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hr Svannamun 5 I- X95 4X ' ,f , .Z -' ff' K If 1' QE, sk 9 dv' , ' X X- IHCIE Z2 Nz IH? SASSA X1 111 Uflpprec1'r1i1'011.J . , , , NYC. the f mss mf 14215. wish ru cgxprcss our Jpprc- kllfiull cw RIN, Herrin: 5, R4md.mll fur ncr tlmlrly-four mrs uf fgutlnfbul Scrvicc' .is IDll'CLIr1T0f time Sclmul LLIINQII A IIJIINC uf Suurh Nkuuk .md .4 AQIHJLIZIIC' uf the rf, thc- faulty ami '-rudcnrs allkc XVQ xxnslw hc-r rzmw happy years nn hc-r rcrlrc-mem. rad: Nnlw--ls. she Inu lwccn 21 kind and devoted friend K THIS SASSAMON I 72 Tributo We, the Class of 1945, lovingly pay tribute to our classmate, George Malcolm Augustine, the first of our class to die in the service of his country. Entering the United States Naval Reserve at Mem- phis, Tennessee on April 7, 1945, he was stricken with rheumatic fever a short time later and passed away on April 24, 1945. 45 .2 X, ,FQF THE SASSAMON GRADUATION PROGRAMME Processional. "Pomp and Chivalry" .... Churlm- J. l6nlwrI.v HIGH Scnool. ORCHESTRA National Anthem ....... Fruurzlv Smit Ifvwx' CLASS or 1945 Invocation IQEVEREND HAR'rI.1iY T. GRANIIIN Address of Welcome JIINE ICATIILEEN BRENNEMAN Vice President of Class of 1945 Piano Solo, "Les Deux Alouettes" .... Tlu-odor l.Ifsrlwl1':l.-nv NIARIE A N'roINE'rrA CULCASI Essay, "This is the Land Wher-e Hate Should Die" AGNES MAI-3 Wn.soN Soprano Solo, "je Veux Vivre" ..... C'lmrlI'.v Gmnmd HARRIET GAMMON HAX'ES ANN MARIE MCGRATH, .4rmmpaui.r! Farewell Address CHARLES FRANCIS MURPHX' President of Honor Society Selection, "Your Land and My Land" .... Sigrlirrzzd lx'mn1n'ry "I Pledge Allegiance to My Flag" . . . lfridgws-Riuyyvr Trumpet Obbligatn-ANTHONY NIELCIIIURRI SENIOR CHIIRVS Address COMMODORE W. N. DERRX', U.S.C.G. Presentation of Diplomas i HARoI.n I-I. jox-INsoN Chairman of School Committee Alma Mater . ...... Lurilv .N'irlm1s, '20 CLASS or 1945 Recessional. "Marche Aux Flambeanx" . . Srmwn Cltzrle HIGH SCHOOL ORL'IIliSTRA JOHN Romsar DRISCOLL. 1946, Marshal The audience is requested to stand and join the Class of 1945 in singing the National Anthem, 1, THE SASSAMON WELCOME-CRA DUATION The youth of today is the America of tomorrow. XYe of the graduating class of N45 are ready and willing to help make that tomorrow a hetter and a happier world. Many of our boys who are llut here tonight are in the service of their country, and although they were not raised to wear a uniform and light, we are proud of the line job they are doing in the far-flung battlefields of the world. However, most of us who leave here tonight will never don a uniform or carry a gun, but we will make you proud of our willingness and ability to serve in the countless other ways that are needed to bring victory and the end of this war. May we justify the faith you have in us. 4 1' 'Y "THIS IS THE LAND WHERE HATE SHOULD DIE" "A house divided against itself cannot stand." These immortal words of Lincoln should be heeded today when our nation's unity is threatened by racial and religious intolerance and prejudice. Most other problems will not he solved if the American people are divided into mutually hostile and suspicious groups, sections and classes. More than that: even if solutions were possible under such condi- tions, they would hardly be worth achieving. They would be empty victories, utterly meaningless, if the character of our .American civilization were changed in the process. NVe know America to be a land where men are free and in which they have equal opportunity, regardless of race, color, creed or place of birth. XN'ithout these characteristics it would not be our America, but it would seem an alien country to lls. Even though there are fifty--seven varieties of Gods humanity in our country this helps to add to America's spirit and glory for each in his own way adds to our daily life. The need for unity has never been more acute. Some boys have been accepted into the armed services before they were accepted by their own neighbors. If Americans of all racial backgrounds are good enough to die for us, they are good enough to live with us. The average man should realize that this racial discrimina- tion is not in harmony either with the traditional American ideals of equality of opportunity for all men, or the Christian ideals of justice, mercy, and love. The present generation of American youth is faced with the task of strengthening our democracy against this disastrous situation. The result of a poll tax is to keep the poor from voting or to keep the Negroes from voting, or both. If you keep the poor from voting, you make a joke of jeffer- son. lf you keep the Negroes from voting, you make a joke of Lincoln. If you do both those things you make a joke oflthe American idea. There is a tendency to forget the racial antagonisms that happen every day, which help to spread the alien doctrines of intolerance. They should not be for- gotten but the conditions should be investigated and corrected. These episodes of THE SASSAMON 7 violence are symptoms of pressures, emotions, and maladjustments which have become nation wide. The spread of intolerance is not primarily a threat to the intended victims, but to the whole country. If the day ever comes when tolerance gives way to internal enmities. persecutions and discriminations, it will be the end of American civilization. The inevitable cycle of organized intolerance is that it destroys the individual, the family, the community, then the state. In contrast, tolerance is constructive. It creates, builds, unities. It gives strength and nobility to the individual, the family, the community, the state. The fight against intoler- ance is not merely our duty as decent, human beings, but it is the keystone of our survival as free individuals and as a prosperous nation. The ideal human relation- ship is that of cooperation rather than confiict. It has been a long time since early Americans startled the world by proclaim- ing that all men were created equal, that they were endowed by their Creator, with certain inalienable Rights, that among these were Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Now that the war has created a fresh danger to our way of living, we must follow these principles conscientiously. There will be no victory for a demo- cratic way until we make them a reality to everyone living in this democracy. In all our dealings with other people. regardless of race, nationality or creed. let us practice the Golden Rule. We should try to treat each individual whom we meet as we would like him to treat us. Let us not let America be destroyed now by discrimination and enmities. For America is: THE LAND VVHIQRE HATE SHOULD DIE This is the land where hate should dic- No feuds of faith, no spleen of race, No darkly brooding fear should try Beneath our Hag to find a place. Lol every people here has sent Its sons to answer freedoms call: Their lifeblock is the strong cement That builds and binds the nation's wall. This is the land where hate should die- Tho dear to me my faith and shrine, I serve my country well when I Respect beliefs that are not mine. I-Ie little loves his land who'd cast Upon his neighbors word a doubt, Of cite the wrongs of ages past From present rights to bar him out. This is the land where hate should die- This is the land where strife should cease, VVhere foul, suspicious fear should fly Before our Flag of light and peace. Then let us purge from poisoned thought That service to the State we give, And so be worthy as we ought Of this great Land in which we live! Aramis M ,nc W lLsoN. ii T H E s A s s A M o N FAREWELL ADDRESS .Ns we, the class of 1945, set forth to take our rightful places in this world, our tlloltgllls center on the future which we face. For the past four years our minds have been filled with war and all its horrors. At this time we can raise our Iliollgllls to higher levels and think of winning the peace-and what is more nnportaint- keeping the peace. That will be the duty of our generation. We must prove to the world that America has the ability to lead the whole world into a bright new tomorrow in which the hopes of the human heart may be achieved. XVe must prove that there can be life, liberty. and the pursuit of happiness available to all fiod-fearing men regardless of race, color, and creed. llul we as individuals must first learn to control our own moral standards. 'l'hc choices we make will determine the way America will succeed. lt is our duty lo bring forth and uphold the highest standards of right living, clear thinking, and unselfish interests. This is our national heritage. Novv, for the first time in five years, a graduating class can look forward to ii hrighi future. 'l'he great war which has thrown our lives into chaos has reached its final stages. Although many of our classmates are already in the armed services and more of us will soon receive military training, we can foresee the reconstruc- tion period and its tremendous opportunities. We shall take part in the greatest strides toward better living ever taken. During the war many great discoveries have been made which have provided hundreds of new fields in which to seek success. 