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IIIQIIII iUl j!IfQlWMU!! ' uf-5' ',W:f'fM E ry ,Y 'A ,, H I 1 ' lyw v V 5 b . ' 5 I .'gl , 6 . o ' 1 Q 'v' If 4 q .x Q 0 u ' I ,Jr 'n L" N ., ,f , '-' 1 l .N . J 6 1 'J I at un . cm, 6 1 ' . 1 ' I. ' je' 9 xg l Q ' ' l gl. If l I 6 x X A P, Mxn 'n Q ' Ol' ' a ' . ' 1' r . Q 1 8 ' s Q . . I L 5 ,., J 1 'yu 0 I A' x V' 4. g y. " ' ,. v ' .0 I L 1' 1 X U .G g . . R 'JU I. gil H r, 1 1 I 0 , sm- v f rw I A n 'rv ' 0 1 Q.. I., X ' A A . .wg !.r 'i F' ..g. . -L . 'rom' Adm . bu ' f A" . -, L 1. i 'Q V ' .Y ,rf - ' ,.'s ' :- . ,w.' i. Q' 5 l 0 V , Y I ' . x ' .5 I' . . J .1 UTM n K O 5.529 - -W . CUhis is The 1947 Sasga mon, confaining m puzfure anh prose a recorhu uf fha '- grahuafzng glass of Nafwk laugh 55' U I1 0 0 I . Mimi, 'Tl Opp, FAMQJWQ, kg- J,-0 liw Z7 XM W? I 'I 4 'I rle.1-I L.e.e. Bvhiratinn i? i IHMLIQIQ RVSSI-11.1. II.-XRRY GOOIDQXIJ. IUJU - 1945 1929 - 1945 IV e, the Class of 1947, lovifzgbf dedicate tlois, our Senior Yearbook, to two of our classmates who met znztimebf deatlos in automobile accidents E9 X HIE SASSAM O N v XM , XI ff-tg H-vi 14. 'aqui Y If 'X IQ Ii 1. fx Milli CIJXI XI I'I"IIIAI' B ff I I 1 I InI:v.' IQ, lim-II', 5, III1-IIII'III I IJIIIII , ,-X. .XIIIIIIII, I. XLIIIIIIIII, X, IJIIIII II XIII ll I 'W ty, l, I2II:II'zIIII.III, X. .II X I1Ifl1vI:I': KI. KI:IIIIIIIIt, II. I Qup1:III, ll 'Q llw. f 1 I lIII'I'I'x' I RIIIIIAIAIN II IQIIIIIIINIIII XI XI IIII I I':II'I':I1It. lf 11lI'ff:.'.' L. IIk'IIIIlIl1I,.l. IIL'II,Q.I,l1HL',K.LIItk-llll, lx, IIIIIIIN, I.. XII 1 , . INQ I':III-, I K II II I ...4 .XCL'l TY B 5 FMR QOY THE -I- T ' . V,:f'EDDY x 1 . . -. ' x 1 xx X'. I. JEAN + MARY - -. " v .-g. J E1 ,, BUDDY RICHARD GETS A BASKETBALL TROPHY TQNY + JACK 4" JA N'CAROLYN - El-'CA R01-YN X ' JANE-NORMA-IVA HL so ROBERT MAC N , iff' 2 A-X X A 2 CAROLYN5 + ELEANOR PETE THE SASSAMON CLASS DAY PROGRAMME Professional, March from "Suite" ..... , Frans Lachncr HIGH SCI-it'bOL Ouemisrtm National .Xnthem . ...... . Francis Sm!! Key SENIIIR Cnouus Address of XVelconIe Romim' l':IlWARIt FAIR Selection, "Fair Land of Freedom" . '. . . . Gustave' Klemm SENIIIII CIIDRUS .'l1't'0lllf7tIlIlA'f, CLERALII EUSTIS THUMAS History Br3vliuI,x' ,IRAN XYARID Soprano Solo, Waltz Song from "Romeo et ,lnl1iette" . Charles Gomzod PRIseII.I,A N,ATAI.lP1 FARRANT I-lrrnzzzfvtrziixl, GIcoRcI: S'I'Ok'KBRIllGE, 1949 Class Poem ANN HARRlNll'l'tDN Lowkv Ulass Song . . Ii'nrds rmd music by Harrold Tlzmdore McNeil tfmss or 1947 Class Will 'I'nDMAs jnxnis QIIIIIK Saxophone Solo, "Saxema" ....... Rudy llfiedoeft NowItI,I. l,I5FoREsT JONES .'lrmInpII1I1'.ff, GEIIRGE STIIITIQIIRIDGE, 1949 Presentation of Class Gift IQHBERT IEDWARD FAIR Anarding of National Honor Society lfmhlems Al.FRI2D IX. MAFI-'Eo, PI'I'I1t'tf'Ul, Nafirk High Svlzool Presentation of Athletic Award MR. RIK'HARl1 H. POTTER, Clztriruztnz, qlflzletir Ad'zfi.vDry Comnritlre Presentation of American Legion Oratorieal Medal MR. WALTER F. COLIQMAN, Coiizuiunder, E. P. Cla-rkv Poxt 107, A. L. Presentation of Good Citizenship Award MRS. VVILLARII F. RICHARDS, l'a.v1 ltjt'l'0l'fl'1-JI-fl .S'l'Pl'4'ftl7'j', Mass. D. A. R. Awarding of Anna F. Goodnow Scholarship ' MRS. AI,I5xANIIER J. MI'I'eIIEI,I.. Prr.v1'dv1zl, Natifk H'oman's Club .Mvarrling of Rotary Cluh of Natick Scholarship MR, S'I'ANI,I5x' SI4II,I,IN, .S.l'll0,fIl'.Yl1lf7 C,'0lI1H11iffd'l' Alina Mater ........... lnwilz' Nichols '36 QPLASS or 1947 Reeessional. "Leicester Grand March" .... . E. F. Illaybvrger l"IlGll SCHOOL CJRCHESTRA IMNIIQI, RALPII CARDELLIQCIIIO, 1948, Marxlztzl 6 THE SASSAMON ADDRESS OF WELCOME---CLASS DAY Un behalf ot' the Class of lf?-17 it is ati honor and a pleasure for me to wel- eonie you to our Class llay lfxercises. XYe are very grateful to you, our parents, our teachers, and our friends who have made this day possible. ln this post-war world we appreciate fully the educational advantages and the opixrrtnnities which you have provided for us. Xte do not know what the years ahead hold in store for us, but we do know that our part in solving our future problems will be a credit to you, to our school, and to our community. And so on this sixth day of hlune, 1047, l again welcome you to our Class Day Iixerciseswa step in our youthful progress toward the attainment of our ambitions. af f "f CLASS HISTORY During the past three years at Natick High, we of the Class of 1947 have been making history. 'l'wo records of this history have been kept, one is the scholastic record, the daily measure of our achievements, our mental growth, our knowledge, the other is the human record, the rambling account of our social life, our dreams, our successes and our failures. The first, carefully tiled away in the principal's oflice, leads to Monday night, to graduation and to our diplomas. Gf that we shall not speak. 'l'he second, just as carefully kept in our memories and hearts, leads to this morning, our Class llay. lt is this record that I wish to recall. 'l'he Fall of ll?-1-l found about one hundred fifty bewildered boys and girls entering the high school, curious and embarrassed, but very enthusiastic about their new adventure in education. At our tirst assembly we were most cordially welcomed by Mr. Sears, acting principal, in the absence of Klr. Nlalfeo who was serving Uncle Sam. Mr. Sears' understanding, gracious manner and kind remarks put ns at ease and we were soon made In feel that we belonged. flur acquaintance with Mr. Sears, however, was -hortflired for small he chose to retire. Xlr. Martin now succeeded Mr. Sears. NNW to organize the sophomore class! 'llhe election results on November eighth showed Herald 'l'homas, president: .Xrthur Casavant, vice-presidentg Sheila llrennan, secretary, and 'loan Hell, treasurer. Representatives of our class were active on the various committees and in school activities such as: junior Red Cross. S xssuiox Board, Varsity teams, Glee Club, Orchestra, and Student Coun- cil. 'I'he Yarsity football and basketball teams found it necessary to dip into the sophomore class to obtain the talents of ".lunie" liranciose and "Billy" Carr. 'I'his year we telt a great loss, 1 me of our classmates, Roger Russell, who had resided in Natick only a short time, suffered a fatal accident. Miss Randall, our lnnehroom dietitian, retired to 'enjoy a bit of leisure after many years of faithful service. .Xfter our summer vacation in l'l-15, we returned to school to start our Junior year. We were full of ambition and hopeful of starting a year of greater accom- llishnient in scholastic, athletic, and social activities. Mr. Maffeo had returned THE SASSAMON 7 from the service and resumed the position of Principal. In November we elected class officers, choosing Robert Fair, presidentg Arthur Casavant, vice-president: Beverly Wlard, secretaryg and Robert Prescott, treasurer. "Billy" Carr and "fume" Franciose were elected co-captains of the football team for the coming year. The basketball team was to be captained by "Chuck" Checani. Tommy Quirk, Bobby Fair, and Buddy Potter distinguished themselves on the hockey team. Fair was later elected captain. The baseball team won the coveted Hay State League Championship. Lester Leland was elected captain for baseball. Helen McGrath was sent to Girl's State in Bridgewater to represent the girls of Natick High School. Robert Prescott represented the boys at Amherst. liotli returned With glowing accounts of their experiences. Surely this is a wonderful lesson in government and good citizenship, provided so generously by the American Legion and its auxiliary. Helen McGrath, Ruth Powers, George Buckley, and Gerald Thomas were elected to the Honor Society. This was an outstanding accomplisliment for juniors. In May we enjoyed our .lunior Prom, our social highlight for the year. This year we mourned the loss of "Sonny" Goodall, who was fatally injured in an acci- dent. XVe all missed his sunny disposition and pleasing personality. September 1946 finally found us seniors. Our first activity was choosing our permanent ofhcers. 'We elected Robert liair, presidentg Arthur Casavant, vice- presidentg Helen McGrath, secretary, and Robert Prescott, treasurer. In Febru- ary Ruth Powers was chosen by her classmates as the flood Citizen to represent Natick High School at the D.A.R. Pilgrimage held in Boston in March. Our football team under the direction of Mr. Plausse had the power this year, also,.to defeat Framingham. The hockey team under the supervision of Coach Carroll had four members chosen for the Eastern lXlassachusetts All Star Team. They were Robert Fair, Tommy Quirk, Edward Clay, and Arthur Potter. The National Honor Society induction was held- in May. At this time eight more members were inducted and twelve of our classmates will receive their pins today. "january Thaw," our senior play, was presented to a most appreciative audience on April tenth and eleventh. The cast under the guidance of Mrs. Helen Delileritt did a splendid job. The school orchestra under Mr. Mayberger's direc- tion, with Hilda Banks and lired Dutton as soloists, presented the musical selections during the intermission. The climax of our social life comes tomorrow night in the Coolidge Junior High Gym when our Senior Reception will surpass all other school functions in gayety and brilliance. lt is with the deepest regret that we sever these close associations with our classmates. Wle feel deeply grateful for the kind and thoughtful guidance of our faculty and especially to our class advisers, bliss XYildbur and Mr. Carey, who have so patiently and expertly led us to the successful conclusion of our days at Natick High School. We shall always cherish these years. BEVERLY JEAN XVARD. 8 '1'111i SASSAMON CLASS WILL X-V1-, 1111- CI1155 111 1'7-17 111- 1111- N11ti1'l1 1111511 S1'1111111, 111-111g 1111551-551-11 111 gl'l'1l1 1111-111111 111111101111-5, 1111 111c1'l'f111.f' l11w11111y 11111111-, U1'11Il11l, 11111111511 111111 1l1-1-11111- 11115 111 111- 11111. 11151 will 111111 11-51111111-111: ,1111 511. 3111111-11 w1- 11-1111 ll 11-11-11511111 51-1 111 111-111 111111 1'111151-11'1- 11111 l'111'1'Qy 111-1'1-5- 5Zl1'1' 111 1-1111-1 1116 111511111115 111-1111-1-11 1111- 111111-11 11111111 211111 1111- 1111111 11111111 '1'11 Nlr. 1111111111 1111 111111111111111' 111-111-11 111 5111-1-11 1111 1111- writing 111. 111-11-11111111 511115 1111 ll'l1Zll11S. '1111 Mr. A1l'1111l1l1l1h1V1'11 111-111111115 111 111-111 111111 1115 1-xt1:1-1'1111'11'111111 Il1'11Y11.ll'5 1l1l1'- 11114 111111101-1111111 111-111111. '1'11 M155' 1411111-111' Z1 111l1'11l'1'1l11111 115 "Qj1111-1" 115 11111-5 w115. '1111 H1155 1111111111011 1111-115 1111 1111 1111- 11111115 111 111-1-11 11111 1111- 111111g1y. '1'11 51155 5111111111111 Ulll' 11111111-1'111111111 1111 licr ll11111'1llg' 1-1111115 1111 11111 110111111- 11L'l110l1111t'l' 1111- SC'1111lI' 1'111y 11111111-1111-5? '1'11 1115. 119511-1111 1111 11r1'1111l 1-111' 1-11111-11111g Zl USl11lC1'il S1-111111 1'111y. '1'11 .X111 C1'l'11111ll 11111 1111111115 1111 1115 111-111 111 1112111111112 111111 1'Xk'l'l1l11lgf 111-1-111111i11115, 1111511-15111111 51-1-11c1y 1111 1111 11111. 111-111-1111-5. 11117 A1155 Nutt 11 1111111 111-111111 A111111 111155 115 111111111111 115 11111'S. '1'11 M155 1111111111111 111111 M1. C.ll1'l'y, 11111. 1'11155 11111151-15, 1111111111-1 g1'111111 115 1-1111111-12 111111' 115 11111-S. '1'11 N111 A1111rcw5, Mr. C11111111, K11. Nl111511, N11. 1'11111551-, X112 8121111111 111111 Mr. C1111-y 11111 111-51 w15111-5 1111 L1 511110551111 51-1151111 111-xl year. '1'11 1116 S1x55AM11N 1111111.11 Zlll 1111101-, fully 1-1111111111-11, 111 51111- 1111- VVPZII' 111111.11-111 1111 111111111 28. '1l111151- 1111-n111cr5 111' 1111' 1111155 111 1947 w1511111g' 111 11111111- 111111v11111111 111-11111-515 1111- 115 f111111w52 1, 51111111 111-11, 11-1111 1111' W11l11lg1l1'55 111 11-11111 111 11K'lly 1,1-1- 11111111-1. 1, 1QfP1Jl'1-1 11111i1111111, 11-aw 1111' 111111111 111 111c1151- l.1'IlL'1lCI'5 111'111l'1' 1111151 ll'j'111g 1'11- 1'11111512l11l'l'5 111 1111a11 H1gg1115. 1, C1111111-5 11111111-1, 11-111'1- 1111' 111111111 111 111-911.111 111111110111 1-11t111- 1'11155c5 111 "111-11" 5 1 . l',l115. XY1-, 11111111 112J.IIli5 211111 1'1'i51'1ll11 1'1Il1'l'll!ll, 11-11v1- 11111. 11111N1l'1l1 11111-111 111 '111111' K1111x 111111 .111y1'1- 1,1.11P1.. 1, '1'1111111z15 N1111111111-y, 11-:1v1- 1111' 1Nll'l1k' gQ'111115 111 11111.11 N11-g1111l11. 1, 111-11-11 A11'11l'1ll11, 11-11v1- 1111' 11111111115 1111111-5 111 '111111' ,-X11111111511, wl111 11115 1111- 1'llt'1'gj' 111 11111111 1111-11 l'K'1l1111'l'111l'1115. I, 111-1111 Nl11cl11-11, 111111- 1111- 111111111 111 lfllli 111 -111111' K11'K1'l111Il. 1, C1111 11f'f111111f1, 11-11v1- 1115' 11111-11-5111156 1111 111 21111 1.l11ll1'l' 111-11115 111 N11111-11 111g11. 1, N11w1-11 -111111-5, 11-1119 1111 51111w1111111511i11 111 11111111-5 1'11111-1111. 1, 111-1011 511101111-11', 11-11v1- 1111' 111111111' 111 gigglv 111 1111- 1111151 111111111111111111- 111111-5 111 X1111j1111e11'l11-illy. 1, K111' 1'1!i1I', l1:111'1- my 111111-1 W1115 111 111111111 171111-1, Tl-lli SASSAMON 9 I, George Buckley, leave my exceptional scholastic abilities to Eugene Rohie. l, Paul Barnicle. leave my keen wit to Robert Frongillo. l, Sheila Brennan, leave my vivaciousness to Mary Coffey. I, Carl lleftngelis, leave my lpana smile to Danny Cardelliehio. l, Peter Starrett, leave a portion of my physique to any junior who neerls it. l, Arthur Potter, leave my- charm for the fair sex to Robert llillier. I, Robert liair, leave n1y hockey ability to llon lXIclver anal Art Mathews. l, Ruth Powers, leave 111y energy to tackle anything to l,2l.lllllIt' LeBlanc. l, Rig Moe, leave my snappy clothes to Little Moe. l, 1Xrtl1ur Casavant, leave my ability to be electerl to office for three consecu- tive vears to tl1e Iuniors with a book entitlerl "How to Hecome a l"olitieian" by Casavant. We tl1e Senior Class, will and bequeath the remains of our estate to tl1e Sluclent Council to be usefl as they see tit. ln witness whereof we hereunto set our hand ancl seal Ull this tifth clay of -Iune, 1047. Tiionixs F. QJUIRR. lt 'l'fIll'.S1Yl'tl 11515 lillflltlftli Il'l1ulen lfuzil-v l,. .Ylitiuizozz 4 4 1 IDEAL SENIOR . tl 1 111, nov llair Like liyes Like 'l'eeth Like Complexion Like Figure Like lluilfl Like Clothes Like lit'l'SHllZlllly' Like Smile Like Cnte Like Slmmotll Like Sopllisticaterl Like llisposition Like 'lialentecl Like Versatile Like lXlll5ll'Z1l Like Constance t Yiqtlflif Iva Roberts Marilyn Richarfl lflorenee Snelgrova Shirley Lee Margaret hloran Ilelen lXIetlratl1 Yirginia lntinarelli lfleanor Musgrave Carolyn lioarflnian Vlullll liell Kay ltllll' I'riscilla l'ii1l'I'1llll rxllll Arnold llilrla Banks t'I1arles ' Charles ltinlieft ltflil' Carl lk-Angelis Robert Harding l,t'l'l'l' St ililltrlllflfw arrett Anthi in x I'homas Lelilant tjuirk I lonalrl Met art x .