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flATICK HIGH SCHOOL DflTICK, mflSSAOlUSETTS We, the seniors of Natick High School, proudly dedicate our Sassamon yearbook to Mr. William Holbrook. At some time or another during our three years at Natick High, each and everyone of us has come into either personal or indirect contact with Mr. Holbrook. Mr. Holbrook has been a great help to all of the Natick High students whether we know it or not. Mr. Holbrook is the faculty advisor to the school newspaper, The Sas¬ samon. Most of his time, however, is spent in the English department teaching Jour¬ nalism and Creative Writing. His quick wit and sincere devotion to his students keep them actively interested in the pursuit of their studies. This year he was appointed Director of the Natick Adult Education Pro¬ gram. Never before has this program run so successfully. During our three years here, Mr. Holbrook ' s sense of humor has made dark times bright, his educational knowledge has made difficult things easy to understand, and his just being here has made hard times bearable. So in our small way we of the class of 1976 say, " Thank you " to Mr. William Holbrook. Greg Lakis Often we plunge forward without even thinking where the plunge may take us. We look ever to the future hoping for something better, for something new and different. Even after we have attained what we have sought it seems to us that little has changed; for always there is something that can be improved. It is only when we look back, to times that were, that we realize just what we had. Then we wish that the changes had not been so great. How wonderful life would be if we could revisit those moments that we cherished most! Time lets us remember the best. We don ' t recall the depressing, rainy days but the sunny days we spent with friends and the moments we loved. REPUBLIC STEEL CORP. MANUFACTURING DIVISION YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO CONTENTS Old Days Competition FACULTY Creativity Faculty CLUBS CREATIVITY GRADS OLD DAYS COMPETITION EVENTS SENIOR WEEK ADVERTISEMENTS Events 9 Os iewe i a land of die lo and a land m die dea d, and de Ivid e ib lane. " hornton Wil } rdy wh n you drtrdo rum the rtuor o th{; ence 6hall you 6ony Qdlnd when you hove reached the mou taou tofrj them you dull leytn to cltmh. Qdlnd whew the eoorth sha h clotm your ttmh j them you dcdl truly chmce. Kahlil Gibran dwoord 12 PUBLIC SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION SCHOOL COMMITTEE First row: Dr. A.J. Damplo, Dr. W.W. Wetzel, Mr. F.X. Corcoran. Second row: Mr. P.J. Kilman, Mr. D.A. Thomas, Mr. C.A. Young. First row: Mr. K. Joslin, Mr. J.V. Saunders, Dr. W.W. Wetzel. Second row: H. Marcus, Mr. P. Ambler, Mr. L. Flynn, Mrs. P. Kaufman, Mr. D. Crane, Mr. P. Peters. Mr. Francis Collins, Vice-Principal Mr. Arthur Sticklor, Vice-Principal Mr. Edward Culhane, Administrative Intern NHS ADMINISTRATION Mr. Harold Rosen, Principal 1 c Mr. Bohannon Mr. Taddeo The Science Department had a very productive year. Probably the most well known project was the construction of the greenhouse, under the direction of Mr. Bar- nicle. Although the project had a slow start and there was much red tape, the greenhouse is now almost completed. Mrs. Larkin and Mr. Beeuwkes attended a two day conference sponsored by Mass, biology teachers. Mr. Murray and three students attended a symposium on Population Dynamics. There were of course many more activi¬ ties than this during the course of the year, too many to list here. This was a year that the Science Department played a leading Mr. Beeuwkes Mr. Murray Miss Leavitt w 1 Mr. Biedrzycki Mrs. Larkin role in education at Natick High. 1 z Mr. Crow Mrs. Wolf Mr. Colombo Mr. Lacouture Mr. Burnham In looking through the many yards of enrollment print¬ outs for the year 1975-1976 it should be noticed that there are more students involved in some way with the In¬ dustrial Arts Department; a whopping 80% of the NHS student body; than any other elective on the NHS curricu¬ lum. In fact, only Gym and English, mandatory subjects Iby state law, involve more students. This says quite a bit for the Industrial Arts program and teachers. Mr. Wilder, Department head for the Industrial Arts, was out from the February vacation on with a severe back injury that involved an operation. According to Richard Duval, who teaches Woodworking, " The kids and teachers both helped out to keep the program running smoothly. " Mr. Sticklor, the Industrial Arts Department Head prior to Mr. Wilder, also shouldered a major portion of the work during Mr. Wilder ' s absence. " The Natick Rotary Club this year again donated awards to students that had achieved outstanding recognition in Industrial Arts. These awards consisted of $90.00 worth of tools to be used in the type of work the student received the award for. The awards were given to: Seniors Daniel Ostreicher, Woodworking; Donald Burns, Metal Working; Steven Marchetti, Mechanical Drawing; John O ' Toole, Electricity Electronics; Juniors David Kadlik, Graphic Arts; Michael Lentini, Power Mechanics; and Chris Hafner, Structures. Mr. Cioffi Mis s Nelson Mr. Buck Mr. Buduo Mrs. Ghilani .v Mr. Duvol nail i is Mr. Wilder Industrial Arts also shows an increase in female enroll¬ ment this year. As the different industries are becoming more equality minded toward hiring women, Industrial Art classes are looking more and more attractive to a greater number of female students than ever before. As Mr. Buduo, teacher of graphic arts stated this year, " Industrial Arts is no longer a field for men, it is a field for persons. " Because Industrial Arts is a progressive field, a comprehensive course in LA. cannot function properly without keeping up with the latest trends. Many of the department members are involved with programs, societies, memberships, and professional organizations that all help to upgrade their awareness of ongoing happenings in the field of industrial arts, practical arts, and fine arts. Mr. Murphy Miss Talbot Mr. Heaton Mrs. Panchuk Mr. Jones Mr. Dodson Mr. Bourdeau Mr, Foley 10 Mr. Bachini Mr. Clark Miss Thomas This year the instrumental and vocal groups of the Music Department have been very active. These groups consist of the Marching band, Concert Band, Stage Band, Concert Choir, Chamber Singers and The Har- moneers. For a look at their activities, please see pages 62-65, 198-201, and 216-217. What does music mean to those involved? Perhaps these statements will lend some insight. ' Through a high school music program, students learn that they were given lungs for more than brea¬ thing and that being full of hot air isn ' t so bad! " " Listening to music is great, but making it is the best. " " Music is better than a sport because it will always be with you and you don ' t get hurt playing it! " 20 MissCorberry Mrs. Pataky Dr. Lavergne Miss Ciannavei Mr. Gaudette Mrs. Drotar The Language Department had an active year this year, the highlight being International Week. Among the events sponsored were a feature-length French film, a Spanish Flamenco dance, a Mardi Gras party, and visits from foreign students. Each day in the cafe¬ teria a foreign dish was served as part of the fes¬ tivities. A number of field trips were arranged as part of the curriculum also. The French 41 class attended a performance of Phedre in Wellesley, given by a famous French company. The Spanish 31 and 41 classes attended an all-day program in Boston fea¬ turing intercultural events and a performance by Jose Greco, a famous Spanish dancer. Various classes also had the chance to indulge in some foreign dishes either in a restuarant, in school, or at a teacher ' s home. Among these were a German dinner at home of Mrs. Gelinas, and the Spanish 31 class at the Casa Mexico. 21 Mrs. Kowal Mrs. Bromfield Miss Pothier The Natick High School Business Department is like a large family. Students and teachers have a common ground. The work that is accomplished by teachers is that they get across to the students the importance of the business world, and in return the students learn to go into business fields after high school. Some of the main events this year were Mrs. Kowal ' s Lester-Hill Corporation that operated in A107 and " Serendipity " was introduced to advanced business machines classes under Miss Zinck. Business students that received high honors from the department were Stephanie Reuman and Donna Lee Walker, for their outstanding work. And who ever said that the Business Department Machine Mrs. Beerthuis was Transcription Lab, Business Communication Lab and Office Simulation are being offered next year. All in all, the Business Department definitely does its share, to help with the betterment of Natick High School and the future of its ' students. By the way, Miss McDade ' s picture was HER idea and her sense of humor is very much appreciated. Miss Zinck " Sgt " McDade 23 Mr. Brown If you have meandered through the halls of the English wing this year you have probably noticed the murals of Hamlet, MacBeth, and Julius Ceaser. These murals were accomplished by Mr. John B. Buck, art instructor, to brighten up the halls and make walking to English class more enjoyable. The National Council of Teachers of English awarded the department for its excellence in its Instructional Writ¬ ing Program. Only twenty high schools out of hundreds were given this high honor. This year the English Department launched a suc¬ cessful new pilot program. The program is tailored to the different needs of the students. It is Individualized In¬ struction supervised by Mr. Garnett and Mr. Bates. Senior, Steven Kruger was honored by the National Council of Teachers of English for his excellence in writ¬ ing. Current Popular Literature was added this year as a new English course. The course taught by Mr. Gerald Dyer was very successful. A new air conditioned Resource Center was put into use for the teachers. This center houses curriculum mate¬ rials from the National Council of Teachers of English. Also on file are prepared units done by teachers that all teachers can share. It ' s also used as a place for teachers and students to meet on a one to one basis. Mr. Rooney Mrs. deGuzmon Mr. Holbrook Mr. Garnett Mrs. Belote 24 Miss Grady Mr. Theriaque Mr. Barney Mr. Leavitt 26 Mr. Carroll Mr, Whelan Miss Beth Grady left June 1 1, 1976, for an Outward Bound tour. She took a course in " Project Adventure " in Maine. This was a one-month course ending in a sur¬ vival course where she lived on an island for three days by herself. In order to pass, Miss Grady survived with only what nature provides. Also, Mr.Brad Leavitt went to New Hampshire to take a " Project Adventure " course, Mr. Robert Whelan was the president of the Mas¬ sachusetts Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation for 1975-1976: He represented Mas¬ sachusetts at the National Convention in Milwaukee. The convention discussed ways of keeping the physical education activities and programs modern and up to date. A big emphasis was on organizing co-educational classes during 1975-1976, Most all activities were open to junior and senior girls and boys. Next year sopho¬ mores will be involved in co-ed gym classes. Also, more emphasis was placed on the girls ' weight toning pro¬ gram. More girls participated in this activity in the last two years, than ever before. 27 Mr. Bransfield Mr. Cooner Mr. Lamb Mr. McGowan Mr. Black Miss Goulding Mr. Kean Mr. Linsky Mr. Maher Mr. Overlock Mrs. Sheldon This year the Math Department of¬ fered two new courses: Probability and Statistics and Integrated Math. In¬ tegrated Math is a combination of Al¬ gebra and Geometry. It is helpful to many students taking college board exams. Both of these courses are semesterized. Probability and Sta¬ tistics students, working with Miss Goulding and Mr. Overlock, have been involved in how to recognize mislead¬ ing statistics and how surveys are con¬ ducted. In the first case, five basic questions were employed; who, how, missing, change, and common sense. Students applied these questions to advertisements and articles of interest containing statistics and formed a note-book of critique. This created an awareness of statistics and hopefully was the basis of becoming a more in¬ telligent consumer. In the second case, students worked on self-initiated survey projects in school, in the com¬ munity, and at their place of employment in order to understand the fun, and frustration in the devel¬ opment of statistics. 29 -A Mr. Zide Miss Wein Mrs. Langley Mr. Lawrence Mr. Morey Mr. O ' Conner 21 -rjj Mr. Schapiro Mrs. Tartakoff mm in i Miss DiGiandomenico Mr. DeFeiice Mrs. Robertson Mr. Ghilani Mr. Kirton Mrs. Flaherty Mr. Dyer . These pictures are taken from the play " Our Town " , which is per¬ formed in the Humanities course every year. The students become very involved in the play; it is the one activity they all remember. The play is produced and directed by the students. Humanities is offered as both a Social Studies and English course. " Our Town " proves to be a great learning experience because it tells us to really look hard at life and appreciate what we have. The department as a whole worked hard in providing relevant and topical programs that students could both enjoy and sink their mental teeth into. Response to such new classes as Women in History, The American Indi¬ an, Frontiers in American History, Revolutions, Compar¬ ative Religions, The Twenties and Thirties, and The Sixties according to Mrs. Ellen Robertson, department chairman, was excellent. Social Studies also offered Sociology II and Psycholo¬ gy II as two new semester courses. Out-of-school or at least out-of-classroom activities are a very real part of the teachers ' role at NHS this year. Many of the department instructors double as football, golf, and baseball coaches; supervise student election endeavors; instruct political campaign moves; teach on-the-road Driver Education; advise the competi¬ tive speech program; and work directly with the school musicals and plays. Again this year Candidates Day had approximately thirty students working on the various programs. And many of the Social Studies students are gearing up to work in the 1976 Presidential Election in the fall. Many local and area community leaders and agencies worked with the department in conjunction with various classes providing expert commentary on the workings of town, state, and national government, programs, and institutions. This year also saw Mr. Edward Culhane work in the capacity of Administrative Intern in the front office. His duties included all those of a regular vice-principal. He will return next year to teach International Rela¬ tions and Modern Problems. Ms. Virginia Tartakoff was also awarded a Sabbati¬ cal leave to work on her PHD at Boston College in 1976-1977. 31 Mr. Parker Mrs. McCauley Miss Petro Mr. Albert Those not pictured but whose work is greatly appreciated are Mrs. Scanell, Mrs. Stuart, and Mrs. Jue. » f PTift Miss Cordelia Miss Parker Mr. Rubenstein Chapter 766 has opened a new door for students with special needs. At Natick High School, 766 works in a number of ways. One facet of the total special needs program is the multi-handicapped class. This particular program is co-ordinated and carried out by the special needs teacher, Miss Cordelia. The students in the program are of many varied learning aptitudes, as well as having more than one handicap. The program for these students is broken up into two different programs. In the morning, these students are involved in doing their functional academics. They are developing their daily living skills, personal hygiene skills, and indepen¬ dent living skills. They are also developing their func¬ tional reading and math skills. After lunch, the students either go to workshop, or they are engaged in competitive employment. This af¬ ternoon component is an integral part of the total pro¬ gram. It is at this time that the students gain some in¬ dependence and they develop vocational skills that will be helpful when they become productive members of so¬ ciety. Chapter 766 is truly a worthwhile and helpful pro¬ gram. 34 Mrs. Gilbert Mrs. Van der Kerkhove One of the newest and biggest aspects at Natick High School these past few years is the Walk-In Center. The Walk-In Center is designed mainly for the students in the school, but faculty and others are welcome. It ' s basically just a place to sit down and talk about whatev¬ er; problems, school, dreams, anzieties, etc. And the best thing about the Walk- In-Center is that everything is strictly con¬ fidential. The Walk-In staff is made up of Enid Gilbert, Counselor; Sue Van der Kerkhove, Social Worker; and Phil Rubenstein, Psy¬ chologist. All of them are trained to help you. You want to talk? They want to listen! If you ' re a little withdrawn about talking with an older person, the Walk-In Center also provides Peer Counselors who are also trained to help you. So the next time you have a problem, or just the need to talk, stop by the Walk-In Center. You ' ll find it worth your while. Dolores Trabucco 35 Mrs. Townsend Mrs. Peterson Mrs. Mulford Mrs. Strong Mrs. Martin Mrs. Brennaman i to - IllllllliU mm in Mrs. Sullivan Mr. Nowak SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE BOARD Front to back: F. Pan, D. Marcus, D. Henry, T. Bruni, L. Shrier, C. O ' Loughlin, E. Miscia, S. Levino, P. Carhart, L. Wiles, A. Gallo, R. Burke, H. Morrel, A. Rivin, A. Cerel, J. Rowe, M. Cassedy, D. Zaltas, E. Duff, B. Stamos, D. McDermott, V. Reuman, S. Fine, D, Marchetti, J. Levin, D. Lindquist, K. Spiro, L. Green, K. McGillvary, C. Kadis, J. Con noly, F. McHatton, R. Wald, J. Holman, C. Ehrlich, P. Brown, Mr. Taddeo, Miss Goulding. JUNIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD First row: N. Castelli, A. Rahman, P. Becker, P. Untersee, J. Storer, D. Rubinstein. Second row: D. Damplo, M. Greenwood, G. Rodman, D. Laing, J. Rosencranz, C. Dudziak, N. Vendetti, J. David. Third row: Mr. Gaudette, L, Schlesinger, M. Dunn, S. Ehrlich, P. McGillvary, K. White, R. Lether, J. Grassey, Mrs. Kowal. 42 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Adam Cerel, President Richard Burke, Vice-President Anne Gallo, Secretary Lisa Green, Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Amira Rahman, Secretary Sue Ehrlich, Treasurer Diane Damplo, Vice-President Paula Becker, President 43 STUDENT COMMITTEE FOR POLITICAL ACTION The SCPA has attempted this young, very relaxed and related year was the visit in November of year to bring more NHS students easily with the students. Presidential Candidate, President into contact with our elected of- Late in the fall, Representative of Duke University and former ficials, as well as to promote Louis Nickenello visited NHS and Governor of North Carolina, Terry student interest and participation spoke to interested students about Sanford. Mr. Sanford spoke to in political campaigns and organi- the state ' s budget preparation. He about eighty students and a zations, whether it be on a local or also explained why he, among handful of media people in an ef- school level or on a state and na- others, felt that certain beneficial fort to arouse support for his cam- tional spectrum. government services must have paign. Candidate Sanford came up In early October, Massachusetts budget cuts ( " We can ' t spend with logical and often humorous State Senator Edward Burke took what we don ' t have. " ). Coming at answers to questions. One student part in a seminar, sponsored by the time of the state ' s uproar over asked, " Why wouldn ' t you put a the SCPA, attended by members our new governor, Dukakis, and military man in the Secretary of of the International Relations and over his rather large defifit and Defense position? " Sanford other social studies classes. Every- more taxes, this discussion was quickly responded, " I don ' t believe one was very impressed with very appropriate. you should put a rabbit in charge Senator Burke as he was quite The SCPA ' s big coup of the of the lettuce. " I Representative Louis Nickenello, Students at the Nickenello seminar, Terry Sanford L. Rowe, S. Marchetti, F. Weisman, M. Sullivan, Advisor Mrs. Tartakoff, M. McNamara, D. Ball, D. Gunner, L.Levenson, H. Marcus, K. Lopas, N. Rivin, S. Kruger, J. Finfrock, P. McGillivray, D. Fallon. 44 STUDENT ADVISORY COMMITTEES PRINCIPAL SCHOOL COMMITTEE First row: P. Becker, Mr. Rosen, D. Fallon, Mr. Pinkrabbit. Second S. Marchetti, K. Lopas, H. Marcus, D. Fallon, P. row: H. Marcus, D. Damplo, R. Rogers, J. David, L. Rowe. McGillivray First row: G. Rodmon, L. Levenson, L. Rowe, C. Rauschen, P. McGillivray, K. Lopaz, R. Rogers, S. Marchetti, R. Kime. Second row: D. Elwyn, D. Sullivan, R. Philben, D. Zalters, D. Gumner, A. Wright, C. Dudziak, N. Mangiacofti, F. Weisman, P. Carhart, A. Rivin, J. Rowe, E. Duff. Third row: C. Downey, F. Segall, L. Schlesinger, L. Diamond, C. Zatz, D. Marcus, J. Levin, V. Reuman, S. Kreuger, S. Saunders, J. Belliveau, R. Boyle, L. Green, D. Schlesinger, L. Green, Adivisor Dr. Lavergne. SASSAMON YEARBOOK STAFF The Yearbook staff worked very hard this year. We added color to the book and enlarged it by fifty pages. In order to pay for these “extras " , we sold advertising space, plants, chocolates and, the all- time favorite, candy bars. The editors this year were: Carol Bergen, Copy Editor; Sue Cheever, Art Editor; Peggy Cormier, Layout Editor, Greg Lakis, Sports Editor; Michelle LeDoux, Publicity Editor; and Leslie O ' Brien, Busi¬ ness Editor. We would especially like to thank Steve Miller, Scott McGrath, Kathy Stygles, Molly Reed, Dolores Trabucco and Karen Thomas for their help. Most people do not realize the work that is involved in publishing a yearbook. At times, things got pretty hectic, but working on the book was a lot of fun and worthwhile. Hope you all enjoy SASSAMON ' 76! Lynne Johnston Editor-in-Chief Greg ' s and Peg ' s masterpiece Juniors Tom Murray and Bo Itzkowitz This year ' s yearbook was brought to you by: Greg Lakis, Miss Nelson, Dana Halcott, Sue Cheever, Tom Murray, Lynne Johnston, Carol Bergen, Peggy Cormier, Lois Malcomb, Beth Morris, Leslie O ' Brien, Brenda Mullin, Sue Oren and Michelle LeDoux who is hiding in the trees. Carol and Sue check layouts 46 SASSAMON NEWSPAPER STAFF First row: Steve Marchetti, Liz Chamberlain, Carol Kippes, Jan Hastings, Rick Rogers. Second row: Kathy Lopaz, Lynne Driscoll, Diane Elwyn, Karen MacDonald, Valerie Reuman, Diane Marcus, Mary Beth Cassidy. Third row: Harold Marcus, Dan MacAlpine, Patty Freedman, Joyce Leavin, Jamie Rowe. (jOOQ MGttJrNOr, xo] rue FIFTH -6R- X pAEAAJ FRiifcy ihc has FiWy80i y jota cal- 0JWff? rr DCFCRG OOG cc JTiM - the AMvJDUCE- WauOUiOF Few UtTH 7W(r STUD6HT oDY. DU(r TO TH6 RioTck.1 TH i -AF 6ni«l4 LAST TWJrs X, rW ? AOfWO- FSHL5 TWT isoixe smPun ary hcHof; SUXAXi B6 TH£ PER dws uiuo IHRqiaj aft. (AAioCeiiA air me cafbictm a U1W0CUJ Uiu. 3 0 H pGU.eo. ' SqmeoPTtu LUU. 6 G (ScAoroHM HG C»iFIMF0Al«4 UST. AL30 New CAFETXRiA RviffS W»ulB 5 iMpsWJCD Slfcfcnwfr fcoav. TuerAi€:i)n (!np wAtfts wio_B6 eareo ths - Rdcg.liSIUflckirS wtu_«tr Ct AWEO TO THE CHA RS. AWO ' S ' l TH6 fA6te5t u| Bt : PLAC tHMSlOff CA eS, w°siyi 3v ris lb ust jg WtS CAMS i jTU. Hseuo ©FHO f Rioa Tri? TEASERS UiU. BG ARrteO UJl H n+€RJW6H( B Ii ft 0REAKW6 fxDGbtrXz wsu P0aM n stvcevr CCCfU-lL... ’ rro Lt N£y,6e Yb C0 GrtWbTUiS uroa a we xec Hsarrcs- 04WCC-222 SASSAMON EDITORS Mr. Bill Holbrook, Advisor Dan MacAlpine, Boys ' Sports Patty Freedman, Features Lyn Driscoll, Associate Editor Liz Chamberlain, Girls ' Sports Kathy Lopaz, Business Harold Marcus, Education Larry Rowe, Editor-in-Chief A7 AMERICAN COMPETITIVE SPEECH TEAM AND DEBATE Lisa Troy — the victor! DEBATE TEAM First row: M. Sullivan, P. Becker, C. Kipp, D. Damplo. Second row: G. Rodman, L. Levanson. COMPETITIVE SPEECH Frist row: J. Hastings, D. Marcus, P. Becker, D. Vechionne, A. Johnson, M. A Group Reading Sullivan. Second row: B. Seigel, C. Larracey, V. Reuman, J. Levin, D. Laing, G. Elovitz, M. Murphy, G. Rodman. Third row: Coach Dick Gaudette, M. Greenwood, H. Lander, S. Kruger, G. Giallonardo, A. Surman, J. Rosenkranz, B. Higgins, L. Levanson, D. Gooding, D. Damplo, C. Kippes, Coach Gerry Dyer. 49 v-- % m . 