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■■i (j?oy2!jtL jlt 1936 Charles M. Brooks, Editor Lewis Jacobs, Business Manager Featuring in pictures and words the new Supreme Court Building as an introduction to our theme, " America ' s Greatest Law- yers " , sixteen of which were chosen for this issue. tke. ' L oclet 1936 This magnificent structure of Cor- inthian Architecture with its mar- ble paved and balustraded plaza, its colonnaded portico and its beautiful bronze doors symbolizes our faith in the permanency of our Judicial System. Like the Court that sits here, this building stands as a bulwark against all forces that would nullify our right to Equality under the Law. EQUAL JUSTICE Scanning the future, ever ready to detect any menace to Liberty. ote.w-0 The Docket Staff has assembled the material contained in these pages with the idea of perpetuating the activi- ties of National University during the school year of 1935-1936 so that time will not erase the fond memories of our pleasant associations together during the past three years. As a tribute to our chosen profession we have featured as our theme sixteen of " America ' s Greatest Lawyers " , with their photographs and a brief account of their ac- complishments appearing on the division pages. We hope that our efforts will bring you some enjoy- ment and that you will charge our mistakes to human frailties. (2 on ten H F A C U L T Y S E N 1 O R S J U N 1 O R S F R E S H M E N SCHOOL OF ECONOM 1 C S A N D S C V E R N M E N T F R A T E R N 1 T 1 E S S O R O R 1 1 T 1 E S A L U M N 1 | N E W s ' [Pzcllca.tLcm To HONORABLE EUHU ROOT Lawyer, Statesman, Diplomat and Philanthropist ( ommemcftdtLon Of his service and loyalty to his country, Of his character and ability as a practitioner of the law, Of his interest shown in the welfare of his fellow- men, Of his inexhaustible efforts for the promotion of world peace, And in keeping with Our theme, " America ' s Greatest Lawyers " Th is edit ion of THE DOCKET is affectionately dedicated Tti To WALTER M. BASTIAN Professor of the Law of Evidence, and of Legal Ethics, Past Treasurer of the District of Co- lumbia Bar Association and newly-elected President of the District of Columbia Bar Association As a mark of our high esteem for his charac- ter, his ability, his integrity, his sincerity; and in appreciation of his wise counsel and faithful teaching; and as a token of our love and respect for him, The Class of 1936 wishes to pay tribute with this volume. JJn Ale. mot la. m EUGENE R. WOODSON Late professor of the Law of Wills and Administration Honorary Member of Joseph H. Choate Chapter, Sigma Nu Phi Legal Fraternity A lovable teacher A likable fellow A smile for all A voice so mellow He bequeathed to us A legacy so very rare: The endless memory of him So good, so honest, so fair. To his loving memory the Class of 1936 dedicates this book Impressive and majestic marble colonnades lead- ing from the Supreme Court Room into the court- yard. cl nee Much has been said and written in recent years about the increasing complexities of life and the growing need for specializafion in its more involved activities. Especi- ally has this been urged with respect of the law, the volume of which it is said has become so enlarged by legislation concerning new economic ideas and in- ventions that different fields of law have become as fa r apart as independent sciences. But is this true? Is it not rather true that the fundamental principles of law have never been encroached upon and remain substantially the same now as they always have been, immutable and en- during? Is it not true that it is only the facts and condi- tions calling for the application of the old principles that have changed and that the difficulty of the courts and the lawyers is not in mastering new principles, but in ap- plying the old ones to new situations? A Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States in speaking of the late John G. Johnson, of Philadelphia, one of the most distinguished members of the bar of that Court, wrote: " I have many times noted the thoroughness with which able lawyers have mastered special subjects, as the result of much study and long experience. But Mr. Johnson was ap parently never to be taken at a disadvantage, and seemed to be at home in almost every phase of any legal situation in which he could be placed. This was not, of course, the result of any magic. It came from the really profound knowledge which he had of the fundamental principles of the law. " Hayden Johnson THE DOCKET -l l idtotlcai — 7lcetck The history of National University presents an enviable record of achievement, dating from I 869, when the school was first chartered, to the present time. Five Presidents of The United States have served as Chancellors Ex-Offi- cio of National University during its existence; namely, Presidents Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Arthur and Cleveland. Among the more than seven thousand graduates of Na- tional will be found many who have done honor to them- selves, their school and their country in many and various capacities. The Alumni of National is represented in nu- merous state and federal courts, in congress, in the cabi- net and in other high offices. The high regard which the local bar has for National graduates is manifested by the fact that the last four, including the present, presidents of the District of Columbia Bar Association have been alumni of National University. The practical and efficient methods of teaching the law begun by W. B. Wedgewood, Arthur MacArthur, Eugene Carusi, Richard H. Alvey, and their eight asso- ciates is still prevailing at National and the hopes of George Washington are being fulfilled. National Univer- sity is one of the oldest law schools in the United States and enjoys an unusually high standing among the legal profession. NINETEEN THIRTY SIX JOHN L. CASSIN Assistant Dean of The Law School Secretary of The Board of Trustees seventeen THE DOCKET ' Tka.nLl! Of all the tasks that I have faced in editing this publi- cation this is the most difficult: putting into words my feelings of gratitude toward those who have helped make this book possible. Words are not adequate and space not available to express my heart-felt appreciation to the class, the faculty, and the staff. We have had problems to solve and difficulties to surmount and each time I found willing helpers. You have shown faith in the staff and me by honoring us with our positions and we sincerely hope that we have not disappointed you. When you read these pages and note our mistakes and failures, please know that they are mistakes of the " hea d " and not of the " heart " — we have tried believing that " It is better to have run and lost than than never to have run at all " . On behalf of the Staff I say to the class members, the class officers and the faculty, " From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you one and all for your assistance " . Charles M. Brooks, Editor-in-Chief eighteen NINETEEN THIRTY SIX nineteen THE DOCKET DOCKET EDWIN CALLAHAN Biographies LUTHER ANGLE Photographs ARTHUR CLEPHANE Advertising ORRIN COX Circulation LEWIS JACOBS Business Manager fwenty NINETEEN THIRTY SIX STAFF STANLEY GAINES Associate ELIZABETH STRATTON Associate ESTHER GERBER Associate H. N. BURGESS Freshman Editor CLAIRE DUCKER Junior Editor DAVID TRUNDLE Junior Bus. Manager twenty-one LUTHER MARTIN ( 1744 - 1826 ) Attorney General of Maryland; member Annapolis Convention; mem- ber Continental Congress; member Constitutional Convention; counsel for Judge Samuel Chase in impeach- ment proceedings against him; coun- sel for Aaron Burr, U. S. v Burr; coun- sel ex parte Bollman; McCulloch v Maryland. JARED INGERSOLL ( 1749 - 1822 ) Member of Constitutional Conven- tion; Attorney General of Pennsyl- vania; U. S. District Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania; coun- sel Chisholm v Georgia; Pennhallow v Doane ' s Administrators; Talbot v Jansen; Mcllvaine v Coxe ' s Lessee. THE DOCKET HAYDEN JOHNSON. LL.D. Professor of Equity Jurisprudence and Associate Justice of the Moot Court of Appeals For more than thirty years a leader in legal circles in the Nation ' s Capital; Georgetown University, LL.B., and LL.M; LL.D. National University, 1925; profes- sor of Equity Jurisprudence at National University for 20 years; Trustee of Na- tional University; Chancellor of the University; Dean of the Law School; member of Mu Chapter of Sigma Delta Kappa. HON. CHARLES H. ROBB, LL.D. Professor Emeritus of Law and As- sociate Justice of the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia Native of Vermont; practiced law at Bellows Falls,. Vermont, 1894-1902; As- sistant Attorney General of United States, 1904-1906; appointed an associ- ate Justice of the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia in 1906; mem- ber of National University Faculty for 25 years. P. H. MARSHALL, LL.M. Professor of Municipal Corpora- tions and Evidence Cases Special Assistant Corporation Cousel of the District of Columbia, 191 I - 1 9 I 3 ; First Assistant Corporation Counsel. 1916-1920; Member of the firm of White- ford, Marshall and FWt. fwenty-four NINETEEN THIRTY SIX HON. JENNINGS BAILEY. LL.D. Professor of Equitable Trust and Conflict of Laws and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the District of Col umbia Native of Tennessee; educated at the Southwestern Presbyterian University, at Harvard University, and in Vanderbilt University; practiced law in Clarksville and Nashville, Tenn.; Appointed as As- sociate Justice of Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, 1918; Member of Faculty of National University since 1923. CHARLES PERGLER D.C.L., LL.D. Professor of Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence Dean of the School of Economics and Government; Director of Graduate Studies and Professor Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence, Law Faculty, accredited Diplomatic Representative of Czechoslovakia in the U.S., 1918; Czech- oslovak Minister to Japan, 1920-21; Member Czechoslovak Chamber of Dep- uties. 1929-1931. HON. CHARLES S. HATFIELD LL.D. Professor of Federal Procedure and Agency Judge of the United States Court of Customs and Patent Appeals Native of Ohio; A.B. at Hanover Col- lege; post-graduate course at Indiana University; graduated at law at Ohio State University, and began practice of law in 1907; prosecuting attorney of Wood County. Ohio, 191 I - 1 9 1 4 ; ap- pointed Judge of the United States Court of Customs Appeal, March 4, 1923. twenty-five THE DOCKET THOMAS H. PATTERSON. LLB. Professor of the law of Contracts and Associate Professor of Real Property. Born in Kina and Queen County, Vir- ginia; graduate of Georgetown Univer- sity, 1906; engaged in private practice in the District of Columbia; member of Sigma Nu Phi; member of Faculty of National University Law School since 1919. HON. D. LAWRENCE GRONER RICHARD A. FORD, LL.M. Associate Justice, Moot Court of Appeals Educated in the law office of G. G. Wells, University of Virginia and George Washington University; admitted to the Bar of the District of Columbia in 1893; Editor of the Washington Law Reporter for the past 33 years. Professor of the Law of Admiralty and Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals of the Dis- trict of Col umbia. Educated at Washington and Lee Uni- versity; University of Virginia; member of Phi Beta Kappa; began practice of law in Norfolk, Va., 1894; appointed United States Attorney, 1910; in 1921 appointed United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Virginia; in 1931 was appointed Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia. twenty-six NINETEEN THIRTY SIX C. SUMNER LOBINGIER J.U.D., D.C.L., PH.D., J.D. Professor of Roman, Civil and Comparative Law Former U.S. Judge in the Philippines and in China. Former Special Assistant to the Attorney General. Author of over 100 contributions to legal ency- clopedias and periodicals; member of Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Delta Kappa Fraternities. HON. FENTON W. BOOTH LL.D. Professor of Elements of Jurispru- dence and Chief Justice, United States Court of Claims Native of Illinois; educated DePauw University, University of Michigan ; prac - tices law in Marshall, Illinois; member of Fortieth General Assembly of Illinois; Judge of the U.S. Court of Claims, 1905-1928; Chief Justice of The U. S. Court of Claims since 1928. JULIUS I. PEYSER, LL.M., D.C.L. Lecturer of Equity Procedure and Judge of Equity Mott Court Graduate of Georgetown University and George Washington University; en- gaged in the practice of law since 1899; Captain in U.S. Army; formerly member of Board of Education; President of Bar Association of the District of Co- lumbia, 1929, Vice-President of Ameri- can Bar Association for the D.C., 1930; member of Pi Gamma Mu. twenty-seven THE DOCKET HON. OSCAR R. LUHRING LL.D. Professor of Equity Pleading and law of Suretyship and Associate Justice Supreme Court of the District of Columbia Born in Gibson County, Indiana, 1879; LL.B. University of Virginia, 1900; LLD., National University, 1932; Began prac- tice of law at Evansville, Indiana, 1900; member of Indiana House of Represen- tatives, 1903-1904; appointed Associate Justice Supreme Court of D.C., 1930; member of Phi Kappa Sigma and Sigma Nu Phi Fraternities. HON. ERNEST W. GIBSON B.S., A.M., LL.D. Lecturer on Trial Procedure Former Judge Municipal Court, Wind- ham County, Vermont; served in World War overseas as Captain of Infantry; former Colonel of 172nd Infantry N.G., Vermont; Vice-President Norwich Univer- sity; United States Senator from Ver- mont. HON. PEYTON GORDON, LL.D. Associate Justice of the Supreme Courf of the D.C. and Professor of the Law of Bankruptcy Native of Washington, D.C.; LL.B Columbian University — now George Washington University, 1890; LL.M., 1891; Former Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia; Major, Judge Advocate General ' s Corps, Chau- mont, France. Received LL.D., National University, 1931. fwenty-eiqht NINETE HON. F. DICKINSON LETTS LL.D. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of D. C. and Professor of the Law of Mortgages Native of Iowa; attended Columbia University Law School and State Uni- versity of Iowa Law School. Member American Bar Association, Congressional Country Club, Masonic Order, Shriners, K.P. and Elks. Trustee Parsons College, Fairfield, Iowa. Member of Congress from Iowa for six years. EN THIRTY SIX HON. JAMES M. PROCTOR LL.D. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of District of Columbia and Professor of Criminal Law Cases Native of Washington, D.C.; member of D.C. Bar since 1903; Assistant U.S. Attorney for D.C., 1905-1909 and Chief Assistant, 1909-1913; Associate Justice of D.C. Supreme Court since March 8, 1931; Member of American Bar Associa- tion; President of General Alumni As- sociation of George Washington Uni- versity for two years. W. W. MILLAN, LL.B., LL.M. Associate Justice of the Mooi Court of Appeals Native of Culpeper County, Va., grad- uate National University; Winner Uni- versity Medal (highest honor); engaged in law practice since 1890; member of Bar of Supreme Court of U.S.; served twenty years as Treasurer of D.C. Bar Association; President of D.C. Bar As- sociation 1923; member of American Bar Association. twenty-nine THE DOCKET MILTON STRASBURGER LL.M., D.C.L. Professor of Equity Jurisprudence Cases and D. C. Code Native of Washington, D.C.; gradu- ate of Georgetown University Law School and George Washington Uni- versity Law School; Judge of the Mu- nicipal Court of the District of Co- lumbia, 1914-1920; Member of Masonic and Elk Fraternities; Honorary Member of Alpha Beta Phi. JOHN PAUL EARNEST, LL.M. Lecturer on Anglo-American Law and Constitutional History A.M., Gettysburg College, 1886; LL.B. and LL.M., George Washington Univer- sity. Member American Bar Association, Phi Kappa Psi and Phi Delta Phi. He has been chairman of District of Co- lumbia Bar Examiners since 1920. ROGER O ' DONNELL, LL.M. Professor of Torts and Common Law Pleading Graduate of National University, LL.B, 1911, LL.M., 1912; member of Faculty since 1914; compiler of " Some Essentials of Common Law Pleadings " , more fa- miliarly known as the " little green book " ; author of Forms of Common Law Plead- ing; practicing law in Washington and New York City. thirty NINETEEN THIRTY SIX WILLIAM A. COOMBE, LL.M. Professor of the Law of Marriage and Divorce Native of Maryland; graduate of Na- tional University Law School, 1906; mem- ber of Sigma Nu Phi Legal Fraternity; member of District of Columbia Bar Association; University Club; Captain, Officers Reserve Corps, U.S.A. WALTER N. TOBRINER, LL.M. Professor of the Law of Domestic Relations Graduated from Princeton University with an A.B. in 1923; received LL.B. from Harvard University in 1926. Has been on faculty at National for two years. Is a member of the District of Columbia Bar and American Bar Asso- ciation. THOMAS E. ROBERTSON, LL.D. Professor of Patent Law LL.B., National University, 1906; LL.D. National University, 1926 and Bates Col- lege in 1930; Chairman U.S. Delega- tion to The Hague 1925; member U.S. Delegation Pan American Conference at Cuba, 1928 and at Washington in 1929; U.S. Commissioner of Patents, 1921-1933. thirty-one RICHARD W. FLOURNOY, LL.M. Professor of International Law Native of Virginia; attended Wash- inqon and Lee University; LL.M. from George Washington University, 1905; in 1908 appointed Chief, Bureau of Citizenship, Department of State; As- sistant to the Legal Adviser, Department of State; Author of articles on legal topics in the American Journal of In- ternational Law, Yale Law Journal, etc. THE DOCKET J. ROBERT ANDERSON A.B., LL.M. Lecturer on Government Con- tracts and Claims and Jurisdic- tion and Praciice of the Court of Claims Born in Ellington, New York, 1864; A.B., Alieqhany College, Meadville, Penna., 1890; LL.M., Buffalo Law School, Buffalo, New York, 1893; in general praciice in Randolph, New York, and Parkersburg. West Virginia, Special As- sistant to the Attorney General. WALTER M. BASTIAN, LL.M. Professor of Evidence and Legal Ethics Native of Washington, D.C.; gradu- ate of National University Law School; member of the Bar of District of Co- lumbia since 1913; Former Treasurer of the D.C. Bar Association; member of Sigma Delta Kappa; President of D.C. Bar Association. thirty-two NINETEEN THIRTY SIX GEORGE PERCY BARSE, LL.M. Professor of Private Corporations, Damages, Review and Associate Professor of Real Property Native of Maryland; LI B. , National University, 1908; LL.M., 1909; Assistant Corporation Counsel, D.C., 1917-1924; Special Assistant to the Attorney Gen- eral of U.S., 1924-1927; General Coun- sel, Division of Insolvent National Banks, Treasury Department, 1927; member Siqma Delta Kappa Fraternity. C. L. MOHUNDRO, A.B., D.C.L. Professor of lntersi L a!e Commerce Law, Bailments and Carriers Graduate of National University Law School; Member of the Bar of District of Columbia and State of Kentucky; Examiner for the Interstate Commerce Commission. HON. VERNON E. WEST, LL.M. Professor of Insurance Graduate of Georgetown University, 1908; Post Graduate, 1909; In general practice until 1922 when appointed First Assistant U.S. District Attorney for the District of Columbia; resigned 1929 to resume private practice; 1929 ap- pointed Principal Assistant Corporation Counsel for the District of Columbia. thirty-three THE DOCKET CONRAD H. SYME, LL.M. Professor of Partnership Graduate of National University; Counsel in the Post Office Cases in 1903; Corporation Counsel of the Dis- trict of Columbia, 1913-1920; member of the Board of Trade, Chamber of Commerce, National Press Club, Uni- versity Club, and the District of Co- lumbia Bar Association; member of Sig- ma Nu Phi. GEORGE E. EDELIN, LL.M. Professor of Statutory Remedies, Negotiable Instruments, Proper- ty Cases and Associate Judge of Equity Moot Court Native of Washington, D.C., educated in the schools of Washington, D.C., and Georgetown University; World War Record, U.S. Marine Corps; member of D.C. Bar Association and American Bar Association. THEODORE D. PEYSER, LL.B. Lecturer in Case Study and Analysis Educated at the University of Virginia and Cambridge University, England; member of D.C. Bar; member of Mason- ic Fraternity and National University Masonic Club; engaged in the general practice of law. thirty-four NINETEEN THIRTY SIX HERBERT L. DAVIS, LL.M. Professor of Court Auditing and Legal Accounting LL.M., Columbia University, 1892; As- sistant to the Chief of Enqinee rs, U.S. Army, 1893-1913; Auditor, Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, 1915- 1928; member, Law Faculty, National University since 1924. H. WINSHIP WHEATLEY, LL.M. Professor of Criminal Law and Judge of the Probate Moot Court Native of Washington, D.C., LL.B.; National University, 1903; LL.M., 1904; member of the Faculty of National Uni- versity since 1926; member of the Bar of the Supreme Court of U.S.; member of Bar of D.C. and Maryland; past President of District of Columbia Bar Association. THOMAS C. HAVELL, LL.B. Professor of Land, Mining and Ir- rigation Law Graduated from National University Law School, 1922; Assistant Commission- er, General Land Office; member of Washington Society of Engineers and Masonic Fraternity. thirty-five T E DOCKET ckooi GODFREY L. MUNTER A. PH., LL.B., A.B. Professor of Sales, Extraordinary Legal Remedies, and Office Practice and Court Procedure Awarded the degree of A.Ph., Uni- versity of Chicago; LL.B. from National University Law School; member of the Bar of District of Columbia and the States of California and Virginia; Past Chancellor of Joseph H. Choate Chap- ter of Sigma Nu Phi. BERTRAND EMERSON, Jr., LL.B. HENRY L. WALKER, LL.B. Professor of the Law of Criminal Procedure Graduate of Georgetown University, LL.B., 1915; Captain in Infantry, A.E.F., World War; Assistant United States At- torney for the District of Columbia, 1922-24; Barristers Club; member of the Bar of D.C. Professor of the Law of Contracts Graduated from Georgetown Univer- sity with LL.B. in 1 927. Attended George Washington University. Is a member of District of Columbia Bar and U. S. Supreme Court Bar. Now Solicitor for the Southern Railway System. Member of faculty at National since 1931. thirty-six NINETEEN THIRTY SIX H. B. McCAWLEY, LL.M. Lecturer on the Law of Ledera! Taxation, Income and Estate Taxes Native of South Dakota; educated at Drake University. George Washington University; member of Sigma Chi; Spe- cial Attorney, Bureau of Internal Rev- enue; entered private practice of law, 1921 member of D.C. Bar and of the Bar of the Su preme Court of U.S.; member of Faculty of National Univer- sity since 1927. CLINTON ROBB, LL.B. Educated at Brattleboro (Vermont) Academy, Wesleyan University and Bos- ton University Law School, receiving de- gree with honors in 1909. Engaged in practice before the various departments and agencies of the Government and in th Federal Courts. EVERETT F. HAYCRAFT, LL.B. Professor of the Law of Interna- tional Claims Native of Minnesota, Graduate of George Washington University Law School, member of District of Columbia Bar. Special Attorney for Federal Trade Commission on Anti-Trust Cases. ,e, n HOWARD S. LeROY, LL.M. j js Native of New York; graduated from % JC % IflMiri ' University of Rochester, A.B., 1914; LL.B, - Harvard University, 1918; Author of jy " Tentative Outline of Notes on Air , jji Mt ' Wmm Law " ; member of Alpha Detla Phi, Phi 4 Beta Kappa, District of Columbia Bar ' mm - mm i Association, American Society of Inter- national Law. ( ill 1 thirty-seven THE DOCKET CALVIN I. KEPART. D.C.L. Associate Professor of Conflict of Laws Attorney and Examiner for Interstate Commerce Commission; B.S., University of California; B.C.S., Washington School of Accountacy; LL.B., LL.M., M.P.L. and D.C.L., National University. Associate professor of Conflict of Laws. THOMAS E. RHODES, LL.M. GEORGE F. WELLS LL.B., LL.D., PH.B. Lecturer on Public Utilities Native of Iowa; educated at Oberlin College. Wisconsin University, Univer- sity of Chicago, University of Michigan; member of the D.C. Bar, Ohio Bar and North Dakota Bar; now with U.S. Board of Tax Appeals. Instructor in Charge of Legal De- bating and Public Speaking Born in Mississippi; Mississippi Col- lege; LL.B., National University, 1921; LL.M., 1922; member of the Bar of D.C. and the State of Mississippi, and of the Supreme Court of the U.S.; Special As- sistant to the Attorney General of the United States since 1922. E. E. NAYLOR, D.C.L. Professor of Municipal Govern- ment Born in Missouri; attended University of Missouri and received B.A. from George Washington in 1921 and M.A., 1922; D.C.L., National, 1931. Assistant Director of Traffic of District of Colum- bia. Member Washington Chamber of Commerce, Masonic Order, Scottish Rite and Eastern Star. thirty-eight NINETEEN THIRTY SIX EDWIN SEWARD PULLER, LL.D. Born in St. Louis, Mo., 1868; Ph.B., Marietta College (Ohio), 1889; LL.B., Washington U., St. Louis, 1893; LL.M., National U., 1920; LL.D., Chicago Law School, 1924; Lawyer author, lecturer; member American Bar Association, Aca- demic Political Sciences, ex - president Scoutmaster Association of St. Louis. GEORGE H. ZEUTZIUS, LL.B. NATHAN CLAYTON, LL.M. Judge of the Municipal Court ol the District of Columbia and Judge of the Law Branch of the Moot Court Native of District of Columbia; LL.B., National University, 1918. Appointed Municipal Judge in 1927 and re-appoint- ed in 1931. Member Board of Trade, American Bar Association. Masonic Order. Associate Professor of Private and Municipal Corporation Case Law Born in Green Bay, Wis.; formerly engaged in banking, holding high office in the Brown County, Wis., Chapter of the American Institute of Banking; grad- uate of National University; member of the Bar of the District of Columbia and actively engaged in general law prac- tice in District of Columbia since 1928; member of Phi Beta Gamma Fraternity. RUSSELL P. BELEW, LL.B. Clsrk of All Moot Courts Born in Virginia; Georgetown Univer- sity Law School, LL.B., 1907; Clerk of Circuit Court, Division No. 4, Supreme Court of the District of Columbia since 1916. thirty-nine WILLIAM PINKNEY ( 1764 - 1822 ) Member Maryland House of Dele- gates; United States Commissioner to London; Attorney General of Mary- land; Minister to England; Attorney General of the United States; Minis- ter to Russia; United States Senator from Maryland; counsel: Dartmouth College case; McCulloch v Maryland; Cohens v Virginia. wmm JOSEPH HOPKINSON ( 1770 - 1842 ) United States District Judge; mem- ber of Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention; composer of " Hail Co- lumbia " ; counsel for Judge Samuel Chase in impeachment proceedings against him; counsel: Dartmouth College case; McCulloch v Mary ' and. THE DOCKET We of the Class of 1936 h ave been fortunate to have studied law in this notable university during a national crisis, and as law students are cognizant of the signifi- cance of the recent decisions handed down by our vari- ous courts, especially the United States Supreme Court. May we benefit by these events and realize more fully the extent the law plays in guiding the destiny of our nation and the tremendous obligations imposed upon those in the legal profession. The Class Officers and members of the various com- mittees are deserving of worthy mention for their interest and loyalty to class affairs. The Staff of the " Docket " is to be commended for its splendid work, untiring efforts and lastly for its excellent " Transcript of Record " , known as " The Docket " , which the class is ready to submit, because men are known by their deeds, and we are willing for ours to go on record. We, as a class, have studied together for three years, and our scholastic attainments have been good. Let us go into this honorable profession with the same zeal and courage we have shown these past years, always remem- bering those famous words carved over the entrance to the beautiful United States Supreme Court Building, " Equal Justice Under Law. " —KENNETH B. HAMILTON forty-two NINETEEN THIRTY SIX KENNETH B. HAMILTON President Class of ' 36 forty-three THE DOCKET (2ommLtteel EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Herbert N. Harvey Byron H. Nielson Cathrine E. Edmondson A. Luella All D. Louise Meigs George A. Morency Simon Epstein Richard V . Turner DANCE COMMITTEE Richard L. Kirk, Chairmen Oliver G. Green Edward S. Dodds Henry Curtis Biscoe, Jr. Rose Doyle Wayne Trimble Samuel B. Block FINANCE COMMITTEE Harry E. Middleton, Jr. Joseph H. Green Scott D. Kellogg forty-four NINETEEN THIRTY SIX SENIOR OFFICERS WILLIAM T. JOBE Vice-President SLENNA Y. CROWDER Secretary NORMAN MORGAN Treasurer ORRIN B. COX Historian MICHAEL COLASANTO Sergeant-at-Arms forty-five THE DOCKET Ha cca lauteate. We are in the midst of a period of transition. This year marks the end of our quest for a Degree of Bachelor of Laws and represents the beginning of our chosen pro- fession. We shall set sail upon a Sea of treacherous waters where all unwieldy cargo must be abandoned so that our every effort may be in the attainment of our goal. It seems that our first concern should be for the adjust- ment that will be necessary in order for us to commence our chosen work. We cannot break faith with those who have left with us the task of carrying on the traditions of the Law. Upon our shoulders rests the duty of keeping the Law as a means to Justice, a protector of Rights and guardian of Liberty. Those great lawyers who have preceded us pause to bestow upon us a cheering animating glance, and I can hear them saying, " Your potential Ability must not become dormant but rather it must be increased and sharpened. You must be diligent in all things remembering that proper cultivation enhances the yield. Never lose your sense of Justice nor let it become hardened and confined by strict rules of procedure. If you would succeed, make yourself Useful. Be Sincere on every occasion; be tolerant in your criticisms for to err is human " . — Charles M. Brooks Valedictorian, Class of 1936 forty-six NINETEEN THIRTY SIX SENIOR CLASS ALMIRANEZ. IRENEO P. ALBIN, RICHARD E. w L r °T fh ®. famous ho ! " e of the Apple Blossom Festival, Handley High School in Winchester Virginia, and Strayers Business Col ' ege in D.C., Dick has garnered the ground work for his efforts to gain a degree of LL.B. at National. As a member of oigma Delta Kappa, he is widely known around the school. ALL, A. LUELLA i u A L Ch f n x ge fr °. n ? a stead y die+ of Virginians, Carolinians and assorted Southerners Luella hails from Minnesota. As secretary for the Cy Pres Club for 1935, a member o Kappa Beta Pi and of her fraternal organizations, she should have ample opportu- nny to exercise her hobby for Social Service and to gain an insight into the work necessary to turther her ambition to become a Juvenile Court Judge. ALMIRANEZ, IRINEO P. From his home in the Phillipines, Irineo came to our fair Capital, where he is at present employed as a clerk in the U. S. Dept, of Agriculture. Formerly a student at Oeorge Washington University, he came to National University to obtain his LL B Degree. 