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 - Class of 1956

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iv.. A X K.J 'x wx-3 0"- .L 5 WJ., . gf? fp-Src' ww. - r 1 1 L.W St- N K3 . Lf! I H15 K 'S pl . -rua- . ? f 1 I. v ' -'1 -3-. :ff-1 ,ff av- 2. EL.-S 'SSX , EL ' V I v , M" H L. A I 6 F .xx ,GX Q. K is of -- - fa . . .'1F'.v- I ,, ' 4 1 .II . -wr 125. I -'I- .,:Iv4 :I - I .I.,:'. II . Ijr- ,w WM.. Qfw, 1 ri-M' . . 6--5, l,,, ,I,,,. ., 31? .W --. - . A 'Qi,"ri...'-3f'- I, ,. ' 1 , A - Za' - .fri--tg - N 1: . QI. : 14 V ., .x -' - .-1. - V -. . 'k f- - '., wr ' ,., . . U' V . 'Ni ','If-:v:"-'- ' ,-.Iv - -. -" 1, -'N . . Q . J TIN, , ,3-. 3"-M-'-Q ' e.-LI, Y' L A. L.1j531f,,-, -4--. : - -2- - 1 . . ff..g1.:11'4'. -. , - 1 1 lm- ' so . f-f I -- .- II.-ng '--y .Q 4 I. - .v , -ll-1. 1' . ,1 'I -arjfgy' I ,5 g-.Ip ! .I .,,gz Iv: I . A ff- ' lag- j,,... ,, I-'. 2' ' .e "f "rf .- ' ' 'L 'Y' ' H .T '- g xI. -r , I ., ,-J . .19 .QTY 1 .Q - A . ,, ...H-1 'I f ,,f'?Qr11: . ,J ' ,I gIL:Q 4, ' 5 . .fe-?vi.1-W 'ijg-il fi' We f ' - A- ' ' . "P A f"L.- .- "?f?t:9'-Hz"-'F 3. . -v ' ' W ' 5 's ' ,-:'f 4 QF Hain- Q - ' .v :fi . '.' . " ' -Ffa f -' -, - , - 'if u c , 'HF ' 1 f. up-Y A' ' X., ' " - 1 --' .v Q. f- -H312 - -I A, ' 'kr I 1. -vi: 3261-J , , 1 . 'K zz'-2 V " - ff-cg "7 '. 1 fv- f A - 4. f - - - . , -in-A. 1 ,, ,Q-1 PH, - . , " . f ,,-,Tu W 120' . X 32:-'-' ' 'R inf, FH ' - : im 'A .. ,- .--l,..,II 1 ,. ,-.. I I ,QM 'v . , , K, ., ,I --,Y .51 --ii21'i'.,1 1 . riff ---2 X ' ,- ' -if-'t1.I,!..-1-I 1 1. 4, -'FI , KI Q- '- .-I , I - t v- f . , . - , ., - . - 'f '. - g. 'gm - .' .-- -.. ,.,- , .. - -5-,I -- ,,' .-,--,,-,,- -. f- + " ' "' ' , -'-r-"'. :f ' ,- .- '-a-' "P- . '-3, : ' ' . ' 3 ' ' "'.-.yr x jr r '- 1 I., t' , ",, "2g -' W. J . -:-,V 112- I,.v, . I1-g.I ,mg III- I-,II ' .f'.jI, , ' ---1---.m-pm5 1 4 A i'v. " 1. - , . . ' -T: -fu ", 1' ' , I 3-1' z, - ' ' I.. I. 'Q' --Eff' ' I3 4- II ' I xp: ' .. I - f'II I I-. , . A - Y 1 . ' : -, , ,I 'u' gif. 'PAQ .Il .I , 'kg r . 1' f. ' A I- Q I , 1-f g -,Y , - . , ,. , Lim, ' . gf -If II I. II , , -'. - 2 3,35 ,g. I - .nr-4, - . '1 --T.. 15' T L' A ' 'A' .- : , ' : ' - ' w 1 .1 4- ,I .. Iwi . -E. I I, 1 V, . FL, MT. TI 1 ' 9 I apr-."fj" . :'- ,Q-ft: ,Ai -5 , -. '1"i...- 1 - - .' 1- " -1, .N-45'.?'!,-1 - 'fm L' '- , 3'-1-1-3,-gi'I.'f?' 1 - 1- .I-fqfa. guy- -- If . -ik Ig. . ,yy J-.I II. , .I , I II- .I ' A Z' , 'X - ' VIII. II , . . , XI fl-.1 I'-1' -1. ,I I I " .. I-lk - . ga. .1 1.4 I ' "I Iri-, -:. .I , - I 'A je l . ' V' -"2 - , . M, 77 -, I uQ4 qw ' .1 ' 3- - 5, - . , .x,5j43Z"iQ1 Iv IIIII - I . ,.,. , I -11: , fI . u 115' - .-fx- '- 5' bg'-1 1 - "LS t.- - V -." .1. -.2.hf..4 . -vm.. . .mwfk . . Q. 1. ' 'i' ' 1 A . . I I I II, .I ' - f "I , Elf N1 . ' fl,fi?': - .' . 7 ' Q' 2- -., . ,. 1' 5 21' AI. .- I .. , -, 't - ,114 , , . I I , ,I III,,,k.- I Y '- ' fa "'!f'5i1'f-55: -A x QL' 4:1 ' '. " 3 H-1-4,1-' - 1 ,. -. - . . -. -. 1- . - - -Lf 5: V+' X f ' ' ' -1 ' J: . ,-- 1 .- 5: ' 5" . . I 1 3 . I .1- . . X 4 f f ,. . I . X' ! '- . - .. . ,K , I: gi II I, . . 'P 4 'fi - . , , -1' Q V-5 - 4 - xx-. ' , I , I .- If II -II ,If Q. . -- 1 A '-."flf'Z::1--12 - ai. - -- , f - . - - -wff' Q , I,I.--L-1.51,-L'-!.I,I .MI - ,sl 1 .--,--.1 . ,-I I I I I ' I nf, III- mg.yge-'ILM-.. '-I' II ,L I -3-' . ' I' ,-I'-Q. ,- ' I . .frwvfs if --gg -iw --mi -4 ' .' J: '. 5 v 'N i ' .9 .. . .- ' " 'f?3'E:'1 L 'ww :il ' ' -,.n. ' ' A 7 5" " -Lili -r 3 -.,"'--- . , 1 - -I I -. 1 , ,.-4, gf , ,I Iv., ,I -,1.,f-,- ' fit' ' ' H - 1, '.,.4i ,194 z -V 'M -- , 151' 4,9 -F.-M 1"-rf ' " .' - ' - -"'-H: -. :Z '-- YL" - 1 . ' A --2915 ,.- , mf? Q-5 .-up -at . , . w '. I,'o,- ' , - Q . I,.5:- II I +L,-.1 - . , I,xII I I-.II I Inn, In I . , I' -1 ' Emi 5 ,I x w- I , --- 1 A I Ir .I I QI - II-- -- . I -II I - - - .J ' ' I . ff.--Q ' II. , , ,, :II Q ' gr - A '. jf - '- .-I 4-5115i -I ' . ' . -BQ my.. -- . -' f v if - f " 1 29' . 5' 4. . ' ' f . V .- Q' A 9. -re---H '4 , - - 'F ' , .' " i i ' ' I n " 1' "3 ' f xv '. " " ' I u 4 i 1 : ""1'f '. I ,W ,, . ,c ' Q wi f? ' A-'vk'. 11. 'T '11 . 'I A' v 4' S' -S A Q -5 1' A xv- if ,J Q , 33 N , S13 W' K f 2 Pi V ,Img lm, -0. 7464 74 Wine We Zine OUR SCHOOL The school building was comp1eted in March 10, 1952, and that was of 1956 were the first freshman class to start our high school edu cation in this new building Beloved Natoma High School where Old King Clock held sway and alternated the hours of sound and silence with an iron hand whose doors admitted us to four fleet ing years of study fun and preparation for maturity the mark that some of us hit and others came close to Where beyond win dowed doors were stately evergreens, which moved with every breeze from Tim,e's quiet passing . . . that sometimes bowed their heads, and dipped their branches under heavy, snowy mantles. Sponsored by the NATOMA PUBLISHING COMPANY Vin, the day the faculty and students moved into the building. We, the class ' -- ' , u tv :uv . . . 1 ' Natoma, Kansas kyilgf in 'G We Deciicczte 7464 Zack 70 We dedicate this yearbook to our principal, Dennis W. Cowan, the person who has stretched a helping hand, an understanding heart, a ready mind, and a cheerful smile to our school and those in it for two years. To this indomitable man, our counselor and guide, whom We will long remember and can never forget, We extend our hands in warm friendship as we dedicate this yearbook to him. Zoned of Education LEFT T0 RIGHT: Mr. Ernest Heitschmidt, Clerkg Mr. F. W. Hacklneister, Treasurerg Mr. DonCl1ris1er, Director -wa -. 1 1 -fi ' r ,A . . lp-M" . -'Ml .nftlijg Ji A ,fr 21 . Q. . ,n -7,-.1 -."." ' 4" . ,Q jf 3,11 ,wr , rgfhi rr l'.l""'g 7, ' I 13,11 ,H-J ,. ,rfh . .. , - -fp 31-fu., U f,,,,'.,.1,g - qv .Aff.r.w - f fl :i f . 31' 2' .i":I'- 5'-.' L,-6 wi SP' ' -1- ." .'-9 ff' -1 ' 1 -z " 'fry A L .- I : 1' iv iff- '- "r - Qld f 'I , W""fQ'?J HW ai W -' 'QE E, 1': 'ig 4 an f . ','7:+,f45-'T 1' ' , n , , 'Mp ,X .V-, - r r A . I f.,,,, J .1 '.'1 cg!" , - ' . ' 1-V at --L.z.1-,Q :V -I, - Y ,glff ,"'.'. DENNIS COWAN BEATRICE BRUNGARDT Principal Senior Sponsor IUDITH BLANKENBURG madly Freshmen Sponsor DUZ 1 ff '-va! 