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' s r x x ,- f 7 , 4- . . l 45' 1 - .-.. .5 fl , 'V 1 r 'Q ..13, . . . . I . 'rl I J r '- . x 1 ,I , K A rf 1. 1 " ' , .1 1 A gf ff ' I I' s , . . , r 11""' " ' , .q."A -X .tr .f"5,fg .- if ' ' - ,Ab ,,' .,mv'l,l7-. , I , J If f .fqv ' I IL. A ,. , . 5 . ,. 3'1,f'1,. 11,5-I. N' A " ' . Q4 s' .-.,. A xl. I ' .I ' ,- '-' 3' .uf 2 'I ' v U .1f,, . js -.. . '.'9 L- M 4 'N ." ' 4 14 ' dt? Q.: -' "fi .' ,V . . v l . - ' .'l.' - . 'ry- ,. U ' -MQ 'fb-en. ,- .-"1 '- 1 me . ,-' ' ' . . v.Vn 54,1 , 3' ,!:'lf.,' qi ff:-' L - H 4, , . ., -' I, X -Z -:. . 'no-i I xg, I.. , . , M! Luang :hu . fs-' .- .- J- 4 I ' .-Jf'1. " 'NI 'if ff 61-'5 ' o . 'F' .. H1125 -4' l 5' v V' - ' - - - frf.--'K -: 4 ,-,- ' ' -A ..r. J- f -V 4 ,4 -:I I, '55 1, l , 1 .'. J"'?L':l..?' ' 3411, '-. ' ., '1f"'.'.-.t.-. ' 4-L. 4' 11' '-1,tv,',' yd ,.. , , . Q. l 4- .1 -zu I :lv , QI. lvl.. -. li H 41. - 7 ,. Q I ',,,,. I' V-I, ,pgl - , ,, '21-l..RL" ' 1' I' . V -..x .i. ,.,- ', ,a-'Q' ' ' ff", "- A ' ' yfv, , ,".-' .l'Q'!5" .ff ,fn H ' A-4 V1 'lv - A I rl z, ,J In ui ,, .v-A 'N 4".N . ',g:,. IP- x A -' . ' 'N-fs,.'41v.'. .- - A' ' Q-- l.,v - 1 -'. ,- fu, "' ,ffm ' ff ' fx is 1 h,-fi".- -'.w.' 'ff . gi - ,, 1 -1:1 . sw: .15 :I V 7' at br' '. . ' ' -f" V 2: 'glifsu wwf! ' ,173 ,'. , -A, - ' 4, . Ol 4 F as . x. -.- ,fl 4' v Q' ' A "..' V , '- U I .1'...? V wg- - 'J' . '. at -4 l. .V Ju A r vi , A 'I V x -, .X-,W Yfqjp- -1,84-.U 'N 4 1 lr . a du, l' --5 Q., L' " -, 1 '. , . , .. -I ., , P f .4-H ' '.4y,w ' .I ' . . 'al A-A 1... , , 3..- -I .V 1 ., V , ' .wi A , I, 1 , 1 - . .. .6 s I, 5 qsx Of -A "xA-' 4 si: '-,'s.1K'0'., :fx .. . - . ' 'J ,,..' , v. ' . 1 V I ' ',4. 'Z it 2 ' 4 '- - - U " P - 'fbv 4.'--'-5' ' .,1-- ' .V Q 5,-lf-A t.Ah",f ' , 'e N . G' r. ' S . 0 ' U . ' .' s ffm. f '4 , A i" . c..," :'nIl . , JN:-1 -, gs A Ifilf QQ 1, ,. ' "3 --'-4,j.,f.g l if -3' c- , , ,' .- . -" fl 'fi 5' ' ' ' ' I. nf' . I , ., I -L f . v' 4 Lg u ' - fl - 'Hs '.-'L - - Y- 1 P , .:, V f si- .' ig.. Q:-f-.q,5,g.e--.f'-1 ,. , ,f ,1, ,,,j.- ,- , V 'g 1. K -up V-v..:-b 1 , Y , in '.- ,U ' --171. ".., - ',4.f 'F' 3' f I-"'. ,,'u,'a at-' 4' . -. . . - F 4 5 ,.3 ' '1L.4' I- . , . V I .-1' 's .-13? 'L""g1!:EL., ' ' . . 2 ..1H:. ,,,::z'1',3..3' 1 4 - .1 ' .- v, xk"'hQ'15 -fl '--', -.'s""' ' 'A ,xl .JL .A r . , -'- :wrt 1 . ' v F- I Y mf - .f-1,41 Q 9 Q-2" I-""w" ' ' 3"U 4- iv ,vjn ,jul , .ew n 4, - . 1 ,I 'X g. Af' ...,i4. Q..-In-4... V V, .fa--1 Y he - . 1 . -" '. -'- '. afslvf '.,:.f" 1',,,, -- , I wr' 'flvfn-" 'V' R k.,ynr,"' .qv 'fs , , wg . N. ' A ' .J-I..r -."4 Sb, g lk- -! :.-,,j:"f'.- l y x P' .us"1' ' . .I , .1-54 v,'.o', , ,Ns lvvnj'-f . , , 1 x - .7:iQ'.L! ly' - -. ' "IL - 'A- '. 4 .-,Q 'f' . , li ' s ' Q . .,- 1 n I .A V V ' Q -1- 'Oi' 44 5 5 ,JY u f 5' fi? 11 .v,' I fv . . . I I 4 ,A 11 :fy-I' an .. 1 1 0 C.- 33016 005290 67554 LOCA1. HISTORY COLL. ,Y-f-'--ifw-- ' A . 1 ' 1- .. s W. ' if f ' " 4 N O Q 1 r L .,.,Aoqm,AR':i .bo Y F Q ' o 4 . 0 ': 6 , 9 , Q ' . 'J 9. Q' V Q U K J 'I' 1 P . l Q L . ' V l " 0. H X d -w":.4j 4 L m.. , 5 -O ' 'Q ,E U 'r 99 '4 1 2- ' 'D' W 4 ' F 33 I A . '-if Q A .z3spi0gfg4 5EQ-uaEi5HrmLq,mg unefrazmg- , , - ., fQ51iZ'Ei02 . U A I .x N '3-43. . . ' ' I' I lf" v -ar - 1 ,:-. A 1"Q?n ,tm x I -I THE SASSAMON Eehiratinn We, the members of the Class of 1942, lovingly dedicate this, our Senior Yearbook, to all those alumni, undergraduates, and faculty members who are serving with the armed forces of the United States of America. May God guide them and keep them. 7 'l'lll' SXSSAVON M fs. 'frz . 1 .fur Q. fir si Q A 15:4 '57 THF SASSAMON SENIOR ff ,L i si 3 7 . 'lu ' T iii,l"i -Y-.,il.F'j l 7' Q - A Q 'ii ' Ni 1 fir I V ff A j ,I K e ' 1 X, I i -Q ,f ' f I Y ' S , y O 515 3 ,Sli GRADUATION PROGRAMME lfrocessional, "lVlarche Noble" ..,. Chr. Bach arr. M. L. Lake High School Orchestra Invocation Reverend Chester A. Porteus Address of NVQ-lcome john Adams Moffatt President of Class of 1942 Yioloncello Selection, "Toccata" Frescobaldi-Cassado Nellie VVoolley Rvbin Lsslly, Youthls Faith in America Frank Luigi Mussoni Cornet Selection, "Columbia, Fantasia Polka" T. H. Rollinson Dorothy Eleanor Beale lfarewell Address Carl Ewald Swanson Member of Honor Society felections, "Onward, Ye Peoples!" jean Sibelius Senior Chorus Address Presentation of Diplomas Harold H. johnson Chairman of School Committee Alma Mater Lucile Nichols '26 Class of 1942 Kecessional, "March of the Peers" Arthur Sullivan High School Orchestra George Malcom Baird, 1943, Marshal CLASS DAY PROGRAMME Processional, "Marche Noble" .... Chr. Bach arr. M. L. Lake High School Orchestra Address of XVelcome john Adams Moffatt Vocal Duet, "Sing! Sing! Birds on the YVing" VVords by Leslie Cook Music by Godfrey Notting Ann Patricia McCarty Shirley Muriel Kilmer History Shirley Anne Miles Class Poem Frances Loretta Ciccarelli Class Song VVords by Shirley Ann Nlorgau Class of 1942 C lass NVill Malcolm Charles Burnham Saxophone Selection, "Fantasia D'or" Gerardo Iasilli Olympia Leontia Grupposo Presentation of Class Gift john Adams Moffatt Awarding of National Honor Society Emblems E. Davis VVoodbury Principal, Natick High School Presentation of Athletic Award Edward L. Condon President, Natick Schoolinen's Club Presentation of Good Citizenship Award Mrs. VVilliam Gregory State Chairman D. A. R. Good Citizenship Pilgrimage Awarding of Anna F. Goodnow Scholarship Nlrs. Alice VVoods Moore President of Natick VVoman's Club Alma Mater Lucile Nichols '26 Class Of 1942 Recessional, "March of the Peers" Arthur Sullivan High School Orchestra George Malcom Baird, 1943. Marshal 4 'I' H Ii S A S S A NI O N ADDRESS OF WELCOME CLASS DAY l,2lI'l'IlIS, 'lieachers and Friends: Un behalf of the Class of I9-I2 I wish to extend to you a most cordial welcome to our Class Uay exercises. We the class of I9-Q, sincerely believe that we are very fortunate in being able to hold these exercises during this National Crisis. Nlle realize that children in countries at war are often not even allowed to attend school and we appreciate the opportunities afforded us. Vlle wish to thank all of you parents, teachers and friends who have niade this gathering possible and we hope to be a credit to this community in the years to come. JOHN MUFFATT HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1942 The Class of I9-I2 made its first appearance in Natick High School in the fall of l939. VVe were the first class since 193-I to be housed with the seniors and juniors, with the exception of a few cooperative and willing students who remained at Alnnior High. These students came over to the high school every afternoon to take typewriting from Miss Vllildbur. An active Glee Club was arranged under the new music supervisor, Rodney May. Many sophomores were in the Glee Club, and we were enter- tained by this club on several occasions. As sophomore class officers we elected Alfred lfdwards, President Vllilliam lflorio, Vice President, Robert Bennett, Treasurer: and Shirley Kilmer, Secretary. Under the able supervision of these officers, and with the guidance of Miss Hayes, our class advisor, and Mr. Hill, then principal, the officers worked hard in an effort to promote enough spirit in the sophomore class to have a prom. But, alas, it was not to be. Many of our boys went out for sports, but the one outstanding lad in football, during our sophomore year, was Charles "Kotchie" Sargent. "Korchie" played in many games and proved himself to be a great football player. Although "Kotchie" has left school, due to an injury received while playing football, we all wish him great success in whatever field he chooses to follow. ln the fall of 1940, we were welcomed back to school by lNlr. Wciieidbllry, our new principal. Mr. Vvoodbury was chosen to succeed Mr. Hill, who left Natick to become principal in Hingham High School. Our class officers for our junior year were Melvin Freedman, Presidentg Geraldine Brown, Vice President, Robert Bennett, Treasurer, and Shirley Nliles, Secretary. A very capable junior executive board was organized, and was responsible for the election of the committees which made the Junior Prom a memorable success. ' The various athletic clubs made wise choices in electing the following captains: football, Co-captains Ernest Parker and Nicholas Sciannag hockey, Co-captains Frank Miccile and Dana Vllinner, basketball, Reginald Matthews, and baseball, Robert McNeil. Vllith the beginning of our senior year we faced a handicap in the form of a semi-constructed addition to our Alma Mater. Many of the teachers acquired laryngitis trying to make themselves heard above the din of the work- THF SASSAMON 9 men. This construction eliminated many social activities because the supplies were kept in the gymnasium, and in the assembly hall. In the last of March assemblies were resumed with the seniors having one assembly, and the sophomores and juniors having another. It was not until April 10, 19-12 that an assembly was held when all three classes participated. Robert Bennett, as President of the Student Council, led all assemblies The seniors felt a little slighted when they were not assigned to the new homerooms, and now that the building is nearly complete, many of us wish we were going to be here to enjoy and to profit from the new lunch room. the lockers, and the soundproof music room. The campaigning of class officers was colorful and exciting. The follow- ing were elected to be the permanent officers of the class of 1942: John Moffatt, Presidentg Malcolm Burnham, Vice Presidentg Robert Saunders, Treasurer, and Olympia Grupposo, Secretary. ln sports Natick had a great year, but the football team suffered ll defeat at the hands of Framingham. Relations with Dedham were severed when Dedham refused to play a postponed football game. Our pent up emotion was later released at a football dance, where we were entertained by some of our brave classmates. The football captain for the fall of 19-12, Robert Palladino, was announced at this dance. Our winter sports were also marked with success. ln hockey Natick ended in a tie with Dedham for second place. Frank Miccile, Norman Clancy, and Dana VVinner were members of the first team of the all-star Eastern Wlassa- chusetts Hockey League. Melvin Freedman and Lawrence Dolph played on the second team. Each year the Natick Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution sends a senior girl as its delegate to an annual convention in Boston. Dorothy Gilleran was selected by the Senior Class and the Faculty to represent Natick High School because of her qualifications of citizenship, patriotism, schol- arship, leadership and character. The American Legion held an oratorical contest in which Irene Chenette participated. She brought fame to herself and to Natick High by winning the second prize in the regional contest. Her speech was entitled "Our Constitu- tion". It was a stirring and unforgettable speech. The declaration of war brought about some changes in our life We buckled down to air raid drills, conservation, and one day each week was devoted to the selling of defense stamps. Morale, police and fire squads were organized under the direction of various teachers. With the coming of the war, we were filled with both sorrow and pride when the following boys left us and entered the armed forces: Buddy Adams and Danny Lennon for the Navy, Warren Miller for the Army, Philip Orleans for the Army Air Corps, and Richard Fahey for the Marines. In addition to our classmates, Mr. Andrews, football coach and science teacher, and Mr. Cronan, our art teacher, left for the Army Air Corps and Field Artillery Reserves re- spectively. Mr. Carey, sophomore English teacher, was inducted on May 1. Natick High is now represented in each division of the armed forces. We all wish these people the best of luck and safe return to our midst. Senior play try-outs were held in March with many students hoping for a part. The cast was well chosen and "Even Since Eve", directed by Mri Higgins, was presented to full houses on both Thursday, April 16 and Fridav. April 17. An added feature of the play was the singing of Shirley Kilmer and Ann McCarty. The Induction of the National Honor Society took place on May 27, 1942. The new members were duly initiated and they will receive their pins today. 5, 'r u i-1 s A s s .rx yi o N 'lihe Senior Reception and Graduation will bring to a close the career of the Class of 1942. lr is with deep regret that we leave Natick lligh School and we sincerely hope that the place we make for ourselves in the world will bring pride into the hearts of the teachers who labored so hard to help make us what v. are. Shirley hliles liven since this history was written Mr. Armenio and llomenic Grassey have been inducted into the Jxflllj. CLASS WILL VXI-, the Class of 1942 of Natick High School, the greatest and largest eyer to leave its portals, possessors of sound knowledge both educationally and socially do ordain, publish and declare this to be our last will and testament. 