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o Passages are the shadowed hallways of memory. It seems we remember only those parts of the hallway where a shimmer of light eases our path to a point of understanding. All else is misted by the passing of time. Shaded lights, which went unnoticed, we now realize were the influences that have formed the foundation of our lives, set our morals, taught us love, and have given us reason for continuing the journey . . . tn to T-cnsricns, rom times of wondering, to times of ' " C clt earning life is an everchanging array of r-rOC e z r oblerrs, and feelings. The wonder of how : ° a a or id we ' ve not yet touched, learning c -c ce our own thoughts ana beliefs, from the • a e a esc ope of morals we ' ve encountered. We z z z-e r on old friendships surviving and new ones er- erging ro strengthen the love we feel. We laugh e er cry together, wondering if we will ever c‘- oin together. We have struggled to learn •whcr . Q , mQn y mQ y (-jg hardest lesson of all: leaving the past . . . Channels of many directions open up to us; we are no longer fragile seeds carried by trackless winds, but have roots with which to grasp the soil, and leaves to reach for the sun. Soon we can unfold our petals to show the world what we have done. We have already made the decisions that will determine whom we shall meet, and what we shall see. We have but now to take another step towards our goal of responsibility, self-reliance, and independence. arc life •: 1 . .V ' V ' JSL r .- ' _ — SSV. ' ,.. ' -■ __ - . Peace, brotherhood, and love are characteristics that can only lead to the preservation of mankind. They represent the I values that we strive for daily. This is the essence of life — for all people to realize that we must work together in order to grow, to develop, to mature, and to learn. ALL MEN must unite and toil together so that we can conquer many things: Fatal disease and hunger, bitter national -I a f confrontation and senseless war, insufficient means of energy and misuse of nuclear power, dwindling natural resources and chemical pollution, increasing inflation and consumer problems. When all men conciliate in an atmosphere of coopera- tion, fellowship, and harmony, then these obstacles can be overcome; therefore, we the graduating class of 1980 dedicate our yearbook to the goals of peace, brotherhood, and love for all mankind. I1B ■ ' m ••• m ■■ , - - m ♦ — illPIlill ■y- ' • • Faculty Faculty ! School Committee: top row; Mr. Ambler, Mr. Lebowitz, Mr. Garland, Mr. Saunders, bottom row; Mr. Raider, Mr. Crain, Mrs au «3r Dr. Keefe. %V- - I • ' -- ‘ m , : v We the Class of 1980 extend our warmest thanks to the Ad¬ ministration for sticking by us for the past three years. We ap¬ preciate your hard work, dedication, and undying patience. What more can we say? Thank-you. Mrs. Katherine Flaherty Administrative Intern Mr. Harold Rosen Principal Mr. Francis Collins Vice Principal Mr. Arthur Stickler Vice Principal Mr. " Twinkletoes " Jameson Mrs. Langley and Mr. Quigley dancing the night away. Mr. Holbrook and Mr. Buduo working on the Sassamon. 16 The Industrial Arts Christmas Tea- Leather design with Ms. Rogers. Mrs. Queen The main office at Natick High is the heart of the school operation. Its busy switchboard serves the entire school system. The receptionist and secretaries act as a liaison between students, staff, parents, the general public, and the administrators. Records are compiled and maintained here. Each school day brings a variety of routine duties, and seasonal activity such as preparation for graduation. This year, thanks to the Industrial Arts Department, music has been piped in which adds to the pleasant atmosphere. Mr. Parker Mrs. Giannetti Mrs. Fasano Mrs. Arena Miss Duncan The Guidance Department grew this year, incorporating the Expanding Vocatioal Awareness Project. Occupational Guidance, also known as the " Human side of work " , is the course offered by the project staff to high school juniors and seniors. The project is directed by Elaine Fersh and staffed by Elizabeth Obberfield, Edward Beecher, and Jane Kelly. With the M.O.I.S. computer, career conferences, college conferences, and various other sources available to students in the Guidance office, Natick High students have an extremely competent department looking after their futures. A heartfelt thank-you goes to all the counselors and secretaries of this vital and dedicated department. Mr. Fallon Mrs. Sundeen Mr. Panchuck Mrs. Jones Miss Riordan ! n , • ' mm Ki J| V. , :.Si. 1 - _ ' jh£ V|p?; ! - i . -; » J}? ' r sM ,5W - ' - a-«?pi ;■ - I til You ' ve got to be kidding!” IBs mi m ; - . - -- - Wrsjgy a : iff - - " ££ s -.. . .-_-. ■-V- -- -■- ' -- . .. -i -r__- v-: Alphonso riding that magic bus The Walk-in Center is an informal crisis counseling center serving Natick High ' s students. They are concerned with the potential and the well being of each member of the Natick High School Community. The Walk-in Center provides many services to minimize the fears, tensions and sense of isolation that often exists between people. The Metco Program at Natick High School allows students from the city schools to come to Natick High and learn from this school ' s academic program. The students who participate in these program make many sacrifices to come here and the program is very popular. (Kaetzaa . 1 .. , hJL; T 1 Mrl -j _ Mr. Hill Mrs. Gilbert l .. tt w g-y WHB %?. ¥ m ■ m ■ JiBS Wmi Jfe - A Dr. Rubenstein Mrs. Woodward Miss Hebert CAPS c, CONCIERGE What is this stuff? Mrs. Sullivan - j . WV. • •• • Aw, What s the matter Steve? Mrs. Yokelson edia Services Director Mr. Nowak Mrs. Strong Natick High ' s IMC, more affectionatly known as our library is a very well stocked collection of knowledge. Whether it be a book report, research paper, or just a good book to read, the library is sure to satisfy every need. -- Within the library itself is the media center. The media department provides students with the chance to learn about film production and direction through its Media Tech, courses. Mrs. Brenneman Bl, -c : ■- ' v.-r ' - 3 Mrs. Martin The Special Needs Department at Natick High is a professional team trained to evaluate and provide a variety of services to students with special needs. Since 1974, when chapter 766 became a Massachusetts law, towns and local school committees have been responsible for providing a free, appropriate education for all students, regardless of handicaps. The Special Needs team at Natick High staffs two special classes, three Resource Rooms, an alternative program and Work Study. In addition, they conduct exaluations and provide support services such as counseling, testing and language therapy. Since the aim of special education is to keep students in the mainstream of the school as much as possible, three aides are assigned to work with regular classroom teachers to help them accommodate special learners in their classes. Mrs. Besdine Mrs. Obshatkin Mr. Brenneman Mr. Christie Mrs. Kepper Core Chairperson Mrs. Wilson Buddies Party Pickin Mrs. Thomas Mrs. Motta Mrs. Coffin Miss Turbak Miss DeAngelis • Mrs. Baker Mrs. Highman Speech Therapist R.R. Teacher Bates Rose- Mr Mrs Mr. Garnett, Department Head Mrs. Egleston Miss Dodge Mrs. McLaughlin Mrs. Belote Mr Mr. Holbrook Dr. Ganong Mrs. deGuzmann Mrs. Goldman Mrs. Simms Mr. Minton Mrs. Stipe Mrs. Barry 1 (W 5 JT- Mrs. Javier wrwuii S ssfc: Mrs. Cooper Mr. Keaney Miss Hagameister «• ' t .1 SPi P: ■ -v ■ SSss ' M rnrni «!itm 7 r f:V it T?t v »H tj ?:. :W 7 y% ■ __ -_ Mrs. Harackiewicz Every student who graduates from Natick High must at some time pass through the English Department. With many courses to choose from including mythology, journalism and basic english, there is something to capture everyone ' s attention. Many of the English teachers are involved in activities besides English. Mr. Holbrook is the Sassamon News Magazine Publisher, Ms. Dodge is advisor to the Student Council, and Mrs. Simms advises National Honor Society. Two new teachers were welcome to the English Department Staff, Mrs. Goldman and Mrs. Stipe. For the second year Advanced Placement English was offered to seniors. AP, as it is more commonly known, is a freshman college course designed to give students college credit. This organized and essential department touches every student in the schoolin preperation for the future. Thanks for a job well done! Congratulations to the class of 1980. All of us hope we have helped to make your years at NHS memorable. In addition to the course offerings, we hope you will remember and have learned from the guest speakers, field trips to the courts, prisons, hospitals and museums. We enjoyed being able to sponsor the participation in the Mock U.N. with neighboring TEC towns. Each year the department sponsors and supervises your participation in Student Government Day, class elections, Student Council elections and political affairs. Maybe the all time most exciting event was the visit by Pierre Salinger. As a department we felt extreme pride in being able to sponsor and prepare for this memorable event. We commend the entire school for making the day a truly historic one. We wish each and every one of you continued success and great happiness. Ellen Robertson Mr. Culhane Mr. Lawrence Mr. Morey Mrs. Skall ■ : v ; Mr. Murray Department Hedd Mr. Taddeo Miss Leavitt The Science Department at Natick High provides a diverse selection of courses to students of varied interests and abilities. Students can be seen studying the anatomy of cats, observing a chemical reaction, experimenting with a wave tank, and even studying the stars in the Planetarium. The Science Department saw several personnel changes this year as Mr. Murray was appointed to department head; Mrs. LaBossierre, a Natick High graduate, filled Mr. Murray ' s teaching position. Also, the department lost Miss Byrne, who took over the data processing center. She was replaced by two part-time teach¬ ers, Mrs. Norton and Mrs. Farland. Congratulations are due to Miss Blodgett, who married in the spring and returned as Mrs. Johnson. To the entire Science De¬ partment Staff, The class of 1980 would like to say thank you and wish you good luck. Miss Byrne Mr. Bohannon Mrs. Blodgett-Johnson Mr. Jameson Miss Pierce Mrs. Muller Mrs. Larkin Mr. Buck Mrs. Ghilani L XKiM ; V i ■ - r v ’ V - • ■?; n» : -r m- MW.!- llillllife ■ £ PM tfgb r- i - y lIsT:; - ' ; v.- : : ' :; S : Mr. Wilder Department Head ; ’ Wmm f : ;:l ' - £2f 1-. - - .: • ' 3fc .- ligfc . te SS» : -Ci,V.. Mr. Burnham Mr. Buduo . I IiN ' V ■n ssf : jt- n ; --■V s fX ' .ij ' KH v -v;-- ■$ W ' er-4., : •:•: V v V,.. J Mr. Murphy Mr. Bourdeau v: v w , w iSK :: : • • ' V :.. m wmmm % ■yy- . ' . mrn AV?®. - ■ m . Xv!. rax Ms. Rogers Miss Talbot 25 22 ;. ! 5 23 ci: VWAV-, ' V §w 5 S , ;,. I sfs » 55 :- •- ' -:• " 1 p mi ■ : :■■ ;■; -, Xf!wfiv-v ' .Xv ;; ; ■ - - s : : ::TT: •:3f V.-i C m « " ■5© sm :- m $ 17 . Hk. :;Sv, ■{v £ nrji ,-v- S ' - -■ In the Industrial Arts Department at Natick High a student has a varied option of courses to choose from. From Child Development, to Foods, to Power Mechanics, there is something for virtually everyone. The teachers in this department each attain a very high level of quality craftsmanship in their field. Their excellence provides a creative learning atmosphere. Mrs. Farland Did we have a student teacher? ■ W. " " hammering " it up Mrs. Carter Mr. Duval Mr. Cioffi Mr. Lacouture ' •••; .i. ,, ■ Line it up. Chuck 2V • - • ’ . . ' -r • i-r m mmi The Quinobin Vocational School is one of the many Spe¬ cial Needs Services that Natick High School provides for those students who intend to go right to work after graduation. The school gives specified training in cooking, electronics, car¬ pentry, electricity, art and many more. This school has helped many students find a trade in which they can work and live, so that their lives are made fuller for the experience that the Vocational School has provided. Greg Cormier in electronics Wm , ? v:: • sw.- ■y • .y. Education for business at Natick High School means that students may be preparing for careers in business or for the business of living each day efficiently. Business Education at Natick High School is " big business " and some 1200 students take advantage of one or more busi¬ ness education courses during a year. A look at the employment pages of a daily newspaper will convince anyone that there are job opportunities in business. Students in Business Education at Natick High School are trained for initial jobs. For many years we have not been able to fill all the requests for students to work in business. Careers are made up of jobs; being able to get a job may be the definite first step to a career! B. W. Drown Mr. Drown, Department Head Mr. Thibault Miss Pothier Mrs. Philbrick • " -V Mr. Gaudette f Mrs. Mullahy Mi ■ W: The Foreign Language Department believes that every student should have the opportunity to learn a second language because it believes that every student should be prepared to live in an international world. The road to bilingualism begins in high school and progresses accord¬ ing to the needs of the individual. The staff urges every student to think of the future by beginning to acquire all the necessary skills now. The Foreign Language Department also took in two new teachers this year, Ms. Bernadette Miliauskas and Ms. Carroll-Ann Mullahy. Mr. Bransfield Department Head Mr. Benson Mr. Black The Music Department is open to a wide range of talented students. Between the Marching Band, the Jazz and Brass Ensembles, Concert Band and Choir a talented student is sure to find something he or she enjoys. To everyone involved in the music program we extend our gratitude for always keeping our spirits high. Mr. Houston Mrs. Bergman Miss Grody A Mr. Murphy Mr. Bushenfeldt Mr. Leavitt Among its many functions, the Physical Education Department at Natick High School teaches us to live in this competitive technological world of ours by testing and building our bodies, in order to prepare us for the challenge of life, j Two new teachers Mr. Bushenfeldt and Miss Krech, came to the Physical Education Department this year and we know that they will always strive to help us in any way they can. For this, we the Class of 1980, thank them and all the members of the Physical Education Department. Miss Kreck Mr. Carroll — Athletic Director — J p Vm rwi Jt Miss Vasile Mr. Whelan — Phys. Ed. Director we, i of the t kind of Nowak . t • i ’ • ' -7 V k - - ’ ' I ' i i , »• • • i ■ • »J : apprec Clubs Cl YEARBOOK Editor Brenda Wilcox, Advisor Ms. Rogers, and Editor Erica Lindgre ' - home parking ON V The 1980 Sassamon Staff Junior Editor Steve Hayes Brenda Wilcox Erica Lindgren EDITOR . COPY EDITOR . JR. EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER ADVISOR . COVER DESIGN INTRO CLOSING FACULTY . NOSTALGIA Incoronata Pagliuca .Mark Carmel .Kate Shanfield Mark Carmel Robin Fay .Cathy Martin Barbara Meadows Kelli Constantine . Roberta Levenson Beth Rudloff . Sue Taves Brenda Wilcox Donna Giannetti Phil Fougere . Stephen Hayes Ms. Jane Rogers SENIORS . . . Erica Lindgrei Bessy D zi Dawn Thomas Tammy Kerz • .Inc Pag ' ucq Mark Ca- ’-r Debra Bla e r c r Roberta Levenso Robir .Steve H a. es CLUBS EVENTS SENIOR WEEK THE ARTS SPORTS GRADUATION PATRONS Ooohh Kate!! Working on Nostalgia RAU7 BANNf The Bake Sale on the Commons Support your Sassamon! r r-1 hr _ f n Cj wmm Executive Boar Sophomore mr r Front Row: Jane Clancey, Elisa Taylor, Tammy Bottner, Tammy Parker, Diane Cobo, Maryellen Edwards, Elaine Cole. Second Ro- Linda Lord, Barbara Strachan, Kathy O ' Reilly, Emily Walk, Adam Gilbert, Joyelyn McGrill, Kim Foulke, Bob Black, Fraici- Haywood, Anne Collori, Tracey Manna, Laurie Pocher, Charleen Dallet. Not Pictured: Steve Erlich and Steve Handelsman. Junior 1st row: L-R, L. Wolk, M. Burns, S. Smith, M. Ellenbogen, J. Ehrlich, R. Venditti, J. Mahoney. 2nd row: K. Magasanik. C _J Rollins, C. Kim, T. Saras, T. Songer, L. Tomasetti, R. Randolph, R. Collette, J. Fenzel, B. Ahem, J. Maeir, P. Fleming, R. Ae nbu ' C ■ Student Council “He Student Council under the leadership of President Tim Adams, Vice President, Nicole Dowling, Treasurer Dan Falby, Secretary Wendy Weagle and Corresponding Secretary, Ann Schellenberg, had a most successful fund-raising year. The Student Council raised over $1800 for the Cambodian Refugees, participated in the March of Dimes Walkathon, cancer Society Bowlathon and donated 80 pints of blood to ne Red Cross. SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS: Zieff, Beth Barrett, Linda Bernstein, Vicki Abbott, Ron Adams, Tim Alintuck, Martin Arnold, Joanne Aube, Larry Auble, Susan Bellantoni, Stephen Ballan, Cindy Capobianco, Angie Carmel, Mark Checani, Carolyn Corbosiero, Jean Dowling, Nicole Espanola, Wilfrido Falby, Dan Forance, Jim Gooding, Beth Graham, Mark Haigis, Kathy Hansen, Hiedi Hickey, Ellen Kim, Helen Marr, Bonnie McMahon, Ethan Meadows, Barbara Memishian, Joyce Powers, Susan Recchion, Cindy Sanfillipo, Phil Schellenberg, Ann Shanfield, Kate Shrier, Dana Tai, Juliette Thistle, Kathy Untersee, Steven Wald, Sue Weagle, Wendy Yorks, Ann Bottner, Tammy Brack, Ken Dininio, Phyllis Ehrlich, Stephen Fay, Robin Filledes, Pete Fitzpatrick, Jim Flink, Henry Foley, Jen Gately, Mary Gilbert, Adam Gilbert, Myles Greenwood, Theresa Hurwitz, Alan Levenson, Laura Mahoney, Ted Manna, Tracie Nathanson, Stacy Nelles, Wendy Perlstein, Howard Porcella, Diane Porter, Jeff Press, Debbi Rubenstein, Wade Shapiro, Debbie Sinclair, Lynette Smith, Gary Southwick, Romma Spezzano, Nancy Wallace, Sandy Wagman, Richard Waxier, Sheryl White, David Winer, Debbie Ashenafi, Nina Baker, John Bram, Robin Crohan, Cindy Demko, Donna DiPalma, Karen Ersoff, David Forsythe, Judy Fox, Rachel Garrett, Lisa Graham, Michele Harris, Robert Honan, Anne Hoyt, Barbara Johnson, Lisa Kachadorian, Lesley Kaskon, Tammy Kelly, She ryl Kreda, Susan Kryzak, Pam Leary, Christopher Lee, Ginger Margil, Julie Mavretic, Irene Memishian, Barry Nazeritian, Lisa O ' Leary, Tricia Pa Uadi no, Lynn Paul, Mary Beth Pritzker, Angie Saras, Tracy Smith, Sherri Songer, Terrie Stone, Jay Tomasetti, Laura Venditti, Robin Vercelli, John Weagle, Lisa Zobair, Shazia 45 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Mandi Zaltas Mark DeBruyn Ellen Hickey Elizabeth Gringeri Mrs. Janice Simms Miss Karen A. Byrne President: Vice-President: Secretary: T reasurer: Faculty Advisors MEMBERS ADMITTED MAY 2, 1979 Joseph Emanuelli Wilfrido Espanola Daniel Falby John Foundus Maria Gallo Elizabeth Gringeri Lauren Henrikus Ellen Hickey Charles Hooper Kevin Hughes Br adford Hunsaker Sheryl Hunter John Kane Erica Lindgren David Marchetti Carol Mason Donna McFarlane Karen Murray Michael Rich Neal Ringquist Phillip Sanfilippo George Sellew Allison Smith Steven Untersee Cathy Wasserman Glen Wright Jeffery Yarkin Anne Yorks Mandi Zaltas Rona Id Abbott ' Joanne Arnold Lawrence Aube Joann Barbieri Stephan Bellantnoi Rachael Berkowitz Virginia Brack Susan Cassedy Karen Cemach Linda Cohen Andrew " Crain Mark DeBruyn Leigh Ann Eckert Elise Elman CLASS OF 1980 ADMITTED MAY 5, 1980 Scott Grady Helen Kim Anne Lentini Donald Lindsay Elizabeth MacDonald Noreene McEvoy Maryann McNeil Pamela Bassett Jane Benson Jane Boyle Gary Davidson Joanne Ettinger Susan Friedman Carole Fryklund Janet Nason John Oakley Lori Perkins Audrey Philbrick Susan Powers Debora Ruiter CLASS OF 1981 ADMITTED MAY 5, 1980 Linda C. Farrington Jec Janes Fitzpatrick Sw Jennifer A. Foley Pe ' Anne Forance Me Kimberly Foulke La Steven Freilich Ro David Freniere Le: Evana R. Gerstman De Adam M. Gilbert Da Michael B. Goldberg Lis Michael S. Goldberg Ca Steven G. Handelsman Sh Lawrence M. Harding Ke Nancv E. Irwin Linda M. Barrett Melissa A. Bassett Erik P. Belt Vicki Bernstein Tammy B. Bottner Edward A. Bove Carol M. Broklebank Diane E. Cabo John Cavanaugh Julie Diagle Phyllis Dininio Gregg Doherty Stephen Ehrlich TT ' TT -r-nwi Competitive Speech Team The Natick High School Competitive Speech Team once again c — outstanding season. The sixty-two members of the team travelled throug o- state winning the first place team sweepstakes at all of the major tourna—e " : the year. The season was crowned with glory when, on April 12th tne captured the state title at the Massachusetts Forensic League State Tournarre- Fitchburg State College. State champions for 1979-1980 from Natick Hgh Sc- include: Debbie Shapiro, Poetry Reading; Jeff Porter, Group Discussion; jess Ladd, Freshman Sophotnore Extemp and the Natick Multiple Reading Spec congratulations are in order to Mr. Gerald Dyer, whose tireless effo C ' C. about such accomplishments. A most sincere thank you is expressed to h — all of the members of the Speech team. Cr St " ' ■‘T:-; • ' ■ v ' .v, •; ;,V ' ' i ' I ' i ' j First row, I to r: J. Phillips, D. Schlesinger, D. Shrier, K. Herosian, T. Mahoney, R. Collette, K. Plummer, S. Cassedy, R. Schwartz, L. Johnson, M. Dau. C Porter, K. Schellenberg, D. Press, J. Gooding, A. Schellenberg, D. Press, R. Southwick. Second row, I to r: G. Long, R. Smith, B. Noonan, C. Blair, B. Cormier, C. Kim, R. Wagman, J. Bruns, J. Ladd, C. Slamin, C. Bartels, N. Keohane, T. Saras, W. Nelles, R. Fox, E. Cole, S. Nole, D. Shapiro, S. Wald, E. McMahon Mr. Gaudette. Third row, I to r: B. Clancy, S. Bellantoni, J. Venezia, A. Crain, G. Braverman, J. Tai, M. Azanow, M. Goldberg, D. Keohane, K. Hughes Mr Dyer. Fourth row, I to r: S. Waxier, W. Espinola, J. Emanuelli, M. DeBruyn, L. Mancuso, J. Keohane, S. Claus, A. Ball, J. Porter, J. Brown. Afro Modern7Ja; Dance Troope The Afro Modern Jazz Dance Troope is a new extra-curricular activity this 1979-1980 school year. As it is instructed by Sandra Herbert of the METCO department it is open to all Natick High School students. Although, throughout the year many students have participated in routine exercises and learning dance combinations, only a few are dedicated to demanding prac¬ tices and are willing to perform at various locations. The performing dancers are: Natalie McConts, Janell Still, Mar- tia Webster and Sophia Williams. 49 Marching Band row 1 — D. Huey, J. Mascot, B. Mack, S. Alexander, D. Abbot, P. DiGiandomenico, J. Connell, A. Hurwitz, H. Peristein, P. Kates, M. Gilfoil, S. Kreda. rr. - 2 — G. Wright, J. Sturniolo, B. Biledeo, M. Debruyn, J. Emmanueli, M. Randolf, M. Hugh es, M. Daniello, K. Plummer, L. Farrington, M. Brackley, K. Egar - Nanos, A. Weinburg, H. Diamond, B. Auble, W. Nelles, H. Chapin, row 3 — G. Cormier, L. Harding, T. Daly, D. Moynihan, R. Greenfield, S. Johnsror 3 Checani, K. Vandermark, W. Rubenstein, A. Crain, R. Abbot, K. Hughes, M. Morrow, A. Hilaker, D. Schiff, row 4 — D. Shapiro, S. Smith, J. Daigle _ Johnson, M. Daly, E. Gersman, J. Burwick, L. Lloyd, T. O ' Leary, A. Weidon, D. Linsky, T. Polito, row 5 — J. Nason, E. Checani, T. Cortin, J. Kates, J • dc ' " i, L. Peirce, M. Coppelleti, row 6 — J. Goward, M. Goldberg, T. Untersee. n Hcv Pai Zrs Tr Z Dc e • 2 ngfon, Laune ocner Margaret Hancock, Andrea Jasinski, Maureen N oonan, And Colari Band Council (L to R) Glen Wright, Drum major — Ron Abbott, Band President — Peter Kates, Sophomore representative — Dean Abbott, equipment manager — Beth Bilodeau, librarian — John Kates, Vice President — Deborah Shapiro, publicity — Evana Gerstman, Secretary. Natick High School Percussion Ensemble — (L to R) Alan Hurwitz, Tom Powers, Dean Abbott, Dave Rubin, Howaru Perlstein, Ron Abbott, Peter Kates, Mark Thomas — Conductor. Northeastern District Pa rticipants Participants in Northeastern District Concert Festival 198 C (Lto R) Dean Abbott, Glen Wright, Evana Gerstman, Rebeccc Auble, Andre Crain. ym 5 Marr K 3 iummer, J. Bartlett, B. Gooding, L. Johnson, J. 2:: rov. - Bedtowitz, J. Cormier, S. Nole, B. Morse, A. TSrzn, B. Morr. ym - u— e r J. Bartlett, B. Gooding, L. Johnson, J. Ladd - j 2c— er B. Morse, S.Marr, A. Davidson, B. Marr. Members of Northeastern District Chorus Members of Massachusetts All-State Chorus Chamber Singers And Concert Che Chamber Singers — 1st row: S. Marr, B. Morse, B. Gooding, 2cd row: A. Davidson, S. Cassedy, A. Crain, J. r eft. B. Marr, L. Johnson, J. Ladd, G. Wright, 3rd row: J. Cormier, J. Adams, M. Goldberg, K. Plummer, S. Concert Choir— 1st row: S. Nole, J. Thompson, A. Davidson, S. Cassedy, A. Crain, J. Bartlett, B. Morse, B. Marr, N. Keohane, K. Plummer, P. Bowser, L. Johnson, B. Gooding, 2cd row: B. Skoletsky, S. Marr, R. re r kowitz, J. Adams, J. Cormier, M.B. Hannon, J. Ladd, A. Cormier, J. Tai, M. Goldberg, J. Arnold, J. Boyle, . ates, J. Venezoa, D. Shier, G. Wright, S. Smith, L. Stamoulis 3rd row: S. David, G. Quinton, L. Kilroy, M. -’c ' - ' cock, M. Graham, D. Press, J. Knight, N. Melanson. Missing from picture: A. Ball, D. Cammarata, L. Doswell, D. Linsky, L. Spaulding, K. Thistle, K. Touchette, S. Wald. Concert Choir Officers — Peter Bo se ' D res de James Knight — Publicity, Sue Cassed — Sec f tary, Lea Stamoulis — Librarian, Ben Morse — equipment. N.H.S. CHOIR mon The past year was a time of growth and expansion for the Sassamon Newsmagazine. c or the second year, every aspect of producing and printing the newsmagazine was done in the school, and a grant frorr the State Department of Education brought $20,000 of new typesetting equipment to Natick High School. This new equipment, along with a new room exclusively for Sassamon use, will allow the staff to do everything, except the actua printing, in the Sassamon News office. The staff size increased for the first time in three indicating that the Newsmagazine is becoming more popular as c school activity. Seven staff members elected the Sassamon Practicum course for credit, meeting during F period. Editor George Long, in the first investigative report of the year, made a revealing discovery of the misuse of paper trays ir ' he cafeteria. After the article was printed, this health hazard was aliminated by the use of washable plastic trays. The staff, led by editors Lisa Cyr and Jinny Brack and advised by William Holbrook, included News editor Jeff Porter -eatures editor Mary Grassey, Arts editor George Long, Sports editor Myles Gilbert, Girls Sports