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A. . - 1 , A agvmhp 3 J, ,- . ,QL A I4 ', 'Q ' V i.4l?'i"' ',,. 'I ' . I - 'f ' L2-I'-is-32' . 'I ' Hlilikf, ka' U x , V. 1, .N :I 'YY V xff.:A"L:r- - . '--Q 'T 1116, . 4, 5 - 'QQ f ' f---L,,'::g:145ia .J .5 5 T6 Q fl J ,' 13 I SLE . Q ,J I ' L V . ,.,5w C. A -wil, , JI SIVX . h.,-.,. i. ., f -5-gf - 1- -. :lm-V. -' V -- Yff 1 .x ' "X 'iii 7 4 ef' t .., ,'.M A1.p:j' N p 4: ,.1,,:. : 'is ' . 1 , ,p- Z,- Z ,W f ' ' -19? mg. ffl, . 1: 1 59- V 1 Q . 1 ' - VU ., jf.: A ' ' I 1 like I ' A Q. YE'-I 1 'Q . , - A221 '. ,, I na 111- 4 I ' V 515 315 'f5:L.'I M n ,4 Nr Y ' ', 5-'ff' E :Q , "' HF",- ff ' ie? -ffff,-i ff . 'Q .ff-J - ' ' . 1" .L-2 '-i ' L1 -5:14 " 'a :Fi M'-Q15 '- M: ' :wif 1' -' be 7' .325 Q 'Q ' ,K fL:,I.'V . ML. gnc- -ii' Qi 'fuffl -D i g. -N 42 'Gigi .Ka : Haw ' rn i- ',-.I V m gfs. ' , M 551 , , ag :' 4522: ' 5 x fi. If 43 an , . Q, W f-11322 3' HQ Q X 1 HPR ' gf? 1-,nr W1 x- 1" fl 332 yi .:3 1f:A' . ' H ' ' my . 'ge' 1 1432+ zzz? .:L.E1i'f 29 vglifp 1' if "M 'I EL' 'ffl' ' ' 5211, , iii 'a ZH, '13, 1 ni A Y vi QW-fy -.ffjg-fig, E lv 'ziilzgr H5 w . Q-I re:-22+ N , 'fiiifq-L QQ N, 'Qi'-ffginfg' 8,1x'f'n,viV1 ,V '.:.,.1,.hrj, ::4?'!,.T L. f '.g,5g1-f ' --I J .w - 2 X ' Q1 - 4 . , will 5355 gl' "f C 3f.Q?ff W ia qu X ,-J 4, , 5 57 ' 3711 3-f' .4 f Til- 1-. 4 vw' 1-W" n Q 1 w , xx .--LJ P '. 531' " . ' 14. 'arf I- -.L .Lf -,. A 2541 1-an-K , V5 ag, :- Ifyfgllf rg'n5g'jjA-f'.' , . fwllgl ' " "fi-qiV 7, - ' , W , --'7,.- .. .,.. . V. .- . 7.5 .- s.-,,u-rw.: :--- f I- , X nu., A , ' " j'sz.'5g-ij-r?,3g Q1 J.-1'-U-.,:::-Y -i 21:7 1 - ' -- ' -.-4 . , - J-, , f , , In A , ,W "Y , ' Y -f2':f,,g-g"f:'-f-Q5 4: ,. . 4 ' grail , 'A ,.,,. -- 5. .gg : u A -5--x , - --,-,,. .LL V - , Y. ,qv 7 , -Q. -JEw'g'.'7zf ' H - .- 1 " 1.3-T,',':1uj.:::,1''-'15, . Pu' ' igpw 1 ' 'f ' ' '- " frlffiifz f ' - - 1: I A A I t 'f'3.LG',f -, rx n .r, , A K - I l...A W ,.Y,,:,.,1'. W-.:E':"fif'. - -.1 1 I':" , - -+2 ' -ww! Y '-.f5,',,g'i':s53gf-.:, , 4 J- 'Q,:g. 'g ' " .1T"ffi-4 J L., .V '- f if ,fa prix ,fi-f --,wifi N v-1":Lw34 IV Y A ' 9' 44 -. Come into the school with us through . " the medium of this yearbook and see us 'K IH! , as we learn and play, for a. National 4 education is education of the whole man ,Q yand woman through study, recreation, ix J ' wud cultural activity. MTM ., ww. V ev it .A+ W if ,f l tl 1 1 u' I, . I f A u 1 N.B.C. when the doors first opened at 8 Franklin Road. i The naus on the zpgnoor so ' recently redecorated. 5 i i A modern office, but--the year is 1925. - X . 555 :lg 5 ' I 1' , f . Wg 1- . , .V .say il-'T ., ,, , " V-x ,-1 N Banking was taught by actually doing. This picture shows the office that was established on the fig floor nearly 30 years ago. -1 1" p ' It 'gf al ff ' f E' y ig ,I ,un 4. eff-71, 1 I 1 A , . - mx by . , J I-, ' X I , A 2 2 so 4 - fs . if i X . 2 si i X -su 1 'V - V 1 Q f n 4 I , ji ,, , x L , 13, Basketball at National has al- ways been a varsity sport for over a quarter of a Century. lil- ' f 0 .! -Q . "N ' ' j M- 2 . ' ,ggi 5 I , f 9' f - ' i 1 we 4' I 'vii :E f : S J F' ' f uwf , ,xy - , ft pf' X s 1 G ' a Q , Ti. -v X K "nr - B .ef ' i b . ' V Banking procedure was a re- ' . ig -.. ' -.rr quired course. 1, 44 TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword.......,............. Dedication ..... Registration Day. . . Administration. . . . . . Graduates .... Student Mirror . . . Undergraduates . . Organizations. . . Activities . . . Sports .... Advertising . . Student Directory . . Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 2 8 10 13 20 34 36 59 75 93 103 111 Time for Discussion 'Qi ITP? Classroom F V, ' 3, 'T f Athletic Award Study Hall i+4'm 1 v MRS. GLADYS BRADLEY Bursar ' In dedication .... A sunny smile and a cheerful "good morning" are the expected when student or teacher stops by the book store. Efficient, and productive are terms used to describe her by our president, M. K. Coulter. Allin all,--student,faculty and vis- itor,--all of us are glad Mrs. Bradley is with us. Mrs. Bradley, a graduate of N.B.C., has been with the school for two different periods of em- ployment. Like most married women, following World War II, she went with her husband when he was away at college and then returned to Roanoke. -1. ,nfs W The main office was a busy place on September 12, the day the 75th Fall Term opened. nf 1 ' fgsimn fm, is in , 6 Qi we - ez-ff: 1 .A Q il 1, IO Registr Time out on opening day for aCoke. COne News staff member suggested that this picture be captioned "You PaYi11g7"l -.I F Representative Richard H. Poff addresses the Diamond Jubilee opening assembly of National Business College, held September 19 in the Kazim Temple Ballroom. Seated on the platform ation Day Rep. R. H. Poff addressing the opening assembly of the N. B. C. students at the 75th opening. behind him are, from left to right: Leonard G. Muse, chair- man of the State Board of Education, who introduced the speakerg the Rev. Walter Edwards, of St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Missiong and Mr. Coulter, President of N.B.C. I 1 xl 1 IFJ: w . , Q .1 ' , 5 'TQ 5 . F - ! .A i Fm vs? ,. ,ici ,.,., f-QM, ' '3 tis. - A A . ,,., O K U11 I . f .". .J , cl? , , ff nf Q' r gm r - 1 i. .-.. - . W-V' L57 ' f 31. -1- -ggi Y .fx 'e"f?"?- 11"?5 . .,-.NT ,. ' A i, n ',-'n"1t x1,z"f1 X ..--- . 'fx"f. - Q .nf . R ns. 1 :tiff-.x Li -L --R?Q,3,: -.- . '51 .'+ u .9551 . . ak S' . 1' nf.. - r' in "5 lvl' "'-Q ' if H . W lkiuf 3 ., -Lids'-f ' ' - - "9 - sf' 3 , 1' .I 1.. ,, 123' WY, ff: " -v-bg-. .. "5 - w x 1 rg:-gf ' , - .Q 5-,r ' ' ". , 3 , V A . , . . b. . 4, vm , 1 .a"2,- ' ft--5, 17' 1 I -I, -,Q - , -- , , D, 5 . 