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75 Wm, 44 1 A.. lgagxs ,t ' e .H -1' ' rg,,l.f,?. :il :J ' JW 'u gl", 'Q .A-, 6 I I 4 'x- i'1.fP1 .' ' 3X 0 .112 '7'x1,- I 5' 1",'.": '., 1" 4 1..' 'H K .vs 1519 . . A U.-1' "ff: 'lYf5".'5-I, fylla 4' I I.. 4 ,- - 1 .. . f X. f .-.H,'V:lY 'Ez 'QF L.A:xY : a ' .4 4 ' A 1 ' 'G Afsilq A . 511 .'X'1 U ,MQ . 11, 4. -1 1 1 1 1 'A"" 1 S 8' t.. a' irx Y-'x I ILIN' , 1 1 Jn'gl.1'5, 4' s 1' '2 ' z 'J' 3 . , Q Jikr' . .- 5 r 1"., if 'f . 1 1 '1 ,- 4 .11 D ,Kk'X4- 1 f "x, 1 ' Qian fix., pl ,l 1 N -,Q 1 '. ., -11, O I I 1 xg l,..l 'A i V 'A 1 , K 1 1 1 X 5 X 1' 1 I 1 ' A ', ,. !,1gX.rb..':l.,. "' .1 ,six X' 1 -.g'O'1 "Q 511 Q31 RQIY svvh fffvwill-y. 1 "V 11 .' ' h. All .ff -.AW-. 9' 4' .1 M' Klip, 3515? 51l,5.,N+A., , 'X 'L lk," ."'.'.Ah' 21' 'Af' '12 In ., .Af 4 ll., V. Mxuf, I U, 1 1 . ,-J, 1 .,. rfb ' . .l,,'1 uspxrii Xlk 1 ' 1!' 4 'f 'E' ' ' f 1 4 R- .. kVAvA',x . '. 1 "T " 5 1 XA ,V y4'X2"l.. . Q' . ,ll -L 351. 1,Aj4t,'1'4r"c, l . 3-. 'f-'Q Y, fl ' ' In .'?..,.'T-Q1 lt. IIC., ' I L Z'-.1 4'q1' t. 5 r, I' -' .s, 1 IL ' . 'f - 1 N' " 1.-'. ll' . ,fri . ' - 1"-1 I ., ".1.' 'f"' ' vt: 'U 1 ' : 71:13. '71 ' r' ' 1 1- .', :Q - N.. . A1 1,-Agn. P' .' ,-v.',,'. 1. my-"f?l.. f 1 ' ' A g 1 - ' . HJ -1 - ' 1'- , ,A , . 5 n. 'I ' I .,' 1 g,-5' Q k"'e X t I h, Ax5'y,",.'r,x-. 1 I 'y?vE3'.-xMI,'-- -' ' -- 4 11111,-'11..-'.w 1 , N U 5 ,mu A . ' R ,' 1 .,.'- . W, A I 1. Q, 1 lx 4,5-,141 . . ,, ., n'f-'vf.1"" , 'ecif-' WJ- - A V I' S J K-f' . '.41 rv 1' fizfsi-sgs:-I 5 'V' W ' . "a" f.'v'x"!. 1 A sl' kfiSf'11:i?3Q.A,A' '-g'. ' 'I' QU.. fllftxs-v 1 , 1 :lv '!,.Qfix lv!! ' ""??K. i1 1 1,15"r'.- - I-5' I ' ,kfijffg 4 ..,'. 1' 1 Y.-N Ln--'F - L.: , 1,-,A '4 ji., ,'-.i,,.'-f 51 , 1 an A '1 - L, ". 7' ' 'f. P1 1 1 .. H, , A , -1 ,1'- . f '-m. '. ' ,vw 1 f-51.1, wa, A ' ' -'f?1'f 'X "J ' ". " - 1 1 , l."1j' 5. 3'7"-J,.ff'.J .I AK' xl' . 1 L5 I 'gg 1' JA-Q 1 ' 5 I-557.52 s ' fi Iwi, 3 1 1. .', 'A ,v 1 sv , -.1 .,.. , 4' -4 -fx' 131. f 1',. 5 WN .H Q14 MA, 1 I MORSE INSTITUTE LIBRARY 14 EAST CENTRAL STREET NATICK MA 01,760 7 'I'II I' SASSAM SICK RS Y THE SASSAMON Tedicatiom We, the Class of 1946, lovingly dedicate this, our Senior Yearbook, to Mr. Harold C. Sears. Mr. Sears became Head of the Commercial Department in September, 1927. In 1955 he was elected sub-master and in 1945 acting principal, a position which he held until his retirement in 1945. A kind, sympathetic and understanding friend, we miss his cheerful smile and friendly advice. we hope he will have many happy years in his retire- ment. THE SASSAMON 5 THE SASSAMON GRADUATION PROGRAMME Processional, "Pageantr5" ...... . Irving Cheyette HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA National Anthem . ...... . Franfis Stott Key Invocation RIEVEREND EVERETT R. BARROws Address of Welcome JOHN ROBERT DRrsCoLI. President, Class of 1946 Baritone Horn Solo, "Introduction and Rondo" . . . Forrest L. Buchtel XNVILLIAM SARGENT BRADFORD .4Cl'0llIf7tl111-Sf, JOAN TERESA PARRINELLO Essay, "That VVe May Remember" DOROTHY ELIZABETH OLSON Soprano Solo, "Caro Nome" ........ Verdi JOAN TERESA PARRINELLO Accompanist, GERALD EUSTIS THOMAS, Class of 1947 Farewell Address RITA NIARY DEANGELIS President, Honor Society Selection, "One VVOI-ld" ...... . Godfrey O'Hara SENIOR CHORUS Address PIONORABLE EDNVIN O. CHILDS Presentation of Diplomas HAROLD H. JOHNSON Chairman, School Committee Alma Mater . ........ Lucile Nichols '26 CLASS OF 1946 Recessional, llliestival March" ....... C. M. von Weber In HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA A ROBERT EDNVARD FAIR, 1947, Marshal 6 T H E S A S S A M O N ADDRESS OF WELCOME--GRADUATION Parents, Teachers and Friends: It gives ine pleasure as president of the Class of 1946 to welcome you here this evening. We are gathered here tonight for the last time as a class. Soon we shall take various paths along life's highway. XYe feel that we have been very fortunate to have enjoyed the privileges of this great democracy and we pledge ourselves to keep America truly "the land of the free and the hotne of the brave." as A glorious heritage is ours, Our native land with freedom bright Make strong our hands, G Land of Ours, To guard, protect, defend thy might l" 1' 1 sf "THAT WE SHALL REMEMBER" Twenty-tive years ago today, anofh class, graduating from Natick Hi School, faced a great many problems not unlike those which we, the class of 19 face today. They were also at the beginnitfg of a postwar era. They too were puzzled and skeptical about our foreign policy, about the coal situation, the world court, prevention of war, and the League of Nations. And somehow during the few years that followed, people lost interest in these things.. They forgot what war was like, they forgot what the rest of the world was doing. Consequently, when the shadow of the aggressor began advancing across Eastern Europe and in the Orient, the League of Nations was powerless to arrest their progress. England, France and the other nations refused to impose economic sanctions as long as the United States was not committed to such action, for they feared that we would take advantage of the situation to increase our own commerce. Who can say that our participation in the League would have prevented war 5 but there are those who say that our lack of interest precipitated the war. ,4 Today, as we go forward, may we remember what.has h ne and what is more important, why it happened. Then let tts resolve'to do s g about it. Let us work toward unity with the nations of the world. The unify of which we speak is international cooperation through organization -the main purpose of the lfnited Nations. lt seems, then, only logical that this organization be encouraged as the medium for attaining world harmony. Not only should the work of the Lfnited Nations be encouraged, but it must be given whole- hearted, active support by every nation to prevent the degradation of humanity. The lfnited Nations did not develop suddenly. The desire for a new inter- national system was mentioned as early as the Atlantic Charter and then the idea began to mature. The title "l.,'nited Nations' s first officially used in January v I THE SASSAMON 7 1941 when forty-eight nations' united to win the war. At subsequent international conferences more and more was said about uniting for a permanent peace. Finally, in the summer of 1944, forty delegates from Great Britain, China, Russia, and the United States convened at Dumbarton Oaks to discuss the desire for a new inter- national peace system, and to compose a document, which was later known as the "Dumbarton Oaks Proposals." Finally, in April 1945, little over a year ago, "The United Nations Conference on International Organization" opened in San Francisco. The delegates from forty-eight nations, with the "Proposals" as their guide, began work on the United Nations Charter which blueprinted the main governing bodies. There were more than a few differences among the many representatives, but there was no bitterness. Concessions were made by both the large and the small nations, many disputes were settled by compromise. At last, two months later, the completed document was signed by fifty-one nations. The world had made another advance toward peace. Since then, there have been twoiiineetings of the United Nations: the prepara- tory meeting in London, and the first session at the Qgporary headquarters at New York. Already a great many difficulties have arisen, Izhid we have found several imperfections in the Charter. Yet when the Constitution ofgthe United States was completed in 1776, one of the most eminent of its '-fotmdiiig fathers," Benjamin Franklin, saw its many flaws and he uttered this comment, "l confess that there are several parts of this Constitution which I do not approve, butii am not sure that I shall never approve them .... Thus, I consent, Sir, to this Constitution, because I expect no better, and because l am not sure that it is not the best." That same document is the living basis of our democracy today. Therefore we must not be discouraged! The United Nations already has two great advantages over the League in thatlit has the power to use force against an aggressor, and that the United States is a charter member, pledging itself to support and maintain an active interest in the orgainizationqt has laid the groundwork for a practical and workable permanent peace. XVhat the final result will be-whether the United Nations will work or not depends on us. No official delegate can make the Organization work unless the people he represents are convinced that it is the only way to insure lasting peace and that they must work for peace. Then, and only then, will the United Nations succeed. . DOROTHY ELIZABETH CJLSON. 4 1 4 FAREWELL ADDRESS Never before in the history of the World has there been a generation charged with so great a responsibility as the one borne by our generation. lVith us. and especially with the youth of America, lies the task of keeping alive in the minds of the peoples of the world the stark tragedy of war and the necessity of a lasting peace. Ours is the task of seeing that the world never forgets the wasted youth, the vast destruction of property, and the great corruption of morals that is synonymous with war, - 8 THE SASSAMON Education is the first essential in fulfilling this responsibility, for only through universal education can the world hope to gain international understanding and cooperation. Education prevents the blind exercise of political power which was a primary factor in the I-litler campaign. lt offers the individual an opportunity to find out for himself, to examine both sides of a question intelligently, to form his own opinions on an issue, and to make his views felt through his political repre- scntatives. llere, then, is another task for .-Xmericau youth--the creation of an educated world. llow can we attempt to solve such an overwhelming problem? There are many ways in which we can help. First and foremost, we must strive to eliminate doctrines of suppression and censorship from the educational systems of the world. NYe must endeavor to form an army of well-informed world citizens whose main weapon of defense will be the fact that they know what is going on. These individuals will familiarize themselves with public affairs so that they may work for the good of the majority at all times. We must endeavor to have the knowledge of the common individual approximate the knowledge of his leaders so that he may understand the problems of society. The world must be brought to realize the importance of the individual, for the common man is a source of unlimited power, and he must be prepared to use this power intelligently. The only way to prepare him is to afford him the opportunity to study, to read, and to counsel with others on matters of public policy, to hear all points of view, and to examine and discuss every issue. Lastly, we must insure freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear for the whole world. If we strive to achieve these noble objectives, we shall truly attain greatness, for NVHAT IS OUR GREATNESS? lYhat is theqiracle in man? lt lies Y Not Not in his power to lift great INature's chain- in the strange shapes rising from his brain- Not in his radios, ocean cables, cries Heard 'round the world. Ah, not in these, This gossip with the locked antipodes: But Nor Nor Our Our Our The in the heart's call when the heart is wise. is wealth greatness flook for higher themeslb is it eloquent volumes, noble :irtg greatness is the greatness of our dreams, wisdom is the wisdom of the heart, resolute will to lift the poor, to build Brotherhood, the vision unfulfilled. RITA lli'l:ARY DEANGELIS THE SASSAMON CLASS DAY PROGRAMME Processional, "Pageantry" ........ Irving Cheyctte HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA National Anthem . ...... . Francis Scott Key S1tN1OR CHORUS Address of VVelCOme JOHN ROBERT DRISCOLL Selection, "One lrVorld" ...... . Godfrey O'I-Iafra SENIOR CHORUS History JAMES A HADDAD Baritone Solo, "Son of the Sun" ...... Brcmzan and Friml ALIRED JOSEPH BRANAOAN Accompanist, JOAN TERESA PARRINELLO Class Poem BETTY JANE WEBB Class Song . llfords and music by Joyce Anna Ruth Murphy and Hope Alice Styles CLASS OF 1946 Class Will VIOLETTA AGNES TUTUNY Soprano Solo, "A Heart That's Free" ...... Alfred Robyn ll'lARY LOU GOODNOW Arcouzpauist, GERALD EUSTIS THOMAS, Class of 1947 Presentation of Class Gift JOHN ROBERT DRISCOLL Awarding of National Honor Society Emblems ALFRHO A. AIA! PEO, Pvincipal, Natick High School Presentation of Athletic Award MR. GEORGE M. ROGERS, Viva Prcsidcnt, Natick .S'clzoolmcn's Club Presentation of American Legion Oratorical Medal MR. FRANK VVEBBER, Commmzdrr, E. P. Clarke Pos! No. 107, A. L. Presentation of Good Citizenship Award MRS. HERBERT KICQUESTION, Slate R1-gmt Qf D. A. R. Awarding of Anna F. Gooflnow Scholarship MRS. DVRE L. QLACKENBLTSH, Prrxidi-fir. Nniirk ll'omm1'.v Club Awarding of Rotary Club of Natick Scholarship DOCTOR HOWAR11 K. BERE, tqlzuizvzzmz. Srlznlazqvlzip Cnnzuziifcp Alma Mater .......... Lucile Nichols '26 CLASS Or 1946 Recessional, "Festival March" ....... C. M. zfon ll'cbcr H1011 SCHOOL ORCHESTRA ROBERT EDWARD FAIR, 1947, llltlfjllfll to THE SASSAMON ADDRESS OF WELCOME--CLASS DAY Parents, Teaclters and Friends: 4 ln behalf of the Class of 1946 I wish to extend to you a most cordial welcome to our Class llay exercises. t Jurs is the tirst class for live years that can boast of having all its one hundred and tifty members present here this morning. It is indeed with a feeling deep gratitude and joy that we go forth to take our places in business, in industry and in the professional world. 'l'o you we give thanks for making our education possible. Vtie hope to be a credit to you and to our community. 4 sf 4 ' CLASS HISTORY In September, 1943 we, the class of 1046, entered Natick High School. This was a great event for all of us and we looked forward to the future with great hopes. ln the tirst few weeks we could easily be distinguished from the upper class- tnen as we eagerly looked for our classrooms trying to pretend that we knew where we were going. 'l'here were one hundred and sixty boys and girls from the Coolidge junior High School and Saint l'atrick's School at our brst assembly. Mr. Sears, our act- ing principal, welcomed Us and told us about the routine and traditions of Natick High School. Class tleetions were held in October and our ofticers for the year were John lilriseoll, Larry llevercaux, 'loan llrenneman and Robert Howatt and then in short order. we had sophomore representatives on the Student Council, junior Red Cross, Yarsity teams, filee Clubs and Orchestra. Because of the war there was little opportunity for us to make any highlights so we applied ourselves in our respective classes. became acquainted with the faculty and the school routine, and looked for- ward with mnch anticipation to our junior year. As juniors we were all eager to make it a successful and memorable year. VVe had elections in Noyemberi-lolm Driscoll was elected president, Larry Devereaux, vice-president, Yioletta Tutuny, secretary, and Edward Garvin, treasurer. Hur interest in war work was great. XVe gave our best efforts and devoted much time to the -Iunior Red Cross, and The Camp and Hospital Council Activ- itiesg we continued to buy XYar Stamps and to plan programs for the patients at cushing tleneral Hospital. Of course, with all our seriousness, we did not forget our junior Prom. lt was an evening of great joy and will ever be a cherished memory for many of us. . - In the spring Donald llalrymple, Richard Balcom and James Haddad were selected to represent Natick at Hoy-s' State. but because of transportation difficulties iiriys' State was cancelled. Rita lJeAngelis, however, did represent Natick at Girls' State. ' THE SASSAMON 11 In September 1945 we again returned to Natick High School-this time as dignified and serious seniors. The war was over. Germany had surrendered to the Allies in May, and in August Japan felt the might of the atomic bomb and it, too, capitulated. XYe were relieved that the war was over-or rather that fighting had stopped. lVe returned to our classes with the realization that our career at Natick High School was coming to its conclusion and it seemed we were more aware of our responsibilities as citizens and we had a new appreciation of what an education meant. The permanent ofhcers of our class were chosen in October. They are john Driscoll, president, Richard Balcom, vice-president: Violetta Tutuny, secretary and Edward Garvin, treasurer. The following members of the class of '46 were the captains of our school teams: Gene Arena and Vangie Sticka-Football, james Haddad-Basketballg Edward Garvin and john Driscoll-Hockey, George Shaw and Larry Devereaux- Baseball. All of the teams had successful seasons and although we missed champ- ionship and title ratings in the past year, Natick High was honored to have eight boys from its hockey team make the All Star Team of the Eastern Massachusetts League. And too, once again, our football team defeated Framingham. The bas- ketball team won fourteen of the sixteen games played. Early in our senior year Mr. Sears retired because of ill health. Mr. Martin was our acting principal until December when Mr. Maffeo was released from active duty in the United States Navy to resume his position as principal. Our Senior Play, "The Doctor Has a Daughter," directed by Mrs. Dekleritt and Miss Donahoe, played two nights to a very enthusiastic audience. Alfred Bran- agan and joan Parrinello were the soloists during intermission. In March Rita DeAngelis represented Natick High School at the annual con- vention of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Boston. The National Honor Society held its induction ceremonies in May. Thirteen members of our class are members in this society. The Senior Reception, which is always the social highlight of commencement week, will take place this Friday evening and on Monday, June 17, the graduation exercises will be the last school activity for the Class of 1946. As we take our places in the world we hope, as individuals, to add new pages to this history of our class and we are ready to assume responsibility in solving those problems that mut be faced if we are to have better community, national and international relation- ships. JAMES HADDIXD. tg THE SASSAMON CLASS WILL lie it remembered, that we, the Class of W46 in the County of Middlesex and Connntinwealth of Massachusetts, being of sound mind and memory but knowing the uncertainty ul' life, do tnake this our last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by us at any time heretofore made. To Mr. Matteo, we bequeath a Public Address System to assist him in his search for pupils. 'l'o Miss Mann, we leave a case of liromo Seltzer or some soothing sedative to keep her nerves from cracking when the office gets over-crowded. 'l'o Mr. Martin, we leave an electric typewriter to speed up his output of deten- tion slips. To Miss tiriftin, we leave an electric eye to open and close the girls' door auto- matically. To Miss 'l'illson, we leave a place for her gym classes to operate in peace. To Miss Connolly and Mr. l'lausse,'our class advisers, we leave an executive hoard as intelligent and peppy as ours. A To Mr. Gardner, we leave a new pair of permanent eye glasses so he won't have to borrow. To Miss Shannon, we leave our heartfelt gratitude for her generous assistance in class affairs. r To Mr. Sears, we leave our sincere appreciation for his guidance through our high school career. 'l'o Mr. Shea, we leave our gratitude for his patience and kindness. To Mrs. llyncs and Mrs. lilondell, we leave our best wishes for their future happiness. To Miss Nutt, we leave our sincere appreciation for her kind and pleasant manner. To Mr. Quackenbush, we confer the degree of Doctor of Finance, in apprecia- tion of his splendid success in extracting money from us. To Mr. XX'hite, we bequeath one large size atomizer filled to capacity with "Tabu" guaranteed to oltset the aromas in Room 32 resulting from chemistry experiments. To Miss Crocker, we leave a new pad of detention slips, to save her the trouble of writing ten detentions on each. To Miss Cashion, we leave a set of books entitled "How to Eat in the Class- room" to be distributed in her classes. To the Sophomores we leave our amazing ability to win and infiuence the teachers. To the juniors we leave the hope that they will reach the high goal we have attained. I, john Driscoll. do willingly give up my job as President to Robert Fair. THE SASSAMON 13 XVe, Vangie Sticka and Gene Arena, bequeath our football captaincy and calm nerves to VVilliam Carr and James Franciose. I, James I-Iaddad,leave my basketball captaincy to Richard Checani with the hope that his team will receive a bid to the Tech Tournament. We Jolm Driscoll and Edward Garvin, leave our hockey captaincy to Robert Fair. The International Relations class, in an attempt to verify the fact that they have used their energies to capacity all year, do hereby leave to Miss Rafferty one hundred empty boxes of fast-acting Bayer Aspirin tablets. lYe, the Class of 1946, wish to inform Mr. McManus that at his convenience he may obtain a new signet ring at Pendleton's with our compliments. To the Juniors who will strive unsuccessfully to equal our fame and renown, we, the Senior Play cast, leave a book entitled "The Drama and You." We, Gordon Channell and Thomas Lowry, leave to Arthur Casavant and Thomas Quirk our prosperous escort agency. lYe, Rita DeAngelis, Patricia Donahue, Rita Farley, Dorothy Olson and Mary Zacconi, leave our super educated brains to be divided equally among the Sopho- mores and Juniors and whats left over to be kept in a pickle jar until needed. We Dolores Casali, Jacqueline Lockhart and Helen Condon, leave our ease on the dance floor to Marilyn Richards, Barbara McNally and Eleanor Musgrave. I, David "Driz" Dayton, leave my dynamic personality, which has inspired many a song and poem to be written, to Thomas LeBlanc. We, Mary Lou Goodnow and Alfred Branagan, leave our outstanding musical talent to Ruth Powers and Fred Dutton. I, Jeanne Park, leave my vivaciousness to Joan Bell. I, Marguerite Balcom, leave my inexhaustible energy to Sheila Brennan. I, Janet NVells, leave my winsome ways with the opposite sex to Carolyn Boardman. I, Laurence Devereaux, leave my unexcelled ability on ice to George Adams. I, George Rogers, leave my motherly love for the prospective athletic teams to Ned Mahoney. I, Elizabeth James, leave my ability to giggle at the .most inappropriate times to Mary Hughes. I, Rachel Ippolito, leave my gay manner to Helen McGrath. We, Harry Trask and Barbara Beswick, leave our petiteness to Rosemary LePage and Robert Prescott. Wfe, Mary Stamuli and Lorraine Sabbag, leave our dramatic abilities to all underclassmen who desire to attain theatrical success. I, Joann Brenneman, leave my ability to charm the teachers to Beverly Robin- son. We the Senior Class, will and bequeath the remains of our estate Whether it be material or financial to the School Department to be used for installing super- speed escalators. l-l THE SASSAMON ln witness thereof we hereunto set our hand and seal this thirteenth day of june, 1940. tSignedJ VIOLETTA TUTU NY. l In this thirteenth day of june, ll?-40, the Class of 1946 of Natick High School, signed the foregoing instrument in our presence declaring it to be their last will and testament and as witness thereof, we four do now at their request, and in the ptwsetice uf each other, hereto subscribe our names. ll 'in1t'.v.rt'tl by: lfmily I.. .SQIIUIIHUH .lltlrgurcl lf. O,Li0ll-llfff Rita fftlffli-X' 4 1 ff CLASS POEM Now that our school days are over And we each in our own place will dwell, May the spirit of Natick High School liver follow as we bid farewell. XYe've a wealth of pleasant memories. lYe've made many friends while here. All these put together make treasures XYe always will hold very dear. XVe have worked, and we feel we have mastered The knowledge to keep us in stride. lt will help ns to face life's problems And a world that cannot be defied. Our teachers haye helped us to do this, XYe appreciate what they have done. VVe hope we may uphold their standards And be loyal 'til our goal is won. BETTY-JANE WEBB. THE SASSAMON 15 CLASS PROPHECY Time-Year 1955. Une cold, bleak morning as Professor Driz Dayton worked feverishly in his mountain laboratory, he summoned his trustworthy assistant, Professor J ohri Col- cord, and proposed the idea of reuniting the atom. Needing government assistance they chartered a plane under the capable pilot- age of Robert Proctor and flew immediately to Vilashington to seek permission of the government to undertake such a tremendous task. For landing instructions at VVashington airport they were greeted over the radio by Charlie Hall who is well-known for his famous radio technique. They are helped off the plane by their charming hostess, Barbara McNair, and escorted out of the airport in the private car of Richard Robinson. Much to their surprise, the scientists realize it is the same car which Richard possessed in high school. As the car laboriously waded through the streets of W'ashington, the screeching sound of a siren pierced their ears. Robinson, thinking he was