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'U 7 Fgfvififfwf ,Q - ' "e, j , 4 x ' 1 A . v ,,,.f-"" - V I . av 5 - A1 v ,I . . km,1 ,-: ,im .M , ,my , ngpsgwmfis iffy if , y Mu XM' . V. 3, .1 ," AU x , 1 A ,, 1? , , I f ' ,-bww Y :",.,f-9, ' his , , ff. -ii. 5 1 W 2 'ffm a'+ 1, s . 5. td, 5-my .15 ...J I x t sg? r -'KA , S . is: 25 f.. eg,- K, nt , 11.-fgf, ft: f. , ' fr U, 2. X I, ,MF d.'r"4liL.q V 15" Q 1 Az, 1, ,I ,if 5, ia, Q, fh,"r',i Y 195, , ogg, In , Q 3 1 ? fi l f . "'v Q ,gf 4 ' ,,4if-Sfvgv 6 fim f' , .5 ,, ff fi 1, A 'Y' ' 'ff.P'y! 'Z Y w a 5541? if-2.1-if- ' V " f. ' W 'iw ,n 4', S ' j f"'4 If-,1p,Nw2 1f.f'a 4 5. as hiv! g 6 , it ar, fxfgriggg R N-P, , ,. ,lf ta faiwiff . L. wma.: in y "Qs f rg ...Q , gWx ffffmw isififfwves N Y TWMY: .N . , J 5' LA ,A V, , vu., W' ii -M , 5 s x ml' ."'Yhvq,,z4 A' wa. yi 'Q 'QU' v f 1' I 14' Q wx ,qw i C xx ' yi N lb kg - , 4 ,rf im 'iff 'S as v.'." 1.g: t r , , x fx I. 1 K fs 5 -pf-wx'-"1' V ,, f H I W - , . , ' , J If-ew-iw' ,pf K , . 14. MM, W V fx " 'flax I 5"V,'!'?br 5:49. Zi 4. I xy. 'if I 1 I V 1 1 N 5 K 1 A W 5 x N E F 1 I I QQVL-EG? III! fs 1 0 N V 1 Q0 is 0 Q Z I fy ex O V' ,DI co S ELF CONTRGLQ6 i I I Q.. H h ,la Q' . ...., "'. es Xf 1009000 Keg ,505 S I... G Q A 'Q .1 : 6 4 2 X .0 Q 5 a -' Q. Q : if ' '- 0 X In 5 CW Q ' X 1 5 D 5 :N 'Q E 2 ' 4 ' Q0 . ' ' kr at - 'ff g D , E no N E .217 N 1 '- Q ' " . P 23.6 O .g... Q 1, Q ..: ...O O 0, 0 ....O Q 0 000' O O LI' Ill IW", ' 1 ffflzllllll if gf MQW My , , Z , A ngbkxxb -' fy. Xu Q--S' S W veg, Q vm XS fl Sr., - "iw Sgr, qi. ' Q3 2 N fm. ' N- N: ' X X , X Q X 5 1 Q X ,- 3 w Q S F ' ,' 11 we 42'-fi M N . , ' -2 1" 5 N N ' Q 1 4 2 , 10 3:-Q, g Q .X ,mm , rx 6,1 V f Q ,Q :M Q W S 5 9 X 11 21 5' , Ns, . xx , ,..v X. fx.,-,.,.,., Q MA: Q Q fx ., , Q Ei knn N- A X 1: ,lg ? Eb Q . - V X X -qw:-Qfr, Q , Y ' - ,mfg , fx, QQ' M x ' Q s 32 ff Q ,W f .1 N fx A ge 5, , is A X3 . N Nnvr V ,X df 5 tx NQJQ is X X 1- f X ' at ,X .H ' , N fx ' I H, N ,5 N i mi X F w, if 1 ,,,7 fm! - -N K 3 . , 4 , ,M X L RJ. , Q, . N. ., 5 , N. ,V , . N5 ' W- -. ,F N ' 4 Sy ' +V Y, , ,X 5 6 f ff fe, , z A- A :K wi 5 We X Q 9, hfxrwsl - .XM , x N f N i , , ' " f :NI .vw fi , 5 21' A ,. "1 -fini Q 1 4, f Qi M ' 'A 'V 1 , N H . , X X? E ,K A N ww i, w .X Q A his X . .6 2 ' ' wg" ' X Q 5, L wg- Li w f swf- ,Nf 054, ff E 9 Q 3 ' f ,X 5 N .2 ,Q .WN K - , , , ia 5 fy 2 5 QM Q, it - rg 1 - ,xi K s i1 u - lmixffi f f ff . 12 s- W N V S As 'SW i w 'M X 5 , , ' XS, V , X .fn I M .2 X f ' X ei Q' f , v if X i Z ,xx NF! . fi, 4 . Y X ix , s X, My N X 5, N wx.,-N S5 Qm .K ?KQx. N A 9 wk ' Xf,NTX ' N ' 3 ' K . , 4 :A 5 N N ' 'si' i ' 11: X ' , , ik A ,XX s '7 L ' Q ,L x N S A A 2 Q Wm? 3 X. 4 F Nsvlygf f Thyth g d h hp h d b g t Th h k fhL d dH d thd p ' P1 107 ' 7 Walfiolfwj 55 Contents Faculty 9 Classes 15 Activities 49 Education 77 Sodal 85 Advertising 93 Index ...... 102 L i I ul J l E l lj 5 4 V 1 I 4 1 n I 4 "Though pleased to see the dolphins play, I mind my compass and my way". , Matthew Green Sbeobcafion l 1 Untiring devotion and a staunch belief in the college and its place in society are the essence of true service to our institution. She is the epitome of generosity of time and energy . . . tempered by a conviction in the college uppermost before all else . . . constructive criticism . . . quick praise . . . vitality in relationships with faculty, students, and staff alike . . . Because she is a vigorous, inexpendable part of our everyday life at NCE, the staff gratefully dedicates this yearbook to 555 Wade! JQCLVW5 ll ' - 211'- "Skill'd in the globe and sphere, he gravely stands, And with his compass, measures seas and land." Iohn Dryden What is the role of the private teachers' college in higher education to- day? , Our college continues to focus its entire program on the preparation of teachers and our curriculum combines professional training with liberal arts education. 'As one of the few such' colleges in existence, we must constantly appraise and evaluate our program. Past experience proves that our "learn- ing by doing" methods produce teachers with sure hands and experienced ways. The "spirit of service" for which National College of Education is known still abides: since the need for teachers is acute, since our school is devoted to that purpose, and since the private college personifies the spirit of free endeavor in our American Way of living, We believe our future is secure. We go forward to the year ahead, fully conscious and aware of our responsibilities. When you educate a teacher, you educate a nation. K. RICHARD IOHNSON. President The end of our journev is always in sight, but our final port is known only to the Masters of our craft: for under their calm guidance, the most violent storms and the most turbulent waters can be navigated with ease. FAC LTY K K m 18x ,o V f 2 u g X1 N The wind and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators X Edward Gibbon Ci cl em 'E 2 n my L A' M F X K iff WX x Q . C 7 I X , 1 5 A tx f N X f l i 4 l X ff X fl ...A ,Y ' X , Xa on I: I xv If Q lf XX 7- ff ia f' u Y X V 'I X X 1-7 New 1 , X 1, r W t , t, ' JV ' V x ' Q A N W X l , - f l ,XJ W i AGNES L. ADAMS, M.A., Ph.B. ELIZABETH C. ANTES, M.A., B.E. COn Sabbcxtical Leave! - Psychology EDNA DEAN BAKER HELEN I. CHALLAND, M.A.. B.E President Emeritus Science ' LLOYD W. COUSINS, M.Mus., ROBERT B. CUSHMAN, Ph.D.. M.A., B.A. B.Mus.Ed. Music Social Science LOUISE F. DAVIS, Ph.D., MA.. Ph.B. MARY P. DAVIS. M.A.. B.A. Psychology Education f GERTRUDE B. FENNEMA, M.A.. Ph.B. PAULINE GALVARRO. Ph.D., M.A.. B.A Education X Decm of Students DAYTON F. GRATMAN, M.Mus., B.MusL DATY HEALY. M.A.. B.A. r Admxssxons Art Di ector of ' ' . COn Scxbbcxticcxl Leave? 1 1 KENNETH E HOWE Ed D M A B A MARIORIE HUNTER M Mus B Mus Director of Children s School Music C011 Sabbatxcal Leavel K RICHARD JOHNSON Ph D M S B S MABEL KBARNS B E Presldent Business Manager LINFORD T. MARQUART. M.A.. A.B. CONSTANCE MATTESON Registrar 2 Admissions , NELLIE MCCASLIN, M.A., B.A. MARY WATSON PALMER English Public Relations tOn Sabbatical Leavel RUTH POWERS, B.S. in L.S.. B.A. Library SHIRLEY SPEAR. B.E. Education ELIZABETH SPRINGSTUN, M.A., Ph.B. WREN STALEY. Ph.D., M.A., B.A. Education English 'I 13 BERTHA STAVRIANOS Ph D M A.. B.A. ROBERT F TOP? Ph D M A B E Psychology Dxrector of Graduate School LEWIS B. TROYER. Ph.D., B.D.. B.A.. Psychology FACULTY NOT PICTURED ADDENBROOKE, GWENDOLYN BEACH, CARYL BERRY, ELIZABETH BYINGTON. VIRGINIA COLLETT, DAISY CRAWFORD, WINNIE MAE CUNNINGHAM, MARIAN CURRY, IEAN MCPHERSON DAUGHERTY. IOHN De LASHMUTT, LEONORA DUFFY, IEAN EPPARD, IANICE FLADER, FLORENCE FORREY. EDNA FOX, EDITH GORMAN, VIRGINIA GRANDSTRAND, DOLORES HANCK, DOREEN HARDY, EDWARD HAAS, IOYCE HEWITT, RUTH HELM, WINCHELL I-IIRST, DAVID KLEEMAN, IAMES KLEKAMP, URSULA KNAPP, ALETA LEIFESTE, BERTHA LUEDKE, ANNE MACINTYRE, ETHEL MAIN, MILDRED MILLER, MARTHA MOULDING, IEAN NELSON, EILEEN NEUMANN, MARY-LOUISE PARK, VIRGINIA POPE, MARY POTTER, EDITH RAY, MARY REES, IANET SCHRAMM, MARION SHOLUND, MILDRED SIMMONS, IDA SORAL, IRENE STADE, EULALIA TREROTOLA, IOHN VANDERMEULEN, WILMA WADDELL, IOHN WAHL, HAZEL WERNER, ESTHER WHITE, DELILAH WOLF, HELEN ZAPPE. DORWIN ZUKOWSKI, WALTER Presenting the crew of our mighty vessel: the seniors, master seamen, staunch and strong after four years' apprenticeship on board: the juniors, eager to take the watch, steadfast and earnest en- signs, ambassadors of good-will: the sophomores, willing and able midshipmen awaiting their next port of call, using their time in storing up knowledge of the ropes, the freshmen, rollicking, light-hearted seamen with an eye for adventure, a hand for hard work, a head for co-operation and support. Four classes, individual, but alike in their bonds of friendship and in the indeiatigable loyalty and energy with which they strive for a common goal. They steer this ship, know its course and at all times try to keep on an even keel, with an eye on the harbor ahead. I M ' ' N-Q... x at 1 , , i , 1 X 1 Q f, w X X 1 1 ,, Q , ,. If ,K ,f 17 1 r ff W4 l 5,2 ,X F 1 " - , X 1 ' H 4. 3 rr L' av' Ns., f gf 3 if fy 5 X ws-tunanunnuu-.,,4,, XXX C ASSES ,K-ww i -wi nf ti' "Build me straight, O worthy Master! fag X .. Staunch and strong, a goodly vessel." ft L . get Henry Wadsworth Longfellow M72 R, ,fi a X V L .1,- l i A V' J? ' ,, V 3,5 W 'fn-. ly y If W, 2 !,fZ,Qh,",, l at il. is X' Y l fl by iffy! it z if 2 X bf 4' H Y Rae , X Y J, ' xr Q33 g .,, -bn.-,-usz.-. .,. , dw , K ,rp ,ffn "nv-wud .M 15 "Well, then - - - our course is chosen - - - spread the sail". Sir Walter Scott we endow Cfw Thelma Adams, vice-president: Bernice Bloom, president: Charlotte Laadt, treasurer: Carol Hitchcock, secretary: Anne Sherman, social chairman. We, the seniors, look back on our four years at NCE with fond memories . . . The excitement of our freshman year, with its barn dance, parties, and the tensions of our first college finals. As sophomores, we remember the mixer Chow could we forget?l, the daisy chain and the graduation song. Finally, we be- came juniors . . . and upperclassmen! We'll never forget the innumerable thrills of the prophecy, the prom, and our new found friends. 16 Yet, now we're seniors. Our thoughts and dreams of graduation and the future thereafter are no longer dreams but actual realities. Our college life is sadly drawing to a close, yet our way is clear and we do not fear the unknown, for our past experience at NCE has made us certain of the course we must follow . . . May our courses cross again and often, as our ship of state sails into the future. ADAMS, THELMA LUCILLE Evanston, Illinois h College Council, 4: Athletics, 1, Board Member, 2,4: Choir, l, Secretary 2: Social Chairman 3,4: Y.W.C.A., 1,2,3: A.C.E., 4: Drama Club, 3: Inter- national Club, l,2: Scholarship, 4, Assistantship 4: Class treasurer, 1, Athletics Representative, Z, Vice-President, 4. 1 1 'Sweet Lil Iesus Boy" . . . "Aw, c'om. sing another one" . . . "How's Tony? . . . Always a good iourth. ALLEN, BARBARA New York, New York Class publicity chairman, 4: Drama publicity chairman, 3,4. , From the deep, dark jungle of Africa came Bobbie with her glad smile, her heart of gold, and her cheerie "Anyone want a ride?" . . . creative artistry plus. ANDERSON, MARY ANN Ohio, Illinois Mt. St. Clare: Clinton, Iowa Y.W.C.A., 3,4: A.C.E., 3,4: Sheil Club, 3,4. "Blue-eyed Andy" . . . a laugh a minute . . . "Who'd ever use this place mat?" . . . "-and it's Ohio in Illinois." BEACOM, MARY CLARE Chicago, Illinois Briar Cliff College Guidance Center Scholarship, 4: Class activities chairman, 4: Choir, 4: ACE, 3,42 Art Club. secre- tary, 4. Guidance Center veteran . . . red hair and sparkling eyes . . . lovely voice . . . quiet ways . . the mature mind. BEEK, BARBARA Decatur. Michigan Stephens College Choir 3. "Hail, hail to Michigan!" . . . "'Those wedding bells-that old gang of mine" . . . "Oh...." icensoredl. ROSENBLATT, ADA BERKUN ' ' Chicago, Illinois Wright Iunior College Drama Club, 3: ACE, 4. - - "Not Berkun! I'm Rosenblatt now." . . . "What's ten down and one across?" BEVINS, IOAN Highland Park, Illinois Athletics, 1: A.C.E., 2,3,4: Iean Carpenter Arnold Scholarship 4: Class Treasurer, 2: Points and Revision, 3: Citizenship, 1. "What did you bid?" . . "Ah, you're kidding" 4 BIETY, IUDY P Chicago, Illinois A.C.E., 4: Sheil Club, 4. "Cribbage or bridge., anyone?" . . . "Oh! It was the funniest thing." BLOOM, BERNICE LEON Chicago, Illinois T.G.A., 1,2,3,4: Chaff, 3,4: Athletics, 1: Choir, 1, 2,3,4: 'Y.W.C.A.,. 