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'v 11" 4 Y P ' ".' ' ape ' , - ,1 v. , -JJ."-'A' - .- ,YT L 1' "W 1- - ",'. 1 ' , if .'4 " 4 I 4 . TQ, .rtyflffjl 4 ' :ff .' s ' 1 -I V I .L .4' , . Q., .gr g 1 " I, . 1 N l.' R ,gf 1? .v 4 . - . . 5 . f .vw ff' . , '. .if ,4 .f W 'Pi' Eff ul- , 'F .411 ,j ,. , r 1 Q , , -' ' 'QQ-. '-. p n- .3 'E-kk, "-'MM' i.. , . , ,J .. ,LW - ,rf wg r' 21 ' .' ' ' .. ,'g":.-.I -1? ' '1u'.v L IQ sf". ., g.. ., . , ,Nw 'g Q aw' 1 .,."v,.'f M vTf".f.. A Y x' 'X V I f- QI'-' '31 vi. ' 4, V, :,'- fv .-,g.. -A ' Q ' .I L' A, 'v - - 1 , . A 'ti-1 "- . lr. N X W L 'F "ig: .K 'pjif' .5 r.-, Vg V Q , z-viva 1 1 Inf' -, . -,ir H '.'Tf.g! . LVL' , 'J " 3 'yi .ny 7' 1'-'4 If fr, '-4,1732 15 cl 1, .r .J - A ' by-Q":'72Q1 4 " H. ,Q I mf? , N. A ', -A ,.' Y-1 31 TESL 1 Q 1 9 1-K-T: , Y , hi :l g Ax -,jytvl 66l'Z.66llLZ.0lI ffm Class of 1015 of ffm Nfzfifk S6'lII.0I' Pliglz SFXIOUI, loivizzgly a'ed1'1'11fc ffzis, our Senior lvCIl7'b00ll3, fo 3112 dlfrea' J. ywzlffeo, 1'fC1'iCa' our f7I'flI6'I'gDIll 1.11 July, 1012, fo .vfzzfccd H111 E7'Yi'1.l1 Dflifij' 1f700a'f911r.1' adm bcffznzc our 115-fc' .S'Ilf7Cl'- 1'11fe11a'c111' of .s'1'f1ool5. fllr. A105611 15 II ,Q'l'flIlllllIfU of F1'f1'f1b111'g Higfz Sffmof and Hof,1' Cro.s1v Colfcgv. HU re- fefifea' his 1W11.s'fcr of EdllI'lIf1'lll1 Dcglve' af BUXIQ11 L71ZI.'Z'C7'j'l'fj' 1.11 1912. H LW 1c'11,s' H C1101 of our H1.Sflll'.1' Dvpfzrfnlczzf for .N'L'i'L'I'II! .1'CIll',V bv- fore his c'lCI'1'I'0lI IIA' pr1'111'1'p11l. lfe -1c'1'sf1 him IIIIIIIU1' yczzzxv uf fzcfzlffz, 111111111- ness and 5111'1'e5,v 111 f11',s' uma' fm.v1'1'1'11 11. Hffs' ,gczzirzl Lil.5f70.YI.fl'0lI fmx IIIFCIIIZID1' 11111010 111.111 1111111.11 friezzds. 4 THE SASSAMON GRADUATION PROGRAMME Processional, "Marche aux Flambeaux" Clark lligh School Orchestra National Anthem Senior Chorus lnvocation Rievmtcr-an FREDERICK NV. Ames Address of YVelcome Henry joseph Agostinelli Vice-President of Class of 1943 Piano Solo, "Concerto No. l-First Movement" 'I'Jl'lllIlL'll'l'.fkj' Priscilla Ethel Harvey Essay, "Awakened America" Eleanor joan Buckley Selection, "God of all Nature" T.n'l111ikf1fv.fk3' From the Andante of the Sth Symphony Senior Chorus Farewell Address Harold Orrin Rosen President of Honor Society Selection, "Ave Maria" Franz Sfflllfifff Marion Priscilla Church Address Presentation of Diplomas Harold H. johnson Chairman of School Committee Alma Mater Lurilr Nirlmlr '26 Class of 1943 Recessional, "Festival March" .ilffllzifljjflllll Edward Michael Clasby, Marshal CLASS DAY PROGRAMME Processional, "Marche aux Flambeaux" Clark High School Orchestra N ational Anthem Senior Chorus Address of Yvelcome Henry joseph Agostinelli Selection, "God of All Nature" T.trl1aikofv.tky From the Andante of the Sth Symphony Senior Chorus History john Murphy Dunn Violin Duet, "Suite for Strings" Parlrc Serenade, Barcarolle, Pizzacato Gavotte Violin-Lydia Isabel Hamilton Viola-jane Allen Cummings Piano-Rodney F. May Class Poem Christine Agnes VVrightson Class Song lI'nrd.r and music by Lydia lsabrl Hamilton Class of 1943 Class VVill Eleanor joan Buckley Saxophone Solo, "Concerto in G" Hfnnrtl Leon joseph Ricardi Presentation of Class Gift Henry joseph Agostinelli Awarding of National Honor Society Emblem s Alfred A. Maffeo Principal, Natick High School Presentation of Athletic Award Edward L. Condon President, Natick Schoolmen's Club Presentation of Good Citizenship Award Mrs. VVilliam D. Gregory Chairman, Pilgrimage Committee Daughters of the American Revolution Awarding of Anna F. Goodnow Scholarship Mrs. Arthur E. Ramsdell President, Natick VVoman's Club Alma Mater Lufilc Nirholx '26 Class of 1943 Recessional, "Festival March" .llrrzdrluolnz High School Orchestra Edward Michael Clashy, 1944, Marshal THE SASSAMON 5 ADDRESS OF WELCOME CLASS DAY PARENTS, TE.-XCHERS AND FRIENDS: In the absence of the President of the Class of 1943, Robert Palladino, who entered Notre Dame University in January, it is my privilege to welcome you to these our Class Day Exercises. We of the Class of 1943 are deeply grateful to all who have made this happy occasion possible. We realize how very fortunate we are to have had the many opportunities that you parents and taxpayers have provided for us. Some of our classmates are now in the service of our country. llany of us will follow them soon. Let us all pray that this horrible war will soon be ended and that whatever our future occupations may be we will make you proud of us. HENRY' AGOSTINELLI CLASS HISTORY HE history of our class begins in September 1940. Prior to this time some of us studied at the Junior High School and others at St. Patricks Parochial School. That was the year Germany became a real threat in Europe. Since that time we have spent three happy and profitable years together. Xlany changes have taken place in that time. We have experienced a change of administration in our school, said farewell to some and welcomed other new members to the faculty. VVe have been affected by the course of world events which have caused many of our classmates to be called to the service of their country. Yet through it all we have remained loyal to Natick High School and the class of 1943. The first few days were memorable ones. llany a Sophomore found himself in the wrong class, confusing the names of the teachers and getting lost in different parts of the building. However, this was soon straightened out and the class of '43 began to feel it really belonged. Class election was held early in October and we were functioning as a unit with the following officers: Charles Haddad, Presidentg Bob Lockhart, Vice-President: Kathleen Condon, Secretary: and Vito Cardellicchio, Treasurer. The year passed swiftly and rather uneventfully. At commencement time there were Seniors in uniform but no one really had any definite idea of what that foretold. Various talented members of our class joined the Glee Club or Orchestra and we were entertained by them on many occasions. llany of our fellow classmates participated in sports and were recognized as capable and sportsmanlike players. Nlem- bers of the class were also elected to the Safety Patrol and SASSAMON Board. September again and our greatest year was before us. VVe returned to find the building being remodeled. This curtailed activities because the gymnasium and as- sembly hall could not be used. With the exception of Vito Cardellicchio who was retained as Treasurer all class officers were new. George Baird became Presidentg Henry Agostinelli, Vice- President' and Lydia Hamilton, Secretary. Y Again Natick had a good year in sports and the following captains were elected: o 'VIIICSASSAMON lfootball, llob Palladinog Hockey, Co-captains Bob U'Connell and Stan hlacphersong Basketball, Bill lflorio: and Baseball, jackie Allen. On December 7th our country was attacked and a state of war was declared to exist between the l'nited States and the Japanese Empire. All students were as- sembled to hear over the radio the President's address and the subsequent declaration of war by Congress. 'l'hese were serious times: First Aid classes were organized, airplane spotters and air raid warden personnel were chosen from ours as well as the other classes in the high school. 'lihe Junior Executive hoard was selected and immediately began working on our one social venture, the Junior Prom. Largely because of their efforts we enjoyed a very successful prom. ln Hay seven juniors were elected to the National Honor Society. They were Leona Kaprielian, ,lane Cummings, Eleanor Buckley, Irene KlcCarthy, Mary Leon- ard, Priscilla Harvey and Harold Rosen. Wie were looking forward to our Senior year and regretting High School would soon be over. After the summer vacation the class of '43 entered its final year. llany had left or were to leave for the various armed services, others went into the accelerated pro- grams of surrounding colleges. The permanent class officers were elected after a hard fought campaign which was concluded by speeches in the assembly hall. Eloquence was the order of the day and many future orators were noted. The following were elected: Robert Palladino, President, Henry Agostinelli, Vice-Presidentg Vito Cardellicchio, Treasurerg and Bar- bara Cowee, Secretary. Our eleven, coached by Klr. Plausse, enjoy ed the most successful season of recent years, winning the Midland League title. Our hoopsters also met with great success receiving a hid to the Tech Tourney which they accepted despite the loss of three star players. ln a hard fought game Rockland defeated Natick C39-295. 'lihe hockey squad despite a poor start enjoyed a good season registering great improvement and Ricardi, liregoli and Xlalpus were selected to play on the Eastern Hass. All-Star Team. Eleanor Buckley was chosen to represent Natick High and be its delegate to the annual Good Citizenship Pilgrimage, conducted each year hy 'lihe Daughters of The American Revolution. The memhers of the public speaking class participated in the American Legion oratorical contest which was won hy Robert Flynn. Bob went on to win regional and county contests and entered the state finals. "Double Date" was selected by a committee of students for our play and casting began in March. 'lihe play presented April 30 was directed by Bliss Donahoe. It was a theatrical as well as a financial success. 'lihe National Honor Society held its induction ceremony on Xlay 19th. Ar this time eight more Seniors were inducted and all members will receive their pins today. Only a few days remain. Soon we shall be members of The Natick High School Alumni. Although we have reached the goal for which we have been working three years, we regret leaving. At this time, however, we feel that we have a great oppor- tunity to put into reality the Natick High School motto - "I Serve." No doubt the majority of us will soon be actively serving our country and it is our hope that we will make a real contribution in keeping the democratic way for future generations. jonx XIURPHY IJUNN THE SASSAMON 7 CLASS WILL VNOVV all men by these presents that we, the depleted war-time graduating class of nineteen hundred and forty-three, Natick High School, of the town of Natick, County of lliddleseg Commonwealth of llassachusetts, being of unsound mind and poor memory do hereby make and publish this our last will and testament. To Klr. llaffeo we leave our heartfelt thanks for his never-ending efforts to help us in our studies, and for his kindness and advice. To the faculty we extend our sincere gratitude for the wisdom which they have endeavored to impart to us: and the hope that they will remember that for their kindly understanding we are forever in their debt. To the Undergraduates we would leave, if we could, much more than we now possess. But since that cannot be done, we leave them the very greatest of eagerness and zest for living and learning that we have. To Xliss VVildbur and Klr. Quackenbush, our Class Advisers, we leave our deepest gratitude for their friendly assistance. To lliss Donahoe we leave our sincere appreciation for the successful presenta- tion of our Senior Play. To Kliss Rafferty we leave the "Encyclopedia Britannica" to enable her to settle all arguments arising in class-one way or another. To members of the faculty who are occupying the new rooms, we leave a case of lava soap to banish those blue chalk stains. To Klr. Gardner we leave a "B" Ration Book for his car so that he may eliminate the time-consuming bus ride and lengthen his beauty sleep in the morning. To Klrs. llchlanus we leave some exceptionally robust Juniors to assist her in carrying the stretchers. To llr. llartin we express the wish that his following years at Natick High will prove to be as successful as this, his initial year. To Klr. Quackenbush we leave our fervent prayers that the geography of this earth will once again be stabilized so that he will no longer have to refer to his morn- ing newspaper for new geographical boundaries. To llr. Xlay we leave a group of lively swingsters and trust that they will not succeed in converting him. To Kliss Klann we leave our much-deserved respect for her long suffering and patient listening to our grievances, great and small, our thanks too, for her courtesy and helpfulness. 