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Text from Pages 1 - 70 of the 1957 volume:

s i , u, yf 53 ft 14, P, Tut vw -nur-an wwfmumu-wmwr :I ?",' 'Q pr: I M ,. in? we-:v--.W 71' ' N l!!ll R H - YEARBOOK WW 1 5 fi L King: Bob Miller Queen: Mary Ann Reese F SN '? 5 4 ? 3 N' ff THE 1957 TIGER E . Nafomc, Kansas NATOMA RURAL HIGH SCHOOL DEDICATIO The 1957 Natoma High School Yearbook is dedicated to the memory of our beloved classmate, Bob Bowman, who was a member of the class of '57, but through a tragic accident, lost his life on August 30, 1955. Bob was an adventurous youth, who loved life for its activities, its sports and its friendships. He was a young man of high spirit and a tender heart, and these qualities, coupled with a fine appearance and a good mind, made for him a very warm place in the hearts of his classmates. The great vacancy left by Bob has never been filled in the minds and hearts of the students of Natoma. To his valued memory his classmates hereby dedicate this publication, with the deepest sense of his absense, and with tender remembrance and devotion to the memory of his vibrant, youthful spirit. Bob Bowman ANNUAL STAFF x., 8. Karen Seaman, Dianne Masters, Freda f Beth Chesney Mary Ann Reese, FROM LEFT: Alice Kre t, , Advisor. Naylor, E lizabeth Veh, and Mrs. Johnston, A...I. Linddhl, PhOfOgrqpher 4 ADMINISTRATION I . ' oc,-cc Awww A PRI CIPAL Dennis W. Cowan Under the efficient guidance of our Principal, Dennis W. Cowan, and of our Board of Education, we have had a very successful year. The student body wishes to thank Mr. Cowan and the Board of Education for the fine accomplishments which they have made possible. BO RD OF EDUCATIO LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Don Chrisler, Directorg Mr. Ernest Heitschmidt, Clerkg Mr. R. W, Hachmeister, reasurer 5 T . STUDE T CUUNCIL gd Q . ,ff , s in Gary Scmoh pfesidenl LEFT TO RIGHT Davld Boedeker Marvm Reynolds Kathleen Koelllng Donna Walt Mr Goff Sponsor Gary Schloh Wynn Llndahl Lloyd Oswald Marllyn Koelhng Alxce Kreft Mary Ann Fmnesy , -3 One of the many assembly programs sponsored by the Student Council M cryin Reynolds 'Ce'Pre sidem FACULTY Y r 4 . xl 5. ,gd 1 If w 1. .9 1 , 41 I xr 1 X , , . x' 1 k I . fy, s Q fa ff 1 .. rf I 4 Q3 If Awww THE FACULTY DENNIS W. COWAN Principal Mathematics JOHN H. LOCKE Science Drivers Education Basketball Coach R. B. FELDKAMP LYLE C. GOFF Social Science Speech Football Coach BEATRICE BRUNGARDT Commerce Vocational Agriculture MILDRED FULLER Vocational Homemaking Health HAROLD L. HARDWICK General Math. RUTH ANN SMITH English Geography World History 7 I Candlds TYPING HISTORY FOODS PHYSICS LIS ENGLISH ll 3 STUDY HALL SENIORS Awww DOROTHY BOEDEKER ROLIN BURGER ROWAN CAMP BETH CHESNEY SEN IORS DOROTHY BOEDEKER Band 1, Glee Club 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Ensemble 2, Pep Club 3, Accompanist 3. ROWAN CAMP Football 3, 4, Baseball 2, Glee Club 1-4, Mixed Chorus 1-3, Band 1-3, F. F. A. 1-4. ROLIN BURGER Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1. Boys Glee 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2. BETH CHESNEY Girls Glee 1-3, Mixed Chorus 