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lm- , .. ! N1neteenE1ghtyF1ve Q 0 6 I 1 Lll - aamf ---- x . W I 1 I Wgfifm 2 U "W 'K 1' .5 7 1 f kv I LJ W v gf N ' V l ty' f xf If ff gb g V ". 'T 1 ff r YI," 1' "Pug "' 6 f' I :FQ ' 'Quo--hhmhl mf?fl5. . , -', . ,,.. ,, ,, I-., x -4.-fel? f 7 L-lnn...... " fa if , ,. '45, 5- 'VZQ . I f", , y '1-nqavlf' .L , , laggf' -'wav' .WX ,. A . E Pages of Interest Q ZJFLJ B ff' an 9 pages Il- 4 A E 85 6 fi L Q E 1, Q 65-69 AND AYCTIVITIES Q Sf-Lmrofiza A D g K 5 I I7 93 98 T 91 fipome X 70-79 W 5,3 CDD' LD 9 O A .1 NCE CANDIDS , fs L QV' 5 s 4 I f"'s it ,ei X -,,, ..,'-3 1 .fy 9 rf 4' .Q 3 i 47? U 1' Wg' BSP? ,.?'1 I x 1 'fx g ,l 0 J ff Captured Moments Beth, Camera shy? Nice Smile!! T Hare s to you 8 I 1 It's The pits! I That face, that face That cover girl face The many moods of Lombard. Smiles Everybody Smiles 'rf Lombard glamour girls. nd look olike. Notioncll's quarterly cover girl. ff, W. m 'f!f'134i V ., :ian , - ,,:.qggf,L,1s ' WWW 'XWISHW . zmmn T ,V-'f . ,y .W -4 , . WW ff 'A' W 'f:?'? 6126 J f f 1 1 'M Mmm, ffwrmm NA IONAL LLEGE OF ", 'X' 100, , 5 ilu-' ? ,k u a . T 'I g ix Q 33. l A E U Q -. Q ,s,g .ya " Mrs f Q n , fi 55 ?,?,11 ii!! 3:9131 :gi-ly if . : f'i31"45 19? 1 5 -,gf 1' v ' .e S 613925 am, W, . ,, 1 is I V X A N in ,1 .ff wma f Foll Welcome Bock Party Shake at Baby' Words' Hmmm Yeah' John s harem. Look at that cutie! - He 5 my date! He o World - I 5 me? w. Smile Raf smile! For Y Ou! We D Ou! CI3LLEGE eouqlmglg HB Tin, G agton LorIDed'c .JL WE 9 1 Bqy T HE ST UDENTS F On TfiE S1rU DENT S V0'u m 0 1! 0 Vvdnlzedg r- MAKE W QQ Q6 9 N CE S?v?l0f5 he NTENCEMEN-r Qwxgef-3 - QNX QYSEQQ- H0 4 CO CE Q64QbQSx the cn tEN mes ,, DEADL 04, A 570' 7 '-. 43, 6 :r m I 4-1- fn -:.f,xG"?j, m Q , V 0 821' O a Fi' fb m o , fb '1 T' US. Dear Student X985 15 inns ts x ef mx tee 3 xnvxt ou Y W1 t t e wx set a an to Qoin heeke no haven twme 0 ha o and o nexp ny ! 1 Y Ma, 3 u who x an weaken Xxle to ittee, o ose ce one s ouse re Xhvxte txe ou wou o he Comm m beXow 4 icesg hai tn i BYNQH r parent moers a BCYXVW N19 0 t io t Situ e when you famxty m no q the e a weXco 5 x return of Stuoen the maiN other amous A c uoeo r e roqfa fa xXxar xce oroo r campus moe theR,f,'qafi1t1C E N T E R T A I N M F N ITI NCE Welcoming Week , i R 1 , :fi X Checking into Baker New students try to pick up some helpful tips from Susan and Mary. l College students proudly display their coloring pictures! Orientation was a success due to the great efforts of the Am- bassadors. Who could forget the Trivia Pursuit game, the volleyball match, and the Team Building Workshop. Yeah, Orange Team! l4 Robert and Pat help the homes. " . f .,, . . -1, new residents move into their new We checked it out on Club Day "l"ag:,x A ' F, .,.J,.4 . lame. ark QM 51 Hlfm' , , M5 1fvhGfg': ,Q ff' 0 v Q5 rl , lg. . 