'llhose individual members of this graduating class wishing to make personal be- quest are as follows: lVe, the Senior Class ofiicers, leave our highly honored positions to a group of praiseworthy Juniors. I, Bob Palladino, leave to Arthur Fair my football captaincy with the strong hope that he may lead Natick through another extraordinarily successful season. l, Bill Florio, leave the captaincy of the basketball team to Joe Franciose. l, Jackie Allen, leave my baseball captaincy to any outstanding junior on the 1943 team. VVe, Stan XIcPherson and Bob O'Connell, leave the captaincy of the hockey squad to Eddie Clasby. S THE SASSAMON I, I.y dia Hamilton, leave my position as S.-yss.,yA1oN Ifditor plus a large bottle of aspirin to .lean Iluleatt. We the Senior Play Cast, leave our acting technique to any ambitious, well- qualilied juniors. I, Harold Rosen, leave my exceptional scholastic ability to jean Huleatt. I, ,Iohn Dunn, leave my Hair for umisual words to Dorothy l.angton. I, l'risciIIa Harvey, leave my musical talent to David Sanborne. I, Barbara Reardon, leave my quiet, reserved manner to Dorothy Johnson. I, jean I.acey, leave my magnetic popularity to llariam Ingalls. I, jerry Digeronimo, leave my highly-prized title, Ujitterbug of Natick High," to Bob 'I'hurston. I, .lane Cummings, leave my animosity for off-beats of waltz time, to Klr. Klay, who will, I know, give them to the scrap drive. I, Christine XVrightson, leave my poetic genius to Helen Sellew. I, Lizzie Howatt, leave my keen wit to Jimmie Fournier. I, Laura Xlaki, leave my petitness to Klary' Hughes. I, Ilenry Agostinelli, leave my .sociable and "most popular" personality to Salvi Profetto. I, Betty Culverhouse, leave my variety of hair styles to Gilda Leavitt. I, Barbara Dostie, leave my sophisticated manner to Dotty llonroe. lVe, the cheer leaders, leave our acrobatic contortions to those who wish to indulge in this exercise. I, Barbara Cowee, leave my sunny smile and pleasing personality, to Lucy Lentini. lVe, Eleanor Ahern and George Baird, leave our ability to Polka to the Yutzler sisters. I, Marion Church, leave my singing ability to Nlarion Klcfiovern. I, David Palmer, leave my ability to talk my way out of anything, to Roger Casavant. I. Harold Cirant, heartbrokenly, leave my collection of autographs to the scrap paper collection. I, Aloe Connolly, leave my ability to sleep through entire classes, to Neil Lacey. I, Robert Flynn, leave my oratorical genius to Barbara Buell. I, Barbara Bremner, leave my talent for telling ancient jokes to Georgette Goss. I, Vivian Harvey, leave my absentee record to Richard Hesek. I. Thomas Sheridan, leave my shy, bashful manner with girls to Donald Chase. lVe, Ilddie Burke, Paul Colborne, joe Connolly, Louis DiCicco, Bill Florio, Russell Gibson, jimmy Lawless, Stan KIcl'herson, Dick Pierce, Laurence Smith, Rea Strange, Steve Iota, 'I'ony Yaricchione. Bob VVilliams, and any others who are serving with us in the armed forces of the country we love, leave to you all, this our promise -lVe will strive our best to preserve for you the "American YVay of Life." 'I'o Natick High School, we leave a prayer for continued success, and the hope that those who follow us will always have a share in the enjoyment and pleasure we have experienced. 4 In testimony whereof, we hereunto set our hand and seal, and in the presence of two witnesses hereinafter named, declare this to be our last will and testament. ELEANOR joax Bucxuzv XVitnessed by: Iixnrv I.. Siuxxox Ifiuxciis NI. Havns THE SASSAMON 9 CLASS POEM "AT THE APPROACHINGU Instead of heing hurdened with despair, Lift up your heads, my classmates, raise your eyesl And cast them on the world that round you lies, Full conscious in Youth's sight Hope dwelleth fast. This is the great approaching. VVith a prayer Upon our lips, as memories of fond years Recede, we rally strength to hanish fears, Yet, faltering, ask, "VVhere will our lot he cast ?" With Logic as your master, Faith your guide Then turn, with courage grim to face the storm, And meet whatever follows in its form VVith Honesty to self and VVisdom's view:- So we can meet the future fortihed. The weak of heart, they perish while you, strong, XVill liye to sound a world untrouhled long In which, somewhere, your conquest waits for you. CHRISTINE XVRIGHTSON SONG FOR THE CLASS OF 1943 Uonning our armor, we hid farewell Our Alma KIater tolls a hell 5 Fleet years in transient glory pass Like wind that runs through ruffled grass. So as we part, looking hehind In that hrief hreath we call to mind Courage and Truth stand side hy side Banners of youth, they shall guide. II Long golden hours we have heen friends Now as this voyage nears its end There is no time for sighs nor tears Only the happy thoughts of years. Knighted we standg shields hurnished hright Swords held aloft agleam in the light Great halls are emptied, echoes will fade Yet we shall stand unafraid. ffiords and musir by- Lydia Isabel Harrzilforz +4.- .LJ-9 0' 'v n""' Lvf . l f Q li. 4??E? v 'H V'.,, ,. ffrv ...Ad wg Q2 THE SASSAMON ll CLASS PROPHECY HERE it is, blazed across the front pages of all the newspapers. It is the an- nouncement of the gala opening of the "Hi-ho He-haw Racing Grounds," the largest of its kind in New England and predicted to make Kliddlesex County famous. The track has been built over what was once the town site of Natick. Clncidentally the town government has been transferred to Sherbornj VVe can't miss this! So the race track bill was finally passed! ln a second we are off to the town of our dear old Ama Klater. Our cab driver, Alike Klegliola, leaves us at the gate where under the watchful eye of plain-clothes men Francis Culcasi and Nello Rossini, the gateman, Paul Foley, snatches our tickets. Natick has changed a lot in the last decade, we all agree, as we take our seats, which are very good considering the place is jammed. From here we can easily spot old friends as they pass in the crowd. Here comes Eleanor Ahearn, Frances Klaresh and Evelyn Chapman who have founded a "Home for Little VVanderers" in VVayland. illyl VVho can these two strange looking characters be, decked in full artist regalia? they set up their easels, we recognize them as .lane Cummings and Betty Culverhouse who have disposed of much of their work on the Continent. VVe are not surprised to see the dynamic, touring, all-girl basketball team repre- sented by the four Flynn "gals," Enid, Betty, Janet and Theresa as well as Gertrude Lane. Now how did she get in on that l-And speaking of women athletes, also roam- ing the ground are Carolyn Vance and Ruthie VValker, foremost physical culture authorities, who claim to have perfected the female Charles Atlas in Jeanne Fair, who has recently been titled f'Turnip Queen of 19-H." Others to profit by their courses are Barbara Bremner, theater manager, Al Beswick, seven day bike riding champ, and hlarjorie Joyce, named best bridge player in hlassachusetts only last week. Highly annoyed by the cries of the peanut vendors, George Nickerson and Jerry Digeronimo, just for fun we hurry to the betting window where we place a two dollar bet with bookie, Pierre llIcLaughlin. On our way back through the surging crowd, we collide with two brute-like men in the form of Louis DiCicco, lion tamer, and his keeper of the lions, "Tarzan" Cotchi Sargent, who is leading a pet cub. Once more we are seated, and just in time, for the mayor of Sherborn, Harold Grant, begins his dedication speech after the applause has subsided. VVe notice his officials standing by him, principal bodyguard, VVarren VVinters, who also owns a prospering Sherborn farm, Blondie VVilliams, pest exterminator, and Bill Scheufele, official applauder. There is a strong psychological reaction in the crowd as a "Doosti" hat creation passes, worn, incidentally, by that mad-cap designer, Barbara Dostie. And then, as if that isn't enough, a conscientious objector leaps upon a soap box and cries, 'flusticel Equal rights for men! Listen to mel" lt is Charles Haddad. well-known orator, who is promptly dragged away by Helen Driscoll, Tina Arena, and Dot Hasgill. typical working girls who shout, "Down with men's suffrage." I2 'I'HI-ISASSANION Then we have a word from the foremost club woman of Sherborn society, Dorothy Clawson, followed by the crowning of "KIiss Hi-ho He-haw." It is hard for judges lflbridge Torrey, joe Grupposo, Robert Flynn and Richard Brenneman to decide, for the bevy of candidates consists of Ann Dunbar, ffvelyn Sargeant, Laura Nlaki, Barbara Reardon, Beverly Ross, Barbara Brown, and some unknown. After close scrutiny the judges decide the unknown to be the winner. Gert Reynolds just has to tell someone about the sensational gold hsh swallowing contest which is taking place that evening. She, Sadie Giannetti, Shirley lXIcDonald and Dorothy Zilch are contesting against Peter Klanna, Fred Nlurphy, Harold Gur- ney, Severino Bregoli and George Kane. The fish are being supplied by Kenneth Hilt, who although a prominent business man, spends more time on his hobby, raising goldfish. Members of the Natick XVoman's Club are to officiate, among whom are married and model women of our fair country, Evelyn Lefter, Ruth Goldstein, Kay Condon, Klary Coan and Jackie Goddard. Since it is warm and we are quite thirsty, we head for the track soda fountain where Claire Driscoll, Janet Grover and Dot Donnelly offer us service with a smile. On the return to our seats we pass one of the offices, and peering in, we find Bud llalpus, track manager, with his feet lazily propped on his desk while lllargaret An- talek, his secretary is busily digging into piles of statistics. V Roundinga corner we greet ,lay Vance, that Bachelor of Unnatural Science, who has made a name in geopolitics. By the stables we can see Ralph XVare and Lawrence Smith pitching hay Cor cornj. VVe discover, too, that Richard Hunt has installed the public address system, and we hear the voice of that woman sports' announcer, Viola Nlartini, booming over the loud-speaker, followed by VVilma LaBaff explaining the merits of "Schneider's flrving to youl Super Sausages." VVith the grandstands now groaning under the weight of fifty thousand people, Richard Taft, the designer, steps forward to assure us that we are perfectly safe. The first race is about to begin, but the sound of band music interrupts as Rita O'Rorke, Klary Nelson and Nlargie Casey, Drum majorettes, lead a hand across the grounds. Such professional musicians as Philip Gassett, Evelyn Garvey, and Gordon Brown make up the band. They make way for bearded, shabby but happy men, who, we note, are in tattered navy uniforms. They turn out to be Stan KIcPerson, Joe Connolly, Paul Colburne, Russ Gibson, Richard Pierce, James Lawless and Ed Burke, who were recently discovered on an isolated South Sea island. fFor some unknown reason they hated to leave.l Everyone rejoices now as llary ,Io Leonard and lrene llcCarthy, wives of state officials, pin medals on the lads and proclaim them heroes of the day. XVe return to our seats and are approached by John Ross and Steve Tota, who offer us hot tips for a slight fee. VValking leisurely across our vision is Blarion Church, concert singer, and her pianist, Priscilla Harvey. ' THESASSAMON 13 We also discover, in an enlightening