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 WE'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN! • « DEDICA T ON We, the members of the c ass of 1971 would like to dedicate our yearbook to Mrs. Arena, a very special member of the Guidance Department, whose dedication to the students of Natick High has been overwhelming. Mrs. Arena is an individual that almost all of us have come to know. She is someone who in the past three years has helped nearly everyone of us in some way. Mrs. Arena is not just the normal everyday secretary. She's the one person who has always been there to help every one of us with just about any problem we had. When Mrs. Arena didn't know the answer to our question she took the time and the effort to find the answer somewhere else. The class of 1971 feels that it is this extra dedication and effort that brings Mrs. Arena so dose to us. We wish to express our deepest gratitude to Mrs. Arena for all she has done. We just want to say an extra-special "Thank You for caring. " And as a symbol of our appreciation and love we dedicate the 1971 Yearbook to 2 her.BEFORE THE RISING SUN, i»VSHARING HORIZONS THAT ARE NEW TO US, TALKING IT OVER JUST THE TWO OF US,WA TCHING THE SIGNS ALONG THE WA Y.1 AND WHEN THE EVENING COMES.IISADIE HAWKINSA.F.S. ASSEMBLYSWEET CHARITYSnDWD DI1SVNIA ADDISniAl JO DNIN3AJTOGETHER 71NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Barton Beliak Carol Bengis Stephen Boynton Ann Breen Carol Champion Alan ChannelI Edward Corbotiero Paul Dennett Kenneth Elovitz Joanne Fectey Jane Freedman Helen Globa David Golan Susan Block Marilyn Bocknok Denise Btochu Robert Brown Ann Conlon Karin Ctoit Lorraine Ferola Jean Fournier Vincent Guarino Patricia Hutchins Patricia Brvmner Rhona Borts Elizabeth Butler Nancy Cahalen Jeffrey CepUkas James Cole Elite Core Karen Dixon Mark Drown Anne Eisenmenger Kathleen Forsythe Janet Foster Jeffrey Golan Patricia Jacobs Anne King Richard llsley Douglas Jangraw Thomas P. Kelley Stephen Krupski William Mason Marion L. Miller Frances Morgan Martin Pomeroy Elizabeth Preiss Stephen Richman Sharon Yet ton Jeanine Klevent Marian Lcbovritz Jocelina Lemaim Joseph Lent mi Susan Lenti'm Mark McDermott Douglas Mitcham Lon Nellis Theresa O’Toole Susan Oxford Karen Robs haw Paul Rogers Mark Tilton Sandra Vassal Eileen Wolf Clifford Zatz Members Admitted April. 1970 ........................................... L into Holt ..........................................Pamela Huling ..........................................Stuart Kendig .......................................Amy Lowenberg ......................................Henry Luftman ......................................Mary Lou Powers ..........................................John Rogers ......................................... Mary Walsh ..........................................Linda Watts ..................................... Linnea Wilton burg .........................................Donald Woods ..........................................John Zanchi .......................................Nancy Zwicker Members Admitted May. 1971 Class of 1972 72STUDENT COUNCIL BACK ROW. L to R; Mr. LaVergne. R. Roblee; K. Corbitt; P. Dennett; R. Webster; H. Herber; C. Stygies; T. Larracey; B. Fagan; M. Luce. MIDDLE ROW. L to R; P. Daly; K. Lauder; W. Whelan; K. Sellew; A. Eisenmenger; M. Chayett; D. Bartzak. FRONT ROW. L to R; A. George; S. Jodice;J. LeMaire; J. Dill; M. Bocknek. A'CAPPELLA BACK ROW. L to R; S. Johnston; J. MacGillivary; S. Ross; B. Voters; N. Zwicker.J. McCann; R. Clow; E. Day;J. Miller. K. Powers MIDDLE ROW. L to R; D. Savalonis; P. Butler; D. MacKenzie. F. Casten; B. Bogley; J. DiSaino; R. Benedict; H. Austin. FRONT ROW, L to R; K. Ostreicher; C. Hadden; J. Carey; E. Butler; K. Croft; J. Freedman. 23INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB L to R; K. Jos ln; K. Powers; J. Freedman: R. Sttr-m j Golan. C. Bengis. 2 PEP CLUB BACK ROW, L to R; N. Lospisot; P. Aucoin; C. Young; C. Williamson; J. Fitzgerald; C. King; M. Chayett.D. Torti; C. Murphy; C. Zanaboni: J. Anderson; L. Driver; P. Knight; G. Renaire. FRONT ROW, L to R;A. Bell; J. Nako; M. Reeves; K. Donovan • A. George; W. Whelan; L. Dziama; M. Urbanok. COMPUTER CLUB BACK ROW, L to R; C. Campbell; Miss Burne; Mrs. Wolf; P. Hurd. MIDDLE ROW. L to R; G. Hottleman; P. Campbell; J. Luftman; S. Simpson; S. Wallace. FRONT ROW, L to R; B. Palmer; J. Campbell; M. Morse; S. Davidson; A. Levenson. 25STANDINGS. Ryan. BACK TO FRONT; N. Zwicker. B. Voters; S. Ross.SKI CLUB BACK ROW, L to R; J. Nako; C. King; P. Knight. MIDDLE ROW, L to R; M. Urbanek; D. Cohan; D. Woods; J. Freedman. FRONT ROW, L to R; M. Lebowitz; R. Berman; K. Joslin. ART CLUB L to R; W. Epstein; Mrs. N. Roy; D. lacurci;C. Scelsa; J. MacDonald; R. Johnson. 27ECOLOGY CLUB IN THE TREE. L to R R. Berman. D. Saunders. STANDING. L to R; R. Brooks; B. Breslouf;J. LeMaire; M. LebowiU; N. Cahalan. K. Etsenmenger. SITTING. L to R; J. Zicko; N. Was ter man; L. Nellis; A. Hayes; C. Sheppard; J. Foster. FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB FAR BACK. L to R; E. Rainsford; D. Sorabells; P. Rosen; A. Collins. FRONT ROW, L to R, C. Hancox; B. Free; K. Fosberg; K. Vorse; D. Campbell; V. Libby; C. Landry; C. Johnson; T. Thomas; K. Ostreicher.CAFETERIA MARSHALS FAR BACK. L to R; L. White. SITTING. L to R; N. Trakodas; S. Whelan; Vechione; J. Ross; A. Lateisher. BOOKSTORE BACK ROW, L to R; Mr. Tobin; N. Philben; B. Mange; D. Nason; L. Kimball; C. Lutton. FRONT ROW. L to R; D. Lord.P. Thompson; M. Fram. 29AMATEUR RADIO CLUB LANGUAGE LAB TECHNICIANS L to R; 8. Spskowski; D. Whittaker; L. Gothier. LIBRARY AIDES BACK ROW, L to R; K Tartakoff; J. King; A. Powers. FRONT ROW, L to R; A. Morrill; $. Guertim; S. Fredrick; J. O'Leary; K. Fin frock.WOMEN’S LIBERATION CLUB STANDING. L to R; C. Scelsa; Mrs. Hiavac; R. Boris. SITTING, L to R; D. MandozzJ; D. Saunders; J. LeMaire; J. Foster. BIBLE STUDY CLUB STANDING. L to R; C. LaGong; G. Hanna. SITTING. L to R; J. Fournier; S. Murphy; J. Cavanaugh; L Fuson.S. Fox. 31 GUIDANCE LIBRARY AIDES TOP; P. Cugini, K. Gilley, J. Wright BOTTOM; S. Lilley. V. Dirienzo. L FRENCH CLUB BACK ROW, L to R; H. Luftman; R. Berman; D. Cohan; P. Bremner. FRONT ROW, L to R; K. Jos!in; R. Wetzel; J. Freedman; D. Golan. GERMAN CLUB STANDING. L to R; Mrs. Leonard; B. Marcus; P. Bremner; T. O'Toole; J. Kloper.J. Foster. KNEELING, L to R;S. Murray; A. Eisenmenger; D. Mandoz.zi; J. Cole. SITTING, L to R; M. Libowitz; C. Bengis; A. Channel!; D. MacKenzie; C. Champion; L. Carlson. 33DRAMA CLUB NEAR FLAGPOLE; G. Franceschi; J. Ktope. BACK ROW. L to R; B. Howard; J. EStella; C. Sce sa; P. Rogers; B. Breslov; E- Me A R. Knopf; P. Rosen; K. Ostroicher; C. Hadden; D. Cedrone. NEXT ROW FORWARD. L to R; M. Nelson; A. Fraser; J. D , Preiss; M. LebowiU; R. Berman; D. Nethanson; D. Corliss; M. Oxmon; P. Robinson. KNEELING. L to R; H. Austin; K. Croft DiSavino; J. Freedman; C. Young; M. ZaU; C. Hancox; B. Free. SITTING. L to R; P. Kelley; R. Oren; L. Steinberg; N. A berr Knight.A.F.S. CLUB STANDING: C. Young; S. Elovitz; H. Goldstein; A. Hayes; D. Cedrone; L. Nellis. A. Channel!; T. Thomas; J. Freedman; C. Hancox. BACK ROW SITTING: Mrs. Cantwell; C. Hadden; N. Cahalen; M. East; R. Borts; D. McKenzie; A. Frasier. MIDDLE ROW SITTING: M. Zatz; M. Powers; D. Campbell. FRONT ROW: E. Preiss. G.A.A. BACK: R. Wetzel. K. Jones. J. Murphy; K. Kearney; J. Arena; S. Elouitz; T. Grossey; S. Mosgofian; J. Kane; A. Conlin; J. Martin; B. Beliak; F. Dennett; K. Hartnett. 2ND ROW; J. Noko; L. Watts; C. Douval.C. Ahern; M. Walsh; S. Lilley. 3RD ROW; E. Ahern; C. Landry; L. Teale; R. Nelson; J. Cavanaugh. 35PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Mr. Jameson, D. Cedrone. P. Anderson, J. Luftman, D. Cohen. S. Wallace, E. Day, K.Whitcomb. J. Campbell. J. Clifford, A. LaScali Bursch, M. Lebowitz. PLA NETA RIA N AIDES Mr. Jameson, J. McArthy, B. Wetzel, D. Woods, P. Campbell, C. Campbell. B. Hayes, E. Konowitz. C. Downs. 36COMPETITIVE SPEECH CLUB STANDING, BACK ROW, L to R; J. Hoyt; L. Cox; A. Eisenmenger; P. Petry; D. Cedrone; W. Sprusansky; C. Hadden. STANDING. L to R: J. DiSavino; R. Berman; L. Preiss; P. Dennett; D. Saunders. BACK ROW, SITTING, L to R; P. Kelley; K. Vorse; C. Hancox; C. Horton; T. Kelley. FRONT ROW, L to R; M. Williams; W. Tallis; K. Croft; J. Freedman; A. Frasier; J. Dill; Mr. Dyer. 37CHESS BRIDGE CLUB STANDING L to R: D. Woods; B. Marcus; R. Berman. KNEELING L to R; D. Golan; M. Pomeroy; H. Luftman. RADIO BROADCASTING F.M. STA T ON STANDING: J. Newdorf, P. Anderson; T. O'Toole; R. Berman; T. Kelley; K. Jos!in; D. Cedrone. SITTING: W. Hayes; J. Fitzgerald; C. Shepard; J. Freedman; J. DiSavino. SASSAMON NEWS STAFF JACK ROW, L to R; J. Foster; J. Fitzgerald; J. Styg es; A. Eisenmenger; D. Cedrone; T. O'Toole. FRONT ROW, L to R; C. Stygles; L. jothier; W. Epstein; M. Powers; 0. MacKenzie. SITTING, L to R; E. Katz; D. Corliss; N. Wasterman. 39VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM FRONT ROW; S. DeRosa; R. Whelan; R. Met; 0. Cooke; R. Melchiorri; R. Cross; T Tower, Tri-Capt.; S. Cohen. Tri-Capt;J. Strong, Tri-Capt.; A. Zonghi; R. White; A. Imparato; T. Chiao-chia; R. Bernard). BACK ROW, Coach Whelan; D. Noonan; J. Lydon; T. Larracey; T. Pallotta; B. Fagan; P. Fitzgerald; D. Mitchum; M Finn; J. Everett; D. Estes; R. Mu to; K. Dillon; J. Natere li; S. Wright; Coach Bennett; Coach Benson. Tri-Captains; T. Tower, J. Strong. S. Cohen.THANKSGIVING GAME AGAINST FRAMINGHAM SOUTH In Victory . . . And Defeat... NA TICK supports their team 43JR. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM FRONT ROW: M. DeAngelis; D. Mitchum; M. Finn; L. Pallotta; T. Larracey; T. Whelan; S. Wright; R. Indresano; B. Fagan; G. Troccolo; D. Estes. BACK ROW; Coach Benson; K. Letter; M. Foody; P. Tota; K. Richards; G. Denaro; A. Roudenko; R SanSoucie; D. McLarnon; S. Dymond; S. Adams; J. Lydon; D. Phillips; D. Noonan; J. Dempsey; J. Black; Coach O’Grady.CHEERLEADERS fRONT ROW; J. Armino. p '.lay; B. Gallagfier, N. f ■vi. A Breen; BACK ROW; M. Keating; S. Rooerts; C. Cardellicchio; f McCarthy; S. Heenehan. NA TICK MAJORETTES This year the Natick High Majorettes entered the Bay State Competition for the first time and won second place. Instructed by Mrs. Joseph the girls worked hard and were rewarded for their efforts by bringing home a beautiful trophy. Good luck to the future Natick High Majorettes, Maybe next year we can win first place. Captains: Gayle Hanna, Cris MacDonald. Diane Casey. Diane Ofrica, Debbie Henderson. Nancy Powers. Lyn Templton. 45VARSITY SOCCER TEAM FRONT ROW: D. Mazzarini; 8. Moroney; D. Long; S. Whelan; R. Dunlay; Copt. K. Corbett, R. Berman; C. Malcolm; D. Smith; T. Lipka; E. Infer rare, M. Brown. BACK ROW; B. Wright; A. Androsatos; B. Nodler; R. Whelan; H. Austin; D. Bergman; R, Brooks; J. Sepliccus; D. Yarkin; Coach Smith; Manager G. Tierney. JR VARSITY SOCCER TEAM FRONT ROW■ J. White; 8. Marcus; B. Levine; T. Hoey. CoCapt.. P. Leger; CoCapt.. S. Rome; M. Madarus: B. Lave zo; Coach Bomabor. 2ND ROW; L. Gauthier; N. Andros; J. Crane; 0. Schneider, 0. Miller; R. Bres of; E. Phillips; 0. Rizzo. 3RD ROW; S. Ross; M. Ceplikas; G. Trentini; D. Macphee: C. Zatz; G. Clougher; C. ThomasVARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT ROW; R SanSoucio; B Pepko; M. Luce. S. DeRosa. R. Bernard!; B. Cameron; D. Estey BACK ROW; Coach Connolly; J. Hailed, manager; J. Naterelli; D. M tchum; G. Wells; F. Ryan.J. Monthome; S. Brant, manager; Coach Christie JR. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT ROW; S. Adams; R. Robb ee; M. Whitten; M. Finn; M. Tilton; M. Wright; J. Trobucco. BACK ROW; Coach Murray; D. Sims; B. Sloane; M. Dumas; S. Fleming; J. Napoleon; S. Sinclair; N. Brandt. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT ROW: D. Rhone; G. Taylor; B. Robblee; L Biblo, B. Clifford; M. Whitten; A. Dikmak; G. Shrier. BACK ROW; Coach Crow; J. White. S. Kirby; G. Repe la, R. Haywood; S. Myers; D. Gibb; K. Allen; G. Repel la; J. JacobyVARSITY WRESTLING TEAM FRONT ROW: A. Toed. A. Zonghi. F. Foley, R Daigle, R. Robbfee, E. Mercer. BACK ROW; H. Herber; W. Doravon; S. Dymond; B. Michaels; B. Lang; Coach Murphy. B. O'Donnell; R. Ma loon; B. Katz; B. Hurling; D. C; D. Webster. WJR. RF Va % L I I T Nr ‘y MVARSITY HOCKEY TEAM JR. VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM KNEELING: K. Erjtes. B. OeLong; K. Mayer; G. Towne; S. Goodwin; J. McKean; T. Goodwin. STANDING: Manager E.Corbosiero;Manager K. Richards; 1 Brochu; J. White. R. Vallee; J. Manning; P. Davis; L. Pal otta; L. Micci e; J. Primervara; G. White; Manager K. Ball; Coach Ghi ani. CoCapt S. Goodwin. Coach Ghi ani. Co-Capt G. Towne. 49SENIOR HOCKEY Coach Ghi ani, K. Mayor, Co-Captains S. Goodwin, G. Towne. J. MeKeon, K Frates, B. DeLong. JR VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM FRONT ROW: T. Mahoney, J. Skinder, J. Haswell, W. Mayer, P. Connelly. B. Young 2ND ROW: Coach Champney, D. Dovereaux, A. Melchiorri, J. Cooke. B. Connell, D. MacPhee.FRONT ROW; J. Patton. K. Kearney C. Brown, Capl. C. Ahern. 2ND ROW: J. Murphy, J. Carey. L. Butler, Capt., B, Grady L Watts, Coach Klein. 3RD ROW: B. Wetzel, B. Beliak FIELD HOCKEY VARSITY SQUAD JR. VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY SQUAD FRONT ROW; R. Nelson, T. Cameron, A. Martin. C. Duval. Capt. BACK ROW: J. Nako. S. Mosgofian, S. Breton, M Bradley Capt, D. Everett, K. Coughlin, Coach Miss Klein. I 51VARSITY TENNIS TEAM BOTTOM ROW G. Shier; L. Yelsey; J. Golan; S. Griffey; J. Manthome. TOP ROW: Coach Crow; D. Kahlman; M. Springer; M. Tilton; M. Abramson; B. Cameron; C. York. GYMNASTICS FRONT ROW A Cormier. P. Doheney; L. Parents, Co-Capt K Corbett; K. McNamara, D. Ford. 2ND ROW Coach CrisafuiJi; D. Donovan. S Zagan. J. Lydon, R Harris. 7 P.epeUa. R. Costello; H. Austin, manager. 3RD ROW B. Wright. D. WcokpJ. Vacchionne; R Me ;P Casa,art, j. Brack R NacHer. (not present - Co-Cap t. R. Bartlett'VARSITY GIRL'S TENNIS TEAM BOTTOM ROW: W. Whelan; D. Everett; T. Grassey; M. Rodman (Captain); P. Robinson. TOP ROW: T. Kessel; Coach Miss Vasi e; R. Wetzel; L. King; J. Martin; L. Butler. Captain Margie Rodman and Coach Miss Vasi e. 53GOLF Anyone? P. Fannon. Capt; D. Newcomb; A. DiKmak; Coach O'Connor; B. LaBossiero; D. Jangraw; S. Patton; C. Thomas seem to think so. They are the members of the NA TICK High Varsity Golf Team.VAHbl YJjim. b oAoKt I oALL FRONT ROW: C. Ahern; K. Jones; J. Cavanaugh; B. Beliak; M. Walsh; L. Walts; C. Duval. JR VA RS TY GIRL'S BA SKETBALL FRONT ROW: S. Eastman; S. Harris; V. Butler; D. Ramsure, K. Hartnett. BACK ROW: Miss MacCabb; R. Temple; J. Arena, D. Mandozzi, 0. Grover. R. Nelson. bbGIRL'S SOFTBALL TEAM FRONT ROW: L. Watts; E. Ahern; B. Sanford; Capt K. Jones; CapL C. Duval; Capt C. Ahern; B. Grady; P. Shakespeare; C. Williamson. BACK ROW: M. Zonok; J. Nako; K. Tartakoff; D. Nason; M. Casey; S Mosgofian; K. Hartnett; J. Murphy; K. Finfrock; R. Nelson; K. Kearney; S. MacArthur; J. Arena; Coach Miss Leavitt.VARS TY BA SEBALL TEAM ROW ONE: G. Trocollo D. Smith S. DeRosa J. Strong B. Whelan (Copt) J. Williams D. Mazier ini ROW TWO: K. Ball (mgr) B. Fegan L. Pal otta A. Heidi S. Kerby S. Wriglu D. Gross Coach Carroll JR VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM ROW TWO: Manager R. R. Robblee; J. Trabucco; W. Allen. M Finn; T Larracey; Mgr. E. Corbosiero; Coach R. Ghi ani. ROW ONE: G. Sims J. White; A. Me chiorri; J. Napoleon; M. Covie Ho; J. Franc oso; M. Me chiorri; M. Slattery. 57TRACKTEAM FRONT ROW: L. Cormier; T. Whelan; D. Yarkin; M. Vitali; P.Torrao; W. Lavine; D. Nygaard; P. Kobbs; J. Cosgrove; D. Davern. 2ND ROW: Coach Burnham; J. Lentini; M. Chase; P. Finney; D. Callahan; J. Stygles;C. Hammel; K. Dillon; S. Krupski; B. Whelan;. B. Cox; A. Heidi; T. Whelan; K. McNamara. 3RQ ROW: L. Gauthier; B. Vanderwall; R. Fowler; M. Fourneaux; P. Flaherty; P Cevolani; M. Ceplikas; B. Indresano; B. Adamson; G. Babcock; R. Chiriaco; R. Whelan; M. Cobb; M. Corviello; J. Hamilton; Coach Whelan. 58CROSS-COUNTRY TRACK TEAM FRONT ROW. D. Callahan; C. Stygles; K. Aubin;J. McKeon. P. Sollima; R. Williamson; J. Moroney; S. Krupski; M. Chase; Coach Curtin. BACK ROW: D. C ancey; M. Replakis; K. McNamara; L. Cormier; M. Vitali; K. McNamara. V] 1 f r i 59SPORTS AWARDS FRONT: L. Parette; C. Hanna; C. Cardeilic uo; R. Bartlett. BACK. K. Corbett. G. Tonne; R Bernardi; R. Whelan; S. DeRosa; F. Foley- $0SPRING SPORTS AWARDS R. Whelan, A. Dikmak, D. Kah mon, S. Krupski, P. Fin ney, D. Jangraw iMelissa Gammons, Gary Towne Best Looking Marie La Fortune, Bob DeLong Best Figure Physique Joan Cavanaugh Roy Robblee Friendliest Linea Witten burg Paul Dennett Most Likely to succeedPriscilla Kelly Bob Gately Class Clown Margarite DelVechicco Steve Cohen Biggest Appetite Nancy Hutchins. Sam DeRosa Nicest Smile Beth Grady. Bob Whelan Most AthleticMartha Keating Bob Delong Nicest Eyes Joan Bartels Ken Powers Best Actor Actress Margie Rodman Paul Dennett Most Collegiate Ann Henderson, Bill Hayes Class Musician Linda Holt, Dave Golan Most Intelligent 6 Priscilla Kelly Milton Simon Most Talkative Beth Giles, John Mulhall - Shortest Ta lest Andrea George Chris Stygles Most Courteous Jarene Hollander, Jackie Williams - Shyest Debbie Appel Joe Everett Best Dresser 65Mechanics for Girls (P. Nash) 604 Lehtoner) Auditorium 103 Mini-tri Knittir I Mr. R Epstein) Notetakir °hilbrick Minton) at in A mbroide Modern F freland 'Mrs. KM.C. 705 GR 706 708 Eolomt 356 Creative 3arisi) 1 'Mr. Ghilani) 409 Expressional Thea 'Mrs. Leonard) 200 411 Sailing (Mr. lower I.M.C. 414 English 41 168 Landry) 251 418 Karate Gymnasiun E 501 American Economy (Mr. Cul Teaching (Mr. Marcoux) 605 506 A 168 (L. Mitchnick) 154 507 Cam . 3reek (Mr. Rooney) 155 509 Early 310 Slymnastics (Miss Vasile) Exer iardi) 667 517 Physics 209 518 Hoi Miss Leavitt) 228 602 Power Meet 00 Period F 601 Psyc r s (Mr. Lehtoner) 32 e) 605 (S. Herlin) 60 (Mrs. Robertson) 2) 166 105 Pariiamentar cise Room 108 Macrai Library Careers Roo 154 111 FHini lan) 113 Speed Readir ry Seminar Room 6C 116 Sociology 613 11, lodern Problems 42 61 sign (L. McCarthy) 2t 201 Cooking Econor Dancing (J. Tolland) Ecology (M. Brow Library Conference Genetics (Miss Leavit D D 401 Ham Radii 03 Caligula (Mr. La A ) 263 (Miss Leavitt) 2i Review of Typing 158 408 Hockey iJ__ •'n - -_i__i_n __________________ - _________i_i________________J 14 _ _J . 1AM r»- nics for Girls (P. Hash) 604 ner) Auditorium 103 Mini-t g Crocheting (L. 0 looney) 155 107 Yocf h) Library Conferen dking (Mr. Drown) 1 ick) 107 112 Women' n) 170 114 Modern American Studies L oidery (Mrs. Roy) Te rn Problems 43 606 1 d the Irish (Mr. Mu Bullivant) 168 (Mrs. 203 Chinese Society GREENING OF AM El ymnastics (R. Bartle Golf (Mr. O'Grady) nbo 210 402 Fishing Planetarium 404 Psy :ive Writing — Poetry ii) 118 407 Bridge for J 9 L.C to Alaska (Mrs. Robertson icrame ( "'oom 1 iling (M ading (h 7 606 1 117 Ba. n 606 1 I 267 1. nomica i id) Lo wn) 1 e Ro avitt) 2 adio ( La Verg 228 4 (M CUr Dyer) Stage 410 French Cuisi e) 606 412 Dancing (V. Libbf sh 42-3 167 417 Sewing (M, hi on (C. Haywood) 604 Peri 503 Hockey Clinic 504 A (A. Jewell) 166 (D. Kosows r. Murray) 267 508 Beginni n Architecture (Mr. Smith) 2 om 511 Mythology (Miss Gl j 7 667 517 Physics 209 518 Homemaking 200 Period F 601 Psycholo p Leavitt) 228 602 Power Mechanics - Girts (Mr. Lehtoner) 320 6 .aLmII P, .rron I 7 fcxflfi ffltmechamcs Tor eh toner) Aud nitting fir. Rooi p stein) otetakin hi I brick) 1inton) at in Am pi taro id Modern eland firs. E ' M.C. 05 GRE 06 Gy 08 Golf (Mr. is Nash) bua (t. mrei re) bUb (b. tieri n) bu i ium 103 Mini-trip to Ala a (Mrs. Robertson) 273 166 105 Parliamentary :ise Room 108 Mac ram Library Careers Room drone) 154 111 Filing ) 113 Speed Reading y Seminar Room 603 16 Sociology 613 117 odern Problems 42 606 ign (L. McCarthy) 26A 201 Cooking Economl Dancing (J. Tolland) L Ecology (M. Brown i) Library Conference I Genetics (Miss Leavitt, 'Grady) Gymnasium PER 3D D 401 Ham Radio olombo 210 156 Planetar reative Writing drisi) 118 40 VIr. Ghilani) 4 VIrs. Leonard) lower I.M.C. andry) 251 4 ! 