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1 W S f m XS? FUTU RA 1970 When you doubt the lovely silence On the land or bounding main, Of a quiet wooded place, When you doubt the-sleep of loved ones When you doubt the path of silver Deep beneath some precious sod, Of some moonlit water space, Listen to a soft voice saying, When you doubt the winds a 'blovving, "Be Still, and know that I am God." Flash of lighting, glistening rain, Sun or starlit heavens above you S. Alicia Poole A 'iq NATIONAL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION 2840 SHERIDAN ROAD EVANSTON, ILLINOIS 60201 if BY li X Gun, 5 Mmm . . mm . . l want to linger K QM. Mmm . . mm . . A little longer W X .Mq......e., M 1 ' vwqlidllnnq., 42 1 1 iz .: fd U WV MM Q JV? ax ' ., Wx , ,,f 2 . 'ii' q 4 ,?Q , , :f l " :Z Q Mmm . . mm . . A little longer here with you 'PFW R!C?"4fz??5 xg L, Qzfefzzm ff- xr-me A z .An MINOLD J .XBPP1 X! "M 11 v, M, -ffl ww 1 ww Aw. Mmm . . . mm . . It's such a perfect night. ew 'ff ,' V, Q21 A, ille qr Mmm . . mm . . It doesn't seem quite right WM x 5 I "'lN'1'1m Iluv Mmm . . . mm . . That it should be our last with you. Q.. 0 , , Mmm . . mm . . And come September Mmm . . mm . . We'11 all remember rwwy K Mmm . . mm .. Our College Days . . . HOME K s M A A ' ' Kb' 'Wwg ' may 'I ' " F-Zi - , . 1,1922 4. ' ' f. ' h .,,,,,,-Q...-. X N -W ',. .xxx -we-,,.-' ...M .. . ..'E.... - '4:!,A'.l .7 .sw -4 -z- Qgi- n, ,Q 5 - F .x-if AX.-41. :- iw x. ni , D i rf 1 4 "'7'f1'f'- jggwf-at-4 Saw Q'Sw' f-4, 42 Q 25' 10 and friendships 1-0- O O Q gf 53' ,- .a.,:frf,g- 3- , Q-,,:.. ff if ' is R M wwmnd 4' N5 up ,,., M j 1-fx: ' u,.,,,,,, ,,,NN....- vw! www, Mmm . . . mm . . I want to linger Mmm . . mm . . A little longer here with you. . . If fi 'N .. f, a 43? Z1 lfs 1 j g X J 2695 r K 3, W ., ,Y f 4 cd? 14 f " 1 7! , ff f 35 I 1 V 2 4 1 " H t. t,,,tV L t. -. .' .i V, 5 mira --,.. w we, 1 we 4 3. . z., .ph f 4 , wwe, 0, X ' 2 Mmm . . mm . . A little longer 1 A A 1 ' 'ir' - be 1 ,. 4, 1 I -sq -e M f W -- .M M A lf- y 1 ' ll lgiifats-x 3., , nw., K l.. g ,. 4 -A .. ' ' . Freshmen ine At Big-Little Sis Dinner I X 43549 1? L 5Q,fjfL, U 1 A W, 7 1 1 M , -ixuuy, W ' 'M 'bind .- is-45, - '49 .. 1 ,K f f V f 1 W 5: lllvv y 1554, I we , A 2 FEW-K ' ' 'E J ' J A'-if5"-:NZ f f.- , f I . ',.,.3 X , Z? 1, ,AW Q3 V, 2 Yr Q M . 1 -',,. Q ,,, I 'DQ """mur'N-. ww e VZ X f M fn .1 RWM 1 if Kiyenqmf College Convocations . . .1-wnx,. Q? Dr. Leauerton Media Performance f , Concert Choir Sybil Shearer, Artist In Residence gi H 5 S y - 7 WVLI ,, 14:2 , ff, fff , 'Q -X 4 fhfw m if 1 - ' Many hours of practice and instruction for a perfect performance. Dice Roll and Wheels Spin- ww we we of It's a win, I can feel it in my fingers! See Roger, there's nothing I-Im-m-m-m We know something he doesn't. wait F I A To Gamblers' Delight E ,M Monte Carol Night was Nationa1's attempt to reproduce the excitement and flair of that gambler 's paradise, Las Vegas. km, ll jh 'Z 'A Z' to it! - V Strictly a game of chance "Nunn 3 We I'11 press this button and no one will every know. -one 1 17 'WW . .-Z' 1 ff , , 33' Tom Jones Q., .Av 1?--. 4 x x i , x Q ,z 0 HOW' y , -i -css- s s-Z1 gb tv:-t 'PHO' lr :Q ELI... '54, 'vw-v Mir n F4-ZF' W 4 .733 J, Association of Women's Resident Students - A job Well done! va: ,Q 1 ef -x vs! UIVIOJA ll 7? Young, Gifted, and Black -mlm 'fe -. i. . I 1 24 f A+ 51 5 2 ,' ' L f- if Association for Childhood Education - small but mighty! Psych Club 7am qwawag z-In 44-'. ,WI . wwf-:Ws"f4iQ 2 -. . "' W ' a --PP 2 A.-V ,, .N I... " "" I Q2-gig. I , .,,,,.. , ,. ,4,,..:.: 1, , .. V fc ' M Af ' A7 , 4 ff? ,. .,.,l ,A ', 9 ff at , I 4 - f x. JZWZMQ A uf, H, 1 M,-hfniwf 7, 7 7 f 7' ff w I . 1 - Em, ,SN r H3 .X Sp, :Q ,mx A ' 11 'W' rl! I',,a ay 6 51 169432 5 fi A11 work and no play makes Kappa Delta Phi T',w 1 25 af mv-- FIS 26 .f - 1 , 1 ,EWU 1 Q, l M 3' v ,- Lf? 5 i C' Ambassadors laughs Linda Campbell Editor of Chaff 'Q-N Chaff Aff' WA W 1 5 a 25242 f X M .. 4.,...zx K M iff' 27 The Dorm. . ur Home Ijust love Rick's pizza! an-' Happiness is being engaged! H gy 3 Q? 2 F! Peg-Leg Ann! Watch Joel make that F A N T A S T I C shot! Away From Home gg, ay, L , fl ' asf?-g 4 ami lgjau me an Hhyjiglf Mya, 07, KUXVM fzwfz WOBJ A4 MKS fflrml my JM? 'off Mn, ,maxim pw, V74 "Win flaw 4 ,An ,I - fry 4'?7'. 5 1 , , ff, "' ii -' Q - ' 4 ' .A -M -' -f-if iff' . ' QQ ag. fx 0 m. Q . Q .X jf ' t JL' , Q - U s I Are fashions changing at National? 