451.1 A, "'- QQ-.,k'xL.ii,.. ,, ..Q.1:i 'efLe"? , ,,, , ,,,,l . -152. - IPX v X .ig N J' gs 13.5-.,. . Madam. Q" 4. "' 1? :F - :z:a,w l . ffwiqipiiat aw ff 1 1 . 5 .4 v9!!.""1 National On Skates My Body Guards, You know . . . Mon, that hurts! I-it Toi Bobolonio, look out! l'm just tired. Heel, toe . . . Student Alliance sponsored Ice Skoting Night ot Robert Crown. Noncy Dowd, President of Student Allionce wos d defi- nite hit on ice, Everyone nod o COOL time. l6 Konsos City Bombers. Ringing-Up 568, 000 s..a"'ks I is I .qs National's seventh annual Phoneatnon has raised 568,000 for the new Student Center andthe office complex on the col- Iege's Evanston Campus. During l l evenings of phoning, students, faculty, staff and alumni received 2,023 pledges. I7 Winter Welcome Back Party gi' '-2 Q' is Get ready girls, here they come! 3-gist Q--1 , eg lf S -',Y:..'f:7' A Wal Lama Quick t Damcis H-mia. . jams 2 , was e f What dance? I didn't see any sighs. Well, let me tell ya . , , Come on, Make my day. Twist and Shout! Wd! f . ,,,, I-'GY The best of the East and the West, Jammin' Margie! H.1n.'.., . Look, Mom, no cavities! And-a-one-and-a-two . . . Hi, l'm Sexy x, R I .ZR 4 Hey, wI'1ere's the party? Move over, Michael Jackson! Okay f-i-n-ef ,,,,,.-f- I , Until next week . , . Hey, Janet, look at him! What's up? 1 I 9 R .Sh A i f , 4 T 3 74 c ' C x I W 111 I? f X if ' Ns 4"":i. 0 "+ . 'S I 53.4.4 , :Q 1 Ak Q' . 'R . ze., ' 4: ' -L, ET 'rg- l if. 5 WN 'iff ,U K. x' E 3 4 "-X 5, W '11 I f,..f ...- uf-E 1 if J. QIJH 'xzl 'J' A Madrigal Dinner With a fanfare of trumpets and a bit ot imagination, the humble cafeteria was trans- formed into a banquet hall fit tor a king and his court. With entertainment ranging from the sublime to the ridicu- lous, the kingdom was amused. They feasted upon such delica- cies as wild game and hearty bread pudding. Though the fog of rich drinks clouded the perceptions of a few, most will have a crystal clear memory of this grand and stately celebration. Ghosts ono' Goblins Get Together of .lust Clowning Around! Hey! Where's the food? Xkgx , QE 9 4,,,W,.f " V M x i 6' M1 Q - -. ip. J, -' . ' " U V o 'iv 4' 9 32513. W Xl Q , 1? J I I -"3-x -A VCR, """ E '-'C' - . 4 . A 'if I , xx Roh! Roh! The Wicked Witch of NCE. Bom Bom ond Pebbles u. X. W fulq 1, fri," fo. ,f fx, , ,R tx 'F 5, if pq-- N1, 'tx m ' Hflve 0 drink On me? Secret Spooks Strike MJ4 -1 X f su' .wil I-an Trick or Treat ar Lombard Debble the bug game hunter' Our Halloween luncheon was qunte delightful All of the costumes were very frnghtful Every bunny had a great Time. More Treats I won, reolly? I didn't even dress up. We didn't dore give our teachers G SCCIFS Ghosts, He's giving our decorations ci grade! Goblins, ond Ghoulies ' 4 I 12' fs. .4 W W, .sq s.,- Is This o self-portroit Dwight? 