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. .VZ 5 , 1 f .. ..-"- x f'5'A'-J: wr w:.'.?35? . g -. 4' Q. W '- .1 - I ,., , 7 I . . ' ni- .Y N Aa Y' , M 1. ,.f 1 4 L 'Bay' .." V4 1 -U V.. " 'fbi "3 D ...I P I '. -. fa A v , .i .4 "FJ 5 -yi. . . -'l, FA 1 xi 4 bg' .-"1 f HQP1 1 'L 4 'Q ". fi, ,. r'.V - 5' Yr . . -., ' H P. .ff l . . .' 5' ,N F! u,J l .. , u I bl 6 4 ' ' 'fri O A 's.s'J" 3 n 3' N- A ' . 'yn .I ,'2v',,..0h . H. X 1' J , 1 ' --x'. , 1-ff 5-rf, 1 ' ' gc-J' I l I . ' 5 ' I A '. .5 , 1 . , ' '.-..1Q'4.P -r ' 1-nf" f'- -,. ."7f'f'gb.5 4-. ' '.' U 'syn f. .vuv ss . 1 Qu 0. l :A .',, .Q .44 4g' ,it f 'Ee' b ' A 9 Y jg 4 .LL , vsp- 535,21 V ' ,.,, 4,,p:vw-g ,1 KIQI A, r . '. If -q v:'LA' fl . of a H 1-4 I' , 1 l vl .Lv 2 W- " Q '4-ff' W" ' N" , . - ' if U.. I , x ,1 ' ."'x, Q, 2,-rw' . .' 1 -V' -' .'. . ,A,- . Q ' 'il,'i1 r' 4' 44.7 5 -V 'v .iyf 'fhi -," ,-.'.l'..1, . .j"cj uni: z Nfph-L,1 , A. ,-,-L"vg,ysjy Nfkwf- 'g- Na ' ,a , -f' ' '-'HT' " 1. n 'N ', ."' .. ' 4 .f O - ' lv'--'-.' . . vcr' w Q ' 4 h . . , - 1 1. ,ll 4. Fv r'O 7 . . - f ,, ' .- I . ? - out .X 5 f' " L' ,, " .' -'J f -A I 4 Q , pvry 4 .Ah L' I . 1 'w fx! ,5 's - .1 f.x ' 3 '32 rim' .- Q- Y-,, '.,r.L:' gd"-.--if .Lani 4 5 1 V . 'g'Z-'vi 7 X' Q 5, 4 HT" "-T Nf. -Mwgm ' ,.' ' A V". ,v 'f ,'5'f.' 'x. - 1 U Y ' ' ' J -F .. ,N ' nlsz. INA" ww M51 . . 'v rv. '. ,L Alarm Y 'A-T wh- 1 I J' 3. I. ,.. Q. J E' 4 , IT. X . . , . ,v Q H. ' ts .1 F. ' 1? vu, sq' ..- Q , N .9 ' -:xp 4 1 'J' "iff . , . ' A V ,r Y I . -, ,. J .. A , 1 ' 1 I . - Y. ' . 0, 1-av.: A. I VHF 9 ',3'x ,. 4' 0 v 4 x . 1. ,,Z', K 5 1 'Jr' 1 I THE SASSAMON I Eshirzxfinit VVe, the Class of 1940 ofthe Natick Senior High School, loving- ly dedicate this, our Senior Yearbook, to Miss Edith Wingate Ratsey, Art Supervisor in the Natick Public Schools since 1907. During her years in Natick Miss Ratsey has endeared herself to all and it is with deep regret we announce her retirement. It is our wish she may have many years of health and happiness in which to enjoy her leisure. THE SASSAMON 1 j .lk-h ' i Oy xkilgli: I In 7 if ' - l C ' i i. - 1 NW N fx I H' f If I fr f K if I if A A l l f A A 1 l I 4 V l I ' as W tl I l' N I ' 1 A Y Y tt ! ,Y , 'W CLASS DAY PROGRAMME Procewional, "Honor cillflftlll ..,.. Zamecnik High SClluol Ul'Cl1E'wfI'll Atltl rev of YVelcome Ralph Ilaroltl Stenquist Selectionx, "Ye VVatchers antl Ye Holy One? Cologne "Ihe Utle to Duty" ........... Uihlm 56'HioI' Chofllx Hixtory FI'l1flCis rloxepll Fol6'j.' Claw Poem Cieraltline Katherine Regan flaw Song .,.....,..... VVortls antl Music hy Ralph Tholnaa Florio Vincent Patil Uruppoxo Claw of I9-HI Flaw VVill Auguxtine Anthony Mantlino Accortlion Solo, t'Latly of Spain" ....,. Deiro Leo Paul Denkngelis Plftelillllittli of Claw liift Ralph llaroltl Slenquixt Awarding of National Honor Society Iiinhletnx Roy VV. llill Principal, Natick High School Presentation of Athletic Awartl Charlex E. Nlchlarttis Prexitlent, Natick Sehoolnienk Clulw Prexentation of iiootl Citizenship Awartl Mio Ethel Lane Her-Ney State Regent liaughterx of the Arnezican Revolution Awarding of Anna F. Gootlnow Scholarxhip Mrs, Haroltl YV. XVhittier Prexitlent of Natick VVoinanK Cluh Alma Mater .,........,.., Lucile Nichols 'Zo Claw of 1940 Recewional, "'I'riumphal March" Cfrom "Aitla"l ...,....,... ....... Y 'ercli High School Orchestra Ralph Donut Raphael, 19-H, Nlarahal GRADUATION PRUGRAMME Procew ional, "Honor liuartlu ...... Zaniecntk lligh School Urcheatra Invocation Rexerenfl Richartl F. Mcllale Avltl Yew of YY6lCr1ll16 Ralph liaroltl Stenquixt Pl'6NirlCI1I of Olav of 19-Ml Urchextral Iinxetnhlc, "The Spacious FiI'IIlIllIlC'IlIll .... Hay Nla rch from "I,'ArleNienne Suite" .. Bizet Antonio Giacomo Artnato, Marion lxalwe Rulte itxon, Ralph Thomax Florin, Leo Sirno Valle, Rohert Etlwarcl Lang. Phyllis 'I'heltn1 X intlti Klee: Lilli Xin Ph 1 li " . ', ' at urn , ox arr'-, 5 litlwartl Angelo Zullo. lzwziv, Leatlerxhip john Nlciiill YVhite Selectionx, "Q'orl1fiQlll ixielruliefl ....... ..... C iZll6S "The Dexert Song" .,..,,...... Romheig, Male Yocal liroup Antonio Giacomo Arinato, blarnex Ligoii lzliot liernartl, Ftlwartl Clitfortl Lowe, Allen Citiotlwlll Bratltortl, Carl I,elantl Urcutt, ji Rolme it blohllxoll Knowlton, Arthur Lexxi Parker, YYarren Franklin Langley, Paul Arthur Peteraon. Farewell Atltlrew htlwartl L litlortl Lowe PI'6Nitl6HI uf iiulltnl' Strfieff Sclectionx A'Ye Atlillfx XVatcherx anti Ye Holy Une? Cologne lh Utle to llutx e Q' ....,....,..,... C11 wh Senior fhorux Q llon. Thomas F. Qui Prexentation of Diplomas Recc-wi llaroltl Il. ,lohnxon cllllllflllllfl uf School Cornrnittee onal, "iliI'ilIIHDl11ll March " lfrorn "Aitla"J Ver Ralph Donat Raphael, 1941, Niarxhal Il Il -1 lllli SNSSAXIUN ADDRESS OF WELUOME Ns l'x'x-sixlexxt of xlxe class ol' nim-teexx lxxxmlred :xxxd forty, it is my honor . xl xxxxxxlegx- to exit-ml :x xnost cordial xxx-lconxe to pzxrents, rt-l:xtxx'es, :xxxd friends. In oxxx' Class llzxx' exercises today. lx is proper :xml fitting :xt this time that we call to xniml oxxx' deep .xppxxt-xgxtxoxx to yfxll pgxrexxts :xxxd te:xelxex's whose constant guidance :xxxd encoxxxuxge- xm-xxt has lxx-en xxitlx xxs rlxt-se xxvelxm- years tlxzxt we might olxt:xin :xxx education xxortlxx' xxl our sclxmxmxl :xml eoxxxnxxxxxxty. l'poxx gx':xdxx:xtioxx xxe will, xxitlx the confidence of youth, strive to :xttzxin Nllt'L't'5S. .Xgaixx on lxelxall' ol' nxy classxxxzxtes l extend to yoxx :x xnost sincere and lxx-:xrty xx elcoxxxe to the flzxss Day px'ogr:xnx ol the Class of nineteen hundred and l1xI'lX'. CLASS HISTORY OF 1940 firaduation marks :xnothex milestone in the history of the Class of 19-ffl. .Ks sophomores we were nxore or less apart from the rest of the school heczxuse of the doxxlxle session, but we were given the privilege of forming a Student Vouncil axxd a Safety Council 'lilxis did make xxs feel that we were zx uxxit in Natick lligh School. The class football ICZIIN made a creditable showing. We won three of the four games playtd. For our class officers that year we elected Robert Knowlton, President: Hope Arnold, Vice President: Joseph Nlxxrphy, 'lirezxsxxrerg and lVlargax'et Downey, Secretary. The rest of the school year p:xssed xxxxevexxtlxxlly and we longed for the days when we would be upper classxnen. Ixx September, 1938, Natick was hit lxy three Cyclones: one in the form ff :x natural distxxrlxaxxce, the other two ixx the forms of HJ a redhead from Michi- qan, and 12? zx Soxxtherner from Missouri. During our junior year, John VVhite was the ixxstigator of a "Pen Committee" which helped to create much interest in oxxr social axxd athletic affairs. .Xt the exxd of the 1938 football season, Tony Armato was selected to lead the team for the followin year. Ral xh Stem uxst, VVarren Lan lev and Carl g- t qx x is ,, flrcxxtt were chosen to be the ca xtaxns ol oxxr hockev, basketball, axxd track teams 1 I - Q aml the homxr of leadxnq the baseball team was bestowed on john l'elch, star pitcher axxd first baseman. ln the Spring the juniors' thoughts were on "Prom." The long awaited night arrived and Nlay 12 proved to be a very enjoyable and memorable event. 'lihe conventional axxd colorful grand nxarch was led by our class officers john XYhite. President: L. A. Pharris, Vice President: Margaret Downey, Secretary: axxd lfdward Zullo, lreasxxrer. During our junior year two great honors came to Natick High Schoolg .lohn XYhire was chosen President of the Eastern Division of Student Councils axxd l,. .X Plxarris was elected Vice President of the State Federation of Student THE SASSAMON 5 Councils. Thus ended a successful and eventful year in the history of the Class of 19-10. In September we were back in school as full-fiedged seniors, eager for work and play. 1n his first year as Head Coach, lVlr. Plausse was well rewarded for his efforts. The football team won seven of the ten games played. Out- standing among our victories were those over Norwood and Framingham, the former being defeated for the first time in fifteen years and the latter - our Thanksgiving Day rival - was defeated for the first time in five years. Elections were held in November, and the following were selected to be the permanent leaders of the Class of 19-10: Ralph Stenquist, Presidentg john Felch, Vice Presidentg Lorraine Cadorette, Secretary: and Joseph Casey, Treasurer. ln December of our senior year, Natick High School was host to the Eastern lVlassachusetts Division of Student Councils. Uur football dance was a real social success. The Art Department under the direction of Miss Ratsey decorated the gym with banners of the teams we had played and the names of the home players. In February of 1940, Natick entertained the Stratford Basketball team. They came-they played-they won. After a gay week-end, the boys departed leaving a spirit of friendliness among all. Five members of our famous hockey team - Ralph Stenquist, John Felch, Howard MacDonald, "Joe" Henry and "Phil" Hamilton were chosen to represent Natick on the All Eastern lVlassachusetts Hockey Team in their annual game with the Bay State League All Stars. Flna Nelson added her name to our Hall of Fame as the first Natick High School girl to be awarded the 1-10-word certificate in shorthand. The big event of this year was our senior play, "June Mad", which was presented on April 12, at the Coolidge junior high school. To Mr. Higgins and the cast, we present a verbal bouquet for the splendid performance. Our Senior Reception will be held on Friday, June 1-f. It will be our last social gathering and then with graduation, this Class will march into the path of life. VVe hope that new history will then be added to the annals of Natick High School under the name of "The Class of 19-f0". CLASS WILL VVe, the Class of 19-f0 of Natick High School, being in the eyes of our teachers possessed with great phvsical and mental capacities, do therefore in the presence of this illustrious gathering make, ordain, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, revoking all previous documents, and requesting that it be dutifully carried out to its very last word, without anv legal entanglements whatsoever, Q To the Sophomores we leave our heartfelt sympathy in the loss of us, their idols, and a hope that future classes will understand and appreciate them much better than we did. To the junior Class we leave our place at the top of the ladder of success, which we have attained by our ability to dodge hard work, to compose plausible alibis, and by our endeavor to speak the truth at all times. To the faculty we leave a large filing case to file away the many V It 'l'll li SASSA MON restrictions which through our good behavior have been dropped from the school rules. To next year's lfrench Classes we leave an odd assortment of rubber balls, combs, and toothbrushes which were not sent to l'aris in our lfrench liags because they had "blade ln Germany" stamped on them. To the school at large we leave behind a few unfortunates who became homesick near Class Day and decided to remain for another year. To bliss Currier we leave a more sei'ious group of girl athletes who will enjoy playing feminine baseball more than they now enjoy making a play for masculine baseball players. To Miss Shannon the Sassamon Board leaves sincere thanks for her helpful advice to us while publishing the finest Sassamon since its establishment. To bliss lielliveau we leave a companion for Gertie, the skeleton, who, being kept in the closet, could not take advantage of her leap year rights. To Xlr. Plansse we leave a levy athletes who will have a difficult time living up to our line record in sports. To Mr. Sears we leave an expensive candid camera to take the year- book snapshots he has been imploring us to take for years. To Mr. Hill we leave the book "Romance, Its Place in livery High School" in the hope that it will alter his views on this subject for coming classes. To Miss Scarry we leave a large supply of paper bags so that she may pass out samples of her delectable food to the school at large. To Mr. Higgins we leave a ticket for a South American cruise so that he may land solitude to write his much antici ated articles "The Perfect Cha J- .P ,, ' I l une. eront-" or "VVhere Not To Be At The Right To Mr. McManus we leave a large are confident he will Find use for by the time bottle of headache tablets which we the next hockey season rolls around. To Mr. May we leave a new piano and a large