'lio the juniors we leave our honored position as upperclassmen and earnestly hope that they match the high standard we have set up for them. 'lio the Sophomores we leave our outstanding scholastic ability and our undying love for our Alina Mater. lo Mr lVoodbury we leave a console radio and victrola to enable him to spend his leisure time listening to it. 'lio Mr. Quackenbush we leave the recent book "Organization in the Modern School" or "Are You If Leader?" 'lio Mr. VVhite we leave a new Adams hat and hope that it will last as long as the previous one. 'lio Mr. Gardner we leave a set of car keys to be worn around his neck on a string so that he will never again be left out in the cold. 'l'o Miss Hayes, our Class Advisor, we leave a set of books on parlia- mentary law to be distributed to the members of the executive board. 'lio Mr. Harper we leave one dozen Gestapo uniforms for his Corridor Patrol. lo Mr. Higgins we leave any well known book on how to sing so little Georgie the second can enjoy being lulled to sleep. To Mr. May we leave a library of Cal Cabot's most recent recordings and hope that he will spend many hours listening to the band of today. To Mr. Nlaffeo we leave a governor to keep his car under 40 miles per hour. 'lio Mr. Plausse we leave a vault in which to put his supply of football jerseys during the off season. I, john Moffatt, leave the presidency of the Senior Class to George Baird. I, Frank Mussoni, leave my high scholastic ability and Presidency of the National Honor Society to any Junior who will work as hard as I have. VVe, Buster Parker and Nick Scianna, leave the captaincy of the foot- ball team to Bobby Palladino and earnestly hope that he will have as successful a year as we have had. V I I, Butch Mathews, leave the captaincy of the basketball team to Bill I'lor1o and wish him all the luck in the world in piloting his team to many victories. Yve. Dana Vllinner and Frank Miccile, leave the captaincy of the hockey squad to Stan McPherson and Bob 0'Connell and wish them just as successful a season as we enjoyed. Ive, Roger johnson nd Robert Balcom, leave our ability to get in and out of trouble to Clayton Grant and Tubby Stacey. fir'j', , THE SASSAMON 7 I, Warren Alcock, leave my great height and breadth to Frank Kleinfelder. I, Ruth VVebster, leave my power to infatuate prep school boys to .lean Lacey. I, George Boyd, leave my shy, bashful ways with girls to John Clark. I, Sharpie Shea, leave my desire to sleep and get out of work to gloc- Connolly. Vile, Shirley Kilmer and Ann McCarthy, leave our soft, sweet voices to Marion McGovern and Marion Church. I, Louise Thurston, leave my ability to figure skate to Miriam Ingalls. I, Bob Pond, leave my ability to woo women to Ray Leonard. VVe, the Goss sisters, leave our titles as the high school's most ferocious talkers to Peggy Shaw and Gertrude Reynolds. I, Dorothy Gilleran, leave my pleasing personality to Ifvelyn Chapman. I, Dottie Gleason, leave my ardent admiration for Framingham athletes to Chris Vklrightson. I, Pussy Fairbanks, leave my congeniality and ability to talk to boys as a mother, to any Junior who can gather a following. I, Helen Hawkes, leave my admiration for football players and my great. school spirit to Ruth VValker. I, Arthur Borghesi, leave my ability to dress in sporty clotl-es to Russell Gibson. I, Bob "Gussie" Hall, leave my pleasing ways to Fred Murphy. I, George "Corn" Wallace, leave my rare collection of jokes to any poor unfortunate Junior who has as weird a sense of humor as I have. I, Helen Lockhart, leave my sunny smile to Carolyn Vance. I, Bob Langton, leave my irresistible ability to blush and laugh at the wrong time to Gale Vance. I, Eddie Williams, leave my acting as well as my professional technique with the girls to any -lunior who has as much vim and vigor as I have. I, Guy, master of nuts and volts, Wayne, leave my ability to throw a monkey wrench into school functions to Harold Grant. I, Jimmy Lefter, leave my friendly disposition and my size fourteens to Rea Strange. I, Vinny Guarino, leave my ardent admiration for Ted l.-1065 Wlilliains to Charlie Haddad. I, Irene Chenette, leave my South Sea Island charm and my coquettish ways to Barbara Dostie. I, Nellie Robin, leave my scholastic ability and the ability to play the stringed instruments to Jane Cummings. VVe, Glenna Duboyce and Florence LaVoie, leave our athletic ability to Barbara Cowee and Gertrude Lane. I, Eddie "Speed" Devereaux, leave my super-powered Chevie to the Natural Science Classes so they may see how it runs. I, Helen Hollingworth, leave my sincere studious ways to Ruth Corbutt. I, Phyllis Martin, leave my petitness to Laura Makie. I, Hazel Thayer, leave my ability to intrigue baseball and hockey stars to Betty Greenwood. I, Eddie Brennan, leave my professional looks to John Dunn. I, Norman Clancy, leave my class on the dance floor to Patil Thurston S '1'Hli SASSAMON I, Dottie Roland, leave my ability to make friends easily, especially with boys, to Lydia Hamilton. ln witness hereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this eleventh day of .lune in the year ol Our Lord nineteen hundred and forty-two the last will and testament of the Class of '42 in the presence of those witnesses who have hereunto signed their names as attesting to this document. MALCOLM BURNHAM YYitnessed by: FRANCES M. ll,-XYICS EMILY l,. SHANNON CLASS POEM TO TH H GRADUATICS Wialte Dreamer! l,o, has dawned the day Arise, gird thyself with armor, Go forth into the fray. Be Brave! Let not another's failure cast thee down Set thyself a goal, and strive To win thyself a crown. Be Honest! Remember money is the God in whom men trust. Be not deceived, wealth is power, But power will fade into ashes and dust. Have Faithl For faith it is that leads us on, Faith that makes the dark day bright And after tempest brings the calm. Be True! Thy apprenticeship now is o'er Advance into the world with honor Let thine own true spirit soar. Remember! All the teachings of these days gone by Cherish them within thine heart and say "Farewell, Farewell to Natick High!" -Frances Ciccarelli THF SASSAMON 9 CLASS SONG - 1942 Vern' I How sad the thought that soon we must part, Teachers and schoolmates so close to our heartg Soon only mem'ries left to revere, Menfries and friendships so long we'ye held dear. Chorzm Dear Alma Mater, list to our song- From your true teachings our hearts will not stray Loyal to thee, though distance be long- Dear Alma Mater, we'll love thee alway, Dear Alma Mater, we'll love thee alway. Vern' II Parents and teachers say not "farewell," Out in the wide world where we may dwell, Our thoughts will ever be turning to you, Your faithful guidance will carry us thru. Verre III Farewell, dear teachers, classmates, adieu, May all you hope for surely come true. May all you strive for be blest by the rightg All of your pathways with sunshine be bright. lVord,r by Sl11.f16'j' .lforgan Tune of "Beautiful Dreamer CLASS PROPHECY The sign on the door proclaimed to the worldthat "Madame Olympia" was now open for business. As we entered the portals of this charming salon we were unaware of the pleasant surprise which was in store for us for how were we to know that "Madame Olympia" was our own little friend of high school days, "Lee" Grupposo? Imagine our still greater delight, when Lee announced to us that by looking in her crystal ball she could give us a glimpse of all out Natick High School classmates at work in their various walks of life. It was with frenzied excitement that we listened to the quiet voice of this effectual person as she began to recall the names of those who were once so familiar to us. "As I glance in my crystal ball I see a large building which appears to be the W7h1te House at Washington, D. C. Looking further, I see President John Moffatt CFD surrounded by his cabinet members, namely:" Secretary of Labor .... George Boyd Secretary of Interior .. Bob Langton Secretary of VVar .... .... G uy Wayne Secretary of Navy .... Warren Reid Secretary Secretary Secretary Secretary Attorney of State .... of Agriculture of Commerce of Treasury . General ..... Postmaster General . . . Bruce Densmore Bob Hall . William Waters .. Bob Saunders .. . Carl Swanson Wilfred Casavant I0 'l' fl li S A S S A Xl U N "There are several people rushing about wildly, but as I look more closely l see that they are office boys, alias, Vvilliam Alcock, Arthur Bennett and .lohn Ryan." "'l'he globe is now blurring for .lanitor Shea's dust has stirred Ahl It is clearing and l now see Griffith Stadium where the Vklashington Senators are playing the New York Yankees On the mound for the 'Yanks' is Richard Paul while Bob McNeil will do the chucking for Vflashington. 'lihe catcher for the Senators is strolling out now and I recognize him as our own "Bud" Young. ln the Yankees infield are .lohn Arena on first and the ever present Frank hficcile is at shortstop, which supplies them with plenty of color from Natick! Class of l942. 'lio give added vest to the line-up I notice Vinny Uuarino playing the role of batboy. On the Wfashington team the two already mentioned hold most of the limelight along with Fred Alexander who is utility infielder and bencliwarmerf' "Behind that plate I see a very popular man, who is the one and only Carl Schavone in the role of umpire. It seems Carl is doing an excellent job of calling the halls and strikesf' "As I glance down behind third base I find an All-girl band doing its part in celebration of the opening game. 'Dot' Beale is leading the band while Helen Sweet assists her. Seated on the bench before them is Reggie Mathews who is busy chewing peanuts." Nllsherettes, capably directing the fans to their seats, include: Ann Hapenny, Virginia Hall, jamilla Haddad and Helen Hawkes, while Charles Barnard, john Hunter, Robert jennings and Robert Lane do their part as ushers." "And now, mingled with the music of the band as well as the voices of the thousands of fans I hear a hoarse voice shouting 'get them while their hot, folks - get them while their hot.' VVho should it be but Dominic Grassev " "Filing down the aisles to take their places in the boxes are manv representatives from the Army. In the lead is General James Lowry, who is assisted by his aides, Corporals james Lefter and Williani Balcom. Bringing up the rear are Privates Harold Bennett, Robert Bennett and Fred Bergstrom along with the Head Mechanic, Paul Devlin." "I hear two baseball fans loudly expressing their opposite opinions of Ted Wlilliams and joe DiMaggio. Looking more closely I recognize the speakers as Ronald Hardy and Nick Quatrale who have left their peanut stand to quietly 1 ? J watch the game." "ffrnest Parker, New York's Mayor, now enters the park with gi great deal of pomp followed by his lovely group of secretaries, Dorothy Higgins. Helen Hollingsworth, Naomi Hoyte, Antoinette Imbridge, Mildred Kadlik, Helen Kerivan, Florence and Mary l,aVoie and Barbara Barry. Following the group are Durwood Rosenberg accompanied by his aides, Vito Sciretta, Nick Scianna and Bertil Stenquistf' "On the field Parker Smith, Robert Hunt and Mano Salos, ace photo- graphers, can be distinguished." "Overhead can be heard the roar of a souadron of planes led by head pilot, Lawrence Marshall. with his fellow pilots, Robert Marshall, Ernest Nlills. Robert Mordis and Gordon Newton." "As Umpire Schavone drops the ball thrown to him by Mayfor Parker . . the scene before me commences to fade." "VVith a twist of my crystal ball I take vou to the next coast. In San Francisco Vl'alter Ruigrok is holding his annual flower show. Assisting him are his ace gardeners, Arthur Borghesi, Arthur Swanson and John Rooney. Flower pickers are Rachel Ramuno, Barbara Riker, Phyllis Nelson, Mary Reagan, Philo- mena Cardellichio and Arlene Rockwood." THE SASSAMON 11 "Across the street from the flower show is a tiny shop by the name of 'Butch's Breakfast Bar'. Mario Zonghi, proprietor of the little establishment, has not forgotten his former classmates. Among those employed are Mary Alice Greene, Mary Raghasio and the I-Ialpin twins as soda jerkers while the charming waitresses, who incidentally are receiving large tips, are Dorothy Roland, Mary Saviano, Madeline Scarano and Marguerite Kane." 4nA s I hear the music in the distance the scene shifts to the boulevard in San Francisco where a band, representing the Salvation Army is approaching. I see drum majorettes Geraldine Brown, Dolly Pelullo, Marjorie Condon, Ruth Webster, Virginia Ulrich and Betty Stadig in the lead. Madeline Schavone is the chime player while Doris Severson plays on her bazooka. Ada Sheehan is carrying the drum for George VVallace. Pulling the new portable piano wagon is Helen Soter and Betty Lou Styles while Verna Hodgson is playing it. Picking up discarded rubber bands and cigarette cartons is Stella Taddeo who is doing this for the benefit of the Salvation Army Relief. Alba Tassinari is carefully