501 America ’caching (Mr. 68 (L. Mitchi ’reek (Mr. Roc 10 Slymnastic ardi) 667 517 yiiss Leavitt) , •ysjcs 209 518 Homer iakir 200 Period F 601 Psyche 602 Power Mechanics — iris (Mr. Lehtoner) 321 tec Airmnl r.ADMINISTRATION MR. HENNIGAR Principal MR. STICK LOR Vice Principal MR. ROSEN Vice Principal SCHOOL COMMITTEE STANDING Mr. Flynn, Miss So!lew. Dr. Wet ef, Mr. Saunders. SITTING Mr Ambler. Mr Shea. Mr. Sigahye, Dr. Cosgrove. 72Mr. Murphy, Industrial Art MltS Cost, English Miss Talbot, Homo Ec. Mr. Cooper, Math Mr. Minton, English Miss Curran, English Mr. Lawrence, History Mrs. Robertson, History Mr. CooK. Math Mr. Budio. hid. Am Mr VcG-» r C cr- Mrr Daly. Librarian Mr. Rooney, English Miss Poulirr, Art Mr. Overlook, MathMr. Bornicto. Science Miss Die), Language Mr. Ghilanl, Social Studies Mrs. Leonard. Language Miss Connolly. Business Mr. Mitro, Business Mr. Gaudette. Language Mr. Benson. Math Mrs. Highman, Business Mr. Maher. Math Mr. Kean. Math Mrs. Colombo. LanguageMr Cjirrnll HittnruMr. Wooloy, Hittory Mr. Smith. Ind. Am Miss Car berry. LanguageMrs. Parisi, Business Mrs. Potter, English Miss Connolly. English Mrs. Javier, English Miss Chellis. Business Mrs. Wolf. Science Mrs. Tartakoff. English History Mr. Lovett, Ind. Arts Mr. Garnott. English Mr. Colombo, Science Mr. McGowan, Math Mr. Collins. Math Miss Duncan. Guidance Mr. Taddeo. ScienceMr. Buck, Art Miss Leavitt. Science Mr. Morey. History Mrs. Bron iefd. Businas Mrs. Roy, Art Mrs. Hart, Home Ec. Mr. Crow. Science Mr. Crisafulli', Phys. Ed. Mrs. Fink. English Mrs. Jones. Guidance Mr. Thibault. Drivers Ed. Mr. Jameson. Planetarium Mrs. Mol ford. LI branan Mr. Scanlon. Guidance Mrs. Bullivant. English Miss By me. Science Mr. Whelan. Phys. Ed. Mr. Asher, Science Mr. Smith. Guidance Miss Cashman, Guidance Mr. 8ennett, HistoryMrs Braanerman, Librarian Mrs. Arono. Secretary Mr. O'Grady. Phys. Ed Mr. Sachim, Music Mr. Culhane. History Miss 8‘Jdnar yk. Math Mr. La Vcrgnv, Lonyuagn Mrs. Dan v, Mrs Ko wed. Bust nett Mr. Harrington. Engtrsr, 7 fKLotflET lB)Oolz ( IVai L?f2£ Z£cl, n j ?Li '— £ita n£ zt | ' avElatioriA, XX 12 81CLASS OFFICERSEXCHANGE STUDENT Elizabeth Preiss Born under the cusp of Virgo-Libra. and therefore having no ebartabie horoscope, Elizabeth Preiss. this year's American Field Service Student, from Pretoria. South Africa is certainly unique. But her tack of horoscope does not alone contribute to her uniqueness; instead, she is marked by her outlook on life - particularly life In America. Contrary to popular belief. Liz did not leave a tree house and a wardrobe ol various animal skins behind her in Africa. She loft a normal family, who live in a normal house, and drive a normal car. even if driving is done on the left hand side of streets (which according to Lu is the only correct way.) So. there wore no real changes in Liz's Hie style, besides trying to remem her which side of the car is the jiassenger side. in her spare tune, which is a rarity for her, Liz busies horsed amid many school activities They include drama dub. comped five speech, AFS, Student Council, and the All-School Musical SWEET CHARITY. She is also a member of the National Honor Society, though she feels she is only being kept on because of her sex appeal. Elizabeth Preiss is crazy' Among her world famous quotes are gems such as "America is fattening", and "Let’s go to Canada for BreakfastV Liz had hoped that it would have snowed all winter For the first snowfall of the year (1 inch) she ran Outside at 1:00 AM in her pajamas and hoots to play in the snow. Frer uently Liz attends school, sometimes for four days in a row At other times, she is on A.F.S. weekends and speaking engagements. Community involvement plays a very important part in Elizabeth’s life. She is active in the affair of Temple Israel with her American parents, the David Elovitz’s on a group tour She is also a member of the Natick Peace Action Committee, ana with this group traveled to Washington. D.C.. for the April 24th Peace Demonstration Her major problem there, she felt, was that she was too snort to see over anybody's head She hah to moderate her activities somewhat for fear of being depur ten. Liz says she is the only person in Women's Liberation with a sense of humor. In any case, she is a member of Natick-Framingham Women's Liberation. To those who know her. life at Natick High with Liz Preiss has certainty been an ’’experience". Someone who wears shoelaces in her hair can’t be all badTSfiaSLL ACKERMAN Tj... P’.tnay'i... It that -•gr :?. Corn r... N Come THE Rock... Oor'i tt BSC .. Out - w ir cAi... Pnftf'a . TJs S n Tucson. Gnnd Carter Bound tot Mos- cow. Mit’s friend... TrackKar.n' vck... ,'AOOOOOOOOMItf. RICHARD ADAMS. Eater ... White Mountains ... the Rations ... it's festival time ... We've got to get out of here . .. Edna ... El Gusto Robusto . . . Blueberry hockers ... Dairy Men ... Sue .. . Koois ... Once a freak always a freak ELLEN AHERN. Lola Jova... magnificent 7... td years . .. streak... it's natural .. . Venice... Romsr B.D____ skip a sprint.. Chinese fire drill... hone. ... hoh boy... a great mixer... Enn Go Brogh Beatles ... water studies .. emergency... hey cot. .. pox vobiscum. PETER ANDERSON. Peter . . right on... handshake mama ... Midway ... Fiats ... Sassamon Office Parties ... eight troys to a table. . Mustard Seed... Star Island summers__ where is our country?... what conspiracy?. .. friends are all that really matter. NEIL A RE STY. That's Bush . . . Whoddnya mean. you planned a ski trip?... Well, that's life... What's life?... Oh. it's a magazine. . always wondering... Hi Tod... Summers in Maine. AH-HEM. huh Jim?... Pretty Punny . . Be happy . . COLLEEN F, AHERN. "Col" .. . one of the magnificent 7. Hey Cur .. nice smite ... Brown Eyed Girl... Green . fun to be vnth.. Gym Classes . . former sports star___cruisin for j bruise... Red Sox Games ... Fribbles . .. "You Dummy".. N Labs. KENNE TH L OUtS A UBIN 86JUAN ALVAREZ. Juan, two ... 69 Malibu ... hockey .. . Friendly s c per_ Jossia... Florida ... McDonalds... you kidding?... what do you mean telly bean?... bino... college material... Cuba ... buena suer to. ROBERT AMES. "Bob"... Natick Labs ... Senior lounge: C.D E... where's Jeffrey?... Golden Phoenix ... Say What?... Fairway .. . '66 Ford... writing autobiographical sequel to "My Secret Life"... Chinese Food with Chopsticks. DEBORAH APPELL. Deb... For once in my Life... First woman president... sun tan in tennis courts... clothes much ... stay out of my suitcase ... up the down escalator ... Montreal to Miami ... fine feathered friend... cranberry molibu ... college bound. SHARON A R DU I NO. Midnight phone calls in New York ... this is a raid... what did I do now?... I got the hungries... looking forward to June... all the good times with Martha, Joanne. Chris, and Patty... strawberry fields forever... ar-rev!died, Natick HighI DEBORAH A ARTHUR. Debbie .. .. fun to be with ... talkative... always laughing ... Wool worth's girl... Pen going to cut my hair... Where's Mark?... Don't yell at me... What were you doing at Memorial Field?... College bound,.. Will go far? MARSHA ARTHUR. Smiley ... Jim... 3 27 69... Knee's up... Coordination ... In school much? ... V here is everybody?... Red Comoro... Can't help falling IN LOVE... US... Sweetheart Inn ... Suntan in tennis Courts... Dig those eyes... Pun kin... Pll be there. .. Where's Pat?... 7 Up___ P.J.'s at dawn... Famous. PATRICIA AUCOIN. Party ...Oh Not... It might beI ... Spaced... Aquinas ... Tishypoo___ Plaidsocks ... Pancake Buddies with Moe... Always a laugh___Orpal’s___ Light Blue... Michael... 9 19 70.. . "Cherish"... ‘60 Chevy Wgn-Fleg Top ... Cumberland Kids______ Igor 2... Hates cross-eyed Lions ___Maniac Driver. 8EVERLY BAGLEY, Oh. those sick jokes... so. Pm belligerent... Curry's J.D. Center... U.S.S. Independence ... mischievous... those eyes... never stops laughing___ "Bridge . Over Troubled Water"... Yellow ... fun to be with ... cute ... hates hypocrisy... strawberry ice cream . .. J.M.H.... I don’t blush. 87 DEBBIE BAKER. Dilbbiir . . International Hill. .. Stur-bridge ... is every dung going to be all right?... brother bowser.,, laughs much engaged.. . thanks. . good-bye administration ,.. RAH ...RAH.. RAH. WILLIAM BARR. Bill... blue eyes... 4 year man ... Oct. 24 . 50 Porter Rd.... Pat... Skylarks... 67 C.S. 400. . . Temper . .. (rite wlut. . . Burcks much?... Willy Coo ... That brunette blonde?. . . college?.. . yoo-hoo m 72... barn bum,.. memories shall remain ... DENISE BARBER. Prom "70". Cape... 4 hours? ... New Year's Eve walking in the rain ... tulip . .. haunted houses . .. picnics . .. .» Ixisketbait and iootbah fan — 6’ 3" and 5‘ 3" forever ... m love . .. Ricky. DONNA BARTBAK, B,g 8. .. pay your duos .... Don. do you always say hi to everybody?. .. Harvard.. . D. Warwick . . . UMass ... 9 12 70. . . super cynic ... gym . . big voice, big laugh . . hates VWs ... me.. . dumb Pollack .. . skis much? . . The Bold One. always volunteers. JOSEPH BARDELLINI. Barts .. . regrets that he didn't pay his dues sooner .. presently retired. .. teases Mary Jo... basketball part time . .. cards anyone?... I'm not comin . .. drags a certain '69 Torino ... architect... dm tvs in blue... a friend for 13 yrs?. . . ain't it. BARBARA 8ELLAK. Shhhf . Joan, toll me!. . Mon .embarassing moment no. 452. .. hey. toots ... Whoa Bunder. .. silent laugh ... Oh. I know where I am ... ulcers, ulcers, ulcers.. . look in the refrigerator... Ice cream blmords... mice tails ... a vat?... A P telephone calls. . . maybe next year Gertrude DEBRA ANN BARNICLE. Debbie,.. '67 Fair lane.. . snow thru the roof. beautiful clothes .. . sow much?... Pandora . .. atkative... Texas... pumpkin ice cream ... Look Who's HereI... Football and Hockey games .. . arul.. . SOmph on Speen . .. Sunshine girl... Thu 88... TEETH. DAVID BERNADINO. Jr. year tea house painter. . nice clothes. .. Brawl at Mac Donald's . . Coronet RT440. . . Wanna run it? . All-nighter at NJH’s . . Nites up hungry hill... New Year's ... Times in P Town. "Son this isn't Daytona"... seen at Natichiom's ... Tre ____college bound. 88MARY JO BATES. May... thy A period tludici . . . Zayre. - Inner Sanctum ... blue. . likes books ... C.B.'t taxi service .. . tewing .., You're Italian I. .. plumber .. . McDonald's french tries ... why me?.. accident promt. RICHARD BERMAN JOANIE BARTELS, " .. I'm gonna spend my whole life singing a song..." ANN BELL, Ann... ding dong . . skiing on Sunday . . . eat out much I... Opcls .. . Dave .. G.O.. . New Hampshire summers ... The Kids . .. Scott. . . Party Wait tor mo ... drums... Ronie... Pans ... rings . . . College bound. KARL 8ENI07. McDonalds ... college... 64 Corvoir... a real speedster . shy. .. blue. . management. hang loose .. Hawks ■ .. Chinese food... pantos. JUDITH C. BERGER, Hey Jude... Stop S Shop ... loves to eat... seen in a Nova ... P.O.A. .. Skip school much?. . "I think I love you" . . . Where is everybody? One of 2. . Never tay bye ... see ya... 13th... Clothes crary. . . Hampton ... Summer of 70... Get off my back ... A Friend Is Forever. RONALD BARTLETT. Ronnie... P . roller skates ... un cycles . .. Stanley Greens ... cards. . . ping pong... flying . . , gymnastics . . . Bridgewater state?... tn tch Math in California. . . music turns me on ... PEACE_____ CAROL B ENG IS, Unreal... Bonwfts... AFS. .. “62". .. bus stops. .. jet plane... France.. “Romeo" .. no vvoj .. “Mona"... wild times in Boston . .. lunches . . . fantastic . New York City . . I ip saver .. college bound .. Love Peace. 89ROGER S. BERMAN CRAIG BERN A BE I. Cwaig ... fried gran!) uppers .. N. Ford. . T-Bird or Green-bomb, whichever starts first ... Don't wake me up... wito's retarded?. ■ ■ kissy-lossy ... C.B.’t taxi service.. . M.F. Baliathon _ . lata? mu? ... A.W. to be or not to be GIVE PEACE A CHANCE. ELLEN BITTLE. Bubbles.. Pink Panther at 2 a,m. in costume.... Ken... June 26th . .. Tncy can't dose the drama office!... Legal ire Donuts . Before that I dio very little COOkmg . . . "Mae" Kirk Sexier than MUton ... When Veronica plays her harmonica down on the Pier of Santa Monica. MITCHELL BO INSKI. Mitch . Bo Bolonski... Polish freedom fighter... Kielbust... Hockey ... J.T. Raiders ... get any ice?... got any money?... Pinball machines . .. Tech. Drawing . . . Holiday Health Club., Mr. America 19?I ... BARBARA BORELL Barb ... Smile I. .. These Eyes... New York or New Jersey ... N.H. .. Abide-a-While... Newton ... 4 seasons ... 4 loves. . Lincoln . . . chins... 747... crash college bound RICHARD BERNARDI. "P" Town ... Lurch ... Denise . . . 4th of July... Grampy's wine... Thanksgiving weekend at the Cape . . . Hey. Sam. you genius . . Now Year's Eve... junior year ice house ... football and basketball star. STEPHEN BOYNTON. Od Mr. Boston .. Black hand. .. Hot wheels mobile . . . You're absolutely right Don!. P-j wagon ... SMUDGE ... S M.P.G.I... I'm set!... I. P club vice pros.!... Stag part, .. . Grease Monkey... No Gas? . . . L i m (x -4 2 51-9!?!! . . . Flat?... 90SUSAN BLACK. If am not for myself who will be for me if am only for myself what am I and if not now when?... Tamima ... Israel. ... may I see your passport please... Pina and doughnuts... what an artist ... USY... Antigone . .. Zoogies!... etc ... MARILYN BOCKNEK. Mar ... S.B.... S.C. ... Chubs __A.P.W._____Kevin-car___ C.C.C.... the Cape... J J... Wakathon . .. hARold ... Peter Piper ... Mushy... Mrif 83 II... a twin ... "I'm in the mood tor Georgia"... Stater.. . U.W. song... si si ... weekends with Ivan ... a trio?... smilol Student Council 3. 4; Pep Club 2; Dramatics Z 3. 4; Executive Board 2. 3. 4; Class Treasurer 2; Class Vice-President 3; Prom Committee 3. RENEE BON NELL. Cookie __always fooling around too much... the terror... tings ... has to bo trl... tuff... ot's silly... Puppy... Oct. 15___Don't let anybody tell you where to go! MICHAEL P. BRADY RICHARD BRAG DON. IMiat's the story?... Slow driver... Buy College... Gloucester___Boating, print- ing ... auto mechanics... 61 Falcon ... skip F per. to have lunch at MacDonald's... The Men, Bob... "Born Free". .. blue... gullible.... spinning in the parking lot... 91STEWART l brauot RRlSCILLA 3RAYT0H. Pab . no Tjb.iT. . Medic ! secretary . . Leonard Morse Hospital .. O' res an Ambat-odor wegon . grouch... one of the three musketeers . . "You r r... college bound . Rainbow... "Can't wwt for Grand As-sembty" . . loves study RICHARD BRESSLE Richie relax 71 No Milton‘t.. .hey txbv Golden Phoenix .. bsrot' shop. President A2A Burden Newton wotn ihg the car . . Saturday morning . Boeing 747 Pro -70 - maybe 71 CHARLES STEPHEN BROW LAURIE BROWN North Natick .. Comping trips,. The “Commune" . . Mike ... May 4 .. Getting mellow. . The Cape .. occasional trip: gym?., great kid... groat friend ■ good luck ah ways. BREEN. Animal HT cr HS hockey bus... Kmn hotel New Yoai V err '•.AH. Indiana mar !s mi . , twinkles.. . “But we don't care" te' oror ... “In My Life" l' 7t f parties... not are but f-se one of the metouchObbi SUSAN BREMNER. Bra.--Maine.. little yellow MV.. hates induction . Stretch ■ can’t have everything... shy a lot of fun spa-ytictti Pepsi .. senous.. future nurse Make It With You sleep much 7. the nut. . aiwuyt a friend GREGORY BUCHANAN. Flee . Mac Donald's 64 Ford. Nova Scotia... Fount St. . . New York Feb. vacation ... Green summer time it U. Mass.  DENISE BROCHU, Denise big Isrown eyes .. French . 88... KBH... colics bound... future teacher . restaurant life sew much? . . springtime '70 in Parts hockey and football games . . often lotm with Ann . I of 5. DOROTHY A BROWN. Dit ... Good friend... Always has an arts war. .. Bound for Hairdressing School loves steak ... Friday Saturday nights at tfiii G.C... . Loves that 2:30 Bell... Bill’s the one. .. Will go tar m the future. GRETCHEN BROWN. Farmer ... A dirty oka. Boogie Heine's Mermaid... Ceramic privy ... n tler... Mar's twin... I’m In the mood for Georgia... couth ... MEIF83.II ... Ivon's freaky friend Fred... eccentric much f. .. con you Co nod?. • Ktrttel vessel. .. Hitchhikers . . Freedom I ROBERT BROWN. "Brownie" “it don't mean nothing". . . hates Philadelphia cream . . . favorite town is Minot, North Dakota . .. hobbies art- working on 1917 Model "T“ Ford. . sarcastic humor. plans on Navy the collage. RONALD BUCKLER. Ronnie . . . Forever in New Hampshire ... Ski-dooing before anything ... Hockey next. .. Nothing but j ford... “No time left for you". . Lime Rickey . , Chris-Forever.. . How about a straight answer? ___ English Major??... Bright green eyes JEFFREY JOHN BURKE 93KATHLEEN BURKE. K.B--- Burgess... Buddy K. . doctor's daugtiter.. . never blows up . . . the chase . nervous driver... N.H.... those ski trips... duck feet... college... T.C ... "let's go driving by"... the line's "never" busy... worry much . .. snap artist. . . the best deserve.t the best... loyal friend. ALBERT BUTLER. Cougt ... red... accident prone . comet. .. gsfoxic .. hockt, ... Wethersfield... Tange . Navy bound. BARBARA BURNHAM. Barb . . Biiv... give me a break .. ski queen ... muscles .. . Chubby .. . WEMI.. . Rocky Ernie's friend... give me ust a little more time. .. loves brownies... N.H. ... Rome. . Travel Fountain.. you fish. Cin . Tiny... downstairs maid. . YaHal CHRISTOPHER CAMPBELL the printer... proprietor c' the Woodland press. . . slue-, tn the planetarium... go :c the darkroom and see wn» develops. . . Saturday tripi re Boston ... computer tape-, and punch curds — Mr. Buduo’s offset class. . . goo; luck. LOWELL BURSCH. Bushy ... college bound... Hot-dogs and Hamburgers. . In-tuns to radio and watches TV. .. grunt personality... blue ... shy... EILEEN CAREW. "We not cease Horn exploration| and the end of all our oxplo-- ing will be to arrive iwc 4 vAteru we started and knov the place for the first time. 1 T.S Eliot JOHN BURTON, Smoke-Eml . All ruler at Ray's party. . . those flip-tops — where's the party?... 1:00 am chauffeur . .. doc Burton ... New Year's Eve .. the block bomb . .. It’ll never die ... dedicated to Sears ... great kid. .. good luck in the future... "Spread the word the ducks are back I" THOMAS J. CARUSt 94RALPH CA DM AN. Chick ... nights at Weston Reservoir . . . ,ire you off. Ginny ... anyone seen Quinn?... Long hair? ... Summers at the Cope... long rides in the country ... East Natick gang... Town Forest... good deals at Natick Esso. . Art with Mr. Buck ... college bound. .. seen in a roachmobtle... BE FREE... DANIEL CALLAHAN, Flash . . . Munich in '72... the mile... cc conference moat ... Me and Manny did... Lost in Braintree. .. Back with the kids wearing sneakers... cc bus rides____ the Knog... L.M.H.... CS on Pond rd... Kenny turn on the lights. DOREEN CAMPBELL, no vxsy... drop S.P. burton much . . . S-D . . . Ho jo's. .. "62". . . bus stops ... France ... "Romeo"... pocket-book . .. jet plane... croissants and French bread.. . trips to Boston ., Lunches ... weekends with Ivan .. . "Mona"... Loves love'n lemons. CHERYL CARDELLICCHIO. Gumbo ... Partial to cigars .. . Chicago . . . "Make Me Smile". . . One of the Fearless threesome ... Franconia Week-end... It IS a Bum- marl... Snorer___ "I don’t get itl"... MAD'S and Margie’s Bash’s... Jeff Boy-Ar-Dee... All Good things must pass. KATHLEEN CAREY?. To share purple candles. .. M.S.. .. D.H. ... A vision of one man tends not it; wings to another man ... Know. Understand. Love - Bill.,. and forget not that the Earth delights to fee! your bar elect and the winds long to play in your hair. DA I ID CEDRONE. Right on!. . . "Mova",.. let mo Check ... v.p. 71 ... zero to sixty in 20 years . .. Moncrof Relief Foundation... sexy ears .. . never a straight answer ... WMRC and surrounding streets .. . Cindy ... tong, hot summer... "gets it on" .. . Eye MUR... Dynamic Debonair Dave... Man-handler ... March 14. 95UNO A CHAFFEE. Webster Luke... Don‘t worry about it... Camera____ Future Teacher .. Where'i Chris... town turnaround .. own to water ski... Key ... Sea-Tec ... Father be in Webster ... Hates red... fussy .. simple things ... Hates not being understood. PAULA CHANNELL. "Miss Pleasant"... the cape... "What's your problem?"