group of fine musicians. To Miss Rafferty we leave an "Automatic Daily Mark Tabulatorn so that future International Relations classes will Hnd no room for arguments. To Miss Ratsey we leave the memory of a class which, although quite a problem at times, holds a great deal of admiration for her. To Miss Nutt we leavt sincere appreciation for her helpful advice to this the greatest of all graduating classes. To Thomas Smith we leave an observatory on VValnut Hill large enough 'for a house party so that next year's classes will not have to endure what we did. To Mr. Vfloodbury the Track Team respectfully leaves two tons of sand to fall in the large groove worn by them around Coolidge Field. Those individual members of this Senior Class wishing to make per- sonal bequeaths are as follows: I, Ralph Stenquist, bequeath my honorable position of Class President to Ralph Raphael. I, Tony Armato, leave my football captaincy to George Barnicle. May he lead Natick through as prosperous a season as I enjoyed. I, John Devlin, leave my great scholastic ability to Elsie Hussey. I, Hope Arnold, leave my good looks and pleasing disposition to Dorothy Gleason. l, Fred "I. O. U." Thorsen, leave my idea and dream of a united "Bachelor Club" to Bob bfarshall. I, Paula Boardman, leave my charming personality to Priscilla Fairbanks. THE SASSAMON 7 I, blohn VVhite, leave my ability to throw a monkey wrench into Student Council affairs to VVilliam Boyle. I, Howard MacDonald, leave my ability to get A's with or without the bother of homework to Gerard Martin. VVe, Ifd. Lowe, Amie Parker, lflla Draper, Peggy Downey, itWZlISO,l Mahard, Bette Hladick and John VVhite leave our noisy positions as cheer leaders to those fortunate few who are not as susceptible to laryngitis as we were. I, "Og", leave my famous column "Ace of Hearts" to Ima Snoopin with the hope that she will continue to look behind the scenes as often as I did. I, Ella Draper, leave my ability to blush at the slightest provocation to Audrey Blum. I, Jean McCarty, leave my sunny smile to Virginia Ramsdell. I, Dorothy Kane, leave to Milly Murphy my special dancing technique and ability to improvise as I go along much to the annoyance of my partner. I, John Felch, leave my highly prized title of "Best Looking Boy" to Joe Hamwey. I Lorraine Cadorette, leave my magnetic induence and ability to please , . 1 . 4 Wlesterners to Ifdith Casavant. I, Cynthia Mahard, leave my South Sea Island charm to Irene Chenette. I, Ann Kleinfelder, leave my enjoyment of rumble seats to Peggy Lennon. I, .Iean Allen, leave my quiet manner to 'lean IVIcGrath with the sage advice, "Never root for Hudson, I did." , a pi iorio, eave my man y p iysique ant a hoo' en i e , ow IRIIPI l ll l lk ttld"H To Grow A Milstaclie Overnight" to Ned Ifeeley. I, Gordon Bouret, leave my curly locks to Shirley Matthews. I, L. A. Pharris, leave my one and only tie to James Lefter. VVe, Barbara Church and Bob Knowlton, leave our high position as chief Sassamon ltditors and a bottle of aspirin to Marjorie Sutherland and Vir- ginia Simonetta. . I, Perry IkIcRobert, leave the ability to collect photographs of one person to any Junior fortunate enough to have as charming a model as I did. I, Francis Foley, leave my sociable manner and "most popular" per- sonality to Ray IVIarshall. 1 I I, khlilliam Vllells, leave my ability to sleep through entire periods in a sitting position to I'rancis Doran. I, NPEQQYN Downey, leave my well-earned and widely sought title of "the popular lady" to ltleanor Hastings. I, ,lune Hamilton, leave along with my artistic technique, the ability to tell jokes much older than the Civil Wlar to lflizabeth Hopkins. I. Ifd. Zullo, bequeath to Charlie Barr, my cherished textbook 'flfatherls 'w at 5 f Q . f 1 . , Car or ' How Io Disconnect lhe Mileage. ' I lniwitness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this twen- tieth day ol glune, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty, the last will and testament of'this Class of '-lil in the presence of those witnesses who have hereunto signed their names as attesting to this document. AUGUSTINH MANDINO Witiiessetl by: lidith M. Nutt Helene VVignot N Tllli SASSA NIUN CLASS PROPHECY OF 1940 It was ou out graduation. day hack in 1940, and as the last strains of the nllma hlater faded into the distance an ominous rumble was heard. 'l'he clock ou the church steeplc began keeping correct time, and people real- ized that something was ahout to happen. XVith a great roar, the earth opened its cavernous jaws and swallowed Natick, lakes and all. lfor sixty split seconds everytliiug was topsy-turvy. lhen with a gentle but firm jolt Natick settled in its new resting plact and life was resumed. Due to the quick-wittedness and adaptability of the Natiekites, they readjusted themselves to their new surround- ings at once and overcame all shortcomings. Life, on this new strata, it was soon discovered, was prolonged hy a hidden gaseous formation which gave unlimited age. lhus narrated lfrank lfoley to his little great-grandson in the year 2564. Centuries had gone hy since his graduation and the occurrence mentioned above. Un the outer earth's crust, life and progress had continued unhindered and by the year 25-lll civilization had reached a stage where rocket ships instead of airplanes were the common mode of transportation A new excavator had been invented and a group of famous scientists set ahout to confirm the legend of the lost town of Natick .Nfter much digging, the machine pummeted down through space and buried itself in the super-athletic field of Natick. :Xll the population stopped its work and rushed to the scene, staring in amavemeut at the strange ship hefore them. Mayor lfdward O'Connor, rising to the occasion, formed a reception committee to meet his new guests. Selecting his City Council for this honor, he introduced Virginia Raider and Margery Coyne from the first precinct, Mildred Chase and Frances jaskulka from the second, Frances Krupski and Ida McCabe from the third, and ffva Pino and Geraldine Regan from the fourth. Yes, the Mayor did have an all girl council - but lafter alll look at the Mayor. Next he called out the hand, led hy drum-major Eva Parent and with Mary Cucinotta playing the cymbals: janet Farley, the fife: Marion lVIcHale, the violin: and lfvangeline Crosby the portahle harp. Striking up a march, they attracted the attention of the lVlayor's special Austin corps. These small cars were driven hy none other than our own john Cummings, George Morse, and Clayton l.avoie, charmingly dressed in red and blue. The Mayor decided upon :1 tour of the town whereupon the guests and committee climbed into the Austins and sped away to the town hall. Here, since news of the strange arrivals had been rapidly spreading, they were met hy the commissioner of education, Athero Bacchiocchi: fire-chief, lgnazio Meog police commissioner, john Mann: and head of public works, Francis Cole. The other town officials stopped their labors to meet these men. They were Secretary of Labor, Hazel Hazard: Secretary of the Navy on Lake Cochit- uate, jane Gurney: Director of Public Affairs, Lorraine Flaherty: and Secretary -of Stare. Ralph Gould. From here the procession headed toward the college campus where they were met by President Roger Conant and a few of his faculty: Professor of Physics, Vlvilliam Brown: Professor of Mathematics, Vlfalter Mahardg Lecturer on lfish Culture, Charles Buckley. Due to an overload in one of the cars and a flat tire, they were forced into Benny Downey's service station where Donald VVallace, the head mechanic. put things to rights. As a tour of Natick was incomplete without visits to its leading indus- tries, they departed for the toy airplane factory of Siro Valle just as chief engine:r THE SASSAMON 9 Robert Lang was preparing a new model for a test Flight by Edward Zullo. Into the landing field came a new clipper from North Natick with hostess lfllen Mary Bean assistinglthe great ventriloquist, Victor Casavant, and the great lover of the screen, John Devlin, with their safety belts which had been invented by George Clover. These were greeted bv lfileen flav the theatre owner, and Al- b rf- . K.- bert Black, the silent partner of the air line. From here they went to the tobacco firm of Joseph Haddad and Son where the foreman, lfdward Duffy, introduced them to lflliot Bernard, the scien- tific expert. In a division of this plant, they found a jellybean factory where Gordon Bouret had discovered the process of making the beans from wasted nicotine and an aroma of flowers which had been blended by the great botanist Robert Frye. Philip Hamilton, the general manager of this plant, introduced them to Beverly Peppett, his chief tester. On they rolled to the great hot air factory or heating plant of the town, owned and operated by Vincent Grupposo who was ably assisted by Augustine Mandino and Fred Thorsen. The electric light company was nearby and the committee was welcomed by Virginia Randall and Dorothea Swanson its able secretaries. Being at this time somewhat fatigued, the party went to the public soda fountain in the center of Main Street, where free sodas were served. Here the soda-jerker, Richard MacDaniels, entertained them with his tall basket-ball storiesg and the policeman on the corner, Vllalter Goodwin, told about the time when sodas actually cost money. Dinner being served throughout the town, they went to the swanky restaurant of Joseph Casey, where Barbara Church, the hostess. sat them at Dorothy Driscoll's table. Chef Wialter Nlussoni prepared them the most delicious goulash ever concocted. ln the restaurant were the famous dress designers Hope Arnold and Paula Boardman. After dinner the group decided to take a swim in Lake Cochituate. :Xp- proaching the lake, they saw Commodore Kendall Benton with his crew of one, L. A. Pharris. ln the pool, little Alma Doherty was showing off her prowess as a diver under the able supervision of lifeguard Michael Morris. After their dip, they visited the Navy Yard, where they found Louis Corbosiero at the locks of the new 'lirans-Cochituate Tunnel. Head of the tunnel workers was Angelo Arm- ata. The director of works and chief architect, ,Ierome Baird, was having his workmen place the designs of the artist, ,Iune Hamilton, on the walls of the tunnel. Leaving the Navy Yard they sped to the new high school, completed in 2246, where Principal Paul Peterson introduced the following faculty mem- bers: Latin, Helen Kopp: science, 'liheodore YVybergg mathematics. Kenneth lllig: household arts. lfdward Higginsg bookkeeping, Phyllis Vander Meer, and typewriting, James Ligori. From here, Principal Peterson escorted the group to the playground completed in 2349. lle introduced lfrnest Grassey, head of physical activities, who was umpiring a softball game between the girls of lfrillies and the Yankerettes. Star receiver of the Frillies' team was Priscilla Clay, while twirling for them was Pauline Cournoyer. Un the bases were Marjorie Glynn, Elizabeth 'lfrulli and Barbara Smith. The Yankerettes were upheld by outfielder Ann Kapriellang shortstop, Rita Devereauxg and first basewognan, Marion Dumas. On the boys' baseball team were Albert Bouret, Ralph Lawson, and Leonard Coffey. Into Ralph Stenquist's Stadium, Paul next took them where the general manager of activities, Robert Kiely, introducefl official ice-scraper John Felch. Head of the boxing commission was Kenneth Buell who was assisted by Bette Hladick, the woman champion. lfdward Dube supervised basketball while Daniel Demeo headed ping-pong activities. Norman Cournoyer was the sports announcer of all affairs. Leaving the sports plant, they went to the outstanding newspaper, edited IU 'l'lI li SASSA MUN hy -Iohn Hall and his ahle assistant Richard Kennedy. Photographer of the staff w as -lohn Byrne while the comic artist was Allen Bradford. john Harper, famed l.incoln Street lflash, headed an advice to the love-lorn columng Francis Broad- ley xx as the script editor. l,orraine Cadorette posed as head of the joke column. Giovanni Rossi was doing his hest as art editor, while Norman Randall fooled the puhlic into thinking he was the star reporter. Society editor was lfdward 'liyler and his assistant, who covered weddings and the like, was Bernard Beale. l,t-giving the newspaper office, it was suggested that they visit the famed circus of Natick owned hy fkrthur l'arker. Here they found that lfdward Lowe was the side-show harker and Perry hlcRohert trained the seals, while the pretty hare-hack rider was Cynthia Nlahard. Virginia Pineo tap danced in a side-showg Horatio Heath played the supermang Leon Buell was the circus strong mang ,lohn hlontgomery trained the elephantsg and Margaret Downey trained the lions. Nlarcillc .Iohnson was the trapeze artist and Virginia johnson was the lortune teller. .Ns Donald Sloper was doing his tight-rope walk, ninety feet ahove the crowds, he slipped and, falling on spectator Helene Nvignot, sprained his little toe and hroke off one of her hngernails. Quickly the amhulance driver, Vingel Lara rushed on the scene, with Doctoi Marie Culcasi assisting him, and took them to the hospital. Here head nurse Miriam Taylor directed liunice Nickerson to take them to hone specialist Howard MacDonald for treatment. After treat- ment, they convalesced at the hospital with Helen Nelson, the former super- intendent who had taken the mumps while assisting in Red Cross work. After this excitement the group proceeded to the old Howard Johnson's on the turnpike where lflinor Hall was the hostess. She left them in charge of Nlary Culverhgiuse who served them a delicious lohster dinner and a very choice dessert prepared hy Rohert Brown. lfarly in the evening they started for the opera house where the owner, 'Iiony rkrmata, had prepared an excellent revue of classical and popular amuse- ments. 