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S6 JZ? X W My wwgfjgm W Hkwwymwydw W Mfg Soi? JW 'M Wffdgygqq M, W Wg www My gwwjwwmffjgfyf Y'bi"f-,jing mm W c,-Wy 029 - 4. KDXQIYWDWV , af K 2 2 wwf Q A ' M, fat? KZ- Use Levlg Qw, gxQ?5"X'N2r QW' J -J ' f . -J 0' f NW WP MW My QW wx WP fyifwwfoil fwfmw S5 QM'L GDM-'f Qcafmgv QQ f et' . JWWWM . GMM 5 WW ,519 6 fw-4.1734-f UWM 8 40475 WM ' W MNWM'dgWW M M4 QMSQQK MW , M " 5 ZH QQ Qgmvxgexk QQ 'YN If 525-24, gm? K 9 EM BW : SUPUVW Naomlvwwnm- fy 'F :WHL M X ya ww HM afgiqiv MMM E WWW ,fr QD - Bi S 1 E QC FIG 'W Cys K E WHAT IS TIME ATIONA NATIONAL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION EVANSTON ILLINOIS f m e i5 fine Jmcfow on, flze Jing Me 5friLing affine CACA, flze running affine :Sandi nfl? ans! mi9!Lf, Aummer am! winfer, momffw, yearn, cenfuriei, - fA850 are Auf argifrarg am!oufwarr1l 559115, fine meaimre of jme nof jme ifffey jme in me affine aan! 1' 912057-gAK!0U! 3 :me Lal or Ifc1,ming!LancZ - yokn Wewman DR K RICHARD JOHNSON President THOSE who enter the teachrng professlon need qual1t1es of leadershrp Whether 1n small towns or blg C1l1GS th teacher has the responslblhty of d1 rect1ng the learnrng of youth ln order to fulf1ll adequately these respons1b1l1t1es rt 1S nec ssary for the teacher to be ernotronally mature whrch wrll help greatly 1n establ1sh1ng the r1ght krnd of an envl cnment for learnlng Wlth the teacher rests not only the responstbrlrty of helprng youngsters learn and develop 1nto good crtrzens but also helpmg parents recognlze therr place rn the learn1ng process By bu1ld1ng up good teacher parent relat1on sh1ps the Job of educatrng youth w1ll not rest wrth the school alone but w1ll qurclcly spread to the communrty as a functron for all To br1ng about th1s complete cooperatron lS a slow process Wlth the r1ght leadershrp of the mature teacher who 1t not drscouraged by the apathet1c attrtude often exh1b1ted by many progress 1S eventually notrced Today more and more members of the cornmunlty take greater part 1n school affarrs Where before there was a lack of cooperatlon there 1S now a workrng together due to an understandlng Problems of the youth of today affect the communrty The earlrer the young teacher recogmzes th1s 1mportant respons1b1l1ty of the professlon the sooner her efforts w1ll be frultful We are fortunate to be rn a profess1onal school where the entlre program centers around one common goal the educatron of the chrld Our entlre l1fe w1th1n our college walls makes us ever consc1ous of th1s responslblllty Our workrng together and early assoc1at1on mth chrldren of all ages grve us the rare prrvllege of lcnowrng the value of leadershlp ln teachlng There IS every opportunrty from our profess1onal l1v1ng together to have a good knowledge of what IS expected before the frrst experlence rn the fleld To the senlors who are about to enter rnto thrs phase we salute you not only because you are teachers but because you are leaders of the future of our way of l1fe TB ral 4 0 . . .. . . . .. Q ... .- V f - - 1 -..- -- G - . . V 1 . .. . . . . . rw 1. . - ... . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . I I - . . . . . . . . . u I u n l l nn' 1 . - -1 - . . . ,h , I . . - . - I .. . -1 ... . - . . . . . . . . 1 .. . . ... . .v . . - .. . .. . . . . -1 . . . . . . . . sr., K ,-" I 1 I , . 1 1 N w , ' 4 i 1 A i r 1 x I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 4 A I 1 tw To Miss AGNES ADAMS, Director of Supervision A SPRIG OF EARLY SPRING GREENERY . . . A BEWILDERED ' STUDENT. . .OR TI-IE CI-IAOS OF OUR PRESENT WORLD SITUA- TION - TI-IESE TI-IINGS SI-IE VIEWS WITI-I AN EYE FOR TI-IE BEAUTY, GOOD OR WISDOM CONTAINED IN TI-IEM. A SINCERE INTEREST IN YOU AS A PERSON IS UPPERMOST IN I-IER I-IUMAN CONTACTS. AND TI-IE LIMITS OF I-IER TIME AND ENERGIES ARE BOUNDLESS AS SI-IE OFFERS AN ENCOURAGING I-IAND, A COUNSELING WORD OR A SYM PATI-IETIC EAR TO ALL STUDENTS-ESPECIALLY TI-IOSE SO MANY MILES FROM I-IOME. A TRUE TEACI-IER, A MODEL OF GOODNESS AND SINCERITY, BUT MORE TI-IAN TI-IAT-A FRIEND. .Zo Amy wifk me crowcfeof fzoum, fo Lam, fo gag or Jie. "" gm2f5 7 TIME TELLS A STORY OF TEACHERS AND PUPILS TOGETHER IN CLASSES, LIVING AND DOING. TEACHERS WORKING WITH US FOR MUTUAL GOALS - PERSONALITIES AND FRIENDS, 'NOT JUST IMPERSONAL LENDERS OF KNOWLEDGE. HELPFUL GUIDES OFFERING EXPERIENCES FOR EXPLORATION TO INOUIRING MINDS AND THESE SAME INOUIRING MINDS OUESTIONING THESE GUIDES IN THE GIVE AND TAKE OF TRUE LEARNING. I FACLI LT ja Me fme lfeaciner, fime2 flour gfagu Jacuzzi dfiffrun go!! clurif. - Eougfaa J2l'I'0!lI! 8 g AGNES L. ADAMS, M.A., Ph.B, Director of Supervision SARA L. BLACK, M.A., B.A. Education ROBERT B. CUSHMAN, Ph.D., M.A., Social Science was MARY P. DAVIS, M.A., B.A. Education GWENDOLYN M. ADDENBROOKE ELIZABETH CLARK ANTES, M.A., BJ-X. M.A., B.E. Psychology Education LLOYD W. COUSINS M.Mus., B.Mus.Ed. Music HELEN I. CHALLAND, M.A., B.E. Science Q-WW 4'.,W 59, wil? Q at ,, f S Y ,: fy 'HY' ' C- ' f - K LWB v.rm::.,-'- 2 7 Vx 7:3716 7 ' 'livtvx vw-vig. I' B.A. IOHN DAUGHERTY. M-A-I SC-B- CHARLES F. DAVIS, M.A., B.A., B.D Science-Mathematics Social Science JEAN DUFFY, M.S., B.S. GERTRUDE FENNEMA, M.A., Ph.B. Physical Education Education l0 MARTHA D. PINK, M.A., Ph.B. Psycholoqv-Education DAYTON F. GRAFMAN, M.Mus., B.Mus. Director of Admissions DATY HEALY, M.A., B,A. Art MARIORIE P. HUNTER, M.Mus., B.Mus. Music a VIRGINIA P. GORMAN, M.A., B.E. PAULINE GALVARRO, Ph.D., M.A., B.A. Education Dean of Students - English DOREEN HANCK, M.A., B.E. EDWARD HARDY, M.A., B.A., M.S., B.S Psychology Physical Education '7 ff Sf ISABEL R. HOWARD, B.E. KENNETH E. HOWE, Ed.D., M.A., B.A Education Director of Children's School K. RICHARD IOHNSON MABEL KEARNS, BE. Ph.D., M.S., B.S. Business Mcmuqer President ll BERTHA V. LEIFESTE LINFORD A. MARQUART. M.A., A.B. Ph-D-, M-A-, BA. Registrar-- Social Science Education MARY LOUISE NEUMANN, RUTH POWERS, B.S. in L.S., B.A. B.S. in L.S., B.A. Library Library NELLIE MCCASLIN, M.A., B.A. English SHIRLEY SPEAR, B.E. Education ELIZABETH SPRINGSTUN, M.A., Ph.B. WHEN STALEYA Ph,D,, MA, B,A, ROBERT P, TQPP' P1-LD., MIA., BE Ed'l1CCITiOI1 English Director of Graduate School .!"'?1 LEWIS TROYER, Ph.D., BD., B.A. JOHN WADDELL Psychology MFA, M.A.Ei B.F.A., B.A.S. rt 12 DORWIN E. ZAPPE, M.A.. B.E. Education WALTER ZUKOWSKI, M.A., B.A. Crafts NATIONAL FACULTY NOT PICTURED EDNA FORREY, M.A., B.A. Psychology IAMES KLEEMAN, B.Mus.' Music CHARLES F. KRAFT, Ph.D., B.D., B.A. Biblical Literature MARY ANN KRUEGER, R.N. Attending Nurse ETHEL L. MACINTYRE, M.A., B.E. Education IEAN ANN MOULDING, M.A., B.A. Art 'MARY POPE, M.A., B.A. Hygiene JANET C. REES, M.A., B.E. Education IDA HARPER SIMMONS, M.A., B.A. Education IRENE SORAL, B.E. Education WILMA D. VANDERMEULEN, M.A., B.S Home Economics 13 FACULTY 1 I I fSNAPS 'i' -E6-K X 1 5 THE TIES OF TIME SPENT TOGETHER . . . THE UNITY OF OUR LEADERS AND STUDENTS . . . THE FRIENDLY COMPETITIVENESS BETWEEN CLASSES AND THE MUTUAL RESPECT OF FRESHMEN AND SOPHMORES FOR UPPER CLASSMEN-THESE ARE MEASURES OF OUR SPIRIT AND TRADITION. CONTEMPORARIES ALL WORKING TOGETHER IN ONE BLOCK OF TIME - OUR TIME - THIS AGE OF THREE DIMENSIONS, OF BREAKING SOUND AND SPACE BARRIERS, OF SWIFT PROGRESS. YET THE EVER CONSTANT MEASURER OF MINUTES AND HOURS STILL TICKING AT AN UNCHANGING TEMPO. CASSS jme 5Aa!!fea,c!L fA88 a!ffAing5. -- muffin jupper 16 L , You live in our hearts . . EUNICE GEBSH walmJPfwJA:xfrJw 1' 5' P K you live in our keau'fsem-bk,. rd ana WN-te, we my xl F 1 J J Q Jil wE,f9.Xni-ilL S if Ei Aayftmv un- 144 H IMA J,,JmJJyfxl A MA A1 a we' ave men-fries un- Q e 'those em' Go -lqa years we Kill. xii xF.EfnJEhapJw.Xian islfztjl gr qi - t wg gxJ.1.P.PxJ M17 ff is V Q mjn gpjsykmjoljaf jr xhgf. p- jeT.'x fi C? Eu? 8 'l'.ha,nKs 'For 'thc Know.Xd1e 'Chai we've clmind .ft Gal.. Yeqe, Here? 