1: A.C.E., 4: Dance Group, 3: Children's School Scholarship, 4: Class'Presi- dent, 1,4. "Ahhhhhh" . . . chief of seniors and eighth graders . . . Ianuary 27th was VJ. Day for her . . . supporter of the alto section for tour years. BOYLE, MARY ELIZABETH Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Georgetown: Visitation Iunior College A.C.E., 4: Drama Club, 3: International Club, 4: Sheil Club, 3.4: Class secretary. 3. "It's a wonderful thing to do nothing and to rest up afterwards." BROWN, LENORE Chicago, Illinois University of Illinois T.G.A., 2: A.C.E., 2: International Club, 1: Scholar- ship, l: Class Points and Revision' Committee, 42 Art Club, I. Always logical, especially about Morrie . "But. Dr. Kraft." CALLISON, MARIANN AINSWORTH A Chicago, Illinois University of Georgia ACE, 4. "Oh, well. what's one more committee!" . "Well, in Florida we do it this way." df Z f 4 GWW k'4:f jf I CAMPAGNA, GILBERTA Chicago, Illinois ' Mundelein College Dorm hall chairman, 4: Y.W.C.A., 2.3: A.C.E., 2,35 International Club, 3: Sheil Club. Z,3,4. Quite cz philosophy . . . a sympathetic ear . . We call her Iill. CLAFFORD, MARCIA Chicago, lllinois Blue eyes cmd blond hal: maqntllque . . . conscientious citizen . . . "Inna 6, here l come!" DARBY, HELEN Chicago, Illinois De Paul University and Butler University "She'a qone out from social studies" . . . "l'm linally done." DEUTCH, NAOMI Chicago, Illinois "That's iust what the doctor ordered-a doctor." Z 0 I MANTELMAN, IOANN DIAMOND Chicago, Illinois "The shopping depends on the season" . . . the hubby's her hobby . . . watch her on copper enameling . . . bridge. husband, and pianos . . . "Have a nice weekend" . . . Io. DHISCOLL, IANET Winnetka, Illinois Finch College Ambassadors, 3,4: A.C.E., 4: Drama Club, 4. Eastem Airlines has named their Chicago-Miami flight "The Driscoll Special" . . . quite a beauty with a good strong voice. DUKET, VIRGINIA Park Ridge, Illinois Wright Iunior College: La Sierra College Drama Club, 3,4: Art Club, 4: A.C.E., 4. A Big smile with earrings to match . . . "As a mother, I can say . . ELLIOTT, PATRICIA Chicago, Illinois Athletics, 1: Y.W.C.A., 1: A.C.E., 4: Drama Club, l,4: Sheil Club, 1,2,3: Class treasurer, 3: Curricu- lum Committee chairman, 4. Red car . . . blue car . . . which one goes? . . . Pat's the only one who knows . . . Out of gas? It could be . . . Count her pennies: twenty-three. l 21 FRANKS KAREN Ch1cago Illmols Wheaton College TGA 3 4 ACE 4 Internatxonal Club 34 Shes quxet but she qets around Hawau Colorado shell see the world whxle we stay home FUHRMAN DOLORES Chlcago llhnoxs YWCA 134 ACE 23 v1cepres1dent 4 Drama Club 1 Art Club 4 Dee a inend to all I have a problem Another mece' GLAVIS MARY M Evanston Illmols Y W C A 4 A C E 4 Freshman class secretary Semor class cxtlzenshxp chcurrnan ex I cant decxde WGS!!! this lun' Be good gal GLAZIER ROBERTA Ch1cago Illmoxs Un1vers1ty of Illmoxs A C E Htllel Amateur playwrrqht dreams of day camp How bout gxvmg me a r1de" always good for a lauqh classroom conscrentxousness and cleverness 1 1 ..-1 11 ---1 1 1 1- 1 . -- ..1 1 . ' ' 1 1 1 1 ----1 111 ---1 11 ' 1 1 1 1- - 11 11 .11 -1- 1 1.1 1 I 1 1 ...-11 ---11 ' 11 11 11 1 - 11 11 1 - 11 11 ll 1 .11 1 I 1 1 ..., 1-- 11 1 .. , ,, -1. - 1 .11 -.- II- GOLDBERG, HELEN M. Chicago, Illinois University oi Illinois A.C.E., 3,4. Patience is a virtue and she's waited so-o-o-o long . . . "Here comes Mr. Iordan" . . . counting the days to a Iune wedding. GOOD, NANCY Evanston, Illinois University of Colorado Choir, Vice-President, 3,4: Chairman oi Publicity Committee, 4. Mrs. Anderson . . . stories and adventures in Europe . . . "Nancy, I iust don't have a choir robe!" HARMAN, HENRIETTA Skokie, Illinois 4 Choir, l,2,3,4: Y.W.C.A.. 1,2,3.4: A.C.E., 2,3. President 4: Scholarship Children's School, 4: lst semester, Class Secretary, 2. ' "What would A.C.E. do without Hank?" . a finger in every pie. HARTTER, IUDITH ANN Naples, Florida Dorm Vice-President, 4: College Council, 3,4: Chaif, 3,4: National, l: Choir, 1,2,3,4: Y.W.C.A.,' 1.2: A.C.E., 1,2,4, Secretary, 2: Drama Club, 1: Sheil Club, 1.2, Treasurer, 1: Scholarship, 4: Class President, 3. A good dispenser of pills . . . snacks at mid- night . . . "Aw, Iudy. another campus?" HICKS CYNTHIA Chlcago I111no1s Monmouth College CE Cmdy What' McPh1llamy" bags of potato chzps wzth her home made lunches lack Iack lack HIMMELSTEIN MARY Pewaukee Wrsconsm Lawrence College Hall Socxal Chaxrman 3 Nat1onal 2 Chou' 2 3 4 YWCA 234 ACE 24 Ways and Means Chaxrman 3 Ambassador 3 4 Hummel always on the go those Mxlwaukee Braves HITCHCOCK CAROL Chrcago Illmols TGA Treasurer 1 Class Secretary 4 Athletrcs 1 2 Y W C A 1 Quantzco anyone' Bill Bill B111 KAPLAN BARBARA LOIS Chxcago Illmols A C E 12 3 Drama Club 12 3 Dance Group 12 3 Asslstantshlp 4 Gal around town dancmg Harlequin Schxaparellx m lavender . . A. . .,4. ... .. . ' :ll . . . . ,. ... .. , , uunl ll ll , -... 1 1 " . . . KAPLAN, IUDITH DIANE Highland Park, Illinois University of Indiana A.C.E.. 4. Bramson's girl Friday . . . The captain of PTA Day. KIRKELIE, MARLENE Green Bay, Wisconsin Lawrence College Dorm hall social chairman, 3, Chairman,'4g Y.W.C.A., 3,4: A.C.E., Z,3,4: International Club. Z,3,4: Orchestra, 3: Mary Crane Scholarship, 4. Heart and soul for the U. S.. Marines. . . . "Kirk" . . . infectious laugh . . . dining room blues . . Hull House, 7 AM . . . "February, come quickly." KROM, IOY Chicago, Illinois Stephens Iunior College A.C.E.: Hillel. Chic . . . iriendly to everyone . . . agreeable compatible worker . , . fast talker. ' LAADT, CHARLOTTE Chicago, Illinois Northwestern University Choir, 3, President, 4: A.C.E,, 3.4: Art Club, 4: Orchestra, 3.4: Class Treasurer, 4. "Can you make another poster?" . . . Fresh air 'r taxi . . . Cousins' Girl Friday. f l LANGEFELD, BARBARA Oak Park, Illinois T.G.A. Treasurer, 2, Vice-President, 3: CHAFF, l,2, Circulation Editor 3: Y.W.C.A., 1,2,3, Presi- dent, 45 A.C.E., 2,3,4: Drama Club, 1: Citizenship Committee Chairman, l: Art Club, 4. "Good things come in small packages." ,ff . f ' f - ,,,, ff! rg X LAWRENCE MIMI Des Plaines Illinois National Art Editor 2 Choir 1234 YWCA 12' A.C.E. 4' Drama Club 1234 Secretary 2 President, 3: Elizabeth Harrison Scholarship: Class Publicity Chairman, 2,35 Foreign Film Chair- man. 3: Honor Committee, 3,4. Artistic . . . imaginative . . . dramatic . . creative . . . poised . . . always busy. LENN EVONNE IO Chicago Illinois University oi Illinois College Council 4 Secretary Assistantship Demonstration School Ambassadors 4 President Art Club 4 Me and my car and those cold cold days Sign me up Glad to be of help LINTZ AUDREY Chicago Illinois Wright Ir College ACE 4 International Club 3 Art Club 4 You can do anything you want to ii you try hard enough Stan studying still' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 .1 11 - 11 11 11 1 1 1 Q 1 1 - - -1 1 1 1 1 . 11 . . 1 11 - . . - . ' ' ' 0 LIPPMAN, ANN Lincolnwood, Illinois University of Wisconsin Assistantship, Demonstration School: A.C.E., 3.4: Art Club, 4: Drama Club, 2.3.4. Red hair but no temper . . ."Can you pick me up?" . loves that pizza.. . . MELZEH. SUE Northbrook. Illinois CHAFF. 1:' NATIONAL. 1: Y.W.C'.A.. 1.2: A.C.E.. 4: Drama Club, 1,2.3.4. Cheerful cooperation . . . blacksmiths. horses, and ' clothes . . . better late than never . . . red anqora shorts for him for Valentine's Day - - - knitted! MICUCCI. PAT Chicago, Illinois Edgewood'College of the Sacred Heart Pizza queen . . . wonderful sense ot humor, bu don't call her Rita. MILLER. NANCY E. Chicago. Illinois North Park Iunior College NATIONAL, 3: Y.W.C.A., Treasurerp 4: A.C.E.. 3.4: Orchestra. 3.4. V I , Brother George . . . "Sha1l vi go hemma nu?" . . . Heiletz' on the hoof. K - X MINNECI, MARY ANNE Chicago, Illinois University of Illinois T.GIA., Secretary, 1. Treasurer. 2: College Coun- cil President, 4: NATIONAL, Assistant Editor. 3: Y.W.C.A., 1: A.C.E., 2,4: Dance Group, 4:' Sheil Club, 1,4: Mrs. Iohn N. Crouse Scholarship, 4: Art Club, 4: WHO'S WHO. ' ' Commander in Chief of National . . . always cl smile for us . . . "Where'd you get your curly hair?"' . -. . wee wisdom. ' MISAKA, BETTY IANE Honolulu, Hawaii Y.W.C.A., 1.4: A.C.E., 2, Treasurer, 3,4: Inter- national Club, 1,2, Secretary 3,4: Children's School Scholarship, 4. Quiet . . . unrutfled poise . . . "Ohhhhhh" . . . "Here's to B. I. and the way she does the Hula Hop." LORRAINE MCCUE Oak Park, Illinois University of Illinois NATIONAL, 3, Assistant Editor, 4: T.G.A. Social Chairman. 4: Y.W.C.A., 4: A.C.E,, 3,4, Lollyl. . . the NATIONAL'S right arm . . . bub- bling extrovert . . . "Oh, kid!" . . . an eye on the western suburbs. OLIVER, DOROTHY FRIEDLANDER Wilmette, Illinois College Council, 1,2, Vice-President. 4: NATION- AL, 1: Y.W.C.A., 1,2. The gayest smile of all along with a cheery "hi" . . . "Oliver, who's that?" . . . Three flights down for food . . . Festivals galore. PARKER, MARILYN Chicago. Illinois .....,..."Fourth tor bridge?" . . . "Can't wait 'til February." PORTNOY, DONNA Chicago, Illinois University of Illinois A.C.E.. 4. "Pass the suntan oil quick! I'm fading." RANSON. SUSAN Wichita. Kansas Monticello Iunior College A.C.E.. Publicity Chairman, 3.4: Drama Club, 4. N RICKETSON, RUTH Manitowoc, Wisconsin Dorm Assistant Social Chairman, 2, Treasurer. 3, President, 4: NATIONAL, 1: Y.W.C.A., 1.2: A.C.E., 2,3,4: Drama Club, 1,2,3,4: Dance Group Vice- President, 1.2,3,4: Eva Grace Long Scholarship: Class Social Chairman, 2, Vice-President, 3: WHO'S WHO. The blonde in blue . . . 