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in ,I 74 1 4 l xx. V L' g. ,,, ': D .N A-Irjlifl -, Tfi gi' ' , N ,ig ns , ff A fs' 44' Ya--' I: I, - gl".+-, A - 'A .w. gh ,i.f,.- A . -31' " ' - ' ' lv: 'wi ' . '. 5 4'-" '. !Z .-A, q! K - . . ll, rl I 1 ffaf' t. Argx,, .gi . ' Q ax l,.', .f ., 1 . 5, "lk A. ..- Eff L V: lj."-f9. .-" 1 x ll I ...J ,I 1,-5'N N"g. , x-fr?4- -Y .13 Ki" lil. '-' 55127 xV1fP . Q. . -4' ' iff: ' N 0 if XA 1-gpm ' 5 ,wr-M f'. . ' . A -Ir . . J ww 4 Q HIGH SCHOOL C WE SASS an ' lass of U43 aticlz igh Salma! NWC, the Class ull 19118, lovingly dedicate this, our Scnim' vczirlnuwla. tu Miss lllizgiheth Rose Clisliiiuii, ii tcuclici' in thc Ckiiiiiiiciziiil Dcpiirtmciit fruiii Scptcnr her, 1958 In Nfiveinlwci, 1947, llmiring iii ht-r cllnrts, lxfllbb Caisliiuii gave uiiscl hshly of her time ami tiilcnt tu those who were piivi' logic-tl tu wine umlcr her tlircctiim. XVQ wish hci' much ligippiness in hci' new pusitiim with the Natick lrctlcrzil Savings and Login Associutimi. 7 IHI' fw,XhbAlNllt THF SASSAMON 6. the Class nf IO IS, wish rn express mir gippif-ciririwii ru all rhc in s of our faculty fur their puliciicc and umlcrstnmliiig. 6 hnpc' than W0 will prove gi crcilit IH them in thc- vc-urs In mine Alfrcxl A. M.1llK-0 Ralph lXl.lf'IlI1 Robert O. Amlruvs Willigliii M. farm' lirunfis li. C.irr Robert C.1rrrill Hclcn lf. fonnnllx' Francis W. Cronin Hclcn DQML-rin Mario P. l50fl.ll1OL' Clayton li. Ciglrilm-r lillcn M. Cirimcs liramcs M. H,1yrs fNl1.lI'lt'S 'l' lXl.irsu OUR cll.1flCS lf. lXlL'lxl.lIlllS lfilith M. Nutt lXl.lf'.!.lI'L'l A, UT nnncll Henry Pl.1ussv Dyke I.. Quaikcnlwusli lXl.lf4HLlCl'lIi,' l.. R.itl'urtx' liinily l., Slmnnnn hcrahl bl. Sldllllll 'l.lHL'I l.. Slrmk lilkl M, lillsnn H.lI'lW.lf.l XV.1lsh liilxnirrl N. Wfliitc lhisy V. Nxfilrlhur Knlilrun W' Yniirrg ' 'TW' Www ?w,1q ,X 'Q-K. 'SLB' " J ecvn ey " 'X..,,. , ,- ,WT NEEUHAM W y , I, af-. 3 ' r 2+ iT Y xx 0 1 'W 1: A'VA " 7 si A' 5 i ,, v x V , .s oseb x ,CK v' ' L 12 'Deacon ' 7? Wi 9-f , mf ' " 9. ,.,x x ,yt Q-, , , ' 1 1 I ' f Q.. A , , .V , ' 'zf Qui 0 ' 'hw 'Pu-o vJ9"'K'4,' va ' , 1 My! 7 ' , I 9 ' guy e ? n f7,..V,1 4 G 1 22 True Lo V8 3 ii ii '4"""" ii' "A4"""' , l ,--1 De biting on Compu SOP'-y Mvlifarly T'Y"3fl'1H"g " Who 11 ? wwf THE SASSAMON Qmduation Trogwznzme.: Prove-ssional, "K1arc11e Rnmainc-" .... . C111l'l7'lU.V G101Hl0d HIGH Svnum, flRK'HliS'I'RA 1 National Anthem . . . , l"ra11ri,v ,Smit Key Invocation RRVERENU .'5xITGI1S'l'IN1'f x1t'f1URMIf'K .-Xddreis of VVe1r0mf- I DANIE1, RALPH CAR1bIiI,I,1K'CHIO l'l'r'.f1dF'lIf, C'lr1.r.v uf IU-IX 1 Soprano Solo, "CariSsin1:a" . .... , Arflmr .-I. Penn E ,IUNE ESTFELLA KNOX .4rum1zfm111'.vt, Glillklllf S'1'm'141eRIm:E, 1940 1 Iiuay, "Our Place in Tml:1y's XVurlc1" 1 , ,Q 1 j,xN12T 1',I,I2.-xmf3TH KORBETT 1 Yinloncello Solo, ".-Xllegro AIJ17HSS1llI1I11I1n . . . ,Slrizzt-,S'f1ezzx 1 IIARRIPZT 'IHYVIQ PRIUR i A-lrmuzfwzisl, 1'A'rsY 1'.XRR1Nlfl,I,0, 1050 u i Farewell Adf11'PiS 1 1'zITCl-:NE lJ01IGI,.-KS Romii 1 1 I'f'f.vi11m1l, .Vulimml limznz' ,S'nfir'!,v 1 bf31f'fC1lO1l, Ifzur Land of Irrecrlmn . ..., Guslaw Ixlrmuz SIQNIUR CHORUS .-lrrmlzfvmriu, lhfliklllff S'rovKHRInnE, 10-10 Address , NIR. f'l,xRIQNc'F P. QIYIMHV, llm1flun1.vl1'r, f.llXl11lI5ll .-lr1111'un1x' 1 Presentation of Diplomas MR. 11AROl,lr 11. VIUHNSON f'ln11'I'umu. .Yrlzfml llllllilzifffw Alma Mawr A . . . IJIFIIIF .vI4C110I.Y, '26 CLASS or 1948 Recewional, "Graduation Nlzxrrlf' .... , , .11 I., Inks 1 llama Srxmm, flRt'HlQS'I'RA 1 V1NCEN'r lhXRlbl'fLI,Il'f'I1IH, 1040, llfzrxlmi rr THE SASSAMON Graduation---Address of Welcome Parents, Teachers, Friends: As president of the Class of 1948, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you here this evening. We are gathered here as a class unit for the last time. Soon we will take various paths along life's highway. Wfe were indeed fortunate in having you, our teachers and parents, whose patience and guidance have made our education possible. As we go forth to take our place in the world we hope to be a credit to you and to our com- munitv. Our Place in Today's World At last the time has come for us, the class of 1948, to step forth on life's highway. We will meet with problems similar to those our predecessors had to overcome, but also, we will meet situations more serious than those any other generation had to contend with. We can no longer look at what is going on about us through rose-colored glasses, hut we must face the unpleas- ant realities along with the brighter side of living in todays world. just what is the state of the world today? History has never recorded a period of such intense tension and uncertainty. Now, as never before, when the full cooperation of all countries is essential to rehabilitate Europe from the havoc wrought by the war, what is happening? There is little international cooperation. There is, instead, a series of unyielding deadlocks among nations. America is no longer an isolated nation. Our new scientific era and eco- nomical system have put an end to any desire of maintaining a neutral attitude toward foreign affairs. The United States is usually drawn into all controver- sies no matter how trivial they may be. A democratic government is literally a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Many people are inclined to think that a democ- racy is a perfect form of government. Nothing could be further from the truth, there is no perfect government anywhere on earth just as there is also no perfect man. Post-war America is now battling inflation, strikes, petty politics, and crime waves. Even though America is supposed to be a land of equal opportunity with no race or creed discriminations, it cannot be said that it is truly so. The sooner we stop trying to hide our short-comings, the better. We should bring these black clouds out into the open and then tight them on an uncluttered battleground with "truth" being the potential weapon. America is faced today, not only with various domestic problems, but as a member of the United Nations and the leading financial power, America is invariably becoming entangled in all international and world affairs. Our country is now backing the Marshall Plan, a plan for European recovery, not just more relief, hut permanent reconstruction of production, agriculture, dis- triburion and trade. llnder the plan the United States will give aid to the THE SASSAMUN Vifestern European countries who will cooperate to recover their pre-war econ- omies. The plan will not be able to reach its goal if the cooperation and assistance of all involved in it are not obtained. The Marshall Plan, or a similar plan, is essential to the whole world, including the United States. Unless international trade is again restored, our own economy will suffer greatly. On the Marshall Plan and on many other proposals, America is at odds with Soviet Russia, the great power of the East. The failure of the United Nations is due largely to the constant bickering between the East and the West. Communism, the form of government of Soviet Russia, relegates individuals to the unknown masses, to the state. lt insists on conformity and Party regu- larity. Because of the disagreement of the United States and Russia, some cynics believe that the world is not big enough for both, and that war is inevitable. But is war inevitable? War is not inevitable if human knowledge and advance preparation can possibly avert it. By preparation, armament is not necessarily implied. What is needed is education, knowledge of the world and its people, and of the times in which we live. The United States and Russia both know little about each other, and such information as each possesses is often distort- ed by mutual prejudice and fear. The problem of the East versus the Wfest is the most highly inflammable one of all. If our ideas are not strong enough to withstand contact with those of the Russians, then it is high time that we should overhaul our ideas and make them stronger. just a few of the major problems of todays world have been touched upon. What part do we play? What can we do? Getting down to the indi- vidual responsibility of each member of this class, there are several things we should do. First of all, help keep America strong by being good citizens and keeping as well informed as possible on current events. Youth today needs a little more of that old pioneer spirit. Nowadays, we are inclined to want everything handed to us on a silver platter, and when anything unusual hap- pens, we feel very insecure indeed. Today there is a great turning to govern- ment for security, and that feeling of insecurity has given the radicals and the communists, the theorists and the planners, great opportunity to upset all of the wise lessons in democracy and right living. The chief danger to America is right within ourselves. We need to be more "self-reliant" and yet, we should turn also to one another, toward cooperation. XX'e need to consult together, to think together to fortify our self-conhdence. The world, although tattered and broken, is not yet a complete loss. Now is the time for America to set her house in order, to show the rest of the world the true strength of democracy. Youth will play a major part in ironing out our many problems. Out of the ranks of youth will come the leaders of tomor- row. God grant them the power and the foresight to salvage the world from destruction and make it a ht place in which to live, so that someday every man, woman, and child will obtain his true heritage of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. jaivm' CORBET1' THI1 SA SS A M UN Farewell Address The world into which we, the class of I0-18, ar going is chaotic and racked with disagreements and misunderstandings. It will be the work of todays youth, tomorrow's men and women, to solve the problems and sooth the wounds of this troubled world. The "Sea of Life" is always turbulent even at its best, but with the unrest so prevalent in our world today the waves at times seem insurmountable. However, in the end, through perseverance and untir- ing efforts, we will be able to overcome all obstacles. In few countries of the world do the youth receive as excellent an educa- tion as we here in America. Many do not appreciate the advantages of this education while they ai'e in school. However, they are soon brought to a realization that there are innumerable opportunities open because of their high school training. We have received a fine foundation on which to construct our future. We could not possibly fully realize or appreciate the sacriflces and efforts of the men and women whose untiring and ceaseless work has so well prepared us. We could never put into words our gratitude for this preparation, but by striv- ing to live our lives so as to be a credit to our school we may thus form a living tribute to the men and women who mold the back bone of America. Let us pause for a few moments to contemplate the role that education should play in the world of tomorrow. To secure a lasting peace it is neces- sary that the people of the world be united by a bond of brotherhood and cooperation. This can be accomplished only when all people have a knowl- edge of the customs and problems of their neighbors. We must no longer think in terms of just our own country or even our hemisphere. The task of educating the world in this concept of brotherly love can best be accomplished through the schools. It has long been realized that the public school is an important medium through which a whole nation may be influ- enced. Hitler realized this and made use of the schools in propagating the terrible doctrine of Naziism. This is an example of how an entire country may be influenced through the schools. If the schools are such influential institutions, would it not be possible to propagate the desirable doctrine of world brotherhood? One program already points the way to an effective means of studying our neighbors. This is the exchange student plan which encour- ages the exchange of students from America with those of France for example. The students study in a foreign land for a summer or even a year or more. Thus they receive a more graphic conception of the lives of their neighbors than they would receive from a text book. Education serves yet another purpose, that of raising the standard of liv- ing. This is effected through technical training and knowledge of modern methods and processes in both industry and agriculture. A brotherly world with a high standard of living should surely be the aim of this generation, setting an example for the youth throughout the world. A living monument far surpasses any granite tribute in value, therefore let us THE SASSAMUN ' dedicate a brotherly world to our teachers who serve so well with so little thanks. Needless to say we are each teachers in our ow'n right, in the words of john Oxenham: H Preachers and teachers all are we: Sowers of seeds unconsciously. Our hearers are beyond our kin Yet all we give may come again Witli lljllfy of joy or pain. We never know To what one little word may grow. See to it then that all your seeds Be such as bring forth noble deeds." liucshtsin Roan Class Poem lt says in the Bible, that when we' We must put away childish thingsg But we never realized, 'till now, Wliat grief this departure brings, YC glAUVVI1'- XVe were so busy-P-living and learning, NXfe scarcely noticed the passing days, But now, we have to say Farewellnee And go our separate ways. We've worked hard-played hard, Made friendships, firm and true, And all through life, dear Alma Mater- We'll do our best, for you. 'l'oinorrow. we face the challenge-we Of a tired, troubled world, Today we pledge our hearts to keeping- P The banner of Peace, unfurled. jfxtsui R. Aivioitoso 'xL,ewasJ'7,-ow' J I 5 t Lx 'f 2' x " xi.7 -J T, fjlfffg E,VEAlhSTiNg FNENJS !" Q ig- 4 -:V .Vw J V ' "M: " W, x 1 'z . vM? . e ,g 1, . x MMKEY M7 Bu-:Ida-g "LZ'f' iw, ..f , Q " , yflsk N Walton- 'Pg-gn" MSFUV ,, J Z 3 fi Q ,X J N Q ry A I 1 1 lg, I ' "1 A 'I J C-V971 'fchdi' HBH 9 ' I f ' man JH G Hub 550 Chanrwm NAT 'C' K' ' 3' f fU,PS.' " W 1 1 '41 J. ' V J ,,4A,:7'1 I .,f , XX Xxivlnrxej' J"'Ne ff X M, . ,- , j W . ' .,,V x iii - . Tk '-', ' ,f 'Y ' 5 A . K ij, -. l :B-'bbf C Bvams qxglvie +I-navy" 1 TH E SASSAMON ll I l I I l l . I I I l i l I l Class Day Progmmmo I 1 Processional, "Hardie Romain?" . .... . C'lIrII'lPx Gnunod 1 HIGH SCHIRII, f,,lRl'HliSTRX . . . . . . lfrmzris Shui! Key 1 SENIIIR CHORUS Address of VVPlcome l IJANIET. RALPH t'.xRIII11.LICuHIII National Anthem I I I Selcrtion, "Fair Land of Fl'QC'fl0l11U . . . . fillfftli' 1x'lI'mIIz SENIOR QQIIURLTS l .-1I'rIIIIIfIIIIIi.II, GI-urRI:Ii S'I'IIcKRRIIII1E, 10-19 l llistury Nl Am' T. IJUIIIQNY Q Yiulin Solo, "Aragonaisc" . ....I J. Illaxxeizrt f FIRMAN H. BURKE, JR. E .4rmIIIlwIIIi.vI, 1'.Ix'I'sx' PARRINI-:1.I.0, 1950 1 Class Poem I V ,I .Ix N I1 R. A M IIRIJSO 3 Class Sung . . lI'IIrrl.v IIIIII' III- NIARIIIRIR RUTH 1Tl'RFILl.Y CLASS mf 1048 3 Ulasi XVi11 ' Sven. C.'I..xIRE l.mvIt Pres0In:ItioII of Clam Gift 1 IQANIIZI, RALPII C.-xRIII-1I.LIc'ITIIIIII I Aw:I.rr1iIIg of National Honor Society l':111lllt'll1S MR. .AIJREII A. IX1AIfIfI-III, l'I'iIII'ifvIIl, .Xvl!,l.1iA' High .S'I'lIII0I p'I'6Sf'l'l1f1110l'l of Harvard Prizc liunk I MR. .ALFRED A. MAI-'IfI1I, l'riIII'ipIIl, ,VI:II'rL' llI'I1II ,STIIIIIII PreseIIt:ItiI,m of Athletic Award A MR. Ii. IQAYIS WQIUIHIIIRY, .N'IIf1I'riIIlI'IIIlrIIl .If ,SZ-lIIml.v, .Ynlirls 1 PI'PS0l1lfl11Oll of American Le-giuII Or:ItoriI':Il Mc-dnl Mk. CIARIQNQIQ N. AI1uI's'I'INI-E, C.'ImIIIIIIIIIlI'I', lf. P. C'lIIrlr.' PIII! 107, .l. I.. , l'reseIIt:ItimI of Good C111Z6l1Sl'llIJ Awurcl I 1 MRS. AI,v,x N. l+'IsnIiR SIIIII' C'lIuiI'IIIf1II, l7..Al.R. Gund c,'I.ll..2'm'lI.X',I1'fV l'ilIIriIIIImr t'oIIInIilf.n' Awarding of Anna F. f,i00llllU1V SclIIIl:II'slIip I MRS. AI,Iix.xNIrILR -I. MI'I'I'III:I,I., I-'rn.vi1irIIt, .YIIlI'I:l.' ll'IIuIIIII'c Club I Aw:IrrliIIg of Rotary L'lIIlI of Natick SI'lI0l:II'alIip 3 RIA, PAIII, lII,I.I.R I .'XWZi1'Cl1Ilg of l'lf1llC2i11l'JI'l2il Fund I MRS. l1ARVl'2Y l1ARUIN11, f'I'I'.viII'I'III, .YIIII'rlc f'IIllmIII' ll'ImmI1'x Club Alma Nlzntc-r ......... Lznkilr .VirlIoIs, '26 CLASS mr 10-18 RPCPiS10111ll, i'fi1'Iifl11Hl10l1 Marclf' ..... . 