'Ca QF ,-1, 3, 19.33 3 W H g 15AOM,KJ we LVQHA bil? Olfffl' Jflfbbg 6ll'LC!,9L6L5GJ'Lt Paffty? - .Ser jAOWLHf5 gwwne 18 SENIOR CLASS Z? GM 40418, W Q! f f.L- f M65 ' 4 x ' , iw X X is 'ff X . ' .221 Wi? X , f ,S WQQ Sw, 4 f n E K SW ' M in QM S ' gf ZJZYW. 4, A W ' ,Va 1 QM 1 'zwk tfw ' Q Y Y X Q 7 W 1 X I f ALBER, BERNADETTE Evanston, Illinois TGA vice president 3, president 4: YWCA, 2, 3, 45 ACE, 2, 3, 4, NATIONAL, 2, Dance Group l, treasur- er 2, secretary 3, 47 International Club, 2, 3, 4: Sheil Club, 2, 3, 4, Curriculum Committee 2, Ambassador 3, 4, Children's School Scholarship, 4, WHO'S WHO. ALLEGAN I-IELENE Glencoe Illinois Illinois College Choir 4 ACE 4 l 51.5 cts azz U amou o 79v4 5 ut ca a 1 'zanzanz sz f 5 fungi cms cz 515 af :flf fl fc M7 QE. 1' I ALPERT NATALIE Evanston Illinois University ot Illinois YWCA 4 ACE 3 4 20 I , I . . r .- ga 5 ' fl f . 'Ill lcv ff E ll ' Y E L4 ll A IAIFIQQE f 1 I I I fy C 1 I I I - 15 , If , Ulf A 13:27 ,fl Q . BACH, DORIS Fairbury, Illinois ACE, 2, publications repesentative 3, president 4, Drama Club, 2: lean Carpenter Arnold Scholarship. BAIER, MARIAN Salina, Kansas Kansas Wesleyan University ACE, 4: YWCA, 4. a fw- WA W 4 jf ,1 ff , fr fir , a. if 'QR ,-3' I 4 , rf .9 lf' f f , 4 if ,,, X i amslngsz owz fini rnixsz owl f'zs1finzan yum? gain-ifsa. cfvsxf we gave a olfawaiian tlancs and non BEAL, ROBIN Winnetka, Illinois College Council vice president, 4, TGA, secretay 27 Choir, 3, 4, YWCA, l, secretary 2, president, 3, 4, ACE, 3, 47 Drama Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Dance Group, I, 2, 3, 47 Ambassador, 3, 4: WI-IO'S WHO. 21 W I S 9 R BENNETT, NAOMI fi Milwaukee, Wisconsin , Carleton College Dorm hall chairman, 4: YWCA, 3, 45 ACE, 47 Drama A , Club, 3, 45 Class points and revision committee, 45 'V Children's School Scholarship, 4. fl., f" 3 f ff I BERRY CHARLOTTE LOUISE Olney Illinois YWCA l 2 treasurer 3 vice president 4 ACE 3 vice president 4 Class activities chalrman 2 Mary Crane Scholarship 4 I as non oct f of 5 au I gain many zazftu .snzsnz sm f 5 Lu su af f 5 7 BIGGS FLORA South Pomtret Vermont University of Maine ACE 3 4 Emerson House Scholaship 4 J I I . . I I I I . ' I I I l I I ' 'I I I i I - ' 1 'fi r or! fi Qifttfii-I afiaus 'i f ' ,W- lj li Q cfxg 5' , .,.1 V ffl , ' I . V 7 I A ' . XL V4 3 I I Y' lpfygr, 1 ff, ', M 22 l l . . I . 5. ,. l 1 t t il BIHLMAN, MARY AGNES Hammond, Indiana 4 Northern Illinois State , Teachers College Dormn social chairman, 47 Athletic representative, H 35 ACE, 4, Sheil Club, 3, 4. 1 1 , I BINNER, SUZANNE IEANNETTE Winnetka, Illinois Monticello Iunior College Chait, 3, 47 YWCA, 3, 45 ACE, 3, 47 International Club 45 Class activities chairman, 3, treasurer, 47 Ambas sador, 45 co-chairman Christmas bazaar, 4. cl-foui.-3? dcuft you 'zsmanzgzz gown fini tiny of ifutisrzf baaclling? . ' BIORKMAN, DORIS Quinnesec, Michigan North Park Iunior Col- lege YWCA, 3, 47 ACE, 3, 45 Drama Club, 47 International Club, 3, Class Curriculum Committee chairman, 3: Chilclren's School Scholarship, 4. l l , 23 l 1 l fl! BOCTGS, LUCINDA ANN Grand Rapids, Michigan Pine Manor Iunior College Dorm hall treasurer, 47 YWCA 3 4 ACE 4 BOHMAN, LOUISE Chicago, Illinois Lawrence College Dorm hall social chairman 7 YWCA, 3, membership co-chairman 4, ACE, 4, Drama Club, 3. ou wonclaurl if ills clgifrliarz am! Ji'z.scfo'z woufcf figs you. on cou o 4 sue-:rr .eazn a f 5 IZELITZELX 'r'L "H-Q. BULLOCK, MARY E. Geneva, Illinois Elmhurst College ACE, 4j lnternationa Club I 'K ,,,V 24 5 CAMPBELL, VIRGINIA V" Arlington, Virginia Q-ueens College f. 1 34 Dormn hall social chairman, 35 YWCA, 2, 3, 47 ACE, 3, 4. ,, , Cl-IPIISTENSEN, MRS. l OYCE Chicago, llilnois North Park lunior College ren's School Scholarship, 4. I gi i , I M, 177,.: S YWCA, 2, 35 ACE, 4, International Club, 35 Child- Ufialf fyzogfz-:nz wairff ai gan! ai you ffiougflf. Soon ffioia cfliltfzen wats ffcomlly caller! ning fu li I l si COOPER, GWEN GAYLE YV rm I Q Chicago, Illinois Wright Iunior College ACE, 31 Dance Group, 3, Hillel Foundation president, 4. I 25 A JQH sk x K Ei A Q,, , 3, . at I S M, x A CROSSON, EDITH Lake Bluff, Illinois Grand View Iunior College lx Chaft, 4, Athletics, 3, ACE, 3, 47 Drama Club, 3, 4, Class social chairman, 4, Chilclren's School Scholar- ship, 4. u..-nk.. DALE, SHIRLEY M. Olney, Illinois Wittenberg College: Mil- likin University YWCA, 3, 45 ACE, 3, 4, Drama Club 3, Class activi- KA ties chairman, 47 Boys Latin School Assistantship, 4. I A z f :Q fa IEIIZEIIZZIEZ? . . . Ufisrz fig-E75 were flioia iaczafftl Jfzsafl ati Jay: cvfisn HOU!! iuflszuiioz mai fo uiiif you. Cilloulr DENISON, DOROTHY A. Honolulu, Hawaii NATIONAL, l, 2, ACE, l, 2, 47 International Club 2, president 3, 4, Drama Club, 1. ' 26 DRUMMOND, SUSAN fl L I Medford, Oregon University ot Oregon Dorm president 4, hall chairman, 3, Iunior transfer representative, 3, Choir, 45 ACE, 3, 4, Sheil Club, 4j Childen's School Scholarship, 4. ENGLAND, KATHY IO Sheboygan, Wisconsin DePauw University Chatt, news editor 3, 4, NATIONAL, 4, Athletics 3, 4: Choir, 2, 35 YWCA, 2, 3, 45 ACE, 4, International Club, 45 Class points and revisions chairman, 3: Ambassa- dor, 4, Glenview Community Church Assistantship, 4. PF Bw rn ru R fi. IS SL ar rn B In rw O B HN R 01 Gs Q-1 'Q O O A 'M rn M 2 C O. A 'uw Q 6 IS A HN Bw l"1 Q I? R U1 Pb m m be P14 G N Q: PP M. 2. PF E P- P- C, E rn iS IS T N m W- 2 fl ff: 0 Fi 'v FISHER, MARY ELIZABETH Melbourne, Florida YWCA, 37 Drama Club, l, 29 Childrens School Schol- I arship, 4. ,4 M ax 3 , 1 f L L gf i 5 . W Q 5 s gr, QW X ' Y is S ,2 , , ss -' .ff its , I iw! l 3 sri I ' - X 27 L 'tl GAY, RUTH ANN Madison, Wisconsin University of Wiscons1n ACE, 3, Drama Club, 4. xi . V ' X +1 'Rr ll . X Aim I GRIFFIN MARY ANN Waukegan Ill1no1s NATIONAL literary editor 2 assistant and llterary editor 3 editor 4 ACE 2 3 4 International Club 2 3 4 Ambassador 3 4 Mrs Iohn N Crouse Schol arshlp 4 WI-IO S WHO :Lou 1 5 :ay w an as uou aus a con, arenas? f sis ala i 5 fgLfZA9:i. we a f ouggf afouf am HACKL GLADYS R nn, Chicago Illinois TGA treasurer l Choir 1 4 YWCA I 2 3 4 ACE 3 4 Drama Club 2 3 Class presider 2 social chairman 3 oresident 4 Ambassador secretary' 3 4 El1za.beth Harrison Scholarship 4 WI-IOS WI-IO 28 1 . . 1 . . . . I I . . - I . I I I I I I I I . . 4 - I I I I I I ' ' I I I I ' lol H H M li fl ll li ' ll I2 ' L I ' , Ei . . . 7 Q , r ,4 ,fan 'I 5 ' ' , . 2, ,, , . . ,f , , ,, I Qf 4 . lf ,. U 1 1 - UZ ' f , 1 4 'ZS' A I . ' . . ,i , , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,,, - I 'Ii . . , , ' ' ' 1 ' nl I 4521: 1 1 , 1 1 1 I 'U V - 1 1 1 ,f . .- . . 1 , 1 . ' lei? , ' ,Z . fwizq, 1 4 27 if , V ' ' ?Z25' t4!,1g2jfg25 I ' 4, ' ' f we ' ' 5' ,- HANSEN, ARDIS Washington Island, Wisconsin College Council secretary, 4, Choir treasurer, l, 4: YWCA, treasurer, l, 2, 3, 4, WSSF chairman 25 ACE, 3, 45 Drama Club, 25 Class vice president, 2, Class president, 31 Ambassador 3, president 45 Eva Grace Long Scholarship, 45 Wl-lO'S WHO. HANSON, l OAN Chicago, llilnois Wright Iunior College YWCA, 3, 4: ACE, 3, 4. L Q ' 4 2 ' 4 ' ,. L 052 . 'W' - yy fs M, ,Ji gf, M, :tomsflow nzanagstl fo five fflfrougfl. Before we Ensw if, we ci .ers :urging .sacfl ofgaz, Uqllgsis azz you ouzj IAKES, IOAN IUNE Chicago, Illinois Eastern Oregon College of Educationp Roosevelt College YWCA, l, 47 ACE, 4: Drama Club, l. 29 I t t l Q 1oHNsoN, Jo ANN li Altono, lllinois Athletics, lg YWCA, lp ACE, 3, 47 Points cmd Revision committee, l. KARLIN, MRS. BEVERLY Chicoqo, Illinois Illinois University Athletics, l, 25 ACE, 3, 45 Dromcr Club, 37 Hillel, 1, ' 2, 3, 4. fo fsacfi naxf HSQQPH Ugg wozfil ii own. Aluflszinfsn :limba cams fo file coflsga to bell ui agoui bflsiz Lagoa! ' KEHEN, CAROLE Chiccrqo, Illinois University of Ililnois ACE, 4. 