-Xrtlmr l'otter illlltllllili 4 . . Mahi mu l',llllllU lilrovelli Nowell blones 1 heralcl 'llhonias 'I ack Lee IU THE SASSAMON CLASS PROPHECY--1947 llere it is lllofl It doesn't seem possible that we were graduated from dear old Natick lligh approximately twenty years ago. liame and fortune had come to many of Its and three of us, who had been friends for many years, plaimed a trip through the fortyfeight states. Nye hoped to meet some of our former class- mates, who through the years had become scattered over the face of the globe. Hur Iirst renewed friendship came when we found that 'Iohn lXlilley was to pilot the plane we had chartered for the trip. .lean lllichaud was to be the hostess and also act as a companion to ns. Um' first. stop was Washington. Xtalking through the streets of our stately capitol we noticed a large crowd in front of an auditorium. Curiosity getting the better of us, we decided to investigate. :X tall, distinguished-looking gentleman came dashing ollt of the building and hopped into a Stanley Steamer. lt was none other than our old schoolmate and friend, Tout .l1tlflUl1t',V, who had made a place for himself in the political world. lie claimed the Stanley Steamer reminded hini of the "old tlllY5.H hltisllitlg' our way through the crowd once more, we headed toward the main tliorouglit'are where we were niet with a glare of neon lights. 'l'he BUUU proved the most crowded, so we chose that. 'l'he star of the show was none other than fran: lfell. 'I'he show was a revival of "Grapes of Wrath" and the cast included l4t1rlri11'ti .llc.X't1Ily and Tonniiy t'l1ri.vt1'c who had just arrived from California for a one-night stand. Sitting near us, and evidently enjoying the show immensely, were lltzrluirii l'ie1'ce and lfltiim' .S't'l1e11fcle, who were secretaries at the Federal lhireau of Investigation. l,et us leave the show for a moment and call backstage. 'l'here we find "C'l1m'L"' flfIt't'llIlf, producer of the show, giving orders to Paul l-fiirnirle, who is now stage manager. lfntering the stars' dressing room, we find .lliirgtirel .llomiz and .blllfliftl lfrenutzii. Sheila is dress designer and Margaret her secretary. 'l'hey certainly stuck by their old school chmn, -Ioan. Xvhat a stroke of luck to hnd so many friends in one placel lflorida was to be our next stop. We had received an invitation from Roger inzfl lrtnnly' 'l'!1or.vci1 to view their beach extravaganza, "The Gala Hathing Beauty Contest." 'l'he beach was crowded with people lolliiig about basking in the sun, and others more ambitions dashing in and out of the refreshing surf. Suddenly a voice lumotlleil iillf. 'Tonic on, folks, get 'em while they're hot." XX'ho was it but lloiiiilff .lltll'lI, the "llot llog King," having a little fun reminiscing. lle was doing this lo the raucous laughter of his friend and confidant, .Yofcell ,,llllt'A', who is at present "knocking them dead" at the St. l'ctersbiirgh llotel. 'l'he contest was ready to begin, and the beach beauties were capably arranging tlieniselves to look their best. :X few that we saw at that time were llelcn .lli'CIri1ll1, .lltiry lflillllffll, lift' lllirrl, firm' .llnslier and l'ftIl'f7iII'tl Regtiu. Tnniiny 'fofliuiii and l't'rcr Mtorell, lifegiiards at the beach, were spending much time admiring them. .X fanfare, then .fuels llre-ze started introducing a bevy of beauties who paraded before us. Xte recognized four, .lean ,llifrl1ell, tfminie O'lv0in'ke, Juan IVlzalen and . Inn frfflilxoii. Hur pilot ran toward us. lle told Us that we must leave immediately if we THE SASSAMON 11 expected to get to our next stop on time. It was to be a visit to Texas to the Bar- Nothing Ranch. We bade Florida a sad adieu and Hew off into newer and hrighter horizons. In another hour we had landed, and twenty minutes later were being met hy the proprietor and chief ramhler, 171111113 li'1'1.v.v. The desk clerk, .lI11g1111.v N111'11', led us to our rooms which had been beautifully decorated by C'l1111'lcs S'It't't'lIl',X', who had attained world-wide fame. We were just changing our clothes when a loud noise startled us. Looking out the window, we saw what we supposed were desperadoes come dashing out of a small barroom across the street, leap on their horses and gallop into the deepening dusk.. 1,011 fif1'C'fII'f.V. the sheriff was furious and ordered the posse to pursue the bandits, who turned out to he Paul l,t'!Il'S01l1, fflllllt fllillcr, and C,'e1'1'y lelofwkiizx, Many days later we were to learn that they were hired as a hackground. VVhile Frank Reiss was enthralled by his ranch depicting the "XVild and XVool- ly XN'est" we took leave of them and journeyed to California. Strolling through the streets of the thriving metropolis of San Francisco, we came upon a hoarding house, which proclaimed in large letters that it was one of a chain owned hy .ellicc Brady. VVorking as night clerk, we found t'11111'lic .S'fc7'e11s making reservations for Blanche f,1lB0j't'l', physio-therapist, who had with her Irene Sf1'0:e1e, her traveling companion. Further on down the street we came to the "Club Rialto." lfddy l'111'f1"1' opened the door for us and our hats were checked hy none other than 1'flIfl'I7lII'tl ,-Intzfwosizzi. Herlvcrf Fl1111'cl1, owner of the cluh, led us to a riugside table just in time to see the Hoor show. The first act proved to he 101111 .l111t1l11'lc'.v production of the "Blonde Bombshellsf' fiIIl'UfVX'Il H0l7l'fflllfllIt had the leading role and was ably supported by Exilim' !0l111.v011, R115e111111'y LcP11ge. and Bef' Rohinjgiy, The First show was now over. Looking about us we saw the mayor, who was ,ilriznld lf'r1kcli11. entertaining his two charming secretaries, illru'-v ,l1'11111f11, and Mary fcizxzingx on their night oft. Natickites certainly had a hand in running this town. Looking still further, we saw lflffll fl1I'f70l', now owner and manager of the internationally famous ujarboe Hotel" and Tcisxrnv Fillezlcx, head bell-hop, and her protege. The second show started when Ha1'11111' ,llcNe1'l announced that Hilda Huazlcx and Irene lltlcffcc would sing selections from lx'1'rl1f11'1i Do1'1111'.v current musical comedy. The show closed with f14I'Ul"fft' Hzfcklcy presenting the Academy Awards to the hest actors and actresses of the year. The next day we crossed the street from our hotel to the Palace Beauty Shop where one could get anything from a suit of clothes designed hy .l11111'.v l,l1l'lilff to a new hairdo and facial styled hy lffftllllll' ill11.vg1'117'c. Their motto was "You get what you pay for and you pay plenty." XYhile talking to lifleanor, t'i11'11ly11 l'ic1'1'c. one of Beverly Hills most dashing young inatrons, came in for a facial and hairdo to attend a party given hy that famous party giver, Dorix TVllll'l.Cff0. Carolyn presented us with tickets to the Cotton Bowl Game. They were prac- tically inipossihle to obtain and we accepted them with alacrity. The next day I2 T111i SASSAMUN 111111111 115 1'1gl11 1111 1111- 40-y11r11 11116 fillltillg with 111e rest of 1111- eager fans. 1117111111111 111111011 1111sl1e1l 1111 111111 1111w11 1111- aisles 1lllI'1I1g' 111l111'101'S, selling S11llVL'll1I'S 111111 1'11111ly. 1111111 I-'111111-1'11.v1', Navy 1'1111e11, 211111 11111-11 f.lI1'l', Ariny 1'11111'l1. C111111- 111111 s1111111- 111 115 11l'1U1'1' 1111- g-111111-. 11 L'l'l'1111111y was NV0ll11C'l'1ll1 111 see 111e111 1111e11 111 111111-111111 again. 1111111 .l11'11111111111, 11111'i11g 111-111-11 111- 11111' 111'111111s1-11 111111', 111111 s1-111 11s 1111 111x'i1111i1111 111 111111111111 111 111-1' VV011-1il111W11 11111ge 111 S1111 Yalley. 1-111:11'11i11g 111? snow 11'11i11, we w11v1-11 111 l1i1111' Z11'l.-11 111111 111111 11111'1'i.1', l'l1g'111l'1'1' 111141 1i1'1-1111111 1'1-s111-e1i1'1-ly. '1'l1e c11n1111c1111', 111111 l11I'Z1'1A', e1111ec1e11 11111' 1i1'111-ts 111111 111-1111-11 IIS 111111 1111- s1eig11 w11icl1 w111111l take 115 111 1111' l1111ge. 1l'll1Il 111111 11s 111 111111 111111 11111' s11i togs 111111 go 111 1111- lK'g1111lCl',S sl1111e VV1ll'l'C we w1111l1l 1111-1-1 111Zl11y 11111 1-1'11'1111S. Sure 1-1111'11g11, "1'1'1'1'1'1"' 1,1'13111111' was i11s11'11e1111g 1'Z'1I 11'11111'rls in 1110 1'1.111i1111-111s 111. 1111- skiing 1ee1111i1111e. 1v11 111111 11isc11vere1l 11 111-w c11e111ic11l w11ie11 s11e was S1l1'1' 11-1111111 1'e1'11111ti1111ize 1111- w111'l11. 15111111 111111 was listening 111 111-1' intently. XY1' re- 1111'l111l1'1'l'11 111 c1,1ngr11t11l111e 111111 1111 11is 111111a1'11l11-11-11 success in wi1111111g 111e Stanley C1111 11111y11I1's. He s11i11 111111 111- 111211111611 111 retire 11'11n1 111e 1S11s11111 Bruins 111 1111111111-1' j'C1l1'2l11f1 11-1 111e y1.11111ger fellows 111111- 11ver. NVQ were all getting older. A fter lva Zlllfl E1l11y 11a1l skied 011 clown tl1e slope we saw ",l-'ierre's" 11111 si11e- kicks, 141111 K1m'111c and 1511111111 Br11'z11'l1i coming t11wa1'11 118. "Pierre" sai11 1l1ey ra11 1111- escort agency at 111e lodge nights, and spent 111eir 11ays annoying 111111. As 111e clock spinne1l, we 10111111 ourselves on all upper slope reserved for t11e 11r11f1-ssi1111111 skiers. 0111 of 11rea1l1 an1l almost out of words, we were a111aze11 to 111111 T1111-11 -'11111l011j', just a111111t to l1ea11 11own 111e slope. Tony was vacationing after 1-111111111-1i11g Z1 11ri11ge 111111 511111111011 t11e Charles River. '1'w11 l1lU1'C classmates g1'eete11 115 wi111 cries of 1'ec11g11iti1111, Clnrl H1111111111, now a 11i11111111a1, 111111 111111 GU111111111, still 111s S11lll111'11 1-1'1C11fl a1111 a1s11 111s press ?lg'C11l'. 1171- 11'1ll1Qt'l1 111111 s11i1-111 11ael1 111 111e 11111g1- just 111 111111' 111 enjoy a 111-1ig11t1111 11111111-1' 111'1-111111-11 l1y 1111- 1a1111111s culinary experts, C'11l11111'1111v lf111'1z11r11 a1111 111111 C'111'1-11111-. During dinner, Il s1111erl1 ice show was 13111 on by foe FUl'1'l,11. .q1117'1f'.X' 1.e1- S12lI'I'C11 as 11111 Jackie C.l1lI'101' a111l Phyllis 11l'rNai1'. Tl1at same eve11i11g a co11test was l1e111 111 which Nr. 111111 Mrs. S1111 Valley were chosen. T11is prize was 11nani- 111lll1Sly C21.l'l41CIl away by t11e former F111 ,S'111'1gr11've and t11e ll3.11ClSOl11C Carl De- .-111110111 T11 leave t11is 11ea111if111 spot was really a l1ar11s11i11 11111 leave we must. 01111-r l'1I1SS111IllC'S were waiting to he cliscoverecl anrl greetc-11. 11111' 111-xt stop was at 111e 1X1i1lnite Luxury Liner wl1i1'11 was ably 111111111g1-11 l1y X11111111 l1'1--1'1111111.1' 11.1111 1'11,v111.v 1'1'1'.1'1'11If. T11e 11122111 was l1e11ve11ly anfl 1111- H111ls11n was 11111ei11. 111111' l.Ul',.N' 1111-1111111-rs gave 1111: perfect ace11111111111i111e11t to tl1is 11ea111if111 N1'1'l1l'. '11111' liglits were 111111111611 111111 a spotlight 11e11etrate11 111e gloom 111 start 1111- 1111111 111111111 111 111e evening. '1'11e Cl11'1Zl111 l11te1l 211111 P111.Y.S'-X' 1"tI1'1'1Il1ff :11111 Zl east of 1'1l1'1y l1l'Ellll11,'N 11resente11 songs from 'KSl1OVV1J03t.', 'Phe cl1111'11s i11cl1111e11 15111111 11111'- 111'l111l1'1'. .1l111'11,1'11 RI.1'11111'11, 1'11'11111i11 111li1z11r1'I1i an11 t11e fa1111111s erooner, 171111 11111- I1111. 111- 1'1-111111-11 111111 liere were more classmates wl1o111 fame 11311 not 11asse11 l1y. S11-1111ing 1111' 111e boat back at t11e pier, we were 111in1le11 l1y a Hash of light. XY111-11 1111r 1-yes 111-came a1lj11ste11 111 t11e gloom, Ruthie P0u'l,rS, reporter on t11e New York Gazette came f11rwar11. She brought us to lunch at "Ciro's" now under t11e THE SASSAMON 15 management of Oresfcx Frungoulis and George Arflzur. Ruth told us that she had covered the second honeymoon of Kay Fair' and Shirley Foss, who were two of the happiest married couples in New York. She also remarked on ffllllt' 1.1,-zu1'y'.r success in the Broadway hit, "Better Faithful than Famous," which had enjoyed a three-year run. We couldn't leave New York without stopping off at Coney Island, the pi-or man's paradise. XYhile crossing on the ferry we came across Fl'lIlIt'li.S' SfllIt'UlIt' who captained the boat. He said that the number of people from Natick, whom he had run across was amazing, Only last week, Gerry Tlionnis, governor of Massachu- setts, and his competent secretary, Hiirluiru Hrv.s'xc, had visited him. The boardwalk was as crowded as we had suspected it would be, but we dis- covered four classmates lolling about the beach. Lurruim' Hirflz, ,lime lelorgloz, Nancy Cliasf' and .wlnn Arnold were engrossed in a letter they had just received from Eileen Rogers who was head nurse at the Cf R. Hrz'gys' Hospital in Chicago. Charlie's name as the head of a hospital surprised us, but Eileen's letter explained that on a trip to Alaska he had discovered a cure for growing pains. Surely a dis- covery such as this rated the reward he received. Uther Natick girls Eileen men- tioned were .llury Szvemzcy, head of the Children's XYard, Guin' Cillllllllfllfji, tfrtzrt' Lcgvc, R050 StIf'Z'LIfli, and Helen .S't'ln'z1fv1c. Leaving the girls to their reading we strolled through the Amusement Park. Ihwirl Hiirker arrested our attention as he proclaimed the wonder of the Aerial Act put on in the main tent. The Kelly Team, Florwzcc and 'I'l1m't'.vt1, were the stars. The tight-rope artist was .lladclimf E110 who played the accordian upside down all through the act. The same tent .-featured palm reading by lfniziislizz 1fU5t'lIf7IlI'g. .elim Cutter and .llary Cole came out as we entered. Frank was a wonder! He told us we would take a trip. lt was really very amazing. XYe were practically on the last leg of our trip from New York to Hoston to Natick. Un the way we encountered difficulties, the worst of which was a storm. A forced landing was necessary and we thought we had surely come to the end of all trips. XYe landed in a large snowdrift. Uur pilot's calculations judged us to be in the Catskill Mountains. Groping through the drifts we were shocked to find a large sign proclaiming this "Cat Hill" and not the Catskills. Was this possible or was our mind playing tricks on us? Going a bit further we stumbled upon a small cabin with "Cat Hill Gang" on the door. Opening it we were stunned to see Tom Qzfirlr, B011 Fair, lfuddy Potter, Hob Ht1l'lfI'Ilff, Pete Prescott and .lrtliur Clistizmizif seated around a table eating. After talking over old times they gave us their story. Meeting much competition because of their "butch" haircuts and beards they had effected, they resolved to leave the world behind and live alone. Tom Quirk was chief cook and Bob Fair, head housekeeper. liuddy l'otter and Bob Harding were working on a formula to perpetuate youth. Caz and Pete were the only ones that had any touch with civilization. Once a month they took the dog sled and team down to a village to obtain supplies. I-l Tl-Ili SASSAMON After eating a hardy meal of heans, t'I'ommy wasn't a very good eookj, Pete hrought us to the village where we refueled and headed again for lloston. Aniong the people we met at the airport in lloston were fume! lluffemiy, head of Veterans .