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» icqtioiv We the Class of 77, proudly dedicate our yearbook to Mrs. Frances Arena. By so doing, we express our appreciation for a person whose work and devotion often goes unrecognized. Mrs. Arena does a great deal to make the guidance office a place that benefits students. For instance, she sets up the career conferences that help us set our goals for the future. Most seniors going on to college know of the work involved in typing and sending the college transcripts, which is also done by Mrs. Arena. In addition to the work, Mrs. Arena finds time to help anyone who wanders into the guidance office and, with her husband, served as a chaperone on the Speech Team ' s weekend in Biddeford, Maine. Also the candy dish which is always filled is one of the " little things " Mrs. Arena does in going out of her way to please the students as well as the faculty. THANK YOU MRS. ARENA!! Introduction PS o Faculty PS 10 (Creativity PS 38 (Clubs PS 48 Autumn PS 70 Winter PS 94 Spring PS 08 Seniors PS 148 rCVostalgia pg. 206 Senior G Weeli PS 214 ( ’Patrons pg. 236 Tuie L . iwrrL JLA£4 j£ £ Out Ocn cC aXx A, qA. Yl bucA. ni 44 A£ut r£ jsri tsu. cColo o- i 7L Jl oL AJUSvoJ Aot 4 CX t joJL cCauzJ cOxn L uLo-A-Cs? urtrujZoC ySrutrutA Z rnX. aX » 6 a 4 ' Smo vt a cx on s £ 4jZA rn bcL r oLoslJL. cunoL r ]f 2x2. utsr - sjtJla QjZ. oL0uy , ctj-rbo . Wn a rvoC w m » jtfljL CUAVl. UfGCL ot 0Z cJiurdi c QvQpOurt- « if - v v — Ct - ejeJtjvruj r£ JbrJcyL a noC ou sruuj . . € u rvu icL £ 4. jtc-t£u££v’ ?77 Uju-cnJt. a. £ er-obr cns A. 77 ™’ - 7 yJU uvtru i aM r U u Mux£udtc Jk jtAvt (Avul _ « , tmetjUyf U ‘ %vr ' tf .-7 -st ccouut. - «r r - i du» jt_ •ym oi vaya. rvoL ya-eofUe. €«ie oUtxa ' ' r lr ' -4 -crn- -ycAjsK. trum. . CL£ttl suyA CKWvrnsCP ' L PUA. rusT -ofiJLyuL r£ - fejL6rv Ca - Ascw . cJL v e£. sm 4 L 4 i £t oU - oCaya, ourvcC yjuvm .Xoy tAe f aX. aovmx. J i i ■ ' 42siS - vf ife ] ; ? jaf j N ;, V, v. : ,i r:£. I ■ ■ : p y ' ; P ™ m I m 1 1 t y f §jf f f ftIf ■ A 4i»JBEnf v’ttSIBF MiS W?f S i u v ffffig 3 H Jf ' ■ Br f If - H Jfr ■. •■ ' Off | " - I aTj«- 1 ! v 1 • 4 rr. Wf 51 1 -d i— i 1 • 1 E ] v ;‘ s ' . ■% uvn + -e. ouucL cc rrwL jLAjl jlAcct s oqotJ. ajCM cty. tzox. oua C ? 7 Jit, jt AccJLi ld Ct yicC Ul CUtUUUA (XjOCsr u r AA A £en4 cut. hr H3 JLcuv e ,s Jt£ y . sspn oafLoC j , • OunaL ' AHrmj tLWJbC CajUIALj cL cCuuxAyyy CTKSL 3 uy o ocL % jLAj 2 cAeftr . %4j-e. AcAcct cCoqJZlAaqL A v-edL trrnJZ . l4j AeAAjm xjtA y AAS SUZ £ crucoL c . AsgjT oI t A oaMA i, jtAe -fici uJLty erg yH5 ol oC ncA ricuyeJL sucr{jz A cft-cA. gAsmJ A cC a Ci voT Axr€. qJLJA cujaj vi u4C xjtJLe 4yyLCAAX -Agg ct tny rn y juua cun. 0 ilPHEOKn? Dr. Winston W. Wetzel re¬ tired as Superintendent of the Natick Public Schools after seven years in that position, at the end of 1976. Dr. Joseph Keefe was appointed to fill the position. Dr. Keefe, the former principal of Ken¬ nedy Junior High, returned to Natick after serving in Worcester. We wish Dr. Wetzel a happy retirement and wish Dr. Keefe the best of lucIC SSuRfStNI | NKiKiUtflMi Ml ». JOSU Standing: Dr. A. Damplo, Mr. F. Corcoran, Mr. P. Kliman, Mr. D. Thomas, Mr. C. Young. Seated: Dr. J Keefe First row: Mr. K. Joslin, Mrs. P. Kaufmann, Dr. Joseph Keefe. Second row: Mr. J. Whittaker, Mr. J.V. Saunders, P. McGillivray, Mr. P. Peters, Mr. D. Crain m Not pictured is the office staff of Natick High School: Mrs. J. Frechette, Mrs. S. JuerMrs. D. Petro, Mrs. J. Ricci, Mrs. j. Ruggieri, Mrs. V. Scanned, and Mrs. H. Stuart. Mr. Arthur Taddeo, Administrative Intern Mr. Francis Collins, Vice-Principal There has never been a time when we have been able to supply all the office workers needed by the business community. That fact has been es¬ tablished in the past 10 years or so by the calls from employers for high school seniors or recent graduates for clerks, bookkeepers, typists, stenog¬ raphers, or machine operators. Since we started the Cooperative Office Work program and the Distributive Education cooperative program (retail and wholesale positions), our contacts with the business community have taken on a more definite regular working relationship. This helps us to keep our work realistic in terms of local business needs and insures that our students will be able to adapt to employment quickly and efficiently. The business education staff hopes that through student awareness of what various subjects prepare for or lead to, each student will choose to prepare for the future by taking one or more business subjects each year. This year saw the addition of Donald Booth to our staff. Ele teaches Personal Typing and Notetaking. He has also joined the Driver Education staff. This-year also saw the promotion of Sgt. McDade to Staff Sergeant Major. We all look forward to the near future when we may be addressing her as " Five Star General McDade. " -• X What would you do with a hottlehopper if you found one Mr. J. Mitro Mrs. B. Parisi Mrs. B. PhiIbrick Miss M. Pothier Mr. T. Thibault " ' Get him engaged. " — Miss Pierce. " I ' d name him Charlie, put him in my pocket and take him home. " — Miss Nelson. " Sit on it! " — Mrs. Carter. " Train it to ' go outside. " — Mrs. Maloney. " Drink it! " — Mr. Buduo. Miss M. Hagemeister Mrs. M. Harackiewicz Mr. J. Harrington Mr. W. Holbrook Mrs. L. What was your most embarrassing moment in teaching Mrs. M. McLaughlin Mr. J. Minton Mrs. M. Robbins Mr. Harry Garnett became head of the English Department this year and three new faces were also added to the staff, Mrs. Carol Barry, Miss Margaret Hagemeister and Dr. Fredric Ganong. This department is currently in the process of re-accessing its entire curriculum. The goal is to provide better techniques for preparing students for their futures. Many faculty members have at¬ tended national, state and local conferences look¬ ing for new ideas and concepts. They are em¬ phasizing considerable changes in the sophomore program. Mr. Harrington, Mrs. McLaughlin, Mrs. Cantwell and Mr. Minton make up a reorganiza¬ tion team covering the following areas; honors, senior, junior and sophomore, respectively. To complete the program Mrs. Robbins and Mr. Hol¬ brook are in charge of electives. Mr. E. Rooney Mrs. S. Secunda " I was teaching Julius Caesar and used slang to make Shakespeare ' s language more understandable. In my exuberance instead of using Titinus ' proper mournful words I shouted out ' Oh, shit! ' " — Mrs. Robbins. Mr. R. Bourdeau Mr. D. Buduo Mr. D. Burnham Mrs. M. Carter The Industrial Arts Department had a very productive year. This may or may not be attributed to the new white jackets worn by the faculty mem¬ bers. Child Development classes entertained groups of children on Hallo¬ ween, Christmas and Easter. Nutrition was well received in its second year, and there was an overwhelming response to the introduction of Creative Stitchery. In the fields of electricity and electronics, the job market has opened up tremendously. This trend is seen in the three hundred per cent increase in the want advertisements for people with these backgrounds. In art, Ross Berman and Susan Lynch were chosen to exhibit at the Mas¬ sachusetts Regional Scholastic Art Awards sponsored by the Boston Globe. The Natick Rotary Club awarded scholarships to the following students: Robert Mr. D. Heaton Lawrence Maletta and David LaRhette for Power Mechanics O ' Leary for Metalworking, Paul Monaco for Woodworking, Debra Doll for Graphic Arts, Robert Friedman for Technical Drawing, Jenny Poliak for Electricity Elctronics and Thomas Carr for Structures. Mr. W. Lacouture " To be a groupie. " — Mrs. Carter. " To be somebody when I grow up. " — Mr. Holbrook. " To be handsome, intelligent, and rich. " — Mr. Ghilani. " If I tell it won ' t be a secret. " — Mrs. Maloney. Two of our third-year French students were winners in the National French Contest Exam this year, Susan Fine and James Levin. Also showing their talent was Mrs. Pataky ' s B period Spanish 31 class. They published their own newspaper entitled El Toro, which was entirely written in Spanish. In April, all our Spanish students attended a show by the Flamenco Ballet Company. Next year will see some changes in the Language Department. Miss DiGiandomenico and Mrs. Pataky will teach full-time. Two additional courses will be offered to fourth-year French students; France Today and Advanced Grammar Composition. Both will be semester courses and are expected to receive a wide response. Members of the Language Department are looking forward to the fall of 1978, which will be the fifth year of Spanish and French. In the past the enrollment has remained stable and hopefully it will continue to do so in the coming years. Mr. R. Gaudette Mrs. K. Celinas Dr. M. Lavergne Mrs. A. Pataky Mrs. S. Drotar Department Head v v vr 5 ‘ .7,: v7 v: Mrs. K. Bergmann Mr. J. Keown " Kotter. " — Mr. Duval phrey Bogart. " — Mr. I Winnie the Pooh. " — nham. " My surrogate Mr. Jones. " Mick — Mr. Holbrook Mr. Wilder Mrs. Carter. " Koj " — Miss Pothier Department Head There has been a slow but steady increase in enrollment in the Mathe¬ matics Department. Some of this can be attributed to the new courses — Integrated Mathematics and Probability and Statistics — that are now of¬ fered at the Senior level. Both of these courses appear to be beneficial and enjoyable to the students taking them. This year construction is underway which will enable the Math depart¬ ment to make use of the computer in every math room. A connection to the computer plus a mobile teletype unit will be used for this purpose. The Mathematics department feels that bringing the computer to the students will provide greater flexibility and use than the converse of the-situation. It is also envisioned that this new availability will enable the department to develop at least two new courses. One would be designed for those students who wish to use the computer as an aid in their mathematics or science courses. The other would be more of a survey course and not as demanding in the mathematical background required of the student. Since it is highly likely that all graduates of N.H.S. will throughout their lives be affected by computerization, the Math Dept, believes that a course which would trace the history of computers, explain their operation, and allow students to write simple programs would lift to some extent the veil of mystery that surrounds computers. Ik. ■ r y ■ ..«• f f| f -. 5 ...a mm r- Mr. W. Maher Mr. P. McGowan : :: ' ■ j.; .. —- —- -252laTT ■ — sz. - - . -. fe ■ Mr. V. Overlook Mrs. I. Sheldon " Surprise tests. " — Mrs. Javier. " Happiness. " — Mr. Duval. " Vague and confusing lesson plans. " policy precludes developing any parallel frailty by members of the faculty. " — Mrs. Wolf. Mr. Lawrence. " School eiHn s What’s the secret to being a good athletic supporter This year the Physical Education department incorporated more popular sports into their programs. Instead of just playing football or basketball, it featured sports such as golf, gymnastics, fencing, bait casting, lacrosse and swimming. Two of the most popular gym units were cross-country skiing and physi¬ cal fitness. During the winter, students with classes in the B-wing could watch budding cross-country skiers making their way across the softball field with varying degrees of success. More skis have been ordered as a result of its success. The physical fitness unit was very popular with the students choosing it. The unit consisted of running, tumbling, and hurdling exercises. At the end of the program, student were timed on an obstacle course. It gave many kids a good chance to see what kind of shape they were in. Athletic Director ATHlTK DIRECTOR Department Head Mr. L. Colombo Mr. R. Biedrzycki Miss C. Blodgett Mr. C. Bohannon Mrs. V. Larkin Mr. E. Jameson " Actually, I ' ve never felt one — probably very mushy. " — Miss Byrne. " They ' re even better with salami and mustard. ' Miss Nelson. " Skeptical. " — Mr. Holbrook. " Sick to my stomach. " — Mr. Duval. fl mm - 2 , i M Am -rq atick High ' s greenhouse, under the direction of Mrs. Vera Lar- in went into full operation this year. Mrs. Larkin also finished vork on her Master ' s Degree at Framingham State College. Mr. Edward Jameson received his Bachelor ' s at F.S.C. and is low qualified to teach physics and astronomy in addition to being xir Planetarium Director. The Ham Radio Club resumed operation under Mr. Alfred Mur- a and was revitalized with the purchase of new equipment. New teachers include Mrs. Eileen Muller (biology, chemistry), • ‘.iss Cynthia Blodgett (biology), and Miss Margaret Pierce (biolo- iv, environmental studies). Unfortunately this was Mrs. Helen Volf ' s (not pictured) last year teaching at Natick High School. She, nerefore, graduates with our class! Best wishes for a happy retire- nent and thank-you for all that we ' ve learned and experienced vith you, Mrs. Wolf. .mm A ■S r f Department Head After the sophomore required course in United States His¬ tory Part II (1875 to the present), students have a wide array of subjects from which to choose. Nine new semester electives were added for the school year 1976-77. The electives now include Sociology, Sociology II, Psychology, Psychology II, Women in History, Comparative Religions, The American Frontier, Environmental Geography, Political Geography, An¬ cient History, The 20 ' s and 30 ' s, The 60 ' s, Medieval History, Revolutions in a Modern World, Cultural Anthropology, North American Indian, Modern European History, Contemporary European History, Modern Problems, and International Rela¬ tions. Plans are being discussed to initiate an Honors or Advanced Placement course in United States History and possibly other subject areas. Each year students participate in a statewide Student Gov¬ ernment Day. This year Karl Handelsman was chosen and presented a program for the regulation of vessels in territorial waters. It was one of only three bills that were passed and signed by the acting governor. The department also conducts he student council and class elections under the direction of Mrs. Katherine Flaherty. Town voting machines are used and the whole procedure is modeled after Natick town elections. Mrs. E. Robertson Mr. A. Lawrence Mr. D. Morey Mr. H. O ' Connor Mr. S. Schapiro Mrs. M. Smith Miss M. Wein Mr. N. Zide " Yes . . . " — Mr. Buduo. " No, in herstory. " — Mr. Keown. " Yes, they started wars! " — Mr. Dodson, (editor ' s note — Why didn ' t any woman answer this question?) The Walk-ln-Center is an alternative counseling service made available for students and faculty who need help in making decisions or for those who would like to talk about problems at home, at school, or otherwise. Although its main purpose is crisis intervention, the Walk-ln-Center wel¬ comes new students and is involved with several other counseling pro¬ grams such as Big Brother-Big Sister and Peer Counseling. AllTnatters are kept in the strictest confidence and no records, other than the number of students served, are kept. With 250 students, almost more than can be handled, the program has grown more personal i tries to cater to the individual ' s needs. — Alda C. Glover MlEHt® TT ; : ’■ ' ... ; % ■■■ . J|p m mmm Mrs. E. Gilbert Mrs. S. Vanderkerkhove fHE 3N1 PC ' ' vMA iWTJr W L Mr. C. Christie Miss J. Cordelia Mr. T. Brenneman Miss M. Parker Mr. P. Rubenstein 3 mmm Mrs. G. Queen Audio-Visual Department Head Mr. T. Nowak Mrs. R. Mulford Mrs. J. Sullivan Mrs. J. Brenneman Mrs. M. Martin First row: E. Santospago, A. Frasca, B. Benjamin, G. VanTassel, I. Ghetti, B. Tierney, E. Lentini. Second row: M. Dutcher, V Swan v skw - Ci E. Maude, S. Pignatiello, M. MacKay, J. Lamy, G. Fournier. W. Morris, P. Zanchi, B. Evans, N. Ketchen. 3 «»W? iiSVfK-K 11 ► f?i»A X V. %G !UXv:»«« ■ f T ■ Viv •••«■ ' ■ogt” ' If r it?! IS mm r yruvu L owid ol i xsrvuJL jcJlaye sL outl jsm. - J:!asis 4 j 1 d £ styi x tu OJGtMc a r »jfa adL AfH5 . IsTUKUZ. aj ' jOsi ctc x h i njuxUjuJ- i errCU) UdUjtA. jtAiL oj(ll rtj£i J 5 Cr pA£ 1 2 jtJli yvvQJzJ!fyQa oiS Venm jJijyyu c 6 -on cured. ICCJLA L t CojIajLl L a JL@ qcC (Aji 4jQu7YiiL J CutaX • ‘0 srtfu M d t rrL 4sC i b d- crn. AKou zAsLar rri- u otJL£a, .XlAj2 s oucZ. j oisct on. rjtAx qJLP r cJLemA Jl uT Ad lcaZXxZ er6 s-uru trijod. Cyi oXuiAut tsisOUQ. ' XkA- -dts m oL aA. otd A f-iS . d JurruL sCurn£ ' ' -Zbrf-eJ- W crn. 39 Art is a very hard area to define. The Webster Dictionary sees art as being the use of skill and imagination in the produc- t tion of things of beauty. Here, at Natick High, we see art in our own way. Not only is art seen through the eyes, but it is also heard, read and interpreted through the mind. People who go beyond the expected and put their ideas into focus are thought of as gifted people. The world belongs to those who find more than the ordinary in everyday happenings. : and Tim producing Tim ' s mural design. 2. Diane Fassino completing a batik piece. 3. Mary Ferrari gets lacing. 4. Elaine gives Barbara a few pointers. 5. Shot of Crane ' s Beach by Heidee Lander. . egg ' -77irrf are to iHmncmrte vecau of sea? . rT 1 Throughout our lives we are subject to art in the many forms in which it surrounds us. It helps us realize that new ideas are limitless. Life has no real boundaries for artistic minds. Each and every day we are able to open new doors. The arts are also used as an escape from any holds society may have upo a person. %?♦ tTAe arte a Arar you to sJbeaA your rru uA. m stray out a sonay . . . or c anco tA ttm au my . 1. Mural by O. John Buck 2. Brian Higgins 3. Pat Carhart 4. Alvin Peters. 45 FRIENDS There are people who are able to express themselves freely and pass their feeling ' s hopes and dreams on to others. Some people call them poets. I whisper not because you ' re sleeping, I like the sound. It reminds me of better days when we spoke softly and savored each word. — Chris McKeown I ' m me you ' re you, FRIENDS, that ' s us. Together we ' re one apart as two, alone afraid and weak. I need you you need me, we understand and help. When I ' m down so are you, sad, but together, that ' s us! — Cyndi Chase 2:00 DESTINY I ' ll never get tired of hearing the same sad song I ' ll never have the feeling of knowing where I belong. I never could write the words that feel I never could find anything real. There were times when I had to be alone apart from now, tomorrow and yesterday With time to cry all the empty tears and watch the wind blow truth away. I felt dead inside the mask I wore I was trapped inside a word I didn ' t know Time created by misguided conceptions of dreams that never knew where to go. Fellings stuck with frozen passion Locked inside a wretched heart. Love, oh love, such a tasteless word Enough to tear the soul apart Hateful thoughts that were not me scared my wits — they frightened me. Would I never ever know where oh where could I go. I cry tonight but I don ' t ask why I ' ll laugh tonight then I ' ll fly I ' m lost in time between then and now I ' m searching for something I ' ll never find I ' m lost oh lost in a maze of doubt That ' s only found inside my mind . . . — Jill E. Storer The arts are an outlet for the creative being in all of us. With many different aspects of the field at hand we are able to ex¬ press ourselves in varied ways. Whether you choose writing, drawing, dancing, acting, playing a musical instrument or any¬ thing else, you are partaking in an experience which can en¬ lighten your life and broaden your horizons. F- ■W i l l H ' i I v 1 1 III if 1 . ' .• ft ' ;r , ' ■ ' UaJ ACL OLXJL cZuJ b oJc H S ' Jjyc owl. ooj oJIMjuL -oSurwo ?tP 2 ) -4 n 49 _ SASSAMON YEARBOOK EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Tom Murray BUSINESS MANAGER Paul McGillivray SPORTS Sue Taylor Bo Itzkowitz ORGANIZATIONS Liz Diamond EVENTS Patti Untersee THE ARTS Jill Storer NOSTALGIA Debbie Flavin FACULTY Amira Rahman SENIOR WEEK Paul McGillivray Amira Rahman PHOTOGRAPHY Heidee Lander Amira Rahman ADVISOR Miss Janet Nelson First row: K. Shepard, R. Whelan, E. Landesman, B. Siegel, L. Diamond, P. Untersee, J. Storer, L. Schlesinger, R. Itzkowitz, S. Taylor, P. McGillivray, A. Rahman, D. Flavin. Second row: G. Giallonardo, C. Carpenter, C. Condon, S. Ellenbogen, M. Slovin, M. Murphy, M. Montalto, J. Fox, D. Gallo, T. Murphy, Advisor Ms. Nelson, H. Lander, T. Burns. Missing from picture: C. McKeown, G. Henrrikos. gSSgkTe SASSAMON NEWSPAPER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF — Deborah Jones ASSOCIATE EDITOR —Judith Picard EDUCATION EDITOR — Paul McGillivray NEWS EDITOR — Elizabeth Diamond FEATURE EDITOR — Denise Driscoll ARTS EDITOR — Barbara Siegel GIRLS SPORTS EDITOR — Linda Marshall BOYS SPORTS EDITORS — Jayne Murphy Tom Callahan PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS — Mike Burke Mark Miller TYPING EDITOR — Deborah Federman CORRESPONDENCE — Joan Brocklebank bh First row: B. Siegel, M. Burke, M. Miller, P. Nassau. J.Murphy, P. McGillivray, T. Callahan, L. Marshall. Jones. Second row: Advisor Mr. Third row: S. Shifron, M. Holbrook, J. Wheeler, J. Collette, L. Diamond, J. Rosen, D. Federman, L. Smith. S. Cooper, C. Unte r see. Bruns, A. Davids, J. Hurd, J. Brocklebank, J. Picarc D 52 RADIO CLUB First row: J. Schide, J. Bellantoni. Second row: D. Crockford, R. Dowling, Advisor Mr. Murray LITERARY MAGAZINE First row: D. Fay, Advisor Ms. Curran-Robbins, A. Johnson, R. Hopper. Second row: T. Gill is, P. Jeffrey, A. Bransfield, J. Storer | JiSm, A .v. J % % Pi 1 [ ft YI % m, L . . 9 ME- -. Vfv.-V’ yA ' . Hg »Lr. . H " Ji «sS i • - DRAMA CLUB First row: L. Smith, A. Davids, A. Cerel, D. Marcus, D. Howard, L. Wiles. Second row: A. Caplan, D. Sullivan, R M. Augustini, P. Carhart. STAGECRAFT CLUB B. Lynch. Advisor Mr. R. Duval. C. Untersee. J. Bruns. The NHS Competitive Speech Team has to be one of the main reasons that Natick is known as the " Home of Champions. " Over the years the speech team has ions compiled an outstanding record of achievement. This year was no exception. For the first time, the team has won a major sweepstakes award in every festival that offered one, according to President Jon Rosenkranz. Natick took second place in the state competition in Fitchburg. Ten contestants were sent to Milwaukee for the Catholic Nationals. Many individuals on the team distinguished themselves this year. Jon Rosenkranz and Delia Laing placed among the top ten Milwaukee. Delia and Mary Beth Cas- sedy were sent to the National Foresenic League Championships in Seattle at the end of the vear. 5 sw 1. Eddie Jacobs displays one of his many other talents. 2. Barbara Siega has other vocal abilities. 3. Mary Beth Cassedy helps out during the Bloodmobile. » a Competitive Speech team members: past and present NORTHEAST DISTRICT AND ALLSTATE CHORUS MEMBERS W A. Foster , S. Damplo . B. Sullivan, D. Ringle, H. Roudenko , B. Hig¬ gins , j. Rosenkranz . CHAMBER SINGERS First row: R. Smith, H. Roudenko, A. Wright, C. Moyer, S. Damplo, D. Ringle. Second row: B. Siegel, B. Steward, B. Sullivan, A. Foster, E. Richardson. Third row: R. Murtagh, R. Berger, J. Rosenkranz, B. Hig¬ gins. Not pictured: J. Bourque, J. Golan. w •j L r A V ' Y •» r. CONCERT CHOIR First row: B. Dwyer, S. Lane, P. Nahabedian, R. Smith, B. Steward, A. Foster, M. Miller, J. Rosenkranz, B. Sullivan, M. Azanow, H. Roudenko, A. Wright, D. Jack, N. Francitto, J. David, S. Plummer, Director Ms. Bergmann. Second row: S. Damplo, P. Coleman, C. Moyer,P. Holt, L. Cashen, J. Smith, M. Foley, E. Jacobs, G. Marc y, S. Schlosberg, P. DeBruyn, A. Ware, K. Penchuck, P. Nassau, S. Karcher. Third row: B. Siegel, C. McMillan, E. Ainsworth, D. Ward, P. Marsh, K. Mahaney, B. Higgins, A. Delacy, R. Murtagh, A. Wigglesworth, M. Bate, C. Cutaia, L. Wiles, A. Aisenberg, E. Richardson, D. Ringle. Not Pictured: J. Bourque, C. Chesley, L. Crumett, K. Hilliard, D. Howatt, H. Lander, J. Golan, B. Maloney, L. Berkowitz. NORTHEAST DISTRICT ALL ALLSTATE BAND MEMBERS First row: P. Nahabedian , J. Golan, S. Plummer . Second row: T. Huling, and J. Mega. JAZZ ENSEMBLE First row: G. Quinton, R. Murtagh, G. Wright, R. Ellis, N. Burgess. Second row: C. Mega, R. Berger, H. Rutfield, A. Foster, D. O ' Leary. Third row: E. jue, A. Peters, J. Brandt, M. Lester, S. Johns, B. Sullivan, j. Mega, M. Plummer, D. Sarrasin. Not pictured: T. Phillips, B. Haigis, T. Huling, P. Minor. CONCERT BAND t - V r D. Levenson, J. Brown, M. Lester, B. Steward, G. Karian, J. Barbour, J. Brandt, R. Goulart, C. Mabey, J. Chapin. Second row: W. Haigis, D. Packer, ■ch V Burgess, A. Aisenberg, E. Duff, C. Wotton, D. Sullivan, W. Songer, L. Wiles. Third row: E. Peirce, D. Henry, R. Doucette, J. David, A. Wright, er S. Lane, D. Whitmore, C. Farrington, T. Phillips. Fourth row: M. Furr, J. Peirce, C. Ward, J. Golan. Fifth row: J. Powers, M. Chase, M. Plummer, : •. ; Mega, D. Crockford, D. Geissler, W. Sullivan, B. Higgins. Sixth row: R. Griffin, S. Morris, A. Wigglesworth, C. Quilty, T. Huling, D. O ' Leary, A. R MURTAGH;S PLUMMER; J GRASSEY FEUT ARE THE LEFT EDGE CUT-OFFS . .. W ' vL ► j h m SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE BOARD JUNIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD President B. Songer Vice-president J. Chapin Secretary K. Huard Treasurer D. Packer First row: H. Aizley, J. Ansel, D. Santos, M. Sullivan, S. Sutfin, S. Murphy, S. Valoff, A. Davids, C. San Clemente, L. Strong. Second row: S. Leary, ). Chapin, B. Songer, B. Black, D. Packer, S. Damplo, j. Quaranto, S. Choinard, K. Rogers, R. Smith, S. Cole, J. Bruns, M. Collette. Third row: R. Guarino, J. Harris, C. Un- tersee, S. Fair, C. Dziama, S. Cooper, j. Balcom, M. Tierney, R. Maloney, K. Shasteny, R. Parsons, S. Donellan, D. Rogers, D. How att, R. Weaving, R. King. D. Glazer. President A. Cerel Vice-president R. Burke Secretary A. Gallo Treasurer D. McDermott First row: ). Holman, C. Ehrlick, L. Green, M. Dugan. Second row: D. Zaltas, B. Kosloff, S. Sax, K. M elanson, D. McDernott, A. Cerel, R. Burke, A. Gallo, R. Wald, M. Kennally, S. Saunders, L. Shrier. Third row: B. Moores, J. Clancy, D. Lindquist, j. Oakes, P. Brown, F. Pan, P. Carhart. S. Fine, D. Marchetti, A. Rivin, J. Levin, B. Stanywick, Advisors Miss Gould- ing, Mr. Taddeo. Not pictured: D. Marcus. STUDENT COMMITTEE FOR POLITICAL ACTION M. Sullivan, L. Levenson, J. Harris, Mr. Culhane, D. Ball, D. Damplo, A. Dargan, K. Hottleman, Not pictured: P Becker and E. Duffy. STUDENT COUNCIL firs: 9o» n, V. Reuman, A. Hallett, S. Fine. Second row: M. Lesser, M. Gagne, S. Shifrin, P. Nassau, G. Rodman, D. Gumner, J. Healey, D. Damplo L Le»ersor. hird row: j. Levin, Dr. LaVergne, G. Weitzman, S. Cooper, j. Ansel, R. Brodsky, N. Venditti, A. Rivin, C. Dudziak, E. Duff, F. Segall, IMd. yo , Cfij I .F " rrjc uT A Hr T W. Songer, A. Cerel, J. Getchell, Mr. Rosen, A. Johnson, P. McGillivray, Not pictured: S. Chaulk. First row: D. Kadlik, L. Peters, M. Greenwood, J. Weener. Second row: J. Malloy, C. Moyer, L. Howe, J. Rosen, C. Moyer, J. Wine, L. Mason, P. Rosenthal. Not pictured: A. Peters, D. Ball, L. Breslouf. KEY CLUB First row: D. Collins, J. MacAlpine, J. Chapin, B. Black, E. Cushing. Second row: M. Tierney, S. Donnellan, B. Barrel I, G. Cote, j. Healy, P. Carney. Not pictured: A. Johnson, W. Songer, B. Haigis, H. Powers, D. Driscoll, M. Leavitt, J. Pierce. 