editor Karen Murray, Bo s Sports editor Russ Whinnem, and Business manager Jeff Brown. Maryellen Edwards, Martin Alintuck, Peter Bowser anc Kenny Brack were also members of the staff. L to R — G. Long, L. Cyr, Advisor, Mr. Holbrook, K. Murray, M. Alintuck, Back row — C. Martin. Missinc from Picture; G. Brack, J. Porter, M. Grassey, M. Gilbert, J. Brown, M. Edwards, R. Whinnem, P. Bowser, K Brack, G. DeSantis, P. Fillides and S. Ehrlich. ) ' Jjr wmm This year ' s best seller at Natick High School was the Literary Magazine entitled " Reflexions 80 " . A combina- ion of art, poetry, and short stories, " Reflexions 80 " is created entirely by the students. Due to the large staff ' s ambition and dedication the Literary Magazine was a huge success. Advisor — Mrs. Carole Barry Editor in Chief — Ken Brack Poetry — Joyce Memishian, Lisa Walk, Sheryl Waxier, Linda Barrett Phyllis Dininio, Mary Grassey, Elaine Coll, Peter Dudziak, David Troy, Adam Gilbert, Ken Brack. Layout — Lisa Wolk, Kenneth Bate, Ken Brack, Bea Gringeri, Tod Dim- mick, Gregg Checani, Carol Brocklebank. Art — Mary Carol Burns, Carol Bartels, Lisa Wolk. Type — Karen Wells 55 Hono ir, J. Tai, L. Cyr, back row — M. Vachon, S. Bellontoni, P. Holmes, G. DeSantos Front row — D. Press, A. Shellenberg, D. Shrier, J. Cormier, L. Mancuso, W. Weagle, Ti Parker ntemotional Students Club This year the former AFS club was transformed into the International Students Club. The purpose of this club is to unite those students who have an interest in foreign cultures, and to explore the different aspects of these interests. This year we have had a luncheon and we hope to meet more foreign students. Membership is open to anyone. MUNCH OUT !!! Looks good ! Mr. Rosen enjoying a good meal. Mary Gately, a professional pie eater. cup, left to right Ms. DiGiandomenico (advisor) Sue Finnerty, Mrs. Jones (advisor), Cheryl Janse, Incoronata, :c ucca, Jonathan Kates, Nina Ashanafi, Mary Gately, Elaine Coll, Ricky Moreau, Debra Huwe, Ms. L. Riordan rivisor), Cathy Klevens. Cheryl Janse looks on. Mr. D. Crow, Mike Goldberg, Jon Adroms, Mike Coppeletti, Jim Grossey. Missing: Peter Morkou, President Student Credit Union The Student Credit Union, advised by Mr. Thibault, is the only credit union run by students in the nation. The credit union has over 400 N.H.S. students with bank ac¬ counts, which has made the student credit union a recog¬ nized success. Vice-Presidents — Will Espanola, Chris Costa Secretary — Cathy Martin Treasurer — Tammy Parker • 59 The 1980 Ski Club, organized by Ms. Rogers and Mr. Houston started out strong with over 50 members. Due to New England ' s unusually mild season, and lack of snow the Ski Club only took one trip. Ms. Rogers and the eighteen skiers who took to the slopes of Water- ville Valley were graced with snow and about the best conditions of the season. The Waterville Valley Bunkhouse pro¬ vided the food and fun! We are looking forward to the 1981 Ski Season. Packing up to head home vm. JLit ia , iu Arte THE PUPPET I lead a puppet ' s life, To Write ... To write is to grasp a moment a mood a memory. That moment is and will always pulled by many strings, run by other people, manipulating me. It is always show time, painted smile masking, the play continues on, until the masters stop. Yet thoughts of mine are hidden feelings locked inside, the strings restricting, I cannot reach the key, and my mind is screaming — Who is puppetmaster? Marianne Chagnor remain. To write is to bring it to light, so that I may feel it again and hold it in my hands. next, the computer said and i stepped forwa rd feeling like a lifeless brown manikin tossed away and all alone, knowing that i ' m not wanted, useless and completely nonfunctional against this superior being this brain-child of a man. and when the computer said " no identification given, " i had to tell it that when the card had asked " who are you? " that i just couldn ' t answer. Joyce Memishia the Challenge and so the man with fire in his eyes raised the pen to challenge the Jovian javelins and beat upon the shoulders of Atlas with a club snapped from an apple tree, upon resting from his infinite labors he spied a blind man in the distance sitting by the seashore, laughing and listening to the ocean ' s roar in seashells gathered by a peaceful cove. Steven R. Untersee l ARJUNA Darkness paints itself into the corners of the room. S ; ence creeping across the shaggy rug. Cone smoke drifting upwards in swirls. Aroma penetrating, filling the still air. Legs, crossed like a pretzel. Back, rigid in relaxation. Palms, turned to the world above. Eyes, staring ahead, refusing to blink to lose concentration. Silence spears the mind, searching, examining, analyzing for truth ' egarding creation, destruction of a Beholding all shapes, species, colors, kinds. Responding to all images in unity. Disecting- Tossing out speculations, believing nothing for fact. A Promise Sharing thoughts, Engraving your feelings in another heart. Painting a mural in someone ' s eyes. Freeing yourself from your own confines. A promise in itself. Joyce Memishian My body may it roam. ‘.Ay mind may it soar. My soul may it fly over existing barriers. Reaching, yearning for peace over the edge of the barriers. May I fulfill my reason for being, my search to become whole. Lisa De Palo Roberta Levenson — watercolors imagination is more important than knowledge; for knowledge is limited, while imagination embraces the entire world. — Albert Einstein Gerri Fair — oils Nancy Colton — oils mm The Can-Can chorus line. Boris makes a point. □ □ Waiting for the snap The Redmen wall First row I to r: A. Cosimini, E. Thalheimer, E. Slamin, R. Green, N. Ringquist, C. Costa, Co-capt. T. Thomas, Co-capt. G. Sellew, M. Belantoni, M. Donahue, S. Grady, T. Donahue, J. Kane. Second row I to r: G. Powers, P. Gusmini, B. Perry, P. Sanfillipo, S. Murtaugh, R. Ham, B. Fitzgerald, K. Paul, B. Parker, N. Jasinski, C. Carr, M. Montgomery. Third row I to r: J. Venezia, T. Looby, J. Thomas, J. Mclver, J. Hladick, C. D ' Antonio, J. Cooke, D. Flutie, R. Costello, B. Scholl, B. Murphy, J. Crane, J. Katziff. Fourth row, I to r: P. Francoise, C. Gavin, A. Giovannis, D. Williams, S. Hooley, D. Hartwell, M. Skinner, C. Wolf, J. Whitney, A. Gemey. Fifth row I to r: J. Holland, A. Engle, M. MacGregor, J. Cavanaugh, W. Piachy, M. Wiles, L. Harding, G. Mcgrath, D. Thornquist, M. Trabucco, R. Ellis, T. Lament, S. Johnson. League Champs (almost post-game St. Louies; Walpole aftermath; Outstanding kick — Ai Cosimini. Joe Palucca, big tall oak tree, coconut sandwich. Turkey Day Disaster, Black Thursda. Partners, Steelers. Than s Coaches. Wellesley Revenge! Braintree Squeakers. Wreckless Abandon. We ' re gonna h t and hit and hit . . .! Bruta Brigade. Last time out here Seniors. Last 100 yards. The family. The Pit. Elmo!! and Huey!! V 4 J t Hi m i ' PPPf?:- : 4;v H i Imm : ■ ■ -irst row I to r: J. Christie, W. Roberts, P. Mahoney, M. Morrow, T. Brown, G. Yancey, J. Kane, S. Sarkisian, T. Kirby, T. Ha swell, J. Peterson, J. Evans, J. Lamont. Second row, I to r: T. Hopkins, T. Mack, R. Slattery, R. Frost, R. Sanford, D. Rudloff, D. Wright, J. Larracey, C. Chase, R. Zanchi, T. O ' Callaghan, C. Quilty, K. Thorsen. Third row, I to r: Coach Buschenfeldt, J. Teti, S. Needels, D. Sticka, R. Bolton, J. Fitzpatrick, K. Witzell, K. Donahue, J. Peterson, J. Guernelli, C. Millet, Coach Murphy. With a " super group of se ' and other fine players, the Nafic High Football team started the season with high expectations. Natick ' s tough schedule had Dedham, Norwood and Walpoie a- " the road, but the tough Redmen cs only to Norwood in a close cc- ' es A first in the BSL, the Redmen cs e: a night game before a packed " •c-s despite a complete downpour Natick ' s superb offense and ce " £ s- won this game against v -o ' 3-- - But, Natick ' s tourney hopes •••£ ' £ crushed on " Black Thursda w e Natick lost the annual Than sg • r : Day game against Framingha- - South. The Redmen finished n second place with a 7-3 reco r c Co-captains George Sellew and Ted Thomas turned in a superc season under Coach Lamb. Ju c ' Doug Flutie was voted MVP. Contributing seniors were A Cosimini, Eric Thalheimer, Ed Slamin, Rod Green, Nea R ngqu s Chris Costa, Mark Bellanton Mark Donahue, Scott Grady, Ted Donahue, John Kane, Pau Gusmi ' Phil Sanfillipo, Steve Murtagh Ric Ham, Brian Fitzgerald, Ken Pa Bob Parker, Neil Jasinski, C n " s Sc " Jim Mclver and Joe Hladick. mssmm:- ... After the toss ■¥« . t y- -■ ■v rf • . -wy .» - - - -y ■ . - 1 M J m Handoff to Murtagh S Defense gets tough ; ’.U iti MORNING MUNCHIES! Donuts! Baby Ackle Pancake . . . Powder fights . . . Red MM . . . " Get Psyched . . . ECS . . . Puddle fights . . . Channel 5 Us . . . Have a GOOD DAY . . . Catch It! War Paint?! Rebels! Sore Baby Loser. . . SUN!! Camera shy? WE LOVE PRACTICE!! CH-CH-CH girls! Go Red! MGB . . . Thanks Mrs. McP! NHS 1 — always! Indian mascots S. Jones, K. Murray, B. Meadows. The domino theory Bassett, L. Fortier. Back row, 11 M. Gately, Co-capt. S. O ' Brien 13 0 Front row I to r: Co-captains R. Ryan, L. Alexander, K. Haigis. Back row I to r: V. Bernstein, D. Salvoni, M. Kozlowski Eckert, J. Wallace, C. Wasserman, A. Ward, B. Wilcox, T. Parker, Coach Beth Grady. . i 1 4m L. U,| i ' rx S - Ipr H3 To the rescue! -ront row I to r: J. Fenzel, K. Paul, M. Burns, A. Taylor, M. Edwards, R. Fox, C. DeMasi, B. Dwyer. Back row I to r: S. D ' Angelo, L. Katchadorian, S. Ciccarelli, L. Stamper, C. Cummings, S. Smith, K. Dugan, G. Quigley, J. Dozois L. Rollins, Coach Beth Grady. ♦ « Tri-captain Kathy Haigis. jsk Donna Salvoni on the attack. X The Girls ' Field Hockey Tec ■■ by Tri-captains Robin Ryan Lc Alexander, and Kathy Ha gis ends with a 2-16-0 record. " The r ecc- ' Z no indication of how hard the e-a worked with their spirit and e 1 thusiasm shining througn! s c t Coach Grady. Senior Tr-cap ' a Robin Ryan, center ha fbacl-. wc named MVP and Bay Stc e _ec;. All-star, while co-player B r e zz » ♦ cox, a must on the of ensi»e gained the MIP title. Other outstcn ing performers for Nat ck - ere 3 niors Lois Alexander, Katn. : Jill Wallace, Cathy Wasse r c Anne Ward, and Leigh Ecken- Nine, Nobody knows 5 , Diet-pepsi, fish, oo-ah M M cookies, Porke r s, H.P.L., laps, I.B.T.C., Snow?! Merestead Mandy B. Billy 1 fans, Is the r e a medic? Go for it! Be es Pinkies on the window, This end up, K.L.K. Bus rides, SPIRIT! Thanx -Miss Grady! v m ■- strafe % a r IMs ._ ■ l •, Front row I to r: J. McLean, L. Strasner, J. Kinchla, Co-captains M. Rich and J. Yarckin, M. Debruyn, A. Rollins. Bac‘ row I to r: R. Berkowitz, D. Marchetti, M. Long, D. Frenier, J. Fich, R. Robinson, N. Gibbons, P. Dugan, P. Amabile, Brack, M. Goldberg, E. McMahon, Coach R. Steele, Coach F. Conte. Natick on their toes! sr •i- ?mx- Ifei. if -■ - • _• •: •• ‘■Z- W -■ Jk s-= x - ' S Co-captain Jeff Yarckin Outta my way! NATICK over south 1 1 3 79 MOHAWKS . . . Captains Yahoo and Myran . . . Thanks coaches . . . Ronnies chicks . . . No Dukes . . . Playin ' in the Dust Bowl . . . Double Session Dog Days . . . Issued 24, Re¬ turned 12??? Hey Ken, Save the Whales . . . Wres¬ tling mat blues at Union . . . Who took those sweats? . . . Vic and Mic, Giorgio, Goose and Chet, Goldie, Duck, Kinch, Andy, Dave ... 3 years Varsity-M.R. and J.Y. . . . We all hate intervals! Bump, Set, Spike ,||l " C - ; V r ». jtr ‘r: Up l Pep talk from the coach Co-captains Jane Reed and Diane O ' Connell -ront row I to r: L. Ordway, C. Ciccarelli, M. Noonan, S. Sallet. Back row I to r: K. O ' Malley, M. Daniello, J. Forsythe, J. Berwick, K. Magasanik, C. Crohan, C. Garland, D. Kirshtel, Coach Quigley. i irrr The Girls Volleyball Team, ec z. Co-captains Diane O ' Conne ard Jane Reed finished with t-e ces combined record (Varsity and J • in the history of the team: 23 wins cn-c 13 losses. With outstanding sc £5 and spirit the team barely rrissec e post season playoffs. The season highlight was a television appec ' - ance playing against league- eoding Brockton. Despite losing by a n margin, the coach and team it was the best played ga e c -€ season. Outstanding players inc ucec Cz- captains O ' Connell and Reed who was chosen unsung hero for tre “aI season. Senior Ann Rosenkranz z Bay State League all-star co r i- buted with spectacular serves Se¬ niors Jane Benson and Kathv p e e r - son played consistently throug ou- the season. Quigs " Dempsey s Donuts. Pancake Power. Joe Teccis. Bump, ser spike.- " I feel good Se r ' em up. Be tough girls. Spike it. Watermelor. Thanks Miss Leavitt ard Steve Melchiori. Good luc to the 1980 team. □ □ For the first time, the Natick High Golf Team played their sea¬ son in the fall instead of the usual spring golf season. Under Coach Hugh O ' Conner, the team posted a 3-6 record. Basically a rebuilding year, the high point of the season was a spectacular win over Brain¬ tree. This was the first time in sev¬ enteen years that a Redmen team was able to defeat the Wamps. Se¬ nior Marc Harrienger, winner of the Most Improved Golfer award, was the most consistent golfer and played a key role in each of the victories. First row, I to r: M. Harrienger, L. Aube. Second row: Coach O ' Conner, J. Co " Of ' row I to r: J. Quirk, S. Jones, C. Fletcher, Co-captains S. Berger and S. Muhlfelder, G. Fair, M. Zaltas, K. Milty ••Wray. Back row I to r: Coach Jim Linsky, C. Demasi, N. Spezzano, L. Palladino, S. Sallet, L. Pocher, J. Burwick, M. Zic ello, L. Kachadorian. Coach Linsky ' s Varsity Tennis •earn, led by co-captains Suzanne Berger and Sandy Mulhfelder, set a new school record this season with 0 wins and 8 loses. Suzanne was • oted MVP by her teammates and cnosen for the BSL all-star team by " e league ' s coaches. Karen Milty Murray, voted the Most Improved P ayer, teamed up with Judy Quirk at ' rst doubles, while Gerri Fair and Carolyn Fletcher formed a formidible second doubles team. Wendy Bortman was impressive at third singles while seniors Susan Jones end Mandi Zaltas also made signifi¬ cant contributions. This year ' s JV team, under Coach Bill MacGregor, finished at the top of VVe did it! the league with an outstanding ;« «_ r ecord of 17 wins and 1 loss. l In between bug spraying and snakes . . . Coach is back to stay! JRL ' s Jump¬ ing J ' s ... YDNEW, she runs?? Saturday dough¬ nuts, Wallaces, and double bagels. Crankem ' ! Milt play us a tune. Big Bird. What pie? The phan¬ tom foot massager? She really does have legs!! Needham ' s nightmare (s.s,)!! WEDGIE WAR¬ RIORS. " I demand matur¬ ity. " -As the sun sets at Framingham South . . . " We are all friends " ! Senior Milty Murray ready for attack. □ □ - vW ' :; ' P S-i. ' . ' SfJKR . -■.•-v ' ,- , v- ' ' : : SX? Front row I to r: Coach Oakes, P. Wright, J. Bartlett, Co-captains D. Ruiter and M. Daly, S. Sutfin, G. Fair. Middle row I to r: S. Colder, T. Coffin, L. Southwick, D. Linsky, R. Bram, E. Ricci, D. Fair. Back row I to r: N. Southwick, K. Pratt, C. Cetrone, H. Milne, J. Leavitt, P. Quinn, L. Lloyd. Into the swim of things Coach Oakes Thanx Kath! Pud Deb, what leaders! Pud school starts at eight. Deb, where did you put the MnM ' s? Noelle, watch the football games at Coolidge field next year! Patty, you MUST breath! Life in the slow lane, Geri, Stacey and Patty. Good luck in 80 ' from Deb, Pud, Geri, Patty, Jayne and Stacey. The Girls Swim Team plunged into the Bay State League and surfaced with a 2-5-0 record. Coached by Kathy Oakes and captained by Deb Ruiter and Marianne Daly, the girls perservered in a relatively unrecog¬ nized sport. Outstanding swimmers for Natick were Deb Ruiter, MVP of the team, Marianne Daly, Patty Wright, Jayne Bartlett, Stacey Sutfin, Geri Fair, and Laurie Lloyd. The Boys ' Swim Team dunked the opposition in the Bay State League ”his season under the guidance of Coach Mary Pierce and Tri-captains Frank McShane, Jim Crisafulli and Mike Rich. The team lost the BSL title with a disappointing loss to a power¬ ful Framingham South team, but their record of 7-2 stands as a suc¬ cessful season for Natick swimming. At the end of the season, Jim Crisafulli and Frank McShane were awarded the Coaches Award. Bill Chaulk won the Most Improved Swimmer and Steve Ehrlich won the Most Valuable award. Other out¬ standing swimmers were seniors Peter Bibo, Sean Mack, Andy Rollins, Mark Carmel, Joe Richards, Dave Marchetti, Andy Trackman and un¬ derclassmen Steve Ruiter, Jim Erhlich and David Shedd. 5-1, Frank, War-paint, BUCK, STEVE pepper- shaker, " Brutus " , Way- land, Springfield 79, Kram-Lemrac, The 500, Mike 1 diver, Natick DROWNS Wellesley, Bill ' s Flying, We all survived the tough practices, licorice, oreos, team spirit, The team of 80 passes it on! SflSP ' Sjsi: IP M 1 231 , -I (Mr ii W Jfcr MJi.yw ? ' ’ISP Strive for perfection ' KMBi Sft M .• K : J, : , . 1 ft- - Natick Hangs Dedham 1 i ■ ■ 1 f N5 First row I to r: M. Carmel, J. Richards, Tri-capts. M. Rich, F. McShane, J. Crisafulli, D. Marchetti, A. Trockman, Coach Peirce. Second row I to r: B. Chaulk, S. Erhlich, D. Shedd. Third row I to r: J. Black, S. Mack, A. Rollins, J. Thomas, T. Powers. Fourth row I to r: D. Lavery, L. Peirce, J. Ehrlich, S. Ruiter, P. Bibo. A □ 0 1 IM — The crowd goes wild! Alright Natick! ;cr: it SLt- Front row I to r: S. Parise, J. McLean, B. Parker, Tri-captions B. Nee, T. Liverios and P. Theriault, J. Driscoll, P. Maguire, B. LaCouture, D. LaCouture. Middle row I to r: Coach Bates, Coach Cerulla, K. Polgarian, J. Baker, B. Till, R. Costello, T. Sheehee, C. D ' Antonio, L. Nickinello, M. Reynolds, M. Phipps, B. Murnhv. Coach LaCouture. Several highlights in the sea¬ son were knocking out Norwood twice, and clobbering arch-rival Framingham South, with the second game determining whether Natick or South would go to the tourney. Three out¬ standing young men and hockey players from Natick were chosen to the Bay State League All-Star team. Bill Nee, senior tri-captain on defense, Junior, Brian Till, forward and Junior, Richie Cos¬ tello, forward. In addition, Richie Costello was selected by the coaches as the Most Valuable Player in the League. Paul Maguire in goal. Bob Parker on defense, and Jeff Driscoll were three seniors, who along with the captains, all played well. A harsh word from the coach Goalie Paul Maguire WfvKV’S;. : ; The hockey tear coached by Bill LaCoutur and lead by tri-capta r Ted Liverios, Bill Nee or. Paul Theriault, ended v. a 12-5-1 record an placed 2nd in the Be State League. A goal for Natick □ □ Look like a Natick team, act like a Natick team and win like a Natick team. Sweep. Record breaking relay team. Natick track is back. " I ' d just like to say " . Finally a track and heat to boot. Sorry gymnasts. 5-3. Thanks Mr. B(l) and Mr. B(2)! 55 % First row, I to r: G. Cormier, K. Haigis, K. Semac, E. Elman, M. Noonan, J. Kelly, C. Katz. Second row, I to r: B. Santello, J. For- ance, J. Delvecchio, D. Falby, tri-capts. K. Vaccari, B. Duffy, P. Sanfillipo, P. Quigley, B. Shea, S. Murtagh, J. Foundas, E. McMa¬ hon. Third row, r to I: Coach Burnham, A. Gilbert, R. Greenfield, L. Kangaloo, J. Cutler, C. Chase, F. Santucci, P. Francoise, S. Hand- elsman, A. Hurwitz, J. Adams, Coach Brenneman. Fourth row, r to I: C. Maloney, K. Vandermar, J. Phillips, R. Robison, R. Harris, D. Ingham, P. Amabile, J. Cavanaugh, E. Belt, M. Skinner, D. Wright. Steve Murtagh Off and running i Led by tri-captains Ken Vaccari, Bill Duffy and Phil Sanfillipo, the In¬ door Track team finished with a 5-3 record to take third place in the BSL. Under Coach Don Burnham and As¬ sistant Tom Brenneman, the team saw great individual improvement as many school records fell. Post-season awards were given to Ken Vaccari for Most Valuable Run¬ ner, Dan Falby as Most Improved Runner and Bill Duffy as Unsung Hero. Other seniors contributing to the effort were Ben Santello, Jim Forance, John Delvecchio, Peter Quigley, Bob Shea, Steve Murtagh, Jay Foundas, Ethan McMahon, Kathy Haigis, Karen Semac, Elise Elman and junior captains-elect Steve Handelsman and Jeff Cutler. . •• i " : 2.;; - .:jft?:CEK si£ ' £K=K; ■-• " i ' 3 SSsS® : :: ?gg 3 Ej . 5 kS S I : !: WE m S3 ' • .Sp-Sb.: kb gpIfiSq r _ •• ■•■ !?—• « ' ‘■ ' vr - f 3 : 2 S- :::- . 5ggg£p ggggggj - 3 -.1 r A 4 Sr-sr- -Wii MK. . S3 i i ¥J ! S ' g ife-1 _• VPjVV: =35332 -H ggSSj - _ - —•• ' ■ , rr Injured Brenda Wilcox X, ■■-r- Bf sP »=: - 3 £ 3 £B=: ■ i.- — -• « - i 5 S§fe -•■ 1 Vr e : -P : :! 3 EaS ■fe ' Ji g= ; ; : .i.; ' S3 T 4 t t Barbara watches her step _rg2 i I A I 1 I I The talented girls gymnastics team proved they could challenge any team in the league this season under Coach Lisa Preusse and Assis¬ tant Debbie Kreck. Hard work and dedication helped both the novice and experienced gymnasts turn into a team that displayed class, style and enthusiasm. The team finished with a record of 4-5. Sophomore Jacqui White was MVP and captain-elect Katy Murphy re¬ ceived the MIP award. Other out¬ standing performers for the team were Captain Sheryl Hunter, seniors Barbara Meadows and Brenda Wil¬ cox, junior Sheryl Waxier and sophs Suzanne Goulart, Lynn Palladino and Marybeth Paul. Precarious balance Smile . . . Ham it up! . . . " Crocodiles ' ' . . . legs Sheryl! . . . Are you psyched? . . . Hair spray much . . . nice vault Brenda . . . " Repuda the butta " . . . flipper, Holly Hobby, pork chop . . . FTS-dig it!! ... munchies . . . scoops and snipes . . . wing outa here . . . Good luck Katy and team!!! 1 1 □ □ Coach How ley Mike Kadlik ready to wrestle A bloody victory for Scott Ryder First row, I to r: T. Lamont, T. Kelly, W. Plachy, S. Ryder, D. Lamont, C. Costa, M. Kadlik, K. Looby, M. Wiles. Second row, I to r: D. Ersoff, C. Fasano, J. Laracy, A. Yorks, K. Whitzel, J. Hayes, E. Venini, B. Deese, D. Brogan. Third row, I to r: Coach Franke, J. Vercelli, B. Sidman, D. Mo II, R. Zanchi, J. Burns, D. Mingas, M. Ludwig, T. Looby, Coach Howley It takes concentration After a tough season last year, the wrestling team anticipated a better one this year under Coaches Howley and Franke. However, the team was plagued with serious injuries to their starting varsity squad. Co-captain Chris Costa dislocated his elbow and was out for the season along with seniors Mike Kadlik (bruised ribs), Kevin Looby (head injury), and junior Tim Looby. The team had a record of 2-14 but they also had several outstanding wrestlers. Co-captain and MVP, Dan Lamont wrestled his way to the State Tourney. Scott Ryder was named Most Improved while Chris Costa was awarded Most Dedicated Wres¬ tler. Congratulations from captain to captain Matmen " , " Grapplers , What happened to the eniors " ? concussions, ruised ribs, dislocated el- ows, separated shoul- osebleeds. ders, studs Bridge!, Bay State ceilings, J.R. Captain (s), Dan ' s makin ' weight, shoot! wrestling room air. The Senior Wrecking Crew, hip throws, surgery bound, " cals " , 2,2,2, Where ' s Mr. % Deckam?, Wrestlers do it on the mat! Thanks — giv¬ ing day revenge — Framinaham South 37-26. Dan Lamont comes out on top p ' M U.1C ' ( Front row I to r: B. Wilder, G. Murphy, Copt. N. Jasinski, R. Abbott, B. Killam. Bock row I to r: Coach Christie, D Cleveland, T. Luisi, C. Mulholland, E. Schmidt, D. Flutie, B. Reilly. r Captain Neil Jasinski er, D. Sage, R. frabucco, K. A serious moment es- ■ 1 Wi ' IIS v.: v i Better than expected, -s missed . . . Murph-you r e the coolest, the Gienze " . . . Thanx there, Neil . . Bud (B.F.) Killam and Re (Kamakazi) Abbott the Assassin Squad . . . Char¬ lie, the green, 6 ' 6 mons ' e r . . . Don ' t worry Don, ho- could we forget a chee u guy like you . . . keec shooting Schmidty . And you thought we or- got Duke . . . How did we lose to North TWICE . . . Good luck Schmidty, F j e and team. The Bovs Varsity Baske c __ , _ __ by Neil Jas r. surprised everyone by compi rg impressive overall record of ' and 7 defeats in the tough Ba . S League. Natick High, the defend BSL champion, returned only ; starter for the 1980 seasor ever, Coach Charlie Christ e staff molded together a compe team that just missed qua K ing the state tournament. Junior Doug Flutie rece -ez MVP award, while team c ' e : Schmidt was honored with P nior Bernie Wilder, sidelined for " the season but was the lead nc bounder of the team, received Unsung Hero award. Other m contributors for Natick included niors Glenn Murphy, Ron o:: Bud Killam and juniors 3oc Re and Charlie Mulholland. □ 0 The Girls ' Varsity Basketball Team, lead by Co-captains Linda Shohan and Carolyn Fletcher, posted a disappointing 5-13 record for the season. The team ' s first year coach, Mr. Buschenfeldt said, " The girls never lacked hustle or determination. They always tried hard to bust their hump and gave it all they had in every game. " The team was sparked by captain Linda Shohan, a BSL All-star and MVP of the team, captain Carolyn Fletcher, Cathy Martin, Leigh Eckert, Most Improved Player, Karen " Milt " Murray, Lois Alexander and Robin Ryan. Captain Linda Shohan on the attack Jumpball! The egg and whip cream fight, breakfast instead of practice, FISH, last prac¬ tice, Shoey ' s hairdryer, FF, and Rookie ' s big mouth. Good luck to the 1980 team! 33 ; ' iCN 1 Action under the boards. □ □ A mighty swing V to r: B. Killam, S. Grady, Co-capt J. Kane, Co-capt. P. MacGregor, D. Keefe, C. Carr. Row 2, I to r: B. School, D. Williams, B. Perry, E. Schmidt, D. Flutie, P. Wilcox, D. Wright, Coach Carroll. Doug Flutie follows through Outfielder Bud Killam A a ♦ With the hitting streaks of Fred Lynn, and the pitching abilities of Tom Burgmeier, the Natick Baseball Team slid in safe with a 7-5 record. The Redmen, led by co-captains Paul MacGregor and John Kane, had two consecutive wins over Dedham and South, followed by Norwood and Brain¬ tree losses, which eliminated them from the tournament run. The team was always in high spirits, seeing as they had more fans than Yaz! Special thanks go to the dedicated, dependable, and hard working seniors. They are: Co-captains John Kane and Paul MacGregor, Scott Grady, Bud Killam, Chris Carr, Danny Keefe. Conference on the mound Senior hurler Paul MacGregor | r . 