... a Finest girt.., "useless"... den of iniquity... liars, why?... New York -69... E. period study . . . Mickey Mouse. . Little blue can and Cadillacs don’t mix ... two week party ... gets the car a lot — little hands ... pitiful ... college bound. CAROc. CHAMPION. Berlin •tmfu. Oh,o . buzzing the Are. afternoons in M-73 bfmehar fan... me Vice President?... canderwBce. coffee and college MaedowSandt... The am t UmOf Boy m New York New Year’s Resolution Sa etr Patrol forever. ALAN CHANNELL. Alain . .. So what else is now?... La Cerda lllustre... The yellow hotel.. . Valves ... What am I volunteering for?... Math? ... Organized chaos... Zoom_____Jr. gym... Frac- tured French ... Wed. night coffee record... Who you kiddm?.. Victrolaf STEVEN COHEN. H.C «78... The rot... Zthook ... L.C.C.... the buyer... The nail.. Block with Beeb ... Townie,.. Classless ... Barf... 55 Chevy... Seen with Beeb. Nut. and Men... Shower Room.., Lake Placid... Future Freak .. . Cope... King Buddy’s. I V 96 MICHAEL CHASE. Hoy. Slick . . Track .. . Framing-ham Slate?. Meatball Sub} at Amherst. F Period Zoo .. Gateway. Blondes are Nice.. . Safety Patrol... Ridiculous. Much?. .. Dt-Mo-Iffy.. . Munich in '72. Safety Patrol 3. 4; Track 2. 3. 4; Cross Country 4: Indoor Track 4. PATRICIA CHESMORE. Patti'... One ot thn live parking ticket... never two . . worry much "Hullo m me"— where n everybody ... nightdriving what's for lunch ... skinny.. freeze much .. weekends at dent-ky... Silly Love. PAULA CHRISTOPHER, "stretch". .. Stop Shop . .. mouth Christopher. Keene, who is Mary Fioren (mo?. . . Sunday morning search .. Chwib . . 4 25... W.S. every night. . whom it everybody?— hooked. . . wanna see my ring7. Porta- San. . • LINDA CLAIN. that Cape weekend.. . west bound David.. , Helen Cross Bakery ... girl's night out... band of gold... Jett go treasure hunting.. . loves bathing suits . .. let's do something lor a change.. South Natick... lam your sister!... Derek . . friend. K STEPHEN C. CLARK. Steve ... Shorty my own hallo-ween parties. . U.O... . Chevy's. . . Sears Automotive . .. Super Chief.. . running for lunch ,.. tape anybody ... walking dictionary ... hungry, doubles forever . Jr. College probably STANLEY COHEN JOANNE M. CONDL N. Jody .. . Hey man, what's happening? . Sneaky 1 Richard my party.,.. $1400 smile. . I'm only wit tie .. die cape ... Mr. L.. .. when it everybody?. Will I loot wm ijie. . . my liceriw?... Italy... Daddy Lawson.. . NYE .. $300 am... 97  DONALD COOKE. Dor, Oonny. . -65 , . n ss Clothes .. talkative. foot bail lobs tor "Crak-m' Rose"... I'll get my Hcvm tomecfay And ,jooc boatings. Lookin' out mt back door . . girls .. othf towns red loti of jC .. . Weirs Bench ANN CONLON. carrot tew chocolate chip ice c' si r. trolley tracks , , knee sock .. embarrassment =353 oh. my heart. horror j ioivs at Natick Lab me peas .ire O i the stove . . httle ell .. 0 gjt‘ ftnws contour. flush. .ovd rum: WILLIAM COURNOYER I Navy .. they're pebbles rw I boulders... 30 Sylvest ’ I Rd .. NNH head.. talent car anything can get . I can handle it. wrestling. Sun . tight m, I hn . blue Sue. . deac I or alien. -. talk much?.. I NYC . . twin oedt chat• I up another gotta mak I jnt P'orr ‘70 dear, I cat... daydream. JILL CONNOLLY JWy Y.O.. unevens. iound affects Finally got that eagle . . S . . 'V anna hear a goodie" YJv rd.. July 3. Little secrets That latlgh Wrestling zoom .. Merer.. . Stop talking about people . . . F eld tripi . Love those Townies JANE CONWA Y BONITA COX Wabs Mil c ,t it art d the ).• ... Hartford Conn , . Arthur. .. together . 173 A,'borne Right on. Social Workci hopefully .. tubby . .. Wow. . Oe: yourself together brother .. Out Woman. What’s happening .. 8lockneu... NCO Hoy Margaret wok up it ■ 7:00 o'clock MARYANN CROCKETT KENNETH CORBET. Gimme a hr oak I ... Dec. 18... Vaulting .. Sphere's Panic ... NEW YEARS PARTY 11 ... Fun to be with . .. Bird calls . . . Fairway .. . STOP .. - Gymnast. .. Pinchor?... Rockport... F period zoo . .. "PRES".. . Education Road .. Igor'stl.. , Copt. Ken ... LOVE... STEVEN COSMOS BARRON COX. Berry... Boston weekends, . college bound... law... safety patrol. .. commissioner . .. Stilton of Bashir ... pride m afro ... don't let the Joneses get you down. . Stop Shop... tonic aisle . 8 period studios. JUDITH CRANE. Jude .. . C$.... the crew... Elsie... A.P.W... Kevin’s car. . the Cope . .. camping.. . Loews ... "I think"... O.J. and col fee... shack... New York . B.C. ... J mow... stairs ... o ceremony ... hooked on a fading... New Year's at David's . ■ ■ future teacher, DONNA CRISAFULLI. Sept. 29 where is every body? ... Mondays with Eddie ... Oct. 12 at NJH's ... Rome .. . Bruins playoff 161... MacDonald's Big Mac's ... New Year's Eve. . . stuck on Cottage St. .. . nights at C's .., future nurse. KARIN CROFT, Blue Pop-sides . .. Susan; I've been hiding down in the basement .. Cat Rock. .. Uncle Jerry ... Green, Green Grass of Home,. Pizza and donuts ... Pure and Innocent MICHAEL CROSSLAND 99S-s 9 EAR A CULL INANE, Cu ... ah-rah ... liter •ww .. infectuous laugh famous. Mustang Cull corrupter. .. trips to Ynctrtown ... Ski much?... Super aw... where's the parry . Ray's... Oh. Steeie . S.O.C. ... wfiat tree? . . can we fix it?... S t t Heart Inn... "Some- r well be together"... E. Period .. Oh, luv him ... ef.t e’s my heater bag... • krs ciosea ... pardon me. .. Don't ten Bry... T.W.O.... Good Luck. BRIAN D'AGOSTINO. Dog . . . towme ... Jo. • • Francme Cosmos .. ■ Memorial . 11 } 5 69. • • 6? G.P.... We! I Fleet... Milton ... cheerleader... Stigs. ■ ■ pre-game warm-ups... "Bud" ... he got the coolers ... So. St. Patrol. apple fights.. • Hobo.. Where’s Cliff?.--JOB. WILLIAM DALY. Hoy Karon!... English ... Truck-dnver ... Army ... Steak ... townie . .. locksmith ... Inagaddadavida ... blue... swimming. .. Morex ... Wres thng... 59 pickup ... trumpet... language labs .. Memorial parking lot... 360’s .. Paper drives ... certain underclass woman ... Karen. SUSAN DAVENPORT. Susie ... Jordan's... little red Renault... wrong blinkers . . Dover Tower,.. pur a in the morning. .. smelly ... likes to eat sticks... late night calls... the criminal... likes sknng... college bound — remember Christmas Eve ... lots of luck in tho future. ROBERT OS LONG. Bobby ... '64 Ford... money... 7 10 75... Martha... brg D.. . negative... 007.. . Mr. Mrs. O's. .. cookiei... New Year’s Eve. .. cheerleader ... flirt much?... SAG. ar Mel’s... Linda... good sounds ... more sleep ... mean machine .. Mr. G's pet?. .. moon ... bud man ... Hay, Sweotiepio... PEACE. MARGARET ANNE DALY. Peggy .. 8uckeroo girl... Dicky... Pt's at Dawn... Jewish wur Vets... Miss Secretary... Christmas Eva at Daly's... Memorial field star goeer ... B.S.A---- Nauset ... Surfer girt.. . Actress? — Gymnastics ... rowdy bunch?... College bound I hope... Good byei PAUL DENNETT, Karen., orange tigers and pink poodles... which hair would you like cut?... Bowdoin College... and I’m a big block rock ... Finland... Hey, don’t have a meeting todayf ... "No man is an island entire of itself.. 100MICHAEL DAMPLO. Katny ... capidant... Stars... Darby Line... ttie mo (bars Sunday night on the will ... those Nun flat days... kools .. Piccolo's ... life .. . the ell American vacationer. DEMISE DANIELS, Den.. . How to steal a car... Linda's little sister. Chatham... T-birds. . Needham .. iVfrar clothes.. Mart.. one of the three Musketeers. ahf pickles. . partial to mustaches . . High with a little help from my friends.,. Little Cunas. ELAINE T. DA VIS. Elsie... always fate.. . Payton’s Place ... I'll have another . . nitc at Anthony's... Rudy's... on the move again. . . never with the girls . . 1001 luces ... Tuesday’s my day off... always has K.P.... Italy . . . S3 ZOO phone call... where is everybody? PAMELA DAY. Ronnie... Dove Wheeler Chinese Fire Dull... Devil made me do it ... Right. . Daytona Beach J.C.... Anyone for Barley pops . . Daisy. D period ... AcappeUa... Love. MA RGUERITE DEL VEC CHIO. Maggie easy drive- wow .. always has the car ... braided logs . bottomless pit .. T-women . .. Margie's party. with a little help from my friends . .. buddy'm' . those babies . duck . . . good tor a laugh ... And it by chance wv find each other, it's beautiful SABA TO F. DeROSA. Sam smilely... eyes?... Katrina ... Center School... nervous much?.. Capt.... r5W ... Jo Jo. Whitney... oakay. Lurch.. . always up 2.5-6.0. . . Nesco ... made in Italy wvdgio on crutches ... bambino. .. pinched at Braintree .. hey tog spender . Bumble Bee ROBERT DeMOSS. Bob... one of the boys in die band ... "SACRIFICE". keep your paws off my st obel. ., bummer... Pete's truck . .. piccolos?... Marinara... gym and art freak .. Jeon ... Wow, wham New Years... brains. RUTH DICKSON. Pamela Joe — Stop Shop... blues Rambler .. . Wallaces ... Dovertowvr.. . Chip . . 7 thmk love YOu“... 6 o'clock and the rug... midnight callers ... rope tows... burnt hair... pure the next morning. .. Lots of Luck 101KEVIN DILLON, Orido . Lake Placid Veteran. .. Shy?. L.C.C. . .. put that cigar out.., S.M,. ... track-ytar.. -20. .. seen with Babe. Co. Nut and Men. . . milfleet. . Dinephnga l ng ___ that English class... Grove Street bridge .. College bound. KATHLEEN M. DONOVAN. K.D. . Sam . .. Love. Italian Style... 5 YRS... Center school... -44. Franconio ... Underdog or nothing!. .. OSH AH .. It is 0 bummer . Finn Hotel... A tvwys rippling.. . Margies Parties ... Summer at the Cape... Future Mountie.. Organ Grinder,,. "Untouchable" . . Listen, Man... higher. VICKIE Dl RIENZO. Vic ... Irvin . . rod MG . . W.N.E C. weekends .. 11 29 68. .. smile . 8 happi. .. Mrs. I, E. Conner . . Chinese food . . 15A Perkman ... J.P.... cookie now . . Springfield. . . wo is better than me... IrvrC . . Stonehaven... 1975 bound! WILLIAM DOLBEAR, 9ret wing it out. .. O.K. A.J. ... Sherwood merry man . .. 30-06... African St lari .. 21 bottles of beer 103 on 27... fabulous Zayn;... ptowboy pigs . . . bleach burn out — purpk shirt.. egg boaters . . white RENEE OORPEMA. Roy... Don't worry about hi... Wed!. . Girls room E period . .. At he's pretty eyes ... flirt... funny.. . silly ... talkative . .. always gaoling off. . ■ '7 hear you knocking" .... Joe ... always seen with Judy and Karnn.. . Never on Sunday .. '62 Blue Olds.. 11 29 70... Fred??? JOHN C. DUGDALE. DECA .. a certain 70 grad. . Pat __shy at first. .. mechanic . . . Am way.. . Love those Buicks ... that weekend m New York .. . Summer 70. cot much... "I have to get some cigarettes" .. The Battle ot Ncv.- Orleans ... A ways fixmg cars. . "You have to svork again today?' ... Eat your heart our. . . "To be yourself is more unique than the rarest diamond in existence MICHAEL OONNELLY. Mike... college bound... water skiing .. hockey J. V. 440 and 600.. The Lake... I.R. dub . . Simon and GarfunkeI... Apua-marina .. Tech, drawing... Studious.. . considerate. . sense of humor. MARY ANN DUNNE. Dun ncy .. . "Hats cool”... 3 day week... Santa’s lap freckles... G.P. .. Wooii. Boston... $300 ton. Bermuda ... Skiing. Cap Cod Summers . . Pancake House... Nursery. 102F MICHAEL DORAN. Milt«. .. all right... New York City ... N. Ford wtncti car? .. . college... my eyebrows ... mechanic. .. stereo ... beautiful... Spirt t in the Sky .. black .. shy... the beach . . . depressed... vibrant . .. Spaghetti... Gracie ... B.C. ... Sasxtmon office.. . burp. RICHARD DONOVAN. Butch ... Starmorket. got an Italian joke?... going to the Cape . . . SS.OO bets. . . number 2 son. late again .. got any gum?... flirt much ...see yo later. r rr c- r » CHARLES DOWNS DIANE L. DRISCOLL. doc ... hooked on a feeling what SI.GO?... n 3 69. . 70 now and after ... jan-ettes .. Kenny who?. .. NJPJ... talk much?... Brigham’s. . never embarrassed.. flirt — where is everybody?... mutt .. . fickle much ... I'm game. Y ■ k k k r n V LYNNE DUNBAR.Git out . . lastsummor ... Led Zepplin ... seventh house... girl's room .. are yo down?... Is that my luck?... I don't know why. laughing fits ... I don't understand... maybe he's hungry . . . log of a quotient__office. R08ERT WILLIAM DUN LAY. Boh... Oh Know. That right loot... Ace___ Fairway. . . tan. alter lunch ... Martha ... all mine .. one rase forever . . life saving... Score . Eagle... jumper cables. . . West school ... What ted light!. . . watch and wait. i. k CARLA DUVAL. PE Teacher.. . windsprints . .. no laps-yetl... college... SPAZ.. team room .... so who works?. . . Carl ana ... Maine... Sports... BOOI ... Hey. ya wanna?... Doesn’t take much to amuse YOU, does it?. . blue . . BRUCE DWYER. Dietary deportment at L.M.H.. . . color-blue... "Cheriso".. . D period study ... Track ... 63 Falcon . .. Cape Cod and Maine vocations . . bowling... College bound, University of Mass... Munich 72. .. English Major? 103NTHIA ELUS. Ondy. . m Fram-npiam parties .. snowbanks . track ■ter 'teatr : «win you" L.. r»c t y » ... kc£ ... Rf" t Raid MAfcrj ... Duxbury ■ .. fcn. Sad 9 ! - o d apart-manr T W.O. . .vrvk.vnds hci KENNETH ELOVITZ. Future engineer... Lehigh or WPl ... Lie’s brother... strives for efficiency_From. YMCA ... canoeing,.. in-i true tor... likes selling end swimming. .. tax . Mister? WEND Y EPS TEIN. a [ink ?. . trouble seeker... two of t kind... a giggler... Ur Buck... Art College Hyannis.., Barry ... It won "t kill you ... Aut Wiedersehtn a mis amigos ... "Our future may lie beyond our vision, but it is not completely beyond our control." BARBARA FANCY. Purple candle... Id ... Damian... Psychology... M.S.... guitar... barefoot... sasku ... eyes . .. melancholy . . "Pam is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. ” Michael farrell. Mike ... muihmouth... wanna take you higher ... often seen at Ernie’s sweating. hunting... sknng. .. Sub ... 46 while going. .. comfortable. Mike?. .. UNSPICI ELWYN. Elmer... ■■ can dress her up bur you ■ 1 a her anywhere!.., ’ apartment . . . ■... chownog... Nrw Year’s Eve... rood .. gymnast the mushroom I. i?... Hendrix ,., ANN MARIE EL Y. Ann.. tiny feet... long blonde hair ... moody . .. "super- wrecked"_____’’Oh, wow!"... spaced... secret love... "I've got t he munch ins"... "Sent'grta"... poocc. ROBERTSCOTTFECAN 10 1JOSEPH T. EVERETT NANCY FARNHAM, ",Arc you kidding me?". . . Nance ■.. work ... eyes... happy ■ . blue .. . shy . . Vermont , . rainbow. . Coan . 63 Pontiac . Rosa's. RICHARD FAYA, "Rick”. .. Piccolo's. . '68 Canutro... "let's go" .. "sacrifice" . . organist.. . "when are we practicing"... "Evil woman" ... Lake Coctntuate water skiing. .. likes traveling. .. California bound. . looking for word to senior week . . "adios". MICHAEL FAGAN, Mike Lake Coctntuate.. . water ski mg . sax or sex?.. . Rat's place . Sen lit.’ forever... Sear's automotive . .. holey dungarees ... skipping, who me?.. . sleeps during F period skunk and or Bev. GREGORY FARRAR JOANNE FEELEY. Fantastic • . . ging-gong... Is CAP a credit card?.. the carpet baggers... often seen in Randolph ... VJalpolenn's hand.. mostly vice.,. "Yea, right ".. . Memorial Day ... that call from Parts the Motropol gang . . . Sunday afternoons ... Ah. SUE FENNER. Joe .. mustang Sue.. . Nursing Home ... Now Years Resolution October 31, 1969 . Hey. Want a cigarette? . uniting . .. summer plans .. . Mrs. Kowal's class. . . True friend. LORRAINE FEROLA. Freak. . Betsy Ross and Her all Nigh ter. . O.G.A T I's . .. N.H. summers... Ski 93... Jimbo... The sun did it 7 12 69. - Mum shampoo at •I a.m.. . N.Y. Horror show ■ .. The devil made me do it ■ . . purple blanket .. Santa's lap .. . liberated.. . D period lunch ... D.H. at Jody's ... Woob ... $300 tan... Aaumas txiund. 105 CHRISTINE FILLEDES. Chris. .. Now Hampshire Summers . . . Future StX'O tary . .. On time?... Spaghetti Where's Linda? "Which wuy you pomp Billy" . .. Rod. . . Busy to per to know... Sears ... Park a car?.. . Someday s otom? Ronnie Remember the happy times. PATRICIA FLAHERTY. Pat . . , Dennis . . Where is everybody? . . "64 Chevy ... Hello It's me... AlvMys with Dennis .. In love.. ■ Where’s Mnrsha?... Sept. 28... Those nights our with Lee. . . Rolls down lulls . . . Take me for a little while. .. P.J.'s at dawn. NANCY FINN. Finn women ... mads bash ... Chicago ... Hampton . .. God forbid pooh. pooh, pooh . . , eggs ... Finn Hotel... thy. one or the untouchables ... cool it... From conio.. high with a little help from my friends. DANIEL FORD. Danny . . . shy, but good seme of humor Dopey ... Sunny side Esso . S. Nauck trips . .. alv nyi blushing Lit... cnocoiate trappes.. Honest to God. nothing rrossedl... future plans??? PAT FINNEY. Munich in "72".. . 64 chevy . .. MacDonalds . Who need: snow tires .. . track captain . . . trips la the cope with P.J. and Ricky . . . Nebraska bound. . . Fosbury Flop. 6’1" in practice... ISO’s. It’s all her fault. JEAN MARIE FOURNIER, the sunrise .. Vermont brooks . ,. high mountains ,.. shoeskisl.. we two A's in Mr. SchuUo’s Physics class .. . titgr.. May . . Timi... an 8 year friendship - Phupyl-luptx. . . URBANAf . . rich m PA . . Gordon College p.t.lj PAUL FITZGERALD. Fite . .. bum s ioulder. . Ed Sullivan Howard?... Irish temper... v here's the chickios?... 70... football star... the canoe incident. . . water ski much?.,, hockey . .. a certain George. . . Amos and the boss... the Sun-dance kid . Uncle Sam. JANICE FRASER. Frost shy. T.F... . E.Natick ... N.Natick .., Hampton ... occasional taps.. South Street... Jamie . .. Sus- pension ... eating . . hungry hotres .. great friend. .. getting mellow. . . Good lues always Erase. 106FRANCIS FOLEY. Town ... R.B. bald mouse... Well Flout,. Stigs... pro- game warm-ups . . (modem ... He got the cooler... Way land! . .. ‘Bud”... hnnonhaphy .. cheerleader ___ con drive. .. Not twins right! . . Honvoods. . . Where’s Cliff? DENNIS FORD. Lung unjblc to cope with the world m any practical way Blessed to no Ik thv earth free.. . You are not wrong who deem my days hove boon a dream. Robert Zimmerman .. who ever he VASS. KURT FOWLER KENNETH FRA TES. Ken . . . fats . . . Fruitsa . . . good goalie. . give me a break ,.. unreal. .. Mr. G's clique.. . South game.. Mighty Mustang ... hockoy... =i? . . . baseball.. acc... cheerleader ... 2A ... Quiet. . . personality plus . . . college bound. good luck. Ken! MARTHA M. FOLEY. Red ... not twins, Right I... Hell’s angel.. . Where Is EVERYONE? ... non... The warden ... Horry ... A ftc' (ha Prom... Hawk ayes... Wooli... H M C P. . 8 17 69___ Secretary for S S... 11 12 69... 1st runner up. .. can’t find The time to tell you. AUDELL FOSBERG. Foss . Sunday ot the movies?... didn’t see thv red light ... John . . Bach ... those blue eyes... Four Tops... fat much I . . . Wallace’s ... Coolidgv Field . . Town Paint . . weekend In Hyonnn ... future secretary .. November 7. ROCC0 FRANCIOSE. Rocky J.... New Year’s Eve... dent in the ceiling... Barb... trade yo a diamond for a Firebird ... Gov’s mansion... Mo Luvozzo's... Toyota... Dominos and Bisquits... midnight gas ... squash end. .. Muskrat... brilliant. BETSY F RAZEE. Li berated . . . San to’s lap . . . 12 1 68... boo balo hill... Wooli.. pretty larceny_____ Narragenset House. M. V . .. after the prom?... D period lunch... where is everybody7 S300 ton.. sky bound! i 107.A £ FREEDMAN. When I .row up. I am going to be a Qu+f - Head Queen ... Jane - M, same is not Fubsy Lucy Widow Corny . . Uncle Jerry ... Pzz.i and Donuts . Guards -d oogs and Barbed Wire. .. Ar-d ere alt lived happily ever after, Amen. PAUL GALVIN. P.T.. 6! Falcon . . . often seen at teen room . .. vrine bottle. ■ . Stop Shop ■ . English downstairs ... Bryant Stratton ... computor technology went you too... Santa for hire . . . New Year's Eve Partyl R08ERT GAROFALO. Little Grease .. Camaro Z 28... Jeromes ... Giovanni's Pizza ... Stop Shop ... Hit the circuit on Saturday Night... Likes the Girls ... "What are you gonna be. A Bum all your Ufeir ANDREA GEORGE. Chunk-. .. Slim . .. "Hi guysI"... 