pinched, pulled to the side of the road. lt was the XVashington Fire Department with Varzgie' Sticlea driving the chief's car. Tagging along behind in the world's most modern fire engine we see Roy Falzcy and perched beside him holding on for dear life is Richard Flynn. Let us leave the scientists for the moment and follow these speeding demons to their warm reception. They are greeted at the door by a much-excited Violctta Tutznzy, dean of "The Semper Paratae" school for secretaries, who has been vainly trying to extinguish the contiagration. XYith her are her most cherished pupils, Martha Driscoll, Mary Pizicfau, fcarz Maclltfaiu, and Tilly Mason. A shrill scream echoes through the burning halls. One of our more unobtrusive firemen, Larry Dcfvcrcazzx, with no regard for the safety of his own life, dashes into the blazing inferno. Minutes later, staggering through the smouldering ruins, he carries in his arms the unconscious figure of Ircnc Vcrgos. At this moment a press car rushes to the scene. It is Rita Dcflizgclis, the nation's number one acc reporter. XVith her we hnd the Bashing photographer, Donald Dalrymplc. Suddenly an ambulance swerves into the driveway and comes to a screeching stop. Out steps Doctor Harry Trask and his driver Bcuny Driscoll. Hclcrz Dalzl- grcn, Doctor Trask's most faithful nurse, follows the men to the now reviving figure. Hours later we find Jimmy O,Cd0lLllfll and Robcrt Slllll7.'Ul1 searching in the smouldering ruins to determine the cause of this disaster. They have been sent over by the District Attorney. Charlie' Barker. We now look back upon the scientists whom we left so abruptly in the turmoil of traffic. XVhat's this? The car won't start. Calling a mechanic to the scene, they recognize their long lost friend, Donald F. Hoc-v who has been noted for his ability to repair broken-down cars. - As it would take hours for the car to be repaired, the men decided to take in a lo THE SASSAMON show. Cllancing across the street they saw a large, flashing sign. It read, "For Relaxation, Come in and lfnjoy our Show." Taking advantage of this offer they sauntcred across the street and bought two tickets from the charming ticket girl, .'lntoini'Ih' llilnrrio. ln the lobby they meet their old friends, Mr. and Mrs. Wil- Iilun llrarlford, Mr. Rirlmrfl .llorrilv and his sweet wife, the former Gloria Mills. Leaving onr scientists comfortably seated in a front row, we now take you backstage where we lind .lark Slieridan, our famous singing cowboy rehearsing, tentatively admired hy Pliyllis .llorrix who is now a well-known dancer. just then two pacing figures catch our eye. 'l'hey are the newly acquired owners of the theater, .lanies .llorris and lfranris ,S'c'liat'one who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their star contortionist, Carl gllaltson, who immediately follows George Rogers, famous for his tear-jerking self-composed ballads. The tenseness is relieved as they gaze upon their four Flora-Dora-Dancing- Girls, .flnna Varrirliione, Joann llrennenmn, Dina Bolzlriglzini and Dolores Casali who are about to make their entrance on the stage with their version of an Egyptian Conga. ' Quickly changing scenery between acts are Gene Arena and Donald Dupree. During Irene Lange'z'in's comedy act a merry peal of laughter is heard through- out the theater. It is Rachael Ifipolilo, and with her we find Clotilde Eusebi and Ruth 1'.0l'll-Ill. They are obviously enjoying the show. While the professors are deeply absorbed in the Egyptian Conga, let tis take leave of them and stroll through the streets of this thriving metropolis. What is this? Why, it is Nancy Cooper running the famous chain of Cooper's drug stores. Behind the counter diligently filling a prescription for Richard Balcom who is suffering from cerebritis, we find Ben Davis, world-renowned pharmacist. Further on down the street there is a large crowd entering "Lorraine's Fashion Shop" owned by Lorraine Paul. The clothes which were designed by the famous designer, Theresa Tessier, are being modeled by that tall, blonde-Janet Wells. Among the patrons we lind Tlzeresai Profefto, the heiress, Ruth Canning, the archi- tect, and Grave Crisafulli, the well-known fashion critic. In the midst of the shopping district we notice two large self-service chain stores. The owners are ,loe l"it.:fialrirle and his immediate rival, .lanies Slainin. VVe notice an express truck delivering merchandise to Slamin's store. Its driver is the husky Roger Could. lle ,is assisted by the powerful frame of lrl'illia,in Hunter. They are employed by Margaret .-lnderson who now has charge of the famous :Xnderson's express. PARDON US Y XYe just had a collision with the former Hope Styles and her little tribe of dark-haired mechanics. Hope tells us that .llartlza Swanson is now an accomplished commercial artist for one of America's most eminent magazines. She also mentions that .lane ll'lialen is compiling a series of articles with her assistant journalist, Rnflz l'er1ne, on her recent trip to the moon as a foreign correspondent, Uh, there are the scientists. The show must he over. l,et's follow them. Lo and behold, they are heading straight for the Capitol. They are ushered from the car by .lanics Haddad to'thc oftice of the well-known Reber! Hozeatt. They are THE SASSAMON 17 greeted by his receptionist, Barbara Leafvitt who, in turn, refers them to the secre- tary, Eva Montagna who looks to see if Mr. Howatt has time to see them. Mr. Howatt, as you all know, is a prominent, government inspector of advancements of the atomic bomb. His assistant, Kieran Nolan, enters and they discuss the neces- sary business that involves the experiment. Due to the shortage of living quarters, it was necessary to call the assistance of Senator Richard Connell to give his personal recommendation for rooms for the night. They were greeted at the door of the Erickson Chateau by Michael Dunn, doorman, who is famous for his professional wrestling ability in his spare time. The clerk at the desk, ll'alter Brorun, greeted his guests in a highly educated man- ner. After signing the book, they were shown to their rooms by the assistant man- ager, Costa Bitsoli. Desiring refreslnnents, they called room service and asked for a pitcher of water. It was brought to them by the charming waitress, Vita Arrnata. After a short rest they are cordially invited by the manager, Carl Erickson, to be his personal guests for dinner. During the drop of 76 floors per second they notice the elevator boy to be none other than Karl Kreshpane. As they enter the main dining room, they hear the melodious strains of orches- tra leader and drummer boy, George Clzmzette and his Melodiers. Among the orchestra players we find the well-known saxophone player, Helen Condon ,' flutist, Betty-Jane ll"c'blv,' violinist, Arlene Boswell: trumpeter, Toni lllonaco, and puffing away at the tuba we find Kenneth Lisconzoe. Playing the piano in his usual incom: parable manner is Kenny Harlhell. Their accompanying soloist is Joyce Murphy. She glances at a nearby table and finds Tonnny Lowry seated with Dorothy Olson, and Gordon Clzannell with Mary Neo, These men have been hired by these darling damsels as their personal escorts. The scientists are shown to their table by head waiter, Danny McNeil and told that their meal is to be especially prepared by Lucille Belnziore. Seen at the next table is Barbara Beswick serving the two celebrated occupa- tional-therapists, Connie Barr and Mary Elrlridge. Dining with them is the famous germologist, Barbara Ranzsdell. Glancing further around the room their eyes fall upon Jeanne Park, the lirst lady of the stage who is at the present moment enjoying her favorite meal of mignon. VVith her are the famous concert singers, loan Parrincllo and Alfred Branagan. Serving them is the dainty and petite Elisabeth James. A After spending an enjoyable evening with their former schoolmates they re- tired to a well-earned rest. Early the next morning they are driven to the hospital to hire a special doctor to work with them as protection in case of accidents while working on the atom. There they are met at the door by .llary Stanznli, medical secretary. Passing fur- ther down the corridor they meet lllarjorio Clollvnrn and .loan Lyons who are grad- uated nurses. ln the main otsrice they are greeted by Doctor Frtznris Dll'mt',X',S receptionist, Rita Farley. After a short wait in Doctor Dutiicys office, the doctor arrives and apologizes for his delay. In his pleasing manner he narrates the specific details of the unfor- tunate accident. Much to our surprise the cause of the fire was the dreadful spon- taneous combustion. ig THE SASSAMON The scientists then offered to him the job of being their personal doctor. Being hored with his present position in the hospital, Doctor Dufficy accepts with great entlutsiasm. us turn the clock ahead now until the year 1957. Scene, the mountain l:tlmot'zttot'y ot' the professor. Mother Nature is playing havoc with the atmosphere. Lightning is tlashing a hrilliant design in the sky, while the worst storm of the season rages. t'lQ.XSlI Y 'l'he fatal explosion has occurred. That familiar plume of smoke pushes its way up through the mist. There is a dull silence. As the smoke slowly dintinisltes, :t terrible sight is in view. .Xgain time slips hy. Scene, the Town llall of Natick. The presiding speaker is John llrllonnld. They are discussing the appropriation for money to build a new laboratory tor experiments on the atom. As usual it is taking a lot of fight to get the money from the town. If this plan is promoted, David Williams will be chosen ltr draw the plans. One of the guest orators who is present is Mary Lou Goodnow, well kniown for her superb speeches on such occasions. Seated directly opposite her deeply absorbed in the immediate discussion is .llury lr'nlwrI.v who is a noted bookkeeper in the state department. .-Xinong the many vouchers for the article are Win Mutrsmacher, teacherg Pris- rilln l1c.llr'rilf. a social worker: Ed Garvin, our famous football player, and Anne lx'ornlr'ed. a hat designer. In the hack ol the hall we tind Eleanor Ainsworth, Lucy Grupposo and Mar- gmcritv llalronz. 'l'hey are discussing the latest athletic meet in which Kay Gerrlty and lxut' .lIILlltA'll71l' participated. ' .Ns the clock spins to the very late hours in the evening, we see two people rise and leave. They are Florine. Bird and Fclicifa Brovclli. As they leave they meet two ot' their old classmates, .llary Lanrini and June MacKinnon, and offer them a ride home as the Natick streets are as dark as they were Fifteen years ago. On the way home from the meeting, they reminisce about their high-school days. In the course of the conversation, they learn that Pat Donahue has received a master's degree-3 Ifilie .llozzron and Jean Merrigaaz have opened an exclusive restaurant where the Washington Cafe used to be. Deciding to stop there for a bite to eat, they park their car in a modernized motor mart run by a group of female mechan- ics, Jani' l.fnze, Pat Dzifzizs, and Theresa Ilortilcy, under the capable supervision of l."I'l'tl1.lIt' .Sul-litlyf who owns a chain of these marts throughout the Country. Iintering the restaurant they notice Mr. and Mrs. George Shaw and with them the distinguished psychologist, -llary O'RielIy. .Xt the present moment we Find Joyce Strange, the skillful artist, sketching the protile of Rim O'l9rien. At a nearby table is Jean Chaulk, the noted tea-leave reafltft' telling the future of Claire Jlazcde. A .Xs you can see. this restaurant is noted for its distinct atmosphere and unusual entertainment. They are served hy .loreftliizic Hanagan and Helen Ross, the two singing waitresses. After their midnight snack they pay the cashier, Mary Curley, and leave for home. ' THE SASSAMON 19 Early the next morning there is a great commotion as everyone is trying to meet the 8 D8 train. Among the milling crowd we find Shirley Hardy who is going in to rehearse for a future symphonic concert. Standing nearby are three business- like young ladies. They are Mary Miscia, Peggy Ronan. and Evelyn Slarnin who are on their way to work at the "Burpsie Booman bottling company. As the train pulls out there is a shrill cry of, "VVait for us"l Gasping for breath, Jackie Lock- hart and Dotiic Jackson make a Hying leap for the train. The conductor, Mitch Hoznsie warns them to be on time hereafter. As the conductor passes through the train to collect his fares he meets his old friends Dotty Lynch and Marion Hanna who are now famed aerialists in Doroihy Johnsons circus. In this travelling show the trick riders, Jarkic Logan and Fran McCann are also taking part. As the train comes to a screeching stop, George Lane shuts off the movie projector and with a sigh of relief utters the ever-popular phrase, "Everybody wants to get into the act." JEANNE PARK, MARY Lou Goonnow, KENNETH HAIQPELL. 