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,-. f mm X W l Q -Gqf wif, ff W gl 6' Fx. , + imc fff lflll' 51165 "JM'H +4 1 ff WN0 Qf3'fjjfi?? HH 'f-Hum-Q5 lui- V I we ff-.awk Qs.m.21: fmrw 1, W , f ,- W t, ,W Q 5 F ai ,Q a'swg22g41j:5g1E4t!y,tr,.,,,.V 2 li 5- lil . liz 3 ' 5. iff: - f I 'Q lyziiiiggqfgyj ,Q ci , r -2 Q -'E xiii! that hung V " 1 Em rs--Q ,. it Tmgngml ESM Uh Y- ?,-,,-KMSQE -aw, -m I ,W yung r r Q W r t"'P"!'!se-si., f time :ummm 113mrfgg-,F--mi-:Ep 11 " l il I . . H j1j"'fi11idiQtit- filanpi'villl'-Xan!'1pyvfnd!uu1'-laqqamvqo-vtxqqgeuncn 1 is s t it essi on i Hmmm minus mummy I , ,U W I M.-v -....,.,..t. ...Hn-N 4"""""' . . . Q. :L m,i,,:Q ,.-' igfgsffqf rkrrl we y y . , I iios A ' Q f X Y if t y ttii - ,s it A ri ff' .. . .Qin ,.,,, Lips, ,,.. , -fi A A ri I E, dtipgs A it . . I it ,. , .. .4 se.-4-,..41.f-Q Sf, ' , , , L, I 4, , , -v , V.. - .. , r L , ,sq , ki-'gi 2T ,Q t ,,r Qzw i ' .ii i -- '- A ' - f ,- - - is i 1 ' L ' i ' ' " t - i LLL, . ' . 1 K. X ,L w as ' A . A K - ff - ,J 'N 1. li' '- -zglgfwlni-wg 9 11 'Wi' is ,:f,' ffE V ' 'A 'V :. if Sf- t M t Q VKIL ,,fL V it L:.-1,.Z.,-LL,,,-vx ..5E ,,.. ,.,.. . 4 ,.-: . ,.,. 15, ,.Ev . , , . , ,.: , , LL,Z:L. - .- , Q wit ' Q. .. Q.. 1 ' . t f "Time marches on." Nativity B.V.M. High School is well into its second year. Here in an atmosphere of religious freedom, we spend happy and profitable hours. . . . b Dedicated teachers place 1n our hands the tools through which education may e l'f I rocess. In this our second edition of the AVE d the liffhter moments that spell school time. gained, for education is a 1 e ong p MARIA we record the more serious an I D 'Q "s:Fhm'9Y!4sN. N " u,Q l :- ,4s tzfld 124 tlzs pages zfftlzs AVE MAP A by the students af NATlvlTY B.v.M. , HIGH SCNWOL POTTSVILLE Q PENNSYLVANIA - Che hand af time regulate our day The clock is the master of our lives. With unfailing regularity, it takes toll of the minutes that make up our high school days. At times the hours drag along monotonously, again, they speed by with breath-taking swiftness. Lunch period is a real record-breaker. Assemblies and other programs bring welcome release from the daily grind of lessons. Between classes, moments of laughter and easy camaraderie run, like a golden thread, through each hour. Before we realize it, the clock will have ticked away the last moment of our high school days. We shall have remaining only our treasured memories and the intangible structure, called character, that we have built during this time. 8:1354-"Stand for the prayer . . . 'ln the name of the Father . . fl' Pledge to the flag . . . announcements. ,W Studies begin . . . religion, science,, language, his- tory, mechanical drawing, gym, music . . . a full day's work. 2:35 . . . HGlory be to the Father, . ." Classes are 0VCI'. 2:35-We broaden our social horizons, develop co- - operative spirit in sports, rehearse for plays and pageants, work on publications, conduct meetings, fraternize with our classmates, and become better acquainted with our teachers. 8:00-At dusk, we step into our social whirl. Exciting football and basketball games, lively frolics, the operetta, the alumni dinner, the glittering Christmas dance, the senior prom and the supper afterwards highlight' our year. We pause to wzprcss nur grafifude in HI EXCELLENCY ur: R1cuT IHQVEREND Moxsxcexmc EIIWAIHD NI. RMLLY, ,I.C.D. Superintendent of Svlmols His I5xr:r:LI.xNm,Y Tm: Mosr Ruvmuzxu Jonx I-'mxfzxs U'II.anA. C.S.C,, DJJ, Archbishop of llllil8LlK'lltlliLl THE R1-Jvrzmzxn Jouw J. Crmlmm, D.D, Tm: Rsvsnmlm Jonx C. Hmm. J.C.D. Tun Rurznuxu Fmzmznrrpu J. STr:vr:NsoN Assistant Suu-rintend t fS'h I W4 ' " ' ' I cn U L 00 5 At-1.tant bupcrxntmndt-nt of bchools Assistant SUjN'FiIlll'Ildl'Ill uf Schools 1, 5 ig ,We cv ff from known zz the .L gateway to the mzfurzfzzzn arm the antlzmcifc my 2114. 'r . i lu Our mountain homeland lies in the hard coal region of "1 PCllllSylVillllil. On all sides rolling hills stretch away into 'i""""" the distanee. The Sehuylkill River winds its course through the valleys. and beautiful woodlands lie along its banks. Deep in the earth lies the "buried sunshine" of the ages, the "black diamondu deposits that have made the area famous. Mining has heen the chief industry here since Necho Allen. in l790. so strangely discovered the wealth of hard coal hidden in the veins of the earth. From Europe came Welsh, lrish, Poles, Germans, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, lluleh, Slovaks, and llalians to seek security and freedom. Towns and villages sprang up around the mining pits and soon houses, large and small, dotted the hillsides. To their mountain homeland, the immigrants brought the beautiful customs and traditions of the 'colde countries," a priceless heritage. Here the settlers became one people, a typical example of the "melting pot" that is America. Witll the years the people have absorbed the strength and simplicity of the hills. and reflect the sturdy character of the rugged terrain. The S1'Stllll Mass. opening the Pottsville Centennial, was celebrated in the school auditorium by Father Fasig. Bishop Leech preaished the sermon. 'f,,.: F" gf.- . " f v i r ff. f . 'if' -.. x in t . ft T. s Ti C w 5F S X F. t X I, X, I K . X, -J! uf- fi 4' 1 Success! John McDonald lcenterl and his companions bag two wild turkeys on the opvning day of the small game season. Irs aftvr 2:35. C:-nter Slrret lJPl'0llltAS the sturlvnts' UIIIPCCHU as "Nativ1tys Own desc:-ml on tlie- town. A coke-. a snack. and ai hit of pvrsiflage- help to rs-lease pent up rm-ruin-s. Ronald Gcguzys and Margaret Crc-gitis, two live wires, are hurrying to what tryst" .i' ,75f"' A 'H' xv . ,..3 vi' ,rt if .,- 15 this an advertise-ment from a travelogue-? No. lt's Tumbling Run-Schuylkill County's veritable winter wonderland. "You load 16 tons." Coal lirealu-rs, like this K Colliery, dot our landscapv. X the day 6 gina A Ht-et of luuses. parish and public' conveyances, make the grade eavh day lrringing hundreds of laughing students to the heights. Lalxoring to the top of Lawton's Hill is no mean feat, espeeially in winter weather. "Step along gaily, boys and girls. Education awaits you inside." Rugged underelassmen. seorning the walk. stumble up the hill to school. 'l'hey've taken the short cut through the field adjoining lVolf Street. John Burns, apparently ex- hausted, has reached the summit. Larry Alati, john Alves, Jerry Farro, and Tom Cunningham struggle along behind him. Every man for himself at this cruoial moment! Hats and coats are stowed awayg locker doors, slammed. Then inevitably the plaintive cry . . . "I forgot my locker key. Where-'s the locker captain? The bell's going to ring. Ah! Let's relax. We are going to make it. "lim-warvl Mud l'llt'llll5l on the loosvlu Sislvr Wlillialn Elizabeth 1-xpluins the- lrymlrolysis prom-ss lo lhvse' future rhvrnists. Ge-orgo lin-hony and ,lolm Garliisll prf-parm' salts containing aviclic' propvrlir-s. Mary Wynosky and Martina Und:-ck cllvvle lln- rm-tort for signs of tlie- cln-uiiral rvaction. Pick your r'ulvgory: ill lmus lxrolu- downg l2l I ours Q , 133 car ran out of gas: 14-D taxi nvwr Clllllt' Qister William lilizallrvlll listvns to Ihr "IO olflock scholar-. an make-s out tho xuluulvlm- "passports" llatv slipsl' that wi illllllil ilu' Iarmly om-s to class, - --yyb ,- ..,,,, K I , L A , -, ,. ,,,. .. . , L , ' 1 I M WW W-ww V I H i J xjndws aklf Qfifi .HA fv-:mm Q V 1 ' ni ' H X1 Nun Q J' . . , , , 1, mn - 3 X :vs-nu " 142' x., wi W'-I 4, - i X 4 t st- fo, -fain. v--- V., l A i.- 'ii , ii Mi l 'L 1.1 Chortl or tangent? Right or avute angle? This is for the aspiring geometrician to solve. Sound rvusoning and logic, used in gn-tmwtry, develop the stud4'nt's mind-or do they? Sister Rosella th-nmnstrntes "just the way" to prove the theorem to Helena Busta and the rest of the avid snpliotnorvs. 54 Que pensez-vous de cc-ci? Senior boys don't quite know. After The Carme-lite Fathers tc-avh the religion Classes at Nativity. They live at Our Lady of Mt. ilarinel l'riory on North Sc-fond St. Father Leonard, the superior lslruwlingi. listens to Father Pius trightl extolling his religion classes. Fatllers Nicholas and Simeon smile enigmatically. Sister Cornelius's explanation of the imperfect tense the hoys adopt a policy of rugged individualism and stick to "our mountain patoisf' E , . ,W iv' l -69-"N -5, I ' sl N- - E Sister Agnes Teresa keeps her English I classes in suspense as she "builds up" to one of 0'Henry's surprise endings. , Umar: Q 'Q Indice 4 I t. I Spanish proves interesting as Sister Rosarita familiarizes Mary Ann Bradley tleftl, and Marianne lledway irighll, and an attentive class with the geog- raphy of South America. Although grammar and vocabulary make up the daily fare, the course is seasoned with fascinating stories. What would Pythagoras do with this problem? Patricia Loughran, Agnes Gillespie, and Marie Fry il. to r.l take part in one of Sister lleatrice's illuminating problems. The class notes what happens when you "burn the candle at both ends." Learn a lesson . . . the candle won't last long. ti if , .M a P we fuss " ii , il 'W-Q V71-.-M I X t U16 c are the Wu af the times Lunch time-the most eagerly awaited and most popular period of the day! A well-lighted, Qpotless cafeteria, excellent cuisine, quick service, and gay company lplus a chance to finish last night's homeworki, make it the students' favorite rendezvous. Ravcnous undcrclassmen "dig into" their lunches, Real concentration here! SR M lm A -.. Z 2 1, t wi X an w , 5 m X H F if 1 - A ffl:- Z' N "Steady nowl' cautions Sister William Elizabeth as Robert Wetzel and Joseph Winicaitus weigh a solid in air. joseph ,Iuhu and John Alves determine the loss of weight in water. I4 QP Q - .ia Q f J, :fi Eb' w .-'ff ll 7 I I f 1' , ,, 1, -25 ' f-,, ln tlif' svlirml uflim-. put Ilwir lvsfons in ulplidlnlu il 1 l ' ' 'i IIIVXIHQ to przivlival uw Sisll' . Latin ll. inusiv. dranlativs. m l ' rary and cafr-lr-rizi. In Illc' f' 1' Rita llulorim-. Rose' Ellllliillll. .lzinv mlm- Clri z if fvrilia. Aglws Tc'1'1'sa. Slarzrling: Sish-rs Vvru Tm- vs' r .1. Lldi Consilii. Nicholas Mariv, William Elizalwth, and form-liue 1. af Ann Nlavk. 'I'hf'rvsa Sorkn. and Kay Ann Wilson lie!! to rightl - re of bt. ,lem-pli tvacli lfnglifli. pliysivs. rliviiiislry. 1natlu'matir's 3, 43 Frvnch 1, 23 4-ciaiiival drawing. anil have' vharge- uf stuflivs and ther d ulry rouni Ihvy nn-vt fur u pivlurv. Svaterl are: Sislc-rs . -,ina mlv lmnrclvs, Sl. Isaln-llc-, Clare- i- Marv:-llim-, Rvgina I A P? J 61115555 and da Ty app! kat lm to Gettin all the facts! Absorlmed history students listen to Sister Mary Manuel s account of the remote and immediate causes of World War I. The Bernartline Sisters teach the Latin classes. They take charge of the school chapel also. Every afternoon Sister Maureen irightj and Sister Davidica arrange the vestments and dress the chalice for Holy Mass. Father Nugent celebrates Mass daily in our beautiful chapel. 2 t rig' . . iii A Q ag A 5 ' 9 f 5 Ss ,ya X. l ...n - A 5 Arm chair politicians hold a parley on the mc-rits of the electoral college. Standing: Thomas Matlock, Eugene Frantz, Bernard 0'Reilly, Robert Elliot, and William Meagher. Seated: Richard Hanley and James Wasatonic. I6 .l SPP' P J i . . t a V,A-QA, aw ' .I . gg 5 gig :I lj X ii Q ' fl E ff xr 4 .Q 5 ff?" ,af 'Q Mechanical drawing is the Hlanguagr uf industry," tht- nnive-rsal graphic me-ans of convc-ying idvas. It rvquirvs study and practire with close att:-nlion to tlvtail. Sistvr Rita Dtrlnrilu- Ivache-s ,lost-pll lalko thv use of l squarv for stabilizing tht' triangle' in ilu- me-asurt-mefnt of an anglv. Frank Pclzak "linens in." mnpnhnu 1 spud anal auuravy cautions Sister Vfcra 'ltusa are uwmnlml for good work N0 business man wants a wx X W X.. xf , 1. f at A ' J Y 1 Q .J . I . ' i l ' 'mi 5 . ALMA- 3' 'ri 1 - 4 ' K " ' x t I ,-3: N ' 'x ' a.. df. ' " ,T-1 X . Q . 5' - X 5 -4 ludy hall Supervision is a chore, hut our freshmen Hangt-ls" pose no disciplinary IlI'0lJll'lll for 'inter Davidica. Notice the concentration? The athletic program keeps the students fit. Freshmen girls, feet first, take a "reducing treatment, on the gleaming gym Hoor and learn coordination and muscular control. Keeping the books straight is big business in any concern. Proper entries and balances save time and money. Sister Nicholas Marie points out important features in the system to the junior class. We fudy ro nd the clzfck Ct-mm-try. algc-hra. hiolugy. and the- stationm-ry and book store kt-vp our Missionarim-s of tht- Savrc-ml llt-art husy. Sister Rusvlla tstanrlingb. talks over thm- merits of a ne-w hook with Sisters llcatrivv and Flnrvnco, in thc faculty room. lllliiiveiram ,iw 'S ? S Pt-g hoard tvsls rm-vval sywcial manual apliturh-s. Iiyv and hanal coortlinalimm arc' rvquisitl-s for 1-their-nt machinists, air vraft im-- chanivs. and sr-wing niachinc upvrators. Mr. llvmlrivks limvs Judy llonuluu-. Miki' Show-lin, anrl Antoinvltv Zanis. Who will win? Ainovhav, varlhworms, Starfish, grasslwppvrs, and lvavvs all have' their own way of lm-athing. Sistvr l"lnr1-n1'm"s vluss is hrvath- lt-ss trying In lvarn thn' prin- ciple-s of rt-spiraliun and thc rv- le-asc of 4-ni-rgy and growth which vxprvssvs tht- rate of basal metabolism. 