63 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY CLASS OF 1977: Anne Aisenberg Deborah Ames Peter Austini Nancy Castelli Susan Chaulk Audrey Colson John Crisafulli Diane Damplo Joy David Rosemary DelVecchio Janis Dobis Robin Dowd Christine Dudziak Eleanor Duffy Susan Ehrlich Gwen Evans Gregory Fasano Diane Fassino Allen Foster Nell Franchitto Jeanne Golan David Gumner Greg Hennrikus Janice Hurd Debra Jack Eileen Jasinski Eric Jue Laureen King Robert LeLievre Lloyd Levenson Dawn MacMillan Paul McGillivray Thomas Murray Carol Naranjo Karl Normington Susan Paxman Amira Rahman Gary Rodman Lee Schlesinger Irene Trifero Nancy Venditti Tracy Walker Roger Weaving Linda Ambrosino Paula Becker William Bellissimo Lynne Breslouf Gary Cabo Cynthia Carpenter Caroline Casten William Crohan Susan Dargan Elena DeFelice Elizabeth Diamond Alix Drury Diane Fay William Fenzel Deborah Hale Anne Hallet Pamela Holt Lynne Howe Atsushi Kawaguchi Jennifer King Emily Landesman Ralph Letner Linda Marshall Jeanne McDermott Irwin Morse Nancy Nadler Brenda O ' Brein Deborah Osgood Catherine O ' Sullivan Jenny Poliak Joan Rosen Debra Rubenstein Frank Segall David Swan Susan Taylor Patricia Untersee Lynn Wharton Karen White Dana Whitney Cindy Zatz CLASS OF 1978 Mark Aisenberg Ross Berman Marry Beth Cassedy Adam Cerel Anne Dargan Ellen Duff Marybeth Dugan Catherine Ehrlich Franklin Fessenden Susan Fine Kim Gasset Lisa Gray Marcia Hamilton Karl Handlesman David Harvie Edmund Henry Suzanne King Steven Kirby John Knight Susan Lane Andrea LeLievre Mark Lester James Levin Joyce Levin Denise Lindquist Paula Lindsay Diana Marcus Karen McGillivray Francis McHatton Charles Moyer Carol O ' Loughlin Frances Pan Carolyn Pepi Melinda Powers David Reilly Alissa Rivin Jamie Rowe John Schide Robert Shanfield Daniel Trainor Gregory Wright Marc Yaffe David Zaltas 1 1. LIGHT — Nancy Castelli 2. SCHOLARSHIP —Gary Rodman 3. LEADERSHIP — Karl Normington 4. CHARACTER — Eleanor Duffy 5. SERVICE — Diane Damplo ■ 62 First row: J. Armstrong, I. Callender, P. Weber, S. Watkins, F. Kosiski, R. Sewall. Second row: K. Hilliard, R. McKenney, G. Marion, L. Schlesineer K. C ' z z R. Young, T. Donellan, J. Imparato, J. Kane. 64 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB First row: N. Venditti, J. Dobis, S. Dargan, D. Rubenstein, C. Dudziak, D. Fassino, J. David, P. Holt, P. Becker, C. Naranjo, S. Erlich, A. Rahman, J. Golan. Second row: Mr. Culhane, M. Miller, M. Murphy, G. Hennrikus, N. Franchitto, J. Burke, B. Mack, R. LeLievre, R. Weaving, J. Knight, F. Segall, D. Damplo, J. Fox, G. Gastaldo, R. Letner, G. Rodman, L. Schlesinger, K. Normington, L. Levenson, T. Carney, A. Kawaguchi. Not pictured: D. Crugnale, P. McGillivray, T.Murray, A. Surman. LATIN CLUB First row: N. Shrier, M. Dugan, J. Connolly, Mrs. Drotar, A. Gallo, C. Erlich, D. McDermott. Second row: B. Kosloff, D. Zaltas, D. Ringle, J. Valentyn, D. Trainer, W. Balcom, D. Bourque, K. Ab¬ rams, S. Shohan. Not pictured: J. Knight, and A. Sheinis. 65 AMtKlGAN HhLU T me has passed as if it were an arrow. These ten months, I ' ve oeen enjoying my AFS year, mainl. school life, and making fr ends and playing whist, etc. M dairy of September 7 says, ‘Don ' t be so embarrassed to find o rls : n the calssroom. It ' s natural •; see the girls in a co-ed school, bes des there are only two kinds c ■’uman beings in this world. Hev Atsushi, do you really think b ' ou II be able to adjust to those vids: Everything ' s different! " As you can see, the beginning of my HS ife was an embarrassment. Even I am surprised to re-read my diar., so no wonder you must also be. A -hough some of my friends tell me ‘You ' re corrupted! " or " You ' re Americanized! " , I do not th n.v so. I ' e just learned another a " ::ud e and another way of :h nAing. Well, time will tell me whether or not I ' m corrupted. At he end of my writing, I ' d tike to thank my friends, teachers arc others for their help and kindness. — Atsushi Kawaguchi Top left: Whist anyone? Top right: Dr. Ganong ' s English 40 class. Below right: Atsushi, the stu¬ dent. Left: American Field Service and ex¬ change students Atsushi Kawaguchi from Japan and Ralph Letner who visited Sweden. F rst row: E. Jue, J. Rowe, E. Duff, President G. Wright, D. Howatt, M. Collette, C. Conner, J. Harris. Second row: Advisor Ms. Leavitt, K. Shastany, R. Wald, M Cassedy, A. Rivin, J. Schiff, k. Ward, K. MacDonald, L. Leonard. GIRLS ' VARSITY CLUB First row: Secretary A. Rahman, President C. Naranjo, Vice-President S. Ehrlich. Second row: K. Abrams, M. Demasi, L. Lupien, N. Franchitto, j. Murphy, L. Perry, M.B. Cassedy, S. King, Mrs. Maloney. Third row: D. Cope, D. Blume, C. Calder, P. Weber, j. Poliak, j. Valentine, C. Ehrlich, S. Donnelan, K. Sullivan. Not pictured: L. Firth, L. Owen, K. McGillivray, K. Hunter, Miss Grady. 1977 marked the first year of real organization for the Girls ' Varsity Club, with the arranging of civic, so¬ cial and fund-raising events. The GVC assisted the Natick Police De¬ partment in their annual Halloween party for children, sponsored a Toys for Tots drive before Christmas and went on a ski trip to Mt. Sunapee. The sale of calendars, jewelry, T-shirts and " bargain paks " also highlighted the GVC year. The club successfully concluded with the an¬ nual GVC banquet in June. r PI! 1 l r. 1 First row: S. Sucfin, S. Murphy, L. Strong, M. Tierney, L. Lytle, D. Robbins, K. Melanson, G. Grass, C. O ' Connor. Second row: Advisor Mr. Sisti, J. Rosen K. Murphy, j. Malcolm, K. McDonald, J. Boley, j. Maguire, S. Stevens, L. Dupree, P. Cloonan, M. Giller, C. Cohen, K. Shastany. Third row: G. Fasano, J. Elmar A. Drury, C. Forte, K. Huard, M. McGhee, T. Verriccione, L. Sullivan. Fourth row: K. Abrams, R. King, j. Burke, D. Maldolm, M. Lorantos, L. Murphy, L Dale, M. Chamberlain, A. Berg, M. Fair, J. King, J. Potter, T. Falone, B. O ' Leary, ]. Glorioso, D. Gearan, L. Berkowitz, T. Doherty. 1. Who ' s that behind those Foster Grants? 2. Greg spots a snow bunny! 3. Greg in¬ structs Joan in basic Snow Plow. 4. Joan lost in scenic bushes after first lesson. ii PEP CLUB First row: K. Shepard, R. Whelan, C. Dolbec, D. Flavin, D. Shastany, K. White, L. Rodman, C. Caines, E. Landesman. Second row; D. Santos, C. Dziama, M. Dunn, K. Dutcher, L. Chobanian, L. LaRoche, D. Carpen¬ ter, D. Kerr. Third row: S. Murphy, N. Johnson, D. McMillan, B. White, J. Malcolm, J. King, M. Slovin, J. Cormier. Fourth row: M. Epstein, L. King, K. Barker, Advisor Ms. Robbins, B. Siegel, A. Zanchi, J. Neary. 1. We wanna land here but we land over there! 2. Pre-rally warmup 3. Pete Moss and the Turf Children in Teenage Wasteland 4. " We ' re the jocks of the school! " !!vl waw aw! ? X ! ' X v. tjC l- ' . AS VV ' ' .sy AV,VAW.V ASSS .v.flft 1 I ' JUg • ' ■.• ■v ' -avX a vaV, -.w . ' Wa :-i mwm 7 lytjL r£ ' 0? yrnoudkoi ooL i, yi a L aj£ A 7 • S . Q Q u nxXoc -JbcaCyfurC ■syffc -Au ya cr£ .Jtfa- xl£m L C oaA j syrbooXT dj Z cui j ruS tL -- truousu . ' JCcr (jvc L. dJZ i i- CchJ L (ZMJ OCsC i X£cj u. dhioL y Jl cL a Ku -J za tesyx. — Cu-fO- crocjm C ooC lyirC. J2£ur r JflG U teiuJL. S yy cc£ cUiy d-JyULuyudtJi -faeAfauna+xAl. £Z @£ ' CuJhf Gcunf ' -MJ riuA ' Cj£gl 6- OiOz cctoon c cloX, od£ ncrt J?aco t 7 ocC dz. o OcroGSUr CL nct- dt fe, Mv-uo JuMci £ lz, ad cccla JhttT dtcr cdoan . 4: ft I 1. J ay Yancey breaks into open field. 2. Mark Montgomery sparkles on defense. Varsity: First row: B. Sticka, D. Crugnale, R. Weaving, G. Gastaldo, j. Kane, K. Herosian, B. Trifero, M. Montgomery, J. Ryan, J. Kelley, j. Yancey. T. Carr, B. Belcher, B. Bellissimo, M. Fortini. Second row: B. Young, S. Long, C. Richards, W. Farrel, T. Armata, P. DelVicchio, J. Quilty, S. Keefe, R. Monroe, T. Killeen, M. Fitzgerald, E. Henry, T. Kadlik, j. Haswell, D. Lamont, B. O ' Leary, Head coach R. Whelan. Third row: J. Imparato, J. Wright. D. j Roberts, R. Hunsaker, F. Snyder, J. Chaulk, R. Biagi, j. Shuman, K. Silva, S. Shohan, A. Lamy, P. Gallagher, A. Berg, C. MacGregor, K. Thorsen, Ml Kiley. Fourth row: K. Benson, M. Selzer, T. Lilly, M. Forest, j. Potter, D. Wright, B. Burton, F. Fessenden, D. Reilly, ). Shupert, Mr. Ghilani, Mr. O ' Rourke, Coach G. Benson. 1 Surprising many with a highly successful 8-2 season, the football team, co-captained by Marc Montgomery and Jack Ryan, showed their opponents just how much an inexperi¬ enced team could achieve. The absence of halfback Jay Yancey for more than half of the season due to a knee injury, set the Redmen offensive at¬ tack back. The defense made up for this time and time again throughout the season. From a team lacking experience, three players managed to make all-star ranks: Jack Ryan, Jim Kane and Carlton Richards. Mike Fortini was named All-Scholastic. Once again the Red- men proved that inexperience does not mean lack of talent. Natick exhibited plenty of expertise this year in its coaching and by its personnel. Head Coach Mr. Whelan, who an¬ nounced that this would be his last year, did a fine job of pulling the team together. The Redmen were shown up only twice this season. 1. Barefoot punter Bill Trifero booms one out. 2. Jimmy Kane, quarterback and MVP, snarls fiercely at an opponent. 2 First row: D. Jones, B. Flutie, D. Fletcher, L. Littlefield, R. Devereaux, R. Melchiorri, M. Frada, R. Monaco, G. Chapelli, M. Sims, S. Richardson, J. Burke, P. King, F. Murphy, Coach B. Theriaque. Second row: J. Normington, C. Emmanuelli, M. Onorato, S. Eastmond, J. Bourque, R. Allen, D. Condon, S. Hearn, W. Hartwell, R. Auclair, S. Crane, J. Chandler, F. Higgins. Third row: P. Collington, M. Hope, C. Quiltie, E. Welch, P. Klain, P. Glorioso, B. Sanford, D. Trabucco, R. Peachy, D. Robbins, L. Adamson, P. Donovan, M. Casey, E. Kerzwick, R. Bressler. % 73 il 55 :. mm s ' IPlfe 1. Natick ' s Redman, Mark McCabe and Cheering Capt. Susan Chaulk rejoice over a Natick touchdown. 2. Senior Cheerleader, Susan Rogers has a chance to rest at the first football rally. js? £0, mmi IT The Natick High School Cheerleaders were enthusiasticly led b. Captain Susan Chaulk this year. girls put in many long hours of p ' actice last summer, and prepared hemselves for the upcoming sports seasons during the school year. The pep and spirit of the girls Drought the spectators to life and they encouraged the boys onto many .-.e l-deserved victories. All in all the cneerleaders boosted the morale of a tie teams, which was greatly appreciated. : , .. . . mW ' m . . ... WBwmmmmmBaBm T --X r 3 % ip 3 I %j I l|j -jk. Front row: F. Pan, L. Cusack, J. Gildea. Second row: C. Carpenter, Captain Sue Chaulk, S. Rogers, J. Cardellicchio. Third row: S. Stevens, C. Peppy, K. Spiro, C. Condon, A. Cadman. ■ jjwj - mflJORGUCS The seven girls on the majorette squad this year showed their enthusiasm as well as talent at all the football games during the half times. Practicing both before and after school throughout the school year. The effort showed through when the Natick High School Majorettes came in second place in a competition at Foxboro High School last November. 1. Junior Cheerleader, Carolyn Peppi shows her pep as a Natick High cheerleader. 2. Senior Cheerleader, Judy Cardellicchio finishes a cheer with one big smile. 3. Juniors Denise Linquist and Della Ward on their way to majorette practice. »’ Jr Front row: D. Ward, D. Linquist, K. Mellman. Second row: M. Coughlin, D. Slattery, A. Hopkins, J. Oakes. 75 FIELD HOCKEY . A happy threesome 2. With a flick of her stick ... 3. The story of Carol ' s First row: J. Murphy, J. Poliak, P. Weber, Co-captain C. Naranjo, Co-captain N. Franchitto, A. Rahman, K McGillvray. Second row: M. DeMasi, D. Blume, J. Valentine, K. Abrams, D. Cope, L. Firth, C. Calder, D Myrick, L. Perry, Coach D. McCabe. Inset: Coach N. Maloney. s ■ «£’ • - r w • iWZ M fc-giSr " MB ft 1 Plagued by illness and injury the N.H.S. field hockey team finished with a respectable 3-6-4 record. Co-captain Carol Naranjo was out for the first half of the season and upon her return promising sophomore Debbie Blume retired due to illness. Coached by Mrs. Nancy Maloney, the team is composed of only five seniors, making the group a strong contender in next year ' s competition. Outstanding members of the team include sophomore Cheryl Calder, junior Joan Murphy and senior Paula Weber while Co-captain Nell Franchitto earned herself a place on the all-star team. Next year the girls will be led by Debbie Cope and Lisa Firth. fO«ER Varsity: B Thomas, K. Normington, J. Gandolfi, Co-captain R. Letner, Co-captain j. Malloy, M. Cavanaugh, C. Scholl, j. Castaneda, A. KawagucK Second row: A. Cerel, L. Berkowitz, D. Morana, J. Fitzgerald, B. Carroll, R. Cormier, C. Cabo, Coach A. Cioffi. Missing from picture: M. Papa, S V a C J. Collari. sue ssJtori . - -■■ L «: ■ ' , SSJCSSR — ;s : : : ' :; : ■:JSS t l% r) • V ' • , v” " - iiii ■KMgS life 1 - wr x . % W ' l M t 1 i Xjl Sfc ... , ; v , A ■ feliilPSIM JgCTg =yf;; -jster-- ' ■ •••ilit.: t: .: ' : 1. Cerel and Scholl play footsies 2. Ralph, 0-18 isn ' t a laughing matter! 1 . • .• " " •. ' V:jv- • x ■ : ym ■; . ' ■ ...■ ; ■ ' • ■:■■: . • : jgfr gr : tip W ' .J-.V-.J, - dijt£ y‘££g£x’| ' — r . ' -- ' I. ' ■ ■ SE5BP .-p’ .--V JF.t ' X m%m . V:- -_ !■■_ JHHR9 ss • . .asr ■j,m v. , ;v. .. :• :„: Ipilllti . » SSpij ■M ' e x; -;• ' ' •%. ' .-, » - -v m -st %- -? • ' •«. ' , T m =• v. - T : ' - ' ; ' BEmJMs ■nr • .._ • r ■:■ •„ . • :iHHn - - ssj pf W? » ‘ -I -K-. .%. r : .. ' • V; ' ’. ' . •• • f v v.SMR mm V ' “y - - vv..«v ?- - • • ».._ . oi •• •: ■.• • . •• . ■;■ ■.•. ' .: - : ,.• ■: ,z ' . . • • • ?3 ' . : .’«Sg m i j:-| ;• ■: ■. ; :1 ■ :.: , 1 _ ... V, -:- ••• - :: w-J-r VV • ' • ■ - t ' t - ; ■ p?M W ’•• ' i -:?tw:-.. i — 4 - .. .V xS- ’W ' 3 » . .- .W - tsT I C- JL- ' ' • ' - f . ' •; ' . lit f, ' « «»• •.• 1 ?%r - ■•, , .- « . -fe. - % ' ■■■•■•• £»■ ••••• ••.v i... Vt-fS- ■ ■ • V.V ■ ?’- ' k • , . V’ - ' Pll«3 9Ks ' :St- - K :u }. 05 • ' ... V -XvJMS£?fe _,l. StSBm. I » S ' ♦ • : ' V.- . Sf::tv, -■ - . • ■Wj- V J- A ■teHi- :■: Li r».2 ‘i? U%.. ...... KBBV . ,i R,v ' " ■ ' - . ' jf ' " ’ y - •“; iv • ag=. - ■ ,” ; - ■ „ AUftw nr - .. . " w , : U -. - .- " I™; i- - r: ..• • r ' - .-. • : i .1 ■ ■ x-jT ' -Z$ M ■ .- jj vtwiBl I j 1 mSfm | : -: SSSSB I: ' . ' jr±ZC n Soccer is not one of Natick High ' s stronger teams but the group works hard together and enjoys the game. They repeated last season ' s disappointing 0-18 record but only after several hard-fought games. According to Coach Cioffi the team had their best effort in the Wellesley game and totally dominated the first two periods. At the half, when they changed ends the wind switched too, and Wellesley came from behind to hand the Redmen another defeat. Natick was lucky enough to have some outstanding individuals working for them including Mark Cavanaugh, Ralph Letner, John Malloy, and talented sophomore Dave Morana. This year ' s captains John Malloy and Ralph Letner were given an honorable mention on the all-star team along with senior Mark Cavanaugh. The annual awards of most valuable player and most improved player were by Ralph Letner and Gary Cabo, respectively. Let ' s cross our fingers and hope that next year ' s team, to be captained by Ray Cormier and Mike Papa will fare better against the tough league competition. V- ' ' ' g r 3 £ __ _ % . .. Mjb g ' - ■ ' H . • j " • Wr. .4 . « i. V 3 K i S ' - 33 57 Vt 1 ST-1 " i ‘ ' ' If • h ' ,i £L h ®fe mrv ySw ' 1 r W- T ■ . Jr m . kf - ; ' a - . » A « I ■I Junior Varsity: B. Jones, G. Ryan, G. Ginsburg, D. Packer, R. Henry, B. Haigas, T. Kelly, J. Miccile, E. Cushing, G. McWeeny. Second row: Coach F. Conte, H. Powers, D. Downs, G. VanEmerson, D. Zaltas, H. Tock, K. Melanson, G. Eckert, D. Kirschtel. 79 uiifflminc The girls ' swim team ' s contribution to fall sports was more than just a drop in the proverbial bucket. The team added a solid 4-2 record to Natick ' s fall scoreboard thus improving upon last year ' s 3-3 record. In additon seven girls competed in intra-league competitions after the season ' s end. The five girls that went to State championships beat their rivals to take first place in the Bay State league. This year ' s co-captains Sr. Sue Ehrlich and Jr. Jean Orisafulli are to be succeeded by Jrs. Charlotte Gibbons and Cathy Ehrlich. The Ehrlich sisters must certainly be given a good deal of credit, for Sue has been co-captain for two years, most valuable player for three years and also an athlete of the month while Cathy is the team ' s 1 backstroker. Co-captain-elect Charlotte Gibbons was awarded the most improved player trophy, in part, because of her latest feat of slicing seventeen seconds off of her previous time in the 500 yard freestyle. The team ' s two losses were frustrating ones. Framingham North beat the Redmen by five points while Needham won by a narrow three. Only six girls are graduating this year so the team has a good shot at being undefeated next year. First row: A. Drury, P. Rosenthal, Co-captain S. Ehrlich, Co-captain J. Crisafulli, S. Taylor, J. King, S. Chovinard. Second row: S. Allen, C. C bbori v Collette, R. Weaving, J. Leavitt, D. Malcolm, L. Dale, J. Balcom, K. Penchuk, M. Arena. Third row: P. Cloonan, M. Fair, L. Dupree, j. Burke B Pte ce M. Bate, J. Neary, T. McFarlane, C. Ehrlich, Coach D. Webb. " 1 81 row: T. Callaha andelsman, J. Y _ » 1 • PUw . L «» i ■ » J j r £.— I • oil K ' Tjy 1 1 ■ - " » I 3| »j — § ; 3 : • ' iff- ‘Jfe-. 1 The cross country team finished the season with a 4-5 record. All of the meets were competitive and close with the tight win over Wellesley being the sweetest victory. The team placed fifth in the Conference meet. Seniors Mark Leavitt and Mike Krupski made the most outstanding contributions to the team this season. Leavitt won the MVP trophy. The team had a large number of seniors who did a good job according to Coach Al Kirton. However, this means that next year ' s team will be mm comprised of less seasoned runners 1. Craig outlegs opponent. 2. Determination makes winners. 3. Coach Kirton ' s strategy sessions 4. Kirton ' s crew. 4 83 YOUEYBAU The members of NHS ' s newest team, volleyball, reaped a surprising amount of honors at the fall awards assembly. Co-captain Sue King earned the various titles of athlete of the month, most valuable player and was also voted to the league ' s all-star team. Unfortunately, Sue finished out the season with a badly sprained ankle. Cindi Frada replaced her in the all-star game. In this fast moving game, team members play the best out of three games, in which a game is to fifteen. Perhaps the most frustrating loss was to Braintree, the league champions. The Redmen came from behind in game 1 only to lose 15-11. Given another chance in game 2 they rallied again only to have Braintree gain the needed two points, to win 18 to 16. The team is graduating only one senior and should be a strong threat to next year ' s league. 1. Time out tips from Coach Grady 2. Joanne Rosen 3. A last minute save = 5 ?r m rir i i — ' US Tvrr-- - 1 .1 . - v - - w: - : _J ----- c Ilk ' W™ Oik £ f -1 4 -. ' 1 r - 1 - 1 ' « " I r ? . ET .i-’C. tVrUB — ► - • I I | c:.i ,- rrr- , r rv — r - ‘ i.-XH: I •f-r. i_i i r 5 4 , i • i— « ' l. ' iiKtr 1 It I - w-w - r .. .. - - “4 - • " 7 : v _T 7 r V 1 ; -| • - - - jht - - -■-‘‘■Sfc -t-.-:- 3 Jhf, ■■ . ’ ■ " • . .. •• ' -- vs i—-■ Vt " ' ' ' v - rmm-m SHIP “ -- «™!=rTT i«r5 to.; — L. ' • ' ‘ S£ S£r 1 ' ‘ rr 2£ ... . •f . ' ' V rr {. ' x , j jrarr j k; fwTk KOCc.4 m « 1 fc- £S T r.. .- .awOTtwr? ' v. ... ’ ’. “irst row: M. Epstein, S. Leary, L. Marshall, Co-captain C. Frada, Co-captain S. King, D. Henry, j. Adams, L. Owens, C. SanClemente. Second row: T. Nelson, S. Lavino, L. Lupien, A. Holzman, L. Burwick, S. Fitzpatrick, S. Donnelan, N. Johnson, L. Sassi. Third row: Coach B. Grady, E. Brenneman, R. Doucette, S. Simpson, L. Till, M. Fruneau, D. Landry, J. Rosen. Missing from picture: A. Walker. 1. If she was only an inch taller ... 2. Shirley beats Dale to the punch 3. Dale Henry Tir a - r J F T mim Hallo developm - •• 1. What are friends for? 2. Ready . . . set . . .3. You ' i gonna leave me here all alone, are you? 4. Now watch Wk Supper There ' s reason for the senior class of Natick High School to celebrate. Under the imaginative direction of Gerald Dyer, they have staged a mirthful, exciting production of " Celebration " that should make theater buffs and especially those interested in community theater, stand up and take notice. The intimacy of the 70-seat planetarium is an ideal setting for this vehicle — a quest and a celebration of life — and the students have done a superior job of interpretation. It has been devised with such painstaking style, the action taking place not only on the stage, but in a section of the dome, and the overall affect is magnificent. Everyone involved in this production can accept the praise " bravo " without hesitation. They ' ve all earned it! — So. Middlesex News Monday, November 22, 1976 6 1. You haven ' t had your sprinkle today! 2. Barbara — the angel who wants to be somebody. 3. Bill Barbara. 4. Ed Jacobs plays the vibrant Potemkin. 5. Mark Miller, Beth Kowal, and Jon Rosencranz — 3 revellers. 6. Bill Sullivan — the innocent orphan boy. 7. I don ' t believe it!! 8. Brian Higgins plays rich Mr. Rich. 89 1. They never danced like this back on the farm! 2. Typical country threads. 3. Who is that masked man? 4. Rick and Diana present the door prizes. 5. The host of the dance . . . 6. and two NHS turkeys. 7. Dig those flashy overalls! 8. Alice and Sue kick up a storm. L“,tj SSjS - On November 19, 1976, the junior class let all the turkeys at Natick High show their stuff. In order to raise money for their class treasury, the junior Execu¬ tive Board held a dance for the whole school. Since tne dance fell on the Friday before Thanksgiving, it was dedicated to the main symbol of the day — the turkey. Everyone who attended the dance dressed in r armer clothes. Even Mr. Taddeo (among various other orave teachers) donned his overalls and joined in the un. This was the first truly successful dance of the vear, which just goes to show how many turkeys we have in our school!! Over the years, the Thanksgiving Game Rally has been the high point of fall sports activities. This year was no exception. On Wednesday. Nov. 24, students crowded the auditorium for the big event. The band, majorettes, and cheerleaders did their usual fine job, but this rally had more in store. Eddie Jacobs did a spectacular juggling routine, our mascot, Mark McCabe, performed a spirited Indian dance, and the coaches even added to the spirit of the rally. The high points were the performances of the new cheerleader squad and the rookie football team. The cheerleaders were graced with beauty and " spirit " and the football team was ferocious and organized. What the coaches lacked in humour, these groups made up for! Everyone left the rally with the true Redmen spirit!! k ... : ’• ' • •’■’■ ' • • f : V «¥• ; SSPi x . " 4 : . : MjRjJ ■ UL ■■=■: ' J p‘ " . ■-;?™ ie m- ■ St- 4 B vr :,.; : m , m — ■ ■::: v.?.. -31 :£:liia Viwt :: -3 - E$?sr ' : " 9 ■ : : ; fHf JO m ) | Jl ‘ : : : : % ■ ; w I ft $ ■ • ' ' £ 3 ' I lak ti . M - OisHi rr " ' . jl 4 j ' 5 : i y;. £ : «k fe ; p s, ■ JSf ••• av.v . Vt ' W " : ■: ' Ji- ' v : : ; ; si B HR ■ I ; , 1 ffi i(b m ' gg i Sr i§ VI : £i s ig . -- ; 3 •- Wmm ; : : . ' . ' ' . .. s- ' v X s .., . - - H Bi kfc IrfcJtfB _ wSrJi ' • ' - “ gsggsg ..... ji H? , ’.•: XX " H : £ " :«£. r: : Cv •■■ ' i225 ' 5 ' - $ I ...;?$ 1 I : : 1 I J SHI --.£ 1 it jj- J I i ■BN +i p ; : ' L : : £ mm mm M, - ar: ■ i m ' 5£L ■Mfcp ;. -rgiil - I m .--itcatsaagSSW wmmm m z ■r -:■{■ ' $%s i ' ?=z 3ap; gSg% vt » »5» : -3 life srir ' v£- ; -• ’-’ : 1 -jr r£HsJJ rr yr - • ' ■’vaSSSF 8»yasg;- - rg»— Mi |«..: - -.- l vJT- Vt c.-Jvr s - " - ' V- ; ' ' • » : - Lr=sr- - M scir:- =£ v €££ : ,ifr ■ : ' .J3Tk V " - ' ..x £i ' :« ' ' ::- ' : g=asSaat- - s r_ - — v._.■■•.•■• ; .•• ■ at- ■-■ ■ ,= ' 3r. y • : Sr ' - , -— —Kg. tX p 55 - ;: X - r -V 3 — s..yy c-W- ;y ’ : ’ : : • .v? : XX:—: f- — : y4 vC -ii_ar : - -- r x ,v-.- v- " ; 4SSf mi ■;iK = •lli HR " SSS a=- SS..S- M i fcrr- = rs :±- 3 -- ■ 1. Jock Row 2. Those good looking cheerleaders Natick is famous for. 3. Captain Sue Chaulk 4. Cheerleader Anne Cadman. 5. Our Redman — M ark McCabe. 6. NHS ' " star " football team — Sherry, Lisa, Micki, Lorraine, Karen, Cheryl, Jen, Kathy, plus others!! 7 8. We thought it was funny! 9. Larry Denaro crew show what makes this rally so popular. 10. Eddie Jacobs. W . i i ♦ I m k-xSO a z -r- i vK=f. : i:r:t: • -.—--. tgag M ms m. £% £■ zm •V. : J i r -.-.i :»r. x-.:::-::.-:: : • ' .r« r ' M ' A.v r ■ W : ] ‘ X?£;- v2 . ZKS%-2 Z‘ ' r. ' Zi:. Wm- w :55a 3S$r :m-5 l r-: :«gg’ mm IYhIM ' v -. SwSSjwiv- • ■ ' ti •- : . .-::: - - . 2SX |V ; -: csp;!. ?:: .• ♦s?-oSaP s» »»Va w - :! • :.V:::j r : : »2 AV ' ■• ' WA SP 5. ■ ' M.xSsfe feNTiMWtoU ;W!£ : fcSssrii safe Kav ...v. ■ :■:: mm BW. !S 94 -4 1 Ou C Gc ' (Xsflc oOlSyCUt . X cUU KLs Uyiry tjA, Jtxrvbi cuncl jg o-B rrf ± Aa 4 aJL cl UAS xnnKL ' sx JboLJjL ' wrfL oO JuM £A■ - .syrtccj- ' a Ac Jg frunnA, a ncL yrica C vi L.. - OJ±LA6l£ (yuX OxrtjU CVrioC jk L ' ZtUjTCtisL. O cJlicon, Uu c A. a- Jb cL ols si£H o c£; QJ $g, JUgjtl T- Xi Ai Jt- jtAjg- ' ls Ur A- CL ' _ t . ’ZySz. A cJtjZis J2A gnycylJL (LQ tc zAm A SvQ . UrnL L ' pyorvrL L cC CRnjid tJiLuJL - Aj4M 0yd2 ' cij jgAt icu . cxM JIaa 95 Indoor track, preceeded by cross country and followed Certain people feel that Head Coach Burnham probably by outdoor track, is often the second season of three for was not too pleased with the advent of girls on his team but Natick athletes. The competitors are a unique blend of there they were again. Unfortunately, two out of only five both boys and girls who have already established them- girls were sidelined midseason due to injuries, selves in other sports. Co-captains Mark Leavitt and Mike The most exciting meet was the last one of the season, Krupski are both veterans of three track seasons, who this against Framingham South. Before the meet NHS had a year led the team to a winning 5-4 season. Some of the 4-4 record; the season depended on this one meet. The outstanding team members include: Ray Cormier, slated teams were close all the way through until South pulled to be captain next year; Len Adamnson; Peter Augustini, ahead near the end. Eventually, it all came down to the the recipient of the MVP award; and exceptional junior last relay. South put their strongest combination in and Phil Wright. Phil was the highest scorer this winter season. they were not quite good enough. They dropped their He is captain of this year ' s spring team and has been baton to give Natick a winning record of 5-4. elected captain of the 78 winter team. -rst raw: J. Schiff, A. Clover, J. Burke, R. Young, R. Anderson, S. Ward, Co-captain M. Krupski, Co-captain M. Leavitt, P. Augustini, B. Lelievre, B. Bekher, C. Dolbec, D. Carey. Second row: G. Smith, J. Moores, J. Hafner, C. Greenfield, D. Downs, P. Wright, R. Wald, J. Shupert, J. Young, M. Furr, R Cormier, P. Debruyn, F. Schneider, D. Quilty, Coach Brenneman. Third row: B. Burton, J. Burke, K. Beatty, I. Fischer, J. O ' Brian, j. Elliot, D. Condon, j Rosenthal, J. O ' Brian, D. Desposito, j. Garcia, L. Adamson. Fourth row: Coach Burnham. IflDOOR TRACK 1 1. Peter Augustini edges out the competition. 2. Krupski rounds the bend. 3. Which way to Muscle Beach? 2 97 cYfflnnsTics 1. May I have this dance? 2. Captain Eddie Jacobs at his best. Boys gymnastics, not one of Natick ' s stronger teams, is slowly making changes that should improve upon their present 2-5 league standing. According to coach Theriaque the group has been building for the past several years. Apparently support and interest fell off during 1972 but this year with the help of a few team members the needed support is returning. Three boys who have done alot for the sport are Bill Cormier, Mark Cameron and Scott Waxier. All three are juniors and have been chosen to return as tri-captains to lead the team next year. Cameron was also chosen as MIP because along with his ability as a gymnast improving, hisjeadership asserte d itself. Waxier, who was all-around gymnast this year and MVP as well, suffered a ruptured joint cap that was never quite healed. Senior Ed Jacobs captained gymnastics this year and must also be given credit for helping to spark some new interest. Gymnastics is, at present, the only sport that has co-ed meets and shares a banquet which Theriaque feels is due to the fact that he and Coach Maloney cooperate. 99 II Girls gymnastics is consistently a threat to other teams. For the second year in a row, their record has been one of the best in the league; this year it earned them second place. With each passing season, the Redmen come closer to first place Braintree. Seniors Sherry Chouinard and Paula Weber led the team which was coached by Nancy Maloney. Sherry was unable to attend the State competition because of an elbow that she dislocated while vaulting. Paula and Sherry will be relieved by Katy Abrams and Chris Paul. Chris has compiled quite an impressive record for herself during the past two years. Sister Ellen is a strong gymnast in her own right. She qualified for three meets after the regular season, winning third place on the unevens in the Bay State Conference meet. Lori Sassi, Debbie Cope, Katy Abrams, and Chris and Ellen Paul also competed in that conference. The trophy for most valuable player was awarded to Chris Paul, while Debbie Cope earned the most improved player trophy. Next year Natick will, hopefully, unseat Braintree from a seemingly permanent first place position. Only three girls are graduating so we should have quantity and some first rate quality. 