1-3, Basketball 1-4, Band 1-3, Pep Club 2-4, Annual Staff 4. GERALD CRAWFORD Basketball 1, Glee Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2. JIM FINNESY Glee Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Football 1-4, DENNIS FINNESY Basketball 1-3, Football 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Glee Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2. MARILYN KOELLING Band 2, 3, Dance Band 3, Mixed Chorus 1-3, Glee Club 1-3. Basketball 1, Basketball 1-4, F.F. A. 1-4, Class Officer 1-4, Baseball 1, 3. Homecoming Queen 4, Pep Club Secretary- Treasurer 2, Student Council 2, Pep Club 2-4. GERALD CRAWFORD DENNIS FINNESY HM FINNESY MARILYN KOELLING ALICE KREFT RUTH HACKEROTT BOB T. MILLER FRIEDA NAYLOR Band 1-4, Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 4, Pep Club 2-4, Annual Staff 4. A. J. LINDAHL Basketball 1. 2, Baseball 1, 2, Glee Club 1-3. Mixed Chorus 1-4, Class Officer 1-3, Class Play 3. Student Manager 3, 4. DON MUNSELL TED HUTCHCRAFT Football 4, Basketball 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Glee Club 1-4, Mixed Chorus 1-4, Class Officer 1. Student Council 1. MARVIN REYNOLDS Basketball 1-3, Football 3, 4, Baseball 3. Mixed Chorus 1-3, Glee Club 1-3, Class Officer 4, Student Council 4. ALICE KREFT Glee Club 1-3. Band 1-3, Mixed Chorus 1-3. Basketball 1. 2. Pep Club 1-3, Student Council 3, 4, Clarinet Quartet 1-3, Annual Staff 4, Class Play 3, Clarinet Solo 2, 3, F. H. A. Historian 4. BOB T. MILLER Football 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Boys Glee 1-4, Mixed Chorus 1-4, Student Council 2, Class Officer 1. 2, 4. RUTH HACKEROTT Mixed Chorus 1-3, Glee Club 1-3. Band 3, Pep Club 1-4. F. H. A. 3. 4. Class Play 3. DON MUNSELL Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1-4. Baseball 1-4, Glee Club 1-4, Mixed Chorus 1-3. Homecoming Escort 4 Class Officer 4. ...l FRIEDA NAY LOR .TED HUTCHCRAFT .0 A. J. LINDAHL MARVIN REYNOLDS EDGAR WEIGEL JERRY WELLS GARY SCHLOH IANICE SNAVLEY Band 2, 3, Glee Club 1-3, Mixed Chorus 1-3, Cheerleader 1-3, Pep Club 4, Student Council 4. MARY ANN REESE Band 2, 3, Glee Club 1-3, Mixed Chorus 1-3, Basketball 1-4, Queen Attendant 4. F. H. A. 3, 4. Annual staff 4, F. H. A. Treasurer 4, Pep Club 2-4. Dance Band 3, Cheerleader 4, Pep Club Reporter 4 Sax. Ensemble 2, 3. GEORGE REYNOLDS ELIZABETH ANN VEH Glee Club 1-4, Mixed Chorus 1-4, F. H. A. 3, 4. Pep Club 2-4, Annual Staff 4, F. H. A. Officer 3, 4. KAREN SUE SEAMAN Basketball 1-4, Glee Club 1-3, Mixed Chorus 1-3, Band 1-3, Pep Club 2-4, Student Council 1, Quartet 3. EDGAR WEIGEL Glee Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 1 Football 1, 2, 4. GARY SCHLOH Football 2-4, Basketball 1-4, Band 1-3, Glee Club 1-4, Mixed Chorus 1-4, Student Council 4, Class Officer 3. l2l JERRY WELLS Basketball 1-4, Football 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Class Officer 1, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Glee Club 1-3. GEORGE REYNOLDS Glee Club 1, Stage Manager 2-3. IANICE SNAVILEY ELIZABETH ANN VEH MARY ANN REESE KAREN SUE SEAMAN in-7 MARY ANN BEISNER LLOYD OSWALD tl ,A t ssat DIANNE MASTERS KENNY TURNER LEFT TO RIGHT: Marvin Reynolds , , Treasurer Alice Kreft , , Don Munsell, , Marilyn Koelling Bob Miller , , Mary Ann Beisner Mr. Goff, , , Student Council , Vice President , President , Secretary , Reporter , Sponsor MARY ANN BEISNER Class Officer 1, 4, F. H. A. 3-4. Band 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Junior Play Dance Band 2, 3, Glee 1-3, Basketball 1-4, Mixed Chorus 1-3, Cheerleader 2-4, Majorette 1-3, Student Council 2, Queen Attendant 2, 3, F, H. A. President 4, Sax. Ensemble 2, 3. DIANNE MASTERS Band 1-4. Mixed Chorus 1.2, Glee Club 1, 2, Basketball 1-3, Pep Club 2, F. H. A. 3. Ensemble 2, Twirler 1-3. X LLOYD OSWALD Band 1-3, Glee 1-3, Mixed Chorus 1-3, F. F. A. 1-4. Quartet 3, Student Council 3-4 Class Officer 2-3. F. F. A. Officer 3-4, Junior Play, Dance Band 2-3. KENNY TURNER Basketball 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Football 1-4, Boys Glee 1-4, Mixed Chorus 1-4, Band 1-3. Class Officers 'I2 UNIORS '-.5 x f H. ,. I4 A-WWW Beverly Beck Lola Boyd UN IORS L CLASS OFFICERS, FROM LEFT: Darrell Finch, Lynn Wait, David Boedeker, Nila Breit, Margaret Dickinson, Mary Ann Finnesy, and Sponsor, Miss Fuller .-h' ' J Z. ,.,r,. ,T K Tiff? , K i -warp." 'ff Lyle Brown Darrell Finch .. X K k -- ,, ,Q A Gene Chrisler Glenn Crawford A I ' I fig 4 - if ,.:A Mar Ann Finnes Dan Koehler Y . QQ 'ix 1 if, it d l X . r is Eff' ..',j,:: 535 Ls! W B Harold Nagel Lynn Wait Earl Ward I3 David Boedeker Nila Breit 4 'W Betty Dawe Margaret Dickinson Mimi Kruse Marina Masters Jerry Berry Judy White .L 3 KKKK5 - :J ,ggi .,, , A, ,, ,. 3 ,I I in .L i. 'lm- s ' 4 QQ' W 6, . 3 an ,MS , 5 W ,If -if , 4 .f gi T! ' f . 4' uivu. Wfwg - ' ,VA K K fit' M nMfwKP4 , KK C .M , ,f f , X is 3 - K 3 A K , uw K p f lf h S in M K ,KKZ:,,"W:gfKi H ...P gf K 15 K? YQ Q 'f X f -i v,'. Y WM K Y' il , .K s Q K Q S w 1 , 5 S O P H O M ORE S y Awww Kay Harbaugh Bertha Hays Elaine Hoskins Marlene Hutchcraft SOPHO ORES s President Bob Boller, Vice President Gail Griffin, Secretary Betty Snavely, Treasurer Lyle Saine, Student Council, Wynn Lindahl, and Sponsor Miss Smith. Bob Boller Myrlene Castor Glen Drake Delton Finch s snia Tlif ,.,. "F " ' Bernita Griffin Gail Griffin I5 L, if Wynn Lindahl Delwin Locke Patty Jo Matheson Mildred Merz 'i Bennie Miller Bobby Mohler . , . ,,,,. :LI 2 3-A 3 . 3. ,g.??'? 1 E 'W B ' y 5543313 lt 1 v J mlm, wi A 3 Q34 4 il 5 ,ft 632 B1 Q 3 f BS, fi B X 'N 'X I Ni? ,N 'lax A gkxx, X we as 9 Qs'-1 43? 'V' 1- X we et ' gawk A x-Mx 4 ,L QM x Elaine Pruter for if Sharon Newton Carroll Lynn Richmond Glen Pfortmiller Nellie Thurston Marilyn Wait Bruce Ward Beverly Winder Lyle Saine Betty Snavley N, 3 f Tommy Turner Carol Veh FRESHMEN X5 DFW IN YOUR LY LXNIKSG Q Awww RESH 'Xl -- LEFT TO RIGHT: Elaine Crawford, Treasurerg Cora Briet, Secretaryg Donna Wait, Student Councilg Nancy Mapes, Reporterg Keith Pruter, President: Donnie Ward, Vice President: Johnny Locke, Sponsor. Carol Boyd Cora Brier Erma Byrnes Charlene Castor Marion Cowan my my 1 1 '+L C Elaine Crawford Rose Crosby Richard Driskel Darlene Finch Margena Hachmeister .w,a.y, ' 'Q 'T.a'c,, , ' Roger Hackerott Janice Hulsey Kathleen Koelling Nancy Mapes