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THIS IS THE 1959 SASSAMON THE YEARBOOK OF THE NATICK, MASSACHUSETTS HIGH SCHOOL CONTENTS FACULTY . PAGE 9 CLASS OFFICERS ” 23 SENIORS . ” 27 ACTIVITIES . ” 75 ATHLETICS . ” 91 SENIOR WEEK ” 115 Back in 1651 when John Eliot was founding the Indian village of Natick his chief guide was John Sassamon. This year we have invented Little Sass — follow him through the book and we hope — like the girls above that you will find something to cheer about. MR. FRANCIS CRONAN DEDICATION We, the Class of 1959, lovingly dedicate this, our Senior Yearbook, to Mr. Francis William Cronan who is retiring from teaching, Mr Cronan was art readier in the Coolidge Junior High School from September, 1931, until he was called to active duty with the United Stares Army in April, 1942, He served as a major in both the European and Pacific theaters, returning to teaching in September, 1945, as a member of the faculty of the Senior High School A graduate of Haverhill High School and the Museum School of Fine Arts, Mr, Cronan has brought to all Natick High School pupils an appreciation and better under¬ standing of good scholarship, good sportsmanship, and dean living. His rare sense of humor, keen wit, and sympathetic understanding have endeared him to all We wish him many years of health and happiness and hope he will be able to continue his world travels. 4 MR. LOUIS COLOMBO ADVISORS The Class of 1959 extends its thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Susan Gray and Mr. Louis Columbo for their untiring interest and unselfish devotion to the solution of our many problems. 5 1 MR. HOWARD HENNIGAR, PRINCIPAL MR. LAWRENCE BARTNICK, VICE PRINCIPAL 8 NATICK HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY 1958-1959 Mr Henoigar Mr, Ban nick Mr, Anderson Mr, Andrews Mr, Bachmi Mr. D, Bennett Mr. W, Bennert Mr. BransfieJd Mrs. Brown Miss Buckley Mr. Campbell Mr. Carey Mr. Cailow Mr.Guey MissChellii Mr. Cinkosky Mr.Collini Mr. Colombo Mrs. Colombo Mr. DeFelice Miss Domhoe Mr. Drown Mr. Farrell Mr, Filldes Miss Finn Mr. Fitzgerald Mr, Garnett Miss Garvey Mr. Gearan Mr Goddard Mrs. Gray Miss Hamm Miss Harrington Miss Harris Miss Heajjney Miss Hope Miss Howard Mr. Hudson Miss Kaplan Mrs. Leach 10 Mr, McDermott Mr, McGowm Mr McManus Mrs, Miedi Mr Mitro Mr. Murphy Miss Mussmakcr Mr, No wale Miss Nutt Mr. O ' Sullivan Miss Pj, inton Mr. Plaussc Mm Puihirr Miss Ra ferty Mr, Rosen Miss Shannon Mr, Shea Mr. SJamin Miss SpaJoni Mr. Stickfor Mr Swkker Miss Tillson Miss Tozer Mr. Waugh 11 12 n HONOR SOCIETY Front row Miss Crawley. H. Wright. A, Stewart, E, Lee P. Hartourt, R. Brown, J. Mosman, S. Skeins, S. LeRou . Second row: L. Brcmncr, G. Phillips, R Rogers, N. Sullivan, M. Burke, S. Jansen, C, Biagctti, E. Parsons, S, Brenneman, L. Hayward, Back row- P. Garland, T, Nelson, J. Down. P. Giivani. 1959 NATICK HIGH SCHOOL CHAPTER The Natick Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized in September with Miss Helen Crawley as advisor and Harold H. Wright as president The group have been active all year revising their constitution, work mg on the Student Handbook, and tutoring underclassmen. Robert Robinson and Nancy Hunt won reco gnition by placing in the National Honor Society Scholarship Contest ROBERT ROBINSON Tfi From row: G. Williams R. Robinson G Bel isle. A, Manin. }. Kinncir, M. Purcell, N. Hunt, M, Pierce, I. Hillis Second row: A- Grten i, S. Owens, C Coan J. Buckler, M, Trundy, V Fierro, K, Kugcll, M, Mirchdl, C Fierro, S, Uu swell, J. Burt, Back row: D. Young, S. Haskell, R. Ohlshamky, B Edmonstun, S. Collins. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY At the Induction Ceremony in May the Junior mem¬ bers of the society were welcomed, Mr. Howard Hennigar, principal, awarded membership certificates and Mr. Alfred A. Maffeo, Superintendent of Schools, addressed the group, AH members of the group were the guests of the Natick Rotary Club at the Beacon Terrace for luncheon on May 19. 19 NANCY HUNT STUDENT COUNCIL Prone row: G. Knott J. Row K. Moore, G, Williams, S. Chamberlain E. Hopf, S Egaa, J, Wilson. Second row: D. Campiii P. Fitzpatrick, C GoMrick, R. Allison j. McOosky D. Lawrence J. Andrews, L. Woods, N. Sullivan P, Kilroy, H. Lawrence, Mr, Carlow. Back row-: W. Lewis }, Hubbard, A, August! ni, T. Bracken, R. Anderson, M. Wilson R. Pryor, R, Pipe, S. Levesque. STUDENT The Student Council for 1958 and 1959 was under the advisorship of Mr, Emmett Shea and Mr. John Carlow The officers were George Williams Presi¬ dent; Sandra Chamberlain, Vice President; and Karen Moore, Secretary, The group of students forming the Student Coun¬ cil sponsored two dances. The first the Welcome Dance was held on September 19, the first social function of the year. The Football Dance was held on December 5, with Paul Ambler ' s orchestra to pro¬ vide the music. Students from Wayland High Schools Student Council visited Natick High School, and Natick ' s went to Wayland. They held this exchange to view different COUNCIL councils, their powers, methods of operating, and to find new ideas to help our school. Vito Capizzo was elected by the Student Council to receive the Jewish War Veteran Award. It is given to the person who best exemplifies the statement, " Classmate Today, Neighbor Tomorrow. " The Council also discussed a code of ethics for Natick High School. They plan many revisions for the Red and Blue Handbook, which is given to enter ing freshmen. Other things which were discussed were: Student dress, schedules for midyear and final exams, the school bulletin board, and changing eligU bility rules although no decision was reached on the latter 20 LIBRARY This year Miss Harris has had twenty-six library ' aides to assist her with routine duties. However, this is the first year that Freshman girls have been selected in September to be members of the group. Ten girls have completed their first year as library aides, ten girls have been library aides for two years, and six girls axe veteran library aides with three years of experience. Some of the duties in the library are u noticed by many but are essential to keep the library functioning properly. A library aide stays ar the desk to check books in and out and to receive library permits. At the end of each period a girl returns the library permits to the study teachers. At the begin- AIDES ning of the school year books from the bindery must have pockets pasted in and cards typed; and throughout the year new books have to be checked, stamped, cataloged, and pre¬ pared for pupil use. Upstairs the magazine and college catalog sections have to be kept up to date with the latest magazines and college catalogs. Library aides also assist in shelving books and arranging books in order according to their classification numbers. This organization performs many other services, too, such as preparing bulletins, typing reserve lists, and doing numerous errands, in addition to dusting and keeping good order generally. CAFETERIA MARSHALLS Front row: R Stanley C. Sctorobcrg, J. McDonald, J. Hall, V. Capiwo, R. Frantiose, S. Gould, R, Kent, Second row: W Sumll, R_ Slotokk, D MacLeod, P. McLaughlin, j, Hcndericbon, W. Sapanaro, H. Newman. Third row: R. Ward, P. Hem is. D. MacLeod, R. Spinney, R. Cox. 21 THE SASSAMQN LITERARY STAFF For the literary staff of the Sassamon, the year 19584959 has been one of great activity Each staff. in its oin held has tried to make the Sassamon a truly representative publication, a newspaper of which the entire school could feel a pan. We End in each of the Smimon newspapers published this year, not only the work of the students who have been elected t o be reporters and editors, but contributors from the faculty and the general student body. Miss Patricia Hope of the English department served once again as the advisor to the Satsimun. Nancy Hunt was the editor-in-chief and Mary Pierce was the assistant editor. Karen Moore news editor made sure that her reporters were always on hand at newsworthy events. From the Science Fair to the Coed gym, not a “scoop” was missed. The features staff under the direction of Karen Ruge!!, features editor, was in charge of keeping the students happy. The feature pages were fiHed with jokes, quotes and picture . A dose and accurate coverage of " Olympic 1 ' games and matches was kept by James Bradford ' s sports staff. The scores of both girls ' and boys ' athletic events were recorded faithfully on the famous back page of the SitMunoa. Celia Biagetti ' s literary staff supplied the fiction from the pens of Natkk High s most notable literary talent. Ideas from other schools appeared in Dianne Dixon ' s lively ex¬ change column. Of course where would the Sassamon have been without the art staff, the typing staff, and Jonathan Padover (nicknamed " Patient John¬ nie” ) staff photographer. When the Sassam ascot Contest was held, the industrial arts depart¬ ment made a bright red box and stand to serve as a receptacle for entries. It was neatly lettered by rhe art department and later, served to receive contributions for the Quips and Queries Yankee Trader, and general suggestions. The Sassamastui contest was won by Richard Harris room A 162 The principle which the Sassamon has tried to apply to itself this year was best summed up by Nancy Hunt in an early editorial. The Sassamon of 19584939 has tried to be " a sounding board of student opinion " wi th something for everyone. THE BUSINESS STAFF OF THE SASSAMON The Business Staff of the Sutsmom, our school newspaper, is com cable to the stage hands of a play. Without it the paper could never published. The staff is composed mainly of three divisions: first, the managerial: second, advertisement, and third, subscriptions. The manager ' s respon¬ sibility with the help of his assistant is to sec that the work is done properly and on time; and to see rhat things run smoothly. Heading the advertisement division of the staff is a very important job. It is that person s responsibility to see that all rhe merchants of Natick hape been solicited for support of the paper .and to see that the bills are issued and the money received from the advertisers Next on our list is the subscrip¬ tions division. The person heading this committee must sec that every pupil of Natick High has been approached and urged to buy a subscrip¬ tion to our school newspaper. The work of both divisions is done by all the members of the staff and is assigned by the head. The business staff can boast of the fine work it has done this year through advertisements and subscription It had record-breaking figures in both instances — advertisers numbering 105 and subscriptions amounting to 629. Work for this staff begins almost immediately with the opening of school. Advertisements, which help give the financial support to the paper must be obtained rypedup, and placed on sheets of paper ready to go to the printer. Also subscriptions must be obtained from the students. All this work has to be completed before the first issue goes out in October, From then on, the run is slowed down to a walk. However the bills must be put out and the money received. Each month the ads ate set up on sheets of paper to go to the primer; and when the paper returns from the printer, it is the duty of the business staff to fold the papers, and to distribute them to the subscribers Then, too. compli¬ mentary papers are sent out by (his staff to every advertiser. This year football buttons were sold and help was given toward the preparation of the Sadie Hawkins Dance which is put on by the Summon Under the able assistance of Mr. Murphy and Mr. Anderson, the Simmon Business Staff has concluded a very enjoyable and successful year, Senior Class Officers President Richard Anderson Vice President Sandra Chamberlain Secretary Karen Alger Moore Treasurer Judith Kinncar Sophomore Class Officers President Vice President Secretary Treasurer W, Lewis P Herscy J. Wilson N Brass Junior Class Officers President Stephen Haskell Vice Pres. Sherrill Collins Secretary Patricia Smith Treas, Paula Chamberlain SENIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD Front row R. Meagher, J. Kinnear, R. Anderson, S. Chamberlain, K S, Guswelt, P. Gurr, C Pinkbam, P. Kilroy, Mr. Columbo. Back rows G. Moore, C G an. Second row Mrs, Gray, j. Drownc, M. Pierce, L. Woods, Knott, J Hall, P Sapanaro, L Richard, }. McCJosky, H. Wright, B. Clark, SENIOR EXECUT IVE BOARD The Senior Executive Board consists of the class officers and the two elected members from each homeroom. The following people served as members for this year: Joyce Burt, Sandra Bmwcll, Beverly Clark, Joanna Drownc Carol Hacked, Jerome Hall, Margaret Kilroy, James McClosky, Mary Pierce. Charlene Pinkham, Lee Richards, Paul Saponaro, Judith Woods, Harold Wright, Richard Anderson, President Sandra Chamber ' lain. Vice President, Judith Km near. Treasurer, and Karen Moore, Sec¬ retary. The Senior Play, " Dear Ruth, " was the first big problem to be dis cussed. It was decided that the price was to be one dollar per person. The senior class presented the cast members with silver pins and tie clasps for their hard work. The play was a success, and a profit was made. Near to l c decided were preparations for the Christmas Cotillion, with Nat Walsh ' s orchestra. The decoration committee, under Joyce Burt, transformed the cafeteria into a fairyland palace for the dance. For the first time a Yulctidc Queen, Marilyn Mitchell, was chosen by the chaperones. The established price for the yearbook was 12AO for seniors and teachers; $3 00 for underclassmen The final choice for the size was medium. Last year ' s executive board elected Luring as a photographer for our class pictures. The pictures were taken the first week in January, and proofs were returned a week later. Actual pictures were received the first week in March. The remaining part of the year was spent discussing plans for Senior Week activities and the class reunion. This may seem early to plan a reunion, but many of our classmates won t see each other from graduation day until the reunion. JUNIOR EXECUIVE BOARD Front row: T, Roskey, S. Fgan, P. Chamberlain, S Collins, S. Haskell, Davis, C. Biagevti, L. Hayward. Third row: M. Kcany, R Calzim. P. P. Smith, D. Mathews. L. Mansell. Second row : M. Ryan, D Slamin. M. Garland, K. Fontetchio, A Augustin , G Nye, J. Chiumcnto. R. Winters, Lutrcll, M. Webb, N, Boutiilier, J. MtQay, C. Parris, C. Gold rick, D, M. Sweeney. A CAFFLLA CHOIR Front row D Hlumcnrhal. J Mmman, M Donley, N. Hum. K. Ku dl, j, Kucher, P Kit my, F Parsons, M. Mitchell, B Mont¬ gomery, B Lijgon, M. Pierce, D Greenberg. Second row A Martin. M, Webb, N, Sullivan, M. Anderson, M. Thompson, L Hill is. C, Kerr, P, Sthnow, M. burke, K. Moore, A. Blanchard L Sellar, D. Young Third row: R, Zicko, S. Haskell. R Carroll, B. Connell R McKechnie. H Hcnmgjr. W. DcMcllc, J DcFoire. A Parker, F, Rogers, j, Chiumenro. SAFETY PATROL Front row D. BJumctithaJ. M Kt-any, }. M osman. S. Owens, M, Pierce, D. Gordon, P. Burns, J. Andrews, D Young, M Donley C Owens, J. Dmwnc, A. Ortcnai, S. SLeans. Second row B Hun¬ ter, A, Phinney, S. LeRoux, B l.i m, S. Martin, M Mttdidl, L. Mansell, j, Malone. J. Wignor P. Hubbard. D Thompson, J Kin- near, S Jansen, N Sullivan. M BafdcUb. K Hand, P Luttrell, M. Nichols. J. Holland, B Ward. Back row : II Wright, H. Mm- gace, P Garland, G. Williams D McGee A Arbuckle, R Whine- more T Anderson, R. Brown, L Barrlcy. J, Bradford F Mastro, j. Padovci, R, Whirchnuse, J, Chiu memo, J. Dow it 25 SENIORS RICHARD ANDERSON " Richy " . . . nothing is ever done it N. H. S, without Richy , , greatest class president , . . lEwiyi “hep to class and world affairs , . favorite hobby is suppressing ‘’those decadent freshmen” ,, best of luck in the future. Safety Patrol I; Glee Gub 1, 2; Student Council ) v 2. 4; Executive Board ! k 2. 3, 4; Gass President l, 4; Boyi‘ State Representative 3; Good Government Day Representative 4; A Capdla Choir 4; N Club 4. Basketball 1.2,4 SANDRA CHAMBERLAIN The Gass of ’59 will always be proud of Sandy, very dcscmngly chosen as D. A, R Good Citirm. Sandy has been very active in school activities and she is a friend to all. Her sincerity, willingness to help and her terrific personality can bring nothing but the very best of everything to her. Ambition r To be a nurse Girls ' Athletics (Softball) 1; Safety Patrol 3. Safety Patrol Commisttoncr 4; Glee Club 3; Student Council 3, Student Council Vice President 4; Co-chairman Prom Decorati on Committee 3; Chair man Refreshment Committee Sophomore Spring Dance 2; Vice President Senior Class 4; Executive Board 3; A Capdla Choir 4 Science Fur 2,4; Refreshment Committee Football Dance 4. JUDITH KINNEAR " Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.” Judy is one of the hardest working girls in our class. She is friendly, sincere, full of fun, and has done an excellent job as treasurer of the class. Girls ' Athletics (Basketball) 2, 3; Safety Patrol 3. Commissioner 4; Sassamon Board Assistant Manager 3, Manager 4; Class Officer 2, 3, 4; Executive Board 2, 3, 4: Campus Oub 2; Business Service Gub 3; Ticket Committee Sophomore Dance 2; From Decorating Committee 3; Senior Play Ticket Committee 4; Christmas Gotilion Ticket Gsmmiticc 4; Sassamon Subscription Com¬ mittee 4; Sassamon Yearbook Subscription Committee 4; Government Representative 3, 4; Drill Team 2. KAREN ALGER MOORE Sweet . . . pretty , , secretary par excellence . . witty good student . , . willing worker ,,. kind friend. Glee Club 3; Sassamon Board 1, 3, 4; Student Council 2, % 4; Class President 3; Class Secretary 3, 4; Student Council Secretary 4; A Cape 111 Chorus 4; News Editor of Sassamon 4; Decoration Committees for Dances 2, 3 4; Library Aide 2, 3; Ticker C nominee for Cotillion 4; Saugus Con¬ ference 2; Andover Conference 3; Executive Board 5. 4; Alternate for Girls State Representative 3, 28 CHRISTY ADAMS One of the most popular Seniors . . . Loves football . . . Prefers Framingham . . Hails from FekhviJJc . , A smile for everyone ... A great sense of humor , , . Plans to attend Dean Junior College. Baseball I, 2 5, 4; Football 1,2, 3. 4; Indoor Track 3, 4; Hockey l, 2, Gym Club: Prom Decoration Committee 3; Prom Entertainment Committee 3; Entertainment Committee for Football Dance 4; Committee for " N ' 1 Club Outing; Decoration Committee for Football Dance; " N " Club; Executive Board. BARRY ANDERSON Hasta mahana! . . , Works hard , , . Worries constantly . . oh, that Chemistry! ... I knew it this morning , . . where hm it gone? Orchestra 2; Meteorology Club 2 3,4; Art Club 2; Radiology Club 4; Science Fair 2. MARILYN ANDERSON Happy go-lucky , , , pretty smile . , . good student . . , ambitious , , . jolly disposition , . ■ likes to sing . . makes friends easily . , , loyal N. H. 5. rooter . . Oh, those early morning pintutb!! . ., Good luck. Sassamon Yearbot k Subscription Committee 4; A Cape!la 4; Sassamon Newspaper Ads and Subscriptions 2; Glee Club 2. TIMOTHY ANDERSON Well-known captain of the N. H. S. Cross-country track team .. . good worker . , , International fan . . Lot of fun , « t ambition to be a success. Track 2, 3, 4; Safety Patrol 2, 3, 4; Student Guidance Committee 3; Club 4; Science Fair 2, 3, 4; Captain Cross-country 4; Alternate Boys ' State 3; Usher for Graduation 3. JAMES ANDREWS Jimmy . . number one S. P. cr . . „ really great with a trumpet . , . valuable member of the band ,.. certain Junior girl, „. curly hair. Track I; Band t f 2, 3, 4; Safery Patrol 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Dance Band I, 2; Science Fair 3 t 4. PATRICIA ARENA Quiet and shy, describes our Pat . . Always willing to help a friend . , . And to you we lend ,.. Success, and all with that. Basketball 1; Girls 1 Athletics 4; Glee Club 3; Art and Crafts; Senior Churus 4; Junior Prom Decoration Committee 3; Pep Club; Yearbook Typing Committee 4. 