1 . ■» s ' Zik An attempted bunt Row 1, I to r: C. Chase, T. Brown, T. Haswell, T. Kirby, J. Lamont, T. Collins, R. Bolton, R. Bolton, B. Johnson Row 2 W. Plachy, J Whitney, T. O ' Callaghan, C. Mulholland, J. Crane, M. Porter, D. Miccile, Coach Ghilani A lot of money throw away on bus ride Cooperstown Hall of Fa . . . Spent and Dorry Kano ' s club . . . Bud a Keefe ' s trip to the Big Apple . . . Quas Buzz and Characters . . . Mac Rifle. Playing under adverse conditions, the Girls LaCrosse team turned in a 2-8 record that does not show the spirit, dedication, sportsmanship and hard work displayed throughout the season. Although not a varsity sport, this team traditionally supports Natick ' s reputation as the Home of Champions with their enthusiastic at- udes. Coached by Miss Grady and led by co-captains Bessy Diaz and Jane Reed, the team had many outstand¬ ing performers. High scorer was Stacey Sutfin with 15 goals, with Jane Reed a close second. Goalie Bessy Diaz made over 100 saves dur¬ ing this season. Seniors Cathy Was- serman and Beth Rudloff also made significant contributions to the team. Bessy on guard A pass attempt Way to be team! The first give and go gets a sundae, Can you drive? Flashing " Jungle " Shoot it! Da plane, Da plane, oily. Row 1,1 to r: S. Dangelo, C Wasserman, co-capt. J. Reed, Co-capt. B. Diaz, S Suttin, D. Potter. Row 2: Coach B. Grody, L Mandozzi, L. Ordwoy, J. Hortnett, P. Manning, K. Furey, L. Trifiro, S. Hottle- man. Not shown B Rudloff, E. Walk, N. Salvatierra o. m Uhl) □ □ The team takes a rest Tri-captain Phil Sanfillipo with a win Natick has a strong start. The boys ' Track Team, captained by Phil Sanfillipo, Steve Murtagh, and Ken Vaccari completed its sea¬ son with a 4-5 record. Although the team had a disappointing season, their spirit and enthusiasm was re¬ markable. Never giving up, the tracksters broke many BSL records in the javelin, 880, mile, low hurdles, and the 100 yard dash. Award win¬ ners were Ken Vaccari, MIP, Phil Sanfillipo, MVP, and Neal Ringquist, MVP of the field events. Many thanks also go to the following seniors: Ethan McMahon, Mark Carmel, Bob Parker, Jim Forance, Steve Murtagh, Rodney Green, John Delvecchio, Bob Shea, Joe Emmanuelli, Will Es- panola, Bill Duffy, and Dave New¬ man. Handy, Rink, Murt, Philipee, Kenny . . . Thanks Mr. Murph Ethan K.M. 2 C.G. J.Q. P.E. who wrote this blurb anyway? 4-5 season duff B.S.L. Record breakers jfcnr row ! to r: E McMahon, N Ringquist, M. Carmel, B Parker, J. Forance. Tri-captains Phil Sanfillipo, Steve - " gh, and Ken Vaccari, R. Green, B. Shea, J. Emmanuelli, W. Espanola, B. Duffy, D. Newman, Middle row I to r: G. J. Cavanaugh, L. Kangaloo, J. Phillips, E. Belt, S. Colbeth, J. Cutler, S. Handlesman, C. Wolfe, R. Robinson, J. trc-atrick, G. Smith, M. Wiles. Back row I to r: T Mahoney, B Thomas, C. McCabe, S. Craig, J. Mahoney, A. Yorks, N. •Brho, K Witzell, D. Rudloff, B Zonchi, S Johnson, T. Waters, Coach F. Murphy. □ □ The Girls ' Track Teorr edr. - ' Rosenkranz and Karer. Cemccn, closed out its season w n a 6-3 record. The three losses came a? beginning of the season wn.le were struggling to ' get all gether. " But with the assis’ance coaches Mr. Brennerman and Mis Obshatkin, plus a strong effor by the entire team, they finished up the sea¬ son with outstanding performances Special congratulations shouic go 0 our senior thrower Susan Toves our senior runners Kathy a g s Sheryl Hunter, Elise Elman Ko ' en| Cemach, Ann Rosenkranz Lineal Cohen and Ellen Hickey. Award wirvfl ners for the 1980 season were Su= Taves, Unsung Hero, Ann Rosen kranz, MVP, and Kat y Haigis, M-P. Discus Sue Taves Senior Elise Elmon Natick over Needham 1 What ' s practice? Breckfas at Bickfords. You can do better! Lets go out the r e and win! Ann fights Ann Jecn fights Renee? But Susan, you ' re our only thrower ' Ka ren ' s knee. Kath ' s marathon Come on Linda, you can c: it! Pie for Mr. B. . . . sweats for Mrs. O. But the circle s uneven! Monsoon Mary! Thanks Mr. B and Mrs. O Front row I to r: Coach T. Brennerman, K. Haigis, E. Elman, Co-captoins K. Cemach, and A. Rosenkranz, L. Cohen, E Hickey, Cooch J. Obshatkin Middle row I to r: C. Gccarelli, M. Noonan, A. Forance, S. Waxier, J. Clancy, T Parker, S. Goldschmidt, J. Kelly Back row I to r: C Katz, R Bram, J. DeAngelis, S- Smith, J. McGhee, K. Paul, J. Dozois, N. Moian, L. Palladino, G. Quigley, I. White, J. Stamper, N. Seicca, A. Jasinski, R Collette, M. Crain, M. Murphy, M B Paul. Cooch Leavitt Co-capt. Linda Shohon ' s concentration Under the guidance of Coach Mary Leavitt, the Varsity Softball team fielded a winning season with a final record of 10 wins and 8 losses. Led by co-captains Robin Ryan and Linda Shohan, the team made local headlines after several games, once by playing a team that included a boy and again by defeating league leading Braintree. Natick ' s victory halted Braintree ' s 38 game winning streak. Pitchers Jane Benson and Caryn Glazer hurled the team to victory. Robin Ryan completed the other half Caryn Glazer on the mound mMi } 9 % l A 1980 JUNIOR VARSITY SOFTBALL TEAM Tex-Away Bus Rides, game iO-Natick over Braintree, Porkers — our friend " Billsky:, " whip cream pie fights, Miss Leavitt ' s puppiea, Tootsie Pops, No matter if we win or not, MacDonalds, " hit it, slide, steal and do it with class! " " If you can ' t get ' em out, knock them out! " We, the seniors leave the team with good luck for a prosperous and victorious season next year. s of the battery. Senior co-captain Linda Shohan was chosen MVP and was also a choice for the Bay State League all star team and the Globe All-Scholastics. Junior Vicki Bern¬ stein was picked as the Most Im¬ proved Player on the team. Seniora Leigh Eckert and Beth Trifero also made outstanding contributions to the team. 1 Co-captain Jeff Yorckin with a friendly greeting The 1980 Boys ' Tennis Team finished with a record of 13 wins and 5 losses. This was the best record of any Natick team during the 1979-80 sports seasons. By virtue of this record, Natick tied for third place in the Bay State League and qualified as one of sixteen teams in the state team tourney. The success of the team was due in large part to senior co-captains, Gary Davidson and Jeff Yarckin. Gary capped a fine three year career by being selected — for the third time — as an BSL all-star and was the unanimous choice for team MVP. Jeff won all but two of his matches and was selected by his team as the most improved player. Highlight of the season was a 4 to 1 victory over Needham, a team Natick had not defeated in twelve years. That victory alone made the 1980 season one that Coach Crow will long remember. Front row I to r P Fougere, A. Lindsay, M. Gilbert, Co-coptoins G. Davidson and J. Yarckin, E. Goodman, P. Seymour, M. Block. Back row I to r: Coach MacGregor, G. Brown, P. Dugan, E. Hamilton, B. Stock S Ehr, G Ellenbogan, S Oat4ieid. R Willhite. S Frelich. Cooch Crow Team Record: 13-5 Natick Opponent Natick 5 Milton 0 Natick 4 Needham 1 Natick 5 Braintree 0 Natick 2 F. North 3 Natick 4 Norwood i ! Natick 2 Wellesley 3 Natick 5 Dedham 0 Natick 4 F. South 1 Natick 5 Walpole 0 Natick 3 Milton 2 Natick 2 Needham 3 Natick 5 Brointree 0 Natick 1 F North 4 Natick 4 Norwood 1 | Notick 5 Dedham 0 Natick 2 Wellesley 3 Natick 5 Walpole 0 Natick 3 F. South 2 Coach Kirton The Cross Country Team, coached ;rv Al Kirton, and captained by Jim France, had a 3-6-0 record, ending n sixth place in the Bay State League. Coach Kirton stated " There s much more team unity, and al¬ though the races are individual, .eryone depended on each other. " The stars of the team were Jim France and Steve Handlesman, th other outstanding performances py Ellen Hickey, Bill Duffy, Elise El¬ man, Joe Emanuelli, Ron Abbott, Gien Wright, Sheryl Hunter and Russ Wh innem. A strong start for Natick Jimbo, Mouse, Dean the dream, Swan, Fitzy, Schmidity, The Truss, Duff, Ron, Big Joe, The Hunt, Murpher, Glen, El¬ len, Elise the Geese, John, Uncle Al, " The Kiddies Pal " , Take-a-break, Crutches for Fitz, Take ' em Steve and Dean!. Front row I to r: E. Hickey, B. Duffy, E. Elman, J. Emanuelli, R. Abbott, Coptain J. Forance, G. Wright. Back row I to r: Coach Kirton, J. Fitzpatrick, J. Adams, D. Abbott, K. Murphy, 5. Hand¬ lesman, E. Schmidt, J. Katz. Missing S. Hunter. • Wi 1 ’fif’ i " rV ' p = it i rffrfHIt ■ ; x M BF ■ y B p ' l’ | f ij ' ■ i -- “X. 9 ES1 Nostalg our TIME ' S our TIME ' S our TIME ' S our TIME ' S our TIME S CRIES OLYIIIPK our TIMES our TIMES our TIMES our TIME EECEJXICN TODAY THAN TOMMOROW ' ee Aeadtwd; rrct Kz ion THEIR LOSS j r grain f f 1 K t u | III 9 S X” V. y nn - s our TIME our IME ' s our TIME ' S o our TIME ourTIME’s ourTIME’s ourTIME’s our TIMES our TIME’s our TIME’s our Time’s ourTIA REAGAN WHO A HE’S SICK, V 3 HOMELESS m © AND IS UNLOVED. ADOPT A SHAM ABANDONED BY HIS FRIENDS. AFRAID TO SHOW HIS FACE. LET HIM KNOW THERE IS SOMEONE WHO CARES ... SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO HELP. HE DOESNT NEED MUCH. A CHAUFFEUR. A COOK A GARDENER. THE BARE NECESSITIES. PLEASE HELP. ADOPT A SHAH H. KISSINGER CHASE MANHATTAN BANK N Y. N Y. 10022 fcbscam our TIME ' S our Time ' s our TIM ' Die... us boxer’s 2 . c ra sh S’ arryO? our TIMES our I J2 mes Friends -4eva Champions rads Jum8 tl . TUMBLIN Aftfeh-ft-AiU HAAA AAfiK VOLUnTEER Jflm VI THE DOOB 1 E BROTHERS JACKSON HKOWNf _ OWSBY. STILLS AND NASH • JAMB TAYIDR BRUTE SPRINGSTEEN K THE E STREET BAS ' D CAREY SIMON GRAHAM NASH BONNIE RAm TOMI 1 HYMHI HI KIRIO UIRs K YD!o NXOLETTf IARSOV 11 X 0 CIIAKA KHAN JESSE LOUS YOCNG KY COODER JOHN HAI.J FOREIGNER DOUBLE VISION” annas BLUE MORNING BLUE OAY, LOOOCD THE KNACK Qu lilt i A Jliiifi Queen ON THE RADIO w b.o.c r iy i c % ir ZAPPA n is % WILLIE L k. it ii yr— ■ ' ; V I - 4vf IHb ettfl fyMt dt CHEAP TRICK ROBERT PAL i IER q J ' ARLY SIMON [-Ji 1 c konsos 11 fieE LED LIVE RUST lack son Browne I DAN FOQEUBSRQ Rq_nH 3 O $ FADS! TV Pavs movies 3 1 1 9 now n now Kramer 9 A KBeing ThereT tec rmft r a HiPs ?, c is 1 eal §••“ STARTING aui ine 5 All fliTt V J S GELJERAL A TH€ HOSPITAL iL RockuM ? dHP bteve e - I e , n gr J 2 «vioC 1 a N0RIT1A RAe SHOUI 2 V i 55£tic= n | 1 ' celtics b Saturday! •Live liiimtnMiininniinnnti iiiiiimiiimiiiiiiutmim ■ ' - qT jfamabr « i9P Uk dmr ¥ wgL hr ° ? niorS Seniors I THANKS The efforts of the two individuals pictured here are largely responsible for the many things that the members of the Class of 1980 have accomplished this year, and it is with much gratitude that we speak of the time they gave, and the direction that they provided. We, the members of the Class, would like to extend our sincere thanks for the guidance and dedication that was given unselfishly. The appreciation is felt by all. Thank you r -j | - f-WYH US ,6if 0 5 ), 7v . . h m mn KX , -S ' : 35- l A m TT r 5, ttt:; Senior Class Advisors Mrs. Langley and Mr Croig Senior Class Officers Secretary Kathleen Hai President Cathy Wasserman Vice-President Allison Smith Treasurer James Crisafulli Senior Executive Board: Front row — Kate Shanfield, Cathy Martin, Sue Taves, Brendo Wilcox, Lisa Cantwell, Jinny Brack. 2nd row — Liso Cyr, Koren Murray, Allison Smith, Cathy Wasserman, Jim Crisafulli, Kathy Haigis, Barbora Meadows, Koren Wells. 3rd row — Al Cosimini, Mario Gallo, Louren Hennrikus, Rlbyn Salvoni, Cheryl Hunter, Jill Walloce, Penny Holmes, Linda Cohen, Sandy Muhlfelder, Gail Sorabella, Larry Aube, Tim Adams, Joyce Memishion, Beth Trifero. 131 SABA ALHAO LOIS ALEXANDER BRIAN ALCOCK MARY LOU ALLEN RONALD ABBOTT X-COUNTRY »c«kly CLA BASKETBALL BAND BBB Very boring! Up to my armpits in ♦undrexver 79 hours left on my condle Ineffec¬ tive bond president (on NHS trocStion) Please explain the juxtaposition of nihilism and existen¬ tialism - A ? ‘ 191 AYAD ALHADI MARTIN ALINTUCK DOC ... AVEC... 1 - The Lorch MARE Marty? . No one expects the Spanish Inqmtt- hon Potties - Student Advisory Council Pts«i SAB SC ROCKY The Nome O Oompon s ? Monty Pyttion IR Teddy --SC Don t be o taetco- TIMOTHY ADAMS Revere Boys the Doctor ' s Ploce Peavey T-60 Nipmunk? Big Tim, You boy Loud Screams Another meetma ' It ( ust can ' t be Pres Gio ' s From Whitney to Whafneys Silence The Alumni Association. Political Maybe MARK AMABILE DEBBIE AMBROSINO Scott, Feb 9, 979, Summerof " 79 " Winger- sheekbeoch, Wellfleet and Dennis, CapeCod, Rollerskating, How ore the poppies? Bobcat, Always remember C Period Study, Goad times Native Ton Contest-Second Place, Thonks Mom, Dod ond Undo, College, Medicals Secre¬ tary, So Long ... KATHLEEN ANDERSON - ve ' torger ya Deb! Than DM CG DM LH 3M RICE ROAD BOUND. Remember A ways remember G period 1979 Wayne k- • eve ' et out our secret " Peter ain ' t it grange how love put us together, one like you someone like me March 6. 1979 PHYLLIS ANDERSON The end of school is the stort of a new life, It ' s not some game, for you ' ll pay the pnee I leave this school learning a lesson, I thought I could’t moke it, but I hod someone ' s blessing GOOD BYE LOREN USA ond All the Rest l? was Fun NANCY ANTALEK Out of here!!. Pool Lienhard . . Frank Zappo ' IM! Peter Cor Sabogo Loke Maine Sue Decloss with Croig Class. Blue Oyster Cult Hidden Lake 4th d. and on excellent July Later much Natick High no more school o Best Doy in my Sfe 6-15-80! MICHELE ANNIBALLI Gee This Gee That The Bonken Gomb Le Mom and Couoor TOT ALE D HD with Drow C C Co liseum Styx-Mark. Pucc. What has been done cannot be undone Forgive ond forget Fair is foul ond foul rs fair After oil this it ' s a wonder I con think ot oil ' LYN ANNESI SrtC ' RTY ' ARE YOU SMALL?! TUPPER ' S — C n ;ape. holliston rockey mountain f GH Glass ASTRO LOIS BABY ' SPAZ. Ls«Y, TRACE BAD CO LIVE ► -4 ta 4( F F CIO FA SURE BYE CAR AT r v ’ SPENCER GIFTS I LOVE MY JOB ' 5 ► -AT A LONG STRANGE TRIP IT ' S BEEN ' WENDY ANSEL Wf: If’ SUSAN AUBLE IT ' S BEEN SUCH A LONG LONG LONG TIME, GOIN APE . . . Esmereldo 26 4 20 . .. RING MY BELL JORDAN ' S 12:20, SUE-ITH ... Felicia dom. ANNE AUGUSTINI " Augie " Guitar Brunski Jack ' s Dylan — He not busy being born is busy dying. Que Paso? Gig Skiing Lauri Pam Kim EEV — ET Puff the Magic Dragon Tennis Thanks Mom and Dad Route 9 8JE N.H. But if dreams come true, wouldn ' t thot be nice .. . JOANNE ARNOLD " THE8 THING BOOK " VOL 1 2, hot pink skirt. New Year ' s Eve ' 78 green m m ' s behind the shed!! Europeon chocolate-Fudgie! JA guys Dolls " techie " WILD and CRAZY gal, always with the guys Aquarius-79 LIVE, PEPSI, forever dancing! singing! LAUGHING! LAWRENCE AUBE AUB. Bon Potential! The ALUMNI Association. Did you guys get the Calculus? 74 Nova. Don ' t ask. Hey, we ' ll meet in New York for on ALUMNI Weekend! Gary, you ' ll never know. Where is thot kid Heavey? Golf-Don ' t ask! Dick, where ' s my card! DEBORAH BAKER BRIAN BALCOM CYNTHIA BALLAN Later NATICK High . . . Lacrosse!! So Long Wil- limina . . . 327 Open! 0-14 J.V. Softball .. . Falcon 68 Summer 78 PBBH. Sears I LUV NY See ya later Linda n ' Lori " Rollin ' in stereo " . . . Frenchy. " balloon " Bye Inc ... I go crozy Adios Maria, Fri. nite games. JOANN MARIE BARBIERI I get a lot of help from my friends — APGSROSC SSYC Sailboat Races (Always 2nd Place) Maine or Bust OPEL REGRET " DIRTY DAUGHTER " Florida! Third try at Ballet Busting Lockers We ' ll win with the Seidelmann! Where ' s my Honda? 3a •V. : «£ ;s .. v: ,: • dm- ! h • ■• •• J ■ ' gsg- • MSiW , .w . . ✓.. ,v. ;igv:Cy.-yr;fe pST5 fir-n-A i AVAV.-i .4 WpM sm M80. LYNNE BARKER I ' m older. ORA F MORA, PUME, HEY Bones. The Prisoners 1 1-20-79 BOG ART In Toppers D-period. Butch? Daytona Beach. Walking Down This rocky road wondering where my life is leading, BAD CO. It ' s been a long trip, but now it ' s over. LATER MUCH! JOANNE BARTER Dee, Winter 79 ' skiing Wild Cat. Bob Segar TURN THE PAGE. Neil Young HARVEST. Summer 79 ' MI-TE-JO N.H. Love ya nonsuch gang. Tan Comet Barter Mobile. GOAL WORK WITH DEAF. COLORADO BOUND GOOD LUCK ALWAYS LAURIE Keep in touch Later DONNA BARKER Cor no-buns. Nito! Charlie?! OZMIN Camping 7 Z Beach-bum! Florida Bound! College?! I ' ve bee° a raid of changing, but time makes you be cer, even children get older, and I ' m growing : x oc It ' s been a long strange trip! Coke oods e; Do it up! LATER! Concert Choir, Districts All-state. Hello Dolly, Guys and dolls Can-can, All-school show. No Mr. Dyer I ' m Jayne She ' s Laurie. Mr. Dyers 99, MIMI and MIMI swimming, Diving 10-12S chleppy. Love to Beth, Ron, Bonnie, Mrs. RGeorge, John 3:16 Romans 8:28 KM wm KELLY BEAL PAMELA BASSETT ny . . . Talk Much? . . . Thanks-Lisa ssaman South-Macs., Beachbum, Prom-Cape ; Soodluck S.C.J.V Sean 5 13 78 . . . Jeans says ... Frick Frack .. . Hoc key games, »e-School Falmouth, collegebound . . . Missy OH; Bestfriends last for ever... It don ' t mat- o me . . . MARK BELLANTONI LISA BEARD STEPHEN BELLANTONI LOIS BENNETT WALKING DOWN THIS ROCKY ROAD WON¬ DERING WHERE MY LIFE IS LEADING LOVE YA DAD, MA B.O.C ME AND RICK NEW HAMPSHIRE THE STONES YES IT ' S OVER CALL IT A DAY!! JANE BENSON Thank you for being o friend, JW, WG, TD, CD. Thonx family. The woter is fine. Volleyball, softball, skiing. Dunes down the cope. Fires ond friends. Another episode of why us? Umbrellas and Windmills. Imogine Collegirt ound. Faith in the future SUZANNE BERGER C.C. Tennis ' 80 Ham?? SM, KG, EE, KM, Mom ond Dad . . . Thank you for being a friend. Icecubes! Roberta and our song-Shabye. Fishies. 11 20 79 What treePeppy. Band and JH. Rainbows. Explorers and yes " Bob " an om- bulance. We ' ve only just begun ... RACHEL BERKOWITZ THRILLS, SOPHOMORIC: ONLY GIRL, JAZZ TRUMPETER, THE INCREDIBLE RACHEL: WIZ DOLLY " TOMORROW ' 78. DESCENDING; SOPH . JUNIOR, SENIOR SOCCER; PUMPING, CHASING? TEN-ONE SCREAMING; GUYS AND DOLLS, THIRD PL. JAZZ S2. AMIGOS: SHOTS-DPT, BB MARIANA. AP+, L+PD. JB MICHAEL . . . PETER BIBO Beeb. 3 14 82. The ID ' s. Outlaws Hatchet Live. Chief. Rick, HaHaHo Future-PT. MMBel- lo.St.Looies, YA POC.Cob. Hove fun at The Outlow Concert Ted?. South Street Sign Ho-Jo ' s After Dino ' s.Sup? Left knee. You drivin?. Thanks Fletch I don ' t Need Your $1 THot Bod! DAVID BILLO Freebird! Woodland Party, YES, Outlows Molly Hatchet, Boston, Dave ' s Deepin ' right up Gonna hop o troin. Conquest of Murder Hill. Row carrots and dry toast Bilbo Baggins Strikes Agoin. AlkoGum. In the dorkest d epths of Mordo. Lemon Curry? Me Master JONATHAN BISHOP Aug 8 1 79, Firebird, Transom 11 27 79 " Out¬ laws " , Rolling Stones, " Out with the Boys " Kens LeMans Al ' s Comoro, Boston Bruins, Dallas Cowboys, Outdoor Trock, 1980, Hockey, F.S.P. Officer Davis, Goodluck DEBRA JEAN BLAKEMAN Greg 8 16-79 .. . " All hfe it reflected in the one you love " ... KFC ... ' 75 Gronodo ... almost another ocky!!!!! Honeywell last Call Oops! Tears heavy . , Smile: God Loves Vo blondy Good times forever MICHAEL BRAVO Sandy forever, " Brov " love to water ski " 68” Mustong Abe, R and D Isn ' t so bad I ' ve hod a lot of good times. Good Luck in the future to all mine and Sandy ' s friends KELLY A BRIEN Forgot to coll.. Hey Kuss S o« » A wosted time . .. Vacation 79 le w yoaC rimes roll evil eye Wonnc sc —•“ones Stick, for being so kind Time s gone Th ic sq is over Thought I ' d something more to sov ' J L Is •W PETER BOWSER Hi Doll The Great Pumpkn Thonks Steve Nothing is but wha» S not WENDELIN BORTMAN Be Free Animal lover ., Summertime .. Meow I ' m thinking (Dreoming) A P IOS Everyone ?Que? Jomien Shine on ... DONNA BOVE ELIZABETH BORELLI summer-CAMPING 4EVA! Loehmonns DON ' T MIND ME-I ' M NOT WITH IT ' LOOK MA-I DID IT ' " THANK GOD " -IT ' S OVER! ANN JOE- GOOD LUCK ALWAYS! Frompton- " WON’T YOU BE MY FRIEND " !-LOOKS LIKE WE MADE ITM-BETH MARK-NOV 14. 1977 — FOREVER ALWAYS!! " — I98 !!! Oro .,. Tunie, is it Sunday yet? S O.A.H D. Bogarts In Tuppers " Ain ' t wastin’ Time No More " I om not a lush!! Kurt, thinking of you. C D Bond 9-2-79 Toklng a trip!! Hey, what happened on the soaps! Bye BB It ' s finolly over 1 I.L.Y. Mike ... thonks r ' JANE BOYLE What appears to be the end may really be a new beginning VIRGINIA BRACK out of my bram on the 5:15 JT thou art tuna fishes on his behalf insist on yourself get truckin ' on summer breeze Dread lock Holiday Schizop¬ hrenic? I ' m bleeding Quodrophenic Some of my best friends are penguins goodbye ond thank- KATHLEEN BROCHU N.E.l.T? I.L.V., KEITH You ore impossible 1 3-14-79 Eosthom ond M T P PLEASE BELIEVE ME ... I QUIT!! I ' ll Novigate-You Drive Deep Seo Fishing-Me? Salisbury Fri. 29tb All our Kids ' SOB Do it up! It ' s SUN HAD I KNOWN YOU BETTER THEN KMB +KJE 4-eva ' DEBORAH BROOKE JOHN BROWN TRACEY M. BRYANT ROBERT BURKE NO WAY AM I COMING BACK HERE! LED ZEPPELIN-OWZMIN-ALL DAZED AND CONFUSED-ANNE WE WILL BE GETTING OUR LICENSE SOONI-BAKE TIM Cutlass ' 71 192BP6 Voc School Ralph Electrician Bound Later NHS 1st thru 5th, 6th 7th, Class of 79 ' in 1 Ith, raindrop blues, senior dues, restrictions, re¬ strictions, rule addiction, running to Spanish, an expression everyday, from Chemistry to the cat, Let ' s laugh along the way Real: always and forever; I am. Base, " Jump start " . No foolin Crisa, white Mus¬ tang, rec, pump the weights, " No — Moc " , Bob Paul ' s Bakery, Bad Company, Yes, Marco, Doobie, oobs, " no, I don ' t need a jump stort " , contacts, Pioneer, " Sure V " , Com, Milford Rol lerskoting, Bruce, Geils, Roundabout. TRACEY BURKE EDWARD BURNS, JR. TAMARA J. BUSH JAMES R. CADMAN Vc ne, Sean 12-1-79, Spoz.lyn, Burkey. He«coc er$ : where ore we going? New Homp- • -» again? summer of 79 " ... Those great merits! oh, ya, right. The Bridge. Van - : f " ne R ver! I ' ll see you later, N.H.S MARK-You ore the sunlight in my growing, I Love you. My disco mocho man 4 27 78 MY FAMILY, I LOVE YOU ALL, thonks. PTL! CW 4- Albino. It is the summer of my smiles, flee from me keepers of the gloom. Love Re gn o ' er me ... John 14:6 Many good times CAD ... WHERE ' S THE MAIN STACKS? GAUCHOS. ANK 77, PM OF JB, Ago , LMH, ALOQ GANG ... HEY RED, CAXTON DID YOU GET THE CALCULUS? GAMP WHAT ABOUT THE RED SOX? GHAT ... I ' M SORRY WILMA .. . BH . .. COLLEGE BOUND . It ' s NOT A PEN MARK . . . WHAT! ... I BELIEVE IN YESTERDAY CHET CALKINS wammam V GLENN ROBERT CAMPBELL USAF 1980 PETER G. LEWANDOWSKI R.J. BOUDREAU-ADU. TD.-MACH. ARCH 78-80 JR. PROM LOIS MRS H. GREG D.-ANDY T ED S. MARK C. D.C.-MEG -B.F.-P.G.-S.T.- ANN KENNEDY JR.H. 79-BRIDGE WATER R.I.P.-N.H.S. LAURIE JEAN CARHART JEFFREY.all of my love to good times, to good friends, to good music, to Peter Casey who stoys with us in our hearts . . . keep up the good work Steve S. still love you Lisa, OTM dst.v. good luck and love people . . . THERESA CAMMARANO 1 26 79 Steve . . . Always . . . Rollerskoting, " Friends are forever " Summer of 78 ... Memo¬ ries live on . . . Laughing, Toronto, Mar¬ ketplace, Peperoni Pizza, Sundaes, Ship 13 . . . " Long and Winding Rood " Good Luck Every¬ one . . . DONNA MARIE CAMMARATA CAROL CAMPBELL BLUE OYSTER CULT 2 9 79 BAD CO SHOCK¬ ING STAR SUMMER OF ' 79 ... Wosted do s ond wosted nights Bogarts ru!e whars up boxes ' Mothers little helper gotta get outta - s ree-cce jail complete sonfusion what next? -eoPec the skies climb LISA CANTWELL ANGELA CAPOBIANCO JOAN CAREW Little One ... Big Bros. (Wayne, Paul, Bill) Boshes w US GUYS! A, K, Ree, Bermuda. The Prom, Letters GS-gppd shot w the pear juice Steve-t-Thermie T A P partners! Ski. Pedi. Beth . . . life!!Nonc(HW) Halloween J6. AL . . . " I ' ll tell you how easy it is to be w you " The Who " , 1216 79 " MAGIC BUS " Thanx CINDY, FRIENDS 4-EVER, DAWN REMEMBER ROLLER SKATING+JUNIOR YEAR! PRETTY LIGHTS .. . LUNCH . .. THE AREA ... CHECK OUT THE SCENERY . , WHAT A DRAG HI PUD ... OH BROTHER, CHEVY TRUCKS RULE! COLLEGE BOUND! BYE N.H.S Your destiny ties within your heart MARK S. CARMEL :■ • - ' ever strokin along in lone 3. - • rvg-O pounds of trouble on my bock. I ' ve got white man ' s disease Climb¬ ing Sx r never looking down Eogles rule, NO NLK.ES. USCGA, The White Mountoins will never de Be happy. CHRISTOPHER W. CARR CC, Football 64, The Scurvey NR. Foneull Hall Prec l, " It wasn ' t A Harley”, Great Action, Brutal, Leopords, Portuguese Festivals St. Louis, from Mel ' s The Horrors Break on Through To The Other Side, " DOORS " . SUSAN CASSEDY Sue Ola — Songbird Selective Neglect! sc?? Chamber Singers. MRS BIBBIT ' S BIG DOG. Mom and Dod-Thonks. Scp-Ha! JTLESHJWJB Bren-remember Smith’ R.?. Beoall those crazy tolks-Get into what? Those who wish to sing will always find d song KAREN CEMACH Cp-capt Trock Hurdles-double knees? In¬ door bus rides! J.A. Thanks. Mr. B. Think yel¬ low! E.E Summer ' 79. . . AMLGWYP ... Del, I ' ll neverforgetthewayyoudrive! G H studies Who ' s Hyper? BFFL; R.B. Explorers All my love to my friends keep on smiling! MARIANNE CHAGNON DEE DEE CHAMBERLAIN Deezer Lainie Whot ' s mine is yurs The Creek OUR GANG Yitzie Class of 79 LUNAR PAT¬ ROL TRAM Colorado Comp ' n 79 Fleetwood 79 Can I soil through the chang ' n ocean tides ROSEY JD JFQ Poul 41879-Never break the chain-DH BR EO PD ST LR TC SM Westbound ■ DONALD CASSIDY Rl RUNS AUGUST ACRES-SLEEPIN ' ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD-PRES-BOYS STATE (DULEY) BETSY THE MO NTEGO " HILL¬ ERS! " SOPH PARTYS CO NWAY, WASH WHEN THE MUSIC ' S OVER-TURN OUT THE LIGHTS ELIZABETH CHAPMAN Lizzy tish . . Cheering Days 1 Football 79 the Best RAH Porg! ELMO CS SOS NOWAY — CindyLou Beo, she knows? SkateMuch Marie Skatin9Ski in ETINUIR Cutlos Friends forever KM, DG, CB. BG, SO. Tl Nl Thonks for the BEST NHS All of my love to you Mom Dad. BETH CHAULK DOGS, WE WILL ALL MEET AGAIN SOME¬ WHERE SOMETIME, SAM MAINE SQUASHED MUSHROOMS ALLMAN BROS DEAD YOU CAN ' T TAKE IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO SO DO IT up COLORS DE LARIOUS CHEVY COME AND GO BLUES SNOWBOUND TWIGS AND SEEDS PETER. I MISS YOU . LATER CAROLYN CHECAN! FROM SOPHOMORE ORIENTATION TO CHOOSING COLLEGES — 3 YEARS - WHERE DID THEY GO? OLD AND NEW FRIENDS AMD FACES WORKING AT MACS STUDENT COUNCIL AND SCIENCE LAB A PART OF LIFE ENDS AND A NEW ONE BEGINS GOOD LUCK TO ALL IN THE 1980’s! " ALLAN CHESTER " CHET " Soccer ! Goa I Keeper Framingham South 1-0 " The Bub " MuskoI Concerts on bus hdes Serious English classes " THE WHO JOHN CHICKERING CHICK THE WHO IN CONCE ct Dee ’979 E N Bogorrs Rock n R• Nr- - Zeppelin Rolling Stones Po e » r 1 bound 51 Computer I Sean F te s as AMY CHISHOLM Summer of 79 kansas i. kenny 5 0 1 EVER DON T NEED TO FIGHT TO PHO : V RIGHT SUNSHINE SBTB, $ OP m 0€ 5 REBELS ' EMH-FRtEsDS . tR. BOB HARRJ MOESPH. carl. SEGER RULES LCCC thankS-Ph. MM CP. v mc-later tater ' wont get SOOLED 3 N ROSA CICCARELLO Kathy I hnolly mode rt carts n« «f got caugnt Freod ies Toppers H ' I2 79 Mr D ' own’t D Pmod C ass ITALY Xmas 77 Good tNngs come m v— all pockoges Good fr-ends OUR TAiJAN WAY ' " ' Good Luck Ever on D AO AD A DA DA D A • 00 QADAdADAD LINDA COHEN Explorers J.A PREZ ' Sorkng — Buck « ai v rocmg skipper? TRACK. Spnnts. S» mmmg instr Gvmr as? s B ke Sk ang-ConodO- Wrong CHICKENS. 