100 Small Cigars ... ‘Y ho's HC? Oh. I get it." . Horror Show at 5.00 PM. ... T.H.E. Office. Hmmm, not bad. .. Not 1 but S... A Littla Irish ... "Echl"... T.W.H. ... Dumb Albanian .. . The End of the Beginning, BETH GILE. Beth.. Ready ?... Don ’t Poke... East Natick... Cornin' To The Country ... Hands ... Let’s Go For A Walk... G. Per. Chorus.. . C-O-L-A Cola ... Parties ... Ftggy Pudding Blue VW. .. First Gear ... SKI... Woodstock... July 4... Rdy. MEs rSSA U. GAMMONS. TmOm HA..hi. Queen... »«=• .6 15 72... Miss sj.p cape sum-am far out. neat... Fare -total. .. Fuebird... AArar the four of us — Mr Year's Eva. .. hove the car. tarn rippling... - -TOuc a e . .. Higher! BRIAN GANNON, Parachute Club ...110.. 720 on Pond Road... street lights ... plays violin. .. snow banks ... 16 oz. weights . .. loves women... DAVID GOLAN 1080E80RAH GASSETT. Otto ... Hyannis. R.H. something's burning... Love That Left Ear. .. Friend In Ashland ... Heard it through the Grapevmn at 6 a.m.... Got the tetter... m love again ... car eyes... true blonde... tender situation ... day-tripper. . ROBERT GATELY. Gate... toft. . Parachute Club... loves to dance . . . L.A.... several friends... valor polo . . street fignts. .. philosophical sarcastic... VW bus . eouvstrian ... flute. GREGG GRIFFIN. Hoy Gift ... Sat. nights... Drive-in ... in about two years. .. Now Hampshire . . Nancy . . track-... tV. Medway ... Stop Shop. . . I’M not going to argue with youf.. . greet personality . pool Gino's .. "We’ve only just begun". KATHLEEN GILDEA. "Hey. Kothf"... "New Girl’’... legs and eyes... 4 member ■. Friendly’s... Ft. Lauderdale ... hugs ... lifeguard incognito ... 22. .. "Boo gal" . .. Northeastern ... Patriots... LCC... peanut-but tie I. . . bound for travel. DOROTHY GIL LIN. Dirty Dot... Party Girl.. . Cold Duck... Falmouth . .. Dungarees .. . Chelmsford Gang .. . Hot Fun In The Summertime.. . Who Killed My Fish? .. . Twak and Friends . . Mr. Diddles??... Romo. . One of the Wrecking Crew... Shack that van.. . Diddles. HELEN GLOBA. DVM... v uterskis .. horses ... Ya wanna guinea . .. pig?... Brazil nut.. Joe. . Vodka Manhottans... Red Spy... I don’t gel it I Smile.. Rich ’n’ famous baseball player... (J. Moss weekends ... morning after... P auder-tasche... Fursty 70. . Dream On. USA GOLDMAN. Ho Jo’S 2 13... Clutchy ... what will wo be doing tint time next year? I’m scared... bicycle ndes to everywhere. . . it's natural... A lot of beautiful people out there and want to meet ’em all.. . A.B.Z.6.A.G. ... Everyday is a Happy Birthday. SUE GOODMAN. Goody . talking. .. legs... great friend.. Tommy., getting mellow . . . E.Natick... N.Natick ... South Street... T.F. ... Hampton ... Erase . .. Guig... hungry horrus .. suspension ... college bound... Good luck always Goody. • 09STEPHEN C. GOODWIN BETH GRADY. Beth... huh .. . CS. . . . Don’t sweat it... Mana Mantt... Skip Much .. Magnificent 7. . . Everybody's Doing It.. Friday the 13th surprise party ... Sh Trip 70... Hey Ya Wanna . .. H20 study ... E period gym . . Helen Keller ... G.T.’s... BIG BASH... Jova:.. Pax Vobiscum. MARTHA GRADY. Nubble Ugh t . . . cookies . . . N.J.P.J.... Who twi acting7 .. . Walk in the rain ... Bob ... yellow rose. . . Jone's ... jumper cables . . those long lashes... Sear’s parking lot .. ociffcr. . . be good... lost my burette.. . It’s snowing! DEBORAH GRA y Debbie ... Wo never light... North Natick. . Potiponcsset... Giovanni. Plymouth after prom ... Monkey... G period chorus. .. Red Torino ... weekend 10 23 70... Nanonkex? . Little Nat's... always around... I.B. GAIL GREENBURG. Gre . . . you’re the package deoil Danny... West bound ... the apartment... rwc peas in the pot one in bed Bruins bucks. . band d gold... g rls night out... Micky ... little sis. MARK GRINGERI. Towmr ... Freak... Mr. IBM.. Radical.. . Wellllect... Hot Pie. . Super Surfer . . Poo-Scoop . .. Computer Man Grape Vines .. Meadow . Get a Haircut!. . Gtmny ‘t.. FRANCES GUIDO. ’'Be not content with this system of things. " Jesus Clmst. MARILYN GUNRUD "Lyrwie". .. nice clothes.. cum . shy .. great person olfty. .. fun to be v ith . Cope . . . secretary . . doodles . good luck always. noJANICE GREENE. “Groenie” — East Natick... Town Forest... getting mellow... Louie . . cute. .. great per tonality... “dm oft"... good luck always ght nio you deserve it. ANNETTE GREIM, Red., boys from work ... peanut brittle.. Wnyhnd. . got the car... Rosotti’s .. letten from U.Moss . . . The Cape .. . N.Y.’s Eve. . It's under the steering wheel... can’t get through to him . . . Medical Future... Fun to be with MacDonald’s. . . true friend. I ROBERT GROSS. U she Jewish?.. . Ruggrc. . Mindy . . Primes ... Cal bound... often :ean with Bob M.... Charles River____ Hampton Beach... “Can’t Take My Eyes Oft You”.. college bound .. -24 ... Law. . . Betsy and Tracy., hunting ... save my life... Mr. Punt Return . . speedy. VINCENT GUARINO. Vin ... "Good things come in BIG packages”. . ravioli . . 65 "Budmun"... Ford... driving nowhere .. Vi n’t Pocky .. Oran be... Humanities for over I... “He .tin’t Heavy. He AIN’T MY BROTHER”... College bound. JANE MARIE GUI00 CHRISTINE GUIGLI. “Guig“ ... East and North Natick. . T.F.... South Street... Who says I’m dumb?... Yellow T.Bird. .. Froso, Sue. Jane. Tina .. A certain someone ... Hampton Beach ... occasional trips... spaced... hungry horrors . . Color of hair?. groat kid... groat friend. DIANE GURNEY, little dee .. . bangs . . lilacs .. blush much?... Occident prone.. . what bndge.. pididdles. . . guess what, rax? . . . bugs... I'm up for anything. . ridet homo?. . . 4f8f70 . . Mark ... where is everybody... Conn truck driver.. . a certain street In $.Natick... what YMlIOtS? i CEL IN DA M. HADDEN. Moncrof. really woogie. .. Vermont summers... love THE Horse-Cobweb... Zwick... Did you make that?... A.F.S.... (Linde-lions... I’m so emborrassod — Double Dave . .. turkey poems . . . parties . .. Cyndromo.. . college?... P.F.. . . Hair .. live free. MlKAREN HALCOTT. Frtd .. . room E Period... W so gh tti Stars a d Str c t ton t,. lima gpeer ■ ■ comm..- Ralph tr Ray Snowbankt... PA. 'crever Put little I your ntart... Gc r g sc Logan ana neve making F— CLIFFORD HAMMEL. CUft ...69 Comoro .. accident prone. .. Jeromes.. . Bud man ... Pina. . . loves those kegs... ya kidding me?.. Stop Shop ■ . Dick's elevator . . Munzios parties. . The Buyer ... 2nd term bets ... This Is true weekends n Bean Town.. Good Luck. ANNE HAYES. Peter... 9 am... Cold marches ... letters to Nashville... (rrsbee lights... LMH... Gabby. A In hie. Denny. Charlie. Sandy. Erasmus .. LATL — moody... zookeeper .., UMass. love. LINDA HAYWOOD. T.W.O. ... Jell luv... Famous... Kev. low you ... Reilly's field__ Sean. . . Frank... special Incnd... Sam. you promised.. X-Mas mte with Cheryl... Society's Child... April 4 ... Cheryl, I'm gonna cry .. Dec. 31... Ray's parties... May 8... John's cool... Born to be Wild.. . friends moan a lot. •ATT HALL. Ame... ram-fetr’ thy .. . college bound 9 oa dirk brown eyes . .. me 0 00 01... K. B. H.... t3» To You".. I like w camp aide... .. m— n d to go far. NADINE HALL. "Parnelli“ ... tell no lies.., Wellesley .. BBC. SWtms at 3AM ... Ho Jo's . . . partial to little rod cars ... cloudy ... midnight talks... someone's at the window... thv dungeon ... a 2 week party. . . Prom 70... accidents?... a little green light. . . summers in Marne.. Good Luck. JARENE HE LANDER. This is true... New York City... Braeburn forever A possible model... to quiet... OH THOSE EYES... Innocent. typing without a typewriter... a mover... Jim Lonbotg... fickle,.. W. T.L.H,. St. Petersburg ministry. 117KAREN HARLOW. Thosr blue eyes. . . summvn at Falmouth .. . John 2, 3. 4 ... Pitt ... thy?... a true friend.. . fitt. .. thorn phono ailli to the Capo... Harp .. . college bound. HERB HARWELL. Hero, tough little guy Office Regular Chevy Station Wagon r Dave and the “k ... Groat Personality .. . Good tor a laugh. The 100‘s... WHITE... Get Rolled lately . . The Stunner Football . .. Hockey — O'Brians TV.. . Ion ol friend: . . should ga for. BARBARA HAYES. Barb .. New Year's Eve. dent n the colling. Rocky ... ring tabs. .. trade y.t a diamond for j Firebird.. oh, believe It — Jones... Brilliant.. . Loveit. Love it. . general mitchiet.. . Mike, pass the ketchup. please. oh. nuts. . giggles. BILL HAYES, BerkUrt), Trash . .. I'll ask Gurry ... speech people.. . vast compilation of nothing... Galileo... Llie's not fust a oow! of chumcs. . . music for student council shows ... Chum up Riven ... Thank you. friends, you ’ro oil beautiful. ELSA HE DIN. Else. But should've been first... only twice at a time... peepers . .. Morion... Parson's boarding house ... Bermuda ... do wn by the U-turn — the keg .. mom and store bought apple pie... ulcer. . Rsquo! II. SHARON HEENEHAN. Skippy . ,. Mad's bosh - t‘i in Mark's pocket... Hump ton ... not I but 2. -. Now Year’s Eve... T.H.E. locker ... it's just a rumor. .. Min t ... mini-moon and T.T.. ■ . Fear!m; threesome. . Plum Island... Still No. I. .a friend ts forever. ANN HENDERSON, Little Miss Bucko... Bunker's Little Sister . ., BUI.. Thu Pad. . . Wellesley . . . Pam .. Amiens, France. .. Bari... football games ... M73. . . Bum-u- nde . Briar wood. the cape. .. tobogganing. . . O.J. Chandler . . . Hello... I'll only say hello and hope. ",Rod fdcKuen” JOHN HENNRIKUS. Jack . often seen on the wall. . . Mils . . t spaed Ope! . . it flips be lore it skids.. skip much . shy... always needs a haircut... Louie big bad Honda .. . Bronson . partial to rear tenders. . college bound. 113DAVID HEWSON. Dave and Judy • • we I weekend m Maine ... Stop S Stop Heruan the "X"... Mac's.. skidoomg . . Wat hair .. . "Wanna Make It With You .,. football... hockey great attendance... Not 5th ... further schooling and marriage. JILL HESCOCK. dodo... bill... I'm hungry ... rambler . burp — wine... fields .. alone... walks a lor... litlMf ram... woods ... earth bound. JOE HILLERY. Sue. Otto — telephone poles are for wires not cars... Phantom F.B.I.. . Honeywell.. Be wo n? the Weasel. . Cold Duck. DANIEL F. HESEK CLAIRE HEUSER. Ding.e... secretary ... certain someone ... legs.. Jack's .. to live. . Boston ... onion rings .. . N ubs . .. Bruins... helpful... fun to be with . . pretty . walks a lot. lots of laughs. .. brut... farmer . .. brown .. love them all .. wild... happy.. . white horse. . . gonna travel... LINDA HOLT. "62"... but stops . . . Hofkie ... Friday afternoons in M73. . fantastic .. half-times ... long blonde hair . Sears lingerie dept. .. green ... college ... bound— last resort?... little brats . .. carps diem. JAMES HOYT sneaks into Fenway Park ... “We tried" ■ . . Sub. Phar. crash driver. . . back ol a wing... drives beat-up VWs. .. Friday the 13th in Brighton... W1 wavs to get Brums tickets • 14 -RALPH HEY MANN. "Hoy mann”. partm! to V tpa ISO's. . cowing with the Pep Out). . . T m Conway . .. magic tricks.. . specialty food... or) the shores of Lake Cochituate .. . lough much? ... Rubber Ducky ... Uncle Fran.. . college bound?... etc. JENNIFER HILL. .. . "J” . . . Framingham... famous___ Juniper Hill. . soars... Burger Cattle. . Y Udcat... 65 Chevy ■ - ■ 'm only kidding... You're so cute when you 'rr mad... Hunkel . . . Spvmanr.. . March 10... orange.. TV .O.. Rome .. N.H . .. You made me so wry happy .. . RICH. NORMA JEAN HINES. Little Hfpesid ... Sneaky II.. When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again . . Filonn's . .. there's a net on that pool... ■Much John . .. ‘where is everybody?. . . Oct. 12... Roma.. . girl's room at K.P... SH Security... 57 different ways.. Now Year's Eve... Where's Lynne. .. the Cape.. . Aquinas J.C. ELIZABETH HOLSTON. Liz ... shy... Does she smile? ... Danny .. . nice. long, blonde hair . . the shock . . Really? . .. Humarock. . great swimmer... honest to God. nothing crossed??. . Her own being CYNTHIA HORTON. I'm SO glad that you an here. . . it helps mo to realise how beau tiful my world is frilkal... we are the people our parents warned us against. cyr.dy. MARY LOU HOWE. You fiend!. - ■ West Palm Beach. Florida . . Boston Bunn. . Framingham News. The News. Natick Office. May help you?... Gift of Gob. t MARY JANE HUGHES. M.J., 65 red putt bomber 3 parking spaces. . dig that surfing. .. doctor bids... horror shows in M.P.... can't live without Sat. pizza .. Borrows rulers from Oil. . . 20 finally made it... Bocp-Beep PAMELA JEAN HULING, Apple ... G.I.W. ... Seventy Now... baritone sax nib-bier... Oliver. ., band. .. APS. . . Chopin . . August 18th , . Amiens... Lille.. . Eric... Pans .. . Belgium . . . Christmas Eve. . July. 115F 'LL IS HUME 2, Sunrise ocean and wind... horseback... tea and toe r. . Simon and Gar-t.ntH Vermont brooks Kingsley Manor— tuna L-A TL .. Germany... can = ... v bcn ... an 8 ret- fr tr. jstnp and a second rr-ry Amen, RICHARD ILSLEY. Ref . somber, shy ... KhorasTcaOb minded, college then enT . . San Francisco? Loee — travel... found around -ac ords— future journalnx -w» be... big sports tan honey and wheat germ yet. . ecology green and blue . Why me? Pence. JOHN INGEMI. Did you iwr that?... Butcher ... 2f Summer Street... Boston. Gropposo's Mkt. . Ford Mustang. F?0i We’ve only just begu Green.. . Cape. Chubf« Check... lunen Select a-motic... Beep-Beep ... Stickers. RICHARD JACOBS HUTCHINS. Sermuoa .. Alias Lib- 'wmeac Go dea Phoenix - • SM j Lac Aww Hamp-Hoad first $Rer JM 0 Bryan's Had I- Omi Zen, $300 Tan Rcavm School? .. PATRICIA HUTCHINS. Triad ... M. Coeur. .. Pap Cop... T.W. .... Enjoy... Hello, Peter ... Aorgh ... Chicago. .. Alpherat ?... Friend of Latl... Montreal __Halleluiah____Going out side?.... Ecology... Au revolt. 4 FRANCES LILLIAN JENCUNAS 116ALANj. IMPARATO. M srtv Mouse —66... period C 6. A. dub... Gim food... brow .. shower room chorus. . . prom at McDonalds... townie... Dionne. River Bend. . No good. . froggio ... Lagers. . . Big Baby... hill fight. crash helmet. .. 360 s. EDWARD INF ERRS RE. Rot ... I'll deep, her., summers down me Cape... townie much ... —I... big wtd trucks . .. many loves... those girls ... all of them ... soccer i orty... I'm the greatest driver . . eats a lot .. . Big Mac's . . great kid to bo with .. best of luck you do. w VALERIE IRVINE, Friendly Vat... not I. c. s. but 2... Franconia . .. rippling... A A? red baron. O.S.H. AH.. . . J.O,... Margie's Party... 8 B. .. 10 17... two ihters in a tree... 8. A. in Boston ■ mined up. on-touchable .. . Billy ... high with a little help from my friends. JUDI IRVING, whoop. school. . judo.. . Charlestown ... work ... Italian .. . Ray... Dec. 4. 1969... being vnth Ray .. eyes .. sports .. . Fun to be with . . . Senior Lounge. .. We’ve only just begun... yellovr... being always helpful and happy . . . talkative. .. Speedy with schooWrork New Hampshire , .. April 4, 1969. Ray. MICHAEL J. JACOUET. Mike .. "Limey". . Camaro SS.. Fire Chiefs treef. .. W. C. showers Summer of 70 Jack offf.. . New York . .. Schtite... California bound. Coon Bros.. . Yah!! . always on time... 3 sugars ... J.O.T.H... . coffee much 1.. B period Zoo . .. Someday? DOUG JANG RAW. hVuy to go . . . teacher. . . xylophone lessons... 3..... Bucknell ... Henmkcr, N.H.. . . corn on the cob . . Oak St. Pharmacy . . sports. Drums. . college bound... Band... Classical Gas. .. Funny Sarcastic .. . listener and talker ... GBYSO... vacations in camping trailer. LEONARD JENNINGS. Pud . South Natick Wall.. You Stain.. Night at the dam .. Nursing Home . .. Theresa . . U.S. Air Force. . Where’s Noo-Noo ... 67 Mustang . . Skip Much .. Be hind The A Wing . . D period Zoo. ANN JEWELL. For Wyrd oft Saveth earl undoortwd if he dought be. t 117I SUSAN JODICE. Nurse... dumb girts . BUI. . Bumpkins always ... Woolworths ... 4 wheel drive... talkative . .. crazy doings... yellow ... 23 Porter Rd.... stubborn ... loveable ... Did you make it?.. . "Wedding Bell Blues". C.C.R. . Come into my jacket.. . Newton Wellesley . . . July 3. . . Great three years. MARTHA CHRISTINE JONES. Little Freak . . . blue everything... Park St. readings .. two rights again ... trips to D.C . . . mono. Tufts or Bust . . extended snow storms . .. lost literary genius .. Coke . .. Koala Bear ... U.S.A.F.?.. hates to fight ... smile. i. PETER KAOLIK. Townie... 64 chevelle . .. Apple figlits . . . W.H. .. Breakfast Treats ... M.R. .. Hot Soup... Stachir. Steamers .. Mid-nigfit Auto . . Ming Jade . . . you smell.. . Light em up No W-Hay. .. Bones ... Burns.. . Hockey Ace... Decapitation specialist.. That's It... You. LEICESTER S JOHNSTON. Ill STEVEN KAMENS. Right on ... big eyes. . blue and gold.. pharmacy .. 442.. talkative. always contused . college bound. Goober ... Hollywood. Fla. ... pizza .. . voice... pmballs .. communications . . . Peace Corps ... tike 10 travel... Get Ready -. ■ Halloween. KARIN JONES. Jomie.. Jova Magnificent 7 14 yrs. .. Seen in 163.. Knee socks .. . Orange Plus . . Whateye's? ■ Chinese Fue Drill. . . Bottom Half. .. Magic Mouth .. To Hot To Handlet... Sadie Hawkins '69... Guess What?... Whatsamstto U . She's the Best there is!.. . Pax Vobiscum. S ELLEN KATZ. L.N___phar- macy . . talking eyebrows . . . can I sing my lullabye NOW .. . mighty manfrad the wonder bike. . . bubbles jelly boa ns ... I'm going to find a mountain somewhere and I'm going to live there forever with a goat and a garden and me. I 118 ?» . - t .¥ T - - —r ---TTTTT s TsT VIRGINIA M JONES. G nny .. Flckl Much?... Feb. '69... Brett Burra ... BS. — Summer: '70 . .. These eyes. Weekends at U Mass ... 3 a.m. talks .. Tuct-day A! tor noon .. . Room 910 . Where's the party?. . . Ripple ... Daily Gross Outs at Lunch .. Hurt So Bad. KIRK JOSi. IN, Tolland-josun Productions . 20 loo: straw ... EPC for Senator. 8unny Segal in an Ice boa Hope your hairdresser gtu life... panic with Elena in a Rambler... Commune in Vermont. . . Carol Shears for President... PR man . .. but. JASON M. KAHN.. . . "How do I know?" Jay. .. smashed ‘64 Oudgr Far malty McDonalds, presently Dish W Dat.. . Amherst Guitar . . "Black Mope Woman " The men Get up early? Ugh I Moody at times . .. A.2.A. . . Skiing .. G period ’’studies." RICHARD KA LOU ST! AN. How they going. work on autos .. . Abe . . Pond Road ... Body School... Miami. Fla. ... Italian Food... gas station ... shoot pool... fun to be with . 60 chev . or 56 T-Bird... blue Green .,. talkative... Cope . . . Bom to be Wild. CHARLES KANE. Chuckie . .. The Wife... 63 fairlano ■ cheerleader . . lookout for VW. . New York Style ... "Gates"., Reformed towme .. old more .. buffing specialist. ., always eating 11 21169. . The prom . great personality . . New Years Eve Good Luck. Chuckie. PATRICIA A. KANE. Patty ... May haw some security please... run for your life. . . Ma, I just wanted some oir . . . I laughed till you cried. . lot-tars to Vietnam... never an time.. . R.H Forever. .. fun to be with ... cute .. . WELLESLEY . .. college bound. MAUREEN KEARNEY. Moe .. txirnj but age. . . Partial to Vets. That’s K-E-A Gotta banana?. . Ma?. . . A license?! . .. Froggie . . March 16. 1969 .. Joey... Chcnsh . ., The big D.. Ratjurl Welch?... nose ... Wayiand ... Arahrah . .. Snnookums .. Igore . . . Pancake buddies with Pat. . . Joey forever.. . Always ready for a good laugh .. Hates cross-eyed liontf MARTHA KEATING. Mufty . . bluo bomber . . 70 was ... everyone lean forward. .. 7 10 75... Bobby... My face was purpto . . Hampton . . "4 . .. BramTree Knockout ... 2 asters in a tree.. . New Year’s Eve... 2 little help from my friends... one of the untouchables 119RICHARD KEENE. Morbid ... half a day of an . .. Christopher. who's Mary Fiorentmo?. Sunday morning search . . Hoy. you've got to help mo. . . Aaron.,, ups and downs . .. heading fur Art school .. Porta-San. PRISCILLA KELLEY. I laugh a lot and try to make others faugh and bn happy so it I've ever made you faugh or bo happy then I am PAULiNE KELLEY »30 THOMAS PETER KELLEY. Luther. . you 're fa tot.. Spurt.. . Going to the 100 . . . Musical Computerized Doctor . . . -Jbyipkl- Exit Ludovico . . "Whet do you serf “...THE PIT.. V.P. Competitive Speech Club. Editor ot CLM. Band. 70 Now... There are no shallow people, only elusive ones. TERRY KESSEL. Mickey Mouse . . NASTER . . . Dave w o7. . RPI. . . ski bum . . . no meat when t was 12... I can too Brownie. Pen Soup.. pink skies.. mats-sie ... always In love ... a skunk and it frog . ribitf DIANE KOSOWSKI. "if one advances confidently in the direction of hit dreams and endeavors to live (he life which he has imagined, rw will meet with a success unexpected m common hours." Henry David MARIE T LAFORTUNE Otis... dimples ... cuddles ... P.P.P.... Brass Lantern . .. Finger Steak Blind Date. .. One rnon chance ... Nice smile ... Lots of Fun . . . Jan. 23.. . BB Beautiful ayes ... No. . . LG----Spar... Uncle Art's Companion . .. Oak St. Ren dervous... car with wings . Young Girl. SHARON KELLY. Shat . MAti fo be 3 secretary Peter . , Engaged Oc r 5. 