2 ef' V MLA "Sist1-r. liavf- you . . . ? , . . '!" Sistz-r Rost-lla and her assistants, Juliana Pa-nkunas ll.l, and Adm-lv Smythv, supply the demands for stationery, missals, magazinvs, key chains, and what nots. '0 Scheduled Mr. Muldownt-y. the- scl1ool's f'Xllf'I'l c-ngilwer, is giving st-nior 1-ln-mistry students first-liantl information about and dt-moustration of the- 4-lvctric gon- erator, ll0l1St'tl in thc' lrasc-uwnt. This gt-nt-rator automatically gon:-ratt-s cloc- tricity for school corridors and vxits in case- tho ordinary powcr shuts off. Front left: William She-vukas thas back to cameral, Ronald Savitsky, Arlr-nu Mistysyn, Charles St-nkus, Mr. Mul- downvy, Claire Shuttle-worth, Sara O'Conn0r. Sisters Herman and Rosarita. SSC., who formerly taught in Chicago, Illi- nois, joinvd tht- faculty in St-pta-lnlwr. Sistvr Hvrmau tserllerfl shows Sistvr Rosarita a na-w ll. S. History hook. Sistcr Herman te-acln-s U. S. History and guidcs frvshmvn through gt-nc-ral sciencc whilt- Sister Rosarita instills both Spanish I and Fr:-nch I into st-niors and juniors. 270 the smwd "Should Students Be Allowed to Work After School?" Veronica Soltis. at desk, is chairman of this debating committee. james Twardzick, standing, has spoken for the positive side. Tom Purcell asks for a little elariheation on some point. Belle MeCready. standing, beside Sister Clare Mareelline. speaks for the negative side. The boys look as though they will win this debate. Does Sister Clare Mareelline, moderator, approve of Tom PurcelI's question? Students of the general science class are making a study of the causes of the changes in the length of days and nights by observing a demon- stration by Robert Lundy. Together with Robert Lundy are: Sister M. Herman, Thomas Karmazin, Carol Bernatonis, Gerald Carrity. Andrew Sabados, Lorraine Bradley, and Caroline Rakie- wtcz. N L 257 ilk' "'x Siatvr xliltll't'1'll points out tlu- llwatiull of llc-lplii. llvre' tlie' ura4'lm', Pythia. directffd Hercules to e-mlmrk on his lzilmrs, Stumlvnls follow l'lt-rrulvs as lie' kills tht- Nemvan lion and then goes on to flny ilu- l,t-rmu-gui llyclru. Nothing in llisvwylaiul can vqual Hs-rcules's fantastic exploits. lllirliua-l llussm-u llvfli liste-ns luilwlivvingly. ,lutlith Fick, James Shovlin, Genrgine McNitsky, :intl .loan llre-unzm stutly tlu' limp. ls Nlr. llavulku. lwacl macli. talking to Miss Moore zilmut ll furtlicmuiug gguliw? ffuuld ln-l Miss Moorc- ll'2l1'llt'S World llistory aml Mr. l'avalkn is our alli- lvlit' xlire't'tnr aml lu-ml of llle' physical vtlucation ala-purl me-ul. Q S X "Build spx-c-d and accuravyf' Sister ,lane do Chantal warns heir sliortliand class that corn-ct spelling, punctuation, and a good Command of words arc "n1usts" for thc efficient stvnographer or secretary. llrtiakfast is sn-rw-il lny you. lf not now. it wil tt'zu'lu's llomv lflt' girls lww "lv tio it Currvct svrve' art' zlvqllirvml tllrouggll pruvtivc- only. "You art' tln'rr'." Far away plzivvs stucliml in tht of curly lfiirupt- lnvruim- rc-ul tllrougli Futlle-r l'iu "Univ pipm- run till ll tuulx iu Il hours . . . 'fu Tha' Starfish is a Crusty vustmnvr, as any poor nystz-r will tvll you, Sistc-r lflnri-mu-, Ronald Sllautlis, Sara llunolluv, ami Antlrra Wargo urv. apparvntly. albsorlwcl in the make up of this strangn- creature. X 4 K'-5 5 er l lw someday. Sister Rc-gina Consilii ly," Skill and managerial ability to - Cllllffll History s's graphic talks. X' ,X Y 5' I 2 X liolwrt Scigfriml S works out tlw prolmlvm at tht- lroartl. Eflwartl Powers and llruno 'l'ut'r'i sm-t up thc illustrative' apparatus Stud ks ming canfrol to 0 raw -m 'Sl i e lil rary a pow illou the school. is situated on the tllirtl floor front of the building. It is spit iouc antl sunnx intl lun the latest modern equipment. Sister Cornelius gives helpful directives a ,,r lll o N o -. o F on special class ussignxne-nts. Do you w int to timl 1 lmook quultly? Consult the card catalogue, the index to tlu lilmrarv Librarian aides-Gloria Feryo, Rosanna Krivenko, ,lian Mundv and lliuna lli Nunno tl. to r.J chock, file, compare, and Che 6 ll and the salma! day lg Beautiful bulletin boards are a Qptcialty at Nativity Qistera Mary J ,lean and Mary Manuel, IH 'Xl contribute thia masterpiece to the """7 general deeor. Sister Mary Jean and Sister Manuel have charge of g activities and the student eounul SISIPI 'Nlary ,lean teachfs I OD and Sister Mary Manuel teaeheb hmtury ' I n : 1- L" 152 QI t?EfTtlrl1?74ff1gjf sm-aisle mga, NWT hw XA ,LA K K NY, -Wk il I i N A 5-HI,Li.,:t0,',.lgj, y A. .11 X. . , . 4'MH:V5p' 4, ,.wf,.w""""M .R-3 -- Z' c vw! W ,is ,, , ' , 2 W JA' Our beautiful chapel was the gift of the people of St. Patrick's parish. It was erected by parishioners ' in memory of their late beloved pastor, Monsignor Joseph McCaffrey. Here Father Nugent says I I 6 Mass every morning. Students and faculty enjoy the privilege of having Christ in their midst. In quiet visits to the Blessed Sacrament, they seek grace and inspiration. hear! of the salma! Z7 athletics and t Ll flfifi s ,lifter 5 UM60 7 Every penny counts-so dig deep into your pockets. Sister Rose Edmond outlines the needs of the Mission Society to the class monitors fetc.i. Mary Ann Berner, Mary Ann O'Brien, Anthony LaScala and Charles McDonald tile their financial reports with Sister. Book Club members pick and choose. Dennis Keating and Robert Lecher consult a guide. Ann Curran lat desk leftl, advises Barbara Rutesky. Mary Ann Kerns fat desk, rightl , checks a book out for Josephine Little who has found what she wanted. Notice the 'Amodf-rn" Mayiiower and the 'icool Pilgrimsn? Sister M. Jean and her crew, Skip, Mike, and Chuck have made an A+ again for ingenious decorating. Mr. John Smith, Ava MARIA photographer, explains to Dominic Alati, the technique of using timer and enlarger. ,lim Messina, Albin Sowinski and their helpers are an up and doing team. They wield at clever paint brush. Among other things. they gave the lower walls of the eafeteria a new eoat of green. This erew 'lends "a helping hand" whenever and wherever needed. Cheers! Pliysies Cflulr in Action: l't-ggy Brown and James Rakie- wiez Calculate the speeihc gravity of alcohol, salt water. and other liquids with the aid of a hydrometer. Leona Taronis and Marie Chizauskis record the findings. Ray Yarashus and John Kohutka are Content merely to "kibitz.', -s ifufure citizen "The drums go hang and the cymbals clang . . . l" It's not McNamara's Band hut Nativity's own rhythm "guys and gals." Band members, .loan Brennan, Tom Purcell, John Cooch, Steve Star- zetski, Billy Williams whoop it up at an informal practice session. Nativity's band, under the direc- tion of Mrs. Hugh Cantwell, made its first ap- pearance this year. Boy Scouts to the rescue! Father Simeon, mod- erator of the Explorers, teaches Frank Petzak, .lohn Cooch, Thomas McCrew, and Mike Kush- wara to tie a triangular bandage. The victim, Gerard Carpency, enjoys the treatment. L .4 Pruins and oth:-r social vw-tits rt-qnirv a lot of preparation. Sistf-r Mary ,Ivan has a st-t of tie-pf-lltialrlc worker:-x who find no task too small. no work ton gre-at, to malu- tht- tit't'0TLlliUllS "Sonia-thing sp:-vial." Sister plans the- Christmas Prom with Skip Mattht-ws. Kon Savitsky, Rosvmary l'at't'nta, Mika- Shtwlin, l,on'tm Hahnvk and Mary Ann Pave-nta. Fathe-r Nngvnt wish:-s tht' Studvnt lIonnt'il 'illtrtlspvedu as they start for Armistim' Day I'fxvl't'ist's at llartivlti Squarv. Sistvrs Mary ,Ivan and Mary Manut-l. inoth-ratnrs. fm' tht-in off. Stnth-nt Counvil nic-mlwrs have tht- rvsponsilaility uf sm-ing that stuch-nt govt-riiint-ill uf the schtml, for the sclnml, and Ivy the' N-luml. is maintainvtl at a high levt-l. - A .711 the making "Makz' a note- of this. I.fll'l'fl2l.H Mikt' Culilz fright! St-niur class pr:-sith-nt. rt-vivws the student munvil pulivia-s with oth:-r class nffivt-rs Margart-t tire-gills. Ire-asurt-rg Ronald Cvguzys, vit'm'-pre'sith'nt, and I,Uft'lltl Ralmnvk, sr't'rc'tary. Tht- uHit'vrs prvsimh- ova-r tht- stutivnt council. Thvy spmimrt-tl many avtivilit-s he-ltl in school during thv yvar. L .L A.. 30 Zhrauicle af the fi 5 Pt-rhaps l.nrraim- and Lorvtta Iraurinaitis confused the 1-mlitoriul stall, hut tht- fric-nmlly twins Cvrtailnly tlitln't "dv- rangt-" thc- filing valvim-ts. Ilvn- the-y svparatn- tht- Ms from thc' Ns antl tht' vlippings frmn tht- cullf-gifs. assuring tht- :-ntirv stall uf having any In-e-Alt-tl information at any time. '-tl 3 "WiR47?lN ' QU , f 1 f -..J Co-editors, Kuthlevn Ht-ffrun and Mary Jane McMurtrie-. were ke-pt busy getting 6'Slt'ylines" out on tim:-. They planned dummies, wrutt- articles, and, gt-nc-rally, flirt-ctt-tl the chronicling of school ns-ws. journalism, thvy say, taught the-m palienve-, accuracy. and responsibility. They will writo a 500 word 1-ssay at any time about thrir vxpt-rim-lim-s. Who will publish it? HTh'3' P3PPr's.hf-rv!" Away gn old cupy. printer's rulvrs. dummies and vuls. Out come the postage stamps, lalwls. and scissors. The exchangv c-rliturs fold. address. and sort the papers for the mail. Soon Slfylines is un its way tu suhscrihe-rs. fL- to Rl Mary Margaret Quirin, Betty Hokc, ,Ioan Silvc-rs. Bruna DiNunzi0 and Mary O'Brien. 3 .p- . xx I. r , . ,X x""'?' X . XAJ 4, wg-- A, ' . if I ,. 1 4 I ,.l-sm-- K , s. s M,,,,.Q..--sw ., , V ' Q '+W'?,,,, - ., Q! if-an . 1,1 A r X A HAT-. ' ' Tllv nSlx'j'Hl1l'.9N stuff kv-vps ilu- -1-luml lug. Ir llI't'Sl'lllh lln- sim 4 nts wall nvws itvms nf tha- svlnml. time-ly mlitmiul-. llumwruus lirllnls lr ln 1 l'lilH5l'4Nllll llmvrs. :mal ax I1-1'ur'1l nl ilu' lH'UglI'4'NN uf our lvzuns lag 11 1l1 S lypislw. rnnlrilmlurs, ull he-lpn-fl In mulu' "5L'rlil1e'.v" an en va lid Stull lIlf'llIlN'l'S l'rl21llllSlll'4l pe-rmzms-nl I'l'5lIl1'llI'4' in Iln- 1-flitml rm, Milam' Culitz umlllllxarle-s ,lllllli lxwllvrli vuunt Nlqlixu-Q. bum as l'a1lil1flu- uml 'llnm llrlmun arm- r4-ally tu llvliwr ilu- 4-mln Io alawrou ,4 record af timely afprcssiau f',x 1 Ava' Marin- rr-Cords the gold:-n hours. of our school days. lt Captures the highlights of our scholastic, social. amrl athlm-lic' avtivilivs in pictures. ln the' yvars to Come it will help us to rvnwnilwr llappix-sl lime- of our Iiff-." Hvrv the- journalism Class aids the editorial staff to Complvte' the wlition. l,it4-rury v-ilitor Nlary MoMurtriv. Siste-r Sl. lsahvlle-. and Marguvrite- Purcell lr. to "tho 1957 l, at cleslfb list:-n to Ed Pudinski. Kathleen He-Hron lsealed before fileb, checks copy. Mary Ann llvrnr-r aml Tom Urban lseated before ll6Slx'l, work on the dummy. ! vi sf "x I X X, 'X Av" 'M- 7, KJ uh .Of ,di An award is hereby presented to our typists. Mary Ann Pacenta. Elaine Mieklesavage. Rosemary Pa- centa and ,loan Radiewiez who seemed to have the,- ability to decipher the illegible handwriting of "ye old caption writers." Oh. yes. They are efficient workers, too. ef- Q 4 rl Q p 'a,gpy,a5i r l4llr H - fs L 3 - . . 61935, - - t S 71 .Q f - 1 Cobeditors 'Mary Anne Berner and Tom llrban hold an important "pow-wow" to select pictures for the 1957 edition of "Ave Maria." Hard work and in- finite patience are needed to produce an interesting yearbook. Mike Colitz lat head of table? discusses K the hnancial problems of the yearbook with his cohorts. WL. to r. seatedl J. Kohutka, R. Ceguzys, L. Rabuck, Ed X Padinski. fStandingl M. Lonergan, C. Rose, S. Canfield and R. Wollyung. Keeping up with the tampa "Single eireleg twirl eight Counts. Change to the rightg four counts: holxl position." Josephine l.ittle, head majorette tcenterl, Anne Marie Kephart tl.l and Geraldine Shevokas step it to the tempo of Anrhors Aweigh. The lively twirlers are a snappy addition to the lmantl. Information please! Mrs. Margaret Deegan, our competent school secretary, always has a smile and ready help for students. Working daily in the school ofliee, she plays an important part in keeping Nativity running smoothly. She has a place for everything and has everything in its place. tw u A H 'SO Holy Night"-Sister Clare Cecilia rehearses the hymns for the Christmas pageant with Carolyn Moore, Lucille Mile-Qhosky, Betty O'Neill, Grace Werez, Barbara Lurwick, and Janice Eisenhower. Sister has charge of music and dramatics. Rehearsals for "some- thing" are in order every day. 4, M: f 4 A 5'-. . i ' 1 n of ,mfg ff 7' A 'N :av-491 .I 5 M a -K ,,..-.. V Q... .. ffyj- ei ,. j '77 Tha' first Alumni llanque-t was ln-lil in ilu- sr-liool l'11l.4'it'I'i1l on Dr-r't-inlu-r 26. The first Nativity grarluatvs. and the- alumni of l'ottsvillv Catholic' High School anfl of St, St:-phc-n's. Port llarhon. att:-nfl:-tl. 'l'he' fuvulty we-rv pri-sv-nt. :Xftvr tht- tlinnvr. this yr-ar's varsity playa-tl tht- Alumni. Tha- "olrlNt:-rs," llllll'll to tht' surprise' of thi- "yonngst1'rs." won hy a score- of 68-bl, llill llanrlgt-s '5 1. was high svorvr for tht- Alumni with I5 points. Fathor Nugvnl, Mr. Paivalko triglitl. FElllll'l' Arthur Nugvnt. Nlrs. S4'llWt'il'll anml Mr. Ennnvt Ward wait to haw a picture taken at tho Alumni liaiiqin-t. X link -Q i if WK H: pa Eager "click anal shutter" 4-nthusiasts listvn to Gerard Carpe-ncy's informal :lc-monstration of Camvra tvch- niqnr. Sist:-r Agni-S Tvrvsa, vlnh nlorlr-rator, enjoys the- svssion. Nativity has a :lark room frilly vquippell with Spvml Graphit' lfatnvra. 1-nlargvr, tinwr, stain- lm-ss str-e-l sink, and rl:-ve-loping tanks. Mr. Smith lrache-s tvchniqu:-s. Dominic' Alati, pre-sc-nt school photograph:-r, is about to hand in his rr-signation in Juno. Who'lAl succved him? 35 -1 4 If nw' 9' '- ,',- D-P ' . .Qhss 1 ' ' mr rx i P. ,hr - 3 ,3- 'I' v t 4 .F ' f .fl ' ' Mx, IV' 1 P 4' Q' z v C I he +5 I ,E 5, 4 K A D 1 5 wie'-n 1 ,,, , b ,iw W A -4 4, x " L f - 5 , I.. x -. A.. , ,xv Q ' ur' . 1 . . -1 M , - ' -wf-.- N,-1f3 ' 1 -4 hr. 4'-Q MW. q .4 VW 'V' . A ' . ., Lux f. ,i f Q. . 'b I W Y ' " 19 rf' b , D ,, X I JC WTI1 the advent af Zz!! 00-l' BALL g"5f"" . ' 5- . '.'w.. - . Q cd 'G ""' 711'-t 3 ' 9 I V 'f ,. : gi '71 t it final, ,ua 7, V-IU. 