packing these remnants into boxes in preparation for their disposal at the Salva- tion Army Station." "As the band turns the corner out of my view I spy a sign on the opposite side of the Boulevard which reads, 'Valle and Wetmore Book Shop' Glancing inside the store I met Hazel Thayer and Dorothy Thorsen who are enthusiastically endeavoring to sell Leonard Tetreault's latest best-seller 'VVIW I Don'r Go Out With Women' or 'These Rising Prices'. Outside joan Pierce Rita Maloon, and Melvin Freedman are selling newspapers edited by Frances Ciccarelli. "just now the crystal ball blurs. CML Shea's dust againl and Madame Olympia is forced to wait until it clears." "I see large objects," she recites. "But of course, they are the palm trees of Florida. I can hear someone calling, 'Children, come heref Ir is the voice of none other than our Rosalie Grant. Rosalie is vacationing here in Florida with her nine children while her husband is hard at work in New York." "Now I hear a voice crying for help in the distance. Life guard Ifddie Williams is rushing out to save the victim, who turns out to be Marie Lundberg. Caught by the excitement of this dramatic rescue are Richard Davis, who is rushing from his ice cream parlor together with Irene Chenette, and Dorothy Gleason. whom he has recently employed. Other onlookers are june Macumher, Mary Leacu, Rita Killeen, Katharine Garvey and Ann Fair, all of whom are taking a short vacation from their secretarial duties up in Boston. Florid:1's catch of the year, Robert Topham, who is hard to find but easy to keep, is attracted by the excitement of the crowd." "At the far end of the beach the shrill peal of a siren interrupts the scene. An ambulance is approaching now en route to the Robert Davis I-lospital which is situated nearby. Andrew Zicko is driving while Dana Winner assists him. In the back of the ambulance are two nurses, Estelle Nelson and Ruth W'allace with Doctors Arthur Dupuis and Robert Pond. Upon arriving at their destination Dr. Ralph Proctor and Louise Thurston, head supervisor, take charge of the occupant of the ambulance, who happens to be Ann McCarty. Dr. Geneva Gilbert is another member of the staff while Marjorie Dumas is very capably filling the roll of receptionist." "The crystal ball now reverts to another scene on the beach I see two figures resting leisurely on the white sands. As the ball clears I can identify these two figures as those of Priscilla Fairbanks, a New York model, and Lois Wentworth, dress designer from the same city. Priscilla is reading a letter to Lois, which she recently received from friends in Natick." "Madame Olympia interrupts to say that with the greatest concentra- tion and support from us she might be able to detect the contents of the letter, 12 Tllli SAQSX VON which might prove very interesting to us since it is from our home town." "The letter begins: 'lrlave you heard about Paul Dedrickson's wonderful band? lfmaline Zicko is his vocalist and wait until you hear thisl As a special feature with the band Norman Clancy and lfdward Devereaux do ballet numbers'." "You might be interested to know that .lean Condon has a vocational school. ller assistants are Helen Lockhart and -lean l,egge. Speaking of school. Shirley Kilmer is now Mr. Maffecfs private secretary at Natick lligh. Dora lfmauuelli has replaced Mr. Arminio as teacher of Italian at this same school." "llave you heard Dorothy Gilleran's radio program 'Nursery Rimes for Kiddies?' You must also tune in to the hit parade some Saturday night and hear Barbara Gladu, the only woman tobacco auctioncer in the country." "Many of our classmates are now employed at the Morse Institute jane Nllright and Barbara VVhitney are the story tellers and ffva Barry is head librarian. ller assistants are Mariorie Casavant, Barbara Bassett. Leah Blanchard, Marilyn Chase and Helen Checanif' "The next time you return to Natick, you must visit Crowley College. founded by joseph Crowley. Jean Goodnow is professor of Chemistry and Phyllis Cournoyer and Dorothy Gibson are lfnglish teachers. Other members of the teaching staff include, Jeanne Burke, teacher of Economics, Malcolm Burnham, instructor in public speaking, Edward Brennan, teacher of mathema- tics aud Nellie Robin, music instructor. Vasilika Arthur heads the household arts department." "Those two famous motorcycle racers, Roger Johnson and Robert Balcom, are still competing for first place." "Phylis Chamberlain and Mabel Champney are Hoor supervisors at the Leonard Morse Hospital." "I almost forgot to tell you that 'Virginia's l.unch,' located in thc Colonial Block is now owned by Virginia Armato and Virginia Armenio. Mary Brauagan is a waitress there." "The 'Natick High-Hat Club' is owned by Billy Bates where lfmma Bayer is the featured vocalist and dancer." "Remember the Music Bar across from the High School? You can't guess who's running it now - Herb Adams and Nicky Arthur." "The Colonial Theater is doing a tremendous business since it started showing stage productions. fast month the 'George Nims Scandals of l952' held a three week's engagement. Ir featured the 'Ir Girls of the Timex among whom were -Iune Main, Antena Maresh, Phyllis Martin, Frances Mathews, -lean XlcClintock. Patricia McDonald, Anna Mclylanus, Rose Meo, Shirley Morgan. Mary lane Neary, Rose Ortenzi, Josephine Pentes, Lena Pezza, fflda Primavera Rita Owens, Frances Ciccarelli and Gertrude Pineau. The special feature of the 'Scandals' were those two dynamic sisters, Claire and Eleanor Goss in a song and tap dance routine. lncidentally, VVarren Hartery played the male lead." "Did vou know that lfdith Nelson and Shirley Miles are now ruling queens of the Fifth Avenue society in lkflemphisfu "l suppose you have seen Betty Foley's column in the New York Times on 'Advice to the l,ovelorn'." "Helen Gilman, Angie Francoise and Glenna Dubovce are also in New York where they are employed in Nicholas' Beauty Salon on Fifth Avenue." "VVbile vou are vacationing in Florida I must remind you to visit Jean Gnecco, Shirley Morgan and Mary Costa, who are matrons in the Old l.ady's Home in Miami." "Last but not least - if you want to spend a few enjoyable hours while basking in the glow of the Florida sun buy a copv of that well-known and very popular book which has been released recently, "How to Make Friends in THE SASSAMON 13 Six Easy Lessons," written by Larry Dolph and Charles Gottwaldf' "And so, with the close of this letter the scenes before the eyes of Madame Olympia slowly fade into oblivion. As the spacious salon is once more flooded with light we are stunned back to our present surroundings only to realize that our very delightful visit has come to a close." ADDRESS OF WELCOME GRADUATION Parents. Teachers, and Friends: Ir gives me pleasure as president of the Class of 1942 to welcome you to our graduation exercises. In these days of economy, of rationing, and of dangers from the enemy, let us be thankful that we can gather here this after- noon to enjoy an hour that means much to all of us. To those who have made our education possible, we are deeply grrateful. VVe realize that it is the youth of this nation who will be called upon in the near future to go forth and to help speed up production, that the war may be won and that a just peace may be attained. Democracy must not perish from the earth. Ir is our job to see that the liberties we enjoy will be a part of the heritage of all future citizens of America, just as you and your forbears made them safe for us. Let us say, as Charles Reigner said in his poem "The American VVay": NO' God of right, make all our hearts to thrill anew Vfvith ardor for the way of life our fathers won. VVith passion for democracy our lives imbue, For Right makes Might-to this event the ages won." john Xloffatt FAREWELL ADDRESS There are some events in life that can never become commonplace. no matter how often the ritual of them may be repeated. The scene of graduation may be conventional to many, but its human factors are ever fresh and dynamic -new ones succeeding each year to take the places of those which have gone before. These are our farewells to Natick High - that is our material and physical farewells. As our lives move onward, there is no doubt that with each succeeding year our cherishings of high school days will increase. The memories of them will forever live in our hearts wherever our paths may lead us or what- ever fate may befall us. Though the world today is in a troubled and thoroughly turmoiletl state, the opportunities for jobs in all fields of endeavor are greater than ever before. Today, a person graduating from high school is not confronted with a difficult problem in finding a job, whether it be for the purpose of following it as aflife's career or for the furtherance of an education. But these are also times when we must be stronger in heart. faith and spirit. Hardships and sorrows that have not been known before must be faced. It is said that thev are stronger in arms who are stronger in heart. To keep our faith forever high. we must thus look to the spirit within us. So it is that faith is the essential emotion in a man's heart that will give I4 Tllli SASSAMON him courage, endurance and power to overcome obstacles. Vflhat is it that brings the explorer through trackless wilderness to his final goal? It is that everlasting flame of faith that burns in every man's heart. We can look back into the pages of time and find this magic emotion of man committing masterful deeds. If George YVashington did not have faith in his men, and his country, how different Americals history might have been! Abraham Lincoln, by his faith in the endurance of the union brought America through another crisis. Such examples of faith by great leaders of time have played major roles in the development and construction of countries. "Faith is a subtle charm VVhich binds us to the infinite, the voice Of a deep life within that will remain Until we crowd it thence." Vflith Shakespeare, we must recognize that nothing counterfeit can long endure and that it is in its natural spontaneity and genuineness that youth prevails. "lo thine own self be true And it must follow, as the night the day, lhou canst not then be false to any man." 'l'hus in striving for achievement, we must be true to ourselves and realize that there is but one road to success - the hard straight way. You can never save time by cutting across the quicksand. Classsmates, let us start out with that unconquerable belief - the belief in mankind's goodness, the belief in our ambition, the belief in our ability to make good, and with the faith that we shall do credit to this school which has educated us. In our last farewells, l believe that we should also pay some sort of tribute to those of our class who are already in the service of their country and to those who before long will join them in striving for the rights of humanity and final peace. Of the parting word which must now be ours, Byron has said: "Farewell, a word, that must be and hath been A sound that makes us lingerg yet farewelllu Carl Swanson YOUTITS FAITH IN AMERICA -Is the war clouds darkened the world in 1939 we in America felt that it was something which would affect only the people on the other side. l,ittle did we realize that this war was aimed directly at us. Men did much talking but took little action. But inwardly the youth of America was pre- pared. Athletics of all types have sharpened our minds and bodies so that with the attack on Pearl Harbor we were able to put into practice the ideas which would make our country strong. Vile wanted to do something! IVe were immediately possessed with the spirit of patriotism. Vile knew and understood Americanism. I . Vflhat is this Americanism? Those of us who have enjoyed all of the privileges, all of the luxuries - all of the power of this great country realize that our patriotism arises from a love - yes, from a Faith that we have in everything American. It is because of our very belief that America is the home of freedom and over all alike waves her sacred banner of liberty that we the youth of Natick are determined to enter this war-torn world in the same spirit that enabled our forbears in '76, '63, '98, and '17 to give to the world a civilization that is the envy of all nations and all ages. THE SASSAMON 15 It is because every person living on this chosen land can say those three simple words, "I am free," that we have faith that God will not forsake us in our own hour of turmoil. We truly believe that we have a constitution and a government which is as perfect as man can create - that we are neither bondsmen nor serfs nor slaves. It is because of all this that every student of this class will never rest in the performance of his duties until America is once again blessed with an everlasting peace. The Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill, once said of the boys in the Royal Air Force after they had saved England from Nazi