1970 . Drives o "62" Old:-mobile .. . Loves Italian Food ... Hump ton Bench. New Hampshire. . . Quint... Fun to be vnth . . works at Wool-worths in the MaH. . . always smiling. SWART KENDIC. Mr Con-tehatrve. future architect ... will attend RPl. Or-pats. .. summers at Resolute ... the green machine. . . admires W.F. Buckley ... Salunga Pa. Swimming, camping, hiking, eating... Marlboro Ffsb and Game til fa team. JOHN KOBBS. ■All the world's a stage, and .ill the men and women merely ploy ers They now- their exit,, jnd entrances. I've had my entrance, I only await my exit. ELLEN J. KONOWfTZ. Steve! ... half-time. . flock 3 .. . Fridays ... no smooching. . . blackouts.. . Espona '70. . CCC ■ .. the cook .. red Itoarts. . "the kids"... Love... coffee-houses . . what's o matter .,. a woman in white . Adios I I STEPHEN KRUPSKt. K up .. . Mustang .. . Track . Super Kick Munick 72. .. Nat,ck Orhre-tn. Wat that your father who stopped me fast sveek?.. What's ploying at the Q ive-ln?. . Sitting on the engine. Great curve bail?. . Poinh Freedom Fighter. ROSALBA LANZAFAME. Rosy . skmny . picks .. . model teacher?. . I.S.'s- puppmol. . Sagitta . Yog. girl-Colit... Hi ! .. Let's go bond in hand, not one before another. — Shakosoeorc. RICHARD LABOSSIERE. Fronchy . .. Stubborn ... Of Course... Cough ... 63 chevy . . . Columbus weekend what bear? , . Good Guard. . . First National.. . Betsy Post Mortem .. . Beard. . . Wellesley College ... Logan Airport____ the shock . .. Piccolo's... Toes . . . College Bound. CHARLENE LANDRY. Charlie . certain Horwichport lifeguard. . Shorty 4’t I "... Cape Cod summers.. Flirts much?— Sparkle. . . studios! ... 5 22 70. .. little eater . . . often seen in Red Pmto ... I don‘t core... I dunno ... silly moods. .. always laughing, 121PETER LAOUIDARA. S3 Skylark . .. 280 Yphama . . 305 Honda . . Stop Shop .. . skip . .. summon j t Marshfield skip days at Onset Strawberry Holds . . . Sewer bed parties . .. Repmen painters at South fire cracker business ... a day in court... on probation Of JEANETTE LEHMKUHL. Red ba r M.Y.F. Retreat . Perry Rd ... A Sunday in Concord . . A summer's Night at Riven.. JHHe. . Northeastern Bound... Nurse . gomper Jordan Marsh . . . good times in Band .. Is Svkothi Out I. Eat your heart out... Chicken Salad Subs ANTHONY LASCALA. Oh did you hear bv weather report? . . blondes, rod and blue mini-skirts! . shy 66 Mustang . "in the Autumn pi My Life". . Baker at Wonder Bread. Leader in clubs activities. photographer. radio operator IWNIMTO... happy)... Electronics?... Meteorologist? . . . Italy. VALERIE S LIBBY. I at... Californio Broomin'. . NH summers. sincere .. A.L. horror shows. . where is everybody? .. Italy... nights' out with Deb. . truth sessions ... frilly blues ... cooliage memories ... on a diet... witty.. that mood... the name of friend it common but faith in friendship is rare. ROLAND LEBLANC. All those sketches.. Portraits anyone. At list plus... Future millionaire. . very modes t Fabulous Zayros ... Geometry ... Art again . rarararog . . physics. Forget it.. Greenfield for cows . So long Natick High... I shall return. RICHARD LLOYD. Rich .. . Special Girl in Ashland.. Golf-Super Joke One of Ho-Jo's.. Thanks Bob ... Leave much rubber at Howard Johnson’s Parking Lot .. Hey Rich-What happened to the G-T-O. . f don't Like to eat much . . College Bound. JUDY LEE. Gadieu Weston . .. Power to the People . . Powdaridge . . never smoke, JOAN LOCKHART. Joanlc .. . "Gates"... One of a set — Hampton.. One honk will be sufficient... Sincere Dairy Queen . . forgetful... ! 1 21 69... Chuckle Remember Sue. you taught It to me. .. Skeeta . The prom . . . always smiling. 122ANTHONY LEONE. N ppa . . . Eyes ... Towmt... Honeneck. Well I lent. On Fool Well Done. .. Plot-tic People... -12 cents . .. Pre-Game Warmups. . . Never Again. . . Period O . . . Long Walks ... Pic's ... Think So?... That it! JOYCE E. LEVITT, never ready ... guard n-lt while fencei Famous. T.W.Q. . Kathy's babysitter . .. Nan tasket summers ... moody woman .. Reily's field — tinuuUe. .. Sean girl. that wild weekend .. chat much?... New Years Eve-0. J. V. . Born To Be WildI TOD LIPKA. Toddy... around the campfire . . Mr Off once. . luv them curls . .. green pants ... £ panod Guidance ... don't bellow in Beatles ... 3 in a room . . . true Jew. . din't... always got a job. . . oh yoah ... gross outs at lunch ... HI Neil .. . DUKE. DUKEI PAMELA A. LISTER, Pie... lives for weekends. .. NJPJ... summers of 'earning. . . Nubble Light... HMCP... freeze . . never emborrassod?. .. we're only friends!.. . when- is every body? . . . Jeff . . , II.120 70. coffw slave. .. Bellingham tide . . Chris... Apumas bound. ROBERT LLOYD AMY LOEWENBERG. Subc tu el sugol. I'm not sweet or charming. I'm really a , . . can she sing? Mexico ... os-pane) groser os mexicanos ... Topeka pervades Natick .. 9'30 a.m. singing lessons ... hate fluffy girls and sickv chickies .. March hi and “The MOV A . afraid of being attacked... gullible — Kennedy's campaign headi uarters . Anyone for a (juickia? JA MES L OCKHA RT. The Pope . Amos .. one of a set.. . Oairy Queen . contests with 01 lie_ Okemo Chtf. .. Stratton Skiers ... Dog Races... Rusty... twifty... The Chief... Expensive Summer . . "snows" .. . Great Farmer ... skates at porter's.. Always late KRISTEN J. LOFSTEDT. Kris ... wanna skip?... pretty eyes loves to ski.., 3 a.m. ... lectures... Fri. night night. .. town forest. .. trip to Norwich ... someone in Vt . . Big Mac’s. . . spastic.. . a 6... girls room . . Home on time?... always laughing.. college bound. 123JANET LOMAX. On right Couldn't mat... Bus-tor Futunf Jimmy.. . Past 3-C-ty . School... Forget 3'tck ... When you get n ". down to tt.. Huey Newton . Fino .. Whole W ? QAv tD LONG. Dave... pur-who MM White J pc There't nothing .ronf -' f V.xDontitf'i Crweiecu’pe’: . . My feet »• r og rte Talkative tenth you’re kidding me iooce'. • JCJtioni m Wa Hampshire B period isudr? ■ Anyone got change foe a donor? DARLENE LONG. Do... Shorty ,.. Bowferumo . . loves ptr a... Secretary at New England Instrument... those eyes .. cute. . petite ... loyal . talkative but shy___blushes u lot... 61 Behnre .. Marriage intended ... "Fred",.. tun fo be Math ... friendsI... "Awe. that's cute " MICHAEL THOMAS LUCE. Pin head. . . Patella Man I... Elgin . . Warm-Ups ... Ken’s S.H.... S0... "Hot Soup" ... C.C C... Knees... "Phowl That was a close one" .. ."My Florida Sunshine"... "She's the only one". ., KATHY! HENRY S. LUFTMAN. Reading. vacation, bund, silence.. puny. punishing puns... vices Sc-Bio. Chess-Bodge Clubs . .. Horn in with trombone . . . German. IR, Computer Clubs S Honor Society ... Orpals (my bag)... MIT?.. . science .. why. BARBARA LYONS. Pinches .. Loads of fun ... Miss you ... Ashland... Quick Change Artist .. Long Talks ... I'm going to get _______I.. Beaching.. Gio's Veal Parmigiana.. NHS roof... Eyelash os.. Accident Prone... 66 Gal-axto... I want a dogI... Guess wno dropped by!.. JMH. MURRAY MACUMBER. friends young and old... understands people... humanitarian of 71 ... likes music... plant to be a const-.-vaZionist... pvt peeve is nar row-minded people... favor Ito place it the Capo . .. KATHLEEN MAHONEY SPAZ... Reilly’s field.. Ray's Parties... SDG . Don't move me... grounded again . .. watch the tree.. Let it be.The spar mobrH .. . dumb. . better late then never. forgot... who sleeps at parties... Sean N.H.... T.W.O_______ Alweys Smiling. 124LINDA LUPIEN. Bdiy. Plum Island... give up my weekend . Let's take a walk ... cadi at Giovanni's s.. You httle cutie. . too ... little kiddle. . can I ask a question . . Pet . . . 4 18 70.. . nut nut. .. Labor Day Weekend .. Love Is Billy. .. 660. . summer 70.. roses... forever. WILLIAM LUTTON. Lmr How's the twins. . Pfum Island... 66 comet. .. I’m a good driver.. 4 18 70... 660... Summer 70... certain Babe . scuba diver volley ball... too... Labor Day Y eckend... S lb. wz.... Pout Pout. . almost one.. Come on lyn . . tumor.. . Together. JUDITH MACDONALD. udi... 105 lb. weakling... tin angel. . Art Room Hair Cuts .. . Zetdo the great... I am a child, hope i always will be . . not only to be loved but to be told that I am loved.. . Good times, bed times____ who knov s what tomorrow may bring. DIANE MACISAAC. Chicken Little isn't little any more. . marriage . . . Dte:... P.P. Framingham ... Fish Chips Fried Clams... Sears ... Kevin ... Fingernails... Fun to be with ... Pretty , .. Chevy... Over at 2:33... Kovm anything by 4 seasons — Purple! Purple!... Kevin — Great. .. Different ... Talkative... Running in Corridors . .. Hampton Beach AUDREY MAGUIRE. Aud. . . Eddie... A MacDonald's . . working with kids... go to La.... Covin .. . hamburgers .. . First National ... 66 Chevy. .. 11H 5 69... loft ankle... Purple. .. Portrait of my Love . . fun to be with .. Mr. T.... Blue Eves ... DAVID MAHANEY. 'Coochie'.. watenkiing... North East Natick. hungry munchles... F Period Hooplas... "Behave Now" ... Boop ng. .. The Commune ... "Crash"... Rats . "The Mafia".. "King" .. . Groat Friend. . Great Kid. . Good tuck always. Zooch . . CARL MALKIN. Francos.. April 22. . Time to go .. Safety patrol... Who's on the opposite door.. Ticklish much ... Nice Eyes . .. Pool with a certain senior git!... Two years oI German?? land Other things!!. . Oxford. Maine Soccer . . Allies EDWARD MALLOY. Eddie . . Wnore’s Donna?... 4 yeais now - fight much?... CD. ut NSH’t.. Brums playoff tickets... Iron Horse ... Stuck on Cottage St.. . Mondays at Donna's... Minor accident in Hollis ton?... Little brawl at MacDonald's ... New Year's Eve.. . Navy bound... 125SANDRA MANGIACOTTI, Sandy . Buddy "s". .. But-iron chicken .. Vivacious.., Petite . . "I'm Embarrassed" . . . Aquinos Bound... Special memories Rita's wheels.. F.B.I.. 6th Sit ter. .. Flirt... Nice clothes ... Personality Plus ... Mng. dr a iv me a picture. . Friday 13 . . always a smile . DIANNE MARSHALL. Di... Would I he?. . Blind much? . . . California Dungarees ... Let's go to the beach . . Football and hockey games . motorcycles . . Zambezi ... sc teaming yellow conkers sawing .. I hate it... Authentic Maniac TERESA MARTINANGELO. Tre. . . Ohhh my GodI... Wool worth's. . where's my contact? .. big brown eyes that laugh ... alkative ... always on the go... Fred and Fannie Forkle... Where's Joani?... always happy.. Dannnport. . Lasagrsa dinners . . midnight postal service . . Coronet RT 440.. Dave .. good luck in the future. THERESA MA Y. Terfff ...4 more yearsI.. good driver .. of tan teen with Hank and Rosco . .. baby blue "sung” — momma told mo not to come. .. Marshfield summers . .. B.C parties ... College bound. .. many friends... DAMEL MANGINI. Art... a 9 uG reeffy my utter?., oarmoa bound . . Wellesley Country Chib pet peeve ».-v got en Stop Shop Codege can wait... Sports ... Math a nor for ate . for lunch . . JOHN MARONEY. Dr. John ... We six... 128... Week-Ends with Ivan .. Co-ed Room . . . Egor's... Cross Country Party . .. Wokathon ... Where's my hat . what radiator . . . taxi service .. . scrambled eggs . . caroling was wild. SUSAN McCAMPBELL. Mac ... "Oh it's kinda cute"... mad machine.. "Make It With You"- • • Sag... spring '70 .. Corner of Everett and Cottage... SHOT DOWN.. U. Mr. . P.L. .. ■ screaming yellow... best eft buddy.. meet the GIRLS. Patches 126JILL "ARSON. Jiffy Besn. . . Chucky ... MAH Princess. . Franconia Otch .. "Untouchable"... fUn... TOM... Dirty Duo . Who Talks funny?. Mormon-------Chicago Ooes.. S.E.A------isabelio ... My Irish Rover. .. 10 13 $$ ... T.H.E. Fern Duts... Calif. Bound... Higher . . What's a Bnrgword? WILL I AM MASON S TE VEN MASTRACHIO. Haven't got time... 128 to NHS. 1 gun. 2 knives ana a Haro.. . habiscus.. Wait j minute. , old man in chair with alligator .. Can't find my sword... room service . . . Where do you live and what's your name .. . faded.. . 1th. KENNETH MAYER. Mr. Knn .. My or.. . . Paula ... 63 Chevy... certain poet... Hockey . 7... Burns... "These Eyes".. . Screaming Yollow Mam bo's -., Duxbury ■ . No. ta... Duck Boot ... N.Y. Style... President of what ski dub?. ..Mr G's digue... Unde Kvn. DAVID MAZZARINI. Mar . . . "witat should I do?" all-star goalie. . . curly locks Fairway ... "I your puppet". .. yd... CUDDLY... Girls . . , Fun to be with . . . "ooh. now you're gonna get it... bum shoulder... "See mo, foeI mo"___wild one ... running around peace rugs ... Now years Eve party.. . 11:45.. . out like a light,.. Soccer... Baseball. . . Salty patrol.. . best of luck Dave ... you Star. CAROLE McCarthy. Moon ... Rest of weekends at Mad's. . Loves Noscos. .. fearless thivesome,.. suitcase. . Hampton?. . . toast to the president . Thanksgiving nightmare. . won . .. "Echf"... Y.A.A.G.L,... made it upl. . . Now Year's Evo . .. Margie's parties . . . Poncakes with Co 127LARRY McCarthy. Flying . . . Architectural Design College or Services . . . Friend-1 ... Lome ... ‘63 Buick Specie! . . Ploy "Oliver" . . Bend . . A Cuppa!in . .. Always found at the Airport or Found at The Drawing Board Designing. . . JOSEPH McCONNON JAMES MeKEON. Jim ...Mr. 6'J- boy... "Manny, you're unbelievable". Stain on Brian's floor... 'What's the coach's name?''... Me and Manny didn't. . Shots at the Dairy Queen .. All the way. Natick... Hates Twin-kies?— 7 used to know but forget." DIANNE MCLAUGHLIN. Dt.. . "You make me so very happy". . . have no regrets ... A change is going to come .. ARMY .. Where's Linda having a butt?... Those midnight phone calls .. Remember the upper 100's... Night walks.. Koef) the faith . . don't look so sad. PA TRICIA McMAHON. Patty .. . Honey . .. one of the twelve . personality plus... .tlvwys j smite those blue eyes... "Thu Red Bomber" .. . charm bracelets ... clothes . . . Johnny Cash Show "I give up"... Tommy. . Fun to be with ... a friend always. ROCKY MELCHIOR . The ROCK.. Who’s Italian ... Pebbles — loud ford... FOOD . . . trumpet. .. Harry James ... smiles a lot... love: sports especially football . .. assemblies . . . organ .. . light my fire!. . . Scar on v hat footI. . . another haircut I. . . Music wing. . . Jack and Mon — always loved JOYCE MICCILE. Joy... "really?"... weekends at Natick Animal Clinic. .. nights at Cabots... horror shorn at Natick Labs... his lent are on backwards ... happy. . What, gym again? .. . big eyes. . . midi's . . . talk much ... sounds of silence .. gaok luck ... college bound. t DEAN BARRY MINOR 12B DORIS McPARLAND. OoOo ... Gel back .. Wtuftc is everyone?... often seen with Mary . . shy, till you get to know her. . gonno cut my hair. . . got any gum or anything ... sincere... Fair Yeager .. green eyes. U 1 ROBERT M£l, Bronson . Harley Davidson Phys. Ed. Amy... Cal hound. . . often seen with Boh G. . Charles River .. . determined mechanic .. . Mr. 4 Speed... "Down that long lonesome highway” . cosy going . .. hay Gum,i... the Horsey Squirts ... 68 . .. Brent surfer ,.. life utver. CAROL L. MENGE. Grunge accident prone, who . .. e'esr In vie. .. sorry-no tins ... bring apples... let’s go oat summers in Maine. .. coter nxlcs Branded on Sunday ... 88 it’s gone... lust forget it... what no window HM 405W . in love... 20. KEITH MILLER, patched ’63 chevy. .. baigel-boy ... shunt ... hode... hockey... LOU. .. Danny’s house... Rick D.B. Friendly’s C period. - - Juan, two„. .. no, really .. muscles .. iron cross... Marcy’S parties... Pauls' comm home. . r. college bound... good tuck schnaoks. MARION MILLER. Mare... me blue bomber.. unevens ... finally got that Eagle. . . T. T.... Room 9.. Hynnnix ... N.U. .. . Dover... Eddie . . true blonde. .. Mcrox . . . heard it through the grapevine at 6 am... chosen sweetheart ... N.N.H.____winter surfing — blue eyes ... smile. .. fun to be with. . . college bound. KAREN MITCHELL. K Baby .. . Mitch . . Combination of the two . . Jams Joplin .. . adopted sister... The old Gurnet Inn ... Pineapple wine. . . Older men ... Where’s dirty Dot?.. . Falmouth Horror Shows . .. Dux bury on Sundiy . . One of the wrecking crew. .. Cope Mailer. LYNNE MITCH NICK. Lyn-nie... SchniCk... inrif 83 .. Michigan . VW.. . Jewish ta k , . . traveller . .. summer of ‘70. . U. Mass. — all thumbs. .. taught. .. Wakathon . . Framingham friends . . couth midnight confessions... dungarees and a T-Shirt... 34 days. . socks ... amor v par a lodo el mundo. 129CA -FERINE MOODY. Mood 1 1 71... MAINE... rr -■ blue Rambler .. km At small bur kin At CUM... PF Raggedy Andy... North Natick... IX Gainer G period chorus... 3'. ng experiences... iky-rainy night at Cape S', onev end. GARY MOORE Fearless Fly ... Goose.. Pizza... Bowling Anyone?. . Good-Natured .•. Shy ,. Good Listener... ’60 Ford Falcon .. Nanck Moll. FRANCES MORGAN. Tee... friendly Carl. . Physical Therapy. Stop S Shop ... lively . .. German Two... U Conn.. . . Artistic. Maine Schau Nase.. . Soccer Fan . .. Californio... oh I those legs ... modeling... bound to succeed... "Don't Dunk the iMater-. IIM| Join MARGARET MORRILL. Peggy . . Did you get a letter??? . .. Swimming_ 3 ,€,f 9. .. Gymnastics... Roy Co-Op .. Comet... Sue ... water much Air Force. blue . . Brant Rock . .. gym thow. .. nogs ... Executive Board JOHN MULHALL. John... Mull.. . Harry High School .. Rag.. Radical much? ... What time .. one tooo many .. . Falmouth ... Co! lege W.C .. . Just a Trim ... Henry Street... Day-tripper . . D.M.A.G. . beau tifully Funky______ Up_______ Cape ... apartment bound Well thank you nancy MOORE. Nan. . Gary___Wa get her license 7T«d ey.. P.P.P . North Vexi Fee 68.. . never tyr Wt-ynoav... G Period ©SOrut.. . Altaevs hungry . .. yygttt Brass Lantern ... Weekends down the cope... ne .. college bound... LUCY MORANA. Luce... Harrison. Maino,.. 5874 ... Dover... N.U. .. . Liberty Mutual . . . ‘'Puffy”... “Dtbby"— Nice eyes... Loyal? . A shy boy ... Lots of fun at parties.. Who's hero??. twin sweaters... Italian . White Hall... the month of May ... peanut brittle,.. one year gone ... ROBERT MUTO. Bob. . Perhaps some future distant age ... Less tinged with prop ucFce and better taught shall ... furnish minds of power ... to judge more equally. . . hope 130 JAMBS MORONEY. Owf ... Cape Cod... Professional Painter.. . Sewer Bed Finns ... "Who oid I wat a lush" ... "I didn't try to nil it”... DeUy ... Ftthhpf Fun up ... Irish Coffee. The Gallop mg Goumet A day n Court .. . Probation .. . June 30. 1971... "0 MAUREEN MORRIS. Scream much... "I'm to embar-ratted"... flirt much... a certain heart thopoo coke. .. that laugh ... 2 o.m. phone calls . .. wondering eyes . . fences don't move... skip much ... stuffed animals... M.R. ... Florida ... always a different hoy .. a friend it forever... U M MARGUERITE M OS- GOFIAN. Margaret. Ray ... Chicken little isn't littfe anymore... Ray ... marriage . .. Ray . .. Soul and Inspiration . . . blue . .. Memorial Field .. Roy . . . Wool worths... Shoulders... tun to be with... teen sliding down corridors . smoking in girls room . ... those olives .. . Hampton Beach PATRICIA A MURPHY. Murf. . kmt-a-rug .. (fa. trip . . . New Years.. . Mary. dtd you miss me?... feet?