'D 'W fl, xv H Administration President . . . . Page 14 Staff. . . . . .Page 15 Faculty . . . . Pages 16,1'7,18 13 Murray K. Coulter, B. S. President National Business College H, w H, uw Su ,H mm M ' 5 WML mf I '.'H ' Dorothy C. Hancock Gladys Bradley Frances Birchfield Administrative Assistant Bursar Admissions Director Beity Lou Auen fa' ' m ii i :xy Registrar Administrative Staff i , ' , A, Nvqmlilgl , I 5? T' ,vb f Iris Nash f. ' l Secretary X V - 1 I5 if W Q Xi 1": 1, gaculfy Mr. Marion J. Thacker, B.C.S., C Accounting Mr. E. E. Elswick, B.S. Night School Director Mr. E. R. DeMa.nche, B.S. Athletic Director Mr. Andrew J. Gordon, B.S., M.S Accounting Mrs. Sallie D. Branscom, B.S. Accounting gaculfy Mrs. Jean Martin Saunders, B.A. Shorthand Miss Wihna Winfrey, B.S. English Mr. Robert Harrison, B.S. Accounting, Mathematics Mr. John Newton, B.S. Accounting Mrs. Carolywn Egerton Smith, B Typing 3 .s., M.Ed R. We s gaculfy Mrs. Frances T. Mitchell, B.S Typewriting Mrs. Helen T.-Macheras Night School Mrs. Helen Robertson Choral Director Mr. E. C. Roberts Coach, Girls Basketball Mr. Chester R. Mills Night School Classes Graduates. . . . . Pages 20,31 Undergraduates. . . . Pages 36,54 Evening Division . . . . Pages 55,58 19 they j ELIZABETH CARTER AUTON Stenographic REBECCA L. AYRES Medical Secretarial i T27 ROBERT RAMSEY ABSHIRE Management Major JUDY MAE ATIQNSON Stenographic SUSAN LEE BEACH Stenogr aphic CARL WAYNE BOITNOTT Junior Accounting BARBARA JANE BOOTH Secretarial JAMES A. CAHILL Accounting Major WILLIAM FRANKLIN CARRICO Management Major JAMES ODELL CARSON Accounting Major BRENDA CAROLINE CALTON Executive Secretarial CHARLES EDWARD CARR Management Major gg fin. BOBBY EUGENE CHAPMAN Management Major OWEN STUART CHATTIN , -IR. Stenographic I J Q61 X H , I B I W 1 WILLIAM ROGER CARSON "nv-I' Junior Accounting BONNIE DARLENE CARTER Stenographic RONALD LEE COLEMAN Management Major GLORIA LEE COMBS Secretarial Qlltr PATRICIA KAY COUNTS Stenographic RYLAND EUGENE CRAFT Junior Accounting Eu CAROL JEAN CRAMER Stenographic DOROTHY GENE DAILY Secr'eta.ria1 Science JEANNIE CREASY Executive Secretarial GINNY LEE CRESS Accounting Major ,am 'i gg KATHRYN HOWZE DUNLAP Stenographic RAY MO LENE ENTSMINGER Stenographic EV qs If gm DIANE SUE DDCON Stenographic CHARLOTTE ANN DUNCAN Secretarial J UANITA MARIE FAULKNER Stenographic NANCY MARY FISHER Stenogr aphic 1? EVA DE LORES F LANNAGAN Secretarial CAROLYN SUE FOX Secretarial Not Pictured EFFIE MAE GRIFFIN Executive Secretarial ELIZABETH ANN HAGER Secretarial Science KATHLEEN EDNA GATCHEL Stenographic IVA ELOISE GLASCOE Management Major AWN DANIEL ALBERT HIGGINS Junior Accounting WILLIAM EDWARD HOLLANDSWORTH Management Major LILLIAN YVONNE HART Executive Secretarial TONY WAYNE HEATH Junior Accounting NANCY KATHERINE HONAKER Stenographic LEONARD HOVIS Accounting Major Q? CLAUDE E. HYLTON Accounting Major M. WAYNE HYLTON, JR. Accounting Major DAVID JERRY KINCER Management Major BRENDA KODAK Stenographic BETTY JOAN JENKINS Stenographic igyx JUDY CATHERINE KEITH A Stenographic GP x has Q' 1x:t'1'75 c, JOE PRING LENOIR Management Major S 52' SHIRLEY RUTH LOUDERMILK Secretarial MARY RUTH LEDFORD Junior Accounting JOHN CHRISTIAN LEGARDE Junior Accounting JOYCE YVONNE LUCAS Secretarial SALLY LOU MARTIN Stenographic CLOY MITCHELL MATTOX, JR. Management Major CHARLES FREDERICK MAY Management Major JUDITH STARR MILLER Secretarial Science MARGUERITE ANNE MILLS Stenographic BETTY ANN MCGEE Executive Secretarial CLARENCE WILFRED MILLER Accounting Major ROSE MARY PAYNE Stenogr aphic PAYTON F. POORE Management Major MARY MARIE MOORMAN Executive Secretarial GEORGENE ANGELA PAYNE Stenographic 3' tel1l CAROL SUSAN PREDDY Secretarial Science CAROLYN MOORE ROBERTSON Accounting Major KENNON GRAY ROBERTSON Accounting Major LORNA LOU ROGERS Stenographic ilk Y iffy' RE BA SHE LBURNE Secretarial CAROL ILA SMITH Medical Secretarial DOLORES JEAN SALYER Stenographic CLOYD DUVAL SEAGLE Junior Accounting ,www H hai:-2 'Sg,,4 KAY SHARON STANLEY Medical Secretarial ig- T' THOMAS VINYARD STEPHENSON Management Major 5? fl ,W MARVIN CHAPMAN SMITH, JR. Accounting Major SANDRA LEE SOWERS Stenographic 13' SANDRA JACQUALINE SUTHERLAND Stenographic PEGGY ANNE TICKLE Executive Secretarial WILLIADEAN TREADWAY Secretarial LARRY JOE VASS Management Major rx g me 5 OMAR DOUG WILLIAMS Management Major MARGARE T SUE WINGATE Stenographic Sb 8. -'Q-nk BETTY JANE VERNON Stenographic JOAN GAYLE VERNON Secretarial 'LIL I 1 I The student body of National, each year, chooses twe lv e to represent the best we have in each phase of academic life. The twelve chosen this year are shown on these pages in scenes that made them the "best of 300." nr ' new "" wr'vwi:gv-gn' f' A W IDEAL SECRETARY AND IDEAL BUSINESS MAN Ann Lowman Leonard -Burcham MOST VERSATILE Marguerite Mills Joe LeNoir BEST PERSONALITY Susan Rhodes Jerry Sanderson MOST ATHLETIC Ellen Crockett Eddie Stone BEST DRESSED Sally Lou Martin Pat Hutts MOST CO-OPERATIVE Peggy Tickle Tommy Stephenson , .W MOST VERSATILE 4 A f , ,T Marguerite Mills ' A , x Joe LeNo1r V- - eg, IDEAL SECRETARY df W AND . D?" ll WN Ifrr 'WN I IDEAL BUSINESS MAN ,W Ann Lowman W Leonard Burcham BEST PERSONALITY Susan Rhodes Jerry Sanderson MOST CO-OPERATIVE Peggy Tickle Tommy Stephenson Student Mirror MOST ATHLETIC - -- ,, mf ,!N. i , ,. i .551 ' ,ef E' wwf' iv omg K - ,z Ja, f.- Q ' . W- V1 Fig! 9 5 ws. ,ag g ,ga ff - . , 5E5Ti,,1,s ' , , ' 6 'Y Ellen Crockett Eddie Stone l BEST DRESSED Sally Lou Martin Pat Hutts Undergraduates Leonard Alls Charles Wesley Arrlngton Lamar Kent Atkms Ronald Mllton Ayres Carolyn Nannette Becraft Th01'I1aS LEWIS Belt James Nicholas Alexion Linda Lee Atkins Ransom Monroe Barlow 'q9,. w f 1 1 A ln... l K- 'CQ . qwzslf A . Bfx gg T L7 ,QY 'tf irq- 'S5' -'Q Weis Otho Edward Bishop, Jr. William Stuart Blackburn, Jr. Sandie Lee Blair Shirley Ann Bolt Ronald Wayne Boswell BeV9I'1Y Dawn BOWTHS-fl Barbara ADH Bowers Helen Margo Boyer Charles Vernard Bowen Sylvia Ann Bray 9-:P t'1 Q Undergraduates Sarah Jean Brinkley Patsy Marie Brown Ethel Diane Burnette Warren Brown Campbell Raymond Emmer Carr Thomas Maxelle Carter Nancy Lee Brewer Patricia Ann Brown Leonard O'Nei1 Burcham Walter Raymond Burdette Wilber Bertie Byer William Campbell Eva Carol Canterbury Norman Eugene Carter Ronald Kermit Chittum Q9- ,fe y 'f. w bf QI.