destruc- tion, "Never in history was so much owed to so few." Truly do I believe that those same words will be said of the boys and girls who are about to pllt into practice the deep-seated concepts which have been imbued into all the youth of America. Never can America fail for never will our faith falter. All of our tradi- tions impress us with the need that former patriots have had for a victorious morale - we will have no less. Many of you are perhaps wondering what part faith has played in the formation of the United States. Let us go back to those days when our country was in its infancy. We were a young struggling nation of hardy frontiersmen whose only aim was to live peacefully with full expression of press, speech, and religion. Countless infringement of our ideals compelled us to declare our indepen- dence. To enforce our claims, stores of ammunition were concealed at Lexington and Concord. Highly trained mercenaries of the British government quaiters at Boston descended upon the few untrained and poorly armed Minute Men assem- bled to defend this ammunition. The battle that these men staged will be long remembered in history. With what did they fight? With superior arms? VVith better trained leaders? No, my friends, but with a faith so strong that it over-came all odds. Superior forces of British soon had the Colonial Armies at bay. VVash- ington was forced to retreat many times until his men were assembled at Valley Forge. While at Valley Fprge, the condition of his men was pitiable Not one in ten was properly clad for the rough winter and no one had a sufficient amount of food, but the faith that these men had in Washington and themselves. was so great that these conditions only made the victoryimore glorious. Today we are faced with a like situation. A treacherous foe has struck us in the hack. The taste of victory is dulled by the defeats, but the day of reckoning is not far in the future. If we will show our faith in the leaders and men who are so valiantly fighting the battle, this day will be only so much nearer. Lincoln felt that right would triumph over might in his execution of the Civil War. The North's faith was dimmed after the early defeats but with the decisive victory at Gettysburg, this dormant faith grew so strong that it was only a matter of time until the final and complete victory. The fact that the North was not a fair-weather country proves that we must have faith today. The first World War was fought to make the World safe for Democracy. As in all peace treaties, one side, the so-called vanquished, does not receive the fruits of victory. This bred a hatred and a despair in the vanquished nations. Thus it was not too difficult for Communism, Facism, and Nazism to rear their ugly heads. The men had lost faith in their old leaders and themselves. VVhen such hypocrites as Hitler and lVlussolini, promised them food for every meal, the people of these nations could not help but place their faith in these men. Little did they realize at the time that their faith had never been so ill-placed. Today we are fighting nations of men whose leaders have betrayed them. These leaders gave to the people but took back tenfold every iota that they leased. Mosse irisniure imnmv 14 EAST eemmi srmgr lo 'l' H li S A S S A Nl O N ln a country such as ours, there is no reason why we should not carry the torch of faith so that all may see it. Our Constitution is so constructed as to huild faith. It gives us in hlack and white, many reasons why we are the most fortunate people who inliahit the earth. XYhen you reconsider the events that have occurred during the past two years, don't you find that the American way of living is the only way for you. and havcn't you in thoughtful moments, asked yourself what you could tlo to make the ideals of American Democracy a reality? Faith makes men. Never has this heen more sell-evident than in the present strife. Amt-rica's heroes like Captain Colin Kelly may he killed, hut their faith will not he stopped even hy death.. General Douglas lVlacArthur upon arriving in Australia said "I will keep the soldiers' faith!" Now today while American men are fighting for Democracy thev must have a deep-rooted conviction that the battle which they are waging is worth fighting. 'lihis conviction will not grow out of hearing long-winded political speeches. It will come through the belief that this war must be won if the American ideals for which our forefathers sacrificed their lives are to be pre- served. Youth will do its part to bring us ultimate victory. 7 V Frank Mussoni IHP SNSSANION 1 L.-.........l 4 is 'T urultg ,jtlllrtttlters I9-ll - 1942 XVoodbury, E. Davis Sears, Harold C. Andrews, Robert O, 'Arminio, Kenneth 'Cart-y, VVilliam M. Cushion, Elizabeth R. Colburn, Dorothy 'Cronan, Francis XV. Currier, Isabelle INI. Gardner, Clayton E. Harper, john H. Hayes, Frances M. Higgins, john T. Keily, Helen j. Matteo, Alfred A. Marso, Charles T. May, Rodney F. McManus, Charles E. Nutt, Edith M. Oakman, Arthur Plausse, Henry j. Quackenbush, Dyke L. Rafferty, Marguerite L. Scarry, Mary E. Shannon, Emily L. Sullivan, Louise M. Van der Groen, Nora XVhite, Edward N. VVildbur, Daisy V. Young, Kathleen VV. I 'In If S. Army 'l' H F S A S SA 3:1 ON aiiuttztl Qfflnnur ,Sufism 1941-1942 Champney, Mabel Oilleran, Dorothy Uoodnow, jean Hollingworth, Helen Kilmer, Shirley Nlaloon, Rita Miles, Shirley Mordis, Robert Mussoni, Frank Robin, Nellie Swanson, Carl VVayne, Guy Juniors lilrrlrd April 22, 1942 Buckley, Eleanor Cummings, jane Harvey, Priscilla Kaprielian, Leona Leonard, Mary McCarthy, Irene Rosen, Harold Slntirk 25511 Ogirhunl letter mutt FOOTBALL Ernest Parker, Nicholas Scianna, james Ltfter, Robert Palladino, Robert McNeil, VVil- liam Florio, Reginald Matthews, john Rooney, Frank Miccile, john Moffatt, Robert Shea. Robert O'Connell, Raymond Leonard, Melvin Freedman, George Nims, Stanley MacPherson, Robert Hall, Richard Brenneman, Vito Sciretta. Edward Devereaux. George Sellew, Rea Strange, Kenneth Channell, john Allen, VVilliam Bates. Francis Culcasi. Managers- ltohert Lane, Lawrence Smith, Raymond Slamin. B.-XSKETBALL VVilliam Florio, Shirley Nlatthews. Robert Young, Robert Shea, Robert Palladino, john Moffatt, Louis DiCicco, Charles Haddad, Carl Schavone, Robert Saunders. Co-Managers, Ueorge Nims, Frank Valle. BASEBALL Robert lN'IcNeil, Robert Paul, john Mof- fatt, Edward Clasby, Frank Miccile. john Rego, john Allen, Shirley Mathews, Robert Palladino, Vincent Ouarino, VVilliam Mc- Pherson, Edward Brennan. Ralph Howard, Vincent Driscoll. GOLF Fred Bergstrom, Frank Mussoni. Steve '!'ota, Larry Dolph, VValter VVhite, Robert Brown. HOCKEY Frank Miccile, Dana VVinner, Norman Clancy, Melvin Freedman, Larry Dolph, Nick Quatrale, Arthur Swanson, Andrew Zicko. Iiertil Stenquist, Stanley MacPherson, Robert O'Connell, Charles Malpus, Severino Bregoil, Harold Gurney, Paul Thurston, Edward Clasby, Robert Bennett, Robert Hall. THE SASSAM 0 N 19 -.a SSVNG FUUTBA LI, Back Ron-Mr. Plausse, R. Mahoney, VV. MacPherson, K. Channell, D. Sanborn, R. Leonard. R. Casavant, E. Rohhle, R. Howard, P. Ciassett, F. Kleinfelder, A. Beswick, R. U'K'onnell, Mr. Quackenhush. Third Row-E. Devereaux, R. Brenneman, R. Hall, R. Byrne, j. Allen, YV. Bates, A. Fair, 'l. hlahoney, R. Burke, Rooney. Second Row-R. Leonard, XV. Florio, V. Sciretta, R. Strange, S. MacPherson, R. McNeil, Al. Moffatt, Lefter, R. Palladino, F. Miccile. From Row-Ci. Sellew, M. Freedman, F. Culcasi, N. Scianna, E. Parker, S. Mathews. tl, Nims, R. Shea. FOOTBA LL The football team enjoyed fair success. with a record of 5 won, 3 lost and one tie. Only the loss to Framingham on Thanksgiving n-orning prevented our hoys from having a really great season. Although, at the start of the season, the niaterial was excellent, injuries hampered the players throughout the regular season. Bobby Palladino's shoulder injury and the failure of Charlie Sargentk ankle to heal properly, played havoc with the team's success and the coach's plans. The season opened with a defeat at the hands of Marlboro High, and it was in this game that Palladino was injured. However, on Columhus Day, Natick displayed ,flreill form and defeated NVQ-llesley lligh in their traditional game, with a last minute hteath- taking finish. 'lihis inspired the Red and Blue to go out and heat Milford, Needham and Norwood in succession, Un Thanksgiving Day morning Natick High presented a starting line-up of Mathews and Lefter, ends, Rooney and Co-Capt. Park- er, tacklesg Miccile and Nims, guardsg Mof- fatt, center, Florio, Fo-Capt. Scianna, Palla- dino and McNeil in the hackheld. ln this game a stuhhorn Framingham line held Natick's hacks scoreless, while the Blue and NVhite pushed over a touchdown to win 7 to ll. The entire Natiek team played a courageous game hut several had hreaks hurt their chances of victory. At the foothall dance Bohhy Palladino is as elected captain for the 1942 NEIINOII. Our entire class wishes him and his team all the success in the world. ZH 'I' Il li S A S S .-X M 0 N l BOYS' BASKE'I'BALI. Bark Row-ll. Parker, R. 'I'hurston, j. Franciose, K. Channell, VV. MacPherson, P. Manna. R. Thomas. ' Second Row-XV. VVrightson, R. Chevuni, 'I'. Zicko, E. Burke. R. hfahoney, Mahoney, F. Valle. Front Row-I,. l3ei'ict'o, R. Pallaflino. XV. Florio, R. Saunders, j. Moffatt, Vaptain, C. Haddad, R. Shea, R. Young. 1-ld pn!! after an absence of a year. Natick llighk 1942 hnmetlmll wnm did Because of his impressive showing all not have mo inlprenive 3 year' winning six season, Bill Florlo was rightfully chosen to and 'ming five gamex 'I'he game, with Captain the 1943 Natick High basketball team. Ucdhmn were not played became uf 3 dia- Coming hack next year with Florio are three :,gru.,m,m between the tw., q.h0,,l,. Itttermeng Pallatlino, Haddad anti Dificco. Uoarh Maffeo was once again at his Tllk SASS,XMCDN W .f . Hunt Photo HOCKEY Back Row-R. Slamin, A. Zicko, C. Malpus, H. Gurney. R. Casavant, li. flashy, R. Howard. Second Row-R. Hall, N. Quatrale, R. Halcolm, P. Thurston. S. MacPherson. R. trtfonnell. S. Bregoli, R. Bennett. Front Row-.-X. Swanson, B. Stenquist, NI. Freedman, F. Nliccile. N. Clancy, R. Dolph, F. Devereaux. HOCKEY The Natick High School hockey team of 19-H-+2 must go down in the annals of its sports history :ls the best ever to represent fzur school. Nlany superlatives have already lween slowered on the boys who did so :nuch to niake Natick hockey conscious hy playing such an outstanding hrand of hockey in the liastern Massachusetts League. XVhatever hils been said of them is richly deserved since they were a great credit in all ways to our schools and our town. The records show that they lost hut two games of a ten game schedule and that the- tinished in second place in league competi- tion. However, the record cannot show the spirit. the determination and the sportsman- Iike conduct that made this team one of the szandouts in the entire state. Natick has had. and will have. hetter teams, hut it will he difficult to hnd any group of boys who will he more satisfying to their coach. their sup- porters and all sports lovers. Many of the memliers of the class of 1042 have carved for themselves a niche in our own hockey memories that will remain for many years. Frank Miccile and Dana YVinner as co-captains were inimitable lead- ers. while Norman Clancy, Mel Freedman. Nick Quatrale and Larry Dolph carried the l-anner of the red and blue to new heights. Natick .......... 2 Somerville ....., tl " . tt Framingham .. . 1 " . 3 Malden ..... . 1 H . 4 VValpole . . 2 'A ... l YVellesley . ... 0 ... 4 Lexington . . 2 ... 4- Hudson .. . 1 . 3 Brookline .. . l . ll YVaketield .. . 7 . ll Dedham .. ... 