conversation, that Dorothy Sticka and Jo- sephine Traniello are maids for a European tycoon with a summer home in Sherborn. Gloria Xlulvey is governess for Junior and Barbara Harrington, cook. George Baird and Paul Thurston also pass. Everyone associates them with other great educators now. They have developed new techniques of teaching kindergarten students. The first race starts, and in a whirl is over. As the horses come in, we hear a scream and looking up see Liz Howatt, "The Donut Queen," being carried in un- conscious condition by her nurses, Lucy Burns and Theresa Beale, to her private plane Cplanes are not uncommon now, you knowl. The plane was designed by Rudy Peter- son and is piloted by Bob Burke, former stunt pilot. Liz is recuperating from the flu and her loss of two million dollars on the race was too much for her. Now everyone immediately hurries to Qrazio Lentini's booth where, by pointing a telescope slcyward, he can predict the outcome of the races. ln the waiting line are Flora Arthur, llarjorie Clark, Beatrice Kantarges and Theresa Pineau, all career women, who don't know whether a horse has hoofs or paws. Henry Agostinelli, Eleanor Buckley and Barbara Daley are stumbling about absent-mindedly with their noses buried in encyclopedias, for they are late additions to the staff of contestants on "Information, Please." And there are Bob Palladino, Bill Florio, and Bob O'Connell, inseparable friends but rival football coaches at top-notch colleges. No doubt they are receiving quite a build-up by Robert O'Connor, sports editor of the "Sherborn Nightcapf' Also being interviewed and signing autographs for a host of fans is Jackie Allen, manager of the Boston Braves. Bob is asking Bill Stacy the secret of his horse, "Sleepyls" success. Bill now owns a string formerly belonging to Bing Crosby, and replies, "l have fed 'Sleepy' on a strict diet of 'Sellew's CGeorge to youj Super-Duper Carrots' for the past thirty yearsfl Also interviewed during this intermission are owners, Vicky Barr, socialite, who sighs, "I am so-oo bow-ahed," Viola Carroll, owner of "YVhizzer lV.", and playboy, Bob Cole. lleanwhile, Frank Kleinfelder, that perpetual prankster, has doped one of the horses so that we see Vito Bartone and Robert Brown administering veterinary aid. Suddenly there is a terrific rumbling sound, giving us the impression that there is an earthquake underfoot. YVhat should we behold but Sims Construction Co., break- ing through the surface of the subterrain. Donald Sims, that odd engineer, who is attempting to extend the Holland Tunnel to Holland pops up with his crew, Ray Leonard, David Palmer, Vito Cardellicchio, Rea Strange and James Ronan, Kenneth Jones and Thomas Sheridan. lleanwhile Dr. Harold Rosen, assisted by Lois Dayton, gives first aid to several ladies of the Granddaughters of the D. A. R., Ann Parrinello, Betty YVentzell, Phyllis Turner, blarilyn Haynes and Ruth Lane, who have fainted. Sims says to his mud-hogs, "XVe figured wrong, boys. Try again," and they disappear. llfluch attention is being paid to Bob Klorris, John Secondino, Francis lXfIacCarthy I4 THE SASSAMON and George Klanning who are erecting a bill-board at the south end of the field, an- nouncing the New lfngland Preview of Christine YVrightson's stellar stage tragedy, "The Lives and Loves of Herman and lfthel Smutzf' No doubt john Dunn, great publicity agent, has worked hard, and why not? Herman is played by that modern lfarryinore, Richard Nichols, lfrcie lfilledes is brilliant as lfthel, and Bernice Cash- man, convincing as the "other woman." Also appearing are Dot jordan and hlary lfelone who turned to acting after finding prospecting for gold in the hills of NVeston unsuccessful. Sheriff Tony Varricchione and deputy Danny Desmarais are hot on the trail of "Bet-ainillion" O'KIalley and are followed closely by sleuth secretary, Vivian Harvey. Meanwhile Lydia Hamilton is distributing complimentary copies of her book, "Pig-Latin, lts Derivatives and Origin" on which she has spent a life in research. Lydia has many followers, who believe as she and Diogenes that man can be perfectly content living in a tub, fexcept emerging for events such as thisl. Among her dis- ciples are Sophie lfrangoulis, Dorothy Bitsoli, who is looking for an honest IUZIII, Vir- ginia Uriscoll and Rita Scott. This tub idea is music to John Clark, who is a bath tub manufacturer. Now as the horses are called to the post for the handicap, not by the customary bugle, but by the sonorous notes of Leon Ricardi's saxaphone, we hear the droning of a huge plane, and looking up behold a B-19 flying low over us. YVe all know it is livie XVignot, who is so intent ferrying bombers for Douglas that she hasn't paused long enough to find out the war is over. XVe can see Edith Hughes, Leona Kaprelian, Yola Naticchione, Peggy Shaw, Betty Greenwood and Barbara Cowee, members of her crew madly waving. The horses at the post have been startled and break away, ruacing wildly around the track. VVe see one jockey, who has been thrown, sprinting hard to keep ahead of the horse. Those two glamourous New York models, Gloria Cadorette and Jeanne Lacey with their good friend Countess Fiasco fwhom we remember as Edith Parmenterj are highly alarmed. But, heavensl Can it bel The handicap is over and jockey, Bob Lockhart, has finished, five furlongs in the lead. A horse-shoe wreath of flowers is put around his neck by Robert Klclienzie SL Co., Florist DeLuxe. The last member of our Class of '43 to be seen is Jackie llahoney, the glue manu- facturer, rubbing his hands together in sheer delight, as he disappears into the recesses of the stables, where no doubt, considering the racing results, he will find the business he anticipates. JOHN CLARK JOHN MAHONEY Cuaisrixu XVRIGHTSON THE SASSAKION 15 ADDRESS OF WELCOME GRADUATION PARENTS, 'IQEACHERS AND FRIENDS: Today we of the Class of 1943 are gathered together as a unit for the last time. Soon we shall each go our separate way. Formal education for most of us will have to wait while we are in the service of our country. To you our parents, our teachers and our friends we wish to express our appreciation for your patience, your kindness and your generosity. XVe hope we may make you proud of us and that wherever we may go or whatever we may do we will prove to you that we of the Class of 1943 have profited hy your leadership and are hetter citizens of a great democracy hecause of your direction. H EN RY Aoosri N ELLI FAREWELL ESSAY XVORLD PEACE . IC, the people of the United Nations, are today engaged in a struggle for our very existence. lt is only natural therefore, for us to he earnestly engrossed in our task. However, we should also look into the future, for someday, out of this titanic struggle, will emerge a new world. The responsibility of the future is placed squarely on our shoulders and on the shoulders of thousands like us. It will he for this younger generation to create a lasting peace. Let us now consider, however, what has been the history of peace efforts and what we may hope to contrihute now. Some twenty years ago, at the conclusion of the first Vvorld Wfar, an opportunity presented itself to the United States: an opportunity to aid the other victorious nations in estahlishing a peace which would insure the peoples of the world against further conflict. But we had no idea of how to huild an enduring world-wide peace. VVe did not have the courage to follow through and prevent Germany from, rearming. There was no real whole-heartedness in our peace efforts. As time progressed, we lo 'VHESASSANION took an attitude of isolation, that is, "Let happen what may over there, as long as our country basks in prosperity." Therefore this nation failed to capitalize on that golden opportunity. Thus without our cooperation it was practically impossible for the League of Nations to function. Peace fell by the wayside, and finally a quater of a century later, we find ourselves engaged in the greatest war which mankind has ever known. XVe are reaping the hitter fruit of our own folly and our lack of vision. Great is the price to be paid by United Nations for blunders of yesteryear. However, despite the tragic events of the past, a second chance awaits us. It is the same opportunity which beckoned to us years ago. This time, the knowledge gained through our errors, will enable us to build a sound peace. After the conclusion of hostilities, we face an inevitable period of social and economic chaos which stands in the path of peace. Likewise, there confronts us the gigantic task of relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation, throughout the war torn world. lt is following this work that the terms of a just, an honest and a durable peace may begin to function. This peace must mean a better standard of living for the common man, not only in the United Nations, but as well in Germany, Italy and japan. lr must mean the establishment of international trade and international eco- nomic relations, on 31 joint basis of treatment and benefit. The principles of the At- lantic Charter, mainly establishing freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want and freedom from fear everywhere on this globe, should be guaranteed. The treaty, as was the case after the last war, must be built on the fundamental doc- trine of peoples' rights. The task will not be an easy one, for it will tax to the utmost the collective will, intelligence and courage of all the allies. Unity must be our watchword. Yes, there is a long road to traverse but we may take comfort from a passage of the Bible quoted by our Vice-President: "On the side of the people is the Lord." "He Giveth power to the faintg to them that have no might, He increaseth strength . . .H "They that wait upon the Lord shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not be faint." Strong in the strength of the Lord, we who fight in the peoples' cause will not stop until that cause is won. Ll.-XROLD ORRIN Roses THE SASSAMGN 17 AWAKENED AMERICA HE bombs that fell at Pearl Harbor transformed America from a placid, peace- loving nation to one seething for vengeance. Before this fatal day, war seemed far removed from our land. The depression years were behind us and the discussions of the day dealt with the Lease Lend Bill and just how much aid we should send to the battered, bleeding countries who cried out for help, and looked hopefully toward us. America, safely surrounded by the boundless oceans, supplied by endless re- sources, fortified by its millions of trained workers, suddenly was shocked from its complacency to find that instead of having an abundance it was sadly lacking in the materials of war. Yankee ingenuity, and the pioneer spirit once more came to life. So that it might be preseved for a later day, the American way of life had to be changed. America, the arsenal of democracy, was willing to endure a form of dictatorship so that it might more quickly rid herself of the unspeakable horror of war. Ahead were demands for labor that could never be entirely satishedg men and more men to recruit and train. The words "unnecessary" and "impossible" had to be burned away. The industrial leaders proved no task too great to ask of them or their workers. The last ounce of surplus must be used, if need be, to do the things our enemies cannot match. Home, school, church, public and private institutions, management and labor. professional and non-professional organizations contributed their efforts with a will. Never will we be able to obliterate from our minds and hearts the memory of the wrongs perpetrated on those lands, continually harassed and attacked, to satiate the unsurpassing greed of the enemy. The plundered and ravaged islands of the Pacific have harvested a bumper crop of burning wrath in the hearts of Americans which even final victory will never quenchl No price is too high to pay for freedom! Like the Americans of old, we mutually pledged to each other, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to preserve the liberty bequeathed to us. A portion of Lincoln's renowned address seems particularly apt today. "Now we are engaged in a great war, testing whether that nation, or any nation, so con- ceived and so dedicated can long endure." From all America assenting voices ring loud and clear! I3 THICSASSANION Nothing is important to us now but victory! 