30 8 Z Q ayifsm KIPPER, MBS. LENORE Chicago, Illinois Wright Iunior College ACE, 3, 4, Drama Club, 4, Children's School Scholar- ship, 4. KOCALIS, STANO I Chicago, Illinois Mundelein College O anal kgag assmscl crazy sagai fo gave ui 111912 a corzfzacf. U KORB, MRS. BARBARA Chicago, Illinois Athletics, 2, 3, Class vice president, 4. 31 YWCA, 3, 4: ACE, 37 International Club, x Q ' S 5 4. ga gjfacsnzsnf: Buzaau 5 uflsfin it I . itz "N I I 1 1 v KUSATSU, GRACE M. Kauai, Hawaii ACE, I, 2, treasurer 3, 47 International Club, I, pesi- dent 2, secretary 3, 45 Class treasurer I. LENCI SHARON M. Virginia, Minnesota Choir, l, 2, 3, 45 YWCA publicity chairman 4, ACE, 2, 3, 4: Drama Club, lp International Club, 3, 4. foam! mai always a fifaaa fo wafcfl. Eacfi clay H2515 wats nzany nzofzs 'LELiLl.Eif oz fsacfisu. Gqffaz mu wr Q 2 f l LEVIS, DCLORES Evanston, Illinois University ot Illinois at Navy Pier ACE, 3, 4. 32 MCDOUGLE, MARY . Washington, D.C. Dorm secretary 41 Chatf, l, 2, 3, 47 NATIONAL bus iness manager 2, 35 Athletics l, 27 ACE, l, 2, 3, 4 Class vice president l, secretary 4, Citizenship com mittee, 27 Curriculum committee, 3, 47 Ambassador, I 4: WI-IOS WHO. fi v QI MCMICI-IAEL, RUTH Maywood, Illinois Elmhurst College Choir, 3, 4, YWCA, 45 Dance Group treasurer, 4. , ' 3 W inuukigafion and igofzfring azouml you finaffy decided on kgs Place . . . nzayga Houhzz-: going fly Houma MCROBERTS, PEGGY Springfield, Illinois Christian College ACE, 47 Internaiional Club, 4. g' ,Qi MICUCCI RITA MAY Chrcago lll1no1s Clarke College Rosary College Drama Club 4 She1l Club 3 4 N EQEMANN HELEN Racrne, Wlsconsrn College Councrl treasurer 4 Athletlcs l 2 Chorr l secretary 2 vrce presldent 3 4 YWCA l 2 ACE 2 4 Drama Club l 3 Dance Group l 2 3 presr dent 4 Class Athletlcs chalrman, 2 X XXX NXNSX iw? I ZW oznza auf some otm .sit uami on wtf 6 saxatfsnzfnfo owc conffcacfi Mm 1 PABSCNS ANN Clrucago llllnols Stephens College lnternatronal Club 4 f f ff I ff! fyfj wsaio a fofme H . P N. , , D I I l ,A , ' I , ' g, V Q 1 1 1 1 - fgw, K HM, Y C K ? .4 r ,J "' ' W, . . . 1 1 1 1 1 I I " , " I I I I I I I I I , cr, . . ' Z ' -' . 1 f' 1' 1 I 1 1 1 1 I 1 I ' 'f 5- - A X . ' ,rye , 1 1 . 4 of +41 , ff Q r ,xt 1 1 -., 1f-.' we if-1 V ,JW f if , Q5 fwtzsf vf 4 1, 19 32134-r7, z.w 2 1 'Ra J 5 r 'f K' fif 5 , 1 1 . 1 . . . ,np ,OM 1,-1 1.0419 , X511 1 ' 1. , 1 ' 32525 ' f i f, , . PELKEY, MRS. Pl-IYLLIS Appleton, Wisconsin Milwaukee State Teacher Dorm Hall chairman, 25 Dorm hall social chairman, 3, Drama Club, 3. Z Z :War Q, xif I N X. f -"' 5 A iivl I A A PETERsoN, ADRIENNE J Ai! J ,,,f V A L, Arlington Heights, Illinois Monmouth College: Uni- V versity of Geneva, Gen- k f eva, Switzerland X A Chaff, 45 ACE, 47 Drama Club, 4. V X agouf Qsificvaf . . . owl fail ons. Ugg gigguf iuifzziis from qlrufsz H25 Gqaf mai Elie :May uean PFEIL, MRS. VIVIAN Three Rivers, Michigan University of Michigan A YWCA, 3, 4, ACE, 3, 4. l , QC 35 N? is iii, ,al 'f if ,A , 51725172551 flow fluffy 165 gm 13 - ,. 39 Q wax Y 1 ' ii ' PIERNER, PATRICIA Manitowoc, Wisconsin Marquette University Dorm hall chairman, ly Athletics, 1, 27 YWCA, 4: ACE, l, 2, 4, Drama Club, 2, International Club, so- cial chairman, 4: Sheil Club, 4. POHLAND, ALICE MARIE Chilton, Wisconsin Wisconsin State College ACE, 3, 4: Orchestra, 4. 3 4 . t i f f 7 . . . . Qf'Z6lL'!Ll.C1.fLOI'l cams n5xf. POPE, MRS. MARILYN La Grange, Illinois University ot Chicago Choir, 3, 47 ACE, 3. 36 CS' POPP, IEANNE Green Boy, Wisconsin f 'Qs Ripon, College Dorm hall chczimorn, 47 ACE, 3, 4. 2 ,1- f 'Z , g X A ,,, Q , 4' , My New V RAMSER, ANNE ERNESTINE Washington, D.C. Stephens College A YWCA, 3, 4, ACE, 3, 47 Drormor Club, 3. omz of ui wozs ouz cap: anal gowns cluzing igz laik wssg of iclzzoof. dna? 37 was owc clay RIVERO, CARMEN Chiccrgo, Illinois North Pork Iunior College , YWCA, 3, ACE, 3, 4. 37 X, Jlffu. ROLSTON, FAITH Lucknow, India Q55 7 A , ' N Isabella Ihoburn Colleqe yt I in Luchnow, India ,X if Dorm hall treasurer, 4, ACE, 47 International Club, 3, A 1 president 45 Edna Dean Baker Scholarship, 45 WHO'S , WHO. ff I il f X 1 RUN GE, VIRGINIA Manitowoc, Wisconsin Lawrence Colleqe Dorm hall treasurer, 3: Choir 3, president 4, YWCA, 3, 4, ACE, 45 Drama Club, 3, 47 Children's School Scholarship, 4. Jmazguszifz dflcuccg, congzauwoman, JEXIZUETECI kgs gzacluabion aclclxsu. RYE, EDITH Avalon, Wisconsin Dorm vice president, 4, College Council treasurer, 31 Chatf, l, 2, 3, 4, Athletics, 1, 2: YWCA, l, finance w 4 3 chairman 2, 3, 4, ACE, l, 2, 3, 4, Drama Club, 47 2 1 Class publicity chairman, 1, secretary, 2, vice presi- dent, 3, Children's School Scholarship, 47 WHO'S WHO. 1' ,,, ff ,yr , f " , ff g ,,, ,, ,1 V Lil 11 38 RYWECK, IOAN S. Chicago, Illinois Wright Iunior College Athletics 3- ACE 3 4- Drama Club 3- Hillel 3 4 SCHER ESTHFR F Chlcorgo Ill1no1s W1lsor1 Iumor College ACE 4 lntemcrtlonoll Club 4 s clauy a am waz sauh. u an we f angf s io omoisi on f some o you zamsm sz w 5 SCHULMAN DAVIDA Q is Q13 Cl'11CCIqO Ill1no1s YWCA 3 4 ACE 3 4 Hlllel 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I ' 7 X 34 1 . . I . . , : ' , . if 3 zz lll, A -fz- 1:f,fz...411z,,1: 2' ,f an . , , f I lx f L I 1 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 . 4 0 ' A vggfg 39 'ffwl Q' SCI-IWARTZ, NINA K. Chicctqo, Illinois University of Illinois: Roosevelt, Art Institute x L A .fl f E Liss ii SEVIN, MRS. MADLYN Chicago, Illinois University of Wisconsin ci .zany iiiz ciaiiy ciiain? Uiisn if isznzaii iiiis iucii a iong time, geforce we wou 6 ieaving JV SHERRY, MARLENE Chicctqo, Illinois Roosevelt, North Pork,- University of Tctmpo' YWCA, 3: ACE, 4. 40 SMITH IANE CRAIG Newton Massachusetts Chaff 2 3 Athlencs l Dance Group treasurer 1 STINSON CAROL Elmhurst lllmols Elmhurst College man 3 IZL IZOU. t "LOLL9g EX JETLEIZCE CUZL ifIJ.L Ll HE CITE 7.57. YWCA 3 410 wma.. ff!! ff Chatf 3 Chou l 3 4 ACE 4 Class pUbl1C1lY chcur fo 90 ouf on our octn SUGAR IOAN Ch1caqo Ill1no1s Un1vers1ty of Ill1no1 4 ACE 3 4 H1llel 4 41 U xllf Li TEL7. L, 2.c'ZE LLZ Qxgi if an Gu ht X K X 'WW ' I k,.,.r?? ft ' RQ I X77 '45 iff: U I I 1 I I I " I I I I I ' ' X U ' 257. f ,7 9 . , fllf gf? v ' f'2Sl ' , if , v ,, , I 7' I , V' 1 V I I I I I I I I I - , . ' f rf l Y: 5 I I Z I ' I-ily '. gint. ' I7' Mis f- wls f ' I ' ' S fy . . X N: x I I I I I I I ' TERANISHI, IEAN Q Oahu, Hawaii Y International Club, 1, social chairman, 2, 3, 47 Class ' treasurer, 25 Assistantship Glencoe Nursery School, ,xi . if Z THAYER, MIMA Chicago, Illinois Chatf, ly YWCA, secretary 2, 3, treasurer, 41 ACE, 3, publicity chairman, 47 Class treasurer, 3, publicity chairman, 45 Emerson House Nursery School Schol- arship, 4. iicfiuzs am! cali! ifai cue Jackj if am! zsaifz fo fniusf wifg ua. fllhs was fisacfirz O1 au oinfi . . some o I Q J 9 . , , THOMPSON, MARY ANNE p Hustler, Wisconsin 4 f A Saint Olaf College , Dorm hall chairman, 37 Choir, 3, 4: YWCA, 3, presi- dent, 4, ACE, 3, 47 Drama Club, 4. 