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f F-"?,vQ.. M sh, - A ,,., ia m MJ' , w h V ,M V .. V Zim , ,. . L ,iyhy H , .. M, J f . f' "' -vm . . -' fn' M H1 23'xiw-wwf' . ' - . Lu ai 'gi ,fr ,. ,Q V, .. . .. ,, , 0 ' ' X- "'HQi? M,?'wv- " f W ' wx -H Q , 8 M , K 'H , ' f ' , M., ' ' ' v, ,Q , X U -Q ii 6 4 M 3 f , , in W W Q ,, mf X as Q ' L2 M ,Q wf ++ .if4 N V' .1 fi? 'f uw 4 4-vm 5 i .K , ' :lr 09" Q, Ii I- .mgs g .r .- 2 ,I lc ', I 1 5, 4 A x - JUL f f-5 l A ' "9 Hr, Q 5 . ' 'Y ' 4. +4 . ,If V ',,f-qi, X- . -" if' 1 43. xx v v. ',., 'fl 'QQ I ., ' 'I u-,P -o. 1 ol 5 "w , . gr N J, , la A er- ix: N, Q 1 5 ,, .Y X ' x K 4 a' V105 :cb wmfeafbf . In Hama. an " 4 .-,--1 Egggffwfw 5fl'tif,fM'0f'Mbf drama ' . HZ? W1 4- MFWWWV ?'fJ?Ji.i,'iZZ, Jag, :WM Cij14fwK+amfQo.W 7. . qja,pa90Q!a,Z!Zl,, M Habib, my i W M W' MQ ,Wm JUL-vd of-'Viv' CQf24vfnw3f! ,J f . ,, ,412 WMM W'i'j':i 1 ii ,1ic,,x J!,f 1 Uk -1 -LU cf: -.. LIBRIS C"n,4". y f' -'-19-1-113 " -- Iii if 'I T g ff F -kk , ijt ll I QQ --- gxif f' fx - x aw Q , ff, E Mg L76-ca! . ,j W: '7!5.4wyfc4Z 3 . - . A . gl' 3 L ZUMI4 0 I-I ' , rise I W , RE ,nb .... x -.a 1 fr 2 f, , - fini , , mar QM-YL HY:ll41a.K. ' - -' L. X 5 NJ. 1, , . .9 . V554 1 4 f 4 afwzzg, I ' ' fy J - ' V --fx!! , 'M L 1 A 4 N . N .v , ' f ,-., A A . ',, Q 4, fb'-4X1 XJ!" 1 ' 1 ' - ' I' - L-1'4" ""' f X ' x A ' -, ,I ' K -,-- X 'us 1 V . ' 'I' ' " I., .VA sl A - gif pm -:,,l,0fw - . " 4 A ' 1 f ' 1,07 I fic'-A .zlilf Q V5 I 1, """M M V,'5 j L.f0j,lf7i5b 5o!vUf5,,o.fu2'WW ew' ,Ugg Wa . ' 7' 'J new Wm WWWIZN xg fm I o CW 13f?jffz,,a1n2 M f'fffWi1w" R 4 ,. m. , 5 --a.,.o.4 i X . 4 .. I J 1 .4 z" , , '4 1 T P 1 , l 4 1 , Q? V11 .I 'WJ I F ro ul X4 . Q, 'rn F I Milf Q' ' "lf' '..'3 f ff' Y. +2 w- 4 - s I I AUDITGRI limi- HERE ARE THE PEOPLE Who Did the Layout and Arr Work And the Wrxters H,3,',,0I2f2, ' uv'-vkf And the Selling of THE 1955 SASSAMON THE ANNUAL YEARBOOK of NATICK SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL DEDICATION . FACULTY . . CLASS WILL HISTORY . . SENIOR PICTURES HONOR SOCIETY CLASS PLAY . MUSICAL GROUPS ATHLETICS Natick, Massachusetts CONTENTS Pegg 8 13 . 18 26 64 78 . 84 . 93 DEDICATION We, the Class of 1955, lovingly dedicate this, our Senior Yearbook to Mrs. Helen H. DeMeritt, a teacher of languages in the Natick High School from September, 1944, to june, 1954. Born in Watertown, Massachusetts, Mrs. De- Meritt was a graduate of Watertown High School and Radcliffe College. While at Natick she coached the senior play over a period of years and took an active interest in all class affairs. Her untimely death dn October 2, 1954, was a shock to her family and friends. Vain the tribute we would pay her, words cannot express What it meant to have her with us, and our thankfulnessg Sweet the memory she has left us, though our hearts are sad." WELCOME ADDRESS ?arents, Teachers, and Friends: On behalf of the Class of 1955 it is my sincere pleasure to welcome you this morning to our Class Day Exercises, the first to be held in this Jeautiful auditorium of our new Natick High School. It is my privilege to express to you our appre- :iation for the fine education and innumerable benefits which you have afforded us. I wish to assure you of our determination to use to the best possible advantages the opportunities which you have made available to us. DONALD PEOPLBS WELCOME ADDRESS Parents, Teachers, and Friends: It is with a feeling of honor and gratitude that l address you this evening on behalf of the Class of 1955. This ceremony marks the beginning of a new and changed life. As the class representa- tive I know that I voice the thoughts and senti- ments of my classmates on this memorable occa- sion. I want to thank our parents and teachers for their guidance, help, and encouragement through our school years. Our paths will be many and varied, our thoughts will be troubled as the world today is troubled, but we can take courage from our patents who also faced uncertain times, but who knowing that they had truth and justice on their side, triumphed. With this example to follow plus knowledge, faith and confidence acquired through the patience and understanding of our teachers, our future should be bright with suc- CCSS. DONALD PBOPLES DONALD PEOPLES Senior Clair Prerident ,I -v ' I ' '19 W. Carey, A. Maffeo. ENGLISH E. Ward, P. Hope, A. De-Felice. P. Pehda, H. Garnett P. Buckley, H. Connolly, E. Shannon, M. Donahoe. PHYSICAL EDUCATION COMMERCIAL Cf. Leighton, 1. Hoague, C. Birdsall, E. Tillson. F. Hayes, E. Grimes, R. Chellis, W. Anderson, D. Wilclbur, N. Xanthaky. LANGUAGE 8 SCIENCE T. Hamm, E. Harrington, H. Dalton, K, Young. W. Bennett, DI. Bongarzone, C. Marso, H. Zallen, W. Colson. 1-A 5UClAl- STUDIES H. Hcnnigar, A. Amato. C.gla,'v, ll. Mulmc-ls, D. Tavcl, .l, Carlow, C. McManus, ll. lll1lllSSC, M. Raflurty. KMr. Francis Karcy abscntj MATHEMATICS F. Cronun, 1. Fitzgerald, A. Sticklor, Farrell, G. Swallow. X Fmu, F. 'I'cmm, R. Amlrcws, R, Fobcrt, E. Nutt, L. Bartnick. dll' mlimgz A. D'Annicllu, R. Diurz, T, Nowak, P. Goddard, 9 L. Hutch, J. Gibson, C. Kent. l lhulmini. Smrcrl, M. Harm, II. Firzpurrigk, K. Howard, Shunm. Alf. 1 .- .v-. gs Q ihn,,, A .... ,ws-Nun.. I ,k., , W 1. .SF -' 1 . . " : 4f,.,:w: L.. 5- W Kia! . uni-1 J sf I , J na.. k -K f Jw 1 . sf ,Q 4 Q' 2 3 5 4 , 1 ' 4-Q 4 l l ' 1' - 4 -V W - w. .AMAA ' p Q "I?l ,J 1'5" 1 ww mud-X if 'Will 1., K' wr- 'L v. ',.1x.,,.4 -44 . r A al I 1 -Q I I .- ,nf 1 , . 6. QQ NL, ,yy I.. ix: SCIENCE B ILDING BL CLASS SONG Natick High, our Alma Mater, In your memory we shall strive To be grateful of our learning All the way through fifty-live. As we tread along life's highway, Let us always keep in view All the pleasant memories 'round us Of our school, the Red and Blue. We explore the world about us Separately and on our owng If we keep in mind God's blessings, We will never walk alone. Wordf by ANNE SPEAR Maria by ROBERT TBMPRBNDOLA 'tYR'C5"J'lNN 5pE'i1'i7snc amuse rtenpaewootn F1 F7 b Et D G I sn f H -1 VAFEIT- ff ff QE i Cr 7 BL B57 El: f Dr C'- rt 1, . - -S ,. A S . art- .S S -. S. " -, S F' Fr BL BL F1 Tv. lf EB , S SWS- ,g1i.rr,,. m Q D1 fr 'Fv I2 CLASS WILL - By BB'ITY Gnmm Ve, the wise and astounding Class of 1955, whose world- ing powers and awe-inspiring talents have never been excelled l of Natick High's splendid and revered history, being the select we are, do hereby proclaim this to be our last will and testament: diss Finn, our executor, will assume all responsibility in carry- aut the provisions as stated: l'o Mr. Maieo we leave our gratitude for being the most diligent, :lerful principal a student body could ever have. Fo Mr. Carey we leave a one hundred and eighty day supply of ache powders. I'o Miss RaHerty we bequeath a new position. From this day 'ard you are oflicially the :ffl guide of South Natick, and to start oE well, we also leave 1,000 pamphlets entitled "Tour Historical h Natickg Original Indian Country" for circulation among ive customers. IBQML Fobert we leave six free lessons at "Hoague's School for ic and Voice Culture". l"o Mr. Zallen we leave the everpopular briefcase that contains secret of the "raunch". 1'o Miss Nutt we leave our thanks for showing us that popularity cheerfulness go hand in hand. To Mr. Slamin we bestow a box of anti-anxiety pills and a book Future consolation entitled "Nervousness-It's All In The Mind". To Mr. Bongarzone we leave an apple a day for the next 365 1, to keep your wit keen, sharp and clever. To Mr. McManus we leave a pair of non-slip eyeglasses and a e reminder: To care for this gift, don't take off, put on, look over, :ang of! one ear excessively. To Mr. Bennett we leave a four leaf clover and a rabbit's foot rrotect our favorite science teacher from the aspiring Chemists Loom S-219. To Mr. Bartnick we leave a warning bell for the Safety Patrolers I repair on his ever functioning but never accurate watch. To Mr. Dietz we leave a new shiny baton to replace that stubby n out pencil he has had to use when directing our melodious iestra at weekly assemblies. To the Honor Society we leave a game of "Scrabble" to exercise ,r masterly minds. I, Frannie Montagna, leave my much valued status as leader of Natick High underworld to Joe Shaldone. I, Dottie San Clemente, leave my "yen" for footbal players to Burtt. I, Connie Levine, leave my ever-lasting struggle, will power vs. :ther ice cream, to Barbara Feldman. I, Claude LaTune, leave my angelic face and innocent look to ty Dowd. I, Dick Simeone, leave the secret of my unruly, flying curls, a nb with three teeth. I, Roberta Hesek, leave my ability to be heard above others to rnmy Casey. I, Mary McGinnis, leave my graciousness and refinement to Joan inagan. I, John Roberts, leave to any Latin scholar, the three things that lled me through my four years of Latin-ill a Caesar Trot, J a Cicero Trot, and C35 a Virgil Trot. hl, Helen Sostilio, leave my exuberance and vivacity to Mae-Belle itten. I, Terry Smith, leave my ability to keep the faculty confused to :my Argir. I, Pat Graham, leave my reputation of an "eager beaver" to Con- nce Adams. I, Nancy Cox, leave my sweetness and sincerity to Carolyn mpbell. ,I I QF. ,al-3 v "' ' I3 I, Pinzo Ciccarelli, leave my unforgettable mirth and merry- making, that are always in popular demand, to Billy Henderson. A I, Eva Churchill, leave my unfailing vitamin pills to Loretta rthur. I, Francis Pierce, leave my bouncing, swaying gait to anyone who can possibly duplicate it. I, Diane Martin, leave my expressive eyes and enviable eyelashes to Lorraine Percocco. I, Don Hughes, leave my official rank of :ffl Taxi driver for the Sophomore girls to anyone. who doesn't have any objections. I, Brian McGee, just leave, I hope!!! I, Jean Bartalussi, leave my flair for art to Joel Tibbetts. I, John Mano, leave my distinction of being the only pill box with feet to Dave Connell. I, Dick Rokes, leave the entire-population of Natick High School in a gate of tears and misery for the loss of such a talented man as myse . I, Paul Roberts, leave my dynamic personality to Tommy Bailey. I, Dave Woodbury, leave my technique with the women to the first smart boy who applies for it. Come early, avoid the rush! I, Joanne McNeil, leave my position as "the" glamour girl of Natick High to Loretta Mano. I, Fred Connell, leave my classroom antics to any brave, valiant underclassman. I, Sue Mallery, leave my enthusiastic school spirit, my racoon coat and my spot in the stands at every one of the Natick's fabulous football games, to Janet Fannon. I, Bill Hayes, leave my status as chief of the Racket Squad as I. true blue racketeer. I, June Bennett, leave my enormous lunches to anyone who can eat them and stay thin. I, Jean Grover, bestow the renown of being ever-so-hard on the male population of Natick High to Priscilla Ross. I, Hanna Nelson, leave with one last comment on my hair- "lt will be all one color someday". I, Bobby Carnaroli, leave my memoirs containing the bulk of the information l've acquired during my three years at dear old N.H.S. to Rusty Devereaux, with the certainty that he'll appreciate every gorfeof them. These masterpieces are titled "My Favorite Subject- rr s . - I, Buddy Tupper, leave my large capacity for friends to Don Kaufman. I, Janet Hall, leave a supply of "eatab1es" in homeroom S-258 for use during those appetite-teasing "x" periods. I, Janice Collins, leave my meticulous appearance to Rose Orno- rato. .We, Don Kane and Bobby Evans, give that downright annoying saying Well see you at two-thirty" back to Mr. Swallow. -I, Candy White, leave my fascination for the Quartermaster to Janice Condon. To the rest of the Juniors we bestow the title of Senior, the most treasured and most wonderful honor in the world. In witness whereof, we, the members of the Class of 1955, have set our hand and seal hereto this thirteenth day of June in the year. of our Lord one thousand nineteen hundred and fifty-five, de- claring this to be our last will and testament. Signed, ELIZABETH GRIMM. Witnessed by: EMILY SHANNON HARRY L. GARNETI' AWQW- v' D5 " 4 ,W Q .wwf ,W I 3 4 .I A., 'an Qi fm' ian, Wy Lf-Q A if L--' 'Pia . if A.. -xv' 150 GYM AI There is a great deal of controversy today about juvenile delinquency and the problems facing our youth. lf we stop to analyze some of the problems we find that there is a lack of communication between the youth and the adult. Neither seems to have found the relationship that will make clear what each can expect from the other. The place of the ado- lescent in our complex, cosmopolitan civilization of this twentieth century is isolation in a "No-Man's-Land". Society considers young people to be immature and irre- sponsible and feels they must be segregated from the real world the adult knows. Adults apparently hope the youth will be spared the shock of making mistakes, thus learning the contradictions in their culture. Young people are constantly being pressured by various factions, each competing for their time and loyalty. These factions tend to operate independently of one another with conflicting purposes and their attention becomes focused on furthering their own interests rather than in aiding in the development of the boy or girl. There is a trend today known as highapressure advertising. Business men will tell you it is an absolute necessity to the function of modern business. Youth, too, needs its advertis- CLASS ESSAY By PATRICIA GRAHAM ing, but certainly not the kind that is prevalent today. It the attitude of the adults that has a decided bearing on tl barrier that exists between the older and the younger gener. tions. lt is this barrier that causes the adult to wonder abou the behavior of the youth .... There is a gap, due to the lac of communication, that could be narrowed by the two grout developing a mutual relationship. The young people do not want society to ignore complet' ly the formidable and frightening facts about juvenile di linquency, but the world is told too often what is wrong wit teen-agers. Why not ask ourselves what is right with them There are thousands of good, substantial young people wit honorable goals. The teen-ager feels he has a certain degree of indepenc ence. However, there are still certain qualities he looks fc in the adult which he uses for guidance in assuming hi responsibilities. Youth wishes patience and understandin from his elders. He would also Hnd security in the adult s that he, too, may face life with a sense of security. Tw thousand years ago there lived a Man who possessed supreni qualities that have never been equalled. It was He who saii "Suffer little children to come unto me." His patience an understanding cannot be approached by the adult, but yout would ask his elders to use His example as their guide. It i little to ask, yet it is important to the young person tryin to find his way out of this "No-Man's-Land". To aid him i finding the gateway to adulthood he wants from his elder an orientation to adulthood, rather than protection fror adult society. Youth expects a certain amount of suppoi from adults. In return, what can society expect from youth "No-Man's-Land" is the place where the maturing perso must make extremely important choices. He is often opt. mistic and idealistic about his future. By constantly seekin knowledge and experience he will learn and grow. In hi search it is possible that he will make mistakes. Experienc is still the best teacher. The dependency on the family gradu ally lessens. The young person must now prove his capabilit to raise his own family. For a number of young people mar riage is not too distant from high school graduation. In mal: ing a selection of his life's work, be he Christian or Jew, hi must choose a vocation that is good according to the standard of his religion and background, a good vocation being what ever work he feels God wishes him to do in the world. Youtl must face reality as well as be idealistic in finding his owr "way of lifeu. These are some of the things society can expect This is an ever-changing world. A wealth of opportunity is open to all. N o movement or reform is proposed that Wil not be carried out by a future generation. Youth is ever the source of unlimited possibilities. Society can expect the ulti mate efforts of the citizens of tomorrow to help fulfill it. hopes. In the words of the poet: "When duty whispers low, 'Thou must' The youth replies, "I can'." -PATRICIA GRAI-IAM. FAREWELL ADDRESS By PATRICIA MARTIN A true and lasting peace will never