'lihose of lla who go to college will immediately meet one of the great changes caused by the war-the accelerated program of the colleges. Like many other methods, it was adopted as a war measure but it proved so successful that it will probably be retained after the war. lt is :i well known fact that education is the foundation of democracy, educa- tion such as we receive in the Public Schools of America. The fact remains that if dcmocr:icy is to be spread throughout the world. then the American system of education must precede it. So now we wish to express our sinqre appreciation to the townspeople, the school committee. the principals, and all the teachers of the Natick Public Schools for their patience and guidance during these most important years of our lives. And although wc derive great joy from the fact that we are entering a new phase of our lives, it is with sadness that we depart from our Alma Mater and the fruit- ful years we have spent here. CHARLES MURPHY. 'IJHE SASSAMON CLASS DAY PROGRAMME Processional, "Pomp and Chivalry" .... Charles J. Roberts HIGI-I ScnooL ORCfHlfSTRA National Anthem ....... Francis Scott Key SENIOR CHORUS Address of VVelcome ' JUNE KATHLEEN BRFTNNEMAN Selection, "Your Land and My Land" .... Sigmund Romhcrg "I Pledge Allegiance to My Flag" . . . . Bridges-Riagg-cr Trumpet 0I7II,lgGf0-ANTHONY MELCHIORIU SENIOR CHORUS History BARBARA JEAN GILMORE Soprano Solo, "When I Sing" ..... Peter T.rchaiko'w.vky JEAN MARIE RIKER MARIE ANTOINETTA CULCASI, Accampanist Class Poem - GLADYS THDMPSON KUSSMAN Class Song Words by Norman Peirce Harrington Music by Harriet Gammon Hayes CLASS or 1945 Class Will DOROTHY ELIZABETH KIIJLEEN Piano Solo. "Improvisation and Melody" .... Arthur L. Brown ANN lN'1ARIE NICGRATH Presentation of Class Gift JUNE KATHLEEN BRENN1-:MAN Awarding of National Honor Society Emblems HARoLn C. SEARS, Acting Principal, Natick High School Pres-entation of Athletic Award ' HAROLR C. SEARS, Prcsidrnt, Natick .S'choolincn's Club Presentation of American Legion Oratorical Medal ANTHllNY J. SWEENEY, Commander, Edward P. Clarke Post 107, A. L. Presentation of Good Citizenship Award MRS. GEORGE C. PROCTOR, Chairman, Pilgrimage Committee, D. A. R. Awarding of Anna F. Goodnow Scholarship MRS. DVKE L. QUACKENBUSH, President, Natick lfVonum'.v Club Alma Mater ........ Lucile Nichols, '26 CLLASS or 1945 Recessional, "Marche Aux Flambeauxn . . , , Smgmn Clark HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA JOHN ROBERT DRxsco1,I., 1946, Marshal 10 THE SASSAMON WELCOME--CLASS DAY Parents, Teacliers. lfriends, Due to jack Noonan's absence- the former president of the class of 1045. now attending Boston College-it is my privilege to welcome you to our Class Day Exercises. We wish to express our sincere appreciation for the education that you have made possible for us for we realize that America is one of the few countries left today in which such an education is a reality. lt is the foundation from which we will become the citizens and leaders of tomorrow. 'Y 'if 4 CLASS HISTORY History always must have a cause-and this, the history of the class of 1045, begins in September 1942 when the graduates of Coolidge junior High School and St. le'atrick's School meet in the corridors of Natick High School. Our class is the first class of Natick to attend High School during three years of war and we hope that in this year of 1945 we may see peace. As sophomores we had representatives in the Student Council, Glee Club and on the SAssAMoN Board. Many of the boys took part in the various athletic activi- ties. We really became of some importance when, after much campaigning, we elected our class officers. NVallace Mathews became our President, jean Knight, Vice-President, Fay Spooner, Secretary and because of a tie Loretta Kreshpane and Vito Sammartano became our treasurers. In 1943 we started back to school full of ambition and ready for work. We were juniors now and began to realize that our school days were fast going by. The lYar Savings Stamp Committee, the Red Cross Club and First Aid classes were making rapid progress. Many of our fellow students had joined the armed forces. Our elections were held in November and our President was again Wallace Mathews, Vice-President, june Brenneman, Secretary, Fay Spooner and Treas- urer, Mildred Grant. Mickey Burke was elected Captain of the football team and Frank Arena was made Honorary Captain, but both boys were obliged to leave school to answer Uncle Sam's call. Because of their departure our football team divided the Cap- taincy among james Lockhart, james Hamwey, Arthur Hansen, Vito Sammartano and Robert Marden. Donald Robertson was elected Basketball Captain, l,eo Grady, Hockey Captain, and jack Noonan and Glenford Atkinson, Baseball Captains. We were sure they would do a good job and could hardly wait for the next year to come as we looked forward to a most successful season. jack Noonan and Charles Murphy were chosen by the junior Class to repre- sent Natick High School at Boys' State. XYhen they returned they had many interesting things to tell us. - The junior Prom held in May proved to be a great success. liiveryone had a wonderful time and there wasn't one person who didn't wish he or she could live the same night over again. I THE SASSAMON ll The climax to our second year at Natick High School was the election of six of our classmates to the National Honor Society. In September, 1944, we returned for our last year of high school-a little sad. maybe with the realization that our school days would soon be over and that even before graduation many of our boys would be leaving to serve in the armed forces of our country. XYe prepared, however, to enjoy our Senior ymr and we got off to a flying start by electing our permanent class officers at the same time that all Americans were making a choice for our national leaders. VVe elected John Noonan, Presi- dent, june Brenneman, X-'ice-President, Fay Spooner, Secretary and Mildred Grant, Treasurer. The football team coached by Mr. Plansse had a very successful season. Three times we had the pleasure of seeing our team win from Framingham. The Hockey Team guided by Coach McManus enjoyed a very outstanding season coming out on top in the Eastern Massachusetts League. Captain Leo Grady proved to be a wizard on ice and Robert Marden, Leo Grady and Charles Murphy made the Eastern Massachusetts All Star Team, The Basketball Team under Mr. Slamin's direction had a fine season and Natick High was invited to take part in the Tech Tournament. Harriet Hayes was chosen D.A.R. representative and attended the D.A.R. con- vention at the Hotel Kendall in Framingham. Ann McGrath represented Natick High School on XVBZ at the Junior Town Meeting of the Air in February. ' Our Class President -lack Noonan left school in January to attend Boston Col- lege and our Vice-President June Brenneman became acting President. The Senior Reception was held in February, earlier than it had taken place for many years, so the boys who were going in the service could be on hand for their own reception. It was a gala affair enjoyed by everyone in attendance. ln March Miss Randall, our lunchroom manager, retired after thirty-four years of service to Natick High School. A new lunch program has been inaugur- ated. "A Mind of Her Own," our senior play, was presented to a most appreciative audience on April 6. Mrs. Dellleritt and the cast received many favorable com- ments from those who attended. The school orchestra under Mr. Mayherger's direction with Harriet Hayes as soloist presented the musical selections during interniissions. The National Honor Society induction was held on May 16. At this time six more members were inducted and today twelve of our classmates will receive their pins. Our graduation exercises remain as the last important function of the class of 1945. We are proud to have been students in Natick High School and we know we are ready for whatever is ahead of us. We thank all the teachers who have made life in High School so pleasant for us and hope that they will remember us as a class of willing and enthusiastic pupils. BARBARA G1LMoRE. I2 THE SASSAMON CLASSWILL liy this instrument duly executed, we, the Class of l945, being of sound body and especially high mental aptitude, do hereby ordain and declare this to be our last Will and Testament. The following persons have been appointed as beneficiaries of our most treas- ured possessions. It is hoped that said persons will benefit by these bequests and live up to the high standards of our class. 'l'o thc juniors we leave our position as upperclassmen with the hope that they will be able to fulfill all expectations even though they are at present a little on the dull-witted side. 'lio the Sophomores we bequeath twenty-six volumes of "The Book of Knowl- edge" with a fervent prayer that they will some day reach the goal we have so con- scientiously set for them. To our beloved country we leave those boys who may soon be in the Armed lforces. We know that Natick High will be as proud of them as it is of the many servicemen now representing our Alma Mater. To Mr. Quackenbush we bequeath a recording of his theme song, "Any Bonds Today." We hope that it will inspire the students as much as he has. To Mr. McManus we leave a gavel to aid him in keeping law and order in his classes and at the same time preserve his ring. 