- 1:39 'PM tv' 6 C -4-x, X. i' Sandra Lee Cole William Giles Coleman Bonnie Jean Collins Paulette Gearheart Collins Nancy Lou Coburn Leonard William Comer Dan Zack Compton William Curtis Conner,J r. Grace Marie Cooper Edward A. Cord l "'-1' ' ' Undergraduates Patricia Lynn Cox Glen Elwood Creasy Patricia Anne Cundiff Darrell Freddie Dean Ernest Richard Dickerson,Jr., Emma Lou Disbrow Litz Chalmer Cox Delores Ann Cundiff Linda Margaret DeHaven William L. Craft, Jr. Cecil Larry Davis James Thomas Dillon R -K .: K. I F g. TQ- I , 71: Elmyra Craig Crockett Linda Lou Deen Larry Edward Dixon l 6 it NW 'Us if ' vV,' Eg- Q5- 2 1? 4... 'G A Q- n '-.H N x x 'WW 'Taxi 3 fi' 5-e - W 'P tr' ,ig , Y' i Z iff' 'X YN-4 N . Virginia Lucille Dodd Lois Elaine Dooley Carroll Lee Dove Davis Raymond Dowdy Patricia Gail Doyle Kenneth Lee Duncan Robert L. Duncan Phyllis Lee Dunham Bernard Bon Eller Powellette Ellis L ,ii Unclergraiiuafes Howard Beety Epperly Haden Wayne Finch Shirley Elaine Foutz Lois F. Farmer Patsy Sue Fields Jerry Wayne Firebaugh Patricia Pearle Foster Linda Lou Francisco Thomas Dewey Frye Annie Mae Fubank Marilyn Finn Barbara Jane Fowler Billy Lynn Ferguson Betty Jean Forbes William Austin Franklin 'DS L9 Q 'w 1511: H- rgv 1? B- , Y-v-.f 6'-v-'73 x , Thomas Edward Garrett BenJam1n Kmght Glass James Edward Glenn Douglas W Grant W1111am Douglas Gum Max Warren Harlowe Charolett Maxme Gearhart Donald Eugene Glenn Bon1ta Ga11 Grubb Lucmda Almond Ham 'gt i H nz e X " Undergraduates Richard Larry Harmon Mary Jane Hawkins Ronald William Heath Robert Wesley Helm James Raymond Henderson, Jr. Velna Joan Hill Jo Ann Holland Kenneth Wayne Hunt Donna Lee Hylton Sally Kate Hartzog Roy Gillespie Hayth, Jr. Connie Sue Helton Sandra Deane Hicks Ernest Jackson Hubble Patrick Henry Hutts 7' Q -M V ? N We 5,9 3' vm 0- . Tr! 2. Wx at-,L 'N HP!-' 4 oi' ekivx My . MUN 59- ig Q7 , in '1'ff.,f in di.. 'S l 5, ge, if f-r Q di-Ribs ' l N . .: W QQFTRE 52 F7 Q--r" 'Y-1-' N., .fa 7 - nk' Xa:-:rx J Tab '57-7x Verna Dean Hylton Haward Wayne Jamerson Paul Dallas Jones Vicki Lynn Jowers Janice Lee Kaylor John J. Lampe Coy Shields Jackson Barbara Jean Johnson Chris Nick Kappas Gerald M. Kirk .ni- Q J J N: 'I H gg A y J Z.. , Undergraduates Pauline Rea Lancaster Sarah Marilyn Lawhorn Walter Aubrey Lester EV91Yn Litchfield Lewis John Stephen Liskey James Grove Long Jane Arlene Louderback Elizabeth Ann Lowman Pandra Rae Luby Denton H. Lantz Raymond B. Lee Patricia Ann Willy Paul Francis Loga David Clifford Loughhead J. D. Lowman, Jr. 3 L .41 X L Q' 5Q"? 'wzgyx YW? Hwy tab ev, ni Sandra Jewel Luby Richard Vernon Mason William Lloyd Miller Barbara Ann Milton Betty E. Minton Danny Wayne Morgan Emily Jo Luck Nancy Carol McFadin l George Carter Minter Lowell Richard Moore , 'V "Cf, 1' " -'-YFYAT L' -i:-., TIST:'3I:5 N11LE1IKS1.'fsk5NH'1'z1Pl-Jcfcblifmftfi-2-2-1:32I1'vT.'2 Undergraduates Robert Vaughan Morris, Jr. Alice Marie Myrtle Donald Wayne Nash Randolph Franklin Neese Linda Fay Obenchain Vickie Elizabeth Owen Ira Claude Patterson, Jr. Wendell Garry Peters Archie Norman Pfluaman Gail Allen Mutter Linda Raye Naff Rebecca Jane Nelson Carol Leslie Ogle Estelle Marie Perry Barbara Sue Price 119952- nvs,,i:v WWW? 16" .t W F ri., is .Rl KW L x -J' S, 'C' rg- , ver TQ -5:59 4 Qs 'vs-.. .l L., " 'rf awk I el 6 ff,-F is its! Michael Lee Prillaman Patricia F. Proctor Katherine King Purcell Betty Mae Quarles Wayne Walker Reynolds Patricia Hight Richardson Sherrill Noel Prillaman Jackie Ray Proffitt Shirley Raye Radford Susan Ann Rhodes 1' N. we . 9 ef . it 'F " ' 'N' K in ' 5 'FP 0 - f . - jk' I f a Z , Q' I NFA R - 1 """'!"ri, A-wr ..N4:" 7 SJ f Jack Ham1lton R1chmond Tommy Rutherford Rmhard B Sax-ver Sandra Nadme Scott Brenda Joyce Shepherd L1nda Lee Slagle Lowell Thomas Smlth Jane Sowers Carole Ann Stafford Jerry L. Sanderson Ronald Eugene Sink Patsy Louise Sowers qs ix N., ZH' , in 5-S- -Ev jf' An.. fi IQX ,-ix iv Q' 'Q' -mf, 355. 5.1 ir rlotte Lee Stallard Margaret Eanestina Stanley Wuma Jean St, C1311- nda Kay Stearnes Mary Lee Stockner Henry Clayton Stone Hassell Edward Stanley Brenda Elaine St. Clair Jaflk Stewart Clyde Burton Stone Q rl., Undergraduates Jesse Eddie Stone Gary R. Stovall Connie Lee Sult Dorothy Earlyne Sutphin Doris Mildred Sylvia Milton Stafford Thompson William Michael Tickle Callie Jacqveline Tucker Joseph Reginald Tyler David Calvin Stovall Judith Rose Stump Reid Kirkpatrick Swisher, Jr. Micheal James Thomas Janet Sue Tritt Fredric Peyton Turner l l YT!-ix in-f ...ll AU' :UP L wx tg' T. as-ffl S 1 '-1, . ,, N Q' - PQ ' il' s s' .l l l Si 5' Jeffries Umberger Thomas Wade 1 1- ,7 1 1 1 K H ,,,-.J faux Yfif it w:i.,! Arthur Douglas Van Hyning Ronald Vest Robert Stephenson Wait Evelyn Kay Wallen Edward O. Vance Kermit Lee Vest Henry Earnest Wade Henry Clayton Wall Jai? Aiiywq , . .1 lg Undergraduates Albert N. Williams, Jr James Dewey Webb Dennis E. White Cynthia Ann Winston Kenneth J. Williams James A. Wimer Wayne M. Wright Stephen Michael Wohlford Eugene E. Wood Sue Ellen Weikle Nyoka Wayne Widdifield Sheila Lynn Wilson Kathleen Elizabeth Wingo Donnie Lee Wood Rosemary Wylie 5 u 1 Q, 1 f"s v' l QQ its ,gs A-ay , F .V Q, 4, V' vs vi W' 42' Hx 35, 4 '47 1 Svening Division Iris Argenbright Ray Berry Ray Board Brenda Bohon Danny Bowe Bettie Brown 'gf' if oo oo ll sf at 'Qi N. ,ho w A Q lbw, in 4 . fy Q75-Y' x Christene Brown Nancy Calvert Ethelene Chilton Peggy Cutshaw 55 eps JVM' Q! ,i n .Li " , 'L N, , "ms 1 Y'-A fig Shirley Fanning Russell Hamersly C. B. Hampton Blanche Hawks Earl Dalton Perry Davis Larry Deal Barry Diver Virginia Donnelly Gloria English 4-f. 'Q' xl nf' 1 Svening Division Ann Obenshain Don Hawley Robert Jones Bill Kitts Mrs. Frances Lilly Eloise Longanacre ,Q l yup...-.