'lille only decision to make about anything is, "lVill it help to win the war?" The war is everything, nothing else counts! Churchill, lCngland's great leader said, "Victory at all costs-in spite of all terror, victory howeyer hard and long the road may be, for without victory, there is no survival." XVe salute the sterling courage, and unfaltt-ring endurance of those beleaguered nations that, plundered and ravaged, so valiantly have endured hardship and suffering that beggar our imagination. lVe will strive to emulate the will to fight and Work with all possible strength toward one ccmmon aim so that we shall emerge from the struggle truly l'nited Nations. After twenty years and two wars we are back where we were before VVilson's proposed military alliance. lfach generation has always found need to defend its heritage, every battle fought had to be fought anew. 'lio avoid this disastrous con- tingency our aim is to win a peace that will be maintained. The heads of governments are already tentatively outlining toward this goal. An alliance of all nations would be formed toward a common good. The technique of the plan must be capable of application irrespective of the type or principle of government of the member states. lnternational trade laws would be drawn and an international stabilization fund established. This will be the supreme task confronting statesmen for many years to come. There will be many divergent interests among the l'nited Nations, and some enduring structure must be built from chaos, or even the most optimistic will suffer the same disillusionment that followed the last war. But visions alone will not win a war, nor dreams defeat the enemy. YVe must, if need be, use the last of our strength and resources to crush the devastating monster that assails us. There is just one task for each and every one of us-to win the war quickly and decisively. XVe know that when peace comes. a new and better world will be born. Let us always pray that with it may come a deeper understanding of our fellow man, a friendly relationship cemented by the people, and for the people, so that wars shall cease to exist. and the peace won shall be everlasting. Iiricaxok joan: BUCKLEY Thu If 3 QQEN 1' F 7 -L A 20 FACULTY HONOR ROLL 1942-1943 Nlaffeo, Alfred A. Sears, llarold C. Cashion, Elizabeth R. Connolly, llelen E. Connolly, Mary E. Connors, YVilliam E. Crocker, janet L. Currier, Isabel M. Davis, Beatrice Donahoe, Marie l'. Gardner, Clayton E. Hayes, Frances M. Hynes, Norma Marso, Charles j. Martin, Ralph j. May, Rodney F. McManus, Charles E. McManus, llelen B. Nutt, Edith M. Oakrnan, Arthur Plausse, Ilenry j. Quackenhush, Dyke L. Rafferty, Marguerite I.. Shannon, Emily L. Sullivan, Louise M. Van del' Groen, Nora VVhite, Edward N. VVildbur, Daisy V. Young, Kathleen VV. In the U. S. Army Andrews, Major Robert U. Arminio, I'vt. Kenneth I.. Carey, I,t. VVilliam M. Cronan, Major Francis YV. In the YVAVES Colburn, Dorothy LETTERMEN FOOTBALL A. Secondino, Alfred Beswick, Robert Burke, Arthur Fair, john Mahoney, Orazio Lentini, Robert Byrne, Kenneth'Channell, Richard Brenneman, Theodore Robblee, Roh- ert Mahoney, Harold Gurney, Frank Arena, jerry DiGeronimo, Ray Leonard, George Sellew, john Allen, Rea Strange, VVilliam MacPherson, Stanley MacPherson, VVilliam Florio, Robert O'Connell, Edward Clashy, Robert Falladino, Ray Slamin, L. Bird. THE SASSAMON NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 1943 l'rr.ritifnr-Rosim, TIAROLD ORRIN I'irr-Prrsidrnf-KAPRIELIAN, LEONA Sl'l'ft'f!1fJ'-BUCKl.IiY, El.EANoR joiw MEMBERS Antalek, Margaret Frances Baird, George Malcolm Buckley, Eleanor joan Cummings, jane Allen Dunn, john Murphy Goldstein, Ruth Hamilton, Lydia Isabel Harvey, Priscilla Ethel Kaprielian, Leona Leonard, Mary jo McCarthy, Francis Patrick McCarthy, Irene Marie Ricardi, Leon joseph Rosen, Harold Orrin Torrey, Samuel Elbridge Vance, james Elmon, jr. BASKETBALL joseph Frzznciose, john Mahoney, Ed- ward Burke, Herbert Parker, VVilliam Florio, Charles Haddad, Louis DiCicco, Robert Pal- ladino, john Allen. HOCKEY Leo Grady, Roger Casavant, Leon Ri- cardi, Edward Conlon, john Yeomans, Ralph Howard, Robert Brown, Gordon Brown, Fred Murphy, Charles Malpus, Robert 0'Connell, Stanley MacPherson, Severino Bregoli, Edward Clashy, Paul Thurston, Harold Gurney, Ray Slamin,'Arthur Fair. THE SASSANION 21 Q-if ,va . I . -, , dnl an. AK , if . , A Bark Rafts: Mr. blamin, R. Slaniin, Ii. liarniele, Simeoni, R. Burke, llorrigan, lleignan, Me- Ca rthy, Sanlworn. Tllirtf Roar: Arena, Bexwiek, U'l'onnell, l'rofetto, llamwey, NV. Burke, l'axav:1nt, Byrne. S'1'1'o21J Rafts: Mr. Plauxxe, Lentini, -I. Nleiirath, Gurney, Brenneman, Rolililee, Channell, Fair, Leonard, Sellew, Mr. Quaekenliuxh. Front Rofux' S. fNlael'herxon, Claxlw, l7igeronimo, Mahoney, NY. Nlat'l'herxon, I'alladino, Allen, J. Nlahoney, Seeondino, R. Burke. FOUTBALL 1942 The footliztll xeaxon of 1942 opened :tuxpieiouxly with an unexpevted win over hlarllioro lligh School lw' the xeore of 171 xeven to lol xix. The xeaxon eloxed with Il well earned vietorx' over traditional rival Framingham lw the xeore of l7l NCYCII If' lfil NIX. Thexe two pointx were the margin lie- tween a xuceexxful and unxueeexxful xeaxon. l'he lirxt one point victory wax the deter' mining faetor in Natick lligh winning the Nlidland League Championxhip and plaque, the plaque lveing xuitalily inxerilved and re- poxing in the high xt-hool now along with trophiex xignifieant of earlier eonquextx lw Natitkx hoxt of great athletex. The -eeontl one point vietory of the xeaxon wax the turkey day' win that made our xeaxon one to he looked lmek upon with relixh in future yearx. lt wax the fruitful culmination of the eflortx of lioth lioyx and eoaehex whieh xgiw a reeord of nine vie- toriex and one defeat, the one defeat lieing xuflered at the handx of Norwood'x great undefeated eleven. The xeriliex from Boxtoll paid great tri- liute to our eaptain Roliert l'alladmo lw xe- ltfflllpl hun ax an all xtate all xt'llol11stlt'. Numeroux other lwoxx among the xeniorx van point with pride to the fact that their eontriliutionx made our team the outxtanding Natick footlwall team in many yearx. Be- . , . . . xltlex lalladino the xenior littyx who will he xorelj Hlixxed next year are. "Hill" Florio, great little half-haek now earrxin-f the hall , A for l'nt'le Sam! Nlarinex, "Stan" hlat'l'her- xon our doughty lvloeking liaek who llllx ehoxen the navy to lie favored with hix xerxieex, 'Aliolf' U'l'onnel, a xmall hut tough and xerappy lllI1lI'It'l'l1Ill'lx now at lioxton Col- lege, alxo among our xenior haekheld men little "Xl" liexwiek who wax liext when the going wax toughext and who hit xo hard that he t'rat'ked up hix xhoulder in the llud- Non game and xaw lint a few glory momentx againxt Framingham. Alon! our forward wall "Ray" Leon- ard kept hix wohlily kneex taped up long enough to get him through the entire xeaxon H'ontinueul on Page oil 'J 'l'lllC S.-XSS.-X HHN ml' Run: l'. Vhrixrie, R. Nlziliuney, l', lNli'l.:inglilin, 'l. Noonan, ii. Atkiiiwii. X.'ffm.l kms: bl. Allen, li,fl'l1iiiwmii, li. Burke, Nlr. Slarnin, IJ. Rnlmertwii, V. .'Xrnienin, YV. xVI'lg.fllIN1IIl. run! Rfmgy' Ll. Nlulmney, bl, lfi':niri4m-, XV. lflnriu, faint. l.. l5ii'iu'o, C. lluddad, ll. l':ii'ker. BASKETBALL The Yzitirlx lligh brliunl lvzislwllvzill te:nn Npirit, the deterniinzilinn and the Npnrtsiiizni- nf 1942.43 mini gn dnxxn in the nnngilx nf like eundnrt that inxidr thix teznn une of the N simiix liixrniy :ix the lies! ever In repri- Ntaimlnutx in the entire Ntxite. Nativk hax -enl uni' wlisml. hzld, :ind will have, lierter teznnx, lin! it will Nlzinx Nnperlzitixex halve zilwzuli' lieen lie dilhenl! rn find any group nf limp whn Nlimu-rf,-il Hn ilu- lugs whn did -n innrh tu will lie inure -:itisfying In their vnfieli, their :nuke Ngirirli lizuketlwxill 1'UllN1'lfllla hy plzix- 'lIlllYUl'lt'l'N and ull -porn lnveiw. ing meh :in ninxtgniding lvraind nf l-:islam-tl-:ill Nlziny of the-e lvnp :lrr 1lll'l'llllF' Hlillxlllfl in mix 5,411-f uf gh? qgnr. zz n:nne fur llieiiiwlvex in the :irnied forfe- 'l'he recnrdx xhmx they lm! lint une tndziy. eznne of xi twelve gains whednle :ind thnx Bill l"luriu :ix Fflpllllll wax :in unhtand- ey rinixhed the Neuwn with :in invirntinn ing lezidrr, while I.nniN l5iC'ieen, klnhn Nlzi- In the 'l'em'h lnnrnzinient, lixen with the l1'llll'Y. linli lilllllllllllfl, lidw. liiirlie, Chin. xxufflllll'l1lIllL'rxflN'l Innde :x rreditzxlvle llllllflllfl. lll'l'l'- llilfllfl' Hllll ll3l"- lilfff ,hiixying in ihix fipl1l'll11ll1fllI4 Fr:lm'inxe f':1ri'ied the luunner nf the red and llfmexer. the revurd rzlnnnt Nlinw the lllm' Y" 'WW hl'lk-ihf'. THIC SASSANION 23 Bz1tkRrmc.' 'lf Rnlulalee, R. lluwarcl I,. Grady, Ynetnanx. Mr. NlL'xlI1IlllN. Srtumi Runs: R. Brown, .X. Fair, XV. l'awax'anI. li. Claslw, l'. lhnrxtnn, R. Slamin. Front Rll'LL'.' Ci. Brown. L. Rieatmli, S, lirrgnli, lf Nlalpnx, R. liilwwn, F. Nlnrphy, ll. Cinrnry. HOCKEY 'l'hiN was Ihr year that lmrkey wax In were lmt tn the Irllltl. btan ihllll'llllt'l'Nllll he almanduneml furthe Iltttuititm, I-'nrtnnately lrft tm Ihr Navy and Huh U'Q'tnntrll rn- it was twrntinurcl, :intl run Iliungh the my al Irrril li, Kf liuth uf thrxe lim- will alwayx rnuterx hail In uvrruiitir runxialrralilr trans- ltr irtnrinlwerril fur their fine NIYUVINIIIIIII- portatitm tlithrttltiex, they were well rr- like play hi all llwfl-try fnllnwetw. 'l'he warilctl for their xarrihrrx lw the play nf Srniur flaw wax wrll reprrxentrtl lw Ihr Natirlx lligh St-lwnl teani. Vharlir Nlalpnf, eaxily the Init goalie ut The rrrnrtlx will Nhuw that tint' luwx the lragnrl l'eIe lirragnli tune nf Ihr lvest finished thirtl in the lfaxtrrn Nlawgtvhnxett- wings in XaIirk High! llixtwry, l'anl lluvlxey Leaggne, hut it rannut whim Ihr 'lhntwtun :intl Leon Rirarcli, lmth of whmn Ihrillx and -nrprisrx whirh wrrr fnrni-heal rme In Nttrh great hrightx un tlefenxe tlllflllgl hy thix it-111-R fine Nextrt. Ihr latter part of the year. The weavvti Ntartrtl Im: iiizltt-piriutixly .Xt Ihr rntl uf the srawn lftlwarnl flaxlw with Ihrre lnwrx in the Iii'-I fnnt' garner une of Ihr ntttxtzttnling playrrx of thr Ntatr that even Ihr tnmt luwal lu-liexetl that thi- wax lllllllllllllllblf rlrvtrcl Captain, Sinre year the Natirk learn would lvr ntrrely en- Iherr are a uriteiwnis Nprinltling of vrteranx juyinig Ihr exrrrixe antl whatever 1'har:n'ter returning next year iI ix hupetl that lftlnlir ltniltling flllZlllllt'N the ggznne tiflntwletl. lluw- and hi- ruhurtx will carry un in the Nplrne ever, Ihr lnval latlx hail Ilillrrrnt itleztx anal ilitl inannrr that Ihiw yrati train left will rml,-U1 lmflx yt, will thy lan hir garnex ntmt lnterrxt in hurlxey har lvern Illllllllllllll df'1'iNiYQ'lf. ln thix Nlll'l'L"-Nllll Ilrive Ihr Na- Nteatlily during the paxt few yrgirx until In. Iirk lligh brltmvl lrr rxprrtx tlefeateal Ihr tlay it ran lie ranked :ts a tnajnr Npnrt at hut trains in the league In mlexrrxe the the Natirlx lligh S1-lnml. XVI' feel Nttre that SmN.,m.m uf th? ,Pnl-IN write-rx, "They only thix entlinxiaxtn ix rexpunxilwle fur the ini- lveat the hut." pruvrml play -if the Rrml and lilne. May During the -raxntl Ihr twn