1. Tim Slamin works out on the rings. 2. Lee Schlesinger goes over the horse. I First row: A. Furr, E. Paul, j. Wheeler, S. Fair, j. Smith, Co-captain S. Chouinard, Co-captain P. Weber, S. Pease, S. Libby, C. Fair. Second row: Miss Renzi, S. Higgins, D. Crawford, M. Havener, L. Schlesinger, D. Clod, B. Steward, E. Jacobs, R. Burke, B. Cormier, Coach N. Maloney. Third row C. Paul, D. Cope, M. Twomley, T. Falone, B. Havener, T. Slamin, M. Cameron, S. Waxier, J. Bruni, M. Mandozzi, N. Johnson, L. Sassi. Fourth row E Laquidara, B. Kerr, C. Braverman, K. Ahearn, R. Goulart, A. Cormier, S. Chouinard, Coach B. Theriaque. Missing from picture: Michelle Verna, Kat ; Junior Chris Paul had another great year. Last year she tumbled into NHS history by holding several records in the Bay State Conference meet. She also placed highly in the state meet; quite an accomplishment for a sophomore. This year she was second to no one as she placed first in all-round at both the Conference meet and the state competition. She received the MVP trophy for the second year in a row and, as Coach Nancy Maloney put it, " She is the backbone of our team. " Coach Maloney was also quoted as saying that Chris is one of the finest athletes ever to attend NHS. We wish Chris the best of luck next year and in the future. 1. This move is still up in the air. 2. Chaulk it up to Chris. 3. Above: Paula Weber, Below: Coach Theriaque. 4. Above: Bill Cormier, Below: Katy Abrams. i ; 1. Senior Rick Lamont for Natick 2. John Haswell and Co-Captain Paul Ryder 3. " The Winner! " , Steve Shohan 4. The team awaits the decision 5. Coach Panchuck I ■ H M r- 2 ■ » v-y Ui; f, 1st ■ ■ ll fi Mml. 1 First row: B. Mack, R. Sewell, R. Lamont, Co-Captain L. Delahanty, Co-Captain P. Ryder, D. Isaacs, S. Sweeney. Second row: Coach R. Kelly, A. Woodruff, J. Bush, C. Wotton, P. Morana, S. Shohan, D. Reilly, C. Moyer, J.» Haswell, C. Boykins, Coach M. Panchuck. 4 This year ' s wrestlers pinned down an improved record over The team suffered a loss when an important senior wrestler, last year ' s team, finishing the season 8-8. Co-Captains Paul Ricky Lamont, was injured in a match and was forced to sit Ryder and Larry Delahanty not only led the team in spirit, but out the remainder of the season with a broken collar bone, also captured berths in the state tournament. The four medal Fortunately, his was the only major injury, winners in this tournament were Steve Shohan, Ricky Sewell, Mike Panchuck, who guided the team to this fine record, Larry Delahanty and Paul Ryder. Most Valuable Player was retired his position as wrestling coach. He will be sorely awarded to Larry Delahanty, the Total Dedication award was missed in the future. However, there is potential, and the earned by Paul Ryder and Most Improved went to John prospects look good for next year as there are ten experienced Haswell. wrestlers returning. 0 a Jill First row: M. Heyde, S. Crane, J. White, J. Imparato, J. Glorioso, E. Cohen. Second row: Coach Kelly, G. Grass, R. Plachy, J. Powers, D. Fitzpatrick, P. Haswell, Coach Panchuck. 103 Girls ' basketball had a disappointing season this year, finishing with an overall record of 4 wins and 14 losses. Janet Forance and Carol Naranjo led the unusually small group. Janet and Carol are to be followed by Linda Perry and Joan Murphy as the team leaders next year. Linda Perry received the honor of being chosen MVP for the team. Cherial Caldor was awarded the Most Improved Player award for the year. According to Co-captain Carol Naranjo, the biggest disappointment was losing to Milton. NHS had tied up the score when the buzzer went off, only to lose in overtime. The ' 77 season was a rebuilding year for Natick after losing several key players who graduated last year. Flopefully, with a little more Spectator Support, the team will make a comeback in ' 78. 1. It wasn ' t my fault! 2. Maria Damasi goes high for the tip-off. C. Caldor, L. Goldrick, Co-captain J. Forance, Co-captain C. Naranjo, J. Poliak. Second row: Coac First row D. MacCabe, D. Bloom, L. Whelpley, S. King, M. Damasi, J. Murphy, L. Firth, Missing from picture: L. Pe BLKmE 2. Debbie Bloom is rejected. 3. Here you take it! 4. jenny Poliak drives to ' St row: D. Bravo, S. Mahony, Captain K. McGillivray, J. Valentine, D. Landry. Second row: Coach J. Linsky, Sandler, C. Frada, J. Driscoll, R. Weaving, K. Hunter, D. O ' Brien, L. Lupien. i . XH 105 m % , This year ' s basketball team, captained by Bo Cronin and coached by Charles Christie, saw a very disappointing season. The team started the season off by beating Watertown by eight points. After this win the rest of the season would 9 . m reveal only two more wins in the victory column giving the Redmen a 3-16 record. - - t . One game which will not be forgotten by the Redmen was the Braintree game which the team saw end in a tie and go into overtime. Though the game went into overtime, the Redmen could not pull it out of the fire. Next year ' s team, captained by Gary Devane, will be yound and, yet, will have a good many returning varsity players which will make for a strong center. i “ii f i -x L .» , . 1. Cronin in for two 2. Coach Christie ' Ti ir+r c i r st row: D. Tucker, R. Coleman, J. Zaniboni, Mascot R. Murray, B. Flutie, M. MacGregor. Second row: Coach A. Murray, P. DelVecchio, J. Brandt, D. Harris, A. Lamy, M. Hupe, J. Bartels, Coach N. Zide. 107 uiimminc 1. ' ' I ' ve got butterflies in my stomach, Ma! " 2. Crisafulli finally goes off the deep end. 3. Two different techniques. ■ . i-rrJyi T?!?, k r- - ■ ■ 2 - •T. i -s — ‘V -• ' v : J»i3. ' • ■ First row: K. Shastany, M. Yaffe, M. Pappa, M. Benson, D. Kirschtell, C. Shedd, K. Mulfelder, B. Perilli, Coach D. Webb. Second row: P. Gallagher, B. Jones, j. Zwart, J. Arena, Co-captain J. Crisafulli, Co-captain J. Pierce, A. Goodwin, M. Parker, N. Schrier, B. Sanford. John Crisafulli and Jim Peirce led the boys ' swim team to a 4-2 final record. Coached by Dave Webb, the team had to deal with short practice hours which can be a real problem. In spite of this they did very well. Out of a group of eighteen, six members were chosen by the coaches to be on the Bay State All-Star Team; quite an accomplishment. Of their two losses the most upsetting was to our rival, Wesslesley. Co-captain Crisafulli feels that the team is basically stronger then the Red Raiders. Perhaps, with a little more experience, a Natick victory would have been possible. Crisafulli was the MVP for the third consecutive year and with sophomore Chris Shedd, was given an honorable mention to the Boston Globe ' s All-Star Team. The trophy for the most improved player went to hardworking Billy Jones. At the season ' s end, six swimmers competed in the Eastern Competition. NHS took home a fifth place out of a field of thirty. With a little more interest Natick will be soon competing for the number one spot. . " No pictures, please " . 109 HOME VISITOR PENALTY PERIOD 234 1. Hustling Jaime Lord 2. All eyes are glued to the action 3. Chris Williamson being held up on one of his patented rushes. t i... First row: G. Hennrikus, D. Fletcher, J. Kelly, G. Karian, J. Andersen, T. Myrick, J. Miccile, B. Wells. Second n Coach Lacouture, Coach Cerulo, S. Valle, P. Rothwell, S. Itenerelli, E. Costello, M. Montalto, C. Williamsor Lord, J. Thomas, T. Murray, M. Sullivan, S. Rich, Coach McKeon, Coach Bates. In his sophomore year as coach of the N.H.S. varsity hockey team, Bill Lacouture accomplished the primary goal he had set for himself and the team prior to the ' 75- ' 76 season: he completely turned the hockey program around and produced a team that could win consistently in the tough Bay State League. The ' 76 - 77 team recorded an excellent 12-3-3 record, finished in second place in their league, and qualified for the state tournament for the first time in countless years. Lacouture was not alone in his quest of this seemingly hopeless dream; he was assisted by coaches Carl Bates, Jim Mckeon, and Tim Cerulo. The season began dimly as Mike Sullivan, Chris Williamson, and Co-captai n Steve Valle suffered injuries which kept them out of the line-up for key games early in the season. At the halfway point of the season the team was sporting a dismal 3-3-3 record; at this point many critics were not too bright in their forecasts for the season half. The team, however, led by Co-captains Tom Murray and a healthy Steve Valle snapped off nine victories in a row. The Dedham, Needham, Norwood, and Braintree games were the most gratifying because these teams had not lost to Natick in many years. Chris Williamson, Tommy Murray and Glenn Karian were selected to the Bay State League All-Star team. Bobby Wells, with Murray and Williamson, was selected to the Dedham Transcript All-Stars. Murray, who received the team MVP award, was also selected to the Boston ' s Globe ' s second team All-Scholastic hockey squad. ♦ 1. Another Bobby Wells bid goes wide as Greg Hennrikus looks on. 2. Norwood opponent trying to outmuscle Tom Murray. F rst row: B. Balcom, R. Kane, M. Duffy, R. Kennedy, N. Reynolds, D. Lord. Second row: Coach Bates, J. Quaranto, S. Kirby, D. Ryan, T. Hamilton, P. Costello, D. Reagan, B. Ciccarelli, B. Deveraux, D. Legge, Manager B Nickerson. Ill The best way to spend a cold wintery night during the holiday season is at a festive party with close friends. The Winter Cotillion was just that kind of party on the night of December 20. The seniors arrived, excited from all the preparation that went into this night. The guys psyched everyone out with their formal suits and gentlemanly manner; and the girls dazzled all with their long flowing gowns. Many people there had never seen their classmates so dressed up. Even the cafeteria was dressed up thanks to the help of many seniors. They cleaned and decorated until the cafeteria didn ' t LOOK like " the Cafe " . % • Jack Hahn and his band provided the dancing music, but the rest of the entertainment was provided by the seniors themselves. This was the brightest night in a long time for NHS. 113 t L The annual NHS Candlelight Concert was held on the fifteenth of December. This concert was one of the highlights of the holiday season, both for the participants and those who attended. All of the singers and musicians worked hard for this performance, and their efforts resulted in an astounding performance. The groups in concert were: Chamber Singers (1.), Concert Choir (2.), Stage Band (3.), and Jazz Band (4.). Vv;: n ms- M}. - pffi T . ' .• - Sv . .. Vi 1 mi a i Natick ' s finest: past and present Speech Team members. . .-.tV- ' J Sfr .- Schlesinger. 2. C. Kipps, B. Noonan, E. Jacobs, P. Becker, D. Ball, J. Rosencranz. 3 Paula accepts award from Delia. 115 |UjJj a 9OQ0@I? ii March 9, 1977, was a night of creative expression for the students at Natick High. The Concert Choir and the Chamber Singers did a superb job of performing. Besides these groups of students, many individuals had the opportunity to express themselves creatively. A number of students did this through poetry readings. These students included: Mark Miller, Edward Jacobs, Jon Rosenkranz, Veronica Smith, and Lauren Wiles. Jeanne Golan, a senior, has won many awards for her piano playing. At this concert, she gave the audience a taste of that fine musical ability. All the students involved displayed their talents beautifully. It is nice to see we have such creative and talented students at NHS and we wish them the best of luck in using these talents throughout their lives. 1 i I I I I i E j m 5 - - - - - CZT—- - ... -:ir- •. r- v r ... ' -T LT » » I .. Hals ££ " ix.- ' ■ r. ■ - rr3?r-« HUH 1. Jeanne Golan, master of the keyboards 2. Natick High ' s talented Chamber Singers 3. " If you don ' t get out of here with that radio . . . " 4. They say if you don ' t look at the audience you ' ll never know they ' re there. 5. Too bad we don ' t know what all those funny dots are for. 6. Mrs. Karen Thomas Bergmann conducts. 7. The Concert Choir in all their glory 8 " And ye shall have a song ... " 9. We brought our own munchies. ; yllfSl ' ' J 1 .. J w, y vl •smB $- MsPffl i . i , -: -•■yJfriS-K .iiil MBPS ' i- ' t... ' Steiftiiii TPW?J ; . :; : : : . " • ' " - n :ru.i :,: :.;: J :,:V|lrx •::■ ! n ■HHA M M - Wi i . m§m ■ jffc " " t | a% Vf -j :: ' : :r! , lf -rf , ■ , ;: .■■■ •;■ ' ■ ilSkfcf !-: ” . ■ . Wm •mm HS18 ilili SSvK 1 I III ■■ rv; m - usxtloL 4jboje £ l £ Ayin - jLenoi£rn t 4snJt OuLf jtAjl ytL ri4 art ASH ' S • • oC. y CAd +«Hk Vn aj 4x£%£ ' CxstlcL yjtAjL d-£ -4JBmIwuLta. ouncL yjLRjL uz4i r£ - omlwutoa . J2 £ Asoijyn ££ c£aq( JtAn. OTvn l Ocrusui siyosvcL clstvgL k Aji P o ot rveL yjA A-B A Jlcr JL jtUT ceCt A - crrug. i q , 7 A hvjia +-£AujJ‘ ccicJLtu curvet .», S 1. Cindy Zatz delivers a backhand. 2. Linda Perry puts her all into this return. First row: J. Golan, C. Zatz, N. Castelli, J. Levin, D. Pallotta, L. Perry, M. Demasi. Second row: Coach J. Linsky, C. Fair, C. Dziama.S. Fair, K. Hunte Libbey, D. Glazer, L. Sassi, S. Valof, J. Ansel, Coach B. MacGregor. 1 ' pi, y 1 J sjSfc " A . L i The NHS girls ' tennis team, coached by Jim Linsky, finished the season with a 3-15 record. This, however, does not reveal the excitement generated in some of the matches. One of the wins was against a tough Walpole team and kept Natick out of last place. A very impressive comeback effort lifted Natick to a 3-2 victory over rival Framingham South. The team was led by Co-Captain Nancy Castelli who was selected MVP for the season. Other fine individual performances came from senior Jeanne Golan and Co-Captain Cindy Zatz. Joyce Levin and Linda Perry compiled a 9-3 record for themselves and competed in the state doubles tournament. Next year ' s team will be captained by Maria Demasi and Joyce Levin. Coach Linsky is looking foreward to the thirteen underclassmen coming back to help provide a strong nucleus for the future seasons. 1. Sue Valof gets set to unload on this one. 2. Coach Linsky. 3. Joyce Levin makes a nice return. o o o 1 This year ' s tennis team had a record of 8-10. The first half of the season saw the team ' s record standing at 3-6. However, with captains Bob Wells and Greg Hennrikus and Coach Crow at the helm, the team managed a winning second half. In the latter part of the season, Natick showed improvement by beating a strong Milton and an always powerful Framingham South. Natick ' s low point for the spring came at the hands of Braintree. They lost this meet 3-2 in the last set. The MVP award went to Co-Captain Bob Wells for his excellent play. Another outstanding player, Ed Vercelli, was the number one man for Natick this season. With six returning varsity players and lots of help from the JV squad, next year ' s team has the ability to put it all together and go all the way. F ' st row: G. Hennrikus, B. Wells, E. Vercelli, S. Rich, B. Sandler, B. Jones. Second row: J. Wine, J. Ryan, M. Chase, P. Zaltas, A. Cerel, T. McGovern, N Shrier, G. Wright, M. Benson, Coach D. Crow, Coach W. MacGregor. sms SOFTBALL 1. A well timed slide 2. Carol prepares to bunt Tri-captains Carol Naranjo, Kitty Murphy and Linda Goldrick all had a good season. Carol was voted the MVP and was picked for the Baystate all-star team. The season ended with an enjoyable faculty vs. Varsity game (the faculty won). ne softball team wound up its season with a respectable 8- ' 0 record. According to Coach Nancy Maloney, this team an excellent defensive team performing superbly in the field and without many errors. Although the team lost to first p ace Milton 5-3, this game ranked as one of the most exciting due to the high caliber performance on the part of the team. 1. Linda Goldrick covers home plate. 2. Carol Narango takes a big swing. 3. Kitty Murphy gets ready to unwind. S. Mahony, D First row: C. Frada, S. Lane, A. Wright, C. Nimmo, T. Nelson, B. Songer. Second row: Coach R. Theriaq Landry, N. Burgess. R. Weaving, S. Sandler, D. Bravo, A. Knight, J. Goodwin. Not pictured: M. Kent. Qarg, S. Ward, T. Fitzpatrick, M. Fortini, Tri-captain M. Montgomery, Tri-captain P. Wright, Tri-captain M. Krupski, C. Bov n | Rvan. J. Yancy, C. Echart. Second row: Coach Burnham, C. Richards, B. Sticka, R. Hunsaker, K. Silva, P. DeBoiif ' tarrie sman D. Lindsey, F. Snyder, H. Tolk, S. Kirby, C. Greenfield, R. Burke, B. Glaught, M. Bram, T. Huling, J. Burke, P : wo S 3ram f M. Burke, M. Goldstein, J. Brown, T. Garcia, R. Stevens, T. Scholl, T. Kelly, D. Quilty, G. Smith, J. Alter iw-trc H VanOerwafl, A. lamy, S. Shohan, M. Lester, J. Shupert, j. Eliot. S. Crain, G. Braverman, J. Rosenthall, B Ha is. 1 ■L ' dl ' 4r • 4 | J ■ J W M ♦ — il K •. • P ® ■ mm la H ■aOPS ■ i B rs j fL i V L 1 n 1 r , »% rik L 3 i J MHf c jL 5 j[ ■ • The track team reached the finish line this year with a 6-3 record. This bested last year ' s record of 5-4. All the victories were hard fought, but one of the most outstanding was the tremendous 96-49 sweep over Dedham. The relay win over Needham was also especially satisfying. This year the team did well in the discus and relay events. Among the most natable. performances were put in by Mike Krupski ir the mile relay and Marc Montgomery in the hurdles. The girls ' track team, led by Co-captains Sue Ehrlich and Cheryle Dolbec, finished their third ' season by duplicating their last year ' s record of 8-1. They came within ten points of being league champions when they were again defeated by Dedham, 64-54. Some of the highlights of the season were the victory over one of the top teams in the league, Norwood, and the team ' s fourth place at the state meet. The whole group put out a strong effort all year long, with special compliments to the record breakers, Sue Ehrlich in the 880, Tricia Moores in the mile and two mile and the 110x4 relay consisting of Giorgio, Dale, Carey and Watkins. That relay also broke the league record. The team ' s mile relay, consisting of Jasinski, Taylor, Ehrlich and Ehrlich, was undefeated and took second place in states and fifth place in all-states. The team holds 6 out of 12 league records and was one of the most dominant teams in the Bay State League. Next year the tri-captains are all veterans, Leslie Dale, Stella Watkins and Tricia Moores. TRACK 1. Janet Forance 2. Anything for you, Mr. B! 3. The struggle for the lead. 2 3 ttifj 1. Kris Benson belts one out of the sand. 2. Bill McCart lines up a putt. 3. Mike Murphy finishes with a high followthrough. 4. Mike Burns and Coach O ' Connor look over a scoresheet. 5. Jack Allen takes a swing off the first tee at Natick Country Club. 6. Paul Rothwell begins his downswing for a fairway wood shot. First row: B. Lynch, T. Donellan, Captain M. Murphy, P. Rothwell, P. Augustini. Second row: Coach H. O ' Connor, R. Kane, M. Casey, R. Devereaux Benson, S. Andersen, M. Fitzgerald, B. McCart, M. Burns, R. Brodsky, J. Allen. j Ws im " ■uMim m;-. 0 mm wmmm ■ m MwM mm. •■ •r+j •- .. . ■ :L::r.t;:. ; : ' ■ | " • - ' ■ . . ' .1 " “ w .. J r, S r£ ' £ S , ' 5f J|J r ‘ V r The year ' s golf team had to battle more than their share of problems: not only opposing golf teams but also an injury to Captain Mike Murphy put him out for most of the season (we will not mention the injury). Despite the unfavorable weather conditions for practice, the team worked out. The final tally for the season was 1 -8. he team had its bright spots, ..._jgh, with some outstanding performances by Paul Rothwell. Roth well missed the cut for the state tourney by only a couple of strokes. The future looks bright for Coach O ' Connor ' s squad. O ' Connor feels sure that the job can be done a little better next year with able leadership provided by Ricky Kane. BASCBAIl This year ' s edition of NHS baseball featured a 14-8 record. With only five varsity letter-winners back from last year, the young Redmen, tamed by inexperience and burned by mental and physical errors, fell one game short of qualifying for the state tourney. The team had the privilege of visiting West Point during May. A lion ' s share of the credit should be given to Coach Carroll for his work. The team was led by senior captain Tom Murray at third base who had a respectable season at the plate and by senior pitcher Dave Pennie. Pennie only had a 5-3 record but earned an all-star berth in the outfield on the Bay State League squad. Natick also had some fine talent behind the plate in Captain-elect Charlie MacGregor; while Captain-elect Tony Armata opened some eyes with some solid play at first base. Junior Mike Caccavelli possessed the best record on the club as a pitcher with a 6-3 record and a very low ' ERA. Larry Denaro, senior right-fielder had the best arm in the league from the outfield. Steve Sweeny was rewarded the Unsung Hero trophy for his diligent work and effort. 1. It ' s a bird! It ' s a plane! No! It ' s a baseball! 2. Dave Pennie heads for home. First row: E. Kirby, D. Lamont, S. Sweeney, L. Denaro, T. Murray, D. Pennie, J. Bush, J. Dubinsky. Second row: B Carroll, R. Morris, M. Sullivan, C. MacGregor, R. Biagi, T. Armata, T. D ' Antonio, M. Caccavelli, Coach J. Carroll. 1. Caeca checks for the sign. 2. Larry Denaro trying to find home plate. 3. Charlie MacGregor. First row: D. Fleming, W. Owens, P. MacDonald, M. MacGregor, B. Carroll, M. Frada, G. Chappelle, D Ryan. Second row: Coach Ghilani, W. Flutie, R. Henry, P. Donovan, M. McMaho n, D. Morana. LACROSSE 1. " Bluma, " Debbie Blume, and Donna Santos take a break on the sidelines. 2. Paula Weber and Vicki Ciccarelli move downfield. First row: L. Firth, P. Weber, A. Aisenberg, I. Trifero, L. Schrier, M. Arena, J. Gildea. Second row: D. Cope, S. Chaisson, S. Fitzpatrick, J. Balcom, D O ' Brien, V. Ciccarelli, D. Blume D. Marchetti, R. Henry, Coach E. Grady The girls ' lacrosse team has been one of the " unsung " sports at Natick High. This team of dedicated athletes has practiced as hard as any other team but has suffered due to lack of recognition. Since lacrosse is not a varsity sport, the girls had to sell candy bars and hold bake sales during the year in order to raise enough money to hire buses for their away games. Enough money was raised this year to travel to nine towns and to buy lacrosse shirts. With a thirteen game schedule, the team established a fine record of 8-5. Lisa Firth was high scorer with twenty-nine goals; followed by Joanne Gildea with twenty-one. The MVP award went to the " dynamite " goalie, Debbie Blume, who had over two hundred saves. Hopefully, the lacrosse team will be given its long overdue recognition and be granted varsity status. Hacker Rosemary Henry beats out an opponent with Leslie Shrier right behind. 2. Anne Aisenberg, Joanne Gildea and Rosemary Henry out maneuver a lone opponent. 3. Lisa Firth and Sue Fitzpatrick vehemently protect the Natick goal. few 1!®S» mSSS 1. The disadvantages of a big bubble. 2. A-a-a-y! Roger " the Fonz " Weaving. 3. Frank still comes back for these dances. Dig the suit! 4. 50 ' s threads on NHS 70 ' s kids. 5. If you make me laugh ... 6. On your knees, Gildea! 7. Dale and the Dudsblue, blue, blue, blue moon etc. 8. Don ' t you dare! Chris Strong and Jimmy Despite an unseasonable blizzard, students did show up for the annual Sassamon Sock Hop on March 18, 1977. The roads were slushy and snow was falling continuously. Driving was treacherous, but that didn ' t phase out the enthusiastic students. They showed up greased and ready to rock and roll. Dale and the Duds returned once again for another smashing ' performance. Though not as many students went this year, those students will never forget this night of rock and roll. The general rowdy atmosphere is best summed up in the words of Bob Seeger; " ROCK AND ROLL NEVER FORGETS!! " " 100 days before graduation. What better way to celebrate than with a dance? The whole school was invited to join the the celebration on March 4. This dance was the original idea of the senior class and organized totally by the class. Axis was an excellent choice for a band. They played many well known favorites and even some requests. The 100 Days dance was such a big success that the only complaint was that the band didn ' t know " Freebird! " 1. Flow come Paul always seems to collect the $$? 2. We always come armed with cards. 3. Anne, " Don ' t mind her, Joan ' s just a little flaky! " 4. Dancin ' the night away. 5. AXIS. Bloodmobile 4 March 25, 1977, will go down in history as the bloodiest day of the school ear. On this day, approximately 142 pints of blood were donated by the students and faculty of Natick High to the Red Cross. There was much joking going around about who was chicken, who would be rejected, etc. When it all came down to it, though the students took the matter very seriously and acted naturely. Most " victims " made it through the experience with no problems, but those problems which did arise were handled so efficiently by the staff that everyone around felt secure. The students left feeling a genuine sense of pride that they had perhaps saved a life, and the respect and thanks of many. 1. Is she dead yet? 2. John Crisafu11i — feeling no pain! 3. Hey — this is a breeze! 4. They ' re relaxed now — wait till they see the needle! 139 -nilA IIII II ll vfr ”Dcn t Drink the Water” ' ' Don ' t Drink the Water " was presented by the Drama Club on April 1. Fortunately, the play did not go over as a joke. Sponsored by the junior class, this play was one of the more successful plays of the year. CREW Director .Margaret Hagemeister Assistant Director.Jeanne Bruns Stage Manager .Christine Untersee Crew .Allison Caplan, Jan Hastings, John Saich, Fran McHatton CAST Fr. Drobney.Dan Trainor Ambassador Magee .Kevin McLaughlin Axel Magee .Adam Cerel Mr. Kilroy .Steve Cooper Walter Hollander .Ross Berman Marion Hollander .Lauren Wiles Susan Hollander .Pat Carhart Krojack .Dave Rollins Ms. Burns.Debbie Sullivan Sultan of Bashir .Kevin McLaughlin Sultan ' s Wife .Carol Ramsey Cook .Mary Beth Cassedy Yanis Kasnar .Christine Untersee Countess Bordoni .Sue Fine Special thanks for the success of this play go to John Cosimini for the use of his rabbit. Thanks John, your rabbit could be the next Bugs Bunny! 1. You are feeling very sleepy ... so sleeepy. 2. So this is what Natick High ' s " wild " parties are like! 3. Not tonight, Dear, I ' m all tied up. 4. A little before-show preparation. 5. John ' s rabbit makes his stage debut in the arms of Mary Beth Cassedy. ' Sl r. The Boston Spanish Ballet Troupe was one of the highlights of last year ' s International Week. They used our auditorium for a central performance where other area schools could travel to. This year they again displayed the beauty and skill of this dance. 1. and 2. These dancers show the grace and intricate moves used in the Flamenco dance. 3. Winner of a door prize, Maureen Dunn receives a banner and a kiss. 4. The entire Flamenco troupe take a well-deserved bow. u whist Party 1. What does the A mean? 2. Eileen directs. 3. The Whist Committee: C. Casten, N. Castelli, L. Marshall, T. Walker, E. Jasinski, L. Levenson, D. Cumner, R. Weaving, J. Crisafulli, Miss Byrne 4. At last! We ' re playing cards legally in the cafeteria! Whist seems to be the most played, most talked about, and all around most popular game in NHS. Therefore, the National Honor Society sponsored an official night of whist for such avid players. A minimal fee was charged in order to subsidize the National Honor Society scholarship. Prizes were donated by local merchants, cards were rounded up, and the party was on! Unfortunately most of the wild whist players seemed content to play at home, but those that did attend enjoyed the evening. 141 " PORTRAITS, " directed by Gerald Dyer and student director Beth Kowal, went off with a bang on May 19 and ran for three nights. The show displayed talent drawn from the student body. The all-school show is perennially one of the favorite events of the school because anyone and everyone is welcome to participate (even the audience) and do! ijgj -4 k , m - 3 i ¥ 4 1 J 6 1. The Chorus 2. Kristina Zambarano performs her own music and lyrics in " Photographs. " 3. A picture for the " family al-BUM " ! 