111. L. Laler llII:II SI'IImII, flRl'Il1-1S'l1R.X VINI'EN'I' l'.xRIIIiI,l.Im'4iHIII, 19-10, ,11IIr.Ilml 12 THF SASSAMON Class Day---Address of Welcome Parents, Teachers, Friends: On behalf of the Class of I9-i8 it is indeed an honor and a pleasure for me to welcome you to our Class Day Exercises. We appreciate very much the fine job you, our teachers, parents, and friends have done in making this, our Class Day possible. We do not know what the future years have in store for us, but whatever vocation we may choose we hope we'll be a success. To you we give thanks for making our education possible, and we hope wt-'ll be a credit to you and to our community. Class History It was once said that "Histories are as perfect as the historians are wise"g therefore, dear classmates, be prepared for any mistakes that might occur: On the fourth day of September, 1945, one hundred and sixty eager, new faces brightened the halls of Natick High School. The majority of these boys and girls, who gathered from junior High and St. Patrick's, are still with us to form this remarkable class of 19118. Wfe were no different from other Sophomore classes in some respects, though finding our different classes was not as routine for us as it was for our worshipped upperclassmen. How dif- ferently we feel now, three years later! Wfe have found, through experience, the classrooms that are the most pleasant. Strange as it may seem, the fav- orite room seems to be 58 A. Mr. Sears, our acting principal, graciously welcomed us at our first assem- bly. It was then that we first became acquainted with the rules and regulations of Natick High School. This was not to be our last reminder of them, how- ever. W'e were sorry to see Mr. Sears leave so early in the year. Mr. Martin became our acting principal until Mr. Mafieo returned from duty in the United States Navy to resume his position as principal. Soon we took part in the first attempt toward class organization: class elections. Our officers were Pauline LeBlanc, "Danny" Cardellicchio, John Conway, and Sumner Mathes. Our class was also well represented on Student Council, .SQi.i'ir111m11. Cilee Club, Orchestra, and, of course, in sports. Our class grew considerably the first year. "Bob" Stockbridge and June 'lozcr joined the class after a few months. Now we come to the part that really is history. Our class, after much ado, was allowed to hold the first Sophomore Hop in all the history of Natick High? Not only the Sophomores enjoyed this dance, but also many of the juniors and Seniors who attended were able to become acquainted with the members of our class. We had broken down one social barrier already. This affair was the most outstanding accomplishment of our Sophomore year. Per- haps this is one reason for our being such an outstanding class. THE SASSAMON 15 So we passed from Sophomore to Junior year. In September we returned again, having attained the great stature of juniors, and knowing that we were no longer members of the undistinguished class we left behind. We were full of plans for a memorable year. Class elections were held and our ofhcers were: "Danny" Cardellicchio, president, Dino Emanuelli, vice-presidentg Anne Fairbanks, secretary, and john Conway, treasurer. This year we added even more members to our class. Jean Di Santo, Dorothy Videon, Betsy Welch, Agnes White, XWard Richards, Stanley Roskey, George Chiacchia, Paul Champlain, and jacqueline Cournoyer transferred to Natick High. Mr. Andrews, Mr. Carey and Mr. Cronan returned from duties in the service to resume their positions as teachers. Mary McGrath was elected in March as our representative to Girls' State at Bridgewater. Eugene Robie and john Conway represented the boys at Boys' State in Amherst. There they were schooled in government and good citizenship. Soon all became enveloped in preparations for the junior Prom which took place on May 9. Hawaiian decorations provided exactly the right atmos- phere. This social event will always retain a cherished place in our memories. As a climax to this happy year, five members of the junior class were elected to the Honor Society. They were Janet Corbett, lidith Buell, Marv Carroll, Betty Schultz, and Eugene Robie. September, 1947! With great dignity we returned to school with our lordly titles of Seniors. We were deemed high in the estimation of our ador- ing lowerclassmen. Perhaps under this cover of pride we were a little sad to think that this was our last year, our last chance to do something really worth- while for the school. We strived to this point both in the classroom and on the athletic field. We were accompanied back to school by the swish of longer skirts and the ominous rumble of distant war-clouds. Wfe wanted to make this year a good one. Our permanent officers were chosen in November. They are: "Danny" Cardellicchio, president, James Christie, vice-president, "joe" Linane, secretary, and Jacqueline Cournoyer, treasurer. In December, otlicers of the Honor Society were chosen: Eugene Robie, president, Dino Emanuelli, vice-presidentg and joyce Prior, secretary. Our class now had twelve illustrious members in this society. Marion Sherman and Lorraine Anderson joined the class. We now num- bered about one hundred and seventy. Because of the inability to choose a dehnite football captain, a plan was devised wherein a captain would be chosen before each game. Under the capable coaching of Mr. Plausse, aided by Mr. Slamin, Mr. Andrews, and Mr. Carroll, we had an outstanding football year. All games were won with the exception of one which was tied. Again we defeated our rival, Framingham, the team was co-captained by Gus listes and "Grega" Chiacchia. ii THE SASSAMON loyce Prior was elected to be our D. A, R. Good Citizenship representative. ln March, Nick Efthim and Mary McGrath attended Good Government Day in Boston. This was especially notable for the students representing the ditlerent schools were allowed to take over the governor's and the legislator's duties for one day. As basketball captain, james Christie brought the team through a good season, under the coaching of Mr. Andrews. "Donnie" Mclver and "Artie" Mathews were co-captains of the hockey team under Mr. Carroll's tutelage, Frank Leone was captain of the baseball team with Mr. Marso coaching. ln April "Don" Mclver was presented with the hockey trophy, and "Bob" Pmrady with the basketball trophy. lfriday evening, April 2. the Senior play, "Through the Keyhole," was presented by a competent cast. XXfe can never forget Pauline LeBlanc's por- trayal of the supposedly old-fashioned grandmother, who had quite modern ideas. Nor shall we forget Bettylee Hunter, as her granddaughter, Jacqueline Clournoyer, as the French maid, and Rose Shaldone as a social climber. Never- the less, the members of the opposite sex did a remarkable job also. "Kenny" Parker assumed the role of an English butler perfectly, and Firman Burke showed his acting ability as another social climber. "Eddie" McDermott's per- formance as the grandson, and Gene Robie's, as a friend, were both excellent. Because of their acting ability, the cast made the play a huge success. This th ree-act comedy was ably directed by Mrs. DeMeritr who can never be lauded enough for her work for the Senior class. june Knox, june McKenna and Nancy Zullo entertained between acts accompanied by the orchestra under the direction of Mr. Mayberger. Honor Society Induction took place in May and the members will receive their pills today. The Class Party was held june 9 and our last formal function, the Senior Reception, will take place on Friday, june l l. Witli anticipation in our hearts, we look forward to these last gatherings together, which will end all our social functions. However, the night for which we have all been waiting, june l-1, is one that will end our scholastic records. Upon that night every dignified Senior will step forth to receive that precious document, the diploma, for which he has worked so hard during these three long years. And so we end the history of the class of '-18. This history is concerned with the classroom, the school, and its associations. Our own personal his- tories do not end here. They will go on for we have many ideals to live up to, many of which have been set before us during our years at Natick High School. The rest cannot be written now for that we do not know, only this we do know: we shall go forth in this world to strive for the highest things in life giving the best we have, hoping someday that these ideals may become .1 reality MARY Domzrstv llll1 SASSAMUN l- Class Will XX'e, the Class of IU-48, of Natick High School, in the county of Middle- sex, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, after three years of patient toil and earnest concentration, upon leaving these portals of learning to enter the world of earning, do hereby make and alla rm this to be our Last Will and Testament. Still physicaly tit and mentally alert Qwith a few exceptionsj we now declare all previous wills drawn by this class to be considered void. To Mr. Matteo, we leave our heartfelt gratitude for all he has done to aid us through these three happy years of school. To Mr. Martin, we leave Physics classes who will perform their experi- ments as brilliantly as we have this year. We also leave to him a bottle of glue to prevent those in next year's classes from continuously dropping things as we seemed to do. To Mr. Plausse, Mr. Carroll, Mr. Slamin, and Mr. Andrews, we leave many more undefeated football teams. To Miss Rafferty we leave the materials necessary to write a book on the town of South Natick and its inhabitants. To Mr. Quackenbush and Miss O'Connell, our class advisers, we leave our sincere thanks for their many helpful suggestions. To Miss Shannon we leave a Sd.l',l4llllUl! staff as ellicient in relating "first news first" as ours has been. To Mr. Slamin, "the dynamic personality," we leave a hot water bottle to be worn inside his jacket during the cold November football practices. To Mrs. DeMeritt we leave our eternal gratitude for a superior coaching performance in directing "Through the Keyhole," our class play. To Mr. Carey we leave one of those charming suits which the members of his track team receive, to keep him warm during those cold winter months. To Mr. Gardner we leave a larger waste basket and a box of chalk, with the hope that his aim will always be perfect. To the Sophomores we leave the seemingly unattainable but heavenly goal of Senior to which to aspire. To the juniors we bequeath our honored seats in the assembly hall, assured that they will be as quiet and dignified about entering and leaving as we have been. The Seniors wishing to make individual bequests are as follows: l, Stanley Roskey, leave my glorious voice that has charmed millions lo Donald Hubbard. W'e, Gus Estes and "Gregoi"' Chiacchia, bequeath our football co-cap taincy to jimmy Arena and George Mitchell. We, Dud Lane and jimmy McCann leave much to the relief of all the teachers. I, 'lean Anzivino, leave my quiet and unassuming ways to janet Connolly l, Joe Linane, leave my natural wit and humor to Tom Mallery. I, june Knox, leave my amazingly beautiful vocal qualities to Camille Wiggleswftirtli. lo IIIE SASSAINIUN I, Iiugene Robie. leave my astounding mental capacity to be divided equal- ly between Barbara Heard ancl Florence Fisher. I, Pauline Lelilanc, leave my willingness to serve Natick High School to any junior as capable as I, if there be one. I, Danny Cardellicchio, relinquish my job as President of the Senior Class to my brother, Vinny Carclellicchio. I, june lXlcKenna, leave my talent as ati incessant chatterbox to Frannie Brannagan. I, jack Conway, leave my obstinancy in an argument to Payson Dowst. I, Rita Horan, leave my excess height to Cac Neary. I, Robert I-lillier, leave my ability to be at all times a general nuisance to Charles Ilmanuelli. I, jane johnson, leave my ability to get to school on time to Isaac Shagoury. l, Bob Ifrongillo, leave my extreme ease in blushing to Robert Rinehart. I, jane Amoroso, leave my secret of hnding time to accomplish every- thing, even school work, to Annette Grogan. I, Ned Mahoney, leave the musical horn of my car to Miss Griffin to be used as a warning alarm in the pursuit of those students who occasionally "take a vacation." I, Billy Glebus, leave my ability to get along with everybody to George Stockbridge. I, june Tozer, leave my basketball skill to my sister, "Punkie." I, Bob Canning, leave my comb and slickum wave set to Wally Mont- gomery. I, Marji O'Reilly, leave my eccentric mind to anyone whose tnind, by some queer turn of fate, is as illogical as mine. I, Alvin Roscoe, leave my position as the most sought-alter by the female sex to Dick Cllasby. In witness whereof we, the Senior Class, hereunto set our hand and seal on this tenth day of june, 1948. SYBIL C. LOWE W 'jfl1C',I',f6'l! fly .' NORMA Scniauristia XX',ILI.IAM M. Claiuav Class Song 'Iliougli our hearts be sad, yet our spirits glad 'l'he new challenge of life we must meet, And we ask the Lord that the path we trod Will not tire too soon our young feetg For the world is ours, with its suns or showers We hold in our hands our true fate. May we never go wrongg may the faith stay strong Of the Class of Forty-eight. Mfutjoiuu O'RI3ILLY Lomzam E 0-10""'x 6003 56MB + .. .asus-mf" 6009 MKG Q50 Qc? .SQVAEVN vximk-E Ka THE RNEG. S9112 'BETTY LEE 1 554 ,g,,k.: f't :f- ff' K .L .51 f -: W ,, ff H. .,,.V J 4, , ,535 , ., , Q . an I7 U96 " I 'BRG JB 4 E 9' F- 'qma veK'5"V' "F 'Rav' ' 2 514016 NEEDHGM G Q me YTXBUJI . A ,av was N IAQ. Q I "T::uQ -FVHQNJS ooo' Fr 1efvJ5 I' NSTLACJIOUS qw' O ,xg feachens' 73 ' xN"W10T0 gear IC X' --'X 7-he WAJESI' xx IVIQYPQIH 'Gay 7'r1o" 7 Q , 1' E' A ' vx P if 'O 5 , 2, ' . -l 2 N 0 is.. Y . I rv cn. Q' is v-gig," girilfb--' f' tk ' U I mn "5 'Q js, E3 .T ,T--1 iw t' . f 2- 'rf' ' " T0 .Z ,1' PQ :tj Ng . -X 42 555 X - QR: ' Q 1 X K - ' I f 776 BXQCK Lfffrl li Woe ,vs fyeafo , gi Q... sw 7-7F'v g A7 Y M, 1. ag , , ' ij , -..,, ' -,vgm 1 1 ,yi ' 'ef Q f f F, , .QQ I A ., ,Q an ,' I W an if LQ N -I +-I Q . ., Aj, K Ha A:w::2, 4fz ., A - "5 , f 1- 1 C9 f f S ': 4 Q ,:. JOQNN0 Tl-Ili SASSAMON I9 Class Prophecy A COAST-TO-COAST TOUR One bright day in June, in the year 1968, the size twelve shoe of a B. and A. railroad conductor, JOHN WALSH by name, propelled us through the door of a baggage car and out onto the rocky track bed. We took a deep breath and realized that we were in Natick again. Dusting off some Natick dirt we wandered up the street to see how the old town had changed since we had left it. We hrst came upon a super "No-Nova" gas station, owned and operated by ljAVlD LANIQ. We asked him if he ran it all by himself, whereupon, Dave pointed to the grease pit, where JOHN LEAc3u was hard at work doing a job on DONALIJ NIt:HoLs and SIQIIJIW HuRs1"s taxi. We walked on up to the Colonial Theater. LORETTA VANOEL was still selling tickets. Since we were old classmates, Loretta let us in for half price, and we went in to enjoy the picture. The name of it was "Loves Labor Lost" starring JANE AMOROSO and lDONAl.D CORBliT'I'. A short subject, "Geeko, the Human Gstrichf' fea- tured ALVIN ROSCOE. The climax was Roscoe eating razor blades, steel wool. broken glass, and electric light bulbs. As we emerged from the theater to the sidewalk we saw BOB CANNING selling his product, "Perfectly Balanced Cue Balls-for aces only." He had quite a lot of-er'-buyers, too. Forcing our way through the crowd of cus- tomers and autograph hounds, we managed to get close enough to say a few words to him. He told us that AR'l'lli MATHEWS was now a millionaire living on the money he had made as Butter King. He has a huge house just over the Framingham border, a yacht, three cars. and RllTHlli fiASWfEl.l.. Suddenly Police Chief .RICHARD SANBORN and Sergeant RILIIARD PARKER broke up Pmobis legal business and told him to move on. We hastily got out of the way of the riot that ensued. We heard the wail of a fire truck coming down East Central Street. The truck was driven by GEORGE KOLBY, and AGNES WHITE was holding to the ladder for dear life. We rushed to the scene of the blaze and discovered Agnes' job as a fire woman was stamping out grass tires. A crowd had gathered. and w'here there is a crowd there is a Good Humor Man, RICHARD CO'I'TliR. Just then who should amble along but JAMIES PROFETTO who proudly informed us that he was star- ring nightly as a vocalist with ROBERT SMI'I'H'S band. He added that among the musicians were such notables as JANIS BURKE, BE1"I'x' SCHLILTZ, and JOYVI-' PRIOR. We walked on down to the "Hole" which we found to be owned and operated by the Furniture King, lDANNY flARDIil.LlCCIHIO. It was under the management of Danny's stooge, ARNOLD HARRIS. Suddenly we heard a sweet girlish voice coming from the depths of the bowling pit, "Get back and set 'em up in your own alley." It belonged to JEAN ANZIVINO, who was addressing her remarks to MARX' DIMITRI and BARBARA SLAMIN, No. l pin girls. The smoky atmosphere was overcoming us, so we crawled back to the street level in time to see NANM' ZIIILO wheeling a double baby carriage and being .fo 'l'Hli SASSAMON trailed by three more offspring of assorted sizes. She managed to silence her squalling pack long enough to tell me that her hubby, lofi LINANIQ, was CRITI- ing a living acting as secretary to Career XVoman, lVlARIli QUATRAL12. Sudden- ly we heard a gibbering cry, "Paper, five cents a paperln lt was PIETIER VANCE. lfishing for five pennies we bought a paper. XY'e were greeted by the follow- ing headlines: "Two Ciun Payroll Bandits Still at Largelu "R0nlER'f' BRADY and Rtifslifrl' Hflfflilt wanted for wounds inflicted upon bank guard, RALPH Noinus. 