'l'o Miss Griffin we bequeath a policeman's whistle and a large billy-club to assist her in bringing truants back to school. To Mr. White we leave an atomizer with a case of Evening in Paris perfume to be sprayed around the school after experiments. To Miss Wildbur and Mr. Slamin, our class advisors, we leave our deep appreciation for the work they have done to make our many activities successful. We bequeath to Vangie Sticka and Gene Arena the captaincy of the football team. tlood luck, fellows! I, Don Robertson, leave the captaincy of the basketball team to jim Haddad. We hope to see you at the Tech Tourney, jim. l, Leo Grady, leave to john Driscoll and jocko Garvin the position of co-captains of the 1945-46 hockey team. I, Agnes W'iIson, bequeath my high scholastic standing to Dorothy Olson. I, Tony Arminio, leave my ability to infatnate the ladies to Tommy Lowry. I, Thelma Hall, bequeath my petiteness to Barbara Beswick. I, Barbara Morse, leave my sunny disposition to Rita DeAngelis. I, Gladys Kinsman, leave my ability to make friends easily with the opposite sex to joanne Brenneman. I, Don Fair, bequeath my ability to dress in sporty clothes to jack Sheridan. I, Bobbie Grant, leave my popularity to Dolores Casali. I, jean Riker, leave my attractiveness to Mary Lou Goodnow. I, jimmy Clasby, leave my bashful ways with the women to Michael Dunn. I, Barbara Gilmore, leave my willingness to help others to Patricia Donahue. I, Dorothy Nichols, leave my ability to get into mischief to Edith Munson. I, Fay Spooner, leave my ability to intrigue hockey players to Hope Styles. THE SASSAMON I3 l Ann McGrath, leave my seductive manner to Mary Eldridge. I, jim Hamwey, leave my easy-going manner to Gordon Channel. l, Charlie Murphy, leave my sophisticated looks to Kenny Harpell. I, Peggy Burns, leave my ardent admiration for redheads to any junior girl who is fascinated by the same. VVe, the members of the Senior Class leave to the faculty our gratitude in the form of a song which will prove that their work has not been in vain-"XN'e're Beginning to See the Light." lVe hereby sign and seal this document, the last XVill and Testament of the Class of 1945, in the presence of those witnesses who have hereunto signed their names. Doizoruv KILLEEN. Mfimessed by Edith M. Nuff Emily L. Shamion 1' 'f 'Y CLASS SONG Oh, red and blue, our colors true The time has come to leave you- How sad the thought that we must part Thy portals close to our hearts. As we this day bid fond adieu, VVe start into this world anew, 'To blaze a path to victory For all humanity. - Words by NoRM.xN Parkers HARR1NcToN. Musir by HARR1121' liAMMON HiXYES. il-4 THE SASSAMON CLASS PROPHECY Extra! Extra! Read all about it. "A Mind of Her Own" back by popular demand! Read all about it. Are my ears deceiving me? Give me a paper quickly. Yes, there it is in plain black and white. The entire cast of our 1945 senior play will return to the good old Alma Mater to perform once again after a lapse of ten whole years. 'l'he public has never been able to forget the great performance that left the audience spellbound on that important night in '45, Of course, the players have aged a little and perhaps Filled out in the wrong places since then, but who will notice anyway? Arc we kidding? XYell, what do you know, our own class play back by popular demand! NVe can't miss this. Let's not waste any time in getting out to Natick. The plane we hop is pilotedgby none other than VVillis Reed. He sure looks sharp in that uniform. Richard Ribotto, Anthony Simeone, and George McCarthy are members of the crew, too. W'e had a regular gab- fest before taking ofif. Little Mary Temprendola served us refreshments on the way. A deep voice demanding pink lemonade made us turn around and take a look. The tallest man in the United States, Albert LePage, was making the trip with us. He informed us that the secret of his height was a triple dose of vitamins daily. His companion is Bob Altheide who has a thriving national oil business now. - In the very front seat with two parachutes f the extra one just in case! fas- tened tightly to him is Bob McCarthy who is taking his first plane ride. His chain of personality schools have made him a rich man. john Powers, the first man to be on the staff of Powers' models, is sitting next to Ruth Roberts, a serious-looking nun. When we all discovered each other it was worse than a legion convention. Before we knew it, we had landed on the Shagoury 8: Shagoury airfield which had been newly constructed on the VVorcester turnpike. Paul and Pauline have in their employ, Norman Harrington, general manager of the airport, and VVendall Deschamps, pilot of the reconverted B-17 which has been named after Bob Pease, king of the limburger cheese manufacturers. Billy Goss, mechanic of hangar 5, can be seen working busily on a motor. The bus we boarded for Natick center had Gwendolyn Kermode in the driver's seat. She called out the historical spots as we rode along. The C 8: C National Fruit Company that has branches all over the country was pointed out. She informed us that the C Sz C stood for Cardellicchio and Chiacchia, who from the planting of one little peach stone have become millionaires. Dick Burke is the general manager of the main office. He and Doug MacAlpine have a side line of manufacturing motorcycles, which had been their ambition since high school days when the little red motorcycle used to be parked in the Police-station yard. We learned from Gwendolyn that Thelma Hall was private secretary to Frank and Dick with Mary Lane, Matilda Fair, Dorothy McGrath, and Dorothy LeClair working on the office force with her. Richard Ellis is their star salesman, noted for his gift of gab and pleasing, persuasive way with women. , THE SASSAMON 15 The beautiful home of Graham Hiltz came into view. He has fulhlled his fondest dreams-that of marrying jane VVithers. Speaking of marriages, we hear that jean Butler and Vito Sammartano have become Mr. and Mrs., and congratula- tions are in order because of the arrival of a set of twins which have been long hoped for. Donnie Robertson is well taken care of by his steady income from his trucking business. Vl'e are now entering the business district of the biggest little city in the world. From all signs, lrene McManus is now running the R 8: L. She is in joint part- nership with Doris Parker whose remarkable window displays are known the world over. The bus is stopped by Louis Valle, member of the Natick Police. He said that he was just lonely and had to talk with someone. VVe learned that others on the force included Eddy Condon, jimmy Clasby, Harry Seavey, with VVally Mathews as chief. Do you think he had some sort of "drag"? They seem to be really keep- ing peace in town, but it might be said that there isn't anything to quiet down since they have become respectable citizens. By this time, the bus stop has been reached and all pile off. Other busses coming in are driven by Marie McCauley, Marjorie Mclntosh, and Rita Lynch. It looks as.though the women have really taken over the transportation system. No wonder the accident rate has decreased! We head toward the high school and meet jimmy Lockhart, pretty smooth, indeed, in an admiral's uniform. Imagine our disappointment when he told us it was only a cloorman's outfit for jacqueline Durbin's famous hotel, "Bigbill." Across the street are jean Lowell, Roberta Barrus, Eileen Devereau, Peggy Burns, and Frances Cantrel who all work at Cushing Hospital. VVe wonder why? It will have to remain a mystery! A long limousine catches our eye, Marion Pettee, the nationally famous orator, is stopping to speak with jane Lupien, a laboratory technician in jack Noonan's baby-bottle plant. Don't ask us how jack got started in that business! Coming out the front door of good old Natick High, as we are entering, is Robert Marden, Glen Lyons, and George Morris, representing the three branches of the service, Bob, an admiral in the Navy: Glen, a general in the Marines fGen- cral Lyons, doesn't that sound nicej g and Colonel Morris. Brother! all that meat and no potatoes. No wonder we won the war! We find that Elsie Swanson has succeeded Miss Mann in the principal's office, with Franny McSweeney looking very important behind the principal's desk. He has attempted to put over some new policies in the school such as serving ice cream to all the pupils every Saturday that school is in session. Fran takes us on a tour of the school to meet some old classmates who have become teachers. Dorothy Curtis is head of the History Department, and Elinor Burke teaches English up in Room 28. Norman Chase has introduced a new class in radio. Now, one! Now, two! That voice has a familiar ring to it. Yep, we were rightg Donny Fair looks pretty fit leading his gym class. He doesn't eat quite as much as Bruno used to Quo once could J, but he uses his tactics-the "you do it or else" method! lo THE SASSAMON Dana Olson and Harold Paecht were visiting Mr. McManus when we stopped in. Dana Olson is now heavyweight champion of the world. and Harold is his promoter. He certainly has come a long way since our school days in '45, Walking further around the building, we find as head coach and assistant physical director, tllenford Atkinson, whose excellent volumes written on basket- ball theory have carried his name high in the world of sports. Glenny tells us that Tony K'ot'liosiCl'o has been named to have the most perfectly built body in the world, easily taking the title away from Charles Atlas. After talking with Glenny for a while, we continue along our way: and our attention is attracted by none other than William Brown who is head of the mathe- matics department. We drop in just as he is stating his reasons why Einstein is wrong, and his group of quiz kids is listening intently. We listened too, but it was greek to usg so we sneaked out. A Un the corner we purchase a paper with headlines