4. Diane Damplo sings " Tapestry. " 5. Kristina Zambarano, Sue Fine and Sue Damplo 6. Frances Pan in " dance " 7. Above: Our nuns wore red bloomers for the " family al-BUM " ! Below: An animated chorus performs. 145 May 28 saw one of the most festive events of the year, the third annual Pops Concert. The warm spring evening was enhanced by the music of the Concert Choir and Chamber Singers directed by Mrs. Karen Bergmann, the Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble directed by Mr. Joseph Keown, and the Harmoneers. The occasion was greatly enjoyed by parents and friends who enthusiastically applauded the performers. Later, many parents congratulated the groups on the high level of musical accomplishment displayed throughout the year. -mm- «a ■ Wm. i • : • HIP Irik i I HP ipH jest 1. Tenor soloist Bill Sullivan 2. Flutist Dana Whitmore 3. " The Sow Took the Measles " according to the Chamber Singers. 4. Concert Band 5. Harmoneers Allen Foster, Eric Jue, Bill Sullivan and Brian Higgins 6. An appreciative audience 7. Concert Choir. - — • x - MUTlII.. . 1 ..HI 1 . • i iiiPf fffMOiTfff ;.fe I mmm iiMk a. m - wmm gmmmm itvSm a vi m . m 11 V 1 1 Mi «••■ V f IS; m i m 1 m il $ I? ; :Vv i 1 B CO ' TAua um JL tA - £o«0 ' a ncL r£ stAe c£o d £ 9T7. dcrmQ. a£ . Aa. - £alCj 4s AkL - Ctym d co . oun oL rvtrL Ask f cn SL cJUk 4- sn t- ol kisrn xAA cmXL Qt rvrj VYn 7i4- • ' Asn. AArzrA n aX aALu. i i kAAvyL AjL uki A Akr AcwA oCL k xtJL. kl£nvur _ quo. ql srnjzsrnJhj n aAji •t . V cJLou A cr 77 _ L cot jae lJl jClkL’ fflsCrUL ASr ljto€ L AjasrAJh crYUL iA taAoC kikJL j OlgJL. sQ rustrt- OtkL osn. isruDtLwAUjud u c£A -ALu% JLt oumX- % afejb uxA j(AxrujzAAa i otA am oL i L c rro( ■■ - .-■ •;. mm m |. ■ I • •■ f ; ■ . •■ m m. I | tl :• f • = f vrM ' X rMi-- ■ S . • •• ' ■2 2‘.k: •X . ' ' £ : • 1 j .it-g ■ • ' ■■agg- gigpfc •v ' 5 ' . • - . A A Xm}v 3 : . ■ V w. ' - V • ’. • U r - 5 „ » SB) 149 SENIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD ■g wytm Seated: Advisor Mr. Gaudette, Amira Rahman, Maureen Dunn, Paul McGillivray, Sue Ehrlich, Advisor Mrs. Kowal. First row: David Gumner, Barbara Siese. Delia Laing, Lorraine Saviano, Robin Whelan, Mickey Slovin, Anne Cadman, Jen King, Debbie Flavin, Emily Landesman, Karen White, Lisa Chobanian, Paula Beacker, Lee Schlesinger, Frank Segal I, Gary Rodman. Stairs: Susan Chaulk, Lloyd Levenson, Greg Giallonardo, Tracy Walker, Mary Lou Greenwood, Laureen King, Kathy Flemming, Patti Untersee, Judy Cormier, Chrie Dudziak, Sheryl Chouinard, Liz Diamond, Nancy Castelli, Judy Picard, Anne Surman, Nancy Venditti. 150 ADVISORS AND - 38 - Clockwise from top: Treasurer Sue Ehrlich, Vice-President Maureen Dunn President Paul McGillivray, Secretary Amira Rahman. 1. Paul, Maureen, Mr. and Mrs. Sticklor, Mrs. Kowal and Mr. and Mrs. Gaudette enjoy the dinner provided at the banquet. 2. Paul and Maureen present gifts to Mrs Kowal and Mr. Gaudette at the class banquet. 3. Amira and Sue collect tickets. 4. Mrs. Kowal presents a bouquet to Debbie Flavin at the prom. This year ' s graduating class owes a special thanks to Paul McGillivray and Maureen Dunn. Taking over the posts of president and vice-president from Paula Becker and Diane Damplo at the beginning of the senior year, Paul and Maureen transformed the class into one of the most dynamic in recent NHS history. Before school began in September, the senior lounge was repainted and, during the year, new furniture was purchased. The speakers were stolen twice, helping to drive the class into a financial hole. The class of 77 backed up the class play " Celebration. " The Cotillion, held in December, was the most successful of any since the revival of the dance a few years ago. The Hundred Days Dance was also a success. The main problem with this class was collecting dues. The class never had enough money in the treasury and Senior Week was not paid for until almost the end of the year despite the fact that every event was a financial success. Maureen Dunn, VP, wanted to be elected because she felt that the class was not informed on important events. Although she said that she learned that, " You can ' t get people involved if they don ' t want to be, " she did succeed in publicizing meetings so that more interested people could attend. There were always just enough people to make every event a success. As Paul summed it up, " Our major success was in providing a variety of activities. " He expressed thanks to Maureen and the other class officers. " We couldn ' t have done it without them, " said Paul; and to the class in general said, " It ' s been fun! " Maureen added, " We ' ve enjoyed it. " 152 ■ Ill ELIZABETH V. AMABILE " Bermuda summer 76 " Travel! Badsneakers and Pina Coladas H.M.Y. Navy Blokes. Guerriere R.H.A.D.C. . . . Huik Fang? No Way! More or Less? Sure! ANNE AISENBERG Football Games PAUL J. AINSWORTH Buck, Stop Shop, The Ridge, The " 66 " Power Wagon, Aerosmith, Swanies, " SB, " Flat Tires? The Parking Lot. Always Late! Got A Comb? Going to Florida. ' Cruising. " 70 " GTO 400. Milton. Med- field Fiats. Ashland. " Much LATER " . Mark Time March Licorice stick Do-Re-Mi. M78. I don ' t get it. Chauffeur. Camel BBG — Fats! 2nd Lunch. RingDings. Chinese Fire Drills. I ' m hungry! Jaws ... In Lake Cochituate! Klutz Backgammon. All My Love. Lisa . . . " senior 77 " Friends and good times . . . Westfield State Bound . . . The Cape. Summer " 76 " in Ohio . . . E psych and 2nd lunch . . . close friends . . . Deb, Rose, and Judy . . . senior week and graduation . . . " memories " Good Luck! Lisa " 77 " B.R. ' s too much for me. ME, Joan, Cath RO. W.A.S. always It will all work out Psalm 23. USERS LINDA-MARIE AMBROSINE " 77 " . . . NHS . . . Tennis Anyone? Na¬ tional Honor Society, Tennis Team, Jr. G.O.Y.A. Medical Explorer ' s Post . . . College Bound . . Planning to major in RICHARD ANDERSON Debbie it ' s not a shoulder pad. Say Rick! Say Laurie, Say Barb, Happy New Year It ' s 9am Dear, Holly. How ' s Jack? car stall much? Hello, officer. Twak star in¬ door outdoor. I don ' t care whats the mat¬ ter Liz Richard 10-22-76-. . DEBORAH J. AMES Debbie O.C.S. 9 76 Memories of Eng¬ land, Ireland, and Scotland 4 72 Four- eyes Rummy 500? I don ' t cheat! Tennis with Big Bird Aerosmith CNH 5 75-8 76 School ' s out! JOHN ANDERSEN Hockey, Whist High no, Snip snowbanks much 10-22 and 23 Cape 20 Beach 76 Lunch Bound splinters Cotillion Munch Aerosmith KISS Boston Blowout gas much Midnight cruise Car crash much Rock Roll all night and Party now. Biology . . . Hoping to become a Hospi tal Administrator. . PETER F. AUGUSTINI " Augie " Twack Hurdles. Golf Football? 4 Musketeers Krupa. Don ' t let me freeze. PHYLLIS ANTALEK DOUGLAS AUBE " 66 Chevy. Bailey ' s. Pats 10-3 11-28, Can ' t drink I ' m driving. Pizza Pub. I ' ll see you at the Weighing-In when your life ' s sumtotal ' s made, and you set your wealth in goodly deeds against the sins you ' ve laid. — Ian Anderson Spanish, Sears. Stockboy. Growin a fro Gotta a comb? Hugie and Louie. Whist Que Pasa? ect. DAVID BALL Antioch for basketweavers? Two illogical problems. Trusted for Mid-years. WDFL Winner then send fourth place. What loan? President of " the Door Holders So¬ ciety. " I have the " Mitas " touch. Two first places is a Lange ROSE M. BARBER Rose " 77 " A Rose is a Rose is a Rose! Mr Taddeo . . . 2nd Lunch ... To Lisa, Jill and iudy. Good Luck. Vermont the Cold Time ever passing LIFE . . . KAREN BARKER Bicky. Different colored sox. 4 Mus- kateers. DMC. Pre-Rally warm-ups. Thanksgiving rally. Best of times. Friends forever. B-per. What time is it? Headta- ble. NYE. Nursing. Cherish the past, live for today and dream of tomorrow . DIANE BARKYOUMB MAUREEN E. BARRY Mo Bermuda 76 Vernon ... 81 Wool- worth gang LW New Hampshire Summer 76 JJ who Me? Zincks animal farm skiing Red. See ya JAMES BEATON PAULA L. BECKER lots and lots Tommy. Are you two sisters? Crash at the rink. Steve ' s. Roller skating down Bacon St. " Sail on into the light Here is the future so bright Beam on into the night Sail on into tne fight " Just re¬ member. y 3 SS;f ROBERT T. BELCHER ' " simple " Mental Mike well do. Whats ya been up to Belch. C.E. EXPL 457 25 8-2 WILLIAM BELLISSIMO CHRIS BENCO Last of the tunes Cutlass. Suzukie, Can you imagine! LU 1-12-76 to eternity. Knees? TRAFFIC, Mountain. Sun. nignt trips to st. line packu. LMH Bagels, MOL- SON. Nptgattitwtgt Dam gravity 11-18-77 Low spark of h.heeled boys . . . LU . . . KATHLEEN M. BENNETT Kathy. Will I ever get my hot dog? Leena Giggles Goggles. Fairway Fun Center. Wnat? I didn ' t hear you? Skip it! Hey chickie! VC ' s. I should of asked. Dental work MT. Ida bound. VKDKD Bowling. Beach Boys. Good luck! DEBRA BLOMBERG KEVIN BLAKEMAN Larry. 68 Skylark. Sat. night at the drivein with sombreros. Jack in the box. T for Z. Eggsalad sandwiches at 9 Tupper ' s. Fri¬ days. The Lake. What ' s homeroom? Life ' s DOLT. " You want to go to school to¬ day? " " I DON ' T! " We ' re gonna get KILLED! Yeh! A whole Cube. Smokem. " Which car do we have tonight? " WE ' RE FINALLY OUT OF HERE. LATER SCHOOL. 12:20 bell Bendable Buddies about to begin . . . mmw JAMIE BLOSVEREN MELISSA DARA BLOSVEREN Westfield bound. 4-24-76 America. Missy. NHS Swim Team — 2. Ski club. FUCHUNGA Lester Zazukis. Glen Ellen. 86 Winston. FUCHUNGA. TP. Lake If it weren’t for the lay minute a lot of George Summertime — Rabbits Eager- things would not get done Have to learn man ' s give me a break!) 1-11-77. Emmit. to ski scuba dive. Bip Bones (Lurch?). Sherman 455. Good Luck. Pam. RAY BORGHI JOLINE BOURQUE JO Nursing — St Anselms (?) Maine. Once a maniac, always a maniac! Sing¬ ing! Guitar. Obes Thank you Mr. Roy, JC. Mom Dad! I ' ll miss ya rabbit! Luv, Frog PTLA! Memories are a gift! CARLTON BOYKINS ALEX BRAVERMAN TIMOTHY BRENNAN STUART R. BRAM Soup. Here com® Lurch. Track practise Al. Get a haircut. Always doing is for the?? Indoor track, outdoor track. homework in homeroom. Library . . . Eddie H. Wanna play pool? Carl Lo ' s. Stu hurry up . . . Sleepy . . Bernado. Mets 1. Out to lunch. LYNNE DIANE BRESLOUF MARK W. BROCHU Brez The bam Sombreros In car heater Bucky Debby 11-19-73 Scusset 76. The Towed again. The Cape Bermuda. New pun, Angie Ralphie. Burnt out cheer Years. Whatever. Fla key? Donna too! Jo, leader. Rumkeg. Pinch me Hockey? were lost! Late nights MSB. Reverse. Squires 16 Cpt. Stuck again. SP. Juy Burnt beach bag RJ Treasure life ' s mo- drinkin lite. Scott James M. Campin 77. ments. College? Vet. Srv sys 1 day at a lime. JOANNIE BROCKLEBANK KATHLEEN BROWN Mushmind; Howdy; ME; The ride home M haev Love 4-e 4 E penod rtud Bey w my ft out the window; Hoofin Parus; tr ends Sbaran Moe Mam good times, e-z Off Fergison; Scmeg Wheres my v -ae Len .r» 9-22-74 Bey Chnamas Data? 303; H H; No brain no pam. Eat 4 74 km 7fc. NK Denntsport. To- raw; Bum shots. Talks w BtH; bn m | ir Orange Rat special Ring? Maybe motion. . . Free Bird Cienea 1 THOMAS J. BROWN JR. Brownie. The Stitch. ' It ' s the principle of the thing ' Soc. quotes . . . Bloodrub- berman Cape until 3A.M. much. " We ' re all gonna get screwed ' Flat tire on Pleasant St? . . . 10-22 23-76. C.G. Old Buddys. Catcha Later. PATRICIA BUCKLEY " That ' s nice. " Don ' t be late W.M.N. Col¬ lege bound. Who me? R.N. High hopes. Pals Always. Old Buddies. Friends forever The three of us. Babysitting What time? The Gang. You nut. Patula. Talk a lot. Memories. Look Ahead. Time will tell JOSEPH M. BURKE Cycle. Nova Scotia. Indoor Twack Shot- Put, Outdoor Twack Discus. Igors always beat Termites. Commandos Forever. CAP BOY ROTC BOY will leave BWOS alone after June 77. US Air Force bound. Rusty and Doctor Bri. the simple life. MICHAEL FIRMAN BURKE Cross-Country 369. Uncle Al the kiddie pal. A whole cube BBall Suicide Squad 14 C.M.O.D. Mr. Cameraman. But I thought you put in the film. F-1 " 68 " Olds 98 " Green Machine " Slippery Rock? Whitey ' s at UMASS. Macbeth. AUF. SHARON BURKE Born to be WILD. Ganga 74. BARON. I dropped the Hoosh! B.O.C. Too Rolling . . . The parties will go on my friend The Song Remains the same, it ' s only us that change. The Big " O " , The Love Machine. Thanks for memories. JEFFREY BUSH Jeffie, one of the scruffs. My old buddies Baseball. Taco runs? Bagel boy 2 Huh! Wrestling? Peter ' s pond parties ... Fu¬ ture Businessman. Wellesley College swims. Stop this — car. Little Tree. GARY J. CABO 76 Soccer — " Nutman " Navy ROTC bound . . . Bernie . . . Head . . . NC. Gimme the paper! . . . Good luck of 77. ANNE MARIE CADMAN Pickles! Give me a 1 Yi break. Sunshine Happiness no Tears rah 7. Sue Cheryl stay close " I ' m so glad that you are here, it helps me to realize how beautiful my world is. " Thank you Rick. Keep smiling. TOM CALLAHAN Fang . . . ya, a whole cube ... eh nudge nudge. Know what I mean? Cross country, indoor, and outdoor . . . Wreck another car Tom? IVY ADELE CALLENDER Bowana; Spear Chuka, Track 75, 76, 77. OGT. Bye Marshall. Best times of our lives, Robin, Ava, Norma. Proms 76, 77. I ' ve got a piece of the ROCK. To think To do, To be. I have a dream. Competitive Speech. To Love, you must love yourself. Adiue. ROBERT CANNING ELLEN CAPLAN " They said I would shine like a light in the city, I hoped it would be like the moon on the sea. " J. Edwards. " Down bv the seashore there ' s a place where you can go and at night the harbor shines tor everyone " X - ; JUDITH M. CARDELLICCHIO Chink. Coops! Rah 3. Green. 13 Hal¬ loweens. Munchm w lisa. Contact fits. AMC much? Jake You only live once! Oh, what a night! IPS Outta control at Micks! Smile " You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm. ' Michael. ‘VC DIANE M. CAREY Sybil BWOS Track Twak. Swimming. MCK. 4 Musketeers. Elephant poster. N4GT NW YRS Eve I ' m hungry Lasell Jr College JOHN CAREY 750 — Four hopefully. Last summer, MiJ- ford auames. Ma ' s car. Electronics with Murph Lynyrd Skynyrd Bikin, Sking, Swimming. TIMOTHY CARNEY Israel. Miracle on West St Takah Schleck NHS. Streisand. Wasted. Johannesburg. Eagles Refuge in the smoking area. Dreamer We know what we are. but know not what we may be. Pisces BMW. Neuschwanstein. MH, MH Teak 10-30 76 Shalom CYNTHIA CARPENTER Cindy, rah 1 2. Steve 5-28-76. I ' m Cindy, she ' s Debby Scuset 76 scallops. Lit ' squirt. What are you doing? Mom 7-19-72. KBH perC lab with Nancy. Au¬ dubon walks with SV. Weekends, at SMU. Camping at the Cape Smokey Col- legebound. What lies ahead? DONALD CASEY ELAINE CASTAGNO Steve 10-26-75. A part of me will always be you, and a part of you will always be me. Lou Tonight ' s the night My neck. Chicago ' 76 Colour My World . . . Geraniums ... of course. Brk N. Spe¬ cial moments are n ever forgotten! OsCXs CaDoZit. THOMAS A. CARR Football 64. Torch, Got to have it. The walk The commune. Always married. Stevie’s garage Go to the T N.N. be¬ hind the rink. P B. 7-S-X to DFC . . . AF ER ' ' 8 " goes hog wild. In love with Liv. Symone nos od J R Jay Stank. T.C. Truck. DEBORAH CARPENTER Itoc . 11-19-73. Scusset ' 76. I ' m Debby. Sftv Cindy Smokey. Marshall ' s. KBH. Angie SP The Putt Ralphie. Weekends at SMU Camping ' 77. College bound Thanks Robin Lir Squirt. Cherish fie pa ■ . but five for the future. jUAN CARLOS CASTANEDA NANCY CASTELLI 15 Lansdowne Si. DISCOTHEQUE Lee ' s Be yourself Alias Michelle ZATZ! C labs Devils. Indio. Nicaragua. Soccer. NO. 13. with Cindy Watching the sun come up Higgins family. Brain Farrell Ronnie over the rooftops, it ' s going to be a day Cray. |OHN DEVER. Skip 60 ' s Much? there is really no way to say no to the Accounting. Nancy S. Tamra 6. 1-15-77. morning. Dan Fagelberg Good mornings Que vivan Los Nicas! " Dream on " to you! UMASS CAROLINE CASTEN JOHN J. CHAUTELA IBT The best of friends, inseparable Nantatasket. Larry. New Hampshire. Paul D.L.E.R Ready? New Hampshire ' 75 — kindergarten. Elementary, IHS. NHS. tunobago The no-name game. BC-bound TIL I die. Paul Linda. Forever. Galaxy. Oh Really? Europe-bound Let ' s talk Bad news Cubs Red Sox Do It again. The We;ve been thru it all TOCETHER! GCI area — luan, Denever. NH. NO. Gas. . Keep in touch Best of Luck — Always. Hiedi, Sue. Wendy, Audry. Lois . . . MARK ANDREW DAINA CEDERBAUMS CARY CEMACH KURT CETRONE CAVANAUGH Hopefully college bound . . . Bumbo COLLEGE BOUND. Weekends Summer CAV. Soccer 18-0? Mr. Coffee Take a 4-23-75. Doug ' s. Morse ' s Pond. Eastham. vacation. Sports. Desserts. Television lap. Spaceman, jr. vr. " 71 " Camaro. Coast Guard . .Beach. . L.K Hyan- lobs. Tunes Cinema If I Only Had a Brain n ‘ Lobster Laconia 7-4-76 . B H. WER — Reww! Bye Ray! Bills Brother Za PP " Look hef brother, don ' t vou |ive Augh! Mr J. Wing — Ha Disc Jockey ! me with that cosmic debls Dean and R.l.T Bound. " Still Crazy after all these years. " DONNA CHAILLE Summer 76 " . New Hampshire. Camaro Montecarlo Aerosmith. Alton Bay. " Call ya tonight " " Dottie I ' m scared. " PIZZA. Tm sick! ' 10th Grade — A Good Year. SUSAN MARIE CHAISSON On fire! Orrs ' knees. The pits. Lets call a spirit. Triple flip wipe out. Sun tans on ski beach. Lacrosse, Field-Hockey, Basket¬ ball. DEBORA ANN CHAPMAN Bobby, 6-5-76, Little Red Bronco . . . Roche Brothers camping 76, Summer va¬ cation 76. Square Dancng . . . Sandy- neck Beach great sand dunes ... fun in the dunes . . . Sunday in New Hamp¬ shire . . . Afternoon Delight. See Ya! SUSAN CHAULK LMH. Jen AMC Hey DEB. Drive much? Rizz ' s. Bermuda Hoot Remember Shasta! Wanna hear a Joke? — There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting somebody up. — J.A.H. THOMAS CHESMORE ONE OF THREE! LETS MAKE A TACO RUN. Bottles only! A Certa in night in Bullard Bay! CAPE COD Summer 76! WATER SPORTS. LATE NIGHTS AT THE LAKE of Waban. See you at the window! So Hour PART time job? MARINE Biolo¬ gy LAURIE CHIACCHIA CAR dreams, blood donor — forget math . . . Oh no . . . Another test ... Al¬ ways nervous . . . Work, Work, Work . . . Bermuda 76 . . . BEACH Boys . . . College someday . . . will try to help others always . . . Hampton Beach . . . But I really don ' t understand. • PAMELA CHIACCHIA NUMC. The week without parents . . . OH Definitely . . . damn. New Years Eve . . . Parties at Scotts . . . Let ' s stay out all night . . . Hey why not . . . Watch¬ ing the sunrise . . . ELO . . . Arnie . . . My little blue buggy . . . Umass . . . Wallaces. ENG HWAY CHO NO. 185, SOUTH MAIN St. NATICK. HOBBY: BASKETBALL, BADMINTON, SWIMMING, PING-PONG, SINGING, GUITER, and DRAWING. COLORS: SKY BLUE, CHERRY-RED, ORANGE-RED, and YELLOW. LISA CHOBANIAN Mono Lisa. Beatle maniac . . . IPS. California. Tacos. Halloween. Lob! GWTW. Vega. Beginnings . . . Munchin with Judy . . . Sunpuison. July 4, 1971 . . . Wellesley Flats. Falmouth Summers. Rally. GJM — and the rest, Thank. Ber¬ muda. SHERYL N. CHOUINARD Sher. gymnastics co-capt. diving A RE¬ VERSE? Pickle Power New Year ' s Eve at Sue ' s. Whist Parties Pod tables Bper Hockey games The G ' s The DO. You re strange you guys, Judy Help ' memories Xmas 76 BAM. Friends r 4 ever Take Care LEISA D. CICCARELLI Class of 7 7 Next Door. Yes. Miller High Lite. Everything is colored chalk that sometimes drips. Nice Ice, California bound. Reffer Hill. Coke. Just stay high ' BETH CLIFFORD Rev. 1-9-76. O.B. From the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen. Now there ' s a way and I know that I have to go. Away. I know, I have to go ... So long Beng-Heng. ED CLOONAN Ed? Deb, How long? The P But Why?.? don ' t no. snowman? Take a hike, mouth. Olmans truck, 6 in cab. How many more Mike, I made it, no help either. Nick the greek. Jeff, Need rope. Ladder to short? Prom? Deh? good luck Sue . . . JO COHEN Rhode Island bound. Oh Sara, Will icecubes help? The bench Bag is on fire. One red rose. Life is like a?? Cinderella, Before or after? Trouble on the Pike snow!! Bermuda 76 Empty wallet. Cleve¬ land, Ohio Europe. Fram St. Fire and Rain. JOAN COLEMAN Motor mouth " world ' s " greatest driver! " 2-way Rt 9 Where am I going? Bug eyes Duxbury Death Cruises. Cool your jets. Wellesley evacuation. There ' s many fish in the sea, I guess I ' m just not the right bait. KFC Good Luck. CLAUDIA COLLANTON Claude. DPD RH DW. Where ' s Donna? get followed much? friends don ' t last? 2-28 some day. Rice Road. When will I see you again? Wally, please don ' t em¬ barrass me. Eagles. Midnight Mass 76. Make your move. Old days. DONNA COLLARI CWGJPJHDD. Where ' s Claude? Sunday Cruisin ' . Get followed Much? Rice Road. The Eagles. Summer of 75. Brock ' s Let ' s hang on to what we ' ve got. We miss ya Gramps. Where ' d that building come from? 12-17-76. WALLY JEFF COLLARI Suspended again? Take it easy! What hole? Soccer 19 Me and Mario. T.P.C.s All-Stars . . . love it! Ed ' s truck. Love is more than a dream it ' s a nightmare. Go back to Maine will ya. It ' s all my fault. MAUREEN! MAUREEN COLLINS 6-12-77. Horses. Hercules. LJ ' s house. Are you serious? Movies. The Mall. Did the bell ring yet? L — Are you doing any¬ thing tonight? TERRI COLLINS 6-17-76. David. Cape-trips York Beach. Best friends forever — Florida 77. no bikes allowed! car skips licence? Co-ops Maybe 79? Art, bowling Little Napoleon . . . Poems, Prayers, and Promises. Be¬ liever living faith in Christ. AUDREY RUTH COLSON I hope the future will be as enjoyable and rewarding as the past. See you later. Class of ' 77. ANN COLTON Banana-Head. Fast-Anme. You spaced? FW’s. Tupper ' s. Going to homeroom? Party! Hey Bub! cruisin weekends with Con. Parties over Glee’s Ann you go first. RALPH! Com on Deb. You baked? Laura — Boston? CANADA CAROLE L. CONDON Maggie. Cape Chase. Not a total waste . . . Be vourselt Try to change those things which you can change, and accept those things you cannot change Strive to be happy . BARBARA CONNOLLY Bubba |r. Mikey. Party at Glea ' s. Deb Ricky — June 16 forever Remember the bird! Fly like ar eagle. It ' s cool Ralph! Life is full of many mysteries but the greatest one is love Once you have love it’s yours forever JAMES CONNOLLY JR. B per. burnout — gold — red crash vic¬ tim — wasted — trip much? LYNYRD SKYNYRD — accident prone. Ruth 1-1-82. CA bound YES concert. Conn. Nite of 1-15-77. Every mte bakeout Mil¬ lers. Natick’s High Class of 747. JOSEPH CONNOLLY Jody Skiing. Swim Team. Aspen 2-5-77. Hyannis. Air Force. ' 65 Ford Pickup New Year ' s Eve at Sue ' s. Snowbanking. Aerosmith Rie. 9 guardrail. Mr. B’s E period class Susan R MICHAEL CONNOLLY Mr Leavitt ' s Chess Club. Ma da 3-23-76 " Oh What a night " Terry Remember Nantasket trips. Jet 63-75 The Summer The Meadow Wendy A D. 5-31-76. Kendall Crossing. " Some of us do work " " 4 " Pete n ' Jody? " Keep on truckin ’ ' PAT (Con) CONNOLLY LMH. Rt. 9 One-Way. That word. You got a study? Going down the Cape for an hour. Walking off walls, slippery seats in car. Trying to borrow streetsigns My modern boots. My father ' s sneakers When s the play, Beth? sugarhead DARLENE M. COOK Mike 4- Darlene 6-25-76. The essence of ' fe that flows between us is the blending oi two souls into one. Sunday in New Hampshire Plymouth Beach. D + B early Grad " Summer of 76. " CAN AM Porsche Turbo Kill a few cold ones. Red Rooster Shnopses house for the weekend Party. The Ringe. Hey let s pull an all-nighter ' Moto X-77 — Money- Bound You re All Right. JUDY E. CORMIER JOHN ANTHONY COSIMINI ED COSTELLO SHARON COSTELLO Jude. Rizzos lunch, another late slip? How many kittens? No Zippos yet. Hockey 11. Lite. SB raids. Behind the Blue Gremlin. Skiing, not a total waste Gymnastics 75. Prom 76. RG in my heart CUZA, CUZA, CUZA. Remember the rink. Rock Garden. Well ' s State Park. It ' s good to be a seeker, but sooner or always ... or BOH. New Years Eve at master? Mustang, I hear America singing. Hundred 2 by 4 ' s. You did it on purpose. later you have to be a finder. And then t Sue ' s. Jo ' s cottage, chooch. Sherry, Help! JAC. Did you do your Physics lab yet? Pil- Elton John concert — 12:00? New Year ' s is well to give what you have found, a g the comfort of having a friend may be low Fights in the lounge. D Period hands Eve. Val ' s house. Sam ' s Saloon. Doc ' s into the world for whoever will accept it taken away, but not having had one . . . off! . . . How cheap . . . class, work-o. Flat tire. 77 ANDREA COTE KATHRYN T. COTTER J. KIRSTEN CRAIG JOHN T. CRISAFULLI Andy. Kick someone! guzzilta-fish. out of Michael. 2-10-76. Countryside. KTC. Cross Country Capt? Edes, Tom, Burky, Crisco. 2-10-76 Sue. Reasons. 5 o ' clock it? Go paint a wall! Strange news from Manzo. Fred. Bermuda 76. York Beach. Eric. We had some good times. Start rise and shine. Two in one week Los r. outer space. What New Year ' s party? Ba- Leaky tent Sue? Sweet city Criscoe River- 11-19 My LLW. She had this indescrib- Milton. Bac, whistez-vous? Swimming kin. I am as tall as a shotgun and just as side. " You Guys " Goop Society. " Work ably delicious look upon her face which Mem. Beach. CMH. Sweet City. Dr vine noisy. " Hey Than " Creation is a drug I city " Burp. Pretzels. BaME. Snort. Sum- made me smile. Ma s car. Tanglewood to York. Beach bound. But we decide can ' t do without! mer of 76. Capri. Ants in pants. Papas. and Taylor. End? Lynn. SN. It was fun which is right and which is an iilusio MWB . . . while it lasted. . . . JOHN CROFT WILLIAM F. CROHAN JR. TERRY M. CRONIN SUE CROWLEY I came, I saw, I left, and I ain ' t going " BO " . . . Squash End Bakin ' . . . Babylon. . . WAYLAND . ..It p zr at back. Hello Rabbit How are you? 63 Freebird . . . Basketball No. 42 Torino to that, 3 stooges. 2-7-76 Sue ' Comet. The Tank. Secant squared of Crunch . . . 72 . . . Moo . . . Juicerat Cape Cod Hampton BeacT Theta. Morgenstund hat Gold in mund. • • • the path . . . Watch out for trees 1200 . . . Devious plans of Ha What happened to his car? Guten Tago • • • Help me Mr. Wizard . . . What ' s ... Diana ... our aparr-en Say good-bye to Felix for me. your name . . . T.O.T.U. two weeks . . . what a why yes, that could be fun. -• " - - - — ggsegggg 1 | : H k ■ A i DAVID A. CRUGNALE J.C. 3 Football. All Niters at Fink ' s. " Superfoot? " Clam Diggins, P P Souveneirs. Ski Vt. Let ' s be obnoxious, Cotillion nips. Bacardis, " But you ' re a Nice Boy, " But Officer, 3-0 Tell Laurance he ' s home, Good Luck. r r STEPHEN CUCINOTTA Cooch . . . Import. Firebird, and Grand Prix. Like to travel. Florida 76, 77. Like to dress up. Wingaersheek parties. Tequila. Late again. It ' s a good scene ... I ' m not in Love, It ' s just a terrible thing I ' m going through. I i r. P S . 4 : : JIM CUGINI NLABS. manager of soccer, baseball, basketball. Mass after games. Basketball at Whitney field. Cug. Groucho. Snagglepuss follower of sports. THEODORE CURLEY Movies. Patches. Centuri. Bowie. Tele¬ photography. Ros 1973. Plaques. i- - 1 r ‘ y if % jr I V 7 r GLEN S. D AGOSTINO Shock, Look — Freeport, Bahamas Party¬ spaced — Sticks, Watkins-Glen, concert — Karen " 75. " Break out the Bone ' s And Crank up the Sounds. JACK DAIGLE What ' s Up? AHHHHH. I ' m not crazy, just insane! Who ' s got the Cards? Ski. Crusin! Party. Pezzoni ' s with Paul. Open Hearth. Shut up Fitz! College? Rub- berhead. Wait til Summer! PAUL DALEY Many Dreams come true, and some have silver linings, I Live for my dream, and a pocketful of Gold — Ride to Live, Live to Ride — Southwick Bake — MB ' s Keg Party — Moto-Cross-3B ' s Power Line Par¬ ties — Summer Cruises WFO. RICH DALTON Florida Bound. M.B. ' s Keg Party. Trip to Southwick. Bikes Are Hip. Out of School Finally. School Was A Drag. DIANE D. DAMPLO Are you two sisters? You can ' t quit you have to be fired. Yes, he is my father! " Keep me away from wisdom which does not cry, philosophy which does not laugh, and greatness which does not bow before children. " K. Gibran SUSAN P. DARGAN Sweet city. 2-10-76 John, y 4 pc. York Beach camping goop. snort, whist, ants in pants, go much? beatles. fenway. coun¬ tryside, riverside. Papa ' s. Mac ' s. Oak St. Saltz. mem. field, imagine, time to break and run . . . LINDA K. DAVERN Factory town, esprit de corps phi Beta Kappa — trouble with her vertical hold. Sister M.P. — have faith. Vanos theory of primal scream therapy. It ' s been real and it ' s been fun, but it hasn ' t been real fun. Good-bye NHS! JOY DAVID Bulldog Letter A. scruples, green M+M ' s. NERUSY. Chicago, kazoo. Picardy 3. in the closet, lemonade, respectfully submit¬ ted. Celebration! All music is what awakened inside us when we are re¬ minded by the instruments. KEVIN DECKER I would like to become a Minister, or an Architect I am planning on attending ei¬ ther Barrington College or Oral Roberts University. Take a trip to California, and New Hampshire. ELENA DEFELICE I ' d like to know what this whole show is all about before it ' s out. LARRY DELAHANTY Del. New Hampshire. Cliffs. Cautela. Cheryl, wrestling. Banana-Morana. Nan- tasket. Mac ' s. Always -on-the-Go. Always late. Does-not-like-to-be-tied-down. Brown-bags — filled with — cup-cakes. Winning record. ROSEMARY DELVECCHIO Rose. Where ' s Nancy? Pre-party. Beach Boys. Betsy, Joan + Kath. crash at rink, curbs much? retarded kids, malt balls, college bound, my 3 S ' s. wheet! sniff! moth. nye. M.M. friends Peace, Love, Joy, The greatest Gifts of Life. LAWRENCE DENARO BRENDA DESIATA ELIZABETH A. DIAMOND PAMELA ' DIGERONIMO Constant State of Enstonement BASE- Mini Guinea. Hey Brenda what are you Lizzy, Lizard — Karats, Blueyes I can ' t High — Bobby and me forever and ever BALL. FLORIDA? Rhyme Time Totally up to? Oh about 5 ' 1 " . Art I found my slip. see. Snox. Grease. 