'lurning to the sport page, we found DoN Mtilvlait was now man- ager of the Boston Bruins, then back to our favorite comic strip, "Pete 8: Repetc-" by Niin MAftoNi2v. fly this time we were getting lningry, so we dashed into a drab-looking lzuilding called "lSAfnsAftA MAR'riN's Hash House' 'Our best is none too good." Short-order cook, Ronfilcr l:RONfill L0 dished me up a delicious ham- burger with all the fixings. He told us that they get all their milk, cream, butter andycheese from Roisirm' lNtsAi-1.s' Cjontented Clow Dairy Farm. On the wall there was a poster advertising wrestling at the Boston Cardens. fhallenger PAui. CIitAiuifi.AiN was facing the champ, Gus llsriis. It was to ic a bloody battle. A whisper at our shoulder, "XYf'ant a hot tip in the seventh at Narragansell?" I saw Biuocs, Natick's bookie, and his buddy and partner in crime, STAN Rosxfav. Wfe went into their Barber Shop to listen to the results of the race. XVe heard the announcer, DINO EMANUELLI, telling ol' their wonderful Vanishing Cream made by beauty specialist, KAY DIMITRI. XVhen the racing results came on. we found that my horse had come in seventh in a seven-horse race. Following the racing results was a commentary on the news by JOHN CQoNw'Av. He was telling of the appointment of GRAHAM HAR1 w'f.l.l. as new ambassador to Russia. Wife hastily left the shop, making sure that we still had our wallets. As it turned out, we had just enough to pay a visit to Srievifiaw bll"'l'K.Al.f5iS "Heres Mud in Your Eye" night club. Unct- inside, we found that lii"i'i'v Rnifnf was making considerable profit serving as a singing waitress and a tip swiper, from the other waitresses, LointAiNii Rock, l2Vfil.YN limi i-. and Sniiniiv l:lTZPA'l'Rlf.K, The feature of the program was the "Dance of" the Seven Veils" by MARIE XY'HlTf2. Wheim my whistles grew too loud, we were thrown out by the bouncer, CONNIE NIOSHER. Hurrying on down the street we saw a sign, "Lfif2 RAMsnlaLL Employment llureau Are you out of a job?" Standing in line were CilfRAl.D l:0S'I'fiR, ELLS- woitiii l5fntNAlnv and form Cnvi N. Going on farther, we climbed the steps of our old Alma Mater. To our surprise we found l2niiaBin1i.i. working as secretary to principal JORDAN lJfNt,f.f-.xy Times certainly have changed here. ln the Art Room was PLATT Qtffxikiiixisiisii with his assistants, Norma SfQHfillf"liLI- and MARGIQ O'RlEII.l.Y patiently tearing their hair at the sight of some of their pupils' creations. They stopped long enough to tell us that lirvnl l"Ol.liY had just resigned from teach- ing to get married. jfmfffs fillRlS'l'lli'S voice could be heard from the Gym where he was coaching the boys' basketball team. He seemed to be in an .irgument with LURINNI' Dorvn because her girls' team had just beaten his. No: reuniting fir inferfert- wt- htiri'ietl upstairs to try 'to find other familiar faces. THE SASSAMON 31 Wanderiiig about the corridors we encountered KAY KELLY, HITLLEN FANNON, JANET MANNING and MARY SIMEONE all back teaching at Natick High. At the sight of the next person bounding up the stairs two at a time we gasped in amazemen. Not BOB MCMANUSY But it was. He stopped long enough to explain breathlessly that he wasn't teaching but still going to school and still getting to classes late. Just couldnt seem to tear himself away from the place. Deciding we'd had enough school for one day we stopped in at Super- intendent THOMAS HOWARL7'S office to say good-bye to his secretary, MARX' CARROLL, and then out into the sunshine. Sauntering up West Central Street we suddenly came upon a huge sign: "BRIAN HIcsG1Ns, Experienced Baby Sitter." "Mothers, Trust Your Tots to Us." Able assistants were CLAYTON SPINIELLI, ROBERT NELsON, and LOiiis XWHALEN. Guess times havent changed so much after all. A few blocks farther, we came upon JACK CONDON's riding stable and stopped to watch riding instructor MARX' COFFEY conduct a class. We recognized LORRAINIT ANDERSON, ALICE FRENCH, RITA HORAN, and DORIS LOWE. At the sight of the three of us Rita was thrown from her horse. Attending nurse JACKIIT COURNOYER rushed to call an ambulance and in two minutes Hat up clanged JIM MCICORNIICQK and JIM MCCANN who told us if we wanted a ride to jump in and hang on. The ride was a wild one but we arrived safely to he met by Dr. FIRMAN BURKE attended by MARION SHliRMAN, DOT VioEON and ELEANOR WAl.I.lS. Seeing that Rita was in good hands we walked on through the hospital, look- ing in all the rooms to see if we knew anybody. Some of the familiar faces we saw were BARBARA JENNiNOs, HELEN MONsON, RUTH ENDFRSON and JENNY BACCHIOLLKLHI all recovering from mishaps. Going on by the nursery we spied lVlARY MEOLIOLA who told me that Rosie SiiALoONis was a proud mother of a baby boy. We then left for the Lab. where we found the mad scientists, ANNE FAIRBANKS, JUNE Mc1KENNA and Sviaii, LOWE, who were being supervised by GENE Roiaui. They are working on a new serum for Spring lfever. GLORIA DEVEAU was to be the first victim-to try the serum. We left before they could try it on us. . . . We found our way out only to be met by OLGA SAMARSKY who was home from New York having just signed a contract to model for the lDONAl.h BYRNIQ Model Agencies. Other models are JANE JOHNSON, lNlARJORllf AUGUSTINIS, and lNlATALIli JACKSON. We walked back to the City to see what goes on in the old town by night. We came to one of the big night spots featuring a new star attraction. After watching a few times, we left to get a soft park bench, but was beaten by two old classmates, JAMES GRAHAM and GITKJRCSIE CARR. We finally found one, only to be disturbed by Police Oflicer KENNETH PARKER, who was kind and considerate, seeing as we were old friends, he gave us some money to get our- selves rooms in the new hotel. I was quite surprised to see that SPIRO SPIRO was the desk clerk who rang for the bellhop, SYLVIESTIQR lVlAR'I'lN, to take us upstairs to our room. Next morning we were awaken by loud singing and talking. Flying to the window as fast as we coulde Awe ran all the wav to iv 'l'l'll? SASSAMON iind hlARY SIKORA selling hot dogs while her pal, 'IOAN SEDGWICK was run- ning a shooting gallery next door. The next sign really attracted our attention, "Come See the Real Hawaiian Girls." Buying our tickets as fast as we could we pushed our way through the crowd to get a good look at the hula-hulas who turned out to be PAT U'ciONNlil.l. and Bli'l"l'Y Liiis HUNTIER. The next attraction was the strong woman, PnY' lVlll.l.liY. WARD Rit1HARDs was running an information booth to the Lovelorn. He had quite a line waiting to see him including two more familiar to us, -lliAN lVl0NACO and EDWARD hlf'lDlililNlO'l"l'. VC'e decided to take a ride on the Ferris Wlieel and discovered it was being operated by Ciiaoiuaia ClllACCIl'lIA who informed us that we would have to wait because lNlARY lVlCkiRA'l'll was running a kindergarten and had brought her pupils to the circus and had them on the ferris wheel. After using all our borrowed money we walked slowly toward the railroad track to take our leave of dear old Natick. As we sauntered across the street we were nearly killed by DORIS LYNCH in her super convertible her father had given her for graduation. She slammed on the brakes just in time not to hit XWALTIQR lVlCLAllGHLIN'S apple cart. She asked us if we wanted a lift to Boston. On the way she told us that KENNETH hlANNlNli was operating an airport now and DONALD BOURET was up in Maine taking care of the trees and shrubs. His helpers are RALPH BALL, XVILLIAM t1i.iaisus and RICHARD LANt:Li2Y. Arriving in Boston we bade farewell to Doris and left for the airport in l-OllISli HAMXX'liY'S taxi. Taking seats in the plane we discovered our hostess was jursns KNOX who told us HIQRMAN DowNiNo was pilot while Gi2oRt:if l-ll.,lA was co-pilot. Settling down for a nice peaceful sleep, we were suddenly brought back to life with a sound that to our imagination was the engine falling out. But we were quickly informed that it was CAROLYN MANNA snoring. Looking around we saw MARY' CAss, lVlARlli UIERRITY, and OLQA MARTlNliLI-I. Our nrst stop was in Chicago where we headed straight for an insurance company to get our lives insured after that ride. Wfe were met in the oflice by DOT AiniARN, who told us NANfjY' BARN and jANis1' CORBIETT were the bookkeepers for this company and would hx it so that we could get our insurance cheap. Russiiii. lll,lJRlDGli was head of this business. He was busy at the time talking to hlARY DOHLNY, telling her that she should take out insurance on her family. We also found out that .lANli'l' FAIR was running an "Old Maids" home, for girls between the ages of I9-25. Some of her star boarders are JIZAN DISANTO, SlllRl.liY lii.i.ioT, and lN"lADlil.lNl2 l7RANCQlOSli. Un the way back to the plane we met CAROL CASALI who told us she was secretary for lXflCKY El"TllllNl, a well-to-do business man. XVhen we arrived in California, we Went to the HROBIERTDOHIERTY Hotel." Walking into the lobby we saw RAY ELLIS at the desk while BETTY bAR'roN was his assistant clerk. Betty told us that FRANK LizoNia, FRANCIS -lossi LYN, and ROBERT S'rotgKiiRiDc,if were leaving for a trip through China. Roio.R'i' SIU! Ks. the head waiter, gave ns seats near'the dance floor where we J PHL SASSAMUN w saw .lANItLl1 VUOODVVARD and her husband looking at the IIIoon while other honeymooners were MAIa lVlOS'I'liCQKI, PAULINI1 LIQBLANQ1 and CQHRIs FRos'r. LOUISE JACKSON was down in Mexico at her new ranch home with her hus- band. C.oming out we walked along down by the sea where we saw a sign which read "NoRMA LANIa starred here," and pointed toward the sea. We were told later by VIRGINIA lVlANliRlCHO that Norma was swimming to Hawaii. FLORIZNCIE RAPHAIZL was running a beauty shop here in Hollywood and was doing a job on a new screen star, ELIQANOR QUINN. Going hack to the hotel we mer ARLIQNIQ McCAR1'IIx' and JOAN lX4CBRIDl2 who were sitting there in the lobby talking over the old days. They told us BIETSY ANN WIELCIH was in England writing a new book, "Love Stories of LILLIAN jAtLKsON." NWC also found out that EDWARD Rltjii was running across the country to see if he could break the record. JUNIE TOZISR was his timer. At last our tour was ended and we were now to go our separate ways. ANN STACY, still wondering whom to marry, and SUZI CQl.0UciII interviewing any and all celebrities we met en route. Vlfho knows what twenty years more Inay bring? Hair like Eyes like Smile like Figure like Build like Dance like Talented like Personality like Perfect Senior GIRL ANN S'I'AcQx' SUSANNIE Ctoucsn XVARD RICHARDS BUY. Louise Hainwey "Red" lillis Ann Stacy Mary Doheny Mae Mostecki .lean Anzivino Nancy Zullo Polly LeBlanc Clayton Spinelli Dino Emanuelli Skins" Estes Arthur Mathews Bob Smith Danny Carclellicchio U , . P. . Q N N STQEELLYJ W D "ZW 'sw ' 1 'Z ,M fs '14 . 1... 'TY' k O ft," J X., JOHN 2, Spiro will C nrwxa mg Ke Your 'FTCKIQ' -' Qgrr iBF?TTle nTlgu Q' f"""2PW2'i yi S QfF57ElvCh1E ,Aiden Gem 4971.5 A-.. C"l' Q 32" N ,101 Q ' N , 1 2 g, 2 A in A: N' ff' , NICK if 11 - R'-455 Q j f ' ln! u fomun 591 MARC TQ? A , E P'-123 6 fr A'Q2l7f1a M,, 'eeofff . ff, ff Irs W H " d'gW-90 -Wk in I'lll' SASBA MON lil A iuf-A IIHNHIQ N M'lIz'l'Y Nl ICM IZIQIQS I uul ru Q IQ lflwluuflge, DI. k'1uu'Iuett, S. fluuuglu, flllxx Nrlllllg. Nl. Suuuueuuuue. VI. ,Xuuu-uuuuw. WI, Uuuuuxsuy. X uuuuuur uuuu I1 lluuufeu, li. liellgu. I". lIlll'lxl'. .X lfzulufluzuuulw. IQ. Xfuuulx. Xl. lluulueuux, l'. K'lu:uuuulul:uuuu. Xl. L':uu'u'1ull. Iuuuuu lx Iiuuu ll. lx. llluuuueuulluaul. I. l'u'uuuu, lf. liuuluuu-. IJ. l',uuu.uuuuellu. ll. llu.uuul, ll. Sflllllll Honor Soeielx. 1947-1948 l'ufuf.1uuuu lfuyeuue lifuluuf I ful l'uu ufufuffl Dunn lQuuu.uuuellu Nfulfmfu .Ieuyfe l'ruuu' Nuufuuuu ,llclllffelu 'Iuuue Auuuuuumsfu. lltlllll lluell, l"uu'm.uu llurlxe, M.u'y C,.uru'uulI, l'.uul 4 luuuuu uluuuu. 5uz.uuune flouglu, 'IUIIII Cfiuuuxxpuy, JQHIL1 Cfurluelf, Mary Dolueuuy. Russell lzlflruflge. lbuuuuu l'uuu.uuuuellu, Auuuue l".uirlu.uuks, Heffvlee Hunter, K1lflllL'Cl1 Kelly, Ruulplu Nfurrus. .Ifuyfe I ruuur. llugeuue Rfuluue, Betty Sfluulfz, Mlury Suuuuecuuue. I lfnuffuu' ,llfunfuuu liluuuou' liluuuuenflual. lflizabetlu Cluilsouu. lflfureuufe lfusluer. l5.urlu.uf.u lle.uu'fl, llue lxlilfltli Cluufpfeu' ful flue Nklfltlllill Hfuuuuuu' Sfueuefv vufub uwluzuuuuzeel uuu .urflu luuu' llll-I-IIIIS. Five seuuuuuu' meuuulweus lufffl lueeuu eleeuefl uuu fllL'llA uuuuufuu xe.u' .uuu-el IULIITCCII were zffluuuuffefl uuu Deeeuuulueu' fuufl Mfurelu ful flue Pl'CSL'llI Nklllllll Ve.u'. uXlL'I1llWCI'Nlllp LC!'IlllCilfC5 WCVL' PFCSCIIICLI ill fllk' IIILILICCIUII LCl'CIllfullV Ull l lllllll ljlcu lllLli'' eveuuuule. May 15. 'llue guesf s uefulieu' umm Mui -Iuuluuu 1 ' , ' uuuuufuuuuus uXl.uu.ugeuA uut flue lifusfuuuu Cuuluulue Qlllkl C,luzuu'uuu1uuuul flue lulfulue lrellfuwsluips I uuuuu 1 ull uuuuffee. Puuum lue.uu'i ug flue Nzufufuuuful I-lfuuufuu' Suueietv euuululeuuu were flue gl ful flue uuueuuulweus ful flue selufuful efuuuuuuuiftee fuuel were Pl'f.'5L'lHC'Ll auf fluuuelfuufufuuu. luu flue lgull Iuuuef f,Ol'lWCII uuuuel lzeluflu Buell Llb5lbICLl uuu egunuluuguuuulg luuuuuks uuu-I luelpuuue flu SCT up flue new xelufuful lilWu'au'y. Uuu Iuuue luusf flue Rfufuuuv f,lulw ClIICl'IQllllCLl flue uuueuuulueus ful flue Huuuuuuu ufuefx' .uf .u luuuelueuuuu uuu flue lure lufuuse. ' THIS SASSAMON J S'l'I.'IJl'lN'l' fIlI'NL'll. lf.1iA'wz." I', l'arrinc-llo IQ. hlohnson, .X Troia. C. Cliristie, Y. klI'IsIIl.IIlll, XY. l.IIlZIlIl'. iflfllilwl Hifi" li. SIiri'l4ln'itlue' XXV. I'lllI'2IIIk'L'. KT. XXIllll:lIllN, nl, Illlnlirlt, kl. l'oxxcl's, .I I,ct', It l't-liliuan, DI, .Xren:t, Y. Carflelliccliio, lf. Rohit-. .Nrinfrzfi lor." Isl. Klctuuingt, Il. Pztllzxilino, S. Iiesseliileu, Il, l.ilj:i, Xliss lirllllvrly, ll I'nili'i' klirllllivlly, lf. Xlcllrlilll, ll. flflxiv. llflillll I x I, 'llofi-r, lf. llzirlon, IQ Slifllil-nie, X lxflliiini ll t':il'1l--lliciliio, I' I--lllan. l', Ifolt-i,l Xllllll'-Isis Student Council The governing body of the Natick High is composed of elected repre- sentatives chosen early in the school year. This year's othcers were Nicholas Iffthim, Presidentg Daniel Clardellicchio, Vice Presidentg and Pauline I.c-lllanc, Secretary. The main duties of the Council are the selection of cheerleaders, approval of the 5L1i,it111fw1 Stalk sending flowers to students because of illness or a death in the family, and the organiaation of the Football Dance. Quite often Mr. Malleo turns over any minor problems to the council. They are undertaken with sincerity and accomplished capably. Natick Student Council has participated in all the conventions, state and sectional. Nicholas lffthiin has been a discussion leader at two ol, these meer ings RI PIM R 'I'IIIf SASSAIXION -I 51111311 . 4 Xlfl-HI Y I' X'I'IU 'I , , , . . , . . . XII' Xnflv'--xxx, I., KIIIIIITIIISI, II, XII'Ix'I'I', l'. l,l'IllIl'. Il. L:II'IIvIIII'L'II1Im, I'. llrlx- IHII. IC IlI'l-VIIII I. N'.n'IIII'I'IuI' I XI'l'II'l I Xlll'I'IIl' IQ I"II'II'I' X i'll'- . .. x ., f.... . ,- . -- IIVIIIIIIIIII I I'-'II'I'- X I'v.lII'IlIIIIIx', If, Xnnw, Ii, IMIIII, IQ. SIIIIIU, Ii. Xvzury, IJ. IQIIIIIIIIIUIII, if C':1x:IIi, hi IIVIIJIIIIII. .I I'InIxI:II.. S FI-IIII4II, Ii, Xlznnninn, XY. lz1l'1IlIN. I IZ IZ.II'1IIn. If II-IIIIII, I' XQIIIQ-, IL, I':III:nI'inI., I IFIIIIIIV-III. ,If XYIIII, If XX'iggII--- IINIIII, XI XIIIxuI':IxIy XI l'I'Iu1, ILIIIIIIIII, I, XIIIIIIIIIIQ, lx. IxI'IIx, XIX-I'I'I'l1x II XIIII1-.X linen-I. If l'I'IIIlUIIl", XI. I-'III-I, X IKIIIIIIII, IQ I',IIIrulgv, lx, fillllllll, Q XI IIIII--nz-, IJ II-IIIMII, IZ XXIIIII Safety Patrol IQIIL' I'1I'e IH SLIIHCII' IJ.III'III VILIN In'ggIInzed in Septelnlwer. Nielmnlus Efthim IN LIILKIKXKI IJresiIII,nr1 Russell Illdridge, Vice Presnelenrg and Mary Coffey, II'eI.I I'I'fI'I'I-.INIII1-I1 'I'I1e UlIIlIIIISSIIlIICI'S Inu' the yein' have been Nancy Bard, IILRIIIHI' fllllllll NI.IIx' SIIm'InII'. IJLIIIIIV fQII1IeIIII'cI1iII, Rulverr Doherty, llllll .Iv . I x I I4IVllIIQllI4l, IAIIII' III IIIK' w.Ir IIII- Imax .IIIII In' I.Ixxs III' the pgnrnl were revI5enI bv Mr, XI.IIII-.IA XIII ,XIIIIII-xxx, rlre IIMIKKVIINX .IIIII uII11I11isL.InIIeIIs, Aa .1 result nf the new I1II.Ixx N IIII- new InenIIweI-I .II IIII- Nrferv I'4IIrnI IIIII Iwe I-In-In-II Iw the IXICLIIIV I .I I IIIIXL' fe-wInInII Ice ' 1 IIII- NIIQII' IJ.nI'IIl IwI.n'I-II .In .II me Imrx in fiLlI'CLI' ID.II', IXIQIIIII I6,4L1llILlIII.!f If,II IIIXIXW .IIIII Iwngnlw In IIII-x.II'IIII1s sn-sw-IIN, IIIIIN I'IIIlIIII.IfIII5j nnv IIIIIIAIISIIIII. THF SASSAIXIUN J YICXIC IIUUIQ KYIXI XI I'I"I4I'I' , . . . . , . l'f111'k1'frr1': Ix. I'.IfI1'11IL11-, II. I',111:11111vII1, Ix. N111'1'1x I I'1'1fl1'Il11 Ix 'N1111lI1 X II1111 II I 1 lwil. 