that read as follows: Agnes ll'i1.wn, I-'irxt H'onmn Presideiit of the United States. In the articles below, we tind that june Brenneman is to he her private secretary. Incidently, Donald Schen- fele is vice-president. Now we'll know where to go when we want some red tape cut. ln a sub-headline we read that .lean Cotton and john VanderMeer are the new academy award winners for the coming year. Even out in Hollywood, the town of Natick is well represented. As we turn the page, a picture catches our eye. A group of -men with torn and ragged clothes and with flowing beards are looking unhappily at the camera. Their names, left to right are: Vincent Roberts, Robert Gilbert, Thomas Deignan, Robert Brown. and Vito Arminio. all former sailors. It seems that their ship was torpe- doed near a l-'acihc Isle, and they have just been living there ever since. They didu't :eem to like being rescued very well. We wonder why! An ad just below describes the beautiful riding academy run by jean Dunton, with -lean Blain as assistant instructor. It states further that all her horses are fed exclusively on Hay-Nay, the famous horse food created by Hazel Najas. Un the society page we see that Ella Mae Hatch is now in the upper brackets. jean Riker is her constant companion, both working on committees and charities. The current best seller is advertised. Its author is Loretta Kreshpane, its title- -"Giggles" The title will prepare you for anything, and knowing the author, you should be ready for anything. lrene .-Xntinori's column on "W'ho's Who in Hollywood" is read by all. She has only the highest praise for Salvatore Profetto's new production. Its leading lady is none other than june Bellofatto. We knew that that cute faceaand figure would take her places. Irene also writes that Tony Melchiorri, noted trumpeter, has been ollered a contract from Warner Bros. Someone suggests going to "Flynn's Cafe" for our evening meal, so we lose no time in getting over to jeans U We are greeted at the door by hostess jean Hewitt. who leads us to a pleasant- ly-situated table. l'aul Nleymaris, who had been sitting all alone, moved his chair over to us and joined the party. He claims that he has invented a painless drill and THE sAssAMoN 17 that his research has aided science tremendously. VVho are we to doubt such a well-educated man? At the table to the right of us sits hlarilyne Murphy, owner of a fashion shop in Florida. XYe learn that she has Helen Pineau. Tina XVinn, Barbara Houret, and Mary Amato on her modeling staff. How's that for being loyal to your high-school classmates? Sitting with Klarilyne is Rlarie Culcasi, who is making a tour of the country playing the piano for the entertainment of the numerous veteran hospitals. Speaking of veterans, Marie tells Us that Nlariou Dutton is running one for Navy personnel only. She must be prejudiced or somethin', huh? To the left of us is Eddy Wall, trying to put over a deal to Barbara Gilmore, well-known artist. He has really taken his real-estate business seriously, and know- ing Eddy, we realize he can use persuasive measures. Over in the corner, Anita Leavitt is having trouble with her spaghetti. The darn stuff goes everywhere but the right place. She is in partnership with Bobby Grant, designing and producing new hat creations. They really have an effect on men-especially their pocketbooks. The food was excellent. No wonder Irene Town, the cook, received the high- est award at the national cooking contest. The beverage served with the meal proved to be Lene Pierro's "Non-Burp" specialty. She and Betty l'ignatelli have devoted many years to perfecting it. . Complaining in loud tones and in no uncertain language about the non-tender- ness of his steak is Arthur Arthur, who now runs the Colonial. Realizing that there isn't too much time left before the play, we pay the cashier. Vasilika Christi and depart with a few more pounds added. but feeling swell. Elizabeth Downing takes our tickets. She and Isabelle tlrupposo are running an agency for lonely hearts. lt's different, anyway! And Howl T Katherine Peters and Elena Pisano are ready with programs. They are engaged in the reducing business. Their policy is, "lf NYC Can't Blake You Thin, There Is No Use ln Hoping." As we are rather early, we obtain seats right where we can see people as they enter. There is Harriet Hayes, famous singer. who will render several selections during intermission, just as she did ten years ago. jean Mills will accompany her on the piano. Here comes Geno Martinelli and his boys who will provide the music tonight. His is one of the leading bands of the nation now. Richard VanXVart is his pub- licity agent. T Norma 'l aylor, Thelma Syrbich, Susan Tenny, and Marjorie Temple all come x in together. They form a committee for the benefit of homeless Siamese Twins. They are all married and settled down, so they have plenty of time to put into club work. Mary Moran, joan Davis's understudy, and june Miller, married to the presi- dent of the Telephone Company, enter next. They wave to Claire Pulsifer, bridge champion of the United States. , Sitting in the front row is Olive Seeley and Rhoda Sullivan. Olive is Presi- l8 THE SASSAMON dent of Framingham State Teachers College now, and Rhoda is her private secre- tary. There's the mayor, Arthur Hansen, with Leo Grady, pitcher for the Boston Braves. They sit down beside Phyllis Hall, noted writer. She has written a book on shorthand entitled, "Why I Don't Agree With Mr. Gregg." l bet Miss Crocker will be interested in this. Looking very happy and contented, indeed, is Marilyn Foster. seated with her husband, former Sealiiee. Margaret Sweeney, Patricia Ciccarelli, and Patricia Carey are busy discussing the tenth divorce of Fay Spooner. Tsk, Tsk, Fay. I should think it would get a trifle monotonous. Patty Ciccarelli and Patty Carey have formed the "Pat 8a Pat Food Shop." Their best customer is Margaret Sweeney who gives numerous teas. dinners, lunches, etc. at the local Old Ladies' Home, run by Dora Chaulk. Barbara Morse, owner of a local beauty shop, comes in with Kay Vergos, who has a chain of ice cream parlors. She has created the "Sundae Extraordinary." Eyerything's in it but the kitchen sink. Do you remember that quiet little girl, Elaine Condon? You wouldn't know her now! She is an ace comedienne on stage and radio, noted for her moose calls, no lessl Another radio star is Nancy Angelo, who stars on the program "John's Second Wife's Cousin." The sponsor of the show is Louise Berenius, producer of "Onions Supreme." It seems that the onions still hold their flavor, but thewonclerful aroma has been eliminated. She has made millions. The hall is really filling up now, and ushers Mary Carroll, Christine Boucher, and Mary Ahern are having difficulties finding room for all. Chris is a personality expert now, and the two Mary's are on her staff helping to give pointers to all. Their motto is "Come with poisonalityg leave with personality." Ruth McCracken, an authority on "XYhat the canine of today is wearing," is hunting furiously for a seat. A few of her models tried to follow her in, but a sign was quickly posted, "No Dogs Allowed." I Everyone has quieted down now, for it is time for the curtain to go up. I mean it was quiet for a moment, but the silence was shattered by someone coming in like a two-ton dump truck. Mary Maloon, the last member of the class of '45 to be seen before the lights are dimmed, makes a flying leap for an empty seat beside Ruth. Mary is the creator of the No-heat, No-curler, No-chemical Perman- ent Wave. The secret of it all is that she hypnotizes the customer, scaring her so that her hair curls. Why didn't someone think of that before? lncidentally, she missed the chair and cracked a perfectly good floor board. Sh-h-h, everybody, there goes the curtain. As the lights were dimmed and the curtain rolled up, Danny Dunn and Dolly Kinsman were again portraying the mother and father. Dan's now a semi-pro boxer, and Dolly operates the "How toflet Your Man" Agency. Next came Pat Cuttell, now the sole owner of The ltsum Kitsum Flea Show. jim Hamwey arrived late, due to the fact that he and Dot Killeen, now Mr. and Mrs., are busy with l.,otira, Pepita, Rosita and Mike. Tony Arminio's dance style is quite differ- TIHE sAssAMoN 19 ent now since he's toured South America with his captivating partner, Charlotte Anzivino. Charlie Murphy, president of Harvard University and Ann McGrath, author of "How Much I Spent to Become a Member of the Honor Society," looked screamingly funny during their Apache Dance. Dot Nichols and Margie Hallsworth, both New York taxi-cab drivers, were on hand for the show. Crash- Slam-Bang-Estelle XVallis has arrived with her handsome husband Swoon boy La Crostra. The only substitution is in the part of Dot Glynn who is now a trigger-happy gun moll. As the cast was called back for its last curtain call, we realized that we were no longer Natick High seniors residing in Natick. We bid our classmates fare- well, and busses, planes, trains and cars are filled to capacity with the class of '45 retiring to their respective jobs throughout the world. 