be achieved in this world unless every man assumes the role of a re- sponsible citizen, living under God's law. In our edu- cation a firm foundation is laid for us to take on this charge in an intelligent manner. In our science and mathematics courses we have developed logical think- ing and a respect for the almighty power that controls the universe. From the teachings of our history and .English courses we have discovered that war never solves a problem, it only creates new ones. We have been taught that prejudice has no place in our lives. We should take a man for what he is, not his race, color, creed or economic status. The current issues in the news have taken on a new meaning for us as our knowledge has broadened. One fact alone has been impressed upon us . . . the need for an enduring peace. just how is this peace to be attained? we must all play our part. True, not all of us will become statesmen, politicians, or presidents. We will not all have a large amount of influence on the peoples of this world. But each of us will have his part to play. If we bring about a freedom from dis- turbance in our own little sphere of influence, then we are contributing to world-wide tranquility. The first thing man must have in order to have peace even within himself is a firm moral law to com- mand his life and all his actions, whether personal or social. When one is just and charitable within him- self then he becomes kind and liberal with his neigh- bors. But this, though good in itself, is not enough to make a responsible citizenry and establish a true peace. Man must also become aware of the current news in order to understand the basic issues that torment the world today. One must then be willing to work long and hard to attain one's goal. Here we can take a les- son from the scientists who played a role in the dis- covery of atomic energy. They gave of themselves to achieve their end. Peace will never be won by the lazy or unconcerned. People who shirk their duty, who scoff at the need for hard work, are not our allies. If mankind continues to live in a selfish way without concern for his neighbors, at home and across the sea, then the penalty will be our spiritual deterioration and probable atomic war. If this war comes, then the blame will not lie on a few, it must be shouldered by all of us. Therefore, all of us must acquire a sense of personal re- sponsibility toward the spiritual and moral recovery of our nation and world. To quote a member of the Atom- ic Energy Commission, Thomas E. Murray, in a speech last November," . . . No man stands aloof from today's crisis . . . No man stands outside of it . . We must all play our part in establishing world tranquility. The secrets of the atomic age were unfolded only at the cost of much hard work and cooperative efforts. Like- wise, only hard work and an awareness of our responsi- bility, under God, to our fellow man will this world ever be free from fear, ignorance, and oppression. This, then, is the message we leave behind. We will take upon us the role of citizens of our great country well aware of our responsibility toward man and our dependence on God. There is much for us to accom- plish. Probably, there will be many disappointments, but we will not give up. We will always keep before us our rules of charity and justice, and someday,.surely, there will be peace in the world. PATRICIA :MARTIN The 1955 class history oihcially began in September, 1952, when the recent graduates of Coolidge Junior High School joined by St. Patrick's alumni proceeded to make their subtle but permanent impression on the history of Natick High School. After the first few tumultuous days were survived, we were oflicially in- stalled as Natick High students at the Welcome Sopho- more Assembly presented by the administration. Short- ly thereafter, the "Welcome Sophomore Dance" was held by the Student Council, and just as we were be- ginning to feel pretty much at home, elections were upon us. A hectic campaign was followed by the elec- tion of Bill Hayes as President, June Bennett, Vice President, Janet Meyers, Secretary, and Beverly Ross, Treasurer. The Executive Board was organized and our class was given representation on the Student Council. It was decided that class dues would be four dollars, 18 CLASS HISTORY By ELLEN LINNEHAN which really broke us, and these funds were supple- mented by the sale of Christmas-candy baskets. Before we knew it Christmas vacation was on us, which was a pretty clever way to prepare us for our first experi- ence with mid-years. In late February we amazed the senior critics with our tremendous package of talent, aptly entitled the Sophomore Assembly. Our first at- tempt at crashing the higher social circles came in the guise of a May-day dance, a smashing success which put our class ahead financially. just as spring fever began getting a powerful hold upon us, we were pre- sented with finals which really got us in condition for the summer-long vacation. When we returned in the fall we were among the upperclassmen, and were properly proud of the fact. In our junior elections all the ofiices exchanged hands but that of Secretary for which we re-elected janet Meyers. We chose as President Louie Giannetti, for Vice Presi- dent, Beverly Ross, and Dotty SanClemente for Treas- urer. The year really got rolling in the early fall, and plans were underway for the junior Prom which we wanted to make the best ever. We were most pleased to hear that there would be no mid-years, and by way of celebrating, most of us entered projects in the sec- ond annual science fair and some of us won awards. Now it was decided that our funds could stand a little boosting, so we started our relentless "beanie cam- paign" and didn't give up until just about every soul in NHS had a red and blue head covering. Now the Prom was in full swing. We decided to present an underwater scene and the decoration committee slaved over squids and divers. In early March, three of our members, Patricia Graham, Ellen Linnehan, and Fran- cis Pierce were elected to the National Honor Society, the smallest junior group ever to have been chosen. Shortly afterwards, representatives were elected to Boys' and Girls' State. Terry Smith and june Bennett would attend conferences in Amherst, Massachusetts, in June. After the Prom was declared a complete suc- cess, the year was over. We left for our summer vaca- tion with promises of a new multi-million dollar struc- ture ringing in our ears. In September it was ready for us. We had a wonder- ul time getting used to the school and the fact that ve were the "wheels." For so long we had envied the eniors, and now we had a taste of fame for ourselves. vfuch to our regret and sorrow we had lost two teach- ers. Mrs. Helen H. DeMerritt, beloved language teach- er, died in the early fall. Miss Marion Pothier, our :lass advisor, had taken a leave of absence. Miss Finn vas our new adviser. Elections came forth promptly, ind we again changed our slate of officers. Don Peoples :vas elected President, Terry Smith, Vice President, Carole Woods, Secretary, and Betty Grimm, Treasurer. Dick Rokes and Terry Smith led our football team :hrough an outstandingly successful season, suffering but one loss. Our classmates now headed all the school activities. Bill Hayes was commissioner of the Safety Patrol, while Robert Ciccarelli, Terry Smith, and Dorothy San Clemente were the ofiicers of the Student Council. janet Meyers was head-cheerleader, and Ellen Linnehan wa seditor of the Sarramon. New members were elected to the National Honor Society and offi- cers were elected. Patricia Graham was chosen Presi- dent, Ellen Linnehan, Vice President, and Janice Col- lins, Secretary. For the first time in our history, we were fortunate in having a foreign exchange student become a part of our class. Claude Latune of Agen, France, has been with us since September, and has added interest and diversity to our courses. Dick Whitaker received the Good Neighbor award and Carole Woods was named DAR Good Citizen. Louis Giannetti repre- sented us on Good Government Day. When we had returned from Christmas vacation and survived our mid-years, perhaps the most profitable experience of our high school career came with the advent of Dr. Lore Ketzler, a German teacher of an international ex- change program who joined our faculty for a month. All of us were not able to meet her, but those who did received a most broadening outlook on world affairs. The Hurry was now on, and everyone seemed to be busy doing something. The third Science Fair was a great success, and many seniors received prizes. The next big thing to come along was the senior play, which 1 of ., 'if-,X ff? fail' J. ,f f ! Rh, X ' , , ., -Z I ' M9145 A ,4 46 My Xigivffifii, f f ,J-f 11744, stew, ,y V 77 ff Dfw. ffl 1 it al 1. ff i " fri F395 l 615 Sfwfillin ri' Le Ziwp ill 5 p m .i,Vlyii"W7'M' , 1 , f f 1 iii X il All I A 'jf' .,y!v 4.81 X x 'us' 4 ffff f ifi U is ff zfafaffceff ar ls, l i fi f ,, qv y,,,.i. M Q ,ILE Nl ,, ,. I was acclaimed as tops, and set a precedent which suc- ceeding classes will certainly have a hard time equaling. Mr. Bongarzone directed the production this year, and was assisted by Miss Buckley, formerly of the junior High School. As soon as the play was over, the excitement of graduation hit us, and we've been enveloped ever since. Now it's our week, and we're having a wonderful time. Last night we had our class party, today is our final all- school gathering, tomorrow we look forward to our reception, and next Monday is the day we have been preparing for for twelve years. I think we can all say it has been worth it. Now we're all going our various ways and it hardly seems that our class history is ended. The history that our outstanding class of 1955 will make is just beginning. 19 CLASS PROPHECY By DIANNB MARUN, PAUL LAINCZ, JAMES McAvoY The Boston sky glistens and sparkles from the gigantic rays of massive spotlights. The Metropolitan is a mass of noise and people. From the farthest spot on the globe, people of significance arrive for the greatest film premier ever pre- sented for the greatest motion picture yet produced. Gargan- tuan jet airliners, sleek Rolls-Royce automobiles, roller-skates bring the elite of the world to this colorful spot. Scores of policemen hold back the surging mass who strain to glimpse these personalities. Their enthusiasm is overwhelming. As we move closer, we hear an officer remark, "Get back before I . . . " Yes, this excitement shakes the heavens from their celestial roots causing one angel to remark, "Gee! look there, one of the most important celebrities concerned has arrived." The police are bringing him through the crowd who tight to get a souvenir. One young female enthusiast does, it's his pants! My gosh what a sight this is! Another male fan gives him his pants. What loyalty! The celebrity now arrives in the roped-in area, clad in a black dinner jacket and a pair of white pegged pants! He now sits down on the back of a kneeling policeman and unfastens his roller skates. As we peer closer at the face of this distinguished person, it's none other than Premier John Roberts: of Robertsovia, which is governed under Robertsism, which he considers a complete farce, but he enjoys it. What a man! He is now being escorted by two of the nation's private detectives, Francir Montagna and "Chuck" Healey. A TV cameraman Bob fFlarhJ Wright is attempting to get a shot of a customized Cadillac chaulfeured and built by Tom Pratt. Now emerging from this mechanical wonder are two top operatic stars, Nancy Wakelin and Barbara Danforth. What a duo of musical bliss! Noted journalist, Ellen Linnehan, has just shoved her press card in front of the duo's official escort, Admiral jerry Schaefer, who is permitting an interview after the performance. Following the latter in the confused pro- cession, representing "La Mode" fashion magazine are, editors: "Polly" Perhinr, "Ginny" Phillips, Rath Lambert, and Barbara Whitledge with their escorts, publisher David Harfhrnang cigar manufacturer Roy Wyrnanf band leader William Garvey and Professor of Australian Aboriginal Lit- erature, Gary Hoyt. Yes, its a bonton of exciting people. The television cameras are now swinging through this mass of spectators. Bill fFadeoatj Myrich on Camera One is focusing on a charming couple, hockey referee, jofeph Shield, and his vivacious fiancee, ,lean Grover, model for Robert Mo.rrnan'r "Girls Unlimited" model agency. Sitting on the shoulders of a statue of Robert E. Lee is artist Iarner 0'Connell madly sketching in swift strokes this stupendous scene. jim is art editor of "Super Amazing" magazine. Busily handing him :w pencils are feature artist Paul Robertr and art critic an Bartalurri. Such an industrious group! The crowd has ddenly grown silent, more celebrities are arriving. Who ill it be? By George, it is George, George Silver, leading ithority on octopus breeding. He is accompanied by Edith anucci, his private secretary. What's this descending from e heavens. It's a heliotrope helicopter of Barnes Airways mwn by its president, Dick Barnet himself. The 'copter is aw landed, and climbing out are those two goy debutantes Natick society, Patricia and Bea Rae, with their bon vant escort Terry Smith, manufacturer of platinum foot- ill cleats for Ivy League colleges. The helicopter has now sen to land in the 'copter lot. There's low-slung sports car inding its way through policer..-n's legs. It comes to an arupt stop and out hops the gay pro-hockey hero, Don ane, throwing kisses to the crowd. He is accompanied by s ftancee, Barbara Hopf, a New Yorker model. TV News Reporter Bill fGrinl Hayes has just received a 'port that Paul Curley and Barbara Bean have just Com- letecl their round-the-world scooter tour, and will arrive ere shortly. Paul said that he met an old friend, Norman irhrnan, in the Gobi Desert, who was searching for the ist city of Shmurd. Norm was said to have had with him Dick" Sirneone, noted bird specialist, who is studying the feeding habits of the Mongolian Kapoopie Bird. Good ack, men! Pulling over to the curb now is a Cadillac-built bus spe- ally decorated for this gala occasion. The bus-driver, Dave rarror, dressed in white tie and tails, steps from the bus nd rolls a red carpet from the bus to the entrance. Emerging 'om the bus now is the All-American Ping-Pong Team led y Charlet MacGregor, captaing Nadine Schnieder, co-cap- ting john Proctor, right paddle, Dick Roker, left paddle, and Brian McGhee, ball carrier. With them are the Boomerang Champs of North America, with Evelyn Delgato as captain, and her slingers Hanna Nelron and Shirley I-Iarrir. The last group to appear from the bus is the "Mad Motorcyclistsf' Don COne Armb Zilcb, Dick CFender-Dentl Slade, Fred CBumper-Guardb Connell and last Dave CTail-Lightl Woodbury. No, there's one more, it's their cool mechanic Fran fStraight-Eighth Quirk. Here come Pauline Carey, Marcia Clazuen, and Iudy Elton, whose names are still blinking brightly in Hollywood. Next to appear before the glitter of bright lights, the camera picks up famous models, Anne Crowell, June Ben- nett, Evelyn Dragan, Nancy Cox and "Look" cover-girl "Miss Complexion"-Barbara Fieldr. Directly behind them are many more stars such as "Larry" Curran, noted orchestra leader at Ciro's, "Larry" and "Lou" DeMaria, trumpet and clarinet, currently employed by Spike jones. Singing stars "Patty" Beirne, and Roberta Herek, who have become popular with the teen-agers, are with Columbia records. Our camera is now focusing on Louir Giannetti, leading disc jockey of Boston, and his pal Bob Carnaroli, who is the country's most popular male crooner. We now see approaching from the crowd, Joanne McNeil, Gene Kel- ly's new dancing partner, who we hear has made many new musicals this season. Her escort is Felix Boyce, MGM's latest dancing star. As our cameras move closer and finally get inside the Metropolitan, we focus on some very attractive candy-and- cigarette girls which include Patricia Alcoch, Carol Spear, Barbara Ahearn, and Phyllis Cockell. They are gaily dressed in bright costumes designed by Pat Branagan of Fifth Avenue. As we walk down the aisle we see the famous "Four Spades," Bill Fotter, Bob Goodwin, Bob Ciccarelli, and Don Hugher, with their manager Boh Eoanr, all enthusiastically munching on boxes of popcorn. Interviewing people in the audience we meet Runell Brooks owner of the nations