-,. i if 5 1 57 "'f.?aTfi Vi -"iz, : is .ff 5 X WE' ln. HE'--M E Charles Manning Richard Marshall Marie Nichols Judith Padgett 2,55 Nui-gpg ww ,ii - fe, 2 1 If 5 an me 'raw E ' is-f N l Y I 'H'- l I Lois Stinson Don Thomas Juanna Vest Linda Zell 58 Svening Division 1 Kenneth Saunders George Seibel Marshall Shuff Archie Simmons Charles Smith Sam Smoot 2 4 . 0 , ax X X i H4 6 i, ii 15 ...., AS -. ':Was5me6sw6su- 's.7.V 7,..-v',, .r:-"'9'1l 2. g?:5Q,9'L H l fr.-. in . u 7 , .. as 5 - 1-.x'.-- - E V ifi en , 6 wx is , fa 7 . ,. g 7-X . . . vi q P' ,U if S' , A ggi 3 . .gm 0 iii? ,T,i weifgbtz- R 7 'G ni' 5 r.: .- ig 7 , m ufSf'T'a , H m . m . T ,,,L H H ......,.. 7 w. , P+ '5 JJ' . " ,Z 9, , . , f Q M17 W "WM U ll '5?xf6 Qrganigafions National Council of Standards Athletic Council AKQ5 ...... Y-Phalanx . . National News Talon ..... Glee Club . . "A" Club . . Business Scienc Cheerleaders . e Society . Page Page Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Page Page Page 60 61 6163 6165 BQ67 6569 7Q71 72 73 74 . HY Y ,ll 124,127- Vt it g sw in at vu ft W M :ti f 1 ' . X Li: Q 7 ' .' 1 1' ' W J f -V I V 1 l ij 1 E ' ll 'T wwwi I . "M " ' ' iii " K ' jislriizzj L x Y B T 'lr haf, ,e lil xl w 4 : , - ss 'wig 6 7 " Left to right Standing: Larry Dixon, Larry Vass, James Carson, Bob Abshire, Cloy Mattox, Ron- nie Coleman. Seated: Becky Ayers, Peggy Tickle, Carolyn Fox. Tational is Council of Standards The student government of National Business Col- lege is directed by the General Council of Standards. This Council is composed of nine student members and three faculty members. The students are elected by popular vote and serve for four months. In the hands of this Council rest all decisions regarding student af- fairs. There is only one appeal from its decision and that is to a joint meeting of the faculty and student council. ' This Council appoints all committees to plan and to prepare for the many social functions of the school and approves and directs all student activities. Pic- tured at left is the Fall Picnicg one of the many events sponsored by the Council. l N I 60 The Athletic Council is composed of eight mem- bers, elected by the members of the athletic Associa- tion. The Council shall have the authority to regulate the rules governing the college athletics and require- ments for student participation in the athletic pro- gram. It shall bestow awards upon all students meeting the specific requirements for such awards. Pictured at left are the officers looking over the schedule for the Intra-Mural Bowling, sponsored by their organi- zation. Athletic Council Left to right,Standing: Tommy Stephenson, Cloy Mattox, Ronnie Coleman. Seated: Ellen Crockett, Pat Sutherland, Joe LeNoir, Sallie Lou Martin, Peggy Tickle. v X , 1 1. ,. 1 Q ,.,v v W ,- .. . 6I if A , Q' in is , ' -'ggfiuq . E A G, A , .Fi it I sf .'a:'si- :gs ue' 15 Left to right Standing Larry Dixon, B111 Hollinsworth, Pat Hutts, Doug Grant, Leonard Hovis, Mr. Gordon, Paul Logan Seated Ranson Barlow, J 1m Wimer, and Ed Cord. A,K,CD. The only social fraternity found at National Business College is the AKQ5. This group takes in "pledges" each Fall and initiate s thern into the mysteries of "life-long brotherhood." Pictured at the left is James Wimer receiving the symbol of the office of President from the 1959-60 President, Leonard Hovis. Sponsor of many of the dances at N.B.C., the Alpha Kappa Phi keeps the social life at National Business College at a rapid pace . We're glad they're here! 62 The "big brother" gets even. The "pledges" Win! ! 1 X se- .1 LV T5-hi' 44 't W rl' if vm " As we should be. AK? Fall Dance Crowning the Homecoming Queen ' "' f Y" 'M K C - 7-ir - '3 A '- ' il ' J - " Left to right, old members: Bill Carrico, Cloyd Maddox, James Carson, Payton Poore, Claude Hylton, Bob Chapman, Marvin Smith, James Dillon, Berney Eller, Larry Vass, Tommy Stephen- son, Wayne Hylton, Joe LeNoir, Leonard Comer, Danny Morgan. U-Phalanx Left to right, pledges: Gene Woods, Charlie Carr, Claude Patterson, Danny Higgins, Raymond Lee, Wilber Byer, J. D. Lowman, Jackie Knick, A1 Williams, Tony Heath, Max Harlow. 64 The Y-Phalanx isa service Frater- nity that first appeared on the scene at National just three years ago. These boys present each year a skit giving a "student eye" View of the faculty. It's not all fung but the boys do spon- sor a dance in December with its theme of Christmas. They also find ways in which they can serve their school and community. "Joe, is that you? F8.C11lty'? 7 Christmas Dance 1. ef' ft' , I H Y it 'rm ,VI Y ,,,....,,,,,,.,...ig21asf, -N 1 W WF- H f .,. A . fa--' 'N , .. , .,,, , V , , .-3375, ,fi,-4.5,-," is 1, 5 ..':.f.i:f,z1-:a.af2"'ff a - 1,3 f.-Qe:slT':sf- l we 5-',,'.'2 , gE1"'3,a.:w.:: 5.7, , A 5 .5..N' '9?"f"f" V 1?-H :E , 1, L' as YM I if Q- S' W -S I l if as , mf 'E' y num his ll-4 Wiqlfiga WM Qs L LIva'LGlascoe,LEdil?or Togin Siiephenson, LAssociafe Editorf I . w ' '- E i , , i ' " 1 1 W :N , Q i i ' E I I Ano AL we A NEAWSA NATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE M H l Published, bifmonthlyacluring the year by the Associated Students L L L LLL of National Business College NLfLL LLLK S I A subicriiteionh-ici: 25 LLLcenfLsLllpe? year ELEDITORLL. . . N ZL J T. . N . . . . . . . N N . . . nm Glascoe ASSOCIATE EDITOR 2 . . . L ...... Tom S'tepher1SOI1 L FEATURE EDITORS. L . . . '. .Jerry'Kincer and Ed Cord ,,,,, y , SOCIETY EDITOR ........ ...... . . . . . Carolyn Fox Mrs. Hascock Lzii L SPORTS EDITOR . . . iii .... ii, ......... al . . iii . . EE: aw Wayne Wfighi ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITOR . . . . . . . . . . Delores Cundiff L I Liiib eee I CLUB ACTIVITIES. . . . . ffe Jerry Sanderson and Nick Alexion GOSSIP ....... Doug Grant, Kitty Dunlap, and Rosemary Payne PHOTOGRAPHERE . ,. ......... 1 ..... 