1 29 Trimming 1VIarientha1's tree! "Look Leslie, everything's not all tinsel and glory! " Dorms Celebrate Holidays I x, V ' A" --f-any-1'-'vivo -7, -:,.vU ,- -.rf Q.-.1 ,,..x if M Wil L , W- w Q: , f if fra- Q, 1 an f f Q Ax IV' if . K A Q34 ' Q' .1. V . , ,ff xx 26 " Q N f ' f ff frf? f Q 'W ' Rory gets i N 3' 5 4 7 . E -M .1 3B's first prize! 'M 4. Q, .. if I Q 1 ' 1 . 5. I-Iovv Lovely! wee ,W gm we W' Q,g 4 y v 4 i rr,r 1 7' ,7 7 1 . i??!Y Ki! EUR 'li ' , f ,. 4 'f Y Q .2 .... Z W ,. 6 W Y sw X 5 S I 77 "I-Iey, it's bug juice again! H 31 Who needs a ladder? M-m-m . . . Home made brew Vi' 3 e Beauty is only skin deep? 32 Watching the daily soap operas. Baker visitation Who let him in? Campaigning in The Dorm " N Q 2 Stengel sells her wares! 34 I A Waxing? , Q 'Wann iffgrrlftfgr I 1 5 X, 'fsffn and who was your opponent? Q' if a IQ' "'w...., t MW ,J , '4 2 ,ASW L J i x 1 I -W. V, .Q3'W , an WWW - y Metz' 1 ,gf 1 , , . 5' ,, K -ww h . .... N. :W 6 fan Triumphant At Last! ag mm. f Q64 ' Q ,, X 1:9 V , N ,W www-any Lorraine Hawkins Nancy Owens Mary Young 35 Q lkffa . , ,N .. ,A .J KJ! is wk. ul I, - 4 f ' 4H'fQ,, , ' f , , x A Q 1 L 5 5391 'gill 1 7 I l R -. I I - ' ' ff A , . f 5fi? ?iL -llllf' . A " I 75 4' AA , , --Mfg :43 34 ia Umm!! '4 i 3 Standing: Roger Klein, Mgr., Owen Kelsall, George Steffen, Ed Horner, Stan Embry, Barry Traynor, Coach Balciulus, George Steffen Mgr. Kneeling: Clint Evans, Carl Berg, Tom Mannos, John Colgren. High-Scoring Rebels Lack Size The Rebel Basketball squad, although often dwarfed by opposing teams and playing with only one senior, managed to average nearly 73 points per game and treat its fans to some exciting race-horse basketball. The season record was a disappointing 3-13, but prospects for the future are excellent. Freshman Clint Evans, who averaged 21 points per game, quick-handed Owen Kelsall Cl4.7l, and defensive aces George Steffen, Stan Embry, and John Colgren are all returning. Coach Charles Balciulus is also looking for much improvement from big man Ed I-loner and Carl Berg. The only loss will be that of senior captain Barry Traynor, a tough rebounder and 17-point per game scorer. I-lis graduation will make more rebounding on next year's team essential if the squad is to improve its record. I 38 Action Plays Ref! ' l f 2 5 f m..-- 4-las'- .miniv- f 5 rw: Rs X W6 Y 4, N RX X .QA . .,??' Y V .W , , I ,,...- - 'W' ' 2. OWEN - , ,,,..w.,... ,,...,..,,,,,W N BARRY N-ff .f , 54 , Q - gfvly V 2 ff? f' 'YL ,V 1, 'ff rw, M , QW.-ym G -fy ff, If Xf 11' R . , 71 ,, Q. KI , Q X L,.. ,M S fwf fhf .. 'fm J., .4 ff Z A N. Z ,J 1 Wi gg!! . f K ff rf, f.,',,f 932, K f Vw f ff W , 2 f v Q,h--hw: 442-y . fr ymgffwzma W f pug! - -1:95. in : AH fw 4 I f ff 1, ' , , -V , X. ,., 5 If V, " , iam..-445'4f::, 3 f mv ,.,1, ,,-,, ,J-:.1 1 -VVV , M .7 PM I 5L,.,M,., - .Q . I ,H W , ,n ga I f I X , . W ,f ,, M1 H ff , ff f Z , igfrxffff , f fy 1 I Wf' f , , , fd X , CLINT 'W , W an ' W 1 ' ,gi .- Q, , 2 ,,f V .J llnnuV ,-"' 'W STAN U. fl' ED x in A BARRY pf 39 F552 I ' qw ,fn 5. , ,i . Q bf TACTICIAN 3 , I COACH CHARLES BALCIULUS - LEADER . . . i ' , ,, , QQW W MJ 3' If K . . . WORRIER . . . GENTLEMAN CI-IRISWANG BACKSTAGE ACTION TI-IE MEN ZZ. N. DRINKWATER, T. MOORE 1-1 fl In X C Q I' 6 21 2' Qhwiymg 1 Y i' N7 W New Q -I 1 , , ' , ff", ' A 'V Q' 'MVK 'N , , ,Q Lise' 3 W ',-. 'JM jg? .bs ww, f? C X Q W 6 7 gg f X 1 I X I xml: 2 fi Q it W s is M 'K 1 Q1 x f X. i A dz. -f ., A ..... -pqe ws. : 1, ff was ,, ww' Marie Stratton, Denise I-licks, Grace Scofield, Bonnie VanCura, Melissa Lillie, Bonnie I-Ianna. F M l ' an gjgzzfs . X l ? s 2 sf. 5 x 31, --vs Q . nr 1 I , . 2 1, J A N. .4-'X' 12' 'QW 4.2.-ff' Q f ffj5S1 1, :r"',Qgx" 'S 9 qv" L.. . . A. Calderone, S. Goodrich. f x. M. Lillie, M. Stratton, B. Johnson, B. Hanna, B. VanCura, G. Scofield I Q1 I ., any .QQ 2.2. ,A fa.-Auf . . 3 Z f -WA B. Johnson, A. Calderone I f 473' A HE MMM u , W..-M-W' f uwvnvvw' wmv ff 'Q W mga Q: Q 2' x 7 f m w, X 4 X ff ,W W1 F, ff 1 1 ,IP 4 W' tl I -i STUDENT TEACHING ACI-IING AMIEL 1 I W' 2 X HAPPINESS S X ff, 5 1 A w QA, 5 is 1 k F .v-""""pp 1-"""""""'Ww :ff My f QA-Wm ..f-"""'-A L,I'llll'llYC Ll 1 1 JW in Happiness is four Words: "I love you teacher." Ann l-lauschild 'Q RJ J, . Y A 'fig' ,JV "xi" ' 4-fi. 'N 1 C fi A fi' 4,9-any ,df . R0 R A S.. 4'T-XJ, M "-sr' or A 1 in s "Formula for an unforgetable experience: 18 terrific kids 1 teacher with a dynamic personality Barb Simon ,Mwjd .,. 