3A Mom . . . a foot and a face in every dance and play . . ."I've got to study in just a minute." "Almler and me" . . . classroom quips - - - Always good tor a chat . . . pleasant and agree- able . . . an interested listener-a bit ol advice. ROTHKOPF, INA LOUISE Chicago, Illinois A.C.E., 1,4: Drama Club, 3: Hillel Foundation 2.3.4. "Fourth for bridge?" . . . "Anyone need a ride?" . . . "St. Louis. here I come." y 4 'V 0? Y 4 4 E SCHIFF, IOAN Chicago, Illinois University of Illinois A.C.E.. 4. "Bridge?" . . . "Well. maybe. but I'm iust learn- ing!" . . . "You mean there are two ol you?" SCHILLER, LOUISE Chicago, Illinois Wright Iunior College Art Club President, 4: Athletics, 4: A.C.E., 4: Drama Club, 2,3,4: Dance Group, 2,3: Ambass- adors, 2.3,4: - From Overtones to Six Who Pass . . . bubbling wit . . . artistic flair . . . pony tail exclusive . . . "May I see your diamond?" is often ' heard around her . . . "The quiet, shy type." SCOTT, SUZANNE KATHRYN Antioch, Illinois Northwestern University Dorm Social Chairman, 4: Choir, 3: A.C.E., 4. "Scottie" . . . a polo coat and an armlul ol books . . . GIB . . . long distance phone calls . . . generosity of time and real spirit . . . "Real George!" SHERMAN, INGRID ANNE Winnetka, , Illinois Skidmore College Choir, 3: A.C.E., 4: Art Club, 4: Class Social Chairman, 4, Curriculum Committee Represen- tative, 3.4. "Be Prepared" . . . always there lor the Seniors' coffee hour . . . "New York. New York." l i 1 r l N I SHOLTZ, KAY l Chicago, Illinois 1 University oi Illinois Art Club, 4: Citizenship Committee, 3. "What can I make for dinner?" . . . Bridge. bridge, bridge . . . "What's with Walgreen's?" l l E SILVERMAN, CAROLE LEE ' Chicago, Illinois , University of Illinois A.C.E.. 3,4: Drama Club, 3,4. "Hey there. You with the stars in your eyes . . the Dakota kid . . . singing blues, thinking of Eliot. and chasing photographers. l SILVERMAN, SHIRLEY j Kansas City, Missouri N Kansas City Iunior College V ' National, Art Editor, 3: A.C.E., 4: Drama Club, 3: ' Dance Group, 4: Class Activities Chairman, 3, Social Chairman, 3: Art Club, 4: Hillel, 3.4. ' "He's just a friend, really iust a friend. no one X understands." l l SIM, HYO SIK Seoul, Korea Ewha Woman's University Edna Dean Baker Scholarship, 4: International Club, 3, Treasurer, 4. Cheerfulness, with a twinkle in her eye . . . full oi wisdom with a word for the wise. SOLLO. HARRIET Chicago, Illinois T.G.A. President, 4: Athletics, l,4: A.C.E., 47 Drama Club, 3,4. "Hey, Sollo, you stage manager again?" . . . calm. cool, and collected . . . cold hands. warm heart. STERNEH, EUNICE IOY Skokie, Illinois North Park Iunior College International Club, 3,4. Activity plus in the Intemational Club . . . sweet smile . . . capable and sincere . . . "Ioy." TURNER, MARLENE ZIMMERMAN Chicago, Illinois Loooonnng fingemails . . . "Where are my glasses?" . . . "Pink for the kitchen cmd bath- room-" . . . long term papers . . .no longer at the end ot the class. WARTENBERG. LOIS Arlington Heights, Illinois Y.W.C.A., Vice-President, 4: A.C.E., 2,3.4: Chil- dren's School Scholarship 4. A hard worker . . . cheeriulness and cooperation dependable knack for getting things done . . . a ready smile for everyone. WATSON, IUDITH ANN Barneveld, Wisconsin Stephens College Y.W.C.A.. 3: A.C.E., 4. Poet laureate . . . agriculture maior . . . Mil- waukee bound . . . never lets studying interfere with her cofiee and education . . . midnight picnics . . . distribution of Coke bottles. WILSON, VIRGINIA Evanston, Illinois Cast included . . . "Mr. Cushman. I think-' nimble fingers with needle and thread. WOLFSON, MARILYN ANN Chicago, Illinois The Wolfmobile in action . . . seances for Sidney and Dame May . . . sarcasm. wit, bridge and apologies. 1 YOUNG, LOIS Clarendon Hills, Illinois Western University Dorm Hall social chairman, 3: YWCA, 2: Ambassadors, 2: Class social chair- man, 3. "Oh dear! Must study or I will flunk out of this school!" . . . "Have you heard this ioke?" . . . "Please put back ALL PROPS!" ZAREMSKI, DOROTHY Chicago. Illinois A.C.E., 4. How does she keep her figure? . . . 3,000 calories a day . . . "Hail, Caesar!" O'CONNELL, ANN Evanston, Illinois "What do you think she'lI ask us on the test?" . . . petite and chic . . . the mind alive . . . with marriage in mind. RICE. ROSEMARY Flint, Michigan Michigan State College YWCA, worship chairman, 4. Hail to Michigan! . . . small. smart. and always smiling . . . honor bright . . . at last it's Iune. SANDELL, MYRNA Chicago, Illinois New faces . . . loves spaghetti, swim- ming and going steady . . . Iohn . . . "Iune 6. here I come!" STONE: CAROLE Chicago. Illinois "Detroit for me" . . . "sweetness with Ct good feeling" . . typical home- maker of 1965. W4 Qimfwfw, 79 4 We would like to recognize our unsung seniors graduat- ing after the summer sessions at NCE. When most of us are vacationing, they are finishing their requirements for gradua- tion. Although they do not receive their degrees at the Iune givmmencement, they are nevertheless a vital part of the Senior ass. CHURCHILL. COLEEN CROHN, RICHARD FOX, ESTHER GAINES, LURA GARCIA. MARY GUHR, ESTHER I-IARTQUEST. LURA HOWARD. ISABEL KACHEL. MARLENE KAHN. LUCILLE KARLIN, NANCY KAPLAN. IOY KASSELMAN, BARBARA KREY, WESLEY MARQUIS, IRENE MITCHELL, MARGARET MURPHY, LEONA NOVOKOFSKI, TERESA RIDGWAY, MARION SMITH, GARY STACK, BERTHA TAYLOR, KATHERINE VILLAMIN, ARACELI WIGLAMA. MERLA YARGER, OLGA SENIORS NOT PICTURED ADATTO, LORRAINE KEMMAN. PHYLIIS BERNHARDT. MARLENE IOYCE KNUTSON, ELLA NELLIE BOSCIA. IOANNE MILAN, IANET LILLIAN BOURKE. WINIFRED PRENDERGAST MULLER, FLORENCE BRILL, ARLENE MCGARVEY, EDNA SCHUMACHER BROCK. ELIZABETH SLAUGHT PERKINS, MARIE CAMPBELL, RUTH PATRICIA SILVER. ILENE MERLE CARE. IEAN ISOBEL SLADKEY, LOIS UNGER DLOOGATCH, IRIS DONNA SLOAN, MARGARET HONIGBAUM, ANN BRICK STOLAR. CYRELL NEEDLEMAN KELLY, OLGA TRYBUS. IACQUELINE CAROL WATKINS. WILMA WALZER 35 I QTSZF5' f 4 ww we, Nfl-liz f X W :QM . . x f ff A f f ,W W MWA ,mgamvw-fp XM Q M V V M f .4 I fn' " a 3 f-1 If ' ,Y f ' lf. F154 ', -x iff ,M ' H A , ,Z J, 'V ,s??4iw5 mic ,Q I , ,, Z' M7445 1 ,, ,wer J f , . , ww ' f W W ', 4 Sly. 4 xv Y, gf 1 , ' , ,, 7 V' . , 70 vf , 1 WW if y Wm ' y Zf -2 X Z , ,XM Q A N-JP' f i yn , 1 1 r , qw .mf '99 G , rn ,. , S- , -. ,, r,mfg: ,M 3. , - kai? j V fsvngyl, 9 f.,. ., Q, .fy wi' 'Q iron.-an f,,, , -M ll, 5 01 .3 x i, rev , 'hr ' u, fi-ruff' we wa ,W , 4 f Q' if fi fkmff ' 4 if f,,.:' 1 - , yxyyyxaf ,L ,f ' nf, 1 w 4 ' g Lip ,Y 5 eff f 6 1 1 ' aint Louise Schiller Ada Rosenblatt Eunice 'Stemer Mary Anne Minneci Harriet Sollo Pat Elliot Ann Lippman Dottie Oliver Shirley Silverman Mary Ann Anderson Mary Himmelstein Carol Hitchcock Betty Boyle Carole Silverman Lolly McCue Anne Sherman Pat Micucci Evonne Lenn 1 V W G' Row l: Thelma Adams. Dem. School Scholarship: Mary Anne Minneci. Mrs. Iohn N. Crouse Scholarship: Mary Claire Beacom, Guidance Center Scholarship: Ann Lippman, Dem. School: Dottie Oliver, Dem. School. Row 2: Bernice Bloom, Dem. School: Ruth Ricketson. Eva Grave Long Scholarship: Iocn Bevins, lean Carpenter Arnold Scholarship: Marlene Kirkelie, Mary Crane Nursery Scholarship: Hyo Sik Sim, Edna Dean Baker Scholarship: Iudy Hartter, Dem. School: Lois Wartenberg, Dem. School: Mimi Lawrence. Elizabeth Harrison Scholarship: Evonne Lenn, Dem. School. "A great ship asks deep waters." Herbert xSi'ZLO!6Ll"5ZLL - jLl"15 f xgilflflgfflfglf' 3 Row l Dolores Fuhrman, Charlotte Laadt, Nancy Good, Barbara Allen, Dorothy Denison, Ada Rosenblatt, Ann O'Connell, Anne Sherman Ioan Bevins. All these are Dem. School Scholarships with the exception of Dorothy Denison, who holds the Guidance Center Scholarship. Twice each year, certain seniors are presented with honorary scholar- ships, given either by the college, by a memorial fund, or by some special organization. The awards are made on the basis of outstanding teaching ability, loyalty, and service to the school. Three one-year scholarships are bestowed, and the remainder are given for one semester's experience in either the Demonstration School, Mary Crane Nursery, or the Guidance Center. The scholarships, presented by the President of the Alumni Association and by Dr. Iohnson, are announced in two assemblies, one in May and the other in the following Ianuary. Awards such as these are a fine recognition of achieve- ment. We can look with pride at our fellow students, who richly deserve them. XSZZLOKQVJALIO ' QCOVL ,gQlfIfL85f8If' Mary Ann Willis, president: Dottie Holmes, vice-president: Barbara Taylor, secretary: Nancy Sustersic, treasurer: Polly Eddy, social chairman. IN MEMORIAM I EAN NELSON Classmate and Friend Class of 1956 "Those who have passed from this world die only when We. whom they loved, forget them". "So fades a summer cloud away: So sinks the gale when storms are o'er: So gently shuts the eye of day: So dies a wave along the shore". Ag zfmior CKIZIAJ Row l: Dorothea Laadt, Eileen Oechsle, Louann Freeland, 'Holly Reinertsen, Polly Eddy, Anna Mae Sica, Floria Bellazzini, Edith Marie Peterson, Barbara Clarke, Kathy Kileen, Eunice Novinson, Susan King, Ioyce Brailey, Mary Lee Sherman. Row 2: Ilene Silver, Barb Kern, Kathy King. Carol Giryotas, Lois Reinhartsen, Ieane Martin, Beverly Di Christofano, Nancy Sustersic, Zola Ward, Iudy Winkler, Mary Ann Willis, Iackie Trybus, Harriett Karlsen, Ianet Milan, Karen Peterson, Roxy Griswold. How 3: Ian Coleman, Ioan Schmidt, Ann Bell, Barb Taylor, Gerda Peters, Laurel Scott, Helen Sams. Dorothy Holmes, Ginny Mont- gomery, Barbara Merkel, Marie Mannette, Lois Cohn, Ruth Robinson, Iune Woodward, Sylvia Utne, Laura Whitney, Kitty Kelly. Since setting sail on our sea of adventure, our waters have become steadily calmer. We juniors raised- our heads after the September Field Exper- ience and realized with a start that we were upper- classmen. Despite hours of student teaching, studying speech, foods, and a brand new experience called Educational Measurements, we were still able to find time for a get-together at the Student Center to welcome our new junior partners. We also cele- brated the December festivities with a spaghetti sup- per at the Rec House, which everyone thoroughly en- joyed, thanks to the good cooking and the spirit of fun with which all of our activities are seasoned. The Valentine's Day party was followed by the class's organizing itself into committees for work on the many spring activities. One of these was pre- senting the flowers that made up the crown worn by the queen of the May Festival. "The Night and You" was the theme of our prom held at the Belmont Hotel. Ralph Berger's Orchestra provided the music. It was then that we brought out our new idea of giving cufflinks as favors to all our dates. A week later, we served as hostesses at the an- nual Iunior-Senior brunch. That day, as the others read their wills, we realized with desire but with re- gret that, when September comes, we will be taking their places as "the grand old seniors". 