7, John LeGarde ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHER ........... I. . . Raymond Lee X REPORIERS., . . ..... Thomas Garregt, Dianne Dixon, L Sandy Sowers, Brenda Kodak, Marilyn Q, I Lawhorn, John Midkiff, Georgeyne Payne, Pai Lilly, Grace Cooper, Nancy Fisher, Nancy Cobufn, J Glenn,,Paiil Logan, ,Effie Griffin, Darlene Qqartef, Tommy Thompson, Harold Smith, and Leohardf I-Iovis I ,A1 ,TYPISTS . . ., . . . . Jacquelyn Tncker, Bonita Gail Grubb, LL L LL: L Jane Sowers, Sandra Luby,' Paiiline Lancaster, , Shirley Radford, Kenneth Duncan, Dianne Bfiirnette Sandra Hicks, Barbara Minton, Barbara Johnson, Doris Sylvia, Betsy Ellis, 66 lll sss Q ll and Connie Helton The Nat1onal News 1S an off1c1a1 publ1cat1on of the stu dent body It 1S pubhshed by the Assoc1ated Students of the Natlonal BUSINESS College, and a two year sub scr1pt1on for each student and parent 1S 1ncluded 1n the student act1v1ty fee The publ1cat1on has a student ed 1tor, assoc1ate ed1tor, sports ed1tor, soclety ed1tor, exchange ed1tor, bus1ness manager, and a c1rculat1on manager In add1t1on to these, It usually has on 1tS staff e1ght or ten student reporters The Nat1onal News has been rated by many as one of the best col lege papers publlshed 1n th1s sectlon of the country It has a w1de c1rculat1on and offers students 1nterest ed 1n newspaper work an opportumty for valuable ex per1ence 1n th1s 11ne under tra1ned gu1dance and super v1s1on were-S 5 1 Qs-WH F1rst Layout for new ed1tor A A5 1960-6 1 Staff 67 .JF ' fi , , ,H w AP" , . 1 to ,vs - f , -a. im, S :gn A5 ' 4 mf , sn A r Q me : A tsl, U is f, mf' " -A f-s V 'J is Q iffms w nl, it is ,u,:. N l wi as ,zpt " J 6 Ak W me .. ...,.,,.-M .tm re Z S, Polly Lancaster 5Margo Boyer, Sylvia Belcher, Carolyn Fox, Kitty Dunlap, Gail Grubb, and Ronald' Chittum . we N U Ghe Zalon The Talon is a student yearbook published by the students. It covers, in-pictures and story, their stay at National and providesxa cher- ished record of their aotivitiestjandilfriends in the years to come. :It also 1-proiiidi-is "a lib- eral education in allfthat necessary to car- ry a publication yfrom ,fitsyineeption 'through all steps until it reacheslfitsgreaders. h The staff is compggegfyoifah Mdnaigigfizditor, Assistant to the,.Advise'r, Business Manager, Art Editor, Photographers .and ysveyeljalfstaff members. 1 , V " Our Editors: Joe LeNoir and Carolyn Fox. John Midkiff, Sandy Blair, Nancy Brewer, Judy Snyder, Linda Stear- nes, Lowell Smith, Bill Carson, Polly Lancaster, R. G. Hayth. Pat Southerland, Jane Sowers, S a nd r a Luby, Brenda Colton, Peggy Tickle, Pat Counts, Jean Sayer. . ,J 'e E -Q4 I ' ' ,..,. . . S ZCW' 4 Editor - Joe LeNoir, Carolyn Fox , P- -J- Assistant to Advisors - Cynthia Winston . Af 1 , P , 3- Business Manager - Marie Perry G5 ,W ,f U, x,,,. f , if Organizations - Ken Hunt Features - Bill Carson Sports - R. G. Hayth Classes - Jane Sowers Typists - Sylvia Belcher Photography - Ronald Chittum Advisor - Mr. DeManche 5 Gail Grubb, Sylvia Belcher, Margo Boyer, Pandra Luby, Marilyn Finn, Marie Perry, Susan Rhodes. Kay Wallen, Shirley Bolt, Ann Low- man, and Ken Hunt. 1' ' x 1, E m ,4. L54 - 1950-glee The Glee Club is one of the most active groups at National. Its' nearly 100 members have given several entertaining chapel programs throughoutthe year. The club provides spe- cial music for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter assemblies. One of the most enjoyed programs is when the student body is asked to join in a community sing to the old tunes like "Old McDonald," "Dixie," "Skip to My Lou," and the "Happy Wonderer." The Glee Club is under the direction of Mrs. Helen Robertsongstanding leftj and Mrs. Harry Humphreys, Jr. is the accompanist. fseated leftj Clu5'1961 15+ -. Y' fl, u,,,:1. , 1 i H 42. if, H, H A H N ' ,f wig -H nf, H L H H , H N H u H M, Mi Y H" f - .. ,. ii H ,,,"u15311,M " ,Yi 1 " 'WEE' i.G"??F7"S"5 U "V 1Q1w.Mfff ,. . " mf ' . : , -F ' H V Seatedleft to right: Gail Mutter, Tommy Thompson, Ann Low- man. Standing left to right: Polly Collins, Vicki J owers, Joan Vernon. vw 1. 3-21 we T.. -eq, ,, has "-. , , , W , . Left to Rightz' Pat Justice , Pat Griffin, Brenda Carlton, Carolyn Pack, Peggy Tickle, Sonja Barnette ff H clue The "A" Club designs to promote loyalty and good fellowship among the Student Body, uses the following "The stars my camp, the deity my lamp," as their motto. T P National Girls find friendship and satisfaction working with other members of the club. Among many of their activities are banquets, picnics, as- semblies and the fashion show. lb 2 72 ,I v 5 ci ' ai Left to right: Mr. Thacker, Advisor, Jerry Kincer, Wayne Wright, Carolyn Robertson, William Carrico. Second Row: Gene Wood, James Dillon, Bill Conner, Jim Wimer, Ed Cord. Third Row: Ed Vance, Danny Morgan, Jack Nicks, Jim Epperley, Leonard Hovis, Leonard Bercham, James Carson. Business Science Society The aim of B.S.S. is to meet the require- ment that every student should participate in some activity outside the classroom. The Business Science Society is made up of stu- dents that are a candidate for the A.A. de- gree. In this manner a more professional atti- tude is maintained for the organization. The individual must have a high "B" average when applying for membership. Officers, Seated: James Carson, William Car- rico. Standing: Wayne Wright, Jim Epperley, Ed Cord. ,gQ,,,,,,,,,,,, Qtr? in , E ' Q. ,.. Eg .751 -me mf? -safe H H --gpm N H A 4 ' G' may V ,M , ll , W x 2 , X New C3 :W Ei 3 'ww uw . Margaret Mills, Ann Umberger, Cynthia Winston,,Lorna Rodgers, Emma Lou Disbrow, Judy Snyder, 1960-Cheerleacters-1961 and Brenda Bohon. Uniforms for the seven new cheerleaders were purchased by the school. Carrying out the school colors, these uniforms consist of purple skirts and white sweaters with gold letters with the ex- ception of the head cheerleader whose skirt is gold. .v,, . ,"' W: k Q N..A-T-1-O -N-A-L After Practice 74 Ac fivifies Coronation Ball . . Summer Picnic . . Fall Picnic . . 'Open House . . Fall Dance . . . Halloween Party . . Christmas Dance . . Homecoming .... Cheer1eader's Party Sweetheart Dance . . Harvest Booth. . Pages 76,79 Pages 80,81 Pages 82,83 Page 84 Page 85 Page 86 Page 87 Page 88 Page 89 Pages 90,91 Page 92 4 PA fl N! xv? tg,-wg, hy. x rf- - ,F J - ' - ' ' J- it 1 ,Q-1 31. H. tg Try p. l- I 7 ', -' V. 3 : Aung: r ,,.v - ,L 'wwf-.?ys7i,!'5s?' A - , , gtg it -QE?" - -- -ax r - .