , ff ! -:zz ", if 1 -. '14 I Ig, ,A V A Ex E' -- pf' -ZX ff" - 1 5. " .9 N' ' E Q 2.515 , I v ' gg-E ' E - :iii I QL 'l-ff: 1 up psf 1 if I - :eq . gf - L.- f-I , -Aff wr- -. -- 4 E I t' ,ff 'Q .'-'.1-L- 1 52,5 f 3,1931 , ,, A x 9 ' ' Q- ff: '.7'7.'V ' .-4 L: -- iz' 3.3..5......t.-.-,'.-,-.:.- ,Q W.. . f ,VY . Y .V 4.,'.-.v,'..1'.':a'. , -Qtf ' ,l W'i::1- 1:-1-4 ' ., 1 .iafllly-" ,,-A+ li? kgwf --- , Nxflq - A " 4'-' llfgj. ,. x x , ----H-0 5.5.3- " Jia .x af Y- -X -' Y- - www a 5 r X 1, X'1 17 N XX 'VW . fp, Q Adv 47.--,o , fy 1 ff , X .X j' x4f4XfQ,xW li , N XX -- fx ! J Vx4q1,'P X , 'ffx Wy -QV .X W 'ff ll X . 5 '-J? Q X X - ff X Vfxxx if JQ-f XV! fi a.i.?ji:L:'1F2 4 f fiiif FIFHIESIHINHIE The Crusher Ayers Rutherford Barto Hemry FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY By MABEL AYRES On September 5, 1934, over three hundred ambitious, wide-eyed, little scrubs en- tered the portals of this now famous institution of learning. When they entered last fall, large, inexperienced, yet full of sprightly playfulness, they were burdened with a sense of their own great importance. According to custom they were made the ob- jects of many unjust jibes and pranks, from that certain type of humanity known as upperclassmen. During this period, they were given to understand that their coming had not made much difference to anyone, except perhaps the unfortunate teachers who had to cope with their stupidity and egotism. One day they were demanded to remain after school, and their hearts were in their throats. But all fears were dispelled when they were initiated into the mysteries of a class meeting. During this assembly the important matter of electing class officers was taken care of. The results were as follows: president, Arthur Rutherfordg vice- president, Mabel Ayers, secretary, Carol Bartog treasurer, Jack Spauldingg represen- tative to the Executive Council, James Waygoodg representative to Girls' League, Mary Donovan and Beryl Mitchell. Last fall the Senior girls entertained the Freshmen girls at the annual Co-ed Ball and later all Freshmen were entertained at the Kid Party. The Freshies announced their existence to the city in general when they entered the pep parade on their tricycles, scooters, lciddycars, etc. ln another parade they won the cash prize for the best float, which made a welcome addition to the class treasury. As they completed their first year at N. C. H. S. they were much smaller in their own estimation and more subdued than at the beginning of the year. They are wiser and more experienced and have become endowed with the "old school spirit" and are ready to do all that they can as a class for the good of the school. Page tfwenty-two Thirty-five Alihott, Roland Richard Alrrams, joe Ailams, Max Adamson, Boll Afcock, Ross Aflerhach, Hola fluid-year! Allen, llarlrara Allie, George Alston, Olive Ola Anderson, Daniel Anderson, June Anderson, Robert W'ilfcn'rl Anderson, Zola Antouovich. Rulry Armstrong, llarvey Asich, john Ayres. Mabel llacheller, Frank Hailey, joe llarlo, Farol llasliorc. Harry Hass, Evelyn lieall, l'endleton llean, jimmy Becker, Fatherine Becker, Raymond lk-gona, ,lulilo llenell. llerty Hennelt, john llenlley, Vvalter fluid-year? llerry, Ernest lleyer, Betty fmiil-yearl lleyer, Hattie lllower. Richard lllye, Natrona Adella liochman, llazel lludy, joseph FRESHMAN LIST lluies. Mary lion, jane Cuiideyearl lioundy. Jeanette Boyle, liessic Hoyle, George l'Idu'ard. jr. llrandon. Mildred lirewer, Daniel Briggs, Ruth llruuer. Donald lnii4l4yearl llrown llruwu, junior linirl-year? llrown, Raymond lirumniond, Roger lurid-yezirj Hurd, Ross llurlce, jean Burke. Bill llurns, Maxine llurtmi, llill liush, llill lllllll-yl'1lI'l llustard, Frank llutters, jean llutters, lleleu Cniid-year? llutler, lirwin Q. I 4 1 1 K K 4 I l 1 l Q affee. Toni aiu, Pauline Edna 'ainermn Philip ainpluell. Jack anaday. Xl ary fluid-year? aufield. Maurice arey, john arlson, Fern lxnid-year! arlsun,jul1nny arpenter. Margaret arpeuter. Robert artcr, Mildred aseholt, Ruth liashel, liilitll , Frances fund year! Casteel, Jack Fate, Xlargurite Paton, Leah Varpcnter. NVillmur l'h:ipnian. Genevive Uhency. Eva llelle Vlark. Jeanette lfocking, Robert L. ollvy, Mary Agnes ollins. Malrel I ulviu. Daniel l onner. Lewis Fook, lletty lmid-year! Funk, Marvin iinirl-yea funk, Roller! Vovault, Richard Vraim-x', George imid-y Vruucli, liorayne I rowley, l'harles Uruse. Donald lfunninghzun, Rhean Daggett. Erwin VV. Daly, liileen Daly, Evelyn David, Uatherine Davis, Dale lmisl-yearl Davis, Nellie Ann Dayton. Marshall Debenham. VVayne Decker, lilnore l t. rl earl Dc Panielaere. jules l.., Descll, Billy Dick, fharles Diggs. lllartha Dinunick. Lloyd Dodge, liilly Cniid-year Doing, Adeline J .lr Dolpli, Richard Donavan, Mary Doom. Harlan Driscoll, Don Dudley, Vivian Dunn, Jean Ann liaslnri. Lorraine l'Idwards, Ularence Eley, Marcella lillenlmerg, Betty Lou England, Shirley Eshclmau, Virgil listerline. Milton Everets, Frances Ewald, Arthur Cnliil-yearl Fznining, C'harlntte Fiddes, Ileth l"indley, Jznues lmid-ycarl Flower, Jinnny Flower. Natrona Foote, David lmiml-yezirl Foster, Eileen Foster. Ruhy Frees, Donald Frishy. Rohert Galles, Donald Galley. Phillip Garrett, Eldridge Gaston. Gene- fmid-yearl Gay, VVillian1 George, Mildred Gettle. Hazel Gillilan, Darald Girous. Ernest Gordon, john Gorrell, Erma Gourley, Thelma Page twenty-three FRESHMAN LIST Grissom, John Grondal, Ruth Guild, Walter Fralnlflin X ,255 Guy, Bob , ' 'Wim Habenicht, Lee " til' Haygood, Nancy . Haines, Ruth 5 Hamlin, Alaire Hancock, John Pershing Hansen, Florence Hanway, Earl Harris, Bernard Harvey, Glen Haskett, Lottie Hawkins, Marjorie Hawley, Ida fmid-yearj Heady, Howard Heady, Ivan fmid-year? D Hemmingway, Rose Mary imid-yr Hendry, William Herd, George Harrick, Roy Hills, James Hirsch, Morton Hollis, Ethel Kmid-yearl Holman, Evelyn tmid-yearj Holmgren, Don Hooper, Bob Hoopman, DeeWayne Howell, La Verne Huber, Albert Hufford, Frances Hughes, Dorcas Humberson, Robert Hummell, Alta Cmid-yearl Hunt, Bessie Mae Hurtt, Eileen Iams. Naomi Iba, E. Jay Jacobson, Ross Jarrard. Robert Jones, Bobby Jones, Junior Josendal, Victor Josendal, Virgil Kane, Doris M. Keith, Walter Kelliher, Rita Kelso, Keith A. King, Ledru tmid-yearl Kling, John F., Jr. Knight, Ivan Kohuth, Rudolph Kuhn, Bob Lamb, Jack Lamb, Jean tmid-yearj Landra, Maurice tmid-yearl Lavelle, Gene Leighton, Frances Leonard, Raymond Lester, Greta Lewis, Rose Ley, Maxine Lilly, Dolores Cmid-yearJ Lingg, Edna Lira, James Lockhart, Virginia Loggy, Dorothy Logsdon, Dwight Losey, Leon Lummis, Blanche tmid-yearl Lusby, Betty Lyon, James Keith McCarthy, Margaret McCleary, Marian McClendon, Josephine Cmid-year! McDermott, Frank McDonald, Elsie May McDonald, Martha McGraugh, Edward Lawrence McGraugh, Laveme McGregor, Victor Cmid-yearl Page twenty-four McHendry, Wyoma McKenzie, Ray McLennen, Jack McMillan, Catherine Cmid-yearl McRoherts, Jack, Jr. Macoubrie, Grace Marines, Stella Irene Markward, Patricia Cmid-yearl Martin, Myron Martin Elizabeth Mason, Electra fmid-yearj Matthews, Ruth Cmid-yearl Meigs, Ruth Melvin, Ray Mendenhall, Horace Mendenhall, Velma Merchen, Mamie Marino, Lloyd Merwin, Robert Middleton, Shirley Middleton, Thelma Milbourn, Bernice Miller, Eva Irene Miller, Quentin Miller, Vivian Mills, David Mills, Lucille Miner, Lee Mitchell, Bernice Mitchell, Beryl Mokler, John Cmid-yearl Montgomery, Kenneth Montgomery, Wilma Moore, Jack Morris, Florence Mosteller, Peggy Muir, Harold Murphy, Ada Neigh, Rosalie Nichols, Mildred O'Farrell, Edward Ondler, Rodney Osborne, Betty Ott, Lutheria Ouderkirk, Naomi Palmer, Jane Lucille Parcell, Juanita Parmeley, Arthur Parmenter, Agatha Patchen, Lena Pattalochi, Leo, Jr. Patterson, Priscilla Paulson, Elinor Jeanette Pavelka, Emelia Peach, Eleanor Peak, Betty Jane Peterson, Abby Peterson, George Pettingill, John D. Phelps, Maurice Cmid-year? Phillippi, Neal Pickens, Wanda Pitts, Opal Powers, Billy Probst, Genella fmid-yearj Propp, Rachel Ramage, Betty Ray, Mary Elizabeth Reed, Lee Reed, Mary June Reese, Dorothy Cmid-yearl Richards, Donald Riggins, Harold Ritterbush, Ada Cmid-yearj Robertson, Roger R. Robinson, Dale Roper, Dorothy Rowell, Phyliss Anne Rutherford, Arthur Ryder, Dale Ryder, Ted Sanders, Frank Sandidge, Lois Sandison, Marjorie tmid-yearj Sanford, Virginia Santo, Mary Sarles, Grace Satterthwait, LaVern Scarborough, Sally Lee Schaefer, Marie Schulte, Frank Scott, Raymond Seamons, Kathleen Sears, Robert Kmid-yearj Sedar, Tony Seidel, Betty Lou Cmid-yearb Siegel, Alice Seigel, Matilda Simmons, Ruby Sizemore, Keith Smith, Irene T. Cmid-yearj Smith, Irene A. Smith, Ray Smith, Robert G. Smith, Ruth Snyder, Joe Sonnenfelt, June Sorrenson, Eleanor Spaulding, Rodney Cmid-yearb Speas, James Spicer, Vivian Spillane, Frank Stemler, Maxine Cmid-yearl Stephens, Raymond Stine, Marian Jane Stone, Marian Stoutenberg, Tom Stromberg, Jeanette Cmid-year Sullivan, Dennis Swanton, Jerry Swingle, Helen Szekula, Grace Talley, Warren Taylor, Betty Taylor, Phyllis Thomas, Jack Thompson, Elaine Kmid-year! Timm, Phillip Cmid-yearl Tobin, Jack Tobin, Mary Tobin, Paul Toman, Rudy Cmid-yearj Trimmer, Dale Trout, Wyborne Truax, Erwin Tucker, Tennyson Tunks, Joyce Uncapher, Madge Ujiie, Shigelu Updegraff, Jean Vaughn, Bobby Vest, Joan Helen Visoky, Josephine Vodehal, Hope Vondra, Alice Vucurevich, Daniel Walker, Elaine Wallace, Lorene tmid-yearl Waygood, Jimmy Weaver, Argie Leona Weir, Kay Kmid-yearj Whiteaway, Margaret Wiley, Bud Cmid-yearJ Williams, Ethelridge Williams, Howard Williams, Mary Ellen Williams, Peggy Williams, Verna Winkes, Leon Wolcott, Bee Walleson, David Wright, James Wroble, James Wyatt, Clinton lmid-year? J 'X-X NW V -, "I-11" 1 ,- A 'mg ,df S FHHHIEI E The Gusher Stebbins Mitchell Slizeski Shidler Hills Russell SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Powder River! Let 'er buck! And that makes me think of our truly western class-the sophomores! Only last year-we admit it-we were just as green as dudes on their first trip out west, but now, oh! we have blossomed out into Sophomores- real western ones who can hog tie and brand mathematics and languages without pul- ling leather-that is-almost. The two top hands responsible for the taming of the cayuses are no other than Miss Shidler and lllr. Russell, and here and now, we pay them tribute for their monumental tasks. Our wranglers chosen at the first of the year were: Jack Mitchell, president, John Hills, vice-presidentg llflarion Slizeski, treasurer, Dorothy Stebbins, secretaryg and Norman Ryan, representative to the Executive Council. Our big round up was held in the armory following the Buffalo-Casper game and cow hands and western gals flocked in to danoe. lt was a big event for the school. The Sophomores also added a goodly number to the list of "C" pin students. We haven't given to the school much brilliance, I fear, but every picture must have a background to make it perfect. So we, the Sophomores, are content if we have been able to mix with the rest of the student body to make that background for those who can add the splash of color. In other words, we are the same green Freshies who en- tered school two years ago, but we have changed our color just a trifle with age-we hope. At least we don't feel as if we were quite such a vivid green, now are we? Page twenty-:ix Thirty-I-ive II Il ' ll ll Adamson, Maxine Aeilts, Dale Albright, Bob Allen, Forest K. Allsen, Marvin Anderson, Billy Anderson, Mary Louise Anderson, Phil Atkins, La Verne Ballgae, june Barnes, Clara Bauer, Charley Beal, Sam Beal, Arnold Bean, jess Bennett, Charles Bennett, M a rga ret Black, Maxine Boltz, Viola Boyles, Dorothy SOPHOMORES Brannan, Tom Brattis, Nick Briggs, Marion Brodie, June Brummel, Hannah Bucina, Grace Burns, VVyoma Burwell, Jerome Burwell, Orrin Butler, Frances Cain, Victor Campbell, George Cardwell, Bert Carter, Barbara Cartwright, Albert Casholt, Lena Chase, Richard Chilcote, Betty Churchwell, Ruth Clark, Patricia Clark, Wilma Claunch, Helen Coates, Frederick Coles, Ruth Collins, Adabelle Combs, Russel Connor, Laree Conner, Loren Converse, Maurice Cottman, Ada Covert, Ann Covington, Ben Cronin, Bernard Cunningham, Marie Dalgarno, Arthur Daly, Francis Dame, Ray jr. Delmont, Angie B. Druley, Alice Dubbs, Amarie Page ti-wrnty-.1 rfvrn Dudley, George Dugan, Hugh Dugan, Mary Dugan, Thelma Durham, Harry Easton. George Edwards, Leona Ellis, Newell Emery, Wilson Evans, Francis Evans, Madge Farrar, Stewart Forsman, Lillian Frandsen, Raymond Frank, James Frank, Leo Frerichs, Franklin Fuller, Leonard Gale, Gene Gallas, Gilbert Galley, Robert Gehres, Charles German, Martha Gibbs, Marjorie Gibson, Wilma Gill, Mary Gillam, Gladys Goetz, Mildred Goggin, John Gourley, Lester A. Graham, Madeline Granger, Carolyn Green, Buster Grieve, Ben Grosscopp, Hilda Gunnison, Catherine Haas, Paul Hallack, Margaret Hamlin, Doris Hannon, Mabel Harper, Evelyn Harris, Forest Hassell, Max Hawks, Evelyn Hayes, James Hays, Mervin Heiser, Paul Helburg, Bud Herron, Mildred Hershey, Juanita Hills, John Holcomb, Dorothy Horner, Maxine Hoshaw, Gertrude Page twenty-eight SOPHOMORES Howard, Josephine Isham, Ruth Jacobson, Ruth Ann Jackawski, Charlotte lohnson, Charles Johnson, Sybil Jones, Catherine Jones, Edith loslyn, Ted Keiser, Helen Klungness, Lorraine Knutson, Ralph Krampert, Dick Lamb, Mary LaNoue, Bruce Lewis, Constance Long, Louise Lord, Ted Lukrofka, Marjorie Lytle, Floyd McFarland, Juanita McRobert, Venus Magor, Charles Marks, Virginia Marquardt, Helen Mason, Mildred Miller, Elizabeth Miller, Katherine Mitchell, Jack Mize, Harold Moreland, Paul Mortimore, Maxine Mudge, Gretchen Naylor, Dee Lorraine Neigh, Helen Nichols, Betsy Nichols, Martha May Neithammer, Helen Norris, Jim O'Donnel, Tom Offenbacker, Earl Parks, Roy Patterson, John Penley, Hardin Perales, Stella Perkins, Warren Pernit, Frank Peters, Christine Phillips, Tom Piper, Arthur Pitts, Patricia Potter, Bob Powell, Parmetra Radcliffe, Ella Reed, Rolland Rilev, Lewis Rissler, Merl Rogers, Ernestine Salser, Mary Sands, Billy Sasso, Pete Satterthwait, Marvin Schrieber, Harry