9 a ' -h We re Number A Little Red workout A Big Red beauty Front to back: D. Flavin, C, Gaines, A, Zanchi, J. Procum, D. Kerr, M. Dunn, S. Sanders, D. Me Millain, J, Holman, L, King, R. Estes, R. McKenny, C. Oldfield, K. Chobanian, M. Slovin, A Codman, K. Wells, J, Michelli, K. Moyer, K. Hooley, D. Morgan, M. Molan, C. Carpenter, A Ainsworth, M. Downey, M. DiMille, C. Kass, K. Thomas, G. Coviello, L. Chamberlain, L. Quarter main, L. Chickering, S. Sticka, J. Michelotta, C. Henderson, L, Johnston, Mrs. Robbins, A ' Jk ■ i (JK ■ » • w ’ J " .., - , e- ' ‘ PEP CLUB SKI CLUB First row: B. Peck, S. McGrath, D. Foley, L. Johnston, P. Cormier, K. Spiro, J. Rosen. Second row: T. Hahnl, Mr. Sisti, F. Foley, J. Trakadas, G. Garvin, A. Drury, J. Elman, E. Lytle, K. Osborn. Third row: G. Fasano, J. Connolly, E. Bessom, K. Melanson, M. Benson, J. Richardson. GIRLS’ ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION First row: D. Marchetti, I. Trifero, A. Gallo, J. Gildea, C. Naranjo, J. Boyle, J. Cope, K. Gossett, D. Myrick, M. Kent, J. Valentine, S. Chaisson, B. Dininio, T. Nelson. Second row: K. Sullivan, D. Sullivan, M. Kennally, K. Abrams, T. Goldrick, K. Ehrlich, J. Forance, S. Lockwood, S. Lovino, M. Demassi, E. Mosgofian. Third row: V. Reuman, L. Wiles, A. Drury, K. Dutcher, C. Rauschen, T. Walker, K. McGillivray, M. Cassidy. Fourth row: Mrs. Maloney, S. White, S. Ehrlich, A. Rahman, S. Seguin, N. Franchitto, J. Cormier, S. Chouinard, E. Duffy, S. King, J. Murphy, L. Dupree, L. Cusack, L. Lupien, A. Rivin. Fifth row: J. Child, D. Gorman, R. Gorman, M. Provost, H. Morrill, L. Burgess, K. Adamson, D. Cope, J. Poliak, L. Goldrich, N. Thornquist, S. Saunders. BUSINESS SERVICE CLUB First row: J. Norman, L. Halloran, J. Valentine, B. Siegel, V. Nikoloulio, J. Frinfrock, M. McNomaro. Second row: P. Nicholson, J. Roman, J. Magazzo, E. Ainsworth, R. Gavelis, R. Estes, J. Zicko, L. Johnson, V, Shkvelio. BOOKSTORE STAFF LIBRARY AIDES Advisor John Craig, A. Ware, J. Finfrock, P. Me- First row: L. Shrier, D. Marcus. Second row: D. Sullivan, J. O ' Connell, P. Namara. Holt. Third row: E. Hope, S. Saunders, V. McCarthy, J. Jackson, S. Reuman, J. Armstrong. Fourth row: B. Tubbs, A. Rivin, E. Duff, J. Rowe. 52 CLASS OF 77. First row; Advisor Miss Byrne, D, Fassino, D. MacMillan, G. Rodman, D. Gumner, I. Trifero, T. Walker, B. Desiata J. David, R. Dowd, E. Jue, S. Paxman. Second row: C. Dudziak, J. Dobis, A. Rahman, C. Naranjo, S. Ehrlich, N. Franchitto, D, Jack, J. Golan, L. King, A. Colson, A. Aisenberg, K, Normington. Third row: L. Schlesinger, T. Murray, L. Levenson, N. Venditti P. McGillivray, D. Damplo, R. Lelievre, D. Ames, S. Chaulk, G. Evans, N. Castelli. Fourth row: J. Crisefulli, W. Sullivan, P. Augus tini, R. Weaving, A. Foster, E. Jasinala, G. Henrikus, J. Hurd, G. Fasano, E. Duffy, R. Delveechio. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY STAGECRAFT CLUB P. Lynch, Advisor Mr. Duval, R. Heller, K. Osborn PLANETARIUM AIDES J. Griffin, D. Fassino, J. Whitmore, M. Cavanaugh, Advisor Mr. Jameson. 54 CREATIVE ARTS MAGAZINE J. Lee, D. Fay, A. Wasserman, Advisor Mrs. Tetreault, D. Elwyn, K. MacDonald, M. LeDoux, L. White First row: K. Kadlik, J. Green, M. Dubousky, S. Szabady, D. Elwyn, D. Rubemstein, D. Fas- sino. Second row: R. Estes, M. Lelievre, Advisor Mr. Buck, S. Smith. CLUB 55 KEY CLUB First row: Bruce Black, John Chopin, Lynn Ofrio, Gerald Cote, Scott Hanley, Percy Call, Robert Kime, James Pierce. Second row: William Songer, Charles Lately, William Farrell, Gary Schlager, William Carney, Fred Ashland, Faculty Advisor, Gordon Benson, Rosemary Driscoll, Mark Leavitt. FUTURE TEACHERS First row: V. Shkreli, P. Nicholson, M. Dunn, M. Manning, B. Cronan, M. Barry. Second row: N. Zinck, P. Sharon, S. Simms, B. Morris, K. Mayer, K. Hooley, M. Hooley, D. Hoffman. GUIDANCE AIDES STUDENT CREDIT UNION Jeff Wiener, Cheryl Bessom, Peter Goodman, Wendy Maybe, Alvin Peters, Advisor Mr. Thibeault. Mrs. Cane, Joan Murphy, Rosemary Estes, Mrs. Arena. 57 Every beauty and greatness in this world is created by a single thought or emotion inside a man. KAHLIl GIBRAN Acting means perfecting lines . . . And taking chances A good makeup person is a must. Costuming a plus The stage can be a lonely place . . . And teamwork means everything. 61 The Concert Band and Stage Band members shared their instrumental music skills this school year with many audiences at Memorial Field, the Natick Common, the three junior highs, and at the high school. Several players distinguished themselves in outside performing groups. Mark Greet and John Huling were in the highly-competitive Mass. Youth Wind En¬ semble, and both students won first chairs in the ex¬ citing Northeastern District Stage Band. Mark, along with Stephanie Plummer, played in the Northeastern District Orchestra, and the following were selected to the Northeastern District Band: Ron Diamond, Tony Smith, Tom Huling, John Huling, and Ann Wright. In addition to his national recognition, John Huling per¬ formed as a soloist with the Reading Symphony, and at recitals and solo competitions across the state. John Huling received the MacDonalds All-American High School Band Award. He marched in the Rose Bowl Parade in Passadena on New Years 7 Day and in the Macy ' s Thanksgiving parade. John Huling receives MacDonald ' s Award. NHS MARCHING BAND First row: B. Palmer, M. Sarrasin, G. Karian, R. Richards, B. Steward, M. Lester, J. Burke. Second row: Mr. Clark, P. Moores, M. Powers, J. Zicko, L. Wiles, P. DeBruga, J. Grassey, D. Geissler, H. Chapin, A. Aisenberg, C. Maybe. Third row: P. Holt, L. Burgess, J. Valentine, A. Wright, S. Plummer, J. David, S. Morris, B. Glynn, K. Cunningham, J. Golan, V. Karian. Fourth row: J. Huling, B. Jones, T. Huling, G. Wright, N. Thornquist, D. Henry, S. Lane, B. Peirce, D. Levenson. Fifth row: M. Hayes, K. Cunningham, G. Weitzman, M. Rauschen, D. White, P. Minor, R. Murtagh, D. Crockford. Sixth row: N. Wright, P. Young, B. Ryder, J. Schide, B. Morris, M. Greel, B. Lingley, T. Smith, F. McHatton, J. Fitzgerald, M. Furr. The Concert Band pays tribute to the season If. 2 % JL X i % 2L T 1 4TT J John, you shouldn ' t play, " You Deserve a Break Today " right in the middle of a chart! Relax Maynard, Doc, Stan, Buddy — We ' ll be ready in a couple of years!! RP8 and TTR, LP32, MT 16 . . . Can I have your au¬ tograph? Golly Gee — you sure can play high . . . tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet . . . Ready drums? er, Drums? . , . Make music, don ' t play just the notes! . . . Bulldog, Letter A . . . Whose refrigerator is in the closet? You ' ve gotta be kidding! Your little brother used your music to stir his oatmeal? . . . Beth, you musn ' t swallow the whistle . . . Read the board . . . Heather, why did Linda end up with a slide clarinet part to Stars and Stripes? . . . No, you can ' t use the stereo at Aunt Gladys ' anniversary party . . . No, I won ' t tell you what fern means . . . We miss you Kevin ... If someone doesn ' t return that key real fast, . , . Tongue . . . Lots of people conduct with one arm . . . Greel, I must tell you that the BirdleBall victory was a gimmee ... I really need that key . . . Ooooops . . . 63 This year the NHS vocal groups were as active out of school as well as in, thanks to Ms. Thomas and the strong leadership of officers Gary Elovitz, Linda Burgess and Bethany Palmer. March saw the Concert Choir travel to UMass to attend a choral workshop con¬ sisting of performance and instructional material. In May, they again hopped on the bus, this time to perform for the Na¬ tick Rotary Club. The Chamber Singers gave selected students the opportunity to develop their talent as members of a small ensemble. Sounds of days gone by were heard in the school system this year as the Har- moneers, a student-run barbershop quartet, made many appearances. The Harmoneers CONCERT CHOIR First row: Ms. Thomas, C. Moyer, K. Mahaney, J. Cashen, H. Chapin, L. Troy, J. Golan, D. Gooding, M. Greel, F. Dixon. Sec¬ ond row: L. Cashen, K. Hilliard, J. Bourque, V. Karian, S. Abbott, G. Elovitz, G. Marcy, E. Jue, M. Bate, E. Ward. Third row: C. Rauschen, R. Gavelis, M. Wallace, K. Cunningham, B. Palmer, B. Higgins, A. Smith, H. Roudenko, D. Ringle, L. Green, C. Kippes, L. Wiles. Fourth row: L. Penchuk, E. Ainsworth, B. Crohan, L. Burgess, B. Steward, E. Jacobs, N. Wright, J. Rosenkranz, R. Murtagh, K. Cunningham, A. Ware, L. Bergman. Absent: C. Adamson, C. Chesley, K. Drown, P. Nicholson, K. Procum, V. Shkreli, B. Siegel, D. Ward. 64 Down in the Valley The Chamber Singers perform at the Candlelight Concert Wunnerful, wunnerful! CHAMBER SINGERS First row: L. Burgess, B. Steward, D. Gooding, J. Rosenkranz, H. Chapin, H. Roudenko. Second row: L. Penchuk, G Elovitz, K. Cunningham, T. Smith. Third row: M. Greel, B. Palmer Absent: C. Adamson, B. Siegel. JfUgsage Visions of America Dan MacAlpine America, a nameless name, It tells of nothing from whence you came; It tells of nothing of your fight To preserve the things you thought were right; The endless bleeding to save my fate, From something we called Watergate. Confused and torn in Vietnam, The clashing issues of right and wrong, Caused a storm which would not calm. You protested and bombed Haiphong. I stared at horror at Kent State, Was sickened by Mailai. I felt the terror and the hate; I heard the painful cry. You brought yourself to civil war, The cause was plain to see. Yet I sat and said " What for? " It ' s easy with TV. I remember Martin Luther and even RFK- Somehow things ' d be better if they were here today. America, you violent fool (twisted in your rage) You killed your only leaders and left a blood-stained page. And all the pain and sacrafice-just what does it mean? Pardon me, if I can ' t understand all the things I ' ve seen. Depression: Inflation: Air Stagnation; I ' m glad this isn ' t God ' s creation. Eat this; don ' t read that. I wonder where it is at? There ' s something I just have to do. I ' m sorry I don ' t have time for you. Money, money, buy it all; Go out and have yourself a ball. Where is it; what is real? I ' ve lost my touch; I cannot feel- The pain, the joy, it ' s all lost. Where is it? What is the cost? " Where are they? Where are the Bruins? " " But sir, the capital ' s in ruins. " ' " Oh my God, the Skins can ' t play, " " I guess I ' ll have to watch Green Bay. " " I heard they shot the president " " The black out rule-did he consent? " " I ' ve got to see my old Red Sox- Quite a hitter-Jimmy Fox. " " But sir, I heard they pulled the trigger " " Will it affect the point spread figure? " " And does that mean I cannot see Evil jump on ABC? " America, you ' re out of tune at times. I do not see or understand Your reasons and your rhymes. Your song sure is not perfect, And not what I expect. But at least your song is singing freely- It lives and breathes in me. Knowing It Is Enough Jill Storer It ' s sad to think you ' re always alone No matter where you are It ' s sad to think that no matter how hard you run You don ' t get very far No feeling of belonging inside your soul No feeling of capturing moments today Just feelings of being lost in time With nothing but you to pass away Words that touch just part of me Slowly float by and bow to the sky Higher than I shall ever be People ride by and I question why Judged by those who think they ' re better than I Facts misused by enemies of mine Enemies who don ' t know the real being Of one who was afraid to shine Quietly I live my life Scared off by words I could not say Being put down for my beliefs And ideas that refused to stay Friends are few But I worry not As long as there ' s times When I know what I ' ve got 66 Experience Nancy Venditti When I was but a little imp My father said to me, That time was the almighty conquerer, And that I would always be, A little less knowing, Than those born ' head of me; For I ' d never catch the experience, They had come to see. Comment on a Convention Steven F. Kruger Alone, Or not alone, I ' m not lonely anymore In a room filled with people Who should be my friends, Who must be my friends for me to survive, but Who would not be my friends- Until now. But I was just a little imp, And listen I did not; For until I got experience, This knowledge I ' d forgot. And now that my dear grandfather Has turned o ' er to rot, I shall now ingest my fathers words, Deep into my thought. Experience must be life ' s intellect, Is all that I can lead, For now that he is gone from us, I feel a sort of greed; Since he could distinguish life ' s growing flowers From the nuisance weed; And until I can do this, I will not be freed. Comment on a Convention Steven F. Kruger No people here-but A few too young, A few too old, A few too different, A few not quite different enough To wonder what I ' m really about- Until now. Me, A person devoid of persons- With personality, but not the right type, Personable, but not in the same way As the others here, but not here With me- Until now. Before I sat not alone, But lonely; Now I sit, Silent, Alone, Or not alone; And know that with you (so many you ' s) Even while I sit alone I am not ugly anymore. Until my destruction- I will be with you And you with me And I am beautiful. 67 IMAGINE Ceramic piece by Kathy Kadlik Watercolor still life by C. Allen Foster 68 Watercolor seascape by Cindy Chase Leathercraft by Debby Pons Watercolor still life by Ross Berman 7 • TwC 1 5 : » iff- YOU ©TTA HonewvHI STROBOUTE 14 fvv. 70 pa ' •X ,;. bohti AO SINlyd 31IHM X3V1Q UOJ . . .-v V °s- l cA vs? Bf CT ES ™UJUJ9£ X VZ ■■■—■ S3bnSOdX3 9E Nia zz • szt vsv » • £?$% Nl 1 " ! ¥ • ' t :3s EXECUTIVE BOARD Off r M SENIOR CLASS ADVISORS AND OFFICERS First row: Steve Marchetti and Debbie Fallon. Sec¬ ond row: Holly Brown, Mrs. Panchuck, Mr. Bates and Kathy Hooley. 7 A In appreciation of their efforts, Mr. Bates and Mrs. Panchuck were presented with gifts at the Class Banquet in June. Mrs. Panchuck, who is expecting her first little Panchuck, recieved a cradle. Mr. Bates received two silver mugs. 75 ... ✓ ■ Jft we mm III ANN MARIE ABBOTT Bird, late much? nerd ' s class. Marthas Vineyard, chicken any¬ thing! My buddy Barb. Mornings at the Rainbow. New Year ' s Eve. Rockland St. gang. Scott. There has got to be a way out of here! SALLY ABBOTT Sal. Seal. Truck. " How art thou? " Eagerman ' s. volleyball. spu. Aaoms. track. " The Matchmak¬ er " . Igorschmitt. " just my luck " , music, friends. It ' s been fun! CATHERINE R. ADAMSON Jon. 1,2000; 1 2N; ESB. R.S.V.P. I hope we will all make it. RUTH AKOTS MARK J. ALBANO Albie. Turkey Day rally. Twinkies. I ' d do it ail again. That cute cheerleader. Pinball wizard. Can ' t be a kid forever. endless summers. MacDonald ' s. RONNA ALINTUCK " All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players " . . . bo-bye Natick; hello life! JAMES ALLEN 35 v.p. New Hampshire, down the Cape. 41 whisker, plenty of. pull an all nighter? 37. I slept through it. clamming and 37 hogging, p.c. Jc. Hwy D. shutup. FPG. 24 Mill¬ ers. MARK AMES Born to be wild. High time in the heart of the sunrise. Id love to win, but somebody has to lose. Freedom Rider, sure, why not? Isn ' t life strange? SUSAN ARENA VICTORIA ARTHUR H.C. E. memories of mangus. Hal¬ loween babe, the ultimate, rowdy prom table, saabin to the cape. S.F. yes, I still work there. 23. time " flics " by. forever. LISA AUBIN Martha ' s Vineyard 75, 76? long talks driving. Liza Oobin. but oi- ficer — amoco prom night 75. Moore or less. Roche Bros, dream on. " Who ' s paranoid? " soph, days. Bermuda 76. WENDY AYARS Hi, how arc you? My girlfriend ' s house, on weekends, skating, swimming, camp in the summer. You snoot. THOMAS AZEREDO LISA BABCOCK Timmy 2-28-75. " Scotts Gas " Twink. Curley. Pumpkin. My 7] Vega. Jock in the Box tocos. J.M.F. Barbizon. " hey blondie " Smiley. Dec-Doc. Little radishes, " you know " Beatles. MARK BABCOCK JEFF BACON Jeff. Chevellc S.S. Summer of 75. Stop Shop. Softball. Frys. Hideaway. Where you at? Pumpkins. Little Greek. Three and seven have always been my lucky numbers. Drive-in. CHRISTOPHER BAER SANDRA J. BALCOM Stephen 3-16-74. I love you. There it is. TURKEY, love sports. Do you care? Hate you Al. Indian, cats and horses. Deacon. Summer 74. Prom 75. Marlt oro gang. Free to be you and me. DEBORAH BARBER Those asthma attacks! Goop brothers. New Year ' s Eve. Crowned Brewmaster Queen. De¬ viled eggs. York Beach, drinking buddies forever. V.W. Guinea lover. Arizona bound. MICHAEL BARKER Mrs. Tartakoff. Michelob. E period study. Painting, hockey games. 3 Musketeers. KAREN. Aerosmith. Beach Boys. Chicago concert. Sue ' s house. " 7 “7 ROBERT BARNICLE Barney 76. Burnt polluted, victim of society. Bar Bottles, veging heavy. Natick Country Club, one white blood cell. BARBARA BARR Bob, 3-30-74, my love. Buddy and Alfred punk. 9-25-74. Thats my boom, pitch. Whitney Field, no soap, radio, moderation. Be good and good luck to you. JOSEPH BARRETT H period whist, jumpa. College bound. Schneider bum. Thanks Mr. Crow. Slop J N ' Chop. Summer parties. McCarney. Boston Common. LMLSVJRJ — so long NHS. JEAN E. BELIVEAU Freddie. Rah 1 0, 6. Could be a problem. Prom 75. New Year ' s Eve. Wisconsin Summer Pay — mart, tennis, my baby car. Brad. Cherish the past. LEO BELLANTONI " I was gratified to be able to an¬ swer promptly, and I did. I said I didn ' t know. " — M. Twain KATHLEEN BENCO To Ray: I wish for immortality, to live with you forever. To see the stars in the eyes of my infinity. You change the world in front of you leave the old behind. My life is so much happier to be for¬ ever yours. THOMAS BENEDICT Baby doll, " rain " 12-13-75. Seras 602. TDNBB. Sunapce. skiing. I try. My party, o little one? Hockey games, munch, munch. New Year ' s 76. Bermuda 76. laugh, it ' s more funner. 76 is free. LEE BENNETT 78 CAROL BERGEN 1976 okay; all across the U.S.A. gold. Nelsie. yearbook, poetry. f ' Out of the blue love came rushing in, out of the sky came the sun, out of left field came a lucky day: out of the blue, no more pain, starman. LINDA ROBIN BERGMAN Chestnut Hill Mall, Saturday night, spare ribs. MacDonald ' s. Monday Diet. Duck feathers. Overing. H Period study, clunkies. Park Ave. So, what else is new? 67-82 Feelings. Dave. ANDREW H. BERMAN Golf Capt. Vail, Colo. 76. Soccer team. 74-76. Only goal in From. North Game. Big party at Echo Bridge. 75 Brown Vega. The Berm and Dunper. 23-6. U.N.H. Bound. Never passes up a four bid. CYNTHIA BESSELL BBG, I SI, Herbie! Louis. Yel low paint. 7321. " Did you pull a Brenda? JM. NY. Giggly. Snow¬ ball. Vulture. Trolly. B.B.S.L Out flat, liquid, dreams, notes. Flower caves. Mac ' s. Precious Few. Pins. CHERYL BESSOM Cheryl, not Sue. New Year s till 5. Bermuda 76. The orange lemon. Lee ' s Bash. Shoulders and shins. Weekends at Mac ' s Sunapee. Europe 74. cabels. Colby? The time to be happy is now! SUSAN E. BESSOM We will never pass this way again so let ' s remember the times we shared; New Year ' s Eve. Lunch F eriod. Needham? Skiing. The ug. Ossipee N.H. Mac ' s Giggles. Brandy. Bermuda 76. LINDA BILODEAU Yeah, Kath. I remember. Chris ' s house. October 25, 1975 Morn¬ ings behind the B Wing. April 1 1 1 975. Where we going for lunchr I missed ya this year. Nantasket Beach. Let ' s have a party. WILLIAM BILODEAU Pam. Feb. 25, 1974. The Farm Miller, Saturday Night. Harmony. C Period Study. Modern Problems. OJ. Candy. George Carlin. Newport R. I. Pinky. Nights in white satin. OM. Squid. ALB. DANA BIRCH KAREN M. BLASKI On the road of experience, I ' m trying to find my own way. Some¬ times I wish that I could fly away. When I think that I ' m moving, suddenly things stand still. I ' m afraid cuz I think they always will. KAREN E. BORGHI MacDonald ' s. 5 9 75. Ice-skating, hiking, " Alright " Boston Garden Concert, Nov. 21, 1973. Friday nights. Comoro. " Schools out for summer ' ' KAREN MARIE BOUDREAU Chipmunk. Convention 73. I want some more! I gotta joke. King. A day to remember, pickles FSC. Florida 75. Always eating. Beach Boys Concert. Rob ' s car. FIRE! Keep on talking. " Where are the car keys? " MARGARET BOWER Peggy, Skitz. Vggep. Punta Mobile. Juice Rat. Duniblc. Hound ' s Garage. " I don ' t think we ' re in Toto, Kansas " . Speeding through the cross roads of life. WARREN BOWER All I live for is . . . Cars and girls, kegs of beer, nothing else mat¬ tered here!!! JANE E. BOYLE Howdy Doody. Capt, 4. Dance class ' 75. Bermuda ' 76. Girls all stars, January nights?. Whist H period. Where ' s exit 5? 61-13. Artichokes. Needham. New Years. As the team room turns. N.H. ' 75. ROBERT BOYLE SUSAN F. BREEN Capt. Rah 7. Pigeon. Jill who?. Bagged at F.N.. Shave much?. G.M.G. 10 26 Thanks. Good times w B, Crew. TF, JC. Apt. 1 3. What am I gonna do? 6 29. You- KnowWhat. " Time passes on leaving beautiful memories " . JAMES BRENNEMAN Cross country. Never on Satur¬ days. I always pay my debts. In¬ door track. Are we going to eat worms?. Bessie. Breakfast at Bickford ' s. B period bookreport. D. A.LC..D.S. Guido . . Vinnie. CHRISTINE BROWN Olive, that laugh. Tabu. I gotta joke. Heartbreakers. A C. Travelin ' in sap town. Private eyes. Chink food, naive?!. Spaz. M.V. Nice piece. Summer ' 75. It ' s morning — D.D. Fram. Friendly ' s L.N.C. . Sir, what ' s gonna happen to us? HOLLY ANN BROWN Magic. Time in a bottle. N.H. Good friends, G.R., G.K., S C. B, Hull. Deb. N-No!. New Years. Bob. I ' m not?. Bologna!. Tears. Beach Boys. Let ' s bump. 18. Dues?. P.P.. Lisa, Love always. MICHAEL W. BROWN Brownie. Scouting reports have had it. Down the farm. Rookie out of Kansas City. You gutum pen? Not me I ' m stayin ' :. J.V. Squad???. ROBERT BROWN " There are times when everyone around you will give you advice. That ' s the time to tell them to " swack it " and do what you think is right " . P.H.M. CAMILLA L. BRUNI Cami. RN. CNH. ' 68 GTO. E period. JW, BW, KW, Padiddle, Joanne. HLGOTB!. C45. Laura. Surprise party?. Ponies. Anne, Jellybeans. Bermuda. " 1976 " . DAVID BRUNS 80 ROBERT BURG LINDA M. BURGESS Lindo B, Locross. Bulldog letter A. Picardy three. Yellow flowers. Tunafish sandwiches. Football games. RP8. Chamber Singers. How do you spell it? PDC. Oboe. Gail ' s sister. To all my friends, love always. MICHAEL BURKE DONALD BURNS H.B. 11-5-58. Florida or bust. No more Cornish. E.L.P, Friendly ' s. Pinballs. Take care Sherry. Total nightmare, eh Winnie? Hey, Mr. B; got time for pool? Fluff, Squeak, Looney, Gump, Tim, Ed, Bubba; 76. LESLIE BURNS JOANNE S. BURROWS RICHARD BYRNE SCOTT CAMPBELL Whitney Field. B-ball, Fooling Jo. N.B. Laura. Freeport, Me. A Breakfast. Four. Ducce. Buz. Of- N.Y. Whata. Bakery. Beach Boys. carrot? HWTGOFB? C45. Mar- fice again? Wissy. Clancy. S.C. Hungry. Great driver. Whist. shalls Early Grad! Cami. Bermuda D.O.G. Oct. 21. July 24. Hello Drain. Slipknot. Glory. B. Sci- 76. " Camaro " 2-22. 18. Piddle. coast? Lester Jack Lester Jane, tuate. I r d rather be sailing. For- K.W. Church steps. L ' s surprise HoJo ' s. T.C. Spanky. I.L.Y. ever. 76. party? Good luck. Melissa, Pinto Dec, 13. Winston, N.H.S..K.M. A. HEIDI CARBERRY Carbs, Talks with Mac. Gotta have friends. Where ' s Meg, my sis? Times past. BERMUDA. Mo ' s parties. New Year ' s. Prom 75. But officer. John; it ' s a little bit funny — this feeling inside: The great escape. We made it, finally. NANCY E. CARDELLICCHIO " Dream what you dare to dream. Go where you want to go. Do what you want to do . . Live! 7- 1 2-74 Eddie. STEPHEN J. CARDELLICCHIO Cardy. Stone ' s concert. Snipinq at Hampton with Dumper Dan? Bad Co! Toad ' s bash, 5:30 A.M. blues. Big Red Beach Crew. " Be easy " " Twice " J.V. Boccc Co-Capt. Stooges. B period Vikes. Later. WILLIAM F. CARNEY Who me? I ' m not crazy. ' 64 Buick special. It goes — don ' t it? Wad- daya want, miracles? The chicken ranch. Ya see Al, it was like this. Key Club. Sheraton Boston. The A P at quarter post 3. 81 I l CAROL CARPENTER Love: mom. dad. Bobbie-Jo. Sue. Linda. Cin. Deb, DJ. Jim. Ginger. Best Friends: Joanne, Linda. Cami. Thanks Mr. Panchuck Mr. Stickfor. Without family or friends you can ' t survive . . . JOANNE CARROLL This is not our prison but our home. It is the road we must walk, and the walking of it is called life. Chatham. North Beach. Swim Team, Car luck. Backroom — Fla. 76. Fescartes. College. VET. SCOTT CARTER JAQUELINE M. CASHEN The IMC Speech Table. G period in the seminar room. What ' s the E assword? " If ai man does not eep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. " WILLIAM J. CAVANAUGH " CAV " 24. Brian Piccolo. Honda. Good pickin ' " You ' ve blown it all sky high. " Best in the state. Capt. track. Back of the bus. Big Bird Freight Train. Michelle. Love basketball! JILL L. CEPLIKAS Rah 8 12, MFD. Someday. Apt. 13 TF, SB. M M ' s, Break¬ fast. I ' m living. Susan who? Mas¬ toid touch. Blue bomber. Bagged at FN. TYG. Good times w B crew. 6 29. " Think of me; you know I ' d be with you if I could " DANIEL CETRONE JAMES CHAGNON I ' m going out with a girl that went to Natick High. Plan to get married in ' 78. I own a Delta 88 Olds. Hope to have a good future. 82 LEO V. CHAISSON Leo V. Chaisson. 71 Capri. Roche Bros.-Deli. Donald Duck. Plum Island. 8-2-75. Miss Natick 1975. Ellen for ever. ELIZABETH A. CHAMBERLAIN Liz. " Flash " . Kanga ring leader. CLAVCK 2. Rah Iblues. UN farm, rm 215. Cin ' s ultimate sleepovcrs. Hey Arnl. Skiing. Maroon Mirror? Wait for me. Frank 10-6-74. Why can ' t we be friends? Forever. DARLENE E. CHANDLER Chip 11-23-73. Cougar to Co¬ moro. z-28-carly grad. Red Volks (taxi). Hit me! Dad ' s Bumps? Out to lunch. Go to the bathroom! Patti, shut up! Newton phone bills? Donuts anyone? Ber¬ muda " 76 " . HEATHER ANN CHAPIN Picardy 3. Librarian. Rainbow. P.W.A.. Sweetheart. G.S, Yellow flowers. I will not leave you. Chamber Singers. Linda, help! I ' m not short! Calm down. Here i am beth. If we only have love. JOHN CHAPSKI Brums. Gilbert. Comets, Kings. Cricket. Kim. W. State College. Friendly ' s. Sociology. 