5’JTTONS dscc sno- 3 «ce Ne» Yeon 79 USv Danny AuPudcn : -«nS O T SUSAN COLE Sea Not Much Us 3 15 M rye se : o»C Beansre-ke Oub? S ;r n r » Me NEVER »« movbe Moe s So.— Sr S= S OGBQP- mougr? ai jpmo de i ncr y—. =e pr 5: He e come ROU jE ' c • Tool » Tom C »3it 14 ) MARION COLLINS NANCY COLTON CHRISTINE CONNOLLY ROBIN CONNOLLY CALVIN 77 " ALWAYS AND FOREVER " POT LUCK THE VEGA RAINBOWS I MISS HER, BUT A LOVING GOD KNOWS BEST ' BE¬ CAUSE STRAIGHT is the gate, and narrow 1 $ the way. which Leadeth unto Life, and few there be thot FIND IT ' Man’ 7.14 FRIENDS FOR¬ EVER! AKP Let me live my own life, thtnk my own thoughts, ond be my own person Accept me for whot I am! Friends are a lasting memory Thanks you ' re the best! He ' s in the navy now . . My older brother, Mikey. Bahamas. Hawaii, I ' ll see ya! DEW, CAPRICORN, B.U., HEAD GAMES, BAD CO-LIVE FOR THE MUSIC GIVE IT EVERY- THING THAT YOU ' VE GOT 1 ZIPPA ' S + HOODS, AIN ' T GOT U THE KINKS, EZ, DAN DELION, SMILE! M J AGGER-MOON LITE MILE, HEY, HEY, MY, MY ROCK N ROLL WILL NEVER DIE!, GO WILD! ' ' REPU- TADABEAUDA " ! CARLENE CONNORS Canada jimmy a m. K.C SEDER w.pod A C.C.N.C- aocnxxrd KELLI MARIE CONSTANTINE D-.Jtbury Summers Plymouth 79 with TS. Prom 79 Friends you are so specKWDCTSMRTL KP, KW?-7t-tANKS! Sr L nch always! Thom McAn-size • C rtstmcs rree-cc: Mill Hill West Yarmouth wfth Kay DC-Hcppy Snobs Mom one Dod 1 iove you LORIE COPPELLOTTI June 1980, at lost. " Coppy " Good luck Alicia in nursing, Cindy, Undo, Sue, Uso in whotever. " Bobos " S wing girls room. FootbcH games, Movies, porties, jeons. " who cares " Bacon Free Library. JOYCE CORBETT • KURT-7 31 79-MY HONEY-WAKA, WAKA THE HEROES-GIFY SPAZ HELICOPTERS RTE. 27 MAINE TRACE WANNA WALK? LITTLE LYN CHRRIS! BURKEY! SQUEEZE ME! BUT NOW IT ' S COME TO AN END, AND I ' M HAPPY TO SAY, THAT THE MEMORIES I TREASURE WILL NEVER FADE AWAY. U2 GERRI CORBOSIERO JEAN CORBOSIERO Purple Jelly Bean, HTC, Jeonith Mogna Cum Ceientate, NARADCOM Es Muy Bogisimo! Bird Q RR SM Salem Witches Enough is Enough GREGORY CORMIER JEANNE CORMIER Discombobulation! onionnr-gs Thor. C Twock, seminar room, kicked ou . £ ■ ' Don ' t hassle his bram KV — JC ar-z Community locker — HELlCoocS : : Oblates nite God loves you sc oor • AAaine!! Bro Bri. JIM , ., ALAN COSIMINI True woodsman Forever, Hunting, Fishing, Gve me Blood and Guts, I ' II skin it, Taxidermy, Maine Bound with the skunk Bait, Football MLB, 30, Wrestling, Block stong, ButcherBones, Find me a dog ond I ' ll Boot It 1980 endless summer lisa-n-AI Forever CHRISTOPHER COSTA Senator. Wrestling, Captain. Hipthrows + loose elbows, football, 40, Suicide Squod PG at 8K Hey, you only live once! Marines. Buurd 413. South Street Witches )0 13 ' 79 H.g, When Moms away. Norwich bound With One More Summer! LISA MARIE COVIELLO Lis — what ' s up Suz? 3:15 p.m. Scared much! South St Lock The doors MAC ' S LRG? OGLVP! — Good Luck Jean Friends always Pom. All my Love Mom and Dod I wish those days could come back once more. Why did those days ever have to go? ANDREW CRAIN « I ' d rather be soilina Wendy .. Speecr e- Milwaukee Nationals . . . Lead horn, Sctur-xsys in the mud Billy Joel, Fanueil Hall, 8osron es¬ cape to the Cape . . . MYWE-Pohs Weep B ooc : . .. Get off my Bach! Bergy -Guey We don ' t remember days, we remember monw? LISA DORIS CYR Bermudo ' 79 .. . It ' s " Just Right " Where ' s Gina? . Girl ' s night out-VAMPS, . . . " Reasons . . " , 17-21? . .. LC-1 LC-2 .. ONLY a Mer¬ cedes 450 SL!, Sassamon Chief. KM-I ' II never understand .. . David — All of my love . . sing¬ ing glasses — Bye Yo ' ll. MARIANNE RULA DALY o raft in the quarry . . . dec 16 Re ? heather, BRANDON, tom, Steve . . . di NELybrabe. -nadie sabe .. . mi lit ' I prince if the sun refused to shine — don ' t mind SNOW, don ' t mind nothin ' Layne- Runt- ... azul, azul-ojos , .. O ' er me? GARY DAVIDSON Think Tennis, The Bird, thunks for oil your Help, The Wellesley Bubbler better be fmed Goff; " Anybody hove a tee? SARGEANT, Gey Mrs. B, Bob, whot does Alumm mean? Monarch to the rescue ' ! DATSUN240Z; Thanks MOM AND KATHLEEN DAVIDSON Kathy, Irish I finally made " , Keme Ar d ve to ¬ ing Searchm DLG Goad ' ' «nli »•« « st nn Do ' s ond Don ' t Do- r os» IDs ' tt (he a number Bom to net •elfetr c f yaw Mo and Jim RICHARD DARGAN Dickie CC 2 Weekends MurderHill conquest Bosebatl Dry Toast AgtSmittys Gauchos Old Cans, get em out, Outlaws, Bad Co Woodland Party 10 Pin Stogies. Aunt Borbara, wanno plav? Alkagum Jonn, wheres my keys? WCWD CHARLES DARBY Vou’ gonna get an " F " Boonedonkers wSot s a Gusjimmy Cuker? Hitler ts a Vol- •ett ' ov YSFS One summer in Brions Beach Crane Doodit Pop el. Joker Gan you hoodie the College bowl in Room B615, CARLA M. DEANGELIS It ' s Finally Over — but always remember . Summer ot 79 best time Party with BT ' s D-sfeol b ' s much? Kansas 1 stumblln in Mighty Moe EMH W DMAP — The Real People -Fnends 4-EVA-SS PW KSL Chis-Okey-SBTB Boby Dust Games People Play memories DIANE DAWLEY California MASH — CongressWoman Goldfarb stocs Brigham — Gill I Love New York Thanks Mom and Dad DW — We mode it this ar!!! Katharine Gbbs " There’s olwoys tomor¬ row " Goodbye Natick JOHN GLENN DELVECCHIO Del, PizzaWogon, Smutty — Mr LAFAYETTE, Blue Bu ck. Dan, Den, Jimbo, Styx, TULL, TRACK 1 Delvis. THE BROKEN AXLE’ Moruvs, THE MAN-HANDY’.. Linda C and Karen C — Explorers WAAF, The 80 ' s! — Dr Del’ That ' s Discusting 1 Let ' s Go Mountomclimbmg!! MARK DEBRUYN The Duck-Varsity Soccer + Trock fullbacks, distance runners all rule Memorable quotes " bond is a varsity sport”, “Andy, ore you sure the mike ' s on? " , " Del, calm down’ Ekse sent the songs " And I ' ll never forget Comp Speech Bond, JazzB, NH.SNHS VP V GREGORY M. DESANTIS ORNSBY . RIVEND€LL .. GANDALF- AMBASSADOR TO VULCAN . . FRODO EXISTS , SORCERERS APPRINTICE MR JAMESON . . PLANETARIUM ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL . THE SILMARILS .. PEACE LIVE LONG AND PROSPER PATRICIA M. DETOMA Bob Hutchinson 4-EVA .. . Alwoys Sue O.T Billy Joanne CHERYL 8RADLEES . . MARRIAGE BOUND. To. de- sign.MYown. House tfN.H. Sue ' s YACHT Down THE CAPE BOB ' S Bike Sum¬ mer of ' 79 " you Decorated My Life " THERESA DEVINE I’ll get by with o little help from my fnends — WG JW CD JB — Yarmoth-seagull Beoch- Dunes-fires-Crosh In Tents Signor ' s-Pine Grove-T |ust ron over o log 1 Why us? Murphy ' s Low-He ' s gone? Skiing-Little Buddy-Cot-Free Bird-OooKay CHARLES DEWITT T E_C PAT CO’MSANTA SQT CAMP? CANOE THE CHARLES? DUFFA OLD HEARTLAND DAYS BAD CO CAPE MAINE BEACH BREW TER POLICE? SMIUN ED GREMLIN MARINE BOUND THE GOOD TIMES ARE FOREVER SKYNYRD! JANUARY 1st SHARON BOSTON CAPE COD S400 BESSY R DIAZ H y Shorty! LACROSSE 78-80 sw 70 whosdrivin me? frmltemovles! HKDSNFW ' WPS 1 see ya cer LG.LS PA . Keep in touch NIM LET THE GOODTlMESROLLIIn MAIN Rl CAPE NEW H VERMONT!!! friends ore FOREVER . sno k eB»gL LEDZ " Thanks Mom Dod,LA¬ TER MUCH! GERALDINE DIGERONIMO S 1-5-79 Loves FOREVER!!! Remember times Summer of 79 meet me in tappers! wanna Skip! I know Kath Don ' t ask! Lefty Ritey!! " Devo " !! Good friends are foreva K D!! Lot year pumkin! THANKS LM for being Around Engoged 11 !! CATHI ANN DIIULIO Hey Bear. Yarmouth Thank yous for being o firend — JB, TD, WG, JW Another episode of " why us? " . I con ' t decide My comera and geetar Hobla Espanol? ski and Bleacher Bums seogull Beach 60 ' s rock Poro Mama y Popa con todo my amor y un beso LISA DININIO LATER MUCH N.H.S. JCF-SOFTBALL ESPANOUGATA.ROCKY HORROR CARS W SPTHK FRIENDLY PIZZA-BUTCHIE MB 9:20 11 -23-79 PLEASE CHECK THE MAILBOX!P.TOWN ROCKPORT WINGARSHE EK ' SAILINGCANOEING: THE ISLAND GOOD TIMES W GOOD PEOPLE BY SP RB AND THE REST! DARLENE DISNEY Wayne 1 6 79 . . . love is forever! thanks Mom Dad midnite bt BATON Ma State Champ Miss Natick 77 teddybear Prom pictures . . . Smile cape bound .. . beach =burnt. . . Penn! how yo doin? bfriends T Jwbell the Memory will never be lost! HTHF W D . . I LOVE YOU See Ya? MARK DONAHUE FOOTBALL 50 54 56 Late Nights Down the Rink! Weekend ' s! Prom 79 Ski Much! South St Monager BeachFront Estates DR Buzzard Maika Ha! Mac ' s H-Games H-days St. Louis Alwoys-Deb 9-23-79 Van Holen C.C.C. Pumpkin Run BLACK THURSDAY THAT ' S ALL NHS! EDWARD DONAHUE NICOLE MARIE DOWLING Gold! Nationals D C Thanx Dod Lynchburg College Birginio 866 Cape God stranded waterskiing. Tigger Tennis Track Munchkins Prez 666 LMH Md VP Council SAC Cheering LAMA Friends Chambers Ski Canada Bromont Noel proms Firedrill SouthBound LUV U M+D WENDY ANNE DREHER 110 ' s Soiling HYC Frizz Gweedo Fats MG Bud! The Gong Parties! Proms 79 80 New Yeors 1980!! Styx " Reflections in the waves spark my memory " PHOTOGRAPHY!! Don ' t tickle me?! BILLY ... the past, now, and forever.. . Dream on ' till your dreams come true. JEFFREY DRISCOLL Betsy, No More Mister Nice Guy DS party ' s Ducky for Prez. MDS Jethro DES Landscoping Comping down the cape South Yormouth police deportment Nov. 5 1977 yes Boy! Bruta Pato Whooped The Garden Dec 9th? Look Mean Go Luou Mellowing out MARIE DRISCOLL We con never know about the days to come but we think of them onyway . Cath Lou SJO and everyone thanx Debnvrin SKATE! zip goes opewall ' WEK SiSMKN end of the pier at 2-mtpst, . . unless you love someone nothin else mokes sense Mark 6 29 79 147 JOHN JOSEPH DUBOVSKY WILLIAM DUFFY GEORGE EATON LEIGH ANN ECKERT Howdy NHS-DUBEE-Alws Liso Pope DUH Rick, Chuck Wheats up? POWER mech SL,JS,DC. Lewy, Chery 1 NOVA Kerr Chevys Rule! NSRC NHRC RQ2 67 Malibu Beach Wag — 283. Brian Hoffman ; 4 W Lin Halloween EGGS Mr Cioffi corvoic no mistake. LMH- HSKPNG UA Diet GD LK YA ' LL DUFF R.l. SYNDROME, 67 GOAT, MOUSE IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, NOT CHET BIG D, GOTTA SELL, THE HUT, LOAF! THANK YA Sheryl, IT LOOKS GRIM! LUNCH AT CUM BERLAND HIGH, CAPT? WHAT POLE, HOM- LIG, DO BEE EARS! EVIL BASH? MANY MT ' S!!! 250 4LG SUNDAY talks w- CATH, The WINDA " FRIENDSHIP IS THE INEXPRESSIBLE COM FORT OF FEELING SAFE WITH A PERSOf HAVING NEITHER TO WEIGH THOUGHT: NOR MEASURE WORDS. " — George Elio BUDDIES GERALD W. ELDREDGE JR. Saturday night bowling, the GREEN HORNET I.MH Kitchen — the water fights and scrubbm those pots! NAVY here I come! l i •» • : ;o v :• ■ :• -;• :- « - JAMES ELLIS ELISE MARLA ELMAN DOTTIE EMANS JOSEPH F. EMANUELLI . FE IS BUT A MERE IMAGE, ON THIS - _ ANET WE CALL EARTH. " 1971 VOL- KSWAGEN SUPER BEETLE " STYX CONCERT, NO • i0 1979 ME + JEANNE FOREVER WOOPLES " " DON T -iASSLE MY BRAIN " A friend ,s a person wi n whom I may be sincere. Before aim, mc -rink cioud — Emerson Love to a: rr , -r ends X-COUNTRY 79! Go Big E Broke 20 ndoor Track The Mile " BusRides Th ' n« Yellow KC!! Look like we made it! i love you mom dad Dottie!. what ' s up GD.KD.LM.?? Breath the air; Dont be afraid to care. Is it still pureing?? Big Al ' s Three ' s Company DLG. Bo-Bo. Do ' s and Don ' ts! Lefty ritey. Po. wonderful Tonight. I love you mom, Thanx. memories Live forever. Later! DaDaDaoa. " Iron man " , To 2 years of JV CC and the F Whinnem award, 3 seasons of VMB at 8 AM foi stars, vectors and no MB competitions Bounc for where? AFS in Panama a vacation? GD anc 00 in speech The Jr Prom, No Class treasure? " Life ' s but a trip to Panama? " SANDRA L. ERSOFF WILFRIDO C ESPANOLA NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY, MAY ' 79 VICE PRES STUDENT CREDIT UNION SPEECH TEAM GROUP DISCUSSION FOOT BALL 1.2,3. VARSITY (LETTER) TRACK IN DOOR 3. OUTDOOR 1,2,3 STUDENT COUN- CIL IF THE BEST ! CAN DO IS TRY MY HAR. DEST, THEN I’LL TRY HARD TO DO MY BES GERALDINE A. FAIR Gem, Family, Centerville — SUN Summers with coiJo. Doobies 78 CF PW SS JW DO LG TD DF — Thanks If I only hod the words — SR, NY with Fletchs. C Puff, Heod lor the mountains, Spook, tennis, H S Thanks — DF, Skylark SMASH, " 6 " Ct»ol change, soil on — Take CARE ROBERT E. FAIR, JR DANIEL C. FALBV GING” Don-the-mon King Tut Lives ' Wild ' n crazy Guy 78 • JA FB Graphics RV-TB-1234 (temp’s rising) The Prom Doob«e Bros. 79+CC Track! 78 80 600, 440 5 Reloy Go (or if ' What, me I ole? N-306, where ' s ihot?! ' Thanks Mr. Buduo R I T Here I come ' Linda m fannon i wc «« " S-mfl t out W P C D Back — ti.vrc n«s c P i. 5cci SUM 79w P S-C A . VS -ROMS — Let THE GANG wevi Lvi Sew Veers— -Rat s ETtV_tR • »«■■ not crar» r«me was i’ RR sg wo rte. ; SUSAN FITZPATRICK Fitx Mr Gogi De Class Donna Sohtw - season t$ approachog — get out those bnoti no ? nonkj i it nav a peps Thanks for everytHng MAD Dd anyone see me soacn to¬ day Bermudo Baurd fcienes Scurfy Cofc ©» n»C hr 1 come tee yp ' KAREN MARIE FENZEL m Sack so get yo Journey J Ge h Night L»fe. Skrrpy On me weekend Dew r up Bobby ‘omer Den t de me .ne that Maybe you ' ll morty sCOrpo Sue GDy COOf dC Beude Later Frustrated Perry ' Ados -Sad Oh BRIAN FITZGERALD FlT2 Football 5S Beac F»ont Tk PAW W ALPOLE ReadyHos LOSER Skirmo Case 3e ave- ' F kppo Goan QMS A — YOKE — SCHOO . A ao PiN saC- 4 . FOREONER BENNY _ — S kT N »£ Skt stRO SWEET mOME ALABAMA ROD KANSAS — CARR ON HATCrCT T» E outlaws BRPeG FT 1 1 m 1 1 s ' m ' x ' fcw v- f ALAN FLEURY sot night at Ricks, DQ, beochbound but don ' t always make it, don ' t eat live crabs BurgerKing, Fri night hockey T-Shirts; South East Mass. Good Luck R,M,P CAROLYN A. FLETCHER Fletch 35 Capt B-ball ESPwMur Spook, Okey, JR, HB, Bomber CB Skylark-Smash MacArthur Bust DC CAMP 79 Cruises to the Cape Heod for the Mountains Friends Prom 78 Bop Sopro Have Another Mom Dad WH Beach Thanks, Ger 4 22 78 Always Forever, Mark JANE FLYNN JAMES PETER FORANCE TRACK ALL THE WAY, FROM PICKLES TO LA MACHINE, COUNCIL, MOST OF MY TIME, ENJOY, DELPHONICS. TIME FOR THE FU¬ TURE, ONWARD INTO THE ROUGH LIFE, MEDIA, FILM, COMPUTER WHO KNOWS, ON TO COLLEGE. I MADE IT THROUGH THANKS NHS. A WISH OF LUCK TO ALL IN THEIR FU¬ TURE STEVEN FORTINI Cindy 4-1-78 mights At FRAM. State, Summ of 79, MAINE New Hampshire, Summer of " Pond ROAD, Let the Good time Roll. LWC, Bo to be wild, wed ZeppeSn, much later I ' m out here oh ya ELISABETH MARIE FOREST i oe voc. DoDe 11-4-78 CW TJ Jenner NH 79 M sta es ? P-S One more time? ... it ' s kind of a speoc eewhen you ' re out on the sea cone s ' cnrc at ne full moor, like a lovertime JOHN P. FOUNDAS Jay... Benched 300 lbs. 10-7-79 .. . WPI Bound _The Comp_ 275. Engineer ... Track ... Shotput, 50-yard dash ... W.N.Q.A.Q.N.W. FRANK JOSEPH FOURNIER II Deb 15 years 4-ever Prom 79 80 Separation Washington 78 My escape to France New Jersy 78 Donga Summer 79 Sunday Julie Skiing with Kathy License a Blue Pinto Dreams of Barbara p oco 4-eve r - 3»en is in New York Buikknc cyscitfr. ' - LYNNE MARIE FRAZER Early Grad! T C Cheerleaders, T.L.F. In Through the Out Door Quinnboni ' s BSA HA! What ' s up SPAM? Summer of 79 YES! Hey Dunnie. Good friends ore forever. Geri re¬ member Maine, lost |Ourney. Well out of here finally OH YA! LAWRENCE W. FREDERICK Larry .. . Breakfast D Period with DB KB I ' m Average S.O.M.H.O. 10 mpg LISA 9-4-79 P. Brillo LATER MUCH N.H.S.!!! SUSAN L. FRIEDMAN Suzy Florido-ton. BFA-t-Forever Diet-let ' s eat Papa Ginos Skibum gymnastics midnight jog drivina-roin? H period study College? SMILE work haircut Eorly morning drag laugh!? Who me? Porents EMPC interesting walk beside me be my friend PAMELA FULLER NILES P.F.S. NEW YORK On ' s«c " REASONS " August " 77 " 4 24 62 - se-eus 790 Riverside Drive COOL DEAN Sc ' was fun Beth, my dearest tr nd. Be-V-Z-s " the Box " June 8 closs of 1980 e- member this — " Life ain ' t no crystal Stair " MARK A. FULONE Lassie zippo! S.O.P. ond M.M. red shirt, green ploid pants. Turt, stork ond DumDum. Those physics films Goodbye, Natick High CAROL LYNNE GALLERANI JOEY 7-4-79 Truck 4x4 RV Fish Jax 65 STANG Uncle Joey Annie Windsong Crystal Memories Trie Loke Chasing Rainbows freebird conwoy Duxbury drive-In M M ' s Riunite MOI? Minute by Minute 20 30s 8-3-79 Goodbye stronger LATE! It ' s over now my friends PAMELA GALLERANI Pume Hey bones! Oro F. Mora ENB Dazed and Confused. Born + O be wild. B.O.C Many dreams come true and some hove silver Lininas, I Live for my dream and a pocketful of gold. Tuppers homeroom Summer of 79. What a long strange trip its been 1 STEVEN GALLERANI " Gvic " " 79 " " Little Spider " " LATER SCHOOL " " Let the good Times Roll " " PARTY " mm ' MARIA GALLO 9 22-79 me Liwl« Skunk, Wos it really that long ago ' Thon» AJ head stuck much? Anitoria-’ S“e lokay? Florida 78 — SHE MADE ME DO IT! Bryant 3 Itoka 79 .. Summer 79 — Where ' s the C OOne 3 ? Friends ARE everything Nifi Rose SnGEr Memories PBSM MICHAEL GALLO Moon Raker. 71 Brown Kowi 500 ' Noon lunch at Cumberland High R.l. Evil Fort Bash — Magic Lomp Duffs Party 79 80 Fiat Crosh! 7n7 Redwood Woynes Basement A little 6 Action Puerto Rico We like Blond hoir ' Lech Socer Oh my God ' “Free” See yo later? JULIE ANN GAROFALO Blue Comoro . . Fenway Faithful . . . No, we ' re no sisters!. Later... Lechmere Grow up . .. I guess you had to be there 7. BOSTON 43 ... Chinese Food . Weekends fine . , Lying out,in the sun , ,. NY .. . What a pain Half-n-Half . 26 SC J,R . See you loter Natick High LORI J. GAS5ETT I Love you Mom . , . Summer breeze makes me feel fine. Okey, Merilyn. G.F. Than B.F J T M M I Love you . . . Head for the mountains . .. Thanks Sisters My Dod and I forever . Prom 79, The Best!! GWENDOLYN GAVELIS Accident Prone? Softball OUCH! thank you ' s for being a friend JB.CD.TD.JW Another es pisode of why us? Ski Seagull Beach. Yar mouth. The Dunes. Little Hondo. Cool change -pooh Bear How ' s the water Jane B? Thonx for everthing MomDaddy — I love you!! FIVE!! DONNA M. GIANNETTI GIA — Saturday Breakfasts — Cherring ] i-3-KMLCNQSOCB Thanx Bud dies — Hey Big Sister! Good Times 4- Hard Times — Goofball — My Buddy Koren! AL¬ WAYS AND FOREVER — should have been prom theme — College Bound! I never hated you! Be yourself — Smile forever!! WENDY LEE GIFFIN GARY GILFIX " Nc day is over if it makes a memory 1 ' ' Dancing, great times a — the Garden, that spec-a I 24, exacto knives, Cape Cod and Summer ' 78, I’m gonna burst 1 Helen Keller jokes LISA ARNELL GOMS GOOD TIMES! Yes these hove been Good Times. Loren, Phyllis and Bessy, its been cool Peanut Butter Bounce, Rock and Skate Fun kedelic! Eorth, Wind -t- Fire they got the FUNK, but the Class of 80 FUNKS THE BEST ' Goodbye All Bogarts in Tuppers BETH GOODING Green. Monkey Business Wing " our locker, " Dec 16 — will he ever remember 5 Please, don ' t go . -3- Lake Placid ‘79? room service! Dolly, Guys Dolls, House Quortet OJ! If my people Fluffy 1 golf balls — that book! Honorary band member, I made the bus! M EVAN GOODMAN ALL NIGHTERS CRU2IN DOWN THE CAPE NANTASKET SUMMER OUTLAWS SKYNYRD BEANS JD JEFF PARTIES COLD BANDS COLKEUM CONCERTS FLORIDA PARTY CAR FINGERY PlTURES GREEN GRASS AND HIGH TIDES FOREVER ' !’ JUDITH GOODRIDGE " Smile and the world smiles bock at you. frown and you frown alone. " T rock — Fenway — Sears!!! DIANA LYNN GRADY Outo-here, Gonna PARTY-HARDY!!! Cape bound " Nickerson ST Park " Nauset Beach DUNES Must-Do- ' t-Up ' Under the desk much Corbo need that coffie Bu img in Brewster Repyda-Du Buda GREG YA Mowic Rules ' Tup¬ pers, " Sebogo " cast notick JD Catcha in a few SCOTT GRADY DOC ELO ALWAYS . . 87 EUROPA . . , BLACK THURSDAY: 2 THE DIAMOND NO MERRIMACKS . LOLA ' S FIRST 100 NORTH OF NOWHERE ECLAL CHUCK? SNAP .. OUTLAWS FOREVER MEREDITH IT ' S A TREE THEM SCRAPS ... STORMAN FSw ARCHES NITE ... SEARCHIN FOR A RAINBOW MARK GRAHAM ED-JANET FOREVER. GOATS HAVE MORE FUN A DOSE of Reo Like you Do, Keep Pushm on MURPH ' S MOB F Period study MAG ' S HOUSE FOR LUNCH. THE PARTY THAT NEVER WAS COCOA BEACH Do it in sneakers Days AT THE BEACH, OUR BOATING EX¬ CURSIONS our Boxing doys TKO MARY GSASSF ' I ' ve seen the kghts gc ok on 8n aoo jy I • jo the whole wo r k; V. story My faodk My iot I’m o Yav trzemskt nut ft MMM CY DC. 0H. FL My pal Mr L My DudCS W happn H s ateddy bear Wr re or gv£ 153 ALVESTER GREEN JR. «e Green 80” AT, S.H, A G. M.S.W, K.B, LS L.D, J.G, V.H, S.W, Ms S.A, BA (A N. K.S, K G, C.T) T,W, Liz MosterGreen, Storchild, wRBBwild Vou ore the best let No one tell you less KNEEDEEP RODNEY GREENE Football you bet, Grunt, Scrub D fanin Gus?, Lost Time seenyers, Burnt pancakes. Partners? Saint Louis Blues, S.St.Let ' s take your car, Bee- kertLamont, " THE BOAT” May She Rest In Pieces PLEASED TO MEET YOU, HOPE YOU GUESS NY NAME. STEPHEN GRIFFITH Finally out of Natick High at Last. From Fortinis couguar to Roper ' s SS CHEVY to Back yard Auto Body Men. to, Body Wove And Finally to the Donut Hole It was Good while it Lasted vjb % ELIZABETH GRINGERI Bea, Thanx Mom and Dad, Gweed, The Gang, N.Y. ' s Eve at Dan ' s — sorry Cin, Jr. High, B P. — Good Bye YBR, II 12 79 SCARY She know — Lizzy! Cheering . . . Redmen Rule! Bren-Bu? Sue, thanks for listenin ' , " We ore such stuff as dreams are mode of ... " , Lou PAUL GUSMINI HUGHEY ... " ST. LOUIS, ST. LOUIS " MDS PUPPY, ELMO. SHAKEY, SEE YA, BRUTA QUICK PITCH Left ... KEN ' S MOON BEAMS, GOOD BY MY Friends . Toby MARCE. MY LOVE Goes with you Love You All the time . . . CANADA CHARLIE + CHIQUITA . . . Sleepover Dnve much Diane? H.H- 1987... KATHLEEN HAIGIS Trock, F. Hockey Capts. 4, Rebel Bermuda ' 80, Prom ' 79, Dave, Macs K.C. Pres, Baigel; Excuse Me!?! Marathon, smile! Parochuting?9 Deit Pepsi, Parks, Sec, For EVEN If you Have Tried Then you Have Succeeded’ Love yo Ro¬ bin, A nee. Duff Kate Cath Mom Dad! RICHARD HALLORAN Hal, Lote nites down the rink. Fly ' n Like an Eogle Searchin for a Rainbow, Low Enforce¬ ment Colifomia bound. All week party at Nurds, College Hopefully, Football games. Half days week nites, Week ends, Maika Hoi — Natick high Good Luck! RICHARD HAM Midnight Supplies .. Colorodo? West Street Dirt Parking Lot THE Dodge at South Street The Duke in the Shed Get a Bigger " Hammer” Manager of Beoch Front Estates 73 Mo sj I t History HEIDI HANSEN Cheering 10 Hello Dolly Sand pit firedrills Proms 78-80 4 Hockey Waylond Pond Marce Beth Loma Cardinal? THANX for every thing mom I luv you spunky con Tact fits G-Doy TV Curfew? nel Agatha ice-cream Var show RN 10-13-78 I Love You ROBERT MARC HARRIENGER Thanks Mom Golf . Gotta tec, Jim?, The Evil Woodsu .. Is there reality ot a clambake? Rt.9 15mph, beat Volkswagen, they must live in Wel¬ lesley Lotto nice girls, Cheryl is always there, Wendy ' s Summers 8 1279 . ANN MARIE HARRINGTON PATRICIA HARRINGTON Engaged to Joe 7 17 79 Boston REVERE BE¬ ACH. Charles River. Visits to the Coast Guard Station All men are animols 1 Bose Those long folks, right Beth? Good times with Gmo and Tom Red Bam. Conceited John. Shy? Spend my life time with Joe ROBERT HARRIS Some one teach Me how to drive o Merc. Jim Catch the hat Deb 79 Brighams, Bogarts, the Extender Jeff Beck Harry for President? What time does school start? New York J D Eperiod English what a drog Take Me to the river Now or never seemed like never KERRY HELANDER New York occent. Forever in blutjeans, h of ne gruesome twosome, " D " Squo redone ing. Th oldies, Who me, Stubborn 5 Long debates »th few resolves, sun burnt kid, conclusion — De netely not for me love restricted to arvma LAUREN HENNRIKUS John 9-1-78 Jefferson St With Wellsy-Brothers are Priceless! Gallos in Love Agoin KH, LF, AJM Nite at Ntskt Prom 79 walloces Niti Rose Pics My Blue Boat So Natick Hockey Married? Rt 128-4-3 Pain of 8reakmg Away! I Love you Babe .. . Forever Hello World KIMBERLY ANAHID HEROSIAN SHAKE? DOLLY 78 Adeloide 79 Jozz Modwo- man, sob. Pistache 80 STATECHAMP 79- Nationals! It ' s — Fly ' EN ITS-FLOWN COO:DANATWINKLETOES My Yellow Boby CAPE79WhotaBlost! Cutles! Armenian Thing! GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROADWAY AND TELLEM I WILL SOON BE THERE MARY ELLEN HICKEY Peoches ... why me? Beufsch, sou erkraut ... hunky-dory, x-COUNTRY, Trock . . . but they don ' t feed me at home . .. Dolly, Guys Dolls. NHSNHS have pie, will travel . .. flies ... I ' m SO confused ... I got by with o lot of help from my friends DAR : A - LL Bermuda CS ——C rv Fjn»CO“ Creek tree - - • miss VO- B v.“ ‘rv;. :- • Eom n jock Lvr» yo i Cor ar . n 9rai sh Deez Lane t«r.i for the memo¬ ries 5 Ne»e Ov a» chon See ya 155 JOSEPH J. HLADICK HACK . ,. Wilsonnites Rule . .. Turkey Doy Disaster . . , The Loadsmobile 7 Oak Knoll Rd Peg . . GTO l . . . The Felchville Gang . ,. « IVA . The Chief ... 1980 ... FOOTBALL -V 88 If I Don ' t See you in the Future I ' ll see you in the Posture T m JOHN HOFFMAN ROBERT HOFFMAN MARY HOLMES ME PEPPER 9 24 79 THE BET IS ON NEVER GETTING CAUGHT OOCH. ESP BEST WISHES TO MRS FARLAND (BEST THEACHER I EVER HAD) HOLMES YO-YO BOBSEY TWINS GIRLS LOCKER ROOM TOWEL FIGHTS PENNY HOLMES I’m not ofroid to foce the light I ' m not afraid to think that I might foil I was going nowhere fast I was needm something that would last — Kan sas, Grateful Dead. what ? Cape Stranded, Waterskiing, J Geils. Volleyball Softball. 80 made if LORI HOPKINS Me—« ' es Wells Beach, Me., NY SSt —--r —ev Duey, and studly? Glenn - Moc ' s football ... Fric ' n ' Froc Vs gc toyoto’ Roches. Bermuda ' 80 . Bor - 7 B Ball I get by with a little f- y —. Trends’ Thanks guys . .. Mom! 156 CHARLES HOPPER Beimonr li , ' cr jr j trj " Ray and Ty Camaro 42 Woo tw ' orrr p 30 Hooper ' s toilet Beau and his Jeep r 3 r ei at -ugg s Chuckles LATER MUCH KEVIN HUGHES Aujourd ' hui a Natick . French vmoo. e ghr tn a booth at Ground Round after Pops, — The Axe Has Fallen —, Exploration ' 79, AP Eng 24 errors — not a record, but a turning point, heodchops. ' 79 Live rule for success — get the monarch Notes Aurevoir NHS BRADFORD HUNSAKER HUNS GING ' IS HE PRESENT? SORRY ' THAT ' S OF THE. AH, LIZARD FAMILY ISNT IT? WELL. WE ' VE PRETTY MUCH EXHAUSTED THE SUBJECT JUNIOR” WEEKENDS AT HARVARD’ SQUASH NO, ITS NOT SOMETHING YOU EAT SD ICH LIERE DICH! GOOD LUCK JCBSDFJTSNRMJEMH ANDREW HUNTER SHERYL HUNTER CHERYL HUTCHINSON ROBERT HUTCHINSON t ogonsRuletheskies Smaugsill lives CrossCountry — Bill Handy Copt, of gymnas- Hutchy Cochituate — 5:45am " Yes, my father ' s PATTY PART 2 ... 