1 'V Jkt-' 5 -yi wlmqm "i remember the gleams our longings wild and vain. and glooms that dart and the voice of that fitful song across the school boy's braing Sings On, and is never still: the song and the silence in the A bOY'S will is the WlHClS' Will, heart, and the thoughts of that impart our prophecies and Y0Ull1 are lOHQ impart long thoughts." Henry W. Longfellow HW i el... ,, 0 ., 2-w yi gg "Student teaching is a new beginning . . . green paint on my new dress and indelible ditto marks on a white blouse." Linda Lucatorto xx "When you enter the classroom remember two things - you're human and, your sense of humor." Rita Jacobs 711 A' we- 9' If , f f 1 f 9 f QQ f fs-Q' WW fx f I! , , 1 1 . Q- 422' f ff! X , ,W 1, , r Z ' ff ' ' f 14951, , ,,,, Z: . 2. .V . K ,s,.WwW""M 'I ' "I-Iey teacher" - you mean ME? Experience is not gained through books, but in your actual class- I'C1O1'I'1. Debbie Ginsburg -.Z It "Student teaching is a mass demonstration of love, con- cern, laughter, exhaustion." Successful? "Yes indeed! This is one demonstration that brings 'iff-, a sore back, and feet. Truely a real RIOTY' Karen Cornelius love, peace, encouragement, '52 lf 'ag Sl 'Af' ' V- Q 4 wif?" A L fi .1-' A .. , . 'f -x . u , 5: ' 1 LI 'ff Q - 4- ' 1 1 f v ' ff' ,, vw 'f 7 ' .. I J'-3' P f " , J ,Q -, 1- ? ,H y E54 lu N, as.. 4 4 I, f A A 4, "It's a fantastically worthwhile experience. The opportunity of working with children in a classroom makes teaching a real and live experience." Fran Grafman 'fiflf 'nu XP' QUE lllilii 52 .Ng "The greatest experience - I've had at National." x Q sq ' B bn' ,iv iff? af 11'11'1OI'l. . A, ,. x., ,i fa- cf 55? H.,-Z pdf-li ff Ricci svmlq-h .6 f5.,51,,'iL4 , ,Q .1 if N , , M1-.X sf . :mrs-Q ' MQ 2, 'r Q, V, 5:1.Q.A5 X ' laugh -1: "N sentiment stimulation hilariOuS if exciting satisfaction pressures ideas collage of emotions " 1. ' ,V .y , yglzy I wonder why some of us were born teachers While others were born people? ...,, ,. "-- gy Q E A ,-2? I ISU A fl W - f'L2f,Z - ,, , kt, Eg?gaLj,fj7fi. A ,ww ny, ., ,f MMA ,fi ll ,MZ-1 T5 SV.: - ffm? , .. ."f-Ifvfnc -x.'.g:-I - ,Q it XM, .g .... .Q N f 7 we , J yr f 'fm ff fl , , -I ,,.. ,D 'Je .Ar 'fs' ff' M af ,hh xt'-: ,uf t I QQLJIW '94-4: Gigi! What greater or better gift can we offer the republic than to teach and instruct our youth? CICERO 6 5 .-2 , , 'Qffiw Xiu. af tif , 2, -xg g,,. ,,,, , t .wfzf x xx 'i i viii if54f"9'-, ?.i,,,i1"ff2 f Q13 ff? 4, A Ai, . 4 i . 9 r 'lf 1 f 1 iii 4' in Q fa' ,, Q., X f f ' C U. 'W 7427, 1 1 X' f QJL fs 7 4 f 5 gglgiifff K' V To You We Dedlcate ur Llves ZW r A J., M 1 5 5. 1 vang, Zh Kc, 1. Wx fu - I ik., uv A Time For Us Lettuce Prey Concert and Mixer gamma? Am The Moores dine? Dinner at the Belmont Just two together ! 2 When you're in love, who needs food? Sweet talkin' man! This younger generation X f""""x Linda Lucatorto, Spring Weekend Chairman, enjoys dinner. Y X 1'- ik M Wonder what's so interesting over their shoulders? A "fQ'f'?L2'?5i e p Y 1? , lv ' J. j :gs-siffi ,mu NK, ,. She said, and then he said . . . Tell me he didn't really SHY that! gb- N' Ml I Nlayumi Nagay Queen Candidates and Escorts . . Alysia B Debb1e Cra1g WV Cindy George if Jr-'fn ,lr 4 X Y ? ' P 72 Q . Mary Ann Clark r- mga, -NNN. ., N ff 4 ,I Q ,fr ff? ff! K, ,....v Nancy Owens ,X P' f' f' J u Connie Forbes 63 Spring Queen.. Connie Forbes Win., ummlmvwu Sprmg Queen Conme Forbes and her escort Ed Horner is YT ev: K Big Grins and Happy Hearts H' We 2 f A aff' 5 u f cfqfffifw X ' 1 ff Z uf "" .. i g , X, MM y wk 4 1 A ii- ee Q ff 'W " S ' , ' ,fi Q, fi A1 ...gud v F' . . aw. by A Lovely Evening But All Good Things Must End. U ,A 1' , H X .L I - 'MNH ,ar '. ,. 1 fx. Carole . . . Margaret 4 ,, ff ar f jeff 5 7 r 5 'SA' R i I! , , 'Q , . ,r A ,, ' n h gp' L S ft ,Q W T-5f,F 1 o ,F r r '5 3 V 1 Z f jr Y: ,f r J r 4 i 68 a! -'J d '1 '11 - --A A joyous moment .4 i 550 0 v,.,.f..4v.i iw we I mtg .LM . Y ' Q , l r ,..a-msn. -NWO-'suv l"""l"'f 'G 2-QM 1. 1 Hun QED Q ON 'X Y 1 KIM qt r 1 ? . y, if , 4 ar w W., ca Y .1 l+X , N N V ' ' " 4 A smile is worth a million words! s ff .rx- 3 v, A L v , . S gm .vt fe 24 f' ' 11 P."'fo'.i Senior Memories . . . Deep Rooted! 70 f' x ! Q - A N ww ai fag ml 44" Happiness is . . . Carole Abnett as May Queen Hn orking For Peace! I 'x I .C I er, ?z V, 1 ,N QQ 9 J f S, f , i E Q. 9 f .. 