41 I X xx X. - AK 1 ,www W ap .Ig x 1 lx Ly iv . JY, 2' sm ., SQ K fi' . if 323 ff: Q . X23 nw sf ff '3 -1 Tv-we-A 'v x V 1? , - , .Kg 5 X , x W X + I, ' W 'D 'Y we Q7 ?L VS Q 2:45 :Y QS' W s 74 V Zn ww X , ' H 1' ,,, f f f, J I, , 42144 4 ff 3 Ze Zn, we 23 , 595 429 " 4 75 1, SZ, W fi? , Z2 ' X: ss" if , x ZW? Z5 gf , , ,,, , L 52 SZ f ,. , ' 1 I, S7 yy Q 7' ? , f ' , . Row 1 Barbara Rolfe secretary Nancy Heller treasurer Row 2 Iudy Hart socral charrman Lucy Ianze presrdent Ann Trtus ilw V855 WLGLVL Q55 vnce presrdent Y But oh the 11tt1e cargo boats that sa11 the wet seas roun They re lust the same as you an me a plym up an down Klpllng ,X S ff' vii f f If I X r II ' ' 1 1 ' 1 X I I I I I - I' I I , - I II N I Row 1: Virginia Matson. Iudith Hart, Vivfan Kadlec, Ann Wilcox, Aline Sumida, Donna Hogan, Beverly Bovilsky, Ann Ford, Corinne Ross, Iudy Gibisch, Suzanne Kingston. Lucy Ianze, Toni Geisert, Nancy Heller, ROW 23 P0111 Dllfllellf luckie Hacker. Marilyn Huddlestun. Pat lohnson, Maureen Pickard, Ann Titus, Carol Hutchings, Noel Williams, Sharlene Margolis, La Vergne Colosky. Row 3: Gerry Schultz, Ianet Carlson, Ann Cone, Barbara Rolfe. Marilyn Mower, Sharon Weber, Linda Ruggles, Leah Gram, Ianis Neumann. Row 4: Ann Murphy, Carole Halstead. Iudy McGlynn, lane! Bartholomew, Betty Darr, lanet Saunders, Bonnie Beckman, 'Anne Macomber. Anita Toole, Shirley Koch, Elaine Lehman. On the day of our arrival one short year ago, We predicted fair and sunny Weather as we began our seaward journey, looking forward to our first year of college life. Now the beginning "pea-green" fresh- man days are over, and we are happy to have reached our ports in safety. . Our lively class has entered into school activi- ties with genuine enthusiasm. Many of us worked in the class booth at the "Country Fair" and made successful efforts to help our incoming Ianuary class- mates welcome, at a St. Patrick's Day party. Our biggest project was Parents' Day, which we organiz- ed and launched on the day of the May Festival. We have had a good year and We won't forget this first, special one. Here's to three more even better ones. Our officers were: Lucy lanze, president, first semester: Ann Titus, vice-president, first semester: president, second semester: Ann Cone, vice-presi- dent, second semester: Barbara Rolfe, secretary: Nancy Heller, treasurer: and Iudy Hart, social chair- IDCII1. gfddwdtd l AND NOW YOUR MASTER'S DEGREE! Not so many years ago, one was considered well qualified for teach- ing if he had two years of college preparation. Later, a bachelor's degree was considered the acme of professional preparation. Now, we must face the fact that a career in teaching ultimately demands a master's degree. Local and state requirements are moving toward the establishment of the master's as minimum preparation: salary schedules are designed to en- courage teachers to complete the higher degree, the demands of teaching, continuously becoming more complex, 'dictate higher qualifications. All of these facts are being reflected in increased graduate school enrollment as more and more teachers return for advanced study. This need not discourage the person holding his bachelor's: the sigh of relief at com- pleting four years of study need not become a sigh of anguish at contem- plating another year. Study at the master's level is gradual and usually part-time. The values in course work seem more numerous after one has had teaching experience. And above all, each who goes on toward his master's degree is motivated by the knowledge that the better prepared he is as the teacher of young children, the greater will be his contribution to their lives. DR. ROBERT F. TOPP Dean of the Graduate School 53,00 Now in its third year, the graduate school is another evidence of the progress that the National College of Education has made since its beginning. The Master's degree program is a shift of emphasis from 'standard under- graduate courses, primarily required by the college, to more specific, in- dividualized study. . A candidate for a lVIaster's program must have a bachelor's degree. He may or may not have teaching experience. Important in the efficient functioning of the school is adherence to the primary objectives of the graduate program. .Row 1: Marlene Neumann, Chieko Ushioda, Mary Lenahan, Keyko Tsuchyia, Faith Rolston, Dr. Robert F. Topp, Celeste S. Paraso, Gwen Harm, Dorothy Tully, Elzabe Yocum, Helen Black. Row 2: Nancy Stevenson, Marilyn Stephenson, Sylvia Lansdman, Barbara Anderson, Gene Seubert. Barbara Gleason, Cynthia Krinsky. Romaine Sachs, Luz Romero, Don Adair, Hyo Sik Sim, Rosemary Schnell, Dorothy Denison, Marjorie Holtsclaw. aid? Chain Dear to the hearts oi the sophomores is the anticipation of carrying the daisy chain at the com- mencement exercises. Any sophomore may parti- cipate in this colorful event. The chain may either be bought or be made by the class. In recent years, the girls have gathered in the Rec House basement, the night before Commencement, and amid singing and much gayety, have cut and tied the greenery by themselves. Early the following morning, they weave the daisies into the chain, exchange jeans for white tormals, and lead the way for the seniors, who pass into the auditorium through the lines of the chain. After the ceremony is over, the sopho- mores sing their original song to the graduates, who answer them with a song of their own. Commence- ment is then over and the next year's sophomore class begins looking forward to its turn. This tradi- tion is one of the loveliest and most memorable of the school year, nostalgic and sincere. ACTI ITIES f V r ' ff' iw How often our ship embarks with its sails filled R it ,IV XX with light, gentle breezes-pure white against a s W-ff' NM clear blue sky. Yet sometimes as our journey pro- gresses, we find our weather slowly darkening,with 5 AAL , Q , visibility zero. if 'ix j"""N On these occasions, We find relief as we stop f if X thinking about whatever problems beset us, and 5 2 turn' to moments of recreation, relaxation, and group ,A 1 X activities-which we must never allow to slip from XX ' X 1 X our grasp: for without lessening the pull of the sails, p if our ship would surelyflounder. .,, X r A ,, .A JK: ,J I "There's not a ship that sails the ocean X ,444 V f But every climate, every soil, J ' Must bring its tribute, great or small, , 5. Raj V, And help to build the wooden wall!" ff fi f 1 . t Henry Wadsworth Longfellow If , ty, if 2' f ,ff 5' i' ikgy if 3 , fl 1, Q by 5 rj l S t 5" M I " il' , ' .. . x ig sl 1' X V, if , ,Y 'ff X-J X f N X!! ff . ff ,ffl f",J,j'f ., V A A V 1 V is gsnf'-'K ' W! A It 4 1 3 fi ' .- ' 5 x. N.- ' s if l f E . , K f ix., ' I l xx ,,.,,'. I I ft X 5 ,YNLXM R 'L Jvi' ,XJ , fjd.. 'r ', X, N 45, ' t ff ,J Row 1: Henrietta Harman, Walter E. Zukowski, Mary Anne Minneci, Dorothy Oliver. Robert F. Topp, Barbara Langeield. 1 Row 2: Charlotte Laadt, Ianice Towner, Roxana Griswold, Helen Sams, Ginny Montgomery, Ruth Robinson, Barbara Merkel, Lorraine McCue. cam? ovmci This organization is one case for which the old adage "Too many cooks spoil the broth" is definitely not so. These leaders of the college, representing the student body, in addition to certain faculty members, act as our ship's of- ficers, striving to make National a seaworthy vessel. At meetings, everyone has a voice in the discussions. That voice is that of the students as a whole. This year, they had a part in the "Country Fair", joining forces with the PTA of the Children's School. A committee continued with preparations for redecorating the Student Center. The honor system 'was still the center of in- terest, and enthusiasm was projected through coffee ,ho-urs held for the purpose of inciting informal discussions. Row 1 Holly Remertsen Harriet Sollo Louise Schiller Dayton F Grafman Lucy Ianze Iudy Hartter Ann Titus Row 2 Iudy Ienkms Lois Wartenberg Ruth Rlcketson Gerda Peters Dolores Fuhrman Dorothy Holmes Mary Ann Wxllxs Evonne Lenn 0 age ovmci The president and vice president are elected in March by the entire student body Members of the Iunror Class are eligible for nomination In the fall of the following year, the secretary and treasurer of the council are elected by that body. All members are installed in an impressive ceremony at the beginning of October. , This year, the following were officers: President, Mary Anne Minneci: Vice-President, Dorothy Friedlander Oliver: Secretary, Evonne Lenny and Treas- urer, Ruth Robinson. X Y Q S I an J Q , 4 'i f 'i Y W 1 Q ff , 2 N25 ff sf, Q ,fy ,E BARBARA MERKEL Editor-in-Chief Ma VAQQL gyifom LOLLY MCCUE Assistant Editor MARY PALMER Faculty Advisor CAROL HUTCHINGS DOROTHEA LAADT HOXY GRISWOLD Photography Editor Art Editor Literary Editor , 1 X, f , M 7 45. KAREN PETERSON GINNY MATSON IUDY HART Advertising Editor Business Manager Publicity Manager G? qw- , L P , ,wh 1. f ' Z fx X-X4 w '- X' 1 1. W If Row 1: Rosemary Schnell, Edith Marie Peterson, Evonne Lenn. Ian Towner, Cynthia McManus, Mary Ann Anderson, Ieane Martin, Carol Giryotas, Marlene Kirkelie, Pat Searles, Kathy Kileen, Audrey Lintz. Row 2: Eileen Oechsle, Ianet Milan, Ioan Sieqler, Iudy Hartter, Marie Perkins, Laurel Scott, Anna Mae Sica, Henrietta Harman, Dolores Fuhrman, Floria Bellazzini, Charlotte Laadt, Susan Ranson, Nancy Sustersic, Harriet Karlsen, Barb Lanqefeld. Row 3: Ann Lippman, Lenore Brown, Fran Ioannes, Nancy Miller, Kitty Kelly, Sue Starbuck, Roxana Griswold, Pat Cassin, Ian Coleman, Dorothy Mahowald, Mimi Lawrence, Lois Wartenberq, Ianet Driscoll, Ann Bell, Marie Mannette, Ioan Schmidt, Barbara Kuekler, Iune Woodward, Zola Ward. Bernice Bloom, Karen Peterson, Carolyn Schnell, Barb Kern, Lorraine McCue, Dottie Oliver. Thelma Adams. The Association for Childhood Education is a specialized professional organization whose port of call is a more thorough understanding of modern education. A special highlight of this eventful year was the group's December joint meeting with the YWCA, in which an effort was made to make Christmas cards and tray mats for various hospital patients. Also, they were able to attend the annual international ACE convention held this year in Kansas City. During the course of the year, this enthusiastic group, under the sponsorship of Miss Ethel MQ?- lntyre, saw an extremely interesting program ieatllr- ing panel discussions, an interview with a superin- tendent, and various guest speakers, all producing practical and valuable knowledge and encourag- ing professional growth among the members. The officers of the year were Henrietta Harman, president: Dolores Fuhrman, vice-president: Anna Mae Sica, secretary: and Floria Bellazzini, treasurer. QOZCLLQV' .!4l4fl,A6LffZ56L 0lf'i5 "What may We tell you about teaching? Would you like to hear of some of the things that We do at National?" . . . These may be familiar inquiries of our Teacher Ambassadors to any high school grad- uates contemplating the teaching profession. Teacher Ambassadors is an organization Whose members strive to inform others of the nature and Worth of the vocation, and to explain how National specifically aims at preparing the teacher for her chosen field. The group operates through small panel discussions, considering various questions that arise in the selection of a career. Working in close co-operation with the Admissions Office, they visit schools and FTA groups, and give teas for prospect- ive teachers. This year, the girls also presented one of their panels ovjer the air. The Teacher Ambassadors are indeed good will messengers from National, and have had a success- ful year stimulating interest in elementary education. The president this season was Evonne Lenn. Row 1: Suzie Kingston. Arlene De Graff, Louise Schiller, Polly Eddy, Nancy Heller. Row 2: Kathy King, Ruth Robinson, Evonne Lenn, Ianet Carlson, Ginny Montgomery. 