1 forty-eight ALMOND, EDNA T. Edna, who is a daughter of the State of Michigan, is getting some valuable ex- perience for the future in the work she is now doing as an administrative assisant. That along with her experience and training in business school that she has had and with her training at National should make easy the realization of her ambition to become a lawyer. ANGLE, LUTHER E. Luther stole a march on the rest of his classmates by getting his degree of LL.B. in December, but couldn ' t bear the thought of separation from the rest ot the class and stayed over for an LL.M. A member of the " Docket " staff for 1936, and of the Social Committee, Luther is one of the familiar figures of the class. AUGUSTUS, GODFREY L. In the ranks of the learned, Godfrey, with a degree of Certified Public Account- ant, and a Diploma in Commerce from Northwstern University already conferred upon him, certainly rates his place on high. His experience he is now gaining at the Securities and Exchange Commission should certainly be no hindrance to Godfrey in his life ' s work. ALMOND, EDNA T. ANGLE, LUTHER E NINETEEN THIRTY SIX AUGUSTUS, GODFREY L. forty-nine BAIN, WILLIAM M. A son of Oklahoma, Bill came to the District of Columbia, where he became another government employee, in the Department of the Interior. Before he entered National University, in an effort to add an LL.B. to his monicker, he studied at Haskell. In less studious hours we find he is a member of Sigma Nu Phi, and the National University Masonic Club. BAKER, WIMBERLY W. Having been formerly enrolled at the University of Arizona, Wimberly left his home state and came to the promised land of all good Democrats, the District of Columbia. He spends his niqhts studying so that he may improve his status as a clerk in the Dept, of Justice to that of an attorney. BARBEE, ALGER Y. Although a successful bank teller at the present time, Al attends National Uni- versity in the evening so that he may achieve his ambition and obtain an LL.B. degree. As a relaxation from his studies and office duties, he finds pleasure in swimming. BAIN, WILLIAM M. fifty BARTZ, ARTIE E. A true Mason, Artie is one of our D. C. boys who aspires to higher things. In order to achieve this ambition, he is gaining an LL.B. at National University. A quiet and reserved lad for whom we predict success. BATTEN, DE LEE From the sun-kissed shores of California, Lee came here as a member of the National Emergency Council. Lee finds a rare field for a hobby of photography in the Nation ' s Capital. He is a candidate for the degree of LL.M. and a member of Sigma Delta Kappa. BAUSERMAN, ROBERT D. " Brownie " to all of his Pals at William and Mary and National Universities. You wouldn ' t think to look at him in the midst of a terrific Ping Pong game that he has played about six years of collegiate football. Wherever you see the Sigma Alpha Epsilon men gathered, it ' s ten to one that Brownie is telling a story. BARTZ. ARTIE E. BATTEN, DE LEE NINETEEN THIRTY SIX BAUSERMAN, ROBERT D. fifty-one BECKWITH, ROBERT T. L. It seems as if the Supreme Court will have to be enlarged to hold all of the prospective members from the Class of ' 36. However, we are sure that Bob is one who will merit the award. He is a member of Sigma Delta Kappa and the Masons, and a prospective member of the D. C. Bar. BEREZOSKI, CLEMENTS T. A member of Kappa Alpha from George Washington University, Clem is another person who aspires to a judgeship. A native Washingtonian, he finds occupation in studying for his LL.B. and in swimming. BISCOE, H. C. (Jack) Jr. From ole Virginny, with a love for horses, Jack, like so many others, wants to be a judge. A member of Phi Sigma Kappa and Sigma Nu Phi, Jack, in his capacity as Chairman of the class social committees, is responsible for many entertaining func- tions that the class has held. BECKWITH, ROBERT T. L. fifty-two NINETEEN THIRTY SIX BLOCK, SAMUEL B. BLOCK, SAMUEL B. " Sammy " , a Chancellor of Sigma Alpha Kappa, member of the Masonic Club, and a principal in the famous " Cameron " case, is one of the persons who will not slip from the memory of his classmates. A former student at Benjamin Franklin University, he decided to come to National to take the degrees of LL B LL M and MPL. BLUME, NATHAN JEROME Nathan just claims to be a lowly Government clerk frrom Delaware, but with his ability we know that it won ' t be long before he will be able to realize his ambition and see the world. BOSSIDY, REYNOLD J. Anyone who wins a prize in equity need have no fear for the future. Reynold had the best examination paper in Equity Cases in 1935 and as a result, won a prize. From New Jersey, he has joined Kappa Alpha Phi fraternity while attending George- town University. fifty-three SENIOR CLASS p,mp i J " r " £gg§} BREWER, JOHN BUCHANAN BRADLEY, VINCENT WILLIAM From that great metropolis of Alexandria, Virginia, Vince has attended George Washington University and Columbus University. It is rather hard to reconcile his occupation as an Engineering Aide, a hobby as a baseball pitcher and an ambition to be a successful trial lawyer, but knowing him as we do, we know that he will make good in anything that he undertakes. BRENNAN, WILLIAM E. Bill is one who has approached the police question from a technical angle instead of the flat foot side. A member of the American Legion, he feels that an LL.B. will aid in his police work. BREWER, JOHN BUCHANAN From the Maryland, my Maryland land, John has naturally attended his own State college, plus North Carolina University, and at present is earning an LL.B. from National. He is a member of Phi Sigma. fifty-four NINETEEN THIRTY SIX BUCHANAN, ELISABETH C. BROWN, BERT MAHLON BROOKS, CHARLES MAYNARD BROOKS, CHARLES MAYNARD It seems rather futile to try to tell the class of ' 36 about Charley, suffice to say that he was National Debate Champion in 1931, National Intercollegiate Oratorical Champ in 1930, and has attended North Texas State College, and Rollins College in Florida. His services to the class in the various offices he has held are well known. As President of the Class and Editor of The Docket, his work needs no elaborating. BROWN, BERT MAHLON From the sunkissed shores of California and the University of California at Los Angeles, all the way to Washington and National University came our friend, Bert. While at the U. of Cal. Bert joined up with Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. BUCHANAN, ELISABETH C. Attorneys seem to run in Elisabeth ' s family. Following the footsteps of her sister, Elisabeth is a candidate for an LL.B. degree and hopes to practice. Before attending National, Elisabeth was enrolled at Smith College and George Washington University During her junior year at National, she served as Vice President of her class and at present is Vice President of Phi Delta Delta. fifty-five CANTRELL, WILLIAM Jr. CAEL, WILLIAM W. Cael is from Alexandria, the Southern Gateway to the Nation s Capital " , and he comes in from there in the evenings to study for his law degree. He is a man of leisure from all we can learn and the only hobby we know of is studying. CALLAHAN, EDWIN G. Carry me back to Ole Virginny, seems to be Ed ' s theme song, with a hobby of horses, and an ambition to retire to a Virginia Plantation, what else could it be? As a member of Phi Beta Gamma fraternity, and a representative of the class to the 1934-35 Docket and social committees, he has been well known around the class. Associate Editor of the 1936 Docket. CANTRELL, WILLIAM, Jr. Bill hails from Hunt County, Texas, where the Chamber of Commerce says they have the " blackest land and the whitest people " . He has his A. B. Degree and plans to return to his native state to practice law. He is a Mason and secretary to Congress- man Rayburn. fifty-six CHASON, ARTHUR B., Jr. " He loves a parade " , Arthur has a hobby for military training and an ambition to be a successful lawyer. His membership in Sigma Delta Kappa will aid in his ambition. CHRISTGAU, MURIEL D. One of the leading lights of Kappa Beta Phi, sorority, Muriel since leaving her native state in Minnesota, has attended George Washington University. She is now engaged in the difficult task of gaining an LL.b. at National. CLAGETT, JOHN WILLIAM Red is a promising young fellow from Maryland who likes most any kind of sports, particularly polo and swimming. He is a technical person by virtue of his occupation now as a statistician, but he hopes to be practicing law soon in his home state ot Marylana. fifty-seven CLAGETT, JOHN WILLIAM CLARKE, KENNETH F. At last we find someone who isn ' t in the Government service, who isn ' t from the South, and who has a hobby other than horses attends National. Kenny is a suc- cessful hotel man and is trying for an LL.M. CLEPHANE, ARTHUR HAMILTON With a name that is hoary with legal tradition, Arthur could hardly have chosen any other line of study. Art ' s hobby of yachting will require that he achieve his ambition to retire at forty with a million dollars. Having previously attended the U. of N. C. and being a member of Sigma Nu Phi, it appears as if Art will reach his goal. COHEN, LOUIS H. Who will forget Louis performance in Moot Court. His ability as a witness is only overshadowed by his lack of ability as a ping pong player. A candidate for the degrees of LL.B., LL.M., and MPL, Lou is one of the Alpha Beta Phi ' s strongest adherents CLARKE, KENNETH F. f if ty-eig ht COLASANTO, MICHAEL F. Dear old " Revel, " — excuse it, Mike, — the best known man in the class. Sergeant at Arms of the senior class, Mike ' s ambition is to be a member of the Department of Justice. He is a member of Sigma Delta Kappa and is one person who will always be remembered by the ' 36 class. COLLIER, LOUISE All the way from Alabama to Randolph-Macons Woman ' s College in Virginia, to National University in Washington, step by step Louise has wended her way to join the Kappa Beta Pi Sorority and the Cy Pres Club of National University. COLLINS, EDWARD A. The newspaper profession lost a valuable member when Ed decided to study law, but having served as an officer in several insurance and bonding companies, nothing else would be logical. Ed was born in Rhode Island and is now engaged in getting an LL.B. from National University. COLASANTO, MICHAEL, F. COLLIER, LOUISE NINETEEN THIRTY SIX fifty-nine COLLINS, EDWARD A. COMELLA, LAWRENCE J. Previous attendance at Canisius College and Georgetown Law School aid Lawrence in his duties as an auditor at the Treasury Department, while his relaxations of golf and horseback help to keep him fit for his studies for the degree of LL.B. at National. COMREY, ANDREW L. A staunch Mason from West Virginia, Andy came to Washington with the flood of A. A. A. members. As a member of Phi Beta Gamma legal fraternity, we know that he has gained " knowledge enough to win most of his cases " . COOK, ARTHUR L. Cookie to nis friends, and to his enemies — well, Cookie is one ot those rare persons who doesn ' t have an enemy in the world. His unfailing good humor and winning personality will probably serve him in better stead than his legal knowledge when he is a candidate for election to the office of Corporation Counsel of Mt. Rainier, Maryland. He, at least, is sure of the support of his brothers ot Phi Beta Gamma. COMELLA, LAWRENCE J. sixty NINETEEN THIRTY SIX COOK, ELIZABETH ANNE COOK, ELIZABETH ANNE Indiana is Elizabeth ' s home state. She attended De Pauw University and George Washington University before entering National to take a degree of LL.B., and at her previous Alma Maters she secured the degrees of AB and MA. Elizabeth indulges her flair for social life by reason of her membership in the Kappa Kappa Gamma and and Phi Delta Sororities. CORRIGAN, S. JOSEPH Joe ' s infectious laugh is one that will echo and be remembered long after he has gone from National. One of those men whom everyone knows and likes, Joe is one of the boys who keep the Phi Beta Gamma Fraternity spirit alive. Good luck Joe and keep smiling. COX, CAROL From Georgia, Carol is a real " Cracker " . A Government secretary, she has attended Sophie Newcomb College, New Orleans, Louisiana, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, George Washington University of D. C., and is at present engaged in gaining an LL.B. at National University. sixty-one SENIOR CLASS CROSBY, VIRGINIA COX, ORRIN BLAINE With Orrin ' s experience as a cartographer in the Army Air Corps, he should have no trouble in locating a small town. His contacts made while tilling the position of President of N. U. Masonic Club 1934-35, Member of Sigma Delta Kappa, circula- tion manager of the Docket for 1936, an as Hislorian of the Class of ' 36, should go a long way towards helping him to reach his ambition to be a " big lawyer in a small town. CRALLE, IRENE L. Irene is already in the legal profession by virtue of being employed at present as a legal clerk. She is seeking her L.L.B. along with the most of us in the class and yet finds time to enjoy her favorite diversions of swimming and dancing. We hope she reaches her ambition to have a comfortable existence. CROSBY, VIRGINIA Hailing from Pennsylvania, Virginia came to Washington, D. C., where she is at present employed as a Congressional secretary. She aspires to become a U. S. Congresswoman, and her graduation from National University, we know, will do much to aid her in reaching that goal. sixty-two NINETEEN THIRTY SIX CROWDER, GLENNA Y. CROWDER, GLENNA Y. Among all of the New Deal influx, it is refreshing to meet someone who admits to being from the District. Glenna, by virtue of her attendance at Wilson Teachers College and at Strayers, is taking a purely local education by striving for a degree of LL.B. at National. A member of the Kappa Beta Pi and the Cy Pres Club, she i ' s one of the familiar figures of the class. DAVENPORT, OLIVER WOODLEY Oliver has three most entertaining hobbies in hunting, dancing and stud poker, and we imagine that he has found ample opportunity to indulge in them while going to his State University of North Carolina and the Washington College of Law. He has joined Sigma Delta Kappa while engaged in the pursuit of an LL.B. at National University. DAVIS, HERBERT LEWIS, Jr. Herbert, a Claims Examiner at the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, came to National University to obtain his LL.B. degree. He has already earned a B. S. degree in Maryland, his home state, at the University of Maryland. sixty-three SENIOR CLASS DODDS, EDWARD S. DAVIS, HOWARD W. Coming from Missouri and with a job as a traffic policeman, we know that Howard is one of the boys that " would have to be shown. " His early education at Kansas City Junior College will aid in his eagerness to pass the bar. DAWSON, JAMES S, Jr. Jimmie is employed by the powers that be, namely the Democratic National Committee, that holy of holies of all New Deal workers. However, he probably figures that this political start will be a big help in obtaining his judgeship. Jim is trying to add an LL.B. to the degree of B. S. that he has received from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. DODDS, EDWARD S. As a relief from strenuous studying for the degrees of LL.B. and M. P. L., Ed tries his hand at tinkering in a machine shop. Having already attended Southwestern, at Memphis, Ed is striving for the better things in life. sixty-four DOOLEY, CHARLES L, Jr. " Reds " the football expert; up from the hills of Tennessee to National University. At the beginning of our third year, Reds deserted the bachelor ranks of his friends and joined the forces of Matrimony. Your studies at the University of Tennessee will undoubtedly aid you in your ambition to become that " good " tax lawyer. DOYLE, R OSE WARD A secretary in the N. B. C. C. (figure that one out), Rose has still found time for the work necessary to gain an LL.B. at National and to be elected to the Kappa Beta Pi Sorority at the school. DRESBACH, HAROLD M. When filling out his biography sheet, Harold claimed the N. R. A. as his place of business, but we don ' t know what to place him in at present. Having attended two years at Hutchinson, Junior College, Hal is on his way to an LL.B. NINETEEN THIRTY SIX sixty-five DRESBACH, HAROLD M. DRISKILL, JOHN DAVID A Sigma Delta Kappa member, Johnny has, since coming to Washington, D. C. from the hills of Kentucky, " jined " up with the A. A. A. We know that Johnny will come out at the top of the heap. DRYER, WALTERN DRAKEFORD Walt, with a hobby of hunting comes from the appropriately named town of Huntsville, Alabama. Having previously gone to Alabama Polytechnic and George Washington University, Walt decided he might just as well add an LL.B. from National to his name. EDMONDSON, CATHRINE Cath rine left Te nnessee to accept a position as clerk in one ot the Government departments. Previously she attended Stale Teachers College of Tennessee and Bowl- ing Green University. Since entering National, she has become a member of the Cy Pres Club and President of Phi Delta Delta. DRISKJLL, JOHN DAVID sixty-six ELLIOTT, RALPH A. With three such entertaining hobbies as golf, poker and blondes, we wonder how Ralph can find time for his studies as a corporation attorney in the public utility field. However, he has already found time while attending George Washington University to join the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. ENGLISH, MERON A. f Jr. Merton is quite a business man having been just recently elected to a seat on the Washington Stock Exchange. He is Chancellor of Sigma Nu Phi. He is naturally a quiet fellow but we imagine he will be so of necessity now that he is to plunge into the sea of matrimony. We expect great things from Merton. ENZOR, EDWIN H. Who will ever in the class of ' 36 forget the famous " man with the fluffy hair " . Ed, by his unfailing good humor and ability to take it, has gained the respect not only of his fraternity, but of the entire class. Pride and joy of Alabama, Ed is con- tinuing his studies that he began at Emory University by the tedious process ot taking an LL.B. at National. ENGL ISH, MERTON A., Jr. NINETEEN THIRTY SIX ENZOR, EDWIN H. sixty-seven EPSTEIN, SIMON R. With the philanthropic hobby of social service work, a degree of LL.B. from National University will aid Simon in untangling legal questions for his subjects, while his previous studies at George Washington University and a membership in the National University Masonic Club will prove of immeasurable value to him. FELDMAN, MAX Good old Max, he is not so hot on those wooden puzzles, but he doesn ' t take a back seat when it comes to the legal ones. A member of Alpha Beta Pi, Max will certainly be able to use his LL.B. and courses taken at Benjamin Franklin University in his career as a business manager. FERGUSON, ELBERT BRADFORD From " Ole Miss " Brad brought his degree of A. B. to Washington D. C. to a Government position. While here, he has been working for an LL.B. at National University. EPSTEIN, SIMON R. sixty-eight NINETEEN THIRTY SIX FERGUSON, ROLAND J. FERGUSON, ROLAND J. Roland, in his " spare time " from his position as an instructor in Engineering at the National Institute of Dyers and Cleaners, and classes at Roanoke and Shenandoah Colleges, plus studies at National University, leading to an LL.B., spends his leisure moments finding something to do. FUNG, WILLIAM R. A true lover of the law, Bill, after practicing it during the day, joins the classes at National University in the evening. First thing we know, people will be heard talking about a splendid trial lawyer by ti e name of Fling. We find among other interesting facts, that he is a member of the D. C. Bar, also that he attended George Washington, and Southeastern University. A member of Sigma Nu Phi. FLYNN, ROBERT MORRIS Bob is a real westerner from Arizona. He is employed divides his time between politics, sports and study of the a LL.B. and an M.P.L. in the U.S. Senate and law. He will soon have sixty-nine FUCHS, LOUIS F. FOLEY, MARTIN F. A Washington D. C. boy who has joined Phi Beta Gamma, Martin, in his aspira- tions to become an expert on real estate law, will find that his early experience in real estate, plus his degree of LL.B. from National will make a swell foundation. FORD, ARCHIE T. A member of the National Capital Skeet Club, Sigma Delta Kappa, and the Masons, Archie deserted Kentucky for the Loan Department of B. F. Saul Company. He figured that the degree of LL.B. would look well along with the letters of B.C.S. and A. B., which he has already gained. FUCHS, LOUIS F. Finishing up a law course that had its inception at Jefferson School of Law, Louisville, Kentucky, Louis is taking the degree of LL.M. away from National University with him. A Government clerk with a hobby of fishing, he aspires to the office of United States District Attorney. seventy NINETEEN THIRTY SIX GAINES, STANLEY H. GAINES, STANLEY H. As the Junior Class Representative to the 1935 issue of the " Docket " and a member of the ' 36 Staff, Stanley has rendered invaluable aid to the class. A member of S igma Delta Kappa fraternity and the National University Masonic Club, his many interests around the school have firmly intrenched him in the memory ot his class. GELLOGG, RONALD ALSTYN A real " fisherman " from the cold country of Minnesota, Ronald is now an audit clerk in The A. A. A., but will soon be practicing his chosen profession. He is a member of Sigma Nu Phi and has previously attended Concordia College, Minneapo- lis Business College and University of Minnesota. GERBER, ESTHER EDITH Esther has had ample exercise for her hobby of writing, by reason of her position on the staff of the ' 36 Docket. Studies at George Washington University, South- eastern ancf National will aid her in her literary efforts. An active member of lota Tau Tau, National Legal Sorority, she is in the fore at all social activities. seventy-one SENIOR GOLDBERG, SAMUEL GORDON, IRVING CLASS GREEN, JOSEPH H. GOLDBERG, SAMUEL From the Bay State of Massachusetts, Sam has found his occupation as a Regional Specialist in the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, in the District of Columbia, which accounts for his studying at National to become a member of the D. C. Bar and for his receiving a B. C. S. at Southeastern University. GORDON, IRVING Holder of an A. B. degree, attended George Washington University, University of Maryland, and with a world of experience in international relations, by reason of his work in the Argentine ' Embassy and of representation at several Pan-American Congresses, we know that Irving will be one of the illustrious persons who will shed glory upon National University and the class of ' 36. GREEN, JOSEPH H. His work in the United States Senate under Senator Lewis, no doubt aids Hugh to keep up on the current legal problems of the day. Having studied at the University of Alabama, Hugh felt that if he was going to like law, National University was the place to go for an L. L. B. and an M. P. L. seventy-two GROSS, EDITH S. From the Big Town of New York, Edith came to Washington and a job as a Congressional Correspondent. A real golf bug, she makes her hobby take a back seat to her ambition to become a Juvenile Court Judge. GROSS, LEONARD HERBERT Leonard, in his studies at New York University, and City College, New York, must have been bitten by the wanderlust bug, as expressed by his desire to travel in the Orient. A member of Mu Sigma fraternity, he furthers his efforts to gain an LL.B. by his work as a Law Clerk. GROVER, EVERETT E. A legal clerk with a hobby for boxing and an ambition to be a politician, what a combination! It practically insures success for ' Everett. His previous courses at the University of Wisconsin and the degree of LL.B. taken at National will aid him also. seventy-three GROVER, EVERETT E. HALL, CHADWICK G. Having attended the University of Minnesota, University of South Dakota and Sioux Falls Baptist College, Chad, felt that he needed National University and an LL.B. to make the lot complete. He is the holder of an A.B. degree and a member of Gamma Eta Gamma legal fraternity. HAMILTON, KENNETH BRADSHAW Kenneth was elected to guide the destinies of the class of ' 36 in the office as Senior President. From Massachusetts, Ken has received the degree of