75! " NEL " . Hooooley. Pete. Mr. Kemper. Thanks Mr. Maher. LAWRENCE CHAPSKI " 73 " Comoro ' s. 7-3:30. 10-24- 72. Blue palace. Finally out. The spirit of " 76 " . MARK CHASE DeMolay. Senior Councilor. Pepsi. ' That ' s Right " . No. 1 table, sec¬ ond lunch. Bowling. " Lightning " . Astronomy class. Sports. Spirit of " 76 " . Track. Senior Choir.? Coast Guard. SUSAN CHEEVER Sue. Better never than late. D period munch. " It ' s decent " . Blue sky. Chocolate milk animal crackers. One 12-string guitar to go. And so, become yourself because the past is just a goodbye. LYNNE A. CHICKERING Chick, Twin. Mac ' s. The little boy. Wt, Mts. " It ' s my party. " 6- m. Bermuda 76. Escape to the Cape, Shoulders up. Pre-rally warm-up. All of us. Sears, 18 38. It ' s magic. Dear Abby. Late ogam. Later, MUCH! JULIE ANN CHILD Back to the days of Pooh. Smile. O bother. FHGL. You can ' t return. RJF. There ' s no need to discuss or understand me, I won ' t ask of myself to become something else, I ' ll just be me. KARIN CHOBANIAN Chobang. Apt. 13. Hoota ' s Wabbits. Star Power? Goodtimes w the B. Crew. Konked out again. FNS. Bermuda ' 76. 1-25-75. Beach Bunch. Rt, 24. Cravings. Live your dream. CYNTHIA RAE CHOUINARD Chou. Co-Cpt. Gymnostics. 1. H per Whist. 61-13. Bars? Girl all¬ stars. Bermuda ' 76. NU? DQ Jimbo. G per. A P. 11-22-75? Finnerty ' s. Jone. Dance class ' 75. Majorettes? Hockey games. The Q ' s. Boiley ' s. Hey, Shcr! 83 JOE CICCARELLO Chicky Baby. Italiano. Fullback. Soccer. 0-1 o. Lunches with AL football games. fights with Dumper Dan. Ciao. JEFFREY B. CLARK Sharon. Feb. 12, ' 72. Blue ' 69 Chevelle SS 402. Party. Bud 101. Tango. T C. The Bird. So. Na¬ tick. The Path. Kendall Crossing. Where to? I don ' t care! Clarky. Sunday — Always. Seen Sharon? Padiddle. JAMES CLOONAN F.O.R.D. Fix or repair daily. Child World. Cuca Rumba. P.M. R.S. Ground Round. Lois ' peee-lows. E per. Biology. Fearless. The green heap. B.S.C.? PATRICIA ANNE CLOUGHER DOUGLAS COLLINS ROBERT COLLOMB Summer ' 75. ' 73 Road Runner, down the Cape. Wrestling team. Where are the parties? Weekend nights. Skip school. GARY MICHAEL CONNER 1975 Soccer disaster. First goal vs. Norwood. Mort the sport. Kate ' s cookies. B strangler. Crash. Hate crutches. Miss WEO. Ball doesn ' t come back by itself. 1 5 Garito. Au revoir NHS. ELLEN CONNORS ELL.c.p;k.p;k.g;k.c; Someday ELL by L.G. Diet much? This time I ' m going to do it! Summers in Canada. Swimming at the tracks. Talk much? Shopping with mom G. April vac. ' 75. Florida bound. MAUREEN P. CONNORS Moe. All of us. 3,4,5 a.m. Chaustud. Caught: Act normal. I got a beard. B.C., G.C. Oh, well. Bermuda ' 76. x,y,z. Why that road? D.C. Sometimes halfway. P ' s away. Marshfield It ' s been real. LAURA L. CONWAY Carolyn ' s Debbies. New Year ' s Eve parties, 1974 1975. Headed for Ireland; June 1976. " And the moral here, if any my friend, is to follow through a dream to the end. " Donovan. NANCY B. COOPER Time makes you bolder; even children get older; and I ' m gettin ' older, too. JANET M. COPE Copie. Field Hockey. Tennis. Capts. Merestead. Chink. " Ever feel co-ordinated? " " I hate B- ball. " Muckluck. H.G. H.R. Say ground beef. Pididdle. " You wear army boots. " As the team turns. Irish. The art of living is through eating! 84 MARGARET J. CORMIER Peggy Nov. 8 — men. Re¬ member — frogs will rule the world someday. Ick Eg.Choco late chip ice cream freak. Well, Mabel. Maine. 10 12 74 — A night to remember. . . GREG.. MICHELLE CORMIER Gun Girls. Polly. C period study. Tweet Tweet’. Psych with Maureen. Monty, Vermont. Rally Budgie. " If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing will be impossible to you. ' ' Matthew 1 7:20 ALAN A. CORNONI ASK ME!. Big Red Turkey. Do you wanna ride?. I ' ve got the car!. Alvin Arnold. Cheese n ' crockers. 2nd lunch. The U,N. Eat worms?. S-220 ' s ha,ha. Indoor and out¬ door track. It ' s been fun! PATRICIA L. COTTER Tricia. As the team room turns. Apt, 13.6 29 75. Fidld hockey, swimming, lacrosse. Good times with Bcrew. Pat Carter. Drive Ins. Mercstead. Escape to the Cape. Capt. Hockey, " M ' Keep Smilin ' !!. GAIL MARIE COVIELLO PAUL COX Squint. Pre-rally warm up 3. " Cocka " . Us 3. Karen. G.B.S. and Phoney Baloney Bandits. New J,AYE. 4 banger. I ' m alot like you Years Eve??. All is changed with were. " Charlie " . Soccer Balls, time, the future none can see. Storka. Room 36. " And if by The road you leave behind, ahead chance we should find each other, lies mystery .... it ' s beautiful. " ♦ . JEAN CRAWFORD MARK CRISTOFORI George 5 28 75. Chinese fire drills. C.B. Dolittle, Jan. ' 76. Spain ' 74. " I ' m free, I ' m free and freedom tastes of reality " — Who. Don ' t forget what the door- mouse said, " Feed your head " . — Jefferson Airplane, BONNIE JEAN CROHAN Bonehead. Maine. Campouts under picnic tables. Crazy neighbors. Concert choir. Who, me skip? What ' s in the box? Opening day at Fenway. Let ' s go bowling. Close family. Honor Roll. Mcrex, Vacation. SHARON CRONE Jeff. 2-12-72. Blue 69 Chevellc SS 402. Party. Michelob. Madress. T C. The Bird. So. Natick. The Path. Kendall Crossing. Babes. Liberty ' s. Marshall ' s. Poems. Sundays. Always. Let ' s Boogie. Pididlc. KATHLEEN MARIE CUNNINGHAM " It is the best of all trades to make songs; and the second best to sing them. " Belloc. WARREN CHARLES CUSTODIO Mr. Kiva, vup! Strumbollie, Muggins. No Steve — you quit. Warren, give me 35 . Hockey. ' 69 Stanq. ' 70 Torino 10-15-75. 12-19-75. The Meadow. Maniac. Good friends. WILLIAM DALE Gurt. Pic. N.H. Jigger Johnson. The Cape. 96 gone. Ya. I just stood there. J.C.H.W.D, The Bench. What would you do if,. Bye . . . ROBERT DAL PE Dalp. You ' re almost as soft as me. Big Red Turkey. It could be worse. My knee Jay. Lake Waban swim. H per. Mr. Crow. Pink Floyd, Back of the bus. Broken locker 3 years. 10-11-75. 10-12-75. ED DALY Survivor of magic bus. F.W.W.A. Family. Definite Jock. Island Fishina Season Opener. The Who. Gold Fever. HARVARD bound. Campsite 4 1 3; Burnt. PATRICIA A. DAMPLO Andy. 12-3-71. 400 Four. Honey dip donuts. Skiing. Hoffman ' s. Water skiing. Lab boss Art . . . 86 • I STEPHEN F. DANFORTH Dumpa Dan And the Huna Luguna. Baseball, Soccer. Offen¬ sive driving. Big Red Beach Crew. Summer " 75 " . Sniping at Hampton with puck pushers. Get¬ ting in shape. No food in the lounge. 7 studies a day? GREG DANIELS Party. Friday night gang. Work. Best car. Beach. " Ducky " Chev. SS. Rent the ice; hockey spare time. Fool around. MARK J. D ' ANTONIO DINO. Rules are mode to be broken. Red dune buggy. Rubber knees. Italion Stahon strikes again! Weekend parties. Doa bird! Stonzie ' s. Family. Often seen on two wheels. Sex Vio¬ lence. T C. PETER W. DELEHANTY Lou. Getting in shape for the munchies. Ayuh. This is true. Frogs in the road. 12-31-75. New Year ' s Eve. Washington D.C. Bark, Dumpa Morgy: Football 75 . JOE DEPAOLO Joe the man. Reekin ' . Button our shirt. Talk much? No thanks, don ' t toko: On to college. DIANE DERICK Tuppers. Alex Bristol N.H. Weekend in Webster. Ronnie said. Dry leaves. Mental blossim, Echiboobahah. Marshall ' s. 18. Lynette ' s birdie died. " Barb, go out get some; I went out in the rain. LINDA M. DESIATA Tom, 2-28-74. Proms, 74 75,76. Precious Few. Brewster. Boston. Italy. Aug. 75. Gypsies. Cape. Maine. Seabrook. Mike; o friend always. Hr. 702-172 with Dev. Wendy. Melba toast milk, I won. Sec ya later. . . PATRICIA DEVEREAUX Dev. Gymnastics. Tn-capt. Girls ' track. Bermuda ' 76. Always Cape bound. Soap operas, 4 1 2, 3, Me my shadow. Bruise. Rink, HR. 702-172; with Des. ' Tli shoot you in the head. " Catch ya later! RONALD DIAMOND Sunder Sax, Bananaland. LP8- TTR-TTR-m3, Love 40. Hey, Mark great lick. Buffet. All-state hoperul, Dixie. Dissonance is beautiful. 1 for 7. Tennis Raquet. Distric 76. Candlelight. JOHN G. DIKMAK Arab. 68 Mustang. Bowling. T C. Notick Shell. Gotta have it. Eskimo. Sick Puppy. Montego. Cindy: 1 -1 3-73. MARY S. DIMILLE Little D. Apt. 13. Red Rah? Ha Ha! Hienie. Bermuda 76. Bagged at North. B crew. FF Donna, Weebs. Joke much? Dill? J ' s prts. The get away car. Ball chain. B boys. Bums trips 6 29. Precious moments. BETH DININIO The time has come. F.H. — B.B. Those G period munchouts! Thought for the day. All music is what is awakened inside us when we are reminded by the in¬ struments . . . 87 FRANK DIXON JOHN DOHERTY ROBERT DOHERTY DANIEL W. DONOVAN What a farce! Astaire Rogers, Bob. What ' s up?. Gonna be a Dunny. 23. Finally grew up! 3 Powell Keeler, Groucho pilot. bockpacking. Scituate parts blood and one part H R? Chico, Monty Python, Mattress, parties. Jamacia bound. English Twack. 2 12 72. TJ. Farm Pond. Sunshine, Cinderella, Reflections, blues. Cindy Sharon. Water- Take him home. " 25 " Chatterbox, Moody Blues, Jab- skiing, berwocky, Invisable Force. SANDRA M. DONOVAN PAMELA SUE DOTTER ' Dick ' . 9 5 73. 66 Chevy. Tal. " And in the sweetness of Cape Cod. New Hampshire. Deck, friendship, let there be laughter let ' s go horseback riding. Virginia and the sharing of pleasures. " to Canada. Ma, I finally made it. C.G.T. CATHERINE A. DOWD MARGARET H. DOWNEY Mark. 4-26-74. White Mountains. Megless. Band on the run. The The way I was. As fate would airls. Bermuda. NYE. That ' s right, have it. Weekends in Maine. Alby. Where ' s my Sis? Prerallv. Parties. You guys. Hey Lynne. Skip much? 3 day trip. Do. KBH. Now what? Bummer, Good times is on my mind. Defi- Nursing. Friends, College Bound. nite Pepsi. 2 yrs. and forever. Smile. We ' re outta here. DANIEL DOWNS HERBERT R. DREHER GERALD DREW LINDA DREW What ' s Happening? Debbie. " I ' ve got things to do, people to Pumpkin. THb BIG SIX. Ford. see, and places to go. " Wheels. Hand ten. Bummer. Oh Ya. Later, much later. Lime Ricky. Ski. PCKG. MNGT, ENG. Light ' emup. Bud. Heyyy! BERNADINE DRISCOLL LYNNE DRISCOLL D’ZeL P.E.P.S.I. Just somethin " about ' m. Someplace different. To sir, Mr. H, w love. Pal. Cath — over there. JBS— Biggs are best. Once upon a Mt. at sunrise. Heavy on the happiness w 2 warm smiles. KIM LORI DROWN Kimba. B.K.R.J. John. Thank you. D.W. forever! EJ. Give what you have to others, it may be better than you dare to think. Future Teocher. AFternoons at Lincoln. Faith, hope love; the greatest: love. ROSEMARY DRISCOLL Every moment we ' re together I ' m learning something that knowl¬ edge becomes a permanent part of me. Though my feelings ' ll be different ten years from now, part of the difference is you 4 ever. MAUREEN DUFFY JOSEPH R. DUGAN Hey, Morgolis. It ' s a pinkie Duae. South Natick River Rat. pincher. Mittens. Amalgamated L.M..H. Head of T.O.M. 5. ”0- morons local six seven-eighths. Stickball champi¬ ons. Heiniken. Mic ' s at T C. Vw. " Finish them at the wall " 10-16- 75. " Sliding again " D.W. ' s Nub. 89 ,«r. BEVERLY L. DWYER Beverage. L.M.H. PUDDLES. Bent key. E period, chomp, chomp, Framingham Union. Only a junior? Jack-In-The-Box. " Hair Cut " Senior Citizen Party. Accept me as I am only then will we dis¬ cover each other. NANCY M, DURKIN None. Hey, Hop. C ' mon. Med- field. E r period. Wanna go out to lunch? 68 Cutlass. Summer 74. Hook. The weeek. memories. " Wicked " . WMB. 2Vi. you think I ' ll pass? S. California. Cratch you later. JEFFREY ROBERT DZIAMA 88. 6 ' 3 " 230. 400 lbs. bench. A Penn State lb? Wash trip? Don ' t understand. A case and..But of¬ ficer, I . . . Jewels. 9 28 74. Snow¬ balls. Tiger. School? " Main girl " . 5 summers. Jean. Yes. CHRISTINE DUNN Marshall ' s. " It ' s gonna snow " . Ptgeons in Boston. " I ' ll have a ham sandwich " . Weekend in Maine. " I am flooring it " ! The great white rumbler. Kansas 76. Northeastern. GARY M. ELOVITZ Harmony is a perfect blend of the arts and the sciences. " ERIC L. EISEN Rickly 1. Skiing. Capri II. Sunny. Hey Joe. Duck Dai I. Loon Mt VET. Do the bump. Swak-it Buffalo Bus Ride. N. Conway. Re¬ treat. Simco ' s A.Z.A. Tango. Dip That ' s excollant. OOB. Milton. ROBERT EAGEN HOPE E. ELDRIDGE Hi Hopes. Notick Square Riggers. Accept me as I am for only then will we discover each other. Marshalls, Hopeless, Bradlccs, Helpless. DIANE ELIZABETH ELWYN Can you hear me?. I like to wear feet. Time is the only boundary that limits my infinity. Once you realize your path you have come home. Why not experience it, if it ' s real? . , . Diane. BARRY ENGEBRETSEN " When stormy clouds surround you, and troubles seem to com¬ pound you, don ' t lose your sense of humor, and you won ' t lose you piece of mind. " NEAL EPSTEIN PINTO!. New England Dragway. Cross Country in a van. Summer of 75. Crusin. Air Force bound. SCOTT MITCHELL EPSTEIN EPA. Motor Head. A theif with style, cheerleaders and other girls. Breathe deep the gathering ? iloom; watch the lights fade rom every room. STEPHEN FAIR DEBRA FALLON " Class presidents don ' t oct like that! " Those shrimpy language teachers. Tennis. Rick. I ' m taller than a munchkin. Camp Merex. Camp Narepadee. Cat Stevens. MARK FARRELL Fayro. Ned. T C with Mr. C. do a bird. Famalies ' punch. 67 Pon¬ tiac. Sunrises. Pink Floyd. 7 4 75. Colt at the barn. 66. Skiing. JAMES FAHEY Crash. CC. Dec. 73 74. Safe 75. Drive much. Surf. Washington D.C. 33. T C. Go to the packic. Let ' s skip. Farm pond. Take him home. Saturday nites. Grow up. No classes. Colt 45. LeMans. MARK FARRINGTON Farstar. AM Announcements. Howard, Dick, and Hubie. Re¬ cruited. Cripple Football. NW. HI Linda! Big Red Turkey. 75. Red¬ skins. Football. AAAUUH! GH! The weatherman. Goodbye. So Long. Farewell! MAUREEN ANN FEELEY Jan 74. Virginia. And what a homecoming! hide me! Cabin parties. Summer 74 23 Hilton St. Remember Sears? Changes. Pink lady. 3 21 75 School? Saturday Nites. Air Force. Why Not? THOMAS J. FENZEL The Fenz. Cuda. Big Wed Track. Miller Moose. Pete ' s Quair. Woof Wofters. Soul Searching. Corn balls Cornoni. Brookline. Mort. Nick Natural Lest Meet. Phred. Nov. 3 Shato. JULIE. NANCY FERLAZZO 9 MARGARET J. FERNALD Marg. Baileys, V.W, Bent key. Munch out at Mac ' s. What pass? Surprise party, Wallex, Fall much? Lollipops. Only a flesh wound. Alpinrste, Eper. Who ' s in? 6-1-75. Portland. 9-0? bwww. Desiderata. GARY FILAMOND NADINE FILLION Are you going to be a horse?.. Mac ' s crewperson..Thursday night volleyball..Bermuda ' 76.. I forgot.. Bcatlemaniac.. Bruins.. Got your license yet?,, 12 21 75, JANE FINFROCK Bowling.. Business Office.. Hey, Mr. Drown.. McDonald ' s Big Sis.. S.C.P.A... Who took the money?.. Peachy.. You ' re funny but looks aren ' t everything.. Senior Class Play ' 74, ' 75, ' 76f CHRISTOPHER FIRTH BRIAN FITZGERALD Halloween ' s Big Bud Bareli. Georges. Git high time. The wheels of life. No more can reach the Ritz, Boo, Naturally on 2 2, No more T.K.O. ' s. Have chair will travel. Toodles. A Carott In Dirt. BRIAN J. FITZPATRICK Fitz.. Football 41.. track capt.. 9 19 75 Sailing On " No sweat, it could be worse " .. " As soon as the grass looks greener, you ' re too tired to climb the fence. " PATRICK FLAVIN Ratman, Flavs. Soccer 22. Whers ' s Crash Don? S.C. Capshots with Whitey, Rumkeg or T,C. you guys? Sorry guys but my mother said I have to be in at i o ' clock. Party. Tell Crash he ' s home. MICHELLE A. FLEMING Walpole — OOPS! My son Fitz. My Malibu. Which way now? . . . and the chase is on. All-Stars. Voulez-vous. Behind the box. Snowballs. If ya wanna get to heaven ... 1 -9. Hey babe. Miss . . THOMAS FLETCHER Fletch.. Hockey 2.. 5:00 A.M. crash.. Watch out for them snow¬ banks.. WHAT?,. H per, whist., the Doze.. We ' ll manipulate.. I don ' t know.. 3 Stooges., so right!.. Catch ya later. BARBARA L. FLYNN Did Mel call? . . . Can vou lend me some credits? . . . Cars and trees don ' t mix . . . 6 4 73 , . , Weekend in Webster AD-36 . . . Bristol, N.H. JEAN L. FLYNN Butch.. 8 13 75.. B.F. hope.. Ber¬ muda ' 76, Summer at the Cape ' 75.. Mountain climbing. Center School fourth grade.. Locked keys in car?.. First National.. Ben-Hem K . . . Good Luck Always. FREDERICK L. FOREST Family. Washington, D.C. Do a bird. Fred. 70. New Years ' Punch. Merry Time. Island fish¬ ing. Season opener. Later! LESLIES. FORSYTHE McDonald ' s. South Yarmouth 75. License? And shoot guns? Yes, I ' m a senior! G period Biology class, Friday night shopping. Wanna see a movie?? DANIEL FOLEY No, he ' s not my brother! " You ' re crazy. " Skiing. Caldor ' s. Dexter ' s. " Let ' s go get a pizza " 74 Vega. " Your canoe? It ' s my canoe! Swimming. Shooting. " AH of a sudden. " FRANCIS J. FOLEY Breaker 21. CB radio. Bristol Conn. York Beach, Me. Bill Foster ' s. He ' s not my brother. Stop Shop. ' 69 Dart Custom. Let ' s ao skiing. Backflip. Rand Pond. I can skate. Trailer parties. Wallace ' s. Later. RUSSELL FORTIN I 21. Super Bowl Run Back. Wellesley, Walpole game. " Let ' s live together. " Coolidge Field. Gone before you know it. Best Coach, Mr. Murray. " Sue. " Moments with you contain all my love. . . BARBARA SUSAN FOSTER Barb ' s. Reflections, Those times Summer 75. 3m ' s, Drive way surprise. Caught ya Hoags. W.M, girls. Band. Mr. Taddeo. Great, Maine. Tommy — 65 Thunder- bird. 6-14-75. Haul. LINDA L. FRADA I ' m not here, think he saw me? How many late slips? Homework? Why ' d I say that? Camping in Webster. Eagerman ' s. Feb. Andy. N.H. 18. License. Thank you, Miss Duncan Mr. Sticklor. ALICE FORTIN ROBERT FRANKE DALE FRANKLIN PATRICIA FREEDMAN RICHARD FREEMAN Z-l power! Summer time headin ' for the Cape. 122 mph. Seagull Beach. Surprise! J.T. concert. Oh well. See you in sunny California. And remember, 2 wheels are better than 4. BARBARA GALVIN Barb. JOEY. ' 79 " . Waiting. Precious Few. CAT. LS.W PARTIES. Totaled. Get Down. THE BARN. L.S. A.B. Judy. Skip¬ ping fever. 4:20 a.m. Tupper ' s H.T. E.N. Friends are forever . . . DONNA M. GARBARINO Bows. Grab a Gab. Clara? Apt. 1 3. Bermuda 76. Rah 1 5 11. Ball Chain. Good times w B- Crew. J ' s Parties. Beach Bunch. Bagged at F.N. 6 29. Jan. 1 74. TF E M ary. PATRICIA S. GARCIA Gus. Chaustud. GC-BC. 6-M. Nantucket — Surfsidc. Shotdown. Half-way. Skip days. Escape to the Cape. Mac ' s. Pre-rally warm¬ up. Ya, we ' re twins? Actbies. Why? All of us. Later. MUCH! Bye! PETER S. GARCIA . . . Rick? Rich?.Pink Floyd..Hill . . . Sub . . . A-Wing . . • • ♦ .Kon-Tjki ..... .Gus .... Big Pete. LINDA GARDNER Chuck 1 31 74. Talks with E.C. D period study. The sun ' s out! SS. Nantasket beach tans. Florida bound April vacation 75. My babe. 9-20-75. Eck! X-mas 75. Nick ' s Crimson and Clover. DARLENE GASSETT Mootha. Mom 9-11-75. Chris 5- 19-73. " 1976 Monte Carb " . Brandy. Diamond Ring 12-23-75. Kristen. Never on time. I Love You Mom. The Best Dad in the World. Getting married in Aug. No checks. MICHAEL D. GEARAN Breaker 21. ' 67 Ford power. Snow plow summer 75. DB ' s Jimmy the Greek Frank. York Beach. Skiing. " Let ' s get some tunes in here " Pizza Plus. Mr. Bar-tender at Wellesley College. WILLIAM A. GEISSLER J1 76 " Football-Super Bowl- Washington. Lu 74-75. My flashlight. S.S. Medway. Biology — New York — Track — Wt. Lifting. Summers in Maine. Douglas Mt. Blockberry Brandy Sue Broken Arm. 94 MICHELLE GERRY RONALD GHETTI Shelly, Fish. D.B.. Late talks w Chobs. Apt. 13. S.P. pals. 6 29. Voc. Talk much? Bermuda. Good Times w B. crew. " Quite nice " . Bagged at North. I will cherish the memories of today. CAROL GIANNETTI CAROLYN MARIE GILMAN Steve, Ruthy ' s wedding. Woburn. New Year ' s Eve. Feb. vacation ' 75. Xmas caroling. I ' m hungry. But I don ' t want to be early! Fair¬ banks. What ' s new? Adios amigos! DAVID GILVARG Gilly. Twack. Hi, how are ya?. 45 feet. E period Chem, Swack it. Oh, that five bid. You ' re a Swede?. You Turkey. We arc not merely what we appear to be, for each of us is something better. JONATHAN GILVARG The perfect gentleman. Spanish, computers. At Bradlees you buy what Mrs. B buys. G period in Seminar room A. I.R. 40. STEVE GINSBURG " Spirit of 76 . . . Burnt " CHERYL GIORGIO FOUR..41 8 0. " take your marks " . N.Y. 76. BILLBOARD. Maybe next time. T . T. S. S. M . M D. TC. K. G period..Beach Boys JOSEPH GUILIANI CHERYL GLEASON " Joe " . Flyers (not Framingham South). Steelers. The G period Stooges. Motormouth. Guido, Maine— 2468. Nay. Oh, Timmy. Sold, American Bag Boy. I ' m the best in the country, but how about the city? EDWARD GLEASON CHRISTOPHER J. GLYNN Let me out of here. On to bigger Strumboli! Red-much? Where ' s better things. E period? lime my shadow? Storka time, sure flics when.. Where do they Muggins shut Intin up. Kiva ' s get these teachers? Looking back, Kans. Harwichin ' . Midnight drive I ' ll probably laugh at all this. Get — Hyannis. What curb? Wellflcet ready for that final, fleas, Dreamin ' . He bugs me. USAF. State Cop. 95 mu LAURAS. GOLDMAN Hippo. Let ' s go out for breokfost Helen. B.B.G.AZA. 33 days in N.Y. " Really. " For now on G ' s. Visit to Rose. C.S.N.Y. E per. Crack up. Hojo ' s. Sears ' Xmas Party " Everything tomatoc. " SUSAN GLYNN Life is a journey not a destina¬ tion. ' 74 August Jam. N.C..C.T, FLA, Good luck Sal ond Arnold. " Hey Marie, Let ' s go to Harvard Sq. " Summer at Scituate — ' 75 — Vin. My first party. Class of DONNA LYNN GOODMAN Let ' s take a chance and bring passion back. DONALD GOODING Music, plays, speech, school — in that order. The three musketeers. Ducks and puns and farmer ' s sons. Green M M eater. Procras¬ tinating. 2 DAG. Learn to cope with the idiots of the world. RICHARD W. GORMAN Gorm. Stairway to Heaven. Surf Girls. Dick Gordon. Take me home. Saturday night. Finally grew up. Tell Crash he ' s home. 7 7 ' s. You ' ve got to live for today, then let it go. PETER GOODMAN Hendrix, Clapton, Page. Parties at school. I ' ve been waitin ' a long time for ' 76. And now I ' m on my way. I ' ll see you when I get there. 96 ROBERT GORMAN HOLLY C. GOULD Big A.T C. Friday nights. Baby face. Locked in a room. Cricket. Red Dyno ' s. Datsun 710. Mac ' s. Vette ' 69. Kath. Model. Babson bound. Phone calls. Summer of ' 76. JOSEPH GOULD SCOTT GRAHAM Browning Two Shot. Hunting and Fishing. 6 ' 5 " Stringbcan. Grambo. Murphy ' s free one. Barney ' s class. Early graduate. 1 bat, 1 rat and 3 twecdledees. BARBARA J. GRASSEY BJ. Pacino. Cazale. Denver. Taylor. MUI. Freak. My sister the actress. Chas. Playhouse men. Reach for the heaven, hope for the future. All that we can be, not what we are. CAROLYN ANN MARIE GRASSEY Ca. Tomorrow and tomorrow. D per. munch. Baby BJ?. Talk much, you know?. LVTBB. Roe Kathy. Swim co-capt. LG ' s. Thank you DW. JO . Love is too beauti ful to express in words..BYE! MARK ANTHONY GREEL M73 what a life. Get away from that phone. Soccer. Can ' t win them all — He. Li. Be. Like school not work. Only 3 days a week!. John we had some good times. 27 no way. THANKS a million!! LAUREN RUTH GREEN Laurie. My little bone. CVS. Remember Maine. I don ' t act it. Reflections. Espanol. Waban. Long winding road. How long it ' s been since yesterday what about tomorrow? . 8-12-74 Ricky. SEAN GRIFFIN FREDERICK H. GROSSMAN STEVEN GWINN Griff. Wash. D.C.. Rcnado ' s party. Harv.. Capt. Fish-Foolin ' Round. Football 4 87. Mercs. Hieneken. MP-CC-Dr. F-PU ' s-PC-RL — ' 76 T C. College Bound. — SB-JB-MAC-OK. I ' ve got a U.S.M.C..Wt. rm,. Timothy ' s. beard — Pre rally warm-up. Get Hannibal, Kenpo. One who it — Fred did it — Cruisin ' — succeeds is one who never gives 350. Rm. 4 36-Us 3-Fudpucker up.. Good Luck! — It ' s cool. TIMOTHY L. HAHN Tim. Soccer. 10 years. 18-0?. Africa. 9-9-74. Bird calls. Kis- wohili. Hamjambo wagani. Roche crew. Coach Cioffi? Ball Boy. Left out. Corner kick. Kadon- ganarobo! TOM HAHNL DANA K. HALCOTT S.T. 500. Nov. 17 Bummer. Lois. 8-28-74. Accountant. Scars. Scootch Blues. Spread ski fever. Summer of 74. ' ' If you say so " Uh Rositgnol. Wheel ies. Smoke ' em. oh, where ' s Gloria? Rock me Let ' s skip school. Good tunes. gently. The brg D. Let ' s go to Beers Saturday night. Bikes. Git Friendly’s. ILV. Punkin. Breakfast High Time. Let ' s git. at Lois ' house. Weety pigs. ILY Lois. JOHN HAMILTON LAURA A. HANDRAHAN " Lour. " E period. Who ' s got call? Tarheel. Lois Lane. MCJSBNBKCJ. SLC? Bug. Coffee frappe. Captain ' s Bridge, A skirt? Ushering. Wink, ghost. What soda? " The future is a convenient place for dreams. " SCOTT HANLEY PAULA HANRAHAN ALISON R. HARTNETT RUTH HARTNETT Paul 3-8-75. Everlasting love. Timothy ' s. RB. Jan. 1, 2000. For the good times. Thanks. S.P. California with Lianne. Pre-rally 12N ESB. NA at Brittany pals 4-cver. Nantucket, warm-up, " The Bird. " Old lady. Towers. N.Y. Being different Beachboys. HiC. Decisions? Guess Future Nursing. Tubba. free. Experience learn; to be or what! 6 a.m. Eat much? Ping. The not to be. Equality. Cutting up most valuable gift we have to cats. R.N. give is OURSELF. DEBRA HARVEY MARK HAYES ROBERT FRANCIS HEALEY ELIZABETH HEALY M.H. Buffalo. No, Milwaukee. 