'lihe regular stars were Robert Knowlton, the haritone, Lizabelle Charron and Geraldine Delouchry, the sopranosg Flora Dimitri and joan Hall, the actorsg ,Xnn Kleinfelder the futuristic dancer, and Carl Urcutt with VVarren Langley the hallet dancers. For lighter amusements there was Leo DeAngelis' Orchestra with trumpet solos hy Ralph Florio and specialties hy Rohert Whitney on the jews'- harp. His singer was jean McCarty who was assisted on the high notes by Dorothy Kane, livelyn Smith, Amie Parker, and Mildred VVynn. Tony presented talkative .lean Allen as his special monologue artist in an imitation of Vera Vague. Leaving the opera house, Mayor 0'Connor took his guests to Henry Balhoni's nightcluh. Here, checking their wraps with Bernadette Burke, they sat down and enioyed an act hy the Gardikis twins, lflaine and Evelyn, assisted at the piano hy Vernon Spiller. Along came the cigarette girl, lilla Draper, fol- lowed hy the house detective and crime huster, the shadow, Christ Chala. After making a night of it at the cluh, the Natickites wished to retire and so they took thelearth men to Eleanor DeMeritt's open house. Here they were introduced to Richard Baird, the missionary from East Natick and author of "Home Thoughts from Ahmad", Natick's latest novel. lfarly the next morning Mayor O'Connor sent his assistant, Orrin Pres- cott, to pick up the earth men in order to teach them the game of golf. Driven to Ross NlcPherson's cluh they were introduced to Joseph Henry, professional extraordinaire. After the morning game, they went to the soda har of the cluh where Florence and Marion Rohertson were the proprietors. The next point of interest was the radio station, VVHY, owned and operated hy Rohert Paul with the help Pl Nr-fl supervisor rilna Nelson, and lxleanor Rossi. Ihe announcer, -Ioan Lentini, introduced none other than the THE SASSAMON 11 voice of experience, Joseph Murphy, and his secretary, Angie Pezza. Leaving here, the Mayor asked if they would care to attend a church service and whom should they find seated in the pulpit but Deacon VVilliam VVells. Other notable persons attending were Mary Grupposo, the owner of the grocery mart, Alice Houlihan, employer at tht employment agency, and Irma Noyes, owner of the taxi business in Natick. Due to the visitors' short stay, the Mayor declared Sunday a holiday and permitted racing, so after dinner they were off to the races at the new race track operated by John VVhite. Diamond Jerry Cardellicchio escorted them to his box seats whereupon the first race was begun. The favorite, picked by sports- man George Tibbert. was Bluebird from the famed stables of Leo Valle, ridden by Jockey VValdron Newell. The next favored was Golden Boy, ridden by Philip Quatrale. The official timer, Arlene Harrington, and the official sighter, Claire Kadlik, nearly came to blows over the decision which was given to Sweet Pea, an unknown, but Ruth O'Connell kept them from fighting. Sitting in the debutante box, admired by all, were Lydia Emanuelli, Eleanor Garvey, and Emily Johnson. Thus ended the week-end with the visitors from the earth. "Now, Son." said Frank, "this is how it all went. Of course. it's up to you to believe it or not. You know that the people whom you have heard me mention are all good sports and won't take this little epistle wrong, but if any of them should, you can tell them that it's a pretty hard job for me to tell such a story and have to use two hundred names. When the class of 2270 graduated, they only prophesied for about tweny-live out of two hundred and fifty." f'Yes, Gramps, but what happened to those earthmen and the hole in the sky?" "Well, I'll have to tell you that one in another story. Now it's time for you to go to bed." ADDRESS OF WELCOME - GRADUATION Parents, Teachers, Friends: It is an honor and a privilege for me to extend to you on behalf of my classmates a cordial welcome to the Graduation lfxercises of the Class of l9-TO. Today we are before you for the last time as a class. From here we shall enter society individually and each will offer his contribution in appreciation for the training you have provided for us. Vile are grateful we are living in a country where education is required, and w here we can further that education without the constant fear of the horrors of war, so prevalent in most corners of the earth today. Some of us will enter college in Septemberg others will enter the business world, while still others will be absorbed in the various skilled or unskilled positions. Optimists paint a rosy picture for the future of the high school graduates of todayg pessimists paint one of gloom and tell us we are next in this terrible struggle going on in Europe. Vvhat Fate has in store for us, no one of us can tell. It is our sacred obligation to do all we can to make these United States an even better place to live in. As we stand on the threshold let us resolve to do our utmost to keep this beloved land of ours truly "the land of the free and the home of the brave." ll' Tllli SASSA Nl ON FAREWELL ADDRESS BY lCmvARo Lowif 'lihe next year marks the beginning of a new decade. For us, it denotes the beginning of a new step in life. lfor the past twelve years the school has nurtured us, fostered us, and guided us. These twelve years of school exper- ience are of immeasurable importance to us: twelve years of education made available to us - regardless of race. creed, or economic status -- at your expense. 'lihe training which we have received during these years constitutes the corner- stone of the edifice of which we hope to make our lives. We have all been pro- vided with an equal opportunity to lay that cornerstone, thenceforth it is our duty to shape our lives upon this cornerstone in such a manner that they shall be, in your eyes, worthy of the years of patient guidance that you have alloted us. lVe learn from history that the ancient Spartans indulged in a race known as the marathon relay. ln this relay, all persons who accepted a chal- lenge to race were required to run with a lighted torch, until they were incapable of carrying it further. 'lihen they were to pass it on to new hands: striving, above all, never to allow the torch to cease glowing brightly. XVe graduates Find ourselves in a parallel situation. A great challenge is now being thrust at us - the challenge of a beckoning future. VVho is issuing it? Age, Timei perhaps: but we like to consider it as coming from you, our parents, teachers and friends. You have created new fields of work and thought for us that we must continue 'intelligently to expand and enlarge. This is a time when you are warning us: counseling us to be not hasty in our judgments, advising us to weigh carefully your advice and opinions. VVe appreciate these warnings and we believe that they will prove of worth to us. There are also insidious doctrines of hate and greed which would influ- ence us - subtle suggestions that "the world owes us a living." These we IDUSI shun and cast forth from our consideration with all the vigor of our con- certed effort. lVe want nothing from the world except an even chance to show that we are able and willing to earn our own living. Wye hope that in the future our deeds shall show you that these warnings and your advice have not been in vain Ir is possible to express thankfulness and gratefulness in a great variety of ways. How we are to show our gratitude remains to be seen, but there is one sentiment that runs like a silken thread through our convictions. Vfle want you to be proud of us in the years to come: not only of the material things we do, but also of the efforts we make to embody in our future life and work the principles of honesty and integrity. Therefore, let us firmly accept our torch, and carry it triumphantly down life's highway, remembering to pause in those places where we will leave some person happier for our having passed that way. As we bid our Final adieu, let us remember Thomas Carlyle's words, "Have a purpose in life, and, having it throw into your work such strength of mind as God has given you." THE SASSAMON 13 LEADERSHIP Today, more than ever, American youth must produce the leaders of the world. For many years it has been evident that there has been a great lack of outstanding men in positions of social, political, and economic importance. ls it mere chalice that we have privation in the midst of plenty? 1s it necessary that we, the richest country on earth, should have one-fourth of our population in want? Should we be passive to the industrial and agricultural wrongs surround- ing us? To be sure, we have made some strides toward the correction of these nationwide problems: but to obtain real success we must have men who have the moral courage and honesty to lead the people toward a better way of living. VVe do not expect a Utopia, nor do we believe that all of us will become author- ities on any subiectg but we do believe that the educated people of America can all becomeileaders at least in thought and consequently will select men who will not be motivated by self-interest but who will have for their goal the happiness and prosperity of all the people in all the states. Soon, 1 hope, the world will look to us for guidance: and this time we cannot say to the old world as we did in 1919 and 1920, "take care of yourselves," for if Europe is allowed to be plunged into anarchy, chaos, or worse, they may successfully try to involve us. Therefore we must look to the future when America will be recognized as the center of culture, finance, and power - the last haven of peace and hope. Yvith lfurope again in such a precarious position, disintegration has already begun in its educational system. According to statistics given in the Rockefeller Foundation Review for 1939. we learn that the University of Wlarsaw has ceased to exist with its faculty either killed or in concentration camps. During the recent Spanish Civil Vvar the books from the University library at Madrid were used by the Moors to line their rifie pits. The University of Prague has been closed by the German government. For reasons of economy and because their students are in military service, more than half the universities of fnierniany are closed. The University of London has been uprooted and scattered over a wide area in southern England. 