- . , , .1-. 4 . , , ,, ,.. I5 - I, -4 61 , , ,fa-,-. K- I l Coronation 11960- The social high spot of the students at National Business College is the annual Coronation Ball. April found an intense pitch of activity and excitement among the students as the election of Miss N.B.C. and Master Nationalite had taken place and the day of recognition was due. ta -,1 At 8 ,o'c1ock the pageant unfolded in the grand ballroom of the Kazim Temple and found Miss Barbara Eden as Miss N.B.C. XXIV and Mr. John Ramsey as Master Nationalite. In the picture above from left to right: the courtg Pete Huttsg Jeanne Creasyg Joe LeNoirg Iris Nashg ' Buford Burnetteg Martha Robertsong Miss N.B.C., Barbara Edeng Master Nationalite,John Ramseyg Sallie Lou Marting Bill Hollandsworthg Cecilia Peerg Tommy Stephensong Genny Cressg Ronald Coleman. mga, I I K QHIBP R lx 323 6 . by-1. kr. :QSM-' - , 2 14-it , r , ,fv 3 , ' lt by "Chow Time" Riding, games, dancing and's hard to beat NBC 's annual summer picnic at Lakeside. This year the date was kept a secret S u m m e I' june 21 until the day befpre the eventmmaking as certain as possible that the weather didn't play any tricks on the outing. Our point- "Room for one more" 80 I , Mx-- ALT' i i . W: 5' If T il: Ji- ' , ' 'ff iff? "l T 155 , TSB-3.1,:.:'M' 1' ' N?i1 'FW ' u W " .wf,f'1.w ,x , 4 Picnic 1950 T if 'dvi .pe wiv , J 4 - V- -ws L:T5gE5f1 "1,Q - , V . 'M L '-, .. l . in , 4 N, , 1, - wmv ,. ,-V A V , ,W .L-....F. Y, , Q T J! 7,'4,fx-b V QQ-'J ' "' . ll NF xl xv J - p . , 13 J". ' ' ,, .q,,.. L. H-lx 1 Q 2, 5. H' ' I An 4 . f , U! ' .,-gLf'i. 'A ,-g.,gf':,Y'1' 1 fvf' Q?" t . 5 , ' " '. mi? , 7 lip ii? '31 f- 81 P1- LLL. 1 gall Pic who pushed? sept. 22, 1960 ' My Turn! nl C What'sa 82 Ti These three scenes will bring back memories is the hard Way to eat pie, as demonstrated in the tug-of-war contest. And at right is the chow line, forefround. Almost hidden behind the boy in the ieved real experience as a hotdog chef that after- Upen House A practice started two years ago of holding a dance the first night of Fall Registration to intro- ducethe old students tothe new seems to be a success as pictured on these pages. Above, C. Stone, a second year student from Bassett, and Becky Nelson, lg year student from Martinsville, seem to be "right" as the saying goes. 84 2,3 Long Day, but fun. Matter? Hurry up and wait A . A ,. 3':1"3,5 Wifi - " flfsmfmv U1 f E J g ggi in 225 W W F 5 W. fm, - :mp ll ,Y .,..fw Vw H 'EM , H- uw, lv, wgsfiu, '- N F ziwfi V 5 fibluewr, , fu " ,H If ' ' MLS Y 7 'fi -.LQQQRE What did you lose? of the 1960 Fall Picnic at Fishburn Park. At left pie-eating contest. Center shows one half of the with the short-order cooks busily working in the checked shirt is NBC's President Coulter, who ach- 83 noon. Miss and Mr. Personality, Emma Lou Disbrow, Left and Jerry Sanderson, Right. AKQ5 Pres. Leon- ard Hovis, center. 32111 Dance The Alpha Kappa Phi's annual Fall Dance was held at Mill Mountain's Rockledge Inn featuring "The Shades." The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Mr. KL Miss Personality, Jerry Sander- son and Emma Lou Disbrow. .l z 'A I ' I Halloween Party Ocwlier 30, 1960 1 Each year an informal party of N.B.C. students is formed at Toby's Lodge to toast the ghosts of "yester-year." It's the party that is best remembered through- out the years. Remember that Halloween in '56, man ..... and so it goes. Q: H, or Q 1 gs Christmas Dance The social high spot in the life of a the students as it comes at that time Brother of Y-Phalanx is their annual ' a of the year when the spirit is bright Christmas Dance. It's enjoyedby all and vacation is near. fl-N , ri 4 L, , t.Ti,? 87 Left to Right: Ann Lowmang Homecoming Queen, Nancy McFadin, Court, and Susan Rhodes, Court, Jan 14, 1961, the 2nd annual event sponsored this year by the AKQ5 Fratermty Homecoming A.K.CD. ,Je 1 1 9E M. fe '-f15f!l,'f' ' 5 '2212' , -bf-V1 '-I 2 F ,TL1-Y 1 fi? ffiiw "YV"f?i'iH"1m, ::1:fqgg3:2q,- f -::g5gg2gb'?5fH wx wx H H U Mm 5255, "'m"m." H W, lf gg r 1 aw 1 , , mx - 1,2 .LM '- fl -za fi f , 3 if ' , ' " ' ' 1 1, :W Y HX i Y V . if X M 1 ,snzqj I . my Seri gigs, -- - Aw . 'L : v 153' , ,, ,1- H W figigvsg-m Nw 1, M 'H H N 5511 , :Maxf- AEM' ? Qiifiik- ,,,,,,, . . ','2'F15fb?i Y X .- -. , -of - ,-- .- 1..,q ,gr U. ' iw? W H- ,H xx my L XL ,mn W um, . NW 1 21. fm:-1 , 75,1 V32 vm. mm wr' ifzwvt mi , ,, Q mim- an my-, , f Q ,mn N ms nm - I :xl -A '-.rf " ' W Hufwx.. H w A , uw m M Henna? N W ww ,nn . .1 me me-:diffs Nm ,six --...,M,,,, W , ,S-: :we-. - r QQ! ' ' ,A . - 1 ' N ' -ij' W' W f 11 exile., ,Z 1 ? 5-1 N' "1 fkggg mf M -,sl Sew 33 1 '- 1 uf: 1 -V ,.,. . is N 1 5-' ' " xiii? Q - - - 1 W W , xv-1651555 - lg " " aeiiif JH I 1 - " may ex ,, H wig , 88 Cheerleaders Sox Hop On January 15th, a. Sox Hop in room 1427 was held by the Cheer1eader's featuring local disc jockeys from Station WHYE and sponsored by the Coca Cola Co. It's purpose was to raise funds to help defray traveling expenses of this group. It looks like it was a huge success if these pictures tell the complete story. W, - r - fe. : I ' -"' D, Q 13.75 , s .E In , 31, is .va 1, 1 1 it a eff-fi-fe2 f ' 5 f me Q iw H V' H' -i 1 Fi iff? iii LAI. -5 - wi' ' 1"iB7" Ja l V ff F5 r e. ' f Y - :L--" J- J 'S . . 1,-Q32 Q1 M -f ,w f 33 F4 f- A ,sw 1, W ..,. ' 1 i Y- -.jk if - V- i 3-5 f fii..-!gFEli,l,. rw' ,L -: it ' H , ,gsiig gf:,gQf'.1.i ij, ii L: i 1 glide 1 l ii ' 24 23f??iEElfQjgFsr4:vksa,P:s?:f5:F1e-:fi ff- ,jx 3 ig'- ' riff -. 1 ' 11 new ., 1 . 35 -,l ,Lf .2 an gy " s Y 89 H F7 'Q Hu V ww 5 X vt u -F31 hw uw uw .Z 'u WJ. 1 A r , 9 61 3 X if Z -sf Miss Derry Lee Smith Sweetheart 1 -:WLM V 5 fx! L - 2 ' lr' , - mf, ., , an 512fUL'?'wi?' 'N "" ' . ,,,,,u. E5 mf:.". ,A .im X- : M M'--.U in 1' ,U. I- - m di Y-5, if 4 1 ,J ,H Y -1- X . .1 . , :"ii27 1 L ,J , 'mg ..,-f r 1: - EL . . W- fy, k -391 5 6: M ,...l 3 ' 1.'f'.'