4 5 , 3 W W 5 , We're jornmin'! Look out Prince here we come. Hove I got cl line for you I'm not on onimol - I'm cu human being. I think l've got it. Yeoh, I know I'm sweet. Tell Me That You Love Me Junie Moon Q79 'fig 1 X l A ,J-"1 1 ixcfi ,I ' 3 The School of Arts and Sciences Proudly Presents Tell Me That You Love Me Junie Moon Production Director Richard Bagg Lighting Designer Costume Designer Sally Morgan Patricia Taylor Cast Junie Moon Janice Alder Arthur Mike Conran Warren Tim Gaston Dr. Kirkland James Stuber Minnie Rhonda Chorney Miss Oxford Michelle Lurie Miss l-lolt Karen Sisko John Goren Sam Edwards Marilyn April l-lodgkins Mrs. Wyner Linda O'Bryan Gregory Janet Laske Mario Thomas Moore 28 Q 4 I x '+o 5-, ..,., , .l if' 4 ' fl 3 I 'w I ,X Jw U, ' 7 1, I r . ,gg E , I , ...lf x 3Is 2 ,...f-ww V AA ff 7 4 Sf' The Fine Arts Department Proudly Presents Tl-IE ODD COUPLE by Neil Simon Production Director Richard Bagg Lighting Design Costume Design Karin Anderson Chriss Georgoff Cast ot Characters in Order of Appearance Speed Thomas Moore Murray, the cop Todd Diclce Roy Jerry Crystal Vinnie Tim Gaston Oscar Madison Mike Conran Felix Ungar Ray Chiamulera Gwendolyn Pigeon Janice Adler Cecily Pigeon April l-lodgkins 211331 HWQMW i ,pf Circle K Goes to Misericordio Circle K is a service organization club. Its members participate in many activities which help people. One of the activities that Circle K held this year was a party at Misericordia l-lome. Misericordia is a home for handicapped people. Circle K members played move- ment games and made arts and crafts with the residents. The party was a huge success. Circle K is going strong! 32 Chicago On Hallo Ween The TRUE characters of Student Affairs , wg' Baby Kelley The Karen Stanbary fan club lr Winter Holidays Was the punch spiked? li-.M Are you rob- bing The cradle, Nancy? "Have you been good little boys and girls this year?" Ask Santa At Lombard Celebrating the holidays with family, friends and faculty Santa had almost as much fun as the eager boys and girls! 1 ff and L if Q X l ff lain F!-N Evc1nston's Student Senate and Student Alliance N Family Feud as 5449 46 .qos , ' , 4 n , . Q 4,' , , 'lgifi' A The students challenged the faculty in a game of Family Feud. Jerry Crystal as M.C. was abso- lutely ducky. Special thanks to Cal Claus, Lee Ramsey, Joyce Markle, Dave McGowan, Patti McClean, Lucinda Wise, Seri Markotf, Mork Kennedy, Jonathon Lindsay, Carolyn Bair ond Larry Losko. They lost. What Goes UP Trl Campus Picnic Must Come Down l Kite Flying iff' if V 4' Uyyg M i, wif ff f'f' ' , 1,0 f fi If fy mif fw ffyfy 55:5 V ,f,,. i Q f X A, i f' . ff V f V , Q, V 4 'b , ff if I Q4 ,W fm. If 'ml Go Fly Kite " 39 2-W ,-,W jf-if N 1. ff Th E IyChldI'1 dCI I3 CHILD FEST A FAMILY DAY Q55 AO ggi 913 ,v + ,Qs 7 5 me 4 3 'S y,,,r-.IK ! L.