74 ,. X 525 1 f 1 x ' s 346 f , , +4 K QV W1-' 9 2, -' ff iff 2 , 1, nf? vas- kg Q ? r""'M , Q A, M XL W rm? pi 'Mn 9.11. May 7 - 10 Strike for Life! ff. --XIX, ,PW 'Aw Wm ' sa X , Student discussions 1 Students sign petitions against violence and war Students and Faculty In on Vlolent Actlon' ' V , f' f f! ff f Y! f Yv yfff 7 1 Q I f , ,X Ax f f W f f f f 2 KW fwff X fs S , ff , mu ff- ,. N Letters to Senators 1 75 76 Everyone Listens As Fl! Q av vb A W qQ.,L , Q L 5 E a A f nib., Z V ,, .. .K . . by 1, . lk A - - 1 F, 'Pi 'X 2 'Q W ' ' f fa? . , i xl ,fl All , a t, .. A . I' .R if ,ar 8 .5 nlltsf, ms , N - YY, 'Sf frm? my in A '-A214 Jw , 1 ,iff Q we ff " ff" ,Affin-. f . . Q N51 l I -, ,gf ff X' l gff e t g , QW 1 Q f ., f Q Q . i if 4 I X , , M 5 ' ""w4,, Students Speak ut I, li. V ,,,2,..f+ffi g : Z 1 1, f i' 'W 52 r 243 K ' '1' ' 4 ' 'fee 'H -k Q. i f 4, i J 3 N i ' 1 5 i 2 5 E A ak Jwfi' 5' 'Q i n L al' A 'M if 1 2' ,z 2 e - " ' ' ' if 1 Q ws. if Q iii x A if-F Faculty Speak ut 5 3' cgi tg Politicians Speak ut 77 f-v W 'ZQAM2 DER CLASS S' R n 2 I , A fu if 5 Z 5 , 2 J .I V -, , , . W 1, AM I I' 9 1 'A 3'-Mtv? Hy, , , A 1,- X w..,, V. 2 f 'jx X--Q ' 1 RSM' You cannot teach a man anythingg you can only help him find it Within himself. - Galileo - B. Haley, S. Galloway, G. Acker, J. Cannon. FRow: C. Bartz, D. I-lundt. BRow: D. Tybor, F. Larkman, D. Turek. Keep true to the dreams of thy youth. - Schiller FRow: C. Wang, P. Hunt. BRow: S. Collings, M. Wolfson 79 2 K ff. Row 1: J. Boehner, C. Rodriguez. Row 2: R. Melius, C. Moore. Row 3: M. Lessard, J. Siebel, B. VanCura, R. Malevan. 80 Row 1: R. Lotin, L. Ilo, M. Clarke. Row 2 J. Limpins, V. Lapin, B. Johnson. Row 3: D Medica, K. Joseph, C. Devereux, S. Smith. C. Davis, D. Garrett, S. Embry, A. Beard, B. Karger, L. Evans, K. Clowney. P. Bartlett, C. Bragg, C. Pazzi, M. Van Wermeskerken, L. Driscoll, S. Freyermuth, T. Cobb, R. Eskind, S. Archer. L. Tamis, M. Conlon, J. Norris, I-I. Zuckerman, S. Thompson, L. Tillman, J. Cohen, P. Schroeder, J. Santoro, M. Ranellone. 81 J. Mays, E. Hoskins, M. Cyprian, J. Bennett, L. Dangerfield, R Harris. J. Gesten, J. Winick, C. Berg, S. Rohloff, R. Klein, P. Sandos. KX x t fern ..4v!- f., Row 1: E. Asnis, J. Boyle, E. Stoll. Row 2: D. I-Iundt, L. Parlo, M. Berkowitz, S. Briggerman, S. Rutkow. Row 3: P. Arnold, D. Bakirdjis, S. Svvab, B. Gross. 82 K. Loebbaka G. Weinstein D N . Witt . Clavey M. Fisher S. Johnson I am a part of all I have met yet all exper1ence 1S an arch Where thro gleams that untravelled world whose margin fades forever and forever when I move. Alfred Lord Tennyson - H 83 M. Snyder, D. Niemeyer, C. Vincent, N. Ciccone B. Landzbaum M. Glickman R. I-Ianke ,"N ug'-' I ,.-ev' 1 'ff' 31212 45 gig: wg: Q .MTA If .ug v 1 a.: g...,3 J. Fromm C. Maggi C. Nelson M. Fisher L. Greenwald E. Schneider ff ZX.. D. Anderson J. Staley, J. Slosson, A. Tomlinson, A. Piraginer, W. Pollak, K. Cedoz. ff. vm . if if? H. 5 1 f' f - 'X' 1 4 M' f':NI 0' W y ,fx-vff if ' ff fiyfw , , 1 nf, 1 G. Lobraico, D. Ginsburg, K Greenburg, S. Michaels. M. Weiss, P. Laskievxricz, L. Chaplan, P. Stengel, Q. Palmer, M. Losch, K. Campbell, P Austin, A. I-Iargrave. The mind ought sometimes to be diverted, that it may return the better to thinking. - Phoedrus - . - ' lf wr ..f..-M' G. Lobraico, S. Cranage, D. Ginsgurg, W. Goodman, I... Powell, T. Isanuk, M. Yospin, J. Port, M. Phillips. 'S W. Stephens D. Dobbins K www in '15, f, 5. ,f , we. f x mx. .,. 5, 3 .n ff 9 .. 54.1 , fr 1 x mv., X 1 1 Xvg my Q fm, , 3 N E X V J Q gy glx 5 'li "' .3 L li , - .u X 1 Q B. Specter, D. Randall, L. Daugherty, L. Reichard, E. Rubenstein, B. Shafer, P. Haber N. Sugihara, B. Travis, N. Thomas, E. Okada, J. Dixon, M. Chillemi. 1 C. Morgan, J. O'Keefe J. Spury S. Glassner M. Regan N. Sturm M. Davey J. I-Iuizenga f .LFEEEZNF N. Owens, M. Roberts, D. Wallace, G. Roberts, B. Bonds, P. Grasker. V 4 5 a if ll! E 6 C. Rozum, J. Conner. 45' P. Crowder, C. Theus, QI. Benjamen, L. Wells. T. Waters, J. Sacks, M. Young, L. Hawkins, L. Pecenka I'-ix Qf-ff7 "' 'rj-4" livl 'V' Carole Abnett Marguerite Ade J0hn Aseltine ff SENIQRS Margaret Barber Patricia Barnes .une AQ Phebe Bartram Nancy Bassett N3-HCV Baxter 1 'Q ip.. may Q- Connie Berry Marian Blustein Claudia Brandt Mfg Michele Braverman Karen Brede few? Judy Capek Sarah Carmichael Millie Chattin bv- Pam Chrlstmas I F ! I i i 4-Of I I Karen Cornelius if X ff " '51, , Q ,i , f QEJQY, 1 "fi Q if 'I Glenda Davis 94 Elizabeth Cook 'W'--of Barbara Cohen f1lH93,,.f"" Victoria Cruz Betty Cox -an Barbara Dinnon fi' asv' ...ff We-v Lea Drell Evelyn Emanuel ff 'E ,V X ' 'A-I -42 1 Nancy Drlnkwater ,Www Donna Galbreath Sally Dwyer djs, x f Q it Sf' I 2 Ellen Glazer " 1, lf 2 we Sheri Glick Lynore Greising . qw. A QB