2' wah 9 'Z 292 f' ' 1 H 'U wal -4 ' Q , ,wwf 'f A Y Qukjfx 4Qkw at if XJ-Q lv!! wa, 3,45 "af Q A 19991 -wwf! Row 1: Dorothea Laadt, Mary Clare Beacom, Iohn Waddell, sponsor, Louise Schiller, Virginia T. duKet, Lenore Brown. Row 2: Evonne Lenn, Anne Sherman, Mimi Lawrence Dolores Fuhrman, Marie Mannette, Lorraine McCue, Beverly Di Christofano, Mix CM Harriett Karlsen. These club members are organized for the pur- pose of expressing their individuality and talents through art forms. They seek self-evaluation and self-criticism as well as an awareness and an in- creased sensitivity to the world around them. The girls worked in many mediums and always pro- duced a worthwhile result. During the year they sponsored open workshops, offering an opportunity for all students to experiment with tempera, crayon, clay, and copper enamel Work. Some of the students also had fun modeling for them. This is a new club and, since its modest begin- ning, it has greatly increased in membership and in critical self-analysis of each other's work. The club. under the skillfully capable sponsorship of Mr. Waddell, has provided an outlet for the many creative talents our student body possesses, and We can be proud of its record. The officers for the year were: Louise Schiller, president: Mary Clare Beacom, secretary-treasurer. Jdfldfw CH As a promoter of good w1ll recreauon and teamwork all of wh1ch are needed for relaxed smooth sa1l1ng the Athlet1c Club has stead1ly con tnbuted to effecnve school Splfll Launch1ng 1ts act1v1t1es 1n September by spon sonng Athpen an Athlehc Club open house the group began wrth hockey and volleyball and play ed 1ts perenn1a1 rrval Mundele1n College Basket ball badmmton tenn1s and baseball followed 1n rap1d successlon all ably and energet1cally taught by our coach MISS Challand As an added at trachon the club news wntten by the pres1dent wa prmted 1n the college newspaper Culmmatmg the school year was the basket ball assembly game Ruth Robmson pres1dent Betty Galo v1ce pres 1dent Carol Schrader treasurer and Sue Om1nsky secretary were 1nst1gators of a good tlrne had by a Row l Iams Neumann Ann Murphy Elame Kaplan Ruth Robmson Helen I Challand sponsor Betty Galo Carol Lee Schrader Iudy Ienkms Guadalupe Nonega Row 2 Susan Kmg Karen Peterson Iune Lubow Barb Merkel Gmny Montgomery Roxana Grrswold LaVergne Colosky Vugmxa Matson Marlene Ro th 54' N if I Vdff 4 ff Z Q WMM ,ZW , fl fff f ,,, V,,, 1.1541 ,gf ff X70 fy! 0 'fa f f f Wm M 6 Row l: Ian Carlson, Beverly Di Christofano, Barbara Rolfe, Iudith McGlynn, Eunice Novinson. Row 2: Leah Gram, Mary Ann Willis, Barb Greaves, Helen Sams, Gerda Peters, Iudy Hartter, Ruth Robinson my Headlines, by-lines, and deadlines: from our ensign, we've learned the spirit of co-operation that is needed for publishing the news which is read by all aboard. The writing staff is divided into two sections: news and feature. Thus, in addition to bringing the serious side to the student body, events in and around school as well as lighter stories, interviews, advice, and humor are presented. The paper comes out once a month. ' This crew has had a successful year and has worked diligently, bring- ing to NCE a paper of which it can surely be proud. Q ll g 2. 5 2, gi ., ' W , X Q W 4 ! , Y l EQ 1 I 61 Row 1: Pat Kelly, Iudy Hart, Mary Lee Sherman, Mrs. Duffy, Corene Pride, Barb Greaves, Margot Buriord. Row 2: Mary Ann Minneci, Iudy Farrington, Karen Peterson, Mary Ann Willis, Marilyn Marcin, Ian Alber, Ginny Montgomery. Ruth Ricketson, Roxy Griswold, Gay Callas, Carolyn Kolinen, Shirley Silverman, Shirlev Winters Eileen Oechsle. 6LlfLCQ If'OlfL Adding festivity to our voyage this year was the Dance Group, an organization whose members ex- press themselves through creative dance movement. With the altruistic assistance of Mrs. lean Duffy, their sponsor, they rendered their talents to the Thanksgiving Assembly and to the Spring Festival. In addition, they sponsored a Well attended "Mam- bo Night", directed by guest artist Paul Costello. The group's contribution to the "Country Fair" was a miniature "photo studio", staffed by volunteer members from the club who were helped by a 62 polaroid camera. The group choreographed its own numbers. chose its music texcellently played by Mrs. Stadel, and, after earnest hard work and many "sandwich nights", always produced a "top-rung" performance. The officers for the year were Ginny Montgo- mery, president: Patty Kelly, vice-president: Louann Freeland, secretary: and Carolyn Kolinen, treasur- er. The wardrobe mistress was Eileen Oechsle. 3661468 VILLIO5 Row 1: Kathy King, Sue Scott. Row 2: Ruth Ricketson, Mrs. Faith W. Vandagriii, Mrs. Sena Bovbjerg, Iudy Hartter. Row 3: Fran Ioannes, Carol Giryotas. Olf'lflfL Here is a crew that is varied and diversified, a collection of mates from every station in life, sailors of every disposition and temperament, all living under the same roof. Some storms had to be pre- pared for slowly and quickly overcome, such fam- iliar chants as "Oh no! They've painted my walls green and I have blue spreads!" echoed down the halls, in September, as we started recuperating from a wonderful summer vacation. September marked the beginning of an enjoy- able year of "P I parties", song tests, and Hoot Nan- ny Night. Then, before we knew it, Christmas was here, full of Christmas tree lights, caroling, and thoughts of going home for the holidays. lust as quickly, vacation time vanished, and we returned O! :Seem with a flurry of suitcases and shrieks of "C'mon down to our roorn and have a cigarette", as we wel- comed in the New Year. The next months brought their share of fun, with a Valentine's Dance and a "tremendous" splash party. Following Easter vacation, we returned to the promise of those last memorable months of parties, exams, "al1 night bull sessions", songs, and midnight snacks. Long before the last farewells were sung out in the court by the juniors and seniors, and before "HOME!" was dashed off in the sign-out book, we knew that it had truly been a year that we'll long remember. , 3 ,gym l- is ,m iff .pu A ' .ur vi is S up Sf" E1 9 f Aga Q '4 r QA - .W w..4.ff".. . , M uk, , va, ,J-f, ..a. , fix N, ,. 4 ' .5-W -ir--nuff Row l: Carol Petersen, Corinne Ross, Barbara Putter, Mary Ann Willis, Evonne Lenn, Shirley Winters, Virginia Duket, Sue Melzer, Susan Ranson. Row 2: Iudy Gibisch, Louise Schiller, Holly Reinertsen, Winnie Mae Crawford, Walter E. Zukowski, Ann M. Ford. Patty Kelly. Barb Kern. Row 3: Maureen Pickard, Barbara Kuebler, Ian Alber, Mimi Lawrence, Mary Himmelstein, Ginny Montgomery, Ruth Ricketson, Ruth Robinson, Barb Merkel, Harriet Sollo, Laura Whitney, Sylvia Utne. If'6LlfVL6L Rehearsals-lines: props-drops: grotesque, grimacing, grinning, grease paint: anxiety, last cur- tain and applause: these make us think of Drama Club and its successful season of 1954-55. Under the direction of Miss Winnie Mae Craw- ford, the group began its activities with "The Bubble Peddlerf a children's production. Rapidly follow- ing were three one-act plays: "The Bad Penny," "Six Who Pass While the Lentils Boil", and "The Purple Doorknobf' all of which gave the members oppor- tunities to employ their talents both in acting and by serving on the indispensable stage, costume and makeup crews. Many of the girls actively partici- pated in the Christmas Assembly and Spring Festi- val. 6 In addition to providing an outlet for the dra- matic ability of the students of NCE, the girls pro- moted an interest in drama by having entertaining guest speakers at their monthly meetings. The club's social year was marked by its an- nual banquet, following a Hawaiian motif. Every- one present agreed that it was a gala affair, from the splendid island decorations to the delightful Hawai- ian curry. Holly Reinertsen, president: Patty Kelly, vice- president: Laura Whitney, secretary: Barbara Clarke, treasurer, and Barbara Allen, publicity chairman were the officers. 22 Q i .-. :S , .. ,VS figs' f ,wwfb '29 Wy G? Qa f fzfl , Y .rs 5 ew I 0 0 an Mi Row 1: Ioy Sterner, Sui Eng Yee, Aline Sumida, Suzanne Kingston, Iackie Trybus, Marjorie Holtsclaw, Kathryn Kileen. Row 2: Guadalupe Noriega, Dorothy Denison, Gerda Peters, Miss Neumann, Beverly Di Christofano, Hyo Sik Sim, Lillian Katsura. Row 3: Faith Holston, Lenore Brown, Marilyn Huddleston, Kitty Kelly, Pat Searles, Dorothy Tengler, Bonnie Beckmann, Ioan Gallo- way, Ioan Siegler. Cynthia McManus,' Marlene Kirkelie, Ianice Towner, Celeste Paraso. I - jnfernafionaf The International Club's foundation is firm and its triumphs are many, as the members steer into the ports of leadership, fellowship, and an under- standing ofthe world around them. Students re- presenting both hemispheres join together to ex- change the experiences of their several homelands. They enjoyed travelogues, lectures and movies at their regular monthly meetings, The girls also plan to continue supporting their little Korean war orphan, Kim, by sponsoring another drive for funds. K 68 The group's social year was marked by its Christmas Tea and its traditional dinner, consisting of foods from different countries, prepared by the girls themselves. The yearfs calendar was filled with activities, making idle hours few and far be- tween. g , The officers represent many lands. They were Gerda Peters, president: Dorothy Denison, secretary: Hyo Sik Sim, treasurer: Beverly Di Christofano, social chairman. W4 .WC This year marked the introduction of a new and enthusiastic organization to NCE's family of clubs. the Music Educators' National Conference, a group that may proudly look back on the beginning of its seaward adventure. Although small in number, MENC ambitiously pursued its course, its objectives being the develop- ment of a practical, realistic concept of the music education profession, a knowledge gained from actual participation in programs, demonstrations, discussions, and performance groups. Several of our members benefited a great deal by attending the North Central MENC meeting, held in Cleveland, Ohio. They brought back with them many worthwhile ideas and suggestions for building up the group into a "top-notch" organization. Also during the course of the year, the girls enjoyed as- sociating with the Northwestern Chapter of MENC, and were thrilled at having the opportunity to be- come acquainted with many leaders in music and general education. The officers for the year were Roxana Griswold, president, Ianice Towner, vice-president: and Ioan Siegler, secretary-treasurer. lG1'1iC9 Towner. Jackie Trybus, Harriet Karlsen, Gene Seubert, Lenore Brown, Roxanna Griswold, Elsabe Yocum. Gerda Peters, Charlotte Laadt, Ioan Siegler, Mr. Cousins. Charlotte Laadt, Ianice Towner, Ann Titus, Bonnie Beckman, Marianne McKenna, Polly Eddy, Nancy Miller, Suzie Kingston, Barb Taylor, Natalie McIntyre, Iames M. Kleeman. OVCZLQ15 LLIWEL Sharps, flats, chorus notes blending, ming- ling symphony . . . A chamber orchestra is once again a part of Nationa1's musical laurels. The orchestra was organized for the members' own pleasure and enjoyment, and for accompani- ment in festivals and oratorios, as well as for special programs of its own, thus enriching our musical ex- 70 perience. Among the members, there exists a spirit of fun and friendliness that welds the organization together, and makes each individual strive for perfection. Under the direction of Mr. Iames Kleemanjthe orchestra has performed Well, to theapplause of us all. 1 5 This organization encountered "smooth sailing" as it helped