10 1 1 83 ... LACONIA .. . C.ornUrgesitBrianandHis BigBluesBox Av- tj cs |s| ov . sign Swipe Thanks Mom Bob Dr. a cop " Plymouth . . . Michele JB Rolling Stones " THE ISLAND " WHY ME. DOWN NORTH TO E ar s. BlackHawk Hunter? UNH with Kelli! Summer of 79 ' with An ever lasting smile " cutie! " My Family " He ' s N.H. CUT TO THE CAPE . . . CONFUSED . . . Rick — J.Geils — White Pig — BJW . . . Boston so nice! " Sat. nights . . . the best Mic " Is it 1 1: 30 SATURDAY NIGHT . . . BOUND FOR RHODE I —Seabury beaches—Roses, trophy — thanks; Yet? " — Luv Ya — good times. For ever ISLAND WEIRS BEACH .. . PATTY FOR EVA sneeze . . . unique . . . Friends, sail on. take care . . . BYE DANIEL IARROBINO CHARLES INTERRANTE GINA MARIA JANNONI NEAL JASINSKI AKES Alive! . . . Pinhead Sit down Tom . . . 4 19 79 — Precious and few are the moments Wendy, a very special someone!! Football and Disco Jerry . . . Brian Buddy . .. O ' Mucky The we two can share — Prom 79 — Where ' s Lisa? Basketball. HPL! Deb ' s Bug and a friendly clown orman . . . Dungeons and Dragons . . . Bermuda — Miami Bound — New Years Eve — Bus rides to away games. JAZ. Jasper! Elaine ' s -untly . . . check it out. . . Friendly ' s sweet buns The Works F.B.P.A. — You ' ll get over it! Sum- Tootsie Pops. Sunday Donut Delivery. The Bus . Later much! mer — 79 — Love, Fun, Sun — Good times Lori and Murph! Love you Wend Penny ' s uni- never last! Right? — CLH — we will never pass form. Winnie. MPS! this way again! • DEBORAH JENNINGS 15 years 4-ever. Mom and Dad I love you. Grandparents Rule. Ian F.Tait 8-18-79 — ” ' bs. Tommy ' 71 I ' ll write a song for you. ed-T-Bear. Scratch my back. Phone Calls. r cense in July. Good-luck Deane. Disco Rules. -Vorr.s ' 79- ' 80. Bye Natick Hi. DAVID JOHNSON JAY JONES - ou 63 MUSTANG, 879 CRK, SOCCER You c-«.ed norcstrictedareo! Weekendsat- ' “eCAPE Roche Bros. WildCat-Gunstock, v -H Junkyard SouthStreet, Shotgun-$25. Porty 5 v NV ROI ' mosFreeasbird — What now- Cdege wark — Who Knows?? Time will tell SUSAN JONES ALIAS DBNES, Mousecakes, Osar Shoesy. Thanks 4 alwys being zhere SBM. KSSOSS. COJOS. FEB 10 79. NYE 79. tennis PREPP1E! famouslostword: " SIGH! " fomlastsoundknow- nos! TIH.BCBOUND Indian? rilolwoys re¬ member TMB oaky T3. 11 ' s whatulea ma ft ruk- nowitall.thotcounts LILLIAM JUSTICE THE LAST DAYS OF SUMMER PARTY AND THE PUNCHES. S.S. STUDENT TEACHER 1979 MY SENIOR ENGLISH CLASS. 1979 HALLOWEEN FAVORITE soyingj the trip bock to boston with )d.c.-c.c. r.b,-r.t. WHOOPS! FORGOT THE RIFLE BARRY KACHADORIAN Baseball is the future. DEWEY, FLYBALLS Bat¬ ting Proctice ot 7 TED Williams CAMP, Noutilus, Freddie Cal., Let ' s Ploy BALL! Golden Glove Dallas Cowboys and touchdown Tony Creepy Arizona ST. is 1 MICHAEL KADLIK KADDY TAB! Footboll? 18 26 22 WRES 10 Dl- DATCIA HUH? HAMPTON BEACH " BIMBO " DENNISPORT GROUNDED FOR LIFE Hunton JBI GO BUCK KD AN THE BAST DAN AA THE WHO KEV TUCKER DANS BD YLT TRACY 10-6 79 St. LOUIES DeUnDone TRAVEL ' N? JOHN KANE KANO 44 DINO ON A REBEL T-DAY TOUCHDOWN Poss? HATCHET HOCKEY BLOW-OUTS HEY LENNY .. . S ' UP? JAWSl II and you hove to osk why I HATE NORWOOD! BASEBALL CO-CAPT. FLIRTIN ' WITH DISAS¬ TER NOTHING AT NEWFOUND! COOUDGE BOY WASN ' T I JUST IN 6 GRADE? DANIEL KEEFE NUBS ... Showboat, Bigmouth, me? Lerch, Porkin . . . Prom-(Piecrust) Cruising, Duxbury Disaster. ... JK ... Pool-Cucnel ... License, YAH Please God I ' m Only 17, Pinto ... Memo¬ ries of Morlboro will last Footboll-Knee- Baseball-Jigger L AC Bosket ball-Birdman- Fatmon? HORACE KILLIAM CALL ME BUD .. . BABALUC BASKETBALL BASEBALL PAY MORE THAN 12 ... 72 ' F REE RD CANS, GET THEM OU ” GOiN. NIGHT BOYS? " GONNA TAKE - TRAIN ... POWTANTAN =E2 FRIENDLEIGH. CHEW N B-CC CLUB .. . THANKS MOM 0-C DAVID KERR 68 ' Merc. Cougar, YUP the Nova was o load. Summer 79 ' , The Cape, M+H Junkyard, Later WAYNE KENT Class of 80 rues Reflection Spa B. Tails Led Zep DANIEL KEOHANE Runnin ' On Empty . . . 1 — the Larch " Aw Debbie, I ' m so bored. " Speech Prez, G D, A OL, C-C Semprini . . . Did you say mollusk? Existentialism Camus Rule!! I ' m not forever cautious Rules Never Say Die Fall Parties Rhode Island Trips 20 won ' t stop us! School ' s out forever MA, I told you I would do it and I did! LATER MUCH!!! Terri Natick Street Rod Club, Lets hit Macs My buddies Jim and Dave, Honor Roll for the First time . . . What Now? HELEN KIM helen: " you know " : midnights at Hojos JAMES KINCHLA Kinch Humpy-Drifter Sherborn memories with Sue T. Pucku I will always remember Frank Lac, unfortunately Climpies Intervals! Miss Talbot and her Corned Beef HASH! Fruit-of- the-Loom . . . Grapes Got to have South St and Mac ' s on weekends Brighams W DS LBB Nantasket-UFOs?:Lips, lips-RHPS The Play Den: 10 27 79 BC: MCD ' s UN at Marshall party at Tara The CARS in ME: " psychic " : " yap " parties at Simmons; CC the MR Class of 80 . .. Best of Luck! MELISSA AYLENE KING Mak, hop olong, Tom 1 27 79, C.E. Referee, summer weekends, Long stem roses, Sobrevivi el espanol. Wayside Inn, Red Sox games. Which one is RALPH KINDRED the brake? Oh leave me alone! Squeeky, Proms 79, 80, College Bound-Special Ed. Times to remember. ' CYNTHIA KUS5Y Steve, Frominghom State Summer of 79, Hampton Beach, MAINE, Summer of 78, Pond Road BoBaBedo WOW, RANK outs with Kel, together forever, Led Zeppelin, Little bit older but o fo more bolder, LATER, Turn the Page, OH YA THOMAS LACAUSE TL + NE Lot rhe good times roll party? at Steve P were great and rowdy Steve ond Jane forever good time with Joson Mean out in R.l 79 is the best year for Beach Bums Like S T I L R H good time wit Nancy rhe concerts were great DANIEL LAMONT Wrestling Copt. — Losing Weight BUURD — Appieride ' 79-1972 NOVA Bruce — skits — Telephone POLES!!! RhodeRunner — Island Hopping Outlaws Green Grass - • High Tides — St Louies — — BeUnDone KIM M. LANDER Ziggy Krim Adrienne BBG BATY ForeverlnMyHeart thegroup Good LuckWhercEverYouAIIAre Allofmylovc — JT GBSN DKJBallthef raminghamGang ' ' lonHunter.BillyJoel WEEI, Moybe.MavheNot Mom Dod — I rea I lydoco re Thonx I980 CalifomiaBaund TheEnd SHALOM ' JEANNE LAROCHE JULIE LAWLER ROBERT LAWLER ALBERTINE LEBLANC GOOD TIMES TO REMEMBER . . . CPER WODNEY AND H?s BOAT. LW DA cv LB . . PL,PRiES AGA N ROLLERSKATING. BUGS EYE — LITTLE SHWEBURRY POPO ... WEYMOUTH NATICK LABS FOOT BALL GAMES . ThonL you Mom ond Dod for everything LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME 160 JANET LEE r nends make the path a little smoother Daytona Seach Skynyrd memories. ... I found ya all the •ay from OHIO! I can ' t seem to forget ya . . . I L RN THE PAGE LATA N.H.S. Never let yes- r ' day use up today. Keep in touch Ches Mol- esta f Party 4-eva! KATHERINE L. LEGGE LEGGO;sumbuddy N.Y.E LUNAR PATROL — cssob down South MO! MO! yessongs; RAM¬ BLE ON Summer of 78 deja vu my ' 66 Chevy — to HD after G Hey Linda Lea I did it — HooHooHayyyyyHooooo — I ' m outta here; gimme shelter live and enjoy Later JOAN M. LEHMAN — JOANNIE — A TIME TO REMEMBER — A TIME TO FORGET — REMEMBER ALWAYS — GIRL SCOUTS — BOWLING — ERIC — CAMP- NG — NURSES ' AID — KATHY — ALICIA — JOHN DENVER — GUITER — MESSAGES ON BOARDS — A CLUMSY KID ALWAYS—HAD A GOOD TIME — Bye — ANNE LENTINI Annie Brown eyes Jimmy 8-1-79 the Cape why not? BWIBCBL Saab Caldor Summer of 79 St. Thomas Is that all you can say? Bambini Lin- guini a nice tank. G T Who ' s next. A summer ' s pasture at my gate . .. grist mill College bound .. . so many memories . .. BRENDA LIBBY Mubles, Ramadalnn,Sekonk ' 79 Bertha Deoc 10 4 79, Natick mall short cut, McDona ds Pickles on Shiny cars, Give me a Break, Getting lost in Boston, Big cars low to the ground B. road ride to the max PETER LEWANDOWSKI ' 72 NOVA — YELLOWJACKET, Mr. Bour- deau. Architect, Vector, Queen — GOML, Church, we ' re late. Prom — 78, 79, 80, C Period, Glenn, LMH, shopping. Straight A ' s, Aerosmith — Kings -f Queens, Rockport — $40?, Firewood, Skip Study?, 1 1-9-77, Sweettalk, Blue Eyes CHERYL ROBERTA LEE LEVENSON Hey what ' s up Ernie? It ' s Bert! Future Cardinal? Marcela — Niki — Heidi — Ham — Sandy — also: CLBSCMetc Bobbi, Bert, Bird; Long live 6m$ Lee M. Husky Bear! LAMA really? LMH. Disaster Drill ' 79! Violets and roses . . . No Zip- pos! (Yet)! Peanuts, GiDi. See ya all soon! SHEILA LEVEY Paul — You always make me smile! I love you! 9-17-78 Rice Road! Di, Gills, Mike Keis + Tom Thanx Marshalls — we all work there. 3 Good Times at Welfleet! JOSIAH N.H. SKI Bj EG TURN THE LIGHTS OFF 79 Prom Chinese food Toyota College Bound Bye Mr. Craig GAIL LEINHARD S ' eo en She ' s all mixed up, 80 5+D+RnR, L.ny. ' d Skynyrd Sweet Home Alobomo . , TED NUGENT .. . GRATEFUL DEAD. Steve + Me 6 79 ... NAVAM November 5, 1979. 78 GREAT 79 FINE Times to remember! But where am I going What will I do LATER ERICA BETH LINDGREN Ric .. . one man ' s sanctuary . . sunsets full moons-my island in the sun " Be, strong, Jen " Shiloh " The distance leods me farther on, Tho ' reasons I once had are gone. I keep thinking I ' ll find what I ' m after in the sands beneath the dawn. " Jackson Browne DONALD E. LINDSAY, JR. _ • THESSEUS DEMETRIOS LIVERIOS LAC RULES HOCKEY 19 DMG Sorry Boston Garden 78 TEZ F SHAKE + ME JOF Hn e I Finally Mode It SOUTH ♦ SASSAMON ST COLLEGE? WEEKEND WARRIORS BIG FU¬ TURE July 20 1979 CONCERTS 74 DODGE Kiver+Liver WELDING LAW CLASS FINALLY GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE GREGORY LOELL JOSEPH LOCHIATTO ROBIN LOMBARD GEORGE LONG DEBBIE 8 16 79, RUSH. Do it up. BUST AT HONEY FARMS - 1131, JOKE SCHOOL, LONG LIVE ROCK, VAN HALEN — 8 2079, LES PAULS RULE. WANNA SKIP?, CRUISIN IN GREEN IMPALA, KFC — " THE PITS”. HIT THE " ARCA " , CRYSTAL MYST " A D — BAD BAND " . PARTY. LATER, MUCH JIMMY 1-12-78 ILuvU Forever DP My sister? StopnShop Always Lote! gymnast 7 Fun nthe Sun !!You Beddou!! " Poopponells? " Oh no, outa gas! F period heod oche Diamond Ring Burger King agoin? Good luck STDWDP Shortie Thanks Mom n Dod — Memories ... Sonfa . UMFK, summer 79 little guysTWAT officeTehee, Tehee, Tehee, OhPooaMag, Beth, Tim, Jeremioh. Techies .. in the Light Booths Max, Jean, ChrisTheatre Speech SEMPRINI Thonks Mom 1 !! German Shepards Ground Round No Problm . Come Sail Awoy iver RUSSELL LYNO - - (■P SHAWN LYNCH KEVIN LOOBY JOHN LUNDY KEVIN LUTRELL DR.J 64 Blue Rebel Pizza Wagon YES CON¬ CERTS LUCIFET THE HOOD Across the street W.P.O.D. YVITTE FUN IN THE SUN THE WHO PERIOD B SNOOZE PIUTO 6 8 80 Point of no RETURN GOIN MOBILE Always searchin for a RAINBOW I CAN ' T WAIT TO GET OUTTA HERE Newt, Little Lump Half days were never so good. L.M.H. Cumberland High, the place to be. " Projection " The Hut, now just a memory. Dave and Wayne ' s harr. Power Duster Hot Summer nights at the field the Goat The days I ' ll never forget. DIANA LEE MABEY DJLM8-2-4-79 FOREVER SHOTGUN!! SUE + KEITH-PARTY WITH THE BEST! CHEVY MALIBU CW KD TK DM WACO JENNY HURRY AND COME HOME I CAN ' T WAIT TIL CHRISTMAS " MS " DAN-1 LOVE YOU- OUR SPOT MARLBORO " BABE " 3 NO GO CARS HELP ME LIVE MY LIFE WITH YOU! 63 RONALD FRANCIS MACDON _C CANADA . . . Summers . . . Snov S« BLACK 70 Lemons 400 . . . Patriots ec —e . . . Bruins . . . turnpike . . . Fishing Cc i A • 1 • - ri - - M S c And bames . . . music . . . caTe rood ' alish Z Z Z Z Z Z .. . Mac ... Houses LOOB Wrestling Cruisin with BM Costa and Bran Richards South Street Witches or KKK? Making Applesauce LMH St. Louies BTMBO Dennisport Riding the rail Bad puddle jumper Rhode Running 69 Nova THE WHO!!! ELIZABETH J. MACDONALD Chuck Jan. 15 ' 78-June 8 ' 79 Marines Pinball Weekends Pond Rd wellesley HEARTATTACK Piano Songs Guitar CJ with love Let ' s Pretend can ' t wait bikes Changing butterfly Fly Free Town Forest look out for that! tree. Um . iHi - ■- PAUL MACGREGOR MAC . . . ROSEY . .. 5 5 80 . . . HEY BUDDY . .. NOTHIN AT NEWFOND ... ST. LOUIES ... ANNE ... 19 ... SPOOK ... JD SEAN MACK Pam 5-13-79, Prom 78, Sparky " Big Mouth " Mr. Sean, Summer 79 Vineyard libraryconvoT- newploce architecture, finally escaping from Natick — Injury Prone — FTM CapeCod, Jethro Tull, Tull " — SSS Mac ' s, always in a conflict MURDOCK MACKENZIE Radical Cutlass South St Summer ' 79 New York $300 Prom Freebird UCLA? My Kids Brown School Yes, I took CHILD DEV Thanks Scott Yellow Lights Bud late skip 20 ' s Sparky PB Novi CSC Doobies concert I gotta be me Accidents Dreaming . . . Thank you God PAUL MAGUIRE MAGS ZZZZZOUT HOCKEY DEDHAM DUKE TAMPA GET YOUR WINGS WEEK AT GIBBYS 500 SEASON? 20GOALS GOOD¬ NIGHT LATER MURPH THERESE MALCOL NUMB BAD. CC KAREN M. MACPHERSON Cheering 2 4, Jane REMEMBER . . . Forever isn ' t long enough. My little buddy Donna, GOOFBALL, I missed you BUCK .. . SOUTH STREET ... Prom 80?? Love Ya Mom Dad JRDGLCCBBGNQJT, Good Luck guys! Brad, you are the reason for my laughter and my sor¬ rows 9-6-77 WAYNE MACUMBER Rl syndrom wave the hut FP The Killer The Power Gl My guitar recording The tapes If you want blood Hair blue orange Billy tunes The Man show Devils D.S. Let there be Rock Kron SV road crazy boys COMFORTABLY Get Enough " 1 1 2 79 ► Geld Rush SKI STOW GREAT j, DEAD nends Cnoc sn 5M • -gmmn --.i " ..V. m - -■ _ : : :f js?- BRENDON CHARLES MALLOY save fun games gang, woody, mo, broad- way george to the hideaway office. Boston, Joel, Eagles 79 the football syndrome the 67 green bomb DollyYukSteakHouse Vannin in N.H. BennyHill MontyPhythons Flying Circus. Celtics Perfect 10 SOTGT Alas always 3rd place THOMAS MANZELlA THE NEIGHBORHOOD E OWZMIN O SKIING 72 FORD MOVE B NGS MUGGS JD ITALY MICHELLE MARQUIS James 11 30 79 Beside the school, yellow skylark. Don ' t follow me I ' m lost, summer nights down the lake. Party! fleetwood Mac Rules! " squeaky " mirror in the sky what is love can the child within my heart rise above, finally thank God! MICHAEL MALOON MALOONY ... MA-HOO-RING-HOO ... SHOREHAM VERMONT . . . BAZOOTI-wah MR. UPS . . . LMH . . . CHIPMAN HILL . . . MAC ' S .. . Spleafs . . . Lester Quarry . . . Choice . . . Get out the boots . .. Babs . . . Where do I go from Here??????? LISA ANN MANCUSO Italldependsontheweather! MASH Bonwits 79L- ive Arsenic Old Lace Drama Coop Speech Theatre disco Hihi! smile! Piddidle! MAG, thanks for always being there! Kiss today Good¬ bye point me toward tomorrow. My Love forever to my family and friends! DAVID MARCHETTI Dave — Fribuy — Optimist — TJFATGT:3 Mare: Spaghetti Du V n-Swimmin Sailin: 1 1 28 79 — Matta . . . Who? MV BT-DJ: One Night . . . Prez: Al Cath — Frank: SOCCER, U BET — GOLDsmobile AcademyBound? Shed 4 — SUPERTRAMP " You tell me that you find it hard to grow, will I know ' — TF E BONNIE JOAN MARR " Bergie " and " Huey " ; Fa una Canzona senza note nere; " Guys and Dolls " ; Strretch!; " Can- Can " ; Pops; " Smile " ; District Chorus; All- States; tears, laughter . . . memories. CATHERINE MART N 1 :? Live 79 . . . Times To Remembe . Choenrc Hoop 24, School Shows Alison, Lfc? te Beautiful . . . Thanks My Frens Muf ' _ -- Kathy. Kris " Boston " Skiing w A- •: 5 5 78 . . . Stephen, will Always BeMoM OMl I love you . . . College .. . Success To N o- - Bye, N.H.S. m. r ; TO i Him ■ : w .vy .-. , . CAROL MASON Beave-dead US blues-NoNukes NYC 79 ARS isn ' t that illegal in most states Lain up in smoke JacksonBrowne A143 Ain ' t no cure for those pontiac blues-what restricted area? Whatadon — Gonnabuy a fast car, put on my lead boots take a long long drive-crosscountry ' 80 MARY MASTERSON Eddie 2-26-77 . . . forever Babe. Parties down the lake, and over Dave ' s. It ain ' t cool if your chrome don ' t shine. Down the area. ' 69 Com¬ oro. Baba O ' Riley Bookkeeping II Child De¬ velopment. Diane, Tammy, Chris, ect. Working at the Nick TrustBye. -sssssessms. PAUL MATTINGLY 68 Chevy PAUL NEWMAN? Freebird 200 lbs? pep ' s gym JGeils Cape Cod we heard you! KP NUKE IRAN Rivers Football Bad Co The Who Great White Bufflo sikma Gonzo Neil Young sugar mountain OHIO what ' s up Mutt? Smokey 70 Ford AH TLC FOOTBALL TCB Later MICHAEL MCBRIDE GERALD MCDERMOTT AT LAST, Geils Garden -i-Coliseum, DOOBIES, Summers at the cape, Frisbees, Yes S.A. Bud¬ dies, D.F. Ser not Sack, S.B. + BOA, Bose, 400 Ha vad Bound right Bill. Who, " Open doors we -nd OL, r ways -»e look « e see we smile. " Beatles WAUREEN MCCART -e- 79 -ne best SEGER, CCC-GEILS, ARY PA ? KANSAS Good times with Zz r i. STONES RULE When the Is — a r e r souce as You can ' t have it. • - At. Moneys You just don ' t need rt fco Yi ne vho? 3 M LA ER! DEBRA MCCRAW KATH-BEST FRIENDS ARE FOREVER. HEY DA, KEEP RIGHT! DEWEY, HEWEY LOUIE, OK LORI? G-PERIOD STUDY, SUE, GLENN. BRIAN. MY BLY, WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY? SO Close but so far -eyre netmendsrs? NOREENE MCEVOY DVM? WPS bubblecar Moviemovie crusin ' i don ' t know MCHLB late again? SHTTRD SPOTLIGHT! thanks Mom and Dad HDS FNW BC weekends rule Besita my pal what- sup rosanrrosannodana 4x4 THE BEST TC §111 mm DONNA MCFARLANE Bobby; Nov. 3, 1978. I can ' t help falling in love with you. Is it Friday yet? Frau, homeroom, + German. Cathy, Mar, Josie, Maria, Beaver. Let ' s be dumb! Proms ' 78, ' 79, carnations. My car died again. Roches + FACE. Bermuda ' 79. Les¬ ley •+■ earlyed. To shore meons everything! I love you dad ... DONNA MCGILL Yes it over call it a day. Carolyn — Anges — Paula n-Jay Hampton Beach — " Carver Arms " — Waterview — summer " 79 " Rue — " For all we know " . — Jim-n-Enid " We are family " — Whinnems — Mom — October 31, 1977 KENNETH MCGOVERN Mac, EPI, Uncle Johnny, Rec, " The Wagon " Devo, Gibson — SG Solid G old. The Crudway, " Hey Base " , Come Back Jonee, Rollerskating, Engineer, BOZAK, Bernie, Woody Allen, Marantz, Jenny ' s, " The Night " , The Big T, Steely Dan, Do It Again, Gerry in 10, Elvis, C, Darb, NEK JAMES MOVER Football 63 IVA Liver + (Over :: M.G.A. ' s with Joe, Peg + Jp. An ovem. - xt .- the cape in THE Loadsmobile. Conee- : r— • Coliseum. The Buggie. 10 2 78 • + xjr « - Z weekend in Vt The ChickenBorve Joanne EDWARD MCKAY JAMES MCKENNA Mac, Cougar XR7-Total; Stacy Becker night, Neil Young, Zappo Rush, Concerts, Mess, Rat folk Rock and Roll will never die Montana, Gow, floss, Soco, Jack, Cape, Daniels, Banken, Bridge, Long, Oin, Oin, Oin, Card piece Pas- qualicaveche, Chings Parties ETHAN MCMAHON STEPHEN MCMILLAN Romma ,.o very special junior, last second . . . no liscense bummer . . . almost varsity soccer . .. pole vault much? ... N.Y. trips ... 1000 yards ... fat n ' foscia Got my pictures . . . prob¬ able much engineer. .. get a ride? ... THANX 1 L mwm i- w$m . MARYANN MCNEIL Mare Moon Jude bf. Cape Cod and CW memo¬ ries forever. Bermuda 79 The best of times with Jude Deb and Joyce. Me and Donna are dumb? VW Power! FRANKLIN MCSHANE ANDREW MCNAMARA or no GT, Kawasaki Triple Plateau Par- n uck ' s mte out. Summer breakfasts, The ‘ 02 on 135 Sundays with gee at H.D, - -h C h ng on 135, Holeshots, Tom Swim The Dart, Cougar, LeMans, To Totals in vs, NHSFCCY BARBARA JEAN MEADOWS BARB . . . moving on. The blue bomb ssista The gang New Years 80! You are you and I am I. We are alone together. And IF the I that is I is not in harmony with the you that is you, then the we that is us will become the them that was, or were. Unreal RL and Hats. HMRM witt DMJMBM. Prom 79. Hoffmans Buttercup. Col lege Bound! Love ya Mom and Dad. WILLIAM MEIRS TRUCK. FRIENDLESSS, GER, TIME IS RUN¬ NING OUT, G+ 10 ... DOOBIE BROS PETE, DO IT MY WAY AROYT? MODERN EUROPE, D SIFF OSCAR OMEGA, BILL ESTIMOOSE CALLS, MINGO UT. PUPPY ANGIE . . . GRATEFUL DEAD JOYCE MEMISHIAN We may never pass by this way again — so let ' s remember the times we ' ve shared: Mish; Josie; Shulamucka; DNEPWB; Fruit of the Loom; H-period; FF + 1; Papa Ginos; Ground Round; Bailey ' s; ski bum; Rating — lot; WhassattP; 8H; Boston Love to SOSOLEJWDMMMCM — Mom Dad KATHLEEN MESSOM good cook good listener friendly responsible If you need a friend Til be there. Look for me at the nearest ch id care center. Miss Duncon Joannie Mr D ' o n Mr Croig Mrs Porisi Books! Books! MARK MILLER " BORN TO BE WILD " CLAMING ON OCT NIGHT, Styx, — GEE THE C.C. COLLISEUM PROM NIGHT SKI TRIPS KEGER AT BANZ ' S COUGAR _EMANS DART GT FORD BIKE CRUISE ON 135 After drulle Stranded in N SKl ' NG D NNERS v.v KK BOSTON GAR- DENS Mcree JOSEPH MINGACE RICARDO MOLINA JOKE SCHOOL. NUGENT, HATCHET OUT¬ LAWS, Hey John — DUH " e.c. any more Boby Jokes Another Boring Spanish class, Gonzo! UMASS Here I come Disco S—s. Chuck — Ems(HAHAHA) MARCELA MONTEROS MITCHELL MONTGOMERY Charlie and Chiguita, RReci, LAMA Woban Pond, Oh no Liz not oaum Midget Trees and diong 8oston ' Gustavo 15 San F ronsico Stays! Bird, N.;ki. Liz Beth whatever?! Heidi — friends ' orever. Cope Cod Zoof... Cordinals do it bet¬ ter Gus — my love goes with you SWAK CAROL MOORES breokfost at friandb ' s W© v " o S © 3 Lote ogam? Where Arc You Pa + S3 IQ Boston " TRACK ”79 ' " 7V Ae-ohe Hnu Bair cry C. TM. DS, PD, « • ' V or© you o moo»o ? afl IhoK Lot S w r m lot© OQtyr SO lOnG V 5 RAYMOND MORGAN. 8ARNZ ' ROCK AND ROU. WILL N£-E= HAL’S PLACE ZAPPA CONCERNS DCN SIGN IN LATE (YA -OMt OO ON THE path GEE. 5. GOOD ST u rc WHAT’S THE deal, BABY SPARE ME THrS T S S.-FCC - LATER MUCH DONALD MORRILL DON YES GOING FOR THE ONE” JAMES uMH DUXBURY THE CAPE — ONE GOOD summer — the pat — nice girl mac — WHATEVER, JUMPSTART BASE V DELVIS and the PIZZA wagon BEP DERRINGER and STYX THE JUKES BASIC — PRINCIPLE JAMES COUSIN SOP SOCCER DREAM ON LATER FTW BRIAN “ 5 ' C 0 ' r SA i »i. VCX. at -w i - GAMES 57 C“ . r “ : r.N place, smo. a thamqoy’ IMG FOOTBALL CMC vtAJ S Eve FUTURE . ACA r O k.-i? DRAW¬ ING C ASS 5£T r£7 r ROv A FAR 1 Shy OQLit ©CRNr -»a5 BROKEN PAULA MOSGOFIAN Ma ' s leg, Dad ' s too. Warren is hanging in there. Calf, bound? Missing Joy, lunch table crowd Ca¬ ra ' s books, Walking w Sandy 9 baby Boom- Boom Gunter P.A.M. wdstck-Dee ' 78. Sat S at WGNH. Late Slips, dble gym, Jan. ' 80!! Have a Happy! Auf Wiedersegn SANDRA BETH MUHLFELDER Prepster-Ham-Jonsie-Murray Magic. Co- Captain Tennis 80 Math?? IceCubes . .. Crash!! But I am standing!! Determined Physical Therapist Thanks Kim and family. Those who say it can it be done are usually interrupted by others doing it. KAREN MULKERN Hey hey my my Rock n Roll will never die. Breezin. Turn it up! My axe is cold Mandolin Wind. Memories w Laurie, A Venture . . . Apple Jacks in the momina? ELP Passage to Bangkok! Summertime! Wild Horses. Peaches and Diesle Dig the mountains! Bye y ' all . . . ROBERT MUMFORD gone fishin ' with the doog; " 63 " 246; G.D. " 79 " , Midnite supply, the Shed; wood burner; Good Bye Gwen . . . Helloooo. Jed C.B. -I- V.B . FOREVER; woods Man, Mountain Man . . Someday " What A Long STRANGE trip s Been. " RICHARD MUNROE 71 LeMans-Poncho Power cruisin weekends Mich. )gs) " I ' m sick " Ug Fairway hoop " Three highs? " — Do it up Jim! wood heist College- bound? head hurts Ironman-Mr. A. beachbum " Al ' s Burger King " JG, Tull, Doobies, Styx — " Sail Away. " Good luck in the future — AGJMP. DARLENE MURPHY Murph, Da... Memba? South St.!! parties, days off? that rough trip to Briantree! York Beach Summers, ApalLniters keep right, Deb Got this —■ r g for ex-marines from NY Laughter is the, «ev 0 " Oponess Jim what more con soy? Ack s NHS GLENN MURPHY MURPH-B- Ba 11-42-GEILSP-SEGE R-ST YOU RE bunvnin-H UGH IE-LOU IE-Doul-E-WOOOLA ND HILL-FIRE-WHAT-ST. LOUIS-sPONGE-SUM- UP IN SMOKE-CAPE COD-WEST DENNIS- SPOOK-OOUGHNifTS-NUGENT-OOC-GOO- Ii ■ A lift I V5i ROBERT MURPHY KAREN MURRAY Mur Milty Goog . .. Hoop Tennis 2-10-79! SSDeer KSSOSS. ESPW r skylark? COJOW SUE GR shatti ASCMCF58SJ Good rmes .. oo». jocr , re STEPHEN MURTAGH Proise the LORD, F-BALL 15 MURT, Trock. Discus. Thonks Rick, Vick, none, Cath, Suzy Chics-my second family — thanks Dr. Leavitt foke care of my ca. Hey, Thermon rest in peace yes Lisa, I will marry you Isaiah 40:28-31 Moronatha Amen JANET NASON S wing. Science lobs Lassie in A and P. Concert band, unassigned studies, explorer post 666, Me diMart, N.U.. College bound for physical thera¬ py. 1 heart 2 heort 3 heart. T.N. Dr. Courville . It ' s Mindboggling. Grap efruit and towels etc BARRY NATHANSON It ' s a swinger not o Dart! EMS New Hampshire weekends Gail 79 My Dodge, Stains and Poms Waterskiing! " Aches and Pain " GW Invader Boston Stu Scott JS Shirley, Mary, Carol Nick — Skip — vans, good or not 425 ' s 302 ' s Love that Mustang — Hot Blooded! WILLIAM JOHN NEE Tnpod Tricaptain 2 CURFEW MG Van Halen Styx ST LOUIS 69 Chev WENDY Now and Al woys Easter 79 SPAZ Bud ' s Accident Mork V Mogs Hal Eddie Munsta Parker Prom 79 Nan- tasket Prom 80 New Yeors 80 Dan ' s Party Tres¬ tle Leg lifts! Garden Bound I Hope Wish Wont ] STEVEN NEEDELS MEMORIES 4 MAN FOOTBALL, ' 1 NEED A CRABB " . BROKEN GLASS, THE AYATOL LAH, FIRE DRILLS-CALCULUS, DD. MIN DUMB-DUMB, TOUCHE ALIAS PETER PANDA, " WHERE ' S BRIAN? " , CAMBODIA “EENNH-EE NNH " . MR BILL DAVID NEWMAN FOOTBALL JAULIN TRACK PEPS GYM WHS? CAf NH UMASS -I- TLC SKIH? ART THE NCIGHBORHOOD RIVERS GONUTS DEAD MAN ACE CAPE COD COUSINS PAILS house Old ' s 455 Triumph Zappa Neil Young 4wayStrcct Southermon 69 Cougar Ted Gonzo SHUTUP gupee DEBORAH NICHOLS 1 I 4 79 Greatful Dead, B-B-Mcdo Na’ds Latemght Munchies, Coif-Bound, Vermont Weekends, Second Gear, By the Roadside. Shortcut to the Mall, Ramada inn sekonk. what a long strange trip its been. Bottom A-wmg, Burnt to the mox., Teenoge Wasteland’ JOANN NIEMIRA My B — Joey. Martha ' s Vineyard 6-29-78 R field Out of here. What ' s next Arizona bound Bo — in Tuppers. Smoking Area Z. The best (last) yeor of school Ran memories If 1 car get you to smile before I leave. Running On ANDREW NORv NGTON Normy ' i B-Tt-rs- , ng Service The Deod Z ' f ne ' e Se uou later Natick 171 JOHN OAKLEY ;LAN PERSON ... FROM THE G CENTER TO C ENWAY PARK JELLY BEANIA DUMPING N SHERBORN .. BCCA154U " 71” CAM ARO . THE WHO CLOCK 77 ARGEN¬ TINA IS WHERE ITS AT .. ELP STEALING DICKS KEYS HALLOWEEN CRADLE SNATCHER PRIME MINISTER SUMMERS IN BRIDGETON MAINE SANDRA O ' BRIEN Cheering days ' Miss va VC JR Luv to sovc JRJMLEDMJR — my pals! Hey Little Sts ' Filenes JT — JB Whossat, Mish? Nyetsbeso! SLC! 4 + 1 Memories Boston, Sweet 16! 