1- Copt, of cross country 75. 9 var- If man does not keep pace with 20 termites. 69 70 goats. sity letters from track, i he best his companions, perhaps it is Chicago. That ' s a real one; I ' m statistician for indoor track. " I because he hears a different no fool. 9-24. I resemble that would make a great track drummer. Let him step to the remark. B-Ball. Hoop. One of coach. " Ski club. Great supporter music he hears, however meo- these nights. 12-17. 67 75 of all other sports in school. sured or far away. Henry David Malph. Mongo, Picked a bad Thoroau. time. RICHARD HELLER CINDY HENDERSON Pooh. Anemia. Lollipop. Party cars. TriAngle. My Ultimate Slecpovers. FLA trikes. Table 33. Saabin to the cape. Kongo queen. Camper. Pinto rides. Hal¬ loween Queen of Hearts. Crash rally W.V. CLAVCK 5. DALE HENDERSON JAMES HESEK r Hendy. 40, Hockey? Family. Jrmbo. What Dodge? Ski week- New Year ' s Eve punch. Do a bird. ends. Produce S S. 76. Let ' s go to Stonzie ' s house. Anita, Feb. 19, Rocky. A night in Me.. Getting ' 75. Washington. Trip to Maine. late. Very good year. T C. Outta here. KELLY HIGGINS Peter. 8-31-75. Nov. 8-9. Ber¬ muda 75-6. Track. A-1 16. States. Hon. TG. Prom. Summer Freak. Breakfast anyone? Football sups. Pearly whites. Miss Natick times. Elem. Ed. Take one day at a time. KIMBERLEE ANN HIGGINS Larry. 6-29-74. Square Riggers. SDC. Alle Y. Remember the Ramada, Portland. To the moon. Vagcrmoputzmobile. I don’t know. AM calls. Iwanaly That ' s not a kiss. Best of Bread. If. Tc Amo. Take it easy. LINDA HIGGINS Higgins! Goop brothers. New Year ' s Eve. Drinking buddies for¬ ever. Sleazy Street. York Beach. Circus. PS. 5-28-74. Southern Comfort. V.W. Can ' t wait to get out of here!! Arizona bound. Burnt. SCOTT L. HIGGINS Muggins. Always with Strumboli Intin. Harwich. Well — fleet fleas. 7-4-75. Midnight drive Hyannis. That curb. Here ' s your shadow. I ' m hip. Serious. Sniping, Buncha snobs. Ya, I love u 2. Later! KATHLEEN A. HOOLEY JOANNE HOTTLEMAN Kathy, 1 of 5. LIAB. Mich, " J " bumper. N.E. " I need you " PR- MQTH. U.N. APS II, BB concerts. Cole. That very special nitc. Pre¬ rally wm-up. CJBP. F.S. paper caper. Times to remember. . ■v BRENDA HOGAN Hogan, Hi Men! G. P.A.P,. That ' s cool. Sunsets. Smile. Foster, friends forever. Who soys you ' re senile?. Driveway. Summer ' 75. Duxbury Reflections ’75. Concerts, Life is what you make it,. RACHEL HOLLERORTH T.W. Skiing. 18 on the 18th. Peo¬ ple tell me it ' s a sin to know what to feel within, He was born in spring but I was born too late, blame it all on a simple twist of fate Bob Dylan THOMAS P. HIRSH ' 74. Chev Laguna ss, ' 73 Quick LoSabre, How ya doin Mr, J? George Carlin. Laid off from Bradlee ' s, Thanks Mrs. B., Nan- tasket ' 75. Red Sox Marlboro Menthol. DIANE HOFFMAN BRENDA HUGH Limited love asks for the posses¬ sion of the beloved unlimited ask only for itself . . . Chip 2-3-75 . . . Squinty . . . D. B.C. . . . O.F.S. JOHN HULING Born for Bone. Big Mac ' s Band. Swimming in Macy ' s Parade. Trucking in Tournament of Roses. April in Moscow. Colombia S.A..G.I.W. New Year ' s Eve in L.A. ' 75. Della. JOHN HUNEWILL Chunk. Plenty of got caught again. J.C.H.W.D. wanta J. Where ' s the party?. Down the Cape. Travis Rd. gang. Re¬ member the path. Green Ford. YA!. Wanta sauce. New Hamp¬ shire. Hey wisker. AUDREY R. HURLEY Ogart. Mocs. Halloween. Who clipped my wings?. Catching Z ' s. Woolies. Escape to the Cape?. Bermuda ' 76. That Road. ' 68 Malibu. All of us. 6 of Mich. N.Y. Eve. Later. Much! JOSEPH INDELICATO MICHAEL INGEMI Mike. I ' m tired. Summer of 75. Stop Shop. Softball. Fry ' s Hideaway. Arc you awake Mike?. Luxury model Nova. Sunday night Urive-ln. VICKIE JACKSON SPRU: Nantaskct, Rocky Narrows, SOUTH NATICK. We ' re gonna make it. Pago Pago. Mar¬ coni ' s. Makin ' doughnuts. — more days. Remember when..Hurry up!. Best friends are forever.. . MERLE JACOBS Steve. HELP!. LOTR. Theodore. 11-2-74. Frances, Arc you being kind?. The child. Roe Lis — no, you don ' t look alike!. Me, a groupie?. Got ya Mark!. 4-9-74. Pooch. Nous sommes du solcil. ANDREA JANNONI Louis. Coral Heart. Snipen. Wink. Don ' t Worry Baby. Roses. Phone calls. My Spies. Notes. Painting. Sleep Talk. 7-4-75. BB. Inspira¬ tion. We Don ' t Have Tomorrow, But Wc Have Yesterday , . . PATRICIA A. JEFFERSON My extinction in Natick High halls has come at last! No more classes, passes, excuses, abuses, creatures, Teachers. Metco ' 76. College here I come! LINDA JOHNSON SOUTH NATICK — Rocky Narrows So. St. Dave ' s. Skip Days. Leo ' s coming home. Kimmv-Poo. What ' s that mean?, New Year ' s Eve, Silver Streak. What oil?, Remember last year at this time. LYNNE ALISON JOHNSTON If I can plant some little seed of love, That later on will blossom in a smile, li matters not however else I fail; My life will be worth¬ while. 101 JAMES J. JONES It ' s over like a — New Year ' s Punch, family. Do a Bird! TC bound. A slight glow. 77 Days. What a Circus. It ' s not a lobster! Slide. If there ' s a will there ' s a way. Crubs! Hey! Look at the turtle dress. KAREN JONES 7-20-74. MMM. Babs. Los Co¬ chinos Canados. Orange pie. PFSC. Well Marshall ' s has it for. Wiggles. Carolina Moon. Boston. U.Mass, Amherst. The greatest kindness we can offer each other is the truth. ROBERT JONES SUSAN JOYCE DONNA KADLIK KATHLEEN KADLIK Duck. The Mad Hatter. Tri-Cap¬ tain Girls Track. Art Club. Castles and Dragons things. Hey. I ' m not late., am I? Well? Hampton Beach. Love those windy days! Have a happy day, Vic! DARLENE KALOUSTIAN 7-4-74. Halfway. Hey Gus wanna skip? The boy. Springfield EC. I can ' t sec. FEED ME! Get pinched much? Echo Lake. A trip in the rain. Molly, what air planes? I ' m outta here. DORENE KALOUSTIAN David. 7-1-75. eat much? Pin- balls. Baigels. Magic carpet ride. DAK. TCK. MlW. PDG, Friday. Skip days. Bell Bottom Blues. Way home from Amherst reds. Z ' d out at Maureen ' s. Later. JOSEPH THOMAS KANE III Football. Basketball. Baseball. Coming down with snow on it. BB Splinters. Struck out again? You ' ll see it. Kathy. Hey Bennie! Zack ' s mustache. How ' s the knees? SS Whirlpool. You piece of junk. KATHLEEN KANE Kano. 4 hrs to Cape. Martha ' s Vineyard. Pelican Room. Never on time. Anthing? Mornings at Rainbow. Prince. Rockland St. Gang. There must be some way out of here? Chicken. Nurd ' s Class. VICTORIA E. KARIAN " Music makes pictures and often tells stories. All of it magic and all of it true. And all of the pic¬ tures all of the stories. And all of the magic, the music is you " J. Denver. CAROLYNN KASS Carol Cutlet MD. 3 blind mice Halloween. Dice. UM wknds. PR wm-up. Asthma attack. The Pit. Cape summers. Howie. 11-17-73. Cin ' s ultimate sleep overs. Rowdy Table. Why can ' t we be friends., forever. 102 THOMAS KASS Newt. Car pushers. Pre-rally warm-up. Trouble, capshots with whitie. VVrongway; T C. 4th 12 goal lined. LC sqoeze, Who says I Rave a big head? Take him home. Traveling duct. Cape. DANIEL P. KATTANY Kat. Smarten up, Felix. LMH. Golf team. Phoenix, here I come. Duncan. CIA. Chef, that ' s a laugh. AJ. Smiley. I can ' t play whist. APRIL S. KATZ How come I always get the cat? Listen, Bud. Pinkies. Monty. What, huh? Camp Merex. He cut his hair again! To Look up and not down. To look forward and not back, To look out and not in. BILL KEARNS Life is a buzz, Death is a rush. ' V x JAMES KEHOE Terry. I don’t know. I don ' t like it. Saturday nights. Sunday morn¬ ings. KHS. 3818. Take me to the beer store. Funway. Front end 4, OH Yea! CB. Mr. Murphy. ZIGGLE. Let ' s watch TV. Gas Eater. LINDA MARIE KELLEY Rob love ya! 12-23-74. Best friends. " Burlington, Ver.Love x Y r " Hi! Let ' s go to Mac ' s. 12-5-75. Rob ' s car. Roche Bros. May 74. RPO. Let ' s go to the Cape! Top. We ' re finally out of here!!! SUSAN KELLEY What a year! BK. Berrrmda ' 76. Are you a turtle? YBYSAI A, F Y. You ' re so mean. MILLBURY. F per. siudy, " Look to this day for it is life! " CHERYL KEMP The sun ' s cornin ' up. I ' m ridin ' with lady luck. Freeways, cars and trucks. Stars beginning to fade. Eagles. 12-26-75. 1C GERALD KENNEDY LINDA M. KETCHEN " Ketch. " 12. Basketball. La¬ crosse. RA, As the teamroom turns. D per. Study. Ups and downs, Brian. 4-1 1-75. I.L.Y. BRIAN J. KIERNAN Help me Rhonda. 12-26-75. SK. ST ATI E BOUND. I don ' t know, Lou. 33 PS. Town Forest. Choke ' em Butch. 7-13-76 MP. Bus to Norwood. Bball. OLD ORCHARD BEACH. Try the back door. RUTH KIMBALL " 76 " . I have 3 dogs, 5 cats, 4 rabbits 1 mouse. I have more pets than Terry, my best friend. I will be working next year. ROBERT W. KIME Kathy. Maine ' 74. Wooo — ROB, we ' re cousins! E Pluribus Moon um. Alice, Steven, John, Woody and Carol. Bone! Backstop. Talk Much? Paul McCartney, Yeah! Whose THE BEATLES? Thank you Mom, Dad, and Ed. PATRICIA M. KING T-Wings. III. 6-m. I ' ve got a beard. OK. Pre-rally warm up. Coach. Actbies. I can ' t see. Oh, well. All of us. Bing Bong. Z ' s. Changes. Shoulders up. Twin. Catch you later. Trix. CAROL A. KIPPES DW, 50 lbs. Romeo. NDW. Mon. singing less. 2-16-75. Have pink dress will travel. JA George. MmarryMmoggreggor. SL. WG. Who am I anyway? Am I my resume, that is a picture of a person I don ' t know? HENRY KLEHM B. per. Vikings. PCKG MNGT ENG. I don ' t like it! BS on PS. 17 not 18. Skiing. Volkswagon much? Summers on the shores of Lake Coch. Villanova? What ' s that? Wreck Dept. That ' s All. GAIL HOPE KOSLOFF PAUL KOZLOWSKI M Occasionally. Sheraton. D. Karate. Tickle. Buffalo. Starr. Hysteria NY Caf. Montreal HHP. Bermuda. 1 Streaker. R,H,L,J. BBG. Tennis. J. Remember? Fog up. Concerts. Bump. NY ' s Eve. Ruth ' s. Etc! STEVEN F KRUGER I look up at the sky and see, not a star, lonely and alone, but a flower growing. Reaching up to touch a star with companions by its side helping. Friends: help you feel you ' re not alone. GREGORY S. LAKIS Greg. Sloop John B. K10. 611. Maine. Streaking. Albany. Wkdat Petes house. ABC with Rick. Beach Boys. Tanglewood. 25-64- 2 Gregory Ln, NH. The Drive-In. Vinnie, 10-12-74, MORE. Peggy. MARGARET LALONDE Minnesota. 12-31-75. Summer of ' 75. Dukes Sharpies Comp. Yeah, but do you care? No, its not attached to my head. Week¬ ends with the gang. S5.18 to talk to Fleur? Love to the gang . . Bobby. JEFFREY A. LAMY Jeff. Moose. Outdoorsman. Early Grad. U.S. Army, Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. Heavy Equip¬ ment — General Engineering. Schlitz. Aerosmith. " Drives Ma Nuts " . ALAN F. LANE A.J. Weasle. Patti. Roo. Black Camaro. JANET LANG Who, me late? Never! Car, but no license! Rob ' s car. 12-5- S. Ro¬ che Brothers! " Fang-Lang " . Daryl. 4-1 1 -75. MARTHA LANZAFAME MICHAEL LaPORTE Tennis " 75 " . Finally got it, LMH. Talking with Elaine. Vacations in Newtonville. Me and Mr. Mys¬ tery. 2, G,3 with M.D. H period study. MP. E period with V.L. and M.L. So long N.H.S. SUSAN B. LaROCHE DENISE LeBLANC Babs. 3-28-75. PCU. Los cuchinos anados-Eng? I ' d rather walk. Grounded? If he calls, tell ' em I ' d LOVE to. Gorms. BJF. Bang? RMS. Plants. Life ' s either a DARING ADVENTURE or NOTHING! MICHELLE LeDOUX 10-12-74. Peter. Weekends. Ja¬ mestown, R.l. Frogs. Ick Eg. SPUT. 6io ' s. Beach Boys ' 74. Tacos. Contocts. Rum Coke. New Year ' s Eve ' 75. Don ' t men¬ tion it, Janice. Minsky ' s. Lydia, Tota ya chici. Luck. SARA LEE Hey Grassey! Hasta luego. Miss C. the Eagle the Hawk the Wandering Bear. " Winds of change are set to blow , . « Morning glow is long past due " . T.F. Hicks are the best. Farm out! STEVE LEE Ya, I know. Archie ' s car. That dumb blonde. Tom ' s cottage. Parties on the Cape Super Bowl ' 74. Turkey Day Rally. Baseball, The EXPERIENCE. All nighters. VICTOR LEE Dutch. KK. Tennis? Hot Shoppes. Debbie, Lori. Sox Celts— No 1. American Graffiti. Elton John. Eng. 21 with MCR. cr. w. G period. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Thonks NHS. Life really zips by. 105 MARY ANNE LELIEVRE Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns, it calls me on and on ocross the universe. John Lennon. Peace. PAUL M. LEON Wink. Hoop 10. So. Natick courts. High tops and white socks. H period wist with Fletch. Manipulate. I don ' t know. C period with 4 stoqies. Vikes and Q ' s. B-period. What ' s your mis¬ sion? JANICE LESICA Jan. Sebago Lake. Horseback riding. Long wknds. HR with the Allman Bros. D period munch. 1391. E Period? What a joke! 68 Malibu, great paint job! Craig HS. I ' m out, now what do I do? JEFFREY LEVINE 1 2 season, 3 4 season, 1 4 season??? What ' d I get kicked off for this year? Coach ' s Pet. B Period Dinglehoffs, Sears ' Ware¬ house, Valiant . . . Wtructures . . Later, Much Later!!! CHRISTINE LINANE SARAH LOCKWOOD Softball. Jockette? As the team room turns. Food? Where? Goldiclocks? " I have to say, my friends, this road goes a long, long way, and if we ' re going to find the end we ' re gonna need a helping hand ' DONNA LIUA LU. Summers at the Cape. Ping pong champ? Fried rice patties. Oh Oh, my mascara ' s running. I didn ' t spill it! Sharks tooth? I ' m not MB ' s sister. Things couldn ' t be better. THOMAS LIENHARD VICKIE L. LONGWORTH Vickie. Hanging around with ML MD. Homeroom. Psy. C-pcr. with Leslie. Working at LMH Goodbye NHS Forever. Me, get a boyfriend? Martha got what? I ' m glad! Goodbye. KATHLEEN LOPAS . , . The mist, if it comes, and the weeping rain . . . Will be turned, by love, into sunshine again . . . LUCY MARIE LOSSOW What you would seem to be, be really! Percy . . . Goodbye Forev¬ er! D AVI DC. LUBARS " . . . and to thine own self be true. " 106 ANN LYNCH WENDY MABEY Alleys. Anton ' s. Iron man. JC. JH. MG. MYF. SCU. LMH. U- Tupper ' s. X-mas. Firebird. One turn. New York. Where ' s Charlie? more year. Class of ' 77. The box. KY Fried Chicken. Hey Linda! Jeans. Class ? School? Bathroom Mrs. D and her Melba Toast and (is 2 a crowd) 4-18-75. Taunton. milk. LOVE and ALL ELSE has a The gang. J J ' s wedding. Ya chance to grow if it has the right know. See ya! atmosphere. DAN I EL M ACALPIN E KAREN M. MACDONALD Big Red Turkeys. Paper Moon. The Farm. Unannounced, but well Don ' t eat worms. X County. deserved days off. Karl. Trips to Tried to make them work. 0k Boston. The important thing is Bessie! Breakfast at Bickfords. this; to be able at any moment to 5 14 75. DS. Sawin Hill. Cheese sacrifice what we arc for what we and crackers. Germ III. Wellesley could become. Col. XCntry. States! JANE MACK AY No soap radio. 5-8. I go home and laugh at these kids. My license. Someday. So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out, there ' s so much left to know, I ' m on the road to find out. ANN M. MADZAR " Seems like I ' ve been around so many places. I must have learned a lot of things. And though I ain ' t yet come up with the so-called answer, I think at least I finally learned how to sing, Ann. LOIS M. MALKIN Dana. 8 28 74. LMH 2 ways. Get serious. Elmer. Squash. My house or yours. Bowling. What color eyes do I have? Many voices. Picklehead. Fred? 4th seat on right. 11:00. My class ring. ILY Dana. MICHAEL A. MANDOZZI The Doz. Big Red Beach Crew. Snipin at Hampton with Dumper? I don ' t like it Zac. " twice " . 7. Bad Co! Stones concert, hit and run trees. JV boccecapt. Be easy. Certainly! B per Vikes Q ' s. 107 MAUREEN A. MANNING Moe, 1 of 5. Ski trip. Mr. Postman, W.H.B. I, believe in miracles. If you love something, you must let it go free, and if it comes back, it is yours forever. PATRICIA MANTHORNE Kevin, Don ' t fly Mr. Bluebird. I ' m just walking down the road; Early morning sunshine tell me all I need to know; Come on blue sky, you ' re my sunny day. Lord you know it makes me high when you turn your love my way. STEPHEN J. MARCHETTI L .J. A. L. K.M.R.L.M.H.S. Gym¬ nastics. Schneider bum. Jay Peak. Thanks Mr. Theriaque. Veep. College bound. Come paddle my canoe. Boston Common. Swim¬ ming at Waban. Life is nothing without friendship. HAROLD J. MARCUS Halj. School Comm. Layla. Fresh air? Beach Boys. 11,23,74. Psy- chable. My ' 67 Chevy. Soccer. Love? Notes w Lauren. Onion dip. Hmmm. Maria ' s subs. Clapton — 6,25,75!! Happy ' s BC?! SCPA. College. CHRISTOPHER MATHEWS DEBBY MATUKAS Kiver. Koolaid Crow. Belmont. Tuk, Ah. shud up. ' 69 Skylark. Master Boss. Leslie; New Year ' s The surfs up. " I ' m starving. " Eve ' 75. 11-7. Aerosmith. Bean- You dummy. Bennett ' s beach. 75 town Bosh. South Roily. Cruisin ' Dreams will take you far. Summer to the cape. My pal Vin. of 76??? Oo baby! California bound. L.E.S.D. Salt Pepper. KIMBERLY L. MAYER KIM MCALISTER Kim. 1 of 5. Liab. L ' il M. Lesley New Hampshire; another side, bound. Cole kids. Skiing. FS paper Black Russian to go. Dustee ' s! coper. BB concerts. Piston After hours. Jon. 11; N.O.D. Too popper. Jonsie. Pre-rally wmup. much too soon. Culhane ' s okay. Mich. Cape trips. Wkend drives. Todd; A true star. " No more Podiddle. Someday we ' ll be looking bock. " together. Why?? CATHLEEN MCANULTY WILLIAM MCBREEN JOAN MCCANN THOMAS MCCONNON JANET MCDERMOTT Wyo " 75 " . Denmark Me. Saco River Canoe Trip. Kancamagus Highway. Evergreen Valley 1. Weekend parties at the Shell. Monty Python ' s Flying Circus. Joanne H, at lunehlime. JOSEPH A. MCDERMOTT Mac. Co-Jack. Senior year Soccer. Swimming in the Braintree game. Capt. Tennis. Mac the Hack. Play Whist much? Beatles trivia. A-P. Put that cat in the bag! Dr. Ed. The lunch gang. JOHN MCGHEE Up New Hampshire, Down the Cape. Don ' t worry, it ' s level. Jim slept through it. I don ' t miss what I hit. Hi. Wondaful wino. Green car. UFDG. My skis! Ugh. Emer¬ gency brake. Shut up. SCOTT MCGRATH " The Pit. " Ski freak. Winter- snow. Sat. night. Summer parties. Camping. Golf. Swim Team, " Did ou bring the car in? " S.M.U.?? ollcge bound?? " Remember. " So long N.H.S. MICHAEL MCINTOSH Mac apple. Olds. T C. Wish you were here. Gone fishin ' . JOHN MCINTYRE ELAINE MCISAAC Macka. 3-1-75. Parties. Where ' s Deb? Into trouble. Talks w-Carb NYE. 75-76. Moe ' s. Prom 75. Band on the Run, Tails. Let ' s skip. Hey. 3 day trip to Carb ' s. Best times. We ' re dreaming again. " TW " . Someday. MAUREEN MCIVER W.M. girls. Utah 75. Slap shot in the Salt Palace. Inflatable tires? The Cove. Nantucket. Beach Boys 75, The Flying Bunny. Maine. 109 RICHARD MCMAHON PETER MCNAMARA Bumper. LAD, YA!, Yerry! The Block Tape. The Film. Travis Rd. The Forts. Bombin down the path. The Pancake House. Tj ' s. Monop¬ oly. Loon Mt. WKDS I just stood there. Beatles convention. OH LAN! The Cape. RICHARD P. MCNEIL JR. KATHLEEN MCQUEENEY Rich. Graduation at last. 67 The blonde bomber. Queenster Chevy Malibu. Laughing, driving. Quceme, The Relic. Little Millers. Good times. Cars. Music. WBVF. school. Calif. 75. Tall dark Girls. Still looking. JO LO. handsome. Crankin with Richard. Thanks for the laughs. FL 75. I don ' t know. Sleazy Street. What ' s next? Good Luck. BUD. Burnt. P.S. Chevy ' s forever. STEVEN MEHLMAN PATRICIA MEIER DIANE MENGE ROBERT MESSOM Bob. How long now? JB LB. Meng. Summers in ME. Ski much? early grad. Friends of Animals. How are things? D-Period. Wknds Red buggy. Cats. Budgie. Xmas at Carbs. Out to lunch. Moody nut. MM. Donuts with DC C E Blues. Bermuda. Someday. New blahs. Gunstock MT. Beep at 38. Year ' s. Forestry. Paranoid That ' s Chatham summers. CNS. Better my car. My lesson. " Free to be late than never . . . you and me " . . . JOANNE M. MICCILE JANET MlCELOTTA STEPHEN MILLER LLOYD MILLS Misl. Contacts. 1 of 5. Bermuda Squawk. Kiss ' n Cos ' n. 3-Blind Who ' s a stud? Dear Future Don ' t do anything I would enjoy! 76. LIAB. Pre-rally. FS paper mice. Scott. That special some- Orangeman. Recruiting Viola” Do it anyway. You wanna do it! caper. Beach Boys. Wknd drive one. If you want something very tionsr Later. Farstar Publications. Big T Express. Grandma vs. WbA. YLJD? Cape trips. Jr prank. badly let it go free; if it comes Old Shomocan. MORT Sgt. Me- Geritol. T.B.C. Youth Choir. y 2 " JO. A smile can never be back to you it is yours forever, if Dade. AM announcements. Metco happy feelings. Spear- kept, it can only be given away. not, it was never yours. LRGPPMFJHFD. Worms? Janices chucking Bowana. 76 is a smok- Memories to cherish. baby. Women! er! JOSEPH MISCIA MICHELLE R. MOLAN ANNE MONACO DEBORAH S. MORGAN Micki. Mark ' s home. U MASS. KS. " It ' ll all work out. " Notes. " You just call when you need me; Apt. 13. Tex. Rah 3. Bermuda McD ' s. Spy 2. " Arc you mad at and you know wherever I am. I ' ll 76. Cool ya Jets. 2 (6-10) 23. The me? " Dreams. B2L2AS2 C3K2. come running — to sec you B crew. A definite G.L. Levi ' s. Me Inspire. Bermuda 76. " To Sir ogam. ' Cuz you ' ve got a friend. " my pal at 521 in 74. With Love. " Turtle. Pictures. Until we meet again, Good-bye. YWIAMLbA. 8-26-74. Dreamin SMARC. BB. " Yesterday lives again. Smile, on. " WILLIAM MORGAN JAMES MORRILL BETH MORRIS PATRICK MORRIS . Dortha. 10-29-73 Doug, BACH. Almost Heaven. You crazy woman. Wouldn ' t it be nice. There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. LORRAINE R. MOSGOFIAN 12-13-75 Tom. Tweety my little leprechaun. HI squirt. F per Klunkies. C per with Ric. TAG. Talk with ELAINE. Count your Age By Friends not years. Count your Life By Smiles, Not Tears. Amen. BARRY MULLIN " Mich " . Why it ' s Hay for my Reindeer Officer. THE WHO N.E. Wholesale cabin parties. As I slide down the banister of Life. Notick reminds me of the ball at the end BRENDA MULLIN 35 credits? Todd Rundgren — " A True Star " . Cabin partie. Eek and Meek. The family. Nov. 28, Bummer. Good times, bad times. T.H.E. LOT. " Do Ya " ? N.H. cabin, now what? " Just one Victory " . Burnt. RICHARD S. MUNROE This has been a rough year. What happened in ' 74? I skipped out that year. Sandy always. That girl of mine, out of this world. That ' s rite! The ole ' 59 pick up. Bye Mr. Connolly. JEFFREY MURPHY Murph. 67 bug. Where do you work now? Friday nite at the movies. Irish bumper stickers. Good luck at all times. Boring En¬ glish class Let ' s do something new. I ' m out of here at noon. KATHLEEN MURPHY " Murph " Lacawala! Where ' d the Mt. go?. ' 65 Benz (Ben). Turkey. Henarix slash. The Oasis. Apathy ' 76. The Hobbit. MARILYN MURPHY Murph. For all the good times, thanks. Decisions? Weekends at Woolies. Kel ' s 1-19-74, Summer of 74,75. Cape. Merex. Ping T.G.W.S. " For every end, there ' s a new and better beginning. " MARK G. MURPHY Arnold. CIRCUS 1. Bacon Fall Jam. Gail. Cotillion. S. S A Donuts. Hey Liz. You give but little when you give of your pos¬ sessions. It is when you give of your self that you truly give. 12 PAUL MURPHY JOANNE NAPOLEON AD-36. Kitty Whist, anyone? Sunday at Wallex ' s. Jack in the Box at one o ' clock. I got the cab¬ let ' s go driving around DAVID NASH Motorcycles. Honda 350. L.M.H. I ' ll keep riding. New Hampshire. Dirt Bikes. J.M.F, N. Labs. 67 Plymouth. Florida. California. L.A. Bound for West Coast. Engi¬ neer D.J. Ham Radio (WA1QQJ) 1972. DONALD H. NASON " Nas " . It ' s a skyhook. Phil ' s house. S. Rec 76. 1-9-76. Risk. Gymnastics 2,3,4. Sidchorse. A.T.D. 2nd lunch. Take the shortcut. T.T.F.. H per. what ' s a skyhook? LISA JOY NATHANSON Cotillion. B.J. HCA RJ GD. Puns, BBG-AZA (Press). Spy 1. N.H. Giddy. Oh! MylCome paddle my canoe. STEVEN. Bermuda 76. Lemon. GR. Moc ' s. Nephew. Let ' s bump. ADABRJM. Hi! Holly. ROSEMARY NELSON Bruins. No. 8. Hey Cathy got tickets. Wanna go to 3 B ' s. I think — I ' ll take the day off. Bonnie, stop playing the organ. Opening day at Fenway, fell off Surry again. VINCENT NELSON Nellie. Soccer 75. What ' s doing? Hockey ' s a bomber. Backpacking, waterskiing. Kiva Crow. Van 1. Summer 75. Sue. Rum Coke nights. 76 Jamaica. No, she left. College Bound. RUTH NEWMAN Alan. New Year ' s Eve, 75,76. Trips to Montreal Buffalo. Friendly ' s. BBG. Reflections. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. " Play Mart. The Wellesley Gang. JB. LN. GK. HB. MS. Good Times. 113 PAUL NI EM IRA VOULA NICCOLOULIA It ' s Greek! You talk funny, not me! Could you help me, just a little? Ice skating with GP. Speaking with Dimitri. Voc. with Anastasia. I am a little hard un¬ derstand, I leave my accent to M. KAREN M. NIXON This is the true measure of love, when we believe that we alone can love, than no one could ever have loved so before us, and that no one will ever love in the same way after us. WALTER M. NOONAN If you only knew the people and things that I know. . . TODD NOVAK JONI LEE OAKES D.S, Light a bird. Jonsey ' s house. Party, Marian. 8AAeton. Ski, you ' ll love it. Family. Punch. Always remember the good times leave with a smile. God gave us memories So That What Was Will Be. JAMES O ' BRIEN Jan 74-75-76. Hi Cuz. Buddies. Rocky Point. Wayland. Why can ' t we be there two G ' s up. Hampton Beach. Let ' s hit the bars. Trapped by static . . . LESLIE O ' BRIEN Les. Good friends, good time. ME. Sun aft ' s. Bionic eyes. Hi cuz. Knees. Music. Body guards. Bros. Well Mabel (Peg). ROJAC. Green. Espanol. Oh No. Gotta work. Roses. WNG. Missed the bus. Yearbook . . . EILEEN MARY O ' CONNELL MICHAEL OLANS Martha ' s Vnyrd. 