'flliful 1'.'1:1'.' I. XICIQI-1111:1, If. Ii111-II, XI. XIv1.gIi11 I x 1IIx N IIIIIIIII ,N.'1wu11l1'.f:.1' lx, kuttg-1',t.I:1N:1I1,5, KI1111ggI1, I XI1II 1 lx IIIIIIIIII N S1I1111I1Ie X full lx. XJIIIIIII. lwnnl mrw: I.lUrl1vt1, XI. Ij11:1t1':1I1-, I, k11111A111111-11 X, I-:111'I1:111I I X1111 , XII 1II'1'X. 4 I-. ,-11. SIKNIUIX I',XIzk I I IX In IIHXIQII , . , , , . . I-.nk r1f:.': II, I'.111:111111-II1, 5. Slu11'11, I., l'I1i.111I1i.1, Il XI1 XI XI III N.'f11111l w.'.' XI1' Ij11:11'Iw11I111NI1, XI U11:111.1I1, I- XX1I1I1, X I 111I1a11I XI I H11 XIIxx lI'I'111111n-II fvwf Im." I l'1-1111111111 I I,i11:1111-V Il II:11wI-AIIII-1I11-1, I II111 11 I XI IXIIIIII S 'l'IlI NASSAM UN l.LllIlll': l,.lLIllIlL' l.L'l'5l.lllk, l-lIC'l'.ll'f' lf1l11111'g H.11'h.11'.1 l'lC2il'Ll xml Shirley t 6 0- 5 XSS XXIHX TVI' Xl'I- !1'.1,l 1.1, Xliw Il--11.1h.11g S, K1-111, XI l-.1'1'1'11x, XI11 l':111', IZ ll1':11'1l, X l1:11'1l, Xllw Sllilllllwvll N1 1111 11 l KX-1l11'11. Xl K'.11'1'11ll, l' l.1-lll:1111'. l- lll111lr1', XI 511111---1111 11 1 1 1 'X 'l1l11111vl1-, li N11111, l X11111111N11 X I'l,lllllllA l' l'lNlll'Y The Snssamon 'l'hc' .N.1111111ff11x S1.1lI. l.IIlCA A111111'11s11, ljlllllllf l"llll'L'IlK'L' l"INlK'l', 1'XsS1St1mr Kent, 1Xss1s1.1111 l.11c1'.11'y lklnrwnwg N11h11l115 lilifllllll .md Muric Cicrrity, Athletic hah- 1111'xg N111'111.1 Stlltllftlt, A11 li1l1r111'g R.1lph Nt1l'l'lS, l511s111esS Nl2lI12lgC'l'1 Hetrylee FlLHlIL'l'. fMlvc1't1s111'g Al.ill.i'LIC'l'Q Xl.ll'V 511111-11110. S11l1sc1'1pr11111 NlLiI1Lll1IL'l'Q Mziry INNI f,,ll'l'llll .1111l 'l.111cr C.111'lx-rr. lilII.IIlL'l.ll lQ1l11111's, glllul Nancy H111'1l, Tvpisr were xrul hy .1 l111111c1'1111111 11-11-11'11-1' .lllkl Al I111111c1'1111111 k'11llCL'I11l' f1'11111 ouch 11111111. l'-l'L'4ILlClH 111ccr111.w In-I111-1l wf.1lwl1sl1 .1 wsu-111 ul UlIlll1lllI1.LI, Ckllfllllil, and lWl'Q'lW.ll'lIlLl Lulu' flml 111,11lq- 11111' 11.1pc1' .lQ.lIl1 flllx YC'.ll' .1 Pflll' XYIIIIICI' .lr thc' 1 1 , C11l11111h1.1 Press C.1111lc'1'c'111c. lm-1-1I11111.l1c1 .1xs1v.1111 .lllml Mus 8h.111111111 LlllCHLlL'kl 1hc- N.l'..5,P.fX.f1111' l4'I'LIlkL' .ll l'm11s11111 l I1lYL'l'NlfX' 1h11'111g thc- flxlillll v.1c'11r11111. 1 'l'I1f .lklXlNL'IN ul, fha- X,111.111f1.11 .11'u M11 l:l'.IIlCl5 ll, fLll'l', l:111.111ci11lg Miss Nl.11'11' I' lD1111.1l111c. N11hxl111p111111xg .lllkl Mus lllllllk' l,, 5lhll1ll4lll, l.1tc1'.11'v, lxlISN NIL111111111 l1.1x111111plvr11.l h141' 1xx1'11r11'1l1 V1-111' .1x .11lx11gq-1'11l 11111A Iwgllwq-1' IIII I XI N Il IN I Mwwuummu EK 4 XSSXMI Jx IxI,IJIIIf,I INI. SI .XI I 34.7 fif L ll! XII XI'IxII1-my XYSIA 1 II.I.N WIKI NI I'II'I'I',I I I I'uII1mIIf', XIIV 5II.I1I1I:'lI I Ix In x I IIIIIIII ff Il w- NI 'XImlwIx1,I Nlvlx--mI.I, X full- I Inllulm . 1- A ' Q! GRAHAM. DOC K l -New 1-UU NAR A EDDIE UDGE GPH KKMCE re he JGHISI 'GM A MN A Hoe sf " hu.. .K GGOOWM. . 306 HH GPM f 'SPIN A I ,, :nl s.lss,xrxiuN "F 91 Class President DANIEL R. CARDELLICCHIO l'm-ist-n.lIll.x plns ls thc unly uni lutlk's1'l'llbL' "k'2lHl," um' nl mln- lllusl pnqnilzn' annl xx-i's1illlu ul thc scnim' huys. llls lswnclly j,1l't'L'lllll1 zlnrl his llll.L'L'llUlls grin lmvv not only lnvlpt-rl him In Iwvmlit- 1lk'llYk' in pl'zu'ti1':1lly alll social avliv- ilivs, hnl inn' class prcsirlm-nt :ls nt-ll, lJ:ln's willy l'L'Ill2ll'li5, plvnsznn lll2llllll'l'. :incl his siflc-liiclc, "lIm':u'n'." :ill put tn- l1l'llll'l'. hu-lp nizllw unix' l4:illn'1'iin4' ll slifvcssl Yes, "C:1rrl" is truly :in imlispvnsnlmh- nn-inlwr nl inn' flu ' 1.5. Ifknlllmll. in:nu:n4vr -l, Vlzlss l',XL'l'llllYl: liunrll 1, 5, -lg lilllss llllirrl' 2, .l, -lg Kiln- klllllm .i, -ll Slllcly' llillflll 5, 42 Slllllblll lllillllfll Ixirv plvsiilvilll 3, -l. Class Vice President JAMES T. CHRISTIE 'llns sinzlll slmrk ill' mlynznnnn- lrnnxxn as "lit-cellar" .nnnfrs Nzitivlt lligh Svlnuvl with his lllN'lllK'llllL' zihility nn thc llJlslxl'Illllll llnnr, living tht' lin- win- ht' is, ln- ncvcr sccnis lu lvl lrwulmlv gt-1 hiin rlnxxn. ,linnny has scrvcfl his Class xvrx xxvll. linst-lmll J. 3, -li li2lslik'l.ll2lll J. 3. 4 lfillllillllflg lilllllllllll lingni:n4n-rl 2, 5, -l. k'l:lss l'Qsu'111lx'r linurrl -lx Class Ulhccr -lg lisllvl' 'll lllx' gtlllwl' l'l'l' 1 . cu. Class Secretary JOSEPH P. LINANI: l.lll lr.ln .lllll lillllx-X. 'flux-" nmy vzlsll-x lu lflllul -nn lvl nun lnnsl In-lnilzlr Nl'IlllvI' Inn s. Ilis snlwi' svnsc ul' hunnn .nwlzllpznin-rl hy lns nni-um-nl Q-spn-ssiniis arc 21 CHIl5T2illl snivrrv ul' 2lIllll5t'llll'lll. livcn xxilh his clulius as class scurr- lill'5. xxc'll zllwzlys rcinuinlwr hnn als "thc fclluw who ncvcr hznl Il Cure in thc wcn'lclf" llasuhall 23 lfnntlmll 2, 3, -1: 'l'r:1ck 3, 4. Class lixevutivc llnzml -lg Class Oftiqcr 4: Spnrls Night lg Stage Manager lin' St-niur Play, Class Treasurer JACQUELINE COURNOYER l'I.lsllf xlzlwltir- has just snzippcfl zlimllivi' llllllllt. lilns -livvrlnl hnnrllr- nl' jun has k'Hl1ll'llllllL'Il lllilllj 21 xxilly rcinarlx in fini' l'lfl5Nl'lI'llllN, lla-1' xxilling l,'2ij11'l'llCSN tn pzn'tiCipatu has In-slwxxl-rl innny srlimll lnnulrs nlumn hvr. VXI- are dccph l4r:m'l'nl fur tht- nnlinntul nnniht-r ul pivturvs sho has taken 1'--1' Iln- Szlsszliiiml annrl htr "sunt-r" pt-rlmiiiznicc in "'l'l11'm1gll lln- licylnvlm-." lizlsr-hull .-lg liznlinnn-in 3, -li .Xl'1'llCl'j' 3, -l. Class lixccn- nxt- linglrrl -1: lflziss OHiu-1' -li Sassaintni Board 43 Senior l'lzl5 3 k'li:lii'ni:ni Your llnnk l'nnnnittee: Chairman Decorat- ing Chiiiiiiittcu fur Sn-niur l'lXQCl1tlVl' Danccg Music for Sas- -.znmni llznicc 4: 'liickct fllIllllllltCl' for Girls' Sport Night 33 lslivi' :lt rliniicn' Prumg l':n'ti1'ipz1tL-fl in Girls' Sport Night 3g lfnntllzill lu-slcrs 3: lYJl''ZilHS fur XXX-lleslcy and Framing- hznn gznnus -lg Mzistvr nf Ccrcxnmiics at thc Senior Execu- liw lD:inc'c: Czlfstcrizi Stuff 3. THF SASSAMON DOROTHY AHEARN Dot, as her frienrlx call her, is a quiet ancl ermxeientirnis member of our class. She is a very cheerful perxi-n anil has a pleasant smile for everyone. XXI- wixh her xnreexx in reaching the height nf her ambition. Girlx' Athletiex 4, Nefrexhinent Cinnnlittee fur Seninr Reeeptinn 33 Clierlfer at lfleeliinix if .-Xrelif-ri J JANE R. AMOROSO How any one ean he xnrh a hrilliant xlnrlent anil xtill lead an artive xneial life ix heyimfl uxl 'tliei-va" ix giiiifl gn almost anything frinn eeliting' a xiilniiil paper ur ligni-ing a "trig" problem tu juxt rlning a nn-an rlnnnha! XX'ith her eumlmination of intelligence and gimrl lmikx, 'tlleevan ix xnre tu he a leader in any ehuxen Helfl, Girls' Athleties Z, 33 Basketball 2, 35 lflaclinintnn 3, Honor Society 4: Saxsanmn Board Z, 3, 4 leclitur-in-ehiefI1 Student Council Z, 4: Seniur Play Reading Uuininitteel Heeurating Cmmnittee fur SUUllllIl1l'll'L' llanre, -luniur Pri-in, Christmas llanee 4, SZINNZIHIUII llanee 3, -1, Fmitlizill llanei- 3, 4, Autumn Hop -13 Yearlmulq Cininnitteel I,l'ilj1I'Jllll Unn- nnttee iirfilflllilfllllll 33 ,Nui J, 3, -1- Hin-n llnnxe i' lille-'lx'-i at Sllplllillllllll' lflevtiiinx LORRAINE ANDERSON Lorraine, a new meniher uf our elaxx, raine 10 nx frinn NVayland. Her anihitiun ix lu lu-eeume a fmicl analyst anfl we all agree that with her faxeinating pei-x.inali1x :unfl lm- ahle Charm xhe will attain her anihi1iiin. 'llrrmxierri-il ir-in' XY:ixl:inrl JEAN ANZIVINO VVhether i1'x at a meeting.5 nr a iiunlmall ganle, lean ix thc "sparkplug" ot all get-togetlierxi Her riraenwuxnesx anrl sparkling humor are the envy of all the girls. -lean may readily be iflentillerl hy her yelling "Honey" flown the eur- rldors. Her lovely hair, variety 411 elotliexl anil "luv-e-tinv life" in general. have nmfle her a fm'-write with le:ieherx, xtnclentsfanrl "lark," Sassannwn lluarfl 2. 4: L'an1paiQn lll?lll2lf.ff'l' 2: flieer- Y leacler 2, 3. 4 feaptainlg L'xher at .Iuniiw I ming Vliziirinan, Xlusic' c.UlU1llltf'l'l' 31 llelrexlinient l'innli1it1i-e, Seni.-i Re reptmii 3: l':1nrlx' l'n1nn1i1fe.-, Si-niiw l'l:ix MARJORIE AUGUSTINE HNiZll'QiC',U ur " Millie," ax xhe is iillen rallerl, erin uxually he lounrl in the nliflxt uf any excitement in' rleriltry in thi moment. Sha-'S well lcnuwn fur her xrmliitll ell-thex, l-we nf mischief, anrl jolly perxiniality. Happy anrl earetree, xl1f'X living proof of the xtateinent that where 1ln-re lw hte ll11'l'1"N uxually Margie, fllerf flnlm 2, 3, -lj Safex l':l1r1il J X 1111 11 1511111 1. '1'1I1 S.-XSS.'X1'110N JENNY BACCHIOCCHI 1111 11111 111111 11' 111 111- 1'll1111'l' 111111-1 111 1'1:1w. 11111 111-1' 1111 111 11111111111 1111- 1111111111-1 111 111-11 11111111 11-1 1111150 N 1.Ull1 11111. .X 1.11-111 :11 51-11-11114, ",l1-11" 11:15 1111111 1 1,11 11 1111111 111' 111-1' l1XX'11 1'1111111-N, 111-1' 11':11'111 5111111- 11111 1,111111 111N111x1111111 l1:11'1- 111:1111- 111-1' 21 1.511-111 ITIIIIIX' 1'1'11-11111 1 111N X1111111lN 'Q 11:1N1'11:111f2 11111111-11151112 RALPH BALL 11111111 1llN 1 1l1ll1lAiU11l'11ll1,I 111-1'w1111:11111'. 111- 15 11111-1-1 V01 1111 11 VIA, 1-1-1 11111 11111 -11111111111 112111111 I5 :111 1 1111 111' 1-1'1-1'1'11111- XX'111b 111111111 111111. May 1 111 -11111111 111 1111 l11'X'l'l' 11111 1111111'1'1'1111- 11:111111. 1111 N11.1111..?,.1 NANCY BARD X 11111 1,111 111111 1 1l1l'Il51ll1l Ill'1'N1111:1111y 151121111111 111'S1'r111 11 111111-1 111' 11111 111 11111 215 1111' 111'1':1s1 11 111111 11 111-11-11141-11 111' 1-v1-1'1'1111c 111111 111111115 Lf11s1I 12115 111111 111-1' l111111111- 11:111' :11111 sky- S11 IIN :1 "g1g1311-" 111211 is 11111 111 1111s w11r111' NN 1111 11 :1 1111151 1-11111 "Nan," S111- is ll XX'11ll- 1I 11111 LII1 111111 11111 11111110 :1 11'11111I1-1'1111 11-1'1'1-t211'y. 1.111 k1111l ' 1 -1 S:11'1'11 1':111'1113,-13 S:1nz11111111 111111111-1 1 1111111111111-c 21 l'11:11'141- 4l1' 1111-Q 1111111 1411111-1 1 4 1111111 11111111 11114111 .13 1'1'111g1':1111N 111r N111'11-11111114:1111e -1 1 ELIZABETH BARTON 1'1111 1111111111111111N1111111111111 1 ' -W 111111112 n1111111'11 hair :11111 111111 11111,11 1111111111 1111 11111 N11 " - . . 1- 11:11 :1 11111-1111-1111: 111s- ll 1111111 11111 1 111Nl' 111 1111111l11' 111:11'w 111111 111-1' 111z111s 1111 1111 11111111 111111 11k1l111lL', 11111 111111 1111- 11111 1111 111 IIIN1 1 1111 1ll1NS 11'1t11 2lllX'11lll1Q 1111- 1.51-15 1111' :1111-1111115. 11111 X111111llN 3, -1. 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"Xl.11'- gr" 11115-1-ssef 21 1-1-ry Nllllllj' 111-r11111ality and 1111- 1111111111 inaiiagw t1'1 l1111k 1111 tht- 111-ight Ni1l1- 111' thing-, Xlllll 11-1 Q1 fine cxaiuplc-, "Blz1rgi1-"Y Class lfx1-1'11ti1't- lI11111'1l 33 C1351 Clerk 3: Cg111111g1i1411 Xlaiiagci' 23 S21--111111111 H111111-11111111 Lll1lll'K'll1l' 3: CI11-1-kt-1' :11 l'1lL'L'llllIli -lg 'lli1'l:1-t 1'11111111itt1-1- 1111- S1111h11111111'1- 1151111-11 411111 Wl1111i11r P1'11111 ELLSWORTH REED BERNARD .-X vc-tt-1':111 111' tht- Navy, i-lilClL3,k'li 11111 1111 1i1111- 111 11111-11- 1111-1 211-f111z1111ta111'1--. H11 llllflllj' hair anrl Iz1f1'111z1t111g 1.11-1-1-11 1-1'1-N hart- put 11121111 21 11-1111111110 l1cz11'1 1111 thc 1llk'I'll llllxx' L-vcr, uliltlgtn is fz1ithf11l 1111l1' t11 hix 111-l111'c1l g11itz11', hix "5lt.1J1Jj' jal11111" 111111 l'l1,XRlZ." Hix l-llllll'k' lllilllx z1r1- 111 111111- Il tri111l1.1111 S1111th 111 1'iN1t 1111111-111l1is 1111-1111-1' l1111l1li1-1. 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BYRN h 111111 :111 1l11' 1l11'1i 111 1111- E 1111111111111 111111 11111111 115111111114 1111111 hc is 1110 p1Jsmcss111' 1,1 :1 111111-1 1ll!ll11ll'l'. 111- 11 :111 H11-I'1llll11l 11111111 11-1111113 11'l111 11:11 .1-11111141-11 11121111 1111-11111 f11ll' 111 1111 1111111 111 11111111111 .-X1 1-1-1 1111I1N 111:1111 I11111111111g 1,g1'g11l11:1111111 :11'1- 1111111- 11l111'111111L'. 11111111J111.1j 1l1ll'1Ql'X -1 ROBERT CANNING 141111111 11 :1 11111, f1:lN11111fI, 13111111-11111-1111114 1'c111111' 11111111- LfY'l'J11l'N1 '111111111111 11 11111111-11. F1111-111 1'111g 111111 11 111111 111 1h..11- 1111111'1-1l11't:1l1l1- f1'1111111, Y1111 111111111 1'1111'1 i111z11:i111' 11'11:11 111' 11 111- 11l'X1f 11-1, 111111 111111' 01111111 1111" 11111 1'1X1'4'11111'1' ll11:11'11 .15 S:11'1-11' 1':111'111 2 1 3 31111111 Night IAHL b.'lbbAMUl'x GEORGE CARR "Gigi" is the stroiig, silent lIlUIllllCl' ot' lllll' ulass, Xtliust' chief love is tilll-Hiltlllg the unsuspecting wil1l life in the northern woods. Although taciturn. he can he clepemlecl upon in all emergeiicies. His quiet lllalllltl' a111l willingness to help have won him the aflntiration of all l1is classniates. Football 2. .Dial Vflbf-1 -flctq 32 P MARY CARROLL Mary ls l1111m11 to llliillj as El nice. st111l111t1s girl. Stnili she may lie, lmut sl1e is also Iillll-ltlYlllg as her nierrv laugh testities. She has many friencls, hut Kay is her closest l'l'IUIT1. The two are inseparable. Mary has always lead her classes and we know she will be "tops" i11 anytliing she attempts. Hlllllll' Society 5, -ll Sassanxoit lioartl .ig l,llJl'LlI'xX Stall. CAROL CASALI 'llllL'I'L' just 2tl'L'Il'l 1-nougli worfls to express Carol. Slit- can be truly called one of our happiest girls. 'lsllL'l'L' is llL'YL'li a dull nionicnt i11 classes with her. she always lll2lll2ig6h to say the right thing at the wrong tinie. She hopes to enter nurses' training. XXI- wish her the In-st uf luck! Safety Patrol 3, -ll lJe1'o1'ati11i.1 for Sassanion Dame: Usher at Senior Play: X'CliI'lJOUlx Coniniittee. MARIESTER CASS .X quiet and llllZl55l1lllll'lg lTlCllllJL'l' of our class. Mary is always the same. She's a very easy person to get along with. Mary wants to take up drafting after gracluation. Good luck to you always, Marv RUTH CASWELL "K11tl111-A' ls 11111- ot' our more l'llll'lllYllIM 111111 Xllilkiltlllx sL'l1i11l'gi1'ls. Her sopliisticatefl looks lvelie "Cz1z's" little inisf rhievotis nature wl1i1'l1 we have all 1lis1'11vc1'1-tl. H1-1' pleas- ing Ill2illll6!' ancl cute ways have niaclie her niany friencls, Class lixecutive lloarrl Z: l,l'lllll Majorette 2: Glee Clult li Sassainon Boarrl Z. 3. -li Student Council 2. S1 Cainpaign manager Z: Honicrooni Reporter J: junior Red Cross 21 XYar Savings Cmiiiiiittee 2: Music Coinmittee for Sopho- more Dance and Junior Pronig Usher at junior Prom: Open House Night 3: ClCl'li,,lll1llOI' lilectionsg Pa1'ti1'ipatefl i11 Girls' Sport Night 3: Refreshments. Sassanion Dance -1: Programs for Franiingliani football game -l. ft' If Tl-l l' b.XSS.'X MUN PAUL CHAMPLAIN l'nul m.ti lui wut ntzmy :tt'tri'noons pi:u'tim'1tig with thi' luoul in tht- inuxit' Vootll. Xltliough hi- han at loiirlmws tot u'it:tiit pcoplv. lu' highly utvi-lim Uflllfitlltlll :tml plains to lztlw ztclwtiitsigt- ot' hix opportuiiitiu hy 1-iitcring ltlznssnrlttl- wth llutitiltt' ot' 'l't-rlmology. llztwlmll 14, itiztitatgvit llzuirl -lg lloitor Slot-it-ty -lg llcfoixttioll kUlllllllllt'k' tot' .ltmior l'i'omg l':-lit-i' nt tlrzultta- - u llllll J. GEORGE CHIACCHIA Nou might will "tlrt'g:t" tht- "plztyl1ot" nl thi' tlabs. Nw. lit-rc wt' hzitt- at roinlmiiizttioii ul "lmt'ztttty :tml lations" thzit mzilu' him lllltllllj' poptilzii' with thi' oppositt- wx. .Xll tooling smith- tlrcg will lu- wcll i't-init-tiilwwrl as t'o-rztlltililt ot' thc lll-47 ttitclvlczttt-fl toothztll tcztm. lliw sith' l'1'll'l2ll'li5 lmvc kcpt vlztncs in an iiprozu' more than oncc. llis plans tor thc lglltllfk' 2tI't'll'I ClCflllllL'. hut invliiclc sonic vollcgc. Knowing lirvgzt. iiotliiiig roulrl sttrprisc ua. lfootlmll 3. 43 'l'r:u'lt 3. -1. Clam l'.xvt't1tit'c lloztrrl -lg Sufi-ty Patrol 4: l,2ll'Clll5' Night l'mgi':ni1.3g Lkliur at Slilllllf Play. SUZANNE CLOUGH Slllll lim-ryotit' lotoxu Suri lor slit' is tht' type pcisoit thu t':ot't torgvt t-:inlxy llci' apmkliiig itiattiici' :tml hm' hztlilt it iiiixplztviiig ohjm-ctw ltzivv hccii zi roltstzmt sourft' ol zunuse- iiivnt to ht-r vlztwiiiattw. tlirli .Xtlilvtiw J. 3, -l. llrum ltlztjorvtti- 3. -lg Glu' Club -lg llivllul' Sovicty -lg Ui't'l1csti'u tl, -lp Safety Patrol 3, 4. MARY COFFEY lla-rv! :i little Miss who would hm- it wt-lvoilir :ulrlitioii tw sou' claus. Slivk cutt- aa at lmttoii :tml lull ol fun. ltlary wt-ll rilcscrvt-s lu-r popularity. She works lmsily on hvi' var- iotix va-ininittccs, hut Nht' always has somt- timt' for horse- liztvk rifling. her lHVtrI'ltt' holmhy. Hoi' clztncing hrowli L-yes vlczirlx' iiirlicntt- hcr clialigmg moods. Tales- it from LIN. sho 5 wt-ll worth gt-ttiiig to know. llnrlluiiitoii 2. Llass l'.xt't'tit1x'e lloztrrl 3. 41 Satcty Patrol 3. -l: Fstsviiiion llozirrl 3, 4: Szuaainon llomcroom Collector 5. -l: llvvorzttiiig l'omit1ittt-c for Slllllltllllllll' llaiwrl llcfcilsc Sstxingx 23 Clvrk. hluiiioi' l'llk'l'llHllNI llNlll'l' :it hlllllltll' l'1'o1i1 owl gt'lIll'l' l'l:tx" IM-t'or:itiiig L'ommittt-c for lfootlmll llatict -li St-t'rvtui'3 ot: Sztlcty l'zttrol -lg Ycztrlmoole Coniiitittcv. JOHN J. CONDON -Q ,lah-lik t-:ut -going prraonzility has mzulc him il XKl'll'ttIllC 9 voiitpziiiion :tml st gn-:it l'l1tNSlll2ifl'. lla- is 11 Niitrcix- lovcr ol Y .oiiiimlx :tml liopt-N to put hix talcnt of lizimlliiig, liorws to t'm'tltt'i uw hy lwvomiiig 11 trainer. lwotliaill 2. 3: Hockuy 3. 