-.p-nv" fvaq :M . 'U' . 1 HM U ,I -vm --L , , x 4 .M 'gm E xx lx' L 1 . s 1 lv, Q .- X Lombard at Work Calculus - ugh! Peggy and Randy sharing a special moment. Concentrating on an in-depth conversation. School days, school days, dear old broken rule days Computer and 'riting and 'rithmetic, A lesson in posture. Cal at his best. if P Food, Glorious Food bn - .' ' V' K . .M , Y .. x ' '11 it k'hk 2 -1:1 ' . Vx . , '- I ... f i i 'A PM ,mm V 9 , Candlelight Bowl l Circle K sponsored Candlelight Bowl. The evening wos o definite HIT. 45 W NMONAL COLLEgg Sf QXMILY WEEKEND 5 X . ' Q 7 I .Z 1 x K E? ,p,,..Vv' Eli 4-nr 4 1 , , 1 1 I If I, if ff 1 51 Xl , Family Weekend Begins with C7 Splash! A ,,e,, 4954? Masquerade Dance Ml? ...M nf L 441-L., Q, SL?" if M40 if ',,,f M, ,LW M M ., ,, 3 ,- J , ! 'L ...Q SQ' ,gf Human Sxifvyqgx Jwxlfaffi-is leaf 1 zx helping W? ,XV xl The School of Arts and Sciences Proudly Presents THE KID IN ALL OF US Honoring Family Weekend l985 Production Director Richard Bagg Student Director Ray Chiamulera Musical Director Judy Bundra Kids from Bye, Bye Birdie ....... NCE Company Jennifer Gray, Chris Tripp, Natalie Horney Mike Conran, Leia Norman, Jeff Harris Baby Talk: Boy Meets Girl .......... Peter Stone 81 Carl Reiner Dawn Klebba Jeff Arseneau Charlie Brown .......... ..... C harles Schultz Ray Chiamulera On Tuesdays I Polish My Uncle Dennis Lee Dawn Klebba, Karen Sisko, Jeff Arseneau, Linda O'Bryan, Mike Conran, Katey Schwartz Mr. Prebble Gets Rid Of His Wife .,.. by Linda Young James Thurber Dead, That Is ................................ Jodi Cohen Steve Lutz, Janice Alder, Antonella Gianni Dawn Klebba, Linda O'Bryan, April Hodgkins Karen Sisko, Jeff Arseneau, Katey Schwartz Mike Conran, Jerry Crystal, Debra Gilchrist The Sandbox, a black comedy by Edward Albee Mike Conran, Janet Laske, Janice Alder, Ray Chia- mulera and Joanna Edwards The Shrinking of Treehorn Florence Parry Heide Melinda Strom The Long-Haired Boy ................... Shel Silerstein Steve Lutz, Janice Alder, Antonnella Gianni, Dawn Klebba, Linda O'Bryan, April Hodgkins, Karen Sisko, Jeff Areseneau, Katey Schwartz, Mike Con- ran, Jerry Crystal, and Debra Gilchrist Jacob Two-Two Meets The Hooded Fang by Mordecia Richler ......,........... Katey Schwartz A Company of Wayward Saints by George Herman .. April Hodgkins and Ray Chia- I mulera The Waltz by Dorthy Parker .......... Janice Alder I m Herbert ............................,. Robert Anderson Dawn Molick and Ray Chiamulera 54 95' - , wc.