'N'-rw kliflii me GREAT ww W cg, ua, l C1h:.szf,E'1AT'0N ,. milf' 'aa ' U' NH Lai:-1-,Iii nriuryfi' i ff f A 'rl -1 ff' .p , ,ff , ,. ff ,H '. x I+ -r . ll? 2 gf.. I Z MHZ JOHNNY LOCKE Sophomore Sponsor CD MILDRED FULLER F. H. A. Sponsor -4 LY LE GOP F Junior Sponsor R. B. FELDKAMP CAROL ANDERSON F. F. A. Sponsor Student Council Sponsor ' N. Sponsored by MARCELLA AND DOROTI-IY'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Na.tom.a, Kansas ff git jg STANDING: Loren Burger, President. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lloyd Owsald, Lynn Wait, Max Boller, Cynthia Krueger, Q Vice-President, and Carol Anderson, Sponsor. FRONT ROW: Carol Lynn Ricliniond, Janice Snavely, Alice Krcft, and Patricia X Bocdeker, Secretary and Treasurer. N . i vi xioxlfigl v LQVAR ,yi VQQSXAO 2, .Q"' ' Cliff Bessey Janitor Sporis ored by RICHMOND MAPES I, G, A. Alvin Pruter, Ben Stanfield, and Ira Kirkendall. SLOCUM'S DRUG STORE Natoma, Kansas fi.:- sh Harold Rai rncy Cliff Bessey X C Z BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Johnny Maupin, Vice -Presidentg Miss Brungardt, Sponsor. FRONT ROW: Martin John, President, Cynthia Krueger, Treasurerp Max Boller, Student Council, and Loretta Nauman, Secretary. Class Colors: Z .1 Aacfbinf 40 2 wjigifll :Q fi? 4 '7 I 7u,fQ 4 'W Q Blue and White A Class Flowers' Ptnk and Wlnte Carnatlon Class Motto "Not How Much . But I-low Well, " rum misses Q LORETTA NAU CYN Sponsored by , MAN DRAKE'S BEN FRANKLIN and CAROL KAY SHOP Natoma, Kansas PM N Ind' " ' .il. X-'E-yx 'C I? I .. 44. M., 1 - H . L 1 , it h A CYNTHIA KRUEGER JOHNNY MAUPIN LORETTA NAUMAN MARTIN .IOHN i gl. l A 6086074 '1' I A x EDDIE BREIT ETTA MAE WHITE 5 ,MG LILA LOU BEISNER DUANE MILLER VIVIAN WHITTINGTON LOREN BURGER RUTH KOELLING RONALD BAIRD PATRICIA BOEDEKER Qi -div-3 11' Ac' he-5,,....f KAREN DOTY RANDY MCFADDEN DOROTHY MERZ MAX BOLLER 7756 J Q VIOLA BLANK RICHARD SCHNEIDER ROBERT BOEDEKER DEANNA BECK LYLE LUHMAN BLAINE WINDER ALVIN MATHESON GWENDOLYN SCHLOH JIM DRISKEL TI-IUMB NAIL SKETCHES OF THE SENIORS '56 f 5 In the next few pages, we wish to present a few off-beat facts K 'X about some off-beat seniors. These are just a few of the little f things you might know about us--things like our favorite hobbies X or our dreams of the future. We hope you enjoy reading about the distinguishing qualities of the '56 Seniors! DOROTHY MERZ ln her spare time, Dot likes to read--she enjoys dancing-- plans to attend Fort Hays State College--Would like to be an English or a Dramatics teacher. Etta enjoys textile painting and playing the piano--her favorite subject in high Blaine enjoys hunting and playing football--likes beefsteak and his favorite type of music is western --the subject he enjoyed most in high school was Voc. Ag. --Blaine plans to be a farmer, BLAINE WINDER T uf' 5 X 2 Xi Xu . , 'iff' . JOHNNY MAUPIN Johnny enjoys playing football more than anything else--he likes to dance and listen to western music--his plans are to attend Fort Hays State College this Fall. Working with cattle and making money are Lyle's main interests --he has been a good high school was Home Economics school basketball player- -he --She would like to study likes fried chicken and his favor Music Theology at Colorado Springs Bible College. ETTA MAE WHITE MARTIN JOHN "Bud" enjoys working in the oil fields--He likes music and sings bass in the Boys' Quartet--He would like to attend college in California and become a lawyer ite subject has been Voc. Ag, -- Plans to be a farmer. LYLE LUHMAN ROBERT BOEDEKER Bob enjoys gardening--has a bit of a green thumb--he will join the Air Force after grad- uation--he hopes to become a pilot--this is strictly for the birds--we hope you make it, Bob! Nagar '-f Jry 5 xv-- X f, C A32- Viola likes to read, listen to the radio, and dance--her favorite sport is basketball-- she remembers best in her high school career the senior play rehearsal aftermaths. She plans to attend college and study Home Economics. VIOLA BLANK Ronald has a very nice bari- tone voice--likes jump music --his favorite subject in high school was Shop and he likes to tinker with cars. RONALD BAIRD JIM DRISKEL Lying in the shade is Jim's favorite occupation--he also likes to swim--he plans to work in the oil field after graduation then go to meat cutting school so he can be- come a meat cutter. 11 LBP' LOREN BURGER Loren likes popular music and ice cream. He enjoys reading --his favorite movie was Picnic--favorite movie stars are Kim Novac and Wm. Holden--wants to go to college and may become a C.P.A. jf .- Lila Lou likes to hike and ride in airplanes--she en- joys fine music and reading science fiction--her favorite sport is football--she plans to be a Chemist. LILA LOU BEISNER L.I MAX BOLLER Swimming and football are Max's favorite sports--but he will be pretty busy during the summer driving a truck in harvest--Because of his in- terest in hopped-up cars, Max would like to be a pro- fessional hotrodder. WE-fL.f Dancing is Duane's favorite passtime--his pet peeve is Ford cars--favorite type of music is western--basket- ball is his favorite sport-- likes steak--he plans to be a farmer, DUANE MILLER K X, Cooking and sewing are Pat's favorite passtimes-- Shc likes music and enjoys traveling--Her plans are to attend Fort Hays State College and study Home Economics. PATRICIA BOEDEKER X Traveling is Ruth's favor- ite hobby--She is an honor student and a fine speaker --Business seems to be her main interest--She intends to attend college but is undecided as to which one. RUTH KOELLING 12 I as GWENDOLYN SCHLOH Collection pitchers and dolls are Gwen's favorite hobbies-- she enjoys fine music and possesses a fine soprano voice --she is undecided about a career and future plans. --L. fff "Tuffy" Breit likes to hunt and play football-- His favorite food is steak --favorite movie is 'The Moon is B1ue"-- Eddie plans to study Agriculture at Fort Hays State College. EDDIE BREIT I ., untmuu RICHARD SCHNEIDER Wood working and making model cars are Richard's hobbies--his favorite sport is football and his favorite food is steak--he liked Sociology better than any other sub- ject--he plans to join the Navy after school and make a career of being a mechanic. da: ref.. -dv Deanna has attained many honors exhibiting cattle all over the