.- .: -v, ,,.-., .. - . 1 . Q.. Lf? -, -.A- Q -EQ ,A I . ' 1 gi, .. - , A s 'f ' , , ,V , M , "X I' ' : ,E 13: , 'im .? A -. , 1' 'V aw H. mm -'S I . -4 rx, - '-' SF L m V if I I , A '55 'g fffgu' -V -, , SW 2, f " . 'L 4 .gf M J g ,, , . Q I X k 1 it X 1 qi 1 L 1 Aj ' 4 f H V J I? J J mf Qi .I W 3 ., A FV. wwa, 1 gg H . . K4 .,Jn,.E .V gwfgtk' -Erik, 14?-5 '15 , : -' ,si ' gag: 3 .--u In i -.- 3 pig! 5 W: ..- As.-s . -.Q . uf. " ' :i ,,:.: -P ,, A. T7 +1 ',-is f " Je! 4' " -WJ f J in 1 Nf ' 1 -5 Yu rg' 5 w" f' 4. f I Al N ,Q ' ,- 1: 1 "' 4 5 I ur 'Mk 1 1 I J ., HJ' . .... . 'M' ,1' " 3512. H f V gf, ,..1 ,pl v 'J Jn wwf Ny ,gg N -I L 1 .I f ' Y Qu? 1' "Q',5 :W 'I-. 5: .-' 5 ' ,J 2 ,Q 143 0'-' ' Q- ' ' w. I 5,g4,L.J,, , 1.11-Li ' " " 4' -- 1 Sweeinearf And Court Betty Jean Hicks Alice Myrtle Derry Lee Smith Q Jim Wlmer Bill Hollandsworth Wayne BGIUZHOUL Barbara Phillips Sally Lou Martin Henry Wall Leonard Hovis ANNUAL SWEETHEART FORMAL OF ALPHA KAPPA PHI featuring THE "SWEETHEART" OF ALPHA KAPPA PHI and THE "PIN FIGURES" OF ALPHA KAPPA PHI presented at ROANOKE COUNTRY CLUB Music By THE ARISTOCRATS 45 ,, ' fe' ji?- Q"-f' , xX- t B dx Qi I x A . A Bl - B in AUM B1 4 , M251 h F0Rwc,1E.-xkg News ,SURE WAY2 QNSTLIZEAYT a E - 222 to F0 Ex5f3VTIVE's HEQF5 Miss Susan Rhodes, manning the N. B. C. booth at the Harvest Exhibit, 1961, which was the product ofthe Advertising class. This is the 2nd such booth sponsored by N. B. C. in recent years. Below are some ofthe class at work and stopping by Kroger's booth for a well earned coffee-break. Harvest Sxhifiif 'ff is? 1 W.. QS W1 i .Jai I Li OR THE 5 KU HLX1 H 92 9 H H19flwfilllwsawwh 9 9 " "W FEW ' 9 9 I-2: I Q Affilefics Bowling - - . . Page 94 Basketball BQYS - - . . Pages 95,98 G1rls . . . . Pages 99,102 93 N A Bowling Bowling this year was run in two halts of four matches, each with Bob Chapman's team winning the first half and taking the Bowl-off. Look's good, Pat. -- I'm happy right here! At the end of the season a banquet was held at J ohnnies' Steak House and for the first time the en- tire league was invited. Trophies were awarded each member of the winning team while the in- dividual high single, high average and high set received desk sets. A total of 12 teams participated in .this years' league. V "on1y Six!" Kneeling: Doug Williams, Bob Chapman. Stand- ing: Becky Nelson, Lois Farmer, Max Harlow, and Emmie Lou Disbrow. 3 1 1 A . ,V 2 "Qi .1 Co-Captain C. Stone, President M. K. Coulter, Co-Captain J. LeNoir. 1960-Basfieifiall-1961 The "Eagles" of National had scheduled 25 games for the 1960-61 season. Also for the first time in recent history a tournament was scheduled during the Christmas Holidays. Pictured above is President M. K. Coulter receiving the first place trophy won at the Bassett Invitational by Co-Captains J. LeNoir and C. Stone. At the time of this printing the Eagles had enjoyed a 11 win, 4 loss record with 10 games to go. First Row: B. Tickle, S. Atkins. Second Row: L. Comer, R. Carr, B. Wait, J. LeNoir, C. Stone, C. Wade, Coach DeManc he . Third Row: S. Wiley, E. Stone, D. Stovall, R. Tyler, M. Creggar. 95 Steven Wiley Reggie Tyler William Tickle Sammy Atkins 97 "Your late Clyde I" Action Scenes "Good shot, Eddie." "One more point for Clyde?" "Little coaching from the sidelines." 98 "Wade scores two more for us." "Stone tries for a rebound." "Think I'11 dance this one through ' Kneeling: Beverly Bowman, Co-Captain, Coach E. C. Roberts. Standing left to right: Mary Led- ford, Betty Jean Forbes, Marie Moorman, Lois Farmer, Linda Adkins, Dorothy Sutphin, Linda Obenchain, Nancy Brewer, Co-Captain Dianne Burnette. Qirls 1960-BasEef5aH-1961 i Returnmg Letter Winners I P, i Linda Atkins Mar1e Moorman n to it W Awww? M1 99 .7 I ff-fr' xx ix -J L fl W, X, Q EVP 1960-61 The Eaglettes of N.B.C. started a new season res- plendent in new gold uni- forms with purple trim- ing. Only two girls re- turned frorn last year's varsity but Coach Roberts is expecting a g r e at deal from this year's team. As this went to press, the girls are in 2nd place in the City League with 4 wins and 1 loss. We hope they can keep it up. fl fl. sw l is Ellen Crocket, Team Manager Coach S. O. Roberts and Manager "Cricket" Crockett A61U6I'fiSiI1g .. Pg 103 ' COMPL IMENTS OF czsseifif urniiure Cgbncjusiries, MANUFACTU RERS Bedroom and Dining Room Furniture wasseif, Cpirginia Serving 27 Counties of Virginia and West Virginia In .... ' The "Public Interest, Convenience and Necessity" Compliments of CARROLL AND LEWIS SHOE SALON CBS in Roanoke, Virginia 960 W D B J RADIO 94-9 AM FM 13 West Church Ave. Roanoke, Va Bum! gum-paedenl' A CHALLENGE El The prosperity and individual free- doms we enjoy today are hard-earned gifts from our forefathers and must never be A taken for granted. Each new generation must stand on ' its own feet and preserve these freedoms. if The freedoms we enjoy through the ' Q! tx American Way have a high price and I must be earned over and over. I N X W. Somerset Maughan expresses- it this way: "If a nation values anything A more than freedom, it will lose its freedomg 1 XX f and the irony of it is that if it is comfort +5 or money that it values more, it will lose ' Ay that, too." . Q I . 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Student Directory 141 Courtney Avenue 212 Poplar Avenue 412 Bridge Street 821 Ferdinand Avenue, Box 186 295 Glenmore Drive 904 Owens Road 523 Mountain Avenue 523 Mountain Avenue 405 South Main Street Route 41 Route 144 775 Tazewell Street 490 East Spring Street Box 811 2203 Stadium Road 114 Longview Drive 601 Henry Avenue Route 4152 1126 Moore Street Route 4191, Box 293 Route 142 Route 43 Route 4122 Route 42 2915 Courtland Road Route 42, Box 32 708 Church Street 4203 Richland Avenue, 213 Grayson Street Route 1192, Box 185 Route 43 Route S2 527 Kimball Avenue SW ,sw ,sw NW 4107 Holmes Avenue, NE 1025 Mitchell Street Route 4192, Box 115 Route 1142 Route ati 44 Tenth Street Route 42 Ill Roanoke, Virginia Waynesboro, Virginia Covington, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Clinchco, Virginia Nathalie, Virginia Pembroke, Virginia Pembroke, Virginia Salem, Virginia Rural Retreat, Virginia Martinsville, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Blacksburg, Virginia North Wilkesboro, N.C. 