B. F. U. from the National School of Economics and Government, and is at present trying for an LL.B. at National. HARDING, KENNETH ROBERT At last a different ambition, Kenney, wants to be a Proctor in Admiralty. Coming from California, Ken went to the University of Washington for his college education, which he is topping off with an LL.B. from National University. HALL, CHADWICK G. seventy-four HARPER, FLOYD E. Floyd has continued his career of academic brilliance, begun at Central Normal College and Depauw University by attendance at National University. A teacher at the tender age of twenty years in Bowers High School, in Indiana, Floyd, is at present mixing in the great game of politics, by reason of his position in the office of the Senator from Indiana, and as State Chairman for the Intercollegiate Organization of America. HARRISON, STIRLING M. Stirling came to Washington, D.C., from the Old Dominion State ot Virginia in order to pursue the search for the LL.B. degree, necessary for the practice of law. He won ' t say whether he will practice in his native state or in D. C. but we wish him luck wherever he goes. HARVEY, HERBERT NOYES From the District of Columbia and with prep school work at St. Johns College, Herbert is one of the boys who kowtow to the owl of Sigma Nu Phi, at National. A degree of A.B. coupled with that of a J.D. from National University is bound to aid in his work of real estate. Such a nice looking " guy " ought to be able to sway a jury (the women, particularly). seventy-five HARVEY, HERBERT NOYES HARVEY, ROBERT E. We wonder if Bob ever got around to achieving his hobby of " getting ready to study . He must have, because he has previously attended George Washington University where he joined Phi Sigma Kappa and Phi Eta Sigma and we understand he has some marks that many of us envy. HAYDEN, JAMES R., Jr. One of our home town boys by birth, Jimmie, when not working et his occupa- tion as a bookkeeper, or studying for his degree of LL.B. at National, relaxes by participating is some form of sport. He is a likeable fellow and full of good chee r , both of which will pay him big dividends. HERBERT, STEPHEN J. Steve finds surcease from the bare facts of the study of law by indulging in art work. He has already received a degree of A. B. from St. Bonaventure College, Georgetown University Law; and with his LL.B. he should be well equipped to face the world. HERBERT, STEPHEN J. HAYDEN, JAMES R„ Jr. HARVEY, ROBERT E. SENIOR CLASS seventy-six NINETEEN THIRTY SIX HOCKLEY, H. ALFRED HILL, WILEY C. HILDEBRAND, WILLIAM RAWLEY HILDEBRAND, WILLIAM RAWLEY Here is a Southerner who is very much engaged these days as a salesman, but he still finds time to get outside of his regular duties and his school requirements to get a little recreation in the bowling alleys. Bill is a candidate for an LL.B. Degree. HILL, WILEY C. Wiley hails from Ole ' Mississippi and he rates plenty well down there, we have heard. We are proud of the fact that he went down recently and passed the Mississippi Bar. Even though studies come first, Wiley finds time for social activities and is active in Sigma Delta Kappa. HOCKLEY, H. ALFRED Al is from the Keystone State, but that has not prevented him from attending the Juniata College, University of Michigan, and Cambridge University in ' England. He holds the degrees of A. B. and M. A. from the above schools, and plans to add an LL.B. from National University to the list. seventy-seven SENIOR CLASS HOWLAND, JOHN OSWALD B. HOUSTON, SAM With the experience Sam has gained as an adjuster for the Telephone Company, he will, we know, be more than just the " fair lawyer " that he hopes to be. Havino attended Chattanooga College of Law, Sam decided that an LL.B. and LL.M. would make the wife and Sam, Jr. proud. HOWELL, JOHN S. John hails frrom Clarendon, Virginia and has had his previous training at Tus- culum College Preparatory School in Greenville, Tennessee. He is a lover of art and has studied consideraby in the Corcoran School of Art. He is at present with the United States Coast Guard. HOWLAND, JOHN OSWALD B. An awe inspiring title, but anyone who knows " Ossie " won ' t let that stand in the way. His hobbies embrace all forms of athletics. To his degree of a Bachelor of Commercial Science from Benjamin Franklin University, Ossie has recently added that of M. M. M. (Much Married Man) to his list of honors. Whenever the favorite stein song of Phi Beta Gamma is raised, Ossie ' s bass can be heard from afar. seventy-eight NINETEEN THIRTY SIX JACOBS, LEWIS HUGHES, WARREN B. HUGHES, WARREN B. Warren came to Washington with the firm of Underwood-Elliott Fisher Co. from the state of Pennsylvania, and in the few leisure moments that he has found from taking an A.B. at the University of Maryland and of an L.L.B. at National, Warren can be found out on the golf links. HUNT, WILLIAM C. HUNT, WILLIAM C. Bill is one of the men that the class of 36 and National University will be proud of. He has had a course in art at the National School of Fine and Applied Art, which no doubt accounts for the dizzy posters around school. Bill was elected to Phi Beta Gamma Fraternity and has been one of the mainsprings of the National Chapter in his last year. He was Art Representative of the class in the 1935 " Docket " . JACOBS, LEWIS Lew, one of the well known fir m of Block and Jacobs, was elected to the position of business manager of the 1936 Docket " in his senior year. Lewis is at present a salesman, but the firm name of Block and Jacobs will very shortly be printed. seventy-nine SENIOR CLASS JONES, FLOYD L. JOBE, WILLIAM THEODORE Everv evening from 6.30 to 9, Bill casts aside that dignified air that is a result of his being principle of the Oxon Hill High School and becomes one of the boys of Sig ma Delta Kappa. Having attended Bryson College and G.W.U. and securing the degrees of A.B. and M.A., Bill is well equipped for his niche in life. The class of ' 36 recognized his worth by electing him to the following offices. Sergeant-at- Arms, Freshman Class; President, Junior Class; Vice President, Senior Class. JONES, CHARLEY LEWIS Charley is a salesman and we will wager that he is a good one because he was a great help to us in the sale of " Dockets. " His laudible activity in church work, his hours of diligent study to be able to teach law and his interest in the Masonic Club have not lessened his love for the " national past-time " , baseball. JONES, FLOYD L. In order to fulfill his ambition to be a Department of Justice agent, Floyd left his home state of Pennsylvania and started studying for an L.L.B. at National Univer- sity. A prospective G Man, National will undoubtedly be proud of Floyd. eig hty KASHOWER. ROBERT H. One of the wel! known figures about the class, Bob has left an academic record behind him that fairly glitters. Winner of the Callaghan Law Book Co. Prize for Real Property, the National Law Book Co. prize of Hon. mention for Common Law Plead- ing Exam, and the Hurst Medal for the highest average for the Junior Class he has earned an enviable record for himself. With an early period of instruction at the Naval Academy, Bob continues to indulge in his hobby of flying in Washington. KELLOGG, SCOTT D. Scott is in the employment of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System at present. After a term of studying at Westminster College in his home state of U ta h , Scott left Utah for Washington. Since coming to the capitol he has joined Phi Beta Gamma Legal Fraternity and is working on his legal degree of L.L.B. KELLY, JOHN LEWIS One of those Yankees who has succumbed to the lure of the Southland, Johnny left New York for the dear old Free State and George Washington University, topped off with a legal education at National University. His work in school makes us believe that Kelly will be a big success as a lawyer. KASHOWER, ROBERT H. KELLOGG, SCOTT D. NINETEEN THIRTY SIX KELLY, JOHN LEWIS eighty-one KIMBALL, HARRY M. The legal atmosphere of the Department of Justice evidently was too much for our friend Harry, for the first thing he knew, he was enrolled at National University. He finds his greatest occupation outside of legal questions, in the game of basketball. KINCANNON, PETTUS A. Having joined Sigma Chi while at the University of Arkansas and then going to Ouachita College, Pettus decided to keep up the good work by going to National University. He has so far gained an A.B. and at present is a candidate for an L.L.B. KIRK, RICHARD LORD Dick, at present, is in the banking profession, but some day he hopes to go back to his native state of Pennsylvania in the role of a corporation lawyer. As a means to this end, he is taking an L.L.B. at National University. Kirk did a real job with the Senior Prom this year and leaves a record for some of our successors to " shoot " at. KIMBALL, HARRY M. eighty- two KOCH, CARL HENRY " Sarge " Koch made us a good Sergeant-at-Arms last year and he made a good lawyer in his debut in Moot Court. Carl is now doing some technical work in the Interstate Commerce Commission and to prove his versatility, his hobby is just " any- thing you suggest " . He has already a B.C.S. Degree to hang beside his sheep skin he is getting this year. LANE, DENNIS K. We don ' t know just how Dennis can find time from work to play golf, unless he knows the time-clerk and can get an extra amount of annual leave. Nevertheless, he golfs, studies law and still finds time to keep in practice writing for his ambition to take up journalism. LANMAN, MAURICE H., Jr. From way out west in Arizona, where men are men and wo — , well, well skip that, but we can ' t skip Maury. With his membership as a Kappa Sigma and attendance at George Washington University, plus several terms at National he has left a definite impression on everyone that he has met. eighty-three LANMAN, MAURICE H. Jr. LAVENDER, THOMAS F. A real golf bug, from Indiana, Tommie has found time from his hobby to secure admission to the bar of the Supreme Court of Indiana and to be admitted to practice before the U.S. Board of Tax Appeals. A charter member of the Lantern Club of the University of Pennsylvania and the University Club help to keep Tom in the social whirl. LEBEL, ARTHUR L. Arthur, one of the members of the class who have already achieved distinction, has traveled so widely in the past eight years that an attempt to list his activities would sound like a " Cooks Travelogue " . His degree in Foreign Service at Georgetown University, coupled with that of an LL.B. from National University we know will prove a stepping stone to further his ambition " to have some influence in international relations. " LIPSCOMB, MARY ELIZABETH Elizabeth is our southern Miss — coming to Washington, from Alabama. She is employed as a secretary, but we feel certain she will attain her ambition in the near future and become a well known judge. Elizabeth attended George Washington University, and is a member of Kappa Beta Pi. We will bet on Elizabeth against the " smartest " one from any other school. SENIOR CLASS LAVENDER. THOMAS F. eighty-four NINETEEN THIRTY SIX LITTLE, THEODORE H. LITTLE, THEODORE H. Ted is the secretary to the United States Commissioner of Fisheries, and in his political work, has traveled a long way from his home state of Washington. In his wanderings, he has joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Gamma Eta Gamma fraternities, and attended George Washington University and National University. LOY, THOMAS H. Tommie ' s activity in the line of aquatic sports, such as boating and swimming don t seem to seriously affect his efforts to obtain that coveted degree of L.L.B. at National. We know that this degree will help him in his chosen work of real estate. You remember, don ' t you, that Tom won the prize at our Freshman Prom as the best dancer? MARCHANT, ANNE NELSON YARBOROUGH DE ARMOND The degrees of A.B. with distinction, and M.A., also the Carusi Prize, from National University and Catholic University with that of LL.B. for which she is now working at National University will certainly look fine on the author ' s page of Anne ' s work. eighty-five SENIOR CLASS MASSEY, CHARLES F. MASON, CHARLES ALEXANDER Charles graduated from Brandywine, Maryland High School before he came to National. He is now with the Capital Parks being previously employed with the Veterans Administration. Whether he practices in Maryland, District of Columbia or becomes a " big shot " in the government, we wish him luck. MASCO, KATHRYN If Kathryn eventually pursues her hobby of story-writing, and becomes an au- thoress, her LL.B. received from National University will give a good foundation for some court room thrillers. Kathryn has studied at Mt. Holyoke College in her own state of Massachusetts. MASSEY, CHARLES F. If Charley wants to find a small town to practice in, he has only to go back to his native state of Virginia. He is a bank teller at present, but plans to desert the banking profession for the legal upon receiving his L.L.B. from National University. eighty-six NINETEEN THIRTY SIX MEIGS, DOROTHY LOUISE DALBY MEIGS, DOROTHY LOUISE DALBY Just a case of a chip off of the well known block, Louise is the daughter of Z. Lewis Da I by , of the class of ' 01 at National. Just how graduation from staid old Radcliffe College, and Randolph-Macons Woman ' s College, plus an ambition to be- come a Spanish dancer will be reconciled to each other, we cannot conceive, but we wish Louise the best of luck in her studies for L.L.b. anl M.P.L. from National. MEYER, FRANK J. A Theta Kappa Nu from Oglethorpe University in Georgia, Frank has gained an A.B. degree and is gunning for his LL.B. at National. As a relief from the humdrum of Washington Governmental work, Frank ascends to the esthetic heights of music. MIDDLETOWN, HARRY E., Jr. Harry is one of the District of Columbia boys who, before coming to National for his degree of L.L.B. attended George Washington University. At present em- ployed by the Government, he is looking forward to a legal practice. eighty seven SENIOR CLASS MITCHELL, WILLIAM D. MILLARD, ANDREW TAYLOR Andy, another Virginian, has the lazy man ' s hobby of fishing, and an ambition to retire, which just about qualifies him for membership in the F.F.V. However, in- stead of the F.F.V. ' s, he decided to join Sigma Delta Kappa while taking an L.L.B. at National University. MILLER, EDNA MAE Edna Mae, probably the youngest member of the class, will not be able to take the Bar until two years after graduation from National. In this period of time she plans to annex the titles of L.L.M. and S.J.D. to her name. While at National University, she was elected to Phi Delta Delta, honorary legal sorority. MITCHELL, WILLIAM D. Bill, in spite of Constitutional Law, is going to graduate with the class of ' 36. To the class he is known as Bill, but to the boys of Phi Beta Gamma, ot which he is Chief Justice, he will always be " Billy Da Mitch. " During his reign in office, Bill has guided Phi Beta Gamma to one of its banner years. iighty-eight MORENCY, GEORGE ADELARD We hope that George doesn ' t combine his hobbies of sleeping and automobile driving. A former Chancellor of Sigma Delta Kappa George left his native resi- dence of New Hampshire to come to Washington as an employee of the Treasury Department. MORGAN, NORMAN D. The esteem in which Norman is held by the class of 36 can clearly be shown by the fact that he has been Treasurer of the class for the past three years. As bai 7T of the Beta Chapter of Phi Beta Gamma it seems as if he justly deserves his title of the watchdog of the treasury . May you quickly realize your ambition of $100,000 invested at 6% Norman. MORRILL, GILES OLIVER In the modern day. it is rather rarely that we find a person who has taken up the anc ent and honorable art of fencing. G les in his leisure time from his work as a statistician at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and studies at George Washington University Gonzaga and the Corcoran School of Art, has found time to pursue this hobby. eishiy-nine MORRILL GILES OLIVER MULLALEY, WILLIAM E. A Sigma Alpha Epsilon man from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, Bill has found a position as a supervisor in the Department of Agriculture. Bill aspires to the heights of criminal law, but in his off moments, he finds comfort in writing. MALLALY, CHARLEb F. Charley is a Washington boy who has found an occupation in a lawyer ' s office in town and decided that it might be a good thing to take up. As a consequence, we find that after studying at George Washington University for a while, Charley came to National University to take an L.L.B. McCarthy, aloysius j. The one element needed in the world to get along is cheerfulness and that is what Mac has " nothing else but " . As chancellor of the Phi Beta Gamma, Mac needs all of his patience and cheerfulness to keep the boys in hand. MULLALEY, WILLIAM E ninety McCrary, Arthur john Arthur is a native of Iowa and has formerly attended George Washington Uni- versity. Since the " flight " of the Blue Eagle, he has been devoting all his time to his studies and being a student in every sense of the word. McDaniel, Robert smith Mac is one of the home town boys who, every time that the University of Ala- bama plays, puts the family " roll " on the game. His hobby of football is only exceeded by his loyalty to his home state, dear ole ' Bama. McLEAN, JOHN HOWARD With courses taken at Furman University, in South Carolina, and at the Univer- sity of Virginia, Johnny can truthfully be called a son of the old South. Having already gained a B.A. at the above mentioned schools, Johnny, after his work in the Senate Office Building is finished, is taking a law course at National University. ninety-one McLEAN, JOHN HOWARD McSWAIN, GEORGE REID Alias, " Dr. Benjamin Zacharius Ziffs " ; alias, " fhe finger-prinf experf " ; alias, " the skin specialisf " ; and so on and on. We would have been very unforfunafe fhis year in Moof Courf wifhouf fhe services of " Mac " as our wifness. Seriously, wifh his previous fraining af Furman Universify, his presenf experience he is geffing and wifh his nafural abilify, we predicf big fhings for our friend, George. NEWLON, WALTER J. Walfer came fo us via fhe roufe of Virginia, and Sfrayer College. After joining up with the Masonic order, Walter craved to add an LL.B. to his name and naturally decided on National University as the logical place to gain it. NIELSON, BYRON H. Byron, after attending the State Normal College of Idaho, University of Idaho, and University of Utah, decided to take a fling at a Government career with the Reconstruction Finance Corporation in the position of an accountant. He has now decided that he needs an L.L.B. so we find him at National. McSWAIN, GEORGE REID ninety-two NINETEEN THIRTY SIX NOLAN, WILLIAM RICHARD NOLAN, WILLIAM RICHARD Bill came to Washington, D.C. from the Bay State of Massachusetts, after receiving an education at Holy Cross College. He is now employed by the Govern- ment and finds relief from work and studies in various sports activities. O ' BRIEN, JAMES PATRICK Jim came to National University from Lane Technical School in Chicago where he received the Scholarship Key. in 1931 he wrote the Championship World ' s Fair Essay, being presented with honors. His ambition to become a successful attorney is being hastened by an L.L.B. from National University. Jim joined Sigma Delta Kappa this year. PAPANICOLAS, GEORGE With an insatiable desire for knowledge that has led George to the Universities of Buffalo, George Washington University and Georgetown University, he has com- bined a hobby of singing to relieve his studies of law in the earning of the degrees of A.B. and LL.B. at National. ninety-three Hi SENIOR CLASS I PEED, ROGER PARKER, JAMES S. Jimmy has been a familiar figure around the class for the last three years. In his position as a consulting auditor at the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, he has opportunity to put into practice the principles that he has learned in attendance in the School of Economics and Government at National and the Law School. He is receiving a J.D. degree. PAYNE, H. DUDLEY Dudley just had to cross the Potomac to get to Washington when he came over to help President Roosevelt save our homes in ihe H.O.L.C. He likes to go gunning and rest up on a little game of tennis. Payne attended Emerson Institute and v e believe he has a good chance to reach his ambition to be a judge. PEED, ROGER Roger has decided that in his ambition to become a consulting engineer that it will be necessary for him to add the degree of L.L.B. to his civil engineering degree from Maryland University. Roger has joined Sigma Deta Klappa while at National University in order to find some golf competition. ninety-four NINETEEN THIRTY SIX PYLES, WILMER DOVE PROFFITT, JAMES L. POVICH, BERNARD POVICH. BERNARD Since leaving his home slate of Maine, Bernard has attended Boston University and George V ashington University and is now striving for that L.L.B. at Nationa University so necessary for his ambition to be a lawyer. PROFFITT, JAMES L. Our class is justly proud of Jim for several reasons. He is a member of the District of Columbia Bar and the Virginia Bar and he always knows the answer to the question propounded by the professor. Proffit always found time to take care of his social duties in Sigma Nu Phi and still make better marks than most of us. PYLES, WILMER DOVE While employed as Secretary to a law firm in 1933 and 1934, Wilmer tried several cases in the Municipal Court until he was disbarred for not being a member of the D.C. Bar. He would now like to practice law in Maryland, his home state, and is seeking an L.L.B. degree to add to his B.C.C. degree gained at Strayer’s College. ninety-five SENIOR CLASS REEVES, GUY B. QUILLIN, CHARLES E. Charles, a candidate for the L.L.B. degree, is one of the natives of the District of Columbia. His spare time is devoted to his fraternity, Sigma Nu Phi, philatelic work and fishing. The C P Telephone will lose one of its valuable employees when Charles deserts them to practice law before the United States Supreme Court, which he is desirous of doing and we feel certain will be successful in doing. REED, JAMES E. Jimmy exercised his much loved hobby for travelling by migrating to the Dis- trict of Columbia to become an audit Clerk in the U.S. Government and at the same time study law. He hopes to become a criminologist after he has received his LL.B. degree. REEVES, GUY B. Guy comes from the sanctorum of the Vice President of the United States. While at National University studying for his LL.B., he was fortunate enough to be elected to Phi Beta Gamma. Guy has previously attended Hendrix College in his home state of Arkansas. ninety-six ROBERSON, PAUL EDMUND With a laudible ambition to become a United States Senator, Paul has taken the first two step in the right direction by going to National to take a degree of L.L.B. and by joining Phi Beta Gamma legal fraternity. At present, Paul nelps to swell the Virginia quota at the Home Owners ' Loan Corporation. ROSENBERGER, RAYMOND J. Raymond is an engineer in the Public Works Administration and he says his ambition is to be a better engineer. He has a B.S. in Engineering from the University of North Carolina, his native state, and he is now seeking a J.D. and an M.P.L. He should then be equipped to further his ambition or enjoy his hobby of law. ROGERS, JAMES A. Jim s idea of an ambition — to have a client and two good witnesses ' 1 is by far the most practical that we have heard amongst the multitude of potential Supreme Court Judges, etc. A member of Sigma Delta Kappa, with a hobby of hunting in his own state of Maryland, he should have no trouble with his witnesses. NINETEEN THIRTY SIX ninety- seven ROGERS, JAMES A. RUCKER, A. M., Jr. When the roll of all good Virginians is read, Rucker ' s name, like Abou Ben Adhem ' s, will lead all the the rest. In his profession of banking, National will undoubt- edly be proud of the fact that he took a degree of L.L.B. in her halls. RUSSO, NICOLAS RAYFIELD Nick ' s search for an education has led him far afield, as is shown by his course taken at National University, Catholic University, Harvard University and the Univer- sity of Naples. To the degrees of A.B. and M.A. garnered at the above institutions, Nick plans to add an L.L.B. at National. SCHNEIDER, JOSEPH HIRSH Joe, one of the real guys of the class, is one person who will be fondly remem- bered. His unfailing good humor and willing disposition have combined to give him a large circle of friends. Joe is a member of Alpha Beta Phi legal and Sigma Alpha Rho fraternities, and is a candidate for an L.L.B. RUCKER, A. M. f Jr. ninety-eight SCHREIBER, ARTHUR On his way up, as Assistant Manager of a private firm, Arthur has attended George Washington University and National in his search to improve himself and will shortly have earned his degree of L.L.B. SCHWARTZ, AARON ARNOLD With an ambition to become a successful lawyer Aaron is a candidate for an L.L.B. and an L.L.M. at National. A native of Washington, he previously attended Georgetown University Foreign Service School, and is a member of Alpha Delta Omega. SCLAWY, LEON Leon ' s L.L.B. degree is merely a stepping stone to further his political ambition to serve his fellow citizens. He has attended the City College of New York, in Brooklyn, and is Chairman of the D.C. Division of the Intercollegiate Organizations of America, National Committeeman, N.Y. State and Chairman, National Geo- graphic Committee. SCHWARTZ, AARON ARNOLD NINETEEN THIRTY SIX SCLAWY, LEON ninety-nine SEARLES, RICHARD C. Dick is from Washington and holds down a position as Tax Accountant. Naturally, in such a position, a knowledge of law would be invaluable, so we find Dick liking an L.L.B. at National University. SEDILLO, C. BENITO, Jr. Benito, hailing from the western state of New Mexico, could have only one possible hobby and that is horseback riding. However, he has found time to attend Wabash College and National University and to gain an L.L.B. , as well as join Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. SHARPE, MALCOLM S. With an ambition to defend a soulless corporation, it is only natural that Mai should be in the employment of the local power company. A member of Sigma Nu Phi, he is one of the local boys who knows a good school when he sees it. SEARLES, RICHARD C. One Hundred NINETEEN THIRTY SIX SHERMAN, MINNETTE SHERMAN, MINNETTE A member of the Cy Pres Club of National University, Minnette tells us that her ambition is to practice before the United States Supreme Court. At present, she is studying for her L.L.B. to gain her aim in life. As a relaxation, Minnette can be found on the bridle paths any fair day. SHUBiN, HARRY Harry is from Pennsylvania and is capitalizing on his personality while acting as Advertising Manager of Nation-Wide Stores. When Harry reaches his goal, a place on the bench, he should have plenty of time to follow his hobby of fox hunting and polo. He is a candidate for LL.B. degree and a member of Sigma Alpha Rho Fraternity. SILVERMAN, CHARLES M. Virginia seems to have a monopoly on people who have no hobby except loafing and no ambition except happiness. However, we know that Charley ' s ambition at least includes the gaining of an L.L.B. from National University. One Hundred One SENIOR CLASS SMITH, TURNER T. SIMMONS, MILES E. Mr. Simmons came to us from Michigan where he had attended the University of Michigan and had studied law for four years in an attorney ' s office. He served in the World War, loves politics and plans to practice in the District of Columbia. SIMPSON, WILLIAM R., Jr. After a high school education at the Central High School, of D.C., Bill