largest night spot, the Stork Club, accompanied by Eva Churchill, best-dressed woman of the year, and Phil Gately, wealthy owner of the Coconut Grove. Directly behind this group we see fashion designers Janice C ollinf, Jean Kruger, Connie Levine and Betty Grimm of New York, Hollywood, and Las Vegas. We hear they have designed the wardrobes to be worn in this picture. Congratulations, girls! On our right we see many more prominent people, such as the Countess of France, Patricia Graham, and the Count, Dennir Ciccarelli. Also make-up arists, Margaret Keene of Hollywood, Wilena Kenneally of New York and janet Hall of Miami. Accompanied with them are directors Harold Broclerr, Wally Ely, and Neil Carmichael, all of Hollywood, California. We see many showgirls and stand-ins in our audience, such as Ann Blumenthal, Kay Fannon, Martha Hanron, and Ioan Garheclian, who will soon be top stars on Broadway. The cameras are now turning and catching people com- ing through the front door. I have never before seen so many stars and famous people in Boston. Olympic star of 1965 Judy David, is coming toward us and with her are Tom Carey and Carol Athinron also Olym- pic stars of 1965. Now the doors are closing and America's News Editors rush by. Mary Detore, Boston Post, Philip Hunter, Boston Record, Patricia Kelly, New York Times, and Gretchen Dowrt, Boston Herald. As we look around we see Boston Police Chief Walter H orning, and prominent policewomen Roberta Harcourt and Janet Donahue. Walking by them is Min Rore Bellofato model at Rosanna's Beauty Salon on 42nd Street owned by Rose Frafca and Marianne H ichr. Yes, sir. This occasion is the greatest thing since Lincoln's inauguration. Someone said he saw him here. Enjoy the show, Abe. More sports stars are arriving on the scene. We can see a flash of red hair now and then. There she is, it's Sue Mallery world famous pro-tennis star with Al Vye, world renowned test pilot. By Zeus here is something to see, some of the nations top fashion models have just entered. There's Grace McKay, Sandra Williamr, Jeri Spadoni, and Ioan Lyncb. Their loveliness is causing some weaker men in this crowd to aint. A doctor is running over to help one now. It's Don 'eopler, discoverer of the cure for a common cold. His reautiful nurse and secretary, Anne Spear is giving him a land. Music is playing somewhere. lt's "La Marsiellaisef' Being assisted out of a gorgeous bright blue limousine by Zobert York, a famous senator, is Min Claude LaTune, irance's first woman Prime Minister, and she is looking as :harming as ever. As we wait for more celebrities to arrive, the cameras pick up some more of the activity inside the Metropolitan. It's fabulously beautiful in here is this immense lobby. As we pass by the guests, we center on a small group of celebrities. In the center is Mary McGinnir, world famous caricaturist, drawing the head of that well-known ployboy baseball star, I obn Mano. A hearty laugh has lifted somewhere. It's coming from nearby where stars are listening to the hilarious wit- ticisms of television's great comedian, Al Wardwell. There seems to be many of these groups centered around some well-known person. Let's look for more. There's another In the middle of this one we can hear United Nations delegate Gordon Pipe, and General ofthe Air Force Douglas' Newman discussing the Antartica. In that same group is Barbara Main and jane Howe dramatic coaches for the film,Dotty San- Clenzente, the worlds greatest Shakespearean actress and with her Dick CKing Leahj Wittaker, who have just closed a nine year run of "Hamlet" TV camera director Iamer Martin is signaling frantically for his cameramen to pick up Arthur Tupper, author of the best-seller "The Phlegmatic Martian," and with him is his girl "Friday," Gloria Waterman. More stars are coming through the netrance now. There is tive of the nations top physicists, Patricia Martin, Edward Mesronz, Alfred Murray, Peter Poley, and Robert Tenzprendola, who by the way was heard to comment "Z-X-Z" most enthusiastically. Those "brains" have been reported to secretly developed the new flying aircraft carrier, designed by Admiral larner Ploujfe. Dr. Willard Morre, Yellowstone National Park tree surgeon, and Marion Looney, noted woman politician, have just ar- rived. Gail Mabaney, Sandra LaFleur, Anne Wardwell, and joan Rafferty, chapeau designers from Hollywood are coming in wearing their chic creations. A number of the nations loveliest are arriving at this moment. Smiling prettily, there is the beautifully brown-eyed Ianide Corey, motion picture hair stylist, who is rumored to have declined some handsome movie offers. With her is the well- known cosmetic queen, Rore McAdanz.t, and Marie Morgan, the charming moderator of televisions "American Home" show. 23 A buzzer is ringing and every one is hurrying from the lobby to find their seats. All is quiet, the lights dim, and the Superamscope screen flashes the image of Betty Wall, the renowned Hollywood columnist who says: "Ladies and Gentlemen, you are about to witness the greatest achievement in the hlm industry. To fully understand the work of this spectacle, we have with us the people who made it all pos- sible." The screen now shows Dr. Margaret Parrnenter, Dr. Barbara Wirths, who completed the medical and physicologi- cal research. "next to me," says Barbara, "is Nancy Pine, the head wardrobe designer, and Carole W oods, interior decora- tor for the set. "Thank you," replies Carole, "and on my left, Pauline Saoard and Marjorie Safviano, who modeled all the women's clothing for casting director Francis Pierce." The scene changes and we see a golden archway and hear an offstage voice say, "the writer of this story, Mr. Ronald Pike." Ron steps out and he introduces its wealthy producers, james Sweeney and Charles Krztpski, who in turn introduce, General of the Army Fred Tapper, technical advisor for sequences, and Hollywood's finest make-up artists, Lucille Tessier, Wendy Vasco, and Sandra Spinney. Sandra steps aside and introduces Miss Candance White, who wonderfully adapted the story for ti y . " wifi ,"" N :mn 53 il '5f'!v" the movie. "Thank you," she says in a pleasant tone, "I would now like to introduce the man responsible for the develop- ,ment of the Superamascope screen, Mr. Bruce Perkins, and the wizard who designed the amazing 4-D camera, Mr. Ronald Uhlinf' Ron steps back and comments in a smooth voice, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to present the actresses. First the leading ladies, Miss Gail Lomhard, and janet Meyers, whose loveliness and talent in this picture have awarded them the titles of movie queens of America, janet Bache, the bub- bling comedienne who completely changes pace and takes on a dramatic role in the picture, Miss Anna Vacchiano, the newcomer to Hollywood, who gives a performance winning an academy award, and finally the fabulous box office at- traction Helen Sostilio one of the Movie Capitals tops." Enough of this breathtaking loveliness and on the only two male members of the cast. First, Mr. Thomas Arthur, the gay, carefree, nonchalant actor which has made him the dream man of more than fify-million women. And last but not least, we bring you Mr. Rohert Wigglesworth, the lilm's comedy relief, who provides some of the greatest laughs in his most superb performance. "And now my friends, sit back, relax and enjoy the great- est, most stupendous film the world has ever seen ..,. " -TT"-1-.:,T 4 24 Y DONALD PEOPLES Sincerity marks Donny's every word, thought, action. The quiet, handsome boy of three years ago, through his honesty and straightforwardness, has become the leader of our class. We were fortunate to have had such a line and upright person for our chief representative. Not only will Don always be with an honest group, he will also be their leader. Band 35 Safety Patrol 3, 45 Sassamon Board 45 Student Council 45 Dance Com- mittee 25 Co-Chairman Football Dance 45 Usher Class Day 25 Usher Graduation 25 Executive Board 2, 35 Commissioner Safety Patrol 45 Usher Filmarama 45 Usher Junior Prom 3. TERRY SMITH Popular with the student body, Vice-President of the senior class, member of the Honor Society and Co-Captain of our football team, "Terry" has proved his capability. He is not only a leader on the gridiron, but also scholastically at the head of his class. Terry plans to set up his own business after college. We all know he will succeed. Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Band 25 Honor Society 45 Orchestra 45 Sassamon Board 45 Student Council 45 Executive Board 45 Boys' State Representative 35 Usher Graduation 35 Usher Class Day 35 Usher Junior Prom 35 Class Registrar 35 Usher Filmarama 4. ELIZABETH GRIMM Where Betty goes, laughter goes, too. Her popularity is exemplified by her membership in various school activities, her position as cheerleader, and her work as class treasurer. She is also a member of the National Honor Society and an outstanding writer for the Sassamon. Honor Society 45 Sassamon Board 3, 45 Usher Class Day 35 Usher Graduation 35 Usher Senior-Junior Reception 35 Entertainment Committee Senior-Junior Re- ception 35 Guidance Committee 45 Executive Board 45 Class Treasurer 45 Cheer- leader 45 Drivers' Training 45 Sassamon Dance Committee 45 Thanksgiving Day Game Committee 45 Pep Club 45 Decorating Committee Football Dance 45 Decorating Committeeg Cheerleaders' Competition 4. CAROLE WOODS The custodian of our records is a capable lady who is popular with her class- mates. She was chosen for the D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award this year, a coveted award for a senior girl. Glee Club 45 Sassamon Board 45 D.A.R. Award 45 Executive Board 3, 45 Sec- retary 45 Decoration Committee Prom 35 Refreshment Chairman junior Executive Dance 3. 26 41 4 BARBARA AHEARN Barbara is cheerful and friendly. She has many rien ll. With her pleasant disposition, Barbara is sure to be a success. f ' ds and is loyal to them Elec Club 43 Librarian 3. PATRICIA ALCOCK Pat, one of the smaller members of our class, is a peppy blonde with a cheery lisposirion, a kindly manner, and loadsrof friends. As for the future, we all know t will bring good luck to a well-deserving girl. thletic 2 3 4 Business Service Club 43 Girls' Athletic League 43 Pep Sirls' A , , 3 :lub 45 Typing Committee Yearbook 4. THOMAS ARTHUR lit would rake pages to list the athletic achievements of Tommy Arthur. An outstanding member of the Varsity Basketball team since junior high days, he ' ' d h' . It is doubtful if N.H.S. showed great promise in the football squa t is year would be in its present place in either sport if Tommy had not been there. . 4' Baseball 2, 3, 4g Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Scenery Committee Senior Play , Ticket Committee jacket Fund 43 Campaign Manager 4. CAROL ATKINSON l h b ne of the outstanding girl athletes at N I-l.S. Quiet, courteous, Caro as een o . and a good sport she has made a name for herself on the roles of outstanding athletes. Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Girls' Athletic 2, 4, Field Hockey 2, 3, 4. JANET BACI-IE Petite, feminine charm has Janet. One of the tiny members of our class she is also one of the neatest persons we have met. A friendly smile, a twinkle and f el the warmth of that dynamic personality. you e Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Football Committee 2, 33 Sassamon Homeroom Collector 2, ' ' ' ' ' Tr 'nin Pep Club 4, Dance Committee 2, 3, 4, Year Book Collector 4, Drivers at g 31 Usher junior Prom 3, Campaign Manager 4. 27 ,C I Q' U., . . xiii, F Q , 'iii RICHARD BARNES Dick's interests lie in the Held of science, particularly radio and meteorology He spends hours tirelessly taking things apart and putting them together again With his patience and skill we may be hearing great things of him before too long Radio Club 45 Meteorological Club 4. JEAN BARTALUSSI Dark curly hair, snapping brown eyes, a sweet personality, ready smile, and paint brush are typical of Jean. She does a fine job in the art department and has helped scores of people on the Sassamon, in class elections, and on advertising committees, with her clever, artistic posters. Basketball 2, 4, Girls' Athletic 43 Decorating Committee Sassamon Dance 4, Publicity Football Games 4, junior Prom Decorating Committee 3g Art Club 4g Arts and Crafts Club 43 Yearbook Art Committee 4, Sassamon Art Committee 4. BARBARA BEAN One of the nearest and best-dressed members of our class, Barbara is liked by all. As well as an abundance of school spirit, Barbara also possesses a great deal of scholastic ability. Good luck in your future, Barbara. Glee Club 4, Dance Committee 35 Pep Club 4, Thanksgiving Day Decorations 3, 4, Drivers' Training 3g Business Service Club 4. PATRICIA BEIRNE What was that explosion? Don't be alarmed. It was only Pat dropping in at the last minute. Another of our classmates from South Natick, Pat has fur- nished the laugh on more than one dull occasion. Softball 2, 5, 4, Basketball 3, 43 Girls' Athletic 2, 3, 4, Executive Board 25 Football Dance Committee 2, 5, 4g Home Room Collector Class Dues 2. ROSE BELLEFATTO Rose has been a member of several of the girls' teams and has always proved capable. She has been a definite cog in the girls' basketball team. Softball 2, Basketball 3, 43 Girls' Athletic 39 Dance Committee 45 Pep Club 45 Decorating Committee Football Dance 4. 28 JUNE BENNETT As vice-president of our class in our sophomore year, june proved her ability. er sewing skill has made her one of the best dressed girls in our class. With er knack of getting along with people, June is sure to find success. afety Patrol 3, 4, Band 4, Glee Club 4, Vice-President 23 Executive Board 2, 53 lay Queen Attendant 2g Decoration Committee May Dance 25 Assembly Com- mittee 2g Dues Collector 2, 3. ANN BLUMENTHAL "Sugar and spice and everything nice" would sum up Ann's character nicely. ler spontaneous laughter and cheerful disposition have won scores of friends for fine girl. She is frequently seen in the music department, for she plays a "mean" :llo, and is active in many school activities. afety Patrol 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 35 Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Sassamon Board 2, 3, 4, ecretary Safety Patrol 4, Dance Committee junior Prom 3, Subscription Com- rittee Yearbook 4g Basketball 2, Field Hockey 2. FELIX BOYCE Take a carefree manner, a love for clothes, a air pa , h e Felix His social life his dancing, and his promo- he opposite sex, and you av . , ion of school activities, rate first in importance. Felix may truly be called one if the most popular members of our class. A embly Committee 2' Foot- land 2, 3, 43 Sassamon Board 2, 3, 4, Sophomore ss , fall Dance Committee 2, Decoration Committee Junior Prom 3, Chairman Glen lliller Dance 3, Chairman Senior Assembly 4, Sassamon Subscription Com- nittee 4. fi ' for rties a smile for PATRICIA BRANAGAN Pat always seems to be happy. I-Ier lovely red hair and neat appearance add h finishing touches to her sparkling personality. It seems doubtful that Pat ever e h d will have an enemy nas a or . ' 4' G1 Club 2, 4, Executive Board 2, Refresh Basketball 4, Safety Patrol 3, , ee nen Committee junior Dance 3, Homeroom Dues Collector 2. DAVID BRASSOR Dave is quiet, shy and retiring around school, but we cannot say the same f ' d in an situation, we know he will go far for his outside activities. A true rien y 29 HAROLD BRODERS ' The grandeur of many is replaced in Harold by a subtle wit and a cheerful disposition. Basketball, his first love, is Harold's favorite topic of conversation An essential part of our class , we are sure that he will be a success in his chosen field. Science Fair Committee 4g Intramural Basketball, Captain Golden Gophers 4. RUSSELL BROOKE What was that explosion? Oh, don't be alarmed. It was only Russell getting somewhere in a hurry! jolly, happy-go-lucky, he has no cares. Good luck, Russ. Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 4g Campaign Manager 4. PAULINE CAREY Although Polly is seemingly quiet, her many friends know that there is plenty of merriment under her neat reserved appearance. One of our shorthand students, she will make a top secretary for some busy executive. Good luck, Polly. Sassamon Board 3, 4, Business Service Club 4. THOMAS CAREY Tom is one of the "all-around" individuals in the class. Well-known, and well-liked, he is a good student, and an enthusiastic sportsman, especially in basketball, which is his prime specialty. just as he has done in high school, we are certain that he will be intent upon his life's work Good luck, Tom! Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4g Football 25 Safety -Patrol 3, 4g Usher Thanks- giving Game 3, 4, Usher Class Day 9 Usher Graduation 3. NEIL CARMICHAEL Neil has been a faithful member of the Safety Patrol for the past two years. Quiet, pleasant and willing to lend a hand, he has been a fine friend. oot all 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Safety Patrol 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3g Usher Junior Prom 35 Business Service Club 4. 30 ROBERT CARNAROLI Bob hails from the Navy Yard. A fine football player, a good student, and ll around good fellow he has been at the bottom of more than one practical rn a - , loke. We know he will do well at Boston College. ' 4 E ' Board 3, 45 Usher Football 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 4, Sassamon Board 5 xecutrve Class Day 35 Usher Graduation 35 Chairman junior Prom Ticket Committee. EVA CHURCHILL Eva is a girl who possesses an abundance of school spirit. oot a , a and hockey games are always attended by this exuberant rooter. Known by all, Eva never goes unnoticed. Band 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 35 Sassamon Board 2, 3, 45 Drivers' Training 45 Checker Elections 45 Special Chorus 2, 3. F b ll b sketball, DEN IS CICARRELLI Denis is very quiet in school, but he is not so shy as one might th Scholastically he has done a line job. Wherever we see Denis, we are sure to see Mary. ink. ROBERT CICARRELLI "Jesters do oft prove Erophetsf' Such it will be with "Pinzo." Never expect an end to fun with him, ut don't overlook his wealth of wisdom. Bob, with no more chance than the rest, has moved to the top in every athletic endeavor, and scholastically. Both physically and mentally, Bob is a well-rounded boy! Don't get in his way-follow him! Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 35 Football 2, 3, 45 Safety Patrol 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3, 45 Usher Class Day 35 Executive Board 25 Boys' State ' U h r Graduation 3, Sophomore Assembly 2' Usher Filmatama Representative 3, s e ' , 45 Ticket Seller Jacket Fund 45 President Student Council 45 A Cappella Chorus 45 Chairman Dance Committee 45 Honorary Member Natick Athletic Association 4. MARCIA CLAUSEN Marcia is attractive, full of fun, and certainly not the quietest member of our class. Her ready wit and self-assurance are assets that will make her a success in nursing, her chosen Field. Glee Club 45 Sassamon Boar 2, 3, 5 ci Science Fair 35 Drivers' Training 45 Yearbook Committee 4. d 4 S 'ence Fair Committee 35 Participant 31 PHYLLIS COCKELL Phyllis is another of the quiet members of our class. She loves to sing and has been a faithful member of the Girls' Glee Club. Glee Club 2, 35 Sophomore Assembly 2. JANICE COLLINS Janice is a very versatile young lady. Active in class affairs, a member of Honor Society, a capable secretary and a wonderful person to know, we feel she she a bright future. Honor iociety 45 Sassamon Board 45 Business Service Club 45 Guidance Com mitt ' S h ' ' ' ee , op omore Assembly 2, Glenn Miller Dance Ticket Committee 35 Usher Open House 4. FRED CONNELL Tall, lanky Fred, a man of his own mind and will, has provided the all-im- portant comedy to our class for the three years past, Far from being a clown, however, Fred has a serious side, and a conscientious attitude toward im rt h. po ant t ings. Surely he will be worth while to himself and to his future acquaintances. JANICE COREY Friendly and peppy, Janice possesses dark eyes and a smile which have won her many loyal friends. Always ready and willing to serve Natick High School whenever asked, and we know she will find good luck and good fortune wherever she goes. Glee Club 45 Sassamon Board 45 Cless Checker Elections 25 Counter Elections 25 Drivers' Training 35 Decorating Committee oFotball Dance 45 Ticket Committee junior Prom 35 A Capella Chorus 45 Business Service Club 45 Sadie Hawkins Decorating Committee 3, 45 Pep Club 45 Sassamon Home Room Collector 45 Decorating Committee junior Prom 35 Typing Year Book Committee 4. NANCY COX One of the top Commercial students is our Nance, a wonderful friend to all who know her, and a willing worker for her school. That diamond sparkling on her left hand is an indication of "Wedding Bells" in the near future. Safety Patrol 3, 45 Honor Society 45 Business Service Club 4. 32 ANNE CROWELL Anne is happy-go-lucky and fun to be with, for any conversation with her full of life. With her pleasing personality and winning ways, Anne is sure to her Good luck at Framingham! S amon Board 3, 4, e a successful teac . ' ' f Patrol 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 43 ass iirls Athletic 2, 3, Sa ety tudent Council 3, Sassamon Collector 3. PAUL CURLEY Without Paul our hockey team could not have reac d f r three long years and the reward has been most nas given it everything he ha o gratifying. -lockey 2, 3, 4. hed its linal goal. He LAWRENCE CURRAN Larry has been another of our hard-working hockey players. If he had worked is hard in school as he did on the ice, he would certainly have been a great scholar. 'Iockey 4g Executive Board 2. RBARA DANFORTH BA Athletics and music have been Barbara's means of diversion during her hree years at high school. Her pleasing manner and ready smile have made mer a friend to all. ' ' b 2, 3, 4g A Cappella Chorus 2, 3, 4g Pep Sirls' Athletic Bowling 2, 3, Glee Clu Zlub 4. JUDITH DAVID ' are mixture of artist, athlete, student, and journalist. Her versatility ll Judy has an incomparable Judi is a r and quic wit are admirable, and she is liked by a . admiration for Jeanne Crain, and perhaps some day we may see Judy on the screen. ' ' ' Basketball 2, 3, 45 Girls' Athletic 2, 3, 4, Field Hockey ' ' 3' Sadie Haw Girls' Softbll 2, 3, 4, Girls 2, 3, 43 Sassamon Board 4, Sadie Hawkins Decorating Committee , - kins Entertainment Committee 4, Badminton 3, 4g Bowling 2, 3, President Girls' Athletic League 4. ' 33 W EVELYN DELGADO Whatever Evelyn starts, she Hnishes. No job is too difficult for her to tackle er perseverance and determination will take her far, we know. Junior Prom Refreshment Committee 2, Business Service Club 45 D ' ' T ' rivers rain- ing 4, Pep Club 4, Football Dance Committee 4. LAWRENCE DEMARIA We seldom hear from Larry but we know we can depend on him to com e through. Industrious, courteous, and conscientious are the words that best de- scribe him. Senior Play Scenery Committee 4. LOUIS DEMARIA Like his brother, Louis is seldom heard from. G more worries. He will come through with flying colors. Chef's Club 4g Senior Play Scenery Committee 4. ive him a job and have no MARY DETORE It has been said that good things come in small packages This certainl - Y is true of Mary. Her work as Literary Editor of the Sassamon, as a member of the Safety Patrol, and the Honor Society, has kept her very busy, not to mention her heart interest. Mary hopes to go to college in California. We wish her every happiness. Safety Patrol 3, 4, Honor Society 4g Sassamon Board 2 3 4' May Dance Chair- man Zg Executive Board 2, Senior Play Reading Committee,4g Sassamon Dance Refreshment Committee 4g Usher Junior Prom 3. JANET DONOHUE Janet came to us in September. Unfortunately not too many of us have , come to know her, but those of us who have, find her a grand person. An excellent student with a keen sense of humor, her soft voice, sweet smile and courteous manner are evidences of a fine person. Election Official 4. 34 . as ' GRETCHEN DOWST Small, friendly, and always ready to help best describe Gretchen. Her merry disposition and conscientious manner are bound to be assets to Gretchen in suc- ceeding in her chosen field, teaching small children. Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Science Fair 3, 4. EVELYN DRUGAN Evelyn is just about the busiest person we know. What will Mr. Anderson and the Sassamon Business Staff ever do without her? Meanwhile she finds time ' ' 'ous class activities, decorating for dances, making posters to be involved in vari ' hat o to make our school proud of het. and all the other things t g 4' M sic Festival 3, Usher Junior Prom.3, Glee Club 3, Sassamon Board 2, 3, , u Decorating Committee Football Dance 4, Pep Club 4, Librarian 33 Drivers Train- ing 4, Knitting Club 4, Homeroom .Clerk Voting 2, Business Manager Sassamon ' ' ' 4 A t Committee Drum Majorettes 4, 4, Art Committee Cheerleader Competition , r on Dance Chairman 4' Special Chorus 3, Ticket Committee Dance 3: Sassam , Committee Thanksgiving Game 2, 3. JUDITH ELSON Judy is another of the busy ladies in the Business Service u worker with a good disposition, no task takes too much of her time. Business Service Club 4. Cl b. A willing WALLACE ELY Wallace came to us this year. We wish we might have known him longer. Quiet and retiring, he has entered into the spirit of our school and taken a keen interest in all our class activities. Meteorology Club 4. ROBERT EVANS "Heavy Evy" as he is known to his friends, was a member of this year's football team and weighty asset he was. If there is a party or just a small get- ' ' ' ' h t Bob will be there. His happy together anywhere in town, it is pretty evident t a manner and easy way should take him to success in any field he chooses. ' ll 2 3 4, Track 3, Glee Club 4, Decorating Committee Basketball 2, 3, 4, Footba , , ' ' F tball Dance 3, Dance Committees 2, 3, 4, Prom 3, Decorating Committee oo Weight Lifting 4, Filmarama Ticket Collector 4. 35 CATHERINE FANNON Although another of our seemingly quiet members, Catherine's friends will tell you that this is not so. just one look into her sparkling blue eyes and you will know that what they say is true. The future can hold nothing but good things for her. Good luck. Glee Club 3, 43 Sassamon Board 2, Music Festival 35 Pep Club 45 Dance Com- mittee 2g Knitting Club 4g Special Chorus 3. ROBERT FAN NON Not too much is heard from Bob until you get to know him. He will never be one to overwork himself at doing homework, but Bob is always smiling and ready with a little "pun" in math or physics. We are quite sure that his happy-go- lucky manner will be a great asset to him in later life. Usher Class Day 5. BARBARA FIELD Barb's sweet personality, sincerity, and attractive appearance have made her one of the really likeable girls in our class. Everybody's friend, Barb is sure to be successful in her nursing career. Student Council 4, Executive Board 4. NORMAN FISHMAN Norman likes to have a good time. He is usually found in the center of a group tellin r ' ' ' g o en yoying a good story. Never a dull moment with Norman around! WILLIAM FOSTER We have not heard from William too often in his three years at Natick High. Industrious and skillful, he has accomplished more than some of us, however. 36 ROSE FRASCA f our girl athletes. She has taken an active part in Girls' ams Rose is another o Athletic League and has been a member of several te . hl 'c 2 3' Decorating Committee Junior Prom 3g Decorating Committee Prom Refreshment Committee 3. Girls' At eu , , Football Dance 35 Pep Club 45 Senior JOAN GARABEDIAN d full of pep, Joan is liked by all. Success is certain for her if d her friendly ways. Good luck Cute, neat, an she always keeps her happy-go-lucky manner an in the future, Joan. Girls' Athletic 45 Glee Club 2, 35 Business Service Club 4. WILLIAM GARVEY ' r school. With- Bill has been one of the outstanding basketball players in ou ld not have taken the lead. He hopes to go to Bridgewater and out him we cou become a school teacher. Good luck, Garv. Basketball 2, 3, 45 Football 3, 4. PHILIP GATELY Phil was a member of our great football team. He has also been an active member of the Safety Patrol. Robust, handsome and jolly, he lends his happy manner to many a classroom. Football 2, 3, 45 Safety Patrol 2, 3, 45 Usher Filmarama 45 Ticket Seller Jacket Fund 4. LOUIS GIANETTI s elected president Lou is one of the very popular members of our class. He wa last year and this year was chosen to be the Good Government Day Representative hool. His charming personality, good looks, and debonair manner . 4. from our sc will help him achieve his goal. Sassamon Board 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2, 3, 45' Decorating Committee 2, 3, , Re resentative 45 Class President 35 Executive Board Good Government Day p 2, 3, 4. 37 ROBERT GOODWIN "Rump" may be small, but he is full of energy. Most of his time in the fall was taken up by being the head senior football mana B f h ger. ut or t e rest of the year, "Rump", with his friendliness and cooperation has been a benefit to his classmates. Football 2, 45 Track 2, 35 Hockey 45 Safety Patrol 2 3 4' Sassamon Board 3 4' Usher Graduation and Class Day 35 Usher Thanksgiving Day Game 35 Sassamon Yearbook Subscription Committee 45 Ticket Seller Basketball Games 4. PATRICIA GRAHAM Pat is a truly outstanding member of our class. As well as being on the Sassamon Staff, Safety Patrol, Class Committees, and Guidance Committees, she was elected President of the National Honor Society. Pat is sure to be as much of a success at the University of Massachusetts as she has been at N.H.S. Basketball 25 Girls' Athletic 2, 35 Field Hockey 2, 35 Safety Patrol 3, 45 Honor S . U . . . ociety 3, President Honor Society 4, Sassamon Board 3, 45 Homeroom Manager 35 Literary Staff Sassamon 35 Refreshment Committee Sassamon Dance 4. JEAN GROVER Blonde hair, blue eyes, a merry disposition, and beautiful clothes best de- scribe Jean. She has always been a staunch rootet for N H.S and her classmates ll . . a admire her. We all wish you luck in whatever the future may bring Jean Class Checker 25 Executive Board 2, 35 Co-Chairman Decorating Committee Junior Prom 35 Business Club 45 Homeroom Collector Dues 35 Thanksgiving Day Rally Committee 2, 35 Beanie Sales Chairman 35 Pep Club 45 Campaign Manager 45 Librarian 35 Usher junior Prom 35 Refreshment Committee Junior Prom 35 May Queen Attendant 25 May Dance Decoration Committee 25 Football Dance Decoration Committee 35 Hockey Sign Committee 4. JANET HALL Janet's ambition is to become a good secretary. In addition to her work here sh . k. . . . . I e is ta mg a course at a secretarial school nights. Her determination should bring her success. Sassamon Board 3, 45 Homeroom Collector Sassamon 3, 45 Decoration Committee Football Dance 45 Business Service Club 45 Drivers' Training 35 Pep Com- mittee Thanksgiving Game 2, 3, 4. MARTHA HANSON ' Martha came to us last year from Denver, Colorado. It took her a while to become friendl but w f l h l'k l y, e ee s e 1 es us now as much as we like her Her interests he in relr io d ' g us e ucation and she hopes to go to college at Ottawa, Kansas, next fall to train for this field. A Sassamon Board 4. 38 ROBERTA HARCOURT Roberta is another who joined our class. We hope she has enjoyed being fith us as much as we have liked having her. SHIRLEY HARRIS Have you ever seen such gay spirit wrapped up in suc a f ever there were a person who could cheer you up in a moment, it's our "Shirl". is for her future, it can't bring anything but friends, fortune, and happiness to uch a wonderful girl. Decorating Committee May Dance 3 ay a Iampus Club 4. h small package? 2 M D nce Refreshment Committee 2, WILUAM HAYES "F ' d hi is always helpful." Bill, always happy, never at 'odds with any- rren s p aody, has certainly been a helpful friend to all at Natick High. His ambition and ' d h ombined with his letermmation, too, have shown themselves already, an t ese, c amicable manner, will certainly see Bill through a successful life. Football 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 43 Safety Patrol 3, 43 Glee Club 45 Student Council Z, 3, 4, Junior Prom Art Committee 3, Sophomore Association 2, Sophomore Association Committee 29 Graduation Usher 3, Sophomore Dance Committee 25 Usher Class Day 3g Safety Patrol Chairman 4, Executive Board 2, 3g Operation North Easter 2, Sophomore Class President 2. CHARLES HEALY "Chuck" can usually be seen with either Roy or Franny. We don't hear much from him in school, but when he gets with the gang outside, you can be sure there will be a good time ahead. Football 2, 3, Senior Play 4, Usher Thanskgiving Game 3, 4, Chef's Club 4. ROBERTA HESEK Roberta has not exactly worn herself out academically while in high school, but she has had a wonderful time and made a host of friends. Her school spirit and her desire to be a part of all school activities has kept her pretty busy. Glee Club 44 Football Committee 2, 3, Junior Prom Decorating Committee 3: Pep Club 45 Thanksgiving Game Committee 4, Dance Committee 2, 3, 4. 