4. L'slicr :it ,lunior Promi 5th vltlx Xltilll, 1111i S1XSbAlNlON JOHN CONWAY 11111111 IN 21 elieertul tellmx' 111111 has his hugei 111 just 211111111 everytliiiig that is guiug 1111. lfveu 11111111411 1113 is 51112111 111 stature. he has ll vihraut persoiiality 211111 11is seliulastie 1'ee111'11 is t11 Ive euviecl. Track 4. Class lixeelitive l1U2'l1'fl 2, 3: Class Uiheer Z, 53 HOIIOI' 50611211 43 Safely Patrol 2, 3. 42 Cl12i1I'1l12lll 111 ,1u11i11r Prom Ticket C11111111it1ee: Usher at 1111-1111121111111 3: Usher ul 1'q1'Z1II1111gllHI1l'Nllllfli gzuue 41 .'Xlll.'l11lL'1l Mass:1e1111set1s liuys' State 35 Meuiher 111 .X11v21111'ee1 Ct1111pe1sitit111 class 4. JANET CORBETT blauet Irs C1 girl really XX'lPl'll1 lil1lWk'111jJ,, with her exel- pleasaiit 11isp11sitio11, 211111 f1'1k'l1fllj' :1tti1u1le. She is lllllllllt' because she possesses 11131 1.11111 11rai11s,11t1ta1s1111at111'z11 heauty. 11106 Clllh -li H1111111' Sweiety 3, 41 Sassa1111111 131111111 43 Student C11l11ll'1l Z, 33 Open H1,1use 3: Assistant Registrar 4: Prwgralus 111r N111'11'11111l XHIUC 43 P1'11grL1111s 11.11' Senior Playg Yearbook C1.1111111ittce. DONALD W. CORBETT "1J111111ie" 11111 z111x'11ys 111- 1'l'l11L'11llJL'1'k'11 1111' 111s 11l1l1v11l11' ality. dress 211111 11121l111C1'. .'X11111111g11 11e is 21 great 111x'e1' Ill' skiing, 5NN'1111111l11g, 1'i11i11g z11111 1lz1111'i11g, he still 111111s 21 great deal 111 time 111r the lv?1l1'K'1' sex. PlA21Cl1l'2l1lj' everytliiiig 11111101 the 51111 is just plain uI1H11flj'u 111 111111. lifezlitluall 4. illee Club lg Art L'11111111ittce 43 Ye11rI11'111lg Cmiimittee. RICHARD COTTER 111-lter 1111111111 as lliek, he 1.111ssesses 21 81111111 111sp11s1t11111 a1111 Ei hruacl, ehee1'1u1 smile. He is well k111.11x'11 1111' his s11:11'11 sweaters 3.1111 111s ability 111 talk his may llllt 111 things. lliek also has quite a way with the girls. Hmfkey 2, 3. 43 'llraek 43 111111 4. Ifinys' Kllee Cluh li Junior Red Cross 21 Cheeker 111 Class 1f1e1't11'111s 21 SIJUVIN Night 33 Usher at 1l1':111uz1ti1111 31 Usher L11 'lll1z111ks1.5ivi11g.L gzuiue 4: Yez11'l11,111k Q11,1l1l1l11llCL'. GLORIA DEVEAU 111111-151, 1IllL' 111 the lll11t'll'1' girls 111' 11111' eluss, ls 2llXXi1,NN 1'e11111' 211111 wi11i11gt111.1ive ll 11911711121 11211111 111 CVC1'j'1l11L'. 111111-121 has gill eve11-te111pe1'e11 1121lll1'C. She uever seems 111 get upset 111- f1'ustr3tQq1, but has lL'Hl'11CC1 111 take thillgs as they 901116. XYe wish you sueeess 211111 112-11313111055 111 the future, G1o1'iz1. Refreslimeut Clll11111l1lCk' fl,l1- .1u11i111' P1'1.1111 211111 SQ111111' Reception 3. 1 Z W .. 'fag .S di 1 f i Y 1 " 17 I lilll 51-XBSAIXIUN KATHRYN DIMITRI lx.1-1 11111 1111111 111- 1l'llll'lll1ll'lt'll 11114 ll1'l' 1111-111111111-55 l11Q1ll Qlll' l1'15 lll'1ll1' l11'11l5 Ill' l.I'1L'llll5 111111 111'l' 1'1-111111'l1'1l1l1- 111-1'51111 11111. l'11511-1511114 Nllfll :1 111-151111211111 111141-tl11-1'11i1l1l11-1 511-1111141'1111l111- 111111111 15111 15 1111111111 111 111- il 511111-55 11111-1'1-1-1-1' 5 5 5 5 ' -0 I - iw A 1 I 111115 11111111 11:15 1111-1'-1111l1l1li11g 111':11'1t1'. 111-11115111111 111-1-11 N11l' g111-5 111111 111 11111111-11-1' 111- 1l111- . I,1l11'q111 1'11111111ilI1-1- -11 Y1-11111111111 1'11111111ill1-1- MARY DIMITRI Xl.111 5 11111 111 ll11151' ,11111211 111-1511115 11l11141l11.1-15 11111115 .11 1l11' l1l'1j1ll11'l' 511l1- 111 lll1ll1.15. 5111' 5 il XX11llflL'lAllll 11511-111-1' 211111 llllll' 1111151 111111145 1ll1111S111!.I. llL'I' 1111-111111 1l15111151111111 11111 11111 111-1' 11111111 11'11-11115 Ill lllk' 111151111-55 xxrlllllfl. . 11i1'l5' .X1l1l1-111-5 2, 11, -1. 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DiSANTO bllltll. ll1111l'11K11 ll2lX1llj1 111-1-11 11L'1'L' 111111 171114 il 5111111 ti1111'. llllx 2l1'ffl!1l'1'fl 11121111 l2lNIll1g ll'1k'1lflN. 111-1' 511:11'11l111g l11'111111 l'Xl'N llllfl 111l'1'55fll11 1-111-1'g1' 111-1111-rl I11-1' 111 l1c1'11111c 1111 11111- W111l1ll1l1K 1-111-1-111-21111-1' 111 111-1' 51-11i111' j'L'2l1'. ju-:111 lI1ll1l'b 111 141-1 1 .l"lP 111111 1111- t1-lc11l111111- 1111111111111 1011111111114 g1'z11111z1t11111. 1111115 .X1l1l1-l11'5 -1. C111-1-1'l1-:11lu1'. MARY DOHENY 5 I-.11-1'-11111111 111111115 "lJ11"l ll1-1' 111111-1 1111111111-1 lll 51'I11111l 'll'll'1Xl'N 1111 11111: 11117 111115lfl1' 111 51'l111111 5111: 15 Ullk' 111 llll' 11--111111-51 1.f1l'l5 111- I1111111. 111- 2ll'k' 11-1't:1i11 111:11 11'l1:1tc1-1-1' 5111- 11111111115 11ill 111' :1 1'1111111l1-11: 511111-55. 1111- 5111- 11'111'k5 1'ig11r11115- I1 :1111:115. 1'1i1'l5' ,Xll1lK'1ll'5 2. 3. -12 .'x1'l'l1l'1'j 2, .53 112151-112111 1, 3: l1l1VVl- 11111 .1 .XVI 2. 3, -11 1111-1 1711111 2. -1, 5155111111111 1111z1r1l 2, 3, -1: l'11111i1-111 115.111-r51, S11I1l111111111'1- 11211111-2 131-1'111':1t111g C11111- 1111111-Q 1111 g2lNNfil1141ll llilllfx' 2, -1, .1ll111l11. PY11111, L1111'1St111H5 llz1111'1- -1: l'11511-1' 1'11111111itt1:1-, 1511111112111 111111110 3: 1'r11g1'a1115. l'11':11l11:1111111 .13 S1'k'1'K'12l1'j', Girl! .-Xtl111-111' 1,1-ag11c 41 Publi- -111 1'11111111i111-1- IP11511-1'51,'S1-111111' P12111 111111111 Society -1. THF SASSAMON ROBERT DOHERTY "Rob" is one ot' the 111ost pt-1'so11able 111e111bc1's of our class. He has scholastic ability as well as social 1111-stign-. H15 innate ability, cle-tt-1'111111e1l lliltllll' and 1JC'I'9'1'Yk'I'?1l11't' assure him a successful ca1'cc1' at Boston Collt-gt-, Haskc-tball Z1 Hockey 3, -1. Safety Patrol 2, 3. -11 C11111' 1111ss111111'1' 1111 3:11111 lJIlll'11l 43 l'Nll1'1' nt Class l3:11' .1 CORINNE DOLPH XYO will always l"ClllC1l1llL'l' Uliillliyu for her 1'z1pal1l1- lcaflcrslnp 111 thc girls' atlilt-tic Held. Her 51JU1lt2illk'Oll5 scnst- 1.1 l1u111o1' also. has been 21 relief 111 Illiillj' a clull Cli-l5Sl'1J1llll, lt isfn person like uliillliyu who 111z1kc-s our Slflltltll lllClll1lI'l1'x 1Il11l"8 pleasant. Baseball 2, 3, -13 l5askCtball 2, 3, -11 f111'ls' .'Xtl1lct11ts 2, 3. 4: Hockvy' Z, 3, -1. lllcv Lllllll 2, 3. -12 S1111-ty llillftll 2, 3, -12 5215831111111 l11l2ll'Il 2, 11, -11 l'11'1' l,Y'l'N1fll'lll 3, :1111l 'llrt'-:1k111'1-r -1 Ill- f111'ls' Xtl1l1't11' l,1':115111- HERMAN F. DOWNING HL'l'I11311'S 111-11tl1' nity- 111111 4-11-11 lt'lllIJl'I' l1:11'1: 111:11l1- l11111 ntany fricnrls 111 all his clzisscs. His fllllIl'C plans arc 111 join the Artny X11' l:Hl't'l', :intl to l11-1'o1111- :1 pilot. Good lnvk. Hvrnmn. l:11111l17lll .1 NICHOLAS EFTHIM Yc1'sr1t1l1ty, '1c1's1111al1ty anrl l-l'1Cll1ll1llC5S l1avC l1Qlp1-rl l l 1 I "N1Ckv" Illlillltillll thc l11111111'c1l llthlllllll ot PIAL'SlllClll ot tl11' Student C1111111'il. Nick is active 111 llllIllCl'1lllN other school activitics, also. Slll'L'lj' bis genial lllfilll1k'1' will make l111n :ts Illilllj' fricncls 111 thc t'11t111'1: as during l11s s1'l1ool years. ,lizisketlmll 2. 3, 4, SIlfL'lj' Pzttrol 3, 41 Sz1ss:1n1o11 Iloarrl 4: Study-nt C1111n1'1l 3. 4: llclcgzitv to Stnclcnt C1-11111'1l C1111- vention 3, -11 L'5llL'l' 211 G1'z11l11:1t1o11 33 RL'11l'l's1'11l2Il1Y1'. tloorl 111111-1'111111-111 llllf' -lg NvQ"fIl'lHltllQ 1111111111111-1-. RUSSELL ELDRIDGE "Russ" with l11s 1111111111115 xlll1l1' 1s :1l11':11's l'l'Ilflj' lltlll lillll. HC 1s usually 1111 111 l11s 1-:11's 111 ll1lNt'l1lL'l', lllll still l1:1s 1111111 111 11111liC thc ll11l1111' S11L'1L'ij'. Honor S1101-Qty -lg Safcty Patrol 2. 5, 4: lltl-CIISC 5111111141 Coinntittcv ll Cl1c'1'k1-1' at class Ulclltilllli li k'5llCl' at f11'LlClll2l- tion antl Class lJz13' 3: Cl1c1'k1111-I Clll1llll1ttCC, lfootbztll lJa111'1,- 33 Alternatv to 111115. St:1t1- 33 L'sl11-r :1t Al 11111111' P1'o111g L'xlll'l' :lt Fl'?llIl1l1f.1ll2l1ll Qlllllt' 43 'l'11'k1-t Co1111111tt-1-1-, Sc'-111111' l'l:11'g l31':1rl11111 C1111111111t111-, Svnior l'l:1x'1 xv1'fIl4ll1bl5li Co1111111tt1,-11 ll 'l'llli SASSAMUN SHIRLEY ELLIOTT Sluirll-5 ix Ulll' ul' llulxv gulx yall! JIIIIJIIN lilu- In llilva- nmmul, lllvllxillll :uul zngrm-vzllmlm-, xlu' ix mu- wlu- ix xL't'll lmt lIl'l Ulla-11 lu':u'rl. Slurlry lmx II xulll vunm- :uul :ul VIILLIIILIIIU, xlllilv. lllllx' .Xtlnlvlirx J, .i RAYMOND S. ELLIS ffl" with vurlx rn-xl llzlir :uul lu'uxx'1l I-ya-x, "ICQ-rl" may Irnlb' lu- fzmllvrl ll Hllzuulxmlu' lumk mv' mzmnl lllx vulorlnl xIXL'llIL'l'x xx-L-nm In lmrlglltvn up tlu- xxluwlc vlzmxxrumnl "RL-cl" l1:1x :L lmzul lmlmil of outing lxix lIIllt'lI xxllilc zu lrfitzltiml ix goingul1.cxlu'c'i1llly tlu' lu-riml lu'fm'c lIIIIl'lI. lluw lu' xpcmlx lux lIIlll'lI luuu' ix xtill :Q IIIyNIk'l'j', xlllkl' lu- 1u-vcr llllx any uuul ICI-I lu ilu- Iiuu' tlu' lulll riugxf "Rm-rl" ix t't'I'I2lIlI tw llllllil' gluul in llu- l-IlIlII'l' lu'r:unxm- lu- llruuxx xxlml lu- XKZIIIIN .urul luux In gr! 117 l'l:1xx lfxm'1l1ix'm' Ilmlwl .I DINO EMANUELLI llilu., :n l'lIt'l'I'l.IIl lmppygu-l1u'Iq l:ul, l1:1x :ulrln-cl IIIIIUII xlvzunly In tlu- vlzlxxrumnx, mul ix num-ml lm' l1ix pluwtngrzlplx- mg. llix l'utmx- plzm ix In luwmmu- :I llurixt, lm' zmumg llix lllilllj' llllslllllvx llix l':u'ul'itc ix ilu' NVICIICL' uf llmx'c1'x. 'l'r':u'l4 3, -l. flzlxx lfxcmltivv lluzlrcl 3, -I: Claxx IIIQIICCI' 31 llmuu' Sm ivty -lg Safcly l':1trul 2, 3, -13 'll-llcr :xt lflcftiml 21 L'lu-I-king Cmnmillcc. lflwwllwzlll l7:uum- 3: L'xlu-1' 111 Grzulun- 1.1.11 .lg l'xlu-r :nt 'l'l1:u1lcxgix'iug gzmuf -li Slum' NIIIIIZIQCI' ul SVIIIUI' l'l:1yg x'l'IlI'lllHIli Vmllnuliilm-1-3 l'1'-vicvtiml Klzarlxilu- lllu'1':1I..l .3 -I RUTH ENDRESON IQIIIII, wlur ix alum! llu- rynlctvxl nu-mluw' nl nur clzlxx, ix xl-lrlmu lu-:nrrl lrum, lmt xlu- lxux mnflv many tru-nrlx. llirlx' Xtlmlvtifx 2, 5. THOMAS AUGUSTUS ESTES "1'mx" ix mu- UI' um' txxw-ln-tu-1' nu-11 playing fuullmll mul lu.ulu'x1 lla- Xkilx 'Hu' ul tlu' lurky' tum wluv cziptzilluwl tlu- ,IIIIIIIIIQNLLIYIIIH llzly gzmu- In x'lv1m'5'. lflulllunll -lj ll4u'lu'y 3,-1. Spurtx Niglxl 2. .Ig Stagg' Man- .luvr -I THF SASSA MON JANET FAIR ,lzuict is iuu- uf tlic qllivfci' nu-uilu-ix nl- our vlzux, but elle is wcll kiuiwu by zill, Slu- luuu-N lu cutci' uiiiwu' trziiu- ing lll'Kl j't'2il', Girl! Xtlilctuw 2, 3. -l. Ulm- Club 2, 3, -lg Salk-tx l':4tr--l N ANNE FAIRBANKS .Xuuv bas lux-u :ui :ivlivv 1r:lI'Iim'ip:illl iii :ill rlziw :1l'l':1iiw. .Xlwziyx Il bzirml xuu'lwi', Nlu- lizix wt 21 liigb glial lm' lu-rwll ui tlu- wu-utilu' liclclg but Liu-xxiiig' lu'r l'2llllllllllllt'N, iw lm-cl sure slu- will wiiucu-cl iul uiziltci' lu-u lugli Nlu' lizu wt lu-i' :iuus ui litc. Girls' :Xtlilvtica 2, 3, -lg llzulxctliull 23 ,Xrclu-ry 33 ll.m'lilip.g' 3, -l, liizuizagcrg llzuluiiiitiui 5. Claw l'1Xf.'CllllVk' lluziiwl 3, -lg Claw lllluici' .lg Glu- Club .lg Iliuuu' Suvicty -1: Snfcly l,2llI'Ul 13, 43 SZINNIIIHUII lluzircl -lg llk'4'Ul'Zillllg Ciiiiliiiitln- ilu' hluuiiu' l'i'iu1i :uul Se-iiiiu' lil-m-piiiuig lfxvriitix'v lluzirel, lsmuilllflll llzuu'c, i-tex: lKlu-1' :lt Sl'llllllA l'l:uyg Yl'Ill'llnullx lfuiiiiiiitlw, IiNNlNl2Illl 1-rliturg .Xllxtiiuw-el klnliiulxiliilu HELEN FANNON llc-lvu, iu lu-1' quu-I uni, ix IllXXIlX'N full ul' fun. Slu' linx lu'1' scriiiiix Nulc tim, lm' ulu-u it vmuiuw lu luiiiu-xuu'l4 slu' i5 always pm-p11i'n-rl. 'Vxiiylliiiig fur 21 fru-iul iu ium-fl," iw lu-i' Iiuittu. Next fall slu- will lu- :lim-ruling lfimiiliiiglizmi State 'llczlrlu-i'5 Cullcgc zuul wm- wisli lu-1' all flu- luvk iu tlu- wurlrl ui lulluwlllg up lull' rluiwu piwlvwiuii. Girl! Xllilf-tux 2, 3, -l. Sruzuiuun llimiwl -lg Ill-riwziliiig' lfiniiliiiillm-1' lui' lfiu-tlmll llilllll' :mul Si-uiiu' l',xw'iiIix'e- lliizuwl llzuuw- SHIRLEY FITZPATRICK Sliirlcy, :nllluiugb :i uuivl lilllc miw, liiusiwuw an vvry lriciully clialumililui uliivb bm xuui lu-i' uiziuy lru-iulx. Slu- kiums luux' In bc 21 gmul lixlciu-i', zu well ru luww lu tnkv part in zu uviivn-ixzitiuii. Sliirln-3 iN za wtvzuly xwu'lfc1' mul -luvulrl gn fm' in tlu- lulurv. Nucl Qlimw lfm'1+1'i-wi11:ulixw- li Sl'l'lll'l'V ll4'llllllllli'1' flu' S:-iiuu' l'l:ix' ELVARA FOLEY "l",lviq"' lN1lIlC'4lll ilu' xxxcctn-xt, :uul one ul' tlu- uuvxl pctitv girls iu uui' t'l1lNN. llci' iu-rwurilily is mu' that iicvcr 2illt'l'NI lm' Flu- :alwziyx iuaiutziiux tbzit Npmlcliiig L'XlllJL'l'2lllCk' tlizit l'llflk'2llN lu-i' to :ill lui lru-iulx. 'llcziuliiiig is lu-1' vluiscii lu-lrl. Glen- Club 2, 33 Sufcly llutiml 3, -lg Stuclcut Uuuu'il 1, -li llCK'Ul'Illlllg Ciuuiuittcl- lui' Siipluviiimv llilllfk' :uul luunlnull llguux- jg llmliuilitiui Q1 llu-i-i'lm-zulvi' J, -lg l Nlu-i' bu lllllllll' Vrfuii :niul Svuuu' l'l:ax li Hy. 1 - ,, , - 'Qi 5 3:- THF SASSA MON GERALD FOSTER Jerry. with his eheery smile und friendly greeting, was :in :tetire meniher of our football squad for three years. Not often seen :after school hours. ,lerry spends his time working in order that he nizty Continue his eduezttion after grndnzttion. I-'ootbztll 2, 3, -lg 'l'r:tek 41 Sports Night 2, 3. 4. Red llfnss 23 Tieket K'onimittee for Senior Phu' MADELINE FRANCIOSE "Dolly" is our idea of il great girl. A hue sense ot' humor, together with friendliness and a delightful disposi- tion, are all part of "lJolly's" make-up. Very neat in her xippeztrnnee, "lJolly's" black hair, that is always so attrac- tively ztrrztnged, is the envy ol' ull. Girls' XIlIlt'lII's 2, .ii l,Ilt'ltllt'tnm1 3, 4 ALICE MARIAN FRENCH "Al," ll petite little package of friendliness and gaiety, run liven up any party! ller natural blonde hair, blue eyes :ind fair complexion are her prize assets. 'llhese together with the fztet that she is an excellent student, help make her what one would eztll "'l'he 'llypieul Amerieztn Girl." tlirlt' -Xthh-tie. 2, -1, ROBERT FRONGILLO "Frenel1y," :ts he is known to all, is one of those rare people with Il sense uf humor and Z1 keen wit. His ability tu get such good marks has long been a mystery to all. He hopes to enter the held of mechanical engineering. lfuullrilll Z1 lloekey 2: Track 4. Safety Patrol 2, 3, 45 l'slH'I'1ll Flu-.s llziy 3, and tlrznduzition 3: Alternate to Hovs' State .ig Seetn-rx' t'onnnittee for Senior Plat' CHRISTINE FROST Une of the most unpredictable persons in our class, Christine is always popping up with something new. She has :tn inquisitive mind, and an alert manner. A steady lnnehroom worker for ages, Christine is looking to the intnre when she may enter the business world. XX'orkerl in t':tt'eteriit two X'l'III's. THE SA5bA MUN MARIE GERRITY Marie with her sunny disposition and helplui manner is a welcome addition to any group. She has a great inter- est in sports and because of this was sports writer for the "Sassamon." XYe know she will be successful in any career she may choose. Girls' :Xthleties 2, 3, -l. Safety Patrol 3, 42 Sassamon Board Z, 4: Defense Savings Connnittee Z: Refreslnneni Committee for Sophomore Dance and junior Prom: Pro- ' gram Committee for Football Dance 4. 1 5 JOHN D. GIVEN One ol our many niusieal members is john, who is olten seen. but rarely heard. Having played in the sehool orehesf tra, he intends to enter the Conservatory ol hlllslti XM' know he will succeed in his ehosen held. Band lg Orchestra 4. WILLIAM GLEBUS Hill is tamous lor llls willingness lu help. and .ilso lvl that mischievous gleam in his eye. You all know "lliuieliy" 6 for what he is-and not always for what he has done. ll' 4 at anytime you want to find Hill, just drop by the nearest fire-and l'm sure you'll see him. Football Manager 3, 43 lloekey Manager -lg 'lraelt Man- ager 5, 4. Safety Patrol 5, 4: Sassainon lloard J. 5: Lshei at Graduation 3: Stage Manager -l. JAMES GRAHAM nb, . ., .. . ,. ...Ml,A though he has not participated in extra-eurrieular aetivities. y he hupes to further llls studies in ineehames. XX'e wish him " success in his chosen field. ff- - . . .f ai' eq. . 3. ' wi "i LOU ISE HAMWEY mirers. .Xlthough Louise is one ul the more reserved and sophisticated members of our elass. she has her "ellish" side too. "Lou" possesses beauty, brains and eharin. Xkhat more Can you ask for? Girls' Atlileties 2. 3, -l. Safety Patrol .lg Sliplliwlliiyiq- Dance. Hockey 2 3. 1 Illl 5.XN5AlNlHlN FRANK ARNOLD HARRIS ll111.111-, 1-111- 111 IIIl' 111-ll-I111111111 :1111l IIIIIIIIIHI 111111 111 11111' 111111, 11 Il 1111'111h1'1' KIIV llll' 12111111111 "R':11h1ll g:111g." 'II1"s . , . , . 1lIll1'Il'IlI 1111111 11111x1 111 1111- l:11l11l! h11y1 111 111:11 I11- 1x 111111- 1l1.1l.1111 1.111111 1111111 x11pl11N111':111-1l. lI111':11'1- 211111 lJ:11111y, llls I 1'I411'l4. Illilj lII.Il'II I11- 11111111-1I 11:1111l1-1'111g 1l11'1111gl1 l,11111111. I'11111l1:1ll Kl:11111g1-1' -l. 11111 L'l11I1 -I3 8111211111111 H1131-fl jg N1111l1'111 l'1111111'1l JL S:1w:11111-11 k'11ll1'1'11111.13 'fit-111-1 KIIPIIIIIIIIIQC, . , . .l . ,I GRAHAM HARTWELL l1 x111l1l1'11l1 11111 11-1-l QI IPIl'l'!l', 111111 111111 111 N1-1 .1 IIHIIIQ ac IIIIIIIIIILL l-ill' llllv 111 Illi' 1I1NIZIll1'.k', 11111'll k111111 1h:11 11 wsu ' 1111111911113 11111' IIIA N:1111'l1 llighl 1:1x11-at lllt'I1llM'I's 111' thc 1r:11'k llfllll, ,IIIIlIIIgII hc 11:15 WIIIIIK' hug 111th 11':11'k, I11- 51111 111111111 IIIIIK' 111 h1'1'111111' 11111- 111' 11111' h1-st x1'l111Iz11w. XX'11h h1a 11'11-111ll5 111a1111c1' 111111 fIl'Il'I.IIIIII2IIIlIII, 111' 2ll'l' s111'1' l11' 1x1ll gn fzu' 111 1' 1111'1l11':1l 111'l1l. 1 1 7 . . - , 'lt1'z11'k -1. 