Schryer, Donald Shaw, Wilma Shipstead, Carol Slizeski, Marion Smith, Audrie Smith, Gerald Smith, Margaret Snodgrass, Evelyn Snyder, Virginia Spencer, Roy Sprecher, James Sprittles, Anita Stanley, Walt Stark, Betty Stebbins, Dorothy Stephans, Genane Stevens, Hally Stewart, Lois Stewart, Robert Strohecker, Bud Sullivan, Mary Swanton, Joseph Swanton, William Swingle, Howard Taylor, Glenn Thompson, Leo Tope, Charles Trollope, Dorothy Twidale, May Tyler, Neil Jr. Unwin, Helen Valdez, Flora Vanatta, Vern Vitek, Dorothy Walcher, Wilson Walker, Robert R. Walters, Kenneth Ward, Bruce Warner, Peggy Ann Weber, Joseph Weaver, Melvin Wilkins, Carlton Wise, Juanita Young, Robert Zolnoski, Jack W Q QI ry. QX dd - AXX ' 94' 2 ., .Ci ' KL - -' 5, -!4'L- fl " Q P 'I--"f '7 f'TA'7-1 ig . ,Ay lil 4 S31 6 ' T 1" 2192... -S: - nnlmwililnfs The Gusher Davidson Speas Meyer Bignell Allison Rucker JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY By BETTY JEAN DAVIDSON After three successful years in N. C, H. S., the Junior Class of 1935 is eagerly awaiting the final year with more zest and determination than ever. Since that first green year 'way back in '32, we have steadily gained the esteem of our fellow-students and have taken our rightful place in the rank of being one of our school's most out- standing classes. Our Freshman Class officers were: Pete Sedar, presidentg Ruth Sisk, vice- president, Dorothy Speas, secretary, Elmer Perdue, treasurer. Miss Healy and Mr. Russell sponsored our class that year. The following year, Pete Sedar again lead our class as presidentg Dorothy Speas, vice-presidentg Betty Jean Davidson, secretary and Dorothy Kelly, treasurer. This year has been especially outstanding for us because of our enthusiastic spon- sors, Miss Dorthea Bignell and Mr. Glen Rucker, and the capable class officers, Dorothy Speas, presidentg Don Allison, vice-president, Betty Jean Davidson, secre- taryg and Bud Myfer, treasurer. Johnny Thomas and Betty Neuman are our rep- resentatives to the Executive Council. lllarjorie Rowell, Nadine Wilson and Emily Albert represented the Junior girls in the Girls' League Council. The Junior Follies presented this year was well received. To prove how really modern we are, we chose television as our theme. Our class sponsored, 'during the year, the traditional Hallowe'en party and a dance following the Casper-Cheyenne basketball game. The Junior Prom was especially lovely this year when We extended to the Seniors a friendly farewell. Decorations were in class colors and favors were presented to the Senior girls. Our last gesture for this year was a picnic held in May. Page thirty Thirty-five IIHI JILIINJIIFQIH II II Run I Ainslm-y Alla-rt Albright Allisnn Ann-ml Amlm-rsml IIJlII4'y II:n'I40r Iizn um-4 Rum I I II1u'r1't! Iizlrlnu II:lIIc'usrI1I Iivnm-It Ilurkv III-ntlvy Iliglin IIIuwz-I' Ihrggx Rum III Ihunuly Iirnwmnn ng Ilnyel Il rauulml Ii rm-nnzm IIr1uI:xs IIruI'IuA1ly IIN ,flim- Ilrmmkc JUNIORS PANICI. ONIC Run IX' Run' Y Row YI I Int I Iiuix ': '- Ile-rls:u1I I'I:n'k I'nITu- Vlzuytm' I':uAtu' I'Iutter I'zu'trr Ihatf.-S uIru1'n ullins I mulvs I'nIIr1m l'I1m-In-wsku I I'Iu'm'y I 1, 'unkling I'nnncr III! I'm1ner Ili? I'xxtIml IMI I'4vHrm IIN Ilwingtmm IF? I'1winp.ftun IIJJ I'runin Ruw YI I Fruss Ilaggm-tt Ilzlvirlsnn I Davidson I Jnvirlsuu Ilzxy Ilimmick IIUCICIIZIIII Ilmlgc- Rww YI I I Rvw I X Duncan Fitch Ilunigzm Ihlllegos Ilysnn Garret! Iiisc-l1Ira1'g1-1' Iienopulzls I':lIll!II'I IIOm'gf- Ifnrrl Ililmartin I"1':u1cis Gohlv Ifvnex Gill Ifrzuulsc-n Ilmvvs Pagz' thirty-o ny The Gusher I JIMMIIEH JUNIQRS Row I Row II Row III Row IV Row Y Row YI Gray Uackl Hatten Hurley Alurlson Leach McKinnon Cray Hawley lluselny Kelley Lewellen lXlcLennnn Green Hively llnrtt Kistler Lewis McLellan Garrett Hopkins CAB lsernian Kittell Lingg McNamara Hamlin Hopkins UID ,lacolvsen Kling' Lockhart Morrison Hansen Hooper janiisfm Klnnygness Losey Maloney Harris CD5 Horner Johnson lireft McAllister Mann llarris CEI Humphreys -lones CMI Langdon Mcfartliy Markxwarcl llatten KL? Hunter jones 4Mer1eJ Pagz' thirly-tfwo Row YI l Marines Martin Maxon Qlll Maxon CVD Myer Metz llleyer Mickelson Miller Clionl Row Y l ll Row IX Miller fl Miller fl Mitchell Moore Nichols Nunn Nash Neuman Nicoll JJ U Oh:-rg Offenluaclzez' Oler Uslmrn Ott - Panos Park Parker Prem itt Thirty-Eve JEJINI E' IIIII Ruw I I':xtt:llucI1i I':nvclk:l Pnyn I'm-rfluc I'Iu'lps I'ilv IH nnrz-nkv l'mm-c-nkr I'nH0l' Row ll Huw I I I Rum' IY Prim' QI!! RzuInkm'icI1 Szmrln-rs IIN I'rupp CIC! Rignl Schryvr Prupp IFJ Iiingp: Schwartz Price- CMJ Ruhh 5'-ular HCI Rglhn Ruhcrts Swim' IPI Rm-asum-r Rnhinsfm Se-Iunvrt KAI Ru-:I Rnmim' Shen ffl IMI Rush Rowell Shui IRI Richnrals Sanders KI I JUNIORS PANEL THREE Ruw Y Slu-rrarml Shipp Flmith Smnvrs Sunnefelt Spcns Specht Sprngnu Row YI St:I1iIIc1':-II' Stim' Stout Strmnnlwurg Sullivan Surhc-rlzuul Sutton Suyexnatsu Run' VII S worn Oy 'I':lyIm' Tllmnzls HW VIIITUIIIHS UI Tinsley 'I'41Il'!' Trullopc' 'I'ruII1mpc' 'I'l'uIIup0 CII:u'ryI Hlughi CTD Row YI I I 'I'1'oskQ' Twirlalc V1-sry Yoyen VVnIcIrcm VValkcr xv1l.l'llL'!' NY:xII:uw' xYl'l'f0l'lI!L'l'LIC'l' Pagrt Row I X VW-st WVIICZIIUII VVilking' VI'iIliams VViIsm1 IIN VViIsm1 INI VVilson KR! VI'iIsun KVI VY1'igI1t flirty-Illrn' Harvey Hamilton House Johnson Stanley Weiser Yeaman Gorsline Heiser Jensen Mechally Thompson Winter Young Page thirty-four HONOR TO THE JUNIORS Honor be to the Juniors! When they come in triumph With the sacred Book of Knowledge From the regions of Ambition From the kingdom of Endeavor From the land of High Attainment They have sought the Book of Knowledge By endeavor everlasting From the halls of Great Persuasion From the efforts of Their Teachers lway their Standard never falter May' their Hope remain Eternal, SENHUIFH The Gusher s A illtll l , s E i 1 l 5 3 3 Bryne Hoffhine Schulte Johnson Gray Feris SENIOR CLASS HISTORY As we are about to leave old N. C. H. S. we feel as if We should stop and look back over the last four years. After we had taken the fatal step and entered the door of opportunity, we elected our class officers and sponsors. Tom Hoffhine was our president, Ted Neuman, vice-president, junior Willis, secretary, Mary Louise Schwartz, treasurer. The responsibilities of the class were on V. Y. Russell and O. W. Johnson. Shirley Donovan and Patricia Jacobson represented us on the debate team. The next year was still more illustrious. Under the capable leadership of our president, Junior Willis and our sponsors, Miss Frances Feris and O. W. Johnson, we started toward success. Shirley Donovan and Mildred Gray were our Girls' League representatives, and Tom Hoffhine was our member of the Executive Council. Our Sophomore "movie dance" was con- sidered one of the most original and successful dances of the year. Last year we kept up our reputation and gained even more triumphs. Junior Willis was elected president, Tom Hoffhine, vice-president, Shirley Donovan, secretary: Harry Trollope, treasurer. Our Follies had as its theme, "Dude Ranching," and was presented a second time due to the large crowd. Miss Feris and Mr, Johnson were our sponsors. This year, even though it is our last, we were not satisfied to rest on our laurels, but kept on becoming more famous. Tom Hoffhine was again elected president, Mildred Gray, vice- presidentg Catherine Bryne, secretary, Bill Schulte, treasurerg Ted Neuman, boys' vice-pres- identg Mary Louise Schwartz, secretaryg and Ragnar Barhaug, treasurerg Shirley Donovan, girls' vice-presidentg and junior Willis, student-body president, were the student-body officers. George Granger was Lieutenant-Colonel, and Ray Humes, Cadet Major. As we say farewell, we are content to leavc our unfinished tasks to the forthcoming classes. We sincerely want to thank the faculty for their splendid cooperation in all our undertakings, and want to express our appreciation for their kindness and interest in us. H SWe leave with many regrets, but with every good wish for the future welfare of old N. C. Page thirfy-tix Thirty-five Anaorr, KENNETH "When lt's Spring Time in the Rockies." AnoUE, JENNIE LEE Commrrnal "Wedding Bells Will Soon Be Ringing." Maclrigal Flnli 4, Operetta, Girls' Glee l-2-3-4. Glee Voncerts l-2- 3-4, Girls' Sports 1-2, Gym Show l-Z. ANDERSON, HELEN Collrgr Prrparatory "Lost in a Fog." Girl Scouts I-2-3, Usher Club 2-3-4. jr, llanrl 3. Jr. Orchestra 3, Sr. Hand 4, Gym Show 1. AnMAc:As'r, JEAN G rnrral "Horses." Glee fluli. Bluscocx, CLIFFORD Gfnrral "Just n Gignlof' Oiicers' Club, Rifle Team, BACKEN, FLORENCE "Can She Hake a Cherry Pie?" BAILEY, Louis "Hi-Ho, Lack a Day." BAKER, DoN Gfnrral "Pical0 Pete." Boxing 1, Class lfoolbzzll l-4, Sr. Band 2-3-4, Sr. Orclieratra 3-4. BARHAUG, RAGNAR Gcnrral "Remember." Boxing l-2, Flass l7oo.liall .Z-3, Flass Basketball I-.Z-3-4, Varsity Football l-4. Track 2-3, Nation- al Thespians 3-4, Sc-c'y-'l'reas. C' Club 4, Student llomly Treasurer 4. Executivv: Founcil 4. "joan of the Nancy Lee" 3. "Marriage of Nannetteu 4. "Thr: Importance of Being Earnest" 3, Junior Fol- lies 3, Kiwanis Plays 2. Officers' Club 3-4, Non-commissionerl Of- ficer l-2, Glce Flnli Z-3-4, Vom- missionetl Officer -l, Glee Club Concerts 3-4. BERQUIST, ALTA Collrgr' Prrparatory "Dream House." Gusher Staff 4. '35 Club 4. l'sl1- er Club 1, Glee Flub l-2-.l-4. v Pagf Ihirly-Jwvfn BERRY, MARGARET "Glad Rag Doll." BILEK, CLIFFORD "lt's Hard to Tell." BLACKMAN, V1v1AN General "llc Careful With Those Eyes." Lusk 1-2-3, Pep Club 2-3, Glee 1-2-4. BoL1N, WILBUR "D0n't Let It Bother You." BQWMAN, MARGARET "If You Wear a Little White Gardenia." Gym Show 1, Glee Club 2-3-4, Operetta 2-3. Page thirty-eight lE,lNlllIElllF'1l The Gusher BoYn,RonER'r College Preparaiory "Who Will Buy My Violets?" Spanish Club 4, A. K. A. 4, "Dust of the Road" 4, East Denver High School 1-2-3, Dram Cluh 2-3, Airplane Club 1-2. BOYLE, MADELINE "We Wish That We Were Twins." Bovuz, NEILLAINE "We Wish That We Were Twins," BRA'r'r1s, MARY "Try and See It My Way Baby." Girls' Athletics, Glee, Concert 1-2, Spanish Club 1-2-3. BRADAS, MARY General "Blue Sky Avenue." Glee Club 2-3-4, Girls' Athletics 1-2-3-4, Gym Show 2. Thirty-five BREN NAN, PAT "Tun Many Parties." BROWN,BOB "Strike Up the Hand." Class Football 1-3, Class Bas- ketball 1-2, Class Truck 2, Non- commissionefl Officer 2-3. Exec- utive Founcil. BRYNE, CATHERINE College Prrparatory "VVhen My Dreams Ponte True." Uhr.-or Club 2-3-4, Nat'l Honor Society 3-4, Latin Club l-2, Eu- clid Club l-2-3-4. A. K. A. 2-3-4, junior Follies 2-3, Gym Show 1-2. "Pickles," Secretary of Euc- lid Club 4, Tap Club 3, Annual Staff, 3-4, Gusher Staff 3-4. Quill and Scroll, Secretary nf Senior Flass, English Vlub 2-3-4, Girls' Reserves l, Glen Club I-2-3, "The World's All Right." BUCHANAN, Classrm "just a Woman Hater." BUKD, HENRY "School Days," R ENB BURD, MABLE "By the Fireside." BURKE,joE "Cowboy joe." l". F. A. 3. BURKE, MARY "But You Never fan Tell' BURTCH, AI,viN "Get Along Little Doggie." BYLER, F1.oYD Gfnrral "VVagou Wheels." Manifold l'lub 2. Page thirty-nine CALKINS, THELMA "1'm Crying Myself to Sleep." CAMPBELL, CHARLOTTE Commerezal 'Alf the Moon Turns Green." Girls' Activities 1-2, Glee Con- cert 2-3, Glee Club 2-3. CANADY, Bos College Preparatory "Throwin' Stones at the Sun." Boxing 1, Spanish Club 4, Class Football 4, Non-commissioned Officer 1-2-3, Commissioned Of- ficer 4, Oinficers' Club, Usher Club. CARDWELL, ConNEL1A General "Am I to Blame." Glee Club 1-Z. CARDWELL, JACK "VVhen the Moon Comes Over the Mountain." Page forty The Gusher 'CAs:EL, WANDA College Preparatory "Baby Face." T. N. T., Girls' League Council 3, Annual Staff 4, Latin Club 2, Junior Follies 3, Swimming, Con- cert l-2-3, '35 Club 2-3, Gusher Staff 4, Gym Show 1-2, Meet 1-2, Glee Club. CASTLEDINE, RUTH General "Your Not the Only Oyster in the Stew." Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Gym Show 1-2, Glee Concert 3-4. CHAPMAN, BRUCE College Preparatory "Qld Faithful." Sr. Band 1-2-3-4, Sr. Orchestra 3-4, Operetta 3-4, Sr. Glee 1-2-3- 4, Clarinet Sextette, Jr. Orches- tra 1-2, Spanish Club. CHIDLEY, CATHERINE College Preparatory "Sweet and Simple." English Club, Athletics 1-2-3, Gym Show 1-2, Glee Concerts 3-4, junior Follies 3. CHURCHWELL, Moluus General "Turkey in the Straw." Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Spanish Club 3-4, Non-commissioned Officer 1-2-3-4, Football 4, Operettas 1- 2-3-4, Freshman Service Com- pany 1, Boxing 1, Euclid Club 4. jr. Follies Concert 1-2-3-4. Thirty-five CLARK, Lois Co m m rrcial "Winter Wonderland." Glee Club. CLINE, AGNES "Winter Moon." Cook, DON College Preparatory "Your a Builder Upper." Officers' Club 4, Non-commis- sioned Officer 3, Commissioned OHicer 4, Class Football 4. Class Basketball 2-3-4, Mustang Guard 4. COUGHLIN, CLEM College Preparatory "lJon't G0 in the l.ion's Den Tonight." A. K. A. 3-4. Class Basketball .3-4, Class Football l, Kiwanis Plays 3. Band l-2-3-4. COVINGTON, Conv General "Naughty Waltz." Non-commissioned Officer 2-3, Officers' Club 4, "C" Club 4, Varsity Football 4. Commissioned Officer 4, Class Football 2-3. CRANSTON, WALLACE "I've Had My Moments." Band 1-2-3-4. CRITCHFIELD, DOROTHY "London on a Rainy Night." DAvmsoN, RALPH "April Showers." DILSO, ANN College Preparatory "In a Little Spanish Town." Spanish Club 2-3-4, A. K. A. 3-4, Glee Concerts' 2-3-4, Operet- ta 3-4, Gym Show 1-Z, Junior Follies. DONAHUE, NoNA "April in Paris." 