42 TUREK, ROBERTA Chicaqo, Illinois University of Colorado WALLACE, LOIS Chicaqo, Illinois University of Iowa 212, W Class secretary, 35 Curriculum Committee secretary, 37 Demonstration School Scholarship, 4. ui are asfffing rlown fo lrzazziags. UE ii Eau! fo gay 90011555 fozsuaz fo a WIDMANN, SUSAN Darien, Connecticut Colleqe Council president, 47 Dorm assistant social chairman, 2, treasurer, 37 YWCA, 3, 47 ACE, 2, 4: Drama Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Class president, lp Ambassa- dor, 2, 3, 4: WHO'S WHO. 43 you fovs am! fo kgs fzisn XPS if fb if 1 WOLZ RUTH Downers Grov Ill1no1s Iowa State College Dorm Jumor transfer representatlve 4 Chaff 3 4 X ACE 3 4 Dance Group 3 4 Ambassador 4 ZEIGMUND MARILYN M1am1 Beach Florlda Stephens College Dorm flre Chlef 4 HOLL QUE IIZG. E 10 CLE ,uit UL 1 E95 O7. IZOOL '57 JW ZIPPERMAN BARBARA Chlcaqo I111no1s UHIVGTSIIY of I1l1no1s YWCA 3 ACE 3 SENIORS NOT PICTURED DOLORES M GALLENBERGER DORIS LYDE NANCY MEYERS MARY SELFRIDGE MRS BARBARA SMITH MRS CY RELL STOLAR BUNNY VENN MARLENE 'VVEIN RUTH WHITMER I I 7 I I I I , I , Nh X li rf 1 ' c ay f 1 . . . , , H X 44 Daisy Chain brings a farewell . . . A final farewell is made to the seniors with the Daisy Chain. Each year sophomore class girls escort the graduating seniors on their last day at National. This tradition at our College is a beautiful one -one in which each girl looks forward to being a part. A 45 i Ge SCHOLARSHIP 933 XW gl ig: .. -24' IF s S- Qblcg xlllifftv i -1 U T x Mau 'RWE ATN iii 2 PAS X' I H ' 41 list? ri HSV, iw 1 Q it 'X 46 Each spring deserving members of the Iunior class are awarded scholarships for the senior year on the basis of scholastic and stu- dent-teaching achievements. These scholaships are made possible through gifts and funds which have been presented by friends and alumnae of the College. Not only is a scholarship an award to work for, but an award which is thrilling to receive. 1 s i i 4 '- 4 , so gif- ll 5 z a, iffy Z , it M . ,A .id :Z 95 22 K F ME 452 H8 awww First Row, Cseatedl, l.-r.: Mary Ann Griffin, Mrs. lohn N. Crouse Scholarship: Virginia Runge, Children's School Scholarship: Faith Ftolston, Edna Dean Baker Scholarship: Ardis Hansen, Eva Grace Lonq Scholarship: Bernie Alber, Children's School Scholarship: Gladys Hackl, Elizabeth Har- rison Scholarship: Lois Wallace, Children's School Scholar- ship. Second Row, Cseatedl, l-r.: Naomi Bennett, Children's School Scholarship: Liz Fisher, Children's School Scholar- ship: Doris Bach, Children's School Scholarship: Doris Bjork- man, Children's School Scholarship. Back Row, Cstandinql, l. - r.: Charlotte Berry, Mary Crane Scholarship: loyce Christensen, Children's School Scholar- ship: Edith Rye, Children's School Scholarship: Mima Thay- er, Emerson House Scholarship. Pictured near fountain, 1.-r.: Cather- ine Grove, Barbara Wexler, Tommy Iohnson. 47 H Foreqround: D. Puhrman, L. Wartenberq, C. Hitchcock. First row, l.-r.: S. Glassrman, R. Ricketson, S. Scott, N. Miller, L. McCue, C. Silverman, A. Berkun I. Diamond, E. Lenn, L. Schiller, B. Lanqefeld, I. Bevins, C. Hicks, P. Elliott, M. Anderson. Second row, l.-r.: S. Silverman, D. Friedlander, S. Melzer, H. Harman, K.- Sholtz. Back row, 1.-r.: I. Rothkopf, A. Lippman, M. Hampton, M. Kirkelie, B. Kaplan, M. Zimmerman, B Bizar, M. Himmelstein, V. Wilson, M. Lawrence, G. Dolins, C. Laadt, B. Leon, L. Young, I. Hariter, JU ICR C ASS 48 - ,t.,z.,. Q ,4,1.,,.. .fdfad .Alow AMA flze momenlh "Say, those barbecues the Iunior class served were really great." This was the usual comment of those who ate supper in the Rec. House on Tuesday nights before the foreign films. We had fun making and serving bar- becues this year as we had in past years. The "Big Apple" booth at the Santa Cellar Sale attracted many in December. We then looked forward to our Iunior Prom as the school year drew swiftly to a close. Farewells were exchanged with our "big sisters" at the lunior-Senior brunch as we real- ized that within a year we too would be in the same position. CLASS OFFICERS L r PAT ELLIOTT, Treasurer: IUDY HARTTER, President: RUTH RICKETSON, Vice-Presidentp LOIS YOUNG, Social Chairman: BETTY BOYLE, Secretary. Class sponsor: Miss Daty Healy. ff . KK ,yu ' -K5 gn! " s f 11X 050 X0 19006 Co NO Ch9Q1'in' K ,133 X35 CEJOOXGOQ :xx ' Something u Buds in bloom P Your sleeve? 50 Whdx C111 "eY eiuv X 5 w w Y Y l x Q i 1 X' ffl 151 55, 7024 f ' WN ,ff-K fm , ff W 7 V f xf 4, f A X f d DROWNIN ALL CARE D WOES V ! ' Q-.4 7 , V , Q f, . Mi' V N 1 'rg -I ,,, V- X X 7 :il ? , Xb I K A , ' A ' Q i I' ' 2 f ' , If , ff? ZA fx' SGPHOMORE C ASS A6 yedfj 1590164 WLMC L wAz'cA ffm Jaw never now. -' WLKJO LIILQFJOII CLASS OFFICERS L.-r.: GEORGIA SHARP, Social Chairman: SHIRLEY MATCOUFP, Secretary: MARY ANN WILLIS, Vice-President LOUANN FREELAND, Treasurerg PEARL RHOTEN, President. Class sponsor: MR. WALTER ZUKOWSKI. Row 1, 1.-r.: F. Bellazzini, S. Torman, L. Freeland, S. Bosch, E. Oechsle, Z. Ward, T. Winkler, D. Tignac, S. Werker, A. Stca. Row 2, I.-r.: G. Sharp, M. Mannette, P. Eddy, P. Rhoten, M, A. Willis, I. Sterner, L. Reinhartsen, C. Rains, S. .Ominsky, C. Heine, H. Reinertsen, N. Sustersic, M. Book. Row 3, l.-r.: S. Wildman, A. Wein, R. Payer, A. Goldberg, H. Kaplan, B. DiChristofano, L. Cohn, S. Matcouff, D. Holmes, H. Sams, V. Montgomeflf, I. Coleman, L. Scott, C. Green, R. Robinson, M. A. McKenna, B. Merkel, K. Rhoads, I. Knarr, B. Kem, C. Giryotas. We have finished two years at National and we cannot go on without a backward look. Our Sopho- more class initiated projects new to National . . . the Sophomore Scratch Sheet, our class paper: our special locker for class bulletins, the Volunteer work program at two children's homes, and the Date Bu- reau tor the whole school. Cookie sales and Sunday night suppers at the dorm helped raise money tor the sophomore mixer at the North Shore Hotel, which was a huge success. Our year was culminated with the traditional daisy chain to honor the seniors. As we exchanged songs we found a way to tell them that they "live in our hearts! . . We anticipate our future with excitement and a tinge ot sadness, for we know how quickly the time will come for us to leave N.C.E. ' PM K Y ii N fxll' 'ine -7- Ziyi f""" , , F"?2S M 'fx' f' 5,2412 assi Front row, l.-r.: Carol Emberg, Sharon Kotlin, Sharon Dorstewitz, Guadalupe Noriega, lanet Alber. Second row, 1.-r.: Harriet Kelrnan, Nancy Schuh, Loretta Omans. Third row, l.-r.: Iudy Farrington, Tobey Greenbaum, Vanessa Metzger, Iudy lenkins, Galine Callas, loanne Lemkow, Elizabeth Harrison . 'C' worthy, Marcia Gelin, Arlene DeGraff, Marlene Burnstein, Sally' Fisk, Betty Galo, Ioyce Heinrich, Fifth row, l.-r.: Glenore Cass, lanet Friend, Sue Cohen, Elizabeih Fasold, Carolyn Kolinen. -ourth row, l.-r.: Margot Burford, Eileen Walsh, Winifred Iames, Karin Hoppe, Corene Pride, Natalie Mclntyre, Susan El- Back row, 1.-r.: Carol Lee Schrader, Ai Lein Quek, Sui Eng Yee, Rubie Roewe, Susan Hart, Ioan Galloway, Eunice Neer, Pat Moore, Rhoda Benjamin, Ioan Weigel, Ethel Kalom. .Q wiffdf alown now, Auf flw fime wi!! come w en you wif! lnear me. 54 ham garriaon FRESHMAN CLASS CLASS OFFICERS L.