4 4 f CLASS SONG OF '46 INTO THIS WORLD Many, many years from now, XVe'll look back upon this day. And think of all the joys we knew, That will seem so far away. lVhere shall we go, what shall we do? lVe've been together for so long. Into this world, now we must go.. May our wildest dreams come true. But even if they don't. have faith, For Cod will see us through. lidords and Music by JOYCE MURPHY and Hors STYLES. ' THE SASSAMON Most Adorable- Most Ilashful- Cutesl-4 Most Ilevotecl- Must Ifager- Most l"ashionable- Gayest- Mbsi Helpful- Most Innocent- Jazziest- Kindest- Most Likeable- Merriest- Neatest- Oh!- Prettiest and Handsomest- Quietest- Most Responsible- Most Sophisticated Most Talkative- Lfltra-plus- Yivacious- NVitty- 'Xuberant- Y63l'llIllg- Zcalous- SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Barb McNair Pat Donahue Barb Beswick M a ry Lou Goodnow Dina Boldrighini Janet VVells Jackie Lockhart Yi Tutuny Jane Vlihalen Dolores Casali Vi Tutuny Helen Dahlgren Jeanne Park Lucy Grupposo Joann Brenneman Mary Eldridge Arlene Boswell Ruth Canning Rita DeAngelis Janet XVells Jeanne Park Rita DeAngelis Irene Vergos Helen Dahlgren Irene Lange vin Joann Brenneman Mary Roberts Mary Zacconi Benny Driscoll Kieran Nolan Harry Trask Ben Davis "Driz" Dayton Jack Sheridan Jim Morris George Rogers Jim O'Connell Vangie Sticka Don Dalrymple Benny Driscoll Eddy Grady Carl Mattson Gordon Channell Tom Lowry Kieran Nolan George Rogers Kenxl-Iarpell Jim Morris Gordon Channell Tom Lowry Bob Sullivan Dick Connell Fran Schavone "Driz" Dayton John Colcord THE SASSA MON CLASS OFFICERS President JOHN ROBERT DRISCOLL President of Class 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Football, Man- ager 2, 3, 43 Hockey, Co-Captain, 2, 3, 4: Safety Patrol 3, 43 Glee Club 43 Class Executive Board 2, 3 43 Junior Red Cross Committee Z, 33 Student Council 2, 3, 4: Committee for Entertainment for Football Dance Z3 Committee for Senior Dance Publicity 43 Checking for the Jacket Fund 23 Committee for Sports Night 43 Music Festival 4. Vice- President RICHARD BALCOM Baseball 43 Football 3, Manager 43 Hockey 2, 3, 43 Band 2: Safety Patrol 3, 43 Class Vice-President 43 Honor Society, Vice-President 43 Class Executive Board 3, 43 Student Council 3, Vice-President 43 Representative to Boys State 33 A. A. Collector 43 Usher at Class Day and Graduation 33 Decoration Committee for Sports Dance 43 Property Committee for Senior Play 43 Decoration Com- mittee for the Senior Reception 4g Glee Club 4g Usher at junior Prom 3. A 3 4 if Treasurer EDWARD C. GARVIN Baseball 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 43 Hockey Z, 3, Co-Captain I 'ii' 43 Class Treasurer 2, 3, 43 Class Executive Board 2, 3, 43 q"""' Chairman Ticket Committee for Senior Play 43 Music Committee for the Senior Reception 4 F i v o. Secretary VIOLETTA AGNES TUTUNY Safety Patrol 3, 43 Class Secretary 3, 43 Class Executive Board 3, 43 Sassamon Board Z, 3, 43 Student Council 2, 3, 43 Programs at Class Day and Graduation 33 Usher at Honor Society Induction 3g Publicity Committee Junior Prom 33 Invitations Junior Prom 33 Invitations Sassamon Dance 3, 43 Refreshment Committee Sassamon Dance 43 Favor Committee 3, Decoration Committee 4, for Football Danceg Receiving Line 3, 43 Usher at Music Festival 33 Program Committee Senior Play 4: Gift Committee 43 glass lglay Exercises 43 Publicity Committee for Junior rom . ..p F 1' 'v . if 'Il ' fwfr 1' av , 4-f' 4 ek . -we .. -:d :X--wr ski! T H E S A S S A M O N ELEANOR D. AINSWORTH In-lense Savings Committee 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Honor Society 4: Sassamon lionrd Z, 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Sassamon ll1ll1t'C Committee 3. MARGARET P. ANDERSON Sassamon Board 2, 3, 4: Music for Sassa- inon Dance 3: Archery Z: Badminton 2: Publicity Committee for Senior Play: Art 3, 3, 4: Commercial Club 2: Girls' Athletics 2. 3, 4. EUGENE L. ARENA Football Z, 3, 4. VITA R. ARMATA Girls' Athletics 2: Glee Club 4: Lunch Room hVOI'lCCl'. CATHERINE AUGUSTINE Softball 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Girls' Ath- letics 3, 4: Defense Savings Committee 2, 3: junior Prom Committee 3: Bowling 4: Archery 3, 4: Badminton 2, 3, 4: Volley- ball 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 3. MARGUERITE E. BALCOM Girls' Athletics 2, 3: Defense Savings Com- mittee 4: VVorker in Lunch Room 2, 3, 4. CHARLES F. BARKER Band 2. CONSTANCE B. BARR Safety Patrol 3, 4: Defense Savings Com- mittee 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Class Execu- tive Board 4: junior Red Cross Committee .Zz Student Council 3: Usher at Junior Prom 3: Decorating Committee for Foot- ball Dance 4: Record Committee for Teen Town 4: Cheer Leader 4: Class Clerk 4: Usher at Senior Play 4: Decorating Com- niitstejz for Class Party 4: Girls' Athletics 4.,e, . MARY L. BELMORE Baseball 2: Basketball 2: Girls' Athletics Z: Senior Play Ticket Committee 4. BARBARA A. BESWICK Girls' Athletics 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Checker for Class Elections 3: Sold Tickets for SIJUFYS Night. THE SASSAMON FLORINE M. BIRD COSTA BITSOLI Football Z, 3, 4. DINA V. BOLDRIGHINI Sassamon Board 3, 43 Chairman Teen Town Committee 43 Refreshm-ent Coni- mittee for Football Dance 43 Decorating Committee for Football Dance 43 Candy Committee Senior Play 4. ARLENE L. BOSWELL Glee Club 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3. WILLIAM S. BRADFORD Baseball 4g Band Z, 3, 43 Def-ense Savings Committee 23 Glee Club 43 Grchestra 2, 3, 43 Student Council 23 New Britain Music Festival. ALFRED J. BRANAGAN Basketball 23 Glee Club 43 Sassamon Board 23 Usher Junior Prom. JOANN G. BRENNEMAN Class Officer, Secretary Z3 Class Executive Board 23 Junior Red Cross Committee 2, 33 Student Council 23 Cheer Leader 3, 43 Decorating Committee 3, 43 Refreshment Committee Sports Dance 33 Usher at junior Prom 3. FELICITA G. BROVELLI Girls' Athletics 43 Commercial Club 33 Usher at Music Festival. WALTER H. BROWN Basketball 3, 43 Safety Patrol 3, 43 Usher at Graduation 23 Checker Junior Prom 3. RUTH R. CANNING Sassamon Homeroom Collector Z, 3, 43 Commercial Club 33 Counter and Checker at Class Elections 3g Invitations Senior Reception 4. ry gm: Sv' , 3340 23 - ,. . s. w. 35,,:.: 1' av' af". ' . 3, .-, .,..- fu , n Enya K, v 3 , .eff-ilgfe r '-R. . 1" a " t 1 'ji if '-. .E Q .aff 'M Q fl K 4 if 293. S. 1 A 13 1 , -'xr . 7 .eff 4' J ,Q , 95.1 ., . ' 55.3 . 91- 'F ff ' ' 5 " 3 :fi . ,IA4 r A BS 'r' I 1. -Extra. I me .- , s .N -h - as. f- ., 'is Q s"'-2 1 '7 Tl-IE SASSAMON DOLORES A CASALI stlnll s it its S1 L x S l 3 x n nn t in ,--y tm X Ull .C -. H ' , , - , . H i '-.'- -'- -Hmi GORDON S. CHANNELL on if' I - . ..,', A I. I. . Ll ll ' Vll' Q l'0pQl'l S Cllllll' JEAN L. CHAULK Girls' Atlllt-tics 43 Prugrznn Ctnnniittcc for thc Senior Play 4. 'x ,lib If cEoRcEJ.cHENETTE Ftmntlmll 2, 33 liancl 2, 3, 43 Glcc Club 43 Orclicstra Z, 3, 4: Siiurts Night 2, 33 lixliibition at Cushing lospital 2. MARJORIE E. COLBURN Girls' .-Xtliletics 4. 4. fx A fn 1 fqwjfza JOHN E. COLCORD Band 23 Glue Clnb -4: Ilniini' Society 45 Orvlicstra 3, 4. -is 1, l HELEN L. CONDON 'S ta 'GI 1,1 211 RICHARD CONNELL Fnutbztll 3, 45 fllec Club 43 Honor Society 4g Sas-annul Board 2, 3, 41 Senior Play 43 Lklicr at Graduation and Class Day 33 Ilvvorzititm Committee Reception 4. NANCY G. COOPER tilt-c Club 2, 3, 41 liivitzitimi Cmnrnittee fur Senior Refi-ptimi 4. Q V7 rv- .v "' .,- - A' gimp- Alu all GRACE A. CRISAFULLI Ctiininerrizil Clnb 33 Rcfrcmlnnents fur St-ninr lJ:1nLc.3g f3yllI"l1 Cz1nrlyCrmn1m1ttee lin' Scnior Play 4. Al THE SASSAMON MARY A. CURLEY Girls' Athletics 23 Badminton 23 Commer- cial Club 3. HELEN D. DAHLGREN Girls' Athletics 43 Glee Club Z, 3,43 Treas- urer of Glee Club 43 Senior Play 43 Junior Red Cross Committee Z3 Student Council 43 Invitation Committee for Senior Recep- tion 4. DONALD DALRYMPLE Baseball Z, 43 Hockey 43 Safety Patrol 3, 43 Commissioner of Safety Patrol 43 Glee Club 43 Honor Society 4, Junior Red Cross Committee 43 Usher at Senior Play 43 Usher at Graduation 33 Representative for Boys State 33 Football 3, 4. BENJAMIN R. DAVIS Band Z, 3g Safety Patrol 3, 43 Defense Savings Committee 43 Glee Club 43 Sassa- mon Board 3, 43 Student Council 2, 33 Usher for Senior PlayL4. DAVID R. DAYTON Hockey 43 Boys Glee Club 43 Sassamon Board 23 Senior Dance Committee 4. R ITA M. DeANGELIS Safety Patrol Z, 3, Commissioner 43 De- fense Savings Committee 2, 3, 43 Glee Club Z, 33 Honor Society 3, 43 Sassamon Board Z, 3, 43 Student Council 33 Junior Prom Publicity Committee 33 Sassamon Dance Refreshment Committee 4. PRISCILLA M. DeMERITT Safety Patrol 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Senior Play 43 Junior Red Cross Committee 43 Gift Committee 4. LAWRENCE DEVEREAUX Baseball 2, 3, Co-Captain 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Hockey 2, 3, 43 Safety Patrol 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 2, 33 Class Executive Board Z, 33 Junior Red Cross 23 Senior Dance Committee 43 Football Dance Committee 3, 43 Sport Night 3, 43 Senior Play Stage Manager 43 A. A. Collector 2, 3. ANTOINETTE G. DiTUCCIO Commercial Club 33 Candy Committee for Senior Play 4. PATRICIA A. DONAHUE Girls' Athletics 2, 33 Safety Patrol Z, 3, 43 Glee Club 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Class Executive Board 3, 43 Sassamon Board Z, 3, 43 Student Council 43 Alternate to Girls State 33 Alternate D.A. R. Convention 43 Ticket Committee Junior Prom 33 Ticket Committee Football Dance 43 Decoration Committee Football Dance 3, 43 Publicity Committee Sassamon Dance 43 Delegate to Student Council Convention 43 Usher at Senior Play 43 Usher at Class Day and Graduation 33 Assistant Registrar of Vot- ers 33 Teen Town Committee 43 Decora- tion Committee Class Party 43 Secretary National Honor Society. 25 1 ,. fi : if Y. A A QQ, . sv ,i . fbfwm vt' F we .. f .isa-J f it ,...... am -V ,pn - .- r---N.. P rd iii an-fx. fy .uf . JW' 4439 .1 A ii -T S .M Moase msmurs uemmv 14 east CENTRAL STREET NATICK MA 01760 . ., g.,f.:.,.f.. ., ,.. - , . . Z6 THE SASSAMON K MARTHA D. DRISCOLL ,ar FRANCIS P. DUFFICY -5' ,lunior Red Cross. Connnittee 33 Checker at Sportx Night 33 Lklicr at Thanksgiving - 3 Clit-rker at lfootball Dance 3. MICHAEL A. DUNN Football 3. it . so ' DONALD S. DUPREE lizirebull ltlztnager 23 Football 2, 35 Glee Club 4. i PATRICIA J. DUPUIS 'l'irket Committee for Football Dance 23 Rt-frcslnnent Committee Football Dance 3. 1 i MARY ELDRIDGE Girly Athletics 2, 3, 43 Safety Patrol 3, 45 , fr Defense Savings Committee 2, 3, 45 Glee Club Z, 3, 41 Sassanion Board 3, 43 Senior f, - Play -lg junior Red Cross Committee 33 . Mg, Student Council 2: Co-chairman Decora- tion Conimittee Senior Reception 43 Chair- , man of Decoration Committee Football llance 3, 4. CARL D. ERICKSON CLOTILDE T. EUSEBI Glee Club Z, 3. ' fre' . ' , . I 1 , f . LEROY G. FAHEY RITA A. FARLEY Knu- ,D in W Hanketball Z, 35 Girls' Athletics 2, 3, 43 Defense Savings Committee 33 Honor So- ciety 3, 41 Class lixecutive Board 43 Arch- ery Team Z, 3, 4 tmanagerlg Badminton 2, 35 lfootball Dance Decoration Committee 31 Class Gift 41 Ticket Committee for Senior Play -1. 4? THE SASSAMON B. JOSEPH FITZPATRICK If Band 2. RICHARD A. FLYNN Saf-ety Patrol 4: Defense Savings Commit- tee 4. RUTHMARJORIE FORTINI Girls' Athletics Z3 Defense Savings Com- mittee 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Art 2, 3, 43 Decoration Committee for Sassamon Dance 43 Home Room Reporter 2, 33 En- tertainment Committee 43 Lunch Counter 43 Posters for Junior Prom 3: Softball 43 Entertainment Senior Dance 4: Posters for Festival 2, 33 Girls' Athletic League 4. CATHERINE T. GERRITY Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4 tYarsity Teamlg Girls' Athletics 2, 3, 4: Safety Patrol 3, 4: Honor Society 4: Sassamon Board 4 CGirls' Sports Editorl3 Archery Team 2, 3, 4g Badminton 2. 3: Football Dance Decorating Committee 33 President of Girls' Athletic League 43 Class Party Decorating Committee 4. MARY LOU GOODNOW Safety Patrol 3, 4: Defense Savings Com- mittee 4-: Glee Club 2, 3. 