1 Page forty-one DONOVAN, DOROTHY College Preparatory "Just Once Too Often." Executive Council 4, Honor So- ciety 3-4, English Club 3-4, Jr. Follies 3, Girls' League 3, Ma- drical Club 4, Cheer Club 2-3-4, Latin Club, National Thespians 3-4, A. K. A., Yell Leader 4, Tap Club 3. DONOVAN, SHIRLEY College Preparatory "Lovely to Look At." Pres. of Girls' League Council 4, Interscholastic Debating 1-2-3-4, Nat'l Forensic League 1-2-3-4, Pnyx 1-2-3-4, Latin Club 2, Eng- lish Club 3-4, Sophomore Repre- sentative Girls' League 2, Sec'y of Jr. Class, Gusher Staff 3, An- nual Staff 3-4, Cheer Club 2-3-4, Jr. Follies 3, Speech Conference in Denver 2, Departmental Club Award 2, Gym Show 1-2, Oper- etta 3, Executive Council 4. DORIUS, NOAH CollegePreparatory "Carioca." Latin Club 2, "C" Club 3-4, Commissioned Officer 4, Track 3-4, A. K. A. 4, Football 4, Class Track 2, Operetta 3, Jun- ior Follies, Officers' Club 3-4, '35 Club 2-3-4, Varsity Class Football 2, Varsity Class Bas- ketball 2-3-4. DOUGHERTY, THELMA College Preparatory "All Through the Night." Garfield High School, Seattle, Wash., 1-2-3, Operetta. DowLER, LESTER E. Commercial "Don't Let It Happen Again." '35 Club, Officers' Club, Basket- ball, Glee Club, Commissioned Officer. Page forty-two The Gusher DRENCKHAHN, BERNARD "Just Dreaming." DUBBS, EM ERsoN "Flirtation Walk." DULLACHAN, JACK "On the Good Ship Lollypop." EARLEY, LiLLiAN "In the Good Old Summer Time." ELSTON,BOB "Easy Come, Easy Go." FLETCHER, DoRo'rHY Collegf' Preparatory "Kitten on the Keys." A. K. A. 4, Tap fluh 3, Madri- gal l'lub 4, Usher Club 3-4, Jr. Follies 3, Glee Concerts 2-3-4, "Joan of the Nancy Lee," "Mar- riage of Nannettef' Gym Shows 1-2, Annual Staff 4, Gusher Stal? 3-4, Girls' Sports, Pnyx Club 2, Glee 2-3-4, Hall Duty 3. Fonn, VERBA "VVedding of the Painted Doll." FxANK,Bou "Little Man, What Now?" FRONK, Dokomv Co m martial "Little Dutch Mill." Glee Club 2-3-4, Concerts 2-3-4, Gym Show 1-2. GALBRAITH, W1LMA "My Dear." Gym Show 1-2, Glee Club l-2-3-4. Page forty-three GILMARNN, KENNETH "I'm Going Shopping With You." GINGKICH, KENNETH "Stars Fell-in Alabama." Boxing 3-4, Class Football 3-4, Gusher Staff 4, "C" Club. GORDON, RUTH E. "How Am I Doing?" GOUKLEY, LEWIS L. "Night Wind." GRANGER, GEORGE S. College Preparatory "There's Something About a Soldier." Cadet Lieutenant-Colonel 4, Non- commissioned Officer 1-2-3, Com- missioned Officer 4, Annual Staff 3-4, Gusher Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4, '35 Club 1-2-3-4, Stage Crew 1, Executive Council 4. Football 1, Officers' Club 3-4, President of Officers' Club 4, Assistant Editor of Annual 4, Junior Follies 3. Page forty-four The Gusher GRAVES, FERN "By a VVaterfall." GRAY, MILDRED College Preparatory "Sweet and Lovely." Annual Statf 4, Girls' League Council 2-3, Vice-Pres. of Senior Class 4, Nat'l Honorary Society 3-4, Pres, of Nat'l Honor Socie- ty, Latin Club 1-2, Nat'l Thes- pians 4, "importance of Being Earnest" 3, "The Perfect Alibi," "Manikan and Minikin" 3, Cheer Club 3-4, Vice-Pres. of Cheer Club 4. Gym Show 1-2. Operetta 1-2-3, '35 Club 2-3, Glee Con- certs 1-2-3-4, Jr. and Sr, Sex- tettes, A. K. A. 3-4, Vice-Pres. of A. K. A. 4, Jr. Follies 3, Ma- drigal Club 4, Honorary Cadet gapg. 3, Sec'y-Treas. of English lu . GRIEVE, JAMES General "Cowboy's Dream." F. F. A. 1-2-3, Vice-President F. F. A. 2, Hall Police 2, Track 4, Class Basketball. GUY, HAROLD "Baby Take a Bow." HAAS,JOHN V General "Walking My Baby Back Homefl' Senior Band 1-2-3-4. Class Foot- ball 4. Thirty-Five IIARMUN, lJoi.i.v Grnrral "Auld Lznig Sync." "Mzirri:igz- of N:nnu-ite." "Pic- klm-s," Gym Sliow, Give f'HllCl'!'f, "joan of the Nancy l4l'l'," All- Stzm- Chorus. llmzvsk, BEaN1cE ",lu:mil:i." HAVVKINSMIAMES Collrrlr' l'rfparalnry "Little Man Yon'v6 Had a llusy Day." Hoxing l, Vlnss llnskm-tlizill 2-3-4, Non-conimissiunerl Ollicer 3, Vruiiiiiiissiuiiecl Officer 4. Offi- vf-rs' filub 4, Plngli-:h f'lub 3-4, English Vlub Play 3-4. HAzEi.ToN, Wu.i.mM "Sleepy Tiinc lluwn South." HEAD, LORRAINE Grnrral "'l'rm- lilnv Lou." 'l'. N. T. 4, Drum Major 4, Rami l-2-3-4, All-State Fhurus l, jr. Ffxllics. J. '35 iilub 2-3-4, Quill mul Scroll 4, Gushcr Staff 4, An- nual Stall 4. A. K. A, 3-4, Glen- l-4. Girls' Double Quartet 4, Girls' Trio 4, Glvc 1'lnb f.UllCl'l'f l-2-3-4. l l l l gi ll I ' I I SEMI: U I HEMMINGWAY, ANN Collfgc Prz-paratory "Where 'l'here's Smoke There-'s Fire." Latin Club, Spanish flub, Glee Club, Kiwanis Plays,"The Count :incl the Coed." HENnRY,jEAN Collfge Preparatory "VVe Just Couldn't Say Good- byc-.l" "The Marriage of Nannettc-." Gym Show 1-2, Glee, Tap Club, English Club. HERBERT, HAZEI. Lois Grnrral "Did Yon Know?" Glee 1-2-3-4, Gym Show 1-2. HERD, FRANCES Commfrtial "For All We Know." Gym Show 2, Glee Club 2-3, English Club 3, Athletics. Hsksi-iEY,MAx1NE "Just a Sailor's Sweetheart." Glee 2-3, Girl Scouts 1, Girls' Sports, Junior Follies 3, Gym Show I-2. Page forty-five Hxccms, MARTHA General "Flirtation VValk." Euclid Club 4. Hiccws, MARY College Preparatory "Oh What a Pal Was Mai-y.' Gym Show 1, Euclid Club 4. HILDEBRAND, HAZEL College Preparatory "Beat of My Heart." Latin Club S anish Club Glee, , P Kiwanis Plays, Junior Follies. HILL, SYLVESTER College Preparatory "Shine." Class Football 2-3-4, Class Bas ketball 2-3-4, Glee Club 3-4. HXLL, WILMA "My Gal Sal." Page forty-.rix The Gusher HOFFHINE, TOM General "Why Don't You Practice What You Preachf' Freshman President 1, Executive Council 1-2-4, Glee Club 1-2-3, '35 Club 2-3. Scrub Basketball 1-2, Junior Follies '33, Senior Class President, Operetta 3-4, Junior Class Vice-President, A. K. A. 3, Non-commissioned Of- ficer 2, National Thespians 3-4, "Tons of Money." HOFMANN, MARJORIE College Preparatory "Love Is just Around the Corner." Laramie High School 1, Bill Nye 1, Campfire 1, T. N. T. 1-4, Tap Club 3, '35 Club 2-3, A. K. A. 2-3-4, Gym Show 2, Glee Club 2-3, Junior Follies 3. Holfr, RUBY "Tea for Two." HowAxD,BlzTTv College Preparatory "It's Written All Over Your Face." 1 Cheers, Junior Follies, Athletics, Glee Concert, Latin Club, Tap Club, Gym Show 1-2. HUFFSMITH, Joi-1 N General "Misunderstood" Non-commissioned Officer, Post Graduate Work. Thirty-Five Hul.sE, DAL! "Spend an Evening in Caroline." Humss, RAY Commercial "You're an Old Meanie." Non-commissioned OKicer 1-2-3, Cadet Major 4, "C" Club 3-4, Track 3-4, Class Football 2, Box- ing l-2-3-4, Executive Council 4, Officers' Club, Varsity Football 4. JACOBSON, PATRICIA College Preparatory "Smile Darn You, Smile." Cheer Club 2-3-4, National Hon- or Society 3-4, National Foren- sic l-2-3-4. English Club 3-4, Latin Club 2, Tap Club 3, Jun- ior Follies 3, Pnyx Club 1-2, Gym Show 1-2, Debate Letters l-2, French Club 4. JAY, VIVIAN "Prize Waltz." JoHNsoN, THELMA "And When I Hold Your Hand." SIENHU JOHNSTON, ALTA "Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee." JONES, Faso College Preparatory "Football Freddy." "C" Club 3-4, Football 3-4, Bas- ketball 3-4. Track 3-4, Officers' Club 3, Glee 2, Junior Follies 3. JOPP, MAluoN College Preparatory "An Animal Trainer Am I." Gym Show I-2, Glee 1-2-3, Girl Sports 1-2-3. JOSLYN, Lowsu. "Nola." English Club 4, Latin Club 2-3, Euclid Club 3-4, National Hon- orary Society 3-4. Pnyx Club 2, Class Debate 2, Glee Club 2-3-4, Gym Show 1-2, Athletics 2-3, Hall Duty 2-3, Glee Concerts 3-4. KALKOFEN, GLADYS "Ch0psticks." ' Page forty-.rewn KANZLER, Doaomv "Sleepy Time Gal." KAPER, PAULINE , Commercial . Concert 1-2, Gym Show 1-2, Jun- ior Follies 1-2, Glee Club 1-2, Athletics 1-2-4. KELLEY, CYRIL "Because of Once Timef' Upon a KELLEY, WARREN College Preparatory "Bloom Is on the Sage." Senior Band 1-2-3-4, Senior Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Junior Orchestra 2, Senior Orchestra 4, Operetta 1-2- 3-4, Clarinet Sextette 4, Euclid Club 4. KEMP, RIDGLEY College Preparatory "Black and White Fantasy." Business Manager of the ,Gusher 4, Advertising Manager of the Gusher 3, Sports Writer of Gush- . er 3-4, High School Daily Cor- respondent 4, Band 1-2, Glee 1-2, I I Euclid Club 3, junior Rotariani 4, Quill and Scroll. Page forty-eight W. l Z l l I Tlllgilwfl Ill", The Gusher KINNISON, DoN "Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do." KNIGHT, EARL "The Night Is Young." Koci-isa, Lois College Preparatory "The Very Thought of You." Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, English Club, Latin Club 2. KORMON, JOHN "Someday. " KU1-xN,BUk'r "Sol You're Not Going to Kiss Me!" SCH Club 3-4, Football 3, Track Thirty-live Hzumw, HELEN College Preparatory "Smoke Rings." . "Marria e of Nannette," Girls' Glee Chorus 1-2-3-4, English Club 4, "Joan of the Nancy Lee," Gym Show l-2, Tap Club. LANOUE, JOSEPHINE "Five Feet Two, Eyes ot' Blue." Glee Concerts, Gym Show, Jun- ior Follies. Tap Club 3, Glee Club, Athletics. LEMLEY, HAROLD College Preparatory "Man About Town." Class Basketball I-2, Usher Club 2-3. Yell Leader 3, Junior Class Representative, Executive Coun- cil, Non-commissioned Officer 3, '35 Club 3-4, First Lieutenant of Battalion Staff, Ohficers' Cluh, "C" Club. Lnownn, ADELYN "Hold Your Man." LEWIS, Swarm "Not for All the Rice in China." LILLY, EUGENE "Music in the Cradle Box." LxNDs1'AEm', WALTER "Smilin' Through." L1NK,LENnELL "Home on the Range." LOONEY, WESLEY Collrgr Prrparntory "Pop Went My Heart." English Club 4. Euclid Club 1- 2-3, Spanish Cluh 2-3. Class Bas- ketball l-2-3-4. Mustauu Guards 3, Non-commissioned OlTi:er 2-3. ml' ' -r ., n . L 1 ll QW 'ff ' . LUMMlS,HELEN HE i' J fi' 1 Collrgz' frrpngalpry , , "Poor Butternyf' , G Gym Show 1-2, Swimming Meet 1-2-3, Kiwanis Plays 3, Gusher Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4, "The VVOrlfl's All Right" 4. "Joan of the Nancy Lee" 3. Page forty-nine MCCARTHY, JOE "I Think of You Breath I Take." McCoRn, MARTHA "Just a Little Home for the Old Folks." Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Operetta l-4, Concerts, llfladrigal 4, Gym Show 2. McCoy, CHARLES "Two-Step Charlie." MCDONAI,D, ELIZABETH "That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine." McDoNALD, JACK "Truly I Do." Page iffy The Gusher MAGEE, RAYMOND "That Old Gang of Mine." lVlAKI,ELMER General "Baby, Have a Little Dream on Me." Class Football 1, Class Basket- ball 1-3-4, Football Manager 3. Golf I-2-4, Golf Champ 4, "C" Cluh 3-4. NIARSHALL, HELEN General "I'm Sure of Everything But You." Spanish Club l, Senior Orches- tra, Glee Club. lVlEYENFEI.DT, ELsxE "Memories" MILES, GEORGE "Me and My Shadow." F. F. A. 1-2-3-4, Junior Follies 3. Thirty-Five,Ev1el.vN Collrgr Prrparaiory "just n Fault-cl Summv.-r I.ov1-." filet- Club 2-3, liatin Club 2. lfuglisb Club .l-4, Spanisli Club 4. Mll.l.S, Ames l.'omm1'rr1al "A1lorablt'." Glen- l'lub l-2-3-4, A. K. A. 3-4, i'lu'm-r Club .Z-3-4, Annual Statl 4, Girls' l.L'Fll1lll' Council 4, Gym Show I-Z, Tap l'luln 3, junior bullies 3. Mircuem., I-In ColIrgr'l'rl'parn10ry "An lim' Full of Music." Sr, llzuul l-.Z-.l-4, Sr. Orcliestrn l-.Z-.l-4, Sr. film' Club l-.2-.l-4, Quartcltc 2-3-4. ll. S. Opcrctta I-2-3-4, Drum Major 3-4, Allegro Vlub 3, llanfl Stutlt-nt Director 4. junior Follies Z-3-4. Mrrcniau., fi0RDON Grnrral "Abi llut l'vt' l,t':u'm-ml." tilt-L' .l-4,"'l'm1s uf Morley," "The l'el'frct Alibi," '35 Club ,S-4, Ul- tivm-rs' Club 4. N:it'l llwnur Su- Civty 4, liuglish Club 4, l'Iueli1l t'lub -8, N:it'l 'I'lu-spizms 4, l.a1in t'Iub l. Moon, Don Ullumor - - wake." "t"' Club A-4, junior lfollies -l. 'l'rm'k 4, N:it'l llunor Society 4. lfuunllmll Varsity 4. Class Fun!- lmll I-.Z-3, Class llzisketball I-2. S NBER Moons, JEANNE "I'm Growing Fonder." Nat'l Honorary Society 3-4. Eng- lish Club 3-4, Debate Letter 4, Latin Club 2-3, Girls' Athletics, Pnyx Club 2-3-4, Glee Club Z-3, junior Follies 3, Freshman Vice- Pres.,"Captain Applejackf' Girls' League Council 4, Gym Show l-2, Gusher Stal? 3-4, Euclid 3-4, Tap Club 3, T. N. T. 4, Execu- tive Council 4, Editor of Gushcr 4. Nzsarrr, Guasow Collfgr Prrparatory "Let Me Call You Sweet- heart." Officers' Club, Debate Team, Class Basketball, Rifle Team. NEUMAN, Ten Collage Preparatory "You've Got to Be a Football Hero." Class Football I-2, Class Basket- ball I, Sec'y of Sophomore Class, "C" Club 3-4, Vice-Pres. of "C" Club, Spanish Club 3, Varsity Football 4, Varsity Basketball 2-3-4, Non-commissioned 0Hicer 2-3, Commissioned Officer 4. Vice-President of Student Body, Executive Council 4. NICHOLS, Bkooxs College Preparatory "This Little Piggie Went to Market." Non-commissioned Officer 3-4, lilee 1, Gusher Staff 3. Osaka, HELEN Collrgr Preparatory "Fiddler joe." Honor Society, Spanish Club 2- 3-4, Euclid Club, English Club, Senior Orchestra. Glee. Junior Follies, Gym Show. Page ffty-one ORMSBY, JEANETTE General "My Old Flame." Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Glee Concert, Gym Show 1-Z. OSBORN, JAMES College Preparatory "Lullaby of Broadway." Glee Club 3-4, Operetta 3-4. PALMER, CATHERINE College Preparatory "Just a Song at Twilight." Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Gym Show 1-2, Lander 2, '35 Club Sextette, Madrigal Club 4, Double Quar- tette, "Marriage of Nannette" 4, Junior Follies 3, Glee Club Con- certs 1-2-3-4. PANos, ALEXANDRA General "I Love a Parade." Annual Staff, Gusher Staff, Glee Club, English Club, "Marriage of Nannettef' Glee Club Concert. PARMENTER, ELAINE General "Mr. and Mrs. Is the Name." Gym Show 1, Glee Club 2-3-4, Usher Club 3. Page ffty-lfwo The Gusher PATTALOCHI, BILL General "You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It.'l '35 Club, Captain 4. PA'r'rILLo, Lois College Preparatory "Blue Moon." Nat'l Honor Society, Euclid Club 1-2-3-4, Latin Club 2-3, A. K. A. 4, Glee Club Concerts 1-2-3- 4, Gym Show 1-2, junior Follies. PAULSON, VERNON "Laugh and Grin and Take It on the Chin." Glee 2-3-4, Euclid Club 3-4, President 1-2, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Latin Club, Band 3-4. Porroiuf, EFFIE "Let's Have a Party." Pnossr, ALAN College Preparatory "Stardust." Hayden Union High School. Hayden, Colorado, 1, National Thespians 1-2-3-4, English Club 3-4, Usher Club 3, Commissioned Officer 3, A. K. A. 2. Kiwanis Play 3, "Captain Applejacku 3, "The Perfect Alibi" 4, "The Royal Family" 3, "A Lucky Break" 2, Gusher Staff 4. Nat'l Editorial Writing Contest 4. Thirty-ive RAMAGE, MARY Collrgr Prrparalory "Let's Tall! lt Over." English Club 4, Gym Show I, First place Kiwanis Contest 3, First place Kassis Sewing Con- test 4, Glec Club l-2-3-4. REDBURN, HALLIE "There's a Cabin in the Pines." REBS, ROBERT Gfnfral "l'lc-asc." Class Football 4. Class Basket- ball l-2-3-4. Non-commissioned Officer 2-3, Commissioned Otfi- cer 4. REYNOLDS, BETTY Culnmrrrial "When a Woman Loves a Man." Cheers 2-3, '35 Club 2-3, Gym Show I-2, junior Follies 3. Ronnnrson, Blu. "Animal Crackers." English Club 3, A. K. A. 3-4, Glcc Club l-2-3-4, Mustang Guards 2-3, Otlicer 3-4 1Com- niissionedl. Opcretta 2-3-4. Stagi- Crew 2-3-4, junior Follies 3, Non-commissioned Officer I-2, Ufficc-rs' Club 3-4, All-State Chorus, Gusher Staff 4. SEN Rocnuxin, JEAN f:UllIIlll'fl'i0l "lN'lien l Grow Too Old to Dream." Gym Show l-2, Glee Club 1-2-3, Sirinuuing Meet l-2, All-State l'liorus I, Athletics l-2-3. Rooaks, DoNAi,n Collrgf Prrparalory "Your the Top." Class Football l, Class Basket- ball 1-2, UC" Club 4, Varsity llaslcctball 3-4. Non-commissioned Officer 2-3, Commissioned Offi- cer 4. lfootball Manager 4. Track lllanager 3. Rowi.ANDs, Dick i Co1lrg1'Prz'pa,r11lory "Happiness Ahead." A. K. A. 4, Junior Follies 3, liuclid Club 3, "Importance of living l':lll'NCSf.H RUSSELL, Vskcius "Sophisticated Lady." "Pickles," "Joan of the Nancy Lee." "Marriage of Nannettz-," "The VVorld's All Right," junior lfollies. junior Boys' Glee Ac- companist, A. K. A. 4, T. N. T. .l-4. Euclid Club. '35 Club. Nat'l llonorary Society 3-4, Annual Stall 4, Gusher Staff. 