rw- gx fwyygki X ff,k?kQ E . -fe 95 '- lik iv- xH if W not Helen Grier Robyn Griffler Kristine Hamilton fl? Louise Hansen Kathe Hartman 1 I lr: 49' ,X af' cw. x,..P Xmwhw 'Of' WN, A Ann I-Iauschild Joanne Hecht Arlene H111 ,W-if Jo Ann Honda ling 32' A 1.2 fo , .diff .yefxff -, W , i Z 'hu as NN :r Sue Hubbell Kathy I-Iultgren 11 M 5 af 'V fl Rita Jacobs Gloria Johnson .ii 'S W-,af wig.. 4If"T"T'P Arline Kandel Karin Kiefer Lily Krefetz x .Ars I Ng, jun., eff? Alice Kully Wendy Lechner Sherie Lee 9,545 Sue Levison Marsha Levy IU' Melissa Lillie Katherine Lozito M Linda Lucatorto ,f """'N ,cs WV' Marilyn Markus Lynn Marshall Linda IVIGUSSI Margaret Middleton Peggy Mitchell iirwgyetw, 'Dx 'fmofeup . Simone Mitchell Dorothy Moynihan Mayumi Nagayama Linda Nedelman "IT", 'Y Carol Pietrangelo Joan New 'S Jerrine Placek Carol Ojeda Mary Pollock Lynn Powell Julie Quedenfeld 'X IR if-wr Barbara Radzvilla 'Www Kathleen Robinson Susan Rosenblum Dianne Rappaport Mandan Saberi 1' V I . Q., S S J ,K I when 1rg:,.o,.,w Kenneth Scharmann gf Edith Segal Eileen Shapiro QT if QW" Barbara Simon Edythe Skora X-SM' Pamela Stallings Eleni Stamas 1 Carolyn Stock Ann Szafran Lisbeth Smith .gy 'MY Kathy Stander Merilynn Taylor wing, 'IPF -wr "T gi? Scott Uhwat 'g 20 Barry Traynor Karen Trustman 4 ,Q ,f ' ,,ff'U4 af FLM! fm? ,wg gg . ff' ' ' 4557 Diane Uihlein Judy Wanda ilk """-"ffm Paula Weisel Mia YOUNG vw M 553' Ks.. AM YN aww! 59 W f P lap'-r . ,vjgigf fy! 'ski 1 rt filfxnqw Pvwn-9-. ., .1 106 Zh N M! 772' , g .ar ' 726 I 1., -4 ,. ..4 .J 0140? 4: '2'imLf,,fQ475:f1 f 3 Q I x 'W .wfsf - ,tax-Nfl?-f"'f1J?f4k4i'i' N . i sw ? 1 Q ,6 , is if 'Q h,,,,..J Wm lg' OPEN HOUSE and all the BOYS ARE HERE 1 4... -if 'IX I in v , ,mag .... X 4? il Q 1. 4 Z, ffl ...."" W- 4-inn -...,. -uunlw ,bw WvN,,,,,,,-wfmu-fwmlf V g vb- V ,,,, y Wi, ' . l Z ?' "+'i' X 1 K-we " SCJ q-, Social Lynn Interaction Fran The elite desk sitters. The Lounge Set The neatness of dorm life x S ,md , 3??9?i1lY2'S'5'f-fT,a1f1 T."f7F'Y1?f:R'I9'fff'H -."" ,rQ'?1'Zff "' 'F'?3rf2AW'??!5?'.'? "RL'lf'51G9w1L2W7 " . 61355 , V V A 1. ,.K.,T-is 221,-Alfrggpj 1 , :,. - , , I - , ,,-,.1,,. ,1 ,,,y-,1 JWW' n T hmm 'E' Q. ?' ff' PG- r Bl i ll ,,.7..,.-.vw '-Xxx' ,y--, wrqneflw' Sunday in Chicago" show, May 17, 10 a.m. to noon with Bob Hale. Z f 7 '7 ,iw "'. X .,7 ,f, E Egg ' 4 i ,J g i ya E. Arthur Stunard Director, Television Center Yearbook Advisor 1970 FUTURA ,-1 W, f V, ,f . if X H3 Administration Marcus T. Young Vice President of Development K. Richard Johnson President s , 'U' . QW in 6- XJ. 40 W e "f Lewis Troyer Dean of Instruction Marilyn E. Danegger Assistant Dean of Students r ev-we if Qi .- u Robert A. Greising Dean of Students 739.1 - 5 ,fd tal' ' 4 Q Q if Charles Baliciulus Assistant Dean of Students 1 Q 4?-' ' Dayton Fowler Grafman Vice President for Administration 4 e My-rP,f-it.. W4-mn... Mrs. Zinn Dr. Rees Publications Placement 1? if 1 'Mm Huh.. Mr. I-Iilquist M - , iw ' ' Y Business Q 51" Ar If 4 , ll Li. ' AJ., Mrs. Grafman ' i Financial Aid Mr. Hartman Regist ral' ,,---" X N' ?g, r , f 1 s 11 f H if jmmi Mr. Benson Audio-Visual Director Miss Neumann I-lead Librarian .i Nw. rim .MA - Mr. I-Iennesy Food Services x ,gm 2. sp, 3 - if i 'X AUD X W 4"W'2f s ' Q ,, N1 WAV Wu? ' 'ix V Q U 43 4 . 'mx I IVHSS Cyrie IVIrs. Moulden Miss Powers Curriculum Llbrarian Assistant Librarians Num Mr. Rush y gas ' M, N 9 Kgs' as rr fn ,-1' Mr. Butler Department Head L Engllsh ' Mrs. Wagner nm Mrs. Johnson Mrs. De Huszar I I8 Miss Simmons Social Science 4- , Q g S 1 +1 in ,Q . -9 ,:,, WZ ,Q X.: I ,Mi P .. r ,L V ,. 9 5 4 1 X ,Q L-4.1 :gems W im: H ws, Wm. H, . Af? M2 ' 1 ,K N vs- W, .. M Jw , a- Q, iv M if W 5' L 'Q' 42.37. 1 .- J f 5v,s:s:1lE- Q ,. 27 fi 4 59 "' 1 is s ' , . K Sl K s "In Q is 1 x Sk ks. . ., M 'W.'AJ,, ig J I ly 3 1 rf ' K u. Xcx X Q Y r 5 .M wgww saws? X .is fi - ,N4 -1 -4 '::: f QUQ X S 'ws v. Q, Ms U f Sf . 'Y , "' 'Z ff- y5n,:xvr.jil'1gg,wQ,- gf, X 4"' f 'A " K- Ls li ?' ' -I A ' 1.' Mrs. Dodds Mrs. Anderson Secretary Coordinator s, , 1 4-A sg, ,. , rg gl , V S 'Q' .H X? xg 7 4 1 I R J 5 M r,.ss in ,f ' , rrazmzv :11 7 QW ",s , "", L Mr. Toby Math!Science NX x Student Teaching Dr. Gorman FW Mrs. Doyle Mrs. Oldendorf Department Head Miss Meyer 1 gf , 0 .1 1 zz!! V f f' gy 4f SN NA X .QS ,S Mr Cawa1t1 Mr Vmcent .l EQ? ,Q- Q Q 122 9 ii , ,. ,AA WW f:Qggy.4,4v ws! " 'iggim Mrs. Widen Mrs. Bartelle . --1 3 7 , W 'N 'a tl by ' K' ' ' ' W . ax Q, 5952-f 4 ld Mrs. Landsman and pupil V -V .4 ', ' 4' ..'1', Q .f W -1 - 5' .V ' ' Cal Claus 5 L -beam . . . A r . Q 1 , 1.94.1 :y X f- - -L vi.: k A A1459 M, . ,www , an I Y . , 1 W f 1 QM f 1 ' W f Q 4 f , I xr? I f A f N , s S 1 ' if 4 I , 345- X1 1 y,! J , ip ' if ,rf eff iv fa? 7 ,Q f f , 4 H, V, wg Mrs. Dickie 5 Mr. Cousins Music ,a- 1 -v-1.5 MJ Miss Foster Music ,r ,Zi-fffflf Z , r Z ,fe ,Qffz 2,5 .,4.., fl 1 . ,. Mrs. Joboul Art Q , f 1 A f 3 Mrs. Stafford Art ki f A , J ,,,,,,. ,,f, , Mr. Wilson Mathematics Mr. Lau Mathematics as Q25 . 