'Y 'T 4 OUR GOAL l The honieward stretch, the goal at last in sight, The goal toward which we worked with all our might. But now, dear Alma Mater, as the time grows short Each grievesg but silently he takes his place. Can we go on, prove worthy to those dead And those who die? Can we go on ahead? Vtfill they be with us, on their souls no mar, To help and comfort us, both near and far? Through your halls our laughter never more shall ring S0 let us now and evermore your praises sing. 11 Through years gone by we've been preparing for this day, NVe, who yesterday were children joyously at play, Are faced with problems yet unsolved. Can we bring peace? May hate forever be dissolved. Each lift his eyes to God in silent plea That he will help, however dark the road may be? And when at last the world is bright and gay, When men and women laugh and children happily may play, VVe, with faith in God, shall rule once more, And peace will soon again force wide her door. Gmnvs THoMPsoN K1NsMAN. Senior RQcP15"Tbn. 194-5 Mil 'Q 1? .,.4nf',, 4' as 1 D 'l'Hl' SASSAMON -.-W f-Nfl, Ml.. V. liimnmu, ll, llmm, l' Unllvll, Al. H:u11xxl'5'. ll Kill:-cn, ll. Glynn. Xluw l,l'Xll'l'ltl, ' L' X1n,fux'i111-,'l', Xrminnl, Xl. llallnxurtlm, IJ. Niclmls, .X KlvllratI1,K', Xlllrphl., l' XX'z1ll1N. SENIOR CLASS PLA Y 'l'lll'1klIlN-fill l"45 vlum' :lx llwlr wnim' lH'uf,lllCIlUll, 'DX Nlincl uf llcr flwnf' ze ---mwlx m tlm-v :ullx lw Xnml lf:-1'1'mQ XX-l'IlllIl'l'lX' In lw lll'!'NC'llIl'1l un Vriflux vw- mum. Xlml 1, :nl ilu' Uwllflgm' Qlllllllil' High Sclnml .'3XlNllI1l1'llllll. 'l'lw ruxl l.HllllXVNf lm: llmllrll, In Ilw ulx1Nl1'1lv1i:u1 lnuimwx llzmlrl llllm: ll-lm llnrlll-lt, lux xxltm- fllzulyx lflllxllliill liuaxmu, Iluu' rlzmglmtvr lhurutlly' Killvn-n 'lUf1mm1, tlwu N-lu fllzirla-N xlllfllllf Xml:-l .mffllmvl fl:111g'l1lrl' llmwtlly Nwlmlx lyffu. Iluv m:ml'l l'11Il'u'l:1 lxllllvll lv-X-v',l Xiu-I-nl, liurmxk gIll'Nl Kl:u'jwriv llullxxx-u'll1 IJ: llfluml- l,lllYll1'f, znuvllmc-1' mn- ul' Hlllllljk yluwtw Q'lmrlul1v xll7lX'lI!U SI' x: llfXHlQ'lv'll, sm zlrlmirc-1' ul' limmy -lim l'l1llllXNl'X Ilmgll lQ.lml:fll, zuwtlmvl' 'nlmznr 'l'm:5 AXx'n1ini11 nfl:-ll lfllxN.f'll, rln- girl lll'XI 'lm-1 .Xnnv Nlrllrutll lxllxx lfllfrul lwvvxxulg, an llIlllll'IlllXl lfxtvllv lyillllx Xl l'll- lg'-. -1 1--1uY1':u'tl-ii Ullxk' lJflrwtl15 Glynn llirmtur Xlrw, Ilvlcxx ll, lh-Xlm-rlil :-fl lwxwlurw lZ:l:'lfg.l':l lllllnlUVL'. Xmtu l.m'1lx'ltl, Ruln-rt Xl-'K'1lrtlU' lllw .ll f"':l Url ilu' play I--ulx plum- in ilu- Nunmmc-r Cwttzngc' nf llu' li:u'1lc-lb wln-v lwlllllhllll ,mmmllx tw Silxm' l.:ll4v fur' Il wa-ll-c':n'm'fl vzaczxllflll. ,lim llznrllvtl, Jxllly I-zllzlw-ll l-ll llmzlm- llmm, flfvlll-tc--l tln' lwnvlll- ul' zz X'2lC2i!lHl1Wllf'1l llix Ulvllfl' l , A vlgllwm-ll ww' :ull-'wr-fl llll'lT' flzmglltf-V, llmmy, lil 4-me-rtzml lwr u-lla-gc' lm-mlx, lln- rmm 11111: ' 1 llf-f':'lv:1-lm. ll:-lpllilug gmrl ilu- glillllwfwllx -lu-im. llnmtlu' Killa-4-n I,1rf'pprf, rf ,vu f,rffll'x'lpf,,Il'1l41.'I . THE SASSAMON SENIOR IQX IiL'If'I'lX' If, IN XXR I1 H111A' 1-11115 X. 511111-11111-, I.. 11l'1lf1j', L' xllll1ll1X, li. CllI2iLAk'llITt, X111 SlSiI11II1. l"r1111r 1.11: Ii. Swz111x1111. ll. 1.111111-11, nl. 1'1I'1'l1l1k'I'II?ll1, 11, 11111111111-, RI, 111'lt11l. If 5111111111 A1158 XY11fllJl11'. Senior Class Play CCuntinue1U 111-1x11111f11-11 1111111111 111-r1'e1'1ly11s 5111- 1111111111111 l7C'll1l11I11' z11'1111111I, Zlllll 11111-1' 1I'I1'1l 111 111 1 W111111111 111 1111- N'Y11flfl like 111-1' 111-r111111-, -I1-sm-111 NY111-11 1'111 Lql111k'll. 11x l.1ff11-. 11111 1-11111 11.11111-11 111-1111 111111 lallllllf 1111111111 l1QXN'IlI'L' 111' -I1-5511-15 N1-111-1111-N 111 ll11'l' 111 l1lllll1f'5 1111-11 2111711 1'1'11111 111-1', 11111111111-111111 X1-1111 I't'Ill1N1Ik'1lllX 111-1111-11-11 111 L'11.11 I1 1 1111111111 Zlllll 11111111111 X11-111-IN'-411111 Illiillx 11111 1111x1-11111g 1111- wily .lL'NN1k'1l. 1111111r111111111-ly, tl11'11l1g'l1 111111111-51-1-11 1-11'1-111115111111-111, 1111- 11111511116 X111 1'111-1111 wl1111'111111- 111 N1-1-11111 11111111-111111111151111-fx Il-114 llkxl' 1111sl1111111, 11'11v1-11 111 111- 1111- 11111111 1 DN 1 1 1 , . . . .,, . , . . 111-11111 111 1111- 1'111'1-1111 11121115 111 11111111111- 111111 X1-1111-. 11111111111 11111111 111:1111- 21 1111111 1'1lI1X'1l11'1l1Q' Mrs. I'l1c111s 218 N116 11111111111-11 1111- 111111111- 111 1111 1lIl1'1'1'lZi111 11-11115 111:11 111 1111151111-1'1-11 1111-11x il 1117111-111111s1-. 1fs11-111- 11111111 21? 1111- s11111m1c1' 1111t111'111ia1 wl111 1111111 1111- t'l1Il1lI'l'l1 1111 l111'fl w11 111111 1111- 11-1111-N 111 1111l111l111'111' wc-131111-11 11g11111x1 l1t'I' 111 511-xc 1111- 1111-111 111111 1-1-1-1-1-1111111111 11i1'1-1'111r, 11111.11-11 11111111N111111-11 115 -l1l11 ll2llllV1'C'f. S11-11 111 lllfll 1111-1 wi111 1-11111111-11111111 1111111 ll111fl1, 111-1111111111-11 111 1111- 111111111-1' 'll4'I1X' NI-111111141 '11 111- 11c1'N11'1111-11 l:1lllIlX' 111 I11 A . ,1. 1 5 1'111111w 1111 1115 lil'l'I1 II11L'1'l'N1 111 1111- 11l'VN' girl 111-xl 1111.11-, C'111'11I.i,1 11111-111-1-11111111'11111 11 1111- .-X11111- N11-1.1-11111, XXIIICII -l1'5rIk'2l -1-111 l:lllIl11' 1111 ll l.:llX1'Il 1-1'1'111111 111 111111 5111- llL'I'M'Il4 lxl'lIlIl 1111 , , 1 . - - 1 . 11111111115 X111111-111g111 K'l1'N1l11IIl', 1111- 11111 11111 1'1-1111f1' 111211 1111- N1111'111 xvllllvll I,1fv11- 11111 111-1-1111-11-11, w1111111 1111-1111 1111 l1k'1' 111111111111111111 111-1111 111 5111111 I1 wsu 111111 xl1l' xx-1111111 x11.111l r1-v1-1111-11 111 llt'1' 51-111511111-mx 111111 111111111 w1111111111-11-11111 ":1 11111111 111' l11'1' 1111'11," 111 111 11 111-111-1-ws S11-xv 1'1-g111111-11 11111111j1'. 111111 1111- 111111 111111 1111- 1-v1-11i11g l'11IlK'fl 11111111111 111s l12i1'I11L'f 1111' 1111- 11111111111 5111111 NIQIII. 111 1111- 1111-1111111111 11111111111- was ll'X1I1Q Ill I' , Qs., 5.. ..- l M' ! An- I 4 5 - wp, we ,V x.-aw. .,.-v u 'xv' 141: THE SASSAMON CLASS OFFICERS JOHN NooNAN-Presiaenf Baseball Z, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 43 Band Z, 3: Corridor Patrol Z, 3, 4: Glee Club Z3 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Safety Council Z, 3, 4: Sassamon Board 4: Student Council Z. 3, 4: ,lunior Executive Board. Senior Execu- tive Board, Representative to Boys' State, Representative to High School Conference at Boston University, Ticket Committee for Sports Dance, Orchestra Committee for Sports Dance. Class President 4. JUNE BRENNEMAN-Vice President Defense Savings Collector 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 43 Sassamon Board Z, 33 Student Council 3: Red Cross Z3 Usher at Gradua- tion 3: Yice President 3, 4: Usher at Honor Society Program 33 Refreshment Commit- tee 31 Football Dance 3: Executive Board 3, 4: Commercial Club 4: Usher at "XVar Stamp Night" 3: Receiving Line Junior Prom 33 Invitation for Senior Reception 4. FAY SPOON ER--Secretary Sassamon Board 2, 3, 43 Student Council 43 Class Secretary 2, 3, 43 Drum Major- ette 2, 3, 43 Executive Board 3, 43 Decor- ation Committee, junior Prom 3: fChair- manl Ticket Committee, Football Dance 43 Usher at Senior Play 4. MILD RED GRANT-Treasurer Girls' Athletic 23 Sassamon Board 3, 4: Student Council 43 Executive Board 3, 4: Class Treasurer 3, 43 Secretary, Student Council 43 Class Play Reader 43 Decorat- ing Committee, Sports Dance 3, 43 Enter- tainment Committee, Sports Dance 3: Decorating Committee. Football Dance 3. 4, Entertainment Committee, Football Dance 3, 43 Ticket Committee, lr. Prom 3: Ticket Committee, Football Dance 43 lnvitation Committee, Football Dance 41 Favor Committee, Football Dance 43 Cheerleader 3, 43 Usher at Senior Play 43 Music Committee: Class Party Commit- tee 4, 25 vin , 1 THE SASSAMON MARY AHEARN Conmiercial Club 4. ROBERT ALTHEIDE llockcy 33 -lunior Red Cross 23 filcc Club 23 l'slier at Football Dancc 3. MARY AMATO NANCY ANGELO Corridor Patrol 2, 3, 4: Safety Council J, 3, 4: Sassamon Board Z, 33 Senior lfxecu- tive Board 43 Commercial Club 43 junior Red Cross Z, 3, 41 Usher at Senior Play: Decoration Committee, Senior Reception. IRENE ANTINORI lilection Counter .Z3 junior Red Cross 7 3. 4: Commercial Club 4. CHARLOTTE ANZIVINO Girls' Athletic 3, 4: Corridor Patrol 41 Glee Club 43 Safety Council 4: Sassamon Board 3, 4: junior Red Cross 3, 43 Secre- tary 43 Cheerleader 43 Usher for junior Prom 33 Chairman Decorations for Foot- ball Dance 43 Class Party COITIIIITHCCQ lfsher at Senior Recs-ption3 Prophecy 41 Play Cast 4. TONY ARMINIO Usher at Senior Reception 43 Play Cast 4. VITO ARMINIO C. S. Navy. ARTHUR ARTHUR Corridor Patrol Z, 3, 43 Defense Savings Collectors 3, 43 Clee Club .23 Sassainon Board Z, 3, 43 Checker, Football Dance 41 Collect tickets at Music Festival 33 Usher at Sports Night 33 Usher at Senior Recep- tion. GLEN ATKINSON Baseball Z, 3. 43 Basketball Z, 3, 43 tlyni Class Leader 3, 4. TI-IE SASSAMON GEORGE AUGUSTINE Hockey 4: L'. S. Navy. ROBERTA BARRUS Glee Club .ig Usher and Decorations, ,lunior Prom 33 Commercial Club 41 Can- dy Committee. JUNE BELLOFATTO Checker in elecliona 2: ,lunior lixecutive Board 33 Decorating Committee, Junior Prom 33 Usher at Honor Society 3: Com- mercial Club 45 Ticket Committee for Senior Play 4. LOUISE BERENIUS CHRISTINE BOUCHER Band 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 33 Decorating Committee, junior Prom 33 Uahcr at Senior Play 4. BARBARA BOURET Majorettc 2, 3, 4. ROBERT BROWN li. S. Navy. WILLIAM BROWN Ublicr at Graduation 33 Checker at junior I'rom 3. ELINOR BURKE Glcc Club Z, 3. RICHARD BURKE Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Csher at Senior Reccp- wg, tion. I FFP i A i I 5 5 1 ? 