39 MARIANNE HICKS Marianne expects to enter a school of nursing in September. Meanwhile Charlie may change her mind. The diamond that sparkles on her left hand means wedding bells may be ringing before too long. G1 ee Club 2, 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 4. BARBARA HOPF Barbara has been active in many class activities Ener t' she has worked unt' ' 1 . ge nc and enthusiastic, iring y on many committees. Glee Club 43 Driver' Training 4g Class Counter 2g Home Room Collector Class Dues 23 Thanksgiving Day Rally Committee 25 Pep Club 4g Football Dance Decoration Committee 3, 45 Hockey Sign Committee 3, 4. WALTER HORNING Walter is not heard from much at all. His interests don't seem to be in school, although we don't know much about his outside activities. JANE HOWE Jane is a great Natick High School Booster. Whenever there is a sales promo- tion project, she is right there to do more than her share. Sassamon Board 3, 43 Football Dance Committees 2, 5, 4, Sophomore Dance Committee 25 Usher Graduation Day 33 Usher Class Day 3g Junior Prom Publicity Head 3g Executive Board 25 Sassamon Dance Committee 45 Pep Club 4. GARY HOYT Although he has not held back his wit and friendliness, Gary's modesty belies his true versatility and fine abilities. Don't let reservation mislead you. As he has so ably proved to many of us, Gary makes the best kind of friend, and will un- doubtedly be a most successful man. 40 l as DONALD HUGHES Don towers over most of us, not only in stature, ' and as fine as his athletic ability, is his friendliness. 'h his many clever as his magic, is his wit, With these attributes only, he could lead a successful life, but wit others besides, he is certain ro. Track 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Executive Board 2, 3, Sophomore Dance Committee 2, Sophomore Assembly 2, junior Dance Committee 3, Decoration Committee Junior Prom 3, Usher Class Day 39 Usher Graduation 3, Audio Visual 2, 3, 4, Safety Patrol 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Civil Defense Project Nor'easrer 2, A Cappella Chorus 4, Student Council Convention Repre- sentative 2, Stage Decorations Class Day and Graduation 3, Literary Committee Senior Year Book 4, Math Club 4. but also in personality. As PHILIP HUNTER Phil is one of our great talkers. All he needs is a good for a long session. With his seriousness of purpose and ambition to make good he should go far. Glee Club 4, Election Official 2. willing listener and he is DAVID HURSHMAN Dave is best known for his carefree manner around school. He is really a ' d to usually comes out well. hard worker, and anything he puts his mm Track 2, Band 2. DONALD KANE Characteristic of Donny is his ready wit and gay p , a "first" with the opposite sex. But he has a serious attitude which reveals itself in hard work and determination in the hockey rink. This combination will certainly bring Donny through to the top in his chosen field. Hockey 2, 3, 4. re artee which makes him MARGARET KEANE "Peggy" is one of those girls who is always smiling but when angered, "watch out," she sometimes displays quite a temper. She is a faithful friend, however, and N.H.S. is proud of her. May success go with you, "Peg". ' ' B ketball 2, 4, Safety Patrol 3, 4, Glee Club 4, ' ' Cl Girls' Athletic League 2, 3, 4, as Football Dance 4, Drivers' Training 4, Checker Class Election 3, Counter ass Election 4, Decorating Committee 4. 41 SANDRA LAFLEUR PATRICIA KELLY Patty is another of our West Natick members A member of Hon S ' h h . or ocnety, s e as made an enwiable record in school. She hopes to enter Boston College of Nursing in September. Sassamon Board 25 Glee Club 2, 4g Thanksgiving Game Committee 3g Junior Prom Committee 3g'Honor Society 4. WILENE KENNEALLY Wilene came to us in September. She had not been with us long before we were feeling her tremendous school spirit. Assisting on committees for the Foot- ball Dance the Sadie Hawkin D , s ance and working on the Pep Committee, she has really sold herself to her classmates. Baseball 4g Basketball 4, Girls' Athletic 4, Pep Club 4g Football Dance Com- mittee 4g Sadie Hawkins Dance Committee 4g Cheerleaders Competition Dance Committee 45 Assistant Registrar Elections 4g Drum Majorettes Competition Dance Committee 4. JEAN KRUGER Jean is a true friend and a line classmate. Her interest in class activities and her devotion to school teams has ever been noticeable. CHARLES KRUPSKI "Charlie" is another of the boys in the class who is small in statute. How- ever, this does h' d ' ' ' ' not in er his pleasing personality. Charlie should go far in his chosen held, whatever it is. Glee Club 2, 3g Football Game Usher 3, 45 Bowling Club 3. Sandra has been a very valuable member of the band. As a majorette in her three years here, she has led the band in a creditable manner on every occasion Band2 3 4 Gl Cl b , , 5 ee u 3, 4g Drum Majorettes Competition Dance Committee 43 Sassam D ' ' on ance Committee 4, A Cappella Chorus 45 Thanksgiving Day Game Committee 4. 42 PAUL LAINCZ t 'ust see Paul He is always ready to discuss lf you like a friendly argumen , 1 . rlitics, government, history or whatever you wish. He is an earnest and sincere my with a great deal of ability. He hopes to go to Clark University next year and udy some branch of science. tssamon Board 43 Sophomore Dance Ticket Committee 23 Prom Decorating - ' ' B d 4' Intramural Basketball 43 Sophomore ommittee 3, Senior Executive oar , sscmbly 23 Campaign Manager 2, 3, 4. CONSTANCE LEVINE Connie was another of our hard-working cheerleaders. A great worker for ur class, we wonder she has any voice left. ilee Club 23 Sassamon Board 2, 33 Cheerleader 43 Campaign Manager 3, 43 Pep ' Football Dance 4g Dues Collector 43 Att Com- ,lub 43 Decoration Committee mittee Cheerleaders Competition 43 Chairman Ushers Cheerleaders Competition 3 Dramatic Club 43 Cheerleaders' Club 43 Entertainment Committee Prom 3g .efreshment Committee Cheerleaders' Competition 43 Thanksgiving Day Rally rrt Committee 3, 43 Committee Thanksgiving Day Game 43 Refreshment Com- mittee Welcome Sophomore Dance 4. ELLEN LINNEHAN Not many people in this world have all of Ellen's attributes. A grand person, nd excellent student, capable, dependable, pleasant and attractive Ellen has been n able editor of the Sassamon, member of Student Council, Safety Patrol, and ionor Society. Safety Patrol 3, 43 Glee Club 33 Honor Society 33 Vice-President Honor Society 43 'assamon Board 2, 33 Editor-in-Chief Sassamon Board 43 Student Council 3, 43 I icience Fair Committee 33 Sassamon Dance Committee 4. GAIL LOMBARD Gail was another of our cheerleaders. A girl with tremendous drive, she has lone a great deal for her class and her school. If you want a job done quickly and well, give it to Gail. Slee Club 2, 3, 43 Sassamon Board 3, 43 Student Council 33 Class Clerk 23 Cheer- eader 43 Home Room Dues Collector 43 Welcome Sophomore Dance Committee 53 Business Service Club 43 Usher junior Reception 33 Guidance Committee 43 Attendant Junior Prom 33 Ticket Committee Cheerleaders Competition 43 Re- Freshment Committee Cheerleaders' Competition 43 Sassamon Hit Staff 43 Execu- :ive Board 43 Pep Club 43 Student Council Convention 33 Decorating Committee Football Dance 43 Campaign Manager 3g Music Festival 3g Decorating Committee Iunior Prom 3. MARION LOONEY Marion is a petite young lady with a winning smile who is seldom heard from. A capable person, she has worked diligently and been a great booster for out class. Art Committee Prom 3. 43 Q ,553 .. lwlgl' lin' 1 i, , ,, .W 'Y-N. I RUTH LUMBERT Ruth is a quiet little lady with bl d on e hair who goes her quiet way, yet accomplishes more than most of us. She loves to sing and has been active in the Glee Club. Y . . . earbook Subscription Committee 4. JOANNE LYNCH Joanie is another of our classmates who is a friend to all. We all envy her ability to inject a merry spirit. We know she will be s ' Football Dance 45 Bowling Club 25 Art Club 4. uccessful in her chosen field. 1 T . CHARLES MACGREGOR Charlie is one of our outstanding hoopsters. He seems very quiet, but his friends tell a different story. How about it, Charlie? Basketball 2, 3, 43 Band 2. GAIL MAHANEY Gail's long tresses and stately carriage are the envy of most of her classmates. A sincere and honest friend, she has always possessed a loyalty to N.H.S. BARBARA MAIN Barbara is a tiny, shy little girl who loves music and has been active in the Glee Club. Basketball 3. 44 SUSAN MALLERY Sue is probably the best-groomed girl in our class. Her Eeaches and cream zmplexion, beautiful red hair and excellent taste in dress ma e her the envy of most of us. A studious person with a keen sense of humor, we are sure her ldustry and determination will help her in college. assamon Board 4, Football Dance 2, 4, Subscription Committee Year Book 4, assamon Dance 4. Joi-IN MANO We all envy john his wonderful smile. A very versatile athlete, he has been most active in football and in basketball, when he has caused his opponents many neasy moments. 'icket Committee Jacket Fund 4, Decorating Committee Football Dance 4, Base- all 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 4. EDITH MANUCCI They say good things come in small packages. Edith is one of our smallest lassmates, in stature, that is. She is an active member of the Glee Club and the Ihoir. Slee Club 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, A Cappella Chorus 4. DIANNE MARTIN One of our peppy cheerleaders, Dianne is a friend to all. Her petite figure ncl beautiful clothes are the envy of every girl who knows her. Her lovely smile nd attractive appearance will always be valuable assets in whatever she may hoose to do. Elee Club 2, 3, Sassamon Board 2, 3, Executive Board 3, Class Checker 2, Home- oom Dues Collector 3, Chairman Ticket Committee Junior Prom 3, Decoration Iommittee junior Prom 3, Pep Club 4, Business Service Club 4, Special Chorus 3: Iheerleader 4, Football Dance Decoration Committee 3, 4, Thanksgiving Day lally Committee 3, 4, Class Clerk 3, Class Counter 3, Beanie Salesman 3, Cam- vaign Manager 4, Art 2, 3, 4, Cheerleaders' Competition Committee 4, Decora- ion Committee Dances 3. JAMES MARTIN Jim is one of the West Natickites. He is a nice looking boy and, although rot heard from very often, his pleasing manner Qhould take him far. gaseball 3, Scenery Committee Senior Play 4, Decorating Committee Football ance . 45 BRIAN MCGHEE PATRICIA MARTIN Patricia is another member of Honor Society who really accomplishes great things. Besides her class work she spends much of her time in the Art Room helping with the many class projects. She hopes to go to Boston College School of Education and become a teacher. Honor Society 45 Sassamo B n oard 3, 4, Librarian 33 Graduation Usher 33 Science Fair 33 Year Book Art Staff 4. ROSE MCADAMS Rose is another of the business students who takes an active part in school activities. She hopes to be a secretary Basketball 4g Business Service Club There is only one word to describe Brian, "Mischievous." He is always ready with a joke or a yell at any time f h o t e day. Brian has acquired many friends as a member of our class. Baseball 35 Hockey 2, 33 Football Dance Decorating Committee 43 Baseball Man- ager 3. MARY MCGINNIS Mary is one of our top students. A member of Honor Society, Safety Patrol, and Sassamon Board. she keeps herself out of mischief very easily. She hopes to go to college and we hope her ambition will become a reality. Safety Patrol 3, 4g Honor Society 43 Orchestra 3, 4, Sassamon Board 4. GRACE MCKAY . Grace is a business student who is active in th B e usiness Service Club. Her quiet and efficient manner will be helpful in some office. Bowling 25 Business Service Cl b 4' ' u , Salvation Army Collector 3. 46 JOANNE MCNEIL 1 h d will make Joaney is a fashionable member of our class. She loves c ot es an n definite addition to some business office. Business Service Club 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. EDWARD MESSOM h tical enius who spends long hours solving intricate Eddie is an mat ema g problems. He has been a valuable member of the staff of the Visual Aids de- partment. Visual Aids 2, 3, 45 Math Club 4. JANET MEYERS Janet has been our head cheerleader, and what a iob she has done. She has also served her class in many ways. We hope she has lots of luck in life. 3 S fe Basketball 2, 3, 45 G.A.I.. 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, 45 Executive Board 2, g a ty Patrol 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3. FRANCIS MONTAGNA Al ha , smiling, and gay, Franny has earned the title of class clown. ways ppy he has no cares. Football 2, 3, 4. MARIE MORGAN f r most capable business students. Pretty, dignified and Marie is one o ou A k w she will be tops as a secretary. talented wherever Safety Patrol 3, 4. we meet her, we no 47 lx WILLARD MORSE Willy, as he is known to his clasmates, is a fellow we don't know much b a out. He always has a ready smile and a jovial "good morning" at 8:30, but the real Willy Morse is brought out when he is not in school. Good luck, Willy. Senior Play 4. PAUL MOSMAN The other half of the famous Mosman brothers Paul is the ssessor f , po o an exceptionally pleasant disposition, always ready with a smile and friendly "Hi" We know he w'll b f ' ' 1 e success ul in anything he undertakes. Sassamon Board 2, 3, 43 Senior Executive Board 43 Year Book Subscription Com- mittee 43 Sports Editor Sassamon 43 Football Dance Committee 4' Sassamon Dance Committee 43 Campaign Manager 43 Senior Assembly 43 Sassamon Staff 43 Home- room Collector Class Dues 4g Art 3. ROBERT MOSMAN The "Mercury" of Natick High, Bob is the versatile member of our tr k ac team having earned wide acclaim as a trackman. Very popular among his class- mates, he is a credit to the class of '55. Basketiball 23 Football 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Band 2, 33 Student Council 33 Dramatic Club . ALFRED MURRAY Al is a cheerful, red-headed boy with a grand smile. An able student, a member of the varsity football and basketball teams, and a safety patroller, he has made a dehnite contribution to the achievement of our class. Baseball 43 Basketball 3, 43 Football 33 Safety Patrol 3, 43 Executive Board 2g Checking Committee junior Prom 3g Usher Thanksgiving Game 43 Usher Class Day 33 Usher Graduation 3. WILLIAM MYRICK Bill was our very able football manager Very popular in the sch l ' h . oo wit his ever-present smile and friendly greeting, ha - o-I k B'll ' ppyg uc y 1 is one of the most colorful members of our class. Football 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Student Council 23 Executive Board 4. 48 HANNA NELSON Hanna is an active member of our class and one who goes .ir activities. A member of the business department, she hopes to get a clerical Jsition in june. ' ' ' b ll Dance Committee 3, 41 Drivers' inior Prom Decorating Committee 3, Foot a ' ' 4' Yearbook Art Staff 4, Yearbook Typing Committee 4, Welcome raining , aphomore Dance Decorating Committee 3, 4. all out to support DOUGLAS NEWMAN Any time you want to find Doug, just find the boys and he'll be there. Doug eft us at the middle of the year to join the armed forces, but he will always be emembered by his classmates as a good friend. football 45 Usher Framingham Football Game 4, Weight Lifting 4, Lunch Patrol 4. JAMES O'CONNELL Although Jim is not an "A" student, he rates as high with the faculty as he loes with his fellow students. This class would certainly be incomplete without ' tili and fine artistic ability, will mis excellent sense of humor. Natural wit, versa ty, urely result in his ultimate success. Sassamon Board 4, French Club 4, Art Club 4. MARGARET PARMENTER Margaret is an energetic lady with a happy disposition, who expects to go in training at the Newton-Wellesley Hospital in September. We wish her every happiness in her chosen profession. ' k S ' r Election 4, Lab Assistant 4. Glee Club 2, 3, 43 A Cappella Chorus 4, Chec er emo BRUCE PERKINS Bruce has been a great asset to both our indoor and outdoor track teams. We all know that whatever field Bruce enters he will have success. ' 4- T' k t Committee Track 2, 5, 4, Model Making Club 4, Arts and Crafts Club , ic e jacket Fund 4. 