4 tPre-sidentl: Honor Society 43 Sassamon Board 2, 3, 43 Senior Play 43 Ticket Committee for Foot- ball Dance 33 Music Committee for Junior Prom 33 Music Committee for Senior Re- ception 4. -,X ROGER J. GOU LD Baseball 43 Basketball 43 junior Red Cross Committee 4. EDWARD J. GRADY Hockey 3, 43 Checker for junior Prom 23 Committee for Senior Boys' Dance 43 Checker for Senior Reception 3: Usher at Sports Night 4. LUCY C. GRUPPOSO Class Executive Board 3: Sassatnon Board 33 junior Red Cross Committee 43 Ticket Committee for the Junior Prom. JAMES HADDAD Basketball Z, 3, 43 Captain of Basketball 43 Football 2, 43 Defense Savings Committee 2, 3, 43 Vice President of Defense Savings Committee 43 Class Executive lrloarfl 33 Stud-ent Cot1ncil 43 Representative to Ilovs State 33 Master of Ceremonies at Sports Night 3, 43 Usher at Graduation 33 Usher at Class Day 33 Decorating Committee Junior Prom 3: Class History 43 Master of Ceremonies at Football Dance 4. CHARLES J. HALL 27 4 . v .L 3 L V uf . - V K- W- it V, xii V Ili? 'v I. .X vi gf -- ig .ef i?f'fj..'4,t1f ' , . . .,,, . . an ' I ifigv' 2223? , fs . . , , 3 3 ., .ft-po:-. 3 .swf -V A 141-,.'f':'i'. - :ig f. fi t I it-..,:,:W:-i i fx,-.1 '1""f'i-"-'- T. n A . ' .3 3 .ff ""73?-jf--F153 . , : . ' , ., . ,dr , . 'wav . 5? Q 'Ki' . in bf X t A it is t.r'lG an 'I Q .I 7, f Y' 1 '3- FTT' iv ll 'I 'S -,. -...,- "1 1 f ,W as l . ff' If T H E S A S S A M ON .IOSEPHINE K. HANAGAN l'osl1-rs for Senior Play 45 Posters for ,lnnior Prom 3. te, MARION A. HANNA SHIRLEY A. HARDY Girls' Athletics Z5 Band 2, 3, 41 tllec Club 23 Orchestra 2, 33 Teen Town Committee 45 Softball 2. KENNETH F. HARPELL Class Executive Board 4g Senior Play 4g Sports Night Z, 3, 45 Usher at Senior Re- ception 43 Class Prophecy 4. DONALD F. HOEY MITCHELL HOMSY Senior Play Ticket Committee 4. ROBERT A. HOWATT Defense Savings Committee 2, 35 Class Officer-Treasurer 25 Junior Red Cross Committee 2, 35 Decoration Committee for Football Dance 4. THERESA G. HOWLEY Basketball 25 Girls' Athletics 25 Poster for ,lunior Prom 3. WILLIAM HUNTER RACHEL D. IPPOLITO Decorating Committee for junior Prom 33 Refreshment Committee Junior Prom 35 Commercial Club 35 Candy Committee for Senior Play 4g Girls' Gym. THE SASSAMON DOROTHY M. JACKSON Defense Savings Committee 2, 3, 43 Secre- tary of Defense Savings Committee 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Sassamon Board Z, 3, 41 Student Council 2, 33 Football Dance Favor Committee 33 Commercial Club 3: Chairman of the Entertainment Committee for Teen Town 4: Senior Class Registrar 43 Football Dance Ticket Committee 3, 43 Assistant to Miss XVilrlbur 2, 3. 43 Sassa- mon Dance Ticket Committee 43 Decor- ating Committee for Football Dance 4: Usher Senior Reception 4. ELIZABETH JAMES Girls' Athletics 2. DOROTHY M. JOHNSON Girls' .Athletics 2, 43 Basketball 3, 43 Soft- ball 43 Archery 43 Badminton 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic League 43 Art 4. ANNE l. KORNTVED Poster Committee for Senior Play 4. KARL A. KRESHPANE Baseball Z, 43 Defense Savings Committee 2, 33 Ticket Committee for Senior Boys' Dance 43 Entertainment Committee for Sports Dance Z: Refreshment Committee for Junior Prom 33 Organization for Sports Night 43 Decoration Committee for Senior Reception 4. GEORGE E. LANE Football 43 Senior Boys' Dance Committee 4, JANE E. LANE Poster for junior Prom 33 Art 3, 4. IRENE T. LANGEVIN Girls' Athletics 23 Badminton .22 Defense Savings Committee 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Lunch Counter 2, 3, 43 lfntertainment for Sports Dance 3: Entertainment Senior Dance 43 Ticket Committee Senior Play 43 Art 3. MARY LAURINI Girls' Athletics 43 Senior Play Candy Com- mittee 43 Teen Town Refreshment Com- mittee 43 Senior Reception Decorating Committee 4. BARBARA LEAVITT Girls' Athletics 4: Safety Patrol 3, 43 De- fense Savings Committee Z, 3, 43 Drum Majorette 2, 3, 4: Class lixecutive Boarrl 43 Decorating Committee Sports Dance 33 Refreshment Committee Football Dance 33 Usher at Junior Prom 35 Usher at Music Festival 33 Usher at Honor Society Induc- tion 33 Usher at Senior Play 43 Usher at Senior Reception 4. 3 I r ti' 7 'TR' .- 6' A -w.r N, .lv" X 1, ik fl ?"f 3' K-fs -6 ,ag 4-- 4 fi-.I ..,, nu., - , 2' t, 4 , -Fifi i T H E S A S S A M O N KENNETH R. LISCOMBE Band 2, 3: Orchestra 2, 3: Checker at Senior Reception .23 Senior Dance Conl- mittee 43 Stage Manager Senior Play 4: Music Committee Senior Reception 4. JACQUELINE A. LOCKHART Safety Patrol Z, 3, 45 junior Red Cross Connnittee 3, 4, President 43 Cheer Lemler 3, 4: Decoration Committee for lfootball llance 3, 41 Teen Town Music Committee 43 lintertainment Committee Sports Dance 33 Usher at Senior Play. JACQUELINE G. LOGAN Girls' Athletics 2: Glee Club 43 Lunch Counter 43 Candy Committee Senior Play: Poster Committee junior Promg Poster Committee Prom 2. THOMAS C. LOWRY Football Z, 3, 4g Hockey 3, 4: Safety Patrol 2, 3, 4: Sassamon Board 43 Senior Play 43 junior Red Cross Committee 25 Student Council 33 junior Prom Usher 35 Graduation Usher 35 Sports Night 2, 3. DOROTHY E. LYNCH Glee Club 23 Refreshment Committee for Class Party 4. JOAN L. LYONS Girls' Athletics 43 Defense Savings Com- mittee 2. JEAN A. MaclLVAlN Glee Club 2, 3. 4. JUNE M. McKlNNON ARDELLE M. MASON Girls' Athletics Z, 35 Safety Patrol 43 Glee Club 43 Class Executive Board 3: Sassa- mon Board 2, 3, 43 Usher junior Prom 33 Csher Senior Reception 43 Usher Senior Play 43 Football Dance Ilecoration 2, 3. CARL F. MATTSON Football 4: Safety Patrol 3, 45 Glee Club 4: Class Executive Board 3g Student Council President. THE SASSAMON CLAIRE M. MAUDE Art 2, 3, 45 Commercial Club 35 Red Cross Yolunteer VVorker 3, FRANCES R. McCANN Junior Red Cross Committee 35 Decora- tion Committee for Junior Prom 3. JOHN McDONALD junior Red Cross Committee 35 Usher at Graduation and Class Day 3. BARBARA J. McNAIR Baseball 45 Girls' Athletics 45 Safety Patrol 3, 4, Secretary 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Usher Junior Prom 35 Usher Senior Play 45 Usher Senior Reception 45 Teen Town Committee 45 Cheer Leader 45 In- vitations for Football Dance 45 Decoration Committee Football Dance 3. DANIEL E. McNEIL MARY A. MEO JEAN F. MERRIGAN Basketball Z, 3, 45 Girls' Athletics Z, 3, 45 Commercial Club 35 Softball 2, 3, 45 Bad- minton 2, 3, 45 Girls' Athletic League 4. GLORIA MILLS Girls' Athletics 35 Commercial Club 33 Volunteer for Red Cross 3. MARY A. MISCIA Poster Committee Senior Play 45 Art 2, 3, 4. THOMAS D. MONACO Basketball 3, 45 Band Z, 3, 45 Safety Patrol 2, 3, 4, Commissioner 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Brass Quartet 45 Usher Junior Prom 3. 31 -vs? if if .,,,,,, Q12 S ,grfa 'Q G- iff W., 52 4:6- l . .3 9 the , N , . . . ' ' -i. I -,S 'fitfa' F' " fi? ' 3 qs-.ak 'flax , . -. 11.1 ,gin -of 'U' 5' . T 1 ie' 'x'f" 'Hx ug, v - .Q T5- i' if 31,-. 111 Ribs., ,ob-, "JF" ,fmt 4' THF SASSAMON EDITH A. MONSON Ticket Connnittc-e Senior Play 43 Collec- tor for Red Cross 33 .-Xrt Z, 3, 43 Girls' Athletics 2. EVA W. MONTAGNA Decoration Committee junior Prom 33 Commercial Club 3. JAMES H. MORRIS Basketball Z, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Defense Savings Committee Z, 3, 43 Senior Play 43 Sassamon Board 3, 43 Student Council 2, 33 .-X. A. Collector 2, 33 Massachusetts Boys State fAlternatel 33 Usher Class Day 33 Usher Junior Prom 33 Checker Senior Reception 23 Sports Night 33 Usher Senior Reception 43 Publicity and Check- ing Committee Senior Dance3 Usher at Graduation 3. PHYLLIS M. MORRIS Sassamon Board 23 lintertainment for the Senior Dance 43 Entertainment for Teen Town 33 Usher for Senior Reception 4. RICHARD MORRIS Football 2, 3, 43 Junior Red Cross Com- mittee 3. JOYCE A. R. MURPHY Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Sassamon Board 43 Decoration Committee for Football Dance 3, 43 Ticket Committee Sassamon Dance 43 Ticket Committee Senior Play 43 Class Song 43 Decoration Committee Class Par- ty 4. WINIFRED D. MUSSMACHER Girls' Athletics 23 Defense Savings Com- mittee 23 T-een Town Committee 43 Decor- ation Committee for Senior Reception 4. KIERAN M. NOLAN RITA H. O'BRIEN ,lunior Red Cross Committee 33 Decora- tion Committee junior Prom 33 Poster Committee Senior Play 3, 4, JAMES R. O'CONNELL Basketball 33 Football 3, 3, 43 Class Exec- utive Board 4. THE SASSAMON DOROTHY E. OLSON Safety Patrol 2, 3, 45 Defense Savings Committee 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Sassamon Board 2, 3, 4 CEditor-in-Chiefjg Senior Play 45 Student Council 2, 45 Co-chairman Decoration Committee Football Danc-e 25 Legion Oratorical Contest 35 Class Yale- dictorian5 Senior Play Reading Committee 45 Teen Town Committee 3, 45 Badminton 25 Decoration Committee Football Dance 4. MARY A. o'RE1L1.Y Girls' Athletics 2, 45 Defense Savings Com- mittee 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 45 Decoration Committee Football Dance Z5 Decoration Committee Junior Prom 35 Publicity Com- mittee for Senior Play 45 Decoration Coni- mittee Class Party 4. JEANNE B. PARK Girls" Athletics 45 Sassamon Board Z, 35 S-enior Play 45 Student Council 35 Usher at Junior Prom 25 Football Dance Com- mittee 25 Class Prophecy 45 Entertainment Committee at Class Party 45 Camp and Hospital Committee at Cushing. JOAN T. PARRINELLO Band 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Sassamon Board 45 Football Dance Entertainment Committee 35 Music Com- mittee for junior Prom 35 Decoration Committee for Football Dance 25 Brass Quartet 3, 475 String Trio 3, 4. LORRAINE E. PAUL Student Council 25 Candy Committee for Senior Play 45 Red Cross Volunteer Worker 35 Checker at Junior Election 3. MARY G. PINEAU Girls' Athletics 2, 3. ROBERT D. PROCTOR Boys' Glee Club 45 Sassamon Board 2, 35 Usher at Senior Graduation 35 Decorating Committee Junior Prom 35 Committee Senior Boys' Dance 4. THERESA L. PROFETTO BARBARA J. RAMSDELL Girls' Athletics 25 Glee Club 3, 4: Decor- ating Committee for Junior Prom 35 Art Z, 3, 45 Badminton 3, 45 Music Apprecia- tion 35 Senior Play Publicity 45 Athletic League 4. MARY E.. ROBERTS Girls' Athletics 2, 3, 45 Basketball Captain 45 Basketball Z, 3, 4: Badminton Z, 3, 41 Archery 3, 45 Softball Z, 3, 45 Bowling 45 Volley Ball 3, 45 Usher at May Festival 41 Art 3, 45 Entertainment for Senior Dance 45 Girls' Athletic League Z, 3, 45 Recording Secretary for Girls' Athletic League 4: Junior Prom Post-er Committee 3. 1' as, L ,,. ,M ,ft ,.., , . ,- ' fi .r A is 6-ir' 12, x Clit, it 49' fx. ef 'fi 'Sf l' st, 1 . 4 3. ' '-1, ' fr . A. li , T7 ,,,:. . .. . vs, ' -'Q25 JFQM . -.. r ' 'ftiie if . sq i I -16163. -1-qw 5 1' Q ,ge- if Qi. Q5 nr-my we Nur" iff, ,v -iq 92' - ,- .1 M31 5' :I "" ps .g , - ' by ..'. , V.-57 . .', 2 . -z.. A - 1 e 4 -I Y . ,,ao 5'-'J' J , ..- 2'-' . 'V' I -V 1 ...- ,- , 1 . . .4 V' gg T H E S A S S A M O N RICHARD F. ROBINSON lland Z, 3, 4, Committee for Senior Boys' Dance. i, 5 GEORGE E. ROGERS liaseball 4, nianagerg Basketball 2, 3, inan- agerg Football 3, 4, managerg Hockey 4, inanager: Chairman of Senior Danceg State manager for Senior Play3 Lights- ,lunior Prom: Safety Patrol 2. MARGARET M. RONAN Girls' Athletics Z, 3, 43 Bowling 43 Basket- ball 4: :Xrt 3, 43 Post-ers for junior Prom 43 Posters for Sports Night 43 Posters for May Festival 4. HELEN T. ROSS Girls' Athletics Z3 Junior Red Cross Com- mittee 3. LORRAINE E. SABBAG Girls' Athletics 43 Candy Committee Senior Play 4: Commercial Club 33 Gift Com- mittee Class Party 4. FRANCIS J. SCHAVONE Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Foot- ball 43 Defense Savings Committee 33 Senior Play 4g Junior Red Cross Commit- tee 43 Student Council 23 Usher at Junior Prom 3. GEORGE w. si-iAw Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Foot- ball 3. JOHN F. SHERIDAN Football 3, 43 Safety Patrol 2, 3, 43 Class Executive Board 3, 43 Sports Night 43 Usher at junior Prom 33 Usher at Class Day and Graduation 33 Usher at Senior Reception. EVELYN D. SLAMIN Refreslnnent Committee -lunior Prom 33 XYorker in Lunch Room. JAMES B. SLAMIN Hockey Z, 3, 43 Usher at Graduation 3. THE SASSAMON MARY T.STAMULl Cshelr for Senior Play3 Commercial Club 3g Ticket Committee Junior Prom 3. VANGIE L. STICKA Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 43 Football 2, 3. Co-captain -l: Class Executixe Board 33 junior .Red Cross Committee 3. JOYCE I. STRANGE Cflee Club 3: Commercial Club 3. HOPE A. STYLES Girls' Athletics 2, 3: Safety Patrol 2, 3, 43 Cflee Club Z, 3, 43 Sassamon Board 2, 3, 43 junior Red Cross Committee 23 Decora- tions Football Dance 43 Entertainment Football Dance 33 Physical Ed. Assembly 23 Clie-er l.earler 4: Music Committee Sas- sarnon Dance 3. ROBERT D. SULLIVAN Baseball 4, llliill3gCI'Q Basketball 3, 43 Football 3, 43 Defense Savings Committee 43 Tickets for Senior Play. MARTHA A. SWANSON Commercial Club 33 Csher for Honor Society lnduetions 33 Poster Committee junior Prom 33 Poster Committee Senior Play THERESA A. TESSIER Commercial Club 3. HARRY H. TRASK Baseball 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 41 Football 3, 4, manager: Safety Patrol 2, 3, 43 Ticket Committee Football Dance: Decorating Committee junior Pftlllll Participated in Sports Night 33 Committee for Sports Night -lt Student Council 3: Ticket Com- mittee Senior Dance 4. ANN VARRICHIONE Defense Savings Committee Z3 junior Red Cross Committee 3. IRENE E. VERGOS Sassanion Board 43 Gym 2, 33 Usher at May Festival 32 Cheer Leader 42 lfnter- tainment Committee of Teen Town 2, 33 Style Show 43 Sold Programs at Football Game 3. AC! IE'- gf '.