12 -it ' Mr. Barbee Mrs. Seren Philosophy Philosophy A' mf' Q mn- "3" Jw-"'V"" qv' 3 Y Mr. Bagg Dramatics L All ' V- A 5.7: ffm.. wx ,ABE-gyQ,.:,',mL4 uuriilllllll Physical . ff Educatlon 126 g 6 8 1, mmwfsssgzfniilieili Tfllllliln wa: Mr f' Y' J 4 ' ,ff ,W . Johnson 5. A, A,'AA o n Z ,. Qi '- f 4' , g f 4' Q gf , w. Q. ff f A A. 7 qi, ,f ,M X ,Q an R , Q . ,K . Q-f 1 X o:5..fgx.j-1, 'bfi , ' M., . '. fe .f:::5.- I wif W on N -v :Iii-:-X-1.x V X N fa: :X 9 ..., - N V - - -' 15,51 fx " '..,e-wk Xxx F fy. A h h ,Ji go N, Q w M ,, ' www M-5 - N. M L' w, f ,J .V ,wb V is I .:,,.. 3 :,.1:. ,4,A :ffmwiu .715 . N, me 2- . - ,oo Mr. Hardy Mr. Scoles lVIiss Noonan Social Science N' . ZA Mrs. Neulist v W U r 1 Q 5 bl., 'X MWMV , u i. X 4 A cu Mr . Askew fy' Mrs. Moore Mr. Heck ABNETT, CAROLE L. Havertown, Pennsylvania English Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary, Ambassadors, President, Nlarienthal Dorm Board, Treasurer, Dormitory Resident Counselor, Student Senate, Representative at Large, May Queen Candidate. ADE, MARGUERITE IVI. Wilmette, Illinois ASELTINE, JOHN H. Park Ridge, Illinois Science!lVlath Town Association, President. BARBER, MARGARET A. Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania Psychology Hall Officer, Baker Dorm Board, Secretary, A.W.R.S., Parlimentarian, Ambassadors, Yearbook, Rules Committee, PsyClub, Vice President, Honors Committee, Key System, Chairman, May Queen Candidate. BARNES, PATRICIA E. Huntington, New York Social Science Hall Officer, Baker Dorm Board, Treasurer, Vice President, A.W.R.S., Rules Committee, General Assembly, Student Senate, Senior class representative, Yearbook, Editor Senior Section, PsyClub, Secretary!Treasurer, Board of Standards, Chairman, Key Committee, Election Committee, Judicial Board, Ambassadors, Glamour Candidate, May Queen Candidate. BARTRAIVI, PHEBE A. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Psychology Hall chairman. BASSETT, NANCY L. Waukegan, Illinois Science!lVlath BAXTER, NANCY A. Glencoe, Illinois English BEROW, PEARL BERRY, CONNIE Batavia, New York English BINGHAIVI, JACQUELINE BLUSTEIN, MARION Social Science BOHO, VIRGINIA BRANDT, CLAUDIA J. Evanston, Illinois Psychology Choir, Drama, Co-Editor of Chaff 128 BRAVERMAN, MICHELE I. Flossmoor, Illinois Speech!Drama Dormitory Resident Counselor. BREDE, KAREN P. Honolulu, Hawaii English International Club, President, Vice President, Ambassador, Who's Who, Dormitory Resident Counselor, Yearbook Editor, Kappa Delta Pi. CAIN, CHERYL CAPEK, JUDY L. Morton Grove, Illinois Science!Math CARMICHAEL, SARAH Cleveland Heights, Ohio Speech!Drama CHATTIN, MILLIE J. Libertyville, Illinois Social Science CHRISTMAS, PAMELA New York, New York Social Science Human Relations Club, Tutor, Umoja, Black Student Association, Senior Class Representative for Umoja, Junior Class U.A.N.S.A. Co-ordinator, Choralettes, Chorus, Junior Class Spring Weekend Queen Candidate, Collage Variety Show, Baker Suite Fire Marshall, Senior Class Tree Committee, Glamour Selection Committee, Dance Group. COHEN , BARBARA Evanston, Illinois COI-IN, GAYLE Lincolnwood, Illinois COOK, ELIZABETH R. Columbus, Ohio Concert Choir, "Stop the World", "Dark of the Moon". CORNELIUS, KAREN I. Rye, New York Art Choralettes, Dorm Publicity Chairman, Secretary, Choralettes. COX, BETTY L. Glenview, Illinois Philosophy CRUZ, VICTORIA A. Agona, Guam Psychology DAVIS, GLENDA J. McLeansboro, Illinois English Phi Theta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi. DINNON, BARBARA L. Chicago, Illinois Psychology Dance Group, Sophomore Class Secretary, Ambassadors, PsyClubg Junior Class Vice President, Kappa Delta Pig Campus Coordinator. DRELL, LEA A. Wilmette, Illinois Social Science DRINKWATER, NANCY R. New Canaan, Connecticut Social Science Hall Office, Sophomore Class Vice President, Junior Class Publicity Chairman, May Queen Candidate, S.A.C., Fire Marshall, Ski Club, Chairman, Rules Committee, Long Range Planning, Yearbook, Sports Editor, Underclassmen