1111-1' Lluh -, .lg lxl11'1' 211 1.1':11l11:1111111 n, SIIIII Plan ll:1.1' 33 l sl11'1' 111 l'1'z111111114l1:1111 QIQIIIIK' -lg S1'c11Q1'y C11111- ll I'l11 1111111-Q, 51-1111 ' 1 . BRIAN HIGGINS 1 ii. 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Illll that 1'z11111l1a1' s:11'111g, , 1 , , . lx 1111'l111l1g l11111 r - ' V ' - 1:11'kz151cs" 131'1'tz1111ly holds t1'111' '- ' -' 1 1 - 1111s wlll most hkc- 1111'lN .X1l1l1-111's 2. THE bAbbAlNlUlN i THOMAS E. HOWARD Toni, um' ul' inn' rcturnccl vcta-i':tiiN, ix 4-tlvn wi-n, hut rarely hcarcl. Qxlllltillflll hc is kiiuwii fur his "nu uviiiiiit-iitxf' he haw grcat talcnt in thc iiclcl uf pliyxiu, XXI- kiitnx lin is certain tn lit-cmiic ai successful wicnlist. President uf thu l,l.'l'.O,lJ.l,.'ll. Club. BETTYLEE. HUNTER lYglI lxll1IXKll In-raiiw nl' hor pusitiuii as lit-.ul txxiihfi. "Het" IN always aruniicl wlicrc thcrc ix cxvitcim-iil. Shu ran he louncl after svliuol working haul in llr. l,avcllt-E ullirc. She hopes to cnntinnc in this ficlfl. Girls' Atlilx-tits 2. llrlnn lXlajm'cttc 2, 3, -lg lltnnn' Su- clely 41 Sassainini lhiaril J, 3. 43 Scnim' Play Cast 43 llcarl Twirlcr 43 .'xilVlillk'Cll Ctilllllllblllklll 4. EDWARD J. 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ARLENE McCAR'I'Y ,X1l1-111- 11 111111 111 1h11N1- lK'lllJl1' x1l111 llllllxk' Xllll lL'k'l Vlglll ill l1111111-. l11'1' l1w1-ly l1l11111l1- ll21ll', 411l111':1l1l1- lLiC1: :1111l shm- i11g" lllllk' 1-v1-5 z1ll 11111 111511-1l11'1' lllZlliC ll 1'1,-ry 1111'1- 1JZlL'lillQ.1l' ll1'1' i111'1'1-1l11l1111x lllllgll hzu li111-rl lllllllj'-il 52111 12111: A1 1h1- 111c1'e 1111-11ti1111 111' tl11- 11:11111', "R11. llL'l' 1:11'1' lights 1111 like 11 111-1111 light! Glcc Club 5: S2111-11 l'g111'171l 5. -l. 94? -pf ff FI" 'iii 1 ao""I' l H lt b.Xbb1X MUN JAMES McCORMlCK XX' nouhl ne do without ,limmy??? lle rlaims the title of being the "wit" of our elass. XX'ithout him many a tlass xyoulcl eertainly have been :lull-tespeeially lispanolll XX'e know xyhateyer obstacles he meets will be overeome by his spontaneous sense of humor. llaseball 2: Football 2. -ll lloekey 2, 3: 'l'raek 3, -l. Class Iixeeutive lloarml 3: lleeoratiug Connnittee, junior Prom: Stage Manager, Senior Play. EDWARD McDERMO'I'T Iitltlie, one ol' the eutest lllL'IllllCl'5 ol' our elass. nith his quiet exterior in Classrooms, cleeeives no one-lor we all realize that lie is one of the most carefree and happy-go- lucky fellows in our class. His good looks, athletie ability, spontaneous sense of humor, and his marvelous portrayal of "jim Tierney" in our senior play have endeared him to all. lfootball 3, 4: 'l'raek 3, -l. Senior Play Cast: Decorating Connnittee for junior Prom. MARY McGRATH "Our" Mary is a eapable lass with a pleasing smile who is always preparetl to clo a gootl job. She represented N. ll. S. at Girls' State in h-er junior year. F-assanion lloarcl 2: Student Couneil 33 junior Reil Kirnss Connnittee 2: Massaeliusetts Girls' State 3: Goorl Govermnent Day -l: Reading Committee and Usher for Senior Play DONALD MaclVER XX'herever there's a laugh you'r'e almost sure to tincl "Mickey" and his eomieal personality. As eo-captain of the hoekey team, "Miekey" was high scorer of liastern Massachusetts League and was a regular on the track team. .Xlthough his future plans are indefinite, we wish him luek. llaseball 2: Football Z1 Hockey 2, 3. 4 tfo-Captainl: 'l'raek 3. Class Ifxeeutive lloarcl 4: Safety Patrol 4: Par- ents' Night Prograin 3: Music Committtee for lfxeeutiye lioarfl Uanee -l: Usher for Senior Play. JUNE McKENNA , , , . . . , . XX here there s llune, theres noise! XX helher il s in the tlassroom, the Glee Club, or the gym, June is always bub- bling over with enthusiasm. ller perplexerl frown is always an imlieatio,n ot' a forthcoming question or shriek. , . . . ' Girls ,Xthletics Z, 3, -l: llaseball 3, 4: Basketball Z, 4: llarlminton 3, -1. Class lfxeeutire Hoartl 41 llrtun Majorette J, 3, -lg Glee Club Z, 3, -1 t'I'reasurerl: Sassamon Iloarrl 2, 3. 4: Chairman Tieket Committee. Musie llanee 3: Girls' Ath- letie .Xssoeiation 2, 3, 43 Assembly Connnittec 4: lileeorating Connnittee for .Xssembly llanee 4. and Sassamon llanee 4: Class elerk 4: P. T. ,X. Panel Discussion -1: Usher for Senior Play: Literary Committee for Yearbook. full uxxlllll THL bAbb.XMUN 5, WALTER McLAUGHLIN '.1ll5" ix thc quicl, flqiciirlzilmlu lciiirl uh., win-fl igmli 'XX on thu lrmtlmall ta-ani. .Nltlimigli of 21 1'cwrvL'rl lllllllll 5' is rcafljf with 21 sunny fmilc nr il liiuiillly xximl wlicucvci' thc wwczwiwii ClClll2illf,lN mic. lfoutlmall S, -1. 'l'iclwl Lfmliiiiitlcu fm' Sklllllll' l'lz15 ROBERT McMANU5 fldllllj, 1Lilk'lI't'C, iium'lmlz1iin'L- llCI'NllIlllli'4l .ill .nhl up l- "Mac" uhm can lu- wriwm ul' witty zu thc lwvzuiliii clviiizuuwlx ,Klan 21 guml atlilvtv, "fXlzu"' plzlywl lmth fmitlizill mul lmulgcy Hutll hc :mtl hia siclu-lqiclc, "Xcllic," arc thc right ftlllllllllll tion fm' guorl Cla-an fun! . 1 A UUYL' 'O - w 1 ' ' v 1 T wtballl, J,-1: l'lm'lu-5 Z, ,a, -lg lrzwk J, -l, Llzuf lzxw- Huzwcl 4: Stuflcm Cmniril lg lJuf11i'z1tiilg Cimiuiitlw at GrarlL1ati4m .51 5110115 Night .li ljpk'll llwuau Night .5 lfahcr at SCl1lUl' P1115 . MARY MEGLIOLA lrlllUfl with ll lmvlx Iizmrl ill writing. Marx haw iuulilx li el per Merry ur l mir flzux llirmigli the SHNSZIIIIUII :mil Yczwlmiuuli Llfllllg' lIl2lllllK'l' lllillitx hu' pnpulzu' with hnih Imp zmrl girlx Hsr x well a villingiicax In pzillivipzitc iii clam uvtixitiu hui lN'l'll ppirviatvfl. llrum Nlzijwu-tlv .lg SZLNNQIIIIIIII llwzirwl .l, 43 'l'ivlw1 tlmi mittcc, Sasvuiimi lmiilu 31 Cumly Lllliliiiillcc, Suiiim' l'llu X earhmik Cuiiiiniilluv. STEPHEN METCALF "Stew-" ls mic ul' mn' fguict lmys, Su-lrllmi 11' Q much aclmirul, hc hzu lwcn ll loyal Ulu-xiiizitn' zmcl za ti' fricilcl, PHYLLIS MILLEY l'hil" han mvxerl licrwlli 21 vzlpzllmlv lauly lil the k'lJl"N uimii zuirl ei lllll' zltlilvtc in thc ticlel. XXI- wish lu-1' muvlu luck in hcl' 3L'i'l'L'l2ll'l2ll pmitis-11 with Scan, lim-lmllck zmcl kill Girls' .Xtlilctivs 2, 3, -li :Xll Girl! Spwrts Z. 3, -1: llzuc hall Z, 3, -lg llaslcctlmll 2, 3. -ll llzuliiiiiilim 41 llmxliiig -l Ficlfl Hamlin-y 3, 43 Yulllfylmslll 3, 4. flaw l'iXL'k'llllYk' liis2ll'fl 33 ,limi ur Rcrl Crlww lg Xxvlll' Sziviiigf Cllllllllltflfk' 2. hL'T'lllllN. zu thu mwrzxsimwii lmppuiif lu lw, hui' 1-:ui hpurl xml N sf Uk Qs 4 . v its 'IIII SAZNSUXIXIUN JEAN MONACO I'vupIv uhm iluiil lumix .Ivan vrry xxvll llllllli xlivx dl iqiiivl littlr girl. XXX' lumix In-tlL'i'I -Il'2lIl is Illlllllllllg nvvi' xxith lIlL'l'I'llllt'lll auicl fun :il liimw. XXIII lilu-cl hy :ill uhm hmm In-r ,lm-am is lmuml to gn-I :Ili-ng il' she lllilllllillllx hm-r ii'i'mwlwi'm-wililv wiiw uf liiiim-r. V - - fx- - ' A , lnrls .Xlliln-tics -I. Iivlwl kmiiiiiitlvv. ,luimir Iruiiig Vzunly L'uiii1iii1lcc, Sciiiui' l'I:1i. HELEN CATHERINE MONSON lla-li-ii Nk'k'lllN ll quick girl to Illuxl. hut wlii-ii Nha! xxitli In-i' frig-ml. Illwrizi. tlicrc ix IIIUIIIX uf iiici'i'y-iiizxkilig. Um' ul' Iwi' f:ivm'itv sulvjcrlm is nrt. IImvxx'vvL'i', sho plzuu to run- linuc xxiil-king 111 Ihwutliy Miiriclk ziftci' grzuluzitimi. CONSTANCE MOSHER "k'Uiuiiim-," Immxii hy hri' ilzzyzliiig. lin-ry ra-rl ham. in-N-vsww thc vilmmiit pwwimliiy hi go with it. K'uniiiu'a Km-my uf liiimui' vzuft lic vflualccl. Shc'a quirk an il wink xxith pm-rl vmilc-lmzavlqs :xml IICI' lziuglitci' is cvcr lmratiiig lllrtli. Cmiiiim- cnjoys life inuilcmcly :mil wc kiiow shy-'Il nlxxziyx lu- zictixw- in Mllllk' 1'CN1li'l'l, lla-1 you'Il hc "jumping" .niuuiifl wllvii y111'i'c ciglilyl lluh. Cmiiiiu? lllu- Chili J, .lg Szilvly I':1l1'uI J. .Ig XYQU' Sawing: Clllll- millcc' .fl Clivvlwr in L-IL-vliun 2. MAE MOSTECKI Klan- xxill hu I'l'IIIl'IlIIM'I".'lI for IICI' zihilily In gm-t :ilmig xxith vvri'5uiiL-, :mtl hui' williiigiic-M In help out wliviicvci' pmxilmlc. IIL-r pn-rwimlity zuirl vcrwzitility xxill tit in wlicrcvcr Nhr muy' gn ziftcr high scliuol. Iliilx' .Xlliltlimw 2, 3. -I, Illu' LIIUIJ 2. 31 Ol'CI1L'all'2l 1, .li Suwzniiuii Iiiiunl 5. 4. ROBERT NELSON li ix'fI In Iiiifl xxurrlx li- IIt'Nl'I'Illl' Nuvh :iii :ill-mllnrl ii lliixx :ix Ihih, llc if wiuitv ilu- rliznmctn-1' in sclmmil nltlumgli mimi xxill hurl hix liulilvmwk always Ill'l'll1lIAL'fl, Out ul avlnml yin uill Iiiirl him tmiriiig thc l'llIIlIlI'j' with thc gang in his "r:u'." 'Ihr zilhlc-tin' typc, Iluh un, Um- uf thc "irish mon" 1.11 mir uiilwntn-ii rm-tlrnll tm-zim. lla' plans In lurtlicx' his Vllllllllllill :uirl Iwrmm- :i flcntiwt. I"m.tIi:ill 3. 4: 'I'rzu'k 3, 4. ,liixiiur KL-cl Crum 1. THF SASSAMON at DONALD NICHOLS XYith a pleasant smile and a carefree nianncr, Don lcnrls a helping hand on man3' nccasmns. The art rooin will vcr'- tainly he a lmiesmnc placc without him. l,C'l'Ul'2lllllH Cmiiniittrc for Halloween llanre 4, lfmitlizill llantc 4, Lllflillllilx llzinvi- 4. and Si-iiitn' llzinvi- RALPH NORRIS Ralph, ont- ot' thc quit-t stnclipus it-lluws uf mn' rlass, is ncntecl for his high sclnilastii' rating. Always Calni anil cul- lectecl, Ralph shows initiativc and accuracy in all his work. Here is unc fellow who is lmnnrl tu rvavli thc trip of what- ever tielcl hc finally cliuuscs. Glu: Chili 2: Hoiitmr Suvicty 41 Salt-ty Patrul 2, 3, 43 Sassaiiiuii lluarcl 2, 3, 4: Studi-nt Cmiilvil 33 XYar Savings Cmiiniittn-c 2: Lvslltl' at tlracluatiim 33 lhisiiii-as xlflllIll.It'l' .if Sassainun 43 Yc':1i'lmiil4 Cmiiiiiitti-0. PATRICIA O'CONNELL "Pat" has hc-cn our tll'1IIll Illfljtil' and :1 mighty tint- min-, tcm. Nut tim foncl ut' thc rlassivs, slit- has hclpcfl Illillik' many a classriimii bright wtih hui' cliccrfiil sniilc :incl I't'2lllj' wil. Girls' Athletics 2, 3, 43 Haskethall -, 4. lirum Major- ettc Z, 3, 43 Sassamon lluarcl Z, 3, 43 Student Council lg XYai' Savings Cuniinittcc 2: Tifkct Cmninittec, Ifmithall llaiiu' 21 ll-svurating foiiiiiiittve, lfiiiitlmall llanu' 2, 33 lfCl'I'L'sl1IllL'Ill L'mmnittci', Sassaiiiini llanrc .21 ll, .X. .X. L'ulln'i'tui' 23 .Xss1. Rcfgistrar, vlass f-lt-vtimis 41 fziiicly Uviiiiiiitti-1-, Si-iiiur l'l:ui'. , v.,,,Wf,f' ? 1. .Q sf ' 5' MARJORIE O'RElLLY fhiutlici' of thc Smith Natick girls, Xlarjwric has hm-n vvry avtivc in spiirts. llvr lm-antifnl Cliristnizis stone- on tht- hoartl in limuii l9 clrawn in vullalmratiini with Niurina Sclivn- fc-le was thu L-iivy nt' many other riiiniis. XXX- arc alsii inclehtccl tn "Marg" fur the wurcls and ninsic to our vlass sung. Girls' :Xtlilctivs 2, 3, 41 lla:-kctliall Z, 3, 4 tX'a1'sityl1 Hadinintmi 3, 43 lhiwling 3, 43 Ficlcl l-limclu-5' 2, 3, 41 Sufthall 3, 3, 41 Yulli-yliall 41 Pix-siclm-tit ill' Girls' .Xthlvtic l.c-agiw 4. tile-e Chili 3, 43 lj1lNlK'l' Cliiiiiiiitti-L-, Sc-iiiiir Play, l,ihr:ii'i:in in 33, 41 Xrlv:iiivi-cl Ci,iii1l"'lllll"' 42 Y1':ll'luml4 .Xthlt-tir llnn- mittf-cf KENNETH PARKER uxvllllillllfi thi- fannnis lmtlcr nf "'l'liruugli thc liry- linlc-," was lltbllk' tltlli'l' than our trim-ntl, lxcn. .Ks a Caiizulizni aviator lu hail inany tcnnnim- licarts tlntti'ring'. film- C'lnli 3, 41 Svniur l'lax' Cast HI' 'l'IIli SASSAMUN G 4' lr. RICHARD PARKER .Ns Il .gi'm'vi'3-' rlcrk, llick xr-i'x'x-5 fziitllfully tliv mziny pilluilx ul Ilia' lwrxl Nzlliiwlizml. NUI tim luiirl ul xrliuul, ln' lmpi-N nm' flux lu lu- :1 Ing lnixiin-NN mmm JOYCE PRIOR 'Flu' IIIIINII' YINIIII will cwtziiiily ln- Il lmiosmnc plzwc' IUIII 'Iuyu-. .X gmmcl stucln-nt, IIICIIIIDCI' ul Hmmm' S0014-ly, 1 tzilcnlcml IIIIISICIZIII :xml a graml girl wc wish licr tlic but -' ' " :. 1 " 2 ' 2 tlwrznpist, Ilzuicl -lg Gln-Q Club 2, 3, 41 Iluimr Suviety 41 Orclicsiru 'I .".!, '.",.... lhiulilc Uuzarlvl Z, 3, -lg String Trio 1, 3, -lg Xl:iu:im'li11Ni-115 Qlillm' If:-Ntivzil -lg Hin-ii lluuw Niglil 3 JAMES PROFETTO .fs I X grcnt Nliuwiiiziii, u'IZIIIlCs. tlic Yuiccf' has cntcrtainccl ' mis :ill mi nizmy urczuiuiiw. .lim has tzilciit and wc are surv 1 4. lu- will lu- Il xiivrc-M in his ulmwii llvlrl, lfl,1f1l1:ill 2, 3, -lg 'I'r:u'l4 3 Yl'IlI'IJuu1Ii I'unnni11m-i- ff -f' PLATT UACKENBUSH 35 K Q X 1 Q W Plan lmlwx In I-iilvr Xlzu-ziclilxwttx 5-clmnl nl Plizirnmry in Svptciiiliw. IYitli two years of prvliminzu'y training in ilu- rlrug lbllsilltxs wc know lic will lu- slwvcsstlll. llasclmll 3, -lg lfuutlmall 3. llrrmvrzxliiig CUIIIIIIIIICC, Soph- imnm- ll:mu-3 I':iiiip:iiuu Xlzuimgm-r 33 lllwr :lt I'I'IIIIIIIIf.lIIIIlIl nun- -l MARIE QUATRALE Xlziriv Hui luv-I lic Lwliiwwwcl ax jllxt plain "xx'm1rlc'rli1l.' llvr mcrrx liumur :xml swcct wuyx liavc maclu many ll rlav iii-.vzililr-.i llcr L-xvullcnt tzutm- in rlntliw and tlic way thcy lil licr trim figurc nizikc yuu in-tics lin-r XYIICI'CX'L'I' she goes ' Llulm Girl! AXtlilctiu 4. Cla-5 I'lXCL'IItlX'k' Inward -lg Glue I -. 3: Sziwziiimii Ihlaril 43 Clicfkcr at lflcctimia Z, 33 Tickm-t Ilfriiiiiiiluc. ,luiiiur l'rum3 Rc-frm-Nliim-iit QIUIIIIIIIIIUU, Chris mn liwii 'v- J' Qviiifir l'l'u' l'1m1ii1i11c'e-' Ym"irlmnk Ihiiitilllli-I' 'N I 1 .. . , 1 , Q- THF SASSAMON K-I ELEANOR QUINN Eleanor is a husy person, always hurrying here znnl there. She hopes to he ll teacher and plana to enter lirztni- ingham in September. tluocl luck. Iileantnx Girls' Athletics 2.3,-13 Basketball 2, 3, 4: Softball 2, 5, 41 Field Hockey 2: Yolleyhzill Z, 3, 4, Claws lixeeutive Ilnarfl 33 Safety Patrol 3, 43 Sassanion Hwzirrl 2, 3, -13 Refreslnnent Cuumiittee for Soplnmiure lmnee: Cheerlezuler 33 Music Cilllllllltfee for SZISSHIIIUII lbzinee 33 l,l'Uf.Zl'1lIl1 Seller fur lirzuningliztin :intl XYellexley gzirnes -13 Prnperties t'mni11ittt-t- J. LEE RAMSDELL . Lee is 21 quiet lzul tlften wen huaily engaged in the pur- suit of knowledge. An ardent hzukethall fan he :irguex fin' his ehatnpions in line style. 'Xrt Clilllllllllvt' fur ,Innitur Pr-nn FLORENCE RAPHAEL Florence is it shy, little lass full uf energy :incl v-ery neat. Always punctual :incl well-grtmniecl we knnw Nhe will lit' 1111 HSSCI ill xwlllt' tiflirt' lM'Iul'1' lun lulhg, EDWARD RICE Etl left N.H.S. tu serve Unele Sam and returned in September tn join nur t-law, NVQ- :ire happy tu have hrlrl him with ne. WARD RICHARDS XYitliout XYartl the Ctnninereizil l,ClJZl!'llllL'lll wuulrl lim'-e heen :tt Z1 luv winetinies Ihr xt xtrtvng tnzin in liumii 25. X willing worker he win tmtten ftmntl Ntnpling, typing, in flnph eating.: 1' " Xwixtznnt Nt-gixtrztr 4 .1 1111" SASSAMON NZ 1 fl EUGENE ROBIE 111-1111, 11111- 111 1114' 11'11g1111' 1.1111 111 1111- 011111, 1lI!11l'Il1'N 111 1-111 11111-, 11111 i1 1111111111 1111i11' 11i11'1'1'1'11111' 111' 1111 11111111111111'1. 1111 1'1111111i11:11i1111 111 111-111111111111 111111 i1111-111111-111'1' 111N j.,l111lf1 I1i111 1111111 11i111111 iii 111 11 1111 XXI 1 1 1 1' . 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Only 1111111' 111111 111111- 1'111111-1 11'i111 11i111 1'1111 11p111'c1'i111c his fricnclly 11111111111 111- 1111111- 111111 i11 1111 1111t1i111- lifc, 111' 11'i11 1'11111i111114 111 111-1-11 111-111111- 111 :11 11111 111111 1'11111111111i111111- 111111111111111-11:11 111. 11 -v - 1.1111 1111111 S, -1 ZlIl1llN1'IIlL'1l1 111 his C121ss- STANLEY ROSKEY 811111 1'111111- 111 111 1.l'11l1l 11. C. 11ig11. .X 15111111 1'1'i1-1111 11'it11 1 111111111 N11111K', 111- 1111 1 211112113 14 11'1-1111111-1111 111 1l:1111'1'1. 1111 11111111 111 111-111 111111 1111- 1':1111'1111' Xi1g111 .13 1'11111'11i111g l'11111111i11111-, -11111i111' PV11111. ELIZABETH RULLIE 11111111 Il1l':lN:l111 111111 11g1'c1-111111: 121-tty i1 119112111X rluitc' 11i111111'11111'1-. S11L' 11111, 1111111-1'1-r, 21 11111- 1c1111- 111 1111111111: 1 1 ark 1111' Nlllglllg Illillllhil' 1111111111-11 111:11 11111111-1 1ll'l' ll XYl'1l'1lI11C' a1111iti1111 111 11111' 1'1'1111'11. V11111- 1.11111 .13 SZIIIU 111 11'1111111 11Jll1'1'5 THI: bA5bAlX1tJN OLGA SAMARSKY Olga loves to talk, but she really means to be attentive. H-er dark hair, flaneing eyes, and pretty elothes were the envy of many. Girls' Athletics 2. llrnm lvlajorette Z, 3: Sassamon Board Z3 junior Recl Cross Z: XYar Savings Committee 21 Decorating Committee, Sophomore llaneeg Teen Toyvn 2: lfsher at Musie Festival 3: Cheerleader 4. RICHARD SANBORN "Dave" may be slight ot' build, but he certainly has an amazing sense ol humor! Girls s-eem to be the least ot' his worries, at least while one ot his "pals" is around. lle eer- tamly has what it takes to make friends. 