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Watauga 712 East Fifth Street Route 444, Box 194 800 Park View Box 167 707 Arbutus Avenue Route 4142 6551 Wendorer Road Box 112 Route 4193 325 Villa Avenue Route 4+2 824 Old Wyoming Road Bluff City Highway 102 Academy Court H2 NW Galax, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Vinton, Virginia Spray, North Carolina Roanoke, Virginia Saltville, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Goodview, Virginia Narrows, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Wytheville, Virginia Pembroke, Virginia Salem, Virginia Grundy, Virginia Rich Creek, Virginia Christiansburg, Virginia Copper Hill, Virginia Martinsville, Virginia Radford, Virginia Coeburn, Virginia Floyd, Virginia Martinsville, Virginia Covington, Virginia Glen Wilton, Virginia Vinton, Virginia Bluefield, Virginia Vinton, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Pulaski, Virginia Vinton, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Pulaski, Virginia Wise, Virginia Johnson City, Tennessee Coalwood, W. 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East 7th Street Route 43 2617 Edison Street 218 Wentworth Avenue, NE Route til, Box 236 421 Virginia Avenue Route til 611 McCormick Blvd. 3522 Forest Hill Avenue, NW Box 683 Box 403 Star Route Route 451, Box 317 Route 34 433 Red Lane 620 Broad Street 3333 Pasley Road 1017 Highland Avenue 416 Dobyns Street Route ttl, Box 373 Route til 2102 Mountain View Terrace,SW Route til, Box 309 447 Fleming Avenue, SE 395 Franklin Street Route til Route 48, Box 230 II6 Roanoke, Virginia Rockledge, Florida Fincastle, Virginia Richwood, W. Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Lewisburg, W. 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Wylie, Rosemary 1513 Abbott Street NW 2418 Oregon Avenue, SW 900 Fisher Road Box 198 Route ffl Box 437 630 Altoona Heights 4018 Richland Avenue, NW Box 272 Box 38 400 South 27th Street 3416 New Spring Branch Rd. 142 Princeton Circle, NE 1218 Howbert Avenue, SW 1109 South Askin Street 412 Fourth Avenue 115 Greyson Street Route 44, Box 56 Route 4142, Box 50 Box 69 3026 Cove Road, NW 1915 Melrose Avenue, NW 924 Bridge Street Route 4143, Box 399A 832 Elizabeth Avenue Route 4191 2522 Springhill Drive, NW Route 4t2 129 Sunrise Avenue I I7 Roanoke, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Wytheville, Virginia Pembroke, Virginia Long Island, Virginia Lebanon, Virginia Long Island, Virginia Pulaski, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Wythev ille , Virginia Shenandoah, Virginia Ronceverte, W. Virginia Richmond, Indiana Stoneville, N.C. Roanoke, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Martinsville, Virginia Copper Valley, Virginia Hinton, W. Virginia Martinsville, Virginia Eastgulf, W. Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Ronceverte, W. Virginia Sinks Grove, W. Virginia Buena Vista, Virginia Hot Springs, Virginia Bassett, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Sutton, W. Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Waynesboro, Virginia Blacksburg, Virginia Pulaski, Virginia Salem, Virginia Winston Salem, N. C. Boones Mill, Virginia New Castle, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Huddleston, Virginia Martinsville, Virginia Gap Mills, West Virginia 3 N.A.T 1.0 Where' s .N.A.L. 4 1 1 1 01116 nts Go Rem emfy First day, First scene ampuS Our C CIT ..r 'r' wi 1- fl QV VL '-5' ,ve ,V , 1,3 E04- ' ef Kennedy 'Z 1 t, 1 it v Y v vv v v v v v v v ' v I left 121 ycha That's nge atb 0111. ome ! me, I tbillk ! want to play I f 371062278 01116 his '60 1 X X X X 364390. Just re sung Rama She can pike Dengue any time. 1115 er NB., h in the X X X X X X X X X X I X X XX X X X X X X 1 !'S1ceI I Who pu X TUB better i this this way here . any how Canclids . Ai M. ,Qu I need all the time Trick Photography I can get- I What's wrong Ron? Hurry-up and wait. ! I l Third from the left, I say . . . 1' m always resting 1 .. Presentatxon Moments 50 Remem6er li we knew then .... Q if ,ul ,. ffm li up I like the old model better. , K Good view, "Goose"? Which is N.B.C? Cancficfs I'm glad I'm a man. 'V' ' Wait, goes up. . ,11,- . .1. f IT-1152 1 , Q 1' 5 ' E I'-W E 1111 H Nl., 11-il' 1.1 , 1, 1 Q 1 1 1 .h ,sv V 1 1 1 1 1. fl 1 1 1 1 .1 ' , ". 1 ".,. 1 1 4 . 5.31: :llliku ' ,L " . .11 - 'W' 3 :"'f5? .1111 .11 2 ' 1 11, 15172 1 z" ' ' ,1y. al.,- Mf . 212 , ' 1.1-iv 1 ' ' ' ' 1 r-1, 1 .xl-. 1. A- " ' .. 5 IF.. 1- Z1- 513 35 ' Z 2- 1 -. 1 1 . , 1 1 i -1 1 l 11. 1 V ,, '1 J. I. ., :V 1 .L- X 114- 1 rf", .,.. 1 , f 1, 'I 1' L, U ,Ni . 1 ., .L brig 1 11' -, 5 '1": ' if zyr .2 21' 3 13- 1 A 51 V- rsf-. 1 up, 1.1, .x ELEM, ?-'z ' . isa-L-1 fb 1. 11, 5? si ' K: .1' . ,, .A, , - . .. J, -L. A,.,.4..,...... -V . AM- ' " J" 1, - 91:-A--:H-L 12.1

Suggestions in the National Business College - Crossroads Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) collection:

National Business College - Crossroads Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 93

1961, pg 93

National Business College - Crossroads Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 7

1961, pg 7

National Business College - Crossroads Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 25

1961, pg 25

National Business College - Crossroads Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 7

1961, pg 7

National Business College - Crossroads Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 17

1961, pg 17

National Business College - Crossroads Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 114

1961, pg 114

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