'lihe 20 OOO student population of the University of Paris has shrunk to 5,000 ln China the war has swept practically all the uni- versities off the map and those remaining are badly,crippled. Many public and private libraries which housed rare manuscripts and some of the earliest printed works have been destroyed. lfrom these institutions came many of the leaders of the past. If we are again called upon to accept the leadership of the world after this war is over, let us be prepared to receive it. Anierica must produce the leaders of tomorrow Vile must be humble about the question of our intellectual leadership, lf, as the result of the present cataclysm on the other side of the Atlantic, lfurop: freezes into an Arctic night, we may DOY easily keep the fires lit in the universities and laboratories of Kmerica. It was a Frenchnian, Pasteur, who discovered the process of purifying milk. Ir was an lfnglishman. Lister, who furtherezl develop- ments in sterilization. lX"1arconi, an Italian, invented the wireless. ln many ways we have been dependent upon the great minds of lfurope for the cross-fertiliz-a- tion which is necessary for scientific and social growth. The last great war found us no longer a debtor nation in economics. The present sacrifice must fizixl us a leader in all things intellectual. Still, we cannot all be scientists. ln this America of ours there is room for all the varied talents which can be offered. There are the professions of law, social science, and religion. There are designing, engineering, and teaching which reuuire college training. It may be said that these occupations are crowded, but lei- 'l'll li SASSA MUN there is always room for a good man. ll' we wish to have a great world of tomor- row, we must train ourselves today lor the duties wlneh will present themselves. Ir has been said that the schools of today do not teach children the philosophy nor the vocational skills which are necessary for growth in the con- temporary world. 'lihis in a sense is true, but the modern trend is changing. Vocational schools are increasing which train the students to use their hands. It is up to us to further these attempts. 'lien years ago there was no streamlined train, no television. no trans-oceanic passenger air service, no polarized glass. 'l'oday, for those who cannot go on to college and who have not been trained to use their hands there are still apprenticeships which will teach them these trades. .Ks long as the country has ambitious young men, business enterprise will never stand still. 'lihus it can he seen that we do not lack opportunity. Opportunity has come halfwayg let us go to meet it. As long as there are brilliant men, determined men, hopeful men. imaginative men, their problems will be vital, and from them truth will expand. A thirst for knowledge and a willingness to work are the basic foundations for the leadership of this democracy upon which our freedom rests. . May American youth accept the ideals so well expressed by Bryant in his closing lines of "'lhanatops1s": "So live. that when thy summons come to join The innumerable caravan, which moves lo that mysterious realm, where each shall take His chamber in the silent halls of death, Thou go not, like the quarry-slave at night, Scouraged to his dungeon, but, sustained and soothed By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave, Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams." THE SASSAMON CLASSSONG We're smiling through our tears And we think of those long past years. We'll always remember our school so good and true To labor and honor for dear old Red and Blue. Our parting begins today, But we'll meet in life some other Way. Let's forget all our fears, and ring out with cheers Thou we-'re smiling through our tears. VVords by Vincent Grupposo Music hy Ralph Florio CLASS POEM "DIiDlCA'liION" VVe the Class of 19-10 Face the parting of the ways But we won't forget you, Natick, Here we've spent our happiest days. You have helped to mold our future, Helped us to decide our fateg You have counseled us and taught us How our trouhles to ahate. VVe-have loved you, hailed you, cheered you, All your praises we have sung. If at times you've found us wanting, Please forgive, for we are young. Some of us go on to college: Some of us may luring you fame: But we'll eyermore he grateful, You have taught us to play the game. Geraldine Regan ms 8: alice., :AA ffw-WWW 4J96wz' effect-7 . J 4044810 MZ! 'xg eff 1' Qyfa-ce! 'c2?07Z68 c?D0'1S'fkZ ' Qdfiab X THE SASSAMON 7 ztculig gmletttlters 1939 . 19-1U Hill, Roy VV. Sears, Harold C. Arminio, Kenneth Belliveau, Florence E. Cashion, Elizabeth R. Church, E. Grace Currier, Isabelle M. Gardner, Clayton E. Hayes, Frances M. Higgins. john T. Keily, Helen Al. Nlaffeo, Alfred A. May, Rodney McManus, Charles E. Nlowry, Ella Nl. Nutt, Edith Nl. Plausse, Henry j. Quackenbush, Dyke L. Rafferty, Marguerite L. Ratsey, Ethel VV. Scarry, Mary E. Shannon, Emily L. Sullivan, Louise M. VVhite, Edward N. Vllildbnr, Daisy V. Ylloodbury. E. Davis Young, Kathleen VV. 17 National ghunur Sunictg Members of the National Honor Class of 19402 Society, jean Allen Allen G. Bradford Victor Robert Casavant Barbara Louise Church john A. Devlin Robert C. Frye Ernest john Grassey -Mary A. Grnpposo june Adelle Hamilton 'Robert Knowlton joan Mary Lentini +Edward C. Lowe VValter j. Mussoni Elna Nelson Amie E. Parker Arthur L. Parker L. A. Pharris Geraldine Katherine Regan Dorothea Swanson Miriam Taylor john McGill VVhite Robert F. Vl'hitney 'i'Elected junior Year. atiirlt BASKETBALL VVarren Langley. Christ Chala, Charles Sargent, Athero Bacchiocci, Carl Orcutt, james Ligori, Edward Duffy, Richard McDaniel, Shir- ley Matthews, Allen Bradford, Henry Balboni. Eliot Bernard, L. A. Pharris. IIUCKEY Ralph Stenquist, Howard MacDonald. Ralph Lawson, john Hall, lVilliarn VVells, Ken- dal Benton, john Felch. joseph Henry, Fred Thorsen, Perry McRol1ert, Philip Halnifton, Her- nard Downey, Rol:e.t Cole, john Mann, George Morse, Frank Foley. FOU'I'BAl,L Tony Armato, Carl Urcutt, L. A. Pharris, Urrin Prescoit, Hen'y liztlboni, john Hall, Fred Thorsen, Frank Foley, Michael Morris, james Ligori, VVarren Langley, VVilliam VVells, David Anniballi, Lawrence Gerrity. George Barnicle, Ross MacPherson, Nicholas Scianna, Philip Quatrale, Charles Sargent Kendal Benton, john Harper, Gordon Bouret, Ralph Raphael, Ralph lfliglg Srltnnl letter gll'lru Florio. Allan Bradford. Patil Peterson, Theodore XVybe-rg. . BASEBALL Bernard Beale, john Harper, Robert Paul. Urren Prescott, john Felch, james Ligori, john Mann, Ralph Stenquist, Charles Sargent, Ralph Raphael, Shirley Matthews, George Bar- nicle, Ernest Grassey. Gordon Bouret, Edward Fceley, Robert MacNeil, Theodore XVyberg, Leo Valle, Robert Lane. TRACK Augustine Mandino, George Morse, Carl Urcutt, lVarren Langley, Edward Lowe, john Cummings. Vincent Grupposo, Ralph Gould, Norman Clancy, Norman Randall, XVilbur Curtis, Francis Branagan, Robert Lang. GULF joseph Henry, Ralph Lawson, john XVhite, VValter Mussoni, Ross MacPherson, Frank Mussoni, Fred Bergstrom, Larry Dolph. TENNIS VValter lNlahard, Perry McRolmert, john Montgomery, john Hall, George Morse. IN 'l'lll" QXSSIX HON ,,f' .- AN ,, ... l"UO'l'B.'XI.L I'i-our Row - AI. I.igori, XV, VV:-lla, ll. lialhoni, I. .-X. Pharri-, 'l'. .'Xrmato. C. Szirggetit, P. Qua- ti-ale, R. liate-. Seronil Row -f VI, Mrlixoy. R. l"lo'rio, M. Morris, ii. liarniele. I". Foley. N. Seianna. IT. Ihoiwen, R. MvPher-on, VI. llall, XV. Langley. C. Ureutt. lhirfl Row -- Mr. Mc'NIanux I.. llerrity, Ki. Nloiwe, U. Prescott, Iflorio, Mr. Plauwe, IT. .Xnnilvalli, WI. Ilarper, R. Raphael, Mr. Qiizlelxelilmfh. Ioullll Row - R, Kioulrl, .-X. Saviano, V. L'axavaiil, VI. Lefter, O, Iiclinore, CS. Ximx, M. Freevi- man, XY. l'loi'io. I". liranagan, Rolsert liatex, .'X. liraflfortl. Hail Row - li. lic-riiarvl, if Mullen, R. llall, I". Doran, 'l'. XVyl1erg. II. Morris, Moffatt. If Mievile. FOOTIZALI. FOR 1939 lv voulfl not lu' Naiil aliout thix yeark Nllllflx team xi- wa- sanl of last yeatw that they out- IPlZl',f'rl the other team hut ltixl. tor this hap- penwl only onee. Ihix year! team hail what it takex In win. Illlx yeark te-am mafle up moxtly of Senior- wax luelq enough to haxe foaeh Plauwe when tht-x wwe hut Nmlioiiiorex ,Xlthough the -quail wax lefl lux faptain .xflllillrii who Ntooil onlx a tew inehex over five Iggy, hut who plaxefl loothall with everx meh of it. it wax one of the lwiggest NIIIVIIIN that Yatiel. hax hail the lurk to hate. Big. faxt. well trzunetl in the I'llIl4l1llUt'IlIZllN anfl lull ol Npiiit, thix was the te:un that Nwept Xeetlham. llevlham, Yorwootl anfl Framinghani lietore them at well ax mo-t of the other elevenx that tarefl them. lt ix enough Io axk ol any Natirlt team to fleteat the tour teatnx notetl ahove for never in the hixtorx' ot toothall in Natick hax .ini team Iieaten thexe four lug -ehoolx. It xou axk any of the lwoyx who playefl. they will tell von that Coaehex Plnuwe anil Me- Xldnue workeil them harfl hut that it wax worth it. for not only were the injuriex few. hut the wine were many. Mueh eretlit is lu he given to fitlllfll Quaek- CIIIHINIILN "All .XlI1t'l'If'llI'lN' who all NFZISUII gave their hex: tluring the week NU that the team might he ready to 5-io ulll :mtl win on Saturtlav. Natick .....,..... 6 Natirk . ...Z-I Xatiek . , T Natiek . .. U Yatiek , ...LR3 Naliek . ,.l3 Xatiek . ..l2 Natiek , ..l2 Nativla . Ml? Xatirk .. ..., 14 'lioI:llN . .... ll-I St. Charlex IXValt.J . Nlilrllmoro . liarnxtahle XVelleNley . Milfortl . Neeflham . lleilham .. Norwootl . Illltlsoll ... Ifratninghain GOLF FOR NATICK I. Il Il ,.2o ll u o o 19 li SS fiolii ix prohalwly the youngest :mtl leaxt known eport in Natick High. The team will ne marie up of Seniorx, moxt of whom either are vailtlie- or were Cailrliex at some ti Coaeh Maffeo givex hix time and the lvoys anti YYiliIwooil givex the eourxe. IUC. help to them the me of O N 19 THE SASSAM ' BUYS' BASKETBALL "1 if . A 4 i t Back Row-ti. Barnicle. J, McEvoy, R. Raphael. E. Feeley, N. Scianna. Richartl Bates, tl. Florio. Seconfl Row-Mr. hlarlfeo, R, Young, H. Balhoni, E. Bernartl, S. Mathews, C. Sargent, C. Grafly, .-X. Bratlfortl. First Row-A. McDaniel, C. Orcutt, Ligori, XV. Langley, A. Bacchiocchi. C. fhala, E. Dutly. BASKETBALL FOR 1939 AND 1940 VVith only one man of the starting team back from last year, Coach Matteo had the jolm of Htting new men to Fill the spots left vacant arountl Captain Langley. As we all know VVarnie is the tall, good-looking center that matle the haskethall team click. It was mostfy tintling the man for the jo'1 for there were plenty of gootl men In pick fxom. The trouble was that most of them were Seniors. This year the fellows playetl three out ul' state teams, playing host to Stratford, Uonnecti- cut, antl traveling to hlaine tu play games with Auhurn antl liath. Although they were not successful with outkof-state team- they hatl plenty of fun on the trip anrl they hall it coming for there were twenty-one gamgs schctlufefl. Twenty-one games is a lot of hziskethxill. actl not many easy games among them, for Natick went out of her class as far as sive goes hy playing some of the larger schools in the sec- tion and tloing very well against them. Although there was no Baskethall C'apta'n electetl for the coming seasln. the Senior boy- know that the untler classmen can :lo much if they this ye Natick Natick Natick Natick Natick Natick Natick Natick Natick Natick Natick Natick Natick lx-.ll lt Nair lt Natick Natick Natick Natick Naticl. N stick lotals ., put into the game the harfl work that at s team rlttl. 33 ...IX ...IS ...22 ...Sl ...23 ...SS 29 .. JJ ...Sl ...Sl ...36 Q. ...JJ ...ZS ...-l-2 ...-ll ...Zo ...-ll M27 U27 ....aft , . .061 Alumni ... Needham .. Brockton .. Xvellesley .. YVellesley . Quincy . Miffortl . Norwooml . YValpole .. Quincy ... lletlham ,... Framingham lNli.tortl .... Framitzgharn VValpole ... Ntrl'Wuu4l .. SIl'LltfUl'rl, flu '17 -.. ...I9 ...26 ...16 ...QU ...25 ...25 ...-ll! ...20 ...26 ...IS ..,..29 ...23 'Stl ...ZII .......2ll nn. MSX Uetlham .,........ 29 Bath, Me. Auburn, hle. Neetlham ... ...ZS .,.,.29 ...IS S38 ZH 'VIIL SJXSSJXMIJN Y'-1 GIRLS' .-X'I'lII,E'I'IC LIiAGI'I5 I-'ronl Roxy-bophoniore Champions, P. Mellonald, sub. E. Bayer. A. Mastrogiaeomo, F. LaVoie, M. j. Yeary. Fapt. I7. Thorsen, G. Duboyee, H. Lockhart, sub. Nt'l'llIlIl Row-aft. Bouret, V. Raider, j. Ilall, A.Houlihan, II. VVignot, B. Hladiek IC'o-C'apt.l. l'. Boardman ll'o-C'apt.-unable to be presentl, G. l7eI,ouehry. IF. Kane, A. Doherty. .X. Kaprielian, Seniors, I.. Harrington, II. Bemis. 'Ihird Roxy-Miss Currier, M. Norman, B. Martin, B. Murphy, V. Hosmer, E. Hopkins, M. Murphy. B. Iivans, Rice, j. Culbertson, D. Uhampney, B. Dunn. Iou'tli Row-NI. Gritlin, 'If Brown, I7. Beal. M. Fatmon, F. Mathews, I3. Kane, E. Barry, A. Kaprielian, Y. Ramsdell, M. Sulherland. GHHS'ATHLETHfLEAGUE I'he Girls' .Xthletie League is the governing lioilrvl of Athletic' .'hXK'1lI'll' IH the lligh Sfhlml. Points won in various aetivities are Collective and rarried over into earh year. There are about sixty members in the League. Hl"i"lK'IiR5 FUR 1939-19-Io President . .. ..., ,.. Paula Boardman '40 Vive-President ., , Mildred Murphy '-I-I Iirensurer .. . . .. Vilg"nia Raider '-lil . jean Culbertson '+I Manager ol Hovkey ....... .,.. j oan Hall '-Ill Manager of Volley-ball .. .Xlive Iloulihan '-IH Manager of Basketball . .. Helene XYignot i-lrll Manager of Tennis . ...,,,... To be elected Ferret llj Iilie fall sports progrillh Cflllsisls of Field llot.