-Xdministration in lloston. Her secretary, .llurgurel .S'turk reported she was always on the go. Lou Slltllllltl, mayor of lloston was another, He stood talking to Nulfilz lfiylioli' who ran Hialeah Race Track. lfager to return to Natick we jumped in a cali operated hy tfzmlon Taylor and were whisked to the railway station. l,e.rter l,elunu', memher of the lioston lied Sox, was surrounded hy a moh waiting to get his autograph. :Xinong these were lrrm' ,S'ellur.v, liive and 'l'en heir- ess 1 fum' .SiliHt'ltIl.I', psychologist 3 Jolnz 7iIiI7I7l'f.k', noted accountant of the lncoine 'l'ax llivision of the Federal Government and many more. Hur train had come. .-lle.rc111f1'er Clzrroll took our tickets as we hoarded the train. We found John Driscoll and llozfylux Dnuiz, tired huisness men, reading the stock market quotations. We never thought we'd see the day! Also on the train were Jllurvv .lluillliot and .IQHIIVS Clzulu who have just received a fortune for designing a new eover for "lierry's Dog Food." lt's the Berries! Hilly was most generous and they looked happy indeed. Harliuru .S'j2inc1:0lcz and lfurlzuru 'l'orrr-V, teachers at Katherine flihhs, were dis- cussing the good fortune that Viola Urine and litll'IItll'll ljtlfkfl' had enjoyed in their new dress shop. Home at last after a hreath-taking tonr we had many interesting and amusing items to relate. "This phase of our journey is ended, And our struggles have not been in vain. For 'we came, we saw, and we eonquered,' That which has long been our gain." C,xieo1,vN Piiiaeii, JOAN Biir,L, ELIC-'XNOR Mustnesxvu. THE SASSAMON GRADUATION PROGRAMME Processional, March from "Suite" ..... . Fran: Lachner ' HIGH SCHOUI, ORCliESTR.A National Anthem . . Francis Scot! Key Invocation Rxvxziugxn FRANCIS S. KEANEY Address of XfYelcome Rrmgur IZIIWARII FAIR Prrsidmzf, Class :If 1947 Soprano Solo, "The XYind's in the South" . . . . John P. Srnft lllLllA Ii1.IzABETIfI BANKS .4ccmIIfmz1i.vl, CQEORGE STocI4BRIIx:E, 1949 Essay, "Can America Meet the Challenge?" GEORGE FREIIERIUQ Bucmlix' Trumpet Solo. "Le Secret" ...., . . L. Gautier l':llWlN 'lAcI4 LEE .'ll't'tIlIIf71lllltS'l', GEoIu:Ii STHCKBRIIDGE, 1949 Farewell Addresb Nou'IiI,I, l,El'itlRIiST .loNEs l'1'I'sI'fI'I'11t, Honor .S'0t'1'Cty Selection, Song of Victory from "The Ballad for Victory" . . Bryant Minot Swim: Crimnis .'lCL'tJIlIf7t1lllSf, CiERALD El,lS'f1S TIIUMAS Address l MR. MARTIN F. OYCONNOR P1'vsif1'mIf, Slate Tmrlzws College at 1"il'Glll'l1lfjllUlll Presentation of Diplomas HAuo1,Im II. -IoIINsoN Chairman, Sclzuol C0m11zillI'z' Alma Mater . ..... . Lucilc Nichols '26 CLASS or 1947 Recessional, "Leicester Grand March" .... . E. F. lllaybcrger IIIGII Scuuon OReIIIe:sTRA DANIEL RALPH CAIzDIiI.1.IccIIIo, 1948, Illurshal I6 THE SASSAMUN ADDRESS OF WELCOME l'arents 'lleaclierss elfriends: lt gives me pleasure as l'resident of the Class of 1947 to welcome you to our graduation exercises. 'llllis evening we are gathered here together as a class unit for the last time. Yery shortly each one will go his separate way. We are very grateful to you parents, teachers, who through your patience and gttidance, have made our education possihle. llc stand ready and willing to accept the challenge of responsilmility and you will not find tis wanting. We hope we may make you proud of Us and that whatever we may do, we the Class of 1947, will prove to you that we liavt-.prolitetl hy your leadership and are hetter citizens of the great tomor- row hecause ot your example. 1 1 f HCAN AMERICA MEET THE CHALLENGEIV' 'lihe lfnited States of America faces a wonderful opportunity for bringing permanent peace to the entire world. Vie. alone, the greatest exponents of free- dom, remain the natural arhiters of peace among nations which are seeking enor- Illolls retrilmutions to pay the price of war. We must continue economically and militarily strong, not to antagonize, but to reassure all people of the determination and sincerity in our aims for peace. 'l'he secrets of the Atomic Bomh must rightfully remain in our guardianship lo guarantee all against the devastating horror of a third world war. Aid must he sent to the starving children in Europe, for the future world will hg the world they make. 'l'o save them now will insure us friends tomorrow. liut what does this aid mean to America? A lower level of living? Unem- ployment and scarcity of the needed things of life? These questions are drum- heats tif pessimism and as depressing as a clirge. The answer is work-opportunity for employment and an equitable income for each willing lahorer. Xyithin our own land prejudices that cause strifes must disappear. Often we talk of freedom, forgetting the mocking paradoxes that surround us. We must ueave a strong cloth of justice that will cover rich and poor, black and white, Jew and tlentile, foreign and native-horn. Unly if we guarantee equal rights to all .-Xmericans may we he qualilied in huilding a foundation of democracy on a world hasis, lluriug the war years many Americans were willing to endure sacrifices that we might have peace. Now discouraged and fearful, they are desperately struggling through strikes, disputes, and economic coercion to regain and enjoy once more all the privileges of a great democracy. Nu one nation can remain secure and prosperous in a panic-stricken worldg therefore, we must lalior unceasingly to huild a structure of peace which no one could successfully challengeg a world court that will completely liberate all people from destructive passions, greed and lust for power. 4 Peace must he planned on a universal liasis. A new world must he created- a new spirit in which nations will learn to approach their difficulties with mutual tolerance. liears of aggression niust cease to exist. Smaller nations must have THE SASSAMON 17 justice and protection. The realization of this peace depends on its acceptance by all. In this new world there must be free and constant trade to give an equal dis- tribution of the fruits of man's labor. Unnecessary trade barriers. hampering the flood of goods, must be broken down. ln view of our huge national debt our own standard of living cannot be main- tained unless the exchange of goods move more freely over all the world. As a nation we must make up our mind for the kind of world we want and with enthusiasm strive to form a sane and intelligent organization to govern this world. The United Nations is the hope of mankind and upon our land falls the great task of convincing the world, through our leadership, that the purpose for which the United Nations was conceived can finally be achieved. This is our great obligation,-our great opportunity. Nye cannot remain an "Island of Prosperity in a Sea of Misery." The eyes of a war-weary world are upon us, praying with renewed hope and faith for liberty and justice. To aid the discouraged in their devastated land, we must work with understanding, striving for this goal. Only in this way' will we prove our right to the great heritage of Freedom. Gnouoif: Fai-Qoitgiuciq Bucsriiv. 1 4 f FAREWELL ADDRESS The curfew has tolled the parting of another day and with a deep sigh of regret we are about to leave those happy- recollections of yesteryear, years which will prove to be the most contented and carefree of our lives. During otll' progress along the way we will encounter scores of new friends. but the ones that will remain closest to us are the old friends. Many of us of the graduating class as time rolls on will compete with our fellow contemporaries for various positions: f'XYe'll see a gleaming star somewhere, Pathos-wisdtim-charity XYill lead us on our way, Xkvith sympathy, love and courage sublime, Seeing immortality all the day." Fellow classmates! We have been given a firm foundation on which to huild. Lord, grant that we make the most of that great advantage! Treading along the course, we will always cherish the reinembrances of this evening and will await anxiously the moment when once again our thoughts will be renewed in class reunions. From this day forward we will have joined the multitude of people seeking new adventures in this disturbed world. Great industrial agitations and unchecked exploitations of capital threaten our national structure. These difficulties require man's utmost ingemiity to suppress. The incompetent, daring, dishonest politician must pass. We have too often noticed these characters usurp the station of patriots. This circumstance has been so frequent that men have ceased to concern themselves IS THF SASSAMON with matters political. But now they must act. They see that the nation is totter- ing, bulging under the strain. 'llhey have come to realize that the ancient prophesy uf "Revolution" is not an impossibility. "XYhcn Faith is lost, when Honor dies the man is dead." Xte need another Lincoln just now and a host of self-sacrificing, brave, wise patriotic men who can take the good old "Ship of State" and haul her over on the true course. ln the words of Thackeray: 'tUh, be humble, my brother, in your prosperity! Be gentle with those who are less fortunate, if not more deserving. Think, what right have you lo be scornful, whose virtue is a deficiency of temptation, whose success may be a chance, whose rank may be an ancestor's accident, whose prosperity is very likely a satire." 'llhroughout our scholastic career teachers have endeavored to instil into our daily actions, kindness as a watchword. Ella XYheeler XYilcox penned the lines: "So many Gods. So many creeds, So many ways that wind and wind, XYhile just the art of being kind is all this sad world needs l" The three years at Natick High School have been for most of us enjoyable years. A greater portion of the credit for our pleasant experience goes to the untiring and devoted efforts of our teachers. lt is difhcult to describe sufficiently the helpfulness and understanding that they have so generously showered upon us. Adequate words to express our appreciation are sealed in our hearts, words which perhaps never could be expressed properly, yet they are as precious gems that will remain with us forever. lt is with thank fulness and deep gratitude that we, the class of 1947, extend to the faculty our profound feeling of appreciation. As we pass into our chosen fields the time is ripe for an abundance of clear, diplomatic action. Xte, the new edition to the world's builders. have a tremendous task ahead of us. Each individual possesses a vital cog in the wheel that is attempt- ing to grind out eternal peace. lt need not matter how small or insignificant the job may appear to be, its successful completion will influence significantly man's attempt for universal harmony. .lust as the winning of an athletic contest requires each man's skill and perseverance, the quest for lasting serenity requires each man's utmost effort. XYe must lind the proper road and pursue it faithfully, together. The fate of this world is in our hands. Classmates! Let us prove to ourselves and to all mankind that we are masters of our fate. Klay we realize our dreams and ambitions, but never at any time should we forget our training. lf some of us do not reach the heights-if some should meet with disillusionment by the way, try remembering that there are still many things in this world worth while. "lt is easy enough to be pleasant, XYhen life flows by like a song, But the man worth while is one who will smile. Xthen everything goes dead wrong. For the test of the heart is trouble, And always comes with the years, And the smile that is worth the praises off earth, ls the smile that shines through tears." NOWELL JONES. 'STUDENT EIJVERNINE UFFIEERE y-XO Q. ocxm ETUDENT 730450 OUNCIL f973,07'y 4 "' SK ' Q -- CLASS Y J X OFHCERS N ll X 9 us H 3 :W ', ff . 9, Wa ,, ,, Q3 X f ff X' 5 ' fax A1535 1 , f' ' -' Ilvwilf-If, HA f I I Q x 2 fi ' . 7, J fl V 1 1 If N ' fy ,I f,, I 704 If 6 U M' f 'Qi f f 1' 2 '1-M NATIEK I-IIEI-I ECI-IIJDL 'II 'l'IIIf SASSAMUN ff Nl: IH- Il. I,iIjzI, 'If Ilmlpluww, IQ. Mvllrzxtll, C, III-IIIIIINI, Il. Nurrix, I,. XYiII'ox, K I':ur 'If NI:Il1-IIN-y,li. Nlzumiug. llfzffi 1.15. 5 X. I'.IIIum, M. KII'1.1':1II1, I. Stzunulu, II. Ilnrlull. II. Lzu'IIrII1I'I'I11u, XI. XI IIIIXN VIN. Ilsgravc Ix I I'zIII.uIuNw, 5 ffml1.m'f VI. I'l'yu', ,I. Curlwlt, II. Ilruxyll, LII XIZIIIVU, MIM Riiffcl' Q, I"Q'NNt'lI4Il'll. I.. Zirku, I'. DIIIIIIINUII. lf 111 mg 5 I". SIlvIg1'm'I', K. Ifuir, II. NII'Ilr:1II1, ll. 'I'INIu1zu, C, JXIIIIIIIIIY, R. Pmwrs, C III IIil'fIIIl1l Il. STUDENT CUUNCIL IIN' SIINIIIII Ilnlllcil, mule-r IIN- cz1p:IIIIc- Iczulc-1xIIipuI llcmlfl 'I'INn11z1s, CIIzn'Icn X11IIN1ny, :UNI III-Ivu NICIIVQIIII, I1:NI :ul IIIII-Iwwtillg :IINI NVIIYIIIVVIIIII' your of zwtivily .M In IIITXIHIIN Yl'IlI'N Ill IIN- IIINI IIIVUIIIILQ III IIN' wr11lN'II, L'IIOQ'IICl1Il'l'N, SKF-SX wax I1-Iguwl NN-IIIIN-Ix. :NNI I-II-I'INn14+IIN'1:1I5 wvrv wlc-vIc'fI :UNI IIIIN xx-'II' Im IIN' Iurwl llllll' Nm- II:NI XIINII-III rm-pn-w11I:IIiu-N Im Hur IINNVIIIIJIF I'HllIlIIIIIt't'. IINA lllQ'IIIIll'IN ul IIll' l'Hlllll'lI wc-rn' :N'I1x'I' Ill I'4IIIl'I'llllllN Im' KI-rl CVHN5, LYS! J. un I .XIilI'l'Il HI' IIIIIIIN :uNI in IIlINl'lIfII'IlWll' lIlI'Il'I'I'I'IYI'1I IIN-trzulitiunzll Natick High NNII XIIIVII HI- I'1N1lrI'I'illI1III JIIIII FIIIIIIINIZIXIII. KI-I-I'vwInI:IIix'e-N I-I'HlIl Hur I'1vI1IN'iI :IIII-INII-II Ifzulm-V11 Ilivififm HI' SIIIIIFIII Cfillll III k'11IIw1uIifIx1 :II III-u-fly :IINIJIINII IIIL' SIJIII- cnllxultimm :II XYa'IIw THE SASSAMON 21 lfufk rniv: I.. Hamwey, J. Manning, M. Sinn-one, R. Iihlrirlgc, Ii. Quinn, IZ. Ili-Iicrty, N. Iifthim, IJ. I2lllHlll1Clii, K. Kclly, R. Norris, A. I7zti1'hai1ks, tl. lfsttw, Rl. thr- rity, R. Frongilhi, I". Leone, j. Cumvay, C. Ihwlph, IJ. Czirrlt-llirchiu, M. Coffey, C. Mosher. .S.l'4'UlI1l rn-zv.' P. McNair, G. Arthur, P. Farrant, M, Nord, D. IJIIIIUBTC, X. Jmiw. R, Vow- ers, C. Church, A. Arnold, C. Anthony, B. Rnhitlsmi, I.. Sriztnnzi, R. Fair. l:l'HIlf 1'n:t'.' U. 'Ixurrcy, IJ. Main, R. I'1't-srutt, H. Mftirzttli, C. lM'.X1n4vliN, ll. llvgziii, ll. Tlttlllllib, M. ullwllllillgx C. llc-fllunfl, H. St'l1ct1fL'lc, T. Quirlx. SAFETY PATROL Tha' Safety lyzttrul hcgzin its chitics early in Scptcinhvr with tlcrzllcl 'fhinnzis zu President, and Ht-len Mctikatli :is Scci'ct:11'y. The cuiiitiiiswimu-ix for thc yt-:tr liztvc hcen Marv cnninf-s, Hzirhara Rtufilll, Hclcn Sclicnfe-lc, Curl lit-,Xiwt-tif, Curl Huh . . 5 B N html. anfl Rfrhcrt l'rcwc1rtt. fNlc'ctill1fs Iiziu- ht-1-n ht-lil vwlw' nthcr wcck :tt whivh tinu- uixititnl, wt-rp N . assigiwrl and nigga-stifriis fm' the i111pi'm't-ilwiit nf thc- pzttrwl wvrt- cliwtiwtwl. Klztny stiggcitimis were put into c-tt'Cct. This yvztr tht' patrol has hzul fur its i-1lCllily :ulx'iacr, Mr. .XIlfill'VK"'r, whit hm lic-lpvrl wlvv the- nizmy pmlmlc-itix which lizlvc' zwiwn. In tht' spring of tht- year 54lIJi1lll1llDl'K'N wcrcf Clvctwl tw tht- lizttrwl :intl that wiiiwrx reliliqtlislic-fl thtfir tllliiCN tn thutn. I'III' SASSAM ,- I I XSS UI'If!I'I'I'9 I f INN - I"4 x. 