country--she likes to dance--she plans to attend Fort Hays State College this fall and major in Home Economics. DEANNA BECK KAREN DOTY The high school event Karen will always remember is the senior play --favorite subject is Home EC. -- enjoys dancing and basketball games --undecided about future. .f bears watching! VIVIAN WHITTINGTON Vivian enjoys popular music and basketball games--she admires the human trait of humility in an individual--likes fried chicken-- she has proved her shorthand a- bility--her future plans are in- definite. ALVIN MATHESON Alvin proved his acting ability in the speech play --playing pool is his favorite sport--he would like to go to college-- will probably farm as 3 Career. Randy likes to read science fiction books--his hand writing analysis tells us that he is a deep thinker He plans to attend college and would like to study Astronauticsfspace travelj Now here is a boy that RANDY MC FADD EN no 4 1 I , DJ x ' - Trail' 5 U an 'fa Q R . ff 1 ,iz fi 1 . 4. f 3' I - 'I gy in I ' ' V Y, ii ' ,Z 9 s R f i it ' " f X I .W wa -- 4 , 'rg 1 Rolin Burger 1 Edgar Weigel Jolene Kady .So f' , Q . 'N K Q- I .-Q , Y 0 Bob Miller Rlllll Hackeron Dorothy Boedelcer il -Q l T , rx: ' rl! Al' I f-111' . ' Janice Snavley Kenny Turner Mabel Albrecht Elizabeth Velr George Reynolds Freida Naylor amine ,... Dick White Gerald Crawford Sponsored by STAR SEED-- FEED--PRODUCE " Osborn, Kansas Rowan Camp THE QUALITY FURNITURE STORE LEFT TO RIGHT: Lloyd Oswald, Presidentg Janice Snavely, Stu- O I K dent Councilg A. J. Lindahl, Vice-Presidentg Marilyn Koelling, S jorn' ansas Treasurerg Jerry Wells, Secretaryg Mr. Goff, Sponsorg Gary Sclxloh, Re porter. John J. VanScyoc, . - . l P ss: Q 'Q' o js Q K 2 as 1 x .Qu 5 .gi ! JI Q f , 59, Q "' X Vg lf U F 51" .pol 'fi-vp-r 1:14 i Lloyd Oswald A. I. Lindahl Marilyn Koelling Jerry Wells Gary Schloh yyy fi V www . A ' ' 3 S - A s 2 fa fb 'ra f Q 5 K 53:5 1 . , K T7 95 K Q , gf z, V it 5 X K 1 . is be or 3 L f y yy sr If ' ' A f li Y' 7 if 1 "k A "' . .. 1' 01 K K ,. Wfk,,.:r .Q ,RT Q 'I' A ,K I L1 ' 5' v- , , X 'Jr I I " Donnie Munsell Beth Chesney Ted Hutchcraft Karen Seaman 'MH A scene of the Junior Play. LEFT TO RIGHT: Alice Kreft, Dorothy Boedeker, A. I. Lindahl, Karen Seaman, Lloyd Oswald. f Alice Kreft James Finnesy Mary Ann Reese YF? Mary A. Hachmeister Dennis Finnesy Attorney -at -claw Osborn, Kansas Sponsored by RANEY DRUG STORE Osborn, Kansas Marvin Reynolds ULRICH CHEVROLET CO. Lucas , Kansas r E. A. FORD 4 3' , 73 Y..- fl .1 Lynn Wait K X gh X , .Ei 1 ' ' , L . C . L it .H X V Q i i is ,,1 5 Nila Breit Darrell Finch Marina Masters Earl Ward Lyle Brown Carol Beck Q 1 to. v 'f-.., ' "x Mimi Kruse David Boedeker Harold Nagel Margaret Dickinson a damafze ima CLASS OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Darrell Finch, Treasurerg Nila Breit, Sec- retaryg Lynn Wait, Student Councilg Marina Masters, Reporterg Earl Ward, Vice-Pres- identg David Boedeker, Presidentg Johnny Locke, Sponsor. X iihilg if . 5' Q xy l ' We if-if-Q C, e V D of 25 W Phmograph J fl , T' not available Lola Mae Boyd Dan Koehler Beverly Beck Kenneth Kerbaugh Betty Dawe Gene ChriS16r Mary Ann Finnesy Glenn Crawford L .. iw L f ,,r A Aiir '1 ii 9 it , K is "' i madman 44 Berneita Griffin .4k, av Q- P ' I Bertha Hays t. Glenn Pfortmlller Rxchard Dnskel Mlldred Merz James Crosby Patty Matheson 'fi i i QQ ' 1 Q i 'zeadmea :M ' I :Ky W Y I .K E E ,X K XX Delwin Locke J Y Kay Harbaugh . y Nj Q , L7 X! L+- CJ , .-'- ,.4.. ..,,,. , ' 'Z f ' K --1- " V "'- gi . Nellie Thurston H LLL Bob Mohler I-.-f Q... v Benny Miller Elaine Pruter 1? Bruce Ward Sharon Newton 'E' Elaine Hoskins Lyle Saine ve., B A R :'3 ?2w Marlene Hutchcraft V 6 ' 4- ' i , t M Tommy Turner is y i ' t as is .ff :Q A ' ,,,, ' I -v ' ' 'Y r i '. B A . ' r A ' -5 fax ,,' wi 4 1- R: A I Y .1 W . A Russell Reynolds Freshmen Initiation Carol veh 1 4--Q 5 I 9 Y z, ,fF"':I.:', , , xx' -X 1 1 , Dcahcct' 5919 MI 'X 5 77Zaa6c 7eaZ6m6 zdlzdgd I .gg Band I Clarinet Trio Mixed Chorus I Lloyd Oswald, Tennor Saxaphone Girls Glee I Mary Ann I-Iachmeistery Girls Quartet I Saxaphone Alice Kreft, Clarinet I Janice Snavley, Saxaphone Marina Masters, " I Lola Boyd, Voice Loretta Nauman, Piano I Frieda Naylor, Flute Loretta Nauman, Flute I Kenny Turner, Saxaphone Boys C3166 U Rowen Camp, Drums Boys Quartet II Beverly Beck, Cynthia Krueger, Voice II Baritone Saxaphone Clarinet Trio U Beverly Winder, Trombone Margaret Dickinson, Piano CHIO1 Anderson Carol Beck, Voice Music Instructor Slade 77fa4cc 7e4ZcaczZ 2454494 Girls Quartet I Marina Masters, Clarinet Loretta. Nauman, Piano I Alice Kreft, " I Loretta Naumen, Flute mpafzda Schaiazahge 1-fwazala Natoma High School--Class C--Second Place ENGLISH TEAM--II Delwin Locke, Margaret Dickinson, Lloyd Oswald, Lila Beisner. SPELLING TEAM--II Delwin Locke, Margaret Dickinson, Ted Hutchcraft, Cynthia Krueger. BUSINESS TEAM--III Loren Burger--Business Arithmetic Ruth Koelling- -Bookkeeping Beth Chesney--Typing Loretta Nauman- -Shorthand MATH 8: SCIENCE TEAM--III Marina Masters--Algebra Marilyn Koelling--Plane Geometry Lila Lou Beisner--Physics Delwin Locke--General Science INDIVIDUAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Loretta Nauman--I--Shorthand Cynthia Krueger- -I- -SpellingXI, XII Ruth Koelling- -I- -Bookkeeping A. J. Lindahl--III--Plane Geometry Lila Lou Beisner--III--English XII Delwin Locke--III--General Science Lloyd Oswald--IV--Typing I Ted Hutchcraft--IV--Spelling XI, XII Lila Lou Beis ner - - V- -Physics HONORABLE MENTION 'f""""g -3 7 x,i"'iWf Vivian Whittington- -Shorthand ,IX Viola Blank-- Bookkeeping ...F Lloyd Oswald--English XI Delwin Locke--English IX " Loretta Nauman- -Physics Beth Chesney--Typing I Sponsored by DALLAS CORDILL Attorney-at-law, Osborn, Kansas Cynthia Krueger--American History Marilyn Koelling--Plane Geometry C fl: f Ir " III III III III III III III G Qqee -L I Karen explains the Geometry problem. Business law students pose for a picture. A - 11151154 When "Andy" is late, Loretta takes over. The Freshmen busy at reading literature. The shorthand students rest after a dictation V- .. ar QQ' e s 9-'af The typing students take a timing. Home EC- gms bu5Y making a spring