-r.: ELIZABETH FASOLD, Treas- urer: IOAN GALLOWAY, Presi- dent: SALLY FISK, Vice-President: PAT MOORE, Secretary: ARLENE DE GRAFF, Social Chairman. Class Sponsor: MR. DAYTON GRAFMAN. We were the green-horn freshmen but We're not green any more. We've become confirmed Nationalites after a happy year iull of activity. Some of the high lights were: our get-acquainted party in September, the hilarious skit the girls of ZB Hall at the dorm created and enacted for Hoot Nanny night: our class mixer in Ianuary and of course the Work We did for May Festival. Our class was Well represented in all of National's organizations andwe hope we have succeeded in adding something to the National family. T Q , am is El? WH W 23 N 1' NX ,RN 5 4 eg z 1 I! 2 Ill ll T, L 55 GR DU TE SC CO Not too many years ago a young man could launch his professional career with only a high school diploma as proof that he was Well prepared. A high school education put one well up on the lad- der to success, and only a minority of young people were able to achieve this education height. As for young Women, their place was in the home and no one imagined that even a high school diploma was prerequisite to success as a wife and mother. To become a teacher in those so-called "good old days" required very little more. Perhaps two years at a normal school would do the trick. Reluc- tantly at first, young Women were permitted to pre- pare themselves for teaching and other "appropriate" occupations. How times have changed! Recognizing the importance of sound prepara- tion, irecognizing the importance of iust living in our complex societyl educational requirements have gone up and up. Several states now require master's degrees or five years of preparation for their teach- ers. Many more states are considering adopting such regulations, and only wait until the teacher shortage eases up to do so. DR. ROBERT TOPP Dean of Graduate School Cities that can .afford it are improving their facul- ties by strongly encouraging members to earn their master's degrees, and even paying tuition fees in some instances. Salary schedules incorporate con- siderable increases in salaries for the master's de- gree. ' As for "iust being a wife and mother," it is now recognized that there is no more important contribu- tion to be made to our society, that the task is in- finitely complex, and that a college degree is in no sense wasted when one takes those vital roles. ' All of this is good, not bad. lt is good that re- quirements for teachers are going upp that prepara- tion for citizenship and parenthood is recognized. Our world and our country depend upon its people keep- ing pace with change, and the change in the Way of life is continuous. We who teach dare not let changing times pass us by. We must keep ourselves always ready to meet the needs of our children. And children never let time pass them by. Actually, we have no altern- ative but to keep ourselves prepared by conscien- tiously reading professional Writing, attending pro- fessional meetings, attending school. Unless We do, We fail in our service to mankind. 0108, flfU0, fAI"8e, LMP, AIM, 5iX. I'L0lfLgA,, 8l'L0lftgA Jedi' lU6lfCA. IQDLAQ Aeaf 0lfL0lA,?A. Wow, Ji-0,0 GVLJ Peiff. - MH. !0l5l'lJ0l'l Clockwise: Blanche Bartizal, Shuk-Moy Wong, Walter Draper, Patricia Taylor, Cynthia Krinsky, Forman Onderdonk, Barbara Friday, Dr. Robert Topp, Dean, Colleen Churchill, Gary Smith, Elinor Lippman. 57 TIME CAN BE A COMMON DENOMINATOR-THE TIME GIVEN TO ATTEND A DISCUSSION OF THE LATEST PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCE TECHNIQUES: TO WORK ON A SERVICE PROJECT OR TO PLAY VOLLEYBALL OR BADMINTON - THOSE SPARE MOMENTS WE SHARE WITH OTHERS DOING THINGS IN WHICH WE ARE INTERESTED. LLII3 erek on fime Ar dome fAing5, ana! cz fime Ar a!ffAing5,' a fime Ar greaf lfAin95, anal a fime Ar dmaffdbingd. - gzcguiaafes Ill, I 58 First Row, l.-r.: I. l-lartter, Miss McCaslin, S. Widmann, Mrs. Galvarro, R. Neal, F. Rolston, Mrs. Starrett. Back Row, 1.-r.: M. A. Griffin, M. Lawrence, D. Bach, E. Rye, G. I-Iackl, D. Holmes, Miss Springstun, B. Lanqefeld. College Council is the Voice of the student body. The members are the presidents and Vice presidents of classes and school organizations. There is also L a faculty representation. At monthly meetings the 60 X 1 x ff my 4, W 5 gat-wf f 4 AK 7' fm 'Pg X fi xv I no at A' 'W ' 5 f 1 W 6 A 2 Maggy fN f N mx-,nf First Row, l.-r.: S. Drummond, H. Nesemann, Miss Healy, A. Hansen, B. Alber, B. Korb. Back Row, 1.-r.: P. Rhoten, M. A. Willis, S. Fisk, M. McDougle, I. Galloway, R. Riclcetson, V. Runge, M. A. Thompson, C. Berry. council discusses and acts upon problems which affect the student body. This year the biggest pro- ject Was the investigation of the honor system. The Council also helped organize the Christmas Bazaar and the beauty queen contest. 61 CCLLEGE COUNCIL MARIENTHAL HALL DORM OFFICERS "The big baboon by the light of the moon was combing his auburn hair . . is a song which awakens many happy memories of dormlite. Its quest dinners, tire drills and Pl parties help to makef this "home away from home" one of pleasure and companionship, not one of sorrow and home- sickness. Pall brings "Hoot Nanny night" with all its shenanigans. Winter brings the gayety of decking Marienthal's halls with Christmas greenery. Then the year is interrupted by a briet parting oi room-mates and friends for a vacation. A new semester follows and spring brings its sun bathing, exams and grad- uation. The time for good-byes comes-perhaps tor only a summer or perhaps for longer-sorrow is felt at leaving and yet there is happiness because of the memories of a wonderful year spent together. First Row, l.-r.: Miss Pat Taylor, Mrs. Bovjberg, P. Eddy, R. Wolz, S. Drummond, president: Mrs. Starrett. Back Row, l.-r.: M. Bihlman, Mrs. Vandagriff, E. Rye, vice-president: M. McDougle, secretary, R. Ricketson, treasurer. W 63 TOWN GIRLS' ASSGCIATICN Town Girls' Association has helped students coming from many sections of Chicago and its metropolitan area to ieel that "they belong." Lasting friend- ships are built up between these commuting students at the "All School Picnic" early in the year or splash parties held throughout the year. Christmas holiday activities were sparked by the annual Christmas din- ner with Santa as the guest of honor. The spring and yearly climax was reached with the Mother-Daughter luncheon, which gave mothers a chance to see and meet their daughters' classmates and their mothers. Seated, 1.-r.: Mary Anne Minneci, treasurer, Miss E. Springstun, sponsor Barbara Langefeld, vice-president. Standing, l.-r.: Ian Alber secretary, Bernie Alber, president. HARRISCN HALL ,fn CJ xi V A bf. A HOOT AND A HOLLER ff? if if 66 . AT HOO I f ,fy Z GW. xv? 5m f 12? Kaz . f I i i L, , 5 , Z ,Y M22 M W7 'f 'G' I f ffm 0 if 2 f fffffw- Z Ml 2- , Q ff 2 ff -f ff? Muff 2 First Row, l.-r.: S. Tormcm, I. Knarr, M. Perkins, L. McCue, S. Ranson,, M. Kirkelie, I. POPP, A. Pohland, C. Boggs. A Second Row, l.-r.: S. Glass-man, E. Scher, S. Dale, F. Rolston, B. Misaka, D. Bach, M. Lundgren, H. Harman, C. Berry, M. Thayer, A. Hansen, P. Bellazzini, M. Book. Back 'Row, l.vr.: M. Bullock, V. Runge, M. A. Thompson, V. Pfeil, E. Crosson, P. Pierner, S. Binner, B. Alber, H. Nesemann, E. Rye, D. Fuhrman, L. Scott, K. England, M. McDougle, R. Wolz, I. lakes, S. Lenci, A. Sica, M. A. Minneci, R. Beal. Not pictured: Miss E. Macintyre, sponsor. A.C. . One of the most specialized organizations of professional importance at the College is the Associ- ation tor Childhood Education. This year to maintain stronger unity all mem- bers were asked to participate on committees which were assigned various aspects ot the organization's ,H The appearance of speakers such as superin- tendents, parents and teachers throughout the year 68 4 furnished practical knowledge to its members. To encourage professional growth, members were invited to attend this year's annual internation- al A.C.E. conference held at St. Paul, Minnesota. Officers tor the year were: Doris Bach, presidentp Charlotte Berry, vice-president, Marjorie Lundgren, secretary, Betty lane Misaka, treasurer: Sponsor, Miss E, Macintyre. First Row, l.-r.: M. A. McKenna S. Elworthy, S. Dorstewitz, K. Hoppe, P. Moore,- T. Greenbaum M. Kirkelie, M. Book, M. Perkins, M. Burford, B. Lanqeteld. Second Row 1.-r.: C. Heine, M. Thayer, S. Binner, C. Rains, M. A. Thompson, Miss Weiler, sponsor: L. Bohman, C. Berry, S. Lenci, V. Pfeil, G. Gass, K. England. Back Row, l.