'I , li' X I umm I III In. If, I',mm111IIx X I'zmlf.mIw, NI. 1 ,,. III11 II I XI, Tm1'II1.IP Q'nrImIIiuI1iu, I Lmmzu. I I I1 II II XI ".x':elI1. IC, I'4:Iil', .X fzl-zavzlrlt. J - ' 25 ,, ff :H Q X S 4, f A- r "gf NX? X ,AQ Z! 1 SGH O THE SASSAMON President ROBERT E. FAIR Besides being captain of the hockey team and helping to manage our football team, "Bob" has also been our class president for two years. "Bob" was the mainstay of Mr. Maybt-rger's glee club and the spark plug of the hockey team. Some say he's shy, but others know better. Football 3, manager 4: Golf, 4: Hockey 2, 3, captain 4. Safety Patrol 3, 4: Class Officer 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Class lfxecutive Board 3, 4: Sassamon Board 2, 3: Student Coun- cil 3. -ll A. .-X. Collector: Stage Manager, Senior Play, Vice President ARTHUR F. CASAVANT i "Caz" is the only vice president in the history of Natick High to be elected for three terms. Although he spends many hours working in a local drug store, he has been a strong supporter of all school activities. "Caz" can be seen anywhere there is anything going on and this is not just because of his height. Basketball Z, 3, 4: Football Z, 3, 4. Class Officer 2, 3, 4: Class lixecutive Board 3, 4: Sassamon Board Z: A. A. Col- lector. Treasurer ROBERT PRESCOTT XYith pride the Class of 1947 introduces "Pete" Prescott, one of the class twins. He has gained prominence not only because he has been elected class treasurer for two succes- sive years, but also for his athletic prowess on the line of the hockey squad. As assistant manager of the football team he helped lead the team to victory. Football Z, manager 4: Hockey 2, 3, 4. Safety Patrol Z, 3, commissioner 4: Class Officer 3, 4: Class Executive Board 3, 4: junior Red Cross Committee 2, 3: Usher-Class Day 3 and Graduation 3: Stage Manager, Senior Play: Re- freshment Committee, Senior Reception. Secretary HELEN McGRATH "Red," bubbling over with vitality, sports flaming hair and dancing eyes that proclaim the "deviltry" in her. She is one of the most active girls in the class, and fulhlls all her school activities with the zest and vigor that are hers alone. lYe know that she is certain to be a success in whatever field she chooses. Safety Patrol 3, secretary 4: Class Officer 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Class lixecntive Board, secretary 4: junior Red Cross Committee 2: Student Council 3, secretary 4: Usher for junior Prom and Senior Play: Decoration Com- mittee, Senior Reception. T H E S A S S A M O N GEORGE RICHARD ADAMS Happy-go-lucky "Gige" is one of our three-letter men playing football, hockey and baseball. He had some tough luck the last year, injuring his knee in football, but this didn't prevent his being our chief goal-tender. Especially interested in hockey, George organized a team of his own, often playing in Cochituate. Baseball 2, 3, 45 Football 3, 45 Hockey 2, 3, 4. Band 2, 33 Boys' Glee Club 3: Grchestra 2, 33 Junior Red Cross Com- mittee Zg Decoration Committee, Senior Reception 4: Stage Manager, Senior Playg Checking Committee, junior Prom Z. CHARLES J. AHEARN One of our returned veterans, Charlie's late appearance at school every morning causes the class no end of amuse- ment, particularly since his house is located so near the school. His reticence, however, is replaced on occasion by an infectious grin. JOHN AMABILE Johnny is usually seen driving about in his black Ford headed toward Cochituate where he spends much of his time. VVhatever he does after graduation, he needn't worry: he can take care of himself and provide amusement for all. Junior Red Cross Committee 3g Decoration Committee, Senior Reception 4. BARBARA AMBROSINI "Barb" is a quiet worker with a pleasant countenance and quiet nature. Though inactive in extra-curricular activ- ities, she is well known by her classmates. Her decision for the future lies between training at the Melrose Hospital or attending the Atlantic Union College. Girls' Athletics 2, 3. CHARLES ANTHONY Tony served N. H. S. well by taking part in many school activities, besides having a high scholastic record. Hockey manager and a member of the football squad, "Scapone" rat-es high with all and enjoys causing commotion in the classroom by stating his point of view on a matter which is usually the opposite of everyone else's. Football 3, 45 Hockey, manager 4. Safety Patrol 45 Student Council 3, 4g Usher-Junior Prom 3, Class Day 3, Graduation 3, Senior Reception 45 Decoration Committee, Football Dance 3, 4. 'fi 'l'Hli SASSAMON MARY ARMATA llesitles heing one of the more petite inetnlmers of o elass, Mary hail a perinanent position taking rare of the ' ent list. Ylie tlirl 'i swell Joh 'intl is extremely like'ililL llirls' .Xtlileties 2. tilee flnlm .ig Lunehrooin worker. ANN ARNOLD vlunip, turn, aml it's in. 'l'he haskethall is always ileseentling through the hoop when .-Xnn is on the team. Possessiiig plenty of vim and vigor, she exeels in all sports. .Xnn always has a frientlli wortl for everyone, antl, as a Col- lege girl, Is sure to he a sueeess. tiirls' ,Xtlileties 2, 3, 4. Safety Patrol 43 Class lixeeutive ltoartl -13 L'sher-Senior Play 43 Ticket Connnittee, junior l' ont S GEORGE ARTHUR llehinrl the fotiiitaiii in one of our. more popular iee . ' ,vi ereain parlors, Iieorge ean usually he tound greeting the gf? in pretty girls in his niost eliarniing way. Often usecl as an ,- errzinfl hoy, tleorge gets along well with the teaehers. His j ' rlieery smile and friendly greeting are appreeiaterl by all who pass liiin on Safety Patrol. Ifuullbilll 3, -lg 'Vraek 4. Safety Patrol 2, 3, 41 Sassainon ' liozml J, 3, -lg llall cillIIllIlIllI'l'. Sassainon Uanee 4. HILDA ELIZABETH BANKS llilcla is the girl with the lovely voice who solos quite often for the tilee Chili, and who sang in asseinlmly inueh to everyoiiel pleasure. .Xlways pleasant anrl jovial, Hilda is eertain to fulfill her ainliitioii as a hnyer for a well-known flt'l'rs slttup. Safety Patrol 3, -lg tllee L'luh Z, 3, 4g Soloist at Senior ' l'lax -l. DAVID BARKER 6 llaxirl llarlqer spemls niost of his spare hours working 9 at .loin-C llriig Store obtaining tunrls so that he may eon- tinue ln trlueation at XYoreester Polyteehnie Institute. His hohliy is eleetrieity, anrl his aniliition in later life leans tonartl eleetrieal engineering. lkttnst Qaviiigs tfonnnittee 33 'Senior Play 43 Usher! in all wa5s. ller quiet manner inacle her many frientls tlur- THE SASSAMON PAUL B. BARNICLE "Barney," our class Costello, is a happy-go-lucky sort of person. His jovial grin and ahsurd sense of humor have earned him his reputation as a First class wit. His hard work and enthusiasm in sports matters are respected by his team mates and he is thought by all to be a "great guy." Basketball Z, 3, 4g Football 2, 3, 41 Golf 4, Senior Play 4. JOAN BELL To find the definition of versatility don't look in a dic- tionary-take a look at loan. Many girls at N. H. S. envy her tiny figure and cute clothes, to say nothing of her mag- netic personality. Yivacious joan hasn't decided where she will put all her energy next year, but she'll be a lively addi- tion anywhere. Girls' Athletics 2. Defense Savings Committee 21 Class Officer .25 Drum Majorette lg Sassamon Board 2, 5, 4: junior Red Cross Committee 3g Teen Town Committeeg Yearbook Committee. WILLIAM J. BERRY Bill, one of our recently discharged vets, returned to school in order to complete his secondary schooling. His future plans are undecided, but may develop from his chief interest and hobby-music. Band 43 Orchestra 2. CAROLYN BOARDMAN Gangway! Here comes "Cara" Maybe it's a commit- tee meeting, a big test or just plain fun. XYherever it is, "Cara" is sure to be there with her bubbling personality. She also made a cute and peppy cheerleader last fall. "Cara" is undecided about next year but, wherever she goes, there will be fun and excitement. Girls' Athletics-Baseball 2: Basketball 2. Glee Club 2, 3: Class Executive Board 33 Sassamon Board 4: Student Council 2, 3, 43 Usher-Junior Prom and Senior Reception: Poster Committee, Senior Play: Yearbook Committee. JUNE BORGLIN June is the girl who as head drum-majorette in her senior year led the band so well. She is always ready with a warm greeting that makes everyone glad to be with her. June plans to be a telephone operator. Girls' Athletics 3. Glee Club Z, 33 Drum Majorette 3, 43 Candy Committee for Senior Play 4. 27 ,ac- '-F. S 1. Q! ,, vm- 11 1' 'ii l i vhs. THE SASSAMON ALICE BRADY A true colleen with a vigorous and jocular personality, .-Xlice is completely independent and always on the go. Her plcasant manner has made her many friends. Her ambition is to do Civil Service work. SHEILA BRENNAN Sheila's frequent outbursts of joy can be accounted for only by the factuthat Sheila is Sheila, and that explains everything. Her ready smile and "way" with the teachers, added to her good looks, will keep Sheila on top always. She will enter Endicott junior College in the fall. Class Officer Z5 Glee Club 45 Sassamon Board 43 Senior Play 43 junior Red Cross Committee Z3 Decoration Commit- tee, Music Dance 4, Ticket Committee, Football Dance 35 Usher, Music Festival 2g Decoration Committee, Sassamon Dance 4, Yearbook Committee. BARBARA BRESSE "Barb" is a new-comer from Walpole, and has made many friends since arriving at N. H. S. She has a wonderful sense of humor and a hearty laugh which gives her the reputation of being one of the happy seniors. "Barb's" plans are indefinite for next year. Glee Club 2, 35 Sassamon Board 4g Ticket Committee, Sassamon Dance 4. CHARLES R. BRIGGS, JR. "Charlie," the boy with the golden hair, has kindled a flame in many a girl's heart. An all-around fellow, he is interested in sports, especially football and hockey. Charlie plans to enter the service or to go to Massachusetts State after graduation. Baseball 23 Football 2, 3, 43 Hockey 2, 3, 4. Defense Savings Committee Z5 Usher-Senior Play and Senior Re- ception. EMILIO BROVELLI Emilio is rarely seen without his side-kick, Tom Le- Blanc. These two are usually the instigators of harmless mischief which is guaranteed to provide everyone with a good laugh. The world could use more just like these two. Football 2, 4. ' THE SASSAMON GEORGE BUCKLEY George spends most of his out-of-school hours working at Babson Reports, Inc. This, he believes, will enable him to get an adequate understanding of business, so that he will be better fitted to pursue his chosen course, business administration. Honor Society 3, 4. WILLIAM CARR Not very quiet in his ways, and not particularly fond of school, "Billy" is usually the first one to dash down the steps at 2:15 p.m. His fondness for football and his ability as a player make him one of the top-rugged individuals of our class. XVe are proud to have him as a co-captain in football. Basketball lg Football 2, 3, co-captain 4. ALEXAND ER CARROLL Alexander Carroll works diligently after school hours at the Raider Furniture Company. He likes drafting and has selected that vocation as his goal. In his preparation for this career he would like to attend evening classes at Northeastern University to give him a foundation for his chosen held. Tennis 4g Track 4. Decoration Committee, Senior Re- ception 3, Decoration Committee, Sassamon Dance 35 Ticket Committee and Scenery Committee, Senior Play 4. JACQUELINE CARTER XYherever there's a laugh, a giggle or a group, "Jackie" is always in the middle. Punctuality is not her strong point and you will always find her running in at the last minute. VVith her, fun is first and foremost. Y Girls' Athletics 2, 3. Glee Club 43 Sassamon Board 43 Refreshment Committee, Sassamon-Halloween Dance 43 Decorations at tjlee Club Dance 4. JAMES PETER CHALA jimmy won't own up to any particular ambitions, but we think his future career lies in his artistic abilities which he has shown on decoration committees and on the Sassa- mon. XVe hope you'Il have as much success and happiness in the future as you deserve. Basketball 3, 43 Track 4. Sassamon Board, Art Editor 4: Scenery Committee, Senior Playg Decoration Committee, Class Partyg Yearbook Committee. hs.. Q THIE SASSAMON NANCY CHASE "Miekie," with her quiet manner, is at limes full of fun. With a smile tor everyone she h-as made herself a true triend to all. :X position at the New lfngland Mutual ln- snranee Lompany is awaitnig her. llrum Majorette 2, 3, 4. RICHARD CHECANI lYhen you hear people talking about one of the stars of N. ll. S., it will probably be none other than "Chuck." His eomieal personality has helped to make him popular. As captain of the basketball team, "Chuck" was high scorer and also was a regular on the baseball squad. Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, captain 4. Defense Savings Committee 23 Ilonor Society 4g Sassamon Board 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2: Usher at Graduation 3g Assembly Committee Dance 45 Usher, Senior Reception, Yearbook Committee. THOMAS CHRISTIE Give "Tom" a dance floor, a little cooperation from the music makers, in the line-of a waltz, a jitterbug, or a fox trot, and with those gifted feet he'll dance your cares away. 