costume. E AL wh The Senior in Physics set up an experiment. ':J,f 1A The hilarious Sophomore boys are VOC- AS- 4 b0Y5 P056 for 3 Picture at work in Voc. Ag. IRO 45 -gf-35 :y W Wand 3 J NT ROW, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: A. J. L. , Tcd H. , lililinc P., E1iZJbCtll V. , Nullic T. , Rcrtlixl H. , Carol SLCUNID ROW: Gary S. , M41rtinJ. , Jcrry W., Patricia B. , Dorothy M, , Betty D. , Betty 5. THIRD ROW: Bob M R , andy M., Marvin R. , Karon , Mary Ann H. , Ruth H. , Carol B., Bcrncita G. FOURTH ROWg Ronald B., un Ii. , Lloyd O. , Marilyn W, , jolcntf K. , Bcth C. , Lila Lou B.. Loretta N. ew' 2 Zfcmdnez' 'uh LEFT TO RIGHT: Alice Marin' Krcft, Ruth Koclling, and Marina Maxsturs, A ' Sponsored by -XL 'MOVUUS' DUKEWITS MOTOR COMPANY, INC. A TLT PAW 'vw NX- Ford Sales and Service .ww LEW xc B, wx Natoma, Kansas W A O.. LY THE CENTURY INDEMNITY Co. LW and INEZ SCHLOH AGENCY Natoma, Kansas 2664 FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mildred M. , Patty M. , Carroll Lynn R. , Gail G. , Lyle B. , Carol Anderson, Instructor. SECOND ROW: Cynthia K. , Viola B. , Janice S. , Marina M. , Sharon N. . Margarot D. , Toni T. . Richard S. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann R. , Vivian W. , Lola Mac B. , Kay H. , Alice K. , David B. , Rowcn C., Don M. FOURTH ROW: Ruth K. , Dorothy B. , Gwendolyn S. , Marilyn K. , Beverly W. , Robert B. , I I X Kcnnoy T. , Blaine W Ruth Koclling and Marina Masters AROM Lila LEFT T Sponsored by LOU B., K? RIGHT: L JERRY's CLEANER 'CH SH Ofwraw and Cyan.,-G H Co-op FARMER'S EXCHANGE K- Natoma, Kansas 0 i aaemffed .. -'vm -- - K. . Lila B HT: 1XW"L - . G' . urr Tomo Kcmk., My 5-. fx.1.Q,,. I FROM L rs. 5 T-. Bt- MRID 'X K patriud Vcrly W Cy -. Rnti . . g 5 ' ' P K. I I' FRONT ROW N. , Carol B. , Tom T. . Marilyn K. , Gary S. , Lila B. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann H. , Mary Ann R. , Mary Ann F. , Janice S. , Buvcrly W. , Dorothy M. THIRD ROW: Lloyd O. , Deanna B. . Beverly B. , Patricia B. , Margaret IJ M bl ' , FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Alice K. , Ruth K. , Marina M. , Carol V. . Beth C. , Frieda N. . Loretta 1 . , a 1.1 A. . Cyp K. , JO K. FOURTH ROW: Lola Mae B. , Rowen C. , Karen S. , Robert B. , Kenney T. , Carol Andc rson, lnstruc tor. FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Marina M. , Mary Ann H. , Bertha H. , Mildred M. . CarolV. , Nellie T. , Carroll Lynn R. , Patricia B. , Carol Anderson, Instructor. SECOND ROW: Berneita G. , Viola B. , Margaret D. , Dorothy M. , Sharon N. , Patty M. , Janice S. , Elizabeth V. , Betty S. THIRD ROW: Lola Mae B., Kay H. , Karen S. , Ruth H. . Carol B. , Betty D. , Elaine P. . Cynthia K. , Vivian W. , Alice K. FOURTH ROW: Beverly W. , Marilyn K. , Beth C. , Lila Lou B. , Loretta N. , Mary Ann R. , Ruth K. , Dorothy B. , Gwendolyn S. , Marilyn W., Jolene K. l FRONT Row, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry W., Lyle B., can G., A. J. L., 'red H., Carol Anderson, Instructor. SECOND ROW: Donald M. , Harold N. , Richard S. , Tom T. . Martin I. , Gary S. , Marvin R. THIRD ROW: Ronald B. , Loren B. , Lloyd W. . Bob M. , Randy M. , Robert B. , Kenney T. , Blaine W. Sponsored by CUT-RATE MARKET and MIDWAY CAFE, Natoma, Kansas Seadafz Sneak E M1 4 - I 'L - , V I 1 mfg Hx fl TN W X. pix g RE ARMERSOF AM R O1 D E ,"?" 1 Wax ' 7 7 I4 ' oonfdk' 5 W , . . A Ap , U ' f via lv ' uk ,QRKQEQ 3 k,.E A EM' C o Q' Q L k 0 Q , " EVENT TEAM RANK Plainville Leadership Officers 2nd Information School 5th Ritual Hoxie Crops Earl Ward School Lynn Wait 7th Harold Nagel ""' Stockton Poultry Earl Ward 'er' School Dan Koehler 4th Dennis Finnesy Foster Farms Livestock Dan Koehler School Darrel Finch llth Lynn Wait Colby Experiment Station Harold Nagel I mesgqlem School Darrel Finch 13th Bmw Bien' Gene Chrisler Hays Crop School Team llth LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Feldkamp, Advisor, Lloyd Oswald, Reporter, Lyle Luhman, Vice-Presidentg Eddie Breit, Pres- ident, Max Boller, Secretaryg Gerald Crawford, Treasurer, Blaine Winder, Sentinel. SECOND ROW: Alvin Matheson, Johnny Maupin, Bob Boller, Lynn Wait, Martin John, Wynn Lindahl, Bob Mohler, Gene Chrisler, Gail Griffin. THIRD ROW: Glenn Pfortmiller, Tommy Turner, Glenn Crawford, Benny Miller, Harold Nagel, Edgar Weigel, Kenneth Kerbaugh, Dan Koehler, James Finnesy, Richard Schneider, Lyle Saine. BACK ROW: Glenn Drake, Bruce Ward, Dennis Finnesy, Duane Miller, Loren Burger, Darrel Finch, Earl Ward, Delwin Locke, Rowan Camp, and Russell Reynolds. FHA OFFICERS President . . . . . Loretta Nauman Vice-President . . Mary Ann Hachmeister SeCreta1'y . . . Patricia Boedeker Treasurer . . Marina Masters Reporter . . Gwendolyn Schloh Song Leader . Lola Mae Boyd Historian . . . Elizabeth Veh Parlianientarian . . . . . . Nyla Breit Student Council Member . . Alice Mae Kreft Chapter Mothers . . Mrs. Ernest I-Ieitschmidt Mrs. Harold Beck Sponsor . . . Miss Mildred Fuller octane Wamemcwew ,ffmefzdca BACQK ROW: l.Ul'L'lIZl Niilllllllll, Jolcnc Krtdy, Gwendolyn Schloll, Marilyn Wait, llcvcrly Winder, Bcvcrly Bcck, R.mrt-n Iloty, I,ilrn Lon Rtisriur, Aliu- Mat' Kraft. SECOND ROW: Lola Mac Boyd, Nyla Brcit, Bcrnuita Griffcn, Mary flnn Iltwsv, Ruth llztvkt-rott, Mary Ann Finncsy, Deanna Bcck, Kay Harbaugh. THIRD ROW: Patty Jo Mnllrt-wil, Rtrtty lmwt-, llltnintr Pruitt-r, Viola Blank, Caro1Beck, Vivian Whittington, Margaret Dickcnson, Pxutrit-in lint-tltrkt-r. FRONT ROW: Mildred Mt-rz, Carroll Lynn Richmond, Mabel Albrecht, Sharon Newton, M.1ry Ann llqwlirrrt-ister, Marina Masters, Elizabeth Vuh, Carol Vch, Miss Mildred Fnllcr. Sponsored by THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Natoma, Kansas QUEEN fw- 1.