4, Tap Club 3, Madrigal Club 4. Glec Concerts 4, Gym Show 2, Latin Club 3-4. Longmont l. RUTH ERFORD, jossvmw is Collvgr Prfparatory "Moonlight and Roses." Gym Show l-2, Glee l-2-3-4, All-State Concert. Girls' Quar- tctte 1, Girls' Sextette 1-2-3-4, junior Follies 3. Madrigal Club 4, Tap Club 3, Usher Clnh 4, A. K. A. Club 4, Emzlish Club 4. "Count and the Coed," "Mar- riage of Nannettef' "Joan of the Nancy Lee," After School Sports l-2-3, "Pickles," Latin Club 1. Page fifty-three SANTO,DAN College Preparatory "La Coocerochaf' Glee Club, Spanish Club, Class Basketball, Class Football, Var- sity Boxing. SAWEY, RUTH "Thanks" SCHANK, DICK College Preparatory "O-o-o-0-, I'm a Night Owl." Great Falls 1, Cheyenne 2, Yell Leader 3-4, Head 4, Class Foot- hill and Basketball 3, '35 Club 4, "C" Club 3-4, Officers' Club 4, junior Follies 3, Glee Club 4. SHuUM,LEE "Sentimental Gentleman." Lusk 1-2. Football 3-4, Gushex Staff 4, "C" Club 3-4. SCHULTE, BILL College Preparatory "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes." Basketball 1-2-3, '35 Club 1-2-3, Spanish Club 3, Non-commis- sioned Officer 4, Junior Follies 3, Senior Class Treasurer 3-4. Page iffy-four ,"1llISE UUE IZ I", The Gusher SCHWARTZ, CUYLER College Preparatory "True" Cheers 3-4, Secretary 4, Annual Staff 3-4, A. K. A. 3-4, Presi- dent 4, Junior Follies 3, Presi- dent 3, Gym Show 1-2, Pnyx 2-3. Gusher Staff 3-4. '55 Club, Girl Scouts. Sci-xwARTz, MAKY Lou ul Believe in Maryfclesf' Treas. Freshman Class, Sextette 2-3-4, Concerts 2-3-4. "Pickles," "Joan of Nancy Lee," A. K. A., Nat'l Thespian 3-4, T. N. T. 1-2-3-4, '35 Club 2-5-4, Junior Class Representative 3, Junior Follies 3, Sec'y Student llorly 4, Executive Council 3-4, Maclrigal 4, Gym Show l-Z, Annual Staff 4, Gusher Stallf 4. SEIBEL, CLARA "Dainty Miss." English Club 4, Gym Show l-2, "Marriage of Nannettef' Kiwan- is Play 4. SELLER, MARY AI.1cE College Preparatory 'KM00n Glow." Kaycee High School 1-2-3, Dra- matics, Hand, Basketball Team. SHAW,NADlNE Commrrtial "I Knew You VVhen." Gym Show 2. Glee Club 1-2. Athletics. Thirty-Five SHlil'l'ARD, Nlill. Cullrgr l'rrparr1!ory "lcv 1-!'k'1llIl, You Scrc-zun, VVe All Scream fur lce l.fl'!lIH.n Rifle 'l'e:uII 2, lluxing 3. Vlass llnsketbznll J, Glee filllll 4. SHIeI'AIIu, VIVIAN Collrgf' Prrparalory "I Only llnve liyes fur You." llllllll l'lulI 2, Gym Show I-2, ,lmiiur lfullies 3, Glee l'lub Unn- cert 2-3-4. liucliml l'lub 4. ling- lish l'lulI 4. 'l'IIp l'lub 3, Pnyx Vlnb 2, '35 Club 4, Gusher Staff 4. Sports I-2-3-4. Swimming Meet. SHIEIIDS, AIJELE Collfyz' Preparatory "l'uIItiIicIIml." l'heer l'lub 2-3-4, Nut'l Thespi- ZAIIS J-4, N:It'l Quill and Scroll, Girls' League l'uuncil 4, ling- lish l'lub 3-4. '35 Club 4. Tap Club 3. Maflrigal Club 4, An- nual Stafl' 3-4, Gushcr Stal? 4. l'IucliIl Club 2-3, Spanish l'lul1 2-3, A. K. A. 2. Yell Leacler 4. jr. Follies-I 2-3. llonuraury l':IIlet 3. "Tuna of Money," "l':IptzIin Appl:-jack," "VVlIen the Flock Strikes." "Pickles," "The l'cr- fect Alibi," Gym Shuw I-2, Nu- tiuunl llunur Society 4. SlSK,RUTll Crnrrnl "llnw'ni I Iluin?" T. N. T. 4. Tap l'lub 3, Glee lilub l-3-4. Uperettu l-2, Vice- I'resiIlent I"reshm:In l'l:Iss. SMITH, HAZEI. "What il Diller:-nce :I ltay Nlakee-I." SMITH, LUcn.I,E "VVlmt's Good for the Coose SMITH, MARY VIRGINIA "lla-Cha-Cha." SMITH, STEPHEN General "Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonderf' Hand l-2-3-4. Orchestra 12 3 4 Glee 2. Latin Club 17 Gushu Staff 4. SMITH, EUGENE Grnfral "You're the Cream fulfeef' SOIIOMAN, GEORGE "That Tattooed VVOman Pafe fifty fvz' SPICER, MARJORIE "Tell Me, Did He Ask for Me?" French Cluli 4, Junior Follies 3. STEED, RUSSEL UI Like Mountain Music." STEWART, JAMES General "No, No a Thousand Times N0 H Rifle Team 3-4. STROMBERG, JAMES General V"Laugh, Llowu, Laugh." "C" Club 3-4. Track 3-4. Class Football 2-3. Football 4. SULLIVAN, NEIL "Red." Page ffty-:ix 51 Ill SEWE R ll F', The Gusher SWAIM, LLOYD "The Man on the Flying Trapeze." SWALLOW ,WIL College Preparalory "Anchors Away." Tap Club 3, Usher Club 4, Glee Club I-2-3-4, "Joan of the Nan- cy Lee," "Marriage of Nan- nette," Gym Show I-2, Glee Con- certs 1-2-3-4, Girls' Double Quar- tette, Swimming Meet, Soccor Champs. MA SYvEksoN, DOLORES Commercial "In a Blue and Pensive Mood." Cheer Club 2-3-4, Gym Show 1-2. Glee Club 2-3-4, Girls' Ath- letics. TAGNEY, JUDY General "In My Solitude." '35 Club 2-3-4, Junior Follies 3. TAYLOR, VIRGINIA "My Man." Executive Council 4, Exchange Editor of Gusher Staff 4, Quill and Scroll Society 4, T. N. T. 3-4, Winner of Tournament Art Prize, Gym Show 1-2, '35 Club 2-3-4, "A Lucky Break," "A Haunted House," "The World's All Right." "Tons of Money," Rocky Mountain Speech Confer- ence 4, Director of "When the Clock Strikes," Swimming Meet 3, Glee Club Concert 2, Honor- ary Member of A. K. A. 2-3-4, Nat'l Thespians 2-3-4, Advertis- ing Mgr. 4. Glee Club. Art Edi- tor of Annual 2-3, Editor of An- nual 4. Thirty-five TEAKELI., WEi.noN "Home on the Range." 'l'HOMPSON, EARL "Let's Be Thankful." 'l'HOMPSON, LLoYD "Lazy Bones." 'llHOMPSON, VERA C. College Preparalory "Riptide." I Nat'l Honor Society 3-4, Latin Club, Euclid Club. Operetta 152- 3. Sextette 2-3-4, Lead in Junwr Follies. T. N. T., '35 Club. Mad- rigal Club, Captain Zuave Drill, Gym Show l-2, Tennis Tourna- ment 4. Annual Stall' 4, Vice- Pres. Latin Club. Corr. Sec'y T. N. T.. Treas. of T. N. T.. Pres. '35 Club, Scc'y-Treas. '35 Clnh. Pres. of Madrigal Clulx, French Club. Sec'y French Club, Glec Club. Tkown, Bon "Fit as a Fiddle." al awww SlZlNlllElllill 9 . e .Wm , .,,Q"x, k'x42f"':.,. w. 'V i 'fr' TRUAX, OLIVE "Oh! The Farmer Takes Hiw VVife.', TUNKS, VELMA Collrgr Prfparalory "It's the Talk of the Town." Concert 1-2, Gym Show 1-2, Glen- Clulm 1-2, Athletics 1, Spanish Club 2-4. TVl'IDAl,E, MARGARET Grnfral "Yes. I Heard." Glee finlw 2-3-4. Spanish Clulm 2-3-4, Gym Show 1. VALENTINE, ELEANOK "Your Uolfee in the Morning." VESEY, MARY Commcrfial "The Old Man of the Moun- tain." Sports l-2-.l-4. English Clulx J-4. Clce 1-.2-3. junior Follies J. "lm 3. Su'c-zlter. Gym Show l-2. Page ffty-.rrfvrrf VETTER, BLANC!-IE "Everyday I'll Fall in Love." Madrigal Club, Girls' Sextette 1-2-3, Gym Show 1-Z, Tap Club, Operetta 1-2-3-4, Usher Club, Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Dramatic 1-2, A. K, A. 4, All-State Chorus. VISOKY, DOROTHY College Preparaiory "Just Friends." Gym Show 1-2, Glee Club 1-2- 3-4, Junior Follies 3, Girl Scouts 1-2, Honorary Captain 3. VETECK, RUBY General "Always." VODNAL, OLGA General "Big Bad Wolf." WALLACE, GRANT "Strawberry Roan." F. F. A., Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Usher Club 1-Z-3-4, Junior Fol- lies 3, Operetta 2-3-4, Freshman Football 1, Boxing Team 3, Sophomore Basketball 2. Page fifty-eight The Crusher WEAVER, MARIE General "I'll See You in My Dreams." Girl Scouts 1-2-3, Concerts 1-2-3, Gym Show 2, Athletics 1-2-3-4, Life Saving. Spanish Club 1-2. WENTz, HE1,ENv "Who Said I Was a Bum?" WERTENBERGER, BETTY "Now's the Time to Fall in Love." Glee 1-4, Gym Show 1, Basket- ball 1-4, A. K. A. 4, Sheridan High School 3, "Silas the Chou Boy" 3, "Pan America Day" 3. Pep Club 3, F. E. F. 3, English Club 4. WHEATON, RUTH General "Tea for Two." Gym Show 1-2, Glee Club 1-2 3-4, Junior Follies 3. "Joan oi the Nancy Lee," "Marriage ol Nannetten 4. WILEY, HAROLD General "Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?" Glee Club 3-4, Sr. Band 1-2-3-4 Sr. Orch. 2-3-4, Operetta 3-4, Quartette 3-4, Mixed Quartette 3, Jr. Follies 3, A. K. A. 2-3-4, Special Glee Club 4, Nat'l Thes- pians 4, Kiwanis Play 4. Thirty-I-ive VVu.i.iAMs,A1.TA Collrgr' Prrparatory "lil-livvv lt llclovcilf' Mzulrigal Vlulv, '35 Vluli, Guslirr Stall, junior Follies, Girls' Sex- tvltc-, Upcwttzi. '55 Vluls. lilec I'mu-1-rls 2-3-4. Gym Show. Wu,1,isoN, GUY Grnfrzll "'l'hcr4-'s a Tavern in the Town." llzinil 1-.Z-3. lilac 1-2-3, liucliil 4. WIl.l.lS, JUNIOR "Thu Ulrjcct of My Affection." Sturlc-nt Bmly Prcsirlent, junior Vlnss l'r1-sirlcut, Suplminorc l'l:iss l'l'l'SlllCllf, lfrushiiiaxi Class Sec- retary, "l"' Flulr I-2-3-4, Iixrscu- tive- l'nuncil 2-.3-4, lfootlmzill 3, llaskctlxzill l-2-4. '35 Vlulr Z-3-4, junior Follies 3. 0i,uR,jxAN Ullrimgirig My lloncy llnck Ku MC." E 35 Wu.l,IAMs, JOHN "Mickey Mouse and Miuuim- Are in Town." Wlucur, FRANKLAND Commrrrial "l Bring a Song." "Count and the Coed" 1. "Pic- kles" 2, "Joan of Qhe Nancy Lee" 3, "Marriage of Nannetten 4, Glee 1-2-3-4, Quartette 4, "Dust of the Road" 4. "Edge of the Law" 4, A. K. A. 4, Special Ulee 4, "Message From Kufu" 3, Commissioned Officer 4, Non- commissioned Officer 3, Oificers' Flulx 3-4. Mustang Guard 3. Double Quartette 4, All-State Fhorus 1. Losisv, Vu1c1N1A "Freckle-Face." Page fifty-nine The Gusher 1935 COMMENCEMEN T When the class of 1935, numbering two hundred andithirty Seniors, files into the auditorium on the night of May 30, it will be their pleasure to listen to a varied commencement program. The theme which has been chosen, "The Three Hundredth Anniversary of The American High Schoolf' is particularly fitting since 1935 is the 300th celebration of the high school. The commencement faculty committee composed of Miss Francis Feris, Miss Edna Mae Healy, Miss Effie Hoopman and Mr. Hicks have chosen the following sub- jects for addresses: 1. The Evolution of the Secondary School. A. The Curriculum. B. Extra Curricular Activities. 2. The Evolution of Natrona County High School. 3. The Evolution of the High School Girl. 4. The Evolution of the School Plant. 5. Towards New Horizons. Since this commencement is to be of the vitalized type in which the students themselves take part, the Valedictorian, the Salutatorian and the Senior Class President will automatically be chosen to give three of these addresses, the Valedictorian giving "Towards New Horizons" and the Salutatorian speaking on "The Evolution of the Secondary Schoolsf, As is the 'custom of N. C. H. S., the ehtire Senior class will wear gray caps a gowgfgsgfor bofh 'the Commencement and Baccalaureate exercises. at awlaukgte Sunday w11l be llgflay twenty-sixth, at which time the Casper lllinisterial Association will be in charge of the pro- gram. J f ' 9' 2 .- it Scholarships, the citizenship award and diplomas will be awarded Commencement night, lVIay 30. Appropriate music will be furnished by the music department at both the Commencement and Bacca- laureate exercises. I age .rlxly Q E E A 5 wx 9 e 5 5 5 5 1 f 5 I 3 I' 1 Q 2 Q L . 1 5 i d 9 A 1, F x 5 Thirty-five X ZIRUHIEIJH r -- earnest el ...m anner THE SENIOR BAND AND ORCHESTRA l1yS'r15mn5N SMITH The N. C. ll. S. Senior hand and orchestra, under the direction of Mr, S. K. VV:1lsh, have again proved their worth to the school. 'I'he hand, composed of fifty-nine memhers, played in pulwlic Ilpl7l'0XllIl1lft'ly sixty times during the school year. 'l'he thirty-Hve-piece orchestra, while not appearing as often as the hand, performed in Il manner that reflects much credit on its members and Mr. VValsh. SENIOR ORCHESTRA HEI.:-IN fllilzlifl, Rf'fwre.w'11t11li'1'f' ,'Xntlersun. Mary l.. llaxris. lilvnel' Koclwr, lmis llaker, lion llarris, l"ot'rest l,ukrofka. Nlarjurie t':nnpln-ll. licutpe llerron, Mildred l.unsI,'ell Vlark. tiene johnson. Vharles Nlarshall. llelen 1'llapn1:ttl. llruce Kelly. XYarretI Nlinor. livans. Nlaulge King. l,t-dren Klitcliell. lid l"rt-riclis. l"rauklin Kline. Alice Naylor, llec l.orrainc SICNIOR BAND XYARREN Allsen, Nlarvin llaly, l"rancis jones. 