'l'om's ability to play the drums has amazed all, and there is little doubt that he'll provide competition for several well- known bands. li'oaskCtlJall 2, 3, 45 lfootliall 3, -l. HERBERT RANSOM CHURCH, JR. "Herbie" is the boy with that "Colgate smile" and that "Vitalis look." Ile is always full of ideas and ready to go places. lle may be seen in the Art Room painting scenery or in the chemistry laboratory bending over a Bunsen liurner. Traek 4. Safety Patrol 2, 3, 4g Sassamon Board 2, 3g Senior Play 45 Usherfjunior Prom and Senior Reeeptionng lintertainment Committee, Class Partyg Usher at Gradua- tion 3. MARY COLE . Mary is one of those quiet, studious qirls who always gets high marks. However, she still tinds time to make friends. llaving shown remarkable ability in the business field, we know Mary will sueeeed. Honor Society 4. ' TH E SA SS A MON ROBERT CORKERY "Foo," as he is known to his friends, can usually be seen cruising around after school in Bob Harris' car. "Foo" has been an ardent baseball player for two years. We wish him success in whatever field he may choose. Baseball 3, 4. ANN COTTER Ann is often seen but rarely heard. She is one of those people who is always in a good mood and is extremely con- scientious. Ann is a very sympathetic friend and a hard worker. Girls' Athletics 2. WILLIAM COTTON Billy has a passion for hunting and spends most of his vacation on hunting trips. Because of his many unpredict- able days off, he can usually be found making up a deten- tion in Room 33 after school. Billy's good sense of humor brings laughter to many classes. Band 25 junior Red Cross Committee 3. GRACE CUMMINGS "Gracie" has a great sense of humor and can always be counted on for a good time. Her lovely black hair, blue eyes, and good looks all put together make a nice girl. Grace is a very good cook, .and we wonder if she will be using this talent soon. ROBERT DAVIS "Bob" is one of the quietest fellows in our class, and his ever-present smile and happy-go-lucky manner tell you much of a hidden personality under that quiet exterior. We all wish Bob success in whatever field he chooses. Track 4. nfs an I T H E S A SS A M ON CARL DeANGE.LlS One of the most fastidious dressers in the school, Carl is always ready with a smile. Besides being a popular mem- ber of the senior class, Carl's scholastic record is good. His ability for making people at ease has made him at home in social life. Baseball 2, 43 Football 4. Safety Patrol 2, 3, Commis- sioner 4: Class lfxecutive Board 3, 43 Student Council Z3 Stage Manager, Senior Play. y JOHN DEIGNAN jack is a Navy veteran who has returned to complete his secondary schooling. Jack proves his ambitiousness by working afternoons and attending night school in Framing- ham. His future plans are undecided but we know he'll be a success in whatever field he may choose. RICHARD DORAN Dick, after serving in the Navy for two years. came back to N. H. S. to carry on where he left off. His ability to play classical as well as popular music will he well remem- bered. Dick is one of those fellows who never seems to worry about affairs of the heart-as far as we know. Football 2. JOHN DREW VVith his curly black hair and good looks, "Dyke" has a reason for that mile-wide grin. He is gifted with a happy- go-lueky and good-natured personality and is always ready with a cheery word for all. Football 3, 4g Hockey 3. Yearbook Committee. JOHN F. DRISCOLL John utilizes his spare time as do numerous other stu- dents by helping to produce baseballs at our local factory. His hobby and chief interest is mathematics in which he hopes to take an advanced course at Northeastern Univer- sity. Hockey 4g Track 4. Honor Society 4g Usher, Senior Reception. THE SASSAMON BLANCHE DUBOYCE Blanche has a nice, kind smile-Mthe kind that crinkles up her eyes. She will surely bring a lot of pleasure and laughs to her patients after becoming a nurse XYe wish her the best of luck at the New England Baptist llopital, where she will start her training in the fall. Safety Patrol -13 Defense Savings Committee lg tllee Club 4: Sassanion Board 43 junior Red Cross Committee 31 Chairman llecoration Committee, ,lunior Prom: Refresh- ment Committee, Class Party. DOUGLAS DUNN "Doug" is the tall fellow with a laugh for every one. As a result he has made many friends. Studying does not seem to interest him in any great way. "Doug" has been a part-time worker at the First National Stores and plans to continue there after graduation. FRED DUTTON Fred is a willing and earliest worker in every sense of the word. .-X very good voice has made him an outstanding member of the Boys' Glee Club. Vllith his witty personality and his ability to get along with others, we know he will prosper in whatever held he may choose. Basketball Z, 3. Boys' Glee Club 3, 4: Teen Town Com- mittee: Soloist at Senior Play: lintertainment Committee, Class Party. MADELINE ENO "Milley" will always be remembered for her adeptness at playing the accordion and singing. She is a very quiet person about school, but has a pleasant smile for every one. Madeline plans to attend business school. Girls' Athletics-llaseball 2, 3: llasketball 2, 3. KATHERINE FAIR "Kay" is quiet and reserved. She's the answer to a t.eacher"s prayer as her homework is always prepared. Kay's ruture is planned for her as that certain object on the third finger left hand indicates. Q Defense Savings Committee 33 Honor Society 41 Class lxxecutive Board 3: Sassamon lloard 4: Student Couneil 2, 3. 4.2 Retreshment Committee. lfootball Dance lg Usher at junior Prom. T H E S A S S A M O N PRISCILLA FARRANT "Pussy" has a very quiet and gentle manner. She has an excellent soprano voice, which has been enjoyed by all in many of our musical assemblies. "Pussy" plans to con- tinue her studying at the New lingland Conservatory of Music. Girls' Athletics 4. Safety Patrol 4g Glee Club 43 Honor Society 4: Senior Play 43 Sassamon Collector 4g Publicity Committee, Music Dance 43 Music Committee, Sassamon Dance 43 Reading Committee, Senior Playg Music Commit- tee. Senior Receptiong Yearbook Committee. JOSEPH FARRELL "joe" can usually be seen after school hours as an ardent worker at the First National Store. He could be called one of the quietest members of the class, due to the fact that falling asleep in class is not very unusual for Joe. RALPH F. FIGLIOLI Ralph is the boy who always has the latest scoops. He has, at last, mastered the art of chewing gum. Ralph goes wild over horses and someday hopes to be a jockey. He may join the Navy. Football 35 Tennis 43 Track 4. Usher at Graduation 3. TASSOS FILLEDES "'l'assels" is one of the small, and peppy, members of the class with big ideas. He seems to be everybody's friend and nobody's enemy, due to his witty personality. "Tass" is a lucky fellow who will never have to worry about mak- ing friends. Iiasketball Z, 3, 4. Glee Club Z, 3g Decoration Commit- tee, Football Dance Z, 35 Decoration Committee, Sassamon Dance 2. CATHERINE FORNARO Catherine-'s faithfulness as cashier in the lunch room has made her a friend to many students of N. H. S. A very industrious manner and a good disposition will make her a good hairdresser, which is her chosen ambition after gradu- ation. Refreshment Committee, Junior Prom. THE SASSAMON SHIRLEYFOSS Shirley is one of those rare people who finds everything interesting. Her cute manner and modest ways have made her many friends. Shirley's future is already decided. She plans to be married soon after graduation. Best of luck! Girls' Athletics 3. Junior Red Cross Committee Z. JAMES FRANCIOSE. "Iunie" proves his versatility in sports, in that he is a top-notcher in basketball and baseball, and also co-captain of the football team. "Tutsa" is an all-around good fellow who causes many feminine eyes to look twice. Baseball Z, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, eo- captain 4. ORESTES FRANGOULIS "Rustyl' is one of those lucky boys with a head of wavy black hair. Girls seem to be the least of his worries and he can always be found working for his father at the soda fountain in the Middlesex Spa. His bashful grin is some- thing to be admired. Ticket Committee, Senior Play, Decoration Committee, Senior Reception. EDWARD GAY If all the people in the world suddenly lost their sense of humor, there would still be one person left laughing, and he would be Ted Gay. Ted's genius for making people see the light side of any situation has lifted many a gloomy heart. He enjoys all sports, his favorite being hockey, where he has shown outstanding ability. Hockey 2, 3, 45 Track 4. ROBERT W. GILLILAND lt's a lucky thing for us that "Gil" has both brains and a sense of humor. He falls back on that wit of his when many of us befuddled disciples of learning apply to him for aid in Math. His English compositions are really something to hear. . Football 3. Sassamon Board 2, Usher at Graduation 3g Publicity Committee, Senior Play. 35 ' ,. 3 RQ fi. 3 A so xx Z uv, i r 4. i ,. " 0: QQ wx , J-3451 fb 1 'l'HlZ SASSAMON ,., JANET HAPENNY .X rzulinnt, winning xinilt- :incl :an czuxy-goiiig clixpoxition :irc ,lam-t'x. Shc ix t-vcr pt-ppp' :intl xonlctiinvx plziyfnlly inixt'liit'voux, xYllL'l't' tlit-rt-'x ronxtzint rhzittcr, tlicrt-'x jnnvt. Nothing can xtop ht-r if xht' onft' gvtx xtzirtt-cl. ' ' .' gx Coininittct- .33 Suxxainon llozarcl -lg K lntly K'onnnittvn', Scnior l'l:1y. ROBERT GRANT HARDING H J ,, . . . . . lioh, with lll5 good looks :intl lnx iiicililiwxliip in the Q "Cat llill llzuigf' hzax llliltll' hiinxvlf ont- of "'l'lic" nu-nllicrx ot' thu Claxx of '-17. Two years za lIlL'llllJL'I' of the hockvy tcani :intl Mtn ycarx :ix foothall Illlillilgkl' hart' topped hix :u'tivitit'x. 1? 5 llaxvlmll -lg lfoothzill 3, nianagt-r -13 Hockey 2, 3, 4, Glue Zffj. Cluh .lg Senior Rt-gixtrzir of Yotvrxq Xluxit' Conlmittvc for " . Svnior licrcptioii. llkb In E9r,.cA V 594' su ' xy- t A IH, L . 1 ROBERT HARRIS lloh ix known hy :ill hix fricnclx ax uslillllllnn He has nianv ioothull qaincx :ix wt-ll ax lacing thc faithful nizniugcr - 'xt-lnll tt-ani. lit- :incl hix lmrlrly, "Foo" Corkery, arc tlttn xt-vn rrnixing urounfl in uflilllllitrisli cur. llzixt-hull, ixizinzigt-r -ll lfoothall -l. KX. CARL HEDLUND llm'rt"x :i lxirul xxho'x hztrfl to kill, :intl wc're glad, ln-vzitixt' our vlzixx xxoulcln't lit- roiiiplt-tc without Carl. lie inakt-x ' fric-mlx t-axilyg liix lrrozul xmilt- :incl plcaxing pcrxonzility uxxnrv him ol' that Curl plunx lu fnrtht-r hix ctlllvutioii :nnl wt- knon lnx xiivrt-xx ls inxurul. ' Szifcty Patrol Z, 3, -11 Sznxxzunon llozirtl 2. 3, 43 Senior . Play: Stuflvnt L'ounril 3, -lg Ik-vorsation f'UIIlIIllllt'C, Foothall . 7 3 llznifu 3, -11 L'xht-r at .Innior Proin and Sr-nior liL'l'l'llllllll: X A, Q 'V' Ycarlioolx Connnittu-. Al LORRAINE HIRTH "S:uicly'x" pcrxonulity ix :ulmirt-fl anrl vnvivcl hy all. Hur xnnny xlllilt' rliffuxcx i'znli1im'L- :tml ht-r liappy tlixpoxition inakcx ht-r rt pal to ull. "Szinrl5"' plzznx In work at tht- Nt-w lilljllitllfl Xlutnzil lnxnrrtnu- fffililzziiiy ziftvr grarluzition. .- ilt-tif- 1, 3, 4. filer Chili 2, 31 lfxlier at junior l'roin :incl National llonor Sorivty .if THE SASSAMON GERALD HOPKINS Another member of the Pearson gang, Hopkins is not often seen after school. VVhere he disappears, we'll prob- ably never know, but he is well-liked by all who know him. He could be called Gene Krupa the third, and eventually he plans to join the Navy. Baseball 4. MARY ELIZABETH HUGHES Mary always has a smile and a good word for everyone and she has all the latest news right at her fingertips. Her pep has won her many friends and she is especially good at sports. She plans to become a nurse for some lucky patients. Girls' Athletics-Basketball 4: Field Hockey, captain 4g Softball 4g Bowling League 43 .Athletic Association Collec- tor 4. Orchestra 3: Sassamon Board 3, 43 Ticket Committee, Sassamon Dance 43 Pianist for Modern Dance 43 Assistant Registrar for Class Elections 3: Refreshment Committee, Football Dance 35 Chairman of Ticket Committee for Girls' Sports Nite 4g Teen Town Committee 4g Usher for Senior Reception. CHARLES L. HUNTER, JR. Vkfherever there's laughter emanating, you're almost sure to Find "Chuck." Nothing seems to get him down, least of all a teacher's scoldings. He is tall, dark. and very easy to get along with. Although his future plans are in- definite, we are sure he will be a success in whatever field he enters. Usher at junior Prom. VIRGINIA INTINARELLI No one could miss "Ginny's" beautiful hair, always so attractively arranged. She's a whiz at sewing, and designs many of her own clothes. Her versatility plus all that per- sonality will surely put her on top regardless of what career she chooses. Defense Savings Committee 23 junior Red Cross Com- mittee 3p Usher at Senior Play. RUTH ANN JARBOE "Ruthie" is a whiz at books and is interested in becom- ing a laboratory technician. Because ot her quiet manner and dependability, we know Ruth will be a success in her chosen profession. Girls' Athletics 2, 3. Honor Society 43 Ticket Connnit- tee, Senior Playg Refreshment Committee, Class Party. 57 awp ' . .W Un- .k K ng' M I is il! ,xv ,s 'h EZ" i X 0 R 'gs s. A 3. 0 . THE SASSA MON MARY LOU JENNINGS Mary is a tall brunette with ceaseless energy. Iler gracious manner and ever-ready smile win her many friends. ller dependability and interest in current affairs will surely find her a place in the business world. Girls' :Xthletics-llaseball 2, 3, -lg llasketball 23 Badmin- ton 3: Field llockey 43 Volleyball 4. Safety Patrol Z, 3, commissioner 43 Glee Club 2, 3: Sassanion Roard, Literary liditor 3, -lg junior Red Cross Committee 3, Participated in Girls' Sports Night 4: Teen Town Committee 4, Usher at llonor Society lnduction 33 Ticket Committee, Sassamon llance 4: Sassauion Home Room Collector 2, 3, Floor Col- lector 4: Sassamon Home Room Reporter .25 Usher at Senior Reception. ANN JOHNSON Remember Ann, the drum majorette with the blonde hair and the nimble baton? She loves to laugh and her eagerness to make friends will help her much in the years to come. As yet Anu's plans are quite indehnite for next year. llrum Majorette 2, 3g Usher at Senior Reception. ESTHER JOHNSON Iisther is one of those real blondes with a lovely com- plexion wlnch is the envy of all. Her friends are many and she is always laughing. Piano playing is her favorite pas- time. NOWELL L. JONES "Buster" has proved himself an excellent student. He has participated in many various school activities, among these the band and school dance orchestra. In fact, he could easily be called the jimmy Dorsey of Natick High School. The field of music is waiting for his offerings. Baseball Z. Rand Z, 3, 45 Orchestra Z, 3, 45 Honor Society 4: Safety Patrol 3, 4: Class Executive Board 43 ,lunior Red Cross Committee 2: Student Council 33 Senior Play: Chairman, Music Committee for Junior Prom, Boys' State Representative 33 Member of Natick High Dance Hand 45 Yearbook Committee. ROBERT KADLIK "Viola," a comic during his sophomore and junior years, certainly changed during his last year. VYe all know the reason for this-a certain junior girl! He is often seen driving the Natick Ice or Oil truck around town. His ability to get along with others will be useful in the future. Baseball 4: Hockey 2. ' THF SASSAMON 3' FLORENCE KELLY .Xltlwtigli Nhc is often st-cn, lint aelfluni hcztrcl, Fluix-lice ix Z1 ainccrc anml kinrl friend. Slit' i5 tliuml In ln- flu-crftil, willing tu help :tt :ill tinnw, and iN likcly tw get tar in thu lnuincm wtirlcl. . If ..,. THERESE KELLEY lirivnfllincv 4- pvixuilzzlity + siinucrity : the Num, 'flu-raw. She is lcnwwn for thc twinkle- in her cyc, tht' xpltrklc in her xniilc. znnfl 11 sprinkle uf frccklu. Tlivrcxc ""' has takvn zi siiiccrc intcrut in her atuclim which will snahlt- lICI' In gn I-HT, I' AF!! Girl! .Ntliletitwwf Hzuclinll 3, liaskvtliall 3. KCl-l't'xllIllE'lll lfiniiiriittvv, ,luni-ir Prtiin. PATRICIA ANN LaFLEUR Pat, a gal wtirtli kiniwing, has an ever-pleaxzuit clixptm- ml . 5' ' ' ' I l55C5HL'N 10111, U Nlllllk' which rctluvts ht-r kintl, ainialilc, rctiring manner. lirr xnuw-wliitc ticlincw is an aswet ainct- who is it luvcr uf pu-tty cltwtllcf. Sho 519011115 hcr 5lllIllllCI's in Maine whcrn- Nhc rlztinix tliurc :irc wine great attractitnia. Girl! .Xthlctiu 2. Glet' Chili 1, 3, 43 Slixmlllltlll linzutl -lg Ctnnlter at lflvrtituii lg Cfliwkt-r at lilfflflltlll .lg lklici' at Sm-iuitir Play. i THOMAS LeBLANc ' Thx- cluwn tif many ClZ155I'UUlllN, "PicrI't-'K' wit inztkcx Vt 9, 5' niany a rlull l'OUlll hunt with lauglitvr. llc walks, tzilka, :tml 7 Q. lztughw with the lmys, hut ia putty in the hantlx nt' tht- y iw-zilcci' wx. Ilww ztlmnt tllztt, 'Illini . lititvtliall 2, -l. lit-fvilw SflYlllgN Qltllllllllllvt' 2. JACK LEE ,luck spa-iiclx Il grcat cleal of hib leisure li-turf taking furt- tif hunting tltwgw. Ilia ability with thc- trtnnpvt has guinwl inintcnsc pivptllarity fur hint tlirtitlglimit the wlitml. Hit future plain are still in 21 im-clitativc state. lluwcvt-r, niuaif :incl acting lmvc liecn his chief inte-rcst5 during the pint tw., l liriiicl 2, 3, 43 fJI't'llt'Ntl'1l Z, 3, 43 Glve Lflulm lg Stmlvnt fflllllfll 31 Mcinlmvr tif llzuifr Hand :incl Hrzus Quartet. Ill 'l'Illi SASSAMUN VPC 09 -do .., Y Y SHIRLEY-f-LEE .X xc-ry quu-I :uul :migi'ui-:ilmlc ilu-iillu-i'4il'm1l' flaw, Sliirlm-5 lin- mzuli- inzuiy lrim-iulx illlt' In lu-i' plc-suing lu-imniznlity. Slu- wmllrl iiizilu- Illl 1llll'Ill'llX'L' iiuirlvl zu wsu pi'iwi-rl :ll Ilu- N. ll. S. lllhliiuii Sluvw wlu-rc wlu- iiuulclm-rl Il lll1lj'Nllll. llnw- luill, swiliiiiiiiig' zuul liursn-lm:u'la ruling Illll'Ill'l lu-i'. llvi' 2ll'llN1lk'lillk'Ill will lu- llll'llll'l'l'1l1ll tlu- X4-qu-r tu-m'gv Svluuil. x - . . , , . . i 1 hirls .Xtlilc-lux 2, J, -1. llziu l',xa-villivv lumrrl .i, -13 Sllllll'lll i'wuiu'il 2. GRACE LEGEE Grzux-, Il quim-I lu-rwii, has plc-my uf fru-iulx wlui ram testify tin lu-i' lu-ing Gill iiilcrcaliiig girl. Slu- may iuit lu- vm-ry l.2llli2lllYl' nluwut it, but fslll' would likc tu lllII'5lll' lu-1' NlllfllL'5 fm' nurmiiig in Nm-w York. XYluu vuulml lu-lp gm-Ming lu-tin-1' witli 4Ii':u'1- zumiiiul? Girl! Xtlilm-tim 2, 3. LESTER E. LELAND "l,cl'1y" lizu mu- main iiiln-rest iii lilc, ll is liis luililiy uiul main llllNllIIll'. 