007 Locker Graffitti. and ever. Good Luck to all Children. Obnoxious. Cotillion. Renato ' s Parties. Hey Hey Hey!! I want to go to Mac- Staties + The Chase. Bug Bros. SBS Subs Hold your Head up. Keep out of trouble. Wash. Trips Tower ' s 9 P.M. CheerLeader Donalds. Lacrosse. OOH that hurt Kickers. GotsumGum. Flunkton. East- Love makes the world go round. STACEY Zoo Regular-Fannons. P.P. SKYNYRD All Salsvury Beach. Gypsies. KBH. Hawaii haMich. 77 Sunset Strip. The Drive? PB + ' 69. Niters Much? Bomber. E.B. Bound, pits, oops, excuse me. J Reflections. Rings Do ya wanna dance? JANIS P. DOBIS DEBORAH A. DOHERTY CHERYLE L. DOLBEC Steves, skiing. Canada, N.H. Geraniums Adrian. The Moose is Loose. Chicken Twack, Capt. Cupie. Gary BFMP. I ' m . . . Of course! Calif Aug 76. Florida Wings. 12-19-75. High St. Everybody sorry. 4 Musketeers. MDK. Friends 4E. ' 77. Witch. OsO ' scaDoZit. The Fiat. should know Charlie. Playing Leap Frog. Krupa, Don ' t let me freeze. BT. Water- Dobi. Mexico ' 76. " Hold fast to dreams, The Brockton Natick special. The Ton- melon. )J Pickles. Y ' know it isn ' t much for if dreams die, life is broken winged gue. 12-18-76 At Field ' s Park. Where fun being normal all the time RY + 51. bird that cannot fly. " Licenses. have my credits Gone. You and me. I ' m psyched. N4GW NW Yrs eve. I ' ll see ya. Luv ya! THOMAS ANDREW DONELLAN The Bro . . . x country. Uncle A 1 the Kiddies pal. This is True, beige bomber. R.S.D.D. A whole Cube. Pete Rose slide. Marshall Donellan. Julio Burger King. Rocklance. South Natick Courts. Break¬ ers. Call Me The Breeze. ROBERT DONLON BOB DOREN ROBERT DOUGLAS Bub and The Crow Circuit Dore Grand Lets go to the area and get baked!! Catch Prix. Buds Caddy The Crow Circuit Goes a Buzz. Going to college and be a man- To Court 8-20-76. ager Retire at 25 with 10 million in the bank and never stop partying. ROSAMOND DOWD Robin, Roz, Riverside. Saltz ' s Bermuda 76. Barber Bros. KBH Weekends at S.M.U. Memorial Field. Goop. Sweet City, Countryside. Deb and Cin. College Bound. D.H. Brown Hair and Blue Eyes. Good Times I Remember. % = .r 1 ft- A - Li. A n w CAROLYN DOWNEY WDWN. the Barn the Pit. Do Ya. the return to cape livin ' Who. Canada — " episodes " . Pff! not a scratch, ramble. CCC. lodge bum. Really. S, B, G W. H share a little. Spooked on P.R. It ' s all wrong but it ' s alright. DENISE A. DRISCOLL Drive in. trunk? Billy — 1-2-3 Key locked in Car. Hojo ' s. Wicked. Always late. I ' m not HOME! Chris 5 W ' s. Groucha glasses. Dave Who? Come in Alice. Crash Skip? Triple Date, poison ivy. SD July 4 Signed the gold Novo. MICHAEL DRISCOLL TO HIGH TO DELIDE TO LOW TO KNOW CLASS OF " 7n ' 7 " ALIX DRURY Frankie. 5-10-75. Tseddybear. Pig- mypilym! BBWWBBMS! Tigres Prr! SKI¬ ING! Diving! Pugsly. Pincherpadiddle! Lix. MMA. X-mas vacation. Snuffles. Dury. Goop Society. SNORT! 11-2-76. B. Tournaments. 1-28-77! S+J K+M. CPKJB, never forget you! JOHN R. DUBINSKV DUBA Xcntry. insanity P P Clams burgers No pride Barneys car Otters driv¬ ing Larry other weird things B ones poems Niters at tthe Hrtbrk. Htl. SKYNYRD 4 B. Ball Chrldr. NO. Rush Yi Live. Been a fantasy . . . MARGARET DUBOVSKV Marg MuRgie Peg Gretch Dub bee LMG Cl VI Ml Jg freos 4eva? Deb Joann 10S Mike Luv ya germ 3 BS12 15 Howdies Bch. Boys 76 BEATLES E J I know III often stop think about them In my life I loved them all. Lata NHS. CHRISTINE DUDZIAK The other half Dudz H.D.? Baileys Paris 77 GLPMJSF Explorers Following SJM Ski¬ ing — The human snowball Mike IE NU- clear War She said, she said Gossip New Year ' s Eve . . . Thynk You . . . ELEANOR DUFFY Hey your socks don’t match. Watermel¬ on. Bate. Wood Chips Answer Grape Golden Flake GG Walk on roofs much? And always be free. 5-25-76. I love you Brucey . . . r. 4S PATRICIA DUFFY Hey Grace whats it like to be graceful? Brown School 76 Woolworths gang King I miss you K.F. Rags shadow Smarc Florida Good luck good health happi¬ ness always . . . MAGGIE DUGDALE Why ask for the stars When we have the moon To all my friends Thank you for being you. The Moon EDISON DUNBAR Marcia Pepsi Bum AEROSMITH Bad luck with cars Yodels Pennsylvania August 1972 " The Other ' Skinny Guinny Motor¬ cycles 1977! MAUREEN DUNN Moe BS Spcl. frens It began like a dream like a dream it had to end Miche NY t Bermuda B period — forget it Miss the bus Goops No use wondering where the yrs. have gone Time waits for no one we all have to go on. LAURIE DURHAM KATHLEEN ANN DUTCHER STEVEN EDES KAREN EGAN Dutch Us 3 frens 4eva Amc much 6am Work Summertime Cruisin w the top Outta here To the good times SO Vabc» in Chatham Potractor Frampton con. down Olds 68 Cutlass The old heap Car Class of 7 7 Led Zep. FLA Bourc WLYR Bermuda 76, 77 2-14-76 1RR Pro sliding The mill College? Sometime a z28 12-3-76 Off to the Cape in Ban s ruct m 76 Memories of the Cape New Yrs. Football games XMas Tech-Draw Mr. B Hanging around Leach Lane Oh no (“ere Eve. Oh what a nite Nursing bound. Electronics Mr. Murph. Olds Jumper Class comes Tommy! The Fomp Burnt Carry on. Love is coming to us all . . . of 77 Later! GREGORY A. FASANO SCRUFF I My good buddies B SCB out west CA? A certain night in Buuards Bay. Cape CD Nauset beaches My cu a TW Bummin the Cape Me TC Summer 76 Scuba diving? Skiing My free Chevy BIG ONES The ocean lives on! ROSEMARIE A. FANNON Ree Peaches Puddles Pearl necklace 57 DDI Oops — Hi P ' s away July 475 Con¬ certs Mr vac Skating The eves at BAD — Pat A Bobs Memories together. Roche Bros. Off to Boston Sure why not Good vibes Whose turn? T . . NANCY C. FARNHAM B per brkfst Gimme my glasses I can ' t see Duxbury Death Cruises Hofos Center Harbor The pond III go but Im not walk mg Red carpet stairs Future? Marshalls Good friends are always true Good luck STEPHEN 12 74 SUSAN EHRLICH Middens A Buddins Union House, pick¬ les A Dave In the ticketbooth again? Fish 44 O w Father Abraham CASK! Cotillion No more burshting I readgold tough crackers DueS You ' ve got to make your own sunshine . . GORDON ESTES To Alice A the gang from our friend This was a good year together w you A TM AL good luck in the Air Force To the girls that I know — good luck to all. To the class of 77 this was a close year. Good¬ bye to all. GWENDOLYN EVANS Awake A cold w the newness of morning I borrowed it all w the hope to repay And as along as the light in the forest still finds me I will work to return all this love someday — Jonathan Edwards lo Peter — I love you . . . THOMAS FAIR T Cape Summers Sailing Sun CBH Green Harbor lasers Push Speech BS Id rather be sailing Votive got a friend Smile . . . later . . . DIANE M. FASSINO Eire 75 D D Boston Art M M Celebrate! Sun 4-76 Star w you. Tanglewood Vega! Every meeting of person is an exchange Of gifts ROSES. NH Book 3. Music. Moon. Roche RISD Impressions. XMAS Create Mmm Babe. Live! Tony . . . DIANE MARIE FAY Deesa. ME. Ill get va back. Bermuda 76. Celebration Yea. FLA bound. Goldilox. Ski. Don ' t. Square Rig Cotillion Tartar Sauce. Pendletons Hi. Brock Cow Track. |UT BIO. NY. Swedish Milkmaid Thanx Mom Papa for everything DEBBIE FEDERMAN SASSAMON Summer of 76-CHEM Where should I part BBC. The rink Vis¬ its with Robin. Vegetating. Water, pleasee Frog eyes. Close to the edge . . Someday. MICHAEL FELDMAN MARTY. 3 Muskateers. Natick Mul¬ timedia show Pres, of USY. College bound. Moody Blues. Whippersnapper- K008537. Hey you gave us spirit, lotsa luck You even taught us how to . . Old fnends can vou imagine us years from to¬ day ' DONNA K. FELICE Its been real, its been nice but it amt been real nice! And can I also say that this ex¬ perience has been really really strange Thanx everyone for all the highs may you always have bones! Take care people ( BILL FENZEL Cuda-67 . . . 9-11, 12-76. Write a book on it Watch out for the snowbank Baa- Baa SPATEN It ' s cold up here. MARY F. FERRARI Two kinds of people are the most difficult to teach; those who are after learning something are depressed that they did not know earlier; those who are so anxious to feel progress that they cease to be sensi¬ tive tc it. IUDITH FESTOG MARTIN FINKLESTEIN Heloo. S Skynyrd. Free Bird. Nights at Heartbreak Hotel. Free Brkfst. Members only. Patty Lance vou are totally unex¬ ceptional I ' m not proud. Tubes 1 of the turf children. 72 Cutlass. Mumee ' s cln ups. It’s been a fantasy. Later. $ THOMAS K. FITZPATRICK jOAN FLAHERTY FITZ Track My brain hurts Drive much JOHN. 11 4-76. CDV, AD. Bermuda The sin bin 5 bid loyce W.C.-76 Work summer 76. 3am walks. Hoopa-loo Cock — it ' s forbidden T B l. What do you A Feather HMY BRITANNIA Guerriere mean you trumped my ace Nova Scotia. RHADC. Me Betsy Kathy Rose. Despera- New Mexico. bon calls. Hojos. Kaluha Sombreros. 5 Red Roses WIC I ' ve just begun to grow S TEPHEN FLAHERTY DEBBIE ANNE FLAVIN NEAL. What ' Never mind MAM tom friends always! Tease 7 The uwal Gmw- nasties ' KH Summer m PS- Brmucu 77. Pre-rally warm-up The goopv War¬ den P. Ratwomen My tarmS A.W. Debula. Catch ya later Cottef Bound . . . w m Y MARY-KATHRYN FLEMMING Kathy. Summer 76 w DAV. Woodlands- sandpits w SCD. Where are we? where are we going? Jikinie? My mistake. Round-about. Snyder Hall. Slowpitch. Tn-date-Dr.-ln. RWC. LYB. 10-16 76. DMVKBGIHY Happiest memories are times with you TRACY FOILB Shine. C-period breakfast. 66 Plymouth Fury. B.O.H. DD.L 4-9-76. Drive much? Late! Drive-in. Me, Scream? Macs. Con¬ certs. Down South. CSP. SMC. MCCIouds Anytime, Sue WC Wheekxk College MAM ' s Thanks for the memories JANET PATRICIA FORANCE BATE Watermelon. Answergrape. Eleph.poster Walk on roofs much? Cruise much Judy? Jock? Wood chips Fungi Amungi. SKI. Alda, eat worms much? BOH Its a long long rd. w many a wind¬ ing turn but if we nave to bear why not sharp DEBORAH J.P. FOREST Debbie. Jim ' s girl 5-2B-76. The Questions of a thousand dreams. “Don’t let the pas remind us of what we are not now Nowhere Bound. 1 I v p v JOANNE FORTE BUDDY ILY! The gang Cape Cod Spend a night there Square dancing Christmas 76. Track A Turf N. Jersey. $32.50 A 8 percent meal tax if you eat ? Me go to school? Lets go to breakfast Wanna wres¬ tle? ILY BUDDY . . . MICHAEL J. FORTINI Mental Mike 55 8-2, Lance. Summer working at GE. The shadow at the parties. Northeastern boundAJMats. Walt Garri¬ son A I dont smoke 11-25-76. Simple Belch, Feb. Vac. in Florida. BB down the drain. Shy-one, CHARLES ALLEN FOSTER Dont call me Chuck! Nalhy A Wobby in Cweatiye Witing WVA Summer 76. PLH. Sagte Emil. 2 Ls A an E. Har- moneers I d put in a little more blue E District A Allstate? I have a letter for you, Mary, pfiffle! C. Allen, run. JEFFREY FOX Foxy Wberes the party? Eds Suts. MICH Eagles, Wings concerts. Its cool RW GH EW PR MM 6-18-20-76. Labor Day ’A 12-24-76 Drive In 1-1-76 SKI SpeecN HBH. Later. Its been real — remember ' College Bound . . . t- s====. ?»-« 5® 99. 3iii ll? •3 JS 4 i vl V] •I v V i ,v Vs ! •jr t-Jr £ -£‘4 ;®VK NELL T. FRANCHITTO Field Hockey Capt. Herestead. Softball. 7 Smile! Afterpractice munchouts. Scapel. " Are you trying to FREEZE me? " But most of all, strive to be happy. H-per IR. Dreams of magic " oh " Let each man step to the drummer he hears . . . SLVH. ROBIN KAYE FRANCIS Approaching our road to adulthood leav¬ ing friends and memories behind. Winter Cot. " 77, " Goopees, I.G.F. Metco " 77, " Proms and more. Friends, you know who you are. " Keep your head to the sky " you ' ll find love and heavenly sun. DAVID FRAZER Walk ' in the dog. BR ' W. Aerosmith " 66. " Wall . . . F.T.D. W-E Honey Dew. Pumawacka. MAINE. ROBERT FRIEDMAN Architecture. College. Natick Multi- Media Show. Awen Nanthy in creative writing. MAD freak. What me worry? Shield hockey 40! Should have played doubles. String art — sispension bridge, hato Spanish. Noise Machine! Soccer. SUSAN M. FUREY Sweatpea. Rifles. LMH. track Walk on roofs much? nights out . . . concerts. Mac ' s, last minute plans. Heck. Surprise! 10 minutes. . . Think of things that bring a smile — Things that make every day worthwhile ... A friend is forever. MICHAEL FURR JAMES J. GAGHON " Jim The French mafia. Top Man, Kilowatt, " Oblates " . . . Drummerboy, Siloam, " Shut up will you. " KISS . . . Whoops, Sorry! " Living Waters, " J.C. " The boys are back in town. " " God so loved the world that he sent his only Son " PTL . . . CHERYL ANN GAINES Scotty. 2-23-76. US , Together Forever. Dec. 22, 76. Young ' un? " Good Times. " Flict? T.F. Upstairs. Talks w Lisa. E.J. ' s Bunny Tax. Beansy. Tunafish. Susan, Best friends forever? All the treasured dreams we share will someday come true. ac .. c i II HE! ' 1 v -a m ==== ’’jl LV ' 13 A i m Y k I ■ EBk - f? DONNA MARIE GALLO Donna not Anne. Sombreros. The barn. Bermuda ' 76. Beach bound Sc. Reverse. Flakey? Lynne too! Xmas party ' 76 mm. New Year ' s Eve ' 76 ' 77. Late nights. Ski? Whatever! Roche Bros. Cougar. Down the Cape. It ' s all wrong but it ' s alright. J.R. D. JOSEPH GANDOLPHI GARY GARVIN Gary. Beacon Hill. Kels house Party Teck Circle never will forget. Camaro. Stop Shopper. Headtable Pomaka. Florida. Hart ' s. JA. Classic . . . Dreams don ' t come true money . . . Cape. I hope I make it. Jaysans . . . GARY GASTALDO BBall ... 69 CHEVELLE . . . run out of gas much? Cape bound 10-22 and 23-76. 80 into reverse, snowbanking. LaCantina New year ' s Eve at Sue ' s . . . G-MAN Sue! (dream on) . . . STEPHEN GEARY JAMES S. GELT Gearhead . . . Motocross, Can-AM. Love Italian Food. Always listening to GAG’N . . . Teching Out . . . 6-6-76 WCOZ J. Geils and Peter Frampton are . . Warm Sundays . . . Electronics with the greatest. Colorado here I come. MURPH. The lines LMH. ' " Compressing Monty Python ' s Flying Circus. NBC Sat- Space Into Time. " Lynyrd Skynyrd. urday Night. I will never forget you Lynn . . . PEACE. . . JAMES GETCHELL GREGORY S. GIALLONARDO Hey Gilly! Speech Team . . . 74-77 . . . States . . . 7.5-77 . . . Two gold medals and one to come! Tersin 1 . . . The Coolest Florist!! G.S.G. " Scorpio the Lover " . . . Debi and Greg forever . . . B-607 ... Ex. 74-77 . . . CAROLYN GILLY Greg . . . 8-15-73. Ski Bums. Walden Pond. Pine Oaks. New Brunswick to Florida. Behind Blue Eyes. Art School. The years are getting better. Blue sky. Those crazed afternoons. Remember when . . . MARY GIORGIO Four Musketeers. Watermelon. Cupie Jr. Only two. Monkeys. " Krupa Don ' t let me freeze. " N46t NW Yrs. Eve . . . Twack. CKD. Friends forever. Your socks don ' t match. It ' s not much fun being normal all the time. I ' m going bananas. V DOUGLAS JOSEPH GLOD Gymnastics How did va like that, coach? ' Honor roll . . Who ' s who member . . . Coin to the Cape BU bound . . . somedav a Podiatrist. F T 5 let s get out of here. A ALDA CHRISTINE GLOVER Is this it? survived! Snort goop Soc. Pres. Stevie Wonder Earth, Wind Fire. Homeroom? I DON ' T believe it! T.G.F.M. Brian was Conn. Worm Eaters Thanks for track Mr. B McD ' s Hev. last days at B.C.L’.B. we got over! v jT RUTH GLYNN New Hampshire 76. B period Jim Bov California Bound. Class of 7 n 7 JEANNE KATHERINE GOLAN I dream of ... me and my Stetnway. Picardy 3. KTB thanx for everything. Ten¬ nis. ding dong merrily. Tweet! Our Direc¬ tor is up-LP8 7M. Chamber singers . . . in the closet? Candlelight blues. Aren’t you going to eat that? n LINDA COLDRICK Goldie. 3. Camp. Old-friends ' good- times. Hockey F4I. Co-Capt B-ball. softball. It ' s been real Partners with 24 28. Week-ends Sorrow that ' s shared is made half the trouble, a joy that ' s shared is made double » NORMA E. GOODRIDGE Sweet Innocent Outdoor Track. Funny chuckles to remember ' Summers counsel¬ ing at camp?? Friends to keep in touch with! College bound (South! med tech Life is what you make of it . . ap¬ preciate the good things. Ail 49 ALFRED GOODWIN DEBRA A. GORMAN All I got is time, Nothing else is mine All I want is one tomorrow. But nothing lasts too long. When I leave, it’s gone: So I send mv mind ahead And hope to follow Thank you Gary. JEAN M. CRASSEY Hey Mug. remember me? ... I don t know! ... I think I can handle it . . , sure . . . good times at YHR . . . The Boss . . . lord of the rings ... Big brother Tim . . . Can I go home now . . . Where did Donra go? . . LATHS BRUCE E. GRAHAM GUNNER . . . Crow hunting in Wav- land Outdoorsman. B Ball splinters, mode. squad Who was high splinter? . SJu-Whiz. Chanles trvouts and prac¬ tices. One of Murphs men. Want to buy a surfboard? Basketball 20. JANE CHRJSTINA GREEN It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important. The Little Prince RON GRAY Unicycle, blueberry pancakes. April fish¬ ing trip. Co to Belmont much? (Jim didn ' t make it) S S. 67 olds — 69 Buick. Wentworth bound, electronics. Scuba diving at Farm Pond Finally outa here m ppr. i ' ■ v W i • l - if CATHY GREENE MARY LOUISE GREENWOOD JAMES GRIFFIN JOHN GRUPPOSO David New Hampshire . . . " TM " the Lou. Face MYE. SCU. Special crest kid cabin . . . humanities Ghangi ... to Rev. with love. PB and Fluff. — Sum- Honda public . . If we had the chance mer of ‘76 Nervous much? Friends and to do it all again? George Harrison David family are forever. 8-28-75 — ALAN — Bowie . . . Stevie Wonder Joni Mitchell to everything there is a season and a time . Jamaica — I’ll meet you there again. for every purpose under heaven — Let it be. DAVID R. GUMNER Gumbye. Whistez-vous? Lo Fan. Bag ' s Brogade E per. conversational English Gumma. CB. Touch of class. Back into the woodwork. YOUR Celts! “Don ' t put off until tomorrow what you can put off indefinitely! " DONNA M. HADDAD DAWNA BAHAMA, MAMA Sunrise Pre- Rally Warmup 43. 1 out of 4. Whom- pies ID ' S Lush 4 Corrupted Bull-Story LJD. BeachBound Mystic faking the works Ice Capades Summer “76 " Mother Jayne New Year ' s E e? LINDA HADDAD York Beach Best friends forever Flosido 77. Tata 74 talks of old times. No bikes allowed, car skips future — walking with kids. Synan-Arab Roche Bros more school? Buy a car someday Good luck everyone! DEBORAH HALE Bobby ' s girl. Saturday Night live. Travis? He ' s a bad old boy. Maine summers. Laura, I really can drive. Over? I.L.Y. felly bean. Later, much later Val. 3-KJ-75. Live, Love. Laugh Savonara. jOYCE A. HALL Memories. Larry. 7-2 74. in love Chicago. Tom. Macs, my frog, flirt much. SW. drink much, a gallon. River duck feeding, night out. bestest friends, secrets tears C-76 experiences explanations, for keeps Thanks Tracy Sue MARCIA HALL Marsh. Eddie Board of Health Vermont ' 74. The rainbow August 19 ' . 2. Does she or doesn ' t she. Barre 75 Smile! Virginia slims. Prom ' 76. Are you sisters? Summer of ' 74. Whatever Happened to the Three Musketeers? ANNE D. HALLETT B B Dennis Port 75 ' , 76 ' . Homeroom B-612. Brigham ' s. Ski Ward Hill logging Is Missouri near the ocean? Please get off Rt 9 Savage Chickens 75 ' . It won ' t start! I don ' t want to go bowling! S.C.S. Wicked Cruisin . . . LAURA HALLORAN Susie were busied again. AL 3-1- a Newhampshire B-29-76. wasted days arxJ wasted nights. Tuppers homeroom North bound, wild fire born to be wild 77. Ann where s Bost on? Sky bird. Clown Tearsot a clown living free and wild. CORDON HAMILTON Homeroom Quiz. B-612 Crusin Florida bound. Powerline parties Cold fever B period Honda 500 four . . . 12-3-76 Karen , . . M B S Keg party . . . HOLLY A. HAMILTON Holly-Dolly. Bigbird Concerts. Swim¬ ming at Ho-|o ' s. Skiing I can ' t do it. Mac ' s. Where ' s the party? Bushleaque. Mutt and |eff. Bad influence Tennis with Deb Do va have the car?? ••Memories PETER HANDLIN Rabbn. dazzed and confused. A cc 67 Barracuda Aerosmith on 11-31-76. Likes writing Don ' t get shook. Jim, how is your toot? Bridge? What bridge? Future op- tomologist. . . VALERIE HART " Val Billy 6-11-76. Party! " We are young and life is long and there ' s time to kill today ' ' . Pink Floyd Thanks Lu. Dolly Chris (D.) and friends. New Year ' s Eve Bang. " What a drag " . " Barre " 75 " Homeroom. Buzz612 College DOLLY HARTWELL THOMAS C. HASTINGS CHRIS HATTON MICHAEL HAVENER " Short legs ' . mush moses eskimo. WE all Wasting tomasaurous the BTC . . .Bens Gymnastics. ' 69 Cougar ragtop 351w. need friends. Thanks . . . VBLCL Barre class ot " 77 " ... Life is a dream. Be Wentworth bound Pink Floyd. Mustang 2 • 75 " . Marlboro 1-8-77. Kidnapped free to love Utopia " . . . plus 2 Fords and Mercurys will set the 1-2-77. Always party together. . World pace, and blow your doors off in any situation. Never forget me guys, because race. Shoot that poor horse. Mr. Tl! vour images shall linger on . . . Buzz 612. ALAN HAYES MARY HAYES ELIZABETH HEANEY GREG A. HENNRIKUS LU D wn Me and the Goo-Gah 612, Barre 75’, Mother Mary, Rambler, 3 ag» i huh T.M.? ... The rice ' s. Musketteers. are you sisters? Rainbow, Ire Margaret U.S. Air Force . . . Louezollas, changes, Frankenstein, 77! ■■ of ‘76 " . DeMotay P.M.C Steak and Brew, the showers " 76 To my family and friends — Du e something else . . . Good-bye Nit. Bean. Florida 76, 77. Woo Family. It ' s been real! Hockey 6 . . . Capt. Newton boys Denmark. Often seen with Tennis? Mich party after the game. It ' s Turd. Jaynes. Serious. Eric goes jogging. cool Eagles, Wings concert. Drive-in Scituate with K.C B School? Wellesley • - . Memorial Day and Labor Day " 76 " . College J.D. Stuck in elevator. Water-ski Bob, Jeff, Crackers, Ed. Monty . . . Ski- much DR gets married? snipe . . . ing Why is everyone going to bed? Party!!! MJRT HEROSIAN S-2 51 Basketball 12-10? ■ i ola " Who rs high splinter?” eba. ' The American” " White New Tears Eve party. " Green - " The broken chair” ”5 bid with- Arch Draw. E period . . . BRIAN HIGGINS Matchmacker Peps. Cranes Beach. Har¬ mony class. Marcnin Band. Capt. C. I ' m BORED!! Closet clah. Xmas vacation, house quartering 100 times speech voice major. Juah-C . . . unforgetable friends in the Music W ' ing. Thanks KTB . . CINDY HILDRETH Donald. The Vindyard. New Hampshire Everywhere. Everything. Toots 9Yrs. Pin- balls. STOP biting your nails. You smoke too much. The Garage Sorry The three musketeers Hild Rein ' s House. Sunday Walks — meth Casey ' s. We did it toots!! KATHY HILLIARD Maine Oblate center. Religious Lite So¬ cial work. Sincere Thanks to J.C., Mom, Dad. FR Ray, Mr. Ray, Omer, Sue, the community and many others. Remember, that this life is a journey not a destination DEBRA JACK PAMELA C. HOLT Harmony? Picardy 3 Baa be Ba ba, Forever the Rainbow Keep on Treking, Room 38, 482 and 469, Two Roads . . . WALTER J. HOPE Wally. Get tails. JHCJDDPG. Hit the pac- kie. Horseneck Beach. Sunday trip to NH. I knew you ' d give in. Rice Roaa. The claw. The gang. Tuesday. 12-17-76. Donna. GAYLE S. HOPKINS BB. 1975. Humerock. Ah-ya. 1-4-75. Dennisport 75-76. That lonely road. Chicken! Flex! NH. Maine. Cape Cod. Cruising. Prom. VW. 1970 Chevelle. Savage Natick to Westborough. College Bound. Skiing 77. See-ya! KATHY HOPKINS David. 3-1-74. Early Grad. KAH. How ' s about a JB? Stacy ' s. Maine. Hey cutie! Soft. Talk much? Bopkins. Galaxie 500. Muscles. Crazy. JOYCE HORRIGAN Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there ' s still time to change the road you ' re on. R. Plant. Paul 7-28-73. Alton Bay. Boston Garden Con¬ certs. Rolling Stones 6-11-75. LYNNE C. HOWE How ' s your car, Brez? Beaches Som¬ breros, " The Barn. " Halloween. New Year ' s Eve. 2 Lg. cups of ice. Whatever. In car heaters. Flakey? Paddle boats. Am I a jinx? Watch those restrooms! Best of friends! Take care . . . BARBARA HUNT JANICE HURD Turd. FLA 76-77. My best pal Nellie. Often seen w a nit. Woo family. Denmark. ME 6 Eat much? Casey ' s. TR-HM. Jayne ' s serious. JD. Prom 76. TM. Loch Ravens Finest. Dan when will you grow up? Bugsy Bagsy. 9-25-76. Snipe City . . . 14 kV Lk- f I K A — I Y3 V- , t 3 jSSStiSyk STEVEN P. INTINARELLI INTIN. Hockey 9. California LA Bound. Love the beaches. Likes the protien. Best times. Summer time. Cold Mich. Work¬ out. Always catchin ' the rays. After prac¬ tice. Slouch out. Mr. Pec ' s. Gotta have the tunes. LATER . . . CARL ISAACS Wrestling. Monsky. AZA. Bentley Bound. Camp Clark Stu Bum Eddie H Account¬ ing, Charles River. Ron Hoff. Pittsburgh. Out to lunch. Swack it! BO ITZKOWITZ 68 Camaro SS orange white stripes FRIENDS! Oct 22-23, 76 Cape Much! " Life ' s tough " New Year ' s Eve Qt South¬ ern Comfort! go skiing total a car NO bound Soccer enjoy carsmuch doughnut in parkin lot get banned for 2 weeks. EDWARD THEODORE JACOBS The stage. Beth you ' re swell, ILY. Juggle much. Speech. Jon upstairs. FIRE. Neil Young. S SOME Celebration, ph. Pepi. SING. Potemkin. Mime. Pout. Humorous interp. Cap!. Gymnastics. Pres. Concert Choir. Be a clown, act, laugh, clown, laugh. HEATHER JAMES EILEEN MARIE JASINSKI LINDA C. JOHNS ALICE JOHNSON Stretch. Girts First varsity track team Its beer a trip, but worth it. Good luck to Student Council Prez. Funzy Sailing w K. Winter Drive-In. Art. Beached whale all! Buckets 2,3.4 I love you. TJ: 1-1-76. Manipulator. Ho, Ho, Ho. You guvs I Truck-Winter Fireplaces Linda Paul. " Foxy Lady ” Summer at PC. Prom 76. I wanna go home. May I have vour candid One oclock kid. 220. Only greased know III make it! " ... but with God. opinion? Frozen Buns Capemuch? Presi- greasers 440 stark I forgot my wallet everything is possible. ' (Man. 19:26) dential Date. AM Announcements. Just • Hi Lumpy. Phil. 2-14-76. five months late. Phantom Leaves. LISSA JOHNSON DEBORAH M. JONES EDWIN JOSE ERIC JUE The mall. Ya right! Youll get over It Poindexter. Editor-in-chief, The Sassa- I am not Victor! I am a Jue. C per chem Porsche. Carlings DP. Carvel. LMH. mon. Doodles March 76 wknd. at Turd ' s. A fellow harmoneer Thurs. night band Winston My shelf. Blue eyes. Noses. Mono much Giggles goggles. Fairway practices. MacBeth. Moog synthesizer? Romance. Babes The Mntns. Mac ' s. Skip it! lournalism. VCs. Those who bring CAACO. Laughter hope are the 2 in- Thanx a lot honey. Melissa. 5-21-76, sunshine to the lives of others cannot gredients to a good life. Fook, look, Siu. 8-2-58, My rainbow. 10-16-76. 12-20-76. keep it for themselves. KKJjB. Peace . . . Wallaces. 6-5-76. GLENN V. KARIAN Glennie. Not a jock. Curfew? Ok. Natick Dnve-ln, Me Pat Beach Boys concert. 10-22-23-76. " Automation is a technological process that does all the work while you sit there When you are younger this is called " Mother. " BRENDA KATZ Outdoor Track Tennis anyone? Skiinf College Bound: Framingham State A Su folk University. English Law. JAMES KANE KANO Totally obnoxious. Aint I tho. Why not. Tell Larry he ' s home Ftbl. 15. Lets get a burger. All nighters at Finks. The insane gang. Heartbreaker Oh no Otters Driven. Vet. Mummie PAP Sou¬ venirs Nite of NO game. FANTASY. DAVID M. KADLIK 68 Buick. " What, me worry? " In key " 77. " RIT bound? Stewtor MIT $11,00 " Toy. " Odyssey, First try. " Due yester¬ day!” " Don ' t get Hungary " Finally made it! if 11.! ATSUSHI KAWAGUCHI Everything is so funny as long as it ' s hap¬ pening to someone else. Soccer lost . . . changing schedules 5 times . . . looking for CF . . . hard . . . Ingrid whist . . . senior it ' s . . . pretending a " good " boy . . . N.H.S. A.F.S. I shall return! JOHN F. KELLEY Kel . . . 