- -1-, st 1 A ll ar... P' imi .1 YH 3- .11 it v R'-Tv x- L 'bn 'Q' 49' 5 'v .f A. gf, ,Q at 3' A 'Q' l'! THE SASSAMON RUTH J. VERME BETTY-JANE WEBB Girls' Athletics 2, 3, 43 Basketball manager 4: Softball captain of Senior team 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 43 Decorating Committee for Ifootball Dance 33 Nvorker in Lunch Room 43 Class Poem 4. JANET c. WELLS Safety Patrol 2, 3, 43 Defense Savings Committee 2, 3, 4: Drum Majorette 2, 3, 43 Class Iixecutive Board 3, 43 Sassamon Board Z, 3, 43 Usher at Junior Prom 33 Usher at Honor Society Induction 33 Checker at Junior and Senior Elections 3, 43 Usher at Senior Play 43 Usher at Senior Reception 43 Decorating Committee Foot- ball Dance 3: Cushing General Hospital Committee 4: Usher at Music Festival 3. JANE F. WHALEN Honor Society 43 Usher for Honor Society Induction 33 Sassamon Literary Editor 43 Senior Play Reading Cotnmittee 43 Pub- licity Committee for Senior Play 43 Com- mercial Clubl3. DAVID M. WiLLtAMs ' Basketball 2, 3, 43 Safety Patrol 2, 3, 4 lPresidcntJ: Sassamon Board 2, 3, 43 Stu- dent Council 2, 43 Decoration Committee for Junior Prom. . 3. MARY C. ZACCONI Honor Society 3. 4: Junior Red Cross Committee 3, 4: Sassamon Board, Finan- cial Editor 33 Clerk Z3 Assistant Registrar 33 Invitation Cotnmittee Sassamon Dance 33 Refreshment.Committee for Sassamon Dance 43 Senior Play Reading Committee 43 Senior Play Program Committee 4g Senior Reception Invitation Committee 43 Programs at Class Day and Graduation 3g Commercial Club 3. THE SASSAMON ... .,. fif .. 5 Alfred A. Rlaiifeo Ralph Martin Harold C. Sears Robert O. Andrews Beatrice K. Blonclell Robert .l. Carroll Elizabeth R. Caslrifm Helen lf. Connolly Mary li. Corlnolly .Ianet l.. Crucker Helen ll, DQXIQ-ritl Marie l'. llmlalme Claytun li. flarclner llelen ll. Groves l'AYE1I'lCC5 Xl. llayew Norlna Xl. llynes FACULTY 1946 Left during the Nrlmul year Helen M. Blaffeo Charlef 'lf Harm liflXVL11'Vl F. Maylaerger Clwarlc l- li. NlCNl21Illlls llelen li. AlCNllllIllN lfrlith KI. Nutt Nlnrgzxret li. 1 Vfwnnull llenry bl. lllilllssk' llylqm' l,. fj11z1cl4e11lmsl1 Nl2ll'Q'llUl'llL' l,. RIlllL'l'lf lfmily l.. Sllllllllirll ilerzilfl VI. Slzunin lillil Xl. 'llillwn lfwlwzml N. XYl1i1e lJ2llSf' Y. xxlllfllllll' lfZ1llllCC1l NV. Young MORSE INSTITUTE LIQH py l4EASTCENTf?AL PJATIKWMIQ. - THE SASSAMON .i 1- . YI. Nl-iiri-, li, ll:ii'pt-ll, li. S1'll2lYl3llL', 'lf l.wwt'y, R. Connell, Miss lhinahoe. ffm .4 XI lilrlriflgc, Nl, Kim-cliitiiv, li. .-Xiiiswtwtli, j, Park, P. Dcltlteritt, D. Olson. llitti -'lax .iii SENIOR CLASS PLAY "'I'lit llftfllll' lla- zt llaiigltterf' a cmiic-fly in three acts, was ably presented on tl lfriflziy vit-iiiiig-, -Xpril 23th aiifl 26th, at the Coolidge .lunior High wil .Xii-litiiriiiiii. illlttj iilziy, rt tn-t iiittviiig, eiitertaiiiiiig cumefly was prmlucecl two nights this it ti .mtl im- mit-t t-iitliii-in-tically wceivt-tl. Ditticulties arose in the first Weeks of iilivii Nlr-, llvlvii llelleritt, cuacli tif the procliicticm, became ill. The fhitt tt i hit im- then :t---tiiiitwl hy Miss Marie l'. Dfmahoe of the English Depart- lllt Ill. tht- -vc-tit' ttf the -ltilltiil prtttlitctimi took place in the home of Dr. and Mrs. I ilhiig- I liirltztrfl Uiiiiit-ll, Klziry lam tltifirliimv t, where the arlvciitures and mis- ttlit-iitiirt' -t' tht-ir flziiiglitvig 'lhiiiiiiy t,lt-aiiiie Parlct. are revealed. Tommy, a lt i ihlc- vhilfl ltiit with :iii twt'r-active imaginatimi, get- everyone into trouhleg her tithe-r tht- tlwtwg ht-i' thiiiii, llmlti t Priscilla Uelleritt t: her sweetheart, Chuck 1 It-iiiiiit ln .wry t 3 her iiiia--timing si-ter, liltira Lee tllary lflrlriflget 3 the eccen- tit iitiitl t lt-tttzt I lltylt-ii Ilzililgrc-ii t 3 :mtl the sclitml teacher, Miss Thaxter tlloro- thi t tl-mi t whit i- ju-t -zitiirzttwl with ciiltureg all are victims of 'l'rimmy's scheme tit iiirilw vit-i'i'ttiiv liapiiy wlictlier they want tu he Or n0t. THE SASSAMON 39 CLASS OFFICERS Bark row: A. Casavant, R. Prescott, J. Conway, P. Leblanc, D. Cardellichio, A. Fair, S. Mathes. Front row: R. Balcom, B. VVard, E. Garvin, Y. Tutuny, J. Driscoll. Senior Class Play CCOntinuedj However, when the wealthy spinster, Miss Cassandra Thorn tlileanor Ains- worthl pays the family a visit and Tommy decides an ancient romance should he revived, the complications that ensue almost teach her a lesson. Answering Lonely Heart advertisements lead to the appearance of Mr. Coddle flames hlorrisl, a dapper New York suitorg Mr. David Torrence llienneth Harpell, a likeable boy, and Ed Smith 1 Francis Schavone J, a local businessman. Rewriting the school play, getting money for her father's clinic, patching up broken hearts, are only a few of the pranks which keep Tommy busy and the household upset-but in the end she emerges triumphant. 111 'l'111i SASSAMON 1 11 IL11111111111' -1 1'111111111, lQ.1'11111111l1,1'., 111l1'1111'y,11. '1i111111121N. N 11 . 11 V11111111. 11 N1111111111, li. X111x11111'111. Lf t1111'1'i1y. 11. OIS1111, Mis Young. 1 15 .111 1.111 1111111-1, IQ. 1'.'l1'1k'j', 1'. 1J1111:1l1111', 14. 1Jc.X11gc111, R. Balcom, M. ,1e1111i11gs, N1 .if711'1'11111. HONOR SOCIETY 1945 - 1946 !'1.111!,1111 . Rita 111'A11g1'1is I 11 12. 11111111 . , Ri1'11z11'11 11211611111 V11, 11111111 ..,, 1':111'11'i:1 1111112111111- .N'11111'111- 1l1'111l11'1'.1 1 1 1 111:111111 X111-1-.11:111. 11111111111 11111111111 1111111 L'1111'111'11 141011211411 L,111111P11, 1101121111 1Jalry111p1e, .1 , 1 111151 111 X11111111. 1511111111 111111111111C. 141121 1'-21I'1t'j', 1211111-1'i111' ficrrity, Mary 141711 G0Odl10W, 11111111111 11111111 1211113 XY11:111f11, x1Il1'X' 2111111111 f11111111' .1l1'111l11'111 111I1' 11 111111-.11'1, 11f'1t,'11 X11't11'z11l1, 1111111 1'1-w1'1w, 111111111 111111111135 '1111l' fi:1111-11 1'11:11111'1' 111' 11111 Nz11i1111:11 1111111111 S111111'tY wax orgzmizerl 111 March 11114 1"411. 111111 -1111111111111111111-111111111 11l't'I1 1111111-11 111 1111-11'1111111111y1'z11'z111c11eightwere 1111111111-11 111 111'11'111111'1- 111111 11111111111-111t' 1.111111Xv111g Nt'11111115'1'21I'. 1111111111-11111111111111111111-1 1X'1'1A1' 11111-5111111111 111' F1111 X1:111'1-11:11 the 21111111.31 1111111Ctio11 1111111111111 1111 111-11111'-11:1 1, t'Xt'1111lQ, 11:11 15111. 1111 AIQ1111' 1.1111ise Musick, Dean of 1111111111 1111111151-,1111111111-1-11 1111' 1111'11111l'1-N:1.11f1 1111,-11' 1111-111111111 t11i5111'Cz1sio11. P1115 111 11'11:g 1111- fx:1111111.11 I11111111' f"lt'1l'1:x 1'1111111'111 11'11'1- 11l1' g11'1 111- 1111: 1111111111615 of 1116 11111111111I111111111'1 II1111XXl'1't'111't"t'1111A11f11Q1'11.11111l11tl11. i141ll'111111111'1'N 111 1111- 11'111:111 1 1.111111'1111'141111111'11 11ll,' X11-111111111ef11111c1wo1't11e Honor x41i11'1:1 111 fl 1111111111111 111 .l111.1. 111 :111'111'11:111111- XY1l1ll1 1111521111111 21111111211 CllnIOI'l1. THE SASSAMON 41 Buck m:v.' L. XYilcox, N. jones, D. Corbett, F. Burke, R. Mcklanus. C. Hedlund. Tlzird ron: R, Fair, J. Driscoll, A. Harris, E. Robie, G. Lilja, J. Haddad, G. Thomas, C. Anthony, T. Quirk, D. XYilliams. ,S'cco11d rote: J. Corbett, K. Fair, B. Torrey, S. Lowe, H. Dahlgren, B. Russell, D. Olson, I. Amoroso, E. Foley, H. McGrath. Front Voz.-.' R. Powers, P, Donahue, V. Tutuny, C. Mattson, B. McNair, R. Balcom, A. McCarthy, P. O'Connell, C. Boardman. STUDENT COUNCIL After home room representatives were elected in September, a meeting of the Student Council was held to elect the ofhcers for the coming school year. The following members were elected: Pl'USfCllt'1lf-C2l1'l Mattsong l'ict'-Presb dent--Richard Balcom, St't'l'FffI"'l"Tl'f'LlSltTCI'-B2lI'lJZlI'Z-I McNair. The first orhcial duty of the Council was the election of the cheerleaders and members of the S.xSs.xMoN Board. In October, officials for class elections were chosen. - The annual Football Dance, sponsored by the Student Council was held on November 30. Many Student Council members volunteered for the committees and helped to make the dance a huge success. Student Council Conventions, cancelled because of the war, were resumed this year in April. Representatives who attended the first convention since 1941 in Milton were: Helen Dahlgren. Patricia Donahue, Carl Mattson, Carl Hedlund, and our adviser, Miss Rafferty. A State Convention was held in XYebster on May -lth, where many ideas were gathered by the Natick delegates as well as by those from other towns. lt was felt by all who attended that these ideas will benefit the high school in the near future. If THF SASSAMON y . lhitlu vi-:ex IQ, liair. B. liavis, G. Tlioiiias, R. Balroni, 'l'. l,ou'ry, I. Starrett, H. Church, U. Dt-.Xngc-lie, H, Trask, G. .-Xrtliur. limi! f.f:.'f vl. S-lierimlan, C. Mattson, D. Dalrymple, H. Hanks, P. DeM'eritt, H. McGrath, .X. Burke, H. llahlgren, XY. Brown, C. Hedluntl, R. Presrott. .Slmwifi wc.-: hl. llrixeoll, P. llonaliue, Il. Loclcliart, A. Mason, M. Gooclnow, M. Jennings, R. lJe.'Xin:eliQ, ll, Regan. M. lilclriclge, l.. Devereaux. l'i1'IlIIf riffs: ll. Ca-ali, C. llarr, B. Leavitt, XYells, Mrs. Hynes, B. McNair, D. VVilliarnS, Y. 'l'utuny, A. Lowry. SAFETY PATROL 'lllie Safety l':itrol liegan nieetingk early in Septenilier. Mrs, Hynes, our ailvifer, wax with in until Klareli. Xllien nhe remignecl, Klr. Antlrews liecame our new aflvm-r. ' The l'atrol liax a prekirlent, llavirl Xklllllillllf-1 a wecretziry, Barbara McNair, and four coiiiiniwioneiw, who were Klary l.ou llooflnow, Rita ljt-Aiigelis, Donald Dal- rynilile, anfl 'llioniai Klonavo, 'lille nieniliersliili this year was ahout forty patrolers. Klee-tinge have lit-en lielfl every other Tluirkrlay, at which time positions were given out to either of the three patrolk. These patrols alternate every third meeting. XYarrantN were Ztlxu rlikeiiwefl at the nieetingb. Soplioinorex were elected to the Patrol in the spring anrl the Seniors relin- quisherl their duties to them. THE SASSAMON 43 Bark roxy: Mrs, Mcklanns, li. llalrymple, Ii. Manning, R. Nelson. lt. Gould, F. Schavone, ,l. Tilmlmerts, G, lioster, R. Prescott. R. Cotter. Svroizd rozv. X. Ilurlce, N. liarrl, I.. tlrupposo, J. Johnson, M. Jennings, S, Fitzpatrick, R. Caswell. Front mmm' L. Bird, A. Stat y. Rl. McGrath, -l. Lockhart, D. McCarty, B. Pierce, M. Zacconi. JUNIOR RED CRUSS The 'lunior Rell Cross homeroom representatives assisted in securing another one hundred per cent nieinlicrship enrollment for the Senior High School, in Nov- ember. Two innovations marked this year's program: a Halloween Dance for high school pupils, and an entertainment, at high school, for the grade school children. Both entertainments had "capacity houses." At fhrislnias the Senior Council furnished six hundred candy bars, gifts, and Christmas favors for Cusliing Hospital, and the Girls' Glee Cluh gate the patients a splendid Christmas concert. Regularly for every holiday, the Council has furnished two hundrecl favors or cards, it has also contrilmuterl generously to the purchase of three much-needed radios for wards at Cnsliing. Monthly, it has also furnished refreshments for the evening parties and ward treats on 1-vcnings when Natick girls have gone to Cush- ing to assist in the rehahilitation program. in cooperation with the Camp and Hos- pital Coinniittee. ll THE SASSAMON x,,..4 """'f ".11ff' N111 l'k1ll1ll'lxk'lllYllNlI. ll. xll'klJll'lf', 'lf Quirk, li Norriw, lf. llurlxc, ll, ,llllUII12lS. R. XXIIIN. lf. NlK'llK'lilllU11, ll. ll:1ris,,l. Morris. N'.'.11111l 11111: Xl. CJl51i'llIlllU, Dl. lY'1ll'K'lll, Xl. Clcrrity, l. lxlfljlllllllil, P. fl1CUllllCll, K. l'iair, U. Klosliicr, Nl. lilrlriflgc, li. XX'alli1e, lXl. Aiigiistiiic, 'l'. Profctto, ll. Scl1c11felC. l'1'1111f 11':1'Q C. llz11'1', 111. fl'llcilly, M. Coflcy, ll. Jackson, bl. llaclrlacl, R. llC."X11gc1is, R. l.i'IlYlll, iXl. lialcoin, M. Cooclnow. WAR SAVINGS THRIFT PROGRAM, 1942 T0 1946 'l'l11' goal of thc- XX211' Savingw C'o111111ittf1e rl111'i11g thc school year 1945-1946 has Q'f'll to lllllllllllitfj a l-fllll'-5l'21l' 1X':1r Savings Thrift l'rog1'a111 21I'I'lOUl1tlllg lo 375.000, l'l11- IlYl'l'IlQ4' 4111110111-l1o1ly size- of Natick High School cluring thc school ycars 1942 tl11'o11gl1 l"4f1 11:14 111-c11 :111111'oxi111z1t1-ly live l1ll1lfl1'Cfl stuflcnts. 11.11011 this goal is l11Illlll'fl llll' thirfl wc-clq 111 Vllllli' l'14f1, the two 1110115211111 sturlcmts of thc last four xc-:1rN will ll1lX'l1 :1vc-1':1g1-fl S37.50:1111ccc-, or thc ll1l1'Cll2l.5C pricc of om- fifty-clollar llfbllfl 11:11-l1. 