-key. Yolley-ball, Archery, and Horseback Riding. The Field Hockey Team played at VVelles- lr-y and at Needham. iliwu teams are pivked trom the squad. I I'hq- Seniors won the Yolley-ball Champion- ship. I'he winter sport program Consists princi- pally of Basketball. The group pirtured are members of the Basketball squad. Games are played with the Class teams of NVQ-llesley, Nor- wood, Needham, and Framingham. Varsity and 2nd team games are played with VVayland and Norwood. For the first time, a Sophomore team was able to defeat the junior and Senior teams to win the school championship. They were M. j. Neary, Captain, D. Thorseh, and F. La- Voie forwards, E. Bayer, A. Mastrogiaeomo, and G. Duboyce, guards. I'he Ski Club was again active, and eight new members were admitted. They are: Vir- ginia Raider, Paula Boardman, Seniors, and Marjorie Sutherland, Muriel Grillin and Helen Bemis, juniors, also Horatio Heath. Robert Saunders and Robert Bennett. .-Xfter the Basketball season a Ping-Pong and Badminton Tournament is held. In Ping- Pong the Class Champions are: Seniors, Betty Hladiek, juniors. Lois Harrington, and Sopho- mores, Shirley Morgan. In Badminton: Sen- iors, Helene VVignot. juniors, Lois Harrington. and Sophomores, Florence LaVoie. Senior girls who have won over 250 points in the Girls' Athletic League and will receive the Insignia are: Paula Boardman. Virginia Raider. joan Hall, Dorothy Kane, and Helene XVignot. Letters will be awarded to Alice Iloulihan, Ann Kaprillian, Alma Doherty, Betty Hladiek and Geraldine l7eI.ouehiy. THE SASSAMON 21 v HOCKEY Back Row-F. Thorsen, I.. llolph, VV. Nlahartl, IJ, VVinner, If, Greene, R. Marshall. R. Ryan, R. Palmer, Sefionil Row-F, Foley, CI. Morse, F. Nliccile, R l.awson, XV. XVells, bl. Hall, R. Cole, il. Mann. Mr. McManus. First RKJVV-B.l3lPVY!1Cy, ll. Macllonalil, Ll. Felth R. Stenfiuist, LI. Henry, P. McRolygrr, P, Hamilton. HOCKEY 1939-40 The hockey team, the lyest in the history of the school, receive-tl the following congrat- ulations from one of the local papers: "ln the recently eoinpletetl hattle for the championship of the liastern Massachusetts lnterscholastic Hockey League, Natick High School was runner-up to Brookline High, tin- ishing the year with twelve points, compareil ti- fifteen for the NVeaIthytziwnersf' Congratulations are in oriler for the hoys who accomplisheil this noteworthy feat hut more than that . . . this hockey team is com- posetl mainly of an exemplary g'oup of young men: Captain Ralph and his squail of youths of intlomitalwie spirit represcaiieil Natick in a capahle manner on the ice, hut also in gentlemaniy and spo.tsmanlike flshioy. I'heir coach, Charlie lNlclNlanus, is extremely prouil of them as are all who witnessetl their play. Posterity is inileeil safe in the hanils ul: such lails as these, any antl each of whom is a typical clean-living American hoy. lt is the belief of all who are associated with athletics hereahouts that the Class of 19-Ml at Natick High School is a trihute to the par- etit-, teachers anal coaches who have hanilletl them as a remarkahle and outstanding group in every way. May their further success he illstlretl. Natick . . 0 Brookline ., . l Natick . . 3 Brockton .. . 1 Natick Lexington . I Ndlicli Somerville , 5 Natick Iletlhain . 1 Natick Hutlson v ,,. ti Nlllick Nlaltlen . . 1 Nlllifk Brooklillt' . 2 Nrliick YVellesley . I Natick Hutlson . . 1' Natick Deilham . 2 TRACK FOR 1940 Coach Xxlllllllhlllf, like the rest of tht- coaches, has a large squatl with plenty of fight .intl enough stuff to win the lvettet' part of their meets. VVith Captain tlrcutt antl his uncle, Lang- ley to help in the fielrl events the races will he taken care of hy some of the speedy Sopho- inores. Track is probably the only sport that will not have more than half Seniors on the competing squail. lt is hopetl that the lioys will ilo well in larger meets, such as the Bay State League Meet in june. I'he lvoys are in earnest, anil with their new stliis shoultl show their stuff before more people than have ever watcheil a Natick High School track team in action, for ti'ack has gatliercrl quite a following in the last few ycars and is expecteil to tlo even hetter this year. ll THIC t J BASEBALL 1940 lhc ltztxeltztll Nlilxtlll ix ltmkc-tl ftmrwztrtl tu uith :watt tiptimixm lty' all thix year. VVQ' hztvc :t lztrgc xqttn-l til wvll cxpc't'lc'x1c'ctl men hit' Illttxl tit' them nut only plztyetl with the high xvlwttl lztxt xc-Qtr. hut atlxtt pltttefl with one uf the lttc-:tl te-:tmx 'luring the xttmttter. lzttttttttt FL-lrh :mtl lertt Sptllcr strc httltl- me-t'x ul thru- xc-ztxttttx, lt-ith ttf them tnztkintg tht- It-:tm whtlc' Nllll Sttpltttttttttfx. XYhili- Yarn ix l-mlxittg fftt'w:trfl In at great! xvatxtizt tttt tht- mtitttttl. lft-lt-h xllttllltl flu well lmth tltrttuittg them up :mtl tlttwtwtttg Lhvm tttt'. lttlw thttxr tn tht- titltt-t' xpttrtx the tttztjttrtty -tt the mt-tt :tie Settittrx. hm tltrrt- :Ire xeve-rztl ,lttnittrx tttttl Sttpltffttttitrx uh.. xllttllltl get plc-ttty -tl :tr-tttttt, Nut ftttly ix the tr-:tm xttwtttg tl:-ft-ttxivvly. lttzt tltwr gttx- plcttty ttf ltttyx whit will ltf- itt tltt-rr uhm uttt take at gtttttl he-:tlthy rlll :tt the lmll. XX'ltctt tht' lilxl ttttt ix mzttle tw xllttllltl titttl X , , . :tttf'L ttt f'lI'x! pl:11'v in the liztx Stztte I,c-ztgtte. Yqttirk ........ 2 Yu-tlltxtttt .,.. ,,,. l 1" X.ttit'lx . . 9 lleflhztttt .. ll' Ngttit-lg . -l Nt-rwtttttl . , l Yillltlx If Nl1'l'llHtl'1t . T Xgttivk . T Nlilfttttl , ..ll1 ,- Nzttirk Nzttivk Xzttick Natick N'tIit'k Nzttivk N 'ttirk Nzttirk Natick -1 1 .. ..5 .. .. -6 .. ..1 .. U9 .. ..5 ,. ,.7 .. .1 SASSAX Mnt'llmm Vlhtlpule . Ntfrwuutl .. lhlllfttrtl ., Neetlhztm .. lletlhztm .... Fratninghztttt Ylialpttlt' ... l'xl'ZlIlllllQfll1llIt TENNIS FOR 1940 XIV. Vl'hire ztnfl Lillllllilll Nlzthztrtl ext .t-rx gtitttl xcatwn. .Xltlwttgh thete wi 1 ttttmttttttmr xI1ll'. xurh :tx litll l7ztx'tx x ,-ax xcttrx ago, the lc't:tt :tx :t whttlf' x'multl llzlxt' IllllK'll NllI'l'i'N'. lim-vatttxc tit the lztvk ut Il Court the lm ltxtxt- tu k1lIlX rx tfct m mttxt of thett' tenntx CXt'lllll2, 'I'hix tlttt'x utr! tlamp let' xptrtzx tttttl tl thtx rutttttx the-x will um tll their lIlZilK'll6'N. Iihe tcttm will he mafle up emits-lx t-f hen tt lcztvtttg next xeftt"x team weaker' thzttt 11x I 1x wrt' t'ept'cxcItfc-tl Xzttit ,t PICSKI DARADE , ' , 0 ff fl, ' -4 4 W -fawia ffff ' "?1'? UW 1 .5 -If fi I Q ff 5 f w r j -N y U :QA 15 X mf- A .wr SGYE . s f Q ., Q . 6 V 'm 3v '? m FRANK LA. FRED MIKE Ml T lx wA1vN1: I I 3 TRE TCH ' ' A A --V 655 k v L5 , 37 X ' X K TJ? A , 1 X , aw? 0 fl f 4 L X wx Q X . ' , - 5 Q ' - j if wqafzzzfunr , f 2 ' 1 0 X 3- v '- mm N ' f X w wal W I PHIL f J Qs H' UL rg ,Q 6 W 111- i I Q L A af, 1 C,Nny THE SASSAMON 'ff f S gh? NOK "gf QA c Wf f W X X ag Sfuhruf fI3L1f.lL'1'i1IL'g fDffiL'l'1'5 VIHX55 lPI'x1"lf'l'lRS Rllfl Flu' mn Iwlvh, Num'-P1'r'Ni1iclll IHQFPN QYLINUX, Vl'1'c':1Nu rc-1' 51 Mvrmqmnixt, Prwiliellt I,urr:1llwi':11Im'vtte-, St'l'l't'I'lI'X .X l'III,lil ll' .XNXHVIX HHN I- I"lIl1'lN Iwlvx SI'I'l1l'XI'1'ul'XR'll I' I.IHl'1N Iwvlrw l,lK'Ni'il'IlY uw , , . . HLIHI lwrxlv, Xl1't"PN'NI1tIl' I,Iif.slnll1 XIHIIPIIX Iwn llltl .Xmw I"l1'1'- M---wr nu Yl1Y INR I'Xlfll I'IX'If IWIXRIF . x YIHLWU ,XVIIHIJ .XHVII HIXIKHIIIAII khwrlw I'S1u'LV4'x' I,.,1m1m- QXLIIQIIXVUI' Iwwgwh lxlwx lnrhll lwlvll XX Ll l'l'Q'll l..r IIQIUV Kx IIIIIIQI xlQIll.!lWl N11 NIA all-Q' QQu'IH11-mr H.1rlv:11.1 Smith Y C'I'IlUll Splllvr R.aIpl1 5Ii'lllllIiNf W 'I'Il If SASSA NIOX Qllu-as 0Dffirvrs R.-Xl.l'H STl':NQl'l5'l' I'r1'5iJrnf lin elwull 2, 3, 43 Hockey Qfuptatinh 3, 43 Student iuumul ' 41 lzxecutnvc Bmtrtl 4. jOHN FELCII fin' 1'rr,vidrnl lit el all tlktptuntmt Z, 3, 43 Ffmthall 2, 33 Hockey tlem l'uum'iI 41 Executive Bourmi 4. -IUSIQPII CHXSHY Tl'l'l1.YIII'fI' I lfltlll 21 lizuketlwztll .23 Ffmrlvztll 23 lilee' C'lt1l1 4' IXCHIIIXF limtrti 4. I.t JRRAINIC CQXIN 1RlC'I"I'I-1 Sf: rr!rl1'Y1' itat Vinh " Nvni-11' Platt fPrurnptt-rr 41 jtlllift! Pr IH Ixettt-4111110111 C'-umnittffv 33 I'1XCf'llIiXL' Iiuurfl 2. 41 limit 1 r Vuting Z1 Senim- Play Reading Qlnxunittee 4 THE SASSAMON JEAN ALLEN Tennis 3, Girl! Athletic League 25 Hockey 2, 3, 43 iilee Club 2, 3, Student Council lTreasurerl 2, 3, 41 ,lunior Prom Refreshment Committee 31 Sawamon 2, 43 Sanamon Dance Invitation Committee 4, Football Dance Decor- ating Committee 4. Axrzuo ARMxTo Baxeball 21 Football 23 Glee Club 4. Tom' ARM.xT.x Baseball Z, 3, 4, Football CCaptainJ 2, 3, 43 Track 43 Glee Club 43 Orchestra Z, 3, 4: Debating Society 3: Safety Council 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Stage Manager 43 Executive Boarrl 2, 3. llorh Akxoro Student Council Z3 Senior Play 4: Safety Council 2, 43 Vice Prexirlent 23 A. A. Collector 21 Executive Boartl 2, 41 Hockey Bux Com- mittee 33 junior Clan Outing Committee 31 Safety Council Dance Committee 45 Senior Play Reading Committee 4. A'rm1Ro B.xccHiocH1 Baseball 2, 31 Basketball 2, 3, 41 Football 21 Glee Club 4. junomii B uno Rlcu uum Bunn Base-lwilll 2. 3, 41 Fuotlwflll 2, 3, Fooll1illl Dance Checker 3. Ilrxiu' I.. liuuoxi Haxeball 2, 35 liaxketball 2, 3. 41 Football Z, 3, 4, Sturlenl Council 3. 1 . Hutxuto l5I:, lizueball 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, Hockey 42 Football Dance Checker 4. lui.1.i-xmxkx' Bigxx Arcliery 3. Ain.. 'Q-ff! 1.011 'ls i 7 fx 94. 'F' .ngff 'avg' its ,A .P-Qu. we :F-":a':t 'iw 'wll Us -I1 ,gil - Y 4 Fe, tl.: L 'l' ll li S .VX S S .-X Nl UN Ki-xnxrl. lirwrux lftnntlvilll 2. 3, 43 ilivllllla 3. 41 llinvkcy 3, 42 Cilee l'lulv 43 Stuilent l'uuut'il 23 Ski l'lulr 3. 43 Safety fuuuvil 3. lL'olniniwinu4-rl 43 .lun- iur Pruui lKlwr 33 Seuiur lirailuatiuu l'slu-r 3. l':l,lU'l' lirkw num liawlwall 3, 43 liasketlvall 3, 43 lfuutlxall 43 tilt-e flulw 3. 41 lfuutlmall llanee Clieeker 4. .kl,lll'R'l' lirxt-K Bieyele lnkpeetur 4. P.xt1l..x liuutmixx liakketlsall leaptainl 2. 3, li'u-captainl 43 'l'enniN 2, 3, 43 Girl! Athletic League 2, lSeere- taryl 3, ilfrexicleutl 4: Fieltl lluekey 2, 3, -l-3 Ping Pong 2, 3. 43 volley Ball 2, 3, 41 .'Xrel1ery 43 Safety Cuuneil 3, 43 Senior Play Pulwlirfitv l'ummittee 43 A. A. Uullectur 43 -luniur Prom Vsher 33 Secretary to Miss Cur- rier 41 Executive Buartl 33 Sawaiwm Buartl 41 Safety Council Dance Committee 43 D. A. R. Delegate 43 Ski flulw 43 Clerical Awistant tu Mr. XVumllmry 33 Voting Clerk 43 Vuting Regis- trar 3. .'Xl.m1Rr liutfam' Baseball 23 Haxketluall 23 Fuutlwall 23 Bicyvle luspectur 4. Gmumx BuL7RET Bit'-elwilll 2, 33 lfuuflvilll 2. 3, -ll Sllfely C'uuur'il 2. .'Xl.l.laN BRXDFIIRII Bakelwall 2. 43 Basketball 2. 3, 43 Fwutlmll 2. 3. 43 lilee l'lub 43 Stumlent Council 43 Senior Play Ticket Uirnmittee lQ'hairmanJ 43 Safety l'uum'il 33 Bicycle Regiktratiun Registrar 43 lixevutive lioaril 43 Safety l.eeturer 4. Fruxeix liRu,xni,rr ligtelwall 23 Ha-ketlwall 23 Gulf 3. 41 llurkex 23 Ulee flulm 23 Debating Sueiety 31 SIlNN2llllfIll liuarrl 33 SHNNZIHIUII l7aut'e Checker' 23 ,luniur Prfun Clierker 3. Rmsrur lirtrmrs Bghketlvall 23 Murlent l'uunt'il 33 Sava- uiuu 1Finzxm'ial lifliturl 41 Fuutlulll llanve lilieeking Cummittee 4. XVILIIXNI Iiswww Gulf 3. 41 lltwkfy 2, 3, -l-. THR SASSAMON 79 CH.,uz1.m BL'cKl.u' Football 23 Glee Club 2, +5 Executive Com- mittee +3 Bicycle lnxpector 43 Safety Lecturer dt grade school 4. KEN NFTH Built, Luox BLYELI. Bmw xnvriii BURR r, joiix BYRNI-I Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 23 Football 3, -l-2 Hockey 2, 3, 4, Cilee Club 2. jiznm' C.XRDIiI,I.ICCH1U Baaeball 2, Buxketball 2: Football 23 Awernbly Committee -l. Vlcrou CXEXVXNT Bzuebzlll 3, Football -lg Ulee Club 31 llonor Society -l-Q Safety Council 2, -l-. Cmusi' CH.x1.x Baseball 23 Bzuketbztll 2, 3, +1 Football 22 Glee Club 3, 43 Safety Council 2. I.ll.Xlll'l,l. Cuxrutov lXlII.DRlaD CHASE wll .rv'yv-.. 1 3, A W rv 3. ., 'f 'lv-I .Q -. 2 QS ii 3 3 191: A,o f ii.-4 Q- 'BY "f 7 .17 'N' 'hi L 5 fr, 'wx Q Q45 f", J l . 75' 'V' 3 ,- 'g -no-4' -0"' 3' ll'- 'l' ll li S .AX S S A Nl O N lixunxxx fm RCH linwlnnll J, 33 llznxlwllmll 2. 33 lcnnix w, .