40. . .Hockey 16. . .cur¬ few?? The diner . . . cottege . . . sandwich. Gotta have it . . . Frampton . . . Conn . . . Southie . . . Free spirit . . . Skiing, Vail . . . D.T. No Moe . . . Sisters always there . . . Leroy . . . " T” . . . Mustang girl . . . Being free. KATHLEEN S. KENNALLY Magic ' n magic-ing . . Pepper-MINT Patty loves eagle fisherman 12 . . . AM raps . . . BBQ ' is . . . ideal (BBQ ' S) . . . 120. . . me rosejoan ' nbets . . . To Eirie to cnr . . . Chatham, Mass ... He who says that nothing is aimless . . . Recuer- dos . . . smile. BRIAN KENNEDY " Dr. BRI . Hey Ray, How ' s the porch. Sue. Hit that party circuit. The mean green machine. 4 Wheelin ' . Light up those tires. 10-23-76. F.T.S. We ' re gone. Bye, Bye!!!! DEBORAN KERR Kebbie. The three musketeers Annie Banannie. Jo. Hey, Hey Roche ' s. Shirley. ' 70 Galaxie lovely memories that will last are the richest harvest of the past. And walk in love even as Christ also hath loved us. Ephesians 5:2. PATRICIA KERZWICK John my honey 2-6-76. ILYBF. Patty not Pat. 66 Bomber. ME and my honda 360. Skynyrd Concert. Finches. Contacts. Vodka B.N. Hate the NPD. Alaska. I’m so hungry. Malibu Beach. Come ere. Key Punching. Good riddens N.H.S. VALERIE KIMBALL Val. Padiddle. Sand pits. CVS. Jango. Snyder Hall. Summer 76. The woodlands. Donleys. H.D.H. Tripling at drive-in! Jr- kini. % JENNIFER ANN KING Jen. Hatched from eggplant . . . You name it. AMC much? Hhhh!! Doo-dad! 6 A.M. in Chatham Hey Lizard, Dutch much? Those Canadian episodes. Up in them there hills. Wilma. Wicked blast and a half. It was but yesterday we met in a dream . . . LAUREEN MEGAN KING May the sun always shine on your life, the taking, now all you have to do is take it. Danny 5-14-75. Regis bound. Muchas gracias Miss C. Prom 75-6-77. aileys. Wellesley Cal. Yo no estay de acuerdo. Thumper . . . JOSEPH KNIGHT Welcome to the Machine! Class of seven and seven. Freebird. D period monotony 40. Where ' s the party? Utter Incineration! All hail MacBeth. Rumkey. Pizza Pub. Get juiced much? Thinking is the best way to travel . . . BETH KOWAL 9-3-76. Fred. 10-7-76. Norman. 12-6-76. Ashly. 2-10-77. Wally. 4-1-77. Preston. 4-3-77. Elmo. Rah 356. A certain foot¬ ball team! Prom 74 ' , 75 ' , 76 ' , 77 ' Prom Bound 78 ' . O.D. on midol. Oh those Sat¬ urday nights! Mulldune ' s point. Mom. SLS . . . MICHAEL KRAFT 9-74 to 1-77 . . . Phoenix in my soph. Forget Buffalo! " This is the way were gonna do it " . . . N.H. Rain. Glad stone 2 for 1 . . . The health no move . . . Providence; A.Z.A.; good vears out 1-28-77, " Green grass and high tides ' MICHAEL KRUPSKI DEILIA INGRID LAING RICHARD LAMONT EMILY L. LANDESMAN Two-time. Twack-capt. Mustang. Krupa, It ' s Deilia! Don ' t be so kind . . . Anne Wrestling — " S.C. " — Caldor — Flea. Hempy. I ' ll have a milk. VIFL . Coops don ' t let me freeze . . . N4GT. " Tnat . . . Get locked in much? Detroit by " Let ' s do a cure " — Labor Day — At Company. If not Pier 4? New Years Eve New Years Eve " . . . " Only two " Krupa night tour . . . Goop. snort . . . BON. dexter ' s. " Whimp " — Chevy Malibu 230 76 ' . Braces are beautiful? Welesley flats, likes cones. " Star " lets do a cube Dolt " . Three pooliars disease . . . star. Thank ' s . . . pump it! Donuts. Good things, when Never will forget feal ' s party. What? " Leg Mr. D.G. and Mr. G.D. . . . STATES! Bye short, are twice as good, liets " " Barfathon " ... VAL. Wilma. In jamaica. from Anne to • Jane. All my friends GOODBYE . . . DAVID LARHETTE LINDA LAROCHE CINDY LAVERS MARK LEAVITT Mobil 7 days a week. Terr 6-17-76. Lindy — 3 stooges, forever freidns . . .B Exuberant. " O-Really " . Roses. New Track Captin |eep CJ5 party. It ' s down in 10-?-79. V-Wheel Drive Chevy pickup — it was great while it lasted. Eagles— Hampshire 75. GC C . . . Able. the zeros. Home of the Cnamps!! " Bar- dream. P-town Dunes. 6=8. Floors. Best of my love. No. Seriously! D ' s par- Pintload. No name game. AMC hut and fathon " . Homeroom. " Twack Boards. Cape Cod in the summer. Summer — ties ... 3 Pack? Nant Beach. Shirley. interior decorator bound. Bindy. " Doing Locker room blues wrong turn . . . 1977, Will be the best ever!!! Lollypop kidd. Ya, so?? Rainy Walks. It " . " Tunes. " The only way to have a Wootamily. late much? D,E,K. BYE . . . friend is little help from my triends . . . assess MIKE LEGER Darlene Mike. 6-25-76. Hun. LEDGE. IV. Work much? What ' s up? Open Hearth. Oh come on. So. Comfort. What ' s wrong? Trouble free cars. C K. B D. Party ' s over. Levis. Bad Co. Poison ivy. pepsi. Zepplin. N.H. Someday soon Darlene. ROBERT LELIEVRE " Bugsy " Hey madam, how ' s Fred? More Current Events!! " This class is the pits " . Who is Norbert Dickman? I like cycling. U. of Virginia hopeful. HALLELUJAH! MICHAEL LENTINI Kathy. 9-22-74. Fiat 1. Hey, Give us a cheer. 1-28-77. Kathleen Ann Brown. Much! RAY LECOINTRE 550 Super Sport. Cerwin Vega ' s. Skiing Golf. A-wing. Nantasket Beach. Echc Bridge. Motorcycling through the moun¬ tains. late night cruise. The Moody Blues The Geeks. Rooney ' s class. Take it easy Keep on Keepin ' on! PAUL LENTONI Early grad. 62 T-Bird, Boinga. Spag at 2am. Shopping around. 4th ot July? Which Mark? Oreo. Mother Hen. NH. Snowmobiling. Natick High Institution. Ins. Boating. Highland Lake. B period Physics. Wnich car today? 1-28-77 to 6-12-77. RALPH LETNER JR. Sverige. Summer of 76. Soccer we tried. Laugh much? I could tell it was you with¬ out looking. Joe ' s 2nd Banana. RJB I think I ' m in love. Braces, a first. No socks. I simply do not like snow. Whist. Vi ses I ' ll miss you. LLOYD S. LEVENSON Colloidal. E per. Conv. Eng. Whistez- vous? Bag ' s Brigade. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the differ¬ ence. C ' est a toi. 5 - w • 1 ’ V- • ■ - s WENDY LEVY Bermuda. Definitely. BBG. Sewataro. What a raquet. Swedish meatballs. Chicago. Moody Blue ' s Question, tab. excellent. I ' ll drive. 6m the Field. Hit or Miss. 11. Where did the years got KARLEEN j. LIBBY Moons and Stars come in the night — And make the dark stand out so bright — But rushes live in all of time — And carry life to everymind. lib. PAUL LIENHARD Liney. Red s house. Led Zeppelin. The hill. Mark ' s party. YES concert, 6-18-76. The Cape. AJ ' s house. Michelobe. Forest party. The graveyard. Eagermans. Mud Pond. Winter Street The rope swing. Natick High RUes. BOB LINGLEY " Bing”. Chevys rule SS396. T C. Heine- ken. Aerosmitn Yes. 76. Summer of 76. Rope swing, cabin, skiing, lake, keg parly. Dinsdale. Let ' s do a cube. Dolt. Spinev Norman. SUSAN LOCKWOOD Hide in your shell, the world is out to bleed you for a ride. What will you gain making your life longer? Heaven or Hell. Was the journey cold that gave you eyes of steel? Shelter behind, painting your mind and playing joker. KATHY LOELL Oops. Cot a car. Where’s my license? Wellesley Evacuation. Turtlenecks. Al¬ ways in love. Duxbury Death Cruises. Wimple Pickle. Thanks Ma Dad. Good luck. Phil 9-18-76. Marshalls. JAMIE LORD Liddo, Ernie. Hockey 17. Curfew? loud lams. Doobies. There is nothing like a Dead Concert. Super Tuner. Pinto. WSA. Epping. 64 Malibu SS. Love Drag Racing, 4-wheeling. Watkins Glen. Sophomore starter. Thanks Mr. Lacouture, Ghilani. TINA LOSSOW " FREEBIRD " . CA bound. Class of 7n7. (Trinity) Camping ' 76, Tanglewood. STEVEN LUCAS SUSAN M. LYNCH AJD 1.4.3.VT. Sale?! Where?! Di, is she your twin sister? 2 wks. at the Cape- Hawaiian. Punch V.O. Scrabble at Bickfords. Somf. Beth, spell it! The only way to survive and to stay sane is to be CRAZY! AVA MARILYN LOWE Bessie Brown Monkey Town USA. MET CO 77. Walk-In Center. Rocky. Spear chuck¬ ing Ivy. Track Team. Norma, Robin, David. GOOP. Latin. Press toward the mark for the prize June 77. lanet. Ioanna. Algebra 73. Debbie. Lefty 73. CHARLIE MABEY Cyd, Bim Beetle, Schlos, Teese, Formula 400. Garbadge Scow! Jimmy. Marlboro, Little Red Bomb! left, army bound, heavy equipment, band, where ' s Cindy? Cam¬ bridge Tire Co. Are you working today? Take one day at a time. 9-27-76. BRIAN MACK Wrestling 121. Macko. Slip Kid — CB. J.B. — Farce. E-period Bransfield. Sum¬ mer of 76. U of Conn, bound. Kitty whist. CABOTS — should have played doubles! Hull-type beach. P.S. Whalom Park-out. Three-card-guts. JEANETTE LOUISE MACKAY Hey Hey MacKay! Cape Breaton AMC MUCH! POLES? . . .Sue — joke, Ziggel Jr. BOH. LMH. Bong Much? All that is now, All that is gone, All that ' s to come, And everything under the sun is in tune. — Floyd DAWN MARIE MACMILLAN Cleopatra. NAC. Flaca. Where are we? — Where are we going? Summer 76. Wood¬ lands. Triple date at drive-in. New Year ' s Eve. Sandpits. S.R. G.B . . yesterday is but today ' s memory and tomorrow is today ' s dream. JOSEPHINE MAGAZZU Donald. 8-16-75. Roche Bros. Good company. Larry. Mary. Debra. )o-Ann. Dawn. Good Christmas parties. The Three Musketeers. Sicilian girl. Friday morning breakfast. Cannot wait til April 20, 77. TIMOTHY P. MAHONEY Mahone. Playing my guitar New Year ' s Eve. Mount Washington. Saturday nite at the Cricket. 76 Concerts — The Who. Yes. Let go have a party. Cape Cod. Canada. Honda. Let ' s go for a cruise. Token area. NHS goodbye forever. DON MAHONEY Walter D. Cathy. Expl orers — 75. Pine Groves. Scurvey Dog. PJ ' s. Concert: Queen, Yes, Zepplin. Yamaha 175. Gear head. Pinball. Hey Chuck! GTO much? Roundabout. Hunting. The Ropeswing. FRAZIER. RED. Linus. The Hill. JUDITH MALCOLM Are you a turtle? YBYSAIA. Fish and champaigne don ' t mix. Cruise much? Ski¬ ing. Bermuda. I don ' t know! How ' s your horse, Deb? 10-25-75. Sat. nights with Rich. Sole Gin. 100,000 miles. Fungi amungi. Mich 7 ' s. Dent. LARRY MALETTA II 68 Skylark. The lake. Drive-in. Jack in the box. No dust. Tee off. The cabins. Grass. Snow. Porky. Bubbles. Out to lunch. Glass in class. Quality not quantity. Peggy. Buzz, Buzzed, Gone! JOHN J. MALLOY Soccer capt. perfect season. G per. game condition. Rally! Cheerleader? Audrey ' s parties. Shep s house. Corrupted cliem tests. Squeak, Sheik. Doc Xmas trees. The Gem. Shot guns. FramNo. party? Barney ' s car. Skynard concert. Fink ' s. TRACY J. MACQUEEN Trace. Mucca. Mutt Jeff. 70 Galaxie. Tazmanian Devil. Heck no. C per, break¬ fast. Maybe by X-mas. Skiing. Swimming at Ho-Jo ' s. Concerts. Traveling. I ' m sorry. There ' ll always be memories. Who ' s driv¬ ing? It ' s been real! BRENDA L. MAILHOT Tom ... Let it Be. The good old days. Look out Joan! It came under the bat¬ hroom door. Nuts about Nuts. Let ' s skip! How ' d ya sprain your ankle? Too man dreams. I don ' t know where I ' m going but I ' m on my way. DAVID MALONEY MARIA J. MANCINI BRIAN MANNING Greg. 5-22-76. Lovely to know the Arch, retired. North parties. Can you warmth your smile can bring to me. I handle it? What mugs? Chariot races, want to tell you, but the words you do Hulio ' s hops Car break down much? Rice not know. Sing me a lullaby of songs you Rd. We conquered Wayland. Mario can not write And I will listen for there ' s Showdown at Jack ' s. The Cape Skynyrd beauty where there ' s love. Concert. A bad place P+ P. Marshfield. Hold it boys. RITA LYNN MANNOS GARY MARION Te amatavi semper. The Wandering Bap- What ' s Happening Bro? Yvonne list. Auntie Rit. Royal Bangkok Academy, Bubbleyum. B-Ball 76-77. Week ends on 9. Bradlees. A snowshovel amongst the Wellington Hill. Scorpio Taurus 4-Ever. pajamas. Anconeus Lives! Doctor-Bound. E.W. F. Carwash. Sam Cook. Dig it! Greatbeef! McDade B Period. Walk-in- Center The Best. Love will keep is to¬ gether. LINDA MARSHALL DEBBY MASTERSON Lumpy. Track. Spearchucka. Brock. Vol- Harry 1-7-74 Ft. Lauderdale " Miracles ' leyball. A+P. Stiff. U Mass Bound. Paul Every vear is getting shorter never seem 7-7-76. Chicago. Little Bugga. Monk Two to find the time! The bird. One Way Stretch, I mean Eileen. Art. The Obnoxi- Streets LMH Knights in White Satin never ous. Eggies. Here for only a piece of time reaching the ena 9-15-72 Time keeps on — A memory is all I leave. slipping into the future. JAMES MAUDE BERNARD J. MAY McCloud, goodtimes Marshfield, Center¬ ville Summers. Kathies 21st. I ' ll drive. Revel Opel, gotta go. Close calls 75-76. Midgets, time for hitting the slopes, 76-77. J.C. Friendship is a horizon — which expands when we approach. ik; • - ■ LISA MAZZOLA ROBERT W. MCBREEN CROW CIRCUIT 8-20-76 MARK T. MCCCABE Laurie I love you. Mac. Navy. Hitched to Cal. The Turkey Killer. Roundabouts. Crazy Indian! Party in my car. Perfect at¬ tendance! Veni, vini, vici. higher higher My brain hurts! Tull. Queen. Cult. Floyd. It was a Bummer. Peace. KATHLEEN M. MCCART Bahama mama. Monahans. Corrupt i Out to breakfast. Lis, all nighters. Ne.e again. 1 of 4. Lush 3. I.O. ' s. Vodka Col¬ lins. Dennisport. Sunburn. Beachbounc Chinese food. Whompies. Love those Camping, hunting, icefishing with the boys. Squirrel car snow banks. Mother Nature takes care of her own. Petersham Berkshires White Mts. 1-14-77 finally. 4-18-76 What happened? 11-19-76 NOW!! weekends. Those evil eyes. Later JEANNE MCDERMOTT Definitely. Daily battle with the glo PAUL MCCARTHY Mort. Jackie. 7-24-76. Yamaha. It was In¬ tin ' s fault. Red Sox Game. S.S. T.P. CAUGHT AGAIN. If I ever get out of here. This is a nice place to visit but That ' s bush. Mazoo shoes. Wicked good Stiff. No doubt about it. The ar Denmark, Maine. PAUL MCGILLIVRAY " If the president can ' t do it, wno ca Keep it clean. AM Announces- Rocne Bros. Hullo! What speakers ' P. A, B, and or C? School Comm resoe tial Date. Only five months late. Tir VP, AJ, ML. Thanks. MICHELE MCDERMOTT-FOX Keep on smiling through the rain laughin ' at the pain flowin ' with the changes ' til the sun comes out again. With a friend at hand you will see tne light, when your friends are there then everything ' s alright. MIKE 2-7-76. KATHLEEN MCGRATH Roxy. Chchanges. Charlie Brown. O. shutium. Country girl. New Mexico. Way Over Yonder. On the Run. Born to be Wild. " I ' m as free as a bird now — this bird you ' ll never tame. The Lord knows I can ' t change. ' ' • MIKEN MCKERTICH Everything is colored chalk that some¬ times drips. Nice Ice. Next time at the Next Door. You only come around once in life, grab for all the gusto you can. Yes, Miller Head Life. Class of 7 7. BETTY MELLOR jessie 4-7-76. Maybe next vear? Cabin parties? Faith in ya Cougar The good ole A wing. RONALD MCINTYRE ROBIN MCKENNY CHRIS M. MCKEOWN PETE 5-23-75. Blues Deluxe. Queen of Hearts. Out of the Blue. Rocky Narrows, Prom Night 76. A baby ' s arm holding an apple. Pious Hermits. Magic feelings. Photographs of feelings, mirrored in the mind. B.K. crowns. O. MARGARET MCNAMARA WILLIAM MCNEILL PAULA MARIE MELCHIORRI Rick. 6-13-76. Friday nights. Whaddaya think this is. Friendley ' s? Peachy. Do you like tea? who was in the backroom? BU bound. Cotillion 76. You ought to be shot! H period Bohannon. Holo ' s You ' re real. Felix and Oliver. Mel Concerts 76. Schmeg. No really. Do it in the road. OK. Gotta have it. CA bound. Grand Prix. New Year ' s Eve. Sorry, wrong party. Someone saved my life tonight Lib and mush always there when you need them. EZ Had some good times. LAURIE ANN MERRITT Summer 76. Best friend Burp. License 9-30-76. Cape bound. Beach Boys Con¬ cert. Whatever. Late slips. Head table. Tacos Woolies. Florida in April. What ' s up? Saturday nites. I ' m gonna make it! Special Thanx to Mr. Taddeo Mr. Roy. BRUCE MICCILE Hands. Guardrails? Donuts. New Year ' s Eve at Sue ' s. Aerosmith. NTC. Hockey games. You mute! What a stiff. F, G, and H study. Birdman. Crusin ' . Parties. What a laugh! Whist. Miller. Pool tables. Wait until summer PATRICIA MICHAELS Mike. Sam. PT? Cucca. LMH Dizzy. Hampton 75 76. Romeo ' s Ball flight. Marty ' s house. Zoof, you want me to go skinny dipping? Who, me? Four Mus¬ keteers. Someone saved my life tonight. I ' ll go running in outer space. JAMES A. MILLER JULIE MILLER Crash that poor Pinto. Bring back no fault. Honest officer Boo boo less. I got the wrong DIANE. PUFFS foot on the floor bucket seat mags Hurst totalled Cape 76. PJS. 3 in bed and I got the crack. For got Diane 5 4-75. MARK S. MILLER CANDIE MILLS Love when you can Cry when you have Skik. 6-30-74. Wellesley Cop T.P. South to. Be who you must that ' s a part of the Natick Freebird. Stigs ' . Kawasaki 900. plan LB 3-19 SM. Dan Mark lames Duxbury. A Conversation with Chattv. Jackson Some things never change . . E.B E 8 Carrera. Texas Out of here! MARC S. MONTGOMERY MATTHEW S. MONTGOMERY Chuck and the crow circuit — Flinch. Double barrel for ever Night in Peter¬ sham. 5-31-75. The greatest day in Ogunquit. Summer of 7 5 Oh yea! Turtle. Surfing Cathy. Hunting and camping. Football Track. Sue? Florida Ruthie. PAUL MORANA DIANE MORWU Monk Wrestling. Always late Calendar. Seeesta Hev big bee fcOOLi. b-24 7b. Linda. 13 Kangaroos 7. Nan- Moose — Chnssy. Nook«. tasker |ohn Larry. 69 Plymouth. Red get " Laughing " Mum 66 fp Sox. Woody Need a nde? Mother ' s Cad- Miss perfect Whaf‘% hoi ' L442 die Alexand the Gypsy. Infinite. Tarter POND RD. 72 Mustang. AsCE SHp sauce Bad News Cubs. CNK. DIE. HEY RED tViili C ii W WEDNESDAY NIGHT AApvt IRWIN H. MORSE " FACE PILES AND PILES OF TRIALS WITH SMILES IT RILES THEM TO BE¬ LIEVE THAT YOU PERCEIVE THE WEB THEY WEAVE AND KEEP ON THINKING FREE " LURANA MORSE Chris 1-12-76. Pal ' s Chevy Science museums. Where are we? Skip much? I ' m hungry Marlboro conk-out. 7B. Tuppers Kidnap Dolly to NH. Woke up this morn¬ ing with a wineglass in my hand Sat. nite wa cop. Look at vour eyes. I ' m serious. MATTHEW MORVILLO MUMMEE. OTRPIO Lite drinker. Totally useless 71 Pickmeup Skynyrd 8-27-76. Busted 12-22-76. Finks. Prom. GE rush. Hollivton snob 400 Hanlon Rd. Never has money. I had Fun! By the time you get it done, it ' s not worth doing. RONALD MOSSMAN Boston Bruins. Weightlifting Loves sports D per Night school Gvm. Italian toods. Piccolos. " You going to school today? " Friday nights. Pool king. Math Natick Labs. Patriots. 69 Camaro Board Snow- da ys CINDY MOYER KITTY MURPHY " It ' s a |an-|an. " Concert Choir. Chamber Champagne and fish cask Lunchroom Singers M B. Astronomy. Star-gazing. brawls Ping Sarcastic Finast FLA bound Canoeing Whitewater Pum-i-km. " No wkends at SMU Softball Embarassing Jan. r m going to homeroom. " Speech laugh Boring WOF Ortord wkend The old gang Our birth is but a starting place. Lite is the race. jAYNE MARIE MURPHY MICHAEL J. MURPHY MURF, I’m serious College 1 of 4. Bahamas FLA 76. Lit! I ' ll drive Cape the house. ID s. Lush 2. Prerally warmup 31. Spym ' . Prom 76. 18th birthday. Snipe Mystic. Blue bomber. TC 9 pm. TEG. Elbow Room with Dude 4-20-76. ■UmIh- THOMAS MURRAY Mill. 10 Southie Abadie. Conn. Park Ave scrubs. GB ramblin ' with Sully, whims. SSSO Sam ' s Saloon Lou. high¬ way snowballs. Cricket Murph ' s sunsets. Lite, don ' t let it bring you down it’s only castles burning. MICHAEL L. MURPHY HARRY NANOS " Hey Porcupine. " Big Bird. Dexter’s par¬ ties. D period lunch Always sober. 69 Mach I Mustang, when it runs, would rather be driving 228. Header! for the Cape Whoo. NANCY NADLER Elizabeth. B.F. Rosemary. Wheet Beach Boys. Pre-party, crash at rink curbs much? x-ranrah talks with T.C.U Mass, weekends K B Sniff L.D. pets, nve sailing, malt balls, gum? squeaky gloves, wicked, ' rock ' SURPRISE. 5 31-75. Thanks Mark CAROL NARANJO CASK. As the Tearoom Turns. Merestead 75,76. BICENTENNIAS BOMB. Brick- houses. BORING! Shoveling Una pesimista. Lunchroom brawls Walks. TC, LF + DB get togethers. BD, SL 4- the truck. The Old Gang — APKIB, Barol. Sleep outs. " Young Man? " LINDA NASON Kenny, Florida every other month. Foley ' s wrinkle village, let ' s run away. There goes the plane, run! The Neighbor¬ hood, which one? " Michelob ' Parly " 75 " my house, surprise! Fugleys work¬ ing tonight It will never change. See ya. JOANNA E. NEARY lo-jo-Rizzo Summers at Cape Cod. Shan- grila Piglets. Florida. Roche Bros. Prom 76. F B. Sports First. OH Brother Jude- how do you spell that? Buzz Deb s Dus¬ ter Bermuda. BOH Me late? Turkey Day Rally. A True Friend is forever BARBARA A. NELLIS Kuckie. Michael Feb 14. 1976 Camping. Cold River. Mobil, 3 Stooges. Feb. 7, 1976. MAUREEN NEWMAN Stretch Moe Hi gang sports, dancing, bowling Florida " 77 r ' 4-27-76 CB’ers Woolworth ' s New Years Eve TP 5 O ' clock AM If you love something set it free, If it loves you it will return And if not, it never did. PATRICIA ANN NICHOLSON Day Dreamm Again, smile Bermuda ' 76. Nicklepus Woolworth gang Queen C ' mon Red. Bus. Office. I). RSVP. Memo¬ ries to cherish thanks to good Friends Goodbye and Good-Luck to All. SCOTT NOLAN Subaru, Paul Smiths College. Think Snow, Ski Trips, Hampton Beach, Shawtown, Waterskiing, Yukon Territory. Beth ' s A Lucky name, some pay will plow, Roche Bros. Good old Bakery, My Little Cousin. TRISH NONIS Maine Ocean City-76. Can I sail thru the changing ocean tides? Ruby Tuesday endless journey bikerides ib4 Canadian episodes. The Circle — good times gone by. iOHN NORDBLOOM JANICE NORMAN KARL NORMINGTON BRENDA O ' BRIEN 67 CTO TAZ. Hairy. Jan 3, 73. Pandol- BOB Fairhaven Pep Club C.B. Radio McDonald ' s Slave. Dcutsch Uber Alles. Ski, Canada, Jay Peak and the Bunny v Od 31 75 Heidi Summer 75. 76, Bubblegum Tuppers 4 9 76 Woolies ice Soccer 0-?I.R Club? Member of D period Hop. Texas 76 Hampton Beach N.H. tamily Do A Bird. Pee Funk. coffee Florida " 77 " Beach Boys Concert Sleepers NHS Whist Committee Colleae The time to be Happy is now. Sleeping s anda Hockey, lifting. F D R. jays Room Where do I go from Here?? Life has just Bound (MIT)? Do I Have to take English till 12. Filene s. Framingham State disco. He Squad Mom, S.L Bugels. Change begun. Bye N.H.S. I ' ll Worry about the rest Later on. Mad Crusin, Silly moods. Worlds IP Yes. Hi Jimmy. Thanks. And Grabber. ED OCKERBY Star Limey London to Natick. Greg G. and One way roads, LOOK OUT VATIC - Basketball + Rugby, now Wa e Mr. Louie Colombo, Sit on it. First aad Last, so long Natick. U.S.C.G. bound, tor fear Thank God I am Home in the U.S. MAUREEN O ' DONNELLI Kevin. " GUMBAll RALLY ' Cape. Florida. It ' s a small world. Hutch ' s. What ' s a Goush? No, the one beside ya Not me! Junkyard 4”45A.M Couch! " 74 " " Dough Boy " . Rude Derelecks. va right you might! Hockey. There all the same! Tnumpn ANNE O ' LEARY Anne with an " e ' . Kidney stones again! Borderline? Noras Wedding, free bird. Rum Keg Don. B.G. the professional student 9 14 75(6 L.M.H. Who ' s Judy M? raps Sue. the Sundance Kid medicine bound. KUNZ 11 22 75. Mohawk love to dance BILL O ' LEARY Willie. Big Bill Skibum. car. Rt. 30 Ex¬ xon . Work much. Work-study. Seen Lacauture Lately Have the Car Today, Want a Skip Friday Nightparty ' s Crash June 76. Ford F250 Skip to Boston Thanks Mr. Roy Get Kicked out of the Libe PAMELA OLSEN PAUL ORDWAY DEBORAH J. OSGOOD )ANET ELLEN OFSTROFSKY Head Hoop Walpole game 50 Deb. Oa, Dumbo, IBTC. Dave. Gera Chicken good times going out to break Thanksgiving day rally " Look it ' s a nuims: Sucrets OsO s CadoZit Carefree fast Tapper ' s. Upstairs A Take it slow and Moose We were fust practicing Cape ’76, Wanna go to the beach? Me, easy I don t get it. bummer Nantasket 76. “Skynyrd Concert Rhyme time in Mos forget Only a baby’ Don ' t mind me. but. the munchies. that s right, the Manor Prob. Handsome Fram. North parly? Tech Big Fool. Stevie Wonder. Florida. Water- N.H. Long Misty Days, it seem Like it Draw. Going down 128 Dave drive skiing. K J Zig. Only a still pool reflects. took forever . . . much? Gotta nave Tails? PAUL PANDOLFINO Me Marcy, Get it together. Nito what am I going to do. I ' m really Torry. Whatsa matter J. Chico, Stank. Johns Goat. Fix it up. I hope everyone has the best of luck. Gel a haircut and style at Pandofino ' s. DAVID P. OULTON Honda Civic. The Ridge. We ' ve seen that shirt before Intin. The Shadow. Stop Stop. Gumbo gags me. Deal me in. Zep- JUDITH A. OXFORD MSP Do what ' s right for you or you ' re not good for any body. All my life I ' ve searched for beautiful people and beauti¬ ful things but I realize now that they are here — my friends. I ' m as free as a Bird now. Berkshires 76. CATHIE O ' SULLIVAN OsO ' s Ca Do Zit. goops. catnip. What a TP? JW and MM. No, I ' m Italian. Carole King, tumblin down. Marshalls? Veins, uch! Geraniums, its been real, CC and RS. Europe. Florida ' 77. S6F. O.K. Bye. " Life is a daring adventure or nothing. " pelin gotta have it. Medfield flats Physics 42. Out! Dave ' s taxi rides again. Concert bound. I ' ll see ya! THOMAS EDWARD PARECE If you have built castles in the air, vour work need not be lost; There is wnere they should be. Now put foundations under them Thoreau NANCY PARKER Bill. Summer of " 76 " . Fairhaven. parties. Dream what you dare to dream, go where you want to go. be what you want to be . . Live . . SUSAN PARRIS White Mtns. The Island. Sleaze M.A.D. Silent Sunlight, x-country. " Back to the times when the Earth was Green . . . The Sea was Clean, Don ' t stop that Sun from Shining, it ' s not yours or mine. " Cat Ste¬ vens KENNETH PAUL Benny. 66 Mustang. Cruizin. the Molson Goldies. Geo ' s Bar and the land of oz. Dolts and Lanes. Teenage Wasteland. Punchin ' the CR-125. W-F-O. Skate boarding. Working at the bakery. The Cape. The long and Winding road. SUSAN PAXMAN SONJA PEASE JIM PEIRCE PAUL PELLEGRINI National Honor Society. J.E. B.M. Natick Gymnastics, Gymnastics, etc. Ozzie Fords !, Mercury, Marquis, Fury Cornet Animal Clinic. Skiing. Riding. In memory Ivanhoe I ' ll blind you with speed Louie. 440, Heavy Metal Music Hey Whats of Lynn Kitty and the Horse With No Sucrets, Me ets, practice — BLAH! par- Happening? excellent Co-Capt. Varsity Name. A Milestone reached, and more to ties, yeah! big leg cast — thats the breaks Swim Team, girls, College bound, come. hop-along, cashier with the cast, peanuts Aerosmith, goodtimes, Beatles, Con- in Alg. with Laura Just the beginning. traband goods Parties, Pine St. Whist, Coors, I love my car. IOHN PELLERIN DAVE PENNIE BARBARA PERILLI DAVE PERRY - jog, Honda 550-4, Groundhog Whats Varsity Baseball 3 years, 11-25-76 Rally The sun sets amists the hills. Blooms 31-15-35 For 3 years. Welcome Bob and - r Sdl ou re a Dolt, Blow Luncn, Much Cheerleader " We were just practicing. " close up slowly with time. From dawn ' s John. Good. Luck. UMass Bound. Looks f Down by the Pond, ' 67 Cutlass G.B.P.P. Cape Cod. Open Hearth Martins sudden white snine. to our happy time of like lots of Accounting. Zayre has cone CsrcH a Buzz Hopefully MM Bound. House Friday Sat. Night Keg Parties. mid-noon, JHS NHS. And the sunsets in more than just price Happy. Something Braintree Football game, Hank I Can flaming array to portend a newer day. about that color blue. Cheryl, Joanne Drivel! Good! Basketball Team. Alone, but one. Debbie. Three Stooges? JANICE L. PINEAU Jan. The Gang. F.I.C. Your crazy! Don ' t tickle me. I gotta get my hair cut. Your so quiet! Vacations and the summers. What ' s next?? R.N. someday. Frenchie. A special smile. TAKE CARE! My litte???? Jimmy 1030-76 . . . JENNY POLLAK Squirt. How short are you? 4 ' 10V2 " . But I am standing! Sack. Midnight movies — Wizard of Oz. Ask ME I know. The 3 Masketeers. Ice Hockey. 14-27. Eagles are 1. Computer Bound. Sports. I ' m gonna live my life — I want to be me! KIM ELIZABETH POLLOCK SUNSHINE — Three Stoogers — Linda, We ' re in the men ' s room — When you ' re down let the sun melt away cold feelings. GAS MUCH. Hey Wellsy, You got a friend!! Don ' t be scared cuz you ' re on your own you have to learn to love it! Thanks!! BYE NOW! STEVEN POTTER SHARON L. PRATT Florida ' 75, ' 76, ' 77! Texas ' 76. Judy, re¬ member beebop? N.H. 7-4-74 Susie. B.A. have you seen any Jerry Lewis mov¬ ies lately? " Let ' s get something to eat. " 24 oz. " Strive to make life full of fun and happiness. " S.C. JANICE PROCUM It ' s a Cin-Cin, Ann, Deb, MB, Lori. Sacco-bound, canoeing, Astronomy¬ stargazing. York Steak House. Maine. Nursing Bound. The " G.P. " " Ask me if I care! " Lynne and the gang from Needham. KIM D. PROCUM Architectural Drawing, Computer Pro¬ gramming, Algebra, White Water Canoe¬ ing, Wood Carving, and Drawing. " If at first you don ' t succeed, try, try again. " ANNE K. PROVOST Good Bye. 194 MARLENE S. PROVOST Stories. Miles And Piles Of Eng. Stories. Volleyball And Team Handball Did Me Good. Outdoor Excursions, the Differ¬ ence In A School Day. People, Many Did Me Good, Helping Me From The Largest To The Smallest Problems To Be Faced. Snowdays International Week. To Re¬ member. DANIEL J. PRUNTY Wilson-Natick-Newton-Natick 65 Mus¬ tangs Fastback 2+2 Ford Power Fishfin- ders+36 Chevy Pickup TLFEPB MTR IHOP+AL Going to New Hamp.? Hon- da+Harley 121976 A Killer the Keg Ag¬ gravation SS Speed Auto Body Good Luck Everyone. MARGARET S. PUTNAM Steinway+Sun-Mts. Bos. 6am.