- Qpx it Loretta Nauman ATTENDANTS Q1 ' Mary Ann Hachmneister A Cynthia Krueger Bette Snavely Sponsored by THE CONTINENTAL GRAIN COMPANY Natoma, Kansas Carol Anderson Coach ,X john Ma npin kiddie Bruit Blaine Winder Jim Driskel 7m 7955-56 740115466 S Natoma Visitors Sept. Z3 424-05 sept. 30 Q6-131 Oct. 7 Q12-OJ oct. 14 Q13-op Oct. Z1 Q6-61 oct. as Q19-27, Nov. 2 Q32-191 Nov. ll Q13-71 .ll.4 - Ransom Glen Elder Bunker Hill Luray Sylvan Grove Lucas Wilson Alton Randy BACK- ROW: Carol Anderson, Randy Mc Fadden, Bob Miller, Donald Munsell, Blaine Winder, Dennis Finnesy, Darrell Finch, Kenny Turner, Marvin Reynolds, Lyle Goff. SECOND ROW: Tom Turner, Richard Schneider, Bob Boller, Gene Chrisler, Delton Finch, John Maupin, Mimi Kruse, Gail Griffin, Lyle Saine, A. J. Lindahl. FIRST ROW: Dan Koehler, Jiln Finnesy, Rowan Camp, Eddie Breit, Jim Driskel, Max Boller, Jerry Wells, Gary Schloh, Lynn Wait. McFadden Max Boller Lynn Wait Richard Schneider 7 The football season began as 30 boys reported out un- der the instruction of "Andy" Anderson and Lyle Goff, as sistant. The team won third place in the league but they tied Sylvan Grove who placed first. The 19 boys who made letters this year are: Max Boller Eddie Breit Rowan Camp Lynn Wait .lim Driskel Jerry Wells Dennis Finnesy James Finnesy Blaine Winder Mimi Kruse A. J. Lindahl Donald Muns ell John Maupin Randy McFadden Bob Miller Marvin Reynolds Gary Schloh Richard Schneider Kenny Turner FJ gf rs ,l ' 9 Lyle Goff Assistant Coach gr Kenny Turner BACK ROW: Bette Snavely, Max Boller, Mary Ann Hachrneister, Dennis Finnesy, Loretta Nauman, Eddie Breit, Cynthia Krueger, Johnny Maupin. FRONT ROW: Laah Hachmeister, Gail Boller, Sylvia Krueger. Rowan Camp Donald Munsell Bob Miller Jerry Wells 3. Gary Scholh " ri' Dennis Finnesy Ma rv in Reynolds N " . 'ffl ' Y R K: 55 fl ' U me ' s' V glAr I i. fig? . A . 4 X l gage' cweetfcdl BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Delwin Locke, Earl Ward, Loren Burger, Lyle Luhman, Ronald Baird, Dennis Finnesy, Bruce Ward, Kenny Turner, Donald Munsell. MIDDLE ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Student Manager, A. J. Lindahl, Lynn Wait, David Boedeker, Marvin Reynolds, Bob Miller, Gary Schloh, Jerry Wells, Ted Hutchcraft, Bob Boller. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach, John Locke, Robert Mohler, Gene Chrisler, Tommy Turner, Harold Nagel, Glen Drake, Wynn Lindahl, Lyle Saine, Gail Griffin, and Assistant Coach, Lyle Goff. Secwanh faced "A" TEAM "B" TEAM Natoma 66 Dorrance 5l Natoma 52 Plainville 42 Natoma 64 Plainville Natoma Alrnena Natoma 41 Almena Natoma Wilson Natoma 56 Wilson Natoma Victoria Natoma 55 Codell Natoma Logan Natoma 63 Victoria Natoma Osborne Natoma 56 Luray Natoma Gorham Natoma 71 Waldo Natoma Downs Natoma 59 Logan Natoma Lucas Natoma 47 Paradise Natoma Palco Natoma 85 Osborne Natoma Bunker Hill Natoma 68 Gorham, Natoma 6 5 Bunker Hill Natoma 64 Downs Natoma 95 Lucas Natoma 56 Palco Sponsored by , X X- MACK-WELLING LUMBER COMPANY, Natoma, Kansas xilfgfql Q DERBY SERVICE STATION N f Clyde Boller, Manager, Natoma, Kansas J de dw! ea BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bruce Ward, Earl Ward, Donald Munsell, Bob Miller, Gary Schloh, Coach, John LOCR6. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Delwin Locke, Loren Burger, Ronald Baird, Lyle Luhman, and Dennis Finnesy. 7awummea1! Sawzea LEAGUE REGIONAL Natoma 67 Luray 43 DISTRICT Natoma 68 Lenora 53 Natorna 60 Paradise 40 Natoma 62. Lucas 32 Natoma 49 Downs 36 Natoma 43 Dorrance 41 Natoma 52. Claflin 48 Natoma 43 Claflin 50 . z..j ,r ..,, ,,,.. . ,,, ., as T enaY First Place League Trophy First Place District Trophy Sponsored by MR. and MRS. JOHN I-IUXMAN Natoma, Kansas Natoma Natoma Natoma -'ga aged! E4-6440144 Secwcwlz femme! Dorrance Z-1 Natoma 45 Bunker Hill 40 Codell ZZ Natoma 57 Waldo 41 Luray 18 Natoma 45 Lucas 19 Natoma 57 Paradise 32 FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Patty M. , Mabel A. , Elaine P. , Margaret D. , Marina M. . Betty D. , Elaine H. , Mary Ann H. CENTER: Cyp K. BACK ROW: Coach, Johnny L.g Marilyn K., Beth C. , Beverly W. , Bcvcrly B. , Marilyn W. , Mary F. , Nila B. , Kay H. , Mary R. , Karen S. , Carol B. 34 I BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jolene Kady, Gwendolyn Schloh, Marilyn Koelling, Karen Doty, Beverly Beck, Beverly Winder, Marilyn Wait, Beth Chesney, Dorothy Boedeker, Lila Lou Beisner, Loretta Nauman. SECOND ROW FROM BACK, LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Seaman, Ruth Hackerott, Mary A. Reese, Mary A. Finnesy, Ruth Koelling, Alice Kreft, Nila Breit, Kay Harbaugh, Deanna Beck, Berneita Griffin. THIRD ROW FROM BACK, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Fuller, Sponsorg Frieda Naylor, Sharon Newton, Viola Blank, Carol Beck, Lola Boyd, Vivian Whittington, Elaine Hoskins, Elaine Pruter, Dorothy Merz, Patricia Boedeker. FOURTH ROW FROM BACK, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Veh, Mildred Merz, Bertha Hays, Carroll Lynn Richmond, Mabel Albrecht, Elizabeth Veh, Marlene Hutchcraft, Nellie Thurston. CHEERLEADERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cynthia Krueger, Mary Ann Hachmeister, Janice Snavely and Bette Snavley. Sedan! Song For Natorna High we are singing Ever praises of NHS. The school that without exception Is the finest one in the West. Where students forever are loyal A I y And the teachers are kind and true. E ' 1, Let us all sing our best. I For red and white ADV, Ever Praising Natorna High. Gly X .nm xl: jg XXX' 'X TEA et X 0 Q rxf ' Sponsored by BANKER'S and THE HOME STATE BANK Russell, Kansas 35 THE LITTLE DOG LAUGI-IED Laurie Hintington, Cynthia Krueger Sidney Juntington . . Ronald Baird Martha Huntington . Loretta Nauman Wally Huntington . . . Max Boller Miss Gustavesky . Vivian Whittington Joan Wood . . . Lila Lou Beisner Ted Wood . . . Lyle Luhman Lillian Wood . . . Karen Doty Mark Bradford . . Loren Burger Horatio P. Honeywell ..... Radny McFadden Guests at Martha's Tes: Amelia Dennis .... Deanna Beck Caroline Blakesly. Gwendolyn Schloh Grace Schoenbeck. Patricia Boedeker Walola Breckenridge. . Viola Blank Therese Brown , , Dorothy Merz Blaine Winder . . . Stage Manager Beatrice Brungardt . . . Director v' I , , ii 'W 1' ,N E Lyle' C1OSQ0iX5Ot '73 iiii 1 imc ,xl i f I X ,lv ,s Qi, Y Bxgivgva gkce' Bot at 00 Bieilxoi SQ fandom Play THE INNER WILLIE Willoughby Adams. Lloyd Oswald Inner Willie. . . A. J. Lindahl Aunt Hester. . . Karen Seaman Aunt Louise. . Dorothy Boedeker Aunt Olga .... Alice Kreft Stanley Clark . . . Bob Miller Mike ..... Ted Hutchc raft Marybelle Turner, Ruth Hackerott Janet Marshall. . Janice Snavley Trudy Marshall ...... Mary Ann Hachrneister Carol Martin . . . Jolene Kady Lyle Goff . . . . Director The Entrance to the Banquet Hall MENU Cover Charge 315.00 per Couple Dinners De Luxe 512.50 per Plate Course I - VINS Champagne Chateau Pontet Canet Medoc Bordeaux Bourgogne Blanc Course II - APERITIFS Blue Point Oysters Tete De Porg En Gelee Shrimp Cocktail Plate Champlain Course III - SOUPS Consomme De La Paree Onion Au Grouton Bouillon Course IV Lettuce Au Dressing Salade De La Vie Chef's Salade Course V - ENTREE Whole Broiled Lobster Venaison Steak Poivrade Tete De Veau Raic Au Beurre Noir Filet De Sole Meuniere Omlette Fines Herbes Course VI - DESSERT Assorted French Pastries Gaufrette A La Mode Rum Ice Cream Biscuit Tortoni Cheese Cake Fruit Tart Course VII - FROMAGES Swiss Blue Camembert Chevres Course VIII Demi Tasse Nuts Sponsored by THE PACIFIC HOTEL Natoma, Kansas amine- eniaz w 'gcwgaer .l b s and . Poem 4' . 