Chairman. DURIVIENT, SARAH Highland Park, Illinois DWYER, SALLY A. Wilmette, Illinois Psychology EMANUEL, EVELYN A. Des Plaines, Illinois ENTIVIAN , BARI Lincolnwood, Illinois EPSTIEN, CAROL Skokie, Illinois F ERN STROM, DOROTHEA FRIDELL, JOYCE Evanston, Illinois GALBREATH, DONNA G. Libertyville, Illinois English GLAZER, ELLEN P. Chicago, Illinois Psychology Kappa Delta Pig Choralettes. GLICK, SHERI Lincolnwood, Illinois Art OREISING, LYNORE A. Park Ridge, Illinois Speech!Drama Kappa Delta Pi, Scholastic Award, Town Association, Chairman of Social Events, John M. Crouse Scholarship Winner. GRIER, HELEN C. Glencoe, Illinois . Sciencefllflath Hall Officer 130 GRIFFLER, ROBYN S. Mt. Vernon, New York English HAMILTON, KRISTINE Vienna, Virginia Science!Math Kappa Delta Pi, Treasurer, Marienthal Dorm, Secretary, Dance Group, President. HANSEN, LOUISE E. Highland Park, Illinois Psychology HARTMAN, KATHE Syracuse, New York Psychology HAUSCHILD ANN A. Chicago, Illinois Science!Math HECHT, JOANNE B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Psychology Junior Class, Treasurer, Class Representative, Senior Class Campus Coordinator, Ambassadors, Vice President. HILL, ARLENE P. Chicago, Illinois English Pro-Sem, Coordinating Chairman. HONDA, JO ANN Chicago, Illinois Psychology HULTGREN, KATHY L. New Buffalo, Michigan Psychology Kappa Delta Pi, Choralettes, PsyClub, A.W.R.S., Dormitory Resident Assistant, Dormitory Secretary, Junior Class Officer, Freshman Queen Candidate. IGA, SUSAN Chicago, Illinois JACOBS, RITA Bronx, New York Psychology Association for Childhood Education, Psy Club, President, Hall Officer, Rules Committee, General Assembly, Board of Standards, Class Officers. JOHNSON GLORIA S. Highland Park, Illinois Psychology Association for Childhood Education, Town Association. KACSH, ELLEN Chicago, Illinois KANDEL, ARLENE R. Manhasset Hill, New York Speech!Drama Hall Officer, Board of Standards, Dance Group. KIEFER, KARIN M. Brookfield, Wisconsin Science!Math Kappa Delta Pi, Dorm Board, Hall Officer, Board of Standards, Secretary. KOSTOW, KAREN Skokie, Illinois KREFETZ, LILY J. Great Neck, New York Science!Math Yearbook, Hall Officer LECHNER, WENDY Huntington Station, New York English Social Activities Council, Rules Committee, Chairman, Convocation Committee, Sophomore Class Social Chairman, Student Senate, Student Social Chairman, A.W.R.S., Vice President, Spring Weekend Co-Chairman, May Queen Candidate. KULLY, ALICE Niles, Illinois LEE, SI-IERIE H. Lincolnwood, Illinois Psychology Kappa Delta Pi LEVISON, SUSAN Albany, New York Speech!Drama Sophomore Class Treasurer, Dorm Board, Dance Group, Head Waitress. LEVY, MARSH A. Merrick, New York Speech!Drama LILLIE, MELISSA M. Lansing, Michigan Music Cheerleading, Captain. LOZITO, KATHERINE A. Bronx, New York Psychology Dance Group, Assistant Social Chairman, Marienthal Dorm, President, Head Waitress, Yearbook, Layout Editor, Rules Committee, Chairman, Judicial Board, PsyClub, Secretary, Ski Club, Co-Chairman, Social Activities Council. LOBRAICO, CAROLYN Chicago, Illinois LOOS, VICTORIA Lake Bluff , Illinois Art LUCATORTO, LINDA A. Chicago, Illinois Psychology Kappa Delta Pi, President, Junior Class President, Ambassadors, Dance Group, Council on Student Affairs, Council on Admissions, Orphans Picnic Chairman, Spring Weekend Chairman, Who's Who, May Queen Candidate. MARKUS, MARILYN I-I. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Social Science Yearbook, Board of Standards. MARSHALL LYNN A. Chicago, Illinois English MEUSEL, LINDA B. Livingston, New Jersey Science!Math MEYERS, I-IARRIET Elmira, New York MIDDLETON, MARGARET A. Linden, New Jersey Philosophy I-Iall Social Publicity Chairman, I-Iuman Relation Club, Board of Standards, Umoja, Collage. MITCHELL, PEGGY Chicago, Illinois Psychology MITCHELL, SIMONE C. East Orange, New Jersey Science!Math Choralettes, Ambassadors, Council on Academic Standing, Resident Assistant, Umoja, Human Relation Club, Social Activities Council, Baker Dorm Publicity Chairman, I-Iall Officer, Workshop Performance, Winter Weekend Freshman Candidate, Student Senate, "Have You Tried Love", Veltones, Who's Who, May Queen Candidate. MOYNII-IAN, DOROTHY B. Stfeator, Illinois Science!Math N AGAY AMA, MAYUMI Japan Evanston, Illinois Speech! Drama NEDELMAN, LINDA D. Chicago, Illinois Speech!Drama Resident Advisor, "Dark of the Moon." NEW, JOAN Chicago, Illinois Social Science OJEDA, CAROL Chicago, Illinois Social Science PAUL, SUSAN Skokie, Illinois PIETRANGELO, CAROL