29 RUSSELL BARBER Russ . . . quiet and shy in school, but , , . once outside!! one of " The boys " often seen with a girl named Dotric, Football I, 2; Cafeteria Marshal. KENNETH BARNES " Kenny " , . . shy and quiet , . loves spom, cars, and girls . . bowling at the Fairway « Natick ' s loyalist male fan ., . nice person to know ».. good luck in the future. Football 2, 3; Track 3, 4; Hockey 2; Thanksgiving Usher 4, MADELINE BARNJCLE Always has a few jokes to tell , , unexpected sense of humor Oh, those busy Typing II classes!! Interest in Somerville. Basketball 2; Band 1,2, Dance Band 2; Senior Play Ticket Committee 4. LYNN BARTLEY Shy guy , . . rarely without a smile very loyal supporter of all N.H.S, sports , makes his appearance at parties , . , a sincere friend. Football 1 2 t 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Band 1; Safety Patrol! 4; " N " Club 3, 4; Gym Club 3; Usher junior Prom 3, GEOFFREY BE LISLE Another South Naricker . , , nice smile . . good student . , , would be Chemical Engineer .. . Good Luck. Honor Society 3, 4; Gym Club U 2; Executive Board 1, 2; Campaign Manager 1; Intramural Basketball l, 2; Framingham Game Usher 4; Graduation Usher 3. PETER BELL Better known as " Pucker " „ « . Wherever there is any fun to be had, he is usually in the midst of it ... he lias a special interest in hockey . he seems quiet, but his friends tell a different story , . , Good luck, Pete. Hockey l t 2, 3; Prom Committee 3, 30 CAROL BELLE FONTAINE Quiet . friendly , . , nice to know , » . Best wishes. CAROL BELLOFATTO This gift is one of nut future nurses, and her ambirion is to graduate from St. Vincents’ Hospital in Worcester, " Bell " likes spike heels, but in the near future will learn a hospital isn ' t the place to wear them. Shell probably never forget Advanced Biology and the so-often used quotation " what happened to your head? ' " Glee Club I T 2; Senior Play Ticket Committee 4; Nurses Club-Pies, 4; Member Science Fair 1, 3, 4, DONALD BERGONZONI Quiet , . shy ,., hails from Fekhville , , , hot rod enthusiast. JANICE BITZER Jan .. . beautiful dark hair, but oh! those nightly pinups!! sweet smile . friendly personality ,,. shy, some think . . . best of luck and happiness in the future, whatever it may be chat you choose. Future Teachers Club 1,2, 3. 4; An Club 4; Art Committee for Junior Prom 3; Christmas Cotillion 4; Senior Play Ticket Committee 4; School Hot Rod Club I, MAUREEN BLISS Maureen is better known as " Moe " or “Bunny " . . + she has always been a strictly commercial student , . fabulous majorette . . , a good mixlel . , lovely long bait , . . vibrant personality . . - Enthusiastic, Ambition: To attend LaSalle Junior College . ■ good luck to you, Bunny! Girls’ Athletics 5, 4; Hockey 3, 4; Tennis 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Good Grooming Club 1, 2 f 3,4. JOHN BGY1NGTON Man of many cars ... an artist too, dislikes street lights. Ambition; To go to Massachusetts Aft School. 31 JAMES BRADFORD Executive type , . . well dressed , . fond of tennis , . enjoys writing for (he Sassamon ■ . very good darner . ■ his versatility will undoubtedly make him a success. Football [, 2, 3 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3 4; Safety Patrol 3, 4; Sassarmm Board 1, 2, 3, 4; Prom Usher 4; Senior Play Ticket Committee 4; Sassamon Subscription Committee 3; Football Dance Decoration Committee 4; Sports Editor — Sassamon 4; Christmas Cotillion Decoration Committee 4; Captain Tennis Squad 2, 3, 4, JUNE BREDA Tennis anyone? Field hockey basketball, tennis — you name if, June plays it. She is one of Natick High ' s outstanding girl athletes. Basketball Captain I, Co-Captain 2, 3, 4; G.A.A, 1, 2 i, 4; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1; Science Fair Committee 4, LINDA BREMNER Fiery redhead . . , dislikes most things, (pizza and hot dogs) , . . unexd cable , , , always hungry. Honor Society 4; Business Service Club 4; Senior Play Decorations Committee 4; Intramural Basketball 2. DAVID BROWN " Dave ' 1 . ■ " Albert " in the Senior Play . , . one of those famous Brown brothers . . very studious . . . always lots of fun . , , very reliable , , , spends his time in Newton , , . Good luck, Dave! Tennis U 2, 5, 4; Safety Patrol 2 3, 4; Honor Society 3 4; Sassamon Board 4; Senior Play 4; Student Council 1 ; Science Fair 2, }; Dramatic Club, President 1, 2i Executive Board I. GLORIA BROWN Special knack for business studies - . . known for showing and speaking her opinions . . has special interest in Gulf Stations . , . Charlie. Sassamon Board l; Business Service Club 4; Prom Decoration Committee 3; Christmas Cotillion Decoration Committee 4; Am and Crafts Club 2; Campus Club 2. RICHARD BROWN " Dick ' 1 ., . lots of fun in a crowd , . . that cute sailor in the Senior Play . . interests in Newton . always gets his hometvork done? , .. Best of Luck. Track 3, 4; Senior Play 4, 32 VIRGIN A BROWN " Silence is Golden 1 ' . , " Ginny " , . , quiet and shy until you get to know her . loyal supporter of the N, H. S, football team . . Good luck in the future. Campus Club L ANN BRYAN Ann may be seen often at the library during school or at J. M Fields at nights. She plans to enter the field of nursing. Best wishes from the Class of 1959, Basketball 4; Sewing Club 1, 2; Future Nurse Qub 5, 4; Library Aide 2, 3» 4; Sassamon Subcriber 2 DAVID BUCKINGHAM " Bucky " . . . plays trombone in Dance Band . . . loves jazz . „ , very collegiate « Best wishes from the Class of 1959 Tennis 3 4; Band 1,2, 3 r 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Science Fair Committee 2, 3; Dance Band 2 3. 4. JUDITH BUCKLFR A loyal supporter of N, H, 5. activities , . can be seen driving a grey and white convertible , . . is thinking of going into retailing ... an uncomparable giggler . . . always a happy M HF ' , . » Where you hud Judy, you will find Anna, National Honor Society 4; Secretary Campus Club 2; Pep Club 4, Modern Dance Club 4; Ticket Committee for Senior Play 4; Junior Prom Decorating Committee 3; Election Official 2, 3- MARCIA BURKE " Trigger " , frequents M.I.T. . . . star player for (he Drips Flips over Red Jeeps . . , Senior Sis . „ real cool trumpet player . Sincere friend . wonderful student Love those lifcsavers ., . Sure to go far. Basketball 2, 3; Girls’ Athletics 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3 4; Glee Club l, 2; Honor Society 4; Orchestra 2, 3; Graduation Usherette 3; Science Fair Committee 2, 4; District Music Festival 1 4; Senior Six 4; Dance Baud 2; Pep Club 1, 2, 4; Guidance Committee 4; A Capella 4; Sassamon Literary Stall 4; Decoration Committee for Junior Prom 3; Decoration Committee for Christmas Cotillion 4; Operetta 4; Senior Play Ticket Committee 4 JOYCE MARGARET BURT " Peggy " . . Garlic Pizza anyone? . , , Oh, those committee meetings . , Hi " cuz " „ , , vivacious fashion plate , , bread basket collector . . . liked by everyone - . sure to be u success in everything she does. Honor Society 4; Two Committees for the Senior Play 4; Library Aide 2, 3, 4; Business Service Club 3, 4; Executive Board 4; Chairman for Decorations for Christmas Cotillion 4; Science Fair 2. 33 SANDRA BUSWELL " Buzz " , . , friendly . . cute redhead . . . always on the go , loyal member of the Safety Patrol , ready to pitch in . . , nice clothes . , . ambitious rooter for N. H» S activities , . - freckles ? —■ who wants ' em?? . . very good student , . „ efficient . , sure to succeed , „ frill make someone a very good secretary , «. good luck. Safety Patrol 3, 4: Glee Club 1. 2; Saswmoo Board 2, 3, 4; Executive Board 1, 2, 3. 4’ Senior Prom Committee; Publicity Committee for Senior Play 4; Club Activities t. 2, 3, 4; Decorating Committee for Cotillion 3, 4; Yearbook Subscription Committee 4; Driver Training 3; Honor Society ALFRED BYRNES ' Al " , . quiet, in school . ■ . carefree , , OH that curly hair! , , , not too interested in studying . ,. What, me worry?? , , good friend ,. . guod luck. Radio Club l; Prom Printing Committee 3. PAUL CALLAHAN What a tease! , . neat dresser , always a witty remark , , . enjoys school??? . . , willing to lend a helping hand , friendly to all . . . easy going manner , „ loves a good time « , ■ sure to be a success. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Track 2 t 3, 4; Safety Patrol 2 3; Captain of Baseball 4; " N” Club 4; Gym Club 2 3, 4, JOHN CAL7.INI A good friend ro know . , , President of the GY.O , . You can ' t miss the twinkle in his eyes , - Popular frith the opposite sex. Baseball I, 2. 3, 4; Hockey 3, 4; Student Council 3; Intramural Basketball 2, 3; Gym Club 1 2 t 3, 4; Junior Prom Decoration Committee 3; Chairman Ticket Committee, Rcfrcshmcnr Committee for Freshman Dance 3. DIANE CAMPISI Like a fountain _ „ bubbles over with life , . . biggest little girl we know ' . . , very cute dancer. Field Hockey 1,2, 3. Basketball I t 2, 3; Business Sassamon Board 3, 4; Subscription Manager for sassamon 4; Campus Club 2; Dramatics Club 2; Prom Decorations 3, Cheerleader 4; Ticket Com¬ mittee for Senior Play 4; G. A. A, I. 2; Cheerleading Competition 4; Drivers Training 4; Pep Club 4, vrro capizzo Full of fun , . . big tease , , everyone ' s friend , . . always dependable , , , wonderful disposition ♦ Captain of ' 59 hockey team . , , has special interest in the class of ' 38 , . , homework? . , , Who needs it?? ,, enthusiastic worker .,, Lots of luck and success in the future. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Hockey 1,2, 3, 4; " N " Club 2, 3, 4, President of " N " Club 4; Chief of Cafeteria Marshalls 1, 2, 3, 4; Good Government Day 4; Executive Board 3; Captain of Hotkey Team 4; Prom Committee Decorations 3; Eland; Science Fair 2; Freshman Hockey Captain L 34 RICHARD CASALV " Easy come; easy go ' , Dick, “Co-op " gotxl for a laugh . , . not too interested in in studying . , . considerate , , . good friend . . . Good Luck. Current Events Club l; Radio Club 2 BEVERLY CLARK " Bev " . . . vivacious . , sparkling eyes , . always a big smile . conscientious worker . . good student . friendly personality . . . interests in the class of ' 5fi . , . hidden sense of humor , , attractive dresser , , . one of those " mad " women drivers! . „ . Best of luck, Bev. Basketball 1, 2; Glee Club I, 2, 4; Usherette for Junior Prom 3; Chairman of Senior Play Ticket Committee 4; Executive Board 4, CAROL L. CO AN Five feet, two inches tall . . . A blue-eyes blond ... A great friend to have . . Old Cape Cod , , Oh, those Summer week-ends . . Dedham ... will be an asset to any bussmess office. Girls ' Athletics 1, 2; Glee Club 2; Sassamon Board 4; Campus Club 2; Refreshments Sophomore Dance; G A, A 1, 5; Junior Prom Decorations; Usherette Senior Play; Senior Play Ticket Com¬ mittee; Dramatics 3; Yearbook Typing Committee; Honor Society 4. LOIS NATALIE COHEN Quiet, but nice . . short dark hair , . how does she stay so thin . , , friendly , , , easy-going . , loyal. Dramatics L JAMES T CONDLIN Bud ... not too serious abour school . , Enjoyed by everyone it his classes ... A teacher’s pest ., not forgotten on past ski trips! Baseball 2, 3 4; Gym Club 3. 4; Radio Club 2 RICHARD COX " Dick " . + . never misses out on anything that happens in Natick, or the other towns around .. . always full of mischief . , . French III . , , neat dresser .. , just a great guy „ , . Have fun Dick. Sassamon Board 4; Intramural Basketball, Mythology Club 1; Usher Prom: Thanksgiving Day Game, 35 STEVEN CRAM ETON " Steve " . . . seen but not hxi often heard . . . good student . . , easy fading . . . sly sense of humnf , . , likes to have a good time , . . has interest in underclass girl . Good lock in the future. Band 1; Glee Club 1, 2 Arlington Eagle, Photographer I, 2; Science Fair 4; Class Play 2. LEE CURTIS Friendly . nice smile . N. H, S, rooter . . loves clothes. RONALD CURTIS Red hair and a Colgate smile . Ruth " . . . our favorite goalie . . . nor especially interested in school .,. anything for a laugh. Baseball 2; Football 2; Hockey 1,2, 3, 4; Executive Board 1. WILLIAM CURTIS Bill , seen but not often heard . , , sincere friend . . cheerful , . . easy going , , , a conscientious student . , best of luck. MARY DALY Sweet . , pretty smile . . . sincere friend . , , nice skin . , . quiet . . always willing to work . , , neat . . . capable student , . we know that you will be a success in your future. Glee Club 2, 3; Business Service 3,4, Prom Committee 3. JUDITH DAVIS The only way to have a friend is to be one , friendly . , . good dancer . . , anyone for a Chinese Auction? ., anyone for the movies? Glee Club 1: Senior Play Rose Committee 4; Dramatic Club 3; An Club 2; Library Aid 2 3 4; Business Service 4; Yearbook Layout Committee 4; Sassamun Business Staff 3; Counter in Elections 3. i 36 LESLIE DAVIS " Les " . . , liked by all ,, , like a certain boy who recently graduated from N. H. S. , . lovei stock car racci . . ha wonderful parties , " Hey, Les t can I borrow your boat? " . Rose Committee for Senior Play 4; Decoration Committee for Cotillion 4; Dramatics Club 2. DIANNA DeCOSTA " Dee Dee " . . . vivacious and always cheerful . , full of pep for N, H. S. . . real hep . beautiful clothes with her dark, curly hair and beautiful ran . . . hair dressing school is her aim She a bound to excel. Glee Club 2; Library Aide 2; Science Fair 2; Decoration Committee Junior Prom 3; Art Committee Junior Prom 3; Usher Senior Play 4; Ticket Committee Senior Play 4. DIANE DIXON " Dickie " . , adorable smile , . beautiful skin . . . pleasant to know . . dislikes impolite boys , . T think I ' Ll get a pixie haircut " . . . admires Framingham (?l!l boys . . likes driving, dancing and dieting . .. enjoyed the sights ( ? J in Hawaii . .. well liked by all. Sittamon Board 3, 4; Sassamon Subscriptions 3; Decoration Committee Cotillion 4; Refreshment Committee Sophomore Dante 2; G. A. A. 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1; Science Fair 2, 4; Exchange Editor Sassamon 4 ' , Decoration Committee Prom 3; Refreshment Committee Prom 3; Modern Dance Club 4; Intramural Field Hockey 3. RICHARD DONOVAN Dick . . . dig those craxy vest-sweaters! . . homeroom clown , happy-go-tucky , , jolly . . , friends galore! . . . loyal N. H. S. supporter . . , " Get away from the water facer " ... likes to have a good time . ,. success in the future. Freshman Executive Board L JOHN DOWST " Mouse " „ . friendly to everyone . . enjoys sports . . quiet? — some think so . . . hard worker . , dependable . . , carefree , . . loyal member of the Safety Patrol . . , the class of f 59 wishes you the best of luck in the future. Baseball 2, 3 4; Football 3, 4; Safety Patrol 4; " N“ Club 4; Arts and Crafts t, 2, Science Fair 2, 3 t 4; Honor Society 4, JOANNA DROWNE ' To know r her is to love her — none more dear. " " Jo " . . neat . . . capable . . , terrific personality ,. . sincere friend . .. conscientious student. . . Best of Luck, Jo! Safety Patrol 4; Glee Club I, 2, 3; Sassamon Board l f 2. 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2; Executive Board i, 2, 4; Junior Prom Decoration Committee 3; Cotillion Ticket Committee 4; Senior Play Ticket Committee 4; Senior Play Publicity Committee 4; Sadie Hawkins Dance Chairman 4; Sadie Hawkins Dance Co-Chairman Refreshments l. Class Office r-Secrttary 1,2, Football Dance Decora non Committee 2. 37 DOUGLAS DUNN " Doug " , . . interested in cars . easy going . . - friendly smile . . . nor craay about studying ., girls? . . best of luck. BOYD EDMUNDSTON Think he’s quiet? . , . He always has a trick up his sleeve - - his jokes get around fast talks in French three-fourths of the time . . . faithful subscriber to " Mad Magazine. Trade 2; Sassamort Board 4; Senior Play Reading Committee 3; Mythology Club 1; Executive Board 2; Honor Society 4, WILLIAM EGAN Bill ♦ . . wonderful artist . ■ willing to lend a hand , . . quiet t some say . , . red hair , . car enthusiast , , . great disposition ... has special interest in junior class , , , easy going . . Good luck in rhe future. JOSEPH FAHEY Joe , , . came from Maine in sophomore year, and soon made many friends at Natick High », . always a witty remark .., " I Junno! " ,,. the class of ' 59 wishes you the best of luck. Baseball I. 2; Basketball C 2, 3 4; Sassamon Board 3, 4, JAMES FALLON Jim . , , " Snead " . . one of the best tackles N. H has ever seen . hails from South Natick .., one of the ‘bigger seniors . . , Good luck, Jim, Football l, 2. 3, 4; Track 3; " N " Club. NATALIE FERNALD ' " When you ' re tail, there ' s more of you to like . . . Natalie can often be found in the library . . She is a conscientious student with high ideals. Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Senior Play Rose Committee 4; Decoration Committee for the Junior Prom 3; Decoration Committee for the Christmas Cotillion 4; Library Aide 2, 3, 4 I 38 IRWIN FISCHER M Mu»y " , “The secret of success is constancy to purpose " . U. of Mass. . , , History , , Harriet. Tennis I; Senior Play 4; Science Fair Junior Year 3rd Prize; Driver Training 3. ROBERT FRANCIOSF ' Bob M . , , friendly . . . loves fun and classmate . good nun to have around , , . always going somewhere . . , Best of luck in your future plans. Football l, 2 t 3; Lunch Dury 1, 2 f 3, 4; Executive Board 1; Prom Decoration Committee 3; Ticket Committee for Senior Play 4. CHARLES FRITZ " Good things sometimes come in small packages. " . . . nice smile , . . friendly personality. THERESA GATELY Pretty dark hair . . shy especially with boys) ... a good friend well liked by all who know her . . . loyal supporter of Natick High „ . . cute smile . . never a dull moment with Theresa. Sewing Club 2; Committee for Sophomore Dance 2; Ticket Committee for Senior Play 4. PAUL GELLY Mr, Co-op. . lease of humor « . . shy . . . nice dresser . • . Basketball 1. JOSEPH GENESEO “Irish " . . . Known for his blue Ford convertible with a fancy continental . Shy and quiet .., loyal taxi driver. Hockey 3. 4; Prom Committee; Usher at Thanksgiving Day Game. 39 JEAN GHILANI Jean, our cute brad-cheerleader, has worked diligently to develop one of the best cheering squads of Natick High, She is most often seen with a particular member of 1957-58 ' s hockey ream. She will always be remembered for her friendly smile and unceasing vivaciousness. Girls ' Athletics 3, 4; Executive Board I, 2, 3; Cheerleader 3, Head Cheerleader 4; Pres, of Pep Club 4; Pres. Campus Club h Ticket Committee Sophomore Dance 2; Chairmen Publicity Prom 3; Cheerleading Competition 3, 4; Campaign Manager 2, 3; Decoration Committee Senior Prom 3; Ticket Committee Senior Play 4; Glee Club 3. 0 i. PHILIP G1LCHREST Quiet , „ . likes metalwork and building models , , plans to enter a trade school » , . i good friend to (hose who know him . . hot trumpet player. Band I, 2, KEITH GOULD Appearance is deceitful, for mischief dwells within, " Keith” provides a great deal of humor in our class , , loves to play jokes, but all in fun . gets along well with the fairer sex ... a sure success. Saasamon Board 4; Usher for Thanksgiving Came 4; Science Fair 4; Cafeteria Marshall 4, WILLIAM GOUR " Bill " . .. likes work, fat the Stop and Shop) and 56 Fords . . . disliked Italian food, but got used to rating it , .. great friend ■ . ■ National Guard , , , hi-fi fan. MARY GRADY Full of pep ., . loyal supporter of all school functions. Ticket Committee for Senior Play, Typing Committee for Yearbook 4, ROBERT GRAHAM ”A merry heart goes all day ' . Bob, always jolly and in good humor, good friend, sure to go far Glee Club 1, 2, 4: Executive Board 2, 3; A Capelta Choir 2; Guidance Committee 4; Projector Club 1. 