9- CARTE DE LA PROGRAMJVIE First Floor Show 7:00 Station NHS on the Air Master of Ceremonies - Bing Crosby S-Stork Club Is Honored ........,,...... Bing Crosby T-Thank You, Our Hosts ...... ....... J ack Benny O-On With The Show ...........,...... Ginger Rogers R.-Rhythmic Harmony ..., The Andrews Sisters K-Keyhole Snooping ...........,.,..,,..,...,. Sid Caesar Second Floor Show 9:00 C-Celebrity Guests ........,.,....,.,........ Bing Crosby L-Limelight Melodies .... Queen of the Juke Box U-Utter Nonsense ........ Dr. I. Q. and Assistants B-Bits O' This and That .... Dean Martin and 'y Lewis Five senior girls standing in the entrance to the Banquet Hall l. iv L-- lj, 4. 5. ii, 7. 8. Cute huh!!! Lola In their younger days Little Bob! ! Out for a good time. Those Silly Seniors! ! Dorothy Sleepy! ! I !!! 9. Gail-Cute huh!! lo, Twins? ?? ll. Last day of school. 12. Who let you out???? lil. Those were the days. 14. Little Beverly! 15. They're in the jailhouse 16. Darrell! ! !! Leaving? ? 2? Richard Gwen and Pat When they were younger! ! ! ! ! !! Baby Pat. The Green Worms. Practice makes perfect! I ! ! ll! L axe ACH .fifraifz L o on : G 1 3 ' if-N CYP f fl i AREM7' THEY Cure 'hit' 'ig-ni" 6' PRISON ,QQ Q. I , ja!!-0 , E131 V 1 D 10. ll. 12. it Sister and Brother Relaxing before class Real cool Little Edgar Cute aren't they! ! ! l! Cheese cake! Cousins Loretta Cry Baby Johnny! I! In home ec. class too Vivian What is it???P 'Y 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23. 24 Those legs Hungary, Gwen Pat Good old school Practicing hard! Karen! Primping Sweet little Loren Lloyd What a figure Alice, all painted up Edgar has a birthday How's lunch kids? The cool kids Cute little Gail Jo Was it that bad? Little Maggie Dimples What Curves Another got out EEK!! What is it? Edgar! 1 11 WOW! I !! What a swell -.RN . - digg- -X.. ul " dh ' X 0 . .Q . . . N5 p ,,:,.x ' " """v"'-"-'lliqf ,Pj 'I vpn , 1-v--...,,,,,mmM-MIN pi 4:4 re? wean weak 1. Getting ready to leave on cruise of the lake. 2. Ronnie sleepy eyed. 3. Ronald and Loren at Kirkwood. 4. Miss Brungardt and Cyp in front of cabin at Kirkwood. 5. Seniors off on a speed boat ride. 6. Waiting for the cruise to begin. '7. Going for more boat riding. 8. Boat dock at Kirkwood. 9. Seniors after arriving at Senator in K,C. eniors Dr. Weinstein e fut ' singing "Farewell Song" and the class uristic machine preside nt with COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM A Y TWEIVTYNFIRSTZ NINEYTEEIV HUNDRED F1PI'y-SIX EIGHT O'CLOCK Processional ......,.. ..........................................,.............. M rs. Everett P1-uterg jr: 'Y901I1D and Circu1hs!ance" Invocation .....,.. . ...................... ......................... R ek A. E! Whfttlngton ocal Music ..... ..4................................ .... ................................ M i Jr ed Chorus 'lvo Man Is An Island" Vocal Solo ....... .....,....................,..,....................,.,.....i G wendolyn Schlolz "Over The Rainbow" Address X A Price On Your Head ...,.................................... DI: Ralph Coder Fort Hays State College Vocal Music X "Think On Me" ...........,.............,.......................... Girls Quartet Loretta Naulnan, Lila Lou Beisnerg Karen Seaman, Cynthia Krueger Presentation of Class of 1956 .....,........ ...................... ....... D e nnis W Cowan Presentation of Dlplolnas ........ ......... E171 est Iieltscflrnldt Benediction ,.................... ..,..... ........ R e li A. LZ Whittington lzecessional ....... ......,. M rs. Everett Pruterg Jn .J 5 Viola Iilnnlt Jinillriskt-1 iiddic lirclt 2 X ,f Cynthia Kruugur ' A Richard Schncidcr Lorutta Naunian Fr Q 2' Max llollcr . .5 Y Ylnslixxxvio XX wx mum! Zag Loren Burqcr Blaine Winder Bea tricc Brungardt Advisor QNXGOX , , W Qxaxxoxi Savoy AOWO A Patricia Bocdckei' XX OW 'QI i Q s E 'Q 93 QX .15 Qayogax Deanna Bt-ck go G 3 YJOSQZY v John Maupin , ii , I Q ?r ,. f S xmiiiao xv vi Alvin Matheson Sponsored by Au. Photo Not CO-OP SERVICE STATION Avaible 'wi- Natoma, Kansas R. C, WILLIAMS Oovi Russell, Kansas ywwv , , , , Vivian Whittington E32 Henry Dreher Bertha Snyder Q Eva Baum Ida Dreher Ruby Schloh Ackley 1912 Ester-755m McGuire Bessie Burger Piland 1913 Phillipgaughner Flossie Brown Peterson Eva Beeson Dreher Edna Snyder Hancock Nathan lsenberger Harvey McFadden Q Harold Beisner Dora Case Myrtle Beisner Elder Floyd Hockenhull Robert lsenberger Liston McKean 1915 MaucEMcFadden Bearden Myrtle Sarver Boyer Kent Chesney Blanche Horn Ester Plumb lsenberger Cedric Kirkendall Ethel Kirkendall Lyons lvah Kirkendall Simmons Ensign Taft Gladys Neice Templeton 1916 OmaT3e?son Omar Beeson Frank Craig Howard Dreher Maria Hogan Hortense Miller Jennie Palmer Ethel McCand1es Rogers Albert Schloh Rollo Taft 1917 Claui-Asbury Everett Chesney Ruth Craig Chesney Harry Crawford Cash Erway Phillip Hartman Virgie Phelps Kirdendall Elmer Nixon Isabelle Chesney Nixon Marvel Erway Porter George Potter Emil Simon Agnes Erway Wunderlich 1918 Faye Stull Asbury Glenn Beeson ALUMNI ROLL Ralph Conger Ralph Dougherty Isabel Potter Alta Hays Romine Alice Hunt Q Halbert Conger Pearl Cooper Dickson Floyd Dougherty Helen Hunt Anspaugh Eunice Craig Leib Hazel Lesher Lewis Percy McCandles Dorothy Trumble 1920 Millffarnp Carpenter Goldie Hays Haines Emma