'i,, 3 - S? ji,-SJ ive 5 e 4 ig will 'A flak at e - M 'f' ft .Q"'vB!3 Q 77 76 E3 1 Y " W Q . t f f'Q ,,f ' e. f ' ,'Y", ii "" r W af' it p ,aa The 56-57 version of the Green and Gold gridsters. foreground: Managers Vito Calle, Joe Welsh. Joe DiNunzio. Bottom Row: Mike Sophy, John Schoflstall. Ray Yarashus, Francis Tobin. Mike Shov- lin, ,loe Sauchick, Mike Colitz, Francis Matthews, Bob Vlfollyung, Bob Sipple, Bill Farne. ,lack McDonald, Joe Murphy. James Cos- tanza. Second Row: Robert Siegfried, Joe Burns. ,lint Harvey, Mike Marchowski, Hob Post. Hugh McGowan, Ron Devlin, Joe Juba, Tom George Pavalko meets "Wink" Gallagher. Marian's coach, and Father Frazer, then principal of Marian High School. for an exchange of opinions on the outcome of the game. The Pavalkomen downed the Colts 12-7. lireunan, John Alves, Tony Sophy, ,lim lN1eflove-rn. Ed Shields, Tony Dermo, ,Iohn Legutko. Martin 0'Hara. Third Row: ,lim Lucas, Al Abrams. John Barnes, Andy Waleott. Stan Golwr. Dennis Keating, John Petlansky, Joe Wapinsky, assistant mark: George Pavelko, head roach: Ron Christ, assistant roarh: Tom MePbilips, Larry Canfield, Andy Curry, ,lake Weiss, Joe Moore, Ed Cook, Bill Stiles. Sportsman of the year! Father Nugent congratulates Robert Wollyung on receiving the Annual Lions Award for leadership, scholarship, and playing ability. If 1. r' s 'I Seeing is believing! Ed Shields lowers his head and slashes off tackle for a touchdown against the Mt. Carmel Rams. The Green and C0ld's scoring attack was at its height in this game which found the Locals on the long side 45118. Seven senior gridders carried the Green and Cold banner into the First Annual Catholic All-Star Came. The South iNativity. Shenan- doah, Mt. Carmel, Marianl posted a 9-6 victory over the North. Second Row: Mike Shovlin, Bob Sipple, Jack McDonald. Bottom Row: Joe Sauchick, Mike Colitz. Bob Wollyung, Joe Murphy. I V 3-ff' s' . f: - '14" -V 4 QL' Y I F I WZ? ,M i' 1... Z 'A L 2533, Stk.. 5 -t 1,514 -X j ... ,., .aw . Q VT, , 5 rg f N,.t,'f"i I vw,-,a........-. ' ' . K .kit 'fu 'ie , ' ,5 t'74 ' if ,U l v., K 8 xi I E 2 W W' f 80 A A X .' 4, I I G.- I is ' I' t h ' :ut 5- 'L " at-Q- ,f-, Je' K . ' V. ' 5,911 S 5? W 4542? J W IJ . ft t M -K 1 x . Y ' it to l "' . A I V if fa' i is ,. ' ' . ki . I f,..t g. ...., , t ... . . ,avi A .. a . ' times Mt. Carmel ..., Marian .......,.. Reading Central .. Bishop Kendrick ,. Allentown Central South Scranton . . . St. Matthew Shenandoah .... 0 0 ' Yi V 5 "Inch" eludes Colts. Jack McDonald. stellar halfback. pours on speed to outracc the entire Marian eleven. This play netted the Hilltoppers 40 yards and a six-pointer. SCHEDULE, 1956 OPP.NBVM ,..18 45 7 12 ...34 0 ...32 6 .. ...19 0 6 0 M13 2 0 20 an 'if' " W L I 'V vi --- -, - C sh- . ,' , W , if-13 aries. '-' ,fi ,v'Q.'-ff rf' x.'.i W ' 'lf L I , 'ti'- , fv 'FYI' I ,. VH, Vw, levi' 1 ,D W N. S "W ,1 .ya "tum - 'Q "Sip" is brought to a sudden slow after advancing for a first I down around the Marian end. The Hilltoppers halt Allentown Central's threat inches short of paydirt. 2' n X l6'a kefb ll zz flared in by zz wintry fm I , , l 4 - , n f" I , Red Mirocke lets, loose with a one-hander to score for the Hilltoppers. Bill Bradley flashes classic form as he V prepares to register another tally. What a game! Julmilant underclassmen stream out of the gym after a home game, excitedly galrbing about where they are going to go. Whether the team plays at home or away, loyal Nativity students assure the boys of a good following. How's the weather up there? That's the Hill- toppers Bill Bradley getting the jump from an Immacula-te Heart opponent. Skip Matthews comes roaring across the foul line to score a twin-pointer. 1 env I Q . 1 ' , 4 l it v S4 X4 Lf 1 5 .kj 's lar These stalwart tahelnll warriors Carried Nativity! colors through the liaslcetliall season. Our eagers were perfect gentlemen when they won and good sportsmen when they felt the pangs of defeat. Standing: Andy Curry. Ed Shields. Ed Padinske, Jerry Mirocke, llill Bradley, John Legutko. George Brehony. "Skip" Matthews. Kneeling: ,lohn Canfield, ,Ioe Sauchick, Coach George Pavalko, Mike Shnvlin, George Rose. if ' f Mike Robinson assists sportscaster Ed Romance in his play by play description of Nativity's court games. Hilllopper slatistieians check hgures during u time out. They are "l1.....,,M . AVLX. "Sniokey" Meagher, Ron Ceguzys lwhal's he staring aI?l, and Joe Murphy. .vi 4I I "ip, , , . 1 Mg xv' H s W 39 This had better go in! Joe Sauchick drives in to score on a.,.lay-up. Marian guard, Vince Gallagher, arrives too late to block the shot, but it's never too late to commit a foul. George Brehony pre- pares himself for the "battle under the boards" and Bill Bradley comes racing in. tx, 4 Xxx Second in scare Xa 'ako Immaculate Heart , . . ,lim Thorpe ....,. Marian .,.,,.,. Bishop Kenrick . . . Mt. Carmel ..... Reading .,.,... Alumni ...4.,.,.. Immaculate Heart . . . St. Matthews ...,. ,lim Thorpe ...,. Marian ....., Shenandoah ., St. Matthews .,... Immaculate Heart . . . Mt. Carmel .... Mt. Carmel . . Mark up two more points for Nativity! The Shen's Wasilewski and Miernicki make a futile effort to stop high-flying Ed Shields. The fast-moving forward scores easily to add to the Hilltoppers' winning total. Closing in on the right is Skip Matthews. 1956-1957 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE WE OPP. ... 57 50 ... 51 48 66 59 .,. 54 66 ,.. 55 51 ... 51 58 ... 61 68 ,., 70 55 ... 60 55 ... 67 60 ... 66 44- . .. 62 70 ... 57 55 ... 38 45 ... 50 4-9 69 73 Shenandoah . . . . . 66 70 Marian ..,. . . 64 62 Reading ....,. . . 56 58 Shenandoah ..,.... . . -58 77 Bishop Kenrick ..., . . 58 63 West Chester ........ .. 62 73 Immaculate Heart . . . . . 75 73 Mt. Carmel ....... .. 69 66 Shenandoah . . . , , 71 64 Marian ..,.., . , 61 51 CAPITAL CITY TOURNAMENT WE OPP Coal Township . . . . . 46 61 Columbia ...... . . 42 46 Nativity won the 1956 Anthra- cite Catholic League Baseball Trophy. Hope for another Anthracite Catholic League Baseball diadem rests upon the shoulders of these senior lettermen: KL. to r.J George Rose, Joe Mattea, Ed Pad- inske tholding last year's trophyl, Skip Matthews and Mike Colitz. I I Mrs. Cantwell directs the band. Soon, the band will appear in uniforms and add sparkle to activities. Avwtsfigasrt. J , H il' all M , Q xr X . basketball team. it y yi a 2 as . A. xg X, wi ,W A I ft S x my 2 at ,lost-pliinu Little heads thc twirling squad. NATIVITY BASKETEERS First Row: Barbara Porter. lx-aalwllv Mcflready, Margaret Brennan, Judith Fick. Second Row: Sister Regina dc- Lourdes, cuachg Mrs, Rita Schwe-ich, asst. Coach. Third Row: Joan Brennan, l'at Winicaties. Mary Pugh. Joan Flanagan. Jean Mvssaros. Betty Svp. Sandra Panvhison. Mary Ann Stcrnvr. Fourth Row: Iona Kohutka, Mary Ann MCBN-arty, Suzanne' Ruch, Mary Cllristenson, Kathleen Hcffron, Carol Strauss. Jump ball! A little ln-ight proves to be an advantage as Mary Ann Mcllre-arty lrivs to gain control of the lrall. Sue Ruch captains the girls' J- l i l x 1 "Hep, hep, show your pep! Ginger up and get in step!" Whether it he football, basketball, or Q pep rallies the Rah4Rah Girls are always on hand to cheer our "Hilltoppers" on to victory. Kneel- ing: Loretta Lonergan, co-captain, Sally Murphy. Eleanor Smalansky, Joanne Carr, and Patricia !' Chapman, co-captain. Standing: ,Ioan Silvers, Margaretta Lonergan, Patricia Canfield, Marguerite Keating, and Joanne Davidson. All these girls play an important role in boosting the morale of ,4 raw again I SCHEDULE N.B.V.M. 60 Auburn .... ........... 38 Alumni ,.....,..,.,...,,.,. 78 Fountain Springs Academy .... 51 Blue Mountain Joint ...,.... 48 Auburn ..,.,............. 64 Blue Mountain Joint ..... 39 St. Josephs', Mahanoy City . . . 54 Sacred Heart, Mahanoy City 41 Tri-Valley ..,............... Marian ........, ,f I Reading C. C. 1t's up! 1t's in! Joan Flanagan, high-scoring freshman forward, follows in the footsteps of Shirley Koltosky. The "Glamazons," paced by a score of underclassmen, rode high upon the crest of victory. Tri-Valley .... Marian ........ Reading C. C. West Chester . . . 4,47 . . . . . Zfimc OPP 35 35 44 42 22 53 17 39 23 Persona! Ziff nf s xii' the I1 8: 00 fl! I 300 Mike Colitz phones to Clare about the Christmas dance! Is he looking straight into the future or just making plans for tomorrow? As president of the Student Council, Mike is a husy mang he's in on all the big time happenings in and about school. Get your tickets here, boys and girls! Mr. Francis Moore, an old hand at the job, occupies the seat of custom hefore a home game. Mr. Emmet Ward and Mr. Conway assist him. Larry Alati, Jane Smith, and Belle McCready check in just in time. It's all part of the game. Gregory Schoffstall serves the thirsty mob at half-time. Vito Gallo Ueftl makes a general survey of the situation. "The tumult and the shouting dies," and the crowd, home- ward hound, takes the long trek down Lawton's Hill. Hu 6 9 3 gy, 'ruE'g1 -5,3 E' Nl. to X ',H .C 'Q ufapdify-f"'f'le fl 'ti' Affinia' ly? Q'Q"r gi x lf 'fag U I' Ai: 6' 73 1, 5 ' if "Z ti' QC, ..l"" A W Z, M f ,1- L LL,, Wm. i ' ' , I i 1 , tg This looks like a case of all dressed up and nowhere to go. But it's not! These seniors patiently await the arrival of .loc Murphy and then they will be off for an exciting evening at the Christmas Prom. They are at Clare Shuttle- w0rth's home. Clare Shuttleworth ties up the telephone lines to hold a conversation with Mike Colitz. Plans must be made for the Christmas dance. and Alexander Bell's invention cer- tainly comes in handy. Is this just an exchange of badinage or is Mike dating Clare for the big night? Y, ' ldv: 4.551 ,6,Xf,,l.gfX 4 ,. ft-pix 4 3 fi fx ls at v 3 P 6 , . ,L . 1' J K. v ,- I .sy 5? 1 9 50 The Harvest Dance, an informal hop, drew a lighthearted, merrymaking crowd to the auditorium atop Lawton's Hill. Around and around the cornstalk, we stepped to our favorite waltzes and hop tunes. W ll:- Winter sports at home! The Pacenta Twins, Bill Stiles, Dolores McKenna, and Bill Siegfried "clown it up" at the Port Carbon Playground. Our photographer lost a prize pix when, seconds later, Maryann Pacenta took a great fall. Z? using at du k "Synchronize your watches, gentlemen." Nick Thermenos and Bob Wollyung check the time before calling for their dates for "Fantasy in Frost." 1P. S. Didn't the dance start at nine o'clock???J S., The Football Frolic ac- cented the pigskin sea- son and honored our own "Messrs, Touchdown." That night, stalwarts of the gridiron tripped the light fantastic with-grace and rhythm. --1 Back to grandma's days! Mary Berner, Kathleen Heffron and Dot Cunningham forsake the present Brock and roll" craze for a night of John McCor- mack music. " Q1 ,S Dancetiine-anytime, even on Hallowe'en! Instead of the American custom of "trick or treat," students follow the Mexican tradition of hand-clapping and feet-stomping. The Mexican Hat Dance is a favorite at all dances, and Nativity's hops are no exception. Those who dance must pay the piper. Festivities are over, and Clare "hits the books" to prepare for the big test. tomorrow. Dancing is fun. hut knowing all the latest steps won't help much in a chemistry test, as all good students know. la I minute' udyiug Father Nugent keeps everything running on time. P.T,A. meetings, Fathers' conferences and Open House affairs are planned to the minute with precision and consideration. Time progresses and Nativity progresses with the times. Cooperation and planning procure a widely diversified and helpful program of activities that link the school and the home and promote the interests of parents and students. Father Leonard looks quizzical as he answers the questions of Mrs. Edward Schlitzer. Father is bombarded with queries not only at P.T.A. meetings, but also in his junior religion classes. U16 mimic were P,T.A. meetings, begun last year, give parents and teachers an opportunity to correlate ideas. Father Nugent talks to Mr. Bradley, Mrs. A. Colitz, and Mrs. Voytas. 1 - . 1 E ii in s ' 1 ffl! .. , 2 l Z , Z 0 , Z ' l 1 ii K ,QAM I A Xv The Fathers' Assoriation sponsorml tho Caron-r lfonff-rc-nr'v ln-lil on Fvliruary 12, l957. Falllvr Nugvnt. Mr, john Coorivy. vim'-prc'si1l1'r1t :lt 1lt'sk--and Mr. Henry Fick, prvsids-nt. exchange' opinions on Ihr- March Communion llrvakfast for juniors and svniors and their para-nts. ,V 'v-sm... ,Wi r' Q Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lundy and daughter Barbara admire At Open House in January, Peggy Carroll lr,J conducts visitors on a tour of Nativity's spacious library. Student Council members, Mary the building. Ann Burarhock. Carol Flail. and Bernadette Pillus are ob- viously proud to usher the visitors. x , f x , A x if.-f " if 1 ,, 'Ma df nw" Q!! '- if v-rf" x H, X W.. J 3, -ff? .v 1 SMI' ...v ... 'W A :fix "W f ' :eb , .411 , ,f.,w"f5f'f'f W .Ca'L2,fy ,IW-'V ,K if gff'f:i.:S35' ,V ., 55' V Ag 3 . ' ir? 1 z s 1 'S axe Y tim .Mt'5' The "Fantasy in Frost" was held in a real Christmas alniusphvrz-. Trf-cs and gr:-vns and shining stars converted the auditorium into a wintvr wonderland. A rvplica of tht' Crib and Christmas carolers kept the real meaning of this beautiful season lwforv tht- dancn-rs. 99' Sim 55 X x - ' 2 J' 2 '.- .- xxx .-""".i L' E N' ' Xu' . U . vw iq - .. - W W , lj A . Q ' ' t- f 34, 1 "Q l. f' V' f'.g 2 2 ' ' 'f' f' lk. . ' V ' PM ' M3415 I Q 3' , ,, 1 Qu" "lm ' f lf?' .i.' 1' ' K Q i-- 'C L gf -4 ia 2 if f, Q. : w , 2 ' ' ' ' :if 1 , if-:air 4 a i .i . WL' A A , it V ll, Ag :Va X 2' I9 'xl 5 n in YQ K X I' ,W gi: E51 fr. ' V i x 1 W 1 ' x 'U 5 e 1 XQY gf xx if " r Q , We S-.Nl-N 1. '. '-J. if sg. . 'S Q A 3 5 , N N A .,-. if , . . rx 1 ' 1 1 -x 'ks , ' . fx M up I , ,Y , 5 'I ' 'xv . ' ' V N . 'Il V 'I . 'i A ,- 14. ' ,. A if fx , I .,- sffl' x mil A J www- J". 1 l i . sf ,- - M -I 1- " x XJ, f i Hi, .J lf1'fn, " ' Q fx! B . ,'! I xnwltl l I .,,A',i,H xvk ow, . 1 P M y. A - 1 P I ,Q , v- z F . Hi .... ,M ,W , ....,......M..................-.........,4-,M, .M , .,,....,..,.........b,,,..,...... .,.,M..,. . ,Ss ww ig.