'l'l11- w11111111:11'y of thc- Xxilll' Savings 'llhrift pfflgfkllll which hegan Oll l:11111:11'x' 14, V142 followx If1'o111 S1-111v111l11-r lo, V142 lu thc IJITSUII1 clatc 111111 for 1940, thc- Var Savingrs l'l11'11't V1-1-g11:1111 llili 111-1-11 111 Cllilfgl' 411- thc- flirc-ctor, Mr. lilykc l,. fjiiziclec-11l111sl1g thc ll'Ilk'lll'l'N, :1111l 1l11' War Sarihgf 011111111111-c'. 'l'l1c following 81110111115 hy years have lic-1-11 l'2llXf'flf 51-1111-111l11'1' lfr, 111-11111-llllll' 211, V143 3141128.80 511111-111111-14 1-1, V143 to Allllll' 211. V444 21,170,011 51-1111-111l11'1' 12, lf'-1.1 1fI.lll1li' lo, V145 2S.3f1".35 i1'll1f,'llllll'l. ll. l"4F-11.1 .X11ril23, 11.9411 f1,t172.lU THE SASSAMON 45 Brick nm: liair, I. Ycrgiis, IZ, I'ierce, Ii. Parmeiiter, .X. IXlasim, S. Metcalf, XY. Glehus, R. Xurrif, II. Church, G. 'I'lioii1as. C. Heclluiirl, R. Fair, G. .-Xrthur, S. Spiro. Tlzird Vfrzc: M. Simeuiic, R. Iluiiter, R. I.eIIlaiic, M. Ifldridge, P. Ihiiiahue, M. Goodnow, I. Parrinellu, H. Seheufele, I. Bell. M. Anderson, M. Iloheuy, F. Snelgrove. Sm'011d1'mi'.' IJ. XYilliams. ul. Wills. M. Cerrity, M. McGrath, I. McDonald, M. Hughes, F. .-Xiiiswortli, IJ. Iarksoii, I, Aiiiurosri, D. Lynch, If. Buell, P. O'CmmeIl C. llolph, Il. I'!i'wlrIrigIii1ii, I. Morris. 1':7'011fI'1lTL'.' I-5. Ilavis, M. Cawtellaiio, M. Ieiiiiimfs, il. Murphy, R. Powers, D. Olson, XX'haleii, Y. 'IilllUlU', M. Zaecmii, R. IJeAiigelis, R. Checaiii. - THE SASSAMON BOARD The Sixssa Mrix Iifiarfl, uiifler the capahle ICHJICYSIIIIH of Durcitliy Olson, worked hard to produce a prize-winiiiiig paper. The hnarrl spriiisiirefl a clance iii Hctoher aiirl attemptecl varimis iiiiipvaticnis in the set-up of their paper this year. I The liiirileimi lilpck ciitw marle hy Dave XX'illiaiiis were attractive and eiitertain- ing. The erlitcirialw :mil lifiiiieiwiiiiii highlights wpii farm' aiicl acclaim. Xlfith 21 nucleus wil' liiiflfliiig jfiiiriialistw, we hope next year's statt will have 21 happy and prmpermis year. 111 T111i SASSAMUN X'.11.'.11' 11 111111, ll S1'l1111lv, K1.1l1114l11's, -1. 1':11'1'i111-1111, F. 11l11'1iC, Q1.SXX'Cf1111, 1:.ROS'Cll- , , 1 1 ,1 , 1. . l1111t1g11, V1 1111113 11.1. X11-I 111, 1.. XX l1:11c11, 1. lX11111ac11, ul. L11lc11rcl, 1.60, ff. Q116111'ttQ. Nl.1111l1'11," N111 Kluylicrgcr, XY, 131'a1111'11'1l, N. 101195. SENIOR HIGH SCHUUL ORCHESTRA Xxillill 1'1111f1i1111c-1 :111 111'fl101tr:1? gxll 2'l11lll1f12l11CC 111 wtriiig i115tr11me11tm. S0 it 11111111f11111111l1l1-i1 1111.1 g1A1111!115 11111 11 51112111 1131111 witli a few strings. B111 111 spite of 1l11' 1111l1:1l.1111'1-11 Q1-111111 11 X1'1'1'1l5 111 I'C'l1f1C'I' 111'c11cN111:11 s1'l1?c1i1111s t11a1 are v11j11yCC1 by r 1 1 - 1 - 1110 N1llI11'll1 1111111 111 :1w1'111l11x'. 1l11' 5C1ll1lI' 1'1z11' is :11w:11's 21 111,211 111111 111r 1110 11'C11l'w11.11 111111 N111-111:11 111111ic 111111 N111f115t5. "'l1J1111iQ" 1'z11'rine1111, 1111? c1111gc'11i:11 pianist, 1111-4111-1, 111I1Xl'1' 111 11111 1l1'11 l1'r:1, :1111l t1'11111:111i, will surely leave 11121115' vacaitcies by Q1'z11111:11i11g. "l1111"1ll11111, VV1l1,'ll 1111- wiv 11111 wurlxiiig 1111 t11Q S.xSS.xJ1111N, was 21 ,311-:11 :1M1-1 111 111l' ming 51-1'1i1111, 211111 will 1f,'ZlX'P it just a liit VVf'2l1iCI'. 1'111'X1111111'1' I 1f'!111,1 l111'111:111 111111112 111-1'11'11111' Svc11i11, 1J111A11111y 1 ,1M1111. lictty Schultz. 1 1'111'1111!1 1'1':11111l111 IQ1 1w11l1111'gl1, 111-tty ,lzuic X11-11111, Lcwiw XYl1alc11. '!111111fw'1'1 A1i1K.1x 1,11-, 1111111 C11111111'1l, '1'1111111:1w A11ll12lCf1. 'l41'111111'-11111' 11111121111 111':11l1111'11. .N.1111j'f1111.'1' X111-l .141111'X. 111111 ,1'111'1' 1'1'1f1I'. f'1'1'11111 1'11'111'g1 1'1l1'1l1'111'. 1"1'1r111.1f11 ,111:111 1'z11'1i111-1111, K1:11'1' ll 11gl11'-. THE SASSAMON 47 ,l. Parrincllo, accornpaniwti ,l, Lee, J. Colcord, 'l'. Monaco, XY. Bradford. NATICK HIGH BRASS QUARTET The brilliant and colorful brass quartet, a new unit in the niuxic department, has carved a niche in the music world of Natick High. Beaidcs playing carols at all the schools at Christina: time, it has been well received at assemblies, the Natick XVonian'5 Club, PTA nicctings and cliurchca. Graduation will all but obliterate this unit as all lcave this year but .lack Lee. "Maestro" Bill Bradford will not only be niiwcd as one of the but baritone players, but algo as the band'5 first student conductor. Personnel: First TI'llI1lflt'fr-,l2iCli Lcc. .gifffllld Tl'Itl1I-fwffvltlllll Colcord. Tlzira' Tl'llIIlfH.'fgTllO11l35 Monaco. Baritone-XYilliain Bradford. is 'l'lIl. SASSAMUN ' xl l'.111l11, I, XI:11'll1:11i1, I. I,1llIL'l'.lll, ul ll-ngliii, l. IQUI11-fix. U Il11g1i'1li11:11i, Xl11xl1111', II. lQZ1lllN1l1'Il, Xl. li11111l11-111, ll II2lIlIl.1l'l'll, I. Nl1'1'.1-13 I., lIiI'Il1. QI. lI11l11l1,L'. U'lQ111i1I11', ,I l':111'i111'll11, C. I'i1'i'1'1, 'Iii-1l1.1,. li IQ1ll1,L' .Xl11Nl1i1'1, ll xllllllll, ll. lil'l'NNL', X. Xlllwull,N.LlU1PllCl', P. l71rll?illUC. I I,11u,111, Xl. Illllmllxy ll II2illlxN, ll. lfzilllllxull, If lP1"KIc'i'itI, KI, gXL1j.1l1Nti11C, I. 711 I-.11 wifi' X lZ11x111ll, If l.:1l"l1'11i', Ii.. I',Ill'lllUlll1'l', X. llziiwl. IQ. Ifiirliiii, IJ, Olson, N. fiill-1, Xl -I1-1111111142 1. IIIll'l', X. Iiryiisvlrlx. VI. Xliiiipliy, IZ. I'11'i'1'c, lt. Tesliu, I IQIIHTS.. I 111 1 I IIl'!11l', ll Wlziiwl, ll Xl1'N:1ll1. Xl. Ifl1l1'i1l141', li S1'l111i1'1'l1g Il. KI1'Xz1i1', lf. M115- ,Q111113 If lfiillii-. l'.,If11l1-1. ll.,I:111I1N1111, AI. Nlvliiniiiiii, XI.IY,YILlI1lI'11li', Y. .XI'I1lZil8. NJTICIX, HIGH .AlI,I,-GIIH, ffHf,Iflf'I.Q Sixty :lil-1-4111'1 Q11 wiwiig X!'lll'Il 1li1'1 l1z11'i111111if1' fiivli I11-z111til'1il 11'111'Iv 11s "Ilia l111'1lF l'1':1'11-1' I11 Xl:1ll1-ttv :11ifl ll11- 'llilltli l'Nz1l:1i" I11' QI-N111 Isl-IIIIKIIQV 111' ligliter iiilwiw Nlliill :1N "S11111l11-4'.1'1w iii Yum' IQ11-J' :111fl 'HX l'1-1-111411141 ls l.il11-21 Nlclu- 1l1." 'l'l1iX 11l11l1 Ililx gixrii 11111 1'11111'1'1'Ix 111 Qfuxliiiig lic-111'1':1l ll41N11i1:1l lliis year, . , v . . . . . , . liwifli-N flI1ll4'Ill'lllQ 111 1l11- Xilllllli XX11111:111 N Kliili, Iligli bvliiiiil :iwviiililiv-1 :mil the llllllllll iiiiixiv 1w111:1l. ll:1111 N1-111111'N will lw iiiivwl liwiii Iliix llllll witli tliv nut- 1111+li11g -ul-iixlx 111' II11-111113 Xl:11'1 Iwi1L..1.1l1111w:1111l,limi l':11'1Aii1cll1+. llcrv again I1-1111i1-" will lil- 111iW1AflI1I 1l11- 11i:11i11. "Xl" lifllllilgjllll, 11111' l1:11i111111- valfniwl, xliuulcl Iii 111111111-1111-il liviii, I'--1'ilivflvliglitliil ll'1llll ral! "-I1-111111-z111fl KI" will lCllX'Cl1N with llll'l'l1lNN'Il- 'MIM THE SASSAMON 49 NATICK HIGH SCHOOL BAND XYherever the Natick High squad chances to be, there also, in bright regalia, you willjind the band doing its best for Alma Mater. This club had the pleasure and distinction of being one of the few bands to play at the Boston Arena for a hockey game. Un Armistice Day this band was the only one to appear for the parade, hence it lead the parade. Memorial Day is a taxing one for the band with the long march in the morn- ing and the afternoon parade at Sberborn. XYith the return of normal transporta- tion, the annual State and New England Festivals haveibeen resumed. The band and All-Girl Chorus anticipate a pleasant day at these aifairs. Many Fine bandsmen will leave the ranks this year. To mention a few, we will miss our outstanding drummer, George Cbenette, and "Maestro" Bill Bradford, the unique student con- ductor. SU THE SASSAMUN E- NIQXY IlRl'l'.XlN MVSIC FIiSTIX'.XI, GROUP l 1 I 1 I. l,1.-u, XY. Hrzulfm'c1, lf. Ruscnburgh, F. Burke, A. Branagan. lfffful fm. ' Mr. IXlaylmcrgc:', j. Prior, P. DeMeritt, M. Goodnow, J. Parrinello. ul. I.4fclxl1.n't,I QQLV CHEERLEADERS J. Hrexmcman, J. Anzivino. I. Styles, H. M1gNair, C. Barr, A. Mathews, D. Casali, I. Vergos, T H E S A S S A M Costa Bitsoli ON 51 1945 FOOTBALL LETTERMEN Letters and COVflifC0f0.Y Donald Hastings Charles Briggs 1 George Lane Richard Connell Carl Mattson Donald Dalrymple James Morris Eugene Arena VVilliam Carr Gordon Channell Lawrence Devereaux John Driscoll james F rancio Cvffificatcs KHa'z'r c'af'ncd a prmfiozzs Ifttcf' Edward Garvin james Haddad Thomas Lowry Richard Morris Warren N ims SC 1946 HOCKEY LETTERMEN Letters and Cer-tijifnte.: Robert G'Connell john Sheridan Peter Starrett Robert Sullivan 2 Arthur Potter George Rogers Francis Schavone Luigi Scianna Yangie Sticka Harry Trask Richard Balcom Edward Mahoney Robert Prescott Robert Fair Donald Mclver Thomas Quirk Edward Gay Certificates fHa'z,'c r'a1'1z0d a fwrcffious lrttcrj George Adams John Driscoll Thomas Lowry Charles Briggs Edward Garvin Arthur Potter Gordon Channell Edward Grady George Rogers Lawrence Devereaux 1946 BASKETBALL LETTERMEN Letters and Ce1't1'firates Walter Brown Thomas Monaco David Wfillianis Roger Gould Certificates KHUM' earned a prm'io1rs lcltfrj james Franciose George Rogers George Shaw Richard Checani Francis Schavone g Yangie Sticka james Haddad Luigi Scianna Robert Sullivan James Morris Harry Trask 1946 BASEBALL LETTERMEN Letters and Cvrtifimtes John Colcord Karl Kreshpane Lester Leland Ccrtijifafrs KHUM' earned a fv'r'f'ioz1s Ivltrrj George Adams james Franciose Luigi Scianna Eugene Arena Edward Garvin George Shaw Richard Checani Magnus Nord Yangie Sticka Lawrence Devereaux George Rogers Robert Sullivan john Driscoll S3 'lllli SASSAMUN lJ.:t'L' fine' l'rtil'etttw, l.. llill, C, lledlnnfl, 'lf Qnirk, tl. Spintfulzt, lfiglinli, ll, Gilliland, P. l'i'cwutt, li. llalcmnti, li. liwgerx, .l. fln'istic'. l'f'11fllg 'nrt' tltutcli l,l1illN5L'. tl. l"wwlei', ,l, ltrew, R. Illzttk, li. Ifrtuigilltt, tl, .Xl'llIllI', XY, Rowe, S. Spirit, ll. Klcfztrty, ll. Xlelver, ,l. Urixcoll, ll. 'llI'Il5li. 'lfzzitl wr. ll, limirvt. bl. illklttllllfll, ll. l.ane. ll. 'tYiKXllC5W""illl' N' M5llW'N'3'. .l- B3flliClC. F, St'l1:twme, 'lf Cliristic, bl. Morris, C. Briggs, QX. Cztsrtvant, .X Potter. ,N'm'n11ti rnrtx' Cnztvlt Fztritill, XY. Ninn, C, klattsun, T. lmwry, fl. .'XClZ1IIlS, C, Anthony, D. llzxlrytiiple, M, llnnn, J, lfrznicinse, XY. Carr, Cwacli Slznnin, I",-nn! wr." ll. llztxtingx wl. lladflztd. lf. Garvin, tl. Arena, R, Rlurrif, R, McManus, I.. lit-w,-reztiix. bl. Slit-ridztn, R. Sullivan, P. Starrett. FOOTBALL 'l'l1t- l"45 eflitinn uf Natick High Sclimvl ffmtliztll teznna missed lay one point aeliim ring tlie giftry tliztt gnex witli winning tlie Clasx C cltznniiinnsliip. 1 inet' again the fe:wii1'f tiiwt game was tlie lnigalifm tliztt deprived Natick Of 21 cliztinpinnkliip nntlit. Clintrin, wliri eventnztlly went rm undefeated to gain the crown, invztflefl tlu- "l lnnie nf Cliztinpimixn and retired Hn the lung end of 21 14-13 decision. ilillilll1rxxIlT'HYQ'tlfftlll'lllC'Ulllf'Nl'tlPIiK'li uf tlie year im' tlie lwys wlirv played so vztliztntly nnfli 1' Cznwtztim Sticka and .AXren:t. 'l'lie xeztwn XVftllll1l up glorimisly with :tn 13 tn fl win river l"r:nningliznn on 'lllianksgivingg llay' tn prfwitle annie solace for inifwing tlie tmp quit in Claw C. 'l'l1e tt-iztclicw were. :intl xtill are, apprecizttive of the tine eftfvrt and crmnperatinn nf tlie lwwx wlw were re-pnnsilmle fm' -ncli a kticcesfftil feztsuii. l.ed lay the inspira- tinnal play' felt sr-nirtrx Lowry, Cliztnnell, .-Xrena, lleverezttlx, Sheridan, Garvin, Stickzt, tlie Kltwrrises, lllCUlllll'll, Scliawnie. Sullivan, almetted by Al?lllSfJI'l, Lane, llaflflad, thnnell, liitmli, llalryniple. and tlir- under clasxnien. our team earned the rexpect nf all who Naw them play. We ninxt nfwt tlvrget nur tliree :t-tnte mzniztgers wlirt attended to the needs of lintlt ilu- lilly and tlit- cnztclieb sw well. namely: "lleniiy" llriscoll, "Slim" Rogers and "l3rnte" Trask. fCif'1i!1i1wf.'f HH filjlf 'tiff-i -f'1'g'11!j THE SASSAMQN 53 . C5 Pb Bt'1L'rlCIl7'Ct'.' N. Maliciiiey, ff. Gay, R. Meklanus, D. McCarty, li. Hariling, D. Mclyer, G. Channell. .slfflllld rule: Mr. Carroll, C. Briggs, A. Mathews, G. Adams, A. Putter, T. Quirk, R. Fair, R. Prescott, Mr. McManus. Frau! 1'fm'.' E. Grady, li. Garvin, L. Devereaux, rl. Driscoll, R. llalcmn, T. Lowry. HOCKEY Interest in selifmlliriy hockey attained its highest grnwtli in Natick this year. Countless reasrins have heen advanced fer the current popularity of the game but the indomitable spirit nf this year's red and hlue sextet is undmulimtedly the answer tri the inimitahle enthusiasm that was aruused. After winning the clianuiimisliip last year, few expected the local ice experts to go very far in the ehainpifwnsliip matches in Vlfi. However, the hustling team had other designs with the result that Natick lead the league tluwuiglicuit the season and it was unfortunate that a tie in the last game dashed the red and hlue's hopes of repeating its titular liniinrs. V Two league l'CCUT4lb were estalmlishefl hy the lncal six lliis year that will very likely stand fnr many years tw crime. f lnly live gwals were senreil against nur lwys and netman, l,arry lleyereaux, turned in six shutwuts in the ten games played. Such defensive ahility is nut only a trihute tw the ahility uf the three seniurs on defense hut tn the hnys on the ffvrwarrl line as well whnse tireless checking was the feature uf the leagues cfwinpetitinn. The senior class has reasfwn tn he lmmil nf its cnntriluitimi tw the hwckey team as must nf these hwys have heen memliers nf the squad fur three years and during that time haye lmnwefl fvnly live times against fast c'niinic'titi4rii. Certainly all hockey fans will rememlier Capt. 