'l'lii5 iwclipntiuli is lmsrlizill. llluiii liim turrly ln-lt arm will lu- liziwrl ilu- luqu-w ul' ilu- In-:mi ul' "47." .Xt ll ix-rn-iit iiu-1-ting nf tlu- wluzul lu- wil- vluuwii lu lriul lliiw yi-zur! iiiiu-. lt is lu-lu-vcrl lu- will x11i'p:u.N ilu- gm-at i'm-cuiwl lu- iiizulm- iii "-lu." llis glial iii lifc- is tw lu- zz iiizijm' la-ngiu-i' mul wa- wisli liiiil ull ilu- llll'li in tlu- wurlcl. liawlmll J, 5, vupluiii 4. ROSEMARY LePAGE llvr zmiliitiim lint uf ull ix lu riu-, iuit in lu-nuly, lml in Ninn l.ivi1ig ini ilu- mitakirls of tnwil, mul walking Il fwvx- ing lizilf Illllk' in tlu- wiiilcr to tlu- iu-:irwi luis amp, lim pimu-rl lu-r vilz1li1v. Slu- plzmx in vim-1' :1 lnixiiu-W wluml mini :ilu-r gmfliizitum, Stiulc-ut Cliuiuil .ig lla-uwziliuii luniiiiiiitlvi- fur vluiiif-i' l'i-mu, ANN LOWRY iXiiiiX pm-try lin- lizul :ill in in lm-1-ling mul ni' liuppy :it mu- tmu- .ir :uunlu-V, Slu- fl-ic-N it zu :1 luililiy, liut wx- :ill l'll-U5 it. Xml. :iiul tlu-ii Nlu- liiulx tmu- lm' Nliuly. Slu- J ciiimw flflllllilllfx mul luqu-N In lu- mi ilu- -tzngv wnu-flznv. . - , . - A 51114-ty l':1ti'ul 2. J, -1: Bzusaiiuni lluurxl -13 ,Immun lim-rl Criiv lliiiiiiiittu- 23 'l'm-vii 'lliwii Cuiiiiiiittvm- li Ulm-rk :it llla,-rlimi 23 Nc-frm--liiiu-nt l'UllllllltlCC', l'f'1-llriill lllillfl' -ll I lll'ZiIUI'l1'1ll KELIIIUNI .ig l'-lu-r at luiiiur I i'-Im THE SASSAMON G. WINDSOR LOWRY XYindsor, one of the Lowry twins, came back to Natick High after serving in the Marine Corps for two years. Before entering the service, he was a prominent and popu- lar football player. He is not heard from very often, but is always seen with a certain sophomore girl. Baseball 2, 33 Football 2, 53 Hockey Z, 3. IRMA MacDONALD Irma prefers, above all things, to be called "Mae" XYhen it comes to sports, "Mac" has really distinguished herself. However, misfortune prevented her from playing in some of the most important basketball and baseball games of the season. She will be married soon after graduation. Girls' Athletics 2, 3, 4. Defense Savings Committee 3: Sassamon Board 33 Campaign Manager 43 Ticket Commit- tee, Senior Play: Decoration Connnittee, Class Party. THOMAS MAHONEY It would take a long search indeed to find a more affable lad than Tom. The "Smiling Irishman" served his class very well with his scholastic and leadership ability as well as causing many feminine hearts to flutter. He may often be seen cruising around Natick and Vfellesley in his little blue "honker." Yearbook Committee. MARY A. MAILHIOT Mary is one of our extremely talented artists and can be depended upon at any time for posters. She designed the program of studies cover for N. H. S. and is hoping to further her studies at the Yesper George School of Art. Sassamon Board 4, Publicity Committee, Senior Play, Teen Town Committee 4, Yearbook Committee. DONALD MAIN "Smokey" has his eyes set on Northeastern University where he will major in Chemistry. His spare moments are taken up by experimenting in chemical analysis in the cellar of his home. He also produces baseballs at ot1r local base- ball manufacturing company. Baseball 43 Basketball Z. Safety Patrol 3, 4, Honor Society 45 junior Red Cross Committee 2, Usher at Fram- ingham game Zg Usher at Graduation 33 Decoration Com- mittee, junior Promg Publicity Committee, Senior Play. TH li SASSA MON DONALD MeCARTY "Mac," one of the happiest fellows in the school, is a famous "Cat Hiller." llis jovial personality creates many a smile in the classrooms. lle loves to play hockey and played otlicial "Doc" to the football team. "Merc" is also noted for his "clashing colors." Football 3, manager 43 Golf 4: Hockey 2, 3, 4. llefense Savings Committee 2, 3g Senior Play: junior Red Cross Committee 2, .33 Student Council .23 Decoration Committee, Sports llance 2, 33 l'sher at junior Prom, Refreshment Committee, Senior Reception, Yearbook Connnittee. IRENE McGEE Although Irene is one of the more quiet members of N.ll.S., she is well known among her classmates. Her quiet ways and her sweet smile have won her many friends. XYe wish her success in reaching the height of her ambition, opera singing. tllee Club 2, 3, -13 Music Committee for Senior Recep- tion. ROBERT McGOWAN "Bud" they call him and that's just what he is, a "bud- dy" to everyone. Once you know him, you'll never forget him. His favorite pastime is trying to make people believe the impossible. "Bud" is another of our veterans who served with the U. S. Navy, PHYLIS McNAlR "Phyl's" friends claim she's not as quiet as she appears lo be. Her red hair further belies the fact. Besides taking an active part on such committees as the Safety Patrol, she also made a very attractive cheerleader. "Phyl" is planning to attend Framingham State Teachers College in September. Girls' Athletics-Basketball 4. Safety Patrol 4, Candy Committee. Senior Play. BARBARA McNALLY "l3arb's" beautiful clothes, ready smile, and friendly manner have made her one of the best-liked girls in the class of '-17. "Barbie" came to us from Maine a few years ago and since then, basketball has been her favorite sport. Her favorite expression is "He's nice, but not as nice as the captain." , Defense Savings Committee 2, Glee Club 33 Candy Committee for Senior Play. THE SASSAMON HAROLD McNEIL Harold seems to be the quiet, serious type, but you should see him at baton practice. Oh yes, he's a whiz at twirling the baton and usually has his girl baton pupils in hysterics. He is quite a skater, and we wonder whether he will make skating his profession or go into pharmacy. Drum Major 2, 3, 4: Checker at Election 3: Usher at Class Day and Graduation 33 Scenery Committee, Senior Play: Decoration Committee. JEAN MICHAUD Carefree is the word for jean. A partner to many live- ly doings as well as a true Natick High girl, she has made herself well-known. VVith a nonchalant manner, she accom- plishes her homework before classes. Bowling is her favor- ite pastime and this is done mostly during lunch hour. Girls' Athletics 2, 3, 4. JOHN MILLER john is seen more frequently in the boiler room than in the classroom. He holds down the position of part-time janitor. He undoubtedly should be nominated for the "clean-up man" of Natick High. Checking at junior Prom 2, and Senior Reception 2. JOHN W. MILLEY "Smiley" is liast Natick's gift to Natick High. He's a man of few words, but his "flashy" neckties betray an other- wise quiet manner. Science interests him and he hopes to enter this field after graduation. JEAN MITCHELL ,lean is usually in a dither about something, but remains happy and easy to get along with. Her blonde locks are to be envied, and jean's pet pastime seems to be driving cars. Glee Club 4: Sassamon Board 4: Music Committee for Sassamon Dance 43 Refreshment Committee, Class Partyg Pianist for Girls' Glee Club. Ga. IVN 'cr' II THIZ SASSAMON Rv V 1 Q as t MARGARET MORAN Margaret will always he retnetnheretl fm' her fanlwns salntatiun, "XYhat's new?" She is a ltwer nl' the "wild :intl wuully west" anrl goes rlreanty when she hears Hlleantilitl Ohio," hut so flu we over her variety nt' eltithes. llrtnn Rlajnretle 2. 32 Sassannwn Ihvarzl -ll ,Xssistanl Registrar .21 'l'een 'lluwn 'l'ieket ilmnniittee -lg Q'hairman ut' 'llieket Uunnnittee, Seninr Play: 'I'irket k'mnniittee, Silssil- nnrn llanee 43 l7eetn'atiun fnnnnittee fur Seniur Reeeptiung Yearhnnk Cnmniittee. JANE MOSHER -lane, who is not noisy ur ltvucl, hut enjtws lite in a quiet way, is tall, graeeful, and frienrlly. She is an earliest anrl persistent student with a line husiness tnincl. She pqussesses all the unalities to he a sueeess as the pert:-et seeretary. tllee Chili 3: Honor Sueiety -11 Sassznntin linarrl lg Refreshment Cunnnittee, flass Party. ELEANOR MUSGRAVE "lil" gave a lot uf her pep anfl energy lu the cheer- learlers this year. XX'henever we neerl suinenne tu help, lfleanur is always reatly. Mueh ul her time is spent writing letters.---Lxieky felltmw lu get letters frtnn one of our entest seniors, She plans tu attenfl hairrlressinu selitml next year. tllee l'luh 2, 33 llrunt Majurette 2. .li SZINNZHIIIIII lltwarfl 41 Student Cuuneil 2: lleenratiun l'tnnniittee fur Aluninr 'I ljftlllll L'sher at Seninr Play: Cllk'l'l'll'JHlt'l' -li l'sher at Senim' lfereptitnlg Yearlmtik Cmnniitteej flass l'rtipIn-ey, MAGNUS NORD n lixlllllflyxli quiet, easy-going ways have tnafle many 1 friends for him in his three years at X.ll.S. "Klungy" Q , played exeeptiunal haselrall ancl intentls In tttrther his efln- H pus ration at a prep:1ratm'y selinnl. is liaselmall 2,143 liaskethall Z, 3. llanrl Z. 32 Safety Q-f 53:51 Vatrul 3, 43 Defense Savings Conttnittee 3: flass l',XK'1'lIllYC " 575 litiarrl 43 Stage Manager fur Senior Play. N ,J I fr r' .s" ...xt ..n 1. ' n.ll . .5 .,.-. 41 VIOLA ORME 'Yinla is quiet, Init full uf fun. She spenrls her spare huurs wurkimg at the XYellesley Inn as a waitress, anfl plans to enntinue there after graclttatiun. THE SASSAMON CONSTANCE O'RORKE Connie or "Red" hails from South Natick. Her favorite expression is "I'll let ya know." Her long auburn locks and pleasant personality are the envy of many girls at N. H. S. Connie thinks she will further her education at XYestbrook junior College. Glee Club 3, 4: Sassamon Board 4: Usher at junior Prom, Senior Play and Senior Reception. JANIS PAECHT "Pecka," with a ready "Hi" for everyone whom she chances to meet in the corridor as well as on the street, is a classmate who will be well remembered. Being very subtle at times, she can also be a fun maker in a crowd. XYe know that she will be successful as an individual dress designer because of her good choice in clothes. Defense Savings Committee 3: Glee Club 3: Drum Majorette 2, 3: Sassamon Board 4: Decoration Committee. junior Prom: Candy Committee, Senior Play: Usher, Senior Reception. BARBARA PARKER "Barb" is another gal not often heard from but one who makes friends easily. She's a whiz at history and gets a big kick out a certain sophomore football hero in her class. "Barb" plans to enter nursing and we know she'll tnake an accurate "temperature-taker." Decoration Committee for Senior Reception. EDNA PARMENTER . liasy-going, jovial-nonchalance personified-such is lflclna Parmenter. Her witty remarks are a delight to her classmates, both in study hall and in the Music Room. Al- though she is active in both Girls' tllee Club and Mixed Glee Club, she manages to find time to report Music Room activities for the Sassamon and to participate in school plays. These plays are important to her because "liddie" plans to enter a school of clramatics after high school grad- uation. Glee Club Z, 3, 4: Honor Society 4: Sassamon Board 2, 3, 4: Senior Play: Clerk for lilection 3: Attended Brattle- boro Music Festival -l. PAUL PEARSON One of the Felchville boys. Paul is usually with Gerry Hopkins and Charlie Stevens. His innocent manner has helped him in a good many ways. Good-natured and a good sport, Paul has made many friends. The Navy uni- form attracts him. Baseball 3, manager -l. Decoration Committee for Class Party. 4 'S to THIE SASSAMON BARBARA PIERCE "Harb" is a quiet, unassuming girl who gets places be- cause her teinperanlent cannot be matched. She is a con- scientious worker and has been an ardent member of the lilee Club tor three years. "Barb's" artistic ability is very outstanding and we know she will go far in this field of work. Glee Club 3, 4: Poster Committee, Senior Play. CAROLYN PIERCE "Cara" is fond of all sports. You will hurl her carrying her school spirit and morale-building personality at any school event. Being an asset to the school in this respect, as well as in her ability to win friends easily, make "Cubbie" the kind of person who is welcome wherever she goes. Girls' Athletics 2, vice president 3, 4. Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Class lixecutive Board 41 Sassamon Board 2, 3, 43 junior Red Cross Committee 2, vice president 3, Usher at Senior Play and Senior Reception: Yearbook Committee, chairman of Photography. A EDWARD PORTER Although "liddy" appears to be the silent type, his friends know quite differently. Une of the South Natick "Indians," he was one of the mainstays of the basketball team this year. X'Ve wish him smooth sailing in whatever he does. Basketball 3. 