Howe Belvah Zimmerman McFadden Harry Madsen Ralph Trumble 192 Clifford Asbury Gertrude Bealby Beisner Beulah Zimmerman McFadden Theodore Potter Reginald Schultz Clyde Snapp 1922 SUSHIESOD Eva Kirkendall Beisner Esther Krueger Montgomery Henry Beisner Vera Pruter Brown Paul Dick Ova Feldkamp Erway Rita Lindley Hogan Melvin Kirkwood Lura McFadden Raymond Marr Vernon Masters Ruby Hays Musgrove Virginia Teasley Taft Neva McFadden 1923 Howzm-Bessey Perry Bronson Lester Chesney Robert Dougherty Myrtle Frazier Dougherty Russell Erway Milferd Dunham Mabel Griffin Hartman Mildred Hobrock William Hogan Everett Hogan Ruth Lindley Nuss Marvin Lundy Mabel Meyer Meyers George Meyers Bertha Pohlman Plasman Magdalene Rouse Christian Hunt Sanders 43 Hattie Saum Town 1924 Paul . Maier Albrecht Verne L. Beisner Margaretta Smith Billings Mabel Feldkamp Conger Eva C. Hoskins Cooper Grace Howe Cutbirth Claude F. Dunham Fern Davis Finnesy Charles C. Frazier Ogden Green Edna Kruse Hamm Ellen Pohlman Herl Kenneth Hobrock Olive L. Boyd Martin Mildred Meyer Meyers Mildred F. Munsell Myrle Putman Genevieve Schultz Reese Ruth Pfortmiller Schupp 1925 Ernesfflilig Elma Kirkwood Drown Loretta Hunt Gee Fred Hachmeister Violet Kirkpatrick Edwards Florence Hackerott Kreft Gladys Beisner Lindquist Florence Proeger McComb Bessie Harris Nelson Ethel Palmer Reich f Muriel Rowe 1926 Earl 'AT15augh Arthur Brown Violet Mae Doane Lynn E. Drake Grace L. Davis Griffin lla Masters Hobrock Alma Karrel Jordan Mitchell Kirkpatrick Boyd Knapp Gwendelyn R. Schultz l.undy Stanley D. McKay Alice Mielson John D. Mumsell Charless E. Pfortmiller Walter Vogelgesang Lawrence F. Wunderlich Mildred Kirkpatrick Zeigler 1927 Willii Beeson Warrena Bowlby Perle Boyer Jarvis Bronson Lola Pruter Brown Esther Proeger William Craig Charles Crawford Louise Madsen Douglas Lowell Drake Frances Potter Drake Ferdinand Hachmeister Bonita Richards Hachmeister Emma Bealby Hinds Marie Pruter Jeschke Maurice Kirkwood Leva Livingood Nevalee Meyer Fenton Minor Archie Pruter Vena Boyd Shafer Mary Davis Sarver Nettie Wineland Musgrove 1928 Oma Barringer Wunderlich Maurice Beeson Louis Beisner Anita Boedeker Beisner Louise Kreft Boedeker Goldie Bull Busby Agnes Pfortmiller Clason Nellie Sanders Crawford Harold Dunham Dean Erway Nettie Feldkamp Fritz Edna Hartman Grasch Lillian Stevenson Howe Ruth Powell James Glenn Kaster Albert Kreft Martin Kruse Mildred Martin Cora Dorr Norris Dan Pfortmiller Julian Schloh Harold Schneider Ruby Arnold Stambaugh Ardys Stanfield Krueger Kathryn Vogelgesang Josephine Hunt Wells Gerald Younie 1929 Lula Bealby Olsen Thomas Bealby Nadine Howard Betts Velma Pruter Blank Paul Boedeker Elizabeth Blank Grasch Eleanor Craig Griffin Chester Griffin Harvey Hartman Lelia Harris Edna Brown Hutton Margorie Davis Korn Eldon Lundy Dallas Marr Eulah Teasley McFadden Hazel Mitchell Blattner Bernadean Schultze Pfortmiller Mable Kaster Pruter Meredith Richards Inez Hachmeister Schloh Dorothy Knoke Witte Isabel Younie Pratt 1930 Ma rg'5'1EPfortmiller Ada ms Morris Beisner Doris Masters Bronson Robert Craig Sidney Erway Harold Dawley John Dukewits Gordon Farr Donald Gamber Lorna Grasch Albert Green Mabel Hachmeister Dunham Fred Hamm Richard McFadden Laura Mothershead Fox Alyce Musgrove Harrison William Musselman Lottie Rueger Theleman Garnold Schneider Bradford Smith Avis Stanfield Dawley Richard Younie 1931 Lornfl-Kreft Boedeker Delia Bull Blaksley Janice Caster Grant Conger Wilma Swarts Drake Irene Bessy Gregory Esther Schloh Koelling Ida McCall Paul McEwen Glen McFadden Minnie Mothershead Alvin Pruter Florede Steele Erway Evelyn Meyers Younie Mary Jane Davis Zeigler 1932 Agnes-Boedeker Butler Adella Kruse Clark Ada Griffin Dukewits Edwin Feldkamp Bonita Erway Hamilton Ellen Kirkpatrick Koehler Irwin Kreft Irene Pfortmiller Lewis Merrill Mayo Harold Mallard Leah Mayo Matheson Mae Finch Murphy Sylvester Palmer Lawrence Pfortmiller Thelma Swarts Pfortmiller Raymond Proeger Ed Reich Anna Hachmeister Reiner Ardna Conger Smith Marjorie Krueger Wurst Ann wright wncox 1222 Harold Beck Glen Brainard 44 Laura Hachmeister Hall Loretta Fanson Herman Irene Beisner Holland Cenith Gamber Howard Virginia Stanfield Lakin Howard McEwen Merle Newton Irvin Pruter Ruby Zeigler Pfortmiller Mabel Beck Robinson Gerald Richards John J. Smith Ruth Green Weiter 1934 Fred Eably Emily Boedeker Koelling Marion Bowen Merlin Drake Dale Dunham Hugh Frazier Irma Miller Kruse Hubert McEwen Juanita Frazier McEwen Berryl Munsell Jim Newton Eldon Newton Hugo Pfortmiller Paul Phifer Rhynold Pruter Frances Bradshaw Pruter Melvin Reynolds Marvin Reynolds Wanda Kirkendall Schloh Paul Spaulding Lois Mayo Stevenson Roger Teasley Gwendolyn McNeal Weisner 1935 FloreEPowe1l Dodge Sarah Bessey Dye Elizabeth Palmer Francis Carol Marlow Gregg Lester Krueger Frank Mothershead Robert Parker Marcella Pfortmiller Fay Caldwell Phifer Scott Spaulding 1936 Irma Schloh Baird Viola Pfortmiller Blommer Anna Knoke Brunou Arden Hoskins Stanley Naylor Avon Overholser Eleanor Erway Parker Lester Simpson Eddie Theleman Marjorie McEwen Fort 1937 Evelyn Chesney Baumer Eunice Arnold Boyle Paul Drake Arthur Hachmeister Lola Palmer Kirtrell Eloise White Norris Thaine Norris Margaret Parker Genevieve Bealby Pettijean Marigold Russell Richard Bill Swarts 1938 Waltglimedeker Robert Brown Madge Farr Nicholson Inez Neusbaum Gilmer Winifred Neusbaum Hoskins Bonita Matheson Harsh Marie Pfortmiller Harting Stella Crawford Hemphill Twila Hoskins Roeene Joe Hutchison Ivan Kimble Paul Powell Mary Spaulding Folson Kenneth Teasley 1939 Ona 'Ngson Barber Ruth Pfortmiller Barringer Louis Bodmer Eliza beth Coover Kelly William Crawford Aaron Dougherty Georgia Grace Gamber Roberta Richards Holcomb Elaine White Ivie Karl Kertz Mable Schneider Koelling August Krueger, Jr. Maxine Mayo Spalding Maxine Richmond Mapes Margaret Miller Ailhurst Belva Bealby Vonfeldt Leona Petty Hazel Romine Pfortmiller Ordella Pfortmiller Zeckser William Reh Warren Schloh Esther Eickhoff Smith Hans Zeigler Melvin Zeiber BBQ ' Velda Burger Reh Warren Chesney Esther Dougherty Marjorie Ramey Duncun Roberta Brown Griffing Ernest John Marjorie Mayo Mary Mothershead Richard Neusbaum Marcel