'FC '39 ev 'IAHIZ SASSAMON MARGARET BURNS Glu' Club 2, 3: Stnclcnt Cnnnvil -lg Cum- incrcinl Club 43 llccurntimi Cnniniittci- :it Si-niin' livvcptiuii. JEAN BUTLER llirlx' Xllileiir 3, 4g I'sln'r Cunnnilt1m'1'. - 1 V.. I - - -lnninr l'ruin .wg Iirkcl LUIIIIIIIIIUIQ lumi- b:ill llzmcv 43 Girls' .Xtlilm-tic .Xwcililmly 33 ,lnniur R4-fl Crum 31 Ikln-1' :il 91-ninr lim-rvplilnig llnfkm-llizill 3, -l, 1C:ipt.l FRANCES CANTREL Slncln-nl Council 21 'llivlwt Cunnnittvc lin' lfuutlrzill llzuicv 21 Cnnnncrrizll Clnb 43 lPvrni':1timi CIUIIIIIIIIICU, Svniur licu-plimi. FRANK CARDELLICCHIO Cnrriclor lzitrnl 33 Ilnnur Suvicty 3, -lg Safety Council 31 Student Cuunvil 23 llvfi-nw Savings Connnittvc 2, 3. 42 l'slwr zinil Ilcnwzliiilg Cominittcv, juniur Prmng lkln-r at Ilrazlixutimil Usbcr at S1-nior I'l:1y2 Calm-r :it Senior Iivci-ptimi, Gilt D Cinniniltvu, Irnplin-ry. PATRICIA CAREY MARY CARROLL Q - - lnrlx A-Xtlilctif 2, 3, 43 Rcfreslnnenl Cmn- inittcc at Senior Ri-ccptiun. NORMAN CHASE - v Ilawlmll 2, 3, 43 Currirlnr Patrul Z, 3, -lg Fafvty Cfwuncil 2, 3, 4. DORA CHAULK Girl! .Xtlilctic 3 43 Glu- Club Zi Cinnnier- cial Club 43 Substitute--limi'Icnw Savings Crrllvllrri' 2, 3. RICHARD CHIACCI-IIA Ifimmlmll 33 Currirlor Patrfwl 41 fllvc Club li Hnnur Sofia-ty 3, 43 Safety Council 43 Student Council 4: lixcrutive lluard 43 Ilvcurating Committc-c-, junior Prom 33 lkbcr juiiiur Prmn 33 Usher Grzuluatimi I735 3, :Incl Clan Hay 33 Lfilier at Senior I'lz13'1 Ifxlier at Scniur Rem-ptirni. VASILIKA CHRISTI Cmnmcrcial Club 4. THE SASSAMON PATRICIA CICCARELLI JAMES CLASBY Baseball 3, 4: Football 3, 4: Hockey 43 Corridor Patrol 43 Checker at Sports Dance EDWARD CONDON Football Z, 41 l"Iocl-:ey 2, 3, -ll Defense Savings Collectors 23 Glee Club Z3 Sassa- mon Board 2, 3g XYar Savings Committee 2, 3, -I3 junior Executive Board 3: Hall Committee, junior Prom 3. ELAINE CONDON ANTHONY CORBOSIERO Baseball 3, 43 Basketball 43 Football Z, 3, -13 Glee Club Z3 junior Red Cross: Class Leader in Gym 3, 4. JEAN COTTON Csher at Senior Play 4. MARIE CULCASI tllee Club 4: Student Council 3: junior lixecutive Board 31 Csher at Graduation 33 Clerical Assistant to Miss IYildbur 31 Commercial Club 43 Orchestra Committee for junior Prom: Assistant Checker for lilection 23 Cashier for the Lunch Room Z, 3, 4: Program Committee for Senior Reception 43 Honor Society 4. DOROTHY CURTIS Ticket Committee for Senior Play 45 Re- freshment Committee, Senior Reception. PATRICIA CUTTELL Girls' Athletic Z, 41 Defense Savings Col- lectors 3, 43 Glee Club 43 Sassamon Board Z1 Refreshment Committee, ,lunior Prom: Refreshment Committee, Football Dance 33 Senior Play Cast. THOMAS DEIGNAN Lv. S. Navy. 29 A Q15 ' iv 1? Aggie' ze., , Gig- ,J 4. -5.93 - S f' . .Y 44. .aiu Q 4' 'Y' ,.-qu. 19 9' U' 1?- 6015 19 1'-33 v ,J ,, .,... I if iv' THE SASSAMON WENDELL DESCHAMPS llockcy 3. 43 Defense' Savings Collcctors 21 Campaign Manager: Checking Coni- niittcc for Sports lhincc: Lf. S. Arniy. EILEEN DEVEREAU Girl! Athletic 1, .31 Rcml Crows Reprcsvn- tutivt-Q 33 Commercial Club 43 Clcrk at l'ilt't'Iinl1 2. ELIZABETH DOWNING Ticket Connnittcc, Senior Play: llccorat- ing Conunittee for Senior Rc-ccption. DANIEL DUNN Ilcfcnsc Savings Collcctors 23 Glcc Club 2: Honor Socicty 3, 41 Safety Council 2, 3, 43 Commissioner 4: Sassanion Board 2, 3, 4: Student Council 2, 4, fPresidcnt 43: licfcnsc Stamp Committee 2, 3, 4, lPrcsi- rlcnt 4lg Usher Graduation and Class Day 2, 3, 4: Usher at Senior Reception: Class Pzirty Committee 43 Play Cast 4. JEANNE DUNTON Stuclcnt Council 35 Dccorating Committcc, junior Promg Publicity 4. JACQUELINE DURBIN Ik-corating Cornniittce, Senior Rcccption. MARION DUTTON Corridor Patrol 3, 4: Safety Council 3, 4. RICHARD ELLIS Football 3, 41 Hockey 41 Honor Socicty 43 Red Crossg lflectiong Usher at Gradua- tiong Gift Connnittcc 4. DONALD FAIR Publicity 4: Class Party Committee 4. MATILDA FAIR Coinmcrcial Club 4. THE' SASSAMON JEAN FLYNN Girls' Athletic Z, 3: Clee Club 23 Commer- cial Club 43 Candy Committee, Senior Play 4. MARILYN FOSTER Glee Club 3, 5, 4. ROBERT GILBERT C. S. Navy. BARBARA GILMORE Corridor Patrol 2, 5, 43 Glee Club 2, 33 Honor Society 4: Safety Council 2, 3, 4: Decorating Committee, Junior Prom 3. lChairmanJ: Senior Executive Board 43 Commercial Club 4: Usher at Senior Play: Decorating Committee, Senior Reception, !Chairmanlg History 4. DOROTHY GLYNN Girls' Athletic 23 Senior Play Castl Com- mercial Club 4. WILLIAM GOSS Publicity 4. LEO GRADY Baseball Z, 3, 43 Hockey 2, 3, 4: Decora- tion Committee tor Football Dance 4: Usher at Framingham-Natick Football game 3, 45 Senior Executive BO211'!lQ Ticket Committee, Football Dance 4. ISABEL GRUPPOSO Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Ballad for Americans 23 Mixed Glec Club 2: Candy Committee. Senior Playg Csher at Senior Reception. v PHYLLIS HALL Commercial Club 4. TI-IELMA HALL Corridor Patrol 3, 43 Glee Club 33 Red Cross 3g Commercial Club 4. I 17" mi 'Q fit.. ff ' 'ax 4 v . 1 "Mx i.- .Q I l i THE SASSAMON MARJORIE HALLSWORTH , . . . , . tnrls Athletic 2, 3, 43 1 orridor l'atrol 2. 3, 41 llefense Savings Collectors 2, 3, 4, Safety Council Z, 3, 43 Student Council 33 Decorating Committee and Usher Coni- niittee. ,Iunior Prom: Cheerleader 31 Clerk for lflections 23 Usher at Senior Recep- tion: Decorating Committee, Senior Re- ceptiong Play Cast 4. JAMES HAMWEY Csher at Senior Reccptiong Usher at Clan llay till lfntertaininent at Cushing 3, 43 l'sher at ,lunior Prom: Sports Night 2, 3, 42 Play Cast 43 llaseball 2, 31 lfootlmll 2, 3, 4 tacting co-captainlg lleeorating Committee. Senior Reception: lloclcey axst. manager 4. ARTHUR HANSEN Football 3, 41 Sports Night 3: l'. S. Navy. NORMAN HARRINGTON lfootball Z, tmanagerli Defense Savings Collectors 3, 43 Glee Club .23 XYar llond Committee 3, 43 junior Red Cross 3. ELLA MAE HATCH Hand 43 Glee Club 4: Knitting Club 43 Entertainment, Football llance 43 Candy Committee, Senior Play: Usher at Senior Reception. HARRIET HAYES Representative to IJ..-X.R. Convention 4: lfsher at Honor Society lnduction 31 Cor- ridor Patrol 3, 4, tCommi5sionerl 1 Defense Savings Collectors 43 Glee Club Z, 3, 43 Safety Council 3, 4: Sassamon Board 3, 4. tlfditor-in-chieflg VYar Savings Coinmit- tee Z. 3, 4. lVicc Pres.l3 Victory Concert Z: Usher at Thanksgiving game 3: Mixed Clee Club 2: Ticket Committee, ,lunior Prom fChairmanlg Ticket Committee. Senior Play: Student Council 41 Soloist at Graduation, Registrar, Sophomore Class Z. JEAN HEWITT Glee Club 3, 41 llrum Majorette 2, 3, 4, tHead Majorette 41: Red Cross Collector 4: Tuberculosis Ifund Collector 4g Ticket Committee for jacket lfuml Z. GRAHAM HILTZ Glee Club Z5 Sassainon Board 31 lkher at Graduation 2, 3: Properties, Senior Play. GWENDOLYN KERMODE DOROTHY KILLEEN Publicity Committee, junior Prom: Com- mcrcial Club 41 Senior Play Cast: llecora- tion Committee, Senior Reception: Clam XK'ill. TH E SASSA MON GLADYS KINSMAN Girls' Athletic 2, 3, 4: Defense Savings Collectors Z, 3: Clee Club Z, 3, 4: Sassa- mon Board Z, 3, 4, Sports Editor 3, 4: Glee Club Librarian 3, 43 A. A. Collector 4: Ticket Committee. Sassamon Dance 4: Favors football dance 4: Decoration Com- Favors, Decoration and Ticket Commit- tees. Football Dance 4: Cheerleader 4: lfsher at junior Prom: Invitations and Entertainment Committee, Sports Dance 4: Mixed Glee Club Z: Red Cross Com- mittee 3, 4: Usher at Senior Reception: Class Party Committee: Senior Play Cast: Class Poet. LORETTA KRESHPANE Girls' Athletic 2, 3, Corridor Patrol 2, 3, 4: Defense Savings Collectors .21 Safety Council 2, 3, 4: Sassamon Board 3: Stu- dent Council 3: Commercial Club 4: Class Treasurer Z: Decorating Committee for junior Prom and Senior Reception. MARY LANE Girls' Athletic 2: Orchestra 2: Commercial Club 4. ANITA LEAVITT tllee Club Z, 3, 4: Mixed Glee Club: Ballad for Americans Z: VVar Savings Committee Z, 3, 4: Secretary 3: Usher at Senior Play: Decorating Committee. Senior Play. DOROTHY LeCLAlR Commercial Club 4. ALBERT LePACE Football Dance 2: junior Prom. JAMES LOCKHART U. S. Navy. JEAN LOWELL Candy Committee for Senior Play. JANE LUPIEN Girls' Athletic 2: Glee Club 3. 4: Sassa- mon Board Z, 3, 4: Senior Executive Board: Ticket Committee, Senior Play: invitations for Senior Reception. RITA LYNCH -45,4 egg. I ., . , 2- rl ., K Rfs . fit: . 1 to - ,- .- .auf-' ' ' in-2, x e if aug 'Y -awganw USDO- , 'sf X 'ala' 1 I 'MW 445 il' 'i -,4 THE SASSAMON DOUGLAS MacALPlNE llziucl 2, 5. JEAN MAIN K'ui'ricltu' Vsllrul .51 l,k'l'CllSk' SQlYlllj15 ful- lcrltirs .lg Glu' lllllli -lg lluliliritj' -1. MARY MALOON R' f ' I IM-lbiiw Savings L'ollv1'tm's -li Szussiiiimi , . . . . . lmzircl 2. .li laucly Ctiiiiiiiittvv. Sviiiur Play -13 l'i'uplicry 41 Claus llilt Cmiiiiiittm' 2, 3, -11 l'ixcm'iitivc llmuwl 33 Uslici' :it Sports Xiglit 3' l'slwi' :tt llumir F-ucicty luclur- tiiiu .lg 'l'ickvt CUlIllIllllk'l'. .luuiur l'rtuu1 l'i'n-xirlciit, CUlllll1Cl'l'l1ll Club -1. ROBERT MARDEN lwmtlmall 3, -lg lluckcy 3, -lg Mlm' Qlulm 23 Curriclur Patrol 3, 41 Safety Ciiiiiicil 3, -l: Sassziuitui lluarcl Z3 l'1Xk'l'llllYL' lluzircl 31 l'i't-sirluut ul' Rt-cl Cross 41 L'slicr :it -luuim' l'rtu1i3 lvll2lll'llll1lll Pulilicity Qluwuiiittcc fur ,lziclwt lrllllfl -lg llccorzitiug CniiiiiiittcL'. , lfuutlizill llzuicv -lg lf, S. Navy. GENO MARTINELLI Orrlicslrzi Z, 3, -lg lfuutlizill -lg llaiul 2, 3, -l. WALLACE MATHEWS llasclmll 2. lklzuizigcrl: Huckcy 2, 3. 43 L'urriclur Patrol 53 tilt-c Club 2: Salt-ty Couucil 31 Student Cmiiiril 2. 33 .X .