has found employment at the somewhat unusual (i.e. for Washington) occupation of a butter merchant. While in the midst of his course at National, he was elected to the ranks of Sigma Nu Phi. SMITH, TURNER T. Turner, a resident of Virginia, is employed in the Group Hospitalization, Inc. We understand that he is quite a golfer and has made that sport his hobby. He is a candidate for an L.L.B. degree, and has received a B.S. degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia. One Hundred Two NINETEEN THIRTY SIX SMOAK, WILLIAM MOORE, Jr. SMOAK, WILLIAM MOORE, Jr. Smoak was present when The Governor of South Carolina said to the governor of North Carolina because the former state is his home. He is at present a claims examiner in the Bureau of Internal Revenue and may be found on the golf links when he is not working, in school, or studying to obtain that LL.B. to add to the A.B. he already has. SNYDER, JOSEPH JOHN Joe only claims the exalted status of a " lowly Gov ' mint clerk " , but having already received an A.B. degree and being a candidate for the degrees of L.L.B. and M.P.L., we know that it won ' t be long before he gets that judgeship. He is a member of Phi Alpha Epsilon. SOBEL, JACK HARRY Jack is our " play-boy " , but I suppose he has a right to be coming from the play-ground of Atlantic City Jack has attended Duke University, is now employed in the Resettlement Administration, and we understand that he knows the batting average of every player in organized base ball. One Hundred Three SENIOR CLASS SOURS, PAUL EDWARD SOURWINE, JULIEN GOODE SPIKER, EARL G. SOURS, PAUL EDWARD Paul left Virginia to take a position as an auditor in Washington. While here, he started on a course of study which is culminating in the degree of LL.B. He has previously attended the School of Economics and Government at National. SOURWINE, JULIEN GOODE Julien wants to be a criminal lawyer but if he returns to his home in Reno, Nevada, we should think that he would want to specialize in Divorce Law. He is now a _ newspaper man and likes to play pinochle, but if he follows in the foot steps of his grandfather, the late Thomas Van Camp Julien, who was a Supreme Court Justice of Nevada, the newspaper business will lose a good man. SPIKER, EARL G. Earl is one of the youngest members of the class, and will be one month shy of the required 21 years when he takes the Bar in June. Earl is a member of Phi Beta Gamma Fraternity and one of the staunchest members. At present, he is employed by Swift and Company. One Hundred Fou SPOONER, BETH Beth received her LL.B. degree in December, and in now candidate for an M.P.L. A daughter of the fair state of Kansas we can understand why she in interested in horticulture. She has previously attended George Washington University, but has been very active at National, being a member of Cy Pres Club and Phi Delta Delta. STEPHENS, DONALD PAUL Don served his apprenticeship in law by taking pre-legal work and two years of law at the University of Virginia. At present he is employed in the Department of Agriculture and is kept busy with his work there and securing his legal education at National. STEWART, GEORGE ROMNEY George is an expert Congressional Secrelary, a " big-shot " in Litilo Congress, a booster for California and has an ambition to " make money " . He has previously attended George Washington University but is now on the road to a LL.B. and an M.P.L. One Hundred Five STEWART, GEORGE ROMNEY STRATTON, ELIZABETH J. Another " born and bred " Washingtonian, Elilabeth previously attended Wilson Teachers College and Strayer s Business College. Aside from her work in the Treasury Department, she finds time to fill the offices of corresponding registrar of Kappa Beta Pi, and treasurer ot the Cy Pres Club, and to keep up on her knitting. Member of " Docket " Staff, class of ' 36. SUTHERLAND, WILLIAM C. By his meager information on his biography sheet, one would think that Bill was an uninteresting sort of person. Quite the contrary, he is one of those persons who has to be known to be appreciated. Bill combines two of the finest hobbies possible — the state of Virginia and hunting. TABOR, JOHN T. A rambling wreck from Georgia Tech, with an ambition to be versed in the abstract law, Johnny has found employment in the position of a clerk while he is studying the mysteries of law at National. Besides his studies, his time is well taken care of by reason of his membership in Phi Beta Gamma Fraternity and on the Jun- ior Board of Commerce. STRATTON, ELIZABETH J. One Hundred Six TATUM, HOMER Homer is another one of the boys employed up on the " hill " to keep the con- stitutients informed and satisfied. We don ' t know whether he learned to like pinochle in Little Rock, Arkansas or on Capitol Hill but we do know that he wants to go back to Little Rock to practice law. TAYLOR, ROBERT A. One of the prides of the Lone Star State who has come to the Capitol to learn a few lessons in politics and study law on the side. Bob has attended George Washing- ton University and with the fortifications he received there, at National, and working in the government he will be ready to mix politics with the practice of law. TRIMBLE, WAYNE There are few, if any, in the class better known than Wayne and few have added more to the success of the class during its three years existence. He came from the " blue grass " state of Kentucky and is President of ihe Masonic Club this year. We predict that Wayne ' s personality will get him a long way in this world. NINETEEN THIRTY SIX One Hundred Seven TRIMBLE, WAYNE TUCKER, AL-VA Another of those ' Bamans with an ambition to be just an attorney, we ' ll go a little further and predict that Al-Va will not only be an attorney but will be a good one to boot! Her interests in horseback riding and the National University Cy Pres Club, aid in relaxing from the arduous duties of a legal stenographer in the Customs Bureau. TURNER, RICHARD WEIR Dick seems to be cut out for the position of a Virginia gentleman, with only a modicum of ambition. Previous attendance at William and Mary College. Dick feels that he needs to do a little studying to take his mind off of his hobby of swimming. ULSTAD, ERVIN C. Ervin pretends that he takes golf more seriously than he does his study of law, but we believe he will prove that he has spent considerable effort in legal fields when he begins his practice. He is employed in the Post Office Department but still likes stamps well enough that he is collecting them. He is from South Dakota and lately of George Washington University. SENIOR CLASS TUCKER, AL-VA One Hundred Eight NINETEEN THIRTY SIX WALKER, LOWELL A. WALKER, GEORGE VON KLATT, KARL F. VON KLATT, KARL F. " Mister Von Klatt " — anyone who had attended the Extraordinary Legal Remedies lectures will easily remember Professor Munter ' s war cry. Von has, well I won ' t say studied, but has attended Benjamin Franklin University, Johns Hopkins, and the Uni- versity of Maryland, garnering a degree of B.C.b. before trying for his Ll.B. at National University. Member of Sigma Delta Kappa. WALKER, GEORGE One of our local boys, George finds time between working hours in Uncle Sam ' s employ to keep up his game of golf and to be a conscientious student at National University. He has previously attended Duke University, Maryland Univer- sity and George Washington University. With such evidence of ambition and thirst for knowledge, we hold high hopes for George. WALKER, LOWELL A. Lowell comes from the Indian Settlement of Weleetka, Oklahoma (at least it sounds Indian.) He is in the government and when he has finished his legal education he plans to soothe his troubled mind in the evenings by enjoying some good music, for he is very fond of music. One Hundred Nine WARDWELL. HILLIARE P. HiHiare was born on the Eastern " sho " of Virginia, but has adopted Florida. A strange thing for a Virginian to do, but in the New Deal, anything can happen. He is a Lieutenant of Infantry Army Reserve Corps, with an ambition, it any, that some day he will be Judge Advocate General of Army. WEHRUNG, MALCOLM WILLIAMS Malcolm, who is from Michigan, is a former Congressional Secretary but is at present in the Legal Division of the of the Rural Electrification Administration. He has already received a Ph.B. degree and will get his LL.B. this June. We were all happy to see Malcolm ' s name in the paper recently along with the others who had passed the D.C. Bar Examination. He can read less and travel more now that he has gotten over that hurdle. WEISBLATT, IDA Ida is a candidate for an LL.B. degree. She is a native Washingtonian and is at present doing legal research work in the Legal Division of the Resettlement Administration she is an active member of lota Tau Tau, Her " spare time " is now devoted to being a good housewife. One Hundred Ten NINETEEN THIRTY SIX WERNER, LOUIS T. WELLS, CHARLES A. WEITZEN, HAROLD CHARLES WEITZEN, HAROLD CHARLES Coming from Maryland, Harold should find no trouble finding a field to further his political ambitions. He is now employed in the government by day and working for his LL.B. by night, that is when his social engagements do not conflict. WELLS, CHARLES A. When good old Phi Beta Gamma taps the beer keg, Charley is always in the fore. As a relaxation from the steady grind of title examining, Charley indulges in his hobby of music. A native son of the District, he believes in studying for the Bar of his home in a local school, National University. WERNER, LOUIS T. Louis is one of Sigma Delta Kappa s strongest adherents having held t he posi- tion of Historian, Chancellor and Secretary of Mu Chapter at National University. Aside from his fraternal activities, he is studying for an LL.B. One Hundred Eleven WIGBY, BARTLEY DELMAR WERTZ, WILLIAM H. H. Bill, at present is one of the boys in blue who safeguard the sacred precincts of the Capitol, but he decided that it might be a good idea to know how to get people out of jail, as well as get them into it, thus our hero is found at National University, taking an LL.B. degree. WHEATLEY, ALBERT PAUL Al comes from a legal family and as such, his career in life was decided for him. Having gained an A.B. at Catholic University, he has been taking an LL.B. course at National University. While at National, he also joined Sigma Delta Kappa fraternity and was Chancellor of that organization this year. WIGBY, BARTLEY DELMAR Bartley came all the way from the cold, cold State of Minnesota to get a posi- tion with the Public Works Administration. He has attended George Washington University and is now busy securing his law degree from National. One Hundred Twelve WILLCHER, ARTHUR We doubt Arthur when he says that he has no hobby, but when he says he has no ambition we know he is trying to fool us. However, we know him and his record well enough to know that he has plenty of ambition and we predict that he will be right up among those at the top in his chosen profession. He is a D.C. boy and will probably stay right here in the city to use his LL.B. degree. WILSON, CHARLES RICHARD C. R. is a little ahead of us and already has his LL.B. and will receive his LL.M. and M.P.L. later. He is in the Department of Justice and he takes his work seriously, therefore he needs his occasional recreation that he receives from swimming and in the activities of Sigma Nu Phi and the Masonic Club. WILSON, JAMES ELBERT Jim has previously attended George Washington University, and at present is in the act of gaining his LL.B. at National. As his ambition is to practice law in the wild and wooly state of Texas, his hobbies of football and baseball will probably; afford him the relaxation the he will need. NINETEEN THIRTY SIX One Hundred Thirteen WILSON, JAMES ELBERT WOOD, KENNETH DARNALL Another golf bug from the District, Kenny at present is working in the Govern- ment previous to gaining his degree of LL.B. at National University. He formerly attended George Washington University. WORTHINGTON, ELIZABETH NINA Elizabeth came from Massachusetts to study law and be a secretary and got married. Congratulations! She is very active around school and they say they can depend on her in Kappa Beta Pi and Cy Pres Club. She likes music and we imagine that has helped her acquire her polish, poise and culture. YATES, WILLIAM B. Having already attended Fordham University in his home state of New York, Bill decided to mix an inclination for drawing with a legal degree which he is now in the process of getting at National. We feel confident that he will succeed in his ambition to attain success in the legal profession. WOOD, KENNETH DARNALL One Hundred Fourteen YEATTS, FRED L. One of the fine sons of Virginia, Fred spends his days maintaining peace and order around our fair Capitol, in which we know that he will some day attain his ambition in politics. Besides National University, he has attended V.P.I. and George Washington University, where he became a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity. YOUNG, MAURY An insurance man from the District of Columbia, law seemed to Maury to go hand in hand with the insurance line. After studying at George Washington Univer- sity, he is finishing up with an LL.B. at National University. ZAFRA, URBANO A. Zafra is from Manila, Philippine Islands, and is now managing the Washington Office of the Philippine Sugar Association. He has a wonderful background for his ambition of practicing law because he has a B.C.S. degree from New York University and has attended Leland Stanford University. He finds his recreation most of the time in tennis. One Hundred Fifteen ZAFRA, URBANO A. ZIELINSKI, HENRY W. Henry is another person from th e Codfish State, hailing from Worcester, Massa- chusetts. With a logical ambition to retire early in life, Henry decided to hurry up that stage of the game with an LL.B. from National University. SERVANDO, N. CALUB Calub, who has become a well-liked person around National, finished high school in San Fernando, Phillippine Islands. He came to Washington from the state of Oregon where he had attended Northwestern College of Law, had worked in a law office and had taught school. He receives his LL.B. in June. OLIVER, GEORGE GREEN Oliver ' s home is the metropolis of Rochester in the Empire State. He received a B.S. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. When he is not occupied saving the homes of the country or collecting stamps, he is studying for his LL.B. and M.P.L. so that he may become a very good Patent Attorney. He is a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. ZIELINSKI, HENRY W. SERVANDO, N. CALUB SENIOR CLASS OLIVER, GEORGE GREEN One Hundred Sixteen NINETEEN THIRTY SIX CATHCART, DUNCAN FLETCHER CATHCART, DUNCAN FLETCHER Duncan s home is way down south in Tampa, Florida. His secretarial work as well as his experience obtained in a law office will be of much help to him when he begins the practice of law. In his less studious moments he loves his social functions. KOERNER, OSBORNE Osborne came to Washington from Grove City, Pennsylvania and did his preparatory school work at Devitt Prep. He is employed at the Federal Housing Administration. He is quiet but with his sincerity he cannot help but get a long way. RUSSO, GERALD This man of mystery keeps us all guessing. We know by associating with him that he has plenty ability but he believes in keeping his accomplishments to himself. He claims Connecticut as his home. One Hundred Seventeen THE DOCKET -Qllo ?x!a.n Candidates for Graduation who failed to Anderson, Thomas J. Bailey, Virginia C. Blalock, Edgar Blumberg, ' Edward Brown, Henry J. Brown, Nathan M. Burkett, John T. Busey, Fred D. Callan, Edward A. Claycomb, Beryl Evans, Norman H. Fleming, William R. Gamez, Chester M. Goodman, Henry S. Henry, Wood T. Heppner, William H. Hoffman, Leon C. Holden, Theodore L. Houchins, Eugene Hughes, J. C. Johnson, Robert H. Lanahan, J. J. Logan, Ben T. Mejia, Frank R. Michie, Robert W. get pictures in this issue Miller, Lambert H. Montello, Emilio Mitchell, Howard W. McLean, Leland G. Nichols, Charles E., Jr. O ' Callaghan, John Parlton, Edward J. Phelps, Catherine Phillips, Dayton E. Post, Woodruff S. Powers, Jerrold V. Puryear, Edgar F. Scanlon, John M. Seymour, Worth Shannon, William E. Shorey, Melville B. Solomon, Samuel J. Stephens, James S. Strizak, Joseph P. Tatum, Charles C. Unger, Carl H. Ve irs, Noble L. Wayland, Francis W. Wilkey, John W. Williams, Robert P. One Hundred Eighteen NINETEEN THIRTY SIX ■ -li-ltcrty oj) tie 1936 The harvest is at hand and the promise of the seed has been ful- filled. The Class of ' 36, whose tiny buds sprouted on the trees of Judiciary Orchard, has become the fruit in another of National ' s recurrent experiments in legiculture. But the consummation of its three year period of development is more than completion of a single germinating influence. From the fertile soil of tradition is derived the twin conducements of ambition and inspiration. Be- neath the invigorating elements of curricular and fraternal en- couragement is evolved a vitality far beyond the scope of mere accomplishment. It feels that in its progress toward maturity it has grateful, the meager content, a surplus of its vocational accretion. Engendered with the urge for innovation the blossoming Class of ' 36 early developed a proclivity for inventive genius and corrective legislation. It was responsible for the adoption of the Executive Cou ncil, an institution that allows the student an unprecedented, but necessary voice in class government. It prophesied participation in the future political history of its country by staging a hotly contested and ingeniously managed election of officers. It announced itself the precursor of scholastic financial stability by enjoying a profitable margin in all its social activities. It culminated these with unusual success and an appropriate climactic gesture in the Senior Prom. Time and environment at National have beneficially affected the Class of ' 36. Grafted to the branches of jurisprudence, the buds im- bibed the proffered nourishment of tuition and proximity. Incidence and circumstances fashioned a full-flavored fruit, a qualified com- modity for the commerce of law. — Orrin Blaine Cox One Hundred Nineteen THE DOCKET HAYDEN JOHNSON W. W. MILLAN Associate Justices of the Moot Court of Appeals RICHARD A. FORD H. WINSHIP WHEATLEY Judge Probate Moot Court NATHAN CLAYTON Judge Law Moot Court JULIUS I. PEYSER Judge Equity Moot Court GEORGE E. EDELIN Associate Judge Equity Moot Court NINETEEN THIRTY SIX -(-) hellion oj Jla.iv Aioot (Uoutt in Before leaving National University, the students have been grounded in the fundamental principles of law and given an opportunity to put them into actual practice. The opportunity to practice what has been learned is given in the legal laboratory, the moot court. In the scene above Judge Cayto n is residing over a session of the Law Moot Court. Our experiences in moot court this year will long be remembered as pleasant as well as instructive. We are grateful to judges of the moot courts for their patient and wise guidance and we hope that when around the counsel table and before the court or jury we will remember the things that they have told us about procedure. One Hundred Twenty-one WILLIAM WIRT ( 1772 - 1834 ) Member House of Delegates, State of Virginia; Attorney General of the United States; counsel: Dartmouth College case. McCulloch v Maryland: Cohens v Virginia; Gibbons v Ogden. M Soo! ' Thte.e u.m.o ' i :4 JOHN SERGEANT ( 1779 - 1852 ) Member of Congress Counsel: Olm- stead case; Osborn v the Bank; Cher- okee case; Worcester v Georgia; Bank of Augusta v Earle; Girard Will case; Planter ' s Bank case. THE DOCKET FAY WILLARD HAGEN President Class of ' 37 One Hundred Twenty-four NINETEEN THIRTY SIX JUNIOR OFFICERS MARION POOLE Vice-President HELEN D. GIBB Secretary LEON H. CUBBERLEY Treasurer LOUISE LOVELESS Historian GEORGE R. KIEFERLE Executive Committee Chairman One Hundred Twenty-five THE DOCKET F. WILLARD HAGEN President MARION POOLE Vice-President HELEN GIBB Secretary OFFICERS LEON H. CUBBERLEY Treasurer LOUISE LOVELESS Historian WALTER A. BROADDUS Sergeant-at-Arms EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE George Kieferle, Chairman Ruth A. Ellis Cecil M. Roeder Alice C. Poling Myrtle Helms SOCIAL COMMITTEE Paul L. Arntson, Chairman Susanne Loftis R. K. Shivers Philip Smith James J. Gorman, Jr. Milton J. Kibler One Hundred Twenty-six NINETEEN THIRTY SIX i-!i5totLf ojj 2 lie (2 1(155 oj 1937 The law is a jealous mistress ' ’ This bit of knowledge was imparted to us when we entered our first class in September, 1934, and we have had the opportunity ot testing the veracity of that statement. For one year we labored with such terms as res ipsa loquitor and caveat emptor. Now, with two years behind us and another one before us we are more firmly convinced that the law is indeed a jealous mistress. When our class was called to order at the beginning of the first term of the second year we were imbued with the determination to scale new heights of iearning so as to enable us to win our coveted degrees. But socially we did not stagnate and proceeded with what proved to be a hotly-contested election. The wishes of the class were finally expressed by electing Fay Hagen, President; Marion Poole, Vice-President; Helen Gibb, Secretary; Leon Cubberley, Treasurer; Walter Broadus, Sergeant-at-Arms and Louise Loveless, Historian. Our president, Mr. Hagen, with the assistance of an entertainment committee, arranged for an evening of entertainment at the Neigh- borhood Playhouse on November 9, where quite a crowd attended and pleasant memories of that evening will be cherished by all those attending. The rush season of the fraternities and sororities afforded the expected but ever interesting round of smokers, teas, cocktail parties, etc. which are always as enjoyable as they are periodica!. In January a great honor was bestowed upon one of our instruc- tors, Professor’ Bastian, who was elected to the office of President of the D. C. Bar Association thereby succeeding Professor Wheatley who taught us Criminal Law in our Freshman Year. The climax of our socia activities for the year was our Junior Prom which was held on February 15, at Meridian Mansions. All who attended expressed thanks to the Prom Committee for an enioyable evening of dancing to the music of Jack Walker ' s Orchestra. Now another year of study is over, another lap of our race is won, and we are looking forward eagerly to completing our course next year and receiving our degrees. Standing at this point of van- tage we can view our struggles of the last two years, and although we have found that the law is a jealous mistress we are indeed glad to be governed by her. — Louise Loveless One Hundred Twenty-seven THE DOCKET JUNIOR CLASS ROSTER Abe!, J. F. Business Employee Clarendon, Va. Abellera, D. L. Attorney ' s Office District of Columbia Abrahams, S. Dept, of Agriculture Bradley Beach, N.J. Allman, G. P. Student District of Col umbia Anderson, A. F. Attorney ' s Office District of Columbia Arnold, C. K. General Accounting Office Buchannon, W. Va. Arntson, J. A. Dept, of Agriculture Galvaston, III. Arntson, Paul L. N. R. A. Galva, III. Ayers, R. D. R. F. C. Lewistown, Mont. Baker, W. W. Dept, of Justice, Yuma, Arizona Balderson. E. S. Government Printing Office District of Columbia Baldwin, T. A. W. P. A. Mt. Rainier, Md. Ball, F. L. Attorney ' s Office Clarendon, Va. Bates, H. G. Dept of the Treasury Liberty, Miss. Beamer. D. L. Dept, of Justice Uniontown, Pa. Berezoski, C. T. Business Employee District of Col umbia Bergert, E. M. Dept, of Commerce District of Col umbia Blackburn, W. B. Federal Housing Administration Pikeville, Ky. Blalock, E. U.S. Capitol Griffin. Ga. Bleiberg, I. H. W. P. A. Wilmington, Dela. Bodnick, N. Student Philadelphia, Pa. Bond, J. L. Dept, of Commerce Accomac, Va. Booke, B. General Accounting Office Salt Lake City, Utah Bowon, R. W. Business Employee District of Columbia Bowler, C. E. Business Employee Hyattsville, Md. Bradley. T. C., Jr. Dept, of the Treasury Chevy Chase, Md. Bradley, V. W. Resettlement Administration Alexandria, Va. Bramhall, W. F. Dept, of Agriculture Richmond, Mo. Brennan, J. C. Federal Reserve Board Sumter, S.C. Brist, G. L. R. F. C. Dubuque, Iowa Broaddus, W. A. Railway Employee District of Columbia Brooks, C. E. Interstate Commerce Com. Garrett Park, Md. Brown, B. M. Dept, of Agriculture Las Vegas. Nev. Brown, W. H. Student District of Columbia Bunnell, C. J. Dept, of Justice Buffalo, N. Y. Butts, J. G. U S. Capitol Halifax, N.C. Campbell, J. B.. Jr. Resettlement Administration Fort Myers, Fla. Carr, J. J. Business Employee District of Columbia Carter, J. H. Business Employee Athens, Illinois Casiano, E. Business Employee Atlanta, Ga. Chaney, R. L. General Accounting Office District of Col umbia Chernok, B. J. Dept, of Agriculture Brooklyn, N.Y. Cherry, J. W., Jr. R. F. C. Salt Lake City, Utah Chesley, F. F. Dept, of Agriculture Oakland, Md. Christgau, M. D. Business Employee Austin, Minn. Clagett, J. W. N. R. A. Rockville, Md. Clark, A. G. Dept, of War Philadelphia, Pa. Clark, S. B. P. W. A. Stillmore, Ga. Clarke, K. F. Business Employee Wilmerding, Pa. Clendeninq, H. L. Dept, of the Interior Clarendon, Va. Clephane, A. H. Rea I Estate District of Columbia Cohen, J. Student District of Col umbia Cook, F. C. Federal Home Loan Bank Bd. District of Columbia Coumbe, J. H. Student Fort Myers, Fla. Courtright, J. G. N. R. A. New Lexington, Ohio Cox, C. G. Federal Home Loan Bank Bd. Waynesboro, Ga. Crane, J. W. Dept, of Agriculture Englishtown, N. J. One Hundred Twenty-eight NINETEEN THIRTY SIX THE JUNIOR CLASS IN SESSION Craven, L. H. Farm Credit Administration District of Columbia Criqler, J. F. Dept, of Agriculture Attica, Ind. Cubberley, L. H. Dept, of Interior Merchantville, N. J. Davenport, O. W. Student Creswell, N. C. Davis, H. W. District Government, Concordia, Mo. Davis, J. B. P. W. A. Williamsport, Pa. Day, Ralph Business Employee District of Columbia Deal, C. P. Civil Service Com. Atlanta, Ga. Delavigne, K. T. Dept, of Justice District of Col umbia Dennee, J. S. Dept, of Agriculture District of Col umbia Detwiler, C. P. General Accounting Office Crow, Mont. Doggett, G. C. Dept, of the Interior Sandersville, Mass. Domingo, I. L. Student District of Col umbia Donahue, P. H. Dept, of the Treasury Pittsburgh, Pa. Dorman, R. V. Banking Employee Pond Creek, Oklahoma Dougherty, J. E. Railway Employee District of Columbia Dowrick, C. S. Dept, of Commerce District of Columbia Doyle, R. W. N. R. A. Austin, Minn. Driskill, J. D. Dept, of Agriculture Louisville, Ky. Edwards, E. L. Federal Housing Administration Mt. Rainier, Md. Edwards, M. A. Business Employee District of Columbia Ehrlich, H. Business Employee District of Columbia Eliades, E. D. Dept, of the Interior Dayton, Ohio Emerson, W. F.E.R.A. District of Col umbia One Hundred Twenty-nine THE DOCKET JUNIOR CLASS ROSTER Epperson, L. L. W.P.A. Salt Lake City, Utah Epstein, G. M. Dept, of Justice Kenosha, Wisconsin Estabrook, W. T. Attorney ' s Office Chevy Chase, Md. Fallon, J. E. Dept, of Agriculture Le Roy, N. Y. Fantone, J. E., Jr. Business Employee Norfolk, Va. Fernsworth, A. M. Student Round Mountain, Nevada Farnsworth, F. T. P.W.A. Tonopah, Nevada Ferguson, R. J. Business Employee Roanoke, Va. Field, H. H. General Accounting Office District of Columbia Finkelstein, H. H. General Accounting Office New York, N.Y. Fishgang, M. Business Empl oyee District of Columbia French, N. R. Attorney ' s Office Sherborn, Mass. Friday, L. M. U. S. Capitol Walde, Texas Friedman, S. S. Dept, of the Interior New York, N.Y. Frigillana, L. D. General Accounting Office Philippine Islands Fuchs, L. F. Louisville, Ky. Civil Service Commission