40 -gft RONALD GRAHAM " Ronnie " , quiet , . , easy-going . « ardent members of the " Dragons " . . . works at the Star Market , . First love — emit « . The class of 59 wishes you the best of luck and success in the future, Ron, DEBRA GREENBERG " Debbie " . , . loves music and modern dance . , . hopes to become a social worker after attending 11 of Mass. , a sweet girl to know. Glee Qub I; Sassamon Bond 3; A Cappclla 4; Alt Club 2; Junior Prom Decoration Committee 3; Modern Dance Club 4. CAROL HACKETT Shy and quiet . . , always neat . , popular with the opposite sea , . Oh, that blond hair! , , , Air Force. Chairman of Ticker Committee for Senior Play 4: Campus Club l; Executive Board 4; Usherette for Senior Prom 3; Refreshment Committee for Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; Decoration Committee for junior Prom 3; Publicity Decoration Committees for Sophomore Dance 2; Refreshment Committee for Christmas Cotillion A; Decoration Committee for Cotillion 4; Yearbook Typing Committee 4. RICHARD HALBERG Hails from West Natick ■ , . has a cute blue car . . good student ♦ . ♦ loves to ski . . . sure to succeed . Lots of Luck. JEROME HALL Jerry has been one of the most outstanding athletes of our class . , He is a wonderful friend to have . . , always a " hi " , never a frown ' and never a harsh word. Right Georgene? . - The Claw of ' 39 is very glad to have jerry as a member Football I, 2, 3, 4; Track ! s 2 3 4; Hotkey I 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3; " N ‘ Club 2, 3, 4; Cafeteria Marshal 2, 3, 4; Executive Board 3. 4; Cotillion Decoration Committee 4; Prom Com- milter 3- JANE HAMMOND A great personality , « . that " neat as a pin " look . . Oh that blushing . . Loves New Hampshire . ., Pete. Basketball 2, 3 4; Girls ' Athletics 2, 3, 4; Glee Club l. 3; Pep Club 3, 4; Senior Play Reading Committee 4; Junior Prom Desolation Committee 3; Class Official in Elections 1 2 3; Senior Play Ticket Committee A t Decoration Committee for Christmas Cotillion 4. 41 PATRICIA HARCOURT ' Pae“ , , . true friend and good student . ‘ Let ' s do something crazy ' , . oh those mad weekends . . ' Where ' s Cindy? " , . Cape Cod , . . " Where s the mailman? ' . - Teacher ' s College expressive eyes . . knecsocks and rights loads of fun Windsor Rose . . future will be nothing hoi a success- Honor Society 3 4; Senior Play 4; Make Up Committee for Senior Play 4; Publicity Committee for Senior Play 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Modern Dance Cub 2; Christmas Drawing Contest I, 2, 3, 4. RONALD HARLOW “Ronny " , , cars, cars, cars — and a distinct tendency toward the “weaker " sex (the tendency doesn’t extend to Physics Class) , , . He ' ll do anything for you (that doesn ' t entail work of any kind) . friendly to everyone , , , a great guy! ANN HASSARD A cute red head, minus the hot-temped . , shy _ , . responsible and willing worker . . , sincere friend . fun to be with . . best of luck in your future plans, Ann. Rose Committee for Senior Play 4. JAMES WILLIAM HAWKES Advanced Biology — oh, those bones and muscles! , Big Buick . , forget the anti-freeze, anyone? . - another Senior with Framingham interests, Bcv . . oh, that crew cut . , the life of any party , , ‘Bill " . , " I haven ' t got any gas. ' Track 2; Science Fair 4. CAROL HAWKINS Shiny hair and sparkling eyes, describes this vivacious cheerleader . . . Carol is often seen with a certain football player for the class of 58, Executive Board 3, Cheerleader 4: Cheerleading Competition 4; Pep Club 3; Junior Prom Decora¬ tion and Publicity Committees 3; Usher Exchange Talent Show 2; Senior Play Ticket Committer 4; Decorations for Sophomore Dance 2; Counter for Class Election 2 Committee for the Cotillion 4; Typing Committee for Yearbook 4. DORIS HENRY Doris came to Natick from Maine. She has taken a secretarial course during here years here and hopes to work in Washington, Her long hair is the envy of many in N. H S. A few of her special likes arc: talking, chewing gum, and Brookline Science Fair i, 2; Dramatics 2 Ticket Committee for Senior Play 4 42 DIANE HESEK " Diane " . easy to know, fun to be with . . , penpal overseas . those trips to New York . . may be found working at j, M Fields . . . M 1 got my license? " . . . dislikes walking to school . . Modern Problems exams , . , never has any books . , “I ' ll try to be ready early " ,.. Good luck, Diane, Glee Club I; Softball I; Sassamon Yearbook Committee 4; Class Elcciion Counter 3; Language Department Typist 4. FRANK HESS Friendly smite . , . good friend of Joe Gusminus , , . air conditioned car . . . sure to be a great success . ., always w illing to help , , raccoon hall ,, . bombs away . . , rape for sale. Track 4; Hockey Ij Tennis 1, 2 t 5, 4; Christmas Cotillion Decoration Committee 4; Executive Board 2. JUDY HICKS “ ' For she ' s a jolly good fellow” . . always smiling , - . oh, o quiet , but what a whiz in homcmakmg . . very fash ionable . • owns very pretty orange tights . . , crazy hairdo-no problem on wet days. Girls Athletics 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 3; Senior Play Ticket Committee 4; Junior Prom Decorating Committee 3. JACQUELINE HIGGINS Jackie , , often seen ar the Co-op, A member of a busy Typing II class. With her sense of humor and ability to get along with people, Jackie, will have a successful future. Glee Club 1’ Campus Club 2; Talent Show Usher 2; Executive Board 1; Class Election Counter 2; Prom Decoration Committee 3. IRENE HILL1S " Renie " , . . friendly and popular . , hillbilly music . partial to Fords, the color blue, and long hair . , , Future includes nursing plans , , . " Going down town? " , . Dear Ruth . . good student,,. Good Luck, Irene, Glee Club 1 2; Honor Society 5, 4; Sassamon Board 4; Senior Play 4; A Capclla 3, 4; Executive Board 3; Decoration Committee Junior Senior Reception 3 Christmas Cotillion Decorarion Com¬ mittee 3l Honor Society Secretary 4; Science Fair Chairman 4; Science Fair 2, 3 4; Guidance Com mince 4; Science Fair Registration Chairman 3; Science Awards Assembly 3; Music Festival l t 2, 3; Delegate to Honor Society Conference 4. VIRGINIA HINES " Ginny " ... oh those jokes , One of the “Fleet " 57 different kinds , . A certain way of getting along with everyone. Basketball I; Girls Athletics 4; Glee Club I f 2; Junior Prom Decoration Committee 3; A Capeila 3; Pep Club 4; Dramatics 2; Senior Play Subscription Committee 4; Senior Chorus 4, 43 JEAN HOLLAND Nke to know . , . big appetite , . , friendly smile . . , hard worker . . “Jack " . , an aspiring nurse , , will be a success in this chosen field. Band 2 t 3, 4; Safety Patrol 3 4; Glee CJub I; Orchestra l; Future Nurses Club 3, 4; Usher for Senior Play 4; Science Fair 2 3. 4; Nurses Aid 3, 4. PETER HORNING “Pete " ' . . , mechanically minded . , hot rods . . . has buddies in Framingham « « , dislike; work . . . well liked . „. best of luck! Ambition: To join the Air Force. PATRICIA HUBBARD " Pat " . . . tall, slim doll . . . real live m idel . . West Point basketball expert. Loves sports ,.. loyal Natick fan ... Heading for a very successful future . ., Good Luck. Pat, Basketball 1,2, 3. 4; Girls ' Athletics I, 2, 3, 4; Safety Patrol 3 4, Sassamon Board 4; Decorations for Prom; Usher at Senior Prom; Dramatics 2, 3; Campus Club l; Drill Team 2; Operetta 4. DAVID HUGHES " Dm . . . N, H, $. man all the way . . . lover and participator of sports . . . determined .. . hard worker .. . Lots of ambition plus the ability and the desire to reach high goals. •TT Club, NANCY HUNT " Your words bring friendship with them when you speak, Nancy, a willing and conscientious worker, good student, perfect " Sassamon " editor, thoughtful and courteous to everyone ' , . Ilcy Kids! Tennis 2, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Orchestra 1. 2, 3; Sassamon Board 2, 3, 4; Siudent Council 4; A Ckpdli Choir 4; Science Fair Committee 1, 2, 3; Usher for Gradua¬ tion 3; Guidance Committee 3. BEVERLY HUNTER Like to laugh? See Bunky .. „ always on the go . . . Oh. those crazy slumber panics! She yells the loudest at the games . .. favorite expression, " What a riot " . Basketball 1, 3, 4; Girls’ Athletics I, 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 3, 4; Tennis 2 f 3, 4; Safety Patrol 3, 4; Girc Club 3, 4; Treasurer of G. A. A. 4; Usher for Senior Play 4; Campus Club t; Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Decoration Committee for Prom 3; Refreshment Committee for Prom 3. 44 FRANK INDELIGATO Nice guy . . » likes sincere music , . . (rue pizaa lover . , . quiet . , , likes to loaf in S-209. MARY JOHNSON " A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance Mary . always willing to lend a helping hand . .. loyal supporter of N, H, S. activities,,. always ready for a laugh. Gills ' Baskcthall 1 2, 3, 4; Girls Athletics 1 2, 3 4; Hockey 1. 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2. 3, 4; Glee Club l 2, 3 4 Sassamon Board I; Student Council 1; Senior Play Ticket Committee 4; Christmas Cotillion Decoration Committee 4; Junior Prom Decoration and Refreshment Commitrec 3. SUSAN JOHNSON " Little Sue " . . curly hair , . always smiling , true-blue Natick fan . Wesr Point all the way , , . friendly . . . best wishes for your future plans. Basketball 2 4; Girls ' Athletics Association L 2, 3 4; Sassamon Board 4; Campus Club 1; Junior From Decoration Committee 3 l Drill Team 3; Science Fair I; Usherette at Senior Play 4; Entertain¬ ment Committee G A, A. Banquet 3; Dramatics Oub 2, 3; Christmas Cotillion Decoration Com¬ mittee 4; Yearbook Typing Committee 4; Operetta Dancing Cast 4, CHARLES JONES Baseball fun , - basketball manager . . sports announcer ■ , . always busy , « . always a witling worker. BascbsdJ 1, 2 t 3, 4; Basketball Manager t, 4; Science Club 2; " N " Club Game Announcer 4, GLORIA JONES " Glow " . , Framingham ' s " loss " to Natick High . . . beautiful hair . , warm smite . , swell person . . good luck " Glow " w herever you go. Future Nurses Club 4 HALLET JONES " Scoop " , . . track . . baseball , . . sports . athletic man , . . collegiate look . „ quiet, but friendly ., good luck in the future Scoop . Oh that appetite! Baseball l t 2, 3 f 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Captain of Track Team 4; " N " Club Officer 4; Executive Board 2, 45 KEVIN KEANE " Kev 1 . T . a typical Senior. Enjoys many outside activities. Rock Hudson ' s brother? A great person to know and have for a friend. Baseball 1; Football 1, 2, 3; Hockey l; Executive Board C 2; Weight Lifting 4; Ticket Committee for Senior Play 4; SBBC 4. PAUL KELLY This boy is one of our early birds; he usually arrives just as the school opens. Paul is a small¬ town bov at heart, preferring to live in Ashland, not New York. He ' s got a smile for everyone, and likes rock and roll music, bur doesn ' t Like studying nearly as wdL Gym Club 3, 4, JOHN KENNEY Referred to it " Kenzo, " One of " The Boys. " The artist of the class. Many a laugh when John is around. Know n for his blushing. Frequent trips to Wellesley, Football 1, 2 ; Sassamon Board 1. RAYMOND KENT " Ray " . , . shortest but biggest flirt in all of N. H. S. . , „ friendly and likeable . „ , terrific sense of humor . . always ready with a laugh ... his friendliness w ill help him to go far. Cafeteria Marshal 4, KRISTINE KERR " Kris " . , , convertibles . , . Natick , . , sports , . boats . . , arts and crafts . . . clothes by the closers full , . . everyone ' s friend . . Senior Six ... A Capella , . , tall , . , best of luck in the future. Basketball 3, 4; Girls " Athletics 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Decoration Committee for the Prom 3; Refreshment Committee for the Prom 3; Publicity Committee for the Senior Play 4: Ticket Com¬ mittee for the Senior Play 4; Yearbook Subscription Committee 4; Decoration Committee for Christmas Cotillion 4 A Capella Chorus 4. MARGARET KILROY " Peggie " , . another of our dynamic cheerleaders . . , gorgeous eyes , . . excellent student .,. a friendly smile and greeting for everyone .. . one of the most popular girls at N. H. S, Glee Club E, 2; Student Council 2, 4; Cheerleader 3, 4; Executive Board I, 2, 3» 4; A Capella 3, 4; President of Campus Club 2; Co-Chairman Publicity Committee of Junior Prom 3; Clinic Aid 4; Representative to Massachusetts Girls ' State 3; Good Government Day Representative 4; Decoration Committee for Football Dance 2, Co-Chairman of Christmas Cotillion 4; Refreshment Committee for Football Dance 4; Cheerleading Competition 3, 46 PATRICIA ANN KIRBY Star basketball player . , ft warm friendly manner , . • « beautiful disposition , . . DENIS. Basketball I, 3, 1; Girls ' Athletics 3, 4; Dramatic Club 3; Business Service Club 4; Softball Team 3; Intramural Tennis 3; Yearbook Typing Committee 4, GEORGENE KNOTT Beauty and Charm, quite sublime, Seen wirh Jerry all the time; An avid football and Hockey Ian, Oh, that fullback, what a man! For Georgenc, sure success; We wish her bads of happiness! Glee Club 2, 3; Studenr Council C 3, 4; Student Council Talent Show I; Sophomore Carnival Decoration Committee 2: Counter for Class Election Votes 3; Executive Board 3, 4; Senior Class Play Ticket Committee 4; Head of Decoration Committee for Cotillion 4; Football Dance Refresh¬ ment Committee 4; Princes for junior Senior Prom. KAREN KUGELL Intellectual . . . New Yorker at heart . . . talented actress . . , beautiful black tresses loves fudge and pmk roses. Girls Athletics 1, 2; Editor Sassamon Board 3: Senior Play Reading Committee 3; A Capelin 4; Campaign Manager I, 2; Executive Board 2; Class Officer 2; Science Fair 1, 2; Campus Club Treasurer 2; Mythology Club T, Modern Dance 4; Pep Club 3; Chairman Publicity for Sophomore Spring Carnival 2; Secretary of Science Fair Committee 2; Art and Decoration Committee for Junior Prom 3; Usherette junior Prom 3; Guidance Aid 3; Student Guidance Committee 4; Christmas Assembly J- Talent Show 2; Honor Society 4 SHELDON LANGMEAD Nicknamed " Charlie " . . favorite class English , . . likes plaza and beverage, automobiles, girls . . . good natured . . favorite color bl ack , , , ambition to enter the Air Force in September ,., Good Luck, Sheldon. DENNIS LAWLESS An easy going manner, always calm, cool, and collective. Wonderful mechanic. Frequently seen in the vicinity of East Natick GO GULF, BRAD LEAVITT " Rock“ , , Conversation enriches the understanding, but solitude is the school of genius. SHY! Anyone for football? Baseball 2, 3; Football 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Tennis 1; Intramural Basketball 2; Art Club 2. 47 ELIZABETH LEE “Betty . . A friend to all . , , beautiful blue eyes and dark hair - , . collects Pat Boone records, friends and clothes . . known for her cheerful smile , . . a brilliant student loyal supporter of Natick High , . . loves skating, skiing and swimming will be a success in her chosen held of nursing. Glee Club 2, 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Senior Play Usher 4; Talent Show Usher 2; Class Day Usher 3; Graduation Usher 4; Guidance Committee 4; Modern Dante Club 4; Prom Decorating Com mi tree 3; Guidance Receptionist 4; Decorating Committee for the Football Dance 3; Honorable Mention Science Fair 3. LINDA LEE One of the great ‘ Dribbling Drips ' , . ■ mad driver , . great fun lo have around , , , can be very quiet.„. comes up with crazy creations in arts and crafts .. . Have fun, Linda, Basketball Intramural 3, 4; Girls Athletics 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1; Prom Decoration ami Refreshment Commit tees 3; Dramatics Club 3; Make Up Committee for the Senior Play; Science Fair 3, 4; Arts ami Crafts 3. 4; Ticket Committee Senior Play ; Cotillion Decoration Committee; Yearbook Literary Committee. DAVID LEMAN Clever, sly “Sabu " . . .our weatherman . . always scheming , . , chuckle, chuckle, chuckle . , habit of annoying teachers . , friendly fellow . . . good luck. Senior Play Publicity Committee 4; Radio Club, Advanced Science Club; Weather Club; Science Fair 1, 2, 3,4, CHARLES LcPAGE P G. , . . veteran of our Armed Forces. . glad to have him in our class, Cafeteria Marshall 3; Usher at Framingham and Natick Football Game 3, 4, SIMONE LcROUX Drama , . . was great in the senior play . , . very sincere - , . wonderful student . , is leaving for Europe in June . . plans to attend school and then go into the Diplomatic Service overseas. Girls ' Athletics 2, 4; Hockey 2; Safety Patrol 3, 4; Honor Society 4; Senior Play 4; Dramatic Club t, 2, 3, 4; Business Service Club 4 BARBARA LIGON " Barb 1 . wonderful friend . . . always cheerful . . . South Natick „ , , determined . , . best of luck for the future. Safety Patrol 4; Glee Club I, 2; Library Aide 3, 4; Music Festival t ¥ 2, 3: A Capetla Choir 3, 4; Rose Committee for Senior Play 4; junior Prom Decoration Committee 5, 48 JAMES LINTON " Jimmy” . . crew-cut . « always ready with a joke . ■ doesn ' t care much for school or books . ■ . likes food and whatever he washes it down with . good potential if he would use it. Baseball l; Football 1, 2; Hockey 1, 2, ALLEN LOANE " Al " likes baseball and basketball and is a credit to N„ H. S. in both, He docs very well scholastically and is particularly partial to mathematics, and Mr. Shea. Lunch is his favorite period and he buys two every day. RocVn Roll docs not appeal to him, but foodn girts do! Baseball !, 2, 3 t 4; Basketball I, 2 t 3, 4; Football 1; Student Council 2 3; Executive Board 2; President of the Class 2; Graduation Usher 3; Vice-President of " N” Club 4; " N” Club 3, 4; Good Government Day Oimmincc 4; ”N” Club Dance 4 RICHARD LOFGREN " Dick” , ( . Loaf . owner of an aqua Ford with an " added attraction " . . . wonderful sense of humor ,, . Malta!! Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Football 1; Glee Club 1, EDWARD LOMBARD Model planes . . real cool dresser , black curly hair , . carefree. BEVERLY LONG " Bev " . . frequently seen at the Stop and Shop . . Joe . . likes Blue Fords . , . double lunch . . . 8;2H rush! . . . those Sunday afternoon drives , . . lucky girl to have naturally wavy hair . 4 , favorite class Modern Problems. (1 wonder why) , , . likes pizza . . , winning personality. Girls Athletics 1; Glee Cluh l, 2, 3, 4; Campus Club 1, 2, 3, 4. KAREN LOOMIS Karen enjoys her extracurricular activities such as part-time working at Jordan Marsh Co. which she hopes to make a career. She likes pizzas, and lobster cocktails, and has special interests in Framingham. She ' s very enthusiastic about N, H. $. and car insurance. Did You finally get if? 49 GEORGE LUMBERT Hot-rod fan . . . friendly to everyone . . . always willing to lend a helping hand . . carefree ... neat appearance ... the daw of ' 59 wishes you the best of luck in the future GEORGE MABARDY A three year member of our varsity hotkey squad . . dislikes smokers . . quiet when in a crowd, but voices his opinions sufficiently . . frequently seen near the Gulf Gas Station on North Main Street . . most likely found in or working on his red and w hite convertible Ambition: To graduate! RONALD MacKENZIE Answers to the nickname of ' Ron 1 ' " A! M or " Tab , „ great actor in the Senior Play . makes frequent trips to Brookfield ... a fountain engineer at Hughes Pharmacy in Framingham - , , favorite class: Advanced Biology , . likes Mercuries . , pet expression: +, Oh f sure " . Ambition To become a doctor Band l t 2; Orchestra 2; Senior Play 4; Science Fair 1, 2 3 4; Executive Board 1, 2 ? 