-X 3. 1 Q Lg ' 4' f'F'Y1 1' " AIA! ,J o QWLQ' Vg' 5'-. 0 r ' K 1 4 I v 4-w i . .,,, W -452152 ' 0 A L V ,f . W, K 1 I fa! z. f, .A U 5- , 13 a lv . sank M :kph ...N 1 ,A QS . , rf If 1 L we is , GPX nfl M. ' Ch. n bf? Q? 1, i 1. . 1 ,,, S' , E5 f 5' Ip f I 1 x , Ll .. - f ri! ' , Q ln ! Q- A X: 5-Xa' L Qf 'I Q' -I X Nifty. ,f 'I f alfa 4'f 1 x., F.1- 41' 4. im. Wt "S l in Q i 1 'A S D X ' fa , 3 Ya F ' kt, q' X N mf wx-M ,,, Q. gnu, '9 fad' Al' I' bf' i -A L. Ili t "ia, rx as V F i t DOMINIC FRANCIS ALATI Sr. JOSI-IPH'S 521 N. Third Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Dom" ACADEMIC AC'rIvmEs: Physics Club 3g Chemistry Club 43 Mission Monitor 1,23 Year Book Photographer 4. MARY KATHLEEN ARMBRUSTER 404 W. Bacon Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Armbe" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 1,23 Honors 43 Camera Club 33 Biology Club 2. Sr. PATRICK,5 THOMAS JAMES BARBETTA Sr. AMBRosE's 14 W. Union Street, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. "Chink" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES :, Dramatics 43 Football 1,2,3Q Basketballg Biology Club 2g Physics Club 3g Chemistry Club 4. ANN MARIE BARRY Hou FAMILY 156 Kimber Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "Annie" "Irish" COMMERICAL ACTIVITIES: Student Council 4-3 Dramatics 2,33 Honors 3,43 Dance Committees 3,43 Heart Drive 33 Biology Club 2g Bank ,Moderator 4. JOHN JOSEPH BISCOE SACRED HEART 120 Water Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "Bee" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Basketball 1,2. PATRICK JOSEPH BORAN Hon FAMILY 11 Pine Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "Hag" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Treasurer 13 Mission Monitor lg Classroom President 2g Honors 1,2. ' I "7"""" ' 'iirwflximr 'x 'itll MARY ANN ELLEN BERNER MARY, QUEEN or PEACE 617 N. Centre Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Mary Ann" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Mission Monitor 43 Honors 1,2,3,'43 Physics Club 33 Chemistry Club 43 General Excellence 1,2,33 Religion Award 33 Co-editor of AvE MARIA: Managing Editor oi Skylinesg Speaker on panel at Villanova Press Conf.3 lst prize in school "1 Speak for Democracy Con- test"3 Vice-president 2. JOSEPH JOHN BILANSKY Srs. PETER AND PA,ut.'s 1543 W. Norwegian Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Pierre" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Physics Club 33 Chemistry Club 4g C.Y.O. V, A I ' , li ,I ,.'f'1j,g':i' ll 1 NA 1, ., A ,, I. J, , ww- 1 ' , if 'I' Y - .' WILLIAM EDWARD BRADLEY S'l'. MARY'E 117K Nicholas Street, St. Clair, Pa. "Drofdarb" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Basketball 2,4-g Dramatics 1,2,3. GEORGE JOSEPH BREHONY Sr. AMBnosE's 70 Moorenoll Street, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. "George" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Basketball 23 Classroom President 2g Mission Monitor 35 Physics Club 33 Chemistry Club 4. Nativity's Sanitation Squad, supervised by Mr. Muldowney, find mopping and scrubbing a delightful relaxation after "class grind." Skip Matthews, Mike Shovlin, Joe Bilansky, Ed Smith, C L A S S 0 F I Tom Barbetta, and Nick Thermenos "push and pull" until the floor is spic and span, and brightly gleaming-until the next lunch period. MARY KATHARINE BRENNAN Sr. PATRICK'S 1736 W. Norwegian Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Mary Kay" ACADEMIC AC'rIvI1'IEs- Basketb ll 2' Dramatics 234' Discussion Club ga - 54 Q Q s v 23 Camera Club 3,43 Teen-age Book Club 2: Honors 1,23 Biology Club 23 Physics Club 3g Chemistry Club 4. CAIL KATHERINE BROWN Sr. PATRICK'S 329 N. George Street, Pottsville, Pa. "GaiI" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Dramatics 1,2,3,4g Mission Monitor 25 Biology Club 2 3 Physics Club 3, Chemistry Club 43 Choir. ANNE PATRICE BUCKLEY ST. PATRICK,S 1403 W. Norwegian Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Anne" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Dramatics 1,2,3,4-3 Teen-age Book Club 23 Dance Committee, Honors 2, Biology Clubg Physics Clubg Chemistry Club: Discussion Club 2. JAMES CLEOPHAS BUGGY S'r. VINCENT DE PAUL RD. 32, Box 558-A, Pottsville, Pa. "Jim" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Biology Club 25 Physics Club 3g Chemistry Club 4. MARY ANN BURACHOK ST. AMBR05E'S 323 Dock Street, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. , "Mary Ann" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Dramatics 1,2,3,4g Mission Monitor 2g Book Club 1,3g Secretary of Biology Club and Physics Club: Chemistry Club 4g Student Council 43 Religion Award 1,23 Honors 1,2,3,4g Slfylinesg AVE MARIA Staff. VINCENT JOHN BURNS Sr. KIEnAN's R.D. 42, Pine Knot, Pine Knot, Pa. "ViM17" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Student Council 45 Biology Club 2. 5 . CATHERINE GERALDINE CALLAGHAN Sr. VINCENT DE PAUL R.D. :,li2, Box 604, Pottsville, Pa. "Gerry" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Book Club 1,2,5 Dance Committee 4. PATRICIA ANN CANFIELD ST. STI-:PI-IEN's 259 Pike Street, Port Carbon, Pa. "Put" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Cheerleader 1.2,45 Honors 1,2,3,45 Biology Club 25 Physics Club 35 Chemistry Club 45 Dramatics 45 Publications 4. +L SHEILA MARY CANFIELD HOLY FAMILY 92 Lombard Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "Sheila" ACTIVITIES: Dramaties 2,3,45 Honors 1,2,3,45 Chemistry Club 45 Physics Club 35 Publications 4. ACADEMIC PATRICIA MARY CHAPMAN ST. PATRICK'S 1020 W. Norwegian Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Pat" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 1.23.45 Cheerleader 1.2.35 Co-captain Cheerleaders 45 Biology Club 25 Physics Club 35 Chemis- try Club 45 Teen-age Book Club 1,2. Q 'D CHARLOTTE ROBERTA CHATTIN ST. S'l'EPHEN'S Lower Mill Creek, Pottsville, Pa. "Char" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Art Club 15 Biology Club 25 Physics Club 35 Chemistry Club 45 Library Aide I,2,35 Dramatics 3. MARY ELIZABETH CHRISTENSON Srs. PETER AND PAuL's P. 0. Box 262, Minersville, Pa. "Mary" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Basketball 2,3,45 Honors 2,3,45 Biology Club 25 Physics Club 35 Chemistry Club 45 Dramatics 43 Publi- cations 4. ,041 5 ANN MARIE COLAN Sr. STI-IPHEN'S 114 Tuscarora Street, Palo Alto, Pa. "Ann" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Biology Club 25 Physics Club 35 Chemistry Club 45 Book Club 35 Class Day Committee 3. MICHAEL JOHN COLITZ Sr. AMnRosE's 197 Dock Street, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. "Mike" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIESS President Senior Class and Student Council 45 President of Physics Club 35 Vice-president of Chemis- try Club 45 Dramatics 3,45 Football 3,45 Baseball 3,45 Honors 3,45 Business Manager, Skylines and AVE MARIA. 1.2.-.1 -I - f ??'5ii'3i5ii,i' 5 vdzeezez. ' Ae :IV P JAMES ROBERT COSTELLO ST. PA'l'RICK'S 524 Howard Avenue, Pottsville, Pa. "Jim" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Knights of the Blessed Sacrament 2,3,4g Biology Club 2. DOROTHY LOUISE CUNNINGHAM ST. PATRICK'5 713 N. Third Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Dot" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,23 Honors 1,2,3,4g Chemistry Club 45 Physics Club 3, Biology Club 23 Journalism Staff 4. ELAINE DONALDSON ST. MARY'S R.C. 502 E. Hanock Street, St. Clair, Pa. "Elaine" COMMERCIAL MARY JANE CURRAN ST. AMBROSE'S 403 Parkway, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. "Mary June" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Teen-age Book Club 1,2,3,4g Biology Club 25 Dramatics l,2,3,4g Dance Committee 4, Prom Committee 4. Journalists convene. The Villanova Publications Conference C L is a big event of the year. "Listen, my children, and you shall hear . . ." Kathleen Hellron lcenterl tells Mary A. McBrearty, Mary A. Burachock, Bruna DiNunzio, and Dominic Alati about the panel discussions in which "our Tom Urban and Mary Ann Berner" took part. ' JOANNE ELLEN CURRY ST. PATRICK'S 915 W. Norwegian Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Joanne" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Vice-president 1, Student Council 4, Honors l,2,3,4: Biology Club 23 Dramatics 1,2,3,4g Business Man- ager 2g Dance Committee 4, Prom Committee 4. MARY LOUISE DALEY Sr. PA'I'RICK'S 505 Greenwood Avenue, Pottsville, Pa. "Mary Lou" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Dramatics l,2,3,4g Honors l,2,3,4g Biology Club 25 Physics Club 33 Chemistry Club 4. BETTY LOU DAVIS Sr. NIC!-IOLAS'S 522 Baker Street, Minersville, Pa. "Betty Lou" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Dramatics 35 Chemistry Club 4g Physics Club 35 Basketball 23 Camera Club 1,2. CAROLYN CECELIA DEMCHIK SACRED HEART 142 Water Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "Cay" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Dramatics 1,43 Teen-age Book Club 29 Honors 2,3,4: Biology Club 2, Physics Club 33 Chemistry Club 4, Art Editor of Skylines. .Q ASS OF I95 -ul 1 I,-f I BRUNA CONCETTA DiNUNZIO ST. .I0sEPH's 519 E. Norwegian Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Bruna" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES? Hook Club lg Librarian 1.2.33 Student Council 3: Dramatics 3,43 Refreshment Committee 1,3,4-3 Publica- tions: Honors 1,2,3,4. ,IUDITH MARIE DONAHUE ST. NIARY, STAR or THE SEA 32 Spare Hill, Branchdale, Pa. "Judy" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Biology Club 2. FRANCIS JOSEPH DONNELLY DIARY, QUEEN or PEACE 827 Water Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Blix" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Teen-age Book Club 2. RITA MARIE ESTELLA DOYLE ST. VINCENT DE PAUL Box 209, R.D. 1151, Pottsville, Pa. "Dolly" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Teen-age Book Club 4g Honors 1,2,3,4-. ROBERT THOMAS ELLIOTT ST. PA'l'RlCK'S 403 Bannon Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Bob" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 1,23 Teen-age Book Club 23 Honors 23 Biology Club: Chemistry Clubg Physics Club. WILLIAM EDWARD FARNE ST. PATRICK'S 508 W. Market Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Bill" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Football 3,4g Business Staff AVE MAIIIAQ Physics Clubg Chemistry Club. MARY JANE DUNLEAVY ST. R.D. Jil, Phoenix Park, Pottsville, Pa. "Mary Jane" ACTIVITIES! Teen-age Book Promoter 4g .IANICE EISENHOWER ST. 403 Church Street, Minersville, Pa. alan-, ACTIVITIES: Band 4g Chemistry Club 4g VINCENT DE PAUL COMMEIICIAI. Biology Club 2. VINCENT DE PAUL ACADEMIC Physics Club 3. Q 'Q All Y E GLOF 'UC 44 N. ujgqm IIAL ACTIVI lass Day I C-A EUCl -I-E5 f 6 Ma "Gem MIC ACTlVl lub- 15' "No man is 1 Lonegan fda and Margari discussing tr1 is playing 'Jerry Lewisvtor Marilyn Fapso, Mary Ann Mc- Brearty, and Ed Padinske. After all, school is fun! CLASS GF I JOHN THOMAS GARBISH SACRED HEART H 24 Main Street, Kaska, Pa. A "Garbo" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Physics Clubg Dance Committee 4g Biology . Club. , K 1 '3- BARBARA ANN GAWLEY sr. PATRIcK's A 351 Anderson Street, Pottsville, Pa. ' "Barby" COMMERCIAL i ACTIVITIES! Biology Club. X JANET TERESA CAYDOS 319 Coal Street, Port Carbon. "Cates" ACTIVITIES: Chemistry Clubg Physics Clubg Biology Club. ST. STEPHI-1N'S ACADEMIC RONALD PAUL CECUZYS 625 Third Street, Port Carbon, Pa. ..Ron,, ST. STEPI-IEN'S ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Vice-president Senior Class: President Physics Club 3g Dramatics 1.2: Basketball 1,23 Vice-president Chemistry Clubg Biology Club: Business Staff Skylines and AVE MARIA: Honors 1,2,3,4g Dance Committee 4-. JAMES BERNARD GEMMELL ST. KlERAN'S R.D. :,'i'2, Box 427, Glen Dower, Pa. "lim" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Dramatics l,2.3.4g Teen-age Book Club 25 Biology Club, Physics Clubg Chemistry Club. ,lb MARY ANNETTA GEORGE ST. PATIIICICS 506 Harrison Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Pinky" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 2,3,4g Choir, Biology Clubg Camera Club 3g Tag Day Solicitor. 1 . Images not available 957 EDWARD J. CRABAREK HOLY FAMILY Main Street, Cumhola, Pa. "Doc" ACADEMIC Ac'rIvI'rIEs: Physics Clubg Biology Club, Chemistry Cluhg Basketball 1. MARGARET ANN CRECITIS SACRED HEART 60 Wiggen Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. 'icfiils'-YJ", ACADEMIC ACTIvI'rIEs: Physics Clubg Dance Committee 4g Honorsg Treasurer Senior Classg Chemistry Clubg Business Staff of AVE MAIIIA. I A N X wi . MARYANNA CENEVIEVE CUTSWA 322 Laurel Street, Minersville, Pa. "Maryann" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Physics Clubg Chemistry Clubg Dramatics 1,2g Honors 1,2,3,4g Mission Monitor 1. ST. STANISLAUS JOAN MARIE HAMPFORD 53 Valley Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "Janie" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Camera Cluli 3g Biology Club. HOLY FAMILY -. ziii , in RICHARD CERARD HANLEY 619 Garfield Avenue, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. "Dick" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 2g Teen-age Book Club 4-5 Biology Clubg Chemistry Club. Sr. AMBROSI-1'S ROSEMARIE ANNETTE HARMAN Sr. PATRICK'S 312 Schuylkill Avenue, Pottsville, Pa. "Rose" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 1,2,3,4g Biology Club, Camera Club 3. A MARIE NORA HATCH ST. AMBROSE'S 216 E. Market Street, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. "Marie' ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 23 Basketball 2g Biology Clubg Physics Clubg Chemistry Club. Images not available KATHLEEN ANN HEFFRON ST. .JOHN THE BAPTIST 1504 W. Norwegian Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Kazhleen". ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Basketball 1,2,3g Dramatics 29 Teen-age Book Club: Honors l,2,3,4-3 Biology Clubg Physics Clubg Chemis- try Club, Co-editor of Skylinesg AvE MARIA Staff. ELIZABETH LOUISE HOKE ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST 2246 W. Norwegian Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Betty Lou" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Honors 1,2,3,4g Dramatics 2: Biology Club: Physics Club, Chemistry Clubg Exchange Editor of Sky- lines. DIANE MARY JONES ST. 1WARY'S ROMAN CATHOLIC 102 Broad Street, St. Clair, Pa. "Deen ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Dramatics l,2,4g Basketball Ig Book Clubg Honors 1.29 Physics Clubg Chemistry Clubg Dance Com- mittee. CHARLES ANDREW JUBA DIARY, QUEEN or PEACE Mt. Lafiee, Box 126, Pottsville, Pa. "Charlie" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Student Council 3,43 Biology Club: Teen-age Book Club: Basketball 1,2.4g Prom Comm-itteeg Business Staff of Slrylines. "To measure is to know." Thompson fon Iadderi and Motto apply trigometric know-how to everyday problems, by using a "weird" trig formula to calculate the height of the flagpole. Shevokis, Sophy, Stancavage, and James Buggy, notebooks in hand, find their answers by Blogs." They believe in doing things the hard way. CHRISTINE PATRICIA KAMINSKI ST. ANTHONY'S 541 Second Street, Port Carbon, Pa. "Chris" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 43 Teen-age Book Club 33 Honors 1.3,4-5 Biology Club, Physics Clubg Chemistry Clubg Art Editor of Skylines. MARY LOUISE KEATING ST. PATRICKIS 131 Mahantongo Drive, Pottsville, Pa. "Weezie" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Book Club'3,4g Dramatics 3, Physics Clubg Chemistry Club. JANE AGNES KISSEL SACRED HEART 183 Valley Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "KiS-W!" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Physics Clubg Chemistry Club, Honors 1,2. JOSEPH APOLINARY KLAZAS SACRED HEART 36 Water Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "Shim" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Physics Clubg Chemistry Club. T 945 CLASS I957 . lr-,4 M fs. I .I V2 ' 'Mui '27 A A z RJ f ,-un. 'X JOSEPH PETER KOHUTKA ST. FRANCIS or ASSISI 435 Sunbury Street, Minersville, Pa. "Joe" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 2: Honors 1,2,3,4: Biology Club: Physics Club: Chemistry Club: Mission Monitor 4: Busi- ness Staff of Skylines. LOIS ANN KOPPENHAVER ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST 1970 W. Norwegian Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Blackie" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Teen-age Book Club: Prom Committee. MARIE ANN KREYDT 'SACRED HEART 98 Water Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "Marie" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Dramatics 2,3.4: Teen-age Book Club 2,3,4: Biology Club: Physics Club: Chemistry Club: Honors. ROSANNA MARY KRIVENKO IMMACULATE CONCEPTION 15 Vaux Avenue, Tremont, Pa. "Rosy" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Dramatics Honors Book Club Moderator 2: Vice-president 2: Biology Club. ANTHONY LOUIS LASCALA NIARY, QUEEN or PEACE 804 Walnut Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Tony" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Business Manager 3: Mission Monitor 2,3,4. LORETTA TERESA LAURINAITIS SACRED HEART 107 Water Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "Twin" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Dramatics 4: Book Club 4: Refreshment Com- mittee 3: Typist for Publications. EVELYN TERESA KROLICK ST. AMBROSI-:'s 101 Avenue C, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 'iElhC1" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 1,2,4: Teen-age Book Club 2: Honors 1,2,3,4: Biology Club: Physics Club: Chemistry Club. MARY ELLEN KRUSZNOSKI ST. NICIIoLAs's 2 Sunbury Street, Minersville, Pa. "Kriz" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Honors 1,2,3: Chemistry Club: Physics Club: Biology Club. , 5' . his if R-I-qv, .-. ' -I .Ci gift' V .1 I f'355Hg:i.:i 3 uw . . ., , l 5 lik LORRAINE B. LAURINAITIS SACRED HEART 107 Water Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "Twin" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Refreshment Committee 35 Book Club 4: Typist for Publications. SANDRA JOYCE LAVINSKAS SACRED HEART 42 Water Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "Sandy" COMMERCIAL ACTIv1TIEs:4Teen-age Book Club: Camera Club 3: Dra- matics 1,2,3,4g Honors 4. Flash! Seniors win Certificates of Acceptance from The National Essay Association, Los Angeles, California. They are tleft to right from bottom row upl C. Rose, J. Gemmell, W. C I- A S S 0 I 9 5 7 Meagher, M. Colitz, C. Juba, R. Krivenko, M. Ruscavage, M. Wynosky, K. Heilron, M. Quirin, M. Gutswa, M. Pukas, M. Papso, M. Berner, A. Simonavage, A. Barry, M. McBrearty, D. Cunningham, and E. Hbke. LORETTA FRANCES LONERC-AN ST. STEPHI-IN'S 348 Coal Street, Port Carbon, Pa. "Let" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Cheerleader 2.3: CO-captain Cheerleaders 4: Honors l,2.3,4: Biology Club: Physics Club: Chemistry Club: Publications. MARGARETTA MARIE LONERGAN ST. STEPHEN'S 348 N. Coal Street, Port Carbon, Pa. "Margie" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Cheerleader 2,3,4: Honors 1,2,3,4: Biology Club: Physics Club: Chemistry Club: Student Council 35 Dramatics 4: Teen-age Book Club 35 Publications. ARLENE MARIE MARCLE SACRED HEART 74 Wiggen Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "MPfSi0" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Teen-age Book Club 3,43 Chemistry Club: Physics Club. ANN HELEN MACK HOLY FAMILY 28 Wiggen Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "Ann" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Dramatics'1.2,3,4g Teen-age Book Club 1.2,3,4g Honors 4: Camera Club 4: Mission Monitor 3: Biology Club: Business Manager 4. THOMAS JAMES MATLOCK HOLY FAMILY 72 Valley Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. g'Tom" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Physics Club: Biology Club: Chemistry Club: Dance Committee: Class President 2. JOSEPH JAMES MATTEA ST. JOHN TI-IE BAPTIST Tremont and E. Arch Streets, Pottsville, Pa. "loc" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Football and Basketball Manager 43 Baseball 3,43 Honors 1: Dance Committee. 67 CHARLES DAVID MCDONALD ST. PATRICKlS T16 Anderson Street. Poltsville, Pa. "Churl.-" ACADEMIC FRANCIS EDWARD MATTHEWS ST. STEPH1-:N's 49 S. Coal Street, Port Carbon, Pa. "Skip" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Vicf-'president of Physics Club: Football 3: Basketball l.2.3.4: Baseball 3.4: Publications: Student Council: Honors 1,2.3,4: Chemistry Club: Physics Club: Dance CIIIIIIIIIIIFYS. MARY ANN THERESA MCBREARTY ST. PATRICK'S 700 Sehuylkill Avenue, Pottsville, Pa. "Mary Ann" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1.2.3: Softball 3: Dramatics 1,2: Honors Biology Club: Physics Club: Chemistry Club: l'ublit'ations. AoTIvITIEs: Mission Monitor 2.4: Biology Club: Physics Club: Chemistry Club: Softball 1. JOHN JAMES McDONALD HOLY FAMILY 24 Valley Street. New Plliladelphia, Pa. "lark" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Football 1.2.3. Co-captain 4: Physics Club: Chemistry Club. DOLORES MARIE McKENNA ST. STI-:PIII-:N's 45 Coal Street, Port Carbon, Pa. "Dolan ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 4: Honors 1.2: Biology Club: Physics Club: Chemistry Club. ,-4 LOIIETTA ANN MCKENZIE sr. PATIIICIc's -'1 421 Boone Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Laurie" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1.2: Dramatics 2.3: Honors 1: Biology Club: Physics Club: Chemistry Club. ROBERT FRANCIS XII-DONALD ST. RIAHYVS R. C. ,gb St. Clair, Pa. "Bob" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITII-Ls: Drainaties 1.2: Football Manager 2.3. MARGARET ELIZABETH MCHUCH ST. KIERAN'S Buck Run. l'a. "Margie" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Biology Club, , gn., 51223 A MARY .IANE CECILIA McMURTRIE ST. MARY'S R. C. 32 N. Mill Street, St. Clair, Pa. ACTIVITIES! Dramatics 1,23 Honors 1,2,3,4g Biology Club: Physics Club: Chemistry Clubg Secretary lg Vice-presi- dent 2g Student Council 3g Discussion Club 25 Co-editor Slrylinesg AVE MARIA Staff. MARY ELIZABETH MCPHILLIPS ST. AMBRosE's 140 W. Main Street. Schuylkill Haven, Pa. "Mar" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 1.43 Honors 1,2.3.4g Teen-age Book Club 23 Biology Club: Physics Clubg Chemistry Club. WILLIAM FREDRICK MEACHER ST. AMBRosE's 13 Centre Avenue, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. "Bill" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Dramatics 25 Baseball 2,3,4g Honors lg Physics Clubg Chemistry Club. Manual dexterity. speed and accuracy are tested by Miss Larkin of the Pottsville Unemployment Agency, who ad- ministered the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Will these lads be our future surgeons. journalists, construction workers-or what? For answer to the question. consult the future. For identification of the men concerned, study the senior photo- graphs. CLASS OF I KATHLEEN FRANCES MEEHAN ST. PATRICK'S 827 Fairview Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Kay" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Honors 1,2,3,4g Dramatics 1,2,4g Biology Club 2. ELAINE JOAN MICKLESAVACE SACRED HEART 112 Water Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "Mick" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Biology Club 2, Teen-age Book Club 4: Honors 1.2.3,-ig Business Manager 35 Typist of Slcylines 4. MARTHA MARIE MILYO MARY, QUEEN or PEACE 242 Wallace Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Manic" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 1,23 Carden Club 35 Camera Club. ANNE ANASTASIA MINNICHBACH SACRED HEART Zerbe, Pa. "Annie" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Teen-age Book Club 3,45 Dramatics 3,43 Honors 1,2,3,4g Biology Club. "Janie" ACADEMIC 1 rut, 7' , Q --gr 'BP Q Q I A '77 3 I FRANCIS JEROME MIROCKE ST. JOSEPHJS 416 Washington Street, Frackville, Pa. "Red" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Basketball 12.3.43 Baseball 1,25 Physics Club 35 Chemistry Club 4: Dramatics I. ARLENE AGNES MISTYSYN ST. B1ARYlS R. C. 255 Broad Street, St. Clair, Pa. "Arlene" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Vice-president 1,25 Dramatics 1,2g Chemistry Club: Biology Club: Camera Club. CAROLINE MARY MOORE ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST 1964 W. Norwegian Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Caroline" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Biology Club 2. DOROTHY LOUISE MOORE ST. AMBROSEJS 423 Hess Street, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. "Dottie" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 1.2,3.4: Teen-age Book Club 35 Physics Club 3: Chemistry Club 4: Biology Club. JOHN FRANCIS MOTTO OUR LADY or MT. CARMEL East Sunbury Street, Minersville, Pa. "Jaffe" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 1,3: Mission Monitor 2, Chemistry Club 4: Physics Club 3. JEAN CECELIA MUNDY ST. PATRICK'S 221 N. Center Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Jeanne" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Biology Club 2: Book Club 2,45 Dramatics 2,3,4g Honors 1,2,3,4. CERARD JOSEPH MOORE ST. FRANCIS DE SALES 144 Main Street, Mt. Carbon, Pa "CNW" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Biology Club: Physics Club: Chemistry Club PATRICIA MARGARET MOTLEY ST. KIEIIANS RD. ii2, Box 335, Pottsville, Pa. "Pat" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Honors 1,2,3.4: Book Club 4. . Q I oi J 4 'Q' V x .. 1 H X Q A "I 1 E' fl 41"-J :figs . 'X N 1 ikfi I ""f S 'T - P ,I ' .e I Ja" I JOSEPH TIMOTHY MURPHY ST. PA'l'RICK'S 1126 W. Norwegian Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Murph" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball Manager 3: Honors 3 2,3,4-5 Biology Club 2: Physics Club 35 Secretary of Chemistry Club 4: Classroom President lg Vice-president 2: Student Council 3g Publications. 5 MAUREEN ANN MURPHY ST. VINCENT DE PAUL 246 Twin Street, Minersville, Pa. "Murph" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Camera Club 1,2g Book Club 4: Prom Com- mittee 2: Honors 3. "Give me your tired, your poor. your huddled masses" . . . was Mary Ann O'Brien's theme in the "I Speak for Democracy" contest. Joseph Raring. chairman of the Pottsville Junior Chamber of Commerce, presents her with a 850 bond, first prize. Mary Ann Berner llower rightl placed first at Nativity. She and other school winners received plaques. LASS CDF PATRICIA ANN MURPHY ST. K1ERAN's Box 410, RD. 32, Pottsville, Pa. "Pat" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Class Secretary 2: Business Manager 2: Biology Club 29 Physics Club'3g Chemistry Club 43 Honors l,2. BARBARA ANN MYRO IMMACULATE CONCEPTION 314 Broad Street. St. Clair, Pa. "Harb" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2g Baseball 1,24 Science Club Ig Biology Club 3. .IEANETTE MARY NOVACK Main Street, Kaska, Pa. SACRED HEART "Jeanette" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Honors 1,2,3,4: Biology Club: Physics Club: Ch.