Cletys Miller 'I7 G 1 ' .J 1' , S. Jn U 'Q 1 +1 X I' " t A it J if S S We Lynn Newton Us ' V Philip Palmer i Fi' 'T' E. LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Wells, Reporter: Darlene Finch, Secretary: Kathleen Koelling, Student Councilg Mark Reynolds, Vice Presidentg Keith Pruter, President: Iarry Pfortmiller, Treasurerg Johnny Locke, Sponsor. Q ka larry Pfortmiller Ronald Pooley Keith Pruter Marion Reh ,, , R ,t S it 3 Q' 9' ' Q' . F KA 5 P x sh Mark Reynolds Russell Reynolds Kathleen Strutt Donna Wait Donnie Ward Linda Wells ACTIVITIES XXX ,f I X , as .XX I, If Rx . H ff' 15, W I I Xxx I iff xkxxf A-www Mixed Chorus Elaine Hoskins, Myrlene Castor, Erma Byrnes, Donna Wait, Kenny Turner, Rowan Camp, Bob Miller, Beverly Winder, Marilyn Wait, Elaine Crawford, Dorothy Boedeker, Elaine Pruter, Charlene Cantor, Lola Boyd, Ted Hutchcraft, David Boedeker, Lyle Brown, Gene Chrisler, Rose Crosby, Bernita Griffin, Nancy Mapes, Mr. Hardwick, Carol Veh, Patty Jo Matheson, Carol Boyd, Elizabeth Veh, Janice Hulsey, Gary Schloh, Kathleen Koelling, Kathleen Strutt, Freda Naylor, Mildred Merz, and Bertha Hayes. Band ,ff Carol Boyd, Bernita Griffin, Margena Hachmeister, Bud Finch, Lola Boyd, Mr. Hardwick, Lyle Brown, Keith Pruter, Tom Turner, Glen Pfortmiller, Elaine Pruter, Kenny Turner, Carroll Lynn Richmond, Mildred Merz, Beverly Winder, Bette Snavely, Nila Breit, Nancy Mapes, Kathleen Koelling, Margaret Dickinson, Beverly Beck, Marion Cowan, Carol Veh, Dianne Masters, Freda Naylor, Judy White, Mary Ann Finnesy. BOYS ENSEMBLE: Lynn Newton, Lyle Brown, Rowan Camp, Gary Schloh, Keith Prnter, Marion Cowan, Kenny Turner, David Boedeker, and Dorothy Boedeker. I, Voca GIRLS TRIPLE TRIO: Myrlene Castor, Beverly Winder, Donna Wait, Nancy Mapes, Elaine Hoskins, Dorothy Boecleker, Elaine Prnter, Lola Boyd, Patty J. Matheson, and Freda Naylor. -uv 'GY' PQ BUYS GLEEg Marvin Reynolds, Kenny Turner, Rowan Camp, Bob Miller, Don Munsell, Lynn Newton, Marion Cowan, Marion Rch, David Boedeker, Lyle Brown, Keith Pruter, Gary Schloh, Ted Hutchcraft, Gail Griffin, Bob Boller, and Mr. llztrdwit-lc. Music FRESHMAN ENSEMBLE: Charlene Castor, Donna Wait, Kathleen Koelling, Dorothy Boedeker, Nancy Mapes, Linda Wells, and Carol Boyd. GIRLS GLEE: Dorothy Boedeker, Elaine Hoskins, Erma Byrnes, Marilyn Wait, Crawford, Myrlene Castor, Kathleen Strutt, Sharon Newton, Bernita Griffin, Castor, Elaine Pruter, Carol Veh, Kathleen Koelling, Nancy Mapes, Janice Bertha Hayes, Mildred Merz, Linda Wells, Freda Naylor, Patty Jo Matheson, E lg X MIXED ENSEMBLE: Keith Pruter, Lyle Brown, Kenny Turner, David Boedeker, Lola Boyd, Elaine Pruter, Freda Naylor, Beverly Winder, and Dorothy Boedeker. 