3, 4; Massachusetts State Science Fair l t 2 f 3, 4; Worchestcr County Regional Science Fair l, 2, 3 4. ED WIN A MALLEK Gorgeous blonde hair . . chic wardrobe . blushes easily , , . " Eddie” » . Those black tights and shoes with little heels. Literary Staff Sassamon Board 1; Student Council 1; Campus Club 2; Business Service Club 4 1 JUDITH MALONE " Judy " , . loads of fun . , . great sense of humor . . . always immaculately dressed . , . liked by all., . ardent hockey fan — nice smile... " Oh those freckles 11 a great kid. Glee Club 4; Business Service Club 4 ALICE MARTIN " AT , wonderful sense of humor „ quite shy . . . ardent shotographer . enjoys French 3 , , . member National Honor Society . . neat is a pin . , . hails from North Dakota t _ . will be a success in any field. Glee Club 1, 2; Honor Society 3, 4; A Capella 3, 4; Library Aide 3 4; Senior Play Decoration Committee; junior Usher at 195H Graduation. I 50 STEPHANIE MARTIN Stephen Martin — full of fun . works at Jordan Marsh . , always well-groomed . . a good listener. Safety Patrol 3, 4, Prom Decoration and Refreshment Committee 3: Football Dance Comm rcee 3; Senior Play Rose Committee 4; Intramural Basketball 2; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Campaign Manager 2; Cotillion Decoration Committee 4; Modern Dance Club 4; Sadie Hawkins Dance Committee 3; Science Fair 4. WARREN MASON Warren is known as " Masc ' to his friends. He is quiet but has a hidden mischievous streak! He hails from South Natick and h interested in cars, especially a certain green Merc. Oh, that wavy dark hair and blue eyes! larry McCarthy ' Mac . , . blue chevy , often seen with a certain sophomore girl . favorite class English „ , Pet peeve: tall girls , can be found after school at Lawson ' s Cleaners . , , his ambition is to graduate from college - . oh those pizzas . - spends time during the summer on the Cape. Weather Club 3; Science Fair l, 2, JAMES McCLOSKY Jimmy has an unending list of friends . , . talented with the drums . , seen with Judy ■ , , National Guard ,. . " Can I have the car, Pete? " . . . loyal classmate . . . best of luck in the future, Jim Rand 2; Glee Club 2; Orchestra 2; Student Omncil 2; Executive Board 2; Photography Club 2; Senior Play Ticket Committee 4; Good Government Day Representative 4. PATRICIA McCLOSKY " McGillicuddy ' ... A wonderful sense of humor . „ A practical joker , . , Riot at parties and showers , . . Seen around with a boy named Bill Have you seen her third finger, left hand? . . , Good luck, Pat. Girls ' Athletics I; Girls ' Softball Team 3; Prom Decoration Committee 3; G A. A. 3: Senior Play Ticket Committee 4; Yearbook Typing Committee 4. joseph McDonald " Joey " , , has a nice smile, likes hot rtxlding (and a certain blue Ford . . . and a particular senior girl in his homeroom. He ' s often seen in the cafeteria on patrol or in detention hall (for being late). When you get to know Joey, he ' s a lot of fun. Cafeteria Marshall 2, 51 DANIEL McGEE " Danny " . . hotkey goals galore . . . Jan , convertibles , , . derenninet! scholar . bound to be a success P , , good luck, Danny. Hockey 1, 2, 5, A; Safety Patrol 4; Junior Prom Decoration Committee 3; Junior Prom Usher 3; Cafeteria Marshall 3; N " Club h 4, MARY McKEEN “Toni " . ► . beautiful clothes . - « oh, those hair styles . very nice to know . . aspiring artist ,, . somewhat shy . , . admired by many. Campus Club 2; Junior Prom Art Committee 3; Yearbook Art Committee 4; Executive Board 1, helen McLaughlin Beautiful blue eyes ... A reliable and staunch friend . . loyal to East Natick . . Often seen riding in a green Chevy. RUTHANN MEAGHER One of the peppiest cheerleaders . . extra special interest in the goalie of the hockey ream . . . ski trips ... Oh. that lovable laugh, Sassamnn Business Staff 3, 4, Executive Board 4; Cheerleader 4; Drill Team 3; Decorations for Junior Prom 3; Publicity Committee for Senior Play 4; Campus Club 2: Dramatics Club 2; Nurses Aid 4. LEONARD MEGLIOLA " Lennie " is the greatest eater of Italian grinders in N. H. S. His favorite class ts English, especially his Junior year, Lennie likes to start the senior cheer at first lunch and will always keep you in stitches. Baseball 1, 2, 4; Basketball 3, 4. HERBERT 5. MING ACE, JR, " Sherbet Mongoose " . . . " You bum! " . , keeps Mr. McDermott ' s classes in conniptions ., . and they say uomtn talk. Football l, 3,4; Track l, 2, 3. 4; Safety Patrol 3, 4; Executive Board 2; " N " Club 4. 52 LORRAINE MITCHELL Oh, rhar beautiful long hair! , . . loves ro draw and is an excellent artist . - has a friendly " Ipana smile " , . . Aldo . , ambitious and willing worker . . . Lots of luck and success, Lorraine! Girlf ' Athletics l; Glee Club t 2; Senior Elay Art Committee 4; Junior Prom Art Committee 3; Yearbook An Committee 4, MARILYN MITCHELL " Mitch " , Yuletidc queen . . Dribbling Drip , . Beautiful smile . ■ good student . , saggy tights . , wonderful friend ,, , crazy laugh , . Bryce . , skiing anyone . « , southern belle , . with her personality she will be a success at anything she tries. Girls’ Athletics 3, 4; Hockey 3, 4; Glee Club 3; Honor Society 4; A Cupel Ja 4; Executive Board 2, 3; Intramural Basketball 3, 4; Chairman Prom Refreshment Committee 3; Science Fair 2; Safety Patrol 3 4, BARBARA MONTGOMERY " Barb " . . a cheerful hi for everyone . . . laughing eyes . . . " I shouldn’t eat it, but ,,. cxcellcnE pianist, . loves toller skating , works (?) at the town library, Band 4; Glee Club C 2, 3, 4; Poster Committee for Freshman and Sophomore Dances I, 2; Refresh mem Committee for Freshman and Sophomore Dances 1, 2; Decoration Committee Sophomore Dance 2; Dramatic Club 3; Nurses Club 3; Science Fair 3; A Capelta Pianist 2, 3, 4: Musk Senior Play l; Music Graduation Exercises 1, 2, 3; Usher Senior Play. DIANE MONTGOMERY " Face " . , . football . , N. H. S. fan , . shinny dark hair and blue eyelashes . . always has a joke . . . sure to be fun when Diane is around , , . loves to drive around in her Pontiac . . . friendly ,.. best of luck in the future, Girls Athletics 1; Arts and Crafts Club 2; Usher Junior Prom 3; Prom Refreshment Committee 3; Prom Decoration Committee 3; Decoration Committee Christmas Cotillion 4; Library Aide 3. KAREN ALICE MOORE Chocolate egg nog fan . . . loves biology or anything to do with nature . ♦ determined prize winner . ., rather shy, but really a wonderful person to know , . , Karen is headed for high points in the future. Girls Athletics 3; Hockey 3; Library Aide 3, 4; Business Service Club 3, 4; Science Club 2; Science Fair I, 2. 3. 4 . PATRICIA MORGAN " Pat " . , Blue-eyed blond , . , friendly smile . . embarrassed easily , . , ”Oh me , . . a member of a certain Modern Problems Class P , . one of the " Fleet " . . . Good Luck, you ' ll make a wonderful nurse. Girls Athletics 3, 4; Glee Club I, 2. Campaign Manager 1, 3; Cheerleader 3, 4; Class Registry Election 3; Decoration Committee Junior Prom 3; Cheer leading Competition 3, 4; Sophomore Carnival Dante Refreshment Committee 2; Ticket Committee Senior Play 4; Usher for Talent Show ' 2; Photography Club l; Decoration Committee for Christmas Cotillion 4; Accountant for Election 1,2; Decoration Committee for Welcome Freshman Dance 2, 3. 53 MARY MORRILL Shore cute . long long hair . rather quiet . . artistically inclined . very neat , . sews very well ». , best of luck in the future Publicity Senior Play 4; Decorations Junior Prom 5; Science Fair 3; Publicity Christmas Cotillion 4; Publicity Science Fair 3; Dramatics Club 3, 4. ROLAND MORRIS Another quiet member of our class, Roland left us in January to enter the Navy but he left some of his cartoons in S-2S0 for us to remember him by. He ' s remembered by many as " Professor Beak " JUDY MOSMAN Petite , friendly , . , Dcmolay Sweetheart . . • Terrific job as Martha in " Dear Ruth " . Natick’s cutest librarian ■ , will surely be a success in whatever she chooses to do. Ambition; Wants to go to Bates. Safety Patrol 4; Glee Club t, 2, 3; Sassamon Board 4: Decoration and Refreshment Committees Sophomore Dante 2; Usher Junior Prom 3: Senior Play Reading Committee 3; Refreshment Committee Junior Prom 3; A Capctla Choir 4; Honor Society 4, RONALD MUISE " Ronnie” music man . . . really blows that big shiny horn . . dark dark crew cut get along well with students especially the girls . played accompaniment for Senior Play March . . passion for hamburgers and french fries and " don’t forget the coke ' Golf 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra I 2; Massachusetts AH State Concert 3; Dance Band 1 t 2, 3, 4; Senior Play Sound Effects 2; Prom Orchestration Committee 3. FREDERICK MUNRO Nor a care in the w r orld . - , one of the quieter members of our class . . N. H. $ wishes you luck, Fred. JANET MURPHY " Murph” , . always a laugh when Janet is present , , . likes Red and Black Mercs . . dis¬ likes walking to school. Ambition: Go to Chandlers, Business Sendee Club 4; Yearbook Typing Committee 4. 54 RICHARD NELSON " Dick " . one of the quiet members of (be class until he get with ’The Boys.” Unexpected quips. Future mechanical engineer Golf 1,2,4; " N " Cub 3, 4. KATHLEEN O ' BRIEN " Obic ' a loyal supporter of nhool activities, possesses that Irish cheerfulness that makes her the life of any paity. There was never a dull moment in $-259. She has (he ability to make and keep friends and she is well-liked by all who know her. Ambition: Airline Stewardess. Girls ' Athletics 2, 3, 4; Hockey 3, 4; Sassamon Board 1; Decorations for Freshman Dance 1; Intramural Basketball 2, 3 4; Committee for Sophomore Dance 2; Science Fair 2; Pep Club 3; Decoration Committee for Prom 3; Costumes for Senior Play 4. EILEEN ANN O ' CONNELL One of " The Fleet " , , noted for her neatness anil sincerity . . loves long hair . makes friends wherever she goes. Sassamon Board 2; Prom Decoration Committee 3; Ticket Committee for Senior Play 4; Business Service Club 3. RONALD ERIC OLDFIELD " Ron” - , . smiles frequently . . , likes minerals . » , a good sincere friend , » , easy to know , , easier to like , . good Natick High booster • sure to succeed ,,. Good Luck Ron. Mineralogy Club I, 2; Dramatic Club 3. KATHLEEN OWENS ’Tea " - . " Rebel ' ' are a few of the nicknames given to this Southern lass. One of the most anracme girls in the Senior class. Future actress. Good luck, Cathy. Junior Executive Board 3; Orchestra Committee for Prom 3; Drama Club 3. 4; Business Service Oub 4; Science Fair 2; Make Up Committee for Senior Play 4; Safety Patrol 3 4. M ALDO PAGL1ARULO " Pag” , , , loves to dance , , , seen often at the Central Service Garage . . , likes working around cars ., enjoys drawing . . (and Lorraine! ,,. Beit of luck, Aldo. Sassamon Board 4; Senior Play 4. 55 ANDREW PARKER “ ' Andy ' , . laves to hunt . , „ always jolly . . . Oh! that curly hair! , . . school? — who needs it? . . enjoys having a good time » . . quiet? — some may think so, but his friends know different ♦., Good luck in the future, Andy, Football 1; A GapdJa 2, 3.4, CYNTHIA PAUL " CyrT . . , nice person to know . . hard worker « . . determined yet fun loving . „ is bound to get far with her ambition. Glee Gab t, 2, 5, MARDELL PEASE " Mard” . . " Mornin Mrs. Wilkern” . , , Hu Hr Ha . . soprano senior six . . . skier , . . good student . . . loves that “Math " , , . ’’This is an anonymous friend " « . , Dribbling Drips invaluable forward (throws the hall to the other team) , , , wonderful person who is sure to go far. Girls Athletics 3. 4; Glee Club I, 2; Senior Play 4; A Capet la Choir 3, 4; Science Fair I, 2; Prom Decoration Committee 3; Prom Refreshment Committee 3; Senior Six 4; Basketball Play day Refreshment Dimmit tee 5 WESLEY PEOPLES " Wes” , . ■ Proud owner of a white Jaguar . . , Passion for hunting , . , A sense of humor that can ' t be bear . , . Can ' t miss him in the corridor, he s the one that causes the riots , , . Trouble¬ maker! BRUCE PETERSON Real Great Guy . . . likes Swedish girls (right from Sweden) . . . like veal cutlet . . . dislikes to lose an argument (usually wins) . „ tikes to play cards (for money) , , , seems to like money (never spends it) Best of luck in the future, Bruce. Baskctball 1, 2, 3 4; Baseball I, 2 3, 4; Football | t 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3; Executive Board 1,2, 3 GAIL PHILLIPS Cheerful , , , those afternoons in the Science Building , the Science Fair . , , works at the Main Street Pharmacy .. . good conversationalist . , , smart. Glee Club 4; Sassamon Board 4; Senior Play Ticket Committee 4; Science Fair Committee 3 4; Junior Prom Decorations Committee 3; Christmas Cotillion Decorations 4; Science Fair I, 2, 5, 4; Library Aide 3, 4; Sewing Club 2: Science Assembly 1; Worcester Regional Science Fair 4; Ho nor Society 4, l S6 ANNE PHINNEY " Feeney " , , , hilarious member of our chi . . . Secretary of the Safety Patrol . . . great fun to know . . . impish smile . -, a sure success in any held. Good Luck, Anne. Basketball 1; G. A. A. t, 2, 3, 4; Hockey t, 2; 3, 4; Tennis L 2, 3, 4; Safety Patrol 3, 4; Commissioner of Safety Patrol 4; President G. A. A, 4, JAMES PICKERING " Pickles " , , , Oh, those A ' s in Algebra , . . has trouble parking on Union Street!! , - . Alice . Known for sleeping in school , . . mechanical genius » , He keeps his chariot going, HOW??? MARY PIERCE A Cape! la . . , A P , + . quiet as a mouse . , , Senior Six . , . sweet and sincere , . good student . ■. full of enthusiasm , , . Good Luck, Mary. Safety Patrol 3, 4 ; Glee Cub 2, 3; Honor Sociery 3 4; Sassamon Board 3 t 4; Refreshment Com mittce for Sophomore Dante; Chairman Refreshment Committee Sadie Hawkins Dance 3; Decora¬ tion Committee for Junior Prom; Publicity Committee for Senior Play; Senior Executive Board; A Cape!la 4; Secretary Safety Patrol 4; Managing Editor for Sassamon 4; Senior Six, CYNTHIA PIERRO Cindy is constantly in motion, and her vivacity shines in her brown eyes. She always lends a willing hand and can be depended upon when it is necessary, Cynthia likes a good rime, and will put a spark into any gathering. She ' s particularly fond of pi aa . . , " 58 " Chcvrolcts and Billy?? Science Fair 2; Science Fair Committee 3; Dramatics Club 3; Campus Club 2; Sassamon Subscription 1; Sas?amon Business Staff I; Sophomore Dance Publicity 2, Creative Writings Club 2; Talent Show 2; Honor Society 4, VIRGINIA PIERRO " Gidge " . , petite and cute as a button , . , somewhat shy , . , comical expressions . , . curly dark hair . . near dresser . . very welt liked by all who know her . . . nice smile. Natick High wishes you the best of luck, Gidge, Glee Club 1,2; Honor Society 4; Guidance Committee 3; Business Service Club, JOHN PINE Eh, school , . . Oh those week-ends!! . , . Hails from North Natick , , , a riot in school . . one of " the boys " 57 Football 1, CHARLENE PlNKHAM " Charlie " C-eheery disposition H-happiness, shown every day A-ability, to mix with others R-reliability. always on (he fob L-toyally for dll class functions Iiencrgy, which seems to be endless N-Narick Spirit, shown at all (he games E-cntcrtainment. after cheering practice Sassamon Board Student Council I; Executive Board 2. 3. 4; Cheerleading 3, 4; Subscription Committee, Yearbook Chairman 4; Chairman Publicity for Cotillion 4; Music Committee Football Dance I; Decoration Committee for the Prom 3; Sophomore Carnival Music Committee 2; Senior Play Ticket Committee 4; M C at Sophomore Carnival 2; Music Committee for Freshman Dance 1. GRETCHEN POL HEM US Well diked, especially by the boys . . - thoughtful of others , . often sought for when good advice is needed - . loves snow- and taboganning at Walnut Hill . , . cute nose , . , beautiful eyes . . like ' s Mr, Marcouxs class . . . " Chico " „ , , We miss your pony rail, Gretch . , . wants to be a nurse. Glee Club 3; Freshman Dance Decorations Committee 1; Junior Prom Decoration Committee 5; Senior Play Ticket Committee 4; Cotillion Decoration Committee 4; Glee Club Festival, KENNETH PCK LE " Kenny " , . , best-dressed senior winning smile , . friendly to everyone , . . shy???? . . . rarely seen without Dkk , - , sports enthusiast ... will surely be a success in whatever he chooses. Football l, 2; Track 4; Hockey 1; Usher at Senior Play 4, Radio Club 1; Science Fair l, 3» RICHARD POWERS " Pug " is very well known in the class as being the finest handler of cards, lie pursues his favorite pastime during rhe Football and Basketball seasons when be is manager. " Pug " is very well liked by everybody, and is very easy to get along w ith. Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4; Football Manager 1,2, 3, 4. DONNA PRYOR Brown eyes . . . partial to servicemen . . , wherever there ' s a laugh. Donna ' s usually in the middle . •, a friend to all. Sassamon Board 1; Executive Board 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 3, 4; Vice President of Pep Club 4: Thanks¬ giving Half-Time 3, 4; Prom Decoration Committee 3; Senior Play Ticket Committee 4; Subscrip¬ tion Committee 4; Sadie Hawkins Dance Record Committee 3; Usherette at Prom 3; Typing Com¬ mittee Yearbook 4; Dance Chorus for Musical 4. MARY PURCELL " Purcy 1 , , . OhT Those M.LT, parties . • . has everything- money, looks, brains , » . always talking French ., , Only Senior with a different colored class ring! Girls ' Athletics 3, 4: Honor Society 3, 4; Sassamon Board I, 2, 3; Spring Carnival Decoration Committee 2 Junior Prom Art Committee 3; Junior Prom Decoration Committee 3; Football Dance Publicity Committee 3; Senior Play Usherette 4, 5R CATHERINE QUIRK " Cathy 1 . , , shy . ■ . trice to know , . . beautiful clothes . . always so neat . . . loyal member of Natick High , .. friendly to all . . class of 59 wishes Cathy all the best in the future. Basketball 2; Junior Prom Decoration Committee. MARIE RAFTERY " Maire " . . , plans to enter the Air Force and become a stewardess . . may be found frequently at the hospital . , , loyal rooter for N. H, S. . . . shorthand student . , . cute . , , winning per soniltty. Basketball 1, 2; Business Service Club 4; Drill Team 2. PETER RANNEY " Rere " , . , famous for his great job in the class play . . . also in the musical . . . casonova .,. interests in Dedham . always having fun. Basketball 2; Tennis I; Senior Play 4; Christmas Cotillion Decoration; Weather Club I, 2; Radio Club 2; Musical 4. RICHARD REYNOLDS " Silence is a sign of intelligenceDick " quiet, shy, one of the taller members of our class ., . his favorite subject is power mechanics , , . collects records . , . would like to be a disk jockey .. . Best of luck from the class of 59, LEE RICHARD Called Bee — always has a comical quip — loves old records and Saturday night panics. Oh, that curly, black hair! Basketball I, 2 3, 4; Executive Board 4; Play Publicity Committee 4. PHILIP RIERDAN " Phil " . . there ' s mischief in those sparkling eyes . . , one of the South Natick " boys " , , what s new at the Circle, Phil? . . . Quite in school, but not our , , , that indescribable walk and black, black hair , , . suave, intriguing type . . . Girls??? 59 JANE ROBERTS Janie . . One of the ’ ' Fleet ' ... A teachers pest , . A practical joker . . . Everyone ! friend . . , Dave. Busmen Service Club 4, ROBERT ROBINSON An excellent and conscientious student . . discusses any topic with case . . , sincere friend ,. never in a rush , . , can‘i help but succeed. Honor Society 3, 4. HAROLD ROEY Ivy League all the way . . dig that deep voice . . hard worker . , can always be depended on for a job or a joke . .. Best of luck from the greatest class. Freshman Executive Board I; Secretary. Vice Prcsident of Photography Club 1, 2; Current Events Club I FRED ROGERS Friendly bur shy , , , gt d friend to have , working man . . . determined scholar . . . his unceasing ambition will carry him far on the path way of life. Glee Club 1,2, 3; Scenery for Senior Play 3; A Capella 2, 3. 4, PAUL ROGERS " Smiley " . « . happy go lucky . , friendly type . - Hair for cars and conversation , . . has the ability to be a good student. Football 2, ROBERTA ROGERS " Bobbi . . , shor t blond . . . excuse me... brown hair . Lillian . . . she can argue anyone out of anything „ , . loyalty to the bone. Ambition; To be the future teacher of America. Sassamon Board 2; Refreshments for Dance 2; Library Aide 2 T 3 r 4; Future Teachers Club 2; Science Fair 4; Guidance Committee 4; Honor Society 4. 