17 B-doy (2pc)! ski bums ' GR-PG Special Mike 10 28 79 Thanks Mom Dad ' Everlattng Smiles .. SUSAN O ' BRIEN OB Shirley Temple Y + I memories I get by with a lot of help from my friends Thank you all! ShulamuCka mish Bestest Buddy — Sandy NY—Boston Thonks mom -dod Sears best Kermit neytsbeso MW T BGfMr.B) DNEPWB SKI BUM!! Bo«nbows! GRB SFCCLEJR Smile " THOMAS O ' BRIEN PATRICIA O ' CALLAGHAN Florida, Burmuda, Sears morning veg YES! That ' s realy how I write, community locker. If I hod O car, cartooning, Styx, OGl MM 1929. MD-DM in Jl. KP, they say I’m crazy, but I have a good time, crude jokes, Homework? " Lifes been good to me so for RUTH OCKERBY Summer of ' 78 Cape, ' 79 Maine .., Ocean Waves. Hydro sliding ■— 360 Loke Coch. Lon¬ don. Summer Nights Moonlight " The Sticky Wicket " Mo Petite Brouillard . . . Friends JB.GS.JN. , . . The iridescence of being what you are is all that ' s important. DIANE M. O ' CONNELL MICHAEL O ' CONNOR Bloopers! okey 19 Copt V-Ball JR, Fletch, Bomber, Spook, HB. 7oc Arthur Bust Skylark — Smash Heod for the Mountains Have onother Fall much? Prom 79 Florida Boundlcb Thanks PG A H S Memories Jamie 10 6 75 . . " You ' re still the one " Mom Frank Thank You JEFFREY O ' DONNELL MARK O ' LEARY SUZANNE ONORATO KEVIN ORDWAY MY GENERATION: Wasted Days and Wasted Nights — Truckin at eight Sossamon — The WHO Live Dec 16. JT Enjoy Coca Colo — Think Sno-Got A FREE PERIOD — J Sessions Do if up Why don ' t ya ' II FFade away LATER FORD TRUCKS — GRAUTNUM N RANGER — 1 OD ' S OVER O ' S — BOATING — PD HOT FRENCH FRIES — STOP!! — BILLY — THE GREASE PIT — GRADUATION PARTY HI O ' — KOALA BEARS SKI BUM! — WATER MAN — S.R — BOO I ' m climbing this LADDER MY HEAD ' S .n the clouds I Hope that it matters I ' m Having my doubts Neil Young ELAINE O ' REILLY BRUCE OSBORN Out here in the field, Paul Masson Mushrooms, Mury you ore what ' s brought me this tar — NO NUKES MUSE. DH. MD, SToh Lord Comping 79 brothers Brad Ted Deez whats Mine is yours K-g it b Day 1 Globbms! 43 ... INCORONATA PAGLIUCA Yes It ' s my real name . . Photography forever Inc DATSUN rules 8 months at the pit Hey Donna C , There were Many close colls Homeroom Jokes . . K-Martian . . . G period rnunchies That’s all folks! TERRY PARENT Joey, 5 6 79 Red-Roses Outlaws. Lynyra — Skynyrd CDB ond MTBAND Cole Schoc ;»s — summer ' 78 Feb Vacation ' 79 Blonde curls J Geils Concert, oh Scott Than Mom Gnd Dod. for everything 1 we ' re finally Seniors LuckyMon FreeBtrd walls, Bork, Walls Macs ' ROBERT PARKER " Nantasket 79 " , Van Halen C.C. " Let ' s take your car .. . " L.K. " South St. then Sassamon " No Tunes . .. Led Zeppelin . .. Nee Football. . . Hockey " 79-80 " " Curfew??? " , Bonneville 455 " St. Louis, St. Louis is No. 1 " West Point, " out of town girls " RED . . . Karppo . . . Lew . . . C Summer.78 79 ' . . . E.W.andF Chevy . .. BE ... Friends . .. T .. . cape.cod. ... Parties . . . J High. and. Forever . . . Devotion . . . woofer. . . Tunes Late, night 6 21 79 .. . Mt.s... 8 24 79... I STEPHEN PEMDERGAST STEN Made it! Molson JANE 11679 G Period Mimi Bad Co. Florida Skiing New Hampshire bound BOC Bawnfore Party Never made it Joke School Took My car for a Swim. KANSAS MAINE Maliba Bar hopping Born to be wild Ac¬ ross Country in a month STYX KENNETH PAUL Nothing At Newfound, The Window RF Sun- drome, Plymouth N.H. Holiday Inn, Lysol in sax, ccc Van Halen, 2.50 for Ig, JAKE, Elmo, A.C. the best, M.D.S., Wally ' S beeper number, wiers Beach assasination. By good boys in Holyoke, P.O.L.C.C., HOW SWEET IT IS. JUDY PENNETT _ e Song Remains The Same Zecoein BOGAS UVE ON TOP I LOVE YOU CHET ANKS MOM STEPHEN PENNIE LORI ANNE PERKINS 8 10 78 A Future of Dreams And Dreams Of The Future " I Love You Mickey mouse! " Com¬ puters — Prime . . . Explorers " The Hallway S Are Too Crowded Terry " — The Summer of 78 — Laughs, Tears — J Miss you! — Harry — To Remember — Good Bve ... KATHLEEN M. PETERSON Just when you thought you hod life ' s puzze a? put together someone hands you another p»ece — A smile to all my friends, Cathy Mike TL, 5- KC, PO, LP Dean 2nd runner up — Miss Vro V. Bail oil schoo show Sr. unch Always At : Forever? AUDREY PHILBRICK THOMAS PINEAU Sondcostles and oceon breezes, summers in the sun. R.R. TRAX raspbernes and o pinegrove. Drogons in the snow. Starry nites, bonfires, sail¬ boats, and sunsets on the islands. Rollercoas¬ ters ond a yellow Firebird Fireworks ot the lake with Ray BRUCE POLIKOFF THEODORE POLITO 69 MACH I FTS’S DROTES IPPS JERRY IN TE N YEARS BLUE OYSTER CULT BRUCE JAZZ BAND HERE THAT RAINY DAY OHMS LAW? 10 8 79 WHO CARES! MRS GOOD YEAR HOMEROOM ALL RIGHT MATT! MICHAEL PONS LAURIE PORTER Bones-thots me Vinnie 3 10 79 Riding shootmg stars up thru the Milky Way Tuppers homeroom Dazed and Contused Whot a long strange trip its been. Hey Anybody Wonno Skip? Party ' Keep seocching for the gokJ at the end of the rainbow. MARK POTTER Sue " ello " Fog Discombobulated tootse rolls Outdoor store levis ford Mickey ' s GTO Cape Cod beach bum 4438 July 7, 1979 Bonfires the nights Sailinq Waterskiing Fishing Sleeping Strawberry Sundaes WHY? the 7th day of the 7th Month SUSAN »C £RS Sus e-Q p5.- -c fec» i Soiling, —r - v oj c right in. TR7. v CARS tCA s St u Co. 79 Lm: 77 - mOV?£S ft, MOTs. FeFiFofverv WC. Stfei. cade r m not t«kksh ' . 175 SUSAN PRATHER dev of May, Dennis n ' me! TransAm +65,1 c t sno» ' B.O.C. It ' s time I had a good time, get r me to waste. TOGA!’ MA 1 Concerts ' wOura again? Hidden Lake. Baba O ' Riley! Times Oown r e Hen Wild n Crazy Guys, CD. I re¬ member D.M.GO NUT2 DO IT UP NANCY QUIGLEY All of my love to you Todd Beth, Lisa, Karen, Sandy your the best!! Shannon, riding. Salisbury Beach with Todd, Karen and Brad Lisa and me hunting widows. Beth friends 5 till forever St.E,s with Karen Thonks Mom and Dod 7 4 79. PETER QUIGLEY I ' ve Got Those Treadway Blues The Death- mobile Birds THE BAND Zambio Rules R- E-D-M-A-N Latin Green Hornet Treadface Hawkeye and B.J. Honeycutt Boobies-Giels Summer of 1979 Deans Place Thanks mom ond dod GerakenJimDavePhilDonBurkeTed KATHLEEN QUILTY " Steve” Prom 78 . . . Breakfast at Frienkly ' s ... Carole, Corol, Peg Shoot I missed the bus agoin. Whot, Chinese food ogain? The Moon Polace, Chin ' s Villoge. Con I toke the car? Weekends with family and close friends. Luv ya E, J, D, C, C, B, R. M+D SUZANNE RAIMONDI COlir. sizzling frying in the sun tootsierolls. d ' pals ND basically discombobuloted ' ' JC " plans A-E MARK-prom 79 tennis, cooch Copt NHS Majorettes, and place in BSL, B ' Boys Sot. Nites Subsequently, community locker Love is preewur Rew . .. Mark MATTHEW RANDOLPH CYNTHIA NICOLE RECCHION Marty 1 21 78 Gve me silver BLUE and gold Cape Cod SunSets ond Wild Horses .. KAB- LAM Bermuda 79_Angie friends forever Wait for me, Babe ... JANE E. REED Jr. 5 capt. V Ball. Karen, I forget. OKey- Fletch-Gerh-H B Skylork Smash. Heod for the Mountains. Moine always +forever Prom 79. Sondy Smile! LaCrosse Florida 80 THANX Mom -Dod ILuvU SR It ' s time for a cool change JTBGKMBS JACZNS4evo Seeyaloter STEVEN A. REPPUCCI OWZMIN emo The Neighborhood BONGS " 67 " LeMANS convertible CRAWLSBOG Rd POOCH I ' d Rather be Skiing MELANIE E. REUMAN Supertromp Green Rields Skoting and biking with Kel OH how I LOVE Spring and Boys! Roche Bros College Bound Money Tigger prom Lifes Tough so many decisions . ,. Don ' t forget your clothes Muzzi Motors Vol Noodles Artery Art Thanks God Hapmes 4 evo MICHAEL RICH For long you live STHK And high you fly LERT And smiles you ' ll give ELUF And tears you ' ll cry YOIW And all you touch and all you see Is oil your life will ever be JOSEPH P. RICHARDS Red Swim Team Skiing A Bum Heod for the Mountains Honda Summers on the Cape St Louis Re Un Done Appleride 79 67 Chevy South Street Witches Let ' s go fide some guard roils College Bound Rhode Island Breckenridge, Col- orode Joe Kidd EDWINA RILEY JAMES MICHAEL RILEY this place ... 69 Chevy, the Wall, Moc ' s E penod, the NT C Cront St shooting o gome of pool, Jim watch that van! what a waste 6 Dus¬ ter, Littleton The neighborhood, can ' t find sec¬ ond gear, Styx concert. The Flicks, off to who knows where PATRICK RILEY NEAL ALDEN RINGQUIST Bloopers RINK, F-ball 25 Do-it Lets hr the scurvy cc U-Mass w ' Brod St Loey’s ru e Feb voc Great oction-no-Brutal action They showed me o world where I could be so depend¬ able clinical, intellectual, cynical. S-Tramp Bye Bye everyone ... RUSSELL LAWRENCE RIVIN COMPUTERS!! . . . P-400 in N.H. and spelunk¬ ing ROBOTMANIAM . . they ' re coming to take away!!. R.U.R.. . . I can fix ANYTHING!!. The END of the BEGINNING?? DAVID A ROBERTS 11 -9-79 Barbara get me school mg 12-1-79 B«g Booh for fabox i ' t party MS DS JS BS RS CS ftofter c es for Barbar a Mom and Dod Thanks for Crash on Route sixteen Olds b bt td what ' s uc Beacon Boys Becky LESLIE PAIGE RODMAN LUNAR PATROL Volvo Munioc on The Road Bermuda ' 79 C.S.S.O ? B ? G T at 40 Thieve?; Robm — Thanks Tor being you. GO WIIILD! 2H D. after G. Calif Here I come! W I C Mono-Prom ' 78 Dead Bug! chocolate Cream Pie Res Party Fode away and radiate ANDREW WILLIAM ROLLINS ANDY — SOCCER is the best r year — Thib Wrestling, Swimming, Soccer, Good Friends, Good Times 22 TYMD FIRE ANNE ROSENKRANZ YOO HOO ’Paul South Natick The Foils, Track 75-80 The Wizard, Peddle Power Ramblers Rule Pam, Hey Deb, Punky K R + 5 5 77 The forest Echo with Laughter! ELIZABETH ANNE RUDLOFF Babe Colorado OWB! Our Gang ' DHDCSTFOPDLRPBSJD My friends your all so special! Luv u Mom n Dad, fleetwood 79 Ber¬ muda 79, CSDB,PC ? . TJ, LF girls nite WITL These are the Memones that Keep Me o Weal¬ thy soul! Thanks God! ’My Benz ' ’Doric, Nar- sicus ' ! DEBORA RUTH RUITER Swimmin ot 4:30 AM? Co Copt, M UP78, ' NSCMUP79 ' Mark, prom 79, 9 23 79, blue bug 925 CZC, football and hockey gomes with DM. LH WW, Wendy Joz punkins forever, 3 2 79, hoop tourney, how DO you get home from BRAINT REE? Colleae-bound GOOD- BYENHS JEFFREY RUTFIELD : OS.v-_ A 455 JR CR ' JTCH ao cb w -z-z S GlORsc- v jiTj again ALGEBRA S - BOG _£ : -- -2 Lfp NOR”- CR DOWN 5 C _ “ rr boog e out of Natick Where a e — y ws one tr y Le ' s crank some hones — Cancel Rate KANSAS ZE P ROBIN RYAN : yo- — 22 ne-Bird IBIC Moc ' s Porkers Irish - verve- -iEY.68 ' Bermuda - 80 F HOCKEY, iO :- 0x 5 Ryonste»n Love Yo KH AW CS. 2 n derness — Walks 9 R5UP Bill on« Fc- Everything HPL Orange Hiking Braces ' ’ Nc do is over if it makes 3 Memory’ SCOTT RYDER WRESTLING OUTLAWS MOLLY HATCH Col PUFF, vonmn, I Tried KKK Sorry sarge " TCHCH Boys hove reunited and will agin Murd ' s Taxi, sorry Morilyn. I con dream TL watch out for that wall NY MAIN, lone _ck FORWARD not — Bock Pm CF SSPw DGCEHLAR 6 KEVIN SAICH If the Infinite hod not desired man to become wise. He would not have bestowed upon him the faculty of Knowing. Live long In Peace. Your Journey has iust be¬ gun. Mr Soch Easy 75 MICHAEL SALKIND ROBYN SALVONI CHARLES SAMIA PHILIP SANFILIPPO Yes there are two paths you can go by but in the long Run th6re ' s stilltime to change the rood you ' re on! (I hope so!) " ZEP " Thank you Mr. Beaver Rob chucles trucker — grounded ogam I 1:00 curfew Mimmie Pom Paula Dooze Linda Sum¬ mers 78 79 Florida Bermuda Framingham N H. Learned Pond Skiing Pizza Marion Bobin mobile Drive-ins? The Who Kinks California? Thonks Mom and Dad . . . Rich . . . E.M.S. Rick and John Duh! Woof Van Halen Are you Sirius? General E. Lee Ben Sol Bert Jovish " Brownis Kitoris ' ' Dr. J. The better student? Real sick Char Peruvian? Football 32 turkeyday nightmare Fumfc i nt? Ind. out track Cpt Mvp 33olh S ‘Tes Cnd)p? Kenny baby Prom 79 ' Jando 68 Zne-.y SCW year eve 78 awesome! Sor r - No cc-s " Rich, this car has ..Boo Jim Eeo— - ' takes 1 10% and A lot of heart »c»- Jesus BANJAMIN SANTELLO Donna Forever, Love, Magic Bus Cape Cod, 75 Charger, Les Paul Dazed ond Confused, Thanks M+ D See me Feel me Tuch me Heal me The fox, Thanks Mrs. G., 3 A Rosi freestyles, 69, Yes At the Garden, Hey Buddy, — Thanks MELANEE SAUNDERS this is the true measure of love when we alone con love that no one could ever have loved so before us IVAN autumn of 79 ' YOUR JOYS MY GLADNESS YOUR SORROWS MY SADNESS WHEN YOU NEED A FRIEND CALL ME i be lieve in you — smiles — ANN SCHELLENBERG COSMIC — M A S H, GUYS , DOLLY TREASURER: AES ' 79 — DRAMACO — OP ' 80 CORRESPONING SEC? ATTENDANCE’ SPEECH LIBRARIAN: MIRROR: MIRROR MIL¬ WAUKEE — JE N ' AL JAMALS VU UN AUTRE BELLE OF A. LRY IT ' S BEEN REAL DANA JUL. PEDESTRIAN MINDS SMILE, DEBBI! I ' M MEG, SISTER 3 CATHERINE SCHOLLARD Hey, I finally made it! Yeah! Rolling - -dg - - New Way College bound K 5. C ■n 79 great! The Cape in 79 for 2 wW ogr _z Kevin, Cheryl, J 0 J 0 + J.A.W. I lo-e .ol A W Georgia forever ' It is the best ' I l succeed JOANNA SCIANNA JoJo Everyone ' s trie s»s Friends TC, MF, JC, DB. TK 79 Live Solo Ccnegebtxnd Working Homeroom with Corn 1960 o ne decode new dreams moy they oil come rnje Good Luck to all The Best is yet to came Thanks Mo m I love you Bye N.H.5. GEORGE SELLEW Hey Jethro What trashcans? MDS Hughey reck less abandon campin at old cc Doe Baby Hook sett Good 01 Bel Air Elmo Humanimal Pumpkir Raids Football 79 Take a cruise LOREN SCOTT BERMUDA 79, GUESS YA DIDN ' T KNOW THAT I LOVED YOU, GUESS YOU DIDN ' T KNOW I CARED, SOMEWHERE HERE I COME . .. WHO KNOWS WHERE. EVERYBODY . . . IT ' S BEEN COOL. TUPPERS GIRLS ROOM PEOPLE IT ' S BEEN FUN. DADDY, THANKS ALOT AND I LOVE YOU. MAY SEE YA IN Nantasket DS Parties Betsy to R.l. QP Right LUAU BRUTA GOOD LUCK KATE ELLEN SHANFIELD The only cement that will ever hold the world together is friendship thanks cwkhrrMdaw YA are the best berMudA 80 ski vermoNt ' " if looks coulD kill " 9 okee-dokee, oh okAy Do what up? " DP " S+S, call me later Behold, this dreamer cometh ROBERT SHARON Lisa 3 28 79 70 Malibu Rican mobile I shall Re¬ turn Never Say Die bad Co Concert WPOD ED Humphry Cape Trips Fall Bash go wild Germany Schools out forever cuz I did it Told you I ' d do it Doh, Rib Thanks Love you All To The Office Thanks LINDA SHOHAN 14.H. SOFTBALLCAPT. 25 B-BALL " SHO " HEY JULIE! WHAT A CUT HONEY, SOX, WENDY, THERES ON YA! NICE .. .! MOVIES WITH J.W L.BJ ZAYRE? N N - JACKS SLUE 5 T--NKS v AND G COLL BOUND BY JACQUELINE SHEA 16-75 _OVE YA. HIGH ST. GOOD .FORD LAKE WAS GREAT! DUDLEY _ MEMORiE S ... HOOFIES- JAMES SHERIDAN EAST NATICK, THE BOYS, THE KINKS, C-ICK ' S iMPALA BUT NOT US. THE WHITE S. CAHOONS HOL- " G.M.A.B. " ALUMNI ASSN. HC-BC? LATE NIGHTS WHO? NOT A QUIZ?? CCNH — 2 YRS . . . CAPE SUMMERS TOO MUCH SUN — and -O’ BIG BUCKS AND BIG LAUGHS TH ADE. : - GET SERIOUS HUNS AND NS, RONNIE1 : TO SLOW UP IVBODY AND I GOTTA DANCE! ALL SCHOOL SHOWS! CO Vi 2 " OH NO MR BILL " CAN-CAN MISS NATICK 1979 " COO " KIM BOWLING FRIENDS DP. AS. KH. JT, CB " I LOVE YOU MOM DAD " ' THANKS MR DYER " " KISS TODAY GOOD-BYE AND POINT ME TO¬ WARDS TOMORROW " " PREPPIE " " HEY WANNA SKIP " 89 Im Seri¬ ous Too Brittony Towers FootBoll BeachFront Estates 1970 Buick Skylark Rebel SLAM Linda 9-17-78 AT 3 15pm Prom79 THE LAKE OCTO¬ BER WEATHER MURPH Milton night Game NANTASKET 93 NEW HAMPSHIRE DEER HUNTING Cothy — best friend, good times, beautiful memories ants on the beach! CM KM Hey Mur! DAR ROTC Wass ' period C breakfast I 13 ' Wel¬ come Back Jone Homecoming Mel’s Mailman VP ' 80 Prez ' 78 Slide-tape ' Oh God! SGD Subs C’s Novo one doy at a time TYG " 71 " Chevy Bondo Soph-t wrack f©c 2- — CCCC - NO THANKS ' Jr — D penod Mac s Bound ' Roche ' s — produce Co ee or mer of 79 — Cape — DJ, DK A v„i — j » . — Julie, JC We hat Latin ' Sr — v .o«5 : vC WAY ' NHS LATER!! JANET SMITH Always late ... Holmes and yoyo Lets skip. Never getting caught Hperiod gym towelfights . .. woe ' Dont hit me ,.. are you sisters? summer 77 . , New Hampshire ... invisible Cop. matchmakers LSMH Thonks to my teochers and good friends, especially Maryolice . .. KEVIN SMITH Class of 80 I ' m Bock in the saddle ogam. Satis¬ faction, The Who, Rolling Stones All the way Teenage waste Land 71 Mustang Electronics Yes Do it Buddy Tick ' s House Rotten Rotney Busted Hyper ' s Load Case KRISTINA SMITH Hi. Love! Vermont. Summer of ' 79 Choice ' Three years of munchkm Oh nein ' Maishfield Inge! ! 1984! Goodbye NHS STEVEN SMITH Smitty UBH Gauchos sloe M.M M Where the MAIN STACKS RPLF Nov. 21 Hn e . Dew FPL Bake out Kansas carry on my wayward son Fr ket Man 4 WENDY SMITH Career m the business world and Modeling School Track Movie L.RJ. Clothing Crazy Hey ' Wendy there ' s one for ya 1 Shopping with A diving working-Loehmonn ' s typing walking done mg DEBORAH SUSAN SNOW Deb, Colorado Here I Come! Farout JD Summer 79 " . . . 69, But Wait till Next Year!! Say What ' The Count 1 " Get up ond do your Thing " Babe (styx) What Disco ' found in S251 Hot Pink!! Chinese Food!! Yie Elske die Horn of Plenty!! GAIL M. SORABELLA Summer ' 78 Cape Cod seniorit is LMH Maine creatures! dietician Friends the neighborhood shy quiet?? Sobo Sr Exec. SPIRIT! cooking night wind crofjs love stars Jr Yr the best Memories Thanks everyone GOOD LUCK in LIFE!! LEE H SPAULDING III Mory ooch t- Pepper . Messy ... So Much Building l9Vi ye of fried Minds O Great Soft one to Mush Mind . . . 9 24 79 . , king ' s a Jerk Las Vegos . Moster of Disaster Patch Jacket and hat How ore thou I servive Sworn to fun Loyal to none t PAUL ST MARTIN 9 22 79, GOTTA HAVE THE ST LOUI ' S. CAPE COD SUMMER MURPH I ' M BUMMIN ' PIT WAS IT 9 TIMES OR 10 GEILS, NUGENT, VAN HALEN., L.G.-I FINALLY DID IT! THE PINTO THOSE LONG NIGHTS AT THE VILLA NEBRASKA ' 77 BETH A STAMOS Cope Cod Summers MC SMUGGLERS Which Beth! Stuck in a sandpit cardinal evil eye What timing! LG meets Arrow NQ 13 and on . . . Lisa, we got problems! hi-jack Californio 79 dreams undevoted workers Changes I can ' t tell you why ROBERT STARMER WILLIAM STERLING Hampton Beach summer 78 ' pmhb 79 ' We were Born to be Alive 1 Never Enough work — Thurs¬ day WANTED: Warm Climate — and soon " Hey we ' re just vocationing " !! college? Art’ Early grad! ltp Disco; Why not? The Fort food? Perry? sittin There Yeah Right DAVID W. SULLIVAN JEFFREY STRACHAN Jeffrey stroch on " stronle " B+C Period Power- mech Fridoy and Saturdoy Night rollerskating 72 Chevy impalo " YES " CONCERT SUMMER " 79 " 6 18 79 STACIA SUTFIN KATHY JEAN SULLIVAN Rose I did it! the cope? Maine 0 A, DA, DA, DA, DA, DA, DA. DA, DA,DA,DA,DA, 76 ' Mustang-someday. Lost Period-3 Musketeers. Blue eyes-Homeroom , . . Mrs Corter Irish Rule. Debby How is Grandpa? Mory and Janet ... I don ' t know Rosa and Jonet-our bet... ! ? 4 t JULIETTE YENHUNG TAI SUSAN A L TAVES LISA MICHELE TAYLOR LAL RA ER.E - JUL AND GLENN ' 12-1-78 FOREVER ' 63 THE RING! 8 22 ONLY 16 ' DOLLY frontpagepid speech-Treasurer-HollyBoshPMASH, G G, Prom 79 cossis l DSA$KL21ka!mo ?show those BRITES! ortho to be? to Venice? me? EN¬ GAGED?? you S E iluvyo make my Memories .. Mil Gl FNN To dream of the person you would like to be is to waste the person you are DM Rl Dvv CM SS, thanks for the tolks, loughs ond ne memo ries. TRACK Sears, Greot Times, Thon .s Mom and Dod! Love you LMSM Just walk beside me + be my friend. Snowbknd ALWAYS T« One c — Pink FlcyC chongc 9 - Zappa ERICH S THALHEIMER TERRY 8-17-79. FOOTBALL, CENTER NO. 50 RECKLESS ABANDON). TRACK .vE GHTROOOM: COMP. DEADLIFT, 3rd PLACE, 400lbs . . . COLLEGE BOUND EN- G NEERING? BOB SEAGER, STEWART, BAD CO 74 DUSTER GQODLUCK, ENJOY LIFE! PAUL JOSEPH RICHRD THERIAULT Potty, 11-17-78, XTC, PPP Summers THE GANG, 9:00 CURFEW W PAT, Yo Bow, Jethro! Boston Garden, Chevy Wagon wknds, cnl Puff, Fleamarkt Raid, Pumpkins!! MOODY — BLUES, Fehnto, — FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME — BUT WE ' VE ONLY JUST BEGUN BYE KATHY ANN THISTLE Best Year. OLD FRIENDS, NEW FRIENDS. Her- shey Kisses! Second Lunch. Guys and Dolls! European Chocolate! DANCING. Close encoun¬ ters! Begin. Crude Jokes. We Dont Talk Any¬ more! Laughing, smiling, crying. December Fifth, 1979. No Ties, Only Fun. No Goodbyes! DANIEL THOMAS HOCKEY Rules . . . ZEP HANDRIX VAN HALEN AT THE CAPE SHARK down back at WSA 12 15 79 TBFY VOL JAM IX Goalie? D.A.B 1,8,16 Flirtin with Disaster St Louies Robin SEARCHIN FOR A RAINBOW EDDIE MONSTA DAWN MARIE THOMAS EDWARD THOMAS JACQUELINE H. THOMPSON KEVIN TIBERI SUMMERBREEZE! BE FREE! L M BOBBY — Hi Jack! " Junior " , " Ella " , too. Guys and Dolly Tee ' s — Hunting + Fishing — Montana — " I ' d like to make it with you " There is no Eden or ... Tomorrow ' 78 . . . ' 79 Live: Everything . . . bound — Hockey — fleamarket — Igotta — Heavenly N gates that you ' re gonna make A it 1980? CGN-PTL John 8:12 — Matthew 7:7 work — I ' m — Dropping — out — Ted — Let s to one day — But all of the answers you seek B.C. Nursing Love thanks Bob 4- Jac- — go — to — Luckenbach — Texas — The — can be found in the dreams that you dream on kie to my family 11-18-78 and friends. Club — WAYLON 4 WILLIE — WHAT—A the way . . . Dan FogelbergDUSK and always . . . TRUCK — going — out — Tonight — NO — • NOT — TONIGHT — WORKSTUDY — Tougr — Schedule — youngies — Projects — Its — done — THERESA L. TILTON • RICHARD E. TOCK JOSEPH TOTA KAREN ANN TOUCHETTE Eric Summer ' s freedom N.H. Doc B.T.P.T. escaping . .. P.W. P.P.A.R. texas rainbows . . . P.F, blue bear daydreamer siripen . . . roses . . . green pen.-’ belly dancing 14th I miss Cathy . . . early morning panic . . . goodby. (sur¬ prise babe!) TICK FREEBIRD OUTLAWS + MOLLYHAT CHETY. J FOREVER CRASH! MILL + SPEEN NOSLOM INDOOR TRACK TROCK DR DE- MENTO RULES NICE BUNS J. GEILS DOOBIE BROS AEROSMITH BUMRAP FIRST EDITION BOUND OLD NO. 9 TRIPS MUCH SUMMERS IN HULLRULE LYNYRD SKYNYRD IN MY BRAIN FOREVER OWZMIN! I ' m all Humbristle NEIGHBORHOOD EMO Killington — over the edge! The North End The Creek Whobound MAGIC BUS 1 B ngathons Days at Kennedy Share the love which God gave to us Snai-e ; love with fellow neighbors. Share the . . - :- tween Black White. Shore the ove c ' world will turn Share the love, share rh«s c• « simply because love is the key to Sfe ELIZABETH TRIFERO ANDREW E. TROCKMAN TROCK SKI! SWIM TEAM 3 YEARS Loves Buns CANADA DO Mega DOOBiES Hyper Those Nights in the hut INCREDIBLE 1 KICK M S Concerts J. Geils OUTLA WS First ed» on ' s dudley NOSLOM CRASH! MILL AND SPEEN Summer in Hull Aerosmith 1 18 DAVID J. TROY ROCK AND ROLL Wave Clippa Me? The Cope Funny How Love is DJT Is it for real? Queen Hey Love The Man Apple Dumpling Nights Rl Syn¬ drome, huhBill 152 movies Mary Beth forever Love my food someday Crazy DDA ' S SoCo night Halen Ireland Goodbye be cool. STEVEN U % «TTRSEE And if the COuC .u vs thunde r ter You shot And H oanc •o- r szo r s tunes I ' ll see .at. or — e xri sade c the moor B. KENNETH J. VACCARI Jiid , ILU 1-13-79 14? we ' ll see Outlaws " Guitar Army " rules Zeppelin, Skynyrd. Sully ' s GTO . ion ' s Bird . .. OCCifer Davis Bum Rap Green Death LeoveUsAlone! " The Boys " , who me? Track Copt, toke em Phil Thanks Mom + Dod " Green Grass and High Tides” CELINE VACHON Mike Labbe, Lewiston, Maine Summer of ' 78 +• " 79. Rollerskating in Milford. First Lody Health Spa. Natick Labs Thank you Jesus MATTHEW VACHON DAWKINS ERVING Pa r li ament Funkodelic HENDRIX Uncle Jam WANTS YOU! S.H.G. SCOTT VALENTINE LAURI VARRICHIONE eas. e toke it slow now ive found the way to go —c - ng on leaving the past . . . easy We oar go o fast derf skiing in Switzer- ore : m hdCOt tonuarys in new hompshire.rt.9 asr r c ' « v2s sbme ... anne kim pam terri. tp. 9rv« a SOm lo KAREN ANN VENDITTI Mode t Good Times Marshall ' s. Lori and Inc Folmoo— Synnei Cai omio ' 79 Roller skates Moms Car me Melt D6 JT SL -PV 2nd Whos turn 3 9 College Bound SUSAN M. VENEZIA skoting softball Wallace ' s 177 execute board Cape Cod farm pond tiny eyes Mavenck Roche Bros, usher at Class day graduation bbb E.period unassigned study so long Lon-May the best of luck be with you in the future NHS-I ' m out of here! SUZANNE G. VERCELLI MR. UPS CHOICE, A TELEPHONE! HELLO DOLLY! ' 79 LIVE I LOVE YOU, LISA V. MIKE H. ROGER D. GEORGE T. NANCY B. DAVID G — THANKS! DYNATRON DAYS SUMMER ' 79 MIKE M AND KRIS S: GET WOLPED! VER¬ MONT BIMBO MT. MONADONOCK BOSTON-NEW YEAR 79 186 JEAN VITAGLIANO Beonsie . . . Mike 9 26 78 . . . Living for the weekends . . . sign in lote much? . .. South St. .. Boston again FH . , . Fleetwood, Palmer, Geils, Yes, JT . . . Outlaws, what a weekend . .. Suzie, friends forever. .. Good luck Us . .. Face... So long NHS . .. Thanks Mom and Dad! SUSAN WALD Who me? Speechie-X, S.C.U., USY, traveler, S.C., Concert Choir ' 79, senior finals, I ' m per¬ turbed! M A S H, VFW, Lung Assoc., Thanks to all! Never stop looking for the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow! Good (bye and luck)! LINDA M. WALKER Paul 4-15-79. C per. study FIC Boston-Orbit Ex¬ press. Bugs Eye The Green carmation-oh No! 160 Whoops! My pants ripped. Medi-Mart. The island in the street My scrapbook. Cindy and Lorie-Good friends are forever. Move to the right. I ' m outta here?! JILL WALLACE BJ with Liegh, Waban, Summer fur. Jur c ' v e-i- fearsome foursome + I, sit under or-, -our’anns Lately? changes .. . sports, fosh on Boc-e. C ' - dons Boston. I gotta call Shery! ' Hrgr omo tions! I Love you Jimmy, always Da. r ANNE M. WARD Early Grad. Cap ' n Crunch! who is this really Bermuda ' 80 PL mac ' s Rainbow Connection DGGPM HPL! RSVP; RKCKD LUPE! " Golden Eagle " Fish! 9! JGA ily FH BB. Robin ' n Kath it ' s frjends like you who make life worth living thanks . . . mom ' n dad I love you!! PAMELA WASHBURN RONALDO 9 23 78 .. forever Prog ressive studies, finally graduating, Night School, Minimum Wages, True love losts and last, GTO fever. No Money again, Red roses . . . diamonds forever, WMNH, NNH, OCS, BT, dirty work, b ' 8 " and all mine. CATHY WASSERMAN F.Hockey Spirit U got 2B crazy M M cookies IBTC pray for rain Wilderness Walks !AK l-yr. plan " c " T. poles, vases, cardinals jinxes Sun aft talks w Bill Allison — best friends forever Thanks so much — obdrkkmladwr r gimme O smile nach der Schweiz WENDY A. WEAGLE Hey Mrs. C. What ' s a first down? Dtsco ana -he old gang. Melly Summer at Money Surfin ' Deb, Pew and the little biue V A Timbuktu-Ming-Gorden-Circus-OsCouncKCc- op-Track-Lub ya Jaz! My punkin siste Use- Skindogs!