__ my favorite things,.. U.N.H.?... mosquitoes . . . the king .. . "moms' apple pie and the am. flog"... knitting needles ... qt. of milk ... time can‘t be given .. . MARY-LOU NADEAU. One of the five, stop the car... Pull over... Where's Squeaky . all nigh tens.. parking ticket... stone free . . Spore chongo anybody. . Joe Cocker. inspection sucker .. Come get me. I’m out of got. .. bock door. .. shack ... wacky ... Falmouth ... What Is a friend? MAUREEN NAGLES. Mo., freckles,.. former truck driver... purple... "Go Now".. . Brass Lantern ... Sea Turtlel... PP.P.... quitt... peanut brittle ... The Watcher. . . laugh much .. North Natick ... dart swinger... G period chorus ... personality plus . ■ . college bound.PETER NASH. Problems... shut-up ... motorcytes . . . Demo Darbys... 63 Fords ... barefoot on the bike.. .. basic black. N.H.. . muddy runs .. . Cape... harassing. Natick Labs. Boston Babes ... cross lakes in style... control h everything. DONNA J. NICHOLS. Boro . horse shows . . . The Barn Danny Boy .. . Natick Labs... Can I ask you a tjues-tion7. . big blue eyes... dirt much . . accidents!... windshield?... river?... Where is everybody? .. different. .. certain hockey co-cap t.. no. 8 . happiness. JOHN NATARELLI. Nat... doesn't cam , . the cope . .. Debbie . Plymouth . . . Lies?... Never a hair cut . the allies ... heart breaker. . . that music ,. . never fights?___ everybody'S friend. . never around... Italy bound... Little Nat's... curie pic... March '69 . . 10 23 70 AUDREY NY DON. Introducing Audi .. Lincoln ‘64 N Y. at 4 a.m. . .. K appy's Upstairs Down.,. Abide-a-wliile-Comping... Tiger . You mads me so very happy A period Gym. . , penpuina . . For The Love Of Him . . Stoned love and Jell .. Florida bound . . Hospital tantrums .. . What polo? RONALD NATION. Flashy Olds ... Parocnutc Club... loves to dance street fights . . several friends . . trips to Framingham . . hatex to waterski. .. money . . Keeps to himself. .. ten week parties. LEE PALMER. Palmer... Willeys Jdtp... 4 and gone ... party In Wellesley... Cassie... Mel Schyfc. .. Icy dips In the river... South Natick Wall.. Muskrat... Needham Broads . . . slightly college bound. DA VID NEWCOMB. Dave.. . Golf... Sean Warehouse . McDonald's... Master’s in ’72... ‘67 Ford... UFO... 4 lunches . . going cross-country ... no tecs???... full stops ... 6 and C period study with RTO... golf captain . .. 9:30 on Friday nights CYNTHIA PARSONS. Cind. . . Hones ... Chinese Food ... Green Acres... Saddle brids. .. Gonna Cry?... "Indiana” . . . "Reserve Charnp-Camesf".. . "Fitly" .. Grtuf Kid... Breeding Stable.. . fun to be with .. "going to the show?"... What's my number?... Blue ribbons and trophies. 132SUSAN J. NICHOLS. Sut wanna skip Trip to Norwich 3 am. lectures ... gimme j brook.. . always laughing . . ye!.. Catcy... In the trunk . . tmpke much Tho Cape.. Don’s House. .. White Jeep .. . Peanut brittle. Always waiting lor a certain cadet bright blue eyes .. fun to be with ... best of luck. DEBORAH NO VICKI. Otbby . .. Ruth 'n Ralph . .. Pphih Princess.. . Angel-face... Eagerman’s . . . Morey O.B . . . Shower power Pigman Pit. . Discovery -. Rabbits .. . Krsiy K syy ... U Mass Paitins Pinchy bird . C.B ' Tan . eyes. . Did you lose something? LINDA O NO RATO. Lynn ur Denise i Sister. . blue eyelashes . Hampton Booch Sally Ann . . . Thanks-giving crash . jealousy plus . . talk much . .. my Michael . .. English Leather. . What obout Bob?. A period coffee break. MARY O'REG AN. Little Herb . . Stove , the mill Wanna hear a Joke?. . Smite .. it it makes you happy God love ya. . . one pimple ■. . ice cube fights. . Du you think he'll pick me up?. . blue eyes. . 10 26 69. . Marblehead.. loves to laugh ARTHUR PARKER. To make a career our of the service. . getting up In the morning... art... navy.. Medford. . . steak . . . unemployed_____ Hockey.. . eyes... skip school .. fun to be with . .. Senior Lounge . . Mr Kir ton .. Fire and Rain ... blue... talkative . Happy.. . spending most of the time down the office ... work. DOREEN PARKER. Dors.. . beautiful eyes . . . summer of '70... loves the capo. .. con be found in s blue G. T.O. .. Always smiling.. P ay-Nito . 6 6 70 . . "I love it"... thero's nothing like my jeans .. "t wanna moke it with you" . . . P.S.V.C. ... talks with ma... a little cruty . . friend to oil... Colorado bound. . Good Luck. STEPHEN G. PATCH ANTHONY RELULLO, Tony . East Natick itn Water skiing . . . Drag racing ... Hunting .. College bound.. . Nice Machine . . . Sometimes shy . . good music . Eoping ... Like to cat.. Now Hampshire ... 56 67 Pot nines . Pino. Bacon St. Farm Roost Beef... Ready lor anything. 133JOAN PERRY. Journe... i. ff.'e Pen .. MacDonalds,.. Sears cute.., March 26 moody ... Swire... t hungry . memories of pmterdt,- .. Framingham North Thick.. atniters take her to the hospital Rm . Never on a Mon-par . T W. O . mama told not to go... I'm over r-rrwoods falls up stairs Re - ys field... grounded age • . 63 ford . fell in tone SUSAN PERRY. White Bird .. fneky dancer... munch-kin... temper Devil Blonde Afro Boston,,. Silly moods .. where’s whit? ... 10 1 WO.. Art School .. cyder., gotta get out . . bowling anyone?. . have a mushroom .. come out sun . . Freedom. DAVID PIETRANTONI. Pete ... oh yeah ... College... Blue ... Born Free . . . thy ... Now Hampshire. . . Radio Room . . Girts—dates... President of the United States .. . Cheering with the Pep Oub. BRIAN MARTIN POMEROY. Marty ... Horace. .. Jug End Skiing... 69 Retreat... Coed Shower at 3 A M.. . Chevy. .. Folk Masses.. . GUITAR. SES SIMCA MARSOM . . Frosties In a Mountain Stream ... Chicago at Hampton Love is An you Need. MARYLOU POWERS. Pow "Quite the nice".. . masn ... lasagne. .. journalist... "Are we in Wellesley?" contacts... half-times... Nantucket.. spat... "No. we don’t look alike"... Rainbow .. . Long, blonde half.. 8.U. Germany.. Seise-mon too. . "maybe next year. Mabel". Embarassing moment —42 i PETlTPAS. Rite . fur- tO mth... . tear, .n green ford f, got art money's Q that ta P - Hungry m-- • unacb7■ ■. got .i neve' often seen at of-gftp gets room . . PETER PETRY MARY ELLEN RATTiGAN Rat... Scoop ... NJPY cats on the roof... freeze’ ... summers ’69. ‘70 1811 get the car.. . old tongs ... Forsyth______ rowdy?— never!. . hey. whaddayasey? bang a U-E. greet storyteller waiting for weekends . . S300 tan. 134T GAIL PISTONS, Little girt hip garbage cans. . Mario SPAZ.. . food and more food... Love 11-2270 Lovei Indium. quintuplets Zoyro't parking lot baby face .. famoui lasagne future nurse see my ring ... A friend is forever . Gino. DONNA PIZZA NO. UMjs; for four days. montxer hunt . . Prom "71 . . Framingham South . nice. .. the hill It eras o Wednesday .. . Carta’s sister?.. 4 weeks d a long time ., . any place but Natick ... JMC LORRAINE PONGONIS, Secretary . rainy days . . Ai .. 9-169... velvet... always blue . . loves veal par mag tana . . Pleasant cafe .. likes Bruin’s hockey. . . Sundays at the beech . . Nam taskot. KENNETH POWERS, Broke my pelvis once.. . blonde with ice bucket in elevator Pur the flare away Stave 40 dead llamas tell out of a tree walked into her like this... 33-31. albino hunchback with a sword. .. buy a pencil. blueberry cobbler... it! JOANNE E. QUIN. Jo.. . flirt. .. 4 10-70 . . G Period Chorus. Maine North Natick, . . often seen in a little blue Rambler.. P.P.P. . . Who me? Mush mouth .. It's 2 .. Jacksonville. A certain guy far away . make me smile. DEBORAH RACICOT, Bobbie . . . Put my car down .. . John S Daytona Beech . . Chinese Pint .Drills... Midget Motors Mighty Might 0 Period. Anyone tor Barley pops.. . Devoted Italian , Acappella.. . love. i DENNIS REARDON MADELEINE REEVES. Mod .. bashes... made it up ... T.H.E. locker... Mad-mobile .. G.L.P.... one of the untouchables .. freak out . Franconia it's beautiful . Pres... loft earring. .. lumwoman Maddog... you stole my material, .old time music . . Happiness is 135GREGORY REPPUCCi, Poochie . . Strawberry Fields Forever The Grey Bomber — Black Marker loci Here comes tfw judge. . Michelle... funny balloons! .. Screwdrivers. . garlic Chefs Club . . Hair. .. great Singer . Zayrv ... HI ROBERT RICHARDS Am MARIE R CARDI. Feb. 5, 1970 . Commandos Quick change act... walking calendar. R.N. Mar. 21.. . Hew York... Pocas■ sette .. Jones Beach . .. Drummer R S- LYNNE F. ROBERTS. Ruin Bur.’l... meatgnnder feet. .. day tnpper . where is every■ body... HHHB . Italy 2 of us... our to lunch... S.H. Security. what hockey game? rhr capo... lull moon ... P. .. white lies . . late night talks. . whem'i NJ. . Nosy Years Eve. IRWIN RICH. Business Administration . . . LAW Friendly Ice Cream Drums. HENR Y MONSK Y A.Z.A.. Commissioner of Safety Patrol. Blue... Friendly TALK AT I YE Jocular. 66 Pontiac . .. TURKEY... -THE MEN" HAZEL EYES... "That's Good." JOHN ROGERS DAPHNE RICHARDS. That's cute... Daph... Cabots Newton .. Drawing "little kids"... Art school... "Two of us" ■ —17 Boston Gaidcnx... W.C. .. . French Bread. .. Shy . .. Sundays at Scituate . .. Peanut Butler. .. Good luck SHARON ROSS. Shar. Betty Ross... — I or Brockny’s squad . Najerc .. . "Can I have the key. Mr Bochim?". . . Sweet Charity . . . always with Nancy iotr to laugh ... Folkmasses lunches or Cappy's. . E.Y.C nosy U.P.O.N. . . one of Mrs Wolf's seeds . . TOGETHER 71: I've got twoI EXO DUS! !36STEPHEN RICH MAN. Right on time .. . Fly mg squad... Sure, it's my cur. .. Ambrose Bierce... Hey... Skiing.. Equal to eight smalls Amateur drummer. Sweat.. Record collector. Dimples . .. Weird kind ol tunny. .. Meatman . Bound to get accepted somewhere. KERTLAND ROY ROB BLEE. Roy . . Screaming Yellow Mtmbos. . . Royboy ... Bums.. "Mar"... hn haram?. . Great guy. Chestnut .. Nights on W i-nut Hill . . Kertmna. Y.O.F. ... Mr. President. H.B_____ "Ya Bull" . Hkn bowhng.. bruised nee A dirtroads. r» ri MORJORlE RODMAN. Broad Rod Jr. . My parties. .. "So Very Happy" Franconia Otch .. . 0:20 km. ... All night talk... 10 4 68... mure . Way land homo ... An Apple a day. forever. C'mon you guys. HAH.. "Untouchable".. Chicago Oocs. higher... ( . of Mass Guy . Dizzy Duo DAVE DAVID L ROGERS. Smdley Whlpout. .. Gauk's mean '61 Chevy... Rod Peril "What's ha doin'3"... K Jude. one night at H.vtip ton ... Bradford Center frostios in o mountain stream Marsom... Skull S S . Orchard Hill ” C20 . Betsy Appendix J12D 2160 . People are fragile, real fragile. . Peace. MARY LEE ROGERS. Mar, fanxhom faugh ., F.tea's Party. Royboy . . Scream-ing Yellow Mump os . . gymnast. . "Quit rt OutI"... Y 0 F.. Double barrel shotgun . H.B. — the v lnk .. . Mother Nature.. . poop . . . nut-nut. . that's wicked'.. big brown eyes. . first Lady hates bowling dirt roads .. Kooky. Walnut Hill. EMILY ROMANOW. Em Ghvngis.. . always a smile . .. Shaitan ... up at the barn . . Are you really!. . Rmdgc. N.H. horse enthusiast... Florentine cookies. . Future goal. .. D. V.M. v- b c - GAIL M. ROUSSEAU. Wild Streak... Always Laughing ... Varoom . . what hockey game?. ., 6 Boots.. . Always out to lunch. . . Don't you caro ... PJ'i at dawn ... where is everybody?... Murph ... N.H. Summers ... S.H Security Late N,te Talks .. New Years Eve. MARY RUSH FORD. Rushie .. . Munchkm ... Summers at York Beach ... Gullible . MJ'S TAXI . Fritz... Brownie Points. . God Luv yall. . . Corrupting People got any Jokes . St. Jude . . Donnie . cat hill. . . Sept. 29... Do you think I'm ■weird? ■ .. Smile... If it makes you Happy. 137SUSAN L. RYAN. Sue... -np ••• ». wish upon a ttor Jury 22 3 kisses... New Year's crash ... Whnporiest Seen t summon in Scituate Crimson Clover... . . I've saved some jom-got if you ever need a p-ace away from darkness. MARY SANFORD. BeBe... Magnificent 7. Cold orange Juice. . . Saturdays. 4 to t... Freedom.. We’ve got a deal . "YOU're uit that kind of a friend"... Hooked on a feeling... Kare much... Yea. Yea. Yea 147 Days to go... Candidate for the House "71" Peaches Galore ... Pax vobiscum... LINDA SANTUCCf. Lyn . thy . .. summers in Marne ... tnp to Franca. . . W.C. ... "I don't understand" hard worker. . always worrying .. Chinese Food... fun to be with . school lunches? ... good friend . Lon of luck STEPHEN SCHEUFELE Schyfe . River Rat South Natick wall. . parties before school. .. detention much... '66 G. T.O.,.. South Street... wanna run it... skip much... Wel cs fi) Party ... Mel and Palmer... suspended . . . collage bound ROBERT SCOTT. Mel... Poles on Pond Road . . 64 chevy . dents much. . parties before school... Nor well High School... sux pended .. Jan ... Pecka . The wall .. Thanksgiving Weekend. .. seen with Schyft and Palmer Volkswagen climbing . . Service bound... ST£P SANTELLO. 5 day eem Year's Dmam-te... Sa Lynn's house.. . D v t tor sacrifice... Lren Tnp ■n truck... yvnt rf rrry hair grow... Cae omia bound Are we fon} tpr tfse weekend... Cnat ng Plumb ng School Svevwe- LOUIE SANTORO. Slime . . . Roach mobile ■ .. "sweating at Ernie's"... funky drummer ... "Sacratice"... Janice,.. T.F. and Rat's parties,.. AH! good music... good kid... fun to be with... good luck PAULA LYNNE SHAKE SPEARE 138CYNTHIA J. SAVELL. Cmd, . U Mass. weekend . Stop Shop . . what or? It all depends on the weather how come?. Saturday night partiei .. 3:30... Til 80 The to" South ST... F.8.I. . .. E period rank-outs . . 70 71 69. . summer of '70 .. where's Gmny? MICHAEL S CHA VONE. Sounds Of Sneace What's Up doc?. Hey Ron... thanks. . A P coo keeper .. Block Stud . . cats ... Art. . Root beer . Cheeiits ... Ohio. . places . The Som "Gamma”... LMH . . . Burns. .. green 6 blue .. Mixed d»g. up with people. PEACEI IN A SCHNEIDER. But I'm not ii townie.. one of the guys.. . .1 certain gas station the square . . yes. we do seventh house... P.F. flyers . . Love is not having to soy you’re sorry. . eve of destruction . . . peace. ROSLYN SHWARTY. Ros . . . Tmy Tim. D.S. Sunday's at the movies?... D period . . lunch . .. That day at Martha's Vineyard. . Did I get a letter?. . . Orpnfs... What rad light?. 3:00 A.M. ■ Parties at Don’s. NELS SEA HOLM. Yo work in art. .. spark or featherhead. .. Pond Road ■.. 60 to service... New York City .. . Kennedy's . .. listen to music . . good summer. . fun to be with good mood . talkative... good perso utility. KAREN SELLEW, Buddy KK. . Fritihrs... Sincere ... Up the alleys. . "Listen, dan't worry "... Italy... Dimples... Dear Abby.. . Shultc . . . Friday 13th. An alarmist___ "Hi Guys" — Laughs at the wrong time. . Rt. 9 stolloUt .. Those cowboy boots Remember when . . . Sure to succeed_____ DANA SHERMAN. Economy Fair lane??. . . Maintenance Engineer. Nice goin’ cretin __ No Go3t... Stein Go- bees ... Hi there hockey fans!I... I'm gum' right!! ■. Take it easy ... 'WENDY L. SHUMRAK 139MIL TON SIMON, Uncle Mtitie . F Troop . bass drum 3 weeks of uninterrupted diarrhea . . Glut ill la ... T bird Kay man . . free paint for townies... probation.. experienced painter . . Sour dough music wing. . Jack and Peli bles ... s tage bound. MINDY SIMON. "Stubs talks too much . fun to be with. 8obby . Prudential Budding. often seen in '66 Lvrnans New York accent Prom '70... Echo Bridge, . ‘'Can't take my eyes off you".. . New Year’s Eva . Charles River . Sixty North Main. . Beaching . . . PAUL SOLUM A. Paul can’t afford it____ former much?. "Ya it’s my vane.' . Race vs. Wellesley sop no more year. .. hard working captain?, . Inspirational tracer?. Moo's right hand ms-. . . sick as a colt.. . Shoo t: the Dairy Queen . .. LINDA SLAMIN. Gemini '63 Fora Galax w. .. British Storting... ”Come on Sweetie. Move it!" Shudov. hill N.H.. . Lung John's ... New Year's Eve. .. Tear: 2. Smoke screens. Airport thrill's. . . DONALD SMITH, Snotty Donny. .. Math major?. HO JO'S... C.Y.O. .. Basketball ... those eyes... pc talent fullback .. col icebound . .. Kenny .. 8ea, ... Spanish?... jovial, shy. "OH shut-up Co: bettl"... F period too Igor't STEVEN G. SIMPSON PATRICIA SIMS. Patti... Smiley . .. Summers at York Beach.. Part-time Chambermaid ... eyelashes Rip Van Winkle. . . Gullable . . . Shared J.J.’s locker .. "Closer to my homo”. . long distance phonecalh ,.. Memory, what's that?. . No, really???... ocean lover . . New and interesting. . . laughs . loves sunshine . . LYNDA STEINBERG Why?... NHS root. Tyt, tiveI.. . Ethel... beaut s hair . guess who dropped ... BBG ... Brookline bon . 25 mile walk. . Sean oh. my contact. .. 4:30 A V . dramaticI . thank God it's over... Hypochondnac ... expert driver. CoW My World . . a friend •: -ever. 1 0 JSTUART SI AVID. Stu Teachers' parking lot.. AZA . . . Portugal. . What time it it?... MG... H’t gonna a tall Debbie.. Neve Year's Eve. . . Wake me when it’s over . Woopee. .. Golden Bird. .. Lock the doors... Worn out phone GAIL SMITH. Great kid one of the six . . blue mus tong. . green stamps.. . Nonce, where's Laurie.. . "Cool it” .. six weekends— ski?. . callage bound personality plus. Saturday night partial. 6 hr. nde 2hr. place . .. friend. STEVEN SO BY DENISE E SORABELLA. "Piglet" finally reached 5 ft. . . . 6:15 A.M. ... Italian ... future teacher Hyon-ms... Nov. 14th ... that broken window .. always home on time?. ■ Holliston . . . Boston Baby . .. Frosty Tee... Rm. 104.. . lots of parties phone calls at midnight a good friend. college bound MIKE SPENCER. All right. . Make monoy .. Spence .. Navy. . Big toe on left foot ... 2 week Comet... Genghis Khan . . . Soran Wrap . .. Green . . Happy.. Talkative . . . Capa. KAREN STEVENS. Keith.. Wild One . . Famous. Reilly’s Field. T.W.O . Sean .. Red Sunday afternoons with the gang . .. often seen in green Mustang . .. New Year's eve. . let's pull an all nigh ter .. Dux-bury Born to be wild. KATHY STEVENS. If not for you. 141PAUL STODOARD. BONE HEAD. . pauhe... alleys Hat ck common... 1u-nw .. bum... Navy? knock out... artist... tM ind the English wing... flocks, we're late again... ■ weety laty. . . never aeons .. 57 chevy bom-be'? still walking... Martha .. DONNA M. STONE. Don" ... visits to Amherst Green eyes.. . ohf my con tact... 25 mile walk B8G . Star Market.. . Kenny ... Green Buick . "I thought ft was all over."... writer's cramp. punctual? ... Band... 4:30 AM . A friend is forever... JAMES STYGLES. Chnt. Hole amigo... que tal?. running. . KJHS... The Levine Machine.. land 2 n the JAV... The five cent piece of tape ... auld sod asian studies field trip. PETER TAL VY. Pud... 55 T-Bird . . Fuellings Boston . S+S. . Sweatin at Erme't . Skiing Grease monkey ... Hoy. you stiff... Squeak’s pal... Never on time... D E Periods... Moucho must chio.. Goemor Tijuana small... LINDA TEELE. Lyn ... hr, fatty .. Red Pinto. .. Mr. Ida... Lab Tech______ file summers... Cabot's.. Sand it airmail.. . pro enthusiast ... leaves with the hatred of being photographed. Let. skip lab__Leaves a bridge (T.T.f over troubled water PASt JE F STRONG. THE DOTS Margie's parties... -'aeoogfiw Girit ■.. H A H, Rnekend's on the Cape Dro mg at Jason's... «.. Thanksgiving night T0 .. Go mbs Logan... • aeon -loO e Prom 7tr... -7 Jesse's... Tpmnq College bound.. SUE THURSTON, one of r-.t three. . "Ernie Much' Bummer, my arms are fitc ... It's all a game. craar .. . Oennnport... N.Y.E gummy.. Woyland crunng rt. 1. 2. 3. slow. reaching insanity . . Mist-' .. White Mountains... Sue you'd never Und m bees onward. . 142SHARON A. SULLIVAN, Sul .. T.IV.O .. FRANK Nov. 29. . Famous. Reilly "s Field. Sean girl "Mind. Body. Soul" . North boys . . . blue bomber ... Duxbury . . Petty arguments... N.H.. Skiing .. charger.. . Sunday afternoons ... Born to be Wild.. . GEORGIA A SUPERNOR. George . Fred... frustrated . rambler mustard-seed guitar ell the way Jones . Love comes m aU shades of people... Poetry .. Hobbit. Cross country with Marge. certain pieno player... luv my friends ANDREA TARPY. Frank . . . tiger. . . out to make a million . East. . . the boardwalk .. tuna subs... Afghans . . art... Screaming Day-Glow Underwear Factory Linda . . Sebastian . .. bubbles.. . Mattapaitett. . "Freedom". PETER TARTAKOFF, Bowling with Brian. . . Woke-than ... Discovery . . Hollis-ton . Snow sobering. .. Cross Country — Hillary D. . . . Montreal.. . The dark room .. Melanie.. Roy and Greg. . . Ski Killington . . . Moody . . Santana... Birch Trees and Running Horses. TERRY LYN THOMAS. Teh ... "Oh. my Gosh".. bubbling .. . talkative... unorganized. . . Chemistry Labs — that saying... borrowed pencils.. . Wheelock application . . never on time . initials .. K.8.H. . . Hockey. VALERIE TILLMAN RUTH THOMPSON. Spocy Dazed and Con I used... Hot fun In the summertime Telephone calls from Bubby's mother... Shuck that was . . . Falmouth, ,. Part of the wrecking crow... Buddy. JUDY TIRRELL. Jude... Bliv.. Mac’s... Ray’s. . From Reilly's. . . Famous ... Two... AU niters... Phil.. Green ’Cudu.. picture window ... Rt 3-VW .. LPL ... E. Natick March 14... Make it with you... Gimme just a little more time. . Yesterday . . Ah-raah .. big D .. . oh behove it... Be goodI. . 