75 (76), free at last. U. Mass. Wknds, how many. Long talks driving. Thank God for early grad. Deutsh Klasse. Can ' t Change me, I gotta talk to ya, 2 for 1 sale, Wacky Towers. CHERYL OLDFIELD Moody Blues. Tennis, wknd. at Carbs. My sis, it don ' t matter to me? Drive ' n. balloons 74. talks w- L. co-capt. Kel ' s last nite. Deer¬ field. Kiss the day goodbye and point me towards tomorrow — THOMAS O ' LEARY What? Cut the — Whose turnis it to count? Shut-up Mike. No way. Big O. That ' s just great. Outdoor store. Yeech! what a ripoff! Who cares? I want a raise. Hey Oak. 3AM Bloody meat. Take it easy. 14 CHERYL OLSEN Cher. Eric. Tom ' s store. Porty ot Billy ' s. Late much. B The Jets. Rome, NY. Mandy. Eric ' s song. The Lambert ' s. Court. Honor Roll, first time. LMH. Hey Tissue. Unloading. Friday Night auction. DEBORAH ANN ONORATO Ben. New Year ' s 75. THE LULL BEFORE THE STORM. 768-bound. 3 d. tr. to Carb ' s. 1 of 6. Get lost much? Where ' s the party? Where ' s Macea? EJW92. Rally THE NIEE. HB. We ' re dreaming again. That ' s the woy . . . ROBERT O ' REILLY Linde. 12-23-74. Weird parties. WEEBS. I wasted the whole summer. THE O ' . C period zoo. Lounge it! BEZ. If you don ' t like someone, tell ' em! LATER FLETCH, The stooges. One of chiggers lost. SUSAN OREN " SUE " . No thanks, I don ' t drink. Fred, do a number? Todd VICIOUS. Too many mistakes. " School days were the happiest days of your life, but we never appreciate the good times we have until too late . . " KATHERINE H. OSBORN DANIEL OSTREICHER 6-22-74. VETTE FREAK. Ocean walks. Bicycling 1, 280. Skiing. Nature lover. Camping. Gerbil Keeper. Earth mover. Bookworm. MCCTC. John Denver. " Today " Shrimp Boats. IGBAYGE. Nobody cares. ♦ . JOHN G. O ' TOOLE Electronic genius. Foreman of the Greenhouse project. Capt. O ' Toole. Volleyball expert. Fan¬ tastic gardener. Prohandyman. Chief Houseman. Mathematical Genius. Good archer. BETHANY E. PALMER DIMPLES. 1 chomper. Hon. Soc. Music is. For everything there is a season. Where ' s HC? CSCCCB. Tweet, tweet, tweet. Me my shadow. Performances. Gordon College. Piccardy 3, 0-1. Hob-a-long. JENNIFER PALMER KATHLEEN PARSONS CATHY PASCUCCI STEVE PATEUK Jen, My maro, Biking at Stigs, Ski For the Good Times. SP Pals 4 Scooch, Calf. Bermuda 76. Dr! Scuba. What Mustang?. " Jaws " . Vt. Give ' em a toot. Follow that eva. It won ' t be long for another Sigmund. Ham. Ducky. Negative. Travels with Charlie. 18. Divers car. Bermuda ' 75. L ' s V.W. Open day when our lives will hold more Long-johns. Suzuski 500. Week- do it deeper. Hang it up. mouth, insert foot. The Cat B.S. Beauty, Meaning and Love than end parties forever. I ' m together California ' 76. Sears Kountry Inn. out to lunch. O.C. Sniping. could possibly be imagined. 3.23, with you. Prom. Yahama 250. A ' Night At The Opera. Why not? 1973. pofj. Joey. God bless us all. Forever . . . You ' re busted . . . EUSTACE PAYNE BRENDA PEARLSTEIN Brenda Bunny. Shine on. Ameri¬ can Trails. New Year ' s Eve ' 75. Tango. Alan. Bentley. Roomies at 1 U Ma. Afro. BBG. Hit or Miss. Decent Exposure. Mixers. DW. Liza , . . SHIRLEY E, PAUL We don ' t — do we?. Lets! Our gang. Give em a toot. Cruising. Oh, to be 18. BB. Biking and buzzing at Stiggs. Carribean 76. Snipe city. CXI. Bermuda 75. You ' ve got a friend. Carry on PETER J. PEASE Do ya like my picture? Jeep Michelle. Big Wed Twack, LBJ Groucho. Football. Weekends Sonny. Back of the bus. MORT Last track meet. Washington Coorabelle. Old Shamocan. B- Hoppin ' . That ' s all folks. BRUCE PECK ELISABETH PENCHUK JEFFREY PENNETT Pecka, Grad of " 76 " . Nanci. Who is John Golt? Chamber " Faith in Fitzy " . Honda 750. Singers. " I will not leave you Southern Comfort. Its git high comfortless " . Pinkies. " Come, time. SCORPIO. I hate fisn. come ye saints " . Monty Python ' s College Bound. School is a drag. Flying Circus. Jan, 1,2000,12N, Glad am out ♦ . . E.S.B. Trips to N.Y. JAMES PERILLI " Stand on hills of long forgotten yesterdays pass amongst your memories told returning ways as certain as we walk today press over memories leaving you " . CHARLENE G. PERKINS MARGO PERRY Perky. Escape to the Cape- J. Croce. Rice Rd. ' " Really Jean? Go ahead you ' ll never see them again! " Pier 4 Shirley Temple. D. Q times. B. Boys. Moments with Baby Face! Time will tell 5- 10-75, Take Care. RICHARD PETERS MELANIE PETERSON Td Love To Change The World Three bandits called. The cove, but some say It ' s Too Late. I Inflatable tires? Nantucket. I ' m Need You to Color My World, still waiting. Beach Boys 75. This maybe a Long Distance Those instructors. Shut up Dee. Runaround but I Am A Rock so I Hey, breath. P.I.G. spices. She ' s Guess Ml Have To Say I Love You shy He ' s an ox. In a Song. RICHARD PHILBEN SANDRA PINEAU " Apathy 76 " . The Oasis. Does only profitable exercises. H per. study. Tight black pants! Clapton! All the criminals in their suits ties arc free to drink mar¬ tinis watch the sunrise. " MICHAEL POLITO DEBBIE PONS Jaws. Summer of 75. Reno, Stop Shop. Softball. Y.G.B.I.S.l Weeo. I lost my wallet. Sum- Yung-Guy. Fry ' s Hideaway. Tooling. Hi-Low. The Chase. 4 a.m. breakfast. Only in a dream. Slock off. NANCY PORCELLA DONALD PORTER LINDA PORTER KAREN PRATT John. Cambridge. Audobon. OJ. Dover rides. " The time has come, the walrus said to talk of many things; of shoes ships sealing wax; of cabbages kings. " 1 1 T RENE PREPETIT KAREN M. PRZEWLOCKI Choose life — only that and always, and at whatever risk. To let life leak out, to let it wear away by the mere passage of time, to withhold giving it and spreading it is to choose NO¬ THING, DONNA QUAIEL Martha ' s Vineyard 75. " A w ing " . Roche ' s. Hitting the slopes. Thank God for early grad. " Live life a little at a time. " Chinese fire drills. Wandering. Onion pies. Soph. days. Florida forever. PAULQUARANTO Hockey Capt. 1 8, 9:00 PM. Why me? 5; 30 AM blues. LOOK OUT FLETCH! H per Whist, cheat much? Big Red Beach Crew. 12- 28-75. Snippm ' at Hampton, with Dumper Dan? China Grove. Catch ya later. LESLIE QUARTERMAIN DIANE QUINN Nelly. " Give em a beep, " Our gang. Cruising. Curfew. P R. Cape, Caribbean ' 76. Smile, it makes people wonder what you ' ve been up to. A good buzz. Mission Control, Chris, 11-7, I need a vacation. MARY JOYCE RAINSFORD Maple mornings, pine nights. Modest? Ail the comfort, Martha ' s Vineyard, Brittony Towers. Common trip, What X- Mas party? First reservations. The 9th. High on Wjnnefrcd ' s bal¬ cony. CONNIE RAUSCHEN Hi again. Westpoint. UVM. I ' m admiring your gorgeous blue eyes, Mr. T. John. Mike the canoe is . . . " Yet eyes so cunning want to grace their art, they draw but what they see, know not the heart. " 18 MOLLY REED Maine 67 — PEscape. Labor Day 75. Us 2 alone in Me. 1-1-76. All together again. Daddy ' s girl. If ya see ' m look away. There ' ll always be cousins JN. DR. BC. KB. KS. Friends now and always . ♦ . Mollis. . . DANIEL G. REEVES Lanny Leeves, Oh Leek! But sir, I am 1 8. License? Monopoly Much? Rochite, movies again? C-Per. Kinfloogenuts lunch Whitey! Tckt. Bth. massacre, this is also true. Never again, can ' t stop, Bye. CAROL REGELE Moore or Less. Regless. Gum. Ber¬ muda 76. Amoco. Prom night 75. DS. Never again. Acertain rabbit. BUT OCCIFFER. Pilot to copilot. New Year ' s Eve 76. Cover up. Rot Bros. Sophomore days . . . SIMONNE MARIE REGIS Simmy. Art Therapy. Phila. College of Art. PC. Lowe. 3-D Dole. BFA. Archery. PER. D MUNCH. Painting, travel, My Parents. " The long path before me leading wherever I choose. " DONALD G. REPELLA Stairway to Heaven. Surf girls. April Fools. Walden P. SC. Shots. B-Ball. Boxing. GTO Sat. Nights. Take him home. Fast talker. Con- artist. Tell Crash he ' s home. UCLA Bound Miss Negative. Write Back. MARIA J. REPPUCCI " . . We ' re captive on the carousel of time, we can ' t return we can only look behind from where we came go round round round in the circle game. " Joni Mitchell STEPHANIE JEAN REUMAN " Life is a journey, not a destina¬ tion. " Bentley Bound. Bkkg. II. Creep! Super Bowl 75. Prom 75. Roche B. " Flashlight at Fairway " SCU. 30. Jack-in-the box. Bent Key! Gray socks. " No Hair " BOB 10-11-73. WILLIAM E. RHINEHARDT STILLMAN. Truro 151 guzzlc- party. F. Collins. " Bum- merofthey ear. " HEY SKIDDER. Fri. night at Novicki ' s, Baseball: great time season. " I ' d like to say thanks to you all, it ' s been quite an experience. " JEAN M. RICCI L " II Jeannie. Squash seeds. Nor¬ wood. Soaps operas. Coffee B. times. " Charlene, I just felt like saying it! " Escape to the Cape. Mr. Mac. No! Me red? Whoops! I forgot the class. Love ya always. I ' m sorry. BERNADETTE RICHARDS BRADLEY G. RICHARDS Toad. Hockey Baseball. Snipin ' at Hampton with Dumper? Let ' s be friends. Last-minute party Love those slammers. Big Red Beoch Crew. 5:30 AM blues. China Grove. Blue Bomb. Crash into the boards much? Jean. NANCY RICHARDS " Don ' t walk in front of me I may not follow, Don ' t walk behind me, I may not lead, Just walk beside me, and be my friend. " Reflec¬ tion 76: Learn ' n. JB. Spurts Spider. Keep on Kcep ' n On! SHERYL BETH RICHMAN Future teacher. Chestnut Hill. Snowman. MacDonald ' s. New Hampshire. Spastic. Archives. Kindergarten, Roller Skating. Chinese food. SCOTT RIELLY Elma. 72. Football. Football Dinner. The Family. Do a bird! Where ' s the Party? Dino ' s Cliff Ride. Later. CLAUDIA MAREI RIEM " We ' ll see . . PATRICK RILEY CINDY RINGLE Open up your eyes and see the brand new day, a clear blue sky brightly shining sun. Open up your ears hear the breeze say, " Everything thats cold and gray is gone. " NANCY S. RIVIN Giggles. USY president. Senior Class Play. A future doctor?! Tap dancing. G period. The city. Stalling out. She ' s Fern. BRUCE ROCKOWITZ Car pushers 75. Capt T. Tennis, Tennis, and more Tennis. Great! Coat Room Checkers. Arnold ' s Cotillion. College bound. " But your a nice boy " . Zippo! Mr. Moose. BS All Star, Sum. Skinny Dipping. GARY ROGERS Loungcbound 76. Five bid. Catch ya later. Track. 600. Jav. Jeff Beck. Slingerland. Where ' s the party Sat. Night, Where would you be without friends? Maybe in the future. RICHARD B. ROGERS JR. Rick. Ricky. Bone. Mwoah. SC Pres. Hoop. U-turn. JT. Finest. Enid Sue. AM Announe. The other woman, Swarthmore? ABC Greg. Long Winding Rd. 8- 12-74. Laurie Levi ' s. Waban, Wouldn ' t it be nice . . .? DEBORAH ROLLINS Debbie. End of the line. PS Start all over again. Taxi anyone? " Peaceful easy feeling. " Good to be free at last. My little yellow lemon. Early morning riser. C. LARRY J. ROWE The orange colored sky is sunrise said the dragon as we prepared to part dream not of endles rainbows, or cloudless skys for it is variety that makes one strong. When Sassomon SC fade remember everyone must play the game of life. CINDY ELLEN RUBIN Cin. Guitarist vocalist. Future accountant, Chinese food. North Conway NH. Cope Cod in the summer. Tuesday nights teaching guitar to adults in M78. 120 GABRIEL RUSSO Gobe, Europe 73, 74, 75, 76. Hit the floor Needham! T.G.W.S. New Year ' s Eve 75, 76. Let ' s boogie. Rabbit nose. Orange pie. French Connection. MARIA RUIZ ROBERT RYAN JANICE MARIE RUSSO Dad, my inspiration. 75 Mercur Comet, my baby. Hey Sue, Bang? Bentley. N.Y. ha ha ha. Bkkg with Steph. Emersons. Thanks for the drink Michelle. Friendly ' s rest room. 1 26? Right? MARCELO SALVATIERRA Sal. I love you Julie. Football. 3. Superbowl. Super Foot? 22 Straight. S,S,A Donut Ripoffs. Latin Lover. Skiing. Vail. 5-4-73. 1-21-75. She who doesn ' t.think much of herself is much more than she thinks. WILLIAM J. RYDER Big 76, can you dig it? What ' s happening? Beafer GTO. Cruising down the roads. Bagged for road racin ' ! Wicked bummer! Bad bum outs, but a lot of good times. Hard times from Kathy. DANIEL R. SANCLEMENTE Stretch. B-Ball 12. Twack. Big Red Turkey. Moon City. B-Hop- ping, Mr. L ' s neighbor. 76, That ' s the spirit. 10-11-75. " Learn from yesterday, live for today and dream for tomorrow. " RICHARD M. SANTELLO RMS, Turner, Summer of ' 75. Dream on. Walpole ' 75. Gale Sayers. Ski Much? Tennis. Where ' s Billy? Library. Russ a joke for every occasion. Beaches. Big Bird ridght train . . . KATRINA SASSI Tina, my sis. 3 am talks. Ber¬ muda 7o. Summer 75. Prom 75. But occifer. Maybe this time. Friends the best of times . . . HELENANN SAVILONIS TERESA SCANDALE Terry. Good personality. Fun to be with. MacDonald ' s. Bowling. For phone calls at 6:30 AM to that certain Person. Jon. OH! You ' re kidding me! I finally made it. LOIS SCANLON GARY SCHIFF Sehifty . . . My name is Gary! E- period Whist with? He will scoop it up. I Don ' t understand. Going Hiking in Vermont. Adios. STEVEN M. SCHNEIDER Just S.M.S. Hair . . Wayne, the paddle!. Boredom. Where is my violin? Eternity. Good-Bye — 122 MICHAEL ROBERT SC IR ETTA Red Initially Doctor Benson. Se¬ nior picnic. Sept 4. May 30. Whist. College Bound. I don ' t know. Tennis. Manipulate. Flctch ya Later. DAVID SCOTT Donna-Lee. 66 Buick Elect. 225. Soc. Capt. 10. 0-18. MVP. Stickball champs. Rocky Narrows. Sliding Party. Mic. T C. So. Na¬ tick River Rat. Naturalist. Alaskan Bound. NANCY SEARS Armand. 6-25-75. Cochit, parties. mth. anniversary. I ' m not drunk! Good luck Karen Joe. I might wait 2 yrs. Keep your hands off! Bowling Alley. Aban¬ doned Shelf. Goodbye NHS forev¬ er!!!!!!! KAREN SEAVER Joe. 12-1-75. Dreams of Miss. I ' m not drunk! Parties at Cochit. Abanded Shelf. Good Luck Nancy Armand. Mickey Mouse. Bowl¬ ing Alley. Don ' t get any on Ya! Summer of 75 will not be for¬ gotten. LEE M. SEGALL The Funway. Pinball Wizard. Wrestling. 169.3 yrs. AZA. 4 yrs. The mean couger. SELIM SELCUK PHYLLIS ANN SHARON Let ' s check the scenery, M Ms Benhem Kers. Ex. mm. Yellow VWs Spyrogyra! II taut bien que nous supportons deux ou trois chenilles si nous voulons con- neitre les papillions. THERESA R. SHARON Terry. Switz. 75, Drive much? Was that o red lite? S. Xmas, Party. Friedricepatties. Talk much? Early grad. HeadHunters 1 3VC. New Years. 63 Chevy. Feb. Vocation 75. Mr. B ' s. Field trips. C ' est la vie! Avoir! MICHAEL SHASTANY Mean Lemons , Sparks motors. Wrestling 74. Donna. . . punch out 27. LMH, Chipchop, States 75! 13. STEPHEN SHEPARD HFN. Hi-fi nut. Monty Python, And now for something complete¬ ly different. Lafayette. Marx Brothers. James Cagney. Bogie. To Spiney Norman and Eric the Half a Bee . . . STEPHANIE SHERIDAN ARTHUR SHOWSTEAD Fourrr!!! Why me? Cape Cod, 76 Saturday Night. Fishy. Moving on!!! 8 tracks. Roche Bros.??? 68 Ford Galaxie 500. GoodYear Bad Car!$$$ What a rat trap Summer of 76!! Patriots 76. Good Luck!!! 123 CYNTHIA D. SHRIER Cin. Jud. Florida. Poch. Pinballs. O.O.B. Maine. Bowling. Sears. Skipping School. Right? B.B.G.. X- Mas Vacation. Always eating. Eskimo. 1-13-73. Times with John! RICHARD MARC SHRIER Ricky. Tennis. Tennis Team. WEH Camp — CIT. Summers in Maine. Florida. AZA. Pinto Pony. CB. Skiing. Driving ANYWHERE. Lawyer? WILLIAM HOOD SHUPERT III " Trey " . Redmen Indian. Cross Country. Indoor Outdoor Track. Big Red Turkey, English with Greg. " Where ' s Fitz? " Eagle. " I ' m Bored. " My Knee. Vinny. Kansas City. WAYNE SIEGAL Just because I don ' t say anything doesn ' t mean I don ' t nave any¬ thing to say. Belts ? Buckles. G eriod. Tennis. Philadelphia, owling. Beatles or Clapton?? 21 z8a9kl for by LR. ' SHIRLEY A SIMM Shirt. 3 jobs. Honor Society, won ' t hit it! Framingham State. Tomorrow. ELIZABETH SLAMAN Beth. The vm girls. Inflatable tires? Bermuda 6. The natives are restless. Falmouth. It couldn ' t have been that bad, guys. Our disappearing act. Maine. Hey Mikec! CAROLYN M. SLAMIN Time is too slow for those who wait; Too swift for those who fear; Too long for those who grieve; But for those who love, Time is not. My love to a " very " special Russell. LIANNE M. SLAMIN Bud. One of the guys. Ho Jo ' s. John. From. Friendlys. C.N. C. Sir, what ' s going to happen to us? Olds 98. Whitney Field. California with Paula. Unforgettoble Laugh. AMY SMITH ANTHONY MARK SMITH $4 Million Picture Machine. Darkrooms. Lounge. Looking, at my pics. Bland Block 73. Tuba. Bicycle. Speech. " Don ' t worry Mr. Dyer, I ' ll be ready. " Kathy. Cape Cod. Cheersleader my favorite sport. DAN SLATTERY Ticket booth massocre. Roche Bros. Sir. Nailed Ya. Dodge Van. Jim selpt through it. JCHWAYD. Woodland hill. Meat Wagon. Plenty of, wanna skip. Drake ' s Truck, Orpal ' s. Dots in English! MAXINE M. SMART Maggie. Rum-Dum. Yamaha 250. Cruising. I finally made it. Good- Bye N.H.S. Good Luck. Kiddle, Mootha and Shaion. Craige always. Sept. 26, 1974. Donna ' s Afro. 124 ANGELA SOLLIMA Jillo. Breakfast with D.C. VW ' s. Pictures. " Runaway. " Football. Animals. Smile, the time to be happy is now. JOAN SPARAGES Joan. Bermuda " 76 " . Mc¬ Donald ' s. Thurs. night VB. Karate. G.O.Y.A. College bound. Medical Sec. Aquinas. Good Luck. SANDRA SPENCER ROBERT SPURGEON Sandi. B period cardshark. I don ' t know?. Foxy lady. Gun Girls? Smiley. " Did they sec me drop my rifle? " Sock hop 75. Hockey Nut! " Robin who? " " What do you mean sunglasses? " Nursing. AFA. BEAU STARK I ' m outta Here! You are You I am I, Don ' t change me, I won ' t change you. I ' m not here to run your life, you arc not here to run mine, If by chance we find each other, it ' s beautiful. GLADYS JEAN STEVENS Gad. JPR. 2. 66 Falc. SO. Na¬ tick. Webster Lake, NH. Let ' s sip our Martinis? Stigs. Outta here! NDC-Good friend. Till it ' s time to say goodbye. Special thanks to Trudy Bill. Misty, JONATHAN STEVENS JULIE B. STEVENS 5 4 73 M.S.But most important of all, Strive to be happy. 125 SANDRA JEAN STICK A Stick. The STICK 4 Bomber. Pre¬ rally warm up. Warmed up with a 1 2 gal. Jeff. 10-5-73fl Smoke Em! York Beach. Bermuda 76. My Cookie, JC. Sears. Oh Miss! Bud Vangie. If I remember you guys f will you remember me! KATHRYN A. STYGLES kkkkaty. mon Tpython. Loik. Vt. trip, COOKIES! Mother ' s Leg. Hull. N Yhahaha. Turkey. Merex. Jan 1, 2000; 12 Nesb. uefinitcly the lumberjack type! M ' s 1001 cousins! My friends forever — catchalata . . . NEAL SULLIVAN Sull . . . You had to be there. MocDonald munch-outs. Early Grad. Outta here! " gravy! " wicked good. Turkey , . . rats. Faithful Sears ' employee. Dos- vcydania — See ya later. CARLA SULZEN Mouse. Lightn ' lively. CLAVCK 1. Yellow Mus. Where do I go? Juice attacks. Cind ' s sleep over. 33. Saabin ' to the Cape, Mangus on my mind. Thinking about FB.A ' s Cottilion. Why can ' t we be Friends? Forever. EDWARD B. SURMAN When it comes to enjoying life remember, the sooner you get started, the longer you got. Hockey. Hshere gone. Lots of unforgetablc moments in¬ cidents. See Ya in 2001: A class odessy!! Later!!! STEVE SYDOW Hi, Jerry Low. Jigger Johnson. B- Period Modern Problems. FGD. Dana ' s Cross. Crack ' em open. Diane. Rip pants in church much? Hog nut shop. MICHAEL TARDIE " Kung Fu " . LMH. HR, What ' s that? TM. Biology I Paper — 8 mths. Later. Postgrad. Sociology. Taoism. Zen. Castaneda. Lao Tzv. Jung. Along these paths I walk, looking, looking breath¬ lessly, learning. PATRICIA TATTEN Pat TAT. TAPPUM. The bomber, on my 4th can. Waterski ' s Cape Cod 75. Can I borrow some money? NDC. Coffee Brandy. Clipper ships. Summer 72. Fin- nally out ' a here. A special, thoughtful, friend to have. ANTHONY TAVILLA Tequilla. 240Z. Funny Noises (OOEE). My Cigarettes are in the car. 5-24-74. Italy 3-24-72. Summer. Always round with Cooch Mort. Trouble in the library. The day has finally come ♦ . , C ioo , SALLIE TERRASI Paul. May 18, 74. It ' s Monday again!! Friday ' s coming. My Honda CB175 is better! Where is the party? Horse back riding, broke again. The gang. Natick- Drop-ln. I don ' t believe it — I made it!? ROGER C. THIBAULT JR. " T " . Marines Bound. Roche Bros. 65 Tempest. Keep Cool. Parris Island. " I can see o new world, coming fast when all men are Brothers, and hatred forgotten at last . Catch ya later! DAVIDR. THOMAS Drumming. HENDRIX. Glad I ' m out of here. Passed out on the couch with headphones blaring. Munchies. The Hill. Later. KAREN LYNN THOMAS W. ' Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the gross and glory in the flower, grieve not but find strength in what remains behind " Pa. Brighton. Sears. DAVID THOMPSON U.N.H. Bound. Doc Benson ' s Moth Class. Physics films . . . Bore City . . Been out hunting yet? Scrubbing floors and catching plates . . . Weekends in N.H. DONNA CHRISTINE THOMPSON Ft. Lauderdale. Chatham. West- port. JC, Stranded at N. Beach Talks at HL S. Fescartes. Jan 23, 1976. V. Swim Team. I wish I had a river I could skate away on . . Carol, keep em ' guessing! 7. MICHAEL THOMPSON Get Off! KISS. It ' s worth a deuce. Hey Zig. A spider from Mors in a moonage day-dream. Wanna rock roll all night. Just leathers silver. Heavy metal is the sack ♦ . see ya. ROBIN JEANN THOMPSON Rugga. Camping 74, 75. Eagles defense 6. " High " St. Gang, good times. 1-10-76, night to remember. Duke late night mov¬ ies. Theo. F-Period lunch. Muske¬ teers. Smoking area fun. Bobin . Later N.H.S. DIANE SUSAN THORNQUIST Little Blondie. Soph. days. Oldies. Prom. Amaco. Duxbury. But oc- cifer. Jam talks. New Year ' s Eve. Friends. Bermuda 76, x, y, z. Sat nite ' s alright. Summer at the Cape. ROBERT TIERNEY DOMINICK C. TOLSON Joyce. San Diego. All-around Gymnastics 2,3A. Good Luck Mr. Theriaque. Dr. DC Tolson. My left knee ' s KILLING ME! Walkin Center. Down Mike ' s House. Life is what you make it. THANKS MA DAD. SB, BS. 4 12 7 TIM TOPHAM " I don ' t know ' Whist the best. Me Gumbo, CB Nut. Breaker 21. Hoop 62 Chevy. Sense of humor. Joke teller. " Later. " Doubles on lunch. Goff team will be the best. Non-rater at camping. " 73-75 " Roche Bros. CAROL JEAN TOTA Out in the country. PA. Morning rides home in the back of a pickup. True friends. " Morning brings another sun . . Tomorrow sees the things that never come today. " SYLVIA TOTA Tony 9-29-75. Just one of those parties. Roches. Weekend at Martha ' s Vineyard. April in Flo. Like the sun much? I can ' t remember. Me drive? Those vaca¬ tions in Penn. A dream goes on forever. DOLORES MARIE TRABUCCO Lori. Marshfield. BILLY. Penn, in Feb? Service bound. BEE. My craxy cousins! 7-26-75. Neil Young at Karen ' s. A BAD TAPE! What ' s a license? My very own song! Summer of 75. Beachland. GOODLUCK! JAMES TRAKADAS " Breaker 21 " Jimmy the Greek. Trake. Seen at Stop Shop or Pizza Plus. 5A297U. 71 Chevy. Michelob powered. Skiing. Elec¬ tronics. Super Audiophile. Frequently heard on 27.295 MHZ KEM-0251 Clear. PAMELA A. TROTTIER Rollerskating. Take it slow easy. Ballroom Blitz 75. Going out to breakfast, 72 Fora. Tapper ' s. Dave. That ' s the way I like it. Vodka. I don ' t get it. Ac¬ cident prone. Outa prison! LISA TROY Dreamer. Brodie — radio much? Rep. lane! Kcl ' s last nite. Ping, Eve ' s. WC. Friends are special. Talks with Cheryl. Circle game always. Kiss the day good-by, and point me toward tomorrow . . . DAVID TUCKER What ' s for breakfast? Wong. Felipo. " What ' s that, Chemistry? " Grub. Give me a break. Stupid jokes. Rocks and Minerals. 128 JOANNE SUSAN TUCKER Tuck. I ' m hungry. Slow Down! Duck sauce anyone? Friday nights. Bowling. South Pacific. MARY ELIZABETH UNTERSEE Mary Beth. " MB. " Pm not Lu ' s sister. Peer Counseling, 4 yrs. of Spanish? Camp Sunshine Day. Prom 75. i am I. " Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me . . JAMEE VALENTINE Oh yea!! Rickv 75-76, etc. " Cau¬ tion Coors Powered. " Kansas. DIC. Wallace ' s gang — all my love . . Yea right!! Good luck to all and may you live always in peace and with good intentions! DAVID A. VALENTYN Caldor. Skiing. Goldie. ' 66 Beloir. ' 76 Harley. Colorado. Mechanic. It finally all came together! I wish it could all happen again! ROBERT E. VALLE Val. Wanna skip? HoJo ' s. Mr. Webbett. Memorial Day Wknd. at Plymouth. The prom that never was. Are you still sick. The Rink — Are you Mr. Barney? Albie ' s a crook. Deb. . 3-10-75. TONY VECCHIONE " It ' s not the way that you say it that makes me think of the white skin underlining of a tangerine hanging from the ceiling while I trip down the stairs. Its the look in your eyes. " DONNA VECCHIONE Vcc. U Mass. Doors break easy. Nationals. Sandy — assassin! Summer 75, Thursday beach trips. Really? Prom. Amoco. But occifer, Bermuda. Kiss the day goodbye and point me towards tomorrow. MICHAEL M. VENE Rory May 74. Gymnastics, stiff joints. Big Mr. T. Everybody should own one, Dorn! Keven, see the man about a hourse, some things just don ' t have to be said. ANDREA VITALI WILLIAM VUORI Ang. CCP. PR warmup. Hello it ' s me. JOHN — hun — 3-22-74 etc. UM wknds. Table 33. 25th. Kissin ' cousin. Halloween Jock. Cm s Ultimate sleepovers. 3 blind mice. CLAVCK 3. Why can J t we be friends . . . forever. DONNA-LEE WALKER David. 