- 1, , ' , t - f X at J rf ' 'Q H hilt ,wwf M 9 nl Student Affairs Reception M I . Ef P QM A Q, 4593? 2 Q2 4 I .,.,,V,,,z D ,yi f Yf 446. .., 2 K I I ,- ff 'T""' U W1 Awards Banquet Avg 3 fffw f Ll L., p-.A 59 Mardi gras Carnival 1985 ' iii: ,bf J' 1' Ig .Q -ff w6:,,...f..f 3 ,gg V J 4. mg Mask xi, 'Ti -. +:'.-fe-W - M 1 Q. . 'X . ' 61 Eat Your Heart Out! H s f ."'1 .Q , J .1 t 2-. If - 11' , 1 . sf -. , f W , M 'n " . Q ,WY ,A , If ,plrr-5 1 '19, 'fun I'- . 'b.' W 5' D "xr .,, f. V A 'X kgfsffi Family Weekend was Topped off with 0 picnic. Jonathon ond Julie Lind- say cooked up ci storm. It roinecl but all had fun. 63 f-v' ' if A We Live I-lere? Q I -'vi Those rowdy R.A.s Thank God for Cliffs! Your money or your life? Oh, dees Chicogo whhhihters Don't move or I'II squirt your head o . But I love you both! Pork chops ond APPLE SI-IAUCE, 66 l'rT1 lookin' for you! Hey, don't disrupt my creativity! Rob's last will and testament K. L Gimme that! NK' 5:5 ra-'M Y . V ..,. . -Q, ,ff-mei-4 , wzswf--K as-3-1:ri.2-23:-i ' I dare ya!!! Oh, come on. Jil. Finals Week? Oh, darn, caught again! Meanwhile . . . At Baker Hall Should we Trust these people? Let's see . . . tomorrow lunch is . . . 7163 lt's the only way To study. Little Sam waves to his admirers, Looks can be deceiving! I-li everybody! This looks dangerous. Sounds l"lTeVe5TlV'Ql ROOMMA TE GAME 1 1 fl The traditional B.A.R.S. room- mate game was held on May l6. Contestants answered questions about their room- mate's wardrobes, what animal they most resemble, and what one thing they would do it they were to die tomorrow. Pha and Kao from l-North were the win- ners. EE Q 1 5 TEAM?"- EMM 4,7 "Cv" 1 I X x,."', V? 5 1 W! 5 ., ,Q af 1 5 ,uf 'GA 1 'f il! E I 0, , " nv' lf' 'fm if 5 Vs, .,,, jp- f V' " 5,1 2 , , L A-,, : 1 '. 4 X , ,,f '4 1 M V 1 Q Students vs. Faculty Aw, come on, it's in! Go faculty! Golf! ff1.awr1Q Best three out of five and guess what, the students worm. Facul- - ty demand a re- 1, f 4 , Mmnwwaf match. 72 , MH 4, Ya ready, or what? Couple extra for the faculty, Larry? 112.4 IK' itl x Top: Stacy Gillum, Jean Hager, Kimeri Swanson, Becky Wolenec, Michelle Fang. Middle: Kristi Rackley, Angela Kinds, LuAnn Kozak, Sheila Green, Carol Holmes. Bottom: l-leidi Korf, Meg Sher- man. , xm M TEAM, barely f af '-4, S S Tammy Trulock - coach Lez"s l-liz' the Nets Af sz , 3, ..- . ."' ,..- 4 . f ' ' , , . , .V +-- " "' A " - . f - " 'pa 4 x f' . -5-ff f Q ' .V '- 527313 2-sf - X! kj- -, Qs, aa -. : 1.1.1, as PF'-5.3 .mia f Xu.: ",,v:1 "3 . ug. : . 