1'atherine Amen. llen llatne. Ray Kelly. XVZIITCII Amlersotl. lleleu Ilavielson. Rulwy Kina. fharles . llaker. llon Huy. lloli V Rocher. Lois 1 lleal. Sain llaas. l':nil V Langrlon, Roy llcntlcy. Artllur llaas, .lulin hinge. llilllegartle llnnrnan, l,elantl llaitles. Nlilllurn Nash. Nlnrruy l':Iniplxell, George llarris. lfltnet' Xigol. Angus l'llaptu:m, llrttcc llarris, lfnrrest Ulu-rig. llarry Vonverse. llolw llas-ell. Nlax Utleuluaclier. Raymond Vouglilin. t'le1n llills, Alolin Paulson. Yerlniu t'l'alistun. XY:xll:icc llnwarfl. ,lrmaeplliue Reastnler. hvllllillll Kl5l.l.Y, Refrresm Ulwerg. llarry Ulwerpl. llelen Paulson. Vernon Paulson. Hulwert Rice. llarryl Spencer. Roy x tatiw A Rice, llarryl Rice. Verne Fclirver. Russell Smith. Stephen Stewart. Robert Stunt, l'arl Tlnnnas. Claude Trollope. Tonnny XYalker. Rolwert VYieset'. Olive lYiley. Bud Vlliley. llarulcl Smith. Stephen Stewart. Robert Stonecker, Bud VYiley. llarnld NYicset'. Olive Vl'alliel', Roller! Vtinter. llorothy l,un. Lowell Manley. l'aul McNamara. Arlene Mitchell. lid Mitchell. ,Tack l"arrzu'. Vlfoods lfmmte, llilvlfl l"t'erielts. Franklin Gilrlis, Itlarjorie Gray. Jack Page .tixty-one The Gusher JUNIOR BAND AND ORCHESTRA By STEPHEN SMITH The Junior band and orchestra are training classes for the Senior department. They are made up of beginning pupils, ambitious to gain a place in the Senior band or orchestra. There are thirty-five pieces in the band which meets on hlonday, Wednesday and Friday of each week and thirty-four pieces in the orchestra, which meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Both groups are directed by Mr. S. K. Walsh. Dilso, Virginia Driscoll, Don Earnshaw, Billy Eshelman, Virgil Foote, Vivian Frisby, Robert Gale, Gene Allen. Forrest Beal, Pendleton Bean, James JUNIOR ORCHESTRA JOHN GRISSOM, Representative Galley. Robert Gooder, Cresaline Coggin, John Santo. Mary F-tout, Charlotte Allen, Barbara Barr, Evelyn Bean. James S auldin Rodne Car enter Robert ep at y Speas, James Stack, Betty P , Lamb, Jack M cllonald, Martha Mol-cler, John Morris. Florence Sands, Billy fonnick, Donald frashley, Betty Delimont, Angie Grissom. John JUNIOR BAND BILLY SANDS, Represerltatiwe Debenham. VVayne Desch, Billy Driscoll, Don Hoopman, DeVVaine Kimball, Robert Kling, John Carpenter, Robert Earnshaw, Billy Machaley, Walter Connick. Donald Hemingway. Rosemary McDonald, Elsie Dagget. Beulah Hendry, James McKendry, VVyoma Delimont, Angie Page sixty-two Hendry, Vlfilliam Reed, Lee Richard, Don liwald, Arthur Frisby, Robert Galley, Robert Grissom, John Garrett, Eldridge Hawley, Robert Healy, Harold Hoopman, DeW'ainc Jensen. Louise Kind. Lcllrew VVilliams, Howard Hemingway, Rosemary Sands, llilly Spaulding, Rodney Speas, James Smith, Gerald Watson, Billy , VVilliams. Howard Vllinkes, Leona Thirty-flve 1 fe W 1. Pngr .vixly-Ihrrr fs in 25,5 . Si Man- MMNIEITETTAE Pagf .Sixty-fum' Elhunlbg The Gusher Neuman Willis Donovan Taylor Barhaug Morgan Schwartz Moore " lmmas Granger Hoffhine Donovan Neuman Ryan Mitchell Rutherford VVaygood Speas EXECUTIVE COUNCIL By MARY SCHWARTZ Sponsor .... ..... . MR. MORGAV President ofthe Student Body , . JUNIOR WxLL1s Boys' Via'-President . . . . TED NEUMAN Girls' Viee-President . . SHIRLEY DONOVAN Serretary . . . . MARY LOu1sE SCHWARTZ Treasurer . . . . RAGNAK BARHAUG Editor ofthe Annual . , VIRGINIA TAYLOR Editor of the Nefwspaper . . JEANNE MOORE Lieutenant Colonel . GEORGE GRANGER Senior Class President . . TOM HOF1-'H1NE Senior Class Representative . DOROTHY DONOVAN Junior Class President . .... DOROTHY RAE SPEAS Junior Class Representatives , JOHNNY THoMAs, BETTY NEUMAN Sophomore Class President . .... JACK MITCHELL Sophomore Class Representative . . NORMAN RYAN Freshman Class President . . . ARTHUR RUTHERI-'ORD Freshman Class Representative ......... JIMMIE WAYGOOD The Executive Council, the student law making and enforcing body of the school, has been especially active during the past year. The home-room period is the time chosen for the council meetings. The students pass on bills that have to do with athletics and school property. The council has had many letters this year from other schools asking us to tell them how we run our student governing body, which proves that it must be an outstanding organization throughout Wyoming. The Council sponsored the Good Will Ball which will be an annual event. Also they have given many assemblies, brought from other towns, to raise money for the annual. The Executive Council is a splendid example of student government. Page sixty-six Thirty-Eve ,f 1- : W Q - di . O2 y y 1" T E is by Donovan Moore Mills Albert Shidler Rowell Shields Mason Park Donovan Neithammer Mitchell Wilson THE GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL By SHIRLEY DONOVAN Prnidfnt . . . ........ SHIRLEY DONOVAN Srnior Reprnrntatior: . . BETTY PARK, ALICE Mn.r,s, ADE1.E SHIELDS, JEANNE MOORE Junior Rrprrnntatiwr . . MARJORIE RowEi.I,, EMu,Y ALBERT, NADINE Wn.soN Sophomorr Rrprrsrnratiwrs . . . . HELEN NETTHAMMER, MII.DRED MASON Fr:-.vhman Rrprrsrntati-wr . . MARY DoNovAN, BERYL MITCHELL Sponsor ....... . . . Miss MARGARET SHIDLER The Girls' League Council has been unusually successful this year in its many activities under the sponsorship of Miss Shidler. The Council's first undertaking was to help the Senior girls make a success of the fall Coed Ball which featured small corsages for the Freshmen girls. They also assisted in the second semester Valentine Coed Ball. ln order to raise money to help pay for the annual Girls' League Dinner, the council sponsored a dance in the armory following the Casper-Buffalo game, and sold N. C. H. S. stickers for cars. VVith the proceeds, one of the most successful Girls' League Dinners ever given was enjoyed in the high school cafeteria in February. Colorful decorations, arrangement of tables, paper hats, and a good dinner insured its success. Plans have been made for a "Mother's and Daughter's" tea to be given for Senior girls and their mothers near the closing of school. An orange and black emblem worn on a three-cornered black kerchief identifies these girls who have been chosen by the girls of the student-body to represent them and look out for their interests. The council has lived up to its purpose this year and has helped to make 1934-35 a most enjoyable year for the girls of N. C. H. S. Page :ixty-.rewfn The Gusher V Pa THYIOI' Rowell Kemp Moore Granger Head Cassel Probst Park Shrum McCarthy Brookhart Pettigrew VVilliams Neuman Schwartz Shields Berquist Shepard Seibel Russell Cotton Lilly Smith GUSHER STAFF Sponror . . MISS RUTH PETTIGREVV Editor-in-Chief . . .... JEANNE Mooke Burinerr Manager . .... RIDGELY KEMP Feature Editor: . . CUYLER SCHWARTZ, LORRAINE HEAD Exehange Editor . . . VIRGINIA TAYLOR Society Editor . . MARJORIE RowIsI.I. Girls' Sport: Editor . . LADORA MCCARTHY Boys' Sport: Editor . . RIDGELY KEMP Birthday Column . VVANDA CASSEL Typist ............... ALTA WILLIAMS Natrona County High School's newspaper had its beginning back in 1900 as The Thunder- bolt. In 1923, called The Whirlwind, it was published by the Juniors with Miss Dolly Hagan and Miss Nell Jones, sponsors, and Phillip Edwards, editor. Next it was printed in Spanish as the Monsajaro, later translated to Mmvienger, and printed in English. Discontinued in 1925, it first appeared under the name of The Gusher in 1928, sponsored by Mr. Danis and Mr. Anderson, and edited by Frank Mann. Since then The Gusher has been in charge of Miss Marguerite jones, Mr. Newman, Miss Sally Anderson, Mr. Duke Himebaugh, and is now under Miss Ruth Pettigrew and Mr. Lester Brookhart. Editors for the last four years have been Sarah McCann, -lack Mann, Louisa Josendal and Jeanne Moore. In 1932 The Gusher won first place in the state newspaper conference: in 1933, second place. This year it will be on exhibit at the San Francisco exposition. Competing in a number of contests, one member of the staff, Stephen Smith, won first national prize in headline writing. Ridgely Kemp, sports editor, received a letter for his work in sports writing. Of the staff, thirteen members have been elected to the Quill and Scroll. ge sixty-eight Thirty-Eve , fm-af - W, , Ng A as ' I 'bl 4 wi R , Elf 3s,i'v , , ,- 4 A.. r- bf .u '. K ' I Q gi T X -3' wr Ke .sf gt. 1 ' YJ, '94 - 'gf V, , X. , I, :ss- i 5 . ,M f it A' f G Yagi 4' 4 oils ,V g,,,.:5.. x v r ,J A 4, V 5, w- X T it t - NJ wa . 1 .,. H 4 V M, K c , Moore Thompson Russell Bryne Gray Mitchell Jacobsen Donovan Probst Kemp Shepard Miller Moore Koch er Shields Smith Seibel llorius Rutherford Neuman Pattillo Hagan VVarner Cotton Mills Looney Ube-rg Day Albert johnson Joslyn Vfilking Kistler Thomas Boyd Ulu-rg Rowell Coates VVilsnn Gill VVillian1s Cotton Donovan Sellars NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY By GORDON lXIlTcHisi,1. Pruidrnl . . . . Mibmuso GRAY Virr-Prnidrnl . CA'rn1ziuNE BRYNE Srrrrtary-Trrasurrr . . GORDON MITCHELL Sponsor .............. Miss Doi.1.Y HAGAN The National Honor Society was organized in N. C. H. S. in 1927. This is a national or- ganization which attempts to set before high school students as goals its four ideals, namely: Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service. Before a student can gain membership into the National Honor Society, he must be in the extreme upper percentage of the class scholastically. Some years ago students were judged only on their scholastic ability, but to increase the justness and fairness of choosing members, Il good deal of stress is now put on the number of activities in which they have participated during their entire school career. Prospective members must also be from the Junior or Senior classes and must be approved by a faculty committee. This year the club started functioning with twelve Seniors who were admitted last year. The new members were chosen in March. Miss Hagan has again acted in the capacity of sponsor. For the past several years the projects of the National Honor Society have been to publish the tournament books and to sponsor the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame consists of the twelve most outstanding Seniors in school and their pictures are hung in the Trophy Room. Page sixty-nine The Gusher Mitchell Donovan Sch wartz Park Barhaug Mitchell Taylor Cotton Wiley Wright Gray Bayless Shields Rice Duncan Converse Swallow Hoffhine Mitchell VVilliams Probst Hawkins NATIONAL THESPIAN CLUB By B ETTY PARK President . . MARY Lou SCHWARTZ Seorclary . . . BETTY PARK Treasurer . . . . DOROTHY COTTON Pro mpter .... . DOROTHY DONOVAN Corresponding Secretary . . ADELE SHIELDS Advertising Managor . VIRGINIA TAYLOR Historian . . . . . TOM H01-'I-'I-IINE Sponsor ............. Miss BEULAH BAYI.Ess The National Thespian Club is the school's national dramatic society, and this particular club has the honor of being Troop I. Admittance is usually gained through participating in one school play with a speaking part totaling at least seventy-five linesg but may also be obtained through make-up work or stage crew work. The purpose of the club is to encourage dramatic arts in the schoolg and for the pleasant satisfaction gained through producing good plays. As yet, this year, the club has not presented any playsg as the principal aim has been the study and applying of make-up and they have helped in the make-up of several outstanding productions this year. A dance following the Casper-Laramie game was successfully sponsored by the Thespians, and unusually large profits cleared. An annual Christmas dance is also featured by the Thes- pians, and the affair was this year staged in the Armory, December 18. All in all, this has been just another outstanding year for Troop I of the Thespians. Page seventy Thirty-five . L Y ,f K . - ' ." rf -W . S , A ' " , ' ...JE l A 1 A ..... F?': X 'V if ' -'ll """ F' . - ' S A if , 3 1 W . Aff . . Y -'V I - I x Q . 7 is ' 2 f . M. ,al , . I f . x , " X v Y as , , -, 4' I 'sh . 5 Q Q rt in ' ' N 1 K ' 7 r 'a .V 'x Q , Dorins Humes Granger Brown Barhaug Mitchell Lemley Wright Canaday Mcfarthy Covington Rees Homewood Cook Robinson Nesbitt Schank Neuman Parker Robinson Babcock Hawkins Iserman OFFICERS' CLUB By GEORGE S. GRANGER I.irutrnantColon1'l . . GEORGE S. QPRANGER Major . . . . RAY Huiviss Sz-nior Captain . . . . Bos Bnown Sponsor ............. L1EU'r.J. W. Homnwoon The Cadet Officers Club was organized two years ago for the purpose of giving the of- ficers a chance to study advanced military, but the regular lessons this year have done away with that purpose. The purpose of the 1934-35 club was to solve the problems of the military department and to carry out the military social functions. The club had charge of the Military Ball which proved very successful, being the largest ever held. The club also plans to hold the annual Officers' Ball the night of Field day, May first. This will end the military curriculum for the year. Besides the members who are commissioned officers of the battalion, four Junior sergeants are members of the club, so they will be able to carry on next year. Page :evenly-one The Gusher Taylor Russell Thompson Schwartz Cassel Head Moore Davidson Sisk Albert Hofmann Humphreys Kistler Rowell Sullivan Cotton Hoopman Slind Miller Carter Carter Cook Mason Stebbins Rogers Johnson VVarner Slizeski Bon By LORRAINE H EAD President . . MARY Lou SCHWARTZ Vin--Prrsidz-nt . . . . EMILY ALBEKT Recording S1-rrrtary . . . VERGINE Russert, Corrfxponding Sffrftary . . . WANDA CASSEL Trmrurfr ......... . . . . VERA MAE THOMPSON T. N. T. is the oldest pep organization in Natrona County High School, as it was organized in 1927. It's purpose is to create good school spirit, to give athletics its full support, and giving services to the school. This year the T. N. T. has proven its importance to the school by its many activities. Dur- ing football season the T. N. T. sponsored a very colorful horseback parade before the Laramie- Casper game. They also gave three very outstanding assemblies, two for the Cheyenne-Casper football and basketball games, and one for the state track meet. For tournament, the T. N. T. decorated windows downtown and put on an elaborate flashlight drill the last night. In answer to a request to sell tickets for the Piggly Wiggly vs. Montana Bobcats, they won a contest sponsored by the school. The T. N. T. has had a very active social life this year. They have made two trips as an organization, to Laramie and to Midwest, where they were entertained by the T. N. T. of those cities. Their annual Christmas party was one of the outstanding social functions. During the tournament, the Casper T. N. T. entertained girls from all over the state at a tea and a banquet. and had the Laramie T. N. T. for house guests. Giving their mothers a tea, and being of service to the school by serving as hostesses at a beneHt card party given by the military department, the club climaxed their year by an annual banquet given for the graduating members, including T. N. T. alumni. Three years ago the T. N. T. started organizing chapters in different schools making it a state organization. They now have chapters in Laramie, Midwest, Wheatland, Hanna, Lander, and Casper. The T. N. T. have been very successful at everything they have attempted this year and much of the credit is due to Miss Hoopman and Miss Slind, the sponsors. Page .seventy-two Thirty-Eve nrt' . ' 9 Q i .i " I xxx .7 J f 1 K x i I A Z ', A ,e l , T' 'VF 4 Z ., ,757 w fi 1 ' ' A . 