l'1lAl'ilIlllllllN wr Continue Ihr gnncl wurlxl Q4 'I' II If S ,-X S S A XI O N -i limi' Roux' ,If Zivltu, I'. I'iwIvy, bl. I.nt'ItIiart, VI. ITI'ZIIIf'IU5t', I7. Ulsun, I". INIcl':1rthy, N. INIathews, I", xII'5NVl'C'IIQ'f', U. I,tgntini, Nlr. Marw. S.wur1.l lx'fffL4.' I". Iamry, XY. NIat'I'Itcrwn, NI. 9uIari, IJ. Ruhertmn, Ii. flaxhy, G. Atkinson, W. Ianxlx. l'iI'fIlIf Runs: Ii. .XItIcn, R. C'Iwt':ini, Ii. Ihurxtnn, -I. .XIIen, 'I. Rego, I.. Grady. BASEBA LL XVith tht- prmpt't't uf uttvrnpting tu vmnplete with Bill INIat'I'hersrm's rawlmoned Q-quail a rct'1mI uf the l942 Ita-eIvaII cditiun httrling, could very readily give Natick an- thix yt-ar! Iw:1wI1:1II team will attempt, with other repre-Q-ntative ICLIIII. In daily pmt'- xtfry ft-w xt-tvrztnx ax'z1iIaIvIz', tu :ivquit it! ticr thc' plajxt-r-' almilitic- are Corning to the -t-It' in tht- rnannt-r in whivh rcrrttt Nativlt prnper Iexcls and many prmpevtivc stars Iligh NvImnI tcarnx have Iwrn ziwtixtmtietl. are in the ticvvlupinrnt Ning:-. Smnc- of 'Iht'cxpuvtntimtttfrc:it'I1im1tI1c Nate Finals the Imp whu may earn hrxt train Ive-rths Ivy winning the rwprvxt-titzttimt frurn Zuni- are :ix follows: Iftmr unrI IIQ-fs-zitimg Nnrh gre-at lw:1II tt-ants zu Num-rviIIz', Circ-ater Iimtun thurnps, and C'harIt-N II:nItIacI, john Noonan, Ken- .Xttlt-Imtt-. Zwnv Iiixc VIUIIIIIIIBN, anal rcach- nt-th l'rntnrine, Rulvert IiaI1t'ut'Ic, lat Imaz-rl int: the' Ntntt- final with a 1611111 of .XrIing- ,Iuwph Frxtririme, XVil1cINurI-uwry, 2nd haw: tunk rgililwre wcrnx renmte at thc prwent IitItIie C'IaNIry, and Ilunaltl Rohn-rtson ss: writing. IIuwex'rr', you van Iw Nurs that ,Iuhnny Rrgn and Ihmnax Zivko, 3rd hasel Natirk. with -nth pI:1ye'rx :JN .Iuhnny RQ-gn. in the onthe-III with playcrx as Fenton Lowry, IlII'IllIII'IlIIIllt'IlI third Iva-clncn nf Iaat year! I'Sr:ltIfnrtI .XItIcn, Ruhcrt Thurston -Ialnex ,Q.:,,,,v wluvlkit, -Ulu, ,-gipahlr t'zttvher, wht, IIIlIIlVVZlf,Iit'IIIlt'II1 ciIIkIIlI1C'IQ Churk Che-cani, taught tIaiIy Ivzitting p1':tt'tit'n' Iast year fur l,t'-I Cirz1cIy, RnIwrt Iiernard, Im:-ph Hur- thy 151-JW., gmti tivpt-miultlt. 1-Qdflir Vlafhp, rigan :md Hill Nlc-Pherwn pitcherx. THESASSAKIUN 25 .funn uv 7- Back Rnfw: M. Joyce, A. Sullivan, H. Cowee, C. Driscoll, INI, McHale, B. Buell, L. XKvE'I1f7Ell. N. Stacy, E. Lynch, D, YVhittemore, C". Smith, M. I'ettee, D. Glynn, K. Vergos, B. Jackson, D. johnson, D. XVells, A. Ahern. Fnurlh Rnlux' A. Mciirath, E. Flynn, T. Arena, II. Driscoll, R. Rolyerts, Cl. Duluoyce, M. Caroll, R. Sullivan, M. Quinn, P. llussey, D. Donnelly, D. Vurtis, l'. Shaugoury, L. Pierro, S. McDonald, M. Arnold. Tllirtl Rufuz' T. Berthiaume, Ii. Swanson, M. Ilollingsworth, A. YVilson, K. leters, Al. Main. D. Nichols, A. Leflair, M. Lane, ,l. Powers, T. Flynn, M. Dutton, II. Sellew, D. Mostecki, M. Burke, D. Iloye, -l. Miller, -l. Cirirlin. Serum! Rnftc.' L. Kaprielian, bl. Sweeney, PI. Dull, M. Powers, E. Carey, ii. Lane, D. Ilasgill, D. Provencal, M. Ilall, ll. l'uttell, L. Kreshpane, I.. Xvt'I1IlI"ll. Front Rnfze: I'. Prior, M. Temple, Al. Lupien, M. Dupuis, .l. Cotton, K. XVhite, IS. .Xleock, l. Mclirath, F. Spooner, M. iirant. GIRLS' PHYSICAL FITNESS CLASSES I This year the usual girls' athletics that can Square Dancing which all classes took have always been so popular were greatly part in. The call from "Dive for the Oys- curtailed due to the faet that a very large ter" and "Darling Nellie Gray" were fa- numlyer of the athletirally inclined were en- miliar sounds throughout the lwuilding for gaged in some form of after-school or eve- several weeks. ning work. In the Girls' Athletic League, awards The regular girls' gym classes were for the year for the Class of 1943 will gn reorganized at the same time the lyoys physi- to Rita Scott, Leona Kaprielian, Harlwara cal fitness program was inaugurated and Cowee, Marion Church, Mary ,lo Leonard, the program changed to meet the demands and Gertrude Lane, of the time. This year Natick lligh School hopes to A set of twelve vonditioning exercises enter an Arvhery Team in the National recommended lyy the government physical Vamp Archery .-Xssociation shoot to he held htness group was a regular part of the during the week May 15 to 22. .-X team of semi-weekly program. .Xctivities involving live arehers will compete and scores will large group muscles are stressed. Relay lie mailed to Boston Headquarters. races, olwstacle races, distance run-walks and The outstanding archers at the present group games such as Volley-hall are greatly are: Mary ,lane Powers, Ellen Carey' Bef. stressed, tha jackson, Dorothy YVells, Phyllis Hussey The rhythmic program included Ameri- and ,lean C,Iril'l'in. lm 'I'lIl'1 S.AXSS.1XNlHTX l gg 1 51 i'IlIflCRI.ff.'XIHCRS H, f:Il'fllXXIHhII, ii, l':n1ul'c-tw, I.. Maki, l', xIf'I.7IlILIhliIl, li. KQIHNCC, li, lin-tiv, If. llmvalt. IHI-I SASSAKION GRADUATE ViV4! STUDENT GOVERNING OFFICERS CLASS UIWVICICRS :bf-rt I'z1llzuli11rr, l'rrwiflrul X mm L':u'mic'llicchim 'fr 1 ur r Hvnry fXQflNYiIN'lli, lbiu' l,f'HI1ff'Ill XV. . . . K v BZlI'l31ll'1l Cuwrv, M 1 1111 MX I HI,IC'l'lL' ASS1 JCI,-X'l'lON IHIIIIU l'lUl,lU -Iuhn N111 x S'I'l'IJICN'I' Ct PVNCII 1 Ifvhn Klahmwy, l,H'XflI,1'1ll llvnry Agmtinvlli, Inu-If 11 uf SFX w Cmrdem Hrmvn Flf'Eil1UI' liucklm IJu1'utl1y Ihmnfflly fhzirlvx Hzulalzul Kc-nnvth Hilt n thc iXI'llN'll I"uu'c'Q w l4.ulw.u.1 Ililfw, .N1w'rlr1r1' I4 JR l'fXICL'l"I'lYIf HOA-XRIJ xXv2lI'I'CI1 Xvintvrs Lmnn Kziprivlirm 'Smnlm' Kf:1cPhe1' c?C'flI'L1P Nickerw0r1 Robert U'CunnCll Bilfhllfil Rr:u'dm1 'l' ll IC S A S S A NI O N ROBERT l'Al.l.ADlN0 Claw President 43 Football Captain 43 Football 2, 3, 43 liasltetball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 31 Ulee Club Z, 3, 43 Student Council 33 Safety Patrol 3, 4. HENRY ACOSTINELLI Vive President 3, 43 Student Council 43 Executive Bord 3, 43 Chairman Publicity Committee junior Prom 33 Decorating Committee Football Dante 43 Vit'c-Presi- dent of Student Council 43 Senior Play Cast. VITO CARDELLICCHIO Claw Treziwurer 3, 43 Decorating Committee for Sports Dance Z2 Poster Contest 23 Executive Board Z, 3, 4. BARBARA CUWEE Cla-N Sevretary 43 President of Girls' Athletic Lea- gue 43 Cheerleader 3, 43 Decoration Committee for Fall Sports Danee 31 Seeretary of XVar Savings Committee 43 Iintertaimnent Committee for Football Dance 43 Base- ball 2, 33 Baxketball 2, 3, 43 Girl! Athletic League 2, 3, 43 Safety Counril 3, 43 Executive Board 43 Senior Play Cust 4. THE SASSAKION ELEANOR AHEARN Campaign Manager for Sophomore Elec- tion1 Campaign Manager for Senior El6CIi0I11 Counter junior Election1 Archery 2, 31 Mixed Glee Club 2, 3, 41 Horseback Riding 41 Chairman Publicity Football Dance 41 tile: Club 2, 3, 41 Treasurer 31 Custodian Glee Club Gowns 41 Basketball 31 Tennis 21 Safety Coun- cil 3, 41 Sassamon Board 41 Student Council 41 Executive Board 3. JOHN ALLEN Usher at Graduation and Class Day 31 Checker at junior Prom 31 Baseball 2, 3, 41 Basketball 41 Football 3, 4. MARGARET ANTALEK Sassamon Board 41 Honor Society 4. TINA ARENA FLORA AR'l'Ill'R Basketball 21 Chairman of Candy Com- mittee 41 Senior Play Candy Committee 4. GEORGE RAIRD President of junior Class 31 junior Prom Decoration flUllllIllIIC't'Q Marshal for Class oi ,422 Senior l'lay Committee1 Representative tt Eastern lVlassachusetts Student Council Conven- tion at VVellesley 21 Usher at Thanksgiving Football Game 31 illee Club 41 Safety Council Z, 3, 41 Sassamon Board 31 Student Council 2, 31 Executive Board 31 llonor Society 4. V ICTURIA BARR VITO BARTUNE TIIERESA BEALE Senior l'lay Refreshments klUlIlllllYIt'l': Bad' minton Z1 Baseball 2. ALFRED BESYYICK French Club 31 Football 3, 4. S 0 . 20 nik sv-I 'ff -7' . W Y, 4 all '!1'Z"r :au 1, 1 of--I' if 5. tax . fri wi fha 1 Q 'fe -' . wr ' x EJ -3-'FSL if 'Nm-nr W 'I'llli SASS,-X HON -G- Qg 1, ,ED r- 90 'C I 6 af,- 33 ,-Q 1 . ,,1 W Q ' S Rau DOROTIIY Bl'l'SOI.l l41lNlxl'll1llll 2. SEVICIRI NO BRI-IlLOI,l Bilwlvzlll 2, 31 llnrkcy 3, 41 l'3Xt'l'llllYt Board .21 l'hcz'kirnL at Senior Rcvcptinn. BARBARA BREMNER RICHARD BRENNENIAN Baxchull 21 Fuutlmull 2, 3, 41 lrlvitatinn lmnrnitte Sports Dina 4 6- ' 1't' . BARBARA BROWN GORDON BROWN L'f1 llm-key 3, 41 Orrhcstru 2, 3, 41 Band 2, 31 lfxevutive 3, 41 llhcr and Revcivilrgg Line at Senior Rcveptiun. ROBERT BROWN ' ' 7 lmli .., 3, 41 llm'lu'y' 3, 4. ELI-IANOR Bl lIKl.liX Sllftly l'nunc'il 31 l'3Xt'l'llllYl' Bunrd 41 llnn- Ul' 541 rivty 3, 41 l"rcnrh Club 31 lyflllllillll' l'luh 33 IM'lf'LCllIC In IF. .X, R. 41 lm-ixqninnx fur Scllim' Rem-pxrnlr. EDW ARI! Bl RRR Buxlwtlrzrll 2, 3. 41 BZINNIHIIHII l'llCl'lxC'l' ul rlunrc 31 Nlcwvlgurr' during Firm' Drill and .Mr 1Ilrill31RrgixrrurnfXhrrrs 41l'.5.Nuxx. 1 35' 4 ",E,,"'l, 15" ROBERT Bl Rlilf 4 4 , Bxzxclmll 3, 41 I-'nntlwall 3, 41 llurkcy 3, 41 7 Student l'nnm'il 21 lfuutlvilll Dance ltlbllllllllltt' 5 , . , 3, 41 l'hec'kim,5 cvtllllllllllti' 3, 41 llhillflllllll of V., N X I, l'uliu- l'urnrnitIn-c 41 Rc-gi-trur of Yurerx 4. THF SASSANION 31 LUCY BURNS Cshers and Receiving Line at Senior Re- ception3 Checker 31 Canteen Squad 33 Red Cross Preaident 33 Ticket Committee junior Prom 31 Glee Club 2, 3, 41 Student Counvil. GLOR I A 1IADORE'l"l'li Senior Play CLINKQ Suwznnon Board 31 Iix- ecutive Board 23 Cheer Leader 3, 41 'l'i1'lxet Connnittee III Sportx llllllil' 31 EIllt'l'Illll1lllC'IlI at Football DLIIICC 3, 43 Decorating Connnittee for Football Dance 31 lirltet Committee for Football Dance 33 Invitation Conunittee for Sports Dance 4. YIOLA CARRULI. Red Cross Sewing Club 31 Refreshnienh Coininittee for Senior Rereption. MARJORIE CASICX Glee Club 2, 3, 43 llruin Mnjoretle 4. BICRNICE CASIINIAN Conservation Coininittee 41 iilee Club 2 Election Checker 41 lflertion Counter 4. EVELYN lIllAl'NlAN Hasleetball 31 Kilee Club 2, 31 Red Crow Sewing Claw 31 I,ibrariun for lilee Club 2, 31 Clerk for Elertionx 43 'l'it'ltet Connnittee for Football Dante 33 llerorziting Coinniittee for Full Sports 23 fl'l2lll'lll1lll of lnvitzitionx Coin' mittee for Senior Rereption 41 Saiwunion liouril 3. MARION Clll'RCll liusltetliull 2, 31 Tennis Z1 l'Nl'lCl'N :ind Re- L bg i' 1515 jr ,lui -35.35 4. reiving Line for Senior Rem'eption1 liirlx' .Xtb- Q 2 letin' Lezigue 2, 3, 41 SCl'l't'llll'f of liirl! .Xtli- A letie League 41 iilee Club 2, 3, 41 Csher an l ' junior Prom 33 Senior l'l:iy l'rograni Connnile in 6 Iee1 Senior Play Soloixt. R V ' Y weep.. w .IUHN Ll.,-Klllx ligneluill 21 llockcy 31 lklier at Claw Han ' and fiflltlllillllllll .X. .X. Collertol' 2, L . ' .A 'vu . MARJORIIMI izihum Qfyffx . DUROTIIY CLAYVSUN 3 Mixed Glee Club 2, 3, 41 Badniinton 11 ' Volley Bull 21 llorxeliurlt Riding 3, 41 xXr4'liery 'lt 31 Art 2, 31 Corridor ljllfflbl 31 llfllllllllll' Club R , ' 31 livlxet Connnittee for Ifootbzill Dance 3, lieltet Connnittee for Suwzinion llzinre 31 Girl! ,Xthletie League 3, 43 iilee Club 2, 3, 41 Safety Couneil Z, 3, 43 Sziuzinion Bozird 4, l'SllC'l' ut Senior Rereption. 1 ' . ,1-113 fo' Fi 1 -ilu ' , .Inv ,A f i , ' r ' C .f xx ' fl: 'M 3 l 1 l' 'l'llICSASSA1ION ef QR J P' ,'. 5' - , 1' -fl 7 tiff wg: ,'4'l:l Q K -.5 . AF ' fa us l 1 n 4- Y v N vw' f fag. 99 if 04 'Q -nl' X1 MARY CHAN l3et'nrating Uotntnittee for Senior Rt-ft-prion R0l!ER'l' COLE KA'l'lll.El-IN CUNDUN Plans Sevretary 21 Sassatnon Board 43 lfx- evutive Board 21 l'sher at Senior Reception. j0Sl'Il'lI CUNNOLLY llovltey 2, 41 YVztr Savings Adtniralq now in the l'. S. Navy. FRANCIS CPLCASI lfootball 2, 31 iilee l'lttb 2. BE'l"l'Y Cl'l.VERll0l'SE Saswltnon Board 33 Iles-or-ating Committee for junior Prom 31 Decorating Uotntnittee for Fall Sportx Dance 43 l'sher at Virtory Con- vert 41 Decorating C'otntnittee for 19421 Grad- uation 41 Decorating Uoinnilttee for Senior Re- ception and for Senior Party. JANE Cl'MMlN1LS Ulee Club Z, 3, 41 iilee flub Vit't'-l'resi- dent 31 Urchextra 2, 3, 4, Student founeil 2, 33 Honor Snvietj 3, 43 .