31,4-abbzzf ., 2-,2 :9'ii??Q1'fe?'i'k M 3-27-.,1f1,v5,s9f-:,: ff Xiwizs'-,vw v Eff ' ' i , kb- P assi N""N'vw5,,,,, ,. E. N - J ,v l- X 9 XXX ., G, ,s,, , X3 f Z m N . 1 I ,M -Q -r -. .xg Y .yeisgffw .Amy I V - kA"9,, A , F ' A v,.f:,,, , A ,A WS, 1- , K . iffy , Q nf 1 'fm ,,,' " fa Wm f fw .4 1 .Q H J' aw i f The Basketball Team Gives lts Best Shot v gc . :E t af ff WW? E mf? VM , ii? Q wx QVESNK- S W Nm lg -FK ixmfb A QN w x.. 39 X VX SQQQKNQQXXXXYX X six wx YN Y N Qwgmxxbgg :Gig X X .V , VV., Aves v Q x I'Cll'1 S I v Q ruvers B, efXKe ck 86 U of G Florad 5 Floruda 'S X onsm P ksude oroa :ver ef natlo ,swf X ortheastern Ilhn 2 Q4 A fx NCEQ V. W vi NCE M? reemf e Coffege 'QS MSS CQ e S M NFQTSI VV.. Ent sm s 'A Xwlxwmsxgsxw x Q Wg? C Vs ...M 'Bmw t wxw R fx ' Mme W x 7 2 .1 2 ! .Q I Xl Kim Q- 'biikif " 'KI we ,mx WW Q fi 3 ff VLLGE mf i. RF x ft Q? .2 VH? 16,9 gf 1 A E6 f 'A 'tm -mf E:-. , M fV . a f , : - -:QV M . - , V Nw .1 ,f . . R auf' 7 A Y , 6, , X sm... A - . , V s ,- . . 4 L V my A A .ly 4 I ,K H I M 1. ' ,amine JP' - " ' me I .-...Q . ,Y I ii- 1' ' fl 2- 32"2'41.E1'f 222222 -12" ' N e,V'.wjV Q, ezine., EQVQE V . ,, kzzg "7 V""r"1 V " f " f'V- V? ' fx tizfzpffew V ' . - 2 M 4- Q- :gg V1 l'1'1 IT1 :s.1E?z2E2ae:a.Vs1:s2!5f -ef ' V, 'si .f 'Z' '21 X 4125-.ff . . 5. 51 ff ,n ','. f'?5:i2525g.2I15' 3515551IEfQi3fIf:E5F'?f52f525'? 33212-if " .fi .. v 15.3. A' vp, , M f 7" Q - ' 1:55-E5:53Ez1?5:3i251525353225531555553-''-:,-.Z:V'.'f'5 A ' 't-':1E"2'-is .-V1V.,f,.V..,Gw?:2-::1VsSVV.f.V.t.V wb 113: ' V1 . 1' "'Q'::'f55':' ' 237' , ' F' L f .V .V-zwfzi ' Af 1 ,,1f:s:-:1:' --'-:1-'-ffza.."f- ti Vg.:-ggmw-g:::" W ' '- 35g55::-3,1-,,.954,f - ' :- 'V '-zfsgzzfsg-5f:waa2.V 7 Y V , . ui., . ..,:V.VVV.-4.14, ' . .-.?w5f:,., 4 .. .2 -' " fm' ' I ' ' -. V, Wu,eI-.2Isf3..:f- 'V2Z?'V-5232 A ff? V ' 4 'WN "'V1:f:-iii ' :-9E25E35E5, z 323' 45 E5 V.-,fm A - ' - 1-5:5-:ze-:fzfsf V af ' I 4- I " f. .E:2:52:::Qj:E' 1. - 4',?,d .44 .12 " fu' 1' fi... . W 53'-ff' .W my ' 4 If' -A 4 .fc ww 'A V 'C ' . 5' ,. "f ' '1'E5- - . -2555.1ii:iz.ziiifizizlfwiirii5525541-U'-Vw . V ' 9 .V I UM, A 7 V 5 1 V:V 1' . V ' rf "':-'2'.:,::-IEP? 'pf "" ' 1 ' A' z '9fq3.:.::yfj"' I'IIEff:3:f:1gVj.3:'.f..A K 4 ' -V-I'If1g5EE2lf' Mis' v- Wy 9 2'f'If?gjsftisilifgilizif-1552 Vj1Ef:.:sgsg.V:g1gg2:g1."::a1r2i:isi32ais'-5...if f -,fyfir'Vfwsar-aer,3z:f:s-fs-A'-mmf-rvt. 'Emu:-2:-:r,r:1s:A af -' :.5s:::1:1-:.w:.:.:-r:::s3:5:2-5:-.::::g z4g,9f,:VVw- " ?. rf' ' ": ,Vw ,gi ' ' '-'B' ' A 'fi ' ' 'va:..: V -l ' ' V .-I-I-:-:1:f:-:7:I.T:2:.g2':1541-:+:':-151.-:I:' A -L, ,,:'V'1- ' ,V A Vw...-.V'5-.:21-".g.::5sgf:.gif-fg:..-sVfazV,.:V.:-1.-.V--:a-ar 'V 1 , ,ff ,f- gwzaf4::Q V.V2 VA 'f 0 ' V ' . ,pw'-",:55f::Sf,gA'vzyjifh:-1. ' "fr V, ef - ' 1 ,.,, 2- . 