-r.: E. Gale, M. McIntyre, P. Pierner, C. Kolinen C. Emberq B. Alber, I. Alber E Neer, E. Harrison, L. Scott, G. Haokl E. Rye, D. Fuhrman, A. Hansen, V. Runge, B. Kuebler W Iames V Metzger R McMichael M Baier I lakes H Harman The YW C A s proqram has been fllled Wtth a fr1endsh1p tea a retreat durmq Wh1ch Dr Troyer spoke on Rehqrous L1fe on the Campus and Weekly devotlons at the dormrtory Tlme has been qlven unselflshly to entertam the men 1n the Great Lakes shock wards and sponsor the annual appeal for the World Un1vers1ty SGIVICQ whlch affects umverstty students around the World YWCA Through these vanous protects the members have found ways to help and be of serv1ce to others to better understand themselves and the world around them and to reahze God IS 1D all phases of 19 Offlcers for thls year were Mary Ann Thompson pres1dent Charlotte Berry vrce pres1dent Carr1etta Rams secretary M1ma Thayer treasurer Sponsor Mlss I We1ler HANDS ACRCSS THE SEA First Row, l.-r.: E. Lippman, D. Dennison Franks, L. Katsura, C. Ushioda, G. Noriega, H. S. Sim, A. ns, G. Campagna, G. Kusatsu, C. Heine. f Back Row, 1.-r.: Miss Neumann, sponsorf G. Peters, R. Roewe, P. Pierner, R. Kuroda, A. L. Quek, F. Rolston, S. E. Yee, A. M. Villamin ,I. Sterner, E. Scher, M, Kirkelie, L. Cohn, R. Reid, B. Alber, K. England, P. McRoberts,.S. Binner, S. Lenci, M. Bullock, B. Di Christofano. y f -7 1 1 !. xA better understanding of the world around us is att rded every member of the International Club. T Students from all over the world are brought to- g , ther and are given an opportunity to exchange in- idrmation about their various hornelands. This year Miss Staley and the club's sponsor, Miss Neumann, shared the experiences of their European trip taken in the summer of l953. The year's activities were climaxed by a dinner which included new and exciting foods from foreign l l I TERNATIONA CLUB countries represented. in its membership. A menu tantalizing enough to tempt any gourmet's appetite was arranged. There is no line drawn between business and fun in this club-all is combined to give every mem- ber many happy and busy hours ot fellowship, work and irolic. Officers this year were: Faith Ralston, presidentg Betty lane Misaka, secretary: Sharon Lenci, treasurer. Sponsor was Miss Neumann. First Row, 1.-r.: C. Schrader, D. Tignac, S. Ominsky, S. Bosch, Miss Helen Challand, sponsor, D. Holmes, V. Montgomery, B. Merkel, I. Jenkins, V. Metzger, S. Werker. Back Row, l.-r.: R. Robinson, G.. Gass, C. Heine, E. Oechsle, E. Galo, C. Rains, B. Kern, L. Rein- hartsen, C. Green, M. Burford, K. England, I. Coleman, I. Farrington, C. Kolinen. THLETIC CLUB A new addition to the family of clubs at National can look back proudly at its first year. Memories of fiery field hocky games in cold, brisk autumn weather and the drive and spirit put into the games to beat our rival, Mundelein, helped to achieve their success. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors were united as one team fighting for victory on the volleyball court or hockey field. This organization may be proud of its efforts to stimulate group and school spirit. Officers were: Dorothy Holmes, president: San- dra Basch, vice-president, Virginia Montgomery, sec- retary, Sue Ominsky, treasurer. l x N f AX , Q W NJ QWSN, Ziff QL, wi 5 5 . Qwix Q-Q Q I, Q SRL xx f' f gy' w 1' x may: ,ff:.4pf ::. '- 'sz - , Xa Q' .:,3.5.1?z.g:.,, ,- 45 xg- ,K 3, -gziwsb.-' K ' 'W 9-sf-c 2+ Q , v X,,..,s...,, WW, ,Y -V x ww . W: w .-.X,..,,,.,, A Nix., M409 .A M28 2'-xfg,::f:Q f rg 1 ,fig " ,., 4 L X ., ' , r"-1 -N , -J:-:Q A -- b A X . V, rf-N52 N vw iw, Q '5.QLf:lRx- ' y ' QS' 'ljgigfi ::. L,. , THLETIQ SNAP .N xkxk 1 5 I First Row, l.-r.: D. Cornelius, G. Sharp, K. Kinqf A' Pohlcfldf P- Eddbf, C. Schrader, M. Kirkelie. Back Row, 1.-r.: C. Laadt, G. Peters, L. Freeland, N. McIntyre, S. Scott. M. A. McKenna. A chamber orchestra is once again a part of Nationals music activities. This is one of the largest and most diversified groups the College has ever ex- perienced. Instruments representing the string, woodwind and brass families are included. The orchestra and its soloists gave a concert in lanuary but mainly their activities have centered about giving college musicians a chance to play to- gether and enjoy their instruments. 74 l 4 Conductor: MR. IAMES KLEEMAN TEACHER AMBASSADORS Who else but future teachers could recruit other young people for this profession. The group known as the Teacher Ambassadors is organized to in- form high school graduates about the preparation for and the values of a teaching career. By presenting panel discussions and answering the many questions which arise in trying to choose the right career, these ambassadors have stimulated interest in elementary education. As they .have worked hand in hand with the Admissions Office, recruit- ment of future teachers has taken place during the year. Officers this year were: Ardis Hansen, president: Polly Eddy, secretary. Dayton Grafman, Admissions Officer, acted as sponsor. First Row, l.-r.: M. A. Griffin, R. Beal, B. Merkel. Second Row, tseatedl 1.-r.: M. A. Minneci, I. lohnson, L. Wallace, A. Hansen, Mr. D. Grafman, sponsor, P. Eddy, G. Sharp, I. Knarr, G. Hackl. Back Row, 1.-r.: M. McDougle, M. A. Willis, B. Alber, S. Binner, M. Bihlman, K. England, D. Holmes, G. Montgomery, E. Rye, H. Nese-mann, S. Matcouff, K. King, B. Kern, L. Schiller, E. Crosson. H Y Q I i ,NEW I ofa K 5 5 i ,mnnlf ll I g MARY ANN GRIFFIN Editor YEARBCOK EDITGRS i, , , 1141 MARY ANNE MINNECI Assistant Editor Literary Editor VIRGINIA MCDNTGOMERY BARBARA MERKEL PAT MOORE Business Editor PhotoqfUDhY Editor Advertising Editor SHIRLEY SILVERMAN Art Editor UI ALL-AMERICAN - - SUPUIDII . Amanriairh Glnllvgiair QHYPEZ 1 1953 ALL-AMERICAN YEARBOOK CRITICAL SERVICE i Mis? 5 cr, 6 THE NATIONAL In recognition of its ment., is awarded Smmh Clllana llnnm' Rating tlie Tyiirly-tliirzl National Yearlzoolr Critical Senzice of tlze Associateci Collegiate Press 1955 I at tlze University of Minnuota, School ofjournalism, tlzis Erst Jay of Novemlrer, . SIGNIFIQANCE or LATINGS V - 4,,....J by Fmsr CLASS EXCELLENT SEOOND CLASS - - - Gow - THIRD CLASS - HIGH AVZRAGE ASS - N0 HONORS 1111101 76 NATIGNA TAFF Time in print . . . thot's what the yearbook stoft brings to you this yeor. Throughout the ye-or our stcrtt Wos busy collecting pictures of both sentimental ond importornt events ond composing the copy to express the spirit ond troclition of Ncrtionol. The Notionol represents your college ond the stolii hopes this col- lection of memories will help you look book on the time spent ot N.C'.E. with pleosure onol scttis- forction. Bottom to Top M A Griffin M A Minneci Miss Healy sponsor I Farrington E Walsh P Moore, L. McCue S Glossmon N Miller B Merkel K England V Montgomery CH FF "The representative voice of the student body" speaks from the pcxqes of Chcdf. In its open letters to the faculty, reports of pro cmd con opinions on de- batable issues such cfs the honor system or polls concerning the students' attitudes on prominent national issues, the staff furthers the democratic ideals all journalists strive for. There is CI lighter side of the coverage of N ation- cr1's H35 newsbecxtsf' News concerning the students as they work cmd play together and news of Whcxt's going on in our big neighbor Chicago are reported with the diversity and variation of cr professional newspaper. But reporting the news is only hcdf the job of this group. Copy must be proof-read for validity cmd correctness: pages must be laid-o-ut, heads must be Written, czds must be solicited cmd billed, cis the staff battles its budget and Covers cmd uncovers crll. .,. ...M .. M... Mlm, ...,,,..,.,.,,., .'