-Xrt 2, 3, 43 lXhcr at -Iunior l'roin 31 String Quartet 31 Mixed Glee Club 3, 43 Entertaininent Connnittee for Senior II arty: lXher and Rereivitig Line for Senior Reveption 4. BARBARA DALEY liaxkrtlmll 21 Safety Couneil 2, 3, 43 Sa-- Narnon Board 2, 3, 41 Student Counril 3, 4, Nerretary 43 Defense Savimgs Collector 3: l3l1er at tiraduation and Vlau Day 31 lXher it Vit-tory Convert 41 junior l'rom l'ublit'ity Connnittee 33 Tirket C'onnnittee for Sax-atnon llanee 33 lnvitationf Cotntnittee for Football llanre 43 tiift l'onnnittee for Senior Party 4. LUIS DAYTON Decorating l'onunittee for -Iunior Prom 31 l5et'oratlng C'ointnittee for Senior Reveption 4. DANIEL DESNIARAIS Haw-ball Nlanager 2: Safety Council 2. THE SASSAKION I.0l'lS DI CICCO Baakethall 3, 43 Salvage Committee 3, 4. In U. S. Army. JERRY DIGERONINIO Footlaall 43 Executive Board 33 Boxing W, 'S Cluh 43 Salvage Committee 3. 3 DOROTHY DONNELLY Baseball 2, 43 B11-kethall 2, 43 Girl! Ath- letic League 2, 43 Glee Clulw 23 Sawainon Boa ' 43 Executive Board 43 Election Checker 23 First Aid Committee 33 corridor Patrol 33 Senior Play Ticket CIJIIIIIIIIICCQ Invitationx Committee for Senior Reception. BARBARA DOSTIE Girls' Athletic League 3, 43 Safety Council 2, 3, 43 Sassamon Board 3, 43 Executive Board 23 Archery 33 Dramatic Cluh 33 llorxehaclv Riding 3, 43 Foothall Dance Decorating Com- mittee 33 Sussainon Dance Ticket committee 33 junior Prom I'uhlicity Committee 33 for- ridor Patrol 33 Cheerleader 43 journalism 43 Music Committee for Savarnon Dance 43 IXher at Victory Concert 43 Fall Sporty Dance Pro- gram Committee 43 Senior Play C'aNt 4. CLAIRE DRISCOLL HELEN DRISCOLI. VIRGINIA DRISCOLI, DINBAR JOHN DINN Track 2, 33 iilee Vluh 2, 33 Safety' Council 2, 3, 43 Sawainon Board 3, 43 Executive Honrd 23 Honor Society 43 Ilher at -lunior l'rom3 I'aher at Clan Iylly :ind fiflllllllllitllll Senior Play Reading.: Committeeg Dramatic Clulv 31 French Clulw 33 Senior l,l2lj faxt. ,IEANNE FAIR Senior Play Cast 4. I f-if " Q. 36 'ix 3 3 ' " 'ing' 7.5 25 A-Q,-1 3' pr Q 6 1' r nude ,.,-K' G ... 'xox- +1 -an ,5- 'Q-"5 VX v 84 'l'lllC SASS.-X HON 1 'Q 6.50. alb- 0 q 'T' B .fl .f if lv 'V' N '36s 6 'i 5 -if -LZ? 3 6: l.. 4-2 bv ,pw ' if 5 MARY FELUNIQ ICRIIIIC I-'lI,l,lilDl'IS Ilinntzttit' Clnlv 31 Srniur l'l:1y Vast 4. WILLIAM FLORIO lizulwtluill 2, 3, 4, Captain: Liliiblllllll Z, 3 43 Student l'nunt'il Prexitlt-tit 4g ln tht' V. S iNllll'lllt'N. Bl'I'l"l'Y FL! NN t'Xrt'ltci'v 2, 3, 43 Valles' lizill 2, 3, 41 Fieltl llnvltvy 2, 3, 41 liawlmull ENID FLYNN H11-clmall 41 .'Xt't'het'y Z, 3, 43 Vtillry Bull 2, 3, 41 l'lclLl lln1'lxry2,3,4. JANICT FIA NN llrztrnattic Cltili 33 First Aid cllilllllllllti' 31 Mm-ale Club 33 l'rtnnpter for Senior Play 43 Rvfl'twlitlit'tits l'nnnnittt'c fur Senior Revcptiun 41 liztxlwtluill 23 tiles Cluli. IH DISICRT FLY NN liihlxttliilll 21 lfutmlllllll 21 lk-fl-msg Sqn'- intgx C'unitnittre 43 C'hct'lxct' in lilectiotix 31 Sturt- lfinttlist .'XIllk'l'il'I.lIl Legion llI'1lIlJ!'ll'lll Unn- tz'-I 4. 'l'lll'iRl'iSA FLYNN film- cllllll 41 5-tttclent l'nnnt'il 31 l':X6'K'llllVC linurtl .23 .Xrrlit-rp 41 RQ-tl from Sewing Cmn- rnittre' 31 Rt-trcxlitm-titx C'mnrnittt-Q' for St-ninr l':tttx 4. l'Al'I. F0l.I'IX SOPIIIIC FR.-kNli0l LIS . flint' l'l:tx fzht. THESASSAKION 35 EVELYN GARVEY Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Band 2, 3, +3 Sawatnon 'P PHILIP GASSETT Football 2, 31 Glare Club 2, 3, 41 Urchc-stra 2, 3, +5 Band 2, 33 Executive Board 2. SERAFINA GIANETTI RUSSELL GIBSON Hockey 3, 41 Band 2, 3, Student Council 2. In l7. S. Navy. PHILLIP CILSENAN In li. S. lNlarinc-N. ,IACQUELINE GUDDARD HAROLD GRANT A. A. Collector 21 Election Checker 21 Safety Council 2, 3, 4, Football Ground Crew 2, 3, -lg Football Scaxonk licltet Champion Seller 2, 3, 41 Ticket Cotntnittcc for Elliot, the Magician CChatnpion Sellcrj 3, llontc Room iIil'C'HSlll'C'l' 31 Sanatnon Board 3, High School Auxiliary Police 31 junior l'rorn Ticket Corn- rnittee 31 junior l'roni l'shcr 3, Senior Recep- tion, Assixtant to Mr. lligginx 3, llratnatic Club 31 lag Day for High School Hand l'ni- forrns 4, Ticlxet Committee for Sportx Dance +1 Ilsher at Frantingharn Gantt- 41 Ticket Cont- tnittce for Victory Concert 41 Physical Educa- tion Exhibit Z1 Football ticket salw lgatcj 42 Red Crow ixlt"NNK'Ilf.ft'l' 3, 4, Checker Sports' Dance 22 Chairman, Ticlwt Connnittcc Senior Plav. BETTY CREENYVOOD Safety Council 33 Chet-r l,c-:ruler 2, 4. JANET CRUV ER Baxltctball 4. ,IUSEPII CRUPPOS0 f-'qt Tw ZZ 'QL' N 4?"5 V as nl W., mlm .-QQQ xi' ""'9' za-4: .nef- if 5 'F W 'I' HIC SASSA MON Q HAROLD GURNIQY ,'. W' 5. 'T' '16 . '61, 'C ini AQ si 1 V JA J. Qvu-dx 35 'S' Islltllllllll 2, 3, 41 lloclxcy 2, 3, 4. CIII.-kRI.ICS IIADUAD Bztwlulll 2, 41 Buaketbzill Z, 3, 41 VVar Szlviiigx Committee-Prewitlent 41 Senior l'l1ly' Czut 41 Suvxunon Board 2, 31 Student Council 2, 41 Nlnxic for Senior Reception 4. LYDIA IlAMll.'l'0N Cilce Club 2, 31 f3l'l'lll'SIl'Zl 2, 3, 4, Concert xl1lNlt'lA: Safety Council 41 Suwzunon Board 3, 4, lilllltll'-ill-Cl1lt'f: Student Council 2, 3, 41 lfxecutive lionrd 31 llonor Society 41 Chairman Mu-ic Committee Football Dance 2, 31 Record Committee Sziaszunon Dance 41 Decorating Committee junior Prom 31 Receiving line, in- xiianionh junior Prom 31 lkher :tt Parents' Night 31 A. R. P. Fireman 31 Special Choruw 31 String Quartet 31 Mixed Cilee Club 21 Secretary junior Class 31 Secretary to Miss Shannon 41 journalism 41 Csher and Receiving for Senor Reception 4. BARBARA ll ARRINIQTON junior Prom Refreshtnentx Committee: Canteen Squ:ld1 Glee Club 3, 4. I'RlSCll.l.A IIARVEY lizlslxetball 2, 3, 41 Girl-' Athletic League 2, 31 Ulee Club 2, 3, 41 Orchestra Z, 3, 41 Safety Council 2, 3, 41 llonor Society 3, 41 Refreshment Committee for junior Prom 31 .Xrcbery 2, 31 Senior Play Cust 41 Csherx and Receiving Line for Senior Reception1 En- tertainment Committee for the Senior Party 4. NIYIAN IIARYEY DUROTIIY IIASGILI. liasebull 3, 41 Ha-ltetball 41 Girls' Athletic League 31 lfield Hockey 41 llorsebuck Riding 3, 41 Ifire Squad 31 Archery 3, 4. NIARYLYN IIAYNES S114-:unon Board 21 I.unchroom Cuxhier 4. Rl'TlI IIICKS 5 I iilee Club 2, 31 llramatic Club 31 French A Club 31 Morale Squad 31 Fir-t :Kid Committee X 3. v 412' KENNi:'rn nnfr Safety Council 43 Projection Machine Up- erzitor 41 A. R. P. Fire Squad 31 Record Com- mittee Sa-viinon Dance 41 Gift Committee for Senior Party 41 I'-her :ind Receiving Line for Senior Reception 4. THE SASSAKION ELIZABETH HOXYATT EDITII HIUIIES Cilee Clulv Z, 3, 43 Safety Council 2, 3, 41 Executive Board 33 Firxt Aid Squad 33 lkher and Receiving Line for Senior Reception 4. RICHARD HI NT Hockey' 3, 4. KENNETH JUNE!-3 Football 7' Nle enter Nruad 3' Decorat- H, , Ns L , I , ing Committee for Senior Party 4. DOROTHY JORDAN iilee C'lulw 2, 3, 41 llramatic Clulw 3: Mixed Ulee Clulw 31 Fanteen Service 31 llec- orating COHHIIIIICC for Footlwall Dance 3. NIARILERY JOYCE Glee Clulw 3. GEORGE KANE Executive Board 21 I'-her and Receiving I.ine for Senior Reception 4. BI'lAFI'RIIIIi K,-XN'IlAIUQI'lS I,I'l0N.-K kAl'RlEl.lAN B2lNC'lYLIll 2. 33 linxltetlwnll 2, 3, 41 liirlf Athletic League 2, 31 Girl! Athletic I,l'IlQ.fllf' Treasurer 43 Field llorkey 2, 3, 4, Nlanager 41 7 Student Council 31 Executive Board .., 41 Ilon- or Society 3, 41 Decorating Committee for -lunior Prom 3. FRANK liI,EINFEI,DI-IR Football 31 Kilee Clulv 31 Senior Play Cast 41 Uhecking at Senior Reception 43 Entertain- ment Cornrnittce for Senior Party 4. J! . t """""f'3fv at :gg I 5 -.- QR: V' JR L 559' is ,M 99 if ,360- QQ 'I' Y' nl- .. .-v..,.y,? .ig 1 25- , L 4" x 'l' ll li S .-X SSA KI U N XX IIJIA I,uI!.fKI"I" lvlllllllllll' Klulw 31 l'.llll'I'f1IllIIlH'lll cfillllllll- tw' lor 5K'llllll' Rl't't'lttl1lll 4. JICANNIC l,.MIliN Salt-tv Counril 33 l3c-vornting l'orninittf's- tor Sportx llzinrc 41 llllIllt'l'Il 3. 1QliR'l'Rl DIC I,-NNE liziwlvnll 2, 3, 41 Hnxkctlutll 1, 3, 41 Ciirlx' .Xll1li'Ilt' Imnuuc Z 3 4' Fivld llovkev 7 3 4' 2, 3, 4, Nl rnittvc 3. lixldrninton llrunintii' Clulw 31 Yollgi' linll orzilc' Squad 31 lfootlinll Dnnre Com- Rl"l'lI LANE Sufrtx clbllllfll 3 ,X . lf -ftfxti JAM ES I.AW'l.ESS In the l.S. Navy. ' T rw A Q Y' FVlCl.YlY l.EFTI'Ill 156-,Z blew flulw 41 lixevutive Board 21 Red from ' Sc-wing1 Vnntecn 31 Refrcxhrmdit Cornrnittee -GX "QTL: 'f for Senior Party 4. .-'32 X 'rw .Q iz- J! ' '31 '-41. omzio l.EN'l'INI liztwluxll 41 Footlwzill 41 Safety Vounril 31 -1 Chi-a'Lirig for Senior Rereption 4. .nf :PP "s C-73 -. .. t. ff 4 lf. 44. 11. aa. .- QC. T' I J VARY LEONARD liawlwnll 31 Baxkctliull 2, 3, 41 Girls' .Nth- lvtu' l,e-zxgttv 2, 3, 41 Vim-ld lloclwy 41 Cilec' 7 C luli .., lfxc'c'1ltix'e lioard 31 llonor Sovic-ty 3, 41 Ucforzitinu C'ornrnittec for ,lunior l'rorn 31 Nlorulc Squad: C'onwrx'ntion clIHIllIIlIft't'Q Dec'- UI'ZlIlll2.f LVUIIIHIITYEK' lor l'ootl1:lll lyllllff' 3' Ura- v rnatn' ilulw 31 -lournnlixm 41 Ciift l'onnnittf'e ful' 5t'Illfll' Party 4. R,-U NIUND LEONARD lrlivlt 22 l'ootlwnll 2, 3, 4, Student cflllllfll Z: Rc'trulnnc'rit Volnrnittec for Football l7anrf'2 Rvfrcwhrrwrit ci'PIUITllfU'l' for Senior l'artx' 41 0 I xhcr and Re-cwiving Lint- for Senior Revs-prion 01" i 4. Haxelw ROBERT l,0flKllART all 41 Hakkf-tlmll 21 Safety Counf-il 3, 4: lzxemitixfl Board 2: Vxher :lt junior Prom 31 .Xrvhery 2. 31 llorwlvzlrly Riding 21 Fir-t .Xid 3. THE SASSAXION 20 STANLEY Nlat'PIlERSON Footlwall 2, 3, 43 Baxketliall 2. 3, 43 Aloinerl C. S. Navy. JOHN NIAIIONEX Bayelwall -ll Hilnlxetliilll 2, 3, -41 lrlllilhflll 3 43 Glee Clulw 3, 43 Student Council 43 Execu- tive Board 33 lixher at Graduation 33 Re- freshment Committee for Senior l':irty 4. v LAI RA NIAKI Cilee Clulw 33 Student Council 43 Chee:- leader 43 Entertainment Committee for Sportx Dance 43 Collector of XVar Saving Stampx 43 First .-Xid Committee 33 Filwt Aid Claw 33 VVar Saving- Stamp Committee 4. CIIARLES NlAl,l'l S Hzlxelwall 33 llocltey 2, 3, 43 lflool' Coin- mittee for Sportx Danceg ixlt'SSCl12t'IA Squad. A. R. l'.3 Checker for Voting 3. PETER NIANN X Ba-elwall 2, 43 Baxltetlwall 33 llecorzitinu Committee for Graduation 33 l7t-coratimg Com- mittee for Sportx Dfmce 31 l5eror:ztingg Com- mittee for Honor Society 3. lLI'IOR1LI-I NIANNING Orchestra 33 Hand 23 lelxectitiw 33 Dance Committee for the junior l'rom 3. FRANCES HARPISII Cxher at Victory Concert 4. YIOIA MARTINI Red Crow Sewing Clulw 33 Refre-liim-nt Committee for Senior Play 43 Rt-frexhnient Com- mittee for Senior Reception 4. FRANCIS Nh-fIAR'l'IlX Baseball 43 Safety Council 2. I RENIC Mel IARTIH . , - -1 3 1 Safety Council 2, 3, 41 Snwamon Board 3, 43 Student Council .23 llonor Society 3, 43 Re- freshment Committee for Footliall l5nnt'e ll Ticket Committee for Footlwzill Dance 43 Ticket Committee for Sportx llzince 43 Reading Com- mittee for Senior Play 43 lixher at Victory Con- cert 43 Draniatic Clulw 33 I'-her :it Alunioi' llrorll 3. .few .Q' r, 43 S. K'-4:1 R C' 5 'i. '1 J -NX . RNS. N ..' A. - f v Zn A G . fa 6' 4 't X. 1 " Q' 'Qii "'. Gan .X H-X X 79 X if an fb. 4' N' "fav x 3--, ' if 44, ,. .. ., lIIlz5,1X55.-XNION I 'ff D Sllllll,l'IX Wl1'lNlN-Kl.D Sus-411111111 131111131141 Real C'1'11N Kniy1i11gC'I11l R 6. 31 lklwr :lt l'1':11'Al ll:11'l111r Night 41 R1'fl'!'Nh K Q S' Tx IIIVIII K'11111111i1tc1- 1111 Scniur R1-V1-11111111 4. T' . T liillil-1Ii'l' 311-KICNZIIC x l11 lf 5. .xl'lllN. -- A u. LH l'IHIiRlC Nl.-lAl'1QlII,lN at ,1 a ' Y' -gs hrs' . V. A NIHIIIAICI. Yll'.1Ll.l0l,.-X B11-clmll 2, 3, 41 liaskvtlnlll 2, 31 Fuwvtlmll 2, 3. IIUISICIVI' MORRIS lflrv clklli 21 Safety K1111111'1l 2, 3, 41 lax 9 G fur thc 50111111 Rscvpliorm 4. fi N.- T T5 ' 1Ql.0Rl.-K Nll LYHY 5IlIdt'Ill KUIIIIVII 41 Izxr-C11t11c 151111111 21 A 3, 41 llckvl i111111111m'1' for AI11111111' l'r11111 3 I711r111111 K l11l1 3 R11 4111 C 'z : " ' ,1 In " -N '11111111ittec 4. FRI-IDICRHIK Nll'lil'HY 9 ff 3 3, 41 5TlI1lf'lll C'f111111'il 31 13111121114 fur .'xlIlt'l'i y. Q BI, as "' - Y 111 4. - 'E' NDI..