49 War PAULINE PERKINS Polly has always taken an active part in class activities D ' she was a busy bee and h . uring class election w en Thanksgiving came along with our traditional game and victory she was a valuable member of the P Gl Cl ep committee. ee ub 49 Orchestra 4g Class Elections 4g Pep Club 4g Thanks ' Committee 35 Dance Committ giving Game ee 3. VIRGINIA PHILLIPS "Ginny" has been accepted for the University of Massach If she works as hard there usetts next year as she has worked here we can expect to hear great things about a bright future. Good luck. Girls' Athletic 2' S , assamon Board 49 Class Elections 43 Pep Club 4g Cl D Thanksgiving Game Committee 3. ass ay3 FRANCIS PIERCE Us ll ua y the smartest students of the class are quiet and conservative This ' not our Franny. His comical remarks in cl h fellow d . is ass ave produced many a lau h f stu ents. We never see this st d' ' str h g rom u nous, but comical lad without a smile etc ed from one rosy cheek to the other. Winy and scholastically "tops" we wish him every success in the college of his choice. Safety Patrol 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 44 Orchestra 2, 3, 49 Senior Play Reading Committee 4g Junior Prom Usher 3g Framingham Game Usher 43 Science Fair Winner 2, 3g Harvard Prize Book 3g Math Club 4. RONALD PIKE Ronny is one of our quiet class memb know h' . ers. He is a true friend to those who im. He is very neat and efficient and always completes what he sets out to accomplish. His quiet manner has won him many friends. Ronny plans to enter the Air Force after graduation and take up electronics. He is sure to succeed in this field. Science Fair 3. NANCY PINE Nancy is often affectionately called "Piney" by her many friends who realize that here is a girl who is both friendly and helpful. Some office will rind a very capable secretary in our easy-to-get-along-with "Piney." Class Day Usher 3g Graduation Usher 35 B usiness Club 4. 50 :fi V' I l . E I GORDON PIPE This serious-minded lad is sure to be a congressman or a supreme court justice for his public speaking ability is known to all. He is friendly and industrious ' ' rnment "Rusty" as he is known to everyone, is on with an active interest in gove . , many committees both in and out of school. He is planning to enter college after high school. Safety Patrol 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Sassamon Board 3, 4, Science Fair Committee 4' Usher unior-Senior Reception 3, Elected to Boys' State 4, Regional Winner , J Voice of Democracy Contest 3, 4. JAMES PLOUFFE Jim is a studious fellow, who seldom raises his voice or oses is matter how gloomy things are, you can always depend'on Jim's cheery smile. Kind, helpful and studious, his efforts in the classroom have been well rewarded with excellent marks. After graduation he plans to enter college. Track 2, 4, Glee Club 4, Honor Society 4, Science Fair Committee 4, Usher Graduation 3. 1 h' temper. No WENDELL POLEY Pete is one of the more serious-minded members of our class. He is the ' ' nd type of fellow who not only does his work, but goes beyond that point a " h k wled e. Ready with a smile, he will help out in diligently seeks furt et no g time of need. We know he will succeed in his chosen field. Band 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Band Council 4. THOMAS PRATT ' T ' of the uieter members of the class, being well. liked by everyone. om is one q He has great mechanical aptitude, as those who have seen his now famous car will testify. JOHN PROCTER Johnny seems to be in every activity and on every committee in the school. He is a valuable asset to the baseball and basketball teams. A studious, hard- working lad with a friendly smile for everyone describes our Johnny. What would Mr. Bachini do without this valuable vocalist? He plans to further his education by going to college. Baseball 3, 4, Basketba 2, , , , , , , , Honor Society 4, Dues Collector 2, Filmarama Ticket Seller 4, Dance Committee 2, 3, 4, Usher Graduation 3, Usher Class Day 3, Usher Thanksgiving Game 4, Executive Board 2, 3, Commissioner Safety Patrol 4, Sophomore Assembly 2, A Cappella Chorus 2, 3, 4. ll 3 4 Track 2 Safety Patrol 3 4' Glee Club 2 3 4, 51 3 wg Q fi 'iffiili' -ff of FRANCIS QUIRK ny is a happy-go-lucky fellow with a friendly laugh and a cheerful dis- position. He is always interested in the fairer sex. He was a member of our hockey squad and a loyal supporter of all class affairs. Baseball 45 Hockey 3, 45 Glee Clu Fran b 45 Prom Ticket Committee 3. BEATRICE RAE Bea is one of our classmates who hopes to join the ranks of nursing. With her sister she has worked at the Leonard Morse as an aide for the past two years and is well qualified to pursue her ambition. Basketball 4' Yearbook Subscription Comm' 4 T , ittee 5 alent Assembly 25 Program Committee for Class Day and Graduation 3. PATRICIA RAE Pat is a vivacious youn lad ' h d g y wit a ynamic personality who hopes to enter Boston College School of Nursing with her sister. We are sure she has the neces- sary qualifications to be a wonderful nurse. Basketball 45 Sassamon 45 Executive Board 45 Yearbook Subscriptions 45 Pep Club 45 Dance Committee 45 Talent Assembly 2. JOAN RAFFERTY In her own quiet way this young lady has been a very capable member of our Business Service Club. Neat, methodical, and courteous, we know some office will find her a definite asset. Business Service Club 4. JOHN ROBERTS john is one of our hard-working seniors. He has the drive and determination that puts him ahead. He is especially interested in science and math and spends much time with his hobby, photography. john can be found at any time giving a helping hand, especially in homework assignments. He was a member of out track team and will be a welcome addition to the college of his choice, Bowdoin. Track 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 45 Sassamon Board 45 Senior Play Cast 45 Guidance Committee 3, 45 Executive Board 45 Yearbook Literary Staff 4. 52 PAUL ROBERTS Good dancer, socialite, and enthusiast-this is Paul. Indeed, when Paul oses his enthusiasm, he will lose everything, because this is his success. Exuberant, amicable Paul has been ready and willing to aid us in everything he could. One af the most useful members of our class, he will always be an asset to his icquaintances. Sassamon Board 23 Art Chairman Year Book Committee 43 Sophomore Dance Iommittee 23 Sadie Hawkins Dance 33 Decorating Committee Junior Prom 3: Student Council Dance 33 Football Dance 43 Glenn Miller Dance 3. RICHARD ROKES b ll f tball that green Dodge those corny jokes in Football, foot a , oo . . . . . . the locker room . , . "l hope I get enough money to register the car" . . . "Where's Rosemary?" Who else could this be but sociable, popular, Dick Rokes. Don'tl:ose ' ' ' ' ' ' d 'll urel e a your ambition and your ability to make friends, Dick, an you s y crowning success. Basketball 23 Football 2, 3, 43 Track 23 Safety Patrol 3, 43 Glee Club 43 Co-Captain ' A C lla Chorus 4, Usher Senior Class Day 33 Sold Tickets for Football 4, appe - Senior Reception 33 Dance Committee 33 Literary Committee Year Book 43 Usher Senior Graduation 3. DOROTHY SAN CLEMENTE "D " ' one of the most popular members of our class. A cheerleader for otty is two years and a very active student both scholastically and socially. Her ability to dress so neatly, her always attractive smile, and her large following of the opposite sex are reason for great admiration. Good luck, Dotty. Student Council 43 Secretary Student Council 43 Class Treasurer 33 Executive Board 2, 33 Cheerleader 3, 43 Hostess Committee Cheerleaders' Competition 43 Pep Club 4g Sassamon Board 3, 43 Glee Club 43 Drivers' Training 33 Campaign Manager 43 Co-Chairman Decorating Committee Junior-Senior Prom 33 Decora- tion Committee Football Dance 2, 3, 43 Thanksgiving Day Game Committee 2, 3, 43 Sophomore Assembly 23 Sophomore Dance Committees 23 Refreshment Committee Dances 2, 33 Committee Selling Natick High Beanies 33 Chairman Advertising Committee Student Council Dance 43 Representative to Randolph Student Council Convention 43 Sassamon Homeroom Collector 43 Subscription Committee Year Book 43 Usher Natick High Open House 4. PAULINE SAVARD Pauline has a happy faculty for getting caught, especially when she is in study hall. Full of pep and bubbling over with enthusiasm, she keeps us from being bored on many occasions. Arts and Crafts 43 Campus Club 43 Library Aids 4. MARJORIE SAVIANO "P rt rite, and pretty" is a good description for "Our little Margie." She C , PC has been a staunch friend to all who have known her, and her help has been found worthwhile in many school projects. Her future will be a happy one we know. Glee Club 43 Election 23 Dance Committee 3. 53 GERARD SCI-IAEEFER Instead of doing homework Jerr seem d , y s to spen painstaking hours in de- veloping jokes and a t' b ' n ics to e used in class. He is a very good-natured fellow with a pleasant disposition. jerry left us in january to join the U. S. Navy follow- ing a long line of ancestors who are a part of this branch of the service. We know he has a bright future ahead of him. Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Election Committee 4. NADINE SCHNEIDER Nadine is a hrm believer in the slogan, "Children should be seen and not heard." She certainly lives up to it in school. We know if we need her help she is always ready to give it. Sassamon Board 4g Girls' Athletic 4, Election Ofhcial 2. JOSEPH SHIELDS Joe is one of the sports enthusiasts of our class. He participates in hockey and is one of the leading pitchers on our baseball team. A nice looking boy with a terrific personality, joe should go far. Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, ,Hockey 2, 3, 4. GEORGE SILVER George left us at the end of his Sophomore year to attend an agricultural school. When we started our Senior year, we were all glad to see George back with us A broad smile and . a warm personality give a good outline of George as he is. The best of luck is wished to him from all his classmates. Basketball 3g Track 4g Science Fair Committee 4. RICHARD SIMEONE Dick is one of the more light-hearted members of the class, always able to raise a laugh, no matter what the situation. We wish him luck in his future plans. Band 53 Thanksgiving Game Usher 5. 54 . 3' RICHARD SLADE Dick is a care-free fellow who spends much of his time tinkering with cars. We have an idea he could do well in any line if he really went at it. HELEN SOSTILIO ' h l ders Popular with all her class- Helen is another of our energetic c eer ea . nares she has been active on the Sassamon Board and a willing worker on nany committees. Sassamon 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, 43 Hostess, Cheerleaders' Competition 45 Football Dance 43 Sassamon Dance 43 Glce Club 2. GERALDINE SPADONI Gerry is a quiet, neat girl with a host of friends who business careers wish her well in her , ANNE SPEAR d t dent a good musician and an attractive member of our Anne is a goo s u , , class. Her performance in the Senior Play'was super, Her heart belongs to Jimmy, we know. Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 May Dance 2, Executive Board 25 Sassamon Dance 4, Registrar 45 Senior Play 4. CAROL SPEAR Carol is a vivacious redhead with plenty of pep. She hopes to be a secretary Good luck, Carol. Pep Club 4g Sassamon 4. 55 SANDRA SPINN EY If a prize were given for the shyest or the quietest member of our class we are sure it would go to Sandra. She will make an attractive addition to some office. JAMES SWEENEY Probably the tallest member of our class, jim hails from South Natick. He is seldom seen without Anne. He hopes to go to college next year and we hope he will be happy and successful in his choice. ROBERT TEMPRENDOLA "Temp" is one of the pleasantesl fellows one could hope to know. Always smiling, alert and jolly he has more friends than most. His performance in "What a Life" was certainly the greatest. On the track team or in the classroom you could always count on his support. Track 2, 3, 45 Executive Board 45 Senior Play Cast 45 Safety Patrol 3, 45 Student Council 2, 45 Sassamon Board 2, 3, 45 Usher Class Day and Graduation 35 Usher, Prom 35 Football 3, 4. LUCILLE TESSIER Dark, snapping eyes, a keen sense of humor and a cheery smile definitely belong to Lucille. She will make a capable secretary, we know. Glee Club 3, 4. ARTHUR TUPPER Arthur is a carefree, cheerful person who lives for today and gives little thought to tomorrow. He is a grand person to know. Glee Club 4' Yearbo k S b ' . , o u scription Committee 45 Executive Board 3, 45 Student Council 2. 56 FRED TUPPER Although seeming to be carefree, Fred is really serious minded. He is always wearing a smile and is ready with a cordial greeting when he meets you. He will do anything to help a friend. . Fred left us in january to enter the U. S. Army where he is working in electronics. Good luck, Freddy. Football 3, 4. RONALD UHLIN One of our quiet, serious members, Ron is a track star. Shy, retiring, but having a keen sense of humor, he often surprises us with his dry wit. Track 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Graduation Usher 5, Prom Usher 3, Science Fair 3, 4. ANNA VACCHIANO Anna is a vivacious, unspoiled young lady with a keen sense of humor. She has taken an active part in all the activities of our class. Glee Club 3, 41 Sassamon Z, 3, 45 Delegate, Girls' State 31 May Dance 2, Prom Usher 3, Election Oflicial 2. WENDY VASCO Wently always seems busier than she really is. A bundle of energy, she is the center of a group engaged in heated discussions. Hair-dos and clothes are her greatest concern. ALBERT VYE Isaac Walton never knew A hsherman so true: A deep, glistening pool, Far from the trouble of school, A rod and reel, a' Hy and creel, To AI, that's Heaven, for real. Track 2, 43 Usher Framingham Game 5, -fl, Usher Graduation 3. 57 NANCY WAKELIN Nancy has spent many hours organizing the sub ' ' scrrption campaign for our yearbook. Her efforts have not gone unrewarded, for our class has had a very successful sale of books. Glee Club 43 Sassamon Board 4g Chairman, junior Prom Refreshment Committ 3 Ch ' ee 5 airman, Year Book Subscription Committee 45 General Clerk, Class Election 43 Executive Board 4g Business Service Club 43 A Cappella Chorus 45 Sophomore Assembly 2, Football Dance 33 Thanksgiving Game Committee 3. ELIZABETH WALL Betty is one of the most attractive girls in our class. Neat, well-groomed and never with a pleasant smile, we have found her a grand person to have around. Gl - ' ' ee Club 3, Yearbook Committee 4g Business Service Club 43 Pep Club 4. ALBERT WARDWELL Albert has not been too active during his hi h h l g sc oo career. He is a first-class mechanic and likes to spend his time tinkering with cars and working in a gas station. ANNE WARDWELL Anne is unlike her twin brother in that she likes to be heard from. She has been one of the leading girl athletes, too. Field Hockey 2, 3, 4g Basketball 3, 4, G.A.L. 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club 2, 3, 4. GLORIA WATERMAN Gloria is one of our efficient secretaries She h k . as wor ecl after school in an insurance oflice where she will take a full-time job after graduation. 'We know she will be successful in a business career. Safety Patrol 3, 45 Glee Club 29 Sassamon Board 2, 3, 4g Business Service Club 4. 58 ,r , RICHARD WHITAKER Pittsburgh's loss was our gain. Dick, a transfer student, has acquired many friends by his merry smile and heerful disposition. Dick, like most of us, has a problem, his seems to be girls. We envy him, his severe, calm, pleasant manner and know he will go far n and after college. Eolf 43 Track 4, Math Club 4, Current Events Club 4. CANDACE WHITE There is not another like "Candy" anywhere in these United States. She wrought fame to us in her sophomore year by joining our golf team, the first girl to have the courage. She loves golf and the great outdoors. We hope her :areer as a social worker will be a happy one. Solf 3, 4, Honor Society 43 Sassamon Board 2, 3, 4, Literary Committee Year 3ook 45 Business Service Club 4, Counter for Election 4. SUSAN WHITE Sue lefr us this year to go to Brookline High. We hardly had a chance to get vell acquainted with her because of an unfortunate automobile accident that :onfmed het to bed for several weeks early in the fall. We wish her every happi- 'ICSS . BARBARA WHITLEDGE Barbara has been a very pleasant person to have around. Always cheerful and nost industrious she accomplishes well everything she undertakes. iasketball 2, Sassamon Board 4, Pep Club 4. ROBERT WIGGLESWORTH "Wiggy" or "Honky" as he is known to all his friends, is one of the larger 'nembers of our class. To him studying does not come easy, but he has proven his ability in the nechanical field. He is carefree with very few serious moments. His one and only ambition is to become a fireman. Good luck, Wig. Football 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 43 Glee Club 3. 