-Neal, My very special friend — h Vi I I m V i 1 1 fife NANCY JO WEBSTER JOYCE WEINBERG N J. 72 Malibu. Life m the fost lone That at¬ titude I have to put my eyes «n Donny, Angelo Thanks for listening B I guess my anger pulled me through — J B KAREN WELLS JOAN WELSH 10-27-78. How Here I go ogam. Changes Mill So much to soy so little spoce yet what wet Hill w KelS WYSC. JR, DT. MM. LH, MG, KC, • we d«d not — waste the good times oil, mn RB, LF. SL. JM, Thon for every . thing, Jef- much more when they were shored between « ♦erson st w G leek us Dad you’ll always be my four The cape ♦ Dunes The fire ♦ friends -o friend Arwtona, shelkikoy. wish you were here? ties that I wished would never end ' Thanks Babe I love you JMM CD. TD. WG. SC sk»4ever MARK CHARLES Best of Luck to A.P.R.CJ J FIAT. H»Boys’, 76 tnp : WOWS1C — Narck Track Tea ready or those who g no o t I I THOMAS A WILDE Tom Bubha and Leroy Summers at The Cape. What ' s up Bcrnic? Take it one step at a time Up at the cliffs. Living for the Weekends. Babson bound 5 Patty Forever ond Always. BERNARD QUINTON WILDER Berme, Sikma! Seattle SUPER Sonics 1 Un sung. Defense and rebounds. BSL Champs next yr for sure I ' ve been in METCO Program for 12 yrs; 6 in Natick Good luck brother Shawn oil Natick METCO Students See ya loter NHS Keep in touch DEBORAH MARIE WOLF NOTHIN BUT A HOUSEPARTY — FEB 10 CDB SUNSHINE CCC - LABOR DAY 79 BABA O ' RILEY DEC 16, WHO? YES R.l BOUND — ST LOUIS, 10 8 1978 BELLA ' S PLACE NEW YEARS ' S EVE OH TO LIVE ON SUGAR MOUNTAIN " HERE TODAY - GONE TOMMORROW ALL MIXED UP TIME FOR ME TO FLY GLEN WRIGHT HUT!,2!2!2! WE ARE PREPARED ' PATI- ENCE ' HELLO. DOLLY ' , CAN CAN. GUYS DOLLS, PEONEER MATERIAL. CROSS COUNTRY 3 YEARS. BIG BLUE MACHINE. RESOLUTE, DISTRICT TWO YEARS. AP IN- SOMNIA, (CLAP. CLAP. CLAP, CLAP) FALL 79. HAVE WHISTLE WILL TRAVEL. GYM- NASTICS. GONE PATRICIA WRIGHT JEFFREY S. YARCKIN Soccer + Tennis Capt. - ll. 3 Myron, No Dukes. MOHAWS 11 3 79 NATICK OVER SOUTH Don ' t coll me YAHOO’ Jetnro 5 Ev Ya got the Chains? . . . Dee I hate T ' ebaoSd ' Ft. Laud. — S.F. Remember Weirs Do e 5 Good Times .. Thonks M D 3 Years A ready? Where to now 5 ?? DONNA MARIE WILSON DAWNA The Who Teenage Wastland " Prom 79 " P D Nantasket Beach York ' s Parking lot after work! " go for it " 12 11 78 The CARS! Let the good times roll charge English 78 BEEP BEEP No Wipers Janet ' s bedroom many hum phnes Sun 9 00 K-martians " seniors " gfv-i-i,- i •«. ._ " " ' v •- ' ' ■ ; 118 ‘ v isr i-v • -• •■ ’- rSfllBhs -- ; ,. • • - •- ■ " -■ ; ' g Lr " ’• s • f§ , =-_ ---=. i 3 — -- r-; - feU I ? mv i£ s .■ i ... „j„. , I ffer? Tlf W ' ?: e==4 i- • : . •? -- S — - - - . H asM siwsx " " “ ' Jv-friy-r -- - - tun » • r ! . T a i_ : : ' -- a -• -•- • - i " ■ ' =T»fw ! i : ,v. I J . ' .. 5f5 « ' ®, ,» : »HPM ij : j agfe " - ' v y i MF il rf -.»- f j. v ’ .r ' • r ' 1 ..-Jk- . -=, 3 - A»( ...,,• ?pfe$§j££■?••»•• . • r - r I ' : " ' . ' " sr. ’ " :» ■ -_ ■ -y- • r ‘ » ’ i r, ■« HfjpVi I -c- ;-_ Hc. 4 ' _ j .• 1 . ' -. P •; .. J- £ = - “ ; A ' - Jlf . -% jyy. m?»s Y P s • ; ld - z =.- ??=5 ANN YORKS Bad Co. J Geils . .. D.S. parties with S.C. .. . where ' s the Stereo? M.K. again? . . . E.H.S.C.C.H.J.N. Many good times! Florida- Stoh. Cardinals do it better — U.Mass. Cheryl — want to do us a favor?? Feb ' 79. Vegetables . . . 6 24 78 . . . Ellen wake up! WILLIAM YOUNG Been flirtin with disaster Ya ' II know what I mean And the way we run our lives It makes no sense to me I don ' t know about yourself Or what you plan to be When we gamble with our time We choose our destiny MANDI ZALTAS All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream. -.3 S ' -iV ' • " v . ■m r ivbKf . " m BETH ANN ZIEFF Zoof r Zieffy, George, Martin, MIKE Cardinals Do it Better, Beths Thanx for being there — BS OS MM MH AY LM SK BS-KZ, MASH, Guys - Dolls, Tomorrow 78, 79 Live Prom Hayward, Styx + Joel, Love isn ' t Love until you give it away . . . Love Ya Mom and Dad . . . Memories ••• ' ii- 3C-. ; , J ' ' - i i l = ; :- wm S, ZOYA FERYAL ZOBAIR 9C KARLA JEAN ZONGHI Let it snow . . . Bad Co June 22 Moving on . . . 151 Let THE GOOD TIMES ROLL ... " I don ' t want to lose the r inspiration " Brake! LMH VA Tuesdays — BioTrips 11:30 Alreody B.O.C. " We ' ve Got to ge our of this Place " CC you ' ve sot a -end Mark Events Events! He had them laughing uproariously one minute, almost moved to tears the next. For 45 minutes 1,500 students with eyes riveted on the stage as Pierre Salinger, jovial former press secretary to the late president John F. Kennedy recounted the Kennedy years. He evoked laughter with his tales of one of his blunders and his pranks. Salinger, only 35 when he went to the White House, was one of the young people from outside the Realms of Government and Politics who JFK brought with him to Washington. As press secretary he met with the Nation ' s 35th President four to five times each day, and he preceded the pF ? President on foreign trips to prepare the way W ■ ' V- 9 §f§ pr | for Kennedy. Salinger met with a smaller F -civ A group of Natick students chosen by lottery to discuss the current political climate and tell a I BS|p!T- few more anecdotes. The students wanted to B know his feelings about SALT, the current JBBIIj ter-M Cuban situation and Ted Kennedy. Ellen Robertson, chairman of the Social Studies J. department and coordinator of Salinger ' s Jp ' visit to Natick High, said she almost went V • Aww BB B through the ceiling when she found out he Bj i R® would be speaking at the school. Salinger mJ W BB didn ' t disappoint her. The whole student body gave him a two minute standing ovation K H8 mK!SF and students chosen for the smaller group yt® ft [R lingered until they were forced to leave. It i ybm was a History lesson they say they ' ll never jjj 4 A I m ■ agspa SHr- Us M85 . Don ' t get mad, get even my It ' s an honor for N.H.S. Hmmm, Very interesting! A word by Pierre It was the eve of October 27th, the N.H.S. cafeteria was invaded by ghosts and goblins as the first annual Halloween costume party took place. Sponsored by the Good Evening " student council, D.J. Dave Scott presided over the event, supplying music and passing out prizes for the best costumes. Seniors Leigh Eckert and Bud Killiam cap¬ tured first prize as " Mom Baby boy " . It was a haunting good time for all! Just Clowning around Hello Earth Were a wild and crazy bunch! t rJB ’he scientific method. In the spirit of Hal¬ loween the 1980 yearbook staff held a " Candy Corn Guess. " Students bought guesses to support the year¬ book while hoping to win one of the three prizes. Senior Patty Wright was the win¬ ner with a guess of 6268. Her guess was only one off. She won a $15.00 dollar gift certificate to Popcorn Records. Second place, Chris Cook won a $7.00 gift certificate to Papa Ginos and the % third prize was the bottle filled with candy corn won by Steven Parence. ’ll ' mwjt m Patty Wright, first place winner Chris Cook, second place winne " ; a rrii -«r V- ‘.J , k-i L. " % ■■■ £ v» Smith and Karen Murray work behind the scene to make cz ' ze oossible. The feature group at the Homecoming Dance, The Prisoners iors: Wellsy, Spook, Fletch, Jr, Sueboo, Okey .... Co-Captains Ted Thomas and George Sellew Co-Captain Sandy O ' Brien gets the fans PSYCHED! • £jJ .• .flit I | f .» ,, Shawn Lynch, someone who took time to give blood A few seniors resting after giving blood nAn y V,0 ' ' ' i i Mr. Houston Putting on a another fine show. On December 19th the NHS Music Dept, hosted one of the most popular musical events of the season, the Candlelight Concert. This annual event was highlighted by the well¬ voiced artists and talanted musicians who preformed like professionals. The Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Con¬ cert and Jazz Bands deserve a lot of credit for a job well done. Glen Wright leading the Band Mr. Dyer, the Competitive Speech coach signs certificates, while the jO: off the names. Kim Herosian and Alan Ball receive their awards On Saturday, December 15, 1980, nearly five hundred contestants, coaches and judges from over forty high schools journeyed to Natick High School to participate in the largest one-day speech festival in America. The Natick Holly Speech Festival is one of the most prestigious forensic events in the nation. It is a source of great pride and satisfaction for Natick to simply host this event, therefore, it was an additional honor for Natick High School to win the sweepstakes award for overall excellence. Seniors receiving awards were, Kimberly Herosian, Susan Cassidy, Ann Schellenberg, Daniel Keohane, Susan Wald, Andrew Crain, Mark DeBruyn, and Nicole Dowling. Santa Claus and Debbie Shapiro prove to show that were 1 m m ■ MHfl mm Just strollen along The N.H.S. Cheerleaders made their television debut appearing on the Good Day Show on Thanksgiving Day. Half of the squad demon¬ strated their talents in the beginning of the show as they introduced the guests Upton Bell and Bob Lobell, with their famous captains cheer. The rest of the squad proceeded to display the latest fashions in dog wear. Cindy Black Karen Manning, Bea Gringeri - A tex Fnsbee, Mary Gately, Tracy Tanza First row — Coach, Mrs. McParland, Nancy I • _ pherson rwin Donna Giannetti, Host, John Willis. Second row - Fortier, Melissa Basset. Trica Cook, Co-Ccptc — S Nicole Dowfina. Laurie Hansen Approximately 600 students took advantage of the Natick High School Industrial and Related Career Fair held in the Education Conference Room on February 5,6, and 7. The fair sponsored by the Industrial Arts, Business, and Guidance Departments, gave students the opportunity to talk to business industry, and professional people first hand. Another possibility being looked at is a " Job Fair " for seniors enabling them to see what they face in the job market after high school. jfi The lead guitarist plays away trumphets add the touch! Dance, Dance, Dance rutch away Tom Mahoney dancing the wm mm POPS % 1st row: S. Nole, J. Thompson, A Davidson, S. Cassedy, A. Crain, J. Bartlett, B. Morse, B. Marr, N. Keonaae, K. Plummaer, P. Bowser, L. Johnson, B. Gooding 2cd row: B. Skoletsky, S. Marr, R. Berkowitz, J. Adams, J. Cormier, M.B. Hannon, J. Ladd, A. Cormier, J. Tai, M. Goldberg, J. Arnold, J. Boyle, J. Kates, J. Ven¬ ezia, D. Shrier, G. Wright, S. Smith, L. Stamoulis. 3rd row: S. David, G. Quin¬ ton, L. Kilroy, M. Hancock, M. Graham, D. Press, J. Knight, N. Melanson, Missing from pictures — A. Ball, D. Cammarata, L. Doswell, D. Linsky, L. Spaulding, K. Thistle, K. Touchette, S. Wald. I 211 The annual all school musical Can-Can was a smash hit! Gerald Dyer, the director, did a wonderful job of making this production a performance of professional quality. Karen Burgman, the musical director, made the musical numbers shine and put together a beautiful sounding band and chorus. Kimberly Herosian was absolutely stunning in her portrayal of Pistache. Her singing left the audience begging for more. As Aristide Forestier, the romantic lead, Ben Morse was suave and romantic. Allen Ball, portaying Boris Adzinidzinadze, was hilarious! His comic acting added a light hearted air to this production. Debralyn Press sparkling as the not so innocent Can-Can dancer Claudine, lit up the stage with her polished dancing. There was also a villian, Hilaire Jussac, portrayed smoothly by Andrew Crain who had the audience believ¬ ing in him one hundred per¬ cent. Other featured per¬ formers included Glen Wright, Alan Davidson and Scott Katz as the artists, and Debbie Shapiro, and Lisa Johnson as their girlfriends. Dana Shrier was also a pro- minant character with her somewhat naughty portrayal of the artists model. She livined up the show quite a bit. If you missed Can-Can too bad! you missed a mar¬ velous production filled with gorgeous costumes, lavish sets and multi-talented per¬ formers. •’. - r I y 2 HI -4 BPP ? i!L: : mm - ?P ilif r4 ■ ■ ■ v.- 35 — r • ---:J:— - .. r ; v. ; TSr 5it " : ::r ' T4 ' -iSTj -i Tv , y, r_ - - XTSB -■ •.• - -Ei " 1 -T Debbie Press getting ready for her big debut. M- ■ .3 ' ' 4 ■ ' TOjSB ' „ ;il y.-MUfliuy 1:. 1 4lli» « |||||| I Ife ; ®| j£ % -mm- • J jJBr ’JF J fM ' ij ' Hirar L J r ; ]§ - g pgv::v r v ' : S.V BBr;..:: • yy :: r:. • r: r . . . . -V-AV AV .- v " . . . . T Mje r y;I ;::::;:; :::r- :: SOTR ' ' " t " ? • ' ::: ' .-.V - - - = = P ' t: r:.- • • ' - ' ' » . ... • w V W ' • - - - •AN ' W - • • • -- 11 -f . ■■ --V-- ... . .....VWw.. - Oooh what legs! The Can-Can girls put on a dance. 212 Hmm very interesting. 213 Camera! C ' mon Down! Billed as a show in process, from rehearsal to the final curtain, PERFORMANCE ' 80 featured thirty-one students singing and dancing their way through the musical concept of putting together an elaborate review. The set consisted of billboard-size photographs revealing the per¬ formers in rehearsal. The show opened with a backstage glimpse of the pre-show director ' s warm-up. The musical numbers featured show business and self-awareness lyrics. A surprise feature was a previously unrehearsed number in¬ troduced midway through the second act catch¬ ing the cast off guard and showing the Natick audience how a group of varied talented young people can be transformed into respectable per¬ formers. The show was directed by Gerald Dyer and Margaret Hagemeister. The show was a social and artistic success well-deserving the thirty-one roses that de¬ scended upon the cast. The audience gets into it 0 MORE RING Vance Muskie NEVER MIND " Miami TAMPA ABUSE EXPOSED COURT ARTIST EXTRAORDIAIRE misson fiasco one BRIDGE Where are we sitting Once again, Natick High held a very successful Junior Prom-Senior Reception at the Chateau de Vi lie in Framingham. Held at the beginning of senior week, NHS students and their guests dined on roast beef and danced to the sounds of " Grand Larceny " . This year ' s theme, " Turn the Page " , by Bob Seger, closed an elegant and enjoyable evening for all. V y 5 - , s= - 1 imi t tf M " ? ■-■= - iss ••••:• : -c- 1 I ffi IK a Rich Carla It ' s still Mr. Holbrook to you, Martin a i t-_ i« wJ _- ♦ • Mr. Craig announces the winners Prom Couple, Donna Giannetti and Neil Rinquis ' ■StaMs miim ■ • , ■ ttril ' a Sputte... The burger line. That ' s not exactly a winning hand, Bill. Due to circumstances j beyond our control . . . this year ' s picnic was brought indoors. However, the students still enjoyed playing cards, volleyball, and the food. Whatever the weather, we will always remember those good times. V - 1 f c x ft tt - — -AV ' - — -« ■ 1 ii ' .t ' i 1 , i ‘V :• ' -.-•kT So, what are you holding, Paul? fi i -V .. ..9 — :■■■■ ■ IHa tO l ' A large senior turnout and a delicious meal made this year ' s senior banquet a high point of senior week. The Yearbook Dedication, the reading of the infamous class will, and the traditional and $ f Jim digs into the meatballs The Amazing Donahue, greatly contributed to the fun-filled evening. The reading of the Will m Jkt w What a meal A lucky horse race The Welcoming address Presentation of class gift A happy recipient Reading of the class history Seniors filing in during Class Day Procession r. Collins is recognized for his 25 ears of teaching. . . ,v 5 % • mi ' ii-itg ' aj Hft ;‘: • • ,PPP |P wpi|«s ' P IWii i : ' Pomp Circumstance mam The Pledge of Allegiance i pi Cathy Wasserman, 1980 Class President Reverend Robert W. Ihloff uperintendent of School Chairman of the School Committee Mark H. Raide r Susan Cassedy, Senior Speaker It is possible to define change as " Cause to become dif¬ ferent; alter. " Change — as high school seniors we are entering a time in our lives where change is most prevalent, where we can no longer hang on to where we are, where we must continue our journey and become part of the " big, bad, world " . Ever since junior high school, perhaps earlier, we ' ve aimed towards this vast change in life, whether it be college, work, or the service. How many times have I heard people complain, " This town ' s so dull; there ' s nothing to do! " Graduation is your opportunity to change your life, to create a new one, fresh, exciting, challenging. Why, then, after waiting and planning, why do some of hold back? Where has our eagerness gone? It ' s developed into routine, habit, comfortable friends, family ties. It ' s been pushed aside as we ' ve tried to hold on to what we ' ve got. After all we ' ve reached the top; class president, football, captain, star of the show. We ' ve achieved so much; we ' ve learned to integrate binomials, analyze our dreams, mix chemicals without blowin ' everyone up; we ' ve learned to accept our teachers as being on our side and not label them as " the opposition " ; we ' ve learned how to be a friend, how to listen and know when to offer advice and when to keep our views to ourselves; we ' ve learned how to trust others and learned the hard way how not to; we ' ve learned so much in our educational years; We ' ve each found our individual niche; why change not? Because the time for change has arrived. For all that we ' ve learned and achieved, absorbed and accomplished, there is that much more information waiting for us yet. It is time to rediscover ourselves as individuals, not just as part of a twosome, foursome, group, or clique. Change is an undeniable element of life, an element that we must accept for what it is; a new chance, a time to grow and experience. Change should not be avoided. We ' ve all seen the post¬ graduates who can ' t stay away from Natick High School, who continuously return to talk or just visit the " old gang " , who just can ' t break the tie. Letting go of all of our familiarities is difficult; no one said that it would be other- ' ■ove The First Circle: " I • I ■ ■ r£• ' ■ ni r ry ni , rrnn r vo inn W • l ■ W ill I l w ' I I I l » l J • How can we deny ourselves this opportunity of chance? How can we allow ourselves to be cautious? How cz r •••- avoid the opportunity for new achievements, new ac¬ complishments, new experiences? Although it is difficult to say goodbye, you ' ll never cse touch with your true friends. Although we eaveNc :- “ c " School after our three years we still have our memores — assigned studies, 250 tray deposits, smoking area e c c- sions, and all of the good times with friends bot ' one rowdie. And so, armed with these memories, fort ec c ■ the well wishes of all of your relatives, friends, and teachers strengthened by your own individuality, stand uc " O s change; accept it for what it is, make the most o arc move on. We only have one life and we must take e thing that is offered us, every new chance, every re occcr- tunity. Change — the time has arrived. Susan Cassedy Ju°e 9, 1 99C Jim, maybe you should pin it on Yahoo!!! When it rains, it pours Let ' em fly!!! When we, the class of 1980, entered Natick High in the fall of 1977, there were plenty of " worldly wise " seniors ready to greet us with elevator passes and directions to the pool. Now that we stand as " worldly wise " seniors, hope¬ fully we realize that in our three years at Natick High we created a history unique and distinguished. Early in-our existence as the class of 1980, we sought to elect responsible class officers. Under the leadership and guidance of Allison Smith, David Marchetti, Cathy Was- serman, Kathy Haigas, Karen Murray and Jim Crisafulli, we embarked upon the difficult road of organizing various executive board activities. Concerning financial matters, class revenues were increased by numerous methods, among these were dues drives, bake sales, the Homecoming Dance and a Spring Dance featuring the Bobby Watson Band. The officers also undertook and successfully com¬ pleted the task of organizing the Jr. Prom and Senior Recep¬ tion. It would be impossible to expect one student group to organize the many activities that take place within a large school. Student Council, one of the many high school orga¬ nizations, could best be noted for its remarkable turn¬ around from apathy to eager participation, during our ten¬ ure. The Student Council Officers were Tim Adams, Nicole Dowling, Dan Falby, Wendy Weagle and Ann Schellenberg, and they were advised by Miss Gale Dodge. Student Council served the needs of the local and international community. Special note should be made of the Marc h 1980 blood- drive, when 96 pints of blood were donated. On the interna¬ tional level, Student Council in conjunction with the Social Studies Department, faculty and the student body raised over $1800.00 on behalf of the Cambodian refugees. In keeping with the Student Council tradition of giving schol¬ arships to deserving seniors, a successful dance with the band Lorelei was held in order to provide the necessary funding. The depth of participation in student government went far beyond that of the Executive Board and the Student Council. In April 1979, during our junior year Allison Smith and alternate David Marchetti were chosen by the class to rep¬ resent NHS on Student Government Day. Elected to Girls State were Virginia Brack and Allison Smith, while David Marchetti, Don Cassidy and Phil Sanfillipo represented us Boys State. Tim Adams and Martin Alintuck were elected to the positions of Student Representative to the School Com¬ mittee and Student Representative to the State Board of Education respectively. Making up the Student Advison, Board to the School Committee were Lawrence Aube, Nicole Dowling, Tim Adams, and Martin Alintuck. The class of 1980 certainly had its share of outstanding indi¬ viduals deserving of recognition for their achievements. Joe Emmanuelli spent his junior summer in Panama as an AF3 student. The Amigas de las Americas program sent Virginia Brack to Honduras and Rachel Berkowitz to the Dominican Republic. Capturing the National Merit Scholarship was Mandi Zaltas, given for her Academic excellence. Peter Quigley served an executive internship at Needham Hich School for the second semester of his senior year, and And. Crain and his trumpet toured France with Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble. When we entered our senior year we were overwhelmea by drastic changes in school policy, that leaned heavily to¬ ward the conservative side. The Sassamon News Magazine graphically demonstrated the change in school policy. A cartoon of a whip wielding teacher forcing a study ha study back into his seat appeared on the front cover. Natic-. High once again had mandatory study halls. The cafeteric also joined the conservative band wagon by increasing the tray deposit from 1 00 to 250. This, however, motivated stu¬ dents to bring their trash to the dumpster, eliminating the need for Cafeteria Marshals. With these two changes taking place, the seniors were also struck with the reality that there would be no senior lounge. As a result, the seniors banded together and in an attempt to balance the scale, they proposed no senior finaIs for the second semester. There were two provisos: minima absences and an A-average. The proposal was accpeted and many seniors took advantage of this. In the spring c our senior year, a court battle waged over the constitution¬ ality of mandatory prayer practice in school. The attempt to bring back mandatory prayer to public schools was a con¬ tinuation of the conservative trend. Natick High School received strong participation from the Class of 1980 in all activities, including: Drama, Speec Sassamon Yearbook, and the Sassamon News Magazine The Drama productions of the Musical " Can Can " and the All School Show " Performance ' 80 " were successful, due c the superb directing of Mrs. Karen Bergmann, Miss Mar¬ garet Hagemeister and Mr. Gerald Dyer. Mr. Dyer not or . worked wonders with the school drama productions, but also with the speech team. Through the time and effort of Mr. Dyer, the Speech Team reached the pinicle of State Champions for 1980. First year advisor, Ms. Jane Rogers, placed second for best overall yearbook design in the New England Scholastic Press Association awards. This year ' s yearbook editors were seniors Brenda Wilcox and Erica Lindgren. The Sas- samon News Magazine, led by editors Lisa Cyr and Jinny Brack, made tremendous headway this year by receiving a $20,000 grant for type-setting equipment. In our senior year we witnessed the creation of a National Art Honor Society to recoqnize the artistically talented students at Natick High. Our athletic teams excelled in all facets of competition during our years at Natick High. The football team played its first night game ever this school year as portable lights were brought to Memorial Field. Amid the downpour, cold temperatures and chilling winds, the intensity of a renewed school spirit was exemplified by the attendance of the fans until the game ' s end. The fall sports also welcomed a new entry into its ranks — golf. The boys swim team compiled its best record at 8-1, beating our rival Wellesley for the first time. Our girls vol¬ leyball team made its television debut in the fall of 1980. Channel Five filmed a very important league game between Natick and Braintree. Though the girls volleyball team lost, they found revenge in the spring when the softball team ended Braintree ' s 40 game winning streak. The cheerlead¬ ers also enjoyed the limelight of television by appearing on TV Five ' s " Good Day Show " as guides by Show Dogs. In winter sports, the hockey team competed for its fourth consecutive year in the Eastern Mass. Hockey Tournament. Our girl ' s gymnastics team sported its best record ever at 5-4. In Spring sports, the boys tennis team qualified for the State Tournament, only to bow to the New England Champs, Framingham North. It was the second consecutive year for the boys to reach the post-season tournament. This year, the baseball team travelled to Cooperstown, New York on its annual spring road trip, instead of travelling to Annapolis as in previous years. The girls tennis team had its best record ever at 10-8. Kathy Haigis deserves special rec¬ ognition for completing the 26 mile Boston Marathon. There were some events during our years at Natick High that effected, not only the school community, bu ' -He ccc national and international community as e -be . the Blizzard of ' 78, the Pope ' s visit to A e ' ca r " f Salinger ' s day at NHS, the Russian Olympic skc ' e a —€ local rink, the dramatic 4-3 victory of the U S Ob mp c Hockey Team, over the Russians and of course