students commuting from many sections of Chicagoland to feel a part of our lively crew. Life-long Iriendships between town and dorm girls were formed, not only through the day by day activities but also through the All-School Picnic, "Hoot-Nanny" Night, and the splash party. A highlight, especially heightening the two groups' relations, was the popular Valentine Mixer, held in the gym. The girls' Christmas festivities were made memorable by their annual dinner, with "Santa Marquart" as the guest oi honor. The eventful year was brought to a close with the traditional Mother-Daughter Luncheon, a time for getting acquainted with each other's mothers and for looking back on a very pleasur- able year. Ianet Carlson. secretary: Harriet Sollo. president: Lorraine McCue, social chairman: Dorothea Laadt, vice-president: Ianet Alber, treasurer. ' Row 1: Barbara Mauerman, Pat Searles. Ann Titus, Karen Peterson, Sally Fisk, Carol Lee Schrader, Guadalupe Noriega, Ioan Siegler. Row 2: Nancy Heller, Iune Woodward, Barbara Langeield, Dr. Ianet Rees, Lois Wartenberg, Glenore' Gass, Natalie Mclntyre. Row 3: Carolyn Schnell, Henrietta Harman, Dorothy Tengler, Rosemary Rice, Ianet Saunders, Ann Bell, -Dolores Fuhrman, Laurel Scott, Anne Macomber, Marie Perkins, Ioan Galloway, Lorraine McCue, Mary Ann Anderson, Cynthia McManus. The "Y" strives to promote an understanding of community needs and to be of help to others. In this respect, the members have given generously ot their time in carrying out many social service pro- jects. They sponsored a religious program at the dormitory and had a joint meeting with ACE to make Christmas gifts for needy children. They also con- ducted a panel discussion on the honor system and held a spring retreat, which was well attended. In addition, the girls willingly and regularly entertain- ed the men in the shock ward at the Great Lakes Navy Base, and took charge of the annual appeal for funds for the World University Service, affecting university students from countries all lover the globe. 4 5:54, Q" 'vfwfvvvmiiihl if 7 .JQOULL Wann? F , ' ' E fi ,wquf 4 9 1 1 ' W E 1 , I 9 1 .M can .124 '- ' z'..,ffL-1-Wi' Q5 ,., .J "lack-o'-lantern, you are such ct funny sight" . . . bczubles, bcxngles, and ghost costumes . . . ci prize for the best, fun for the rest. ' ' f sf ff MZ A.-.1 'Y ,W WSWS W 'I QW OO 'I .1-n-!'?74 s 'IQ The goal of our life on this good ship is ultimately a small document, entitling us to the care and training of our nation's most valuable resource, its children. From the time we begin our first observation until we clasp our diploma, we are molded slowly but surely into the kind of teachers that child- ren need. We must go carefully, storing up our experiences until the time when we can put them to their maximum use. EDUCATIO The true ship is the ship builder." eff -'W XX Ralph Waldo Emerson l 1, x Z3 J tg . qv l -5 'I L l x ' 55' N . lr ,A ,x r M ,A V 2 pf , by Lf X 1 Jwrax . I 'v t,w ft: Vlrv m y' I if . f 1 GJ 1 til f 4 X f M. J, ?N'4-ay t , 1 2 ,gms -1 1 M' K .f,1 A 1 ra Q C W' "' X ,' Q 1' A- 4 A if 1 ' ' A t ,, p 1 c 3 1 5 t it , tx If -R ff ,,t l X 't l t fg fl In l Q 3 Q rl I X l 4 g 'fu' - ri V A A , by - ' cv r X y Qlg, 1 ' QA , .. 6 u I .--f-1-of-Q r 5-'fl . In .W zfamanified A "cultural cruise" is afforded the National crew with the study ol Human- ities, a knowledge of man's place in relation to the arts of yesterday and today. It was introduced into the cur- riculum three years ago and is unique. not only because three instructors have charge of teaching the material over a two year period. but also because it makes us keenly aware ol the world around us and helps us realize how much we depend on our past for our rich cultural leadership today. fgfawicaf glolmcalfiolfzf Story plays in leotards . . . volleyball blues . . . "I'm sooo stiff!" . . . recreation for tired minds . . . "He'll write not that you won or lost, but how you played the qame." dence oem! .givwfiw Airplanes, antennae, and arteries . . . Open House . . . field trips galore . . . "The frog that got away" . . . modern theories in an up-to1 date atmosphere. "What is a unit?" . . . from circuses and trains to Brazil and Madagascar . . . ready answers, a step ahead of the child's question. fS"7 A Small classrooms, individualized in- struction . . . visual aids and oral re- ports . . . four years to accumulate tools for our life work. Qigckoigy ome conomica Ja! wi ance QVLLLQP' X Z 1 T17 Qf 'PW 4 ,... f, 71,5 4 my. ' 7 v Z 4 ff I 19 4 W ,f 'i yfixf W ..,W,.,V 4?1,fz is M, 5 44.1 A 4 Z fu ,Q f 1 1 1 sq 4 Y l 4: i Y I I 8 VL Q 7 f , ii? I' 3 3 on 3 . i 1 Q 5 E 5 1 Y 2 xi w VL LZ I N in 5 f 5 84 5 "Rhythm and romance on resin . . . a mosaic of tulle and tuxes . . . light feet, light hearts on a gala night," SUCIA X V 'fi I it . 4 in t fy ty' V'r, 1 f fs . VA- FAX if VV " Entertainment and relaxation aboard ship 'rj V . ' y was provided by our dances and mixers. From ' V L ' ,A A ' ,, "Vien" through the "Christmas Ball" and "The V, 'Q t' wl XV Night and You" to the many mixers sponsored U I 1,'l' Q f 0' 1 Y y ' r " by town and dorm girls alike, we have whirled lg 1 W X f VV away many delightful hours. Our dance com- Q V Q " : .rvs A V " l"-...W mittees workedshard to bring us laughter and g ' "iA X ' ' . ,V gayety after busy school Weeks. Our bulletin if " fs t 3 A XV N' boards, our scrapbooks, and our hearts are fill- j A L xx ed with those memories. , .V " ' ' g .,,r xg . ,tit,: . A lll' i s V ":i t": 1 t"' ' . f 5 X f if "jf Mgr' K if 'X ,N ' K -1 'J ' 'X -.,, . 'irq I ,f N it ' X 52 ,. ff" " I ' r E f . r X : ft f Xl 3' , I Y '. ' " L, X V y V7 4 . yi 1' V jr V 9 A Q Q lx 5 V x V, XE J VV, 1 ' "N-...W ' X X ft .I bg? W a . ' r f H ,tere sa x fish wyvv' V 51, , V Q. V . . y . te xy MJ? if ,J Q, , ll L. X w 87 I I l 1 ,4 if gf 5 . "KW W F ung- 2, M- 1, I .V le"- M 16 Mmm Aw ww- WW' 'Q I ll e-va 5, . v . :CIN 1 2:5--.' E. ,sv ,f 9 my f f, wxxgf M N, N -sf Q sf 1 ' A livin. li? ' "' "' ' ' I llll' ' " " " ' iv I ff f ! f, . if M 1405 if W f 1 A f f W 2 , 1 I, f ' my f X X X f 1 QQ , T- - , '4 , 7- ,, v f rwg ,, 5 A , ,, W W f f ' . 5-.f..f , 0 'af f' 73" 'V Sy Aj . , 'f i f fm . V4 Q My X g A pMv"w5A M I pm, vy. -f ' V5 my K , ,, X V 4 157 V6 1 4 ' ' 'f H, N, ww, 6 Z 5- if ,. ww How l: Thelma Adams, Henrietta Harman, Iudy Hartter, Mary Anne Minneci. Row Z: Anne Sherman, Bernice Bloom, Dorothy Oliver, Ruth Ricketson, Harriet Sollo. My 148814, 6'LlfL Qlftlff ,bring jedfiuaf "The first writing committee meeting will be held on February l0." Those words can only mean one thing: Spring Festival is on its way! Those who know what "Festival" is, hold their breath, dig in, and look to the great day. Those who are unaware of the true significance of this all-school production can only anticipate it eagerly and await the results. The Spring Festival, annually held in May, is the only original music-dance performance produced during the school year. It is usually participated in by many students, with the able and invaluable help of the sponsors, who, this year were Miss Crawford, Mr. Cousins, Mrs. Duffy, and Mr. Kleeman. This description hardly echoes the sounds of backstage excitement, weeks of rehearsals, many sandwich nights, the hammering and painting of the stage crew, costume fittings, dance steps, and voices sing- ing from the Choir Room that are only a part of this amazing production, culminating with the crowning of the May Queen. We owe our success each year to hard work, loyalty, and sincere delight in our school, and, above all, to co-operation in a unified effort. Here is "Opera- tion Excitement" on our good ship. The crew, cap- tains, and mates steer the vessel, and the result is "All hands on deck" for an outstanding example of school spirit and fun. K Y Q " 4 ' 5 'g .. l K fs 5, . i A "X 1. 4 5 wg. X 4 X gf' X , a , v ,fi . 'Nr Q , , -Qu. . Q Q wi., If ' A I y - A K V 3? X , .V 3 , , f. iI"f4?'fl .- ,rib Qty gig, X Q ,- f -:V ,VwVViVVS,gf-1 gg S " WV .5 lx. . - V fy 5 3 M .4 il V , 'Wlauwf . ' L 'iff . . Q ' M223 Jw ' H ' :WH f ww . iii VVfVItAVg'VV .QQVVVV - . V155 ,VSV if A? V VV ,, Q . f . . . 1' . . ' . f 'iff' an ' w ' N 1 - 5, f ' f. W, i. , X 1 ' 'af - . lgcsg. 55343, , Q -- 3:21 .I ' 3 -5 I K X Q' ' S+. ay., 'ZLL V M ' w ' 'X . m f ggi, V ,A , 4 5' , f :eg mu 154147 ' ' 'I sw. Q - Q , . f ' iz ,. - 'Qf ' , if - S J 222 f' x 1' new 54 rv Q' - A 4 ' f Z X 2 4 . f ,, , Q H555 ' WW f- 1'-ff, . fa . f 3 b 4. 1,1 .ff-ygff Q L Q, , ' 1 1 TWYWO ., 4 - if ' f V, 2 L fwgfgj ,A WV X wx 4s f' 5 ' :fy ' 'jfgff f , ' ? 45275 , A W4 ? SM Jw 4 ff - 1, .. - ,rfb V21 5 "Q ,' ff ' fi Q 1,2 Q ,yy 54 55,54 , ,V ,f f Ax ff gs . -rffyfwy 5? ey ug, 1. - Q ,- 4 : k 5 ,V If iff , V Z' VV gi V 'lifffw '- ,, 4 ' Aw? la S . X ,QZQJ ' V. N! M ' A. f fm., ff fgfn, ,-M, 4:21 I . 1 -' .l m 'X' .MVS .ini- .. ,. .. ., .W iw mm ,em fi -1 . ., -, .X -S fffwhtfy 9, s . fiff 'oi "" ., 2 'J ' V, I " 45. x I ,. 'ff v ? .Vi my O ,Q ,X if .9 33 , may Y, if 227 f 1 v ' -.-f, me W 'Z f' , M ,. - f ,,.. . fe -- ui? 47 NA V Wg! A 4. . - ,QL ff HL' v ii: 1' , fiff-w 5 iv Ay f E d w f V . Y 7 f if V "' J' bi! Sv fn W , ww We. f f ' .2 5, 545 , 1 1 ,QS 41 sf M ' Q X '44 M X? f- f vim 'A ,. 2 Q W f fW4 y v 1 4 qu, I, i s FW A . A3 V jjgi, f 46? if V, x of fx :fax f -f'i me J E N mt ,XwvW""""' KV 4 I W ri ui fi H1 2 x Q I W , n, In I -l in N S ay fig U fx 1 V f K, I "r A . ' an " I Wi 1 ' Q' 1 gg, 'X . .- .jx 45 'I W'-4. i 33. .L '- I 1 E, 5. i f gf z A X J, 2 1 K X , . mai. 14 A Arr Q., ...1 2 A M 8lfL8l"6L ,SZLQIOJ We are all aware of the importance of the patrons and sponsors ol our good ship, without whom we would not be able to keep this log. Through the next few pages, you will see the names of the companies and shops responsible. You may even recognize a few familiar faces. ADS ly come to road Merchant of Venice Act V EA 7 if! ,pd X N RS 'Q' k-'fx .1- i X4 - X WX Y x J 5 l ,V lik ff .'Here I read for certain that my ships are safe- I F . 1 l , z .t i " t r 1 I X gg f fl t 1 fl' ' I Walsworth Brothers Printers-Bookbinders PRESENTING- cc ' 77 Marcre the NCE Marsupial of red and white plush with small fry in pouch. , fy ,E High School Sz College 0 NCE ANIMALS ANNUALS 0 NCE SWEATSHIRTS 0 N CE PENNANTS 0 1726 orrington evanston ' 5 7 9 The Z B ers . - my Am The lrttle Knut Shep Beth Representative for Wizard Weavers Susie Dorothy s. Akin Lee Marlene 1718 Sherman Ave. - 2nd Floor Eine UN 4-7770 Evanston, Ill Willy 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Mon. thru Sat. Ann Congratulations Graduates Sharon 7 La Vergne c l"l" Ph entra armacy Gnny The Drug Store of Personal Servicel' CONGRATULATIONS 1020 Central Street Ginny Montgomery Phone GReenleaf 5-0912 Yearggolfglfgditor Complete school supplies ancl textbooks for all schools 60th ANNIVERSARY 1895-1955 Fountain Square Evanston, Illinois Hoos' Drug Store Ken Hoos, R.Ph. Vern Hoos, R.Ph. Sherman Ave. at Clark Evanston, Illinois Phone GReenleaf 5-7458-9781 I Wish we had room for more . . . Dust- Schrad - Sue E. - Lupe - Jenks Sue H. - Pride - G. G. - Gay - Ko - Burf Judy - Neer - Nat- Poz Physicians Supplies H2 E. 2211 d St- Cas- 723 Prescriptions Exclusively BI0Ck,S D. S. Lyman Pharmacist 636 Church Street Chicago, Illinois Evanston, Illinois Suite 306-7-8 GReenleaf 5-3316 Peacock Ice Cream Co. 2004 Central Street 910 Sherman Ave. UN 4-4700 GR 5-4120 EVANSTON, ILLINOIS Nelson Jewelers North Shore's Oldest Jewelry Store Over 45 Years In Evanston Phone UN iversity 4-0461 1626 Orrington Ave. EVANSTON, ILLLINOIS as advertised ,5-if -L vi- ef wiv-.. I ""'4-:. 