41 77 'l'lll" QAXQQXNTON , r . t t . . . - Hun! Photo BASEBALL' Front Row-K. Crumriine. A. Chickering, R. Thurston, T. Zicko, M. Freedman. Second Row-E. Clasby, V. Ciuarino, j. Allen, R. Donovan, F. Miceile, C. Malpus. Back Row-Mgr. Ned Brennan, R. McNeil, S. Nlathews, Moffatt, R. Paul, VV. NlcPherson, R. Checani, Coach Charles Marso. BASEBALL The baseball season opened with great enthusiasm. VVhen Mr. lxlilrso issued the command, over fifty boys responded, ent Neavoring to have a successful baseball team for the season. For the first time in many years this amaving ball team has had to lace many handicaps, particularly lack of transportation facilities due to the war situation. This mild inconvenience will not inter- fere with the spirit of the team. YVe may have to be deprived of many things, but this will not disturb our progressiveness. XVe are honored to have Hob McNeil as our baseball captain for the season. Pitchers-fleaded by Captain McNeil, are Richard Paul, Mel Freedman, VVilliam McPherson and Robert Checani. Catchers-john Allen. a junior, Robert Young, a senior: and "Herb" Parker, a sophomore. First Base-john Moffatt. Kenneth Crum- rine and Arthur Cltickering, who are sopho- mores, john Moffatt is a senior. Second Base - Kenneth Channell "Bob" Thurston, "joe" Franciose, "Pete" Hregoli, and a senior, "Hob" Shea. Shortstop-Frank Nliecile, "lid" Clashy. a nd "Tommy" Zicko. Third Base - "Hill" Florio, ,lohn Rego, Mike Solari. Left Field - "Bob" Palladino. Right Field - Vincent Ciuarino. Center Field - Shirley Mathews. Utltfield -- "Ray" Donovan, "fimmy" Ronan. Managers - Ned Brennan, Vincent Uris' coll and Ralph Howard. .ll GOLF Golf. one of the youngest sports at this sthool, has in the past few years gained great progress through the able coaching of Mr. Maffeo. This year's team. composed mostly of veterans and a few welcome newcomers, is looking forward to a prosperous season. The team, starting its fifth year in the Bay State League, is hoping to regain the chamnionship which Natick held the first year. Like former years there are six teams that make up the league. VVe play each team twice in "home and home" matehew, using Vk'ildwood as our home course. THE SASSAMON 23 GIRLS' BASKETBALL Back Row-M. Dupuis, G. Lane, IVI. Leonard, E. Carey, INI. Powers, Powers, Il. Buell. M. McNeil, McClintock. Second Row-L. Kaprielian, B. Cowee, P. Harvey, D. Munro, M. Church, R. Scott, B. jackson. D. XVeIls, S. Gianetti. Front Row-A. McDonald, D, Thorsen, A. Rockwood, U. Duboyce, Miss Currier, F. Ia Voic, E. Bayer, S. Morgan, j. Legge. GIRLS' ATHLETICS The Girls' Athletic Program was some- what curtailed due to the building condi tions, but all sports were well represented and the same variety was offered as in past years. l'all-Field Hockey, Archery and Horseback riding. VVinter-Basketball and Volley-ball. Spring-Archery, Soft-ball and Badminton. The Class of 1942 were again winners in the Inter-class Basket-ball Championship. This is the third year the Class of I9-I2 have won the championship, a record nex er before made by any class under bliss Currier's direction. Nlembers of the squad were Florence LaVoie, Dorothy Thorsen, Shirley Morgan, Patricia Nlcllonald, Mary jane Neary, for- wards. Emma Bayer, Glenna Duboyce, .Hrlene Rockwood, and jean Legge, guards. Archery has made the greatest progress during the past year. In the Fall Program certificates and diplomas from the National Archery Association were awarded. Those winning certificates were Barbara Alcock, joan Powers, Mary jane Powers, Ellen Carey. hertha jackson, Ruth VValker, and Helen Lockhart. Certificates and Diplomas were awarded to Barbara Ilostie, Helen Hollings- yvorth and Robert Lockhart. The Girls' Athletic League elected offi- cc rs with Emma Bayer, President an.l Arlene Rockwood, Treasurer. Manager of Field Ilockey, Patricia McDonald and Manager of Basket-ball, Shirley Morgan. Final award of the Girls' Athletic League, the Insignia, or the highest award will be given to: Mary jane Neary, Glenna lluboyce, Emma Bayer, Florence LaVoie, Dorothy Thorsen, Patricia McDonald and Arlene Rockwood, a letter and certificate to Shirley Morgan and Helen Lockhart junior girls receiving awards are Nlarion Church, Mary Leonard. Priscilla Harvey, Gertrude Lane, Rita Scott, Barbara Cowee, Leona Kaprielian and Evelyn Chapman. Sophomore girls receiving credit are llarbara Alcock, Dorothy VVells, Mary jane Powers, joan Powers, Ellen Carev, Bertha jackson, Dorothy Monroe, Marie Duprey, Iiarbara Buell, Marie McNeil, jean Spina- vola. W llll SXSSXTJUN 'RCS 5 u - .' NX xx . nw -,E ' ' - . Y Q.. 4 llr x fx t 5 52? nl --.N WA THE SASSANION .fi , HK 1 gk 41' X i U TE Ww N l X f W F f W I 'wdrx ' 1 i XX- 2 fi t- f ht m! H55 ut- . vlllmnu. Sfuhrut Guitrrxtiztg 03ffirP1'5 UIUXSS UI7f'KIC'ffRS john Mwhrutt. Prexitient BIIIICUUII Bnrnhnrn, Vice Prcxifient Robert 5llllHliE'I'N. 'I1I'EZlNLlI'EI' Ulyrnpin Cirtlppnw, SCL'I'FI11l'j .fX'l'I'I'IQ' Asst lC'I.X'l'Ii JN Robert Bennett S'I'I'I7EN'l' L'Ul'XC'lI, Robert Bennett. President Frank Mnwtmi, Vive Pre-Nitlt-nt Shirley Kilmer. Scvrctztry SEXIUR liXEl'I"l'lYIi BOARD Juhll Bflvffiltt Nialcnlnl Burnham Rube-rt Snnntierx Ulyrnpia Urtlppn-tn Nivhulzu Arthur Uerztltiine Brnwn Nnrrnztn l'lz1ncy 161111 Cfntnillfbw Runulfi Hztrfiy Nfzlrgtlerite Kane -ILIIIICS I,nwry Frank Nlivfile Shirley Nlilex .lmephine Pentu Furl SCIILIYHIIC Hun-I vlihllffl' Imix XVt'l1twnl'lh Nlilfiu Zuflghi I 'Y CN ,J t Y 12' T ll I-1 s A S s ,x M o N Qllztss Cmffirrrs Alonx .-louis Mon-x'r'r l'rr,ri.lrnl liaxeltall 2, 3, 43 Baeketlwall 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 43 tilee Club 2. 3. 43 student Council 43 Decoration Committee Senior Reception 43 Claw Pre-ident 42 Exec.:- tive Board 43 junior Prom l'-her 33 Urchenra Coln- mittee 43 A. A. Collector 2. M.u.coi.M C. Btrxxitfm Iliff' l'rr'.fitir11l tllee Cluh 33 Sawarnon Board 43 Senior Play 43 Vice Pre-ident 43 Mu-ic Committee Senior Reception 43 Chairman of Decoration Committee Senior Recep- tion 4. Ront.R'r Nmtti S"lI'NlJl'RS Tl'l'lI,f1Il'ff Ha-ketltall 3, 4: Corridor Patrol 43 Defense Sav- ing- Collector 43 Safety Council 3. 43 Student Council 3. 43 Cheerleader 43 Chairman Entertainment Com- mittee Football Dance 43 A--ernhly Committee 23 Ski Cluli 2. 3. 43 Decorating Committee for junior Prom 33 Class 'lireasurer 43 Decorating Committee for Fall Sport- Dance 43 Entertainment Committee for Class Party 43 Track 43 Ticket Committee for Senior Play fChairmanl3 Delegate to Student Council Convention 3, 43 Executive Board 4. tlmw-1.x tint:-Poso Srl rfmr V Corridor Patrol 43 Dramatic Club 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 4- 'infetv Council 3: Student Council 33 Ticket Committee F fvf- thnll Dance 4: Executive Boaztl 2, 43 Claw Secretary 43 I'-her for Honor Society Induction 33 Cheerle1der 3, 43 Student Council Convention Delegate 33 Safety Patrol Dance Committee 33 Fall Sport- Dance Committee 33 junior Prom Committee 33 A. A. Col- lector 43 Football Dance Committee 43 Senior Recep- tion Mu-ic Committee 4. THE SASSAMON HERBERT F. Annis Record Committee 33 Red Crow First Aid 43 Air Raid VVarden 4. HENRY XV. Alcocx Glee Club 33 Checking Committee for Football Dance 43 Senior Claw Regixter 43 Usher Senior Reception 43 Air VVarden 43 Executive Board 2. Fun B. .',XNIJER Glee Club 3. 43 Firxt Aid Air Raid xxvllfl , P Yl.l.lS QXIJEXANI :R aeball 2, 1 . 1 -, 3. 43 Defenxe Q '- ' N Co ectfr 33 L ' '3 ' r'c:. .r --ix- . If to i lr. S ' s :Inn . iw K ly . oux Aux x Viiuaxix .XKN1 vrx Glee Club 3, 43 Clerical Awixtant to Mr. May 43 Sawamon Board 4. Viiuzixix .ARNIINIH Firxt Aid 4. Nicrioru ARrHL'R Track lManagerl 2, 3, 43 Ulee Club 4A Safety Council 2. 3, 43 Sawamon Board 2, 3, 4' Student Council 33 Chairman of Safety Counci. Dance 33 Executive Board 2. 43 Sawarnon Representative at Northeaxtern 23 an'l Boston Iiniversity 33 Auxiliary Fire Squad 43 Air Raid Center Duty 4. V.'K5ll,IK.X .'XR'I'HL'R Corridor Patrol 43 Glee Club 33 First Aid 43 Canteen Committee 41 Senior Play Candy Committee 4. ROBERT M. H.xi.coM Tennis Z. Hockey 2, 3, 43 Urche-tra 2, 33 Band 2, 3, 43 First Aid 43 Scenery and Prop- erties Senior Play 4. '4 L af wi N 'l'll li SASS.1XTxlUN XVILIIKM I". l4,u.cnM Ulee Club 3, 43 Student Cuuncil 43 Aux- iliary Police 4. Cnxuufs F. lixnr-:Anti Basketball 23 Safety Council 2. 3, -13 l"irs1 Aid 43 Air Raid Center 4. B xRn,xR.x F. BARRY Canteen 4, Clerical Assistant to Nlr. Quaclt- enbush 4. I.fu,l 1' x li. B xtuu' Cnrridnr Patrol 43 Dramatic Club 43 Safety Council 3, 43 Sassamnn Board 43 Student Council 43 Clerical Assistant to Mr. 'NlcManus 43 Art 2, 33 Archery 2. l3xRa.xR.x M. B.-xssterr Cilee Club 3, Secretary tu Mr. Quacken- bush 4. VVti.t,1.xx1 VV. Bxrhs jk. Frmtball 2, 3,43 lilee Club 2, 3, -l-3 Nlechan- ical Drawing 2, 33 Air Raid Messenger 43 Auxiliary Police 4. hunt I.. Bxvmz Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2. 3: Tennis 3, 43 Girls' Athletic League 2, 3, 43 Field llnckey 3, 43 Safety Council Z. 3: Clerical Assistant tu Nllss Currier 43 Ticket Cnvnrnittee for Fnntball Dance 43 Ping-pong 2. 3 43 Bad- inintun 2. 33 Vnlley Ball 2. 3. Iiunmm' E. Burr, Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2. 37 Tennis 2. 33 Girls' Athletic League 2, 33 Field Hockey 2, 3: Ping-pong 23 liatlrnintnn 21 Valley Ball 23 Band lPresidentl 2. 3. 43 becretary to Mr. Quacltenbush 43 Representative to All-State Hand in Boston 33 Executive Hnard 33 Brass rliriu 43 Curnet Snlrrist at Class Day and Grad- uatiun 43 Orchestra 2. 3, 4. ARTHUR Bhxxrrr Corridor Patrol, 43 Medical l'nit A. R. P., 43 First Aid Squad 4. H.ARfll.ll S. Bnzxirr jk. Ulee Club 3. 43 Sassamon Board 43 Senior Play Csher 4, Air Raid Center 4. THE SASSAMON ROBERT D. BENNETT Hockey 3, 43 Sassamon Board 3, 41 Presi- dent Student Council 43 Class Treasurer 2, 31 Usher Senior Reception 31 Csher Graduation 33 Executive Board 2, 33 junior Air Raid Warden 43 First Aid 43 Receiving Line junior Prom 33 A. A. Association 2, 3, 41 Athletic Advisory Board 43 Entertainment Committee Sports Dance 4. FREDERIC A. BERr:sTRoM Golf 2, 3, 4 lCaptainl1 Glee Club 21 Emergency Committee 42 Usher at Graduation 3g Tickets for Sports Dance 4. LEAH 'I'. Bi..xNcH.xRn Baseball 2. 33 Ping-pong 2, 31 Defense Savings Collector 43 Glee Club 2, 31 Ticket Committee Football Dance 4. ARTHUR P. BoRr:HEst Vsher Senior Reception 43 Refreshment Committee for Class Party 4. fiEfJRfili H. Bovo Baseball 2, 3. 41 Hockey 23 Defense Savings Collector 42 Glee Club Z3 Executive Board 32 Air Raid Center 41 First Aid 43 junior Prom Ticket Committee 3. lhl.XRY C. BR.xN.u.xN Girls' Athletic League 3, 4. EIBVNIXRIJ F. BRENNAN Glee Club 4, Student Council 23 Air Raid Center 41 Auxiliary Fire Squad 4. fiER.'tI.lJINE BRowN Band 2, 3, 43 Safety Council 2, 3, 4g Re- freshment Committee Safety Council Dance 3: Vice President of Class 33 Committee for First Aid 43 Executive Board 4. 'I'HEi.1u.x C. BRowN jE.xN C. BURKE tml lllli S.-XSSA VON .361 '43 -195 ui 10 1' Q1 5.1 . '15 fu I F . vii-.Avi A41 1' 'S' If -an pgs Ain CP' Pnnmti xx R.t'wmii1tiim lfnxt .Xitl lurpx 4. Nl XR,ItbRll .X. 1' uw txt lizueluill .23 liztxltetlwzill .Ig Girl? .Xthletic lmatgiie 21 St-eretziry nf Knitting Vlnlv 41 Vler- iezil .-Xwixtaint tn Mr. iiairtliiei' 41 Det-nrxiling l'1ninnittee tin' lftmtlwzill Dzinre 4. XX n iki-n 5, t xnvxxi' lilee l'lnli 2, 41 lfxeeutive HtlIlI'tl' Iisher :it .lnniur Prntn 31 lNlie1' :it Senior Reeeption -l. Nliuiixx R. intel! tiiil! .Ntliletie 2. lletenxe Szivingx Cnllee- . t 1 , ., V - . - tnr +1 hlee Klnlw -1 .Xrt -. JL ilerirzt. Assis- tant tn Mr. N-airs 4. l'nw'ti.1N fllllkllll-RI tix Cilee l'lnlw 3. 43 Vzinteen Cninntittee 4. Mxiaii. I". Ciixxtlwi-Y cllll'l'lIlUl' Plllffll -ll l:l6ltl lltrt'lQ6y .7Q Dril- inntie l'lnlm 41 llnnfn' Sneietx 3, -Lg Sfunivnon li-uit-il +3 Ping-pi-ng 23 Hzifliiiiiinm 31 lin-n.h Clnli 41 Prngrznn cilllllllllllkt' fur 'l'h:iriksguing tiznne -lg lfiiwt .Xitl 4. lliiix I. ini-exxi lennis -lg Knitting flnli 41 Seeretitry to Sli: Vrnnzin -4. liuxi l'nixi-r'ri tilee Vlnli 3. 41 Safety lkttiitci' 3, 4g Niwziiiitiri limiril 2, 3. 43 btnflent C'mineil 2g I-iiiwt .Xifl Sqnanl 41 Dance l'fnninittee 2: Vheer- leziflei' 2, 3. -lg Pep l'nnnnittee 3. 41 fhnirman uf Striitfnrtl iframe Cntnniittee 11 Hath, Maine gztlne l'4nnniittee 31 Fall Spnrtx llzinre Decor- ating l'nnnnittee 41 Sziwziimiit llxinee Cornmit- tee 2. 3. 45 F-mtlwall Dance Clnnrnittee 3: Safety i'nnneil llnnre cifblllllllilff' 7. lumen I,. flk'k'kRH.lI Claim Puet. Nmzxixw -I, times' llnekey 2. 3. 43 Traek 2. 3. 4 tfnptainlg Chet-king Senior Reception 4. THE SASSAMON JEAN VV. Coxnori Corridor Patrol 43 Safety Council 2. 3, 43 Sports Dance 3, 43 Archery 3, 43 Election Checker 43 Safety Council Dance Ticket Com- mittee 3. lYlAR-IORIE L. Coxnox Tennis 23 Hockey 23 Drum Maiorette 4, Checker at Voting 23 Executive Board 33 Cler- ical Assistant to Mr. XVhite 43 junior Prom Usher 3. IVIARY L. Cosrx Basketball 2, 33 Dramatic Club 2. 33 Glee Club 2, 33 Sewing Club Z, 33 :Xutomolmile Club 4. A. Counxoyrn Clerical Assistant to Mr. Marv- 4. Art 2, 3. josEPH A. Cxowrm' Baseball 33 First Aid Squad 43 .lunior Air Raid VVarden 4. RICHARD I.. D xvis Football 23 Tennis 43 Band 2, 3. 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 First Aid Squad 43 Track 23 junior Air Raid VVarden 4. ROHERT L. Dwls Glec Club 3, 43 A. A. Collector 33 lklotion Picture Operator 4. PAUL H. lj!-iDRlCKSON Band 2, 3, 43 Glec Club 2. 3. 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 4. W. Bnucr Dmssmonn Track 33 Corridor Patrol 43 Dramatic Club 43 Glee Club 43 Orchestra 2. 43 Student Council 23 Fall Sports Dance Entertainment Committee 43 Football Dance Entertainment Committee 43 junior Air Raid VVarden 43 Po- lice Squad 43 Usher at Senior Reception 4. Enwfum VV. Drvrikmux Football 43 Hockey 2. 3. 