A. Evanston, Illinois Social Science PINES, VICKI FRANKLIN Chicago, Illinois PITI-IER, PENELOPE Chicago, Illinois PLACEK, J ERRINE Rolling Meadow, Illinois Psychology PLAUT, J UDITI-I Ontario, Canada POLLOCK, MARY C. Chicago, Illinois English Town Association, President POWELL, LYNN E. East Orange, New Jersey Philosophy Chorallettes, Ambassadors, Rules Committee, Student Senate, Assistant Social Chairman, Baker I-Iall, President, Board of Standards. QUEDENFELD, JULIE A. Gurnee, Illinois RADZVILLA, BARBARA A. Port Washington, New York Social Science RAPI-IAEL, SUSAN Flushing New York RAPPAPORT, DIANNE B. Maplewood, New Jersey Psychology Freshman Class, Vice Committee. RAY, MARYANN Mt. Prospect, Illinois Social Science ROBINSON, KATHY WATTS Chicago, Illinois Social Science President, Dorm Officer, Yearbook, Social Activities ROSENBLUM, SUSAN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Social Science ROWEN, MARY Brookline, Massachusetts Psychology Advertising Editor of Chaff, Yearbook, Baker Hall Fire Marshall, Board of Standards. SABERI, MANDAN Teheran, Iran Psychology SCHARMANN, KENNETH J. Freeport, New York Science!Math Alpha Psi Omega, Social Chairman, Student Senate Representative, Curriculum Council. SEGAL, EDITH F. Northbrook, Illinois Social Science SHAPIRO, EILEEN R. Wyncote, Pennsylvania Music Junior Class Student Senate Representative. SIMON, BARBARA J. Elkins Park, Pennsylvania Psychology Junior Class Officer, Student Senate, Hall Officer, Kappa Delta Pi, Election Committee, Social Activities Committee, Senate Honor Award Committee, Spring Weekend Committee, Freshman Orientation Committee, Junior-Senior Dinner Committee. SKORA, EDYTHE M. Chicago, Illinois Speech!Drama Town Association SMALL, DARYL White Plaines, New York SMITH, LISBETH Homewood, Illinois English Kappa Delta Pi, International Club, Concert Choir, Dorm Board, Dormitory Resident Counselor. SNEIDER, SHERYL Skokie, Illinois STALLINGS, PAMELA K. Mukwonago, Wisconsin Speech!Drama STAIVIAS, ELENI G. Chicago, Illinois Science!lVlath Kappa Delta Pi, Senior Class President, General Assembly, Treasurer, Vice President, Kappa Delta Pi, May Queen Candidate. STANDER, KATHLEEN E. Des Plaines, Illinois Psychology Alpha Psi Omega, Secretary!Treasurer, Stage, President, I-Iall Officer, "Electra", "The Tiger" STOCK, CAROLYN A. Bergenfield, New Jersey Science!lVlath Kappa Delta Pi, Concert Choir, President, Vice President, Ambassadors, Resident Counselor, Who's Who, Admissions Council, May Queen Candidate. STONE, BARBARA Chicago, Illinois SZAFRAN, ANN IVI. West Springfield, Massachusetts English TAKEDA, APRIL Chicago, Illinois TAYLOR, IVIERILYNN S. Cincinnati, Ohio Social Science TRAYNOR, BARRY L. Oceanside, New York Social Science Freshman Representative, Basketball, Co-Captain, Playground Supervisor, School Projectionist, P.E. Instructor. TRUSTIVIAN, KAREN E. Dobbs Ferry, New York Social Science UHWAT, SCOTT W. Round Lake, Illinois Psychology Writer for Chaff, Aviation Club. UII-IELEIN, DIANE V. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Science!lVIath WANDA, JUDY Chicago, Illinois Speech!Drama WASI-IBURN, Cl-IRISTINE Evanston, Illinois WEISEL, PAULA Fair Lawn, New Jersey Social Science Human Relations Club WONG, CARIVIEN South America Social Science WYATT, MONICA Geneva, Illinois English Hall Officer, Yearbook YOUNG, MIA E. Lincolnwood, Illinois YOUNG, RICHARD Glenview, Illinois Social Science SANCTISSIIVIUIVI EST IVIEMINISSE CUI TE DEBEAS. IT IS A VERY SACRED DUTY TO REMEMBER TO WI-IOM YOU OWE YOURSELF - PUBLILIUS SYRUS - GRAD ATIG You shall above all things be glad and young. For if you're young, whatever life you wear it will become you and if you are glad what ever's living will yourself become. e. e. Cummings MR. HARDY ANTICIPATION A-f'3 'f-4:-Q f'Nf'i s 5 Vis' DR. JOHNSON 2 FACULTY TI-IE MOMENT I-IAS COME. . .NOTHING NEED BE SAID 3, if THE PRESIDENT OF THE SENIOR, CLASS, ELENI STAIVIAS Hs DR. HAROLD BLAKE WALKER I In 9 W 6 41 H tiismv' DAISY CHAIN 1970 FUTURA Staff: EDITOR-IN-CI-IIEF: Karen Brede ASSISTANT EDITOR: Nancy Drinkwater PI-IOTOG RAPI-IY: Joan Sustik Paul Jenkins Erica Gordon SECTION EDITORS AND ASSISTANTS Margaret Barber Patricia Barnes ' Jule Carey Kathy Lozito Debbie Wessel Marcia Yospin FACULTY ADVISOR: E. Arthur Stunard TIHHRBOOR HOUSE f-U-g,,-S 922 Oak Street Kansas City, Missouri 64106 Litho in U.S.A. by members of Lithographers and Photoengravers Union-Local 235 X K X XS 4 ED AND SEVENTY

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