5-ii. . , .5 SI:a'Nu DIzYcLEANER's FINISHING mzocsss the finest ,":""""I"-' 'XFN r cleanrng care Q5 for your clofhes Exclusive with nisosmy l - SYS'.l!EM- From A Teacher- That Is To Be . . Best Wishes to all graduates Prescriptions - Fountain Cosmetics Elizabeth Arden, Revlon, Yardley Old Spice and others Wheeler Pharmacv 1700 Central St. GR 5-4022 GR 5-6070 GReen1eaf 5-1980 or 5-1981 as aa M k Central l Grocery8I ar et Quality Groceries Sz Meats Free Delivery Service A 1018 Central St. Evanston, Ill. Evanston Bus Company 1201 Central Street DAvis 8-1100 Norman larson NORTH EVANSTON JEWELRY Specializing in Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repairing UN 4-4272 1915 Central St. Evanston, Ill. Corsages - Cut Flowers - Plants Center Pieces - Funeral Designs lim Preston, Florist "Flower Stylisti' Wedding Arrangements UN iversity 4-1816 1703 Central St Evanston, Illinois Compliments ot WEISS ACE HARDWARE l9lO Central Street Evanston, Illinois UNiversity 4-3 I 00 COMPLIMENTS OF Virginia Cleaners and Dyors 1016 Central St. - 4712 Oakton St. UNiversity 4-4640 - Skokie 3881 We Call and Deliver- -Same Day Pressing Summer Storage - Repairing i 3 '1 1 J 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 v gl E1 1 1 E 1 1 102 s ?'I,gQ, iff- 'Far .11 Wk IG. W' aff:-' aguerre Sfuiod Chicfzgolv Leading School Photographer Since 1913 209 scum sw-ml STREET CHICAGQ 4, ILLINOIS k P ONE WABAS 20526 CHICAGO'S LEADING SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS - 19 5 3 -19 5 4 NATIONAL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Adams, Thelma, Sr Adatto, Lorraine, Sr. Index - - - Undergraduates 16,l7,38,54,60. Alber, Janet, Soph. ........ 43,62,66,7l. Allen, Barbara, Sr. . ........... 17.39. Allen, Edythe Lee' Alsterda, Nathalia' Anderson, Barbara, Fr.' Anderson, Elizabeth Lazansky' Anderson, Mary Ann, Sr. ............... ....... 1 7,54,72. Anderson Andrews , Nancy, Jr. Beulah Yardle ' 1 Y Arnold, Elizabeth Lorenz' Bartholomew, Janet, Fr. ......... . Beacom, Mary Clare, Sr. ....... . Beck, Margery, Soph. Beckmann, Bonnie, Fr., ,,,.,.... Beek, Barbara, Sr. .......,. . Bell, Ann, Jr. ..............,..... . Bellazzini, Floria, Jr. ............ . Benjamin, Rhoda, Soph. Berkun, Ada, Sr. ............. . Bernhardt, Marlene, Sr. Bevins, Joan, Sr. ............... . Biety, Judith, Sr. ............ . Bishov, Phyllis, Fr' Bloom, Bernice Leon, Sr. .... . Bordeau, Sheila, Jr. Boscia, Joanne, Sr. Bovilsk Beverly Fr - - Y' N 1 - ---- -- Boyle, Betty, Sr. ............. , Brailey, Joyce, Jr. ..,.......,.....,... . Brain, Jane, Jr. Brickley, Gertrude Loretta' Bridgeman, Sandra Bosch, Jr. Brill, Arlene, Sr. - Brostoff, Ann, Fr.' Brock, Elizabeth, Sr. Brown, Lenore, Sr. ...... - Brown, Roberta, Jr. Burford, Margot, Soph. ...... . Burke, Winiired, Sr. Burnstein, Marlene, Jr. Cahill, Frances' Callas, Galine, Soph. ..... . Callison, Mariann, Sr. ..,,.... . Campagna, Gilberta, Sr. ,... . Campbell, Patricia, Sr. Care, Jean, Sr. Carlson, Janet, Fr. ......... . Cassin, Patricia, Soph. ....,.... . Chesak, Mary Spangara' Clafford, Marcia, Sr. ,,,,,,,,,,,, , Clarke, Barbara, Jr. ......... . Clarke, Marlene, Fr. Cohn, Lois, Jr. ...,..,,,,,,, . l7,38,56. 45,68,70. 41.54,72. 41.54. 18. 18,38,39. 18. 16,l9,38.54,60. 45. 19. . .... 41. 19,54,56,68,69 43,62 43,62 19 20 45,55,59,60,7l 53,54 20 41 41 Coleman, Jeanette, Jr. ....... . Colosky, La Vergne, Fr. .... . Cone, Ann, Fr. ................. . Coolidge, Cynthia, Jr. Cooper, Jaclyn, Soph. Cooperman, Nancy, Soph. Crawford, Margaret, Fr. ....... . Creden, Constance, Jr. Darby, Helen, Sr. ....,......,... . Darr, Elizabeth, Fr. ............... . De Graff, Arlene, Soph. ....... . Depp, Emma A.' Deppman, Elsie Erickson' Deutsch, Naomie, Sr. ........... . Diamond, Joanne, Sr. ............... ........ . Di Christoiano, Beverly, Jr. ......... ...... . Dickerson, Pat Van Dermack' Dloogatch, Iris, Sr. Dorstewitz, Sharon, Soph. Driscoll, Janet, Sr. ................ . Dukes, Juanita' Duket, Virginia, Sr. ,... . Durnell, Pam, Fr. ........... . Economos, Tiana, Jr.' Eddy, Polly, Jr. ............ . Egan, Patricia, Soph. Egel, Benita, Fr. Elliott, Patricia, Sr .,.............. Elworthy, Susan, Soph. Emberg, Carol, Soph. Farber, Vivian, Jr. Farrington, Judith, Soph. ..... . Fechner, Anne' Ferdman, Sandra, Fr.' Fiedler, Bernice' Fineman, Sharon, Soph. 41,54.60. 45.57. 45.60. 60. 20. 42,43,55. 41.56.59,68. 43. 21.54. 2l,56,66. 40,4l,55,70. 21.36 43.60. 43.62. Fisk, Sally, Soph. ......,.......... ..... 4 3,60,72. Flink, Miriam Sue, Soph.' .... ............ 4 3. Ford, Ann, Fr. .............' ......... ....... 4 5 ,66. Franks, Karen, Sr. .,.................... ......... 2 2. Freeland, Louann, Jr. ................................................ 41. Friedman, Devera Jean, Soph. Fuhrman, Dolores, Sr. ..............,......... 22,39,51,54,56,72. Futter, Barbara, Jr. ...................... ............................... 6 6. Gaines, Ann' Gale, Judith, Soph. ..,,.... ............... 4 3. Galo, Betty, Soph. ............. .............. 4 2,57 Galloway, Bernice, Sr. Galloway, Joan, Soph. ...... 43,60,68,72 Gass, Glenore, Soph. .... . Gast, Elfrieda, Jr. Geisert, Tonya, Fr. ........ . Gelin, Marcia, Soph. Gibisch, Judith, Soph. ....... . ' Part time students. 43,72 45 45.66 10 3 Undergraduates fccmt d.l Giryotas, Carol, Ir. ......... . Gloege, Wallace, Ir.' Glavis, Mary, Sr. .......... . Glazier, Roberta, Sr. ......... . Goldberg. Adrienne, lr. Goldberg, Helen, Sr. .......... . Goldman, Sandra, Soph. 4l,54.6O,64 22 23 Good, Nancy, Sr. ,..,.,.,..,...., ........ 2 3.39. Grarn. Leah, Fr. .................... ........... 4 5.59. Greaves, Barbara, Soph. ...r. .........,.............. 4 3,59.62. Greenblatt, Iacqualine. Ir. Griswold, Roxana, Ir. ............ 4 l ,50,52,54,57,60.62,69 Gross, Harriet Natalie, Soph. Hacker, Iacqueline, Fr. ...,.............,.....,..,................,.... 45 Halstead, Carole, Fr. ...........,....r ................. 4 5 Harles, leanette, Irf Harman, Henrietta, Sr. ..... . Hart, Iudith, Fr. .............. . Hart, Susan, Soph. ..... . Hartter, Iudith, Sr. ...... ...... . Hasse. Donna Mae' Heinrich, Ioyce, Soph. Heinz, Danial, FL' Heller, Nancy, Fr. ......,....,..... . Hemmer, Mabel Donohue' Hicks, Cynthia, Sr. .............. . Himmelstein, Mary, Sr. ....... . Hitchcock, Carol, Sr. ....... . Hogan, Donna, Fr. .......... . Hollobow, Susan, Ir. Holloway, Bessie,' Holmes, Dorothy, Ir. ..... . Honigbaum, Ann, Sr. Horwitz, Lael, Sr. I-loving, Marianne, Fr.' Hutchings, Carol, Fr. ,.........,...., Huddleston, Marilyn, Soph. ...... . 23,5O,6O,72 44,45,52,53,54,62 23,38,5l,54,59,60,64 44,45,55,60,72 24 24,66 16,24 45 40,4l,5l 45,52,53 45,68 Hylard, Marilyn, Soph. .......... ................ 4 3 Ianze, Lucy, Fr. ....,,.,,.,,,.,,.,,, . Ienkins, Iudith, Soph. .... . Ioannes, Frances, Sr. .... , lohnson, Patricia, Fr. ...... . Kadlec, Vivienne, Fr. ..........,.. . Kaiser, Annette, Fr. ' Kalom. Ethel Goodman, Soph. Kaplan, Barbara, Sr. ...,.,,.,,,,,,..,. , Kaplan, Elaine, Fr. .,,..,..,..,.,,.. , Kaplan. Helene, Ir. Kaplan, Iudith, Sr. ,..... . Karlsen, Harriet, Ir. ...... . Katsura, Lillian, Ir. Kelly, Kitty, Sr. . ....... Kelly. Olga, Sr. Kelly, Patty, Ir. ........,.,.,., , Kemman, Phyllis, Sr. Kern, Barbara, Ir. .......... . Kessel, Maralla Ann " 04 44.45.51 42.51.57 54,64 45 45 24 57 4l,54,56,69 4l,54,68. 62,66 41.54.66 . . Kileen, Kathryn, Sr. ..... . King, Kathleen, Ir. ...... . King, Louise, Ir. .....,.... . King, Susan, Ir. ................. . Kingston. Suzanne, Fr. ..... . Kirkelie, Marlene, Sr. ...... . Knutson, Ella. Sr. ....,,.,,,. . 4l,54,68. 4l,55,60,64. 41.53.57 45.55,68.70. 25,54,68. 25.38. Koch, Shirley, Fr. ..,.,...,,,.,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,, 4 5. Kolinen, Carolyn, Soph. ....... .,,.,,,. 4 3,62. Krom, loy, Sr. ....,.,..,.,......,... ,,,.,,,,,. 2 5. Kuebler, Barbara, Ir. Kurgans, Buzzie, Ir. Laadt, Charlotte, Sr. .... , Laadt, Dorothea, Ir. ........ . 54,66. l6,25.39.54,60,69,70. 4l,5O,52,53.56.60,7l. Langeteld, Barbara, Sr. ......, ...,.,..,,.,.,.,,,. 2 6,50,54,72. Lavine, Adrienne, Fr." Lawrence, Miriam, Sr. ...... . Leer, Clara, Ir. Lehman, Elaine, Fr. ,..,...... . 26,38.54,56.66. Lemkow, Ioanne. Soph. ..,..., ,.,,,.,,,..,,,,.,.,,.,.,,. 4 3.60. Lenn, Evonne, Sr. .............. . Levin, Ioyce, Ir." Levine, Marlene, Sr. 26.38.5l.54.55,56.66 Lewis, Elaine Lebovitz, Soph.r,, Linfz, Audrey. Sr. ...................... .....,,..,.,..,.... 2 6,54. Lippman, Ann, Sr. ,.,...,.., Lippman, Paulette, Ir. Lubow, Iune, Fr. .............. . Macomber, Anne, Fr. ,,,,,.,..,.,,, , Magnuson, Evan A. ' K ......... 27,36.38.54. 45,72. Mahowald, Dorothy Ann, Ir. ,,,,, .,.,...... 5 4. Malkan, Iudy, Fri' Mannette, Marie, Ir. ..,,,,,.,.,....,.,........, ,,.... 4 1.54.56. Mantelman, Ioann Diamond, Sr. ..... ............. 2 l. Manz, Carol Ann, Soph. ,......,......... ............. 4 2. Marcin, Marilyn, Soph. ............... ....... 4 3,60,62. Maresh, Suzanne, Fr.' Margolis, Sharlene, Fr. .... . Markowitz, Lois, Ir. Martin, Ieane, lr. ........... . 45. 41.54. Matson, Virginia, Fr. ............. ......... 4 5,52,53,57. Mauerman, Barbara, Ir. ,.,,.. ...,,.,........................ 7 2. Melzer. Suzanne, Sr. ........ 27.66. Merkel. Barbara, Ir. ,,.,.,,..,....,,.,., 4l.50,52,53,57,60.66. Metzger, Vanessa, Soph. ..,........,.,,.,,..,,,,.,,.,,,............. A 42. Michaels, Irene Sahlins, Ir. Micucci, Mildred, Sr. ................. .......... 2 7. Milan, Ianet, Sr. .................... ........ 4 1.54. Miller, Edwin,' Miller, Nancy. Sr. ................. ................. 2 7,54,70. Minneci, Mary Anne, Sr. ,.,.,................. 28.36,38,50,62. Misaka, Betty Iane, Sr. ................................................ 26. Montgomery, Ginny, Ir. .......... 4l,50,53,55,57,60,62,66. Morris. Sam H.' Mower, Marilyn, Fr. ...... . 45. J Undergraduates fcont dj Muhlke, Dorothe McWilliams' Muller, Florence, Sr. Murphy, Ann, Fr. .................................................... 45,57. McCue, Lorraine, Sr. .................. 28,50,53,54,56,7l,72. McGarvey, Edna Schumacher, Sr. McGlynn, Iudith, Fr. ...........................,............ 45,59,60. McIntyre, Natalie, Soph. ..... ....... 4 2,43,60,70,72. McKenna, Marianne, Ir. ...... ........................ 7 0. McManus, Cynthia, Sr. ..... .......... 5 4,68,72. Nanakorn, Penpet, Soph.' Neer, Eunice, Soph. ........,......... .......... 4 3. Nehlsen, Betty, Ir.: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,, 4 3'. Nessel, Sandra Iean, Soph. Neumann, Ianis, Fr. ................. ........ 4 5,57. Nord, Lucile' Noriega, Guadalupe, Soph. ....... ....... 5 7,68,72. Novak, Rosanne, Sr. Novinson, Eunice, Ir. ............ ...... 4 1,59 Nyzack, Donna, Ir. ......................... ....................... 6 0. Oechsle, Eileen, Ir. ......................,.......,.......,,,... 4l,54,62. Oliver Doroth Friedlander, Sr. .......... 28,36,38,50,54. I Y Omans, Loretta, Soph. Ominsky, Susan, lr. O'Connell, Sr. ..........,............. . Paakonen, Sally Rukkila' Parker, Marilyn, Sr. .....,....... . Peters, Gerda, Ir. .............. . Peterson, Carol, Soph. ..... . Peterson, Edith, Ir. ...,... . Peterson, Karen, Ir. ..... ....... . Perkins, Marie, Sr. ........,.. . Pickard, Maureen, Fr. ...... . Portnoy, Donna, Sr. ...... . Pozen, Barbara, Soph. Pride, Corene, Soph. Putterman, Lila, Ir. Quek, Ai Lan, Soph. Raker, Rosalind, Soph. Ranson, Susan, Sr. ....,,.......,. . Rasoi, Sharon Kotlin, Soph. Reinertsen Holl Ir , y, . .............. . Rienhartsen, Lois, Ir. ....,....... . Rice, Rosemary, Sr. .,.... . Ricketson, Ruth. Sr. ..... . Robertson Mar W.' I Y Robinson, Ruth, Ir, ,,,,,.,,,,,,,, , Rolfe, Barbara, Fr. ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,. ,,,-,.,,,,,-.,,,. - Rosenblatt, Ada Berkun, Sr. . Ross, Barbara, Soph. Ross, Corinne, Fr. ..... . Roth, Marlene, Fr. ...... . Rothkopf, Ina, Sr. .,.... . Rubin, Ina, Ir. 39. 4l,5l,59,60,68,69. 45,66. 29. 43,62. 29,54,66. . ..... 29 38 5162 64 66. I I I I I 45.66. 57. 30. 4l,52,53,54,57,62,72. 54,72. 4l,5l,66. 4l,50,55,57,59,66. 44,45,59. l8,36,39-. Ruggles, Linda, Fr, ,,--,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,.,-,--,.----,,- 4 5, Rusick, Darlene Gast, Soph.' Sams' Helen, IT- ---------............... ...... 4 1,50,59,60. SC1ndell,- Myrna, Sr, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Saunders, Ianet, Fr. .... . Schein, Donna, Soph. Schiff, Ioan, Sr. .....,....... . Schiller, Louise, Sr. ..,....... . Schmidt, Ioan, Ir. ......,......,.. , Schneider, Sharon, Soph. Schnell, Carolyn, Ir. .....,.,... . Schrader, Carol, Soph. ..... . Schofield, Audrey, Fr.' Schuh, Nancy, Soph. Schultz, Geraldine, Fr. .... . Scott, Laurel, Ir. ...,....... . Scott, Sue, Sr. .......,... . Scott, Thelmaf' Searles, Pat, Ir. ......... . Shavitz, Carol, Ir. Sherman, Anne, Sr. ,....... . Sherman, Mary Lee, Ir. ...... . Sherman, Mary Ann, Sr. Sholtz, Kay, Sr. ...............,.... . Sica, Anna Mae, Ir. ....,.. . Siegler, Ioan, -Sr. ..... . Silver, Ilene, Sr. .4 ,.,.,.,,,,, ,. Silverman, Carole, Sr. .... . Silverman, Shirley, Sr. ...... . Sim, Hyo Sik, Sr. ............... . Sladkey, Lois Unger, Sr. Sloan, Margaret, Sr. Sollo, Harriet, Sr. ........... . Stahlke, Lorna Affeldtf ..... Stalker, Laris, Ir. Starbuck, Susan, Soph. ..... . Stein, Ioy, Ir. Stelzriede, Esta' Sterner, Ioy, Sr. ...............,..............,. . Stolar, Cyrell Needleman, Sr. Stone, Carole, Sr. Stone, Maryon, Sr. Sumida, Aline, Fr. ......... . Sustersic, Nancy, Ir. ...... . Suttie, Linnea, Ir. Sweetow, Carol, Ir. Swenson, Mary R.' Taylor, Barbara, Ir. .,.............. . Tengler, Dorothy, Fr. ............ . Thuss, Thomas Frederick, Ir. Tignac, Darlene, Ir. Titus, Ann, Fr. ............ . Toibin, Rita, Fr. Toole, Anita, Fr. ...................... . Topinka, Mildred Zelenka," Towner, Ianice, Ir. ................. . Treadgold, Helen Isabelle" Trybus, Jacqueline, Sr. ......... . Turner, Marlene, Sr. ..,. . i' 45,72. 30.36.51,55,56,66. 4l,54,60. 54,72. 57,72. . ............... 45. 4l,54,72. 30.64. 43,54,68,72. l6,3l,39,56. 4l,53.62. 4l,54. 54,68,69,72. , ...,,..,....... 4l. 3l,38,62. 32,68. 32,36,5l.66. 43,54,60. 32,36,68. 45,68. 40.4l,54. 40,4l,60,70. 68.72. 44,45,5l.70.72 50,54,68.69,70. 4l,53,68,69. 105 Undergraduates fcont'd.l Urkov, Toby Lee, Soph. Urow, Phyliss T., Ir.' Utne, Sylvia, Ir. ......................... . Volid, Ioan, Soph. .,........................... . Vosnos, Diane Francis, Soph. Walzer, Sue, Sr. Ward, Zola, Ir. ........................,.. . Wartenberg, Lois, Sr. .... . Watkins, Wilma, Sr. Watson, Iudith, Sr. ..,.. , Wein, Annette, Ir. Weber, Sharon, Fr. ................... , Whipple, Marguerite Graass' Whitehead, Marion Stauffer' Whitney, Laura, Ir. .........,,.,,,, 1 .,,,,.,..,.. . Wiedlinq, Rosemary Bollwahu, Ir. ' Ackley, Gladys Meier Adair, Donald G. Adair, Margaret Galloway Albee, Martha Houck Anderson, Barbara Andersen, Nels M. Anderson, Ethel Cada Appl, Doris Marie Babcock, Blanche Bartizal Bagnolia, Donna M. Bailey, Mary Agnes Turner Barton, Evelyn Millikin Bauer, Alice Williams Becic, William Behrens, Myrtle M. Bergesen, Mabel Booth Bernhard, Dorothy Becwar, Mary Meyer Biteng, Virginia Taqueban Black, Helen Bodenbender, Zita Lawrie Bowman, Mary Louise Bowser, Martha Anne Boyles, Theodora I. Boylston, Dorothy Parker Bradshaw, Aletha Braman, lean Wilder Brooks, Virginia Atwood Brown, Ruth Labowitch Buell, Angela Mantell Burgess, Lorraine Deibler Burke, Eleanor Buzzo, Mariana E. Campagna, Elma Benton Carlson, Lois lean 06 Wiessner, Elizabeth Dietenbach' Wilcox, Alice Nellore' 4l,53,66. Wilcox, Ann, Fr. 45,60 43. Williams, Noel, Fr. . 45 Willis, Mary Ann, Ir. ...... ..,..... 4 0,4l,5l,59,62,66 Wilson, Virginia, Sr. ........ .....,........................ 3 3 41,54, Winkler, Iudith, Ir. 41 33,33,51,54,72, Winters, Shirley, Soph. ............,........... ,.,,. 4 3,62,66 Wolf, Helen McLellan Rildelbauch' Wolfson, Dorothy, Ir. Wolfson, Marilyn, Sr. .................,.,.. ............ 3 3 45,6O. Woodward, Iune, lr. 4l,54,72 Yee, Sui Eng, Ir. ............. ......... 6 8 Young, Caroline, Ir. 41,68 Young, Lois, Sr. 34 Zaremski, Dorothy, Sr. ........ ........ 3 4 Graduates Cenek, Dolores H. Cheney, Paula Coleman, Lois Eileen Collins, Patricia Conzelman, Dorothy Rostron Cook, Lois Booth Cosley, Greta Cox, Maureen McDermott Davies, Preston Stratton Delapp, loan Dehrkoop, lla T. DeMay, Marianne Louise Demorset, Marjorie Berryman Denison, Charlene Ruth Denison, Dorothy, 39,68 DeSylvester, Margaret O'Malley Dietz, Miriam Hitch Dimmick, Rose Ann Dorstewitz, Ruth Croak Downs, Virginia Drager, Verabelle Felter Dryman, Walter Dundas, Betty Asbury Durcany, Geraldine Ann Eagleton, Virginia Eley, Marjorie Irene Elmer, Nancy P. Elmer, Nancy Torpe Faircloth, lean Faulds, Dorothy Feigley, Margaret Denny Finehandler, Zelda Flanagan, Virginia C. Flood, Helen Berong Ford, Charles Graduates fcont'd.l Fortunato, Doris Zimbelman Franke, Richard Walter Frazier, Sarah LaMantia Freund, lanet Wolf Friend, Ieannette Beaver Gibson, Patricia E. Gleason, Barbara Glennie, Nancy lean Goldsmith, Eleanor Good, Ruth Irene Gosswiller, Lavina Iansen Graf, Eloise A. Graff, Elizabeth Hinaman Griffin, Susan Gronquist, Ruth Ann Hamm, Harriet Sippel Hansen, Amelia Winkler Hanson, Hans O. Hanson, Viola Alida Harm, Gwendolyn Harmening, Bertha Karmien Harmon, Bernice lne Haupt, Leonard Roy Heckert, Doris Virginia Hegel, Margaret Piper Hjorth, Carmen Kelley Hoffman, Carolyn May Hohe, Mary Weinbery Hoiden, Iohn I. Holleb, Bernadine F. Holtsclaw, Marjorie, 68 Hund, Paul Hunter, Mary Harvey Iacobs, Phyllis Leaf Iacobsen, Betty Iohnson, Pamelia Ann Iones, lean McDonald Kaplan, Sylvia Coblentz Kavina, George Kessel, Marcella Lapitz Killian, Mary Klein, Robert Knackstedt, Mary Ellen Kolander, Luther Leonard Kolen, Corinne Sylvia Krinsky, Cynthia Evelyn Kusatsu, Grace M., Landsman, Sylvia Larson, Lucile Drake Lenahan, Mary LePage, Charlaine Lethlean, Frances M. Lohman, Alice Swingler Lucas, Ioan Ehmann Lucchi, Miodred Marshall, Lois Ieannette Madsen, Betty Anne Maher, Alice G. Mallers, Lennis F. Manning, Helen E. Mansowit, Mary Malisoff Marks, Muriel Wien Martin, Esther E. Matchett, Louise Cumins Meacham, lla Ries Means, Lenore Melvin, Aida Meutone, loan Marie Meyer, Mona lane Miller, Edna B. Miller, Marilyn Bedwell Millhouse, Sara Beth Mills, Antoinette Mary McKinley, Mary Ellen Misaka, Betty lane Monroe, lean S. Morton, Clair Lyon Murie, Della Gustafson Murphy, Mildred E. Murray, Lucille McClure, Gertrude McKeon, Gertrude E. Meyers, Georgianna Marie Neumann, Marlene Niles, Carolyn Batterson Northcott, Ruth Elizabeth O'Connor, Louise Dolores Osmundson, Io Ann Palmer, Iulia Sanders Paltzer, Marjorie Hibbard Paraso, Celeste, 68 Park, Bertha F. Passow, Elaine A. Passow, Lawrence William Patterson, Arlene Lindahl Penn, Eva M. Phelps, lane Fellows Pleviak, Anthony Rasche, Dorothy Wright Ratchford, Margaret Rauhoff, lean Reeling, Marilyn lean Rehm, Ruth Grumbine Reid, Ruth Ann Reinschreiber, Betty Plehn Rhodes, Ruth Davis Graduates fcont'd.l Roche, Mary C. Roemer, Mary Lissa Rolston, Faith, 68 Romero, Luz Ronan, Alice H. Rosenblatt, Katherine Philipsborn Roy, Francis T. Rueck, Elizabeth Ryan, Daniel I.: Sachs, Romaine Samuels, Lois Shirley Sands, Ruth Schnell, Rosemary Schuster, Elsa Roeschlen Schweikle, Florence Scott, Anne Presley Seaberg, Dorothy Irene Segal, Lois Seubert, Genevieve, 69 Sheatfer, Irene Dorley Shelmidine, Allie Mae Shepherd, Susan lane Sholund, Mildred Grant Sigvornson, Alice Schock Sim, Hyo Sik Skadberg, Agnes M. Sloan, Helen Smythe, Floy Kies Soderberg, Ioan Hartman Spaulding, Elizabeth O. Speerschneider, lane Reeves Starrett, Ruth Steininger Stein, Iacqualine M. Strauman, Ruth Bach Stephenson, Marilyn Stevenson, Nancy Hanson' Stewart, Mercedes Ielsma Strom, Marjorie Stuertz, Lillian S. Stumpf, Margaret Duncan Sweet, lane Tappert, Betty Ann Tempest, Gertrude Noyes Terry, Stephen Thayer, Mirian Virginia Thomas, Anna Perry Towle, Aline Neuman Townsend, Rosemary Williamson Trevor, Ruth Scott Troyer, Katherine Kellogg Tsuchyia, Keyko Tully, Dorothy Usborne, Helen Hayn Ushioda, Chieko Van Atta, Iuanita Vernon, William Robert Vey, Georgiana Stacy Vogel, Edith Irene Von Pohle So hia Van Baskirk f P Wagner, Marianne Martin Waldron, Olive Warnke, Ella Hutton Weaver, Catherine ilyn Weinfeld, Rosalie Widmark, Ioyce Marilyn Wilkey, Zelda Iaffee Wilkens, Eleanor A. V Williams, Selma Wakefield Willis, Ruth W. I Winquist, Marilyn Wirt, Dorothy Horney Wirt, Roland Wirt, Ruth Campbell Wood, Marie Simmons Woolley, Gertrude Elliott Wright, Evelyn Beckford Whelpley. Marjorie S. Yachik, Marie Hoertz Yocum, Elzabe Ann Zidell, Belle Zieman, lewell Iernigan Y , I , iq Q I S 1" 3 1 4 X W , , L N r wi J i g ,fn QQ.: ,Q r Q :hui 'fn 'E 2 I . v 'ru , x, v .4 1 in xl , , - 5 . s Q ' 'F V N - V e . kr 5 . , f Q f 3 A A 2 - .. Y' X ' ,A jbgv ' it yi L , 325' V .x N , 3 - 1 ,Q n f f ,gg X. 3 5 ' '- - ,' 4 5.11 1 P H. " K ' ' ' , , ff . Ai gy... 1 V 1 1 W V L jk' ., Q J , is - sg, A V .A 1 , , I 4 .gs,,SM,3, wax . ' ,ev J Q- I , w ya-4, ,, V yr xi X X 365 I 41' fx 1 is 4 1-A+ 35 ap' '1'-if Q.-if .sm A KV' x in 4 ix Q gi .5 L ' A ,A Q V ,- m vm ' H, W A ix I ' fx J gf Q - f 2 . it 'U a.: S, i ' . - ---1 H . ff J za? , f I 1 1 , 54, x ,fl A Q g ' ,Q ' M- 'VMI Q V , H 4. l , f 'M' v , A KL QW A b 9 dl , it ...V , . I-mx, ,131 'K f H ' Si f' 5 v , , qw. 4 5 " 'ff 5 9 I 1 ' if N 4 A k U A A , ., J A wg if 'SW , " m ' 7 ' W -0 Ll az f Q' l 1 f A s 'TQ fx'-5f!' . ., f Z lr. X ."' , I ,I ' N 'sr' 1 XX: im f W .,, U ljzgfi, ' , -. 1 ,. . , W-23 ff: 41, - ki V L' 3 I JMX X' - G it V 1" f A, , .. I V 1A.A , , ' q f G ' A ,F . fy ' Q lx fl fy, r 0 h fri 7 5 V 'QP -'MAQ Q-v""""' xc I . 'x ,I A ,ff V v an CQ, 5 ,

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