-X. Collcftm' 3: lla-coratiiig Ciiuiiuittcv. ,luuiur Prmui Ulziss Prcsiflcut Z, 33 'l'ivlu-t Umu- uiittvc, lfmitlmall llaucc 41 lfiitwtsiiiiiiiciil :tml lleroratiou Coiuiuittvcs, Sports llzuiu- 4, lfxccutivc Bwzircl .lg Clit-1-rlszirlt-1' 43 I lllici' at Senior Rcrcptimig Class llnrty CUIlllllllll'i'. GEORGE McCARTHY lfrmtluall -l. ROBERT McCARTHY l.igliiiui1 :mfl Wiring. l7L't':wi'aitimi Lluuuiit- tm-c, Scuiur Rcrc-ptimi: l'ropcrty fmuuiit- tcc, Svuiur Play: lfuutlmll 1, -13 llzuqlmll 3: Salt-ty Patrol 4. MARIE McCAULEY l't-iiiiiicrcizil Club -1. RUTH MCCRACKEN llvfviisc Savings Collcctui's 2. 4: lllrc Ululi Q I 3: Stuclcut Coiiuvil -3 lxccl Crow Cluiuuitr tccl Cmiiiiiwfial fluli -lg XN':ir Sziviuga Cuiiiiiiittcci 'llickt-t CUIllllllIlL't', Scuiur Play, . IHF 'SASSAMCJN ANN McGRATH Girl! .Xtltlc-tu' 2, 3, 43 Cfvrrltlur Patrol 2, 3. -li Glvc Clulm 3, 4. fpianistli Urrltcstrza 2. IN tx Q utul P 3 4 I euntuxl Stu gfztfcr' "tw 1 'A ..,,, s if - flcnt Cutltwil 3, 41 Rail Cross 31 fltccr- czulcr 4: ,ltmiur lixecutivc Board: .-X. .-X. fulln-t'ttrr -lg Pittrmn and I'1IlIt'I'I?llllIIlClII Qmnxnittces, Sports llanfc -l: Cltztirtnztn of I,i'I'tll'IlIItllI Q'tmnnlttc'c'. Fuotlwall llanvc 42 Nlusir Cullllttittvc, junlur Prom: Yictury mutt-rt 21 lklwr :tt Sc-niur lit-Ct-ptiuxtl Play Czut -1. DOROTHY McGRATH t,lt-c Clulr 3: l7ct'm':ning Cmmmlittct- fur ltmiur I-'rt-nt: Curnrrmmflal Cluln 4. MARJORIE McIN'I'OSH lit-frcslnnt-nt klmnnittct-, vlunim' Prt-tn: C'mnn1crvi:tl Club -I. IRENE McMANUS 'ex . "u't'ttL' -1: Kla'urCttc 2. 33 lllcc llc tl Xlftj 1 J Clulr 33 Ptulmlirity Cmnxnittcc lm' ,luniur Prmng Girls' Xtltlm-lit' 2. FRANCIS McSWEENEY liasclmll 2. .51 lrluckcy 3, 41 Iiancl 2, 3, -13 Xlaltagt-r in llztst-lmztll lg Register for vat! ng -li Publicity. ANTHONY MELCHIORRI llzwn-lmztll 31 llzuul 2, 3, -lg I51't'lIl'NIl'2i Z, 3. 4. PAUL MEYMARIS lit-lt-ttw Saringx Ctlllccttmrs 3, -li Urfluw- tra 2: Rt-cl Crmx L'txmmittcc 33 L. S, Coast luarrl. JUNE MILLER Girls' .Ntltlt-tit' Z, .lg S?l5S21111UlI lltmrrl Z, 33 Lluxttm-rt'1ztl Clulm -lg Clue-flu-r for lflurtiml 1 Vnlu-r at Svuiur lit-vcptimw. JEAN MILLS C'ul11tm-:vial Clulm -1. MARY MORAN '45 QI 'UI I! 1 ,fd W' ,is , mer THF SASSAMON GEORGE MORRIS Football 43 llockcy 3. 43 lfshor at junior Prom: Sport Night jacket Fund 33 Voting on ballot Z3 lfntct'taintncnt Coinntittcc for lfootlmll llanrc 43 lf. S. .-Xrniy. BARBARA MORSE Conunt-rt'ial Club 43 RCl'I'K'SlllIIt'Ill Conl- nnttcc. Senior Rcfcption. CHARLES MURPHY ltotvllillll 43 Hockey 2, 3,43 Cort'idor Patrol 2, 3, 43 Glu' Club .23 llonoi' Socicty 3, 43 Sassainon Board 2. 3, 43 Senior lfxccutivc lloard: Cslicr at Graduation and Class Hay 33 Representative to Mass. Boys' State 33 Hall Committee, Senior Rcvcp- tiong Play Cast 4. MARILYN MURPHY Knitting Club 33 Sassamoi: Home Room Collcctor 3, 43 Chevkcr in lflections 3, 43 Candy COIIIIIIIIICC. Senior Play. HAZEL NAJAS Girls' Atlilctit' Z, 33 Hand 23 Glu- Club 23 Publicity. ' DOROTHY NICHOLS Girls' Athletic Z3 Salvage Committeu .23 Commt-rvial Club 43 Senior Play Cast. DANA OLSON liaseball 23 Hand 2, 3, 43 Sassainon Board 1 HAROLD PAECHT Li. S. Navy. DORIS PARKER Glu' Club 2, 33 Honor Society 43 Sassa- inon lioard 3, 43 Chairman ot' Publicity Comniittcc for junior Prom: Literary l'nblicity for Senior Play: Invitations Committm-0. Svnior Revcption, ROBERT PEASE Football 43 Red Cross 3, 43 Refresbtncnt Ct:IIIIIIIltl'f'. Sports Dance 43 Dt-roration Cominittct' 3, 43 U. S. Navy. T H E S AS S A M O N KATHERINE PETERS Girls' Athletic Z, 33 Commercial Club 41 Program Committee for Senior Play: Typist, Sassamon Yearbook 4, MARION PETTEE Girls' Athletic 2, 43 Defense Savings Col- lectors 2 ,3, 4g Clee Club Z, 3, 43 Refresh- ment Committee, junior Prom: XVar Sav- ings Committee 2, 3, 4: Refreshment Com- mittee. Football Dance 41 Checker for Senior Election: Counter for Sophomore Election. LENA PIERRO Girls' Athletic 23 Refresllment Committee for Football Dance. BETTY PIGNATELLI Girls' Athletic .Zg Refreshment Committee tor Sassamon Dance 3. HELEN PINEAU ELENA PISANO Commercial Club 4. JOHN POWERS Sassamon Board 33 Poster Commitee for junior Promg Properties, Senior Play. SALVATORE PROFETTO CLAIRE PULSIFER WILLIS REED Decoration Committee for Senior Recep- tion: C. S. .-Xrmy. 'R A., 'Q' I 7' S- x lxls -A' nl 1 THE SASSAMON RICHARD RIBOTTO lf S. Navy, JEAN RIKER X 1 - - Q Mlcc Llnlm 1, 33 llunur 5-ncwty -lg Sawza- xmm Iiuzircl 43 Stuclcnt Council lg lr. RHI S1-slum' Play. N. RUTH ROBERTS Girls' .Xllllc-tix' Z, 3, 4, VINCENT ROBERTS Pmtcr Cmnlnitlrc fm' Ifmrtlmll llanvc -13 Lf S. Navy. DONALD ROBERTSON llall 41 Rt'fl'6il'llllt'lll Connniltvc. Foutlmll llancc 3, 43 Patron Cmmnittcc of ,lackvt xv Fund llama- 43 Slmrtx Night 4. 5 15. VITO SAMMARTANO S l U l ul ummm LL wr an Rcuptnm vuratum umm: -- my all llanrc 'nc ' "c O n .., . Q lDecur'1tim1 Lom- ni lcv. mr 5 ' "L 'C " 'n Q1 - 1 mi tcc, im' Pm lQ 1 .' .' :url Q- .'. DONALD SCHEUFELE .'f' 75' , . . . :gif 'Q 1 LUI'Y'lllU1' Patrol 2, 3, 41 Hmmm' 5-nut-ty 3, 43 Safely Counril 2, 3, 43 Clue-claw' at 'axial ' . ,luniur l'rnmg l'shcr at Clrzuluimtiml 3. , Q . : Q: : 'S HARRY SEAVEY :.,f:,L ,, ,I , , ' K A ,j 7 llzulcctlmall 4: Rell Lrnss Rcprvsclltutlvc -lg 'gl -5 A liutvrtaimnc-nt at Cuslmmg llmpital 3g W4 ' j' lkcrnratiml C'or11111ittvc-, Lighting and XN'il'- ,, 5 J ff ing 4, OLIVE SEELEY Red Crow Rl4llI'l'5l'l'lf?l.llYC 43 Tirkct Unn- mittcr, Senior Playg lnvitatiun fur Sc-nim' Reception: flift Q'HlIlllllltl'k'. PAUL SHAGOURY L. S. Navy. Qu-V Z3 alumni' l'.Xl'l'llllX'C lhmrclg liznllzul ul .Xxm-riczxm 23 filllllj' Cmxlxwmittvc mr THE SASSAMON PAULINE SHAGOURY Girl! Atliletie 2: Musie Committee: Com- mereial Club 41 Refreshment Couiniittee, junior Prom: Candy Committee. Senior Play. ANTHONY SIMEONE lfootlmall 2, 5, 43 Senior lfxeeutiye Board: Music Committee for liootliall llanee 42 XYrestling at Sport Night 33 Class Leader Z. 5, 43 Hall Committee, Senior Reeeptionq lf S. Navy. RHODA SULLIVAN ELSIE SWANSON ,. , . V, . . birls .Xthletie 2, 31 Satety Council 2, 3, -12 Sassamon Hoarcl 3, 41 Student Couneil 51 Commercial Club 43 Cheerleader 31 Decorating Committee for Junior Prom: Senior Exeeutive Board -15 Decorating Conunittee for Sports Dance 3: Decorat- ing Committee for lfootliall llanee 33 Reading Committee for Senior l-'lay 4: Program Coinniittee. Senior Play: llonor Soeiety 4. MARGARET SWEENEY THELMA SYRBICH t'ommereial Cluli 4. NORMA TAYLOR Usher at Senior Play, MARJORIE TEMPLE Girl! .Xtliletie Z: lfsliei' at Senior Play, MARY TEMPRENDOLA Refrexliinent foumiittee at Senior Recep- tion. SUSAN TENNEY Girl! Xtliletie 31 Coinniereial Kilulm 4, THE SASSAMCN IRENE TOWNE Glee Club 3, 4. LEWIS VALLE lfootlmll 2, .lg lloekey Z, 3, 43 junior Reel fron 3. JOHN VANDER MEER KATHERINE VERCOS Girls' Athletie Z1 Glee Club 43 Decorating l'onnnittee for Football llzniee 43 Com- niereial Club 41 Candy Committee, Senior Play: Refreslnnent Committee 2. EDWARD WALL Football 3, 3, 43 Student Council 3: Cheek- ing, Sports Dance 3: Publicity. Sports lliillfe 42 Properties, Senior Play. ESTELLE WALLIS Refrerluiieiit Connnittee, Football Dance 4: Assistant Registrar for Class lileetions 43 Play Cast 4. AGNES WILSON Defense Savings Collectors Z, 5, 4: Glee Club 43 Honor Society 3, 4: Ticket Com- mittee for Senior Play ffliairnianl. ALBERTINE WINN Illec Club Z, 3, 43 Majorettc with Band Z, 3. HE SIASSAA M O N I1 FACULTY 1945 Hzmwlrl C. Sean k'l1z1rIc-x 'lf NIz11wf1 Iimtrive IJ, Hlmvrlc-ll R:1l11l1 -I. Nlzxrtin l'fl1z:1l1c-111 R. 22151111111 Iiclwzml Nl:1yI1c1'gc-r H1-I4-n E, C1n11111lly L'l1:11'les IC. NlvNln11115 Xlnry ff.C111111f1ll1' lle'lc11 IS. XlcXl:11111N lzmvt I.. QT1'R'kk'I' lfflith KI. Nutt lxalwcllm' Xl. Cl1T1'1t'l' Hc111'j.' -I. Iylflllwxl' Hn-1011 H. l3c'Xlc'1'ill H1140 1.. Ql1:1CkL'11l1l1wl1 Xluric- V, IJ1111:1l1m- NI:11'g11r'r1tc' L, R:1t1fc1'l1 L'lz1yI1111 If. f1ZlI'fllIl'1' lf1111lAx' l,. 5111111111111 Ilvlm-11 Nl, fl1'11x'1-x l1lAl'2llll VI. 5111111111 l'tr:111u-5 Xl. llayw Efrlwzml X. XXl1itc' N111'111:1 KI. H1111-x lJz11x1 XI XX'1lflI1111' Hflllllr XI:1l111 uxwlu li2lYl1ll'l'l1 XY. Y111111g THE SASSAMON 1 1 x MAI"F1iO, U. S. N R. THE SASSAMON CAPT. XYILLIAM M. CAREY, U. A-X. A. F, tw, :Expl- ll 'I'HIf SASSAM , ., .. .. . . , . . I IIA' If A I, I.IImI-I':', Il, l'.IIIx, nl. link:-r, Il Iiumx, Klux Xmmuxg, ISI lIII:u'vI111I. I ' ' -- I ,- f' ffl! fff- . I, I,II'lllll'Ill2HI, I' QzII'fIcIIIu'InII X XXIINIIII, l. KIIIVUIIX, IJ. I'al'kI'r. I. 'XVIIIIIIIII HONOR SOCIETY 194-I1 - 1915 I vim! CIIQIVII-N KIIIVIIIH 'I:.- f"'. wlI'1rI Xgmw XXIIIMIH .NH I In ,HH , Ihvris I':IrkI-r XVIII' I IfI'llII'I'l'.s' . . , , . I , Iuxrx XI'IIl'IlII'. DIIIIII' Ilm-IIIII-Ilzall, I'1':I1Ik I'1I'1IcII1I'III1u IQIIAIIJIVII QIII2ll'l'IlIIl. XIZIVIK' QIIII ANI I: IIIIIII IIIVIIN, I'.Iuf:II1cIII Ilmwumxxmg, Ilfmifl Hmm, Ix1I'IIzIrfI I'.IIIy Ifzxrlmrzi I.IImurI-, IIII ., .. , I .',,.. D XI lI.IIIl1,MII1I XIJIIIIIII, IxI1III NIICIAIIXIII, .XII ll KII'IlrnII1,C'I1:II'Iu- Nlurphy. Ihlrix Iznleu If':4II IQIIXVI, IJIIIIQIIII Ss'II4'IlI':'II, IJIIVI' SvI'II'y, I'.IxII' SIXYZIIINUIII ,Mgvlcw XXIIINIIII, lun III Il.'lnIw: I' I . IQ1I:I IM' XIIHVIIN I':IIrIII:I IJ-IIIAIIIII-, IxII.I I':Ir'II-xg IJIIIIIIIII UI-ull NIQIIW 1211141111 IIII- KIIIIKRIX IIIJIIIII-I' -II III1' X:IIIIIII:1I IIIIIIIII' SIII'IvII wzlx In'g:u1izcII In NI IIIII II-r I'I4D NX NI-nun' llIl'lIIIlI'I'N II:III Iwmm IIIITII-II III IIII-11' IIIIIIIPI' wsu' :IIIII IIIIIKII II' JIIIIIIIIII-II III IIf'k'l'IIIIll'I' :I:1fI .I-I:II'rII III. IIN' IIIIIIIVVIIILQ NCIIINII I'I':I1'. NINIIIII-INIIIII l'l'I'IIIIffIIl'N wvrr IJVIWLIIIIII In Xlr. bvzux Im XX I-IIIII-xfI:II' I'YI'lIH1Q XI IQX' IIIIIIA I'IIIN. III-:Ir'I:Ig IIIC' XIIIIIIIIJII IIIIIII-I' mmm-II I'IIII:II-In XX'l'I't' IIII' QIII III IIII II I IIIIII-rw III wIIIIIII UIIIIIIIIIII1- :IIIII wa-Ir l1I'I'wIIIc'rI 'II gI':IfIIIzIIIuII, 1 IIIr IIIt'IIII1t'T'N -II IIII' IQIIIIIVX QIIIII c-IIIc'I't:1Im-II thc- 1111-IIIIII-IN III IIII' IIIIIIIII mt IIIIIIIII N IIII-Ix :II :I IIIIIIIII-IIII Im TIII' IIIII1 III IIIIIV, HI :II'I'rII'rI:IIIm'z' WIIII :I pIc':1N: I : IIINIIIIV. THF SASSAMON li - , '1 - , 1- A Q lflfrlv rw-'rw li. fxlnrclcmm, R. llnlculm, ll, linvn, lx. Llu-vrvm, lx. Llu:u'cl1l:1, .X. Putlcr. S, l'm lvltrl, ll. lltkxllgcflls, Al xlUl'I'lN, ,. ,, , ,. . llllfll wil" ll. Nln'Q:1rt5'. H, lrzuk, l'. Sluuuwr, ll, XlcN:llx', DI. ljilfli. 