-Vt. Mr. J. Ms. O Ms. W Whales Owls . . . Loves . . . Earth First ... Me and you, O ' Well. RLG. Our Survival is affected as the abundance of life is diminished. AMIRA I. RAHMAN Merestead 75, 76. CASK. As the team- room turns. A-rab. Bricks. Metalkfast? Rainbow PWA. Woolworth ' s gang (27)! E per.: Jr.-Bio., Sr.-Eng. Sunapee, Shubert. Fri. the 13th. Whistanolic. IR " club. " Sat. Nite Live! Carpe diem. HENRY A. REEVES Hank. Allniters over Fink ' s. Peter ' s Pond Trip 76. Skynard. Cheerleader? Slow Down Dave! Freebird. But, Officer . . . P+P regular. Jobs. Cotillion Night crash 12-20-76. Hold it boys. Heartbreak Hotel. NORTH PARTY. 6-77, I ' m outta here. NANCY REGAN Tripping over the window pane of life. 45 ' s the field. Ganga 74. The Hill. Believ¬ ing in my friends. Faith in ya Cougar. Don ' t know where I ' m going but I ' m sure any road will do. 303 Sea St. See you in the next world — don ' t be late!! MICHELLE REGNIER You Guys, Just cuz I ' m outta here please don ' t forget me. 12-3-76, MB ' s Blowout. 1-8-77 Miracles do happen. " To comfort and to listen to smile and believe in you. " Thanks Lu it meant a lot. Don ' t let the dis¬ tance pull us apart! JAMES RICHARDSON DEBORAH ROBERTS Steve 1 1-22-75. Cape Cod 76. Roche Bros. Xmas 76. Riverts Haunted House. Love is the little things we do for each other. Mass Bay maybe. Square Dancing. Always be happy. Tap Dancer. Pennsyl¬ vania 74. Best of Bread. If. I L Y S.S. MARY BETH ROBERTS M.B. My Keg Party 12-3-76 The piece, Led-Zeppelin — Gold Fever — Bermuda — Parties — Visiting — Upton + Paxton. Much Later Natick High!! SUE ROBERTS SM Camaro How Art Thou? Calif. One of the Beacon Boys. Marty ' s House. Hol- lowmobile. Beach Baby Borrow clothes much? Ski vans. My house. Firebird LD + Pets. Smile make people laugh be happy. It improves your personality. I Love It! BL JEFFREY ROCHE 69 Camaro. Beans, Hee Hee. Cruisin with Froggie, Dolts. MUNCH! I lost my keys. Reeses. Summer Nights on Cape Cod. Eve was weak, say it. FRATOOOM. lyelyelyeBeeBop Yogi Bear. Wheet! Unka-Da. Wine. Much Later N.H.S! ELIZABETH ANN RODMAN Liz. AMC much? 6 am — Chatham . . . 3 buddies 4-ever. po-tractor. Prerally warm up. Bermuda 77. Gemini. 2 Masses plus punch . . . Party bums unite! Frampton at ccc. New Years Eve Until 9 am!! Clivld Circle. As time goes on . . . Richard. GARY RODMAN Speech. Talking to Cross-eyed judges. Bowdoin 207. What is a fountaintail? Point of order. Opt negative. Procrasti¬ nate? Morning announcements. People who think they know everything are par¬ ticularly aggtavating. SUSAN M. ROGERS Sunshine . . . My friends, you ' re all so special . . . Heart-aches . . . Rab 9, 10 . . . Am I late?? . . . Stay close, Cheryl . . . Rain. Mom and Dad I love You . . . Thank God . . . Being free is enough . . . Spoiled rotton . . . Mus¬ tangs ... I ' m sorry. THOMAS E. ROGERS Bob ' s packy on wheels . . . Summer nights at Whitney . . . Fannons is number 1 . . . Schlitz . . . " Pontiacs Rule ' Led Zepplin. Doobie Brothers. . All men brothers. Grand Funk. Pink Floyd. Aerosmith . . . MAUREEN A. RONDEAU I ' ll always love those good times gone by . . . Bill ' s. 4-7-76. I don ' t analyze, I just love them; because — well, because they ' re my friends . . . 13-2-76 24-5-76. I ' m takin ' my time but I don ' t know where. Take care. JOSEPH C. ROONEY JR. Goon-squad — ready for a gag, New Years Eve, South Natick, E period Zoo, Patience, I ds Please, out for the night, Fa¬ ther ' s Car, Buick, Motorcycles Lake, Wa- ban, Stigmatines, Leach Lane, Woods, Front St. . . . DAVID B. ROSALES Good wood . . . The college a long way around . . . The road The cape — First time and more crus ' n — Buck 120 .. . MAINE " 76 " Take a hike . . . Scrub first gear miller and the Tunes . . . F.T.S. The bike and Nova . . . Scotia 325 .. . Waddy a mean. JOAN ROSEN Ski Bum. Wyrd. Those endless journey bikerides. O ' Malley Let me tell it again it ' s usually funnier the second time . . . turtle. Throb? EUUN!! Headly. Earth to Joan. Cosmic vibes, guitar, harmonica. It ' s too late to turn back now . . . JON ROSENKRANZ PAULA ROSENTHAL After enough time has passed all memo¬ ries are beautiful. Swim Team . . . Val- leyhawl . . . I ' m so Bloated . . . Shnort . . Summers at Nantasket. It was the Best 18 months. AM phone calls for Mike and Steve ... I have to get some gum. IB4 PAUL B. ROTHWELL P.B S 15. Park Ave. scrub . . . White ' s Path, the saloon . . . Zeppelin, golf. The dinner. The registry. Burlington . . . Who ' s sleepin ' over? Tull concert, cut downs, sorry I ' m not 18. South Street. Lite . . . Cricket?? DEBRA RUBENSTEIN Good Morning! Art. Summer ' 76 D D Boston. Sunshine ' n ' Love. Book. Roses and violets . . . Imagine. USY. Do you wanna fluff? WBLC . . . Munch-out with Tammar. Soooo! The top ten? Ski. Loses. S S . . . C ' est lavie. huh? 2. Elan. Ace Carrot. 196 JOHN DAVID RYAN Jack, Football 81 8-2. Summers in Mar¬ shfield. Big Milts surprise party. " Magic, Lets work out. " Week-end nights with Tom, Steve, Murph, and Danny. " Ralph " I ' M grounded again bud . . . Beatles . . . Forever . . . JOHN RUIZ Class of " 7N7 " . South Natick. To the good times. Falcon ' 73 Stigmatines. New Hampshire — You ' re still one. Arizona here I come. The night of the Turkey . . . J.P.R. RUTHANNE RYAN Turk 1. Than. Excellent. Summer ' 76. Sci- tuate. And we all had a real good time, seesta. at and words of advice, never forget, pre-school, step in. lasane. Rutha. Yeeha. Alj you touch and all you see is all your life will be. PAUL F. RYDER Crackers Wrestling Captain ' 76 and ' 77 . . . Summer ' 76 — Eagles-wings-Sas hey . . . hey guys - GH - RW - EW - RL - MS - TF - SS -|F - MM, Lot of good, mes! My Friends — Moe - Barb - Lynn and - 1B . . . Prom 77? Xmas eve! Pite gang Why can ' t tommorrow. JOHN J. SAICH DIANA SANSEVERO The three stooges. Sly. 2-7-75. We ' re not sisters. Oxie and me. San Fran with Scooch. Cape. SLS I ' m not gonna say it. Wayland. Hey Sue. Suicidal g Periods. Break away. The most I can do for my friends is simply be his friend . . . LORRAINE ANNE SAVIANO Bermuda " 77 ' Pre-Rally Warmup 7-12-75, 1-2-77, 4-2-77 again! Prom ' 76. Sues party. My head. Pep Club. What ' s burning. But Donna what ' s a nobscot? H4. Lets remember those nights. But its cold and no matches. The chateau. Col- fm ? - £T„ |gF w . asi 1 C ; —_ - • i ai v - ! STEPHANIE A. SCHAVONE JANET CAMERON SCHIFF Slurb. Summer 1976. Parents Gone, let ' s Rainbow worthy advisor Sept 76 — Jan have a party! New Hampshire van party. 77 . . . DeMolay Sweetheart . . . Indoor Buzzed. Eagle ' s Concert. Miller high life. track girls outdoor track mut lumpy The instigator. Tardy much? Skip much? spearcnecker stretch NH which Mark? Xmas tree, contest w Mac. The past is Psych Physics. B period . . . Woody forgotten, but memories remain. Each dawn is a new beginning. LEE G. SCHLESINGER FRANK ALAN SEGALL The end of a dream is always sad and Gull. B. Ball 44. A.Z.A. — V.P. Miss often hard to accept, but it is ultimately Medford, Cougar-free = 1 Grand. Suicide gratifying, for it means the building of Squad, " was the door open? " Funway, new dreams. KTC, Lawns. Summer of " 76 " . 85 m.p.n. Beaqfi Boys, Elt. John " Karen " , 3-27-76, " LATE, " Believe! " Onward Upward " DEBORAH SHASTANY BARBARA ELLEN SHAPALIS Without memories of yesterday With its hopes and dreams a meaningless today, an empty tomorrow. Good times. Good friends KAREN SHEPARD Chinny. Shoegirl. " Where is everybody? " Saturday morning insanity. Goops! Youngblood. Bermuda 77. If not, Pier 4? R K Taxi. Profound statements Some things never die . . . " Gonna grow a new set of wings and fly away. " VERA SHKRELI Yugo . . . Pin . . . Mib ... I . . . Good . . . friends. RSVP. APTIYA . . . Static . . . Clinj department. Goodbye NHS. Maur. My Buddy. The Cult. To my friends, Keep cool and thank you all! ROBERT SHOWSTEAD LISA R. SHUMAN SHU. Bahama mama, breakfast, cor¬ rupted. Monahans. Kath, our all nighters. never again. Lush 1. ID ' s. Gin Tonics. • The Cape. Nantasket Beach sunburns. 1 of 4. Whompies. My Monte Carlo. Chinese food munchies. David 7 11 75. many memories. BARBARA JEAN SIEGEL JOSEPH SILVIA Angel. Celebration. Celebrate Reflections. Better hide it here comes the 3G ' s. Sum- Portraits. Green M M ' s. wicked. 67 mer cruisin on the back of Ray ' s bike. ' Chevy. Mike New Friends. Oh what a Bikes, 3B ' s WFO. Pinch it. Party. Ride to nite, late Dec. 12-11-76. BU. Fire Rain live live to ride. Karate. I got some papers . . . Speechy . . . Sassamon ... Nat Ray. Power line partie ... 67 Stang. ' 75. Chamber Singers. LOOK OUT LIFE Burn out HE. D Rule!! Later Natick HERE I COME. Shalom. " High " . . . NICHOLAS STAVROPOULOS D.L.R. Stop here, Do a byrd, Dick whats up Enjoy coke, I ' m blitzed. STEELY DAN, YES treak, Concerts concerts more concerts. Old boats never die 72 Capri Do your own thing OUTTA HERE . . . DENNIS STEVENS Banned from Sherborn. 65 Mustang (alias Squidmobile) Working at the Round. FREE BIRD. Friday nights. Nowhere bound. ELO . . . BRIAN MITCHELL STEWARD Picardy 3 Cranes Beach. Mr. T. Good form. Dorn. Everything I feel the spirit. Ms T. Mrs B. Candlelight. Closet Clan. Unc Ernie — Daddy Duck. God likes me when I work but he loves me when I sing. Thanx Mr T, you helped me thru. KTB JILL E. STORER JES Music was my first love Southern Rock Roll . . . Buffett Marshall Tucker CDB Skynyrd Seger Eagles Chapin . . . Guitar You know I ' ve always been a dreamer . . . FLA A1A Cruisin ' in the Falcon Wanna Drag? Macs NH I don ' t care — it was fun! WILLIAM STRINGHAM Billy, Val 6-11-76. Dolly, Lu Chris, Vinny Getch, JR Marlboro. Ill meet you in the next world dont be late — Jimi Hendrix. Later. B.O. Smoking Area? Cougar. Pink Floyd Trower, Hendrix. Valerie me " Hey Joe " Jimi Hendrix. CHRISTINE STRONG Tennis 76. What can I say? Ya bug stall much? Anne I think weTe lost. Cape Cod 76 JSF Wicked nice Summer cruises jogging. Denise do you have it? Give me a break Cant forget homeroom. Plan to go to where where its warm. DIANE MARIE STURNIOLO David love ya 12-12-75, 3 stooges. WSA Good times . . . Laverne, Best friends forever Falmouth summers, ge t me a buc¬ ket! Summer concerts Im glad I bought this, I really like it Wanna skip? We ' re fi¬ nally out of here! Bye now. KATHLEEN ANNE SULLIVAN R d carrot Tennis Future Hairdresser. Lobster sandwich Friday nights at Ground Round. Jogging shoes. 74 Mustang Rowdy head table. Ticklish. Shy. Talk much? Shirley. President Chico. Goodbye KELLY SULLIVAN Drive In Red cars Susan. 77 Oh Yes Stuffed animals much Maine-someday Tuppers ... As times goes on I realize just what you mean to me now that youre here — Chris I love you. Well make it yet. Fred 10-17-75. Kelly-kelly yes. PATRICIA SULLIVAN BILL SULLIVAN Superstamper. Little orphan boy. Cranes beach 76. What ' s a Picardy 3rd? Har- moneers. The sun! The sun! The sun! Trumpet players make better lovers. I ' ll be yours always . . . ANNE L. SURMAN Speech team — long may it reign 1. Tnanx Mr G Mr D. Last minute rifle routines w CC CO. Fperiod laughs. La¬ crosse Despise no man hold nothing impossible for there is no man but has his day no thing but has its place B.A. DAVID SWAN 6“ Pontiac Tempest Sh t Box Roches Bros Hat tires 12-31 The ridge The parking lot Cruisin ' in Buck ' s goat . . . STEVEN SWEENEY Framingham No. parties are we invited? LS concert Chariotraces Foxboro Julio ' s I don ' t know! Mannings car? Baseball? Rice Rd? Closecalls Northeastern Cape 76 florida . . . JAMES TALVY " Crow circuit " Squirrel car snowbanks? Camping night in Petersham " tent spins " " crow circuit goes to court " Waterskiing Icefishing w the boys. Hunting To Jody with love. P.S. Outdoor life doesn ' t lie. SUSAN L. TAYLOR Those endless journey bike rides. 2 yrs. of webbed feet pickles. 400 long Dutch miles. IB4-Thue Jue " I ' m immune! " NH, I will be back for I ' m packing only necessities: 2 mths of laughter a lifetime of memories . . . LAWRENCE THIBAULT WILLIAM P. THOMAS Soccer 18-0 UMASS Blowout. Mass Maritime. Slow-talkin Bill MOD he ' s out of control One punch. One night in Buz¬ zards Bay — Woods Hole. JULIE THOME DIANNE J. THOMPSON DEE Me? Yes I talk WMN I found it in my btm. drawer 1-76 Lets go see Ron I ' m just tired H per. The group Young Blood RN someday Polish all the way Daddys Itl. girl Worlds best family Someday we ' ll be together. SHEILA A. TIBERI quick trips . . . 7am to 4 pm Holly, time or the car keys . . . Canada 76 On what a night ' s . . . Dodge ' em Dan ... Oh brother ' s 1 o ' clock pick-up haircut We na e 5 min. Will we do it? Lots of fun ■ •Ties. PAUL TIRRELL Wally. Skiing up New Hampshire. Satur¬ day nights in 76-77. My JEANY. The Villa Chess. Beat 302. 77 bring me to heaven! Roche-it! PHILIP TODESCO SO. Natick " wall " . The woods. Parties. Pino. LMH. BANANA IN MOUTH. Jock? Leach Lane. Wild YAMAHA! Hojo ' s. " Next Door. " College? Maybe. JOANN TOLSON , • + ► 201 ■HI TERRY WAYNE TOPHAM Sue, forever, dolt. Blow lunch. Villa, Frac¬ tured leg on bike 9-29-76. Honda 350-4 Michelob. ' ' Later " " Yea Much " Make that lane. Who 12-13-75 Cutdown. Bogus. SMOKE. AUDREY G. TOWER Turk 2. K.P.R. 7-26-72. Baby blues. Pre rally warmup. Lake Waban with love. The 99. I ' m gonna miss you Squeek. Drive much? Calif? Good luck Donna Leeboy. There may be more beautiful titties; but this one is ours. The way we were. PATRICIA A. TOTA Bon 4-26-74 68 Camaro summer ' 76 — " Dennisport " Cape — Sundays — 442 — Summer ' 72 Sportswear Own Boutique loves music — dogs — tennis — hair¬ dresser MATTHEW TORTI FRANK TRAVASSOS, JR. WILLIAM TRIFERO IRENE TRIFIRO PATRICIA ANNE UNTERSEE The future has many doors to be opened. 26, football, 8-2, barefoot, 429, Cobra Do it with dignity. Lacrosse The Sister- Parti and Yanny. Weekends . . . 360s do So now, we must each decide for ourse- Jet. Wheres Hutch? " 76 " Mary, Ohio. hood. Assaulting the summit in N.H. it with dignity! Pigeons no fair, you ' re not Ives the ones which are right for us. 8-28-74, Cape. College bound. Thanks Wicked G Yes! What ' s going on? B-Ball ticklish crazy, wanna come? hey John — B.H. . . . " OK Mr. 300 + Knick-Knack games with Liz. Black is 76. " Dreams, let ' s get Deb! pillow fites in lounge frogs. . . . " Starsky " Fords do go! Tatoo. South they ' se for those who sleep—life it ' s for lumberjack Raz, you, spaz! Mickey Drive-in, " Stank. " Free bird. us to keep. " Mouse. SS. Still. STEVEN F. VALLE DEANA VECCHIONE NANCY ANN VENDETTI EDWARD PAUL VERCELLI Val. Cindy — 5-28-76. Audubon walks Mini Guinea. Smoke and bowl. Tuppers. The other 16 . Chemistry 8 green peas and Tennis. Southern Comfort and mists w CC. Eag fleet. Scuset 76 scallops. Hoc- Stairway to heaven. No parking zone. Natick pizza palace. Todd. Elo. Doc? acc. freeze. Andrea ' s grad, party. South St key? 15 Work-O. Lite. Rock Garden Haunted House. Caf all periods. What ' s scmhacbrhmrl. skiing = split pants, in the Head table. What? Me Jimmy Fox. Garv ' s w Ed. Behind rink. S.B. Raids. 100 2by4 ' s homeroom? Favorite bell 12:20. 70 ' GS barn? Dudz and SM. Blue eyes and bas- house. Christmas party at Beth ' s. D.O. PB. ' s BDAY. Sam ' s saloon. Triple trouble. bomber. What ' s up? Midnight munchies. ketball. Hampton Beach. Paris en avril. Water skiing. Bacardi. Bum. Taller than College bound. Later. West Dennis 6-7-75. Bate laps! Cheryl ' s. 202 PAUL J. VINE JR. DAWN WALKER Grape. Black ' 55 Ford. ' 65 Mustang. Buy a Ford. Architecture. Roche Bros. Deli. Lobsters. Shld Hcky in Tech Dr. Out to lunch. Three stooges. Termit is umbda. TRACY WALKER Spacy. Sisterhood. Sox. Dites at Dis. Vahi. 5 secs. Rallies kindasorta. 12-3-76. C ' est la vie. Be tackful! M.E. Dropout Baby blue. Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you gotta do is call. To my friends — thanks keep the faith. DAVID WARD Tora May 27, 1976, Drive-In, Maine Peah ' s Island, Martha s Vineyard. The cafe. 72 Plymouth Road Runner, 68 Camaro SS. Pulled over much? Figures. We ll talk about it later. Fedelma what would we do without you? OLD ORCHARD BEACH, MAINE. MY LICENSE. WHITNEY FIELD. SUMMER NIGHTS BASKETBALL GAMES. NO JOB YET. BOWING WEDNESDAY NIGHTS. SOFTBALL 74-75. FAMILY GET TO- GETHERS. The bike and N.S. 325. Baldy 12, 441. The Long Trail. " 65 Mustang , It ' ll be done next week! New Years. Off me you! Wildlife Management. Skiing and Winter survival " 77 " . Indoor and outdoor twack. Soccer 18-0? Hurdles. DC. ANDREA WARE DONNA WARREN Woolworth ' s, birthday, movies, Carrie, Burnt Offerings, The Enforcer. Agent 64 . . . Andy (I hate that name!) Mouse. Ro¬ bin, Kim, Donna, and Debbie. " Mus¬ krat. " Merits. J.T. Messy room always! Good-bye forever!! 203 AMY WASSERMAN ROGER G. WEAVING, JR. PAULA WEBER LAURA WEBSTER wasserperson. macrame, plants, bikes, FB 88 1-4 ... BB 40 1-4 ... C S.B. Co-capt gymnastics 24 Thanks Mrs. 68 Firebird. NUMC . . . Wallaces. Texas etc. huh? gnorw s ' tghir tfel s ' tfel the period: Whistez-vous! Bargain! . . . Pres. Maloney where ' s exit 5? Hey, El! Bruins 76. 3-5-76 good-bye . . . Patty at nanas. wass. chevy m. when I was weird or extra Nat ' l Ho. Soc . . . Geek the Bag Fam- walk from woodland! Square Riggers Another Payment already: Tuppers. A down you straightened me up you stuck ily . . . Dartmouth bound . . . Waverly, Prom 76 weekend. Ho Jo ' s Mt. Sugar- wing girls room. Bermuda bound!!! Labs arounci you let me tease you at no end. Iowa . . . USNA USMA trips . . . Ben- loaf Webah. S.D. Weebles wobble out tyledimart at once. Go out to breakfast Thank you for bein ' a friend. nett award . . . New Year ' s, ' 77 . . . they don ' t fall down! Cotillion, memories much. Ferdinands See ya later Natick CC ' s worms Wish I could stay, but so High!!! long. ROBIN M. WHELAN Peach. " Can I say something? " Goops. New Years 76. R K Taxi Oh what a night! Misty Blue. Out in the sticks . . . much. 18 Lucky 11. Cutie. Bermuda 77. Saturday morning insanity. Where is everybody??? If not, Pier 4? . . . Have a nice . . . EDWARD J. WEIGEL VAL ' S 2 16 77, ROTH ' S 2 17 77. ME¬ MORIAL DAY WEEKEND — 76. MIC. HERE COMES ' C S ' ED, WHEELING IN WITH ALL HIS FRIENDS. NY. HEY GREG, DO YOU WANT TO STAY ON THE ROAD PLEASE, AUGUST — 76 MEDIMART EMPLOYEE CHRISTMAS PARTY — 76, PASSED OUT WITH SC. ROBERT WELLS Wellsy — What? It ' s cool. Where is the party? Ed ' s, Cracker ' s Sut ' s. MICH. KIM, 10-19-75 Windy II. Eagles Concert. GH, JF, PR, EW, MN. Holiday Weekends 76. Drive-in. Hockey, Curfew. Lac — Bum- min ' Slummin ' . Tennis. Co-Capt. Beachbound. Bye — Now. L. LYNN WARTON Two-roads . . . and I will take the one less traveled by. 11-19-75 JKC. Tanglewood J. Taylor B. Those endless journey bike rides. Ib4. Dear Sue — her skinny bones. Bye Trish — Good Luck Mis, Jock Ma. Champs. Natick Animal Clic. SN. Earth Bound . . . BETH LENORA WHITE Bones. Tiny Feet. You ' ll get over it. Ber¬ muda 76. The Kelleys. XmasEve. Cotill¬ ion. New Years Eve. SMARC . . . Vega . . . Woolworths. Florida bound. He ad table. Two new ones. SK. GG. DF. AJ. GR. D4. V.B.F.A. ... Is the party still going on?? KAREN MARIE WHITE Whitey. LMH. Vacations in the hospital. Thanksgiving Rally. Summers in Maine. Thank-you it ' s my sister ' s. Shasta. A friend is forever. Wellsie. Bermuda 77. Future Nurse. Brian. The Lollipop Kids. BOH I was only kidding! SCOT WHITELAW Reek and ye shant wind. Parties at my house. 1977 the year of the 7 7. Pink Floyd. Can ' t live without tunes. Re¬ member the hen! Before school parties! 1976 the High centenial! Kegs are evil! All town down but still alive. DANA F. WHITNEY If you can ' t impress ' em BS ' em. Buick. G.S., mine or my mother ' s? Thursday nights. Honda 400 Four S.S. MIT or RPI? National Honor Society. Schlitz please Shall we go to school Getch? See you later Bitter. D-period Chem. 40. 1A 4 GREG WILDE Cape Cod bound — blow a tire! 10-22 23-76 D.Q. Burnout kiss the tree Drivemuch snowbanks walk into trees! Play ping-pong much? Talk tax-mas tree at Sue ' s midnight romp in the snow GmanBrownie Andrew J JC Bo late again! Whist anyone? CHRIS WILLIAMSON WENDY ANNE WILSON Wendell . . . Oblates . . . Cutie . . . Anyone but Zoof. P.C. bound . . . Fink ' s . . . B. Pain . . . Girl ' s State Study. Maine . . . You Goof. Why me. It wasn ' t a total waste. New Year ' s Eve . . . Nicknanes ... 4 Musketeers . . . Romeo ' s Toy. Tomorrow is just our beginning. BARBARA J. WILDE Bi ' b Worm. Beach bum. Dennisport, second home, summer of ' 76. That spe¬ cial one week, without you. B.M. L.A.S. coach, friends forever. Where love rules ‘here’s no will to power . . . Memories to cherish. • ARTHUR WOODRUFF Art. " Woody " Wrestling. J.V. Std. Varsity Std. 12-0 " Beached Whale " Eileen. Win¬ ter Drive-In. Winter fire places. Paul. Bad News Cubs " John. Boston trip. Rita. D.P. Ducks. Chicago Concert. 11-20 R A, 2 years. E A, 12-19. JAY YANCEY 43 Football almost made it Coach Whe¬ lan. B.F. Knick-Knack Finally 300t. Col¬ lege bound Want some stank. Got a buck? Jack want a bench. Are you setting bugles. Mr. 200 K.Z. Good while it lasted. GTO . . . Tri power. Good-Luck Everyone . . . CHARLES YETTON THOMAS R. YOUNG Rusty Thepunch. Jeep. Barfathon I II III Krupa don ' t let me freeze! cross country. Indoor, ourdoor. I wish I was good like you Phil! Hey Julio! Villanovahere I come Hey Frank do you want to go ice fishing Tobogganing on a certain New Year ' s Eve. 57! Cape Cod. ANN MARIE ZANCHI Banannie. Tom 11-19-76. Hey KEEBIE! Mr. Potato Head. Hi Poo! Laverne. Ber¬ muda 76. Hey, Hey, Hey! Would you, Lady? Roches. So it ' s the laughter we will remember whenever we remember the vs ay we were. CINDY ZATZ Zitzi. The Beatles. Tennis. Nancy — part¬ ner ' s always, waxed papercups. in my room. Calif 76. WROR oldies. Blueboy. Ski Bunny. Wild world. OsOsCaDo-Zit. Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass . . . Dream Weaver. KAREN ZIEFF Zoof. Nose. " Punk " Chief Zieff What ' s a Zoof? 4 Musketeers. Lovers lump. Fink ' s Florida Montreal. I ll drive. Coolidge field. BBG ' 76 Pres. I don ' t have my skates. KZ ' s. Yesterday is only today ' s memories, tomorrow is today ' s dreams KAREN ZONGHI Zombi. Zong. LMH. Goldie 1-76 Fink ' s Florida 76. Hampton 75 Lunchbox. Lover ' s lump. Magic 4 Musketeers. Prom 76. KZ ' s I ' ll drive. Not Zoof. Romeo ' s Rubbers. Ball flight. Skiing. M.M.? Today is the first day of the rest of your life . . . 205 - ■ ■■■■ ” I , ' - - i l ■ :r ..»• -« ’j v v n‘ 41 IUMW 4 ni • fa Jiu LQ. a rudi AtftyfaA. C cvyuyZ amju-j Ai ybx ’ sb-t -A XJhd- crVvua., ourtoL ' zJ ct )L i iJ y (JLotX av-L AAsemX jJL AruyA C4 u T -£ eAA OurvoC. - Orf ' O X ' XusUS Aj mjSL s£ri Jl£ XJLaaA. y£0 l4 ' Jlvui aX ArH5 • Jbt cl£™«iX iJLe msiaL a i Sc£ u £ (JjtnsZ yjtl oC OUS ousn. bj C4AK slortjJlA L0fL AajJUJU AAst, A4 JL Jhsue . e t0 XLumAt, a tru-o uoL cut yC mruL -jzJLeuC. ! Ot n -uu oL trrrxX. - U-rL tc jUrrn44 ’ s Jhn,dZoL -siAAn+Asrrx tA xJLkuZ ALjcMctsaJ 1 jtvrrxj ti cvruX JhjaJL uJlP ' U ' XJU -4 C aamJL J u ytG A4z£ xJjd syr Jl lrw JJ Q u ft- XAj£. AyAG VQ. Xc 07V • jL CinmX I ' m Broke! Excellent; Where ' S The Party? The Besi In addition to school, outside work was a necessity for many of us. For some, a job meant keeping a car on the road. For others work meant a college education. Many times work meant foregoing parties and beach trips, but it did come first. LEONARD MORSE HOSPITAL EMERGENCY k, OUTPATIENTS COTTAGE ANNEX k RECEIVING r [ MAIN ENTRANCE VISITORS-NEXT DRIVEWAY Fashions were a large part of " 76 " and " 77. " The attire of most was casual and Levis were in all most everyone ' s wardrobe. When the girls dressed up they wore vests and gauchos with boots or clogs. The guys, during the winter season, had a lot of class because of their three-piece suits. Fads such as book bags, monogrammed T-shirts, down vests and cutting your hair made a big hit throughout the school. ISHgS :- Opposite page: 1. My best side 2. Rosemary in a fashionable cowel 3. Kurt a model? 4. Typical feet 5. The boot look This page: 1. One for everybody 2. A 2-piece suit for Deb 3. Wis ir a stylish vest 1 - -m 4 | »A 1 . 1 « 1 - i B I . t 1 • - ft i F I : E ’S- " tj 1 1 1 7 is 1 •t: i I 1 | « 4 1 4 XiJ ■ 1 1 » f 1 1 » 1 | ■ y I ' I • 1 an I 44 I i j I ! u 1 • 1 ‘ il 1 I 1 1 Wr The 1977 school year saw changes and unique occurrences that affected all levels of our society. Here, at NHS, many of us finally became ' legal. ' In town, the Bacon School, which housed so many of our memories and the name of whic h was an important part of many of our jokes and expressions, was torn down. New England weather broke all kinds of records. Some of the lowest temperatures in history were recorded this winter, while some of the highest temperatures were recorded this spring. On May 4, we were hit with a violent snowstorm which dumped eight inches of the cold white stuff upon us. That resulted in two more snow days! Many residents of the town, among the worst hit in the state, were without power for P LB - Ilf ttrV ROCKY ENERGY FARAH FAWCETT - MAIORS PEANUTS B-1 HUMAN RIGHTS BILLY CARTER AND THE GOOD OLD BOYS XIIXIIKIIX %2s2 j£czi 215 sBSaSBK ’ •?wk 1. Linda Ambrosino tries her hand at ping-pong in the gym. 2. Patty Michaels 3. Roger Weaving connects with the ball during the softball game. A vast audience looks on. ■■W w JfV.i ;:,. :: s@ • -fl Hpg v ssfc assess 1. Karen Zonghi is on the mound in the softball game. Peter Augustini looks on. 2. FOOD! Seniors line up for hamburgers and hotdogs. 3. Amy Wasserman serves in a vol¬ leyball game in the gym. 4. Mike Murphy gets ready to serve up a few burgers to his friends. M ' tm . v.v.v. v. A-J’.v y. wmm m wm®. w wmm 111111 ;lv. isfiSpip : • ■ 1. Mrs. Arena expresses her appreciation for the 1977 Sas- samon Yearbook dedication. 2. Poor Bill. His socks don ' t match. 3. Cheryl Gaines prepares to tap dance on an un¬ suspecting Brian Higgins. 4. Superb juggler Eddie Jacobs shows how he manages to eat while working. V | , LASS DAY Class Day, Thursday, June 9, was very special for the Class of 1977. Fifty-four seniors were awarded scholarships and awards for their outstanding performances in various areas of interest while at Natick High. The Class History was read, the Class Gift to the school was presented the flags were exchanged with the AFS student. Parents and friends gathered in the inner courtyard for a reception after the ceremony. 1 . 7 . 2 A 1. AFS student Atsushi Kawaguchi presented a Japanese flag to the school and thanked the class for his year at Natick High. Class Secretary Amira Rahman gave Atsushi an American flag on behalf of the class. 2. Class President Paul McGillivray and Vice-President Maureen Dunn presented the Class Gift, money to be used for student activities to the school. Junior Class President Adam Cerel accepted the gift for the school. 3. Paul McGillivray welcomed family and friends to Class Day. 4. Roger Weaving and Susan Ehrlich read the Class History. •rsm •Mit? 220 Awards were given to: Susan Ehrlich Carol Naranjo Anne Aisenberg Gwen Evans Barbara Nellis Lisa Allen Gregory Fasano Karl Normington Rose Barber Micheal Fortini Brenda O ' Brien Lynne Breslouf Douglas Glod Amira Rahman Cynthia Carpenter Jeane Golan John Ryan Nancy Castelli David Gumner William Sullivan Diana Cederbaums Michael Havener David Swan Adam Cerel Greg Hennrikus Anne Surman Sheryl Chouinard Brian Higgins Nancy Venditti Carol Lee Condon Gayle Hopkins Tracy Walker Catherine Cormier Lynne Howe Roger Weaving John Crisafulli Edward Jacobs Paula Weber William Crohan Eileen Jasinski Edward Weigel Susan Dargan Eric Jue Robin Whelan Rosemary Del Vecchio Gleen Karian Karen White Alix Drury Deila Laing Anne Zanchi Maureen Dunn Paul McGillivray Some of the Class Day Award winners : 1. Carol Naranjo was given an award for best all around female athlete. The award was given by School committeeman, Dight Crai in. 2. Cindy Carpenter won the DAR Good Citizenship Cetificate. . 3. Eric Jue won the Lion ' s Club Scholarship. 4. Greg Hennrikus was awarded a scholarship given by the Natick Coaches ' Association. Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away Now it looks as though they ' re here to stay. Oh, I believe Yesterday love was such an easy game to play. Now I need a place to hide away. : Oh, I believe in yesterday. Why she had to go I don ' t know, She wouldn ' t say. I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday. Yesterday love was such an easy game to play. Now I need a place to hide away. Oh, I believe in yesterday. — Lennon and McCartney yesterday. Suddenly, I ' m not half the man I used to be. There ' s a shadow hanging over me. Oh, yesterday came suddenly. Why she had to go, I don ' t know She wouldn ' t say. I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday Prom Queen Audrey Tower and Princesses Mickey Slovin, Debbie Flavin, Linda Johns and Lisa Shuman ipipll • V-JN , ' y ' yj . r ' ; ... r- ' Sj 1. The mood on Prom night is magical. 2. Matthew Morvillo is extremely happy to learn that Lisa Shuman has been chosen as a member of the court. 3. Kurt Herosian and his date share an amusing moment. ’ ' ■•JO y esterdaj 1. Ned Surman and Donna Warren thoroughly enjoy themselves at the Hillcrest. 2. A tender moment be¬ tween Debbie Flavin and Artie Wise. 3. Kristina Zambarano and Barbara Siegal clown for the cam¬ era. 224 HHi ... . — V v.v :: . ' SK F ' ’ .€ - “• t v. - w ’ « ' 8 ? f ■ i : - - . - ' W - - ' ■ ' • y£ _ v ' •• - •- JB ! «!§ 1 ■ — ’ c v -V . : ,vr . •_ . :: • a " ri . ' -I- fv • " 15. - ' j r? W r . .v-VVttg; 5 ' - -v - -. i.- - - . .. ;•• -Jr.rc •■r-.-v- r - -’V . ; u ' £-3 •— ... .i..v Frisbees, firecrackers, and a festive spirit were the order of the day as 540 members of the Class of 1977 received their diplomas from Natick High School. As the band started to play Pomp and CircumstarYce, the clouds, which had been threatening all of Se¬ nior Week, gave way to sunshine over Memorial Field. June 12, 1977, will long be remembered as a day of happi¬ ness and sadness. Happiness in knowing that we had completed high school, sadness in leaving behind classmates whom we had grown up with. Graduation Day will be a mo¬ ment that we will treasure the rest of our lives. §lp 4|lr • ,v.-r 1. Linda Johns poses with family in a scene that was repeated hundreds of times throughout town on Graduation Day. 2. Members of the Class of 1977 at Graduation. 3. The Whist Games were played to the end. In this game, while seniors were waiting in the gym for Graduation to start, Atsuhi Kawagucho contemplates his next move as Eng Cho looks on. 4. Adam Cerel, Class of 1978, Graduation Marshall, will have to do it all over again next year. SSL5=£25 Ssysrs 5 CLASS HISTORY The English 40 Board of Directors First row: Honorary members Sue Ehrlich, Amira Rahman. Second row: Dr. Ganong, Lloyd Levenson, David Gumner, John Crisafulli. Third row: Atsushi Kawaguchi, Roger Weaving, Mike Burke. Photo by Mike Burke. Three years ago we entered NHS; today we are here; three years hence we shall be scattered all over the globe. With help from class advisors Mrs. Mary Kowal and Mr. Richard Gaudette we have made it this far. Our first year was fairly undistinguished — we were somewhat dominated by the se¬ niors. We did participate by cheering on the state champion football team. We also managed to elect a few class officers: Paula ABecker, president, Diane Damplo, vice-president, Sue Ehrlich, treasurer, and Alison Sherman, secretary. To help guide us through the smoking area and an exquisite junior prom at the Chateau de Ville, we once again elected Paula, Diane and Sue with Amira Rahman as the new secretary. Dur¬ ing our senior year, while most of the class thought the school was under the guidance of Mr. Rosen and company, it was actually being run by a fine group of senior administrators: class president Paul McGillivray, vice-president Maureen Dunn, treasurer Sue Ehrlich and secretary Amira Rahman; Na¬ tional Honor Society officers Roger Weaving, president, John Crisafulli, vice-president, Tracy Walker, secretary, and Nanc Castelli, treasurer; president of the Student Council, Alice Johnson; Sassamon editor Debbie Jones; and yearbook editor Tom Murray. We ' d like to thank them all for they made our senior year what it had been. Our years in Natick High saw several world-shattering events: the Soviets made a killing in the Olympics, " Roots ' swallowed up all previous television ratings records, and while Jimmy Carter was taking the oath of office, someone was tak¬ ing the speakers from the senior lounge. Twice. Our class also made an attempt at improving international relations by participating in the AFS program. Last summer Ralph Letner visited Sweden, and during this year, Atsushi Kawaguchi came from Japan to visit Natick. We now feel that Atsushi is sufficiently corrupted to be able to well-represent the American way of life back home. There were many sports teams at Natick High with winning records this year: girls ' gymnastics, hockey, football, baseball, boys ' and girls ' swimming, and boys ' and girls ' track. All- Scholastic honors were earned by Sue Ehrlich for swimming, second-team all-scholastic by Tom Murray for hockey, and honorable mention by Jay Yancey in football. Congratulations to them all to all the teams and athletes who made superb efforts, but never-the-less came up short — especially the soc¬ cer team with its perfect record. i Our senior year was not only plagued with successes, how¬ ever. The snow sculpture contest was so successful that stu¬ dents returning from February vacation wondered how they ' d ever fit into the inner courtyard with all those sculptures taking up space. The ' 50 ' s dance became the first and probably last dance to be held in a snowstorm. Such a throng of people rushed the Spaghetti Dinner that the sponsors were over¬ whelmed. The group that threw the whist party found it was in possession of twice as many checks as of patrons. And a cer¬ tain dues drive is still hunting for money. The names of the sponsors of these classic showings have been omitted so that in years to come everyone can look back and say, " It wasn ' t my fault! " . TOO 110 Many seniors distinguished themselves in a positive manner. Bowler Kathv Bennett and mu ti-talentec Ed Jacobs made teie- sion appearance. Our Boys State representatives were John Crisafulli and Paul McGillivray, while VVendv Wilson went to Girls’ State. Cindy Carpenter was the recipent of the DAR Good Citizen Award. Mary Lou Greenwood won the Jewish W ar Veterans Award. The John Hancock business award went to both Debbie Kerr and Sharon Burke. Industrial arts honors .sere given to Tom Carr in Structures, Bobby Friedman for Tech. Drawing, Jenny Poliak in Electricity, William O ' Leary in Metalworking, and Larry Maletta and Dave LaRhette for Power Mechanics. Gary Rodman became a National Merit Scholar. Ann Surman won the NCTE writing competition in Mas¬ sachusetts. We had three people make the All-State Chorus: Allan Foster, Brian Higgins and Jon Rosenkranz — a nd one Jeanne Golan — in the All-State Orchestra. In fact, the concert choir won the state-wide competition and performed at the MMEA All-State Conference. Sassamon placed second in the Columbia Scholastic Press competition. Mr. Taddeo also distinguished himself this year by taking over the position of resident narc, officially known as adminis¬ trative intern. The senior class play, " Celebration, " was done in the planetarium. It starred Bill Sullivan, Ed Jacobs, Brian Higgins, Barbara Siegel and two fig leaves. The Drama Club ' s " Don ' t Drink the Water " was also a success. The music department staged three very popular prod¬ uctions: the Candlelight Concert at Christmas, the Winter Choral Concert in March, and the third annual Pops Concert, performed in the spring. Mr. Gerald Dyer, in cooperation with student director Beth Kowal, produced " Portraits 77, " a fantas¬ tic, energetic all-school musical. The show earned a well- deserved standing ovation each night. The NHS Speech Team is famous for many things. They make long-winded, monotonous announcements, they talk to walls, and they attempt to palm off long shots on Mopeds in the spring. But more importantly, they are noted for their con¬ tinuing standard of excellence that has brought them first, sec¬ ond, and second place in the state for the past three years. In our senior year, ten members, including seniors Diane Dam- plo, paula Becker, Jon Rosenkranz and Delia Laing made na¬ tional competition. Delia qualified for further national compet¬ ition. The class of 1977 found itself infested with two highly con¬ tagious preoccupations. One of these phenomena was called whist, which many thought was a requirement for becoming a senior at NHS. The other, a marked interest in apathy, was best exemplified by the " Conversational English 40 ' s Bored of Directors ' " motto, " Who Cares?! " . One of the more highly acclaimed events of our senior year was the Winter Cotillion. A record number of students came to dance and listen to the music of Jack Hahn and his orchestra. Another popular dance was the junior class ' Turkey Dance, featuring The Bugs. An original idea from the senior class was that of a Hundred Days Dance, at which the entire school joined to celebrate the beginning of the end. Rumor has it that there were other successful dances. As our senior year drew to a close, several unforgettable events occurred. One was the takeover of the inner courtyard. A lone duck descended upon the school, and within days had taken control with the aid of her nine ducklings. A few days later, Dr. Ganong modeled the new spring pie fashions. Steve Sweeney, Ralph Letner, Tom Fair, Tom Donellan and Paul Ordway provided the materials and helped him into his attire. Finally, the spring also saw the two most successful skip days in modern history, when a freak snowstorm knocked out all power in the area in early May. But all these things are in the past now, at graduation, we have to begin looking to the future. Let ' s hope that as we move ahead in life we ' ll remember everything that happened, and everyone we knew, during our years at NHS. Good luck to all. (Thank you, and that is all.) : Today, as the word commencement indicates, marks a beginning. It is the beginning of a lifetime of education. The most valuable teacher does not stand in the classroom, but in each individual. It is your desire to learn, which you must maintain every day of your life, that will be your most valuable teacher. Paul McGillivray By encouraging and supporting a love of the arts, we can add something very special to life ' s routines, something that a person can always have within himself, as well as share with the rest of humanity. And public education can provide us with the opportunity to develop aesthetically, and to learn that where there is a love of the arts, there is also a love of man. The Arts and Society jeanne Golan This country may be facing a grave crisis. In recent years, groups which for decades existed on the fringes of society have, in the name of liberty,, demanded the right to do as they please in the mainstream of society. Some of the claims have been legitimate. However, for each legitimate claim, dozens of frivolous and dangerous claims have arisen. What these claimants have forgotten is that with every freedom comes an increase in responsibility. We must never allow our pursuit of liberties to restrict the freedom of others. All our freedoms, and indeed our way of life, depend upon the proper exercise of liberty, for if we fail to do so, the society which preserves our freedom will surely perish. Personal Freedom Lloyd Levenson CLASS WILL We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Seven, being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath our last Will and Testament: The senior members of Mr. Biedryzcki ' s D period Physics 30 class leave next year ' s class with a lot of malfunctioning lab equipment. I, Kelly-Kelly, leave the most original name here. H period English Honors class leaves Johnny H. one family size bottle of penicillin and a case of Scotch to wash it down — Bon Appetit! The gir s of Natick High leave the boys with pleasure. I, Jeff Fox, being of sound mind and body, leave Mr. Bransfield the derivative of fifty absences, which equals a good time. An anonymous English 40 student leaves believing she now writes with a pen and not a shovel. I, David Ball, leave Mrs. Wolf patience, kindness and a to¬ tally screwed up educational system. We, the senior girls, leave the junior girls our looks because they ' re going to need them. A reformed ex-cheerleader leaves one pair of pizza sox to T., a guitar pick to M., and a sub to C. Judy and Debbie leave the new Sassamon staff with Sully and his follower. The garage boys leave the untouchables, untouched! Larry leaves NHS still yelling, " Shut me off! " I, Wendy Wilson, leave Zombi and Zoof christened with their names. No thanks are necessary. Brian Steward leaves his conga to the Jazz Ensemble to get someone with as much rhythm and soul. We, the table of 21, leave Linda Marshall some hair, and Paul Morana some green peppers, and Tom Callahan a con- ehead. I, Doug Glod, leave John Cautela all my jokes in the hope that he will someday be like Steve Martin. I, John Cautela, leave Doug Gludinski an arrow through the head and a banjo in the hope that he will resemble Steve Mar¬ tin. Bob B. leaves his moped to Mr. Colombo. Lush 1, Lush 2, and Lush 3 leave N.H.S. running for the Wompie Room. Buck and Bing leave their burnouts and Heinekens to Mr. Sticklor and Mr. Collins. Lee Schlesinger leaves Mr. Jameson still hoping for a perfect multi-media show. Jimmy Peirce and Cindy Zatz leave Suzanne Saunders a list of those places and the best of luck. I, Nell Franchitto, leave all my field hockey bumps and business to Lisa Firth, with a large tube of Ben-Gay and hopes for the best of luck next season. , | I, Paula Weber, leave Sherry Chouinard one jar of dill pick¬ les. I, Paul Morana, will never leave Linda Marshall. I, Chris, leave F period French 41 with all that quiche sans le vin. ja The four of us leave what ' s left of the senior lounge with six slightly beat up pillows and a fractured thumb. Creampuff leaves Steve the rights to her life. We, Wendy, Zoof, Zong, Patti, Barb, Kelly, Lorraine, Sue. leave together knowing that friendship means everything. We also leave the N.H.S. boys wandering. I, Marc Sutfin, leave Natick High School without graduating, but a few parties happier. Frank leaves offering landmark insurance, with double coverage for Karen. I leave Jan with a lifetime supply of tangerine lifesavers. We, the Sassamon editors, leave Mr. Holbrook with a fight¬ ing staff worse than ours. ] Jim Kane leaves N.H.S. making a list of girls and checking it twice. I, Bing, leave my " Z " burnouts in the parking lot to Mr. Sticklor. J We, the Competitive Speech Team, being of usual mind and body, leave to the best speech coach in the continental United States, Jerry Dyer, a generous helping of Spam. Beth White and Diane Fay thank Mrs. Carter for all the wonderful memories even if she does tip the tables over. The Goops leave woofing and burning. Steve and the gang leave N.H.S. the garage, still open to visitors. Rosemary leaves her heart and black lace boots to Hank. Steven Potter leaves h is clogs to any dolt who will wear them. -I Mr. Colombo ' s D period senior physics class leaves him a hatchet. Barbara leaves her tight pants to anybody who will wear them. John Dubinsky leaves N.H.S. a flower for his flower child. Carolyn, Donna, Eileen, and Lynn leave the duck — cold. Witchy Woman kinda sorta leaves Bob with two tickets to " Celebration. " We leave Paul Morana with three empty cans of shaving cream and a dirty pool. I, Debbie, leave Mr. Holbrook with a new pain in the nec% and my " Miss Femininity " award. : To Mrs. Secunda, the H Period Whist Club leaves a deck of cards, a five bid and Jeff. Jimmy Getchell and Karl Normington leave Snowy wading in Dug Pong. 1 Chris and Nanc leave Mr. Culhane their I.R. notebooks so that there may be two additional copies of all the material on the Reading List. j Patti leaves all of her leftover dignity to Irene, or to anyone else who wants to do it with dignity. I. Nell, leave one well-traveled " El Sombrero de Tres Picos ' to Miss Ciannavei. " Before we break and run, " the I.R. classes " emphatically ' ' leave our comrade Mr. Culhane a pair of knee-high boots, change for bets, speech lessons, memories of our U.N. trip, and a 12 x 8 foot poster entitled " Once a Narc, always a " Narc. " I Leave Mr. Culhane ' s picture on a Romanian stamp. The B period French class leaves Mr. Gaudette waiting pa¬ tiently tor his Bickford ' s-bound students. Each member of the F period French 41 class leaves Mr. Gaudette with a piece of hair; except la tete-de-lion, who leaves two to make up for the difference. Larry Denaro leaves N.H.S. with Peppy and the Gang. We, Mr. Kirton ' s C period Sociology II class, leave him with his final exam diagram unanswered. We, the B period English 41 class, leave Mr. Bates one large book of trivia and an annual movie guide. Macbeth was left here. Cindy Carpenter, Diane Fay, and Debby Carpenter leave Mr. Bates one tape recording of 14 blasted sheep, 4 horses running, 6 sheep a-coughing, and a partridge in a pear tree. Mr. Harrington ' s English 40 class leaves him a Stanley screwdriver and hopes of getting some power tools next year. Patti, John, and Nell all leave Debbi in the courtyard still trying to get her shoe. Those who witnessed the pie throwing leave Dr. Ganong the " Good Sport if the Year " award. The G period English class leaves Kojak, alias Dr. Ganong, two cases of Johnson ' s paste wax for future use. We, Dr. Ganong ' s first (and last) English 40 class leave Lil ' Gumma and the rest of the Board (or Bored), including At- ' ushi, " The Comedy of Othello " and a 500 page essay on the .irtues of I.R.! We also leave you our love and thanks for being a warm, wonderful, understanding person. Rita Mannos leaves Mrs. McLaughlin three unwritten rhap¬ sodies, which could have been ultimately delightful. I, Patti Untersee, leave all my good friends (for the mo¬ ment) saying thanks for the good times. Carolyn and John leave N.H.S. in an aura of cosmic vibra¬ tions. i leave Shazam on roll of masking. Liz leaves Wolfman Jack, never at a loss for words. I, J.S., leave P.M. and T.P. one deck of unmarked cards. I, Sue Ehrlich, leave with my take from the class treasury. We, the Girls ' Track Team, leave Mr. Brenneman a broomstick baton, a little tom turkey, crazy Laura, two more children, and a little bit flakier than he was three years ago. We, the E period Introductory Analysis class, leave Mr. Bransfield one box of broken pieces of Econo-dustless 202, SI .59 in cash for the styling of his hair, and a board full of his Jim Dand equations. We, Cheryl, Judy and Joanna leave Mr. Colombo with the feeling that after three years under his wing, we are properly prepared to go out into the cruel world without him. We, the Sassamon News Staff, leave Debbie — Thankfully. We. the B period Physics class leave Mr. Colombo another set of peaches. I, the Wass, leave Mr. Crow with the sophomores, his safety glasses because it ' s a state law, and all the future lefties to give him a hard time. We, the C period A P class, leave Miss Leavitt talking about David ' s football skills, all of our zippos, millions of excuses for being late, and another batch of klunkies. Rita leaves Miss Leavitt an Anconeus that lives. I, Anne Surman, leave Miss Leavitt the song, " The Year of the Cat. " Auntie Rit leaves Miss Leavitt two tickets to P.S., Your Cat Is Dead. Lisa and Jen leave N.H.S. behind in a cloud of dust made by the famous ' 68 Chevelle SS. Lee Schlesinger leaves Natick High with an election record (0 for 7) that no one can ever beat. We, Mrs. McLaughlin ' s G period English 40 class leave three empty quiet seats where Frank, Janis and Brian used to sit. I, Paul Morana, leave Mr. Bran sfield an eyebrow curler and a student to answer his phone. I leave much appreciation to Mrs. Wolf for the hours of chemistry help that finally paid off. Doug Glod, Lee Schlesinger and Mike Havener leave Mr. Theriaque a pommel horse that will never be used quite as well as we used it. T. Carr leaves N.H.S. still whipped. I, Barbara, being of sound mind and body, leave to Mr. Gerald Dyer Kennedy ' s children. Brenda, Denise, and Liz leave Groucho Marx masks to the cops at the Open Hearth. Lizzy leaves Locker Graffitti. I leave knowing I never really told Mr. Sticklor. We, the Spanish 41 class leave Miss Ciannavei with wonder memories of our times with Platero and best wishes for a very happy future. We, the Class of 77, leave the ducks in the inner courtyard the lead role in the next Walt Disney Donald Duck movie. The Girls ' Varsity Softball Team leaves Mrs. Maloney one dozen painted grapefruit. The Goops leave . . . out of control. We, Pau , Maureen, Amira and Sue, leave thanking all the seniors who helped us during the year. The Class of 1977 leaves with pride and a hope that the future will be as real as the past has been. Compiled by Nell Franchitto and Nancy Vendetti. 7, v. a Routed ) ' £o A £Jc rr( OUl kjbJLca cJlvi iXtl ovox 6 cJjl rvo6a } -Jlm±f-ev A, , ocsfx tAiA. cooed ssrrL LZ 4srnja rxjt iuvct oAjCl x£ L oxaxl e A vo . ' £ — fLcsUZ act AfrtS r juuUL X4J4 d tstrol sjUvrUto J. UJL Cc+4 m d4X s 4uut JLco OoCtf d k coQs OcneoL z eartu £ O ut 4S7etc OL ySnjUiT yjULctX -4STL out bsTse r- oc cic JL P £ 4. rnXuct oO £jsij? c£ ' fiXL4 Y ct LC GOOj jtAjCcC vC{ € Ovut COO U4xitenn0ci oc ywd faooto n. otf Loa oJLP _M cox crcox crusn. —£oXX TsL4 . cncx oxirtx dZ o+ 6 coood y jsJ2cvr - 0X4X1 OXcrTL £cCtl4AM . z L wtU a vudJl onecpjod -- nrn4) J ti 07U) ' jXJooct kSrruxot £ %U4 Jjbe i %jtA -XecJhr i j ' £ rL jLaM. xx cuh e vjtA A CXXS A4 a£oOX Jk k A a -• A OL ySYUUAy k ujXjtP dU —£ a. S scom. CsObQsUk wU £ CC Q r sjtA C. OboiAxtJlexi w £ sTjbcccJL ccot tJtik kJtxyuj xcoio svrL4)Ct4JSUA . CT: -- , .•« • - • _.: • r- " ■ - ' ■ - ■ _ 234 235 236 9 djf TUA. ' tuMOL (jL£y JL m AMA, f oc -X C CiniTj iG4Ct ct otsviad • oA ' O L 77U ? JLf-CoL JXaAAJC -fiLe L. • faXe. yjtJije y e LJ!i 0Q-A- -sGX aJ i.4AJtJ%4J oC ULl MjL - eL CVU4 SU,t VL CAA idJL Cl £vnJbO -ja 4 e£v si rryL )(Ztro(- y?lc JxUaavl sXJl X C4 Ot tAp CL - £ct6 d-£ cu-Acti. ' LuJL Ot UL sjtsvn A n ZXf CL d £. ' Lu4. Oi Ul ZXlT y£ T sy iAt£tiA. Ay£tja LA a ot ijtf - ±JI haXa(svcC sXA snJhsvvjr j£JL X U4 e cua£ Ol oLoa . cuttAAp ot u CiSici. %a£g X e . 7 LO e. - JLolXJ? cu xAa-JZcns-4. ' -£aA- Xt r CoL cJLeeX f -Xotrtt sjuj tryi cruA. SLuX rr out XJLa rL jtJLtlc aaa 4 sacAajIJ aa£ —£ trL Cl AaX £A. sSttfr v ' t ouX’ If 5UKKOUHCSS cOcry bcin andc)(ccH(! 5 sloaily co ombKcico (ill ybac shall be 238 yyta£t )vy a. sy£4XAJbrtr axyvcL -XAmaJ ocnJL smxtsruy. t jojujJLt. jULect -su e ijtAx Sm 6sr i f tr£ 977 ayiX t£ . o Tftmay. isoa srurt. • Ae 4Ab oA • iSLurt com . ' - j o.- jo-obJi on. JLu —mwZj id- fj£ rusi f o noL oct € ot UL -tsofit-«tA 0uLC -At cl £ otiA. axxi ntc asrbaC dUrrutnA JtAx £tsrv XfHAAALP cuija ct. -£%£ -£tny . IZAjux. - UmoOAAO } ovtvoL ctox eis cciixn wu . oul O j JbrUteAjOjtjtft. M4L . 239 ANNIS MORRILL PORSCHE-AUDI, INC. 960 Worcester Road Natick, Massachusetts 01760 TEL. (617) 655-5010 237-5759 Good Luck to the Class of ' 77 FAIRBANKS AND SON, INC. 16 Main St. Natick, Mass. Stationery Congratulations and Best Wishes NATICK OUTDOOR STORE 23 Washington Street Natick C + T Wallpaper Inc. Natick 9 — Jet. of 27 655-1230 Dedham Rt. 1 Circle 322 Washington St. 329-3166 Wellesley 281 Linden St. 235-3706 Bell Buick 20 South Ave. Natick Tel. 653-471 1 Medical and Legal Benefactors and Patrons Dr. Joseph Chartor Internal Medicien Associates Joseph Hanelin M.D. Inc. Warren J. Courville M.D. Inc. William Creonte D.M.D. Barry K. Levin D.D.S. Dr. and Mrs. Leicester S. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. William Kinder Charles Peters Jr., Esquire Lee Romanow Joseph Stashio, Attorney at Law Richard J. Trifiro, Attorney at Law A.G. Capobianco M.D. Steven H. Froger M.D. R.M. Kim M.D. Arthur E. Taddeo Joel Rosenberg Attorney John F. Sullivan David E. Marr, Esq. FAIRWAY SPORTS WORLD BURNS ' Auto Electric Service Ignition Carburetion Specialists 10 South Avenue Natick, Mass. 01760 Charles " Gil " Burns 653-5242 GRUPPSOSO ' S MARKET 26 Summer Street Choice Meats cut to order 653-7882 PATRONS Bob ' s Variety Store Donut Time House of Pictures The McKeowns The Flavin Family Natick Merchant Tailor Colonial Cab Natick Vacuum Natick Seth Thomas Center George ' s Lunch Josephine ' s Hair Stylist Gateway Credit Union The Gallo Family » 6 FAIR YEAGER Jlniurance ESTABLISHED 1898 10 Main Street, Natick, Massachusetts 01760 Tel. 653-3131 Compliments of Edward J. and John M. Amabile MIDWAY FIAT MIDWAY DATSUN 1220 Worcester Road 834 Worcester Road NATICK CUSTOM T-SHIRT CENTER ONE SOUTH AVENUE DOWNTOWN NATICK, MASS. 01760 Christie and Thomson Inc. AUTO PARTS Waverly and South Sts. Framingham, MA 01701 873-4346 DONORS Corner Citgo Kentucky Package Store Natick Furniture and Antiques Savage ' s Deli Rainbow Restaurant NATICK SHOPPING CENTER MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION Natick Fdmal fiaviruM AND LOAN ASSOCIATION J 49 MAIN STREET . NATICK OPEN CONTINUOUSLY EVERY FRIDAY 9 A. M.-8 P. M. OPEN 9 A.M.-3 P.M. MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY SATURDAY 9 A. M.-1 P. M. MAYTAG COIN-A-MATIC A N Laundry 10 Pond Street Natick TV Sales Service 18 Pond Street Natick De FRANCO ' S J E RADIO c le super markets, inc. Latick. Needham, West Roxbury, Westwood ROCHE BROS. GRADUATING EMPLOYEES: Front Row: Josephine Magazzu, Linda Haddad, Lynne Mix, Debbie Chapman, Debby Kerr. Second Row: Ree Fannon, Donna Gallo. Third Row: Tom Parece, Ann Zanchi, Liz Diamond, Joanna Neary. Fourth Row: Cathy Cormier, Debbie Roberts, Kevin O ' Brien, Scott Nolan, Dave Swan. Fifth Row: Mike Havener, Paul Vine, Barry Smith, Jum McHugo, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Paul McGillivray am QBest c HisAe oary xu uatmg e nf oyeex am a mem er£ of tAe (j ass of If 77 ROYAL SLUMBER SHOP " The Discount Store " BEDS SOFABEDS WELLS 28 Main Street 1087 Great Plain Ave. Natick, Mass. Needham, Mass. Natick Five Cents Savings Bank A Mutual Savings Bank 6 Main Street Natick TEl. 653-4910 Established over sixty years Pendleton JEWELERS - SILVERSMITHS ONE MAIN STREET NATICK, MASS. Compliments of Oak St. PltGAmaatt M. 0. CROCKER, Pm. 138 WORCESTER STREET NATICK, MASS. TELEPHONE 653-1110 AND 655-1110 Our Very Best Wishes to the Graduates G GUARANTY-FIRST TRUST COMPANY NATICK 69 E. Central St. Sherwood Plaza, Rte. 9 Natick Shopping Center (Rtes. 9 and 27) 653-5550 Member, FDIC Sj ■ w f Ip! ■ ' pyfcgg THE NATICK BULLETIN Natick, Massachusetts 01760 with which is incorporated The Natick Herald The Natick Citizen The Natick News The Natick Times rhe Natick Observer The Natick Tribune The Wayland Gazette The Wayland Enterprise The Sherborn Mirror The Weston Journal The Saxonville News The Wellesley Review Continuous Publication Since the Civil War NATICK ' S ONLY HOME- OWNED NEWSPAPER The Paper of Record Since 1865 Phone 653-8080 Robert D. Coleman, Publisher Natick Bulletin Building fl NATICK TRUST COMPANY “YOUR FULL SERVICE BANK” 653-5100 MAIN OFFICE SOUTH NATICK OFFICE WETHERSFIELD OFFICE WEST NATICK OFFICE 34 Main Street 46 Eliot Street Route 9 at Roche Bros. Shopping Ctr. Natick, Mass South Natick Wethersfield Road Speen at West Central St. Member, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation J usrvu a-b, ?Y 7 jJcJryjju (lAiMuMj cHKJU jtkjU Jjuit jAju rnJuiftjf pluJul dtnmu 1 x yrwotL Jjtfit) dUMMO TYUf jdwnJcu Jf-Mj jmJcOfiqh Jmt ml J Junto MMl (WMioes JOV. Fuml MiM FbaJUbijuLyruml % tto Mittj) umo nBi irnlu- umhd tnMtyhjHct Mjl ijiAJu, jmjX jjJd oMl up 1 MJuLjthjdkjimb LVLU dJDUU- fjuUff UMflJU OpahJAJUUL Jml lb - srrummx (H ujjiL -thax d AjMOMus cn- VbM ) Cbc rrukt Qi ythjL quo cJyuuAim A I A 4 1 At. i A 4 lA . + ) rt ' (bqouL .jJamJo) M £ai HdllmoL otmM j(HAA nalumj jdtzUmfo JoaJ MWyncu _am) Kbb jummu mjuM yOpJlb ' uPiitL-UM ■ TO iluo (x dOl CXynlhJ- , uuo duL oujim - fUUdJJLu, JU flL 6 ULLjtkb JMdU tkJJHLQU . wr wm» -JMfOb vitjj

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