60 ALLAN ROSS Witty . . , dry . ■ . lover of Basketball . likes the girls - « cars , loyal supporter of class activities Basketball 1,2,4; Executive Board 2 t Sassamon Board 2. ROBERT ROTH " Bob ' ' the man with the curly ted hair , , . witty and cl ever - . - always ready with an answer or excuse . . , jokes by the barrel full , . , food fan , . . best of luck in your future plans. LAURA SANBORN Friendly smile for everyone , , . cheerful . . loyal supporter of our football team . . . never a frown . , , doesn ' t care too much for school , . has pretty blue eyes , , Best of luck and happiness in your future, whatever it may be that you choose. Orchestra 1; Arts and Crafts Club 1, PAUL SAPANORO " Joe " , , known as the general. Often seen in Saxonville, Has a way with underclassmen. CAROL SAVALONLS Freckles , . curly hair , , . food . . clothes , . . loyal Narickhe . , booming personality .. " hep w ith pep " -. nice to know 1 . bound for a high goal. Basketball 2; Glee Club 5; Business Service Club 3, 4; Girls Drill Team 2, RONALD SAVALONIS " Ronnie 1 known by his ' 47 Ford. A wonderful mechanic " Transmissions " sometimes shy ,, but always ambitious. 61 BRUCE SHEEN IG Oh? that nice wavy hair . , . be goes wild in Dance Band . , . usually very quiet but he gets around , . . good student , . can usually be found with Sandy , . Good luck, Bruce, Band I, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1 2, 3; Dance Band l, 2, 3, 4, LORRALYN SELLER " The quietest friendship is often the best ' " Lorrie " . . quiet but friendly , . loves Spanish . , . reserved , . good worker . . , Buenas Suerte! Band 2, 3; Glee Club 3, 4; Orchestra l, 2; A Capelin 4; Future Nurses Club 4; Library Aide 3 4, ROBERT SHAFFER jolly , . sense of humor . , never irritated , . . wonderful friend . . , envious smile. Golf 2; Science Fair 2, KENNETH SHELDON " Kenny " . , , always a laugh when he ' s around - . . the life of any party . . likes a certain Sophomore ... National Guard . . and cars mischievous . ., happy go lucky?! Gym Club 2, 3, 4, BARBARA SIMONS " Barb " . quiet but cute . loves math . . , neat as a pin , , naturally w’avy hair . . loves horses, dogs, birds, people ♦ , , friendly . , , special attraction to Framingham . ■ . destined to be the homemaker of IV6K - , , what charm . . , very fluent conversationist , , , with her hands , sign language. Girls ' Athletics l. SANDRA SKEANS " Sandy” . short and rather quiet . . often seen at the But karoo . . would like to attend William and Mary , . . Beware of chose Southerners! Basketball 2, 3; Girls ' Athletics 2, 3, 4; Safety Patrol 3» 4; Executive Board 3; Usher Senior Play; Dramatics l, 2 3; Ceramics 4, Honor Society 4, 62 RICHARD SOBY " Dickie . . . too dose lor comfort to N, MS.-., enthusiastic school supporter , enjoys chemistry?? , . - always laughing - „ - good athlete , . beautiful brown eyes , . . success in future years is a must. Baseball I, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1„ 2, 3, 4; Football I, 2; Usher at Thanksgiving Day Football Game, JOHN SOULE Tall and handsome.. gay and debonair . . fine friend ,, - lover of sports. Baseball 1; Basketball 2. RAYMOND STACKPOLE Often seen driving his motorcycle , - . partial to Framingham „ Always ready for a laugh . . fireworks in the Spring . - . great sayings! RICHARD STANLEY " Dick " . , . friendly to everyone . . proud South Natick resident . w r avy red hair , . capable member of the Cafeteria Patrol , . carefree . fun to know . «, will succeed. Football 2, 3; Track 4; Gym Club l« 2; Arts and Crafts 2; Usher at Thanksgiving Day Football Game 4; Cafeteria Marshall 4; Executive Board 2 ; Decoration Committee for Junior Prom 3; Senior Play Ticket Committee 4, JOHN STEVENS Sports sports sports . . hard worker . . . determined . - All for Natick . . . wonderful football and basketball player - an athlete who will be a credit to N. H, S.,. . friend to all. Baseball L 2, 3, 4[ Basketball I 2, 3 4; Football 1 2 3, 4; Vice President of Sophomore Class 2. ANN STEWART Stewie - always full of fun . the cutest blond . , never refuses anyone a fide in that bright red chevy - . Jordan Marsh . . a loyal friend , , . excellent student . . , great clarinet player. Basketball 3, 4; Girls’ Athletics 3, 4; Executive Board G. A. A, 4; Field Hockey 3 4: Band I, 2 3 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Vice President of Honor Society 4; Orchestra 1. 2, 3; Science Fair Com mittec 1, 3; Usher Graduation 3; Usher for Senior Play 4. 63 CLIFFORD STONE Who, me? .. familiar first line .. Mischievous .-. friendly ,.. nice guy. CLEMENT ST ROM BERG " Dutch’ x hates to he called Clement , . . mischievous . , outnumbered 7 to 1 at home . . , hot-ro l fan , , « Maryland emigrant , , 4 happy go-tucky , . enthusiastic Chemistry student?? ... has many friends ., , lots of fun to know . , good luck. Cafeteria Marshall 4; Gym Club 3, 4. MARGARET STROMBERG " Margie " cute friendly little blonde . . . personality plus . . - records and clothes suit her fancy . , always be prepared with " Hi” and a cheerful smile is her motto » Best of luck in the future. Decorations Committee for Junior Prom 3. NANCY SULLIVAN The sincerity and friendliness of Nance has brought her lasting popularity. She has been active in school activities and is a loyal supporter of N, H. S. She worked at the Buckaroo, but was able to keep her marks up and get on the Honor Society Nancy deserves the very best life has to offer. Safety Patrol 3, 4; Glee Club 1; Student Council I, 2 3, 4 ; A Capella 4; Senior Six 4; Senior Play Usherette 4; Executive Board 1, 3; Class Secretary 3; Revision of Handbook Committee 3; Honor Society 4, SHEILA SULLIVAN Happy, and always smiling . quiet, some think? , . has sense of humor . . neat as a pin . has knack with needle and. thread . , Did you see the diamond she ' s sporting? , . Brad , , may success and happiness go w ith you. JAMES TEAGUE What a sense of humor? . . . can always get a laugh ., . curly hair .. loves to hunt. Hockey 1 64 JEAN TE5SIER Often quiet , will never forget that slumber party . . happy disposition . . . brown eyes with a gleam ■ , . tots of luck in secretarial work. Glee Club 2; Sassamon Board 1; junior Prom Committee 3; Campus Club 2. RONALD THERIEAU " Elvis " « . always around w here there ' s fun „ , likes girls , » . National Guard a mad photographer. Ambition: To be art electrician. Photography Club 1, 2; Gym Club 3; Weight Lifting Club 3 4 ANN THOMPSON The girl with nicknames galore , , , soft voice and shy manner but a laugh that can raise a roof . . wonderful friend , , has a grand sense of humor . ♦ ♦ can usually be found after school In A-l 17, typing away always spotlessly dressed. Executive Board 2: Senior Play Ticket Committee 4; Pep Club 4; Campus Club I; Prom Decoration Committee 3; Election Official 2; Modern Dance Club 4, The person who was to go here didn ' t show up so — no picture. LINDA TORTI Small in stature ,.. sophistication plus , , always w earing a new F hair do. Prom Decoration Committee s, Prom Art Committee 3. MARIAN TRAVAGLIN1 " Mary ' . dreams for civil service career in Washington . , . interests in Maryland , . works at Regan Realty . pajama parties . . ELVIS . , shorthand whiz??? . , . bowls 123? .. successful for sure? Basketball 2; C ampus Club 2; Prom Decoration Committee 3- 65 MARGARET TRUNDY " Peggie " . . . those unexpected remarks , , . a loyal supporter of the G. A. A. Likes to do a senior hops Latin homework . , . plans to major in sociology. Girls ' Athletics 3 4; Honor Society 4: Dramatic Club 3; Business Service Club 3; Usher Senior Play 4; Senior Play Ticket Committee 4; Decorations Junior Prom 3- DIANN UHLJN " Lynn " , . What a dancer? , , singer, too . . , why did she cur her hair? . „ partial to the name " Bobbi " . . , plans to be a dancing teacher -,. loves clothes, collies, hones, people. Glee Club 3; Art Club 3; Modern Dance Club 4 (founder); Decoration Committee Sophomore Carnival 2; Thanksgiving Game Half Time 3; Chairman Art Committee junior Prom 3; Yearbook Subscription Committee 4; Decoration Committee 4; Dramatic Club 2 JOSEPH VAY A very- handsome boy ., . tall . . a deep voice , - loves tennis . , , quiet a way with females. Tennis 3. RICHARD VONER That Perry Como sweater . , . a certain freshman girl , . . plans to go to Bentley ■ . cheerful , likes to go hunting. Baseball 3; Golf 4; Track 4; Sassamon Delivery Staff 3, JOHN WALL Oh so much trouble with his cars 1 , . Where ' s Joe? . . , those regular trips to Wellesley ,. . a new supply of jokes every week — Kathy .,, Good luck in the future. Baseball 4; Basketball 1; Prom Decoration Committee. Band l v 2. ROBERT WALLACE 66 RODRICK WALLACE " R mi " . . great inters in science especially rock city . , will talk about any subject at any lime. ,. the class of 1939 will always remember him for his intelligence. Safely Patrol; Science Fair 1, 3. 4; Math Club 4 JAMES WALTERS " Tim " . . Hot-Rod fan . Friendly to everyone . . Never A dull moment when Jim ' s around!? . - Enjoys hunting .. Good luck in the future. Football 2; Radio Club 1, 2 3 4, FRANK WALTON Quiet in school . . . hails from Scotland . . . likes girls . . concerned with the outcome of all sports events. Baseball 3. ALICE WARD Better known as " AT . one of the " fleet " . . not a care in the world . . DONNIE „ , an unexpected sense of humor . seen in Main St. Pharmacy, Glee Club 1 4; Ticket Committee for Senior Play Decoration Committee for Junior Prom; Executive Board l; Senior Chorus 4, DFAN WEBB Captain Deano . spider legs . . fast man in spikes and skates . , cars, GIRLS, cars » . hard determined worker ... college bait . . easy success . , good luck Dean, Basketball 1; Football l 2 3, 4; Golf 1, 2 t 3, 4; Track 2; Hockey 3, 4; " FT Club 3 4 Usher at Prom 3 RICHARD WELLS Three-letter athlete , , always joking . . Union House . . PAT , . green Chevy . , ? habla espanol , . Mi-te-na , In addition to football, basketball, and hastbalJ, Dick is a proficient swimmer . his determination and disposition will undoubtedly bring him success , , wants to be a Recreational Director. Baseball 1 2 3, 4; Basketball 1. 2 3, 4; Football I, 2 f 3, 4; Glee Club l 2; Srudenr Council 2; " N " Club 3, 4; Student Council Dance 2; Prom Usher; Decoration Committee for Pram 3; Refreshments for Christmas Cotillion 4, 67 GEORGE WESTCOTT ' Chico” . 6 ' t . , brown hair . big brown eyes ' Bur of course” . . , liked by all putkulub U meone in S-259 . tabogonning . . often seen in Wellesley . , wants to go to B. C. or Colgate, Baseball I, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Football J 2, 3; Prom Decoration Committee 3; Thanksgiving Game Usher 3; Football Dance Committee 4, WILLIAM WHELAN " Bill " tall . , handsome , . . loves to fool around » . tries hard in school , gets along well with classmates .. . best of luck in the future. Science Fair 2; Radio Club. RUSSELL WHITTFMORE " Whit " , , . sly sense of humor - easy going , . enjoys athletics . . . Iocs of fun to know - . . gets along well with the fairer sex . always dependable , . , good luck. Basketball l p 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Safety Patrol 4; Spring Carnival Decoration Committee 2; Prom Decoration Committee 3; Science Fair 2; Senior Play Usher 4. JANICE WIGNOT jani is a good prompter as the members of the senior play realize . she is an uncomplaining and diligent worker (not afraid to do a little extra?) . , she has a soft voice and her blonde hair is naturally curly , , Lucky! She is one of the best liked girls in NHS . Gocxl luck to you in the future. Girls Athletics (Tennis) 4: Safety Patrol 4; Sassamon Board l„ 2; Junior Prom Decoration Com¬ mittee 3; Football Dance Decoration Committee 3; Senior Play Ticker Committee 4; Senior Play Reading Committee 4; Sassamon Typing Staff 4; Library Aid 2; Senior Play Script Girl 4; Science Fair 2, 4. CYNTHIA WJLBERGER Cynthia came to NHS for her Senior year » wc regret that she didn ' t tome sooner . for those who know 1 her have found her to be a sincere friend . . , we wish you the best of every thing Cindy. GEORGE WILLIAMS Willie” , . . terrific sense of humor . . never a dull moment when " Willie " is around! ■ , track man . . capable President of our Student Council . , . Oh! chose words of wisdom at the assemblies!! . , , good student - . - noisiest table in the lunch room . , . has special interest in certain Wellesley High senior . . . will always carry success wherever he goes. Track 4; Safety Patrol 3, 4; Glee Club l 2 f 3; Honor Society 4; Student Council 3 4; President of Student Council 4; Science Fair t 2, 4; Usher Thanksgiving Day Game 4; Decoration Com¬ mittee Sophomore Dance 2; Co-chairman, Decoration Committee Junior Prom 3; Executive Board 2 ( 3; Bays State at University of Massachusetts 3; NHS Athletic Association 4: Junior Member Natick Music Association 4; General Chairman Football Dance 4; Music Assembly 1 2 3 ; Musk Festival 1, 2 3; Ticket Chairman Get Together-Dance 4; Intramural Basketball 4; Campaign Manager 2; Usher Open House 3. 4 68 RALPH WILLIAMS Ralph has a Ween interest in cars , . often found in Study with his Hot RoJ books. Ralph has many outside activities. Baseball 1. SUZANNE WINNER Graceful . „ . expressive eyes , shy . . a true friend ' " pixie. " Campus Club l f 2 f 3 P 4; Business Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Fair l, 2 3. 4; Yearbook Typing Committee 4; Oper etta 4. CHARLES WINTER SON Skip , . Speedy, Oh that innocent lookl Often seen in the corridors ar 8:35. A quick sense of humor. Those unexpected remarks. One of " The Boys " . A wonderful friend. Baseball 2; Football 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4. JOHN WOiSH Great Basketball manager . . ardent sports fan , , wants to be a reporter. Basketball 2, 3. 4; Football 2. 3. 4; Track 2, 3, 4; History Club 2. JUDITH WOODS Lynn, as hc is more commonly called was an executive board member for three years. Her pep and personality have made her popular with all her classmates. Her major interests arc at the Coast Guard Academy. She plans to be a nurse and she will surely be a success. Girls Athletics 3 4; Glee Club L 3; Student Council 4; Executive Board 2 P 3, 4; Chairman of Decorations for Sophomore Dance 2. HAROLD WRIGHT Drums, drums drums . . , band leader NHS president - . . clever but careful . . great SP man . , girls and fast cars , . hard worker . . true friend . „ , always has a tune on his mind . . . swing that little white stick Harold. Baseball I, 2; Band I, 2 f 3, 4; Safety Patrol 3 4; Honor Society 3 4; Orchestra I, 2, 3; Senior Play Publicity Committee 4; Ticket Committee fur Cotillion 4, Music Committee for Cotillion 4; Science Fair 1, 2, 3. 4: Executive Board 4; Safety Patrol Commissioner 4; Dance Band 3 4; Meteorological Club 1 2; Photography Club 1. 69 RICHARD WRIGHT Dick . . hoc mere , , , Cape Cod ... a jRtxni friend , , , Navy or Coast Guard . » collegiate dresser . , . can look forward to a bright future. Football L 2; Track 1, 4; Hockey I; Prom Usher 3; Prom Decoration Committee 3; Senior Play Ticket Committee 4. TOM YOUNG ' Tammy " . , . hof-rod fan . , future autobody genius . lends to be shy and retiring always ready for a joke . . friend to all . ». 40 coupe. Basket ball 1,2; football 1,2. RONALD ZICKO Musical , , . mechanical , . nice smile • easy going . . . great friend. A Capclla 4. No pictures available for Russell Thompson. Alden Nelson and Douglas Dunn. ALDEN NELSON Came to us in January ' , . welcome friend . . , every wish for success in the future. N CLUB OFFICERS A. Loane, V. Capiizo, J. Su-vcns, H Jones 70 Biggest Appetites D Wells, J. Roberts Brainiest R. Robinson, N Hunt 72 Class Clowns D. Wells, K. O ' Brien Most Collegiate K. Moore, K. Poole Best Dancers D. Uhl in, G. Williams E. O ' Connell, D, McGee Cutest Neatest R. Wright, j Drowne Best Musicians M. Burke, H. Wright Best Figure Best Physique Pat Hubbard f. Fallon Most Popular D. Wells, G. Knort Wittiest Pat McCIosky, Charles Junes Most Talkative A. Ross, C. Pinkham The people who were to go here didn ' t show ' up —- so — no picture. Nicest Smile J. McClosky, G Knott This space reserved for the best looking person in the c lass. { Pa ste you r pktu re h ere) Most Sincere B, Leavitt, J. Wignor 76 Ycarb x k Typing Committee Yearbook Subscriptions YEARBOOK COMMITTEES Yearbook Literary Committee 77 SENIOR CLASS PLAY Front row: J. Hillis, S- Leroux, R. MadCcnzie, K. Kuggell, Bade row: P. Ranney, M. Pease, D. Brown, R. Brown, 1. Fischer, j. Mosman. THE SENIOR PLAY The Senior Play Reading Committee during our Junior Year selected " Dear Ruth " by Norman Krasna as the dass play to be presented in the fall of our Senior year Mr. Garnett and Miss Heagney conducted tryouts, cast the various roles, and produced the play. " Dear Ruth " is the comical talc of a high school senior, Miriam Wilkins (Karen Kugell), who writes letters during the second World War to overseas servicemen, L:, William Seawrighc f Peter Ranney), and Harold Klopbbermeycr (Richard Brown J. To these boys, Miriam sends a picture of her sister Ruth (Irene Hillis), who is engaged to a serious-minded banker, Albert Kum- mer (David Brown). The father, Harry Wilkins (Ronald Mac- Kenzie), a traffic court judge, and the one-track-minded mother, Edith Wilkins (Simone Le Roux) get mixed into the problem, while trying to straighten it out. Bill comes home to marry Ruth, and panic ensues. Along with Bill comes Sgc. Chuck Vincent (Ir¬ win Fischer), the ex-fiance of Bill ' s sister, Martha (Judy Mosman). The captivating maid, Dora (Mardell Pease) adds more comedy to an amusing play. After a few amusing incidents such as Albert getting pushed off a train, trying to determine the difference be¬ tween a closer and a bathroom, the truth is revealed. Chuck and Martha are married, and Ruth jilts Albert to marry Bill. The play was substantiated by an eager Senior class, who rose to the occasion enthusiastically to give support. Ticket sales went very well, having been boosted by a pubildty march from the Common to Natick High in the rain. The Seniors marched, armed with books, rain apparel and even a few beach umbrellas. The cast worked bard during rehearsals, but found many amusing incidents to help them over the hard spots. The cast ' s twin brothers, fortunately, weren ' t identical. Had they been, only one could have been in the play. Another comical thought was that the " acting " father of the two girb was really younger than both. The hard work was worth all the pleasure it gave the cast to help the Senior class. Mr. Harry Garnett and Miss Elizabeth Heagney, the play advisors,,worked very hard to produce the play. Without them the success of the play would have been impossible. They gave tire¬ lessly of their efforts, and gave up much of their own time tc devote to our Senior Class. 