Galliher, W. G., Jr. Federal Home Loan Bank Bd. District of Columbia Gernand, F. H. Interstate Commerce Comm. District of Columbia Gibb, H. D. V. Dept, of the Treasury El Paso, Texas Gibson, L. H. General Accounting Office Falls Church, Va. Gloth, William Charles Attorney ' s Office Arlington, Va. Goldberg, H. W. Business Employee District of Col umbia Gordon, Sam Government Printing Office District of Col umbia Gorman, J. J., Jr. Dept, of the Interior Ballston, Va. Graves, E. C., II. Investment Securities District of Col umbia Grimm, W. C. Student Winchester, Va. Gunning, F. J. W.P.A. North Adams, Mass. Hagen, F. W. N.R.A. Minneapolis, Minn. Hagen, S. E. F.E.R.A. Rochester, N.Y. Hager, J. M. Federal Home Loan Bank Bd Bronxville, N. Y. Hall, C. G. Dept, of Agriculture Sioux Falls, S.D. Halleck, L. F. Dept, of War District of Columbia Harding, K. R. Pala Alto, California Hardwick, C. V. Business Employee Kinsale, Va. Hauf, L. M. Library of Congress District of Columbia Heimberg, A. Dept, of Agriculture Elizabeth, N.J. Heimburger, R. A. Dept, of the Treasury Sandusky, Ohio Heilman, C. L. Student District of Columbia Helms, M. A. N.R.A. Charlotte, N.C. Henderson, C. B. Dept, of Agriculture Dresden, Tenn. Hibbert, B. L. Dept, of the Interior Mesa, Arizona Highfield, R. T. Business Executive District of Columbia Hill, R. E. Dept, of Agriculture Tupelo, Miss. Hodges, F. Business Employee Caswell, N.C. Holtzman, M. Business Employee District of Col umbia Houston, S. Business Employee District of Columbia Howland, J. O. B. Business Manager District of Col umbia Jekofsky, M. General Accounting Office Philadelphia, Pa. Johnson, V. E. Dept, of the Treasury Minnesota, Minn. Jones, A. C. ( Jr. Real Estate Clarendon, Va. Jones, B. G. R.F.C. Clarendon, Va. Jones, J. B. Student District of Col umbia Jones, K. E. F.E.R.A. Danville, Va. Jones, P. H. Attorney ' s Office District of Columbia Jordan, M. R. Dept, of Agriculture Carthage, Texas Kapes, M. D. Dept, of the Navy District of Col umbia Kengla, L. R. Businss Employee District of Columbia One Hundred Thirty NINETEEN THIRTY SIX A SCENE OF THE JUNIOR PROM Held at Meridian Mansions, February 1 5 , 1936, under auspices of the Junior Class of National University. Kibler, M. J. Business Employee Ballston, Va. Kidston, D. E. Dept, of Agriculture Hudson, Mass. Kieferle, A. K. Post Office Department District of Columbia Kieferle, G. R. Lewistown, Pa. Kimball, H. M. Dept, of Justice Hingham, Mass. Kimball, M. K. U.S. Capitol Salt Lake City, Utah Lanahan, J. J. Student District of Columbia Lazawoska, E. S. Department of War New Bedford, Mass. Leach, M. B. Business Employee District of Columbia Leahy, J. J. Dept, of Agriculture Ozone Park, N.Y. LeMay, K. L. P. W. A. Brownwood, Texas Lemon, A. D. Business Emplo yee District of Columbia Lines, E. M. Dept, of Agriculture Pima, Arizona Littlepage, J. H. Student Bowie, Md. Livingston, B. H. W. P. A. District of Columbia Long, K. M. Dept, of Agriculture Tuscaloosa, Ala. Loveless, H. L. Dept, of the Treasury Brookmont, Md. Lutz, C. U.S. Capitol Indianapolis, Indiana Lyon, N. H. Business Employee District of Col umbia Mack, I. G. P.W.A. District of Columbia Markey, L. H. N.R.A. Providence, R.l. Marshall, J.P. National Resources Board Cleveland, Ohio Marshall, J. W. Dept, of Justice Aberdeen, S.D. Martin, J. W. Business Employee District of Col umbia One Hundred Thirty-one THE DOCKET Masco, K. M. P.W.A. Springfield, Mass. Medeiros, W. M. New Bedford, Mass. Merriman, C. E. Dept, of Agriculture McMinnville, Tenn. Meyer, F. J. Resettlement Administration Atlanta, Ga. Miko, F. W. Dept, of the Treasury Highland Park, Mich. Milstead, M. E. Pan American Union District of Col umbia Mincosky, H. J. Business Employee District of Col umbia Mitchell, D. C. Dept, of the Interior White Plains, N.Y. Moorefield, S. A. F.E.R.A. District of Columbia Morrill, G. O. Dept, of Labor Spokane, Wash. Mullaly, C. F. Dept, of the Treasury District of Columbia Murray, J. H. General Accounting Office Troy, N.Y. McCarter, V. I. Veterans Administration Rayard, Nebraska McEvoy, W. J. Business Employee District of Columbia McGee, P. B. District of Columbia McGraw, W. D. District of Colu mbia McLean, J. H. U.S. Capitol Aiken, S.C. McMichael, N. Dept, of Labor Toledo, Ohio Nance, E. M. Dept, of Agriculture McAllen, Texas Nimmins, W. H. Dept, of Justice Aberdeen, S.D. Norton, F. A. Business Employee Arkadelphia, Ark. JUNIOR CLASS ROSTER Nusbaum, I. Farm Credit Administration New York, N.Y. O ' Brien, P. G. Business Employee Cherrydale, Va. O’Neill, H. P.W.A. Bloomfield, Ind. Osborne, M. H. I nsurance Bethesda, Md. Palmer, J. J. W. Dept, of Commerce District of Col umbia Parlin, H. S. Business Employee District of Col umbia Parsons, W. A. Business Employee Dept, of Commerce Paschall, F. C. Dept, of Agriculture Middleburg, N.C. Paxson, J. M. Federal Home Loan Bank Bd. Omaha, Nebr. Payne, H. D. Business Employee Marshall, Va. Poling, A. C. Resettlement Administration Columbus, Ohio Poole, M. E. Business Manager Greenville, Ky. Prince, N. E. Dept, of Agriculture Towson, Md. Purver, E. M. N.R.A. District of Col umbia Radford, D. U.S. Capitol Forest, Va. Ratcliff, Roger R.F.C. Meridian, Miss. Reed, J. E. Dept, of Agriculture Chattanooga, Tenn. Regan, R. M. N.R.A. Mankato, Minn. Rhodes, P. M. Business Employee District of Columbia Richey, J. W. Dept, of the Treasury McKeesport, Pa. Rillon, B. La Union, Phillippine Islands Ring, E. P. General Accounting Office New Haven, Conn. Rittenhouse, W. A. Business Employee District of Columbia Roeder, C. M. Dept, of Commerce Silver Spring, Md. Rose, H. C. Dept, of Agriculture Omaha, Nebraska Rowe, W. E. Dept, of Justice Marlboro, Mass. Rubenstein, N. Business Employee Hammond, Ind. Rubin, T. G. Dept, of Agriculture Morristown, N.J. Russo, N. R. Student Milford, Conn. Saffold, G. S. Student District of Col umbia Sahn, I. A. Dept, of the Treasury Highland Park, N.J. Sanders, A. M. Business Employee Orangeburg, S.C. Sanders, R. A. Business Manager Smithfield, N.C. Sanderson, J. C. P.W.A. Hattiesburg, Miss. Sandulli, G. M. Student Waterbury, Conn. Sargent, W. H. Student Santa Fe, New Mexico Savage, J. W. Business Employee Rockville, Md. Scherck, B. R.F.C. Caspar, Wyoming Scott, W. W. Teacher Virden, III. Semmes, W. A. Business Manager District of Col umbia One Hundred Thirty-two NINETEEN THIRTY SIX JUNIOR CLASS ROSTER Shackelford, H. C. Dep. of the Treasury Richmond, Ky. Sharpe, M. S. business Employee District of Columbia Shearer, R. B. Federal Home Loan Bank Bd. East Bethany, N.Y. Sheliington, J. H., Jr. N.R.A. Winston-Salem, N.C. Shipman, M. R. Business Employee Shivers, R. K. District of Columbia Insurance Salisbury, Md. Shubin, H. Business Employee Philadelphia, Pa. Simms, G. D. Dept, of Agriculture Norfolk, Va. Simon, R. J. Business Employee District of Columbia Slattery, J. T. P.W.A. Hatfield, Mass. Slaughter, H. T. Federal Communications New Vienna, Ohio Slear, J. K. U.S. Capitol Charlotte, N.C. Slear, J. M. Student Charlotte, N.C. Slobey, J. M. Business Employee Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Smith, J. E. Dept, of Agriculture District of Columbia Smith, N. S. Student Marlboro, Md. Smith, Philip Business Manager District of Columbia Smith, S. A. Resettlement Administration Charleston, S.C. Smoak, W. M., Jr. Dept, of the Treasury Aiken, S.C. Snyder, J. J. Dept, of Justice Philadelphia, P. Sourwine, J. G. Newspaperman District of Columbia Speerman, J. C. Business Employee Tremont, Miss. Spencer, D. G. Dept, of Agriculture Columbia, Mo. Stanford, S. B. Dept, of Agriculture Phoenix, Arizona Stein, L. S. Student., Baltimore, Md. Stephens, D. P. Dept, of Agriculture Roaring Spring, Pa. Stewart, E. L. Business Employee New York, N.Y. Sullivan, R. P. Business Employee Bangor, Maine Swope, B. Business Employee District of Columbia Taft, P. J. N.R.A. New York, N.Y. Tatum, C. C. Business Employee Salisbury, N.C. Taylor, R. A. Dept, of Agriculture Stratford, Texas Thornton, J. F. Student District of Columbia Torre, A. Real Estate District of Columbia Trader, C. P. Federal Home Loan Bank Bd, Crisfield, Md. Trease, L. D. Federal Home Loan Bank Bd Aurelia, Iowa Treese, G. W., Fr. Banking Employee Hollidaysburg, Pa. Traux, R. A. Student District of Columbia Trundle, D. Teacher Ashton, Md. Underwood, J. U.S. Capitol Mt. Vernon, Ga. Vaughon, V. V. Business Employee Colmar Manor, Md. Voqel, Floretta Dept, of the Treasury Mt. Clemens, Mich. Vradenburg, B. Student District of Columbia Walker, G. District of Columbia Wall, P. L. Business Employee District of Columbia Wallace, R. A. Business Manager Elsberry, Mo. Ward, T. Federal Housing Adm. Cincinnati, Ohio Warden, R. L. Federal Housing Adm. Sharpsville, Ind. Warner, P. P. Dept, of Agriculture Salt Lake City, Utah Weatherly, R. S. Business Employee District of Columbia Weitzen, H. C. Dept, of Agriculture Baltimore, Md. Wells, J. C. Dept, of the Navy Coudersport, Pa. Wertz, W. H. H. U.S. Capitol Wooster, Ohio Wigby, B. D. P.W.A. Minneapolis, Minn. Wilcher, T. S. General Accounting Office Hattiesburg, Miss. Williams, O. H. Business Manager Waterbury, Md. Williamson, K. Veterans Adm. San Francisco, California Wilson, J. M. General Accounting Office District of Columbia Wolfe, M. F. Dept, of the Navy District of Columbia Wynn, J. A. Attorney ' s Office Suitland . Md. Wyvell, M. R. N.R.A. Wellsville, N.Y. Yates, W. B. District of Columbia Zafra, U. A. Manila, P.l. One Hundred Thirty-three HENRY CLAY ( 1777 - 1852 ) United States Senator; Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives; U.S. Secretary of State; candidate for President of the U. S.; counsel: Osborn v the Bank; Green v Biddle; Ogden v Saunders; Briscoe case; Groves v Slaughter. HORACE BINNEY ( 1780 - 1875 ) Member of Congress from Pennsylvania; Counsel: Girard Will case; U.S. Bank v DeVeaux; Lyle v Richards. THE DOCKET STEELE M. KENNEDY President Class of ' 38 One Hundred Thirty-six NINETEEN THIRTY SIX FRESHMAN OFFICERS RICHARD A. WILLIAMS Vice-President LORENNA McCLOSKY Secretary DONALD S. CREAMER Treasurer DAVID F. YOUNGBLOOD Sergeant-at-Arms One Hundred Thirty-seven THE DOCKET l l Litotij oj the (2 [clM ojj 1938 In drawing to a close the first year at National University, it is well for the members of the Class cf 1938 to look in retrospect and recall some of the experiences we have enjoyed together. After an election campaign in which enthusiasm hit a high mark, Steele Kennedy was elevated to the position of Class President. It is to him we extend congratulations for perfecting the class organ- ization, through the adoption of our constitution, for the " advance- ment of the interests and support of the faculty of the National University Law School " . It was to that spirit of friendly cooperation with American Institu- tions that Honorable Hatton W. Sumners, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives, appealed when he spoke to the student body of the Freshman Class on urging the future judges and attorneys to be citizens worthy of the generation of today. Under the direction of the social committee of which the late Leo Carlberg was chairman, succeeded by Ray Brill, the social cal- endar was replete with successes. Beginning with the " Mixer " in the Fall Term, followed by the dance at the Layfayette Hotel, the class built up for itself a reputation which could only be justified by the triumph of April 4, when the Freshman Prom was held at the Almas Temple. At the close of this first year at the University, we extend our thanks and appreciation to the members of the faculty who have so patiently and unsparingly given of their time and energy in impart- ing to us from their deep foundation of legal knowledge and experi- ence; to those who will be members of the Junior Class, we merely say " until we meet again " , and to those whose course of study at National has come to an end, and who tomorrow will be members of the bar, we extend hearty congratulations and best wishes for success. — H. N. BURGESS One Hundred Thirty-eight NINETEEN THIRTY SIX FRESHMAN CLASS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL COMMITTEES SOCIAL Ray Brill, Chairman Margaret Henderson Culver Chamberlain J. Edwin D. Avery Katherine Ott Birl Wilson Donald F. Ricker Will Nash Campbell John A. Dills Jessie M. Jernigan Leila Terrill Luke R. Lamb John Vivian Churchill Crowley PUBLICITY George A. Duphily, Chairman Perry H. Colman Will J. Wrathall Thomas L. O ' Neil Gerald F. O ' Neil ADVISORY Miles Magargel, Chairman Joseph F. Fahey DeWitt Kinard Paul Schwartz Gaines Palmes William Getty Marie Marks FINANCE William Dawson, Chairman Donald S. Creamer Samuel A. Silver Howard K. Haines William A. Wells One Hundred Thirty-nine THE DOCKET Abraham, F. G. Johnstown, Pa. Abramson, A. District of Columbia Achenboch, C. F. Marion, Iowa Adams, G. W. Georgetown, Ky. Alber, M. M. J. Wabash, Ind. Allen, J. M. Ashland, Ala. Allison, R. L. District of Columbia Anderson, K. E. Glen Ellyn, III. Ashley, J. Franklin, Tenn. Atkinson, T. C. A. Minneapolis, Minn. Avery, J. E. D. Greenfield, Ind. Azarou, C. E. Brooklyn, N.Y. Bales, M. W. Alexandria, Va. Barbanell, H. Brooklyn, N.Y. Barbour, B. T. Benson, N.C. Barloqa, R. J. Chicago, III. Barlow, T. N. Austin, Texas Baum, A. H. District of Columbia Beech, E. Jr. Pawtucket, R.l. Bell, J. S. Clarendon, Va. Berger, H. R. District of Columbia Bernath, B. District of Columbia Bernstein, N. Baltimore, Md. Betensky, L. Des Moines, Iowa Betts, J. M. E. Leesburg, Va. Bishop, C. R. Lincoln, Nebraska Bitanqa, B. V. Bangui, P.l. Black, O. D. Johnston, S.C. Blackmarr, W. H. St. Petersburg, Fla. Blakely, E. E. Clinton, S.C. Bly, H. O. Winchester, Va. Bohannon, R. Brownwood, Texas Bond, G. T. Hollywood, California Bonnett, R. Nashville, Go. Bonnett, S. Nashville, Ga. Borzella, A. District of Columbia Boteler, H. S. Chevy Chase, Md. ROSTER OF THE FRESHMAN Bowie, H. W. Rockville, Md. Boyle, F. Bowling Green, Va. Bradley, ri. T. Alexandria, Va. Bradley, D. C. District of Columbia Brady, W. E. Uniontown, Ind. Bragq, W. P. Clarendon, Va. Brandshaft, G. F. Whitestone, N.Y. Brawley, J. G. Charleston, S. C. Bray, W. D. Campbell, Mo. Brent, E. U. District of Col umbia Brill, R. S. Marietta, Pa. Brophy, A. L. Chicago, III. Brown, B. B. Wilmington, Dataware Brown, D. L. Conevville, Ky. Brown, E. G. Salt Lake City, Utah Brown, E. E. Bethesda, Md. Brown, L. M. Media, Pa. Brown, O. L. District of Col umbia Bryant, F. A. Portland, Oregon Bucklin, R. W. Grand Forks, N.D. Bucknam, W. N. Langeloth, Pa. Buffington, J. W. District of Columbia Burgess, H. N. District of Col umbia Buvinger, R. N. Dayton, Ohio Callender, C. S. District of Columbia Callender, W. L. Clinton, Iowa Cameron, T. L. Mutual, Oklahoma Campbell, W. N. Atlantic City, N.J. Carlberg, L. C. Minneapolis, Minn. Carr, M. Afton, N.Y. Cartwright, R. F. District of Columbia Castellan, C. A. Boulder, Colorado Chamberlain, C. B. Kansas City, Mo. Christerson, M. District of Columbia Cimino, M. A. C. Portsmouth, Va. Clark, R. W. Adel, Iowa Clark, W. H. District of Columbia CLASS Clarke, W. C. District of Columbia Cline, A. L. McLean, Va. Clinkinbeard, R. R. Hastings, Nebraska Coble, C. M. Atlanta, Ga. Colbert, E. E. Harrisburg, Pa. Coleman, N. W. District of Columbia Coleman, P. H. Champlain, N.Y. Comer, A. W. Terre Haute, Ind. Conner, K. M. District of Columbia Cook, W. N. Frostburg, Md. Cooper, G. L. H. Laurel, Miss. Coray, M. S District of Col umbia Corder, C. H. Warrenton, Va. Coster, L. L. M. Shepherdstown, W. Va. Counts, R. E. L. Birmingham, Ala. Cox, M. H. Waynesboro, Ga. Crawford, W. F. Fort Meade, Fla. Creamer, D. S. Providence, R.l. Creswell, K. C. Glenrock, Wyoming Crowder, D. L. Knoxville, Tenn. Crowley, C. C. Denver, Colorado Curtis, G. W. Cranston, R.l. Darby, A. E. Bethesda. Md. Darby, L. O., Jr. Bethesda, Md. Davenport, A. W. L. Creswell, N.C. Davis, B. H. Tennille, Ga. Davis, H. District of Columbia Davis, H. B. Atlantic City, N.J. Dawson, T. F. Paducah, Ky. Dawson, W. R. Augusta, Ga. Deakins, A. Auburn, Nebraska Deason, W. T. District of Col umbia DeBelle, M. L. Winslow, III. Daqerness, O. Minneapolis, Minn. DeGiorgio, D. J. District of Columbia Delaney, T. J. Springfield, Mo. DeVane, C. A. Plant City, Fla. One Hundred Forty NINETEEN THIRTY SIX THE FRESHMAN CLASS IN SESSION The members of the Class of 1938 pause to remember one of our company who closed his books in the early part of the Winter Term, and silently passed from us. To attempt to measure the loss to us of his personality, his warm, friendly handclasp and of his companionship would be a task too great to undertake. To us who knew him best his passing has left a spot in our hearts which can never be filled. Had the chance been given him before he left to speak to us, it would have been his wish that we carry on with the same spirit of under- standing friendliness which was his to the end. Let us, then, take up the torch from where he laid it, with a prayer of thankfulness for the opportun- ity of having called him a friend. The Class of 1938 lays a wreath of love and deep affection upon the memory of Leo Carlberg. Dewey, E. B. District of Columbia Diamond, C. L. District of Columbia Dickerson, A. J. District of Columbia Digges, D. H. District of Columbia Dills, J. A. Honesdale, Pa. Dineen, D. W. Melrose, Iowa Dougherty, P. L. District of Col umbia Doyle, E. L. Newport, Minn. Ducker, C. District of Col umbia Duff, R. J. Dardanell, Ark. Duffy, R. M. Omaha, Nebr. Dugan, J. J. District of Columbia Dupee, C. H. Seattle, Wash. Duphily, G. A. Pawtucket, R. I. Duvall, J. E. District of Columbia Edmundson, W. C. Bessemer, Ala. Eisen, D. T. Baltimore, Md. Ellis, R. A. District of Col umbia One Hundred Forty-one THE DOCKET ROSTER OF THE FRESHMAN CLASS Gray, C. R. Ellsworth, E. H. Kansas City, Mo. Fahey, J. F. Grantsville, Md. Faircloth, W. T. Flintside, Ga. Farrier, J. A. Woodward, Okla. Ferrell, S. H. Camden, N. J. Fi n kel stein , N. District of Columbia Fisher, K. District of Columbia Fitch, L. Tampa, Fla. Fleming, H. Clintwood, Va. Folsom, J. E. Elba, Ala. Ford. B. J. Malad City, Idaho Foster, R. R. Ft. Barrington, Mass. Fouty, T., Jr. Wauscon, Ohio Francis, R. J. Atlanta, Ga. Friedberg, B. Reading, Pa. Friedman, C. New York, N. Y. Friend, L. New York, N. Y. Gall, R. W. Columbia, S. C. Gauker, H. Ft. Swedesboro, N. J. Gardiner, D. T. District of Columbia Garner, J. A. Virginia Highlands. Va. Gaudette, O. C. Lowell, Mass. Gaylord, W. S. District of Columbia Getty, W. D. Grantsville, Md. Gianaris, S. J. District of Columbia Gibson, R. H. Fremont, Nebr. Glasgow, F. J. Hyattsville, Md. Glasgow, G. A. Hyattsville, Md. Glasgow, R. A. Hyattsville, Md. Glasser, R. Chevy Chase, Md. Gluck, T. K. New York, N. Y. Goldman, H. Auburn, N. Y. Goodall, D. I Oneida, N. Y. Goolsby, J. C., Jr. District of Columbia Gott, J. M. Wallville, Md. Graham, H. S. Prescott, Ariz. Gram, J. C. Cuscarawas, Ohio District of Columbia Greco, J. S. Somerville, Mass. Green, F. W. District of Columbia Greve, C. F. District of Columbia Griffin, R. J. Rochester, Minn. Gubisch, L. F. District of Columbia Gunn, S. Shawnee, Okla. Haag, J. M. Kansas City, Kan. Heigler, K. E. Ensley, Ala. Haines, H. K. Denton, Texas Hall, B. H. Herald Harbor, Md. Hall, J. R. p oolesville, Md. Halquist, R. H. Chicago, III. Hamaker, J. F. District of Columbia Hamblin, M. E. St. Johns, Ariz. Hanks, F. A. Miles City. Mont. Hanley, F. J. Boston, Mass. Hanna, G. C. Burns City, Ind. Harding, D. F. Palo Alto, Calif. Harrison. T. L. Bentonville, Ark. Hart, G. M. District of Columbia Hastey, G. K. Dawson, Ga. Hayden, J. S. Bethesda, Md. Hayes. D. E. Cleveland, Ohio Heitmuller, G. T. District of Columbia Helbert, J. B. Harrisonburg, Va. Helfgott, A. H. Baltimore, Md. Henderson, J. B. Fulton, Ky. Henderson, M. C. Scottsboro, Ala. Herrell, C. B. Haymarket, Va. Hess, G. R. District of Columbia Hester, E. A. District of Columbia Hewlett. F. H. St. Louis, Mo. Himmelfarb, C. District of Columbia Hite, P. B., Jr. Front Royal, Va. Hodgson, C. A. East Falls Church, Va. Hodgson, E. R. McNeill, Miss. H offman, R. T., Jr. District of Columbia One Hundred Forty-two Hoffman, W. A. Cheviot, Ohio Hogan, W. L. Tulsa, Okla. Holland, L. North Beach, Md. Homstad, O. S. Redfield, S. D. Hoover, H. V. District of Columbia Howard, M. L. Dawsonville, Ga. Hudgins, C. T. Motorun, Va. Hudgins, W. J. Franklin, Tenn. Hudson, W. C. Baltimore, Md. Hume, R. District of Columbia Hunnicutt. R. E. Maryville, Tenn. Hyde, R. S. Dubuque, Iowa Isikoff, H. L. New York, N. Y. James, R. E. Palmerton, Pa. Jay, B. McG. Wichita, Kan. Jerniqan, J. M. Austin, Texas Johnson, H. G. Covington, Ga. Johnson. H. DeB. Columbia, S. C. Johnston, T. A. Masontown, Pa. Jones, C. J. District of Columbia Jones, E. M. Barnesville, Ga. Jones, G. L., Jr. District of Columbia Jones, J. A. River Falls, Ala. Jones, J. J. Valley City, N. D. Jones, C. M. Alexandria, Va. Juergensen, E. A. Harper, Kan. Kamerow, S. H. District of Columbia Kane, O. A. Phoenix, Ariz. Kannee, H. M. New York, N. Y. Kapsch. T. V. Pittsburgh, Pa. Keating, J. T. McCrory, Ark. Keith, R. T.. Dalton, Ga. Kempner, I. New York. N. Y. Kenestrick, J. S. Kendallville, Ind. Kennedy, L. Galesburq, III. Kennedy, R. J. White Plains, N. Y. Kennedy. S. M. Dallas, Texas Kiatta, E. S. District of Columbia NINETEEN THIRTY SIX ROSTER OF THE FRESHMAN CLASS Kibler, G. P. M+. Rainier, Md. Kenard, DeW. E. Beaumont, Texas King, T. J. District of Columbia Kirkpatrick, G. G. Eureka Springs, Ark. Kittelle, J. District of Columbia Gillett, C. I. Shandaken, N. Y. Klavans, E. L. District of Columbia Kleiler, F. M. Shorewood, Wise. Kline, W. A. District of Columbia Kropf, H. C. Orrville, Ohio LeBarr, V. C. Greensboro, N. C. LaFerney, K. H. Blytheville, Ark. Lagerson, F. E. Winthrop, Maine Lair, N. W. Bethesda, Md. Lamb. L. R. Pocatello, Idaho Lambertson, W. C. Osceola, Iowa Langyher, C. R. District of Columbia Lappen, S. H. District of Columbia Lavender, R. L. District of Columbia Lee, J. B. Middleburq, Va. Lehman, D. S. Denver, Colo. Lenard, C. W. J. Lindenwold, N. J. Leonhardt, H. W. Chicago, III. Leslie, S. Bonham, Texas Leventhal, R. Duluth, Minn. Lewis, A. R. Durant, Okla. Lightsey, J. Fairfax, S. C. Lindgren, E. Portland, Ore. Lingenfelter, H. C. Des Moines, Iowa Lloyd, E. H. District of Columbia Loftis, J. F. Eva, Va. Loftis, S. Eva, Va. Long, W. A.,, Jr. La. Ludden, R. W. Scotia, N. Y. Lundgren, M. B. District of Columbia Madore, J. O. District of Columbia Madrano, D. M. Lebanon, Pa. Magarel, M. E. Bellefonte, Pa. Maher, L. F. Iowa City, Iowa Maloney, G. V. Meriden, Conn. Maltby, R. E. District of Columbia Manker, D. V. Chattanooga, Tenn. Mannar, P. M. Rockville, Md. Mark, J. S. District of Columbia Marks, M. M. District of Columbia Marriott, P. M. District of Columbia Marshall. C. E. Lewistown, Mont. Martin, H. P. Ozark, Ala. Martz, P. F. Brookville, Pa. Mason, H. T. Columbia. S. C. Mason, J. M. Chevy Chase, Md. Mattson, L. W. Kearney, Nebr. Maurice, L. H. Annandale, Minn. Mayo, R. F. Elkins, W. Va. Mensh, S. District of Columbia Menzer, M. C. District of Columbia Michkin, A. R. North Andover, Mass. Miller, J. McC. Baltimore, Md. Miller, P. H. U h rich svi 1 1 e , Ohio Miller, W. W. District of Columbia Miller, W. J. Bethesda, Md. Mills, C. W. Alexandria, La. Miranda, H., Jr. Arecibo, Puerto Rico Mitchell, J. P. Helena, Mont. Mitchell, J. H. Little Rock, Ark. Moody, H. P. District of Columbia Moore, J. District of Columbia Mooreland, W. T. District of Columbia Moran, F. D. District of Columbia Moran, L. F. New Haven, Conn. Morrison, J. W. Frankfort, Ind. Morrow, G. I d a be I , Okkla. Mortensen, N. A. Salt Lake City, Utah Mulqueen, J. Jersey City, N. J. Murphy, R. H. Boston, Mass. Muxworthy, F. W. Darien, N. Y. McAbee, E. G. Chicago, III. McClosky, L. Glen Echo Heights, Md. McCoy, R. R. Rockport, Ind. McCune, J. P. Nephi, Utah McEachern, C. L. Hazlehurst, Miss. Me Fa II, J. C. District of Columbia McLaughlin, G. F. Long Beach, Ind. MacLean, J. D., Jr. Red Springs, N. C. McLeod, Clifford B. Crestview, Fla. McMurray, H. H. District of Columbia McNair, A. F. New York, N. Y. McPhail, W. W. Chillicothe, III. Neddo, J. F. Portland, Maine Neqron, I. R. San Juan, Puerto Rico Nesviq. O. R. Hogeland, Mont. Newland, H. T. Pasadena, Calif. Nichol, J. DeB. Nashville, Tenn. Nichols, J. G. Rockingham, N. C. Nicholson, J. F. Chevy Chase, Md. Niemiec, E. G. Easthampton, Mass. Niles, T. K. District of Columbia Norman, C. R. Spicer, Minn. Oberholtzer, A. V. Jefferson, Iowa O ' Brien, J. J. Philadelphia, Pa. O ' Brien, W. A. Lake George, N. Y. O ' Neil, G. F. Richmond, Maine O ' Neil, T. L. Richmond, Maine Osenbaugh, K. D. Auburn, Nebr. O ' Sullivan, M. S. New York, N. Y. Ott, M. Katherine Portsmouth, Va. Padgett, J. L. Princeton, Ind. Palmer, H. M. El Reno, Okla. Palmer, W. F. District of Columbia Palmes, G. V. Vicksburg, Miss. Parker, A. M., Jr. Lake City, S. C. One Hundred Forty-three THE FRESHMAN PROM Held at Almas Temple on April 4, 1936, under auspices of the Freshman Class of National University Law School Parker, E. B. Yozoo City, Miss. Paxton, J. W. District of Columbia Payne, R. L. Alexandria, Va. Pearson, S. District of Columbia Pechter, A. F. Jersey Shore, Pa. Peck, K. C. Batavia, N. Y. Pendleton, P. B. El Dorado, Ark. Pennel, M. C. Tampa, Fla. Pevenstein, M. District of Columbia Phillips, A. W. Atlanta, Ga. Phillips, E. F. Atlanta, Ga. Plant, H. C. District of Columbia Pollack, D. A. Norfolk, Nebr. Pollard, B. C. Evanston, III. Pollack, D. B. District of Columbia Poush, L. B. Chariton, Iowa Pratt, J. F. Salt Lake City, Utah Prescott, L. D. Fort Worth, Texas Preston, W. L. Greenfield, Mo. Prever, F. U. New York, N. Y. Price, W., Jr. District of Columbia Prime, C. R. Middletown, N. Y. Purnell, D. H. New Albany, Miss. Quain, J. H. Brighton, N. Y. Queen, J. S. Waynesville, N. C. Quinter, R. E. District of Columbia Ramirez, R. Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico Rappaport, J. District of Columbia Redonnett, B. C., Jr. Wicasset, Maine Reese, E. Alexandria, Va. Refert, A. G. New York, N. Y. Reichlin, F. Bordentown, N. J Remmel, A. C. Little Rock, Ark. Raab, E. D. District of Columbia Rice, R. M. Marquette, Mich. Richards, J. E. Wichita, Kan. Ricker, D. F. District of Columbia Richie, L. P. Louisville, Ky. Richmond, F. R. New Haven, Conn. Rickdall, R. L. Burlington, Wash. Rider, S. B. Pohenix, Ariz. Riley, F. A. Manchester, N.H. Rivera, J. Aguado, Puerto Rico Rogers, W. O. Shomokin, Pa. Ross, R. F. Alexandria, Va. Rossner, B. District of Columbia Rouse, J. H. Silver Spring, Md. Rudberg, H. C. Shenandoah, Pa. Ruhl, C. W. District of Columbia Russell, J. D. Cincinnati, Ohio Sarra, H. A. Pensacola, Fla. One Hundred Forty-fou NINETEEN THIRTY SIX Sawtelle, M. T. Chevy Chase, Md. Scholl, J. F. District of Columbia Schooler, R. I. District of Col umbia Schwarz, P. J. Silver Spring, Md. Scott, A. F. Parksley, Va. Scott, O. B. District of Columbie Scott, W. L. St. Albans, W. Va. Seitz, C. R. Tiffin, Ohio Shacklette, W. S. Arlington, Va. Shaddix, M. L Gadsden, Ala. Sharrock, J. Sarasota, Fia. Shepherd, J. B. Biuemont, Va. Shinberg, P. District of Columbia Siegel, H. Silver, S. A. Raleigh, N.C. Sisk, A. M. Martin, Ga. Skelton, J. Hartwell, Ga. Skinner, C. W. Huntington, Ind. Smith, C. L. Polarville, Miss. Smith, C. W. District of Columbia Smith, G. F. Aspermont, Texas Smith, I. P. Ballston, Va. Smith, J. L. Barberton, Ohio Smith, J. R. District of Columbia Smith, K. H. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Smith, S. C. Jena, La. Smith, S. E. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Smith, W. J. District of Columbia Sobelman, L. Millville, N.J. Spector, S. New York, N.Y. Speicher, K. P. District of Columbia Spillers, C. W. Greenville City, S.C. Spottswood, J. S. Mobile, Ala. Sprague, J. L. Indian Head, Md. Stanko, M. B. Steubenville, Ohio Stansbury, W. E. District of Columbia ROSTER OF THE FRESHMAN Starbecker, H. P. District of Columbia Starr, P. Brooklyn, N.Y. Stripling, R. E. San Augustine, Texas Surguy, J. R. District of Columbia Sutton, H. S. District of Columbia Swan, W. H. i Madrid, Iowa Swingle, A. C. Chevy Chase, Md. Taggart, E. J. Elk City, Kan sas Talty, M. J. District of Columbia Tannenbaum, S. New York, N.Y. Tanner, J. W. Ashland, Ky. Taylor, J. E. Falls Church, Va. Taylor, V. E. Middletown, Ohio Terrill, L. F. North Madison, Ind. Thatcher, F. W. Hollywood, California Thom, G. St. Paul, Minn. Thomas, B. M. South Pekin, III. Thompson, H. O. District of Col umbia Thompson, J. A. District of Col umbia Tilton, R. L. Philadelphia, Pa. Totten, E. H. Alexandria, Va. Trow, R. E. Warrenton, Va. Trundle, G. D. District of Col umbia Tsui, T. L. District of Col umbia Tucker, W. C. Albertville, Ala. Turberville, G. R. L. Centerville, Va. Turner, J. M., Jr. District of Columbia Turton, W. F. District of Columbia Tyre 1 1 , W. E. Clarendon, Va. Unger, H. W. Indianapolis, Ind. Vaught, W. M. Johnson City. Tenn. Vivian, J. T. Woodstock, Va. Wagner, W. H. Chevy Chase, Md. Waldbauer, J. District of Col umbia Walker, E. S. Albuguerque, New Mexico CLASS Walker, W. L., Jr. District of Col umbia Walters, A. C. District of Columbia Warburton, D. R. S. California Wayland, J. W. Harrisonburg, Va. Weaster, M. E. Port Arthur, Texas Webb, T. D., Jr. District of Columbia Webb, W. W. Hyattsville, Md. Weiner, H. T. Philadelphia, Pa. Weisblatt, Louis District of Col umbia Welborne, W. J. Rogers, Ark. Wells, W. A. Keyser, W. Va. West, R. P. District of Columbia Whaley, C. B. District of Columbia Wheeler, S. J. Windsor, Mo. White, J. Chicago, III. Whitted. R. W. Albuquerque, New Mexico Wilcox, J. M. West Palm Beach, Fla. Wilhelm, R. E. Connellsville, Pa. Williams, K. H. Ledgerwood, N. Dakota Williams, R. M. Lawrenceville, Va. Williams, R. A. Fort Morgan, Colorado Williams, W. E., Jr. Clarendon, Va. Willis, A. Y., Jr. Greenville, S.C. Willis, B. A. Arlington, Va. Wilson, B. Cherokee, Iowa Wildon, J. J., Jr. Bristol, Conn. Winn, J. K. Clayton, Ala. Wood, R. C. Miami Beach, Fla. Wooton, E. T. Hattiesburg, Miss. Wooton, M. C. Hattiesburg, Miss. Wrathall, W. J. Salt Lake City, Utah Wrenn, T. L. Sherman, Texas Wright, J. T. District of Col umbia Youngblood, D. F. Rock Hill, S.C. Zinnamon, A. District of Columbia One Hundred Forty-five mem DANIEL WEBSTER ( 1782 - 1852 ) United States Senator from Mass- achusetts; United States Secretary of State; counsel: Darthmouth Col- lege case; McCulloch v Maryland; Cohens v Virginia; Gibbons v Og- den; Osborn v the Bank; Girard Will case. MM REVERDY JOHNSON ( 1796 - 1876 ) United States Senator; Attorney General of the United States; Min- ister to England; counsel: Dred Scott case; Seymour v McCormich; U. S. v Cruikshank. GRADUATES BURKE, ROBERT E. BEALER, HARTFORD E. One of the business men of Washington, Hartford has already gained the degree of LL.B. from National University. In his position as president of the Brookland Coal Co., Hartford has been elected to membership in the Lions, Junior Board of Commerce, Washington Board of Trade, and the Racquet Club. While at National he was elected to the position of registrar of Sigma Nu Phi Fraternity. BOND, DAVID COLBY Dave, having already gained the degrees of LL.B. and A.B. with distinction is trying for high honors this time, namely the degree of S.J.D. He was admitted to the D.C. Bar in 1933 after study at National University and Southeastern University. BURKE, ROBERT E. Bob received his LL.B. from National last year and this year will receive his LL.M. and M.PL. degrees. He is getting his foundation for law practice by working in the Department of Justice. Bob has attended North Dakota State where he became a member of Theta Chi. We wish him luck when he returns to North Dakota to practice. One Hundred Forty-eisht NINETEEN THIRTY SIX CARDWELL, WALTER T. CARDWELL, WALTER T. Tim, as he is known to his friends, is back for his Post-Graduate work after having graduated from National in 1932. We have been reliably informed that he made a very good president of his class in 1932 and we know that the work of that class under his leadership will live on. CLIFFORD, ROBERT EDWARD Clifford is small but he is full of legal knowledge having already received his LL.B. degree and passed the bar. He is a native of Massachusetts, is employed at the General Accounting Office and hopes some day to enjoy a good practice and have time to follow his favorite sport which is baseball. CROWELL, WILLIAM B. Bill, having been an attorney for many years in the Government, has decided that he might just as well add the degree of LL.M. and M.P.L. to his name. He has attended Columbian University, George Washington Law School and National Uni- versity, and is a member of Kappa Alpha (Southern). One Hundred Forty-nine GRADUATES GEORGE, NEWELL A. EPPERLEY, ROY GRANT Roy is already practicing here in Washington, his native home, and is enjoying such a good practice we understand that he doesn ' t even have time to have a hobby. He does take time away from his work enough to participate in the activities of his fraternity, Phi Beta Gamma. EWEN, JAMES E. Jim is a Hoosier, but came to Washington for his education. Attended George Washington University, entered National and graduated in 1935. He was elected Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senior Class, but would rather be golfing or fishing than keeping order. He is a member of Warren G. Harding Lodge No. 39, FAAM Chap- ter No. I I, Royal Arch Masons, and Adoniram Council No. 2. Jim earns his living as a Senior Audit Reviewer at the G.A.O. GEORGE, NEWELL A. Newell came to Washington from Missouri to take a position with the Recon- struction Finance Corporation and received his LL.B. from National last year. He is quite fond of boxing and we think that he may some day fight his way into Congress. One Hundred Fifty LAGERSON, LINWOOD E. Linwood received his B.S. degree from Colby College in his native state of Maine and has already received his LL.B. from National. He is now seeking his M.P.L. and S.J.D. He is employed as a claims examiner in the Department of Agri- culture but will soon be practicing law as he will have about all the degrees that one may get. McCall, charlie Campbell Charlie doesn t seem to be the proper appelation for such a distinguished per- son but when you know him, he is just Charlie because of his friendly disposition. He is former Attorney General of Alabama and a member of the Bars of D.C., Ala- bama and U.S. Court of Claims. He is a member of Sigma Nu Phi. NOLAN, RAYMOND J. A " Philadelphia Lawyer " would be a proper term for Ray, now that he has an LL.B. and is a member of the D.C. Bar, especially in the light of his legal experience as Law Librarian of the Department of Interior. Ray has had some interesting expe- riences in the Marine Corps and should now be ready to meet any exigency and keep the situation well in hand. One Hundred Fifty-one NOLAN, RAYMOND J. PAYSON, DONALD S. With an ambition to practice transportation law, Don is intending to add the degrees of L.L.M. and M.P.L. to that of LL.B. which he has already received from National University. He is a member of Sigma Nu Phi and the Masonic Club. PRALL, THOMAS C. Tom is a native son of Indiana and before coming to Washington attended Purdue University for two years. He received his LL.B. from Indiana Law School and practiced for about six months. He is now located in the Department of Justice in the Bureau of Investigation. SCHALET, JACOB J. He came from New York City where he had previously attended City College of New York and where he had obtained his LL.B. degree from St. Johns. He is a member of the New York State Bar. Employed at the present in the Department of Agriculture. SCHALET, JACOB J. PRALL, THOMAS C. PAYSON, DONALD S. GRADUATES One Hundred Fifty-two SHIPMAN, WILLIAM GROVES Bill, having already received the degrees of LL.B. and LL.M. from previous studies at George Washington and National Universities has made up his mind to take a shot at the degrees of M.P.L. and SJ.D. While at the above schools he was made a member of Sigma Nu Phi, and Phi Sigma Chi Fraternities. SISSON, ALBERT FRANKLIN Albert has received one degree from National already, obtaining an A.B. from the School of Economics and Government in 1932. He is a native of Colorado and is now an Associate Attorney in the Veterans Administration. SOSKIN, HERSHEL A. Hersh received his LL.B. last year and was quite active in the school activities being a member of several committees during his undergraduate days and Advertis- ing Manager of the 1935 Docket. He came to National from Nebraska and when he did so the newspaper business lost a good man and the legal profession gained one. One Hundred Fifty-three RUFUS CHOATE ( 1799 - 1859 ) United States Senator; counsel Thurlow case; Passenger cases. £ conomLd an (yove. ' cnment JEREMIAH S. BLACK ( 1810 - 1883 ) Judge Supreme Court of Penn- sylvania; Attorney General and Sec- retary of State of the United States; counsel: Milligan case; ex parte McCardle; Slaughter House cases. THE DOCKET ' L za.n J Aiett tje The mission of any educational institution primarily is determined by its environment because the institution in the first place must meet the needs of its own locality. A school of mines, let us say, or a school of agriculture, could hardly be really successful in Washing- ton, but such schools do meet a need in such places as Butte, Mon- tana, and Ames, Iowa. Washington has long been demanding a real school of economics and government, and the record of more than a decade has shown that our own institution is meeting this need in a way that has evoked the approval of all those familiar with its work and who have regard to substance and not only form. The really literate citizen of today realizes that government, eco- nomics and history are basic, and that no one can intelligently exercise the primary duties of citizenship without at least a fair knowledge of the fundamentals of these sciences. Nor can such sciences as psychology and sociology be neglected. A well-rounded education also demands some knowledge of the natural sciences and of philosophy. It has been the aim of this department of the University to afford training in these basic subjects. Not an infant any more, and in the second decade of its existence, its activities have been also coordi- nated with the work of its older sister, the law school, because of the conviction that lawyers, more than any other profession, should be well acquainted with fundamental, social and economic processes of the working of which law is but an expression. The successful work of the school has been made possible by the collaboration of an intelligent, mature, alert student body, endowed with that extremely important gift, intellectual curiosity. The class of 1936 is representative of all the ideals of the National University, and sad as a parting always is, it gives me more than ordinary plea- sure to wish the members of that class, collectively and individually, God speed on their future journeys of intellectual exploration. — CHARLES PERGLER One Hundred Fifty-six NINETEEN THIRTY SIX One Hundred Fifty-seven THE DOCKET PAUL KAUFMAN Professor of Sociology, A.B., A.M., Yale; Ph.D., Harvard WALTER M. BASTIAN Instructor in Elementary Law, LL.B., Georgetown; LL.M., National U HENRY LAZARD Professor of French, College Rollin, Paris Officer d ' Academie JAMES F. COUCH Professor of Natural Science, A.B., Harvard; A.M., Ph.D., American U. ojj the ckoo WILLIAM BOYD CRAIG Professor of English, A.B., W. J.; A.M., George Washington HOWARD S. LEROY Instructor in International Relations, A.B., U. of Rochester; LL.B., Har- RICHARD W. FLOURNOY vard Instructor in International Law, LL.B , LL.M., George Washington OTIL L. MOHUNDRO Instructor in Interstate Commerce, A.B., LL.B., D.C.L., National U. One Hundred Fifty-eig ht NINETEEN THIRTY SIX BERNARD MAYO Professor of American History, A.B., U. of Rochester; LL.B., Harvard E. E. NAYLOR Professor of Municipal Government, A.B., A.M., George Washington; LL.B., Southeastern; D.C.L., Na- tional U. CHARLES PERGLER Professor of Political Science, D.C.L., American U; LL.D., National U. FREDERICK P. H. SIDDONS Professor of Banking, A.B., University of Wisconsin; LL.B., National U. dconomicl and d oveznment GEORGE B. SPRINGSTON Instructor in Constitutional History, A.B., LL.B., George Washington EDSON L. WHITNEY Professor of Economics, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Harvard; LL.B., Boston Uni- versity; D.C.L., American Univer- sity; Litt.D., National University LEWIS ROCKOW Professor of Political Science, A.B., George Washington; A.M., Har- vard; Ph.D., London School of Eco- nomics and Political Science One Hundred Fifty-nine E . AND G. SENIORS DAVIS, JOHN J. BASSETT, LOWELL, WHITTIER An Army Afficer from Mobile, Alabama, our friend has already received a LL.B. and a LL.M. and is now working on an A.B. and S.J.D. He is a member of the D.C. Bar and the North Carolina Bar. BREWER, WILLIAM C. It would take too much space to tell all the good things that we know about Bill, suffice to say he is a Tennesean who is a member of the Bars of D.C., Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, U.S. Supreme Court. We are proud of him and justly so. DAVIS, JOHN J. Here is another one who has attained what we hope to reach, membership of the District of Columbia Bar. He is from Pennsylvania now employed as a Claims Adjudicator in the Veterans Administration. He has a B.C.S. and LL.B. degree and will soon have an A.B. One Hundred Sixty FARRINGTON, JOIE M. FARRINGTON, JOIE M. Here we find a housewife who has time to attend school at night to secure her A.B. degree in Political Science. We salute her! She has the interesting hobby of entertaining a six year old daughter. She wants to teach political sicence and we believe she can do most anything she starts out to do. HUANG, JEN ZIEN Huang ' s home is Nanking, China, so he came from the other side of the world to our fair city and university. He attended The Comparative Law School ot China and is connected with the Military Attache from China here in Washington now. INGLEE, OMEGA From way down in Bama, we find a woman draftsman. Omega has studied at Alabama College and her hobby of collecting books, she is always hunting for some aid to her ambition to develop the ideal system for schools. One Hundred Sixty-one KRAMER, S. H. Degrees of LL.B. and LL.M. and M.P.L. have been received and Mr. Kramer is at present striving for the degree of A.B. at National. An ambition to be a lecturer and a position as an educator are no doubt responsible for all of this academic work, but he still finds time for both active and spectator sports. LANDAU, SIMEON Mr. Landau wants to be a Supreme Court Justice and when he reaches that goal, he will have plenty of degrees to add to his name. He now has a LL.B., LL.M. and M.P.L. and is now a candidate for A.B. and S.J.D. He is from Boston, Massa- chusetts and spends his spare time now reading law. PARSON, MARGARET M. Margaret, in her studies to become a socialogical expert, has studied at Freder- icksburg State Teachers College. She is now working for an A.B. at National Univer- sity, but still finds time for her favorite sport of horseback riding. E. AND G. SENIORS KRAMER, S. H. One Hundred Sixty-two RHINE, VERA W. Here is a girl that National will be proud of more and more as the years go by. She has been most active during her stay at National and has a host of friends and a long list of accomplishments. She is engaged as an auditor right now and has the degrees of B.C.S., M.C.S. and LL.B. and is a member of the D.C. Bar. We all admire Vera for what she is and for what she is doing. ROBERTS, J. S. Roberts is from the " Side Walks of New York " and is seeking an M.A. He received his A.B. from Yale University and to show his lack of partisanship he attended Harvard. He is now with the Federal Housing Administration. SYQUIA, JUAN JIMINEZ Juan has a B.C.S. and is candidate for an M.A. He came here from Manila, Philippine Islands and says he is fond of boxing, tennis and swimming and that he wants to own a big business concern some day. RHINE, VERA W. ROBERTS, J. S. NINETEEN THIRTY SIX SYQUIA, JUAN JIMINEZ One Hundred Sixty-three E. AND G. SENIORS VALLESTEROS, PASTOR CRISTOBAL VALLESTEROS, PASTOR CRISTOBAL Another one one of our Philippine friends who is seeking a M.A. Degree from National. He loves journalism and plans a career as a diplomat or a journalist. His experience and training in George Washington University School of Government and at National U. should help him attain his ambition. LIDA JANE MAGRUDER CHARLES T. BUTLER, Jr JAMES J. O’BEIHNE LEO FRIEND THOMAS D. SCHALL A. C. HARRISON One Hundred Sixty-four NINETEEN THIRTY SIX ' The -f-)[ Eancfouet ojj dlconomlcl and ( cn etnment dFclool On March 21, 1936, the School of Economics and Gov- ernment held a dinner at the University Club, and the event will undoubtedly prove a red letter day in the his- tory of National University, so successful it proved to be. The chief speaker of the evening was Dr. James Brown Scott, president of the American Society of International Law and famous throughout the world for his outstanding work in the field of international law, and among the guests was Dr. George A. Finch, managing editor of the American Journal of International Law. Dr. Scott in his address laid stress upon the contribu- tions of the United States to the development of inter- national law, and upon the observance of international law by this country. Miss Ida Hoyt Chamberlain, America ' s only woman composer, and recognized authority on Oriental art, de- picted her research activities in China in Chinese music, but her address, including a poem of her own composi- tion, " The Ricksha Boy, " was in fact a fascinating picture of certain phases of Chinese culture. Dr. Hayden Johnson, Chancellor of the University and Dean of the Law School, welcomed the assemblage, num- bering altogether 100 students and guests, among them a number of law students. Dr. Charles Pergler, Dean of the School of Economics and Government presented the speakers. Mrs. Joie Farrington of the class of 1936 pre- sided. The function was so successful that it is believed that these dinners of the School and Economics and Govern- ment will become a regular feature of university life. One Hundred Sixty-five (181 1 - 1884 ) United States Senator; successively Attorney General, Secretary of War, and Secretary of State for the South- ern Confederacy. At the close of the Civil War he took up his residence in England, where he became one of the leaders of the ' English Bar. rt diet nit Lei MATT H. CARPENTER ( 1824 - 1881 ) United States Senator; counsel: Garland case; ex parte McCardle; Slaughter House cases. THE DOCKET Lcjma. ' C atta. KcLpyid Jlecj t TzcLteznity Mu Chapter National University Law School This section is affectionately Dedicated To CLAUDE M. HOUCHINS Grand President, 1932-1933 and to the Honorary Members Of Mu Chapter HONORARY MEMBERS Hayden Johnson George P. Barse Turin B. Boone Charles L. Lobingier H. Winship Wheatley c?lenn Willett Roger O ' Donnell Thomas A. Yon Walter M. Bastian One Hundred Sixty-eisht NINETEEN THIRTY SIX OFFICERS ALBERT P. WHEATLEY Chancellor CHARLES M .BROOKS Vice-Chancellor WILLIAM T. JOBE Secretary ROBERT E. HILL ° RR ' N C ° X J - CALH ° U " SANDERSON R. B. SHEARER _ Asst, beery.- 1 reas. Historian , . Ireasurer Chaplain Sigma Delta Kappa was founded 22 years ago at the University of Michigan. In this time the fraternity has grown into a national organization with more than 8000 members who are affiliated with 36 active chapters and nine alumni chapters. The members of the fraternity believe that character is the true test of man- hood, that scholarship is the first duty of a student; and that participation in all worth while forms of social and professional activity is to be encouraged as tending to develop a well rounded professional group. One Hundred Sixty-nine THE DOCKET WILEY C. HILL STANLEY H. GAINES DEE LEE BATTEN GEORGE R. McSWAIN FLOYD E. HARPER ROGER PEED LOWELL A. WALKER VINCENT BRADLEY KARL F. VON KLATT ANDREW T. MILLARD MICHAEL COLASANTO JOHN D. DRISKILL One Hundred Seventy NINETEEN THIRTY SIX WILMER D. PYLES JAMES ROGERS ROBERT L. BECKWITH LOUIS T. WERNER RICHARD E. ALBIN JAMES P. O ' BRIEN GEORGE A. MORENCY ARCHIE T. FORD OLIVER DAVENPORT ARTHUR B. CHASON, Jr. FRED J. GLASGOW RAYMOND J. ROSENBERGER ROLAND J. FERGUSON One Hundred Seventy-one ACTIVE MEMBERS OF SIGMA DELTA KAPPA Richard E. Albin Howard V. Hoover Robert L. Beckwith William T. Jobe Vincent Bradley Sam Houston Charles M. Brooks K. L. LeMay Dee Lee Batten George R. McSwain Arthur B. Chason Andrew T. Millard C. M. Clark George A. Morency Michael Colosanto James P. O ' Brien Orrin B. Cox Roger Peed Oliver Davenport Wilmer D. Pyles J. D. Driskill James W. Rogers Roland J. Ferguson R. J. Rosenberger Archie T. Ford J. C. Sanderson Stanley H. Gaines R. B. Shearer F. J. Glasgow Karl F. Von Klatt Robert E. Hill W. W. Webb Wiley C. Hill Louis T. Werner Floyd E. Harper Albert P. Wheatley Vinton Woods In April, 1935 twelve new members were initiated into Mu Chapter of Sigma Delta Kappa with Brother Louis Werner, then Chancellor, presiding. After the initia- tion ceremony a banquet was enjoyed by the old and new members at the Kennedy- Warren Hotel. This year saw eighteen new members initiated into our midst wi th Brother Chan- cellor Albert Wheatley presiding over the ceremony conducted at the Capitol Park Hotel. The initiation ceremony was followed by a buffet supper where we were entertained by music and talks from Brothers Walter Bastain, Hayden Johnson, Roger O ' Donnell, Charles Lobinger and Claude Houchins and Professor Godfrey L. Munter. Brother Werner was chosen as the delegate to represent Mu Chapter at the National Convention of Sigma Delta Kappa held at Champaign, Illinois during the Christmas Holidays. The chapter founded the Glenn Willett Memorial Library this year and the results are very pleasing. This is a plan by which those members of the fraternity who are not financially able to purchase their text books may borrow them from the library for the term. In every way this has been a very successful year for Mu Chapter and we hope that the future years will be even more successful. NINETEEN THIRTY SIX Pljmci AJu Pkl Pt diet nit y (Legal JOSEPH H. CHOATE (Alpha) CHAPTER Washington, D.C. Sigma Nu Phi Fraternity (Legal) is founded upon the honorable traditions of the ancient Order of the Coif, whose noble conceptions of the great good that a fellow- ship of select men pursuing attainment in the Law might bestow upon their fellows and mankind, have so beneficiently influenced the development of legal ethics from the Twelfth Century to the present time as to be constantly reflected in every land where the system of jurisprudence is related to that of England. To perpetuate the spirit of such a brotherhood and ever increase its achieving courage with humility to the end that neither the progress of the individual nor the advancement of justice in the law shall ever be retarded by the defilement of the truth or the per- version of wisdom, are high among the purposes of this fraternity. The Joseph H. Choate Chapter was organized February 12, 1903, at National University, and is the parent chapter of the National Organization of Sigma Nu Phi. One Hundred Seventy-three THE DOCKET OFFICERS MERTON A. ENGLISH JAMES S. PARKER Chancellor First Vice-Chancellor LINWOOD E. LAGERSON HARTFORD BEALER Marshall Registrar CHARLES E. QUILLIN Second Vice-Chancellor CHARLES R. WILSON Master of the Rolls HONORARY MEMBERS Hon. James M. Beck Hon. Theodore C. Bretano Hon. Duncan U. Fletcher Hon. Herbert J. Drane Hon. Hon. Oliver Wendell Holmes Hon. Frank E. Irvine Mon. Oscar R. Luhring Hon. Charles E. Millikan Jackson Ralston FACULTY ALUMNI MEMBERS John L. Cassin William A. Coombe Calvin I. Kephart Godfrey L. Munter Thomas H. Patterson Frederick P. H. Siddons Conrad H. Syme Eugene R. Woodson One Hundred Seventy-four NINETEEN THIRTY SIX DECLARATION OF SIGMA NU PHI United by the strong tie of true brotherhood in the law, we mutually resolve to labor for the good of our order, our country and mankind. We will strive to pro- mote the well-being of students and practitioners of the law, and to cultivate the ethics of the profession. To secure harmony and maintain good will, thereby perpeu- ating the brotherhood, it shall be our earnest endeavor to suppress personal, sectional, religious and political prejudices, as well as all unhealthy rivalry and selfish ambition. To the end, therefore, that we achieve fraternal harmony and lasting benefit, we humbly implore the guidance and assistance of the Ruler of the Universe. ACTIVE MEMBERS R. Lester Allison William M. Bain Hartford E. Bealer Henry C. Biscoe, Jr. Harry Clendening Arthur Hamilton Clephane Leon H. Cubberley John B. Davis Charles Stewart Dowrick Waltern Drakeford Dryer Earl L. Edwards Malcolm A. Edwards Merton A. English, Jr. F. T. Farnsworth William L. Fling Ronald A. Gellogg Herbert Noyes Harvey Dos T. Hatfield Robert S. Hyde Richard J. Kirkland Linwood E. Lagerson Ingham Mack Leon H. Markey Herbert H. MacMurray Giles Morrow James S. Parker F. Carlton Paschall Norman Prince Charles W. Proctor Harry W. Proctor James Lee Proffitt Charles Edward Quillin Paul T. Rhodes John S. Scenestrick Malcolm Spencer Sharpe William R. Simpson Turner T. Smith Beverly M. Thomas Andrew D. Torre Vance V. Vaughn John T. Vivian Charles Richard Wilson John Leahy One Hundred Seventy-five THE DOCKET RONALD A. GELLOGS ARTHUR H. CLEPHANE MALCOLM A. EDWARDS HARRY CLENDENING HERBERT N. HARVEY LEON H. CUBBERLEY HERBERT H. McMURRAY WALTERN D. DRYER GILES MORROW H. C. (JACK) BISCOE F. C. PASCHALL WILLIAM M. BAIN TURNER T. SMITH One Hundred Seventy-six NINETEEN THIRTY SIX PAUL M. RHODES WILLIAM L. FLING WILLIAM R. SIMPSON JAMES L. PROFFITT MALCOLM S. SHARPE A. J. TORRE INGHAM G. MACK C. STEWART DOWRICK EARL I. EDWARDS LEON H. MARKEY VANCE V. VAUGHN JOHN J. LEAHY One Hundred Seventy-seven THE DOCKET Phi Seta, National Legal Fraternity Beta Chapter National University, Washington, D.C. Chartered 1924 Phi Beta Gamma was founded in 1922 at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Since that time it has expanded until in now embraces a good cross-section of the law schools of the country. UNDERGRADUATE CHAPTERS Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. National University, Washington, D.C. ....Minnesota College of Law, Minneapolis, Minnesota St. Paul College of Law, St. Paul, Minn. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. Jefferson College of Law, Louisville, Ky. University of Baltimore, Baltimore, Md. University of Miami, Miami, Florida ALUMNI CHAPTERS Washington, D.C. Minneapolis, Minnesota St. Paul, Minnesota New Orleans, Louisiana Baltimore, Maryland ACTIVE MEMBERS Norman D. Morgan William D. Mitchell Walter Palmer Guy B. Reeves Paul Roberson Earl Spiker John Tabor David F. Youngblood Charles Wells John A. Wynn Charles Atkinson Andrew L. Comrey S. Joseph Corrigan Edwin G. Callahan Robert L. Chaney Arthur L. Cook Oswald Howland William C. Hunt, III Scott D. Kellogg A. James McCarthy Alpha . Beta . . Gamma Delta . , Zeta . . Theta . lota . . . Kappa . One Hundred Seventy-eight NINETEEN THIRTY SIX OFFICERS WILLIAM D. MITCHELL Chief Justice a. james McCarthy Chancellor EARL G. SPIKER Associate Justice S. JOSEPH CORRIGAN Clerk NORMAN D. MORGAN Bailiff HONORARY MEMBERS HON. CHARLES H. ROBB HON. JENNINGS BAILEY Associate Juistice, Court of Appeals of Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the The District of Columbia District of Columbia HON. PEYTON GORDON Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the District of Columbia One Hundred Seventy-nine THE DOCKET RETROSPECTION " Members shall so shape their conduct and affairs that they may be qua lified in all respects, both moral and professional, to associate with gentlemen, to minister in the forum of justice, and to earn the respect and inspire the confidence of the world " . During the past school year the members of Phi Beta Gamma par- ticipated in several social gatherings which tended to display the modest pleasure to be found in close association with our fellow men. These events were planned in order to promote a stronger bond within the fraternity, a broader understanding outside the fraternity, and beneficial contact with members of the legal pro- tession. The first occasion was the annual Fall Smoker, which was carried off in grand style and resulted in the addition of many new faces to our group. A little later in the year the traditional Fall Formal, at- tended largely by Alumni, turned out to be one of the best functions given by the fraternity. On completion of the fall examinations the chapter held a stag celebration at the home of Brother Bill Martin. It was one of those very rare and enjoyable affairs that will be long remembered by the members present. 1936 brought the annual New Year ' s Day cocktail party where the guests forgot work and studies for a few brief hours. Also in January was held our first real bar-b-que with roasted pig, lager beer, and epicures galore. The February Smoker was very successful and the participants were treated to short talks by Representative Zimmerman, Judge Hay and Dr. Jennings Price. On February 22 Phi Beta Gamma held its formal induction of new members together with a reunion dinner-dance at Windsor Arms in the " Old Dominion " . During the course of the evening scholarship keys were presented to Brothers Louis Charles Smith, S.J.D., and Odin D. Klovstad, LL.B. During the past year the members were fortunate in being able to attend the coaching classes provided by the Alumni Chapter and conducted by Dr. Louis Charles Smith. Many of the undergrad- uate members also attended the weekly meetings of the Alumni Chapter ' s Wednesday Luncheon Club. Yes, another successful year for Phi Beta Gamma has passed into history. One Hundred Eig hty NINETEEN THIRTY SIX ARTHUR L. COOK WILLIAM C. HUNT EDWIN G. CALLAHAN CHARLES A. WELLS ANDREW L. CORMEY OSWALD B. HOWLAND SCOTT D. KELLOGG GUY B. REEVES ROY G. EPERLEY DAVID F. YOUNGBLOOD PAUL E. ROBERSON WALTER F. PALMER JOHN T. TABOR ROBERT L. CHANEY JOHN A. WYNN One Hundred Eighty-one THE DOCKET A ationdL Univetilty Aid ionic (Alub Affiliated with the National League of Masonic Clubs Among the Master Masons enrolled at National University Law School are found the active members of the National University Masonic Club. As loyal Americans, earnest students, and Master Masons they are assembled from the four corners of our country in pursuit of legal training. National University Masonic Club was organized December 3, 1920, and its pu rpose is to encourage good will and fellowship among students and alumni of the school. The Club is a member of the National League of Masonic Clubs. Early in the school year of 1923 the then Chancellor of the University, our late beloved Brother Francis Carusi, placed at the disposal of the Club two full scholarships in the Law School to be awarded to worthy Masons. The Club furnishes the neces- sary books free to these scholarship students. Since the Summer of 1925, when the first scholarships were awarded by the Club, twenty students have received these scholarships and sixteen have graduated. In selecting those to receive these scholar- ships, the cardinal qualification is that they possess those qualities which will, with this training, develop them to be a credit to the Club and the School. In addition to these scholarships, the Club now has at its disposal, through the courtesy of Chancellor Hayden Johnson and Dean Charles Pergler, two tuition scholarships in the School of Economics and Government. Also, the Club this year has perfected a plan to award five book scholarships, whereby students, whether Masons or not, are provided with all necessary books to pursue the study of law. Among the social activities of the year was the Masonic Club annual dance held at the Lafayette Hotel, November 16, 1935. A remarkably jovial crowd attended this function and pleasant memories were carried away by all those attending. As is the custom of the Club, there was held each month of the school year a smoker or some other social event. As the school year comes to a close the Club proudly boasts of twenty-one life and honorary members and fifty-one active members. One Hundred Eishty-two NINETEEN THIRTY SIX OFFICERS OF NATIONAL UNIVERSITY MASONIC CLUB WAYNE TRIMBLE, President SAM HOUSTON, 1st Vice-President M. EDGAR MILSTEAD 2nd Vice-Pres. JULIAN H. CARTER, Secretary RALEIGH R. BAUM, Treasurer GEORGE WALTER SMITH, Chaplain and Almoner ARTIE ERNST BARTZ, Marshall ALFRED J. DICKERSON, Herald LIFE MEMBERS John A. Campbell Alvin W. Hall Nathan Cayton Charles M. Schwab George Walter Smith HONORARY MEMBERS Walter M. Bastian John B. Keller Charles Pergler Turin B. Boone Kenry C. Keene Julius 1. Peyser L. A. Dent J. C. Keiper Theodore D. Peyser Gratz E. Dunkum Allen MacCullen Theodore G. Risley George E. Edelin Godfrey Munter Charles H. Robb Bertrand Emerson, Jr. Charles S. Lobingier Milton Strasburger Everett F. Haycraft Charles Melvin Ueff Conrad Syme E. Joehoff Roger O ' Donnell Lynn H. Troutman ACTIVE MEMBERS Fred J. Abel Philip Herman Roy M. Alexander F. H. Hewlett R. Donald Ayers H. Alfred Hockley Robert L. Beckwith Locke R. Humbert Charles R. Bell Charles L. Jones Chester L. Benson M. J. Kibler Louis C. Berman Carl H. Koch Daniel F. Boone Herbert H. McMurray Ray S. Brill Leon G. Morris Walter A. Broaddus Oscar R. Nesvig John A. Campbell Charles B. Parker Harold F. Chandler F. C. Paschall Andrew L. Comrey Roger Ratcliffe Orrin B. Cox Frederick E. Robey, Jr. Donald S. Creamer Mevlin M. Scott Kenneth Creswell R. Kelvin Shivers Edwin D. Detwiler Philip Smith Vernon Dorman John C. Spearman Simon Epstein John R. Sterba Ralph R. Foster Merton A. Tevyaw Stanley H. Gaines John Cabot White Reese Harrison C. R. Wilson Kenneth B. Hami Iton One Hundred Eighty-three THE DOCKET WAYNE TRIMBLE President SAM HOUSTON 1st Vice-President EDGAR MILSTEAD 2nd Vice-President ROGER RATCLIFF CHARLES R. WILSON VERNON DORMAN GEORGE WALTER SMITH KENNETH B. HAMILTON DONALD S. PAYSON DONALD CREAMER RAY H. BRILL H. ALFRED HOCKLEY ANDREW L. COMREY PHILIP SMITH DONALD AYERS One Hundred Eighty-four NINETEEN THIRTY SIX JULIAN H. CARTER Secretary RALEIGH R. BAUM Treasurer ARTIE E. BARTZ Marshall WALTER BROADDUS M. J. KIBLER OSCAR R. NESVIG STANLEY H. GAINES ORRIN B. COX F. C. PASCHALL SIMON R. EPSTEIN CARL H. KOCH CHARLES L. JONES HERBERT W. McMURRAY ROBERT L. BECKWITH FRED J. ABEL 0 ff icer s One Hundred Eighty-five THE DOCKET -Qtplia. Retd ftli Recjdl Founded Decmeber 20, 1924 National University Alpha Beta Phi, legal fraternity, is now approaching its twelfth and one of the most successful years of its existence. As the year is drawing to a close, we look with a great deal of pleasure to the years that have passed, for our dream of Victory has not been disappointed. When we compare the pleasure of anticipation with the realization of our accomplishments it is with a great deal of pleasure that we have reached the goal of our desire. We can rest assured that we are richer in the trea- sure of warm friendship which our years of association have given us; and when we come to the parting of the ways, we will realize that we have gained that unexplain- able something which is not to be lost with the passing of time. This group, which founded the fraternity, was motivated more by a feeling of comradeship than by the collegiate aspect of a fraternal group. The latter was merged with the truly spiritual force that actuated and brought the first group into fraternal being. Our founders were anxious that the ties formed should never be severed, and so by pledging themselves to everlasting friendship, organized into a fraternal group; the growth of which was beyond their broadest imagination and fondest hope. Our progress has withstood the acid test of time and if we have enhanced, in the least bit, the fraternal spirit of Eternal and Everlasting Friendship, we will deem it a shining symbol of our effort. Edward A. Aaronson Saul Abrahams David Adelman Jules Alper N. Meyer Baker Louis Cohen Fischel Cornfield Aaron Crowell Harry Ehrlich Alex Feinberg Max Feldman Arthur W. Finkelstein Harry Finkelstein Maurice Fishgang Benjamin Friedson Albert Gelfand Harry W. Goldberg Reuben Goldberg ACTIVE MEMBERS William D. Goldberg Israel H. Gordon Sam Gordon Morton Hartstall Louis Heilman Sidney Hershowitz Max Holtzman Hyman Hyatt Milton Jekofsky Moe Katz Jac k Kolker Morrris Kraisel David Krupsaw Lee J. Lann Samuel Lebowitz Reuben Millstein Harold J. Mincosky Saul J. Mindel Nathan Needle Victor Perlmutter Meyer Pumps Joe Rappaport Jack I. Resnicoff Benjamin Rossner Nat Rubenstein David Saidman Joseph H. Schneider Max L. Shulman Raymond J. Simon Leon Smallwood Sidney Spector Harry D. Sperling Leon S. Stein Nathan Steinman Sam Tannenbaum E. Joel Treger One Hundred Eig hty-six NINETEEN THIRTY SIX MAX SHULMAN Chief Just ice RAYMOND J. SIMON Marshall HARRY GOLDBERG Auditor JOSEPH H. SCHNEIDER Sheriff HONORARY MILTON STRASBURGER, LL.M., D.C.L. Judge of the Municipal Court of the District of Columbia, 1914-1920 One Hundred Eighty-seven AUGUSTUS H. GARLAND ( 1832 - 1899 ) Member of the Congress of the Confederate States of America; Governor of the State of Arkansas; Attorney General of the United States. Counsel: in re Garland: Osborn v. Nicholson. JOSEPH H. CHOATE ( 1832 - 1917 ) Ambassador to Great Britain; Rep- resentative of the United States ai the Second Peace Conference at The Hague counsel: Income Tax case; Chinese Exclusion cases THE DOCKET Kdjayid Retd jlecjdi Rcrtotitij (International) Kappa Beta Pi was founded on December 15, 1908, at Kent College of Law, Chicago, Illinois and is the oldest legal sorority for women. Since that time it has grown and expanded until at present there are forty-six student chapters and eight alumnae chapters. Included in these are chapters in Toronto, Canada and in Paris, France. In addition there are sisters who are engaged in active practice before the courts of England, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and China. Omicron Chapter received its charter at National University on May 3, 1921, shortly after women were admitted to the law school, and was the third chapter in Washington. In furtherance of the high scholastic aims and ideals of the sorority, the chapter maintains yearly three scholarships, available to women who are eager, but financially unable to study law. Many Kappas have attained prominence in the legal profession and the Sorority can proudly point to thirteen judges. Among them are Judge Florence E. Allen, United States Circuit Court of Appeals of the Sixth Circuit, the only woman ever to be appointed to the Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals; Judge Genevieve R. Cline, of the Unitd States Customs Court of Appeals: Omicron ' s own Judge Ellen K. Raedy, of the Municipal Court of the District of Columbia; former Judge Kathryn Sellers of the Juvenile Court of the District of Columbia; Judge Mary B. Grossman and Judge Lillian Westrapp, Municipal Court, Cleveland, Ohio; Judge Mary Bartelme, Circuit Court of Illinois; Judge Sarah Hughes of the District Court of Texas; and Kathryn O ' Loughlin McCarthy, former Congresswoman from Kansas. One Hundred Ninety NINETEEN THIRTY SIX SARA T. MERO Dean ELIZABETH STRATTON Corresponding Registrar OFFICERS GEORGIA ALEXANDER Associate Dean MARION POOLE Recording Registrar MARY E. CAVIS Chancellor MARGARET EARLEY Marshall HONORARY MEMBERS DR. BERTHA LUTZ DR. EUGENIA C. LEKKERKER National Museum of Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Amsterdam, Holland The Netherlands BURNITA SHELTON MATTHEWS Washington, D.C. One Hundred Ninety-one THE DOCKET HELEN GOODNER ANNA L. MOULTON GLENNA Y. CROWDER ELIZABETH LIPSCOMB VERA RHINE VIRGINIA WRASSE M. THAIS SPENCER DOROTHY MALONE KATHRYN REA LOUISE COLLIER WILLA J. REED BERNICE BOOKE ALICE POLING One Hundred Ninety-two NINETEEN THIRTY SIX A. LUELLA ALL MURIEL CHRISTGAU ROSE DOYLE WANDA HOBBS FLORENCE HORI0AN NELLIE McMICHAEL CECIL ROEDER EDITH M. BOYLE ELIZABETH N. WORTHINGTON HELEN D. GIBB MYRTLE HELM VIRGINIA DULIN ANGLE EDNA MAE NANCE One Hundred Ninety-three THE DOCKET OFFICERS SARA T. MERO Dean GEORGIA ALEXANDER Associate Dean MARY E. CAVIS Chancellor ELIZABETH STRATTON Corresponding Registrar MARION POOLE Recording Registrar MARGARET EARLEY Marshall ACTIVE MEMBERS Georgia Alexander A. Luella All Orpha McKay Allen Bernice Booke Edith M. Boyle Leita Burke Mary Cavis Muriel D. Christgau Louise Collier Glenna Y. Crowder Virginia Crowder Catherine Daley Kathryn M. Doherty Rose Doyle Virginia Dulin Angle Margaret H. Earley Adelia M. Farnsworth Lorena H. Galbraith Helen D. Gibb Helen Goodner Lenora C. Graham Myrtle Helm Eunice J. Hessick Wanda Hobbs Florence M. Horigan Frances W. Jordan Elizabeth Lipscomb Dorothy Malone Sara T. Mero Anna L. Moulton Catherine Myers Verna I. McCarter Lucy A. McLaren Nellie McMichael Edna Mae Nance Hazel H. Philbrick Alice Poling Marion E. Poole Ruth Poole Kathryn L. Rae Willa J. Reed Vera W. Rhine Cecil Roeder Louise Roe Smethurst M. Thais Spencer Elizabeth Stratton Vesta Vail Margaret Valgren Elizabeth N. Worthington Virginia S. Wrasse One Hundred Ninety-four NINETEEN THIRTY SIX The dy ftte66 (2iuly Soon after Nationa University opened " ts doors to women, Miss Jane E zabeth Newton conce ved the idea o organizing the sma group of women attending Nationa into an association for the purpose of unity, good fellowship and progress. The Misses Donna M. Davis Jenette Wfensky and Anna M. Lombard formed with Miss Jane Elizabeth Newton this Cy Pres Club. I he dreams and hopes of these four charter members have been more than re a zed in the year 1936 sixteen years after the initia meeting. Membership this year has exceeded a past years the opportun- ity of fellowship earning and ege training is at the same standard, if not better han in the first yea r with the ncreased fac ities of the iaw at the t nger tips of the clu’c o ana T n e club memoers. The outstanding socia event of the school year was the annua banquet held on February 22nd at the Carlton Hotel. Mrs. Eugene Carus ' Wa ter M. Bastair newly elected president of the District Bar Association, and a member of the faculty, and Judge Elen K. Ready, Nationa: graduate, former member of the Cy Pres and present Judge of the Cunicipa Court were the guests of Honor. Judge Ready advanced the theory that all organizations must have a parent and that the beloved father of our great country, upon whose birthday the annua Cy Pres dinner is held, was the iogica parent for such a progressive organization. With Chance lor Hayden Johnson and Dr. Charles Pergier as Chief Justices and member of the faculty as Associate Justices, the members of the Cy Pres Club presented arguments before the Supreme Court of Pub ' c Opinion. ! e argumenrs were in The orm of questions promulgated to the memoers of the lacuity, w th the requirement that each individua member of the faculty must rue ega on each quesTion. ne questions were not entirely legal so that the answers by the earned justices e - cited much merriment. The Sunday breakfast at the beginning and the dose of each schoo year is another examoie of the socia enjoyment and ega learning as prominent women attorneys are the chief speakers. One Hundred Ninety-five THE DOCKET CY PRES CLUB MEMBERS Abellera, Dolores L. Almond, Edna T. Alber, Madeleine M. J. All, A. Luella Azarou, Cele E. Booke, Bernice Campbell, Will Nash Carr, Marion Christgau, Muriel D. Coray, Mildred Slocum Collier, Louise Crowder, Glenna Y. Cimino, Mary Anne Deakins, Alene Doyle, Rose W. Edmondson .Cathrine Eliades, Estelle Ellis, Ruth Ada Gibbs, Helen D. Godall, Doris I. Gerber, Esther E. Hauf, Lillian Hayes, Dorothy Helms, Myrtle Jay, Bernice Lindgren, Evelyn Lipscomb, Elizabeth Loftis, Susanne Loveless, Louise Madore, Jane Meigs, Louise McClosky, Lorrena Osenbaugh, Katherine Ott, Katherine Parker, Emma B. Phelps, Catherine Poling, Alice Poole, Marion Prosley, Sallie B. Rice, Ruth M. Rouse, Jane H. Sahn, Ida Adelaide Scott, Oma B. Siegel, Hilda Sherman, Minnette Spooner, Beth Smith, Irma Pauline Stewart, Emily Lee Stratton, Elizabeth J. Talty, Margaret J. Terrill, Leila F. Tucker, Al-Va Worthington, Elizabeth N Williamson, K. Rhine, Vera W. One Hundred Ninety-six NINETEEN THIRTY SIX OFFICERS ELIZABETH LIPSCOMB, President A. LUELLA ALL Secretary GLENNA Y. CROWDER Vice-President ELIZABETH STRATTON Treasurer WILL NASH CAMPBELL Reporter FOUNDERS OF THE CY PRES CLUB MISS JANE ELIZABETH NEWTON MISS DONNA M. DAVIS MISS JENETTE WILENSKY MISS ANNA M. LOMBARD One Hundred Ninety-seven THE DOCKET DOLORES L. ABELLERO CELE AZAROU LOUISE COLLIER MARY ANN CIMINO BERNICE BOOKE MILDRED S. CORAY CATHRINE EDMONDSON ESTHER GERBER RUTH GLASSER BERNICE M. JAY DORIS GOODALL EVELYN LINDGREN LOUISE LOVELESS KATHRYN MASCO LOUISE MEIGS JANE MADORE MARY PELCHAR MARION POOLE KATHERINE OTT IDA SAHN BETH SPOONER VERA RHINE One Hundred Ninety-eight NINETEEN THIRTY SIX EDNA T. ALMOND ELISABETH C. BUCHANAN MURIEL CHRISTGAU ALENE DEAKINS ROSE DOYLE RUTH ELLIS HELEN GIBB MYRTLE HELM verna McCarter LORRENA McCLOSKY K. OSENBAUGH ALICE POLING JANE ROUSE CECIL ROEDER RUTH RICE HILDA SIEGEL OMA B. SCOTT MINNETTE SHERMAN EMILY LEE STEWART LEILA TERRILL AL-VA TUCKER ELIZABETH N. WORTHINGTON One Hundred Ninety-nine THE DOCKET ? kl Pelta. IP e It a. International Legal Sorority Founded at the University of Southern California November II, 1911 The primary purpose of Phi Delta Delta is to promote a higher standard of pro- fessional ethics and culture among women in law schools and in the legal profession. Its ideals are Justice, Wisdom, Love, Loyalty, and Truth. There are now forty-eight active chapters in the United States and Canada, and nine alumnae chapters. Phi Delta Delta also has a number of foreign associates. There are four chapters of Phi Delta Delta in Washington, D.C.: Zeta, George Washington University; Beta, Washington College of Law; Alpha Lambda, National University School of Law; and an Alumnae Chapter. Many Phi Delta Deltas have been publicly recognized for their achievements in the legal profession. Some of the nationally known members are: Mrs. Mabel Walker Willebrandt, former Assistant Attorney General of the United States, and Honorary President of Phi Delta Delta; Hon. Ruth Bryan Owen, United States Minister to Den- mark; Dr. Emma Wold, former Technical Advisor to the United States delegation at The Hague Conference of International Law; Hon. Annabelle Matthews, member of the United States Board of Tax Appeals; Hon. Mary O ' Toole, former Judge of Municipal Court, Washington, D.C.; Miss Grace B. Knoeller, Chief, Procedure Divi- sion, Alcohol Tax Unit, Treasury Department; Hon. Georgia Bullock, Judge of the Superior Court of California, and a charter member of Phi Delta Delta; Hon. Emma Fall Schofield, Judge First District of Eastern Middlesex, Massachusetts; Mrs. Dora Shaw Heffner, Chief Counsel for the Southern California Legal Aid Clinic; Hon. Fay Bentley, Judge of Juvenile Court, Washington, D.C.; Hon. Sara Soffel, Judge Mun- icipal Court Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ; Hon. Edith N. Atkinson, former Juvenile Court Judge of Dade County, Florida; Mrs. Jean Nelson Pentield, prominent attorney in New York City; Miss Isabel Darlington, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, attorney and author; Miss Florence Selander, Minneapolis, Minnesota, National President of Phi Delta Delta and Secretary of the Minneapolis Bar Association. Two Hundred NINETEEN THIRTY SIX OFFICERS CATHRINE E. EDMONDSON President LOUISE CHANDL ER Vice-President and Treasurer ELISABETH C. BUCHANAN Registrar EDNA MAE MILLER Reporter BETH SPOONER Chaplain MEMBERS Leda C. Amidon A. Barbara Bartels Emma Bauer Rosalia D. Bigos Elisabeth C. Buchanan Elisabeth P. Buchanan Mildred M. Burke E. Louise Chandler Elizabeth A. Cook Catherine Edmondson Lillian Hauf Dorothy Korte Alice E. Kieferle Mary B. Manning Edna Mae Miller Marguerite E. Morris Mary B. Nelson Beatrice D. Offutt Bess Phelan Kathryne Pickett Beth Spooner Jean Stephenson Two Hundred One THE DOCKET ROLL OF CHAPTERS Alpha University of Southern California Beta Washington College of Law Delta University of Oregon Epsilon University of Washington Zeta George Washington University Eta Portia School of Law Theta University of Kansas lota Vanderbilt U niversity Kappa Washburn College Lambda University of Pittsburgh Nu Brooklyn Law School, St. Lawrence University Xi Northwestern College of Law Omicron Dickinson School of Law Pi Western Reserve University Rho John B. Stetson Un iversity Tau Temple University Sigma Buffalo University Law School Upsilon Williamette University Phi Un iversity of Colorado Chi Duquesne University Psi Kansas City School of Law Omega Vancouver Law School Alpha Alpha Fordham University, School ot Law Alpha Beta University of Cincinnati College of Law Alpha Gamma New York University, School of Law Alpha Delta University of Maryland Alpha Epsilon Minnesota College of Law Alpha Zeta Loyola University Alpha Eta University of South Dakota, School of Law Alpha Theta Loyola University, St. Vincent College of Law Alpha lota University of Louisville, School of Law Alpha Kappa Detroit City Law School Alpha Lambda National University School of Law Alpha Mu Columbia University Law School Alpha Nu Cleveland Law School Alpha Xi University of Indianapolis Alpha Omicron Tulsa Law School Alpha Pi University of Utah Alpha Rho St. John ' s College School of Law Alpha Sigma University of Michigan Law School Alpha Tau Yale University School of Law Alpha Upsilon St. Louis University, School of Law Alpha Phi University of Miami Alpha Chi Law School of University of Memphis Alphi Psi St. Paul College of Law Alpha Omega Law School of Louisiana State University Beta Alpha Southwestern University Beta Beta University of California Boston Alumnae Chapter Boston, Massachusetts Cleveland Alumnae Chapter Cleveland, Ohio Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter Cincinnati, Ohio Kansas City Alumnae Chapter Kansas City, Missouri Los Angeles Alumnae Chapter Los Angeles, California New York City Alumnae Chapter New York City, New York San Francisco Alumnae Chapter San Francisco, California Washington Alumnae Chapter Washington, D.C. Two Hundred Two NINETEEN THIRTY SIX A. BARBARA BARTELS ROSALIA D. BISOS ELISABETH P. BUCHANAN ELIZABETH COOK LILLIAN HAUF MARY B. MANNING MARGUERITE MORRIS BEATRICE D. OFFUTT BESS PHELAN KATHRYNE PICKETT JEAN STEPHENSON Two Hundred Three THE DOCKET (Jot Z ' Ta ZU National Legal Sorority Founded at Southwestern University, Los Angeles, California, November I I, 1925 FOUNDERS Rosalind Goodrich Bates Marie Cousland Carpenter Harriet Bowman Drummond Margaret Harpslrite Ulrich NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP Judge Camille Kelly Memphis, Tennessee Judge Jeanelte G. Brill New York City Judge Esther Antin Toledo, Ohio lota Tau Tau National Legal Sorority has for its basic principle and purpose the advancement of women in the legal profession, and as a national legal sorority it has consistently devoted its major attention to the effectual attainment of this goal with gratifying results. XI CHAPTER Installed at National University, April, 1935 SPONSORS OFFICERS Mrs. Charles F. Carusi T. RoXi Dean Col. Julius I. Peyser Luc Y R - Carter, Chapter Adviser Rachel Racoosin, Secretary LEGAL ADVISER Ethel Ginberg, Treasurer Judge Nathan Cayton Dolly L. Butler, Historian ACTIVE MEMBERS Dolly L. Butler Lucy R. Carter Anne Deskin Zelda Dove Olivine Fortier Ida Taxin Fox Esther Gerber Ethel Ginberg Pearl April Katzman Elsie N. Jones Lena Hyatt Litvin Sophie Bookoff Lyman Ruth Miller Rachel Racoosin Edith Turner Ida Weisblatt Mary Jo Wilier Irene Zaccaro PLEDGEES Mildred Coray Theresa Gluck Two Hundred Four NINETEEN THIRTY SIX IDA TAXEN FOX Dean RACHEL RACOOSIN Secretary ETHEL SINBERG Treasurer LUCY R. CARTER ANN DESKIN ESTHER GERBER ELSIE JONES PEARL A. KATZMAN LENA H. LITVIN SOPHIE B. LYMAN IDA WEISBLATT MARY JO WILLER Two Hundred Five THE DOCKET ? Lcl tcl i-j. -QLiseij ' [Pzba.tLncj ocletij OFFICERS INGHAM MACK President GILES MORROW I st Vice-President CECIL ROEDER 2nd Vice-President verna McCarter Secretary DAVID TRUNDLE Historian R. S. SANDERS Sergeant-at-Arms CHARTER MEMBERS Harry Clendenning Claire Ducker Ingham Mack Giles Morrow Marion Poole Cecil Roeder R. S. Sanders T. S. Wilcher In the Fall of 1934 several members of the Freshman Class, desiring to further the forensic art at National University, formulated plans for a debating society. The outcome of a few informal chats with members of the class with literary inclinations, was the organization of a society of men and women actively interested in group discussions of pertinent local and national problems and inter-class debating. This society, being the first of its kind to be organized here for several years, enjoyed a small but enthusiastic membership. The group elected Capt. T. S. Wilcher Presi- dent and Mrs. Cecil Roeder Secretary-Treasurer. The President, together with a committee of three (Harry Clendenning, Giles Morrow and Marion Poole) drafted a constitution. The charter members laid the foundation for a more comprehensive and efficient organization to be launched at the beginning of the next school year. Having completed its first year, this year ' s goal has been to enlarge the scope of the society ' s activities. To that effect a group of members early last Fall met with Dean Johnson to discuss future plans for the society and to seek financial assistance from the school. Dean Johnson manifested a keen interest in the work and assured his conferees of the desire of the school to foster such organizations. At this time it was revealed that formerly two debating societies with aims comparable to ours had flourished in the law school but had since become inactive. Two Hundred Six NINETEEN THIRTY SIX It was suggested by the Dean that the present group officially adopt the name of one of these defunct societies. Whereupon the name was changed from fhe National University Legal Debating Associa- tion to the Richard H. Alvey Debating Society, a once distinguished debating group. Today, with new spirit infused with the time honored traditions of the Richard H. Alvey Debating Society there is gradually being rebuilt the somewhat latent interest in the art of debating at Na- tional University. Recently the newly - organized Alvey Society entered the arena of inter-collegiate debating and during the Spring of 1936 the members will participate in at least one intercollegiate debate. —DAVID TRUNDLE Two Hundred Seven THE DOCKET ' the r T. Millet ' L iya.tin ocletij OFFICERS LUTHER E. ANGLE President ARTHUR H. CLEPHANE Vice-President H. C. BISCOE, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer The Miller Debating Society, named in honor of the late Honorable Samuel F. Miller, late Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court and formerly Professor of Constitutional Law and Chancellor of National University, was revived this year after several years of inactivity. The Society has several objectives; namely, to foster debate, public speaking and legal discussion among the members and the students; to stimulate interest in topics of political and legal importance; and to give the students an opportunity to practice