43 Band 23 Cor- ridor Patrol 43 Glee Club 33 Student Council 43 junior Prom Committee 33 Sports Dance 43 A. A. Collector 23 Football Dance 4. , P99 , .yi ,Ga . if 55,2-il 'l'llli SASSAMON P wi. I". llifvi.iN Olwwrvation Slllliltl 43 junior Mr Raid XV:irtlen 4. l..xwiuaNci: li. Down Golf 2, 3, 43 llockey Z, 3, 43 Stutlent Conn-- cil 33 junior Aid Rziitl NVartlen 43 Fire Patrol 4. Cii.icNN.x M. Dunovcu Bzuelmll 33 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Tennis 43 Girls .Xthlelic League 2, 3, 43 Hockey Z, 3, 43 Yolley liztll Z, 3, 41 Election Official V13 Volley Ball lCaptainl 33 Safe Drivers League 43 Ticket Committee Football Dance 43 Candy Committee Senior Play 43 Senior Reception IvNllt'l' -l-, Mxxgioiuig A. Dumas Canteen Vllork +3 Secretary to Mr. Ar- minio 43 Sportx Dance Refreshment Committee 33 Refreihnient Committee Senior Reception 43 Refrexhnient Committee Class Partv 4. .Xkru :IR V. DUPUIS Oluervation Squad 43 junior flir Raid VVarilen 4. Dom j. l':M.XNUEl.l,I Savzxnion Dance Committee 23 junior Prom .'x4lY9l'llNlIlg Committee 33 Clerical .Xwsiatant to Mr. .Xrminio +3 Italian Club 3, 4: Infor- Hlilllnll Dexk 3. Ricnxium Finial' ln If 3. Marine-. ,-Xxx C. FAIR Clerical Avi-tant to Miss Cushion 43 llorxelxack Ritling Club 43 Knitting Club 4. Piu.5cii.r.x L. F.uRH.iNKs Glee Club 2. 3. 43 Sassamon Board 3, 43 Senior Plav 43 Election Official 22 Af! 45 Cheerleaflei' 3. 42 Sawamon Dance 3, 41 F009 hgll Dance 43 -lunior Prom Committee 33 Sports Dgnpg Committee-N 3, 43 Pep Committee 3, 43 Decorating Committee Clan Party 4. Z1r.Mox'r E. FXLDASZ Observation Squatl 41 Silffly' CUUUCII 2, 3i Corridor Patrol 4. I THE SASSAMON ELIZABETH A. Form' Tennis 33 Glee Club 33 Knitting Club 43 junior Prom Usher 33 Clerical Assistant to Miss Wildbur 43 Football Dance Ticlet Com- mittee 43 Gift Committee 4. ANCELINA E. FR.AtNc!osE Canteen Squad 4. MEl.viN FREEDMXN Baseball 3, 43 Basketball 33 Footlwll 2, 3, 43 Hockey 43 Track 43 Ulee Club 2, 31 Stu- dent Council 2, 3, 43 Executive Board lPresi- dentj 33 Class President 33 -lnnior -Xir Raid Warden 43 A. A. Collector 43 Decoration and Entertainment Committees for Sports Dance 2, 3, 43 Football jacket Fund 3, 4. KATHERINE A. Gxkvigx' Usher at Senior Reception 4, Clerical Assis- tant to Miss Scarry 4. DonoTnY M. Gmsox Corridor Patrol 43 Art 3, 4. GEN EVA I,. fill.lll'R'I' Corridor Patrol 43 Defense Savings Col- lector 43 Glee Club 2, 33 Safety Council 4. DokoTHY M. kill,l.l4R,XN Basketball 23 Tennis Z, 3, 4: tilee Club 2, 33 Honor Society 43 Editor Sassatnon 3. 43 Student Council 2, 43 A. A. Collector 2, 33 Cheerleader 3, 43 Football Dance Committee 43 Plav Reading Committee 43 Vsber at 'Senior Reception 43 junior Prom Refreslnnent Committee 33 Pep Committee 3, 4: Srissznnon Dance 3, 43 Secretary to Miss Shannon 43 Representative to D. A. R. Convention 4-3 Fall Sports Dance 43 Committee for Iintertain- ment Hath, Maine Boys 33 Delegate to Student Council Convention 2, 4. HELEN F. lln,M.xN Secretary to Mr. Carey 4. BARBARA M. Gunn Glee Club 4, Clerical Assistant to Miss Colburn 4, Lunchroom Committee at Medford nigh 1 Dono'rnv E. Gi Eason Safety Patrol 3, 4. I 'SSA Q1 rag ' . 'S' AS . -61 r -5 .J 1 5: . ' ga" 4 451' sal' ' gn- 'l'llli SASSAMON 'lrxx M. Guttcco Knitting Vlulv 41 Assistant Secretary to Miv Kcily 45 Canteen Squad 4. ,I 1- xx Uoonwow llouor Society 41 Knitting Clulr 4: Safety Votincil 4: Sawamon Board 3, 43 Executive Board 41 Checker at Elections 2, 33 Refresh- ment Committee for Fall Sports Dance 31 l'iI4t'Ill'll fillllt 4. Citnua li. Goss Safe Driven League 43 Canteen Squad 45 Rell liruv -l. Iitifwon M. Goss fanteen Squad 41 Red Uross First Aid 4. QIHXRI FS S. fiOTTVVAl.D Ruxxltli D. fiRAN'I' lennix 33 .Xrchery 3, 43 Clerical Assistant lu NIV. Seat- 43 .Xrt 23 Sports Dance Ticket tkiuunittee 3: ,lnnior Prom Poster Uommittee 2. Doxnwtcx Hussey ln the .Xrme-l lforfex. Nlxkx' .L fiREEN tiirlf .Xtlileticx 2, 31 Glee Club 2, 3: Cler- ical .hxixtant to Nli-- Nutt 4. Vlxci x t' V. GU.uuNo Haxelwall S, 41 First Aid lletarllment 42 Retrexhment Committee for Senior Reception 4. Nl min i C. H,mn,xn Corridor Patrol 41 Safety Council 3. 43 Art 43 Sporrx Dance Refreshment Committee 4: Safety Patrol Dance Ticker Committee 3' Sports Dance Decorating Committee 4. THE SASSAMON Rosen S. H.NI,I. Football 2, 3, 43 Hockey 43 Track 33 Band 33 Corridor Patrol 43 Dramatic Club 43 Or- chestra 23 Senior Play 43 Visual Aids Oper- ator 3, 43 Refreshment Committee Sports Dance 43 First Aid Detachment 4. VIRGINIA L. HAI.I. Dramatic Club 43 Senior Play Candy Com- mittee 43 Office Assistant 43 Clerical Avistant Io Mr. Higgins 43 Assistant junior Air Raid Warden 4. lVlARGUERITli M. H .'u.I-IN Baseball 3, Basketball 3, 43 Tennis 33 Girl! Athletic League 3, 43 Hockey 3, 43 Szlwmuon Board 23 junior Prom Usher 3. MARY P. H.xI.I'IN Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, -33 Ten- nis 2, 33 Girls' Athletic League 2, 3, 43 Field Hockey 2, 3, 43 Archery 2, 3, 43 Usher at Senior Reception 43 Badminton 2, 3, 43 Ping-pong 2, 3, 43 Volley-ball 2, 3, 43 Executive Board 2, 3. 43 Refreshment Committee junior Prom 3. ANN M. fIAI'IiNNY Archery 2, 33 Ping-pong 23 Clerical Anis- tant to Mr. Maffeo 43 Usher at -lunior Prom 33 Safety Council Decoration Committee 33 Ballotman at Election 4. RONALD F. H mlm' Saseamon Board 43 Decoration Committee Senior Party 4. WARREN j. Ii.fxR'rr1Iu' Glee Club 23 Executive Board 33 Decorat- ing Committee junior Prom 33 SHBNZIIDUD Dance Committee 33 lligh School Defense Urgani- zation. llEI.liN C. llrxwxns Basketball 33 Girls' Athletic Ieague 3, Clee Club 43 Chairman of Decoration Com- miltee for Senior Party 43 Art 2, 3, 4. Dolurrnv C. liII:r:INs VEIINA E. HODGSAIN 'Secretary to Miss Colburn, in charge mf attendance. i- 'l'llli SASSAVION llttrs li. llot.t,tNt:wotz'rn Corridor Patrol 43 Dramatic Club 43 Glee Club 21 llonor Society 43 Knitting Club 43 Sassztmon Board 43 Refreshment Committee of Fall Sports Dance 43 Art 23 Archery 43 lfrench Club 43 Study Committee 4. Nxomt G. Ilovrta tilee Club 2. 33 Knitting Club 43 Assis- tant Registrar of Voters at lilection 43 Art 2, 43 Senior Play Candy Committee 4. Rotzrkr G, HUNT Safety Council 43 High School Defense Squad 43 Senior Play Scenery 43 Class Photo- grapher 4. jon N F. HUNTER Ax't'o1NH'r't'E M. lMIlRlDt2E Clerical Assistant to Miss Sullivan 4. Ro13teR'rjENNtNtzs Room: joHNsoN Baseball Z3 First Aid Detachment 4. Mtrnnun F. K,tnt.tK Knitting Club 43 Executive Board 23 Cler- ical Assistant to Miss Shannon 4. Nl.KRfil'liRlTF G. Kan: Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 23 Tennis 23 Girls' Athletic League 2, 3, 43 Field Hockey 2, 33 Band 43 Safety Council 2, 33 Sassamon X Board 2. 33 Executive Board 43 Archery 21 Sassamon Dance Committee 2, 33 Senior Play Candy Committee lflhlllflfllllll 43 Senior Party Refreshment Committee 4. Hum Kt.Rtv.w Clerical Assistant to Miss Colburn and Nliss Vander Groen 43 Information Desk 3. THE SASSAMON RITA K. lill,l.l-Il-'N Defense Saving Collector -lg Glee Club 2. 43 Student Council 3g Clerical .Xsslstant to Miss Keily -lg Assembly Council Zg Christmas Basket Committee 2. SHIRLEY M. l'Qll.MliR Basketball 2g Tennis 3g Cilee Club 2, 3, -lg l'sher at Honor Society lnduction 31 Student Council 2, 3, -l lTreasurerlg Chairman of Ushers for Senior Reception -lg Executive Board 2g Junior Prom Committee 3g Pep Com- mittee 3g Football Dance Decorating Com- mittee 3g Clerical Assistant to Mr. Matteo -lg Graduation Usher 3g Art 3g Ping-pong 3g Badminton 3. ROBERT D. LANE Baseball Manager 2g Football Manager -l' ' 7 V' Dramatic Club -lg Glee Club .., -lg fireman Squad -l. ROBERT D. Ihxwcrrox Corridor Patrol -lg Ulee Club 21 Safety Council 2, 3, -l lPresidentlg Sassamon Board 3, -lg Senior Play -lg A. A. Collect--r 2, 3g Usher at Graduation 3g llsher at Class Day 33 Executive Committee 2g Chairman of lvshers at Senior Reception lg Safety Council Dance Committee 3g Ballot Klan at Election 31 Emer- gency Equipment Squad lg junior Prom Dance Committee 3. Fl,oRENcl B. Lxvoil. Baseball 2, 3, -lg Basketball 2, 3, -lg 'l'ennis 2g Girls' Athletic League 2, 3, -lg Field Hockey 3, -lg Glee Club 2g Clerical Assistant to Miss Nutt -lg Archery 2, 3, -lg Badminton 2. 3. -ll Program Committee 2. MARY L. Lxvoir Ulee Club 2. M.-un' M. LE,xcL' Glee Club 2, 3g Dramatic Lfub lg Counter and Checker for Elections 2, 3g Progixzzn Coni- mittee for Thanksgiving Game 2. JAMES L. LEFTER Baseball 2g Football 2, 3, -lg Basketball 3g Glee Club 3g Entertainment Committee for Senior Party -lg Fireman Squad -lg lunior Executive Board 3g Sports Dance Committee -l. JEAN A. LEt:oE Baseball 3, -lg Basketball 3, -lg Girls' Ath- letic League 3, -lg Field Hockey lg Safety Council 3g Counter for Voting -lg Checker for Voting 3g Candy Committee for Senior Play -lg Usher at Senior Reception 4. HELEN J. LOCKHART Basketball 2, 3g Girls' Athletic League 2, 3. 4g Field Hockey 2, 3, -lg Corridor Patrol -lg Dramatic Club -lg Safety Council 2, 3, -l lVice- Presidentlg Sassamon Board -lg Senior Play -lg Safety Patrol Dance Committee -l: Senior Reception Orchestra Committee -l. 435- rp- 36 V in. 1 'e' 1 f' 46 Tllli SASSAMON -I XMFS R. l.oxx'tu' l"ooll1:lll 3, 41 l'fxet'utive lioztrtl 81 Usher :nt Senior Reception 4. Nllkll' S. l.l!NIlIHfRtl .X. .'X. Collector Z1 Clcricztl ."K-.wistant to Mr. Nlillcr 41 Senior Reception Refreshment Committee 4. Run' j. Nlxcumntan llaxltetlmztll 41 lfieltl llockey Z1 Glee Club 2. 3, 41 Clerical .Xwistntit to Mr. May 41 Assis- tant in lilection 41 Refreshtnent Committee for l7:tnt'e 4. jtwt V. INIAIN Knitting Clulw 41 Safety Council 31 Execu- tive liourtl .21 Clerical Assixtzttit to Mr. Higgins :intl Nliw Vnniler tiroen 4. Rirx Ci. Nl.Xl.00N llefen-e Sztvingx Collector 41 Dramatic Clulw 41 Stutlent Council 47 llonor Society 41 Chziirman of Refrexhment Committee :lt Foot- liull llance 41 Clerical Assistant to Mies Raffer- ty 41 Haflminton 2, 33 Invitation Committee Senior Reception 41 Cshet' :lt Honor Society lniluvtion Ceretnoniex 3. Ax rtx x Nl. lxl,XRESH I.xt'xtxct, j. M.uzsttAt.t. jk. RUlil:RT G. M.xRsnxt.t. 'l'rat-k 3, 41 junior Prom Usher 31 Class Day lkher 31 tirasluation Ikher 31 Senior Reception I'-her 4. Pm't.i.14 A. lVl.'kR'llN l'iRXNL'l,N M. N1 xrstsws Haw-lmnll 2. 3. 41 Basketball 2, 52 Uiflfi .Xthletic League 2. 3. 41 Field Hockey 2, 31 lianfl 2, 3, 41 Corriflor Patrol 41 Safety Coun- cil Z. 5. 41 Sa--atnon Board 41 Safety Patrol Dance 31 Bafltninton 2, 31 PinEZ'P0nK 2- 32 Senior Play Canfly Committee 4. ' THE SASSAMON SHnu.EY R. IN1.-xrmews Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 3 tCap- tainjg Football 3. 41 Student Council 2, 3 junior Prom Usher 35 Air Raid Police Lieu- tenant 4g Football Dance Committee 3. 4. ANN P. iVlCC.XRTHY Glee Club 2, 3, -lg Clerical Assistilllt to Mr. May' 4. JEAN V. McCl,1NTocK Knitting Club 43 A. A. Collector 3: Cleri- cal Assistant to Miss Nutt -l. Amen P. NiCi30NAl,D Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2. 3. -l-3 Tennis 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic League 2, 3, 41 Field Hockey 2, 3, 43 Knitting Club -lg Ticket Com- mittee Football Dance 33 Badminton 2, 3: Ping-pong 2, 3. ANNA M. McMANUs Art 43 Gym 4. Roman j. MCNEII. Baseball 2, 3, 4 tCaptainJ3 Basketball Z, 3: Football 3, 43 Track 3, 43 Football Dance Com- mittee 4. Rosa C. Mieo Clerical Assistant to Mr. Matieo 3, 4. FRANK j. MlCCll.E Baseball 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 41 Hockey 2, 3, 4, tCaptainjg Student Council 3, Execu- tive Committee 4, Class Party Refreshment Committee 4. Suntrm' A. Mums Glee Club 2, Class Secretary 3, Executive Board 3, Clerical Assistant to Mr. Pliusse +1 Invitation Committee for junior Prom 33 In- vitation Committee for Senior Reception 41 Graduation Checker 3. ERNEST E. Mn.i,s Glce Club 43 Art 2, 3, 42 hiechanical Drawing 3, 43 Usher at Graduation 33 Execu- tive Board 4g Scenery Committee for Senior Play 4. .af far to 'l'lll'I SASSAMON . Fi 'O' lllIllt'C' 09 K2 -Q' bl RUIKFRT l. Mounts torritlor Patrol -ig llonor Society 3, 41 4 ' .., ., -lg Visual Aid Aswistant " a i': 1 ' Q Usher at Class llax 5. Sttntttav .-X. Moiu:,xN llantl 1, 3,41 Girls' Athletic League 2, 3. 4. I-'tttxk I.. Mussom ' - 1 'tl 2' Football Dante Cllefli- A ' - 3 Senior Play Ticket Com' +3 t'orritlor Patrol 45 Honor Society t, 4: Stull:-nt t'onncil 43 Golf 2, 3, 4. liaxlt Nl tru' j. NEARY ctlaall tt'aptainl 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, u 4 lumix J, 33 Girls' Athletic 2, 3, -31 Field V v t llovltey 2, 3, -tg Vorritlor Patrol 41 Knitting tlulm 43 Nawamon lioartl +1 Football Dante Retre-litnc-tit Voininittee 41 Senior Play' Candy totnnntlcc' 4. lintrn Nl, Ntcrsox Knitting Club 41 l'lerit'al Assistan' to Miss X tutI'l2 -l l'1NI' Nl. Nislsox lorrnlor Patrol 45 Dramatic' Club 42 lxn Ling Clulw 4: Senior Reveption lkher 4. PHY: its IC. Nursxm KQIJRIIYJY Q. NFNX"l'0N tironrsn l, NIMS Baxletlwall 2. 