'a '-'af' UN V, ..... 0 so ' ' ' :Zi I ':::-Q"-:-5:'15:Yf'2I1-- 22's-i:'12s'z:2'::4 . '- .V fd I mf QA V fri' 1.4-:fi ,rf':1:5'j'-:fZ5':"iiI'2'11:E55:25'E:j:5E5E5:??35rS5f52:2:IS'E':1E:E:ffl-5.-Erzfi'ff'7'E'E:E:E1EEi?I15:Z3?'2Li24?1:'5-:Said -Pai 114 f A? se ' ff 41wH,., ,:- ,',QW'i.32V-'wfgzxgmgzaf:5:5g:5.3:-.5s:r:z2-.V.-V-ofE'E:-3:-:4V3.r-ag:215:-AVVee::::2H:5-':3:Q:,:3:5:,:2f"s1'.12415115515:-jpgas-5.1411-3.111:515:gg:,iL,g5a?:m-H2155fm:'xfff-'fL"i'fV-3 ., umgw ' 1:-533'i:i2f'2f':?s-1.'12:2 4' sf' V W ,-gf.. A M 3, y-.sq A . VT? ' -1 xw.,,,4, Meg Schermon, Angelo Kinds, Theresa l-lciuck,Jeor1 Heger, Holly Zielke,KotI'1y Forlow, Kristi Rockley, Liso Reinholtz, Pearl Mills, and Dreomo Perry. l Q i ' , ip.l5'sgf'-, , , I A VN X 4. J H ' i +I, m x "'i!!li-'Ar i I 77 Golf Team W .f ,W ,W N . ,,,. f 40:1 f '? Orley R. Herron, President c ' ' Af' Glen E. Heck, Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs Delbert D. Stoner, Sr. Vice President for Administro tion 81 3 A Carolyn Bair, Vice President for Student Affairs Ines Milne, Asst. Vice President for Finance 82 l Darrell Bloom, Vice President and Dean of the School of Education WI' swf Edward Risinger, Jr., Vice President and Dean for the School of Arts Sciences Mary Alice Freeman, Asst. Vice President for Academic Affairs William Robinson, Vice President for Institutional Advancement ., .L .f:f. , 57? , A: .4 429 --vw- f .,', 5 1 .,, ,", , 1 1 .bij f 5 Robert Abene Stephanie Aldort fm l f Judith Bastin Thomas Bates 5 ffm Randy Bennett Peter Bensinger L 1 ' X4 A g,,..g.4M- Karin Anderson - 7 , 1 4 'N 1 4 W 14 ' M.. f Susan Belgrad LaVerne Bichowsky X. Barbara Bonner James Bozzelli Willie Burnside Olaff Carlson Calvin Claus Yolanda Cooper l l C i Robert Davis Beverly Dildine Carol Erickson 85 '-vm-,. Sara Ewald 7 G' gr W i Irwin B. Fieldman Alfred Fisher Lois Gallagher 6 Maggie Gill Alanna Gordon Irma Gutner Nancy Hahfeler Susan Hamilton Arthur Hannah Catherine Hansen I Robert Hartman Peggy Healy I Cynthia Hepner li, ,1 4 Elmer Herbert Beth Imm Richard Jancuk 'f wwf Danuta Kama Mary Jane Kearney Marian Knssane Bernuce Kuclnskas 88 MAA X A 3 45 5 . if , f rr 1 , W.: ' :ff . Y fir i ,vi ,, . ,V Q , fm, y A Q, ,st , ,, .5 my may , 1 xy 1 M vit ki QQ , if V c I , ' ' Y '- ,, I ' rr . .N r if ' , f "'s,,,'-wanna ' I , Q: ' - ,....,,,... -. X Larry Lasko Patricia Lemmons Eve Langston Dave McGowan Michael Miller Donna Ogle Doug Marken if Q Judith Noonan-Pusateri Marsha Peeler LaVerne Ramaeker Martin Regan 3 W f I 1 A i ,,f Gladys Richardson Wayne Sander KGY Shfivef 90 NB it f ' vase. L, Richard Sorenson Karen Stanbary Edward Storke Margaret Stout hi ma I f VV Eileen Tarnoff Marilyn Turner Criss Van Valin X 1 i 1 ,fairy in-J. tr -ev' 5 t ., 5 ' . gaiigii ,W .AABL 1. .. 