1? mf X Beverly Winder, Donna Wait, Elaine Lola Boyd, Rose Crosby, Charlene Hulsey, Elizabeth Veh, Carol Boyd, and Mr. Hardwick. Junior Play CAST C George Miller-A senior . . . , Harold Nagel Fred Miller-A good natured husband George's Lively Classmates Doris Miller-College Freshman . . . Lola Boyd Biff Sweitzer-Her boy friend . . . Lynn Wait QA happy-go-lucky football playerl David Boedeker Martha Miller-His warm hearted wife ..... Margaret Dickinson Henry Graybell-Their Talky Neighbor. Jerry Berr Miss Mueller-Social Science Teacher.Beverly Bec Betty Lou-A high school girl of 17. . Nila Briet Jane ....... . . Betty Dawe Pciitty . . . Mary Ann Iliinnes ll ' 2? Aec . . . .Darre Finc In F Photographer. . .Earl Ward Reporter . . . Dan Koehler Senior Play "WHO wouLDN'T BE CRAZY" CAST OF CHARACTERS KIn order of their appearancel Inmate No. 1 ...... Pluribus, General utility at the sanitarium ......,. V Q Mlss Lavelle, head nurse .,,...,..,...,,......, . Mr. Higgins, superintendent .....t....,..,.,............ Mr. Marshall, of the board of directors ......... ,...,... Jack, alias "Speedy," his son ...,,,..,,..,.,....,,.. Lois Meredith, a visitor .,...,,....................... Reggie Mortimer, an admirer of Lois ....... Beatrice, a friend of Lois ...................... Marjorie, 9. friend of Lois .,,..,. Lois .......,.,.,,....,.....,,., Janet, a friend of Evelyn Winslow, a wealthy patient ....,.. Hardboiled McCafferty, a policeman ....... Edward Gordon, Evelyn's fiance ......... N Inmate No. 2 ....i,....,.,....,...i,,....,...,,,...,,...,....i....,.,..,.,, ....i. Pendie, Miss Meredith's colored maid ...i,.,...... ........ Gerald Crawford Mary Ann Reese Gary Schloh Janice Snavley .. Karen Seaman Ted Hutchcraft Marvin Reynolds Bob Miller Alice Kreft A. J. Llndahl Marilyn Koelling . Ruth Hackerott Frieda Naylor Beth Chesney Jerry Wells Don Munsell ......,.. UNIOR SENIOR 5 ,NM EMNGUET All NEXT I-RY KNGTRY 'D hm aa. BQKQR wg 1,1 my f., Swim, 0 19 ORGANIZATIONS 1' A-fveww FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Mr. Feldkamp, Advisor, Harold Nagel, Reporter, Dan Koehler, Vice President, Lloyd Oswald, President, Lynn Wait, Secretary, Glenn Crawford, 'Treasurer, Keith Pruter. SECOND ROW: Lynn Newton, Gene Chrisler, Gail Griffin, Bobby Mohler, Cletys Miller, Mark Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Marion Reh, Delwin Locke, Dennis Finnesy, Roger Hackerott, Benny Miller, Bob Boller. FOURTH ROW: Glenn Pfortmiller, Donnie Ward, Gerald Crawford, Rowan Camp, Marion Cowan, and Bud Finch, Harold Nagel Sentinel ofthe club is not in picture. EVENT Plainville leadership School State Agriculture , F I School State Livestock , , Contest State Agronomy. . Contest State Dairy . . Contest -All' .....-v-' State Poultry , TEAM Officers , , Dan Koehler, Wait, Harold Dan Koehler, Wait, Harold Lloyd Oswald Wait, Harold Dan Koehler, Wait, Harold Lloyd Oswald Lynn, Nagel Lynn Nagel Lynn Nagel Lynn Nagel Dan A I , g . V A A ,Y - 5 Lloyd Oswald President Sfczfe Former and State Reporter Contest Stockton Poultry , School Hoxie Crops. . School Hays Crops . School Hays Livestock . . School 25 Koehler, Harold Nagel Harold Nagel, Delwin Locke, Dan Koehler Lloyd Oswald, Harold Negel, Lynn Wait Lloyd Oswald, Harold Negel, Lynn Wait Earl Ward, Dan Koehler Darrell Finch RANK 2nd Information 3rd Ritual 7th - Silver Bronze 5th - Gold Bronze Silver 6th 4th . . .6th In .4 1? Mary Ann Beisner President KING ----- Lloyd Oswald QUEEN ----- Mary Ann Finnesy Marina Masters Vice-President TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cora Briet, Erma Byrnes, Marilyn Wait, Beverly Beck, Beverly