-- 5 ' ,'l"ll1' 2. 33 lfivlfl llmwkvx' 7 ,hnlx Xllxlmlim ls 1, gf mlm-C'IuI1'l'n-:mm-1 Z, 3. 43 blullf-nt iuunrll 43 5ill1'lX K'1vum'll 2. 3, 43 Svnim' Plzlx flillfl Q , . lilllllllIll'l' 4' N'lNNlllIl1lll limi:-ll 2, 3. 43 llillitur lll-1'lllCll' l lt'l'lK"ll .xNNlNl1llll 43 5IlNN1IlllllIl lin . , . Rl'lI'Q'NllllIl'lll lumlnullcc- .wg llulmr 5UI'If'lY 4. PRINVIII x l'r.xx' lumm' Pmnl lll'lxl'I vmmnillec- 33 Senmr ' '- T3 .."l'i'lIll'Y lu Mr l'lq1x lumix llllllllllllllt v Nu XYl1ilv 43 llaulwtlwznll 33 lilee Club 3. 41 Spf-1 filet' Club 31 lypixl fur SIINNZHIIUII 43 liznlmx mn 33 Ping Pong 3. 4.r4,mu.14, K I.flVF.R lialwlmll 23 lfmvtlmll Z, 33 lllec clulm 'Y lmpc-crm' ull liivyvlex 4. I.mN uw C'mf1'liY lwuvtlmll 23 Truck 2, 3. 41 lmpevtun' liicyvles 43'turer un Safely 4. lfx xxcxs L'ul.l', lizlxelmzlll 21 lixhlxetlulll 2. Rmmk C'nxxx'r lisuelmll Z, 3, 43 llfwkey 2, 3, 4. l,4rl lx Q fvRIHIsII1Rf1 BllNK'lV1lll 2, 33 Trxwk 33 Ffmllvzxll 21 U flulr 3. Xuan xx C'nr'Rxfm-R H11-elvqll 7' lwlnlluilll 2. l'l.lXl, C'm'Rmn l,R film: Clulv Z. NI xxm-,Rx KVUYXI. THF SASSAMON v1 Ev,xxc:1et,1xte Cnosm' Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Framingham Game Program Committee 43 Special Glee Club 3. MARY CUCINOTTA Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Safety Council 3, 43 Secretary to Mr. Matleo 43 Program Committee Framingham Game 43 Special Glee Club 3. NlXRlF Ctrtcxst Glee Club Z, 3. lN1,xRY CUl.VP.RHOUSli Junior Prom Refreshment Committee 3. Ions: Cuwmixm 'I'rar'k 2, 43 BiiNli6llll'lll 3. Leo l7e.'Xs:tgtt,ts Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Executive Committee 2, 33 junior Prom Muait' Committee 3. fil1RXI,lJlNli lJifI,ot:t'nRY liaxketball 2, 3,43 'liennie Z3 Girl! .Mliletie League 2, 3, 43 Fieltl lflovkey 23 Ping Pong 3, 43 Volley Hull 2, 3, 43 iilee Club 2. llXNll-l, l7rMt1o Basketball 2. I',i,t.xxoK INN:-iurr Ulee Club 23 Senior Play 43 Safety Coun- eil Z. Rtrx l7l4VI'Rl'Xl'X liaxeball 2, 3, 43 liaxketbnll Z, 3, 43 Girl! :Xtliletie I,t'il2.L'lIC' Z. lVit'e Prexitlentl 3, 43 'lien- nix 2, 3,43 Fieltl llocltey 2, 3, 43 Cilee Club 23 Student Council 23 Safety Council 3, 43 Dele- gate Stutlent Council Convention 23 Football Refrexlnnent Committee Z, 33 Cheerletnler 33 Volley Bail 2, 3, 43 Ping Pong 2, 3, 43 linflvnin- ton Z, 3, 43 ,-Xrchery 3, 43 Ring Committee 23 Senior Play Czinfly Cotntnittee 43 Snwarnon 2, 3. 'lm YW' .Ain vu.,-,,,,:,. 3 , gt 'fx it 5x4 A 4+-of--nv' KS: -t.. .4 119 we -L F77 .3 Q? 'l' ll li S .X S S A Nl 0 N ,linux Di-vuv lltinui' Society 3, +1 Safety C'unnt'il 2, 4. lfmkx lltxtirkt Q - v -w li1lNlxL'll'Zlll 2, 31 tilt-e llnla 1, J. Ami x limit-'Rh' liztwlmll 2, 3, -lf, liznketlvall 2, 3, +1 'liennis J 43 Girls' Athletic' Lezxgue Z, 3, 41 Field lltwkey 2, 3, +3 Swinnning Tentn 2, 3, 45 llzmeing Instructor 33 Ping Pong 2. 3, 4: Barl- tnintun 23 Yolley lizxll 2. 3, 4: Pep Cknnrnittee J, -l. litaitwxium lmwxm' Hzlxclaull 3, 43 lfmrtlmll 31 llnckey 2, 3, 4, Ytnilent i'uunt'il 4. lNl.nuz,xiu- 1' llmvxiiv liasehztll 2, 3, 43 lizisketluill 2, 33 Tennis 2, a 4 Girl-' Athletic League 2, 3, -li lfieltl Hnekey 33 Ping Pong Z, 3. -lg Ynlley Ball Z, 3, +3 filet- Club 2, 31 Senior Play +1 Secretary m Eli-N llziyex 43 Seeretziry uf Clan Z, 31 Execu- tive Hunrtl 2, 33 Refrexlnnent K'unnnittee for lfuwtlwzill llzinve 33 Sziwainmti 2. 3: Cheerleznler -I-2 Ring Ctnninittee 2. l'.lil.X llnwrk liuwlizill 2. 31 linxketlwrill 2, 3: .'xl'CllEl'j' 2. 33 Tennix 2. 31 Nlzinziger +3 Girl! Athletic' League 2. 31 Fit-ltl lluckey 2. 3, Ping Pong iintun 2. 31 Cilee Club 2. 33 Safety ' " '. 1 fznziinmi -1 Iklier :tt Senior Plziv 4, Vullev Ball 2. 31 f'l1eet'le:1fler 41 Secre- tztri' In xlll-fi2l!'1lllf'l' :intl Nliw Rafferty -lg lI1n'Nelm:it-lt ritling 23 Ski Clnlm 23 Dance Cmn- rnifit-Q Safety C'uunt'il -li Plc-rk :it wiring 2. llukfrrtn' l7RlNL'Ull. Sttttlt't1tC'rn1I1t'il 3, Safety C'uunt'il 21 Senior Play lKl1er -lg l3:1r1t'ir1gC'law C'unnnittee 3. linwuum Dt'mf 'l'r:1t'L 4-. him num DU-1 Y liuxeltnll Z. 3, 41 lizixltetlmull 2. 3, +3 Font- lwull 21 filee flnlr 2. 3, -ll liivyvle lnNpeCtur 41 Stntlent L'unnt'il 2. Muuox Iltwtxs Brixketbull 2: tilee Clnls 2: Senior Play i'antly Vnminittee 4. Ticket Committee 4. THE SASSAMON 33 IRENPQ IJUNBAR l Baseball 23 Basketball 2, 3g Tennis 2, 33 Girls' Athletic League 23 Field Hockey 2, 35 Glee Club 2. LYn1.x EM.fXNLlEI,I,I Basketball 33 Orchestra 21 Safety Council 3- J' 45 5f'UV9Tilfy to Mr. Armenio 4. juzrr F.uu,aY Football Dance Refreshment Committee 22 Executive Boarrl 33 junior Prom Refreshment committee 33 AssE'ITll3ly Committee 4. Loiupxlxe Fi.,xH1eR'ru R.xI.I'u Fromn W Basketball 2, 35 Football 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3g Orchestra 2, 3, 4g junior Prom Orchestra Committee 3. Fruxcis Form' Hof-key 2, 3, lManagerj 4g Football 2, 3, 43 Track 3, 43 Stuilent Council 3 lVice Presi- flentl 4 fPresimlentJg Safety Council lfom- missionerj 2, 3, 43 Football Dance Ticket Com- mitteeg junior Prom Ilsber 33 :Xssenibly Com- mittee 43 Glee Cub 2, 3, 4. Q" Qs RUlZl'R'I' lTls'V'l llonor Society 45 Senior Play l'-7 f' 41 Saesamon 4, Iimixr. Cilkllllili 'T 'iv ICVIZLYN fi,XRD1KI5 Iilrxxok Guzvrv Tennis 45 Ulee Club 2, 31 Senior Plzix' il 'I'Illi S.'XSSfXNlUN -JT E? 45 lin I'l x ti xr Nil ' ' ' .1 t-tx lllllllfll 21 -lnnior Prom Iklwr Kg N't'rt-tzirx lo Nliw V41-lrion 3. NlXKVIURll- tnxxx limketlunll 22 filet- Ulnh 2, 31 .lunior Prom lklltl 3 9tniil'l1xIXliti4 Ni " I - ' fl' 1. " 1 Q: wzinion liogiril J, 3. NVti.'i'i'R tioonwix lre C'l1e-Cker 4. R.t1.i'n Uotin I-'ootlmll 2. 3. l.-Xwistzint Mzinzlgerj 43 llockey 33 Bzuelmll 2. 3, 4. lixxnr lik tram' Bzixketlwzill Z, 33 Bznelwzill Z, 3, 4: Student Vouncil 51 Iixecutive C'oininittee 2, 43 Honor 5ut'it'Iy' -lf. NI tm' CQRU-voao tilce Club 21 Stuilent Council fSeCre- tzii-yi 2: Honor Society CSecret:tryl 3, -lg 51llVt'lf Cfllllll'Il 3, +1 Set'l'eIary to Mr. Scars 4-. Yixcrxi' tikrvifow 'l'r:u'k 2. 3. +1 Senior Play +3 junior Prom il'irl-ict Cliininittee 31 Cilee Club 3. 4. -Ixxi tirkxm' Safety C'onnt'il 43 Senior Play Vzintly Forn- niittee- 3: junior Proni Vonnnittee 3. jofm-n Ilnmxn Hgixq-liglll 41 H2lNliCIl5llll 3. I-.ilxox IIn.i, Senior Play Vxher 4. THE SASSAMON joxx H.XI.L Baseball 2, +3 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Tennis 2, 3, +3 Girl! Athletic League 2, 3, 4, Field Hockey Z, 3, Manager 4, Archery 3. jonx H,XI.I. Football 2, +1 Tennis -lg Hockey 4-Q Sassa- mon Board lSportN Editorl +3 Safety Council -lg Senior Play Publicity Committee -lr. luxe Hniltyrox Student Council 3, -ll lloftol' Society -l-1 Sawamon tifhwiwtant Art Editorj +1 Award of Merit by Latham Foundation 33 Spring Feati- val Decoration Committee 33 Chairman Football Dance Decoration Committee 3, -I-1 Chairman junior Prom Decoration Committee 31 Chair- man Sawamon Dance Decoration Committee 3. +3 Senior Play Publicity Committee -L. PHILIP H.xMu,ToN Hockey 2, 3, 4-. jonx l'l.XRl'liR Baseball 3, +3 Basketball lfksixtant Man- agerl 33 Football 3, 41 Safety Council 3, 43 Football Dance Decorations Committee 3, 43 Sassamon 4. ARL!-xii H,XRRINfi'I'lJN - w Cflee Club 2. 3. ll xziti, ll xzuzn Hoiztrio Iltsrvrrt Tenniy 3. 4: Ski Club 4. joswu lliewru' Baseball 2, 53 Football 2, 3g tiolf 2, 3, -lg Hockey 2, 3, 41 Glee Club 2, 3, Senior Play Ticket Committee 4. I IZIHYXRIJ Htotrixs -34? ,J-'FMA ,.-up 9, Q, 4--5, ww , -v N W1 'l'll li SASSN MUN Q ll'-1 4 l Y GQQQ i G' v-4' I 1 if 1 ,AL -a up via I1 and fi 4 lil-l'l'l lll Xlllili lin-kclllxlll 3, 4 rlki-1-slptzlill 41 Girl! Ixlll lvlim' l,f'glg.1llv 3, 41 lfivlnl llul-key 31 Vullc-y llzlll 4, 41 lQl1lllIlllll Sl l'illg Pllllg 3, 41 Pep Gull! lulllcc' 1, 4 fl ll:lll'lll:lll 4l clN't'I'lt"1llll'l' 41 Svlllur , ,Q ' l,, . , . l'l.lx llNllll 4. l,Xl'l'lllIX1' lgllilfll J. 1, 54'l'l'i'lIll'X lu Nllw lxl'llN 4, .Xllrll lllll'l.lllXN llzlwlnlll 3, 41 limlxcllulll 2, 3, 41 'll-llllix 2 11 .Xl'l'lll'l'X 3, 41 Girl! .Xtl1lc'Iil' l.1':lgllc' 2, 3, 4 5XN'lllIlIllllg 3. 41 lficlll lllwl4e-y 2. 3, 41 Vulll-3 -. 4 , - l4.lll J, a, 4, lixlilllllgvl' 4+ Plllg Puug 3, 4 film' filllll 2, 31 St'l'l'l'lill'y lu Mr. lliggillx 3 xi'l'l'l'lIllf' lu Miw K'lllll'l'll 41 Szlwzllllull 3. 4 4 . 1 . . . . 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Athletic League 2, 3, 41 Fielll lluckex Z, 3, 41 Cilee Club 2, 31 Ufi'hC'lfZl 32 Sauzllllun Danve refrexhlnenr culnlnittee 22 Clef- ical Awixtzlnt tu Mi-s xxvllflhlll' 41 Swing Bllllfl Z3 Valley Ball 2, 3, 4. THE Si-XSSAMON 37 Ricnxnn Kiix Num' Baxehnll 2. 43 Fmirhall +. Runiiwr Klux' Bzixelwzxll 23 Ffmrlwull 2. .' 'V' .Xxx KI.HNH-.I,lJF,R Bgpketluill 2, 31 Girl! .Xlhletiv League 2, 31 Field llnckey 2, 33 SZINNHIIIUD Buzirfl 33 Suwa- innn Dance Cniiiiiimee 33 Awe-iiilwly L'mnnimec +3 Yullev liaill 2, 31 Baillmintwn 2, 31 Ping Pung Z. 33 QX. Collector 23 SZINNZIIHUH lluex Cul- lecmr 33 iilee Club 2, 5, , , Pg if in Q' Rrnmuri' KNHXYl,'I'flN . 40' Cilee Club 2, 3, -lg Urclie-tra 2. 31 llehziting Suciety 21 Stumlent L'unm:il 2, 41 llunul' Society 3, 41 Senior Play -I-3 Safety Cmiiicil 2, 35 Ring, Cuininittee Z: Sziwziinnn lBllNlIlt'NN ixlllllilgt'l', -lg Claw Prexirlent 23 lixecutive Bnzliwl Z3 Ikhcr at Grznlnzltiun 33 Bzinil 21 Spnrtx llniivc- lleuir- gl! ating Cuiniiiitte-e 3. linux Ixfwv Stnilenr l'uum'il 31 junior Prom Vxher 3' Senior Plzu' Vxher lfliairinanl 4-3 Sziwaimvii FR xxci-N Kkrmxi Ruimci' I,xxf, Fwrvtlizlll 4-3 'lirzick 2, 3, -lg Orchestra 2. 3, 41 Debating Sucierx' 3: Senior Plan' lStugc 5. W N Property L'minnittec-J +5 SZINNIIIIIUH Bugiril J 43 Hzxnrl 2, 33 Clerk 23 Regixtrnr 4. XV xkkrx Lxxm rfx' Hzixketlmll 2, 3, lfnptainl +1 Fmnliall 1. 3, -lg iilee Vlnlm 43 lixevntive Cmniiiittee 4. 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Rim M xcl'HHuux lfimtlwull 2, 3, 43 Gulf 4. l'YN'1'Hlx INI.m.xRn nnix 2, 3, 43 Student C'uunril 2. 33 Exe- mutive Hum-fl 43 Ski Ululv lM:inzige-rj 43 Iluiwe- riiling 43 .'Xrc'hery 3. Wxryrrk Mxnxnn lennix 2, 3, 4. .Xl'f,Lwi'ixF M xwnixu lin-shall 23 Ffmtlmall 33 'I'rzu'k 3. 43 Liles .., 3 .zifety Cffuricil 2, 43 Sa--amun :irfl 4. .Imax Mxxx Haselmll 3. 43 llwckc-y 3. 4. THE SASSAMON 41 ln.x lblCC.'ll3E Bzuketball 33 Senior Play Cyber 43 Execu- tive Bonril 4. jus NlCC,XR'l'Y Ulee Club 2, 33 Stutlent Council 33 Senior Play 43 Safety Council 33 Senior Play 43 Safety Council 2, 3, 43 Executive Board 23 Sassamon Boaril 23 French Club 33 Archery 33 Sawamon Dance Decorating Committee 3. 43 Football Dance Decorating Committee 2, 3, 43 junior Prom Decorating Committee 33 Pep Committee 4. Ricn um Mcli XNll1L Baxeball 2, 33 Baxketball 2, 3, 43 Football 23 'I rack lblanagerj 33 lirailuation Vxher 35 junior Prom Checker 3. Nl.XRl.XN Mcllxrn Girl! .-Xthlelic League 23 Qilee Club 2, 3. PERRY lblCRUl3liR'l' Baxeball 2, 43 Football 43 Tennix 3, 43 Hockey 3, 43 Urcbextra 2. loxxzio Mifo liaxeball 3, 43 Urcbextra 2, 33 Swing Banil 3. jonx Moxrf.nMF.u' 'liennix 3, 43 Ulee Club .23 Debating Society 23 Senior Play Vsher 43 Sawamon Boartl 4. lxlICH xii. Moiuzis Fmlllllill 3, -l. Liroktzr Nloizsii Football 43 'I'enniN 3, 43 Hockey 43 Safety Council 43 junior Prom Ikher 33 Claw l51.j.' llxher 33 Graduation lXlier 3. Cl-l.XRl,l'S lxlUl.l.l'.N 4" 'l'IIl' eww MU- .3 f. .f . . .XNION jmrvxa Mrxvm' Slumlent l'uum'll l,l'l'l'ZlNllI'Cl'l 25 Claw ,l.l'C'2lNlll'C'l' 2. XX'x1.'r11R lXllYS5lDNI Gulf 41 l'2xec'utivc i'mnmittce 33 llnllul Suvlely 4. lilx x Nr-'Lsux llunur Suviety 43 Scvretary to Miss lliltsey 4. llriuix Nlimrmx Glen' l'lul12. 3. XVXIJIRHN NlzXVlH.l,l, Gulf 43 Urchextrax 23 :Xwernlmly Ffnnnlittee 4 Iirwxcr- Nu Krkmx lixuketlvzlll 11 lnrlx .Xtllletlr I.e1l3jue 2. lxxlx Nfwlm Nc-vretzxry tu Nliw Sllllllllll 43 Senior Play 'l'ic'Lcl lhrlulrlillee' 4: Glue flulw 2. 3. RVTH fI'Q'rnXNl 1.1 . , . bl:-e ilulw lv ni 5ZlNN1lIll'lll liunrfl 4. linux um iJ'C'ux'4u:z Vxru, HRc'L"rr lk. ' l'l:ukeIlv:1ll Z, 3. 43 lffmtlmll 2. 3, 4g 'l'x':1rk 3 iles Clulm 4' Sc-n'u lixe' THE SASSAMON 1,1 EvA PARENT Baseball 23 Basketball 23 Field Hockey 2. :XMIE PARKER Baseball 2, 33 Basketball 2, 33 Volley Ball 2, 33 Tennis 2, 33 Girls' Athletic League 2. 33 Badminton 2, 33 Swimming 2, 33 Glee Club Z, 33 Student Council, Secretary 43 Honor Society 43 Senior Play 43 Executive Board 33 Clerical Assistant to Mr. VVoodbury 43 Assis- tant Clerical Assistant to Mr. Plause 33 Chair- man of invitation committee for Football Dance 43 Cheerleader 3, 43 Committee for Stratford Game 43 Decoration committee for Sassamon, football and Spring Festival dances 43 Ski Club 33 Delegate to Eastern Division Student Coun- cil Convention 4. ARTHUR PARKER Basketball 33 Glee Club 43 Honor Society lVice President! 