4. ARTHUR CLIFTON POTTER "Buddy" has been an active member of the hockey team for all three years and showed great ability in foot- ball, too. One of the "Cat Hill" boys, "Buddy's" good looks and smooth manner have made him equally popular among both sexes, Football 2, 3, 41 llockey Z, 3, Class Executive Board 33 Student Council .25 Decoration Committee, Senior Recep- tion 3: L'sher-junior Prom, Senior Play, Senior Reception. RUTH POWERS "Ruthie," having the rare combination of personality and intelligence, is easy to talk to and is always well in- formed. She can be gay or serious as the occasion war- rants, "Ruthie" is excellent college material and we hope she is a success in the radio world. Safety Patrol -13 llefense Savings Committee 23 Glee Club 2, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Sassamon Board 2, 3, editor- in-chief 4: Senior Play: Student Council 3, 43 Usher, Junior Prom, Ticket Committee for Football Dance 3, 43 Badmin- ton 2, 33 D.A.R. Representative 43 Invitation Committee for Senior Receptiong Yearbook Committee, chairman. T H E S A S S A M O N PHYLLIS PRESCOTT "Phyl" is one of those peppy all-round girls who gets along with everyone teven Pete, her twinl. She's been active all during high school and was one ot' our most ardent hockey and football rooters. Have fun always, Phyl. Glee Club 23 Sassamon Board 43 Decoration Committee 35 Usher at Senior Play: Assistant Registrar lg Teen Town lintertainment Committee 3. THOMAS QUIRK W'hat a man! There aren't enough words in the ling- lish language to describe "Yic"g our orator, actor, hockey and football star, and above all, everybody's pal. You can honestly be called one of the indispensable members of our class. Tom. Football 3, 4: Hockey 5, 4. Safety Patrol 3, 43 Defense Savings Committee 3: Sassamon Board 25 Student Council 33 Senior Playg Play Reading Committee: Usher at Senior Reception: Yearbook Committeeg Class NVill. BARBARA REGAN Although quiet by nature, Barbara has been an out- standing member of our class of 1947, and has played an important part in its progress. To her friends she repre- sents even-paced mildness, eager optimism, and broad en- thusiasm. She attacks every undertaking with vigor, and every school activity has borne the stamp of her coopera- tion. Safety Patrol 13,43 Sassamon Board 4: Clerk for Class Elections 2, 3, 43 Decoration Committee, junior Prom: Decoration Committee, Football Dance 43 Candy Committee, Senior Playg Yearbook Committee. FRANK REISS "Frankie" is known for his bubbling personality and ready wit. He is always ready to join in the fun and is the type of person we like to have around. Baseball 4. NORMA REYNOLDS She is the gal who is always on the "Sunny Side of the Street." Her keen sense of humor, her dependability and willingness to help at all times, make her rank tops with the students. Glee Club 2, 3g Sassamon Board 45 Usher at Honor :Society Induction 3g Teen Town Entertainment Committee ln Qw- be Qt TIIIE SASSAMUN MARY RIBOTTO Mary, the quiet type with a very pretty face, gets along well with her tellow students. ller neat appearance and pleasant ways make her a friend to all. She is never to be tennd without a snnle and a cheery word. XX e hear tell that much ot her time is spent writing letters lucky fellow. MARILYN RICHARD "Mara" has the bubbling personality of a true jitterbug -untiring energy, small body, rosy cheeks, and an unending smile. She is always on the go. Iler plans for next year are as yet undecided, but we know that success will ride with her in whatever she does. Girls' Athletics-Iiaseball 2, Basketball 2. Drum Major- ettc Z, 3. IVA ROBERTS Iva. with sparkling eyes and a merry smile, is popular and very friendly. She is rather talkative and likes to write notes. She always says, "For crying out loud!" VN'e think she will make a wonderful junior College student. Glee Club 2, 3, president 4: Sassamon Board 4: Senior Play: Lfsher at Senior Receptiong Yearbook Committee. BEVERLEY ROBINSON "Rev," the girl with the winning smile and laughing eyes. is full of pep and fun. She is an honor student and quite the whiz at trig, which everybody appreciates. "Bev" may very often be seen dashing about because she's late for Safety Patrol. The white uniform of a nurse attracts her. Safety Patrol 3, 4: Glee Club Z, 3, 43 Honor Society 43 Class lixecutive Hoard 33 Sassamon Iloard 41 Student Coun- cil li Ticket Committee, Senior Playg Class Gift Committee: Yearbook Committee. EILEEN ROGERS Ifileen is always willing to help someone else out and possesses a sense of humor interesting to those around her. She shows her ability in business subjects and always passes in her assignments on time. Ifileen plans to enter the nursing profession. Program Committee for Senior Play. T H E S A S S A M O N FRANK ROSENBURGH Hear that clarinet? That's Franklin, better known as "Rosie," who provided us with music as a member of the orchestra. He is one of the lengthy members of our class and takes considerable interest in art. Franklin's plans for the future are indefinite. Baseball 4. Band 2, 33 Orchestra 3, 43 New Britain Fes- tival representative 3. LESTER ROSS Being one of the tall members of the class, Lester gives the impression of being almost shy. However, with his friend, "Rosie," beside him, we hnd appearances are often deceiving. He plans to spend his future working at San Hyja. Football 2. Defense Savings Committee Z. ROSE ANN SALVATI Rose may look like the solemn type. but she's anything but. Her unexpected witty remarks cause much commotion and her embarrassment is always followed by an extremely red face. Rose is planning on being a nurse, and her pleas- ant disposition will surely aid her in this work. Checker at Class Registration 35 Counter at Class Reg- istration 4. ELAINE SCH EUFELE Here is a little number we would classify as the sweet, feminine type. You don't hear much from her, but her quiet easy-going ways have made her many friends. VVe know that she will be a success in the hairdressing field. which is h-er goal. HELEN MARY SCH EUFELE A cheerful, happy-go-lucky lass, Helen has contributed a vibrant spark of humor to our classrooms. Quietly mis- chievous in class, more broadly so in her free time, Helen has continually kept her pleasant outlook foremost among her school mates. Her good-natured but successful heck- ling, when collecting Sassamon dues, has won her innumer- erable friends. Safety Patrol 2, 3, 43 Defense Savings Committee 2, 33 Glee Club 4, Honor Society 4: Sassamon Board Z, 3, 43 Counter at Election 3, Refreshment Committee, Junior Prom, Candy Committee, Senior Play. 49 ' 9 if ."' I 5 as I . O ,ga ,rf .fd T H E S A S S A M O N LUCIANO SCIANNA "Lou" is the happy-go-lucky type. He finds an outlet for his enthusiasm in football and basketball in which his ability has been proved, much to his credit. Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4. Band 4: junior Red Cross Committee 25 Usher at Graduation 3. IRENE SELLARS Irene is a girl who has certainly lived up to her middle name, "X'irtne." A very quiet and dependable manner has made her a friend to many. She is always seen around with her blonde friend, listher. Irene may be found after school hours at the "Five and Ten." FRANCIS SIMEONE uslllllllyu his a quiet and dependable fellow who always appears bashtul. but watch out! He is one person that greets everyone with a smile. "Simmy" is a part-time norker at the Atlantic and Pacific. Lfslicr at Graduation 3. JUNE SINCLAIR ,lnne is one of the lengthy girls of the class. She is quiet at all times and can usually be seen with her pal, limily. june hopes to attend Peabody School in Norwood after graduation. VVe wish her luck and know she will suc- ceed in whatever she undertakes. Girls' Athletics-Basketball 4g Field Hockey 4. FLORENCE SNELGROVE XYhert-ver there's anything going on, "Flo's" there, too. She's tall and dark with a pleasing personality and partici- pates in most of the school activities. She plans to attend Chandler Secretarial School. Girls' Athletics-Basketball 43 Field Hockey 41 Volley- ball 4. Class lixecutive Board 33 Sassamon Board 3, 45 Senior Play: Student Council 4g Assistant Registrar 35 Pub- licity Committee. Junior Promg Assembly Committee, chair- man 4g lintertainment Committee, Class Party. THE SASSAMON HELEN SPEAD "Swifty," as she is known to her friends, is one of those gay, companionable people who never seems to hurry or worry. Her charming manner will make her an asset wherever she may work. Girls' Athletics 4. Ticket Committee for Girls' Sports Night 43 Candy Committee for Senior Play. BARBARA SPINAZOLA "Barb" is dark, cute, and friendly, and the possessor nf a winning personality. She is always full of fun and has a smile for everyone. She is well liked because of her keen sense of humor. Girls' Athletics 2, 3, 4. Sassamon Board 2, 45 junior Red Cross Committee 3. IRENE SPROWL Irene is seldom seen without her pal, Blanche. She is lots of fun, has a quiet manner and is always willing to help out in any way. All these characteristics when put together should certainly aid her in the future. Irene hopes to take up nursing, . Girls' Athletics 2. Glee Club 3, 43 Refreshment Com- mittee for Music Dance 45 Invitation Committee for Senior Reception. MARGARET STARK Margaret is a petite redhead who proves a willing helper at all times. She has been a faithful Sassamon hook- keeper for the past year, and this experience will he a big step in preparation for work as an accountant. Sassamon Board 4g Program Committee, Senior Play: Invitation Committee for Senior Reception. PETER STARRETT Peter has been active in sports since he came to Natick High. His happy-go-lucky manner and pleasant disposition have made him a great favorite. XX'aylanrl's loss has heen our gain. Basketball 3g Football 3, 45 Golf 45 Track 4. Class Executive Board 3, 4. l , qi' 9 Q THIS SASSAMON CHARLES STEVENS -mber of our class. Aol otten seen alter school hours, "Charlie" spends llls time riding around with llls gang in his favorite place, North Natick lletense Savings Committee 2. CHARLES SWEENEY lfstremely artistic as has been proved, "Charlie" is one 3' to be depended upon at all times. Anything but talkative, he lives up to that well-known adage, "Seen but not Heard." .Xnother native ot' South Natick, he is very well liked. 16 Poster Committee for Senior Play. MARY SWEENEY Mary can he truly called one of the happiest girls in the class. .X product of South Natick and proud of it, she always seems to be defending her birthplace. lixtremely well liked, Mary can be depended upon at any time for a laugh. Student Council .23 Ticket Committee, Football Dance 2, llecoration Committee, Football Dance 45 Athletic Associa- tion Collector 33 Refreshment Committee, junior Promg Candy Committee, Senior Play, Decoration Committee for Class Party. GURDON TAYLOR, JR. Gurdon, better known as "Dumbo," isu't particularly interested in books or school. His one ambition is, "To go around the world someday with Rosie, his pal." Let's hope he makes it all right! lioolllilll 3. EMILY TESHU limily, known to her friends as "'l1ish," loves to Cook. She is :i good listener, and finds most things amusing. NVe're sure she'll be a success as a teacher when she finishes her training at Framingham State Teachers College. Girls' .Xthletics-Field Hockey -1, Homeroom collector 4. tllee Club 2, 3, -lg Music Committee, Senior Reception. THE SASSAMON GERALD THOMAS To know "Gerry," even casually, is to admire him whole- heartedly. XYhether it be for Student Council, Safety Patrol, or Sassamon, "Gerry" would lead all others in arous- ing student response. "Gerry's" talents apply not only to classrooms but also to music, as he is a very able man at the piano keyboard. Basketball 2. Safety Patrol 3, 45 Defense Savings Com- mittee 3g Class Officer Z3 Glee Club 3, 43 Honor Society 3,45 Sassamon Board 43 Student Council Z, 3, president 4. RANDALL THORSEN One of those Thorsen twins, "Randy" has made himself indispensable around school. Always ready with a joke and a smile, "Randy's" exuberance has made classes laugh- provoking for all of us. ROGER THORSEN The smaller of the Thorsen twins, Roger is a popular fellow with the boys and he doesn't seem to notice the weaker sex. Always full of fun and always on the go, Roger tends to be the life of the party. Baseball 4. JOHN TIBBETS John, who is quiet but missed if not present, is reserved to the extent of being- shy, thoughtful, even-tempered and is a sincere friend. He is interested in the held of business and we know he will make a capable and efficient account- ant. YHonor Society 4: Junior Red Cross Committee 33 Usher at Graduation 35 Ticket Committee, Senior Play. THOMAS TOPHAM From most reports, "Tom" is the quiet type but, from those who know him well, he is just the opposite. One of those out-of-town lady killers, "Tom" rates high with all who know him. He goes out for football and baseball in a big way. Baseball 4: Football 4. Committee for Class Party. 94' ai ,nv or I 1 fx' ,ff if . THE SASSA MON BARBARA ALLISON TORREY "Harb," the girl with the friendly disposition, has the rare combination of intelligence, dependability and con- geniality. Her willing eagerness to participate has bestowed many school honors upon her. She plans to go In Boston Vniyersity to prepare to teach her favorite subjeet, mathe- matics. Sllfvii' Pilifnl 41 Hvnor Society. secretary -lg junior Red Cross Committee 2: Student Council 3: Checker at lilection -li Reading Committee and Candy Cointnittee, Senior Plavg Class Gift Committee: Yearbook Cutnntittegg, i DORIS TRANIELLO lloris is a quiet, conscientious worker, with an ability to get things done. She counts many friends due to her happy care-free disposition. As capable and trustworthy as she is, we know she will prosper in whatever field she chooses. Her favorite sport is bowling. Glee Club 2. RALPH ARNOLD WAKELIN, JR. Arnold, one of the less boisterous members of our class, has truly been a beneht to his classmates with his quiet friendliness and cooperation. His dependability makes him well liked by students as well as faculty. An enthusiastic poultry farmer, he expects to go to Massachusetts State and we know he will succeed in his chosen profession. Safety Patrol 4: Senior Play: Usher at Graduation 33 Usher at lframingham game 4: Hallotman at Election 3, 4: Checker at Junior Prom 2 and Senior Reception 2. BEVERLY WARD "liev's" interests are dehnitely not within the confines of Natick ffigh. She has a talent for entertaining fellow students with tales of her various eseapades. A class worker in every sense of the word, she is to be congratulated for her Hue work. Class Officer, secretary 3: tllee Club 3: Drum Majorette 2. 3: Class lixecutive Board 3. 4: Sassamon Board 4: Teen Town lintertainment Committee 3: Home Room Collector of Class llues 41 Csher for Senior Play: Decoration Com- mittee for Class Party: Class Historian. JOAN WHALEN ,loan is one uf our senior girls who has a pleasing per- sonality, dresses well, and who is very fond of daneing. ,loan plans to work for a dentist in XYellesley after graduation. She should be successful since she has been a part-time clerk at the assessors' office. Girls' ,Nthletics 2. Drum Majorette 2: Usher at Senior Play and Senior Reception. THE SASSAMON ROBERT W. ZICKO Rulxcrtk nickname ix "Bill" You clmft hear him wry V much, but yuu C1111 alwaya rely On the :Accuracy uf what ln' l ' dum say. He! an cfflcicllt worker at nm- mf our luval stores. ,4 ff?" "Bill" intrncls Tu flu rcwcarch work smnc day in the labnra- turiw of 501116 great cmnpany. I,ct's lmpe that tlwv have W f I uxrlmrwakzilmle tn-at tubcm. Fu1,1tl,mall-l. Poster Cunllnittce, Senior Play. Y 'Y 'Y NATICK HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Alfrrrl A. Nlfxllvu Ralph QI. xlllfllll Rul1c'rt fl. .'X111l1'c'wN XYilli:un Nl. Czlrcjv l:l'ZlllL'l5 lf. Carr Rulnurt vl. CZll'I'0ll lflizulmcllm li. CZJ.SlllUIl llr-lr-11 lf. Cilllllllllj' ilzuwt I.. Qll'UL'lik'T Ifrrunvix XY. Crrman llvlcll ll. lJc'Klcfritt Klzzric' I'. lJ.,11z1l1wc- flliljlllfl li. flarclner Ifr:111cw Nl. Hayes Clmrles T. Harm Eclwarml F. Maylmel-gel' Clmrlcw lf. NlcNlzun1f lfflith Xl. Nutt Klz11'g:1rf't -X fl'fH'1m11f'll llm+ltX hl. l'5.lH I' lf-x M l.. Qjllzlrkclmlnlwlw Nl!l!'gllQ'I'lll' l.. Ratfc-rly Emily l,. Slllillllllll llcrnlrl bl. Slzunin Emu Nl, ,lllll5llll Hz11'l1zu'a Xlirlslm l'1llVVIlI'fl N. Xlllitv llzlirxy Y. XYilfll1ur Kathleen XY. Yuung' 55 J jf?fYiff3i Qilf Vx R? Jw? 2 I5 iLLw Q.v Akzo If x f U Lk bk jk 'N fl Q ju yy IV' q"2l"r A fm .Aga if ft: f f 11 ,834 M .wx , 'gp rf VM 3 fd ma, W NV' I Y brink' 1 KH WL. W. M ,f if mf 'V fi J l Q'ff",flf pdf' M Y MF, I l ,pf ' 1 V, up!! VQ .f fNJ',1:,34 Z! , .fx ,H V Wg! A' rg NOQVHU :QI K qw J f yjfrj 3 -' , nm 1'1w'i 'U la 4 ' wx ff, V w'?fJAA,,wA N Wm Jw Y B M JV: 1'-Vp' Ng 450215 W Q " J A Zmwtr' M W '3?Q"'f I Wg?