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Georgia Thalos Julie Vancura Amy Jo Wierenga Cheryl Wolfe Annette Zander Virginia Zentz x NAT ONAL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION .9 DOYUH. ggvxhktb K. sicv. DRA 1. COULTER DW MINI! IRCQUHJNE I, HOL DIR Marilyn Carbone Judith Doyle Christine Katsavelos Julie Cardinali Laurie Carroll Edna Clark Val Ensalaco Bessie Ewing Carole Fortney Michael Kaych Nancy Legg Lillian Longinow Mary McNeil Evelyn Montgomery Thomas Mushett Barbara Navy Carolyn Parks Edward Riggs Darrell Sitarz Ardythe Tiesenga lOO George Williams Alida Zamboni Frances L. Cooperrider Robert A. Galazia Robert Matthis Linnea Nelson Karen Webb 4 1 1: W 1 4 6 ,WMM f..,Mw M . ,510 ,yi .11 ! 4 Z . V 4: V , is 1,51 -f 1' zffmfffi' il g 1 , ' A A .O V 44. A , f ' f ww ffugfifffli ,Z f t 4 44 , . ,, W -1 f , ., 24'+'f- M , ' , fi -3 i A " ' we lh??"f2fJ f A mn,--. 'V 4.1, W, V. 4, My , rfyzl .. Janet Aceron ,F . 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Pamela Rolls Robert Sacher Sydney Sakamoto Lisa Reinholtz Julie Rene i a Pamela Rolfs l Lewis Sanchez Susan Schaden Sheri Schiffner Lori Schultz Kathy Schuman Mary Lee Siemplinski Fawn Simpson Nancy Schildhouse Patrice Sheehan Karen Sisko Karen Schock Bonnie Shipe Kelli Smith iii? 53:5 Daniel Snyder Ashour Solayman Jean Sota Annette Spatafore ll2 Kimeri Swanson Lora Tyrone I. Kao Thao i Sambo Van Romaine Vanzeyl Ana Vargas Melinda Strom Paisley Sutherland Sovann Tith Mary Tracy 1 Lourdes Vanasco Pha Vang ,,"""'r 1 l fl i , Douglas Vue Gordon Wagner Michelle Westbrook lrene Westerfleld Kelly Whaftam Vandora Wilkins Anita Willzynski Jolanta Wozniak Je Xiang Sami Yakoo Chao Yang Nhia Xou Yang Queen Yarbough Robin Yates Janice Zoerman Arifas Zukauskas l l4 , W K. Pizza onyone? Look at those smiles! f, f -.tx I ,M mrswi V 'c fy' ., Cf' Hey! I-li everyone! Look mom, l'm studying. Holding up the wail? . ' 1 , 1 I X ,B . g 1 . ' f 1, ,. L, Q' V 1, ,f 'f f Y, J q. P W' ' ' W. 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Mfgjgf, , Y Bn 41 "fi" -gl A Focus on the Yearbook Staff Larry Lasko Advisor Linda O bryan Editor Patti Buckley editor Photography Director Shelly Barber Typist Koren Sisko Anne Alonzi l-loung Bohn Debbie Basset Randy Bennett Amelia Burtoz Annette Collins The Yearbook Staff gives special thanks to: Rose Hahn Linda l-lelwig ll-lerff Jones Rep? I-leidi Kort Sarah Kulberg Teresa Lasko lArtistl Marybeth Mersch April Sokamoto W f XY-ivy MARIE S RESTAURANT 415 FGURTI-I ST WILMETTE ILL 60091 f N fall' Q ' - A ffflr a 1 '- R-Q fi " l , . 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