43 Student Council 33 Safety Council 2. ROBERT PAUL Baseball 3, 43 Football 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 3. BEVERLY PEPPERTT Basketball 2, 3. PAUL PETER5oN Baseball 43 Football Z, 3. 43 Glee Club 4. Asian PEZZA tilee Club 2. L. A. PHARRIS Baseball lblanagerl 3. 43 Basketball lblan- agerl 43 Football 3, 43 Glee Club KSecretaryl 43 Orchestra 3, 43 Student Council lVice Presi- dentl 3. 41 Safety Council 43 Vice President of Class 33 Vice President of Associated Body of Student Councils 43 Executive Board 33 Honor Society -lr. V1Rt:1NiA Pixho Basketball 23 Tennis 33 Girls' Athletic League 2, 3. Evx Plxo Basketball 23 Tennis 2. 'l'lll'I SASSAMON Uiuuiw Piufsco'r'r liuseball 3, 4: Basketball 3, Golf 3, 4. PHILIP Qtf.x'l'R,u.E ll1lS9llZlll 2, 3. 43 Football 3. 41 Track 31 Football Dance Committee 43 Glee Club 2. Vnusixu R.-xinnn Basketball 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic League l'I'reasurerJ 2, 3, 41 Tennis 2, 3, -lg Field llockey 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 23 Student Council 23 Safety Council 2, 3, CCommissionerl 43 Bad- minton 2, 3, 43 Volley Ball 2, 3, 43 junior Prom Csher 33 Senior Play Candy Committee 45 Ski Club 3, 4: Archery 2, 3, 4. NoRM.xN R.xNnA1.L Track 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA R,-xND.xt.L liruketbzlll 23 Glee Club 2, 3. fiER.'kl.DlNE Rigmu Secretary to Mr. Plnusse 41 Honor Society 4. Fl.oRuNcr1 ROBl'1R'I'SON Ulu- Club 2, 3, -Lg Sgtwarnon li:-ard 3, 41 Senior Play Candy Committee 41 Saasamon llzince Refreshment Committee 3. 4. Muuox Romemsox Cilee Club 2. 3. 41 Orchestra 2, 3, 41 As- xembly Committee 41 Senior Play Ticket Com- mittee 4, Secretary to Mr. May 4: Sawamon Hoarfl 41 Assistant Registrar for Voting 2. Euwxxox Rossi Basketball 2, Field Hockey 2. Gtoxixx Nl Rossi THE S.-XSS.-XMON 43 Dox.xl.D S1.oPER Baxeball 23 Hockey 4. B.xRn.xR,x SMITH Baseball 2, 31 Baxketball 2, 31 Tennis 2: Girls' Athletic League 2. 32 Hockey 2 fCaptainl 33 Glee Club 2, 31 Senior Play u-ber 41 Execu- tive Committee 2, 43 Assistant Regixtrar for Voting 3: Stutlent Council 2. EVELYN SMITH Vlikxox SPlI.1.ER Baseball 2. 3, 43 Executive Committee 4. lJORlI'I'l'Ili.X Swxxsox Clerical Asxixtant to Mr. Maile-og Sawza- mon Board 2, 43 Honor Society 4. lbllRI.XM 'IKXYIXJR Glee Club 2. 31 Student Council 2, 3g Senior Play Candy Committee 41 Sawamon 43 llonor Society 4. Fklin 'IilIllRml:N Baxeball 23 Baxketball 21 Football 2. 3, 41 Golf 3, 43 Hockey 2, 3, 43 iilee Club l'l'reaN- urerl 43 Senior Play ticket committee 4. Ciliwkfili rlillilllrkl' E112 xlsrfru 'l'kL'I,l,1 Cilee Club 2, 3. 41 Savarnon 2. 3. Enwxko 'I'x'1,r1R Senior Play ilecorution committee 4. Pr 36 :KOH 11 1111" SXSQNXIOY - ".-vp. RQ, . ,I Av x. -35 4362 kata 1 -151 4465 'av s .-'19 1505 I 'Qo- :Q ' 1 Ag' 'Q' Cin ,og .0 -xr-A . 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 1.1111 X 1111. 111111-114111 3. 1N11lIl1lj11'l'1 41 S1'll1ll1' Play S1'1'Il- 011' 1'11111111111z'c- 43 -1llll1lll' 1'1'11111 1,1l1111l'11j' 1'11111- 1111111-11 .21 1,l'1'1'l1'Nl1'1l 3, 41 SI1ll11'lI1 1'1111111'il 2. 511111 Yx1,1.12 1,l'1'1l1'Nll'Il 3. 41 1':X1'1'll11Yt' 1'11111111i11ee 3. P11Y1.I.1S X'1x111'R M1-.1-.R 15166 1'111112. 3. 1Vi1'c' Pl'1'N1l1t'IlI1 43 11111108- 1111 43 .'1NN1NIllll1 SQ'1'l't'11ll'j' 111 Mr. May 41 SeC1'6- tary 111 M111 Mnwry 43 5111111111011 23 1'.l'IHT11Ilg- 1lZllll 15111110 P1'11g1':11n 1'11111111i11ee 4. Dux 11.11111 11.11013 151116111111 4. I,111v1i1i XX 11511 Ulcc 1111111 2, 31 Seniur Play 'l'i1'kc1 1'11111- 111111ec- 41 5e1'1'e1:1r.x 111 Nliw Nllll 4. v 1 XX11.1.11!11 XX1-1,11 15.1114111111 23 F1111111:111 2, 3. 43 1111ckev 3. 41 1i1ee 1'11111 2, 3. 43 1l1'1'11es11':1 2. 3. 43 lielwuting 5111-1013 23 Safety 1'11u11ci1 2: jacket Dance V111-1-1111111 1'11111111i11re 41 9111 1'111l1 J. 3.4. V1111.1w11 XVIIITNKIK HIM' 1111111 3. k11l11N XV11111 111111 3. -43 S-111111-111 1'1111111'11 3. 41 111111111 S111'1e11 41 5Cll1IPI' P1111 42 P1'1'x111e111 1fz1Ntc1'11 . - . 1 ., X111-N. 5111116111 1lllIll1'I1 41 1'1-11 1111111111111'1- 3. 41 1'l11A1'1'1c:1111-1' 41 1'1:1M 1,1'1'S1111'll1 3. R1l111R1v XY1111x11' 1111-r 1111111 .23 N1ll11C1l1 1'1111111'i1 31 Senior 111:11 41 Safely 1'1111111'i1 .21 1'1xe1'11111'e 114l2ll'11 22 1i1':11111:1111111 1 N1l1"l' 31 111-'1'1r klI1'l1'11' 4. 111.11X1 X111.X1I1' 1 1111'1' 1111111 2. 33 13:1Nf-111111 2. 41 1511161111111 2. 3. 43 11111161 111111 2. 31 1716111 111101101 Z. 3. 1131111111111 43 111114 .X1h1e1i1' 1,1-:1g11e 2 3, 42 ,14t'Illl1N 21 SXY1IIlIIl11lLf 2. 3. 43 .XI'1'1l1'I'j' 3: 56111111 1'1:1v 1.311114 1'11111111iv1ee 4: 1ixe1'1111ve 151111111 2. 3: 1711111111111 1,Zl1l1'6' Refrf:111111e111 1'11m111i11ee 4: Ping Pong 2. 3. 41 Se1'rf'1:111 111 Nlix- 1'z1-hi1111 43 1111111111 1'1111111'i1 4. THE SASSAMON NIILDRED VVtxx Glee Club 2, 3. TEDDH' XVYBLRC Baseball 2. 3, -lg Basketball 23 Football Z, 3, 4. EDWARD ZU1.1.o Track 43 Orchestra 3, -l-3 Band 2. 33 Execu- tive Board Zg Spring Festival decoration com- mittee 33 Class Treasurer 33 Sassamon Dance committee 35 Pep Committee -lg Reception decor- ation committee 4. REMEMBER ' ' A ' 4 CONCLUSION, E E . E E A 5 f 5 jf E -I ' SK gk .. ., wr-"f+"r,f-. - Q., . , 'E xv -.. ' - X E Q Wo " u EE4 M V , Q Q L- V ff . . - f xv., E ,I V J' .J V l ' riff Y X 'THE Ancwwwous rouk ,J E , - Q , 1 E E E.E, f -'IAN 'rRmNuN o xi M ffflf ' E E 533 fy. H L s W 1 HOPE E Q55 .LMP E ,.om,,0E E 'E ' ' f E -Q'ITEnm'f?cK 'E Z ' , Q. , X V gnu M M DREAM ffgiailgo ,I I ,W u E 9 455 N fvr 1' I 3 - L E"E f. Q -.' Q S K if .,,' Zi L 4 'L fx- BRCK lN190awQ, Y F M' qw, E . ' ,f f ,' ' , ,, g E ---"-1 gm, Lf' J f 1 fly X E -. Q6 DA. - - W3 M53 5 32 j,"1PfC- .O , :I 'E f t xV'RG'NlA ' fijh - ijm E ' , ff 'ga ,ff ff!-f E fx Q! ffl T305 E E In A ' vgiiliyce wgyq fh 3 FN if 1 4? 'L' ' f .7-fi ' '6, N T253 1 Y E E "PL f X 4. X Rx P I9 4 ax - w i .,., A - JAX XX , fx S 'sassnmows ouva 3 M ANGLEYE s THE SASSA MON 47 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Back Row-E. Lowe, A. Parker, VV. Mussoni, V. Vasavant, R. VVhitney, R. Frye, R. Knowlton. Second Row-L. A. Pharris, J. Devlin, J. Lentini, Iyliss Young, E. Nelson, A. Bradford, j. VVhite. First Row-G. Regan, D. Swanson, M. Taylor, -I. Allen, A. Parker, J. Hamilton, B. Church, M. Urupposo. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The officers of the Natick Chapter of the National Honor Society are: President .... , .............,. Edward Lowe Vice President ..., Arthur Parker Secretary ...,.....,..,,,.. Mary iirupposo Un April 12 the graduate assembly was sponsored by the Honor Society. Four honor graduates were the guest speakers: Mr. Dana Hastings, '36 a student at Boston Vniversityg Mr. Robert Fish, '39 studying at Boston l'ni- versity Evening School, Mr. Domenic Dillin- como, '38 graduate of the Massachusetts Nau- tical School, Miss Cynthia Leland, '39 ll fresh- man at VVeIlesIey College. Also in April, the Honor Society gave ll Sunset Dance with entertainment by Leo De- Angelis' orchestra. I'he fourth Induction Ceremony was held on May fourteenth in the evening. john Devlin, Robert Knowlton, Arthur Parker, and Mary iirupposo gave interpretations on Scholarship, Leadership, -Character, and Service, upon which membership in the Honor Society is based. Mr. Hill presented certiticates of membership at this time. ln june the members of the Honor Society were entertained at a luncheon given by the Rotary Club. Robert Knowlton explained to the Sopho- mores the basis for election and the procedure in selecting the members of the Society, and the activities of its members. lx lllli SAXSSA NION . t .f. " ' ff If .4 4 SIQYIUR l'I XX' KQXIVI' lim-lt Rim Eli. lliggizix. .X. l,1lt'lxt'7'. V. xli'ttppuxti, R. lilimvltwtl. lf. lhxuf, Y, i':tx.tx:1nt. lf. lhtklwitt R. Wliitiit--., , li.xt lTtm l, Nltilrtx. l,, ,'.. Phzttiix. l.. C':itltr1'eIlc', lltipt' .Xt'tivultl, Nl. lhitxtiq, LI. 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VK'tmtl plzitvtl lay l'.lt':ttttvr' llrttie-ti'1t. :ttitl het' htixhzilitl. llti lhfmtl. trlxtxwl hy Rwlwrt Ktmwltwll nrt' ,tlatittitig at jtllltf fmt' hm' tit-phvw, ii, Xlrrxytl Rftl-vttx, I-lay:-tl hy -ltthtt XYhite. uhm ix hringitig .t xc-titwt' lttiim- with him ftvitit twwllgge. lltigsi' Y.tti Ylwlt, plslxwl hy l,. .X. Phzirrix. ix tlixf titivtly xaittxlit-fl u,th hitnxull :intl :ix he ex- lirqxxqx ii, ix "gi mm with the' vuiileiif' Ifmiii thc Httvtltvlll he zirrtvex att thc hvtltillix littllte. the lun lTt'j.fl'lx. little, thc mztitl, plziyctl hy .Xiniv VJll'lxt'l :intl lilmci' il'tittlc', plztyc-tl hx' Ruhett XYhittic-x :tic vwtixtzititly :t NUlll'l't' tif illllluyillttf' tw fXlvi'vyti, :intl Milly Lint. the pcxt of the twi,L5lilmi'lifititl. plztyetl hi .Kim Klcinfcltlcr cztuxvx xi git-:it tlczil uf fun. -ltiliv. plziyctl hx' lxl2lI'j.lllI't'l lhiwiiry, Ztltllftxt cztuxcx at tilt in the frientlxhip tit Rttgvt :intl Nlervyti xsltvti xhc xiipetwc-tlex Pr-mix in the ztllcctitriix til' Ruger. Hy the Cll'l ttf the thirfl 1tt't :ill lurnx nut well :intl Penm hzix flevitletl life ix nut tiuitr xii vlitrlx :intl flire. 5llIlIlttl'llI1,2'f pairtx were ,ilziyetl hy -lvxiti Nltfxtitty :intl Victor fzixzivztttt :ix Shirley' :intl Ralph VVeiituttrIli, frientlx til' Nlc-twin. Yint'e'nt Kitiippoxw. :ix Mr. ll:ii'rix wztx Gxcellettt. lhe rztxt :intl flit't-vtfti' Intl! in tnxiny lung liwurx .tn the pmtliictinti hut mir play vertrtittly juxtilivfl the f-lffrrt, I.lH'l'!llllt' fiIl1lHI'6'fIi' Wilx the wlfirizil pmiiiptet' unfl wflx Iltttxl efficient. 'TH fi SASSA lXfI ON 49 1, awww ,yi S.-XFETY PATRUI, Back Row-P. Lane, R. Nelxon, T. Morrix. K. lllig, nl. Hall, G. Morxe, j. llarper, ,-X. Mandino, G. Martin, V. Caxavant, I.. .-X. Pharrix. T. Armato. Third Row-Mr. lligginx, T. Spiro, V. Ramxdell, li. Huwev, M. Cucinotta, li. Murphy, M. Harding, McCarty, U. Vvoml, R. lievereaux, B. Hook, P. Boardman, F. Foley. Second Row--F. Urawey, R. Fair, ll. XYalxh, -I. Gurney, E. Lowe, M. Powerx, V. Raider, Y. Dahlgren, Nl. liruppoxo, li. Draper, ll. Arnold, R. Beale. Firxt Row-Owen Fraser, nl. Cullwertxon, L. Emanuelli. E. Caxavant, IZ. llaxtingx, I.. llarring- ton. ll. Bernie, H. Fhurch, F. Alacluon. Thix year we have taken charge of all pawing in the corridors and the xeating at .Xuernhlyp XVI? have erected traffic signx in The Safety Council ix compoxed of two each corridor which have aided in controlling divixions - Senior Patrol, conxixting of mem- hers of the graduating claw and the junior Patrol. made up of memlwer- of the junior claw. .-Xt present there are nearly fifty memhers. The Council is governed hy a group of Commix- xionerw, five in numlwer, who are Nelected he- cau-e of excellence in performance of duties as a Patroller. Meetinge are held each Monday afternoon. and at that time warrantx are brought in and verdict- rendered hy convent of the entire Coun- cil. This method Neems more sativfactorv than the former "trial method" and was adopted by unanimous vote of the Safety Council. traffic. NVe are deeply grateful to Miw Ratxey and the memherx of the .Xrt claw for the awix- tance given hy them. New badges were adopted thia year and now a Conuniwioner is recognized lw hix hlue and gold badge, while a Patroller wears the cuxtomarv red and hlue tyinluol of office. Plans are underway for a minor reorgan- ization of the Council in the hope that next year our work will he more efficient. The co-oper- ation of all xtudenu has been appreciated, and we hope for a continuance in the future. Nlr. Higginx ix the faculty advixer for the Safety Council. I Z H IIII'. h.iXN5fXXIUN 1. 5 I'l'I5IiX'I' i'tll'Xl'II, I"'it'L Rim Ii. D't'Il!lllxt Ip. II vnniln. 5. Ngttlivnx. R. Rzitiliztrl. I I'elch. .X. lIi'zitItni'tI, -I. YVhitc I.. .X I'Ii.ii't'iN, II. NYM-t cl, .X. I'ltIis4tt'tIx, - I 4 i 1 ' ' " x' - - ' Ihirwt Iv-v NIiw Ivittc ty. Ii, 5Il'II'lllINI, Al. ItitI:i:ti, .X. Ittic-xiii. Ii. ihtirch, I. Che-nclte. IL. Ilztxt trip. II. Wigntit. QI. II:iini.tin. IS. Ilcti-iiifire. X. Qthitrzilc. N n'f-1 intl R-in-f-K. IiiitiuIttiti, ii. Nlzirlin, I". Iftilex If. Klntpliy, .X. I,2II'Ii?I'. XV. I5tiyIe, I7. PEILIIIU If. lit"i-wv. Iiixt Rim' VI, .XII4-ii. N. Iiiftiter. II. liillcitztn. II. Znrtihqi. 