79 On Wednesday and Friday March 11, and 13 the students in the Science classes presented their projects to the public in the Gym. Unfortunately this year as last the weather kept some spectators away. However, there were many new and novel exhibits to interest old and young. Robert Olshansky, a junior, was awarded the grand prize. His project, " An Analysis of Birefringent Media under Polarized Light, " also won first prize in Chemistry. The Science Fair was sponsored by the Rotary International of Natick. SCIENCE FAIR Other first prize winners included: General Science James Mannos Biology . Beverly Hunter Advanced Biology . Ronald MacKenzie Physics ............. Gail Phillips Gail Phillips, Natick ' s third place winner in the Massachusetts State Fair held at Rockwell Cage, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, April 24 - 26. Robert Olshansky won honorable mention. For the first time in many years, and for the first time in this auditorium, the music groups under the direction of Mr Leo Bachini, assisted by Harry L. Garnett of the English Department as dramatic coach, presented a bright and sparkling musical pro¬ duction Dancing, singing and comedy captivated an enthusiastic audience and all left with the hope that more of this type entertainment would be offered by future classes, Presented on a stage that was most attractive and colorful, the performance got under way promptly at 8:15 and for the next two and one-half hours such talented artists as Patricia Harcourt, Marilyn Mitchell, Sandra Chamberlain, Nancy Hunt, Mary Pierce, Bruce Connell, David Brown, David Lehan, Peter Ranney, Simone LeRoux, Ted Nelson, Jeffrey Hass, Beverly Ward, Barbara Montgomery, and Roberta Rogers kept the audience well entertained. They were ably assisted by the well-trained choruses and dance teams. NATICK HIGH SCHOOL BAND i 1 Wi - 4, l . f . A K " V f I tv ■ ■ i ft, 1 I 1 f 9 1 f i J • _ I h f 1 tm jj ' mL J R flH ; MUSIC DEPT, — BAND The Natick High School Band, under the direction of Mr, Joseph LoPrcsti, had another successful year providing music for school functions. The marching band played at football games, rallies, the Transfer of Flag Ceremonies, and marched on Veterans ' Day and Memorial Day. The con cert band, playing concert music and broad way lots, played at assemblies and m the Music Festival, The 15-piece dance band was an equally great success playing in assemblies and ac¬ companying the Musical The orchestra also took part in the Music Festival, and played for graduation. ACAPPELLA CHORUS The Acappella chorus was directed under Mr, Bach ini and accompanied by Barbara Montgomery. On December 2.5 die annual Christmas Festival was held. The Senior Six: Marcia Burke, Sandra Chamberlain, Mary Pierce, Nancy Sullivan, Kris Kerr, and Mardell Pease made their appearance. Also the group called the Junior Jills: Marsha Webb, Beverly Ward, Diane Young, Eileen Parsons, Marcia Thompson and Merry I Donley appeared. These two groups are accompanied by Bob Carroll. On January I 5, the choral assembly included Acappella, Curls Chorus, Boys Chorus, Senior Six, and Junior Jills. The musical comedy " The Colo¬ nel Comes To Kansas ' " was on March 6, The Acappella Chorus ac¬ companied the soloists and the Dance Band offered background music. The music festival in April in¬ cluded all choruses, band, orchestra and dance band. The Acappella Chorus and Girls Chorus attended Wakefield High School in the annual exchange music assemble. The Senior Chorus sang at Gradu¬ ation. THE DOUBLE SEXTETTE 86 BAND CONCERT 88 f 4 4. ir.ii ! . ' ! ' IIH.I [III I • I Ml ? ten n ip ‘ «. 1 1 HI .■Ti 1958 Christmas Cotilin ton 89 CHEERLEADERS Personality precision and pertness can well des¬ cribe the best group of cheerleaders N.H.S. has ever had the 58 - 59 squad! This group is the first squad that cheered rhe hockey team on to victory by per¬ forming on skates in the Boston Arena. Their personality really shined during the football season always there cheering the ream on to victory. Precision stood out during the basketball season with all those difficult cheers. To cheer on ice took courage but these girls did just that. Pert, as ever looking like pros. The squad this year consisted of: Diane Campisi Carol Hawkins Peggy Kcancy Peggie Kllxoy, Pat Morgan, Patti Perry, Charlene Pink ham Marsha Webb and Ruthann Meagher with Jean Ghilani as their capable leader. ATHLETICS run: VARSITY FOOTBALL 92 Ftom row: J. Fallon, B. Peterson, L, Bartley, J. Stevens, J. Hall, D. Webb, Captain; V. Capizzo, R. Wells, C. Winterson, J. Bradford, C. Adams. Second row: R. Powers, Manager; G. Leighton, J. Dowsr, R, Doran, J. Hayes, M. Wilson, R. Wail, D. Hughes, B. Leavitt, G. Peterson, J, Woish, S + Haskell, W. Porter, H. Mingace, D. Bennett, Coach; J, Stalin. Asst, Coach; R. Whalen, Asst. Coach, Third row: W. Hriniak, T. Glynn, J. Gilbert, F. Walker, T. Carroll, T. Nelson, R Anronori, J. Kiley. R. Foster, P, Kolman, H. Hennigar, B. Connell, T. Donovan, A. Amoroso, FOOTBALL The r 58 football ream, with Coach Dan Bennett at its helm for the first time, finished a successful season with 7 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie. The team built up fine spirit for their first game with a rough Norwood Club only to get the spirits and themselves dampened, and the game called off. The team finally started the season, beating a strong Walpole team 18-0. Then, with a win under their belt trounced Wellesley 64-18, and then kept roiling on, beating North Quincy 36-14, Dedham 64-16, Milton 58-6, and Needham 32-12 The team being defeated only by a slight margin when they met a powerful Braintree team 22-20 They came back strong, however, and beat Norwood 20-0. The season ended coming up against a hard fighting and highly spirited Framing¬ ham team and the Thanksgiving Day contest ended in a 6-6 tie. The team was very ably led by Captain Dean Webb. Jerry Hall, Bruce Peterson, and Brad Leavitt along with Captain Webb made up an efficient back fie Id. The line was 93 94 constantly sparked on by brilliant play from John Stevens, Vito Capizzo, Lynn Bartley, Jim Fallon, and Dick Wells, juniors Morris Wilson, Captain elect for 1959, and John Hayes were regulars in the line also. One of the reasons Natick had a winning team was there was always someone ready to take over any position. Senior Christy Adams saw a lot of defensive action and other senior linemen Charles Winterson, James Brad¬ ford, Dave Hughes, and John Woish were always available. Herb Mingace, another senior, Walter Hriniak, John McGilvary, Tim Donovan, and Ralph Doran were used a lot in the baclcfield. Natick was high scorer for Massachusetts with 318 points and Jerry Hall was one of the state leaders with 110 points. John Dowst and Richard Powers were the capable and hard working senior managers. 95 VARSJTY BASKETBALL Front row: A. Ross, J. Stevens, A. Loane, K. Wells, R. Anderson, T. Argir. Second row: Coach F. Carey, Mgr, C. Jones, P, Sapanaro, R. Soby, J. Fahey, L. Megoliola, L. Richard, Mgr, Woish T R. Whittemore. Third row: R, Foster, R. Wall, R. Bemis, W, MacGregor, B. Peterson, VARSITY BASKETBALL This year ' s basketball ream was a credit to the school and to the untiring efforts of Coach Francis Carey. The team, which was picked by the experts to finish sixth in the league, surprised all by winning the Bay State League title. On the way to the laurels they defeated our arch-rival, Framingham, twice, losing only three games all season. All three were close games, and rhe season ended with an overwhelming victory over the Bay State League allstars. This year’s team lacked height, but w F on over bigger teams with their tremendous spirit and hustle. They succeeded in qualifying for the Tech Tourney, having one of the better records in Class B. Because of this Natick drew a first round in the quarter finals, 96 JV BASKETBALL Front row: G. Palli, D. Leone, L. Dnhertv. W. Bell, Second row: Coach Charles Chrsri, G. Layton, D. Zlcko, S. Haskell, G. Whitten. J. Themeli, B. Paul. Back row: J. Kwasek, G. Peterson, R, Blakeney, J. Barnide, S. James. defeating Winthrop 66-60, In the semi-finals Belmont emerged the victor, but Natick went down fighting. Alan Loane and Richard Wells did outstanding jobs as co-captains in leading their ream to victory. Loane, one of the smaller players in size but not in ability, pleased many crowds with his all-around basketball ability and Dick Wells, one of the highest scorers in Natick history, led the Bay State League in scoring. Richard Anderson, Natick ' s tallest player was a dependable rebounder. John Stevens ' continuous hustle was beneficial to the ream, and he scored several baskets at climatic moments, Thomas Argir, the only junior on the team, added scoring punch. To back up a good team Coach Carey bad a good bench led by Allan Ross and Joseph Fahey, supported by Bruce Peterson, Lee Richards and Richard Soby. The passing of Len Megliola and Paul Sapanaro baffled many opponents. 97 te ' kj i m |v 14 1 C V €A HIM — INDOOR TRACK Front row: R. Voner T K. Barnes, B r Leavitt, L Bartley, K. Poole, H, Jones , R. Wright, D. Brown, P. Callahan, H. Mingace, Second row: J. Slavin, R. Winters, R. Calzini, P. Read, J. Bamicle, J, Shtesgreeo, j, Santamaria, T. Cotter, T, Moore, N. Sciacca, W. For ter. Coach Whalen, Back row: F. Walker, D. Johnson, S, Higgins, j, Frazee, F. Hatch, P. Kolman, K. King, A. Wright, F. Walker, N, Bloomstein, R. Tripp. INDOOR TRACK This year ' s indoor track teajn, Coached by Mr. Robert Whalen, and captained by Hal lett Jones, was a much better team than its record indicared, The meets that they lost could have given them wins. If they had scored nine points more during the season, they might have been un¬ defeated. In the Stare Meet they finished in a tie for fourth place. This team, with such mainstays as Captain Jones in the 600, Lynn Bartley in the shot put, Herb Mingaee in the 50 yd, dash, Dick Wright and Paul Calla¬ han in the hurdles, looked good from the start. The underclassmen Porter, Kolman, Walker, Winner, Frazee, Santa Maria and a host of other hard workers will be out in force to keep up the good reputation established by this year’s group. rrtfi ilih m VARSITY HOCKEY Front row: D, McGee V, Capizzo R, Curtis, J, Hall, D. Webb, Second row: Coach Bell G. Gun- rad, G. Mabardy A. Hall, G Capizzo, R, Blanchard j. Ktley, W. Hriniak, j. Geneseu. Back row: R. Linton M. Brum, K. Gray T, LoCasali, A. Pessini. HOCKEY This year ' s hockey team, captained by Vito Capiz- so, won the Eastern Mass, League title, the second title to come to Natick in two years. Since this is the last year the league will exist we are especially proud of our title. From now on Natick will be playing with the Bay State League. The victory of this year s team came as a surprise to many who felt that Natick ' s ice prowess had ended. With a fine group of veterans like Capizzo, Webb, and Mabardy Natick had one of the best defensive lines in school boy hockey, ferr y Hall Danny McGee and Ron Curtis were other seniors who turned in a fine performance, Natick’s only loss was a IT) decision to Wake¬ field early in the season. This was one of the finest- played games of the season. In the State Tournament Natick defeated a strong Lynn English team 3 to 2. In the quarter finals we lost to a very strong Belmont team. With Gilbert, Hriniack, Pessini, Capizzo and Lin¬ ton returning Natick has the nucleus of another fine team. 101 102 t ffl fj jrvyg f ' - If 1 niyy yv 1 j vi mr If )y tiff. Vl J iL ptt T1 1 T t J 1 7y f J W 1 " Mjf A ' K %£: +. 1 W i 5 l5 ' 1 t Vr’mF4T ' E Gr gr A jfr . i TENNIS D, Brown, F. Hess R. Cox, P, Jones, C Howard, C. Hadden fL Allison, N, Kaufman A. Calzini, Coach Davorem GOLF Mr. Bell, K. Hcfron, R. Voner. D. Webb, R. Nelson, M. Wilson, H. Simcoe, J. Walsh. 105 BASEBALL Back row: j. Barmcle, S. Haskell, G, Peterson, G. R, Bleakney, X Argir, B. Leavitt, D. Pettingill. Front row: T. Donovan, B. Peterson, W. Hriniack, A. Loane, P. Callahan, R, Wells, A, Amoroso, R. Wall, PL Jones, Coach i jNri i [ f fii- « Bar ui El y V i i -AJL • ' ' hrtf MhylL, ' ■J j j if v tR K ar J I T J i ffJ BASEBALL The defending Bay State League Champions were supposed to have pitching difficulties, bur as the season progressed this assumption proved wrong, Hal- lett Jones and Arnold Amoroso, die aces of the ream, were consistent winners, A veteran Infield with Dick Wells at first, Paul Callahan at second, Alan Loane at third, with Walt Hriniak, a sophomore as starter were a winning combination. The outfield with Tim Dono¬ van, Bobby Wall and Brad Leavitt ranked with the best in the league. Behind the plate Bruce Peterson has done an outstanding job. It is w r ith regret we announce that our Coach, Eddie Casey, is leaving us to assume the position of vice-principal at the Coolidge Junior High School. We shall miss him, bur we wish him every happiness and success in his new position. is it through? yep, it sure is 107 ga.a, officers From row: M. Gray, A. Phinney, D Mathews, B. Hunter. Back row: A. Srewart, J. Hammond, N, George, M. Mattson, J. Cu least. 109 GIRLS ' FIELD HOCKEY Front row: J. Breda, S, Owens, B, Hunter, A. Phinney, Captain K. O ' Brien, M. Byrnes. J, Cukasi. Back row: M. Trundy, Mgr, M. Mitchell, M, Gray, M. Mattson, D. Mathews, A, Stewart, D. Hawkes, A. Gridin, Mgr. GIRLS ' VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY The Natick High Field Hockey team, though not hav¬ ing the best of seasons, tried their hardest. Headed by cap¬ tain Ann Phinney, the team had a record of one win, 2 losses and 2 ties. Natick 0 Braintree 1 Natick 0 Wellesley 0 Natick 1 Dedham 0 Natick 1 Needham 1 Natick 0 Walpole 3 Won I — Lost 2 —- Tied 2 JUNIOR VARSITY The Natick High Junior Varsity Field Hockey team had many new recruits and in spice of many hardships, had a fairly good season. Natick 0 Braintree 4 Natick 0 Wellesley 1 Natick 3 Dedham- 2 Natick 1 Needham 1 Natick 0 Walpole l Won l — Lost 3 — Tied 1 GJRLS L VARSITY BASKLTBALL Front row: J. Brcxla S, Skeans, C. Wood H. Rierdon P r Hubbard. Back row: J. Celia P. Mersey, P. Kirby, J. Baxter, S, Owens. GIRLS ' VARSITY BA SKETBALL The Natick High Girls ' Varsity Basketball Team head¬ ed by captain and high-scorer Carol Wood, had themselves a fairly good year, winning 3 games and losing 4. The for¬ wards, consisting of Carol Wood, Pat Kirby, June Breda Judy Celia and Joyce Baxter, turned in a very good perfor¬ mance. Not to be outdone the guards, consisting of Susie Owens, Sandy Skeans, Pat Hubbard, Pat Hersey and aided by newcomer Dea Reardon turned in an equally good per¬ form a nce. Natick 42 Natick 37 Natick 44 Natick 55 Natick 37 Natick 32 Natick 35 Won 3 Walpole 34 Ashland 41 Dedham 37 Framingham 60 Wellesley 49 Braintree 58 Needham 33 Lost 4 GIRLS’ JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL The Natick High Girls’ junior Varsity Basketball team under co-captains Linda Merten and Linda Lonberger, had a fair year. Freona Marco, Linda Merten, Sandy Ghctti, Maurene Maffei, Carolyn Hasgill and Sue Smith as forwards turned in a fine performance. Linda Lonberger, Pam Mil¬ ler, Sue Johnson Dottie Matson, Margie Matson, and Betty Perry as guards matched the fine playing of their forwards by turning in an equally good performance Natick 5 Walpole 8 Natick 14 Ashland 22 Natick 16 Dedham 24 Natick 10 Framingham 31 Natick 19 Wellesley 16 Natick H Braintree 28 Natick 17 Needham 19 Won 1 — Lost 6 OUTDOOR TRACK Front row: X Anderson, S. Higgins, C. Wimerson, P. Rcirdan, L Bartley, A. Parker, J Hall, G, Williams, B. Setter nig, J. Woish R. Anderson, J. Barnicle, D. Johnson. Second row: R, Macomber F. Hale, P. Read, J. Santamaria, H. Goddcn, D. Winner, P. Gal vant, 0- Bailey, R. Doran, C. Smith, D. Zitko, R. Szretta, R. Cal zini, R. Otiinger, A. Morgan, J. Fa I delta. Back row: Coach Bennett, J. Ply, F. Walker, L. Harvie, K. Gray, J H Gilbert, P, Cunningham, A. Wright, H. Hennigar. P. Kalman, J. Frazee, R. Goulston, G, Whitten, E. Cavanaugh, N. Bloomstein, R. Pi re, R. Tripp, A. Hall, Coach Whalen. OUTDOOR TRACK This year s outdoor track team, co-captained by Herb Mingace and Jerry Hall, had a fine balance of experienced runners. Herb has been a consistent point winner in the low hurdles, Jerry Hall in the 880, Wal¬ ter Porter in the low hurdles. Bob Carroll and Dave Winner in the tOO yard dash and the 220 yard dash respectively, Dick Wright, a seni¬ or has been a dependable point scorer in the 440 and George Williams in the 220. In the field events the team had an excellent trio of veterans, Dick Anderson, Lynn Bartley, Steve Higgins, Gary Whitten, and Captain- elect Paul Kolman. After suffering defeats from Needham and Braintree, the team bounced back to defeat the remainder of their opponents. The outlook for next year is bright because of the many underclassmen coming up. SENIOR WEEK ACTIVITIES V fotfa+ia- k? a .cv ' ■ i ' ?’ ,£ .-aA i?M5ul®SSs§ ilg ifcfesa s ilisiSlGIlM RICHARD ANDERSON PRESIDENT CLASS OF 1959 WELCOME — CLASS DAY Parents, Teachers, and Friends: It is with pleasure that we, the Class of 1959, welcome you to these, our Class Day exercises. We are glad to have this opportunity to thank you for making possible the excellent education we have ac¬ quired during the past twelve years. This education will help us to make our way in the years to come. I am sure we shall be better citizens of tomorrow because of the advantages you have provided us. WELCOME — CLASS DAY Parents, Teachers, and Friends: It is with pleasure that we welcome you to Natick High School and these Commencement Excercises, We wish to thank our parents, our teachers, and all those who have helped us attain our goal, our graduation from high school. You have completed your part; it re¬ mains for us to do ours. We must use this education wisely. We are confident that with your continued support we shall become progres¬ sive, responsible adults. IT6 BUSINESS AWARDS INDUSTRIAL ARTS AWARD We, the class of 1959, have come to the end of our high school education. Before we leave these hallowed halls, let us review our four years at Natick High School Beginning with our freshman year wc have always looked for students with qualities of leadership and responsibility for our class officers through the exciting, but serious business of campaigns and elections, Wc chose Richard Anderson, President; Julie Hersey, Vice President; Joanna Drowne, Secretary; and Tommy Siegel, Treasurer. We also elected our first Executive Board which was under the able leadership of our class advisors, Mrs, Gray and Mr. Colombo. As sophomores, we chose as our leaders, Allen Lottie, President; John Stevens, Vice President; Karen Kugdl, Secretary; and Judy Kinnear, Treasurer. Our junior class officers were Karen Moore, Nancy Sullivan, and Judy Kinnear. Wc realized the important responsibil ices which our senior class officers would have and chose rhem wisely. When the ballots were counted, we had elected Richard Anderson, President; Sandra Chamberlain, Vice President; Karen Moore, Secretary; and Judy Kinnear, Treasurer. Throughour our four years at Natick High our athletic teams have continued Natick s reputation as " the Home of Champions. " Our freshman teams were very successful and showed great promise for the future. In our sophomore and jun¬ ior years our boys played on the various junior varsity teams and helped them on to victorious seasons. The athletic accomplish¬ ments of our boys as seniors w ' erc many. The football team, under the direction of Coach Bennett and Captain Dean Webb enjoyed a successful season w ith only one loss and one tie. The basketball team, coached by Mr Carey and captained by Allen Loane and Dick Wells, was one of the shortest in the league. Nevertheless, it won the Bay State League Championship and went on to play in the Tech Tourney. The hockey team, under Coach Bell and Captain Vito Capizzo, won the Eastern Massachusetrs League Championship and went on to further competition in the Stare Tournament, Our track, baseball, tennis, and golf teams also worked very hard, and their victorious seasons were a credit to the school. The teams were helped on to victory by our talented and ambitious cheerleaders, captained by Jean Ghilani. The scholastic achievements of members of our class have been as outstanding as our athletic achievements. In May of our junior year Geoffrey Be I isle, David Brown, Patricia Harcourr, Irene Hillis, Nancy Hunt, Judy Kinnear, Elizabeth Lee, Alice Martin, Mary Pierce, Miry Purcell, Robert Robinson, Harold Wright, and Ann Stewart were elected to the National Honor Society. This is the largest group of juniors that has ever been elected. Two more groups of students were elected to the Honor Society as seniors. Nancy Hunt and Robert Robinson were finalists in the National Merit Scholarship examination, and Nancy Hunt, Mary Purcell, and Robert Robinson reached the finals in the examination for the National Honor Society Scholarships. Robert Robinson brought honors to our school and to our class by being one of the forty wioners from all over the country in the Wesringhouse Science Talent Search. Members of our class have won many awards at Science Fairs, In our junior year Karen Alice Moore and David Dhan won first prizes at our fair and went on to win prizes at the Massachusetts State Science Fair. Gail Phillips also went on to further competition in the Worcester Regional Fair. As seniors, Karen Alice Moore, Bunky Hunter, and Bruce Schcrnig partici¬ pated in the Worcester Regional Fair. Gail Phillips and Ronald MacKcnzie went on to the Massachusetts Stare Science Fair after