59 SANDRA WILLIAMS Sandra has been accepted for U ' niversity of Massachusetts where she hopes to mayor in education. We wish her luck in her career as a teacher. BARBARA WIRTHS Barbara has been tops scholastically in high scho l d o an we know she will be in college, too. Another of the members of Honor Society, she has been a grand person to know. Honor Society 4, Orchestra 4. E. DAVIS WOODBURY, JR. Davy is quite popular with his classmates, particularly with the fairer sex. Whenever there is any fun to be had he is usuall ' h , y in t e midst of it. Although he has a carefree disposition, he also has a serious side. He plans to enter college in September. Footbag 25 Hockey 2, 3, 43 Student Council 35 Filmarama Ticket Committee and Usher . ROBERT WRIGHT Bob would rather spend his time in his hot-rod than open a book. He was a great morale booster for our football team with his jokes and antics. Those who know him have enjoyed his friendsh' A 1 . ip. oyal rooter for the Red and Blue, he should go far. Football 3, 4g Student Council 3g Ticket Committee, jacket Fund 4. ROY WYMAN Although Roy may seem quiet, he is really full of fun. He left us in January to join his Uncle Sam. We wish him the very best of luck F b ' ' oot all 2, 3, Prom Art Committee 3, Art Club 3, 45 Usher Framingham Game 4. 60 .. .' 5 V f 1 t .,:.,'-ff. sfo, DONALD ZILCH Don left us at the end of the sophomore year and spent a year in Florida. -lowever, he came batk in September to graduate with us. Another of our jovial riends, he has been the hard-working manager of our hockey team. Safety Patrol 23 Hockey 2, 4. ROBERT YORK Robert's interests lie in track and baseball. He has also been an important nember of the business department where he has done well in competition with he ladies. Track 23 Baseball 43 Safety Patrol 5, 4g Executive Board 33 Graduation Usher 3. CLAUDE LATUNE We have been happy to have Claude as a member of our class. She came to is in September as an exchange student from France. Although she seems shy md retiring, she has taken an active part in class discussions and her grades have been the envy of all. W 1 1 6 I Q Q Kag- 33224 JWMAAJ yr eff, I ' ,Q'?i7'fL"g,- 3529.2 Z! 3 V". Wgwf M Eg vZLgA4f,::, WI I, J X fvmafv 'gan ffiwfdfvify dl! 131.5 x2?wU.J,'92,s,.,, a'M QW fZEi'T'Z Q 4 ,gg 1'-f ' 4lU Ji' DQ ZA-.W 75'?'l7'YW3' , ff E fl ., 55 7 r , .fff'E'f 'hm v 36 fwffffffj gl C A, 56 215'-uf - 044444 'R -77M Mawr! 4 aZ4wA. C7 ' W WWW ,Qgm if fafrzil CLta4.:..,,,,,,,,,,'5 454+-Q14 l , Cafupf, 51+ lik' QZw ' Q'1mfffM1W if ,QWZQQAIZQJ Pifpw, QM-WQQM, , of ,V , Lai . i -.- aiu " gfeza F 44h '.:K.,l,1 QE-pp FX Clw-1-u-0,,Q,f, fefiryznwfyawzf Www ME 42.1 d4C-0912 y .. JWZWWW -Q mfg-?LM faq! I IVE' WJLMW 1770-flip if 1 ywf ffm-144144 'MLAAAJ hfl0f""'0 1,5 51.340 34561 37.04,-4-J Ilvwnv Iv!-n x0 J Gd: k-f35'1wfa.fM.,.,7 Ov-.-N. 'XJ f-AJ.,-...JJ fm W, jmfw 'GM-444,f,,7 'B-.-1u,..b.,,4,,wt. 4fifJ"G7gyf4Mz..a go I Q01-ighj' 1 fu-...J my Q yx 1 I NTQ TUD- 1 X L S +,. .S K2 ROUP3 2- r XX? lv lk' ,LEP fl-Dr fi fha Sui f4-'fn ,L Y S E XV, ki Q ,.D Q E3 Tw" Ufllz , '41 HONOR SOCIETY Seated: P. Kelley, N. Cox, M. Detore, C. White, V. Phillips, P. Ross, P. Martin. Standing: W. Poley, R. Cicarrelli, J. Proctor, P. Jacobs, J. Roberts, W. Hayes. f' Q2 Fiiiilgx 'egg Q5 " Q .f ' The Natick Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized J, N A if ,V in December for 1954-55. Three senior members had been elected in . their junior year and the rest were admitted in December and March. ' K Membership certihcates were presented at the induction ceremony l v held during the assembly period on May 15. National Honor Society pins, the gift of the school committee, were presented at graduation. A This year the members were responsible for selecting Bible passages l to be read in the morning over the Public Address System. They also l A 1 undertook the revision of the school handbook. Claude LaTune, the . J, Lj visiting student from France, was guest of honor at the Valentine Tea. f ff In June the Rotary Club entertained the senior members at luncheon. ,Mi ll 64 HONOR SOCIETY S- 'dz P. G 'h' E. Linnehan, J. Collins, M. Tuthill, B. Wirths, M. McGinnis, Bennett, Alfred catc ra am, Murray. Standing: E. Paul, T. Smith, J. Ploulle, F. Pierce, B. Grimm, Miss Young. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Prericlenl. ........... . Vice-preiizlwzl ....... Secretary ............. June Bennett Robert Cicarrelli Janice Collins Nancy Cox Mary Detore Patricia Graham Elizabeth Grimm Paul Jacobs Richard Lipman OFFICERS MEMBERS SENIORS Francis Pierce James Plouffe Wendell Poley John Proctor John Roberts Terry Smith Candace White Barbara Wirths JUNIORS Edwin Paul PATRICIA GRAHAM ELLEN LINNEI-IAN .. JANICE COLLINS William Hayes Patricia Kelly Ellen Linnehan Patricia Martin Mary McGinnis Alfred Murray Virginia Phillips Priscilla Ross Martha Tuthill f Z -o,. f'-Zo' 5. '--'1 N . 1 qi 751' ' yn? . . ,Inf 5 KJ ' 1' ll, f l I . l ...Ill 'BZE11 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS D. Mucumber, C. Gilbert, Branagan, J. Provasoli. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Berry Grimm, Terry Smith, Donald Peoples standingg Carol Woods, seated. . mrmwmsm-g1::..'Q' :,vw s4w SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS D. Duff, R. Brown, Thomas, B. Symonds. Y FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS F. Meyers, N. Turhill, S. Tozer, C. Bouret BUSINESS SERVICE CLUB The Business Service Club was organized this year for a two-fold purpose. Girls were assigned department heads during the X period daily to do clerical work and get some practical experi- ence. Other girls remained in the Office Machines Room to take care of the routine duplicating. The results have been most gratifying. STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT Robert Cicarrelli, president of the Student Council at Natick High, is affectionately known to classmates as "Pinzo". A boy with a wonder- ful disposition, keen wit, and an enviable smile, we have never seen him out of patience or un- happy. It is not often a class has the good fortune to have so capable a member chosen to conduct school affairs. Bob is also a fine athlete, was a member of the football and basketball squadsg he is a talented musician and has a fine voice. We feel sure he will be most successful in college and in the business world. Y fit J X, ' SENIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD Scaltctlz P. Laincz, C Wfoods, D. Peoples, B. Grimm, T. Smith, P. Mosman. Second row :cMiss Finn, G. I.OI'DI7ZlI'tI, P. Brurmgnn, P. Rue, N. Wt1kcIix1, B. lficltl, Mr. lf. Carey. Back row: R. Carnaroli, J. Roberts, L. Uizmctti, W. Myrick, A. Tuppcr. SCHOOL COMMITTEE Suttctl: W. Poluy. A. Ross, Cllmirrnttn. I.. IIlJllII1QNX'lDl'Il1,W. Stimson. Standing: J. Gililand, Bus. Agent, T. McGrath, A. Tudtico, li. D. Wfootllvury, Supt. of Schools. 1 Ai? N STUDENT COUNCIL Back row: W. Gassett, J. Loane, D. Duff, C. Hayes, D. Connell, D. Hughes, D. Macumber, P. Smith, A. Butchman, D. Peoples, R. Kaufman. Third row: B. Feldman, C. Bennett, P. Ross, J. Meyers, L. McManus, S. Tozer, E. Linnehan, B. Field, C. Bouret. Second row: Mr. Carlow, R. Canoni, J. Pease, N, Higgins, L. Percocco, C. Johnson, N. Tuthill, F. Meyers, R. Temprendola, Miss Rafferty. Seated' T. Smith, D. SanClemente, R. Cicarrelli. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is an organization of students elected by students whose purpose is to promote thebest interests of our school. Elections were held early in October and at our first meeting we happily welcomed Miss Rafferty and Mr. Carlow as our advisors. With Robert Cicarrelli as President, Terry Smith as Vice-President, and Dorothy SanClemente as Secretary, the Council promptly went to work. This year because of our large enrollment we had a new system of representation. Instead of homeroom representatives we now have eight seniors, seven juniors, six sopho- mores, and five freshmen on the Council. The presidents of each class, the presi- dent of the Safety Patrol, and the editor-in-chief of the Sassamon are also members. This has been a busy and happy year for council members. In October, we acted as guides to the thousands of people who came to see our new Natick High School and we have sponsored two enjoyable and profitable school dances. In january we cooperated with the Athletic Department in presenting Filmarama for the jacket fund and the student exchange program. Natick sent representatives to Student Council conventions at Randolph and Norwood. It is always a rich experience to be able to share with other high school boys and girls the lessons we learn as Council members. These lessons help vs to develop initiative and responsibility in our own school and we always come back to Natick with a sense of pride in the accomplishments of our own student body. 70 'Q Vw F' SAFETY PATROL Front row: P. Graham, N. Higgins, C. Adams, N. Wagner, G. Waterman, S. Spinney, E. Stockwell M. Detore. Second row: D. Peoples, R. Goodwin, J. Bennett, C. Hayes, A. Blumenthal, J. Meyers J. Proctor. Third row: A. Crowell, M. Tuthill. S. Singer, M. Morgan, M. Keane, E. Stockbridge M. Symonds, E. Linnehan, N. Cox, P. Brown, P. Branagan. Fourth row: Mr. Andrews. R. Fitzgerald R. Carey, R. Ghilani, A. Butchman, F. Peirce, R. Cicarrelli, J. Heffernan, R. Deane, Mr. Pehda. Back row: P. Gately, G. Pipe, R. Rokes, P. Jacobs, W. Tozer, D. Hughes, A. Murray, T. Bailey G. Heffron. mah -. l l s wp J, Q! The Safety Patrol was organized in September with Mr. Andrews, adviser, William Hayes, President, Ann Blumenthal, Secretaryg and june Bennett, Robert VL Goodwin, Donald Peoples, janet Meyers, and john Proctor, Commissioners. The problems confronting the group in the new campus-style building were very different from those in the old school. We now have a much larger area and have doubled our enrollment. The responsibilities of the patrol are daily increas- ing, but with frequent conferences and the realization that without competent leaders the trafhc could cause tardiness to class, disorderly conduct in the corri- dors, and even injuries, all have cooperated to increase efficiency. 4 I 1 71 EL' Sgr' l t f 1 SASSAMON LITERARY STAFF Front row: J. Sorrell, L. Lombard, P. Perkins, Y. Stevens, N. Wagner, C. Murphy, R. Richardson, V. Haywood, J. Foster M. O'Connell. Second row: J. Provasoli, P. Mosman, j. David F Donovan, G. Pipe, E. Linnehan, M. McGinnis, A, Spear Detore, A. Blumentha, Third row: C. Paul, R. Amadon P. Forrance, M. Tuthill, S. Singer, B. Newhouse, N. Dummer, K. White, J. Bartalussi, M. Hanson, J. Condon M. Cole, C. White, B. Whittledge, S. Loftus, D. Herrington 3 W TQ, A lp ly ll gf jp I- if' llli ,, Q 55215 yi -fm A will N ,lj 'aged Ve L Q 4 Q' -1 x i K ,. V -K-121-1 ,Mr li ., L Nl H 'C X GJ J A ff , exe v Miss Hope. Fourth row: R, Richmond, S. Mandino, P, Laincz, C, Ambler, G. Hoyt, W. Gassett, T. Smith, R. Goodwin A. Tupper, L. Tallant, S. Mohler, B. Wirths, B. Rohreri Fifth row: R. Coan, A. Crowell, G. Murray, N. Frost, J. Thomas, D. Cicarrelli, R. Carnaroli, B. Grimm, S. Par- menter, P. Nelson, S. Thornaton, C. Prue, R. Purcell.,Sixth row: J. Roberts, F. Pierce, S. Mallery, E. Alexander, 'L. Mi- chael, F. Boyce, P. Roberts, C. Campbell, C. Gilbert, J. Howe. SASSAMON The Sassamon Board this year has been enlarged to the point where it has been necessary to make some changes in organization. Mr. Anderson and Mr. Tavel meet with the Business Staff during the X period each Thursday, while Miss Hope meets with the Literary Staff. The first edition this year was distributed to the visi- tors at Open House on October 31 and was most en- 5895 SASSAMON BUSINESS STAFF Front row: G. Morgan, J. Hall, P. Dowd, F. Meyers, S. Mc- Cassey, J. McNeil, R. Barry, R. Brown. Second row: J. Spa- doni, A. Vacchiano, S. Lalileur, P. Chapman, A. Tupper, E. Drugan, D. Peoples, E. Stockwell, H. Sostillio, R. Bregoli. Third row: Mr. Anderson, J. Cotter, B. Rae, G. Lombard, J. Corey, N. Wakelin, N. Schneider, S. White, J. Collins, P. Rae, C. Vloods, M. Morgan, D. San Clementi, G. Water- man, B. Park, C. Spadoni, J. Barry. Fourth row: D. Jefifrey, thusiastically received. The Sassamon was awarded fourth place in the Scholastic Press Contest conducted at Columbia University in March. This is the twenty- seventh year our paper has been so honored. The Sassamon Dance was an outstanding social event. Freshmen and Sophomores have shown a keen interest in our school paper and we know great things can be expected from next year's group. P. Burrt, J. Brennan, C. Johnston, A. Lynch, S. Mandino, B. Carter, D. Linden, G. Erickson, P. Lawler, D. Snell, D. Roberts, J. Rossini, Mr. Tavel. Fifth row: C. McManus, J. Hoey, M. Slade, G. Malone, P. Brennan, E. Anderson, S. Swanson, V. Sticks, M. Symonds, B. Allen, J. Branagan, R. Ornarato, R. G. Dimitri. Back row: J. Bloom, M. Angeleri, C. Levine, D. Plausse, C. Spear, J. Fannon, P. Ross, V. Phillips, J. Barnicle, M. Whitten, J. Barr, P. Graham. 4 .An KAN .' f 'Tim 1 .- QMJ -.- WSJ A ' ,lejanp W . . are 45 im. b' 7i' 'Q D s X V ,-QP' .1 ., My j LM If Qi Jkt. fi I fl I 'Q I X ,W I-NX art mW I 'W 1 .fa T212-.1 V 4-fgbdu CH , ff , C924-1 Qt 45 , . ef -. Tiff: If A 1 ,' , ,' 1' I, ' , 'M' " I ' I 'lf- 1, , xxx 4, mag 'WI -X Y I t Y . , W ' . i W- ,. lg. kv, H- ' 5 .il . rt, -, Q. 4 lx .kan 771 X P? I ' lwygz - . J o . 73 A g vi S i 1 if 1 HWHOOZE NEXT?" , um M .ani T.FT'S MAKF FI-IAIR9 T00 lf' g f, , STS' V f'?fW'5'- x , ,K-nf 'J 1.'. g ' ISI? -"f"f' ' " . - 5f"-fQ':-j1-:.'- 1 - ' ' - "lt t'ffs".'.1j,., .-5.1.-'fl-L! -:L-L-A1 .7-.,f',,: .af . I-K-I , 3. 'Q ' J? N 1 1+ I I W + Jah? . I 1 x -x Y K x y ' Q ' ' I" lL '- - , . . , , 1...-qg' , ,- - , '-3.1! N ' -1 1 - ':':f4.f f , - 1 3' ul '--:,f- .N .' ,'-11,-. . L -- 6 ,"' ,. '. , .-g..-- - mfg:-x. 295 1' J . '.- 1 . "'5'E:S4? 'fif . X4 -4.5. ' ' . 54- ' .Q -yr. '- .1::,,. - 'N ' :xl-' ' .4 , 2,5 U. ln , . 1... . ' .df ' 4-, ' ui . ' fly, X , .I ' .,,g: : 3.1 'Nv la. xg! i l ' Ins, 4.7. F ua .A 'K 1" '-' pl ..,,, B ' ' ff' 1 .- ff. I7 . , ' 1- . ' ' ' ' VI . . .....,V wk 'u ii' I .- ..qJ?:n1l':?v.- 4' " ' I I' -f ffi:1,5.?Q.',-31 ' 'f ,' .U ' ' ix I? ff3":c'x:-v" f ..f'.'1: ' I9 ' b """' s 53' 11.35 f , X ' 1 .m'- 2-" .--I . . A ,,.!,..N.,.?t, I Mig, ' ' XG! IGXVHZEEEEXEE J 4 - - I A 1.4:--e:lv . . . MQ . " f iif2e2f'fw 2f-99 -' W fi' ' :f4ffPef.1f-2-.v -1 yy -:ff ' - ' O ,' x V nj x 17-Q K 7 lfbuv ,mn ,lf I -' , 1. A,-Mn J aa !5 ' 35 Q'-55 5.715 'NN . - 'u V"-J' . ,. . ,- ,.-5'-v.. x ,. I 1 -. '.-fv ' N: .40 ii ...sf sl' ' S 2 l SENIOR PLAY CAST Seated: W. Hayes, J. Bennett, R. Temprendola, A. Spear, J. Roberts. Second row: Miss Buckley, R. Goodwin, P. Martin, D. Hughes, E. Linnehan, R. Cicarrelli, B. Grimm, Mr. Bongarzone. Back row: C. White, P. Mosman, F. Boyce, H. Sostilio, A. Blumenthal. SENIO All roads led to the Colonel Jeremiah J. Healy Audi- torium of our new high school on Friday evening, April 15, when the Class of 1955 produced "What a Life" under the capable direction of Mr. Elito J. Bon- garzone, assisted by Miss Patricia F. Buckley. The plot in this unusual comedy showed Henry Aldrich's amazing ability to find himself in the center of more teen-age entanglements in one hour than most youngsters get into in a lifetime. The efforts of his R PLAY friends to untangle him, combined with the schemes of his enemies to get him in deeper, kept the audience in an uproar. A very capable cast, including Robert Temprendola as Henry, June Bennett as Barbara, and Ann Blumen- thal as Miss Eggleston Cto mention only a fewj did an admirable job in making this play one of the most entertaining productions produced by a senior class. T7 MTH ..... .- SENIOR PLAY I 'R a sf, IS is Cnq"F,,'n Kivyvya 'ahh' 5'f,,,:.