2-8-75. Definitely Kim. KLJVSJLM. SO. St, SOUTH NA¬ TICK. Joe ' s nub. talkin ' to you Wed nights. Electro. Drive-in Medway — 18-21 VR, FIC " Don ' t pick on the soccer team. " NYE ' 75. The scrapbook — David. MARY LOU WALLACE Chris — 7-1 3-74. All my love for¬ ever. Fitchburg. Ben-Hem 1 2. Nobody. How many days to who comes home? " Take care of your¬ self. " But I never get called!! You gonna be here H period? Love to the gang. MOLLY WALTERS 24. BBafl Capt. gator. Mecfya Halfway. Allstar 75 76. Party at Moe ' s. Darlene, look at the planes! Fall under buses much? From. Friends. PreRally Warmup! Cheerleader with Liz. P ' s are gone! ILYD! ELLEN WARD Knuckles. Hoss Bliv. Who ' s got stubs? Friends arc forever! Chorus. Who ' s a turkey? Forget something, Kathy? The Ditch. Framingham State. ROBERT W. WARD JR. WARDY, 58 Jeep. Debbie Wal¬ lace. Married. Kiddie Time. Kawasaki. 1st day ticket. Whit. F. Gong. Beach Bovs. There goes Every thing. Ben his Bruin tick¬ ets. He failed. A good time in WW. The Battle goes on. CAROL E. WATSON TONY 72. Roses. July 4th. Michigan. 6:15. Thank God it is Friday. Little Yellow Scamp. Sat. Night at the movies. Work. Fla. Bound. Brian 3-29-75. Believe in yourself and others will too. FERN WEISMAN Say not I, But We. Mike, April ' 74. Never give up in March. Oct¬ ober, November. Red Cricket. Prom. Snow. U of R. More Snow. You ' re cute. No, She ' s Nancy. JSY. Sherikudia Costumes. Phone. Work. KIM WELLS S. NATICK. 4-27-74. Leo. Best friends forever. Vick Spru. Hey Don. Definitely, Dave ' s. JL Maine.? More days. LJ. JOEY. Rocky Narrows. So. St. River. NYE. He ' s comin home! 2-77. Forever. I luv ya! CYNTHIA FRANCIS WHALEN DADA. Rogers, Hundes. Drink ' n Buddys Forever. Slcezy St. 11-29- 75. VW. Crankin. Swindy. Goop Sisters. New Year ' s, Goop Bros. Blue Eyed Blondes. Bikes around the world. Once in love, always in love. Dae. KAREN WHALEN 130 ANNAM. WHITE To the sea of Maddness. See ya whelp, Hot stuff huh? 18 " What do ya wana do. The Bird Bud. Cherrys. Heres to my friends. Mustangs SC flea babes. Ballet slippers. Bri " Let the good times roll. DAVID WHITE JOHN J. WHITE Donne. CapShot. Pre Game warm up. A bucket of water at Win- gershiek. Aurthur L. The super stud. A year to be remembered. ROBERT WHITE JAMES WHITMORE ROBERT E. WILDE Wicked. E. Brewster. Natick Swimming. Pineland Park. J. Taylor. FIAT 128. Volksy. Bourbon. Coors. NJ. P-Town. Whiskey Peirce. Now What? Chuckle III Peanut I. Oh C ' mon! Waitin ' for The Bus. Bye, Bye N.H.S. THOMAS A. WILLIAMSON ARTHUR WILSON Sandi. Nipa. LG. Wei. College. Dad ' s Landau. Satin Sheets. All day. Friends are forever. Kawa¬ saki 900. DOHC. Watch your head, cowards die a 1000 deaths, the brave die only once. Burnt. ARTHUR WISE Artie. LMH. Toyota. Travelling duet. 3 in 1. Innocnet. Capshots with Whitie, NYE75. Skiing. SC blackmail. Never a dull moment. Get an early start. Middle. AGAIN. Thnksgvng Rally. Hampton. Luke. NH. College, LINDA WHITE BRUCE WILLENS DANA LYN WOLOZIN Deni. Cross Country 74. Richie. Good friends moke the world twice as nice. DL. Ivv Barn. S.U. Sidney. WPB. Milltalls. Love when you can, cry when you have to, be who you must, that ' s a part of the pton. 131 BARBARA ANNE WOODHOUSE Bcrb. Future vet. Michigan State bound. Jordan ' s. F per. ulcers. How rude! I can t wink! I ' m sorry. " Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. " PAULM. WOODWARD Woody. What ' s his real name? Consistently on the honor role. Sue. Half inch to tall. Enjoys chewing ice cubes. Gymnastics. Track. Sailing. Barefoot? Never got a ticket on the lake. THOMAS WOODYARD Woody and Rach. Cape Cod ' 74. Mike ' s wedding. Wanna spend the night in jail? Ski bunny ' 75. 23 Schlitz, 1,18,58. 1,20,74. 1,23,57. KATHLEEN WRIGHT NEIL C. WRIGHT M.F. I win. Tocos and swimming. Ed Jacobs front somersault nosebreakers. Arabian dive no¬ sebleeds. Skinhead. OR. Watch out Gorm, roccons have rabies. Clear and on the side. A different drummer. PHILIP ALLEN YOUNG New horn? Peabody. Risque. M.F. C ' mon let ' s play for dots! Green Lemon. Cars and cycles don ' t mix. Sunday afternoons (crunch). C ' mon Mr. B., why me? Firesides and snowdrifts. Coast Guard Bound. RICHARD ZACCHILLI Zack. Basketball Capt. 22. I don ' t know. Fletcha later! Me the Doz. C per. stooges. H per. whist. Zocadoo! Tech Tourney. Senior week parties. Where? Snipin Les Fill es. Manipulate. Swish! CHARLES J. ZANCHI JR. Gweeto. Mary. 2-19-75. Another Saturday night. 67 Camaro. Smoke ' em, Zank. Wentworth, Pididdle. E.J. Prom 75. TPC. The Farm. Quarter mile. Schlitz. I fried another transformer. Mr. Murphy! STEPHE N ZANIBONI The kid. Summers at the rock. Continental. Francis the Toyota. Please Stephen. Yarmouth 75. Recording. Lights. The Family. Spectrum Productions. National Shirt. Just a few more minutes. 132 KENNETH ZICKO RITA ZONAK Kanoz. Snook. Who me? Terrific. Only you could hove thought of that. Ya, right. Do the Hustle. Hey, that ' s my song. ALRIGHT! Drink of water. New Hampshire. Far out. I ' m running for hot water. Dream on. HELENA NICOLETTE ZWART Helen. Seriously now. Let ' s ao out for breakfast Laura. New Years ' 75,76. Wher ' d the Mt. go? Trouble at Scars ' Xmas party. Where ' s the party tonight? Summers in Canada and Maine. 3 days in N.Y, JEAN BRANAGAN Bruce. 1974. Fooled around and fell in love. June 15. I finally made it. Im only here for the beer. Charlie. Smoky. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. 133 Old Days good times I remember Fun days filled with simple pleasure . . . Funny faces, full of love and laughter Funny places . . . somehow nice . . . Take me back, to a world gone away Memories — seem like yesterday Dreams of magic, still so close to me Old Days — in my mind and in my heart to stay — Chicago 135 If there were a hundred years in which to change, Natick has done some real changing. However, some things do tend to stay basically the same. Natick still keeps its Summer St. Central Fire Sta¬ tion in somewhat of the same appearance, with the same location and the same title. The high school building did change quite dras¬ tically from the three floor house-like structure to the multi-million dollar structure which we all attended. Old high school building The new Morse Institute Library Summer Street Fire Station 136 Main Street as we knew it in 76 As for sports, the baseball team kept al¬ most the same appear¬ ance with very little change in the uni¬ forms. The length of hair seemed to be the only noticable change. Baseball has come a long way | |jB iXjl r.V iPmlK -w.1 _ ' It re-i ! J:® r Midlength skirts were popular in ' 76 But comfort was most important Fashions and fads were the topic of 1976. Everyone was different, with the extremes being Tony Smith and his tuxedo and the track team with their " Big Red Turkey " shirts. Also don ' t forget the clergical looks of Bob White (fall of 1974) and Mark Farrington (fall of 1975). This was the year of the individual. Painter ' s pants were probably the most " in thing " during 1976. There were always the places to go and the things to see. Here was our work and our play. Don ' t ever forget those groups we listened to and the songs we sang. It was all a part of those good Old Days ' ' . Munch outs at Mac ' s 7 Renato Denaro gave the best party of ' 75 Breakfasts at Rainbow when we should have been making our way down Pond Street. UO and more work. Musicians we loved and the songs that made them great. The Beatles The Beach Boys Aerosmith The Rolling Stones America Chicago Led Zepplin Simon and Garfunkle Elton John " Let It Be ' " " Good Vibrations " " Dream On " " Ruby Tuesday " " A Horse With No Name " " Feelin ' Stronger Every Day " " Stairway to Heaven " " Bridge Over Troubled Water " " Your Song " Those open places on Bacon Street 141 • JMB m ; 1 : ■ l._— J 1 - - .f i —1 y » 1 | " 1 v . ’ A M J n IBV I fi m 1 wm L wfn j 41 m 4 y i Jm 1 f V ■r r ' Vfll ifd«nrur | I mm f CROII STICK!! t m ■ ■ 1 i4i( f ■+ MM j nt r% 0 W i $k. i rwil ( m Natick girls on the move! VARSITY First row: Coach Maloney, J. Child, T. Cotter, S. LaRoche, Co-Captain J, Cope, Co- Captain J. Boyle, B. Dininio, S. Balcom, S. Lockwood. Second row: Manager K. Borghi, Manager D. Blume, J. Murphy, J. Poliak, L, Goldrich, C. Naranjo, S, Chaisson, A. Rahman, K. McGill- vary. J.V. First row: D. Gaarity, K. Dutcher, Co-Captain D. Gorman, Co-Captain P. Weber, D. Myrick, J. Valentine. Second row: Coach Donna McCabe, S. Sequin, R. Gorman, D. Marchetti, M. Cas¬ sidy, M. DeMassi, J. Murphy, K. Abrams, D. Cope, L. Wiles. The ' 76 field hockey team posted a respectable 2-3-9 record. The team ' s hopes were not high at the start of the season since there were only three returning varsity players. Outstanding performances by the two captains boosted the squad. Co-Captain Jane Boyle led the offense and Co-Captain Janet Cope, the defense. The season was full of excite¬ ment despite a slow start. Natick ' s big morale booster was tying league-leading Framingham South 1-1. The highlights of the season were victories over Milton (2-1) and Needham (3-1). Wellesley was also tied, knocking them out of first place. The J.V. team was led by Co- Captains Debby Gorman and Paula Weber. They learned to work as a team and progressed rapidly during the season. They should be a great help to next year ' s varsity squad. Good luck! 145 BEAT THE CIOCK This years Cross Country team finished with an ex¬ cellent record of seven wins and two losses, capturing third place in the Bay State League. The harriers, coached by Al Kirton, had twenty-three members on the varsity and junior varsity squads, which made the largest teams in a number of years. Co-Captains Robert Healey and Daniel MacAlpine did an outstanding job of providing the leadership and spirit throughout the season. Dan MacAlpine, winner of the Most Valuable-Player Award, highlighted this season with his third place finish in the League Conference Meet; and then again with a tremendous third-place finish in the Class A State Meet. The varsity squad, " junior ridden " this year, will only be losing two seniors. They are looking forward to another fine season. — Trey Shupert Above: Al Kirton; Below; Leo Bellantoni 146 First Row: R. Dalpe, D. White, T. Shupert, R. Healey, D. MacAlpine, L. Bellantoni, D. Callahan, J. Dubinsky. Second Row: K. Craig, M. Krupski, T. Donellan, M. Bruce, T. Fitzpatrick, M. Leavitt, J. Crissafulli. Third Row: P. DeBruyn, J. Pike, G. Smith, R. LeDoux, C. Handlesman. ,3 . - k v ' u I ' »’ • ' he final stretch K. Handelsman, J. Crisafulli, D. White At the start 24 Norwood 41 Needham 21 Walpole 19 South 18 Dedham 20 Milton 30 North 18 Braintree 27 Wellesley ' W ■ ; fll ms | 1 " 1 •? i jj ” Jl . 1 ■ m I7 A A J 1 Ji ■ Jj i A ' W 1 K, «■ L 1 ▼ m ™ Healey and Mac Alpine 147 VARSITY AND J.V. First row: Coach Kil,ey, S. Griffin, W. Morgan, W. Geissler, S. Miller, T. Kass, Co-Capt. J. Dziama, Co-Capt. R. LaChonce, J. Fahey, M. Barker, P. Delahanty, J. Kane, T. Woodyard, J. Miscia, D. Henderson. Second row: Coach Ghilani, D. Gilvarg, J. Yancey, R. Weaving, M. Salvatierra, W. McBreen, F. Forest, S. Reilly, W. Cavanaugh, B. Fitzpatrick, J. Ryan, D. Donovan, R. Gorman, K. Herosian, W. Belcher, Coach Whelan. Third row: B. Higgins, S. Flynn, P. Augustini, A. Armata, G. Estes, P. Pandolfino, J. Kelly, R. Belcher, M. Torti, P. Len- toni, T. Carr, M. Montgomery, M. Fortini, A. Lamy, Manager J. Richardson, Coach Benson. The second year of the dynasty started with high hopes. Co-Captains Jeff Dziama and Rick LaChance had both the varsity and the junior varsity squads working out in late July, preparing for the coming season. Pre-season injuries were at an all time high. This had a great effect on the final record. The season had its highlights and disappointments, as do all sports. A big game, Brocton vs. Natick, was first in a string of tough battles. But, as the season progressed, the bumps and grinds became a burden to the team. By the end of the season, the high hopes had become impossible dreams. Even the hard work of the players and coaches couldn ' t help the re-occuring in¬ juries. As the 4-5 record shows, it was a tough season. It all came out in the wash. The charge of the bruised brigade. 148 t vlV i n Deluxe SOPHOMORES First row: Cooch Jones, P. DelVecchio, B. Cormier, B. Farrell, C. Richards, B, Jones, B. Young, R. Burke, S. Long, M. Seltzer, B. Havener, T. Lilly, J. Quilty. Second row: B. O ' Leary, P. Gallagher, J. Leshinsky, E. Henry, M. Kirby, F. Connell, J. Imparato, J. Haswell, R. Lamont, T. Killen, R. Munroe, M. Sullivan, M. Fitzgerald, Coach Theriaque. Third row: C. Ramondi, Manager T. School, S. Holzman, M. Raushen, R. Hunsaker, E. Jackson, J. Chaulk, K. Benson, T. Farrell, J. Swart, P. Wright, S. Pierce, R. Ward, Coach Murphy. Fourth row: Manager D. Quilty, J. Shupert, F. Snyder, B. Sticka, D. Reilly, J. Potter, J. Wright, T. Kadlik, K. Thorsen, M. Torti, C. MacGreggor. Fifth row: M. Forrest, K, Silva, A. Berg, S. Shoman. Joe Ciccarello How Tim Hahn got Excedrin headache 467 VARSITY First row: S. Selcur, T. Azerado, R. Prepetti, D, Crugnale, J. Malloy, D. Scott, A. Berman, G. Connor, J, Gandolfi, J. Levine. Second row: Coach Cioffi, V. Nelson, M. Ames, J. Dugan, S. Danforth, J. Ciccarello, R. Franke, P. Flavin, E. Costello, T. Hahn, J. McDermott. 150 Coach Cioffi and Captain Dave Scott knew that they would have to hustle until they dropped if the team was going to have a winning season. While the players were hustling, the season was slowly being eaten away. By the end of the season, the team ' s record was 0-18. That record does not really reflect what went on during the season. If there is one thing that this year ' s varsity team gained, it is experience. It is easy to be a winner but it takes a lot of gusto to be on the short end of the stick and this team had plenty of gusto. Taking a break on the sidelines It takes a swift kick to play soccer! Some people will do anything to get to that ball! J.V. First row: Coach Conte, R. Brodski, J. Killari, R. Cormier, A. Cerel, D. Zaltas, T. Brown, G. Cabo, R. Friedman, D. Downs. Second row: C. Scholl, L. Berkowitz, J. Thomas, R. Lelievre, G. Eckert, S. Caldor, W. Thomas, M, Cavanaugh, M. Connolly, M. Fitzpatrick, Third row: R. Letner, R. Itzkowitz, B. Grassey, M. Pappa, J. Casteneda, S. Rowan, P. Ordway, K. Normington. 151 In their first year of varsity competition, the Girls ' Swim Team, led by Co- Captains Sue Ehrlich and Carolyn Grassey, compiled an impressive 3-3 record. The team was guided by Coach Dave Webb. The girls had to over¬ come such obstacles as buying their own swimsuits and practicing a scant two hours a week. 1 The highlight of the season was a one point victory over archrival Wellesley. The meet was won in the final exciting relay. The team also placed in the top three in the Bay State League at the State Meet in Spring- field. Sue Ehrlich captured the Most Valuable Player honors, while Jean Burke was voted the Most Improved Swimmer. Next year ' s co-captains are Sue Ehrlich and Jean Crisafulli. With the greatest of ease, Alex Drury flies through the air. First row: E. Duffy, J. Forance, J. Carroll, D. Thompson, S. Ehrlich, C, Grossey, A. Jannoni, A. Drury, K. LaCause, P. Rosenthal. Second row: Coach D. Webb, M. Blosveren, S. Chouinard, K. Cotter, J. Burke, S. Taylor, B. Pierce, C. Gibbons. Third row: L, Dale, L. Dupree, P. Cloonan, K Ehrlich, T. Goodrick, A. LeLievre, J. Crisafulli, T. McFarlane, S. Vaughn. _1 53 Spirit ' s up — no matter what the weather. Jean Beliveau leads a cheer. The 1975-76 squad, captained by Sue Breen put in a lot of hard, long hours in support of many athletic teams. It was definitely worth it. Working as a squad, they had a lot of fun together doing such things as decorating the boys ' locker room, holding rallies in school and on the Natick Common, and many other activities that psyched-out the various teams. Throughout the summer months and every day after school until March, the cheerleaders practiced. Their efforts all paid off when they captured third place in the Bay State League Cheerleading Competition. First row: D. Garbarino, J. Beliveau, J. Ceplicas, Captain S. Breen, M. Molan, J. Stevens. Second row: N. Nadler, S. Rogers, S. Chaulk, J. Cardellico, C. Carpenter. 154 MAJORETTES First row s, R. Driscoll. Second jOPra x I ) K 9 " ■ t J F —- fi’ I . i • JM , j £ 1 ' 3 1 H 1 2|i ‘ frfl J ptr ■ ■ ' “ ' ■ » , , - _ VI. ■ ft [1 A . ■ 1 11 w f ' IS M. m 1 1 - l| K| Wl I U SB EP w twjT ■ ■ j jnV ?v S» jR bA _ ■ ■ l m fl ■ , - HH • 1 ir El ■ 1 111 vy ] ■ ' § ’ w f i V VJ MU » % fl .- U j fl JS ■Tv ■ ft! ■ IBS VFl ■ m 1 || ♦ AaNL. ' i lA f i • -« irl Michelle Cormier and Sandy Spencer row: Advisor Miss Zinck, K. Mehlman, D. Ward, D. Lindquist, J. Oakes. Jayne Murphy and Janet Forance fight for the ball. Patty Sullivan VARSITY First row: J. Cope, S. Lockwood, Captain M. Walters, L. Ketchen, J. Napoleon. Second row: Coach D. McCabe, C. Naranjo, B. Dininio, J. Poliak, J. Murphy, J. Forance. V Molly Walters reaches high over an opponent. A M h ng W The girls ' basketball team fin¬ ished the season with a 2-16 record. This, however, does not reflect the excitement generated during some of the games. Four games were lost by four points and only during the final moments of play. In addition, three of these games were lost to teams tied for first place in the league. This year ' s team was led by Cap¬ tain Molly Walters who has always been an outstanding player for NHS. Molly, receiver of the MVP award, was elected by the Bay State League coaches to the All-Star team for the second year in a row. This was a great accomplishment as it is ex¬ tremely rare for juniors to be selected for an All-Star team. Janet Forance also had a good year. Janet received the award given to the most improved player. She and Carol Naranjo are slated to be next year ' s co-captains. ' 76 was a big year for the girls. Tney now have equal time in the gym and have an equal eighteen- game schedule. Next year, games will be held on Friday nights which will enable more fans and parents to attend. The gains have been a long time coming. Joan Murphy drives for the basket. L At V + A Ki Janet Cope and Janet Forance scrounge for possession. v -J -Lf tit Jlf lit A ) I % JV First row: M. Valentine, M. Kent, L. Firth, Captain J. Murphy, L. Lupian, K. Mc¬ Gill ivray, S. King. Second row: Coach J. Linsky, M. Demasi, C. Frada, B. Brewer, L. Perry, K. Sullivan, D. Marchetti. 157 While basketball has been one of the more highly enjoyed sports of Natick High ' s history, it seems evident that it will remain that way c or many years to come. Although the basketball season was not as successful as the pre¬ ceding one, it was apparent that the players competed with more heart than in previous years. Due to the efforts of Coach Cristie, As¬ sistant Coach Connolly, and Cap¬ tain Rich Zachilli; the team was kept in high spirits and always ready to play. The team ' s record this year was 10-10. But, if you look deeper into the season, you will notice that they lost but a few by a wide margin. When they won, they won by a rout. This year ' s team had only a few returning players which hurt in ex¬ perience but not in talent. Next year ' s team will encounter the same problem. However, many other League teams will be in the same situation, so next year should be a good one. Payne for two untouched points Eustace pulls a rebound in Last minute instructions VARSITY First row: J. Dziama, D. SanClemente, W. Cavanaugh, Captain R. Zachilli, R. Fortim, P. Leon, E. Payne. Second row: Manager J. Christie, Coach C. Christie, D. Penny, T. Cronin, R. Weaving, G. Marion, Coach J. Connolly, Manager J. Maybe, Manager J. Guchini (not pictured). ISft SOPHOMORE First row: M. Daly, E. Polgarian, D. Goldschmidt, M. Caccavelli, J. Zaniboni, T D ' Antonio. Second row: H. Vanderwhal, S. Holzmon, P. Deluechio, K. Silva, F. Doran, R. Hun- sacker, S. Clark, T. Klien, J. Bartell, Coach D. Crow. Cronin flies in for the basket Inbounds pass? Maybe JV First row: R. Coleman, B. Sandler, G. Devane, C. MacGregor, B. Graham, R. Morris, B O ' Leary. Second row: M. Burke, T. Denequit, PJ. Sims, P. Ordway, M. Fortini, D. Stevens Coach N. Zide, Coach A. Murray. AT THE IIOOP Mark Cameron Dom Tolson First row: B. Theriaque, D. Wotton, B. Kime, D. Nason, D. Tolson, R. Gorman, M . Vene, N. Wright, S. Marchetti, W. Griffin, K. Melanson Second row: R. Faldaz, R. Burke, B. Cormier, D. Crockford, S. Waxier, T. Huling, M. Cameron, D. Glod, D. Lamont, C. Han- delsman, E. Jacobs, K. Melanson, B. Havener, K. Higgins. jl 160 Neil Wright THOSE DARIAG YOU AG mEA The NHS boys ' gymnastics team was one of the most improved varsity teams of the year. Under the guidance of Bob Theriaque, the team es¬ tablished itself as a prominent winter sport and a serious contender for the Bay State League title. Predicted to go nowhere in the Bay State League, the boys ' gymnastics team amazed everybody as they began the season with four consecu¬ tive wins. Next came Braintree, Milton, and Framingham North, all champion teams or highly rated state¬ wide; the Natick gymnasts lost all three but maintained a much closer margin of points than in past years. Natick then won several events against Norwood and Wayland, but was defeated overall. The Redmen ended their season with a superb vic¬ tory over Framingham South, and wound up with a 5-5 record. Much of the credit for their success must go to the placing senior competi¬ tors: Rick Gorman (Captain) on all- around, Neil Wright on floor and long horse, Mike Vene on parallel bars and high bar, Steve Marchetti on side horse, Dom Tolson as unlimited, and Don Nason on side horse. Also, all other seniors, juniors and sophomores, whether they competed or not, deserve recognition for their constant efforts. Mike Vene This season was a super one! Jane and Cindy did a great job as Co-Captains. They were responsible for urging ev¬ eryone to get in shape and for keeping the team spirit up. Four seniors and six juniors returned to the team. Their experience contributed to the great achievements of this season. NHS was fortunate in the addition of two talented soph¬ omores to the gymnastics team. One of these sopho¬ mores, Chris Paul, was voted the MVG of the team. Chris, an outstanding gymnast, had the highest total of points for the season. She represented NHS at the state meet. Chris placed second in Mas¬ sachusetts as a all-around gymnast. The team ' s record was 7-2. The girls placed second in the Bay State League. Chris Pau Patty spotted by Mrs. Maloney 162 Patty Deveraux on the beam. Rolling out the mats. First row: D. Flavin, S, Roberts, S. Chouinard, P. Weber, P, Melchiorri, K. Abrams, A, Gallo. Second row: Mgr. M. Fernald, K. Gassett, P. Deveraux, Capt. C. Chouinard, J. Child, Capt. J, Boyle, A. Drury, C. Paul, Coach Nancy Maloney. 163 Captain Paul Quaranto Paul Quaranto (left) and junior Jack Kelley lead the attack Juniors Bobby Wells (left) and Steve Valle (right) trip up an opponent. First row: S. Intinarelli, M. Montalto, M. Duffy, J. Anderson, B. Manning, P. Rolthwell, J. Thomas. Second row Coach Bates, M. Bonarrigo, D. Whitney, T. Fair, S. Kirby, D. Regan, T. Potter, T. Farrell, B. Ciccarelli, C. Torti B. Balcom. V First row: T. Fletcher, B. Wells, G. Karian, Copt. P. Quaranto, J. Anderson, J. Kelley, M. Mandozzi, P. Rothwell. Second row: Coach B. Lacouture, T. Murray, S. Intinarelli, C. Richards, E. Costello, M. Montalto, C. Williamson, B. Richards, G. Hennrikus, J. Lord, S. Valle, M. Sullivan, Ass ' t. Coach J. McKeon, Ass ' t Coach K. Bates. In Coach Bill Lacouture ' s first year at the helm of N.H.S. Hockey, the Redmen varsity compiled a much improved 8-9-1 record in the Bay State League. Led by captain Paul Quaranto, the boys combined strenuous fall workouts with a unique va¬ riety of practice hours to try to combat a definite lack of varsity experience returning from the previous year ' s squad. Throughout all these prelimi¬ nary workouts and the regular season the attitude and spirit of the team was outstanding. In the regular season the club battled the top teams in the league all year, with tough losses being handed to them by Norwood (2-1), Dedham (5-4), and archrival Framingham South and Walpole each bowing once. Head Coach Lacouture was complemented by two other outstanding coaches throughout the year. Carl Bates, Assistant varsity coach and head J.V. coach, worked hard along with assistant varsity coach Jim McKeon, both of them showing a true desire to help NHS hockey. For honors, the team sent Paul Quaranto and Brad Richards to the All-Star game. Quaranto, a true leader, captured the M.V.P. award with high- scoring Richards copping the Unsung Hero Trophy. The Junior Varsity, coached by Carl Bates and led by star forwards Paul Rothwell and Steve In¬ tinarelli, chalked up a 13-5 slate. With a wealth of varsity experience returning, the future looks bright indeed for NHS hockey. Brad Richards in a moment of triumph. 