'luhn "Kenny" llrisenll and lid "Micke" tlaryin who nerer learned huw tn strip trying, Twin lmwry, whose deter- ref'r1l1'f111fd nu jnrgs jifly-e1'yf1t' ii THIE SASSAMON lfiitk ing. : Mr. Slaniin. N. lffthim, Rl. Nord, lf. Ptirtcr, 'l'. Fillcclcs, R. Brady, S. Spiro, rl. Ulirixtic, ll. 'l'raNk, 'l'. Mtiiiacti, G. Rngcrs. ,S'rt'.iiii1' ifizcf ll. Sullivan, j. Murrix, P. Starrctt, R. Gtiulrl, R. Casavant, T. Neary, ll. XYil- liams, 'l'. Cliristic, l'. llarniclc. lfiniif r.iz.': If. Scliaviiiic. Y. Sticka, ll. Chccani, Ul. llatlrlail, Capt.: G. Shaw, J. Ifranciose, l.. Scianna. BASKETBALL 'llhc ha-kctliall tcani ciijuyc-cl a rcry sncccssfnl scason with a record of 14 won, 2 lint, 1 llllf' thc lnw tn lfraiiiiiigliaiii prcrcntcfl nur lioys frmn liaving a really great Nl'ZlNtJll. With thc ntitlntik far from bright, Blr. Slaniin sct to work tu form a winning ciiiiiliiiiatifiii. Hc changcil his syxtcni frfini zfinc flcfcnsc tn man to man which linally iiaiil ntl' in thc nuinlicr nl gaincs wtin. Klany wiiliniiinrcf anfl juiiitirs uf this ycark Ntllllltl will rctnrn tu pare the way ffir ggrcatcr licfl anal llhic liaakcthall teams. 'llhc tirft chili was hnilt arfiunrl Gcorgc Shaw. a senior, who was Hankecl by Iwi- Nf'lll'll'N anil twfi jtitiinrs. Xlr. Slznnin wixlicf Klr. iXiirlrcws, who will rc-turn next ycar to his old position cf liaxkctlizill c-iacli, anrl hix captain, "Chula" Chccani. a very sncccswful season. 'l'hc wzwiiil rccnrfl: Natick il ffl Natick 43 Franklin XXL-llt-slcy Natick Xlarlliuro Ill Natick Neeclham Natick Nlilfnrfl IN Natick Nlliflijflffl Natick lfranklin 33 Natick lfrainingham Nzitit-lt llrircr .W Natick XYliitman Nat iclg Nccrlhain LEW Natick Xlalpolc Natick lfraininghain I7 Natick Xlalpole Natick Xlilffirrl 1 47 Natick Hcllesley THE SASSAMON SS Burk 1-ore: J. Colcord, K. Kreshpane, Y. Sticka, R. Corkery, R. Gould, S. Spiro, G. Rogers. .5'erm1dr'0-zt': E, Arena, G. Adams, D. Dalryinple, XY. Bradford. R. Balcom, M. Nord, J. Christie. Frou! rote: J. Franciose, I. Driscoll, L. Devereaux, Mr. Marso, G. Shaw, L. Leland, E. Garvin. BASEBALL llvith an overall record of lO games won and 3 lost, Natick continued her fine showing by leading the liar State League with O wins and 3 losses, which included wins over Framinghain, Norwood and Needham twice, and ll'alpole. Dedham and llelleslev once. lle lost once to lYellesley, Dedham and llalpole. llve started the season poorly hy dropping games to llellesley and Xlarlhoro, but after Lester Leland and Magnus Nord got the range with james Franciose and Gene Arena supplying the power we were a match for anyone. ln our first win- ning game Lester Leland established a strikeout record that will survive for many a game by striking out twenty-one of the opposition. Un first we had George Shaw who did a fine job after Richard Checani discon- tinued because of illness. Our second hast- combination was one of beauty with Sticka at second and -lohn Driscoll at shortstop. Over on third Luigi Scianna held forth for first of the season until henched by a finger injuryg from there on lidward Garvin took up the task and did a commendable job. This infield completed 14 double plays in all. fit-ne Arena, taking over after the first four games, did a hang- np job catching Lester Leland and Magnus Nords pitching. The outfield consist- ing of blames liranciose, Lawrence llevereaux and Karl Kreshpane who contributed long runs and good catches on many occasions, and hit in many needed runs. :Xs a whole we had a strong organization, no little part of which was played by our very dependable managers, George Rogers and John Colcord. lCi011l1'1ii1t'd on page fiff-i'-eiiflifj IVKWIIIY-IIXI QIIIN Iuwxxlcrl Il 1 'I'IIIZ SASSAMUN .L . 4 . -- fx f 1 - ' lIlII.' III.. Xl L11-lvII:u1w. -I Xlsmllllxg, XI. Ccvlicyv I. Ixclly, C. Ixrlllllllil, XI. I'l'1u1c'1usc, H. I.HIll4'Il, I,. Zu-Iw, KI. .Xlmgrnxlim-, M SIIIICUITC, I. Axnorow, .-X. IXIcCarthy, J. XX'-HfIIw:IrcI, N. I.:mc. I IIHIII III.. XI IVIQI-illy, NI Ilvwity. nl. Klclkrirlc, RI. Huslingm, S. Elliutt, .'X. Fairbanks, llfwlf I I , . I' IQIINNKII, Il. 'I-1llIl'I', Ii. Svhultz. C. Imlph, I.. Hamwcy. QKII-Y, If. Iin-IIy,.'I, Ihfrglin, I.. Hirth. If. Rugcrw, Y. Imulixlau-III, :X. .'xI'IlOIfI, I.. Xlluxgmxm-,-I.kzuu-x,I1. Ixlyuc, 5. Iwrss. . , , , . ,,. N .Ifnfl III.. I' XIIIII-3, rl. ihzmlk, H. Iizlmsclm-II, M. URc1IIy, M. Iiunun, Mus I1II:.m1, U. 11.1111 ww.. I' XXICIIII. KI. IQUIII-1'tN, H. Piorrc, C. Gcrrity, C. Boardnmn, R. I'mw-xx. AIIIIIIIN-nn, VI. I,yImN, II. Dahlgren, S. Luc, Ii. Spinazula. GIRLS' ATHLETIC LEAGUE .Xt .I umlting III- Ihl- IIIVIJ .Xthlc-tic I,n-agllc, an new Ccmstitutifm :md By-Laws xxx-rv zulwplwl. I'41fIIf-willg :Irv thc' llIQIIK'l'I'NI Ill'CNIlIL'IlI., CZIIIICTIIIC Ilcrrifyg vice presi- 1 III 111, Lnnlx II IlIl'I'k'l'Q I'4'k'4'l'fIIlIg' wcrctzlry, Mary Ruhcrtsg cm'rcspu11cIi11g secretary, L mrIx'n I1I.hfIm:mg lI'l'!lh1H'CI', Iizlthcrinv JXIIUIISIIIICQ mana fcx' of Iiunkctlmll, Bettv h 1 J Inu-XXvIII1, m ZIIIIIQCI' III Iizulmintmm, Ruth Puwcrmg manager of howling, june Xldivnxlag 111:111:1gI-x' HI SfvIth:1II, CXUIIFIHIICC Barrg :mal manager of Archery, Rita I ll'Il'X' 1 ' If ' ' - IICL' Il wevli ut U'Ih'im1's with Mary Roberts having I tha- IIIQIICSI :1x'm'1':1q1- wull- III 67 lll VIIIIIIIIZIIIHII lu111'11zIn1I'l1t. Ii IN mx uk I I I'rIII'x I I In-1'1'1tx' n A I I I IIICIIIIIIQ-II IQIIIIVIIN I IJ IIIIIIIMIII L qxlllll-IIIII' I I Svlmltf I IN.. I,rIN1'I's .X IJIIIIIIIIIIIIPII Izulflu Ifll1I'lIZllllt'lII was hchl The highest eight girls playec m Q x Q IQ. I'uxx'm's K. In-rrmtx KI. Ruhcrta If'vIM'IIN I XI ICUIICTM C, Xuuux tim- THE SASSAMON 57 Girls' Athletic League C Continued D After five practice sessions, class basketball teams were chosen to play an intramural tournament. The Juniors were the champions, defeating the Sopho- mores 45-27 and the Seniors 31-25. Senior Junior 4 .Yopliomore M. Roberts CCapt.D C. Boardman CCapt.D M. Franeiose CCapt.D C. Augustine J. Borglin J. Amoroso B. Beswick J. Carter C. Dolph H. Dahlgren M. Eno A. Fairbanks C. Cferrity L. Hirth N. Lane D. Johnson T. Kelley S. Lowe 'M. Merrigan C. Pierce J. McKenna B. J. Wfebb P. Milley h , . , I . P. O'Connell Timer: Shirley Elliott Scorer: Marjorie Augustine J. Tozier The class teams played teams from Framingham on February 15. The results were: li. Sophomores 152 N. Sophomores 383 F. Juniors 30, N. Juniors 223 F. Seniors 14, N. Seniors B. From the class teams a varsity team was chosen. First Team M. Roberts CCapt.D C. Augustine C. Gerrity D. Johnson J. Merrigan M. Eno J. Amoroso M. Franciose J. Tozier The team defeated Dover on February 8. From the 50 girls who turned out for practi were chosen: C. D. M. Senior Augustine CPD Johnson CPD Roberts CPD M. O'Reilly CCD R. J. B. D. Fortini C1BD Merrigan CZBD J. Webb C3BD Casali CSSD M. McNair CSFD C. J. Gerrity CLFD Lyons CRFD C. L. I. A C B B J. S. G. S. Junior Pierce CPD Hirth CPD MacDonald CCD Arnold C1BD Boardman CZBD Jennings C3BD Spinozola CSSD Carter CSFD Foss CLFD Legee CRFD Lee CCFD .Second Team B. J. NVebb CCapt.D B. Beswick J. Borglin J. Carter T. Kelley C. Dolph N. Lane J. McKenna P. Milley ce in Softball the following teams Sophomore B. Russell CPD B. Schultz CPD C. Dolph CCD A. McCarthy CCD J. XVoodward C1BD L. Hamwey CZBD L. Zicko C3BD J. Tozier CSSD S. Elliott CSFD M. O'Reilly CLFD M. Gerrity CRFD N. Lane CCFD M. Simeone CSubD T. Kelley CSubD ln addition to intramural games, the teams will play class teams with Fram- ingham. An archery team of six girls will enter the national tournament. The other archers will compete in intramural competition. Un May 22 the girls were guests of the Brookline High School at a Splash Party. At the annual tea, awards will be given and otlicers elected for the coming year. S8 THE SASSAMON Football fContinuedj These hoys have all comhined in setting a record for future Natick High teams to shoot at and it is the fond hope of coaches l'lausse, Slamin, and Carroll that the successes of the foothall men of the Class of lf?-16 will not end with their gradua- tion from old Natick lligh. The season's record: Natick I3 Clinton 14 Natick 3.2 Milford 0 Natick I3 i XYellesley 0 Natick Q25 Needham 6 Natick ll Maynard o Natick 35 I ludson 0 Natick 18 liramingham 0 Natick 150 Opponents 26 ' Hockey CCOHUHIJGJJ mination alone enahled him to develop historyg Larry Uevereaux, whose per ure other great goalies in future years: aggressiveness and spirit enabled the all sports lovers. The record: into one of the top defensive men in Natick s formance will be used as a vardstick to meas Dick Balcom and l ddie Grady whose team to merit its high place in the hearts of Natick Z Dedham O Natick 3 Somerville O Natick 2 Hudson 0 Natick l Lexington 1 Natick 2 Malden O Natick 3 llrookline 1 Natick l XYaketield 2 Natick 3 Malden 0 Natick 4 Brookline 0 Natick 1 XYakefield 1 Baseball f Continued Q The team was awarded the Bay State League championship trophy presented by the Needham Boosters' Club on june 12. 1' , ..- oi 'I-A Q I nf ...M IQ 'A ' Ita. ,,-.J - .pri 1. , .1 u ir' 1. 4 '-'- 1 ."'.- 1 q, A. " .x . 4 ' 1 x . A I A I A o n 1 -. p .- o A. , . I MJ I -:,, . 1 - , . ' , .1," . ' . -, , .- 5 Q , ff , . -. 4 , - .. y' ' ,mv '- arf ,vs 'Qzgrfqw ,sa 'YL'H,,'. ', 9 ' . Q . ' . 'dr- l,f rv! W 'L we .,,. 2' , . ,H , -Jr . fl. Al 4, . A' .mm l 3+ - f Z' 4. gc, . - '-.f "NL 5'-:ia 1 k :- . ,V ..- f+ 31 1" l ff , I jf' I 2 314.-, I ..4. ,',' " ' ,7 w ,pn .-, 5 3 .- A . 1 f ' 1 - ' x . ', J: I 1 v i -I N.. :H , 1 o-7 . V. I u 3' " 5. -1 -. i. Y 2 F H .PJ x ' - U '. 1 ,,' Q1 ' 1 l .4 1 - , I 4. ' Juv. 1 .. YI :Q I V 'K 'H 4 1 1' 1 'x"x7 Jimi- f- '.. . , I Qs I 4 ' W ' lr 0 '.. F v.. ,J ri I fk U I fi - f , 1 1 J An.. if , 1 322'- . -a' -- UDB!" 'Il' f x . V .gi I 74. . 4 . 'f""91-ei-gg 5 . , h 1 C" 1 'v. . ' ' 'E-'Z 'Z Xl? ,Q . - .v -.:- . 3'--Q ' ?' - , . lr l 'Q P ' 1 I, .45 A - - .4. - 7- ff - - .s lj. ,, .1 I f n ' o-4'x . J. xr v .- ' 1 - fl, ' ". 1 fl,l' .. .i.- , .3 4 I il ': -'J at 1 X.. 'z 0 n In I ".f'.' fi f -fn " ,J,'f '5 '.',fg. 4 ,--4- '-' .,- M-5 5- , 4.,.141 7:1 V , - , ug, E -, Z.. . -0.331 . ' - A ' r ' Z ki ? , u ' ,Qi I 3' . f 4 I 5 . 1. I , 4 . , ' ' Af . - ..--3-. 'Q v , 1 4 ' f -1 g-.-v -J 1 Axt, , . 1- -- ' en- ,s - . , V.. , , -.rf if gf., -.-.JN-fi, , . , ,-If ,:'f' F, r , 1-, .. Qt, .'1"'-C I 'f- 7' 4.1: ,.l'4'?'w,:Q.- f . , 1 . '- ,V -, T fi -' ' uf a ' 3 1 I .5 ' " . 1 !fd Pr ff 4. - . .--, 45, . ' ' 11.1-V v ..- J, 5 1, H. is:-f.,' 1 If f .jjz J,,,f g 4,4 1 .i:'!i .,?,l,fr,.A .1 Q ' -1 , 1.: :liiizxv-'-nl, ' 1 '5 -. 4 ' ' ,vfL.:.'V?.r -'AJ .- sr- fhyf' M ' i L' Q 1- G K... , v N If - 1 x 1 I- " 'v, Y' ' 'K 'J it 'H '.. ' ' ,, .',:i,'.v' ' if .e Q. ' iff! K .'N': i' -D - ' lp: .' 1 ':v 4 'pr' .. ' '-.i fs' 'V ' U ,WY4 1 ,' -4'..'lx. v.Qf '- ,' f . ' .-"FF 'fl 1'Vf':y' gif- . 4 c- L - 1: It !54'N:,,g".',. '-Ir, ' 5 15--.fK4."g-' , ' - V J- '1 - 3 .1 . lyt ,.' 'Q 'J s'P,,J'2 f ,: I. h 'fig .' - . ff- my ,, ffi: A I! 'N ,r ii? 7 1. 9 , .'74', !5'J',31qi" 1 .4 x?.-'I-,'.'.,1. '. 2711 .-1 vii . f"f.4'.?55:' 1 - . --'ff hjlflsffgfij- . xfkjzij-+1't 'f ' 1 pg-- V ' ,. . , f -1 ,5g.f,'S1'lf9'a .11 ..',1- 1,-.,sf:W'4'. t, V.: .V r-Q fbi.-1 Ii v. r J." , V' 'f 1, ,.-.Avy-, , -' , Q-a 1Y -lf-4 4, v. 5 uv" -.' -' ,z v ? .4 f ' - ..v.'L'. ,aa ,fit If , , , -! , b 4, . if -4-1' " "' fwlf'r'L" ,.-wg 1 . 1 Y , A ,3 .J ,,, -QF, qd.s ! cg, ' W.-r -1- '- -',,.gY!i,fl'.-, . ' ' J- --HF, '+5fSi.'lu,'1- +-nn. f . f ng! 511 ful? qi 14.35 "1" x. " f'. ii .-,fS"?"5t:.'1t'3i' , , . 1" :'i'v .Qi 'FQII4 1 ."'. V' -' Va ,v w '5ffLL'.f"'4"' 1 ' 1 lf -if ' ,.1f'A'.-, U lg.. 1' !g',:?r.'?' l1'1,!p':l i' N" V. .l' 1' I: J "P . -if 1'0" j 'lr it ' 'lf -1. f f "?,lr?'ig"?,3 :FQ - .. ,uxylk 1, ,,"..-'4-Q".v:,..r,-:ff 3 .gf-11' Q V 5 4 Jr, f. -,A -,.. .",.. v ,f .. , 11 ,-'x,:'f,' . 'v , - I h lx .'..: -1 , , l1:'Ni.lf,V-tn' 1 , v. - V - , Ai av, .Kf .4,.. 'fx T :X 'wi ' ..x.r f -'.'lw""5' ,V t 11-' 'S 1 1. I 1-.9 ....

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