-'Assign 1 Y! Hssxa 4' 9' I Q W 6 f"".-x . X wiv P x KJ w ,iii . Q,-L , ' 3 'IQ 15' Iggy 4' ,g . , U lf yi A 3, jam, . ff S 2 L 0, Yr xf-1 ,- vw-191 ' , ,.A! -1 7 H.-Q Q ffl.-f ' 3' ,C ,fp ,Asb . A t .M x ,..,, I I I 2 s , I S Q ? S Q ally, ,W M.-......,' , - ,Qlswonmwh -me vy-,p-,gsfag .2 U ,f 11: ., .wr .. -raz'a,.-,ww ' ag .- ,ev-f kv . f. v . .af.g , s if:55Q'TE'14 Siprg, psf 'W bf. -1 ' 1 5 1 3 17 we ,a ' J 4 K 'MS ms- A u ,X " 9 A 1. 1 4 I 'f ' 'S . , . - Q .A 'x 5 I - - " K 'f1W""'f'Vi uv -Q... 5 +12 . A ., ' 2 M." "5 -if if iw '-4 Q "",. "' yQr f A V go ANNUAL 1 9 F - 'M 1 I Q : 1W ,,, I Weis i. M BAND BAND Front row: J. Egan, L. Scholl, B. Priore, B. Allen, S. LaFleur, B. Ptitoni, N. Young, N. Stone E. Symonds, C. Porter. Second row: M. Konowitz, N. Tuthill, B. Whitehouse, J. Crosby, E. Wood E. Mason, D. Crawford, B. Mosman, D. Spooner, P. Shavor. Third row: E. Churchill, B. Rohrer A. Sawyer, J. Woodbury, J. Bennett, A. Spear, G. Ambler, P. Proctor, H. Brown, C. Stevens, R. Tem- prendola, M. Belisle, P. Mahaney, D. Crain, Mr. Dietz. Fourth tow: R. jackson, J. Bowles, A. Fahey R. Wright, R. Johnson, W. Palli, A. Gardner, L. Brown, W. Bartley, R. Coan, R. Batnicle, P. Brown Fifth row: R. Lipman, E. Pease, L. Brady, G. Langhorst, B. Merton, W. Garvey, R. Seaholm, W. Webb R. Woods, G. Hoyt. Xi 9,55 i I 'fit ug 'lx ls X f As always, the band, one of Natick High Schools strongest links, has been hard at work this year under the direction of Mr. Roger J. Dietz. Several new half-time shows were prepared by the band this year. One was the Gilette Blue-blade Skit and the other The Atom Smarber and Indian War Dance for the Framingham game on Thanksgiving Day. We were competently drilled by our good friend Mr. Eugene Fitzpatrick every clear day last fall. Present rehearsals are concentrating on "Pavanne", "Business For Basses" and other marches. On Wednesday, April 6, the band went to the General Motors Plant at Framingham and gave a Concert for the employees. This year for the first time the annual Transfer of Flag Ceremony was held in our new auditorium. The band, as is their custom, marched the various schools from town to the exercises. 84 it l i ORCHESTRA Pianist: Grace Arena. Front row: Mr. Dietz, A. Spear, E. Mason, J. Woodbury, B. Whitehouse, R. Oppenheimer, j. Bellefontaine, M. Belisle, A. Blumenthal, B. Rohrer, J. Crosby, E. Wood, lf. Doughty. Second row: D. Crain, P. Proctor, J. Bowles, H. Brown, C. Stevens, J. Bennett, W. Palli, A. Gardner, L. Brown, D. Spooner, R. Coan, D. Brown, P. Shavor. Third row: R. jackson, R. Lipman, L. Brady, R. Seaholm, T. Smith, B. Merton, W. Webb, V. Langhorst, R. Woods, G. Hoyt. I :- , ,K 'i J J 'liillmlx X I 1 l XS 'P i Kfjfl ' . X H l 'Ll-r-'l X l .J -:fr ORCHESTRA Q g 3 tfigafff, -0 N 1 . - q:-x 'S . "Die Fleidermausn, "Gold and Silver Waltz", and Q ii' C2 2-:vias .-Overture to Rosamunden are among the varied selec- l K ft: tion of pieces which the orchestra are playing this year G 7 , .57 under the direction of Mr. Roger Dietz. The members in W ' of this organization have worked very diligently to ,li 'E make a higher standard of performance possible. With '45 Q' the addition of the Oboe and Bass Clarinet we are y e- jeg able to play a more varied repertoire. Also the develops N ll V 1 ing of a violin section by Miss Edith Nutt has brought 1 i U 1: M I 'L several new members out for orchestra. 1, X g l. 3'e4Lv-is. g i JP' ' ' TJ ll 15 5Q 5 Z 551 N f V f u ' . Vi H, K 5555555555 . W4 . E555 555555 5 .. x I . , ' 1 qw 'Q Qs' My M M K r dgl, 5 M W Q 5 ' 5555 'E f 5 ' 'T 5 5 5 X 5 5 5 5 Q i 555 4 M. , .- 4 if 5. 1 If GIRLS' CHORUS Standing: B. Ahearn, K. White, M. Symonds, E. Anderson J. Bennett, M. Weitz, M. Meagher, C. Stockbridge, S. Par- menter, C. Conza, M. Hicks. Third row: E. Manucci, J. Barry C. Bigelow, G. Dimitri, N. Zonghi, J. Hayes, R. Farrar, N Armata, D. Nelson, B. Main, J. Dimitri, D. Garabedian, G. Dowst. Second row: Mr. Bachini, J. Healy, S. Collins, N Dummer, J. Babcock, L. Scholl, R. Brown, M. Slade, J. Crosby C. Fannon. Front row: P. Shea, E. Stevens, R. Lumbert M. Marcy, C. Adams, S. Buckler, J. Bennett, A. Mills, J Scriven, C. Whitelaw. ff xopydi Our Glee Club is fast becoming an important course I r at Natick High. This year, three Girls' Glee Clubs have X, been formed as well as a Boys' Glee Club and an A I, Cappella Choir. J li fi l l ia Miss Ladas, the elementary supervisor, is now assist- Z Y l ing Mr. Bachini with the Girls' Glee Clubg he directs gf the b0yS and the choir. K K f R All the groups participated in the annual May Fes- T ' rl tival. An added attraction was a concert performance i 1 K 4 ,i with the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra. The orchestra ,I l J , pf r iii and chorus were combined to present an oratorio last- Ill ll ing some thirty minutes. A dance in the Cafeteria fol- da lowed the performance. T- k rf- ,ug zitf WINDOW PAINTING , S . .- ,- fr! ..- I OFF TO LUNCH V Yll1JU T QOH" O QNAJY I-fELf,yw 'rw X MOST FUN MY -TEM' L H fg , "WV if W .. Y I 93 BE MQ TTY M O ST PoPuu.A1z EDlfM 'BE ST DRESSED FRANNY CLAUD1 J NEA RT BREAKERS IM EVA Q - :J iff: , K, 54 W5 'W QMETIE57' oofvfvy GRETCHA 5MAR'T'E5T PAUL JEAN sw J, - 1 P' T4LLE5T E V 5 H 0 1? T55 r DONNY GAIL - 'S Nfcfjf SMILE . CLASS 4n'f15T5 BILL 'BXLA v 5? 'EEST P16013 E 7fN5' ROBERWA EAVY Evy .TUNE gLfX .I ,4NN .lL., X 4 as ,1 bv 'Q ' XI xqw If 1 9 . f X CLASQ5 -X Af? Mom' AlfWY 614 , -'f' , rx NX if ur. CLASS PAUL .,,:,x v' Ax GL P TEASERQ RG MENACE5 BIGQES BEKTA M4RY I 401-4 My QWJ APPEHTE5 juof il 'BEST 'mmK Dpi 47 -E R4 X GLAn10Ug s1RL COLLEGUAT B05 ri THLETE5 ?'F RRY E Parry AND KOMEOS M051 k CLEVEREST IO .SINQER E57- r4N ELLE?N VER5ATvLE 'fs FELH4 'EEST JHNIQE M gb 'WT LIKELY CEKS DAN 5uccEE D i Sq' 2 FOOTBALL DANCE f 2 5 ' J ff i , 1 4 an 4 A ' 7 . 1 - A 45-I-1-Qin ERE' 94 . Q Q , Q Q if 4 'Ht J Q w Managers: R, Goodwin, W. Myrick. Front row: C. Hayes, R. Wright, D. Lynch, R. Carnoroli, D. Hughes, R. Cicarrelli, R. Stokes, T. Smith, R. Evans, F. Tupper, J. Mano, T. Arthur, P. Gately, R. Mosman. Second row: Coach Hoague, Trainer Leighton, R. Devereaux, J. Silvia, J. Wignot, V. McDonald, A. Butchman, R. Brown, E. Paul, C. Vermilyea, J. Jacobs, W. Tozer, C. Anderson, D. Connell, P. Krauss, E. Walsh, R. Ghalani, P. Roone T. Chisholm, D. Kaufman, D. Corbosiero, Coach lfobert. Back rovi Coach Bartnick, A. lndelicato, J. Chiumento, R. Rochileau, J. Peter G. Merton, D. Duff, D. Singer, R. Cashman. M. Bloomstein, T. Kat lik, R. Larson, P. Smith, N. Eldridge, J. McQuade, B. Hawe R. Murphy, H. Legge, C. Wagg, J. Stratton, Mr. McManus. FOOTBALL The '54 football team which wasnt rated highly in the pre-season predictions came through with an im- pressive record of 7 wins, I loss and l tie. The team started the season successfully defeating Milton 53-O and going on to defeat Braintree for the hrst time in si years 21-6. The team then met a highly spirited Wellesley team and lost 39-12, then tied Needham 15-13, went on to finish the season strongly with wins over Marlboro 28-6, Dedham 26-6, and an impressive win over a strong North Quincy club 40-ld which led up to the high point of the season, upsetting a powerful undefeated Norwood team 58-19. The team climaxed the season with their l3th consecutive win over Framingham 20-O. Led by the Co-Captains Dick Rokes and Terry Smith, the team opened holes in the line for the flashy open-held. running of Tom Arthur. The defensive team was anchored by the brilliant play of Robert Ciccarelli' and Robert Evans. This year's team was comprised mostly of Juniors' who are returning another year. Barring unforseen mishaps they expect to have an exceptionally good season. fu:-,gg '-ggzgqq-mfs,-rfwerw'sf:a-- 1w'1"1mm'asuw:ma A .nal f l u l.vhi' - .,. -fa k I F' F K5 ' . ew 1 V' .1 ., , A-.iwl ,H PA ' .35 fi-""' Lf- Q B+ I it I .5 Q .x I, Q x Q "' is ' f P ,QF il' 'T 1 , -,ssih , ' f a ,K 'K , 0. 5- .N- u, X N 'EA Y' gf n .. ' -V x '-if wi Y' 3, 4, "., 5 'lf .a-34 -K K 1954-55 BASKETBALL BASKETBALL Front row: C. MacGregor, J. Mano, W. Garvey, T. Arthur, T. Carey, A. Murray, Head Coach Francis Carey. Second row: Mr. Christie, J. Proctor, J. Shaldon, J. Argir, T. Smith, R. Cicarrelli, R. Evans. Back row: W. Ely, J. Loane, W. Tozer, B. Ribotto, T. Indelicato. Led by Co-capt. Tom Arthur and Bill Garvey this year's team had a fairly successful season winning fifteen and losing six. Among the six defeats were two to Framingham in regular season play, one to Milton in the Play-offs, and one to South Boston in the Tech. Tournament. At the beginning of the season, Coach Carey had little hope of a good team. He found that there was a lot of spirit before the first week of practice was over. Natick, for the first time in three years, defeated North Quincy. However, in losing to Framingham, a ten-game winning spree over that club was snapped. The first team was composed of Bill Garvey, Terry Smith, Bill Tozier, John Mano, and Tom Arthur. Seeing plenty of action were Al Murray, Jim Arger, and Joe Shaldone. Throughout the year in practice sessions these boys showed the true spirit of Natick. They were Tom Carey, Wallace Ely, Bob Ciccarelli, john Proctor, Charles MacGregor, and jeff Loane. Bill Garvey played a great game against Milton, getting seven- teen points. Tom Arthur again displayed remarkable ball-handling being the best in the Bay State League. His constant hustle was of prime importance in all of our victories. john Mano was the scorer in this quintet. He hit well from the outside and his fine driving resulted in many two-pointers. Bill Tozer was the rebounder of the club. Great things are expected from Bill next year. He is a true competitor. Terry Smith broke into the starting line-up about mid- season. Being a true "team man" Terry passed off many times to his other teammates. His rebounding and jump shots were feared by rival coaches. x G NT 104- AT! , 4205 1 xx 7 .k l '35 "1 I Q I If wrm I If" ve, A TI il 75 j.v. BASKETBALL I Axgqf t,i1A'I'I? 9 ,J I .E ' Imran row, I. Ixmlllk, KI. INILIIIIH, I', Smith, II, Reynolds, ICS, . MIIWCY. fm Suuml nm, C,u.1LI1C I Q1.IILIIrcm, I Ix N W I II S I5 h I5 R K XX I1IlIL'lIIUI'L', K. ISI: I ,.. 15 cm, I R I II Ix I M I Il I SLI f I. I ACF. ilk ' I'tbWI I'. Romney. I ' IIvI . mn , .. mme, ,. um,5. c- XLT! HOCKEY SQUAD Front row: F. Quirk, D. Kane, J. Metcalfe, J. Henderson, P. Curley, D. Woodbury, L. Curran. Second row: Coach Bell, D. Zilch, R. Graham, R. Chisholm, R. Devereaux, W. Flynn, L. Scianna, R. Good- win, P. Casey. Back row: R. Ghilani, J. Wignot, R. Saviano, R. Worthington, P. Hughes, T. Casey, T. Hogan. HOCKEY The hockey team in its first year under the new coach, Bob Bell, of the Center School faculty, surprised all the experts who didn't give them a chance. Natick stayed in first place for the first half of the season and never left the first division. In the final game they beat the powerful Brookline team knock- ing them out of first place and thus giving Malden the title. Natick and Brookline tied for second place. An invitation to participate in the State Tourney found Natick losing to a powerful team from South Boston. However, thanks to our great co-captains Don Kane and Paul Curley who urged us on and to Coach Bell who helped prove Natick is really "The Home of Champions", we made a fine record. Skating for the Esmass All Stars were forwards joe Wignor, Duke Curley and Goalie Bill Henderson. Among the seniors leaving are: Curley, Kane, Quirk, Woodbury, Curran, Goodwin and Mgr. Zilch. wg 4., ,, ,. -.' "4'T'7 '5 1--gm 1, ,,. s 4 Q P n INDOOR TRACK Front row: R. Mosman, W. Hayes, D. Hughes, B. Perkins, N. Carmichael, J. Roberts, G. Silver, R. Temprendola, R. Uhlin, F. Clifford, J. Drugan. Second row: J. Carnaroli, D. Fenton, W. Bartley, R. Murphy, R. Brown, W. Webb, V. McDonald, L. McNeil, T. Shea, D. Corbosiero, Mr. Fobert. Back row: N. Kolby, D. Duff, C. Vermylia, L. Levin, J. Tibbetts, P. Larson, E. Paul, J. McQuade, D. Moore, E. Alexander, J. Kenneally. TRACK "SS" The Indoor Track team, coached by "Rudy" Fobert and led by Captain Ron Uhlin, had a highly successful season. Our record in dual meets is 40 and 4, a very outstanding record. This year we compiled a record of 3 wins and I loss. In a quadrilateral meet with Lowell, Punchard, and Lawrence at the Andover cage, we had to split first place honors with Lowell. In dual meet competition at the Natick Armory the relay team set a new armory record for this event. This team was un- defeated in dual meet competition at the armory. New armory records were set by Neil Carmichael in the 300. At the Fargo Meet Natick took 2 places, Alan Butchman and Neil Carmichael, placing 2nd and 5rd in the Novice 440. In the BAA we did fairly well with the relay team winning their heat to come in fifth in the final stand- ings. Natick had three state champs in the State Meet. They were Alan Butchman in the 600, Frank Clifford in the 1000, and Bruce Perkins in the mile. Other point winners were Capt Bill Hayes, Ron Uhlin, Neil Car- michael, Carl Vermilyea, Ed Paul, Joel Tibbetts, and Davey Moore. The relay team which took a second consisted of Neil Carmichael leading off, Carl Vermil- yea running second, Ed Paul running third, and Alan Butchman running anchor. But even with this the best we could do was second, losing by 8X 9 of a point to a strong Belmont team. Other outstanding veterans returning from last year's team were John Roberts, Bob Temprendola, Wayne Bartley, Warren Webb and Jim Plouffe. The team was joined by George Silver, Dick Whitaker, Don Hughes, Bud Walsh, Danny Corbosiero, Tom Sheehan, Channing Wagg, and Bob Murphy. Our Manager this year was Dick Cashman, who was always there on the job. The team elected Alan Butchman and Ed Paul as the co-captains for next winter's squad. After completing a fine indoor season, we are look- ing forward to a terrific outdoor one with many cham- pionships. G.A.L. OFFICERS Seated: 1. David, C. Hickey, J. Branagan. Standing: Miss Tilson, Miss Birdsall, P. Mahaney, M. Symonds. GIRL'S ATHLETIC LEAGUE The Girl's Athletic League has been one of the busiest organizations in the school. The "League" mem- bers selected a committee to re-write the constitution in order to make room for the freshman class and to change eligibility rules concerning participation in interscholastic sports. This year the G.A.L. sponsored a Play Day and in- vited over seventy girls from the neighboring towns to participate in the volleyball and badminton games offered. Refreshments were served in the cafeteria and plans are being made to make this affair an annual event. OFFICERS: Preiidenr .......... ............................. J Umm-1 DAVID Vice-President ..... ..... C ATHERINB HICKEY Treasurer ................... ...... J OAN BRANAGAN Recording Secretary ........ ...... M ARILYN SYMONDS C orrerponding S ecrelary ............ PATRICIA MAHANEY av if . Hg fx- Q 3 ' ,Q if 5? 1' mi g J 23 Q Qi 2 . ' ' V jf- A i ':,-' Q "" mih 1 mx' , A A h ,Af M Mb.. X1 WWW E515 m K -5 xv, .Hg ,.L, ,, K 3 A fi , R A , J. X Q ff?" Q ff"-ll' M: qhgg, 1 X-XR , Sa ,gg D ., 2 E 1' I t Q K Q if ,MN KN A 'WA .M X v , "K X 'X xg? 1 if Y 1 4 1 Q ,J r '. , . ' Q. 'A Y . ,,,.' 4 ' Q 4 1 gr if ,533 S 5 l It ff X S My 3 g 1 Q ,ff E ' MX ' P ' f E X ,,4 N A - 2, f l A ",L 6 fi'-1' few ' 3. , 'N 'YM 1, 1? fi A ,NJ QL Y Q 9 HU . X NL E 1' Liga, :v ,V 1 . 41- , K5 ,. Xi. I W 1- i ff' 457' .WWW K. 3 - r E, , 4-tr 1, yy " QM 'Y' Q ,nun -B5 if 5 9' s ywrfx . , i ii? fjfjqiigjmfjf gf!-XAEMM f if I-adldww , ',,,, .' 3-Q x 3VT'f'if5m! 59 ,WMM 5 ,ef WH i, If w ' A J' WJ y 1 N3 mann M 1"'E,,:s'x3 , X 0 db 0 ,Q A409 A, 3,5 MM ' " fmvsg J 96 M ,LMDM K Wgvhi Ae" MQ, 5 WM! . A WM lX5,dyA'3 - V Qfmggw . CQJQMW 4145-Q? vena-FHLIF? ? Ike fb :supra fail f""J,a.Wf-'x i? N M f'2fw5m Yell Mc- VMLM ,img Ax,,,ar.,2 '-'v-Q 4: I L vf- A va .- .T--A , I ,Z n iv t zfxbiy f -- ' M ' ' x .. 1 ' . 'nu A 3 'W 3 V -Q. , Q j K . : " in K 'qw U' , 1 " ' " I nw, H N,-9. .. T I 1 ,K . , ,. . ,t k 1 . X E,- .,, W' v Q qi! W W.: is 1 . I :-,, v- 5, Ve YA I D , , , 5: M. , , I gg H ,A 1, q. 1 .Av My 1 ,v f Ps f m 3 -t. ' 43' Sui ' 4 'F' A , 1 x ' w 2 w 1 eu v W 1: M 'IF' Q r W -' - if 55 -an K, Q -13.5 V at W w v-kgih. ei ae ,i 3? 1 4-1 mg, . , , .. .,4. W m A , M ' aw -1. we - ' H 'ffiw 2 A Q 4' sfil ' Q V Q 1. V, a M W aa nf s Q N "wSf . fi L wb sw t 4 , N 3 Q7 PM 5 'A z Q 5- Q ai' J L 25. ' -2 , , Q L 7, .. .L K1 w N,

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