-f 0 i Y , , S c if I+' ,A jf, 1 , 'V ' uf' Q ' JM FQ J PAQ' 'Q QC 4' 1 wfw T L. 31 xy ' Q 0' 1 Q5 J J' L ESQ 3 KWRV A fb r :W RMK Jil? ' 05 fn jp-'jj 1 dl: :W ff' V M JL if W X 724 A 1 1 'L Xvlibf Wfglfy vb 6 , I , f ly Il ko Jwl.vMJfg ll dy M 'fx fy A f Wye 7 W ,JVM f ro .f J -I I V 1 If, f i W' f 'ig 'ff -0 J Q A , x J f' Vlf r ,f ga YL Dj MW V55 W KW Aw M M A f AJJM VA . W P X My r ,ff UV? opgvj, HJ, l 16 1 x f -Q Q2 W f fflfwiff fm? W ' J' rw' C5 YN. '. f D' ,Y" 4'?,,j J W .," . 1 iw if L I is-Pia V7 ,.- -K ' l .VX A , R Nl:"JyX6f L xvlhy W LW L x ,PW my WV' ,WX f fy yy? Wy M - K .W f NN. WML if , ffl H2551 A-1, fwfr WHL J' A ,X if If 1'N7ff'L"1" ' K 'du 9351" W w'1f,Q?f+gf, f V ' ULJ W ffl' 0'fWp my f'b'55+'f ,nffffpw -' Biff? VW MJ HVPKXAZVJXE V 9f,5a',,wf My Hwwjf P f Wo- M 0' W Ubi THE SASSAMON CLASSPOEM This solemn clay is eonie at last. lyitll joy it 11115 Ulll' Sfnltlsj 'llhe future Hart-s up hriglit ancl elear, For We liaye reaelu-tl our goals. 'llhe years go fast at Natick High, "llwixt lioolis H1111 sports 211111 lxlilyg tlur hearts grow satl as part we must, Anil eaeh go his ow11 way. llhat mei11'ries erowcl these years at sehoolg Some gay, some sail, all clear! The frieiiclsliips inaile. The lmowlerlge gainefl. Courage to conquer fear. As we set forth on the lllgllW'2ly of l,ife, Reluctant yet eager, too, Dear Alina Mater, our l.llULlQ.flll5 will return liver anfl aye to you! Uh Lorrl, lYho helpecl us through these years, Please guiile us through the rest, So that whate'er we unclertalae, lVe'll always mlo our hest. ANN l.owRx 'f T 'Y CLASS SONG llfhen school ilays are over fxlltl life starts anew, XXI' think of our lt'Zl.t'llL'l'5 Anil school elnnns that were true. As now on life's highway So saclly we part, XVith meniories of teachers lYho gave us our first start. 2. Froin all that you taught us Wie wonfler with all fonrlness XYl1ile there, through thick anfil thin, .Inst what will help us win. NVQ' think of the gi it 1:1 flays As well as the hail, XXI' smile at the liappy :Xncl sigh here at the satl. ll'nrilx 111111 llIll.Yl't' by l'l.fXRtjLD MCNEIL C If mf:-v5-if . .'L.:.'oi ,--..-.ew-1 IVA 'LCHARLIE BILLY , UYESI WWHNK YOU VHLL PASSH CAR HOLDUP ? if DYKE 1' TOM MHRGAREVMARILYN-JOA N F' 'ifli V, HL'-Vv,,.'nv,g HA EVERYBODY YELL! RLIE LOU HARVEY Q-Lf.,,. "J , -',.. '52 3 Ln'--, L ,gr L L 5 1-.1 . .V V CAROLYN 'f ELEANOR DORl5 +JEAN HELEN- RUTH-BARB , . J, . 1 J F 0 0 , ,jk 'Q 2- 1 wg 1 if F" '11 ' 1 111 ' 5 ll QSQQKWK-"' f Q C9 . A XX U 1. YQDO qxpb Q5 -.,.," m 0 KQX O N H111 'I 1111.5 ,, ,,,, M OT Q? iff? if 1 FQ .- J Q A K 1 1 1 ' 1 , I 1 f , I ' 1 ' - .Q . 5 .LN 1-ha 252 1 ,X , I1 I 1 ' f I 7 1 '1 1 , 1 X 11 QM YY W !g1 h F 1, -S 1 'es1q,Z!'I x Q I ls- ' 2515? PM . fx 111 11'-1. . Lim.: 1, Kzmlwl Nl 26.1211111321 " aging: ' 1'1fL2?!' phil 5 "mga meg , .- '.-'fx 'ill 1 I1 ' 3 4 if 1 ,, 1 QP' 1 Q XC X X P , . X QNX Q3 , im, SQ N 1 K ry ' I ,. V .1 A JANUARY THAVV , . L, ,, H Qgf ' if ' A 'pr Q .1 ' . : YE l. la,-V , , l - , ,J 5 , thi. , . V - 1 ., 4. 4 ,A ', . ' ,-1 , "ffl ' g0:1fQLQ '2H?!' f' 1, ' 1- 1 -,..-5 - L " , ' ,L . h, - c. 2 l ' , .E -415,3 - 4,-5 4 ,. Y ..,w1rw4ff YW - .5 Ja- an '-ff ' " T-L.: II '. -4' ,JI 5: FR S x X P 1 x 'F' , -9' -..--14"-i 1 -..nm .-.-.., Am. 1 ' gn , ff ,gy -- Y.. fALEX' BIKER5 e 1j,,.l" If Nw HILDA - JACK HBEV HEP-HEP THE SASSAMON 61 Burl: nrzei M. Carrull, R. Clieczmi, bl. 'liilrln-tx, lf. Rnhie, .X. XYzikelii1, ll. lliielfley, il, llrix coll, IJ. Harker, li, Sehultz. ,S'i'm11il 1'u':v.' H. McGrath, rl. Cui'lmt-tt, lf. lluell, K. Fair, P. lfnrrziiit, ll. Mziiii, 'lf Quirk J. Mosher, K. 'l2ll'lHvC, M. Cule, Miw Yiruiig, Frwit riizu: lf, Parmeiiter, II, lxuliiiixiui, X. .liiiiey lu. 'I'-irrt-3, ll. Tliiiiiizix, lf. I'mx'eiw, H Selieiifele. HUNOR SOCIETY 1946 - 1917 l'I'n'Xl4de'lIf . . . . Niiiwell .lonex l'it'u l'1'i'.ridi'nl . . Gerzihl 'l'l1ouiLis .N'i'r1'i'ltlr,v ..... li2lI'llLll'1l 'l'urrt-3 .5i':11w' .'lli'nilu'f'.v llaviml Harker, lleiirge Buckley, llielmiwl Clieczmi, Mary Ciile, ,ltihii llrixuill, Kay liaii Priscilla Farrant, Ruth jarhue, Nmrell ,livin-5, lhnmlrl Main, Helen Mvllrzitli, ,lame Mmher lfdna Parmenter, Ruth Puwerx, Tliuiiizix Quirk, lieverly Reiliinwii, lleleii Seheufele, lleralml Tllmiizis. ,lwhii 'filahm-tx, I1arh:u':i 'l'-vrrey, .Xrii-vlcl XYlllxClill. fzfilmr .lli'llll'i'l'A' Hflith Buell, Mary f.1lIi!'Ull,'lHlll'l Curhett, l'lllHk'lll' Riiliie, lit-tty Sthulty. The Natick Ulizipter ul' the Nzitiinizil llimwr Smtiely' wax tirgziilizeil in March for 1946-47. liulir neiiiwr nieiiilnerw lizul been eleeteil iii their juiiiur year :tml aeventeeii were :uhnittefl in lleeemlier :mil March iii the lrI't'5K'lll sfllinil year, Membership eertificzitea were prewenteil :it the iiifliietiini k'Q'l'ClllHIl5' ini Xleiliiem clay evening, May l-l. The gliewt speaker win Mr. .Xrlhur S. liulierts, retireil hezul master uf the St.lle1vrge Seliuul, Newiiiirt, Rlimle lwlzmil, Vim lieziring tht National liunur Smit-ty emlvleiii were the gift ul' the memlierx wi the M-liwwl unix mittee mul were lireseilteil ut grzulilzltimi. ln .lime the Rotary Chili eiitertaiiieil the memhers 1-l' the llimur Swuiety at L1 luncheon. intl uthvr unnpont-nl Illt'lHiPt'l's ol the hxssx xiox wtutf ful THF SASSAMON I-Mrk fmztq' R. t'lit-rzuii, C. Ilozirrlnizm, M. Stark, Ii. Musgrave, Mr. Carr. .S-1'1lVH1I' r.m'.' Miu lloiiztlitw, X. Lowry, K. Fair, l. Roberts, Miss Shannon. 1710111 fufzm G. 'rillllllllwl R. Powers, C. Herllund, J. .'XIIlClI'OSO, Chala. THE SASSAMUN The- Sxsxxxiiix liozml is twniipmerl of the following members: Editor-im t'liit-f, lintlm I'owt-rm .xsxiwiillll Iirlitor, 'lame .'XINIlI'H5UQ Literary Editor, Mary jen- 1 ings: .Xwi-1:1111 i,itt'l'2lI'j' lifiitorx, Ira Roberts zrnrl .-Xnne Lowryg Athletic Editors, Kivhzml Hit-t':111i, Iilt-:rnor Mmgrzlrt-3 .-Xrt lfrlitor, .lzunew Clialag Financial Editors, Kay Iinir, Mz1rgzu'c't Stnrlxg leimixit-M Mzniugt-rf, Curl Ilefllnncl, Gerald Thomasg Sllljxffiljliwll NiZlll2lQt'l', O11-olyii l'3n:ml1nzm, The zulvist-ra are: Ifinily L. Shannon, l,itt-rnr5': l"rznu'is li. fztrr, i'.ill1lHl'iZiiQ :mtl Marin- P. Ihmahoe, Subscriptions. 'I'lu- flntiu uf tht-51' llll'llliDL'I'h :ire inzmy and varierl. Unee a month before each ulition the liflitfn1i1uet'l1it-1' czallf Il liozml niet-ting, wht-re awignxnenh arm' discussed, Nlilijt-ct inutn-rizml t-lm-t-n, :intl the imlivirlnzil ztwiginnieiits are given out to the board, - 1 .Xltlioligln ilu- wlitor'-iii-claim-14 voinpletes mul coxiipilt-5 moat of the written work ftvr it ix lnztmh-fl in, tlut- lmrflvn ix wc-ll cliviclr-fl and wlmrerl zunong its members. flnt- truly 111iflvrNt:n1flN how :L YM'XYNI7fllJl'1' is g'ox'e1'11efl rxnrl tlit- llllllly olmtacles to be ox't-1't'mi1t- in orfler to 1lN5l'lHilit' ll well-oi'gai1ixt-fl paper 'lxliie ymr tlu- S.xss.xx1oN was limiorwl by rc-ceiving an uwurrl for reaching the Ntzuifizmlx of fourth place- in the :unnml Colmnbizz Scholastic Prefs Association fulltext lieltl in New Yorlt in Aiiiftlil. THE SASSAMUN 63 ,A , . ,.,. . , ., , .'- L 4 ' SXSSXMUN RIfI'UR'I'INfl STAXFF Iirzfk Vrmx' IZ, Quinn, I'. flrzuly, J. Hay, li. llczzrcl, VI. XYHII, Il. lvHflk'1'lliH, Nl. Klurzm, ll. 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THE SASSAMON 67 GLEECLUB The Natick High Girls' Glee Club consists of sixty odd voices who were chosen after embarrassing voice tests were given. Mr. Mayberger, our able in- structor, then divided us into three parts, alto, second soprano, and soprano. XYe soon elected officers who were lva Roberts for President and Beverly Robinson for Secretary-Treasurer. In inspection we found many talented soloists among our ranks including the seniors, Hilda Banks and Priscilla Farrant. XYe gave concerts in our own assembly and at the Natick XYoman's Club. By May our repertoire was increasing by leaps and bounds and we put on a good showing at our own May Festival, the State Festival at Medford and the New England Festival in Ports- mouth, New Hampshire. Life in the Glee Club was not all work as we had many merry minutes also. XYe who must leave bid this all fond adieu and will recall these happy days whenever we hear one of "our" songs in later years. 1 f 4 BOYS' GLEE CLUB The Boys' Glee Club was organized last year by Mr. Maybergcr. The boys taking an active interest rushed forth to make this group a success. The club, made up of numerous Sinatras and Crosbys, advanced rapidly. This year they have pro- duced many enjoyable assemblies besides appearing at the XYoman's Club and also taking an active part in the yearly music festival which was presented in May. Talented "Gerry" Thomas and George Stockbridge, the accompanists, also lfred Dutton and Donald Hubbard, the soloists, have brought extra credit In this choral group. Next year the boys will lose Gerry and Fred but we all feel sure that there is a quantity of talent in the club to replace these two members. 1 4 4 MIXED GLEE CLUB The mixed Glee Club meets once a week in the assembly hall and under the direction of Mr. lVlayberger, many songs are sung and the boys and girls have opportunity to blend their voices together. They have sung in assembly, at the XYoman's Club, and took the leading part in the May Music Festival. This organization is the first of its kind since the coming of Mr. lklayberger and is enjoyed by all who hear and participate in it. liixl vliriir, wliili- ww-rril Izilvlltc-fl xiulinixtx iiizulv llu-ir uullrilmtiiiil lu tlu- u1u'i':ltim1 is 'l'Hli SASSAMON li Si liullf, Xl Xlinzui, lf, Iiui-lu-, li, Su-rliii, Xlik Xlzlylu-1111-i', nl. l'ry+r, l". liuwlilmrgli, X l-im -, I, fuk-1,11 Sl.u'klnulp.-, ll. lllllflmrfl, -l, llurlw, UI. lflyim, Il. Luc' li. Smith. 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BASKETBALL FOR 1916-47 lliitli finly unc man lnzick frmn tlic starting team of last 'VL'Zll', Cwzicli .'XllIll'CXVS lizul tlic juli pf tilting new mc-n tu till the spots lt-ft vacant zirniinml Captain UQlll1CliH Clivcziiii. 'llliv ri-snll was that Natick lizul unc uf the ppprest l'l'ClJl'Il5 in nizlny yt-urs, ilnv tn ilu- luck pf vxpcrienccil men. Nt-xt yt-:n"s team, liuwcvcr, will liziw un liantl :i wlizilc lizalvli pt' vc'tv1'u11 plays-rw ln pave thc' way for gI't"IltCl' Rt-ml :intl lilnv lizlaket- lizill ilninlc-ts. fx - - - 4 - '4 ' x 4 - - Q llic' lnxl vlnli tlns yt-rn' was limll 2iI'0llll1l Captain Lliccaiii, rl ulll K lirixtu-, lulcly l'in'1c:i', ticprgv Xlitcllcll, :mil "C'vc-Clio" Cliristic. 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Cliccani, 111 1 BASEBALL Natick lligh will las the tlCfCIlflll1g' cl1:111111i1111s in thc l5111y St1l1 I 1 11111 lL,l this year 11111l 111 Ilfllflllkil' Il te11111 L'HllllJZll'3.l1lC tn l11wt year taken skill 1 11 tl11 put 111 the lDlZ1yCI'5. R0tlll'lllllg.f 111 11111511-1' lllix yc:11"s 1011111 were Ricl1111'1l "Cl1111k Lhu Lx l,el11111l, Magnus N11r1l, l,llll S1ti11111111, 11111l hlznnes "-1111111-" l"1'a11ci11N1 H11 tQ 1111 11 18 11ug111e111c1l lay 'l1111i111'511111l S1111l111111111'1-s. Fine pitching 1111cl gourl lllttllls, 1111111 11-1 1621111 ll fl.lI'llll1lI1lllF l.HL'. 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The unxw: Sc-ninix Z" kNniwx'rvfwl 123 'lnniurs 18-f-Nfll'XN'f,Pf,Ifl 173 Soplioniorcs 18- lmwfvfl fi, Sciiinrf 2-L 1"i'zniiii1g1i:uii 7: juniors 18-Framingliam 155 Sopho- 4 - V- iiiwiwx 12 1'I'11111l11Q'l1T1111f'J. llic- X':n'sity znifl Sci-cc-iifl tczniis plziyvrl Xkiiylziiirl, Dover anfl Neerlliain. The xurc- fnllwwz Natick Yin'-ity lfirfktziylziiirl Varsity 301 Natick Svcrnirl 18-XVay- lnifl Scuiiifl 4: Natick Vanity lN 1Jnwr Yarsity 33g Natick Sccwnrl 154Dover 'twirl 4: Xznick Yziixity 18-Y-X'CCfl11ZlI1l Varsity 3-lg Natick Secmirl 12-Neec1- li nn N,-uilill 30. Xlilfj' lliniitri wfm flu' lizirlniintnn Toiiriiaiiiiciit after rlefeziting .lacquelinc I iii'iiww,-ii 115, 11-2. OUR BABY .,.J, W mlffig ., E rl- . ,g 1, gf' " . 5' 2. O A 1' ' 4 28 25 8 I2 is rs B -r . ' in H. is ev 'K IO A' ' if? rx' Af 4 ,. I lx 5: Q, 14 32 Now xfdtf SEE THINGS-AND WHAT THINGS! SOMETHING IS COQKING. 4..i.-T i "MAYBE WE COULD RUN A DANCE." HOLD IT GIRLS. TWO MILLION-FOUR MILLION-WHATS MONEY? A BLUE FACE-MY MY! Fi TICKETY TICK-FASTER AND FASTER , . I L :m vlyu l'1crcc Nlatrx' lUIllllIlQx . . 4 I lc-rlwrt Clmrcln l Nmmzt Rcynu NIZIVIIYII Rlt'l1'1rcl Ilxltlll Nlztllmmvy -Irma-1 lllllwllllf' Xlztry Swct-tu-5' litltll-I:1r'luw N:tm'y Clumf Iflc-zuumr AIIISQIYIVR' frtrl Hwllllllcl luztn Hell I It-lt-11 Spa-acl lrmzt Nlztcllmutltl Ruln-rt li1lI'fllIlQ fum Mahmley lclr., luztn Hell, ll. Slwilzt HYCIIIIZLII THE SASSAMON KEY T0 BABY PICTURES IH. l':StllK'l'.Itlhl1SUlI IU. Ccmatancc U'Rurkc ZU. .lack l,cC Shirlcy I,c-c 22. ,Izmis Vaccht, lic-vcrly Robinson 25. lhmalcl McCarty 24. Ruhcrt :mtl Phyllis Prescott 35. Tlumlas Quirk Zh. Rulxert Fair 27. .'Zlt't1ll6'lillC Carter 28. liztthcrine Fair 29. Uztrlmztra Amhrnsini 30. Ann Arnulcl 31. Hlzmchc Uulnuycc 32. Helen Schcufcle 33. Charles Antlumy 34. Iva Roberts WHAT I! Q N? R 5""i'EL'3.S'nA.MS -+4 69.93, C n wegaem eriTs fsil Q3 1 f' 3 , LAL-3,7 QQ ffl T7 is 'ae' A M l CFL QL 650157 If Rpiadw ,Q if rw- -X, W ' l 1' B r Q M ff' 'v V' A I " 1-zlmigigvovn , ff W A, FATHER .ofv Yoo " , 41:1 f "' W ' x Q The fume is o ver, L00 AFTER 15 our Team has e H . Qgey-,l,e!ph0'Y05,Y8f7f"C rov r .c ure Qr pm. Took Thus p A Q 'Bl Mufti Muu'HWof' sd fix 1 al 3, 'l K . 2 v ' 4, . '. ,ami 1 'Qu' , s in ' ,A K I ...fa ,U 5 I , vu . . - , 'lil f - o 4' ,' af' . --.-, l 1 4: .. . in --Q o 1 if I ' 1 . 'c, ' . I if , . ,Q I 3 X A ,,.J vb N. P "N, - 1 F f - A I '??5QSf7 Ml 7ZZ , f 455959-4.Q,Z4.C.,.4,f M701 M7 ,img few ff.,-0-ff-A-jf"5'f ' 4177 fn ,img- M 410 VARKILHf.0jVL: ",77ff EM WEQXQ-X Hy?" HQ'jL'?'7Vful.eLLl,Q N7 Pwwff my 983,44 Ko Wwffayfi l UMM WW ? Wmffnx.-9!k r Lp, QQ. , 4m,,, fZ,VXd a ,399 ff MW U f ' ,ZLMMJ LM? KE 2-Qvbfgf . la 'VK '.v'3'1 I I W I 'gs v' Q ,K f' I f as :Y Q I ll ' 1 Qrfi, v' " ww I 1-. -"tu I , 'V G. M- ,fgsr . 1 y 5 3' I . N' P4 -fri Ty 'xff L i . Q, .W B J.. :wx 'f . 1,51- . - ,mfr ll. mmqnpx, . ,, JV A nfl 'T ., M . ":rn. ' 'J ' 4- ' "5 f Rx "' HH 1.-t. I .4 vw 1 'K r I I 1' I w y"v'y",Jl-X .rx r 3. I r .Lf ,NN br' .. 4 J 9 -'I .M A 1 V I X 'Iwi , 'I li W ga -,L Y . mtl. ' ia ..: . W, ,m'x."'1", .r p, 1. 1. V' ., -. N, I s1.l'Q-Ln, '.' ' h"V-.2':" !gI.l,. ' L: W 4. 414 , 1 -4, 3. . I' ,. ,, . AQ' f fr. , 'ie If ..1 X I . 3- As N? L V 5 ,LA fl' , . A , q . 4 h'K . 'I. ., Q 1 1 I ' , 1 I 1, .W l I .W H ., .1 , . sf Om nl, 0 A' ' 'Wg' fu 4? 'wwfl' I, 4 J , J. -a A Q -V ,. Y, ' qu M ' 4 x-.. '1 4- , v I "J" V ' '14 ,V-" "J, 'xlxilhl-'X , - 1 x '- . I A .-9 'M I ' ' , ' N 'wx' 'V X. V , , , . 'N I- - Y' 1 , , , Q" .Q r,, ' TAN v ,J ' Yu , 551114. Y I ' . '1 1, M p 41. ,, ' ' n,!' ivy Jiri ' N" V ' 1' N 4,11--.N xt-x,.l4,,.! Q .,. ' I ,l".,., ' I FJ V x X '41 ' r ' D l I Av w. w i ' x J , . .J ,..q-, fs ' 's Y 1 1, .w -. I R' lf 1' V ,fi , r ' ' I ' l 1, xmu ' fy , kr, I 4 x 1- 'a 4 . 1 hm .. J .m'a'..H'!K5J - 25145 NUM- wilful-ix x 1

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