Winder, Donna Wait, Elaine Crawford, Myrlene Castor, Nila Briet. SECOND ROW: Darlene Finch, Charlene Castor, Sharon Newton, Lola Boyd, Elaine Hoskins, Bernita Griffin, Kay Harbaugh, Elaine Pruter. THIRD ROW: Marlene Hutchcraft, Janis llulsey, Margena Hachmeister, Kathleen Koellini Kat leen Strutt, Nancy Mapes, Linda Wells. FOURTH ROW: Bertha Hays, Patty Jo Matheson, Carroll Lynn Ric mond, Rose Crosby, Nellie Thurston, Carol Boyd, Carol Veh, and Sponsor, Miss Fuller. SITTING: Mary Ann Reese, Treasurer, Alice Kreft, Historian, Ruth Hackerott, Parliamen- tarian, Margaret Dickinson, Secretary, Mildred Merz, Song Leader, Mary Ann Finnesy, Student Council, and Elizabeth Veh, Reporter. Pep lub BACK ROW, FROM LEFT: Elaine Crawford, Marilyn Wait, Marilyn Koelling, Beverly Winder, Beverly Beck, Donna Wait, Myrlene Castor, Dorothy Boedeker, Cora Breit, Mary Ann Finnesy, Beth Chesney-. THIRD ROW: Marlene Hutchcraft, Margaret Dickinson, Elaine Pruter, Rose Crosby, Bernita Griffin, Kay Harbaugh, Sharon Newton, Lola Boyd, Myrlene Castor, Alice Kreft. SECOND ROW: Darlene Finch, Elaine Hoskins, Freda Naylor, Elizabeth Veh, Margena Hachmeister, Janice Hulsey, Nancy Mapes, Kathleen Koelling, Judy White, Kathieen Strutt. FIRST ROW: Ruth Hackerott, Linda Wells, Carol Boyd, Nellie Thurston, Carroll Lynn Ric mond, Mildred Merz, Janice Snavely, Patty Io Matheson, Bertha Hayes, Carol Veh, Karen Seaman and Sponsor, Miss Fuller. CHEERLEADERS: Nila Breit, Bette Snavely, Mary Ann Reese. fficers President Treqs urer Nila Brent Kathleen Koelling Vice-President Secretary Mory Ann Beisner Mary Ann Finnesy 27 OHHHI-IH! Y K VRYQXV 4 3 f if lx 1 f' ' +1?v ' SoHooL W , ifx w . tag DAZE I Q ', ' Jen. 5 ' f V1 ' V K, YK , Q u - f + a,' Q- M Q5'f 'wc . , 1' , 1 wu Y ig L ffvuvefa " f BEVERLY V u , i f 1 fi L ,m,,i, A14 1 1- A A 'Q E L 1, ' , an ,-.. . Y Z mil Po o R Bo? DUDEQ A., " 'N ' K- COOL C475 sk, 5 You fTH'E FoLKs x W ,X-3 ,vu H: X 1 ,Q f 5 Xu ,, A srr a wffvsff ,MY 'UUYULQ MA fff' BORIN e KAY LJ I HMM! EX - Conwcxrs SPORTS Awww W C? Marina Masters-Mary Ann Reese-Queen Marilyn Koelling Mary Ann Finnesy-Nellie Thurston Q Q Qi 'A Homecoming LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Schloh, Marina Masters, Don Munsell, MaryAnn Finnesy, King Dennis Finnesy, Queen Marilyn Koelling, Bob Miller, MaryAnn Reese, Nellie Thurston, Marvin Reynolds. BACK ROW: A. J. Lindahl, Ted Hutchcraft, Bob Boller, Jim Finnesy, Gail Griffin, Gene Chrisler, Lyle Saine. SECOND ROW: Assistant Coach, John Locke, Tommy Turner, Dan Koehler, Edgar Weigel, David Boedeker, Rowan Camp, Kenny Turner, Roger Hackerott, and Coach, Lyle Goff. THIRD ROW: Marvin Reynolds, Bob Miller, Gary Schloh, Don Munsell, Dennis Finnesy, Lynn Wait, Jerry Wells, Darrell Finch not pictured. . ,af if.. W , Jdy F0 XA J QJK As QVC' ode CQSIS7-A ' NQGX' Lyj ACH T 50 e Goff Rowan Comp-Guard Dennis Finnesy-Back Bob Miller-tnd Gary Schloh-Back Marvin Reynolds-Tackle Don MUrlSell'BGCk The 1956 football season saw the Natoma Tigers capture second place in the Lincoln Branch League standing, under the able coaching of Lyle Goff and Assistant Coach John Locke. The red and white were led by eleven