tHe ' •’ S ' Helen ' s volcano. Our senior year also found us suddenly ca c " -c --e crazes of the 80 ' s. The new fashions that swarmed " r he .5 of NHS were backpacks, the " prepp e ' OO-q Fr e bocm and designer jeans. Seniors were tuned into Ne •‘•re r-e by the spring of 1 980 were tuned out o- school v.c " - - c these fads were incorporated into our lives along ••• - me traditional gatherings at South Street and Sassage " Spring brought forth warm weather, sen ors ' lock g the inner courtyard with frisbees and an ep ' 3e c c " c well-known disease senioritis. When senior is s hjc ' " € school year came abruptly to an end, and as me numbe ' c ' school days left swindled, the senior pranks mu a ez Al¬ though there were no major or outstanding pranks e class of 1980 will long be remembered for produc ' ' •g c record-breaking senior skip day with 777 absen ees T-e final day of classes caused a massive swarm o .vc e ' bo - loons, firecrackers, and squirtguns, and we ' re sure me b- rary deeply appreciated the many showers it rece ve: will not forget that famous cry, " Duck Mrs. Mor r anc " ‘e r water balloon " !, for the library will never be ' " 6 SP ' r again. At this time, we would like to recognize -he t : me z -z effort of our class advisors, Mrs. Langley and V- C ' z-z Without their patience and guidance the class of 30 would never have blossomed into graduating sen ors. -s the history of the class of 1980 comes to an end so dc otm years at Natick High School. In closing, we wouc iis.r 3 leave you with a quote from Rod McKevn: " No matter where we are We shouldn ' t stop thinking That we are just a day away From where we want to be. We shall look upon yesterday, But more than this, we shall strive for a better tomorrow. " We, the Class of 1980, being of questionable mind and body do hereby bequeath and bestow: We, the members of Therapy III leave still wondering if Doc is related to Charles Nelson Reilly. Carolyn, Susan, Diane, Jane, and Gerri leave heading for the mountains. I, Linda, leave Julie Garofalo with Juan. I, Susan, Thank Sandy for the wonderful friendship we have shared and know it will last forever. Luv ' ya Tandy. I, Beth, leave Maureen McCart what ' s left in my bulkhead. We, the 1980 Lacrosse team leave many " give-and-gos " to Miss Grady and future teams. We, the Rat Boys of H-period Physics class, leave Mr. Bodley six burnt out light bulbs and one fuse. I, Karen leave Elise a YELLOW notebook. We, Allison and Cathy, leave Karen with a " Goog " , a " Milt " , a " Mur " , and one kicked-in cellar door. I, Lisa Cyr, leave Ms. DiGiandomenico an open inviation to visit me in Los Angeles, even if it isn ' t New York. We, the unknown, leave Mr. B. with Rookie and three cans left in his driveway. I leave Kerry Helander one-half of the gruesome twosome with fond memories. I, Sandy, leave Susan an eternal rainbow. We, the members of Therapy III, leave the Outstanding Poetic Achieve¬ ment Awards to the authors of " Sacrifice " , " Among the Lilacs " , (Aaaaaaoh), the " Lucky Bunny " , " Trees I II " , " On the Floor " , " A Pro¬ mise " , and by the same author, " Lost Days of Innocence " . Nicole leaves Jodi in C-period study with Larry (alias Joe Namath) and a case of jello to make her nails grow. We, Amy, Patty, and Moe, leave Carla ' s car wherever it happends to run out of gas. I, Darlene Murphy, leave Helen Kim on a bus to New York, ph-balanced and spazzing out. We, Mr. Bates ' E-period English Class, leave him an example of the better student. We, the Varsity Field Hockey Team, leave Miss Grady a wardrobe of clothes from Spag ' s. We, the Seniors, leave South Street and Sassamon gladly, to the Juniors. We, the B-period Calculus Class, leave Mr. Bransfield a dozen plain doughnuts, a Jim Dandy, and an invitation to the First Annual Asparagus Convention. We leave Mrs. Rosen juxtaposed. We, the Humanities Class of 1980, leave Mr. Houston a copy of the bestseller. How to Tell a Better Joke, and Mr. Harrington a lifetime sub¬ scription to The Globe. We, the Basketball Team, leave Mr. B. still saying " bust your hump " ! I, Al, leave Cathy and Jinny with their pinkies on the windshield and their feet in the air. We, Susan, Cindy, and Marie, leave Liz a police radio installed in her Cutlass so she knows who she ' s flashing down on South St. I, the " Stranger in the Night " , leave Joyce Memishian a Chinese rock song and a one way ticket to Madrid. Suzanne and Sandy leave the Girls ' Tennis Team a lot of " Bagels " for the coming season. I, Mish, leave thanking Maryann McNeil for knowing how to make me smile; Leigh Eckert for her loyal and close friendship over the years; Susan O ' Brien for her rainbow of love and Sandy O ' Brien for always understand¬ ing and her never-ending enthusiasm. I, Jane Reed, leave Karen MacPherson remembering all the memories. I, Karen, leave Jane forgetting all those memories. I, Peter Bibo, leave with fond memories of DW and DT. Karen and Suzanne leave Sandy a working seatbelt and Del a fine of $20.00 for two broken lockers. I, Lizzy-Tish, leave my house to the Senior Class of 1980 as a remembr¬ ance of the past and a preview of the future. We, Robyn and Susan, leave Mr. Benson MW — T = BG. I, Cathy, leave Allison with still, still, will, will, and all the bubblegum machines and exotic ice cream places that she can find. I, Heidi Handen, leave Miss Leavitt all the powder supplies from Leonard Morse Hospital. I, Dawna, leave Dr. Pepper with Coke in the face. I, Allison, leave Ayad asking, " Where ' s the Waldorf? " and a map of Manhattan. I, Fletch, leave Gerri and Milty some fried chicken and pizza. I, Pam Bassett, leave Deb McCraw still laughing at the bottom of the A-wing stairs. Jill Wallace leaves Dave Marchetti his gas money. I, Lis Chapman, leave Cindy Black one pair of brown bear trappers to replace the ones lost at my house. We, Jim Elli s and Jeanne Cormier, leave everyone a handshake. I, Deb, leave Brian his nickname, Bly, and four red carnations because I always will. I, Wendy Weagle leave Deb Ruiter my black lions and dinosaurs. I, Kenny Paul, leave Liz Chapman a new dining room table and rug. We, Cathy Wasserman and Kathy Haigis, leave Kate Shanfield a coke and a smile. Tim Adams leaves Mr Culhane Ijnht t V vj 111 t I ncs make a fu We leave Dave Marchetti up on the roof. We, the 1980 Yearbook Staff, leave Ms. Rogers one name tag stating " Yes, I am a teacher " , many hopes for a 1 Book, and a foolproof diet so she can wear her wedding dress. I, Julie, leave Linda with the nightly drives down Rice Rd. to Eck ' s house and the red jeep. We, iil Geo and Me, leave Mr. Bill with a linoterm get set program fo r next year. I leave Jim and Gerry my Intro, book cover . . . unfinished. I, Lori Hopkins, leave my brother Tom still thinking that his red carnatior was sent by an admirer. I, Milt, leave Mr. Linsky many rolls of tape and underwrap. I, the flower phantom, leave Mr. Taddeo one red rose. I, Donna McFarlane, leave Frau still having temper tantrums. We, the Tennis Team, leave Mr. Linsky the rules on how to play c tiebreaker. We, the Senior Class Executive Board, leave Mr. Craig a bottle of Maalox for the ulcer we ' ve caused. We also leave many thanks to Mrs. Langle. and Mr. Craig for their dedication and support. I, Dana Shrier, leave Debbie Press with much sadness. We, Maria Gallo and Lauren Hennrikus, leave the librarians with gre. hairs. I, Dave, leave Mare not alone and not forever. I, Linda Walker, leave Jeff my first class round trip reservation to Hawai We, K.H. and K.S., leave Mr. Roger Bodley a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood. We, Janet Smith, Kathy Sullivan, and Mary Holmes, leave our gym c sss having many towel fights. I, Robin Ryan, leave Kathy Haigis a year ' s supply of Friday night smac«s. and Cathy W. still getting lost on wilderness walks. I, Patty O., leave Dawn T. one new locker for her own to mess up I, Jim Forance, leave John DelVecchio my Prayers that he and his ca s will survive. We, Susan and Linda, leave John the Nicest Hypest Award. We, T.W. T., leave the office to return to. I, Mary, leave Bill to walk on the desks during Journalism Class. I leave the chauvenistic Dr. Ganong ten paces behind every fema e We, three girls to be left anonymous, leave to any three who wan c night at the end of the road betting on the cars that go by and locks o their bikes when they get to MacDonald ' s after a friday night drive I, Lisa, leave Kenny a box of chocolate bars to give some other little c I, Deb, leave Gus the dent in my car, enough writing utensils for nex .ec and some new excuses for his tardiness. I, hereby leave Mark and Andy writing non-complimentary poems abc each other much to Barb ' s delight. We, the Softball and Tennis Teams leave Tex or Chuck a bus fu ! of ktds We, the D-period Calculus Class, leave Mr. Bransfield Jeff Yarckin o keep the class interesting. We, the Homeroom of A170, leave Mr. Minton standing against r ' e chaulkboard. We, the G and H-period I.R. classes, leave Mr. Culhane a chorus of We love you when you turn Red, Ed " . We, Mr. Harrington ' s students, leave his tree to fall on his classroom next fall. We, Mr. Harrington ' s B-period English Class, leave him still wondering " it ' s " here yet. We, the band members of the class of 1980, do hereby leave Mr. Hous¬ ton the tufts of hair (missing from his continously rising forehead) tha he literally yanked out during concert band rehearsals. I, Sandy, leave Suzanne a tall glass of ice cubes, a rubber tree, and a pc r of ring-free, wedge-free shorts. We, Milty and Jonesy, leave Miss Leavitt a broken record playing " I ' m ir the Mood for Love " in the corner of the A P room. I, Beth, leave Maureen, Patty W. Stacey, Joyce, and Patty H. some Ve - vetta, Velveeta! I, Neal Ringquist, leave Mr. Ghilani my Doctor Death towel with a He blood stains still on it. I, Karen, leave Suzanne one bag of fishies. We, Susan Powers and Ann Schellenberg, leave Jane Benson a G ee deli, and we also leave Helen Kim roller skating in Wonderland looking or Alice. I, Cathy, leave Susan breaking my bed at 12:30 at night, period E memo¬ ries, the diets that turned into munch-out sessions, and the special memo¬ ries that remain forever. Zoof, Beth, Marcella, Nicole, Bird, and Heidi, leave everyone wonder what it really is that Cardinals do better. I, JoAnn, leave Mr. Richrd Duval and Mr. Al Cioffi one coke machine not to be confused with a part ' s cleaner, and Mr. Giacomo Domenico Murphy oh, my God, How do I say this, three homemade chem. cheesecakes. I, San, Leave Joyce with one thought: " Whassat, Mish? You ' re the bes I, Carolyn, leave Gerri, Jane, Sue, Lori, and Wellsy the blue skylark. I, Neil Jasinski, leave everyone and his dog a box of donuts. I, Amy, leave Moe and Patty a new sound track to Hair. I, J.R. leave Miss Grady, Mr. Quigley, and Ms. Dodge as Jungle Jcme , m EM s, leave everyone wondering if I ' m still running for Preside ' c States. Kath. and eave S udle. a parxinq c ' e cc 0 ' e ' v_cce UL « i • formal affair he attends I. SBW, leave JAL a full wastebasket, amatch for her bonfire, and the best of luck The C-period Journalism Class leaves Mr. " Will Bill " Holbrook another year with Steve Handelsman. I, Glenn Murphy, leave Lori Hopkins hopes of getting her license in the distant future. We, CW, KS, and XR, leave KH ten easy lessons on how to flirt. I, Incoronata Pagliuca, leave everyone still wondering how to pronounce my name . . . Oh yeah, and two broken rail guards on Campus Drive. We, Suzie and Linda, leave Miss McDade all our law tests because the " real test is out in life " . I, Julie Garofalo, leave Linda Shohan with the memories of Ronny, Fen¬ way Park, and the gorgeous PR ' s. We, the Senior Staff Members, leave Mr. " Kermit " Holbrook with one less " pig in space " We, the future Pulitzer Prize winners of the D-period Journalism Class, leave the Big Guy, otherwise known as Wild Bill, the exclusive copy write to the future bestseller. Sit Down and Shut Up subtitled, The Richar Duber- bacher Story, plus one giant THANKS and one giant APOLOGY, designed to cover wise cracks, unnecessary comments, Richard, Inattentiveness, radio shows and anything else we forgot. I, Huey, leave Dewey and Luey a full size poster of Kathy Anderson, Deb McCraw, and Lori Hopkins to see what they might look like in years to come. I, Deb, leave Deb a map to the Ladies Room, a lesson on how to take a key out of a lock and notes for her bestseller. I, Miss A., leave Martin Alintuck a copy of my new book, Dibbs: Pt. II. I, LC, leave SO a " boo boo face " , a long car ride an an empty tea cup. I, Susan, leave Joyce with Kermit, Shulamucha, SS, and all my love. I leave my brother Brian a copy of my book entitled, How to Succeed in School Without Really Trying. SB and SM leave Coach Linsky much thanks for his great dedication as a coach during our successful season. I, Juliette Tai, leave Dan Falby a dead dog and a box of BB ' s! Lauren Hennrikus leaves remembering Mrs. Pataky and remembering the fun, but glad to just be remembering. I, Lisa Mancuso, leave Mag with my love and thanks, always. I, Darlene Murphy leave Deb, Sandy, and Marie running out of the woods on Sassamon Rd. in a panic. I, Sue, leave Bea countless eating expeditions, countless laughs and countless times of friendships and spazziness. We, Robin and Kathy, leave Duff on Pond Road still believing he was chased by the police. I, Cathy Wasserman, leave knowing just how appropriate Jinny Brack ' s name is, keep fizzing. I, Jim Forance, leave track asking, " Am I crazy for doing this? " We, the F-period English 41 class of " Doc " , leave him with Chaucer, Milton, and " Wait ' til next year. " We, the Girls ' Varsity Basketball Team leave Mr. B. a case of shaving cream and a carton of eggs. We, Mrs. McParland ' s G-period P S Class, leave her a zoo, an aquarium, reruns of Animal Kingdom, and a class that won ' t pick on her pets. We, Mr. Harrington ' s B-period English Class, leave Heidi Hansen an alarm clock that goes off at 5:30 am so she can get to class on time. I, Linda, leave Karen a new set of knees and one fat cat, and Suzie a set of directions. I, Joyce Memishian, leave Larry Aube a broken pen, two postcards, holes in the ceiling, and knowing that I love weirdos. I, Peter Bibo, leave Ken Paul and Brian Balcom swim trunks to dive into the Sub Man ' s Pump, and Ken one " Betsy Ross " dollar. We, Donna and Cindy, leave spent and Derry . . . forever! We, the German III class leave Frau " wie eln fisch " . I, Juliette Tai, leave Ann Schellenberg a ticket of any sort to go to Star Island, Miami Beach. I, Allison, singing " Still, Still, Will, Will " , leave Cathy a " Toho " , a " Goog " , an " Allie-Baby " , and many beautiful memories. I, Meg, leave Debralyn Press the three inches she needs to dance in the center of the chorus line. We, Jim Ellis and Jeanne Cormier, leave Mr. Lamb an empty hallway. I, Kathy Sullivan, leave Rosa Ciccarello with some of my height. We, Susan, Sandy, and Mish, leave " Uncle Hal " a flower for next year, too. I, Cathy, leave Allison many thanks for all the great times we ' ve shared and the knowledge that best friends are forever. We, Dr. Ganong ' s H-period English 40 Class, leave saying, " Good Luck with the next bunch of victims. " We, the Senior Staff Members, leave Wild Bill with Jeff and Jeff. We, Mrs. McLaughlin ' s D-period English Class leave " in light of the fact " that we loved Macbeth. The D-period A P Class leaves Miss Leavitt one rank book un¬ opened . . . Elise did it. We, the Senior Sassamon Staff, leave missing our deadline. We, Cindy, Susan, Karen, and Marie, leave Paul Amabile a tow truck and a jack that works. I, Wendy Dreher, leave Coach Lacouture a leash for next year ' s hockey captains. We, Bill Duffy and Kenny Paul, leave Brad Leavitt one last, " How about a volunteer? Well, alright ... " We, Jane and Allison, leave Mandi singing " Roll Over Rc o e- one some cherry Kool-Aid. I, Sandy, leave Leigh on Lacoste shirt (for next year), one Orkar mes- sage (nanu-Nanu), and one eternal smile. 1, Nicole Dowling, leave Massachusetts for Virginic Bye v afc. I, Dana Shrier, leave Mr. Dyer a pair of Calvin Klein jeans and man• zx z memories. I, Tim Adam ' s, leave Bob Shea Wallakin ' s, NYC. We, Liz Chapman and Karen Macpherson, leave M ss McDacJe a PO ' r " saddle shoes and a pair of ankle socks for all her jealousv. I, Robin, leave Miss Leavitt one pair of stolen gray sweatpants to —c-p - her sweatshirt. I leave Juliette Tai a transfer application to U Mass. Amhers I, Elise Elman, leave Mrs. MacParland a morning and afternoon free from extra help We, Dr. Ganong ' s F-period English Class, leave Dr. Gancng M -dccx Mackenzie to keep him wondering where his class went. We, the Softball Team, leave Miss Leavitt three bags O ' o.i cops. We, the seniors of Mr. Quigley ' s Volleyball Team eave him -f-eroe ' - ing our smiles and all the fun we were. I, Sho, leave Mr. Buschenfeldt a Captain Kirk ring. I, Wendy D., leave Billy N. a calorie counter, a set of weights, and nwcfc love. I leave KM two new ankles and a never-ending supply of -aoe We, Patty Harrington and Amy Chisolm, leave Mrs. a pe enr pass to Guidance. I, DW, leave Tupper ' s with a lot of memories. I, Mary Beth ' s double, leave Mr. Harrington one t-iough- ■’■pr-e- Pe- long in the House . . . and Senate! " Jill Wallace leaves Bill Nee a chaulk-filled e rase r to the bock af the Head- 1, DM, leave Zip a piece of Myrin Bulcelle and a Ferrari sticx sr — c pec her busy. Dave leaves Mary and Lisa sailing and swimming in Novemoe- I, Patty O., leave Kathy, Gerri, and Helen each one raspbeny je y doughnut; they need it! I, AS, leave WW and JC each a lifetime supply of white shoe pofab far their saddle shoes. I, Geo, leave Mag with a tear and many thanks for her lave I leave Joyce Memishian the ending of the story we wrote - D- a seess to cherish forever. La deuxieme classe de Francois cina less M Gaudette. b»-i Ses er retard. We, the members of the Sassamon Practicum " class " , leave Wild M to answer his phone, vacuum the rug, weed his spider pica- wash his wi¬ dows, and clean the darkroom. We, the spasmodic students of Mr. Buck ' s C-period Stucfio Design Class (plus Helen Kim), leave Geraldine Fair, a tall blue-eyed blond ... ' cue that ' s whot she wants. I, Sue Taves, leave Deb McCraw two library chairs, her S:. ana he- cheery ways. Karen and Suzanne leave Elise a RAISE at Mac ' s As Editor-in-Chief, I leave the Sassamon News Magazine to whoever has the guts enough to take my place. I, Kathy Anderson, leave Miss McDade always remembering the ffaul Newman-Robert Redford kind of con! I, Jinny Brack, leave Mr. Culhane back in the USSR. We, the New York Trippers, leave Mandi and Steve watches. We, the B604 homeroom leave before our homeroom teoche- I, Helen Kim, leave Kathy Anderson out in -he tw ght zone - — c band-aid on her forehead and a bizarre flesh-colored pocketbook to match. I, Kevin T. Ordway, leave Mrs. Goldman ' s English Crass with P ' oadenec horizons, a greater depth of knowledge, and deep sorrow am -pro -. serios. I, SB, leave Sandy a rubber tree and a map of Boston. I happily leave behind a calendar full of crossed-out days from c aifrvg the TDB ' s return, and all my love to him. I, Cindy, leave Sue, Karen, and Marie with the memory of a stone wc and " Always Forever " . I, LC, leave AC a pair of soft ears. I, Milt, leave Fletch some E.S.P. We, the Alumni Association, leave the " boys " in A109 in a cloud of Pus- 1, Muck, leave Wendy Dreher a trip to the Bahamas, tickets for a two dc- cruise to nowhere, an 80-ft. sailboat, and much love I leave Joyce Memishian . . . shorter. I, JB, leave Cathy, Al, Ruska, Meursault, Agniya, and Clara - oaring forever juxtaposed in a stream of consciousness, memory be ev ' -g oe : -e knowing remembers, understanding at last that we can never be foneve- cautious. I leave the librarians with six chairs to a table. We, Mr. Culhane ' s C-period Modern Problems Class, leave him to go or a permanent water break. I, Sue Taves, leave Cathy Martin lunch at Mel ' s, a week in Marne, arvp extra support in her bed. We, Chris Costa and Kevin Looby, leave the kids on South Stree- »orae-- ing who were those witches in October, 1979. We, Dan Lamont, Joe Richards, and Mike Kadlik leave the wrren cos¬ tumes in the trunk of Dan ' s totalled Nova. We, the class of 1980, leave Natick High School with goais to reocr dreams to catch, people to change, and a world to save. 243 U Wfra itL " 9? J A7 Tey P «r ■ ; :- ' T ti ' Urs J ' i i Ri Back in September, none of us realized what we were getting into. With minimal experience and a tough act to follow, we plunged into the world of copy and layout, searching for new ideas, and new innovations for our Yearbook. When we finally emerged, and finfehed in July, we had come a long way and learned a great deal. Thanks to Mr. Rosen for the ever-present patience and willingness to listen that he exhibited. His attitude is an asset to every club and organization in the school. To Mr. Talbot, Wendell and Jim from Westwood Studios, thank you for all your work. Also, thanks to our Hunter Representative, Mr. Swiech, and to Mr. Buduo, of our own Graphics department. 247 To our advisor, Ms. Rogers, thanks for the knowledge, patience, time, and effort she gave us all year long. Quiche will never be the same without her? We all wish her the best of luck. To all the staff, a very special thank you for all the work that went into this Yearbook. Through " Quaz " and " Awesome ' ' , ticketbooth duty and bakesales, sewing stockings and gluing glitter, untimely trips to Maine and even mono, we did prevail. A very special thanks to Mark and Sue for following through to the end, and to Steve, whose organization we couldn ' t have done without. Also, thanks to the unrecognized but reliable J period. This is it, our finished product, the result of eleven long months. Good luck to all. 1980 Sassamon Editors Brenda Wilcox Erica Lindgren 248 Patrons Patrons Potrons Pcxtrons! r ( 1 Compliments of Serving Customers and the Community Zayre Office of Consumer Community Affairs Framingham. MA 01701 L_J TEL. 875-0310 Congratulations from Macro me East, Inc. • Wide Selection of Macrame • Best Selection of Ceramics • Classes are Available 149 Cochituate Road Intersection of Rt. 30 126 Framingham, Ma 01701 Colonial Shopping Ctr. s Fine Jewelers Since 1822 Natick Mall • Natick, Mass. 01760 ■■■■■= NATICK FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 49 Main Street Natick A Federal Savings Institution “Dedicated to Thrift and Home Ownership” CONGRATULATIONS SABRINA WONG NATICK HIGH SCHOOL I.M.C THE DOG HOUSE FAIRBANKS STATIONARY CATHY JONES DE FRANCO ' S ZENITH Join the all-pro team. 60 C£NfJ tf 2 Mote career« 9 ht-,.«« Call or return ♦his coupon today. Natick Pizza Pa lac 30 E. Central Street Natick, Mass. 653-3240 " Call Your Orders Before You Leave Home " ' They Shall Be Read ' . On Arrival " Appraisal! Natick Trust Co GEORGE QUIGLEY REAL ESTATE INCORPORATED Where you deal with a banker, not a bank " 653-5100 Member F.D.I.C. 5 West Central St Natick, Mass. 01760 George E. Quigley Office: 655-105 Res: 653-595 Compliments of Oak Street Pharmacy 1300 Worcester Rd Natick, Ma. 01760 re 653-4910 Established Over Sixty Years Pendleton JEWELERS — SILVERSMITHS One Main Street Natick, Mass. Congratulations Seniors Nobody can do it like MacDonalds can v ■ McDonald ' s I " ■ hair INEW " CUT ' n ' SET DR H’WOOD PLAZA 232 POND STREET 653-9853 IS " , ng ror Both Men Lodies roberta kenney advertising, inc. forty-three main street natick, massachusetts 01760 257 r ADIDAS o ' BILL RODGERS — BROOKS — CONVERSE — DEVANEY — DOLFIN — EKTELON O H 4 OQ D i i CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1980 i- You ' re on your way! o CL c n CO U CL CO irnner z o u D 1 1 875-0600 Framingham Mall, Rte. 30 Framingham, MA 01701 Jeanne M. Gallahue, Owner THE COMPLETE RUNNING STORE, PLUS O OQ a vwnd — ANOd — OldlVd — 3XIN — 30NV1V8 M3N — IdOdWOO ONIAOW — B3HNO NATICK OUTDOOR STORE 23 WASHINGTON ST., NATICK, MASS. GUNS — AMMO .SKIING — CAMPING HOCKEY — BASEBALL FOOTBALL EQUIPMENT AIR STATION » SCUBA EQUIPMENT V U.S. DIVERS 179 W. Central St. Natick, MA 01760 655-6377 Elwin D. Williamson, Owner J V Film Processing — Instant Passports — Photo Supplies .TONIC - n 73 r A m o H 73 I Talvy Brothers Cl c 226 Pond Street H CO Natick, Ma. 1 01760 r H O I X H I South Natick Pharmcc) 57 Eliot Street Natick, Ma. 01760 CN iSl G GUARANTY-FIRST TRUST COMPANY Our very best wishes to the graduates c WELLS SHOES The Family Store For All Seasons Since 1940 28 Main Street 1082 Great Plain Ave. Natick, Mass. 01760 Needham, Mass. 02192 Telephone 653-2862 Telephone 449-2753 V_ J A TEL. 653-1018 MUSIC FOR ALL TEL. 653- OCCASIONS SOLID GOLD MUSIC SHOP Sales • Lessons • repairs On All Instruments John Defiore 11 Pond Street Natick, Mass. 01760 LIBERTY ' S PIZZA E v Street • Mill and Speen -zzz ' : Zi —e • Natick, Mass. A » : ft ' s hard to believe that this is probably the last da y I ' ll spend looking over layouts. The school year flew by along with the deadlines, (which we met on time!) Somehow I thought that this 1980 yearbook would be a snap, now that I had experience behind me! No way, even though this staff put an enormous amount of energy into creating and compiling the yearbook, it ' s the little extras that few notice that take the most time. First, I ' d like to thank Brenda and Erica for being responsible and dedicated editors throughout the year, a job well done girls. Steve, thanks for handling the financial aspects so well, you can balance my checkbook onytime. And to Joyce, Gerri, and Stacy for their " J " period jokes, not their stockings!! Although most of the staff promised loyalty to layouts, only a few people gave up a part of their summer sun to work on the final pages and loose ends. A Special, Grateful-THANKS to Ink, Sue, Brenda, Steve and especially to Mark. Remember the soaps, pizza and cheesecake over last minute captions and copy! We are free to go to the beach at last!! The Future is Yours Class of 80 . . . Enjoy Ms. Jane Rogers

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