-mistry Club. ' JoIIN JAMES 0'BOYLE ST. KIEnAN's by Rn. az. Box 402, Ht-cksherville, Pa. " "John" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Physics Club 3: Biology Club 2: Chemistry Club 4. MARY ANN O'BRIEN ST. lhIAIlY'S R. C. Dieners Hill, St. Clair, Pa. '7llafyar1n" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Book Club 1.2,3.4: Missions 4g Honors Publications 4-g First Prize in "Voice of Democracy" Con- test: Dramatics 4. ANNE MARIE 0'CONNOR ST. PATRICK'S 300 Fairview Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Okie" ACADEMIC . , .x V ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 1.2.45 Honors l,2,3,4: Biology Club , I 2: Chemistry Club 45 Physics Club 3: Publications. I as 1 ... I '2 L SARAH ANNE O'CONNOR Heckscherville, Pa. asap, ST. KIERAN'S ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Honors 1,2,3,4g Book Club 4g Biology Club, Physics Club, Chemistry Club. MARTINA MONICA ONDECK ST. STEPHEN's 492 E. Bacon Street, Palo Alto, Pa. "Tina" ACADEMIC ACTIVITII-is: llramatics 43 Teen-age Book Club 4: Honors 1,2,3,4g Biology Clubg Physics Clubg Chemistry Club. 'fs- ,gy ELIZABETH JANE O'NEILL ST. VINCENT DE PAUL 152 Sunbury Street, Minersville, Pa. "Betty Jane" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Mission Promoter 3g Dramatics l,2,3g Honors 1,3,4. BBRNARD JOSEPH O'RElLLY ST. PATRICK'S 1317 Mahantongo Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Bernie" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Book Club 43 Biology Club 2g Physics Club 35 Chemistry Club 4. wiv. 7 I MARYANN ROSE PACENTA ST. CASIMIR,5 623 Third Street, Port Carbon, Pa. "Maryay1n" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Book Club 43 Prom Committee 4g Typist, Sky- Iinesg Dramatics 4. ROSE MARY PACENTA ST. CASlMIR'S 623 Third Street, Port Carbon, Pa. "Rose" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Book Club 4-g Publications 2,4g Dramatics 43 Prom Committee 4. X ,rrs A i i .R E, so-I' fQ f 31 I VV .F j 5, . ' X R fu .- llllif. I1 MARGARET MARY PACHILIS SACRED HEART Washington Street, Middleport, Pa. "Peggy" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Mission Monitor 33 Dramatics 23 Basketball 2: Student Council 43 Biology Club 23 Physics Club 3g Chemistry Club 43 Honors 1,2,3,4. EDWARD JOSEPH PADINSKE ST. FRANCIS or Assist Seltzer City, Pa. "Pud,' ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Basketball 3.43 Baseball 3.43 Honors 1.2.34 Biology Club 2, Physics Club 3: Chemistry Club 45 Publications 4. Wk 5-QL-sig? rl I. MARILYN FRANCES PAPSO ST. AMBROSEJS R.D. 1132, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. "Puppy" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Honors 1,2g Biology Club 2, Physics Club 33 Chemistry Club 4. JOHN JOSEPH PAVALKO HOLY FAMILY 179 Valley Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "lack" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Student Council 35 Prom Committee. GEORGE POLANSKY HOLY FAMILY 38 Back Street, Kaska, Pa. "C00f8C" COMMERCIAL Knight of Blessed Sacrament 2. MARIANNE RITA PUKAS ST. FRANCIS or ASSISI 537 Spring Carden Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Marianne" , ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Honors 1.2,3,4g Physics Club 39 Chemistry Club 4. "Not bad: is it. Murph?" Ann O'Connor inspects one of the many garments collected for the Bishops' Drive. Joe Murphy, Mary Daley. Loretta McKenzie. and Elizabeth Smith pack best wishes, as well as warm clothing, for the Hungarians. Pat Chapman and Tom Urban give the last touch to a package before shipment. MARGUERITE MARY PURCELL ST. KIERANJS Main Street, Heckscherville, Pa. "Marg" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Dramatics l,2,3,4g Honors 1,2,3.4g Biology Club 2g Physics Club 3, Chemistry Club 45 Publications 4. MARY MARGARET QUIRIN ST. BONII-'ACE'S 16 W. Hancock Street, St. Clair, Pa. "Mary Margaret" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIESZ Vice-president lg Dramatics Publica- tions 43 Biology Club 2g Physics Club 3g Chemistry Club 43 Honors 1,2,3,4. LORETTA ANN RABUCK ST. PATRlCK'S 329 Morgan Avenue, Pottsville, Pa. "Lora" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Secretary of Student Council 4 and Senior Class 4: Dramatics 1,2,3,4g Book Club 43 Prom Com- mittee 43 Honors 1,2,3,4g Biology Club 2, AVE MARIA Staff 4. JOAN MARIE RADZIEWICZ ST. STI-:PI-II:N's 507 Third Street, Port Carbon, Pa. "Joanie" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Book Club 1,2,4g Biology Club 2: Dramatics 1,2,4g Prom Committee 4. SQFI ,f 957 :M .,,,, fl 'Q 'S 4 GEORGE JOHN ROSE ST. VINCENT DE PAUL Pottsville RD. ifl, Primrose. Pa. 'George" l ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2,3,4: Baseball 3.4: Honors 1,2,3,4: Biology Club 2: Physics Club 3: Chemistry Club 4: Publi- cations. JOHN ROBERT ROSENBERGER 513 Schuylkill Avenue, Pottsville, Pa. ST. PATRlCK'S "Rosy" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Honors 2: Cafeteria Aide 4. SUSAN ANN RUCH ST. PATRICK'S 414 Main Street. Pottsville, Pa. "Surf, COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2,3,4: Book Club 1: Honors 3: Dramatics l,4. MARY ANN MARGARET RUSCAVAGE ST. FRANCIS or Assisi Delaware Avenue, Seltzer City. Pa. "Rusti" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 1.2.33 Book Club 1.23.45 Dancc Committee 4: Honors 1,2,3,4-: Biology Club 2: Physics Club 3: Chemistry Club 4: Publication 4: Mission Moni- tor 3. RONALD JOSEPH SAVITSKY 234 Valley Street. New Philadelphia, Pa. "Mighty Mouse" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Basketball 4: Biology 2: Physics Club 3: Chemistry Club 4. SACRED HEART MILDRED ROSE SCHUSTER DIARY, QUEEN or PEACE 429 Nicholas Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Millie" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Basketball 2: Honors 1,2,3: Biology Club 2: Physics Club 3: Chemistry Club 4. Q55 9 MARGARET SOPHIE RYAN 606 Mahantongo Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Marge" ACTIVITIES! Honors 2: Biology Club 2: Physics Club 3: Chemistry Club 4. ST. PATRICK'S ACADEMIC JOSEPH EUGENE SAUCHICK 553 Third Street, Port Carbon, Pa. Hjoeil ST. STI-IPHEN'S COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Football 3,4: Basketball 1,2,3,4: Biology Club. if' f s D05 e'l7" .' " if 'Qs I PGI: N CHARLES JOHN SENKUS ST. STEPI-IEN's 55 E. Washington Street, Port Carbon, Pa. "Chas" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Dramatics 1,2g Basketball 1,2g Baseball 1,23 Biology Club 2g Physics Club 3g Chemistry Club 4. PATRICIA ANN SHAPELLA HOLY FAMILY Main Street, Silver Creek, Pa. " "Paz" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Biology Club 2g Physics Club 33 Chemistry I Club 4g Book Club 4. CLASS F I Future Betty Crockers? These homemakers of tomorrow, con- scious of the importance of vitamins and minerals, concoct a tossed salad. Lettuce, Thousand Island dressing, a soupcon of vinegar, and presto! a slenderizing dish fit for an epicure. Ahem! Dotty Moore samples her product to assure herself that it tastes like "Mom's.l' ROBERT SHAUD ST. bl.-1RY'S GREEK CATHOLIC 380 N. Mill Street, St. Clair, Pa. "Bob" COMMERCIAL ....,..7 MARY RITA SHAW ST. FRANCIS DE SALES l10 Main St., Mt. Carbon, Potlsville, Pa. "Sl.-erm" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Basketball lg Cafeteria Aide. WILLIAM JOSEPH SHEVOKAS SACRED HEART l63 Valley Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "Willie" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Physics Club 3, Biology Club 29 Chemistry Club 4. 'Q MICHAEL JOHN SHOVLIN ST. PATRICK'S 219 Schuylkill Avenue, Pottsville, Pa. "Twinkle" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Football Basketball 1,2,3,4g Biology Club 2: Physics Club 3g Chemistry Club 4, Dance Com- mittee 4, Business Stall. Y I'- CLARE ANNICE SHUTTLEWORTH ST. AMBROSE'S 36 Dock Street, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 'iClare" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 12.3.43 Mission Monitor 13 Year' book 43 Honors 1,2,3,4g Book Club 1,2,3,4g Biology Club 25 Physics Club 3g Chemistry Club 45 Dance Committee, Publications Staff. N:- JOAN MARIE SILVERS ST. PATRICK'S 218 W. Market Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Joni" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Dramatics l,2,3,4-g Cheerleader 1,2,3,4g Publica- tions 43 Physics Club 33 Biology Club 2g Chemistry Club 4g Book Club 45 Dance Committee. ANN MARIE MARTHA SIMONAVAGE SACRED HEART 83 Macomb Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "Simmy" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Biology Club 23 Physics Club 3, Chemistry Club 45 Honors 1.2,3g Book Club 4. ROBERT JOSEPH SIPPLE ST. PATRICK,S 316-A N. Twelfth Street. Poltsvillc, Pa. "Sip" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Football 12.3.43 Mission Promotor 1,2.3q Dance Committee 4g Biology Club 2, Physics Club 33 Chemistry Club 4. i sit' MICHAEL LAWRENCE SISKO INIARY, QUEEN or PEACE 755 N. CI-nter Street. Ilottsville, Pa. "Ci.sro" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITII-ISZ Book Club 11 Biology Club 2. EDWARD GEORGE SMITH ST. JOIIN TIIE BAPTIST 1742 W. Norwegian Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Smitty" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Ilramatics 1g Physics Club 34 Chemistry Club 4, Biology Club 2. J is I I ELIZABETH ELLEN SMITH ST. PATRICKYS 526 Jefferson Street. Pottsville, Pa. "Smitty" ACADEMIC ACTIVITII-Ls: llramatics l,3.4: Biology Club 2g Physics Club 33 Chemistry Club 45 Book Club 4, Honors 1.3. ELIZABETH THERESA SMITH ST. BONII-'ACE's 231 N. Mill Street, St. Clair, Pa. "Betty" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Honors 1,2.3,4. "WR Xu 'fwfr A Y' A 'pl' ,-YF, wad T ,qw THERESA ANN SOCKO ST. STANISLAUS RD. 51751. Box 111, Potlsville, Pa. "Terry" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Book Club 33 Biology Club 2. CHARLES JOHN SOPHY ST. PATRICK'S 723 N. Second Street, Pottsvillc, Pa. "Churk', ACADEMIC ACTIVITIESI Football I.2g Mission Monitor Ig Biology Club 2g Physics Club 35 Chemistry Club 4. CHARLES JOSEPH STANCAVAGE ST. FRANCIS or Assist 452 New Castle Street, Minersville, Pa. "Stan" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Football 23 Chemistry Club 43 Physics Club 33 Biology Club 2. STEPHEN STARZETSKI ST. PETER AND PAUL'S R.D. 1. 489, Pottsville, Pa. "Stevie" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Physics Club 33 Chemistry Club 4. NATALIE ORESTA STEBELSKY ST. NICIIoI.As UKIIAINIAN CATHOLIC 415 Front Street, Minersville, Pa. "Nat" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 43 Book Club Monitor 3.43 Honors l.2.3.4: Third Place Finalist in "Voice of Democracy" Contest. JOHN JOSEPH SULLIVAN ST. PATRICKYS 452 Adams Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Jack" COMMERCIAL AcTIvITIEs: Mission Monitor 4. 'KRefueling hour!" Notice that "lean and hungry look" on the faces of these famished seniors. Mrs. Trabosh, Mrs. Brennan, and Mrs. Gorman serve a barbecue lunch to tide the students over the grueling class hours of the afternoon. Sister Vera Teresa keeps a watchful eye on the line to ensure orderly procedure. s RICHARD LEO SULLIVAN ST. lhlARYlS R. C. 128 N. Nicholas Street, St. Clair. Pa. "Dick" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Dramatics l,2.3.43 Manager of Football Team 2.31 Award of Catholic Boy Magazine Essay: Basketball 2,3. NICHOLAS JOSEPH THERMENOS 204 Haven Street, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. ST. AMDRosE's "Nick" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Biology Club 23 Physics Club 33 -Chemistry Club 43 Dramatics 4. WILLIAM BERNARD THOMPSON ST. PATRICK'S 1228 Laurel Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Bill" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Biology Club 2g Physics Club 3g Chemistry Club 4. FRANCIS SYLVESTER TOBIN ST. ANTHONY'S 78 Rose Street, Port Carbon, Pa. "Tabs" ACADEMIC AcTIvITIEs: Basketball 23 Football 33 Biology Club 23 Physics Club 3g Chemistry Club 4g Honors 1,2,3. , CUMBOLA Wei. I 'll CLASS I957 f . ttf I ala .yt I 5,5-VIS .Etc kkii 5 An outdoor Parisian cafe, spring in the air, flowers, and a wishing well add to the dreamy atmosphere of Nativity's Hrst Senior Prom. After dancing to the music of Grant Price and his orchestra, those attending enjoyed a midnight supper held in the cafeteria. ROBERT FRANK WATERS ST. PATRICICS 1503 W. Market Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Bob" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Biology Club 29 Physics Club 3, Student Coun- cil 3g Chemistry Club 4. THONIAS FRANCIS URBAN ST- PM-mCK's GRACE MARY WEREZ ST. FRANCIS DE SALES 207 N. Sixth Street, ponsviuey pa. 72 Main St., MI. Carbon, Pottsville, Pa. "Little Beaver" ACADEMIC nG"'CieD COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: President lg Book Club 24 Basketball Man- ager 1,23 Basketball 1,23 Biology Club 25 Physics,Club 3g President Chemistry Club 4, Sports Editor of Skylinesg Press Representative: Panel Speak:-rg Student Council 43 Co-editor of AVE MAIIIA. ANN ELIZABETH VERSAVACE ST. VINCENT DE PAUL 111 Fifth Street, Minersville, Pa. "Ann" ' ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Physics Club 33 Chemistry 4. VINCENT ROBERT WADE ST. PATRICK'S 511 Edwards Avenue, Pottsville, Pa. "Vince" COMMERCIAL JAVMES .IOSEPH WASATONIC ST. AMBROSEIS 435 Natlin Avenue. Schuylkill Haven, Pa. "Jim" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Basketball 3,43 Biology Club 23 Physics Club 3g Honors 2g Manager of Basketball 2. KAY ANN MARIE WILSON SACRED HEART Zerbe P. O., Pa. "Kay Ann" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES: Class Secretary li Dramatics 1,2,3,4g Honors 45 Biology Club 2. ROBERT BENJAMIN WOLLYUNC ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST 2117 Mahantongo Street, Pottsville, Pa. "Wally" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Football 2.3,4g Basketball Manager 3, Dra- matics 1,2.3,4g Honors 1.2,3g Biology Club 25 Physics Club 33 Chemistry Club 4g President 1,23 Co-captain Football Team 4. ACTIVITIES: Mission Monitor 2, Biology Club 2. I nam.-gs... 7 .3 'lt .