'f' - N , . "s if' ' ' it XF . w M if Ji ' I ps , ii llowarrl Hryne Donovan Shields Speas llonovan Schwartz VVilsou Mills Gray Syversou Cotton Nichols Neuman johnson Gay Jenkins Kelley lliglin l'ark Nm-igh Jacobsen Nt-ithainmer Mcl'arthy Kaiser Yeaman Klunguess CHEER CLUB HISTORY By CATHARINIQ BRYNIQ The Cheer Club has brought to a close three successful and happy years. Founded in 1932 hy a group of girls and Miss Marian Field it has steadily grown and improved. The club first and foremost is a pep club, The members give assemblies, parades, and in general back all athletic ventures. The school asks for the Cheer's help in many projects and always the Cheers give-one hundred per cent. "Back the team, win or lose," is one of the girl's sayings and it was proven this year by a football banquet given by the club for a lighting football team which had not come out as high as the previous year and yet was appreciated by every Cheer girl. Basketball tournament always sees a great deal of the Cheers. They perform during the halfs and this year were awarded the honor of opening the tournament with a spectacular drill. Down-town windows were decorated and flags of the different schools made by the Cheers to decorate the gymnasium. This year several branch chapters in towns throughout the state were started. This work will be continued and the Cheers hope soon to have a well-organized state Cheer Club. The Cheer Club is here to stay and will always give of that unlimited pep, enthusiasm and loyalty to N. C. H. S. Pfl'.l'iz!l'IIf . . ADELE SH1EI.ns l'ie'r-l'rr5iilrnI . . MII.DRED GRAY Sf-rn-mry . . Dokormf RAE SPEAS Trnuurrr . . DOROTHY DONOVAN Pagr .mvrnly-thrrr The Gusher Wilkerson Donovan Moore Duncan Feris Nesbitt Bass Driscoll Donovan Combs DEBATING TEAM By SHIRLEY DONOVAN VVork on the national forensic subject, Resolved: That the United States should adopt the policy of equalizing educational opportunity among the states by means of annual grants to the several states for public elementary and secondary education, began earlier than usual this year. The reason was an invitation four-state tournament held at Chadron, Nebraska, on December 15. Twenty-three teams from Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, and Wyoming at- tended. The team from Casper, made up of Shirley Donovan, Jeanne Moore, and Ernest Wil- kerson, placed fourth, being defeated in the quarter-finals by Rapid City, winner of first place, and by Lead, South Dakota in the semi-finals. Following this meet Casper in dual contests won decisions from Buffalo, Sheridan, and Douglas. In the state tournament held at Casper on March 14 and 15, Casper was represented by Shirley Donovan and Ernest Wilkerson. These two people represented the school creditably by defeating Buffalo, Cheyenne, and Green River. One new member, Jeanne Moore, was admitted to National Forensic, and eight were win- ners of the school debating letter. This year, as for several previous years, teams were coached by Miss Frances Feris. Page seventy-fo ur Thirty-Hve at .4,. a ,V t is N: is Xa.: . og Q in ,sm , y 1 -' 3 if aah f -s, his' .sf is . .4 W J " an ' i 'N . , . , 'Y' A v of ,. , I X ' .i , , Rowlands Shepard Pattillo Paulson Ryan Parker Stout Joslyn Perdue VVilliams Seibel Mitchell Rice Oberg Cliurchwell Hoag Wilking Higgins Bailey Mitchell Bryne Russell Moore Kelley Sehnert Brandon ByCA'1'I-IERINE BRYNE OFFICERS FXRST SEMESTER Prrridrni . . . . . VERNON PAULSON l'irr-Prrridfnt . . CARL Srour Srrrrtary-Trrarurrr CATHARINE BRYNE Editor of Eurlidian . . . Bos MITCHELL OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER Prnidrnt . . ...... VERNON PAULSON l'irz'-Prrridrnt . . Lois PAr'rn.1.o Srrrrtary- Trraxurfr . NORMAN RYAN Editor of Euclidian . Bon NIITCHELI. Sponsor . . . . Miss RUTH Hom: Mathematics in relation to our lives, is the main theme of the Euclid Club. The Euclid Club is one of the oldest clubs in the school and owes much of its success to Miss Hoag, the sponsor. Meetings are held every Thursday night, seventh period with business meetings and pro- gram meetings alternating. At the program meetings, talks on mathematics and science are given by the members, and these are judged by three guest judges with the upper and under- classmen vieing for honors. The side losing at the end of a semester treats the other side to a party. Because of the many alumni of the Euclid Club, an annual reunion was established last year. All signers of the constitution are sent invitations to this meeting, and it has proved of the greatest interest to all. Page se-'venty-five The Gusher Russell Stebbins Neuman Schwartz Speas Head Bentley Trollope Mills Wertenberger McCarthy Miller Wiley Fletcher Covert Robb Bayless House Moore Robertson Wright Dilso Pattillo Coates Moore Wilson Coughlin Brodie Boyd By DOROTHY RAE SPEAS Prnident . ...... . CUYLER SCHWARTZ Vire-President . . . BETTY NEUMAN Secretary . . DOROTHY RAE SPEAS Trearurfr . . LADORA MCCARTHY Sponsor ........ . . . . . Miss BEULAH Bnruzss The A. K. A. is a dramatic club of N. C. H. S. and was first organized in 1925 under the name of K. A. K., but in 1929 the name was changed to A. K. A., meaning "Beauty and Truth." The meetings of the club are held on the second Wednesday evening of each month at the Women's Club House. As a regular feature of each meeting a one-act play is presented. The club membership is limited to forty. At the beginning of the school year eighteen new members were taken in by the required tryouts, leaving six vacancies for those who be- came eligible during the year. One of the annual customs of the club is to have the initiation of the new members a public performance. This year there were three one-act plays presented in assembly, under the di- rection of the officers of the club. The plays being 'tSafopillio" directed by Ladora McCarthyg "A Monoword Play" directed by Dorothy Rae Speasg "The Oysterman' directed by Cuyler Schwartz. An important activity of the club is the joint sponsorship with the National Thespians of a long three-act play production. "The Black Flamingo" was the title of the play this year. It was presented on April 27th. In December, the A. K. A. and National Thespians held a Christmas dance in the high school armory. Page .re-venty-.six Thirty-Five 1 Zun I ,P it g as we 'wk' . ' .. if mv, 3 . . . 1. 1 .t vb 'J l is 4 Q i as ' .V X s ,I , 1 Q ees ' 1? - - . 1 4 . , if 4, , . x 2 .M -I I' ' . f'.A ,ax I., X' we V as I 9 .2 n t Q.. 'fr' -"M +V? et 'F' sr wr . . 'i A X . J - J s J , J, 2. R N.. 4 3 P y , c Wt, WM Q f .W - . ' Mitchell Albert Gray Russell Nlofyre Shields Evans Vertlue liryrc XN'aruer futtou Ilmnphreys Hawkins lnmney johnson Neuman llignell Donovan farter Prnbst Seibel Shepard Oberg Hendry Joslyn Jacobsen Panos Ramage Donovan Gorsling NVilking llay Ilanson Rutherfortl Miller VVurteubei'ger George fotton fhitlley Vesey VVilliams Spgnmr Miss DORTHEA BIGNELI. Prrridrnt . . VERGINE RUSSELL Vin'-Prnidrnl . . . JEANNE MOORE Srrrrlary-Trrasurrr . . . . . . . . MlI,DRED GRAY The English Club was established in 1929 by Loy li. Owen. This club is an honor organ- ization composed of students who have gained a high standing of scholarship in the English department of Natrona County High School, and have proved themselves proficient in this course by passing a competitive examination to gain membership to the club. Regular meetings of the club are held once a month. Attendance rules are quite strict. The programs presented at these meetings are entertaining as well as instructive. The play which the club sponsors each year was presented to the public March 8, and was a great suc- cess. The social events of the year will be terminated by a banquet in which the club members and their guests will participate. Page :efventy-re-ven The Gusher Ryan Johnson Burwell Duncan Emery Sullivan Kistler Neithammer Burwell Slizeski Durham Krampert Ayres Josendal Day German Dunn VVarner Donovan Josendal Klungness Dame Bashore Jones Frerichs Lamb Nichols Humberson Howard Findlay Stoutenberg Marquardt Beyer Bowman Shidler McBride Anderson Patterson Haines Bush Ujiie Foresman Clark Shellabarger Hanson Shipp Delmont Butters Hollis England Hanway THE LATIN CLUB By SYB11. JOHNSON OFFICERS FOR FIRST SEMESTER President . MARGARET SULLIVAN Vice-President . . MARION KISTI,ER Secretary-Treasurer EMERSON DUNCAN Sergeant-at-Arm: . WILsoN EMERY OFFICERS FOR SECOND SEMESTER President . ...... HELEN NUETHAMMER Vice-President . . NDRMAN RYAN Seeretary- Treasurer . SYBIL JOHNSON Sergeant-at-Arm.: . . . . HARRY DURHAM Spomor: . . . . . Miss RUBY MCBRIDE, Miss MARGARET SHIDLER The Latin Club of N. C. H. S. was organized some years ago for the purpose of arousing popular interest in Latin. It is an honorary club for students who have had at least one semester of Latin with an average of a two or better. The meetings of the organization are held monthly at the Townsend Hotel. A program con- sisting of talks, instrumental solos, games, etc., is usually presented at each meeting. The last meeting of the year is usually in the form of a picnic. Page seventy-eight Thirty-Five ' 'LK4 'AE 4' L . .,,. Y R 1 L . . Cmtum 4 f ' v IJ' 44 '? l L' 4 Li , I N X ' 'F I A i . .Q ' ,, 'Q 1 M 4 ,V v it - JH S .ff 'F ' K .. Eli- 'f iw' N . if if Stunt Santo Rowell Churchwell Chapman llilso Tuuks l'hurchwc-ll Nichols Goble Schillerefl' llcasley Ii, Miller Valdez l'autlelaria Evans Twiclale Hassel Hawley Ilysuu Oherg Phelps Oler Humphreys Santo Putter 'l'ruax l'rnpp Eimuel Hooper Miller Boyd EL CIRCULO ESPANOL Hy ANNE DILSO EI Circulo Espanol fue fundado en Octuhre del ano 1922 por el senor Leslie H. Danis, con el proposito de dar a los mejores estudiantes el privelegio de adelanto y desarollo personal en el idioma espanol. Con este fin, el circulo ha srvido y continua sirviendo mucho para el hien de los alumnos lntelegentes en el departamento. Por los ultimos seis anos el profesor Mar- tin Candelaria ha sido el director del circulo. lil circulo se reune cada mes en las casas de los socios. En cada reunion un programa muy variada se presenta. Los oficiales son elegidos dos veces al ano, y sirven por un semestre. LOS Ol-'ICIALES POR El, PRIMER SEMESTRE FUERON Ivmiilfntf- . ......... MARJORIE Rowan, l'i4'r'-Prrxidrlllr' . . . DAN SANTO Sf-rrrmrio . Moluus CHURCHWELL Trsorrro . HARVEY BEASLEY i.osorxciA1,Es mm u1.sEc:UNno smissna soN l'rr1iflfnlv . ........ ANNE I'll'f"l,fI'.fi11I'flfl' . . DAN SANTO S1-rn-iariu . . RUTH CHURCHWELI. Trmrrra . HARVEY BEASLEY Page .re-'venty-nine The Gusher 'X .WY K ,ff S? V ia, J' .vis ' if . Dorius VVillis Granger Head Lemley SCl'lElfIk Taylor C. Schwartz Reasoner Williams M. Schwartz Corbett Donovan Humphreys Dowler Shepard Berquist Mitchell Shields Hofmann Wallace '35 CLUB By LORRAIN E H EAD President . GEORGE GRANGER Vice-President . . HAROLD LEMLEY LORRAINE HEAD JUNIOR Wn.1.1s R. G. CORBETI' Secretary . . Treasurer . . S ponsor . . . . . . The '35 Club is composed of the most outstanding students in the class of thirty-five, as indicated by the club name. It has been active since the year of '32 at which time it was or- ganized by Cuyler Schwartz and Virginia Taylor. It had no particular purpose except to back school activities and give the Sophomore class of '32 a club of their own, which they would have until the year of their graduation. The '35 Club has tried to make the class of '35 one of the most outstanding classes to graduate from N. C. H. S. The membership is limited to thirty and its meetings are informal. They have backed the ticket sales of plays, and have given dances for the student body. Page eighty Thirty-Five f r THE FUTURE FARMERS OF By FULTON -IAMISSON Prrsidrnl . Virr-Prfxidfnt . Srrrrtary . Trrnsurr-r . AMERICA FULTON jnuuesou . VVALTER KEITIT Wu.1,1AM Svecm' . BEN Grueve The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of boys studying vocational agriculture in the United States and Territories of Hawaii and Porto Rico. The Future Farmers of America is a non-profit corporation designed to recognize and encourage the natural instincts and tendencies of bays to organize themselves into groups or gangs and put enthusiasm and pleasure into their work and play. By establishing strong state- wide organizations with local chapters in each school an outlet for these instincts and tendencies is afforded The purposes of this organization are: schools of to improve I. To promote vocational agriculture in the high pride of future farmers and encourage members vocational agriculture, and the like. 2. To create more interest in the intelligent choice of farming 3. To create and mature a love of country life. 4. To provide recreational and educational entertainment for To promote vocational agriculture contests such as stock public speaking contests. 5. where vocational agriculture is taught, vocational students. America by developing the the quality of their work in occupations. future farmers of America. judging, shop contests, and Page eighty-one The Gusher -Q t THE FRENCH CLUB By DOROTHY CoTToN President . . . MA1uoN COTTON Vice-President . . JESSIE GILL Secretary . . . Vatu. THOMPSON Treasurer . . . . . RAY SPRAGUE Program Chairman . . CATHERINE CHIDLEY Sponsor . . . . . RTRS. YOCUM The French Club was organized for the second time, after having been discontinued for a year and a half. Melnbership is limited to those Who are French students with an average of medium or above. At present the club includes twenty-four members. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday evening of each month. A program, followed by a business meeting and refreshments, is the entertainment. Due to the late organization of the club, in February, pictures of the members were not included in the annual. The aim of the club is to create an interest in the French people and their language through a study of certain phases of the civilization for which there is not time in class. Page eighty-two I F ATHLETHIE ?f'jw,iEy5 f "w- ' ' if 'ik' -I , I' ' "HFV"a-HF? :Z 7 F Thirty-five i l "C" CLUB lfy Ruo liixkimlxo l'f-as-iflmf . . . P mic SISDAR l'irf'-l'1-wsiflwlt . . TED N HUMAN Sn'rrlrlry- 7ll'l'll.Vlll'l'I' R UG BARHA UG Sfwnxur ...... . .... CoAeii S'rR,xw 'l'he HC" Club is a club made up of the letter men of N. C, H. S. 