in the forensic arts. There will be " try-outs " to select a debating team to represent The Miller Debating Society in a debate with representatives of The Alvey Debating Society From these two teams will be chosen a team to represent National University in inter-collegiate debating. Two Hundred Eight NINETEEN THIRTY SIX Standing: Sam Block, Ralph Elliott, Harold Dresbach, Lewis Jacobs, S. R. Epstein, Kenneth Ham- ilton, Earl Spiker, Charles M. Brooks, Joseph Corrrigan, Dee Lee Batten, D. E. Philips, H. E. Middle- ton, Louis Cohen, Charles Wells, Charles C. Tatum, Harry Shubin and Malcolm Sharpe. Seated: Arthur Chason, Orrin Cox, Arthur Clephane, Cathrine Edmondson, Luther E. Angle, H. C. Biscoe, Jr., Stanley Gaines and Norman Morgan. ' the Mittet iPebcLtlnj Society MEMBERS Angle, Luther E. Batten, Dee Lee Biscoe, H. C., Jr. Block, Samuel Brooks, Charles M. Buchanan, Elisabeth C. Chason, Arthur B. Clephane, Arthur H. Cohen, Louis Corrigan, S. Joseph Cox, Orrin B. Dresbach, Harold Edmondson, Cathrine Elliott, Ralph A. Epstein, Simon R. Ferguson, E. B. Gaines, Stanley Hamilton, Kenneth B Jacobs, Lewis Jobe, William T. Jones, Charles Kellogg, Scott D. McLean, Leland G. Middleton, H. E. Morgan, Norman Nielson, Byron H. Philips, D. E. Sharpe, Malcolm Shubin, Harry Spiker, Earl G. Tabor, John T. Tatum, Charles C. Trimble, Wayne Wells, Charles A. Willcher, Arthur Two Hundre d Nine THE DOCKET ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The publication of a book is a most intricate, delicate and tech- nical job and one which requires an expert knowledge of the graphic arts in all the phases. No one person can have all these qualifications or do all the work necessary to the completion of this task. Therefore I want to mention the names of some of those individuals whose labors have played a large part in the composition of this book. Dean Johnson has spent several hours of his valuable time in as- sisting the editor in the compilation of the facts found on the divi- sion pages. Except for the splendid cooperation of Dean Johnson it would have been impossible to have developed our theme to the extent that we did. Unless one has had the actual experience it is difficult to realize the important role to be played by the engraver. He must be one in which the editor can put the utmost faith and confidence if the book is to be any measure of success. The 1936 Docket has been most fortunate in having as an engraver one who has all these requisites and one who is most efficient in meeting all engraving problems. I want to sincerely and heartily thank Mr. Emmett Deady of The Standard Engraving Company for his tireless efforts and the fine manner in which he has cooperated with the editor of this book. I am also grateful to our printer who has rendered most valuable service to this year ' s Docket. He, too, has gone beyond the require- ments of his contract in rendering aid. No printer could have been more helpful in meeting our many problems this year than has been S. C. Schultz of H. G. Roebuck and Son, Baltimore, Maryland. No one person has worked more faithfully and diligently than the Little Collector " , Orrin Cox. He took complete charge of the sale and distribution of the books and has recorded to his credit the greatest success in this regard in the history of The Docket. " Thanks a Million " Orrin! Mention should be made of the wonderful work of Edwin Callahan on the biographies, Esther Gerber for the typing, and Luther Angle on photographs. Every member of the Staff has cooperated as has our president Ken Hamilton and the other officers. Every member of of the Senior Class has truly played a large part in the success of The 1936 Docket. — THE EDITOR Two Hundred Ten FOR A STRONGER ALUMNI FOR MANY YEARS the desire to strengthen the bond between the University and its graduates has been present in the minds of the officials and faculty of the school. A great stride was taken in this direction last Spring with the reorganization of the Alumni Association and the inauguration by it of its annual dinner. It remained for the editorial staff of this year ' s Docket to arrange for an alumni supplement to the Docket which, it is hoped, by distribution among the members of the Alumni Association will prove a life-line which will keep the University in touch with the activities and achievements of its graduates. It is the purpose of the student body that this alumni supplement become a permanent feature of the annual Docket and the University earnestly hopes that the members of the association will keep its secretary informed of facts of interest in their careers in order that the supplement may serve the purpose for which it is intended. --Hayden Johnson, Chancellor, National University. GREETINGS! IN THE FEW PAGES that follow we have featured a few of the outstanding graduates of National and have edited what little alumni news we have received and had space for. In this limited space we naturally did not have room to feature ALL of the outstanding graduates and we hope that no one feels that he or she has been slighted. Our main purpose has been to found an institution. I TAKE THIS opportunity and means of thanking those who responded to our letter soliciting your help. The names of these contributors will be found on pages 214 and 222. THIS SUPPLEMENT is only a small example of what can be accomplished in this regard if the Alumni Association really backs such a project. It is our fervent hope that this may be the beginning of a real Alumni Magazine. THE SENIOR CLASS of 1936 sends its greetings to you who have gone before us and we are only sorry that the lack of funds has prohibited us giving you a more voluminous magazine. Again we thank you for your assistance in making this publication possible and beg of you to be tolerant in its human composition. — Charles M. Brooks, Editor . DANIEL CALHOUN ROPER Pass The Bar Examination By Learning How To Analyze Problems S ECRETARY of Commerce; born in South Carolina, 1867; LL.B. Na- tional University, 1901, LL.D., 1933. Also received LL.D. from Tusculum College; M.B.A., Bryant -Stratton College; L.H.D., Rollins College. Member of South Carolina House of R e p r e sentatives, 1892-1894; First Asst. Postmaster General, 1913-16; Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 19 17-1920. Member, American Bar Association, Board of Ed- ucation D.C., 1932; M.E. Church, Ma- sons, Shriners, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, National Press Club. Appointed Secretary of Commerce in 1 933 by President Franklin D. Roose- velt. Member of the class of 1901 at National University. NACRELLI’S BAR REVIEW COURSE I CARPENTER’S BUILDING 1006 Tenth Street, N. W. District 7574 ALVIN W. HALL TAIRECTOR of the Bureau of Print- ing and Engraving. Graduated from National University with LL.B. in class of 1923. Was appointed as Director o f the Bureau of Print- ing and Engrav- ing by Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon, December 22, 1924 and has served there since which is the longest term any one has held that position. During the administra- tion of Mr. Hall about One Hundred and Seventy-five billion dollars in gov- ernment securities have been produced under his supervision. During the past few years the Bureau has had to meet several emergencies such as the bank crisis of 1933, printing of liquor stamps and printing and distribution checks for C.W.A. and F.E.R.A, GUS A. SCHULDT ORN in Washington, D.C., 1878 and received his education in the schools of D. C. Received LL.B. degree from National University in 1900. Was en- gaged successfully in the practice of the law in Wash- ington for several years after gradu- ation. He was very active in class activities being an officer in the de- bating society and class prophet. He was Asst. Corpora- tion Counsel for several years and Pre- siding Judge of Police Court until March, 1936, being appointed by Presi- dent Harding. He was the first to introduce outside witnesses in Moot Court at National. He has been one of Washington’s most beloved judges. Member: Masons, Elks, Board of Trade, K.P., D.C. Historical Society, National Press Club. WILLIAM WALTER MILLAN B ORN, raised and educated in Vir- ginia, Mr. Millan came to Wash- ington and received his LL.B. from National in 1888 and his LL.M. in the next year. He was in the Treasury Department for four years and then began law practice in Chat- tanooga, T e n n., where he was for ||||L three years. Trcas- 4 vH urer of the D.C. Bar Association for twenty years and President of the Association in 1933 President of Board of Public Welfare of D.C. for two years and member eight years. Member of Kappa Alpha Fraternity, University Club, Columbia Llistorical Society and Oldest Inhabitants. He is President of the Alumni Association of National Universitv. WASHINGTON LAW BOOK CO. 810 13th ST., N.W. MEt 4040 “Law Roo Headquarters at the Nation ' s Capital” FOR YOUR LAW BOOK NEEDS Consult Our Experienced Lawyer-Staffed Organization We Occupy the Entire Building at 810 Thirteenth St, N. W. Open From 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. CREDIT ACCOUNTS WITH LAWYERS AND LAW STUDENTS ARE CORDIALLY INVITED Legal Classics That Should Be in Wigmore ' s, Panorama of the World’s Legal Systems A $40 Masterpiece, Now $6 Famous American Jury Speeches, Edited by Hicks Famous Speeches by Eminent American Statesmen Choate’s Arguments and Addresses Clark’s Great Sayings by Great Lawyers Browne ' s Blackstone’s Commentaries Hicks’, Famous “Human Jettison’’ Warren, T he Making of the Constitution Warren, Congress, The Constitution and the Supreme Court Warren, The Supreme Court in United States History Exclusive Representatives in Washington For WEST PUBLISHING COMPANY AMERICAN LAW BOOK COMPANY VERNON LAW BOOK COMPANY EDWARD THOMPSON COMPANY BURDETTE SMITH COMPANY WE ALSO REPRESENT OTHER LEADING PUBLISHERS AND CAN FURNISH ANY LAW BOOK IN PRINT WASHINGTON LAW BOOK CO. 810 13th ST., N.W. MEt. 4040 DANIEL W. BELL Our Customers Include Students in Every State LAW BOOKS USED Exchanged We Inrite Your Correspondence NEW and Bought - Sold DORN in Kinderhook, Illinois, 1891, and entered government service in 19 1 1 . Served in World War and returned to Treasury Department in 1919. Received LL.B. from Na- tional in 1924. Ex- pert on Foreign Debts and partici- pated in discus- sions to settle for- eign debts. The biography of D. W. Bell is a story of one working up from a government clerk to a financial expert in the government. In September, 1934, President Roosevelt appointed him as acting Director of the Budget which position he has held since. At the present he is an impor- tant advisor in monetary matters for the government. Member of Board of Trade, Manor Country Club and American Legion. Conway’s, Outlines on Contracts Eby’s, Extract of D. C. Code with Annotation Eby’s, Extract on Constitutional Law (Keyed to Leading Case Books) STUDENTS LAW BOOK CO. 811 13TH STREET, N.W. 2008 EYE STREET, N. W. (Cor. 20th and Pa. Ave.) ’Phones: NAtional 3470 WEst 2840 James J. Dunne, Prop. American Review Series On All Subjects MARTIN DIES A tEMBER of U. S. House of Rep- resentatives from Second Dis- trict of Texas for past six years. Gradu- ated from National with LL.B. in 1920 and admitted to the Bar in Texas at the age of nine- teen. Graduated from Beaumont, Texas High School and at- tended University o f Texas. En- gaged in private law practice in Orange, Texas for several years and elected to Congress in 1930 at the age of twenty-nine. He has been re-elected without opposition since 1930. Is a member of the Rules Committee of the House. Is son of Hon. Martin Dies, deceased, former Member of Congress. IN MEMORIAM We wish to pay tribute to one of our alumni who passed away on November 25, U 35 Emory A. Bryant CONTRIBUTORS WHO HELPED MAKE THIS ISSUE POSSIBLE ( ' Corrected to March 75) Avery, Edwina Austin Washington, D.C. Bastian, Walter M. Washington, D.C. Bowen, S. Russell St. Louis, Missouri Caldwell, David D. Washington, D.C. Charles, Robert M. Washington, D.C. Clements, Francis W. Washington, D.C. Conner, Alice K. Washington, D.C. Deeds, Alonzo P. Washington, D.C. Fichthora, L. J. P. Washington, D.C. Fisher, Lewis H. Washington, D.C. Hall, Alvin W. Washington, D.C. Hardy, “Minnie May” Washington, D.C. Heller, John W., Ill York, Pennsylvania Hickman, George P. Washington, D.C. Hochfelder, Julius Brooklyn, New York Hooker, James C. Washington, D.C. Little, J. R. Washington, D.C. Lvddane, Kenneth Chevy Chase, Maryland Mohundro, O. L. Aurora Hills, Virginia Moulton, Hosea B. Washington, D.C. McCullar, C. B. Milledgeville, Georgia McLaughlin, James A. Washington, D.C. (continued on Page 222) Modern Writing.... Typewriter Division UNDERWOOD ELLIOTT FISHER CO Typewriters . . Accounting Machines . . Adding Machines . . Carbon Paper , Ribbons and other Supplies One Park Avenue, New York, N. Y. Sales and Service Everywhere jS O matter what you write it will look better and be done faster if you type it on the Underwood Champion Portable. This modern personal writing machine has 14 new features to make your writing easier, neater, faster. From the exclusive champion keyboard to the new paper centering scale, it is NEW! We invite you to stop in for a demonstration at any Dealer’s or Underwood Elliott Fisher Branch. Or write for a free demonstration to be arranged at your convenience. Underwood, typewriter leader of the world, makes a model for every writing need at a price for every purse. Any Underwood Portable may be purchased on easy terms if you wish. Underwood Champion Portable The First Book You Will Need When You Enter The Practice Will be the " REPORTER”, containing the decisions of the State where you locate. THE NATIONAL REPORTER SYSTEM Contains the decisions of all State and Federal Courts of Last Resort in the Following Reporters: Atlantic — North Eastern — South Eastern Pacific — North Western — South Western Southern — Federal — Federal Supplement U. S. Supreme Court WRITE FOR FULL PARTICULARS WEST PUBLISHING CO., INC. St. Paul, Minnesota August H. Moran extends his congratulations to the members of National University’s Class of 1936, and offers his best wishes for success in their future endeavors. MORAN’S BAR REVIEW COURSE 426 WOODWARD BLDG. Phone: District 0986 I have no use for lawyers, That 1 have I don’t pretend; 1 admit, though, one comes handy When a felon needs a friend. JACK BISCOE: There’s something very dove-like about you. SHE: Do tell me what it is. JACK: You’re pigeon-toed. A PRINTER’S LIFE “May I print a kiss on your lips” I said And she nodded her sweet permission So we went to press and, I rather guess We printed a full edition. “One edition is hardly enough” Said she with a charming pout. So again on the press the form was placed And we got some EXTRAS out. PERFECT HARMONY WHILE the class in Conflict of Laws was in progress everyone strummed their respective catarrhs. You ought to hear Joe Green play the drum on his catarrh. DID YOU KNOW THAT— HENRY CLAY, while argueing a case before the U. S. Supreme Court, calmly walked up to the bench and took a pinch of snuff from Judge Bushrod Washington’s box and remarked to the judge, “I see Your Honor sticks to the scotch”. WILLIAM PINKNEY was once al- lowed by the Supreme Court to repeat a two-hour argument for the benefit of some ladies who arrived too late to hear his argument. r I HE MARYLAND Legislature passed an Act taxing each lawyer in Maryland $5.00 to be turned over to Luther Mar- tin to take care of him in his old age, and not one lawyer objected to this assessment. WALTER M. BASTIAN TR. BASTIAN is a native of the District of Columbia and re- ceived his LL.B. at Georgetown and his LL.M. at National. He has been a member of the bar since 1913: served in World War; has been on the faculty of Na- tional University since 1917. He was elected Treasurer of the D.C. Bar Association in 1 933 and reelected unanimously in 1934 and 1935. He is now President of the D. C. Bar Association, member of the American Bar Association, National Press Club and Manor Club. He has always been active in civic affairs. The 1936 DOCKET A Modern Annual Throughout its production, every care was exercised in building a yearbook which would be a credit to the DOCKET staff and to ourselves. To school and college annual staffs every- where, we offer our completely equipped plant, our years of college craftsman experi- ence, willing service and quality printing. H. G. ROEBUCK SON 119 W. MULBERRY STREET BALTIMORE JOHN CLAGETT PROCTOR M R. PROCTOR, historian, writer, poet and grand old citizen, is un-official historian for District of Columbia. His article on Old Washing- ton appearing in The Star every Sunday has been enjoyed by Wash- ingtonians since 1928. Received LL.B. from Na- tional in 1893 and his father gradu- ated from Na- tional i n 1874. Active in all civic affairs, founder of Society of Natives, Vice-President, Poet Laureate and Chronicler of Association of Oldest Inhabitants, provider of in- formation of historic sites for inaugura- tion of every President since Theodore Roosevelt, he is truly Washington’s foremost historian. STANDARD ENGRAVING COMPANY MAKERS OF Fine Engravings PRINTCRAFT BUILDING Washington, D. C. HERBERT N. HARVEY Class of ’36 REAL ESTATE District 9706 1625 K STREET, N.W. Washington, D. C. W. R. SIMPSON DAIRY PRODUCTS (Established over 50 Years) FINE BUTTER, EGGS and FOREIGN and DOMESTIC CHEESE ’Phone NOrth 7703 Stand No. 4 , Riggs Market Washington, D. C. PATRICK JAY HURLEY B ORN in Indian Territory, 1883. Began work in a coal mine at the age of n and attended school at night. Received LL.B. from National, 1908. Served as Secretary of War, 1929 - 1933. H e served in the World War and was decorated for gallant service and received D i s t i n- guished S e r v i ce Medal for negoti- ating agreement between Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and A. E. F. National Attorney for Choctaw Nation, 1912- 1917. Colonel Hurley has gone from the coal mines to the Cabinet and has been mentioned as nominee for President of the United States. He is a member of Sigma Chi and Phi Beta Kappa. FOR LAW BOOKS NEW and SECOND HAND Call on JOHN BYRNE COMPANY 1324 EYE STREET, N.W. ’Phone: NAtional 0114 Washington, D. C. NATION- WIDE STORES FEATURE THESE FINE QUALITY PRODUCTS AT LOWEST PRICES Peter Pan SALMON King SYRUP Langs PICKLES Sundine ORANGE and GRAPEFRUIT JUICE ADDISON T. SMITH A MEMBER of Congress from the State of Idaho for twenty years, retiring from that office in 1933 when he was appointed as Associate Mem- ber of Board of Veteran’s Appeals. Graduated from National in the class of ’99 and in 1 900 went to Boise, Idaho, where he entered politics. He was Chairman of Irrigation and Reclama- tion Committee in the House and spon- sored the legislation providing for Boul- der Dam. During his service in Con- gress, Mr. Smith visited nearly all Na- tional Parks and Alaska, Panama, Ha- waii, and other foreign lands. BITS OF ALUMNI NEWS WE SHOULD be proud of the fact that the last four presidents of the District of Columbia Bar Association have been graduates of National Uni- versity. They are: W. W. Millan 1933 F. Regis Noel 1934 H. W. Wheatley 1935 Walter Bastian 1936 “MINNIE MAY” HARDY 32 is doing well in the Treasury Department. She is president of United States Treasury No. 35 Auxiliary Unit and chairman of the Department of Child Welfare. MAJOR JULIUS HOCHFELDER, ’oi was the Erst New York Attorney to challenge the validity of the N.R.A. and he was sustained in his contentions. WILLIAM L. BRUCKART, Editor- in-Chief of The 1928 Docket, is cor- respondent for a large syndicate of newspapers. He is located in the Na- tional Press Building. JAMES C. HOOKER, ’28, is with the I.C.C. engaged in the legal adjustment of disputes between shippers and rail carriers. EDITOR’S NOTE: Will everyone of you who get this magazine please write to the secretary of the Alumni Associa- tion giving information about yourself. It will be valuable to you and other alumni if you will keep in touch with the association. WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE A DIRECTORY OF THE GRADU- ATES OF NATIONAL GIVING THEIR ADDRESSES? IF SO LET US KNOW. C. B. McCULLAR, the first editor of the National University Law Review, has a wonderful law practice in Mil- ledgeville, Georgia. Class of ’24. The Shivers Insurance Agency DENRIKE BUILDING Washington, D. C. FIDELITY BONDS AND GENERAL CASUALTY AND FIRE INSURANCE NAtlonal 5270 SHANNON LUCHS 1505 H. ST., N. W. NAtional 2345 REAL ESTATE and INVESTMENTS Happiness Sandwich Shop Inc. 805 THIRTEENTH STREET, N. W. OUR SANDWICH IS A REAL MEAL FOUNTAIN SERVICE —LIGHT LUNCH E. M. BRYAN CO., Inc. STATIONERS PRINTERS NOVELTIES — GAMES — PARTY GOODS THREE STORES : 813 13th Street N.W. 2912 14th Street N.W. 1711 Penna. Ave. N.W. Telephone: Metropolitan 0252 SOME OUTSTANDING GRADU- ATES NOT MENTIONED ELSE- WHERE IN THIS PUBLICATION. Preparing for the BAR EXAMINATION IT is possible for the law student to review for the Bar Examination without super- vision, just as it is possible to study law without attending law school, but the method is certainly not the most effective. Competent guidance is as essential in review as elsewhere. FRANK S. SMITH LAW REVIEW COURSES Hill Building MEtropolitan 0058 George P. Barse — Holds a high position in Treasury Department in Washington. Member of faculty of National. Eugene Carusi — Assistant United States District At- torney for District of Columbia. William A. Coombe — Practicing Attorney in Washington. Member of faculty of National. James A. Freak — United States Federal Trade Com- missioner in Washington. Rice Hooe — Assistant Corporation Counsel for the District of Columbia. William F. (Bill) Martin— In the reporters office of the United States Supreme Court. O. L. Mohundro — Examiner in the Interstate Commerce Commission. One of The Docket’s Strongest boosters. Godfrey L. Munter — Practicing Attorney in Washington with offices in Shoreham Building. Roger O’Donnell — Practicing in Washington and New York. Member of faculty of National. Recognized authority on Common Law Pleading. Ellen K. Raedy — Judge Municipal Court of District of Columbia. Thomas E. Robertson — Former United States Patent Com- missioner. Member of faculty of Na- tional University. NATHAN CAYTON J UDGE CAYTON is native of the District of Columbia. Awarded honorary scholarship to National and received LL.B., 1918. While in Na- tional he was awarded two fa- culty prizes as the best debater. Ap- pointed Municipal Judge in 1927 and reappointed 1931. He is the young- est man ever to hold a judicial position in the District of Columbia. A member of Board of Trade, American Bar Asso- ciation, Masonic Order and Gamma Eta Gamma. Judge of Law Moot Court at National. For Your National Rings and Fraternity Pins and Other School Jewelry We Have the Original National University Ring R. HARRIS COMPANY F Street at nth District 0916 and 0917 For the Finest Products at the Lowest Prices Consistent with Quality Call ADams 10,000 COAL FUEL OIL PAINT BUILDING MATERIAL BROOKLAND COAL CO., Inc. 3912 GEORGIA AVE. Hartford E. Bealer, Class ’36 W. H. Hessick, Jr., Class ’35 H. WINSHIP WHEATLEY H E IS A Washingtonian by birth and educated in public and high schools of District of Columbia. Re- ceived LL.B., National, 1903; LL.M., 1904. A member of the District of Columbia Bar, Maryland Bar and United States Su- preme Court Bar. Has been a mem- ber of the faculty since 1926. He was President of t h e District of Columbia Bar Association in 1933. A member of Sigma Delta Kappa Fra- ternity. Has done much for improve- ment of legal ethics. In private prac- tice with offices in Denrike Building. The Dance Pictures appearing in THE DOCKET Made by MR. PELTON ■of VOGUE STUDIOS 817 14th St., N. W. Please Communicate With the Secretary of the Alumni Association If you would like to attend the ALUMNI DINNER Whether this institution continues or not and whether we have an ALUMNI MAGAZINE or not depends upon YOU. EDWINA AUSTIN AVERY ALL NATIONAL U. STUDENTS MEET AT HILLOW’S Before Classes Between Classes After Classes For Good Food — Refreshments — Liquors and Wines 812 13th Street, N. W. “TWO DOORS FROM THE SCHOOL G RADUATED from National with LL.B., 1926 and LL.M., 1927. Mrs. Avery has been, for the past few years, working diligently in uniting the feminine thought in this country in oppo- sition to restric- tions on the eco- nomic freedom of women. (Editor’s note: we believe she has gone a long way in thi s respect). Presi- dent of the Woman’s Bar Association, 1934-1935. A member of the Board of Directors of Kappa Beta Pi, Vice- President of Alumni Association, mem- ber of National Woman’s Party and author of several popular articles. My Best Wishes To The Senior Class BILL MARTIN F. REGIS NOEL TDORN in Pennsylvania and edu- cated in Catholic University, Na- tional University, St. Mary’s and Ox- ford (England) having received the de- grees o f B.A., M.A., LL . B . , LL.D. and Ph.D. He is author of “History of Court House of District of C o 1 u m b i a’’, “History of Bank- ruptcy Law” and pamphlets and bi- ographies, etc. A member of the American Bar Associa- tion, Barristers Club, Cosmos Club and Circuit Club. Engaged in pri- vate practice. Mr. Noel was President of the District of Columbia Bar Asso- ciation in 1934. SOME OTHER GRADUATES OF WHOM WE ARE PROUD George H. Schoolmeester — Practicing in Washington. Frederick P. H. Siddons — Secretary of the American Security and Trust Company, Washington. Member of the faculty at National. George O’Connor — Offices in Washington. Still singing his way into the hearts of his listeners. F. Edward Mitchell — Now in Washington; former United States Attorney for Panama. C. C. Carlin — Offices in Washington in Munsey Building. Former Member of Con- gress. Edward Brashears — One of Washington’s leading insu- rance men. L. Harold Sothoron — Member of Maryland State Legis- lature. Member of the faculty at Na- tional. Jessica Dee Stewart — Washington’s leading woman author- ity on patent law. Conrad H. Syme — Former Corporation Counsel for Dis- trict of Columbia; now practicing in Washington and member of National Faculty . William D. Jamieson — Former Member of Congress; now in Washington. BUCKINGHAM STUDIO Incorporated OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Of THE DOCKET 1220 NEW YORK AVE., N. W. NAtional 4924 We keep a permanent file of all photographs used in this book. Additional portraits may be secured at any time at a special discount Picture Framing We will frame your Diploma Complete, Ready to Hang r.25 DIAMOND CABS Owned and Operated by Members of the Independent Taxi Owners Association , Inc . Authorized Taxicab and Limousine Service at Union Station POtomac 6200 (Continued from Page 214) O’Donnell, Roger Washington, D. C. Proctor, John Clagett Washington, D. C. Rust, H. L. Washington, D. C. Sakis, Mabel Washington, D. C. Schneider, Mary L. Washington, D. C. Schuldt, Gus A. Washington, D. C. Shawler, C. L. Cherrydale, Va. Shorb, David J. Washington, D. C. Smith, Addison T. Washington, D. C. Sotheron, L. Harold Brentwood, Maryland Trammell, E. Adrian Washington, D. C. Vickers, Grace Kanode Washington, D. C. Ward, Herbert S. Washington, D. C. Wills, Walter H. Washington, D. C. ONE MEMBER of the Alum- ni contributed five times as much as we asked him for toward the expenses of this publication. He was: John W. Heller, III 36s E. Philadelphia Street York, Pennsylvania INCONSISTENT PROVERBS “Look before you leap.” “He who hesitates is lost.” A man gets no more than he pays for.” “The best things in the world are free.” “Leave well enough alone.” “Progress never stands still.” “Seeing is believing.” “The hand is quicker than the eye.”

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