'l'raek 4. Cheeker at junior Prom. NORMA SCHEUFELE Norma always manages to look spotlessly yyellfgrooineil. She is usually finite agreeable and frienflly although she is inelinerl to be quiet at times. Norma! works of art are often seen around N. H. S. She plans to go to art sehool to further her artistic ability. Sassamon lloarrl, :Xrt lifllttll' 41 lleeorating Committee for Football llanee 3, anrl Sassamon llanee -13 Csher :tt junior Prom: Clerk at Senior l':lCt'tltlllSQ llulletin lloarfl in 33 -lg Poster Connnittee for Senior ljlayg .Xrt Coinlnittee lol Yearbook. BETTY SCHULTZ llesitles being the athletie type. lletty is a musician, lun, She excels in basketball and plays the violin in the orehes- tra. B-etty, one of the smarter members of our elass, is in the Honor Society. VVith her patient manner we know she will sueeeed in the teaehing profession. Girls' Athletics 2, 3, 45 Honor Soeiety' 3, 43 Oreliestra 2, 3, 42 Clerk at Sophomore lfleetionsi ltefreshinient Com- mittee for Sophomore llanee ainl ylunior l'rom. JOAN SEDGWICK llo you ever see ,loan yvithont Mary, or Mary without joan? ltvery llltlflllllg they appearerl m Room JD tu type the days llOtlC'L'S. l f -1 wi-J 4 Girls' :Xthleties 2. Csher at Musie ltestival J. it . A f X, e ' .M J if .rf 1224 , N. --i llll h.XhhAlNlUN ROSE LORRAINE. SHALDONE liww IIIINNQNMN ilu- flu-liglilflll rmnlninnlimi nl rlmzum mul ,I , gpm-15. Slim- XXQlN.ll1lllll'1l tlmn- "pn-rwnznlity girl ul Rumi: l'J" 1' Q lg :xml no xxumln-1', lm' lim-r Npznrlxling 1-yu :xml 11-:uly smilr :lrv ' - " JlKllllll't'Il' lmy :alll Rem- plums lu ln' mzlrrivcl iimncclizltcly nflcr W .. guznflllznliiiil in :1 lucky guy lmy ilu' mum- ul "l'2clclic." 11153 llirlx' .Xtliln-tim J. llrum Xlznjmwctlc- 2, 33 Glu' Club 2, -lg 'ff A fzuxaannniii lhmrfl Z.,-ll S1-niur l'l:ny C3511 Stuflm-nt Cmlnril -l: lvru lmxn Ltlllllllllltk' JI lznlunr .X55CIIlllllL'5. L , a MARION SHERMAN Xl num s um In Us in lu-r 5k'llllll' yn-nr. XX 1- kllmx lu-r larsl lm' lu-r t'llIL'll'lll wrviu- in tlu- luilvllrumli. Shu cxpn-cts Xlzxriun. s 'l'1':111alci'l'crl lruln lll'l1lllll'L'k' ln Nutirlc. MARY SIKORA Um' 1-ti llic iiiwpmzilmlw, Mary li ulllilllis sliamlmx. liuq 11- su In-v, in wlmul aml uutsirlc, Mary Is 21 imc XYUl'liCI'. Girl! .Xtlilc-tim 2. Ublufr at Music lfcstival 2. MARY SIMEONE ilu' Sufvty l'z1trul, :xml tlic 5215521111011 liuarfl, Mary is 11 busy pn-ixml, XXX- wish lwr the lu-st. Girls' Ntliln-tim 2, 33 Softball 2. lflmliwr Society -l:'Safc- ty ljntrul 3, -lg Szisszninml lluarcl 2, 3, 41 Clcrk at clccllun 43 .xxxialillll lQn'g1wt1':zl' 3. A BARBARA SLAMIN " 'x' ' ' ' ' ' 1 ww Nlllfl' slim' lu li nfl 1 gi-ml Nlzmrt Nlllfl' Mwst ul lwr fllilcllmml was 5130111 in Nznivk. "lI:1rlm" is thc rm-wiwcrl typc. wc-ll-rlrcssiccl. and xxvll-lil4c'1l, In gn in training at Nnsliua llmpitul vcry won. Guocl luck, ihwlliu' llll'lllllk'l' uf thc Hilmar Sncicly. llu- Ulu- Cluln, llll vm-fl fri-in XXI-llmln-5' In Nzxtirk High Srluml. Hmxcvcr, 'IHL SAb5AM1Q1N 1,1 JAMES SLAMIN 111-1111c 11111 1111114 .111ll 11'111 111- 111 L11111' Nuns N2111' .11 1111-at 1.21111-s 111111111111 5121111111. 111- 1111111- 111- 1-1111111 11111111-I1 Sp111'1s Night .23 L'111'is111121s 1JH111'l' C11111111i11c1- -lg 111-1-111: rilllljl C111l1l1l111k'l'. 1511111112111 112l111'1' -1: 1131111111-1-11 111111,-U QUIH- J - - - 1 - , . 1 11111166 4: S1-111111' D4111131- L111111111111-1-3 11151011 L1111111111t1-Q 1111 SL-11i1,11' P12111 ROBERT SMITH 111111. 111111 11lN 1:111111111-Y. s1-1-111s 111 11-1 111111111114 141-1 111111 11111111. thus z11'1111i1'i11g 111211111 11111-1111s. 1'1211i111.g 111111 il 111-11- 1111111111 11211lf1111AI111N 1'i1'i11it1' 111111 111111 1111- N. 11. S. 11:11111, 111111 has 211'11i1-11-11 1111- lflfl 111 f1l'lllll-1l121j'1l1jl, xX'112i1k'Yt.'1' his 111i1I1N lllllj' 111-. 111- 11111111 his s111'1'1-ss is i11s111'1-11. 11211111 3, -13 1111-Q Li1l111 2, 3: 111-1-111-s11'21 3. -1: 11211111 11111111 -11 -13 1l11111111- Q11211t1-1 1.1, -1, :N-C11 1'.11f,I12lI111 A1l15Il' 1-1-s111'111 -1: X L-21111111111 L'1111111111t1-c. CLAYTON SPINELLI uS'1111.Nn 112111 112111 211111 1-1111121gi1111s s111i11- 111111- 111-111 111111 1111 1111- "s1111111' 11116 111 1111- s1l1'1-I." .X111'211's 1111'1111'1-11 111 21111 1l11511111K'1 111- 1-1111 111111. 111- 11s1111111' 1z11ks 111111s1-11 11111 111 11. 1441111111811 .11 ,1xl'2l1'1i -1. Sl11V1'1N Night lg 11111-11 111l1lNk' .X1'111'11.11-s 32 11911111111-1-11 11111111 K'11111111il11-1- -13 111-1'111'211i1114 f11ll1lllI11t'1'. 1511111112111 11llIll'L' -13 f1ll'1sl111g1s IJQ11111- L'11111111i11L-1- -ig S1-111111 11211116 L'11111111i111-1 SPIRO ARTHUR SPIRO S1111'11, 1Jl'l1l'1' 1411111111 21s "1X1'1'11i1-" 1111s 1111111-11 :111 111111111'lz1111 11211-1 111 10211111111 N. 11. S. 111 X'1l'1111'j' 11121111 111111-- 111 1111111 has' 1101112111 211111 11'211'k. 111- 111211 11s1121111 111- s1-1-11 1'1'111si11g 211'11111l41 i11 his 1'1'ic1111s' 1'211's. .'x11111l11g11 his 1111111'1- is 1111111-1-1111-11, 111- is 11'is11c11 the 111-st 111 11ll'1i 11-11111 4111 his 1-121ss1112111-s. 1!21s1-112111 2: 1121sk1-1112111 2. 3. -1: 1511111112111 J, 5, -1: '1'1'211-11 5, -1. Class 1-111-1'11ti1'v 1111911.11 3, -1: S21ss211111111 111121111 Z: S11111'1s Night .11 0111-11 1111llNC Night 5: 1YN11k'1' 111 111'z11111:11i1111 211111 Class 19211 5: L's111-1' 111 S1-111111 1'1411. ANN STACY .XIIII ls G1 111111-l, 111111- 121111. Nl'141111Il 111-:11'11 211111 ll1111'11 :111 ll1lI'l'11. 111-1' 11211-111'11h1- 1l21N 111:1111- 111-1' 1111- 1'1lXj 111 lllllllj. 1111-1' C1ll11-12 S:1ssz11111111 111111111 5. -1: 1111111112 111-11 fl-1111 1, L'1c1'11 211 S111J1111l11111'L' IQ11-Q111111 2: 111-111111111111 L'11111111i111-1- 1111 S11p1111111111'c 1,2ll1k'1'1 1'1'11gr:1111 Sk'111'1' 1111' '1'11:11111sgi1'i11g 112111 game -1. Q-is Q' 15 Y' QQQQAQQ ul IHIL ISASSAMUN Q6 P'-' ROBERT GEORGE STOCKBRIDGE llulv Inu In-cu nur mmio .qu-rntm' nu many mwavmlx, -' nlwlc MV. lux-lt, lu- m-uw' llllll5 a lm'fluu1u'al jul: lmuglm. l'mjcvlm' 1X isual lfllxlcatimxl J, 5, 4. ROBERT STOCKS I' llu- uumr ru-umm aufl ilu- art rmuu lull nuw a clmutcfl .mf v. 46' -r AS' lIli'Il1l Nlll'll llulu lczavvs. Ncvcr tml Inlay tu lwlp nut in an wgvumvy, his tzxlcut is uftcu wuglmt. I llnurl 3, 41 Class lixccutivc lluzuwl .lg lllcv Club 1. 3. -lg cly l'ut1'ul 4. JUNE TOZER .luuv ix A lim- M-:1111nt1'n-M wluw umy wulc day Inc unc nu' lczuliup.: l1lNll1Oll flCSlgllCl'h. Girls' .Xtlllm-tim 2, 3, 4: llzuclxall 2, .li llawlwtlmall 2, 3, -lg . , ,. " f laskctlmall lIl2ill2U.fCl', llzulactlmull Captain 3, 4. ulcul Cuuuvil 4, PETER VANCE l'cu- lx uuv uf our "big" Imp, a lilllllllll lllClIllbL'l' of the tmvla vluzul :incl uf tllc Hoy! Glcc Club. llzukm-tlmall 4: 'llrzwk 3, 4. Scuim' Play Cast. LORETTA VANGEL l.fu'vtIa ls tlu' girl you wc xuulim.: at yuu :wa-r tlu' raurly -' 1 ' ' " " 4-atrcl Slum- has rcawu to sunli- . ' ' -' ' ' g " aufl gum! taste lu clutlws. lark" Nc-mm tu lw thc only mau lm'l1cr, rlcspitc lu-1' - . ay rlw ficlrll l'Nl11'l' fur Alllflk' l"L'NtlYal 5. THE SA SSA MON DOROTHY VIDEON Dot likes art better than any of her aeacleniie classes. She spent many hours perfecting the cl-eeorations for Senior Reception. Hope you likecl them! ljecorating Committee for Sophomore Dance, Football lland and Christmas Iianeeg Senior Play Committee: Year- book Committee. ELEANOR WALLIS ".l'1llie's easy-going disposition, ridiculous giggle, and winning smile are responsible tor her many trientls. lfllie is quite talkative at tnnes, but she also has her quiet side, We wish you every happiness in the future, lileanor. Girls' ,-Xthletics 2, 4. XYar Savings Committee 2. JOHN WALSH johnny is a fellow with clevilment in his eyes! No mat- ter when you see him he's always the same. XYhatever Course he chooses to follow in later life will be helpecl ini- mensely by his ability to relieve a clifticult situation with a sparkling witticism, Track 4. Vive President, Secretary, and Treasurer of H.'I'.U.B.1..'ll. Club. BETSY ANN WELCH Betsy joinecl Us in junior year. XYe have found her a pleasant lriencl not only in sfbool, but also "over the ronnter" at Fairbanks' Store. Transferrecl Yaldosta, Georgia to Natick Sept. '-lo. Girls' .-Xthletivs 4. Class lfxeentive Hoard -ll Safety Patrol 4: Librarian 41 Properties Committee, Senior Play. LEWIS WHALEN "l,evxie," xyl1o's an eftieient worker at one of our local stores, is one of the taller members of our Class. He treats women anal horses alike, loves them all. His artistic talent with a brush has boosted many artivities cluring the school year. Hand lg tllee Club 1, 3, 41 flrrliestra 2, 5, -l salt' 67 UN x llllf SASSA MUN AGNES WHITE xX.lIk'l'l'YK'I' yum lu 1 1 f new : . 1 ' 1 ' 1 'Z' il gigglv you IIIZII' Cxpvft to wl- " 2 '-1 -2 . .' Wimixlv, lmtli " ' 1 . . lv ul'li4'1-. -' lc ' ., . fun' .li I .'. 36 f . . MARIE WH ITE llicrc ix nut zumllicr like Maria-l Um' rlizmlpion gig- ulu, slim- can ilu lim- work :Incl in must c'uupc'l'11tivC. She lux ivftcn lyiwrl Szlnzunuii mzitcrizal un vvry Nlmrt nuliu- in 1 iliuifnl mmmi :url xxitlmut ui mimi . . 1 . 4 I - . - I . hirlx Xtlllc-turs-Ilzlwlmll -l JANICE WOODWARD lf you wzmt tu im-ct tlic Iypc of girl wlufs tall and slim xxitli vlinwtniit liziix' :mil sparkling I-yn it's ".lzm." ller under- slzmcling :mul miprixiiig Yvilys 2lI'L' zu plczuiirc to all. Slu- Hls -Q . 4. IN .I trm- tru-ml :es wvll :ix :1 wumlm-i'l'11l ll1l'I'NUIl in know IX? li lui luulx .il lml in 1ln Iutun rl NANCY ZULLO Nzuivy is Il lrim-ml tw all. Cnpzilmlv, lalentf-cl :xml coopera- livc, law' vlu-4-i'I'1il mzumer and I-:i1'lu-xt cl'fm't liavu ccmtrilb- mul lu tlu- siiux-NN ill' lll'l' many :u'tivitivs. She lmpu Tu lw 'I Wvizil xuwlu-l'. lilllx .Xtlilstux --llzulmintmi 3. Gln-c Club 2, 3, -1 lPrf'si- rliiill Nil lx l'1lml-I Xu l 1' 1 .' .4-m ily CUIIIIIIIIIUC' 4: llcvmuting , V U-iiiiiiillm-Q fun' SZINNZIIIIUII llzmrc 43 RCI-I'L'?-lIIIll'lll Cmnniittev "c.,,', llir l'lXl'i'llllYI' llznwa- -lg 'l'i1'kvt C'1m1n1itt1'C fm' .-Xmmnlmly llllllll' -lg l'r1vgr:nii5 ff-r FI'2lIllIllgllZillI I.-.ZZIIIIQ -li S8552.IIlUll ,N ,. llullll'l'1nlIll C'-'Ill-vt-11' -li' lXln-r :il Sa-iliin' Play: l.itn-rary . ' tlfilirlnilli-v lim' Ye':ll'l1.iHlx 'Sl -.A ,IH , X 4 JL 1 ' ix PQ x . si- ' QW' 5 173' hiss! , I , Iv... A. tim ..j,g lin. In ' . ' ff X if! ,L 1 Y 'A M 457, QW- 1 QA K xx S x x gigs X M' L N' u I Q- 1' f M lug..- N, K, v sn S. S- xx -V 3 gn D 0, 0.90 xa' ' ! AA . +I wgbizqi n x gl 1 o f Q L g U F ' r I ' 'Q 'EJ , 1 ff Q X ' ,1 I X NN I W A , V fa, - g , M ,X wil. 7 ' , 1 W 1' pg ig 'V 1 W 6 f b I ,,I , ' ' qg llilwb Aiixxxxxxz-Ss k , ff "i'J if? i ' .E .YANG A X633 lc 'Y xg? 455 'Ohhfafa-1 M, Hfferno fo Tea 0 H QVVJJ! E Fzhbfe Q6 H as 1 W FllOh1e'S ,,- X Xmas 7-ne r9L?0uv v Successor . f D. fi fs if . Vi I 1 52 S . A i "Kms5j'n The Dan' K " fsnf foo revedfih? GUHJMA four Q rdh J llll hrX55.XlXlUlN 'i no T -f'9 SHXIHK l'l..XY L' NST - . t . . . l , liilik 11' tx' l'.. hlk4llk'lilIl1lll. li, Lotlvi. l'.. liohic. Klrs. lit-Xlcrltl, lx, T,ilI'lsk'l'. lu liutlvc. ' I P ' I I ' l'fff11! fvvzin' l. l,t-lilanc. -I, kournoy cr, li, llunter, lx. Zwhaldoiie. Senior Play 'Tliiouigh the lXL'X'll1'lL'lL.lll5L'Ll iiuitea toinniotioii iii this lively coininini ity. This year the play xx as presented to a tapatity audience on Apirl J, in tht- Coolidge junior High auditorium. ln other years thc play was presented two evenings, hut it was estimated that in one night we would realize almost as much profit with one performance. The Tierney household. kept alive by Grandma-'s QPauline Lelilancl pioneering spirit. includes Mary, Qliettylee Hunterj. the sophisticated daugh- ter, who lands her hrother .lim fllddie Mcflerinottj very tryinlgg also, the two servants employed in the Tierney household, joan, a French inaid, and Wil' liam, the English hutlcr, capahly portrayed hy -Iackie Clournoyer and Kenneth Parker. The plot was engineered hy lirandnia w ho found out i'ThrouLgli the Key hole," that her grandchildren's friends, Genevieve Vanllanip and Archie fRose Shaldone and lfirman llurkel were nothing more than hig-time racketeers. and that the servants were hoth of other professions. George, a friend of the family, fGene Robiel. was innocently snared into the trap and it was in his home that the facts were exposed. Witli the skillful coaching of Mrs. Helen Dehleritt. the splendid scenery executed hy Mr. Francis Cronan and his "crew," and the attractive properties tastefully arranged hy Miss liinily Shannon and her coininittee, our play was certainly "tops" IHI s.x:wx,xMuN .na-5 . - - MSN- HIIQI5'11l.liI:k'I.l'I1 Ip I,.lIlQQlIIlQlfIk, II I'lII1-X, Iyk--IIv1111u, NI Ihlluvuyx. .. I-I.m1l111. NI Xlmauu, I' KIIIIIIIIIII. l1.XXI1i1--11.111 I' k'1u1rIw11, XI IIIIKIIVIIK. S ICulgX XI:alu.1imIu- XII' Xlzlxlwuw-1. S. Iw-x-vuwflmzu, XI, Ihuxx. XI XI.nlls-um, M. IJ1rm11i.!C IMIIQ-v. 5 5II'H'lI1'I, bn Iw4IllIQ1Iy.lI IMIIII1, ,I XXJIIKI. I' Ix.n1vIu.u-I. Xl, Xllgllxllllli . II. Xmxxx-Illla. K' I'I1Vu'. II IIlIllllPI1',xI IVIQI-1II-x, IP. I.x1n-II. X. IL.lvfl. ,I fm In-11. KI l.1.'v11Ir:I1. XI. Xllz-umxv. S. II-Imglu I I'. Iillnum-. X XXIIIIXV. I. ZMIUI. I',. l'vIx':nz1ll. I XI4 Immun, Xl Ywlmn. I I,IlIIlN flvlu. XI. Ilzurlvry, If XX'i14gIwxxH1'1I1. IQ. IZQIVIH-x'. -I Ixmw.. I.. .Ill1'IxN"lI, XI. II-XI'II1'. I, II.n1I.w. In Smmvx. AI 'l'1I1wwl11Il. .I IWI-+I, I XI+Ix1mu.l Y full-I. Y I'w1-'11 XI l'II:aI.u. I II1luII1'x. Iv XIIIIIIN. I. III-xuvlv F-inc. XIIN Il' VIIIIIQI F llllz 5fXb5AlXlUN , IZUYS' l1l.lili Cl.L'll ,slick l'1rIt'.' l'.. .XIllL'N, lX. l 2iI'lik'l', lliiltll. li. l',llls,l1. lxtilllj, lr. 5l4ll'lilDl'lflgQ', U 1401-alll-K. .Shsoiirl mzty' Mr. Maylit'i'gt'i'. ll, Carrlellicchio. XY. Kelly, S. l,upit-n, l.. Arlliur. J I l'.l'fVlIl 1'nzl'.' .X. Roscoe. li. Stocks. ll. l,ilja, I. l'ai'rint-llo, il, llouartl. Glee Clubs ol Natick High School 'I'he Girls. Boys' and Mixed Lilee Clubs have for the past year played an important part in our school lives. Under the direction of Mr. Mayberger, they have sung at many gatherings, including assemblies, the W'oman's Club, and various festivals. Accompanying them have been pianists George Stock- bridge, class of '49 and Patsy Parrinello, class of 'Sly Senior soloists who will be missed especially are: june Knox, June McKenna and Nancy Zullo. Although a great deal of earnest eflort has been put forth on the part of all of the groups, life in the Glee Clubs also has its lighter sides, and many "merry minutes" will be remembered by its members. Good luck to Mr. Mayberger with his future musical endeavors? I IIII' ANNA MUN UICCI I If,S'I'IC,X If Xlqnylwmqm-1. l'. I':u'r'imIIIuf, -I. Iiurlw, X. I'ri--rl-, IQ. Smith. N I I I IxllNw'II, Il, Svlmltf. It I:IlI'IxL'. NI, Nlurzuu, AI, I'r11+1', 11. Stnrlx- IIIII1,l I XXIIIIKII I IIXLII X III1 I XIIIIIIII II IIIIIIIIIIII IQ Xxrllll I .,.r . ..N. .. Wi! U' N SSI :Wg Exbxgixj I 1 I IK I I THE SASSAMON 'fs Natick High School Orchestra Another small but alert group in Natick Highs musical groups is the orchestra. In its three weekly rehearsals the members have worked very hard, and consequently we have been rewarded with the music that we hear in assem- bly every week. The expert direction of Mr. Mayberger has been an inspira- tion and an influence without which we would have been lost. Among our public appearances have been the Senior Play, Graduation, Class Day. and Graduation exercises in Dover. All of these have taken hard work. We have been handicapped by the lack of enough competent violinists. Among the seniors in our organization have been liirman Burke, our first violinist, whose worth we discovered anew when we were without him for the Senior Play. Joyce Prior, talented 'cellist, is another whom we shall lose this year, and she will be missed everywhere in our little music wor-ld. lt seems that a large part of the orchestra is graduating, for the group also includes our skilled drummer, Robert Smith, another violinist, Betty Schultzg the player of the string bass, jane Burke, and the two clarinetists, Lewis Whalen and john Given. We shall miss them all and will be hard-pressed to discover another class with as much musical talent. In passing, this seems an excellent time and place to mention the Natick High Dance Band, which was organized for the Music Clubs' Dance. lts fourteen members, including three alumni, have worked very hard and deserve a large share of credit for the success of the dance. Natick High Regimental School Band Our first impression on seeing the nucleus of the band last September was that it was composed of a group of pygmies. This is due to the large number of members from the Coolidge junior High There is still, it is quite appar- ent, a lack of sufficient talent in the high school to till the ranks of this organ- ization. Notwithstanding, in spite of his deficiency, the band this year has been the most outstanding single organization in the musical work of the school. Because of this we represented our Alma Mater at more football games than we have ever done before, missing only two during the entire season. ln addition to our marching we executed several diliicult formations at these games and managed to give a satisfactory account of ourselves. Dur- ing the course of this season we attended, by invitation, High School Day, sponsored by Boston University and entailing attendance at the B. U.