165 UADCRCOYCR CYC AT First row: J. Brenneman, A. Cornoni, R. Dalpe, G. Rogers, W. Shupert, Co-Capt. B. Fitzpatrick, Co-Copt. D. Donovan, R. Healy, S. Miller, T. Fenzel, D. White. Second row: J. Clancy, R. Belcher, S. Bram, D. Lindsay, G. Farrington, D. Downs, J. Young, D. Quilty, G. Smith, J. Burke, L. Marshall. Third row: Coach D. Burnham, J. Schiff, R. Lelievre, M. Krupsky, R. LeDoux, T. Fitzpatrick, S. Ward, M. Leavitt, R. Young, P. Augus- tini, J. Pike, C. Dolbek, Coach T. Lamb. Fourth row: M. Bram, F. Garbarino, T. Hafner, P. Wright, T. Armata, R. Wald, M. Lester, P. Debruyn, M. Furr. Not pictured: D. Gilvarg, T. Callahan, C. Cormier, D. Bourgur, B. Burton, D. MacAlpine, M. Cassedy, D. Cope, R. Cormier, G. Eckert, G. Harrington, S. Watkins, B. Young. 166 Gary Rogers What? Al being serious? Ask me. The Natick High Indoor Track Team ended a suc¬ cessful season with a record of 6-3, led by Co-Cap- tains Brian Fitzpatrick and Danny Donovan. Natick placed third in the competitive Bay State League, but with such a record that they could have placed second in any other league. Dan Donovan and Brian Fitzpa¬ trick were outstanding in representing Natick in state competition. Also competing were Gary Rogers, Phil Wright, Bob Healy, Steve Miller and Dan MacAlpine. Eleven of the forty-three team members will be graduating but the team is well molded and has the experience to go far next year. Many thanks to Coaches Don Burnham and Tom Lamb. And they ' re off . . . Flying high Brian " Hutch " Fitzpatrick 167 pool II I) ST ICRS The 1975-76 Boys ' Swim Team led by Captain Fred Grossman compiled a 3-3 record in the Bay State League and a 4-6 mark overall. Coached by Mr. Laughlin, the team chalked up victories against Dedham, Needham, Norwood, and New Bed¬ ford. Both the veteran swimmers and the new swimmers worked hard all season. As fruits of their labor, the team sent six boys to the Eastern Massachusetts Swimming and Diving Championships while sending Jim Pierce, Jim Arena, Paul Gallagher, Al Goodwin, and John Crisafulli to the State Championships. For individual honors, John Crisafulli captured the MVP award with the Coach ' s Trophy going to Al Goodwin and Jim Pierce. John Crisafulli will captain next year ' s team. Diving ace Steve Potter 16 R i 3 row: J. Zwort, J. Connolly, S. Potter, J. Crisfulli, J. Dubinsky, P. Gallagher, M. Papa, B. Wilde. Bottom row: M. ker, B. Mulfelder, S. McGrath, J. Pierce, J. Arena, D. Crugnally, A. Goodwin, Assistant Coach M. Pierce, Coach R. jghlin. Kneeling: Captain F. Grossman 169 1 Fly me ? Natick always comes out on top. Victory for Natick, of course. VARSITY First row: R. Lamont, J. White, L. Delahanty, P. Ryder, B. Mack, K. Mack, E. Henry. Sec¬ ond row: Assistant Coach Buschenfeldt, W. McBreen, R. Franke, P. Morana, D. Reilly, K. Herosian, A. Woodruff, S. Shohan, L. Segal I, Coach Panchuck. 170 Ready— 1,2,3 — lift pin n win This year ' s team, with a record of 2-9, was ham¬ pered somewhat by a lack of experience, however, the entire team worked hard and can be proud of their effors. Junior captain Paul Ryder was able to gain a fourth place in the regional tournament which enabled him to compete in the state tourney at Chelmsford. With nine starters and a group of experienced JV ' s returning, next year ' s team should be a fine one. JV First row: L. Moyer, J. Haswell, J. Imparato, R. Murtagh, W. Crohan. Second Coach Panchuck and Assistant row: Assistant Coach Buschenfeldt, A. Woodruff, K. Mack, P. Minor, Coach Coach Buschenfeldt Panchuck. 171 THE siumc Junior hurler Dave Pennie. Pitching ace Joe Kane. i Jeff Dziama makes the big stretch Mike Sullivan awaits throw at second base Coach Carroll scrutinizes Rusty Fortini at the plate. 172 The NHS varsity baseball team recorded a hard- earned 15-7 record for the 1976 season. With only a few varsity letter winners returning from the previous year, the team record and the fact that they made the state tournament, for the first time in several years, shows just how hard the boys worked. A lot of credit, however, should be given to Coaches John Carroll and Bob Ghilani for the fine coaching job they performed throughout the season. Thanks should also be given to Bill Lacouture for all his help during tryouts and prac¬ tice sessions. After a trip to the Naval Academy in Maryland, the team started the season with a bang, winning their first five games before losing to Walpole. The Redmen clinched a tournament berth by beating Wellesley in the second lu lust game of the season. The tourney was a short one for the Redmen, however, as they were eliminated by Tauton 1-0 in the first round. For honors, the team sent Captain Jimmy Allen, Jeff Dziama and Joe Kane to the Bay State League All-Sar Game. Allen, the peerless three-year veteran, was a wizard behind the plate and opposing teams rarely recorded a stolen base against him. Jeff Dziama was a human scoop at first base and batted over .300. Senior right-hander Joe Kane, the MVP, was the ace of the mound staff. VARSITY First row: J. Kane, J. Dziama, R. Fortini, J. Allen, S. Danforth, M. Brown, B. Richards, B. Rhinehart. Second row: M.McCabe, T. Murray, M. Sullivan, L. Denaro, M. Caccavelli, D. Pennie, Coach Carroll. JV First row; R. Morris, C. MacGregor, R. Biagi, K. Herosian, J. Bush, J. Lakis. Second row: Coach Jim Allen, Dave Pennie and Coach ( Ghilani, S. Thorsen, E. Kirby, B. Young, J. Dubinsky, S. Sweeney, B. Bellisimo, D. Lamont. j-q11 hold a brief conference. 173 The golf team began its season in March with practices at the Natick Country Club. Hard-working Captain Andy Berman and Coach O ' Connor prepared the team to face competition in the tough Bay State League. The team began the year with high hopes. However, those hopes ended in shattered dreams as the season closed with a 2-7 record. Coach O ' Connor described this year as a building year. Next spring will see the return of this year ' s un¬ derclassmen who have now had a season of experience under their belts. The ' 77 team, which shows a great deal of promise, will be captained by Mike Murphy. However, the Country Club will not be available for the team ' s use. . » -2 - ' • S «% JfP w i £jt W V KJ m r -t _ r ■ p- w i - ■ - - . r r • i. laTv nhT2jH| SKm® 1 Mm ■ — i AV lT.-T- . ■ -- ■J . - -PCvLprT tfi W] • f v • „ ' —is •, - - _. _ , _ ' • 1 -4 v N II First row: B. Lynch, M. Murphy, M. Tophom, A. Berman, S. Potter, R. Lecointre, R. Kane, M. Murphy. Second row: R. Brodsky, B. Friedman, L. Berkowitz, K. Melanson, M. Fitzgerald, P. Augustini, D. Goldschmidt, P. Rothwell, K. Benson, Coach H. O ' Connor. .. -• 4 Mark Murphy blasts his way out of Miami Beach Captain Andy Berman swings valiantly. - ®r; ru Cm •.1 ' r » • t ‘•rata? • BHhBk on THE GREED Steve Potter putts carefully. Award winners for the spring of ' 76. Janet Cope Football players on parade. 176 niUORD It is traditional to honor the athletes of NHS at special assemblies, and this year was no different. Some of the finest competitors in Natick history graduated this year. Their feats will long be remembered. Paul Quaranto gives NHS jacket to Mr. Lombard. Dom Tolson Chris Pau 1 77 HOT FOR OFTIES The girls ' softball team, led by Co-Captains Sara Lockwood and Carol Naranjo finished second in the Bay State League with a 1 2-6 record. The team had many setbacks. Usually the most difficult one to over¬ come is one of inexperience. But the three sopho¬ mores in the starting varsity lineup performed with excellence and inexperience was the easiest hurdle to jump. Junior Carol Naranjo was the teams M.V.P., an honor she really deserved. A job for ' Dash ' Sliding is painful at times. Kitty Murphy 178 VARSITY First row: B. Dininio, J. Boyle, S. Lockwood (CaptJ, C. Naranjo (Capt.), M. Walters, B, O ' Laughlin. Sec¬ ond row: J, Valentine, J. Murphy, L, Perry, K, Murphy, L, Goldrich, N. Franchitto, S. King, K. McGillivray, Coach Nancy Maloney. JV First row: C. White, A. Rahman, A. Wright, L. Lupien, P. Sullivan, J. Poliak, L. Ward, T. Nelson. Second row: Coach Bobby Theriaque, M. Kent, C. Frada, S. Lane, S. White, P. Weber, B. Songer, L. Garnick, Amira Rahman wit J • JUT - ' " • - L., First row: B. Kosloff, J. Barrett, R. Schrier, Co-Captain J. McDermott, Co-Captain B. Rockowitz, R. Diamond, W. Siegel, R. Santello. Second row Coach D. Crow, E. Vercelli, B. Jones, G. Hennrikus, B. Shanfield, N. Shrier, M. Benson, T. McGovern, B. Wells. Missing: A. Cerel, Coach W. Macgregor. Joe Barrett volleying at the net. 180 The 1976 varsity tennis team, coached by Mr. Crow, compiled a respectable 9-9 slate for the season. The record is misleading in that seven of their nine losses were handed to them by a 3-2 score. The record shows only that they played .500 tennis. Two satisfying matches were played against Braintree. Here, the Redmen came back in the final stages of the matches to pull out the vic¬ tories. The team was led by Co-Captain and three-year veter¬ an Bruce Rockowitz who recorded a personal record of 15- 3. Bruce, winner of the MVP award for the last two seasons, was selected for the league all-star team. Other fine individual performances came from Joe Barrett and Co-Captain Joe McDermott. Next year ' s team will be captained by juniors Bob Wells and Greg Hennrikus. Coach Crow is looking for players from Coach MacGregor ' s fine JV team to provide a solid nucleus for the future. Ron Diamond lashes a backhander I i H Bruce Rockowitz exhibiting two of his many moves and moods on the court. 181 LOVE Debbie on the follow-through Senior Debbie Fallon tries a forehand shot VARSITY First row: Co-Captains Cheryl Oldfield and Janet Cope. Second row: G. Kosloff, J. Beliveau, J. Golan, N. Castelli, D. Fallon, C. Zatz, Coach Linsky. 182 JV First row: W. Levy, L. Crummett, D. Palotta, M. Demasi. Second row: Coach W. MacGregor, L. Ambrosino, C. Condon, G. Strong, J. Levin. A record-setting year was won by the girls ' tennis team. This year the girls established the new NHS record for the most wins in a season, finishing in a tie for fourth place in the Bay State League and earning a record of 8-10. Co-Captain Cheryl Oldfield won a place on the Bay State League All- Star Team. Janet Cope, also a co-cap¬ tain, was voted the Most Valuable Player. The last meet of the year was the most crucial. The girls faced Fram¬ ingham South who had beated them 3-2 earlier in the season. This time the tables were turned, and the NHS team won by a score of 3-2. This put the team in a tie with Framingham South for fourth place in the league. The elated girls then rewarded Coach Linsky with a dunk in Dug Pond! IS 9 Co-Captain Janet Cope Jean Believeau strides into the ball. 183 Above: Captain Patty Devereaux, above right: Luanne Dupr ee, below right: Mary Ellen Ken- nally. V .« . m 5S • v « First row: I. Callendar, S. Abbott, S. Taylor, S. Chouinard, C. Dolbec, D. Carey, L. Marshall, J. Schiff, C. Sullivan, E. Jasinski. Second row: C. Cormier, A. Glover, K. Abrams, L. Dale, T. Moore, E. Duffy, J. Forance, A. Drury, S. Ehrlich, L. Dupree, S. Watkins, Coach Tom Brenneman. Third row: S. Furey, B. Katz, jd. Greenwood, C. O ' Sullivan, R. Huard, J. Elman, C. Ehrlich, M. Cassidy, L. Goray, D. Thornquist, L. Cusack, M. Hamilton, P. Cloonan, M. Giorgio, A. Fernald, M. Fair, J. Clancy, L. Lytle. Missing: D. Fay, R. Francis, C. Downey, L. Diamond, M. Kennally, C. Fancy, T. Goldricke, D. Mahoney, J. Crissafulli, A. Lowe, N. Goodridge. Sue Ehrlich on the fly. • 184 on the nun The girls ' track team, in only their second season of existence came up with the best record of any sport at Natick High during the 1975-76 cam¬ paign. Led by Captain Patty Devereaux the girls compiled an amazing 8-1 record with their only loss coming at the hands of state champion Dedham. New school records were set by Patti Cloonan in the hurdles, Captain-elect Sue Ehrlich in the 440, Luanne Dupree in the half mile, Patti Moores, in the mile; and Ivy Calendar cleaned up with records in the shot put, 440 relay, and medley relay. League records were set by Leslie Dale in the The final step. long jump and Patti Moores in the two mile. Coming into the h ome stretch — it ' s NATICK! A m f!r Lr hnnrl nft Alex Drury and Mary Beth Cassidy 185 BIG RCD RUBAROUAD The track team, despite many crippling injuries and disciplinary actions, put together a very respectable record of five wins and four losses in the Bay State League. Lead by Tri-Captains Miller, Cavanaugh, and MacAlpine, the team resorted to their pride to pull out some very tough meets. 1976 was also the last year for Coach Barnicle who retires with the highest winning percentage of any coach in Natick High his¬ tory. Next year ' s team can look forward to continued success, no matter who the coach may be. Stuart Bram beats Walpole. 186 Tri-captain Bill Cavanaugh Puff, the Magic Track Star. Mark Montgomery First row: Coach Barnicle, D. Donovan, R. Dale, D. SanClemente, D. MacAlpine, B. Cavanaugh, A. Cornoni, B. Healy, D. White, Coach Kirton. Second row: R. Burke, M. Montgomery, R. Cormier, M. Bram, M. Leavitt, C. Boykins, Wright, H. Tock, M. Krupski, B. Cormier. Thire row: F. Snyder, S. Kirby, S. Bram, C. Richards, T. Callahan, T. Hafner, F. Fessenden, M. Burke, S. Waxier, J. Imperato, P. DeBruyn. 38 people missing from picture. Stretch " SanClemente flying through the air Nobody beats Natick Paul Quaranto ' s Ultra Brite Smile Brad Richards before the game . Henry Klehm and the Monotones Talk about your good times . . . 188 Have you ever competed in a sport at Natick High School? If not you ' ve missed both the good and the bad aspects of an athletic background during your three years here. Natick probably has the finest sports program in the Bay State League. But let ' s forget the sometimes monotonus practice schedule for a moment and look at the other side of an N.H.S. athlete, where the battles of the athletic fields are miles, and a few periods, away. This is dedicated to all of the participants of the N.H.S. athletic pro¬ gram. Whether you appear in this section or not, remember that by being in the athletic program here you have played an important part in the development of this section. With a hop, skip, and a jump. 189 Hiljl Steve Lee and Larry " Birdman " Denaro 192 » ♦ h $i IaT r ? • .4 j pT- I am a teacher, first, last, and always. The Brodie Set: Little girls not yet in their prime. The Class of ' 76 selected " The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie " for its class play. This witty and intelligently written novel by Muriel Spark was the perfect vehicle for bringing out the acting abilities of the seniors. Lisa Troy was superb in her portrayal of Miss Jean Brodie. This was a difficult role as Miss Brodie ' s personality was very intricate. Donna Vecchione was also recognized for her outstanding per¬ formance. She played the role of the sensitive schoolgirl, Sandy. Other members of the cast included Connie Rauschen as the regimental schoolmistress, Miss MacKay; Don Gooding as the gentle Scotsman, Mr. Lowther; Tony Smith as the dashing Teddy Lloyd and Ruth Neuman and Nancy Bivin as part of the Brodie set. Carol Kippes performed the role of MMMary MMMacGregor, Andy Smith, Leslie Forsythe, Diane Menge, Andrea Jannoni, Gary Elovitz, Jane Finfrock, Phil Young and the Chamber Singers also added to the mood of the evening. The success of the event must also be credited to the strong directing of Mr. Gerald Dyer. Don Gooding as Gordon Lowther 194 The teacher defies the administrator. tes to curtain! Sister, why would a girl like you become a nun? Jean Brodie and her " artistic " interest 195 HOCKEY BOPS! TIIC GREASER Ticket sales were bullish. Are those cookies from the 50 ' s too? THE BEATLES Tony and his tuba. Natick High ' s 1 drummer, Nell Wright. THE NA TICK HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC DEPA RTMENT presents ms. karen thomas, director CONCERT BAND, STAGE BAND, AND BRASS ENSEMBLE, mr. ernest dark, director The brass choir. In December, the music department gave its annual Candlelight Concert. As usual, it was a great success. Both the Concert Choir and the Stage Band per¬ formed extremely well. Some of the hits of the evening were the selections " Great Songs of Christmas " , and " Sleigh Ride " . All groups performed with grace and style. Miss Thomas leads her choir. 1 99 Trouble at Shadow Creek . . . Tom Bouche got killed! On February 12, a fully-staged production of Kurt Weill ' s American folk opera, " Down in the Valley " , was presented by the Concert Choir and directed by Mr. Dyer and Ms. Thomas. With music developed from American folk themes, the story, set in places with names like " Birmingham Jail " and " Shadow Creek " , told of a hero, heroine and villain, and what happened when their lives intertwined for a short time in that valley so low. Leading roles were played by Lisa Troy as Jennie Parsons; Jon Rosenkranz as Brack Weaver; Gary Elovitz as the Leader; Brian Higgins as Thomas Bouche, the villain; Don Gooding as Jennie ' s father and Mark Greel as the Preacher. Other roles were played by Tony Smith, Frank Dixon, Neil Wright, Lisa Penchuck, Bar¬ bara Siegel, and Connie Rauschen. Jeanne Golan assisted with the piano accompaniment and the entire Concert Choir was the chorus of townspeople. The New England weather is not to be trusted. The Winter Cotillion, sponsored by the senior class was planned precisely to in¬ sure a good time. Unfortunately, the inclem¬ ent weather, forced the date to be postponed from December 22 to February 27, too late for Valentine ' s Day and much to late for Christmas! With the support of our class officers and advisors, the Cotillion was held and that long- awaited good time was had by all. The eve¬ ning was filled with laughter and the music of Jack Hahn ' s band. Our chaperones got all " spiffed " too! Anyone for seconds? music Good times are better late than never! Barnaby has an idea and Cornelius approves. Damn, He won ' t marry me! " And what do you do for a living, Mrs. Levi? " Ambrose Kemper asks in the first act of THE MATCHMAKER, Thornton Wilder ' s famous play. " Some people paint, some sew . . . I meddle " , replies Bolly and the audi¬ ence is introduced to the whirlwind race around New York and Yonkers at the turn of the century, as they follow the adventures of America ' s most beloved matchmaker, Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi. What happens in the end? Dolly gets her man, of course, and ever makes him glad she caught him. As she says to the audience, " Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It ' s not worth a thing unless it ' s spread around encouraging young things to grow. " And she does. Mr, G., " See that invisible line? " Brian, " No but I see the invisible au ence. " Irene, I think we better go before Wolf-Trap comes over here. f7 i j i jvAfU 55 1 : First row: Thomas Callahan, Karen Peri Hi, Diana Marcus, Kenneth Melanson. Second row: Sally Abbott, Adam Cerel, Lauren Wiles, Deborah Sullivan. Third row: David McDermott, Brian Higgins, John Chapski, Ann Gallo, Mary Beth Dugan, Jan Hastings. Fourth row: Rich- Mickey Mouse pinata i m Mrim.1 - t ' • . m B _ Dance contest winners. Passing out Bazooka bubble gum. Vintage 50 ' s threads. Mr. Holbrook got " spiffed " too! " Twistin ' the night away. " Who ' s nervous? How do you know you ' re my type? The Doz On April 2, the Student Council and the Senior Class sponsored the Second Annual Natick High School Red Cross Bloodmobile. Due largely to the efforts of Paul McGillivray, it was a great success. Approximately forty students worked at the Bloodmobile helping with registration, taking temperatures, keeping donars comfortable, and dispensing cookies and drinks. After all was said and done, 102 pints were collected to be put to use saving lives. Great cred¬ it should go to all who donated their blood and their time to this project. Would YOU take Sean ' s blood? i ' •’ What a way to miss a few classes . . . and they even give you milk and cookies Two terrific hoopsters ShovelirV The starting lineup " earn mates T raveling On April 3, the Natick coaches Association sponsored a donkey basketball game between the NHS teachers and the junior high teachers. The World Champion donkeys were provided by the Canyon Brothers Circus. This event drew hee-haws from everyone, especially from the donkeys as the humans had to do the dirty work. mT- v. 1 IT I J3f if 1 47 Em A. Perhaps one soft Spring night in the future, when we sit to sort out memories, we will remember this night in May. For we made music with our hearts, as it should be made . . . and we were enriched by it all. It ' s your Irish heart I ' m after! " My Bonnie Lass She Smelleth " 216 A solo, or nothing! Drummer Neil Wright Stagehand ' s really cookin t was. With a cast of more than sixty students, this year ' s all-school show, " Celebrate ' 76 " , was again a great success. The highlight of the show were Eddie Jacobs ' juggling act and the barbershop quartet. To salute the Bicentennial, the show included dances from past decades. Dances such as the Charleston, the Bunny Hop, the Twist and the Hustle brought fond memories to some and wonder to others; and each per¬ formance was rewarded with a standing ova¬ tion. The entire cast celebrating! 219 Do you know where you ' re going to? Do you know the things that life is showing you? Where are you going to? Do you know? Do you get back what you ' re hoping for? When you look behind you, there ' s no open door. What are you looking for? Do you know? Now looking back at all we ' ve had We let so many dreams just slip through our hands. Why must we wait so long before we see How sad the answers to those questions can be? Do you know where you ' re going to . . . ? " Theme from Mahogany " Michael Masser, Gerry Goffin 221 PICNIC Senior week started out with a bang and a boom and a clap of thunder as the senior picnic was held inside. It was unfortunate because it was the only event scheduled outside. Everyone tried to make the most of the picnic even though frisbees and skateboards were prohibited. Al¬ though the ground was dampened, the spirit of the seniors wasn ' t. All in all the first day of senior week was a moderate success. Food goes faster when it ' s cooked, not cafeteria thawed. Laughter in the rain. Greg, Peggy and Tony ham it up. 222 The Senior Class Banquet was one that we will always remember. Dressed in semi-formal attire, the seniors displayed the emotion that was the spirit of ' 76. The evening was enlivened by several events and presentations. Vicki Karian and Steve Marchetti shared the job of reading the class will. Greg Lakis dedicated the yearbook to a very surprised and excited Mr. Holbrook. Gifts were presented to our class advisors, Mrs. Panchuck and Mr. Bates. The night was filled with entertainment. Eddie Jacobs performed his professional juggling act. The highlight of the evening was the hypnotist. People such as Molly " Reed " Walters, Rick Byrne and Don Gooding gave a performance that should have earned them all Academy Awards. Getting the point across 225 Me, you and us. 226 Awards were given to: Daniel MacAlpine Lee Bennett Michelle Cormier Linda Bergman Julie Stevens Beverly Dwyer Beth Dininio Ronna Al intuck Steven Kruger Steve Cardellichio Lauren Green Harold Marcus Victoria Karian Kathleen Cunningham Julie Child Holly Brown William Carney Claudia Riem Jacqueline Cashen Stephanie Reuman Christine Dunn Steven Schneider Janet Cope Richard Gorman William Shupert Richard Santello Steve Marchetti Frank Dixon Cheryl Olsen Moureen Manning Lorraine Mosgofian Phyllis Sharon Tricia Cotter Jane Boyle Stephen Miller Kathy Lopas Jeffrey Dziama Vickie Jackson Joseph Kanee Kim Drown John O ' Toole Eileen O ' Connell Kathy Hooley Deborah Fallon Richard Rogers Mary Lou Wallace Shirley Simm Larry Rowe Lisa Troy Donald Gooding Telling it straight out. Good things come in small packages. Watching with great appreciation. The thoughts we had in our heads. 227 I ' ve got a hold on you. Wait until you hear the punch line, Nancy. The queen and her court. Standing: Donna Vecchione, Susan Glynn. Seated: Karen Nixon, Queen Julie Stevens, Tina Sassi. 228 Mr. Jack Hahn Prom ' 76 was a roaring success. Led by the music of the Jack Hahn Band, both the senior and junior classes showed the other side of teenage living. A very romantic mood was prominent and there was a feeling of togetherness in the air. As the clock struck midnight the prom ended but the memory lives on. Caught in the act. Sharing a quiet moment alone. We couldn ' t dance all night. 229 Mr. Rosen chats with Noncy Durkin, Missy Fleming and The beginning of the end. Brian Fitzgerald before the ceremonies. Graduation Day, 1976, was a day we had waited a long time for. With frisbees flying and fire¬ crackers exploding, each member of the Class of ' 76 approached the stage to receive his diploma. It was a time for both sadness and joy; sadness, because the class might never be together again, and joy, knowing that we did something for our parents and ourselves. Our school years and Graduation Day will be moments that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. " There ' s a time for joy, a time for tears, a time we ' ll treasure throughout the years. We ' ll remember always, Graduation Day. " — Joe and Noel Sherman Paul Chaet 230 can play — even in this getup. I like it — I really like it. A year to remember. 