- M: .H- l MARY THERESA WYNOSKY 11 E. Sunbury Street, Minersville, Pa. "Mary" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Girls' Basketball 1,23 Physics Club 3g Chemis- try Club 4: Honors l,2,3,4. 4 4 '11 MARY EVELYN YENILAITUS OUR LADY or MOUNT CARMEL 140 New Street. Minersville, Pa. "Mary" COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES! Book Club 4.9 Honors 35 Mission Monitor 4. ANTOINETTE SUSAN ZANIS ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI Main Street, Seltzer, Pa. "Toni" COMMERCIAL AcT1v1T1Es: Dramatics l,3,4g Book Club 45 Honors 1. A 'Q JO ANNE MARIE ZUBRIS SACRED HEART 41 Water Street, New Philadelphia, Pa. "Zub" ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Dramatics 23 Dance Committee 3g Biology Club 23 Book Club 3,4g Physics Club 33 Chemistry Club 4. The Baccalaureate Mass for the Class of 1956, the first graduating class of Nativity B.V.M. High School. was celebrated in Mary. Queen of Peace Church on June 8 at 9 o'Clock. Father Nugent celebrated the Mass and preached the Baccalaureate sermon. Communion breakfast was served in the cafeteria. -,nz 5' N fi zrggu-.wrsjn 1 ,4 5' 1 I N ,V D, l . As' i i 'F ll. 'Il JLINIORS JUNIOR I SISTI-LR MARY CORNELIIJS, S.S..I. Bottom Row: Carol Ryan. Elizabeth Kolch, Geraldine Shevokis, Julianna I'enkunas, Adele Smyth. Irene Karinazin, Josephine Little, Anne Hettinger, Roberta Bankes. Second Row: Carolyn Ireinheiser, Julia Mar- tin. Kaye Day, Ann Bigler, Mary Gravish, Anne 0'Reilly. Marguerite Keating. Karen Schlitzer, Bernice Reynolds. Joanne Davidson. Tliirrl Row: Anthony Novitsky. Elaine Close, Helen Flannery, Geraldine Murphy, Patricia Kolosky, Suzanne Jones, Alice Benulis, Eleanor Smalansky, Anne Kephart, Joseph Hatch. Fourth How: Thomas lilinnichbach, Joseph Smith, Anthony Carburick, Robert Farne, Joseph Sirianni, Edmond Cook, John Iirixius, Cyril Krolick, Joseph McNamara. John Yurickones. JUNIOR II FATHER LEONARD, O.CARM. Bottom Row: Mary Ann Dronik. Jean Cambola, Leona Taronis. Dorothy Chizauskie. Joan Balulis, Arlene Muldowney, Ellen Luckus, Barbara Snukis, Margaret Keim, Margaret Brown, Ifllen Ilergen. Second Row: Joseph Krntulis. John Canfield, Bernard Novack. Albin Sowinski, Thomas Brennan, Clarence Moser. David MaKeon, Daniel Mulroy, Kenneth Cur- ran, William Gillespie. Third Row: Anthony Mauro, Bernard Shaffer. John Kohutka, Thomas Purcell, John Legutko, Thomas NIcI'hillips, Michael Mar- chowsky, Richard McNamara. Frank Marr, Joseph Purcell, William Harman. Fourth Row: August Herman. Joseph Hennessey. Edward Yakamavage, Raymond Yarashus. John Conroy, Charles Secoges, Bernard Terway, Edward Shields, Daniel Masi, James Rakiewicz. JUNIOR III SISTER MARY ROSARITA, S.S.C. Bottom Row: Maureen Smith. Ann Curran. Mary Pflueger, Ann Roth, Margaret Wolfe, Helen Kiselus. Angela DiCello, Barbara Constanty, Marsha Was- cavage, Kathleen Hughes. Second Row: Thomas I'IaIpin,A Joseph Juba, Robert D'Boyle, Florence Ceguzys, Janet Balulis, Ceorgiana Pauly, Joann Zeall, Robert Wetzel, John Clark, Joseph Welsh. Thirrl Row: John Sehofistall, George Zanis, Michael Kush- wara, William Stiles. James Mcllovern. James Hagen, Andrew Walcott. Robert Dudick, Joseph Winicaties, Robert Post. Fourth Row: Ilrian Armbruster, Joseph Pallco, Francis Petzak. Stanley Cober, Robert Young, John Alves, William Rowan, John Kulbitskas, John Cooch, Richard Vabrinskas. JUNIOR IV SISTER NICHOLAS MARIE, S.S.J. Bottom Row: Judith Seaman, Mary Iiedway, Patricia Brown, Carla McDonald. Marian Mazloom, Patricia Honyapa, Oksana Stebelsky, Diane Ilutvich. Mary Gallo, Mary Dantas. Serunrl Row: Joan Mealey, Mary Keating, Barbara I,urwick, Rosemarie Moore, Joan Verbilla. Madelon Sophy, Catherine Evans, Rosemary Tobin, Elizabeth Stephen, Margaret Coyle. Third Row: Patricia Farley, Mary Iiradley, Mary Hozella, Alberta Weinus, Patricia Flood, Eileen Murphy. Joanne Carr, Justine Zutelis, Marianne Kerns, Sandra Kaminski, Marilyn Johns. Fourth Row: Patrick Carrity, Anthony Sophy, Margaret Gemmell, Elizabeth Nieolodi, Joanne Raybold, Fran- ces I-Ioy, Joanne McNavage. Rita Voylas, Catherine Callaghan, Joseph Ryan, Francis Kenny. JUNIOR V hlNI'I'.II RUSH IIIPNIUNIJ. S.S.,l. Hollom limi-: Nlary llorlvr. Virginia Nlvllonahl. Elll alwtli Sliollc-:ilu-r'g11-r. lflizalwtli loinko, Franw lloris. fli'am- Nl:-ck:--. llolorm Strunak. Semnrz' Ron llarryl l,inm'lnar. liivlllilil llc-ltl. 'Nlary Nlvllovvrii I'lllLllll4'Ill farkus. Nlary Nlurpliy. Ann Ilonnvlly liarlvara laguna. .lolin lfn-1loi'i1'kf. Ronald Harvilisl Tflirfl Rout Xlivliae-l Nlvllonalml. l"ram'is Cvrullo William Nlvllonalal. l,1'll'I' Xl:--vravagf-. Nlivliae Snlvlousky. Nlivlxavl Svrilnlnirlx. William Kowalrliick Fllllfffl Roux' Ronald Swarlnvr. lfmlwarml Sullivan llanie-I Hl'l'Q.14'l'. Simon Wailkailis. Tlioinas llowi JLIIIIPS lfiolo. llm-nnia Nl4'Cnlloug1li. Slanlvy liarlo, SOPHOMORE I blhlk-.Ii NI. I-l.llliI-INCH. NI.S.C. lfollom Roux' Carol Suki-vna. Kathryn 'I'ran'y. Nlar liiglivy. lflinaln-Ili Horan. Carol lin-nnan. ,loan liri- nan. .lanv slllifll. liarlnara lloylv. Kallilvvn SVIIQICIIKY Vary Sopliy. l'atri4'ia llvlamw. 1lrzi1'4- llonlili. Seronr I Curry, Calli:-rinv Callahan. Claire- llnrkv, Mary lfolvy, Sarah llonaliuv. .lnmlitll Fisk. Elaine Storvi Razr: llvorgiiu- Nlmiilsky. llarliara llanirlvzyk. Ma l'atri1'ia Nlyro. Nlary xl!'lK'IIli'llll'k. Ann Ac'l1vnl1ai'li Tliirrl 1x'ou'.' 'lilionias lliirwvll. xIll'llllQ'l Hashin. Honalc SIILIIIIS. l'alrim'ia Wiriivatin-5. ,loan Pornian, Marv ll:-llnfmrlgz-. Carol Wavlilvr. 'l'li1-n-sa Carroll. Andre-w Wargo. .-Xnn Yi-rlmasli. Ronalil llariling. Franc N'linvi1le'r. SI:-plivn Conagv. Fourlli Roux' lfdwar fylka. William Willianw. ,l2lllIl'S Shovlin, ,losvpl xIill'lllIYlll'll. l'anl lfgzan. llolin Pvtlalisky. lfilwarr Siilh-ck. William l,amlvrs, Jos:-pli Kvnnv, Janna Luvas. .lolin Quirk, 1 SUPHOMORE II rniiigii simzow. u.cAim. lfnllom Row: l'aIria'ia llolnilas. Lora-Ita llrivn. Ann Sliovmw. Mary SlIllt'lll'llll. llianv Coy:-rn, Patricia Wiyila. lfya Wharton. llc-lr-n 'IillQ'I'lllQ'lI-05. Va-roniva Soltis. Hose' I.l'4'lIL'y. li1'I'lIl1lIIIl' Nlillvr. Marie- lizilll lwrivk. Sf'l'UlI1l Row: llarlvara l'aulis. ,loan Mcllonalrl Kathryn Ka-rlayagv. Alllvlll' IJ:-1-ni. ,lane-I Strauss lwalwl XlcCrm-amly. Kallirnn l"m-llwr. Katlilwn Mark, 'Nlzfmarm-I Navsrovki. .Mia-I Hoy. .loan Casvy. Mary lluris. Mary Conroy. Thrill Razr: lfranvis Nlvllove-rli .lllllN'S l"mlori1'k. Alflw-ml llolrosky. Mary Mlildownvy Vary Ross. Xlary Slivilmls. Ann 'l'nih'. ,loan Mr' llonalsl. llngli XICUUWIIII. llaniol Saranrliak. lidwarc lialulis. Forurh Rout Rivliarml Crave-. William Svlie-viz. Craig 'l'rontnian. john liarnvs. .lohn lluleza ,lanivs Twarmlxik. l.alor ,loyu-, Nivholas Fiorillo lfmlward Manion. Roln-rt Crvnns. l.awr1'm'm' Canfivld SOPHOMORE III sisri-:ii ipmliu 'Nl-KRlkEI.I,INE. S.S.J. lfoflorn Razr: Carol l'a1'in+', l"loi'vm'e- Spalir. Tllvrvsa IIl'l'lll'I', Dorothy K:-yso. Rosalie' Fritz. Virginia U'llai'a. figiivs IN-wor, Xlarian Noyavk. Mary Holland ,luililli llm-vkiiiaii, llarlmara Ruta-sky. Seroml Row Mary Slraussvr. Nlaryann llanvliari. Ann Rowan Diana Hutton, .loan Coxoli-sky. Ann Iii:-rinan. Mar garvt Curran. Ros:-:nary l"in'm'i. Alicr- Walmlmy, Mary Minnivk. l'i'iicl1-iivv l"oi'raro.,Nlary Corilano. Third Roux' William lmilly. .Nmlre-w Curry. Mary Ryan 'l'lwn-sa Nlarlunas. Cliarloltv lnlsky. Carol Mady ,lnclitll R1-lim-rt. lfllvn Talalrisco, Mary Swoyvr Micha:-I Casari. john Rninlsavagf-, Fourth Row llvrarcl Hoyle-. Tlionias Nawrovki, Nlivliavl Gownlry Ronald Amlrosliivk. :Xnthony ll:-rnio, I.awrvnc'v Cot! schall. John Carrol, Cvorgv Hahn:-r, Jann-5 Mc llrvarly, Marlin U'llara. Holm-rt Ilpdi-grove. SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE SOPHOMORE IV NI, lt1lNhl.I.-X, Nl.5.f,. Bolton: Row: llnlnre-Q l'lXilllUrlxy. l'atriCia Filllt'lll, l"aitli lfulirwrs. .luun llvarn. l'atrin'ia Snvtla-r. Gloria ,Ions-s. Nanny l'rvtti. He-If-na llnsta. llarlmara llvniunw- vivll. llllin-rma Stork, St'f'UIlll Rout llm-lt-n fvlanku. Nlary Splw-n. lfvvilia Sm-ku. Ili-ris Zinnnvrnian. ,lulianna .l"e-nr-tlirk. Anim- Krnlivk. Jnxtinv Fntl-ma. H1-lm-n lf:-rris. .lnaiiiiv llalalm-sv, 'Xlary Nlanru. Thin! Rolf: ,lllllll flalluv. lfliarlvx lluppnw. :Xrllinr VU-ir, ll:-urge' llalavagy-. .-Xmlrvw K1'y'5li. ,laint-Q Sl'llWK'llU'l'l. Frank l'uIal1sliy.,la1nw Harm-5. 'lilnunaf Quirk, llrvg- orv Svlwlfstall. Fnurtfz Roilx' xll1'llil4'l Snplly. Frank l7'Alio. Williani Imvlit-r. llavid l,utL, ,lim-pli llnrns, Paul fiI'lN'lllllllS. Hiiylllttllll llrady. ,lulin llavis, Hirli- ard lla-trwmiiiu. llllllllllilg lfwrly. SOPHOMORE V SISTIQII NIXl'Iil'iHN Holfom Row: Xlilflllll Sam. Mary Silll214llt5. Sally tluzivk. Anna lfliaklw. llatrivia Krasnivkas. l'atri1'ia HK'lIllt'y'. Nlary Kaplar. Sarah Nlt'Snrdv. 'lnln-rua Florida. .g6f'1lI1lI.RtI1l'.' Rnnald .Cawlf-v. Nlariz- fiiirtiw, Nlargarvl llrvnnan. Wanda 'l'rav. l'atrit'ia Williams, llarlrara Rally. Sandra l'f'te'rs. liilt-anur I.:-griitku, Rulwrt llntkis-wirz. Tlzinl Row: tflair llnselt-r. Falrian Fvliullalallg Rnln-rt Illllllllllxllllillll, ,lame-s Potlu- vring. just-pli lirdm-k. .lavnlm Wm-iw. llnnald lirvlimmy, Stvvm-n l'av'livk. ,Iuhn llarln-y. Fuztrlll Rout just-pl! llvrnlln. Anthony Vinrlinfskv, just-pli llurns, jose-pli Sc-aman. Eiigvm- I,m1-. Harry Plapp:-rt. Iidward Sinmnavage-. August lire-nlari. Nlirliavl 'l'rianusky, .lambs lluym-. SOPHOMORE VI CISTICII Nl UIY MANl,'I'lI. Bllfflilll H0142 Nlarv l.asc'ala. llarlrara Wlasilud. Slvpllanit- Yuylac. Rust- ffllimln. Nlarv Turula. lfran- vvs Spirlw. llarlsara Fnvidln. Sally Nlilrplly. Marie' llre-gitis. Katlilvvn IM-vlin. llarlrara U'lIunnvll. .lwlnll Rvddinglun. Serurzrl Razr: 'l't-rw-sa lfluml. llurutliy U'llnnnc-ll. Eva Knlnilua iiatlu-rinv Quinn. tlnlianna Cntswa. Camilla- llraf, llt-lm-n llurcvll. juAnn lflliott. Elvamn' llajivvvski. .loan lA'gllIlilt. l,4'mn'n- lXll'Kfh1lll. Marv Cnnway. Tlzird Row: Alum-pli lliNnnziu. Ray- mund Frank. Gerard cl21I4lll'lll'Y. :Inn llalvy, Nlarie- Nloran. 'Nlargarvt llZlll4'lIl'hS. Ann Hz-lfrnn. Harold Dr-lane-y. Jann-N Cfnnlin. Yinw-nt Aitgm-ln. Fuurth Rout' Jusffpli tlnlitz. rlllllIlllilW lnlrin, lmnnard Niv- Nlnllvn. just-pll Xlollit. Allin-rt Almrani. llvnniw Knut- ing. ,lolin Nl4'Ce'ary. llnnnas lNlcllrc'w. Arthur Hivcliinti, Rolwrt Lcc'licr. Rulmcrt Farrvll, ,lolln Cuuiwy. FRESHMAN I SISTER AGNES TERI-LSA. S.S.J. Bottom Roux' Elaine ljkll'N'lllStIIl, Joanne- Sh-plie-ri, Kyran llalc-y. Hargarvt Carroll. Arlenx- Zininwrs. Nlaryann Sterner. Antoiiiettt- llolrrolsky, Maryann Huntzinger, Anna Wollvung. Mary Pugli. Nlaryann Kvtnvr, Carole- llvrnatnnis. Srworizl Row: Catlwrinv Zagalak. Dianne Slmllenln-rge-r. lla-rnade-ttv Pillua. ,loannv l'c-ranilm. 'l'l1erc-sa Murphy. .lllilltllv Sl'ilIll8ll, Mary Halen Krusnuwki. Lurrainf- Bradlr-v, ,lnannv Bonadio. KHIlIlt'Q'lI Krulick. Carolina' liakivwiu, Natalie- Napinr. Kathleefn ,Iom-f. Dorutliv I.e-Clin-r. Third Raw: Tlivndnrt- Nlullovk. llimnas Karnlazin. ,lfvhn Pvnkunas. Andrvw Salradns. Rulre-rt Lundy, Franvis Cnonvy. Rolwrt .llrnes. Tlinlnas llaystvr. Hula- rrt Twardzik. ,lose-ph lfdnnors. 'llimnas Smith, llanivl Ryan. Fourth Rmv: David Zinn. ,lohn l". llHlIllll'll'k. Gerald Garrity. Edward llurns. Philip W4-ntz. ,lose-pll I,nlJinsky. Vino:-nt llc-Slwlann, llarry Ifiswvrth. john Ryan. David llruwn, Clie-str-r llllflllbll. Vivtur Gallo. RESHME HUIIUVII Roux' ,loan Filanoweki. ,ludith Young. Wanda Tape-witli. lliane Klein. Iflaine Vugrin. Dianne Flan- ne-ry. Nlargarel l'ldnards. l'auline Sm-rado. .loann Me- Alllllly, llloria Nlillvr. ,loan lirennan. Sevonrf Row: lfllen lfonlin. lflizalwlh Ifarr. l'atri4'ia Nlaxakaf. lflilzilii-Ill Stllllilillll. Naney xliill. llallierine Iienunell. lille-u llrvnnan. Catlierine 'l'urnn-r. Nlarlina Goetz. Ifallierini- Nlootz. Nlary Yerlmilla. Sandra l'avlil'li. Dorothy Nlefsiiroa. Tlzinl Roux' Ronald Devlin, Ana lhony Srraiaes. l"ram'is Sorko, Katherine Carlin. .loann fininn-rman. Yi-roniva Zetlleinoyer. Ilarol Yi-nilaitus. Carol Curry. lftliol Nlelfloslu-y. llolorvs Koinansky. William lioxsler. Yilo Halle. Waller Me- Keown. l'lUlll'llI Roux' qlohn Nliller. Francis l.einke. Holm-rl Frantz. lfraiivis l,a5eala. .lose-ph Ifekley. .lainn-s l.olz. 'l'liomas Nlurpliv. joseph llartashus. ,Iohn lIunuing,:hain. lioln-rt Fronfzi. SIUIIIIPII Sninsky. ,lames Nnllliol. SIBTI-LR D.'IIIllIff.N, ILS. Hallam RlIIl'f llladya Tray. Joann .-Xlwl. Pairieia Hozella. l"r:im-aw llw-nan. Suzanne Miraliello, joan lflanigan. Louise Nogga. Row Nlarxinsky, Margaret llart. Shirley Stvfaniek. Dorothy llalfonso, Rosalie llemlway. Sewoml Roux' Nlary Nleilowrll. Louise Bier- man. .Il'lIlll'ilQ' Sli:-xokzii. .ludilh Miller. Margaret Kreydt. llorolliy l'lll11'pr'r. :Inu Fox. ll1'vn'l'ly IQUIIZISII. Josette Hiller. llarlrara l'oitl1-y, Mary Nlelloey, liar- liara Nlellow-i'ii, Marilyn liieei. Third Roux' Paul llomlrola. ,lohn l.ipsolt. .lainnw Tobias. Edward Iloldlwek. llarlvara Ilililis. lllaneh Lazusky. Anna lleiiieliiek. Nunn Foinrrs. lflixalwetll I,eg1uIko, ,Iohn llanilbriek. .anthony Sliandis, ,loaeph Sueidlo, llliellavl Melfalw. Follrlll Role: l"rederi1'k SIIIII. llernard lxIill'l'lIllM'ri'iy'. ,leroyue Ifonville. ,lohn Ilil4'I'kt'H. George ffizauskas. Kivliard ZIIIIIIIVIX. lfraneis llarlush. John llolirolaky. Daniel llaukfis. 'Nlartin Sl:-panowski. ,lolln Krivenlxo. lfraneis lloord. ,lanies Messina, Michael 'l'ermvwel1ek. SISTHII Iflf.-XTIIIINIC, NI.S.C. lfollom Roux' Nlary Slrausf. .loan Sura. .lulia Alves. 