'lio be eligible for membership to this club, one must have earned a letter in one of the three major sports of the school, which are, football, track, and basketball. 'l'he "C" Club this year has been active in many school activities and is always willing to support and help with any problems that the school has. This year the club gave a dance after the state basketball tournament which was very successful and the funds from this dance will finance an annual banquet for all the club members and guests. 'llhe "C" Club stands for all the highest ideals of athletics, such as school spirit, loyalty, cooperation, sportsmanship, health, aggressiveness, fearlessness, clean living, and scholarship. One of the main projects which the "C" Club supports annually is the grade school track meet which helps to encourage future athletes for N. C. H. S. Page eighty-Ihrrr The Gusher Page eighty-four 1 ,i Thirty-five Q 2'-29 .....1......................................-... 'Sf Pagr riglziy-fi-ur The Gusher -al! Pagz' eighty-six .f,."wN'd. T hirty-five X ,.,. I 4 s 1 4 4 l i 3 1 The Gusher FOOTBALL By RIDGELY KEMP With three veterans of the '33 State Championship team, Coach Straw and George Cook developed one of the most powerful teams in the state to dedicate the new high school stadium and lighting system for the season of 1934. The team's record could not be compared with the scores and man power of their predecessors, the "miracle team." However, they won six games and lost one, with a total of 109 points compared to their opponents 19. To set the ball rolling, Coach Straw and forty picked men spent the last week of August at Camp Carey in a pre-season work-out. The lllustang Spurs and the community as a whole gave more support this year than in past seasons. Scores of the eight games for the '34 season: September 14 Casper 6 Gillette . . . 0 September 21 Casper 7 Longmont . . 6 September 28 Casper Greeley . . 0 October 6 Casper Buffalo . . 0 October 21 Casper Cheyenne . . 7 October 28 Casper Laramie 0 November 3 Casper Midwest . 0 November 12 Casper Sheridan . 6 BRIEF OF THE EIGHT GAMES THIS SEASON . GILLETTE, SEPTEMBER 14 Opening their season at Gillette, the Casper Mustangs defeated the Camels, 6 to 0, on a muddy and snowy field. The Mustangs drove the Gillette team back into their own territory time and time again before they were able to score on a pass from Bed- saul to Myers in the last minute of play. During the first half the Mustangs advanced to their opponents three-yard line by a series of line bucks. On the last down an in- complete pass was thrown through Shrum's arms, thus droping Casper's chance to score in the first half. The Gillette team made one first down during the game. LoNoMoNT, SEPTEMBER 21 Opening the home schedule, the Casper Mustangs turned back Longmont, Colo- rado, 7 to 6, under the flood of the newly installed stadium lights. Bentley caught a pass thrown by Bedsaul during the second quarter of the tilt. Bob Price converted a place kick for the extra point. Longmont scored by blocking a punt that was slow in leaving Bedsaul's toe. The try for the extra point was low, Although the two teams were evenly matched, the Colorado team had a smoother click offense and interference than the local team. During the third quarter the Longmont squad advanced on the Casper goal by an aerial attack which was cut short by Jones intercepting a pass. GREELEY, SEPTEMBER 28 Again Colorado sent an invading team in an attempt to down the Mustangs. How- ever, the local squad reaped their second victory over the neighboring state by defeat- ing Greeley, 6 to 0. During the early part of the fourth period, Shrum caught a pass from Bedsaul for a thirty-yard gain, placing the ball on the one-yard stripe. After three line bucks, Sedar carried the ball over for the lone score of the game. The visit- ors threatened to crush the Mustang defense three times, onoe bringing the ball within five yards of the Casper line. Each time the Mustangs held under the pressure and punted out of danger. Frequent fumbles were the team's greatest weakness. Page eighty-eight Thirty-five FOOTBALL BUFFALO, OCTOBER 6 Meeting their weakest foe of the season the Mustangs tromped the Buffalo Bison to the tune of 51 to 0. During the first five minutes of play Shrum made the first touchdown, Price kicked the extra point. Sedar carried the ball over the Bison's goal line in the last minutes of the first quarter for the second score. He also made the extra point. In the second period Jones intercepted a pass and ran 45-yards to bring the score to 20 to 0. Shrum chalked up the fourth touchdown in the third quarter. In the last period, Neuman, Shrum, Sedar and Jones made the four final touchdowns. CHEYENNE, OCTOBER 21 The Cheyenne Indians revenged the 41 to O trouncing the Mustangs dealt them in '33 by scalping the local team 7 to 6 in a hard-fought game on a rain-soaked field before the season's largest crowd. Bedsaul fumbled when attempting to get away a quick kick, Durante, Cheyenne end, recovered and ran a short distance for the score. The extra point was converted by a high place kick from King. After a series of line bucks, Sedar carried the ball over the Cheyenne goal line early in the first quarter. The Mustang's last hard drive on the visitor's goal was cut short when a pass from Bedsaul was declared intercepted, although the many fans 'declared the ball dead. In the final period the Redskins made a hard drive to Casperis seven-yard ribbon. From the shadow of the goal post, Bedsaul kicked out of danger. Cheyenne returned the ball to the 19-yard line as the gun ended the game. LARAMIE, OCTOBER 28 Considered the strongest team in the state, the Laramie Plainsmen lost to the Casper Mustangs, 13 to 0. After a bad start, the Mustangs recovered a fumble and marched down the field in the opening minutes of play for Sedar to carry the ball over for the first score. Price kicked wide for the extra point. As the first quarter ended, Casper had possession of the ball on the visitor's nine-yard line. Shrum carried the ball over for the second touchdown in the first minutes of the second period. During the remainder of the first half the playing took place in the Plainsmen's territory. Hard hitting plays by Sedar and Shrum were continually turned back by the visitors. Laramie, encouraged by the recovery of a Casper fumble advanced to the Mustang three-yard line. However, the line held and after recovering a Laramie fumble, Trollope kicked out of danger. Plainsmen, nine first downsg Mustangs, eight. MIDWEST, NOVEMBER 3 Playing below par, the Mustangs blanked the Midwest Oilers, 20 to 0, on the opponents home field, During the second quarter, Price blocked an Oiler kick on their eighteen-yard stripe. Shrum broke through for a ten-yard gain. Sedar bucked the line for the score. After the Casper line crushed the Midwest defense, Shrum carried the ball fifty-four yards for a second touchdown. Sedar bucked the line for the extra point. During the final period, Shrum made a twenty-eight-yard run around right end for the final touchdown. SHERIDAN, NOVEMBER 12 Supported by fifteen hundred fans, the Casper Mustangs travelled to Sheridan to play their annual Armistice day grid classic, where they were defeated 6 to 0. The game was hard fought throughout with many thrills and disappointments. For the first three quarters the teams battled on even terms. Perry intercepted a pass and carried it to the eighteen-yard line. A pass from Doyle to Stone carried the ball to the eight-yard line. Stone slipped around left end on the second line play for the touchdown. Twice Casper threatened Sheridan's goal, both times the ball going over the end zone. On one play Stone returned the ball to Sheridan's twenty-two-yard line. Page eighty-nm: The Gusher Page ninfty Thirty-five BASKETBALL By RIDGELY KEMP With a nucleus of seven veterans from the '34 team, Coach Straw produced an ex- ceptionally good team. The call that was placed two weeks before the end of football season brought a record turn out of over one hundred and fifty boys. Ted Neuman was chosen captain for the '35 team. The Mustangs seemed doomed to repeat last year's record. However, they snapped out of it and made a good average for the season, winning ten games and losing eight. Although the squad was not made up of polished players, they had the fight that it takes to make a team a favorite among fans. The team wavered in their condition, a set back and then they would have a "winning streak." The Mustangs took first place in District 2-B, Torrington second, and Glenrock third. Casper was exempt from the district meet held at Douglas the week before the state meet because they defeated every team they played within this district. Torring- ton won the district meet and Glenrock took second, therefore placing in the district, second and third respectively. 1n the first game of the state meet the Casper squad lost to the Cowley quintet 33 to 21. They won their second game from Gillette 36 to 20. After defeating the Redskins from Cheyenne twice previous to the state tourney, they were defeated by the Indians 25 to 20, thus being forced out of the tournament. The 1935 team suffered the loss of George Neithammer, center, who received a broken collar bone in a game with Buffalo during early season. However, Carl V oyen filled his shoes very successfully for the remainder of the season. Casper 17, Billings 235 Casper 23, Hanna 285 Casper 18, Rock Springs 345 Casper 20, Douglas 115 Casper 18, Wheatland 165 Casper 16, Cheyenne 155 Casper 17, Laramie 265 Casper 15, Rock Springs 275 Casper 18, Hanna 205 Casper 12, Gillette 115 Casper 15, Rawlins 265 Casper 15, Laramie 305 Casper 28, Sheridan 135 Casper 21, Cheyenne 195 Casper 25, Gillette 155 Casper 21, Buffalo 155 Midwest 19, Casper 295 Midwest 10, Casper 20. Page ninety-one The Crusher S 1 S K 1 5 x 2 3 s 3 i x Page ninety-tfwo .,..., ,,,a---.-hp.-'wmv'-,p"""""""" 'ff Thirty-iive TRACK By RIDGELY KEMP The Casper Mustangs walked off with first place in the 13th Annual Track Meet, chalking up fifty and one-half pointsg Rock! Springs second with thirty-one and one- haifipointsg Cheyenne third with thirty and one-halfg and Riverton placing fourth with twenty-five. The meet was held at Laramie on May 19. 1. Casper men placing at the state meet were: ' 50-yard dash. Boyce second, Propp, third. 100-yard dash. Boyce first. 220-yard dash. Boyce first. 440-yard dash. Moore fourth. Mile run. Stromberg third. 120-yard high hurdles. Abbott first, Duncan fourth. 220-yard low hurdles. Duncan second. Pole Vault. Duncan tied for first. High Jump. Bedsaul fifth. Discus. Abbott third. Broad Jump. Propp first. Half mile relay first. Bob Boyce was high point man at the state meet, and proved to be the best man the Casper team produced for the sprinting class in four years. He took two firsts and one second. He is now making a good record down at Boulder. Other meets that the Mustangs participated in were: The district 2-B meet at Douglas on May 12 where Casper placed first with eighty- five points and qualified fifteen men for the state meet. Douglas placed second with twenty-eight points an'd Guernsey third with six points. At the quadrangular meet at Midwest, Casper took first, Midwest second, Sher- idan placed third, and Buffalo trailed. Casper defeated teams from South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming to take first at the Tri-State meet at Lusk on the fourth and fifth of May. "Outside of the state meet three years ago that was lost to Thermopolis by one- third of a point, the Casper team has not lost a track meet in four years," said Coach Straw. Page ninely-three -....., ,. . The Gusher YELL LEADERS OF N.C. H. S. "Orange and Black! Now, come on gang let's go! Make it loudll' At almost any game or pep assembly this past year the above shout boomed out. Much credit for our successful athletic season can be attributed to the yell leaders for they were both loyal and peppy. Early in the school year by popular election, Dick Schank, Tommy Trollope, Dorothy Donovan and Adele Shields were chosen by the student body to be their yell leaders. They put much more organization and team- work into their leading than ever before. Their colorful uniforms added variety and interest to the game. Too much credit and thanks cannot be expressed to them for their service and sportsmanship. 1 Page ninety-four Th tyfi l I Slwummnwn :MSS I The Gusher I Page nirzrfy-:ix 1 FEATILUIFHE I 1 9 F a E E E ! s 5 i i f : a 3 I w 1 E . E A 2 t 2 Q 1 Thirty-five .. Q I Q. . v. , fflfy-N--'lfz'-f s Tea Neuman fc.. HM 'USES ,, . Rndeflsc Kemp EJ flnlclull 1 K. Page ninety-.vcwvn The Gusher HALL OF FAME FOR 1935 Valedictorian . Q5 . GORDON MITCHELL Salutatorian Editor of Gusher .... . JEANNE TVIOORE President of National Ifciqgor Society . IVIILDRED GRAY President of Student Bodfif .... L . JUNIOR WILLIS Student Body Seeretaryww . LOUISE SCHWARTZ Student Body Treasurer . . . RAGNAR BARHAUG Qgirls' Vice-President 135 ' ' Debating . . Editor of Annual . Senior Class President Lieutenant Colonel Athletiex Boys' Vice-President Journalism . . Dramatics M usie Page ninety-eight Q ke SHIRLEY DONOVAN VIRGINIA TAYLOR TOM HOEEHINE GEORGE GP.ANGER . TED NEUMAN RIDGELY KEMP . ALAN PROBST . ED MITCHELL Thirty-Five , FEHFEET Ami n THE PERFECT ALIBI Presented by ENGLISH CLUB, lxIARCH EIOHTH Jimmy Ludgrave . Susan Cummingham Adams fthe Butlerj Edward Lofverirk . Edward Carter . Major Fathergill . Mrs. Falwrton-Jane .lane .... Arthur Ludgrave . Sergeant lllallft . Constable Mallet . Charaftfrs GORDON MITCHELL . DOROTHY COTTON . ELM ER PERDUE . JAMES HAWKINS . . ALAN PROBST EM ERSON DUNCAN ADELE SHIELDS . NIILDRED GRAY . . LEO WILKING WALTER M ECHALEY . . DICK WALKER Every year the students of N. C. H. S. await the annual play given by the English Club for it is certain to furnish amusement and entertainment. This year was no ex- ception and "The Perfect Alibi" was considered a great success. Pagr ninety-mm' The Gusher CALENDAR .. 3:-:':.' 3 1 . P-Alia-gs A kgs. 1712. L15 -'f--."l-"Fl W si ff 'Sass 1 :...:- -f5'::,.. .- ..,. -se..-:--: . 5 ' N. st rf ' mv ..., .