-Colgate game. We also participated in the Christmas concert here in the high school and represented the school in the Armistice Day parade. Through the winter we practiced diligently, although the public saw us but little. Wfith the coming of May, however, we once more reappeared and took part in our own music festival. After that we attended the State Festival at Lawrence and the New England Festival at Hampton Beach, N. H., where we acquitted ourselves admirably. As always we made an appearance on Memorial Dav, both here and in Sherborn. and at the Flag Transfer. IIII NASSAMK Illxl Nl XI Xlwlxl l"I'IN I Nl IIIIUII I XIII xx IIII X XIIIIIIIIIIII, I N I XIlIXlIIIIl I IIIIIIII-I 'Il" ' 's...a" I . Afivrig' p, IIII IZ XI:IIIIII I ICS I I IIIII III I I II II RIIIIII IX XI XII1II.xI I IIINIIII I IIII II I XIIfIxIII.- I I 6 ,. f 1 . r I ll I' , ..... .... W""1iI. , 'llq , I f' - Jr - 4 x . , ' ,. 1m,,,.a.' , C ,o 5.35,-,, - -'F c Q ,-v,'.ff,3.11i.-Lftijzq .H . -.' o ., wwf? 023-' --.14 ,isis Y I, f E. 910 1-- .- 3 we , " if fx.-X 5- 3:5 r , 51 ' , . fx iff 1 , 'Q Q WWW 3 2 3 Q Q , xii M gl . f ,A-A1 Q .-p li 1- XX ' 'r A ms, , ' ' ll Q S JJ s , g:.'.'5.. . --6355, , 45 W ' Y ' ':" Q ,D 1 W, A X "" 4 M 1 I Q ar ,M Lewis WHALEN H 'l'lllf SASSAMON nl' fmt: .X llzirrix, X. l'ic:x, ll, Iiuwt-ll, ,I Ili-lin'-rc, X. Ki-lly, XY. Nlt'l,2l1lgllllII,'l.Xxlllllt' IQ liicl, IC. L'-n'In':in, ll. -Imiex, IQ, Xlziril, IC. llt-re, lf, liiiiiil, Il. Ll2II'tIK'lllk'l'lll4l. I nilli fn., llivzicli l'I:inNw, I. l,in:ini-, IQ. blivliiuini, I". llrt-nn:-mzin, .X 'l't'iii:i, IJ, k'm'liell, X. l,:ini'ini, X, Ziiniglui, lf. Xlcllerniiill, ll. Ileililt-rig. XY. l,in:ini-, AI. liztni' Il, l1i1iiw1,k'-izivli Xililtexu. 1 . , I I . . , . , . , . , . limi! fini limvli Liiiiill, I,, Xlnclle, Xl, X:i1'i'1cIni-in-, lx. lwitley, li, lwixler, .l. Nlclin'1n1i'lf, S llt-clwinliirn, ll ,lillulllily I, Slnlli-ry, li, llillier, I". Scziglielli. IQ. llnt-It llvllfll Slnnnn. N ,null inf." XX. I-Iehnx, XX, Nli,l1lgiil1le1y'. X. Xlllllll, Al. l'I'i1lt'lli1,li,Ll11:tci'I1l:1,l., Klux'- igzin, -I, l'i'iN:ilnIli, IC. Xlcwlziniiy X' l':iiili'Iliccl1iii, IC IZ:nt'1'inu, S. Spin: I', l':ii'li'i', ll, Xvlxtin, yl. flitixliix finii I X lx-tix, lx Illllllllx IC, Int-xx, ,I, XYVIIII, 'I' Xlnllvrx, I lxellyy ll Xlitclivll, I' Xiiiiiilniniiq If l'I:i-,lvx, 'I' lIll'l'- Football Our IO I7 lfnntlwgill Seiisnn will gilwiiys he reineinherecl hy the students of hm nine in his ctmcliing cgn'eei' tit Natick, finiiclm Henry Plgnlsse hiicl an uncle- 4 yein' "CQlintnn iinxf' ln Lllllcli succession, Milfni-cl, XVellesley uncl Neeclhuin were tic-tcnirc-cl hy the Hllecl .incl liluef' Natick inet with Ll cleucllucli when they l itcitl Al.ll'llNlI'H, l1nw'evei', gincl mn' winning ntregilt was hmlqen bv gi I3-I5 tie. 4 . Alter this ininin' set hiiclt, Nalitls went ian Um hcnit M1ivn.n'cI, lNIin'wtmcI untl nclwn, An iilinnst-lvetlect gticlirnii aeiimii cliingixecl when we clefeutetl nur 'llutliev lliv riml, lfipiiniiigliinn, lil tn Ita, As .1 re-.tilt ul thix superlative . . s icciiicl, N.1ticl4 the recipient ull the Micllanicl leiigue Cfluinpioiisliip. Cireclir ix clue tti.1ll the hnys tin the teiiin, hut especially to the seilinrsz XV. AICLJLICQII- lin, I, Liniine, li. lNlL'lDL'l'l11lJU, ll Biinret. Ci, limter, I. Mcflnrinick, R. l-lillier, I Ptiilettii, Ci. f,l1i.iccl1i.i, lit hlchltllllh, 5. Spina, R. Nelson, A. l1Stes, gtncl in.iii.iKgeix, D, Cmttlelliccliiim, A. Hgniis, flliristie, iintl XV. Cllehus. Urclntls tn Climclies lJl.nixse, Ancli-ews, Slgunin Qintl tgirmll for the pzirt i ty tlztl in Ilhllilllkij Illlq .1 ineinnixilwle lltiiitlmill stzisnii N.iticl4 High Scliiml, iincl the lnynl Natick suppin'tei's, .is ntitstuiicliiig. lim' the lc.itetI tellin. Niinck wtiirtecl ntl hy heating Clinton 12W-6, thus hreiiking the lllla siissixixitim if., 3? - - E lit , lfirrk 1'w:i'.' li, Mzttlit-wx. XY. Kliiimic, 'if L'z1i'clcIliu'liiii. li. Czirlwii, K. Miirpliy, Fl. XYI1ilt 'lf Mzilli-ry, li. ,Xint-x. . Y . , A . . , , , , y .St't'fi1lilmgt'.' XX, lilchux, lx. l'z11'lt'y', HI. lxclly. l,. Xlivtili-, lx, Llgixlay, tl, lit-igiigiii, lx. lJulw1'l3 Ciwztrli Cztrriill. l"1'mif1'fm'.' li. l'rt-whit, ml. Llviiiliiii. X. l",wl,tw, .X Nlzillivwx. ll. Mvlvi-r. li, hll'AlllIlll5 N. fifltcr. IP. fiviiilimii, Hockey ilillCl'CLUI'LlHlllklllllL'llUkl4L'X'lC1llIl hnisliul thc wtxiwii with wim. won twu lust thrcc, tictl thrcc, iintl tiirlcitctl unc. Hnwcvci, thc i'cuii'tl tint-ant shnw the true history of thc puclfint-n's sctmiii. They were ritltllctl with lull luck from the beginning nf thc setiann. wlwcn they tlrnppcd tl1eii'fii'5tgninctn Soineiwillc-, gl-2. Certainly thc tcitin htitl thc tnhility tn nuke .i inure iinprcssivc shnwinig pusscssinttg thc langue? lciitling 5umi't1', Dnntiltl lVlclvcr, and unc of thc lciigiit-3 lucst dcfcnscincn, Lina lfwtts, XVith nnly thrcc incinhcrs til, the tctiin rctui'ning, next vctir, thc pi'ospt'tts tlnnit ltink tniw lwriight. lint with thc siiinc spirit that the team has tlispltivctl this past sciisiwii and inurc inthvithitil ctlurt, Cloiicli Citi' rnll and thc hmm urn hc sure nl it igwntl vcitr, l3ct1iti-'c nr hiss rciniirlxgrhlc shnw ing this sciisuni Diiniiltl Mclvcr wiirs iiwni'tlt'tl thc Riilph l-liwwitid trimphy. The large tmpliv, whith rcin.1ins in tht' ti'np'iy runin, will hc ciigiuvctl with Dun z1ld'5 name, rind hc i'ct'civc-s gi ininiiittirt- rib his rcwiirtl. Riclmiil CQl.islw clcttt-tl tgiptniii hir the wining scgiwii, :Qu llll 5,l5A.fXMHlN 2 'eo t l MT? l tlcg 1 r.T'C6' LTI 1 1 can pl an Ill us: I-'.n!.' I-fn: Xlr. .XllflI't'XXs, Nl. l'zirrnll, Al. L'ris:i"ulli, li. llielts, l'. Xzrirre, C. Clrrislie. lf llrennenizin. l'. Czirter. 1 'l'ln1'fl 1-.mug l'. XX':illter, li. lhuiziliue, ,l. l'mxei's, bl. S:iuL'le1neiiti. X. Xnnglri, lf. l.elzintl, l'. lluxxsl. .Nifwffrlfl 1n:.'.' ,l, liuvlf. XY, lflthiin. 'l'. Clltvziiri, .l. llryxer. X. 'liruiai, bl, Slattery. li. Riel. .X . .. . t V , ,. . ., I-win rnnx' 5. Nunn, XX. Rlniilgnineig, ll, ,Xien.i. l. klnistie. li. l-rzuli, l. btzuuuli, IN. Izllhnn. Basketball 'lille lmsketlmll tetunis linul reuwrtl was live xxius nine losses, gnitl twin nun-league victories. Their hnul league standing was litth place, nr lirst place in the second tlivisiun. Amung their victories are twu wins uyer our rival, lirtuningligim. After emerging lrnin one ut the ptmrest records ti Natick High School tetun has ever lmtl, Mr. Andrews and Captain james Christie wnrlaetl diligently In irnprnye the tetun. Although prospects tlitln't lunlc tnu hright, the hnys slimyetl hne spirit and as ll result this ye1ir's tetun huilt up ti fairly impressive reenrtl. Htitl it nut heen fur their ltitk ull height. the huys tnultl easily have man intiny more games thzui they elitl. XYith luur varsity ineinhers returning .is ii nutleus lui next year .intl tl gntitl juniur High tetun wining river. Ntititlx High Seliunl shnultl hetnnie one nt the pnwers of the Buy State League. Ruhert Pn11tly,wtis ziwuimletl the l,enntu'tl lfnley trnphy fur his fine work this sensnn. Tn caipttiiii next years htislcethtill tetun, llieutlnre Sttunuli was untuiirnnus- ly elected. ' l'lI11 5155111111111 ,,, 111111 fA1'I1'.' P.U11111111l11111, 5, 111114111111111111, 11, .XQl4YN111ll'111. 11, I11111, 11. XIUIAJJQIII, 11. I1111'I11111. 7 1 1. K'211'11-1', 11, K'1115111, XY. 1Xl11111g111111'1'1, 1 Q11111'11611I111511. 1111111111 111 1' 1111115l, U. ki'11'1N11lf4 V1 Ks1'15llllI111, X, 11111117 11, 111115, 1 XIKIIQI. IQ 11111, 12 11lAl'11lIk'1I1JlI1, 15, 11.111111 1'11g.1l1 11,11-111 , l'Kl'1'11l111 . IQ X.1111g1'1, 11 Xl111111'11 IQ I1l'1'l', 13 XVVIIQI, 151111, ,I lN1lll'lI1', li N11l'.1111I1 IQ K4H1'111.111 151156111111 111611.156111111 1611111 L1llL1L'l' I1lL'Ki,QLllL111I1LC111 C.1111111 1X11lI'P1U 11115 11111611 111 111.1146 Alll 1111111655116 51111111116 111115 1211, 17111 111114 111 llli1ff.'l'1Ll1 11115 116611 1116 11111111 11116, A1161 1111111111116 1116 11151 11111 gLil11L'b by 11116 1'LlIl, 1116 1611111 6111116 1111611 5111111611 111 1111111 N11111111111 1111 111611 111111 116111 9-11. 111 11115 111116 1116 1111115 11661111 111 1111p1'111'6, 111111 11 11115 1611 111111 111111 21 111116 1111116 611161161166 1116 1611111 5111111111 51111116 1111 11161111 11611. 111 1116 11611 C11C11L111tC'1- 1116," 11616 11111611155611 by W111p1111', 5-5, 11111 6111116 1111611 111 11616111 NCCL111L1l11 11.1. T111-11 1111116 1116 5611311614 111 1116 561151111 W1'lCl1 11161 1W11XXL'L1 111 11616111 111 111111 1'1l'l11'l11llg11LlIl'l, 5-2. '11115 11616111 11121114011 Nl1f1C1iv5 11151 11155 E11 11111111161111111 111 1111116611 5111115. 11115 111511 11111114611 11113 11111 l:I"ll11ll1L1VI1'i111 YILTKTIAV 11161 N1111614 H1611 lll 1CLlgLlC L'l1111fWCt1t1lP11 511 1111 1 1 6 1 I 11115 16111 lll 11111 111111111 5111111 XX,111l Ll 1-Cf111'L1 111 11111 111115 111111 111111 1115565 111111 61.11111 61111165 IACINJIIIIIIKLQ 111 116 111111611. lf 15 111111611 111111 1116 1611111 11111 6111116 1111-1111611 111111 Ll 111111111 1111111 16111111. CQ11p1.1111 141111111 L611116, 111111 11115 51111611611 1111111 566- 111111 131156111 1611 116111 111 1111k1L'1' 111 5116116111611 1116 11111116111 51.111, 611111111 111 ll 511111 511111 111 11111 11111 11115 111111611 11111 111 1115 511111111 111111 11115 11661111 111ft1l1g 1116 111111. T116 big 151111 111 11111, 11111161611 11115 1WCC11 111111111 A1ACI11l, 111111 lb 111111116 11161' .1011 H6 11115 l'CCCllI11' 111111111611 Ll 111111111 111' 1111-C111155111 101111 111 11101111111 111 111110111 111611' llLlll11WL'l' 111111 111611 111 xx'1l1'1k1 XY111' 11 it Illl hi'XbbAlNlUN ffinl' ion: 'lf Tlhillllis, li. Rineliart, R. liall, ,l. lieyer, P. Yaiice. l'. Russell, C. llurlcs, tl, llartxxell. XY, Munro. .Nlwifiitl :im J T. N-lallt-ry. ,l, Kelley, Nl. lloyd. li. l'Aroni.:illo. R, Sanborn, bl. Sullivan, ml. Man- ning. ll. lhompson. lx. llelisle, lx. Xines. lfinifl iiftv: ll. lfinannt-lli, inanager, G. Lqlll2ll'1'l!l2i, ll. Mvklanus. ll. llouret, .X. Harris, li. Xlaniiinil. Coavli farey. Track ln this. the setond year ol track since the revival ol that spoilt the tratlx team has won two meets and lost one. The boys have defeated Marlboro and Medway, and have lost to Wellesley. They also came in fourth in a quad- rangular meet at Norwood, competing against Dedham, Norwood, and Wail- pole. Coach Carey has had his team practicing for the State Meet, which will he held at Newton There hoys from all over Massachusetts will compete. The hoys have only liramingham left to play. Co-Captain Don Bouret has done a good joh running the mile, and Clo-CQaptain Boh McManus has come in well in the dash events. Greg Clhiacchia has proved to he outstanding also in the dash events, Other outstanding performers are Pete Vance in the shot put. Ralph Ball and Ken Manning in the quarter mile. Graham Hartwell and Ray Ames in the half mile, and jim Beyer in the high lump. Dino lfmanuelli has heen excellent as manager. THF SASSAMON S3 Lettermen 1947-1948 FOOTBALL Arena, james Bouret, Donald Cardellicchio, Daniel Cardellicchio, Vincent Chiacchia, George Clasby, Richard Crisafulli, john Drew, Robert Dumas, Francis Estes, Augustus Foster, Gerald Henderson, Robert Harris, Arnold Hillier, Robert Kelly, john Linane, joseph Mallery, Thomas McCormick, james McDermott, Edward McLaughlin, Wfalter McManus, Robert Miccile, Louis Mitchell, George Montgomery, Witllgicc' Nelson, Robert Profetto, james Spiro, Spiro Varrichione, Frank Vzirrichione, Mario HOCKEY Mclvcr, Donald, CJ!!-f,'tIjIfi.lj?l Mathews, Arthur, CM-f,'.zf1f.1i11 McManus, Robert Doherty, Robert Condon, john Cotter, Richard Cardellitchio, Vincent Miccile, Louis Clasby, Richard listes, Augustus Farley, Rithard Dcignan, james Kelly, jack Glebus, Willi.1i11, ,ll.111.1Agti BASKETBALL Christie, james, Clzplfzirz Christie, Charles Arena, james Montgomery, W.1llace Vance, Peter Spiro, Spiro Efthim, Nicholas Stamuli, Theodore Brady, Robert BASEBALL Miccile, Louis Clasby, Richard Hillier, Robert Montgomery, Wallace Arena, james Christie, james Hicks, Kenneth Troia, Albert Leone, Frank Mitchell, George Vangel, Ralph Morgan, George Carter, Paul Crisafulli, john Quackenbush, Platt, ,lflizmzger Champlain, Paul, illtzmzger TRACK Bouret, Donald, C11-Capftzizz McManus, Robert, C0-C.'.1pl.m1 Chiacchia, George Harris, Donald Munro, Williain Manning, Kenneth Ball, Ralph Hartwell, Graham Ames, Ray Beyer, james Mallery, Thomas Vance, Peter Kelley, john limanuelli, Dino, .ll.lll,1g?I' THIS SASSAMON gg , gf 534231-, i 5 ,' VIR! 9' XTHI If'l'lf9 tJlflflCl"RQ 7 fs 4 4 1 . 1 t , .. ft ,, . ,i- 1 - l..1tL't.f:.-. l, lnfer, l. Nmx, Xliw lillxnn, NIT tierrltx. ,Nr,.v1rtl1'ffIv' Xl, XIlgllNlI1lk', X. XX hite. Nl. Wlnte, li. Xluitm l'i't'lll rm." Xl lhilieiix, K' Iltilpli, Xl, lflieillx, -I, K'-iitiinllv, l' Xlillex. Girls' Athletics The nttiters nt' the liirls' Athletic Assneiiitinn fur IU i7,I9iS were as tril- lnws: Marge O'Reilly, Presitlentg 'lttnet Cnnnnlly, Vice Presitlentg Mary Dnheny, Clnrrespnntling Seerettiryg Phyllix Milley, Recnrtling Seeretgtry, gtntl Corinne Dnlph, rliI'C2lSLIl'C1', During the full twn enlnr teams pltiyetl tieltl hockey. On Nnvemher 6, these twn tetims met tu play ti game. The retl tettm was the winner hy it suite of l-O. ln the vnlleyhttll httttles this year the Seniors have wnn the eliutnpiniisliip title defeating hnth the Snplininnres ttntl vluninrs, The lluninr teatm gave the Seninrs still' i'esistuiit'e, hut the ttppeitlttssiiieii slinwetl thttt experience can gtiin vietnry. All three tennis tlisplgnfeel expert spirit ttntl 5PUl'ESlDLlll5lllP which enn- trihutetl tn the enjoyment, even tlintigli just nne tettm entiltl he the victnr. A game ww heltl nn Tlitirstltty, lDC'L'C'INl5Cl' ll. The nplwnnents fur this ggitne were the hnys, hut nnee gitgttin the weaker sex wnn with it senre nf I7-lel. ligislietlwgtll stnrtetl Detemher H ttntl piltetite was nn Mnntlgty tintl Thurs- tltty. The terims were pieketl nn Mnntluy hetinre CQhristmtts. The memhers nl- the tettms tire: Xtfafiffiri Tnpcer ffigiptj, Pm. Schultz, M. O'Reilly, S. Lnwe, P. Millev. N. l,tine, lf. Quinn, 'l, Mt'Kenn.i, lj. Ofinnnell, gtntl Cl. Dnlph. f!fl!,tn1't T, Sims, li. Tnzer, li. XVliittnrtl, CQ., Cinnnnllv flltiptjt If Iqtngiitemlt I, Rnherts, lf littitittgtlggiii, gtntl f' Vunee Ht- 'l'lIIi SASSAMON .Swjrfiozzfffitxrwe-INI. Pacilici Qflo-Claptj, L. Clapen, Podufaly filo-Claptj, j. Hladick. A. joyce, S. Rice, McKeon, M. Chala, Thibeault, and ID. Luyties. i The teams practiced under the supervision of their managers and captains tor the game with Needham on january IS. The Natick Sophomores defeated Needham 23-IS, but the Needham juniors took a close game from Natick li-I I. The Needham Seniors won over Natick by a score of 25-9. On january 25, the Natick girls traveled to liraminghain. The Seniors and juniors were victors with the score of: juniors, I9-l6g Seniors, I9-ll. 'Ihe Sophomores lost, I8- On january 50, the 9. girls again went to Framingham and repeated them- selves, with the Seniors and the juniors winning and the Sophomores losing. 'l'he Foplioinores put up a good light, but their guards just outwitted them. The scores were: Seniors, 20-15, juniors, 20-16g and the Sophomores, 27-13. Un Monday, February Z, the varsity teams were chosen. The teams played Xwayland in lfehruarv. The Natick Varsity team won, but the second team lost. l',frt.'l1 Sleiwilff Trxwz I-'orwai-tls: Forwards: j. 'I'ozer ffftptl li. Wfhitford ffaptj Ii. 'I'ozer M. Pacitici P. Millet' j. Podufalv S, Lowt- I.. Capen INI, U'ReilIv I-Iladitk t,H,1ftl5g KTIIRFLISI Ii. Quinn I. Thibeault N. lane I.. Roberts T. Sims I- INIVKC'-HI I". Ilf.lI1H.lKS.1.lI'I I onnolly The howling teams met every Friday after school at O'Brien's Bowling Alley. The different teams are named for colleges as: Colgate, Notre Dame, lioston College, Yale, I-larvard, Tufts. The different teams alternate each week and play other teams. Cul-gttfe llillffl B. ff. f. Colburn if J Tliibeault ff .I A, Fairbanks lffj K., Dolph j. Connolly P. Milley I.. l.umsden I" P. Mabee M, Clhenette 'I' Sims N. Main Nnfre lllme Ifife ll.lI'I.lI't! II. Sthulty If .j II. Wfelcli fffj M. O'ReiIIy QCA S. Kent K. Kelly I.. Capen j. MtKeon S. Clough j. Hughes NI. Cierrity li. Thibeaul! li. Blumenthal 1 P. Dionne M. Sherman The highest scorer is Ann Fairbanks with a score ot 98. Badminton started after the February vacation. XY!ith the illness of the inanager, Marge Augustine, the team had a hard time getting started. Baseball will start after the April vacation under the direction of the newly elected captains and th C Illilllllglff. v 65 ,Q il Jane Fin 959 K Slor' Our- bask H e our oc Y IT musl' be woman Trouble. 4 org' f4,3f.aJ x . xi FIVE E255 on l Il' looks lnleresfingf Joy ce U. I 'Q W . . , I 79 ,Q 5 J Q gt ! A! Or- ' 9 Mornmg yqhaf Q PQfl9 This IS The life f Hubba Valley boil Teom xl " S Q ,S 4' ' I ' 39- , I I -all ff" f sl A ' ' " , M my 1 ,- T 1 As' av' ,T 5 ' ' w. ff' ,, 4' H J i -i, M ' v x at 1, , ? A ,,l. Q ' Q f . ,- x Q , L, V mi, M I, A! ,, f, 4 l Q "' N UM ' 'MQ4 ' "Wil V Ti! 1 ' U' , 'I 'Tl' " ' 5' YW bf? Y H' l Y ' Q1 A' WW gg? 5 ' ' W f ll g..l1'QQif'i5'f ."":f?:1 N, T ij ' Needham Game. Hulobg A XX 1! I . X , Xl A J kk ,, X . A '. N. , I W1 4' .I QL ' NNY. flf . fe r.:-L4L" 1 vfzg' Tb' X ' Vx i XE. V JX4 X - fi' Qsf rx Izggdltsglj :JA . - "W . ' 'f'4fr- ' fiizsaii 1:-,g' . 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