'Xlargarr-I Conroy. Xlaiirevn Klasse-n. Helen Carroll. Row KIIIIIIIIS. llarlvara lleliiierl. Carole Smith. Hose Soir, Ii-i-no I,iu-ax. Roo- Iawoisky. lleorgim- Ilamlee. Sf'4'HII4i Roux' llarliara l'orI1'r. Nlary Ilarviliez. Mary Selu-iivr. Kaillileon l,onvrg1an. Carol Nliske. Anne IIIIQLIIPS, ,lean lfallagghan. Nlary llrennan. ,loan tlalavagi-. xliIIlI'1'l'll IlUH1llIll1'. Margaret Dodds. Mau- reen Clark. Nlarggare-I Ifarl. Third Roux' George Wollyuugg. lfdward .Mwrill. lfraneis Allman. George llavis, joseph IU-una, Dani:-l Keating. Carl Hutll. .lulian Yiipeaxage. Louis Ilattioli. Charles Coyle. Melvin Wyda. William Hiller. Fourlh Row: Edward lflivrnes, Daniel lleury. .lanies Ye-raeeo, Allen Shel- long. Allierl Saiauskio. William llaehert, Leonard Morgan. Dani:-I Savage. llharles llartholomew. Leo Svliwarlz. .Nm-111: Louis Ilomday, joseph Sinkus, Marie Iluidas. SISTER REQINA mi I.OIil!DI-LS, S.S.J. Botlonz Rout' Nlargguerite llriines. Vivian Raylmuld, Mary Sullivan, Fram'4-s Nlazzuea. Patrieia Iiolma. Donna Dwyer. Ifarpl Flail. Nlarie l.:-inheiser. Rose Smith. Rosalie llurke. Nlary Laughlin. llernadette Svrilxlvirk. Seroml Roux' lflizalwtll lirown, Ann Ilolahan. Mary Wiwount. Nlary Arinlnruster. Mary Fogarty. Pailrieiri Unushko. lflizalwth Dunlop. Hara liara Nlurpliy. lfarol Cook. Nlary llurns. Ann Doyle. ,lean Miller. Kathryn Kirk. Katherine MeKeon, I"l0I't'Il1'l' M1-nnig, Thin! Row: Charles Fasmaeht. Edward l,ove. ,lohn Toliach. Palriek Sura. Frances Shanoakie. l,ouis 'l'assonr-, 'Nlivhael Conway. Riehard Neyer. Paul lim-relic-r. lawrence Alati. John llonnelly. Fourth Huw: john ilarrity, Ifugene Leseavage, Charles llause. llaniel ll:-ll. ,lolin Pe-laehiek. William Seluieltle-r. William Seliwvilu-rt, James Cunningham. FATIIIIR NICIIUIUKS, O.CARNI. Hmmm Roux' Carol Straus. Mary lrlousekneeht, Diana Slapkus, Ona Kohutka. Mary Santai. Rose liutera. l'atrii'ia Nlaekarey. Flora Liekman, Roberta llunn. Il:-len Novitsky. llarlrara Zimmerman, Teresa laiekiis. Serum! Roux' l'atri1'ia .-Ish. Agnes Gillespie. Lois Sheipe, l'atrieia Loughran. Ann Fry, Margaret Marturas. Sandra l'anehison. Catherine Riolto, Marie Mekunis. ,lean ll:-fIron, Kel:-n Gallagher, Elizabeth Callaghan. Third Roux' Michael llriggman. jerry Farro. llennix Kulonda. Thomas 0'Reilly. ,lohn MC- Cready, Edward Powers. Robert Siegfried, Andrew Kleiner, Charles Vesay. John Hulet, Raymond Kul- lmitskas. Fourrh Row: Bruno Tueci, John Petruncin, Edmund Bradley, John Malia. Michael Mundy. Ger- ald Zerdy. Francis 0'Donnell. Michael Matas, James O'I'Iara, William Siegfried, Richard Denison. I' RESHMAN I FRESHMAN I FRESHMAN IV FRESHMAN V FRESHMAN VI fig 3? F x -:Lili Q . -av, , are f l 'f M' lf Aww lsxw Patraus J. H. BROKHOFF EISENBERG AND O'HARA Compiimenfs of Tumbling Run Dairy I3l5 Marlxef Sfreef GILBERTON COAL C0 Po1'+sviIIe, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Gilberion. Pa. SMITH'S PHOTO STUDIO 426 Norih Cenfre Sfreef PoH'sviIIe, Pa. CABLE'S PHARMACY PoHsviIIa, Pa. DOUTRICH'S INC. Poffsvillo. Pa. WILLIAM F. HIGGINS. INC. Poffsville. Pa. POTTSVILLE CLEARING HOUSE ASSN. L. Q, Elison, Treat. REILEY FUNERAL HOME Poffsvilla, Pa. SCHNEIDER 8- DAVIS CONTRACTORS Poffsville, Pa. QUIRIN IRON WORKS Sf. Clair, Pa. GEORGE E. YUNDT. ARCHITECT Allenfown, Pa. DIOCESAN GUILD STUDIOS Scranton. Pa. MAMMOTH COAL COMPANY Was? Piffsfon, Pe. ACE MAINTENANCE SERVICE Phiiadolphia, Pa. BOHORAD'S CLOTHING PofIsviIIa's Favoriie Sfore CAPITAL BAKERS Poffsvillo. Pe. CAPOZELLO PAPER CO. Reading, Pa. COLITZ MINING COMPANY Poffsville. Pa. EASTERN PRESS Poffsville. Pa. ROBERT C. GREEN'S SONS Poffsvillo. Pa. HUMMEL'S FURNITURE Poffsvilla, Pa. INDUSTRIAL SANITATION. INC. Reading, Pa. ROBERT J. KALBACH INSURANCE Poffsvilio, Pa. K E P COAL COMPANY Minersvilio, Pa. MALARKEY'S Poffsvilie, Pa. C. A. MEHLMAN CO. PoIIsviIIo, Pa. POST CLEAN-ERS 8: DYERS, INC. Poffsville, Pa. POMEROY'S Poffsvilla. Pa. POTTSVILLE SUPPLY CO. PoMsviIIe. Pa. RARING'S. INC., FINE FOOTWEAR Poffxviile. Pa. REILLY'S APPLIANCES, INC. Pofisville, Pa. JOSEPH E. ROSENBERGER PLUMBING E HEATING Pofhvilla. Pa. SEVEN-UP BOTTLING CO. Poffsville, Pa. ARGO KNITTING MILLS Schuylkill Haven, Pa. CHARLES J. BECKER In BROS. SCHOOL SUPPLIES Philadelphia. Pa. BOUSSUM'S BOYS' 8: MEN'S WEAR Schuylkill Haven, Pa. CLARKE'S ESSO STATION Pollsville, Pa. CLELAND'S HOME FURNISHINGS Schuylkill Haven, Pa. COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. Poiisville, Pa. JOHN L. CONRAD SONS, INC. Porl' Carbon. Pa. DANNY'S CATERING SERVICE Porl Carbon, Pa. CHAS. DIMMERLING-'S MEN'S WEAR Polisville, Pa. Complimenis of WM. A. DOUGHERTY EMPIRE GLASS In PAINT CO. Polfsville, Pa. Fafrau S. M. EVANS TYPEWRITER CO. Poffsville, Pa. JOSEPH A. HAUPTLY INSURANCE Polisville, Pa. M. A. KOHUTKA BEVERAGE DIST. Minersville, Pa. KURTS BROTHER SCHOOL SUPPLIES Philadelphia, Pa. LEISURE FREED TIRE CO. Your General Tire Dealer MATT'S CIGAR li NOVELTY SHOP Poffsville, Pa. MILLER MOTOR CO. Dodge 81 Plymoufh Cars-Dodge Trucks MOOTTS CANDIES Poflsville, Pa. MOTOR CONTRACTS CORP. Pollsville, Pa. MOYER'S ELECTRONIC SUPPLY CO. Polfsville, Pa. FRESHMAN 2 - ROOM lOl WALTER E. REED DeSolo-Plymoulh Dealer RITZEL FUNERAL HOME Minersville, Pa. F.' J. SAUER'S, HARDWARE Pollsville, Pa. EDDIE SCHLl'l'ZER'S HABERDASHERY Poflsville, Pa. SCHLlTZER'S PHARMACY Poilsville, Pa. SCHUSTER BUS LINES Pofisville, Pa. SPEHRLEY'S CATERING SERVICE Poilsville, Pa. EARL STOYER'S-CADILLAC 8: OLDSMOBILE DEALER Schuylkill Haven. Pa. WALTER BOYER'S SUGAR BOWL Poilsville, Pa. UNITY OIL CO. Palo Alio, Pa. YORKVILLE HOSE CO. Pofisville, Pa. A. R P. Tea Co. Anlhraciie Service Cenler Joseph Balulis Esso Service Cenler Bambrick's Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Peler Berner Branchclale Coal Co. Bowman Bros. Bus Co. Center Movie and Supply R. F. Clauser Clover Fire Co. Miss Bessie C. Dallon Vincenl' J. Dallon Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Di Nunzio Dunnigan's Cigar Slore John Dulcavage Funeral Home J. C. Ehrlick Co. Famous Resiaurani HulT's Sporiing Goods Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jaffee Jimmy and Sons Auio Paris Keim's Kard Shop Knapp's Lealher Goods James J. Leone, Public Accounianl' Liberfy Oil Co. Henry L. Miller 81 Son, Inc. Waller F. Mullen, Insurance Agency Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Murphy, Jr. NagIe's Oliice Supplies Mr. and Mrs. Adam Padinske W. Guy Payne. Florisl PensyI's Flowers Puddu's Correcfive Foofwear Dr. and Mrs. L. R. Purcell Purify Beverage Co. E. J. Reber, Disiribulors Rose's News Shop Ruscavage Esso Service Cenier SchuHler's Cleaners Mr. and Mrs. Simon Urban Vincenl' Verbilla Wapinski Broihers Service Sleiion Whiie Shop Wynosky's Bofiling Works Mary L. Young Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Abram Mrs. Lawrence Ash Lawrence Ash Edward Averill. Sr. Mr. Alberi Balulis John Barnyock Mr. Joseph Barry Charles Bariholomew Mrs. Charles Bariholomew Harold Bariholomew Mariann Bedway Ann Marie Bigler Hoosiers Mrs. Henry Benlivoglio Mr. Frank Benulis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Berner Carol Bonchelk Mr. D. F. Brennan Mr. and Mrs. James M. Brennan Mr. and Mrs. James F. Brennan James H. Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Norberl Brennan Mrs. Raymond L. Brennan Mr. William Brennan Mrs. John Brilla 86 Mrs. Beriha Brixius John Brixius Mr. and Mrs. Francis Brown J. W. Brown Baafrice Burns Mr. Francis W. Burns Lewis Burns Anna Bulcavage Mr. Ralph Bufera Deanna Buivich Mr. George R. Callaghan Mrs. George Candee Dr. John J. Canlield Mrs. John J. Canfield Mrs. Agnes Carroll John Chalrlos Charlie's Pina and Sub Shop Mr. William Chernes Nicholas Chicinni Joanne Colilz Mrs. Earl F. Conlin Cookie and Queenie John Cooney Mrs. Slella Covolesly Mrs. William Coyle Mrs. John Cunningham Mrs. James Curran Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Curry James B. Curry Mrs. Daniel Daulrsis Hoosiers Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klein Andrew Klemer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kolch Mr. and Mrs. Ernesl Kreydl Maria Kreydl Mrs. Anna Krusznoslri Mr. S. Kubilus Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rehnerl Mrs. Anlhony Rogowsli Miss Elizabelh Rogowsli Mr. and Mrs. Franh Rogoswhi Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Romanshy Mrs. Qla Rosenberger Rose Kubilus Michael M. Kushwara Miss Regina Lawlor Mrs. Thos. Legulho Miss Doris Leinheiser Mr. Edward M. Lonergan Kalhleen Lonerqan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lonergan Mr. John Lucas Mr. and Mrs. William Mach Mr. John F. Malia Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ruscavage Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Waller Rulesky and Mrs. Joseph Samay Helen Sarauskie Daniel Savage Daniel Savage, F-4 Maryanne Scheuer Mr. Mr. Leo Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schusler, Sr. Leo Schwarlz Schwarlz, F-4 and Mrs. Michael Shapella Frank Shinhus Mrs. Mildred DeAngles Mrs. Michael Marlrovilch Mrs. James Shumach Mrs. Margarel Deegan Rose Marie Marzinslny Mr. and Mrs. Vincenl J. Shullleworlh Mrs. Harold Delaney Louis Mallioli Mrs. William Siegfried Anna Demchiclr Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mal: Mrs. David Smilh, Jr. Bruna DiNunzio Thomas R. McCabe Mrs. Elixabelh Smith Joseph A. DiNunzio Mr. John J. McCready Joseph W. Smilh Joan Domday Mrs. Frances McCullough Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sninshy Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Donahue James F. McDonald, '53 Mr. Charles J. Soll Mrs. Nellie Doran Mr. Michael J. McDonald Rev. Basil Slebelshy Thomas V. Doyle Mrs. Wm. McMullen Mr. and Mrs. Anlhony Slraiges Mr. Vinecnl Doyle Marion McQuail Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Slrauss Mr. and Mrs. John J. Dudich, Jr. Mrs. Lola McSurdy Mr. Nicholas Slrauss Miss Lorella Dunn Mr. Rocco L. Messina Mrs. Franh Subloushy Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eclrley Mrs. Leroy Miller Mr. Joseph Sucidlo Mrs. Mary Evanoshv Mr. and Mrs. Slanley Filonowslri Mr. and Mrs. John M. Flannery Abe Forman Mr. and Mrs. Alberl E. Franlz Aqnes Frederichs Friend George Galavaoe, Sr. Mrs. Joseph Gallagher Rosemarie Gemmell Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ginlher, J Helen Gobar Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gregilis Mr. Guslwa L. H. Hall Marlin J. Helfron Mrs. Marlin Hellron Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Houselznachl Virginia Howe Mr. Gerry C. Hower Mr. and Mrs. Hubiah Mr. Daniel Hughes Mrs. Harry Hunlxinger Francis Hulh Mary Theresa Hulh Mr. Barney Kalleuslias Mary Kaminslxi Mr. Daniel Kealing Daniel Kealinq Rosemary Kirk Mr. Geo. Klassen l'. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Minnichbach, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mislysyn Miss Maureen Moore Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moore Joan M. Molley Mrs. Waller F. Mullen Mrs. Joseph T. Murphy, Jr. Mrs. Ray Murphy Mr. Raymond Murphy Mrs. Nagle Charles Namovage Mr. Michael J. Nerlney Mrs. John Nicoldi Joseph F. O'Brien Mrs. Marguerile O'Connor Miss Calherine O'Donnell Mr. Joseph Pacenla Mr. and Mrs. Viclor Pachilis Royal Palms Mr. Joseph Panchari Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Panchison Mrs. Slephen Pavliclr Mrs. Joseph Penna Mr. Frani Pomian Mr. John Popash I Mr. Roberl J. Porler. Sr. Michael Polls Mrs. Thomas E. Powers Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Purcell Mr. Alberl Puhus Mr. T. Quinn Mrs. Slella Sura Margarel Tarconish Mr. Samuel Ternowchek Mrs. Nicholas Thermenos Mrs. Margarel Tobias Mr. and Mrs. Leo Tobin Richard Tobin Thomas D. Tobin Mrs. Bruno Tucci Mr. John Veracco Joan Verbilla '56 Rose Marie Verbilla, '56 Mr. and Mrs. John Vugrin Mrs. C. Joseph Wasalonic Mrs. Helen Wascavage Mrs. Mary Wascavage Wally's Sunoco Service Slalion Raymond Weinus. Sr., Mrs. Lena Whalen Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wilson Miss'Mary Wyda John Yaworsky Rose Yaworsly Mrs. Ralph Young Julian Yupcavage, Mrs. Anlhony Zanis, Sr. Palricia Zerbe Mrs. Wm. Zalllemoyer Mrs. Marlin Zimmerman Mrs. Ray Zimmerman Dorolhy Ann Zubris, 56 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The slafl wishes lo exlend ils gralilude and sincere apprecialion lo all who helped lo malre lhis edilion of lha AVE MARIA a success. To lha lacully, sludenl body, palrons, booslers. and donors. lhe slall is mosl gralelul. We wish, in parlicular lo lhanl: Mr. John Smilh-Smilh's Sludio, Pollsville, lor his cooperalion and inleresl. He made our problems his own and his help was invaluable lo lhe complelion of our year book. To Mr. William Coolre, we express sincere gralilude for lha planning and execuling of lhis issue ol lhe AVE MARIA. A 87 directed inward zgnwmnf Uma l .J- v - ...- I My-if S- ff' " ' ' J r. nf Y Q5 ' 1 I K 1 4 ' u ' v N 1 ' 1 w. 1 f R w.-f Ans. 1.1, 1 x. , u ,5.r....E.1h-an I , fx- , xiii? ik .- " In-M '43, Y xl My ff Q 45 1. - is .L A f,ii'ff4efgfv2'fY2f?'N"Y. Q-1.,s.5e--5. , . - I mf TQ1 " 9 .. K. ..,, . xx- f MN , '- -.,,'L,e. ,,, - ,,.if., x f . E: -fu -gf, 5 . Q- U .,.:.,,, gf. Jizz' ei, - ,, , .p.,,.Q e,,,vg,,, . 'fr Q.- 'Y X 'MN V. ,Q sk ,"':,g f5L L . Q X 5 ...vfm.,.,. V ,sw ummm: mfswmm..nrxxxzra.vmw:mxwxQu4i xm- u armani? mswaavusmnex mum. vnu:-Qian! M 3 2: A

Suggestions in the Nativity BVM High School - Ave Maria Yearbook (Pottsville, PA) collection:

Nativity BVM High School - Ave Maria Yearbook (Pottsville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Nativity BVM High School - Ave Maria Yearbook (Pottsville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Nativity BVM High School - Ave Maria Yearbook (Pottsville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 53

1957, pg 53

Nativity BVM High School - Ave Maria Yearbook (Pottsville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 50

1957, pg 50

Nativity BVM High School - Ave Maria Yearbook (Pottsville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 37

1957, pg 37

Nativity BVM High School - Ave Maria Yearbook (Pottsville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 7

1957, pg 7

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