- , .. fy .isis-, , .igf . 2 .- 4 ww . .. . 5 gg -. .Q 1- .ef gigs .L . sg 'M 2 5 3 fs we We sf Q - wa s " '- . 4 ff ' - ' ,gp ,fs - l fl . rg f. - s.sggg,,m ,firs t - ' g iggg wz . an x ' 'Y 1 5 K 1 rj :gag sL. - V ,,L, .., 53 - '. j.,g.- sy r at -aa-r sara. 1, ..... .-.. . .. ri. . 4 aim -yzse. .V 1 g:" 53 555 f 3 ' O' I A-',.W . 7 f iff S Q09 i Q 5 'df We 1 . f Qqigfl P171 c P93 Q' wi Wi,-gg 4 - ,jf 'e!0m6ly.P-..,. gf . if r A gfe ets "' ' 'of 53 Q , t A as . trfis mww J e -Stiff 1 WL .. -in ,1 'Pt W . tg--Qt' I' 3. . Q . f rfwfff.. tt-A 4 A i f -i .1 '- i , iiiittx'c09ii l' s :ll .fr 5. .,..,.. 5 r .. s M a. 4, 9 fr-23, ' A w.,g:5.,. ,.. ..e. -X. .. 2, Lf 1 ui ,Q 1 4 3:4 v::,::: . N, .Q Page one hundred By Amare SHIELDS SEPTEMBER 4-'tOn Your Mark--Get Set--Go!" School opened. 5-Senior class elected officers for the year with Tommy Hoffhine as president. 6-Longmont-Casper football game, first of the season. Casper emerged the victor. 10-T. N. T.'s add fifteen new sticks of dynamite to the club. 13-Freshman class assembly. The student body placed its stamp of approval on the infants. 24-"Good Will Always" chosen as new motto for the student body. 28-English Club exams were tackled successfully by thirty. OCTOBER 4--First Gusher of the year appeared. Get a shovel with each issue if you intend to wade through the mud. 6-Co-Ed Ball. These Freshmen are worse to en- tertain than a little brother. 18-Annual Staff announced plans for a "different and more outstanding yearbook." 19-Although Cheyenne Indians won the battle, both teams were pretty dirty-not dirty play- ing but "Stormy Weather." 26-Laramie Plainsmen lost to the Casper Mus- tangs on the home field but why on earth do they call them Plainsmen-there's nothing plain about those boys, is there, girls? 27-Halloween-Who gave the m a s q u e r a d e dance? The junior class, of course. NOVEMBER 8-Parents and teachers had a little get together. 12-O. K. Sheridan! What's sauce for the goose is applesauce for the gander. It's still 2-1. 16-Station L. A. L. junior Follies were as big a success as ever. 23-Annual Football Banquet. Gee, it pays to be a Cheer or a T. N. T. even if you only got to place a lone glass of water by "his" plate. 28-Coach Straw awarded "C's" in assembly, ad- mitting ten new members to the "C" clubg also ten times as much noise in the first few rows of the middle section. DECEMBER 5-Cheers honored football team at banquet at WVenner's. 8-Editor of newspaper chosen. 10-"C" Club's proclamation of undecoration. No more girls will have "C" sweaters in their col- lections. 12--Thespian and A. K. A. Christmas party. 15-Debate team placed fourth in the four-state debate tournament. 20-First basketball game of season with Billings. 21-GOOD orchestra WILL play for BALL and why shouldn't there be good will with vacation of ten days just ahead. 25--Is there a Santa Claus or isn't there? Well what's the difference as long as Pop can give the desired result? Thirty-Hve CALENDAR JANUARY l-New Year's Resolutions-just some more rules 15 that we make so we can have all the fun of breaking them. -"Shooting Bullets at the Son," wrong song but it happened to he Mrs. Stewart's son, james. 18-New Semester Some sa that insects will over- - Y throw the civilized world but I am inclined to bet on the Freshmen. 25-Eleven new Cheers were a sight for sore eyes. FEBRUARY I-Annual Military Ball. There's just "Something about a Soldier" isn't there, girls? 9-National Thespians gave a dance to pay for I3 11 pictures in the annual. -The Girls' League Council dinner finally hap- pened. The decorations supplied the atmos- phere of St. Valentine's Day. MARCH Music department presented "The Marriage of Nannette," and they lived happily ever after. 2-National Honor Society announced thirty-one 13 new members to be admitted to the club. -State Basketball Tournament. Rock Springs sprung into first place. Nuf Sed. 14--Speech Conference in Casper with Mary june 16 22 28 2 S- Reed capturing honors. -"C" club dance after closing of tournament. It was the biggest success of the year. -Senior Costume Day-yeah, it's just an old Senior Costume. fpunl. -"The Perfect Alibi" that wasn't perfect after all, so the villian got caught. APRIL -Quartette of Natrona County High won first place in the Southwestern Music Conference. F. F. A. dance in armory. 12-The annual gingham ball given by National Thespians. Talk about your hey hey parties, this was one. I6-English Club banquet. They say that eggs 26 1 marks the spot where the hen laid and if a certain person could have found that hen!!?? -"The Black Flamingo" presented by Thespians and A. K. A. Dramatic Club. MAY -Field Day for the R. O. T. C. of N. C. H. S. 3-junior Prom. Most original prom in history. 9--Officers Banquet. Too bad that all cadets can't be officers so more girls would get a break. 14-"C" Club banquet. The answer to a maiden's prayer--not the banquet but the "C" club. 21-National Honor Society banquet. Three ban- quets right here in a row. Take your pick, and then try and rate a date. 24-Senior Class play, "Death Takes a Holiday." If Death doesn't get caught for ditching, why should we. 26-Baccalaureate services for Seniors. 30-Commencement. ' Four Type: ot ' GQV Mlidaiaisx, aff--'f at when we f t paw' 0, bw, W 'll 1 sf's.'s"'S'ifi"e.?3a4"7'..HE.-M ltvmii. ai" NN, f I 'Nw '-t':t"4's7'-.w."'ti""'J41-i'l5.'.":-'-'3-!-.""73'wf 12"- , Z-31'-var 'ig' ag.-e.-Biff.-:."eu,, wi.- -.c..g.':'?'-re sf fr" -as-S rr--4-f"""'K-'f-ws, 1. " ua -H-..,2i3'l'e" e,... -4, REE? V, Gwff LP'-v"' af , re, I K. 9 ' 'wgksth 1 mb .gs se "fag E':5li2'f'l"N'2g" BQSQSCXPQQQ f Nt- QZ' feed' i ."'f-15 ' I-4. ?,,,'f'-as -...-a-- vgksewvgiifiif ' -JS. -C i'i'i'.fe"' "1 Wow oi"vt..t.,,.e . .Haw i""?'?'f+'?"-P-'ft .1'.'e"c,,,s Q- ,,,.1-f"34-,gjfgqfg wgfr-Qian: r'+-Q'i.?'f"-Z'f?ifesssse""tA-'5i'f'j'ig'3f?f 47' "4 9 F109 ' rf f f .s'Pi'.." ,nf R f sit' gvatw sawcbgffgome b w :D S L te -s--st: Nd' i .,. if 'Sli mm ,"-'-1 ff--fs A 1 Lsflaifiqwf-55559225 421:-.L-e: i"l"i'-ZEs'.g-:iwnougxucntesn 'WS ':"Ei I :wat "i5C""'F1'f' Q A 30" N Wtlw-sr" , Oi' 1,r6!sk:f'N if-. We .ON A .Q- R'Q'g 'iii' s tess W twain' "-1' 9fR.'Z9fi "P ff' ,....,.. 2 gl rw .,-g,'5""re'5 .-,,' . 13 A H A 'ggi' . . f .. , ww .iff s. '-.. T. of 5'-2' ww- ' 5 . .. M.. . Y. X B ' ,Q M. we .. . '-Sis ,, .. ' z. l vjf'!'2i1'2 ' - .. 97.1 'J - F is ., M W i. t. "' 'f -Avy... X. 54 L Page one hundred one The Gusher PEP CLUBS OF N. C. H. S. I Pagf' onf llundrrd tfwo Thirty-five T R A D I T I O N S By ADELE SHIELDS WHITE WASHING THE "C" Toothbrushes have many uses and for Freshmen, white washing the "C" is one. The "C" is situated on one of the foothills south of Casper. Each fall new freshmen find it their duty to whitewash the "C" with a toothbrush. The job is supervised by the Senior class. KID PARTY Going, Going, Gone! No more childhood actions from Freshmen after the Kid party. On this event they are allowed to display their last childish impulses in act and dress. From then on, they are expected to follow in the footsteps of the dignified seniors. They are given all-day suckers and balloons to console them in their future undertakings. F CO-ED BALL Entertaining these Freshmen girls is no easy task. The Senior girls dressed as boys escort the Freshmen girls to the Co-Ed ball in the high school armory. This year they were entertained by a seven-piece orchestra and the program consisted of a prize waltz and choosing of "Cutest Freshie" which was won by Betty Taylor. The second semester honor was given to Betty Parker. GIRLS' LEAGUE DINNER The "Bowery" was chosen as the theme of the 1935 Girls' League Dinner. The dinner is given by the Girls' League Council in the high school cafeteria. A program in keeping with the Bowery idea was featured. The Senior girls acted as hostesses and everyone had a "perfect evenin'." QUEEN MARIE FOOTBALL Queen Marie visited Casper on the day of the Casper-Sheridan football game a few years ago and autographed a football at the request of our principal, Mr. Morgan. lt is a tradition that the team that wins gets to have the ball in its possession for that year. The team that wins three years in succession will be given the ball to keep. So far the Queen Marie football is still in circulation. C It is now residing in Sher- idanj. POPULARITY CONTEST Chosen by an all-school election is the most popular boy and girl of N. C. H. S. The contest was originated by the T. N. T. pep club, but is now conducted in various forms. Last year the annual staff gave votes by subscriptions to the high school annual. Page one hundred three The Gusher T R A D I T I O N S MILITARY BALL The lllilitary Ball was held in the high school gym, February l. It is a formal dance and an all-school function. The Lieutenant Colonel and Cadet Major pro- motions were made. Also other commissions and promotions in the military depart- ment were presented. JUNIOR-SENIOR PROMENADE The Juniors acted as hostesses to the Senior class at the Junior-Senior prom. This affair is a formal and only Juniors and Seniors are allowed to attend. Favors were presented each Senior boy and girl. , FIELD DAY "There's Something About a Soldier." With every detail correct to the last shoe string the H. S. Cadet Battalion goes on parade for inspection. Various awards are given for best drilled cadet, best drilled company, etc. BRANDING SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT The outgoing president of the Senior class in an impressive ceremony brands the president-elect upon his forehead, which is to insure a successful Senior year for the class. The branding iron has attached to it the class colors of purple and white. JUNIOR FQLLIES Television Station L. A. L. CLook and Listenl was the original theme of the 1934 Junior Follies presented in November by the Junior class of N. C. H. S. Each year the Junior class presents the Junior Follies to finance the Junior-Senior prom. HALLOVVE'EN PARTY The annual Hallowe'en masquerade party was given in the high school armory by the Junior class. The evening was spent in dancing and a short program ending with prizes for the two cleverest costumes which were won by two students disguised as Indians. GINGHAM BALL An unusual costume dance which requires that all participants attend in cord and gingham. This is sponsored by the National Thespian dramatic club and was originat- ed in 1932 by Virginia Taylor. ANNUAL PLAYS During the school year many plays are given which are greatly appreciated by the student body. Among these are plays which the student expect as annual events, such as the English Club play, "The Perfect Alibi"g 'ABlack Flamingo" presented by the National Thespians and A. K. A.g and the final play of the year, the Senior class play, "Death Takes a Holiday." Page one hundred four Thirty-Eve Illll 'F' rm ' 4 u v 1 x SCENES OF N. C. H. S. Pagz' one hundred fifve The Gusher Pagf' one hundred :ix Thirty-Eve ANNUAL STAFF Fill-W QRS B+ E nhv Duty ai- wuvvk TT", x RT WILEY P11 lid The Gusher IN OUR STADIUM Pagr om' hundred eight Thirty-Eve mllrsil THPJNII4 Elf lFNll1uBlinl"5poNsoreJ mx. Ad f Q aff X A Qing' QM g I .4 Hfmfsm VJ Q E . v. M fy s Hr -L I'- '11' N 'll' IBD-IIIEIEM ILIIISQ lptlllfltlllllr. mf l mf! IFE gun' ' ,,m"PfQ. i Qfififf If Immllll Smmsmm TNI IPNRMJE Tnmrmmy lpmrnmlm SMWTB Tmuwnmxlfnnmulla Pg ldd The Gusher Page one hundred ten EE-s Thirty-five dT CJIEIHJ The Gusher lnufa mth nm tluinnei Thirty-five AROUND N. C. H. S. Dot and Billy just being' silly Oh look! Louie and Bets Famous pep presidents What big feet, Frank Mark is only pretending Tat and Schrieber Ed and Bob are A. K. A. 5 Pagz' om' llllilaiffmi Illirfrnz The Gusher Page one hundrfd fourteen i E Thirty-five uh H mb. . Pagf one hundrrd fiftvr The Gusher MDITXIE Benn-gne SSW E ff. QSM? Tnlsr Wan! Min gus .. aim Pagr' onr' hundrfd sixteen I lalxq 8. Lompanv RHIIWHQ PXIJICSQ Ageney Incorporated CAISIJCI I IOIJI Sz N111 se1y Ixeefu Annual Ihotographs hx Thomas G CHIIIQCI1 WC le1k111s8. o CHQPCI 1111168 Puhhshed Ex ery Saturday Ixassls IJ1v Goods Lo Schulte Ii211dWZ11C Co Over 30 Years 111 Caspar I Q Ie1111ex Lo111p'111V Lzlll s Le luty Shop Fconomy Fu1n1tu1e Co Alachhn Beauty Qhoppe I'1ttshu1gh I .unt 6. Glass Companv lxler MacManus Iewehv Co L lmphell 011118011 Co 1x1stle1 'lent 8. Awumg Company Iitllllllt, Xt ljolthoff Aff S. Supplv Lompany 'lhe Quahty bhop Iov111a ll Ioehr lrop S 111chson's Niall het WyOl111Hg Statlonel v Co , - U 1 1 F , f 1 . 4 .1 - f ' - , xl ak". 0 Ki 1 - - 1 i 4 1- 1 I ' J . ,' . ' ' ' ' . 1. . ' C . . V - 1 - - r I 1 1 5 A - , . w - - H, ' ' 14 i A X -1 ' - . . f. " ' ' C J ' ' ' ' "Plcas111g You Keeps Us in BUSIIICSSH 1, . 1. J . ' ' . f . c - 'f Y 31 l 3 ' 1 1. ' Y, ' , . . 1 K ' , . . 1 i . ., N. A. ', Mgr. l 'r' 1 - i l . ', , -J . . . 1 I s n ' 1 - 1 -. 1 v J ' fy ' ' ' h. . . v ' ' J . Y . . . , . . 2 .' Q ' ' ' ' . .1 LHSPCI Nduonal B'1nk Ronne Nunn SCFVICC 5tat1on l- 1fth and Lenttr W vonung NHl10113l Bank Nl A 5l11ltc1nV Dentlst Bluebn tl b'CO1C 544 South Center leve Hall H31 51316-3Ll161 s Phax mac V Steblnnb Moto1 QOIIIIJHIIV Blossom Flow C1 bllO1J1JC Helen Moore Prop Vlf1.2Q1Hb Shoe bfO1 e lNl1tel1ell s C11 oeel V D1 Qzeoxge blllltll Pye Far hose and 'lhroat bpeclallst A I C,llclI1CllC1 Il1e Illdepnndent lwlfklldllt Iee f,1C3.l11 bhop Super lee Lftillll l ef111 W lute l dL111Ll1V QHSPCI l11lJL1HC Helalcl lest XAr71Sl'1CS to the 1935 CRADUAFINTC QI ASS Qneetmgb f10111 Nf1vlo1 s D1 Donovan Bettv's Beauty Parlol Ptta. Domus Prop acl ones Gara e A J Vvoods J SQJ g orage and SCTVICC S1 . . . , , , . f. . . - ff D ' ' T - Y l. 1 . . -' 'L V .1 -in , , 1 4 . 1 xt 5 . N -71 . . 1 1 1 ' W. 1- . . f . , . 3 - 1 '-4 fu - I. . , V, - . . ' 4, 91- K 1 Y - V. . . , , . , ' Q 'Ili 1 ilu- :si 1 S4 . , 4 1 . f , X 7, '. , , 4 . 4. L - " 1 1 . . . u . 1 S1 rw - 1 1 . . . - . x . e w. '. . ' , ,x ' I 1. . , 1. ,1 1 1 L1 - ,t J . . I . . - 1, . , .u , 4 L . , H . ' Q, . -u f Mutograpbs Q14 uto graphs F f gf W-1-, I rf' 5' x.- J r 9 ,, -, as-'Q gl- -fir -1. o ,TNA V , .,-Y 4' 'K 1 r J 4 x 1-.-I'f'El.' i-lf?

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