seniors and ten underclassmen to end the season with seven wins and one loss . The lettermen are as follows: Rowan Camp Dennis Finnesy James Finnesy Ted Hutchcraft Bob Miller Don Munsell Marvin Reynolds Gary Schloh Kenny Turner Edgar Weigel Jerry Wells Darrell Finch David Boedeker Gene Chrisler Dan Koehler Lynn Wait Bob Boller Gail Griffin Lyle Saine Tommy Turner Roger Hackerott Lynn Wait- Back David Boedeker-Tackle Kenny Turner-Center Jerry Wells-Guard Gail Griffin-End to x, v . 'M -fe 1. Sky-wTg "-, ,. 0 It ft 0 1 f""f 6 sv' f' ff 69' , A ff WB lx Q fo is be VW PM -L -A TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Elaine Hoskins, Marilyn Wait, Beverly Winder, Myrlene Castor, Cora Briet, and Bernita Griffin. SECOND ROW: Coach, John Locke, Mildred Merz, Kathleen Koelling, Elaine Pruter, Charlene Castor, Kay Harbaugh, and Marlene l-lutchcraft. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Ann Reese, Nila Briet, Beverly Beck, Marilyn Koelling, Beth Chesney and Karen Sue Seaman. Ni Ia -Reese Notomo Notoma Natomo Nofomo Notomo Codel I Lurcly Wal do Paradise Bunker Hill Bev-- Mern Hack Chesney BOYS' BASKETBALL 11 Bob Miller, Delwitn Locke. Bruce - Coach, John Locke, Don Munse . STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT. Ward and Earl Ward. KNEELING: Gary schloh. Tig8I'S Regional Tigers Back Twp To S foigpxizhhem We come? Yes sir t the top it YO" 8017 so close 1: e of who begin-9 to be a m tt O In PWS-Surecaxhwithstand the meiztsf ey ' breaks er 1,10 QZTWIIZQS on the . . t 1 Lady Lllck and F- se hip P0cket ing I . 1 f They were with Fate dwell. it agair1!tgfiC.S- . W Wlfpflcl if :Est Friday m the ng' We've 353209 brasiegball Wu? f"YS'H'A , Palqo ewfliggonil Wvrhazgengargf claim if District bfse Nawma' T16 Ink H FUI' ' through with E gisongffs came H.S.tht'at wusowst hurdxe nowglke A - J A1-.uni the Almena Coyotes "'c'10fytover nang scaled the iirtrip V0 me S flwwhnkw ' ' ' if ever h0P9fu Bnuf,-, WH N 3 fav-I wifs V w ' 5 1 v V f r t if f I ii I Natoma Tigers Enter State Tournamehf - 1? if -' Ns 7 Lx Y rx- b M, ----- ---Mui Nafoma-73 Plainville 52 Nafoma-72 Lenora 48 Nafoma-68 Codell 48 Natoma-60 Osborne 49 Nafoma-50 Dorrance 45 Naloma-70 Luray 29 Nafoma-54 Palco 37 Nafoma-53 Waldo 40 John Locke N01-omQ-73 Logon 54 Assislanf Coach Coach Natoma-52 Paradise 32 Goff Nafoma-56 Gorham 25 Nafoma-5l Victoria 30 Nafoma-42 Bunker Hill 3l Nafoma-45 Downs 35 Nafoma-54 Lucas 38 S. S h d I 4 .- K , BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Munsell, Don Ward, Bruce Ward, Kenn Turner, Jerry Berry, Tom Turner, Earl Ward, and Larry Pfortmiller. CENTER ROW: Bob Boller, Ted I-lutchcrall, Marion Cowan, Delwin Locke, Bob Miller, Gary Schloh, and Roger Hackerott. FRONT ROW: Coach John Locke, Mark Reynolds, Bob Mohler, Gail Griffen, Wynn Lirldalh, Jerry Wells, Lynn Newton, Assistant Coach Lyle Goff. f Ted rf U Y M ia, Tommy Dude M ,. Q 4 ' Q l f X Lynn I 4 4 4 Gail -le""Y BASEBALL Bob Harold Jerome Darrel I Lyle Goff Johnny Locke Assistant Coach Coach LEAGUE TOURNAMENT REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Nafoma 3 Luray 2 Nafoma 6 Agra 0 Natoma I2 Dorance I0 Natoma 9 Cawker 6 