-K NA'l'l1IfIllIONI Nl UH 'NELSON 2 1 1 Q. Q - Mlm' culllll 21 Rf'fI'f'Nhll1l'llf l'm11111ittf'f for dr Ia 141111111111 I7n11r'1- 4. X 'G' 1 V I lIA'l'Ill'IRlNl'1 NEILSON xl X 1' L '-5 M 44134 4X'b-11 H:1Nk1'tl1:1ll 41 ffl:-c Klub 4' fhl'l'l'4t'Ill4l'l' 4 l'i'lI!iYl' liuard .23 lkher ar 'I'ha11LN1,:i1'i1111 ffillllf' 2, 31 QX, .X. Q'11ll1-I1111' Z1 Q'l1e1'ki11g Q'11111111ittce .X f'41ll1'f'K11l' 3, 45 Ftllllllflll l7z1111'0 cwfllllllliffli lizlwlulll 2, 31 llrrvlwy 2, 3. 4: iilcc C'l11l1 THE SASSA MON RICIIARD NICHOLS Glee Cluli 2, 31 Safety Council 3, 43 Csher at Graduation and Class Day 33 Decoratin'-' Committee for Sports Dance 23 Csher at Thanksgiving Game 35 Senior Play Cast 43 Decorating Committee for Senior Reception 4. GEORGE NICKERSON Senior Play Cast 43 Baseball Manager 23 Glee Clulw 41 Safety Council 23 Sassamon Board 41 Ballads for Americans 43 Decorating Com- mittee for junior Prom 31 Csher at 'l'hanks- giving Game 3. ROBERT OTIONNELI, Entered Boston College, lan. 1943. ROISERT IKYCONNOR Glee Clulw 2, 41 Sassamon Board 3g Ex- ecutive Board 23 Defense Savings Committee 41 A. A. Collector 41 Ballads for i'xlIIt'I'Il'ZIIIN 41 Csher and Receiving Line for Senior Recep- tion 4. RI'I'A O'RORKE Drum Majorette 41 Ulee Clnlw 2, 3, 41 Nlixed Ulee Clnlig Ballads for Americans 4. DAVID PALMER EDITII PAR MENTER Sassamon Dance Committee 3. ANN I'ARlNEI,I,O Glee Clulw 2, 3, 41 Mixed iilee Clnl-1 Ballads for .-Xmericans 4. RllDOl,I'II I'E'I'ERSON Safety Council 2, 3, 41 Sassamon Board 31 Track 31 l'sher at Ifootlwall Game. RHIIIARD I'EIRlIE In C. S. Navy. 4 'l'lllC SASSA HHN ll. qua QQ- wi nf" -10" rl af' 'I'Ill'1Rl'ISA I'INl'lAl' Il.-KR HAR A R ICARIN DN 4-lee Qlnlm 2, 3, 41 5llll'ly llDllll4'Il 3, 41 l'3Xt't'llllYC l34Hll'll 41 Cslier :lt 4il'IHllIIlllUlI zinml Cluv Huy 31 Clerirzll .Xwixlzlni lo Mr. N-:nh 41 Xvlll' lioml Stxnnpx l3ooL1 Clerlx :lt junior lilertion 31 Nlixecl lilee Clolm 2, 31 Cxlier :lt Senior l'l1lj 4. GlCR'l'l!l DIC IG ICYNULDS Suvzlrnon l,ZlIlCC Cornvnittee 3. LEON IXICARDI llom-key 2, 3, 41 Urehextru 2. 3, 41 Band 21 Safety' Council 2, 31 Honor Sofitly 41 15-SH Clolw 41 Victory Convert 41 Talent :Xssernlwly 41 l.l'1lllt'l'N Clulw 41 Moxie Cornrnittee for Senior Retention 4. .IMWES RUNAN lizl-eluill Z, 31 I5-SH Clulw 4. HAROLD RUSEN E A ' .., , 1 rhestru 2, 31 Safety , Counvil 3, 43 Sgrumnon liozxral 41 Honor Society 3, 4, l,l'l'Nlllt'lll1 lXher at ciflllllllllltlll and Class Day 31 Recl Crow Coinrnittee 41 Suwarnon llunre Connnirlee 41 ,Iunior l'rorn Committee 31 lieeoruting Connnittce for Senior Party 4. l3lCVERl.Y RUSS Girl! .Xihletie I,e:1g1ue. JOHN RUSS Nl'Il,l.0 RUSSINI liznelwull 2, 3: liuxketlwzxll 2, 31 Tennix 2 3' llfvlxek 7 3 4 ,in ..,,. 14,1 , flllARl.I'lS s,mm:N'r at ' " ,e ' fx ' 4 -LF X.. liaxelvall Z1 liuxketlmall 22 Fflwlfilll 21 NN' N: U. .1 A ,V I ' r l I, i . Ao' 5 1 ll THE SASSABION EVELYN SARGENT Usher at Victory Concert 4. WILLIAM SCHEIIFELE Usher at Graduation and Class Dayg junior Prom Committee 31 Csher at Football QIZIIIICQ Track 31 Hockey 2, 3. IRVING SCHNEIDER RITA SCOTT Baseball 2, 31 Basketball 2, 3, 41 Tennis 21 Girls' Athletic League 2, 3, 41 Field Hockey 2, 3, 41 Sassamon Collector 41 Yolley Ball J, 3, 41 Badminton 2, 31 Manager of Indoor Gym 4. JOHN SECONDINO Football 3, 4. ' 1 GEORGE SELLEW If Football 2, 3, 43 Track 21 llecorating Committee for junior IIYUIIIQ Decorxiting Com- mittee for Sports IDZIIICCQ Ilsher at Graduation 31 Gift Committee for Senior Party 41 Student Council 3. MARGARET SHAW' Basketball 31 llorsebaek Riding 31 Arvhery 21 Skiing 31 Decorating Committee for Foot- Us ball Dance 3. Z6 'ab ,JUS bs' '-we Q:-v-p' V' ,, 3 .4,' SM Vx TIIOMAS SIIERIDAN ' Basketball 21 Football 2, 31 Glee Club 2, A ..4. 31 Usher at Graduation and Class Day 3. " , ii?-."'V JigQf1 1 , ggi s I 64: DONALD SIMS ln l'. S. Navy. LAWVRENCE SMITII In Il. S. Armv. 3 44 'l'lllCSASSANlON 115 ': if 1' 36 I-.475 'D -f X cane, ' if L 5 K gg... bw s . 1, WIl,I,lAM STACY 'l'r:tclt 23 Executive lioartl 33 Music Corn- tnittee lor Senior Reception 4. INDRUTIIY STICK A tiirls' Athletic League 2, Assistant to Miss Rafferty in .Nctivity Period -lg Refreshment Cotntnittee for Sassznnon Dance 4. RICI IAR Il TA FT l'sher and Receiving Line for Senior Re- ception 4. ln l'. S. Navy. I'Al ll. 'l'H l l RSTON liaselmall 21 llockey 2, 3, 41 Ulee Club 2, 3, 4, Safety Council 2, 3, 4, President: Student Council 2, 3, -lg Chairman of Decorating Com- mittee for Fall Sports Dance 22 Decorating Connnittee for Spring Sports Dance 31 Decorat- ing Committee for junior Prom 31 Usher at junior Prom 31 Vsher at Class Day and Grad- uation: Chairman of Fall Sports Dance 33 l'sher at Thanksgiving Game 31 Representa- tive to Eastern Massachusetts Student Council Convention at VVellesley 21 Senior l'lay Cast-1: I'sher and Receiving Line for Senior Reception -l. ELBRIDGE TORREY 'D inf' STEPHEN TUTA f 9 ln l'. S. Arniy. ni 36. 2 - I 1? P' 6? f,,..'l'.,a if af- JOFEPIIINE TRANIELLU PHYLLIS TPRNER tiirls' Athletic League 2. CAROLINE VANCE Entered bargent School jan. 1943. JAMES VANCE Entered Clark University vlan. 1943. THE SASSAMON ANTHONY VARRICHIONI In U. S. Army. RUTH W'ALKER Entered Boston Cniversity january 1943. RALPH WARE Glee Club 33 Csher at Graduation 33 Usher at Class Day 35 Safety Council 2. BETTY W'ENTZEl.l. Red Cross Sewing Club 3. EVIE WIGNOT Horseback Riding 2, 3, 43 Decorating Com- mittee for Football Dance: A. A. Collector 23 Safety Council 2, 3g Music Committee for Senior Reception 4. ROBERT WTLLIAMS ln C. S. Army. W'ARREN WTNTERS Ulee Club 43 Safety Council 41 Executive Board 45 Usher at Graduation and Claw Day 3. CHRISTINE WRIGIITSON Tennis 2, 43 Horseback Riding 2, 3, 43 Safety Council 2, 33 Sawamon Board Auistant Editor 3: Fall Sports Dance Committee: Band Fniform Committee: A. A. Collector 3, 4: Decorating Committee for Senior Reception 4. DOROTHY ZILCII Decorating Committee for Senior Reception: Decorating Committee for Graduation: IXher at Music Concert. A N it 4 X up :-? " 9: -, A 75 Ki. '?. i' A-fx AX a l 'Q 4 r.. I 2:5 3 1 I 'F 'Wx ,S 95 r sm If l'HIC SASSAJION 4, F.Xk'I'I.'l'Y IHA' Rnac: Nlf-wr-. NIm'Nlam1s, Vururmurw, 5t'IlI'N, IlIlllINNl', Slzzmin, Uukruuzin, Nlmtin, Qun Manu, XVhiIr, frumf Rrmu' Mr. ffZll'lillt'I', Nlix- SIIIHYIIII, Nliw 5ll2lIll1Hll, Maw, xll':XI1lllllN, Nliw Mu. Clhlllllbllf, Miw H. Unmrwlly, Nlix- Kdxhifm, Slim lhumznlmmg Nliv Ynmlcr cllltll M r. Mahtvu. fflllf Rffflu' Nlixws l'urx'irr. Nutt, R:1Hc'1'lx. XYilmllvu1', NIM. llynw, Nlixwx Hxlyw, Ylbklll +R 'l'lllC SASSJX HHN Q4- ajur Hula:-rl U. hulrs-xw QS f4UNk, v-N Q3 'x 4 J Q.. Yillium M. Car THE SASSAKION 49 Ensign Dorothy Colburn "?"m 'T' iwffdviunu Els Major Fl'illlI'iS YV. llronzm QU 'l'HI'I SASSA HON 'S 'X limb Roar: Nl. .xIlIlllClx, bl. llnnn, I'. ll1ll'Yl'f', l'. llnwey, lf. Torrey, R. Goldstein. .Yrrnlril Rmgx Ll. C'nrnin'ingN, R. lizrrlsnlt, I. Nlvl':rrIl1y, K. l'rnnirine, H. Sellew, l,. Rirxlrcli. l'l'flllf Rom: l,. llznnilton, l,. Kzrprielizin, ll, Roxen, li. linrklex, FI. llnleutl. HONOR SOCIETY 1942-19413 l'f,ylj.lf-:rt llzirolal Row-H 'l'l1:il Nutivk flllllIlICT of the National I,,,,l:,.H,l1,,,, I,t.,,,m Kumicliun llonor borlety wax orgzinllecl rather late in l , Nlzireh :Alter all the senior Illt'Illllt'l'S were .Nwrrvlfllni lzlexlnor line-Lley znlrnitleml. Seven rnernlverx were elected in their junior yeur, Nix in llerenilrer, 1943, SICYIHR NIIQXIHIQRN :incl two in Nlzirrli. , A . flllle following projevtx were :lclopted lw Nlziriggrrer .Xnlzilm-lx I.t'Ollll lxzi rrielllln . , . . l h A llie group: tulorimg, uwisting aulwrilute Creoigge Hllllll NIIITY lu Leonzrral N 1 . tezrvlierw, :incl re-ezrrfh on college entrzinre lzlezrnor linvlxlex lr l'1llll'lN MCC Lrrtlmx . I K. ' I xl V H tm h' l'l'fIlllI't'lllCllIN. rin- nnn ing r'n' . zrrw. 4' :irr x . .. ' Q l l N K Q t l " Nlerrilwerxlnp 1'ert1h4':rtes were prexenteil blolrn Donn l.eon Rnxircli . . , A R P 1 It - H, lx H N R :lt the rnclnrtion rerernony on Xlemlnesmluy or - I r I r i :ir 'll . . . , . -I U L RH' I N - . U KV 4 lm evernng, Nlxry l9tl1. Pins llt'lil'lIljl the Nationf Lxilizi llinnilton N. lzllwrnlgie lorrex . . 'A - V ' :rl Honor Soriety Fllllllflll were the gift of l'r In rllgi IIQIIXFN , l1lIllQ'N Y ginre Y . ' the llll'Illl1l'l'N nl the N1'llOOl vornnnttee und were presented :it gruilnzition. WH-XIUR MIQMHER5 lhe rnernlmers of the Rotary Klnla en- tertained the niernlverx of the Honor So- Kennerli Cirnnrrine Vlryllix llnvcw fiery ill n lnnrheon in Alone, in :in-or'clurim'e Roller! filllllllll Helen 5:-llew with ll plezisnnt unnnul rnatorn wliirh hue Llezln lllllvllll Roxio l'orlorell:1 lu-vorne :1 rr-ndiziorr. THFSASSANION Sl lirunl' Ronan' 'lf lNlurrif, R. Uzirlintt, .X. Ifziir, N. Nlillx, XV. iVintviw, lf. li:ii'nit'lu. Third Rnfuz' I.. llziiniltnn, IS. Vuxwc, H. llmtiv, li. Dull, li. lgiiigtmi, li. K':ii'm-xg -I. l'mwrN, L. Bennett, I., Lt-ntini, IB, Nlniirn, M. Q'hni'm'h. Srrrnld Rufzcx' R, l'ctei'w1i, R.'ltligii't, VI. llnnn, R, Nia-lmls, ll. Cirgrnt, ii. liziirtl. Frrn1lRnfLc.' li. Cluxliy, bl. llnlczitt, H. Rvaiitltm, l'. liliiiiwttui, l', llzirvry, ll. Rnwn, l. fNl4'L'girtlix, j. Snnnni, lx. llilt. SAFETY COUNCIL The Safety Q'uunm'il vmniiiviiu-tl thc Thu Ntntl:-ntx xhnnltl nntlriwtzintl that xchuul year with Illllll 'liliurxtnn :ix l'rtwi- NLIIIALIIHN :iw nut gin-n ln unv pcrwii Jlllbllf. tlcnt :intl l'riv'ill:i llziiwt-xi :is 56t'l't'l1ll'y. Uni' It ix llL'l't'NN1lIj that zi vuitiiiiisxiniiei' ur the IIlClIllTl'l'Nlllp hm lwrvii ltt-pt :it ai ingixinnnn -it mexitluiit Ninn 1-zivli xszirixiiit lwfnrv it if twgiity-five, put int., cfltwt. .X Ntntlcnt lllllf' zilwziyx vmiic . . lwfuir tht- rmiiiril if hc fcclx that hc hzix Duc to the vnnlwrzitinii nl thv Ntntlt-ntx, . - U . lwcn nninxtlx givvtiwtl, lhix NXxlt'lll hux very few wzirrgiiitx hzixc ln-cn gin-ii. . ' I ' pmvctl highly vtlrvtlu-. lNleetii1'w hun' liven ht-ltl wt-ulxlv. Sing- Mi. lllll'K'l' was tht' l'.ill'lllIY .Xtlviwr l- . . gcxtinnx have lu-cn limtiglit up ln iiiciiilit-rx, until lNlgii't'li, wht-n lit' wsu ti':imfcri'ecl tn the which will iilipruvt' trzilhv rniitlitimix .lnnini lligh bvlnml, Since that tiinc, Mr. llllllllgllllllll the at-liuul. I,:itt-i' nn in tht' f't'lll', Slilllllll hm ziwnniccl tht- pmitinn nf zitlviwr. it wax lunntl llt'1't'NNl1l'f' tu :inltl unr pzitrnllvi' .M tht' Siwplimriiieiix- pzitrnl rxiniv nn tlnty in the vriitvi' nf cuvli tlnnr. 'l'hix piwwml tu in Mui, the Svniur pzxtrnl lilIltlIllZllll'ZlllX rt'- lw ll grvnl uial in truthc' vuntrnl. liiiqnixln-tl itx tlnticx lf , - . . . , N? I Hlx S.'X55.'X HHN ml- lfffagx' I', 5lILlhl'NIlk'ZlI't', .X. lfuir, Ii. Vlalxhy, -I. Nlllhlblltf, -I. Nfmnun. l'f111.l llfmaf Ci. Nzzlgrllr, .X. xIllIhl'N'N, L. HLIIIIIIIHH, li. Bucll, R. xll'l1l'llI'lxt'll, ll. S1-llcu Nl, lhmmx, I,. Nlnlxi, Il. Klm'il1ichlv1'. 4. XHTIIVI, lx, liufi. S'l'l'lll'1NT C1 PUNCH, p,,,,41,,,, yy'1H1A,,,, I-1,,,g,, fm' the wlmul yn-:lr 194.2-1943 wax hrld nn lf.f'l'rfx1.lf11l Il1'lII'N .XQllNliIll'lli NAWNHIWIV INHHF-HM" NX-'xlllulm likllrlmlkl ljlllm lb HIS! lillfil'N Nkvlq' tu -x'h'l'I Ihr Phi-rl' lrxnhlrx :mal ru xnpplfvu' thu urn lHlNiIillll 1:1 tha- 5llN5Z1lIl'lII lihzxrcl. Ihr Nrmlrhr l'fn1m'iI ix wunupme-Al uf :I Thr rrzuliliunzzl Ifuuthull I,IlIll't', Npun YM 111114LxirlH'1'Ivw11lr1Iiwiwrv1f'::fl1Pw1I1f'- Wrui qmnuqnlh hx Ihr Srmh-nr Vmnrnvil in YHIYII. lil' wwhlvllr :IT Q-.uh rlnw, .url rhq- Purim: of rhv fuuxlmll IVZIIII. um hrld llc I-lirlllrilm-vhivt wt lrll' wlx-ml pulp:-r. l'hi- ll'HlIN'l' 1-vllrlh. "MV ""Ki"'x"'N I" 'WIP Um' "'Al""N""7 'h' .Xtra-1' thv illlillfiilfll of xxwlliillll I"hn'iu 'MUNI M :""i"! "H N"Ll!'A'ti""' Mum HH' into thc- xllllillt' Q'n1'l:, ,fuhn Nizxhumi um w"""" 1"'tlX' llwwrm in Nlxnrmh :xx lll't'NiKIt'Ill uf Ihr c'lllIIll'il 'lhl FUN' Hlfflilll fvf rhf Nt1uh'l1tl'wu1uil. 