w inning first prizes at our fain The social activities which wt have sponsored have been successful and unforgettable affairs. Our sophomore dance was a Spring Carnival at which Karen Moore was chosen carnival queen. During our junior year months of planning went into the Junior Prom-Senior Reception, The theme was " Seventh Heaven, " and the many elaborate decorations included a golden gate and a rainbow with a por of gold. As seniors we held the traditional Christmas Cotillion, We decided to establish the custom of crown¬ ing a queen of the cotillion, and our class was honored when Marilyn Mitchell was selected Yuletide Queen. The dramatic presentations in which we have participated have been as successful as our social activities. Tryouts for the Senior Play, " Dear Ruth " began early in our senior year. The cast, including . . Irene Hillis, Ronald MacKenzie, Simone Le- Roux, Karen Kugdl, Peter Ranney, Judith Mosman.lrw ' in Fischer, Mardell Pease, David Brown,, and Richard Brown, was finally selected and began long hours of rehearsal under the direction of Mr. Garnett and Miss Heagncy. The class got behind " Dear Ruth” when about one hundred and fifty of us paraded with umbrellas from the Common to the school to advertize the play. When Dear Ruth " was presented in November, the praise was un¬ animous. Without a doubt our Senior Play was the most hilarious one ever presented at Natick High School. In March of our Senior year many of us participated in Natick High’s first musical comedy, " The Colonel Comes to Kansas. " Members of our class in the musical included: Marilyn Mitchell, Barbara Montgomery, Nancy Hunt, Mary Pierce, Sandra Chamber¬ lain, Roberta Rogers, David Brown, David Lehan, Beverly Ward, Patricia Harcourr, Peter RanncyThis new f and different type of entertainment w r as well received by everyone. During our junior and senior years several outstanding mem¬ bers of our class were chosen for special honors. Peggy Kilroy w r as elected to represent us at Girls ' State, and George Williams and Richard Anderson were chosen to be our delegates to Boys ' State. The D. A. R Good Citizenship Award was won by Sandra Chambdain, and Vito Opizzo was chosen ro receive the Brother- hood Award. Our Good Government Committee, headed by Richard Anderson included Peggy Kilroy, Allen Loane, Vito Capizzo, James McOosky. Our high school years are drawing to a close. With the passage of the long-awaited Senior Week we approach the most important event in our lives thus far — our high school gradua¬ tion. We are going on to further education, to the business world, or to make our own homes, but we shall never forget our four years at Natick High SchcxjJ. CLASS PROPHECY By NANCY HUNT, MARY PIERCE AND DAVID BROWN " Yes, it was tragic. He was only two years old, you know. She ' s really broken-hearted. Oh! Excuse me. We didn ' t mean to leave you in the dark. You see, one of the most famous zoologists, Nancy Hunt, has just lost her dearest possession, her pet platypus We, David Brown, Nancy ' s psychoanalyse, and Mary Pierce, her chief chemist in search for the " Philosopher ' s Stone " , are letting Nancy write about a trip she is going to take ro attempt to fill the abyss left by her pec s untimely depar¬ ture ' Boston, hub of New England, is the center of an and learning in the northeastern part of the United States. As such, I feel it is a good place to start an extensive trip in search for a lost part of my heart. The business district first caught our interest (Tm traveling with two very dear friends) and whom do we discover but an old school friend, Richard Casaly, now president of the John Hancock Insurance Company, His private secretary, Judy Buckler, knowing of my condition, very kindly gave us three tickets to the ballet starring the world famous, Debra Greenberg. On the way to the ballet, w r e have a slight accident with a taxi driven by former racer, Kevin Keane. His passengers are none other than the stars of the opera for this evening, Marilyn Anderson and Andy Parker (they ' ve changed their names, of course.) Since there is some damage from the crash, we have to have some minor repairs. The mechanics in Ray ' s Garage (Ray Kent, that is) are Richard Reynolds and Fred Munro. Fred says that Madeline Barnide, is now a hair stylist in Jane Hammond s exclusive beauty salon, Jane ' s three other stylists are Gloria Jones, Lois Cohen, and the fabulous Ken Barnes, made famous by his " flying swoop " creation. Oh! The car is ready! Well, off to the ballet! We finally reach the theater without any more detours, and, fortunately, we are not late. Look, there ' s Ronald Zicko! He’s an usher. Here comes Richard Wright. Is he going to talk to us? Yes. He tells us that he is now the president of the Write Right Pen Company, and his vice president is Robert Thompson We can t talk long; the ballet is about to start . . What? Intermission already? There ' s Barb Simons. You know, she teaches the second grade in the same school where Cathy Quirk teaches music. Funny, a lot of the girls have become teachers. Peggy Trundy, Mary Knowles, and Janice Wignot teach high school, and Cynthia Wilburger, Suzanne Winner, Margaret Stromberg, Virginia Brown, Judy Malone, and Pat Kirby teach the elementary grades. Some of the boys became gym teachers: Robert Shaffer, Daniel Beliefontaine, Dan Campbell, and Clifford Stone. I never would have thought it. Oh, intermission is over . . . Well, last night was lovely. Debbie certainly has made a name for herself. Now we are on our way to the world amateur tennis championship matches where both Frank Hess and Joe Vay are trying for the cup. Were caking the bus because we are still a little shaken up over our accident last night. Say, isn ' t our bus driver Frank Walton? Oh, here we are. What a crowd! Look, there are three empty seats beside . . Judy Davis, world famous Chinese auctioneer, and Natalie Fernald, vice president of the Fernald Furnace Company ( her father is still president). Two rows behind us are a small group of WAVE ' S, Sheila Sulli¬ van, Anna Thompson, Mary Travaglini, Jane Roberts, Helen McLaughlin, and Jean Tessier. My. haven’t they got chic uni¬ forms. We heard today that Richard Anderson is in Boston on his presidential campaign. His chief engineer (train, that is) is Ronald Savilonis whose right-hand man is George Westcott. With him are traveling the candidates for Secretary of State, Paul Saponaro; Secretary of Defense, Kenneth Sheldon; and the recently-elected Governor of Massachusetts, Robert Wallace. Thomas Young, campaign manager, asks us if we would like to go along on the campaign. Naturally, we accept and begin following Richard Anderson on his cross-country campaign for the presidency of the State of Happiness. Traveling with him is his publicity agent, Gretchen Polhemus. Famed meterolo- gists, Barry Anderson and David Lehan, travel with the train to predict the weather so candidate Anderson ' s wife will not ruin her new hat. Commencing his whistle-stop campaign in Boston, he is greeted by crowds of old friends — among them Tim Anderson, Harvard University Professor of Comparative Analysis; Dr. Robert Robinson, research physicist; Marcia Burke, Olympic ski champ; Sandy Chamberlain, head nurse at Mass. General; John Dowse, Vice president of Liberty Mutual; Robert Franciose, builder of the new Boston sewer system; Diane Montgomery, banker; James Pickering, manufacturer of Guber Pickles; A Ido Pagliarulo, vice president of Slumberland Matress Company; and Janet Murphy, his secretary. His next stop is Natick, the old home town. From the high school come Sandra Skeans, math teacher, and Ann Phin- ney, gym instructor. Carol Savilonis, secretary to the principal, brings his felicitations. Ronald Muise, director of the B. B. Band, meets him at the station. Richard Nelson, car salesman, lends Dick a Cadillac for rhe day. He visits the Friendly Grill to pass out campaign stickers to Sheldon Langmead, Leonard Megliola, John Wall, Peter Bell, and Ronald Curtis. Traveling westward, the Anderson train reaches New York. While touring the city, we find Karen Kugell, outfitted with beret and pink poodle, the newly-elected mayor of Green¬ wich Village; Charles Jones, top-notch sportscaster drops in on his way to Florida to report on spring training. Jim Andrews comes to call —■ w r e notice that he has come up in the world — he is now Police Chief of New York City. Dick stops at the French Embassy to sec Mary Purcell, and hears that Dave Buckingham, gentleman farmer from Virginia, has just left for Paris We visit the Bronx gym and find Tom Balducci refer¬ eeing a wrestling match, Jim Fallon lifting weights, and Russell Barber taking a steam bath. That evening, we decided to patronize the arts. At the opera, June Breda is performing; Diana Uhl in is dancing at Carnegie Hall; Barbara Montgomery is playing a concert in Town Hall; Pete Ranney stars in another picture at the Roxy where he gets all the girls. We choose the theater, and there we see fashionable Peggy Burt, wife of the governor of New York. Leaving the theater, we nearly knock the top hat off the head of Boyd Edmonston, U S Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Boyd tells us that tomorrow he leaves for a diplomatic tour of Western Europe, He invites us to accompany him. We accept After saying goodby to rhe folks back home via Vito Capizzos Early Morning Show, T. V. of course, we proceed to Idlewild Imagine our surprise when we realized that our lovely stewardess is none other than Linda Bremner, and that our pilot is Ken Poole, whom we remember for his earlier dy¬ ing. 119 PROPHECY — can tinned Across the aisle and down two sears we recognize Pat Hubbard, the well-known fashion model. Pat tells us she is traveling to Paris to see Kris Kerr, world famous couttiriere. Our flight is relatively uneventful. Boyd is met in London by Harold Rocy, expert on Russian affairs, and Irwin Fischer of the foreign service, who will serve as Boyd’s advisors. We bid the three a hasty good-by and nearly run smack into Don Bergonzone, Paul Callahan, Jim (Bub) Condlin, and Dick Donovan who all look like generals in their service uni¬ forms. As we tour London, we see the sign of Richard Brown, CP. A, Down by the Thames, Paul " Smily” Rogers is fishing from London Bridge. Looking up, we notice Alfred Byrnes repairing Big Ben. Sea captain Steve Cramp ton guides his ship toward the Channel. We’re almost late for our ride. The crossing is fine, and, much to our pleasure, we discover Sandy Buswell, secretary to the Parisian exporter, returning from an errand which took her to England. We arrive in Paris in time to use the tickets Boyd gave us to see Pat Harcourt, who teaches in a French elementary school in the daytime, dance at the Folics Bergere. Afterwards, we scop for a four course snack at Chez Simone (restaurant of the inimitable Simone LeRoux). There we see Keith Gould, Lynn Bartley, and Harold Wright stuffing themselves with goodies francais. Jim Teague, famous hot-rodder, has retired to the position of Paris taxi driver. Since we recognize him, wc give him an extra big tip. Bright and early the next morning, we leave by train for Geneva, Switzerland, home of exiles and anarchists. Rod Wal¬ lace, famous philosopher, greets us at the station. He tells us of an international ski meet near Geneva, in which Bruce Schernig and Dick Halberg are favorites to win prizes. An ex¬ citing moment comes when Pat Arena falls down the ski slope and Alvin MacKenzie, doctor who vacations yearly in Geneva, rushes to her assistance. Jim Bradford, American advisor to the Swiss Navy, put in an appearance at the ski meet and Wes Peoples, sports car designer, showed up for a while. Dick " Pug " Powers came running up, out of breath, waving his world champion ' s poker trophy and green eye shade. Dick has taken time from his busy schedule at Cal Tech as a theorectical mathematician. We ask him to join us on a jaunt to Italy. He agrees; on condition that we travel back to California with him. On the flight to Rome, Gloria Brown is our hospitable hostess. At the airport, we are met by John Calzini, customs agent. First of all we are hungry, so we go to Fierro ' s Pizza Place, and who feeds us bur Cyn and Gige. Frank Indelicate is a waiter, while Laura Sanborn is a waitress Strolling through St. Peters square, we see Diane Campisi, designer, and her models, Linda Torti and Toni McKeen, followed by Dick Soby, w f orld famous casanova. We find that Carol Belle farm has invented several new devices: one for drilling holes in macaroni and another for twisting spagetti. After earing our fill, Pug shepherds us onto a California- bound jet clipper, and in no time we arrived at San Francisco. First thing we hear from Dick Wells is that he is playing base¬ ball for the San Francisco Giants. He introduces us to an old friend, Christy Adams, an elementary school gym instructor. At a baseball game, blushing Brad Leavitt, first baseman for the Milwaukee Braves, wavs to us from the infield. Sitting in boxes near ours, we spy Jeff Bel isle, educational advisor to the governor of California, and sports reporter, Dick Cox, Traveling towards China Tow r n, we pass a building with a sign which exhibits a familiar name — Danny McGee, lawyer. On leave from the Navy in China Town, we see ad- mi ral-of-rhe-fleet, Charles LePage, and crew, Lee Curtis, Paul Kelly, Dennis Lawless, and Richard Voner. Anthony " Butch " Strom berg, barber to the scars, Dean Webb, coach of the San Francisco ’49 ers, and George Wil¬ liams, president of Columbia Pictures, are some of the celebri¬ ties we meet in San Francisco. George invites us to visit his studios in Hollywood. There wc meet Maureen Bliss, wardrobe mistress for many famous actresses, Kathy Owens, and Kathy O ' Brien, make-up directors for Columbia Studios, and Mardell Pease, character actress. Wandering through a set for the musical " The Colonel Comes to Kansas” (which they finally took to Hollywood), we meet Dick Stanley, camera man, and Marilyn Mitchell, who was asked to star in the movie as well as the stage play. Allen Ross portrays the genial farm hand. Lorraine Mitchell and Bev Long design sets for the production. We pay one last vine to Pug at Cal Tech. There we find Jim Walters, consultant to business firms bothered by smog, and Russ Whittemore, electrical engineer. Saying good-by to Pug, we leave for Detroit, to purchase a new car. Leslie Davis, secretary to John Boyington, president of General Motors, takes us for a spin in a new ' 84 Cadillac We nearly run over John Soule and Ronald Therieau, firemen in a hurry. Back at the showroom, Ray Stackpole and Ralph Williams tune up the car for the next customer. John Woish has an establishment down the street — The Woish ing Car Wash. Wc imagine he must make a mint. For entertainment that evening, we attend the Detroit Tigers baseball game to see Hallect " Scoop " Jones pitch. We hear that John Stevens is playing football for the Detroit Lions Natick has enriched the sports world by giving it additional champions. To the nursing profession, Natick has made many contri¬ butions: Lynn Woods, Jean Holland, Irene Hillis, Ann Bryan, Mary Grady, Lorraiyn Sellar, Marie Raftery, and Judy Hicks, Alice Ward, lab technician, assies Bill Hawkes, a naturalist at the University of Michigan. We hear that at the Great Lakes Army Base there are Doug Dunn, Charlie Fritz, Bill Gour, Peter Horning, John Kenney, and Roland Morris. Driving back towards Boston, we stop at Monmouth, Illinois, where we find Ann Stewart busily administrating af¬ fairs at her alma mater. In a nearby community, Nancy Sulli¬ van teaches school. After spending two wonderful days in Monmouth, we leave once more. In Philadelphia, we stop in at the American Bandstand show to see that famous disc jockey, Joe Fahey. The show is quite exciting, especially when the biggest singing group in the nation drop in to sing their latest hit " Sunset on Sturn " . The group consists of Pat Morgan, Linda Lee, Charlene Pink ham, Carol Hackert, and Judy Mosman, We spend the evening at the beautiful Macabo where the fabulous comedian Robert Roth is breaking all records. We understand his mana¬ gers Charlie Winterson and Bill Whelan are having a hard time keeping night club owners away — everyone wants Bob. The trip from Philadelphia to New York took only a few hours, and vve finally arrive in New ' York City. The town has been buzzing about the great ncw r hit comedy by Fred Rogers entitled ' Who Has To Be Shot " adapted from Vladimick Licnes last hook " What Has To Be Done " . The part of Vladimick is played by Larry McCarthy who does a superb job After the show, we rushed back stage to meet the cast and we find that the director of the play was none other than Jim Me 120 PROPHECY — continued Cfosky, publicity was handled by Anne Hassard. We learned that Jim has just returned from Hollywood where he directed the Academy Award winner, ' You Bet You Owe Me Money " , starring the wonderful Mary Morrill and Dick Lofgren. After pushing our way out of the theater, we decide to see the New York Ranger-Boston Bruin Hockey game. Jim Linton, we hear, is the outstanding scorer and Jerry Hall is making the headlines as one of the great defensemen in the league. The morning following the hockey game, we go sight¬ seeing. The windows at Macy ' s are beautifully decorated and there in the window, adding a few last touches, is Donna Pryor. Her boss, Bruce Peterson, motions for us to come in and shows us through his office. His two private secretaries, Eileen O ' Con¬ nell and Diane Dixon, wave to us as we go by. We manage to see the spring fashion show before we leave and there is the beautiful Carol Bcllefontaine modeling a new r Edwma Mallek suit. The vice president of Macy’s Judy Kinnear, invites us to lunch at the exclusive restaurant run by Virginia Hines. After a scrumptious French meal, we leave for the Ncw r York Museum of Art, A wonderful demonstra¬ tion by the internationally known artist, Gail Phillips, was going on. At the museum, we see two of the great automobile men in the nation, Ronald (General Motors) Harlow ' and his assistant vice president, David Hughes. As we are going out, we see a crowd around some person. Yes, why it ' s Barbara Ligon, the great Metropolitan Opera Star! Watch out, Mary, oh — no! She trips over a roller skate. We take her to Mercy General Hospital. She is well cared for by nurses Stephanie Martin and Elizabeth Lee. After a few hours we leave the hospital for New- York University to hear a lecture by the prominent economist Robert Graham. On our way through the math wing of the university, we see professor Peggy Kilroy giving a l ecru re in trigonometry. In the next room Dr. Karen Alice Moore is teaching a class in in tegral calculus. We learn from Dr. Moore that the faculty chief gym instructor at the women ' s school is Beverly " Bunky " Hunter, The president of the university, Herbert Mingace, show ' s us the laboratory and who do you think is giving a lecture? Dr. Ronald Oldfield. From New York University, we go to IdlewiId airport for our plane to Boston. Flight 810 for Boston is ready to take off. We have to hurry! The pilot for our flight is William Egan, and co-pilot is Bill Curtis. We talk over old times with them and then board the plane. The stewardess Carol Hawkins sees to it that we fasten our safety belts, and — we are off. Sitting behind us are three favorite singers of the day, Georgene Knott, Doris Henry, and Janice Bitzer. They tell us that business is wonderful. While they were appearing in Florida, they heard that Allen Loane and Lee Ric hards were showing the baseball world what good rookies could do. We arc shown around the plane and learn that our navi¬ gator is Phil Rierdan, and the chef is Warren Mason. As we move back to our seats, we recognize Joe McDonald, the famous jockey. He is going to be in the Kentucky Derby this year. Music begins to flow over the P. A. system and we recognize Karen Alger Moore. She was voted the most popular women singer last year. In the fronr scat we discovered a great actress of the day, Roberta Rogers. She told us to watch for a new movie ’When the Chips Are Down " starring Cynthia Paul. It is a satire on Las Vegas gambling. She also rold us to watch out for a new star Pat McGosky who is making her debut in the picture. Right behind Roberta, w r e see Karen Loomis who is the head buyer for Jordan Marsh. She is sitting with her asistant; Beverly Clark. They are returning from a trip to San Francisco where they vied for a contract with a number of companies, one of which was Gilchrist’s of Texas. Paul Gilchrist is the president down there and his vice president, Susan Johnson. Chief dress designer is Carol Coan. We hear on the radio that a fire has broken out in Hart¬ ford, Conn. Fire chief Ronald Graham and his staff, Paul Geliy and Joseph Geneseo, with their crew ' of 250 men battled the blaze for eleven hours ... Jo Drownc, an elementary school teacher from Boston, has won a $ 100,000,000 contest. As we took a nap in the afternoon, someone tapped Mary on the shoulder It was Alice Martin, who had been vacation¬ ing in Miami with her assistant, Diane Hesek. She is currently an executive for Ann Starr ' s of Boston. She tells us that Mary Daly and Diane DeCosta help her, w hile Theresa Gately runs the Waltham store. It is just announced that we are having trouble with our right engine and w r e musr land in Hartford, After landing, we find that there will be a four hour delay. Well, we might as well eat. AI den Nelson ow r ns a supper dub and is kind enough to serve us personally. He tells us that Mary Johnson and Jean Ghilani have combined talent, and set up a dancing school. Two of the teachers are Jackie Higgins and Rurhann Meagher. We talk a while longer and then realize chat the four hours arc almost up. We must leave for the plane. Upon our return, w ' e see that the Hartford police chief, George Lumbert, and the district attorney, George Mabardy, have come aboard. They cell us they are going to Boston for the New ' England Conference for the Prevention of Crime, The president of the conference is Ed Lumbard. We chat for a w ' hile and then sec the blue light on the John Hancock Build¬ ing. We are home!!! My goodness — I must try to get a new r Platypus. 