...,...,.. .................... ................- .....,...,...-..,.,. 1.1 .1 N. , v....... ..u... .V w Who's Who Honors 9 Seniors Among Nafionwide Leaders .W ,.,,..., t.., . ..., .- w':11.1'::, "mtv x.9'.Li1'. If- vo- wr- vw- rwd- . ,,,,4... ,,,,, W Mm ..,.. ,..-,... ,,., ,, ,,,, , H .. ...M ,,,.,l... M ,,,, M ,I H, M .....,.-.. ,,... 1' " :1::!v: ':M'.x': "" r- w1.l......f.,..1wn...n. - .,,. W- ...... 1 1 .. ..1......,... M.. U. .........,,v ..... .,....M.. 11... ...4 ........... .. ... N.. ........- by -I.. ... I.. ...Q .n.. ...4 ....M..... u.......... .. ..... ......... .....l. ..,. ... ..... ...M W.. ....... ....., ...i . .,..... W.. ... ... , g-"rg--' .....,.......,,,.....,,... .. 1... .N ........., nn... JI:---:Msg ... ....., .. N.. mu.. ...Wm .-A... fu... ...ff ....4.... .... ... W, ...W ......... mm.. M. ......,,,.... ., .,, 2' W f- V- - -- - ...... .., .. .,......... .1 ......... V--31:7-.Im up Tar- ....,.w... V.. .1....... -.1 -V. M W v -f - -4 -fy ....1. ..1.,..., 1... I.. ...A "P '- H v - wwf --M .... ...,.... .... D, . ...,.....-.. .. ..,,. .....1.... . ... ,..,. "W -v--HM --1 - ----M-I ' '- -MH - - ---Ml rw... ....,.1.w. ..m.f.....,... ,.- -.vm F2251 Jl"'iT1T J... Z'TI.T "'."' YM - I-n vf- ......-.........,..u r.,,,. , - --1'-1 ..... ........... . W f... .. ZfZSf.L?"LTTK'UlZ.!"3.'1JLIZl' p M I, 5, ,4 I.. M.. 1... 1-...W .1 C... B A I T , ...Nm .., .1 .,.. V...-U. .. ... 1 an fl... rf. ....1,......1 .m ....,.....,..v ' 0' "' -'-M' "lf"-"lf-'W -N 1... ml H... ...N W.. -.. .. ... 1... l......, 1.-mm... ..- ... W...-1, .....,,., M, W... .M I...-.Y rn.. mn ,,,,,,,, Nm, umm Au, .M-.....m .1 .....u.... .,.f...., ...I W... u .. guy .,. bg... .LM ...nm ..... s n Mo, am. Y.. n bb L .m com .f .M ........ ...1 M... .. .,. ..,.. ,..,,, -HM .. .... ..... ... .... .. .. M.. ... ..... ..- .. . .. .. .... ' Q:.,5'V5gg...:7w'-2... .. . 1, .- gg .4 . 1 1 I I L 1 5 5 !x'x'l'z'1'a'a i f-' ,'!3l!l4l1l!ll P if l 3 I 3 1 if K - V 5 lx H V 1 ............,. ........ ., U... --.,..... ...... f..,..... ... . . ...... .... ........, ....................... ....11 15... M., ...... ..., .M ...... V... HuIidlyA mmm.. A,,,g,5p,,,,,,L,,1Ql,, B""'M" 5-P I fv W... ... ..... ,..... .1 - ...........,..., .. ...... ....- .. vw .. ... .... ......,... N f 3 ... ...... P. ...E ...H .., ..,. n. .iw nm.. ., . N,...m...I ..1'JL.L1l,TIi... .. ...H -. ......... ., .. ,.. . ..,. ...,. .. .. M .......... . . . .,....v....... ... . ..u... ... ul.. Tm. ...... .. .... ... ...M .. M... .. Z......11"',!."' T' TH" If' -..M ...M .. .1 .Jw f....... L if ' lvnvn-Im, n hmm: Immun lm " " "' """"' 'M l""'V' ..... .. ... ..,.:.:L UN" SH-Y' Gf".P'ef'- ....m. WUT., 1.1.-n, nun... """ " 1i1l.l :bln-ralvluk rv- gggg ggy-hy -nf If- .......1..M m....Ll..'2:... . ..... . . f..w....'.c.......... mn.. .... M.. 1... ,..,.. , ,,,, ,,, UNH. run ymnuwm hu we PM I A ""'m'm' "' ... ......l 1... mt-.. .. Y. xml... L....w7 ... .1..."..' If News News Ju. .. H... ..,.... .....,....W ... .....1...1 .4 D-.. fm, n....... 1 W.. .... f........ 1. . .-..,.. ............ um. .... n fm... ,,....,... ...M ,... ......... .1 .,, .., ,........ .1 v...,..-...V um... ... um... ...u..... M... L.. U. K.. ...11. .......v 1....,.,... fm.. .......... V. . ...M ......1u,.m.,..,. ...V ..... ...N nm... .....-.. Nm. .1 .W.....,, .M M. .4 ml., .M ...,.n.- n........, -M 1... .V-..1.......,.,.,. .f .N U... ...1.....1. P... ... ...11. ..... ' 1. ......u...m. ...A mm ff... W. ..- n...... ... .....1.. 4. ...u , mi-In hw M rm nf... .1 ... un... ..... ... V A W M WW' mg m .1.. 1. 0. Q... K.. sn. ...1 A H , .M UML, in W ..1.. ...... n.. ...u....1..n . ml In M V Mmm- M.. Mn.. 1... . ...H .... A.. 1....W. .M .mn ,u... L. M.. V.. ... W..-...I fm... .- v...r. mf.. .- vm ,.., 0. ,.,.1.. I... ...I Mm . M...-1.1. .my .I .M M M... nw... ... .-V... ...I L. .n....4 s-n........ ..- .u,.,..... fx... W, f.. nw.:- N.u...1 -M... m.. u.., ...M .M nm... mm.. , um.. M.. ... M. M... V., ...... ..... Tl... I '........."I,j""' -7' ...H .......... ............ L ' """ In in -re su nm Mama h- .. . U-...W .1 . H nz "' " ' " 'W' ...,. .. mm.. .1 wn. """"' ,mu .. Am... .u ww, ... N... J ...W ...... n.,-V.. ...,... l. ..m.. .. ... ... u. f., ..... ...f -1.-. N.. vnu... A. .4 ...W--4 .1 mn, W.. ...i ...... ml... ,......'.. -u....u.1 M.. ww... 11.... .M 11.... M 5 k , A ....- v...ww.. 1. ....... ..., A.. ,,...'....-...1,. . . . .,. ...uf N-.-W -........m-...... nu... .....-uma .......-1... 1.. ...A 1' M" Y--'f'--HM -f 'M we .,...... -wM.1...m..,w.- ...uw ' """""" n - 1. m-m.wn.u...J u.:-ummm .mn N.. u.1..m...... an ...nm -un .. .M -fm, vm..-ur.u-nn... M H. Nm..-f ...un un..- Q.-.: .mm ,v.... I.. 0. f..,v...n., ......, -gm.. 5.1 I.. n.v.- n..... um, ..... ww... .... 1. ... ...W .n -1. .V-5-1. -.s.m.. ,wmv-.1 v....,e.--rf... .1 ...... M.. -In p. M. u. M... ...uf M4 uf. mv... -.n--.4 -M. .W-. -.nm 1. mf... . 4... .Mu ,.... .. .u ...I W.. . m. .... v....... fm um ... H... ..n.,. A. m mm. .1 J... mu., WM... mm: ......m....u-.-nm.-r...... . M. ....n...f--vu.. First Row, Csecxtedj 1.-r.: P. Rhoten, K. England, S. Mcxtcouff, H. Sums, I. Goller, S. Ominsky, Mrs. Evans, sponsor. Back Rowlstcndinql 1.-r.: B. Lcmqefeld, M. A. Willis, R. Wolz, M. McDouq1e, H. Robinson, E. Rye, G. Peters, S. Binner, C. Green, C. Heine, B. DiChristofcno, I. Hartter, M. Burnstein. 1 1 M - ? .M ' 2 P ' if f - W 1 Front row lr L Freeland L Sch1ller S Welker E Oechsle Second row lr M Bu ford S Dorstewnz C Rams H Nesemann B Alber C I-leme I Alber Back row lr M A W1ll1s C Prxde R McM1chael G Callas G Montgomery I Galloway I Farnnqton B Galo S Ilart DANCE GR LIP The Dance Group provldes an opportumty to enJoy and appreclate creatlve dance To 1ts part1c1 pants 1t IS a l1l'I'1S to express oneself 1n the form of dance To 1ts audlence lt 1S a tlrne to experlence the beauty and lmaqlnatlon of thls form of expresslon Th1s year as 1n the past the Dance Group en hanced the product1on ot the annual chlldren s play The May Festlval offered another challenge to these dancers and after many hours of hard work and long rehearsals they helped make th1s tmal all College productlon a success Ofhcers for th1s year were Helen Nesemann presldent Ruth Wolz VICG pnesldent Patty Kelly secretary Ruth McM1chae1 treasurer Sponsor Mrs I Duffy WN M SJ x. wa K ... Y 7 Front Row, l.-r.: L. Scott, G. Peters, G. I-lackl, V. Montgomery, H. Sams, S. Matcouff, D. Holmes. Second Row, l.-r.: G. Noriega, B. Karnuth, C. Laadt, P. Eddy, N. Goode, G. Sharp, T. Greenbaum, I. Hartter, S. Werker. Third Row, l.-r.: S. Hart, C. Giryotas, S. Dorstewitz, B. Beck, M. Book, K. King, P. Rhoten, C. Ushioda, A. Sherman, T. Adams. Fourth Row, l.-r.: S. Lenci, D. Laadt, B. DiChristofano, P. Moore, C. Schrader, C. Pride, S. Fisk, I. Galloway, B. Leon, R. McMichael. Back Row, l.-r.: I. Dillon, C. Churchill, B. Taylor, I. Farrington, S. Scott, M. Himmelstein, M. Law- rence, V. Runge, B. Merkel, G. Callas, I. Coleman. CHOIR Pleasure and professional perfection are strived for by our choir. This year the group numbered 54, the largest group of voices ever organized at the college. The tarne of our choir has spread. Various or- ganizations in Chicagoland have requested ap- pearances ot this group of singers. One of the annual highlights of the year includ- 80 ed the 5th annual presentation of the Messiah at the Wilmette Methodist Church joined by the church's mixed chorus. I The choir participated in the Music Festival and Cidded sparkle to the May Festival. Officers for this year Were: Virginia Runge, president: Nancy Goode, vice-president: Sally Fisk, secretary: Polly Eddy, treasurer: Conductor, Mr. L. Cousins. Now, Crescendo! ANY COMMENTS? Ioy to the World CHDIR SNAPS Us cmd the Wilrnette Methodist Church Choir Orchestra helped us at the Messiah lockwrse Ccenterl M lawrence N McCasl1n sponsor S Bosch S Ormnsky R Beal C Rams L Bernhartsen L Freeland S Melzer H Remertsen B Allen E Cros on P Eddy S Torman S Werker L Schlller M A W1ll1s K Kmq I llnarr S Srlvennan S B1nner K Rhoads N Sustersrc IV' A Thompson V Runge I Alber N Schuh B Kern S Wxdrnann R Robznson C Green S Frsk D Laaclt B Merkel C Kollnen L Flsher B Kuebler D Bach R Brcketson ,- . A . I . . x., , . . ., , . , , . , . , . , . , . A , . , . , . , . , . 