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Xl. ll:1Tn'lt. ,H .v.,, -4 . .- ima - Lil ' I THE sA'ssAMoN The following boys Arena, Gene Arminio, 'llony Carr, William Channell, Gordon Clasby, james Condon, Edward Corbosiero, Anthony Devereaux, Lawrence Ellis, Richard Franeiose, james BASKETBALL Arlninio, Tony Atkinson, Glen Carr, VVillia1n Clieeani, Richard Crowley, john Haddad, james Noonan, john Robertson, Donald Sehavone, Francis Seianna, Luigi Shaw: George Rogers, George Dutton, Fred LE TTERMEN earned their letter in 1944-45: FOI JT H ALL Garvin, Edward Hainwey, james Hansen, Arthur Lockhart, james Lowry, 'llhonias Marden, Robert Martinelli, Geno McCarthy, Robert McCarthy, George Morris. George BASEBALL Atkinson, Glen Devereaux, Lawrence Driscoll, john Grady, Leo Robertson, Donald Shaw. George Stieka. Yangie l"raneiose, james Adams. George Arena, Gene Leland, Lester Nims, XYarren Murphy, Charles Pease, Robert Profetto, Salvatore Robertson, Donald Sanmiartano, Vito Shaw, George Simeone, Anthony Stieka, Yangie Trask, Harry HOCKEY Adams, George Condon, Edward Devereanx, Lawrenee Driscoll, john Garvin, Edward Grady, Edward Grady, Leo Lowry, Thomas Marden, Robert Mathews, llallaee BleSweeney, Francis Murphy, Charles Potter, Arthur Valle, Lewis 111 11 THIL BASSAMUN ! 111. 1101" l Kl111'pl11, 11. .Xl'k'll?l. ul. l"1'21111'i11s1', XY, Ninn, li. lXl111'1'is, C. llriggx. li, SI12111 if, 1,:11'1'111, X. Stivlca. l,. IJ1-1'1'1'1'2111x, XY. l'211'1', ll K11l11-1'1N1111. 'lf l.111x1'5. li k,'l12111111'll, Il 'll1I1xl1. 1 1111111 11 1 k'11.11'h 11111111111 .l, kllnxhy, fi Xlwrrix, lf, Llllllflflll. li. Xlliill, li. Xlkllllfllljf ,l lP1'1x111ll, Al hl1'l'l'lN, K. lillixl li. Xl21r1i111'lli, 'X SlI'I1l'Ul1l', fi. Kl1'C'211'1l1x', l'11:11l1 5l.1111111 I " lilhllll '.?""llf1"1l1'11l1. 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Morris, T. Nlunzuwv, Ai U'L'm11u-ll, tl, Rum-re, Mr, Slmnin. Muwnl :Af 'lf Uhrlxlic, KI. Nfvrd, lf. SCIIHVUIIC, XY. liruwn, R. Clwrani, XY. Curr, I SQWJIIIIXZI, P. Hal'l1i1'lc, R. Mann. Wm Q., .' ,I Frnm'imv, ,I Haflfladg ll, Xtkinwn, U Rohcrtsmm, T. .'xr'miniu, il, Sham lhl- hw -I. k'r'mxh'v. BASKETBALL Jwtlmll Nm-:mmm uf 1944-45 upvrwrl with a IIIICXIKTIKJKI flclfvat hy' Xu-rl hmm lhgh Sclnml hy thu: sunt uf 27-25. 'lxhc scasfm clmccl with 21 NVCH-C'1l1'l1l'fl uv!--rx Hu-1 II ulmfmml ru 11 I'T'lI1lII1 ' 'z ' A 1 "z 'Q ' Sham IO' thc scurc of 30-Z". 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Cnatly' BASEBALL 'l'liix icuii lizuelizill tezun all tliix IDZll'IlClllZll' juncture luis inet witli nitiflerrite Nlieeexx, liziving rlefezlterl tlie ztreli rival, lfrztininglvnii twive, Wellesley twice, Klztrl- , , . , . . . lnm- iiiiee, Nc-eilliznn twice, :intl lizuing liven clelentecl ln' INui'w4nicl twice, Klillnrrl zinfl Xlzilpule iinee. XM- lizive yet In play Waliinlc' ztnfl XlZll'llllll'H Z1 xemiicl tiine. line In ai nntieezilvle luck tif experience on tlie wart of 75921 nl mn' players we lizive lieen nnzilile lu rnntiiine uni' line 'liunrney reeurmls. lint tlie experienee lliew limp are ffelling will It-ml tlieni in gnml atezicl fm' next Yf'fl1'. 5 Lt-ti 111-lilly lm, I-niitiiiiiefl In liiteli tlie Nteacly liraiicl uf liall that wan respmisilile fur uni' lieing in tlie Claw A State Tfniiriicy lust rear, wliile -lnnie liraiieimf' :Incl 'Illini .Nrniiniu. Iwi, lit-ix playing tlieir first year at l98.SCl'lZlll. gave lla tlie iit-et-vztiy pnneli Ili put niztny garlic-N river. 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IIIIIIINIIII, II, Naj GIRLS' PHYSICAL FITNESS PROGRAM 'III IIII ,III-' IIIIIgI':IIII I'llY' I'IIxwiI'zII I:IIIll'55 IN I'IIIIIIIII'II-II III IwII lmrts, IIN' Ilxm III II 'N III 'III XIIIINI:Ix IIIIII XX t'fII1l'NII1lX' ill IIN' .XsNI-IIIIIII' II:III ILIIII IIN' :IIII'I'-xIfIIIIIII . , , . IRIIXIIII N III III IIII .XII'IIfI:IX', XX i'fIII1'NfI1lX' QIINI II1I1I'NfI1lX'JlIICI' NQIIIIIII. X.. III I III :IIII'I' -IIIIIIIII IIrIIgI':IIII I-IIIINIXIN III .'XI'L'IIL'I'X :IINI X IIIII-VIIIIII, IIN' IX III . , , . , , . . . , I II II II I IIII I'l'gIIIN1I.IIl'I' IIIZLIIIQXQIYIIIQIIIIIIt'IlI1IIlIlII'N IIIIIII the .XIJIWI x':II'z1IIII1I, IIN - ' I I I 'KIIXIIH IINIIIIIII II:INIII'III:III. IIIIIIHII' .XI'I'IN'I'x :IIIII IIQIIIIIIIIIIIIII, IIN' bynwng XIII 'I IIII IIIIIIIIII N SIIIIIIJIII :IIIII .XI'I'IIl'l'X', IIN I III ,XI-l'IIfII.YX QVIIIIIJ INIIININII-II III' 24 IlTK'IIl'I'N. C'c'I'tIIII':lII'- LIINI IIIIIIIIIIIIX NI- WIIII IIIIJIIIIIINI :II x':II'I:IIIII II!wI:IIN'I-N IIII' IIN' I'c'IIIIII'cII IIIIIIIIIQI' III II IIII XI III IQIIIII-Im :IIIII IQI1:I I'iII.I'Il'X' IIINIIIIII-II LII .XII 5':II'IIx. II-III.III XI-:INIIII III,-g:III :II'lI'I' Q'III'INIIII:IN, Il:IIIN-N we-rv IIIAIIJII WIIII XXIII IIINI IIIII ID III-I' IIIIIII II-:IIII- II:zII wry QIIIIII I'L'CIlI'IIN IIIII IIN' X:1tII'II gII'Ix XX'lIlI .III I I 'III II N IIIN X :III-I wIII'II IIN' IIIIII Il'7!IIlXX'IlIIrIl'I1'2lIl'fI I,I1Xt'I'. XII'IIIIN-Ix III IIN' II , I , . II IIII XXIII II-:III IIIIIII-I, Capt, KI1II'I' IQIIIN-VIN, QzIrIIII'II IIII:II'IIIII:III, XIJIII l:II'I'IIII " I, ': . -' -1 . . vm l'I'N I IIN' N1'l"!l'I IFZUII :IIIII NXIIIN wflc I IN.IIII IIIII IIIII XIYIFIQHI XI II II I In III N IXIII II:I:I, IZIIIII I:IIN' XXI-IIII, LIIIIIIIIXI II:II'I', .XVIII-III' Xlrwm, INIZIX' XIIQII-tim I IIIIII IIIIIII-, XIJIIIIIIIIN- I',l1Ir, XI:II'x II-IIIIIIIQX. II,I1,II:IIII'If.Il1 IIII Igpfmf fmII.l THE SASSAMON K llltl-.Rl.l:.AlJl,RS C. .-Xliniviiiii 'lu IAN-kim,-y nl. Breiiiiciiiaii ll. Kiiixnian ,-X. Klfllrzitli M. llraiit XX. Nlzillim-xx -, Girls' Physical FiIllPSS Program Cl30l1filIllPllj 'lllic llzuliiiiiilmi ,llHllI'llZll1ll'lll calls-cl init 24 girls. lii tliv claw cliziiiipiiimli ii playufls Riilli l,4lVVl'l'N was Suliliiiiiiim- Clizuiipiiiii, Nlziry Rulicrls Iuiiim' :uicl Nl.i x Carmll fm' tlic' Scnimw. llwi' llie Ncliiiril gliziiiipimixliip Riilli lliiweiw, ri wplimiifi clcfczitcrl last year! cliaiiipimi, Xlziry Cziiwwill. :Xii liirlmn' :Xi1'liei'i' Cliziiiiimiumliiim vvaa lin-lil iii llic: ilxiii ini April ll. 'lllii 5 tlie first tn lie liclrl iii Natick. Nlziry lQcilir1'ts wuii tlic- Qliziiiipifimliiii :uifl llic' timlmlix wliicli is tu lic prcwiilccl to tlic xuliwil at tlic liiizil ziwrml ziwciiilily. 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Thus, instead of being a regular, he bccainc a cripple for half the season, but each day saw him at practice until his knee was strong enough to allow him to once again take part in our daily work- outs. 'I'ony's deeds will not be emblazened in the history of Natick's athletics but he has won a distinction with his coaches and his classmates because of his spirit and loyalty. Seniorsqhockhart, Hamwey, Pease, McCarthy, Sammartano, Simeone, Robertson, llrofetto, Hansen, Arniinio, Marden, Clasby, Condon, Ellis, Morris. and lYall-we salute you. Your example has added to the glory of Natick High and you have lived up to its best traditions. May good luck pursue you in your future endeavors, and may your example be an inspiration to the Natick High athletes of the coming years. The season's record: Natick Marlboro Natick Vlfellesley Natick Clinton Natick 4 Maynard Natick Milford Natick 13 Norwood Natick llellesley Natick Hudson Natick Needham Natick 14 Framingham Hockey I Continued j to score three times to go ahead. Then just 25 seconds before the game's end they were tied but they again demonstrated their superiority by sinking the winning goal with only 10 seconds remaining. That linish is typical of the spirit that made this team such an outstanding sextet and was part of the reason why Boston sports writers Called them the great- est "opportunists" in school boy hockey. Un the all star teams that were selected at the end of this season, six of the Natick boys were named to the Eastern Massa- chusetts team that triumphed over the best in Bay State loop. Certainly the class of 1945 has reason to be proud of its contribution to the championship. The number one player not only of this team but in the state was Captain Leo Grady who was easily the best schoolboy ice performer of the year. Charlie Murphy was all star in every sense of the word, the most improved player on the squad he performed' with equal brilliance both on the forward line and on defense. Bob Nlarden and Ed. Condon whose steady aggressive and intelligent play enabled the team to reach the heights. All of these boys will be missed in 1946 and may the standards of sportsmanship and fair play that they have set, be continued as successfully in the years to come. The hockey record follows: Natick Lexington Natick Hudson Natick XYaketield Natick Somerville Natick Brookline Natick Dedham Natick Malden Natick 2 Hudson Natick Somerville Natick Stoneham Natick Dedham Natick Walpole wx? --...f x an , if -- Y X z. .3 j. x A P V f? ' 5 A , 5 , wi , 5.-.'1u?.', 'f 'I 1 X 'lfffrr 14 -,-,JU 43' ,- Yi, if 'HL 2935 1, 1. we ,f six 1 I x .A 4. Q ... fb' 3

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