Pruter Harold Rigby Wilma Caldwell Rigby Arvon Rueger Faythe Sarver Miriam Schloh Doreen Arnold Schweitzer Richard Stanfield Paul Veh 1 1941 Huberiisner Junior Bishop Tom Crawford Francis Hake Laura Hackerott Edwin Hofstetter Beulah Beisner Hubbard Helen Veh Ma llot Ethel Musgrove Warren Powell Erlene Ward 1942 Robertidmer Neal Chesney Homer Chesney Melvin Coover Rufus Eickhoff Doris Hake Betty Lee Hall Miller Mary Stoner Mayo Rex Mayo Veta Neusbaum LaRosh Ruby Mae Beisner Paras Harry Parker Elizabeth White Miller Estella Dougherty Reynolds Betty Ellen Smith Gross Marjorie Rinearson Wineland Marvin Zeigler 1943 Delm'E-Baumgartner Carl Bea lby Elaine Faught Beisner Arleta Ward Brown Peggy Conger Nethalee Dougherty Clark Arthur Eickhoff Bob Faught Dona ld Griffin Paul Hofstetter Bee Hutchison Opal Snyder John Lloyd Miller Lloyd Musgrove Helen Loyd Nelson Bill Nelson Leonard Pfortmiller Howard Pfortmiller Ila Mae Schloh Dodson Maxine Stillwell Hoey Adeline Schloh Webster Lucille Weldon Marva ,Lee Zeigler Doud Eli Noreene Beisner Muir Neva Lee Beisner Breeden Della Mae Brown Crawford Roberta Chesney Albrecht Roy Cox Calvin Crawford Winifred Rigby Davis 45 Neva Lee Hoskins Dodson Leroy Doty Evelyn Griffin Luhman Colleen Richmond Halloway John Marr Joan McNeal Adams Kent Naylor Juanita Palmer Deneger Paul Pfortmiller Clara Louise Schloh Copeland Jay Zeigler 1945 KennETn3eisner Barbara Conger McCauley Anne Spaulding Cox Betty Reh Dalrymple Delbert Deschner Norva Beisner Doty H. C. Meyers Neva Lee Montgomery Lauretta Weldon Post Elsie Weldon Bob Ward Mae Albrecht Westover Iva Alene Snodgrass Zeigler Irene Zeigler Luhman M Nevada Beisner Vetter Jacquetta Belisle Morris Adeline Blank Eichkoff Freddy Boyd Ellen Dougherty Snyder Lowell Griffin Marion Huxman Mildred Luhman Zeigler Neita Luhman Hofstetter Wilma Luhman Zeigler Fred Pohlman. Jr. Charles Reiner Paul Ruggles Leon Weldon 1947 Ida Albrecht Elliot Dale Baumgartner Bernard Bodmer Leslie Caldwell Rethal Ann Christensen DeGraw Gene Craig Keith Elliott Barbara Griffin Deschner Donald Hachmeister Billy Houser Joe Huxman Victor Luhman Mamie Mravinec Huxman Melvin Nicholson Orville Pfortmiller Henry Pohlman Frank Ruggels Norene Schloh Thornton Keith Schwerdfeger Leo Zeigler 1948 Pa trio?-Iogan Clark Donna J ohn Arvin Doty Curtis Camp J. C. Nelson Naida Lou Beisner Paschal Elmer Sarver Neva Lee Matheson Eldor Blank Donna Bushell Martin Rex Boyd Patty Baumgartner Dorothy Neusbaum Worley Rita Zeigler Patton Robert Thompson Patricia Faught Crawford Matt Finnesy Lucille Crawford Luhman Bill Dougherty Johnny Dougherty Joan Burns Farley W. O. Beisner Shirley Sarver Bodmer Eldon Hartman EQ Roy Kruger Milo Snodgrass Larry Mravinec Marvel Nagel Nelson Marvin Musgrove Wilma White McGee Donald Pruter Robert Albright Anna Brown West Ardella Nelson Spiker Jay R. Conger Marvin Hachmeister Benton Beisner 1950 Lucille Pfortmiller Snodgrass Doris Peterson Phyllis Thompson Boyd Carol Ann Griffin Anderson Eileen John Ledbetter Ardell Kirkwood Houser George Pohlman Loren Boedeker Jim Miller Gerald Pfortmiller Janet Meyers Smejkal Norva Weldon Pruter Rex Schultze Deloris Luhman Hofstetter 1951 Faye Ellen Beisner Anderson Geoa Ziegler Brown Richard Meyer Margaret Eickhoff Chrisler Neola Pruter Don Christensen Gerald Kreft Doris Reiner Towle Janet Grasch Williams Ralph Chrisler Joe Finnesy Norma Luhman Kruse Rita Beth Hogan Malin Bruce Bowman Carolyn Chesney Juanita Merz Loretta Blank Pfortmiller Duane Brown Rita Clark Schultze Kathleen White Dougherty Arloa Blank Tichenor Charles Dougherty Anita Beisner Beiber Patricia Maupin Hoosier 1952 Donnalsenedict Blattner Jimmy Boedeker Illa Bushell McKinley Zetta Camp Jerry Clair David Griffin Warren Griffin Herbert Hachmeister Paul Hachmeister Edward Hackerott Bob Kirkendall Levetta Locke Schultze Viola Merz Jolene Pfortmiller Barth Margaret Seitzinger Hachmeister 1953 Rita Fmzizcht McKinsley Kathryn Boedeker Eddie Butt Leola Finnesy Jones Robert Griffin Corrine Heitschmidt Nina Kirkendall May Della Kreft Ellen Nelson Clair Vaughn Nelson Delmar Pfortmiller Everett Pruter Orville Pruter Donald Schneider Roger Schultze 1954 Orvaufe-?Day Karen Dickenson Lois Dougherty Doty Frances Finnesy Joyce Hays Rita John Graf Barbara Koehler Griffin Marilyn Krueger Carol Luhman Pohlman LaVemne Matheson Webster Lucille Merz Della Pooley Richmond 46 Shirley Wells Ronald Bealby Ronald Beisner Clyde Boller Delmar Chrisler Ben Eickhoff James Griffin George Hachmeister Milan Masters Frank Schooley Clark Struebing Lawrence Wilson Warren Wilson Ei? Elaine Ahrens Gervin Hobert Paul Ahrens Roger Beisner Alva Beck Kay Christensen Pruter Wanda Finnesy Meyer Brice Hobrock Douglas Hale Doris Jennrich Steve Krueger Ruell Lindahl Eldon Luhman Irene Miller Rosalie Naylor Schmidtberger Irma Jule Oswald Carroll Bean Pfortmiller Ival Ray Pruter Leonard Pruter Larry Sarver Richard White 1956 Ronamiaird Deanna Beck Lila Lou Beisner Viola Blank Patricia Boedeker Robert Paul Boedeker Max Boller Edward Breit Loren Burger Karen Lee Doty James Driskel Martin E. John Ruth Koelling Cynthia Krueger Lyle Luhman Alvin Matheson Johnny Maupin Randy McFadden Dorothy Merz Duane Miller Loretta Nauman Gwendolyn Schloh Richard Schneider Etta Mae White Vivian Marie Whittington Blaine Winder 1,311 YEIRIOOKS ' 5 E ef ' a HW :gg 'ij X 'dj 1' 7 . I 'YI 7.0 FA it 4 f M -1, J Q 2 we V Q' Q F W r w . E 4 s f fb Him Lf an lk

Suggestions in the Natoma High School - Tiger Yearbook (Natoma, KS) collection:

Natoma High School - Tiger Yearbook (Natoma, KS) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Natoma High School - Tiger Yearbook (Natoma, KS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Natoma High School - Tiger Yearbook (Natoma, KS) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 53

1956, pg 53

Natoma High School - Tiger Yearbook (Natoma, KS) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 6

1956, pg 6

Natoma High School - Tiger Yearbook (Natoma, KS) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 40

1956, pg 40

Natoma High School - Tiger Yearbook (Natoma, KS) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 37

1956, pg 37

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