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4-2 Sport l7ant'e Refrexhntent Committee 45 Refi Cross Xtl llivmon 4. Firxt . it PHILIP ORt.E.xNs XYith .Xrmetl Forrex in Georgia since Fc-liruarx. THE SASSAMON Rose M. Ours N zt RITA F. Owe ss Glee Club 2, 33 Sassamon Board 23 Cler- ical Assistant to Miss Hayes 43 Lunch Counter Assistant 3, 43 Gym 23 Refreshment Committee Senior Reception 43 Refreshment Committees for Sassamon Dance and Fuotltilll Dance 2, ERNEs'r PARKHQ Football 3, 4 lCaptainl3 Executive Board 33 Track 3. RICHARD C. Paul. Baseball 3, 43 Basketball 33 Football 43 Sports Dance Refreshment Committee 43 Fire Squad 4. SANTINA j. PE1.ul.i,o Band 2, 3, 43 Clerical Assistant to Bliss Wildbur 43 Italian Club 4. JOSEPHINE E. Pesrus Baskethall 23 Student Council 2: Clerical Assistant to Miss Shannon 43 lixecutive Board 43 Class Party Refreshment Committee 4. LENA j. Pezzi Baseball 23 Basketball 23 Clerical Assis- tant to Miss Colburn 43 ltalian Club 43 Bad- minton 2. jofw Plence Baseball 2, 33 Basketball 2, 33 Tennis 2, 33 Girls' Athletic League 2, 33 Field Hockey 2, 33 Volley Ball 2, 31 Ping-pong 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 33 Knitting Club 43 Sassamon Board 2, 33 Senior Reception lnvitation and Decor- ating Committee 43 Sassamon Dance Commit- tee 43 Badminton 2, 33 Art 23 Clerical Assis- tant to Mr. Sears 4. Gerrkune E. PINEAU Safet Council 3 4' Student Council 2 1 y . , , L , Clerical Assistant to Miss Rafferty 43 Decora- tion Committee 3. Roman E. Pown Golf 3, 43 Safety Council 2, 3, 43 Sassamon Board 33 Cheerleader 33 Usher at Class Dax' and Graduation 33 Usher at junior Prom 3. 4 'l'lll'I SASSAMON in Iirnx IC. PKIMAVEKA Hzucbatll 21 liztwketbnll 23 Tennis 23 Glee Club 23 Knitting Club 23 Clerical As-:islam to MIB Qllllckenlunli 43 Decoration Committee for Ifootbxtll llztnce 4. Ruyu D. PROCTOK lizixelutll 2, 33 Mechanical Drawing 2. Ntcuoms P. QUATKALE Haxeball 2, 33 Football 2, 33 Hockey 2, 3, 43 Sturlent Council 23 Checking Committee for Sportx Dance 43 A. A. Collector 33 Fire Patrol 43 Checker at Senior Election 43 Senior Recep- tion Cxher 4. R xcnift. A. RAMUNO Girl! .Xthletic League 4. Mun' L. REGAN 'l'enniN 33 Ping-pong 33 Badminton 33 Volley Ball 33 Ulee Club 33 Knitting Club 33 -lunior Executive Board 33 Secretary to Mr. Sezirx 43 junior Prom Refreshment Committee 3. XV.xRtufN E. REID Senior Play Scenery Committee 43 Red Cfltxx Iixiuxtnx I,. Ruin Corritlor Patrol 43 Dramatic Club 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Knitting' Club 43 junior Prom Decor- ating Committee 33 French Club 43 Senior Reception lkher 4. Nritiie VV. Ronm llonor So:-ietv 43 Orchestra 43 String Quarter 43 Cello Soloitt at Graduation 13 Usher :tt Senior Reception 4. ,rXRt.u:e R. Rocicwoon liaxketball 2. 3, 43 Tennis 2, 23 Girls' .Xthletic League 2. 3, 43 Field Hockev 2, 3, 41 Student Council 43 Gift Committee 43 Execu- tive lioartl 23 Clerical Assistant to Miss llayex 43 Refrexhment Committee at junior Prom 3. NI tru' P. R0t:AtsHt0 Clerical Awixtant to Mr. Plausse 4. THE SASSAMON DOROTHY A. Rothtxo Decorating Committee for Senior Re- 1 ception 4. JOHN H. Rooxm' Football 2, 3, 43 Hockey 33 Glee Club 3 Safety Council 2, 33 Police Squad 43 Usher at Senior Reception 4. Dunwooo E. Roshxrxtmcu Glee Club 4, First Aid Committee 4. MARY Ross Girls' Athletic League 2, 33 Archery 43 Dramatic Club 43 Knitting Cluli 43 Clerical Assistant to Mr. Higgins 43 Art 2, 33 Secre- tary of Safety Patrol 43 Senior Play Prompter 4. WAl.TER G. RUir:RoK 5 K?lee Club 23 Sassamon Board lBookkeeperJ D 5 3, 43 Fire Squad 43 Football Game Ticket Collector 4. JOHN H. Rr.-xx Baseball 23 Track 3, 43 Corridor Patrol 4, EMANUEI. S,xi,os Baseball 23 Hockey 23 Safety Council 2, J Sassamon Board 43 Student Council 2. MARY j. Sfwrxxo Girls' Athletic League 23 Clerical Avis- tant 43 Canteen Committee 4. MADEl,lNE F. ScAR.xNo Sports jacket Fund Committee 33 Senior Play Candy Committee 4. CARI. V. Scirrxvoxr Basketball 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Clul- 43 l'x ecutive Board 43 A. A. Collector +3 First Aid Cbrnmittee 43 Art 33 Senior Play 4. lllli SASSAMON Mxmiiw 'l'. Sviixvnwia Art 4. Niciiuiwy P. Svuxwx l'l:lNlwtlv:lll 2. 31 ltlllllbllll 2, 3, -lf: filvc Club 11 l'irNt .Kill QHIIIIIIIIIUC' 4. Kim .L bcmi-'rrx lixnkctluill 2. 31 lfmmlluill 3, -lg Uhcvker at junior Prom 31 C'l1crlwr :it Sm-ninr Rec:-plion 4. lhnux Nl. Silvi-Rsnw llzulwlluill .21 'lic-unix Z, 3, -lg Girls' Ath- letic I.:-zigm' 2, 3, 43 lfielil llnvkev 2, 3, 41 Bllllllllllllill J, 3. -lg Ulee Ululm 23 Football llzliirc IU:-1-iiixililig llwrlllllllllft' 3. 43 junior Prom llemwxiliiig :mil RQ'll'f'Nllllll'lll Cmnmittee 32 Ski L'luli 43 Full Spnrh llzimc Dc-cnrnting Cniiiiililter 3, 41 K'lerim'zil :Xswistant m Miss l'ullrui'n :mil Nliw i'urrier 43 Publicity Com- mittee fur ,lnrkcl lrllllfl llilllft' 3, 4. Ruuuirr D. Sm: x liaseluill 2, 3, 43 lizisketlmll 2. 3, 4: Font- lmull 2, 3, +3 llfllllllllli' Club 33 Checking Com- mittee junior Prmn 31 l'hairm:xn of Guidance Periu-l 41 llevinzning furnmiltee for Senior Rccc-pri-m 41 Clneckiiig Cuminitxec for Feniur Rt'l'Q'pliurll 4. .Km li. Suri-ii xx lfir-I .Xifl 4. Il, Puck: ic Sxiirii hu!! 4: llurl.n-x +3 Sznwziiimn linural 43 llaiinv iliiiiiiiirla-:fx 41 llc-frexliim-m Qlmunillec lui' Sriiiui' RL'!'CIlIl'l'l 4. Ili 1 i x Suri R Vlerirxil .X-xixmiit -lg l'Illlll'l'll Cmmniitre 4. liiin' Nl. SIWDIII Senior Rc'm'ep'iun lNher 41 Sefrvtary to Mr. lligggin- 4. sux li. 5fF.NQl'IiI' llm-key 2, 3, 41 Sllffll' C'uunCil 2. 31 Cor- ' rifiur Patrul 43 Stuflem Cmincil 23 lfxcrutive Buziril 31 lflcvtiun Checker 31 Fire Squad 4. THE SASSAMON ELIZABETH L. STYLES Election Checker 33 Secretary to Miss VVildbur 43 Badminton 3. ARTHUR E. SwANsoN Tennis 43 Hockey 3, 4. CARL E. SWA Nsox Corridor Patrol 43 Honor Society 43 Safety Council 2. 3. 43 Class Day and Graduation Usher 33 Safety Council Dance Checker 3. HELEN L. SVVEET Band 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2. 43 Orchestra 43 Sassamon Board 4. STELLA A. TAnnEo Clerical Assistant to Nliss Sullivan 4. Al.BA M. Ti.-KSSINARI Girls' Athletics 23 Art Z, 3, 4. LEONARD F. 'IPETRIEAULT Corridor Patrol 43 Fire Squad 4. liAZEL L. THAYER Corridor Patrol 43 Glee Club 3, 4' Safety Patrol 2, 3, 43 Senior Executive Board 43 Art 2, 43 First Aid Committee 43 Senior Play Ticket Committee 4. l70R0'I'HY M. 'l'HoRsEN Basketball fCaptainJ 2. 3, 41 Tennis 3, 43 Girls' Athletic League 2. 3. 43 Field Hockey fMan:-xgerj 2, 3, 43 Badminton 2, 3, 43 Soft- ball 2, 3, 43 Clerical Assistant 43 Archery 2, 3. I.outsE 'I'HuRs'roN Corridor Patrol 43 Safety Council 2. 3, 4. Sassamon Board 43 First Aid Committee 43 Assemblv Committee 23 Class Prophecy 43 Safety Patrol Ticket Committee 33 Student Council 3. l" 'llllli SASSAMON RIllll4R'l' lf. 'l'oPHAM liaxeball 43 Glee Club 4. Vnu:tNi.t VV. Uuucu Balltl 3. Corridor Patrol 4g Dramatic Club 43 Snssatnon Boartl 33 Chairman of Sgnigf Play l'NllCl'! -lg Clerical Assistant to Mr. Margo 4. FRANK R. V.1u.i.E Basketball Manager -lg Football 43 Fire Bri- gatle -l. tiroiuzta li. WV.-u.t.Acta Tennis 25 Band Z, 3, 4. Rum A. VVAt.t.Acia Sanamon lioartl 43 junior Prom Orchestra Committee 31 junior Executive Committee 3. hVIl.l.l.XM j. VVATERS tim' II. XUAYNE, jx. Haxketball lg Football 4g Glee Club 2, 3, 43 .X. .-X, Collector 33 Senior Class Day Lighting Committee -l. Rum l,. VVEusrEK Tennix 33 liantl -lg Defense Savings Col- lector -lg Safety Council 2, 3, 43 Sassamon lioartl 4g A, A. Collector -t-3 junior Prom Tic- ket Chairman 3g Fall Sports Dance Committee lg Football Dance Ticket Committee QChair- many -lp Archery 2. 31 Clerical Assistant to Nlr. Nlchlatiux -lg Stutlent Council Convention 4g Senior Play -lf. Lola Nl. XVENTVVURTH Corritlor Patrol -lg Dramatic Club 41 lixecutive Boarfl -lg Football Dance Decorating :intl Ticket Committee -lg Election Checker 3g l'-her at Senior Play 4. Putin' ll. XVHTMORE l-'ire Patrol Squatl 4. THE SASSAMON BAlnAkA F. NVHITN uf Dramatic Club 4g Glee Club 2. 3, 45 First Aid 4. MAHHA J. XVNQHT Knitting Club 43 Secretary to Mies Scarry 4. Enwm C. VVu.x,i.xMs, ja. Corridor Patrol 43 Dramatic Club 45 Sas- samon Board 43 Senior Play 43 Student Council 2. DANA C. w'lNNP,R Football 43 Hockey 2, 3, 4 lCo-Captainll Safety Council 2, 33 Sports Dance Checker 4: Student Fire Squad 4. Rouen D. Youxo Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball Z, 3, +1 Foot- ball 25 Glee Club 2, 33 junior Prom Checker 33 First Aid Squad 4g Fall Sportx Dance Com- mittee 4g Checker at Senior Reception 41 Decor- ating Committee for Senior Reception 4. ANDREW' G. Zrcxo Hockey 3, 4g Fire Brigade 4. EMALINE D, Zicxo Basketball 43 Tennis 31 Band 4' Cilee Club 2, 3, 43 Sewing Club 43 A. A. Collector 2: Senior Play Publicity Committee 2, 33 Decor- ating Committee for Senior Play 2. R. MAluo E. Zoxom Executive Board 43 Decoration Committee for Senior Graduation 3. SSANI THE SASSAMON +3 Hunt I'!w1n F.'XCl'I,'l'Y Back Row-Messrs. VVondhury, Higgins, Harm, Harper. Quackenhuxh. NX'hit6. Sezirx Third Rowv-Messrs. lN1cManua, Gardner, Carey, Plziuwe, Nlaffeu. :Xrminiw Second Row-Misses Sullivan, Van der Gwen, Shannon, Nutt, Rafferty. Hayes. lxurrier. Young Front Row-Misses Cashiun. Kc-ilx, VVil1Hmr, 5c':1rrx, Cnlirmllv. Cnlhurn. CHEERLEADERS Back Row-O, Gruppoen, G. Cadurette, R. Saunderg, D. Ciilleran, B. lhwee. Front Row-I. Chenette, P. Fairbanks. Fil 'l'Hli SASSAMON HONOR SOCIETY Bat-k Row-N. Rubin, tj, XX'ayne, C. Swanson, F. Mussoni, R. Mordis, D. Gilleran. Ifrollt Row-S. Miles, Nl.'Champney, S. Kilmer. j. tioodnow, R. Maloon, H. Hollingworth. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The officers of the Natick Chap'er of the Ivational Honor Society are: l,7'1'JItil'fIf ............. .... F rank Nlussolli I iff l'rf,vi.lrnt .. ,. Mabel Cliampney .S'fir1'lary ......... ..,... l Dorothy liilleran This year the members of the Honor Society have assisted Nlr. XVoodbury by tutor- ing other pupils in the school. Other aids tu the school consisted of a conservation pro- gram and the preparation of lists of pamphlets which were to be used during the guidance periods. In january the tive members who had been elected up to that time voted to serve as a group with the Conservation Committee. ln the spring Shirley Kilmer entered the sophomore English classes to 'explain the la-sis for election and the procedure in select- ing the members of the Society. The Sixth Induction Ceremony was held on May twenty-seventh in the evening. Rev. Frederick Alden addressed the group. Robert Nlortlls, Dorothy Gilleran, Carl Swanson, and Mabel Champney gave interpretations of Siholarship, Leadership, Character, and, Ser- vice. upon which membership in the Honor Society is llilsefl. lhlr. Vvootlliury presented cz rtihcates of membership at this time In june the Rotary Club entertained the members of the Honor Society at a luncheon. The junior members of the Society acted as ushers on Class Day and Graduation. TIIE SASSfXMtJN 9 SAFETY COCNCIL Back Row-P. Thurston, ti. Baird, N. Arthur. R. lhlorris. R. Lockhart. C. Barnard. 'rhird Row-R. Hunt, B. Stadig, B. Daly, M. Church, Goodnow, D. Clatvson, G. Gilbert, F. Mathews, H. Rosen. Second Row-E. Wignot, B. Cowee, B. Dostie. P. Harvey. bl. McCarthy, B. tireenwood, E. Hughes, B. Riordan. First Row-R. Saunders, E. Barry. D. Gleason. R. NVebster. R. Langton. President, H. lockhart. L. Thurston, H. Thayer. C. Swanson. SAFETY COUNCH, The Safety Council organized this year with Robert Langton as President and Helen Lockhart as Vice President. Several changes were made in the organization: the most important was the fact that the number was reduced from sixty to less than thirty. lt proved to be a most effective measure, and the work of the Council progressed efiiciently. It is worthy of note that fewer .varrants were given out this year than at my time since the Council has been in operation. This is due, in great part, to the cooperation of the student body. Meetings were held weekly. and, at that time, various problems were discussed per- taining to traffic conditions in and about the school. Many suggestions were offered. and these were sometimes the subject of heated debate. This year, a new code of warrants was devised. No more warnings are given the students, but when a warrant is given. it ngust be signed not only by a Patroller but also by a Floor Commissioner. The Floor Commissioner then presents it to the entire Council for its consideration, By this means, any chance of prejudice against a particular student is eliminated. That the system 'tworksn is proven by the fact that only three students questioned the decision of the Coun- cil during the year. It must be remembered that the Safety Council is always open for suggestions from the members of the school, and it is only by your help and your cooperation that we can succeed. This year, a Corridor Patrol was organ- ized to assume charge of traffic during class sessions. Over sixty students are members of this Patrol. Their duty consists of checking cach student for a pass during school time. This is our first year with a Corridwr Patrol, and from this year's experience. we have learned a great deal about forming an even more successful Patrol for next year. Early in March, Mr. Harper assumed charge of the Council. After the play was presented, Mr. Higgins again took over the position of Faculty Adviser. 53 'I'llli SASSA MON S'l'l'DENT CUVNCIL Back Row-XV. H1ll1'llllll,.hhv. MacPherson, R. Saunders, j. Moffatt, R. Thurston, H. Parker, R. lloward. U Third Row-Ci. Baird, I.. Ilamilton, li. Carey, S. Uianetti, P. Thurston, B. Daly, E. .