12 ? ESSAY in America, when we rhmk of education, we usually think of a preparation for a career, attending school for a certain length of time, and doing the prescribed assign¬ ments. The important part of education, however, is not the body of knowledge one attains, but how one learns to think about this body of know ledge. A man who is well educated in the narrow sense of the word, and has a large store of knowledge at his disposal, cannot use his kunowledge if he does not know ' how to think. He is no more useful than a tape recorder. The ability to think constructively involves relating one ' s know¬ ledge to the events and situations that occur around him. The thinking individual is the only truly creative indi¬ vidual. Only a truly creative individual can contribute any¬ thing new, even in the context of older methods or ideas. Also, one must be able to think creatively in order to live, rather than merely exist. One can exist with a certain amount of food, water, air, and shelter. To live, however, one must be alert to what is around him. One must look deeper into his surroundings than a camera can, and try to understand what is going on. Thinking is an ability that comes only with long prac¬ tice, It is an ability which needs to be encouraged by an individual ' s parents, teachers, and society, and by the indi¬ vidual himself. Education is not, 1 think, supported enough by the public. Too many people score the man who teaches, reads, enjoys learning. In America there is no widespread respect for the well-educated individual, no generally recognized place in society for him. There is no general love of knowledge for the sake of knowledge, rather than for the sake of results. Many parents arc less interested in what their sons and daughters have learned in school than in what grades they received. Also, the public has no desire to understand a thing once it can be controlled. Not many people are curious aboun how their car battery works, as long as it starts the car in the morning. Atomic weapons, on the other hand, are a good ex¬ ample of an invention which we think we control, because we can produce it. Our control is only superficial, however, because not enough people understand the implications of their use. Atomic weapons stand as a threat to the whole of society, because of the ignorance of a great part of society. The present shortage of scientists and technicians is an excellent example of popular misconception of education. The U. S. has never been outstanding in the field of basic research. We have had good engineers, though we need more right now, but the emphasis on practicality has kept our contribution in pure science to a minimum. Most of the (Hitstanding figures in basic research, even recently, have been from Europe. Now we find ourselves in a struggle with the U, S. $, R. to produce our own science. Recently a lag in technology; in the field of missiles, brought public attention to bear on the need for more scien¬ tists. There is a clamor for quick results which betrays the ignorance on the part of the public of the nature of the problem. First of all, what is needed are creative scientists, who can produce new things and new ideas. A creative scientist must have an environment conducive to creative activity, A love of knowledge for its own sake, and a definite respect for good scientists and for g(x)d artists art parts of the ideal environment. The demand for quick results is self-defeating. If only those aspects of education and research which promise quick returns are supported, no work will be done on new ideas. To be new p , an idea must be unknown; its potential value is of necessity unknown until it is investigated. The unknown must be investigated if there is to be progress. Learning to think is as important to the scientist’s ability to produce useful results as it is to any man ' s ability to live. One of the things that distinguishes a creative scientist from a technician is that the technician can be produced by the American method of mass production if necessary. Russia has exhibited the possibility of such a course quite graphically. A creative scientist, on the other hand, must have the proper general atmosphere. The sub- jeer matter of the education of a successful scientist does not by any means consist entirely of mathematics and the science of his concentration.. The most productive scientists are, in fact, those who have had extensive contact w ith the humanities. A thinker cannot consider only a part of his environment in isolation from rite rest. A thinker musr consider the whole environment. A scientist cannot be familiar only with his specialty or his thinking will lack scope. An artist cannot be totally ignorant of science, or his art will lack the force of being based on reality. To be a true thinker, the scientist, the artist, the states¬ man, the businessman, must be aware of what is being done in areas seemingly unrelated to his individual interests. Our educational system must produce men competent in their own fields, and at the same rime more of the broad context which makes their work meaningful Robert Robinson 122 CLASS WILL By MARCIA BURKE We, the illustrious Class of 1959, whose world-shaking accomplishments, unsurpassed spirit, and renowned scholas¬ tic achievements unquestionably make us the most distin¬ guished class ever to graduate from Natick High, do leave this our Last Will and Testament. To Mr. Hennigar and Mr. Barrnick, we leave our hearty congratulations for having most successfully com¬ pleted their first year as our new principal and vice-principal. To our advisors, Mrs. Gray and Mr. Colombo, we leave our appreciation for all their kind encouragement, and we are glad they were the ones fortunate enough to have us to advise. To Miss Shannon, we leave four life-sized robots to lug around the huge stacks of Senior English workbooks just before college-boards time. To Miss Hamm, we leave the book, tr How to Repair a Recording Machine” (tout en francais.) To Mr Francis Carey, we leave hopes for some un¬ prejudiced referees with glasses. To Miss Nutt, we leave our sincere thanks for her never-ending kindness and understanding, especially around report card time. To Mr Bachini and Mr LoPresti, we leave each a pair of thick ear-muffs which they will probably find very use¬ ful inside the school. To Mr. Garnett, we leave the never-to-be-forgotten privilege of directing our extremely talented cast of our great Senior Play. To Miss Hope, we leave a giant-sized watering can for her plants, so that she won ' t have to make more than one trip a week. To Mr Cronan, we leave a large box of free coupons for as many ice-cream sandwiches as he could ever wish for. To Mr, Shea, w r e leave a new insurance policy for his car. To the honorable Honor Society, we leave a game of three-dimensional tic-tac-toe for much-needed brain exer¬ cise. To the Juniors, we leave the long-awaited privilege of being respected by all, especially when it comes to sneak¬ ing into the lunch line. To the Sophomores, we leave our special permission to say in assemblies and rallies, the outstanding name of John Woish-sh-shU To the Freshmen, we leave this encouraging thought: that in only 1,095 days, you, too, will graduate! 1, Dean Webb, leave my ability to charm the feminine population of Natick High, with smiles and wiles, to Sandy Wilson. 1, Mary Purcell, leave my king-sized Reneauh, to Jon Padover, another mad bomber. I, David Lehan, leave my crystal ball and carbon-copy paper for forecasting the w r eather, to Bob Stacy, another very accurate prophet. 1, Georgine Knott, leave my famous pony tail to anyone who likes to horse around. I, Dave Buckingham, leave my ability to give Mr. Lo¬ Presti a hard time, to Tom Stewart. We, Eileen O ' Connell and Linda Toni, leave our posi¬ tions as Mr. Plausse s secretaries, and the name " Skinny Minny " to anyone daring enough to take them. 1, Ann Stewart, leave my book, " 100 Ways to Style Your Hair, " to Durrie Mathews. We, Geoffrey Bel isle and Allan Ross, leave our easy¬ going manner to anyone who worries too much. I, Virginia Hines, leave my 57 kinds to my brother, Larry Hines. I, Richie Anderson, leave my position as president of Mr. Shea ' s fan dub, to the " intellectual elite of the decadent underclassmen.” We, Peggy Kilroy and Lynne Woods, leave our book " Guide for Cadet ‘Drags ' " to Charlotte Lauro. I, Christy Adams, leave my very friendly personality to John McGilvray. 1, Judy Mosman, leave to Mr. Coin m bo, an autographed picture of one of my less shy actions in the Senior Play. We, Margie and Butch Stromberg, leave our detention slips for being late, to anyone who would like a few after¬ se hool studies. I, Jane Lucy Hammond, leave my famous sweatshirt, my most prized possession, to Kathy Hand. I, Harold Wright, leave my dashing high-top boots and my glirrermg baton to Mr. LoPresti. 1, Judy Kinnear, leave my famous laugh to Pat 123 CLASS WILL CONTINUED Schavone, in the hopes that she will get a laugh out of it, L Bunky Hunter, leave my innumerable harrowing experiences to a certain crazy junior girl w f ho usually gets me into them. I, Danny McGee, leave my unsurpassed Ivy League look to anyone who wants to look like me. We, the Senior Six, Sandy Chamberlain, Mary Pierce, Nancy Sullivan, Mardell Pease, Kris Kerr, and Marcia Burke, leave to the Junior Jills, the earnest hope that someday, they will be almost as great as we are. I, Judy Davis, leave my Chinese Auction to anyone who can figure out what it is. [, Bill Hawkcs, leave my broken convertible top to anyone who thinks he can fix it. I, Bruce Schernig, leave my cool rrumpet jazz to Sandy Jansson, who really digs it. I, Jo Drowne, leave wdth a certain Senior boy. We, the members of the F period International class, leave our endless supply of life-savers to next year s F period International class. We, Diane Montgomery and Diana DeCosta, leave the duty of watching over two certain Junior boys, to Sandy Jacobs and Janice Huggard. I, George Williams, leave my " pro " ad-libbing ability in assemblies, to next year ' s ring-master. We, the Jones boys, Charlie and Scoop, leave our en¬ couragement to anyone who w-ants to catch up with us Joneses. I, Dick Cox, leave my dirty white bucks and broken shoe-laces to Richard Cox, who ' d better keep up the good name. We, Judy Hicks and Doris Henry, leave the art of keep¬ ing up a steady conversation during X period studies to Linda Fredrickson and Claire Goldrick. 1, Jim Bradford, leave to the Junior Class all the trials and tribulations of trying to graduate. We, the Senior members of the Culture Vultures, Boyd Edmonston, Karen Kugell, Nancy Hunt, and Dick Cox, leave all our vast cultural knowledge to the Junior members, Peter Garland and Peggy Luttrell. I, Dick Wells, leave the 42 comic books left to me by Artie Williams, to Dennis Drugan. I, John Boyington, leave my Oldsmobile-powered Merc to anyone who can catch it. I, Ronald Harlow, will hold John Boyinton to his promise, because my Olds-powered Merc will walk all over his. I, Vito Capizzo, leave my renowned accent to my brother, Gus. I, Rob Robinson, leave my patent for rhe most modern interplanetary missiles, to John Hanson. We, Jeanne Terrier, Carol Savilonis, Beverly Clark, Judy Malone and many other members of our class, leave a paint brush and paints to the boring Studio. 1, Ronald MacKenzie, leave all my “Mad " magazines to anyone mad enough to take them. I, Peggy Burt, leave my beautiful car ‘Guntor 111 " to Patty Smith, and hope she can get it to go up hills. We, Pete Ranney, Fred Rogers, and Dick Brown, leave for the moon. L Joe Fahey, leave nothing, because I need it all myself. We, the Senior Cheerleaders, Peggy Kilroy, Jean Ghalani, Pat Morgan, Carol Hawkins, Charlene Pink ham, and Diane Campizi, leave our hoarse voices to next year ' s basketball ream. ( We know they ' ll appreciate this.) 1, Russ Whittemore, leave my duty as score-keeper to Roger Winters, who can ' t count either. In closing, this is the statement of a typical Senior; l, Jim Fallon, leave rhe school, to Mr. Hennigar. In witness, whereof, we, the members of the Class of 1959, have set our hand and seal hereto this fifth day of June in the year of Our Lord one thousand nineteen hundred fifty- nine, declaring rhis to be our Last Will and Testament. Signed: Marcia Burke Witnessed by: Harry L Garnett 124 FAREWELL ADDRESS By HAROLD WRIGHT FAREWELL ADDRESS — 1959 Perhaps more than at any time in recent history, the nationwide class of 1959 has been affected by the trend of world affairs. With the advent of many striking scientific advances in recent years, such as the satellite programs re¬ sulting in the first " Sputnik " in early October, 1957, the United States was shocked into a rapid re-evaluation of its educational system. There have been a number of important changes made on national, state, and local levels which have had, and will continue to have marked effect on the students. There have been many changes recommended for the improvement of secondary schools. Dr. James B. Conant, former president of Harvard University, has published a report on the condition of our high schools which points out many of the shortcomings of some American high schools and the time-tested, effective methods some schools have employed in improving various courses. Dr. Conant feels that a science course in either physical science or biology should be required of all students in either the ninth or tenth grades. This required course would be divided into three sections of varying difficulty and students would be grouped according to ability. Then two courses should be offered in both physics and chemistry; one course in each for the student who desires a working knowledge of the subject only, the other for the student with the mathematical ability to further his study of the subjects. In the Humanities Dr Conant recommends that there should be several courses. He has found the need for four years of English and either three or four years of social studies, including two years of history and a course in American problems and government for seniors. In the elective Humanities he feels there should be four-year foreign language sequences offered in all schools, since students cannot acquire mastery of any foreign language in two years. He recommends that all students should include art and music in their electives for a broader cultural background. How is Natick meeting these recommendations? To help the student choose the courses best suited to his needs and capabilities we have a good counselling program, with one full-time counsellor for every three hundred students. The counsellor consults with students and parents in help¬ ing select sequences of subjects, required and elective, that are best suited to the interests and abilities of the individual concerned. In addition participation in extra curricular activities is encouraged. Our school is experimenting with new courses and methods of instruction. This year, for the first time, 138 high schools in Massachusetts, including Natick High participated a course in the Humanities, a series of television presentations for the junior College English classes. This program was correlated with the regular English, History, and Art programs. Many students were enrolled in a new- type physics course, recommended by the Physical Science Study Committee. The Social Studies program includes a course in Inter¬ national Relations, an elective which many high schools feel is too advanced for their students. Natick also provides extended language courses in Latin, French, and Spanish. The elective sequences in business training, industrial arts and mathematics enhance the " marketable skill " of these students. in addition to prescribed courses a wide variety of courses may be offered in a school as large as ours These cover a broad range for the gifted as well as the average student. When courses are integrated and adapted to the needs of the individual students through the efforts of counsellors, students who graduate from Natick usually have a definite goal, Natick High graduates have, for the most part, been very successful. They are proud of the education they have received here. The constant changes and improvements in curriculum, in reaching methods, and in student interest will keep our school in the lead. We fee) the Class of 1959, like those who have gone before, will be most successful. Harold Wright 125 GIRLS ' TENNIS Front row: D. Mathews, A. Stewart, M. Donley, P. Miller Back row: G, French, B. Hunter, J. Wall, M. Burke, M. Larson, J, Butler. Not in picture: A, Phinney, M Trundy, i Wm r J t k m TpJr ym ■ f Pi A flf r 0 a J t ic | fl 1 ■ • % |i Jk 1 w ,Sl ILlI r Jf H f j JSKf r " iH 1 SOFTBALL Front row: M„ SchaUer, S. Nickies S. Owens, J. Wood, B. J, Celia, }. Walters, M. Matson, S, Smith, M. Maffei, M, Whipp T D, Hawkfes, P. Matlctte. Second row: S, LeRoux, Legge, E. Reirdan J, Breda, 126 THE CLASS BANQUET 128 TUESDAY JUNE 2. L959 129 SENIOR FRIDAY JUNIOR-SENIOR RECEPTION On Friday evening, June 5, the Class of I960 tendered a reception to the Class of 1959 in the Cafeteria. In an atmos- p here of Gree k Fan tas i a, Georgene Knott was chosen RECEPTION JUNE 5, 1959 queen and Marcia Webb and Sherry Collins her attendants. A colorful Grand March, led by Stephen Haskell and Mar¬ cia Webb climaxed a mem¬ orable evening. 131 CLASS DAY Carol Bellcffltto — Just A Scholarship Ratary Scholarship — George Williams GRADUATION 134 JUNE 8. 1959 135 136 WE ARE OUT!

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