Natoma l Lucas '2 Natoma 0 Lucas 8 dictgfian S3111 ta to V ale I rian Hoya Oswald Emporla Marilyn Koemn 9 Scholarship Awards BUSINESS TEAM--I Lloyd Oswald--Bookkeeping Marilyn Koelling--Shorthand Lola Boyd--Typing I Beth Chesney--Typing II MATH 8K SCIENCE TEAM--V Larry Pfortmiller, Delwin Locke, A.J. Lindahl, Lloyd Oswald SPELLING TEAM--V Mark Reynolds, Bob Boller, Lola Boyd, Ted Hutchcraft SOCIAL SCIENCE TEAM'-VI Lloyd Oswald, Lynn Wait, Wynn Lindahl, Janice Snavley ENGLISH TEAM--X Larry Pfortmiller, Delwin Locke, Margaret Dickinson, Bob Miller Natoma High School--Class C--Fourth Place INDIVIDUAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Lloyd Oswald--I--Bookkeeping Delwin Locke--I--Biology Beth Chesney-- Lynn Wait--ll l--Typingll --American Government Lloyd Oswald--ll--American History Delwin Locke--lll--Plane Geometry Wynn Lindahl--III--Biology Lloyd Oswald--Ill--Physics Delwin Locke--V--Engl ish I 0 Freda Naylor-- HONORABLE MENTION Bob Miller--Spelling II-I2 Ted Hutchcraft--Spelling ll-I2 Ted Hutchcraft--Bookkeeping Margaret Dickinson--Plane Geometry Lynn Wait--Constitution Lola Boyd T ping I Mark Reynolds--Spelling I -IO Larry Pfortmiller--Algebra l Elaine Crawford--Algebra I Marion Cowan--Algebra l Marion Cowan--English 9 V--Shorthand w 1 M, , W' w Un U" ' X w- , Wm W 11, Y' J 1 xxxxwml' ' mu u www 1. M 1- L.:- sf , K ."' v, y 'QQ -r 1 ' '-'-' F'- . ,.' 'f x ,V . 47- war' s J x 'T A.,,w 1.. . . . rf .. v f-4 x - .-. ,. -.f--f- f"'7+ f. 1 w 'mp A 2 4 .nk Q 1 2 A . 'vb 'Wan N' 'iq' J-'J mf' 'fm . 1 M. ' f..f. Ji" Q na W ,ly-. . 35.3, ' .+'1u"J,5. , VN--x1.: , . , , ,.,'. 1. 1 4 w h W 11 H 1 i 1 1 A ,-1 ' i if x J, ,.,,-.4 . -,J-. 1. Q P-1 fi . 1 .. . z.-'.-, , az- a, f 1 , . 1 ,MJF ., -X , , .fl I ngghv, ,, , ,- '31 'E ' wx- - ffm. 'MQ .4 A rw 4-,,, H . ,K- 1 s 'f 3.4-.,. , . an ..x,,,n ,Wx 5' - f if' 1-. I." '71 - . ,- -:'A.1' - . ,- V :': f klfug. 14,117 ,f-, .- 1' " V -21 fi W . sg: ,f ,S f,. .f .V . A , I-Qif' fy' 11 - . , , N 'U .211 , we-3-Q - . 2 ' " - +P' :E"f,l- -V: ' ., J.-P .. . Q' ,-Ig ,-a u. ln- x . , X?-11 . . Q' ff -,L ,:- uff r K3 li nwrxi? K ' 'c."' .1 V. . "5 1 . ,,A'- -1.4,-.. 1 X ,. -' -. My -f . 5 -- V -' -' v fffffzi , .ax- . L' v -,E :F J, . .JJ 'RF' 'Li -if 37? ri' '., .i'..:."9, as 1- - . .F .K - :.-,.! W f VL, My ,H"-.timru ' v. 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Suggestions in the Natoma High School - Tiger Yearbook (Natoma, KS) collection:

Natoma High School - Tiger Yearbook (Natoma, KS) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Natoma High School - Tiger Yearbook (Natoma, KS) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Natoma High School - Tiger Yearbook (Natoma, KS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 61

1957, pg 61

Natoma High School - Tiger Yearbook (Natoma, KS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 59

1957, pg 59

Natoma High School - Tiger Yearbook (Natoma, KS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 59

1957, pg 59

Natoma High School - Tiger Yearbook (Natoma, KS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 68

1957, pg 68

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