143JOAN TOLLAND. Frank whoop .. d. :. stimmtl Fred Waring re eot "Dick Jackson the mover". un defiled eilo . Great Bird of the Galaxy . Tom's box dying swan . "Hitvve you been sprinkled?. ■ Sir Richard .. where's my owows?. . . Unreal . . IAN T REFRY. Jack... J.O. T H.. . . get on it.. funny cars .. Don't flip the VW donuts. . . EAST NATICK Ossipec. N.H--------- Sunoco.. pumping. sing much?. breakfast '70.. ski. .. moody . .. wall alright. JOHN TO PH AM GARY L TOWNE. Townie ... B.F at Wellfloot with Mika... 51.. New York style. combination lock Mr. G's digue. Margie's parties. T D. . Rod light ... 6715 72.. Hockey.. 1. .. cheerleader South fight. .. Now Year’s party . . Iron horse. NICOLAS TRAKADAS. Hey Greek! . How's the goaf’s milk ?. .. Stop and Shop . . personality plus . . .Crone's. Cooking anyone?. . Miss Talbot .. partial to the calc-tone... all now.. Boston . Talkative much . . "64" Fairloncs do go .. Often found on Pond Road ■ .. College bound Best of luck... MARY E. VITALE. Fribble girl. . whose a bad driver? S.H. Security ... Rome . . Whore is everybody? P.J.’s at Dawn . . File tie's eats her heart out. . . Bryant Hall... f vakie .. What hockey game?. Florida and back .. . where'i the Cope? ... out to lunchI... future secretary? CANDICE VAN GEL. Can . . Ruth Burry. , . God luv ye . . . Those Albanians. . always a smile . . Pididdle Nurse candy. Rome to Bermuda... it God wants t Sandy our lives hove ended . Punt. . car trouble jt Sttllews It's called op pendccitii . . . the apartment WILLIAM ANTHONY VASSEL. TONY... ROTC Justin’s singing?.. Rome, Italy . .. Dish 'n Da: Guitar. Drums. . Hairy Up . . ’64 LeM.ins . "Don’t Step On The Grass”.. purple .. . Judy . accident prone . contemplating... shy .. late for awry thing... the men. 144JAMES TRIPP, Whimot .. F period Hoop-la. .. canton with the motor skiing buff . t don’t like nil attitude Fond of cigari.. . "Snowj". Hopes of R.I.S.O . gives good beatings ... J T. Superstar. . . ho iv nice . . it doesn't mat tar fine lod. PAUL TROTT ER. Troti . Goose... THE mall.. . houses. E period .. Oris tot. AiH.... sleepyhead .. Talvy't Flower Power... "68 chevy''.,. Bang... ctvamod it good... let It be ... secretary or not to be. GORDON VAN TASSEL. Gore . . . Volvo . . . beach attendant ... Wentworth . . . speech dub??? handball champ . . Mitch, did you got any ice??? Football cripplo... Don't get hurtlll the impossible-passing physics before senior math . . . future electrical engineer??? PAMELA VARNADO. Pam ... always involved... fire hydrant name it and I can do it. . . 5:30, where's Sue? .. New Orleans . hold me up Dave .. ya'II.. who's shy? . . short cut through the woods who talks tunny? .. . Let it he ... spare me... one more creative writing... BEVERLY VATERS. Brrberly . . Winnie THER Pooh . . . Gray Mouse. . . THE Yearbook "A horse sat on herl"... ulcers... cat walk . The Great Escape . .. paranoia ... maroon chrunch on the common .. with o littb help from my friends . . guitor. . "Are you?" . "and miles to go before sleep”. JIM VINE. Jim... tall nut. . . get your license yet? ... Don't follow me I... I'm lost. . . using the wagon now but still looking fur a Mustang .. can be found around cars and at racetracks In the summer. .. shy. KATHLEEN A. VORSE. Katchen Truth Is beauty ... Darf ich leson haute . . pushing platforms and pulling curtains... The Aqua Vitae ... rope tows.. . lost summer ... FHone's. Jo ante's Fox... My little horse... Lime ricky lollipops left knee. Be Glad. SAMUEL WALK. Wad... Wad ley . ,. bite to eat... breakfast treats... score — Eddy . . Falcon Club. . . take the goods and run ... no way make the rounds. cuo of mud. 145.-DSEPH G. WALLACE. Joe Joey the Jacket .. '57 Nomad . the A-frame at ' 00 for guys who Ilka it Honda 450. . . Strtb-dot'd at 72:00. . fiih sand- hci Kip and Reds_______ i-rn': you aver off.. . Rupp never on time. .. born to Or wild. . Ind. Park ... mem thoo____ MARY L. WALSH. L.A.T.L. Mpreeee but smoother . . get outs here! .. hockey catcher. .. Bruins Z4. . . wind sprints Who'S Jeffrey?. . How many laps?... Driving fst? .. Boston Garden ... —19... ! point season . . Sears MW.... Groat Pond . ■ Smithfield. Maine... PATRICIA A. WELCH. Patt Frank's little titter Hampton Beach . .. Casoy dream come true.. . February 6. 1970 . . Where’s Linda? ■ . Petite . hkos blue oyei — Reliable Cleaners... often seen m blue Catalina .. will go far .. she hopes. .. STEPHEN WHELAN BARBARA WHITE. Joey say mg "I don’t know"... I’ll never forget all the guys and gets T.M______ T.C. M.O ... OK. .. T.N .. . Droop ...DO J.l.... L.C.... C.H. . , . Bird. . . and how could forget Joey Pan cake House.. . March 14. 1970 and fabulous fiveI and even though I have moved to Natick the falls will always . .. L NQA WATTS. Dr. Wattt hui -ant? magic tricks.. . Jses.. Mortimer . 10 be- ■ p, my barn ... ’’Eyoh" IOC ft gum wrapper : J ' Mamtiac. little per : Sarch-P-e George .. . mmparaa-ng moment no. 45: that augh .. Euivs aop Varykmo .. Ener- .. LEE ANN WEBSTER. Skip school much?.. never home ... those mghrs out with Pat ... likes to thumb . . . say Hi . .. cra y horse ... likes blue eyes and blonde hair. the Rod Barron. LESLEY ANNE WHITTE MORE. Whit . say thereI .. mushrooms . .. care for a chocolate raisin? ... txey cling... summers at the Cape .. California—maybe!... silent moods . . easy to be hard... someone, someday, somewhere. . Pop Club 2. Executive Board 2, 3. Gymnastics 2, 3. 4, Senior Play Committee. 14©GRACE A WHELAN. Gnc+ rudt'n ralph. . cb’i tax ■.. super croa. .. kitty kitty. .. cfawt. . . raisins.. discovery . Kart. JE’s saved. , hugs Christ is counting on me searching time it too slow for those who wait peace if you can find it. ROBERT Y HELAN. Nesco ■.. Nut.. Ruggy 3 musketeers... Hampton PD... Chatham NY F-85. Cold Turkey... rusty nail. .. hummer. A 6. A ... coach's son. .. iYell-fleet I've seen yours, yours and yoursI full moon ... flrttl won . . . shall wu dunk? CAROLYN WH ELDON. Do blondes really have more fun? surf... coke... "Pete” . . popovers. Wellesley friends . . . who made that drink ... Florida . . dtorish . . . mick . . In love... I'm hungry . .. 27 . . Jordan'i. Aquinas hours ridmg DIANE WHITCRAFT. Di carry on .. . chocolate covered raisins ... P.J.J_Sfyk ... September 16 . one of the mushrooms . . . vanilla cokes ■ .. tuna grinders. . Jones California Sunshine . Love means never having to say you’re sorry. RICHARD WHITE. beob -36.. Auddy r cA. .. cjpc stone fingers. Lake Placid... L.C.C. block with CO. .. Town e. . . proud of it Grove st. bridge... play with ya.. , teen with nur. . . mert Dill Do... crasli. . . sleeps at Men's duels in A P... JOHN WILLIAMS. Silent Jack ... college bound . . the lounge . . . self-employed.. . Skidooing. . baseball . handball. Dodge Dart.. . regressive shy. . blue eyes... summers in Marne. U7RICHARD WILLIAMSON. S'Cki. . Pag . cross-country star??? Munich '72... Igor's . Star Market employee. . supar-HsHcrman I'm hungry m Hockey, almost Scituatc novice surfar cross-country party. Do you want to go to the Cape??? college hound. ED WINKLER. Edwomor... often seen sweating at Ernie’s ... getting It together... Nancy... of course . Dix-ville Notch ... skiing... food Way land Shell... B.S.A. never skips class .. does heatings... I made it... future plans??? at least a dil-lion... ARLENE WILSON. IR . . slit sheet . . . Wukathon Moronoy says . Harold weekends. . . with Ivan . . . we six ,. nevertheless.. tho apartment. to the artist what trio .. bright, shiny faces . .. Sweet Baby James ... co-ed room ... how's your mouse?. . Taxi Service. LUCINDA WOODWARD. Cindy . . fhptop Corvair. .. Plymouth ... the Sherborn bridge . . . the fort. wanna go to Sue C period coo .. blind much ... Farm Pond in April.. . Slim Jims love is never having to say you’re sorry. BRUCE WILSON SHARON L. YETTON, a summer of experience and learning.. . what ride to Bellingham? . New Year's Eve . a certain Cape weekend . perfect vision ... if at first you do not succeed. . Aquinos bound. . . "You've Made Me So Vary Happy ". LINNEA RUTH WIL TEN-BURG. "It’s Lin-ay-a". . . last of four. . one of Moo’s girls . .. plastic coated eyes... Don’t tell anybody. but... Falmouth . . Central Pork . "He's gorgeous". . Mount Holyoke ... A cape la, Future Touchers'. Honor Society... "ou sont los noiges d'onton?" VANESSA ZANTUHOS. cool itlll... in the summertime .. rad boron . shy . . college .. . wooden hand of peace ... blue. . Woof-worth’s . . gltchigooniy ... steak . hooch .. . Pembroke__Van ■ 145 DONALD ROY WOODS, Up at 8.- ?3. m at B 16 79 Tengwar not tnowf Dcm om tret ion!.. tffoodks . Phlenumengattei. . ho put it down this tima? . . graffiti .. Mr BransfieM, that’s wrongI . fantastic papers .. NHS____chess bridge .. Bookworm Club ... Rudy M. Psnakkit... KATHY WOODS. Super wow. Oh no compute orogrsmme' Ken Be' fin. Mass . . Credit Union Neil Diamond. . . he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother. the long and windmg 'oad 25 miles to Natick weekends in Maine... the hand N.E.E.C. 3H4 70 DiANNE YEOMANS. Yeo airlines. . give me a break USCG. sk'... '69 freedom in June ... people got to be free When’s Maryann .. Plum Island. Natick Health Club ... hours ndmg . . Florida bound certain Pinto . . MARK WOODWARD. Townie Wellfhot. keys in the trunk ‘56 Chav . . Diane,.. 4 8770. .. track . . . apple fights . stiffs . beat mgs m the fW . 360': much?. .. shy?. . a certain street In S. Natick . .. what bugs?. wallets., college bound? JOHN ZANCHI. Merc's make it . . lives at the lake . . New Hampshire . . water-skiing. . likes other things too? loves french fries, the beetles.. . wry quiet!!! Zank ... Crane’s Beach. . honor society . . . American Cleaners . . . tokos. . one minute. PATRICIA YOUNG, chicken little isn't little anymore... mile.. stop smoking. .. Charlestown . Sears diy. 811,,. lounge... eyes... doodlomg Fun to bo with ... mustang. girls’ rooms ... smoking... you've lost that loving feeling.. . black white . losing privileges . PATRICIA ZICKO, Zeko .. . always a smile.. do blondes have more fun?... drives to nowhere . someday license ... on apple a day . seen mowing rhe lawn personality . a fire in albany. . . good tuck Pat . ALFRED J. ZONGHI JR., one Pond... MR.. Towme . Enrico... tuna-plate? ... J.D.'s.. the truckI — neanderthal man ... mouth .. . apple fights. .. Sherbom .. carpenter. .. Fred.. . loves treev ■.. Nancy— pu gome warm ups .. "Bud" .. uncle nick a knock.. 149NANCY ZWICKER. Zwick if you don’t take ■» fow :you don't live. . tho rncApe on the common maroon crunch . ere ,-gy?. Vo tvsm'f m erfi'tw Comet. . Certl... A hone uf o j mr" — -:=FLE Vermont Summon .. cheese and wine... pm . KAREN BEARD PHILIP CERRONE STAN COHEN STEVEN COHEN EDWARD CORBOSIERO KENNETH HEMEON ARTHUR KELLEY FELIX LOSCO DA VI0 KAHLMAN DAVID MAZZARINI Arthur McCarthy JAMES MILLER RICHARD MILLER DA VID OFRIA LINDA O'HARE KENNY PHELPS LAUREN SPINAZOLA ANTHONY TQCCt RICHARD TRIFERO 150151152153RAIN OR SHINE PICNIC 1971 155THE HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1971 Once upon a time, in the little town celled Natick in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Class of 1971 was educated. The class so distinguished itself that Principal Howard V. Henniyar decreed a history to be written. In the September of 1968. over 500 students were patiently escorted to the Jeremiah J. Healy Auditorium where w$ were warmly welcomed by Mr. Hennigar. The helpful principal was even so kind as to provide us with our own maps to help shed guiding light. He told us that we were no longer to regard ourselves os graduates of Coohdge, Kennedy, and Wilson, but ■were to be bonded into the unified Class of 1971. We were to work together, play together, win together, lose together, pass together, tail together, and we proceded to be secluded in our separate rooms to be numbered, classified, categorized, and tested. After many minutes of punching holes into pieces of paper to establish firmly the direction our futures would take, each set out with his quarter and his map, wandering aimlessly through the foreboding corridors of N.H.S. in quest of the cafeteria. It r ay seem surprising that these meek and timid sopho mores survived the month of February, which was forfeited to Mother Nature. For a white it seemed that the Class of 1971 would be the first class in history to be entirety buried in snow. But, Finally wo returned to reacquaint ourselves with our friends and our locker combinations, with enough gusto left to survive Shakespeare's prose, the Pythagorean Theorem, and the dissection of the frog. Somehow we even had the stamina to confront the voting machines for the first time, and elected Paul Dennett. Marilyn Bock nek. Andrea George, and Carole McCarthy as our Junior Class officers. At this point in our history, one might be questioning the uniqueness of this class, for the experiences of our sophomore year were not especially unusual. However, our junior year was proof in itself that the Class of 1971 was to be for from ordinary. In the spring of that year, many juniors doubtfully yet hopefully tackled the National Merit Scholarship Quali-' mg test Besides having 9 Letter of Commendation winners. Und3 Holt. David Golan, and Donald Woods further distinguished themselves by becoming finalists. Also that spring, the first two teach-ins were conducted at - S.. the firs: on Ecology and the second on South East ast- The students picked up equal portions of knowledge... and son. The t- • 'erience of our junior year behind us, we entered the voting booths confidently, electing Roy Roblee, David Cetf-■j w Andrea George, and Bonita Cox as our Senior Class officers The year was brought to a close with our Junior Prom held for the first time at the King Phillip Ballroom "c.’vr ooki’ng placid Lake Pear!" in beautiful downtown Wren it was truly "A Time For Us". For five members of the class, the summer of 1970 was -Her gh:ed or at least marked, by a trip to Bridgewater State College or the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Martin Pomeroy. Roy Rolbee. John Zanchi, Marjorie Rodman, and Karen Sellsw, were elected to Boy’s and Girl's State — re spaeziveiy As an A.F.S. Exchange Student. Paul Dennett spent that Summer in Finland and touring neighboring countries. We lost anothe -A F S. ‘er Pamela Huling, to France in our senior year, but vm s fair exchange. Elizabeth Pre ss, from South Africa, spent the year at N.H.S. - and no, she doesn't ride an elephant’ We entered our final year at Natick High with mingling emotions of confidence and superiority. Ax last we were seniors and die lounge W3S ours reneat WAS Gun. 7Jhat :ransprea tmt we snou-x) lose this hallowed ground? Cur m :new Hike box dimes, drank our cokes, and sat on our benches which they tried to convince us were coffee tables. Some say that the coffee in the lounge was hot. This is not true. It was all bought and paid for. The doughnuts are another question. Things really started moving with the advent of the yoyo craze. This was shortlived, however, for within a few weeks it went the way of every other craze which has its ups and downs. Our time spent in the lounge was not all fruitless. Many seniors donated their time and artistic talents to liven up the formerly drab walls with colorful murals Maybe losing the lounge wasn't so bad after all. A t least our class has the distinction of being the first class to lose the lounge permanently. Much to the satisfaction of the Women's Lib movement, v hich would later result in a Women's Lib Club, several brave students challenged the status quo of course selection. Two girls. Ellen Katz and Sue Perry, entered the male realm of Woodworking and Graphic Arts, while five boys. Stuart Brant, Brian Maroney, Bruce Dwyer, Jeff Strong, and Greg Repucci invaded the nolonger strictly-feminine world of cook mg. In fact. 4 of these boys are bound for chef's school. Sports at Natick High this year ranged from soccer on frozen Dug Pond to the soort for which Natick it best known - football. Although this year's record was a disappointing 4 wins and 5 losses, co-cap rams Jed Strong. Tommy Tower, and Steve Cohen and the entire team were as persistent as the mailman, playing even in the snov . They recerved plenty of moral support from the cheerleaders led by captain Cheryl Cardel ichio. In Bay State League competition, the cheerleaders won 3rd prize, while our majorette■ placed 2nd. The Gymnastics Team, under Mr. Richard Crisafulli. progressed from relative insignificance our sophomore year to taking 5th place in State Finals this year. Gymnastics itself has been playing an ever-increasing role in school activities, climaxed by the innovating Gymnastics Circus. Three other teams had relatively good seasons this year The Hockey Team placed 4th in Bay State Competition with a record of 7 wins, 7 losses, and 4 ties. The Indoor Track Team had success m two leagues, placing 3rd in the Metropolitan League, and 4th in the Bay State League. The Cross Country Team had a record of 5 wins and 4 losses, and placed 5tn m Bay Store League Competition. The spring season sports demonstrated consistency, if not extra ordinary success. The Tennis, Out door Track, and Baseball Teams at; placed 4th in the Bay State League The National Honor Society, with its new advisor Miss Karer Byrne, conducted a highly successful Thanksgiving Clothing Drive for the poor of Appalachia, collecting a record 275 bags of used clothing Just as the Future Teacher’s Club established a tutoring program for Natick High's special class, so the Honor Society began a program for students needing extra help in a specific sub ect. The Student Council was also under now direction this year, with Mr. Lavergne as advisor. Council '71. not being one to stand idle in the face of needed change, devoted much of the year to a reconstruction of its constitution. One of the Council's members. Donna Bartzak. represented N.H.S. as the secretary 157of the Eastern Massachusetts Division of Student Councils. Another -r,ember, Karen Sellew, was chosen oy the doss to take our represents-: .es' places on Student Government Day in April. The Student Council made possible perhaps the most memorable ill-school productions of our high ichool years. Meaning most to the dess which experienced all three. L fe '69. '70 Now. and Together 71. under the direction of Mr. G era Id Dyer, served to unify the members of the cast and provoke r e total envolvement of the audience. Speaking of student involve-men:, what can bring the students :loser together more than all 1800 huddled outside waiting for N.H.S. :o be annihilated by an earth-shat-ter -}g blast. Obviously that blast ne%er came, although during our hrgh school career we experienced mnee such bomb scares Were these pranks Genuine threats? Or just some student's method of saving himself from flunking a test for r ch he was not prepared? Mr Harry Garnett demonstrated ; ability to direct again this year .. tr the success of our senior cfass play "Don't Drink The Water", starring Milton Simon. Jane Freed-men. Karin Croft, Ken Powers, -terry Luftman. and others. With ’ aid of Mr. Leo Bach mi. Mr. Garnet: went on to direct the lively s -school musical "Sweet Charity". It tne dramatic ability of the students had not already been proven at this point, certainly GALILEO. produced by the Competitive Speech Club in conjunction with tr-e Natick Drama Workshop, was croof enough GALILEO, starring £ Hayes. Joan Bartels. Tom Kel-fy and Cindy Horton, was only one of many achievements of the Competitive Speech Club, under advisement of Mr. Dyer. The dub's group effort. "Colors Of America", was chosen to perform it the New England