51 , . , . , . . . . r . . . , . , . . , . , . . , . , . , . , . , 1. . , . , . , . , . , . , . , - 1 - I - 1 - r - 1 - 1 - ' - 1 - 1 . , . . - . 11 I I ll I - . . . . , V ' n I I I I - I . ' ' ' I . . . . . . . I I . 1 ' 1. . . . . . . , , , , , ' 1 I - I 1 . . . . , , I 1 1 . . . . . . ' . Q 1 . , C. M Mannette V Montgomery The Drama Club can mark up another produc trve year as We look back at the productlons of The Ltttle Snow Cul and the adult plays produced thrs sprrnq Members have also actrvely partlcrpated tn the Chrrstmas Pageant and the May Festrval Monthly rneetrnqs have been packed Wllh rnter estmq speakers such as hm Hughes who spoke of the amateur theatre and Barbara Allen who spoke of her nie rn Atnca The keen rnterest rn tore1qn trlms and the Frlm Socrety resulted rn the showmq of a movle on the t1lm makrng rndustry and 1lS hrstory DRAMA CLUB The annual Drama Club banquet was Chlnese 1n motrf thrs year and all emoyed everythrnq from the contmental decoratrons to the httle fortune cakes and chop suey Otfrcers thrs year were M1m1 Lawrence presl dent Mary Ann Wlll1S vlce presrdent Kathy Klnq secretary Ian Knarr treasurer M1ss MCCGSl1H and Mrss Healy Mr Zukowskl sponsor ACTCDRS CHOP-CHOPPING IT UP 83 CDLIR "SNOW GIRL MADE THEM SMILE 274 K if gf ww, , , X691 W THOSE THIEVES OF TIME-FRIENDLY CHATS OVER A CUP OF COFFEE OR A CIGARETTE, LABORIOUS YET ENJOYABLE REHEARS- ALS FOR A PRODUCTION OF "THE LITTLE SNOW GIRL" OR THE MAY FESTIVAL. MEETING OUR CLASSMATES AT DANCES AN-D PARTIES, FORGETTING ALL BUT THE PLEASURE OF THAT MOMENT. AS THE CLOCK'S HANDS MOVE UNNOTICED. WE PLAN. PLAY AND CREATE TOGETHER. I ACTI ITIES pkllrilftfe IZVLJ 6lCtl:0l'L IWLHAQ EAQ AODLPJ deem Almrf. - Wigam .SJAZABJFZGPZ 86 SANTA'S SALESGIRLS THE YULE L06 AND THE MENGRAH . Q I ! ? g THE HAPPY SEASON qw REMEMBERED MOMENTS AT CLIR HCLLY BALL - , Z 41?--v COURT L.-r.: Robin Beal, Ardis Hansen, Mary McDougle, Gladys Hackl, Mary Ann Griffin, Sue Drummond, Bernadette Alber, Susan Widmann. and Edith Rye. LIR MAY QLIEE and COURT The May Festival brings many excitements. The climax of the program is the announcement of the May Queen. Nine senior girls are chosen by the class to escort the May Queen. These girls are elected on the merits of leadership, citizenship and service to their class and school. The whole school then elects a senior girl Knot necessarily on the court? to be crowned May Queen. Her identity is not known un- til she appears on the stage the night of the May Festival performance. She is the spirit of sincerity, kindness and in- ' tegrity. SUSAN WIDMANN OUR MAY QUEEN MGC .KQPOY . Edxe. 3 mb O06- QYXGYX5 under the Sue m XNOQCX Heken . . . on OY- 0098 O Amenccm m Paris h S can CGD xl 96 Q12 CSIS fo 1' S Que Sn 3 f . 41 "Thank you, devxke You All C ome 6 VOD in C200 ci Bob 15,1615 cm Loch es and Gad Xmen D. ld you S Se mo Ve? .11 'mf' "' 'l k - F 571 ' S Iv' WOFS - F' aguerre .syfuclioo Chicago? Leading School Photographer Since 1913 SSS SOUTH STATS STREET SHTSASS 4, ILLINOIS SSSNS WASAST. 2 SSSS CHICAGO' S LEADING SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER STUDENT COUNCIL QFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS - 19 5 3 - 1 9 5 4 NATIONAL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION 98 'IMPROVED OFFSET LITHOGRAPHY S Sets New Standards of PRICE and QUALITY for YEARBOOKS ,U'3!YE5E!!Y,F ?IB!1'!I!!?,9YEQE'l'1fiDY, O .o ESTABLISHED 1893 n -. E 6 99 MUMM PRINT SHOP, INC. Frederick C. Mumm, Pres. Edward H. Holfz, Sec.-Treas. I033-I035 Universify Place EVANSTON, ILLINOIS 4 Phones: GReenIeaf 5-6900, 690I PEACOCK ICE CREAM co. 2004 CENTRAL STREET 910 SHERMAN AVE. UN 4-4700 GR 5-4120 EVANSTON, ILLINOIS ILeo'sI CENTRAL HL" PHARMACY "The Drug S+ore of Personal Service' I02O Ceniral S+ree+ Phone GReenIeaf 5-09I2 GReenIeaf 5-I980-I98I - I Maurice s OuaIi+y Groceries and Meafs IOI8 Cen+raI S'rree1' EVANSTON, ILLINOIS 9:30 a.m. fo 5:00 p.m. UNiversi+y 4-7770 Monday 'l'hru Safurday .740 ogfffe Jceif .Slap I7I8 Sherman Ave.-2nd Floor Evansion, IIIinois DOROTHY S. AKIN "Say It With Flowersn OAKTON FLORIST I600 OaId'on S+ree'r Evans+on, Illinois PLANTS, CUI FLOWERS for all occasions KEEFER ai TEMPLETON NELSON JEWELER5 Phurmavisls 29 I 6 Cen+raI S'rree'r Evans+on, Ilinois GHeenIeC1f 5-2214 - 9874 NorI'h Shore's OIdes+ Jewelry SI'ore Over 45 years in Evansfon WE DO REPAIRING Phone UNiversi'ry 4-0461 I626 Orringfon Ave. EVANSTON, ILLINOIS Clyde F. Winter Carl Erickson EVANSTON WIISHMIISTEII EVANSTON 1811 CENTRAL STREET 615 CUSTER STREET GEo. B. WINTER, INC. 526 Davis S'I'ree+ EVANSTON Giaeenieaf 5-9556-6123 UNFvefSi+y 4-3900 0 Money Saving Prices RAVINIA WILMETTE 0 Clofhes Washed Fluff Dried ' ' I+ F O FIa'rworIz Finished QuaI Y ood Produc+S 0 Rugs and Spreads Washed and Fluffed GROCERIES MEATS BAKERY WIImeIIe I800 UN 4-0420 EVANSTON CCDMPANY I20I Cenfral SI'ree+ DAvis 8-I I00 1247 SYS 'EM I2l0 CENTRAL AVENUE WILMETTE Q IOI4 DAVIS STREET EVANSTON I mmm, 1726 ORR1NcToN Ave. EVANSTON GR 5-2600 FAVORITE NATIONAL 9'i!,xQ7'Wi1 is A' COLLEGE , ANIMALS X SWEAT SHIRT 3 Muca l Prescriplio ns umavf-my 4-4272 Specializing in W teh, Cl k and ilewelryoilepairing Elizabe'rl1 Arden, Revlon, Yardley, Old Spice and 0""e'S North Evalmisfuon llewellzry 62LI' pliaffnafy NORMAN LARSEN Cen+ral Sifeei' ro rie or E , GR 5-4022 GR 5-6070 P P l 'amen ll Corsages Cui Flowers Physlclans Supplies Pldnfs Cerner Pieces Prescripfions Exclusively Funeral Designs D S JIM PRESTON, FLORIST Pharmaci t s '6Flower Stylistn Wedding Arrangemenis 636 Church Sffeei E + , lll' ' UNiversi'ry 4-l8I6 l703 Cenfral S+. vans on mms SLll'l'e GR9eI1ledf 102 COMPLIMENTS OF A lllHlllER BHUS TITHOMI VIRGINIA GHUBBY CLEANERS and DYERS THE DOUBLEDECK - :gf HAMBURGER - ancl Dellclous . 4 FOUNTAIN TREATS IOI6 Cen+raI S+ree+ 3 STORES lN EVANSTON 47,2 Oaldon Shea, CONVENIENT TO THE CAMPUS uNIvers.Iy 4-4640 WA I. K E R B R O S VICTOR . EVERETT - RICHARD Skolue 388' 1740 SHERMAN AVE. 1522 SHERMAN AVE, 1945 CENTRAL STREET We Call ancl DelIver Same Day PressIng - ifcfifg -1' Summer Sforage RepaIrIng Complete school supplles ancl textbooks for all schools Founlaln Square Evanston lllInoIs s C if f -ff . . S A92 -P S 9 - I l W 103 Complimen+s of Hoos' Drug Store ' ' 1 g X Q KEN Hoos, R.Ph. VERN Hoos, R.Ph Sh A . 1' Cl lr WEISS ACE HARDWARE em" 'S a G' l9l0 Ceniral S'rree+ Evansihon' Illinois Evangonl Illinois Phone GRee-nlecxf 5-7458-9781 UNiversH'y 4-3l00 PLEASE PATRONIZE of 5 OUR ADVERTISERS quam? 9 - 5535 1' xl X. 104 , 1 U W i 1: 1 J , I w if I N i 1 P , ,V N I YLNZCN iw H 2990 1 ,Elan QW h Gita MMQ WM I 75,12 fQ'Mf9QW JW GD WM ff QMQQMKMJDQQ K??LGD gywm WL Mi MQW M WV WW www? W NK M Mifmfwif f SW ' QQ? do cw Wa-ZR? 7952 GD 5.4, , Wwfwhtiw '?, 3 Q4 Ri LQWWQMW 56, is BV AMW! L 65 WW ii Qjfifffgw QW , 'Vp wffwffff Q5 Qi-ifiigexk WQJMMM i W WSP 1 if MWDW f in Q8 TXlaomQ'?De.n,,Q3y1- WWW my Mis fa iigwwwwki M Qxci CS X go I Cpyli QW Qrfmwmj . Pogggeqk WMM 'W

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