231 THE SPEAKERS LIBERATION: THE INDIVIDUAL We should take the time to listen. Not just hear words, but listen. Listen to the meaning behind the words; Listen as equals, as individuals. We should take the time to accept ourselves and others. Accept our¬ selves for what we are. Accept others for what they are. If we take the time to listen and to accept, we can lib¬ erate the individual from the stereotypes of society and from the anonymity and the fast pace which cause these stereotypes. Take the time. Accept me. I will ac¬ cept you. You and I, together we can be individuals. — Richard Rogers LIBERATION: THE GROUP The existence of seperate groups does not of itself cause difficulties — it is the attitude of group members to members of other groups which is the problem. Despite individual differences of heredity or prefer¬ ence which cause us to belong to different groups, we should all remember that we are all members of one group, humanity, and that each of us has something to add to that group ' s success. If we can succeed in liberating the group from the groups, in ending the subordination of human values and purposes to the less important and sometimes inhuman goals of smaller groups, we will have achieved a most vital step in the full development of human potential, in the liberation of all mankind. — Steven Kruger 232 LIBERATION: THE MIND I read on the tag of a Salada tea bag once, “Minds are like parachutes, they function only when open ' And it ' s true. If you close your mind to the world around you, you cannot expect to make it as a complete person. So many times I had heard people cut someone else down because of a difference of opinions. That is pointless! Why not allow that person to think the way he wishes? Hopefully, that person will do the same for you. Your mind is yours, for this life time only. You live your way, I will live mine, but let ' s keep an open mind for each other. During the years ahead, you will encounter people of all sorts. And chances are, everyone will have a unique point of view. “To each his own, " as the saying goes. “That ' s cool. " People should have their own peace of mind. So why not let it go at that? Try to always listen to what the other guy has to say, you are bound to gain something. — Liz Chamberlain CLASS HISTORY Three short years ago we first entered this school, un¬ sure of who we were, and even more unsure of who we would become. We wandered around lost for a few days buying dozens of discount elevator tickets, but never find¬ ing out where the elevator was; hearing that Mr. Sticklor was a former Statey who knew Sing Ming Ding, the ul¬ timate in martial arts; learning that the cafeteria ladies were required by law to put the vegetables on your plate; discovering that the A-wing was the place for all kinds of smoking. Gradually, we began to settle down, and by Christmas almost everyone knew that “inside suspension " was not a term used in building. In our Sophomore year, we elected Debbie Fallon, Pres¬ ident; Ricky Griffey, Vice President; Michelle Molan, Sec¬ retary and Lynne Johnston, Treasurer. The next year, our elected leaders were Holly Brown, Treasurer; Ronna Alin- tuck, Secretary; Steve Marchetti, Vice-President; and Na¬ tick ' s Napoleon, Debbie Fallon, President once again. As our junior year went by, Nixon resigned, the economy slumped. Southeast Asia fell to the Communists, and our class re-elected Debbie, Steve and Holly, and chose Kathy Hooley to be Secretary for our senior year. Seriously, without them or our class advisors, Mrs. Panchuck and Mr. Bates, our senior year couldn ' t have been as enjoy¬ able as it has been. We ' d like to take this time to thank them for all their time and effort. The Class of ' 76 would also like to thank Mr. Sticklor and Miss Ciannave for their cheerful participation in the Bicentennial Pie Eating Contest. Results are incomplete, however, because one unknowing contestant is still at large. The class officers helped to make our class activities enjoyable. Our Junior Prom “The Long and Winding Road " , was the first to which the school committee was not invited. Coincidentally, it was probably the most suc¬ cessful prom in the history of the high school. However, the Winter Cotillion in our senior year went over like iced tea in January. Although the turnout was good, it lacked the festive mood — probably because it was more than a month after Christmas due to the pre-Christmas blizzard. Mr, Harold Rosen was chosen to succeed Howard Hen- nigar as principal in the fall of our sophomore year. We were the first class to have Mr. Rosen for three years. Working with our class leaders, he helped to make our three years ones of change. 233 One of the first major changes was the use of arena scheduling (which, incidentally, is NOT named after the secretary of the guidance office). In this program, students could elect courses, teachers, and even time slots — if they were lucky. The catch was that students were thrown into the gym to bite, scratch and kick fellow students in the competition for computer course cards. It was like the Roman arena was for the Chris¬ tians, with lions named Colombo ( " You can ' t drop a lab " ) and gladiators named Bransfield ( " There aren ' t any more cards for that period " ). Most survived, and how this experience was viewed by students depended greatly on where they were in the draw. The first to enter the arena were generally pleased with their sched¬ ules, but lower in the draw, there were more complaints about not being able to get a decent schedule. Many who got the bottom of the barrel had a lot of hassles and still didn ' t end up with schedules acceptable in their own eyes. In our junior year, " inside suspension " a cruel and highly unusual punishment, was taken off the adminis¬ tration ' s list of nasty things to do to naughty students. It was eventually replaced with supervised study, and occasionally, outside suspension. The Student Council and Executive Board switched to a non-elected, open membership, so students who wanted to do the work could, and those who didn ' t wouldn ' t get the credit. During that year, Open Council created " Mr. Spirit " , In this game, designed to boost school spirit, a " Mr. Spirit " would be secretly picked before each football game. Then, students would try to guess who it was by asking everyone they saw, " Are you Mr. Spirit? " The one who found " Mr. Spirit " would receive two tickets to the football game, " Mr. Spirit " survived through our se¬ nior year, but we ' re afraid the administration may soon have to break this fine tradition because of the incredi¬ ble din of two thousand students enthusiastically shouting, " Are you Mr. Spirit? " all day. Open Council soon made up for " Mr. Spirit ' s " birth. On the first anniversary of Mr. Rosen ' s incumbency as principal, he was roasted by students, teachers, and fellow administrators in an assembly organized by the Council. The auditorium was packed as " The Chosen Rosen " was teased by the speakers and everyone laughed together, including Mr. Rosen, for whom the roast was a complete surprise. The highlight of the af¬ ternoon came when Mr. Sticklor showed his sense of humor by donning plastic ears, glasses and nose to make himself look remarkably like our beloved roastee. This event reflected the relaxation of the atmosphere at NHS that occurred when Mr. Rosen took office. For smokers, the start of our senior year brought the end of Natick High ' s tradition of smoking behind the A-wing and replaced it with a new social center, the Smoking Area. There were a few initial problems with those who had a sentimental attachment to the back of the school, but when the smoke lifted and a fence ap¬ peared, it looked as if the smoking area was here to stay. A permanent smoke cloud then began to permeate the B-wing, and at times it was difficult to tell which was the most popular smoke — Marlboro, Panamanian, or Columbian. Often, the actions of our class have reflected world events. While the nation was in the midst of a reces¬ sion, there was a marked increase in the number of peo¬ ple standing outside the dishroom of the cafeteria mumbling " gotta dime? " And, while Patty Hearst and many politicians were pleading the fifth, many of our classmates were drinking a fifth. By the beginning of our senior year, most of us had realized that our year of graduation was 1976, the year of our country ' s bicentennial. The air of celebration was all around — we were constantly bombarded with tacky red, white and blue products of the commercial Spirit of ' 76, such as red, white and blue ice cream, beer cans, and one of the tackiest — a red, white and blue bicen¬ tennial toilet seat that plays " God Bless America " when flushed. Not to be outdone, our senior class voted to wear keepsake bicentennial caps and gowns at our graduation for a mere $4.00 extra. Such was our bicen¬ tennial spirit. Natick High was not without its problems and proba¬ bly the worst was that of vandalism. Missing ceiling panels and missing bathroom stall doors are just two ex¬ amples of the wasteful destruction that occurred. How¬ ever, the worst case of vandalism can still be seen on the windows of the foreign language department and the walls of the English department. Here, in our senior year, vandals with at least tacit teacher approval painted dirty pictures and words dirty enough to make even the worst student cringe — words like " bien- venidos " , " welkommen " and " Shakespeare " , These brightly-colored paintings destroyed the dreary image that the school was trying so hard to keep. This outbreak of vandalism came very near Interna¬ tional Week, a different idea tried in our senior year. Foods from different countries were offered as a much needed alternative to the delicious cafeteria food. The highlight of the week was a Mardi Gras Festival for which students got a chance to dress up and leave their 234 roles as high school students. It is rumored that Mr. Sticklor wanted to go dressed as a member of the Spanish Inquisition (because Nobody suspects the Spanish Inquisition) but his whips were worn out from over-use. No history can be complete without a mention of out¬ standing class members. The list is too numerous to mention all the students who distinguished themselves, so we will mention only a few that represent the broad range of excellence that makes Natick ' The Home Of Champions. " In our junior year, 22 class members were elected to the National Honor Society. They were followed by 53 seniors elected to the Society the next year. For ex¬ cellent performances on the PSAT ' s, 16 people received letters of commendation, 4 more were National Merit Scholarship Finalists, and one person, Larry Rowe, became a National Merit Scholar. Steve Kruger won second place at the Science Fair at MIT. In the winter of our junior year, Jim Fahey completed The Triple Crown of auto wrecking by totaling his third consecutive car. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. Go for a ride, Jim? In June of our junior year, Bruce Rockwitz, Andy Berman and Charlene Perkins were off to Boy ' s State and Girl ' s State, respectively, to learn government lead¬ ership and integrity. Ever since, the telephone company has been trying to find out who made 11 calls from Clark University, where the convention was held, to Na¬ tick, charging all the calls to random numbers out of the phone book. Our representatives learned well! In our senior year, there were many distinguished se¬ niors. Julie Stevens won the DAR Good Citizen Award. Stepanie Reuman and Donna Lee Walker won the John Hancock Business Award. Receiving Industrial Arts honors were: Dan Ostreicher in wood working, John O ' Toole in electricity, Steve Marchetti in technical drawing and Don Burns in metal working. Connie Rauschen became one of the first girls to be admitted to the U.S. Military at West Point, For many of us, the most severe health problem we have experienced in the past few years has been a mod¬ erate hangover. But for Paul Chaet, Mark Babcock, Steve Zanboni, Brian Fitzgerald and Jay Snow, things have been considerably worse. All five were involved in personal struggles for their lives after motorcycle and car accidents. Through their courage, strength and de¬ termination, they won the fight. Their success is a great tribute to themselves, and the certainly are a most valu¬ able asset to our class. In our senior year, we welcomed Selim Secuk, our AFS student from Turkey. Selim received a good sampling of American culture and in return we learned about the customs and culture of Turkey, He enjoyed his stay here as much as we enjoyed him, but he did seem to get a little edgey around Thanksgiving! Sports for the most part of our three years were up to the usual high calibre expected from Natick tea ms. We witnessed the big improvement of the so-called minor sports teams and the establishment of a strong girls ' program. Perhaps the biggest thrill was the 1974 Super¬ bowl victory over Reading that gave Natick the Division One Championship. Jeff Dziama, who was named MVP on defense, Jim Fahey, Rusty Fortini, Fred Forest, Dale Henderson, Scott Reilly, Steve Miller, and Marcello Sal- vatierra all played a crucial role in the Natick victory. Unfortunately, this years injury — ridden team did not fare as well despite fine efforts by Co-Captains and MVP Jeff Dziama and Co-Captain Rick Lachance ' s squad. In our senior year, all our athletes put in their 100%, and there were victories that can ' t be tallied in touchdowns, baskets or goals. Recognition for excep¬ tional team effort should go to the girls ' gymnastics team, which was able to tie for second place in the league after years of last places and to the baseball team, which made it to the state tournament. Excep¬ tional individual performances were made by Jeff Dziama, Dan Donavan, Dan MacAlpine, Bill Cavanaugh, Janet Cope and Jane Boyle. Our Senior Class Play, directed by Gerald Dyer, was " The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie " . It featured Lisa Troy and Donna Vecchione, but all 16 seniors in the show and on the crew performed with excellence. It was a se¬ nior activity that many seniors missed, but one that all should have seen. The next show at the high school was " The Matchmaker " , the first play actually performed by the Drama Club. Directed by Harry Garnett, it starred seniors Sally Abbott and Phil Young. In the spring, the all-school show, " Celebrate ' 76 " was warmly received by large audiences. Directed by Gerald Dyer, student-directed by Donna Vecchione and produced by Lisa Troy, the show featured many seniors who were well rewarded for all,their hard work. Our senior year was a good one for music. John Huling made the McDonald ' s All-American High School Band, Mark Greel made the All-State Orchestra and Band list, and Gary Elovitz and Kathy Cunningham made the All-State Chorus. The annual Candlelight Concert before Christmas was well received and the second annual Pops Concert 235 performed in the spring, under the joint supervision of Mr. Ernest Clark and Miss Karen Thomas, was one of the best concerts in years. In addition, the Concert Choir presented the Amer¬ ican Folk Opera, " Down in the Valley. " To add to the bicentennial flavor of the evening, the performance was preceded by " The Blue and the Grey " , a competi¬ tive Speech team multiple about the Civil War. The Competitive Speech Team had three good years, ending up first, first, and second in the state in our sophomore, junior, and senior years. In our senior year, eight members including 4 seniors, qualified for national competition in Detroit. Ronna Alintuck, who also went to Detroit, qualified as well for the national competition in another league in Colorado Springs. Our class was not without its tragedies. In our soph¬ omore year, football coach and history teacher Dan Bennett passed away. Both on the field and in the classroom, Dan Bennett dedicated his life to kids. His accomplishments and insatiable desire for life remain an inspiration to us all. Later in the year our class vice-president, Ricky Griffey died. Ricky was a very giving and caring person, always ready with a smile and a helping hand, but never afraid to say what he felt. His warm person¬ ality will always be missed by all who knew and loved him. Once again tragedy struck with the death of another classmate, Ricky Theriault. Ricky was a dis¬ tinct individual who was totally real and never compromised himself. His gentle and amiable person¬ ality won him many friends and made him an impor¬ tant part of our class. The history Class of ' 76 is not yet complete. What we do from this day forth is as much a part of our Class History as what we ' ve done in the past three years. The past has been a mixture of both good and bad, but our happiness has overwhelmed our sorrow. Hopefully, the future holds for the Class of ' 76 more of the laughter, friendship and success that we ' ve had in our years at Natick High. — Don Gooding and Mark Murphy Will it be stars and stripes for the Class of 2076? Spirits of ' 76 EXCERPTS FROM CLASS WILL We the Class of 1976, being of somewhat unsound mind and body, leave the following: We the students of homeroom S-214 leave Mr. Barnicle a new beat-em-up stick, a pile of chalk, and a new P.A. system. Rick leaves Far Star one heavily used shopping car¬ riage. The cast of " Celebrate ' 76 " leaves Mr. Dyer with an unused director ' s chair, a broken microphone, the Gener¬ al, chaos the night before the show, a cast of sheep, and Greg Gillianardo as the star of next year ' s show. The Calculus class also leaves Mr. Bransfield a gift cer¬ tificate to get his eyebrows styled, Frick and Frack in class, Wayne in his chair, and the derivitive of the econo¬ dustless chalk. The English 40 class of ' 76 leave Mr. Brown an all-ex¬ pense paid trip around the world with Phil Shuman, lasting memories of the juicy tidbits of Marion Davis, and last but not least, we leave Mr. Brown TURNED ON! The 1975 soccer team leaves Mr. Cioffi one cassette tape saying, " the ball doesn ' t come back by itself. " The Class of ' 76, who really wanted to be helpful, left so many things to Mr. Zide they can ' t all be printed. We leave, knowing Monty Python is not just a figment of our imagination. German III leaves Henry golfing with Gloria. Tom Jones leaves Miss Leavitt and Morris singing, " Pussey cat, Pussey cat, I love you! " The morning gang in room 213 leave Kay with the knowledge that someone really cared. We, the Senior Girls, leave the Junior Girls hopefully a better batch of boys. Dana, Mark, Gail, Steph, Janice, Andrea, and Donna leave to Mr. Mitro, once a week, the cleaning services of 236 r his senior assistant and a lot of love. The departing seniors of the Competitive Speech Team leave Mr. Dyer a full years supply of BarBara Siegal, A certain group of girls leave always knowing that the good times are at Apt. 13. We, the Senior Cheerleaders, leave the Junior Cheerleaders that one special hockey game and one night celebration. We leave Rich Zachilli one bottle of hair grower for his upper lip and one bottle of termite control. Mary Maaggreggor leaves a pink dress to Mr. Dyer to pass on to some other unsuspecting speechie. The students of Mrs. D ' s Bper. class leave her all our hopes for the future. I, John White, leave N.H.S. very quietly, as usual. We the ' 76 seniors hockey players, leave Coach Lacou- ture a marine uniform. I leave my bicentennial gown to the flagpole. We the students of Mr. Kean ' s B per. Integrated Math class leave N.H.S. knowing the difference between cm and sq. cm. The senior portion of the Physics classes leave Mr. Biedryzcki as fast as the can. I leave all my cream pies to those lovely teachers whose faces were covered by the Phantom, The girls who went to Bermuda leave knowing that " Bermuda is another world! " Steve leaves Rob in his cellar writing songs and trying to look like McCartney. We leave Natick High behind the A-wing like it used to be. I Diane leave with my hair still long. To all those lovely Metco people who ' ll carry the name and spirit along to others who ' ll follow, Love, Peace and Soul. We, the Spanish IV class leave Miss Ciannavei, 3 words, a mysterious Don Juan, a spikenard, and best wishes for the next 88. I, Stephen Miller leave N.H.S., still straight. The girls track team leaves Mr. Brenneman with his hair receding. We, the students of Mr, McGowans ' F per, class leave him one perdue and a lot of brass. I, anonymous, leave Mr. Harrington in an unending ar¬ gument about male chauvinism. The IR class leaves Mr. Benson first place in the Gerry Ford look alike contest. Ellen, Sally, Vickie, and Kathy leave Miss Thomas Down in the Valley. The music department leaves Mark a rubber stamp with his autograph on it. The A P classes leave Miss Leavitt to all you Future Junior Klunkies. I, Fred Grossman leave a moment of silent meditation for those students who passed away and for the members of students ' family who also passed away during our years at Natick High School. Mr. Gaudette was the lucky recipient of many thoughts from his French 41 class. The Rape, Murder Pillage Society Lives! We the B D per, English classes happily leave to Mr. Harrington all our uncorrected papers. The senior band members leave Uncle Ernie a heated whistle and electric underwear for next year ' s Thanks¬ giving Day game. The Yearbook Staff leaves a lot of Luck, Love and Thanks to Miss Nelson. The Class of ' 76 leaves with spirit. The outdoor-indoor picnic. Steve Miller demonstrates how to get a junior off your back. Photo by Tony Smith 237 Cindy Chouinord THE LAST WORD Brian Fitzgerald 238 Cheese-cake anyone? the m Scott McGrath, Cami Bruni Yesterday we were sophomores and now all three years have flown by. The ups and downs that seemed to last for ages have all become short minutes in our memories. Our expressions at graduation were as new to us as our new lives. The protective shell of school suddenly cracked open to expose us to a known but somehow new world. Taking that first shaky step toward our indi¬ viduality brought tears and smiles. Now we ' ve begun to reach out toward " our " world and we ' ve begun to leave our mark like all the genera¬ tions before us. And we ' ll do it with tears, smiles, and a lot of love. ,et «k ■ lire hydr l % K ti«4|t jour friei, rr Hunter Publishing Company 3425 South Stratford Road | Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103 yeaftS-ooK inrormation November 1975 IVI T I F I S I S ' ADVERTISE NATICK FIVE CENTS SAVINGS BANK 6 Main Street Natick 1 19Hh 242 Grandmother ' s Mince Meats, Jams and Jellies, Pie Fillings, Fruit Syrups GEORGE QUIGLEY REAL ESTATE INCORPORATED g ales PP raisals 5 WEST CENTRAL ST. NATICK, MASS. 01760 t MHWraiaf 243 FAIR YEAGER J, ndurance ESTABLISHED 1898 10 Main Street, Natick, Massachusetts 01760 Tel. 653-3131 244 SOUTH NATICK PHARMACY Roger G. Scott B.S. R.P.H, Free perscription delivery Russell Stover Candy 57 El iot Street 653-5131 COLONIAL RESTAURANT 9 Main Street REALTORS 56 Eliot Street South Natick Square Natick, Massachusetts 01760 DONORS Mr, and Mrs. Cheever Ava Child Compliments Douglas MacAlpine Kentucky Package Store Raider Furniture Co. BURNS ' AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE Ignition Carburetor Specialists 10 South Avenue Natick, Mass 01760 Charles " Gil " Burns Tel. 653-5242 245 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 76 THE AGORA-AOK Health and Beauty Aid Shops 23 Beacon Street, Boston 1020 Beacon Street, Brookline 246 JONES PIZZA PLUS FOR FASTER SERVICE REXALL DRUGS INC, CALL 655-7140 John P. Lang A, Paul Shapalis WE WILL HAVE IT Richard Peristere READY FOR YOU. Registered Pharmacists 16 North Main St. Tel, 653-1820 Natick, Mass. TRY OUR SPECIALTIES OLYMPIC CREDITORS’ SERVICE OLDTOWNE MARKET 17 SOUTH AVE. South Natick NATICK, MASS. 01760 open seven days 059-0890 8 AM — 10 PM 969-6910 0 JUMjl- jcd tjjjm- rtAj D euex, tb .jthcLM.i- ' Tm 1 . a nd Jua yu vuau j(MAA AAium _ rtudl Vtfc IWJ idkjihj Mip 0 M- , xi O, jJJuVkft -P mX aAld 3£«ALy s uh JuipVn f a l$-P j ) cUJL cuke- fl r)A ., td 3 td i , -J yu ud.d JjXl tb 3 OM tkdJ ' ijlHV uMM HAu UWi dsivL xHfndJLkpjJL puyph- ■•J fjjUr -J jAacL ojvu yzkuu jfJiAxiJLu , Tfiaoaty-cmJ MJsdidma. JjbiyuJ: JkhJiwdp- ' -zkhJL jMi rnmVu toJuJp e jrfAfiSuctL- (y J -4- o-fc • g Kjxpjy W£iu. jtMYdLd “ ' not unc 247 WHITE HEN PANTR TALVEY BROTHER FLORISTS 226 Pond St. Natick, Mass. Tel. 653-0032 NATICK TRUST COMPANY 34 Main Street Natick, Massachusetts 248

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