'If Spiiti, -I. Penta-X. THE "Pep l.IIIlIIIlIIIC'l"', t'IIIt'II1IIIlL'4I the Stt'11tftii'rI , Z, i'tiiitict'tit'tit hztxketliztll plztyciw when they cznnc Ihr Httiih-nt C'titint'iI ix tht- getivrztl gtwcrti- IWW "II I'If'I"'U5I'iP 9- ILM"- ing I-t-tlx tit wh fvfw I tit-tixitie-N in Nzttirk High I'he titfiverx tif the Sttitient C'tiiinc'iI :irc the Nvh t-tt I. Il ix twnttigiti-c-iI tit thirty-xix Illl'lIlIlt'l'N. f"H"IIIIII17 i Iiiix :intl girl ti'--in 4-4tt'h htitnt- iwitiiii. thc' P'eNI'If'm 4 '- I't"5"'k FUIU I'twitIt'ntN tif t-tit-h t'I:tw :init tht' etiittit'-ill-t'Itit-I YI"f"P"f'NI'IfII' -I '- XVIIIIHIII H0516 H1 HU, N1.h,,,,l I,4l,,t.,.l Sat,-rt-tgit'y .. ...,, Annie Parke I'h4' t'titint'iI 4-lttIc'z1x-in In piwiiiititt' :III ttt'tIxi4 ,I-"f'5'N"Iif"' -4t- - -- 44-"' IiII'5'I'f'Ih MU"I'hI 'im mm Ml. ful. the Iivxt i,m,,At.,,N uf the whlml' Fminr tif the :it-tixitiw tit' the C'nunt'iI this Ihti t'tiiint'iI ntit tinlx h:intIIcN tnzinx iiitiIiIf'nix I"5"' I""II"If"I3 uithin tht- Nth tifi I, Init it ix LIINH at tnenilit-r tit I'3Iff"i"""f51N11"""1 litlllf-I he' Ilgixtt-iii Ilivisititi tif the .XNstit'IIIIt'4I Ifmfiy tit 5f'If"iII"I' "I 4ihf'f"'If'3'If"'N Nttifie-nt i'tititit'iIN. Ihr' tatII I1If'6'IIIlg fit the 5I"'U"tl'Illp1:1 Pep iliniinittee l,f,,,t.,-H 1yixi,3,,H uf ,hp .x,,,,,iHu,,1 Hmgy ,,f Iintertziining 5ti'zitttirtI Playeiw Sttitie-nt llititirilx um heItI fin Ilcveiiiliei' 2. 1959 E"'f't3I"I'IPf UIIIU' l1"I'm'IIN .it the C' titi IitIgt- ilnnitii' High Svhtitil, NIt'tiiIiet'X 5I"'UN"I'I"Ii the I:""II'4'II Diinff' tiwiiii tint' Klititivil :tttrtith-+I twti tithe-i' vtitixenf XIWIIIIKX Iwrf' hfm WHIIIUVIY UH ilihui-NtI:iy twnx fine :it Iixerett :intl the tither git I"ittIiIiiii'g. 5" 21", MUNI I'V"fII1lI1If' llnfi IIIICVCNIIYII-K NW ,uwtcm L-,,' uhh the help ,,f ,he tichzitrx ttitik tilzivc- III thevf tncetingx. 'lllli SASSA M ON il . i ik' L... Mi ORCHESTRA Back Row-R. Balcom, R. Lang, I.. A. Pharris, 'I'. Casey. R. llall, 'l'. .'Xrtnato. Second Row-R. Florio, ll. VVostrel, P. Dedrick-ion, Nl. Robertson, P. Vander Meer, Nl. Powers D. Pelullo, E. Zullo, Mr. May, First Row-S. Valle, B. Densmore, A. Kaprielian, l.. 'l'rulli, U. Urupposo, S. Valle, I.. Ricardo .X supper at the Methodist Chureh The orchestra this year was under the di- rection of Mr. May. There were almout 25 people that joined and prepared to do a great deal of work. Very simple pieces were played at lirst in order to get the members used to Mr. Macs direction. After the first two or three rehearsals we he-gan to play pieces that were more ditlieult. Rehearsals were held three times a week. one on Tuesday, on school time, one on Thurs- day after sehool, and the third a combination of the high school and junior high orchestras. ln combining the two orchestras it was Mr. May! purpose to organile a hetter orchestra ohtaining from junior high the qualities that the high sfhrml ldflied. Several appearances were made hy the orchestra among which were: Catholic XVoman's Cluh Play be Yovernlwer 24. lligh School ghssemlvly nior lligh Play, .Xpril 12, I9-Ml l..lCll vear the orchestra is handicapped hy graduation, hut it ix hoped hy all that the oichest ra will 'l'h e demonstration given hy the orchestra at the Xl well received lw an enthusiastic audience. continue to grow steadily. . usic Festival on May 9 and IH was .X group ol plav in an ensenilmle at lllllss llav and Grad- uatit Th ey are Tony .Xrmato Marion Rolwertson Ralph Florio Leo Valle Rohert Lang Phyllis Vander Meer I.. .-X. Pharris Edward Zullo seniors from the orchestra will gi 'I' II Ii S A S S :X XI U N -.I GIRLS' UI I'I' CI l'Ii 4 4 Ilark Rtiw--P, Clay, II, Sweet, ii. iiilhett, P. I"ait'hattka, IC. Q'axax'attt, QI. Martin, Rntlney May, .QQWK-I,,,-3 P, Klenttew. IQ. K't'tiNIw, R, Nlatlty, S, Nlnrgatt, INIetf. S. Kihner. Nw-tiiI Rtiw -- Ia. I'rttIIi, N. Iltwte, NI. Phare, P. Yatttier fNIeer, NI. R-ihertwn, M. Regan. C. Qiarxey, .X. NIrC'atty, Nl, Caxet, II. tiilleran. IC. Ilttwey, -I. Pierce, I.. Blatteharil. R. IMKUIIN. IhiriI Riiw--U. Iiertx. NI. Vtttttttiittgx, I". Rnhertwtt, C. Raftert, P. jxtcltmti, II. Zarttlia. R. Smith, I- -1- - ' II. NIt'IIntiaIiI, II. Crtxatnltt, NI. Iagnrt I5 XVIIIPIIVI, II. lileawn. NI. Leaen. I-'.,,,,,t, Run lg, X11-Ln, Nl. X'k'f-gk, II, Nittttmt, U. XVnmI, Ii. Staey, F. C'ic'eareIIi, II. Ilnllittgwnrth, Klart lireene. Ii. i'Iititt'It, NI. C'ttt'inntta, Q' Neale, R. Satttntat'tann. CLUB Ifir the 'I'It:tttI4-i,5ivittg gatne aniI wax -pnnwt'etI Ihe tiitl! t,Iee i'InIi 1tIQ,'llIII!f'tI thix year IIIIIIIII' the iIi1't't'tiutt tif XII: NIay. .Xlmttt Sli tgirlx VIIIIIICII anti the fnIInw'itig nffieers were t'Iet'tevI. Preei-Ient .. .,, . NIarinn fttttttttingx Yive Prexi-Ient Ph5IIi- YanfIer Meer Sevretztrx . . , IInrntItx liiIIeratt IiI'f'IINlI"C'IA . I5arIvat'.t C'hurt'h tmwttx nt' rfw aI hIiie tt'intmeiI with rt-fI an1I with white 1'ttIIatN were PlIl'l'IlllNt'tI tn wear at .tII pttItIit' aptve:tr:tttt'es. Iihe t'IttIt has tnatIe .tppeztrattt'eN at the Ifpist'-tttztl fhttreh. XYnttt:tttF C'IiiIi antI Nexeral awetnhIieN. .X NeIe4'tefI grnnp Rang at a Rotary C'ItiIi I.tittt'hef+tt. 'I'he entire t'IttIm wax featttrefI at the NIttNi1' Ifextival utt NIM IH. I9-UI, .X wtttenit' fimtIwaII ptwtgtxtttt wax put uttt ir M will lx the etttire wIinnI with the iilee l'IttIm taking tttive part. Several nf the girlx wItI pru- I'he FZIIUN III III? glllllth iilee lluh wax Npntiwretl this year with the intentinn nf pi'nrIttt'ittg a finer :organ- ization .tx rtggarfl- tntixteal alwtlttx. It wax the ifIea nt' getting inure qttalttt rather than quan- tity. NIV. Mat hax hatI a great iIeaI uf exper- ienre in the wnfztl heItI anfI a great fIeaI of itiI'nrtn:ttiiitt wax pax-etI un tn the girlx Ihe rluh wax hatttIit'appetI for a while tItte tit Nep'tr' .X pIan wax wf+t'kefI nut enabling the mn-traI nrgatiifatintt tn meet un wltnnl titne rather than after -thnnl. In this way the t'IttIn had In he tItx'tfIeiI into twn grnttpx tn urrier to take eare nf the eapztrity. After ennxiilerahle 'tII f'nntI t'I1ut:I It Nttierattntt tt wax tIet'tfIeiI tn have the eltth mine tn vine grnnp and NttII meet nn nie. 'lll li S XSS,-XNIUX wx ,- fo 46- CIASS HFI'll'liRS Back Rowili, Bennett. I,. Catlorette. VI. faxey, S lxiltner, .X. litlwartlx, Nl. C'antrel. NV. T"loI'lo, Front Row-A-xl. l7elch. Nl. Clhnreh, R. Stenqttixt, l'aNax'a'tt, R. Raphael. CLASS OFFICERS The annual election of claw oflieerx took place following the annual town eleetionx in Xovetnher. The Nltttlentx votetl lu clave- after a Npiritetl pre-eleetiott awetnlwly' at whirh all the eantlitlatex were given an opportunity to make eatnpaign xpeechex. During the campaign, elaborate poxterx antl fllqllilyi of eantlitlate! platfortnx atlornetl the L'4tt'l'i4lol'N Zllltl hoIllt't'4mInN of tht' lllliltling. .XN a rexult of the elertionx, the 1-law otflt-ctw are ax followxi Srniur Prexitlent .,,.. ,. Ralph Stenqttixt Vice Prexitlent . ...., .Iohn I-'elelt Sevretary ..,. ., Lorraine Kiatlorette Treaxttret' . bloxeph Ca-ex .luntur Prexitlent . . Ralph Raphael Vive Prexitlent , , litlith Caxaxant Nevretary .. ., ., Nlttrtel L httrrh Treaxttrer . , Marion Cantrel Snjtlm III Il rr Prexitlent .,.. . Alfretl Iitluartlx Vive Prexitlent . .. Wlilliatn Florin Secretary ..,. ,, Shirley Kilmer Treaxurer ..,,........,..,, Rohert Bennett l'oIIoning the election of ohtieetw, two tnetn- lietw frotn eatth homeroom were eleetetl to -erve on the exeetttive hoartl. lieeatixe of the large enrollment in eavh claw. the httxinex- ix votttlttetetl hy the exerti- tive ltoartl. The junior Claw heltl their Protn in the ,Iunior High on May 3. The Sophotnorex, although 4lI'L:1lIlilt'4T ax a claw, have heltl no claw affair. The Seniotw have hail tnany meetings anti have xpon-oretl a play, a reception. ll flllr' tfartx, anti flaw .lay l 'l'llli S.-XSSA MUN Q6 49 f"N GX' 'QQ' .-ff! '.a' .W K'llEER LIQXIDERS liavlt Rtnsklf. l7rapct', YVhite, B. lllzltlivli. YY. lxlllllllfll, l. Ulienvttr. Ifpmt Rim'-Nl. lJtm'm'x, Nl. R. lNlui'phx', li. I.uwe, .'X. Parker, M. l'lini't'h. twr Natirltf' with the winning cheer being -AT "l'lit-er the Rell." The cl1ce1'lc:ulei'stm'e a great HX Mm XRD limi Zllllivlllll ul' 1!i7IlI'Cf'l11llilIl. tu the helpful :ttlvire of ' ' ' their zirlvtxcr, Nli-N lxelly. I'hix wal-uit witmw-wl many flitfe1'eI1t'f-N in ivgartl tn l'llt'k'l'lCiltllllQ. lhe Stntlcnt intimal flrcirtul it tit tn lIlt'I'C'IlNt' uni' ntnnlwr tu ttfn JUNIOR PROM lllt'lIllN'l'N, thru- limp anfl wven girlx. 'l'hiN XC'Sll'iN nc-tw itlt-ax invlnfletl wine :novel chfcl' The annual juninr Pminenatle wax he-lil at l"lm5lll"ll' and il lieu' xllllllx- H9xl'lf'x llillllllil' Illf' livmlitlgt' -llllllfil' lligh 5Cl'tmrlg!j'll1nIl Frltllly' grating: in all the twitluill garm-N. ntirnermnx Ci-eiiiiigy iiii. ihii-ii i,f Nliiyi iii eigiii ,,'i.i,,i-ki rallir-N were hclfl, :intl rheering wax twrritltiftc-fl HW iiiiiiiui-, wwe Zi,,iNit.,i iii rweiiiiig their in -urh apex-inl fwmxinri- Lts the Iftntitlvall Dam-e iliihix i,i, Mi.. i1ii,.,,i,i i,,iiii,i,ii- gi,-i iiiiiii Mi, llltlllll'5Il'1lIfUl'4lANSlIlt'lx QLHIIC. llill, Nliw lillzt Nluwry, Nliw Emily Shannut, .X nn-xv lcatnrt- uhivh Nt'k'lllC'fl pfipular with Miw iyiiixi yyiiiiiiiiri Mix, iiiiiih Niiii' Miss Ihr 'mllelll' 'hi' ffm' um 'llc' WHEN UW "f l.nui-c Sullivan, Nllih George C'aNavant, Mrs. the highlight- uf the at-:iwn wut gi Nong flllfl llc-rlicrt fhnrrh. Mix. Dimitri Raphael, Ralph fl'f'l"' "t"'lf"'- Milli? V"""ll'Ull"l1N WCW' ff' Raphael. lirlith C'asax'ant. Muriel Church. ceixerl antl the winning wngx were, "March The feg11ni'f- uf the evening was a grand lbnwn the Fielfl, liuyxu anfl "Hive a Cheer iiiiiii-ii ,iimiieii iii- Mi. iliggiiix THF S.-XSSAMON 55 -l rl l f 4 , l3l...AM.-..,.-..g SASSAINIUN BOARD Back Row-.'X. Saviano, R. Mortlix, R. Brown, A. Mantlino, H. Filletlex, E. llopkinx, R. Yeornanm ll. Montgomery, R. Frye, Hall, R. Florio. 'lhirtl Row-Sl. Harper, Allen. II. Kopp, IJ. Swanxon, M. Taylor, F. Rolwertxon, I. Chenette. R. U'C'onnell, M. Cntnmingx, M. Rohcrtxon, M. Powerx, P. Iioarrltnan, Ii. Lowe. Secontl RowiVV. Florio, M. Ilalpin, .'X. llonlihan, V. Sirnnnetta, ll. Beniix, B, C'hurt'h, R, Knowlton, Nl. Sutherland, I.. Harrington, xl. llalnilton, NI. nlnltlhull, N. Arthur. 2. . 4 v , . , , lwrxt Row--R. Lang, R. hatnlnartano, nl. Cnllwertxon, X. lxatnvlell, Ia. laxavant, Nl. Lantrel. R Uwenx, Nl. Kane, B. Martin, F. lackxon. THE SASSAMON BOARD .twixrunt Iitiitorx Marion Cantrel, ,lean Cnlhertxon .Xrt Iitlitor .,..,...,........ lnne llarnilton lt lN X'Yllll VCQ El flllll Illk' ftllxxlllllull Btllllwli Axxxixtanr Axrt Iiliitlll, It N EliQnheIh Illlpkinx l5l'lIl'l'N it, 51 glint- it. tlnliex for the year ol yuh ltditm. Qhbvblb M Axllgllxlille Mlmlimw 19-l,1lA XYQ hglyt- gill N rixetf In mln Iblll' lltvlluxt Rcimltclx. ' to help pnlalixh a paper that wonlrl he lo ilu' 5m,g..m Q',,,m,.il ' 4vv... 'elm Allen liking of NCU' Nlwlfm in thi' N'l""'l' Safetx Connvil ., ..... .Xlive lloulihan I'hiN year an award wax lnatle In nretnlmerx MHA, ,4'4A'4,. M Muriun Rubemmn of the Sawanton Board in the forrn of a l'. 5- Atliletitw: Uirlx . .. Paula Boarflrnan P. A. Plll In he Jlwlllwletl IH lllflxt' Whit Vlgllllf Bnxs --vv4. 'uhm 'lf"?"Vf'l ll' I . xlolte lfvlilur ,... .. lohn llarper i'he Sawatnon reveiverl prize-N from the l:in,m,.i.,l E,ii,,,,. H R1,lw,,I Bmwn l""""'l'l5l 5"h"li'Nll'f' PVVW "W"l'l4'll"" :nhl Bnxinew Nlanagger . ,. .. Robert Knowlton the N11'l""5'l PWM fxW"fl4"l"'l4 lllllllll-5 the Snlwwriptfoii Nlzitiagerx . . l.trlxll1ll'l'iI1g,fllbl1 year, two prev Ct7lIl:t'l'f'IlL'C'N were attenrlerl Helm, Bemis anfl enjoycrl lui' several rnernherx nf the lvoartl bxufxmnl Igmilww ,md 5ulN,,.imi,,n Mznmgclx. who henehtetl greatly from them. The hut yivk Axrthm. '42, Iiliith cruulyullt r-H' hem, t'fmferem'e wax the Eaxtern Mziwaelittxettx Prev yhemqu. 43' M:,,.i,,,, yu,n,ningN 41' Helen .Xwoviation C'onferent'e heltl at Noitheaxtern 1:i1li.,1,., 41' Ralph I,-INNO '40, Xyillinm Flnriu l"llVf"'Nll5' ilml the ftthfl' was 'he N li l P A 42, Rolsert Frxe '4H, lxlIll'2,'lll't'l llalpin '42, l""'l"" hem Ht H"'l'l'l l"liVe""llf" Nlargnerite Rube '42, Helen Kopp '40, Rolwert l'he Sawatnon Boartl ix grateful tn the help- Lung -dm' Bmw Martin -41' Dumthx, Mnvie' ing hanrls of Miwx Shannon anrl Mr. Sears who PAH" 'uhm Ml,mgUmel.,, -lm' Ruheljt Mmfiix !"l'lf"l "f lh"'fUPlh. 3 VHF' N"U'f'NNl'll,F'e1"'- '42, Rtith U'C'onnelI '40, Nlareille lohnxon '40, Vhf ll'll"Wlnfl it the l'f"'N"m'f'l "1 the Saul" Rita Uwens '42, Margaret Powerx '41, Vir- 'Wm 1411211111 ginia Rarnsrlell '41, Florence Rnlwertxon '4lt, Fflitor-in-Q'hief .. .,,.. Barbara Church Virginia Sitnonetta '41, Roxe Sannnartano '41, .Xwixtant Iitlitor . .. 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