Speech Asso ctetkm Convention. During the year, diverse trophies were won by Tom Kelley. Paul Dennett. Joan Bartels. Bill Hayes. Richard Berman. and Cindy Horton. The Natick High School Band. under the direction of Mr Jack Hahn, continued in its tradition of great performances. Bill Hayes, selected with Milton Simon and Doug Jangraw for the Northeast District Band, also received a Natick Recreation Department Scholarship. Natick High's Dance Band was chosen as the number one donee band in Massachusetts. In April, it was chosen to perform at the 1971 Music Educator's National Convention in Chicopee. The Class of 1971 can also boast about its artistic members, in 1969 Dan Mangini won a gold key in the Globe Art Awards. Dianne Kosowski won a gold key in 1970. Wendy Epstein was awarded an art scholarship from the Natick Recreation Department. Five other members of our class demonstrated their artistic ability on South High School during the football season. Rumor had it that this work of art. so imaginative, would have been destined tor state competition except tor the fact that South officials refused to allow the east wall of their school to bo removed. Indeed, members of our class hove demonstrated outstanding ability in nearly every subject area. Natick High School placed third out of 350 high schools as a result of having three winners of the Math Association of America and Society ?58of Actuaries Exam. They were Donald Woods. David Golan, and Henry Luft• man Donald Woods earned a silver medal, having placed first at Natick Higti three years in succession. Alan Channel demonstrated the same consistency in French. Alan placed second in the Eastern Massachusetts Division of the NationI Contest of the American Association of Teachers of French three years in a row Sharon Yetton, named the Most Outstanding Business Student, received the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company Honors Award. Some members of our class did more in the field of science than just suffer V'ough Biology. Besides winning the grand prize at our Science Fair and first prize at the Massachusetts State Science Fair. David Golan was chosen as a representative to the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium at West Point, rie was also chosen as a student delegate to the National Youth Conference on me atom conducted in Chicago in 1970. David also won fourth prize at the thirteenth annual Avery A. Ashdown High School Chemistry Exam Contest, with another NHS student. Henry Luftman. gaining honorable mention. By now it should be apparent that the Class of 1971 has had a lot to boast about. This year, through the effort of our Vice President David Ced-rone, we have had a place to do our boasting. Every Sunday night on WKOX. Natick had its own % hour radio program, "NHS Forum”. Over the air, different students discussed everything from how to tell a townie from a freak without knowing his telephone number to the musical"Sweet Charity". The task of writing a senior the sis has always been a rather traumatic experience. This year, the institution of two small term papers instead of the traditional thesis had relieved much of the gnashing of teeth and hysteria which usually crops up towards the end of the 4di quarter. A visitor to the school during the past few weeks would have witnessed much breakfast eating, rope tying, dog training, and sun both ing. Breakfasts and mini ourses officially took their place among the Class of ‘7 Vs "firsts". One cannot terminate a history of this sort without mentioning the sudden death of one of our librarians. Mrs. Oldfield. She undoubtedly helped us all at one time or another during our three years here, and her death certainly saddened us all. Several others without whose noble counsel the Class of '71 would probably never made it to Senior Week were our advisors, Mrs. Gail Fink and Mr. Richard Gau-dettc Special thanks are in order for Miss Ciannavei, who has stepped in during Mrs. Fink's absence. Since brevity is the soul of wit, our history will not be dragged out any longer. In closing we would simply like to express the conviction that if the ffost three years are any indication of the direction our class will take, the members of the Class of 1971 will surety live happily ever after. Linnea WiIten burg John Zanchi 159160 CLASS DAY AWARDS Natick Woman's Club Anna F Goodnow Scholarship - John Rogers, Linda Warts Art Scholarship - Eileen Carew Woman's Club Scholarship — Thomas Kelly D.A R Good Citizenship Certificate — Karen Sel ew Quota Club of Natick — Ellen Ahern Rotary Club of Natick Scholarship — Felix Losco Rotary Club of Natick Science Award - David Gotan Sons of Italy Scholarship - Jean Fournier Education Association of Natick - Judith Crane. Denise Brocho. Valerie Donovan. Maureen Nagies, Sharon Russ. Richard Keene Brotherhood of Temple Israel - Paul Dennett Kiwanis Club of Natick Scholarship Andrea George Knvanis Club of Natick Mathematics Medal — Donald Woods Wheaton College Club of Wellesley Pri e Book Marian Leibowitt Bausch and Lomb Science Medal — Henry Luftman The Class of 1957 Henry Goft Memorial Trophy - James C, Stygles Harvard Prize Book — Jeffrey Golan Emblem Club Scholarship — Corole McCarthy The E.P. Clarke Post No W7 — Sharon Hennehon. Anthony Vessel The E.P Clarke Post No. 107 Auxiliary - Maureen The Lions Club of Natick Scholarship - Heier G-osj Evening Division of the Natick Woman's Clue — Van Thomas Kelley Cardo o Lodge No. 102, Knights of Pytmas - ’Jarw Natick School Lunch Association - Doreen Camp Elwyn. Nicolas Trakadas Medical Careers Club of Natick Scholannip Mi-,or The Pep Club Scholarship - Kathleen Donovzr Student Council Scholarship - Donr.j 5arzze Daly. Roy R oh bier G.A.A. Scholarship - Carla David National Honor Society Scholarship Jen- Zsncn Future Teachers Club Scholarship - Kathleen Vona Best All round Athlete Award Robert '.'.he an ”N" Club Scholarship - Robert Whelan Kevin Lynch Scholarship Ronald Bartlett Richard Rinehart Scholarship - Ronald Bartlett Jewish War Veterans Post No. 736 Carol Elwyn R.O. T.C. Scholarship — Stuart Kendig, Steven 1assr. Marguerite L Rafferty Scholarship - Victor i Dir David M. Willard Scholarship - David Golan Arthur B. Fair Scholarship - Mary Walsh National Merit Honor - Mary Walsh. David Go'an 6i  PROM QUEEN and PRINCESSES Ken Mayer, Sharon Hennehan - Princess, Tom Larracey. Elise Cox, Cheryl GardeWcchio — Queen. Jeff Strong. Colleen Murphy, Mehs Gammons. Gary Towne 66167 Photo by Jay HopkinsTHE SOCIETY OF MAN THE INDIVIDUALITY OF MAN by Henry S. Luftman "If1 am not for myself, who will be for mo? If I am for myself alone, what am ?" The key word for the relation between man and his society Is responsibility. It is man's responsibility toward his society that motivates him to improve it and serve it. It is society’s responsibility to man that should impel it to govern him fairly and to aid him in meeting his needs. We often lose track of this while listening to political jargon and high pitched criticisms, and it is then that we endanger the foundations of the society of man. As we become the establishment, we need to be reminded of man’s cause and society's cause to really know where and how to stand. The most significant differences between man and the rest of our planet's species is his intellect and sense of identity. First, man has seen the powers of reason, and earnestly believes and hopes that some day logic will prevail over the emotions of hate, prejudice, and creed. Secondly, each person is unique, with his own individual intellect. As society is made and grov s from individual strengths, it becomes evident that man's primary responsibility is to himself. Society expects m a man a certain degree of self consideration and egoism. For the major religions of the world, a basic code is "Love your neighbor as you love yourselfYou must sustain yourself and resj ect yourself before you can be of any use to your society. The first responsibility of man toward himself is to recognize what he is, what he can expect from himself, and what his goals should be. If man can evaluate himself with a fairly critical eye. he gams more self-control. If he agrees upon certain limitations of his power and intellect, he becomes less frustrated at failure and perhaps more proud of what he has the capability to accomplish. If he can decide upon a certain objective, he will be able to make decisions v ilh that much more security and consistency How can man attempt to reform another or a community without using himself and his own dreams as models? How can he improve himself without knowing what to improve The solving of man’s identity crisis is fundamental for his own growth. Once man knows who he is, he has the added responsibility of attempting to reach his full potential while retaining his individuality. Society's growth is dependent upon individuals leading it, rather than programmed beings following it However, society frequently tends to stifle originality, pressing for conformity. The individual must bo careful here to protect his important ideals and values, thereby protecting his uniqueness. A true sense of accomplishment can only result through man’s satisfying his own aspirations. Another responsibility for man is self-preservation. Self martyrdom is usually a futile gesture. Self destruction, or escapism by immersing oneself in alcohol or drugs is even worse, in that there are no good intentions involved. Man's goals of building his own identity and of becoming happy con only he implemented through survival and striving. It is a man's responsibility alone to advance his standard of living, to enjoy life, to achieve recognition, and to help his children have a more promising future. The lost of man's self-obligations, and perhaps the most important for his sake, is self-respect. More than just knowing who he is and being what he is, he must have pride. If man does not find dignity in his character, he should try to improve it. If his goals are unrealistic or if his demands of self are impossible, he must modify them. If he has attained his goals or is not satisfied by those he set, he must change them. L ove of others is only possible after man loves himself. It is this self-regard that enables man to value anything else. It is only when man has at least realized what he owes himself. can he become satisfied with his individuality. Self-awareness, self preservation and self-respect result in ’peace of mind’ It is then that man is prepared to meet his second set of responsibilities - tnose to hri society.THE RESPONSIBILITY OF MAN Lmda K. Holt Once we have succeeded in making ourselves individuals in the fullest and most profound sense of the word, we must then turn sway from personal interests and selfish motives and start to become an integral part of the society that mokes up the world today. - ’ter .-.e have acquired knowledge and have found those areas in which we possess our talents, we must learn to apply them so that , some Way each of us will find a place in life that is uniquely his own. just as unique as the individuality that we have so that wo become fully and consciously involved in the life that we choose to lead. Just as we have a responsibility to ourselves to explore and or.-slop all areas of our internal resources so we must commit our lives to the use of the talents for the betterment of others. Our world has need of men and women who are skilled, who ore eager to expand and adapt themselves and who can be proud of what zhey are doing. If we don't become actively interested in our obs and in our leisure time activities, our society may become little rr-ore than a group of very dull, sluggish people. In fact, if we look at the mass media and its general quality, if we look at the number of people who are required to do machine like assembly line jobs, it could easily be said that we may be already starting down that path. It will only be through the concerted efforts of all individuals that this direction can be turned around. We must commit ourselves to revaluing human life so that all of us will be able to lead meaningful lives. This can only be accomplished if enough of us can discover the true meaning of life and share ourselves with others. Although it is important that we act as individuals, it is necessary that we think of the facts that become apparent when we • now how many people are living in this country today. The mere fact that there are so many people, living so closely together requires that some organizational structure exist. Every group of people that has existed since man’s most primitive days has ■ s TJblished a set of norms that it felt necessary for the survival of the group. America is probably one of the greatest experiments in ■ man nature ever to be attempted on this earth. We have been granted innumerable freedoms and yet the norms written into laws do require a great deal of conformity. Ideally these norms fit the life-style and will of the great majority of the people. In reality rbey may not Many times we may feel that the laws that have been written to protect our rights seem to be oppressing our treedoms. Drug laws, birth control and draft requirements ore some examples of legislation that seem to be having trouble in living up to the norms of many We must realize that the laws were meant to give us freedom and it is a necessary part of life in a large and complex society that we live up to those that reflect the true norms of the majority. Flagrant violation of laws just because such violation may make us content must not happen. Our rights need never be sacrificed but must never violate the rights of others so that we can reach our own se f righteously proclaimed rights. Oftentimes a person may become disenchanted with the society in which he is living and in the way that it is functioning. Recently there have been signs of widespread discontent in the form of mass rallies that have occurred throughout the country. Each one of the people who have taken part in any one of these demonstrations has found some part of the American system that he disliked. Whether he was trying to bring about the long over due end to the Vietnam conflict or to fight against pollution, or to challenge any of a number of our institutions this person has made a decision and a commitment to his society and is following through with his decision through his actions. Although have said that a man needs to follow the rules that are put forth by his society this can be by no means a blind following. Each of us must try his hardest to see that American society follows a path that ne believes to be moral and ethical, that lives up to his individual ideals and values. This society is made up of nothing but people. Each individual should not allow himself to be controlled by it. If he is not satisfied and wants change, then he must decide to take action to bring about that change. Our nation and indeed the entire world finds itself at the beginning of an era of great change. Our galloping technological advances have far out distanced our social ones. We are now beginning to take stock of where we are and exactly where we want to go. Much has already been done but there also remains a great deal that needs doing. Each of us must make an active commitment to our society so that it follows the path that we deem best for it Now is the time that this must be done. It will only be through the concerted efforts of individuals that we can arrive at an end that will benefit each of us equally. making this world a fit place to live in with opportunities for all. This then is the responsibility of man. Let us hope that we can meet the challenge that it offers us. 169THE COMMUNITY OF MEN by David E. Golan Viable biological communities have existed ever since the first pair of microscopic organisms were formed in the primordial seas of ages past. The term "society" could not be applied to any of these communities, however, until some form of cooperation was introduced. Among the non human primates, this cooperation involves the essentials necessary for survival - cooperative hunting for food, cooperative protection of the herd, cooperative reproduction for continuation of the species Those animal species which have somehow learned to cooperate for good purposes with each other and with their environment have survived; those which could not cope with either hove not. Man, however, is different. Not only has he learned to cooperate in the matters of food, protection, and reproduction, but also has he learned to cooperate in the vast, fruitful exchange of ideas which has raised him above the level of the animal. Unlike the animals, man’s potential progress is not limited by any factor on earth other than himself; his bold, new ideas, generated from a free interchange of thought and expression, can carry him to unimaginable new horizons with every decade. Man's community is based on his ideas, not his mere survival. However, both man's ideas and his rapid, headstrong development of society have brought with them several factors which, if not checked, could turn against progress and ultimately destroy all that has been created to now. The competitiveness of the animal world has infiltrated man's mental and social development, causing such phenomena as the "keepingup-with-the-Joneses" syndfome. in which man competes with his fellow in a mutual waste of valuable energy, and the su teriority drives of various nations and cultures, each of which thinks its culture is the best and therefore should have dominance over the rest Perhaps the most potent danger, although also the best hidden, is the inherent repression in any society that feels it requires the conformity of all the individuals in that society in order to maintain a position of superiority. This type of unified-thought, "lockstep" theory of society leads ultimately to degeneration of ideas and weakening of the society In order to guard against those factors I have mentioned which lead to destruction, human society has to basic, albeit interrelated, responsibilities. First, man must educate himself, both in those facts which have been discovered throughout his development from cave man to modern man. and in the sometimes intuitive, sometimes scientific method of thinking which has enabled him to progress this far. Man's thought process is his most valuable asset, and be must not allow this to atrophy for the sake of conformity or convenience Second, society must be structured so as to allow the maximum amount of tree thought and individuality to take place, as it is this creativity which continually rejuvenates the human mind and spirit. Education and creativity, working together, can and will perpetuate a society that is healthy and strong. But reaching such a near-perfect state requires several additional responsibilities on the part of man as a community If he must find leaders who can blend just the right amount of practicality with the necessary idealism and creativity; 2) he must protect the health, safety and human rights of ALL tho individuals of the society; 3) he must insure equality of treatment of ALL members of his community, as pure, free thought cannot originate from a society that is corrupt at its moral center; 4) he must care for the poor and the sick, as they are human beings who have as much right to enjoy and, indeed, to CONTRIBUTE to life as the rest of the society; 5) he must preserve his environment, os much of man's creative thought is inspired by the beauty of the world around him. Both as an individual and as a society. man has many responsibilities. The individual must remain true to himself in all his endeavors. In addition. he has an obligation to care for his fellow man and for the preservation of HUMANNESS in mankind. The community of men must in turn care for him and his individual ideas, for these are truly what make up the society of man. by Jay Hopkinj 171 Photos by Jay Hopkins ' 'FT HP

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