-Duff, L. Kaprielian. S. MacPherson. Second Row-j. Cummings, B. Buell, M. Gladu, ll. johnson, j. Sweeney, J. Mosman, D. Gleason, j. Flynn. Front Row-lf. Barry, D. Gilleran, R. VVebster, R. Bennett, President, S. Kilmer, F. Mussoni, A. Rockwood, R. Nltlloon, Nl. llalpin. STUDENT COUNCIL Utficers: l'rr'JiJfr1I .... ,, Robert Bennett Vim Ilffjltffllf ... ., Frank Nlussoni .Snrftury ...,. .. Shirley Kilmer 7.fflI5UfI'f ....... ........... R uth VVebster The Student Council is composed of eighteen regular members, eighteen alternate members, a faculty advisor, the editor-in-chief of the Sassamon, and the presidents of each class. It is the general governing body of school activities in Natick lligh School, and en- dtavors to help both students and faculty. and to promote all activities that are for the best interests of the school. Meetings this year were held on VVednesday, in Room I9, av the close of school. Except for the general projects which are carried on each year, the council has been un- zd.le to do much in the way of special activi- ties, due to the remodeling of the building. and the general confusion which has con- sequently ensued. At the fall meeting of the Eastern Divi- sion of Student Councils, four students repre- sented Natick High School. However, the Uonvention which was originally scheduled lo be held in Swampscott was cancelled he- cause of national defense activities. TIIE SASSJAMXJN H URC'HES'I'R.-X Back Row-J. Cummings, E. Garvey, M. Griffin, N. Robin, E. Noyes, P. Dedricltson, O. Grupposo, P. Gassett, li. Manning, XV. Shakespeare, A. Vhiekering, J. Powers, P. Harvey. Front Row-L. Hamilton, E. VVayne, S. Morgan. H. Sweet, R. Taylor. li. Beale. ORCHESTRA The orchestra this year had a much better balanced instrumentation than that of previous years. This is evidenced hy a balanced string section, brought ahout hy the addition of a viola and a cello, and an improved brass section, also three skilled players on the corner, and the addition of Iwo horns. Because of the huilding repairs, the orchestra's participation in the assemblies nas negligible this year. They gave several outside concerts, and were received lwy ap- preciative audiences upon each occasion. wel 'lllli SASSAMUIX . t . i . GIRLS' Q,l.l,l. Q Ll li Bail, Ron -P. lluxwx, l'. l-ziirlwztnlw lu. Wayne, if Vance, V. llotlgxon, H. Glailu, M. U'Rourke. l.. Nlttki. ll. flqixuoii, li. Xh'lllIIlCy, I.. NYent1ell, M. Powerx, R. Killeen, H. Thayer, j. ifritlin. Thin! Ron--ll. llziwkex, ll. Sweet, Ii. Ureenwootl, S. Kilmer, L. Lentini, j. VVebher, ll, jordan, N. Rotchforfl, Nl. Mciiovern, ll. 'l'liorne, P. IIQIVVCX, E. 'l'opham. 5t'l"ll'l Run-flf. lltigliex, ll. Munro, li. Prior, Curnniingx, li. Riortlrtn, j. lluleatt, A. Ahern, P. Proctor, li. Carey. li. fhzipinzin, Ki. lizirher, R. Goldstein, B. Riker. lflffllf Rougl.. llonoxgln, P. filllllllllt'l'l1lill, li. llzirrington, L. llzimilton, S. Morgan, M. Arnold, .X. Purinello, lf. ,Xher'n, IC, Zicko, ,-X. Mcfairty. THE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB llme kiirl-' Cilee Vliilm han xixtw active meml-ere aintl have purticiptttetl in many ottlxitle gtctixitiex. 'liliey gave concertx :lt the liftlholic xxvtllllfllk Cltilv, XVe-t Natick Parent 'Iif',ZlNl'lClN .Xwocizitioir unfl the iipiscopnl C htlrih lfziir. lhe lllllllllk of voicex thix year v-'tie oiirxtgiiitliiig. Prewetit worltl ilifficulties , lmtiiltling construction preventetl the girls from more pzirtieipzition. However, many gllwl Nong- v-ere lestrnetl which have become pil!! uf the increuxingly large repertoire the cltgh hai- legtrnetl. Htlicer- were: l'rf--irlent-bhirley Morgan, Vice Prexitlent - .Line Vurnrningx, Secretary-jean Sirnoni, .nnfl 'l' rertt re r-lileginor Ahern. THE BOYS' GLEE CLUB Although the Boys' Glee Club has not tail-een part in outxitle activities, they have yincticetl regularly, antl are very much im- provefl untler the capable direction of Nlr. May, Nince the beginning of :he year. Many ct' the excellent voices of the past two years, lo-t through graduation, were missed. It is hopetl that the new school year will finfl them replacetl and ailvletl to next fall. The olfirers were: Pre-itlent - Bruce Denwmore, Vice Prewitlent - xviIlfF9fl Casavant, Serretrlry - llurolfl Roxen, antl 'Treasurer - Robert Lanz. THE SASSAMON rf- ws YNHXEU GLEE CI.l'B Back Row-G. Greenwood, E. Hughes, S. Morgan, li. NVayne, C. Vance, V. llodygson, M. Arnold, A. McCarty, B. Prior, E. Carey, M. Rotchford, M. Powers, D. Clawson, ll. 'rhayer, B. Riker. ' Third Row-P. Harvey, P. Hussey, P. Chamherlain, I.. Donovan, D. Munro, R. Goldstein, L. Lentini, j. Huleatt, A. Parinello, L. Maki, M. lNlcUovern, E. Ahern. Second Row-U. Vance, ll. Rosenhurg. P. Thurston, E. Nlills, R. VVare, R. Thurston, N Arthur, VV. Bates, VV. Balcolm, C. Shakespeare, B. Densmore. K. Crumrine, R. Davis, P. Dedrickson, R. Davis. Front Row-Mr. May, ll. Rosen, ll. Bennett, R. Topham, N. Mills, G. XVayne, F. Alexander. T. Sheridan, F. Murphy, I.. Smith, xl. Mahoney, P. Hassett. THE MIXED GLEE CLUB This year's Mixed Glee Cluh was not formed until the renovation of the huilfling was completed. Immediately following oe- cupation of the splendid new music room, rehearsals got under way. The Boys' tllee Club, in its entirety, and a selected group of girls from the Girls' Glee Cluh, comprise the group. The members have enjoyed working 1 rw some iuterestiri, yet difficult numbers, and rccording them on the new combination machine. Priscilla Harvey is the accom- panist of this group as well as the other choral groups. .Vi 'l'llli SASSAWION i l S'l'RlNU QV.-XR'l'E'l' Lydia llarniltnn, limnia jane VVuyne, Nellie Robin, jane Cummings e'al out-iiile engagements and will partici pate in the Muwic Festival to be held in May 'l'he String' Quartet haw heen referreil to r as the mu-t Nuitalmle meilia for the exprewiun 'he memhen are: uni inuxiv. This year, due to the 'urtunatc Fifff l'l"ll"-I-Yllla Hamlllfm znrivzil of Nellie Rubin, the High Srlmnl wa- Sffflfld Vlfllm-Emm3 .lane w'3Y5li' :nlmle tu organize the above string group. Viola-jane Cummingw 'lhey rehearae weekly, have plzxyefl at sev- f-'FUD-Nfllle Rflbln TllE SASSZXMCJN 57 BAND The hand this year is l'lllI1I1tlNC'l nf a large group nf juninr High xtudentx, aided lry a few loyal High Sehrml memherx The Band's performance reached itx peak in the Thanksgiving game, and it wax .-mnpmed of seventy-one metnher-, including four at tractive twirlers and two lseeurning hand lrfajorettes. The Bandk aetivitiex did nut end with the iumtliall -eawn, tm' they have rehearxed twiee weeklx' during the winter nfunthx with tripx to two hockey QIIITIEW. .-Xl though the hand will niiw the fine plating and t'uAnperative spirit nf mernherx meh ae Durntlw Beale, drum niajurettex Ueraldine liruwn and Ruth NVe-hxter, Neverztl clever members nf the lmxer elawex wil' trx' to -tep in and fill their plarex. QF 'l'lll'f SASSAMON x Q all Jr.. qv as Ja SENIOR PI,.'XY Hack Row-if Scltatyone, Nl. liurnltam, ll. Locltllart. Mr. Higgins, B. Stadig, R. Hall, R. Lattgton. . l-'rout Row-Nl. Ross, R. XVebster, R. Pond, l. Vhenette, XVilliatns, U. Grupposo, P. Fairbanks. "EVER SINCE EVE" The lilllss of '42 presented the three act comedy. "Ever Since Eve" by Florence Ryer- sott and Colin Vlements, under the direction ol Mr, -lohn 'l'. Higgins, Director of Drztmatics, on .Xpril lo and IT, at the Cloolitlgf? junior lligh pluditorium. .X decided innovation was the singing of the thetne songs before each curtain by Shirley Kilmer and .Kun Nlclarty. Continued applause demonstrated the fact that 'he addi- tional attraction was enjoyed by all. 'l'o Shir- lcy and Ann. our heartiest thanks. For the first time it sound track was em- ployed for olf-stage effects. and this, also, was successful. The story concerns the activities of Susan 'lil.1ke, played with vivacity and dramatic talent, by lrene Chenette, and her friend Betsy Erwin. played by Olympia Cirupposo, with great life and bubbling energy. Both want to get on the school paper, the "Penguin", but are hampered in their etlorts by lohnny Vlover. played by Edwin YVilliams ilr., and l.i-. pal, Spud Erwin, played by Robert Pond. l'he boys helieye that girls do not belong on 1 newspaper, and are supported in this belief by johnny! father, played hy Robert Lang- ton, and Nlr. Quinn. Principal of the school. played hy Nlalcolm Burnham. 'l'he girls tinfl support in Nlrs. Clover. played by llelen Lockhart, and Miss Yvillard, the new journalism teacher, played by Pris- cilla Fairbanks. To add to the troubles of the boys, bliss I.ucy-belle l,ee, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, arrives. Lucybelle, the typical glamour girl, played most effectively hy Ruth Yvebster, takes the boys minds off the "Penguin" As if this were not enough, Susan infects the group with measles, XVe would go on to describe the play, lut suffice it to say that all complications are ironed out before the final curtain. Special attention should be given to Robert llall, who played the part of a small town policeman, for his line characterization Carl Schavone played the role of Preston l:ughes, the sophisticated football captain, Mary Ross and Betty Statlig were the ttlicient prompters of the play. ln addition to the above, special credit should be given to Edwin VVilliams jr., who played the lead in the playgand also con- structed much of the scenery, To all who helped malte our play a success we are deeply grateful. 'l'o Mr. YVarren Winner: Mr. Peterson, Mr. Cronang to Miss Shannon for her work on properties: Io Mr. May for his arrangetnents of our thente songs "Love-r Colne Hack to Me" and "For You", we owe I sincere debt of gratitude. THE SASSAMON 59 SASSAMUN BU,-XRD Back Row-P. Thurston, R. Peterson, VV. VVrightson, Ni. Salos, R. Mordis, R. Lnnglon, R. 0'Connor, E. VVilliams, VV. Ruigrok, R. Hardy, R. Bennett. Third Row-E. Howard, B. Culverhouse, I. Mcfarthy, B. Dostie, li. Daly, ul. Kit'itii1t,j. llnlcrilt, D. Mostechi, E. Carey, R. Vl'allace. Second Row-G. Baird, II. Lockhart, G. Cadorette, li. Sweet, -I. Rice. F. Mathews, Al. Liottdnttw, I. Chenette, L. Thurston, R. VVebster, I.. Hamilton, N. .'Xrthtir. Front Row-A. McDonald, E. Batry, j. Pierce, M. Neziry, ID. tiillertin. C, 'Wrightst-n, Il. Hollingworth, A. Ilapenny, M. Champney, V. .'Xt'in:ito, SASSAMON BOARD The Sassamon Board this year worked industriously to produce an interesting paper and a good yearbook. We were fortunate on the thirtieth anniversary of our publication to receive again an award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. But for the nntiring efforts of Miss Shannon :ind Mr. Sears it would not have been possible for us to main- tain this high standard. The folloyving is the personnel of the Sassamon Board: Editor-in-chief .. .. Dorothy Gilleran Assistant Editor .. .. Christine NVrightson Literary E.litor ......... Priscilla Fairbanks Assistant Literary Editor Helen Hollingworth Art Editor ................ Edwin Yvilliams Assistant Art Editor .... Betty Culverhouse Reportersi ' Student Council .. Ruth Vfelvsfcr Safety Council .. Ann llzipenny billsit' ,...... .. Virginia .fXrtn:ito Athletics: Girls , .. Helen Sweet Boys .,... Ronall Hztrtly joke I-lditor ..... Mary ,lane Nctiry lSusiness Mzinager ... ... Rol-ert Bennett .1 ssistzlntsi Seniors-X. .-Xrthur. R Niordis. R long- ton, P. Mcllonzild. juniors-R. U'C'onnor, L. ifatndlton, R. Peterson. Sophoinores-XV. XYrightson, E. Vriiwyv l7. hiostechi. Subscription Manager ...,. Alitflfl Pif'1'1"" Financial Editor ..... VValtr'r Rnigrok 'l'llli SASSAMUIN 1 UNE 2 r-SJ 'YA 1 I Jura fvfbi T 'TJ ff.-' ,.,, , 'L . 411' , .. THE SASSAMON v1 x . .f.1 J-'13 -. 1 ,L I s I A'1z,aff If 'U Mimi! ,Q N I V, v 5' Q' .Q v1v..,g V. . - . I " "Fr 5.7h'f" ,113 ' MS' 1-. w :W 9 'P 'fn A- if nfff' -if wa .334 ,uf5.JYiQA U , 1'A4l4-3 , . . -"'- 'K-'fl X ' 'V , ls, ,W ff xl' ji V- Q 21 a , f f V- a- 1' 'Z' ' fx-r .' V- . N' io- as ' , 1 .' Q -4,5 s 'Q' Q -s -r ,- . , 'T 7"" rv I .mini fig. .5 Y- ., , Y '2- Q'-f lg 1. .Q , -f, --,A 1 MX.a1f-P-1 0 1- . 9 -. Vs - li .. ' tw Q 4 N4 .Qj QQ, , , - 8 4 W V . - A ' '. . sl 4 " 2 ' " N 1 " , ' '1 5? rt it A u 5,1 .L T-Ntgjk ' Q 0 -. -. '. I . K . 4 . ,M . ,A Q 1 . 'I .' , - . 'a-ff., 1 , A' f ' . "N O j ,'. .is . Q N. '. 1 " ' I" A I . . 'P .f '- .. . V-,414 .w A ' -'I ' ' , ' ' 's '-,vii Y 52 'E . - ' W ,ue- ' , . ' . f ,,' r 6' 3' Q-' Q 4 iz! , 5 ,, , 'rt' ' , X25 'IV x a D ' i 1 5 J! " vi -- ,11 'fkfv gl my "o'A Pak' Q .5 ' . , . ' ' 4. . . o , .4 'X K' 1 ' - J' l '1- ' . ' ' 1 1 Jx I 1 Q gs I " A Q T r' it "- P 1 Y 5. , 'Lf ', " Z: t U 4 ' ' "' x '. r l -I of 1, I tl. " X .E 'S , 3. tw? B Y A ,419 ' "L 4- ff 1' 'I V . .- ffl f wp H1' ' . lg 5. ".-' Ii 5 A , A: 2 . -.. - 3. 7., 15 .nu . C,fIl".t,"A' " x ,, lil' ." war' ",1: s 7 'QI' Q, 'QV' "'.'F.,' ' p'4g. 1 .' lm 5- .neu I ' fu' 1 A . t r 4 ' f 2 . ' 1, 1 1 3" T Q N? 1 I . g Q . ' ' s - I J ,gym ' Y-gf-I: I v ,li gg ,, 1, 5, ' gs,J-vi F, Nl !llY 'XYZ

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