'Vu Ihr lt'lll1lilNit'l nf rhk- yvur. Mfulnl Rfflif IX Imllllll, R. lluuzzlsl, ul. Ruin, YY. Rnd, XV. XYhite. 14111 lffwgf li. Xutflrr, -I, Rilwr, l'. IxhlIl'NIHIl, M. lngullx, H. .'XguNIim'lli, NI. Hullingxworlh THESASSAKIUX is EXlT in SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL URCIIESTRA Tha- itxfuriixzxlity ut' tht' :xlmxu pivtxxxt- lflI"N :xxxti-tuxiix lux' thuw llllf plgixtxs xxhtv rxpre-New the frirxxcllx :xxxxl llllllllllli' spirit xxx tht-5 lxzxxuxft gut titiit- tu iixxiwxxvxr. that pervzxalt-tl thc x'e-lu-zixwaxlx :xxxcl rxvtivitit-N Hu-1' in tht' t'ux'm-x' ut thc rx-lxczxxwzxl Of thix f'C'1ll'lN high wlxfvul ui'x'lxx'Ntx'n. Nlmt rmuxxx whvxx she' w:xNxx't pqxttwxlliixg t'ux'rislxux's of the xxxsixxlwxw hzxvr hu-xx playing tugvtlxvi rxxxxxxixxg Sxwxxxnx t'lAlAIlIlllN, :xttcxxtlitxg Ntxi for four ycnxw axxcl frmxi Nllfll :in t:xpvx'iviiw xhiit rwxxxivil ixxwtixxw, nzix In lit- ttiximl xiii Coxxxes zx Npirit uf v:xixxnx':xtlc'x'it- thzxt xhnll lw f'v'vptixxxi:xl high wlmxil pigxxxixt. 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THE SENIOR PLAY "DOUBLE lJ.'X'I'E" The modern, fast-moving comedy, writ- ten lay Kurtz Gordon and entitled "Double Date," was presented liy the Class of 1943, under the direction of Miss Marie ll. Dona- hoe of the English Department, on Friday evening, April 3llth in the Coolidge junior High School Auditorium, The scene of the skillful presentation was the fraternity house lilirary of the Delta llappa Epsilon at Tenneck College, New Hampshire. 'l'he memliers of this ex- clusive group found themselves confronted with the extremely difficult task of selecting a college queen for the annual lce Uarniyal. Stella Young, a selfish, egotistical, con- niving lwut glamorous young girl so alily portrayed by Barliara llostie aspires to lwe chosen the Carnival Queen and accepts the first laid that comes her way. :X second hid arrives from Charles lladdad, alias Dun- can VVolf, the grid-iron hero, and, prefer- ring the latter, Stella doulwle dates Leo Sanford, the typical American collegiate type, played lwy john Dunn. 'Fo relieve the situation, Stella lwrings along -lean Bradshaw ttjloria Cadorettel, .1 plain, simple, unpretentious college girl whom Stella regards as most unlikely CUIII- petition for her amlyitious goal, for a "fill-in" for Leo, lwut he has other ideas. Denis Sheppard, llloliert Thurstonl, a quiet stu- dious chap, is present when l.eo puts "thumbs down" on jean, and, feeling the injustice of it and not having a date himself, asks .lean to accept his lwid, which she does. liarlvara Sutton, Mimi Miller and -lill llealwon, impersonated lwy Barbara Cowee, .leanne Fair and Sophie Frangoulis, wealthy college girls and guests of the Uarnival are quick to see that Stella has lwut one oli- iective-to win the crown of Varnival Queen. 'l'hey take jean under their wing and, with the assistance of a lveautician and the lsest of their wardrolwe, they transform -lean into a revelation of lweauty and enter her as competition for the crown. She is chosen to represent the fraternity with Stella taking second place. About this time, rumors lmegin to spread that a prince, incognito, is a fraternity lirother--and a reporter, the eccentric Pinkey l'almer-luetter known as George Nickerson lf'ontinued on Page 6-ll NS 'I'llI" S-XSSAXXIUN , . . . . . . . 551- llrl' Rn-un' I. NI1'K'z1rlI1y, bl. iirifhn, Nl. C'hnrm'h, l'. C'nttc'll, Il. Flynn, R. Svnlt. l'!1ir.l Rfng: Qi, Yirkqrwn, Nl. Nlzrluml, li. C'h11Inn:1n, U. Tzxylnr, S. Mc'l5mmld, Ii. Uurey IT. Ilnvlllvlly, lx Spnnrwr, rl, Nllllc-r, IT. Lunglnn, U, Ulxnn. X.fn11.l Rfmcf R. 'l'hunwtnn, J. lirvnnernzxn, Ii. Vnndnn, M. llupnix, IJ. Sanhorn. run! Rwfzzz' H. linvll, ,l. Sjiillltllil, ,I. Huh-alt, I5. Munro, QI. Dunn, I,. llfnnilmn, M. :Xntnlek Nl Xlnnhl H U1 in I Inpien SASSAMUN BOARD I'hv Nunxinx linzzul Ihix war fnnnd vllnxwrx l'r1-M iiUllfl'l'L'lN'Q' hclcl :lr North wif fgzrcsi with vnnny pvnhlvnlx. l'rim'w of L'2lNtl'l'II IvlliYClANiIf' nn Nlnrrh 27. gvzlpvr' harm' riwn, prixnrrx :rw Nhnxl uf In-lp, 'l'hQ- Sxvxkinx linard Npnnxnrcd twn vu' nhl -nnw .nclxwriwrw urn' nn lnzlgm in hun! ning ml:rm'w in mn' own Lynx, realizing ll nwx. In Npiu- uf rhvw llllIllIil'Illl'-, funr fnnl- rnnvh-xx'ch'nll1rd prnht. 'l'hm- fnllnwing ix Ihr pzngv i-Nnw gnni tum' Nix-gnlgfv ix-nw hum- pcxwnnlleli lu-n pynqlxnwml. in :lciclilinll In :1 xvrx hne- y I , . . . l',clxnn-lnff'hn'f ..... , . lfdlll llunnhnn hk.I!lur4rh, , i , , i I . I V .Xwntzznt I'AiHlbl'N. ,lzllm-ni nrvy, jean Hllltilil .Xgznn nnmivr rhv lllllllhli' tllI'!'1'Yl1rll nf , 5 V I 1 ' I.lYt'l'fll'f liriltm' lrrm' Nlznrlc MVC arrhy N11-N Nhzrnnnn Illlli Hr. Svzxrx uv Hun mn , A - 1 ' .XNNINIZIIHN ,. llavni Sunhnrn, liarhzlru Bucll swxvte-al zxuxlrml In thc' Qkylnnllnal Srhnlzntn' U . b - V t ' f'lnanr1ul ., , .,,. . Nl1lI'LfClI't'l .Xntzxlsk l,IQ'NN Knnta-I hchi :xt cllhlllllllll I HIXVINHX I V A A HKINIIIPNN xllllllljltl' . ,..... 'luhn Dunn III Nixnlrh. lhxx xvxzr xv- hznl Nlnu Dunan- hnc' In IINN . ' ' Sulmwriptinn Manage-r . .. Hznrhuru Dale-y iv xxnh NIIIWNIIILIIIIIHN, lwxv IIIVIIIIYUIN nf the- lwqrui :xrn-mhwl XIII ,I-hfhf I'f"'I'li' Vvcrc Jlvihffd IU "mm lllqlnx H,,m.,,,.I,,,,. ,,f ,hp I-j5,,f,.,,, Nlglvgl- hmm' mnrn l'4lHt'l'IlIl'N :xml nrxw repnrlcrx. Q 4 i r 5 17705 ikxfvr ,- ,Q -"...1'f'X, -A ' was-u-.A K . v 5 4' 2 .q 1- .44 v.. fi,FTL3L17 'f Tiff? .W huyfx' P- xl rx, 'sf' All I N HTS!! mf n -Q, ', Q Q! IIZQET' '53 Q -8, f - - f,.r,N lil?" Les THE SASSAIXION Football tContinued from Page 217 and gave a tremendous display of ruggedness and love of a hard hitting game. He claims to have caught a forward pass also but not without the claim being disputed vigorously by all who know him. "Georgie" "Dreamy" Sellew was a tower of strength at left tackle apart from being an ideal boy to coach. A rugged, modest son of a rugged, modest father. Q"Georgie's" father also was a football great at Natick High.J "Dick" Brenneman with the quiet easy disposition and usually the black eyer or bloody nose whose resentment finally over- came his self-control for a minute and made him a raging bundle of destruction. john Allen, center and punter who gave the coaches sleepless hours by coming up with the measles two days before Thanks- giving, although allowing a new find f"Frankie" Arenal to come to the front. Orazio "Ceasar" Lentini who "hid his light under a bushel" and finally came out for football as a senior to become one of Natick's best tackles. "jackie" Mahoney reached his peak in the final game after steady improvement all year. His down the field tackling was great and his unlimited hustle made him a great favorite with the coaches. VVe mustn't forget Rea Strange our right tackle who felt the urge for a greater confiict and joined the U. S. Marines in mid-season, "Bob" Burke who by constant plugging made a good football player of himself and replaced 1NIacPherson when "Mac" suffered a sprained ankle, and gave such a splendid account of himself at full- back, "Spike" Gurney and jerry DeGeroni- mo who came through and were so depend- able when they were needed most. Both together weighed less then "Bullet" Byrne. Not one senior can look back but with pride at his associations with his teammates, and we are sure that lasting friendships were made in this great group. Some of the highlights of the season: The second-half surge against Marl- boro which carried us from defeat to vic- 63 tory, the unveiling of Clasby as a football player. The first play against Clinton, Florio and Palladino, ran 60 yds. for a touch- down. Fair's astonishment as he caught a long touchdown pass. Fair scoring twice on long passes from Palladino and Clashy against Maynard and then falling down with a clear field before him after catching a third. Those horrible offsides against VVelles- ley October 12. Palladino's great touch- down run for the only score. Second VVellesley game, great come- back, after Palladino's injury, Florio, Clas- by et al for a 6-2 win after trailing 2-0. Beating Needham the fourth successive year. Moanin' low after Norwood, john Allen blocked a punt, "Bob" threw a pass, we led for five minutes, then bang! Our season exploded in our faces. Boys really showed great courage in the second half of this one though Kgreatness in defeat?j. Sweet revenge against lucky Hudson with our patched up lineup and manpower shortage. Almost ended up in a brawl. Clasby punted, Arena played center both for the first time, against Framingham too, and both did a fine job. Florio got a great going over but the gang certainly gave him sweet revenge by going SO yds. without a stoplfor seven points and the game. Orazio had a great day at right tackle. Brenneman almost blew his top. All boys who are seniors played well and all were happy. In closing this piece: better teams have gone before, better teams are still to come, but none will ever wrest from the coaches any more respect and affection than this great gang made up largely of the class of 19-l-2. Congratulations and sincerest good wishes from Mr. Quackenbush, Mr. Slarnin and Mr. Plausse to all you boys who made coaching you a labor of love. P. S. VVasn't the banquet great? Too bad "Bob" and Rea couldn't have been there. P. S. S. Best wishes to Arthur "Footsie" Fair our new young captain. 6-l 'l'lll'lSASSAMON The Senior Play ti ontmued from Page Sal trics to identify him for a special story for a N. Y. newspaper. Stella now fearing her chance to win the crown is endangered by je-an's parti- cipation, forges a telegram which nearly succeeds in sending jean back home. Mimi proves the telegram to be a fraud. The parade takes place and jean is crowned the Uaruival Queen and Denis, her escort, is revealed as Prince Michael of Domainis. Barney Douglas fRichard Nickolsl very boyish in his manners and Loretta johnson tlircie Filledesl a fast, silly talker, who suffers from being too young by trying to act too old, provided many laughs dur- ing the progress of the play. Gilbert VVoodhull lFrank Kleinfellerj Norman Hoover lllenry Agostinellil, a famed collegiate communist with a capita- listic father and Mrs. Freude, the roman- tically inclined chaperone for these intrigu- inff people played by Priscilla Harvey, added greatly to the interest of the fast moving comedy. The Regimental Band fContinucd from Page 575 ter Dillon, Pfc., Geno Martinelli, David lVlcAlpine, Evelyn Garvey. il l.'l11rinrI,v-2nd-Shirley llardy, Pfc., Bet- ty VVcbb, l'fc., Lewis VVhalen. I,'larim'f.v-.?rd--VVilliam Cotton, Frank- lyn Rosenburgh, Pfc. SIIXIIPIIOIIVJ--RlIll'l Bellafatto, Richard lnterinelli, Noel jones, Corp. Ilorlrx-joseph VVebster, George Adams, VVm. Bradford, Corp., Richard Crumrine. Trumprhr-Solo and jlrsl-Stanley Sher- man, Lt., Robert Taylor, Paul Shakespeare, jack Lee, Corp., Louise Smith, Pfc., james Mosman, A. Melicchiorri, Dana Olsen. Tr'11lr1prI.r-21111 and 3rd-Robert Balcom, Pfc., Edward Colcord, Robert Prescott, Mag- nus Carlson, Robert Chandler, Thomas Mon- aco, Pfc., Richard Robinson, JosephL'Fitz- patrick. l'1'rru55ion-Bass Drum-Benjamin Da- vis, Lt., Cymbals-VVinifred Raftery, Sgt., Snare-VVilliam Berry, Corp., Charles Briggs, Pfc., Robert Brown, VVilliam Barratt. PRINTED AT THE HEFFERNAN PRESS 150 FREMONT STREET WORCESTER. MASSACHUSETTS A r' .TM ! f"L9' ' Sp' .QV '. x :Y v -Q 7 . L- - uf N lr 1.-I-. 'V r A' ' I A-. N, v AA! ,. -1 ilagfy ' 4 ,r' ' K . ' 4 .yi . 1 - 1 wx. wwf. 1 deux., '4-I--Q3 " . WWA , Ang., , 4 2: . r I A . Q. .',... 1? "4 f N v'.-.1',1 ' ,lv . ,- I 5'5VyQ32 K ' 'u:1. -1 , TV, 1.: , 'Y f x . F A Ar, a 'E fy' ' V 14 4 1 J A v 1'....flL,?.. 1 5 1 n

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